Caged virgin

The subject of victim psychology is one that has acquired greater interest in recent years, due mostly, perhaps, to the widely publicized "conversion" of Patricia Hearst to the radical SLA. Why a victim will turn and become a party to his or her own abduction is a question which holds numerous variables in human behavior and one which is certainly open to debate.

The young girl in this story, Lynda Brawner, finds herself a pawn in a vulgar, small-town corruption scheme, and through repeated sexual assaults, she becomes a once-innocent girl facing the prospect of depravity. Should she attempt to escape, or should she comply with the demands of her tormentors? Who can say?

CAGED VIRGIN -- a thought-provoking story of a young woman's reactions to brutality and slavery. A word of warning to us all!

Chapter ONE

"Sure," he told her. "I'd love to give you a job. Don't ever let it be said that Joe Cousins failed to aid a lady in distress."

His eyes gaped at the lines of her body, zeroing in on her firm, ripe tits. Lynda felt a rising discomfort at the way he eyed her, a growing uneasiness as he took the liberty of leading her back to his office with an arm securely around her waist. She could feel the heat of his desire for her. The young girl realized that this was not the best man to approach for help.

She would never have approached him, except for the theft. She had been careless for just a moment. She had run into the post office to mail a card back to Brill. In her haste to send the message she had left her purse in the car. She came out in time to see her car disappearing down the small road that wound through the dusty little town.

She could have called Brill. Her over-sexed boy friend would have leaped at the chance to help her out of a jam. He would have rushed to her aid, even if he didn't figure it might make her more agreeable to going to bed with him. He would, though. That's exactly what he would figure. That's exactly why she didn't call him.

"Now, honey," the owner of the small diner asked her, "where have you worked before? You ever waited tables?"

He stared at her tits as she explained that she had never been a waitress before. He seemed not to even hear her as she explained the circumstances of her being there. He looked at her as though he wouldn't have believed her if he had heard her. He grinned lewdly at her, licking his lips like he wanted to eat her.

"In other words," he grunted, "You have no job and no money. All right, sweetheart, I'm an easy man to please. You can work here for a few days. You be nice to old Joe and you can work here as long as you need to."

He pulled her to him and grabbed her tightly. His mouth came down over her lips while one hand groped for her tits. He got her blouse open and tried to squeeze his fingers inside her bra. Lynda tried to pull away as he pressed at her nipple, sending warm sparks of terrified delight through her tits. She felt his tongue come into her mouth, lapping about sensuously. He suddenly pulled his hand out of her bra and reached beneath her skin, pulling the material up as he grabbed at her pussy.

"No!" she gasped, pulling her mouth from him. "No!"

"Oh, hell yes!" he laughed, his hand gripping roughly at her cunt. "Baby, you need some help. Old Joe is willing to look after you just as soon as you look after Joe's hot old cock."

He had worked her panties down and was getting a finger into her pussy. The slender brunette felt the rise of his passion. She knew his cock was already getting hard and angry, intent on battering its way into her cunt. She almost panicked, then deliberately brought her knee up viciously into his groin. The man stopped his groping immediately. He let out a bellow of pain and released her.

"Damn you!" he snarled. "Damn you, anyway!"

"I asked for a job as a waitress," she snapped back at him angrily. "I'm not a whore. I'll wait tables. I'll cook. I'll wash dishes. I'll do anything for a job. But I won't fuck with you."

"The hell you won't!" he growled at her. "Before you leave this town you'll be begging me to let you suck my cock!"

He grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her. Lynda moaned in pain, afraid that he would wrench her arm out of its socket. He pulled her across the room and held her with one hand while he reached for the phone with the other.

"Last chance," he whispered huskily. "You going to fuck me or not?"

"Hell no!" she answered. "No way!"

"Not yet is what you really mean," he muttered. "You will, Baby! You will!"

He held her by the arm and picked up his phone. The frightened brunette heard him ask the operator for the jail. Lynda suddenly realized what he was planning. She had already experienced a hint of the caliber of law enforcement in this town. She had experienced it when the two deputies stopped her out on the highway and tried to proposition her. She had experienced it even more when the same two had taken her report on the theft of her car. The bastards had acted like they'd never seen her before, like they'd not seen her driving the car she was now reporting.

"Rocky?" Joe Cousins grunted into the phone. "Got a little present up here for you. I think you might enjoy this one."

He hung up and pulled her to the door of his small office. Opening it, he looked out into the cafe itself and called out to the lone customer who had come in.

"Be with you in a few minutes," he told the customer. "Just pour yourself a cup of coffee. You know where everything is, don't you?"

He closed the door once again, then pulled the frightened brunette close to him. His hand raked lasciviously over her tits, then reached back down to her cunt. He was laughing as he grasped her pussy roughly and shook it. He laughed as he buried his face in her tits and rubbed back and forth over the heaving globes.

"Sure would have been easier if you had just decided to go ahead and put out for me," he told her. "Would have been a hell of a lot easier on both of us."

He might have said more, he might have tried more with her, except for the arrival of the two deputies. Lynda felt a sinking feeling as she recognized the two. These were the same ones! Damn them, anyway! They came swaggering into the room, their eyes looking over her body, their mouths spread in lewd grins.

"What's the trouble?" the taller deputy asked. "You got some kind of problem?"

"This girl was trying to pick up one of my customers," Joe answered. "When I told her that we didn't allow hookers in Dalesville she tried to proposition me."

"That's a lie!" Lynda snapped at him. "That's a damned lie and you know it!"

"Shut up!" the heavier deputy snarled. "Shut up while a citizen makes a complaint."

"Anyway," Joe continued, "I played along with her. I brought her on back here. Shit, I didn't want her upsetting my customers, did I? I brought her back here, letting her think I was taking her up on her offer. Soon as we got through the door she started taking off her blouse."

"You bastard!" the brunette snapped at him. "You lying bastard!"

"Foul mouth there!" the tall, lean deputy noted to his heavy-set comrade. "Damn if she doesn't have a foul mouth."

Lynda looked at them helplessly. She wasn't going to get any assistance from these two. She had known it all along. Protesting was just a waste of effort. She drew in a sharp breath and clamped her mouth shut.

"Look there," Joe laughed, "She's still got that blouse open and her tits hanging out all over the place. We sure can't have a girl like this running loose around town."

"Shit no!" the burly man replied. "Not a pair of tits like that! God! Don't they get you horny just looking at them?"

"Yeah," the tall deputy agreed. "We'd better get this little hooker out of circulation fast. A girl like this could cause all sorts of trouble."

His eyes looked hungrily over Lynda, looked at her cunt-mound and at the lithe curves of her legs. He reached over and grabbed her arm. Before the astonished brunette realized it, he had snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. The three men stood in front of her, grinning obscenely at her helpless body. The taller lawman reached over and cupped a tit roughly. His eyes narrowed in delight at the feel of her flesh. His tongue ran slowly across his lips. He rolled her tit lushly over her chest.

"Lots of trouble," he repeated. "Hell, with this piece of tail loose on the streets there wouldn't be a safe marriage in the whole damn town."

They took her out to their car and pushed her roughly into the back seat. Lynda saw the grinning face of Joe Cousins watching them. She saw the satisfaction on his face. Damn him, she thought. Damn him to hell. The bastard had lied as easily as anyone she had ever heard.

"You get in the back seat with her, Gene," the tall deputy told his partner. "The little lady probably needs to be watched carefully. Mustn't take a chance on a dangerous criminal like her getting loose from us."

He laughed as the beefy deputy climbed in beside the girl and slammed the door. Gene grinned over at the frightened brunette, sliding along the seat until he had her pinned against the far window.

"You gonna be good to old Gene?" he asked her. "You gonna show me how badly you want to be a good girl?"

He laid a beefy hand on her thigh, pulling her skirt up and reaching beneath it for her pussy. He pressed a finger against the delicate nylon of her panties, pushing into her pussy and rubbing at her clit. His breath was heavy and gasping as he looked down at her blouse where it had remained open.

"This little piece of pussy is going to be one good lay," he called to his partner. "She's sure going to make for some nice evenings down at the jail."

"The hell I am!" Lynda answered him. "You touch me and you'll regret the shit out of it!"

"You hear her, Rocky?" the man laughed as he rubbed his finger harder against her clit. "She's a regular little tiger!"

"Got my cock all rearing to get in her already," the deputy called from the driver's seat. "You're right, Gene. We'll have us a good time with that sweet pussy."

"Come on, Baby!" Gene urged the girl. "The better you treat us, the easier it'll be on you."

He pulled her over and leaned his face in front of her. He kept playing with her pussy while his other hand grabbed at her tits, squeezing them and thumbing through her bra until he had her nipples hardening despite her fear and anger. He pressed his mouth over her lips, sucking sharply on her breath. Then his thick, heavy tongue rammed into her mouth. Lynda moaned as he worked at her. She shivered in terror at the rough, brutal play of his hands on her tits and pussy. With her arms handcuffed behind her back, she was helpless. Her tits thrust forward despite her struggles, thrust forward in response to his ecstatic caresses.

"Say, Rocky," he panted as he lifted his face from hers. "How about taking her for a little drive in the country. I know a damn good place where we could take her. My pecker needs to taste her honey right now."

"I'd like to," Rocky answered him. "I'd sure like to. Can't risk it, though. We're on duty this afternoon. Soon as we got her panties down, there'd be a call from the sheriff. We'll get our chance tonight. You can count on that."

"Shit!" the burly deputy snarled. "She'll be worn out by then. Won't be any more fight left in her. By the time we get off Sam and his crowd will have worn her pussy clean out."

"Can't be helped," his partner commented as he pulled the car to a stop in front of the red brick building that housed the jail and sheriff's offices. "Let's get her inside."

"Sorry, old buddy, but your hot pecker will just have to wait a while for its fun."

They pulled Lynda from the car and took her inside the building. The smell of strong disinfectant hit her nostrils as she was pushed back through a narrow hallway. A skinny man with several days' growth of beard on his face rose as they came to his small desk. He looked at Lynda, eyes focusing on her open blouse, and grinned broadly. His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed quickly. He spat a wad of tobacco juice into a paper cup on the desk and spoke to the two deputies.

"Where the hell did you boys come up with this?"

He stepped from behind the desk and eyed Lynda approvingly from head to toe. He patted her on the ass, then cupped a tit and bounced it lightly on his fingers. The grin remained on his face. Even when he spat the deep brown tobacco again, he still grinned.

"This little hooker was causing trouble down at Joe Cousins' place," Rocky answered him. "We figured that she was too much pussy to allow around this town."

"I agree! I agree!" the tobacco chewing jailer answered. His hand tightened over her tit while his other hand stroked her hips. "Can't have good stuff like this roaming the streets. We'll keep this for those who can appreciate it."

He spat again, releasing her tit and pulling out a worn notebook from his desk. Rocky took out a key and began removing the handcuffs while the jailer made a few notations.

"All right, honey," he said to the girl. "Let's see your identification."

"I don't have any," Lynda told him. "These two bastards know I don't have any. My car was stolen less than an hour ago! My purse was on the front seat. I called them and reported it. They know damn well that I'm no prostitute. I asked the man at the cafe for some work to earn bus fare out of here. When I refused to put out for him he called these apes. Get me the sheriff! You aren't going to get away with this!"

"Jane Doe," the jailer muttered as he wrote in the notebook. "Transient. Refused to identify herself. Slandered the officers of the law. Boys, I think we have heard all this before."

"Yeah," Rocky answered, "they're all alike. Book her for soliciting and lock her up. We'll be in to question her later."

Lynda saw his elbow dig into his partner's beefy stomach as he referred to questioning her. The brunette had no doubt what he meant by that. She looked around helplessly, trying to figure some way out of the place. Clearly they had no intention of letting her make any phone calls. She was their prisoner, helpless, unless she could appeal to some more responsible person.

"The sheriff!" she demanded. "I want to see the sheriff!"

"And he'll want to see you, too!" Rocky laughed. "Oh God! He'll sure as hell want to see you! That will have to wait until the gets back in town, though. Too bad, sweetheart."

The two deputies pushed her behind the jailer as he led them through a heavy door with bars across the window. They went down another hallway, stopping before an open cell. Lynda was shoved inside. She stood, too angry to speak, as they slapped the jailer on the back and walked back up the hall.

The skinny man who was now her sole keeper stepped toward her. His grin was even wider as he looked over her slender body. He reached behind him and pulled the cell door shut.

"All right, honey," he laughed. "Let's make sure you aren't concealing any weapons on you. Strip out of those clothes."

Chapter TWO

"You want to do it the easy way?" he asked in a voice trembling with excited passion. "Or do you want me to call for help?"

Lynda looked at the man in front of her. His body was throbbing, his Adam's apple working anxiously. His nostrils flared as he waited for her to comply with his order. Lynda could imagine how delighted the two deputies would be to return and help him strip her clothing from her. She opened her mouth to protest, then realized that her complaints had been totally ignored up until now. There seemed no reason for this crude jailer to begin heeding her protests now.

She took a deep trembling breath and began slipping out of her blouse. The slender man licked his lips at the full display of her tits in the dainty, lacy bra. He trembled more noticeably as she slipped her skirt off and stood before him, clad only in the skimpy bra and her transparent panties. She stood there, certain that this was enough. It was enough if he actually wanted to be sure that she wasn't hiding anything.

"The rest," he whispered. "Take off the rest!"

"But there's no way I could hide anything under these," she answered, trying to make her eyes meet his in soft pleading. "You expect me to hide a shotgun inside my bra?"

He laughed with short gasping sounds. Before she realized it, he had stepped to her and grabbed for her bra. She could feel the hot passion that pulsed through his body as he stood against her.

"All right!" she snapped and drew back from him. "All right! Just take it easy!"

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her tits leaped forward lusciously as she pulled the lacy bra away. They seemed to grow two sizes larger as they bounced free. Her jailer almost fell backwards at the exciting display of tit. Beads of perspiration popped out across his forehead and temples as his eyes gaped at her ripe tits. He swallowed hard, then motioned to her panties.

Lynda opened her mouth to protest again, then stopped herself. She gave a disgusted sigh and pulled her panties down her thighs and legs. She stood in front of him, totally naked. The skinny man unconsciously held his swollen cock in his hand as he stared at the voluptuous woman before him.

"Damn!" he whispered. "Damn! That's the most beautiful body I ever saw!"

"If you're satisfied, I'll get them back on," she said, reaching for her discarded clothing. "I'm not hiding anything for you to worry about."

"The hell you aren't!" he grinned. "Baby, I'll worry about what you've shown me for the rest of my life. We've never had such dangerous weapons brought into this town before."

He caught her arm and pulled her over to the small bunk where she was forced onto the mattress. She twisted away as his hands began groping over her naked body, feeling her tits and thighs with hot anticipation. She pulled away from him and stood up, moving across the cell in an attempt to escape his lustful pursuit.

"You can't do this!" she gasped at him. "I won't allow anything like this!"

Lynda realized how absurd she sounded as she looked at the amusement on the man's face. Gold fillings in his teeth glistened as he opened his mouth in a wide laugh. He caught her, cornered her, and took her arm as she tried to push him away. He pulled her roughly to him, his belt buckle scraping her naked tummy as he held her struggling body tightly. Her tits pressed into his chest, her thighs were invaded by one of his slender legs. She was amazed at how strong such a skinny man could be. She struggled in vain to twist out of his grasp.

"You might as well stop fighting," he snorted. "No way I'm going to let you get out of this. No way I'm going to sit out there until Rocky and Gene come back to get their pussy from you."

The terrified girl brought one knee up viciously into his groin. She heard the jailer groan in pain and felt his grip on her weaken for a moment. She took advantage of that moment and pulled away. Her eyes darted about the cell, searching for something she might be able to use as a weapon. The bare cell mocked her. There was nothing there except the two bunks and thin mattresses. The bunks, the mattresses, the pile of her discarded clothes, and the two of them were all that could be seen in the small cell.

She backed away as he gradually stood back up and started after her again. She pulled at the door, helplessly trying to jerk it open. The jailer's eyes glittered with eager intensity as he came for her again. This time he wasn't so gentle with her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her over toward the bunk. His free hand came roughly across her face, sending flashes of blinding pain through her. He slapped her again, this time catching her more cleanly. The young brunette felt her knees beginning to buckle. The room swam before her as she fought the darkness that came swelling over her.

He had her stretched out in the bunk when she regained consciousness. He had unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, ugly cock. She watched him as he squirmed between her legs and pointed his trembling prick at her frightened pussy. He looked up at her face and saw that she had come to. A lewd smile crossed his lips. A delighted spark flashed through his eyes.

"You're back with me," he noted. "Good! I wouldn't want to enjoy the fuck all by myself. You be a good girl and I won't have to hit you again. All right?"

Lynda looked groggily at him. He drew his hand back, threatening to use it if she failed to comply with his demands. The brunette nodded, the pain from the first two blows intensifying with the slight movement. Her tormentor patted her hip affectionately, then laughed softly.

"I have to give you a thorough search," he explained. "I have to be sure you aren't hiding anything inside your pussy. Best way I know to be sure about that is to send my old cock up there and check it out."

He cackled wickedly and crawled further up over her. The bulging head of his pecker pushed against her cunt lips while he laid a skinny hand over one of her tits. He began massaging the tit, letting his thumb and fingers flip sensuously across her nipple. Lynda shuddered at his touch, feeling suddenly dirty and sordid. Somehow the thought of this unshaven, filthy man fucking her made her feel that she would be just as foul as he was. She felt sick and nauseated at the prospect of his cock driving into her pussy and leaving his filthy cum inside her.

"That's a good girl," he murmured. "You're going to cooperate with me. That's nice. That's better than having to beat the shit out of you, then screwing you without your being able to feel this happy old prick."

He pulled at her tit, sending sparks of reluctant delight through her. He had her nipples hard and tight, burning and throbbing, from his sensuous caresses. Lynda trembled and cursed herself for allowing her tits to enjoy the touch of his foul hands. It was bad enough to be raped. It was worse to enjoy it. She was fighting her rising response to him as he pushed his cock harder against her pussy, separating the lips of her cunt and rubbing his pulsing cock-head against her clit.

"Ohhhhh, that's nice!" he panted. "Yes, that's nice. That's a soft little pussy down there. I'll have to be careful and not let my cock get too rough."

He moved his pecker back and forth, rubbing her clit into fiery passion. Lynda realized she would never be able to keep her body from responding to him. That had always been her problem. She might be a virgin, but it wasn't because she didn't respond to a man's hand on her tits, a man's finger at her pussy. In fact, the very force of her response was why she had always refused to let any of her boy friends go very far in their sexual play. She had known very well that if she had let them play with her tits and cunt, she'd never have been able to refuse fucking them.

"Hey!" her jailer gasped in pleasure. "That's a hot little box you've got down there. Damn if you aren't getting just as horny as I am."

He jiggled his cock rapidly about her cunt, causing the brunette to pant and gasp with combination pleasure and apprehension. His hands pulled more roughly at her tits, twisting her magnificent globes. He tilted his face down to the luscious breasts and caught one of her nipples in his mouth. The brunette shivered as he began sucking on her, sucking and tonguing her heaving tit while his cock pushed harder at her cunt.

"No," she cried, "No, please!"

She could feel the pressure of his cock at her cherry. She knew he would hurt her. She could feel the angry determination in his cock as he rammed it more viciously at her, demanding that her delicate membrane allow his excited prick to plunge deep into her pussy.

"Uhhhhhh!" he panted, thrusting roughly at her. "Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Come on, Baby! Open it up! Let me get my cock in there!"

He went back after her tits. He kissed around one of her rolling breasts, around the top and sides and bottom. He kissed the tender flesh into surging delight, then caught her nipple again. He opened his mouth wide about her tit, trying to suck the entire tit between his lips. His tongue depressed her nipple and rolled the button around as he lapped the nipple and areola.

His cock shuddered impatiently at the entrance to her cunt. Damn, but he was hard. She could feel the steep hardness of his aroused prick, could feel the powerful throbs of lust which pulsed through it. She lay back, terrified of the moment when he lost his patience and decided to force his way into her cunt. She felt his ass shaking in delirious demand. She heard his breath coming in great gasps. His body shook above her. He was livid with excitement, his nostrils wide and flaring, his entire body burning with his crazed demand for her.

"Ahhhhh!" he panted. "Ahhhhhh! Come on sweetheart! Let me in there! Don't think I'm going to keep this pecker on the front porch all night!"

His body tensed as he struggled to force his cock past the membrane that blocked him. He panted and sweated, ramming his bulging head at her cherry. His eyes clouded in surprise as he looked down into her face. He shook his head in disbelief.

"Damn you!" he gasped. "Don't tell me you're a virgin!"

Lynda nodded her head in answer. Maybe, she thought, maybe that would save her. Maybe he wouldn't be so anxious to deflower a virgin. That was sure the hell proof that she hadn't been working the town as a prostitute. Her cherry was damn good proof.

"I don't know what you are doing down there," he mumbled. "It's not going to work, though. Don't try to con me into believing that you've never been screwed."

He pulled his cock back, then thrust it brutally into her. Lynda felt the searing pain as he tore through her membrane. Her cherry broke before the onslaught of his angry cock, sending sharp fire through her. She gasped and fell back on the cot, afraid that she was about to faint from the tearing pain.

"Ahhhh!" he panted. "That does it! Damn you! It didn't work did it, Baby! I'm in your pussy now. Let's ride for a while. Hell, sweetheart, now let's enjoy it!"

The brunette could feel the warm flow of her blood where he had shattered her cherry. She felt sharp pain, then numbness as he rammed and jammed his cock at her. His body quivered in excitement as he fucked her with increasing ferocity.

"Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!" he panted. "Uhhhhhh! What a sweet pussy! Ohhhhhh, Baby! It's a good thing we got you off the streets!"

Lynda shuddered from the force of his assault. Her tits ached as he clawed at them roughly. He rolled her from side to side. He slammed his body into her. He drove his cock wildly at her helpless cunt, his lust driving him to deeper and deeper frenzy. The young brunette felt tears stream down her cheeks. Her mind was whirling, her heart aching. She thought of all the boys who had wanted so badly to take her cherry. She thought of all the men she had really cared about, but had refused to give them her pussy. She shuddered at the terrible injustice. She had lost her cherry, not to one of her intelligent, handsome, young admirers. She had been deflowered by this crude, stupid, smelly jailer in some remote country town. "Nooooo!" she moaned, her pain mingling with her sadness. "Ohhhhh, noooooo!"

"Oh yes, sweetheart!" her rapist cried out excitedly. "Yes, ma'am! I'm in that pussy now. Ohhhh, hell, I'm in that sweet little cunt. I'm going to give you a fuck to remember!"

He waved his cock from side to side in her sore and throbbing pussy. He twisted his body about as he rode her. He pulled every trick to increase the tension between her pitiful cunt and his ecstatic cock. He raised himself to higher and higher passion while sending the young girl into more terrible pain.

Lynda was still weeping softly as he fucked her. She bit her lips to try and get herself under control. She began to realize the necessity of relaxing her body. The more tense and resisting her pussy remained, the greater the pain he could inflict on her. She wanted to get this over with. There was no need to weep over a lost maidenhead. No amount of tears could restore it. Her cherry was gone forever. Now the important task for her was to survive the rest of this rape.

"That's better," her assailant grunted, feeling her become more submissive to him. He pulled at her tits again and caught a nipple beneath his thumb, rolling it sensuously about her tit. His cock pulsed and throbbed inside her, sending tremors rippling about her pussy as he continued his frantic balling.

Lynda realized that her pussy had begun to secrete its juices around the driving cock. She was oiling herself now, her numbness slowly leaving her. In its place she felt a soft glow and warmth. She had wrapped her legs about him with out realizing it and was taking his lusting cock readily, even eagerly.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, despite herself. "Mmmmmmmm!"

"Hey!" he panted. "You're fucking right back at me! Ohhhhh, Baby! Now we'll have ourselves a real ball!"

She stopped resisting her own soaring emotions. Her cunt was pulsing about his juicy cock, sucking and throbbing over him as he plunged deeper and deeper into her. She rocked them from side to side, rubbing her tits into his hand and against his chest. There was no more pain in her pussy. Instead she felt fiery tingles along every nerve as they rolled and writhed, pumped and humped.

"Oooohhhhhh!" she panted. "Oh, yes! Fuck me! Ooooooo, fuck me!"

She was surprised at herself. She was amazed that she could so easily join in with this brutal man who had taken her maidenhood from her. She was shocked at the way her pussy was sucking and gnawing at his cock as he fucked her.

"Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" he gasped above her. "Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhh!"

His cock began to quiver excitedly, more excitedly than before. She felt his body shake madly, then felt a deep warmth pour through her cunt as his cock began emptying its hot load into her. His juice oozed about the inner passage of her pussy, sending sparks of pleasure all through her body. She lay back, letting him explode inside her, letting his cock go crazy in its delicious eruption.

"Ahhhhh!" he moaned. "Ohhhhhh! What a piece of pussy! Ohhhh! What a hell of a fuck!"

She was still glowing as he finished his fuck. She lay back, panting and ready for more, as he pulled his cock from her and got up. He stood beside her panting body, smiling proudly down at her. Lynda looked up to meet his eyes, then saw the sudden shock hit him.

"Damn!" he snapped in surprise. "That's blood on the mattress. You're bleeding all over the damn mattress."

He stood frozen, unable to comprehend for a moment. Then he turned white as he realized the reason for the blood. His mouth dropped open. He struggled to close his pants over his cock, then left the cell quickly.

In a moment he was back. He didn't come back inside this time. He tossed some towels through the bars and snapped to her roughly.

"Here!" he snarled. "Clean up that damned mess! What the hell do you mean, getting all that blood on our new mattress? Hurry up! Get that cell clean before I have to discipline you!"

She saw the anger in his eyes. She saw the fear and apprehension in his eyes. Lynda took the towels and walked to the small lavatory in her cell. She slowly began trying to wash the blood from her thighs and out of the thick, black hairs above her cunt. She cleaned herself slowly, her body still shaking from the beating, from the rape, from her own reluctant passion.

She was still trembling as she began trying to clean the stains from the mattress. She did the best job she could, then picked up her clothes and dressed once more. She couldn't really believe it. She just couldn't believe it had all happened. She had been raped. She had been fucked against her will. But she had enjoyed it. That was the most maddening thing of all. She had actually been about to climax when he finished. Damn him! Somehow she would have to get even with him for that. She would have to get even with all of them.

Chapter THREE

She had been wearing a long skirt, black, with a dramatic slit in the skirt that reached well up her thigh. The silk skirt and her nylon hose made a soft sensuous sound as they brushed together with every movement of her lithe body. Brill Matney had been unable to keep his eyes off her delicious-looking ass, away from her luscious thighs.

"Need to refresh that?" Lynda asked, taking his glass and walking sensuously over to the small bar in her apartment. The lovely brunette didn't need an answer from him. Brill was always ready for a fresh drink. Always, that is, when he wasn't doing his damnedest to get into her panties. The soft beauty dropped two more ice cubes in his glass, poured a healthy amount of Scotch over them, and dashed a little water on top. She stirred the ice with a long, lovely finger as she walked back toward him.

Her skirt rustled gently over her hose. Her tits heaved luxuriously beneath the shimmering peach satin blouse. Her brilliant green eyes sparkled at him. Brill watched her, unable to comprehend why a girl so willing to dress herself in such a totally provocative outfit, would be so reluctant to let him take her back to her bedroom. He had been disturbed about that for four months, ever since he began dating the luscious young woman.

She wasn't frigid. He was sure of that. When they kissed, she was anything but hesitant. Her tongue always met his in eager play. Her tits thrust firmly against him as he held her. She enjoyed dancing with him, enjoyed tormenting him by dragging her thighs upward between his legs. No, he was sure that she wasn't frigid. She was as hot a piece of pussy as he had ever met. He just hadn't worked out the right approach to her.

She was worth taking the time to figure out. Brill was certain of that. The young executive was sure enough of that to pass up the dozen girls eager to get his cock in their cunts. He had been spending almost all of his free time with Lynda. Tonight he intended for his patience to pay off. This was the night he intended to score. His hands trembled at the thought of getting his prick into that gorgeous body.

"Thank you," he murmured to her as she handed him his drink and sat closely beside him.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are tonight?"

"A dozen times," she smiled back at him. "At least that. Don't stop, though. If you say it often enough, I might believe you."

"You'd better believe me," he assured her, placing an arm about her and drawing her closer as they relaxed and listened to the lush, sensuous strains of a Stravinski number playing on her stereo. "You'd sure better believe me. You'd better get used to my saying so, too."

She laughed and nestled against him. Her ripe, firm tits rubbed against him. Her long, lithe leg pressed tightly against his own. He tingled all over from her touch. The light, exotic smell of her perfume sent his mind reeling. Damn! Everything about her sent him reeling. He had to have her. He had to feel those legs wrapped around him while he pumped his cock into her soft, tender pussy.

Her lips were moist and inviting as she smiled up at him. Brill slowly brought his mouth over those luscious red lips and felt her body tremble beneath his embrace. He sucked deeply at her breath, then ran his tongue inside her mouth as she parted her lips willingly. The tip of her own tongue teased and taunted as they clung tightly together. He turned her so he had her back between his body and the cushions of the couch. His hand caressed up her waist from her hips to her side, feeling the swelling flesh of a luscious tit. He turned her body enough to bring her tit squarely into the palm of his hand.

"Mmmmm," she sighed, arching her back and thrusting her tit into his excited caress. "Mmmmm, this is nice."

"Sure beats a movie," he admitted breathlessly. "No need to watch others do it when we can do a little of it ourselves."

Her eyes were misty, glowing dreamily at him with deep green fire. He kissed her again, laying her down onto the soft couch and caressing her lovely tits. He felt her nipples harden beneath the delicate satin of her blouse. He felt her gorgeous breasts swell in the rise of her passion. He lifted his lips from her mouth and kissed along the neck of the soft blouse, moving over the swollen flesh of her tits while his fingers teased about each nipple and areola. Her buttons stood out plainly as they thrust tightly against the blouse.

"Ohhhhh, sweetheart," he moaned. "You're beyond description. You're just too beautiful!"

He dropped one hand down her leg and lifted her skirt as he caressed up her thigh. His breath was coming in short gasps as his hand traveled over her thigh. He brought his fingers inside her thigh and pressed against the mouth of her pussy. She stirred in his arms, her body pulsing at his slow, deliberate strokes. Her eyes were still smiling at him. Her lips were closed and smiling, moisture glittering across their sensuous shape. Her eyes narrowed as though with exquisite pain each time he rubbed at her pussy. Her tits heaved, rubbing against his chest, rubbing against the hand that remained upon them.

His cock throbbed inside his pants. He glanced down and watched as it swelled, filling any looseness that his pants allowed. He took one of her hands and laid it against the hot crotch. He pressed her lovely fingers into the pulsing, throbbing cock and watched the smile of pleasure deepen on her delicately shaped face.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed. "Mmmmmm, I like what I feel. Don't you think we'd be more relaxed in my bedroom?"

He looked at her in surprise. Hell yes! He could scarcely restrain his excitement as he slipped off the couch. He got his hands beneath her and lifted her in his arms. She was surprisingly light as he carried her back to the room.

"That door," she whispered. "The bed is waiting for us."

The satin sheets on the bed dominated the soft, feminine bedroom. The heady scent of her perfumes mesmerized him as he walked to the bed and laid her across the shimmering gold sheets. She smiled up at him, more breathtakingly beautiful than he ever dreamed a woman could be. The young executive sat beside her and began slipping her blouse off her shoulders. Her bare tits were beyond resistance. Brill kissed and sucked on her fantastic breasts as he unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it down her legs. Lynda held his face against her tits and rubbed them over his mouth and cheeks. She shivered at his kissing, releasing her hold on his head to take off her hose and panties. She lay naked, waiting for him as he quickly removed his own clothing and came back to the bed, his cock lunging frantically about in the air.

"Here," he told her. "Here's what I've been trying to give you for months."

He put her hand on his cock, closed her fingers around the hard, pulsing rod. She caught his prick in her hand and began to pump him slowly and sensuously. Brill shuddered at her touch, leaning back to suck at her tits while he ran a finger into the lips of her pussy. He stroked slowly at her pussy, easing his finger inside and teasing her clit until she was writhing about the bed.

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed. "Oooooo, I've wanted this! Oooo! I hoped you wouldn't give up!"

She fondled back into his balls, her fingers playing about his nuts while he gasped for breath with surging passion for her. Brill rubbed her clit harder, delighting in his ability to make her body leap about in trembling delight. He pushed his finger deeper into her pussy, letting his knuckles rub against her clit while he finger-fucked as far into her as he could reach.

His tongue lapped at each nipple. He sucked each tit into rolling pleasure. She was beginning to lubricate, beginning to pump her fluids lushly over his pumping finger.

"Ohhhhh, my sweetheart," he murmured. "I'm crazy to get my cock into that lovely little pussy."

"Yes!" she answered him. "Oh, yes! Fuck me, Brill, please fuck me!"

The brunette shuddered with her own surging passion. She gasped in delight as he mounted above her. His luscious cock drove at her cunt, parted the lips of her pussy and embedded itself into her. Their bodies trembled together as he rubbed his cock head just inside her cunt, sending fantastic sparks of ecstasy through her clit. The young woman moaned, rolling her head from side to side as she felt her body leap about with deep, sensuous spasms. She humped her cunt along his gleaming shaft, taking more and more of the thick, juicy cock up her pussy. She wrapped her legs about his waist and humped rapidly, deliriously onto him as he fucked her in slow, deliberate thrusts of his maddening cock.

"Ooooooeeeee!" she panted. "Ooooo, fuck me! Fuck me, Brill! Oooooeeee!"

She lifted her shoulders, pulling herself up against his chest and rubbing her tits vigorously against him. The touch of his skin sent her nipples into delirious tremors. She hugged herself against him. The deep beat of their fucking became her one reason for existence. She shuddered and trembled, her cunt sucking on his cock. Ecstatic spasms ran through her pussy. She felt the room whirling about them with dizzying speed. She saw lights flashing around them in blazing flames, spinning crazily over the room as they fucked with more frenzied abandon.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Brill panted. "Ohhhhh! Finally! After so long, I'm finally getting your pussy! Ohhhhhhh!"

"Ride me, Baby!" she urged him. "Rip through my pussy! Ooooooeeee! Fuck me! Mmmmmmm! Fuck me!"

She felt her orgasm begin to creep through her cunt. She felt the growing tension, the mounting force. She lay back, paralyzed in her rapture, as her climax flooded over her. The brunette gasped and trembled beneath its force. She had never dreamed it could be so magnificent. She had never suspected anything could make her body feel so alive, so shimmering, so beautiful.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whispered. "Mmmmmmmm! Get me, Brill! Get me! Let your cock fill me up! Mmmmmm!"

She was still quivering in the deepened excess of her climax when his cock began to boil over. She gasped with unbelievable delight at the feeling of his hot cum shooting into her pussy! She felt her cunt grab at his cock in tight, luscious spasms of total pleasure.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" he panted as he fucked her frantically. "Ohhhhh, Baby! Ohhhhhh!"

He emptied his cock into her yielding cunt and kept fucking as she caressed him softly about his neck and shoulders. Lynda had never felt so much a woman. She had never felt so intensely beautiful. His adoration had given her a new depth of feeling, a new richness of experience. She hugged herself to him, longing to discover some way to prolong his fuck.

It hadn't happened that way. It hadn't been like that at all. The brunette lay on the dirty bunk, her sore and aching body still remembering the rough assault of the jailer. Damn! It should have been that way. It should have been Brill. It should have been in her own bed, in her own apartment.

She wouldn't be here in this filthy jail if it had happened like that. She would never have left town if it happened that way. It was all her fault too. That made it worse. She had stopped Brill. She had stopped him as she always stopped him. She had stopped him as she had stopped every boy who had tried to get inside her panties.

She had stopped him. She had stopped him when he turned her down onto her couch, when he pulled her hand to his cock. The brunette had been terrified by the surge of emotion inside her body. The quivering sensation inside her pussy sent a gasp of apprehension through her. She twisted away from Brill, twisted from beneath him and shoved him hard enough to force him off the couch.

"What the hell!" he gasped, standing up with his eyes blazing in frustration. "What the hell is wrong with you, Lynda?"

"Nothing is wrong with me," she snapped back to him. "I just don't want to. Is that so hard to understand?"

"Hell yes!" Brill muttered. "Damn right it is! You never want to. You are the biggest damn come-on in the world. You dress in the sexiest outfit you can find. You splash sexy perfume all over your body. You keep flashing those thighs at me from beneath your skirt. You keep rubbing those tits all over me. Your eyes keep inviting me to fuck you. Then you get all excited and angry about it. You make me feel like some sort of sex fiend."

He paused. His breath was coming in sharp gasps. His face was red in anger. She watched the pulsing of the veins at his temples. She realized that his cock had begun to go down in his pants as he fought to hold back his anger at her.

"No more," he panted. "This was the last time. You can call me when you decide to act like a normal woman. I can't take any more of this treatment."

"You know where to reach me!" he snorted as he slammed the door behind him.

Lynda felt her heart ache at the memory. She should have run after him. She should have called out for him. She could at least have called him the next day. She should have given him the pussy he so adored, he so desired. She should never have left town, not even to think it all over.

That's why she was up here in this backwoods town. She had been driving aimlessly, planning on taking three or four days to make up her mind. Lynda knew that sooner or later she would have to lose her cherry. Why not to Brill? Why not to a man who so clearly loved her?

She shrugged her shoulders. That was a senseless question now. She had lost her cherry to a dirty, unshaven, hick-town jailer. She had been fucked on a smelly, soiled mattress in a stinking little country jail. That wasn't all. She knew that this was only the beginning. The two deputies would be back. She had little doubt of that. The two men who had stopped her car outside of town and leered over her tits would be back. The two creepy men who had refused to admit it when she reported her car stolen, who had felt her up so roughly as they brought her to the jail, would be in to get their turns with her pussy.

Lynda turned over on her stomach. She buried her face into the pillow and began to sob. Her soft body shook with the force of her crying. She felt so dirty, so helpless. There was no one who could get her out of this.

The brunette froze as she heard the key turn in the lock of her door. She held her breath, waiting to hear the heavy footsteps of another man, perhaps two men. She expected to be pulled over by some assailant, turned over and raped again. Instead, she heard her jailer's voice from out in the hall.

"Got a roommate for you, honey," he called out. "The boys picked up another little hooker. You two ought to get on well together. Shit! This is going to be one hell of a pleasant week with two of you to look after us."

"Go to hell, Sam Terry!" a sharp female voice snapped. "You go straight to hell!"

Lynda turned over to see a slender dark-skinned girl standing inside her cell. The girl was screaming at the grinning jailer. Her dress hung loosely about her, evidently pulled open for his lewd hands to make their obscene search of her young body.

"Go to hell!" she repeated, then turned to Lynda as Sam walked back up the hall.

"What the shit is a girl like you doing in here?" she asked after looking the brunette over thoroughly. "This is the last place in the world for a girl like you to be."

Chapter FOUR

"Damn!" the diminutive girl exclaimed. "Big Red will go absolutely out of her mind when she gets a look at you."

She stood in the middle of their cell, shaking her head slowly. Her eyes seemed immense as they stretched wide in apprehension. The girl stepped toward the bunk, then sat down beside Lynda. The brunette studied her cellmate for a minute. The girl was really quite pretty. Her body was tiny, yet all the right equipment was attached. Her pert, saucy tits thrust enticingly against her bright red halter. Her swinging little ass had perched provocatively when she stood in front of the door and cursed the jailer. Lynda smiled at her, feeling some new strength in the fact that she now had someone to keep her company, to share the terrors of this jail.

"Who is Big Red?" she asked the girl.

"How long you been in here?" the girl replied. "Not long, I guess, if you haven't had Big Red or Liz go after your pussy."

She got up angrily and walked about the cell. She paced about like a caged animal. Lynda watched her lithe little body pulse with angry energy. She gave a deep, heavy sigh, then turned back to the brunette.

"Big Red and Liz," she answered, "are the matrons here. If you think we have crummy jailers and deputies, wait till you meet those two. Damn! My skin crawls just thinking about them."

"The man who brought you in here is the only person I've seen since I got in here," Lynda told her. "He's bad enough."

"Sam Terry?" the girl asked. "You think he's bad. Honey, he's the best one of the whole crowd."

She shuddered as she thought of the others. She shuddered and came back to the bunk. Her eyes glowed warmly as she looked at Lynda with sudden compassion. She reached over and placed a sympathetic hand on the brunette's thigh.

"Sam fuck you?" she asked quietly. "Sam make you fuck him? Old Sam claim he was going to search you, then get you down and ball you?"

Lynda nodded her head in response. She tried to read the expression in the girl's eyes, tried to figure what warning this new companion in terror was trying to give her. Apparently she had been in this jail before. She sure seemed to know how Sam operated.

"Me, too," she answered Lynda. "That's the way he did me the first time I got in here. When he didn't try to fuck me right off, I figured he'd just gotten himself a little pussy. Yours, huh?"

Lynda nodded again. She found herself liking this girl. She felt safer somehow with the little raven-haired girl beside her. Before she realized it she had leaned against the slender body and was letting the girl console her.

"My name's Marlene," the girl told her. "Marlene Stokes. I'm not a hooker, no matter what they try to tell you. Sure, I fuck around. I like a good piece of cock. I never charge for it, though. I fuck strictly for fun."

"I never fucked before either," Lynda sobbed. "They just tried to say that I did." She straightened herself up and fought back her tears. "I'm Lynda Brawner. Thanks for giving me a sympathetic shoulder. Now tell me more about what I can expect in here."

"You have already seen how they start," Marlene told her. "Old Sam usually tries to sneak in the first fuck. They don't keep a matron on duty all the time. When they get a cunt in here, they call for the sheriff's dyke sister. She and her friend come over and take charge. God! Do they ever take charge! Both of them are queer as they come."

Her small body shuddered at the memory or the two women. Her eyes stretched wide open, sparkling even in the midst of her sad story.

"After Big Red and Liz have their party with you, the sheriff lets his deputies take turns," she continued. "They must have been the ones who brought you in. They knock you about while they fuck you. They try their damnest to make you fight them. Mean mothers, they are! Damn but they're mean."

"And the sheriff?" Lynda asked. "He allows all this? He doesn't get in trouble when they finally take you to court?"

"Court?" Marlene laughed wryly. "Who said they take you to court? Shit! When they have gotten in all their kicks, they let you out. They know you don't want to go to court. Not to Judge Howell! That bastard is worse than the rest of them. No, they keep you in here a few days, fucking the shit out of you. Then they turn you loose."

She looked over at Lynda and suddenly frowned. Marlene opened her mouth to say more, then clamped her teeth shut quickly and looked away.

"What is it?" Lynda asked her. "Something has you worried. Is it something about me?"

"Yes," the girl admitted. "I was talking about how they'll treat me. I don't know about you. After all, someone might pay more attention if you started raising hell. I don't know how they plan to keep you quiet. I really don't."

They were sitting there, staring at each other, when they heard the sound of voices coming down the hall. Lynda looked up to see the two deputies unlocking the door to their cell. Rocky held a half-full bottle of liquor in his hand. From the look of the two, they had been drinking the booze in preparation for their visit.

"Hey!" Gene laughed as he looked over and discovered Marlene also in the cell. "We got a pair of them!"

"Go fuck yourself!" Marlene snapped, turning away from him as he reached for her tits.

"Oh no!" he laughed. "I don't need to fuck myself, not when I've got two little pieces of pussy waiting here for me."

He punched his partner in the ribs playfully. The men each took another long drink from their bottle. They smelled of the whiskey as they came closer to Lynda. Rocky leaned his face down close to the girl, leering broadly.

"You like your little roommate?" he asked.

"Sure she does," Gene snorted. "Shit, I bet they've already been sucking at each other's pussy. What say we let them show us how they've been doing it?"

"Yeah!" the taller deputy grinned. "That ought to get us worked into a good hard. You girls get undressed. Show us how you take care of each other when you don't have a man around."

He motioned toward the girls, stepping back and taking another drink of his booze. Gene took the bottle from him and also took a long, deep drink.

They grinned lewdly at the two girls, their eyes glowing as they eagerly waited for the show to begin.

"We'd better do it," Marlene whispered to Lynda. "If we don't they might get rough. Shit, they might even call for Liz and Big Red."

She began slipping her dress off. Lynda fought against the new terror that pulsed through her. She sat trembling, unable to move. She watched Marlene pull her bra and panties off, displaying a compact little body that glistened beneath the light from the unshaded bulb above them. Marlene did have a nice little build. She was little, even more slender than Lynda had imagined. She had nice tits, though. She had nice, firm tits and a hell of a saucy little ass.

"Hey, girl!" Gene called out. "Your little friend is waiting on you. Get with it, Baby! We can't keep our cocks on hold all night."

The expression in Marlene's eyes gave the brunette enough courage to slowly pull her clothes off. She got naked and turned to the smaller girl. Marlene laid her along the mattress, easing her own body alongside. They began playing with each other's tits. Their fingers taunted over each nipple as they brought slow, reluctant tingles of desire into their bodies.

"Mmmmmmm," Marlene moaned lightly as she leaned her face into Lynda's tits. She caught one nipple in her mouth and began sucking firmly. In order to get her own mouth on one of the girl's tits, Lynda had to twist her body about in the bed. She turned, coming down opposite the direction in which Marlene lay. She took one of the tight little tits in her mouth and tongued at Marlene's nipple until she had it tight and pulsing at her touch.

"Mmmmmm," the smaller girl kept sighing. "Mmmmm! Nice, soft tits! Firm, but soft!"

She tongued rapidly at a nipple, sending showers of delicious sparks through the brunette's breasts. Lynda lapped more slowly, more sensuously, at Marlene's tits. Her tongue rubbed lushly over each nipple while her hands cupped the exquisitely shaped tits, pulling each tit outward to meet her eager lips. The young brunette shuddered as she felt the dark-skinned girl's fingers move down over her tummy and tease through her cunt hairs. She forgot the presence of the two drunken deputies who leaned back against the wall, drooling at the sight of the girls caressing and kissing each other.

"Mmmmmm," Marlene sighed. "Ooooo, I feel some pussy! Mmmmm! Sweet little pussy!"

Her fingertip rubbed along the lips of Lynda's cunt. Tiny tremors of anticipation tingled about the inner passage of the girl's pussy. Lynda's fluids were oozing in response to the taunting, erotic play of the girl's finger. She lay gasping and panting beside Marlene, letting her trembling hand move over Marlene's glistening tummy, through the deep hairs of her cunt, down to the delicate lips of the petite girl's pussy. The lips were moist as she stroked tenderly across them. The inside of Marlene's pussy was wet as she eased a finger inside and rubbed her cellmate's clit in slow, taunting play.

"Ooooooo!" Marlene gasped. "Oooooo!"

Her young body writhed about, trembling under the throbbing passion which had seized her. Her pussy clamped over Lynda's finger and pulsed wildly. She closed her legs tightly about the brunette's hand and rolled from side to side. Lynda felt her own body begin to shake just as insanely as the girl's finger rubbed her clit into ecstatic spasms. They sucked wildly, frantically, at each other's tits while their fingers brought fiery sparks all through their pussies. They shoved their fingers past each clit and fucked them furiously along each glowing, pulsing cunt.

"Ohhhh, look at them!" Rocky gasped from where he leaned against the wall, drinking lustily from the bottle. "Damn! Did you ever see anything so gorgeous in your life?"

"They've got my bone up already," Gene replied in agreement. "My cock is hard as a rock, and they haven't even started sucking pussy yet."

The girls ignored the lewd comments. They were far too lost in the sensuous emotions that throbbed through their bodies. They fucked their fingers through the moist pussies, listening to the soft sloshing sounds that came with each plunge of a finger.

Marlene began trembling with greater frenzy. She lifted her mouth from Lynda's tits and began scooting further down the brunette's body. Her lips nibbled at the taller girl's tummy and navel, then moved through the wet cunt hairs. Lynda gasped in surging pleasure as she felt a pair of lips close over her cunt.

"Oooooo!" Lynda panted. "Ooooo, yes! Suck me! Oooooo, suck my aching little pussy! Suck me! Ooooooo!"

She planted her own lips over the dark-haired cunt of her partner and sucked just as lustily. Her tongue plunged between the panting lips and licked passionately at Marlene's clit. They hugged their thighs against each head, capturing the lips that sucked so fervently at their cunts.

"Mmmmmmm!" Marlene groaned. "Mmmmmmm!"

She sucked more firmly at Lynda's cunt, then began blowing just as lusciously. Her breath sent shivering gasps of pleasure running through Lynda's pussy. The brunette shuddered as the passion built up within her. She gasped and trembled. She sucked deliriously at the cunt beneath her lips, tonguing furiously between deep sucks. She could taste the sharpness of Marlene's gushing juices. She could feel her own pussy pumping her oils into the anxiously awaiting mouth of her young partner.

"Damn!" Gene gasped. "I can't take any more of this! I've got to get me some of that pussy!"

"They'll be through in another minute or two," Rocky assured him. "They can't keep it up like that very long. Let's get stripped down and be ready for them. Let them get their pussies all greased and ready for a pair of hot cocks."

Lynda heard their voices through the haze of pleasure that surrounded her. She saw their clothes being frantically pulled from them. She heard, but paid no attention to them. She felt no fear, no fright. She was far too lost in the delicious sensation of sucking Marlene's pussy, of having her own young cunt sucked into such unbelievable ecstasy.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned into the panting cunt at her lips. "Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

Her orgasm came boiling through her. She felt her body suddenly paralyzed with the force of her exploding passion. She lay helpless, trembling under the roaring power of her sexuality. Her tongue caught the sharp taste of cunt-juice as Marlene's orgasm also erupted. The girls gasped, then began writhing in complete ecstasy as they pulsed and throbbed in rapture.

"Mmmmmmm!" Lynda groaned. "Mmmmmmmm!"

She suddenly felt rough hands grab her. She was torn from Marlene's embrace, pulled over to see the grinning face of the tall deputy. His beefy partner reached across her and pulled Marlene's slender body up into his arms. Gene carried the kicking body of the girl to the other bunk and dropped her onto the mattress. He fell onto her heavily, ramming his cock for her cunt as Rocky dropped over Lynda.

"All right, Baby!" the deputy panted. "Now I get what I've been waiting for all afternoon."

He brandished his huge prick in front of her. His mouth spread in a wide, lewd grin. He pumped his cock for a moment, letting the brunette see the immense head get redder and redder in excitement. Then he spread her thighs and squeezed between them. His shoulders were shaking in his excitement and impatience as he brought his mammoth cock down to her pussy and planted its tip at the lips of her quivering cunt.

"I'm going to fuck you, Baby!" he laughed. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. Damn, but I'll give you a reaming you'll never forget."

Chapter FIVE

"Ohhhhhh!" Lynda cried in pain as he drove his cock brutally into her cunt. "Ohhhhhh!"

"You feel that?" he laughed. "You feel that old cock?"

He kept laughing as he buried his thick shaft into her. He laughed fiendishly as he began to fuck roughly, turning her body about to increase the force of his driving pecker. His hands groped at her, one grabbing a tit while the other squeezed one buttock. Even with the lush lubrication left by the cunt-suck, Lynda gasped at the pain of his huge cock slamming through her tender pussy.

"Noooooo!" she cried. "Nooooooo!"

Across the room she could hear the fat deputy panting as he balled away at the small girl beneath him. His grunts were mingled with Marlene's pathetic sighs. Lynda heard their bunk creaking from his weight and from the vicious force with which he tore at the tiny body.

"Man!" he shouted over to Rocky. "Man, oh man! This little piece of pussy is better than ever! Ohhhh, man! What a tight, sweet little piece of tail!"

Rocky laughed, pushing his cock just as viciously into the lovely body of the brunette. He pulled her tit roughly, thumb mashing into her nipple and rubbing it in small circles as he fucked her. Lynda wrapped her legs about his lunging body, hoping to clamp herself tight enough against him to reduce the tremendous force of each wild thrust. She circled her arms around his neck and pulled her body against him tightly. She hugged against him, melting her body into his. She still shook with each frantic drive of his cock. Her teeth rattled at the power of this lean, tough deputy. Her pussy ached already, pulsing and hurting in a mixture of pleasure and agony. His cock throbbed inside her, pulsing as he kept driving it at her young cunt. She felt her cunt begin to respond to his rough passion, felt her pussy grab about his mammoth meat in small spasms of reluctant pleasure.

"You feel it, Baby?" he asked her. "You feel how big my cock is? I'll bet you never got so much meat in you. I'll bet those city boys never put a cock like this up your tail, did they?"

Lynda lay beneath him, yielding to his savage attack and clutching frantically at his surging body.

She pressed her tits against his chest as he caught her thighs with both hands and pulled her legs further up her body. She obeyed his direction and locked her legs about his waist. He reached back for her ass, catching both buttocks in his hand and massaging them deliriously while he kept thrusting and plunging his enraged prick into her glowing pussy.

"Oooooo!" she moaned. "Oooooooo!"

It wasn't a moan of pain. She was groaning and whimpering in pleasure now. Damn him! Damn this brute of a deputy! He was making her enjoy his fuck! She was enjoying the hell out of it. Lynda couldn't understand what was happening to her body. The rougher he fucked her, the more pleasure he sent through her throbbing cunt. She was afire with pulsing excitement. She rubbed her tits even harder against his chest. She clung to him tighter, riding his hot, juicy cock.

"Mmmmm!" she sighed. "Fuck me, Rocky! Ride me! Oooooooeeee! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooooeeeee!"

Her brain pounded with the rising tide of her passion. Her pussy shuddered over and over as she humped herself along his ramming shaft. She caught the skin of his shoulder between her teeth and clamped down tightly on him, biting him viciously as though to urge him into deeper violence. His muscles tightened into steel as she aroused his most brutal passion. He snorted like an enraged bull as he ripped and tore at her soft pussy.

"I'll show you a fuck!" he muttered. "Ohhhhh, Baby! I'll show you more fucking than you ever dreamed of!"

His cock began to shake frantically. She could feel the rise of his pent-up charge. She felt the ripples of desire as they came pulsing through the length of his marvelous cock. She shook her body against him. She tightened her cunt muscles, trying to bite his cock with her pussy just as roughly as her teeth were pulling at his naked skin.

"Ohhhh!" he panted. "Ohhhhh! Damn you! Damn you for the best fuck I ever got! Ohhhhhh, Baby! Let's ride! Let's ride the fuck to hell and back!"

"Yes!" she whispered. "Fuck me! Ohhhh, fuck me, Rocky! Take me! Fuck me! Oooooeeeeee!"

His cock was slamming through her gushing fluids. She heard the pop of her suction as he drew his cock back far enough to release the huge force with each powerful lunge. They rolled and writhed about the small bunk, almost falling to the floor. They fought to stay on the bunk while not losing a stroke.

"Uhhhh! Uhhhh!" he panted. She felt him struggle for breath. She felt his body tense and shake. His cock suddenly stopped plunging. His mammoth prick held still inside her pussy, then and trembled. A gurgling sound came to his throat. Lynda could feel the rising charge in his cock, could feel the mounting lust which had possessed him. He groaned, then erupted into rough, frantic action once more.

"Ahhhhh!" he gasped. "Ohhhhhhh!"

His hot semen poured into her cunt and Lynda felt caught by its force. She lay frozen for a moment, then felt the slow warmth of her own orgasm build to a crescendo. She lay back for another moment, then saw the room explode about her. She began to shudder wildly as her climax took possession of her. She knew nothing except the sensuous thrill of his wad inside her, except the wild, delirious sensation of pleasure that pulsed and throbbed all through her pussy.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned. "Ooooooo! You did it! Oooooo! You gave it to me! Let it flow, Baby! Let it fill my pussy! Mmmmmmmmm!"

They rolled about the bed, their bodies leaping at each other. They hugged and bit and wrestled. They gasped and groped and trembled. They pulsed and throbbed and panted. They soared into the height of their shared orgasm, their minds whirling dizzily.

"Ohhhhh, Baby!" Rocky moaned. "Ohhhhh, what a piece of pussy! I never thought you'd be this good! Damn! I just wish I had the strength to fuck you all night!"

His force finally subsided. He fell heavily onto the girl, his cock still jerking inside her cunt from time to time. Lynda looked across the room where Marlene was buried beneath the hulking body of Gene. The fat deputy was panting heavily, his face red and sweating. His immense ass kept driving his cock into the delicate body of the girl. Lynda shuddered as she watched each heave of his wide, heavy ass. She gasped, imagining the suffering he was inflicting on her cellmate.

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh!" he panted.

He reminded the brunette of a huge German shepherd she had once seen hooked into a much smaller dog. She had the same sickening sensation in the pit of her tummy. She wanted to scream out, to demand that he stop brutalizing the girl.

Rocky was enjoying the scene. His eyes sparkled. His mouth spread in a broad, leering grin. "Look at him go!" he chuckled to Lynda. "He's giving her a hell of a balling. That little slut will remember this night."

"Go! Go at her, man!" he shouted across to his partner. "You've got her, Gene! Fuck the shit out of her! Isn't that gorgeous?" he asked Lynda. "Did you ever see anything like that in all your life?"

Lynda shivered, chilled by the sudden realization that these two could well decide to change partners for the next fuck. Her body ached just from thinking about it. She looked back again, shuddering as she watched Gene finally begin to unload his charge into Marlene's helpless young body.

"Ahhhh!" he grunted. "Ahhhhhhh! That should fill up that little hot hole! Ohhhhhhhh!"

The fat brute grinned lewdly as he got up off the girl. He grinned across at his partner, then slapped Marlene's buttocks sharply.

"That should teach you," he laughed. "That should teach you to keep off the streets."

Lynda struggled from beneath Rocky, intent on going over to console the delicate girl who had just been so brutalized. She could see the pain in Marlene's eyes. She wanted to take the frail girl in her arms. She felt an obligation to do that. Marlene had not hesitated to caress and hold her when she was crying earlier.

"Let me up!" she snapped at Rocky. "I want to look after her."

"Shit!" he muttered to her. "She don't need looking after. Gene looked after her. Didn't you see how he looked after her?"

His hand caught her wrist and pulled her back toward him. His eyes were snapping at her now, no longer soft and appreciative of the fuck she had just given him. His breath came heavy and panting as he held her and looked at her naked body.

"Damn if you don't make me ready to fuck again," he grinned. "How about you, Gene? You about ready to fuck them another time?"

"Take a few minutes," the heavy-set man answered. "It'll take me a few minutes to build it all back up. I could sure use a blow-job, though. It would sure be nice to have one of them suck me for a while."

"Hey!" Rocky smiled. "I like that idea! Damn! I sure do like that. Honey, you get over there and suck Gene's old cock. Marlene, you get over here. See if you can give me as good a blow as you did last time we had you in here."

Marlene's eyes caught Lynda's as they passed. The girl was warning the brunette. Marlene's expression warned the other girl not to make any attempt to help her. Their hands touched as they brushed by each other, brushed affectionately. Lynda felt a strange consolation from the slender girl's presence. Somehow it didn't seem nearly so frightening, nearly so hideous, having a friend to go through it all with her. She paused a moment, tempted to speak a word of appreciation to Marlene. No! She would only cause them more trouble. If these two men saw that it tortured her to see Marlene mistreated, they would try everything possible with her new friend. She refused to look around at the girl and looked over at Gene.

The hefty deputy was waiting for her. He was sitting on the edge of the bunk, his legs spread apart. His short, stubby cock trembled up from his cock hair, its thick, bulging head still red from the recent exercise. His cum drooled from the end of his prick, thick and creamy. More cum glistened in the light as it clung along the length of his ugly shaft.

"Here it is, Baby!" he told her. "Here's dinner for you. Eat me, beautiful! Eat my old cock!"

He caught her wrist as she came to him. He pulled her downward, forcing her to her knees in front of him. Gene pulled her head toward his groin, weaving one hand into her thick head of black hair. He took his cock in the other hand and held it out to her lips.

"Open up!" he laughed. "Open those soft lips, Baby! My old cock is crazy to feel those sweet tips around it."

He forced his heavy meat into her mouth, then caught her head with both hands. He pulled her face over his cock and began humping into her mouth frantically. The brunette tasted the sharp cum that now dripped into her mouth. She fought the gagging sensation that swept over her. She thought for a moment that she would vomit as her stomach churned with nausea. She fought to regain her composure, finally managing to suppress most of the sickening reaction to him. She could not have vomited anyway, she felt. Hell, he wasn't about to let go. He wasn't going to allow her to get her mouth off his rampaging cock.

"Ohhhhh, Baby!" he gasped. "Suck me! Suck me, sweet Baby! Mmmmmmm! I never had such sweet lips over my old pecker!"

Lynda tried to comply with his demands. She sucked on his throbbing cock, feeling his meat harden more and more as he pumped it back and forth. She sucked, then tongued over the thick, warm head of his cock. Gene closed his thighs against her cheeks, keeping hold of her hair and not letting her ease her head back the slightest. His fat belly bounced like jello above her head. He grunted and panted as he humped and thrust. His fat body shook with exquisite enjoyment of her.

"Let's have a little more than that!" he ordered her. "Come on! I'll never build up another wad this way. Get your hands in there and work on my nuts."

She almost gagged as his cock came close to jamming into her throat. She struggled to prevent being choked by that thick rod. She reached his balls and fingered the soft sac. She played and teased at the hard nuts that bounced inside, pulling and taunting him in the hope of getting him to his orgasm as rapidly as possible.

"That's the way!" he told her. "That's the way to suck a man! Keep it up, Baby! Ohhhhh, I like what you do!"

His cock shuddered in her mouth. She kept sucking, then decided to alternate blowing and sucking. The first time, her breath escaped around the sides of her lips. She tightened them over his cock and blew again. This time she felt him jerk about as she sent delirious sensations of pleasure rippling through his cock. She sucked him, then blew him. She sucked and blew in rapid succession. She heard his gasping breath, felt his throbbing thighs. He was trembling with excitement as she kept it up.

"Oooooeeeee!" he screamed out. "Ohhhh, Baby! Ohhhhh, what a blow-job! What a gobble! Mmmmmmmm! What a hell of a suck!"

He came up off the edge of the bunk. He was half-standing, bending over her and ramming his cock at her helpless mouth like he was intent on driving it into her throat. His body shook madly as she kept up her maddening work. She pulled wildly at his balls. She caught his nuts in her fingers and pulled them about, twisting them in the hope of causing him some pain. Her attempts only excited him more. He gasped wildly, ramming his prick at her with new fury. His hands trembled as they held her head against his groin.

"Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhh!" he gasped.

His cock was boiling inside her. It shook and throbbed as his new load came pulsing up through it.

Lynda felt him get ready to blow it into her mouth. She held her breath, knowing she would have to fight back her nausea once more. She held on to him, clutching at his balls as his pecker shook ecstatically, then began to pour its warm cream toward her throat.

"There!" he panted. "Ohhhhh! What a relief! Ohhhhh! Drink it, Baby! Ohhhhh! Eat me! Eat that cream! Ohhhhhhh!"

Lynda sucked a mouthful of the thick cum. She held it in her mouth, hoping to be able to spit it out as soon as his cock finished emptying more into her throat. She fought to get her face free, fought and realized that he had no intention of releasing her head. She swallowed the cum, shuddering on the brink of nausea again. She swallowed, felt his cream stick in her throat, then forced it the remainder of the way down. He filled her again before he finally began to calm his vicious pumping. She swallowed the second mouthful as he sank back onto the bunk, his fat belly shaking from his excitement.

"Ohhhhh, you're a good one!" he grinned down at her where she remained on her knees beside the bunk. "Damn! You're a hell of a woman! You sure give a man a blow!"

Lynda sank back and sat on the floor. Her cheeks ached from sucking him. Her pussy ached from the balling she had just received from Rocky. She sat there, shaking in fear. The girl buried her face between her knees, fighting back the tears that swelled up behind her eyes. She could only hope that they would let her go after she had served their lusts. Her body shook as she thought of countless others who might decide to take their turns with her.

"Ahhhhh!" Rocky exclaimed from behind her. "Ahhhhhh! How do you like that, whore? How do you like that mouthful of stuff?"

Lynda shuddered at the sound of his voice. The way they spoke to Marlene made her angry and disgusted. They were trying to humiliate the girl. They wanted to not only fuck her. They wanted to destroy any self-respect the girl had. Lynda was feeling defensive about her cellmate when she realized that they were trying the same thing with her. Damn them! They weren't rapists. They were just meaner than all hell.

She hugged her legs tightly against her body, leaning her head onto her knees. She closed her eyes, trying to pretend for a few minutes that none of this existed. She wanted a few minutes of peace, a few minutes without the boisterous voice of these two men.

They didn't allow her that peace. She felt a rough hand catch her arm and pull her up. Gene was grinning at her as he pulled her onto the bed.

"None of that!" he cautioned her. "We are just getting started, Baby! Just because you sucked my dick, don't think I'm not interested in getting that tail of yours."

Chapter SIX

"Do you have to be so damn rough?" Lynda complained as his hands pulled and tugged at her aching, throbbing tits. "Can't you fuck slowly and gently?"

The beefy deputy laughed at her question. He had her on her elbows and knees as they wrestled about the mattress. His thick body was behind her, enjoying the satin skin of her ass as he rubbed back and forth against her. He reached around beneath her and pawed roughly at her tits. Damn! He was pulling at her tits like he was milking a damn cow!

"Sure, Baby!" he chuckled. "I can fuck gentle. Thing is, though, I don't want to. My old woman always wants it nice and easy. She thinks I ought to be a gentleman. Shit! Why do you think I come here to get my nooky? Pussy I find in the jail can't be choosy, so I can fuck you cunts however the hell I please."

He laughed again and went after her tits with even more viciousness. He was punishing her for complaining. The brunette realized that. It didn't help to protest with these two. Marlene had tried to tell her that. The more they sensed you were suffering, the more brutal they became.

"Hey, Rocky!" the fat brute called out. "This little pussy thinks I'm being too rough on her. Can you imagine that? Little hooker comes in town and complains about the local trade!"

His partner didn't answer. From the soft moans across the room, Lynda realized that the tall, lean deputy was too involved in roughing up Marlene. She turned her head and twisted her body about so she could get a glimpse of the other bunk. The sight sent a shudder through her body. The bastard was trying his damnest to make the frail girl scream for help. He was mashing her tits as hard as he could, his thumbs pressing savagely into each nipple. His mouth was spread in a horrible grin, a smile that showed how much he enjoyed inflicting pain on the helpless girl.

Like Gene, he was fucking from behind the struggling girl, ramming his big cock up between her legs, moving it about with slow, deliberate movements of his ass as he fucked. He was, Lynda say, trying to stretch Marlene's cunt, trying to see how much punishment her pussy could take. The brunette shuddered again, her hatred for these two men making her tremble with rage as much as with fright.

Gene dropped one hand from Lynda's tits and caught her pussy. He squeezed her cunt-mound, shaking her cunt wildly. Lynda jumped from the discomfort, then shivered as he ran a fat finger inside and mashed roughly at her clit. He worked at the nubbin until she was throbbing with erotic need. Despite her hatred for him, despite her pain and discomfort, despite all the terror that flooded through her, she wanted him to fuck her. She wanted some relief for the hot spasms he was causing in her pussy.

"Oooooo!" she moaned. "Oooooo, fuck me! Get that heavy cock inside me! Fuck me! Ooooooo, I want to be fucked!"

"Not yet, Baby!" he panted at her ear. "You're not horny enough. I'll have you screaming for it before I finish with you!"

He ran a second finger into her cunt, then a third. He spread his fingers inside her, stretching her cunt-lips painfully. Damn him, she thought. Damn him! If he could, he'd get his whole damn fist up her pussy. She shook with pain and passion as he worked his hand about her cunt. Her juices were streaming through her pussy, covering his fingers and running down her thighs. She could feel the hot presence of his cock between her thighs, feel the pulsing, throbbing force of his short, thick pecker rubbing against her soft, satin skin. His hand at her tits was going crazy, pulling and mashing, thumbing and fingering about her lunging tits as they dangled beneath her.

"Ooooooo!" she moaned. "Oooooooo!"

Lynda heard him laugh huskily. His belly shook against her ass as he laughed at her groans. He leaned his head toward her shoulder and bit into her flesh. His teeth caught her tender skin and held her tightly, gradually increasing in force until she was sure he had broken the skin. She'd have a scar to remember this fuck by. The brunette was sure of that. She gasped at the pain, unable to stop herself from rubbing her pussy back and forth about his lustful fingers, unable to stop swinging her ass over his heavy stomach.

"Oooooo!" she moaned again. "Ooooo, hurry up! Fuck me, Gene! Get your cock inside me and fuck me!"

He bit harder into her shoulder. His hand pulled more roughly at her tits. He worked at her cunt more viciously. His body pulsed and throbbed with his eagerness to inflict pain on her. He shook over her, gasping for breath in his sensuous demand for her.

"Ohhhhh, God!" Marlene's voice came from across the room. "Ohhhh, you're killing me! Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

Lynda could hear Rocky's lewd laughter. She heard the sound of his body slamming over and over against the slender girl's ass. She heard her gasp and moan. She heard the sound of the bunk almost collapsing beneath the violent movement that was going on. Rocky was snarling, grunting, roaring as he went after her little pussy with such brutality. The brunette shuddered as she imagined what the girl must have been suffering. At least Gene was not being that rough, not yet.

"Please!" he whispered. "Please get it in me! Give me some cock! Fuck me!"

"All right, Baby!" he finally told her. "You've been begging for it. Now you can see how you like it."

His cock came up along her thighs. She felt the hot, bulging head against her pussy, then felt him ease back from her. His hard, leaping pecker slipped back from the lips of her pussy and pressed at the crack between her buttocks and held it in her crack, moving it about until he was against her bum. Lynda gasped as he pushed it harder at her asshole, gradually forcing an opening into her ass.

"No!" she screamed. "Not in the ass! Ohhhhhh! No! No! Ohhhhhh! You'll tear me! You'll rip me apart!"

"You wanted my cock," he told her. "You've been begging for me to get it in you. All right, Baby! I'll pick out where I stick it!"

"Please!" she whispered fervently. "Ohhhhh, please! Not there! Ohhhh, God!"

She shrieked from the sharp, tearing pain. Gene rammed his cock suddenly, viciously, at her. She lost her breath at the terrible pain that shot through her body. He rammed his cock into her ass. He forced his huge head through her asshole, then laughed as he drove the throbbing prick deeper.

Lynda almost fainted. She saw blurred red swirls before her eyes. She felt blinding pain from her ass. She shuddered as he kept pushing his cock into her. He started fucking, started pumping his thick meat back and forth in her ass. His hand worked feverishly at her pussy while he corn-holed her. He fingered into her cunt and thumbed her nipples, all the while pumping his cock angrily at her asshole.

"Like that, Baby?" he panted. "Like it this way? Ohhh, you sure have a great little ass! I've been wanting to slip my meat into your ass all day."

The brunette trembled, fighting against the pain and terror which swept through her. She tried to force her ass to relax. She tried to tell herself that this was not so unusual. People had ass-fucked for centuries. At least some of the books she had read implied it. Still, she couldn't stop hurting, couldn't stop the sensation of pain he sent through her with each lusty drive of his cock.

"Ooooo," she moaned. "Ooooooo. Please! Please hurry!"

"Why?" He laughed. "What's the hurry. You don't have anywhere to go. If I wasn't fucking you, you'd just be sitting here all bored. See what a favor I'm doing you."

He laughed again, moving his cock from side to side as he fucked her ass. The brunette shuddered, then clamped her teeth shut firmly. She'd show him. Damn him, anyway. She'd teach him to shove his cock into her ass. She tightened her muscles, forcing her asshole to contract around his cock. If she had anything in her intestines she was sure she would be pushing it down over his cock. Let him bring out his meat all covered with shit. That would teach him!

The pain subsided as she pressed against his invasion. She slowly began experiencing pleasure from the movements of his cock inside her. Her body was shimmering as her tits and ass and pussy all began glowing together. She heard him gasp as he sensed her response to him. Gene groped eagerly at her tits and frantically fingered her pussy.

"That's better!" he panted. "Ohhhh, God! That's great! Ohhhh, what a hell of a fuck you can give! Ohhhhhh, Baby! I'm going to ride this wild ass! Ohhhhhh!"

Lynda tingled at his enthusiasm. She throbbed with a new surge of pleasure that had finally overcome her fear and anger. The girl twisted and writhed beneath him. Her tits heaved against his hand. Her pussy contracted lusciously over his pumping finger with sensuous spasms of delight. Her ass waved back and forth, thrilling his cock and delighting his belly. She shook her head about to let her black hair wave wildly about his face.

"Oooooo!" she panted. "Ride me, Gene! Oooooo, ride my ass!"

Her cunt was gurgling about his plunging finger. She was flooding, pouring her rich juice all over his hand. She felt the oil running thickly down her leg as he fucked her with wilder, more insane frenzy.

The brunette backed against him, shoving her ass back along his steaming cock as she tried to take more of his thick meat inside. She pressed backwards against him. She dropped her chest lower and rubbed her tits frantically back and forth while he tried desperately to catch them. Her breath was coming in gasps as her excitement mounted through her body. She panted and moaned in pleasure. She rode her ass along his wildly thrusting cock.

"Faster!" she hissed. "Harder! Give it to me! Fuck me! Ooooooeeee! Let's ride, Baby! Oooooo! Eeeeee!"

His cock began vibrating uncontrollably in her ass. His load boiled up through his shaft, ready to spurt out through her ass. She could hear him snorting, gasping, struggling to hold back. He shook passionately, then began pumping his cock in long, delirious thrusts as his cum boiled out into her ass.

"Ahhhhh!" he gasped as his breath exploded from him. "Uhhhhh! That feels good! Ohhhhhhh!"

The hot cum pumped into her ass, sending the brunette into shivering delight. She felt her own new orgasm send quivering spasms through her pussy. She struggled to catch her breath as her climax throbbed over her body. Every nerve in her was afire. Every inch of her skin tingled and glowed with the luxurious flames of her orgasm.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" she purred. "Ooooooo, yes! Fuck me! Ooooo, fuck me! Mmmmmm!"

Her ass glistened as she clenched her muscles over his driving, spitting cock. Her pussy shimmered as it gushed her creamy cum onto his trembling fingers. Her tits heaved and throbbed. Her nipples burned. She gasped and writhed beneath him, savoring the exquisite pleasure that roared through her body.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned softly.

He kept ramming his stubby, thick cock into her ass. He pumped furiously until he began to tire. His body was still throbbing against her as his limp cock slowly pulled back from her asshole. The heavy man fell over her, his body as limp as his cock. She twisted from beneath him and looked at the grin plastered across his lips. Now that her pleasure was ended, the brunette despised him more than ever!

The bastard had made her enjoy it. He had brutalized her. He had raped her! He had made her suck him and had forced his cock up her ass. He had roughed her up all the way. He had done all that and had made her like it. He had sent her into a fantastic orgasm. She would hate him for that. She would never forgive him for that!

She looked across the room where Rocky was sitting on the edge of the bunk. The tall deputy was eyeing her, his tongue moving over his lips. The son of a bitch was getting ready to take his turn with her ass, she realized. No! She had been able to take Gene's short, stubby cock. That long snake of Rocky's, though, was something else again. She trembled at the prospect.

Behind him the frail body of Marlene lay limp against the wall. The raven-haired girl lay still and lifeless. For a moment Lynda feared he had killed the girl. She felt relieved to see the tiny shudders that wracked Marlene's body. The girl was weeping, crying from the terrible punishment she had been given.

Rocky's eyes met those of the brunette. He grinned across the room at her and began to get up. Lynda felt her heart shudder at the sight. He was coming after her. Damn him! He was going to do the same to her as he had done to Marlene. She huddled back against the wall, trying to find the strength to fight him. She couldn't allow it -- she couldn't take another fuck. She sure the hell couldn't take another ass-fuck, not by that monster Rocky carried between his legs.

"No!" she gasped. "No!"

"What's the matter, Baby?" he asked, standing in front of her. "Don't you want to give me the same good time you gave Gene?"

His lips curled cruelly at the corners. His eyes narrowed as he drew a deep breath. He slapped Gene across the ass sharply and pointed to the other bunk.

"Take your nap over there," he ordered. "I need this bed to try out this piece of ass."

The fat deputy scrambled up and staggered across the room. He fell heavily down beside Marlene, propping himself on an elbow to watch what his partner had planned for Lynda. A stupid smile covered his face. He started to speak, then decided against it. He just sat there, grinning and watching in anticipation.

"All right, Baby!" the tall deputy grinned. "You want it easy or rough? I can give it to you either way."

"Not tonight you won't!"

They all turned at the sound of the voice that came from the door of the cell. Lynda gasped when she saw the woman. This was the biggest female she could ever remember seeing. The woman was immense, her tits probably sixty inches around. She stood well over six feet and looked like she was tough enough to take on any man around. She glared into the cell, her eyes blazing with fury.

"Get the hell out of here!" she yelled at the two deputies. "If you two are still in here in ten seconds, you'll be here as inmates. You won't be deputies any more!"

"Take it easy," Rocky spoke in a soothing voice. "We were just leaving. All we did was have a little fun with these two hookers."

"Well play time is over!" the woman told them. "Now, get out."

Rocky and Gene both grabbed for their clothes. They scrambled into them, then looked over at Lynda. The tall deputy stepped toward her for a minute. His eyes looked again over her naked body. Another smile crossed his face.

"I'll be back," he assured her. "I'll be back to finish what I started. Don't go away."

He laughed at his joke and joined Gene at the cell door. They stepped past the huge woman and turned up the hall. As her rescuer stepped into the cell, the light from the single bulb illuminated her hair. It was the brightest red hair Lynda had ever seen. She was about to thank the woman when she recalled Marlene's warning. Big Red! This was the dyke matron. She didn't thank her. She sat back on the bunk and looked up sullenly.

"You're the new girl, huh?" Big Red observed. "All right. Both of you come on. After those two bastards you need a shower to get all that dried cum out of you. We'll clean you up before Liz brings you some supper. Yeah, get you clean and fed, then you'll feel more in the mood for a party."

She stood there, looking over the brunette's body. She stood in front of them, waiting for them to get up and drag themselves with her to the small shower.

Chapter SEVEN

Liz was every bit as tall as Big Red. The blonde was thin, though. Lynda looked at her as she led them along the narrow hallway. She was in her forties, still pretty in a sharp-featured way. Having showered and eaten the supper brought to them, the two girls felt better. Marlene had gradually recovered from the brutal rape the two men subjected her to.

"You amaze me!" she told Lynda, her eyes large and expressive. "I'm used to fucking. You're a nice girl, though. At least you were a nice girl until they drug you in here. Yet you take all the fucking they can dish out. Damn, you're prettier than ever."

Marlene shook her head in wonder, then frowned. Her joviality left her quickly and she ate the remainder of her supper in silence. Lynda watched her, sensing a definite apprehension within the girl. She started to ask her about it but had delayed bringing up an unpleasant subject. There had been unpleasantness already. The brunette wanted to enjoy whatever moments of peace and tranquility might be allowed her.

"All right!" the husky voice called from the door of their cell. "You two finished? Good! Come on back with me. Big Red is ready to have a little party."

The towering blonde looked over the young brunette as Lynda rose and walked toward the door. Her lips spread in a smile as she watched the fluid movements of the girl. Her eyes sparkled appreciatively, approving wholeheartedly of the young woman's figure.

"I'm Liz Coalson," she said in a warm voice. "It's good to have a new tenant here with us. We don't often get anyone as young and pretty as you."

Her eyes dropped to Lynda's tits, down to the girl's legs, then back up to the tits again. As she looked back into the brunette's eyes she winked. Her meaning was unmistakable. Behind her Lynda heard Marlene groan as though the effort of rising was painful to her. The blonde looked over at the smaller girl and frowned.

"Stop carrying on, Marlene," she snapped. "You know what's ahead. You know you like it, too. You just don't want to admit it."

The expression in her cellmate's eyes told Lynda that the girl did know what was ahead for them and that she didn't like it. Marlene didn't like it at all. She shrugged in resignation and walked across the cell to join Lynda and Liz in the hall.

The blonde led them back along the hallway and into what seemed to be a small apartment. The lights were dim. Heavy, lush Victorian furniture sat about the room. The deep red shades over the lamps gave the room a sensuous quality, almost a threateningly sensuous atmosphere. Several candles burned on the tables, sending off a sickly sweet scent of lavender. Through an archway the brunette could see an immense bed. Rich red satin and velvet glistened from the coverlet. From out of the shadows beside it, the heavy shape of Big Red emerged.

"Welcome to my lair," the huge woman smiled. "I promise you an evening of rich entertainment. You realize, of course, that you will be the entertainment."

She was wearing a satin gown, a gown of as deep a red color as the spread and as the upholstery. She clearly wore nothing beneath the gown. Her monstrous tits filled the gown, their huge swells pushing mountains of flesh above the neckline of the gown. Lynda had never seen so much tit-flesh in her life. The tits started almost at her neck, then kept swelling outward until they seemed to fill the room. Her huge nipples showed clearly through the thin satin. The gown stretched across wide, firm hips. The brunette realized that Big Red wasn't fat, just huge. She was immense.

"Well, don't just stand there gaping!" the redhead told her. "Get comfortable. Take off your clothes and show me more of that delicious little body I saw this afternoon."

She smiled obscenely, waiting for the girls to comply with her directions. Liz led the way, slipping out of her dress and underclothes. The thin blonde looked much better in the raw than she had in clothes. She still looked skinny, but she had nice legs and a firm, saucy ass. She had good tits, too, despite their small size. She had the sexiest nipples and areolas Lynda had ever seen. Her tits looked all lacy the way her areolas sparkled in the sensuous red light.

"Come on!" Big Red snapped, her voice suddenly hard and demanding. "Get with it. Strip!"

Lynda and Marlene complied with her rough order. The brunette sensed that this woman was more fearsome than the two deputies were earlier. She remembered how the men had jumped at the big woman's orders earlier. She quickly slipped out of her clothing and stood naked for the red-haired mountain to inspect and approve.

"You'll do!" she smiled, taking Lynda by the hand and leading her to the bed. "Come over here, honey. Give Big Red a nice evening."

She opened her arms and hugged the girl against her mammoth tits. Lynda felt the warmth of her pussy pulsing through the gown as she was enveloped by the woman. Big Red kissed her, darting her tongue into the brunette's mouth and licking back almost to her throat.

"Mmmmmmm!" the matron sighed as she lifted her face. "Ohhhhhh, honey! You feel so nice. Your body feels so nice."

She led the girl to the bed and pulled back the covers. Red smiled at Lynda and began pulling the gown over her head. The girl couldn't help gasping at the tits that came into view. Damn! She never knew they could get that big! Her admirer saw her staring and laughed with a deep, husky voice.

"You like them?" she asked. "I thought you would, I usually take my time getting down to business. For you I'll make an exception. We'll forego the wine and the small talk. Come on, Baby! Let's get in the bed and get with it!"

The massive bed creaked from her weight as she bounced onto the sheets. She pulled Lynda in with her, hugging the girl into her tits once more.

"Suck on them, sweetheart!" she told her. "Suck on my tits until you get them all full and swollen and ready."

Her huge hands massaged Lynda's young tits as the girl buried her face against the great pair of breasts. The brunette caught one tit in both hands and fingered over the soft flesh. She placed her lips over a nipple and began sucking while Red's hands roved about her own tits, fingering exquisitely about her nipples and sending shivers of delighted passion shuddering through her.

"What delicious tits, sweetheart," Big Red murmured. "What sweet, wonderful little tits. Too good for those deputies to get their filthy hands on!"

She rolled Lynda's tits about, lifting each breast, cupping each tit, fingering about each nipple until the girl was panting and gasping with the luxurious sensuality the woman sought to bring about. The girl sucked harder on the mammoth tit at her lips and felt it begin to swell out, to get firm. The nipple hardened as she tongued it. The tit was full, firm, magnificent!

"Mmmmmm," she purred.

"I thought you'd like my tits," Red hissed. "I knew you'd enjoy them."

She pulled Lynda around, turning the girl about in the bed as though the brunette were light as a feather. She positioned her where they could each get their mouths on the other's tits. As the matron's big, wide mouth came over her tits, Lynda felt a surge of fiery pleasure shoot through her body. The big woman was good! Damn, she knew how to get a girl throbbing with demand.

Lynda pushed her lips between the huge tits and kissed into the deep crevice. She twisted her face rapidly from side to side and let the tits bounce and rub against her cheeks. She kissed and sucked at each nipple until she could hear the deep, heaving gasps of the older woman.

"Beautiful!" Red panted. "You are just beautiful! Such a soft, sweet body to have been mistreated so horribly."

She slipped down the girl's body and got their tits against each other. They took their hands and rubbed nipple against nipple. Both women shuddered at the exquisite pleasure that shimmered through them. Lynda's pussy was quivering even before Big Red began to massage it. The girl could feel her juices seep from her cunt. She rubbed her tits into the larger, enveloping breasts against them. Her fingers played through the mountains of tit, never quite sure when she was caressing Red's and when she was playing with her own swollen breasts.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned in delight. "Mmmmmmmm! I never knew so much tit existed in the whole world!"

The red-haired woman laughed, her body shaking against the girl. She rolled her tits about, arched her back and thrust them heavily over the brunette. Lynda gasped as the huge body came up over her. The tits flopped onto her, their weight sending new passion about her own throbbing breasts. She stroked her hands down the woman's waist and hips. She moved her hands inside Red's thighs. She felt the woman shake as her fingers taunted about the big, juicy pussy.

"You're a hot little cunt!" Red gasped. "Damn! You're as horny as I am. That's good! Ohhhhh, that's wonderful!"

Her big finger went for the girl's cunt, teased at the lips, then plunged inside. Red pressed about the brunette's clit until she had Lynda groaning and writhing with sensuous pleasure. She drove her finger further into the girl's pussy and began to finger fuck her. Lynda copied the motion, letting her own finger play inside the huge cunt above her. She sent a second finger, then a third inside, still not able to fill the mammoth cavern.

No wonder Big Red was dyke, she thought. Shit! She'd never find a man who could fill that hole. There wasn't a cock anywhere that could go in that pussy and not get lost. It was juicy, though. Her fingers were soaked from the lush flow of the woman's fluids. The girl fingered about in circles, feeling the throbbing, pulsing lining of the pussy. She put her whole hand into the cunt, stretching her fingers outward against the trembling flesh.

"Ohhhhhh!" Red groaned. "Ohhhhh, Baby! You're getting me hotter than hell! No one ever worked my pussy like that before. Ohhhhhh! Wow! Ohhhhhh!"

Red's mammoth tits rolled heavily across Lynda's breasts. The matron gasped and groaned, then scooted down on the girl, getting her face between the brunette's thighs.

"I've got to eat your pussy!" she gasped. "I've got to taste just how sweet you are! Mmmmmm, what a delicate little cunt! What a soft, luscious piece of pussy!"

Her mouth closed about Lynda's cunt. She sucked deeply, wildly. She held the soft mound in her mouth and shook her head roughly. Fire went flashing through the girl at the motion. The suction, the movement, the caressing hands that roved into their merged tits, were delighting the younger woman. Lynda opened her mouth and let Red's big, wide pussy come down to her lips. She sucked deeply as the woman clamped her thighs tightly about her face. She sucked, tongued, then blew into the wide cunt again.

"Mmmmmm!" Red moaned, still sucking wildly. "Mmmmmmm!"

Lynda felt her pussy getting ready to explode. The force of Big Red's sucking was pulling her orgasm from her. She was shaking madly as she felt her passion surge up through her cunt. Every nerve in her body was on fire. Every muscle in her pussy was trembling. She shuddered beneath the heavy woman, then began to pump her hot cunt-juice into the woman's mouth. Lynda shook in an insane frenzy as Big Red began to join her in the orgasm. She could taste Red's sharp cream on her tongue. She licked through the glowing pussy, sucked the matron frantically and writhed beneath their wild, orgiastic climax.

"Ohhhhhh, my!" Red gasped as they finally began to calm down. "Ohhhh, my! What a sweet fuck! What a delicious little girl."

They lay in one another's arms, caressing their tits and petting each other's pussy. Outside they could hear soft moans from the other room where Liz and Marlene were having a cunt suck of their own. The two women waited, fondling and kissing, for the other two to complete their suck. Finally they could hear the loud, sharp gasp that assured them the wait was over. Red laughed lustily and sat up in bed.

"You're through in there," she called out. "I heard you finish. Come on in here. Let's make it a foursome in one bed for the next round."

Lynda heard the other two women slowly get up from the couch. She looked at Marlene as they came into the bedroom. The tiny girl shook her head sadly. Liz must have roughed her up, the brunette figured. Then she saw the instrument in the blonde's hand. She shuddered, feeling a quick terror run through her body. Liz carried a mammoth dildo. She had been using that on the girl. She must have used it viciously from the expression on Marlene's face. The smile on the blonde's mouth suddenly seemed threatening to Lynda, threatening as hell.

"Climb in with us," Big Red told them happily. "Climb in and let's trade partners."

She slapped Lynda affectionately on the ass and laughed. Then she rolled to the other side of the bed and reached for Marlene. As she pulled Marlene into her arms she looked over at Lynda once more.

"Cheer up, sweetheart," she told her. "The party is just beginning."

Chapter EIGHT

"Oooeee!" Liz cried as the two women sat against each other, rubbing their tits until each nipple was blazing with hot passion. Their nipples touched, rubbed, caressed while their hands roved along their thighs. Lynda closed her eyes and tingled in the warm glow of their loving. At least the blonde had laid the dildo on the table beside them. At least she wasn't going to come after the brunette with that yet.

The smell of female perspiration and female juices filled the room. It overpowered the soft, sweet scent of the burning candles. Beside them, Marlene's frail body was lost in the huge excesses of Big Red's mammoth flesh. Marlene moaned pitifully as the huge redhead hugged her roughly, brutally, against her heaving tits.

"Mmmmmmm!" Liz sighed again. "Ooooeeee!"

Her tits were hard with passion. Her nipples were taut buttons that sent shivering sparks through the younger girl's ripe tits. They swayed in the dim, flickering light. Their hair swung loosely about their shoulders as they twisted and writhed against each other, pressing their tits more and more fully into the other.

"Come on," Liz urged the brunette. "Slide our cunts together. Let's cunt-kiss. Let's run clits together like we're doing our nipples."

She reached around and caught Lynda's ass, pulling the girl's pussy tightly into her crotch. Their cunt-lips met and merged together. Throbbing delight surged through Lynda's pussy as they twisted and rubbed together. She could feel Liz's passion button against her own horn, could feel the blonde shudder with mounting passion. She tightened her legs against the slender body of the assistant matron. She hugged her tits more tightly against the luscious nipples of the tall, slender blonde. Lynda was still aware of the horrible tool that lay on the table beside her. She had no doubt that Liz would use it if she didn't get a good cunt rub. Lynda was determined to prevent any need for the dildo. If Liz wanted her pussy sucked, she would suck it. If Liz wanted her pussy clit rubbed, she would do that. Hell, she would do about anything to keep that instrument out of her pussy. She had seen the pain in Marlene's eyes. She had seen the anguish in her body. Lynda didn't want to tempt Liz to try the same approach again.

"Ahhhhhh!" Liz gasped as her clit began shaking more wildly. "Ohhhhhhh, what a soft pussy against me! Ohhhhhhh!"

She reached behind the brunette again. She reached for Lynda's ass and caressed the firm buttocks, her hands groping and grasping ecstatically.

Liz shook with surging delight as her finger traced the line between the girl's buttocks. She slipped her finger deep into the crack and probed about, searching for the glowing bum.

The brunette assumed that the tall blonde would approve of the same treatment. She responded by reaching for the woman's crack, by sliding her finger into Liz's crack, by pressing her fingertip into the blonde's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss!" Liz shuddered. "Fuck my ass, sweetheart! Run your finger up my ass and fuck the hell out of me!"

Her ass pulsed about the brunette's finger as Lynda began driving it up her bum. She found the younger girl's asshole and eased her own finger inside. Lynda gasped at the feel of her finger in there. She tensed, then recalled her earlier experience with Gene's fat cock in her tail. She was still awfully tender, yet she had to admit that she was enjoying this softer way of stimulating her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhh! Easy, Liz! Fuck me gently in my ass. I'm awfully tender."

"I'll be gentle with this delicious ass," the blonde assured her. "You just be sure not to be too gentle with mine."

She squirmed her rump over the brunette's plunging finger and shook frantically with the growth of her passion. Her finger sent deep shudders about Lynda's ass when she began making slow, deliberate thrusts into the burning passage. The young girl shoved downward against the intruding finger. She rubbed her cunt harder against the blonde's pussy, twisted her tits more delightedly over the tight breasts of her sweating, panting companion.

"Ooooooeeeee!" Liz exclaimed. "Do me, Baby! Fuck my ass! Keep it up! Oooooeeee, keep rubbing my pussy! Mmmmmmmm!"

Her body was writhing, shaken by rough, sharp spasms of pleasure. She struggled to breathe as Lynda continued to taunt and toy with her emotions. She gasped for breath, rubbing her small tits rapidly into the brunette's fuller, riper flesh. Her long, bony finger probed deeper and deeper into the young girl's ass until Lynda could not help but join in the surging excitement.

"Oooooooooo!" the brunette moaned. "Ooooooo! Let's ride! Let's ride this fuck! Oooooeeeee!"

Her body was exploding as she felt Liz erupt against her. They rolled and twisted about the bed, legs and arms flailing, fingers pumping into asses. They trembled tightly, then felt the soaring force of their orgasms sweeping over them. They gasped and panted. They throbbed and pulsed. They moaned and shrieked as they rode through their roaring moments of climax.

"Ohhhhhh, babe!" Liz finally gasped. "Ohhhhh, sweetheart! What a fuck! What a glorious fuck! You're great, Baby! You're the greatest!"

They lay together, caressing and cuddling until Big Red and Marlene had completed their play. Lynda lay back, relaxing in a soft haze as the huge redhead got up and poured them each a glass of wine. They sat on the wide bed and sipped the wine together. Their bodies glowed in the candlelight, beads of perspiration causing their skin to glisten.

As they finished drinking the wine, the red-haired matron smiled over at the two prisoners. She motioned for them to lie down across the head and foot of the bed. Lynda and Marlene were placed on their backs as the two matrons climbed above them. Big Red had her mouth at Lynda's pussy while she lowered her own juicy cunt down on the frail girl's face. Liz turned the opposite way, giving Lynda the chance to suck her cunt while she went after the dark-haired pussy of the smaller girl.

"All right," Red called out. "Let's have one hell of a circle tonight. Let's see who can get the pussy at their mouth into orgasm first."

Her wide lips clamped down onto Lynda's cunt and began sucking lustily. Her tongue rammed inside the brunette's pussy and rubbed over the girl's trembling clit. Her enormous arms circled the girl's body. One hand cupped Lynda's ass while the other stroked over her tits. She sucked deeply at the brunette's pussy drawing delirious spasms through the young woman. Lynda moaned and clamped her thighs about the heavy woman's face.

Lynda's lips found Liz's cunt and softly closed against the blonde's mound. She sucked sweetly, tauntingly. She darted her tongue against the thin woman's cunt-lips. She licked at the softly throbbing pussy, then forced her tongue inside. Liz gasped above her as she licked inside her pussy, licked and rubbed her tongue over the blonde's tingling clit. Lynda heard her moan as she sucked at Marlene's pussy. She wrapped her legs about the brunette's body and rolled her pussy slowly back and forth over Lynda's face as the girl began sucking more firmly.

"Mmmmmmm!" Lynda sighed into the panting cunt. "Mmmmmmm!"

She could taste the juices that oozed through the delicate organ. She knew her own pussy was just as wet, just as busily pumping her lubricants into Red's mouth. The four women rolled about the bed, their hands groping madly among the lush assortment of tits. They all thrust their warm swollen tits outward, rubbing the globes sensuously into any palm that happened to be upon them. Lynda began to feel vague about whose cunt she was sucking, about who was sucking at her pussy, about whom had what size tits. She was only aware of pleasure. They were all in this together. They were all sucking each other. They were all being sucked by each other. It didn't matter whose lips were where. They were all involved in every flick of a tongue, in every surge of an ecstatic tit, in every spasm that shuddered through any one of the quivering pussies.

"Mmmmmmm!" Lynda moaned. "Oooooooo! Mmmmmmmm!"

She felt her climax building inside her. She felt her body begin to shake and throb beyond control. She gasped and glowed as her orgasm came ripping through her. She was aware of the other women shaking just as frantically. She could hear the gurgling of female juices. She could hear the soft slapping of thighs against cheeks. She could hear the noisy sucking of four pairs of lips. She was having her own orgasm, yet she was part of three other delirious moments of rapture. She shook and shuddered, then finally felt herself engulfed in a deep mist of pleasure, a deep blackness than swarmed about her, then covered her.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed as she drifted into unconsciousness. She smiled and relaxed, letting the welcome sleep envelop her. Her body glowed pleasantly; her breath slowly returned to normal. She lay limply across the bed, her eyes closed. She fell into a welcome and yearned for sleep.

She awoke with a start. Lynda had no idea how long she had slept. She awoke as the searing pain kept tearing at her pussy. She shook off the haziness of her mind and remembered where she was.

Her pussy was throbbing with pain as the hard, rough object kept driving into it.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned lightly, struggling to get her bearings. "Ohhhhh! That hurts! Ohhhh, God! That hurts!"

The blonde was kneeling above her. Liz's eyes glowed with a mad intensity. The woman was crouched above her, working the huge dildo into the brunette's soft pussy. Lynda tried to twist away, then rolled back. She didn't dare try to turn away. The damned thing hurt too much for her to turn. Liz was twisting it, smiling sadistically as she worked the lewd instrument of torture through the girl's cunt.

"I thought this would wake you up," she laughed as she saw the brunette open her eyes. "This will teach you never to go to sleep on Liz again. You'll also realize that I can give you just as complete a balling as any of the men."

Beads of perspiration glistened on her face as she concentrated on working the tool about Lynda's cunt. Her mouth curled cruelly at the corners as she shook with excitement. The rough surface of the dildo sent Lynda into deep spasms of combined pain and pleasure. She lay gasping beneath the relentless thrusting and driving, rolling her head from one side to the other about the bed.

"Give it to her!" Big Red shouted from beside her. "Give her pussy something to remember. Damn! You're getting me excited just watching the way her little pussy spreads open for that."

The big woman reached over and began rubbing her hands over Lynda's tits as the blonde kept up the frenzied assault on her pussy. She pinched a nipple between two fingers and twisted it until the brunette was forced to cry out in the sharp, burning pain. Her cries met only laughter from the two dykes who seemed intent on torturing her. The soft pleasure that had led up to this was forgotten now. Despite the sucking she had given them, they were trying to hurt her. Lynda saw their eyes glowing with the lustful pleasure her screams provided.

"Like it, honey?" Liz asked. "You like the way we do it? Don't tell me you ever had a man stretch your pussy like this?"

Big Red leaned down into Lynda's tits and began sucking and biting at each rolling mound of ripe flesh. Lynda moaned, praying for something to happen that would end this vicious torture. She'd rather have the men back after her than to take any more of this treatment. She wanted to get back at them. She wanted to strike at them, to scratch at them, to bite viciously into them. Her body pulsed with anger. The lusty desire to hurt, to inflict pain, roared through her body.

"Aggggghhhh!" she snarled like a cornered animal. "Aggggrrrrhhh!"

Her pussy was pounding with sudden lust. Her body throbbed and pulsed, every nerve electric with quivering vibrance. She quivered as she fought about the bed, twisting and rolling, struggling to get her fingernails into their eyes, her teeth at their throat.

"Aggghhh!" she snarled more threateningly. She almost tore free from them. She almost lurched out of their grasp. Her own body betrayed her, though. Just at the moment when her strength came roaring through her with the greatest intensity, her pussy began to surge into a new orgasm. She fell back on the bed, flattened by the power of her climax. She saw the room whirl about her. She felt the blood rush through her head and body. She trembled and panted with the most complete orgasm she had yet experienced.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Big Red smiled down at her when she finally calmed her lunging, writhing body. "It takes getting a little rough on you to produce such a beautiful climax. You got it, though. Damn! I never saw such complete lust on a girl's face in my life. Damn! I could have eaten you up, you were so beautiful."

Her eyes were soft again, soft and affectionate. Lynda stared at her in disbelief. She hated the softness in Red's eyes. She detested the motherly smile that crossed the woman's lips. She still wanted to scratch those eyes out, still wanted to sink her teeth into the soft skin of Red's neck. She wanted to do the same with the skinny blonde who was sitting along side her, panting from her recent erotic game.

"Damn you!" Lynda spat at them. "Damn both of you!"

"Listen to her," Liz laughed. "We do her a favor and she gets mad about it. We show her the greatest orgasm she ever had and she hates us for it."

"Ingratitude!" Big Red snorted. "Just plain old ingratitude. Give us a week with her, though, and we'll teach her to thank us. You know, they all do. Finally they all thank us for what we teach them."

They led both the stumbling, staggering girls back to their cell. Liz opened the door for Big Red to push them roughly inside. The massive redhead stood outside the cell and looked angrily in at the two girls.

"You think about it!" she snarled. "You think it over. You'll get down on your hands and knees before us before you ever leave this jail."

Neither girl spoke. They huddled on each bunk, silent and sullen until the two matrons had gone back down the hallway. Slowly, Lynda stepped across the cell and sat beside the slender black girl. They held each other gently, their hands trying to soothe the pain in each body.

"They're meaner than ever," Marlene commented. "They're getting worse each time I'm in here."

"Then we've got to get out of here," Lynda answered.

"No way," Marlene protested. "Sam Terry is at one end of the hall and they're at the other. Even if we got past Sam, Rocky and Gene would be on our tails in nothing flat. There is no way."

"There has to be," Lynda insisted. "I don't mean we have to break out. There may be another way."

Chapter NINE

"Hey!" the jailer shouted through the cell door. "Hurry up and finish breakfast. You have a little work detail for the day."

Lynda looked up at Sam Terry. She frowned, not comprehending that he was talking to her. He was, though. He was staring at her impatiently. She glared at him in disgust. She was too sore to do anything today. She had been fucked and sucked. She had been assholed and rammed with the dildo. Her tits had been mercilessly pummeled. Hell no, she was in no condition to work. She stared at him as he unlocked her cell and walked inside. He motioned Marlene to remain seated and stepped over beside the brunette.

"You can work, too," he called over to Marlene. "We'll let you clean up the jail this morning. Your high-class friend, though, is going to work up at Judge Howell's today."

"You can't make me work!" Lynda snapped at him. "You haven't even charged me with anything. I certainly haven't been convicted of any crime, except stopping in this hick town."

"You'll work!" Sam grinned back at her. "You'll work or Big Red will find some other activity for you. Come on, honey. The judge is waiting for us. You have your choice. You can come work in his house today or you can play some more games with Red and Liz."

Lynda felt anger pulse through her body. Damn them! She didn't have to do either. She didn't have to go into Big Red's apartment either, she realized, if one used that argument. Law meant nothing in this jail. Once a person came inside the door, they were helpless. She reluctantly shoved her plate aside and got to her feet. The jailer led her out of the cell and made her wait in the hall while he locked the door once again. He looked inside at the frail girl they were leaving.

"Big Red will be in before long," he laughed. "She'll find plenty of work around here for you. I want my desk shining when I get back."

He led the brunette into the outer room where she had first entered the jail. A slender man was waiting for them, an old man with thin white hair and thick glasses on his sharp nose. The man smiled at her as she came out and then looked her over thoroughly.

"She's awfully pretty," he commented. "What's she in for, Sam?"

"Soliciting," the jailer answered. "She's a little city hooker who was trying to work her way through town."

The judge shook his head sadly. His eyes, however, didn't miss a curve of Lynda's luscious body. He paused a moment, staring unabashedly at her tits, then straightened himself up and grunted.

"All right, then," he mumbled. "Bring her along."

Lynda felt a ray of hope as they walked out to the car he had waiting. If this was the judge, then she might have a chance to get out of this place. Judge Howell seemed like a decent kind of man. He had stared at her tits, but all men did that. He hadn't made any lewd remarks. He had made no obscene threats or promises. The brunette felt that she just might be able to receive some aid from this little man. She would have to be careful, though. She'd have to wait until she caught him away from Sam.

The jailer shoved her into the back seat of the car and got in beside her. The judge got in behind the wheel and drove off with them. He drove out to the outskirts of town and pulled in at a stately old house nestled back in some trees. He stopped the car at the front steps and got out, climbing the steps immediately and waiting for them at the door.

"You know how to clean a house, don't you?" he demanded as the girl came up beside him.

"Good!" he continued as she nodded. "Sam will take you back and show you where the brooms and mops are. Start upstairs. I'll be working in my study. There are some other things I want to show you when you come back down."

He stepped through a door into the room Lynda assumed to be his study. She hesitated, feeling the impulse to run in behind him. She could slam the door shut and try to explain her situation before Sam could get through the door and stop her. She made a motion to carry this out, but saw the door slam in her face. She had hesitated too long. She would have to be more alert for the next opportunity.

"Back here, honey," Sam said. "Here's the broom, mops, rags, whatever you need. Go on upstairs and get to work. I'll be waiting down here for you."

He opened a refrigerator door and took out a cold can of beer. As she went for the stairs, he carried the beer with him and dragged a chair into position at the foot of the steps. She climbed up to the second floor and walked down the hall. She would begin, she decided, with the bathrooms.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" a loud voice came from behind her.

The brunette turned to see a hulking boy of perhaps twenty watching her. The way he stared at her with big, dull eyes sent a shiver of apprehension through her. She smiled hesitantly at him, then realized that he was retarded. He grinned broadly, saliva drooling down his mouth. He walked toward her in a peculiar limping way, dragging one leg as he came. The smile remained on his face, giving her some reassurance. He sure didn't appear hostile toward her. He was merely curious.

"I'm Lynda," she told him in a careful voice. "I'm here to clean up the house."

"Uh! Huh!" he grunted, then smiled even broader. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Uh! Huh!"

She shuddered at him, then turned away and walked toward the bathroom at the end of the hall. As she cleaned it, the boy remained at the door, watching every movement she made and grinning constantly. He grunted happily from time to time, stepping in to look more carefully at what she was doing. Lynda decided that he was harmless. She smiled sweetly at him as she moved on and into the first of the bedrooms.

He came with her. He leaned against the wall and watched every move she made. He still grinned, still drooled. He kept grunting at her, smiling and grunting. Lynda worked rapidly, more rapidly than she had ever worked when cleaning her small apartment. She finished that room and the next. As she walked into the third bedroom the boy became much more excited. He smiled with greater eagerness, patting his chest with his hands.

The brunette smiled. "This is your room."

"Uh-huh!" he mumbled, then went over to his bed and patted it roughly.

"That's your bed?" Lynda asked, assuming that he was showing off his room like a small child. "It's a nice bed, a very nice bed."

"Uh-huh!" he repeated. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

He pointed to her, then patted the bed once more. His head swung crazily from side to side, the saliva drooling more and more. He repeated his motions and kept making that strange laughing sound.

"Oh," Lynda said. "You want to show me about your bed?"

She walked over to him and sat down on the bed. She would humor him, she felt, like a small child. She bounced on the bed lightly and patted it with her hand. She smiled brightly at him and nodded her head in agreement.

"It's a very nice bed," she told him. "It is the nicest I ever saw."

Then she suddenly noticed his hand at his groin. He had his hand cupped over his balls and cock as he nodded happily at her. He looked at her tits, then shook his swelling cock in delight. The brunette felt a sudden flash of apprehension dart through her body. She tried to remain calm as she eased up from the bed.

"Uh-huh!" he mumbled again, reaching out and catching her arm. He pulled her back to the bed roughly. The same stupid grin was on his face as he held her arm in a grip of steel-like hardness.

"Please," the girl begged. "Let me get on with my work. If I don't get through, I'll be in trouble. You wouldn't want me to be in trouble, would you?"

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" he laughed again in his explosive, stumbling voice. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

He pulled her toward him with one hand while he unzipped his pants with the other. Lynda gasped at the size of the pecker that came out. He pulled his monster from his pants and grinned at her.

"No!" she gasped. "No!"

He pushed her onto her back and started climbing over her with his hulking body. He was shaking with excitement, drooling even more heavily as he panted with anticipation.

"Help!" she screamed. "Sam! Sam, Terry! Somebody!"

The half-wit slapped her suddenly. The boy caught her with his fist on her jaw, sending the room spinning about her. Lynda groaned from the force of his blow, fighting against losing consciousness. Through the mist of pain she could see the hint of a sparkle in his dull eyes. She felt his awesome weight on her as he spread her thighs and pulled his huge, trembling cock down toward her pussy.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" he laughed again, nodding his head rapidly. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Ho! Ho!"

His big face came plunging down onto her tits, rubbing about her globes. He sucked and kissed each tit, drooling profusely as he caught a nipple in his mouth and drew sharply on her.

"Please!" she whispered up to him. "Ohhhhhh, please! I want to be your friend. You don't want to hurt your friend."

"Uh-huh!" he nodded happily as he lifted his face from her tits. "Uh-huh!"

The damned grin had never changed on his face. He still was grinning at her stupidly. He wasn't acting stupid, though. He had her pinned helplessly to the bed, unable to defend herself against his immense size. He laughed at her frantic pleas and pushed the head of his cock against the thin nylon of her panties. She feared that the force of that steel hard prick would rip through her panties at any moment. His hands had already torn her blouse apart and somehow unhooked her bra.

"Wait," she urged him. "Wait just a minute and I'll make it easier for you."

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" he laughed as she shoved her panties down to expose her cunt to his hot, throbbing pecker. He finally understood her message, getting up just long enough to allow her to slip her panties down her legs and off. Then he was back on top of her, slamming his big hunk of meat at her pussy with renewed vigor. He drove the cock-head into her, grinning like crazy at the erotic thrill of her soft, yielding cunt around the thick tool.

His body shook with excitement. His eyes became glassy with lust. His hands groped over her tits, pulling and twisting each helpless globe until the girl was wishing she had fainted from his blow. He pawed at each nipple, then tilted his head down to suck and nibble at her tits with animal ferocity.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh!" he panted as his cock shook at the entrance of her pussy. "Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!"

The brunette screamed as he gave a wild lunge and drove his cock all the way into her. She felt searing pain as the huge meat stretched her already tender and sensitive cunt. He grinned with delight and began pumping rapidly into her, shaking her about like a cat shaking a small mouse just caught.

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" he gloated, shaking and nodding his head wildly. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

His huge body wiggled about on top of her, swinging his cock about and sending fiery shudders of pain through her. He brought his hands down beneath her and held her ass, one hand under each buttock. Lynda gasped as he lifted her up by the ass, pulling her cunt along the shaft of his throbbing cock. He fucked her with wild, frenzied abandon. The brunette struggled to catch her breath, fought to keep back the surge of panic that began to take control of her. The boy was building up in his excitement, his head twisting about from side to side, his body throbbing with the lust that filled him.

"Uh-huh!" He kept gasping. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

At least, the girl thought, that was better than that damn laugh of his. She lay back, trying to force her body to relax and submit to his rough, terrifying fuck. The more she could relax, the easier it would be on her. It was difficult, though, to stay calm when he was going after her with such relentless force.

His mammoth cock began to glow from the heat of his roaring passion. She felt the great prick shake wildly as he began gurgling deep in his throat. He could scarcely breathe in the ferocity with which he assaulted her helpless cunt. His shaft drove deeper and deeper into her, shaking frantically as his huge wad came pulsing through it.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" the half-wit panted. "Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!"

His wad came boiling out into her pussy. He rolled her about, shaking her violently as he pumped his surging cock at her with unrelenting brutality. Lynda trembled beneath his brute lust, trembled and quivered as he kept balling away. He fucked his cock dry, then kept thrusting and plunging as though he was angry at her for his own empty load.

"Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!" he kept panting. He stared down at her through glass eyes. His huge hands pulled and twisted her buttocks. His massive body slammed into her over and over. He pumped his cock into her pussy, straining with all his power to try and unload his charge into her.

The young brunette lay back, eyes closed, hoping to be able to survive his ferocity. She wanted to tell him that he had shot his wad. She wanted to tell him that he couldn't shoot off again for some time. She tried to open her lips and speak, speak in soothing tones in the hopes of calming him down. He wouldn't give her the chance. His slobbering lips came down on her mouth, sucking and twisting over her. His drooling tongue lapped into her mouth, sending a sickening feeling through her stomach. He sucked at her mouth vigorously while his cock ripped through her pussy as hard and as angry as ever.

Lynda felt her pussy finally begin to lubricate enough to ease the discomfort of his cock balling so brutally. Maybe it was her oils. Maybe it was that he had stretched her so much that he didn't hurt her so much. Whatever the reason, she realized that she was slowly responding to him. Her cunt was pulsing and throbbing along the driving shaft. She gasped and quivered as he kept slamming into her. Sparks of pleasure began tingling along the nerves of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned. "Mmmmmm!"

He lifted his face from hers and grinned down at her. His eyes almost sparkled as he clearly showed his approval of her new participation in the fuck. He shook his cock gleefully as he fucked and nodded his head rapidly.

"Uh-huh!" he grunted once more. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

The girl's cunt built up to a climax; built up and then went singing into an orgasm. The force of her climax shocked Lynda. Her breath left her. Her body twitched and tossed beneath his immense hulk. Her pussy glowed as it pulsed and chewed on his luscious cock.

"Ooooooo!" she groaned in pleasure. "Oooono, fuck me! Mmmmmm! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

From somewhere he came up with another huge charge of cum. His cock exploded inside her, sending its wild semen into her pussy. The brunette wrapped her legs about his heavy body and rolled in rapture beneath him. His cock rammed at her, thrust deeply into her, and kept blowing its hot charge through her shimmering cunt.

"Uh-huh!" he nodded his head frantically. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Ho! Ho! Ho! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

The mammoth body shuddered violently. He erupted into another unbelievable orgasm, then finally slowed his fucking. His mouth was spread in a wide, wet smile. His huge chest gasped and panted as he fell heavily onto the girl's soft body. He shuddered again, then closed his eyes and lay on top of her, limp and passive.

Chapter TEN

"You bastard!" Lynda hissed at the grinning face of Sam Terry. "You knew what was going to happen! You heard me call for help. You sat down here with your can of beer and let him rape me!"

"Who?" the jailer asked, his eyes wide with pretended ignorance. "You don't mean you went up there and seduced the judge's son?"

"Seduced?" she screamed. "That big oaf could have killed me! I could have been killed while you sat down here enjoying it."

The door to Judge Howell's study, opened and the slender, grey-haired man looked out. His eyes moved questioningly from Lynda to Sam, then back to the brunette. He stared at the blouse that hung open, then looked into her face.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "I heard you two screaming at each other."

"Bad news, sir," the jailer told him. "I hate to have to tell you this, but she has gone up there and seduced your boy."

The judge gasped as though he were hit in the stomach by a fist. He drew his breath in sharply, then shook his head sadly. He blew his breath out through pursed lips. His eyes stared a moment at the floor, then looked back up at them. He motioned to his study, then ordered them to follow him.

"In here," he muttered. "Let's talk about it in here."

Sam laughed at the brunette as they followed the man. His lips curled in sadistic satisfaction at her apparent discomfort. He leaned close to her ear and whispered to her with the smell of beer on his breath.

"You're in trouble now!" he whispered gleefully. "The old man is madder than hell. You fucked his boy. Honey, he'll never let you out of jail now. Damn! We're going to have you around for a nice, long time."

He pushed her through the door, then walked over to sit down. The brunette stood in front of the huge desk as Judge Howell looked up at her. His eyes studied her intently, like he thought he could read everything about her. His brow was creased with a deep frown as he stared. He didn't speak. He just sat there behind that monstrous desk and stared at her. Lynda could hear Sam's heavy breathing from the side of the room. She could hear her own heart beating. She shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, beginning to weaken beneath the piercing stare.

"Well?" the judge finally grunted. "Don't you have anything to say about it?"

"Does anybody give a damn what I have to say?" Lynda snapped back angrily. "Has anybody given a damn what I had to say from the day I drove into this burg? I had my car stolen. I had my purse stolen. I tried to get a job to earn bus fare back home, then, when I wouldn't put out for the bastard I was carried off to jail as a prostitute. Why the shit should I say anything? It doesn't matter what I say, does it?"

"See what I mean, Judge?" Sam popped up from his chair. "She's a sassy little bitch. Joe Cousins caught her hooking in his restaurant and called Rocky and Gene. Since then she's been blaming everything on us. You'd never imagine the lies she's been trying to tell about us. Hell, I'll bet she used every trick in the book to get the boy's cock out of his pants."

Judge Howell looked over at the jailer, then back at Lynda. His eyes glittered as they narrowed into hard slits of blue. He took a deep breath, then swung his hair to the side as he motioned to Lynda.

"Around here, girl," he muttered. "Come on around here."

She stared a moment, suddenly realizing that the little judge was unzipping his pants. He pulled his hardened cock out and spread his legs apart. When he looked back at her and saw that she hadn't made a movement to comply with his orders, he waved a hand to Sam.

"Get her around here, Sam!" he muttered. "Let's see just how good our little hooker is. Hell, if she's going to go around seducing my boy, then I'd better check her out myself."

His mouth tightened into a crisp grin as the jailer stepped up behind Lynda and twisted her arm behind her back. She was caught before she realized what was happening. She was still frozen in shock as Sam pushed her around the desk to stand in front of the judge. She looked down at his anxious cock, trembling and shaking as it emerged from his pants. Howell looked up at her, then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants open to allow his cock more freedom.

"Get down there!" Sam muttered. "His Honor wants a suck! Get down there and take care of him!"

He pushed her into her knees in front of the judge's chair, twisting her arm brutally as he planted his other hand at the back of her head and shoved her face toward the lunging pecker. Judge Howell reached for her free hand and pulled it into his balls as he humped his cock against her lips. The brunette shuddered as she took the prick into her mouth, shuddered as he began thrusting angrily at her.

"We don't like your kind in our nice little town," he told her. "We sure know what to do with girls like you, though, when you do show up. No reason to let you sit in jail without being allowed to practice your trade, right, Sam?"

"That's right, Your Honor!" the jailer snorted in laughter. "She's a good one, too! She's about the best we ever picked up around here."

The judge caught her head in both hands and held her face over his throbbing meat. He hunched and pumped at her mouth, thrusting his cock deeply into her and threatening to ram it into her throat. Lynda realized how helpless she would have been if the half-wit upstairs had tried this. That mammoth cock of his would have choked her. Her body shook as she thought of the possibility of the two men calling the boy down to share in this.

She shuddered and gagged on the driving cock that kept punching through her mouth. Judge Howell pressed her hand tightly into his nuts and rubbed her fingers against the balls as they shuddered beneath her touch.

"Come on, girl!" he hissed above her head. "Get with it! Let's have a little more action."

"Better do what he says," Sam warned her. "You satisfy him and maybe he'll let you go back to jail. You make him mad and maybe he'll call the boy down here for another try."

He had said the magic word. Lynda shuddered again, remembering the brute strength of the boy in the upstairs bedroom. She forced herself to begin tonguing the judge's cock. She lapped at the hot head, then began to suck deeply on him. She managed to begin moving her fingers over his balls, taunting and teasing while he twisted and bounced in rising delight.

"Better!" the judge gasped. "Ohhhh, that's better! Ohhh, yes! Suck me, sweetheart. Suck my old cock for me!"

The brunette felt one hand come down along her shoulders. He reached down, inside her bra, and grabbed one of her tits. He kept the other hand tightly at the back of her head while he groped and fondled delightedly at the heaving tit.

"Damn, she's got a hell of a pair!" he muttered to the jailer. "That's the best hunk of tit I've had my hand on in a long, long time."

"She's a nice little piece, Your Honor," Sam answered. "Didn't I tell you she could drive you crazy. Shit! I'm horny as hell just watching the way she's sucking on you."

"Join in," the judge told him. "Hell, as long as she's sucking at my cock, as long as I have all the tit I can get my hands on, then why don't you play with her pussy a little bit. That might even get her more excited."

The jailer quickly dropped down behind the girl and ran his hand beneath her skirt. His fingers fumbled with her panties, then had them down enough to plant his fingertip at the lips of her pussy. Lynda jumped at his touch, shuddering as he rubbed sensuously at her clit. She tightened her lips about the judge's cock and sucked and blew in rapid alternation. The grey-haired man writhed in his chair, his hand switching to her other tit, while his cock lunged eagerly at her mouth in wild delirium.

"Ohhhh, Baby!" he groaned. "Ohhh, what a great little cock-sucker! What a sweet little mouth! Ohhh, suck me, girl! Suck the hell out of me!"

He had her tits glowing from his play. Her nipples were hard and tingling, sending sparks of electric delight through her body. Lynda realized that Sam had begun playing with her other tit, his hand cupping and fondling while he kept up his delicious torment of her clit. She had both hands free and was able to catch the judge's balls with all her fingers. She pulled teasingly at his sac as she sucked his throbbing, pulsing cock with all the force she could muster.

"Aaaaaaiiii!" the slight, grey-haired man gasped. "Aaaaaiii! You're the best, little girl! Ohhhhh, damn! You're the best I ever had!"

"Mmmmm!" the brunette began to moan as Sam's finger slipped past her clit and ran sensuously along her tunnel. "Mmmmm!"

She tightened her thighs against his hand and twisted to increase the exquisite feel of his finger-fuck. Her tongue ran over the head of the judge's cock, preparing the surging meat for her final sucking. She kissed and licked his cock until she could feel him trembling violently, with the throbbing approach of his orgasm. Then she shoved her mouth over his cock as far as possible and sucked with greater power than ever. She tugged at his balls lustfully, bringing the little man up from his chair. He half-stood in front of her, shaking wildly as he rammed his enraged cock over and over at her mouth.

"Ohhhh!" he snorted. "Uhhhh! It's coming, Baby! Ohhhh, it's coming! It's coming like crazy!"

His cock quivered for a moment, then began to spurt his cream at her throat. The girl pulled her mouth back enough to catch his semen on her tongue. She swallowed one mouthful, then sucked his still bleeding cock of another big wad of cum. She felt his body sag back into the chair as he unloaded his ecstatic prick. His tool began to soften in her mouth, then finally went limp as she kept sucking it. The judge leaned back in his chair, his hand dropping from her head. He sighed heavily and contentedly. A smile was plastered across his face.

"Ohhhh, that was wonderful!" he assured her. "That was the best!"

If he had gotten rid of his horniness for the moment, the jailer who was gasping and panting as he rammed his finger into her cunt was just getting warmed up. Sam Terry took advantage of the judge's releasing her to envelop her more completely in his arms. He pulled her down onto the floor and came up over her, tugging his cock out of his pants and pulling her panties off.

"Let me fuck her, Judge!" he rasped. "Let me ream her out with my old cock."

"Go ahead," Judge Howell sighed. "I can't do anything more. She's sucked everything I had. Fuck her for me, Sam. Ball the shit out of her."

Before the judge finished giving his approval, the jailer was on top of the girl. His cock plunged viciously at her pussy, driving immediately into Lynda's cunt. He pumped furiously as he grabbed at her tits with lust-maddened hands. The brunette moaned from the way he slammed himself into her. Lynda gasped at the brutal way he pulled and twisted on her tits. She felt his cock getting hotter and hotter as he thrust and plunged excitedly through her numbed pussy.

"This is how we treat hookers!" he gasped. "This is what happens to girls who do it with the judge's son!"

The frustrations that had built up while he listened to the sounds from the bedroom upstairs came boiling out. Sam held her tightly and slammed his cock harder and harder at her pussy. He rolled her on the floor, fucking her with rapidly growing fury. His breath came in short gasps. His cock shook with enraged passion. He caught her lips beneath his mouth and lapped at the judge's cum remaining in her mouth. He sucked her breath angrily as he pumped his furious cock at her.

"Ahhhh!" he finally began screaming. "Ahhhh! Show you! I'll show you! Ohhhh, I'll show you a fuck! Ahhhh!"

His cock boiled over, pumping his hot cum into her. He trembled madly, unable to hold back his wild ejaculation. He unloaded his wad long before he had wanted to. His anger and the softness of her body had betrayed him. He groaned and writhed on her, sending his massive wad of semen through her.

Finally he slowed his violent attack. He pumped more slowly, more hesitantly. As his cock began to soften, be pulled out and rolled over onto the floor beside her. She turned her head and watched him slowly get to his feet. He looked at the judge to see if the old man had approved. Lynda looked back at Judge Howell and saw the dim, tight smile on his face.

"Sam," the judge finally sighed. "I think I need to keep this little girl around here. You think we could manage that?"

"You mean here?" the jailer asked. "You mean here in the house?"

"Yes," the older man answered. "She might be good for my son. Hell, I know she'd be good for me."

He looked down at Lynda. His eyes softened as he looked over her still heaving tits, as he saw the soft loveliness of her thighs.

"How about it, honey?" he asked. "Wouldn't you like to stay here with us? Damn! We need a woman around here."

"No!" she gasped before she realized it. "No! Never! Ohhhh, no!"

His expression changed. The smile left. He looked hard and stern again. The judge straightened up in his chair and pushed his cock back into his pants. He buckled his pants and zipped his fly. He sat erectly and looked angrily down at her.

"It doesn't matter what she says," Sam told him. "Shit, you're the judge. You find her guilty and tell the sheriff you want her assigned to your house here. Hell, she'll have to do it whether she likes it or not."

A smile crept across the old man's face. He nodded his approval. He looked down at the girl who had pulled her dress down and was trying to get her blouse over her luscious tits. He eyed her, then smiled at Sam again.

"Maybe," he muttered. "Maybe we can arrange just that. I'd have given her a suspended sentence if she'd been willing to come to work for me. You're right. I can give her three years for prostitution and have her anyway. Hell, that's even better. If she tries to leave, the boys will pick her up before she gets halfway out of town."

He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Sam straightened his pants and pulled the girl to her feet. He led her back to stand in front of the desk. They waited while the judge seemed to be lost in thought. Finally he smiled again and opened his eyes. He looked sternly at Lynda, then over at Sam Terry.

"Let's have court tomorrow morning," he suggested. "Then we can do it all nice and legal. Tell the sheriff to have her ready to appear at nine tomorrow. I'd like to fuck her tonight, but maybe it'll be better this way."

He dismissed them, turning to the stack of papers in front of him. Sam pulled the girl out the door and pointed down a hallway.

"Get back to work," he snorted. "Fun time is over. You still have some work to finish before we go back to the jail. You'd better learn to enjoy it. Looks like you'll be staying up here for the next few years."

Chapter ELEVEN

"We're getting out of here!"

Lynda drew back in surprise and stared at the diminutive black-haired girl. Marlene motioned for her to act as though she hadn't told her. The smaller girl stood close against her and whispered her message.

"They had me mopping the floors in the men's section of the jail," she explained. "They have two men in there who plan to break us out of here."

"When?" the brunette asked, her heart suddenly beating rapidly at the thought.

"I'm not sure," Marlene replied. "They didn't know when then chance would come. They'll do it, though."

"How do you know?" Lynda wondered aloud. "How can you be so sure of them?"

"I know them. At least I've heard about them. They have a car hidden somewhere, just outside town I think. All we do is wait for our chance."

She clamped her mouth shut quickly as the door at the end of the hall opened and Big Red came down the hall. The big matron carried two trays of food that she brought to their cell and passed inside. Her eyes fastened on the brunette's body, smiling as though remembering the pleasures of the previous evening. She looked at Lynda as the girl took her food over to her bunk.

"Don't take all night to eat that," the red-head snapped. "We've got some plans for this evening. I hear you made a play for the judge's son. The word is that he has arranged for you to stay at his house. That means we have to get in all the pussy licking we can before tomorrow."

She laughed at the girls, then walked back down the hallway. Marlene looked across the cell at her friend. Her eyes were immense as she stared at the brunette. She worked her mouth several times before she could manage to get any words out.

"The half-wit!" she gasped. "The half-wit got your pussy?"

"The half-wit," Lynda admitted. "And the judge and Sam Terry all fucked me. Now the judge wants to have me assigned to him personally."

"Damn!" Marlene gasped. "That would be worse than spending the rest of your life with Big Red. That dumb bastard had already put four girls in the hospital. They don't think one of them will ever get over it."

"At least I don't have to worry about that, do I?" the brunette commented. "Not if your friends can be depended upon."

"Shhhh!" the small girl cautioned. "You want Big Red to hear you?"

Lynda nodded her head, sorry that she had blurted out so much. She ate in silence, hoping that whatever the men had planned would happen before the matron came for them. That would be the ultimate agony, she felt, to be helpless in Red's apartment when the men made their break. She wanted to ask about that, but hesitated to bring the subject up aloud. She stared at her cellmate, trying to figure some way to communicate her apprehension.

Her musings were interrupted by a loud, boisterous voice out in the office. Lynda quickly looked around. The door at the end of the hallway remained closed. She heard the nervous laughter of her cellmate and looked at Marlene. The small girl met her gaze with a worried expression in her eyes.

"The sheriff," Marlene told her in a flat voice. "The bastard is back. Shit!"

"What?" Lynda asked, unable to see how one more man could make any difference in their escape plans. "How can he stop them?"

"I don't mean that," the small girl told her. "He'll have to get his share of the fun. Hell, he'll want to make up for lost time. I kind of hoped that the guys could break us all out of here before we had to do any more fucking."

The sheriff came striding through the doorway and down the hall to their cell. He stood a half-foot taller than even Rocky. His face looked terrifying to the brunette as he stared through the bars at her. Huge, bushy eyebrows accented the sharp features of his tanned face. He smiled broadly at her, then began unlocking the door.

"Let's see what we picked up while I was away!" he laughed. "The boys tell me we really found a classy little pussy this time."

He stepped toward her and grabbed her by the shoulders. Lynda felt herself lifted into the air as he pulled her up for inspection. He stood her on her feet and looked down at her. She felt a wave of apprehension sweep through her at the way he stared.

"Huh!" he grunted. "You look pretty good. Shit! After hunting out in the woods all week, you look more than damned good. Tell me, honey, is this all real?"

His huge hand whipped over and grabbed one of her tits. He felt over the ripe breast and smiled as he grunted again. He dropped her tit and reached behind her to pinch her ass roughly.

"Feels like that's all pussy!" he chuckled. "I'll find out right soon, won't I?"

"Well, hello, Marlene!" he smiled as he turned and saw the other girl. "Good to have you back in here. Sure looks like I missed some good fucking while I was gone. Don't worry, though. I'll make up for it in the next few nights."

He pulled Lynda behind him as he went through the door. He took her through the outer office, then through the men's section of the jail. Two male faces pressed against their bars, watching as he pulled her back toward a door beyond the cellblock. These, Lynda realized, must be the two men Marlene had spoken with. She glanced at them as she was whisked by. Her throat suddenly had a lump. Her heart seemed to stop beating. She wasn't sure what she had expected the men to look like. She certainly hadn't expected anything like these two, though.

The nearest man was tall and very skinny. A huge scar ran the length of his face. His hair hung long and stringy down to his shoulders. A tooth was missing from his mouth as he grinned leeringly at her. The man beside him was tanned and huge, almost as large as the judge's idiot son. His eyes seemed small and narrow on his broad face. He didn't smile, didn't leer. He stared meanly at her for a moment, then turned his gaze back to the sheriff.

"How do you men like what I'll have for supper?" the sheriff asked them. "You sit there like good boys and eat your beans while I go knock off a good piece of tail."

They were content to stare at the lawman like they would leap at the chance to slip a knife between his ribs. The heavy air of hatred sent chills through the girl's body as she was drug on into the sheriff's private quarters. He opened the door and pulled her inside. His breath was heavy, excited, as he leaned toward her.

"You be a good girl," he threatened her. "You give me some good pussy or I'll toss you in the cell with those two."

He laughed at his threat. Lynda was suddenly frightened by whatever might happen tonight. She closed her eyes, still seeing the expressions on the faces of the two prisoners. She tried to recall the face of the half-wit as he bounced happily on top of her. Where would she be the safest? She didn't like either alternative. She shuddered as she realized the lack of choice before her.

"Come on, Baby!" the sheriff laughed. "I didn't say I would feed that sweet pussy to them. I said I'd do that if you didn't give me a real, nice fuck."

He smiled expectantly as he began taking off his clothes. Lynda stared at him, reluctant to undress. She marveled at how lean and firm his body appeared. For a man who seemed to be pushing sixty, he had a body tough enough for a twenty-five-year-old athlete. He finished undressing as Lynda finally snapped herself out of her stupor and began slowly removing her blouse and skirt. His big cock began rising as he watched her undress. He sat on a cot in his small room and smiled at her lush tits and her crotch. He licked his tongue across his thick, expressive lips and swallowed hard in his growing excitement.

He pulled her toward him as soon as she was naked. He pulled her down onto the cot and began groping at her body. He rolled her down onto her back and swung a leg over her, pinning her helplessly beneath him as he sat astride her waist. His huge cock pulsed and waved in front of her face while his hands went to work on her tits. He caught each tit from the side and pushed them roughly together. Lynda watched his pleased smile as he saw the dramatic cleavage his effort produced. He rolled the heaving globes about, then pushed them roughly together again.

"Ohh, Baby!" he panted. "I don't know as I've ever been so turned on by a pair of tits. Damn! You've got the best! I've seen bigger, but never any that excited me so."

His wide thumbs caught each nipple. He rolled those buttons in small circles until he could feel them get hard and warm beneath his play. He pressed them into her swollen tits as he rolled the globes excitedly. His cock pulsed strongly, veins standing out along the heavy shaft and the big head getting redder and redder in anticipation. He kept licking his lips as he massaged her tits into swirling warmth. He bounced each tit on his fingers, then pressed them together once again.

"Good enough to eat!" he panted. "Those two big tits are good enough to eat! Ohhh, Baby! I'm going to have one hell of a ball tonight!"

His legs tightened around her, almost choking the breath out of her as he writhed and twisted on her tummy. His cock was leaping wildly. He laughed as the long, hard shaft kept slapping against his arm while he played with her tits. He lifted one hand from a breast and caught his meat by the shaft. His eyes glazed in passion as he slowly pumped his cock in front of her eyes.

"Like the looks of that cock, Baby?" he asked. "I promise you, it can sure go after a pussy. See how hard it is, just having those tits bouncing there in front of it?"

He reached down and took one of her hands, bringing it up to his cock and placing her fingers around the steaming shaft. He made her pump him slowly and sensuously while he started pawing again at her tits. Her nipples tingled from his taunting, her tits swelled and glowed with sensuous response. She felt the rising heat of his cock beneath her fingers and pumped the long, curving prick harder and harder. She tightened her grip on the meat, delighting in the powerful throbs that ran about it.

"Mmmmm, Baby!" he moaned. "You're getting this old man all cranked up. You sure are! Ohhhh, I'm going to enjoy sticking this old cock into that soft, sweet pussy. Ohhhh, am I going to enjoy that!"

His eyes sparkled in anticipation. His hands trembled in delight. His huge chest heaved in ecstatic joy as he pulled and caressed her tits. Suddenly he gasped loudly and leaned forward. His eyes were clouded with lust as he pushed his cock down onto her tits. His hands pressed her glowing breasts up on either side of the lunging, pulsing cock. He held his shaft between her tits and began thrusting it deliberately against her sensitive flesh.

"Tits like yours are made for fucking!" he gloated. "A pair like that ought to have a hot piece of meat laying in between them. You're the first woman I've wanted to tit-fuck in years."

She glanced down at the sight of his glowing cock head emerging from between her soft, white tits with each thrust. He panted and groaned as he tit fucked her, his pecker getting more and more anxious with each driving plunge.

"Ohhhh!" he gasped. "Uhhhh! Fuck those tits! Ohhhh! I'm going to fuck those tits! Mmmm!"

His entire body shook and trembled. His hands throbbed with lust as he pressed her tits tighter against his gleaming shaft. The brunette sensed the surge of his lust through him, felt the growing load building inside his cock. She watched his nostrils flare, saw the way veins stood out at his temples. His mouth worked wordlessly as he concentrated on the delirious pleasure that ran through his cock.

"Damn!" his breath exploded from him. "Enough of that! Shit! I almost lost control. I almost dumped my load there on your tits. Can't have that! Have to put that wad in your pussy itself!"

He slid down her body and spread her thighs. His mouth came down on her tits as his finger pushed roughly into her pussy. He was sucking and finger-fucking her at the same time. His lips drew deeply at each nipple, sending tremors of passion all through her tits. His wide finger found her clit and began to mash and rub against that passion button until he had her unable to remain still beneath him. She writhed and twisted, her breath coming in as short and sharp gasps as his own. He grinned lustfully at her and ran his finger deep into her pussy.

"Like that, do you?" he panted. "Hell, I like it myself. Let's get your pussy all greased up while we take some of the pressure off my old cock. A man my age has to be careful not to let young girls get him excited too soon."

It didn't take him long to get her cunt oozing. Lynda felt her juices begin to seep through her tunnel. She humped her ass about, riding her bun along his plunging finger as they both gasped and moaned in overwhelming ecstasy. The sheriff was trembling as he pulled his finger out and brought his prick to the opening of her cunt. He smiled happily at her as he pushed roughly into her pussy and fucked his bulging cock head at her clit.

"Oooooo!" she groaned beneath him.

"Oooooooo, yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oooooooooo!"

"Damn right!" he panted. "Damn right! I'll fuck that sweet pussy all the way off! Ohhhhhh, little girl! Uhhhhhh!"

His slick meat drove deep into her tunnel. She heard him sloshing through her juices, heard the gentle slap of his body against her own. The brunette lay her head back on the cot and rolled it from side to side, waving her dark hair wildly as she rode into the fuck with him. Her tits thrust upward until they rubbed over his lean, hard chest. She wrapped her legs about him and hugged herself tightly against his driving, plunging body.

"Ooooooeeeee!" she shrieked in gleeful passion. "Ooooooeeee!"

"Hang on, Baby!" he grunted. "Hang on!"

His pecker drove roughly, viciously into her cunt, sending sparks of beautiful passion shimmering through her. He fucked her heavily, driving as deep as possible into her yielding cunt. He rolled them back and forth, his entire body shaking and trembling as his climax surged into his delirious cock. His hands roved over her ass, grabbing each buttock in grips of ecstatic delight.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" he panted as he began to go after her with new vigor. "Hurry up, Baby! You're about to get it! I've got a wad in here I'm ready to lay in your pussy!"

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned softly, "Mmmmmmm! You hurry! Fill me with that hot load! Ooooooeeee! Fuck me! Ohhhhhh, fuck me!" He shuddered violently inside her. His big cock trembled, then started blowing its charge into her cunt. The touch of the semen drove the girl into ecstasy. Her pussy responded to his wad by surging into her own glorious orgasm. They clung frantically together while their bodies pumped and thrust in rapture. They drained his cock, then kept on fucking as her orgasm roared all through her trembling body.

"Eeeeee!" she screamed. "Ooooooeeee! That's great! Oooooo! That's fantastic! Oooooo, what a fuck! What a wonderful fuck!"

The sheriff held her until she completed her own magnificent orgasm. Slowly he laid her back onto the cot and drew up above her. He looked at her tenderly, gently. He smiled at her softly, lovingly. Finally, he leaned down and kissed her as though she were a child. He patted her hips, then her tits.

"You're something special," he assured her. "You're something very special. We're going to have lots and lots of fun in the next few days. Then I'm going to talk to the judge about letting you off."

Lynda sat up suddenly and stared at him. Her mind was swirling, still numb from the delight of the fucking. She stared into his eyes, not able to comprehend what he was saying.

"You don't know?" she asked. "You don't know what the judge plans?"

"I haven't seen him," the sheriff assured her. "No, I have no idea what he plans."

"He's to convict me tomorrow," Lynda told him. "You're supposed to send me up there to serve my time by looking after him and his idiot."

"The hell I will!" the sheriff gasped. "No way! Your pussy is too damn good for that crummy bastard. No, honey. You leave it to me. I'll find a way to let you out of here, even if I have to stage an escape for you."

Chapter TWELVE

"Easy, old man, and you'll be all right!" the broad-chested tanned man snapped as he brought a knife up against the sheriff's throat. "We don't want to have to hurt anybody."

They had jumped him the moment he opened his door and led Lynda out into the hallway. The brunette cringed against the wall watching the sudden explosion of action. The tall, skinny partner grinned down at her eagerly, his eyes glowing with excitement and success.

"Don't scream, Baby," he cautioned her. "We're getting all of us out of here."

He frisked the sheriff quickly, taking the lawman's gun and pulling out a ring of keys that he held up in satisfied glee. He stepped to the outer door and slowly opened it, ready to rush out with the drawn gun at the sight of any of the other deputies. He opened the door and turned back to his companion who still held the sheriff at knife-point. He waved the three to follow him as he unlocked the door to the women's wing of the jail.

Marlene's face spread into a broad smile of relief as they stepped to the door of her cell. Marlene came out as soon as the door was unlocked, running over to the brunette and grasping her hands.

"I told you," she bubbled, "I told you they'd get us out of here. In there!" she snapped to the men as she pointed toward Big Red's quarters. "There are two matrons in there."

"What about the old bastard, Sam Terry?" the thin man whispered. "He still around? He going to come back in on us?"

"He's gone for the day," Marlene assured him. "Take care of the two in there first. Then we have to watch out for Rocky and Gene to show up."

He nodded and walked to the door, tapped on it and stepped against the wall. Lynda watched in fascination as he waited for one of the women to respond to his knock. He was about to tap once more when Liz pulled the door open. The blonde's face turned white, mouth dropping open in shocked surprise, as the man pushed her back inside. He went in with her, gun held at her stomach.

"All right!" she heard his voice from beyond the door. "Bring the sheriff on back here."

"Why not lock the old bastard in this cell?" the burly companion asked. "Shit! I don't like having to keep a knife against him every second. One moment of looking away and he could get loose."

"Whatever you think," the skinny partner agreed. "Yes, that's probably better. Then he won't be in our way when we check out these two."

Lynda felt a quick pang of fear. She was tempted to try and aid him. One look at the intimidating figure of his captor, though, and she swallowed any such idea. Besides, the grin on Marlene's face seemed to say that these two weren't after hurting them. It was the matrons he was talking about. The realization hit Lynda suddenly. The men were going to rape Big Red and Liz. A sudden rush of blood swirled through her brain. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! Lynda could think of nothing more fitting than watching the rapists get raped. She smiled warmly at the hulking tanned man who secured the door of the cell after cautioning the sheriff to stay quiet. She stepped to the door of Red's quarters, anxious to watch the two matrons get their well-deserved balling.

Big Red backed away as the towering burly man came toward her. Caught in a position of such helplessness, the matron had suddenly lost her attitude of strength and power. Now she looked like any other woman being cornered by an enraged bull of a man. Her huge tits heaved lusciously beneath her thin dress as she backed toward her bed. Her eyes stretched wide in apprehension. She took a small step backwards, then fell onto the bed, her skirt flying up over her thighs as she lay frozen in alarm.

"Take her, Charley!" the skinny man laughed, holding the equally anxious blonde tightly against him. "Get on all that sweet meat and fuck the shit out of her!"

"She's a dyke, Charley!" Marlene encouraged him. "She hates men. Give her good reason to hate them. Show her what you've got that she'll never have."

The hulking man looked back at the frail girl. He smiled broadly at Marlene, then quickly opened his fly and drew out his monstrous cock. Even Big Red's eyes bulged at the size of it as he brandished it in front of her. Charley pumped his meat affectionately, his thick body shaking as he laughed.

"I'll bet you think a cock's not good enough for your pussy. You'll see! You'll see!" the burly man snorted.

He reached down and grabbed the neck of her dress. One quick, angry jerk and he had it torn from her. He tore her bra off next, then her panties. The voluptuous woman lay naked and exposed to his eager eyes and lustful hands. Charley dropped onto her, his hands grabbing at her magnificent pair of tits while he brought the head of his telephone pole of a cock against her pussy. Red shuddered from the roughness of his play with her tits. The matron opened her mouth to plead with him, then clamped it shut as she realized it was a waste of breath. She had no more hope of getting his sympathy than any young girl who might have fallen into her clutches in the hell-hole of a jail.

"I call that a matched pair!" the skinny man chuckled. "I'll bet she never thought she would find a man hung better than she's built. She's found one now, though. Shit! She may like all that big cock so much she wants to come with us."

"Ohhhhhh, God! Ohhhhh!" Big Red moaned softly as Charley suddenly buried his huge meat into her pussy. Lynda gasped at the force with which he slammed that prick through her. The brunette shuddered as she watched the way the helpless woman was tossed and rolled over the bed by the ramming, thrusting attacker.

"You like that, Baby?" Charley muttered. "That's a lot more fun than using a dildo on young girls. Don't you think so?"

He fucked the woman rapidly, violently. The sight of so much cock and so much tit sent soft, glowing tremors through the watching brunette's pussy. Lynda discovered that she was actually oozing her own fluids from sympathetic arousal. She leaned against the wall, her knees weak with excitement. Her panties were wet from her flowing juice. Her tits burned as they heaved against the restraining of her bra. Unconsciously she cuddled a tit in one hand while her other pressed firmly into her pussy and rubbed her clit into shuddering pleasure.

"Get her!" she whispered. "Fuck her, Charley! Ball her good for me! Qhhhhhh, stick it to her! Mmmmmmm!"

Charley's ass shook with lustful rage as he drove his cock at the yielding body of the woman. Red's mouth hung open, her head tossing from side to side. Her tits seemed to swell even larger as he pulled and mashed on them, thumbing at her nipples until they were glowing and hard. Lynda swallowed the lump in her throat as she realized that Big Red was beginning to fuck back at the mammoth cock. The huge woman's body was humping her pussy along the roaring prick with each mighty thrust. She slowly wrapped her legs about the glistening black body and joined in the delirious fuck.

"Uhhhhh!" she panted. "Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!"

"Naooooo!" Liz suddenly screamed. "Don't fuck back at him. Ohhhhh, Red! Don't let him make you like it! Ohhhhh! Nooooo!"

Her pleas came far too late. The magnificent body of the red-haired matron was already lost in the delirious throes of passion. She was throbbing and pulsing eagerly over Charley's driving cock. She rolled them from side to side as they tossed and bounced about the bed. Lynda could hear the music of cock splashing through gushing juice. She felt the room spinning about her, her own body pulsing almost as ecstatically as that of the red head.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" Charley grunted in animal-like fashion. "Uhhhh! Uhhhh! I'll fuck that big, juicy pussy until you beg me for more!"

"Yes!" Red gasped. "Ooooooo! Yes! Fuck me! Oooooo! What a cock! Oooooo!"

Her body began shuddering as her orgasm exploded through her. The strapping matron gasped for breath, her body pulsing over the driving, ecstatic cock of the big, burly man.

"Ooooooeeeee!" she screamed. "Oooooo! Please! Please! I want to have it! I want that wad to drown me! Ooooooeeee!"

Charley let his wad go. The force of his orgasm left Lynda even weaker as she pressed her hand firmly against her pussy, rubbing frantically in response. She watched the couple on the bed go through the final throes of their passion in a whirl of motion. The bed threatened to give way beneath their writhing, plunging bodies. The air was electric from the pants and gasps of the two delirious figures.

"Ahhhhhh!" Charley roared. "Ahhhhhhh!"

"Mmmmmmm!" the redhead sighed in final contentment. "Mmmmmmm! That was good. That was soooooo good!"

"Damn you!" Liz suddenly screamed at her friend. "Damn you! Damn you! You let him fuck you. You let him fuck you and you fucked him right back! Damn! Damn!"

Marlene laughed as she turned and looked at the slender blonde. The small girl looked up at the man holding Liz, her eyes forming a question.

"Well, Red?" she wanted to know. "You going to let Charley do all the work? Aren't you ready to give your blonde friend a lesson?"

"Damn right!" he answered in a breathy voice. "Ohhhhhh, shit! I'm so horny from watching that, I'll fuck anything in sight."

He handed the gun to Marlene and dragged the struggling blonde toward the bed. Marlene watched in sensuous satisfaction while he tore the dress from Liz and grinned suddenly as he realized that the blonde looked a hell of a lot better naked. His eyes rested on her saucy ass.

"Yes!" Marlene giggled. "Fuck her in the ass, Red! See if she likes a back scuttle."

"No!" Liz gasped. "Please! Not that way! Qhhhh, please!"

Lynda felt a sudden sympathy for the blonde, then forced herself to remember the scene of Liz using the dildo on her pussy. She lost her sympathy immediately. She watched in eager anticipation as Red shoved her over the bed and stepped in between her thighs with his long, lean cock out in his hands. He held her hips firmly and ran the tip of his cock up and down the crack of her ass while she continued to plead with him.

"Shut up!" he finally snarled at her. "Shut your trap and open your bum!"

He found the hole and began shoving his cock into her. Liz moaned as his anxious prick began spreading her asshole and disappearing between her shuddering buttocks. Lynda watched, no longer feeling the pulsing tingle running about her pussy. She didn't like it this way. Even the sight of Red doing it to Liz brought back her own unpleasant memories. She wanted him to do it, however. Oh, hell yes! She felt that nothing he would do to the slender blonde would be bad enough. She watched eagerly, feeling her lips curl in satisfaction at each moan from the sobbing woman.

He had his cock buried completely into her ass now. He held her with one hand on her tits and the other up her pussy. He was pulling and rolling her tits about wildly, his fingers squeezing each nipple in maddening delight. He had several of his fingers inside her cunt, spreading them apart in pulsing rhythm while he drove his cock through her terrified ass with slow, deliberate thrusts.

"Like it, Baby?" he panted. "You like a good snake up your rear? I'll bet you wish you had a pecker like this, don't you. Then you wouldn't have to just suck on the girls you get in jail. Yes, I bet you'd like a long, hard cock to run into every little pussy in town."

He laughed as he began pumping his prick into her ass more rapidly. He rubbed his hand brutally into her heaving tits. He twisted his fingers inside her pussy. Liz closed her eyes tightly, sighing deeply as she slowly began responding to the long, hard meat inside her. She braced herself against the bed as he balled her with rising frenzy. She opened her eyes and looked over at the limp body of Big Red, then shuddered at the realization of what else Charley was doing to her friend.

The burly man was leaning over the redhead's face, pumping his cock into her mouth. His hands held her by the hair while he drove his prick luxuriously through the wide, sensuous lips of the compliant woman. Liz watched the cock-suck for a moment, then turned her face away, closing her eyes tightly as though trying to erase the scene from her mind. Her body shook from the force of Red's fucking. Her tits lunged about as he playfully teased and taunted them.

"Uhhhhhh!" he grunted, slamming himself against her ass wildly. "Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhh!"

He twisted his cock inside her, twisted and rammed at her glowing ass. He finger-fucked her viciously, pumping at her cunt with frenzied intensity. He gasped and panted in excitement, his body shaking vibrantly with his surging lust. The slender blonde trembled beneath his violent assault, finally losing control of her body and responding despite all her carefully nursed hatred.

"Ooooooo!" she moaned. "Mmmmmmmm! Ooooooo! Fuck me! Go ahead and let it blow! Fuck me! Mmmmmm!"

Red's body leaped into more violent activity. He snarled like a hungry animal as he tore his cock at her shimmering ass. He clawed at her roughly, lowering his face into her shoulder and biting savagely into the soft skin of her neck. He shook her about, fucking with terrifying brutality. The blonde screamed in mixed agony and passion. Her voice shook the room as she kept screaming and urging him on.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she called out, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Unload it all! Ohhhhh, it feels good! Fuck me!"

The skinny man's body jerked in deep spasms as he shot his angry wad into her ass. Red gasped in delight, his body shaking frantically. He jerked several more times before he finally slowed his anxious assault on the woman. He let his cock slide back out of her ass as he sank happily onto the floor behind her.

"Here!" Marlene snapped to Lynda as she handed the gun to the young brunette. "Keep everybody under control while I get even with the blonde bitch!"

The slender girl ran to the dresser and rummaged through the drawers. A broad smile of triumph lit up her face as she lifted the dildo out. She ran to the bed and helped Red push Liz over onto her back. The long-haired man climbed on top of the woman and pushed his cock toward her mouth.

"Suck it!" he demanded. "Lick it up good, then suck it!"

He jammed it into Liz's mouth and began pumping at her while Marlene drove the dildo brutally into the helpless pussy. An expression of sadistic joy swept over Marlene's face. Her hands trembled as she began working the instrument viciously into the moaning woman.

The sight of it all sickened Lynda. The brunette leaned against the wall once more, trying to overcome the sudden nausea. She shuddered at the scene, trying to comprehend the vengeful attitude of her cellmate. She didn't approve of this much violence. The girl suddenly realized that she didn't approve of any of this. Hell! They should have been out of the jail by now! They should be out of town! This was a dangerous waste of time. She didn't want any part of these men. They were sure to want to rape her and Marlene as soon as they got free.

Lynda looked down at the gun in her hand. She began to tremble. She could manage it, but it would be taking a hell of a risk. Still, she wasn't so sure how safe she would be if she didn't take the chance. She eased toward the door. Both Marlene's and Charley's attentions were diverted by the rape that was in process. Lynda eased to the door and got her hand on the knob.

"Where the hell you think you're going?" Charley snarled as he glanced over and caught her movement. "You planning to run out on us?"

He had spotted her too late. The young woman whipped the door open and raced into the hall. She ran to the cell where the sheriff had been locked and paused. Footsteps were pounding behind her as she hesitated, her eyes wide with terror.

"Quick, honey," the sheriff called to her as he reached through the bars. "Hand me the gun."

"Got to get away!" Lynda panted. "I've got to get a car!"

"Here!" he snapped, tossing her a set of keys. "Red Chevy outside. Quick! The gun!"

She had almost waited too long. The others came running up just as she felt the sheriff jerk the gun from her hand. Lynda grasped the keys tightly and began running. Behind her she heard the gun fired once, then again. She didn't dare look back. She raced through the jail and out into the fresh air. She looked around frantically suddenly wondering if she could trust the sheriff.

Then she saw the red car. She slipped into the front seat, fitted the key into the ignition, and turned it. The motor roared to life. Lynda thought she heard another gunshot as she wheeled the car out toward the highway. She jammed her foot down on the pedal and sped away toward freedom.


She opened the door at his first knock. Brill Matney looked at the luscious brunette who smiled and invited him inside. Damn! In just a few days, how could he have forgotten how beautiful Lynda was? She led him into her living room, her body moving sensuously beneath the thin silk of her hostess gown. Then she turned to him.

"Miss me?" she asked just before she melted into his arms. "Did you think I was gone forever?"

He felt her ripe body press against him. His hands discovered immediately that she was wearing nothing beneath the soft gown. His fingers felt the satin texture of her skin. His chest felt the hard nipples of her tits. He lowered his hand down her back, down to her ass. She wasn't even wearing panties.

He kissed her and discovered her lips parted, waiting for his tongue to enter her mouth. He answered that invitation just as willingly as he had agreed to drop over to the apartment tonight. He tongued her, sucking deeply at the sweetness of her breath. She was maddeningly lovely. Lynda was by far the most desirable woman he had ever met. She had such a body that any man would pant for her. Too bad she never let anyone discover just how lovely it was. Tonight, though, she was sure the hell being daring. How did she expect him not to make a fool of himself again?

"It's good to be back," she smiled as she drew back from him. Her eyes looked up into his. She kept her gorgeous tits against him, then slowly drew one leg up between his legs. She pressed her thigh into his hardening cock. Brill fought desperately against his throbbing desire for her. He fought to keep from attacking her right there. He had to be careful. He had been sure that he'd lost her when she disappeared. He didn't want a repeat of their last evening together. He struggled to keep his cock under control, stepping back reluctantly from the touch of her tits and the teasing pressure of her thigh. He kissed her gently on the forehead.

"That all I get?" she asked. She was thrusting her tits out provocatively, letting him see just how large and full they were. He glanced at them, then forced himself to look up into her eyes.

"Unless you want us to have another fight," he answered. "It's hard enough to keep under control in normal circumstances. With you having been gone for almost a week and being alone with you dressed in that outfit, I can't trust myself."

Lynda stepped toward him, catching his face in her hands and pulling his lips back to her own. She rubbed her body against him even more sensuously.

She darted her tongue into his mouth and rubbed her pussy all over his thigh. His cock throbbed in agony, frantic to get a chance at that soft pussy.

"Lynda, Baby," he tried to protest. "I'm only a man. I have the same feelings as any other man."

"Do you have them now?" she asked, interrupting him. Her eyes had a dreamy, misty quality in them. "Do you have a man's feeling in you now?"

"God, yes!" he panted. "I'm not made of stone, you know."

"Mmmmmmm. It doesn't feel that way to me."

He blushed. He tried to speak again, but couldn't find the power to speak. He felt helpless. She laughed and kissed him again. She gave him even more of a feel of her body against him. She cuddled against him, her body clinging to his strength. Finally, she looked up at him again.

"Fuck me," she hissed.

He stared at her. His mouth fell open in shock. He had been trying to for months without success. Hell, they had fought terribly because she wouldn't. Now she was asking him to. He looked at her, looked at her soft, radiant beauty. He looked over her tits, her waist, and her hips. He shook his head as though to clear it.

"Did I hear you correctly?" he asked. "Are you sure you want it?"

She kissed him again. This time he let himself respond to her sweet passion. The brunette felt his heart pounding against her tits. She felt the throbbing power of his cock through their clothing. She sighed contentedly and let her body yield itself to his hands as he began to feel over her. Each tit swelled larger and riper as he cupped them. Her pussy tingled as his hand slipped between her legs.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed. "Mmmmmm, I waited so long to do this. I think it is way past time for me to lose my hang-ups, don't you?"

Her gown fell away as he reached inside and groped about her tits. He fingered over the luscious flesh, then thumbed her nipples until he had them hard and tight. He rubbed his rearing shaft against her tummy, then bent his legs so her pussy could feel the heat that pulsed from his cock. The brunette stirred softly in his arms and looked into his eyes once more.

"I have a bedroom," she smiled. "We'd be more comfortable."

He swept her up from the floor and carried her back to the door she indicated. He took her to the bed and laid her lovely body upon it. Her gown fell open exposing the full, naked beauty of her tits to his eye. The slit of her skirt revealed the loveliness of her long, lithe legs. He stood over her, gazing down in adoration.

"Why not join me?" she asked. "You want to stand around all night, or you ready to get to fucking?"

He paused long enough to strip out of his clothes. As he looked up, she had tossed her gown aside and was waiting for him. He eased down along side her, reaching for her tits as her delicately shaped fingers closed about his erect pecker. He sat for a moment, trembling in anticipation, while she played gently with his cock. She pumped him firmly as he leaned down and began sucking on her tits.

"Mmmmmm," Lynda purred. "Love them, sweetheart. Suck on my tits until you have me crazy with passion."

She tingled at the touch of his lips over her nipples. He sucked one tit, then the other. His hand reached for her pussy and caught her clit on the end of his finger. He rubbed the button in slow, circular motions, sending throbbing desire surging along her cunt. Lynda lay back, smiling. She must control her newly acquired lust. She must let him work them into frenzy. She wanted to go after his juicy cock. She wanted to pull it to her mouth and suck the hell out of it. Instead, she lay quietly, her body tingling at his slow, thorough foreplay.

"Ohhhhh, my darling!" he gasped. "I've wanted this for so long. I've wanted to have you like this since I first saw you."

The brunette smiled at his words. Eat me, she was thinking. Eat me or fuck me. Do whatever you like, as long as you do it! She pulled his foreskin back along his cock, pumping him until she had him twisting about, unable to remain calm and deliberate any longer. He came up over her, his long, pulsating cock poised to bury itself into her waiting pussy.

"I want this in you!" he told her. "I want to lay my load in that gorgeous little pussy. I want to bury my cock all the way into you."

"Yes!" she moaned. "Ohhhh, yes! Stop talking and do it! Fuck me, Brill! Fuck me!"

She was throbbing wildly as he brought his meat down against her cunt. The excited prick spread the lips of her cunt open and rushed powerfully inside. Her pussy muscles contracted about the beautiful meat, sucking it deeper and deeper up her twat. She heard him slosh through her gushing juices as he began to thrust and pump his cock deliriously. Lynda writhed beneath him, hunching to the tempo of his fuck. She glowed about the juicy cock. She felt her pussy clutching the hard shaft in wild, glorious spasms of pleasure. She locked her legs about him and pulled his driving body more tightly against her.

"Ooooooeeeeee!" she moaned. "Fuck me, Brill! Ooooooeeeee!"

Her mind was spinning in joy. He was loving her. Something about his fuck was different from any other. He was treating her as his Goddess. She could sense it in his passion. She was all the beauty of all the women who had ever lived. She was his woman!

"Fuck me!" she gasped. "Oooooo, fuck my pussy!"

She had stopped holding back her passion. She was letting her cunt ride his wild cock. She fucked just as wildly as he fucked. They rolled about the bed, tossing frantically in their throbbing, overpowering passion.

"Ohhhh, sweetheart!" he panted as he lifted his face from hers. "I'm getting that sweet pussy! Ohhhhh! I'm fucking that delicious tail! Ohhhhhh, Baby! Qhhhh, sweetheart! Let's fuck! Let's fuck!"

"Ooooooeeeee!" Lynda cried out, joining into his frenzy. "Oooooeeee! Ride me, Brill! Ride my pussy!"

His cock seemed to grow larger. His fucking seemed to get more lustful. His demand for her became more total as he thrust and plunged at her quivering pussy. The brunette rolled from side to side, twisting her pussy over his roaring cock to increase the delicious contact of his hard meat and her soft, pliant cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" she purred. "Ride me! Fuck me! Mmmmmmm!"

"Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!" He grunted as he increased the force of his balling.

Lynda felt suddenly pinned to the bed by the force of the orgasm that began to shake her. She lay gasping, paralyzed with pleasure as her pussy erupted about his raging cock. She fought for breath, then felt herself carried into a new dimension of erotic sensations.

"Aaaaaiiii!" she shrieked as his cum began boiling into her. "Aaaaaiiiii! It's beautiful! Oooo, it's beautiful!"

She lay in a soft pool of shimmering passion, her body trembling with intense pleasure. Brill kept bucking away, blowing his heavy charge into her glowing cunt. He seemed to lose his breath as his cock roared inside her. His cum flooded her. His prick trembled wildly and struggled to empty all its hot jizz.

"Uhhhhh!" he panted. "Uhhhhhh! Best fuck I ever had! Best fuck I ever dreamed of having! Uhhhhhhh!"

She waited for him to complete his wild discharge and lay softly against her. His head nestled between her tits, his hand at her pussy. She toyed sweetly with his shriveling cock.

"Worth waiting for?" she asked him. "Was I worth waiting for?"

Lynda kissed him good night with a long, lingering kiss. Brill had wanted to stay the night. She had refused. It had been tempting, awfully tempting. Still, she had refused. That would interfere with her plans.

She watched him walk down the hall, then closed her door and ran quickly to the bedroom. She dressed rapidly, finally attempting to brush some order into her hair. She sprayed perfume on herself, checked her appearance, and ran out of the apartment.

He was waiting in the hotel bar. He smiled as she entered and rose, walking through the crowded bar to join her. She snuggled against him, cuddling beneath his giant arms. The sheriff hugged her softly and reached in his pocket. He brought out a key and a parking claim check.

"We checked it over," he told her as he took the key to his red Chevy. "The boys hadn't harmed it."

"Thank you," she smiled. "You'll never know."

"Drink first?" he asked her. Lynda hesitated, then shook her head. She walked with him out of the bar and stood against him as they waited for an elevator. She'd helped him. He'd helped her. He had returned her car when he came to get his own. Now they could celebrate. Everything was even between them. Since he was a nice old man and she was a healthy young broad, why not a good fuck between friends?

"Up?" the elevator boy asked. Lynda looked up at the sheriff. They both laughed as they stepped in.


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