Glenda gets hers

Summer. Heat. A saucy, spoiled girl with big tits and a wiggly ass. A horny young stud... Ingredients for passion.

But gorgeous red-head Glenda Farrell didn't suck cock. She teased all the boys outrageously. She knew she was the hottest piece of ass in Potter's Bluff and she treated boys like dirt.

Well, she made a mistake when she copped out on sucking off Hank Rigorettino. Hank caught up with her later that night, and he wasn't alone...

He and his buddies were pretty tanked up and horny and mad as hell. They took Glenda to a remote place, and taught the spoiled girl things about lust and things about herself she had never dreamed of.


Yes, they tied her up. They tied her up and used her. Abused her. And she loved it. God, how she loved it...

That was the first time Glenda got hers, but not the last. After that, she seemed to be asking for it.

She wanted to be punished and abused.

Before leaving for New York and her dream of a modeling career, she had even enticed her father into the dangerous, lurid world of sado-masochistic bondage...

Glenda's tale is startling, lurid, strange and incredibly erotic. Read on and enjoy...

Chapter ONE

The first time Glenda got hers, she was a saucy young thing of eighteen. A recent graduate of Potter's Bluff High, Glenda was a red-haired beauty whose vivacious personality, gorgeous looks and big, bouncy knockers guaranteed her popularity wherever she went.

Glenda Farrell was an only child. She lived with her Police Chief father, Rupert, in a small, quaint, wood frame house on Lothario Drive on the outskirts of Potter's Bluff. Glenda had been spoiled by her parents, and when her mother died, Rupert had been even more indulgent of his precious little princess.

Consequently, Glenda had grown up with a lot of nerve. She was used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it, and without a great deal of effort.

Things got even better when, in the ninth grade, a physical phenomenon had occurred. Glenda Farrell had sprouted a pair of enormous breasts, almost over night! Her fine, thrusting titties, straining against her clinging pink cashmere sweaters became something of a fixture at Potter's Bluff High, and scores of horny adolescent boys jerked off dreaming of burying their pimply faces between those stupendous hills of flesh.

As a senior, Glenda was head cheerleader, Vice President of the student body, and the student voted Most Popular, Best Looking, and Most Likely To Succeed.

Glenda liked sex. She'd lost her cherry in the ninth grade and had spread her legs for a lot guys by the time she was eighteen. But she'd quickly learned then if she went steady with one guy for very long, he started getting possessive and cramped her style.

Glenda didn't like to be told what to do. She enjoyed being a free-wheeling, happy-go-lucky social butterfly with no anchors or restraints. Because of this, she obtained a bit of a reputation for being a heart-breaker and a cock-tease.

Glenda had enrolled for a year at the Madagaskilla County Junior College. She was biding her time before moving east to seek fame and fortune as a model. She'd done some local modeling and quite enjoyed it, and flattered herself that becoming an international sensation was only a matter of time.

She was quite content for the time being to take a light course load at MCJC and frolic happily with her large circle of friends for one more year before seriously pursuing any kind of a career.

One thing she knew for certain. She did not want to just get married and settle down and have a litter of brats and get fat and ugly. The mere thought of such a future was enough to make her shudder in horror.

No, Glenda Farrell was going to be a wild thing, untamed and free, skipping merrily down life's uneven, sometimes perilous path, unfettered by any silly little restrictions and bothers.

Our story opens one balmy April evening. Glenda Farrell had decided, quite calmly and suddenly, that she was going to dump Hank Rigorettino. He was getting too "heavy". She'd put up with it for a while, because, after all, he was Hank Rigorettino, absolutely the hottest hunk at MCJC. And she loved parading her captive around in front of her envious girl-friends.

But, really, enough was enough! He wanted to know everything she did when she wasn't with him, and complained when she broke a date, and he was always trying to get her to suck him off.

Glenda Farrell didn't like to suck boys off. It was boring and it made her jaw sore. She liked to be fucked, though most of the time even that was pretty ho-hum. Even with Hank Rigorettino...

Glenda glanced at him now. She was sitting next to Hank in his scarlet convertible as they cruised down Pilsner Boulevard. My, he was good-looking!

Hank was nineteen, tall and well-built, with short-cropped straw blond hair, a white-toothed grin, boyishly attractive, even features and a gorgeous tan. Tonight, he wore a tee shirt which clung to the beefy contours of his "V" shaped, hard-muscled torso and a pair of thread-bare blue jeans which hugged his crotch becomingly.

Glenda regarded herself in her compact mirror, and beamed with self-satisfaction. She looked radiant! Her thick, russet red hair flowed in heavy, glossy curls around her slender, alabaster white shoulders, framing the delicately featured oval of her face.

Her almond-shaped, deceptively sleepy eyes were hazel with long, droopy lashes. She had a tiny upturned button of a nose. Her lips were full and sulky and ruby red. She had a cute way of sticking out her lower lip and pouting playfully while she batted her lashes at a guy. It was one of her most powerful weapons.

She had a slender, swan-like neck, and she wore a revealing cornflower blue dress with a plunging neck-line and shoulder straps. A great deal of the full, swollen globes of her breasts was exposed. You could see the pert erections of her nipples quite clearly through the thin, clinging fabric of her dress.

Her long, lithe legs were revealed below the shockingly high hem-like of that skimpy garment. She had a dainty pair of coral pink pumps on her sweet little feet.

Hank had been drinking. His face had that dull, rosy flush which Glenda had become a little too accustomed to. His arm was slung around the back of her seat and he was driving a bit too fast.

"Where are you going?" Glenda asked a little irritably.

"Thought we might cruise down Lothario Lane before I take you home," Hank said with a sly grin, turning down a dirt road.

"Oh, come on. Hank!" Glenda exclaimed. "I've got a splitting head-ache!"

"Yeah? Well, I've got a raging hardon!" Hank growled huskily.

He pulled the convertible into the shade under an elegant elm tree and turned towards her. She could hardly see him in the shadows, and she saw that he was fumbling around with something.

He caught hold of her hand and pulled it into his lap. Glenda gave an exclamation as she felt the throbbing heat of his meaty boner against her unwilling fingers.

"Feel how hard I am, baby!" Hank hissed seductively, making his pecker pulsate as he drew her fingers up and down on it. "Yeah! I need some satisfaction, sugar! C'mon! Why don't you just suck it a LITTLE? I swear to God I won't come in your mouth!"

"Oh, goodness, Hank, you are so juvenile!" Glenda exclaimed acidly, jerking back her hand. "Put that thing away at once and drive me home! Honestly, sometimes you are the limit!"

She folded her arms and stared out the window, tapping her foot angrily on the floor of the car. Hank shifted on the seat and she heard him take a gulp from his flask of whiskey.

"God! You really are a boozer! I must be crazy to let you drive me around when you're always drinking like a fish!" Glenda cried.

"Listen, Glenda," Hank said huskily. "You're my girl. You should have some respect. Any other girl would be pleased as punch if I wanted to go out with them."

"RESPECT?!" Glenda shrieked, her hazel eyes flashing. "You arrogant beast! You should kiss the ground I walk on! I'm going places, Hank Rigorettino, and you don't have any role in my future! Now, you take me home right this minute or I'm walking!"

"Then get out, bitch," Hank snarled, and there was a dark fury in his voice she had never heard before. "Get the fuck out and don't ever come around me any more, you stuck-up cock-tease!"

In the midst of her shock and indignation, Glenda felt a tiny flurry of strange excitement at the pit of her belly. No guy had ever dared talk like that to her before! There was something thrilling about it! She was pissed off, of course, but she was secretly delighted that Hank Rigorettino had shown her that he had balls, after all!

"Well! You don't have to be such a rude thing!" Glenda said huffily, tossing her hair.

"Listen, bitch," Hank said roughly. "I've put up with just about enough shit from you. You got two choices. Get down and suck my schlong or get your ass out of my car. Make up your mind, because I don't have any time to waste."

"Fuck you, Hank Rigorettino!" Glenda shrieked, seeing red.

Angrily, she banged open the car door and leaped out, running down the road towards town, her large knockers jiggling and bouncing enticingly. Her face was flushed, and in her anger, Glenda Farrell looked absolutely ravishing!

She wandered down Hart Street, sulky and a little forlorn. She felt a little stab of regret. There was probably no hope for a reconciliation with Hank now. Both of them were too proud to apologize for their behavior. And she recalled that little surge of excitement which had welled upon within her when Hank started treating her like dirt.

My goodness, Glenda Farrell! she thought impatiently. You must be nutty or something! Hank Rigorettino can just go to the devil!

She went into Cuccarelll's Soda Shoppe on the corner of Hart and Dalmatian, and chatted with a few acquaintances as she sipped a chocolate milkshake. She saw that it was getting late, and decided to hail and taxi and go home.

Glenda wandered down Dalmatian Street, lost in thought. She began dreaming of going to New York and making it big as a model! Boy, wouldn't that be grand! She could see her pouty, disdainful face gracing the covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan! She could hear herself discussing her meteoric career with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey. She even saw herself, in a glowing, not-so-distant future, accepting an Oscar for her spectacular performance in her first film, opposite Harrison Ford...

So caught up was Glenda Farrell in her fairy tale future that she didn't see the scarlet convertible cruise down the street, slowing down as it came up alongside of her. Hank Rigorettino was behind the wheel. But he was not alone. He had two companions. And they were all three drunk to the gills...

After Glenda had so abruptly departed, Hank Rigorettino had gotten madder and madder. No chick had ever treated him like that before! He had been dazzled by Glenda, though she had always irritated him. She was sort of a status symbol in Potter's Bluff. He felt proud to be associated with the hottest chick around. But the fact was, Glenda Farrell was a terrible cock-tease, a little, stuck-up bitch who treated a fellow as if he were a turd.

And Hank Rigorettino thought a lot of Hank Rigorettino... Damn, he was sharp! What the hell was he doing tagging along like a dumb dog after that no good slut? She should have been grateful for every blessed moment he gave her!

These and other thoughts kept building and growing in his liquor-clouded mind that evening. He drove down to Alfalfa Circle and stopped off at Neptune's Trident, a local bar he and the guys often frequented.

Two of his best buddies happened to be at the Trident that evening. When he was with his buddies, Hank got even cockier and brasher. A few drinks with William "Moose" Northrop and Bob Smith, and Hank was savagely and loudly attacking the character of his former sweetheart...

"Can you believe that dumb twat, man?" Hank groused in a husky, slurred voice. "She wiggles those big fuckin' tits at you and then won't even give you head! Fuckin' CUNT!"

"You shoulda knocked her silly, man!" Moose Northrop rumbled, taking a big gulp of Pabst Blue Ribbon. "Gotta teach them bitches their place! Sally Tuckerdorf tried some shit on me, I whopped her upside the head, fucked her real good, and she was ready to lick my ass! That's what they all want, fuckin' whores."

"You got that right, buddy!" Bob Smith boomed, nodding energetically. "Gals like a guy to show 'em whose boss. Slut gets outta line, you rough her up a little, put her in her place, and, hell, she's eatin' outta your hand like some dumb deer or something!"

The three macho buddies laughed raucously and rather savagely and ordered another round of drinks. They were getting pretty soused.

Moose and Bob were big, ornery guys. Along with Hank, they were all members of the football team at MCJC.

Moose Northrop was twenty, a big, beefy brute of a guy. Six foot two, two hundred and forty pounds of solid muscle, he was the type of guy you like to have on your side.

He had a strong, squarish head with a shock of thick brown hair and smoldering brown eyes. His nose was flattened and a little crooked from a past brawl. He had a thin, cruel, leering mouth. His neck was thick as a bull's.

He wore a beige Lactose shirt which bulged around his powerful torso muscles. Thick whorls of dark hair foamed over the neck-line of his shirt. His massive thighs seemed ready to split the seams of his black cords, and his basket was gargantuan. One glance at that meaty basket, and you knew in an instant how big Moose Northrop got his nickname.

Moose was big, but Bob Smith was even bigger. Bob Smith was big, bad and black. He was a hulking brute of a guy. Towering six feet four inches in his stockinged feet and tipping the scales at two hundred and seventy pounds, big Bob Smith was crudely handsome, with thick, Nubian features, full, sensuous lips and short-cropped kinky brown hair.

His biceps were like bowling balls sliced in two. His arms were almost simian, they were so long. His hands were huge as hams.

His chest was magnificent. His pectorals were huge, jutting slabs of muscle, framed by lats which stood away from his body like boomerangs. His body tapered dramatically to a slim waist and a rippling, washboard belly.

Tonight, he wore a tank top tee shirt, baring his huge arms and tracing the beefy musculature of his cobra-like chest. His tight jeans seemed ready to burst around a heavy, impossibly long bulge which inched down his leg almost to the knee.

"Well, fuck this shit, man!" Hank bellowed drunkenly, clapping his pals on the back. "Let's blow this joint!"

"Yeah!" thundered Moose, grinning toothily. "Let's go cruisin', man!"

"Let's find ourselves some foxy fuckin' chicks!" Bob hollered jovially.

The three beefy buddies lurched out of the bar and piled into Rigorettino's snazzy red car. They went tooling down the streets of Potter's Bluff, whistling and howling at every girl they passed.

"Hey, Hank!" Moose said huskily, leaning forward, his eyes glinting. "Check out who's walking down the street!"

Moose and Bob were in the back seat, leaning out the windows to holler at passersby. A couple of six packs were strewn on the front passenger seat.

Hank followed Moose's pointing finger and his face twitched, a dark, savage gleam storming through his baby blues. An ugly grin stretched across his boyishly attractive face.

"Well, well, well!" Hank chuckled nastily. "Look who's cruisin' the streets like a fuckin' cat in heat!"

He slowed down the car till it came purring up alongside of Glenda Farrell. The fact that Glenda looked positively spectacular in the neon glow of street signs seemed to add to the primal, savage heat which flowed through the drunken threesome.

"You didn't tell me I had to pay for it, slut!" Hank called raucously, leaning out the window. "If I'd known that, I might have doled out a coupla bucks!"

Glenda frowned, turning to cast a cool look at the loathsome creatures she suddenly realized were ogling her. She gave a sharp exclamation when she saw who it was.

"Hank Rigorettino, you just leave me alone!" she cried with a saucy toss of her hair. "Can't you act your age?"

"Thinks she's hot shit or something!" Moose Northrop growled huskily, leering at her tits.

"I think the bitch needs to be taught a little lesson," Hank drawled. "What do you think, buddies?"

"Oh, pooh, you boys are tres gauche!" Glenda grimaced, turning to walk back from whence she had come.

She still thought they were just horsing around, as inebriated lads will. Little did she know what the evening had in store for her...

"Get her, guys!" Hank hissed, his voice low and husky with sadistic excitement. "Let's take her somewhere and give her a good working over!"

Moose and Bob exchanged greedy glances, licking their lips.

"You sure about this, man?" Bob said slowly.

"Get her, I said!" Hank thundered.

The car doors swung open and two muscle-bound brutes sprang out, like pouncing jungle animals. As Glenda prepared to cross the street and hail a cab, powerful hands grabbed her on both sides. She uttered a startled cry as she was bodily lifted in the air and carried roughly over to Hank Rigorettino's car.

"L-Let me GO! What are you DOING?!" Glenda gasped in shock, trying to struggle.

She grunted as she was forced roughly into the back seat of the convertible, sandwiched between Bob Smith and Moose Northrop. Hank stepped on the accelerator and the car went screeching off down the road like a bat out of hell.

"Hank! Stop this car this minute!" Glenda cried, leaning forward. "Hank! You're drunk! Please! Let me out of here!"

Her voice was starting to tremble a little as tingles of trepidation crept through her veins. Her heart was starting to hammer rapidly. There was a seething aura of primitive masculine lust in the car which overwhelmed her. She felt, for a wild moment, like a rabbit cornered by hungry, slavering wolves...

"HANK!" Glenda shrieked hysterically. "STOP THE CAR! I'll scream! I'll... I'll tell the police! You've gone too far!"

"No, bitch! You've gone too far!" Hank snarled savagely over his shoulder. "Clam the cow up, boys! We wanna fuck her, not listen to her!"

"Oh, my GOD! You're not going to... MMMFFFGGGH!!" Glenda started to babble, but her words were suddenly stifled as Bob Smith clamped a huge black paw over her lower face.

Grinning drunkenly, Moose Northrop pulled off one of his smelly, sweaty socks. Bob Smith forced the squealing, struggling girl's jaws open and his buddy crammed the cruddy sock roughly in her mouth, securely gagging her.

"Don't move, bitch, or you're gonna get your pretty face smacked up!" Moose snarled hoarsely, and from the look in his narrowed brown eyes, Glenda knew this was no idle threat.

She gurgled and whimpered gagging on the sock which filled her mouth, trembling as she sat there, a prisoner of three muscle bound, drunken studs. Through the haze of fear which clouded her senses, Glenda Farrell was starting to feel again that little thrill of forbidden excitement. It crept up her body, spreading from her moist loins to her tits to her brain, setting her nerve endings on fire...

"Bring her over here, guys!" Hank Rigorettino hollered, gesturing with his hand as Moose and Bob hauled the struggling red-head out of the car.

Hank had parked in an empty lot next to an abandoned warehouse. The cool glare of a flickering lamp illuminated the expanse of crumbling concrete and rusty metal.

Hank had found some old, dirty coils of thick hemp rope on the ground. He had the rope in his big hands, a wicked grin on his flushed face, and a bulge in his pants as Moose and Bob roughly shoved Glenda forward.

Glenda groaned falling to her knees on the ground in front of her enraged boyfriend. Her head was spinning. She could hardly breathe with that disgusting sock in her mouth.

She gurgled feebly as Moose dragged her arms behind her back. Hank stooped down and swiftly lashed her wrists together, cinching the rope tight. Glenda's eyes snapped open and she felt a wild surge of mingled fear and excitement. She was being bound!

Helplessness filled her like a strange, frightening drug. God! What would these horrible brutes do to her? She was utterly defenseless! And her pussy was throbbing wetly in her tight pink panties...

She felt dizzy, paralyzed, suspended in a giddy, terrifying void. Dimly, she felt strong hands pull her legs apart. Dimly, she felt ropes being tied to her ankles, securing her dainty little feet to iron poles in the cement.

Her hands were tied painfully behind her back. Her spread-eagled legs were tied tightly to iron poles. Her mouth was stuffed full with Moose's sweaty sock... Wildly, Glenda Farrell swung her frightened hazel eyes from one brute to the other, pleading with them wordlessly, making little choked whimpering sounds.

"Bob, get out your blade and cut the clothes off the bitch!" Hank ordered huskily.

Bob grinned. It was not a pleasant grin, twisting his dark features grotesquely, displaying big, greedy white teeth.

The muscular Negro whipped out his switchblade, and it gleamed malevolently in the air as he straddled the terrified girl and slid the knife into her cleavage, between the dress and her skin. He ripped upward, and the blade neatly slit through her thin dress, slicing slowly downward. A few more well-placed strokes of the knife, and the dress came away in blue shreds.

"Look at those big fucking tits, man!" Moose Northrop growled hoarsely, rubbing his crotch. "Damn! Gets me real hot!"

Glenda's full, creamy boobs swayed lusciously in the light as the bound beauty squirmed and whimpered fearfully. Her tits were enormous, firm yet bouncy, with sand dollar sized nipples rosy as cherries.

Bob Smith was panting hoarsely as he crawled between Glenda's splayed gams. Glenda's pink, frilly panties formed a sexy triangle, cupping the moist hill of her sweet twat.

She shuddered as Bob sliced her panties right off of her. Yet she also felt a degenerate thrill as she lay there, naked and bound, at the mercy of those animalistic studs.

"How does that feel, bitch?" Hank Rigorettino drawled jeeringly as he straddled Glenda's prone body, his feet planted on the cement on either side of her waist. "You ain't gonna do much jabbering and fussing now, slut! You're gonna learn your place, baby!"

He squatted, rapidly untying his shoelaces, drawing them out. There was a peculiar gleam in Hank's blue eyes which Glenda did not particularly like.

He grinned at her, snapping one of the laces in the air before her frightened hazel eyes. He wrapped the lace around one of her swelling boobs and began to cinch it, drawing it tighter and tighter around the pillowy globe of flesh.

Glenda gurgled and wriggled feebly as pain shot through her jutting titty. She knew her trials and tribulations had just begun...

Chapter TWO

Even though she was scared shitless, Glenda Farrell was burning up with erotic heat. The blood pounding through her veins seemed charged with electricity. Desire, helpless and wild, seared and tingled between her legs.

She lay there, on an uncomfortable bed of cement, in a deserted lot, completely at the mercy of three brutal drunken animals. The ropes binding her wrists together and clamping her ankles to steel posts were tight, chafing her tender skin painfully.

Hank Rigorettino's shoelaces were cinched savagely around her torpedo-like knockers, biting harshly into the resilient globes, making them bloat outward like water balloons almost ready to explode. But this tit-bondage inspired pleasure as well as pain. Dark, primitive pleasure which scorched her nipples, making them pucker and bloat, sticking away from her knockers like tiny peckers.

"OK, guys, let's go for it!" Hank panted huskily as they stared down at the helplessly roped red-head.

Hank, Moose and Bob began to strip, tearing off their shirts and shoes and trousers, grunting with bestial impatience. In a few moments, they towered above Glenda, buck naked, surrounding her, looming like sensual monsters before her startled hazel eyes.

Hank nodded mutely to his king-sized buddies, and Moose and Bob dropped to the ground, panting hoarsely. They were big sons of bitches, big everywhere.

Moose's beefy, hulking physique was covered with thick ringlets of dark hair. His enormous ramrod jerked arrogantly in mid-air, eleven inches of wrist-thick flesh and gristle, leaking a clear bead of pre-come.

Bob's hard-muscled, six foot four, two hundred and seventy pound bod was black as ebony, gleaming with a fine sheen of sweat like polished lacquer. His bull-meat was a solid twelve inches long and just as fat as Moose's.

Bob and Moose stooped down on either side of Glenda. She felt their hot, boozy breath on her aching, trussed-up knockers.

Glenda whimpered, half-closing her eyes as Moose and Bob wrapped their hungry, suctioning lips around her sensitized nubbins, slurping and mouthing at them greedily. Their hot slobber drooled down the quivering peaks of her lily white titties, making them sparkle.

Moose and Bob rolled their wet tasters all over the pebbly halos of Glenda's nips, then flicked at the sprouting tips, tantalizing them sensually. In spite of herself, Glenda felt molten rapture spill through her throbbing nipples, charging her huge breasts with steamy sensation which set fire to her tingling loins.

"Work those big fuckin' tits!" Hank Rigorettino panted hoarsely, stroking his horse-tool as he watched Bob and Moose slurp on Glenda's large mammaries. "Give the slut something to squawk about! Chew 'em! Slurp em!"

Glenda uttered a strangled screech, her eyes snapping wide open as Bob and Moose clamped their strong jaws together, digging their teeth into the pliant flesh of her swollen tits. The big dudes growled animalistically as they bit and worried her throbbing nubs, dragging them away from her body and letting them snap back like elastic.

Mingled flurries of pain and exquisite pleasure twined and strobed through Glenda's upper body. She arched her back, thrashing feebly, tears staining her cheeks as the brawny studs mercilessly worked on her jiggling jugs.

Both dudes ran their hands down her smooth, sleek belly and fingered the bloated, coral pink mound of her wet snatch. Glenda had a beautiful pussy. Very softly dusted with golden peach fuzz, her cunny was pink and pretty, moist and succulent, with a tiny, quivering cut and a hot, tight fuck-hole.

Bob and Moose rubbed their thick, calloused fingers all over the tender petals of her hot mons, plucking and twisting at them a little roughly, their thumbs scraping over her sensitized love bud, sending blistering darts of almost unbearable ecstasy through Glenda's body.

She bucked and twisted, her bonds cutting into her tender flesh as helpless waves of sensation engulfed the buxom red-head time and time again. She groaned feebly as Bob pumped a long, black finger in and out of her squirming, oven-hot cunt hole, twisting it around inside her.

Moose worked a finger in her vagina too, and the muscular guys started frigging her spread twat simultaneously, testing the elasticity of her quivering, dripping snatch.

Moose let her ripe boob pop out of his mouth. Deep tooth marks indented the aching white flesh surrounding her erect nipple. The hairy stud scrambled up between her spread legs.

Crouching down, Moose greedily stared at her pink, spread pussy up close. The juicy cunny lips were quivering with girlish excitement. He loved the sweet perfume of her over-heated sex. It made his mouth water and his tummy tighten with savage heat.

Growling, Moose clamped his mouth greedily around her moist twat, suckling it lasciviously, sliding his licker up and down her molten gash. Glenda screamed through the sock gag and arched her back as electric jolts of pleasure scorched her tongue-tortured pussy.

She tossed her mane of russet red hair as Moose's long, drooling taster snaked up deeply inside her and wiggled around. Moose poked his tongue rapidly in and out of Glenda's fuck hole, masturbating his horse-sized dong as he lapped up her cunny juices.

Bob Smith continued to maul, pinch, twist, suck, lick and chew her swollen boobies, turning them into burning hills of angry sensation.

Hank Rigorettino watched this hot action greedily, stroking his sex-thickened tool, lust burning like fistfuls of red hot coals in his huge, sweaty balls.

With a low grunt, Hank sprang into action, his heart pounding with sadistic excitement as he crouched beside Glenda. He pulled the spit-soaked sock out off her mouth, and the red-haired beauty gasped and moaned out loud, looking up at him with enormous, helpless hazel eyes.

"What you got to say to me, bitch?" Hank snarled, grinning maliciously.

"I'll... I'll do anything you want! Anything!" Glenda croaked weakly.

Hank slapped her cheek, making it smart, bringing hot tears to her eyes and making her pussy squirm around Moose's wiggling tongue.

Hank thrust two thick fingers into Glenda's whimpering mouth and began to lewdly pump them in and out over her warm, velvety tongue.

"Suck my fingers, whore!" he ordered harshly. "Show me how good you can suck!"

Glenda obeyed, slurping on his strong, thick digits, wrapping her tongue around them, forbidden delights igniting in her tummy.

"Yeah! I knew you could suck good, cock-tease!" Hank muttered thickly. "You gonna suck something a lot bigger and thicker than my fingers, too, wench! C'mon! Tell me you want to suck my cock and balls! And call me sir, bitch!"

"Y-Yes, sir!" Glenda stammered weakly as he plucked his fingers out of her mouth.

"What do you want, slut?" Hank demanded, slapping her lightly.

"Y-Your cock, sir! P-Please!" Glenda whimpered.

"What about my cock, cunt?" Hank snarled.

He was kneeling beside her, his bull-dick arching in the air at a forty-five degree angle, his hairy nuts dangling above her flushed face. His thick pecker looked gigantic as it jerked proudly up and down in the air, the rosy, mushroom-shaped cap snapping against Hank's rippling stomach muscles.

"I... I want to suck it, sir!" Glenda moaned.

"Beg for it, whore!" Hank hissed.

"P-Please, sir! PLEASE! Let me suck your cock! I... I want it so badly!" Glenda babbled wildly, her head spinning with confused emotions.

Glenda had never before felt so excited, so shocked, so out of control, so deliciously sexy, in her whole life! Glenda found herself slipping into the role of bound helpless beauty as if it had been made for her, as if finally, suddenly, unexpectedly, she had discovered her true identity...

"Yeah, cunt! You're gonna worship my big fuckin' balls and cock! You're gonna make me squirt my hot stud load right down your wet bitch-throat!" Rigorettino growled thickly.

He straddled her slender shoulders and squatted down, scooping up her head in both hands as he lowered his heavy, meaty testicles right on Glenda's lovely face. Hank had huge nuts. Baseball-sized and heavy with scum, they were encased in a wrinkly, furry sac.

The powerful heat of his man-crotch flooded her senses as his hefty nuts rolled over her lower face. Blindly, Glenda puckered her lips and stuck out her taster.

She sucked and licked at Hank's big, greasy nuts, the acrid flavor burning smokily on her hungry, lashing tongue. Hank groaned huskily with savage pleasure as the red-haired slut tongued his musky balls all over.

Glenda wrapped her full, sulky lips around each egg-shaped gonad, slurping on them hungrily, sliding her wet tongue back and forth all along the underside of his scrotum.

"Awwww, y-yeah! Tongue my balls, bitch! Suck those big fuckin' nuts GOOD!" Hank moaned hoarsely, jacking his bull-sized sex-tool as he rubbed his meaty testicles all over Glenda's upturned, lapping face.

He squirmed forward, mashing his hard-muscled buttocks down around Glenda's face. Glenda gave a humiliated gasp as the stud's sweaty ass cheeks clenched aggressively at the sides of her face. The blasting heat of the drunken guy's musky ass scalded Glenda's senses, making her gurgle and shudder with whorish pleasure.

"Come on, slut! Rim my asshole! Lick it clean, you stuck-up twat!" Hank roared, rotating his hips, rubbing his ass all over Glenda's grimacing, gasping face.

Glenda could hardly breathe. Instinctively, she thrust out her sweet, coral pink tongue. She ran it deftly up and down his deep, slimy ass crevice. The salty, acrid tang of his stud ass seared her mouth, filling the bound beauty with a wretched delight she could not control.

Hungrily, the trussed up red-head lapped and sucked on Hank Rigorettino's tight, spasming asshole, sliding her taster way up his pungent colon, feeling his sphincter muscle grab aggressively at her probing tongue.

"Aaaaaah! Y-Yeah! Go for it, slut! Lick that butt-hole GOOD!" Hank groaned hoarsely, his pecker jerking in his pumping fingers as he grabbed at Glenda's tongue with his slimy bunghole.

Dimly, Glenda felt Moose and Bob at work below her waist. Moose was lapping her aching, burning clitoris while he pumped two thick fingers in and out of her dripping gash.

Bob had his black face pushed up between her pillowy buns and was sucking her anus. He pushed his finger way up inside her steamy butt-chute and fucked it in and out, lust seething through his Negroid loins.

Glenda could hardly breathe with Hank's hard, sweaty ass mashing down brutally on her flushed face. Abruptly, Rigorettino jerked back, straddling her bouncy knockers, clamping his knees around her slender shoulders.

He fisted his horse-sized phallus in one hand. He slid his other hand beneath Glenda's head and jerked her face towards him. Grinning down at her savagely, the handsome jock slapped his healthy dong roughly against her face, rubbing the dewy, pulpy knob all over her cheeks and lips and chin, smearing her skin with pre-come.

"Kiss my meat, bitch!" Hank ordered gruffly.

Glenda puckered up, obediently smooching his throbbing, corrugated member. She stuck out her tongue, tentatively rolling it other the sticky, pulpy crown of his cock, lapping off a clear bead of moisture, savoring its salty taste.

She hummed sluttishly as she started letting her taster glide up and down the thick, pulsating sides of his manhood, painting it with spit. Hank groaned with bestial satisfaction, his fingers digging cruelly into the back of her neck.

Clenching the root of his bull-tool, Hank roughly shoved the knob of his pecker between Glenda's moist, parted lips.

"Suck!" he muttered harshly. "Suck my big fuckin' meat, cunt!"

Glenda shuddered, tears stinging her hazel eyes as she yawned her mouth wide open. She gurgled as Hank thrust his healthy dong deep in her mouth, clamping both hands around her head in a savage, vise-like grip.

His heavy prick spasmed massively on her curled, satiny tongue. She felt it press against the roof of her mouth, sliding back till the dick-head jammed against her tonsils.

Glenda gagged, tears streaming from her eyes as she fought for breath. Hank tightened his grip around her head, grunting thickly as he pushed forward, clenching the muscles of his sweaty, spit-polished ass.

"Swallow it, slut!" he commanded hoarsely. "C'mon! Swallow that whole fuckin' meat! Deep-throat the fucker! AAAAAAH!"

He bellowed in bestial satisfaction as his huge sex-muscle squelched right down Glenda's gagging gullet. Glenda's eyes bulged, her senses reeling, as her nose and "O" shaped lips were mashed into the thick, musky mane of his honey blond pubes. Her rosy mouth slurped blindly at the fat, twitching base of his thick hardon. She felt it jerk mightily in her aching throat.

She was light-headed from lack of air, but wild, almost hysterical shock-waves of intense pleasure and desire were reverberating throughout her trussed up, squirming body. She began to suck.

Her flushed cheeks hollowed as she vacuumed Hank Rigorettino's healthy whanger. Her licker vibrated and squirmed all around the heavy, twitching shaft. Her hot, deep throat hummed and gurgled around his fat dick-head.

"Awwwww, y-yeah! Milk my fuckin' DONG, bitch! AAAAAAH!" Hank roared huskily, tossing his handsome head from side to side, twisting his hips as he stirred his meaty member around in Glenda's choking throat.

Hank's furry balls nudged Glenda's chin. His thick pubes tickled her nose. His fingers twisted cruelly in her tangled reddish hair.

Hank slackened his grip and pulled his dick-head out of her coughing throat long enough for Glenda to inhale some oxygen through her nose. Then he pumped right down her gullet once more, grunting with animalistic satisfaction.

Hank began to pump his prick back and forth over Glenda's warm, velvet-soft tongue, groaning thickly as the bound beauty slurped and gurgled around his lust-thickened bull-tool. Savage heat churned through his healthy balls, setting fire to his blood. His hard-muscled, sleek body glistened with sweat. His testicles smacked rhythmically against Glenda's chin.

"Yeah, bitch! Suck it! Suck my cock!" Hank snarled roughly. "See, you know you wanted it, slut! Fuckin' cock-tease! That mouth was made for suckin', bitch! Now take it! Take it DEEP, you fuckin' bitch! You're gonna slurp down my hot stud LOAD!"

Hank shuddered violently, his horse-meat throbbing masterfully in Glenda's warm, squirming mouth and throat. Glenda was suctioning greedily, little bubbles of saliva frothing at the corners of her widely stretched lips.

Hank uttered a choked sob, his muscles contracting and rippling beneath his sweat-polished flesh. Keen primal rapture scalded his senses with rugged force, exploding through his balls, searing every corner of his big, strong body.

"AWWWWWWWWW!! TAKE IT, SLUT! TAKE MY HOT FUCKIN' SCUM! NNNNNNNGH!" Hank roared, plunging his cock down her throat.

Glenda's eyes widened and she gave a strangled grunt of sluttish shock as big, hot jets of sperm pumped down her cock-stuffed gullet, hosing into her tummy again and again. Hank jerked his spitting dong back, so that the rosy knob rested on Glenda's slithering tongue. He pumped the last few hot, thick squirts of his virile seed onto her taster, filling out Glenda's cheeks.

Glenda mewled whorishly, slurping greedily on his huge cock, savoring the acrid pungency of his potent scum, gulping down the salty rivulets as fast as she could. She milked him dry, trickles of semen running from the corners of her mouth, soaking her cheeks and chin.

Hank groaned thickly, rolling away from him, flopping on his back on the ground and panting hoarsely. He was dizzy and drained from his ball blistering orgasm...

Bob and Moose were all revved up to go. The hairy dark-haired brute and the hulking black stud scrambled up on their knees on either side of dazed, mewling Glenda.

Gripping their over-sized whangers, the outrageously well-hung buddies waved them arrogantly in Glenda's face. Glenda moaned weakly as Bob and Moose slapped and rubbed their huge prongs all over her face.

They forced her to lick their wrist-thick bull-tools from stem to stem. They shoved their huge, sweaty balls in her mouth. They took turns cramming as much of their peckers down her gagging, aching throat as they could...

"I wanna fuck this bitch's tight pink cunny, man!" Moose groaned huskily as he slapped his bulbous dick-crown against Glenda's bruised, moaning lips.

"Yeah, sock it to her, Moose! Show her how you can use that moose-dick of yours!" Bob Smith grinned toothily.

Moose scrambled up between Glenda's widespread legs, breathing hard. Planting one hand alongside of her waist, he guided his spit-lubricated boner up between her gams.

Glenda whimpered feebly as she felt the fist-like knob of his eleven inch whang prod the wet, puffy lips of her labia. Dull twinges of dark, primal need burned deep in her crotch.

She was trembling uncontrollably. Her bonds chafed the tender skin of her wrists and ankles and swollen breasts. And she was on fire, burning up with seething, womanly passion...

Moose grunted thickly, humping forward with his hairy ass. Glenda's slippery, buttery snatch slowly strained around his massive member, and he started to slide slowly up inside of her.

Something snapped inside of Glenda. She arched her back and screamed, tossing her thick red hair. The sensations which rippled through her squirming, dick-stuffed cunt were so intense, they were almost excruciating.

"Hey, keep her quiet, man!" Hank panted warningly.

Bob growled, scooping up his discarded jock strap. Grabbing Glenda by the chin, the black buck stuffed his sweat-soaked jock between her teeth, stifling her hysterical squeals of whorish exhilaration.

"Damn! She's got a tight, hot CUNT, man!" Moose groaned in a husky, lust-thickened voice.

He shuddered as he pumped all eleven inches of his meaty dong up her fuck-sleeve, feeling the hot, slippery clutch of her silken vagina around his throbbing manhood. He wasted no time with foreplay.

The hairy muscle-man began to pound his bull-sized tool in and out of Glenda's sopping, distended pussy, heaving back till the mushroom fire of his dick-head peeped out, then ramming up to the balls inside her once more. His furry belly clapped and rubbed against her sleek stomach, and Glenda's huge, tied up knockers whipped up and down and wobbled like swollen water balloons.

Hot slurping sounds came from the point where her gaping pussy lips milked around Moose's vein-latticed horse-meat. Moose grunted and moaned, grimacing with bestial excitement as he heaved his ass up and down.

"Yeah, bitch! YEAH! Take it! Take my big fuckin' COCK up your hot pussy! Uh huh! Squeeze it, slut! Awwww, man! AAAWWWW, M-MAN! This bitch's gonna milk me dry, man! Yeah! Y-YEAH! GET READY, WHORE! HERE IT COMES! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! HERE IT FUCKIN' COMES! AAAAAAWWWW!!" Moose bellowed savagely, pounding into her with pile-driver force. His huge member crammed deep in her sleek, squirming cuntal glove, punching the far wall of her vagina, stretching it beyond belief. His lust swollen balls clapped up lewdly against her twitching buttocks.

Moose shuddered violently, his eyes rolling as he threw back his head and sank his schlong one last time in her honeyed box. Glenda gave a choked shriek, biting into Bob's musky jock strap as she felt Moose's cock go off inside her like a Roman candle.

Hot jets of man-sperm blasted into her belly, pumping again and again from the lusty stud's bull-sized nuts. Each time he let loose with another molten volley of scum, Moose uttered a hoarse grunt of bestial satisfaction.

The force of the hirsute brute's ejaculation triggered something inside of Glenda. Frantically, she made muffled squawks, arching her back, milking at his spitting whanger with her hot, spread cunt.

Rockets and flares mushroomed through her loins, racing through her nerve endings, exploding in a molten, blinding shower behind her tear-dazzled eyes. She was coming! Coming gloriously whorishly, wretchedly! Her hot, cock-stuffed pussy gushed with warm, honeyed secretions.

She flopped back, uttering broken sobs, gnashing her teeth around the wadded jock which filled her mouth. She felt Moose pull out of her as the sweaty stud rolled onto his back on the ground with a hoarse moan...

"Now it's my turn!" Bob Smith snarled, his teeth flashing as he grinned with jungle lust.

The hulking Negro stud flexed his massive muscles, making his foot long pecker jerk masterfully up and down in the air as he towered over the buxom, bound beauty. She stared up at him with wide, frightened eyes, but through the fear, he saw the naked pools of wanton desire which reflected her Bob Smith strode over to one of her legs. Squatting down, he took his switch-blade and sliced through the rope which bound her ankle to the pole. Shuffling over to the other pole, he cut loose her other foot.

Gripping her by the legs, Bob flipped Glenda over on her belly. Her big, aching jugs were crushed painfully against the cement, and the shoestrings twisted cruelly into her tormented, creamy flesh.

Swiftly, Bob moved down to her feet again, pulling them together. Nimbly, he wound a short length of rope around her slender ankles and cinched it tight, tying a strong knot.

Now, poor Glenda Farrell was gagged with her hands tied behind her back, her feet bound together, her trussed up titties mashing cruelly against the ground.

What in the world did that big, mean black man plan to do with her now?

Chapter THREE

Vainly, Glenda tried to peer over her shoulder. She couldn't make out what Bob Smith was doing, but ripples of mingled fear and excitement churned through her tummy.

She ached all over and she could hardly breathe. Her pussy was still twitching, gaping wide, still in shock from the hard, deep fucking Moose had given her.

Bob was kneeling over her, his legs on either side of her bound gams, holding them together. A savage look creased his dark, Nubian features. His foot long pecker knifed the night air like a tarred lance.

He was holding his belt. He held the buckle in his palm and wound the thick leather strap twice around his big hand.

Looking over at Moose and Hank, Bob Smith growled huskily, "Mind if I tan this slut's hide a little? Thought maybe I'd teach her a lesson for being such a fuckin' bitch!"

"Be my guest, man!" Hank Rigorettino muttered hoarsely, his blue eyes gleaming with sadistic excitement. "Whup the cow! Whup her GOOD!"

Both Hank and Moose were sporting raging hardons again as they watched Bob prepare to lay into Glenda's upturned, lily white ass.

Glenda had a gorgeous ass. Full, creamy globes of pure, silk-smooth flesh, separated by a deep, dimpled, vertical smile.

Bob Smith grunted, lifting his powerful right arm, his muscles bulging massively beneath his sleek black flesh. He snarled, bringing the belt down in a clean, swift arc.

It snapped sharply across the tender hills of Glenda Farrell's unsuspecting buns, the report echoing through the vacant lot. The thick belt strap licked deeply into Glenda's bare buns, and the gagged red-head gave a strangled scream, her body jerking violently.

An angry red mark lashed across the lily white spheres of her buns as white heat scorched Glenda's senses.

Bob Smith grunted savagely, slicing the belt across her squirming buttocks once more, crisscrossing the first red mark with a second. Glenda bucked and writhed frantically, screaming hoarsely through the bunched jock strap which gagged her mouth.

Pain seared and rippled like a living thing through her lower body. Her vision swam on a sea of tears and white spots rippled hazily through her pain-numbed brain.

"Yeah! Take THAT, cunt! And THAT! UNNGH! UNNGH! UNNGH!" Bob Smith panted thickly, whipping the bound beauty's tortured derriere full force, his biceps bulging as he swung his powerful arm again and again.

His thickly muscled thighs and legs clamped around her with brutal force, pinning the writhing red-head to the ground as he beat her blazing ass, turning it from creamy white to angry red.

Pain blistered Glenda's senses. She screamed till she was hoarse, and then suddenly, stopped struggling. Something was happening, something unbelievable.

The excruciating agony was perversely merging with dark, naked passion. Her puffy, dripping pussy spasmed and burned with uncontrollable bitch lust. No longer did Glenda struggle to avoid Bob Smith's brutal belt.

She was, in fact, lifting her stinging, burning buttocks, masochistically offering them up, shuddering and sobbing as she felt a savage thrill of pure, primal sensation grow and seethe and explode through her body...

"Damn! This gets me fuckin' HOT!" Bob Smith panted hoarsely.

His brawny physique was soaked with sweat, glistening in the lamp-light, looking purplish black. His eyes were dark pools of primitive passion.

Tossing the belt aside, Bob Smith scrambled down, gripping Glenda's waist with his hands, pushing his huge horse-cock against her blazing ass crack. He ground his pelvis against her from behind, and Glenda moaned hoarsely, feeling the enormous slab of his pecker sliding lewdly all over her smarting, whipped buttocks.

"Gonna take her ass, man!" Bob announced hoarsely. "Yeah, gonna slide my tube steak right up her old dirt road..."

He pushed his schlong deep in her slick, warm butt crevice, prodding the spit-lubricated rosebud of her tender anus. Moose and Hank were up on their knees now, panting thickly, masturbating their twitching whangers as they watched their black buddy prepare to sodomize the helplessly trussed up red-head.

Digging his strong fingers into her tender white flesh, Bob tensed his muscles and clenched his pearly whites. With a guttural growl, the brawny brute snapped his pelvis forward hard.

For a brief moment, Glenda's stubborn sphincter muscle balked at accepting so huge an obstacle. Then, reluctantly, it gave way, slowly stretching as Bob increased the force of his thrust.

Glenda's eyes bulged and she shrieked hoarsely. Her brutally expanded bunghole squelched snugly around the plum-colored knob of Bob Smith's horsedong. White hot agony ripped through her entrails, and she squirmed frantically, trying to pull away.

Bob Smith moaned in bestial delight, feeling the furnace hot tightness of her juicy rectum milk around his bull-dick, almost hurting him, she was so tight. He punched forward brutally, and Glenda's body heaved and bucked as fresh pain strobed her senses.

Inch after big, black inch, Bob Smith's huge horse-meat stroked up the velvety chute of Glenda's tight ass, pumping right into her guts, till her bloated anus quivered around the wrist-thick root of his manhood. Bob's kinky pubes rubbed against her aching, bruised buttocks like a Brillo pad.

"Aaaaaaah! Hot tight slut ASS!" Bob Smith grunted hoarsely. "Damn, bitch, feels good and tight up there!"

He undulated his hips, making his prick jerk masterfully against the torn, blazing walls of her violated rectum. His big paws went around her body and found the swollen mounds of her titties, crushing them.

Bob Smith's hot breath blasted in Glenda's right ear as he began to hunch his hips slowly, diabolically, up and down. His twelve inch schlong pumped in and out like a well-greased piston, sliding back almost half-way before punching deep inside her once more.

Glenda's body jerked violently each time Bob fucked his dong deep in her tortured guts, and each thrust elicited a choked, agonized squawk from her throat.

But the blinding pain was slowly starting to ebb. In its place, a dark, molten surge of heat trickled through her hard-fucked bowels.

Yes, it was feeling good. So incredibly good. Oh, God! Oh GOD! I like it. I LOVE IT! she thought dimly.

She began to relax, wallowing in the wretched, degenerate sensations which flooded her. Her squirming butt-hole started to suck and milk greedily around the heavy purple-black tube steak which stroked lewdly in and out of her steamy innards.

Bob Smith licked her ear, whispering hoarse, crude things to her as he squeezed her aching jugs and pumped his fat dick in and out of her tight ass, harder and harder, faster and faster. The lewd sound of sweaty flesh slapping savagely together echoed through the empty lot.

Hank Rigorettino wanted in on this hot action. The rugged blond athlete had a raging erection, and he sprang down onto the concrete, his blue eyes glittering as he watched Bob's black manhood slice into Glenda's puckered anus.

"Lemme plug the bitch's cunt, man!" Hank muttered thickly. "Roll her over on her side and we'll fuck her from both sides!"

Bob grunted, leaning into Glenda, sliding all twelve inches of his bull-dick up her ass. Holding it up there, he pulled Glenda over on her side, so that she faced Hank.

Glenda moaned through her gag as she felt the Negro brute start to fuck her ass again, snapping his hips energetically back and forth, cramming his horse-dong way up Glenda's guts time and time again.

Hank scooted up to her, grinning nastily as he fondled her swollen, tied up knockers. His blue eyes strobed signals of mocking, sadistic lust and triumph into her wide, tear-filled hazel eyes.

"Gettin' into it, aren't you, Glenda?" Hank sneered thickly, strumming her ripe nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. "Yeah, you're finding out what a real slut you are, ain't ya? This day's gonna be burned in your mind, girl. The day that Glenda got hers, man! Yeah! Now I'm gonna fuck your twat, bitch!"

He gripped his pulsing schlong, slapping the bloated knob mischievously against the swollen, pulpy petals of her labia. Glenda shuddered as Hank started to pump his throbbing member up her steamy hole.

Her body exploded with white hot sensation. Bob Smith's twelve inch phallus was ramming in and out of her quaking, wide-stretched ass. And now. Hank's sturdy sex-tool pierced her tender vagina, burrowing deep, pumping to the root in her spasming snatch.

"Aaaaah! Hot pussy, Glenda, baby! MMMM! Yeah!" Hank moaned happily, wiggling his hips as he stirred his boner in her juicy twat.

A thin filament of silky flesh was all that separated the brawny studs' pounding peckers. Each guy could feel the swollen hardness of the other's dick through this diaphanous membrane. And, boy, could Glenda feel those two mighty whangers screwing her good!

Two dicks in Glenda! Wow! It was incredible! The lava-like rush of sheer rapture washed through the buxom red-head's lower body.

She seemed to float and flounder in a molten sea of liquid, seething sensation. She felt totally opened up, totally filled, totally helpless...

Her ass and pussy blazed with almost unbearable ecstasy. Each time Bob or Hank rammed his cock up to the base inside her, Glenda's body writhed and bucked and she uttered a strangled shriek, gnashing her teeth wildy around Bob's musky jock strap.

Her trussed up, buxom body was sandwiched between the two sweaty, muscle-bound studs, and the breath was nearly knocked from her lungs each time they rammed into her. Her hot, quivering butt-hole and velvety, suctioning snatch milked sluttishly at Bob's and Hank's throbbing, pounding pricks.

"Aaaawww, m-man! Gonna fuckin' SHOOT!" Smith bellowed hoarsely.

He heaved forward hard, punching all twelve inches of his fuck-pole up Glenda's steamy bowels. His cock jerked like a cannon, hot balls of sperm spraying deep in Glenda's wanton guts, again and again...

The hulking Negro rolled away from the buxom red-head, uttering a hoarse, gravelly groan of bestial satisfaction. Hank took this opportunity to push Glenda over on her back, with her hands pinned behind her.

He rocked his pelvis to and fro, churning his sex-prong around in her hot, juicy snatch. He fucked into her hard and fast, his hands planted on the pavement on either side of her.

His sweat-soaked, scum-bloated nuts swung in a savage trajectory, smacking against Glenda's aching buns each time the blond stud stroked his schlong to the root in her tight pussy.

"Yeah, bitch, you like being tied up and raped by three big studs, don't ya?" Hank growled thickly, pumping into her roughly, making Glenda's ballooning titties bounce and quiver like overturned bowls of vanilla pudding, topped with cherries.

Hank felt savage lust and pleasure knotting in his hairy balls. Glenda's moist, satiny love-pocket squirmed and stroked around his bloated, pumping member. Damn, it felt good... He shuddered as he twisted his prick around inside her a few times.

Then, Hank pulled out. Panting hard, he scrambled forward, straddling Glenda's middle. He slapped his dripping ramrod into her cleavage, crushing the mounds of Glenda's stupendous breasts together around his meat.

Lewdly, the handsome stud fucked Glenda's tits, snapping his fingers and thumbs around her swollen nipples, twisting and pinching them savagely. The angry red knob of his bull-cock bumped rhythmically against Glenda's chin.

"Uh huh! Fuckin' your boobs, babe! Yeah! Really usin' you, like the whore-cunt you are!" Hank rasped hoarsely, twisting her nipples like radio knobs, making them explode with mingled agony and ecstasy.

Sadistic passion strobed through Rigorettino's body. Grunting thickly, he scooted forward, squatting on her big, bouncy breasts. Roughly, Hank pulled the soiled jock strap from between Glenda's teeth.

He was jacking his pulsating tube steak hard and fast, the savage heat mounting in his throbbing, bloated nuts. Grabbing a handful of Glenda's hair, he dragged her face forward, slapping and rubbing his twitching dong all over her cheeks and lips and nose and eyes.

"Open wide, slut!" Hank muttered in a taut, strangled voice. "Get ready for my thick, hot stud-juice! Take it, bitch! Y-Yeah! TAKE IT! AAAAAARRRRGGGH!"

Rigorettino's boner went off like a Roman candle. As body-searing jolts of bestial rapture seared the handsome jock from head to toe, his jerking dong pumped thick, steamy jets of sperm all over Glenda's gasping face. His heavy load soaked her cheeks and chin, spattering over her hair.

Big gobs of semen blasted over Glenda's sluttishly extended tongue, fountaining in her hungry mouth, running in warm, yummy rivulets down her greedy gullet. Hank shuddered and gasped, tossing his head from side to side, beads of sweat spraying from the short ends of his straw blond hair. He slapped Glenda's face a few times with his aching pecker, smearing sperm across her flushed cheeks and pouty red lips.

Bob Smith and Moose, who were watching, were masturbating their own solid truncheons. Now, as Hank stood up and swaggered to where his clothes were discarded, the big brutes scrambled up to Glenda's head.

They forced the bound beauty to suck and lick their musky dicks all over, cramming them down her throat one at a time. They pumped their pricks in a frenzy of lust, swiping her panting lips and darting tongue with their fat cock-knobs.

They worked their peckers vigorously, till almost in unison, Bob and Moose roared in savage pleasure and let loose with torrents of pungent man-cream, saturating Glenda's face and pumping her mouth full with fresh wads of gooey sperm and semen...

Hank bent down and cut the ropes which bound together Glenda's hands and feet. The stunned, exhausted red-head lay sprawled on the hard concrete, moaning feebly. She ached all over. She was dizzy. She didn't even think she would be capable of moving for quite some time.

The three studs who had just brutally raped her were guffawing and joking coarsely as they zipped up their pants and put on their shoes and shirts.

Hank strode up to where Glenda lay and squatted down to look at her.

"Forgot my shoe-laces, baby," he drawled mockingly, unknotting the strings which dug painfully into her bruised knockers. "Thanks for the date! You ever need a good, hard fuck, just give me a call!"

With a loud laugh, he sprinted over to the car, into which the other two guys had already piled. The car went screeching away from the deserted warehouse, leaving Glenda alone and naked among the tattered remnants of her clothes...

Somehow, Glenda made it home that night. She managed to pin together her clothes in a semi-respectable fashion and took a cab as soon as she saw one.

She felt numb and blank. For a few days, she seemed to live in a dream world where nothing made sense and everything was routine.

Then, a wild surge of energy possessed her. She decided to make her mark on the world. She quit college and prepared to leave for the Big Apple, New York City! She was going to sear across the modeling scene and make it on the covers of those fashion magazines if it killed her!

Glenda Farrell the spoiled, naive little princess was no more. In her stead was a woman, a woman with passion and ambition...

A woman with needs, deep needs, dark needs. Needs which plumbed the depths of her soul. She was confused, excited, frightened, but above all, determined to Live with a capital L!


Police Chief Rupert Farrell had wanted to fuck his daughter for years. Ever since his wife, Sharon, had died, in fact.

Rupert and Sharon had had an idyllic marriage. He was a hot shot policeman in Potter's Bluff, the son and the grandson of mayors of the city. He liked the power and the good a policeman had in the community. It gave Rupert a sense of strength and self-worth.

Sharon had been a vivacious, lovely thing, a redhead like Glenda, and she was the winner of several major beauty pageants, including Miss Arkansas, before she married Rupert.

Glenda, their only child, was their pride and joy, and when she grew up to be such a bright, gorgeous, popular young thing, they were proud as punch.

Then, Sharon died and Rupert was all alone in the wood frame house on Lothario Lane with his buxom teenaged daughter. He tried dating other women for a while. He was a ruggedly handsome fellow, and became the youngest Police Chief in the state, so he was considered quite a good catch.

But he couldn't get very interested in the other women. His memories of Sharon obsessed him, and he found himself looking at Glenda and seeing Sharon; seeing Sharon slowly, voluptuously become all of those things he had found the most exciting in his wife...

Rupert began to drink quite a lot. He lavished affection and money on his spoiled child, and mentally punished himself for the incestuous desires which started to burn in his brain and in his balls...

Lately, he had begun to frequent prostitutes. He chose red-haired girls in their late teens. He created elaborate fantasy-scenarios in sleazy motel rooms, and paid through the teeth for this luxury.

Sometimes, when he had drunk enough and was lust-crazed enough, he made the girl say she was "Glenda" and call him "Daddy". Later, he would be almost prostrated with remorse...

When Glenda announced one day that she was planning to leave home and move to New York, it affected Rupert terribly. It was as if his wife had told him she was leaving him for another man... He felt guilty about this, and tried to be happy and supportive of his daughter's momentous decision.

"What's good for my Princess is good enough for me!" he said.

Glenda gave him a strange, tender look, something subtle flickering in her long-lashed hazel eyes. She had penetrated a barrier of her father's personality, and had seen things that had been invisible before.

Glenda was especially kind and sweet to her father during the last few weeks before she left town. One day, about a week before she left, Glenda said to her father, "Daddy, on Tuesday night, I'm going to have a special party for you, so don't make any plans."

"What kind of party, Glenda?" Rupert Farrell inquired, curious.

"A party for you and me. Your birthday is next month, and I won't be there, so we'll celebrate early. And we'll celebrate my big step towards fame and riches!"

Tuesday night, Rupert was sprawled in his big arm chair in the den, watching a football game on the boob tube. He had a Heineken clutched in one beefy paw, and about six empty beer cans were scattered on the floor at his feet.

Rupert Farrell was a strikingly handsome man. He was forty, and seemed in his prime. He was big and brawny. A two year stint in the Marines had taught him self-discipline and bodily pride.

Now, he took great care of his physique, working out at the gym at the police station at least three times a week.

Six foot three, Rupert Farrell weighed two hundred and sixty pounds of beefy brawn. He had a squarish head with a belligerent, lantern-like jaw. Thick, surly brows shaded his deep-set, storm-gray eyes.

He had craggy, copper-toned good looks, like one of those rugged guys in Marlborough commercials. His black hair was cropped within a half inch of his scalp in military fashion.

That evening, Rupert's red and black checkered lumberjack shirt was unbuttoned, revealing the heavy slabs of his chest muscles and thick coils of the dense, dark hair which foamed over much of his body. His well-worn dungarees bulged massively at the crotch. His legs were long and thick at the thighs, trunks of powerful muscle.

He heard the front door bang, and his ears pricked up. He heard Glenda's dainty foot-fall on the hail floor, and unwitting lust crept through his sweaty balls.

"Daddy?" Glenda called in her silvery, musical tones.

"Yes, honey?" Rupert called back.

"I'll be down in a minute!" she cried, and he heard her going up the stairs.

A few minutes later, Glenda called from the top of the stairs, "Daddy! Come upstairs! I've got a surprise for you!"

Rupert grunted, getting to his feet and striding towards the stairs. The big law enforcement officer felt a trifle groggy from all the beer he had consumed, but he was always ready to oblige his darling daughter.

"Where are you, Glenda?"

"In your room, Daddy!"

Rupert walked through the threshold of his room and gasped. It was festooned with crepe paper and glowed with the light of many candles. Glenda stood beaming in the center of the room, holding out a cake with white frosting, covered with little candles. The bed was heaped with packages, and a bottle of champagne on ice rested on his bed side table.

"Oh, Glenda! You shouldn't have!" Rupert exclaimed, truly moved.

"Of course I should! My darling Daddy deserves only the best!" Glenda cried merrily, setting down the cake and giving her father a big kiss.

Her lips felt warm and supple against his, and an uncontrollable surge of kinetic heat rippled through the brawny cop as his buxom daughter's mouth brushed his.

Glenda looked dazzling. She was wearing a sexy crimson dressing gown, knotted at the waist with a red velvet belt. The gown had long sleeves and a high collar, which were fringed with fluffy white rabbit fur. Her thick red hair tumbled sexily around the shoulders of the gown.

"Come, Daddy," Glenda purred, taking his arm after they had each eaten a slice of cake. "Let's open the presents!"

Chapter FOUR

Each gift was prettily wrapped in colored paper and tied with ribbons. Glenda plopped down in an antique rocking chair and watched impishly as her handsome father unwrapped his presents.

The first few gifts were pretty routine: slippers, a tie, a bottle of Rupert's favorite cologne, etc. Then they really started getting unusual and interesting.

"What's this for?" Rupert inquired, furrowing his brows as he held up two lengths of white rope.

The package contained a half dozen of these ropes, each one wound up and neatly tied with a red ribbon.

"Well, rope always comes in handy!" Glenda teased with a giggle, sipping from a glass of bubbly.

She watched impishly as her father unwrapped the next present. Rupert gasped and threw his daughter a frowning look. But he was unable to repress a smile when he saw the delighted look on her gorgeous face.

"I could run you in for this, young lady!" Police Chief Farrell thundered in mock anger.

The package contained an ounce of fragrant Acapulco Gold. Fine, aromatic marijuana -- the very best! Several fat, rolled joints were tucked into the bag.

"Oh, don't be such a goody goody!" Glenda giggled. "Haven't you ever smoked grass before, Daddy? Even once?"

"No, ma'am," Rupert said firmly. "And it shocks me no end to know that you obviously have!"

"Daddy, you're the limit! Get with it! Pot is FUN! It mellows you out! Police Chief or not, tonight your naughty little girl is going to get you stoned!"

Glenda lit up one of the reefers and took a deep drag. She passed it to Rupert, who hesitated for only a moment before puffing on it. He liked the way it tasted.

Strange, heated excitement was building within him. This was quite an unorthodox birthday party his little girl was throwing him!

Something was in the air, some secret, Rupert knew instinctively that he and his daughter were moving into excitingly dangerous territory...

The marijuana tingled through his senses subtly. At first, he didn't even realize what was happening, because he already had a buzz from the beer and champagne. Then it hit him, with a glorious splash of liquid heat.

Everything seemed rosy and warm and oh so sensual! Glenda looked exotic in her red, fur-lined dressing gown. He'd never seen in her that garment before. She was inclined to wear very revealing outfits which all but bared her stupendous knockers -- knockers Rupert thought about incessantly, and longingly...

It struck him suddenly that it was odd that Glenda was wearing that gown now. It covered her body from neck to ankle. It hugged the shapely contours of her hour glass figure, however, showing off those high, proud breasts.

The next gift was a black leather riding crop. Rupert looked at it, puzzled, and then gaped at Glenda till she laughed.

"I thought you might want to take up horse back riding!" Glenda giggled teasingly.

"GLENDA!" Rupert cried hoarsely, scandalized as he opened the next package.

It contained a rather large vibrator, smooth and ivory white, complete with batteries! It was ten and a half inches long.

"You can give it to one of your lady friends, if you like, you sly dog!" Glenda giggled.

"Young lady, you are really naughty!" Rupert growled, but then he grinned.

Lust was winding its molten tendrils through his lower body. His heart was pounding and his hands felt clammy. He could hardly see straight. And Glenda kept passing him a joint to puff on, lighting one right after the other...

The last package was, quite obviously, a stack of magazines. Rupert supposed it was old issues of Sports Illustrated, which Glenda knew he liked to collect.

He was astounded to find that he was wrong. Very wrong! The luridly illustrated magazines were certainly about a primitive form of sport, but one not shown on public television very often.

They had titles like Bondage News, Rope, Bound Beauties, Tied & Whipped, Roped Sluts, etc. Each page of each magazine was chock full of shockingly revealing photographs of people doing outrageous sexual things to one another.

But all these pictures and magazines were about hot S & M scenes. Big, busty blondes, tied and gagged, clamps on their nipples, whip marks on their bare buttocks, got fucked from behind by powerful studs, some with leather masks, some with whips and belts, which they liberally made use of.

Thoroughly stoned, his head swimming on an erotic sea of dizzy sensation, Rupert flipped through the pages of the magazines without a word, his gray eyes blazing greedily as he drank in the lascivious images which gleamed glossily in the warm candle light.

Slowly, he looked up, a confused, rather stricken expression on his flushed, ruggedly handsome visage.

"Glenda, honey, uh, why... why did you give me these?" he croaked hoarsely.

Glenda shrugged, smiling at him voluptuously. Her vixenish hazel eyes strobed signals of unabashed desire at her sexy Dad.

"Because I thought it might be fun, Daddy," she purred, rising from the rocking chair.

She took a final sip of champagne and whirled around to face him, her eyes flashing as she unknotted the belt to her robe. Smiling sensuously, the buxom red-head let the dressing gown slip from her shoulders and fall in a crimson heap at her feet.

Rupert Farrell gasped aloud, his eyes rounding. He couldn't believe what he saw! He blinked and shook his head. No, it was true!

Glenda wore a shocking outfit. It consisted of a sexy corset-like ensemble made largely of black lace, so it was virtually transparent. This unusual corset curved into a half-brassiere, which cupped the lower slopes of Glenda's enormous, thrusting jugs, fully revealing her ripe, red nipples.

There was a big gash cut in the crotch of the gossamer piece of clothing, a gash fringed in red fur, and this gash revealed the fleshy gash of Glenda's hot cunt! Glenda had shaven her twat smooth as a baby's, and the moist, pouty lips gleamed in the candle light, coral pink and dewy with girl-lust.

Connected to the corset with garters were a pair of black net stockings, sexily shading the red-head's lithe, shapely gams. On her feet, she wore black stiletto-heeled shoes.

She looked incredible! Flame-red hair, sexy hazel eyes, queen-sized titties, wet, smooth snatch, and that outrageous outfit! It was enough to make a fellow cream in his BVDs!

Which is almost what Police Chief Farrell did as he gawked at his nubile nineteen year old daughter, standing in front of him in his bedroom.

"Like it, Daddy?" Glenda cried musically, spinning around as she displayed her ensemble.

Rupert became aware that the perfume she wore was very enticing. He was also aware of the uncomfortable bulge in his pants...

"It's... It's very sexy, Glenda!" he managed to gasp thickly, blushing to the roots.

"Now, Daddy," Glenda said gaily, darting over to his dressing table. "I want you to get all dressed up for your little girl!"

"Huh?" Rupert inquired a little stupidly.

"Here! I've laid everything out for you to put on!" Glenda remarked briskly, stepping aside to show him what she meant.

Rupert's old policeman uniform, from when he was a cop on a beat, was laid out neatly across the table. Alongside the uniform and his hat were his gun in its holster, his handcuffs, and his billy club.

"Honey, your old man is getting just a little bewildered," Rupert Farrell admitted with a shaky chuckle.

"We're going to have a wild, fun party, Daddy!" Glenda cried, pouting girlishly, "Please play! Now! I'll go into my room and put on some music, and when I come back, I hope to see you all dressed up like a big, mean cop! Won't it be fun? We'll act out a fun little play, just you and me!"

With that, the naughty red-head skipped out of the room and entered hers, which was just two doors down the hall. Glenda's heart was pounding wildly. Kittenish, druggy delight soared through her. She felt high as a kite, and totally exhilarated.

She had planned this little party for some time, ever since it had occurred to her that her dear, big, handsome father had the hots for her. She had seen it in his eyes.

And that thought had driven her wild with a strange, obsessive fire. Odd, confused images crashed through her sex-starved brain. She began to concoct a lurid little fantasy, a fantasy she knew she had the power to make come true...

She went over to her stereo and selected an Aretha Franklin album. She put it on, then primped in the mirror, and swayed majestically out of the room, heading towards her father and a kinky, off the wall fantasy come to life...

As she stepped into Rupert's room, Aretha's voice could be heard wailing over the speakers in Glenda's room the opening lyrics of A Man And A Woman...

Glenda moaned softly, bright spots of color burning in her cheeks, her eyes flashing as she stared at the spectacle before her.

Police Chief Rupert Farrell stood masterfully in the middle of the room. His blue cap was pushed back rakishly on his head. He looked tall and proud in his spruce blue cop uniform, with its gleaming silver badge.

His gun bulged in the holster at his waist. His billy club was clutched in one big, meaty paw. His eyes were furrowed, stem and savage, blazing orbs of smoky gray...

Rupert smacked the billy club in his hand as he stared at his buxom, scantily clad daughter. Savage heat was igniting in his loins. He felt power and excitement almost overwhelm him as he slipped into the role he now knew his daughter wanted him to play.

"Marijuana and porn!" he snarled in a deep, gravelly voice. "Enough to put you away for a year, girl! I oughta run you in. Yeah, I oughta run you in right now!"

"Oh, please, Daddy! I'm sorry I was so naughty! I promise never to be so beastly again!" Glenda pleaded, batting her lashes at him innocently and poking out her lower lip.

"The law is the law, Glenda," Rupert said harshly. "And my job is to enforce that law. To keep the scum from polluting our pristine environment. Clean, strong law enforcement. Purification. That's my job, hitch. And you're stepping on my toes."

Raw lust was creeping into his voice, and Glenda shuddered, dark, primal feelings starting to swirl all through her body. She felt her nipples growing hard. She felt her pussy growing hot and wet and oh so itchy...

"Oh. Daddy! I'll do anything to make up for it!" Glenda wailed petulantly, real tears glistening on her long lashes.

Rupert strode over to the bed and swept up the handcuffs in one beefy paw. Striding forward, he frowned at her fiercely, flexing is muscles as he towered above his buxom daughter.

"Look at you! Dressed up like a fuckin' slut!" Police Chief Farrell snarled. "Your mother must be spinning in her grave! Come on! Put out your hands, slut!"

"Oh, Daddy! You're so cruel!" whimpered Glenda, but she docilely extended her hands.

An illicit thrill shot through the stoned teenager as she felt the cold iron cuffs clamp tightly around her slender wrists. She was trembling in excitement. Her head was positively spinning.

"Come over here!" commanded Farrell authoritatively, pulling her by the cuffs over to the foot of the bed.

He grabbed up one of the ties she had given him. He knotted one end around the chain linking the cuffs. He took the other end and tied it securely around the bed post.

Taking another tie, he knotted it and slipped it around her neck. Cinching it tight, he tied the end of it to the bed post, too.

Glenda was thoroughly incapacitated! The tie chafed her neck deliciously, making the blood pound in her temples. She was moaning softly with almost delirious delight.

"Oh, Daddy, what are you going to DO?" Glenda wailed querulously, but her eyes were sparkling with greedy excitement.

"I'm going to teach you one helluva lesson, babe!" Farrell announced gruffly. "Hell, maybe you're right. Maybe I can't run you in. Wouldn't look right, a cop turning in his own flesh and blood. Cop's gotta enforce the laws in his own family. Use a firm hand. Keep the rebellious ones under control. I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget, Glenda. Yeah, this is gonna be the time that Glenda got hers..."

He picked up the riding crop, gripping the phallic leather end in the strong fingers of his right hand. His gray eyes burned with savage passion as he regarded Glenda's ripe buttocks.

The corset-like garment looked very alluring from behind, too. A gossamer stripe of lace hiked up her butt crack, forming a thin strap around her waist. The full globes of her rounded, snow white bubble buns were completely revealed.

Licking his dry lips, Rupert lifted the champagne bottle and gulped down a few mouthfuls of the bubbly liquid before turning his attention to Glenda's derriere once more.

Bracing himself, he lifted his arm high and gave a savage grunt as he swung the riding crop down hard across Glenda's tender bottom. The resilient crop snapped vigorously across her buns, making a loud, sharp cracking sound.

An instant later, a long rosy mark burned across the tender white globes of Glenda's rump. Glenda's body jerked violently as her father laid into her tingling buttocks.

She gave a high-pitched yelp, tears springing to her eyes as pain sang through her veins, savage music which thrilled her to the core. She choked back sobs of hysterical delight as Rupert swung his arm again and again, raining her agonized buttocks with brutal swipes of the stinging leather crop.

Rupert was panting thickly, sadistically loving the reverberation of each blow along his arm as he whipped his buxom daughter's aching rump again and again. She started screaming lustily, tossing her thick mane of flame red hair, plaintively begging him to stop, to have mercy.

But he could tell from her voice that she really wanted it, more than anything else in the world. And even if she hadn't wanted it, he was so caught up in the brutal fantasy, it was doubtful whether he would have stopped. His raging hardon strained savagely against the confines of his blue trousers and his boxer shorts, demanding release.

He varied the path of his blows, directing the crop up between her legs a few times, snapping it skillfully across the tender lips of her labia. Glenda uttered blood-curdling howls each time the crop stung her swollen snatch.

Explosions of masochistic ecstasy seared through her loins, and she sobbed and writhed, the tie twisting and burning against her throat, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. Her pussy juice trickled in honeyed rivulets down her legs, soaking her net stockings.

"Yeah! You like your big, masterful stud of a father tanning your hide, don't ya, slut?" Rupert panted thickly, bringing the crop down hard. "Feel my power, bitch! Feel my raw, animal power! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!"

Glenda's body jerked and quivered, mingled pleasure and pain stinging through her reddened buttocks, making her hot pussy twitch wetly.

Rupert strode up to her, panting hard. He clapped his left hand hard against one of her red-striped buns, making it smart with fresh pain as he dug his cruel fingers into the tender, creamy flesh.

"Learned your lesson yet, cunt?" demanded the Police Chief.

"Y-Yes, Daddy! Y-YEEEES!" wailed Glenda.

"Hmmm. We'll see about that," he snarled gruffly, sliding the riding crop lewdly between her legs, brushing the tip of it against the velvety folds of her labia.

Abruptly, he tossed the riding crop aside. With deft fingers, he unknotted the belts which secured her to the bed posts. Glenda whimpered, sinking to her knees on the carpet, her cuffed hands drooping between her legs.

"What do you mean by reading this filth, girl?" Rupert demanded harshly, grabbing up one of the porno magazines and slapping Glenda across the face with it. "Huh? HUH? You're nothing but a dirty whore, ain't ya, bitch? You're a conniving, sneaky, spoiled little whore, living high on the hog off your father's money while you let every Tom, Dick and Harry fuck you like the dirty harlot you are!"

He slapped her face none too gently, and Glenda squealed, her cheek smarting warmly. The sight of her hulking stud of a father, looming above her like a uniformed God, was almost enough to make her swoon.

She saw the hot, savage flames which burned in his glowering eyes. She saw the way his muscles bulged beneath his clothing. She saw that extra large bulge in his pants, throbbing lewdly against his trouser leg like a rigid snake...

Rupert drew his gun. It gleamed malevolently in the candle light. It wasn't loaded, of course, but it was still frightening. He waved it in front of Glenda's face, then jabbed the blunt snout of the gun against her puffy lips.

"Suck my gun, girl!" roared Police Chief Farrell. "Milk this cold, steel phallus! This is the phallus of law and order! You've probably sucked every other phallus in Potter's Bluff! Now it's time to suck this one!"

Glenda gurgled as she slurped at the cold steel barrel of the gun. Rupert pumped it back and forth over her warm pink tongue. She looked up at him with big, angelic hazel eyes, little bubbles of saliva frothing at the corners of her humming, suckling mouth. It was the kind of sight which drives a gut nuts with lust...

He pulled the gun from between her lips and tossed it onto a chair. Quickly, he started to undress. His dark pants were tucked into black shiny boots. He dragged his pants down to the boots, leaving them there.

He unbuttoned his blue tunic and shrugged it off. Underneath, he wore a guinea tee shirt, baring his incredibly brawny arms and a good deal of his powerfully muscled chest.

What a body her sexy father had! Glenda stared with child-like delight at it, cooing softly. Thick tufts of black hair escaped over the neck-line of his form-fitting tank top tee shirt.

His pectorals were solid globes of bulging, beefy muscle. His arms were huge, with cantaloupe-sized biceps and ham-like hands. Tattoos adorned his thick upper arms.

Glenda swept her eyes down to his lower body, and shuddered in excitement. Rupert's legs were strong and hairy. A set of musky, baseball-sized nuts swung meatily half-way to his knees.

His belly was starting to thicken just a little, and was very furry. From a thick, crinkly nest of coarse black hairs, Rupert Farrell's horse-cock erupted like a truncheon, jerking savagely up and down in the air as manly lust surged through his naked loins.

His cock was eleven inches long and thick as Glenda's wrist. Ropy veins latticed the pulsating, corrugated shaft of Rupert's member. His cock-head was blunt and heart-shaped, about the size of a child's list. A dewy droplet of clear moisture leaked from his fat glans, glistening like a bead of transparent mercury.

"Now it's Daddy's turn, bitch!" Rupert snarled thickly. "Daddy's gonna get something for all the trouble he put into raising you, you Goddamn cocksuckin' whore!"

He took off his cap long enough to peel out of his tight tank top tee shirt. Tossing this garment onto the bed, he plopped the cap down on his bullet-shaped head and stood mightily in front of his kneeling daughter.

His powerful legs were splayed apart. His pants and undershorts were bunched around his boots. He flexed his huge muscles, and Glenda shuddered, watching them bulge like belts and slopes of steel beneath his hot, hairy flesh.

The tie still dangled from Glenda's neck, laying between her healthy knockers. Rupert grabbed the end of the tie and jerked on it roughly, dragging Glenda forward.

He pulled her towards a big armchair in the corner of the room, forcing Glenda to scramble frantically forward on her knees to keep from choking. When he reached the chair, Rupert sat on it, splaying his knees wide, jerking Glenda up between his legs.

"Suck Daddy's beefy man-breasts, Glenda!" Rupert ordered harshly, gripping a handful of her hair and shoving her face against his heaving chest.

Glenda moaned hoarsely, greedily mouthing and lapping at the furry mounds of her father's flexing pectorals. His paps grew rigid as hot rubber rivets as she circled them with her warm lips and suckled like a baby.

"Uh huh! Milk on Daddy's pecs, Princess! Yeah! Nurse on my beefy tits, you fuckin' whore!" Rupert snarled thickly.

He clamped his sweaty paws around the full, creamy mounds of Glenda's boobs, kneading them roughly, scraping his thumbs over the exposed buds of her nipples.

Lifting one arm, he dragged Glenda's gasping face up beneath it, smothering her in the sweaty hollow.

"Suck your father's hot armpit, cunt! Suck it clean!" Rupert muttered thickly.

Glenda gurgled, the blasting heat of his pungent armpit swamping her senses, making her eyes and mouth water with bitch passion. Sluttishly, the handcuffed red-head licked her father's hairy armpit, tangling her taster in the thick, greasy fur, savoring the tangy, smoky flavor which burned in her mouth.

Farrell's chest was heaving violently as he panted with lustful excitement. He twisted his fingers in his daughter's hair and roughly jerked her head down between his legs.

"Now it's time, Glenda!" he roared harshly. "It's time to wrap those hot red lips of yours around your Daddy's bull-meat!"

Chapter FIVE

Licking her father's strong, hairy thighs, Glenda Farrell was drunk with wild, hedonistic passion. She purred and whimpered, loving it when he tugged savagely at her hair and ordered her to do things with his deep, harsh voice.

She loved the hot, pungent scent of her father's crotch. Shuddering, she ran her rose pink tongue in long, wet licks up and down the sturdy shaft of his eleven inches of horse-cock.

She twined her taster around the bloated, twitching tube steak, purring sluttishly as she curled her sulky lips around the fat, blunt cock-crown, taking it in her mouth. She was trembling in excitement as she milked on the pulpy dick-knob.

Her jaws strained slowly apart in order to accommodate the mammoth dimensions of her father's manhood. Slowly, she suckled her way down the thick, veiny shaft, curling her licker in a delectable trough beneath his throbbing member.

"Suck it! Suck it, bitch! Y-Yeah! Take Daddy's meat deep in your throat! AAAWWWW, YYEEEAH!" growled Rupert thickly.

He was jerking on the end of the tie which was looped around her slender swan-like neck. Her big knockers wobbled against her knees.

Glenda made choked gurgling, gasping sounds as she forced her Daddy's king-sized dong into her hot, tight throat. Tears streamed from her eyes and her senses whirled from lack of oxygen.

She took it all, a wild flurry of primal heat exploding through her zaftig body as inch after meaty inch of Rupert Farrell's bull-cock speared down her gurgling gullet. Soon, her rounded, raspberry pink lips were milking moistly at the wrist-sized root of her Daddy's prick.

Her upturned little button of a nose was jammed into his sweaty pubes. His greasy nuts nudged lewdly against her chin.

Rupert let go of the tie and clamped his big paws around his daughter's head in a vise-like grip. Grunting thickly, he started to slam her head roughly up and down, heaving forward with his hips as he fucked Glenda's velvety, gurgling throat with brute force.

Glenda gagged and whimpered, her eyes bugging out, tears streaming down her cheeks. She could hardly breathe! She managed to inhale through her nose when her father's squarish dick-crown popped out of her aching throat, but he almost immediately pumped it down to the root once more.

"Suck, slut! SUCK! Milk my big fuckin' COCK, you dirty CUNT!" Rupert Farrell roared, specks of saliva flying from the corners of his lips.

Roughly, he dragged back her head by the hair, his bull-meat squelching out of her groaning mouth and snapping up rigidly against his beefy belly. He fisted his manhood with his free hand, and used it like a whip, smacking the sides of his daughter's fist with his raging hardon, rubbing the fat, greasy knob all over her mewling red lips, smearing them with pre-come.

"Get down on Daddy's balls, girl!" Police Chief Farrell commanded. "Lick those big fuckin' bull balls GOOD!"

Glenda gave a muffled squawk as he mashed her face into the greasy, wrinkly folds of his scumbag. Shuddering, the buxom red-head opened her mouth, wrapping her warm lips around each of the bloated, egg-shaped nuggets, milking them gently, sliding her taster back and forth along the underside of his scrotum.

"Yeah! YEAH! Do it, girl! Lap Daddy's nuts! Awwww, f-fuck, that's GOOD!" Farrell groaned hoarsely, jacking his cock.

Kicking his legs, he managed to pull his feet out of his boots and pants. His fingers still twisted in Glenda's russet-hued tresses, Rupert swung his beefy legs over each of the arms of the chair.

This action pulled his hairy, beefy rump into view. Glenda was still licking and suckling his huge balls, mewling softly, the coarse hairs of his crotch tickling her nose.

"Get down and suck your father's asshole, girl!" Rupert Farrell roared in ringing tones. "Rim that butt-hole clean!"

He grunted with animalistic delight as Glenda gladly buried her pretty face between the furry, muscled slabs of her father's buttocks.

The pungent heat of Police Chief Farrell's ass seared Glenda's senses. She moaned, poking out her tongue, sliding it up and down his deep, greasy ass crack.

Greedily, she ferreted out the taut, puckered bud of his anus. She lapped it slavishly, feeling it quiver in delight. She plunged her tongue right up her father's ass, and Rupert bellowed his approval.

"AWWWWWW!! Y-YEEEAH! Eat out my ass, slut! Get that tongue way up there! AAAAAAH!" he moaned thickly, pumping his hefty schlong in a frenzy of bestial passion.

Suddenly, he pushed her away from him, panting hard as he sprang to his feet. He kicked her in the side, knocking her over.

"Get up, slut! Get over to that bed! Pronto!" roared Rupert.

Glenda staggered to her feet, whimpering feebly as she rushed over to the bed and flopped face down upon it, trembling with girlish anticipation. Rupert strode up to her and roughly flipped her over on her back.

He held the key to the cuffs in one hand. He unlocked the cuffs swiftly and tossed them aside.

"Now!" he commanded harshly. "Lie on the bed with your arms and legs spreadeagled! Do it, whore! Now!"

He slapped one of her bouncy tits hard as he spoke. Glenda squealed in delighted pain and sprang into subservient action. She threw out her arms and legs, panting nervously as she stared up at her hairy stud of a father.

Rupert took one of the new lengths of rope Glenda had given him and grabbed Glenda's right ankle. Swiftly, he tied her foot to the bed post. Moving rapidly, the muscle bound Police Chief strapped his buxom teenaged daughter's hands and feet to each of the bed posts, rendering her absolutely immobile.

The bonds cut into her tender white flesh. The feeling filled her with incredible delight, voluptuous delight which burned through her, making her moan and cry out.

Grabbing up his musky BVDs, Rupert leaned forward and stuffed them into Glenda's mouth. He quickly tied a length of rope around her head, knotting it between her teeth to keep his make-shift gag in place.

Squatting between her legs, Rupert tugged and tore savagely at her frilly, lace-covered corset. It was easy to remove, and in a few moments, he tossed the discarded garment aside and stared down at his naked daughter with blazing, lust-heated gray eyes.

Glenda still wore her stockings and high heels. Spread out like that, with ropes around her limbs, with his undershorts stuffed in her mouth, tied there with more rope, she looked incredibly hot!

Police Chief Farrell felt savage power and lust rip through him as he stared at her. Yes, the hot fucking whore was at his mercy! He had her in his total power! His own beautiful, stacked slut of a daughter...

"Yeah, bitch! Spread and bound for Daddy! You're gonna get yours now, Glenda, baby!" Police Chief Farrell muttered thickly.

He picked up the big white vibrator and twisted the base. It purred into action, reverberating against his calloused fingers.

He placed the tip of it against the hollow of Glenda's neck and slowly, teasingly, moved it downward, sliding it over each of his daughter's mountainous breasts. He rotated the pulsing knob over Glenda's fat, ripe nipples, and the vibrations made Glenda squirm and gurgle with sluttish pleasure.

She moaned through the gag as she felt her father slowly draw the rubber phallus down her stomach. Her hot twat quivered with anticipation as he lightly brushed the throbbing object against the insides of her tender, smooth-shaven thighs.

Ecstasy seared Glenda's lower body as Rupert started to run the vibrator over the juicy petals of her labia. She arched her back convulsively, shuddering and twitching, opening and closing her fingers spasmodically as rapture tore in almost agonizing waves through her supple loins.

Police Chief Farrell twirled the tip of the throbbing rubber phallus over her sensitized clitoris. Glenda really went wild were her Daddy did this. Her loud screams were muffled by her father's sweaty underpants, and Glenda tossed her mane of flame-red hair violently from side to side as ecstasy scorched her twat.

"Yeah! You got a hot fuckin' pussy, don't ya, slut?" Rupert snarled. "Hot and wet! Ready to be fucked! I'm gonna work that pussy good, Princess! Daddy's gonna fuck you GOOD!"

Glenda sobbed brokenly as she felt him slowly insert the quivering vibrator into her suctioning vagina. Ripples of unbelievable pleasure ran through her loins as the thick rubber object stroked up inside her, sliding deeper and deeper, stretching her wide.

Her honeyed pussy lips squirmed around the serrated end of the vibrator, and she could feel all ten and a half inches of it purring inside her, making the squirming, satiny walls of her inner pussy explode with pleasure.

"Yeah, bitch! Take it!" Police Chief Farrell muttered hoarsely.

He began to pump the artificial pecker in and out of his daughter's wet pink cunny, watching with glittering gray eyes as the thick rubber vibrator spread the rosy petals of Glenda's labia and disappeared inside her again and again.

Glenda's cunt juices trickled copiously, saturating the vibrator, making it gleam. Moist suctioning sounds came from the point where her swollen twat milked around the thick, thrusting object.

Glenda began bucking with her hips, moaning feverishly as she was drenched in hedonistic ecstasy. The strong ropes dug into the flesh of her wrists and ankles, adding to the illicit sensations which flooded her.

"I think you need something bigger up there, slut!" Rupert Farrell announced huskily as he pulled the vibrator out of her with a moist popping sound.

He switched it off, tossing the white dildo onto a chair. He was panting hard. His hairy chest heaved, and his muscles flexed masterfully.

His rigid erection thrust potently into the air, throbbing with desire, leaking a glistening bead of pre-come. He scrambled down between Glenda's forcibly spread legs, planting one hand on the sheets beside her waist and gripping hold of his dong with the other.

He slapped Glenda's warm, wet cunny with his prick a few times, lewdly rubbing the fat, gooey knob over her buttery pussy lips and sleek inner thighs. He edged his penis forward, lodging its crown in the squirming opening of Glenda's hot vulva.

The buttery heat of his daughter's velvet-soft cunny around his dick-head made the rugged cop groan aloud with bestial excitement. Hot blood pounded in his temples as savage lust scorched his senses.

"Feel it, baby! Feel Daddy's big, hard cock slidin' up your hot CUNT!" Police Chief Farrell rasped huskily.

He snapped his hips forward, driving several inches of his wrist-thick dong up Glenda's silken fuck-furrow. Glenda's body jerked and she uttered a choked shriek of ecstasy, digging her teeth into his BVDs.

Rupert moaned as he felt the molten suction of her tight twat around his member. He rocked his hips, stirring his cock in her heavenly love-pouch. Then he began to fuck hard.

He pumped all eleven inches of his massive truncheon up her squirming snatch. His thick pubic hairs rubbed against Glenda's buttery cunt lips. Rupert slowly churned his hips from side to side, making his pecker expand and pulsate proudly against the tender, clinging walls of her oven-hot vagina.

"Hot fuckin' PUSSY!" Rupert grunted through clenched teeth.

He plunged in and out of her, his hairy ass humping up and down. His beefy belly smacked against Glenda's tummy rhythmically, and hoarse groans rumbled in the Police Chief's throat as he stroked in and out of his red-haired daughter's sweet cunny.

"Like that, slut? Yeah! You like having your tight cunt rammed full of big, thick horse-meat! Uh huh! Feel me fuckin' you, slut! Yeah! YEAH!" Rupert panted thickly as he pounded into her, making the bed springs creak and moan in protest. "Teach you a lesson, bitch! Teach you to respect your father and the law! Gonna make you my hot fuckin' sex-slave, cunt! Oh, Y-YEAH! Take it, girl! TAKE IT!"

He was really socking it to her now, heaving back so that all but the head of his bull-meat squelched free from the molten glove of her cunt, then thrusting forward roughly, lodging his dong to the hilt inside her. He was nearly knocking the breath from his daughter's lungs each time he fucked into her.

Glenda gurgled and writhed, searing jolts of ecstasy strobing through her bucking, trussed up body. Her juicy snatch sucked greedily around the huge tool which pumped it full again and again. The savage friction of that heavy dick-pole against the tender walls of her vagina sent her hurtling into depths of molten ecstasy.

She was coming! Gloriously, violently... The white hot reverberations of liquid heat fanned through her gushing cunny and spread like a flash fire to all corners of her body, searing her nerve endings, making spots and colors dance and quiver behind her tear-dazzled eyes.

"Awwww, m-man! UNNNGH!" Police Chief Farrell roared hoarsely as he felt his girl's juicy snatch go wild around his pounding sex-tool. "Y-Yeah! GET READY, BITCH! GET READY FOR DADDY'S HOT THICK LOAD! AAAAAAAAH!"

He threw back his head and roared in bestial rapture, ramming his bull-meat to the alls in her sopping cunt, his muscles flexing and quivering as he held himself deep inside her. Big, hot jets of man-scum blasted from his nuts, ricocheting up his fuck tubes, spraying in steamy gushes deep in Glenda's hot hole.

The virile spurting of his sperm inside of her intensified the continuous explosions of her multiple orgasms, and she gurgled and shrieked through her gag, tossing her russet-hued tresses wildly from side to side. Her achingly sensitive cunny hungrily sucked around her father's big, spitting tool.

"Got my rocks off good, bitch! Yeah!" Rupert Farrell muttered hoarsely, pulling his rugged prick out of Glenda's sloppy twat. "Fucked my whore of a daughter real, real good... You got a hot cunt, babe. Hot cunt and a dirty mind. Gotta learn humility, you spoiled brat. Gotta learn to grovel!"

As he spoke, Police Chief Farrell rubbed his fingers all over Glenda's juicy, dripping cunt, pinching and pulling at the bloated folds of her labia, pumping his fingers into her gaping, sucking fuckhole. He fondled her stupendous knockers with his free hand.

He turned his attention to those gorgeous globes of cream-white flesh, clamping his big paws around them and kneading them hard. His eyes blazed with excitement as he ogled Glenda's ripe, silver dollar sized nubbins.

Growling, Rupert stooped down and clamped his drooling mouth around Glenda's right tit, cramming her nipple and as much of the surrounding white tissue between his teeth as he could. He slurped on her titty greedily, slobbering all over it as he ran his long, hungry taster round and round the pebbly halo of her aureole.

He clamped his strong teeth around Glenda's fat, throbbing nipple, biting into it, dragging it away from her boob and worrying it the way a dog worries a bone. Glenda shrieked in mingled pain and pleasure, arching her back and shuddering.

Rupert released her agonized nubbin and swooped down on its twin. He worked over his daughter's hot tits to his heart's content, polishing them with spit, leaving deep red tooth marks in the ivory white flesh.

Glenda's nubbins were soon as red as cherries and sprouted outward almost an inch, blazing rivets of bitch heat. Police Chief Farrell made sure to pinch and twist the nipple he wasn't sucking and chewing on.

Finally, he straightened up and climbed off the bed. Glenda flopped back, moaning hoarsely, erotic heat blazing through her swollen knockers.

She felt her father untying the bonds around her ankles. He gripped her stockinged gams and roughly pushed them forward, nearly doubling his daughter in two. Taking the ropes, he quickly lashed her ankles to the same bed posts her wrists were tied to. This twisted up Glenda's body like a pretzel, and she felt cramped and utterly helpless.

Her big, creamy buns were fully exposed now, and her hot, dripping snatch yawned open like a wet pink clam. Breathing hard, Rupert Farrell regarded his daughter, sadistic excitement mounting in his loins.

Damn, it turned him on to have the buxom girl tied up like that in his bed, spread and helpless, twisted into that grotesque position! Lust spasmed through his virile balls.

He hadn't lost his hardon, even though he'd just ejaculated a huge load up Glenda's twat. In fact, he felt as if he could go on all night, dominating and abusing his sex-starved whore of a daughter, subjecting her to his macho power.

Police Chief Farrell reached over and grabbed hold of his black night stick. It was big and shiny with a leather strap. He slapped it against his palm a few times, eyeing Glenda's buns hungrily.

Her buttocks were still striped with red lines from the whipping he'd administered with the riding crop. Now, he smacked his billy club against her squirming buns, making Glenda buck and scream through her gag.

"Gonna teach you to behave, girl! Yeah! You're gonna learn humility! Feel this big, strong night stick against your ass, slut! Take THAT! Take THAT! And THAT!" Rupert snarled, swinging his billy club against her aching, exposed buns. "Yeah! Scream, bitch! Scream while I whip your butt! Now I'm gonna shove it up there, girl. I'm gonna fuck you with my big, thick night stick, baby! Gonna fuck it right up your tight bitch ASS!"

He punched the thick, blunt end of the black billy club between Glenda's smarting buns. She whimpered and squirmed, her hazel eyes huge with fear as she gaped pleadingly up at her hairy brute of a father.

She felt the hard wooden club pressing against the tender rosette of her bunghole. Slowly, Rupert tightened his grip around the end of the night stick. His biceps bulged as he started to press forward with slow, deliberate force.

Gradually, her puckered anus started to squeeze open, spasming in protest as needles of sharp pain tore through the tender lining of Glenda's tight sphincter muscle. Her eyes bulged and hoarse screams strangled in her throat as her father shoved forward viciously.

The huge club ripped up into her bowels, sliding deep inside of her. A fireball of mind-blistering pain and pleasure scorched through Glenda's trussed up body. She shrieked and writhed against her bonds.

Her tender anus gaped into a huge, suckling "O" as her brutal father began to fuck the night club in and out of Glenda's steamy bowels. Police Chief Farrell grunted harshly, his biceps bulging as he rammed his arm back and forth, sliding the thick club deep in his daughter's guts again and again. Glenda shrieked through her gag, tossing her russet locks wildly from side to side as the excruciating jolts of agony and ecstasy tore through her.

"Yeah! Take it, slut! Take this big, masterful club way, way up your bitch ass! Feel the long arm of the law sockin' it to you, slut! Feel my power! Feel my macho POWER!" Farrell panted savagely as he twisted the thick stick around inside her.

The dark, blinding pain was giving way to a molten, overpowering surge of almost hysterical bitch passion. Glenda's trussed up body was heaving and wriggling as if she'd just stuck her finger in an electric socket.

The lips of her juicy snatch winked open and closed, bubbling with sluttish secretions. Each time her father rammed his wooden night stick deep in her bowels, Glenda screamed and gnashed at his bunched BVDs, a violent shock of masochistic pleasure echoing through her twat.

The heat kept on building, seething, boiling within her. Each muscular thrust of Police Chief Farrell's beefy arm sent scorching flames through Glenda's ass; and each time was more intense, more exquisite.

She was coming now, orgasming gloriously, lights and colors flashing and streaming behind Glenda's sex-dazzled eyes. She sobbed brokenly, shuddering as the crashing waves of rapture seared her senses again and again.

"OK, bitch! Now it's time to take your Daddy's scum up your pink cunt pouch!" Rupert Farrell announced huskily as he pulled his night stick out of Glenda's aching ass.

Panting hard, the hairy stud tossed the night stick aside and strode over to his dresser. He rummaged in a leather box on top of it, returning to the bed with two thick brass tie clasps.

Leaning forward, he squeezed the sharp teeth of the clasps open, yawning them around the rosy peaks of each of Glenda's erect nipples. With a savage growl, he snapped the clasps closed, and they bit deeply into the tender nubbins, making them bloat outward like rip raisins.

Had Glenda not been gagged by her Daddy's smelly underpants, her scream would have resounded down Lothario Lane. Pain seared her jiggling boobs, making Glenda's hot pussy vibrate with slavish need.

"Daddy's gonna fuck you now, bitch!" Rupert growled, scooting up behind her and clapping his hands around her aching buttocks.

He pushed his dong between her spread legs, and Glenda whimpered as he entered her, slowly sliding all eleven inches of it deep in her cunt. Rupert groaned, undulating his hips, digging his fingers into her butt cheeks, mauling at them as he began to pump hard.

His hard, sweaty loins beat a savage tattoo against Glenda's quivering buns as he fucked his daughter's tight wet cunny good and hard, grunting thickly as he socked it to her. It didn't take very long. So charged up was the savage policeman that he couldn't hold back his torrential load any longer.

Uttering a lusty roar, Rupert heaved forward hard, his horse-cock going off inside her like a fire hose.

The hot, thick squirts of her Daddy's sperm in Glenda's vagina made the bound buxom beauty writhe in ecstasy, coming right along with him...

The debauchery lasted until early in the morning. Glenda was sore for a week. She was sore when she arrived at JFK airport with an alligator skin valise and a cashier's check for eight hundred dollars.

Glenda Farrell got hers, and she was determined to get it again...

Chapter SIX

Once a big fish from a little pond finds its way into a big pond, trauma occasionally results. This is what happened to spoiled, pretty Glenda Farrell when she came to the Big Apple.

She found a quaint little apartment on East 3rd Street for two hundred and fifty dollars a month. She went around to model agencies, at first with great confidence, and then with uncertainty.

Most of the places said she was too full-figured, too tall, "not exactly the right type". It seemed that rail thin, ethereal, androgynous girls were all the rage that year, and this was not good news for the buxom red-head from Potter's Bluff.

Glenda began to quickly run out of money. Rather than bother her father, she took various rather unpleasant jobs -- waitress, cashier, and ultimately, topless dancer.

At the Hot Hot Hot Club (known to patrons as the Triple Hot Club), Glenda met a bunch of pretty bizarre people and fell in with a fast, loose crowd. She did coke and Ecstasy, the "designer drug", and joined a few specialized sex clubs.

It was at one of these clubs, the Secret Society of the Gilded Lily, that Glenda first met Baron Wilhelm von Brinkle. The Baron was what one might call a colorful character.

He was a flamboyant, multi-millionaire playboy, the son of a man whose products now appear in virtually every household in the country. He was not really a Baron, and his name was not really Wilhelm von Brinkle. He was not even German.

But he had lived a colorful life. A giant of a man, he had been a star football linebacker at Princeton. He had turned to professional wrestling, and became quite a popular ring "villain" for many years. It was as a wrestler that he started to use the pseudonym, Baron Wilhelm von Brinkle, and the name had stuck and was now legally his.

He tired of wrestling, and for a time managed a number of professional athletes. Then, he disappeared from the public eye. He was seen in all the best social sets, but no one quite new what it was he was doing with himself these days.

Actually, von Brinkle was prospering, in an illicit fashion. He had formed a huge club with

Chapter s in forty-eight states. He began to shoot movies at his outrageous estate in Connecticut. The movies and the club were all concerned with the same thing -- sexual bondage and domination, with sadomasochistic overtones.

The Secret Society of the Gilded Lily was a fairly tame S & M club which the Baron frequented in order to find new recruits for his bizarre games and movies. He zeroed in almost at once on Glenda Farrell, and fascinated her swiftly into submission...

Thus it was that one fine, clear September evening, Glenda was whisked out of New York City in a silver-gray limousine which sped into the countryside of Connecticut towards the Medieval castle the Baron von Brinkle had had constructed years before.

Glenda was highly excited about the evening. She had received a special, ornate invitation, embossed in flowery gold letters.

It read: Slave Girl Glenda Farrell Is Commanded To Appear At The Von Brinkle Castle On Monday, September 23rd. It was signed with the Baron's flourishing signature.

She was dressed sexily for the occasion. She wore a red tube top -- a thin tube of satin which did little other than cup the full, rounded orbs of her knockers. She also wore a white pleated mini-skirt, and her midriff was bared.

Her long, luscious gams were encased in flesh colored stockings, and she wore white shoes with six inch heels. Her flame red mane of hair foamed over her bared, smooth shoulders, framing the delicate oval of her gorgeous face. In short, Glenda Farrell looked fabulous.

The von Brinkle castle loomed like the set from an MGM historical film. It was a gray structure, with a real draw-bridge leading beyond the ten foot walls.

Her chauffeur was a sinister looking individual, and it was he who escorted her to the door of the castle. He was a huge, Neanderthalic person with a beefy, rugged face and small fishy green eyes and a toothy leer.

The door to the castle creaked open and a bizarrely clad, spectacularly beautiful maid stepped aside, ushering Glenda inside. The maid wore an apron and a white maid's cap, net stockings and black high heels, and nothing else. She had huge, swaying knockers, and gold rings went through her fat, pierced nipples.

"Right this way, Miss Farrell," the maid said crisply presenting her naked fanny as she led the way down a long hall lit by flaming torches.

They passed an opened doorway, and Glenda peered inside briefly. A mulatto wench was hanging by her hands from the wall, her wrists clamped together with iron manacles. A burly muscle-bound stud wearing a leather mask was whipping the naked wench with a cat-of-nine-tails, leaving long red welts across her back and buttocks, and eliciting piercing cries from the black girl's full, grimacing lips.

The maid showed Glenda through a door, and before she shut it, said sweetly, "Please wait here, Miss Farrell. And please bathe in the pool while you wait."

Glenda raised her eyebrows in surprise, looking around the room in wonder as the door clicked shut behind her. It was a cavernous room with coarse brick walls. There was a splendid swimming pool in the center of the gigantic room. The pool was shaped like a cock and balls, and the floor of the pool was inlaid with lewd mosaics of women being tortured and raped by men.

"Quaint," Glenda muttered ironically as she disrobed.

There was a table with a goblet full of shimmering, ruby-hued liquid. Glenda picked it up and sipped the mysterious elixir. It tasted delightfully sweet, with a faint, slightly acrid aftertaste. She found herself greedily gulping it down.

And as she stepped into the luke warm waters of the shallow pool, Glenda felt a delicious, dizzying heat start to swim through her veins, making her vision glow and her head shimmer. What the heck was in that drink, anyway?

As she swam through the clear waters, Glenda felt the sensations intensifying. She felt as if she were floating, embryonically, in a cosmic sea of sensual experience.

Her nipples hardened. Her twat contracted. Carnal desire knotted in her loins, and she mewled softly, loving the erotic feel of warm water on her naked flesh.

Dreamily, she waded out of the pool. The huge domed room was lit by a half-ring of torches which adorned one granite wall, casting a rosy, flickering light that made everything look lurid and bright.

She turned to look at the other wall, and a tremulous surge of illicit excitement welled up within her. The wall was dark and ugly and corrugated. It was covered with heavy iron manacles and chains and bizarre wood and steel and rubber and leather contraptions which looked as if they served a sinister purpose.

The door crashed open and Glenda whirled around. A quite bizarre procession entered the room. At its head was none other than Baron von Brinkle himself. He was instantly recognizable, though he wore a black eye mask.

Baron von Brinkle was a huge individual. Six foot five, two hundred and eighty pounds of meaty muscle, in fact. His bullet-shaped head was bald as an egg. He had thick, bushy eyebrows and hot brown eyes.

A moustache and a full beard adorned his lower face, and his mouth was wide and sensual with glittering pearl white teeth. His thick, bull-like neck connected with a pair of incredibly broad shoulders.

His arms were long and powerful, with bulging biceps and ropy bands of quivering sinew. Lats stood away from his chest magnificently, giving his torso the shape of a threatening cobra.

His pecs were beefy hills, covered densely with black, wiry hairs. His furry stomach was washboard rippling, and his thighs were tremendous.

Now, Baron wore a long scarlet cape, fastened at the throat by a gold scarab. He wore thick leather boots which came up to his knees. A novel belt, five inches thick, made of hand-tooled leather, surrounded his narrow waist.

This belt had wide pockets, and various things were stuffed into each of these -- sundry items, such as whips, dildos, and the like.

He wore black leather gloves, too. But besides this odd ensemble, the big, muscle-bound guy was naked as the day he was born.

His equine member swung massively over a positively huge set of low-hanging testicles. Yes, Baron Wilhelm von Brinkle was hung like the proverbial stallion!

The Baron was followed by three other persons. First was Ian, the hulking chauffeur. He was buck naked and outrageously well-endowed. His eyes were wild and he looked like a slavering beast without much intellect.

Then, there was the maid, whose name was Maude. Maude still wore that fun little apron and maid's cap and high heels, and her big pointy boobs stood out like torpedoes with red noses.

Finally, there was the enormous, muscle-bound brute with the black leather mask who had been beating the poor chained black woman ten minutes earlier.

Wilhelm clapped his hands thunderously, his eyes flashing majestically behind the slits of his black velvet mask. Immediately, Maude stepped forward, her sharp heels clicking on the cold stone floor.

She spoke in a loud, ringing voice, her almond-shaped blue-green eyes searing into Glenda like lasers. Glenda felt as if she were riveted to the spot hypnotically.

"You filthy, lowly wench, you have come here to see if you deserve to become part of the Baron's harem," Maude said. "Do you accept the challenge, or do you want to go creeping back into your hole like the cringing worm you are? Speak! And be respectful!"

"Yes, I accept the challenge," Glenda said, and her heart thrilled with wanton excitement.

Baron von Brinkle clapped his hands together again sharply, and his rich baritone boomed and echoed through the room.

"Prepare the slut for the ritual!" he roared, his eyes flashing.

Things seemed to grow cloudy and ethereal for Glenda. She was aware of a warm buzzing, of shimmering colors and shapes, of rough hands touching her, pulling her, moving her. And she felt like an innocent babe, her destiny wholly controlled by others, floating in that innocence with sensual grace.

When the clouds lifted, she was crouching on a cold stone bench. Her body leaned forward, and her head passed through a hole in a pair of boards which were clamped and locked together. It was an old-fashioned stocks, and it thoroughly incapacitated the buxom red-head.

Glenda's arms were twisted behind her back. Tight ropes were twisted and tied around her wrists and hands so she could hardly move them at all.

Her legs straddled the cold stone bench, and her ankles were clamped with iron manacles connected to the floor. Her boobs ached, and she slowly realized that tight ropes were trussed around the swollen gourds of her knockers, twisting into them cruelly.

Maude swayed up in front of her, smiling lasciviously. The buxom maid now had tit clamps screwed onto each of her fat, elongated nipples, digging into them cruelly. The pain made her eyes bright and a little crazy.

The maid slowly undid her apron and it fluttered to the ground. The hot, moist hill of her muff glittered in the torch light, two feet from Glenda's flushed face.

A thick mane of silky black hair fringed Maude's hot twat. The pulpy lips of her labia were rose pink and dewy. Glenda could see the erect clove of the girl's clitoris, pulsing with lewd, feminine excitement.

Maude squatted down in front of Glenda. Cupping her huge, milky hoobs, the maid teasingly waved them in Glenda's face.

"Lick her nipples, you dirty slut!" the Baron von Brinkle's deep, booming voice echoed through the room and white hot pain lashed through Glenda's buttocks Glenda shrieked in shock, her hazel eyes bulging. Behind her, the muscular bald man stood with his legs planted wide apart.

He held a long black snake whip, the braided lash still sizzling from the first cut across Glenda's smarting ass. Wilhelm's huge pecker was rapidly filling out, rearing up like an elephant's trunk as sadistic lust spilled through the dark honeycomb of his senses.

His bull-meat surged angrily at a forty-five degree angle in the air as he grunted and swung his arm once more, cracking the cruel lash across Glenda's buns once more. This action crisscrossed the first red mark with a second, and elicited a musical scream from the agonized red-head.

Glenda was licking frantically, rolling her pink taster over each of Maude's ripe, pierced nipples, polishing the gold rings, tasting the silky perfume of the other girl's titties.

Maude cooed in bitch pleasure, pushing each ripe nubbin between Glenda's puckered, suckling lips. Then, Maude rose up, framing the bushy "V" of her cunt with her fingers, spreading apart the fleshy lips of her labia.

"Now! Tongue her twat, girl! Tongue her juicy twat GOOD!" the Baron von Brinkle bellowed, slicing the whip across Glenda's tortured rear end once more.

Glenda shrieked in agony and ecstasy, her pussy gushing with masochistic delight. She hysterically buried her face between Maude's musky thighs.

The hot, slick flesh of the other woman's juicy cunt mashed and rubbed all over Glenda's face, giving off incredible heat. Glenda forked her drooling taster up inside the silky pocket of Maude's sex, frigging it in and out, savoring Maude's love lotion.

Maude uttered deep-throated groans of pleasure, rotating her hips, fingering her swollen, pierced nipples as she bumped her box energetically against Glenda's face.

"Ooooooh, yeeees, suck my pussy! Suck my ripe, juicy PUSSY! AAAAAAAH!" Maude moaned hoarsely, tossing her head wildly from side to side.

Panting thickly, Baron von Brinkle tossed aside the sizzling whip. His huge, muscular body was soaked with sweat. His over-sized whanger thrashed the air with bestial fury.

Clapping his hands thunderously, the bearded brute exclaimed boldly, "Ian! Do your duty!"

The ugly, animalistic chauffeur lumbered forward, leering lasciviously. His cock was just as long and thick as his master's, lurching aggressively from a thick thatch of reddish brown hairs.

Ian came up behind Maude. He was holding a long, tapering birch rod. Gripping it in one beefy paw, the simian chauffeur grunted hungrily as he started to swing it with brute force, slicing the birch rod again and again across Maude's rounded, milk-white bum.

Maude's piercing, quavering screams echoed through the cavernous room like demented music. But her agonized screams were screams of pure masochistic pleasure.

She did not try to pull away from the brute's lashing rod. Rather, she arched her back and wiggled her blazing buns, almost begging for the savage lashing she was receiving.

Her hot, juicy cunt spasmed violently around Glenda's lips and probing tongue, gushing with unctuous libations. The lust-maddened maid was gnashing her teeth and rolling her eyes. She was twisting convulsively at the gold rings which pierced her aching nipples. She was in seventh heaven. Or rather, seventh hell, if there is such a place...

Baron von Brinkle strode up behind Glenda, perusing her red-striped buttocks with glittering black eyes. His bull-meat twitched sadistically as he clapped both of his huge, ham-like hands across her stinging buns.

He rubbed his mighty dong against her warm, quivering ass crack. Gripping his horse-tool by the root, Wilhelm directed it up between Glenda's legs, lifting her off the cold stone bench with his hands clenching into her blazing buttocks.

Glenda gave a muffled sob into Maude's spasming, streaming snatch. Glenda could feel the fat, fist-like knob of von Brinkle's meaty member prodding her anus.

She felt his strong hands tighten their grip around her middle. Baron von Brinkle growled savagely, tensing his mighty muscles and gritting his teeth.

His pelvis whipped forward as his fingers dug into waist cruelly. Glenda's wet pink cunny popped wide open as his wrist-thick tube steak pumped right up inside.

Glenda's eyes snapped open and she gave a muffled scream, sticking her tongue all the way up Maude's juicy, suctioning pussy. She nearly passed out as she felt Wilhelm's hairy, muscled thighs clap vigorously against her aching buns.

Her swollen, quaking cunny lips sucked warmly around the bulging root of Wilhelm's manhood. The Baron groaned huskily, swiveling his hips, churning his tube steak around in the hot, moist pocket of Glenda's twat.

Snarling savagely, the rich sadist began to fuck Glenda hard. His hard-muscled buttocks pounded vigorously back and forth as he stuffed his gigantic dong in Glenda's love-glove time and time again.

His hefty gonads swung pendulously back and forth, colliding with Glenda's tummy each time Wilhelm fucked up to the root inside her. And with each lusty thrust, the beefy Baron clapped his hands down smartly across the girl's buttocks, wrenching and twisting at the plump, resilient flesh there, making it burn an angry red.

"Yeah, whore! Yeah! Feel your master's big fat dick fuckin' you good! Lap that twat, slut! Lap it up while I ram my meat up your juicy cunt good and HARD!" bellowed Wilhelm hoarsely.

Maude's shrieks were growing louder and shriller, and she was nearly smothering Glenda in the pulpy folds of her spasming cunt. Maude's fingers twisted and wrenched in tangling tresses of Glenda's hair, bringing tears to the bound beauty's eyes.

Glenda rolled her long, silk-soft licker up and down the greasy petals of Maude's oscillating snatch. She ferreted out the bloated bead of the buxom maid's clitoris.

As Glenda started to strum Maude's love bud, twirling her taster tip skillfully round and round its greasy tip, Maude went absolutely wild. She arched her back, screaming till she was hoarse, nearly wrenching off her nipples in the savage fury of her passion.

Her body bucked and convulsed each time Ian laid into her with the sizzling birch rod.


And she was, too! Her hot, twitching cunny overflowed with honeyed feminine secretions which fountained into Glenda's gulping, slurping mouth, saturating her probing tongue, trickling down the red-head's flushed cheeks.

Deep within her, Glenda felt something building to searing intensity inside of her. The Baron's enormous hardon was slicing into her with savage force, pummeling her wide-stretched vagina like a punching bag turned inside out.

"Awwww yeah! AWWWW YEEEAH! Gonna lose my load up this whore-bitch novice! GONNA SHOOT MY BIG FUCKIN' LOAD! AAAAAAARRRRGH!!" shouted Wilhelm von Brinkle triumphantly, swinging his bald head from side to side as he pounded into Glenda with pile driver strokes.

He shuddered, his muscles flexing massively as he rammed his tool up Glenda's cunt one last time, squeezing and wrenching at her throbbing ass cheeks as he started to ejaculate. Glenda felt hot, thick bullets of man-sperm blast from his jerking prick again and again.

The thick spurting seed triggered her own mind-drenching orgasm. She screamed shrilly, bucking and writhing, her neck twisting painfully against the wooden boards which confined it, her fingers opening and closing behind her back as the ropes dug cruelly into her wrists.

She sank into a dizzy, druggy stupor, and again everything was a dim haze, full of whispers and tremulous sensations. She kept going in and out of this dreamy state of semi-hallucination.

At one point, she found herself sucking Ian's huge cock. It was punching down her gurgling, gasping throat, and his huge, hairy balls whacked roughly against her chin again and again.

As his roar pierced her ears and his hot, thick sperm sprayed all over her face and into her gasping open mouth, Glenda slowly sank back into the abyss of oblivion...

The next thing she was aware of was Maude positioned behind her. The buxom maid had a huge black dildo strapped around her waist. Maude pushed the greased-up knob of the rubber phallus between Glenda's lacerated buttocks and prodded her bunghole.

A brief surge of searing pain shot through Glenda's bowels as Maude pumped the dildo to the root in the red-head's tormented ass. Then, as Maude began to buck back and forth, sliding the rubber dong rapidly in and out of Glenda's spasming guts, dark, warm ripples of primitive pleasure spilled through Glenda's body, making her moan feebly with bitch delight.

"Yeah! Ram that rubber dick up the slut's ass! Fuck her ass GOOD, Maude!" bellowed the Baron, and there was the crack of a whip, followed by Maude's blood-curdling screams.

Glenda felt orgasms flowering through her intensely, again and again, searing her senses, and as Maude staggered back, the dildo popping out of Glenda's guts, the drugged red-head sank back into her dreamy state of semi-consciousness.

She felt herself being pulled about and manhandled and dragged around. Then everything seemed wildly distorted and topsy turvy, and there was a cold, chafing pain around her ankles and her blood flushed to her face.

She opened her eyes, blinking them rapidly. Everything was upside down! The Baron, his bull meat throbbing massively two feet from her face, was upside down. So was Maude, who stood beside him, moaning as she jabbed a vibrator in and out of her cunny. And so was Ian who was grinning like an idiot as he stared at Glenda and pulled his schlong.

Glenda was chained to the wall, upside down. Heavy metal manacles surrounded her ankles, splaying her legs wide apart. Ropes lashed her feet to the manacles even more securely.

"Suck this, wench!" the Baron growled.

He stepped up to her, falling to his knees and slapping his over-sized sex-tool back and forth across Glenda's face.

Glenda gurgled. And then she opened her mouth...

Chapter SEVEN

Taking hold of his king-sized dong, the Baron von Brinkle whipped it against the upside down wench's flushed cheeks. He rubbed the greasy knob all over her gasping face.

Then, he shoved it in her mouth. His thick thighs clamped around the sides of Glenda's face, and he was kneeling on some of her hair, twisting it painfully.

He began to lewdly hump his hips back and forth, muttering hoarse obscenities as he pumped his vein-latticed pecker in and out of Glenda's circled, suckling lips. She wrapped and wriggled her silky tongue around his member, humming wantonly as it burrowed into her hot throat.

Somehow, she found she could take it with no discomfort. It seemed to belong there, sliding into her quivering gullet, filling up her mouth. The acrid taste of his heated phallus made her salivate with desire.

Wilhelm grunted thickly, slapping at her drooping, jiggling knockers, grabbing up big fistfuls of her fleshy tits and crushing and twisting at them. He kept snapping his thumbs and forefingers around her swollen nipples, jerking them roughly away from her body, snarling thickly as he fucked Glenda's upside down face, his balls smacking against her forehead.

Leaning forward, he perused her puffy bruised pink twat. It was moist with girl-juice and semen and the lips quivered spasmodically as druggy desire flooded the bound beauty's body.

Wilhelm crushed his slavering mouth between her splayed legs, growling greedily as he slurped and sucked on her satiny mons. His strong teeth grazed the tender flesh, making it burn exquisitely.

His hot, athletic tongue whipped over the sensitized folds of her labia, teasing her clit, darting rapidly in and out of her suctioning cunt hole.

Concentrating on her rigid love bud, Wilhelm flicked his taster fast as a hummingbird's wing across it. At the same time, he rammed two thick fingers deep in her sopping cunt and began to fuck them roughly in and out, twisting them around and stretching them inside her, testing the elasticity of Glenda's snatch.

Body-ripping ecstasy exploded through Glenda's loins as he did this. She writhed and bucked, orgasming violently again and again, her hot cunt honey lubricating his ramming fingers and soaking his probing tongue. She screamed around his pumping cock, and the reverberations of her gurgling cries drove the big, bald brute over the edge.

He threw back his head, roaring lustily, sliding his thickening dong to the root in her mouth and throat. His pecker stiffened, bloated and jerked again and again like a repeating rifle.

Scalding jets of man-scum pumped right down Glenda's gurgling gullet, fountaining into her again and again, nearly drowning her, for she could not swallow in that topsy turvy, upside down position.

Uttering a hoarse groan, the muscle-bound Baron sank back on his knees, his diminishing cock squelching out of Glenda's choking mouth. Rivulets of sperm gushed from the corners of the bound red-head's lips, puddling on the floor.

And once more, Glenda sank into that murky, glistening dream-state where everything was liquid and only half-real...


Glenda woke to find herself in a soft bed with a big, warm man beside her, caressing her swollen, trussed up knockers and muttering softly in a deep, husky voice. She was in a small, dimly lit bedroom, in an ornate, canopied bed.

Wilhelm von Brinkle lay next to her. The beefy bald ex-wrestler was stark naked now, except for black leather gloves. He rubbed Glenda's aching titties against his brawny, hairy chest and crushed his mouth against hers, kissing Glenda hard.

Glenda tried to move her limbs, but couldn't. She slowly realized that her hands and feet were pulled together behind her back, and all four were trussed together with thick, tight lengths of hemp rope. The stacked red-head from Potter's Bluff was trussed up like a pig ready for slaughter.

"Yeah, baby," Wilhelm whispered. "You wanna be the Baron's fuck-bitch bad, don't ya? You wanna worship your big brawny master like the slave-whore you are, huh?"

He kneaded her doughy tits so that the pliant white flesh oozed between his leather-clad fingers. He covered her sulky lips with his hard mouth, and his beard and moustache tickled her face as Wilhelm shoved his drooling tongue deep in her mouth and swapped spit.

He clapped one hand up between her thighs, dragging his fingers across the puffy folds of her cunny, making them burn with pain and erotic rapture. He jabbed his middle finger rapidly in and out of her wet twat as he stared into her dazed hazel eyes.

He took his finger out of her juicy snatch and made her suck it clean, sliding the digit back and forth between her circled, sensuous lips. He slapped her a few times for good measure and chomped and twisted at her fat nipples till Glenda screamed in lusty pleasure.

Abruptly, the hairy Baron rolled over on his back and clapped his gloved hands together sharply.

"Dirk! Pull the rope!" roared Wilhelm.

They were not alone in the room, as Glenda had initially believed. Standing in the shadows beyond the bed was the enormous, incredibly muscular masked man who had been beating the mulatto wench when Maude ushered Glenda to the pool room.

Dirk -- (for that was his name) -- now grabbed a thick rope which went up to the ceiling and ran through a couple of pulleys before draping down and connecting with the ropes which bound together Glenda's hands and feet. His mighty muscles contracting, Dirk began to drag at the rope, pulling hand over hand.

Glenda gave a little cry of shock, for she felt herself being lifted right off the bed, dangling in mid-air. She swung back and forth, like a pendulum, the harsh hemp twisting and digging into the tender, bruised flesh of her slender ankles and wrists.

Wilhelm von Brinkle jumped off the bed and strode along beside the girl. She hung down so that the vertically extended trunk of her body and her head were on a level with the hairy bald man's thighs.

Grabbing a scarlet-hued handful of Glenda's hair, Wilhelm wrenched back her head so she was forced to stare in front of her. Tears burned in her eyes as some of her hair was nearly pulled out by the roots.

"Take a look at my man-slave, cunt! He is my tool, an extension of myself! Some day, perhaps, you too may earn the right to be one of my hand-maidens. Perhaps, but perhaps not..."

He paused, his erect bull-meat jerking up and down in the air as he stared down at the dangling, bound beauty.

"Look upon this paragon of proud masculinity! He's a fine specimen, is he not, bitch?" Wilhelm snarled hoarsely.

"Y-Yes, master! Very fine!" Glenda whimpered hoarsely.

"Do you like him, whore?" demanded Wilhelm.

"If... If you wish me to, master, I do!" Glenda moaned.

"That is a good answer, my filthy little cunt! Very good! Yes, perhaps it would amuse me if you worshipped that body! Entertain me well, my little twat, or you shall suffer the brunt of my righteous rage!"

The Baron strode over to the rope and pulled on it, raising Glenda so she was parallel with Dirk's broad chest. The powerfully built masked man was striking a series of muscle-man poses, showing off his brawn.

Dirk was huge. His massive, pumped up physique was copper-toned from head to toe, and every hair on his body had been shaved off, so the big, bulging ripples of steel-hard muscle were sleekly displayed. The leather mask completely covered his face, except for sinister slits for his eyes and nose and mouth.

Between his massive legs, his horse-sized truncheon pulsated mightily, the rosy mushroom cap slapping up against his rippling belly. His heavy, swollen balls dangled half-way to his knees.

Now, he grabbed a handful of Glenda's hair and jerked her face against the bulging melon-half of his biceps.

"Lick him, slut! Lick and suck his hard body all over!" Baron von Brinkle roared, slapping his paw brutally across her bruised cunt.

Glenda yelped, feeling two of Wilhelm's gloved fingers start to pump savagely in and out of her twitching vagina. She mouthed the solid bulge of Dirk's biceps, polishing it with warm spit.

Dirk growled, pushing her face up beneath his arm. She imbibed the rank scent of his sweaty, smooth-shaven armpit and licked it sluttishly, tasting his salty sweat.

He guided her flushed, beautiful face down over the jutting globes of his massive pectorals. Baron von Brinkle gradually lowered the rope to facilitate her oral journey.

She wrapped her rosy lips around each of Dirk's hard brown paps. They jutted masterfully against her swiping tongue, hard as rubber nails, and she milked at them with bitch pleasure, her pussy squirming excitedly around Wilhelm's pumping, gloved fingers.

"Yeah! Suck his big muscled tits, slut! Worship that mindless Adonis! Worship ME! Worship your master with your whole being, you buxom bound beauty!" von Brinkle muttered hoarsely as he frigged her twat.

Dirk made her thoroughly wash his huge, slimy nuts. He stuffed his heavy, fat balls into her gaping mouth, rubbing his musky scrotum all over her face. He slapped and rubbed his bull-sized dong against her cheeks and lips and eyes and nose and chin...

Then he turned around, planting his powerful legs wide apart. Reaching around, Dirk gripped the smooth, beefy cheeks of his bubble butt and spread them wide. This action displayed the winking brown pucker of his taut asshole.

His anus glistened with a bead of man-sweat, twitching masterfully as the masked brute backed into Glenda's panting face. The blasting heat of his muscled ass consumed her senses, making the trussed up slut shudder and gasp in delirious subservient ecstasy.

"Rim that asshole, girl!" Wilhelm snarled hoarsely, scraping his thumb over her tender, burning clitoris. "Lick Dirk's greasy asshole all over and stick that tongue right up inside him and work it in and out! Yeah! Eat out his hot ass, bitch!"

Dirk groaned hoarsely, jacking on his huge, spit-lubricated cock as he savored the satiny sensations of Glenda's soft lips and long, tactile tongue on his butt. Glenda swiped her taster in long, vibrating licks up and down his deep, sticky ass crack.

She tongued greedily at the greasy wrinkled bud of his bunghole, feeling the heat it generated as she probed the aperture. Pushing forward, Glenda hummed in whorish pleasure as her long, silky licker popped up into Dirk's grimy, oven-hot rectum.

The masked man roared his savage delight, mashing his beefy butt aggressively against the girl's face, clenching at her wiggling tongue with his viselike anus.

"Feed her your tube steak, Dirk!" von Brinkle's voice rang out lustily. "Fuck it down her tight, willing throat!"

Dirk straightened up, swinging around to face her, panting hard. His horse-cock, all eleven and a half inches of it, pulsated before her tear-dazzled eyes like some heathen idol.

It was ropy with lust-bloated veins, and a gooey trickle of moisture oozed from the half inch slit of his glans. Twisting at her hair cruelly, Dirk pushed the pulpy head of his pecker against Glenda's panting lips.

Obediently, Glenda yawned her jaws wide apart, till they ached from the effort. She gurgled as Dirk pumped his dick over her squirming tongue. His dick-knob scraped along the roof of her mouth and punched against her tonsils.

Glenda gagged slightly, but tilted her head and relaxed her well-practiced throat muscles. Dark heat seared through her as Dirk's big, slippery fuck-pole stroked, inch after throbbing inch, down her humming gullet. His muscular, smooth-shaven thighs and spit-lubricated balls smacked up against her face.

Groaning hoarsely, Dirk clenched her head in his huge hands and rolled his hips, making his beefy hardon jerk masterfully deep in the bound girl's tight throat. He pulled back long enough for Glenda to breathe through her nose. Then he shoved it down her throat once more.

Glenda began to suck blindly, uttering choked little mewling sounds as she hollowed her cheeks and worked her moist red lips up and down the thick shaft of Dirk's dong.

"Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah! The bitch sucks GOOD!" Dirk cried hoarsely, panting hard as lust and pleasure rippled through his sweat-soaked, muscle-bound physique.

"OK, Dirk, enough!" thundered Wilhelm. "Now it is time for the beast to mount the beauty in the proper fashion!"

Immediately, the masked stud pulled his hefty whang out of Glenda's gurgling mouth and stepped back as Wilhelm skillfully worked the ropes and pulleys which kept the red-head suspended from the ceiling.

Glenda felt herself being lowered to the ground. Dirk stepped forward and fumbled with her bonds. Her arms and legs flopped limply onto the carpet alongside of her, like useless appendages.

Red marks bruised her wrists and ankles, and they ached deliciously. Everything seemed to swirl and shimmer around her. The red carpet seemed like a vast universe, spreading out into infinity on all sides.

Roughly, Wilhelm flipped Glenda over on her back. He pulled her arms together above her head and lashed them tightly with lengths of rope.

He pushed her bound hands and arms between his legs and sat on them, clamping his powerful, hairy thighs together, pinning her to the floor.

Dirk towered above her like a larger than life Greek statue made of flesh and muscle. His enormous physique glistened with a fine sheen of sweat as if well-oiled. His eyes glittered through the slits in the leather mask.

Flexing his muscles, the big brute dropped to his knees between Glenda's spread legs. He lay on top of her, his massive torso crushing Glenda's swollen, tied up titties, his bull-meat sliding against her belly and twat.

He played with her jutting jugs, pinching and mouthing and biting her aching red nipples till Glenda screamed and writhed in mingled agony and ecstasy. He ran his drooling tongue down her sleek belly and mashed his masked face between her tender thighs.

The hot leather felt rough and sexy against her sensitized cunny and loins. She gasped as Dirk's hot tongue darted out and probed her juicy sex, fanning all over the petals of her vulva, flicking in and out of her coral pink hole.

He licked Glenda's cunt till she was bucking her hips wildly, uttering breathy cries of unadulterated rapture. Then, Dirk scrambled forward, his hands planted on the rug on either side of her.

Gripping hold of his saliva-imbued phallus, the masked muscle-man guided his sex-tool between the bound girl's legs, prodding the sticky opening to her bower of bliss. Dirk slowly sank to the hilt inside of her, his bull-cock stretching her love-glove to the limit, sending scorching waves of ecstasy through her body.

"Yeah, fuck her! Fuck her hard, Dirk! Ram that cock up my bitch slave's cunny!" commanded Dirk gruffly, stroking his own lust-engorged tool as he watched his man-servant pound Glenda's wet pussy wide open.

The well-built stud was in a push-ups position, athletically snapping and grinding his sweaty butt up and down, hard and fast. He pistoned the long, thick rod of his cock in and out of the hot, suctioning glove of Glenda's pussy, his heavy balls whacking up against her plump white buns again and again.

Dirk pulled back till only the rosy knob of his pecker was encased by the bound slut's tight, molten snatch. Then he pounded forward, uttering a hoarse, deep-throated grunt as he stroked his tool to the hilt inside her once more.

He repeated this action again and again, faster and faster, harder and harder, really socking it to the shrieking woman, making her body jerk violently as his sweaty thighs clapped roughly against hers. The force of his muscular fucking nearly knocked the breath from Glenda's lungs, and she was gasping and moaning, her head reeling with wild, sensual ecstasy.

Wilhelm scrambled off of Glenda's arms, panting thickly, lust searing through his big, macho body. His gigantic pecker pulsated in the air as he swung his head towards Dirk.

"Roll her over on her side! We're gonna screw the cow together!" von Brinkle snarled thickly, and Dirk swiftly obeyed.

Sinking his schlong to the balls inside of her, the masked muscle-man pulled Glenda onto her side facing him, lifting her lacerated buns into view. Baron von Brinkle took swift advantage of this angle to maneuver himself up on his side behind Glenda.

Grabbing hold of his slimy member, the hairy ex-wrestler crammed it between Glenda's tingling buns. Glenda sobbed hoarsely as she felt the brutal pressure of his fat, squarish cock-crown against her burning anus.

When Baron von Brinkle punched his dong halfway up her ass, Glenda's screams resounded joyously through the small, dark bedroom. Mindless passion and subservient delight scorched the senses of the trussed up beauty as she felt two impossibly large peckers pumping vigorously inside of her at the same time.

When Dirk stroked his love-tool to the root in her gushing twat, Baron von Brinkle pulled most of his barbed lance out of her ass. Then, they rhythmically reversed the motion, and this double friction was so intense, that Glenda felt herself reaching climax after body-blistering climax.

She sobbed and writhed, bucking her hips frantically back and forth, impaling herself with whorish pleasure on both pounding tube steaks. She felt the rope biting and twisting at her wrists, and this increased her pleasure a hundred times, perhaps a thousand...

"Yeah, take it, wench! Fuck her, Dirk! Pound this slut's pussy with your bull-meat while I'm fuckin' her tight ass! Yeah!" Wilhelm panted thickly, twisting his ramrod around in Glenda's steamy, clenching bowels. "C'mon, slut! Squeal for it! Beg for our big dicks, bitch! I wanna feel ya cummin' while we're pluggin' you!"

Their powerfully muscled bodies -- Wilhelm's hairy, Dirk's baby-smooth -- smacked against Glenda's, sandwiching her writhing, curvaceous figure erotically. Glenda felt something snap deep within her.

Everything came exploding to the surface, setting fire to her nerve endings gloriously.

"Ooooooh Y-YEEEEEEES!" Glenda shrieked, tossing her mane of red hair. "PLEASE FUCK MEEEEE! P-PLEEEEEEASE! Y-YEEEEES!! OH GOD! OOOOH G-GOD! I'M C-CUUUUUUMING!"

She writhed and convulsed, in the throes of an orgasm which tore through her mercilessly. Flames and smoke seemed to dazzle her vision as the body blistering heat of total pleasure splashed through Glenda again and again.

"Awww, m-man! Awwwww, M-MAN!" Dirk was groaning thickly as he stroked rapidly in and out of Glenda's hot, buttery snatch, feeling it suck greedily at his thickening member as Glenda came and came.

"Shoot it, Dirk!" ordered Wilhelm gruffly. "Shoot that load up the bitch's wet twat! Do it NOW!"

Dirk was well-trained. His big body stiffened. He gave a strangled groan, sliding his eleven inch baloney up Glenda's squirming cunt. Scalding jets of sperm vaulted from his balls, hosing thickly again and again, deep in Glenda's burning, squirming vagina.

Once more, Glenda felt herself drifting off into a nether world of dreams and whispers and inchoate sensations. She felt herself being lifted and manhandled.

Things seemed to shift and change. Sharp sensations disturbed her hazy half-consciousness. She moaned and moved weakly in her erotic dream world, not yet able to break the surface of reality...

"Feel it! Feel me touching you there! Feel my big hand! Feel my big, strong fingers! Feel my leather gloves..."

These words, harsh, deep, masculine, tyrannical, pierced the haze. Slowly, the clouds parted, and she could see with pristine clarity once more. She was again on the bed, but she was now spread-eagled.

Her hands and feet were tied to the bed posts, stretching wide apart. Baron Wilhelm von Brinkle crouched between her splayed gams.

One of his big, gloved hands was between her legs. He was rubbing and playing with her juicy, coral pink cock, plucking and pulling at her fleshy labia, tickling her clitoral bud. Pleasure washed over her.

Glenda's nipples smarted suddenly, dull throbs of fire seeming to shoot through them. She looked at them and whimpered softly. Strong metal clamps had been twisted tightly onto her erect nubbins, pinching into them deeply, so they stuck out like swollen raisins.

Baron von Brinkle had greased up his gloved hand. It gleamed in the torch light like polished ebony. He pushed two greasy, leather-clad fingers into the warm tunnel of Glenda's twat.

Glenda moaned softly. Slowly, Wilhelm worked a third thick digit inside her. Then, he pushed in his little finger, two.

He now had all his fingers up Glenda's cunt to the second knuckle. A growing intensity of sensation was building between her legs as Glenda felt her elastic cunny stretching slowly beyond the point it of knowledge.

She was yawning open farther than she'd ever been opened before as slowly, masterfully, Baron von Brinkle flexed his biceps and began to worm his black gloved hand inside her hot, puffy vagina.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!" Glenda screamed, her eyes bugging, her back arching.

She didn't know if it was from pain or pleasure. But the feelings which tore and blazed through her outrageously gaping twat were so powerful, they were excruciating.

Blinding explosions of white heat flared behind her eyes as suddenly, Wilhelm's huge gloved paw popped inside the silken furrow of her distended fuck-hole.

Her slippery cuntal lips were clutching convulsively at his thick wrist. Glenda shuddered and flopped back on the bed, moaning hoarsely, whipping her head from side to side.

She opened and closed her fingers spasmodically, little shudders rustling up and down her tied up body as she slowly, incredibly, adjusted to having a man's hand inside her tight, juicy cunt.

Then Wilhelm began to move it, twisting his wrist from side to side, rubbing his fingers along the inner walls of her velvety vagina. Glenda screamed again, bucking wildly.

But it was with pleasure now, impossible pleasure, pleasure that made her rational mind snap as she entered a new dimension of primal carnal sensation. She rolled on this new, savage sea, gurgling and shrieking like a mad thing.

"Yeah! Feel your master's iron fist up your hole, cunt! Feel him and worship! Feel him and orgasm! Feel him and give up your soul to me! You ARE me now, bitch! You are mine! You are my toy, my play-thing, my pawn!" von Brinkle whispered heatedly.

He had won. She had found the ultimate degradation, the dark, lurid place she had longed for ever since Glenda had become immersed in her desire for rope and subjugation...

Chapter EIGHT

Taking a wrong turn was the first in a series of misfortunes which befell Sean and Ruth Hathaway that foggy February evening in Connecticut. Sean had turned the cream-colored Volkswagon Rabbit off the Interstate, but unfortunately, he had chosen the wrong exit.

Now, the newlyweds found themselves driving slowly down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Dark trees lined the road on both sides, and there didn't seem to be any signs of civilization. It was uncanny, almost like a scene out of a Twilight Zone episode, as Sean noted ironically at one point.

"Don't say that, Sean!" Ruth exclaimed with a nervous laugh. "I'm a little frightened!"

"Don't you worry, sugar-pie," Sean said grandly, flashing her a white-toothed grin. "I'll take good care of my little bride!"

Ruth beamed at her new husband, and felt a proud thrill swell in her capacious bosom. She glanced tenderly at the handsome young man who sat beside her, and felt almost overwhelmed with elation as she thought of the life they would spend together as man and wife.

They were teenaged sweethearts, wholesome youngsters from Hartford who met at a private Catholic school and fell in love in their junior year. They had planned the wedding for the day after graduation, and their parents had reluctantly agreed to the match.

Now they were on their own! They were driving to Tuckerville to stay overnight in a motel there before heading for Niagara Falls in the morning.

But somehow, Sean, who didn't know that part of the state very well and whose sense of direction was hampered grievously by the ill weather, got lost, and now, they cruised along slowly on that deserted dirt road.

They were certainly an extremely attractive couple. Sean was a good-looking blond jock, boyishly handsome with a shock of straw-colored hair and twinkling blue eyes. He had the sleek, well-toned body of a young athlete.

Ruth was a gorgeous minx with curly brown hair bobbed at the shoulders and falling in cute bangs across her forehead. She had big, innocent green eyes, a tiny button of a nose and a sweet, full-lipped smile.

Her full, jutting breasts made perfect spheres in the soft pink cashmere sweater she now wore, having changed out of her bridal gown after the reception at her parents' house.

"Look! Up ahead! It's... It's a CASTLE!" exclaimed Ruth, pointing.

"Nonsense, Ruth!" scoffed Sean. "A castle in Connecticut?"

But his voice trailed away as up ahead, sure enough, loomed a bona fide facsimile of a castle, lit up by glaring red lights against the dull black sky.

"Well! We'd better get out and ask for directions!" Sean said, parking the car.

He jumped out and Ruth followed him, not wanting to be left alone in the car. Ruth felt strangely uneasy. She wished they would just drive away from that weird place...

Sean rang the bell and after a moment, the huge oak door creaked inward. A pretty brunette dressed in a formal maid's outfit looked out at them with a friendly smile.

"Hi there!" Sean grinned. "We're lost! I hate to bother you, but may I use your phone?"

"Come this way, please. I'll show you into the study," the maid said in a musical voice, and led them through a grand foyer down a darkly lit, rather sinister hail.

Ruth noticed that the maid's skirt was shockingly short and that she wore sexy black lace stockings and shoes with six inch stiletto heels. This place was certainly odd!

Ruth and Sean stepped into a small room with a fire blazing in the fire-place and a couple of easy chairs. There wasn't a phone anywhere around.

Sean shrugged and said, "She's probably gone to tell the owner of this place about us."

"But why?" Ruth said uncertainly. "Sean, I think we should get out of here!"

"Don't be a ninny! It's perfectly all right! I'll call up the hotel and tell them to hold onto our reservations and then I'll ask the maid or the owner or whatever to tell us the proper directions to get there!"

As Sean was explaining this patiently to his frightened bride, the door to the room sprang open with a loud crash. Ruth Hathaway shrieked, leaping in the air, her face contorting with shock and mounting horror.

Sean swung around with a cry, saying hoarsely, "What the HECK?"

A bizarre figure swept into the room. So bizarre, in fact, that the Hathaways were momentarily paralyzed with shock as they ogled this creature.

It was a zaftig, incredibly well-proportioned female. Tall and majestic, she was exquisitely beautiful, with almond-shaped hazel eyes, a retrousse nose and full, scarlet-painted lips, twisted now in an evil smile.

She was bare-chested, and the huge, swelling mounds of her breasts jutted forward proudly, quivering when she moved. The sand dollar sized nipples were painted red, and they had been pierced. Big gold rings swung from each inch long nipple.

She wore black leather gloves which came right up to her shoulders, totally encasing her long, slender arms. She also wore black leather boots which came up to above the knee. These boots had pointy toes and sharp, six inch heels, and laced up the front.

Beyond the gloves and the boots, the woman was stark naked. Her pussy was a moist, pinkish mound of puffy, triangular flesh. Her thighs were shaved smooth.

Not only her thighs, either. The woman's head was completely bald, smooth as an egg...

Yes, it was Glenda Farrell. Glenda Farrell, minus her rich, lustrous tresses of flame-red hair. Glenda Farrell, would be model, masochistic convert, and now, zaftig dominatrix...

Coming up behind her were two formidable looking men. They were Ian and Dirk, though of course the Hathaways were ignorant of this. Ian was bare-chested, his burly, hairy chest heaving as he panted and leered at the cornered newlyweds. His cock bulged obscenely in his loose, dirty brown trousers. He clenched rope in one hand and an ugly looking revolver in the other.

Dirk wore only a leather jock strap and, of course, that mysterious leather mask. Though she had been an inmate of Baron von Brinkle's castle for six months now, Glenda had yet to see Dirk's hidden face...

Like Ian, Dirk had rope in one hand and a gun in the other. Sean gawked at this bizarre threesome and then stepped in front of Ruth, his eyes darting nervously from Glenda to Ian to Dirk and back to Glenda.

"Uh... Uh... Hi!" he managed to squawk. "I'm Sean Hathaway, and this is my wife, Ruth. We're lost! I think we've disturbed you at a party. Awfully sorry! Well, we'd better be shoving right along!"

He started to sidle towards the door, pulling Ruth behind him by the hand. Immediately, Ian and Dirk loomed menacingly in his way, aiming their guns at him.

Glenda spoke, her voice cracking loudly through the room. It was a powerful female voice, full of lust and hedonistic excitement, and with her flashing eyes, her bald head, her ringed nipples, and her armed henchmen, she did seem like some sort of omnipotent Goddess.

"Don't try it, buster! The less fuss you make, the better it'll be for you!" Glenda cried. "Give in now! It will be simpler! You have stepped into the realm of the Baron von Brinkle, and those who enter the realm do not leave!"

"I'm sorry, but we really must run along," Sean faltered hoarsely. "You see, we're newlyweds! We're on our honeymoon! Please!"

"Hands up, punk!" Ian snarled thickly. "Or I'm gonna shoot you so full of lead you'll look like Swiss cheese!"

Sean slowly raised his arms, fear and consternation gnawing at his belly. A pang of remorseful emotion cut through him as he heard Ruth whimper behind him.

"Oh, Sean! What'll we DO?" she moaned.

Ian and Dirk pounced on the young athlete, forcing his arms behind his back and swiftly tying them together. Dirk flung the young man into a chair, and Ian swiftly tied him to the chair, wrapping ropes around his torso and lashing his legs to the chair's legs.

Then, Dirk grabbed Ruth roughly. The little brunette began to scream hysterically, feebly trying to struggle as the mighty muscle-man gripped at her.

"Shaddup, you fuckin' bitch!" Dirk snarled through his mask, back-handing her with a sharp cracking sound.

Ruth gurgled, her scream choking in her throat. Her eyes grew wide and empty as Dirk pulled her hands behind her back and lashed them tightly together.

"Oh God, don't hurt her, you bastards! Don't hurt her!" Sean moaned hoarsely.

"Oh, can it, you dumb Yuppie," Glenda scoffed, slapping his face hard. "This is gonna do you both a lot of good!"

Dirk picked little Ruth Hathaway right off the floor, swinging the buxom bride across his brawny shoulder. He strode out of the room, followed by Ian.

Glenda regarded the stricken expression on Sean's face and threw back her head, laughing raucously. It was the shrill, mirthless laughter of a sex-crazed maniac...



Ruth Hathaway's blood-curdling screams reverberated through the big, dark dungeon in the bowels of Baron von Brinkle's castle. The brown-haired, rosy-cheeked teenaged bride was naked now.

She was suspended from the high ceiling of the dungeon by ropes which dug cruelly into her wrists. Her nubile, creamy white body gleamed in the rippling flames of torches which lined the walls.

"Ah, she's a succulent little creature, isn't she, Dirk?" Wilhelm von Brinkle chuckled nastily as he surveyed the sobbing wench.

The Baron stood behind the suspended bride. He was nude, his brawny, hirsute body glistening with a sheen of sweat. He gripped a cat-of-nine-tails in one burly paw.

Now, he drew back his arm and swung again. The coiled lashes snapped viciously across the full, plump curves of Ruth's buns, which were already scorched with dozens of angry red marks. Ruth's body jerked violently as he lashed into her, and her scream rose wildly in the air.

"Ooooh, p-please, please, PLEASE, no more!" Ruth Hathaway sobbed as lusty Wilhelm von Brinkle strode up in front of her.

Wilhelm chuckled, greedily eyeing her big, creamy knockers. The ripe nubbins pointed outward prettily, red as cherries. He covered her titties with his big hands and crushed them in a savage grip, making Ruth wince and whimper.

"So, bitch! You're on your honeymoon, huh?" Wilhelm boomed, sliding one hand down her belly and curving it between her thighs.

"Y-Yes! Please let us GO!" sobbed Ruth.

"Never screwed another dude's bride before!" Wilhelm remarked, sliding his finger tip up and down the pink, dewy petals of her pussy. "I'm gonna make you beg me for my cock! I'm gonna make you grovel for it, cunt!"

"N-No! Please! I'm... I'm a VIRGIN!" wailed Ruth, tears streaming down her face.

"A VIRGIN!?" Wilhelm thundered in disbelief. "Did you hear that, Dirk? A bona fide VIRGIN! Damn! I ain't popped a fresh cherry in the longest time! Lower her down, Dirk!"

Dirk released a rope and Ruth tumbled heavily to the ground, flopping forward with a choked cry, her trussed up hands falling behind her back. Wilhelm stepped up in front of her, and Dirk stepped up beside him.

Wilhelm von Brinkle stooped and grabbed the leash which was attached to a leather collar around Ruth's slender neck. He jerked on it, forcing the girl to lift her pretty, tear-stained face.

"Lick our big fuckin' dicks, bitch! Lick and suck 'em all over! And you better do a good job, or I'm going to really let you have it with this whip. That was just a taste of the pain you'll suffer if you don't obey me to the letter, Ruth, baby."

Ruth's head was swimming. She felt on the verge of hysteria. Hazily, she felt herself starting to succumb to a strange, primal heat. As she mouthed and kissed and licked the fat, spongy cock-heads which were slapped and rubbed against her face, desire rippled unwittingly between her legs.

Jerking on the leash harshly, von Brinkle forced the tied up bride to orally service his huge cock and Dirk's. The poor girl ran her taster all over their heavy fuck-poles and gobbled humbly at their greasy balls.

She choked and writhed wildly when Dirk forced his ramrod down her hot throat. Gripping her head in both hands, the masked muscle-man fucked the brunette's face good and hard. Ruth thought she was going to pass out for a moment, and everything seemed dim and hazy.

She was sucking now, sucking like a slut, and her nipples were hard. Her tongue was quivering beneath the heavy, iron-hard tube steak which pumped down her aching gullet.

Dirk roared lustily, pulling his bull-sized dong out of her gasping, choking mouth. He wrenched back her head savagely by the hair, beating his meat hard and fast, panting thickly.

A great shudder rippled his mighty frame as his spit-slickened cock pumped thick, hot gushes of sperm from his balls. The pungent semen sprayed high in the air, spattering down all over Ruth's flushed, moaning face.

Dirk pushed his cock back in her mouth and squirted the last few wads right down her raw gurgling throat. The hot tang of male scum burned on Ruth Hathaway's tongue for the first time, and raw female lust tore through her tender, untrained loins.

The two men carried her over to a marble bench and lay her across it. Dirk wound ropes around her belly and the bench, tying her to it securely.

He straddled her face, his slimy nuts draping onto her nose and mouth as he pinched hold of her swollen nipples and began to brutally twist and tear at them, making Ruth scream again and again in mingled agony and ecstasy.

"Gonna pop me a hot bride cherry tonight, man!" von Brinkle panted hoarsely, getting between Ruth's legs.

He slapped his over-sized dong against her moist pink cunny lips. Ruth whimpered, shuddering with dazed fear as she felt the bloated knob of his manhood slowly spread the tender folds of her virgin twat.

Baron von Brinkle gripped the marble sides of the bench for support, tensing his muscles. With a savage snarl, he heaved forward hard. His slippery horse-cock sliced into the velvety, suctioning furrow of tight, female flesh.

It collided with the soft wall of her hymen and tore right through it like tissue paper, pumping deeper and deeper inside of her, slamming against the far wall of her vagina.

White heat exploded through the bound virgin's squirming body. She howled, straining desperately to twist away from the source of the agony, but held firmly back by the ropes around her middle.

Pain blistered her wide open cunt. It felt like a red hot poker had been rammed up inside her. And when von Brinkle started to pump in and out, Ruth thought she would pass out.

But she didn't, and he started to pound into her, grunting thickly as he savagely knifed his corrugated fuck-shaft in and out of her torn, quivering cunthole. Pain seared and rippled through her in liquid waves, but now there was pleasure too, dark pleasure, dark and keen...

Ruth gurgled and moaned, her eyes rolling, starting to buck her hips. She made little incoherent babbling sounds, hoarse grunts choking in her throat as Wilhelm pounded into her with brute force again and again...

Dirk continued to maul and torture her nipples, and squatted down, mashing his beefy butt onto Ruth's pretty face. He forced her to lick out his sweaty asshole while his master pumped his stiff horse-cock deep in her spasming snatch...

"Let me have it, sir! Please! Give me your precious load!"

It was Ruth Hathaway speaking, and the naive, pretty little virgin bride was no more. The dark-haired slut who knelt on the cold stone floor was a panting woman. Her hands were tied behind her back. Ropes twisted into her aching, ballooning knockers. Clamps tore into her rosy nipples. A thick black dildo was stuck way up her asshole.

It was about an hour later, and Wilhelm and Dirk stood side by side in front of the kneeling whore. They were panting hoarsely as they masturbated their big, slimy fuck-tools. Both of them had fucked all three of Ruth's orifices till their balls were almost blue with excitement.

Now, their lust-charged loads came exploding up their masterfully throbbing sex tools. They roared with animalistic pleasure, pushing their fat dick-heads into Ruth's sluttishly opened mouth.

The pretty little brunette made kittenish mewling sounds as hot gobs of pungent sperm blasted over her tongue and rolled in thick, steamy rivulets down her throat...


"Ooooh, n-no, please! NO! DON'T!" Sean Hathaway pleaded hoarsely.

The handsome blond man faced the wall in the cozy sitting room. He was naked, his strong, sleek, copper-toned body glistening with sweat.

Glenda had impatiently tied his hands behind his back in her excitement. Now, she panted heavily as she whipped the boy's firm, fuzzy butt cheeks with his own leather belt.

She snarled with sadistic glee as she slashed at the young man's buttocks. Lust burned in her hot, shaved pussy, and her delight increased when she saw that Sean sported a helplessly stiff erection.

Sean's head reeled as pain ripped through him. He realized suddenly that the bonds around his wrists were loose, and he subtly squirmed his hands around till the rope came loose and fell to the floor.

Swiftly, the handsome athlete spun around, rage creasing his All American features. He grabbed Glenda's arm, twisting it hard till she cried out and dropped the belt. He roughly flung her onto the floor and raced for the door.

He turned the knob and pulled at it. But the door was locked. Panting hard, he swung around to face the gorgeous bald dominatrix.

"Give me the key, bitch!" he snarled. "Let me OUT of here!"

Glenda got up on her knees and uttered a silvery, mocking laugh, her high, fine titties jiggling merrily.

"I don't HAVE a key, smart-ass!" she purred. "You're going to have to stay here till the Baron comes to get you!"

"Shit," Sean snarled, looking around wildly.

He saw a goblet on a table full of rosy, enticing looking liquid. He felt suddenly very thirsty, and he rushed over to the goblet and quaffed its contents quickly. The liquid was warm and honey-sweet, and almost immediately, he felt a rippling glow quiver through his veins.

He turned to Glenda and snarled savagely, "What's with you people, anyway? Are you nuts or something?"

"We like to tie up and dominate people," Glenda purred, massaging her full breasts and running her tongue over her ripe red lips. "And some of us like to be tied up and dominated."

Lust seared through the blond jock's big, fuzzy nuts as he ogled the bald wench. He felt all funny and weird inside. A strange, primal fire began to ignite in his loins.

He felt like a man. A man, big and strong. And this groveling bitch was at his mercy. She had trapped him in here. She had dared to whip his naked ass. He'd show her!

"I'll teach you, bitch! I'll teach you GOOD!" Sean snarled, lunging at Glenda.

She put up no resistance as he roughly tied her hands behind her back. In fact, she had a smug smile on her gorgeous face.

When he flung her face down on the carpet and straddled her middle, she moaned huskily. Hoarse, broken cries fluttered from her lips as he started to savagely whip her ass with the thick leather belt. But they were cries of deep, wanton need. Dark, hedonistic pleasure fanned through her body as she felt the ropes chafe her wrists while the leather belt slash her buns again and again.

When he entered her. Glenda gasped throatily. Sean was panting hard. His hands clenched tightly around her waist as he pumped his throbbing erection into the bald girl's wet cunt.

His lean, muscled thighs clapped vigorously against her upturned, red-striped buns as he pounded into her again and again. He wrapped his arms around her middle, clenching her full, sweet breasts. He wrenched and twisted at them savagely, pulling on the gold rings as he plowed her juicy furrow good and hard...

Yes, Glenda got hers but good that February evening, and when young Sean Hathaway sprayed her honeyed vagina full of creamy scum, she shrieked in ecstasy, wracked by her own body-blistering climax...

He forced Glenda to suck his cock, his balls, his hairy asshole. He made her worship his strong body from head to toe. He tied ropes all over her body, trussing her up tight as mummy.

When Baron von Brinkle finally came to the room, he found himself faced with a new, willing recruit. A week later, Sean Hathaway drove back to Tuckerville, collected all of his and Ruth's belongings, and moved into the castle in Connecticut.

Ruth and Glenda soon became good friends and willing vassals to those two rugged men. And the tradition continued. The tradition of rope, of bondage, of subservience...

Call it madness, call it bliss. But it was certainly strange and wonderful...


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