Young housewife in hell

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed -- and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society's demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear -- and the consequences would be devastating.

Lisa Hart, the heroine of YOUNG HOUSEWIFE IN HELL, is an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, she struggles to free herself -- until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.

Chapter ONE

"Slower, honey!" Lisa Hart gasped, clutching her husband's hips with her thighs to slow his fucking. "Not so hard, dear. You don't want to hurt me."

It was all Lisa could do to keep from trembling in disgust as her husband fucked his stiff, fat prick inside her pussy. If she had known how monstrous his cock was, she might not even have married him, no matter how much money he had. Surely there were some rich men in the world with small cocks.

Her husband, Larry, growled deep in his throat and buried his cock to the hilt inside her small, soft pussy. Lisa gasped in shock and pain and clamped her legs tighter against him. She had never seen him so rough or forceful. She guessed that he must be as excited about the party as she was.

Lisa Hart was barely twenty-one, young and beautiful in a way that had always made men her slaves. She had never cared much for men, and she hated sex, but the one thing she hated even worse was work. Larry was twenty years older than she was, but he was still good looking enough that she wasn't embarrassed to be seen with him. And he had enough money to make a once-a-week fuck worthwhile. "Honey, you're hurting me," Lisa hissed, stroking the back of Larry's head with one hand while she clutched at his back with the other, trying to slow him down. "You know how small my pussy is, sweetheart. You're just too big a bull to give it to me this hard."

Larry grunted as he stuck his cock inside her again. His hands clamped down over Lisa's full, satiny tits, and he squeezed them until Lisa thought she was going to faint from the agony.

"Larry, what are you doing?" she whispered, her voice shaking with the sudden pain that was ripping through her sexy body. "Larry, you're hurting me! You know how sensitive my tits are."

Lisa wanted to scratch or kick at her husband and stop his rough fucking and his manhandling of her tender tits. She held back, though, not wanting to start a fight on the afternoon before their first big party.

Parties like the one they were throwing tonight had been half the reason she had married Larry to begin with.

She guessed he was fucking her so wildly because he was excited, too. She decided he deserved a little fun, and she wrapped her long, lush legs around his humping ass and urged him to fuck her even faster.

Larry had enough money to hire a few servants, so Lisa had few responsibilities. Her biggest job, Larry had explained to her, would be to be a good hostess at the parties a man in his position had to throw.

Lisa had never in her young life experienced an orgasm, but she came as close as she ever had when her husband had explained to her about how she would have to wear the most expensive gown and be the most beautiful woman at any party they threw, at how she would have to entertain rich and famous people. It was the sort of thing Lisa had dreamed about her whole life, and just thinking about it now made her pussy slick with cream and her svelte young body shiver with excitement.

"My rough little boy," she cooed excitement over the party and pain from her husband's mistreatment of her body warring inside her. "Give it to me harder."

Larry Hart buried his face in the sweet hollow of his wife's throat, licking and kissing and biting his way over her silky skin. He knew exactly what the ball-busting little bitch was thinking, why she had married him and what she thought their life together was going to be like. He had seen women like her before, too sexy for their own good, beautiful bitches who had used their bodies and faces to wrap men around their little fingers.

But Lisa didn't know that he saw through her, and she didn't know that he had some plans of his own for their marriage.

He crushed her full, silky tits together and buried his face between them. He whipped his tongue over her sharp-tipped pink nipples and slobbered all over the deep, tan cleavage. Lisa was clutching his back with her hands and pulling at his ass with her legs as if she were a bitch in heat now, but Larry had made enough women cum to know an act from the real thing.

He jerked his cock all the way out of her cunt and then stuck it in with all the force he could manage, and he sighed with pleasure at the involuntary whimper of pain the fuck-blow brought from Lisa's pretty lips. He pounded his big cock around inside her tiny pussy, making her gasp for air.

The first time he laid eyes on Lisa he knew he was going to have her for his wife. Five minutes after he had met her, he knew what kind of a bitch she was, but he went after her anyway. He knew that once they were married he could bring out the cock-hungry whore inside her.

If anything, she was more beautiful now. Lisa had blue eyes that smoldered, fashionably high cheeks and pretty pink lips that always seemed to be pouting. She had strong features, and there was a fiery determination in her eyes. But she was young and inexperienced.

Larry thought he was going to have a lot of fun breaking her will.

Her body was even more remarkable than her face. Her skin was taut and tanned and silky. Lisa worked out every day to keep her body in perfect condition. She tanned in the nude so that every inch of her flesh would be equally bronzed, and she lavished herself with every cream she could find to keep her skin soft and creamy.

Lisa's tits were big and perfectly rounded. They laid like twin perfect globes, sitting so high and impudent on her chest that they seemed to thrust themselves into a man's face and hands. Her waist looked tiny between the swells of her heavy tits and her full hips.

As perfect as her tits were, and as enticing as her narrow waist was, Lisa's ass and legs demanded the most attention of all. Lisa's ass was the most perfect Larry had ever seen, and he had held hundreds of them in his hands. Her bronzed ass cheeks were lush and rounded, but when she tensed them they flexed rock hard. Larry had never seen an ass so bountiful and so firm at the same time. And her legs were the same, long and lush and perfectly shaped, and as a firm as a dancer's.

Larry had those long legs wrapped around him now, but he wanted something more. He wanted to break the frigid little bitch, set free the cock-starved slut who was trapped inside her. And tonight was the night.

Larry fucked his beautiful wife harder and faster. He wasn't used to the rubbers Lisa had made him wear since they had gotten married. Even with the tightness of her pussy and the allure of her sexy body, it was hard for him to climax with the sheath of rubber around his cock. He looked at her tits and thought about what he was going to do with the rubber once he filled it with his jism. The idea, and his excitement over what was going to happen at the party, pushed him over the edge.

"Cumming!" he growled, pulling his face out from between Lisa's tits and kissing her briefly. "I'm cumming, Lisa dear. Not that you can feel it with me wearing this damned rubber, you tight-assed little cock-tease."

Lisa was so filled with relief to hear that the rough fuck was over that she barely noticed the rest of her husband's words. Her little pussy felt as though it had been beaten instead of fucked, and her tits ached from the mauling they had received. She swore to herself that she was going to make Larry pay for the hard fucking he had just given her.

"Yes, honey," she cooed, her voice throaty and sexual. Larry wasn't fucking her as hard now, and Lisa moaned, squirming against him and flexing her cunt around his jerking cock. "Cum, baby! You're so good, baby. You drive me crazy with that big old cock."

"Shut up, Lisa!" Larry growled.

And before the beautiful blonde could even gasp in surprise, he grabbed her by her throat and shoved her brutally down on her back in the bed.

"I'm tired of you faking orgasms, and I'm tired of having to fuck like Ozzie and Harriet and I'm tired of wearing these fucking rubbers! Fuck, we've only been married two weeks, and I guess I'm already tired of you."

"You know I can't take the pill," Lisa said, shock and fear rising inside her. "And I don't fake orgasms. Honey, you've made me cum every time we've made it. And if you want to do some things differently, all you have to do is ask."

"Stop lying to me, bitch!" Larry shouted, pulling out of his wife's cunt and straddling her stomach. He was really getting off on the look of terror on her pretty face. "You just don't want a man's cum squirting up inside you, bitch. And I've made enough sluts cum to know when some dumb little bitch is trying to fool me."

Lisa didn't know why things had turned so bad so quickly. She had thought she had Larry completely fooled and securely under her thumb. Now it seemed as though she hadn't fooled him at all. And right now, she was the one who was helplessly under someone's control.

Tears sparkled in her blue eyes as thoughts of losing not just tonight's party but her whole comfortable marriage with Larry raced through her panicked mind. Suddenly she felt very small and vulnerable. She had to think of something to keep him from throwing her out.

"I'm sorry, Larry," she whined, willing the tears to come now, knowing how the sight of a beautiful woman crying drained men of their anger. "It's just that I love you so much. I hate sex. I always have. But I loved you so much that I wanted to try to make you happy. I'm so sorry. I just wanted you to be happy."

Larry gave a laugh that was so menacing and bear dues that Lisa stopped in her act and stared at him in terror. He pulled himself up over her body, sitting first on her stomach, then on her full, firm tits. His cock was still sheathed by the rubber, but now its tip was filled with a heavy load of jism. Larry laid that heavy pocket of cock cream right down on Lisa's trembling chin. The slimy feel of her cunt juice on the outside of the rubber and the warmth from Larry's jism within made the sexy blonde want to vomit.

"You know, Lisa, I thought that was your problem, and I'm glad to hear I was right." Larry squirmed his ass over Lisa's springy tits and waved his cock back and forth, dragging the cum-filled rubber over her chin. "It would be a shame if we had to get a divorce. No parties, no high society, and you back working in that roach-trap greasy spoon. But since you love me so much, I'm sure you'll try as hard as you can to learn to love sex."

"I'll do anything for you!" Lisa cried. She was afraid of the maniacal look she saw in Larry's handsome face, but she was even more frightened of the thought of losing all she had gained by marrying him. "I love you so much! But please go slow, Larry. Please be gentle."

"I love seeing you crying," Larry said. He edged up a little and laid the bulging rubber on Lisa's pouting lips. "No, Lisa, I don't think it would help at all to go slow and gentle. I think that your problem demands that we go fast and hard. Don't you think I'm right?"

Lisa waited for a long time before she nodded her head. Her stomach churned at the feel of the jism-loaded rubber on her lips, at the smell of cunt and cock that filled her nose.

"Good," Larry said with a smile. He peeled the rubber off his still-hard cock and laid the jism-filled balloon back down on Lisa's lips. "The first thing you need to do is learn to love cum. I've had a hundred women tell me mine tastes especially sweet. Kiss the rubber, Lisa. Kiss it good-bye, because this is the last of these fuckers you're going to be seeing."

Lisa trembled with revulsion as she puckered her lips against the slimy rubber. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, trying desperately to think of some way out of this terrible mess. She felt as though her whole world was crashing down around her, but she knew that she would endure whatever little kinks her husband had to keep from losing this house and her new status.

As she smacked her lips against the soiled rubber, she concentrated on the party. Her entrance into high society was worth whatever degradation her husband required.

"That's good," Larry said, squirming his way back down her body. He wriggled his way between her sleek, sexy legs and jammed his dripping cock into her tiny pussy. "Now we're going to fuck like a man and woman should. This time, I might even make you cum."

Lisa grunted with the shock of her husband's cock plunging fully inside her pussy. As always, his big prick stretched her cunt painfully, and she tried to flatten herself into the bed to escape the tearing punishment of his fucking.

Larry wasn't being gentle or caring. He impaled her to the hilt with one fast, brutal cock-lunge, and her long, lithe legs kicked into the air against her will from the force of the impact. Larry smiled at the pain that filled her pretty face and dragged the used rubber all over her lush pink lips.

"Oh, you dirty cock-tease," he rasped, grinding his hips in wide circles as he scoured her tiny, tender pussy with his big prick. "How could you hold back a cunt this sweet and tight? It's tight as an asshole and wet as a mouth and silky as the sweetest pussy I've ever fucked. You selfish little bitch! How could you hold back a cunt this perfect?"

Larry had never felt the bare rub of Lisa's pussy on his cock, and the warm, wet friction was already driving him to the brink of another climax.

If he had known the kind of sexual experience that was waiting for him inside the sultry blonde's cunt, he would have fucked her skin to skin on their wedding night.

Lisa gasped in pain from the shock of his savage fucking. She realized now that what she had thought were rough fuck moments before had been nothing. Larry was pounding her into the bed with every fuck-thrust now, flattening her ass cheeks and bruising her pussy lips with the brutal impact of his body against hers. She tried gripping him with her thighs to slow his onslaught, but he grabbed her right leg with his free hand and pressed it back until her knee touched her ear and her body was twisted like a pretzel beneath him.

Lisa's limber body shook with every punishing blow Larry's cock dealt her. Her head smacked painfully into the bed's ornate wooden headboard. Her body was crushed brutally into the bed with every thrust of Larry's cock.

The dazed blonde couldn't decide which was worse: the pain from the cock-thrashing Larry was giving her or the humiliation of having to kiss the soiled rubber while Larry smeared it over her pouting lips.

Larry angled his body so that he could have full advantage of the way his sexy young wife was twisted. He slicked his way into her cunt at an angle, stretching her inexperienced pussy in ways it had never been stretched before. Finally, she could take no more, and she clawed at his chest with her fingernails.

"Bitch!" Larry bellowed when her nails raked across his chest. "I hope you like the way you fucking looked in that tight little waitress outfit, because you'll be back shaking your ass for tips by the end of the fucking week!"

Lisa paused for an instant, confused as to what she should do next. The pain and humiliation she was feeling screamed out to her to fight back, to try to escape. But all her young life she had dreamed of being rich and respected, better than anyone else. She wavered in her attack, and Larry put a quick end to her rebellion.

She had never suspected Larry was fast enough to twist the rubber shut, drop it to the bed and close his fist around her right wrist in a blur of motion. Lisa had never suspected he was strong enough to grind the bones in her wrist together like a couple of frail twigs. The pain in her arm was so awful that she didn't fight at all when Larry yanked her hand above her head.

The truth of what was happening to her didn't hit until something clanked at the head of the bed and she felt a cuff clamp tightly around her wrist. Then she tried to fight again, but it was far too late. In an instant, Larry had locked her other wrist high above her head.

She was helpless.

"One more chance, bitch!" Larry growled, a cruel smile on his handsome face. "One last chance, because I love you so much. You do everything I tell you, just like I tell you, and maybe I won't throw you out on your ass. Maybe. You understand?"

Tears sparkled in Lisa's blue eyes as she nodded her head. Larry smiled wider at her submission and dug his fingers into the silky skin of her thigh. He pummeled her harder with his cock, making her perfect ass shake and her tanned thighs jiggle. Every fuck-thrust felt like a knifing body blow to the slinky little blonde.

"Here," Larry said as he pounded his cock into Lisa's sleek, bronzed body. He picked up the used rubber and smeared it over her lips. "Open up."

"Oh, Larry! Please no!" Lisa whimpered, keeping her mouth as tightly shut as she could. "This is too much, sweetheart. This is sick!"

"All right then, prick-tease," Larry answered quietly. "I guess you want to leave now. I'll get one of the maid uniforms for you to wear. Don't worry about bringing it back. Consider it a divorce settlement."

"How can you be so cruel?" Lisa wasn't coaxing her tears out now. They were streaming down her pretty face in twin rivers, and her svelte body shook with the force of her crying. "No one's ever treated me like this before!"

"That's the fucking problem," Larry said, still fucking her. "Once I correct it, you're going to be a fine fucking wife."

Slowly, unwillingly, Lisa parted her full, sexy mouth. Larry smiled and dropped the heavy end of the cum-filled rubber between his pretty wife's quivering lips. He rubbed it over her pretty, pink tongue and dripped it into the back of her throat until she gagged and choked. He pulled the polluted rubber up and down, fucking her mouth with it while he fucked her cunt with his big cock.

Larry had never seen anything that turned him on, as much as the look of sickened revulsion he saw on his young wife's beautiful face. Her perfect Nordic features were twisted into a pained expression.

He felt his cum boiling up through his balls and knew he was going to cum at any second. It had been twenty years since he had dropped two cum-loads within a half hour. With Lisa's perfect little body to play with, he didn't think twenty more would pass before he did it again.

"Now suck out the cum," he said, and he drew the rubber out of Lisa's mouth and turned it around in his hands to slip the back between her parted lips. "Close those sexy little lips around this and start sucking."

Lisa made herself think about the party. She had already picked out her dress. It was jet black with hints of red, slinky and yet sophisticated. Filled with her body, she knew that it would be the smash of the party. Every man would want her and every woman would envy her. She thought about what it would be like to be hostess to rich and important people. She thought about anything but what Larry was making her do.

She closed her cupid lips around the end of the rubber and started sucking.

Larry groaned with passion and started letting his jism deep inside her stretched, clasping pussy at the first sight of Lisa slurping his congealing cock cream into her beautiful mouth.

Lisa moaned like a lost soul at the splashing burn of Larry's fiery jism inside her, but she kept sucking at the yummy rubber. The fuck slime there was cool and clotted and tasted like salty, liquefied meat, and Lisa wondered how long the cum Larry was hosing up inside her pussy would keep burning.

She gagged with every sip she took from the jism-soaked rubber. The actual taste was so awful that it made her want to die, and the idea that she was guzzling down a man's cooling cock cream exploded through her dazzled mind like a Fourth of July fireworks display. The knowledge that she was taking jism, not just at one end but also in her mouth and cunt at the same time, was too much for the sensuous young housewife. Her mind blanked as she sucked down the congealing cum. And her body took over.

The shivery waves of excitement she had thought had been in anticipation of the party grew and intensified. Without her wanting it, her hips started humping back and forth, meeting Larry's wild fuck-thrusts. She wriggled and twisted under her husband's pounding body, straining at the chains that held her arms pinned high over her head.

There was a slippery wetness in her cunt that she had never felt there before. Her pussy was moving on its own, and Lisa gasped at the sensations caused by her pussy squirming wetly over Larry's pulsing cock. Pleasure fluttered up through her flat brown stomach, tingles of pleasure reaching all the way to her sun-bronzed tits. She burned at the humiliation of enjoying this shameful abuse, but she couldn't stop what her body was doing.

She sucked at the end of the rubber, draining the cooling, clotted cum out of the half emptied pocket and slurping it into her mouth. She started rolling the slushy fuck-filth around in her mouth, suddenly drawn to the salty, meaty flavor. She swished the slimy jism from one cheek to the other, always sucking in more to keep the taste of jism sharp on her tongue.

"That's it, you self-centered cunt!" Larry rasped, his voice hoarse with pleasure. "Taste that jism! You're going to be eating a steady diet of cum from now on."

Lisa shook with disgust at her husband's words. But that didn't stop her sleek, tanned body from squirming in pleasure at the feel of his cum-spurting cock and the second-hand taste of his jism. She wrapped her free leg around his ass and urged his cock into her pussy harder and faster. Her ass surged up off the bed to meet every hammering fuck-blow, her svelte young body arching up off the mattress in a sexy display of heated flesh. Lisa tried to stop the shameful exhibition, but her body was a traitor, and she could no longer control its movements.

She siphoned the last of the cum out of the rubber and whimpered with disappointment. Larry laughed at her helpless lust and pulled her lips open. Then he stuffed the entire rubber into her month.

"Chew on it, Lisa," he said, his cock barely moving inside her now that the dregs of his second climax were draining away. "Chew up that dirty rubber and swallow it down. See, you can learn a lesson, can't you? You might make a good wife yet."

The fiery passion that had been building inside the gorgeous blonde started cooling as her husband pulled his cock from her cunt. She blushed with a mixture of shame and rage as he laid his slimy cock clean on her flat, silky stomach. She wanted to scream at him, hurt him. She wanted to escape from him, escape the revolting things he had made her do and the impure things he had made her feel.

"Like the taste, Lisa?" Larry asked, watching with delight as his sexy young wife chewed up the polluted rubber. "I hope you liked it, because that was your lunch for today. You want to save room for dinner, don't you?"

Lisa started crying pain as she swallowed the shredded, dirtied rubber. She couldn't understand how things in her life could have changed so quickly. Just moments before, she had Larry wrapped around her little finger. Now she was obeying his every whim, wrapped not around his finger but around the hard thrusting spear of his cock. Lisa had been disgusted by sex her whole life, but somehow, shackled helplessly and forced to perform the most degrading of acts, her body was feeling pleasure.

She trembled, her tanned skin rising in goose flesh as she gulped down the soiled rubber. She had to struggle to keep from throwing up, but her nipples were lust-stiffened spikes and there was a sloppy wetness in her cunt that she had never felt there before. She couldn't quite keep her ass still on the bed. She was disgusted and humiliated, but she was also hot. She couldn't understand what was happening.

"You've been a real bitch for as long as I've known you," Larry said, getting off the bed and walking to his closet. "You've probably been a bitch your whole life. Now I'm going to punish you, pay you back for being such a twat. Not just for me, mind you. I feel as though I'm repaying you for every man and boy you ever cock-teased. I think a riding crop would be a nice place to start, don't you?"

Larry opened his closet in a way that Lisa had never seen before, and when the door slid back it revealed not his shirts and jackets but an anteroom of leather clothing, chains and devices of torture. Lisa screamed before she could control herself, and when Larry made his selection and turned back toward her, she screamed again.

She had the feeling she was going to be screaming for a very long time.

Chapter TWO

Lisa was too shocked to struggle as Larry pulled her sexy, naked body from the bed and dragged her across the lushly carpeted floor of the bedroom. The biting steel of the wrist shackles cut painfully into her tender flesh as he pulled her along the floor. By the time Larry opened the door to the guest bedroom and pulled her inside, Lisa was crying and trembling from the biting agony. She cried out in fear as well as pain when she saw the inside of the guest bedroom for the first time.

Larry's closet had been a maze of whips and chains and leather outfits. The guest bedroom looked like something out of a medieval torture chamber. There was a rack, an iron maiden and other devices of torture the terrified young woman couldn't recognize. There were also vices and sharpened pins and pinchers and razors.

"This isn't funny, Larry!" Lisa cried painfully, her voice shaking. "You're not scaring me -- you're just making me mad."

"I'm making you hot," Larry answered simply, dropping his young wife onto the floor, then grabbing her by her ankles before she could move a muscle. "We've done things your way from the start. Now it's time to do things my way for a while."

Larry jerked Lisa's legs into the air, and the girl yelped and squirmed as her body arched up off the floor. The floor in the guest room was hard cement, not soft carpet, and the cold stone scratched and bruised her back. When she felt the clamp of steel cuffs around her ankles, she screeched with fear.

"No, Larry!" She stared up at her handsome husband with a pleading expression. "Please stop. You don't need to wear a rubber. You can fuck me any way you want to. But stop this. Honey, you don't want to be late for the party."

"I'm having my fucking party right now," Larry growled back, locking the cuffs tightly around his beautiful wife's ankles. "Now you shut your fucking mouth, or after I'm finished with you I'm going to toss your cock-teasing carcass out the fucking back door into the garbage. Then you can see how much fancy shit you can tease out of the fucking trash men."

Lisa shivered with fear. She clamped her mouth tightly shut, her pouting lips trembling with the wash of emotions she was feeling.

"Oh shit!" she cried out just a moment later, the wail caused by the sudden pain that tore into her ankles and shot up her long, shapely legs. "Larry, this hurts so bad! Honey, you don't know what you're doing to me!"

"I know exactly what I'm doing," Larry replied, in a voice that chilled Lisa's heart. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'm going to make you forget all about your little ankles."

Lisa's teeth chattered and her silky skin rose in goose flesh at the threat in her husband's words. Her fear didn't stop the pain that was flowering through her squirming lower body.

Larry had stepped back from her, and he was turning a crank that was set into the wall by the bathroom door. With every turn of the crank, Lisa's feet were pulled higher into the air.

The metal cuffs cut deeply into her tanned, tender skin. After three turns of the crank, only Lisa's shoulders and head rested on the floor, and the rest of her weight was hanging on her sleek, golden legs. Another two turns and she left the ground entirely, her silky blonde hair trailing over the concrete floor and her tits dangling toward her face.

Lisa squirmed and twisted desperately, but that only made the metal cuffs cut even more deeply into her ankles. Her tits ached horribly from hanging upside down and she clasped her shackled hands over them to relieve the pain. A moment later another idea struck her, and she released her tits to brace her hands against the floor. Three more turns of the crank, though, and she was too far above the floor for her arms to reach.

"Oh, Larry! Oh, please!" Lisa couldn't believe what was happening. It was as though she had been plunged into some dreadful nightmare. "I can't stand this! It hurts so bad!"

"You're not hurting yet," Larry said.

He dropped one of the whips he had collected from his bedroom closet. The one he still held resembled an old-fashioned broom, its end punctuated by a couple dozen long, stiff stalks of wood. He walked toward Lisa with it, and the girl quivered in terror. She had never been spanked before, not even as a child. She had never been able to stand even the slightest pain.

"You're about to find out what hurting is all about," Larry promised, slashing the strange whip through the air. The long bristles made a whistling sound. "I'm going to turn that perfect little ass so red that you'll think somebody fucking painted it that way."

Lisa cringed, wanting to plead for mercy but knowing that Larry would grant her none. Instead she waited, her svelte body tensed until her muscles stood out like steel cords under her velvety skin. She swayed slightly back and forth at the end of her chains, and she felt a flash of hatred at how helpless Larry had made her.

"Nooooooooo!" Lisa's eyes widened with shock at the first cruel lash of the whip. "Larry, please, please, no!"

The young blonde had never felt anything the equal of the agony that flared through her body at the first slash of the whip against her tender ass cheeks. Each of the long bristles struck her sensitive flesh a different blow. Each one left a long, red stripe against her silky bronzed ass cheeks. It was as though she had been hit twenty-five times, not just once. Each of the blows felt more like knife slashes that had laid her sexy little ass wide open.

"There's nothing as sexy as a tanned ass getting whipped red," Larry whispered, drawing back the whip for another lash. "I'm hard as a rock already, you sexy little prick-tease. I feel like I'm twenty years old."

"Fuck me, Larry!" Lisa pleaded desperately, her lithe young body twisting and bucking at the end of her leashes of steel. "Fuck me any way you want, honey. I love your cock so much. You can even fuck my mouth if you want to."

Lisa's pleas were cut off sharply when Larry lashed the whip back across her perfect ass cheeks. Her words ended in an inarticulate scream, and a long trail of drool slipped from the corner of her sexy mouth. Larry aimed his third blow across the even more tender flesh of Lisa's upper thighs. The fourth lash of the whip caught the struggling beauty across the small of her back. By the time Larry laid his fifth blow against Lisa's flat stomach, she was going, out of her mind with agony.

"Take it, you sexy little ball-buster!" Larry hissed, slashing the whip all over Lisa's naked body. "Take your whipping like the bad little bitch you are!"

The whip fell everywhere, the bristles scoring the most intimate and tender places on Lisa's body. Her perfectly rounded ass cheeks burned a fiery red. Her long, lean legs were striped in angry crimson. Her trembling belly was branded with the reddened welts of the whips caress. Her long, flawless back was scored with hundreds of the tiny red lines of pain. Even her slender arms and full tits had not been entirely spared of the savage flogging. Finally, Larry laid three quick lashes of the whip across the soles of her chained feet, and the pain-maddened girl thought she was going to lose her mind.

Larry whipped the sexy little blonde until his arm ached with fatigue, unable to believe how enticing she looked with her creamy bronze skin striped in angry scarlet. Her lean, limber body jerked and twisted, squirming in a sinuous display of agony. Sweat glistened in sparkling beads on her silky, tanned skin.

Watching his beautiful blonde wife in chains, writhing and thrashing in agony, was driving Larry to the brink of another orgasm. His cock bobbed out almost a foot in front of him, hard as steel and stiff as a flagpole.

"Stop." Lisa quavered weakly, her beautiful face soaked with tears. "Larry... please don't hurt me anymore... I'll do anything you want me to... I promise."

Larry grinned and again slashed the whip across his begging wife's ass. The force of the blow made her sexy, shapely body swing like a pendulum at the end of the chains. Larry hit her again and again, as hard as he could, batting her purposefully in one direction so that he could see how far she would swing. He didn't stop until Lisa was swinging up over his head her squirming body almost horizontal with the cement floor.

Spit trailed over the pretty housewife's lips. Her eyes glazed with the intensity of the torture her husband was subjecting her to. Her ass felt swollen and numb, yet terrible bursts of prickling agony bored through her with every slap of the whip against her reddened ass cheeks.

Her ankles felt as though they were cut to the bone and the muscles in her legs felt torn to shreds by the weight of her wildly swinging body. The sudden fear that Larry was going to flay her alive bit through to the tortured blonde's pain fogged mind. She wondered if death might be a welcome release from the agony she was enduring now.

"Let's do something else," Larry said suddenly, tossing the whip aside. He picked up the second whip, a small riding crop, and then retrieved another item Lisa didn't recognize. "Are you tired of that game, you sexy little bitch? Do you want to play something else now?"

"Anything," Lisa agreed, nodding her head in a pitiful attempt to please her sadistic husband. "Just stop whipping me, honey. You can do anything else to me you want. Anything."

"That's a dangerous thing to say, Lisa," Larry rasped, stepping in close to her and stopping her swinging by letting her body bounce off his hard chest. "But then you always thought you knew a fucking lot more than you really did just remember, you asked for it."

"Noooo!" Lisa screamed when Larry used the second thing he had picked up off the floor and stuck into the virgin hole of her ass, "Larry! Oh, please! Oh. Honey, I've never had anything back there. Baby, please, you know that I've never taken anything up my butt."

"Now you have," Larry said as he plunged the device up her ass.

Lisa doubled over at the first terrible intrusion, doing an impossible sit-up that brought her pretty face up between her legs. She caught a quick glimpse of what Larry was impaling her on before a cramp twisted through her stomach and she fell back down in a fit of agony. One look was all she ever wanted of the cruel spike of gold-colored metal Larry was stabbing inside her ass. The device was shaped like a funnel, so small a tip that it was almost needle sharp, so wide at its base that Larry had to hold onto it with both hands. The weight of the funnel as it rested on her wet, silky ass cheeks was enough to tell the terrified young housewife that there was something heavy inside, and she also caught a quick glimpse of something that looked like toothpaste oozing out over the wide rim.

"Please don't!" she cried, not even sure what she was begging her husband not to do. "Please, Larry. Fuck me. Let me make you feel good. Don't hurt me anymore."

Larry smiled down at her menacingly. He stepped around in front of her, not releasing his hold on the funnel that was piercing her shitter. Lisa noticed for the first time when he stepped around in front of her that her face was at exactly the same level as his stiff, dripping cock. The slimy head of his swollen prick almost brushed her cheek as he stood in front of her, and Lisa turned her pretty face away in disgust.

"Still a cock-tease," Larry said sadly, seeing the look of revulsion that twisted his blonde wife's beautiful features. "That's too bad, Lisa. I really had hoped this wouldn't be necessary."

He grabbed the wide base of the funnel and pulled it down into Lisa's straining asshole. And the sleek blonde beauty's world exploded into a hellish nightmare of rending agony.

Only the first inch of the point had been shoved into Lisa's virgin asshole before. Now four inches, five inches, six inches of widening metal was buffing its way inside her painfully straining shit chute. Lisa screamed in agony as the tight rings of muscles in her asshole tore loose under the relentless advance of the funnel.

Larry pulled down on the funnel as hard as he could, burying one inch after another into the overloaded bud of his sexy wife's virgin asshole.

Her ass cheeks spread wider yet, the muscular ass globes pushed so far apart by the broad base of the funnel that it seemed that they would burst apart at any second. The well-toned muscles in her silky ass cheeks flexed in maddened contractions around the unnatural intrusion of the funnel, but it was a hopeless battle. Already her muscles were burning with exhaustion, and it was getting harder with each passing second for the pain-racked young beauty to make her ass cheeks work together.

This was worse than the beating, Lisa thought dimly. At least, while Larry was whipping her she could thrash around in an effort to avoid some of the agony. There was no hope of escape from what Larry was doing to her now. He was leaning every bit of his strength down onto the steel funnel, forcing it relentlessly into her ass. He could keep pushing it inside her until it was buried completely up her asshole, or until her sleek little body burst from the unbearable pressure of the intrusion.

Lisa plunged her face against the oozing, swollen head of her husband's cock. The only thought her pain-clouded mind could grasp was that Larry might stop the killing torture if she sucked the jism out of his cock.

Larry laughed at the blonde's frantic efforts to get her mouth on his cock. He jerked his hips back and forth and from side to side, teasing his sexy wife with his drooling cock. Lisa lunged her face forward time after time, her pouting lips parted and her saucy features reddened with pain and effort. Larry jerked his cock away from her lips, banged it instead over her silky cheeks and trembling chin.

Lisa howled like a wild animal, the mix of pain and frustration she was feeling robbing her of coherent thought. Her ass cheeks felt as though they no longer connected at any point. Her tortured virgin shitter seemed to have been shredded completely, and there was a wetness inside her that she knew was blood.

Still, Larry forced the huge funnel inside her, spreading her ass impossibly wide, goring her shitter with barbarous glee.

"Stick your tongue out and lick my cock," Larry ordered, marveling at how much of the funnel her virgin shitter had accommodated. "Come on, ball-buster, you can reach it. Just try a little bit harder."

Tears of anguish trickled over Lisa's forehead as she arched her back and strained her neck to try to reach the tip of her husband's long, hard cock. He inched away every time her lips drew close, tormenting her by snatching one near success after another out of her reach.

"You're an athletic little bitch, Lisa dear," Larry said, straining to drive even more of the funnel inside his wife's ravaged ass chute. "Look at the way you're moving that sexy little body now. I bet you've used a lot of different creams on that silky skin after a hard tennis match or a long day at the health club."

Lisa couldn't keep track of what her husband was telling her. Her young mind was too dazed with pain, and what little concentration she had left was fixed on reaching the fat, slimy head of Larry's cock with the wet, pink tip of her tongue. She was drooling for a taste of his cock now, spit running freely from her open, gasping mouth. With a final effort that brought pain tearing through her right shoulder, she lashed her tongue over his slimy red prick head.

"Oh, yes," Larry gasped, pausing for an instant and pushing the funnel inside her. "You are an athletic little cock-tease. Don't you love how those creams start to warm up after you rub them into your skin? How they make you all toasty and hot? Well, your little asshole's getting quite a workout today. And so I thought maybe it could use some cream of its own."

Suddenly the meaning of her husband's words reached Lisa's confused brain. She screamed in fear and plunged her mouth fully over his fat cock head. Her first taste of a man's prick was so sweaty and salty and meaty that she wanted to vomit, but the frantic hope remained inside her that if she could make her husband cum he would stop the killing torture he was performing on her helpless body. She slurped at the fat cock head until her spit ran in slippery rivers down the fat, pulsing prick stalk.

"That's it, you dirty little bitch!" Larry hissed, edging back toward her and pumping his hips at her waiting face. "You know how to use that filthy tongue, don't you? Squeeze my cock with your lips, Lisa. And suck on it."

Lisa went to work with a hunger that was born of fear, munching and sucking on her husband's cock as though it was the tastiest morsel she'd ever been offered. His fat cock stretched her lush lips wide, but she tightened them around the meaty cock stalk. Her cheeks hollowed with the suction she applied to the slimy cock head.

She swirled her tongue all over the raised flange behind his cock head, lathering the cock shaft with wet, lingering licks. She bobbed her head back and forth on the long cock, varying how much of the fat fuck-pole she took with every lunge.

Lisa's arms were numb from hanging down, but she fought to bring them back in front of her, and she tickled and petted Larry's balls with one hand while she jacked on the portion of his cock that wouldn't fit in her mouth with the other. It was clumsy work, with her hands numb and her wrists shackled, but she serviced him in a fever, determined to bring him more pleasure than he had ever felt before.

Larry leaned back away from his sexy young wife, taking a long look at her sleek, squirming body. He couldn't believe how far her ass cheeks had parted and her asshole expanded to accept the push of the funnel. She was spread father open than she would have been if he'd shoved his whole fist inside her ass. The welts from the whipping still burned vivid crimson lines across her silky skin. Larry loved the way her big, bouncy tits hung back toward her face, her hard pink nipples pointing almost straight down toward the floor.

Seeing her sexy, sassy face fitted on his big cock was the biggest turn on of all. From the first instant he met Lisa, he had dreamed of this sight. Now her luscious lips were stretched tight and wet around the fat staff of his cock. Her pretty cheeks were hollowed as she sucked him. Every time he pulled his cock back from the warm, wet embrace of her mouth, it was slicker with her spit and his fuck-lube.

Lisa tried to scream when her husband grabbed the back of her head and forced it forward. She tried to shake free when he fucked her warm, waiting mouth with a quick, brutal thrust of his prick. Inch after inch of thick, rock-hard prick filled her mouth. The inexperienced young blonde thought she was going to strangle to death.

She did choke, spluttering and coughing as the fat tube of Larry's prick clogged her tightly constricting throat.

At last, Larry pushed her face firmly into the musty thatch of his crotch hair. He wasn't satisfied until he had ground her face into his groin and bounced his cum heavy balls off her trembling chin.

"You bitch," he whispered, his face going red with excitement as he pulled his cock back and set up a rapid face-fucking rhythm. "You're not a cock-tease now, are you Lisa? No, you fucking prim bitch, you're getting into it now. And you're about to make me fucking cum!"

Lisa gasped around her husband's brutally plunging cock. He held her head in place with one hand and hung onto the edge of the funnel with the other. His stomach and balls hammered a steady beat into Lisa's face, and his cock fucked all the way down the tight, wet tunnel of her throat.

Her lush lips slithered wetly over the fat prick stalk as it pounded back and forth into her face, and she lathered the throbbing cock meat as it pushed through the wet crevice of her mouth.

Now, though, it was the pained, panicked constriction of her throat that Larry wanted. A slippery mix of his pre-cum and her spit filled Lisa's mouth, and as Larry stirred it violently with his cock, huge dollops slopped out over her pretty face.

"Bitch!" Larry screamed again, and he released Lisa's head and grabbed hold of the funnel with both hands. "I'm cumming, you tight-assed cunt!"

What her husband did to Lisa next was so awful that her mind refused to accept it. Bracing himself with the funnel, he pulled himself off the pound, and an instant later he wrapped his powerful, hairy thighs tight around Lisa's head.

The agony was awful, and it came at her from every direction at once. The funnel had already been plunged almost a foot inside her stretched ass. Now it slid in six inches more, all the way to the wide rim. The cuffs around her ankles bit so deeply into her that Lisa was sure they had went through to the bone. Every muscle in her back and legs seemed to snap at the same time, the pain so unbearable and unending that Lisa prayed for unconsciousness. Her head pounded from the death grip it was held in by Larry's thighs, and she couldn't breathe at all through the cock gag and flesh muffler he had forced on her.

A moment later, things got even worse. Larry started spurting his hot jism down her throat.

Lisa gagged on the burning, salty broth. The taste of hot jism was nothing like that of the cold cock cream she had sucked down earlier.

There was a fiery life in fresh cum that seared Lisa's throat. She choked on the jism until it shot up into her sinuses, and then she drooled dirty white cock snot from her mouth and nose at the same time.

"Suck on it, Lisa!" Larry shouted, hanging onto her like some huge vampire bat. "Suck on it, you worthless, good-for-nothing whore! Here, suck on a little of this shit, too!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lisa managed to scream even around her throatful of cock and cum when Larry plunged his fist into the gooey Ben-Gay that filled the funnel.

"No! You're not doing this! This isn't happening!"

But Lisa couldn't deny the liquid fire that shot deep into her ass guts. The burning cream squirted so deep inside her that Lisa thought it might never came back out, and it set her tortured young body on fire. And then, impossibly, something even worse happened.

"Oh, pussycat," the woman's voice said from the doorway of the guest bedroom.

Lisa recognized the heavy European accent at once.

"Pretty little pussycat. The tom cat scratches you, no?"

Eyen through the agony that consumed her body, Lisa felt the cold touch of utter shame. She couldn't be degraded any more than this.

Chapter THREE

Lisa's mouth was sticky with jism, and her ass was full of fire. Every muscle in her lean, sexy body was stretched beyond endurance by the weight of her husband hanging on her. The young housewife couldn't imagine anything more nightmarish than what was happening to her.

Now the ultimate humiliation had happened -- Larry's sexy young maid had entered the room and was watching her degradation.

The girl's name was Elsa, and she had come to America from some country in southern Europe. Lisa had never bothered to find out which, or anything else about the girl, because from the first time she had set eyes on her Lisa had decided she had to go.

Elsa was three years younger than Lisa, not much more than a young adult. But her body was definitely that of a woman, her hips lush, her tits even bigger than Lisa's, and her legs long and sexy. Her hair was so black that it seemed to shimmer in the light, and her eyes were darker yet. Her skin was a creamy, satiny, olive; so alluring and exotic that Lisa had envied her from the moment they met. Elsa was perhaps as beautiful as Lisa, though in a very different way.

The maid outfit the girl wore was a black silk dress so scanty that the bottom of the lacy white panties peeked out from under the skirt and the proud swell of her tits overloaded the low-cut oval neckline. The shiny material hugged every curve of the girl's voluptuous body, accentuating her narrow waist, full ass and fuller tits.

"She is so beautiful," Elsa whispered, and Lisa could hear the click of high heels as the sexy young maid walked across the room. "I've never seen a girl with an ass so perfect."

"You ought to see it without a funnel stuck up it," Larry rasped, grinding the last of his jism out into Lisa's passively waiting mouth. "Those checks are so tight and round you wouldn't believe it. Enough to drive a switch-hitter like you crazy."

Lisa cringed with every step Elsa took toward her. She understood what her husband was talking about, and she easily recognized the clear note of lust in Elsa's voice. Lisa had thought that the looks the sexy maid had given her since she had married Larry had been of fear and resentment. Now she realized that they had been nothing but lust.

"Oh, my pretty, pretty pussycat," the young maid cooed, her voice thick with desire and mock concern. "Your husband hurts you so bad. Don't you love it, pussycat?"

Lisa wanted to scream at the awful girl. She also wanted to beg for mercy. As sick as it was, Lisa would gladly have screamed anyway so that she could free herself from the terrible agony she was feeling now. Lisa almost threw up at the thought of plastering her mouth to another woman's pussy, but she knew she would jump at the opportunity if it meant having the funnel pulled from her ravaged shitter.

Larry slammed his fist down into the gooey Ben-Gay again, disgusting sharp tip of the funnel deeper into Lisa's pain-shocked bowels and squirting more of the burning cream deep inside her. Lisa screamed round the fat gag of his cock at the sharp stab up her abused shitter. When she felt the second dose of cream start working inside her ass guts, she went out of her mind.

Larry dribbled the last of his salty jism into her waiting mouth, and then left his cock between her lips until she had licked every bit of spit and jism off its still-hard stalk. By the time he dropped down off Lisa's twisting, tortured body his cock was clean. Lisa's face was a blotched with a mess of tears and spit and cock slime.

Freed of Larry's heavy body Lisa bucked and wriggled at the end of her chains. She tossed and twisted liked a hooked fish, straining in a desperate, hopeless attempt to escape the a burning cream that had squirted deep up her ass. The burning was driving her mad, worse by far than the whipping Larry had dealt her, worse even than having his body hanging from hers while she was suspended by the chains around her ankles.

Lisa had never felt anything to equal the pain the burning cream was causing her brutalized ass guts. She couldn't even imagine a more excruciating torture.

She had expected the pain to be at its worst in the first seconds after the cream squirted up her asshole, but the truth was just the opposite. The longer the heated cream was inside the warm clasp of her asshole, the hotter it became.

She knew that her asshole squirming would fan the cream's heating elements to even more fiery life. She tried to control herself, but there was nothing she could do. Her brutalized young body was acting on pure survival instinct now, and it was only natural for her injured shitter to try to expel the burning potion.

It was as though her girlish shitter had been filled with napalm. The cream burned its way into the super-tender flesh, getting hotter with each spasm of her asshole. Larry punched the funnel again, squirting even more of the burning cream up her ass, and Lisa screamed with agony.

The beautiful blonde jerked about fitfully at the end of the chains, which held her suspended above the floor. Her lush hips performed a frantic bump and grind, the muscles in her widespread ass cheeks, sleek silky thighs and flat stomach all flexed in a maddened attempt to expel the impaling funnel and the scorching cream.

She felt her piss bubble into her cunt and tried hard to stop the sudden flow, but her body was out of her control now. Lisa gasped with soul deadening shame as her piss filled the upturned cup of her pussy. When piss flowed over the edges of her pooching cunt and started running down her writhing, bronzed body, another feeling started growing inside her that horrified her even more.

Larry and Elsa laughed at her, and Larry pried the funnel out of her ruined asshole. The funnel had stretched Lisa's shitter so wide that Larry could have almost fit his head inside the yawning tunnel. He did stick his hand inside it, but he pulled it out before the slowly tightening hold could clasp around his fingers.

"Pissing on yourself," Larry said scornfully, but he couldn't keep from laughing. "Just like some little baby. Is that what you are, Lisa? A little baby bitch who doesn't know how to handle a real fucking?"

"Yes," Lisa answered, fresh tears pouring from her crystal-blue eyes. The relief from having the funnel pulled from her burning, ruptured asshole was so great that she would have agreed to anything. "I'm so sorry that I'm a baby. I'll be a good girl now. I promise I'll be a better girl from now on."

Her piss poured down over her cunt, streaking her sleek body with rivers of stinking yellow piss matted her curling, golden cunt hair. Piss flowed down the crack of her ass, burning the torn bud of her asshole almost as badly as the heated cream that was still inside her. Piss flowed down over the flat, shuddering plain of her stomach. Lisa wanted to throw up even more. But it also did something else.

Lisa wanted to cry with frustration as sexual excitement tickled its way through her twisting tortured body. The thought that there was something dark and hungry inside her horrified the innocent girl, but she could no longer deny what she was feeling. The degradation was making her hot, the humiliation was turning her on.

She was hanging upside down, harsh chains biting into her tender ankles, the muscles in her legs torn and battered from supporting the joined weight of both Larry and herself. Her ass cheeks still felt as though they were torn wide apart, and her tender shitter was torn and stretched beyond endurance. Her ass chute was filled with burning cream, the fiery pain so intense that she couldn't stop squirming. Her ass and thighs and stomach all bore welts from the savage lashing her husband had given her.

She had been fed jism twice, once having to suck it from a dirtied rubber, which she had then been made to chew up and swallow. Another load of cum was pooled inside her pussy, and now she was pissing all over herself, in full view of not just her husband, but also a common servant girl.

She had been debauched as thoroughly as a woman could be. And she was getting so turned on.

"Noooooo!" she cried despondently as her cunt started squinting in sexual excitement. "Stop this, Larry! Stop it before something horrible happens!"

"Lick this," Larry demanded, holding the tip of the funnel up to her face.

Lisa stared in wide-eyed shock at the funnel. Its tip was streaked with her stilt and blood. Traces of gooey white cream mixed with the red and brown. Larry shoved the dirtied metal to her lips, and at her first smell of the funnel, Lisa threw up.

A moment later, she was cumming.

"Pleeeaaassseee!" she wailed, her hips bucking and surging, her bound hands reaching up to snatch the funnel away from her husband. She didn't know what she was begging for anymore. "What kind of whore are you turning me into?"

"The little pussycat is cumming into heat, I think," Elsa said. She stepped up and put her hand on the girl's heated cunt. "Yes. I think she's starting to understand just what kind of pussycat she really is."

Larry started to grab the funnel back from Lisa, but before he could the delirious blonde plunged the sharpened tip into the wet grotto of her mouth. She jerked and twisted like a madwoman when Lisa's palm touched her pouting pink cunt lips. Larry just leaned back and watched with pleasure while his sexy young wife slurped up her own blood and shit from the soiled funnel.

Lisa was feeling sensations she had never even dream existed. The fluttering that made her cunt squirm and moisten was reaching up through the rest of her lean, sexy body.

Her stomach felt as though it were full of tiny, scurrying animals. Her tits were hot as a pair of twin suns hanging high on her chest, burning with an inner fire that made her tit flesh swell and her nipples harden into sharp spikes. Her ass clamped tight around the burning cream that filled it, welcoming the waves of fiery agony that followed as though they were the sweetest of pleaures. Her whole body was alive with a passion that made her shake with ecstasy and pain.

The taste of the filthy funnel was even worse than the smell, and Lisa retched again and again. She emptied her stomach and then dry heaved, her throat convulsing painfully. But the rank taste made her cunt wring like a wet washcloth in the hands of a strong man. Each time her tender pink pussy flesh squeezed itself together it was wetter, not just with piss now but with the bubbling juices of sexual ecstasy.

"Little housewife getting wet, no?" Elsa asked, giggling slyly as she cupped Lisa's wriggling cunt with her palm. "Mr. Hart, can we set the pussycat free?"

"You in that big a hurry to play?" Larry asked, entranced by the sight of his beautiful wife sucking clean the filthy funnel. "I guess you're right. It's almost time for the party. Lisa needs to be ready in about an hour. At least, she does if she passes muster and still lives here by then."

With a shock, Lisa realized she had forgotten all about the party. It had been the only thing on her mind for the last week, but the hour of sexual abuse she'd suffered at Larry's hand had dashed it completely from her mind. The thought of how in a couple hours she would have to appear the poised young socialite in front of some of the most powerful people in town added fuel to the confused blonde's excitement. The idea that she had to earn the right to be at the party by pleasuring her husband and the maid turned Lisa's cunt into a boiling caldron of lust.

"Oh... party..." she mumbled, her cunt beating a tattoo against Elsa's restraining hand. She clamped her thighs tightly around the woman's wrist, holding it to her squirming pussy. "I've done everything... I'll do anything."

"You have, and you will," Larry agreed. "Let her down, Elsa. Well take her back to our bedroom now. I know how much you love fucking on that big soft bed. It might be a good place to break in a virgin."

"The pussycat isn't a virgin at much anymore," Elsa cooed, pulling her hand out from between Lisa's silky, trembling thighs. "After I get through with her, she won't be virgin at anything."

They talked about her as though she were a beast they had domesticated, as though she were some interesting party game they had discovered. The thought that it was her husband and a mere servant talking about her as if she were a piece of meat they owned turned Lisa on even more.

Her cunt boiled over, and her svelte young body twisted and twitched through an orgasm she would never have believed she could have.

Every inch of her silky, tanned skin felt as though it had been inflamed, swollen to the point where it was painful to the touch. Her tits felt especially swollen, filled with blood and tingling with sensation. Her cunt was squirming like a separate, living creature, working on itself and drooling thick waves of slippery pussy cream all over her whip-welted ass. Lisa shuddered and thrashed like a spastic, unable to control her body. The orgasm controlled her now, an orgasm born of humiliation and torture. Lisa knew that by having it she was changing her life forever. Larry softly unfastened the clasps on the cuffs that held Lisa's ankles. "Watch out below!"

The sudden release from bondage caught the scared young housewife completely by surprise. Her quaking body tumbled in a heap on the hard concrete floor. Her head hit first, and before the rest of her body folded up on top of it, consciousness had fled her.

Even unconscious, her body continued to shake and shiver in the throes of her orgasm. Her plush thighs rubbed wetly together, smearing her slippery pussy cream all over her tanned, silky skin. She rolled over onto her back and her welted, perfect ass humped up off the floor, pumping into the air as if in answer to a hard-thrusting cock. Her cunt juice plopped in big droplets onto the floor beneath her.

"I think you've found the perfect wife, my love," Elsa said after a moment, watching the luscious blonde with hungry eyes.

"And I think you've found the perfect mistress," Larry answered. "Easy to work for, and attentive to your personal needs."

"I can't wait until she meets the cook," Elsa whispered. "Or the gardener."

"I might have to hire more servants just to keep her busy," Larry admitted. "How hot are you, Elsa?"

"If I don't have her soon, I'm going to die!" the sultry, dark-eyed girl said. "Please, let's take her back to your room."

"We'll spread-eagle her," Larry said. "And you can do anything to her that you want."

When Lisa came to, she was still cumming. Her crotch was a sticky mess of pussy slime. Her head was ringing from its impact with the cement floor. She stared up and saw the ceiling of her own bedroom.

For an instant, she thought that everything that had happened to her had been nothing more than some terrible nightmare. Then she tried to move, and she knew that it was all too real. A moment later, she felt the steady rub of Elsa's knee across the swollen lips of her cunt, and she moaned in despair.

"Time to rise, sleepy eyes," Elsa chirped with mock cheerfulness. She was wiping a wet cloth all over Lisa's flushed face. "Can't have you sleeping the whole day away, my pretty pussycat."

Lisa glanced about, the movement of her head making her dizzy. Her arms were pulled high above her head and chained securely to the far posts at the top of the bed. Her legs were spread even wider, her ankles clamped once more in cuffs. There were three pillows piled, beneath the small of her back, lifting her ass off the bed and making her asshole as visible and vulnerable as her spread pussy.

They had put some clothing on her and that surprised Lisa until it fully registered on what the clothing was. The frilly white bra they put her in was of such iris and lacy material there was no more than a sprinkling which accentuated her big tits, not them at all. They hadn't given her panties, but they had dressed her in white garters and fishnet stockings. Lisa knew the white framework on her bronzed body must make her look ten times sexier than she did naked. The realization made her more ashamed than ever, and triggered another explosion of cunt juice inside her.

"Naughty blonde pussycat," Elsa cooed, running the flat of one palm over Lisa's proud, shifting turn while she wiped her forehead with the damp cloth. "You're a perfect little American girl, aren't you? Blonde little beach girl, wholesome and beautiful. I could just eat you up!"

Elsa had on a black silk shirt that clung so tightly to her body that it outlined her every voluptuous curve. Lisa could tell by the rub of Elsa's body on hers that the girl had nothing on beneath it.

There was a spreading stain on the sheet where Elsa's left leg had been rubbing through it over Lisa's juiced-up pussy. There was another stain where the sheet hugged Elsa's crotch. To the trapped blonde, Elsa looked like some beautiful, evil vampire, come to steal her life away. Lisa was afraid of the dark-eyed beauty, but she was also excited by her in a way that made her blush with shame.

"Suck this," Elsa said, drawing the wet cloth over Lisa's trembling lips. "Suck it dry, pretty pussycat."

Lisa couldn't tear her gaze away from the sultry maid's hypnotic eyes. Without question or hesitation, she parted her lips and let the younger woman push the wet cloth between them. Then she closed her lips and sucked on the wet cloth, making slurping noises as she drained the moisture from the material.

"So pretty," Elsa cooed, rubbing her thigh between Lisa's legs, driving her knee into the young housewife's swampy cunt gash. "Stick out your tongue and lick it. Lick it dry."

Elsa pulled the cloth from Lisa's lips and Lisa followed it with her tongue. She flicked her soft, pink tongue over the rough, wet cloth, her mouth filling with spit as she caressed the fabric. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she could barely breathe.

She glanced around the room desperately, wondering where Larry had gone. When she couldn't find him, fear joined with lust inside her captive body.

For the first time, the sexy young housewife recalled that she was bound hand and foot, completely helpless in bands of a virtual sept. For the first time, the full impact of the thought she was being sexually mauled by another woman struck home. Fresh tears welled up in Lisa's blue eyes and her chin trembled with emotion.

Still she kept her tongue slithering over the wet cloth. Still her ass surged up off the wadded pillows to meet the steady rub of Elsa's leg. Her cunt squirmed just as wildly as before, and her body continued to tingle with electric-like shocks of sexual pleasure.

"Please stop," she whimpered, though she had never wanted anything to continue as much as the rub of Elsa's leg over her sloppy cunt. "This isn't right. I'm not a lesbian."

"Don't you think I'm beautiful?" Elsa asked, her voice filled with sudden hurt. She closed her hand into a tight claw on top of Lisa's right tit, grinding a handful of soft tit flesh. "Don't you think Elsa is beautiful enough to have sex with?"

"Please stop!" Lisa screamed. "Please stop!"

She was screaming to herself as much as to the slutty, dark-eyed maid. Her hand squeezed itself into a fist even tighter than Elsa's as the younger woman tortured her tits. A glut of pussy cream oozed from the puffy pink slit, drenching the black silk of Elsa's simple dress. Lisa's whole body quaked and shuddered with the force of her orgasm.

"Your pretty pussycat pussy thinks I'm beautiful," Elsa continued, mocking her sex maddened blonde captive. She tossed the cloth aside and stuck one long, elegant finger between Lisa's moistly parted lips. "Suck on my finger, naughty bitch. Show me what you can do to a man's big old cock."

"You're beautiful," Lisa murmured around Elsa's thrusting finger. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I just don't want to make love to another girl. It's unnatural."

"Am I more beautiful than you?" Elsa asked, a sly smile on her full lips. She released Lisa's tit, then grabbed one rosy pink nipple between her long nails and pinched as hard as she could. "Would you trade your tits for mine? Your pretty little pussy?"

Lisa squirmed in a hellish mix of pain and passion. Elsa's leg felt so good against her cunt that she didn't ever want it to leave. And somehow it was comforting to have Elsa's fingers in her mouth.

Lisa sucked them one after another. But the pain from Elsa's nails grinding into her nipples was so terrible that Lisa arched her back high off the bed, shook her full tits from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape the torturous assault.

The pain and pleasure, and the depravity of being forced to serve another woman sexually, was too much, for Lisa to withstand.

"You're far more beautiful than I am!" Lisa cried, arching her hips against Elsa's leg and cringing back from the cruel maid's punishing hands. "I'm nothing compared to you. I'm a piece of shit compared to you. You're so much more beautiful than me that I'm ashamed to be in the same room as you."

"How sweet," Elsa purred, bending over to plant a quick kiss on Lisa's lips. "Shouldn't I be the mistress then? Shouldn't you be my maid?"

Elsa was picking something up off the night stand, but Lisa couldn't see what it was. All she could see was the voluptuous black-eyed beauty looming up over her, her olive complexion flushed with passion filled her raven hair tangled in wild disarray. Her tits strained so hard against the tight silk dress that Lisa was sure they would burst through the material at any second.

"I should be your maid," Lisa choked, dazzled by the Goddess of sex she saw above her. "I should be your slave. No... I am your slave."

"I've never wanted to fuck a pussycat much but I want to fuck you hard," now what Elsa picked up was in Lisa's full sight.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't move, bitch. I'm going to fuck you until you can't breathe."

It looked just like a man's cock except for two things. The first was the straps that hung down from it, the straps that Elsa was now fastening around her hips. The other was the size. The dildo Elsa was going to fuck her with was twice the size of any cock Lisa had ever seen.

The dildo was almost two feet long.

Chapter FOUR

Lisa watched the advance of the monster dildo as though she were seeing a poisonous snake coiling to strike. She couldn't tear her gaze away from the ghastly, hard rubber cock. It was like nothing she had ever seen before.

The cock itself was a perfect replica of a man's prick, though it must have been copied from the ugliest cock in the history of the world. It was almost two feet long and it was thicker around than Lisa's slender forearm. There was a dark slash at the end where a man's cum hole would be. Behind the fist-thick cock head, huge rubber veins ran back along the hard rubber shaft. Mobs and tufts of coarse hair sprouted from the cock at various spots, and there was a mass of wrinkled, skin-like rubber at the huge dildo's base.

Hanging under the dildo was a swinging bag of rubber balls, so large and heavy looking that Lisa knew there was something inside. She felt, with a dread certainty, that she was going to find out what those hanging balls contained.

"Does the pussycat like my big prick?" Elsa asked, a note of menace in her soft voice. "Does the pretty pussycat want me to fuck her now?"

Elsa stroked the huge length of rubber cock in the same way a man would rub a real one. Then her hand did something strange at the back of the dildo, and the fat prick did something no real cock would ever do. Lisa screamed in horror when the long rubber tube began to move in wide, sluggish circles and vibrate with a metallic buzz.

"No, please, no!" Lisa struggled desperately against the chains that held her spread-caged on the bed. "No, Elsa please! I'll suck your pussy. I'll suck it just like I would a cock. I'll make you feel real good! I promise?"

"No, my pretty little American girl," Elsa whispered, moving between Lisa's shapely, already steaming cunt. Lisa's breath caught in her throat and she arched up off the bed, her lean, sexy body writhing against the chains that bound her.

Lisa had never used a vibrator, and the sensations the dildo caused made her jerk in incontrollable pleasure. Her cunt pulsed like a strobe light. Her muscles, tensed in expectation of the dildo's assault, were reduced to so much quivering jelly. Against her will, her ass lurched up off the pillows, toward the monstrous rubber cock.

"What are you doing to me?" Lisa wailed. She felt like a prisoner inside her own body. "What are you turning me into?"

Elsa smiled and teased the svelte young blonde with her huge rubber cock. She dragged the vibrating dildo back and forth over Lisa's clasping cunt lips, reducing the squirming beauty to a shivering sexual animal. She poked the cock head between Lisa's cunt lips, only to pull back at the first rise of the girl's hips to meet the thrust. She played the vibrating rubber cock over Lisa's golden-furred cunt mound and satiny inner thighs.

"Do you want me to fuck you, pretty pussycat?" Elsa cooed, sliding the vibrating dildo all over the captive beauty's swampy crotch. "Tell Elsa you want her to fuck you. Beg Elsa to fuck you."

Lisa gasped in shame at what Elsa was asking her to do. It would be more degradation than anything else that had happened to her for her to let the depraved girl fuck her. She would be defiling herself this time, actually begging for perverse assault on her helpless young body.

"Please, Elsa," she gasped. "You're so beautiful. You make me so hot. I have to have your cock. Fuck me until I can't stand up, Elsa. Fuck me until I can't move at all. I'm your slave, Elsa. Please fuck your slave!"

She couldn't keep the words from tumbling through her lips. Her body was alive with sensations, her cunt a volcano of fevered flesh and bubbling pussy cream. The lava flow of her cunt juices had soaked the bed beneath her, varnished her trembling inner thighs and rounded ass cheeks until they sparkled in the bedroom's soft lighting. Her hips twitched and surged in desperate, random attempts to capture Elsa's vibrating cock.

She had to get fucked.

Elsa smiled and edged the tip of the vibrating, rotating dildo between Lisa's pretty pink cunt lips. The gorgeous blonde hissed like an angry snake as the fist-sized cock head wedged its way between her pussy lips. Her eyes glazed over with lunatic excitement, and she surged her hot hips up off the pillows to meet the first powerful fuck-thrust.

Elsa pulled back at the same time, keeping just the enormous head of the rubber cock stuck between the squirming blonde's cunt lips. She enjoyed the sight of the girl's straining, stretched pussy lips quivering around the giant head of the dildo. The rotating movement of the rubber cock pulled Lisa's pussy lips first in one direction and then another. The little blonde's pussy lips were so fully stuffed that there was no give to them at all. Lisa's whole cunt moved with the monster dildo as it navigated its wide circles. Elsa shivered at the thought of her own pussy being so violently mistreated, but she couldn't deny that every painful twist was making her hotter.

"Larry was right." Elsa slid another inch of the huge dude inside Lisa's desperately clasping cunt, then pulled it back as the girl bucked upward. "You're a natural little submissive slut. You've been waiting all your life for somebody to play rough with you. I'm surprised no one fucked your sweet little ass off long before this."

"Please fuck me!" Lisa whimpered. Her eyes were unfocused with the passion she was feeling. "I'm begging you. Please fuck me, Elsa. I'll be your slave forever."

Lisa was lost in the throes of pure animal passion. Her bronzed skin was slick with a glistening sheen of sweat. She pulled vainly on the chains that held her arms and legs, kicking and thrashing like a trapped animal. Her hips heaved high above the pillows that were stacked beneath her, her flat stomach arching up with every muscle standing in bold relief. Her eyes were glassy and her mouth hung open. And her cunt was a sloppy quagmire of desire, her once prim pussy reduced to so much inflamed meat.

Elsa stared down at the delirious blonde, a minor orgasm rippling through her voluptuous body at the sight of the beautiful girl so subjected to her will. She had driven the bitchy blonde American so insane with passion that she was begging to be fucked.

"All right, my pretty, special girl," Elsa husked, leaning down over Lisa's sinuously writhing body. "You begged me so good that I'm going to fuck you."

"Yesssss!" Lisa hissed as Elsa planted her hands on either side of her head and slid her legs down between hers. "Please fuck me!"

Elsa drove the cock in six inches, watching the expression of mixed shock, pain and pleasure that crossed the confused young housewife's pretty face. She drew back quickly, climaxing again at the girl's moan of disappointment. Then she fucked the rubber cock home once more.

Lisa screamed, but she wasn't sure whether it was in pain or ecstasy. The vibrating rubber cock was doing things inside her body that she had never believed possible. The vibrations from the rubber cock had set her whole body to shivering, the dildo's slow, wide circles stretched her pussy in ways it had never been meant to stretch. The strain on her cunt hurt terribly, but the dildo's poking into the most remote recesses of her pussy also gave her unexpected thrills of pleasure. Every inch of arm thick dildo stretched the lips of her cunt beyond the tearing point, but even in that Lisa was finding a certain perverse pleasure.

Elsa whispered soft obscenities in her ear, and then the European girl's tongue was playing across her cheek. Lisa groaned at the shame of having another girl kissing her in such a fashion. She moaned again, in mixed humiliation and arousal, when Elsa's hands closed over her tits. Lisa knew that it was another woman who was fucking her, but Elsa was treating her the same way any man would have.

Elsa fucked another inch of the fat dildo inside Lisa's straining cunt with every downward stroke. She had fed the squirming young blonde almost a foot of hard rubber, and still the sexy little housewife was squirming and meowing like a contented kitten. With a sudden burst of spite, Elsa slammed the cock fully inside the golden skinned blonde, biting into the girl's slender throat and crushing her full tits as she did.

"Yesssss!" Lisa screamed, the pain jolting her body from every direction. "Hurt me more!"

Elsa dug her sharp fingernails into Lisa's milky tits, smashing them into the thrashing girl's chest and then jerking them savagely across her chest. She clamped her mouth over Lisa's and bit the girl's lips until she tasted her blood. She pulled the vibrating, rotating dildo almost all the way out of Lisa's pillaged cunt, and then she fucked it back in.

Lisa gasped as the huge dildo fucked back into her helpless body. Her cunt stretched as far as it could stretch, and the rubber cock plunged on, jerking her slender body across the bed in spite of the chains, burying itself deep inside her guts. Lisa's flat little tummy puffed up with the fullness of the rubber cock.

Elsa saw the bulge and drove her fist into it, and the jarring impact drove Lisa over the edge.

The climax was like nothing Lisa had ever felt before. Her cunt couldn't grip the rotating, vibrating head of the massive dildo. Her pussy felt incapable of any movement, unable to do anything except ride the maddening waves of motion set up by the vibrations and rotations of the dildo. Her cunt was shuddering like an overworked engine, and her cunt spilled floods of slippery fuck-juice. Lisa cried like a lost soul all the while she was climaxing, because she knew it was the pain that had made her cum. "Pretty little bitch," Elsa growled, her soft voice filled with contempt. "I made you cum, didn't I? Well, you made me cum too, you pretty little whore. Now let's see if you can cum again."

Elsa fucked Lisa just as an uncaring male rapist would, but she never let the sex-dazed young beauty forget that it was another woman who was defiling her. She bit and slobbered all over Lisa's face, then paused to make the helplessly cumming girl suck her big tits. She tore at Lisa's satiny tits with her fingernails, yanked her tits up and down until she jerked the sexy young girl's back off the bed. Then she stuck her fingers into her own cunt and made Lisa suck the musky cunt juices off her hand.

It seemed to Lisa's dazzled mind that Elsa was trying to combine the most demeaning aspects of being ravished by a man and woman into one sadistic performance. It didn't matter. The dildo that was plowing up her pussy was the only thing she could feel. The rest, the mauling of her sensitive tits, the degradation of having to lick Elsa's pussy-damp fingers and sweet-smelling tits, only added more fuel to her perverse passion.

The big dildo was turning slower than it had when Elsa had first fucked it inside Lisa's cunt, and the vibrating seemed to have lessened, too.

Elsa made up for the dildo's failing by fucking Lisa harder and faster. Her ass checks were a blur as she pounded the vicious rubber fucker deep into the prostrate blonde's pussy. She yanked Lisa's tits out to either side of her body until the muscles around the base of the blonde's tits burned in agony.

Lisa climaxed again and again, certain after each peaking of passion inside her that Elsa would tire of her brutal game. Soon the pain inside her cunt became a constant, brutal grinding. Still Elsa fucked her, and abused her in every other way she could imagine. It was as though she had turned the brutal dildo rape into a personal endurance test, and she wasn't going to be satisfied until she had fucked Lisa insensible.

Lisa was bathed in her own sweat. The bed beneath her body was soaked with the fluids of her body. Elsa's sweat poured down on her too, splattering against her golden skin. Both girls were breathing raggedly, their faces red with exertion.

Lisa felt a brief rise of spirit and daydreamed about the possibility of outlasting Elsa. Then she realized how futile a hope that was. Elsa wasn't being punctured with a foot and a half of arm-thick rubber cock. Elsa wasn't having her tits brutalized and her stomach punched and her face slapped. And Elsa hadn't already been fucked twice, flogged with a whip and ass fucked by a metal funnel. Lisa cried miserably at the realization that there was nothing she could do but lie still and take the abuse.

"Do YOU still like it, pretty bitch?" Elsa asked, after an hour of the savage fucking. "Do you still want to beg me to fuck your pretty little ass? Such a pretty ass. Maybe I should fuck my cock up your ass next, no?"

Lisa screamed in agony as another orgasm jolted through her chained, beaten body. The pain was awful now. It felt like someone was rubbing sandpaper all over the inside of her cunt. Her pussy had stopped producing fuck fluids, drained by the hour of brutal dildo rape she'd been subjected to. The bed beneath her was still a sticky mess of cunt cream, and more slippery pussy slime stained her legs and ass. But her cunt was fucked dry of lubrication, and every plunge of the rubber cock inside her was rubbing her tender pussy flesh raw.

The battery was wearing down in the dildo, but Elsa didn't seem to care. She whipped the rubber cock into Lisa's chafing pussy with an even greater intensity, smashing the chained blonde's sexy body into the bouncing bed. She dipped her head down to gnaw on Lisa's nipples, and the battered housewife moaned in agony when the dark-eyed girl ground her teeth together.

Lisa didn't have the energy to move anymore, and she lay limp beneath the humping European girl, meekly accepting each new indignity the girl dealt her. Elsa slobbered her way back up from Lisa's tits and chewed a trail of hickies up her pristine throat. Her hands took up the abuse of Lisa's tits.

"Do you love me?" Elsa asked, flicking her tongue over Lisa's lips and then licking the end of her nose. "Tell me you love me, pussycat. Tell Elsa how much you love her."

"I love you," Lisa answered, her voice little more than a whisper, her words broken by the jolts Elsa was dealing her with the big rubber cock. "I love you, Elsa. You're so beautiful."

The world seemed to be twisting and turning at odd angles to Lisa. Everything she looked at seemed hazy and out of focus. The only things that seemed real to her anymore were the abuses Elsa was committing on her helpless body.

Lisa was past mere pain now, just as she was past pleasure. But she continued to orgasm, and her body still occasionally quaked when Elsa did something particularly vicious to her. Elsa didn't seem to care that her victim was lying completely motionless beneath her. She continued her assault with demented glee, fucking and scratching and biting Lisa's beaten, beautiful body.

"Ask me to fuck you, princess," Elsa cooed, running her tongue around the fragile rim of Lisa's ear.

"Fuck me, Elsa," Lisa murmured. "I need your cock so bad. Please fuck me!"

"Pretty pussycat," Elsa whispered back, pinching Lisa's ass in a vain effort to get her to move. "I have to take a pee-pee, pretty bitch. I think I'll pee-pee all over your pretty pussy."

Elsa loosed a hot wash of piss all over Lisa's crotch. It sizzled into the girl's tattered pussy lips and soaked her evenly tanned ass and thighs. A powerful climax exploded through Lisa's cunt at the pain the acidic piss caused her, but only a weak moan escaped her lips. All the time she pissed, Elsa never missed a beat of the huge rubber cock in Lisa's cunt. When she finished, she reached above the broken beauty's head and unchained one of her arms.

"I'm ready to cum, pussy cunt," Elsa tittered. She had to pull Lisa's slender arm down and set it between her legs. "You've made me so hot that I'm going to fill you up with cum. Squeeze my balls, pretty pussy cunt. Squeeze my balls and help me cum."

Twice, Elsa curled Lisa's hand around the heavy rubber bag. Twice, Lisa's hand fell limply away. The third time, Elsa closed Lisa's hand around the bag as she bit down cruelly on the beaten girl's lower lip. Finally Lisa's hand stayed in place on the rubber balls.

"Squeeze my balls, pussy cunt!" Elsa ordered, grinding her teeth together on the sensitive flesh of Lisa's lower lip. "Squeeze my balls and make me cum."

Almost convulsively, Lisa's hand tightened on the rubber bag. She felt liquid yielding to the pressure of her fingers. A moment later she felt a firehose burst of moisture in her cunt. Then the smell reached her, and she started to gag.

"My balls are so full," Elsa whispered with a cruel laugh, pumping her rubber cock steadily inside Lisa's battered pussy. "Squeeze out more of my cum, little pussy cunt. Squeeze out more of my nasty, filthy cum."

Sewage. Elsa was pumping her full of raw, putrid sewage. Lisa cried out in anguish as the burning filth blistered her injured pussy. She squeezed the bag again, her will totally broken. The second burst of filth squirted even farther up inside her cunt than the first, and the pain was so terrible that her eyes filled with tears. She wondered if there was some kind of caustic agent in the filth Elsa was filling her pussy with.

She came again the third time she squeezed the bag. The smell of the raw sewage made her dry heave, but she was so exhausted that her body hardly moved with the force of her retching. Elsa laughed at the pitiful state she had fucked the sexy blonde into and dragged the big rubber cock out of the girl's cunt. The next time Lisa squeezed the bag, musky sewage squirted up over her beautiful body, it soiled her heaving tits and the shuddering flat plain of her stomach. A tiny pool of filth gathered like a placid pond in the hollow of her slender throat.

Filthy, clotted water ran from Lisa's pulverized cunt, dirtying her inner thighs and the shuddering cheeks of her perfect ass. Elsa straddled Lisa's slender waist and knocked the blonde girl's hand off the mostly empty balls. She had tainted the girl's cunt, and she had soiled her body. She wanted to save the last of the rancid sewage for Lisa's pretty, sassy face.

"Drink my cum, pretty bitch!" Elsa whispered, and she grabbed Lisa's already bruised lower lip between her fingers and yanked it down until the subjugated girl opened her mouth wide. "Have a taste of my yummy jism!"

Elsa squeezed the balls as hard as she could, emptying them of the last of the malodorous refuse. The grimy sewage splashed all over Lisa's helpless face. Her mouth filled to overflowing with the putrid sludge. In a panicked effort to empty her mouth of the stinking pollution, Lisa swallowed a huge gulp. Before it traveled halfway down her throat, she spewed it back up.

The sewage splattered over her tits and stomach. Elsa had to leap back to avoid being splattered, and size slammed her fist into Lisa's cunt as retribution. More of the filthy sludge was down over Lisa's pretty cheeks, and all over her face.

"Good show, Elsa."

Lisa recognized the voice as her husband's. The degradation of having had him watch her disgrace brought another orgasm pounding through her exhausted body.

"Lisa, you're a worthless cunt. You couldn't even swallow her cum." Lisa hadn't thought she had the strength left to cry, but sobs racked her battered body as her husband walked toward her. Worse by far than the rape and humiliation was the fact that something deep inside her had responded to it. She had never experienced a climax in her life before this nightmare of sexual sadism had started. In the few hours since her husband had made her suck his soiled condom, she had orgasmed dozens of times.

"She fucked the shit out of you, didn't she?" Larry asked, standing over her. His cock was long and hard and dripping.

"Yes." Battered and fucked out as it was, Lisa's cunt began to squirm as she stared at her husband's dripping cock.

"You loved it, didn't you?" As Larry asked the questions, he unfastened the chains that held Lisa's ankles.

"Yes." As she uttered the words, an orgasm exploded through Lisa's tired body. Fresh pussy cream bubbled over her dirtied, swollen cunt lips. "I loved it. And I loved what you did to me, too."

"I'm going to fuck your ass," Larry said.

He twisted her roughly over onto her stomach. The cuff that still encircled Lisa's left wrist cut painfully into her skin as she landed on her stomach.

Larry pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and fucked his cock all the way inside her ass in one sure, hard stroke.

The sudden impact of his hard stomach against her soft ass cheeks drove the air from Lisa's lungs, and the fat cock up her ass chute made it hard for her to draw another. But she came with the first hard cock-stroke up her asshole, and she came with every one that followed it. By the time Larry blasted his steaming jism up her squirming shitter, the pillows beneath her sparkled with a fresh coating of pussy cream.

"Now take her to the bathroom and clean her up," Larry barked at Elsa, looking vainly for a clean spot on Lisa's body to wipe his cock off on. "And dress her up. Shit, the guests are going to be here any minute."

"Thirty minutes," Elsa said, looking over the damaged blonde with a practiced eye. "And I'll even have her hair done. They'll think she spent the day lounging on the bach."

"Good," Larry said, turning his back on the two women. "I don't want them feeling sorry for her and going easy. We need to see if little Lisa can cut it as my wife, and for that she needs the real thing."

Lisa quaked with fear and disgust at her husband's words. She had thought the party was going to be her first step into high society. Now she realized that it would be just another step down the path of degradation and perverse sex.

Her cunt buzzed in anticipation.

Chapter FIVE

"Ladies and gentlemen," Larry said, his voice dripping with both mockery and pleasure. "Allow me to introduce my new bride, the beautiful Lisa Hart. A more lovely and loving wife a man could not hope to have."

Larry was holding the end of her leash, and as he finished her introduction he tugged her into the fancy dining room. She hung her head, determined not to cry. She still couldn't hold back the crimson blush of shame that flushed her face when she saw who the people were sitting around their dinner table.

John and Tabitha Bates were two of the most important people in town. He was the minister of the town's largest church, and she was active in every local charity and political movement the town had going. Otis North was the town sheriff, a man with political ambitions that stretched far beyond the town. The amazingly beautiful blonde who sat across the table from him was Faith Heston, the youngest daughter of the town's richest family. The last man sitting at the table was the one who shamed Lisa the most, though. He was the town mayor, Roland Rogers, and he was regarded by everyone in town as a sort of kindly father figure.

All of them were staring at Lisa, and it wasn't hard for her to understand why. Her husband and Elsa had worked hard to dress her for the occasion.

Lisa had bought the most gorgeous evening gown she could find for the dinner party. It had been slit to mid thigh and had so daring a cleavage that Lisa had been afraid Larry might disapprove. Larry and Elsa had let her wear the dress, but the alterations they had done made her ashamed to be seen in it.

The cleavage had been dipped even lower, revealing all of the silky upper slopes of Lisa's full, thrusting tits. The black fabric dipped all the way to just below her nipples. Elsa had rouged those nipples in pink so that they stood out in bold relief from her bronzed tit flesh. There was no longer just one slit up the side of the dress. Now there were dozens, and they traveled up the dress all the way to her stomach. Larry hadn't allowed her any hose or underwear, so the tattered strips of black material fanned over her tan, creamy flesh. Glimpses of both her ass and pussy could be seen through the shifting curtain of fabric.

But the dress was far from the worst of the things Larry and Elsa had made her wear. The spike heels that twisted her feet and made her totter uncertainly with every step were far worse, and so was the elegant leather collar that circled her slender throat. The single leather glove that joined her arms into one limb from wrist to elbow was more degrading, as was the six-inch chain that joined her ankles together. Elsa had even looped a thin golden chain around Lisa's narrow waist, just for the decorative effect of the chain against Lisa's tanned skin.

"Fuck," Otis said, forking a piece of meat into his mouth without taking his eyes off Lisa. "That's a fine piece of ass you got there. Sit her down and we'll all get to know each other a little better."

The chairs at the foot and head of the table were empty. At the head of the table was a plate filled with steaming delicacies, and to her surprise Lisa's mouth began to water. She hadn't had a bite to eat all day long, and the violent exertions of being fucked and tortured had left her body starved for energy.

"Honey," Larry said, jerking on Lisa's leash until the gorgeous blonde was on her knees beside the head of the table. "I'd like you to meet Tabitha Bates."

"Hi, slut," Tabitha growled coarsely. "Give Tabby a kiss hello."

"Yes," Larry agreed, a smile on his handsome face. "I think you should kiss all of our guests. What a nice way to greet them."

Tabitha Bates was a big woman nearing middle age, but she was still attractive, in a gaudy, almost masculine fashion. Lisa had thought that the big woman would lean over to kiss her, but instead Tabitha kicked off one of her shoes and stuck her foot into Lisa's pretty face. Tabitha was wearing heavy stockings, and there was the smell of sweat about her feet, but Lisa leaned forward dutifully and kissed her wiggling toes.

"Pretty whore, isn't she?" Tabitha asked roughly, wiggling her toes between Lisa's soft lips and rubbing them back and forth over the girl's waiting tongue. "I can't wait to have a turn with you."

Lisa shuddered at the big woman's words and at the cruelty she saw in her eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief when her husband tugged on her leash, pulling her mouth from Tabitha's toes. She started to rise to her feet, but Larry pushed her roughly back down.

"Crawl, honey. Crawl like the little bitch mutt you are." Larry jerked her leash, making her crawl past Tabitha Bates to her husband, John. "Say hello to John, you dirty bitch dog. Give him a kiss."

"Hello," Lisa said unsurely, looking up at the man. "I'm very glad to meet you, sir."

"Hello, Lisa dog," John Bates said. He scooped up a bit of gravy from his plate, then pushed his dripping fingers into Lisa's passively waiting face. "Here doggie have some table scraps."

Lisa blushed with shame, but the now familiar itch in her cunt was slowly returning. She squeezed her thighs as tightly together as she could, trying to grind out the lust that was fanning to life inside her treacherous cunt.

She opened her lips and sucked in John's fingers in one quick motion, but once his sticky fingers were trapped between her lips, she found that she didn't want to let them go. The sauce was something French and very rich, and she licked that away.

Even after the sauce was gone, she didn't want to let loose of the older man's fingers. She bobbed her head on his hand as if she were sucking a cock, and she lashed her tongue over his fingers, as if trying to tease a hard prick to orgasm.

"Shameful," Tabitha Bates ducked, shaking her head sadly. "That's how he spoils our dogs at home. He just gives them anything they want."

"Inconsiderate little bitch!" Larry shouted, yanking on Lisa's leash so hard that the gorgeous blonde choked and spluttered. "Reverend Bates needs that hand to eat, you selfish little dog. He can't have you slurping on it all night long."

Larry couldn't conceal the pleasure in his voice. He had succeeded in turning Lisa from a cold-hearted, money-grubbing bitch to a pain-and-degradation loving submissive in one single afternoon.

He had never dreamed that her subjugation would be so easy. Now he had one of the most beautiful women he had ever met as a personal sex slave. She was going to be the perfect wife.

"You've already met Elsa," he said, nodding down the table at the sultry European girl. "You've already kissed her, so all you have to do is bark hello."

Lisa moaned in self-disgust at Larry's latest order. She heard laughter around the table, and the realization struck he with a hammer blow of shame that these were the people she had intended to dazzle tonight, the people she had thought would respect and admire her because of her husband's wealth and her beauty.

Instead she was groveling at their feet, on exhibit in a skittish rag of a dress. She was crawling around on the floor to be made fun of like some sideshow freak, her arms trapped from wrist to elbow in a single leather sheath, her ankles hobbled by chains and a dog collar encircling her throat.

"Bark, doggie," Elsa ordered, her dark eyes gleaming with cruel excitement. "Bark, doggie, or I'll have to whip you."

Lisa's pussy clamped on itself, as though it were collapsing under some great weight. She moaned, low and throaty, and she couldn't keep her silky thighs from squirming together. The people gathered around the table laughed at her louder, and Otis congratulated Larry on the catch he'd made at finding her. Elsa just waited for Lisa to bark, and as she waited she picked her steak knife up off the table.

"Woof!" Lisa barked at last, tears of shame running down her pretty face, drops of cunt cream glistening on her tender pink pussy lips. "Woof! Woof, Elsa! Woof! Woof!"

"That's very good, doggie," Elsa said, putting her knife back down on the table. "Now go around and meet our other guests."

Larry dragged Lisa back the way she had come, making her crawl past John and Tabitha Bates and around the head of the table. John stooped down to grab one of Lisa's full, sagging tits as she crawled past him, and Tabitha rubbed the toe of her shoe up and down Lisa's inviting, hairless ass crack.

The girl squirmed with delight at their callous prodding. She felt like a sex doll a desirable piece of meat to be abused and discarded. The thought broke her heart and shattered her self respect, but it also made her uncontrollably hot.

"Say hello to the sheriff," Larry said. "Bark hello and give him a kiss."

"Woof!" Lisa cried as she barked up at the man's leering, laughing face. "Woof, Sheriff North. Woof!"

"Here," Otis said. He was ready for her, his zipper opened his fat cock out in the open. "Kiss me on my big old cock."

The sheriff's cock was huge. It was also almost as long as Larry's and thicker by half. Lisa's cunt burned with need at the sight of the fat fucker, and Lisa's lips quivered with need as she leaned don over the throbbing spear of cock meat.

Her lips were parted slightly when she planted them on the bulging head of the sheriff's cock. She snuck her tongue out between them as she dragged her mouth back and forth over the fat cock head, licking at the crevice of his pin slit. She spilled her spit over the pink, fat prick head, then licked it away before it could run down the stocky length of the prick stalk.

"The bitch has some talent," Otis rasped, whistling with admiration at the talented wash of Lisa's lips and tongue over the head of his cock. "Better pull her off before I fuck her right here."

"Came on, dog!" Larry shouted, making Lisa pull her mouth off the sheriff's cock. "Time to meet Faith Heston. You ought to be very nice to Faith. She looks just like you would if you weren't a little bitch mutt."

Lisa looked up at the beautiful blonde with a mix of shame and envy. Larry was right. Faith was perhaps the only woman in the whole town who was better looking than Lisa. She was almost six feet tall, her body willowy but somehow still perfectly proportioned. Her long hair was naturally blonde and flowed halfway down her back. Her face was so aristocratic that just looking at her made Lisa feel like some sort of vile commoner.

"Woof, Faith!" Lisa barked, tears shimmering in her eyes while a fire blazed in her cunt. "Woof!"

"Kiss my pussy, Lisa," Faith said simply, turning slightly in her seat and spreading her legs. "Kiss my pussy hello."

Faith Heston was wearing a gown more beautiful than Lisa's had been even before Elsa and Larry had altered it. And Faith filled her gown more seductively than Lisa could have filled hers. Lisa felt shabby and threadbare in front of the gorgeous woman, and she knew that what little of her pride remained was wilting away in Faith's presence. It was also somehow more demeaning to be called by her name than by the filthy words the others used. The final humiliation Faith visited on Lisa was not pulling her dress up but simply parting her legs and waiting for Lisa to stick her head up beneath the hem.

Lisa couldn't resist brushing Faith's satiny skin with her lips as she traveled toward the juncture of the girl's perfect thighs. Lisa had never met a woman more beautiful than herself, and there was something hypnotizing about being in the service of someone so perfect. Lisa felt her cunt juice running down her legs, and she knew she was further disgracing herself with her show of excitement.

"I think she really likes you, Faith," Otis said around a mouthful of food. "Her cunt looks like a fucking waterfall."

"It's nice to have a pretty girl for a slave, isn't it?" Faith asked Elsa, then she arched her back with pleasure when Lisa's lips found her golden rimmed pussy. "I've never had one as attractive as Lisa. And she's so submissive."

"Come aver anytime," Elsa answered, smiling in joined conspiracy with the other girl. "I'm sure Mr. Hart wouldn't mind you using her."

Lisa shuddered with shame as they discussed her like some communal sex toy. The shame added to the pleasure she was experiencing at kissing the pretty lips of Faith's pussy, and a weak orgasm flicked through her squirming, sexy body. Lisa knew that it was just the first of many orgasms she would experience with these people tonight.

Lisa had never kissed another woman's cunt, hut she was almost as turned on by the experience as she had been by sucking cock. There was something both repulsive and attractive about kissing a woman's pussy. It was perverse and wrong, but it was as though she had been immersed in a world of dark, wet warmth. Lisa retched and orgasmed at the same time, and she wondered if she would ever feel sexual pleasure without being hurt or degraded in some fashion.

"That's enough," Faith said, nodding to Larry. She was turning back around in her chair before Lisa's head was even out from under her dress, and one of her feet clipped Lisa's head, almost knocking the girl senseless. "She doesn't know when to quit, though. Lisa's a sluttish little thing, no matter how good she looks."

Lisa burned with shame, tears sparkling once more in her crystal-blue eyes at Faith's callous dismissal. She had tried to hard to please the exquisite girl. She had favored her pussy to a wetter and longer kiss than she had given any of the others. It hurt her badly to be discarded so abrupt by the wondrous blonde.

Then she saw the sly smile Faith was sharing with Elsa, and she knew that the blonde had pushed her away for just that reason, to make her feel more worthless and despicable than ever.

"All right, doggie bitch," Larry said, tugging Lisa past Faith and toward the last person sitting at the table. "Bark hello to Roland Rogers. Bark hello nice, mutt, because Roland is the mayor of the whole town."

Everything they did was designed to break her will a little more, destroy another fragment of her self-respect. Now Larry was talking to her as though she really was a simple-minded animal. Roland Rogers, seventy years old but still fit looking, smiled down on her like a proud grandfather. Then he pulled down his pants and leaned down over his chair, presenting her with his wrinkled, hairy ass.

"Kiss my asshole hello, you filthy slut," he said, his voice still sounding pleasant in spite of the terrible things he said. "Stick your slutty face to my ass and plant those sexy lips right on my asshole."

"Woof!" Lisa barked forlornly, and she leaned forward to the task.

Roland Rogers was a clean man, and it wasn't until Lisa had her nose stuck between his ass cheeks that the base smell of his ass struck her. She recoiled then, wanting to throw up. Larry jerked on her leash, strangling her, and Lisa knew he wanted her to hurry up and do what the mayor asked.

She pushed her pretty face between Roland's thin ass checks. The crinkly hair between his loose buns scratched and tickled her face unmercifully. It seemed like she had to travel a thousand miles through the dank darkness of Roland's ass crack before her nose touched bottom. Then her lips brushed a bulging pucker that seemed like a tiny, rough-lipped mouth. Lisa knew that she had found the mayor's asshole.

Another orgasm raced through Lisa's squirming young body as she kissed the mayor's asshole. It made her raise her own ass high into the air and wiggle it back and forth as her pussy cream dribbled down her silky thighs. All she could smell was sweat and shit, and the taste on her lips was so gross that there was only one thing it could be.

"The whore's Frenching my asshole!" Roland proclaimed in his best speech making voice. "The slutty tramp's licking out my asshole!"

"Dirty Lisa," Faith chided from behind the squirming, ass-sucking girl. "How could you ever expect me to kiss you when you go round planting your lips on men's dirty assholes?"

Lisa moaned at the depth of her desecration and came again, her ass wiggling back and forth wildly. A surge of pain cut through her as Faith poked her ass with her fork, and Lisa completely lost control, sprawling out helplessly on the floor and grinding her silky thighs together. She clamped her lips tighter against Roland's dirty asshole, and sucked hard and washed it with her tongue.

"Pull her away or I'm going to cum!" Roland bellowed, clamping his old ass checks so tightly around Lisa's face that the sexy blonde slave thought she was going to pass out. "You know this isn't how I want to cum! Pull the dirty whore's mouth off my whole."

Larry jerked on Lisa's leash so hard that the girl tumbled over backward, her head snapping back to hit the dining room floor with a thud. It felt for a moment as though her neck had been broken and her windpipe crushed, but she still rolled back over to her hands and knees when Larry tugged on her leash. She followed him like a docile puppy to her place at the end of the table.

"Here's your seat, bitch Lisa," Larry said, pulling out her chair and then giving an upward tug on her leash. "Up, bitch, up onto your chair."

Lisa moaned in shame at what her husband was showing her. It wasn't a real chair at all, just another cruel implement of bondage. The arms were wired wooden stocks, and when Lisa crawled up into the chair, Larry pulled her legs wide so that her knees would fit in them. With her knees pulled wide and the chain still holding her ankles together, Lisa's legs looked like pretzels. The position pulled her cunt and ass cheeks wide open, so that everyone else sitting at the table could have a clear view of her fuck-holes.

Larry pulled Lisa's leather-bound hands forward and hooked them under the edge of the table. Under her arms, at just the right level to catch Lisa across her stiffened nipples, was a line of needle-sharp spears, of metal. It was as though someone had taken the head from a rake and sharpened the tips to razor sharpness. If Lisa leaned forward more than a few inches, the sharp spikes would be skewered into her tender tits.

"Now you chow down, dog bitch," Larry ordered sternly, and he slapped bis wife across her face for good measure. "Eat up all that yummy food."

"Oh, Larry!" Lisa cried when she saw what was piled up in front of her. The others were feasting on delicacies. And she was getting this. "Oh, Larry, please don't make me!"

It was dog food of some kind, piled up in a greasy, lumpy mess in a big bowl. Around the side of the bowl were printed the words Pet-Bitch. Lisa cried helplessly at the sight of it, her sexy body racked with the force of her sobbing. It was slowly dawning on her that there was no limit to the stupid humiliations and tortures they could inflict on her. They could always find a way to push her a little deeper into the muck.

"Eat it up, cunt?" Larry hissed. "Or you'll get a fucking lot worse."

Lisa looked up at her husband, her face tearstained and pitiful. There was no trace of mercy in his handsome features, and the domesticated young beauty knew that she was going to have to do what he wanted. And with her hands denied her there was only one way she could.

Her face was an inch away from the bowl when the sharpened spikes bit into her tits. Lisa yelped at the sudden, biting pain, jerking back away from the needles. She could feel the eyes of everyone else at the table burning into her, waiting to see if she was so dominated that she would hurt herself to follow the degrading commands of her husband.

Steeling herself against the pain, she bent forward again.

Needles pierced her silky tit flesh, sending sharp lightning bolts of pain through her tits. Needles knifed into her perky nipples, and the pain was awful. But Lisa leaned over farther, and stuck her face into the gooey mess of dog food.

"You've really got a special one here," John Bates said with a note of envy. "She'll do anything."

"Yeah, I think Lisa's a bitch that might take the whole trip," Larry agreed. He opened his pants and started jacking on his long, hard cock. "Get your face out of that dish, you smelly mutt bitch."

Lisa couldn't hear her husband's words over the din of debauchery and desecration that was playing through her head. The taste of the dog food was so foul that she gagged on every mouthful, but she was so hungry that she was slobbering all over herself as she wolfed it down.

Her face was smeared with the gravy, her nose and cheeks and chin painted a dirty brown. All she could think about was how utterly she was degrading herself for the amusement of the other people at the table. She was nothing but a whore now, and a low variety of that, existing only for the sexual entertainment of others.

"Straighten up, cunt!" Larry roared, jerking back on a handful of Lisa's golden hair. "When I tell you to do something, you better fucking do it!"

"I..." Lisa didn't know what to say. She was tapped in a hazy world of pain and shame and excitement, and it was hard for her to put words together. "Please forgive me."

"I was going to give you a treat," her husband said with a shrug. "Now I think maybe you don't deserve it."

"Treat?" Lisa echoed hollowly. She looked down at her tits and was surprised to see only tiny spots of blood speckling her pristine tit flesh. The needles were so sharp that they had left hardly a wound behind. "Please, give me treat. Give doggie bitch a treat."

"Well, okay," Larry said, jacking on his dripping cock as fast as he could. "Here's some topping for your dinner."

Larry's cock jerked with every plume of jism it splattered into the dog dish. The slimy white cum only halfway soaked into the grimy brown dog food, slithery snakes of jism congealing on the gooey surface. Lisa watched with mixed arousal and disgust as her husband emptied his balls all over the dog food.

She was going to have to eat that vile mess. She had dreamed of eating expensive delights and impressing the most powerful people in town. Instead, she was pushing her face into a dish filled with dog chow and laced with her husband's cock cream. Everyone laughed at her as she pushed her face into the gooey muck and gulped down the foul meal. The needles spiked even deeper into Lisa's tender tits, and she felt a new rise of ecstasy inside her.

"Lisa looks so cute with dog food all over her face," Faith observed, watching the degraded blonde with excitement. "That gooey brown smeared all over her pert little nose and pouting lips and pretty cheeks. I can't wait to see her face covered with my shit. I'll probably cum just looking at her."

Lisa climaxed just thinking about it, knowing for certain now that they could keep degrading her forever. She orgasmed again at the knowledge that she wouldn't walk away from it now -- even if they decided to set her free.

Chapter SIX

John Bates was the first one to finish with dinner, and he was also the first one to take a turn with Lisa. While she was eating her cum laced dog food, the sultry young blonde had listened to the others bicker over who was going to have first turn with her. It seemed that Otis and Roland wanted to take her at the same time, so they were pushed down on the list. Most frightening of all was Tabitha Bates, who decided that Lisa might not be any good for a while after she was finished with her. She was going to go last. That left only John Bates and Faith Heston, and Faith was willing to wait and watch while John went first.

Gracious hosts, neither Larry nor Elsa planned to take turns abusing Lisa's tender young body. They, after all, would have her for as long as they liked. Instead they let their guests haggle over what order they should assault her in.

Elsa wiped Lisa's soiled face with a wet towel while John unfastened the stocks and chains that held the supple blonde beauty in bondage. Once again, Elsa made Lisa suck the dirtied cloth clean, but this time it only made Lisa's cunt bubble with pleasure. After that Elsa sat back down in her chair, waiting to be called on for help if John should need it. And John helped Lisa step out of the chair and stand at the foot of the table.

A tear trickled down Lisa's beautiful face as she realized that she was completely free of ropes and chains and leather. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity she was standing free and unfettered in anyway. She wanted to take John Bates in her arms and kiss him. Then she noticed something else.

The itching had subsided in her pussy. Her cunt cream was no longer bubbling down her legs. Even her cunt was no longer buzzing and wriggling.

Suddenly, there was nothing she wanted more than ropes or chains or leather cutting into her tanned, silky skin. She opened her mouth to plead for bondage, but before a sound could pass her lips John had grabbed the top of her dress with both his hands and ripped it down her body.

The dress was already in tatters, and it tore easily under the yanking John gave it. Lisa stumbled forward on her spike heels, almost fading at the sharp tug on her dress, but she caught herself before she fell. John ripped the dress completely off her, leaving it puddled in a bundle of rags around her feet. Only the spike heels and the slender gold chain that hugged her narrow waist kept her from being completely naked.

The people around the table could see every part of Lisa they were interested in. Her full, brown tits, narrow waist, long legs and perfect ass were all on display for their inspection. Lisa looked like some kind of sleek animal, perhaps a thoroughbred horse.

"Stand right there," John told her trotting away from the table. He returned a moment later with some strips of rubber. "Don't move an inch, you beautiful slut. I'll put you into whatever positions I want you to be in."

Lisa did as John commanded, staying still as he dropped the strips of rubber to the floor and sorted through them. A moment later, he came up with one of the thickest bands.

"Raise your left foot," he ordered, and once she had done that and he had slipped the band around it he barked: "Put down your left foot and raise your right."

John pulled the first band all the way up around Lisa's full, silky thighs. The band of rubber had started as less than six inches around, but the farther he pulled it up Lisa's sleek legs, the farther the band stretched. By the time he was satisfied with its placement, the band was cutting so tightly into Lisa's flesh that her feet were going numb.

The ringlets were just like rubber bands, only much wider. John put the second one around Lisa's knees. It was much smaller than the first, and by the time it hugged her knees together, it was stretched every bit as tight as the first had been. A fourth went around her calves and a fifth around her ankles, and by the time John was finished, Lisa couldn't move her legs apart at all.

"Hold your arms straight down at your sides," John said, picking up the rest of the giant rubber bands.

Lisa did as he ordered, quivering in anticipation of what was coming next.

By the time John was finished, bands of rubber encircled Lisa's hips and tits and mouth. The band that circled her hips covered both her cunt and ass, and he tied her hands trapped at her sides. The band that crushed her tits to her body also flipped her elbows.

John pulled Lisa's blonde hair back and tied jutes knot that was trapped inside the rubber. Her hair was pulled so tightly behind her that Lisa's head was pulled back as far as it would go. She was staring at the ceiling when John fixed the final band of rubber over her mouth. That band had a rubber cock molded into the inside, and when John let the rubber slap around her head the cock flicked fully between Lisa's parted lips.

"Good job," Otis said, and a couple of the others applauded John's handiwork. "But what the fuck are you going to do with her now? You've covered up all the good parts."

"Hop," John said. He walked away from Lisa, pulled his chair out away from the table and sat down in it. "Hop your way over to me."

She was still in her high heels. John hadn't let her take those off. Her legs were bound together and her arms were trapped at her sides. It had been hard for her to balance herself on the high heels when she had been walking. She knew that she would never make it all the way to John, hopping, without falling down. What made her cry was that he knew it too, and so did everyone else in the room.

On the first hop, she wavered to the left. She could feel the spike on her left shoe start to slide across the carpet, threatening to topple her over, and she threw all her weight to her right. Everyone clapped, but Lisa's heart thundered in her heaving chest. The thought occurred to her that if she did fall, she wouldn't be able to break her impact at all. Her arms were trapped as firmly as her legs.

She hopped again, and this time it was her right shoe that buckled. A terrible bolt of pain shot up her when the rubber snapped her right leg, and it didn't matter how much she tried to balance herself on her left. She fell right on her face, barely missing the edge of the table with her head, and her cheek and tits ached with the impact.

"Crawl then, whore!" John barked. His fly was open and his cock was hanging out, half hard, fat and stubby. It was a pale-white cock, as repulsive as a fat white worm. "Squirm on the floor, slut, but get your worthless ass over here!"

Crawling was even harder than hopping, but at least it wasn't as dangerous. As she squirmed past Tabitha, the big woman emptied half a bottle of wine over her sensuously writhing young body. Lisa had to move almost entirely by pushing herself along with her toes and wriggling her stomach against the carpet. By the time she had gone five feet, her toes were cramping badly. It seemed to take her forever to reach Reverend Bates. By the time she did, every muscle in her body was howling in outrage. Lisa was so grateful to have managed the trip that she rubbed her face all over John's shiny black shoes. She thought despondently that she was the trained bitch dog they called her. Here she was, groveling at the feet of one of her master's friends.

"Now get me off, tramp," John told her, kicking at her face with both feet. "And make me cum. The sooner you do it, the less you get hurt."

Lisa wanted to scream out in anger at the sadistic monster. Her cunt, asshole, tits and mouth were denied her. Her hands and legs were bound and useless. How was she supposed to tease a load of jism out of his half-limp cock? She didn't even think she could reach it.

John asked Elsa for something while Lisa was trying to wriggle her way up into his crotch, and the beautiful dark-eyed girl left to get it. When she came back with the bowl of ice cubes, Lisa felt a chill of apprehension, but she didn't understand how the reverend would use them. A moment later, he slid one beneath the band of rubber that molded itself around her ass cheeks.

The rubber trapped the ice cube and transmitted the cold. It even seemed to intensify the cold as it iced the silky flesh of Lisa's left ass cheek. The frigid kiss of the ice cube started as a cold discomfort, but before long it was burning her tender ass flesh like a branding iron. When John reached for a second ice cube, Lisa thought she was going to lose her mind.

She couldn't bend her knees or elbows, but she could bend at the waist. Lisa did, coming up into a sitting position between John's widespread legs. Sitting on the ass-freezing ice cube only made the freezing pain worse, but sitting tip was the only way Lisa could think of to reach John's cock.

Once she faced the ugly worm of a cock, Lisa wasn't entirely sure of what to do with it. Her mouth was filled by rubber cock, so she couldn't give him a blow-job. When John pushed the second ice cube down inside the band of rubber that encircled Lisa's crushed, silky tits, the beautiful housewife lunged forward.

The ice burned her sensitive tit flesh even worse than it was burning her ass. John was already picking up another cube, and Lisa knew that many more of them inside the bands of rubber would drive her out of her mind. Lisa leaned forward and rubbed her beautiful face all over John's limp cock. She couldn't imagine getting a man off this way, but she had to try something.

The helplessness and pain started to get to the submissive young housewife. Her cunt was drooling under its rubber cover, and the sizzling hot run of her cunt juice was starting to squish uncomfortably between her tightly clamped legs. Lisa couldn't even rub her thighs against each other to relieve some of the sexual itching in her pussy, and the slow build of lust inside her was almost as maddening as the pain the rubber trapped ice cubes were causing her.

Lisa rubbed her face all over John's cock, massaging the pulpy prick flesh with her silky skin. By slow degrees, the reverend's cock started to stiffen. Lisa rubbed her face over his prick even faster, and soon she was rewarded with a drool of pre-cum across her nose. The smell and the watery texture of his cock-lube made Lisa sick, but the fact that John was finally showing signs of life excited her so much that a minor climax exploded between her legs.

Just as Lisa's climax reached its apex, John slipped an ice cube down into the band of rubber that crossed her mouth. The ice froze her check so quickly and harshly that she howled into her gag. Tears filled her eyes and her lithe body wriggled in agony.

In desperation, Lisa turned her head and caught the reverend's cock between her chin and the soft hollow of her throat. She bobbed her head back and forth just as she would have if she were taking his cock down her throat. But instead of spearing her gullet, John's slowly, hardening cock was hammering into the soft flesh of the outside of her throat. Lisa's neck burned with agony and her throat was bruised with the thudding impact of John's cock. But she kept on forcing her throat onto the man's stubby cock, desperate to make the sadistic reverend orgasm.

"Jezebel!" John hissed, grabbing another ice cube out of the bowl and sliding it down between Lisa's shoulder blades. "Dirty harlot! Filthy floozy! Oh, that feels so good!"

Lisa arched back at the freezing pain of the new ice cube. John's cock slipped from under her chin and bobbed up and down, spritzing her pretty face with a watery strand of fuck-lube. Lisa jerked and twisted wildly. Through tear fogged eyes, she saw the evil reverend reach for another ice cube, and in desperation she plunged her face back down on his cock.

"Whore of Babylon!" John screamed, dropping the ice cube on the carpet as his cock plugged the tiny hole of Lisa's ear. "Dirty harlot! You're making me cum! I never cum!"

Lisa didn't know where, the energy came from, but suddenly she surged up out of her sitting position, hurling herself up over the demented reverend's body. His cock slapped wetly against her stomach and Lisa rubbed her flat tummy back and forth along the sensitive underside of his cock. She felt the big spear of cock flesh jerk against her, and then burning hot jism splattered over the rubber that bound her big tits.

"Cumming all over you!" John bellowed, fucking his cock over the silky flesh of Lisa's stomach. He grabbed the writhing girl by her shoulders and forced her back down between his knees. "Take it in the face, you shameless floozy! Wallow in it, you wretched tramp!"

Lisa felt a wave of satisfaction as John's cock belched jism all over her pretty face. She had managed to make him cum, with her hands and fuck-holes bound and useless. Even now, he was smearing her face with his filthy cock cream. She had made him cum.

Faith was next. Just the sight of the tall, elegant blonde made Lisa climax helplessly. When Faith freed Lisa of the bands of rubber, Lisa wanted to kiss the younger woman's feet. When Faith dressed her in tight blue jeans and a leather jacket, Lisa wondered what was happening. Then Faith strapped the dildo around Lisa's hips and gathered her hair up under a cap, and the blonde slave understood what was going on.

Faith was turning her into a man.

"I want to thank Tabitha for this," Faith said with a little bow in the big woman's direction.

"It was her rape protection classes that gave me the idea for this little game. Okay, Lisa, you sweet little bitch. Rape me!"

Lisa stood uncertainly for an instant, not quite sure what to do. She was so exhausted and hurt that she doubted she could have beaten up a child, but the men's clothes she was wearing and the seven-inch dildo she strapped to her made her feel so hot that she really wanted to fuck the blonde.

She charged the girl on a straight line, her cunt exploding with pleasure as she thought of having Faith on her back with her legs in the air, fucking her to death with the fat rubber cock. She was only a couple of feet away from her when Faith pulled two tiny canisters from her purse and aimed them at her.

"Siren," Faith explained as she pushed the button on the first canister. "Tear gas," she added as she pushed the button on the second.

Lisa clapped her hands over her ears as the siren blasted through her head. The noise was so loud and terrible that she wanted to curl up and hold her head forever. If she couldn't make the horrible pain go away she would have been just as glad to die. A moment later, her eyes started burning, and she clapped her hands to her face as her eyes turned red and filled with tears. She started coughing and she couldn't stop. She wondered if she'd been poisoned, if she was going to die.

"Now you have the rapist on the defensive," Faith said with a smile, fishing something else from her purse. "But just because he's blinded and in pain doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. Look what you can do with a simple set of keys."

Lisa was floundering around blindly in front of the elegant blonde. She wondered if she should just lie down and surrender, but she knew that if she ruined Faith's show she would just be punished worse. She cringed backward when someone unzipped her leather jacket. Then she screamed, in shock and heart rending agony, when Faith slammed the keys into her right tit.

Tearing pain and bruising agony filled up the liquid-soft mound of her tit, and she stumbled backward blindly, unable to see, feeling only the brutal agony of the punch Faith had dealt her.

"And never give up your advantage," Faith continued, smiling cruelly, advancing on her cringing blonde victim with slow, measured steps. "Look for your openings and take them."

Lisa knew another punch was coming, but she couldn't tell from where. When the keys, and Faith's fist slammed into the flat, soft plain of Lisa's stomach, the gorgeous little blonde crumpled forward. Before her knees could buckle, Faith hit her again, a jab to her left tit that drove her backward. Lisa grabbed her brutalized tits to assure herself that they were still intact.

"Now, if the rapist in question happens to be a dumb little blonde slut," Faith said, barely able to hide a giggle from her face, "you can always do this. It's a special variation on the old hip toss."

Lisa had barely dropped her hands from her aching tits when Faith closed her hands around them. Lisa screamed in sudden agony when Faith jerked forward on the full, round mounds of tit flesh. A moment later she felt the thrust of Faith's hip against her thighs, and Faith flipped her into the air.

"Ohhhhh!" Lisa shrieked. "Oh, no!"

The pain in her tits was unbelievable. Faith dragged her through the air by her handholds on Lisa's silky tit mounds. She flipped the helpless housewife completely over. When Lisa slammed into the dining room floor, she breathed a sigh of relief in spite of the shattering pain of impact. But a moment later, Faith jerked up on her tits again.

"So you want to rape me you worthless little slut?" the gorgeous young blonde bellowed, making Lisa arch her back and squirming hellish agony. "I'll teach you a lesson you're never going to forget, you dirty little bitch!"

Faith pulled Lisa's tits up and then smashed them back down, over and over again. The beaten blonde housewife moaned weakly in pain, her hands fluttering helplessly around those of her beautiful captor. Faith straddled the dildo she had strapped onto Lisa and slid her cunt down over it. Through still-blurry eyes, Lisa watched the girl jiggle and shake on top of the seven-inch rubber cock.

"You want to rape me?" Faith cooed cruelly, releasing her brutal holds on Lisa's tits and smoothing her soft palms down over the captive housewife's fevered flesh. "Rape me then. Come on, Lisa. Fuck that big cock inside me!"

Lisa's tits were on fire with pain and her body was aching with fatigue, but she knew that she had to do what the younger girl demanded. Faith was grinding her hips down in wide, wild circles atop the big cock, and she was humping her ass up and down so fast that Lisa's hips bounced off the hard floor. Still, Lisa tried to fuck Faith back, grasping the girl's hips with her hands and pumping her ass off the floor to meet the downward plunges of Faith's sweet pussy.

Faith pulled something from her purse, and Lisa moaned in sorrow and fear when she saw what it was. She moaned again, in expectation of more pain, when the evil young blonde circled both her full, battered tit with the leash of leather. But it wasn't until Faith started to pull it tight, melding Lisa's tits into one giant mound of sweetly delectable flesh, that the debased beauty started to whimper in pain. And it was only a few moments after that she began to coo in pleasure.

The pain was awful. Faith was turning her pair of tits into one, giant-nippled mound. She had pulled the strap of leather so tight that Lisa's tits were bulging at the ends. It was as though Lisa's tits had been turned around on her chest. Now the bases were narrow, the tips wide and filled with blood. But once again, the pain was starting to turn her on.

And the pain wasn't the only thing that was turning Lisa on. Looking up at Faith, the sexy young blonde realized that once again she was being abused and mastered by a woman younger than herself. She realized too that once more she was stripped and on display for everyone to see, while the person assaulting her was fully dressed. Everything that happened was designed, to make her feel worthless and whorish. The fullness of her degradation only turned the submissive housewife on more.

Faith was getting turned on, too. Lisa knew that even while she was still blinded by the tear gas. She could tell it by how throaty Faith's voice had become. She was even more certain when, a few moments later, she felt the slick drool of Faith's pussy cream running down from the sides of the big dildo to soak her hips and cunt fur.

Now that her eyes were starting to clear, Lisa could see more evidence of how hot Faith was getting. The elegant blonde's gray eyes were glazed and her face was flushed. She was jerking as she squirmed atop Lisa. Sudden moans and cries of passion escaped her moistly parted lips. She released the leather strap she had wound around Lisa's tits and grabbed at her own full, heaving tits, squeezing and pulling on them through the thin fabric of her expensive evening gown.

Lisa gasped with passion of her own at seeing the rise of lust in the other girl. There was something about the knowledge that she was turning on Faith so completely that started Lisa's cunt squirming and leaking. She jerked her ass more powerfully off the floor, twisting her hips in a wide circle that matched Faith's frenzied jerkings.

"Oh fuck me, you dirty little slut," Faith gasped. She reached down to grip Lisa's big, rolling tits, and Lisa reached up in return, smoothing her palms almost reverently over Faith's upthrust tits. "You filthy little Lisa. You slutty little Lisa. You're a whore, Lisa, do you know that?"

"Yes!" Lisa gasped back, her voice cracking as an orgasm flared to sudden, burning life inside her. "I'm a dirty slut. Such a dirty slut. You're so fucking beautiful..."

There was nothing touching Lisa's cunt, but that didn't seem to matter. She was stripped and on display, pleasuring another woman with a perverse sex act. She was in pain and in slavery. Those were the things that made her thrash and tremble with lust. A hard cock or wet mouth on her pussy would have just been an extra now.

She was cumming on a rumbling wave of pain and degradation. That was enough for her now.

"You're a cunt, Lisa," Faith rasped, her perfect model's face bathed in sweat and flushed with ecstasy. "You're a dog in heat, Lisa. Just a dirty little mutt."

Faith's orgasm seemed even more powerful than Lisa's. She swayed from side to side atop her beautiful slave until she almost fell off her. Faith's pussy gushed cunt cream, soaking Lisa's humping hips in a wash of sticky fuck-juice. It mixed with Lisa's cunt cream between her thighs, spread over her flat, trembling belly in a thin, sticky wave.

Suddenly Faith pulled herself off the seven inch dildo and clambered over Lisa's body. Lisa groaned with a mix of passion and disgust as the younger girl moved up her body, because she knew where Faith was headed. She didn't try to escape though. Her cunt actually wriggled more desperately as the idea of eating out Faith's swampy pussy burned its way into Lisa's mind.

"Never seen Faith cream like that with anybody," Otis grumbled, stroking his fat cock and staring at the sloppy mess of Lisa's crotch. "That little bitch must be turning her on but good."

"You like her better than you do me," Elsa added with a pout. "You've never given me so much sweet pussy cream."

"And what about you?" Faith gasped, lowering her sloppy pink pussy gash on Lisa's passively waiting face. "The next time you want to play with her, Elsa, are you going to give me a call instead?"

Elsa didn't answer, knowing that she wouldn't give up the chance to torment Lisa even for the joy of sampling Faith's perfect body. There was something about the beautiful submissive housewife that was more alluring than simple looks could ever be. There was something about her that cried out for her to be fucked and tortured and defiled.

The first thing Lisa realized was that Faith's cunt smelled much different now than it had when she had kissed it beneath the table. Lisa gagged for an instant at the smell of it. Then she just became hotter at the realization that it was her body that had made Faith's cunt so sloppy.

The second thing Lisa noticed was that Faith's pussy cream tasted different than her own. When Lisa slithered her wet, pink tongue out between her lips to gather up the first load of cunt cream, she encountered a taste that was so sharp and tart that she almost shut her mouth. Then she whipped her tongue back inside the swollen, pink folds of Faith's cunt with even greater fervor, excited that different women could taste different and already wondering what Elsa's cunt tasted like.

The first thing Lisa noticed was that Faith was still cumming, that she was cumming easily, cumming with almost every brush of her tongue inside her pussy. And Faith poured pussy juice when she climaxed. For a panic-stricken instant, Lisa was terrified that she was going to drown under the waterfall splash of Faith's pussy juice. Finally she locked her mouth around the quivering lips of Faith's cunt and sucked at her pussy the way she would have sucked at a lemon. Faith screamed with pleasure and round her ass all over Lisa's face, but the helplessly pussy trapped beauty managed to siphon off three huge mouthfuls of juicy cunt slime.

Her sucking at the swollen lips of Faith's cunt made the girl own even more wildly, puffing at her hair and riding her head as if were some kind of bucking horse. She smashed her pussy all over Lisa's pretty, captive face and smeared her pussy dew deep into the slavish housewife's creamy tanned skin. Lisa kept her tongue whipping inside Faith's pussy, lathering the heated, slimy cunt fuck and teasing the younger girl's tiny cunt. And she smeared her lips all over the outside of Faith's cunt, manipulating her through a series of long, shattering climaxes.

Lisa knew that she had been reduced to nothing, that she was now no more than the lowest servant girl, slurping lavishly at the swampy cunt of her better. She knew that her dreams of being a society belle were gone forever. All she was now was a pet slut, a sex toy to be used and abused in whatever way her husband and his friends wanted.

It didn't matter. She wished she could suck Faith's cunt forever.

Chapter SEVEN

"Enough," Faith said, after what seemed to Lisa like too short a time. "You're eating me alive, you cannibal cunt. This isn't supposed to be fun for you, Lisa whore. You've been having too much fucking fun."

Lisa groaned in despair when she saw the look of pure cruel excitement Faith was wearing. She knew what the elegant blonde was going to do, even before the first burning wet rush of piss splashed over her upturned face.

"Keep your mouth open," Faith hissed, squat dug up over Lisa's head and staring down at the helpless housewife's wide blue eyes. "Drink my piss, Lisa. That's all you're good for, Lisa dog. Just being a dirty old toilet."

Lisa had clamped her mouth tightly shut when Faith had started pissing down on her face, but at the girl's order she parted her lips and allowed the burning torrent of piss to fill her mouth up. Faith giggled at the sight of the beautiful woman's instant servility, and she angled her hips so that every drop of her piss would splash into Lisa's open mouth.

Faith's piss filled Lisa's gurgling mouth in an instant. As fast as Lisa swallowed, Faith filled up her mouth a little faster, and soon the younger woman's piss was running down over Lisa's face. Lisa kept her eyes open too, even when the piss wave drenched her eyelashes and filled her eyes.

Lisa burned with shame as she drank down Faith's piss. She couldn't imagine anything lower or more despicable her husband and his high-society friends could make her do. But the burn of piss in her mouth, down her throat and into her stomach was making her cunt clutch at itself and gush pussy juice. And the knowledge that it was beautiful, innocent-looking Faith Heston who was pissing on her made Lisa squirm through one orgasm after another.

"You even loved that, didn't you?" Faith asked with feigned innocence as the last droplets of her piss sprinkled down on Lisa's face. "You're such a slutty tramp, Lisa. Here, let's see how much you love this."

Lisa's eyes widened as Faith's pretty pink ass pucker started to dilate. Her mouth went dry and her heart began to beat in her chest. She stopped breathing, and even the squirming together of her thighs, which had become almost instinctual, slowed and then stopped.

She yipped like an excited puppy when she saw the first long, black turd curl down from Faith's asshole.

There was something happening inside Lisa's head that she couldn't control, couldn't understand. It was as though something inside her personality had held out under the prolonged assaults her husband and his friends had subjected her to. Even when her inexperienced body had turned traitor and made her squirm and gasp with pleasure, that part of her mind had been shamed and disgusted by what was happening. Watching Faith's first fat turd emerging from her asshole, Lisa felt that part of her being destroyed.

She still knew how perverse it was, how pitiful a groveling whore she was for not fighting to keep the turd from landing on her face. She recognized it as a new low in her degradation. But now her mind welcomed the turd with the same fevered fervor as her body had been the repeated rape and abuse the rest of the day had brought. Somehow this most teach desecration of all would free her. Once she had accepted it she would have made it dear, both to herself and the others, that she would accept anything. After she let Faith shit on her face she wouldn't have to resist anything anymore.

"Keep that mouth open," Faith said gently as the first turd tumbled down.

The turd plopped down over Lisa's nose, curling down over both her checks. The smell filled Lisa's head, so sharp and so vile that vomit rumbled in her stomach. She was in the act of retching when Faith's second turd dropped.

The second turd slithered down right between Lisa's open lips, and it filled her mouth and throat like a melting chocolate-cock.

The captive housewife's mind reeled with the realization that she was eating another woman's cunt. Faith moved away from Lisa's face, then a leaned down over her. She worked Lisa's jaw with her fingers, making the helplessly enslaved housewife chew up the shit. She picked up the other from Lisa's nose and smeared it all over the blonde slave's pretty face. Lisa gagged and choked as she ate shit and had shit smeared all over her. But her hips were lurching up a foot off the floor, and her cunt was squirting pussy cream like piss. It arched out of her pussy in a steady stream to soak the floor between her legs.

Faith rubbed the stilt all over Lisa's body, smearing her tits and stomach and long, sleek legs with warm shit. While she smeared one turd all over Lisa's svelte, sexy body she continued to work Lisa's jaw on the other, then massaged Lisa's graceful throat to make sure the unhinged housewife swallowed every bit of the shit.

Lisa felt the warm, slimy shit all over her bronzed, beautiful body. Her mouth was filled with a taste so sharp that it seemed to burn her tongue and cheeks. Her flat little stomach rolled with the rancid mix of dog food and cum and shit that filled it.

But her ass danced and flexed madly a foot and a half above the dining room floor, her long lean legs trembling with the strain of jerking her body off the floor and the ecstasy of her demented lust.

Her cunt lips were colored red and filled with blood, and her clit was peeking out of her pussy, swollen to twice its normal size. Cunt juice splattered all over the floor between her legs, and ran down over her plush thighs in wide, sticky rivers.

"Suck my fingers," Faith said, after she had rubbed the last of the first turd into Lisa's tanned, silky skin. "Get this filthy shit off my fingers, Lisa pig. A lady like me shouldn't have skit on her."

Lisa cried and came at the same time, whipping her shit-slimed tongue all over Faith's dirty fingers.

Everyone in the room was mocking her as though she were the dirtiest slut in the world. She guessed she was. What kind of a woman could have an orgasm while she was eating shit?

"Do you want her cleaned off before you have your turn?" Lisa heard Larry ask.

"No!" two voices answered at once.

As Faith pulled her clean fingers from Lisa's dirty mouth, the shattered, sexy blonde found herself staring up at both the sheriff and the mayor.

Both their cocks were rock hard and dripping. Lisa stared at them dumbly for a moment, as though she wasn't sure what she was seeing. Then she grabbed at her swollen pussy lips and pulled them wide apart, exposing the whole pink, creamy interior of her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she whimpered, staring at first one and then the other long, hard cock. She didn't look at the men's faces. She wasn't sure if she had the right to do that anymore. "Fuck the slut. Please fuck the slut!"

"Sit on my cock," the mayor ordered, sitting down on the floor a few feet away from Lisa. His cock was slender and terribly long. Like, the mayor himself, the cock looked very old but still very potent. "Scoot your whorish ass over here, tramp, and slide your dirty little pussy down my cock."

Lisa was past being shocked at the filthy way Roland was talking. She was past being shocked by much of anything after what Faith had just done to her. But she was still quite able to be aroused, and just staring at the mayor's long, needle-like prick made her quake with lust. Lisa rolled to her knees immediately and clambered over on top of the mayor's jutting cock.

Lisa settled onto her haunches and guided the long skinny prick deftly between the swollen lips of her pussy. Her cunt cream was rolling down over the mayor's balls and stomach before she had taken more than a couple of inches, and there was a loud wet farting sound when her rounded brown ass cheeks settled against the old man's balls and thighs. Lisa gasped with almost painful passion at the first penetration.

"Now give me your arms," Otis barked from behind her, and without hesitation the beautiful house-slave lifted her hands into the air. "Going to tie you good, bitch, and then we're going to double-fuck your slutty ass off. Me and the mayor have been doing this to sluts like you for years."

Lisa quaked with pleasure at the thought of the sheriff ramming his fat stubby cock up her ass while the mayor fucked her cunt with his long, thin prick. She gasped in pain when Otis jerked her arms roughly behind her back. Then fed even more fuel to the fire that was raging inside her lust-swollen cunt, and she climaxed, dousing the mayor's crotch with even more sticky cunt juice.

Otis had pulled both her hands behind her back. Now he bent her elbows until her forearms crossed her back horizontally, each hand nestled in the crook of the other arm's elbow. The position was painful, and Lisa arched her back against the agony, thrusting out her full, firm tits until they stood out like a pair of huge melons. Otis tied her arms that way, winding rope around her slender arms all the way from wrists to elbows.

"Now you're going to get it, tramp," Otis hissed, rubbing his freakishly thick cock up and down the hairless crack of Lisa's ass. "Now you're going to get two cocks at once, bitch. Me and Roland have sent sluts to the hospital doing the double-fuck on them."

Lisa wanted to laugh at the sheriff's words, but she was too concerned with the waves of pulsing lust that were crashing through her humping body. She had been fucked with a funnel and a monster dildo. Her husband had spread her poor shitter so wide that he'd was able to stick his hand up her ass with room to spare. The thought of Otis and the mayor double-fucking her filled Lisa with a shuddery feeling of excitement, but it didn't frighten her at all.

She was already riding the mayor's cock like a pogo stick, skimming her cunt up and down on his fuck-pole as fast as she could. Her tits bounced wildly across her chest as she fucked up and down on the old man's cock. Denied her arms, it was almost impossible for the limber young beauty to keep her balance, but that didn't slow down her postioning on the long, slender cock.

"On your knees, whore!" Otis growled, hitting Lisa in the small of her back so hard that she fell forward across, the mayor. Otis heaved her back up by the tits, then settled her in the position he wanted. "Shove that ass back for me, whore. Let me have a good look at that slutty little shitter."

In her catcher's crouch, Lisa had been able to whip herself up and down on the mayor's cock at top speed. On her knees and with the sheriff's hands on her tits to restrain her, she could only bump and grind her hips to move the old man's cock around in her pussy. And Roland didn't seem interested in helping her at all. He didn't even use his hands to molest her sexy body.

"Here we go, whore," Otis growled, swishing his fat cock up and down the clenching crack of Lisa's ass. "Feel free to scream anytime, slut."

Lisa moaned instead, wiggling her hips between the two older men. Just flicking her hips back and forth, she could move Roland's cock about six inches up and down inside her pussy, and that was more than enough to keep her body steaming with passion. She wasn't sure where one climax ended and the next one started anymore. All she knew for certain was that molten pleasure was filling her cunt and spilling over to flow into every other part of her body.

"Scream, bitch," Otis growled, sliding his cock against her pulsing cunt lips and biting down hard on the tender back of her neck. "Time for you to start tucking screaming."

For an instant, Lisa thought that Otis had just missed her asshole. She felt his fat cock nudging at her cunt lips and she hunched her hips lower, presenting him with the tiny pink bud of her shitter. The second time his wide cock head banged against the cock-stuffed lips of her pussy, Lisa realized why the sheriff had been talking about her screaming, why he had mentioned that his and the mayor's little trick had sent girls to the hospital.

They were both going to fuck her pussy at once.

"Oh, please?" Lisa whimpered, feeling the beat of the sheriff's fat cock head as he tried to stuff it through the already full mouth of her cunt. "Oh, please!"

Lisa wasn't sure whether she was pleading for the sheriff to stop trying to stuff his giant cock inside her already-fucked pussy or begging for him to fuck it in faster. Fear burned through her lust-dazed mind like a wildfire at the thought of having two huge cocks fucking her tiny, tender pussy at once. But there was something so humiliating about the thought of having two men rape her at once, brutalizing her in the very same fuck-hole, that her cunt rubbed and curled around the mayor's cock like a loving kitten. And the fucking beat of just one cock inside her cunt had already beaten Lisa into such a state of passion that she felt ready to try anything.

"Oh, please, my ass!" Otis roared, obviously deciding that the enslaved blonde was begging for mercy. "Squeeze your slutty cunt around this!"

The reaming Elsa had given her with the dildo earlier had loosened Lisa up a lot, and her pussy was flooded with enough cunt juice to ease the passage of a Mack truck.

She moaned with the strain as Otis forced his cock up into her pussy. Her bronzed, lithe body squirmed and twisted in a maddened mix of pain and ecstasy. Her cunt lips stretched so tight round the two stalks of cock meat that the thick folds were drawn thin. Lisa felt her pussy tearing under the strain, but it wouldn't be the first time she had bled during the nightmarish orgy of sex and degradation her husband had begun just hours earlier.

As Otis fucked his fat cock up Lisa's cunt from behind, the mayor put his hands on her for the first time, locking his long, withered fingers around Lisa's full, satiny hips. Otis had his hands on her too, mauling her tits as though they were a couple of squeeze toys. With her arms tied cruelly behind her back, Lisa could only wriggle between the two men.

Lisa's sleek, thoroughbred body was drawn tight as a bow from the strain of taking both men's cocks up her tiny pussy. From the long, lean muscles in her calves to the tendons in her graceful, silky throat, every muscle in the abused beauty's body was tensed against the outrageous intrusion of the two cocks inside her. Even her soft ass cheeks were tensed hard as stone against the double-fuck. Only her cunt, sloppy and squirming with pleasure, was lax and welcoming to the two cocks.

Otis plunged his cock all the way inside Lisa's pussy, and the sexy young girl grunted with the impact of the sheriff's big body against her own sleek frame. Both cocks were buried in her pussy to the hilt now, and her cunt felt stretched and torn beyond repair. Pussy cream gushed out, turning the triple connection of bodies into a swampy mess, but no amount of lubrication could adequately prepare her body for the unnatural violation of the double assault.

"Ready, Roland?" Otis asked, gnawing on the back of Lisa's neck.

"Ready, Otis," the mayor confirmed, digging his long, strong fingers into Lisa's soft hips until the sultry little blonde whimpered in anguish.

"Let's fuck, then!" Otis whooped, drawing his cock back through the pained, strained pocket of Lisa's cunt. "Let's see you moan and cum your way through this one, whore!"

Lisa screamed mindlessly as the two men began fucking her. She was trapped between their much larger bodies, her arms tied behind her and her knees spread so far apart that she couldn't gain the slightest leverage. The only defense left her was a slight movement of her stomach and hips, and it was a pitiful buffer against the assault the men were mounting on her sexy body.

They pounded Lisa between them like a senseless rag doll. Her head flew back and forth with every pulverizing fuck-stroke, her blonde hair curtaining her beautiful face. Her tits shook and bounced all over her chest, and both men took turns at batting at them and pinching her stiff, sore nipples.

Her lower body was almost numb from the pain of being battered between the two men. The men moved her in whatever position they wanted her. Lisa couldn't move at all on her own, and when the men rolled her over onto her side without removing their cocks from inside her pussy, she was even more helpless.

After a while, they rolled Lisa back onto her knees, and Otis grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling her head back until Lisa thought her neck was going to break. He used her hair like a rein and slapped her ass with his other hand until Lisa's bronzed ass cheeks glowed bright red. At the same time, the mayor began slapping her full, hanging tits, and as the men fucked her and beat her it seemed to the helpless blonde that every part of her body was being battered at once.

The two cocks were tearing her pussy to pieces, buffing their way up inside her straining guts. Lisa tried to spread her legs wider and wider apart, desperate to ease the horrid reaming, but unable to cope with having two big cocks fucking her at the same instant. With every stab of a prick up her pussy, there was a chorus of wet, squishing sounds, but even the ocean of cunt cream her pussy had spilled was unable to fully ease the passing of the twinned cocks inside her. Soon, the soupy mix of her fuck-juices were tinged pink with blood from her tattered cunt.

"You love this, whore?" Otis asked, whipping her stinging ass cheeks with his hand while he pulled on her golden hair. He slobbered down the side of her face, and Lisa cringed with revulsion. "Move that slutty little ass while we're fucking you. Slut, we're tearing your trampy little cunt apart!"

"You're getting what you deserve, harlot," the mayor gasped, pounding Lisa's full, dangling tits with the flats of his hands. "Gold digging little whore. Now you're getting just what your kind always deserve!"

Lisa turned pain-glazed eyes toward her other captors.

John and Larry had taken up a position where they could best see the double fucking of her pussy. They were pointing at her ass and joking with each other. Elsa and Faith were in each other's arms, kissing and running their hands over each other's body. They were looking at her too, giggling and rolling their eyes. Only Tabitha Bates watched her in silence, and there was a menace in the woman's face that made Lisa cringe inside.

Lisa was being beaten with cocks and hands. Her pussy was split open and her body was being battered around like a rowboat in a hurricane. She was being mocked and reviled by the very people who had turned her into the submissive nymphomaniac she now was.

It no longer seemed to the lust-crazed girl that she was experiencing one orgasm after another. Now it seemed that she was enduring just one powerful, never-ending climax. It roared through her shivering body with the power of a tidal wave, sweeping and smashing and soaking her in an ocean of sexual euphoria.

Both Otis and Roland were fucking her faster and more erratically, and Lisa knew that both older men were on the verge of orgasm. She wished that she could do something to hasten their climaxes, but she was as helpless between their pounding bodies as a leaf caught in a tornado. She couldn't even squeeze her cunt around the marauding cocks, because her pussy was already stretched beyond endurance.

"Cumming!" Roland yelped, his old face drained of color as he started spewing his jism into Lisa's clasping cunt. "Cumming, you worthless, dirty whore!"

"Bitch!" Otis roared, yanking back on Lisa's hair until her neck snapped painfully back. "Filling you up with cum, bitch! Fuck on that jism, you dirty whore!"

The sheriff and mayor had fucked her as one, and now, they spewed their burning jism into her pussy at the same time. Lisa wailed in ecstasy and pain as the twin load of cock cream sizzled into her abused pussy. She shook her shoulders and wriggled her hips as her own orgasm crested, shaking its way through her body like a powerful earthquake.

The men fell away from her together, too, and Lisa fell to the floor of the dining room, her svelte, sexy body trembling. Her body was marred with bruises. She was soaked in sweat and smeared in shit. Her inner thighs were soaked with jism, cunt cream and blood, and more of the syrupy fuck-slime was running from her grossly gaping pussy.

Lisa was so tired that she didn't ever want to move again. She hurt so bad that she just wanted to go to sleep and forget everything that had happened during this hellish day. She had been certain earlier that her asshole had been ruined for life. Now she was just as sure that her poor pussy was ravaged beyond repair.

Her cunt was still filled with feathery, spidery tickling sensations, but the monster climax that had been assaulting her body was fading away. Without the crest of sexual euphoria to ride, Lisa felt every injury and every bit of fatigue her body had experienced.

The realization of how fully she had cooperated with her own defiling hit her with a sledge hammer of shame.

The worst part of all was knowing that without much trouble her husband or one of his friends could start her up again. She really was a slut, a nympho tramp who could be turned on by pinching her nipples or slapping her face. Her body would rise again and again, caught helplessly in powerful waves of lust. She would fuck until she died, if that was what her abusers wanted.

"Hi honey," Tabitha said, her voice thick with menace. "I guess it's my turn now."

Lisa shook uncontrollably, wondering if being fucked to death might be exactly what was in store for her at this bizarre party.

Chapter EIGHT

Elsa cleared the table quickly, and then the men helped Tabitha stake Lisa out on the wide flat surface. Lisa was spread-eagled and chained on the table, laid out on helpless display for anything Tabitha wanted to do to her.

"I've always hated pretty girls like you," Tabitha hissed as her husband locked the last cuff tightly around Lisa's right wrist. "I've always hated dirty little sluts who thought they could get anything by showing their tits and shaking their asses and smiling their pretty-girl smiles."

Lisa quaked with terror as she watched the big woman strip off her dress. Underneath the respectable fabric layer of Tabitha's party dress was a leather corset and chaps. Tabitha fished under the table and put on a pair of leather boots to match the rest of the outfit. The leather gear molded Tabitha's bountiful figure into a collection of massive curves. She smiled down at Lisa with sadistic glee.

"I like making pretty girls not so pretty anymore," Tabitha growled, an insane gleam in her eyes that made Lisa shake with terror. "Sometimes it's fun to use all kinds of things on their hot little slut bodies. Sometimes, though, it's more fun just to beat the shit out of the little whores. Bite the shit out of them, too."

Lisa's bronzed skin broke into a cold wave of goose flesh, and she trembled uncontrollably as the big woman stepped up to the table, leaning over her like sonic Goddess of death. Tabitha cracked her fingers and ran her tongue over her lips and heaved a long, dramatic sigh.

Then she punched Lisa in the face.

The blow was so unexpected and savage that Lisa didn't even have time to turn her face away. She took the blow right on the point of her chin, and lights flashed through her head as pain flowered out over her face. Before she recovered from the first punch, Tabitha hit her again, this punch to the nose. Lisa's nose didn't break under the blow, but it hurt, and Lisa felt a trickle of blood on her upper lip. Tabitha's third punch landed on Lisa's left temple, and consciousness almost eluded the captive blonde beauty.

"We've got to talk, Lisa," Larry said, walking up to the edge of the table. Elsa was standing beside him, her hand on his thick cock, stroking it gently and pointing it down at Lisa's face. "I guess you know now that life around here isn't going to be exactly the way you thought it would."

Lisa tried to concentrate on what Larry was saying, but it was very hard. Tabitha had stopped hitting her in the face, but now she was punching her in her ribs and tits and stomach, dealing her one savage body blow after another. Tabitha was using her as a human punching bag, and it was all Lisa could do to keep from crying in pain.

"By nature, you're a real bitch, Lisa," Larry said. "Even with all the shit that's happened today. I'm sure that on your own you'd go back to your old tight-assed, prick-teasing ways in no time. So if you stay around here, you're going to get this kind of shit every day. You're going to have to obey every word I say, every word Elsa says -- hell, every word anybody says. If the postman tells you to stick his asshole on the front porch, you're going to have to do that, too."

Tabitha howled in a mix of rage and happiness and pounded her fist into the swollen, vulnerable lips of Lisa's cunt. The sultry little blonde lurched across the table, her legs kicking weakly at the chains that held her spread and vulnerable. Tabitha slammed her right fist down into the silky hollow of Lisa's stomach and powered the other one back into the tight mouth of her pink pussy.

This time, the force of the blow drove the big woman's fist completely inside Lisa's pussy. Lisa groaned out a strangled mix of agony and pleasure. She wasn't able to keep her hips from rising up off the table to meet the damaging penetration of Tabitha's fist.

"You love it, bitch!" Elsa hissed, stroking her hand up and down the throbbing pole of Larry's cock. On her other side John stepped up to the table, his cock jutting half hard from his pants, and she started massaging his prick, too. "You're a submissive little whore, Lisa. You're the kind of classy-looking bitch who's really nothing but a masochistic slut. You're the kind of bitch people love to hurt, and you love getting hurt, too."

Tabitha lowered her face to Lisa's stomach and clamped her teeth around the squirming blonde's navel. Lisa screamed, her eyes going wide with terror as the big woman's teeth round into her flesh.

When Tabitha raised her head, Lisa breathed a sigh of relief to see her body still intact. But where Tabitha had bitten her there was a deep red imprint of the woman's teeth. This bite was far more than the hickies Elsa had given her earlier. This was a full set of teeth marks, and even knowing that the marks would fade in a couple of days, the sight of them horrified the trapped housewife.

"The short of it is that you can stay if you want, bitch," Larry said. "Frankly, after watching your performance tonight, I don't know if you're worth it. But Faith seems to like you, and Faith's family is very important to me, so I guess I might take a chance on you for a while. But if you don't want to stay, you can walk right out, too. You got that, whore? Nobody's forcing you to stay."

Tabitha clamped her teeth into Lisa's right thigh, biting down so hard that she brought blood rushing to the surface of Lisa's skin. The bruise was already forming when the big woman pulled her mouth away to bite Lisa in the identical spot on her other leg. Tabitha pounded her fist into Lisa's cunt with a frenzied savagery. She pinched Lisa's soft skin with her other hand, tearing at her nipples and ass and sides.

For the first time, Lisa noticed the big woman's cunt, noticed that the leather panties Tabitha wore were already soaked with pussy cream. Then she watched the way Tabitha's eyes were rolling and her chest was heaving. Earlier, Lisa had cum without anything touching her cunt, just from the excitement of being hurt and degraded. Now Tabitha was cumming, just from hurting and degrading Lisa.

"If you stay, you belong to us," Faith said. She guided Otis and Roland up to the other side of Lisa's face, stroking their cocks back to hardness. "When you're rich and beautiful and powerful you get bored, Lisa dog. You start needing special kinds of diversions. Otis and Roland have provided us with playmates before girls from the prison or runaways or silly little secretaries. But they were only one-shot deals. The longest any of them lasted was about three mouths. And none of them were as beautiful as you. It takes a special kind of dog to be a real submissive bitch. We want you to be our pet for a long time."

Tabitha pulled her fucking fist from Lisa's pussy and raked the nails from both her hands down the squirming length of Lisa's sleek, soiled body. She left long, vivid red tracks over Lisa's golden-brown skin. Then the big woman plunged her face into the blonde bush of Lisa's cunt fur. She tore at the pussy hair with her teeth, scattering the downy fur all over Lisa's hips and legs.

Lisa arched her ass up off the table in burning agony. And she came.

The orgasm was so sudden, so unexpected, so powerful that Lisa screamed in surprise. A clot of gooey pussy cream washed out over her cunt lips in one huge wave. Her clit exploded into action and her cunt wriggled on itself as though it were being fucked by the world's most wonderful cock. She arched her body up off the table and squirmed sinuously on her back, rolling her tits from side to side and bucking her hips into the air. She stared at the four hard cocks that surrounded her face, dying with thirst for the cum she knew they were capable of squirting.

"Please let me stay!" Lisa gasped. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Please let me stay!"

Tabitha roared with anger and jumped up onto the table with Lisa. She threw herself on top of the younger woman's body, trying to crush her with her greater weight. She tore and bit at Lisa's firm, round tits, and drove her knee brutally into the spasming gash of Lisa's cunt.

Lisa came harder with each new brutality. "Then you love being whipped?" Larry asked.

"And being fucked, up the ass and in your cunt and down your throat?" Roland asked. "And sucking pussy?" Elsa added.

"And being tied up?" John continued.

"And being used as a toilet?" Faith hissed. "And being degraded? Being a slave?" Otis said.

"And getting the shit fucked out of your slutty little ass?" Tabitha roared.

"Yes!" Lisa screamed, cunt cream pouring out of her wriggling pussy. "Yesssssss! Oh God, yessssss!"

"I knew you would," Larry said, his eyes bright with passion. "I love you, Lisa. You're going to be a perfect trashy little wife."

"For us all," Faith added.

Suddenly Larry's cock was jerking in Elsa's right hand. Lisa watched jism blast from his piss hole, felt it splatter warmly over her face. Something wet and thick and sticky slapped the other side of her face, and Lisa glanced that way to see that Otis was cumming, too. The two men bombarded her with their jism, lines of gooey cock cream splashing over her nose and forehead, spewing into her open mouth and then sprinkling through her golden hair like tiny silver jewels. While the two men doused her face in cum, Tabitha battered her body with her fists.

Lisa climaxed through it all, her lithe young body writhing on the table in a sensuous display of mindless lust. She knew that she had doomed herself to a life of slavery and pain and degradation, but it didn't seem to matter much anymore. She knew that these people and many others would use and abuse her sexy young body in any way their whims moved them. She knew that she would be little more than a communal sex toy, a town whore for the upper crust, a dumping ground for jism, a willing masochist for anyone's sadistic urges.

Lisa needed the pain, the fucking, the degradation. She needed the abuse far more than Larry and the others needed to deal it out. She knew that she was a marked woman now. Even if she left this house and these people behind, she couldn't live without the abuse. And wherever she went, sooner or later someone would find out.

Roland started cumming, splashing Lisa's beautiful, soiled face with creamy cum. Then John started blasting his cum-load, protesting loudly that he never came twice in one night. His fuck-slime was so thick that it slapped down on Lisa's face like fat, squirming white worms.

She wallowed in it all, and climaxed over and over again.

Lisa had made her entrance into high society.


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