Secretary in shackles

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed -- and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society's demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear -- and the consequences would be devastating.

Gina Matthews -- the heroine of SECRETARY IN SHACKLES -- is an unwilling victim of a subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Gina struggles to free herself -- until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.

Chapter ONE

Gina Matthews was about to open the door to the secretarial pool, but stopped short when she heard one of the girls squeal.

"I tell you, they were the most fantastic hunks I've ever seen!" the girl was saying breathlessly. "All hairy and tanned, and you should see their muscles!"

"Where?" another girl asked, more than mild interest was in her voice.

"You know where they're building that new office over on Cooper? Well, there's four or five of them. God, they're beautiful!" The girl giggled loudly. "And you know what one of them said to me? He said if I'd like to take the afternoon off, he'd tie me up and fuck me!"


"Yes!" the girl said. "I tell you..." When Gina entered the office, the girls immediately went to work, cutting off any further conversation. Although Gina pretended she hadn't overheard, it was obvious from the way the girls flushed that they knew she had.

"Please see if you can type these without any glaring mistakes," Gina said, handing a stack of papers to the girl who had spoken.

"Yes, Miss Matthews."

Gina gave the girl a curt nod. She headed for the office door marked "Mark Witherspoon, CPA".

"Gina!" Mark said, looking up from his work. "I haven't had a chance to thank you for last night!"

"Really, Mark!" Gina said, as she quickly closed the door. "Some of the girls might overhear!"

"And what if they did?" the man laughed. "I'm sure they've heard about sex by now! They could probably even teach us some tricks!"

Gina flushed with embarrassment. What had gotten into her last night?

The answer to that was about two bottles of wine -- and Mark's big cock!

Gina had avoided Mark this morning until she could iron out her thoughts. As she stood before him, she suddenly realized that nothing had been resolved.

She had accepted his dinner invitation, and drank much more than she was used to. She then allowed him to take her to bed. Now, she regretted it! Ever since leaving his house, she had that old familiar itch!

By the age of thirty-one, she had fucked several men. Some of them were even as good looking as Mark. But invariably, she was left needing something more.

Sure, she had orgasms with men, but they were nothing more than she could do with her own fingers. Coming was a pleasant enough sensation, but afterwards, there was always that dull ache -- like something else should have been there.

Mark had come the closest to satisfying her. He had a huge, hulking frame and big brown eyes. And his cock! Christ, his prick must have been ten or twelve inches long and as big around as her wrist!

She felt her heart skip a beat just thinking about his cock entering her pussy. His prick stretched her cunt painfully.

"How about tonight?" Mark asked, interrupting her thoughts. "When I woke up and you weren't there, I thought I was going to go crazy!"

"Really, Mark!" Gina whispered, "you shouldn't talk..."

"Or how about right now?" The man grinned and stood up. "I could lock the door and..."

"No!" Gina said quickly, moving backward. "There's too much work to... I, uh, I don't know about tonight..."

She practically ran from his office! Without even glancing at the girls in the outer office, she fled to the privacy of her own office. She noticed her hands were shaking violently.

About twenty minutes later, she gathered up a large folder, and marched out of the building and headed for the attorney's office.

Then, as if pulled by some unseen force, she walked in the direction of Cooper Street, two blocks away.

Well, she reasoned, what is the harm in viewing a new office building site? After all, the company was interested in more space.

The words the girl had spoken came back to her.

All hairy and tanned muscles wanted to tie her up and.

She turned the corner and squinted at the hot August sun. A gentle breeze swept her shoulder-length red hair about her face. For a moment, she seemed to lose her footing, and reached out instinctively for support. A strong arm grabbed her.

"Hey, better watch it, sweet thing!" said a deep masculine voice. "Wouldn't want to damage those goods!"

When Gina had regained her balance, she jerked her arm away and looked into the man's face. His eyes, however, were looking at her tits. She thrust the folder of papers up against her tits.

"Thank you," she said, her voice frosty. "I... I didn't see that board there."

"How about coming in the shack with me and have a Coke or something?" the man asked, giving her a wide grin. "It's about time for my break and..."

"I beg your pardon?" Gina gasped. The nerve! Some dirty, little construction worker asking her for a date! What would you call a Coke in a construction shanty? "Of course not," she said, taking a step backward.

"Suit yourself, babe!" he said, a smile still on his face.

Gina wanted to run and run, but she couldn't seem to move her feet. She merely stood there and stared at him. Her eyes looked over his body.

He was well over six-feet tall and he had a body like a young, Greek God. His muscular flesh was covered with short, corn-colored hair. His chest was bare, tanned and sculptured. His chest ran down to a waspish waist, and between his legs she could see a thick mound of cock inside his dirty jeans. His hands were large, capable-looking.

"You like what you see?" the man said, a tone of sarcasm was in his voice.

Gina looked into his clear, blue eyes and felt her mouth open. Then hardly knowing what to say, she turned and ran, her heels clicking on the pavement. She heard the man give a long, throaty laugh.

She darted into the first open door she saw and leaned up against the inside wall, feeling her heart pound.

"What is wrong with me?" she whispered to herself. "I... I must be going insane!"

In those few moments when she'd looked at that rugged, sweaty man, she had had a flash of them fucking together. But, it wasn't any ordinary fantasy. He had his large hands around her throat, and his hairy, muscular body was next to hers. His massive cock was grinding in and out of her swollen pussy.

And, she would be tied up! She would be taken with brute force and made to commit horrible acts!

Thankfully, she was inside a darkened lobby of a restaurant, because she suddenly climaxed just thinking about fucking him. She almost bent over double, then squeezed her legs together, to make the feeling go away.

"Are you OK?" a voice said. "You look sick."

Gina somehow managed to regain her composure. She gave the man a quick nod and moved out the door.

She fought the urge to go back and sneak another glance at the man; instead, she raced for her office. Although she refused to admit it, she knew she wanted to be fucked.

She was going to take Mark up on his offer. And, if he'd changed his mind, she would tear off his clothes and rape him!

If she didn't get a cock inside her cunt, she was really going to go crazy.

"You girls take the rest of the afternoon off," she said, walking into the outer office. Then, to their stunned faces, she added, "Now. Out. Scat!"

After herding the girls from the office, she walked toward Mark's door. Without knocking, she walked inside and gave him a hunted look.

"You back already?" Mark asked. He then frowned. "Hey, you OK? You don't look so good."

"You sure do," Gina said. "Good enough to eat."

Mark gave her a long look, unable to believe it was the same Gina standing in front of him. She was always so classy-looking, in complete control. Now, however, she looked more yielding. He felt his cock throb, pressing against his trousers.

"You mean?" he began, hardly believing his luck.

"Unzip your pants," Gina said, swallowing hard, "I'm going to suck your cock."

Before he could react, she swiftly moved around his desk and pulled him around in his swivel chair. She then dropped to her knees before him and yanked on his zipper. When his massive prick flopped out, she gobbled his cock into her mouth with one suck.

"Holy fucking Jesus!" Mark exclaimed, still stunned by her action. "Wha... what are you doing?"

Before answering, Gina licked and chewed his cock until it was rigid and standing straight up against his stomach. She then slowly began darting the tip of her tongue around his massive, purplish-colored cockhead.

"I'm going to suck the living shit out of you," she murmured. "Remember how you asked me to suck you last night?"

Mark, indeed, did remember. And, he also remembered hex saying no. Still, he had considered himself pretty lucky to fuck her. No one else he knew had ever gotten half that far.

"Suck," he said dully, his mouth hanging open. He then seemed to come to life. "Yes, baby, suck me," he gasped, placing his hands on the back of her head and forcing her face down on his prick.

When her warm mouth slipped down his cockshaft, he thought he was going to blow his wad right then and there. Christ, she was a fantastic-looking lady with her flaming red hair, her cat-like green eyes, and her huge tits.

He also remembered that first feeling when he'd thrust his cock inside her cunt. Her pussy was so tight and hot. Maybe she hadn't moved around much, but he hadn't cared. When he'd fucked her, it was the most satisfying experience of his life.

And now, she was sucking on his cock like there was no Goddamned tomorrow!

"Ohhhh," Gina gurgled, moving her mouth up from the root of his cock. She let his cockshaft flop from her lips, then kissed between his hairy, thick balls. "Don't go yet," she murmured. "Let me suck you for a while."

"Baby, you can do anything you want," Mark said. "Just don't stop, for God's sake!"

In a way, Gina felt she was betraying Mark. Although she was sucking on his prick, she was pretending it was that construction worker's cock. His cock would be all sweaty and dirty, smelling of dried piss and cum. His hands would be on the back of her head demanding that she suck!

And, if she refused, he would...

"Make me suck you, Mark," she whispered, moving her mouth up to his cockhead once more. "I... I don't know how... but I want you to... make me suck you off."

Mark didn't exactly know what she meant either, but he was completely in tune with her feelings. He spread his legs a little wider, then grabbed her by the hair. He jabbed her face brutally between his thighs and humped his cock upward at the same time.

"Suck my cock, you motherfucking cocksucker," he growled. "Goddamn you, if you don't suck me off good, I'll beat the living shit out of you!"

His words inflamed Gina, causing her pussy to twitch with the most thrilling sensation she had ever felt. She squeezed her knees together, then felt the cuntjuice melt around her throbbing clit.

She slowly lowered her hands, as if someone were pulling her arms behind her. A couple of seconds later, she locked her wrists together at the small of her back.

This is how he would do it, she thought. He would tie a rough piece of rope around her hands and then knock her to her knees. He would stand before her and jab his cock unmercifully into her throat. And when she refused to suck his cock.

A thundering wave of release shot into her pussy with such force she thought it was unlike anything she'd ever known. The times she'd played with herself or fucked were like handshakes by comparison.

"Mmmmffff!" she choked, rocking back and forth. She ground her wrists together, almost able to feel how the ropes would cut into her flesh while she was being violated. Another scream burst from her lungs as her pussy exploded again.

"Fucking damn!" Mark grunted. She was sucking on his cock like a milking machine, practically yanking his balls into her mouth. "I... I can't wait, baby. If I don't come now, I'll fucking..."

When Gina felt the base of his cock expand, stretching her lips painfully, she knew it would be wonderful. She had sucked a man once, but had never let him cum in her mouth. The taste before he had blown his load was acrid, sticky, making her gag.

This time, she was going to make sure she sucked up every precious drop.

And, it would be that construction worker's cum. She would hate his cum and love it at the same time. He would load her mouth up and refuse to let her spit his cum out. He would make her choke on his cum if necessary.

"Suck, you fucking slut cocksucker!" Mark cried, shoving his cock deeply into her throat. As his cockhead speared between her tonsils, he felt his cum-load boil, up the center of his prick and gush against the back of her throat. The first drop bursting from his cum-hole caused a near-painful spasm of release. "Goddamn you! You cocksucking shit-licking whore. Suck! Unhhhh! Eat me dry!"

"Aaaghhhh!" Gina gurgled, feeling his cum explode in the back of her throat. Part of his swirling juices shot upward, behind her nose, then burst from both her nostrils. The rest of the fiery liquid dribbled into her stomach. She gave another choked cry, sending a splatter of cum into his chocolate-brown pubic hairs.

"All of it... cum-sucking... whore," Mark growled, thrusting upward with his cock. He could now feel his jism swirl around his prick, bathing his cock with warmth. Her tongue was working so furiously, her mouth felt almost like a pussy. "Suck... chew, gargle my cream down!" he panted, feeling the bulk of his load spew from the end of his prick.

Gina bounced her head up and down so quickly her hair looked like a flaming halo around her head. Each time his spurting cock jabbed between her lips, she seemed to have another climax. Each throb was better than the last one, until finally she was in a constant orgasmic state. Oozing wads of cunt juice seeped around her panties, gluing the silky material to her red-gold pussy hairs.

"Mmmmffff," she groaned, experiencing one last and beautiful convulsion of raw release.

"Oh... God... Goddamn," Mark gasped, relaxing the hold on her head and letting his arms fall to his side. "I... I think you sucked my fucking cock dry!"

Although he had stopped moving, and merely sat there in the chair, Gina still worked wildly on his cock. When every drop of cum had been swallowed, she gobbled his balls into her mouth and tried to milk his balls some more. Finally, she pulled away from his prick and lay her head on his thigh.

"That... that was so good," she murmured, inhaling the aroma of his cock and balls. "I... I've never had anything like that before."

"Neither have I," Mark said, shaking his head. Christ, she was like a different woman! "What brought this on?" he asked. "Whatever the hell it is, I hope it happens again. Soon."

Again, Gina felt guilty. She had fantasized about another man while sucking on Mark.

She certainly couldn't tell him about it.

Then, her feelings of guilt were replaced by shame, and it was all because of that... that construction worker and his leering smile. No, it wasn't his smile. It was that big, thick mound of cock she'd seen in his dirty jeans.

"Beautiful cock," she whispered, eyeing Mark's withering prick. "Mmmmm, I could suck cock day and night."

"Then how about tonight?" Mark asked.

Gina didn't know whether to say yes or no. If she said no, she'd feel ridiculous. If she said yes, would she again be confronted with the same emotions?

"Sure," she finally said, leaning back. "I let the girls go for the day, by the way," she added. "I hope you don't mind."

"Baby, you can do anything you want around here," Mark laughed. "You just fucking name it!"

How about hiring a construction worker to service me in my office? she thought.

"Christ, I must be going insane," she said aloud, although not loud enough for Mark to make out the words.

"What'd you say?" he asked.

"I said, I'd see you tonight," she answered, then quickly got up, smoothing her skirt.

"Hey, you don't have to stop now, do you?" Mark asked. "I think I could go another round or two if you could."

"No," Gina said. "I... I think I'll take the rest of the day off and... and get my hair fixed or something. You mind?"

Before he could answer, she was out of the office. She gathered up her things, knowing full well where she was going.

She was going to go past that construction site once more today and get another look at that man.

With her heart thundering in her chest, she walked out of the building and toward Cooper Street.

When she rounded the corner, she walked down the sidewalk looking out of the corner of her eye. She heard a loud, lewd whistle, and then a man's voice.

"Hey, Tony!" the voice said. "Here comes the frost queen. I think she's in love with you!"

For some reason, Gina felt a wave of fury, yet it was directed to herself. Here she was, playing games, and at her age! It was like something kids in junior high would do -- go out of your way to see someone, then ignore them grandly.

"Welcome back," she heard Tony say.

Gina bolted like a rabbit, afraid to look back. She heard the men laughing, and felt tears stinging her cheeks.

Chapter TWO

On her way to Mark's house, Gina had almost worked herself into a frenzy. She had thought about Tony ever since leaving the construction site, trying to sort out her feelings.

She certainly didn't love the man -- that was silly. Yet, it was something more than sexual attraction. It was as if he had something that she needed to make her personality complete.

While she was thinking about him every moment, he probably hadn't given her a second thought. What do construction workers do when they get off work?

They probably all meet somewhere and have a few beers, then pick up a woman and.

Was Tony with some girl now? she wondered. This very minute? Was she struggling beneath his huge, hulking frame, getting her pussy fucked to shreds?

He probably had her hands held to her sides to keep her from clawing his chest. He had found her walking down a street, perhaps. He had invited her for a drink, then threw her to the floor. He had torn her clothes away and had stabbed that massive cock inside her cunt with one stroke.

Gina could almost hear the girl's tortured scream, hear her beg for him to stop... then have him fuck her harder. Yes, he would fuck her, make her remember his hard body, his sweaty smell for the rest of her life.

If the girl was idiotic enough not to actually crave his fucking, he would tie her up. She could almost feel the ropes cut into the girl's flesh, tearing, twisting. Her mouth was wide with terror, her eyes glazed from the plunging of his cock.

She almost drove off the road because her pussy began twitching wildly. It was luck that she was so close to Mark's house. Otherwise, she felt she might have grabbed the first man she saw and...

Only God knows what!

A few moments later, she parked her car in Mark's driveway and quickly raced across the lawn, as if every second counted.

Inside his house, she hardly gave him time to close the door. She was in his arms, her mouth on his.

"Fuck me... fuck me now!" she said, her words a gasp.

"Jesus... you are hot, aren't you?" Mark grinned. "Don't you want something to drink first?"

"Not unless it's some more of your hot, creamy cum," Gina said, feeling her excitement rise dramatically.

"Christ, then let's get into the bedroom," Mark said, leading her from the living room.

Gina began shedding her clothes as they walked, and when she was fully naked, she began tugging on Mark's trousers. It was almost as if she'd lost all control over her emotions. Nothing seemed to matter -- not even her good name -- except having a rough male body next to hers.

She pulled him down on the bed and squirmed against his muscular form. When flesh touched flesh, she felt her pussy constrict, sending a delicate stream of cunt juice into her red-gold hairs.

"Fuck me," she gasped into his mouth. "God, I want your big, meaty cock pounding the hell out of me."

Mark gave her a rather frightened look. He'd never seen her act so strangely. From a cool, career woman to a wild-cat was just too radical a change in one day!

"Hey, baby, hang on," he said. "We have all night. No use rushing things."

Gina didn't think she had another moment. If she didn't get his cock inside her pussy, she was going to go crazy. She flipped him on his back and straddled his middle.

"Cock!" she screamed out, guiding the tip of his prick into her smoldering pussy. As his cock slipped deep inside her cunt, she felt a wave of climaxing juice burn around her clit. "Godddddd... cock!" she shrieked, clawing at his chest.

Fortunately for Mark, her orgasm was over almost as quickly as it started. She relaxed, becoming more human, and less an animal.

"Let's just take it easy, baby," he said, reaching for her tits. "I like to make love, not war."

For some reason Gina felt like slapping him. Couldn't he understand her needs? Why couldn't he be like Tony, and know what she wanted.

"Fuck me," she said, trying to calm down.

"Let's fuck fast and hard. Then we'll do it your way, OK?"

"OK," Mark said, giving her a long look. "But remember, I'm an accountant, not a construction worker. I can't fuck like a cat on a fence."

If she hadn't had such a burning desire for cock -- any cock -- she would have left right then. Instead, she got control of her emotions and began a slow, steady assault on his prick.

"Now that's the way to do it, baby," Mark said. He nuzzled his face between her tits. "Just... a slow fuck like this..."

"Suck my tits," Gina whispered, moving her hands over his wide, muscular shoulders. "Chew on my tits... please..."

When she felt his sharp teeth sink into the yielding flesh of her tits, a shiver of ecstasy ran up her spine. She moved her hands to her back and touched her fingernails together.

"Ohhhhhh," she gasped, wondering what it would be like to have her hands tied.

"Fuck... fuck me..."

While he thrust his cock in and out of her burning, constricted cunt, Mark moved his hands down her sides and dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs. Slowly, he began moving her cunt up and down on his prick to match his rhythm.

"Take it, baby," he gurgled, sliding his tongue over the firm texture of her upturned nipples. "Screw my cock all the way in your pussy."

Gina wondered how much more of this torture she could stand. As always, the itch in her cunt was becoming so demanding it hurt. She wanted only to feel the slippery sensation of cockmeat thrusting into her cunt, but the hard pressure.

"Put your hands around my neck," she whispered. "Squeeze me, Mark... please."

The man did as she asked, but he was so gentle, it seemed to make matters worse. It was like tasting a delicious food, only to have your throat blocked. She began squirming and twisting.

"Choke me... make it hurt," she begged. "Fuck me... take me, God, please!"

It was obvious that Mark had no intention of pleasing her hunger. Perhaps it was because he was such a huge, hulking man -- afraid of hurting her.

"I'm close, baby," he said suddenly, dropping his hands to his sides and grasping the sheets. "You... you ready for some hot cum?"

Gina was ready for anything, except what was happening. She began bouncing and writhing like she was on fire, her fingers clawing at her back. Her climax was so close, so deliciously ripe, yet it seemed to be held back by some invisible barrier.

"Goddddd!" she gasped. "I... I can't stand it!"

"Now," Mark grunted, heaving his body upward, planting the first glob of cum inside her pussy. "Fuck my cock now, baby!"

When Gina felt the scalding, bubbling cum burst into her pussy, the pressure inside her cunt became almost unbearable. Her own climax seemed to be never reaching fulfillment, yet never going away.

"Nooooo!" she screamed, thinking her cunt would explode from the agony.

"Take it all, Gina," Mark growled, plunging in the last of his cum. He held his prick inside her cunt for a few long moments, then slowly relaxed. "Ahhhhh... that was the best ever," he moaned, falling back.

Gina was exhausted, but, not so exhausted that she didn't feel a sense of frustration and anger. She exhaled loudly and got off his prick and lay on her side.

"How about that drink now?" Mark said, giving her a smile. "You into that?"

"No," Gina said slowly, "I... I think we should talk."

"About what?" he asked innocently.

"Why can't you fuck... my way?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" Mark asked, frowning. "You want me to... choke you?"

"Well, yes, I did," Gina admitted, although without the heat of passion her request did sound a little foolish.

"Look, Gina, I'm just not that kind of person," Mark said patiently, as if she were a slightly backward child. "I believe that a man and woman should make love, like I said. We don't have to humiliate each other and stuff like that."

"I see," Gina said, her tone conveying that she obviously didn't see at all.

"If you're into ropes and whips and leather boots and all that, you'll just have to find someone else," Mark continued. He then gave her a rather stunned look. "You aren't into ropes, are you?" he asked.

"I... I could be," Gina admitted. She then flushed with anger. "Well, it's not like I'm asking for the world," she snapped. "Couldn't we just try it my way?" she asked reasonably.

"And why can't we try it my way?" Mark countered.

It was an obvious standoff, and they both realized it. They looked at each other for a long while, then averted their eyes.

"I guess I'd better go," Gina said, her voice sad.

"Don't, please," Mark said. "We can work this out. I'm sure we can."

"Perhaps, but not now, not tonight," Gina said, getting off the bed.

She dressed in silence, then gave him a light kiss before she went to the door. Mark was looking confused and a little guilty, wandering around the living room as if didn't live there.

"You have to understand," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "I... I'm just a straight arrow, I can't help it."

"And I thought I was, too," Gina said, her hand on the doorknob. "Well, I'll see you Monday at work," she said, opening the door.

After she'd gone, Mark sat down on the couch and tried to sort out his feelings. Christ, he'd been in love with Gina since he'd first seen her a couple of years before. And, it was only this week he'd managed to get her in bed. She seemed so sweet, so... well, almost virginal. That was the woman he'd fallen in love with. Not this, this... wildcat.

What if he couldn't do as she asked? Was he to blame? He'd always done what was right. He'd graduated from high school, finished college just four years later, taken his CPA two years after that and started his business. He'd gone completely by the book. Next, was marriage. Couldn't Gina understand that?

Sure, sex was meant to be fun, but wasn't the real purpose to have children?

Oh well, he'd work on her. She'd see his point of view and thank him for it. After all, they weren't kids anymore.

Outside, Gina was feeling alone and depressed. Why couldn't Mark see her point of view? Can't people change if they want to? Christ, can't they do something just for the fun of it?

Hell, she'd lived her whole life by the book, and until she'd seen that construction worker they called Tony, she'd been miserable.

Couldn't Mark realize that sex wasn't just for having children? That it was meant for fun? And, neither of them were getting any younger. They weren't kids anymore.

Oh well, she'd work on him. He'd see her point of view and thank her for it.

Until then, however, she had to have time to think, explore her own feelings. She started the car and headed toward Cooper Street.

Chapter THREE

She knew the construction site would be deserted, but she had to go anyway. She wanted to see the element that had spawned Tony, to feel the same dirt under her feet that he felt.

She parked her car on a side street and walked toward the site, her heart thundering. Without realizing it, she knew where she was going. She wanted to enter the shanty if it wasn't locked, to see where Tony sat and talked on his breaks. Perhaps even the smell of him would be lingering.

She felt her cunt twitch as she neared the building.

Cautiously, she pushed against the door, finding it open. She peered into the darkness, then stepped inside. Slowly she closed the door.

Somehow, she found a light switch and flicked it on. The room brightened with a pale, amber glow from a small, naked bulb in one corner.

It was almost as she'd imagined it would be. Dark and dirty, all sorts of tools lying about, rickety table and three battered chairs. It struck her odd, however, that an old, smelly mattress was thrown in one corner. The place smelled of sweat and gasoline, oil and stale beer.

Again, her pussy twitched with desire. She could almost feel his presence. She walked over and touched the back of one chair, wondering if his sweaty, naked back had leaned against it just hours ago.

Without knowing why, she leaned down and kissed the cold, paint-peeling wood. The twitch in her cunt became a delicate flutter. She pressed her right hand against her pussy, then gave a gasp.

Suddenly, the door flung open and there stood Tony.

Gina looked at him with a horrified expression, wondering if he were real or a product of her imagination. She felt her knees go weak.

"You!" she finally managed to splutter out. "I followed you here," the man said, a cocky smile was on his handsome face. "I thought we might get together sooner or later. I guess it's gonna be sooner."

"Excuse me, I... I..."

"Why'd you come?" the man asked, taking a step inside the shanty and closing the door. "You wanted to fuck me, right?"

Gina couldn't imagine feeling more terrified, more ridiculous. What could she say? Yes? And have him throw her down on that filthy mattress, and fuck her.

"How did you know I was here?" she finally managed to say.

"I followed you," Tony said. "I thought maybe when you left that guy's house, I might pay you a visit."

Gina shivered with fear. How long had he followed her? From the first time she'd seen him? And, he probably knew where she lived, if he knew where Mark lived. What if she'd gone home instead of coming here?

She suddenly realized just how foolish she'd been. He could be a maniac. He could, do anything to her, even kill her!

Gathering her courage, she bolted toward the door, hoping she could race past him. Even as she thought it, she knew it was a ridiculous idea. Sure enough, he grabbed her arm with his large, rough hand.

"You came to fuck, didn't you?" he said, his tone cruel. "Well, by God, baby, that's exactly what we're gonna do. I fucking saw you prancing around here today, showing off these big knockers, giving me that look. So don't play Miss Frost with me."

"Let me go... you're hurting me," Gina gasped.

"Baby, you don't know what hurt is," the man said.

Before Gina knew what was happening, his mouth was on hers. More than a kiss, however, it was like receiving a wound. She felt as if her jawbone would crack under the pressure. She tasted tobacco and beer on his breath.

"Don't... please... let me go!" she cried out, trying to pull away.

From somewhere came a blinding flash of pain. The room seemed to spin and turn sideways. She felt as if the floor had come up and cracked the side of her head. Her eyes glazed over and her ears roared.

"You know you want to be fucked, baby," she heard a faraway-sounding voice. "You probably want to fuck as much as I do."

She felt her hands being jerked to her back, then the rough texture of something like horsehair against her wrists. A jolt of pain shot up both her arms. She was then jerked to her knees.

"You won't need these," Tony said, tearing her clothes off and throwing them in a heap near the mattress.

Gina watched with fascinated horror as Tony removed his own clothes. He hadn't bathed since she'd seen him, and his body was streaked with dirt and sweat. In the pale amber light, he looked like some evil God. His enormous cock stood straight up, slapping against his bare stomach like an obscene snake. His cock sprang from a wiry patch of corn-colored hair.

His blue eyes seemed to bore into her skull.

"Wha... what are you going to do?" she gasped, terrified.

"It's not what I'm going to do, you little cock-teasing whore, but what you're gonna do," Tony said, moving in front of her. His prick was just inches from her face. "You're gonna suck my big, sweaty cock and lick out every drop of cum."

"No!" Gina gasped, trying to pull away. He grabbed her and pulled her close, his large, rough hands squeezing into the flesh of her shoulders. "Can't... can't... we talk?" she begged.

"Why, baby, didn't your mother tell you it wasn't polite to talk with your mouth full?"

Tony laughed, then jerked his hips forward.

His gigantic cock slipped between her lips with one thrust, finally lodging in the back of her throat. His balls hung just under her bottom lip, throbbing against her chin.

"Aaaghhhhhh!" Gina choked. The force of his cock caused her throat to throb with pain. His prick was so huge and totally filled her mouth. If his prick had been one tiny fraction of an inch bigger, she knew her lips would have split open. She gave another choking moan, then inhaled, smelling the acrid aroma of his sweaty cock and balls.

"Is this... as good as you thought it would be?" Tony asked, squirming his ass around. "Hmmmmmm? You eyed my cock like you could eat me alive. Now... now you're doing it. You like the taste of dirty prick?"

Gina thought she would choke to death on his monstrous cock. When it became almost unbearable, he tightened the pressure of his hands, drawing her fully into his crotch. Her nose was grinding into his wiry hairs, causing the insides of her nostrils to tingle with needlelike stabs of pain.

"Suck me off, you cocksucking tease," Tony said, withdrawing his prick slightly then pounding it back in. His balls slapped her chin with a thud. "Come on, you little prick-loving slut, chew my cock right down to your stomach!"

Gina thought she would vomit. She suddenly realized that fantasizing about being violated was a lot better than having it actually happen.

Christ, it hurt!

The ropes he'd tied her wrists with were cutting into her flesh, like the teeth of a small rodent. Each time she struggled to free herself, the ropes seemed to get even tighter. The smell of his dirty, sweaty cock almost took her breath away.

"Lick it, whore!" Tony yelled. He lifted his right hand and struck her hard across the face. Immediately, he placed his hand back on her shoulder and pulled her head forward. "Goddamn you... I said fucking suck me!"

The combination of pain and horror almost made Gina faint. He was so brutal, so savage. She suddenly realized that if she didn't play along, he just might kill her. He'd probably take those large, rough hands and squeeze her around the neck until her eyes bulged, and when she took her last breath, he would blow his cum-load into her mouth.

She became totally aware of him, almost as if she'd never even noticed another human being before. He was hard and muscular, and standing before her like a giant caveman taking what he thought was rightfully his.

He moved his right foot forward and squeezed it between her thighs. He worked his toes into her furry, glistening cunt.

"You... you do a good job and I just might let you lick your own pussy juice off my toes," Tony grunted.

Fear and horror were replaced with humiliation. She struggled in vain, wishing that she'd never set eyes on him. He would use her, take her, and when he finished... then what?

"Suck!" he commanded. "Goddamn you... suck!"

After he'd slapped her again, Gina knew she'd better do as he asked, no matter what her feelings. She felt like a small child against his hulking strength.

She began lapping her tongue around his cockshaft, pulling back his foreskin with her teeth.

"Hey, that's just fine," Tony grunted. "Hell, I can't wait to tell Adam and Derek about you. What a good... fucking cocksucker you are. Shit, baby, I might even share." He pulled her head back and looked down at her terrified expression. "How would you like to suck all kinds of dirty cock, baby?" he asked.

Before she could answer, her face was once more crushed into his prick. She held her lips around the root of his cock shaft for a few seconds, then began sucking hungrily, telling herself she had to. Perhaps when he'd blown his load, it would all be over.

"Yeah, that's what I think I'll do," Tony said. "I'll tie you up here and let all my buddies fuck your mouth."

Gina could almost see all those mean, rough characters, taking their turns, cramming their pricks in her throat. All she would be able to do is take their pricks and suck out gallons of cum.

Being tied up and forced to lick dirty cock... tied up... cock cum.

"Mmmmmmmm," she heard herself groan. The pain at her wrists was just as intense, but in a way it made the flutterings of pleasure in her throat more enjoyable. She groaned again, pursing her lips tightly at the root of his cock.

"Ohhhh... shit, I knew you'd be a good cocksucker the first time I saw you," Tony grunted. "Baby, your sweet mouth is like a fucking pussy." He jabbed his toes hard into her cunt, stretching her cunt painfully. "Just... just as hot and tight as this pussy."

The combination of having his toes in her pussy and his rock-hard cock in her throat filled Gina with emotions she hadn't dared to acknowledge. Her body was being assaulted with pleasure and pain with such force, she couldn't tell one from the other.

She began licking furiously, gobbling down on his cock savagely. A few, seconds later, she tasted the first stream of his orgasm. She sucked harder, faster. "That's it, you cream-licking slut... suck me off good like that... eat!" Tony grunted and began slamming his hips back and forth until his ass was a blur. "Cram my cock in... whore... got a bunch of cum... suck."

Gina could feel his muscles tighten, become hard as steel. A couple of moments later as she blew him as wildly as possible, the base of his cock began throbbing. His nuts expanded, pulsating against her chin.

"Mmmmmmm," she gurgled, her own climax so close she could almost taste it.

"Now... baby... fucking take it now!" Tony barked, pounding his cock in her throat with his full weight.

For what seemed a delicious eternity, Gina felt the vibrations of his cum-load spew up his prick. The fluid seemed to collect inside his cockhead, then exploded with such savage fury, the first lump of cum burst. A molten shower of jism gushed upward, behind her nose. Then, as the second thick wad shot from his cock, her nose burned with two streams of cum.

"Aaaaaghhhh!" she shrieked, sending a spray of juice over his balls and into his crotch hairs. Her climax riddled her pussy like a knife. And when she thought it wouldn't get any better, it did. She began moaning and rocking her body back and forth, trying desperately to absorb every precious drop of cum.

"All of it, baby," Tony grunted, grinding in another massive wad of cum. "Suck my prick... gargle my turn down... all of it!"

Even Gina's starving mouth couldn't take all the cum he had to offer. Each time she gulped the fiery liquid down, it seemed to be replaced with twice as much. Soon, the liquid was surging between her teeth, under her tongue. Then finding no more room, the cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth and dangled from her chin like glistening spider webs.

Another convulsive spasm of release shook her pussy, causing her back to arch. As she moved, greater pressure was put on her bound hands. Pain and pleasure swept into her body, dancing, mating, fighting for power. At last, when her ecstasy culminated violently, she went limp, gasping for air.

Tony gave a last thrust of his cock, sending the final glob of cum into her throat, then crushed her face savagely into his prick. While his prick pulsated, he held her and ground his ass around. After a full two minutes, he slowly pulled back, letting his greasy cock slide from between her lips.

When he released her, Gina fell to her side. She was so satisfied, so dulled with pleasure, she didn't even feel it when her head cracked against the boards of the floor.

What had happened to her? she wondered. After the subsiding pleasures of her orgasm, the experience seemed like a dream. She ran her tongue over her bruised lips, still able to taste the sweat and cum from his prick.

She had sucked him gladly, eagerly. It wasn't a game at all. And that gave him power over her. She felt a wave of revulsion, suddenly seeing Mark's point of view.

"Can... will you untie me now and let me go?" she asked softly. "You... got what you wanted."

"And so did you, didn't you?" Tony said, his voice cold.

"OK, I was attracted to you," Gina forced herself to admit, "but now... now I'm not. I want loose."

"You don't like my big cock?" Tony said, kneeling beside her. "Hmmmmmmm? Is that what you're saying?"

Gina felt her anger return. She had done what he asked. Wasn't that enough? She had sucked on that smelly, snake-like prick, licked down his enormous cum-load. Still, she would be reasonable.

"I promise I won't tell anyone," she said. "Just let me go and we'll forget it ever hap..."

"What?" Tony roared. "You won't tell anyone? Jesus, ain't that a chuckle!"

Gina was now more than angry. She was furious. How dare he humiliate her like this! She looked at his cold expression and felt pure hatred.

"Let me go, Goddamn you!" she shouted. "You bastard!"

"I was going to keep you all to myself," Tony said, his voice controlled, yet hard, "but I've changed my mind. Baby, before you leave here, you're gonna suck and fuck so much cock, you'll wish you never see a cock again!"

Gina flinched with new terror. His voice was like a knife, cutting into her brain. His eyes seemed to burn like a vampire's.

"Please," she begged, wishing she'd kept her mouth shut. "Just let me go please..."

"I'm going to make you scream, sweetheart," Tony said, pulling her to her knees. "I'm going to make you fucking scream."

Gina began screaming.

Chapter FOUR

Tony slapped Gina so hard she tumbled halfway across the floor of the shanty. Her scream of anguish locked in her throat, becoming a gurgle of pain.

"So you won't tell anyone, huh?" he roared, moving to her limp body. "Well, by God, lady, I'll give you plenty not to fucking tell!"

Before Gina knew what was happening, she was jerked to her knees, then her feet. She flinched, expecting him to hit her again, but instead, he kissed her violently on the mouth. After chewing on her mouth, he stepped back and reached for a long piece of rope. He attached the end of it to the knot at her wrist, then threw the other end over a bare rafter in the ceiling.

"What are you going to do?" Gina gasped, her eyes widening with terror.

"Gonna truss you up like a hog," Tony said, pulling the slack out of the rope. As he did, Gina's body was jerked upward hard. Only the tips of her toes brushed the bare floor. "Like... that, bitch," he added, tying the end of the rope to a wall stud.

Pain shot into Gina's body like electric currents. And in this position, she almost tumbled forward. The only thing that kept her from doing so was to squeeze her toes downward, toward the floor. Even breathing sent knifelike jolts through her body. Her shoulder blades were on fire.

"Godddd," she grunted. "It's... killing me... please let me... down."

Ignoring her, Tony grabbed some more rope and tied two length around her ankles. When the knots were tight, he jerked both pieces of hemp forward and tied the ends to the handles of tool boxes in the two far corners of the room. She was now spread-eagle, swinging gently from her jerking, anguished movements.

Gina couldn't believe what was happening. Worse than the pain, however, was the horror that flooded her. He looked insane, his eyes bright with lust. As he stood before her, sweaty and naked, his cock slapping his stomach, he looked like some ancient priest, ready to cut her heart out.

"Gonna fuck you to pieces, baby," he said, his voice husky with desire. "And... and if you know what's good for you, you're gonna fuck me."

Gina looked at his cock. His cock was so swollen, so engorged with blood, it was no longer an instrument of pleasure, but of pain. His prick would stab into her cunt, possibly tear her to shreds. She threw her head back and gave another scream. Pain and fear engulfed her.

"What a sweet pussy," Tony said, moving between her legs, his eyes on the damp, glistening patch of red pussy hair. "I'll just bet it's snug as a glove... just made for fucking raw."

When he touched her, Gina yelled out again. She could feel the heat from his body, smell his animal lust.

"Don't... please... God, don't!" she begged.

"Look baby," Tony said, moving his hands over her tits, "if you don't keep that cocksucking mouth closed, I'll close it for you. I'll ram my fucking dirty socks down your throat, and you can choke to death for all I care."

Gina knew he was telling the truth, but it was almost impossible to keep the screams back. The ropes at her wrists and ankles were tearing at her flesh, causing her skin to mottle a deep purple. She bit her lower lip and gave a sob.

"That's better, baby," the man said, grinning. He leaned his head down and ran the tip of his tongue over her upturned tits. "Mmmmmm... love it," he groaned, "... big tits."

For Gina it was the most confusing feeling she'd ever had. He had been so rough, so violently brutal with the ropes. Now, he was licking on her tits with such a soft touch it didn't seem possible.

"Please... untie me and I'll do anything you ask," she pleaded. "God... anything..."

"Hey, sweetheart, you're gonna do anything I ask whether you're tied up or not," Tony said, grinning. "In fact, you're gonna beg me to fuck you, aren't you?"

"You're insane," Gina said.

"Don't want to beg, huh?" the man said, taking a step back. He fumbled in a tool box against the wall and withdrew a long, leather strap. "Maybe this is gonna do the trick," he whispered, again moving between her outstretched legs.

Gina could hear the leather strap whipping through the air, then she could almost feel it smacking her bare flesh. It would cut into her body like an ice pick.

"Please... don't beat me," she begged. "Don't hurt..."

"Why, baby, I'm going to be nice to you, not beat you," Tony said, his voice singsong.

With confused horror, Gina watched the man drape the leather strap around her left tit, then her right tit, pulling the length tight, in a figure-eight. He jerked the loose ends to her sides, then tied them together at her back.

"Ohhhhhh," she gasped, feeling the pressure mount each time she breathed. She looked down and saw her tits standing out, almost as if they were barely attached to her body. The flesh turned pink, then a dark red. Her nipples pulsated, became rock-hard, then grew a mottled purple.

"Hang on, baby," Tony said, placing his hands around her waist. "I'm gonna give you a fuck to tell your grandkids about."

Although pain riddled her body, Gina looked down at his massive, swollen cock, saw it near her glistening patch of cunthair. Closer... closer.

His prick was going to kill her, she just knew it. Her cunt was constricted with fear, her pussy not big enough even for a pencil to get inside.

"No... God," she gasped, holding her breath, waiting for the jolt of agony. "I... aieeeeeeee!"

When his prick stabbed inside her cunt, the pain was worse than anything she could have imagined. His prick entered her with one, hard thrust, stretching her cunt lips so violently, she thought they would tear.

"Ahhhhh... so fucking tight," Tony grunted, squirming his ass around. "Jesus it's even better than your cocksucking mouth."

Gina could have sworn, from the pressure, that his cock was jabbing her right between her shoulder blades. His cock felt as if it completely rearranged her guts, making it almost impossible to breathe. The pain increased and burned like acid.

When he withdrew his cock a few seconds later, an enormous sense of relief swept through her body. It was short-lived, however, for he hammered his prick back inside, her cunt, even harder than the first time. Her face grew ashen, beads of sweat popped out on her forehead and upper lip.

"Hurts... killing me," she gasped, her voice high-pitched, tortured.

"Just go with it, you'll love it," Tony said, kissing her lightly on the mouth. He increased the pressure of his hands and pulled her cunt harder against his prick. "Hmmmmm? Don't you like big cock to fuck, baby? Like all that little pussy getting filled up with hard meat?"

Even if she weren't tied up, Gina knew it would be painful. His cock was just too big. The tip of his cock was driving into areas she didn't know existed. Then he humiliates her further by asking if she liked it!

Christ, how could any sane woman like having a baseball bat up her cunt? And the pain of the ropes. Every tiny move caused the hemp to cut into her flesh, sending jolts of agony up and down her spine.

Tony began moving his ass back and forth slowly, letting his cock slip in and out of her constricted cunt. With each thrust, her cunt seemed to get tighter, hotter.

"God, this is fine," he whispered, moving his mouth away from hers. He kissed gently across the hollow of her throat and nestled his face between her bound breast. Slowly, he took her sensitive nipples into his mouth one at a time and gave them a soft, delicate lick-job. "Mmmmmmmm... sweet tit and hot... pussy," he murmured.

Not in a million years could Gina have predicted what would happen next. Instead of the pain becoming even more unbearable, it seemed to lessen. With his warm, searching mouth on her breasts, she felt her pussy loosen slightly. His cock thrust in and out more easily.

"Mmmm, getting into it?" Tony whispered, his breath hot against her tits.

Gina didn't know which she fought the most -- the pleasure or the pain. Was he again going to humiliate her? Make her enjoy it? She grit her teeth, bitter tongue.

The pleasure mounted, slowly at first, then became fluttering waves, sweeping into her pussy. She felt her pussy mold around his spearing cock and suck his prick further inside.

Don't! Don't give in! she thought.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "God... fuck me apart with that big, beautiful cock!"

The words and the pain seemed to spit from her body at the same time, leaving her writhing with nothing but pure, raw ecstasy. As he drove his cock even faster into her cunt, she felt her passion become electric. She was almost a part of him.

"Screw my cock, whore," Tony groaned, now moving his ass as quickly as possible. The sound of his crotch hitting hers echoed off the walls of the shanty. "All the fucking way up... here! Unhhh... here, bitch! Take it... up to your cocksucking brains!"

Gina trembled as a delicious spasm of nearing climax surged forth. She felt the insides of her thighs grow sticky with a smoldering stream of pussy juice. The man's balls were slapping into the crack of her ass, and she could feel the pulsating sensations.

"Give it to me," she panted, her body tightening with ecstasy. "God... fuck my pussy full of hot cum... screw it in and pound it up to my brain!"

"You got it, you little cocksucking slut," Tony grunted. He chewed into her tits, pulling the nipples back savagely with his teeth. At the same time, he humped upward, plunging his cock brutally into her spasming pussy. "Take... this! Unhhh... fucking eat it up your cunt!"

Just as she had experienced absolute agony, Gina now felt total, raw pleasure. Her body flooded with the most fantastic climax she'd ever had. In fact, all the ones she'd had until now put together wouldn't have been as intense. The universe seemed to explode, and her mind emptied of every thought but his massive, driving cock.

"Aieeeeee!" she screamed, her body freezing, then bucking so violently the rope tied to her right foot jerked free from the handle of the tool box. "Fuck... meeeeee!" she wailed, throwing her leg around his waist and jerking her heel against his tight, hairy ass.

"Holy... God," Tony spluttered, spitting her nipple from his mouth. He jerked his head up and kissed her so hard they both tasted the warm, salty flavor of blood. "Now bitch," he gurgled into her throat.

His cum-load boiled from his slightly receding balls and stormed up the center of his cockshaft. A split-second later, the molten fluid shot deeply into her yearning cunt, covering the fluttering muscles.

If possible, for Gina the pleasure even got better. She experienced a wild series of orgasms, each more intense than the last. Finally, she couldn't distinguish any separate throbs, the sensation became a long, steady release.

For an eternity her pussy sucked on his cum, squeezed and molded his plunging cock. Even after he'd spilled his load completely, her cunt worked on him savagely, almost as if trying to pull his entire body inside hers.

The only thing that Gina regretted was that her pussy wasn't big enough to hold all his jism. Thick globs melted from her pussy and fell to the floor, forming a milky pool of cream.

At last, they stopped fucking and Tony pulled away. He stumbled backward and braced himself against the table with his left hand.

"Fucking... Christ," he panted, his chest heaving with excitement. "You... you ought to register that pussy as a deadly weapon!"

Gina was so exhausted, so spent she couldn't even move, much less talk. She felt turned inside out. She merely hung there, one leg in the air, the other drooping like a rag doll's. Her head was thrown to one side, her eyes glazed and half-closed.

She sensed, more than saw, his movements, then felt herself being untied. When she plopped to the floor, she turned her head slightly and saw the pool of cum that had spilled from her cunt. She crawled and rolled toward the cum, then planted her lips in the milky mass of fluid.

"Mmmmm... cum," she groaned, sucking the jism into her mouth and swallowing it.

"Want some more of that stuff?" Tony asked, his breathing still labored.

"Yes," Gina whispered. "As much as I can..."

While she licked the jism from the dirty floor, Tony pulled on his clothes, although Gina hadn't noticed. When she did look up, she gave him a shocked look.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Gonna get my buddies," he said. "You said you wanted some more cum, didn't you?"

Yes, she did. But not theirs. She wanted his. For some reason, she couldn't bring herself to say her thoughts. Instead, she felt empty, used. To him, she was just a piece of meat, a good lay.

"Do what you have to," she said, her voice bitter.

"Oh, I will, baby... we all will," Tony said, then left.

Although he had untied her from the rafter, her wrists were still knotted at her back. If she wanted to, and he took long enough, she just might be able to free herself. She began squirming around, digging her fingers in the ropes.

Before she could even begin, however, Tony was back inside the shanty, removing his clothes. Gina gave him a puzzled glance.

"I called them," he explained. "They're on their way."


"Adam and Derek," he answered. "They told me they'd try to find Susan, too."

Gina remembered seeing a girl at work here, but it really hadn't registered until now. What would she be? A bull dyke? And, what tricks did she have up her sleeve?

She felt her body flinch with revulsion. Would she ever get out of this mess? Or would they keep her all weekend and...

She could see them marching in front of her. Cock after cock after cock.

"We have a few minutes before any of them get here," Tony said, removing the last of his clothing.

"What's it going to be this time?" Gina asked dully. "Do I have to give you a blow job? Or, are you going to fuck me again?"

"I'm going to fuck you again," Tony said, moving toward her. "Right in the ass."

Gina jerked to life. Surely he wasn't serious! She could never take that big cock up her ass! Not in a million years.

"No," she gasped, her eyes wide again with terror.

"Oh... yes," the man said.

Chapter FIVE

The mere thought of having Tony's massive cock up her asshole was enough to make Gina's body shake with fear. When he touched her, she jerked back, her eyes wide, her face terror-stricken.

"Don't," she gasped, struggling with the ropes that held her wrists. "Please... I'll do anything, but..."

The man began fumbling with the ropes. At first, Gina thought he might let her go, that be was just trying to scare her. He reapplied the bonds, however, outstretching her arms and attaching the ends of the ropes to bare studs in the walls.

After Tony had retied her arms, he pulled the dirty mattress over and slid it under her body. He then kicked her legs apart and attached two more pieces of rough hemp to her ankles. He pulled her feet wide apart and attached the ends of the ropes to the handles of tool boxes in the far corners of the room.

As she lay there, her body in the position of an X, Gina felt her body tremble with the horror of anticipation. It seemed that his cruelty knew no bounds. Trying to reason with her own terror, she realized that she had objected to his actions both times before, but this was a different matter.

After all, she had sucked a cock before, and she had been fucked in the cunt.

But a cock in her ass!

She flinched wildly when she felt the hairy, muscular texture of his leg against hers. Then, when she felt his warm, wet breath-against the back of her neck, she screamed out. The waiting was almost as bad as the actual act, she thought.

Just thinking about that monstrous slab of cock driving into her, tearing her asshole apart, caused her insides to constrict. She felt a rumble of vomit in her stomach.

"God... please!" she begged, squinting her eyes closed.

"Hang on, baby," Tony said softly in her right ear. "Shit... you might love the fuck out of this, and even if you don't, I'm still gonna do it."

When his hands moved over her back, then rested against her hips, she buried her face in the gritty material of the mattress to choke back her terrified scream. Any second now -- and then...

"What a sweet, firm ass," Tony said, moving his fingers over her cheeks and into the delicate crack. "God, baby, don't tell me I'm gonna get to ream out a virgin asshole."

"Yes," Gina gasped. "Please... don't..."

She felt a gentle pressure against her asshole that caused her to yell out once more. It didn't hurt, but she knew it was just the beginning.

The pressure got greater, and she felt her tiny, puckered asshole stretch. She took a deep breath, held it, then exhaled loudly.

"Hey, sweetheart, it's just my finger, for God's sake," Tony laughed. "Just gonna get you ripe for my cock."

Christ, if that was just his finger, what would his cock feel like!

For the next several moments, he ran his finger in and out of her asshole, occasionally letting his finger slide under and touch her pussy.

His finger didn't hurt -- yet. Still, she could think of nothing else but the savage size of his cock. His finger fucking only seemed to be teasing her cruelly, letting her know just what was in store for her.

The pressure grew, and she realized, that he was now probing in two of his fingers. She began panting, gritting her teeth. Still there was no pain, but the squeezing sensations were raw, demanding.

"You ready for me to ride you like a Goddamned horse?" Tony said, his voice thick with lust.

Gina seemed dazed, unable to answer. Yet when she felt him untie the leather strap around her tits and back, she gave a gurgling cry.

"I'll just run this around your neck like reins and see how you like it," Tony said, draping the leather around her throat. He tied a tight knot, then yanked back. "There, how's that?" he grunted, his eyes glinting with hunger.

When her air was cut off, Gina felt her blood rush in her ears. Pain seared into her flesh, almost as bad as the cutting sensations of the ropes at her wrists and ankles. She was fully trapped now, unable even to scream out when the torture began.

"Ready for some hot cock up your ass?"

Tony said, squeezing his prick into the crack of her ass. "God, baby, this is going to be so fucking good."

It all seemed to happen in slow motion, just as Gina knew it would. The first thing she felt was the smooth surface of his pulsating cockhead. The round monster cockhead then pressed forward, stretching her asshole painfully. His cock burned, throbbed, almost tore.

"Ohhh... fucking hot and tight," the man grunted.

Gina gagged, then swallowed hard, fighting back the vomit. If just his cockhead caused such agony, what would ten or twelve inches of rock-hard cockshaft do?

Her asshole burned even more violently, causing her muscles to tighten. The agony grew worse, sending a jolt of pain up her spine as if he'd pounded a spike up her ass.

"Goddddd!" she screamed into the mattress. Sweat covered her face and neck, causing the gritty dirt to stick to her flesh. "Don't... please... don't."

Enjoying her misery, Tony went as slowly as possible, giving her a full five minutes of horror, instead of one swift plunge. He eased in another two inches of his cockshaft, then held his prick there.

Gina's mind seemed to explode. Slowly, she felt herself relax, the power moving down her neck, across her shoulders, to her back. Then, like tiny fingers moving over her flesh, she felt her muscles loosen. A delicious heat seemed to circle her asshole and pull the pressure away from his cock.

"No," she gasped, not believing the pain was going away. "It... it can't be!"

"Hey, now that's a lot better," Tony murmured, feeling her asshole flutter slightly around his cock. "You go with it, baby, and it won't hurt at all."

It happened so quickly, Gina couldn't begin to comprehend what was going on. One moment she was in pure agony, the next, it felt as if her asshole were a vacuum, actually begging for his cock!

She cautiously squirmed her asshole around, felt the pleasure increase. It was the strangest sensation to have her ass reamed apart and have her pussy throb like that!

"Fuck... me," she said, her voice a little unsure. The pleasure burned more deeply inside her body, turning to delicious ecstasy. "Yes... God... yes, fuck me!" she panted.

Tony withdrew his cock slowly, held his cock there for a few seconds with just his cockhead inside her hole, then slammed forward with his full weight.

"Unhhhhhhh!" he grunted, digging his toes into the mattress and yanking back on the leather strap around her neck.

Since she hadn't yet experienced the full size of his cock, Gina expected another violent spasm of pain when he entered her asshole fully. Instead, she climaxed, her ecstasy shaking her to the marrow of her bones.

"Mmmmmfffff!" she choked, arching her back. The ecstasy flooded her body like a warm cream, soothing the aching muscles.

"Holy... fucking Jesus!" Tony growled. "Baby... you're a Goddamned natural!"

Without his moving his cock at all, Gina had another orgasm. This one was even better, more intense than the last one. The way the fluttering sensations swept back and forth from her asshole to her pussy was unbelievable. She began bucking and writhing, straining against the bonds that held her.

"Fuck me... fuck me," she spluttered, her face contorted with anguished pleasure.

Tony released the leather strap and fell completely on her body. He then began pounding into her asshole for all he was worth, grinding his full weight into the tiny, puckered hole.

"Screw my prick, you cocksucking bitch," he growled, biting and licking the back of her neck, her shoulders. "Every inch... up here! Fucking take it... here!"

"Ohhhh... God, my... my pussy, too," Gina said, squirming around like she was on fire. Her cunt was oozing with thick streams of smoldering juice, wetting her blonde hairs. "Fuck... fuck my pussy, too!"

Tony reached under her body with his right hand and jabbed the tips of his fingers into her smoldering cunt. Her tight pussy immediately clamped around his fingers, and sucked them further inside her cunt.

Gina's pleasure increased even more. One orgasm after another thundered in her body. It seemed as if there wasn't a single cell or nerve that didn't explode with ecstasy under his deliciously hard assault.

Tony shoved his prick forward, his chest heaving violently, but he knew he couldn't hold back much longer. Her convulsive climaxes were drawing on his cock like a milking machine. Already his cum-load was boiling, begging to be free.

"Almost... there," he groaned. "God, baby, I fucking wanted this to last, but... Unhhhhhh!"

The splatter of molten cum inside her asshole caused Gina to scream out savagely.

Pleasure turned to pain, then melted back down to ecstasy. Each drop of cum seemed to flood her entire guts, working around like boiling acid. At last, she fell limp from sheer exhaustion, her insides still throbbing wildly.

"All... of it, whore," Tony gasped, plunging in more of his thick release. He could feel the cum slosh around his stabbing prick, ooze backward and stream over his balls. "Eat it up your asshole, bitch... fuck it mmmmmmm... fucking take all of it!"

Finally, when he'd pounded in the last of his jism, and rested his full weight against her asshole, Gina realized what had happened. Still, it seemed unreal. She had had the best climax of her life!

With a cock up her ass!

She suddenly felt depraved. If she could do this, was there no limit to her capabilities?

"How'd you like it, baby?" Tony whispered, moving his lips over her jaw. "No more virgin ass."

"Ohhh... it... it was great," Gina admitted. "You bastard, you could have told me to relax or something, and it wouldn't have hurt so much."

"Would you have believed me?" he said, grinning.

Truthfully, Gina didn't know what to make of this whole thing. She had come here voluntarily, of course, but that had been the last she'd had any say. He had taken her, abused her, humiliated her.

Had she... wanted that all along? "Hey, we might have a little more time before the others get here," Tony said, interrupting her thoughts. "How about a nice, slow fuck?"

"The others?" Gina said, suddenly remembering that he'd called his friends. "Do... do we have to have them, Tony?" she asked. "Why not just you and I?"

"And disappoint my buddies?" the man laughed. "Shit, baby, they won't believe your cocksucking abilities until they find out for themselves."

"Well, untie me then," Gina said. "I'll do it."

"Are you kidding?" Tony said. "And let you escape?"

"I won't, I promise," she said. "Really."

"No fucking way," the man said, pulling off her body. "And besides, don't you want to have two or three cocks at the same time?"

Although Gina has fantasized about such a thing, to actually hear it spoken out loud, scandalized her. She felt her body tremble, repelled by the idea.

"I... I'd really rather just have you," she whispered, almost choking on the words.

"Hey, don't talk like that. I don't like it," Tony said, his voice cold. "Now shut up and let's fuck."

Gina gave a low, throaty moan of pleasure when she felt him reposition himself, gently lifting her ass, and thrust his cock in her pussy.

Why didn't he want her to talk that way, she wondered? And what's more, why did he find it necessary to force her to do these things? He was, she realized, a complex man. Perhaps too complex for her.

Anyway, why was she even thinking like this? Christ, you'd think she was in... love or something.

It wasn't love. Jt was an animal act. Just like Mark had said. Two cats fucking on a fence. Nothing more, nothing less. Fucking for fucking's sake.

Pleasure overshadowed her thoughts as his cock probed a little more deeply inside her oozing cunt. She began working with him, moving her ass up and down to take his hard thrusts.

"That's... good," she murmured. "Tony... you have the biggest... sweetest cock in the world... I want you to fuck me like this... forever."

Her words seemed to inflame Tony with hatred. He began hammering his cock into her body savagely. He held her shoulders with his hands so tightly, his knuckles turned white. His face was a study in fury.

"Whore!" he spat. "Take my cock... fuck it!"

Although his moves, she knew, were to inflict pain and not pleasure, they had the opposite effect. Each thundering burst of his cock inside her pussy gave her delightful ecstasy. Under his assault, her body was moving around on the mattress, causing the gritty dirt to eat into her skin, made the ropes at her wrists and ankles burn into her flesh. Even this was wonderful to her -- a complete picture of the violent union of two people.

"Fuck... fuck me," she panted, throwing her head back and scraping her teeth against his rough cheek. "Tony... give me your cum... to fuck."

The man slammed into her pussy wildly, savagely, trying to make his cock an instrument of torture. She was so soft, however, so giving and accepting. He finally fell against her body, breathing hard. Slowly, he relaxed.

"I... I can't do it, Goddamn you," he said.

"Do... what?" Gina asked. It was hard to concentrate, since her orgasm was just a fraction of a second away.

"I... I don't want you like this," he gasped. He suddenly jerked himself from her body and stood. He fell back against the table and grabbed a chair for support. "I just can't," he said, almost dazed.

Gina's body burst with a swelling, yet empty climax. She writhed around and bit the material on the mattress, hating him for stopping, just when she was nearly there. At last the dull throbs subsided, leaving her exhausted.

"Why'd you stop?" she asked, her words a gasp.

Tony was about to say something when the door opened and a man stepped inside.

"Hey, is this where the party's at?" he asked.

"Come on in, Adam," Tony said to the black-haired man. "She's all yours."

"Well, hello." Adam said, looking down at Gina.

Gina turned away, ashamed of what she must look like, but more from her feelings. Then, wanting to hurt Tony for leaving her, she turned back and faced the man.

"Want me to suck your big cock?" she said, almost choking on the words.

A few seconds later, Tony was dressed. He tore out of the shanty without looking back.

Gina had never before felt so alone in her life.

Chapter SIX

Adam walked around and stood in front of Gina, then knelt. He let his eyes play over her naked body for a few moments, then placed his hand under her chin.

"Tony tells me you are one fine cocksucker," he said, grinning. "That a fact?"

At first, Gina thought she would go crazy, being left alone by Tony. But as she looked at the handsome, young man, she realized she was placing too much emphasis on emotion and not enough on physical feelings.

Hell, if he didn't give a shit about her, why should she give a fuck?

And anyway, this Adam character was one nice-looking stud.

Before answering; she took in his strong features with a quick glance. He was just as tall as Tony, but not quite as stocky. His features were more refined, although still very masculine. A shock of blue-black, curly hair framed his angular face, and his eyes were brown, flecked with gold. A black patch, of hair peeked from under his shirt collar.

"I've sucked a few cocks in my day," she said seductively, lifting one eyebrow. "Why don't you show me what you've got?"

As the man stood up and began getting out of his clothes, he kept his eyes on her and licked his lips. When he was at last naked, his cock was rigid, gently slapping his muscled, hairy stomach.

"Ohhhhh... nice," Gina murmured, looking at his prick. His prick looked like a snake, springing from a thick, wiry patch of hair. His nuts were thick and full. Her heart skipped a beat. "Mmmmmm, very nice," she added, parting her lips.

Adam knelt in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He then, moved forward and pressed the underside of his cock against her open mouth. When his cock touched her lips, they both flinched.

"Want me to untie you so you can get at my cock better?" Adam asked.

"No... I like it... like this," Gina answered, darting the tip of her tongue over his rubbery, hard prick. "I... I want you to take me..."

Her words trailed off. She gulped one of his nuts inside her mouth. She washed his nut completely, then pulled the other one inside her cheeks, she pursed her lips, felt the root of his cock shaft pulsate.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured, squirming around, clawing at her palms with her fingernails.

"Oh... Christ, I don't believe this," Adam said, his breathing raspy. "I was sitting home watching T.V., and who would think I could get a sweet cocksucker like you."

As he said the words, he repositioned himself, placing his legs over her shoulders and locking his ankles together just below her shoulder blades. He then held the back of her head and rolled almost in a ball, completely engulfing her face between his thighs. His balls slipped from her mouth and rolled over her chin, finally resting against the hollow of her throat.

Gina kissed and nibbled up his monstrous prick, then pulled his loose foreskin back with her teeth. When she did, the acrid aroma of dried piss assaulted her nostrils. The smell inflamed her with deeper, more gnawing hunger.

"Suck my prick, baby," Adam grunted, holding his cock down at a right angle to his body with his right hand. He moved the pulsating cockhead over her parted lips, then humped upward. "Ahhhh... shit... just like that," he gasped, watching about four inches of his cock enter her mouth.

His cock was different than Tony's, or any other cock she'd known. Instead of being straight, his cock was gently curved. As his cock entered her mouth and finally sank in the back of her throat, the cockhead seemed, to have a mind of its own. Somehow, it made it more exciting for her.

She gave a low, throaty groan and munched fully to the iron-like base of his cock, separating his balls with her chin. Again, she tasted the acrid flavor of his prick. She held herself there for a few moments and twisted her head around, finally pulled back up to the cockhead.

"Sweet... big cock," she said from the side of her mouth. "Mmmmm... you have a lot of cum for a girl to suck out?"

"Jesus... Tony was right... you can take it all," Adam gasped. "That deep throat stuff. Where the hell you putting it?"

"Right between my tits," Gina whispered, then again went down to the thick root of his cock. She pulled back up, rolling her tongue over the loose foreskin. "Mmmmm, want to feel it?" she asked.

In answer to her question, the man squeezed both hands under her body and grasped her tits with his long, artist-like fingers. As he dug into her delicate tits, he felt her mouth again slide down to the base of his prick.

"Oh... Goddamn... that's good," he grunted, humping his hips upward. "Take it all the way in, baby. Suck my big cock and eat on it."

Gina gave him a slow, steady assault for a few moments, then began going at his cock faster. Soon, she was sucking his cock quickly, the smacking sounds of her mouth echoing off the walls.

"Ooommmm," she gurgled, feeling her pussy tighten, then spit out a wad of cunt juice. She squirmed her ass around, tried to squeeze her knees together, but the bonds at her ankles prevented it. She was in delicious, aching agony. Another spluttering moan escaped her lips.

"Faster, you little cocksucker," Adam grunted suddenly. Heaving his hips upward.

"Shit... baby, I've got so fucking much cum... it hurts."

The mere mention of the words was enough to cause her pussy to constrict. She locked her lips tightly around his cock, then bared her teeth. As her orgasm mounted, then exploded, she bit down, causing the man to flinch with pain.

"Fuck!" Adam cried out. The pain was delicious, almost matching the fantastic sensation of pleasure that scalded his loins. Before he really knew what was happening, his cock burst with the first, thick glob of cum. "Suck... cocksucker!" he growled. He tightened his legs and gouged her tits with his fingers. "All... of it... suck!"

The explosion of warm, salty jism filled Gina's mouth so quickly she couldn't even begin to swallow it. While thick globs of cum sank into her stomach, other masses spurted from under her lips and boiled around his balls. When she was sure he had to be finished coming, he pumped in more.

"Aaaghhhhh," she choked, sending a spray of milky fluid into his dark crotch hairs. She rubbed her nose into his wiry pubic patch and inhaled deeply. The effect was so wonderful, she seemed to have an orgasm in the back of her throat. She gave another spluttering groan, sucked down more of the scalding liquid.

Adam hammered his prick upward with his full weight, pumping in the last of his load. Then, when the final glob of cum spewed over her tonsils, he held his cock-tightly against her mouth. After a few moments, he slowly relaxed and let his legs fall off her body. He leaned back, his chest heaving with satisfaction, and closed his eyes.

"God... damn," he gasped. "You fucking sucked the life out of me!"

While he lay there, Gina continued sucking and chewing on his cock, making sure she captured every single drop. When his cock was empty, she moved her lips over his balls, then into his crotch hairs. Soon, his loins were glistening with her spit.

"Mmmmmm, that was fantastic," she whispered, slowly moving her lips up and down the side of his cock shaft. "You think you could give me a little more? Hmmmmmm?"

"The way you suck, you could get a gallon out!" Adam laughed. "But, I think I'd like to have a go at that little pussy of yours. That OK?"

"More than OK," Gina said with a grin.

Adam scrambled over her body and knelt between her legs. He looked down at her smooth, rounded ass cheeks for a few moments, then gently spread them. As he looked first at her cum-filled ass hole, then her oozing cunt, his desires became more than evident. His cock sprang uptight, bounced against his stomach.

"Looks like Tony fucked the shit out of you," he said. "He sure did," Gina said a little wistfully. "And now it's your turn. Fuck me... now."

When he touched her thighs with his large hands and gently lifted her ass, she squirmed around, tugged on the ropes that held her wrists and ankles. She wanted it to hurt, wanted to feel the hemp cut into her flesh. Now, more than ever.

She felt that if she suffered, it would somehow justify her pleasure.

"Fuck me hard," she begged, feeling her anticipation rise. She swallowed, still tasting the flavor of his cum. "Mmmmmmm... make it hurt... so good, you big pricked bastard. Ram your cock all the way up my brains."

Adam held his cock down with his right hand and guided the tip of his cock shaft under her body. When he felt the fluttering sensations of her cunt, he jabbed his prick forward with his full strength. As his cock seared into her pussy, he gave a choking groan of pleasure.

"Fucking... Christ!" he grunted. "I... I didn't think it was possible... but your pussy is even nicer then your cocksucking mouth."

Gina's eyes widened with pain. The curve of his cock shaft was great in her throat, as it made his cock easier to swallow. In her pussy, however, his prick seemed to be the size of two. She flinched, her face turning white, then gave a grunting groan.

"May... maybe you'd better not go so hard," she said. "Hell, your cock feels like a baseball bat up my cunt."

"Sorry... I can't help it." Adam grunted. "It's just too fucking good to go slow."

As he said the words, he began pounding in and out of her pussy in a fury. Soon, his body was smacking hers so hard, the ropes at her ankles were tight as violin strings, causing the hemp to tear into her flesh.

"No... God... no," Gina panted, her legs on fire with agony. The sensations, however, weren't anything like, what was happening to her cunt. His cock felt like a clawing hand in her pussy. "Slow... slower," she begged.

Her pleading seemed only to inflame him to drive harder. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs and yanked her legs apart like a wishbone. He then hammered his cock forward and upward, pushing her down at the same time.

"Damn... so fucking tight... hot," he gasped, every muscle in his body flexing, glistening with sweat. "Screw it in whore... all the way up here."

When Gina thought the pain couldn't get any worse -- it did. Moments later, her entire body flooded with electric waves of agony, seeping into every cell.

"Please... don't... God... please," she moaned, biting her lower lip until she tasted blood. Suddenly, the pressure of the pain lessened, replaced by a tingling spasm of pleasure. "Don't... God... yes!" she screamed out. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, you prick! Goddamn you, fuck me to pieces with that big cock!"

As her orgasm tightened her pussy milking on the man's cock, he gave his cock to her as fast and hard as he could. Both their bodies were shaking violently, their flesh smacking like applause.

"Christ... fucking now!" he cried out. He tried desperately to hold back, but it was impossible. His nuts were burning, ready to throb off. "Gonna... fuck you... baby, so full it blows out your cum-sucking ears!"

Gina felt her pussy stretch even farther apart as his climax neared. And, when she thought she would surely burst wide open, her cunt was flooded with the silky, creamy masses of his cum-load. The effect was immediate.

"Aieeeeee!" she shrieked, throwing her head back. "Fuck! Fuckkkkkk meeeeee!"

"Unhhhh... take it, you cum-eating whore," Adam groaned, his eyes half-closed with ecstasy. "Eat my cock right up your pussy and screw it to your brain."

When the bulk of his jism showered her pussy, Gina felt another spasm of orgasm. The sensation fluttered up and down her cunt, then caused her pussy to lock around his spurting prick.

They fucked wildly, savagely, molding their bodies together, accepting, giving, until finally, they fell against each other, their moans filling the shanty.

"God, baby... the best I've ever had," Adam groaned, leaning forward and squirming his ass around. "Shit... I thought I'd had cunts before."

Gina loved it this way, having a man on top of her, his cock grinding away in her cunt still throbbing. She squirmed around, flexed her cunt muscles, then relaxed completely.

There was only one thing wrong. She wished it were Tony, instead of Adam. But even as she had the thought, she hated herself for it. Hell, why was she even thinking about him? He'd treated her like a piece of meat, right?

Why had he stormed out, anyway? Because she had said one affectionate thing? That didn't make any sense.

Then again, nothing that had happened tonight had made sense.

"Untie me," she said softly. "Would you do that, please?"

"Mmmmm?" Adam said, already half asleep from the sheer satisfaction.

"I said untie me," she repeated, turning her head slightly. "I... I want to go home."

"Aw, can't we stay like this for a little while longer?"

"No," she replied. "Untie me."

"Don't dream of it," a deep voice said from the door.

Gina turned and looked up at the man who had entered without so much as a warning. It wasn't his size that seemed so overpowering -- it was his eyes.

"Hi, Derek," Adam said, moving away from her body. "Tony call you, too?"

"Sure did," the man said. "Now take a break. The lady and I want to be alone."

Gina's voice locked in her throat. Something told her she certainly didn't want to be alone with him. To her dismay, however, Adam quickly dressed and left.

As he neared her spread-eagled body, each step caused her heart to beat faster.

Chapter SEVEN

To Gina's amazement, Derek reached down and untied her. Gently, he lifted her to her feet and pulled her close. He kissed her, taking her completely by surprise.

He looked so violent, almost like a cat ready to spring, and the gaze in his eyes chilled her to the bone. His features weren't classical, but rough. The combination of hard angles, scars and an unruly shock of sandy-brown hair exuded sensuality. For some reason, he reminded her of a bull, or a wild stallion.

Without knowing exactly why, or what she was doing, she ran her fingers over his hard, muscular body and began tugging at his clothing. She met the urgency of his kiss as she pulled his shirt wide, then ran her fingers over his sculptured muscles.

"You like what they did to you?" he asked, moving his mouth over her parted lips. "Hmmmmm, baby? You like it rough?"

If Gina could have possibly known what was about to transpire, she would have gladly bitten her tongue off rather then give him the answer she did.

"Yes," she whispered, feeling her cunt constrict, begin to ooze with a warm stream of cunt juice that slicked-up the inside of her bare thighs. "I... I like it anyway I can get it, but especially... rough."

"Good," Derek said, moving his hands down her arms, then placing his fingers against her hips. "I like it rough too... when I'm doing the roughing up."

He took a step backward and finished undressing, his odd stare burning into her. Again she felt a shiver of fear, but as his naked body came into view, she dismissed her thoughts as ridiculous.

Undressed, he was a work of art. Not like the Greek God that Tony was, but coarse.

Squarely built and evenly tanned, he was covered with short, wiry hair. From his crotch sprang a large, meaty shaft of cock that made her flinch. It was the thickest cock she could imagine.

"Rough, huh?" he whispered, again embracing her. He planted a long, lingering kiss on her mouth that was like a wound. "Well, hang on, you little slut, you're gonna fucking get it rough."

Like a lamb led to the slaughter, Gina allowed him to tie her wrists with rope at her back. When the knot was secure, he took another length of rope and attached it around the hemp at her wrists and threw the end of it over an exposed rafter in the ceiling.

He pushed her forward, and when her body was at a twenty degree angle to the floor, he secured the end of the rope to a stud in the wall. He then took another length of rope and tied her ankles together. He attached the end of his rope to her wrists, then pulled the slack.

Slowly, Gina's body contorted, her heels almost touching the back of her head. Pressure became pain. The pain became agony. He tightened the ropes a little more.

"Don't," she gasped, wincing. "It... it hurts."

"You want it rough, don't you?" he said, his voice even, although his breathing was coming fast.

Then before Gina could say anything more, he took a step back and then grabbed her by her hair. He jerked her head to the right and released his grip. The force of his shove caused her to spin around and around, her knees and cunt just inches from the mattress.

"Jesus!" Gina cried out, watching the shanty spin. She felt dizzy, but the sensation still didn't deaden any of the pain. "Wha... what are... you doing?" she cried out.

"Ever had a spin-fuck?" he said, giving her another shove. "It's the best ever, baby."

Gina thought she'd experienced everything with Tony and Adam, but obviously she was more than wrong. This man was a maniac!

The ropes cut and tore at her flesh and the pressure of the spin caused the blood to flow liberally to the bruised area. Her wrists, ankles and shoulder blades felt like they were being stabbed with ice picks.

Suddenly, he grabbed her head and pulled her to a stop. As she slowed, she felt the blood rush to her head, causing her to get even dizzier. When she slowly looked up and saw him, her vision was double.

He hadn't even done anything and she felt as if she'd been violated for hours.

"Now for the rough part," he said, his prick just inches from her face. "Want to suck my cock a little, to get me in the mood?"

"No!" Gina said, now more than a little angry. She hadn't bargained for anything like this! "Untie me... you bastard, this is ridiculous!"

"You asked for it," Derek laughed. "You dumb-assed cunt... if only you knew what was about to happen."

Gina's anger turned to horror when she saw him withdraw a whip from a tool box. It was fashioned of black leather, with a crystal looking handle. The tip of it was frayed into three prongs, each sporting what looked like grapeshot.

"You want it?" Derek said, sadistically pulling the whip through the loop he made with his left thumb and forefinger. "Hmmmmm?"

"No," Gina said, her voice dry.

"Then, I guess I'll just have to teach you to say yes."

With that, he grabbed her by the hair again and shoved her as hard as he could. She began spinning rapidly, her red gold hair sweeping about like a torch.

After about six or seven spins, Derek lifted the whip and cracked it through the air. The frayed end smacked her firmly across the ass.

Gina didn't feel the pain immediately, but when it did come, it was like lightning had struck her. The sensation burned up her spine and seemed to explode her brain. It was so powerful, she couldn't even scream.

"Want it?" she heard some faraway voice say.

"No," she heard another voice say. Again the whip came cracking down on her bare ass, leaving a pronged welt. Again the lightning spasm of pain burst inside her brain.

"Huh, baby?" the voice said again. "You want it?"

"No," came the reply.

It was like some ridiculous conversation overheard in another room. For a moment, Gina was divorced from herself, wondering why that idiot girl didn't say yes and get it over with. Then almost like seeing a vision, she realized it was happening to her, and not someone else. She screamed and nodded her head up and down.

"Yes! Yes! Goddamn you... yessssss!" she shrieked.

Two more cracks of the whip, then he dropped the horrible instrument. The sensation was replaced, however, by a sharp blow to the side of her face. He began kicking her, spinning her with his foot.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the spinning slowed. It was like being on some crazy, brutal ride at the circus.

Instead of fear, however, there was pain.

"Now for a sweet fucking. Spin-style," Derek grunted.

Gina watched with fascinations as he squirmed under her body and lay on the mattress. She then felt a horrible, grinding pressure inside her cunt. He had grabbed her hips and pulled her down, straining the ropes. Instantly, her pussy was filled with his rock-hard, pulsating prick.

"Ohhh... baby, this is gonna be the best fuck ever," the man said, jerking his hips up and down, driving his cock wildly in and out of her cunt. "Gonna spin-fuck you to death..."

Suddenly, it hit Gina. With his cock ramming into her cunt, he was going to spin her around and around! The idea terrified and pleased her at the same time.

Slowly, she felt her head turn, her upper body following. A couple of seconds later, she could see his feet, then his side. Back to his face again. His other side. His feet again.

Faster and faster.

His cock twisted, gouged into areas she didn't even know she had. Her pussy convulsed with agony.

Delicious agony.

"How is it, baby?" Derek grunted, ramming his cock up and down while her pussy spun around his shaft. "Like it? Huh? Like a big cock really screwing you?"

Never before had Gina fully realized exactly what the meaning of the word screw was, until now. That's exactly what was happening. Instead of pumping his prick in and out, he was fucking her like a... screw!

"Yes," she groaned. Pain throbbed into every corner of her body, but it was somehow wonderful, only making the pleasure more emphasized. "God... yes... screw me pig-fuck me, you bastard!"

Derek spun her faster with his hands while he hammered her pussy violently with his cock. As her slippery pussy hugged and molded his prick, he felt his balls throb with delicious pressure.

"Tight... fucking the tightest... hottest I've ever... had," he grunted, every muscle in his body flexing.

An instant after his words whined past her ears, Gina felt a raw convulsion like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Her orgasm shook her insides like an explosion, and the force of the spinning seemed to throw the climax up and down her legs, right to her fingertips.

"Godddddd!" she shrieked, flinching, bucking as if she were on fire. Another massive convulsion of pure, raw ecstasy seared into her body, leaving her almost exhausted. "Fuck me!" she begged, her face contorted in anguished release. "Fuckkkkk meeeee!"

"Screw it, whore," Derek grunted, lifting his body. His cum-load blasted into her cunt with such force he shook all over. He slapped her head when she came around, spinning her as hard as he could. "Screw it... all the way up your pussy, bitch."

It was the oddest sensation for Gina. Before, when she'd been fucked, her pussy had been pumped deliciously full of cum. And, only when the man had finished, had some of the juices oozed from her cunt. This time, however, with the spinning, the cum sloshed around his shaft and splattered noisily from her pussy.

"Take... it all, whore," Derek moaned, pumping in the last of his thick, boiling cumload. "Every... Goddamned drop and eat it inside your pussy..."

Gina seemed to blackout, yet in a way she was aware of what was going on. It seemed as if both pleasure and pain melted away from her.

She was left dangling in space, completely without feeling. It was only when she realized that she had stopped spinning that she knew what was happening.

Her face was almost touching his feet, her knees hanging just above his chin. She was squirming, now really feeling the pain at her wrists and ankles.

"Please... I can't take this anymore," she begged. "My hands are on... fire." Derek seemed to ignore her. But a few seconds later, the squirmed from beneath her. He stumbled against her body and began fumbling with the ropes. A short while later, Gina dropped to the mattress in a heap.

"Well?" he panted.

"My... God," Gina said. She wouldn't give a million dollars for the experience, but she wouldn't take a zillion to do it again.

"We'll take a little break now," Derek said. "And then on to some real fun fucking."

Gina was stunned, unable to believe him. What else did he have in mind? Have him stick his cock up her ass and jump off a building or something? Jesus.

"Suck on my cock," he said.

"Just that?" she dared.

"Sure," he said, almost warmly. "You gonna untie me?" she asked, wiggling her fingers to get the circulation going. She was still in a bowed position, her heels just a foot from the back of her head. "I'm not an acrobat," she added, a little sarcastically.

"Couldn't prove it by me," the man laughed. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over, forcing her face down on his prick. "Suck me," he ordered. "But take it nice and slow. I don't want to play out too quick."

Gina was more than tempted to merely take his thick cock in her mouth and try to bite his prick off. He'd probably break her neck, but it might be worth it. Still, in the back of her mind, she wondered what he was going to do later. She felt in a way like the bird being hypnotized by the deadly cobra.

"Come on, suck," Derek said, placing his hands behind her head and exerting pressure. "Ol' Tony says you suck like a fucking milking machine."

Gina ran her mouth up and down his thick, pulsating cock shaft, then gulped around his gigantic cockhead. As she closed her mouth around his rubbery cock and sank her lips to the meaty base of his prick, she shivered with hunger. She could taste the delicious combination of cunt juice and jism.

"Mmmmm," she gurgled, pressing her chin between his balls. Slowly she pulled back up and gently nibbled at his loose foreskin. "So... big and hard," she murmured, inhaling the sweaty, musky aroma of his prick and balls.

"Hey, you are good," Derek said, pumping his hips upward. "Not too many ladies can take it all my cock like that."

"How could any girl not take it all when it's so fine like this?" Gina murmured, lapping her tongue over his swollen, purplish cockhead. "God... I think I like sucking cock more than anything else."

Her words became a throaty gurgle as she gobbled his cock completely into her throat. She held her face tightly against his crotch, then twisted her head around. As his cockhead throbbed between her tonsils, she tightened the pressure of her lips, then pulled back. A tiny residue of cum burned the back of her throat.

"Mmmmmmm," she gurgled, closing her eyes. Her pussy began throbbing, begging for the cock her throat was getting.

"Like it, don't you?" Derek whispered, thrusting his hips upward and grinding the root of his cock between her teeth. "Just fucking bet you could suck on a cock twenty-four hours a day."

"Mmmmm-hmmm," Gina groaned. She felt the rippling sensations of climax ease around her cunt. She squeezed her knees together to relieve the itch, but it only made it worse. She moaned out again, then began sucking up and down his cock shaft furiously.

"Ah... that's it, cocksucker," the man grunted. "Lick on it... all the way in like that. I... I want to feel my prick go right down to your cum-starved stomach."

Gina began writhing and jerking as her pleasure increased. A couple of seconds later, when the full force of her orgasm hit, she clamped her lips firmly around the root of his cock shaft and held her mouth there until her pleasure peaked.

"Aaaghhhhhh!" she choked, her air rushing around his throbbing prick.

"Jesus... suck... hard... faster, harder," Derek grunted, wrapping his legs around her neck and drawing her fully into his crotch. He began banging his hips up and down brutally. "Eat it... Goddamn you any second now... eat!"

Gina felt his cock expand, grow to what seemed twice its already huge size. As his cock filled her throat entirely, she tasted the steam from his cum. She sucked harder, faster, so quickly, her forehead slapped his hairy belly with noisy smacks.

"Shit... fucking... skit!" Derek grunted, every muscle in his body flexing. He heaved upward, held her there, then began hammering savagely into her throat. "Now... you cum-gargling whore!" he cried out.

Pleasure flooded Gina's body when the first of his molten jism splattered the back of her throat. She gulped quickly, but not quickly enough. Some of the scalding fluid burst from the corners of her mouth and boiled into his sandy-brown crotch hairs. Another wad shot upward, behind her nose forcing streams of milky cum from both her nostrils.

"Mmmmfffff!" she spluttered, feeling another crashing orgasm inside her pussy. Her back arched, causing the ropes to tighten at her wrists and ankles. Another gurgling moan escaped her lips.

"Lick it... cocksucker," Derek grunted, forcing his cock wildly in and out of her throat. "Take... every fucking drop, whore!"

Gina sucked and pulled on his cock for all she was worth, treating her throat to a fantastic cum bath. And, when she was certain he couldn't possibly have any more, another gush of cum splashed over her tonsils.

"Suck it... Goddam you... suck," Derek said finally, blowing in the last of his massive load. "Christ... lap it down... you cock-loving bitch."

Gina swallowed the last load of cum, then ran her mouth up and down his cock shaft, her lips squeezing tightly. She wanted to make sure his cock was totally dry. Finally, she released his prick from her throat and nuzzled her face in his crotch hairs. Slowly, she collected the stray wads of jism and licked them over her tongue.

"So... sweet," she murmured, feeling the greasy lumps slide into the back of her throat. "You... you have the best cum I've ever licked."

Soon, after cleaning up his balls and the insides of his thighs, she relaxed, savoring the taste of his release on her tongue. She felt so satisfied, almost sleepy, forgetting the horror of what had happened before.

The sense of contentment wasn't to last very long, however. He pushed her off his crotch and stood up, moving toward the tool box on the side table.

The clink of metal on metal caused her to jerk. She squirmed, trying to see what he was pulling out.

"What... now?" she dared to ask.

"Oh, a little ass-fucking." Derek grinned sadistically, turning and facing her.

"Then... then why the pliers?" Gina asked.

"You want me to do it right, don't you?" he said, kneeling beside her.

The touch of the cold metal against her flesh was like a snakebite.

Chapter EIGHT

"What are you doing to do with those?" Gina asked, looking at the glinting jaws of the pliers.

"Why, baby, I thought you knew," Derek grinned. "I'm gonna pinch you on the ass with them while I fuck your asshole."

Just the thought of those metal jaws clamping into her flesh while he banged into her asshole with his monstrous cock was enough to cause a shiver of terror to shake Gina's body.

She struggled against the ropes at her wrists and ankles, but was rewarded only with increased pressure. The hemp stung her skin.

While she writhed, Derek moved the pliers over her back, giving her the feel of the metal. Finally, he let the closed jaws move to the crack of her ass. Slowly, he pushed the end of the pliers into the bud of her asshole.

"Don't!" Gina screamed out, feeling the jaws probe further inside her asshole. When he opened the pliers slightly, stretching her asshole painfully, she crushed the side of her head against her right shoulder, trying to block out the agony. "God... please... I'll do anything... don't..."

Derek moved the pliers in and out of her ass for a few moments, then withdrew them. He then positioned himself behind her and pushed her legs down against the backs of her thighs. He spread her ass cheeks with both hands and inched his cock forward.

"You like a good ass-fucking?" he asked, jabbing the end of his cock into the crack of her ass.

"Not... this way," Gina answered honestly. What sort of torture was in store for her? "Can't you just fuck me easy... this once?" she pleaded.

"Not a chance," the man said, shoving in about three inches of his rock-hard prick. As his cock squeezed into her asshole, he gave a slight, choking grunt. "Christ... are you perfect all over?" he asked. "Shit... this ass of yours is like a sweet pussy."

Although Gina loved the feel of his cock entering her ass, just knowing what was going to happen later kept her from enjoying it fully. Her body was tense, expecting a horrible stab of pain.

She hadn't long to wait.

After Derek shoved the rest of his prick inside her asshole, he moved the pliers over her rounded ass cheeks. Slowly, he spread the serrated jaws of the pliers and nipped at her flesh. He didn't do it hard at first, merely teased her.

For Gina, however, the touch was like a slap. She froze, her imagined pain worse then anything real. She exhaled loudly, her scream a rattle in the back of her throat.

"God... please," she begged, biting her lower lip.

Watching her writhe only increased the man's lust. He opened the jaws of the pliers and stretched them wide across her ass. Slowly, he took a bunch of soft flesh between the jaws and pressed the handles. He watched with sadistic satisfaction as the skin turned white, then a dark red.

"Ohhhhh!" Gina screamed out. Her body was flaming with agony. She tried to jerk away, but when she did, she felt the jaws tear at her flesh. "Hurts... God, it's killing me."

When she felt him loosen the grip on the handles, the flood of relief was like pleasure. She inhaled deeply and then gave a sigh. It was short-lived, however, for another stab of pain seared into her body.

"Scream, baby," Derek said, his voice both cold and lustful at the same time. "Screw me and scream."

Another pinch, another jolt of raw agony.

"Aieeeeee!" she shrieked.

"Tell you what, you little whore," Derek panted, leaning down and crushing her beneath his hulking frame. "You fuck me real good. And, baby, I mean real fucking good, and I'll slow down on the pliers bit."

"Wha... what do you want me to do?" Gina asked. Christ, anything!

"Just move this sweet ass. Fuck on my cock like it's the last one in the world," he said. "Think you can do that for me?"

Gina didn't need a single word of encouragement. She would have gladly started flapping her arms and tried to fly to the moon to stop that agony.

She began working her ass as hard as she could, banging back and forth, grinding.

"The inside... too," Derek said, squeezing another mound of flesh between the pliers jaws.

"Inside?" Gina panted, not understanding.

"Yeah, work on my prick with those little asshole muscles. Swallow down on my cock," Derek instructed.

Gina tightened her muscles, then relaxed them. As she did, his prick slid fully into her asshole. Again she tightened them, held his cock inside, then made a movement like she was shitting. His cock slowly eased out. She flexed her asshole as tightly as possible and pulled his cock back inside.

"Hey, that's the trick," Derek grunted. "Just fucking fine... like that whore mouth of yours."

Gina continued working on his cock until she fell limp with exhaustion. Sweat beaded her forehead and upper lip. But when she stopped, he again jabbed her with the pliers.

"Keep it up, you cocksucker," he said. "I... I've never had an ass-fucking when the girl did all the work. Until now, that is."

Gina gave it her all, and more, it seemed. The pain at her wrists and ankles where the ropes cut into her flesh was pleasure compared to what her asshole felt like. Raw and aching, totally exhausted, she gave her last ounce of strength, molding her asshole around his throbbing prick.

"Sweet God, that's sweet," Derek grunted. "But... but it's so good, I think I'll do a little work now."

Gina could have kissed him when she heard the clink of the pliers as they tell to the floor beside the mattress. At least for a few moments she wouldn't have to endure that horror any longer.

Derek spread her thighs like a wishbone and began pounding savagely into her asshole. As his full weight crashed down, he dug his fingers into the cheeks of her ass, kneading over the welts the pliers had made.

"Ohhhh, this is more like it," Gina whimpered. All pain left her, replaced with waves of growing ecstasy. "Mmmm, fuck me with that big cock, you mean bastard..."

As his cock plunged in and out of her tight asshole, she tried to make some sense of what was going on. God, yesterday seemed a million years away. What had happened this evening? Raped and abused by two men, and now this animal. Being tied up and forced to suck a cock was one thing, but, having her ass jabbed with those pliers?

What was pain, but memory? She would never forget those pliers. Would that mean she would be in pain forever?

They had sent chills of agony up her spine. They were hard and savage, like tiny teeth.

Like his teeth would feel, she thought. Biting and tearing...

"Do it... do it again," she said.

"Hmmmm?" Derek grunted, then paused. He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck, letting the bottom of his teeth scrape over her trembling flesh. "Do... what baby? Fuck you some more? That's what I'm doing."

"No... the pliers," Gina said. "Bite me with them... all over... and fuck me make it good... make it hurt..."

Although she knew she was begging for it, a part of her knew she was being a fool. If he'd done that without her asking, God, what would he do when she begged for it like this?

Somehow, she didn't care.

Derek picked up the pliers and ran the cool metal over her back, gently nipping the jaws at her flesh. He didn't do it hard, but from the way she began bouncing around, it was like she was on fire.

"Christ... you are one hot little cunt, aren't you?" he grunted. "You can fucking take anything I can dish out."

"Anything," Gina moaned. "Just screw me... the pliers... everything, YOU sonofabitch!"

While he plunged in and out of her asshole wildly, he moved the pliers under her body and took her right nipple between the serrated jaws. Slowly, he clamped them closed.

"Godddd!" Gina screamed, her back arching so violently she thought her spine would snap. The combination of pain and pleasure was good -- too good. An enormous convulsion rocked her insides, spitting a climax through her fluttering cunt lips. She gave another scream that soon turned into a silent yell of total, pure, raw release.

The force of her climax caused her ass muscles to lock vigorously around Derek's cock, trapping his cock inside for a second. It took a great effort to pull his cock back out, and when he did, his balls burst with his cumload. He hammered his prick violently forward, crushing in the first of his exploding wads of jism.

"Unhhhh!" he cried out, his face turning ashen with pleasure. "Screw it you filthy, Goddamned whore!"

Gina thought when her climax peaked it couldn't possibly get any better, any more intense. When she felt the splattering globs of molten, milky cum from his bursting cockhead, however, her orgasm swept further upward, drilling into her brain.

"Ohhhh... fuckkkk!" she screamed, as pleasure bordered pain, grossed over, melted back.

"All of it... you motherfucking cunt," Derek groaned, pumping in more wads of gism.

Their bodies locked together as if they were sharing the same orgasm, their flesh smacking noisily, their grunts echoing.

Each time Gina's orgasm subsided slightly, Derek would move the pliers around her tits, squeezing first one nipple, then the other. He even moved to her pussy, took her clit between the jaws and squeezed the handles closed.

When that happened, Gina flinched, then went limp. Her body was spent, unable to respond any longer to the convulsions of pleasure.

She could only lie there, feel the last of his jism boil into her asshole, feel his cock pulsate, stretching her ass violently.

"Ohhhh... shit, that's... it," the man said finally, grinding in the last glob. He crushed his weight against her body, then bit down on the back of her neck. "Screw... my cock... baby."

They lay like that for several long moments, hardly moving. Finally, Derek pulled away and lay on his back, his chest still heaving. His eyes were glazed with pleasure.

"Christ... what a fuck," he groaned. "It... hurt..."

"Mmmmm, yes," Gina murmured. "Hurt... so good."

A few moments later, Derek half-sat and threw his right leg over Gina's shoulder.

"It's break time again," he said, grinning. "Suck on my cock, baby."

"Mmmmm, sure," Gina whispered, her eyes on the half-hard slab of thick cockmeat. "But if you untie me, I'll really make it good."

"You won't run away?" Derek asked.

"Not until I've finished," she giggled. "And, with so much hard cock, I might be here for days."

The man gave her a long look, then did as she asked, removing the ropes from her bruised flesh. When she was free, he lay back down on the mattress and spread his legs.

"OK, this had better be good," he said. "I usually don't do anything the lady asks."

"I'm impressed," Gina said sarcastically. A plan was forming in her mind, but she had to watch herself. One wrong move and it would be curtains. "I... I mean, thanks," she said humbly.

She let her eyes move over his naked body and was again taken with the rough features, the hard muscles. The sight of him caused her pussy to bubble, with pleasure.

"Mmmmm, I'm gonna suck you all over, you big bastard," she said, her voice thick with lust. "Your big cock... your feet, your asshole."

"Hey, that's all right. Get after it," the man said, placing his hands to his sides.

Gina began a slow assault with her warm, searching mouth, first covering the hollow of his throat with soft kisses. She then moved her lips across his shoulders, down his arms. Taking each finger into her mouth, she lapped up and down with her pursed lips, sucking them like they were tiny cocks.

"Wow... baby... that's nice," Derek whispered, his eyes closed with pleasure.

"Let me show you something else very nice," Gina said, her heart thundering. She reached to one side and grabbed a long length of rope. Carefully, she began sliding the hemp over his wrists as she held his hands together. "Like this?" she asked, her eyes on his face, testing his reaction.

"Anything, baby... just don't stop," the man said, obviously unaware of what she was doing.

While Gina licked on his fingers and ran her tongue over the inside of his elbow, she wrapped the rope around his wrists. Still holding his hands together, she quickly gobbled down on his cock.

"Ahhh... shit!" Derek grunted, his fingers grasping the ropes about his wrists.

While Gina sucked up and down his rigid cock, she got another piece of rope and slipped it under his legs. Carefully, she pulled it over his ankles, paused, then wrapped the length around again.

"Suck... bitch... suck me good," Derek whispered, still unaware that anything unusual was going on. Sensations flooded his body, all of them nice. The grit on the mattress, the softness of her nipples as they slipped over the tops of his thighs, her mouth, her tongue, even the ropes that were around his wrists and...

When Gina felt him flinch from his relaxed position, she knew he realized what she was doing. Acting quickly, she grabbed the end of the rope at his wrist, and the other one at his ankles and pulled them as hard as she could. In the split-second he was helpless, she sprang to one side and picked up a wooden mallet she had seen earlier. She popped him on the side of the head as hard as she could.

"Unhhhh," Derek gasped, then fell limp.

"OK, you sonofabitch," Gina gasped, feeling powerful, "it's your fucking turn."

She knew she hadn't hit him hard enough to knock him out, only stun him. She had to work fast. She knotted the ropes at his wrists, then ran the rope around his body, pulling as much slack out as she could. She then wrapped his legs and attached the two ends together just under his cock and balls.

Would it hold?

There was the possibility she had underestimated his strength, his rage. When he came to, what would happen?

She stood and took a few steps away from his body. She then reached down and picked up her clothing in her hands, just in case. She could run out the door stark naked, if necessary, and get to her car.

"What... the fuck!" Derek grunted, shaking his head. His face contorted with fury, turned a mottled purple. "You bitch!" he spat, trying to get to his feet. He fell with a plop on the hard floor, cracking the side of his head. "Ouch!" he said, wincing.

Gina studied him carefully to make sure he couldn't get loose, and when she was satisfied that her work had held, she dropped her clothes and walked over. She looked down at him with a grin on her face, then kicked him in the mouth with her bare foot.

They both gasped out, but it hurt Gina more than it did Derek. He sensed that and laughed.

"Go ahead and laugh, you little animal," Gina said, more angry with herself than with him. She then shot a look to where the whip lay. "Now... it's my turn, you motherfucker," she said, her tits heaving with pleasure.


"In your own words, I'm gonna make you stream," she said, picking up the whip.

"You fucking touch me with that and..."

Whatever it was he was going to say was never heard because his words became a shriek of pain.

Beginner's luck had caused the whip to lash through the air and hit him about a quarter of an inch below his balls.

"Ohhhh... let's see bow close I can get," she said, drunk with power.

"Don't!" Derek said, his face white with fear. "You'll pop my nuts off!"

"Maybe," Gina teased. She lifted the whip, aimed again for his balls. This time, the three pronged end sliced across his chest. "Maybe not," she added. "My aim isn't too good."

For the next few moments, Gina popped the whip wildly, hitting him as he thrashed about, squirming like he was on fire. She only stopped when her arm ached from exhaustion.

"I'll get you, you bitch," Derek spat, rolling into a far corner, jerking against the ropes. "You fucking wait and see."

Gina was about to hit him again, but stopped short when she heard the door squeak open. She whirled, expecting it to be either Tony or Adam.

"Well, I'll be damned," a young woman said, her face wreathed in a smile. "Would you look at this!"

It was the girl she had seen that day, but without her construction clothes she was very beautiful.

"So someone finally got the best of big, bad Derek," the girl said. She then looked at Gina. "Hi, I'm Susan. I've been wanting to do that to that bastard for six months. Can I have a shot at it?"

"Sure," Gina said, handing over the whip. "I'm Gina," she said.

"Well, I think you and I can make a great team," Susan laughed, squeezing her fingers around the whip.

"You bitch!" Derek cried out. "Both of you are bitches... fucking whore bitches!"

"Derek, Derek, Derek," Susan said, as if trying to soothe the temper of a small child, "how you talk."


The whip slashed through the air like the sound of a sliding guillotine blade.

Chapter NINE

Gina watched with fascination as Susan whipped Derek's naked body. The end of the leather whip left red, swollen welts. She felt her pussy twitch. She had been on the end of that whip, and could almost taste the spasms of pain that must be riddling his body.

If Derek had been angry before, he wasn't any longer. All he wanted for her to do was stop striking him.

At last, with her eyes glazed with sadistic pleasure, Susan dropped the whip. Slowly, she began removing her clothing, her body tense with desire.

Gina studied the girl as more of her sensuous body was revealed. She was about twenty-five, very tall and lithe. Surrounding her oval, lovely face were billows of soft, blonde hair that touched her shoulders. Her skin was tanned and unblemished. Her eyes were a dark, chocolate-brown.

Between the girl's legs a patch of blonde hair surrounded a pink, glistening pussy. Gina was somehow drawn to Susan's cunt, almost as if some force was pulling her.

"What do you want to do with him?" Susan asked, giving Gina a long look.

"Him?" Gina repeated. For a few, brief seconds, only she and Susan existed. Suddenly, she was brought back to reality. "Ohhhh," she said flushing. "I... I don't know."

"Let's give him a little more torture, OK?" Susan said, her voice a purr.

Quite frankly, Gina didn't want to. Her full concentration was on the girl's body. It was almost as if she were looking at a woman herself -- for the first time. Before, she had taken for granted her soft, sensuous curves, the way her tits pointed upward.

"Let's torture him with... us," Susan said, turning and padding toward Gina. "Let's show him what he can have only if we let him."

Although Gina didn't know what the girl meant, she was more than willing to do anything she asked. She felt her blood rush in her ears, her heart thunder in her chest.

Something was going to happen. Something wonderful. Somehow, it frightened her more than anything the men had done to her.

"Wha... what do you mean?" she asked finally, clearing her throat.

"I'll show you," Susan said. She held her eyes on Gina for a few seconds longer, then walked over to where Derek lay. "First let's set the scene," she said, reaching for the man's hands.

Gina watched with growing desire as Susan retied Derek. She attached the bonds so that he couldn't possibly get away, and then tied the ends of the ropes to bare wall studs.

"Come over here," Susan said, standing astride Derek's body. "Let's show him what two of us can do."

As if in a dream Gina walked over. She stepped across Derek's naked body and stood close to Susan. When their nipples touched, she felt an electrifying jolt of pleasure sear into her pussy.

Suddenly, the woman's mouth was on hers, her tongue sliding in and out of her parted lips like an exploring snake. Gina felt her body tighten, her pussy begin to ooze with scalding juice.

"You like this, Derek?" Susan said, turning her head and looking down at the man. "Hmmmmmm? We're gonna eat each other out. Oh... honey, there's so much sweet pussy here, and none of it for you."

"You fucking lesbian bitch," Derek grunted. He tried to sound angry, perhaps even disgusted, but it was obvious from the glazed look in his eyes that he was looking forward to what was about to happen.

Although Gina was stunned with Susan's words, she couldn't react. Eat each other out? Did she mean they were going to...

Susan squirmed around as she placed her mouth back against Gina's lips, then crushed her pussy forward. As blonde and red hairs met, soft tits pressed together, moans escaped both their mouths.

Derek looked up and saw their cunts mold together, watched the soft folds of flesh slide sensuously over each other. Suddenly, his cock stood ramrod straight, pulsated against his bare stomach.

"You... cunts," he gasped. "Well get on with it."

Although it could have been awkward, it wasn't. As Gina stood there, her feet straddling the man's body, she felt Susan slowly lower her mouth. The woman's mouth slipped across Gina's chin, to the hollow of her throat.

"Ohhhh... God," Gina murmured, throwing her head back and half-closing her eyes.

"Sweet... big tits," Susan murmured, closing her lips around Gina's right nipple. She took the nipple between her teeth and drew it over her tongue. "Mmmmmm... like this?" she whispered.

"Yes," both Gina and Derek said at the same time.

While the woman worked on her breasts, Gina pressed her feet closer together and felt the hard muscles at the sides of Derek's body.

The way it felt was so strange, almost evil, she thought. To have a soft woman and a hard man at the same time.

A tingling hit the back of her throat. It was almost like the sensation when she saw a big, beautiful cock, but somehow different. She closed her eyes, let her mind go blank.

She saw two, soft mounds of tits, a juicy, oozing pussy, she then saw a tongue -- her own -- move over the delicate tits, nibble, taste.

"I... I want you," she whispered, running her fingers over the woman's body. "God... I really want you!"

"Me first," Susan murmured, moving her mouth downward, darting the tip of her pink tongue over Gina's smooth stomach. "I'm gonna ream out your sweet pussy with my tongue and lick this cunt's cum out."

Gina jerked with passion. What would it be like to suck out thick wads of cum from a pussy?

"Oh... let me have it," she gasped, feeling her pussy throb with desire.

Susan knelt down, squirmed her pussy over Derek's face. She then locked her mouth around Gina's pussy and sucked hard. When the burning combination of cum and cunt juice seared into her throat, she gave a throaty groan of pleasure.

Gina couldn't believe the sensations that ripped into her body. Having a woman instead of a man eat her pussy out was so different. It was a totally new experience. Instead of being demanding, Susan was gentle, so deliciously teasing.

Below Susan's pussy, Derek was anything but angry at being whipped. As he lay there in their bonds, he moved his mouth over the girl's oozing cunt.

"Fat her... like this," he whispered, running his tongue in and out of her pussy hole. "Fuck her... with your tongue, you lesbian bitch..."

When Gina looked down and saw the man eating on Susan's pussy, her own cunt flamed with new desires. She began squirming around, jutting her hips forward. And, each time the girl's tongue dipped inside her cunt, she was brought closer to what she knew would be a delicious climax.

"Hurry... God, hurry," she begged, her face contorting with anguished lust. "Fuck me with it cock... tongue... my pussy is on fire!"

As she said the words, the molten sensation swept from the base of her spine, prickling her fluttering cunt muscles. A couple of seconds later, her pussy tightened and trapped Susan's flickering tongue inside.

"Yessssss!" she hissed, her back arching violently. She dug her nails into the girl's flesh until her knuckles turned white. "Eat... eat me alive! Suck on my pussy... lick out all the hot cum!"

While her climax thundered put of her cunt, she heard Derek's smacking lips move over Susan's cunt. She suddenly wished it could be her beneath the woman, her own tongue dipping in and out of her soft, warm pussy.

"Ohhhhh... God!" she heard Susan's voice thunder. "I'm... there! Suck me, you bastard!"

As her orgasm peaked, she squirmed wildly over Derek's face, jabbed her tongue wildly in and out of Gina's pussy. The force of her release infected Gina, causing another storm of ecstasy to sweep into her body.

"Goddddd!" Gina cried out, as if absorbing the woman's climax into her own body. "Eat! Chew up my pussy and lick it down... suck... eat!"

A few moments later, when the subsiding throbs of climax had melted, Gina felt her legs go weak. She dropped to her knees and faced Susan. Slowly, their lips met, their tongues intertwined.

"Ohhhh... it was good," Gina murmured. "Let... let me fuck my tongue in your cunt now, OK?"

Susan stood up and arched her back, letting her pussy slide over Gina's body. When her delicate cunt moved over Gina's chin, then pressed against her lips, she jerked her hips forward.

It happened so quickly, Gina didn't really knew what was going on. What she had thought about was here... now!

Sweet, hot pussy against her parted lips. She inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma. Cautiously, she inched the tip of her tongue into the folds of cunt flesh.

"Ohhhhhhh," she murmured, tasting the girl's juices. They were like warm acid, eating into her mouth and throat. She trembled all over, jabbed her tongue farther inside her pussy. "Love... this," she gasped. "Hot... cunt to chew on..."

As she worked on the woman's pussy, she became fully aware of Derek's body beneath her. His prick was so hard, so ready for action. His cock was throbbing against the insides of her thighs, like sonic snake ready to attack.

"Stick my cock in your pussy," she heard Derek whisper. "Come on, baby... I can't take this much longer."

Although she wanted to do exactly that, she enjoyed the power she had at this moment. Susan was jerking her hips around, totally dependent on her tongue for pleasure. And beneath her, he was begging to fuck.

"Maybe," she whispered, moving her lips over the smoldering crack of cunt. "And maybe... not."

"You bitches," Derek grunted.

"Well... maybe I'll share," Gina said. She pulled her mouth away from Susan's cunt and turned the girl around. "We'll both lick out your pussy," she said to the woman.

Susan knelt down and lay her body across Derek's head. She then spread her legs wide and lifted her ass to give Gina room to squirm her head against the man's face.

When Gina was positioned under Susan and her face was next to Derek's, she lapped her tongue out. She first ran her tongue over the man's lips, then back inside the sweet, smoldering pussy hole.

As her tongue dipped inside Susan's cunt, she felt Derek's tongue join her. Soon, they were licking and probing together.

"Ohhh... Christ," the man said, heaving his body upward. "Let... please let me fuck you," he begged.

Gina was about to let him fuck her, but Susan's orgasm came so violently, it was all she could to do keep from being choked to death. She felt the girl's legs clamp firmly about her body, squeezing her head against Derek's.

"Fuck me!" Susan screamed out, bucking her ass up and down. "Both of you tonguefuck me... put it in!"

Both Derek and Gina worked on her pussy, doing everything they knew to increase the woman's pleasure. And, as her orgasm peaked, so did her movements. She began bouncing up and down, smacking against their mouths with her exploding cunt.

"Jesus... hot as a fucking firecracker," Derek grunted, nipping at Susan's clit.

"Eat her out," Gina said, crazed with her own pleasures. "Chew her pussy up and swallow it."

Finally, Susan crushed her body down, then rocked her ass from side to side. Her tits were heaving violently, her moans loud and satisfied.

"Ohhhh... now what I need is a big, hot cock to fuck," she gasped.

"So do I," Gina said, moving her pussy over Derek's prick. "You can have his cock when I'm finished."

"Great," Derek grunted, feeling the warmth of her pussy against the underside of his prick. "I've got a load of cum just begging to get fucked out."

Gina moved her ass up and reached between their bodies. She then grasped his rock-hard shaft of cock and poked the tip of his cock inside her swollen pussy. As his prick slid deeply inside her body, she moved her mouth from Susan's cunt to the girl's asshole.

"Cock and asshole," she murmured, already feeling the first spasms of climax. "Mmmmm... fuck me..."

It took her several moments to come back to reality when she heard the door open and heard Tony's voice.

"Well, I see you did all right for yourself," he said, his voice hard.

Behind him stood Adam, his mouth wide open.

"Jesus!" he said.

"Hey, can't you see we're busy?" Derek murmured, his nose in Susan's pussy, his cock deep inside Gina's tight cunt.

"Well, you can spare one of them," Tony said, beginning to remove his clothing.

Gina felt her heart skip a beat. She would gladly move off Derek's body for him. In fact, she was about to do that when he spoke again. His words were like a slap in the face.

"I want... Susan," he said. "How about it, baby? You into a little serious fucking?"

"Sure thing, Tony," Susan said, bounding off Derek's face. "Love fucking that big cock of yours."

"Hey, now it's just you and me," Derek said to Gina. "What could be better?"

Gina could think of at least one thing. And, as she saw Tony climb between Susan's legs and sink his cock deeply into the girl's cunt, she felt like crying.

"Let's fuck," Derek said, pulling her down. "Yeah... let's fuck," Gina said dully.

Chapter TEN

"Oh... Tony, your cock is so nice inside my cunt," Susan gasped, humping her hips upward. "Mmmmmm, only one thing would make it better."

"What's that, baby?" he asked. He was looking over where Derek and Gina lay.

"Tie me up like you used to," Susan said. "Like that first time. Mmmmmm, make it hurt real good."

While Gina lifted and lowered her ass, taking Derek's cock into her cunt, she watched with bitterness as Tony pulled Susan to her feet and began wrapping a long length of rope about her body.

Why can't that be me? she asked herself. Instead, I'm screwing a man who is tied up! She felt her body grow numb. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, when she felt Adam's hands on her shoulders.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked, his naked body against hers. "Ever had a couple of cocks at the same time?"

"Huh?" Gina said, his words hardly registering. "Two... cocks?"

"Yeah, my cock in your little asshole while he fucks your pussy," Adam said, kneeling behind her and pushing her forward.

"Do... anything you want," Gina said. What did it matter? "Sure... go ahead," she added, turning away from what Susan and Tony were doing.

As she pressed her lips against Derek's open mouth and felt his cock grind upward, she gave a whimpering groan of pleasure. A cock inside her pussy and another one in her ass.

The any thing missing was the delicious feel of rope against her flesh.

"Tie me up and fuck me... both of you," she gasped, turning to face Adam.

"Would. I would you do that?"

In answer, Adam reached out and grasped the handle of the whip that lay by his foot. He then tied her hands together over her stomach and pulled the leather around her neck. With the handle just at the back of her head, he had only to tug slightly and her body arched.

"Like... this?" he grunted.

With the leather eating into her flesh and feeling the hard texture of Derek's cock, Gina began moaning with growing pleasure. Shit, who needed Tony, anyway? She had two cocks to fuck!

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Mmmmmm, fuck right up my pussy and fuck in my asshole."

While he held the whip handle with his left hand, Adam spread her ass cheeks with the fingers of his right. When her tiny asshole came into view, he positioned himself against her body and thrust his cockhead into the puckered opening of her asshole.

"Ohhhhhh!" Gina cried out, feeling a flash of pain. The idea of having two cocks at the same time was a lot better than the actual thing. "Your cock's... killing me," she gasped. "It... it will never fit!"

"Then... we'll just have to make it fit, won't we?" Adam grunted, heaving his prick upward.

An electric-like jolt of pure agony swept into Gina's body when the full length of his cock seared into her asshole. The base of his cockshaft stretched her asshole painfully, she actually thought she would split wide open like a pod.

"Ohhhh... that's good," Derek said from under her. "Screw her good, Adam. When you fuck her asshole... it really makes her pussy tight..."

Tight? Christ, it felt like she couldn't get a pencil in her pussy, let alone his cock!

Both slabs of cock ground into her holes, sliding against each other. As they throbbed as one giant piece of rock-hard flesh, Gina could almost see what they must look like.

Big and hard, their cocks were gouging, forcing upward. She felt a hard pressure between her lungs, found it difficult even to breathe.

"Ohhh... it... hurts," she groaned. She placed her hands on Derek's stomach, tried to pull away. Her action was met with a jerk on the leather whip. Her neck stung as if she'd been slapped. "Hurts... God... it's killing me," she panted.

Her own agony was interrupted when she looked across the room as she heard Susan screamed out. When she took in exactly what Tony was doing to her, her mouth dropped open.

She was tied up, her back to the wall, with ropes pulling both her arms and legs wide. Another strip of rope was wrapped around her full, ripened breasts in a figure-eight. The end of that rope was draped over her neck and shoulders. Tony was holding onto the end of the rope as if it were a pair of reins.

"Fuck me, Tony," Susan gasped, jerking her hips back and forth. Her blonde cunt was oozing liberally, spreading the glistening juices into her silky hairs. A tiny stream of the fluid was against the inside of her thigh, reflecting the amber light in the room. "God... screw that big prick in me and fuck me full of hot cum."

Just watching, pretending it was her and not Susan, made Gina's hunger become almost unbearable. The tightness left her body and she felt a warm, fluttering sensation at both her holes.

"Fuck me... too," she groaned, beginning to move between the two muscular bodies. "Oh... yes, two hard cocks at the same time. See if you can blow your wads together."

When she said that, Tony shot her a hateful look. With his eyes still on her, he rammed his cock forward, grinding the full length of his cock into Susan's cunt. At the same time, he jerked on the rope that twisted around her tits and neck.

"Screw it, you whore cunt!" he gasped, crushing his mouth down on hers. "Up here and... I fucking hope my prick tears out your Goddamned brains!"

From Susan's reaction, Gina realized he must be hurting her. The girl was ashen, couldn't even breathe. A tiny, glistening drop of blood seeped from the corner of her mouth where her teeth jabbed into her lower lip.

"Fuck my cock, I said!" Tony screamed, pounding forward with his full weight. Susan's ass hit the wall, knocking down a couple of tools that were hanging on nails. The sound of the metal hitting the wood floor was like a gunshot. "Up... here, you cocksucking slut!" he yelled, his eyes wild with rage.

Although Gina didn't know exactly what was happening, she knew he was taking out his fury on Susan. She wanted to spring from the bodies around her, but something held her back. If he did any real damage, she would intervene.

Until then, she would watch. Watch and fuck.

"Faster," she gasped. "Come on, studs you call this a fucking? I can't even feel your cocks..."

In a way, she wished she'd kept her mouth shut, for both men began fucking wildly, savagely. Soon she was being flung about like a rag doll.

And those cocks! Christ, it was like two lumberjacks yanking a saw back and forth! In and out, stretching, pulling, pounding her pussy and asshole to hamburger.

"Take it, you motherfucking slut," Derek grunted, his wrists raw under the ropes that held his hands. He was driving his body upward so hard, Adam was about to get bucked off her body. "All the way in... whore take it up your pussy and eat on it with your cunt."

"In... your ass," Adam groaned, slamming his prick in and out of her asshole.

Gina was raw with ecstasy. Never before had she been so excited. Watching Tony fuck Susan and having both Adam and Derek slam their cocks into her body was almost too good.

"Fuck... fuck me, you bastards!" she cried out. Her climax was so close she could almost taste it. "Fill my body with hot cum... screw in gallons."

As she said the last few words, her body became riddled with pleasure. She froze for a second, then began bucking and writhing as if she were on fire. Massive spasms shot in and out of both her holes and seemed to melt the two into one mass of writhing flesh.

"Aieeeeee!" she shrieked, clawing at both their bodies. "Fuck! Fuckkkk meeeee!"

As her orgasm built, then exploded violently, she felt both her holes stretch even wider. Their cockheads began jerking, swelling fully to life.

"Now... take it, slut," Derek grunted.

"Mine... too," Adam said, plowing the first of his massive cum-load up her ass.

This was better than anything Gina could have hoped for. Not only was she getting screwed with two cocks at the same time, but they were blowing their loads together!

The liquid ale into her pussy and asshole like acid, even increasing her ecstasy. She began bouncing between them, their flesh smacking. A long, silent scream seemed to storm from her brain.

"All of it, bitch," Adam groaned, twisting behind her, gouging in the bulk of his jism. "Up... your ass, whore!"

Gina sucked and pulled savagely on their spurting cocks, shivering as her insides filled with the milky, thick juices. When they had both stopped fucking in their loads, she pulled Adam against her body, sandwiching herself between them.

"Ohhhh... fuck me," she gasped. "Just keep fucking me forever... don't stop!"

A spine-tingling scream filled the shanty, causing her to look over to where Susan and Tony were. He was climaxing, pounding his cum violently into her spasming pussy. And, with each thrust of his meaty cock, he jerked on the rope about her neck. Susan was limp, either from exhausted pleasure... or...

Gina watched the creamy wads of cum burn from the girl's cunt hole and run down her legs. A few seconds later, a small pool of jism was formed between her outstretched legs.

"Unhhhh... that's it, baby," Tony grunted, pressing forward. "Last... Goddamned drop, you little whore cocksucker."

Gina was happy to know that Susan was OK. The girl was smiling now, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

Like her eyes should have been, with Tony.

She felt cheated and a little angry. Still, what could she expect from an animal like him? Some sort of affection?

No, his world was construction and abuse, and the sooner she got out of it, the better off she would be.

She moved from between Adam and Derek and stood up. Her legs were weak, as if they were made of rubber. She stumbled over to where her clothes lay in a heap and picked up her torn panties.

"You going someplace?" Adam asked.

"Yes," Gina said, her voice sad.

"But the night is still young," he objected, frowning.

"I've got to go," she said, slipping into her clothes.

"Hey, Gina," Tony said.

"Yes?" she asked quickly.

"Don't let the door hit you in the ass," he said, a cruel smile on his face.

Gina fled the shanty, tears stinging her cheeks.

Chapter ELEVEN

Gina didn't want to wash after her experience. She liked the gritty feel, the smell of their masculine bodies, the taste of cum in her mouth. An hour after she'd returned to her apartment, however, she decided to bathe.

Later, as the warm water rushed over her naked flesh, she tried to block out what had happened. It was impossible.

She could still see Tony, hammering his cock wildly into Susan's pussy. She could almost feel the ropes around her own body, cutting into her skin.

"Oh... Tony," she murmured, closing her eyes.

She lay in the tub for a long while, then got out and slowly moved the towel over her damp flesh. When she was dry, she padded into her bedroom and lay across the bed. After being close to so many people it would be odd to sleep alone, she thought.


She moved between the sheets and closed her eyes, but sleep wouldn't come. She could still feet Tony's presence.

She spread her legs and let her fingers glide through her soft, silky patch of cunthair.

Tony had been inside my cunt, she thought. That big, hard cock thrusting in and out loading her up... fucking her... his muscular body next to hers, engulfing her with...

Her pleasures built, leaving her wanting a cock fucking her hard.

Tony's cock.

When her climax peaked, sending rippling sensations up and down her spine, she cried out, her voice racked with sobs. She then jerked, hearing a knock on the door. Tony? Had he come here?

With her heart pounding, she ran into the living room and yanked open the door.

"Well, hello," Mark said. "Looks like I'm just in time."

"Oh... Mark," Gina said, unable to hide her disappointment. "It's... you."

"I thought maybe after you had some time to think we might come to some sort of, uh... terms," the man said, coming inside the apartment.

"What do you mean?" Gina asked.

"Oh, I was mulling over what happened earlier," he said, tugging at his clothes, his eyes on her pointed tits. "I guess I can give a little, if you give a little."

What had happened earlier seemed centuries away for Gina. In fact, she hardly even recognized Mark. She felt suddenly embarrassed, and placed her arms across her chest.

"Hey, don't hide your tits," Mark said, taking her hands away. "These tits were made for sucking."

He bent down and took her right nipple between his lips. Slowly, he bathed her nipple with his tongue and pulled it further inside his mouth. At the same time, he got out of the rest of his clothes.

Gina didn't like what was happening, but she couldn't stop it. She wanted a man, any man. Even Mark.

Even Mark, she mused, almost laughing. He had been the first man to give her a really great climax. She could even remember that first taste of cum he'd fucked into her mouth.

"What... terms?" she asked, touching him, then jerking her hand back as if he were on fire.

"Hmmmmmmmm?" he murmured, his full concentration on her well-shaped tits. "Oh... the terms," he said, lifting his head.

"Look, Mark," she said, pulling away. "I... I don't know what's happened to me lately. I used to be so... straight, so... hell, I don't know different."

"So I noticed," the man chuckled. "What you need is a husband."

"A... a husband?" Gina asked, as if the word were foreign.

"Yeah," Mark said. "You know, the guy who comes home and says, 'Honey, I'm home. What's for supper?'"

"What are you saying?" Gina asked, not knowing whether to be excited or not.

"I want you to marry me," Mark said. "I think we belong together. We can work out our differences. I know we can."

Before Gina could object, or comment, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He placed her on the bed and crawled between her legs, stretching her thighs to fully reveal her golden-red patch of cunt hair.

"We'll make a great team," he whispered, lowering his face to her pussy. "We'll just both have to give some."

For some reason, Gina felt she should be happy. He was good-looking, had a successful business, and... well, he did care. Somehow, she wasn't happy. She closed her eyes and tried to sort out her feelings.

Mark moved his mouth over her cunt hairs, then spread the delicate crack of her pussy with his thumbs. He darted the tip of his tongue inside her cunt and smacked on her perfumed juices.

"Wow... this is what I really missed," he murmured. "With a pussy like yours to eat and fuck... we could be the two happiest people in the world."

Gina felt the tightness melt from her body. The probing of his tongue was delightful, like the smooth head of a cock. His breath was warm, damp.

"Ohhhh... yes," she whispered, thrusting her hips upward and sucking more of his tongue inside her pussy. "Fuck me with your tongue... all the way."

The ache inside her cunt seemed to surge throughout her body, tingling down her arms and legs. Suddenly, her ankles and wrists throbbed, itched.

"Take... me," she gasped, her pleasure mounting. "God... make it good... do it hard... chew on me, you bastard!"

"No, baby, tonight it's my turn," Mark murmured into her pussy. "A slow, gentle suck-job, then a nice, easy fuck. You can have it your way tomorrow, maybe."

Pleasure turned to ache as he dipped his tongue inside her pussy. The itch covering her pussy became more demanding. She closed her eyes, trying to picture it as it should be.

She would be lying beneath him, her arms and legs tied. He would bite her pussy, then fuck her savagely. He would make her beg for him to stop, then beg for him to continue.

Life with Tony would be wonderful... Tony?

She opened her eyes and quickly looked at Mark, almost as if she were being violated. She hardly recognized him. II wasn't that blond shock of hair, but dark-brown.

She bit her lower lip, tried to block out the vision of Tony. No! No!

His smiling face came closer, moved against her cunt. He held her down with his strong hands and bit down on her pussy like a striking cobra.

The pain swelled, swept through her body, leaving her senseless with desire.

"Love your pussy," Mark said, flicking his tongue in and out of her cunt. "God... it's so fucking hot and tight..."

Are you crazy? Gina asked herself. Completely and totally crazy! This man wants you, and he's willing to give half. What more can you expect?

No, she had gone into a forbidden world, a world of savage sexuality. She didn't want half, couldn't settle for half. It would have to be everything.

"Don't... God, don't," she begged, pushing against Mark's face. "I... I don't want it, Mark."

"Huh?" Mark said, looking at her pained expression. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Gina moved away from him and sat on the side of the bed. Trying to measure her words carefully so that both of them could understand, she began speaking.

"It's not right, not between us," she said, her words coming slow at first. "I... I think you're a wonderful person and all, but I... I don't, can't love you."

"You mean because of the whips and ropes bullshit?" Mark said, angrily.

"No, it's not that," Gina said, realizing he would never understand. She was only beginning to understand herself. "My world and yours are light years apart."

"I see," the man said, getting off the bed. "You mean you're not willing to give even a little bit?"

"I'm willing to give everything for the right person," Gina said. She turned and faced Mark. "I... I don't want to hurt you," she added quickly. "I... I'm sorry."

"Oh well, I gave it a shot, at least," Mark said, his anger turning to resignation. He looked at her for a long while, then walked toward the door. "Hey, I'll just let myself out, OK?"

"Sure, Mark," she smiled.

"You're gonna be at work, though, aren't you?" he asked before leaving.

"I don't know," Gina answered. "I've saved some money, I might get away for awhile. I've got to sort out my feelings."

"Well, so long," he said, blowing her a kiss.

"Bye, Mark," she whispered.

She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, wondering if she'd turned into a total fool. Throwing away a chance like that, with Mark. Christ, any girl in her right mind would have not only said yes, but hell, yes.

She heard the front door close, then lay there in silence for about five minutes. The door opened again.

Mark probably forgot something, she thought.

She heard footsteps approaching as he moved down the hall toward the bedroom. She sighed loudly, not wanting another good-bye scene. She turned her head and closed her eyes, not even wanting to see him again.

"Hello," the man said.

"Tony!" Gina gasped, her eyes widening with disbelief. "Wha... what are you..."

"Was that your boyfriend?" Tony asked, cocking his thumb over his right shoulder.

"Mark? Sort of," Gina answered, still stunned.

"I can't say I admire your choice in men," Tony grinned.

"My choice in men is just fine," Gina whispered. "Now... come here," she said, her pussy ready to explode with desire.

"No, baby, you come here," Tony ordered. He was carrying a long length of rope in his right hand. "You crawl over here and we'll start all over."

Chapter TWELVE

Still stunned by his sudden appearance, Gina watched Tony slowly remove his clothes. When he was fully naked, his body looking burnished in the amber light, she moved off the bed. Her legs felt like rubber, giving away. She dropped to her knees and crawled over, her eyes watching his.

"Like the first time?" he asked, running the rope across his bare palm. "Hmmmmm, baby?"

Gina didn't know what to think. Was he here to humiliate, violate her again, only to leave when his animal lusts were satisfied?

Her heart was thundering, her mind empty of every thought except him.

"Hold out your hands," Tony commanded when she knelt before him, her face just inches from his prick. "I'm gonna tie you up and fuck your mouth so full of hot cum."

As Gina lifted her hands, she thought she would faint from anticipation. Already she could feel the heat from his body, smell the rugged, masculine aroma of his cock and balls.

When the rough hemp touched her wrists, her cunt seemed to explode. She gave a choking groan and jerked her head forward. As her lips touched the underside of his prick, the spasms became more intense.

"Ohhh... Tony!" she gasped, moving her lips up his thick, pulsating cock.

"Hang on, you little cocksucker," Tony said, his voice dead, his eyes empty of expression. "You're gonna pay for every bit of pleasure you get."

"So will you," Gina said, her voice a dare. Her words became a groan as he tightened the ropes and made a knot.

"Don't use your fucking mouth for talking," he said. "I've got better ideas for it."

After tying her wrists firmly together, he ran the rope around her tits and then across the back of her neck. He held the tip of the rope and pulled out the slack. When the coarse hemp scratched across her flesh, leaving a welt, his eyes glistened with lust.

"Suck me off," he ordered. "Just like that first time. Remember, baby? And when you didn't do it good enough, how I smacked the shit out of you?"

Gina's face burned from the memory. She also remembered the way his prick felt, sliding into her mouth that first time. How thick and delicious his cock was.

She opened her mouth wide and gulped the end of his cockshaft across her tongue. Taking a deep breath, she worked her lips down to the corn-colored hairs that framed his massive, throbbing cock.

"Shit that's good," Tony gasped, humping his hips forward. "All the way in like that, baby. Take every Goddamned inch and lick my prick."

Gina twisted her head around while her mouth remained on his prick. His prick was throbbing in her throat, embedded so far down she could feel the pressure behind her tits.

"Mmmmmm," she groaned, pulling back slowly. She held the end of his cock between her teeth for a couple of seconds, then let his cock go. When his prick slapped upward and hit his stomach, she licked between his nuts.

"I want to suck you all over," she gurgled, her tongue tingling with pleasure as it drew across his short, blonde hairs. "Mmmmmm, every big, beautiful inch. Your balls... your cock... your asshole..."

"That's what I'd planned on, you little cocksucker," Tony said. "So stop the fucking inventory and get after it."

Gina gulped his left nut into her mouth and washed it thoroughly. After a few moments, she repeated the action with his right nut. When she'd spit his ball out, leaving it glistening with her saliva, she sucked both balls inside, forced her tongue between them.

"Christ... that's good," the man grunted, pushing his hips forward and grinding the underside of his cock against her forehead. "Little... harder, baby... really suck my balls."

Gina wallowed his balls around in her mouth for a long while. As she did, she moved her nose over the root of his cock, inhaling the heady aroma of his body. After spitting both balls out, she nuzzled her head between his muscular, hairy thighs.

"Let me suck out your asshole," she begged, scraping her teeth over his hard flesh.

"Spread your legs."

While he held onto the rope, Tony lifted his right leg and braced himself against the wall. He then squirmed over her face, sliding his asshole over her open mouth.

"Ohhhh... delicious," Gina gasped, stabbing her tongue inside his hairy, greasy asshole. Each suck made her cunt vibrate with pleasure, ready to explode again. "Wrap your leg around me," she whispered. "I... I want my tongue inside you."

Tony placed his leg over her shoulder, then squeezed his foot against her stomach. Slowly, he let his toes squirm against the top of her cunt hairs.

Gina didn't know how much more of this fantastic torture she could take. Fully engulfed in his hard, hairy body, with her tongue embedded in his asshole, she felt her hunger become almost unbearable.

"Fuck me... now... God, Tony... I want you... so bad," she spluttered.

"Eat me some more first," the man said, taking his leg off her shoulder. He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her face against his cock. "Suck my prick in your sweet mouth and eat on my cum, cocksucker."

Gina gulped his entire slab of prick into her throat. Before the wiry hairs surrounding the root of his cockshaft touched her lips, she experienced a deliciously long climax.

"Mmmmfffff!" she gurgled, her voice vibrating around his pulsating prick.

"That's... it, you little cum-eating whore," Tony grunted. "Harder... all the fucking way in."

Gina began sucking and pulling on his cock like it was the last one on earth. Each time his cock stretched her lips, she felt another spasm of release inside her cunt. Soon, she was buzzing all over, her back arching painfully.

"Ohhhhmmmmmm," she moaned, gorging her throat with his prick.

"Suck it... cocksucker!" Tony cried out, every muscle in his body flexing. "I... I'm ready to blow that little throat full of... Unhhhhhh!"

The swelling, bubbling masses of cum shot into Gina's throat with the most fantastic pressure she could imagine. His cum hit the back of her mouth so hard, it seemed to explode. Some of the molten fluid burst upward, where it dribbled from both her nostrils. Globs swished between her teeth and under her tongue.

"Aaaghhhh!" she spluttered, sending a frothy spray of cum into his crotch hairs.

"Eat it, whore," Tony growled, placing his left hand behind her head and crushing her face violently forward. He yanked on the rope he held in his right hand. "Every motherfucking drop... down... down... on your stomach."

Gina swallowed furiously, but even her starving mouth couldn't take all he had to offer. Soon, her face was streaked from his spurting juices. Some of his cum hung from her chin and dangled back and forth like milky spider webs in the wind. And, still he plowed in more.

With each delicious wad, her pussy throbbed and exploded, sending shivers up and down her spine. Yet when the bulk of his load showered into her mouth, causing thick masses to stream around the root of his cock, she experienced the best climax ever. It seemed to flame her pussy, eat into her very flesh.

"Unhhhhhh!" she choked, freezing with total, pure ecstasy.

Tony jerked again on the rope and humped forward, bending down. As his stomach slapped her forehead, he pushed her face as hard as he could against his cock. The last of his jism bolted into the back of her throat.

"Every... fucking drop, whore," he grunted. He held his cock in her mouth for a few moments, then pushed her away. He gave her a look of hatred, then yanked her to her feet. "No... to fuck you like those guys did," he said.

He threw her on the bed and spread her legs with a brutal move. Instantly, he was between her thighs, his massive cock jabbing into her pussy.

"Goddddd!" Gina cried out, feeling a jolt of pain from the size of his cock. "Hurts, make it hurt... more, you bastard!"

After plowing his prick in and out of her cunt for a few moments, Tony reached down and grasped both her ankles. He threw her legs up in the air and tied her wrists and ankles together. When the knot was secure, he buried his face between her tits and bit into the soft, yielding flesh.

"Screw it," he grunted. "All the way up your pussy, bitch... screw!"

It had happened so quickly, Gina couldn't even react. One moment she was on her knees sucking out his cum, the next she was being hammered with his cock. The ropes at her wrists and ankles tore into her flesh, causing stabs of pain to shoot up her arms and legs.

"Tony... my... God, Tony," she whimpered, feeling another convulsion of climax ready to split her cunt.

She began rocking and jerking, flexing her muscles tightly around his plunging cock. And, each time his massive cock entered her, squeezing her cunt violently apart, she felt her ecstasy increase dramatically.

"Fuck me," Tony gasped, lapping from one nipple to the other. His ass was pumping up and down, his cock slapping noisily into her cunt. "Take it... take all of my cock inside you..."

"Everywhere," Gina screamed out, feeling her pussy burn with desire. "Fuck me everywhere, you big bastard."

Tony fucked her cunt for another few moments, then withdrew his cock. Quickly, he jabbed his cock under her body and drove his cockhead up her ass. When her slick, fluttering asshole engulfed his prick, he trembled, feeling his cum-load boil in his balls.

"Ohhhh... shit, baby... you're the best," he moaned, his back arching. "I... wanted to hold back, but... but... I can't..."

"Go ahead," Gina groaned. The only thing that would make her ecstasy complete would be to have both her holes burning with his cum. "Shove me full of cum... you bull stud," he panted, her eyes wild with desire. "God... gallons of hot cum inside me everywhere!"

As she said the last few words, she felt his cock expand, then become as hard as iron. The head of his cock ballooned, then began spitting.

"Unhhhhhhhh... take it, baby!" Tony cried out, as the juices swept from his balls and boiled up the center of his prick.

He plowed in about two or three wads of jism, then withdrew his cock quickly. He then plunged his cock into her pussy, deposited a few more globs, and went back to her asshole.

For Gina, it was more than perfect. Her entire insides seemed to be creamed-up. He was fucking both holes so quickly, it was like he had two cocks.

"Aieeeee!" she screamed, her pussy and asshole seemed to explode at the same time. The sensations seemed to burst together, melt through the area that separated her two holes. She gave another cry, then went limp.

"All... of it, whore," Tony grunted, planting the last of his cum-load into her pussy. "Shit... let's just keep my cock here... the rest of the night."

Gina could hardly make out his words. She was still in a fit of pleasure, every cell in her body burning with release. In fact, she was almost glad when her ecstasy stopped. No human had the right to enjoy fucking so much.

Finally, when they stopped fucking, and Tony rested his head against her tits, she tried to figure out what had happened and what would happen in the future.

Had he come to stay?

Or would he use her, humiliate her and then leave?

Tony, Tony, Tony, don't leave! God, stay here and be with me tonight and... forever!

"You know," he said a few moments later, "you're the first woman I've ever..."

"Ever what?" Gina asked, her heart thundering.

"Forget it. You're out of my league," he said, sadness in his voice.

"What do you mean?" Gina asked.

"Aw, shit, you're a cool, together lady and I'm nothing but a construction worker," he said, his face flushing with embarrassment. "You wouldn't..."

"How do you know what I wouldn't do, unless you ask me," Gina said, her voice trembling with emotion.

"I know this sounds crazy, but I think I'm in love with you," the man said.

"Then we're both crazy," Gina said, feeling warm and alive for the first time in her life.

"You... you mean..."

"I mean I love you, too," she said. "Only you could take me into bondage."

"A big oaf construction worker like me?" he asked, amazed by her remark.

His kiss felt like a wound.


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