Kidnapped, chained and whipped

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In KIDNAPPED, CHAINED AND WHIPPED, Candy finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform what she considers perverse sex acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Candy suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

"Ohhhhhh, but somebody's gonna see us!"

"No way, Candy. I locked the door," Chuck whispered, sliding his fingers under the blonde's bikini bottoms. The eighteen-year-old shivered, pulling away from the gym instructor's strong arms. It was wrong doing something like this in such a public place. She should send him away, run for the women's locker room. Surely there'd be someone to help her.

But did she really want help? When his fingers were there, moving inches away from her cuntlips, snaking under the elastic leg band of her briefs, then how she wanted him to touch her there, to do things to her! How that tickling, burning itch made her cunt so very, very hot! When she moved away from the dark-haired instructor she felt the velvet inner surfaces of her pussy rub together and more hot juice seeped out, wetting down the crotch panel of her swimsuit. This was the worst it had been in a long time! Oh, what could she be thinking of? This was the third day on her new job, working as a Jazzcuzzi dance instructor at Reardon Health Spa. Everyone liked her and apparently, one person liked her a little too much.

"Please, I... I never did this before and I don't want to start here," the girl confessed, feeling ashamed by the confession she just blurted out. Chuck stopped his advance, leaning heavily against the counter of the men's workout room and studied her. The aroma of sweaty bodies still hung in the mirrored gymnasium. Overhead the fluorescent lights buzzed and in the background the Muzak droned.

"You're... a virgin?" he asked in disbelief, raising his eyebrows while suppressing a laugh. Candy didn't think there was anything funny about this at all. She'd come, into the men's workout room to look for a particular book on muscle structure, discovered Chuck there repairing one of the horizontal bench press machines and started talking with him. The next thing she knew he was on her, pawing her, backing her up into a wall while running his fingers over her body. And what was worse, the blonde teen found herself responding to his sexuality.

"Yes. And what's so funny about that?" the girl asked a little angrily, flushing red when Chuck turned his face and laughed into his fist.

"Man, I... I didn't know any of your kind was still around, especially here," he said, gaining control of himself once more.

"Ohhhhh!" Candy cried in frustration, stamping one foot and turning around to leave. She'd find the book later. Right now she was going to shut down the jacuzzi in the pool room and...

"Hey, don't go away mad. I'm sorry... I didn't know," Chuck said, taking her by one arm and pulling her back.

"What are you going to do?" the girl asked, trying to sound angry but feeling fear course through her veins. It was a fear based on what he might do to her, and on how she would respond to it. Suddenly, Candy was very unsure of her mind and body.

"Nothing you don't want," Chuck whispered, moving up behind her and smoothing his palms over her shoulders and upper arms.

The blonde teen sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes, clenching her icy fingers into two fists and fighting for control. No, no, she couldn't give in to him. But how hot and muscular he felt, rubbing his body against hers, hunching his crotch against her firm, rounded buttocks.

Her heart pounded so hard she was sure Chuck could hear it and know what was going on in her mind. He was kissing the nape of her neck now, his thick lips and tongue moving over her flesh and sending shivers up and down her spine.

The young blonde teenager sucked in another ragged breath, moving her hips subtly back and forth. The friction of her cuntlips over the swollen nub of her clit became wildly excruciating. She felt so close to... coming! Wrong, wrong! How could she be doing this thing? She'd taken this job just after graduating from high school... a summer job, something to give her enough money for college in the fall. Candy had no intention of having a man take advantage of her... just as a man had taken advantage of her mother years ago and left her high and dry. No, that wouldn't happen to her!

"Stop it!" Candy said shakily. Oh, why couldn't she sound more sure of herself? Her breathing was shallow and hot through her flared nostrils. She felt so shaky!

"You don't want me to stop, do you? Baby, you want it, want it bad," Chuck said, moving his fingers over to her bare midriff, caressing the sensitive white flesh around her navel, then moving his hands down, down to her elastic waistband. It was getting dangerous! Soon Candy wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Yes, I do, yesssss..."

Candy let her head fall back. She was actually hunching back into him, rubbing her butt back and forth over his groin. The girl could feel the hard length of his dick as it pressed against his fly and slid over her ass cheeks! And how deliciously good the sensation was of her nipples pushing against the satiny top of her swimsuit! In a way, Candy didn't really know how to interpret the tickly, weird sensations infecting her body now. She'd been sexually aroused before. But never, never before had the excitement peaked like this! Under her bare feet the girl could feel the thick piling of the orange and brown carpeting.


Candy sucked in her belly when she felt him moving his fingers just under her waistband. No, she couldn't let him go further!

"Stop, please, stop it!"

But there wasn't any force in her plea now. Her heart seemed to stop, then start again. She clenched and unclenched her fingers as a cold sweat broke out all over her body. Oh God, what was happening to her? Candy felt her knees buckling as she fell back against the thick-muscled gym instructor.

"Come on, honey, we got lots of room in here," Chuck said thickly, turning her around and staring down at the trembling young blonde. Candy looked up through her lashes and felt her heart contract. He was so handsome! That thick black moustache flaring out to his sideburns, his dark eyes that seemed to bore right into her soul everything about the tall stud made Candy's will to fight him off evaporate! And yet her mother had warned her about fooling around with men. "They'll leave you pregnant just like your father did with me," Candy remembered hearing her mother warn her one evening. "And then you'll find your life changed... and changed maybe not for the better. You're a bright girl, Candy. Go to college, forget about men until you're older."

But it was so hard for her not to think about men... think about how their arms would feel around her body, how their legs would feel pinning hers to a bed while they pawed her, worked her up until she was willing to do anything they wanted! Ohhhh, how she needed love and affection, the love and affection she never knew in her childhood!

"Yeah, just forget about all the people out there... forget about them," Chuck whispered, kissing her neck, her throat, her cheeks, her forehead, wetting down her face deliciously while covering her body with his strong thick arms. "Just think about us."

"Us," Candy echoed, giving in to her baser feelings.

"Yeah, just us," Chuck said, moving his face down to hers. Candy stood on tip-toe, tilting her head back, ready for his kiss.

The young gym instructor kissed her tenderly at first, brushing his lips against hers while moving his palms over her asscheeks, rubbing the satiny material of her bikini over her buttocks. Candy then felt the wetness of his tongue pushing against her closed lips, shoving down harder until she finally relaxed and let Chuck spear it deeply into her mouth.

Candy groaned and circled her arms around his back. Yes, yes, he felt wonderful, loving, possessive! She felt their hearts beating together as he pulled her hips tight against his body. The girl could feel the hot bulge of his dick trapped in his black tight-fitting gym slacks. It pushed against ha crotch, against her belly! Ohhhh, it was deliciously evil, forbidden! And yet how desperately Candy wanted it... wanted it shoving inside her, tearing away her cherry, ripping away the tedium of the overly moral life she'd been forced to lead by her mother.

"Ohhhh, please, please... don't... hurt... me," she stammered in between heavy breaths.

"Don't worry, honey. It's gonna feel real good," Chuck said, tearing away from the long wet kiss and flicking his tongue in her ear. He kissed her again, letting it trail off. Candy was panting, feeling so weak! His hands moved down and around all over her body, tracing over her every curve, finally stopping at the tie of her bikini bottom. She felt him fumbling, felt her mouth grow dry as cotton while her chest tightened until it hurt. This was it! Ohhh God, she was a slut, just the kind of girl her mother warned her against becoming!


The tie came loose. Candy gasped as she felt the dampened silk sliding down, trailing over her small, boyish hips, floating down like a collapsed parachute to the carpeted floor. Gingerly Chuck moved his fingers over her furry, bloated cuntlips. The blonde girl shivered, pulled slightly away, then fell back against his chest once more. She hadn't known just how hot or wet she was. Now Candy realized! Oh God, what would he think of her? And what did it matter? At this point all Candy wanted to do was have that big man fuck her, make her feel loved, wanted, possessed!


They moved together a few feet. Candy felt the large, brightly-lit room spinning around her. Everything was confusing, off balance. And then she realized he was lowering her onto the broad bench of one of the Nautilus machines. The soft, cool red plastic of the hamstring exerciser felt good against her hot butt!

"Man, I love your cunt," he breathed, standing in front of the machine, unfastening the pads on the leg rests, then moving in. "And I'm going to show you just how much I love it in a few seconds."

Chuck pulled the white t-shirt off his chest. Candy sucked in another ragged breath when she saw his well-developed chest and thick arms come into full view. Ohhh, he was perfect, something straight out of a body-builder's book! The girl sucked in air and pulled her ass back on the bench.

"It looks so soft... real nice and soft," he murmured, lowering his head, kissing her belly, licking the white flesh, making Candy cry out for air.

"Ohhhhh... GOD!"

"You want a fuck real bad. I've been watchin' you... watchin' you watchin' me and some of the other guys. You want it and don't want it, right?"

"Oh, please, don't ask me."

"Okay, I'll cut the psychology crap," Chuck said, shaking the sweat off his forehead and smiling down at her.

Chuck reached up and unfastened the tie of her bikini top. In a second Candy was completely naked, exposed to this big man!

"Nice tits... good, hard-nippled tits!" Chuck whispered to himself, his eyes widening with pleasure at the discovery.

"Oh God, yes, yes, oh yessss..." the young woman hissed between her clenched teeth. He had dropped his bead all the way down, his mouth opened, his bristly moustache brushing over her tits, tickling her nipples, making her cunt all the hotter. Candy raised her head slightly and looked down over her chest. She watched heavy-lidded as the young man licked one nipple, then the other, running his fingers over her thighs, stopping teasingly short of her juicing pussy. Every nave ending in her body was standing on edge, singing with electric sexuality!

And then Chuck was tonguing her lips her chin, her eyelids, moving back to her nipples. Suddenly the young man sucked in one hard tit-tip, flicking his tongue over the rubbery nub while sucking hard. Candy cried out, clenching her fingers into two fists and beating them against the instructor's back while wallowing her shoulders against the plastic-covered workbench. Her hot flesh squeaked noisily over the padding, oiled by continually flowing sweat. And Chuck kept on sucking until his cheeks caved in against his teeth. Candy could feel his front teeth teasingly biting down on her nipple while one hand moved up to her other tit, milking the white resilient flesh. Candy felt her cunt muscles cramping, buckling, making her hot little pussy tense, eager for dickmeat! Something dark, instinctive, older than so-called Western civilization had taken over the petite blonde teenager!

"Okay, now you're gonna see somethin' that's gonna make your eyes pop!"

Chuck pulled away, a strange smile crossing his face. Dropping hands the stud pulled open his pants. The swell of his hot dickmeat inside bulged as he inched his pants down. Oh God, she could see his long thick cock outlined even more sharply against the white cotton of his jockey shorts! It was jerking, actually moving as he hooked his fingers around the elastic waistband and pushed them down.


Candy shrank back a little when the huge cock bobbed up. It was way bigger than anything she'd ever seen in those sex-education books! It was so thick, and at least nine inches long, ending in a large bulb-like protrusion that was a darker color than the thickly-veined shaft. As she watched die thing grew even fuller of trapped blood, Candy tried to guess the width across the head. It seemed broader than two inches. Oh, it was far too big for it to fit into her virgin cunt! No, he couldn't fuck her with that thing without tearing something!

"Oh Candy, this is gonna feel real nice inside you," Chuck moaned, stepping out of his shorts.

Candy's eyes widened, watching that big, horse-like thing sway with every step the big man took. No, he had to be crazy to think he could fuck her with that!

"No, no, you'll hurt me!" she whined, scooting back on the wet plastic padding while keeping both eyes focused on the instructor's prong. His balls were so big, so hairy! They rolled forward as he pressed his knees on the machine and started inching toward the retreating teenager.

"I'll be careful, honey. Don't worry, nobody ever died from a fucking," Chuck said, laughing lightly.

Candy saw nothing to joke about. She crawled backward on the bench. Ohhhh, how invitingly his cock swayed from his groin!

"We can't... fuck!" Candy cried. Chuck had reached forward and laid his paw-like hands on her thighs, keeping her from sliding back any farther. The girl struggled, jerking her head back, crying out. But Chuck ignored her pleas, dropping his face in the thicket of her furry pussy. "OHHHH!" What was he doing? Oh God, he was kissing her cuntlips, sticking his tongue out and trailing the tip along her hot, rubbery pussylips. That was wrong, sick, perverted! A man was never to do something like that! But ohhhh, how the air was filled with her shivery moans and how her buttocks moved over the sweat-slick padding, squeaking back and forth as Chuck growled and started licking into her cunt, gouging the slick folded membranes with his tongue, caressing the tense, cramping snatch muscles until they slowly relaxed.

Candy was flexing her thighs, rubbing them against the unshaven cheeks of the gym instructor. The sensitive places between her toes tingled strangely while a whirling knot of sexual hunger grew in her belly. Her flesh grew hot and wet while a strange chilly fever raced through her pussy! What was this man doing to her?

She was opening herself up to him, inching back her knees, moaning like a bitch in heat as she felt and even heard her cuntlips unstick and peel back! She was being fucked with his tongue, feeling his teeth deliciously gouging her inner cuntlips. How could he do something like that so deep? In and out, in and out, it was almost the way it was when she played with herself late at night in the privacy of her bedroom. But this was so much better! Chuck was so handsome, so masculine, and his licking was driving her crazy!


Tiny explosions seemed to go off in her head and cunt. She squirmed on the wet, bench padding, shoving her hot cuntal folds hard against his lips. Yes, yes, she was going wild, feeling things she thought were impossible to feel! Ohhh, her mother was so wrong when she'd warned her against men, against having them take advantage of her! It was so good... so very, very good!

"You move your ass real nice. You sure you haven't done this before?" Chuck asked, pulling away from the twisting teenager and staring, hotly at her.

Candy stared heavy-lidded back at him, shaking her head from side to side.

"No, I swear it, I... ohhhhh!"

A particularly powerful spasm shot through her cunt, making her pussy muscles cramp and snap her labes together. Candy cried out, jerking her head back while flexing her thigh and butt muscles. Oh God, it was so good, so awfully good!

Chuck moved up now, kissing her belly, then the area just under her rolling tits. He licked one, then licked the other, at times sucking hard on the nipples, biting the rubbery nubs teasingly, then soothing the lightly injured flesh with rapid tongue lickings. That combination made Candy think she was going to faint from pleasure.

"Pregnant... I'll get..."

"No, don't worry, I'll be careful," Chuck whispered in one ear as he prepared to tear away the eighteen-year-old's cherry.

Chapter TWO

"Oh God, you feel so good!" Candy admitted, biting her lower lip, ashamed of admitting something like that to him.

"Twice to know I'm appreciated," Chuck quipped, bending down and kissing her playfully on the nose.

"But don't... oh God, don't... do that to me," she begged, turning her face away from him.

"I gotta. And you'll see, it's not so bad," Chuck whispered soothingly, taking her head in both hands and kissing her passionately. He ran his fingers through her long blonde hair while dropping completely down on her body.

The blonde teenager stiffened. Something hot, hard and stiff was pressing against her outer cuntlips trying to force its way through. Candy groaned into the spit-slicked kiss, writhing under Chuck's heavy weight, trying to push him away as the pressure against her cuntlips grew more intense.

"No, no!" she moaned, twisting her face away from his.

"Yes, honey, yes, you're gonna get fucked, gonna get a fat dick stuffed up your pussy... and you're gonna really dig it!" Chuck countered, twisting her face back and shoving his lips down hard on hers. He pushed his tongue in between her lips and tickled the insides of her cheeks with it.

Candy's struggling grew weaker. She was so afraid of him. And yet at the same time her sexuality and curiosity were getting the better of her. She felt loved, wild, happy, and yet at the same time threatened. His dickhead was rubbing up and down her cuntlips, greasing them down with his pre-cum. She was so wet! Candy could feel cuntal juice seeping down her asscrack, burning into her tight little shitter! He was pushing forward with his hips again. Candy tried to snap her knees together, contract her cuntal muscles to keep out that big thing!

"I'm so afraid..."

Candy's eyes widened while she felt her throat grow so tight with fear she couldn't speak. She threw her arms around his neck and clung to him. She felt so thin, so small under the big man's muscular chest.

"You won't get knocked up, I promise."

Chuck dragged his cock back a little. Candy shivered, feeling the hot wet head moving along the inside of her right thigh. Then he pushed backup again. The girl felt her cuntal mouth stretch wide and felt the ring of protective muscles go tight. A shot of pain made the young woman gasp.

"Relax. You gotta let me do this to you or it'll really hurt!"

"I'm afraid, I..."

"Put your hand down there," he ordered, looking sharply down at the young girl.

"Chuck, I..." Candy started, flushing beet red with those words.

"I said, touch me there."

Candy bit her lips again, then moved one hand down between them, shoving it closer to her crotch. Chuck pressed his knees against the bench padding to make room for her.

Candy gasped once more, feeling the wiry hairs of her cunt and his groin tickling the flesh just under her fingernails. Then she touched that ridged, glossy dickhead! Oh God, it was so wet with her cuntal juices! It was almost dangerously hot-feeling... so hot the girl wondered if it were going to explode any second with... what did her girl friends call it? Oh yes, jizz.

"Oh God, touch me!" the big instructor gasped, closing his eyes and shuddering while arching his torso up like a snake.

Candy instinctively jerked her hand back. But Chuck made her touch his dick again.

"It seems so wrong, so wrong," the girl whispered, wrinkling up her forehead in confusion.

"No, baby, it's not wrong. Anything that feels this good can't be wrong," he countered.

Candy had to agree with him. Oh yes, yes, it was so good, so terribly, terribly good! Gathering up her courage once more the trembling young woman pushed her hand down, pressing a trembling finger into the squishy hole where her pussy juice flowed. She traced the finger around the bottom of her cuntal cleft and found the aching muscles that were presently so tense.


How strange it was to feel herself now, stretched open, this man's cockhead shoved hard against her pussy opening.

"Relax, relax, let me fuck you nice and slow and easy," Chuck whispered hotly in one hear.

Candy shivered, massaging her tense muscles gently with her fingers, forcing herself to concentrate on relaxing! Oh, how she was consumed with the fever burning in her cunt now.

Slowly the girl felt his cock slipping into her cunt, past her working hand.

"Oh no, it's going..."

Her eyelids fluttered open while her lower jaw slackened with surprise. His dick was gliding by her fingers and palm. The fat rod was only an inch inside her and already Candy felt split open, torn apart with that prong. She cried out, snapping her head from side to side, her long blonde hair falling in tangles across her throat. She wallowed her shoulders against the bench padding while hunching back and forth. Candy didn't know whether she wanted Chuck off her or deeper inside! Oh, how her mind whirled confusedly around and around!

"You're killing me!"

"Easy, easy," Chuck said, slowing down the fucking for a moment. He braced himself up on his hands and toes, rocking his body slightly from side to side, gently reaming out her cunthole.

Candy moved her hips in a counter rhythm once she got used to the idea of having a man's dick speared inside her. So far there had been little pain and much pleasure! Perhaps all those boogie-man stories her mother and girl friends had told her about the first fuck were nothing more than fantasies!

"Okay, going in deeper!" the instructor said in a thick voice. Candy braced herself, feeling his dick sliding in a little deeper. Everything went well until she suddenly felt a surge of pressure deep inside her. In a flash of realization the girl knew he was pressing his cockhead against her cherry!

"No, hurt, hurt!" she stammered, jerking both hands up and shoving her palms against his chest. No, he had to get out of her. She wasn't going to feel that tearing pain, bleed to death in this place while he satisfied some perverse lust to hurt her!

"Can't stop now, baby. Just hold on the best way you can," Chuck muttered, wrapping his fingers around the edges of the bench and tensing his leg and thigh muscles, Candy cried out, trying to writhe out from under the big man.

"Oh, you have to... I... UHHHHHH!"

There was a sudden rushing sensation in her pussy, followed by a tearing, ripping pain that nearly punched the air out of the screaming blonde teenager. Candy's face was a mask of intense pain. Her legs kicked up and out like those of a frog pinned to a dissection table. The blonde young woman clawed at Chuck, twisting, writhing, trying to get away from that awful, searing pain tearing her mind apart.

"Easy, easy, easy," he cooed, not daring to slide another inch of his rod in her juicy hole. Reaching down with one hand the instructor massaged her sore, aching cuntlips while he stroked her forehead gently. Sweat had dampened her hair, plastering it to her flesh.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhhhh!"

As the seconds ticked by Candy felt the pain ebb, replaced first by numbness, and then by a hot, pleasurable, filled sensation. Chuck was quick to sense the change taking place in the young woman still struggling under him.

After several minutes passed, Candy dared to move her hips, changing slightly the angle her cunt made with his huge dick. Oh, how odd it felt to have something that long, that hard, that hot gouging out the walls of her hot pussy!

"Ohhh yeah, baby, I knew you couldn't keep that ass of yours quiet for long," Chuck whispered, drilling his tongue teasingly in and out of her ear canals.

"But, am I... bleeding?" Candy asked, biting her lower lip in shame and fear.

"I don't think so. Not much, anyways. Same girls don't really get hurt the first time. Guess you're one of those lucky ones."

Lucky ones, she thought to herself, almost smiling up at the big instructor. Chuck tightened his muscles once more, letting inch after thick, throbbing inch of dickmeat sink into her slackening hole. He was almost halfway inside her when Candy's cunt muscles spasmed, tightening down in his prick.


Chuck stiffened, his body trembling mightily while he held his breath. Candy looked up at him, wondering why he'd stopped breathing.

"Christ, I never knew a girl who could do that," he gasped. "You're so fuckin' soft, but man it almost hurts when you get damned tight down there."

"Can't... help... it," she panted, feeling a mixture of pride and shame.

"Just don't get carried away and cut it off," he quipped, trying to smile.

Candy felt the spasm pass, felt the tenseness pass from her pussy muscles. They let go of their hold and Chuck once more was easing his dick through the slick folds of her cunt. He was moving slowly, very, very slowly! But even after her cherry had been torn from her snatch Candy still felt afraid.

"How... long are you?" she panted out.

"Dunno. Guess some of the girls I been with say I'm nine, maybe ten inches. Pretty good, eh, gettin' plugged by a dude big like me. Man, after this is a regular guy's gonna feel like finger fuckin'."

"Nine..." Candy gulped, wanting to push the young man away.

"Hey, don't worry. I said I'd go slow," the instructor said reassuringly.

Candy tried to relax, lying back, feeling the odd, itchy sensation of having her insides stretching out around the huge shaft. She tensed, waiting for that bulbous head to reach the bottom of her cunt.

"Oh God, God, you're so... ohhhhhh, soooo goood!" the blonde teen gasped as Chuck kissed her on the neck.

"Keep touchin' me, honey, touch me," he begged.

Her hand was still pressing against one side of his dick. She could feel it inching down, squishing noisily into her wet hole. She could hardly believe it when she felt those hairy, tight, jizz-packed nuts brush against her whitened knuckles. He was deep! She could sense the added heat inside her belly. And the sounds of his cockshaft sliding past her cuntlips made her heart pound!

"Oh God, I don't think I can take much more," Candy whispered in a strangled voice.

"You're tight! You're beautiful, Candy. Christ, you're one fine little cunt." Chuck gasped, struggling to keep his lava-hot spunk inside his balls for several more minutes. Twice he'd reached the brink of orgasm, fighting back with every ounce of his will to retain control.


Chuck fucked his ass under harder, making the girl gasp while his heavy balls swung against her buttocks. She hadn't guessed that she would ever have anything so big inside her slender young body. It made her dizzy with excitement and fear just to think about it. And when the gym instructor started to pull his dick back, it felt as if all her insides were going with it.

"Ohhhh God, it's... so... weird!"

The sensation of her elastic cuntal walls falling back together just behind Chuck's retreating dickhead made Candy's flesh crawl.

"Uhhhhh, Chuck!"

"Yet, baby, good enough for you?" he asked in a strained voice.

"Oh yes, good, gooood!"

Candy fanned her fingers out along the back of his neck, curling them and digging her nails in his flesh. Her back slid easily along the wet bench padding. All around her the Muzak droned. The girl was breathless with what Chuck's hands were doing. It felt so wonderfully odd to have his fingers sliding between her asscheeks. She especially liked it when his fingers stayed for a second on the tiny, hard, puckered flesh of her shitter. There were nerves there responding to his touch she hadn't dreamed she had. When he pushed in a little with that exploring finger the girl jerked her ass away, afraid he was going to stick it in. There was something not nice about having a man's finger in your butt!

"Easy, easy," he said soothingly.

"Don't... ohhhhhh..."

"Just tryin' to keep you still..."

"Oh God!"

Candy felt another series of spasms sweep over her pussy. In an instant weird pictures flashed through her mind. She pictured being tied up, having ropes tightly binding her arms and legs. Oh yes, that would be nice, especially now with her pussy so hot, her shitter and clit throbbing together, her nipples so stiff and swollen!

"Ohh man, you're somethin' else. Christ, I'm gonna pop off you keep movin' around like that and clampin' down your cunt!"

"I can't hep it!"

Chuck was still, his eyes closed tightly, his mouth set firmly as if he were holding something back. Candy looked up and realized he was fighting back the desire to shoot off inside her. No, she didn't want him to come yet. No, she wasn't ready. How strange! Moments ago she was trying to fight him off. And now the young woman was doing everything she could to prolong the sex, make him draw out his fucking until she was ready to come with him!

"Try it, damn it!"

The noise -- the slick, sucking noise of his dick trenching out her swampy cunthole -- made the two of them shudder with hot delight. She could feel the hot froth of her cuntal juices as Chuck's dickhead pulled rivulets of it back through the hole and out to run in streams down her ass. And yet no matter how much of it came out there was still more.

"Ohhhhh, can't... can't..."

Candy was rolling her ass around, going crazy under the big stud.

"Ohhhh baby, man, gonna shoot uhhhhh!"

"No, don't, DON'T!"

Candy mustered all her self control and fought down the desire to squirm under Chuck's hammering. The two of them froze like statues for several seconds until they managed to calm down somewhat.

"Christ," Chuck said, shivering with relief.

"Oh yes, yes, fuck me," Candy moaned, feeling safer.

"Yeah, yeah," Chuck said, squeezing his hairy buttcheeks together and forcing his thick prong back into her hole. As the thick hot inches parted her cuntal cleft once more, the blonde teen looked up and saw droplets of sweat bead the instructor's forehead.

Then the girl felt her cuntal muscles cramp once more, clamping down hard on his sinking shaft. Chuck cried, out, sounding as if someone were strangling him. His wrists pressed hard against her shoulders while his knees tucked farther under her buttocks. Candy moaned loudly in return, arching her back up from the bench. The teenager was thrilled she had this kind of reaction from the young man. There she was, young, inexperienced, and yet making this stallion cry out for mercy!

"Fuck you, bitch!" Chuck cried, fighting down the desire to come, angry for the moment because of the girl's wild movements after she told him she'd try to control herself.


She felt his loins tighten, quiver with excitement as he raped through the muscled opening, sinking his dick deep into her cunt. She felt the hot softness of his balls. Oh God, she was split, divided by that cock!

"Stop moving!"

"I can't stop... I just can't!"

Her ass moved around like a wild animal. It seemed as if the teen had no control over herself.

"Christ, I..."

Candy bit her lips so hard she could taste blood.

That shock brought her back to reality and she slowed down her writhing. But even with her body quiet, Candy couldn't stop the convulsions in her pussy. There was the rhythmic milking of the muscles around her hole. That circle tightened, released, tightened again over and over. Each time it closed down on Chuck's hot dick she felt the soft muscles stroking him closer and closer toward orgasm.

"Okay, you want it that bad? Man, I'm gonna scald the fuck outta you," he said, hissing between his teeth.

Candy shivered. She was teetering on the brink of orgasm. In a flash she realized the two of them were at the same level. He shot his hips forward, burying his dick all the way in her fuck slot.


Candy realized what was going to happen. He was going to come inside her. No, he couldn't do that, he... oh God, it was happening NOW!

Chapter THREE

Candy came with the force of a howling typhoon. Each spasm was more devastating than the other. She felt her pussy explode against Chuck's hammering groin. Thrashing and grunting and dancing her shivering asscheeks around the young blonde teenager felt as if the world had collapsed into her cunt.

"AHHHH!" she screamed, raking her fingernails over Chuck's back. Candy had no idea how long her orgasm lasted. All she was aware of was that big thing jerking and throbbing in her snatch and of something hot and wet scalding the sides of her cunt. Oh God, his cum burned like acid! When it was over Candy felt her calves sliding down off Chuck's lower back. She rearranged herself comfortably on the bench, opening her eyes and looking up at Chuck. The buzzing sounds had stopped. All around her now was silence, broken only by the Muzak.

"You're really somethin' else," he whispered, kissing her lightly on the forehead. "I'm glad you like me."

Chuck kissed her again. Candy squirmed happily on the slicked bench seat, feeling dazed and happy.

"Man, you were hungry for it, honey. I thought you were wantin' it a couple of days ago. But I never guessed you wanted a fuckin' this badly."

Candy blushed. It was wrong for a woman to show just how hot she was! It was something else her mother had told her.

"You probably won't think that much of me... now," Candy stammered, lowering her eyes. Her mother's words about a young woman who gives in to a man rang in her mind now. No man would think much of her if word got around the club. Could she ask him to keep this quiet?

"That's a bunch of crap! Man, I won't be able to think about anything but you," Chuck said, tensing his arms and drawing her up to him.

"Oh God, Chuck," Candy whispered, drawing her face to his and kissing him passionately. She didn't care about what her mother had told her about men any more. She wanted Chuck.

Chuck all the time, him fucking her, pawing her, making love to her, kissing her like this. Her heart was beating so loudly she was certain he could hear it.

"Hey, why don't you get dressed and we'll go down to the drive-in for a hamburger or something? We can talk about us all night, if you want."

Candy smiled. Sure, her mother wasn't expecting her for some time anyway.

"Oh yes... I'd like that," Candy said, feeling Chuck slide out of her slackening cunt. He was up, slipping his shorts and black slacks back on. The blonde teen raised herself up, wrapping her arms around her legs and resting her chin on her knees watching him dress. He was so handsome, so muscular! The girl was savoring the warm glow that had settled over her flesh just after coming. Afterglow she thought they called it! What a lovely name!

"Hey, come on. It's gettin' late," Chuck said, chucking her playfully under the chin.

Candy sucked in huge lungfuls of air, looking happily around the rooms.

"Oh, I'm so happy it hurts!" the girl whispered, sliding off the bench and picking up her bikini.

"Well, get dressed and I'll stop off a drugstore and pick something up. Maybe then we'll make your happiness hurt a little more," he said, flashing her a brilliant smile. Candy knew what he was going to get. It gave her a fevered thrill.

Candy dressed hurriedly, showering in the women's dressing room, then slipping into her short skirt and blouse while eyeing the clock. It was nearly eleven. She told her mother she'd be in my midnight if she went out with some of the girls. Candy smiled to herself. Well, she'd be a little late.

"I'm ready," she said, her gym bag slung over one shoulder as Candy stepped into the reception area. Chuck walked up to her and slipped both hands around her waist.

"God, you're nice," he whispered.

Candy stood on tiptoe as he pulled her thin body against him. The blonde teen felt her skirt slide up until her bikini bottom was exposed to his roaming hands. He kissed her passionately. Candy groaned into his mouth, fighting back with her tongue, moving her ass in a soft fucking motion that teased her clit. Yes, yes, she wanted him to stop at the drugstore to pick up those... rubbers! They'd been foolish the first time. No, she didn't want to get knocked up. And with a little luck it wouldn't happen. But the girl didn't want to take a chance. And Chuck's mention of that drugstore trip made her happy.

"Come on. We got some serious eatin' to do," he said, pulling away and guiding her toward the front door.

"Oh yes, yes," Candy whispered happily, resting her head on his shoulder.

It was nearly four in the morning when the blonde teen finally made it home. Peering out the side window of Chuck's Corvette she could see a light burning in the living room window. Her mother was still up! A shock of fear shot through her body.

"You want me to go up with you?" he asked, opening his door and stepping out.

Candy shook her head from side to side. She could just imagine what would happen if her mother were to see Chuck escorting her to the door.

"No, that's fine. I'll see you this evening," she said, trying to hide her nervousness as she crawled out of the sports car.

"If you're sure everything okay..."

"I'm sure... bye," Candy said, waving her hand cheerfully and walking quickly up the walk.

"So, you're finally home," her mother hissed as she shut and bolted the front door. Candy felt her flesh crawl with fear and guilt. The atmosphere in the living room was heavy, tense.

"Mother, I was just out with some friends, that's all. Nothing... happened," Candy said, refusing to look at her mother and starting up the stairs to her bedroom. She didn't want another scene with the older woman. Candy didn't want anything to spoil the recent beautiful memory of all that wonderful fucking. She and Chuck had fucked twice more after that first scene in the spa before coming home.

"Don't you dare run from me!" the woman shrilled, blocking Candy's way to the stairs. The girl flinched, dropping her eyes, still refusing to look at her mother. "Now tell me the truth, did anything... happen? Don't lie!"

Candy felt a rush of anger. How dare her mother quiz her like this? She was eighteen, almost nineteen, just about to enter college. She was an adult... or almost one!

"It's none of your business," the girl answered in a low, quivering tone.

Her mother's eyes widened, registering the surprise and shock she felt at that answer.

"How... dare you?" the older woman hissed, jerking one hand back and slapping Candy hard across the cheek.

The blonde teen staggered from the force of that blow.

"Oh God, how could you?" she whispered, tears springing to her eyes.

"Did anything happen?" her mother repeated, her eyes fixed on Candy's.

"Yes, yes, plenty happened!" the girl retorted, spitting out the words as she watched her mother's face blanch. "In fact, you want me to tell you how we did it... how many times? Oh Mother," Candy went on, nearly hysterical with anger, "you can't believe how good... fucking is."

At the mention of that word the older woman clapped her hands over her ears and turned away with a loud moan. She doubled over, sinking to the floor, her body racked with sobs of rage and shame.

"Oh, it's wonderful, Mother," Candy screamed, not caring if the neighborhood heard. "You can't imagine how it feels to be lying there, naked, spread out, waiting while he grabs his cock and holds it just over your cunt!"

"Get out! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I KILL YOU!" her mother shrieked, backing away, refusing to touch her own daughter.

"Oh, oh, I'm... sorry, I..." Candy cried, both hands on her mouth, realizing with horror what her rash act had accomplished.

"Get out, out!"

Candy rushed up the stairs, the sound of her mother's screaming voice ringing in her head. Oh God, how could she have done something so stupid as that? Knowing what kind of fanatic her mother was how could she have let something like this slip out... and in such hatred? Behind her she heard her mother screaming for her to leave the house this instant.

"I don't care where you go... out in the street where sluts like you belong. Let your boyfriends take care of you. Let's see just how high and mighty you're going to be when you get pregnant... just like I did when..."

The older woman's words were choked off by sobs. Candy ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. The world spun dizzyingly around her as she looked at all the familiar things. No, she had to leave... at least for a while. Stumbling around, half blinded by tears, Candy packed a small suitcase, finding enough money around for at least a few nights at the downtown Y. There she'd be able to get her thoughts together for a better confrontation with her mother.

"Get out, slut, get out!"

Candy rushed out of the house, one hand covering her mouth, stifling then sobs tearing at her throat. Tears streaked her cheek as she ran down the street, the suitcase banging against her legs. The cold night air didn't affect her now. All she felt was the sting from her mother's slap. All she heard were the woman's damning words as she threw her own daughter out of the house!

Candy didn't know how long she'd run. When she finally came to her senses she found herself some distance from her home. It took her several minutes to realize she'd run in the opposite direction from town.

"Oh my God!" the young woman sobbed in despair. She was farther from the Y than she'd been when she started, and it was nearly four-thirty! There were no buses running now, and taking a cab was almost out of the question. It would eat up what little money she had, and payday was nearly five days away! Of course she could ask Chuck for money. But somehow that idea repulsed her. It was almost like prostitution! Then her mother's accusations about her would be right! No, no, she couldn't face that responsibility!

Forcing herself on, Candy bit her lower lip, determined to walk the distance. She'd walked for nearly forty minutes when the teenager was aware of something or someone following her. Carefully Candy turned her head as she quickened her step, rolling her eyes to one side. She saw a large black van trailing her.

"Oh God!" she murmured, feeling fear race through her veins. There were no other cars on the street at the moment and all the shops and restaurants were closed. There was nowhere for her to run if they were to try something! How stupid it was for her to walk all this distance alone! That thought shot through her now.

"Hey, need a lift?"

That voice shot through the night air. Candy increased her speed, refusing to turn her head around. Oh God, wasn't there somewhere she could run to safety? Wasn't there an all-night diner in the area?

"Hey, honey, come on, it's not too safe to be alone in this area."

Candy stopped at a corner and looked down the four avenues. No one! Not a soul! It was as if everyone had died!

"Hey, come on. We're not gonna hurt you."

We? That settled it! No way! No, she wasn't about to throw herself in a van with a bunch of guys she didn't know.

"No thank you," she said modestly, crossing the intersection and praying to God they'd leave her alone. But the van continued, cruising along the gutter, one window rolled down while the words still poured out.

"Come on, honey, come on, we'll show you a good time and give you a ride at the same time." In the background she could hear other men laughing! That did it! She had to run, scream for help, run for the police!

"Oh God, help me, help!" she cried, breaking into a fast run while crossing the street.

"Man, shut her up! She's gonna make trouble for us!" someone cried out in the van. Doors opened and two men jumped out as the vehicle squealed to a halt in the deserted street.

Candy ran as fast as she could, dropping her suitcase behind her as the men closed the distance between her and them. Candy felt her lungs bursting as she ran down the street. Her long blonde hair streamed out behind her while she stretched out her hands, still screaming for help as her feet pounded the filthy sidewalk pavement.

"Shut the fuck up!" one man shouted back.


At that point she felt fingers curl around the long blonde strands and yank back. Instantly Candy felt pain in her scalp, pain that made her scream, forced tears to her eyes, made her stop and stumble to the ground.

"NO, NO, NO!" she cried as she tumbled head over heels. She screamed incoherently, kicking, biting, scratching at her attackers. They moved around her cautiously as she swiveled around on her butt, trying to drive her heels in their crotches. Candy maintained enough cool to remember some of her classes on self-defense. She had to keep them at a distance while she regained her balance, scrambled to her feet and continued her escape attempt.

But the men seemed to know their business, circling her, keeping her off-guard, then moving in for the kill. The blonde teen felt hands scooping her up off the sidewalk, holding her arms pinned behind her, moving her forward while they told her to shut up. When she fought back and then screamed one of the men shoved a filthy rag in her mouth and pushed her forward.

"Came on, baby, we're gonna take care of all that energy. Hey, man, it ain't gonna be such a bad night after all," he said, reaching down and pinching her bottom hard.

Candy squealed at the sudden pain. Looking up, she saw the van draw closer as they stumbled across the street. There, some thirty feet from the large vehicle, her clothes lay scattered on the pavement. Something about the way they were thrown about made her break into tears.

"Hey, honey, don't cry. By the time me, Ben and Jack get through with you you'll be so fuckin' hot you're gonna cry 'cause we ain't fuckin' you enough."

"Who is she?" a drunken voice asked from the back of the van as they shoved Candy in.

"Who knows? Some runaway... just like the others."

"Man, Kevin, what the fuck's the matter with you? We got enough trouble with the law," the voice said, a little more alert now. They shoved Candy in the middle of the front seat, making sure the gag was in place while slamming the doors shut and squealing down the street.

"Hey, ain't no reason why we can't have no entertainment," the tall blond man said, curling his fingers around the wheel and staring angrily forward.

"Yeah, just like your idea about holding up that fuckin' liquor store last night was supposed to be fun... easy, piece o' cake, right? Christ, almost got killed 'cause that old coot had a gun!"

"Hey, watch it, all right? I done right by you guys up to now. So take it easy and let's enjoy a little," he said, reaching over with one hand and running his fingers up her skirt. Debbie cried out, snapping her knees together when she felt the tips reach the elastic leg band of her bikini bottoms. "Got a real nice girl here... wears panties or somethin'. Nice."

"Where the fuck we goin'? We can't go back to the old place. Cops are probably around there."

"No, we go out... my old man's place. You been there, right?"

"Hey, that old barn? Man, why don't we keep goin' 'til we're outta state?"

"'Cause I need some time to think. I ain't gonna drive like crazy when I don't know how much the cops know and where they are. We gotta wait for a sec and ain't no place better 'n that old farm. Ain't nobody around for miles since the state bought up most of the land last year."

"Okay, man, just be careful! Don't wanna get caught with this chick in here... man, kidnapping? Forget it!"

They'd kill her first! That thought made the young woman scream through the foul rag once more and squirm uncomfortably in the front seat. Oh, if only she could get one leg free she'd step on the gas pedal and send them all hurtling off the road. At least than she'd have a chance of escaping!

"Hey, take it easy, baby. It ain't gonna be good for your health you keep actin' up like that. Got nice legs. Be a shame to have burns all over 'em, get the drift?"

Candy looked wide-eyed at the driver. He took his eyes off the road for an instant, staring at her, his thin lips curled up in a sadistic smile. She shivered, knowing that at least for a while, she was helpless.

Chapter FOUR

They drove for what seemed like hours, the two men up front pawing the young woman, sliding their hands up an down her thighs, tugging at the elastic material of her bikini bottoms. All through this ordeal Candy kept thinking of her mother, of her home, of Chuck and the gentle way he caressed her during their fucking. And now she was kidnapped, dragged into this van and taken to God-only-knows where! Oh, why had she made such a rash move and run away from home?

"Left turn there," Kevin muttered to himself, swinging the van off the main road to a smaller gravel one. Debbie felt faint with terror. The end of the ride was at hand. What awaited her now?

They bounced along the road for fifteen minutes, stopping finally near a clearing. Peering to the right, the blonde teenager saw a large, two story, wood frame house surrounded by trees. Several outbuildings fanned out behind it some fifty feet away. From the broken fences and sagging roofs, Candy guessed no one had lived in the place for some time.

"Man, my old man used to beat the shit outta me in there," Kevin said, pointing to a smallish building to the right of the main house.

"Come on, let's get inside before somebody sees us," Ben said nervously, coming out from behind the curtains that separated the rear of the vehicle from the front cabin.

"Man, ain't no one around here," Kevin said, laughing at his partner's uneasiness.

"But Ben's right," Jack said, smoothing down his long black hair and scratching his beard. "You never know when somebody comes around and spots this van. Shit, it's been in enough robberies to..."

"All right, all right," Kevin said impatiently starting the van up again and swinging it around to the main drive.

Robberies? Candy squirmed uneasily in her seat. She'd been kidnapped by thieves!

"Let's get the little number outta here and inside. Got the key some wheres," Kevin said, fishing around in his pocket while Jack hooked one arm around the struggling teenager and dragged her out. It was cold. She felt the loose gravel crunching under her shoes as she walked toward the large home. Several windows in the second floor were broken. Above her the stars twinkled brilliantly against the black sky.

"Inside," Kevin said, his voice growing dry as they stepped into the empty, dusty old house. The four of them moved into what must have been the living room, stopping near the broken handrail of a stairway leading to the second floor. Candy watched Kevin's face change the moment they walked inside. It had grown taut, angry, while his eyes seemed to sink inside his head. The girl grew more and more terrified.

"Man, this place ain't been lived in for..."

"About ten years... yeah," Kevin said, running his fingers over the handrail and looking around. The bright moonlight filtered through the dirty windows, illuminating everything with a strange silver light. No one said anything for several minutes, everyone feeling strange in this situation.

"Think we got some Coleman lanterns in the cellar. I'll fish around for 'em," Kevin said, letting out a long breath of air as he wheeled around and disappeared through a doorway to the left.

"Says his old man used to tie 'im up and beat 'im," Jack whispered after his buddy was out of ear shot.


"Yeah! The old man was a real weirdo... had to be put away or somethin' finally. He was into chains and all that shit... probably worked over his old lady before she died," Jack said, shooting a glance at Candy, then resuming his conversation.

The girl was too terrified to ask them what they wanted of her. Their tentative pawing in the front seat of the van told her that. But there was something more... something she felt when Kevin stared at her just before he went to look for the lanterns. It was a look that excited her as much as terrified her.

The tall, blond gang leader had been gone for nearly twenty minutes. Jack and Ben talked of looking for him when they heard him banging around in the kitchen.

"Get the lamps?"

"Yeah... two of 'em that weren't broken. Got a lot of other stuff too," Kevin said, panting as he dragged in an armful of what Candy first thought was rope. When he dropped, the bundle with a clanging thud, she knew it was chains!

"My old man used to tie me up in 'em... my old lady too, and have a ball while he beat us," Kevin admitted for the first time, staring down at the tangled links of half-inch chain.

"Light?" Ben asked, staring uneasily at the half opened bundle.

"Oh, yeah, here," the blond said, handing the two lanterns over to his buddies, then dropping to his knees and spilling out the contents of the burlap sack. Candy felt her flesh crawl. There was everything there straight from a prison... various lengths of chain link, what appeared to be cuffs of some sort, pins, pincers, neck braces and other items Candy didn't know.

"Kinda creepy," Ben whispered, lifting one of the glass covers off the lantern and lighting the dirty wick with his cigarette lighter. Jack did the same and in a moment the low-ceilinged living room was dimly illuminated.

Candy stood next to Jack, hugging her body tightly, looking around at the cobwebs, layers of dust, broken furniture that remained scattered about the large room. She could only imagine the screams, moans, shouts of pain and unholy lust that echoed off these walls when Kevin's father ruled. What a terror he must have been!

"You know," Kevin began thoughtfully, running his fingers over the chains and cuffs almost lovingly, "I wondered what it would be like to be on the giving end of this kinda shit. Never tried it. Came close, but never tried it," he said, rolling up his eyes and staring at Candy. The girl felt as if someone had punched her in the stomach. She stepped back, closing her eyes and fighting down a scream stuck in her throat. The girl could almost feel the cold metal of those chains around her ankles!

"Yeah, why not find out?" Jack said, turning toward the teen and licking his thick lips.

"Sure, we got time," Ben said a little more uneasily than the others. Of the two of them, he was less sure of Kevin's judgement now.

"Oh please, no, no," Candy said in a tiny voice, shaking her head from side to side.

"Hold 'er," Kevin said, looking through the pile and finding two metal bands connected by a sixteen-inch link of chain. The girl cried out when she felt Kevin fit one cuff snugly around her left ankle. She jerked from side to side, terrified of every move he made. The cold iron made her flesh crawl as the young man fastened the second cuff around her other ankle. There was a frightening finality when Candy heard the clicking of those bonds! She was being used to play out a psychological drama, Kevin's way of dealing with a horrible past. The chains around her legs now were just the start of that drama.

"Come on, honey, try walkin' a little. My old man used to make us climb those stairs in 'em, playin' with himself while laughin'," Kevin said, his voice growing thick and hard.

Candy whimpered. It was a strange, humiliating sensation. Her first two steps were a stumble. The young woman pushed her hands out in front of her, fighting for balance as she shuffled first her right foot out, then the left. The clanging sounds of the chains rang in her ears, making her brain spin around.

"Not bad. Should make her run up and down the steps. Okay, the hands."

Other links were dragged from the pile of iron on the floor, attached to cuffs around her wrists fastened there first, then linked together. Candy couldn't believe this was happening. It was as if she were in prison. Ben and Jack seemed to be getting into this little bit of psychodrama, laughing and breathing harder and more unevenly as they bound her body up in chains.

"Try walkin' now."

It was more difficult with her arms fastened behind her. She pitched forward twice and would have fallen on her face if Ben hadn't caught her in his arms.

"Now this... yeah, he used this lots on my mother," Kevin said.

Candy peered down and saw him holding a broad band that looked as if it were made for the waist.

"But she can't be wearin' that," he said, pointing at her clothes. The others smiled and started stripping her.


With her hands behind her back it was impossible for Ben and Jack to remove her skirt, blouse and bathing suit without tearing the material. Candy cried out, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks when she heard her blouse being ripped open, felt her skirt torn from her hips, and felt their fingers pawing at the elastic band of her bikini top. Her chest tightened with terror while it became impossible for the young woman to scream, so frozen with fear were her vocal cords!

"Please, don't do this to me! Don't!" she moaned.

Jack dropped his head, kissing her passionately on the nape of her neck while Ben smoothed his fingers up and down her spine, occasionally letting them stray over her buttocks. Kevin slid forward on his knees until his broad shoulders were touching her thighs. Tilting his head up he pushed his face forward, burying it in the soft silky folds of her bikini bottoms. Candy stiffened, feeling his tongue pushing the silky material in her cunthole! It was a strange, new sensation, one added to by the others' sexual pawing! Candy went wild in spite of herself, hunching back, feeling Ben's fingers tugging at her swimsuit bottom while Kevin, worked his fingers just under the elastic leg band and played with her pussy hairs. And ohhhh, all the while he was sopping up the flowing juices with the nylon crotch panel!

"Fuck, she's hot! Man, I think she digs this," Kevin said, pleased with his find. He backed away, staring at the dark wet patch in the V of her bathing suit, then peering up at the heavy breathing girl.

"Yeah, fuck, like to shove my dick up her ass," Jack said, sliding his hands around her sides until his palms were pressing against her tits. The girl moaned, feeling his hands working over the stiffened nipples. Then they shot apart fast, tearing the cups of her halter apart. In a flash her tits were free, rolling together, then getting pawed by the young thief.

At the same time Kevin curled his fingers around her bottoms, hauling them down to her ankles, then tearing them to pieces and throwing them away. Candy was stripped naked, now vulnerable to their eyes, their fingers, their cocks!

Kevin picked up that band he'd been examining before and held it up before fastening it around her narrow waist, locking it with a small padlock just under the small of her back. Candy reached up with her fingers and touched the lock, shivering with excitement and fear. Only then was she aware that two chains dangled from the front of this wide band, nearly reaching her knees. Fastened to the ends of these chains was a black leather collar, decorated with a ring of bright metal studs.

"Oh no, not my neck!" she cried, her eyes widening as she saw Kevin grasp the collar and examine the tarnished buckle.

"Yeah, the neck. Gotta take care of a bitch... keep 'er in line. My old man used to say that about my old lady when he got her up in this outfit."

How terrible! No wonder Kevin was this way, brought up in this sea of sadism! And now Candy found herself floating in it!

She eyed the collar nervously, moving her head back. But she couldn't move! The chains, the cuffs, everything fastened her body to that spot on the floor.

"You wear the chains nice."

Kevin stood up in front of her, examining her lithe body, studying her full tits, her hard, red nipples, then pulled the collar up, careful to place the chains on either side of her pendulous tits. Candy squealed as he drew the chains tightly over her shoulder, the cold iron pressing hard against her warm flesh. The leather collar lay across the bottom of her throat.

"There," Kevin said, taking both ends of the collar and fastening them together. Candy inhaled sharply, feeling her chest tighten as the leather pressed lightly against her windpipe.

"Please, I can't breathe," she whispered, her eyes widening with horror as she felt the blond stud drape the chains over her shoulders, then pull them down, attaching both ends to the rear of the waist strap. She was bound hand and foot, helpless in front of these leering thieves.

"So your old man tied you and your old lady up like this?" Jack said, about to laugh. When he saw Kevin's face darken with anger the dark-haired young man changed his expression, turning away and deciding to enjoy Candy without further comment.

Candy tugged at the cuffs around her wrists, trying to work them loose. But it was impossible. Soon the area where the cuffs chaffed her flesh reddened. She gasped in another lungful of air as terror and that strange kind of excitement she'd felt earlier gripped her mind and body. Something was trickling down both thighs. It was cuntjuice!

"Come on, honey, walk a little," Kevin said, giving the neck chain a tug.

Candy cried out and staggered forward in a pitifully small step. The chain linking her ankles clanked while those draped at her neck and waist grew tight and became heavy with each forward step. Was it her imagination?

"You look good like that," Kevin said, licking his lips with excitement.

"They're horrible!" Candy burst out. "You don't have to chain me up like this!" She wrinkled her forehead, fighting down the terror gripping her throat.

"He kept you and your mother like this?" Ben asked, his eyes widening with surprise.

"And that ain't all," Kevin said, unbuckling his belt and sliding it from his belt loops. Candy staggered back from the young man, her eyes fastened on the buckled end of that garment. Instinctively she knew what he was going to do.

"No, no," she whispered. The chains clanked noisily as they dragged on the floor. She tried to drag in more air through her burning nostrils but the tight collar prevented her from doing so.

"He used to beat us... for any reason," Kevin said, his eyes narrowing as he looped the belt and struck it rhythmically against one thigh. "Man, I used to cry, beg him not to hit me no more. But he kept on and on and on until both, of us were out." Candy's eyes dropped for a second. In that flash of an instant Kevin snapped one arm back, then brought it down hard across her tits.


Candy squealed, twisting around and trying to bolt away from the young man. The chains held her back, forcing the girl to topple over and stumble to the floor. She crashed, against an old dusty sofa, her bottom high in the air with her torso lying flat against the cushions. Kevin rushed forward, bringing the belt up over his head and dropping it down with a whistling sound.


The black leather slashed across both cheeks, making the taut round globes quiver from the force of the blow. Both Jack and Ben watched with growing interest as Kevin slapped her buttocks again and again with his belt, crisscrossing the strokes, making the white flesh grow at first dark pink, then red with each blow. "NOOOOOO!"

Candy squirmed, kicking both legs out, trying to do anything to stop the hammering blows.

"Yeah, nice hot ass," the blond said, dropping the belt, for a moment and rubbing his fingers over the injured flesh. Candy closed her eyelids tightly, biting her lower lip, feeling the heat of her beaten assflesh radiate to all parts other body. How it made her clit pop up from the surrounding sensitive flesh and sputter deliciously. Her cunt was growing hot, wet, tight, the slick folds and hollows rubbing against one another. She could feel more of that hot juice, running down her thighs and wetting down her toes!

"Hot enough to fry steak," Kevin commented, his lips curling up into a smile as he dipped his forefinger down around her ass and into her cunt. Candy squealed, rubbing her thighs together, feeling the tip of that invading finger scraping the tense muscles of her pussy. She jerked to one side, sucking in a deep breath and wriggling over the armrest of the sofa.

"You gonna fuck 'er?" Ben asked, feeling his dick throbbing while his balls rose high in their sac.

"Yeah... but later, after I work 'er up real good."

The young man backed away and brought the belt down again and again across her butt, at times straying up to her back and once or twice laying the leather across her jutting shoulderblades. Candy screamed loudly now, jerking, kicking, making the chains rattle while Kevin seemed to go crazy. Oh God, was he going to beat her to death? Was this going to be the way she'd end?

Chapter FIVE

"Stop it, STOP!"

Candy tugged at the wristcuffs, wriggling her belly over the armrest, shaking the tears from her cheeks as she struggled for breath. But Kevin was going crazy, bringing the belt down again and again over her buttocks. And how oddly, how strangely that beating was making her hot, turning her cunt into a warm, swampy mess!


This time she felt the pointed tip of the belt lick under her ass, barely touching the bottom junction of her cuntlips. Candy's knees jerked apart while her toes left the floor. She nearly fell onto the couch completely.

"She's really hot. Bet you could take on a Goddamned donkey if we had one," Kevin muttered, throwing the belt down.

Candy heard the sound of his zipper sliding open and dared to turn around and peer over one shoulder. Oh, he was so big! The young man held his eight thick inches in one hand, slowly milking the flesh, running his other hand under his balls and playing with those hairy nuts while staring at her reddened asscheeks.

"Got 'em good and tender with the leather," he muttered, lubing down the veined shaft with droplets of pre-cum oozing freely now from his piss-slit.

"Hey, one for all and all that shit," Jack said, interrupting Kevin's thoughts. "We ain't gonna sit back and watch you fuck her and wait around for sloppy seconds."

"Don't worry. I wasn't gonna let you guys go hungry," he said, grinning over at them. "Take what you want... after I work this knobber into her pussy."

"Get 'er up," Ben said, dropping his pants and fingering his prick.

Candy felt arms slide around her arms and haul her back. The chains clattered maddeningly around her as she staggered away from the couch.

"Yeah, I like the ass," Jack said, licking his chops as he studied the two reddened, tight round globes. "Makes me so fuckin' hungry to get a piece of it!"

With that the young man dropped his pants and started jacking off while kneeling behind Candy and shoving his face into her tight butt crack.


"Don't move, honey," Kevin warned.

Candy's eyes widened while her lower jaw slackened. She sucked in air through her nostrils with a whistling sound while her shoulders shot forward. Strange feverish chills radiated up and down her spine while her knees buckled. How strange it was to have a man's beard scratching the curved insides of her asscheeks. And his tongue! Oh, how it wiggled across the pink wrinkled flesh of her shitter! She squeezed her thigh muscles, rubbing her clit against the slick sides of her cunt to relieve the growing pressure. Candy curled her toes and shivered! What obscene, unnatural pleasure she was deriving from this act!

"Get 'er in the sack. I ain't gonna fuck her standin' up," Kevin muttered.

The young blond pointed out where the bedroom was. Candy was dragged across the living room floor, the men laughing at her, pinching her body, slapping her already sore, tight buttocks while Kevin took one of the lanterns and lit the way for them.

After some distance the blonde teenager found herself standing in a large high-ceilinged room. The dust seemed to be less thick here, although the stale, musty odor hung just as heavily here as in the living room. In front of her she saw a large double bed, the headboard missing while the mattress sagged badly on one end. It was there the men shoved her, laughing as the chains made her stagger badly.


Kevin pushed her down roughly, shoving her forward between the shoulderblades while laying the lantern carefully down on the dresser. Candy's knees struck the front end of the mattress and she pitched forward, her face plowing into the dusty top of the mattress.


She twisted her head around and sucked in a deep breath, retching at the smell of the old bed. Ben pushed her farther up while Kevin and Jack stepped out of their pants and lay on either side of the struggling blonde.

"Gonna be harder 'n shit to fuck 'er this way," Jack said, rolling her over on one side away from him, studying her curved behind.

Candy breathed more unevenly, the collar seeming to choke even more air from her lungs. Both of them? Both were going to fuck her... at the same time? Oh, that only meant that one of them was going to fuck her in the ass!

"NO, NO, NO!"

"Ben, get your pants down and shut this one up!" Kevin shouted.

The tall, brown-haired one scratched his thick beard and smiled, moving up to the head of the bed, unzipping his pants and quickly stepping out of them. Candy rolled her eyes up when she felt the mattress sag down. She saw a pair of thick muscled, hairy legs inching down toward her face. In the dim light she saw his balls dangling down, his fat hairy cockroot just above her nose! She could smell the sour odor of his sweaty crotch! Dear God, what was he planning to do?


Her nose flattened against his crotch. He was making her inhale that disgusting stench coming from his balls. She felt the blood-engorged dick rubbing against her lips. No, she wasn't going to take that thing in her mouth! She felt him pulling at her hair, swearing at her, threatening her with all sorts of horrible things if she didn't suck him off. Suck him off? Oh dear God, what had she become? No one had ever suggested she do that disgusting thing. And now this total stranger no, she'd rather die!

"Come on, take it in your fuckin' mouth!" Ben said, his face growing dark while his eyes glittered with excitement. His former kindness evaporated under his growing sensuality. Meanwhile the girl felt Jack squeezing her buttocks, kneading the white and red striped flesh, sticking his fingers in her butt crack while sliding against her body. She felt his hairy legs pressing against the backs of her thighs and calves, felt his dick rubbing back and forth over her asscheeks, felt his broad chest fitting against her back. Kevin was breathing hard into her face, calling her all sorts of things under his breath while he toyed with her nipples, rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers, squeezing them at times until she squealed and tears rolled from her eyes. His dick moved playfully up and down her juicing slot, the fat purplish head jabbing against her bloated pussylips but not yet making any serious try at spearing in.


It was difficult moving around. Oh, how her shoulders ached from the chains and cuffs pinning her arms still, tightly behind her back. At times Candy lost control and wanted to hook her arms around Kevin, scratch his back with her nails while feeling his dick sink into her soppy cunthole! But all she could do was curl her fingers and dig her nails into her palms.

"Nice tits... damn nice tits," he muttered, dropping his head down and sucking on one of the half-inch long, red nipples while still pinching the other.


Ben was still trying to make her take his dick in her mouth. She shuddered as she felt the wetness of his pre-cum seeping from the head of his cock and slicking down her lips. She tried jerking her face away from his cock. But Ben pushed his knees against either side of her head, making her look up at his swinging balls, his long, thick-veined prong now arched down toward her! She saw his flat chest, his well-formed chest covered with a thick matting of body fur, saw his face now bloated with lust! No, she didn't have a chance. In the end Candy knew he would have his way with her... as they all would! "NO!"

Candy whimpered, trying to twist away from Ben. She still lay on her side, her head twisted around so she faced up.

"Baby, I got some load for you. Man, it's teen burnin' in my cock and balls for a while," Ben whispered thickly.

"I'm gonna fuck her now," Kevin said, inching down a little more while reaching down with both hands and separating her knees. Slowly he moved his thumbs down, down until they were in her hot, sloppy pussy. Candy felt the pressure, felt the jagged nails cutting into her wet swollen outer cuntlips and cried out. Even the slightest touch made her cuntal muscles snap, contract, trap Kevin's fingers into the soft, fleshy vise of her snatch.

"You and me... we shove in at the same time, okay?" Jack said, spitting on one hand and slicking down the head of his giant prong.

"Yeah, guess it's okay. That way she won't feel you so bad," Kevin agreed.

Candy jerked back, then forward, feeling like a tennis ball. And each time she opened her mouth to scream, Ben shoved down. She then felt the sidewise length of his cock pressing hard against her lips. Then she spat out, getting rid of his prong for a few seconds. She kept her mouth clamped tightly shut to keep Ben out. But how long would that work? The young man was enjoying this play.

But when he tired of it he could probably fuck her in the mouth just as easily as his buddies were about to fuck her in the cunt and shitter!

"Yeah, she's got one tight cunt... even if she's juicein' like a slut!"

Kevin tugged her thighs farther apart, wedging in one knee to keep her open while his buddy in back hunched down and shoved his dickshaft into Candy's asscrack. The girl groaned, snapping her head from side to side, still keeping her lips closed tightly, afraid to open them and let out the scream tearing at her throat. No, she wasn't going to take that filthy thing between her lips no matter how much she felt like yelling.

Kevin groaned with pleasure, moving both his thumbs over the inner lips of her dripping pussy. The subtle sliding movement of his thumbs made the girl's heated cunt start to wet down even more.

"No, mmmmmm!"

Candy almost forgot herself. Quickly she closed her mouth, feeling Ben pressuring his drooling cockhead against her lips. Tears of fear and shame rolled down her cheeks. Her mind reeled around with all sons of thoughts as the men pressed closer against her twisting body. Cockmeat, inches and inches of it, throbbing, jerking, ballooning out all around her! She sobbed once more, feeling Kevin's fingers make contact with her clit. Slowly her sloppy cuntlips were spread apart again. The fleshy, fur-lined lips of her slot throbbed with excitement as the young stud caressed them lovingly. "Ohhhh yeah, yeah, man, it's gonna feel real nice puttin' my dick in there. Man, ain't had a good lay in a long time."

"Me too. Thinkin' too much about money, damn it!" Jack admitted, hunching down and forward, searching for her asshole, finding it with his fingers and guiding his dick in.

Candy twitched and jerked forward as the blond's middle finger shot out, its flicking tip circling her clit, teasing along the edges of her soaking cuntal folds. The long middle finger kept up its maddening, tickling journey against her pussy flesh until it moved back to her clit. The girl groaned loud, gurgling sounds from her throat as the working finger moved up and down her tender, slick slit.

"No, no, no!"

"Hold her tighter -- I'm goin' in," Jack said in a strained voice, flexing his thigh and leg muscles, pressing his knees hard against the soft backs of her legs while holding onto her hips.

Kevin shoved in another finger, feeling her slick flesh grip around his invading digits. The stretched walls of her pussy widened and tightened at the same time in wild grabbing motions. Her cunt sucked solidly. Kevin smiled, glad the girl was responding so violently to his finger-fucking.

"Uhhh... uhhhhh," Candy groaned. She was being shamed by these men, all of them laughing at her, pawing her, rubbing their swollen dicks over her body. And what was worse was that her body was reacting positively to all this. She was so hot, hotter than she was at the gym! Oh God, it had to be one of the most forbidden and yet one of the loveliest things in the world... chained up like this in the abandoned farmhouse, surrounded by men who wanted nothing more than ultimate pleasure!

The blonde teen opened her mouth once more to scream. But the pressure of Ben's dick against her upper lip made her shut up quickly. She remembered how that awful thing of his tasted. She wanted to spit, but her throat was so dry she couldn't. It was useless to protest any more. All the screaming and sobbing wouldn't stop those men, wouldn't bring any help. And Candy couldn't fool herself any longer! Yes, she wanted them to humiliate her, to fuck her, to do their worst! Her tits pillowed against Kevin's chest as he worked his dickhead greasily up and down her juicing fuck slot.

Then suddenly his fingers in her cunt slipped out. The quick withdrawal made the girl gasp with surprise. She felt and heard the wet sucking sound. At the same time Candy felt Jack inching his cockhead harder agianst her bunghole.

"Ohhhh no, no, no," the girl moaned, feeling Ben's fleshy knees tighten against her ears. He was humping back and forth, sliding the full length of his dick up and down the length of her nose. Candy found herself wondering just how it would feel to suck on that monster, to wrap her tongue around a man's prick and suck so hard her cheeks caved in and caressed the sides of his cock.

Just at that moment Kevin's prong started entering her creaming slit, moving up and down, up and down until the girl thought she'd go crazy! He brushed her clit with the knuckles of one hand, teasing her cuntlips with his fingers while screwing his dick slowly into her hole.


Candy felt her chest and throat tighten even more as the excitement raced through her body. She stared at the hot bloated dickhead riding the side of her mouth. Behind her Jack was grunting and moaning, holding more tightly onto her hip bones while spreading her buttocks apart and shoving up.


The rubber-like rim of her pussy stretched as Kevin's dickhead popped in with a squish. At the same time Jack tightened his thigh muscles and shoved up a fourth time, beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead from the effort. The sphincter guarding the teenager's shitter gave way, letting the dark-haired stud's prong spear in.

Candy thought her body had been split in two! She froze for a moment, the pain shocking her into silence. Then the girl shivered violently, making the chains clank noisily, screaming as the two men ignored her pleas and drove deeper and deeper in her body.


She shrieked again and again, feeling as if Kevin and Jack were tearing her body right down the middle. She felt as if she were being skewered all the way up to her heart. The giant poles of flesh and blood-filled muscle lodged inside her pussy and shitter, the shafts bending slightly at the middle as both men relaxed for a moment.

"Man, good cunt," Kevin said, flexing his thighs, driving in another and another thick, throbbing inch of dickmeat.

"Tight ass. Ain't nobody been in here before, I'll bet," Jack said, having a hard time working more of his rod in her hole.

"Take it, Goddamn it. They ain't gonna be the only ones to have fun."

With that Ben jammed her face against his thighs, dragging his balls over her eyes and nose, tilting his body downward, grabbing hold of his dick once more and shoving it hard against her mouth. This time Candy was completely unprepared. She'd just opened her mouth to beg them to go slowly when Ben threw three inches of his dickmeat between her lips, pulling her hair hard and threatening to snatch her bald if she tried to spit out his cock or bite him. Candy gurgled, feeling her spittle ooze back down her throat and threaten to drown her as her mouth filled with more and more prick. Three cocks! Oh God, she was being fucked in one way or another by three cocks!

"Yeah, that's it, move that tongue around it like that, swing on it, gimme good head, baby. Ohhhh, fuck, she takes to it like a pro," Ben groaned, tilting his head back and closing his eyes in ecstasy. He breathed heavily through his opened mouth, moving his ass back and forth as he fucked the girl's throat.

Jack and Kevin meanwhile were having the time of their lives, fucking Candy together, matching their rhythms until both men drove forward at the same time. Candy writhed helplessly between them, her neck hurting her at times from the strange twisted position of her head. But it was impossible for her to change it. Ben's knees were pressed even harder against the sides of her head as he grew more and more excited. She could now taste the sour, bleachy flavor of his cum as more and more oozed out of his piss-slit and coated her throat.

"Christ, slow down or I'm gonna shoot!" Kevin suddenly warned his buddy.

"Yeah, let's all three fill this one up at the same time," Jack said, biting her neck until he nearly broke the skin.

"She's gonna drown when my nuts cut loose," Ben gasped. Their words, instead of terrifying the girl, excited her all the more. Yes, she wanted to be floating in cum, washed in hot, male jizz! All her former terrors and morals were gone, vanished under the incredible heat of her out-of-control sexuality!

Chapter SIX

At times Candy flexed her cunt muscles tightly together, squeezing Kevin's fat long dick until she heard the blond cry out. Oh God, how she wanted to suck it deeper into her hole, milk it forever with her cramped cuntal muscles, feel it rubbing over her clit again and again! Ohhhh, she could feel every ridge of his dick. The cock in her ass actually intensified the sensations in her pussy! How strange! The pain had vanished. That aching, gut wrenching pain had turned into something else. Now she loved the way his fat balls slapped noisily against her buttocks. Jack fucked and ground his body against her, working his prick in and out very slowly. At times Candy wanted to scream! Her body was wet with perspiration. She slid between the two men sandwiching her body, feeling their hairs tickle her wet flesh mercilessly! And Ben was hammering his cock in and out of her mouth, moaning above her, getting ready to cut loose in her mouth the moment his buddies gave him the signal.

Slowly Kevin increased his fucking tempo. Jack felt the speed go up and increased likewise, balding tightly onto the groaning young woman, hammering his groin hard against her jiggling buttocks.


Candy could feel both dicks jerking and leaping inside her body. They were both rolling their hips, snapping their thighs, driving their cocks in so fast and violently the woman was sure both dick heads would touch somewhere in the center.

"Man, close, close," Kevin panted. Sweat rolled down his forehead and burned into his eyes. His hands crawled along her flat belly, pinching her flesh, making Candy respond by wriggling maddeningly between the two fucking men.


Kevin's fingers were squeezing her nipples again, pinching them so hard she wanted to cry out. But Ben's dick was scraping along her molars, his cockhead banging against the back of her throat again and again. She had all she could do to breathe!

"Fuck her, fuck her," Ben whispered, his eyes widening as he watched the young woman's body below him shake and jerk with each forward fucking thrust. Spittle and cum dribbled out from the corners of Candy's stretched mouth. Glancing down, the young man watched his dick slowly withdraw from her mouth, forcing her lips to pucker out. Ben shivered, staring at the thick coating of glistening spit wetting down the sides of his prong! The young man stared at it for several seconds, feeling Candy wiggle her tongue up and down the sensitive groove, then move it up to the underside of his head. He couldn't take it any longer and tensed his thigh muscles, pile driving his cock back into her throat until the head was brushing her tonsils once more.

Candy's mind sank into a dim haze of semiconsciousness as she felt Jack tearing into her asscheeks. She gasped, tears running down her cheeks as she felt Kevin's prick swelling even more. Instinctively, the girl knew he was going to spray his jizz inside her. She thought of those juices that were supposed to be so thick and hot. Her soft whimpers became loud sobs as the continual fucking thrusts in her cunt and ass built up sensations she'd never been aware of before.

Yes, yes, Candy thought to herself, unable to speak now because of the violent way Ben was fucking her mouth. His knees pressed hard against both her ears while his balls danced merrily over her nose and chin. He was making strange strangled sounds while driving his big dick in and out. At times Candy thought he was about to come. She could taste more and more of that odd-tasting jizz coating her mouth, making her swallow, making her wonder if she'd be able to take all his spunk without retching!

"Yeah, that's it, honey, move that ass, move it around," Jack whispered, biting her neck again.

"Man, she's hot, diggin' this. All that fuckin' shit about not wantin' to get down and party's a pile of crap, eh, slut?" Kevin taunted cruelly, pinching her nipples so hard the blonde teen thought he was going to tear them off!

Kevin pounded his cock even faster, feeling the white jizz boiling in his nuts. Candy knew this was it. She heard the men's breathing become uneven, ragged, felt their bodies sliding against hers in an attempt to build up friction. Yes, yes, let them come! She was ready, ready to explode into a million pieces the moment one of them cut loose!

"Christ, close... man... uhhhhh... so close."

Kevin closed his eyes, flexing his buttocks and driving his cock in like a drill. Candy was going insane with sensation. In her mind all three cocks had become like one organ? The young woman jerked her chains, pulling at her arms, wishing she could touch them all, caress them all, dig her nails into them.

"Fuck, gonna... AHHHHH!"

Kevin snapped his head back, his body jerking violently while his knees slammed against Candy's. Jack flexed his hips wildly at the sounds of the strangled cries of his buddy. Candy held her breath for a moment, then felt jets of white-hot cumsplashing in her pussy, scalding the buckling skies of her cunt. Behind her, she knew Jack was filling her shitter with jizz. She could feel her asshole wetting down, feel her bowels filling up with that lewd liquid. Ben threw his hunk of dickmeat in twice after Kevin had screamed, then shuddered as his jizz shot up the center tube of his prick and sprayed out his piss-slit into Candy's sucking mouth.

The blonde teen's ass slammed against Jack as Kevin kept shouting and coughing, pawing her tits, holding tightly onto her as if he were about to sail off the groaning bed.

"Man, man, work it out, baby, come on, come with us," Jack muttered.

The words heated her already excited, tight, wet cunt even more. She felt the throbbing sensation in her pussy completely take her over. Candy teetered on the edge of orgasm, flirting with that delicious feeling of anticipation. The second of complete sexual insanity passed over her and the girl was swept away by the first near-killing spasm of climax!


Candy nearly bit off Ben's spraying cock as she went out of control. Never had she come so violently! The contractions in her cunt were almost painful as she milked every last drop of jizz from Kevin's dick. Ohhhh, she nearly was knocked out by the force of her orgasm! Somehow Candy managed to hold onto some semblance of reality, moving her body as the men told her to slide back and forth, rubbing her shitter and pussy against their dicks as they kept on shooting their lava-like cum.

Slowly all three men came down from their sexual high. Ben was the first to withdraw, relaxing his leg muscles and easing his dick from Candy's mouth. He wiped the slick cockhead over her lips, laughing down at her, seeing her smack her lips as if she'd just finished with sucking an a delicious lollipop. He rolled back, resting his butt on the balls of his feet, closing his eyes while working his fingers over his dick.

"Yeah, man, good fuckin', good head," Ben sighed.

"Not bad in the ass either," Jack muttered, running his hands over, her slim arms.

Candy felt so low! Fucked by three men at the same time! It was the sort of thing dirty books and movies were made of! She shivered with loathing at herself and at the men who'd made her feel those terrible things.

But were they all that awful? Didn't she love every second of it? How could she feel all this guilt now? Hadn't she renounced all morality the moment her cunt tightened up and started juicing when Kevin slipped those chains and cuffs on her? Ohhh, it was all so confusing!

"Man, gotta get some rest. We gotta talk about gettin' the fuck outta here too," the young blond said, pulling his dick out with a squishy pop and rolling over on his ass. The thief slid his hands under his head and stared silently at the dirty ceiling for several seconds before talking again.

"We got a tool shed out back. Hang her up there 'til we figure out what to do with her," he said, turning his face toward hers and smiling cruelly.

"Oh please, let me go. You've done enough to me," she whimpered.

"Matter of opinion," Kevin said under his breath, sliding out of bed and starting to dress. The others followed suit. Then Kevin and Jack pulled the exhausted girl from the bed, forcing her to stand, laughing at the way jizz oozed from her violated slit and dribbled down her thighs. They were enjoying this humiliating exposure, touching her like some kind of meat, pawing her, even punching and pinching her as she stood helplessly chained in front of them.

"Come on." Kevin shoved her forward. Gasping, the young woman caught her balance and walked as quickly as she could. Candy had to take short steps, however, because of the chain binding her cuffs. The men continued to taunt her, shave her, laugh as she stumbled forward, fell twice, then finally staggered through the doorway outside.

They made her march painfully some two hundred feet over the sharp loose gravel to a large wooden tool shed behind the main house. Kevin barked sharp orders and the door was kicked open.

A foul, stale smell filled the air suddenly, an odor that made Candy twist her face away from the doorway and gag.

"Christ, like somethin' died in there," Ben said in a tight voice.

"Your new home, baby... for a while."

Candy protested, trying to back away. But of course it was impossible. They shoved her in. The girl shivered, feeling her feet sink suddenly into the soft, cold dirt. What was she stepping on? The smell seemed to get worse! Jack had brought in one of the lanterns and the yellowish glow made the rotting interior of this old shed more hellish than it was. Grotesque shadows played on the old walls as Kevin searched around the floor for something.

"Here it is."

He picked up an old meat hook and dangled it in front of Candy. The girl shrank back, her face a mask of sheer terror. She stared at the sharp, rusty hook with wide eyes, imagining that iron piercing her back and inching up to the base of her neck. Were they going to hang her up there like a piece of meat, dangling, twisting slowly in the wind until the police eventually found her rotting body? That smell! Was there another girl -- perhaps a runaway like her -- rotting in the dark, a victim of Kevin's? The thought made her shiver again.


He reached up and slipped the eyed end of the hook through a much smaller hook suspended by a chain attached to an overhead beam. "Will it hold?" Ben asked.

"We'll find out."

With that the tall blond grabbed Candy by the waist and hauled her up while Jack slipped the hook under the waist chain.

"NO!" the girl cried, feeling her body start to dangle as Jack helped slide one hook through the other. "OHHHH!" They'd finished their work. Candy dangled from the two hooks, her legs kicking out as much as they could, the chains tattling violently as she bobbed and swung in the air. She thought her shoulders would shatter from the weight of her hanging body. Ohhhhh, how painful this was! The chains pressed against her body, chaffing her flesh with every move she made. With some difficulty the girl forced herself to be still.

"We'll be back for more. Just had to put you outta the way for a while."

Candy cried out for them to come back. As terrible as they were they were company, something or somebody to take her mind off the pain. But Kevin only laughed, clapping his hands on the shoulders of his buddies and escorting them out of the shed.

Jack had left the lantern and it now made grotesque shadows on the wall as Candy dangled, jerked, and twisted in her bonds. Sweat trickled down her belly, burning into her cum-filled cunt.

"Oh God, help me!"

But God wouldn't help her... especially knowing what had gone on in her mind win the three men were fucking her. Candy closed her eyes and sobbed hysterically. Somehow the violent crying eased the pain and fear tearing at her mind. With a final sigh the girl resigned herself to her situation, hoping the men would come back for her soon and release her.

Candy had no idea how long she'd hung like that. Perhaps it was over an hour when she heard sounds outside the closed door of the tool shed. At first she thought it was Kevin and breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever he had in mind for her, at least it would bring an end to this pain.

But then the girl realized the sounds were far too soft and unsteady to be those from a human. A chill froze her bean. Suppose there were wild animals around? Oh God! What if one were to break in and attack her? Kevin wouldn't run to help her.

Chapter SEVEN

Kevin tugged her thighs wide apart, rolling his eyes up every now and then, enjoying the tension he saw building on Candy's face. Yes, she was grateful for his having released her from that awful hook. But what was he doing to her now? The girl felt her right cuntlip -- now red with growing lust -- being tugged away from the center of her fuck slit. Kevin studied her like a hawk, screwing the object tighter and tighter.


The blond smiled as Candy gritted her teeth in pain. The pulling sensation of her cuntlips being stretched to one side was killing. But still it wasn't as bad and terrifying as being suspended from that awful hook. Glancing up, she could still see the chain swinging from the overhead beam. No, as awful as this might be, still it was nothing compared to the horrors she imagined were committed on that terrible instrument.

Now Kevin pulled her left cuntlip to the side, pinching the soft flesh, rubbing, it between his fingers, feeling more and more juice seep from her hole.

"Yeah, my old lady was just like you," Kevin said, watching as the girl's nipples stiffened and turned a darker red. "She couldn't keep her ass still when my old man started workin' in on her. Shit, the more he laid into her, the more she loved it. She'd come right there... right there where you're sittin', right in front of me, not carin' what she was doing," Kevin said, his voice trembling.

"I'm... sorry," Candy said.

"No need to be," he muttered, screwing the other instrument tightly. Her cuntlips were so far apart Candy wondered if they'd ever stretch back again.

Kevin smiled grimly, then turned and went back to the box and rummaged. She watched him throw various harnesses and rings behind him. Then the young man discovered what he'd been looking for.

"Yeah, he used this on her lots," Kevin muttered, holding up several heavy iron rings with screws attached to one end. He started attaching them to her nipples, screwing the rings so tightly that her nipples throbbed with pain. Candy curled her fingers, breaking several nails, gritting her teeth, refusing to scream. She had to survive this madness.

"Please, I'm not your mother, Kevin. You don't have to punish me," the girl pleaded.

"I know that."

But Candy sensed she was part of a weird fantasy slowly taking over the young man's mind. He was changing in front of her, his attitude growing less violent and erratic, more steady and fierce. The young woman began to realize the pain and lust and fear that must have coursed through Kevin's mother's veins so many years ago in this room.

The blond next took some cord from the box and bound her chaffed wrists to the legs of the table, stretching her arms over her head. The cord was thin, made of nylon, and cut easily into her flesh. It was a warning, letting Candy know that the more she struggled, the more it would hurt.

"Now, to finish you up," he whispered, taking another length of cord and binding her ankles to her thighs with her knees standing straight up in the air. It was a strange, grotesque position. Kevin seemed to know what he was doing, carefully tying the knots, measuring the rope, making sure her legs were in just the right position before tying them.

At first the blonde teen wanted to cry for help. She thought of Ben and Jack. Then the girl realized she'd get no help in that quarter.

"There," he said, tightening the ropes around her wrists.

Candy squealed, snapping her head to one side as she felt the rough line bite into her flesh.

"You'll break my wrist if you keep this up," she wailed.

"Come on, honey, you're diggin' this." To prove his point the young man reached down and cupped her cuntal mound with one hand. Curling his fingers he rubbed his palm back and forth over the furry warm swell, watching Candy's face blanch as her pussy actually moved under that light pressure.

Snickering at her helplessness he attached a loop to one knee next, ran the rope under the table, then slid it around her other knee. This way he was able to keep her from snapping her, legs and thighs protectively together.

"Now," he began as he surveyed his handiwork, "we're gonna have ourselves a little fun."

As she watched Kevin unbutton his shirt and unzip his pants, the girl sensed she was about to endure a weird kind of sex. She struggled, her movements and grunts exciting the young man further.

"That's it, baby, fight for it! Go for it! Try to get out. You can't."

She saw his full cock -- hard, hot, thick and long, jutting out like a barber pole; the only thing missing being the red and white stripes.

He kept his eyes on her, backing toward the box and pushing back one hand. He fished blindly around, then pulled out what looked like a riding crop. Candy's eyes widened, and suddenly the thought of being strung up on that hook didn't seem so bad after all. She wriggled fiercely, making soft grunting sounds in her throat while a coat of perspiration broke out all over her body. Her scalp crinkled with terror as Kevin approached her.

"Fun," he repeated mechanically.

"No, don't, PLEASE!"

Kevin brought down the thin end of the crop down hard between her thighs. The leather thong whipped out and struck her cunt, making her shriek loudly while wallowing her shoulders against the table top. The crop struck a second time... and a third time. Now the young man began bruising her pussy, his breathing becoming labored while the girl thrashed around as best she could. The puffing of those awful screws on her cuntlips seemed to make the cutting pain even worse!

"Stop it... oh, God, what are you doing to me?"

"Come on, honey, you know," Kevin muttered, running his fingers up and down her greasy cleft. Candy stiffened her back, jerking her head to one side and setting her jaw firmly. No, no, this was wrong! How could she possibly be enjoying this sort of torture? All those men fucking her was one thing. Somehow she might be able to come to terms with herself later on. But here, this?

The young man kept on hitting her, striking the girl again and again. Tiny red and purple welts marred her flesh as Candy twisted and jerked on the table top.

"Don't you dig it, baby? I mean, don't it kinda turn you on?"

"No, oh God, no!"

"Come on, ask me to stop, go on, ask me!" Kevin almost shouted, his eyes blazing with hellish fury as he continued striking the leather crop across her jiggling tits and thighs. Sweat trickled down his firm, thick-muscled body. His dick was standing straight out, twitching from side to side with every violent move he made. His balls tightened and rolled forward as he brought down his arm again and again. Candy watched his muscles tighten and ripple as he beat her.

"Stop it, please!" Candy cried, willing to do anything he demanded as long as the beating stopped.

"Just like my old lady," he muttered, turning the rod around and jamming the handle in her hole. Candy squealed, her knees snapping apart farther as the cold leather scraped painfully against her cuntal walls. She tried to work her way up on the table, squirm away from the cold, cutting thing. But it was impossible! Kevin growled like a dog, rubbing his dick against the side of the table while shoving in another inch of the riding crop. She could hear the sloppy wet sounds of that instrument spearing deeper and deeper into her hole!

"Little cunt... man, you'd take anything up that fuckin' pussy, wouldn't you?"

Candy started bunching back involuntarily, feeling her muscles tightening around the strange invader, milking it, actually sucking it in! She cried out, the cords sticking out from her neck while tears rolled down her cheeks. No, this was awful! She was actually fucking a stick, letting her cunt spin out of control as it grabbed tightly onto the riding crop! Ohhhh, how she hated Kevin! At this moment she wanted to drive a knife in him!


With that the young man threw his body on top of hers, his mouth hungrily searching for hers. But when he kissed her he bit her lips, making the girl squirm and shout more frenziedly.

"No, no, don't!" she shrieked, curling her fingers, wishing she could drive her nails deep into his flesh.

"Haven't had enough, eh?"

He raised himself slightly off her body and brought the flat of one hand hard across one cheek, then backhanded her. Candy felt the room spin around while multi-colored stars exploded in front of her. And yet, in spite of the pain and humiliation, the hellish flames of this sick sexual arousal raced through her belly and cunt. The more Kevin abused and tormented her, the more excited she was becoming! It was as if another person had taken her place and she was standing on the sidelines, shocked at what she was looking at!

"Just wait, baby. I'm gonna drag you through the dirt just like my old man to my mother and me," Kevin muttered.

Candy squirmed and strained under his hands as he once more sank his tongue into her mouth. The teen thought several times about biting his lips, his tongue, then thought better of it. Right now he seemed more interested in fucking her than in huffing her. Candy didn't want to change his mind back to the riding crop. Later... she'd get her revenge later.


The sounds coming from her mouth could have been screams if Kevin's tongue hadn't been blocking the way. And, in a sense, the boy hoped those sounds were screams. His mind was going back several years to the times when he was tied up and forced to watch his mother's willing degradation. Confused and tormented, Kevin was reliving those moments now and enjoying them tremendously in this role reversal!

"NOOOOO!" she managed to scream. But Candy didn't want the young man to stop. Oh God, her body wanted more pain and delight something she now knew Kevin was an expert in giving. Feeling his hot breath blowing in her nostrils, the blonde teen knew he was going to fuck her... not the way he screwed her with all his buddies around watching and cheering, but differently. This was just the two of them, alone with their own private dark sexual hells raging all around them!


The pressure of the screws on her cuntlips and nipples made her gasp with lust. She wanted a cock... a fat, long dick inside her. She knew a cock as big as the one jutting out from Kevin's hairy groin would stretch her pussy to the limits -- it had nearly torn her elastic bloated cuntlips the last time! Yes, that was what she needed to take care of her clutching, wet cunt.

Candy felt wonderful sexual thrills surge through her as Kevin shoved his dick up against her lower belly. The girl tried to work her ass down, tilt her cunt at a different angle to swallow up that wonderful-feeling cock. Ohhh, how her mind whirled around and around with lust! Tears streamed freely now down her cheeks as she gasped for air to feed her twisting, plunging body.

"Fuck, baby, you're one hell of a bitch. Man, you keep movin' like that and you're gonna make me came all over your belly," Kevin whispered hotly, tearing his mouth away from hers.

"No, no, come... come... fuck me, ohhhh..." Candy whispered back brokenly.

Then suddenly his lips were all aver her face, kissing her mouth, her eyelids, her throat. He pushed his fingers all over her body, pinching her sore nipples, using the flat of his hand to massage her stiff tit! Candy let herself float in this wonderful sea of sensation, wondering if the young man about to fuck her could hold off long enough to wait for her climax!

"Let's try something else," Kevin said, pulling his dick away from her juice-slicked pussy just as he was about to drive his cockhead in. Candy groaned in frustration, banging her head against the table top while grinding her thighs, anything to relieve the terrible pressure and tension building in her cunt.

He slid back, sitting on her chest, dangling his blood-heavy cock in front of her. Candy crossed her eyes, smacking her lips, remembering how odd and yet how good Ben's dork tasted after she'd resigned herself to sucking him off.

"Take a good look at it, baby. Don'tcha want it inside you, ramming your pussy, reaming you out, sliding down into your cunt?"

He was growing excited with his own words, his chest rising and falling mightily while his nostrils flared like those of a stallion in heat. Candy lay quietly, watching him work his fingers over his thick hunk of cockmeat, growing more and more excited.

"Maybe you want it in your mouth, eh?"

"No, no, don't put that filthy thing in my mouth!" she shrieked, her eyes widening. He'd break her jaw with it! Candy's face was wet, streaked with perspiration and tears. Her blonde hair was fanned put on the table. She shuddered as she stared into the wolf-like eyes burning above her. The hungry look in Kevin's eyes terrified as well as excited her.

The young man's knees now pressed against her arm muscles as he leaned forward, removing the weight of his ass on her nipples. He pulled her hair, watching the girl wince and cry out with pain while with his other hand Kevin grabbed his dork and aimed the greasy head at her mouth. Candy cried out, compressing her lips once again. But this time she was more worried the stud would come in her mouth, forgetting about her own need throbbing and twitching deep in her pussy.

"Open up, honey, open up that fuckin' mouth," Kevin ordered, his voice trembling with fury and excitement.

Candy stared at the massive dick, feeling a strange mixture of revulsion and fascination. Oh, that dick was so big! Even if she totally ignored the need in her cunt it seemed impossible for her to engulf that fat dickhead with her tiny mouth!

"Open up!" he said, more threateningly than before. To emphasize his demand Kevin slapped her again. Crying out, the girl raised her head and did as she was told.


"Yeah, take it baby, feel it sliding into your fuckin' mouth," Kevin sighed, tensing his thigh muscles, working in the thick dickshaft, watching as the girl's lips thinned as they stretched, opened, and finally caressed the hot sides of his prong.

While, he kept talking Kevin reached back, rubbing his fingers over her swampy cunt, working her up higher and higher while telling her he was going to leave her high and dry. She'd have to take care of her own climax after he shot off in her mouth! Candy protested, wanting to shake her head back and forth. No, no, he couldn't be doing something as terrible as that! Oh God, what was she thinking of? She was actually hoping he'd fuck her, stab his dick hard into her body!


Kevin twisted his dick around, hearing the girl sigh with delight. At the same time he rolled her tiny greasy sex shaft between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it until Candy thought she'd piss from excitement and pain! Slowly the big, man drew out his prong until only the fat, bloated cap remained between her lips. Kevin worked it teasingly back and forth, watching her mouth widen then contract, watching her cheeks puff out then sink in as he fucked with jerky, short strokes.


Kevin's fingers tightened around the blonde teen's clit as her lips tightened around his dickhead. Candy felt lightning shoot through her cunt. It was as if sparks were flying out from his fingers and stabbing into her clit!

"Man, yeah, man," Kevin sighed. How good it was to feel something that hot and wet around his dick! Peering heavy-lidded down at the defeated young woman Kevin sucked in a deep breath, feeling a surge of power and sexuality he'd never felt before! Now he knew what his father felt when he abused his family. Yeah, there was nothing like seeing a woman like this-hog -- tied, spread-eagled, forced to submit to him like this -- and her loving every second of it in the end!

Candy loved the pain tearing through her clit as Kevin pinched harder. Then the girl felt him ease his knees off her arms. It was just at the point when she was feeling small pleasurable spasms race through her cunt. Yes, she was having tiny orgasms, actually coming without having anything or anyone really inside her!

"You'd swallow up a man if you could. Ain't too many women like you around, but I know your type," Kevin said, pulling away and wiping the head of his prong over her pouting lower lip. "But, baby, I'm gonna take care of that snatch... at least for me. But I'm gonna make sure you're stayin' hot!"


Candy thrashed as much as she could, bouncing her juice-streaked buttocks over the table top. He couldn't leave her like that.

But Kevin had his own plans. With a simple movement the young man backed down and remounted her. With a single lunge he buried his prong in her throbbing cunt. Candy screamed as if someone had stabbed her in the chest. Then she felt her tense pussy muscles clamp down painfully, nearly snapping Kevin's prong in two.

Chapter EIGHT


Candy's pussy was so tightly gripped around Kevin's dork she wondered if her muscles would cut off its circulation. The young man was surprised at the girl's heat, considering she'd been fucked so violently so recently. She was tight... very tight, very hot, very wet. His dick was sinking like a red-hot rod in a tub of butter.


Candy gasped for air, once more feeling her body being split in two. The pressure was terrible, wonderful, exciting!


Kevin damped his mouth against hers, driving his tongue deep into her throat while shoving more and more of his throbbing prong in her cunt. Candy felt her cuntal muscles cramp, relax, then milk the sinking dork. Juices bubbled out around the stretched cuntlips, wetting down her thighs, his groin, her buttocks. Everything was hot, wet, clenching, pleasurable! The young woman couldn't tell up from down any longer. She was whirling around in her own sexuality, her body being skewered by the fattest dick she'd ever seen in her life!


Candy's sore, whipped asscheeks rubbed against the splintery wooden table as she unconsciously tried to back away from the dick stretching her. But it was useless. Besides, she was enjoying this sensation of being completely pierced, nailed to the wooden table by that dork! The way it forced her cuntal walls to separate, unstick and form a high ceilinged tunnel made her cry out more than once for more cockmeat!

Easing back a little Kevin flexed his hairy buttocks, sending his cock jerking back into her like a spring-driven knife blade. And as his dick stabbed into her snatch, his tongue drove back into her mouth. Candy bubbled and gurgled under him as if she were drowning, her body twisting around in a counter rhythm to his fucking. She wished she could hold onto his shoulders, grip his body, hunch back against him as he pile-drove into her. But Kevin seemed to enjoy fucking her while keeping her bound.


Each time Candy felt the massive cock retreat from her cunt-pit hot breath roared from her nostrils. It was devastating to feel her cuntal walls shrink back to their normal position, touching one another, quivering and buckling as Kevin toyed with her clit. At times the young man would pull all the way back, letting his dickhead rest against the widely stretched opening of her snatch. Then, with a grunt, he'd shove back, splitting her in two once more, making her cry out for more. He was turning her into a slut, an animal whose need for dickmeat was unquenchable!

"Man, nice and tight... Christ, where the fuck did you come from?"

Candy couldn't answer. He jabbed his tongue back into her mouth, pulling her buttocks up, angling her body higher so he could fuck his dick into her more violently. She could hear the soft sucking sounds of his prong trenching out her hole. Again and again Candy moaned, tilting her cunt down as best she could, feeling his dick rubbing against her clit, rubbing her higher and higher up to climax.

"Uhhh... yessss, yessss!" Kevin hissed between his teeth.

"Please, come, come..." Candy groaned back, feeling hot, chilly flashes of sexual heat rushing through her cunt now. Oh, she was so close, only seconds away from coming! The blonde teen rolled her head from side to side, strands of blonde hair clinging to her dampened cheeks and forehead as she gasped for more air. Her chest rose and fell while sweat made her lithe, twisting body glisten. Oh God, this was it! Soon she'd be shooting off into another world, feeling her snatch walls crash down and grip hard onto Kevin's shooting prong.

But the young man had other plans for her. Just as she was about to topple into orgasm he yanked his cock out, watching her pussylips actually move against one another in a sucking, milking motion. He could hear the soft sucking sounds of air being drawn into the wet, dark hole. Candy screamed in frustration, her knees jerking violently toward one another, being held apart by that thick rope. Both of them could hear the sounds of the bonds scraping against the edges of the table.

"No, you ain't gonna make it this way," Kevin said, smiling cruelly down at the girl.

"No, please, oh God, don't do this to me!" she cried in horror.

But Kevin was off the table, holding onto his dick just below his cockhead to regain control of himself. He watched as Candy thrashed helplessly on the table, her eyes closed, her mouth formed into a tight scar as she tried to bring herself off. It was impossible. Kevin was a true sadist, knowing how to bring her to the brink of climax then leave her hanging there, twisting in her own sexual hurricane.

"Be right back honey," he said, his lips curling into a smile. She watched as he dressed quickly and stalked from the shed.

Candy sobbed, jerking furiously at her bonds, crying out with pain when the ropes cut into her ankles and wrists too much. If only she could work one hand free and bring it around to her cunt... then she could bring herself off and end this nightmare.

But Kevin had tied the ropes too securely. All she could do was endure the terrible pulsing in her cunt. Her cuntal walls rubbed maddeningly against her clit every time she moved her buttocks. The teasing made her thrash more furiously.

Candy had no idea how long Kevin had been gone. She was staring quietly at the ceiling, concentrating on that pulsing itch in her cunt.

"Oh baby, you put on one hell of a show. Better 'n most of them dog and pony shows."

"Don't... say things like that," Candy stammered, feeling a rush of horror and self-loathing. She turned her head away from the big man who had just come all over his shoes and Levi's.

"Don't matter much," he said, pushing himself off the box and slipping his softening cock back into his trousers. Tucking his shirt back into his pants the young man untied the girl's bonds, pulling the ropes from her thighs and arms, tossing them on the floor. "You can get some shut-eye here."

With that Kevin picked up a dusty old blanket and tossed it onto the girl's belly.

"Here, cover up and relax..."

"You're going to leave me here?" she cried, pulling the material protectively over her tits. Already she was shivering from the cold drafts in the shed.

"You don't think I'm gonna take you in the house, do you?"

A cruel smile crossed his lips as he headed for the doorway.

"We don't let animals inside."

With that Kevin slammed the door shut, bolting it from outside. Candy threw the blanket to one side and slid off the table top, her muscles aching from the strained position they'd been pulled in for the last hour or so. She curled her fingers around the rotting wooden handle and tugged furiously, grunting with frustration as the door held fast.

There has to be a way out! she told herself, giving up on the door and turning around to examine the walls. There were plenty of holes, but none of them large enough to crawl through. Shivering more, the young blonde teenager picked up the blanket and slowly covered her body with it, staggering back to the table tap. What in God's name was to become of her?

"Oh no," she moaned, sinking to the floor while hugging the filthy blanket to her throat. If only she hadn't been so rash in leaving her mother's house. What was her mother doing now -- praying for her, calling the police? How could the authorities find her here in this God-forsaken place?

Crying silently, the young woman slowly drifted into sleep. Candy had no idea how long she'd been unconscious when the door crashed open. She opened her eyes, jerking away from the three men standing unsteadily in the doorway. Easily Candy could smell, alcohol on their breath. They'd been drinking heavily.

Candy shrank back, pulling the halves of the blanket more tightly to her throat. They were completely uncontrollable now.

"Nobody, man. Come on, let's clean it off 'er," Jack said, reaching down with one hand and unzipping his fly. Ben followed suit, pulling out his flaccid dick and aiming the head at her face.

"Take off that blanket, baby. We don't wanna get it dirty," Kevin ordered, his words slurring together badly.

"No," she whispered, holding the blanket protectively to her body and inching away farther.

"I said take it off or I'll beat the shit outta you," he said menacingly, holding a clenched fist near her face.

Candy whimpered and reluctantly opened the blanket, laying it to one side.

"Better," he muttered, backing away. "Now get on your fuckin' knees and hold that head up."

Candy did as she was told, wondering if the men were going to fuck her in the mouth again. Ben and Jack were swaying drunkenly back and forth, aiming their pricks at her mouth. But their cocks were soft. What...

"Let 'er have it," Kevin said, pulling his soft dick from his trousers and moving to one side of Ben.

Candy saw a few droplets of piss ooze from Jack's cockshaft. Then a steady yellow stream began, splattering on the dirt in front of her, then finally wetting down her knees.


The girl started to back away, shuddering with revulsion from the hot wetness of Jack's piss. But Kevin ordered her to remain kneeling in front of them. Reluctantly, the girl did as she was told.

"Yeah, that's what you're good for, honey. You're nothing better 'n a Goddamn piss pot."

Chapter NINE

Candy shut her eyes tightly, feeling the three hot streams splash over her body. The droplets moved up and down her legs, up to her tits, the foul liquid washing down into her navel, then trickling into her cuntal lip. She sucked in her breath as the hot yellowish streams moved up and cascaded over her upper chest. In seconds Candy was covered with piss. Her hips wiggled instinctively trying to shake free of the three streams.

Candy bit her lips to keep from crying out with disgust and rage. The thin hot sprays stung her nipples, slicked the white flesh she'd once been so proud of.

"That's it, baby, don't move that pretty little body of yours."

"Ohhhhhh," she shuddered, clawing the floor with her fingertips. One of the streams stopped. Candy opened her eyes and saw Ben shaking his loose dick, disappointed he'd run out of fuel so early in the game.

"Take some more beer. Got some outside," Kevin suggested.

The young man stepped out of the shed while the others cinched their cock muscles and stopped pissing on Candy. The blonde teen shook all over, shaking the drops of urine from her flesh. The cold drafts against her wet flesh made her skin pucker up into goosepimples. How filthy, how foul she felt! The dirt under her knees was wet with piss, turning slowly into mud.

"Man, okay," Ben said, shuffling drunkenly back into the shed and resuming his position.

They spread their legs apart, aiming their dick heads directly at her face.

"NOW, open that pretty little mouth of yours, the one that loves to suck cock," Kevin said nastily.

Candy closed her eyes and swallowed hard, taking deep breaths. With each inhalation her tits lifted and rolled together. Oh, how sore they were! And more surprising than her discomfort was the growing heat in her cunt. She'd just been through hell with these animals.

She'd come violently. And yet she wanted more! "Yeah, that's right," Kevin sighed.

The three streams of piss started all over again. Jack directed his stream along her lips, tongue and cheeks, then up to her eyes. Ben concentrated on her tits while Kevin worked his piss back and forth across her cunt. The girl was being droned in urine. And yet it was something that was becoming less and less repulsive to her. Even as the piss bathed her she could feel the juices in her cunt spilling over. Her clit was swollen to the point of bursting again. The more degradation she suffered, it seemed, the more she wanted!

"Slide up more!"

Candy did as she was ordered. She raised herself, mouth and eyes opened now. The girl drank, choked, and drank more. Her clit seemed to curl from the rising sexual heat between her legs. Just as Kevin went dry the young woman felt a mini orgasm spread through her cunt. She whipped her hips, throwing her head back, her hair splashing over her shoulders. The men knew what was happening to her and laughed as they finished bathing her in their urine.

"Wash her down. She smells," Kevin said, wrinkling up his nose while stuffing his fat cock back into his Levi's.

Ben and Jack zipped up, sliding their arms under the girl's shoulders and hauling her outside.


The chilly night air made her cry out with discomfort. And when they splashed the bucket of cold rainwater on her, Candy thought she was going to have a heart attack. She stiffened, jerking forward, her cries piercing the night air. Her arms flailed out as she ran, trying to avoid the next bucketful of water thrown by Ben. The freezing liquid splashed against her tits and belly again and again until the men were sure they'd cleaned her up, Jack ordered the girl back into the shed. Shivering, her flesh turning whitish blue, Candy was more than willing to obey.

"Down back in the dirt, you, filthy, fucking bitch," Kevin ordered. He was smoking a cigarette, taking long drags and blowing the bluish smoke put in her face. Candy turned her head, grabbing her throat and coughing violently.

"Shuddup," Kevin ordered, raising his boot, then letting it drop near her, splashing the piss-soaked mud on her thighs.

"No, no," Candy groaned, shaking her head back and forth. How could she admit to something like that even if she really wanted it?

"Please, I want to go home!"

"Home's right here, baby till we get through with you."

With that Kevin crouched beside her, taking the lit cigarette from his mouth and passing the glowing tip over her belly.

"Maybe a little heat'll make you talk," he said, his eyes glittering while he watched the young girl tremble. The two of them watched the cigarette redden her flesh.


Candy wrinkled her forehead, shoving her arms back and inching her buttocks away from the flame, keeping the cigarette an inch away from her flesh. Candy's breath became short, uneven, while sweat broke out all over her body. He was going to burn her, permanently scar her! Was her pride worth having a permanent injury?

Candy shut her eyes, whimpering as the heat singed the nearly invisible blonde fuzz covering her flesh. The heat seemed to creep down her belly, moving down to her cunt, making her nipples swell with lust. Once more she was feeling pleasure at an act of unspeakable pain.

Oh, it felt so good! It was so terrifyingly good it made Candy move her hips back and forth in fucking motions. She wanted to fuck that cigarette, actually take it between her bloated cuntlips and fuck it!

"Mmmmmm," Kevin said, moving the glowing tip over to the girl's cunt. Candy opened her eyes and clenched her fists, feeling every muscle in her body tense. Her thigh and belly muscles tightened.


Candy shook all over. She screamed, her legs fighting to close on that burning needle. She could feel her clit filling once more with lust. Kevin smiled, dropping the burning cigarette into her juicing slit.

Candy thought she was going to faint. The burning pain made her scream as the cigarette hissed and went out. Kevin rose to his feet, her screams and whimpers becoming a bore. The young man looked down and thought for a moment. Candy studied his expression. The pain in her cunt had grown weaker, quickly replaced by sexual lust. If he had left the cigarette in there a second longer she would have come!

"No, no, leave me alone," she whimpered, feeling her heart pounding faster. She knew going against his will would only bring him down harder on her. And yet that was just what the girl wanted. She craved torture now, begged for humiliation. Still ashamed to ask the young blond for it, Candy did everything she could to get it.

"Yeah, sure, you wanna be left alone," he muttered, smiling knowingly.

"Hey, let's work her over again... you know, all three of us at the same time. That was great!" Jack suggested, his eyes glowing with excitement.

"You wanna fuck something we pissed on," Kevin laughed derisively, staring down at his shamed friends.

"Naw," Ben said, shuffling his feet.

"If you like fuckin' so much, see if you can strap on somethin' like this," Kevin said, quickly moving to the tool box, pulling out a tapered iron some two feet long and two and one-half inches thick.

Candy stared in horror at the thing. "I can heat it up for you if you like. Then we'd see how you enjoy wrappin' your cunt around a good hot dick!"

"No, no, take it away!" the girl screamed, tucking her legs under her butt and trying to scramble away. At a jerk of Kevin's head the other two men held down the shrieking teenager, pinning her arms back, growing hot as Candy tried to escape.

"You're gonna have a new lover, a new boyfriend, Candy," Kevin said, running his fingers up and down the smooth metallic surface. He was going to drive that awful thing into her up to the handle.

"Seen enough?" Ben whispered in one ear.

"Look, man, she's hot," he said, lowering the dildo to one tit and lifting it with the rounded end. "Her nipples are so fuckin' thick... looks that they're ready to blow!"

Jack and Ben twisted her arms a little, increasing both her pain and pleasure. Kevin raised the iron once again, swinging it from side to side to test its weight. It wooshed close to Candy's face, creating a tiny breeze that stirred her hair. The young woman shrank back against the two men holding her still on the ground.

"Yeah, it's a good fit," he muttered, bringing it down to her cunt.

Candy shuddered. The tip was cold against her hot flesh. She moaned, turning her head away, closing her eyes, ashamed she was reacting this way to such an ugly inanimate object.

"I won't hurt you too much."

Kevin bent down and curled his fingers around several strands of her cunt hair. He pretended as if he were going to match them out, then rubbed his fingers teasingly against her hot pussy flesh. He forced her cuntlips apart, laughing as hot fuck oil seeped out and wet down his fingers.

"She's ready."

Straightening somewhat the young man pushed the head of that iron dildo against her cunt hole, shoving in. Candy moaned, jerking her legs apart and hunching up to adjust to the massiveness of that fake cock.

Kevin pushed down harder. Candy screamed, stiffening her back while trying to pull her hands free of Ben and Jack. The blond stud rammed the thing in, twisting ft around and around, moving it in and out, laughing at the wet sucking sounds it made against her pussymeat while more and more fuck juice oozed out.

What was so terrible was that Candy was enjoying it, hoping he'd keep on that fucking. She was experiencing mini orgasms now. The warming dildo rubbed continually over her clit. She screamed again as a more powerful tiny orgasm flushed from her cunt and spread through her body. Her buttocks moved around on the floor. She was actually fucking that thing as if it belonged to a human being!

She was getting hotter, the climaxes building one on top of the other. Each one was more powerful than the former. Explosions went off in her cunt, echoing in her mind. And still the orgasms continued, building to an incredibly high pitch. And still Kevin twisted and turned the dildo, making her came.

Chapter TEN

"Man, yeah, baby," Kevin groaned, throwing himself back and holding his dick hard by the root. A thick wad of jizz shot up from his piss-slit, arcing up and landing in the young teenager's blonde chair. On top of her the big animal howled, hugging her tightly, holding his dick in her his body trembling mightily.

As for Candy, the young woman felt her cunt buckle under the sexual pressure and heat that had been building far hours. Her body stiffened, relaxed, then stiffened again, growing taut as a bow. Candy cried out again and again, feeling the animal jizz froth, out from between her stretched cuntlips and leak down her legs.

"Guess we know where you stand, eh baby? Just about on the level with my old man and lady," Kevin said, chuckling softly while sliding his cock back into his Levi's.

"I can't take this much longer," Candy sobbed, collapsing on one side and curling up into a tight little ball. She slid her knees against her tits, shivering with cold and exhaustion. She lay there on the floor crying for a long while.

This was it! If only she could muster enough energy to run she'd be free.

Pulling herself up, Candy dragged the dirty woolen blanket the men had thrown on her hours ago and wrapped it tightly around her nude body. Carefully she moved to the partially opened door, peering out, then throwing it open and bolting into the night air.

"Going somewhere?"

Candy screamed, jerking back, afraid they were going to hit her.

"Seems she don't like our company."

All three of them were there, sober, dressed.

"Too bad you made a break for it. We were gonna take you with us, or maybe back home. Now, pretty mama," Kevin said, rubbing his fingers gently up and down the side of her face, slapping her suddenly, knocking her off balance. Candy shrieked, dropping her hands from the blanket and staggering to the side. "You've done enough to me! What do you want?" the young blonde screamed.

But the men were in no mood to answer her. Kicking, biting, scratching, Candy still was no match for the three of them as they tore the blanket from her body and dragged her back into the shed.

"One more thing," Kevin muttered between his teeth. "My old man used this on us when he wanted to really sock it to us," he whispered, moving in the shadows and bringing out a small wooden stand. On it was a rusty iron object Candy later perceived to be a handle operated generator. Four long wires with metal clamps on the end hung off the sides.

"What the fuck's that?" Jack asked, pinning the groaning teenager's hands behind her back once more.

"You'll see. Ben, gimme a hand."

Candy sobbed and twisted, begging them not to hurt her anymore. She was exhausted. She needed rest from these men and what they were doing to her.

"She's so damned hot, let's see what she does when she gets her heat back."

Kevin took two of the clamps as Ben shoved the generator table forward. The blond knelt in front of the girl, threatening her with a severe beating if she tried kicking him. Candy closed her eyes and jerked her head away the moment she felt his fingers slide over her pussylips, unsticking them and peeling them back. The cold metal of the clamps made her shiver. There was a slight clicking sound followed by the painful sensation of those tiny clamp teeth biting into her soft cuntflesh.

Kevin repeated the move with her other pussy lip, thus wiring her snatch to the machine.

"Now for the tits," he muttered, stretching one hand back and motioning for the wires impatiently with his fingers.

Ben handed him the clamps, leaning against the machine and watching with fascination as his buddy rubbed Candy's right nipple, even licking and sucking at it until the tiny nub turned a dark red and stiffened.

With that he attached a third clamp to her tit-tip.

Candy made a strangled sound in her throat, the veins sticking out from her neck while her muscles tensed. The clamps, the cold, the expectation of pain to come made her flesh crawl with excitement. Sweat began to ooze from her pores as Kevin backed up and moved behind the generator.

"See this, honey? Hold 'er," Kevin ordered Jack.

The young man wrapped his fingers around a wooden handle sticking out of a wheel to one side of the generator. Candy opened her eyes and focused them on his hand. One glance told her what the instrument was. She let out a howl, struggling once more with Jack. She had to tear those clamps off! If she didn't, electricity would surge through her body, tearing her flesh!

"Man, she knows what's gonna happen here," he said, his eyes glittering. The young man tightened his grip, then gave the wheel a half turn.

Candy thought someone had punched her in the belly. The breath left her lungs while every nerve ending in her body stood up with arousal. She screamed, her head snapping back while her fingers dug into her palms. Her feet moved back, hitting Jack in the ankles while her tits rolled and bounced together.

Just as quickly the incredible surge of heat and power was gone. Candy relaxed, slumping back, her knees buckling. Beads of cold sweat broke out on her forehead. It was then she realized the electrical surge had stimulated her pussy. In spite of the pain and terror, she was getting hot again!

"Nice, eh? Wait'll you try this one."

Kevin tightened his fingers around the handle and turned the wheel a full circle this time. The increased voltage had its predicted affect on the young girl. Candy screamed more loudly than before, her body shuddering. Her eyelids flickered open while her head snapped from side to side. The girl's legs kicked out while more sweat broke out over her white, smooth flesh. Her nipples were growing darker and longer. A musky aroma began to fill the room, an indication that her cunt was juicing, growing tight and hot, responding positively to the powerful electrical surges.


Candy slumped forward, her hair curtaining her face. Her shoulders sagged down while her knees buckled completely it was only Jack's positioning of his legs against hers and his powerful arms that kept her vertical. One of the clamps slipped off her left nipple.

"That's all right. We'll do with what we've got," Kevin muttered, his face darkening with excitement as he gave the wheel two turns now.


Jack struggled to keep his balance as the blonde teen kicked, twisted and jerked in his grip. She had turned into a madwoman, her legs nearly kicking the wires free from her body. Her pubes and nipple had turned a dark reddish purple from the latest surge while a fresh river of pussy juice seeped from her fuck slit and wet down her thighs.

"See what you are, baby? Honey, you ain't better 'n us," Kevin said, laughing at her.

Candy raised her head a little and peered through her hanging blonde hair.

"I... never said I was," she stammered, bringing her thighs together and rubbing them against one another. She was beginning to feel pure animal again. The slick rubbing sensation of her cuntal walls against one another and against her clit made her shamelessly grind like that in front of the men.

"No, but you thought it. All you Goddamned cunts think it. That's what this night was about, baby. I don't know where you're from or what your problem is. But you ain't never gonna think about it the same way from now on," he said, giving the wheel four continuous turns.

Candy could remember only the increasing surge of electricity making her body feel as if it were going to explode. Brilliant lights sparkled in front of her eyes as she felt her clit swell up and blow apart. It was a wild electrical orgasm, making her gasp, retch, scream like a wounded animal while more voltage passed through her body. The world seemed to crash into her cunt as she let out a final shriek, then collapsed into unconsciousness.

When she awoke Candy found herself clothed, slumped on a bus bench not too far from where Kevin and his friends had found her on that street. Oh, how sore her body was! The girl groaned, closing her eyes and rubbing the back of her head. The cold early morning air bit at her face as she stood up unsteadily and walked across the street. Her opened suitcase was still in the gutter. Tears filled her eyes as she picked it up and closed the top.

"I want to go home," she sobbed, biting her lower lip, then holding the suitcase tightly to her body as she staggered through the neighborhood toward her mother's house.

At first afraid to enter, Candy found that her mother had quickly repented having thrown her out. She'd called the police, growing frantic as the hours passed and no report of her daughter came in. When she walked into the warm living room her mother screamed, ran to her and hugged her tightly, apologizing, vowing she'd never question her daughter's integrity again. Candy almost laughed, burying her face in her mother's neck, swearing she would never tell the woman what had happened that terrible night.

Work at the gym began far the young woman one week after her ordeal. Candy rested, complaining of a bad cold caught while wandering the streets that evening. Her mother, feeling guilty, didn't dare question her daughter. But in reality Candy needed the time to rest and think over what hadhappened to her. What surprised her most was that she could look at the events without going mad over them. Yes, what those men had done to her was terrible. But she had also enjoyed it to the fullest, even encouraged them at some points of her captivity. What the men had really done was release some dark, powerful force inside her. Now, Candy wondered, would it reamin silent?

When the young woman resumed work at the spa the first person she saw was Chuck. How odd! It seemed years since she'd seen him last, when it was only eight days!

"Hey, how about some extra training tonight?" he whispered at his first chance.

Candy smiled, blushing dark red and dropping her eyes modestly to the floor. She'd just changed into her bikini outfit and was about to instruct older women in the swimming pool when he accosted her.

"I don't know. My mother..."

"Fuck it. I've been so Goddamned horny without you," he muttered, dropping one hand and gently caressing her ass.

Candy stiffened, glancing nervously around to make sure no one saw him.

"All right. Just don't touch me now," she said, smiling brightly at him and disappearing into the swim area.

All day Candy's mind drifted back to Chuck and that bulging crotch. She could hardly breathe at times, feeling her cunt clench up like a tight fist. This was terrible! All she could think of was sex, fucking, sucking! Images of what Jack, Ben and Kevin had done to her flashed through her mind all day. She pictured being strung up, being punched, being whipped, crawling in the dirt. At times her girl friends had to literally shake her back into reality, wondering if she were still suffering some effects from her "flu".

The closing of the spa seemed never to come. Candy waited impatiently in the women's locker room. She heard Chuck walk in and stop by the lockers, then move farther, sitting down next to her.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, sliding his hands over her back and unfastening her tops.

"Oh, this is wonderful," Candy hissed between her teeth.

"Yeah, glad you're not nervous like the last time," Chuck said, moving one hand on her thigh, up to her leg band, tugging the bottoms down. Candy rocked her ass first to one side, then the other, helping the young man strip her.


Candy felt his fingers touching her stiff nipples and she remembered how those clamps bit into her flesh. Chuck lowered his mouth, his tongue wetting one dark nub, then the other. He gently sucked on the tit tip, drawing it between his front teeth. Candy moaned, tilting back her head and spreading her thighs farther apart. She was trembling now. Her ass was squirming on the chair. And when his finger slid into the flooding cuntal crack the young woman moaned loudly, kissing hungrily at his mouth. Chuck's fingers eased up into her pussy. The girl cried out, jerking, clamping one of her hands over his to push him in deeper.

"Man, you're really hot, eh?" Chuck asked, surprised at Candy's sudden eagerness.

"Let's go somewhere else. Not here. Can't walk," she said in a strangled voice.

Chuck picked her up easily. The girl clung to him, hands locked behind his neck, legs draped over one arm. He carried her out of the locker room into the main office where several couches were pushed against the wall.

"Nobody's gonna catch us here," he said, bolting the door. The sound of that lock turning brought back a flash of the shed... its smell, the darkness, the pain. Candy shivered, smiling, working her legs over the black vinyl covering of the couch she rested on while Chuck slipped his shin, trousers and shoes off, exposing his fat, long cunt splitter.

"Baby, this thing's been waitin' for you for a longtime," he said, sliding onto the bed, covering the girl with his thick-muscled body, running his fingers through her silky blonde hair.

Candy babbled happily, twisting, biting, dragging her fingernails over his back until Chuck cried out in pain. He peered down at her inquiringly, then matched her wildness with a fury of his own. The blonde teenager responded, silently begging him to hurt her and fuck her.

"Can't do everything here, baby, but back at my place, well, I got lots of toys we can... play with," he said meaningfully.

Candy shuddered, centering her cunthole over the greasy dome of his cockhead. She rubbed her stiff nipples against his broad chest, groaning, then shoving up. She felt his dickhead spread apart her cuntlips and squish into her hot, juicing hole.

"Ohhhhh fuck, you're fine."

Play with? As she fucked, her tongue writhing against his, Candy wondered what kind of toys he had. Would she feel the same powerful orgasms she did with Kevin and his friends? Ohhh, that would be the answer to her prayers. There would be the safety of doing those sadistic and masochistic things but with the control of someone who really cared for her.


A deep sobbing breath made her cunt feel so full. Chuck was all the way inside now, his cockshaft pile driving in her hole. Oh, let them finish fast here so they could go to his home and play.

"COOOMMMING!" he cried.

Candy matched his shout with one of her own as her pussy exploded in fuck jolts. Soon, in a few minutes they'd be on their way to his apartment. Ohhh, what had those men done to her?

"Baby, you're gonna feel great when I get you home," Chuck said, smoothing his fingers over her flushed cheeks.

"I know," she murmured happily. Whatever those three men had done to society, Candy realized they'd turned a force loose in her that, if used properly, could provide her with a happiness known to few in the world. "I can hardly wait."

Whips, dildos, let him use everything on her. Candy wanted to five only for pleasure now. And glancing up at Chuck, she was sure he'd bring the maximum amount to her.


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