Cheerleader in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands; the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In this story, Shauna Turin finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her tormentors, she not only meets their sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. She is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code.

CHEERLEADER IN BONDAGE a shocking story of a young girl's reactions under tremendous stress. Yet who are we to judge her actions?

Chapter ONE

"If you win the game Saturday, you can see my tits," Shauna Turin said, sidling up to her boyfriend, Pierre, and tickling his neck.

He looked at her, his strong, good-looking face angry and confused. He ran his fingers through his fair hair, his chest heaving.

"Shit, Shauna," he said suddenly, "will you cut the crap?"

He turned away.

"What do you mean, honey?"

He turned on her in a fury. "Do you know what Leonard and Dennis and Jock get?" he snarled.

"What?" Shauna asked sulkily, looking down at the floor and pouting.

"They get a full-scale blow-job!"

"Oh, yuck!" Shauna said nastily, petting her lovely, natural blonde hair around her face. "That's nasty, perverted -- horrible!"

She pouted at Pierre and slid her fingers around her nipples as they pushed against the front of the tight cheerleader blouse.

"Well you'll have to mike up your mind, won't you?" she said. "A blow-job from one of them or a look at my tits."

She swayed her ass and watched him.

"Shit, Shauna!" Pierre gasped, his eyes running up and down her wonderful figure. "Come on, you gotta give out! I'm serious, I ain't gonna fuck any other girl if I can get you!"

He made a grab for her, but Shauna twisted away.

"You know the rules -- only when we're married!" she giggled. She pouted her mouth into a kiss. "You know I'm worth it."

She was furious with Pierre for even mentioning anything as disgusting as oral sex. He'd pay for that. Even if they won the game, he'd just get a glimpse of her tits -- and then with her bra still on. He was always trying to fuck her. Shauna wasn't like that, but he wouldn't believe it. She was a pure girl, waiting for marriage. In fact, the only thing Shauna didn't like about the thought of marriage was sex. You had to do it with your husband, but only when you couldn't avoid it. Shauna shivered, thinking about letting a man stick his cock into her soft cunt. But she'd have to go through it. She was so beautiful, so she was bound to get married.

She shrugged as she peeled off her cheerleader costume and got into the shower. She couldn't imagine why the other girls on the cheerleading squad liked sex so much. Even though she was the leader, it made her an outsider when they all giggled and talked about getting the boys' cocks all hard and making them shoot. They told Shauna she was a tease and horrible, but Shauna ignored them.

Not that most of the girls mattered anyway. The heart of the squad were the front four, as everybody called them. There was Shauna, Betty, Jill and Peggy. Shauna and Jill were blondes, but everybody knew Jill dyed her hair. She even let the roots grow out sometimes, saying it made her look like more of a slut. She could imagine Jill sucking her boyfriend, Dennis' cock.

Peggy was the softest one of them. Her boyfriend was Jock, the best wide receiver on the team. Peggy did everything Jock told her to do and seemed to enjoy it. Shauna could never imagine doing whatever a man wanted.

Betty was Shauna's biggest challenge to the leadership of the squad and Shauna hated her for that. Betty was a slinky, sexy little brunette who piled her hair up, letting strands of it escape in a fashion that aroused all the boys on the team. She was currently dating Leonard, the team's top running back and that kept the rumors about her down. Perhaps the fact that Peggy was Leonard's young sister explained why she was so submissive to Jock. Leonard was not a boy to cross.

But in the end, Shauna was the best and she knew it. She studied her figure in the deserted shower room. Under her long, straight blonde hair, her face, with brilliant blue eyes, wide mouth with bright, full red lips, straight nose and strong chin, was the asset that the boys saw.

Her body was lithe and lean, small, high tits hanging perfectly on her chest. Her pussy mound seemed almost hairless under the soft blonde fuzz that covered it. Below that came her famous legs.

She showed the boys her legs a lot, flicking up her little cheerleading skirt as she urged the team on. Her legs were long and lean, the curves tight. In the secrecy of her room, Shauna often put on exotic lingerie and stockings with high heels, and she knew how good she looked in them. But even in her cheerleading sneakers and white socks, she looked good enough to turn most heads. Even one of the boys' fathers had propositioned her. Shauna remembered that with a giggle as she dressed.

On Saturday the team played at their best. Pierre threw two touchdown passes and ran another one in. The cheerleader squad urged them on and danced, flashing their bodies and cheering like crazy.

After the game, the front four got together by the stands.

"Where to, guys?" Pierre asked. He seemed a little nervous.

"Great game, Pierre!" one of the boys yelled out as he got into his dad's car. Pierre waved at him.

"How about the hamburger joint? I'm starving," Leonard said.

"Sounds good to me," Betty said.

"In our costumes?" Shauna askd.

"Why not?" Jill said and Shauna gave in.

She climbed into the large van belonging to Leonard's dad. Shauna wondered how he'd got it. He wasn't often allowed to drive it. She settled down and made sure that she wasn't actually touching Pierre as they drove along. She wasn't looking where they were going for a while, but soon realized that they weren't heading for the hamburger joint.

"Where are you going, Leonard?" she asked.

"Gotta drop off home to get some cash," he said.

Shauna sank back into the seat, nervous, though she didn't know why. But there was a strange tension in the car, she could feel it. She watched as Leonard swung into the drive and the garage door slid upward. The van eased in and the door came down behind them.

Shauna was getting worried now.

"What is this?" she snapped, suspecting a trap to get her to kiss Pierre or something equally stupid.

"Come on in, guys," Leonard said, swinging out of the driver's seat.

"What?" Shauna said, and then gasped as Pierre and Dennis grabbed her arms and hustled her out of the van. "What are you doing? Put me down!"

They pushed her through the door into the kitchen and then into the main room. Leonard's family was one of the wealthiest in the neighborhood. The room was big, on two levels, dotted with sofas and chairs, tables and a massive television, VCR and stereo system. The windows had thick curtains on them and the whole effect was one of cozy isolation.

Not that Shauna felt cozy as the boys pushed her into the room and she turned to face them. Leonard put the best rock station in the area on and the stereo beat pulsed through the room.

"What is this?" she asked, facing her friends.

The seven of them laughed a little nervously until Leonard came forward, grinning wildly at Shauna.

"We decided you've teased Pierre enough," he said. "He was too much of a gentleman to treat you like you should be treated, so we said we'd do it." He slid his arms around Betty and fondled her tits. "My folks are away for the weekend, and you're gonna give out, you're gonna fuck us all. And the first thing you're gonna do is give Pierre a great big blow-job!"

He laughed as Shauna screamed and ran for the door. Dennis and Jock grabbed her and pulled her back into the room, gripping her arms as she squealed and struggled.

"I'll scream!" she cried, pulling in their grip, her cheerleading costume riding up over her thighs.

"Go ahead," Leonard said. "That's why I got the stereo on. And this place is pretty well sound-proofed anyway. My folks don't like other people knowing what goes on here." He laughed and chucked Peggy under the chin. "Eh, little sister?"

Peggy simpered and ran her hands down the front of her cheerleading costume, her large soft tits pushing against the fabric.

"If you get to be a drag, I'll gag you," Leonard said. "Get her to the sofa, over the back!"

He left the room, heading for the stairs.

"Come on," Jock said, and Shauna could hear the excitement in his voice. He and Dennis pushed her toward one of the low-backed, thickly padded sofas.

"Stop this! Stop it, you can't do this to me! Pierre stop them!" she screamed as the two boys held her against the sofa back.

Pierre grinned and sat in a chair. Instantly, Betty curled in his lap, easing her cheerleading skirt up, showing her thighs and the white crotch of her panties.

"You had this coming, bitch," she said to Shauna. "You're gonna learn to fuck like we do."

She opened the top of her blouse, running the buttons down until they were open to below her bra. Her luscious tits pushed out in the lacy white bra. To Shauna's absolute horror, her boyfriend -- the pure, honest Pierre -- ran his hands over Betty's tits, caressing the mounds in the lacy bra.

"See, that's what men like!" Betty giggled, smiling nastily at Shauna. "And you're gonna learn how to give it to them. Fuck, you might even like it!"

There was a roar of laughter at that Peggy came out of the kitchen with some beers and handed them around as Jock and Dennis pushed the squealing, horrified Shauna down over the sofa back.

"Stop it, no!" Shauna screeched.

The boys held her on the sofa back, her legs on either side of it. Her skirt had ridden up and her panties were showing. She blushed with shame and hid her face in her blonde hair as she struggled against the iron grip the boys had on her.

Leonard came back in with a large box, which he emptied on the floor. Out of it fell leather bonds, ropes, whips, dildos and other things that made Shauna shudder in terror.

"No, no, you can't do this!" Shauna yelled. "No, oh, God no!"

Leonard grabbed her ankle and slipped a leather strap around it, tightening it and pulling her leg forward, lashing the rope it was attached to to the leg of the sofa right by her head. She screamed and struggled, but he grabbed her other ankle and tied that, pulling her leg forward, painfully stretching it since it was on the cushions of the sofa. Finally he lashed that rope to the front leg of the sofa.

"You can't do this!" Shauna gasped, her eyes filling with tears as she saw Pierre slide his hands over the tight crotch of Betty's panties. Betty moaned and spread her thighs, thrusting her pussy at his hand, a disgusting damp stain on the thin material right over her pussy. "Stop, no! Leonard stop it!"

Shauna screamed at the top of her voice as Leonard took one of her hands and slapped another binding around her wrist.

"No, this is enough, we were supposed to be going to the hamburger joint! I'm hungry, I want to eat! Now!"

"Oh, you'll eat enough," Leonard said, and they all laughed, humiliating Shauna further.

She broke into tears, yelling and screaming at Leonard to stop as he pulled her arm down and lashed her wrist to the same sofa leg her ankle was tied to. When he started on her other arm, she broke, pleading and weeping, but nothing stopped him. He lashed her other hand to the back leg of the sofa and then added the final touch. As she screamed, begged and cursed him, he slipped a rope around her waist and pulled it tight under her body, out between her spread legs and down to the other end leg of the sofa where he tied it very tight indeed. She was finally pinned completely.

Leonard chuckled and picked up a long-handled, paddle-shaped piece of rubber. It was about four feet from end to end and sagged a little in his hand. She stared at it with rising horror as he walked behind her.

"Gimme a beer, boys," he said, and Shauna jerked as she felt his hand on her thigh.

"Take your hand off, Leonard!" she gasped, but he eased it up her thigh, tweaking and pulling at her white flesh as he reached her panties. "You can't do this, it's rape! I'll have you in jail!"

"Oh yeah? With seven of us saying how you lured us here because you knew my folks were away and begged for it?" He ran his hand over the tight curves of Shauna's ass, his fingers still mercifully outside her panties.

"Stop it!" Shauna cried, heaving on the sofa back, trying to get free. But her hands and legs were tightly tied and the rope around her waist stopped her from rolling forward.

Leonard laughed and flicked the little plaited cheerleading skirt with its red and gray stripes up and over her ass.

"Oh, fuck," he said, picking up his beer and slurping it down. "I knew this ass was good. Take a look, boys."

Shauna screamed and pleaded with them as they all gathered around to look at her lovely ass, the tight curves stretched to perfection by the terrible pull of the ropes. At least she had her panties on, but they weren't much protection. All of them came to look, even Pierre and Betty. The sides of Betty's blouse flicked around showing her tits in her little lacy bra, and that disgusted Shauna almost as much as the sight of the massive bulge in Pierre's pants.

"Okay, boys," Leonard said, taking another drink. "Let me show you how to use this. It's easy."

Shauna didn't know what he meant until the most terrible pain burst in her ass. She screamed and twisted in time to see the rubber paddle bouncing away from her stretched asscheeks.

"No, stop it!" she screamed, her ass burning.

But Leonard lashed the paddle across her tight asscheeks again and Shauna bucked on the sofa back, screaming, tears rushing from her eyes at the terrible agony of the paddle and the sound of the slap that rang in her ears.

"See that?" Leonard asked. "You have a go, Pierre."

"No, Pierre, no!" Shauna cried, twisting her head, begging him as her ass bucked on the sofa back. "No, not to me, you can't -- aaaggghhh!" But her boyfriend swung the rubber paddle at her ass. "Please, Pierre, please -- aaauugghh!" She jerked, her body tense as the horrible agony surged in her flesh again. She lurched, screaming, her skirt flicking all over her ass until Pierre had to lean in and push it back out of the way. Her blouse strained and the top button popped off as her body rolled in agony on the sofa back.

"Go on, Pierre," Betty said, and dropped to her knees, caressing the massive bulge in the front of his pants.

"Hey, stop that, you know the rules!" Leonard yelled. "Your date does everything first, then you fuck who you like!"

Betty pouted, opening the top of Pierre's pants and reaching inside.

"I think it'd be worth a whipped ass to suck this cock first." She pulled out Pierre's long thick prick and gave a moan, running her hands over the throbbing rod. "Anyway, I want shit-face to have a real hard time tonight. She can suck this when I've taken out the first load!"

She pouted at Shauna and slipped her soft red lips over the head of Pierre's enormous prick.

Shauna screamed, so horrified that she almost forgot the pain. The first shock had been the size of Pierre's cock. It was nine inches of thick meat at least, and Shauna thanked her lucky stars that she had seen it before she had committed to marriage. There was no way she was taking that thing in her cunt.

"Fuck," Pierre groaned, his ass jerking as Betty's sexy little mouth ran down his cock-shaft, taking fully half of it in, her soft tongue working on his flesh while she opened the clasp of her bra and let the cups fall aside, revealing her lovely tits. She moaned as she sucked him, her fingers playing with her tits, rolling her nipples tightly. She pushed her mouth deeper on his cock, her throat spasming and sucking at his cock-head as it slid in. Pierre held her lovely brunette hair and lined the rubber paddle up on Shauna's heaving ass.

"Yeah, do it, Pierre!" Leonard laughed, taking a drink of beer as he watched.

They were all drinking now, but Shauna was too busy to be disgusted as she usually was. She stared at the paddle, hovering, bending in the air a little. Pierre lashed it down, right into her ass as he thrust his cock deeper into Betty's hot mouth.

"Aaaghhh! Pierre! Pierre! Stop!" Shauna screamed, pulling at the ropes, her ass jerking as the terrible agony burst out of it.

But none of them were listening. Betty sucked Pierre's cock, taking it in to the beat of the music, her fingers moving up and down the few inches of shaft that weren't in her mouth, her other hand playing with her nipples. Pierre whipped Shauna to the music too, the paddle lashing in with regular, terrible strokes. Shauna screamed continuously, her ass throbbing and burning.

Peggy stood to one side, her eyes fixed on Shauna's ass as she drank a beer and watched. Jock stood behind her, one hand running into her blouse and over her tits, but she seemed almost not to notice him. Jill leaned back in a chair, her legs spread brazenly wide, her fingers in her panties, rubbing her hot little clit. But Leonard and Dennis were watching Shauna, so she showed her long legs and swelling pussy mound in the tight panties only to Shauna.

"Nooo, stop it! You can't do this!" Shauna screamed, sobbing in her pain as she struggled on the sofa back. But Pierre whipped her suffering ass harder as he thrust his cock into Betty's willing mouth. "Leonard, she's -- aaaahhhh! She's your girlfriend -- aaaghh! Look what she's doing!"

Leonard chuckled.

"Well, you see," he said, timing his words to fall between Shauna's screams, "we reckon that swapping around makes for more fun. So Betty gets Pierre and I get you."

He laughed and took another drink of beer.

"Aaaghhh! No, no, you're perverts, let me go!" Shauna sobbed, her ass jerking on the sofa back as Pierre whipped her with the paddle.

But nothing stopped him. His arm swept up and down, lashing his girlfriend's ass harder and faster as his cock slid deep into Betty's sucking mouth. She knelt between his legs, her dark eyes alight with lust.

"Yeahhh! Fuck, what a mouth she's got!" Pierre yelled, whipping the paddle into Shauna's ass. "My bitch'll never suck like this!"

He whipped Shauna harder to make his point.

"You wait, Pierre, you wait!" Leonard yelled. "Now come on, shoot in her mouth, the bitch loves cum!"

Betty was moaning with rising lust as she sucked Pierre's cock into her mouth to the balls, her fingers rolling her nipples as hard as she could. Her throat bulged and spasmed over his cock-head.

"Yaaahhhh, you got it, watch this hoser!" Pierre cried, lashing Shauna's ass, the paddle beating in hard.

Shauna screamed and tossed, her head turned in horrible fascination as she watched her boyfriend's cock vanish into Betty's mouth. The paddle beat her flesh and she jerked, rocking the sofa as she saw Pierre jerk and yell, his ass jerking harder at Betty's sucking mouth.

"Oh, fuck, it's soooo good!" Pierre shouted as his cock swelled and jerked in Betty's throat.

Roaring and lashing Shauna's ass with every ounce of his strength, Pierre jerked and a stream of hot cum gushed from his cock. Betty played him perfectly. Moaning with her own surging passion, she leaned back, letting her lips slide up his throbbing, heaving cock-shaft until they just played over Pierre's thick hard cock-head. He yelled and white jizz shot all over Betty's sucking lips.

Shauna nearly fainted in disgust. She screamed in agony as Pierre whipped her tight ass, but her eyes were on Betty. Gobs of white goo ran on her chin and over her lips. She moaned, opening her mouth and taking a jet of hot spunk straight into her mouth, drops of it falling on her white teeth. She jerked Pierre's cock, taking another stream of cum on her lips, licking it up as it oozed down her face. Her eyes were closed, her fingers rubbed her nipples and she shook with a climax. Her mouth slid over the jerking head of Pierre's cock and she sank it back into her throat as she came, sucking like a fury on the still-spouting rod.

"Uuurrhhh -- fuck!" Pierre moaned, gasping as he unloaded his final gobs of cum deep into Betty's throat.

He held her mouth to his cock, moaning in satisfaction as she sucked out the last of his jizz. His arm stopped and the paddle drooped in his hand while Betty's sucking lips cleaned up the gobs of spunk on his cock and her lips.

Betty was still moaning in satisfaction, sliding Pierre's cock into her throat at intervals and jerking with pleasure as the still-hard meat filled her mouth. Finally she eased back and grinned up at him.

"Was it worth it?" she asked.

"Fuck, yeah!" Pierre gasped.

"You have to punish me for sucking you before the stuck-up bitch," Betty said, sliding her hands over his cock. "Make it worth it! Make me scream, honey!"

Pierre gave a long drawn-out gasp of lust, his cock jerking and hardening in Betty's expert fingers. "Jeez, guys, thanks for letting me in the club!"

"Sure, honey, with a cock like yours," Betty said, her hands drawing him back to full hardness fast. "Only trouble is that if bitch here doesn't make it, you're gonna have to find a new girl. Rules, honey."

Peggy giggled. "Fuck, that'll be real difficult for Pierre."

They all laughed, making Peggy blush with pleasure.

It made Shauna cling to the sofa, sobbing in pain and shame. She knew that Pierre would give her up to stay in the horrible club, that was obvious. And there was no way she was letting people do this sort of thing to her. But she didn't want to give Pierre up. She had to find a way of making him understand and stop his disgusting behavior.

"Okay, let me have that," Leonard said, taking the paddle from Pierre. "Ain't you the lucky one, you get two blow-jobs!" He slapped Shauna's ass, making her jump and scream. "Ready to suck cock, you little tease?"

"No, never, you can't make me!" Shauna screamed and collapsed, sobbing over the sofa back, her arms and legs straining at the bonds.

Chapter TWO

"No, no, I won't do that, I won't, that's perverted!" Shauna groaned, pulling at the ropes that held her so securely to the sofa. "You can't make me, you can't!"

Betty giggled as she slid her hot mouth over the rapidly hardening head of Pierre's cock.

"Pity to waste this on a shit like her," she said, gently squeezing his balls and cock-shaft. "Come on, baby, fuck me."

"You gotta choice, Shauna," Leonard said, leaning in and running his hand over her ass. "His cock or mine. If he fucks Betty, I get you, and I'm horny!"

"Stop it, you can't do this!" Shauna moaned, her ass stinging with pain as Leonard's hard hand ran over it.

"You want Betty, Pierre, you have her," Leonard said, his fingers probing into the crotch of Shauna's panties. "I'll break this whore, get her to crawl to you, wanna bet?"

"Fuck!" Pierre gasped, sliding his cock in and out of Betty's willing mouth. He took hold of her tits, groaning with lust at the feel of her hot flesh. "You gotta deal, Leonard."

"Great." Leonard laughed, his fingers pushing at Shauna's soft cuntal opening through her panties. "I'm gonna enjoy this."

"Stop that! Stop!" Shauna cried, her pussy spasming as his fingers probed her clit and outer cunt-lips.

"You got a great cunt, you know that?" Leonard asked, his fingers probing deeper into the very opening of her fuck-hole. "Hey, you're a virgin, right?"

"Stop it! Please, Leonard, please!" Shauna moaned, the music throbbing in her head and her pussy shivering.

"Hey, Peggy," Leonard said. "Come here and show this one how to fuck while I whip some sense into her"

Shauna jerked at the ropes as Peggy gave a soft smile and pulled Jock forward, putting him right in front of the end of the sofa -- and Shauna's suffering face.

"Yeah," Leonard said. "Show her how to get a guy ready and really fuck him."

"She's your sister!" Shauna screamed in horror. "And you want to watch her do that?"

"You want me to watch?" Leonard asked.

"Sure, big brother," Peggy said, opening the top of her blouse. "You wanna feel my tits too?"

Shauna moaned in horror as Leonard came around to Peggy and opened the next button of her blouse. Peggy gave a gurgle of passion and hung around her brother's neck as he opened her blouse to the waist. Her long straight hair fell over her white bra as Leonard unclipped it and pulled the cups aside, revealing the luscious mounds of her tits.

"No, no, you can't, no!" Shauna moaned as Leonard slid his hands over Peggy's tits, stroking the soft mounds.

Peggy pouted and gave a gurgle of pleasure, holding her arms around his neck and thrusting her tits out for her brother's perverted attention. Leonard tweaked her nipples and she gave a murmur of passion, her body jerking as she shivered.

"See?" Leonard said, turning and looking down at Shauna. He let go of Peggy's tits and went around to Shauna's heaving ass. He slid her little skirt up over her back and lashed the paddle against her asscheeks.

"Aaauughh! No, no, not again!" Shauna screamed, twisting, jerking up, her thighs shaking with the pain.

"Ready to suck cock?" Leonard asked.

"No, no! You can't make me do that! I'd die!"

Leonard laughed and Peggy gave a spluttering giggle.

"Nobody dies of a blow-job, honey," Leonard said, and lashed her ass again. "Hey, Peggy, give her the real show. Let her see what she's got to do for a man."

Peggy giggled again and played with her nipples as she eased the sides of her white blouse out of her skirt waistband. She turned and went to Jock, who was grinning.

"She's your girlfriend, Jock, and you let her brother do that to her?" Shauna moaned.

Leonard laughed. "You wanna fuck this one later, Jock?"

"You bet," Jock said, his eyes on the struggling Shauna.

"You got it. All for one and one for all, that's what I say." Leonard roared with laughter and spanked Shauna's ass with his hand, getting another squeal of pain from the bound cheerleader.

Peggy slid her hands around Jock's neck and hung from him, her legs spread, her tits heaving out at him.

"Undress me, honey," she said.

He grinned, pulling her blouse off, then her bra, taking her hands off his neck as he did it and then putting them back. He undid the belt of her skirt, then ran his hand under the short hem, playing with her pussy as she clung to his neck, moaning and gasping with pleasure.

"Oohhh, Jock! Jock!" she gasped. "You'll make me come, you know you will!"

"Oh, no," he said, reaching inside her panties and playing with her hot cunt. "Then you'll get all wet for my cock, won't you?"

"Yeeessss!" she hissed. "Oh, Jock, you did it, you made me come! Ooohhh that was naughty, wasn't it?"

She jerked and spasmed right in front of Shauna's horrified eyes.

"Yes, it sure was," Jock said, his voice husky with lust. "So you'd better be real good to me or you could get your ass whipped like that one on the sofa."

"Oh, I'll be good. You won't have to whip me," Peggy said. "Oh, let me get your cock out. I want your cock so much."

She spasmed again, but kept her pussy on his probing fingers until he pulled his hand away and pulled her skirt down her hips and legs. All the time, Peggy clung to his neck, her thighs jerking a little and her pussy thrusting at his body.

Now she was down to her panties, white socks and cheerleading sneakers. She took her hands from around Jock's neck when he told her to and started unbuttoning his shirt, nuzzling and kissing his chest as she did it. Her fingers were quick and soon she was pulling his shirt out of his jeans and reaching for his pants. Moaning in horrible lust, the young girl sank to her knees and pulled at his zipper, almost ripping it down, then unzipping his belt, pulling his jeans down his legs and helping him out of them. She moaned at the bulge in his pants, sliding her mouth over it as she reached for the top and started pulling his briefs down. Her wicked little mouth licked at his flesh, then played with the thick bulge of his cock-head as it pushed out of the top of his underpants.

Jock gave a gasp of lust, his cock throbbing and pushing at her mouth as she slid his briefs down his thighs. Then she slid her mouth right down the length of his prick.

"Wouldn't you love to do that to me?" Leonard asked Shauna, his fingers playing with her throbbing, heaving ass.

"Never, never!" Shauna's eyes flashed with pain and fury. "No, no, not again, no -- uugghhh! You bastard, you shit!"

She screamed as he whipped the paddle into her ass again. She twisted and jerked, but he didn't do it again and she relaxed across the back of the sofa.

"Get your pants off and get your ass over the chair," Jock said, pulling Peggy's mouth off his cock by her long hair.

"Yes, Jock, sure," Peggy said. "Don't you want me to suck you off first? Was I doing it wrong?"

"Just get your panties off and get over the chair!" he growled.

"Sure, Jock!" Peggy stood up and started peeling her panties over her ass. There was a great big wet patch on them and Shauna shivered in disgust as she saw it.

Pouting and giggling, Peggy stepped out of her panties and threw them in Shauna's face. Shauna screamed, the smell of Peggy's lust waiting into her nose before her frantic writhing threw them onto the floor. Peggy giggled and bent over the back of the chair, spreading her legs and running her fingers over her hot wet cunt.

Jock slid his cock over her wet cunt-gash. Then, with one thrust, he rammed his cock into Peggy's cunt, reaming her fuck channel out with his thick, hard prick.

"Ooouuhhh!" Peggy groaned, thrusting back at him, her greedy cunt swallowing his cock.

"You see that? Don't you wanna fuck like my sister?" Leonard asked Shauna.

"You perverts, this is disgusting. I'm reporting you, I'll -- aaagghhhh! No, no, not again!" Shauna tossed frantically, twisting her head to if he was going to beat her again, but he didn't. He just grinned.

"Come on, bitch, I wanna fuck too," Dennis said to Jill as she lay in the chair, watching Shauna's suffering and the fucking Jock was giving Peggy. Jill's skirt was up under her ass and her fingers moved quickly on her clit.

"Fuck off, Dennis," she said. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

She moaned and came, her eyes feasting on Shauna's bound body, her blonde hair flicking over her open, sexy face.

"You'll pay for this!!" Dennis snarled, running his hand over the front of her blouse, feeling her thrusting tits.

"Sure, Dennis, sure!" she moaned, her fingers playing with her cunt.

He grinned and went over to Peggy as she lay on the chair back, thrusting her ass at Jock's cock. "Mind if I use her mouth?"

"Go ahead," Jock said, sliding his cock in and out of the hot wet pit of Peggy's fuck-hole.

Dennis unzipped his pants, pulled out his prick and slid his cock-head over Peggy's pouting lips. "Suck it good."

"Ooohh, two cocks!" Peggy moaned, sliding her mouth down his hard-on, taking it all in, her throat bulging as his cock-head worked its way deeper and deeper.

"Ready to suck cock?" Leonard asked.

"Please, no, please!" Shauna begged. The single strokes were driving her out of her mind. Just as the pan subsided to a low ache, Leonard would whip her again.

"Are you ready?"

"Please, Leonard, no, don't -- aaaggghhh! Please!" she screamed as the paddle whipped into her ass again.

"Are you ready to suck my cock?"

"No, no, please -- aaaaaggh! Please!" Shauna wept as the stinging pain filled her ass.

"Okay, just wanted to know," he said, and Shauna wept and tossed on the sofa back, her body aching with pain. Her blouse was getting even more wrinkled as she struggled and another button was in danger of ripping off. She wept and looked back at Leonard, but he was just drinking his beer, the paddle hanging from his hand.

Just beyond the heaving, grunting trio of Peggy, Dennis and Jock, Shauna saw Pierre as Betty led him to another of the large padded chairs, on the lower level of the room. Pierre was wearing nothing but a robe, and his cock stuck out of the front of it like a pole. Grinning wildly and making sure that Shauna could see it all, Betty handed Pierre a thin cane. With slow, almost casual movements, Betty stripped her panties off, stepping out of them and tossing them aside. Then she bent over the chair, her ass waving at him, her long legs spread wide, her pussy thrusting out from beneath her asscheeks, the dark hair wet with her fuck-juices. She flicked her skirt up over her back.

"Oh, Pierre, I was so bad. So bad," Betty said. "I sucked you off and now I'm gonna fuck you, and Shauna hasn't even kissed your cock yet! You must punish me! Come on, really hard, then fuck my brains out!"

Shauna was horrified -- and suddenly jealous. She'd never seen before just how beautiful Betty was. Her body was more curvy than Shauna's almost boyish figure, her legs as long and just as shapely, her tits as soft and as firm. Only Shauna's strikingly different looks came out ahead of Betty's dark beauty.

But Shauna didn't have much time to fret over Betty's body. She watched in horror as Pierre lined the cane up on Betty's tight asscheeks, his eyes glazed with lust, his cock throbbing as he held it with his other hand.

"You know Pierre's just gonna prove if he's a man or not," Leonard whispered in Shauna's ear. "If he shoots while he's whipping Betty, then he's not. Wanna bet? I bet as much pussy sucking as you want, he doesn't. If I'm right, you suck my cock as much as I want. Deal?"

"Go away, stop it!" Shauna moaned, her horror mounting as she watched Pierre pull the cane up and hold it over Betty's asscheeks.

"Oh, yes, Pierre, come on!" Betty moaned. "How about I whip you, stroke for stroke?"

Leonard hissed in Shauna's ear. "That'll show you what a cunt you are. And believe me, the paddle doesn't hurt half as much as that cane."

"No, please, you brute!" Shauna cried, heaving on the sofa back.

She screamed as Leonard lashed her ass and was still rigid with the pain as Pierre whipped the cane into Betty's tight asscheeks.

Betty jerked and a moan of lust escaped her lips. She writhed, her ass shaking as a thin line of red spread across it.

"Uurrhh, yes, yes, Pierre!" she moaned. "Beat me! I was so bad, so bad -- aahhh, yes!"

She spasmed as Pierre whipped her ass hard.

Shauna wept in horror as she watched her boyfriend whipping Betty into a frenzy of lust. Betty's body heaved and her hands pulled at her nipples, gripping and twisting them as hard as I as her ass reddened, jerking up to the pulse of the vicious whipping.

Then Leonard whipped Shauna's ass and the bound blonde jerked up, screaming in pain, her skirt rolling back down over her ass.

"Get it up," Leonard said, and pushed the little red and gray skirt back up out of the way.

"Ready to suck cock?"

"No, no, you can't make me -- urrggghh!" Shauna groaned, twisting and jerking helplessly on the sofa back, her blonde hair a mess over her face.

The paddle whipped her ass, sending horrible agony through her body. Leonard wasn't waiting for the pain to die away now. His strokes were getting harder and faster, and Shauna was going out of her mind with the pain. She tried to concentrate on the horrible things going on in the room to take her mind off it. She watched the utter depravity of Pierre whipping Betty, driving the sexy little brunette out of her mind with pleasure.

"Yes, oh, yes, Pierre, yes!" Betty moaned, jerking on the chair back, her fingers rolling her wet clit and her legs shaking as the endless passion surged over her. "Unh, yes, just like that! Yes, yes! I'm coming! Whip me, Pierre, whip meeee!"

She spasmed and came, screaming on the chair back.

"Ready to suck cock?" Leonard asked, lashing Shauna's whipped ass.

"Uurrrhh! Please, Leonard, no, please!" Shauna gasped, tossing in helpless agony on the sofa. Suddenly even the sight of Peggy working Dennis' cock into her throat didn't seem so bad to the bound blonde. Pain gushed through Shauna's body, throbbing and pulsing. Her throat was sore from screaming. Her ass heaved, throbbing as the paddle whipped into it yet again, driving her to the brink of surrender to Leonard's depraved demands.

"Ready to suck cock?" he yelled, holding the paddle on her ass, sending low, constant pulses of pain through her.

"Please, Leonard, please!" Shauna groaned, sobbing into the sofa back, her agonized ass jerking against the rubber. "Please, I'll die! I can't do those things!"

He laughed and gave her another hard swat with the paddle.

"Die? I'm gonna teach you what living is, baby," he said, rubbing the paddle on her ass as she screamed and moaned.

She knew he was playing with her, beating her to submission and then stopping to let her recover to take more pain. But there was nothing she could do about it except weep and beg him to stop. He did for a moment, letting her watch the end of Betty's punishment.

The little brunet was screaming and writhing on the chair back, coming in shudders of orgasm every time the cane lashed her ass. Her flesh was red and lined, but she was taking it all, thrusting and jerking up as the cane lashed in. Bubbling screams of lust burst through her lips each time another red line was added to her ass, and her fingers clawed at the chair cushions. Pierre whipped her hard, his eyes wide, his hand gripping his cock, sliding very slowly over the rock-hard fuck-flesh.

"Yes, yes, do it, Pierre, do it! More! Yes, just like that! Ooohhh, punish me, punish me! Yessss!" Betty moaned, jerking on the chair back, her ass thrusting and heaving.

"Fuck!" Pierre roared, his arm flashing in with the cane, driving it into her flesh with a sickening slap. "I gotta fuck you, bitch, I just gotta!"

"Yes, yes, anything you want, Pierre! Come on, fuck me! Ram your cock up my cunt!" Betty screamed, jerking out of control on the chair back.

Pierre yelled with lust and lunged at her, gripping her ass, sliding his cock over her wet pussycrack before he thrust it in, filling Betty's tight little cunt with his raging cock.

"Ooohh, fuck, Pierre, that's sooo good!" Betty groaned, heaving back at him, her cunt sucking at his prick for all it was worth. "Oohhh, promise you'll do it again? Punish me and fuck me! Say you will! Say you will Pierre! Come on!"

She shuddered as her orgasm surged and rolled to the stroke of his ramming cock, her dark hair coming loose and falling over her shoulders.

"Fuck, you got it, bitch!" Pierre yelled, out of his mind with lust. He dropped the cane down beside the chair, alongside Betty's heaving body. Then he leaned in, gripping her tits, stroking and squeezing the soft mounds.

"Oh, Pierre, come on! Yeah, come on, hurt my nipples!" Betty moaned. "Come on, hurt me! I'm a disgusting little bitch! Come on!"

She moaned, pulling herself up, thrusting her tits at his hands, gasping as he twisted her nipples hard and pulled at her tits.

Shauna shuddered in horror, her ass still writhing under the slow drag of the paddle. Her bright-red lips were wide with horror, her pale face lined with tears, but none of that made any impression on Leonard.

"Ready to suck cock?" he asked, and Shauna felt the paddle sweep away from her ass.

"No, please, Leonard, please -- aaaagghhhh! No, I can't take it! No more pain, please -- aaaahhh!"

She jerked and writhed in agony, her legs trembling, her whole body aching.

"Then beg to suck my cock!" Leonard shouted, lashing her ass.

"Aaaggh! No, please, have mercy, Leonard, I can't do that!" Shauna gasped, her body on fire with the pain, her ass throbbing unbearably.

"You can!" he yelled, lashing her hard.

"Uuurrgg! Please, no! Please!"

"Beg!" Leonard yelled, his hand sweeping the flexible paddle in with all his might.

Shauna screeched, her ass jerking uncontrollably, her arms pulling helplessly at the bonds.


The paddle lashed her ass and Shauna couldn't take it anymore. The pain broke her.

"You bastard, Leonard! You bastard!" she cried. "I'll do it, you bastard, I'll do it!"

He laughed, gave her another lash of the paddle, then leaned down over her as her screams died away.

"I said beg, Shauna!" he snarled. "Now beg me real nice and I won't use the paddle on you again!"

"Please, Leonard, please!" Shauna gasped, her eyes on the horrible sight of Dennis' cock buried in Peggy's mouth. She knew, she would throw up when Leonard shoved his cock into her mouth. "All right, I'll do it!"


Sobs choked Shauna's throat. She gasped and wept, her ass burning, trying to make herself say the words. The paddle hovered over her throbbing ass.

"Please!" she moaned.

"Please what?"

"Please, let me do that to you? Aaaghhh no!"

"Do what?" Leonard asked as he held the paddle over her ass.

"Suck your -- please, no, don't! All right, I'll -- aaaghghh -- suck your cock! Please let me suck your cock!" Shauna screamed as the paddle lashed her ass.

"Say it louder, bitch, I wanna hear you when I come!" Dennis yelled, sinking his cock deep into Peggy's mouth.

"Louder," Leonard said.

"Please let me suck your cock!" Shauna moaned.

"Louder," Leonard said, lashing her ass.

"Uurrggh! Please, let me suck your cock!" Shauna screamed, jerking uncontrollably on the sofa back, her ass pulsating with unbearable agony.

"Again, I wanna hear you!" Dennis yelled, ramming his cock deep into Peggy's soft mouth.

"Yeah, come on, beg us all to fuck you," Jock said, his cock fucking deep into Peggy's sucking cunt.

"Please fuck me!" Shauna wailed, tears running down her face.

"Come on, say it for them!" Leonard yelled, lashing the helplessly bound blonde with the paddle. "Scream it! Come on!"

"I wanna fuck you all -- aagghh! Leonard, please, no more!" Shauna groaned, her body thrashing around as the paddle hit her.

"Yeaahhhh!" Dennis yelled, his cock pistoning in and out of Peggy's sucking mouth. "Ohhh, that's it! I'm coming! I'm gonna shoot all over your face, baby! Ooohhhh!"

His cock pulsed and throbbed, and Peggy moaned with pleasure, her soft lips running over his cock-head as she urged the cum out of his balls.

"Yeah, come on, whip her while they shoot," Jill said from her chair, her fingers still rubbing her hot pussy.

"I'll fuckin' whip your cunt," Dennis said, his cock rubbing over Peggy's lips as his cum surged out of his balls.

"Wouldn't you just love that!" Jill gasped, coming harder. "Come on, let me see you shoot, baby, I wanna watch!"

Shauna buried her face in the sofa. They were all doing it, humiliating her all the time.

"Yaahhh!" Dennis yelled as a shot of cum burst out of his piss-slit, and splattered over Peggy's sucking lips.

Chapter THREE

Shauna hid her head as Dennis' cum burst out all over Peggy's mouth. It was so disgusting, she thought she would throw up. But Peggy was moaning with pleasure as she took another hot spurt of white jizz on her lips. Her fingers played up and down Dennis' cock-shaft as it jerked, and she licked off the cum into her mouth, her wicked little tongue playing over her lips and the throbbing tip of Dennis' cock. At the same time, her ass pumped back at Jock's prick, taking it right in, urging him to slam to the hilt in her spasming cunt as she surged up to a climax.

"Uuuurrhh! Fuck, take it in, honey! Oohhhh!" Dennis moaned, thrusting his cock past Peggy's lips and into her sucking mouth.

Leonard grabbed Shauna's blonde hair and pulled her head up.

"You watch this, sweetheart," he said. "This is what you're gonna learn to do."

Shauna snuffled and wept, but she was forced to look at the horrible sight. Dennis still yelled and moaned as cum burst out of his cock into Peggy's mouth. His ass jerked and his prick shaft was covered in gooey cum which Peggy licked off slowly and with great relish.

But Jock's cum was just getting ready to burst out of his cock. He moaned and gripped Peggy's ass tight, thrusting his cock into her cunt with harder and faster strokes. His prick blurred between Peggy's lovely thighs as he lost control and a stream of hot spunk gushed out of his balls.

"Yuuuurrh!" he moaned, sliding his hands forward and gripping Peggy's luscious tits, squeezing them for all he was worth as he growled and yelled, his cock shooting cum high into her cunt.

Peggy's moans got louder as she went wild with lust, her cunt throbbing over Jock's prick, her soft tongue still swirling over Dennis' thick cock-head, taking up the last of his salty jism. "Oooohh, yes! Come on, Jock, fuck me, fuck meeee! Aaaahhh, yessss!"

She screamed and climaxed, jerking out of control over the chair back as she came, her cunt sucking the hot spunk out of Jock's heaving cock.

"See, that's how to do it," Leonard whispered in Shauna's ear, as she sobbed with horror. "Ready to suck my cock now?"

Shauna just wept, staring at the heaving figures on the chair back, seeing Jock's cock fuck in and out of Peggy's sucking cunt as the two of them screamed with lust and satisfaction.

"Fucking your sister, Leonard! Your fuckin' sister!" Dennis roared, his cock pouring out jizz, filling Peggy's willing pussy.

Leonard laughed. "You can't give my little sis enough. Right, Sis?"

"Mmmmnnn!" Peggy moaned, sinking her mouth down Dennis' cock, taking the last drops of his cum and cleaning the heaving cock-shaft off.

Jock gasped, his cock slamming deep in her cunt as the last drops of his spunk shot out of his cock into her throbbing, sucking cunt.

"Jeeeez!" he moaned, his hips giving a last series of jerks against Peggy's ass and cunt. "They don't come any better than that!"

Peggy gave a delighted wriggle and giggle and lay over the chair back, moaning with satisfaction.

In her own chair, Jill gave a final moan and came down from her climax, her fingers still rubbing over her clit, sliding on her plentiful pussy-juices. Her blouse was open, her bra pushed under her thrusting tits as she pulled dreamily at her nipples. Her little skirt was still pushed up under her ass. She grinned at the three on the chair and giggled.

"That was fun to watch, guys," she said.

"You ain't gonna be watching next time," Dennis said.

Leonard crouched down and stared right into Shauna's terrified eyes. "Ready to suck cock?"

"Please, Leonard, don't make me do that," Shauna said in a last desperate attempt to save herself. She gasped as she saw his hand go up. "No, I'll do it, I -- aaaaahhh! Yes, I'm ready!"

Leonard crouched down again, his face inches from Shauna's.

"Fuck me around again, bitch, and I'll whip your ass until the skin peels off!" he snarled. "Now, for the last time, are you ready to suck cock?"

"Yes, yes!" Shauna moaned.

He grinned and started freeing her, letting her legs loose first.

Shauna moaned as she was able to bend her legs and then her arms, the circulation rushing back into her hands and feet. She ran a hand back and rubbed her ass.

"Let's have a look at you," Leonard said. "Walk around. Show us your panties. Come on, like you do at the game."

It was very different from at the game. Shauna sobbed as she walked over the thick carpet, holding her skirt up so that they could see her panties. She could see the paddle in Leonard's hand, and that stopped her even thinking about refusing. She tried to pass the chair where Jill sat, but Jill grabbed her skirt and pulled her back.

"Open your legs wider," Jill said, and Shauna did as she was told, sliding her lovely long legs open, keeping her skirt up.

"No!" she gasped, and burst into more tears as Jill slid her hand up her thigh, reaching over her white flesh for the crotch of her tight panties. "Please, Leonard, don't let her do this!"

"You do as you're told," Leonard said.

Shauna sobbed as she was forced to endure the perverted fingering Jill gave her. The brazen girl worked a finger inside Shauna's panties and fingered her clit, while her other hand played over the soft surface of Shauna's briefs, caressing Shauna's trembling cunt-lips.

"Hey, ain't that great?" Leonard whispered in Shauna's ear. "Don't you just love having Jill feel you up?"

"Please, oh yes, I love it!" Shauna cried just in time to stop the paddle from lashing her ass.

"Wouldn't you just love to suck Jill's cunt?" Leonard asked, tapping Shauna's ass with the paddle.

"Please, Leonard, don't! Yes! Yes, I'd -- aaahhh! Yes, I'd love to!" Shauna screamed, twisting and heaving as the paddle lashed her ass.

"Get back," Leonard said, lashing her ass again.

Shauna was forced into the humiliation of spreading her legs again and letting Jill slide her fingers back over her cunt.

"Now say it again. How you'd love to suck Jill's pussy."

"I'd love to suck Jill's pussy!" Shauna moaned.

"Well tough shit, honey, you've got some cocksucking to do first," Leonard said with a laugh. "Now get your cunt off Jill's fingers and come here."

Shauna moaned and pulled away from Jill, remembering to keep her skirt held up, showing the full length of her legs as she moved.

Leonard led her over the floor to the chair where Pierre was fucking his cock in and out of Betty's wet cunt. Shauna shuddered as she saw her boyfriend's hard cock slamming in and out while Betty gasped and moaned in climax.

"Fuck, honey, you're gonna be lucky to get your boyfriend back!" Betty moaned, pushing her cunt at Pierre's cock, taking the full length into her spasming pussy. "Come on, lover, fuck me! Fuck my cunt!"

She came again, heaving and moaning, her sopping fuck-channel sliding up and down on Pierre's shuddering prick.

"Oh, shit, can you fuck!" she gasped, her long legs shaking with passion.

"Hey, Leonard, get that whore on her knees and get her sucking!" Pierre gasped. "I wanna see her mouth full of cock when I come, and shit, your girlfriend's gonna bring me off real soon!"

He heaved and jerked, his cock slamming faster and harder into Betty's cunt.

"You heard the man -- on your knees!" Leonard shouted, and Shauna sank to the floor in a frenzy of horror, fear and shame. Leonard thrust his crotch at her face. "Unzip my pants!"

Shauna reached for the zipper of Leonard's jeans, her mind in the most horrible turmoil. Her fingers were trembling helplessly as she found the little metal tag and pulled, easing it down. Her blonde hair was over his face as she managed to get it down, and she trembled as she waited for his next instruction.

"Take my cock out, you stupid cunt!"

Shauna wanted to die. They were all staring at her and giggling. She reached in.

Leonard's cock was easily as big as Pierre's. It throbbed in his pants, rigid with lust, so hard she couldn't pull it through the fly of his pants.

"So, what do you do?" Leonard asked. "And don't hurt my cock."

Shauna knew she had to think fast or there would be more pain for her. She reached for the top of his jeans and pulled open the button, easing his jeans open. Then she could ease his briefs down and grab the massive prick inside.

"Uurrhhh!" Pierre moaned, thrusting his cock at Betty's cunt. "The times I've dreamed of making her do that!"

"She's not as good as me!" Betty gasped, pushing back at him. "You try her, you'll see!"

Pierre laughed. "Fuck, I even get to make a comparison!"

Leonard's cock was out and waiting for her mouth. The shaft was long and smooth, running up to the arrow-shaped cock-head, and right at the tip of his cock-head was a drop of nearly transparent liquid. Shauna moaned when she saw it. She would have to lick that up, she knew.

"Come on, whore, your boyfriend wants to see you suck cock," Leonard said, tapping the paddle on his thigh.

Shauna gave in and leaned forward, closing in on his cock. She closed her eyes as she felt the heat of it against her lips. Then, for the first time in her life, the little blonde cheerleader allowed her lips to run over a man's cock-head.

"Yeahhhh!" Pierre laughed, his cock pumping in and out of Betty's pussy as the dark haired cheerleader moaned in orgasm, her skirt bouncing on her ass.

"Take it in," Leonard said, thrusting his rigid cock at Shauna's mouth.

Shauna moaned and wept, crouched on the floor, her skirt fallen back over her ass, her blouse torn, but still concealing her lovely tits. Not that she got much comfort from that. Leonard's cock pushed at her mouth and she had to let it in a bit. Some of his cock-head slid inside her lips, and she shuddered as the hard flesh pushed at her teeth.

"Hold my prick, you stupid cunt," Leonard said. "Work it. Make it look like you love it! Or else!"

Shauna's moan rang around the room as she was forced into another humiliation. Her trembling fingers took hold of Leonard's cock-shaft and she ran her lips over the swollen cock-head, tasting the slightly salty drop of fluid that came from his piss-slit.

"Deeper, whore, suck it or I'll give you a real beating with the paddle!" Leonard snarled, thrusting his cock at Shauna's mouth.

Shauna had to open her mouth and take the swollen cock-head in.

Leonard gripped her blonde hair and played with her, sliding his cock in and out, making her lick it as it slid forward and back. Shauna moaned and sobbed, keeping her fingers on his prick as the massive thing moved in and out of her mouth.

"Now open your blouse, I wanna see your fits!"

"Uurrhhh, fuck, yeah!" Pierre moaned, and his cock surged even more in Betty's cunt. "Fuck I can't stand this, I'm gonna come!"

"Ooooohh, Pierre! Pierre, whip my ass while you shoot!" Betty gasped. "Whip me real good!"

She screamed and bucked back at him as she felt his cock swelling and jerking in her cunt.

"Fuuuuuck!" Pierre yelled, grabbing the thin rod and holding it over Betty's twitching, thrusting ass. "You get ready, baby, just get ready!"

"Yeah -- yeaahaahah!" Betty screamed, jerking around on the chair back, her body throbbing out of control. "Watch your girlfriend!"

Shauna was showing her tits for the first time. Her trembling fingers worked down the front of her blouse, while her other hand gripped Leonard's cock-shaft and held his prick-head deep between her lips.

"Yeahhhhh!" Leonard growled with satisfaction as the cups of Shauna's bra came into view. His cock swelled and thrust harder at her mouth, pushing for the back of her throat.

Shauna moaned and tried to keep Leonard's cock-head from ramming deeper and making her gag. Her fingers opened the last button of her blouse and the sides fell open, revealing the curves of her thrusting tits in her lacy little bra. She knew that all the boys were staring at her.

"Open your bra," Leonard said.

"Yaahhhh!" Pierre cried, and lashed the rod down across Betty's ass, inches from his cock as it slammed into her hot cunt.

Betty's scream of lust rang around the room and she bucked up, jerking and sobbing as the pain rushed over her. "Yes, Pierre! Oh, Pierre, whip me! Shoot in me, shoooooot!"

"Yaaaahhhhh!" Pierre's cock shot a stream of hot cum high into Betty's sucking cunt.

"Yaahhhh, darling, watch her tits, she's taking her bra off!" Betty moaned, jerking as Pierre whipped her ass hard, the thin rod laying another line of red pain across her flesh.

Pierre roared and turned his head, watching as Shauna slid her fingers to the clasp of her little bra. She could control the movement, she thought, flashing her tits for an instant at the slobbering Pierre, then closing them off again. She got the clasp open and let the cups of her bra fall away.

"Uuurrhhhh!" Pierre yelled, his cock shooting cum into Betty's pussy as he lashed her and stared at Shauna's tits.

"Pull it all away from them," Leonard said, his cock sliding in and out of Shauna's lips.

Weeping helplessly, Shauna pulled her blouse and bra aside, revealing her lovely tits. Pierre yelled and came, whipping the rod into Betty's ass as hot shots of jizz poured out of his piss-slit. Leonard growled with satisfaction, his cock hardening even further in Shauna's mouth, his cock-head pushing at her throat.

"Ooooohh, fuck, they're almost as good as mine!" Betty gasped, jerking as her ass whipped and she came in another helpless spasm of lust. She laughed and rubbed her own tits through her blouse while her insatiable cunt sucked more cum out of Pierre's ramming cock.

"Jeeeeeezzus!" he gasped, jerking and twitching as his stream of spunk ran out. "One more, one more!"

He lashed Betty's ass with the rod and thrust his cock as deep as it would go into her cunt. She gave a scream of satisfaction and collapsed across the chair. He sank down to join her, his hands running to her tits, caressing the soft mounds through her blouse.

Shauna moaned and sucked at Leonard's cock, still sobbing in her shame. His massive cock slid in and out of her luscious red lips, made even redder by the paleness of the rest of her face. He grinned down at his victim, watching his hard cock-head fucking in and out of her mouth.

"Yeah, now suck it good, honey, or your ass is gonna be on fire," he chuckled, sliding his hand in her blonde hair. "Hey, I bet Pierre would love to whip your pussy! Right, Pierre?"

"Fuck, whip her pussy?" Pierre gasped, his cock twitching in Betty's hot cunt.

"Yeah. You never whipped a pussy?" Betty asked. "Hey, you gotta whip pussy. Then you can whip mine properly"

She giggled and pushed herself up off the chair back.

Shauna sobbed. Her lips slid down the wet shaft of Leonard's cock, and she could feel him thrusting harder, pushing his cock-head at her throat.

His fingers tightened in her hair, pulling her head harder onto his prick.

"Suck it, whore! Suck it and let it get in!" he growled. "You gotta take it all!"

Shauna knew she couldn't take all of his cock into her mouth. Tears rolled out of her eyes as Leonard's grip got even tighter and her throat spasmed at a hard push of his cock.

"Suck it, bitch! Come on, you learn or you scream!"

He slammed his cock right at her throat, and Shauna spasmed on the floor, gagging helplessly.

"Stupid bitch!" he growled. "Try it again!"

He pushed hard and Shauna gagged. Bile rose in her throat and she moaned, tears running down her pale cheeks.

"Okay, fuck-face, now we get a bit tougher!" Leonard snarled.

Shauna trembled and tried to beg him not to hurt her, but his cock was buried in her mouth and all she could do was moan. Before she knew what was happening, she was pulled up until she was bent fully at the waist, her legs straight. In rising desperation she sucked Leonard's cock, trembling in horror, wondering what they would do to her.

Hands eased her skirt out of the way, up over her back. A straight-backed chair was pushed under her waist, the seat pointing at Leonard. She hung over the back of it, her feet not quite reaching the floor, the chair top pressing into her waist. Leonard's grip on her hair made sure that she couldn't get off, and then she felt bonds going around her ankles. Sobbing and weeping, she kept her soft red lips around Leonard's cock while her ankles were lashed to the chair legs. And still all she could do was suck Leonard's cock as it pistoned in and out of her red lips.

Her ass was pointing up in the air, but her pussy was pulled wide open and that was worse. She heard Betty and Pierre laughing as their hands played with her white panties. Her asscheeks were thrust out at her friends.

"Yeahhhhh!" Pierre gasped, staring at his girlfriend's cunt. "I never thought I'd get to see that!"

"Here, honey, whip it," Betty said, handing him a strip of rubber about two feet long. She ran her hand over his cock, stroking it. "She has to learn to suck cock properly."

Shauna shivered and moaned, still sucking Leonard's prick, one hand holding herself up on the chair seat, the other one trying to stop the massive prick from sinking any deeper into her mouth.

The thin strip of rubber lashed upward, right between Shauna's thighs, whipping right at her pussy, beating her soft mound through her white panties. The most incredible agony burst out of the contact, throbbing through her as a scream bubbled out from around Leonard's cock. She bucked upward, her stretched thighs straining, her body shaking helplessly.

"Yeah, come on, Pierre, let's watch her take it!" Dennis yelled, watching as Jill ran her fingers over his hardening cock. "This one deserves it too, if she doesn't get her act together!"

"Get the fuck out of my face," Jill said, but her fingers continued their skillful caressing, and Dennis grinned at her.

The thin rubber lashed into Shauna's pussy again and the bound blonde leaped, screaming, the sound gushing out from around Leonard's stiff cock. The pain was incredible, surging over her, a sharp agony, even more pointed than the rubber paddle on her ass had been. Her pussy throbbed and the pain lingered and throbbed between the strokes, getting worse all the time.

"Fuck! Do it, Pierre, do it!" Leonard gasped. "I'm gonna get my cock right in there!"

He gripped Shauna's hair with one hand and slid his other hand down to her tits, holding and squeezing the soft mounds.

Shauna struggled and tossed on the chair back. The top was padded a little, but it still cut into her waist, though that discomfort was nothing compared to the agony surging out of her pussy. Another blow lashed home, the thin rubber slapping into her panties and beating desperate pain all over her. Her scream burst out and, at that moment, Leonard thrust his cock and it slid an inch or so into her open throat. She screamed and tossed, but she was in too much pain to gag as another stroke lashed her pussy.

Instantly she heaved and screamed again, jerking around as agony burst out of her cunt. Leonard thrust and his cock slid in another inch. He thrust again, fucked in deeper, then pulled it out.

The rubber lashed her pussy and Shauna screamed, her voice at full power without the cock in her mouth. Her clit throbbed more powerfully than the rest of her cunt and there was something in that throb that wasn't all pain. But she didn't have time to think of things like that.

"I'm gonna ram this right down your throat!" Leonard gasped. "And then I'm gonna shoot! Fuck, I'm so hot!"

"Aaghhh!" Shauna screamed as Pierre whipped her pussy.

"Hey, honey, you really got her going," Betty said, stroking Pierre's cock with her hand. "You're good at this. But, fuck, around here, you gotta be."

She giggled and squeezed his balls.

"Beg for my cock!" Leonard hissed, his cock-head running over Shauna's lips.

"Please -- aaaghh! Ohh, Leonard, it hurts!" Shauna sobbed as her pussy erupted with pain once more. She twisted and the strange throb in her clit got worse. It made her thighs tremble and her ass circled and writhed in a way it had never moved before.

"It'll hurt a lot worse if you don't beg for my cock," Leonard said. He thrust his cock-head at her lips, rubbing the trembling flesh over her mouth, smearing off some pre-cum.

"Uurrhhh! Please, give me your cock!" Shauna screamed as her pussy erupted with more pain. Her clit throbbed and her ass moved with greater urgency.

"Beg me to ram it down your throat!"

"Uuuuurrgghh! Ram it down my throat!"

Shauna screamed as her cunt throbbed and heaved under the pain of the rubber. Her clit was now throbbing with a horrible passion that she'd never felt before. She screamed as Leonard thrust his cock at her mouth and rammed it to the tight entrance of her throat in one movement. She sucked at it, waiting until the rubber hit her pussy.

Then Leonard rammed his cock into her throat.

"Yuuurrhhh!" Leonard gasped, his ass heaving as he slid his cock-head over Shauna's throbbing throat walls. "Do it harder, Pierre, gotta keep her throat open!"

"Yeahhhh!" Pierre yelled in excitement, and his arm speeded up, lashing the thin rubber strip into Shauna's cunt with all his might, beating the white of her panties into the swollen red lips of her suffering pussy.

"Hey, darling, she's getting turned on! She's wet!" Betty gasped, pulling at Pierre's cock, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Fuck -- she is," Pierre said, his arm speeding up, sweeping the rubber down hard at Shauna's cunt. "You bitch, you fuckin' bitch!"

"Don't come," Betty said. "I wanna see you take her cherry next. She'll be as wet as hell by the end of this."

She held his cock while he lashed Shauna's cunt, his arm sweeping in hard circles, the rubber slapping into Shauna's stretched, wet, panties.

Shauna wasn't sure what they were talking about, but she knew something terrible and strange was happening to her. Her pussy burned with a horrible desire and her ass heaved in increasingly frantic circles, thrusting out to meet the rubber strip as Pierre whipped it into her cunt.

"Now, cunt, you take it all," Leonard said, gripping her hair. He thrust his cock into her mouth as the rubber beat into her clit.

Shauna went out of her mind, her cunt erupting with pain and the incredible desire that was so new to her. Her ass twitched, her legs strained and her throat opened, taking the last inches of Leonard's cock with no effort at all. She moaned, her mouth throbbing around his prick, his cock-head buried so deep it seemed to be in her stomach. But it didn't hurt. In fact, it filled her with a horrible satisfaction. Her throat spasmed over the rock-hard cock, her pussy erupting with more pain as the rubber cut into it, beating the outline of her pussy lips into the material of her panties.

"Fuck, she's going crazy!" Betty yelled, her fingers tightening on Pierre's cock. "Whip her till Leonard shoots!"

Pierre's eyes were glassy with lust as he whipped his girlfriend, watching her skirt jump as her body twitched and the wet patch spread on her panties.

"Yaahhh!" Leonard roared, moving his cock around in Shauna's throat. His balls slapped against her chin and her lips were pressed into his cock-hair as she jerked and screamed to the beat of the rubber strip. "Fuuuuuck I'm coming! I'm gonna shoot! Whip her, Pierre!"

Chapter FOUR

Shauna thought she was going to die. She felt Leonard's cock throb in her throat with all the power of his rushing orgasm and knew she couldn't take the boy's cum in her mouth. It was too disgusting and horrible. She struggled and tried to pull her head away, but Leonard had a firm grip on her hair and the rubber strip lashed her pussy, beating so hard that her whole body jerked upward. The rubber strip flicked away, damp from her pussy-juices.

"Come on, honey, come on," Pierre said, lashing the rubber strip upward between Shauna's spread thighs, slapping it into his blonde girlfriend's pussy. He stared at the spreading damp spot on Shauna's panties, at the white of the material against the red of her whipped ass and inner thighs and his cock jerked harder in Betty's fingers.

"Don't come yet," Betty said. "Come on, show me what a man you are, Pierre, show me!"

She dug her fingernails into the base of his cock, right under his balls, and he yelled with surging lust, lashing the rubber into Shauna's cunt with all his force.

Shauna lost control of everything. The agony gushing from her pussy and surging all over her bound body ran into the deep passion that the rubber strip beat from her clit. There was a terrible explosion and suddenly she was wracked with spasms she had never felt in her life. Her scream rang out from around Leonard's prick as she rammed her mouth down on it, taking his cock-head into her throat without any strain at all. Her spasming throat muscles worked it over as her ass bucked and her pussy erupted.

"Fuck, she's coming!" Leonard cried as his cock shot the first jet of hot cum deep into Shauna's sucking throat.

Shauna's head spun, but nothing stopped the horrible churning passion. Each lash of the rubber brought an explosion of satisfaction that opened her throat wider. She was dizzy, her thighs straining to open wider, her pussy pushing back for the rubber strip. Cum filled her throat and she swallowed it without thinking, hardly tasting the gooey, salty stuff. Leonard roared, shooting again, his cock thrusting in to the limit, his cock-hair rubbing against her lips. She screamed as the rubber strip lashed her cunt, beating the most terrible and wonderful lust into her body.

"Jesus Christ!" Pierre gasped, whipping Shauna with all his force, his arm blurring as he lashed the hard rubber up between her straining, trembling legs. Betty's fingers worked his rock-hard prick and she grinned at him, her fingernails digging into his cock.

"Don't shoot," she said.

Leonard yelled with lust as he poured hot streams of jizz into Shauna's throat, his ass bucking with the effort.

"Fuck, you gotta take this right!" he cried, and pulled his spurting prick back.

Shauna screamed and lunged down for his cock as it pulled out of her throat, but Leonard's grip on her hair held her sucking mouth back. For an instant, she looked at the tip of Leonard's cock-head, and then a spurt of cum shot out of it and splattered all over her mouth.

"Lick it up!" Leonard gasped, holding his cock away from Shauna's frantic, sucking lips. Another jet of jizz gushed out and splattered all over the blonde's face as the rubber lashed between her legs.

Shauna's legs spasmed and passion burst out of her pussy, tearing her apart. More spunk shot into her mouth and she tasted the disgusting, gooey mess. But nothing stopped the rushing spasms that rocked her body. She swallowed, taking the cum down into her stomach, her tongue licking over her lips, taking more of it in.

"Yeahhhhh, don't you love cum?" Leonard asked, his hands gripping her hair until it hurt.

"Aaagghh!" Shauna groaned as her pussy exploded with pain. "Yes, I love it!"

"Good, so swallow it," Leonard said, and rammed his cock back into her throat.

It slid in as easily as it would have into the wettest cunt in the world. Shauna's lips were around the base of his cock in an instant, and her throat spasmed as the cock-head poured out more thick streams of cum. But the strongest jets had finished and the bubbling goo poured out in thick but slower streams. The rubber strip lashed her pussy again and then stopped as Leonard held her hair and moved his cock-head in her throat.

"Fuck, that was somethin' else!" he gasped. "This stuck-up whore might make somethin', you know that?"

"Don't count on it," Pierre said, his cock thrusting between Betty's skillful fingers. "She's a cock-tease through and through, and they usually fuck like shit."

"You didn't seem to mind," Leonard said.

"Well, I didn't know about all this," Pierre said. "And fuck, she's beautiful, I mean, everybody'd give a lot to get in to those panties."

"And now we're all gonna get into her panties," Leonard said, still holding Shauna's mouth to his cock.

Shauna moaned and sobbed. Her ass was still moving in desperate circles. She needed to be left alone, to escape from this horrible place. Her tears rolled down her cheeks in streams, running in the cum still clinging to her lips.

"You gonna fuck her now?" Leonard asked.

"Yeah," Pierre said. "I mean, shit, I gotta do something with this hard-on."

The two boys chuckled and. Shauna felt a rush of shame and horror pass over her. Leonard pulled his cock out of her mouth and she grabbed for the chair seat, holding herself up. Then she felt Pierre's hands running over her ass while Betty giggled and rubbed his prick.

"Please, Pierre, don't, not here!" Shauna moaned.

"What? You don't want me to fuck you?" he asked, and Betty giggled.

"Yes, yes, darling, but not here," Shauna said, gripping the chair seat and looking out at the rest of them. She thought they were her friends, and now they laughed and watched, drinking beer, waiting for her to suffer some more.

"But I want to do it now," Pierre said, running his hand into Shauna's tight panties.

"Please, don't, Pierre, darling. Not here. I won't say no to you again, I won't!" Shauna moaned, feeling his hands creep over her sore ass.

"Beg me now," he said, his hand gripping the crotch of her panties.

"No, Pierre, not now! Please, Pierre, please! No, don't, no!" Shauna wailed as Pierre pulled her panties down, off her ass. He gripped the little briefs tighter and jerked, pulling the material out until it was ready to tear.

"Yeaaahh! Go, Pierre, go!" Dennis yelled, slugging back another mouthful of beer.

"Please, Pierre, no!"

Pierre took his time. He pulled harder and harder, leaning back until the seams ripped slowly through, the single stitching given in a series of jerks. With a final jerk, Pierre ripped the panties all the way off, then held them up as a trophy.

"Yeaaaaah, Pierre!" Dennis exclaimed, pushing Peggy over the sofa back and sinking his cock into her cunt. He gripped her tits and fucked her faster, his prick throbbing deep in her pussy. "Go, get her, boy, throw the long one!"

They all collapsed with laughter, and Shauna sobbed harder, her face red with shame.

And she had reason for shame. Now her ass was naked. Her little skirt was halfway up her back and her stretched legs trembled against the hard chair legs. But that wasn't all. Now they could see her pussy, and that made her sob with the most horrible humiliation.

"Hey, look at that," Pierre said as he ran his fingers down, between Shauna's asscheeks and deeper, into the crack of her pussy. "Is that a great cunt, or what?"

Shauna's cunt was great, there was no doubt about that. The soft blonde hair on her cuntlips was so pale it almost looked as if her cunt was hairless. The downy growth outlined her pussy-lips. Everything was clearly visible, from the puffy outline of her cuntmound to the red line of the inner lips that surrounded her clit and fuck-hole. The red, whipped flesh just made her cunt look more desirable.

"Fuck, look at that!" Pierre gasped.

"I bet she doesn't fuck as good as me," Betty said.

"That's not the point, honey. This is virgin cunt. You gotta respect that."

"Can I hurt her tits while you fuck her, I'm jealous," Betty said, sliding her fingers over Pierre's rock-hard cock, keeping him hot.

"You can do what you like," Pierre said, thrusting his cock at her hands harder and faster.

"Now, come on, fuck the bitch," Betty whimpered, nibbling his ear. "If you come in my hand, I'll have to get you hard again."

"You make me come and you'll pay for it," Pierre said, sliding his hand over Betty's tits and squeezing her nipples hard.

"What, you gonna whip me if I'm bad?" Betty asked.

"Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do!" Pierre snarled, twisting her nipples harder, making the hot brunette moan with pleasure.

"You be a real man and you can do anything you like to me!" Betty gasped, her tits pushing at his hands, her pussy rubbing on his thigh as she moaned with lust.

"Make her come while I fuck her," Pierre said. "You know how to do that, don't you?"

"Yeahhh, I can. But what's in it for me?" Betty hissed, her mouth rubbing over his ear and neck.

"Anything you want," Pierre said, squeezing Betty's nipples until the hot little cheerleader gasped and came, her pussy rubbing up and down his thigh, leaving a trail of fuck-juices.

"Deal!" Betty moaned, and pulled back. "Now fuck the bitch!"

Shauna overheard it all. She could see Leonard sitting in a chair, drinking beer, not bothered at all that his girlfriend was playing up to Pierre. Shauna didn't understand it, but then, she didn't understand very much at all.

Pierre's thick cock-head rubbed over her clit and she gasped, gripping the chair seat in her shame.

"Fuck, she is wet," Pierre said, and pushed his cock-head to the tight entrance of her cunt. "You know, I'm really gonna enjoy fucking the shit out of this cunt!"

"Yeah, go on, honey, ram that cock right up her," Betty said, standing close to Shauna's face as the blonde clutched the chair seat to keep her body up. Betty slid her hands into the open neck of Shauna's torn blouse and played with her tits, stroking the soft, trembling mounds. "Tell, me how you love having your tits played with!"

Shauna sobbed and moaned in absolute horror. Pierre was about to take her cherry, Betty was playing with her tits and she couldn't let go of the chair seat or she'd fall.

"Please, Betty, please, not you!" Shauna cried.

"Tell me how much you want it!" Betty murmured as she worked her fingernails over Shauna's nipples, scraping them on the crinkled flesh.

Shauna gasped as Pierre pushed his cock and it slid into her cunt an inch or so. Her cuntwalls stretched and trembled under the assault of the thick prick as spasms of pain shot through her.

"Tell me!" Betty murmured, her fingers rolling Shauna's little nipples.

"Please, Betty, please!" Shauna sobbed, her pussy throbbing as Pierre pushed his cock deeper, always closer to her thin cherry.

Betty moved her fingers, sliding her fingernails on Shauna's nipples.

"Tell me," she whispered.

"No, no, please, Betty!" Shauna groaned, and jerked a little as Pierre's cock-head pushed against her cherry.

Shauna jerked up as the agony rushed out of her nipples, screaming at the top of her voice for a second before Pierre's cock raped her cherry, pushing at it for a split second before it broke and his massive prick slammed into her cunt on her freely flowing juices.

"Uuuurrgghh! Help me!" she screamed, twisting violently on the chair back, her pussy throbbing, her nipples feeling as if they'd been ripped off.

Pierre pulled his cock back, then slammed it right into Shauna's shivering cunt again.

"Fuck, did I wanna do this!" he cried, pushing his cock into her fuck-hole to the limit. His balls slapped into her clit and his cock-head rammed at the top of her pussy as his thick prick filled her fuck-hole.

Shauna shrieked and jerked on the chair back, her tits aching as Betty worked her fingernails on the sensitive flesh. In desperation she let go with her hands and dropped, her head almost falling into the chair seat. But her ass thrust up even harder for Pierre's cock and he fucked it into her with a force that shook the chair and pushed it over the thick carpet.

"Get the fuck up, bitch!" Betty yelled, grabbing for Shauna's hair. "Whip her, I want her up!"

Leonard got up and picked up the thin rubber strip.

"Get up, bitch!" he snarled, and lashed Shauna's ass as Pierre's cock fucked in and out of her pussy. "Up!"

The stinging, terrifying agony surged up over the bound blonde as she screamed and twisted on the chair back. The rubber lashed her again and she pushed herself up off the chair seat, weeping and jerking.

The horror that faced her was worse than she could have imagined. Betty was there, but with two clips in her fingers, the type of clips that hold paper together, with strong steel springs and angled steel jaws.

"No! What are you doing?" she moaned as Betty pressed on one spring and slowly opened the terrifying jaws. She moaned as Pierre's cock fucked into her cunt.

"I'm gonna hurt you, bitch, hurt you real bad!" Betty hissed, and moved one of the clips to Shauna's other nipple.

"Uuuuurrhhh! No, Betty no, not that! I'll do anything you want!" Shauna gasped in wide-eyed horror as she saw the metal slide over her nipple, the jaws held open by Betty's shaking fingers.

"Beg to lick my ass," Betty said, sliding the clamp over Shauna's shivering flesh.

Shauna had almost forgotten about the horrible rape of her cunt. Pierre's massive prick slid in and out and she realized that her pussy was quaking and clutching at it, turning him on even more.

"Beg to lick my ass!" Betty gasped, letting go of the clamp a little.

"Please, please, Betty, let me lick your ass!" Shauna moaned, staring at the clamp as it moved over her flesh.

"Sure, honey, now wear this," Betty said, and let the clip go.

The clip snapped down on her nipple and Shauna went out of her mind with the agony, her body jerking and twitching on the chair back in gyrations of pain and horror. Her scream rang around the room and sweat broke out all over her body as the sheer agony poured from her tit.

"No, no, please!" she screamed as her arms gave way and she fell back on the chair, grabbing for the clip, desperately squeezing the jaws open and off her nipple. She lay there, her ass pushing at Pierre's cock, her frantic fingers rubbing her crushed nipple.

"Up!" Leonard yelled, and lashed Shauna's ass.

"Aaahhh! No! No!" Shauna moaned, tossing on the chair back, her mind still spinning from the agony of the clamp. Her cunt throbbed and tightened on Pierre's cock as throbbing spasms from the rubber strap pulsed over her body.

"Get up!" Leonard snarled, lashing her again.

"Aaaaahhh! No, I can't take these things!" Shauna screamed, throwing the clip over the carpet.

"You'll take what we tell you to take!" Betty yelled, picking the clip up and turning on Shauna in a fury. "Fuck, I'll make you wear these and whip the fuckers off your tits!"

She grabbed Shauna's hair as the rubber strip lashed the blonde's ass, but she couldn't pull the sobbing cheerleader up.

Shauna clutched the chair seat, sobbing hi heart out as her boyfriend fucked his cock in and out of her cunt, yelling with excitement he watched her ass get redder and redder und the assault of the rubber strap. But the strap was better than the agony of the clips on her nipples, so Shauna stayed where she was, clutching the chair seat. Her ass jerked under the stroke of the rubber, pulsating up and down in terrible agony as Leonard increased the speed an fury of the beating.

"Come on, bitch, if Pierre shoots before you get up, you're in trouble!" Leonard yelled lashing the blonde with strokes that shivered her ass and thighs.

"No, you can't do this!" Shauna screamed.

"Get up, bitch!" Betty shouted. "Get the fuck up!"

"No, no!" Shauna wailed, her cunt sucking at Pierre's cock as it fucked in faster and harder, filling her trembling fuck-hole.

"Fuck, make it fast, whore, or I'll come and these two will give you a real working over!" Pierre bellowed, his cock throbbing in Shauna's cunt.

Shauna stayed where she was, screaming her heart out, her pussy sucking and sliding on Pierre's cock, her ass exploding with pain at each lash of the rubber strip. She pressed her face into the chair seat, sobbing and screaming, her ass jerking up and down under the assault.

But the horrible excitement she'd felt before was rising again. It was more than the slamming rape of Pierre's cock in her cunt. It was that and the terrible beat of the rubber on her ass. The eruption of pain surged and pounded against the deep, depraved desire running out of her cunt as Pierre's cock rasped over her trembling pussy walls. Her cunt spasmed as it was fucked to a frenzy of lust. She clutched the chair seat harder, her lust outside her control.

"Fuck, I'm coming!" Pierre moaned, cock pistoning in and out of Shauna's shivering cunt. "Christ, she's hot! Whip her! She's coming! The bitch is coming again!"

He leaned back, his swollen cock throb deep in Shauna's fuck-hole as it rushed over the sucking, trembling pussy walls.

"You bitch, get up!" Leonard shouted lashing Shauna with all the strength of his arm.

"Aaahhhh!" Shauna screamed, out of control in her lust and pain. Her ass pulsated, crimson from the endless blows, jerking horribly as the rubber strip lashed it. She had forgotten she was supposed to get up. She didn't even feel Betty's hands on her hair.

"Yaaaahhhh!" Pierre yelled, his cock pouring streams of hot spunk into Shauna's sucking pussy. "Too late, bitch, you're gonna suffer now!"

"Get up," Leonard said, lashing Shauna's ass.

Shauna screamed and her sucking cunt wrapped around Pierre's shooting cock as she came, her body totally out of control.

"You cunt! You cunt!" Betty screamed. "You'll lick my ass for this, whore! You'll tongue-fuck my ass for coming!"

She let go of Shauna's hair and walked off in disgust.

"Aaahhh!" Shauna screamed, her ass jerking back at Pierre's prick, her body spasming with lust every time a gush of cum burst into her pussy or the rubber lashed her ass. "Oooohh, God, God, help meeee!"

But another gush of jizz poured into her pussy and she spasmed, her ass bucking up for the beat of the rubber strap.

"Fuuuuck!" Pierre moaned, his cock jerking in his girlfriend's cunt as his cum poured out, filling her fuck-hole. "She's got a real tight one, boys, it's great!"

Shauna wept and screamed as her cunt was filled with cum and the rubber whipped into her ass mercilessly, flailing her flesh as her climax crested and soared, her cunt sucking at Pierre's cock. Another orgasm burst over her as Pierre gave a great groan and his cock shot out the last gobs of his cum, his cock-head spasming and jerking in her cunt.

"Fuck, that wasn't bad!" he gasped. "You all all gotta try her, boys! Fuck the shit outa her!"

He gave his cock a final jerk and let it throb in her cunt.

Shauna moaned and sobbed as her climax crested and faded, sliding her down jut delicious valley where even the throb of pain from her ass was delicious and comforting. She clutched the chair as Pierre's cock softened he pulled it out of her cum-soaked cunt, slapping it on her asscheeks hard enough to send a small spasm of pain through her. She ignored it, more aware now of the pain in her leg they strained against the chair legs.

The rubber lashed her ass. She screamed jerked up, clutching at the chair seat again.

"Don't expect any mercy," Leonard said. "Get up, bitch, you've got a lot of pain coming until you learn to behave!"

Chapter FIVE

Shauna shrieked as the agony burst in her stretched asscheeks. She jerked on the chair back and nearly rolled it over.

"No please, what do you want?" she cried.

"You don't obey, you suffer, bitch," Betty said, grinning down at her. She pulled her blouse off, then her bra, allowing her thrusting tits to push out brazenly. "You do the rest."

The rubber lashed into her ass and Shauna screamed, jerking right up.

"Ready to take my girlfriend's skirt off?" Leonard asked.

"Yes, yes, I will!" Shauna moaned, wondering how deep her humiliation was going to go. She moaned again as Leonard undid her ankles and her legs came free.

But she wasn't given any time to feel sorry for herself. Betty stood over her, caressing her tits as she waited for Shauna.

"Get to it," Leonard said.

Weeping and sobbing, Shauna reached out and pulled at the buckle of Betty's skirt. Betty was purring with pleasure as the blonde opened the clasp and unclipped the buttons around her waist. Then Shauna slid the skirt down over Betty's ass and down her legs.

"Not bad," Betty said. "Now how would you like to suck some pussy?"

Brutally, she gripped Shauna's hair and spread her thighs on either side of the blonde's horrified face.

"No, please, no!" Shauna screamed, staring at the dark mound of Betty's cunt and the red gash of her pussy-lips.

"Whip her," Betty said, pushing her cunt at Shauna's mouth.

"Wait, honey, let's put her over the sofa, you know, with the back down. Then you can do what you like."

Betty looked up at Leonard and grinned. "Sounds good to me. Teach the bitch a lesson."

"What -- no!" Shauna screamed as they pulled her up and hustled her over to the sofa, gripping her arms tightly. They passed Dennis as he rammed his cock into Peggy's hot cunt, heaving the submissive little brunette up on his cock as his lust soared.

Pierre joined them, holding his girlfriend with Leonard while Betty pushed a button and the back of the sofa started to ease down to make a bed. When it was about halfway down, Betty stopped it and the two boys flung Shauna down on her back, her shoulders at the peak of the slightly raised back.

"No, stop it!" she wailed, struggling feebly in their grip, but there was nothing she could do. She heard Dennis as he began to shoot his load into Peggy's cunt. The two of them moaned and gasped, her cunt milking out his full load of cum.

But none of that helped Shauna and she screamed in terror at what happened next. Betty grabbed her wrists and put leather bonds around them. Then she pulled them down the back of the sofa and out, lashing them to the back legs. Shauna's shoulders ached horribly as she was spread over the sofa back. Her shoulders were against the padding, but the strain on her muscles was terrible and her small thrusting tits were heaved out, pushing through the opening in her wrecked blouse.

"Comfortable?" Leonard asked, grinning at her. "How about a cushion for your cute little ass?"

He laughed and started pushing under Shauna's stretched body.

Shauna wept and struggled, but she was almost helpless.

"Stop it!" she shrieked as her ass was pushed farther up by the cushions and her legs were pulled down, spread to the limit, then bound and lashed to the front legs of the sofa.

Then Shauna was totally helpless, her body stretched, her ass and tits thrust up, her shoulders pulled down and her legs wide open.

"Go on, Betty, have a good time," Leonard said. "You finished with my sister, Dennis?"

Dennis moaned with satisfaction, lying half across Peggy's gently heaving body, his cock softening as it moved in and out of her cunt.

"Sure, Leonard," he said.

"Then send her here," Leonard said, stripping off the rest of his clothes. "And get my robe, Peggy."

"Sure, Leonard!" Peggy moaned, pulling herself upright and smoothing down her skirt. "You know, I'm gonna ruin this."

"Then put something else on."

"Okay, Leonard," Peggy said brightly, and skipped out of the room.

"I gotta watch this," Jill said, pulling his chair close, getting a beer and the vibrator and settling in.

Shauna shivered and moaned as Betty climbed up on her struggling body.

"I think this shit's overdressed," Betty said, running her hands over Shauna's small tits, caressing them, rolling Shauna's tight little nipples.

"Please let me go!" Shauna groaned. "I'll be good!"

"You disobeyed me," Betty said, twisting Shauna's nipples hard. "So you get the clips, bitch, on both nipples. And you suck my cunt and ass. I'm gonna get you into shape, honey. Your days as top cheerleader are over, got that?"

"No, please, you can't take that away!" Shauna cried, struggling helplessly on the sofa back.

"I won't take it away, you'll give it to me," Betty said. "Hey, Leonard, gimme the clips."

"Nooooo!" Shauna wailed.

She thrashed on the sofa back, her arms struggling helplessly, her ass jerking as it pushed against the weight of Betty's body.

Betty just grinned and eased her pussy up Shauna's body a little.

"Here," Leonard said, and gave Betty the clips.

"Ready?" Betty asked, holding them above Shauna's terrified eyes.

"No, please, no!" Shauna moaned, her eyes wide with terror.

"Just wait, honey," Betty said, and pulled one of the terrible sets of jaws open.

"No!" Shauna whispered in a hoarse voice, staring at the clip as it came down and slid over her areola, the jaws on either side of her trembling nipple. "No, please, you can't, you can't!"

"You're right, I've got to get you undressed first," Betty said with a grin, pulling the clip away.

Shauna screamed and fell back on the sofa, her heart pounding, her body wet with sweat. She moaned and sobbed, her straight blonde hair falling down the back of the sofa as she struggled.

Betty grabbed Shauna's blouse and pulled, but the garment held and the brunette swore in a fury. "Gimme the scissors!"

Shauna shivered as Betty took the scissors from Leonard's hand. Shauna couldn't help but see that Leonard's cock was rock-hard again and sticking out at her, while his eyes ran over her bound figure.

Snarling in her frustration, Betty cut through the shoulders of Shauna's blouse and started to rip at it. She cut and ripped until the blouse was in shreds on the floor and more of Shauna's lovely figure was revealed, pulled to the limit on the sofa. Betty snipped through the straps of Shauna's bra and pulled until that too was lying on the floor. Shauna moaned and turned her head away, sobbing helplessly as they all got a full look at her tits.

"What about the skirt?" Betty asked, turning and easing the short pleated garment over Shauna's spread thighs. "You guys like it hiding her pussy, or what?"

She slid her fingers into the crack of Shauna's cunt, playing with the bound blonde's pussy.

"What you think?" Leonard asked Pierre as the two of them stared down at Shauna's writhing body.

Pierre's cock was thrusting out of the front of his robe. "I waited so long to see that pussy. But, fuck, she sure looks good with that skirt on, you know?"

"Yeah. Hey, Betty, work her cunt a bit, let's think about it," Leonard said.

"Sure, boys, take your time," Betty said, working her fingers into Shauna's wet cunt. She stroked Shauna's pussy-lips, skillfully rubbing the blonde's clit, spreading the fuck-juices and Pierre's cum over Shauna's whipped skin. She eased her pussy closer to Shauna's mouth. "Wanna suck pussy?"

"You fiend! No, never, I hate you!" Shauna cried.

"Tough! I wouldn't have used the clips on you if you had sucked my cunt," Betty said.

"Ooohh, sorry, sorry, Betty, I'll do it, I will!" Shauna gasped, struggling on the sofa back.

"Too late," Betty said, and slid a finger into Shauna's spasming fuck-hole.

"Please let me suck your pussy!" Shauna wailed, jerking her cunt up at Betty's fingers in her desperation.

"Sorry, but you learn real slow," Betty said, and stroked Shauna's cunt, pushing her finger in and out of the little blonde's cunt.

Shauna screamed and moaned, jerking on the sofa. But Betty's caresses were getting to her. Her cunt was spasming and her thighs were trembling as the soft waves of passion rolled out of her clit and pussy. She moaned, her fuzzy blonde cunt-hair slicked down with juices, her ass heaving up off the cushions.

"Please, please, no!"

Betty laughed and worked a finger even deeper, moving it on Shauna's freely flowing pussy-juices, right into the crack of her ass. Shauna sobbed at the humiliation, trembling and jerking as Betty rubbed her finger over the crinkled entrance to her shitter, stroking the twitching flesh.

"No, leave the skirt on, she can take it off for us when she wants to," Leonard said, and Pierre laughed.

"Okay," Betty said, and stopped stroking Shauna's pussy and ass.

Shauna moaned in horror, her whole body burning with the low fire of lust.

Jill giggled and slid the vibrator even farther into her cunt.

"How does this look boys?" Peggy suddenly asked, and everyone turned to look at her.

"Fuck," Jock said, "you got some sister, Leonard!"

Peggy was dressed in a little white teddy that was cut low between her big, thrusting tits and high over her hips so that just a thin strip of material went between her thighs. The lacy material strained under the pressure of her tits and the tiny buttons that held the front together looked as if they might pop at any moment. To top off the outfit, she wore white mesh stockings and high-heeled slippers that pushed her legs into the most wonderful shape. She paraded forward with a robe for her brother and tossed it to him. Then she leaned down over Shauna's face.

"You think it was disgusting that I took out my brother's cock, don't you?" she asked.

"No, please, I didn't mean -- aaaggghh!" Shauna screamed as Betty whipped the rubber strip across her tits.

"Tell the truth, bitch," Betty said.

"Yes, yes, I thought it was, yes!" Shauna screamed, her tits burning with pain.

"Well, I'm gonna do something that'll really make you vomit, honey!" Peggy giggled and turned to Leonard. "You want it, bro?"

"Yeah, you give a real good one," Leonard said as he put on his robe.

"Come here, then," Peggy said, and dropped to her knees.

Shauna wept and begged them to stop, but the disgusting, horrible thing that happened next stopped her moaning completely for the moment.

Leonard came up to his sister, the two of them only inches from Shauna's face. With a giggle of delight, Peggy reached into his robe and pulled his cock out. Glancing at Shauna, Peggy sank her soft lips over the cock-head, sucking gently and caressing his long shaft with her fingers.

Betty straddled Shauna's helpless body again and held the clips right over Shauna's terrified eyes.

"Now they go on," she said.

"Oh, God no!" Shauna screamed, jerking on the sofa back, her eyes fixed on the terrible clips.

But Betty moved the horrible things closer, sliding them over the crinkled buds of Shauna's nipples and holding them there while Shauna sobbed.

"Wanna suck my pussy?" Betty asked, easing her cunt up and down on Shauna's helpless body.

"Yes, yes, please!"

"Good, you can do it when you've got these on," Betty said, and let go of one clip.

Shauna jerked up and screamed at the top of her voice, almost drowning out the stereo in her agony. Her nipple was crushed in the terrible jaws, her flesh throbbing with a pain she had no idea could exist. The sweat oozed out of her pores again as she struggled on the sofa.

"Please, please, have mercy!" Shauna cried.

"What, you can't take it?" Betty laughed. "Look, wimp."

She took the other clip and worked it over her own thrusting nipple, grinning all the time at the shrieking, heaving Shauna. Then she let it go, jerking as the metal jaws bit into her flesh, giving a long, drawn-out moan of pain and depraved lust.

"See?" she gasped, pulling at the clip and stretching her nipple out. She pulled the clip off her tit and rubbed her throbbing nipple. "If you wanna be top cheerleader, you gotta take some pain."

She slid the clip over Shauna's other nipple, and Shauna stared in deep, churning horror as the jaws worked across her flesh. The pain of the one on her other tit burned on, but all her concentration was on the terrible metal jaws as Betty held them on her nipple and very slowly let them close.

The pain climbed higher as Betty let the jaws go, allowing them to bite into Shauna's nipple.

"Oh, God, no!" Shauna shrieked, her head flung back, her tits aching with unbelievable pain, her staring eyes taking in the disgusting sight of Peggy sliding her soft lips over her brother's cock-head and caressing his prick-shaft as she sucked and licked.

Betty eased up Shauna's body, spreading her thighs wide, her hot pussy moving closer to Shauna's terrified, weeping face.

"Suck it," she said, thrusting her cunt at Shauna's mouth. "If you don't, I'll whip those clips off your nipples and put them on again until you do."

Shauna had no resistance left. With a submissive sob, she licked Betty's wet cunt, opening her mouth to suck at the hot flesh. She could still see Peggy sucking Leonard's cock, they made sure of that. Her tits throbbed with horrible pain and Betty reached back to hold them, working the tight clips on Shauna's nipples.

"Hey, Jill, use that vibrator on her cunt!" Betty yelled, pushing her wet pussy over Shauna's screaming mouth.

"Fuck, I want it," Jill said.

"Use it, Jill!" Leonard shouted, and the girl got up out of her chair and smoothed her skirt back over her pussy and ass, though she made no attempt to close her open blouse. Her tits bounced as she walked over to the sofa and knelt between Shauna's spread and trembling legs.

"I suppose you want me to lick her fucking pussy too," Jill said nastily.

"Just make the bitch come and you can have her any way you like," Leonard said. "Now get on with it, I wanna enjoy my sister's blow." He slid his hands into Peggy's soft hair and pulled her willing mouth deeper onto his thrusting prick. "Yeah, yeah, that's so good!"

Shauna felt the purring vibrator rubbing between her open pussy-lips and tried to pull her legs away from it, but without success. Jill laughed and pushed the vibrating tip over her clit, sliding it up and down the blonde's pussy-crack.

"Hey, this cunt's so wet I don't need to lick nothin'!" Jill chuckled, pushing the vibrator deeper, feeling for the tight entrance of Shauna's pussy. "Come on, honey, let's see you come!"

Shauna screamed and jerked in helpless pain and horror on the sofa as Betty worked her tits, pulling the terrible clamps around. Betty rolled her cunt over the blonde's helpless mouth, holding Shauna's hair with her other hand, pulling her head down so that she couldn't fail to see Peggy's soft lips running down the length of Leonard's cock. Peggy was making a meal out of Leonard's cock, working her mouth down the rod until her neck bulged and she slid his bulbous cock-head right into her throat. Leonard was gasping and heaving in rising lust, his balls swelling from Peggy's skillful handwork, his ass thrusting faster and harder at his sister's throat.

The vibrator churned deeper and deeper in Shauna's pussy while Jill rubbed her clit, sending Shauna into spasms of horrible desire. She tried to stop it, but she couldn't. The pain from her nipples surged over her body to meet the passion rushing from her pussy and the horrible mass burned together, surging up through her, taking her over as it had before. The combination of pain and lust was making Shauna come. She screamed and struggled, heaving on the sofa, trying to stop her pussy from spasming over the hard rubber vibrator.

But nothing worked and soon every throb of the pain from her nipples was burning deep, horrible lust into her. The pulsations of the agony, made even sharper by the way Betty twisted and pulled at the clips, sent gurgling screams of helpless passion bubbling out of Shauna's throat.

Shauna sobbed and moaned, sucking Betty's hot cunt-flesh into her mouth and running her teeth over the wet flesh, biting and chewing on Betty's hard clit-bud and soft pussy-lips.

"Oooh, yes, yes!" Betty screamed, gripping Shauna's hair harder, rolling her cunt on her sucking wet mouth. "Oooh, suck me, honey! Suck my cunt good! Ooohhh, yeahh, don't you love it?"

She spasmed and rocked, her fingers twisting Shauna's nipples until the little blonde was screaming in mingled pain and lust, her mind spinning out of control.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, you ready to come, Leonard?"

Betty spread her thighs wider, ramming her cunt even harder onto Shauna's mouth.

"Yeah, yeah, soon!" Leonard yelled, fucking his cock in and out of Peggy's sucking mouth. "You know what to do, Peggy!"

Peggy gave a gurgle of submission and sank her mouth to the limit on her brother's cock, working his balls with her fingers. Her tits bounced in the little white teddy and she pressed them against his legs, holding his cock deep in her throat as his lust overwhelmed him.

Leonard gave a roar. "Yeah, yeah! Together, baby, together!"

Shauna saw his cock slamming out of control in Peggy's mouth. Her own mouth bit and sucked at Betty's heaving clit and her pussy throbbed around the vibrator. Then she saw Leonard's cock spasm and knew he was about to shoot. She also knew that something awful was about to happen.

Chapter SIX

"Yaaahhh!" Leonard yelled, his cock moving in and out of his sister's lips. "Oh fuck, baby, oh fuck!"

He gripped Peggy's soft dark hair, his ass twitching as he rammed his hard prick to the depths of her throat.

"Here it comes, baby, you know what to do!"

Peggy gurgled with delight, her fingers playing with his balls, stroking the heavy orbs as they tightened and pumped cum out. Her little teddy had come off one of her tits and the soft flesh pushed into Leonard's leg.

"Come on, bitch, make me come!" Betty yelled, rubbing her pussy on Shauna's wet face. Her legs tightened and she bounced on the pillows, her hands pulling and twisting at her nipples. "Ooooh, fuck, that feels good, that feels good!"

She gave a scream of climax and another gush of her juices poured into Shauna's mouth.

But Shauna hardly knew anything of this as she twisted and tossed on the sofa back. Her arms strained against the bonds and her legs trembled as the vibrator purred and churned in her cunt. But the worst thing was that the agony from the nipple clamps was churning into the most horrifying lust in the bound blonde. Betty had stopped twisting the clips because she was so involved in her own passion, but they still bounced and jerked on Shauna's nipples, pulling at them with each jerk of her body. The pain soared through her body and erupted in deep, wracking pulses of depraved lust. She screamed into Betty's cunt, biting and sucking as she came, her body wet with sweat, tossing out of control on the sofa.

Jill laughed and slammed the vibrator to the top of Shauna's cunt, adding the rasping pulse to the bound blonde's seething orgasm.

"The bitch is coming!" Jill yelled. "Look at her, this turns her on, she likes it!"

She laughed uncontrollably, moving the vibrator over Shauna's spasming pussy walls.

And then the first hot jet of cum burst out of Leonard's cock, blasting over Peggy's soft lips. She moaned with delight, held his prick and twisted away as the next spurt of jizz burst out.

"Yeahhhh, that's it, Sis! That's it!" Leonard moaned as his cock shot a stream of spunk over Betty's cunt and Shauna's face. "Yeah, right there!"

Giggling and licking her brother's cum off her lips, Peggy worked Leonard's cock with her fingers, directing the stream of spunk all over Shauna's face and Betty's pussy.

"Lick it up, whore!" Betty screamed, jerking her pussy over Shauna's mouth, watching in delight as the white stream of sticky jizz hit Shauna's face. She twisted her nipples hard and came again, sighing and sobbing with relief.

Shauna screamed as the hot wad of cum burst over her cheeks and down over her mouth. The salty stuff was going all over the place. She wept, but her surging climax was bursting over her the whole time, and the girl found herself greedily sucking at Betty's cunt and taking in the cum as it spurted out of Leonard's prick and into her face.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck, that's good!" Leonard moaned as his sister rubbed and worked his cock, pulling the spurting cum out of his piss-slit. His rock-hard cock jerked, spurting cum out until his stream slowed and he moaned in satisfaction, letting Peggy bring him down.

Shauna was still screaming and moaning as she licked Betty's cunt and took in the last gobs of Leonard's spunk.

"Yeah!" Leonard gasped. "That was the best, Sis!"

She rolled her tongue over his cock-head, gently licking and sucking at him.

"Yeah, yeah!" Betty screamed, surging up to her climax on Shauna's face. "Come on, whore, that's it! Yeah!"

She gave a spasm and peaked, moaning, as she came down, her cunt-hair slicked down with her fuck-juices.

But Shauna couldn't stop the orgasm. It still erupted every second from her burning nipples and the churning of the vibrator in her cunt. Jill yelled at her, slamming the rubber cock into Shauna's spasming cunt with all she had, but Shauna just screamed and came harder.

"Fuck this!" Betty yelled. "I know you, you bitch, I'll show you!"

She grabbed the rubber strip and lashed Shauna's tits.

Shauna screamed, staring in horror up at Betty. Above her, Leonard gave a chuckle as he moved his softening cock over Peggy's lips, but another blow came in, reddening her tits, and Shauna screamed again, heaving up on the sofa.

"No, no, please, stop!"

"You can't stop coming, you bitch!" Betty screamed, and whipped the rubber across Shauna's tits with hard, lashing strokes, beating the soft thrusting globes around while the clips bounded and pulled at Shauna's tight nipples.

"No, no, please!" Shauna screamed, her body tensing up, her cunt throbbing around the vibrator.

She pulled at the bonds, but her pussy was pushing at the rubber cock and her tits jerked up as the rubber slapped in, taking the blows in a screaming, wailing burst of terrible orgasm. Her little skirt flicked down over her pussy, but Jill just held her hand up under it, ramming the vibrator into Shauna's throbbing fuck-hole.

"I'll finish you!" Betty yelled, her arm speeding up, whipping the rubber at Shauna's tits with faster, harder strokes.

Shauna screamed and came, surging to the top of a really terrible climax that took her over into a screaming, mewling mass of spasming flesh. Suddenly Betty angled one of the blows differently and a clip jerked off one nipple and spun across the room. The burst of orgasm carried Shauna over the tip of her raging come and, as the next blow lashed the second clip off her other nipple, the explosion lifted her off the sofa. For a second, she held there and then fell back into a pit of utter, slowly pulsating satisfaction. She sobbed gently and her body writhed as she relaxed.

"Fuck, she sure comes," Pierre said, leaning over, his cock sticking out of the front of his robe. "You know, she's a real turn-on." He drank some beer and grinned at Leonard. "Right?"

"You said it," Leonard said, and pulled his cock out of Peggy's mouth. "You wanna fuck her ass?"

"Yeah, that sounds good," Pierre said, "she sure got me hard enough."

He grinned and rubbed his prick, staring down at his girlfriend.

"Wait," Betty said, "she's gotta confess or she's in for more than your cock up her ass." She ran her fingers through her thick dark hair and leaned down over the moaning blonde. "Tell us how great it was to come."

Shauna moaned with unbelievable satisfaction.

"Tell us how great it was to come," Betty said.

"No, no, not that!" Shauna moaned.

"You came, bitch! You came with nipple clamps on, with a vibrator up your cunt, with this whipping your tits!" Betty waved the rubber strip under Shauna's nose.

"No, no, I didn't, that's a lie!" Shauna moaned, weeping and sobbing, twisting as hard as she could away from Betty's grinning face.

"Admit you came and tell us how great it is -- or else!" Betty hissed, lashing Shauna across the tits with the rubber strip.

"No, no, not that! Never!"

"Tell us!"

"No, I hate you! I hate you all!" Shauna screamed, jerking up as far as the bonds would let her.

"Fuck, right," Betty said, and stood up. "You guys drunk enough beer? You wanna leak?"

"Yeah," Jock said. "Yeah, my cock's getting hard with piss."

"Okay, gag her and get out to the garage, there's a drain there," Betty said.

Shauna didn't understand what was going on as they pulled her bonds off. She screamed and begged until Leonard forced a thick rag into her cum-smeared mouth. After that the only sound she could make was a low gurgle. Then they hustled her into the garage. It was big and there was only the van in it, so there was a lot of open space. She screamed and begged, but the boys lashed her wrists to the back of the van. She was naked except for her little skirt, and it was no help to her that it now dropped down over her whipped ass and pussy. She knelt on the cold hard concrete, her eyes down. Between her legs, she noticed a circular drain, but it didn't mean anything to her. She gasped in her gag, breathing through her nose. She wanted to take big sobbing breaths, but she couldn't.

Betty straddled her and pulled the skirt back. "Who wants to give her a warm up?"

"Yeah, me!" Jock said, and took the rubber strip. He lashed it into Shauna's ass with great glee, the rubber slapping into the bound blonde's red flesh with a sound that rang crisply around the garage. Shauna screamed into the gag and jerked, but she was helpless and her ass took each stroke.

Jock gave her six strokes, then handed the strap over to Jill. Jill lashed Shauna as she rubbed her pussy, her eyes wide with delight.

Shauna screamed into the gag and begged, but it was useless. She pulled at the bonds, her body rocking against Betty's legs, but already the beat of the rubber was turning her on. She hated herself, but there was nothing she could do about it, and Betty knew that. Betty laughed and screamed at her, holding her little skirt out of the way, urging Shauna to tell them how much she wanted it. But Shauna wept and stared at the floor, the burning lust pulsing in her, her ass jerking to the beat of the rubber, her skin going redder and redder, her flesh aching with pain and horrible, depraved lust. It rose and surged and Shauna knew she was going to come again.

So did Betty.

"Enough," she said as Dennis took the rubber and got ready to whip the bound cheerleader. "Don't want her to get too turned on, do we?" She laughed and reached for Pierre's cock. "You wanna fuck her ass now?"

Shauna moaned into the gag, but they all ignored her. She turned her head and saw Betty working on Pierre's cock, covering it with cream, getting it more than slick enough to fuck up her ass. She sobbed and pulled at the bonds, shaking with terror, her ass trembling and aching as it waited for the terrible rape. Her nipples still felt crushed, and they throbbed with rolling pulses of pain and the lingering lust that had already betrayed her.

Pierre grinned and dropped to his knees behind his girlfriend. He lifted up her skirt, which had fallen back over her ass, and slid his hard cock into her asscrack, pushing it toward her tight shitter. He pulled her ass cheeks wide open and suddenly his hard cock-head was pushing at her crinkled asshole.

Shauna moaned and wept bitterly, trying to pull her ass away from him, but he was far too strong for her.

"You wouldn't admit you came!" Betty hissed in her ear. "So you pay, whore -- and this is only the beginning!"

Shauna didn't know what Betty meant, but she tried to struggle as the brunette straddled her again and reached underneath her aching body, feeling for her tits.

"You got great tits, honey!" Betty whispered. "I really like working them over, you know that?"

Shauna sobbed as Betty's fingers rolled her nipples hard. She rocked under the impulses of pain and lust that surged out of the contact, and her shitter suddenly took an inch of Pierre's cock.

Shauna shrieked as the hard cock-head fucked into her ass. Her wide eyes showed her pain. Her asshole spasmed as Pierre's thick cock-head pushed again and slid deeper, easing past the tight ring of muscles that guarded the entrance. Her ass shuddered and stretched as Pierre worked her asshole a little, easing his cock back and forth, working the thick shaft over her shitter ring, loosening it up. Shauna gasped and moaned, but the pain was already declining and strange spasms of passion shivered out of the contact.

"Nod your head. Tell us how much you want it, honey!" Betty hissed, her long fingernails scraping over Shauna's nipples.

"Noooo!" Shauna shrieked, her head shaking back and forth.

Betty took the thin rubber strap.

"Yeah!" she yelled, and lashed it down on Shauna's ass. "Go, Pierre, go!"

Shauna shrieked as the rubber beat her ass, then jerked up, her body rigid again as Pierre rammed his cock into her asshole with all his force. His long thick prick slammed into her guts, filling her ass, her ass walls throbbing and shuddering over it. Shauna screamed and jerked, working her shifter over his cock as horrible dark passions welled up in her. The pain was rising with the lust, burning together in one seething fire that took her body over again, made her a slave to Pierre's lust.

Betty lashed Shauna's ass, making the blonde buck and heave as she rammed her ass back at Pierre's thrusting prick. "Nod! Come on, tell us how much you want it!" Betty cried. "Nod and I'll take that gag out!"

Shauna screamed and shook her head, shame bursting over her as she realized that she was going to come again. No matter what they did to her now she came, and the more degrading and painful it was, the faster she came. Her blonde head shook as she wept and shuddered, her ass walls going crazy over Pierre's prick. Her mouth opened and she wailed with horrible lust, her pussy gushing juices.

Pierre gasped as he rammed his cock into Shauna's ass, the thick rod throbbing and swelling with lust. He gripped the waistband of Shauna's little skirt as he raped her, pulling on it, forcing his cock ever deeper into her shifter. "Fuck, she's got a great ass too, you wanna feel it!"

"I will, I will!" Leonard laughed, his cock out and hard again.

"I'm gonna drive you crazy, bitch," Betty said. "And if you don't confess, you see what happens to you. Now nod your fuckin' head for us!"

In a rage, she lashed the rubber strap down on top of Shauna's heaving ass, the end of it beating just an inch or so away from where Pierre's throbbing prick sank into the blonde's asshole.

Shauna jerked and another orgasm burst through her as the pain gushed out. She wept as she spasmed, her ass sucking at Pierre's cock, her sore nipples erupting with passion. The rubber whipped her ass again and another climax soared through the screaming blonde. Shauna swung her head, screaming into the gag.

"Come on, Betty, I gotta go!" Jock moaned, holding his swollen, straining cock.

"Hold it in," Betty said, lashing Shauna's ass again, tightening her knees on the screaming cheerleader. "She's gotta suffer!"

Shauna was out of her mind. She was so far gone she pushed back for the pain of the rubber strap, her ass needing the explosion of sharp agony to fuel her orgasm and keep it burning at full force. She shook as Pierre's cock moved in her shitter, the thick prick spreading her asshole walls to the limit, making them shiver with orgasm.

"Come on, bitch, nod your fuckin' head!" Betty screamed, lashing Shauna's ass with the strap.

Shauna's wail was drowned by the gag, but the shake of her frantic head was all that Betty needed. She lashed Shauna again and then leaned down over her, her mouth very close to the blonde's ear.

"If you don't admit you're coming, Jock's gonna piss on you, got that?" she hissed. "That's what the drain's for! We don't want anybody asking why the fuckin' carpet stinks like piss! Now nod your fuckin' head!"

Shauna didn't believe Betty. She couldn't see the drain, but she thought it was a bluff. Her orgasm had sunk lower with only the pulse of Pierre's cock in her ass to drive it, but it still rolled over her and her shitter walls still pulsed around Pierre's cock. She moaned and shook her head.

"And after Pierre comes in your ass, the other guys will fuck your ass and drink beer and piss on you, whore! And then I'll make you hose the floor down, okay, got that?" Betty yelled, gripping Shauna's hair.

Shauna gasped and sobbed, her ass jerking.

"Well?" Betty asked.

Shauna moaned and shook her head as far as she could. She knew her friends were not bitter enemies, but they'd never do anything as perverted as piss on her.

"Okay, you asked for it," Betty said. She swung a leg over Shauna's body and pulled the blonde's face up. "Come on, Jock, since you're busting."

Jock came forward, his swollen cock right over Shauna's face. For a moment Shauna was sure he was going to jerk-off over her, but then she knew that he really was going to piss on her face. Panic overwhelmed her and she nodded frantically.

"Yes! Yes!" Shauna screamed, her hair hurting as she tried to nod.

"Too late, bitch!" Betty yelled, pulling Shauna's face around even more.

Shauna screamed into the gag, staring up at the tip of Jock's cock as it moved a little in the glaring light of the garage. She moaned in surging passion and then, to her absolute horror, a stream of almost-clear beer piss gushed out of Jock's cock, across the few inches between them and splattered into her face.

Chapter SEVEN

The piss splattered all over Shauna's face and ran into her mouth through the gag. Her muffled scream bubbled out and she tried to breathe without taking in any of the filthy stuff, but it was impossible. She gasped and pulled against Betty's hand, but the brunette had a strong hold on her hair and Shauna couldn't escape the piss that shot out of Jock's cock.

"Yeahhh, fuck, this is almost as good as fucking the bitch!" Jock gasped, moving his cock so that his piss ran all over Shauna's suffering face. "Fuck, did I need this!"

He moved his cock around, his hand working up and down his hard prick-shaft as he pissed.

Shauna moaned and wept as the piss poured over her. Some of it was running down her neck and over her back. She pulled at the bonds, struggling with all her might, but nothing freed her. The taste of the piss in the gag was making her retch, but at the same time, Pierre's cock slammed around deep in her ass and that was setting up the churning lust that had betrayed her before. She moaned as she pushed at his prick, but her ass walls spasmed and sucked at the hard cock, and each thrust of his cock into her guts sent shivers of passion through her. She sobbed and moaned, pushing against Betty's grip, glad at least that the stream of piss from Jock's cock was slowing down.

"If you promise not to scream, I'll take the gag out and let you suck some cock," Betty said.

Anything was better than the piss-soaked gag.

Shauna nodded her head and Betty untied the gag, pulling the piss-soaked rag out of Shauna's mouth.

"Suck Jock," Betty said.

With a great big grin, Jock stepped over Shauna's bound arms and sat on the edge of the van, pulling her mouth to his prick. In a daze of horror, Shauna let his cock sink into her mouth. She could just taste the piss on his cock-head, but it wasn't as bad as piss all over her.

"Come on, bitch, suck him off, you got a lot of work to do," Betty said, lashing Shauna's ass just above where Pierre's cock fucked in and out.

Shauna lurched and pulled at the bonds, her scream bursting out from around Jock's hard cock.

"No screaming, bitch, or the gag goes back," Betty said, whipping the bound blonde across her ass again.

Shauna lurched and wailed, but it was surprisingly easy not to scream. She was used to the pain now and the pulsations of agony that surged out of the slap of rubber on her skin were more than enough to set off surging rushes of desire all through her.

"Fuck, she's got a great ass!" Pierre gasped, fucking his cock deep into Shauna's guts, slamming it around, gripping her skirt to help him get his prick in deeper. He gave a great groan and pushed Shauna right off the floor in his lust. "Yeahhh! I'm gonna shoot right up her ass!"

Shauna gasped, sinking her helpless mouth right down Jock's cock, taking it into her throat, filling her mouth with its hardness. The rubber strip lashed her ass and she knew she was going to come when Pierre shot. She screamed into the cock in her throat, nothing more than a bubbling moan coming out since it was buried so deep. Her body bucked and jerked and her legs straightened. In a fever of lust, she scraped her feet forward, crouching, heaving her ass back at her boyfriend's jerking cock, trying to get more of it into her ass. Her mouth sucked at Jock's prick with all the fever of her lust, and he leaned back on the van floor, gasping, watching his cock vanish between the blonde's hot lips.

"Yaaahhh, here it comes!" Pierre groaned, pushing Shauna around on his cock as the cum erupted from his balls and surged up his cock-shaft, right into Shauna's squirming ass.

The first wad of jizz splattered against her asshole walls and Shauna felt as if a volcano had gone off in her guts. She screamed, ramming Jock's cock to the depths of her throat, sucking at it like a vacuum pump. Her body pulsated to the demands of her orgasm.

"Do it, come on!" Betty shouted, lashing the rubber strip into Shauna's ass and driving the helpless blonde crazy with lust. "Come, you bitch, come!"

"Jeezzz! You gotta try this, boys!" Pierre yelled, emptying his load into Shauna's shifter. His cock swelled and shot, pouring more spunk out. "Fuck, whip her, Betty, whip her! She goes crazy!"

Streaks of jizz ran down Shauna's thighs, but she wasn't aware of it. She gurgled and sucked at Jock's prick, filling her mouth with its hardness, ramming it into her throat, the thrusts of the hard male meat sending her orgasm even higher. The beat of the rubber strip into her ass, bursting out as the wads of cum shot deep into her guts, sent her to the top of her climax. She hung there, out of her mind, her whole body on fire.

"Oooohhh!" Pierre moaned, his jerking cock finally running out of cum. He held onto Shauna's skirt, his grip so tight that the waistband was pulling down over her ass. "Fuck, that was great!"

The beat of the rubber stopped and Shauna gave a moan of passion. Her orgasm was slipping away without going over the peak. She rammed Jock's cock down her throat as her sucking ass still worked over Pierre's prick, his half-hard cock sliding around in her asshole.

Jock gasped, watching his cock working in and out of Shauna's mouth. "She's got me, boys! Another load of cum for you, bitch!"

He roared and gripped Shauna's hair, holding her frantically sucking mouth on his cock.

Shauna felt his cock spasm and knew she'd have a mouthful of cum soon, but she didn't care anymore. Her body was still heaving to the demands of her lust, and it was all she could do to stop herself from screaming out for more. She sobbed and wept, her mouth on Jock's cock as the cum burst out of his piss-slit.

"Uurrhhh!" he groaned, holding her mouth on his cock, watching as she heaved and sucked it down, her throat convulsing as she swallowed his cum. "Ohhh, yeaaahh! Fuck, she can suck!"

"Good, now come," Betty said, lashing Shauna's ass as Pierre pulled his cock out of her shifter. She swung the rubber strap again, beating it against the crimson flesh.

Shauna's soft screams burst out around Jock's shooting cock, and the blonde's ass jerked up in pain. The second smack of the strap sent her orgasm surging back up. She bucked, her ass searching for the rubber as it lashed down. Her mouth slid up Jock's cock a little, sucking at his cock-head as the cum bubbled out into her mouth. Even the taste of cum sent pulsating excitement rushing through her. She gasped and sucked as the stroke of the rubber on her ass drove her higher.

"Fuck, what a mouth!" Jock moaned, leaning back and watching as Shauna's lips moved over his cock-head, sucking out the last of the cum, her wicked tongue flicking over his cock-slit, lapping it up as it oozed out. "God, I needed that!"

"Tell us now, bitch! Tell us how you want it!" Betty yelled, lashing Shauna's ass with a hard stroke of the rubber strip.

"No, no!" Shauna cried, heaving as the pain burst over her body.

But Betty was clever. She knew how to handle the blonde. She gave her one more stroke, then stopped as Shauna moaned and sucked at Jock's cock in a fever of desire.

Shauna was in a bad way, her whole body rolling and heaving as her mouth worked over Jock's cock-head, sucking at it.

"Come on, tell us," Betty said, running the strap over Shauna's ass.

Shauna didn't care any longer what they did to her.

"No, never! I didn't come! I didn't!" she wailed, her mouth moving desperately over Jock's cock-head, her red lips caressing his flesh.

"Fuck, she's insatiable," Jock said, pulling his prick out of Shauna's mouth and getting away from the moaning blonde.

"Please, Leonard, can I?" Peggy said, moving forward in her little white teddy, her long legs outlined perfectly in the white stockings.

"Sure, Sis," he said.

"My turn," Peggy said brightly, sweeping her dark hair back over her shoulders. She moved onto the end of the van, spreading her legs and reaching down, unclipping the crotch of the teddy.

"Somebody fuck her," she said. "I like company."

"Wait," Betty said to Dennis as he moved forward. She held him back and lined the rubber strap up on Shauna's ass. "No screaming, bitch."

Shauna had no idea what was going to happen until Peggy grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Peggy straddled her face, pushing her arms out with her stockinged thighs as she moved her pussy right over Shauna's face. Shauna thought she had to suck Peggy's cunt, but then she understood.

"No!" she gasped, but already the piss was gushing from Peggy's cunt, pouring all over her face. Shauna closed her mouth and moaned, trying to pull down and breathe under the sour stream.

"Drink it, bitch!" Betty yelled, lashing Shauna's ass with the rubber strip.

The blow sent Shauna's climax back to the boiling point. She sobbed and moaned, her body filling with lust as she still tried to escape the pouring piss.

"Open your mouth!" Betty cried, lashing her again, the rubber strap reddening Shauna's ass even more.

Shauna tried to scream, but she was helpless and she needed to breathe. Without even really knowing what she was doing, she opened her mouth, gasping for breath and taking a stream of piss in. She made most of it run out of her bubbling lips, but she couldn't get rid of it all, and she gurgled, drinking some of it down in her desperation. The rubber strap whipped her ass and she came, shuddering in lust as she squirmed in disgust, her mouth full of piss.

"Drink!" Betty shouted, lashing her harder.

"Oohhh, that's nice," Peggy said as she poured her piss into Shauna's suffering mouth. Her grip on Shauna's lovely blonde hair tightened as she pushed her cunt even closer to Shauna's mouth, pissing all over her face.

Shauna came harder as the rubber beat her ass and she drank Peggy's piss. The stream of pee slowed and she gasped for breath, the disgusting taste all over her mouth. Her stomach heaved, but the lust from her ass was too strong to allow her to vomit. She moaned as Peggy pulled her head forward and sat on the end of the van.

"Now suck my pussy," Peggy said, pulling Shauna's mouth down.

It was all the same to Shauna. She let her mouth run over Peggy's pussy, licking and sucking as the rubber beat her ass and she felt a cock pushing at her cunt. It was Dennis, and he slammed home at once, forcing his prick into her pussy in one thrust.

Shauna gurgled with lust, rocking on the concrete floor, sobbing as she sucked Peggy's pussy. But the surge of the cock up her pussy was making her desire worse, sending her lust higher.

"Jeez, come on!" Dennis gasped, hauling Shauna to her feet in his lust. He pushed her head back down as he rammed his cock into her cunt.

Then Betty whipped her ass hard and Shauna fell into a pit of passion deeper than anything she'd ever known. Her whole body burned. Her cunt spasmed in constant lust over Dennis' cock and she sucked Peggy's pussy with frantic passion, filling her mouth with soft female flesh, biting and sucking at Peggy's clit.

"Jeez, you ought to feel her pussy go!" Dennis yelled, gripping the pleats of Shauna's little skirt and pulling at it as he fucked the bound blonde. His cock throbbed in Shauna's pussy, scraping over her spasming pussy walls, working in and out like a piston. "Come on, Betty, whip her! She goes crazy!"

Betty laughed, lashing Shauna's ass, driving the horrible, agonizing lust through the blonde cheerleader.

"I know," she said. "I'm gonna make the little cunt crawl and beg for it!"

Peggy moaned with satisfaction, her pussy pouring juices over Shauna's face, her dark cunt-hair slicked down and gleaming in the light of the garage as her cunt worked up and down.

"That's nice!" she moaned. "Oh, that's nice!"

Then she gripped Shauna's hair and pulled the blonde's head up. She grinned wickedly into Shauna's wet face.

"Lick my ass," she said, and spread her thighs wider, rolling back on the van floor.

Shauna moaned and jerked as Dennis' cock slammed high in her cunt and the rubber lashed her ass. In a daze, she sank her mouth down, pushing it between Peggy's wide-spread ass-cheeks.

Peggy murmured contentedly, let go of Shauna's hair, and shoved her ass at Shauna's mouth.

"Lick me!" she moaned.

Shauna licked into the wide crack, her body jerking as Dennis fucked his cock into her cunt and Betty lashed her ass. Her head was spinning helplessly as she wriggled her tongue into the tight little circle of Peggy's shitter.

"Yeahhh!" Peggy gasped, and let go of one knee, gripping Shauna's head and pulling the blonde's mouth harder onto her asshole. "Come on, suck my ass, honey!"

Shauna sobbed, her pussy spasming over Dennis' cock, her ass ringing with pain and lust. Her flesh was so sensitive that she came the moment the rubber whipped her ass. She heaved and licked at Peggy's shit-hole, so far out of her mind she hardly knew what she was doing.

"Yuuuurrrhh!" Dennis gasped, his throbbing prick buried so deep in Shauna's cunt that all of his long cock-shaft was caressed by her sucking pussy walls. He moved his prick in and out, his cock-head pushing deep into Shauna's spasming pussy. He pulled harder on her skirt and the waistband snapped as he thrust his cock in with all the force of his lust. "Fuck, yeahhhh!"

Shauna felt her skirt tear, the waistband slipping down over her whipped ass, which kept Betty from whipping her. She moaned as the churning orgasm in her guts faded a little, unable to burn hard enough with just Dennis' cock fucking her cunt.

But Betty grabbed the shirt and pushed it up on Shauna's back. She lashed Shauna's ass and the little blonde cheerleader screamed and moaned with new passion.

"Come on, bitch, tell us how much you want it!" Betty shouted, whipping Shauna again.

But Shauna only moaned and shuddered, her body rocking and heaving. She licked deep into Peggy's ass and felt the tight hole clutch and spasm at her tongue.

"Oooohhh, yeah, come on, bring me off!" Peggy moaned, pushing her ass at Shauna's mouth. "Suck my ass, bitch, suck my ass!"

"Heeeey, another load for the bitch!" Dennis yelled, moving his throbbing cock in Shauna's cunt. "God, it feels good!"

He gasped with lust as a stream of jizz pumped out of his balls and headed up his cock-shaft.

"Keep her going, Betty!" he moaned, gripping Shauna's thighs and leaning back, his cock fucking in and out of Shauna's cunt.

"I'll kill the bitch if she doesn't beg!" Betty screamed, lashing the rubber strip into Shauna's ass in her fury. "Come on, whore, come on!"

But Shauna just moaned louder as she sucked Peggy's ass. The girl spasmed and gasped in climax, jerking around on the floor of the van, her ass muscles clutching at Shauna's thrusting tongue. Shauna's cunt exploded as another load of cum filled her cunt, gushing high in her fuck-hole.

"Ooooorrghh!" Dennis groaned, his pistoning cock filling Shauna's cunt with fuck-juice as he came. "Ooohhhh, fuck it! Fuck it!"

Peggy gave a final shriek of lust and rolled away on the van floor, giggling and rubbing her pussy.

"Oohhh," she said, "that was the first ass-suck I ever had! That was nice!"

She laughed and stared at Shauna as she rubbed her pussy.

Shauna was still bound to the van, her legs straight, her body bent as Dennis rammed his cock in and gave her pussy the last shots of his cum. He gasped and slowed, his cock softening as Betty lashed Shauna a last time and stopped.

"Jeezz, that was great!" Dennis gasped.

With her orgasms slowing and fading, the shame and horror rushed back over Shauna. Suddenly she could smell the piss all over her body, and she burst into tears, her pussy still throbbing around Dennis' softening cock, her hands pulling helplessly at the bonds.

"What's the matter, cunt?" Betty asked.

"Stop this! Stop it!" Shauna cried. "I gotta go to the bathroom!"

Chapter EIGHT

Leonard laughed. "So, you wanna go to the bathroom?"

"Yes, yes, please! Let me alone for a moment!" Shauna moaned. She pulled against the bonds, keeping her eyes away from Peggy. "Please, I have to go!"

That was true. Not only did she need to piss, but the ass-fucking had put her in desperate need of a shit.

"Sure, baby, we'll let you go," Leonard said. He undid the bonds and let Shauna stand up.

Shauna rubbed her wrists, keeping her eyes down. The soft pulses of her orgasm sank slowly away in her body as she stood there and waited. She couldn't look any of them in the face now. She moved toward the door.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Leonard asked.

"I gotta go," Shauna said.

"There's a hole there, go there," Leonard said, pointing to the drain in the garage floor.

Shauna went cold with horror.

"No!" she gasped. "Please, Leonard, I gotta, you know, I gotta..."

Her voice tailed off in desperation.

"You gotta shit?" he asked.

"Yes," Shauna mumbled.

"Use the hole, bitch," he said. "Use the fucking hole."

"No," Shauna whispered, and crossed her arms across her tits.

"Do it -- unless you wanna be tied up and fucked again," Leonard said.

Shauna couldn't hold out much longer. Slowly, her mind spinning in horror, Shauna stepped toward the drain.

"Take that skirt off," Leonard said.

It didn't take much for Shauna to lose the last piece of clothing she had. She dropped it to the floor. Then, naked and shivering, she stood over the drain and slowly bent her legs, crouching down over it. She kept her eyes down, her body aching to let the piss and shit go.

But she couldn't. She sobbed and moaned, her body aching and jerking, but she couldn't do it with all of them watching.

"Here, suck my cock while I watch," Dennis said to Jill.

"Fuck off," she said, pulling away from him.

She was still almost dressed, though her blouse was wide open and her panties were long gone.

That did it for Dennis, and Shauna was glad of the distraction as he grabbed Jill by her hair and pushed her to her knees.

"Let me go, you shit!" Jill screamed, twisting as hard as she could in his grip.

"I've had enough of this," Dennis said. "You come on all sexy and adoring in public and then give me this crap. Now suck my cock!"

He took the rubber strap from Betty.

"No! You get your lousy hands off me!" Jill yelled, jerking in his hands. He straddled her, pulling her arms out of the way.

"Suck me, bitch!" he yelled, and lashed her tits with the rubber strap.

"Aaahhh!" Jill wailed, jerking up, her helpless tits pushing up as the redness spread over them.

"Suck me! Suck me, cunt!" Dennis shouted, lashing his girlfriend's tits with all his strength.

"Aaahhhh!" Jill screamed, her little skirt flicking around as she struggled. "All right, darling, all right! Please, please -- aaaahh -- let me suck you cock! Please!"

She moaned as he laughed and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees.

"Now, get here, bitch, and suck!" Dennis chuckled, waiting for her.

She turned on her knees, sobbing, holding her tits. With a moan, she crawled across to Dennis, gasping as she took hold of his already-hard cock and slid her mouth down it, moaning with submissive lust.

"That's better," Dennis said, handing the strap back to Betty. "Now keep going, bitch. You give great head when you don't fuck around."

A thin stream of piss was running out of Shauna's pussy -- until they all turned back to her. It dried up at once and she moaned, shivering over the drain.

Betty grabbed her blonde hair.

"You stink," she said as she pulled Shauna backwards.

Shauna gasped and wailed, almost falling out of her crouch as she pushed her hands back to hold herself up. She stared up at Betty.

"Piss for me," Betty said, and lashed Shauna's tits.

Shauna was helpless. She screamed as her twin mounds bounced under the assault.

"Now piss for me, or else," Betty said, holding Shauna's hair, gripping it tightly enough to keep the cheerleader in place.

Then a shiver of horrible excitement rushed through Shauna. What she had to do was so depraved it was almost beyond thinking. She shivered with desperate lust and her stream of piss began again, running out of her cunt and into the drain.

"Good, now rub your pussy," Betty said as the rest of them stared in fascination at the sight of Shauna pissing into the drain.

Shauna moaned, but she managed to get one hand off the floor and slide it down onto her cunt. Betty pushed her into a more upright position and that made it easier, though Shauna had to spread her thighs even wider to compensate. She rubbed her clit, her fingers getting wet as her piss flowed past them. She sobbed in horror, but spasms of excitement were already surging out of the touch of her fingers on her cunt.

"Good. Now shit," Betty said.

Shauna screamed, but her fingers moved on her clit and she came, shamelessly spasming while she pissed into the drain.

"Do it," Betty said, and lashed Shauna's heaving tits. "And keep rubbing your cunt, bitch!"

She gave Shauna's tits another lash to make her point and Shauna screamed once more, coming as she rubbed her clit.

The rubber lashed her tits and Shauna came again, sobbing in helpless submission. She hardly knew it, but her ass muscles were relaxing and a massive heap of shit was easing out of her ass.

"Come on, shit!" Betty screamed, lashing Shauna in a fury. "Rub your cunt, bitch, come on!"

She lashed Shauna's tits hard as the shit dropped onto the drain.

"Come on, more!" Betty cried, Shauna again. "Hey, boys, come piss on her! Come on, we've got her!"

Shauna screamed as she let another heap of shit fall into the drain. She hardly knew what was happening as Leonard and Pierre stood in front of her and their cocks shot piss all over her face, tits and belly. Her fingers spasmed on her pussy and she came helplessly as the piss ran down between her open thighs.

"Yeah, come on, bitch, come for us!" Betty screamed, lashing Shauna as the blonde screamed and wailed, her piss-wet fingers rubbing her cunt frantically as she came again and again.

The two boys grinned and pissed on her tits, their hard cocks sticking right out at her. She gasped and spasmed, came again and held there, her thighs open, the last of Pierre's and Leonard's piss running into her pussy-hair.

Leonard went to the wall and pulled out a hose. He grinned at Betty as she pulled the blonde to her feet.

"Not bad," he said. He opened the hose nozzle and a stream of cold water gushed over Shauna, the sheer force of it making her scream. "Don't move!"

Shauna had to stand there and take the stream of water. In horror, she stared down at the pile of her shit on the drain. She turned as she was told to, all of her body getting hosed down.

"Bend over," Leonard said, keeping the hose on the shaking blonde.

Shauna bent down and held her ankles, moaning as the jet of water gushed between her legs, bursting over her ass and pussy, washing the last of the shit and piss away. The pressure of the water bursting on her clit and asshole sent shivers of desire through her. Every inch of her was soaked when Leonard finally turned the hose away from her and washed the last of her shit and the piss down the drain. Then he turned the hose off and grinned at the cowering blonde.

"Back inside, bitch," he said. "We've got lots to do yet."

Shauna turned and walked into the main room of the house again. She waited while Pierre, Leonard and Betty came in behind her.

"Come here," Betty said, and took Shauna to the bathroom.

It was small and there was no hope of escape from it, but Shauna wasn't even thinking of escape. She moaned a bit as Betty gave her a hair dryer and towel and made her dry herself and get her hair back in order.

"You know what's going on now, honey," Betty said when Shauna finally put the dryer down. "So you can fight it, or give in."

Shauna was silent.

"Put those on," Betty said, tossing Shauna some clothes.

It was a cheerleader's costume. The little flared skirt barely covered Shauna's ass. The panties were no more than tiny strips of material that covered her pussy and ran in the crack of her ass. Above that was only a little blouse that just reached the nipples of Shauna's tits and was very tight.

"Not bad," Betty said. "Now rub your pussy a bit for me while you watch yourself in the mirror."

Shauna stared at her reflection as she eased the little dress up a few inches and started rubbing her clit through the tiny panties. She spread her legs wide.

"You gave me the top cheerleader position," Betty said.

"Yes, yes, I will!" Shauna gasped, her eyes wet with tears.

"You're gonna come in with me and fuck everybody until they can't do it any more," Betty said. "You belong to everybody until you prove yourself. So do it easy or hard. You're at the bottom, baby, and it's a long way to the top."

Shauna spasmed and gasped. The idea of being the plaything of all her friends sent her into climax faster than her frantic pussy rubbing.

"Come on!" Betty shouted.

Shauna took her fingers off her cunt reluctantly, her head spinning in a desperate, submissive rush of desire. She followed Betty into the room and trembled as the roar of approval greeted her.

"Fuck, Pierre, she does look great when she wants to!" Dennis chuckled as he slid his cock into Jill's cunt. Jill was bent over the sofa back, her face sulky as her cunt got reamed out. But she was already moaning with rising desire, and Dennis slapped her ass hard. "Cunt, now come for me, bitch!"

Jill moaned and heaved on the sofa back, gritting her teeth as her desire raged and surged.

Betty pointed to a place on the carpet several feet way from where Pierre sat in a chair, his cock hard.

"On your knees," Betty said, and Shauna sank down at once, staring at Pierre's cock, her body going to jelly as she watched him.

"Do you want that cock?" Betty hissed in Shauna's ear.

"Yes! Yes!" she moaned.

She wanted Pierre's cock, wanted Leonard's cock, wanted any cock she could get. She bit her lip as the full impact of her slavish submission got through to her.

"What are you prepared to do to get it?" Betty asked softly, running the rubber strap over Shauna's back.

"I-I don't know," Shauna said, her eyes on Pierre's heaving prick.

"Prepared to stick your ass up and beg me to whip it?" Betty hissed.

"Yes! Yes, I would!" she moaned.

"Then do it," Betty said.

Shauna pushed herself up, then slid her hands down her legs and gripped her ankles. Another surge of delight and lust passed through her.

Betty pushed the little skirt up over Shauna's back and ran the rubber strap over the blonde's ass. "So?"

"Please whip my ass!" Shauna moaned. "Anything! Anything if you'll let me have Pierre's cock! Anything!"

She spasmed and gripped her ankles hard. The rubber lashed into her ass and she screamed over the music, coming to a wonderful surge of passion.

"Aaaahh -- yes! Yes! I want Leonard to do it! I want Leonard to whip me!" she screamed, jerking in her depraved lust. Her ass jerked up and she came hard, screaming as the passion rolled over her.

"I use the paddle," Leonard said, the terrible rubber instrument in his hands.

"Yes!" Shauna shrieked, coming as she looked at it.

She bucked as he lined it up on her asscheeks and gave her a vicious beating, lashing the hard rubber into her stretched ass with all his force.

"Yes, yes, I'll do anything! Please let me have his cock!" Shauna moaned, coming helplessly, staring through her spread legs at the paddle as it lashed into her ass.

"Okay, bitch, on your back on the table," Leonard said, giving Shauna's ass one more stroke.

Shauna screamed and straightened up, her body aching with depraved lust. Her eyes suddenly shone with devilish desire as she swung up onto the table and spread her legs. Her little skirt fell back, showing her panties and the wet patch spreading fast on the thin material.

"Disgusting," Betty said. "The bitch is horny." She picked up a long thick candle and pulled Shauna's panties aside, pushing the pointed end of the candle at Shauna's cunt. "Beg for it."

Shauna felt shudders of horror and passion burst in her guts. The candle was thicker than any cock, but her pussy was already spasming and sucking at the end of it.

"Yes, fuck me with it!" she wailed, her hips jerking up as she gripped her ankles harder and pulled her legs down.

Betty pushed hard and the candle started to fuck into Shauna's throbbing pussy. Shauna's cunt stretched to the limit and the rasping slide of the hard wax in her fuck-hole sent her writhing in total, desperate lust.

"Fill my cunt!" she screamed, her pussy shuddering as she came helplessly, her body shaking and jerking on the table top.

Betty pushed and the whole of the candle sank into Shauna's cunt, filling her with its bulk.

Shauna screamed, bucked up on the table, and then gasped as Leonard's cock pushed between her lips. She sucked at it, taking it into her throat and moaning at the depraved pleasure that filled her whole body.

The rubber strip lashed into her pussy, beating her into another screaming climax. Her body heaved and jerked and her throat spasmed as the orgasm pounded through her body.

Leonard roared, his cock pushing at Shauna's throat, the cum boiling out of his balls.

"Fuckin' Christ!" he bellowed, his cock thrusting between Shauna's dark red lips. "I don't believe it!"

His cock shot cum deep into Shauna's throat, and the blonde gurgled with lust, her throat sucking the hot juices out in thick streams.

Shauna surged up to a peak of lust and stayed there as Leonard's cock shot massive gobs of jizz into her throat and Betty whipped her cunt.

She sucked Leonard's cock, taking the last of his cum, holding his prick, cleaning off the cock-head as he gasped and moaned. Then she rolled off the table.

The candle was still in her cunt as Shauna sank to the floor on all fours.

"Hold it in," Betty said, and lashed Shauna's ass with the rubber strap. "Crawl if you want his cock."

Shauna moaned, holding the candle in her cunt with one hand as she crawled over the floor toward Pierre's thick cock.

"I want it, I want it!" she moaned, reaching up to grip the thick, hard prick.

Betty gripped Shauna's hair. "You're our slave, right?"

"Yes, yes, I'll do anything you want!" Shauna moaned, trying to get her mouth on Pierre's wonderful cock-head.

"You'll do everything we tell you to do!" Betty cried.

"Yes, yes, please, anything, let me have his cock!" Shauna screamed, her pussy spasming on the candle.

Betty let go of her hair and Shauna sank her mouth onto Pierre's prick, cramming it in, swallowing on it, helpless in the grip of her desires.


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