Bound and raped cousin

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting circumstances.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performed with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly joins the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Darlene Mitchell is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. A healthy, attractive teenager, she has no reason to think she is different from other girls her age. But within her a love of degradation and desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for her depraved cousin to arouse it.

BOUND AND RAPED COUSIN -- a fictional story about those who appear normal, but whose needs are different from most.

Chapter ONE

"Why are you doing this to me?" Scalding tears rolled down Darlene's cheeks as she stared wildly at her cousin Jeff. Her feet shuffled back in the dirt while the tall dark-haired eighteen-year-old rubbed his cock with one hand. Darlene Mitchell had never had anyone slap her like that before in her young life. Tentatively she put one hand up to her right cheek, still able to feel the hot sting of her cousin's fingers against her flesh. Why, oh, why weren't her aunt and uncle home yet?

"I seen the way you been starin' at me ever since you got here," Jeff answered, leering at her. "Something's going to happen to you if you go around dressed half naked like that. I think that's what you want."

"That's not true," Darlene denied hotly, shaking her head from side to side.

Her long blonde hair slipped over her shoulders as she backed away once more. Jeff took another step forward, effectively blocking her escape from the tool shed. Why had she followed him out here? Why had she listened to him? Hadn't she caught something odd in his voice, a tone that should have warned her he had something more than familial interest in her? The young girl looked wildly around for something to use a a weapon -- anything to prevent what she guessed Jeff had planned for her.

"I was just trying to be friendly," she said nervously.

Jeff snorted a laugh.

"Paradin' that tight ass around in those shorts till I'm goin' nuts, and you call that friendly. Well, you're gonna be mighty friendly, all right. By the time I get through pokin' your pussy, you're gonna be my best buddy."

The words sent chills rushing up and down Darlene's spine. Drawing one hand to her mouth, she stifled a scream, bending her knees slightly and bolting forward. It was a desperate move. If she could only get around her cousin, she'd be safe. Then Darlene would hide somewhere, wait for her aunt and uncle to return from their church meeting and throw herself at their mercy.

"No, don't... don't touch me!"

Jeff had been too quick for her. Darlene screamed, her knees buckling under her as she felt her cousin's fingers gripping her right wrist.

"Stupid bitch! Think you could get away from me?"

"Don't, Jeff... please leave me alone!" Her cries bounced off the wooden shed walls.

Outside, Darlene could hear the German shepherd barking. Her feet slipped on the dirty wooden floor as Jeff struggled to gain complete control of her.

He backhanded her, his knuckles bruising her chin. Darlene saw stars as she felt the numbing blow knocking her backward. Hands stretched to either side of her body, the young teenager reeled past her cousin. With a thud, Darlene crumped like a useless pile of rags to the floor. Jeff stood spread-legged above her, his thick muscled arms folded over his chest. Darlene pushed back her hair and stared pitifully at her cousin. A strange sensation of sheer terror began coursing through her as she waited far him to make his next move.

"If you ain't been fucked before by them city studs, you been askin' for it for a long time," he sneered, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. "Can smell it. Could smell your fuckin' pussy all the way across the dining room tonight."


"And it ow I'm gonna get me some of that hot little cunt right now... after I warm you up a little."

Darlene's rounded eyes watched in fear as he criss-crossed his arms and pulled off his sweat dampened white cotton T-shirt. She had seen her cousin bare-chested before, working around the shed with his father. Only now did he seem overwhelmingly threatening -- as if with just his sheer will he could crush her into the ground.

She tried to get up, pushing her body up with both hands into a sitting position. Jeff raised one foot, pressing the tip of his boot against her forehead and knocking her back to the floor. Darlene's head struck the rotting floorboards as she flattened out.

"Gonna suck my cock too... gonna do all those fuckin' things I make my old ladies do around here."


Again Darlene tried getting up. Again Jeff kicked her, this time sending the toe of his right boot smashing into the place just below her left lower rib. The force of the painful blow knocked the wind from her. Darlene's face reddened, her cheeks puffing out while the top of her body snapped forward.


Falling to one side, the girl curled protectively into a fetal position, drawing her knees up to her tits while pressing her knees together. Jeff raised his leg yet a third time, bringing his foot down between her legs and forcing her knees apart. Darlene complied, gnashing her teeth as she waited for the next blow.

It didn't come quite yet. His lips had curled into a hellish grin, revealing how much he enjoyed inflicting this pain and humiliation. He was there -- her cousin, her own flesh and blood, booted, an emissary of horror sent to plague her. Darlene scooted back, her shorts riding up, the crotch panel pressing into her cuntal flesh. It was only at this point that Darlene realized an increasing feeling of sexual pleasure was mingling with her fear. He laughed, seeing that confusion in her eyes.

"Oh, Jeff, I won't tell anyone about this if you let me go now," Darlene pleaded, nearly as afraid of her own reaction as of her cousin's.

"Don't matter, nohow."

Jeff stepped forward. The girl's breath quickened while her flesh became prickly. The sweat on his cheeks made his stubbly chin glisten oddly.

"Oh, how can you do this to me?" she sobbed, her fingers curling into her thighs. She nibbed a tear from under one eye, praying God something would happen to prevent her certain rape.

But it was already happening. The girl could see the outline of her cousin's prick. Jeff kept rubbing the fat cockhead with the tips of his fingers until a dark blue stain began spreading over the crotch of his jeans. His breath was short and panting as he moved closer to her.

Darlene again tried to escape, twisting around and scrambling to her feet. Jeff stretched his arm forward, sliding his fingers around in her hair. Darlene felt him pulling back, yanking at her hair. A shock of pain raced over her scalp. Her head snapping backward, the girl gave a shriek of pain.

Screaming again and again, Darlene fell to her knees, her arms stretched in front of her. Jeff kept on pulling, tearing her hair from its roots. The blonde teenager could hear it ripping from her head. Horrified, Darlene sobbed and screamed, beating her palms against Jeff's hands. He only laughed at her wild efforts, dragging her halfway across the shed floor, then letting go.

Darlene sank to the floor, rubbing her fingers over her injured-scalp. When he began rubbing his Levi's, Darlene knew it was all over. He stopped halfway, bending down, then throwing himself on top of her as if she were a mattress. The sudden weight knocked the wind from her. The girl let out a shriek.


Tiring of her cries, Jeff clapped one hand over her mouth, pressing his hand down so hard he cut her lips against her teeth. She squirmed madly, feeling his cock-bulge pressing up against one of her thighs. No! No! It couldn't be happening to her. She was a good girl, a nice girl! Darlene had never disobeyed her very strict mother. She had been a very proper young lady. Why was this happening to her? She felt her cousin's jeans pressing against hers, spreading her legs open while his breath panted heavily against her throat. For a moment she pictured him tearing out her windpipe with his bare teeth. And somehow that image caused a weird kind of excitement that was already making her cunt feel funny.

"Oh yeah, you want it bad, but you're fuckin' afraid to admit it. Right, baby?"

Darlene had no idea what he was talking about. All she knew was that he was hurting her again, his hipbones bumping painfully against hers while his hand shoved her head back hard against the floor.

Then she felt Jeff sliding one hand around her waist, moving it down until he was caressing her ass through the thin material of her electric-blue shorts. Closing her eyes in horror, Darlene felt those powerful fingers kneading her resilient flesh, rubbing up into her asscrack. At the same time, Darlene was very aware of the material pulling against her pussy with that movement back there. Everytime her cousin rubbed her shorts into her asscrack, he was tugging the crotch panel up against her cunt. Darlene felt delicious little flutters tweaking at her clit.

No. No. That was wrong. She should be thinking of ways to escape, of ways to shove Jeff off her and keep her virginity! But somehow those thoughts were becoming increasingly difficult to bold in her mind.

"Gonna get this shit off you," Jeff panted in one ear, dropping his head dawn and show ins his tongue in her ear. "Yeah, gonna get these fuckin' shorts and panties off you and go in."

Go in! It sounded so simple. And yet what it signified terrified the girl. Again she began squirming like a serpent, her knees rubbing hard against Jeff's. But her movement only delighted him more. Laughing at her again, he reached around and ripped the buttons at the top of her zipper from her shorts. Darlene heard them tear away and shuddered. Then she felt her briefs loosening around her thighs. In a moment the garment was gone, pulled off her knees and ankles. Jeff was rubbing his fingers over her panties now, moaning into her ear while hunching up against her.

It was at this point the girl realized he had slipped his Levi's down. Something terribly long, thick and hot was rubbing up against the silken crotch panel of her panties? His cock? Oh God, his cock was doing that! Darlene's eyes opened wide. She could see from the expression on Jeff's face that he was ready to fuck her.

"No, don't! Oh God, don't do this to me! Please!" she screamed.

She managed to press her palms up against his chest and shove up as hard as she could.

"Oh yeah, yeah, keep movin' that ass, honey. Yeah, move it around and make me hot!"

"No, no, oh God, help me!"

Her naked legs slid over the splintery floor. Ignoring the tiny chips of wood knifing into her flesh, Darlene struggled to keep her briefs on. She felt her cousin grabbing at her panties, his fingers puffing at the crotch. He tugged, unsticking her panties from between her increasingly hot cuntlips.

"Uh, no... oh, no, no, no!"

"Keep that up and I'm gonna punch you out till your fuckin' ribs break!"

Darlene grew quiet. He was sliding the briefs dawn, the silken material rubbing over her knees, her ankles, her feet. She sucked in her pouty lower lip and bit down. She was naked from her waist on down to her toes. No one had ever seen her this way except her mother! And now there was Jeff moving back, staring at her. Darlene felt her cheeks burning and turned away.

"Jesus, look at that cunt! Man, it's just achin' to have some good hot cockmeat plowin' through it. Good and hot too, I'll bet."

Darlene jerked her knees up the moment she felt Jeff's fingers touching her pussy. The flesh along her thighs crawled as her cousin began rubbing his fingers back and forth over her cuntlips.

"Christ! You're hot enough down there to fry my prick up. But you're gonna have a little more fun before I fuck you good and proper."

Darlene struggled wildly again. She curled her fingers, drawing the nails over his face. Jeff reared back like a startled stallion, putting one hand over the injured cheek. Small droplets of blood appeared. Knocking one hand against her face, he quieted the girl down while smoothing his hands over the five-row cut. His lips curled down into an angered frown. Darlene regretted immediately what she had done.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please, I'm sorry, but you're doing this time and... and, what do you expect?" she whined.

"I'll tell you something, baby. Ain't no woman around here does this to me and gets away with it."

He began slapping her hard, his knuckles smashing like hammers against her jaw. Darlene tried desperately to cover her face protectively. But the blows rained down mercilessly upon her. When she was nearly dazed into mute acceptance of her fate, Jeff stopped. Moving his hand down to her pussy, he curled his fingers into the fine blonde cunt hairs, puffing several of them from her cunt.


The pain between her legs brought Darlene around. She jerked as if someone had touched her with a live electric wire. Again Jeff slammed one fist against her face, sending her head crashing back against the floor. The girl was sick with disgust and terror. She knew this vile young man was about to fuck his prick into her pussy. Her inability to fight back enhanced her sense of shame and degradation. And now his hands were up around her tits, the fingers squeezing into the soft material of her halter.

"Man, nice big tits. Been watchin' them things jiggle around like your ass ever since you came here. Figured I'd be suckin' and feelin' them tits before you went back to L.A."

He cupped his hands around both mounds. Darlene wasn't surprised when again she heard the sounds of material tearing. In a moment the girl's thirty-six-inch tits were exposed. Darlene felt her cousin's hand rubbing ever her nipples, teasin' them up until they were hard and nearly one-half-inch long. She grimaced in shame, feeling a strange connection of excitement forming between her nipples and her clit.

"Oh, stop this!"

But Jeff was enjoying playing games with her. He teased her naked, cringing flesh. He pinched her soft inner thighs between his fingers until the blonde teenager whimpered in terror and pain. Jeff yanked her a bit farther down on the floor. Moving around and raising himself from her body, he forced her to roll onto her belly. For the moment Darlene was glad. Her tits and cunt were at least bidden from his view.

"Man, oh, man -- dee ass. Real nice ass."

Darlene could feel his breath against her ass. She reddened at the thought of his face being so close to her ass. And then the girl felt his tongue sliding up and over her left asscheek. He was actually putting his mouth onto her... her ass! He was licking her asacheeks like some kind of dog!

Darlene moaned, closing her eyes while reaching forward and drawing her body along the floor. This wasn't an attempt at escape any longer. It was simply a reaction of her own outraged morality at what her cousin was doing to her. When his hands began spreading her asschecks apart, the girl let out another cry, her fingernails breaking against the dirty rough wood of the tool shed floor.

"Na, Jeff, don't... don't touch me back there! Oh God, don't."

Darlene felt his tongue washing up against the gray-pink wrinkled flesh of her asshole. And then he was tonguing her back there, stiffening that oral organ and wriggling it down into her tight little asshole. Again Darlene's legs spasmed, her arms shalding while moans of horror and secret delight escaped from her lips. Jeff laughed at her reaction, pressing his nose flat against her asscrack while fucking his tongue into her ass as deeply as he could. Darlene bit down on her lower lip as hard as she could. Those delightful flashes tingling her clit with each wriggling movement of his tongue up her asshole were driving her mad!

And then his tongue would move down, down toward her cunt. There were times when he was wetting down her pussy hairs, drawing his tongue toward the upturned bottom junction of her cuntlips. He made her raise her ass a little more.

"Nice, nice ass. Could fuck that butt just as easy as fuckin' your pussy. But I'm gonna save that for later. Gotta heat up that mother for you."

What was he talking about? Darlene shivered, feeling his tongue fucking even deeper up her ass until she blushed furiously at what was happening. She could feel his stubbly beard rubbing up against the spit-slicked inner curves of her asscheeks. And then Jeff pulled away, slapping her ass playfully with one hand. She could tell from the sounds of the scrambling behind her that her cousin was getting up. There was the sound of leather rubbing against material, and the girl ass ed he was puffing his belt off.

"Oh! What was that?" Darlene flinched, not daring to turn her head around. But something very cold and smooth had touched her lower back. Her flesh broke out into goosebumps while terror knifed into her brain.

"My belt, Darlene. It's my belt, and I'm gonna warm up your butt for my fuckin' cock."

"Oh no, oh no!"

But the hissing sound in the air above her head told Darlene that more was yet to come before her ultimate incestuous degradation.

Chapter TWO


Darlene's body jerked violently to the right as the black leather belt hissed across her ass flesh. It was as if someone had touched her with a live poker. The girl shrieked, her eyes bugging out while her nostrils flared. Nothing in her past had prepared her for this outrage, this awful pain.

Jeff raised one boated foot and jammed his toe into her asscrack. Darlene let out another groan, drawing her knees outward and trying to crawl away from the hot pain.

"Not bad, baby. I like the way you move when I bring down the belt."

"Oh, please stop this, stop this," Darlene sobbed.

Things were getting out of control. Fucking was one thing. Even a rape Darlene felt she could handle somehow. But this? It was medieval! He was beating her for no reason!

Again the belt came down, this time crisscrossing the first blow. Her white supple flesh jiggled under the smashing blow of the leather. Darlene tightened her lips, pressing them into a firm line after her second outcry. No, no, he wouldn't have the benefit of hearing her cries of pain. He could beat her, rape her. But she wouldn't give him the benefit of hearing her scream for mercy.


The next two blows tested the girl's resolve. More hot tears sprang to her eyes. She blinked them away, clawing the dirty floorboards with her fingertips as the leather smacked dryly against her ass.


A third blow struck her lower spine. Darlene thought she could hear the tiny round bones of her spinal column cracking under the blows.

Then the beating stopped for the moment.

Darlene breathed heavily, feeling the cutting wounds around her ass and lower back. Awful, awful! She wanted to reach behind her and rub her flesh. But the girl was too terrified to move one inch. Finally, out of curiosity, Darlene moved her head, twisting it around and staring behind her.

There was Jeff, his ten inch cunt-splitter sticking straight out from between his halved Levi's. Darlene's eyes rounded in horror. She had seen pictures of men with erections in those sex education books. One of the girls at her high school in Gardena had brought some picture books with men and women doing weird things. But those men hadn't had anything like her cousin's prick! And he was going to stick that big-headed thing into her? A virgin? Just the thought of it sickened the terrified blonde teenager.

"Like it, eb, baby? Lots of broads around here practically crawl up here to get a good taste of this mother," Jeff said, moving one hand around his cock and balls.

"But your mother and father..."

Jeff snorted a derisive laugh.

"I ain't stupid. You're the first one I've fucked around with here on the farm. But they ain't gonna find out about it, are they?"

Darlene wanted to scream out a defiant answer. But all she could do was stare mutely at his fat cock. Again and again the thought rushed around her mind that he was going to fuck her with that long thick thing and would probably tear her in two with it before he was finished.

Then Darlene saw his fingers, tightening around the square brass buckle of his belt. The veins leading to his knuckles stood out. She tensed, knowing full well that another series of blows would redden her ass. The wooden shack creaked as the wind picked up outside. The damp, musky smell of the unused shed came to her flared nostrils as Jeff steadied himself, preparing for more belting action.

"Please, oh no... I have... I can't take this anymore. Oh Jeff, fuck me if you're going to but don't hit me anymore," Darlene begged pitifully.

But even as she sobbed and pleaded, the shadow of Jeff's raised arm cut across her ass. The dangling belt moved over her ass and lower back again. The girl sobbed, her teeth chattering. She could almost feel the hot, stinging kiss of the leather right now as he teased her. Her belly spasmed while goose flesh dotted her asscheeks and thighs. A strange, deliciously wet movement made her cuntlips rub against one another and her clit. Darlene wrinkled her forhead, wondering how all this pain was related to the pleasure sucking at her clit. His arm snapped back, the belt cracking in the fetid air. She saw his eyes -- those black, hard eyes staring at her with the gaze of hungry sewer rat. She trembled, knowing now her cousin would do anything to achieve what he considered maximum pleasure.

He swung the belt down. The thick black leather sizzled through the air again, hissing like a snake as it cracked down hard on her clenched ass.


Darlene snapped her head back, pressing her chin against the floor. She couldn't watch. Screaming again and again, Darlene felt her ass burning more and more. It was as if someone had poured burning kerosene onto her ass! Shaking violently, she waited for the next blow. It came as relentlessly as the first! Darlene let out another cry, feeling the heat tear through her ass and spread into her cunt. Jeff kept hitting her again and again, the pain becoming more than she could stand. But the belt kept finding her, tearing into her ass.

And yet, even as the pain nearly knocked her unconscious, she felt the hat tightening of her pussy grow more and more. Soon Darlene found herself thinking about her cousin's prick, about how big and fat his prick was and how it was going to spread her pussylips until they tore.


The rough tip of the belt curled around her asscrack, the end nipping at her cuntlips. The young girl let out a howl of mixed pain and delight, squirming across the dirty floor. Darlene felt her tits pillowing out in front of her as she crawled forward yet again, her breath coming out in agonized gasps. She tried not to cry out. But it was impossible. The kiss of the black leather against her flesh was drawing out more and more cries of terror and pain from her. Jeff kept hitting her ass. His strength didn't seem to diminish.

Darlene doubted she could stand much more of this brutality. Already the searing pain had spread into her cunt. Rather than diminish the tight hot excitement racing through her pussy, the blows were enhancing it. The girl could feel the slick rubbing sensation of her cuntlips against one another as she crawled another few inches away from her savage cousin. An odd kind of pulsing began taking over, drawing the strength from her. Her arms collapsed with the onslaught of the next rain of blows.

Finally, the teenager just lay there, her white flesh reddening with the criss-cross checkered pattern of those belting blows.

Darlene put her fingers in her mouth, chewing down on them to try to control the sensations rioting in her cunt. Her asschecks stayed tense. Instinctively they opened and closed, matching the blows from the belt. Then as Jeff slowed his assault, Darlene found herself raising her ass in a wild attempt to absorb the last of his attack. What in God's name was he doing? He could hear him laughing at her.

"Goddamned little liar!" he snorted derisively. "You keep cryin' about how much it hurts you -- and you can't get enough of it."

Darlene flinched. She heard him throwing down the belt.

"Gonna plug you up now, baby. Gonna mess you up with my prick."

Darlene heard him coming down behind her once again. Was he going to suck her ass again? She secretly hoped so. Having his tongue slicking over her injured asscheeks would make her feel so good, especially after the savage beating she'd endured.

His finger was snaking in, the skinny digit slipping between her clenching hot pussylips like some kind of crawly little animal. Darlene quivered, raising her ass up again, her knees digging into the floor. She tried crawling away. But Jeff held her firmly with his free hand, telling her awful things about how she felt down deep inside her pussy.

"Nice and hot. Man, you're hot and wet down there just like a woman should be. And there you are talkin' me down, not wantin' it."

"Shit!" Jeff laughed, shaking his head. "Probably been fucked half to death up there in L.A. by the kids."

Darlene wanted to protest her innocence. But she said nothing. She knew he'd find out soon that she was still a virgin.

Her cherry! He was shoving the tip of his finger against her cherry. Darlene smiled. Now he knew! Maybe now he would leave her alone, and let her go back to her room so she could sob out her shame in private. But the finger snaked back in, pushing up against her slick, warm cuntal walls until the jagged nail was rubbing up against her cherry once more. Only this time Jeff was pressing up harder. Darlene slapped back at the offending hand and was rewarded with a sharp blow against the back of her head.

"Ohhhh," she gasped.

"Goddamned!" Jeff whistled through the gap in his front teeth, cocking his head to one side. "Wouldn't 'ye believed it, baby. You was tellin' the truth about still havin' that cherry."

"See?" she sobbed, feeling something like hope rising in her breast. Maybe he would leave her alone, send her back to her room rather than have to put up with the mess of fucking through her cherry.

"Don't make much difference," Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders.

There was movement again behind her. It seemed her cousin was fumbling around in his downed trousers. Darlene looked around once more, peering over her left shoulder just in time to see Jeff puffing out a long pocket knife from one of his pockets. Jeff opened the weapon and pointed it directly at her.


Darlene drew her knees up, pushing down with the balls of her feet against the floor. Had he gone crazy? Was he going to stab her to death?

Moving quickly, Jeff tackled her again, forcing her onto her belly once more while holding her narrow shoulders flat with one arm.

"Help me! Oh God, he's going to kill me! God in heaven, help me, somebody!" she cried again and again.

This time Jeff did nothing to silence her. He was more intent on stabbing through her cherry with that four-inch pocket knife.

Darlene cried out again and again for the help that would never come. In another horrible moment, she felt the flat of the blade pressing against her cuntlips. He was twisting the weapon around until the tip was poking up against her inner cuntlips. Thank goodness the sides were dulled and weren't slicing into her cuntlips.


"That's it, baby, ain't nothin' you can do. So just lay back and enjoy."

"No more, no more," she sobbed with renewed terror and humiliation.

As if to emphasize what he was going to do, Jeff pulled her asscheeks apart, keeping them tugged wide apart while both thumbs caressed the inner lips of her dripping cunt. And then that blade drew in deeper. The cold metal made her hot cuntal walls cramp inward, knotting around the invading blade. It was awful! She felt the full length of her cuntal sheath itchily clutch around the knife as if it were... as if it were her cousin's prick!


It moved down just as his forefinger had until the sharp tip touched her cherry. And then Darlene felt a pain such as she had never felt before.

It was a sharp, concentrated pain that shot right to her brain. Darlene let out a shriek, and flashing lights filled her mind. That awful knife was tearing through a part of her body, piercing her cherry? Jeff turned it a little, then brought it back all the way. The sliding of the cold blue steel against her cuntal walls sent more shivers of pleasure-pain racing through her body. It was that odd combination -- the sharp throbbing agony of her torn cherry mixed with the sexy withdrawal of the blade -- that made her shiver like that.

"Sweet young bitch. Too bad you didn't get fucked before this," Jeff said, pulling the blade all the way out and examining the pink froth on the metal. Wiping it against his Levi's, the young stud closed it and began caressing her thighs.

Darlene sobbed, her mind still awhirl with the agony of having had her cherry sliced away. "No, no, don't... oh, don't do anymore to me!"

"It ain't the start, baby, just ain't even the start. You're gonna put out for me the way no broad's put out," Jeff growled.

He was puffing his hands on her asscheeks now, splitting them. How his fingers made her body jerk and convulse.

"Good tight cunt. That's the way I like it," Jeff murmured.

For what seemed like an eternity, Darlene lay there, her blonde hair fanned around her head like a halo. Then he pulled her asscheeks apart, keeping them tugged wide and spread. Her flat belly ground against the floor. Darlene could feel her nipples scratching over the splintery wood. It was a sheer living hell for her. Jeff was fucking his finger back in again. This time there would be no cherry to stop him. Darlene screwed up her eyes, feeling a throbbing pulse leap at her throat. She wanted to cry out again. But her mouth was as dry as cotton.

"Na more, Jeff... oh please, I can't take anymore of this," she sobbed, tears of humiliation staining her flushed cheeks.

"Sure, you can. You're so fuckin' hot down there, baby. You just ain't listenin' to your body. It wants my prick right up there."


Darlene drew her legs together and kicked back. She felt her bare soles striking something -- Jeff's leg, she guessed. He swore, wrapping his fingers around her ankle and holding her steady. Darlene screamed, beating the floor with her fists while trying to twist away from her swearing cousin.

"Gotta hog-tie you like some Goddamned animal," he growled, tightening his grip around her ankle until Darlene thought he would break it with his bare hands. "If that's what you dig, that's what you're gonna get."

"No, don't!"

He let go, assuring Darlene there was no way she was going to get up and rush out of the shed now. Immediately the girl regretted having attempted to push her cousin away. He was rummaging around there in the semi-darkness. And then she felt something slip around her, left wrist. Rope! The rough hemp chafed her flesh as Jeff tied a double figure-eight knot around her wrist, then pulled the rope taut. Darlene winced, her forehead wrinkling as she let out a grunt. She felt him pulling the rope harder, forcing her to bend one knee and scoot to the left to keep him from pulling her arm out of its socket. The blood pounded in her ears.

"What... what are you going to do?"

"Making sure you ain't gonna bolt away from here."

Jeff slipped the half-inch line around the handle of the door, securing it with a slip knot. Darlene's arm was raised high over her head at this point. She half-sat, her back against the wall of the shed. Jeff moved around and took another piece of rope, circling it around her right wrist and attaching it to a small eyelet near the door hinges. Darlene now found both arms high over her head and spread to either side of the door. Her ass barely rested on the floor while the muscles and tendons in her arms stretched painfully. Her tits trembled on her chest as she looked with rounded, terrified eyes at her cousin.

"Now, just to make sure you ain't gonna kick." He studied her for a moment, scratcing his chin as he thought. Never once did his long cunt-splitting prick soften. Darlene watched him like a frightened, cornered mouse, feeling helpless. "Fuck, can just tie thy ankles to the legs. That'll get your fuckin' ass up in the air so's I can fuck you. And it'll keep your feet away from [missing text]."

Darlene tried kicking him away, screaming as he grabbed her left ankle and held it against his chest. Taking the rope in one hand, Jeff expertly draped it over her ankle, then brought her leg up to her left wrist. Darlene let out a sharp cry, her ass sliding away from the door several inches. The resulting puffing of her arm muscles sent slivers of pain into her body.

Jeff managed to secure both ankles to her wrists in a short period of time, bending down, and rubbing the backs of his fingers against her pussy. Darlene couldn't help but stare with hatred at her cousin. She was there, roped in that hideous, awkward position. How her shoulders and arms ached. Her toes brushed up against the door high over her head. And still he wasn't through with her. Now he was fingering her cunt, her private area where he had just knifed her cherry and was about to fuck her. Darlene could have died with the shame and agony she had endured. And now there would be more!

Chapter THREE

Jeff was standing there, his Levi's crumpled in a heap around his shoes. He had toyed with his cousin, torturing her while still keeping his cock out of her cunt. Now, fishing a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, he tapped the packet against one knuckle, drawing a long white cigarette from the others. Darlene watched, certain that whatever he was doing was going to hurt her.

"Nice ass... just like I said before," Jeff commented, lighting up, then flinging the match away from him.

He took several puffs, making sure the bluegray smoke drifted into her face. Darlene coughed. Turning her head away, she tried to readjust her position. But the ropes kept her in that doubled-up position, her wrists bound to her ankles while her ass was tucked in against the doorway. Jeff took several more puffs on the cigarette before bending down, holding that white smoking thing inches away from her skin! She whimpered, biting down hard on her lower lip until she could taste blood. Already the fire was reddening a dime-sized portion of her flesh. Jeff watched, then moved the cigarette down, down until the burning tobacco was singeing the fine blonde hairs on her upper thighs.

Darlene curled her toes, more and more aware of the tight ropes biting into her wrists and ankles. Her ass scraped forward a little on the floor. Jeff had the cigarette down around her asshole now. He had stopped talking, more interested in watching his cousin's reaction, to his torment.

"No, Jeff, don't... don't do this," Darlene pleaded uselessly.

"Oh, yeahhh."

The cigarette was burning several of her blonde cunt hairs. Darlene sniffed. She smelled them burning, the pungent aroma of the burned hair reaching her nose. She let out a louder cry, wriggling her ass helplessly against the filthy shed floor. The tendons of her thigh muscles tensed, bulging out against her flesh. Jeff noticed this and moved the cigarette back up undl the tip was inches away from her quivering muscles. Darlene noticed the shift in attention and struggled against the restraining rapes. He dropped the cigarette down against her skin, drawing it down, down toward her cunt. The girl felt the stinging heat, the sensation of the ashes against her flesh.

Tears rolled from her eyes, streaking her cheeks as Jeff moved the cigarette down toward her cunt. Darlene began bucking furiously against the ropes. He was going to burn her pussy, burn her and ruin her forever!

"Ahhhhhhh! No, no, no!"

Her pitiful cries echoed off the wooden shed walls. Jeff enjoyed listening to them, his lips curling into a thin, evil smile. But still the cigarette continued on its downward journey and it was nearly touching her clit. Darlene acted as if she were losing her mind. She creamed and babbled, froth building up around the corners of her lips while her legs and arms jerked against one another. The girl's violent cries had aroused the dog outside, and his barking mingled with Darlene's desperate screams. Jeff kept the cigarette around her pussy, making the glowing tip around her cuntlips, burning down the cunt hairs nearly to the skin, the moving it around to another area.

"Eaghhhhhh... no, no, no! Don't do this, don't do this to me!"

Darlene couldn't keep her mind from reeling as she struggled against those horrid binding ropes. He was toying with her, burning the backs of her thighs once more, then bringing down the cigarette once again to her pussy. Darlene thought she would surely faint. And then... and then he held the cigarette firmly in his right hand, bringing it around and touching it against the wet flesh just below her clit.

Brilliant white lights flashed in front of her eyes, blinding the girl temporarily. Darlene twisted and jerked her body as violently as she could against the ropes. The pain was awful, hideous! Nothing before in her life had felt his agonizing as Jeff kept the cigarette hissing there against her cunt flesh. And what was more surprising and agonizing were the delicious buzz-like flashes emanating from her clit. As painful as this burning was, Darlene had to admit that something else was going on down there -- something she couldn't understand for the moment. She still yawled in pain, the cigarette burning her flesh. But now this pain was mixed with something else just as powerful. The cigarette went out. Sagging in her bonds, Darlene whimpered, feeling as if the life had been drawn from her by that burning tobacco.

"Hot and wet, wet enough to put out this mother," he said, tossing the useless cigarette away. "Think I've had enough of this crap for a while. Gettin' so fuckin' hot playin' with you, I nearly came twice."

"No, no, no!"

And now he was going to fuck her! After all this, he was going to commit the final act of degradation and fuck her.

She felt his hands cupping her asscheeks, rolling them outward so he could have better fucking leverage. She let out another small cry. The burning, the roping, everything seemed to arouse her now. It was shameful, but Darlene was starting to enjoy this. Now that the awful fear and pain were gone she was concentrating on the sensation of getting her ass rubbed again. She thought once more about Jeff's tongue. How good and sexy it had felt around her asshole and pussy. That was just before he'd knocked her down and knifed out her cherry. She made a face, remembering the pain. But then there was all the pleasure that had followed. Oh, this was getting all mixed up! One seemed to follow the other. And that wasn't supposed to be how fucking was. No one had ever told her that.

"Now we're gonna get it on, baby. Me and you, together, right here in this fuckin' shed, and you're gonna cum your brains out by the time I get through."

"Jeff, oh please, no, no!"

He was holding her ass up now, tilting it back so her cuntcrack was angled forward.

"Fuck you, bitch, gonna fuck you," Jeff murmured.

His eyes were glazed as he tucked his knees under her ass and stabbed blindly at her cunt. Darlene knew he was going to fuck her, stick his cock into her pussy. And then she felt the hot pressure of his prickhead rubbing up against her cuntal crack. Jeff smiled, knowing he'd found the entrance. He watched her, his hard, black eyes staring into hers, boring into her soul as he shoved forward and up.

Darlene curled her spine at the touch. His cockhead was pushing the wet, shining cuntal folds back into her pussy. The entire length of his fat cock was fucking in inch by throbbing inch. Darlene blew out air from her lungs, feeling as if her body were being split in two. Her fingers curled, the nails creasing her palms while the girl stopped struggling on the ropes for the moment. It was so strange, so odd having something that hard and hot and long and thick inside her! It was like having an animal or something rummaging around in her body, nudging aside the slick, itchy cuntal walls and going down, down deep into her belly!

"Uhhhhh," Darlene's mind sank into a kind of haze as she felt Jeff leaning up against her.

He was playing with her nipples now, squeezing and pinching her tits cruelly while fucking more of his cock into her. The dog outside had calmed. The only thing the girl could hear now was the rising wind making the loose boards of the shed rattle. Jeff shifted his position a little, fucking his prick into her more brutally now. The fat head of his prick slid back and forth rapidly inside her overheated pussy, touching her clit again and again. Darlene knew he knew she was hot. All the juice oozing from her cunt slit, making his cock wet and greasy told him that. Heated rushes of air escaped from her cunt each time he drew back.

"Uh! Huhhhhh! Huhhhhhh!"

It was getting to the point that Darlene wished she could embrace the cruel youth who was tormenting her. She wanted to kiss him, hold him while he fucked her like this. Brilliant electric-like sparks seemed to flash from her clit, while Jeff fucked deep and long into her juicing cunt.

"Oh yeah, yeah, that's good, real good. Like havin' my women like this. Good pussy, good tight pussy, Darlene. Gonna fuck you till you got cum spittin' outta your fuckin' mouth," he promised.

"Oh yes, yes!"

Darlene couldn't hide her growing excitement from her cousin anymore. She gasped, teats running down her cheeks in a steady flow while she fought to keep enough air in her lungs. She knew he was going to cum in her. He was going to clog her pussy with his jizz. And all the while those horrid ropes chafed her wrists and ankles, nearly peeling the flesh from her. Her back ached after having been banged violently against the door again and again by Jeff's fucking strokes. His fingers were tearing at her nippies now. He enjoyed pressing his jagged nails against her tits until she screamed in pain.


Jeff changed his fucking angle, leaning slightly to one side so the girl could feel the constant nudging of his prick against her cuntal walls. Darlene's soft whimpers became louder and louder as she realized just how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her.

"No, no, this can't be happening," she cried, more to herself than to Jeff.

"It is, baby. Man, it's goin' on. And you're hoppin' hot for it too," he said, stopping his fucking movements for the moment.

He rubbed his hands over her ass once more, cupping her asscheeks and squeezing them together. It was obvious he enjoyed pawing her, rubbing his fingers along the swollen edges of her cuntlips, then moving them around until he was smoothing his callused fingertips along her clit. It was then Darlene rutted shamelessly in front of him, jerking her ass up, closing her eyes and fighting dawn the screams of hellish delight building in her. She was young, too young to have something like this happening to her. But it was happening to her. Jeff's prick was jerkins around inside her cunt, all ten inches stuck inside her near-virgin cunt while his balls pillowed up against her upturned ass.

Jeff started fucking her again, his groin slapping wetly against her ass.

Oh yes, yes, yes, Darlene thought to herself, the tight, hot feeling in her pussy mounting higher and higher with every passing second. It feels good, better than anything I've known before.

"Fuckin' A, baby, fuckin' A. You're one hell of a lotta action. Glad your old lady decided to send you up here for a little country roddin'."

He was telling her how to move her body. How could she move anything with the ropes still tying her to the wall? Still, Darlene did the best she could, tightening her cunt when he told her to, feeling the resulting sexy tugging of his prick against her pussy. "Oh God, God, I don't know what's happening to me!"

"Sure you do, baby. That's the way, move your ass. You can do it, even with them fuckin' ropes. Ohhhhh... that's it, that's it, baby."

Darlene felt the relentless fucking of his cock as it slid back and forth, back and forth. When Jeff drew his fucker out very slowly she could feel the itchy shrinking together of her cuntal walls. It was a sensation that made her shrink her head into her shoulders and shudder with delight. Sparks shot from her clit, burning her cunt more than his cigarette had.

Then Jeff began fucking her even faster than before. She felt the hot friction setting her pussy on fire. It was awful, wonderful. The girl sensed she was ready to explode any moment. She prayed he could hold back just long enough for her to reach her own level of satisfaction.

"Gonna make it, bitch, gonna do it. You close, baby? You gonna cum, or you just gonna sit there and make me fill you up?"

"Oh, oh, oh!"

Darlene couldn't tell him. She just couldn't. He knew she was going to climax with his prick inside her. The way her cunt had been spasming with his prick in there, she surely was going to cum. There were times when she felt her cuntal walls kinking up, buckling in on his fucking cock.

Jeff smiled, shaking the rolling beads of sweat from his eyes and peering down at her. He let her milk his prick like that, his body shuddering while Darlene did everything she could to relax and let his cock go. Yes, she was going to cum and cum hard. She could feel those tiny muscles cramping, seeming much larger and more powerful than they actually were. Perspiration rolled into her eyes now, stinging them and blinding her as she rutted shamelessly in front of her cousin.

"Oh baby, that ass, that nice, hot ass," he growled.

Darlene could feel her cousin's fingers toying with her shitter again. The nails scraped the pretty-pink flesh, poking in while his prick kept on fucking deeper, harder and faster into her cunthole. Darlene was letting out tiny little grunts now with each fuck-thrust, her spine banging rhythmically against the rotting door. She couldn't feel the ropes anymore. Everything in her mind concentrated on the hot fucking. Looking up, she saw her cousin's face and a brilliant explosion of stars. It was going to happen soon! She could feel that wind-up, that sexy tightening of all her muscles. Darlene jerked her arms and legs, purposely increasing the pain and pulling sensation. Everything added to her cunty feeling as Jeff kept fucking her.

"Uh... oooh, do it, do it to me!"

"Just knew it, you little slut. You can't get enough prickmeat! Cock-happy. That's what you are, baby, and I'm gonna keep you real happy from now on."

Her mother had told her a woman could be satisfied all the time if she wanted. But she was simply too nervous and embarrassed to tell Darlene about sex and how that could happen. Her girlfriends had, of course, intimated certain things. But they were by and large just as naive as she was. And now she was learning fast as she rocketed up to a mind-blasting climax.

"Gonna cum, baby. Gonna blow my balls right into your fuckin' cunt. And it's gonna be real nice."

Jeff leaned forward, pushing his tongue as far as possible into her mouth. He gripped her tits and started kneading them. He let the nipples rub against the centers of his palms as he gave the final few shoves of his prick. Darlene was going out of her mind. It was going to happen to her, too. She battled with that tongue, feeling it reaching down into her throat. She sucked and gurgled. She had never done anything like this before. But it all seemed so pleasant all of a sudden. Jeff was pinching and rubbing her nipples harder and harder while fucking long and deep and hard into her pussy.


Darlene was going crazy with sensation. That hard prick was working around in the seething hole of her steamy cunt. She was breathing heavily, not able to keep his pace up much longer. Then Jeff dropped his hands back to her ass, holding onto her as if he were going to rocket up through the shed ceiling.

"Dam'it, man, doin'... uhhhhh, fuckin' Jesus, dam'it now!"

Darlene felt her eyes roll up into her head while her cousin let out a howl of animal lust. He slid one forefinger up into her asscrack, digging it cruelly into the tiny pucker of her shitter. At the same time, she could feel the hot jelly-like flush of his cum spattering into her cunthole. He was doing it, really cummning in her pussy. Darlene threw her head back, striking it hard against the shed door.

The white-hot spunk firehosed deep in the girl's pussy. It was all she needed. She thrilled to the hot, squirmy feeling of his cum being unloaded in her cunt. The throbbing in her cunt became more and more concentrated. And just as Jeff was reaching the peak of his climax, Darlene slipped over the border. The white-hot moment of sexual madness was on top of her. She felt herself clawing at thin air, bucking against her bonds while cumming as hard as a woman could.


The strength of her first big climax frightened as much as excited her. Darlene had never thought a human being could stand so much pleasure! She shrieked just as loudly as when he had burned her with that cigarette. Only now the pain was something quite different. Darlene felt herself turning into a cunt -- one large, milking cunt that was receiving her cousin's delicious, hot cum. She bucked hard against his body at that thought, wishing for a second time she could wrap her legs around him and hug him close. He fired again and again, filling her, making her feel so exhausted and yet so terribly, terribly good.

And then it was over.

"You ain't gonna say nothin' to the folks. You do, and you're gonna be the sorriest bitch that walked round here, understand?"

Darlene nodded as he began fastening the ropes around her wrists and ankles. Just what would happen from now on, she didn't know. But it would try her endurance, of that, she was certain.

Chapter FOUR

When Darlene opened her eyes again sunlight was streaming into her upstairs bedroom. She lay naked on the narrow bed, staring at the ceiling. Was it a dream? She groaned, rubbing her naked thighs against the smooth white cotton sheets. Lifting her head, Darlene looked at her wrists and ankles. No. It had been no dream. There were the red marks that told her the ropes, the beating, the burning, the fucking had all been real.

"My God!"

Darlene raised herself slowly from bed, pushing her legs over the edge and standing up shakily. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror in front of her. No, there were no real outward changes in her body. Oh, there were the whip-marks on her ass and the red areas on her wrists and ankles. Otherwise, everything was the same. But how differently she felt! She had been fucked, really fucked. Her own cousin had torn her cherry away, and in that most foul way. She thought about telling her aunt, then remembered the warning Jeff had given her.

Of course, she could always go home. But then something else tugged at her, something the girl couldn't understand. Just as she was about to turn and draw her suitcase out from under the bed, she felt a chill of excitement. Jeff. The way he had treated her had turned her on. Something dark and devious in the young teenager responded to his battering kind of fucking. She pushed the suitcase back under the bed and rummaged around in her drawers until she found the freshly washed bikini. She would show him. She would show him that what he'd done to her hadn't pushed her into the ground.

With a grim little smile, she took the bottoms and tied the tiny strings around each hip. She snugged the nylon crotchband against her cunt, feeling a tingly sensation prickle her pussy.

Darlene remembered the way Jeff's cock had fucked her cunt to climax, and she shuddered. Though she had an orgasm not so long ago, her body felt expectant, seething to the touch.

What kind of whore was she turning out to be? Her cousin had used her like a thing, beating her, abusing her. And there she was, dressing up purposely to provoke him. She would have to stay close to her uncle. Yes, that was it! She would stay close to her uncle and aunt while she taunted him with her near-naked body. That would show him. Darlene smiled, slipping the tips onto her body and snugging the triangular pieces over her large pink nipples. She could see the ropes poking against the satiny material.

Yes, Jeff would notice her tits. He'd be licking his chops like some damned wolf, wanting to get his mouth back on those tits. And she wouldn't let him. No, sir. She would swing by and make him drool, then run back out her aunt's side. Then and only then would Darlene consider going back to L.A. But she would have her revenge first.

Pulling an old white shirt she'd taken along over her narrow shoulder, Darlene gave herself another last look in the mirror. She turned, sucking in her flat stomach until it made a cave under her ribs. She realized how really small she was. Darlene passed a brush through her hair until the blonde curls fell smoothly over her shoulders. Then she smeared on a tiny dab of pink lipstick. Her lashes were so long she never used make-up on them. Moving away from the mirror Darlene drew a shirt around her tits, buttoning it up modestly so her aunt and uncle would surely not have any objection to her dressing this way for breakfast. It would only be when she was outside with Jeff that she'd remove the shirt and tease him with her body, the body he had so cruelly abused.

"Oh, hello, dear," her Aunt Helen called from below as Darlene descended the stairs. "Jeff told me the two of you had a nice talk the other night. I'm glad. Your uncle's in town getting some supplies, by the way. I've got breakfast all ready for you."

Aunt Helen wan dear, apparently unaware of the monster she'd raised. Darlene slipped into her chair, more than barely aware of her cousin's presence at the other end of the table. Purposely, Darlene let the top button of her shirt become undone. When she bent forward to reach for her fruit juice, she knew he'd be able to see her tits.

"I'm afraid I'm going to be busy today. I'm glad the two of you are talking. You'll keep Darlene entertained around her until we can spend more time with her, won't you, Jeff?"

Darlene felt a tremble of black excitement rush through her.

"Sure, Ma, no problem. We see a lot alike, her and me," Jeff said with a grin.

"She and I," Aunt Helen corrected, shaking her head and wagging a finger at him. "I don't know what I'm going to do with him," she said, serving breakfast.

Darlene ignored her aunt's complaints, barely able to concentrate on her breakfast. She pushed her fork lazily along the plate, always aware of her cousin's eyes boring down into her. In a moment he had wolfed down his food and mumbled something to his mother about repair work in the barn. Darlene finished, helping her aunt clear the table and wash the dishes. All the time, the girl was feeling that hot tingle in her pussy. She couldn't tear herself away from the idea of teasing her cousin to a frenzy, then leaving him high and dry.

When Darlene was certain her aunt was busy about the house, she stepped outside, shading her eyes from the brilliant July sun. All around, the brown scrub-brush hills of the high chaparral country surrounded her uncle's small farm. The sound of tractors roaring nearby filled her ears. The farmhands were all out in the fields now. Maybe her cousin was with them. Something like disappointment filled ha. Then she heard tools clanking out in the barn and knew Jeff had to be there. She smiled grimly, casting one last look over her shoulders. Then she unbuttoned her shirt completely and let it fall from her narrow shoulders. She trailed it along behind her in the dirt, walking slowly past the opened barn door. She looked quickly inside and thought she could see Jeff leaning against the front of a tractor. Did he see her? The pounding, metallic sounds stopped. Yes, she was sure he had.

She smiled again, stopping and stretching. He wouldn't dare make a move, not with his mother in the house. All she had to do was scream out and everything would be over. Even Jeff wouldn't risk something like that. Feeling power surging through her Darlene continued walking, putting a little swing to her hips and knowing her ass was bouncing sexily. Oh, what a slut she was! And that thought made her cunt itch and burn all the more!

Darlene padded barefoot a few more feet, finally realizing the hot dirt was burning her naked soles. She should have brought her sandals with her. Going past the barn door once more, she started back to the house when she saw her cousin coming out from the barn. Then she stopped, her heart feeling very heavy as it pounded against her chest.

"What the fuck you doin' out here, paradin' around like that?" he snarled.

Darlene held her breath. He seemed even more handsome, more virile in broad daylight. He was standing there bare chested, his flesh streaked with sweat.

"Nothing," she managed to say innocently enough. "It was hot and..."

"And what? Thought you'd go out for a walk, paradin' your cunt around like the little whore you are, huh?" Jeff snapped.

Jeff had gripped her upper arm, his fingers hurting her. She winced, puffing back.

"You leave me alone," Darlene threatened, looking toward the house. "You touch me, and your mother's gonna find out out..."

Her warning was interrupted by the sound of a car starting. Darlene slivered. It was her Aunt Helen, driving away with a wave of the hand out the window.

"No, no, come back!"

Somehow Darlene managed to pull away from her cousin, running after the car and waving her shirt wildly above her head like a flag. She had never thought of her aunt taking off this way. She wouldn't have gone this far if she'd known she'd be left alone.

"Meant to tell you. When dad's gone into town, my old lady goes in lots of times to have lunch with him. The farmhands are good about their work, and I'm always around. Even got some of my buddies in there," Jeff said in an even voice. "Told 'em about you, about how you performed for me. They wanna see you dance around for 'em, too."


Darlene stood in the middle of the dusty barnyard, the sun burning her flesh. The tables had been, turned in an instant. She looked around for some help. No one was there to intercede for her. The hired help were over the hills now in the outer fields. They wouldn't be able to hear a thing. They were too far away, and their equipment was too loud.

"C'mon inside, baby. It's fuckin' hot out here. We got some plans for you."

Just at that point five young men strolled from the barn, all of them stripped to the waist and looking hungrily at her.

"Boys from the Valley. They all wanna fuck you. But I told 'em you only take on the best, me," Jeff said, jutting a thumb at his chest.


Darlene turned and began running as fast as she could from the group. The shirt dropped from her hand as her naked soles pounded the hard, hot dirt. Jeff took off after her, his friends cheering him on from behind. Darlene let out another sobbing cry, her hair streaming behind her.

"You ain't gonna go far. You don't know this area, and I'm fuckin' faster than you are."

Darlene still didn't care. She had to run for her life, run as fast as she could. Jeff grabbed her hair several seconds after the girl had taken off. He yanked back, pulling her head back and finally giving her a hard tug. The pull knocked the girl off balance. With a cry of despair Darlene found herself stumbling over her feet, tumbling forward and rolling over and over until she finally came to rest on her belly.

"Oh God!"

She was choking on the dirt as a cloud of dust puffed up around her. Jeff stood above the trembling girl, one boot on either side of her body.

"That was a Goddamned stupid thing for you to do. Should've left with my old lady or somethin' -- unless you wanted more of the same. 'Cause that's just what you're gonna get."

He reached down, grabbing Darlene by the left wrist and hauling her to her feet. The girl kept her eyes down. Her plan had backfired. Instead of her teaching him a lesson, the girl realized he was going to teach her one.

"Just let me go," she said, her head still lowered. "I promise I'll go back to L.A. today."

"You ain't goin' nowhere, and I don't think you wanna go nowhere. You like this, baby. You like the game. And you're gonna play it with me."

He marched her back to his buddies. Darlene shaded her eyes again. The sun was terribly hot.

"C'mon, Jeff, let's see some action."

"Yeah, we came out here to work, but we got some fun commin' our way."

"This the little slut you been tellin' us about? Man, just lookin' at her makes my prick hot and hard. C'mon, honey, you wanna fuck?"

Someone reached out and patted her on the ass. Darlene let out a cry, shrinking away from the touch. They were attacking her in a circle now, rubbing their pricks, leering at her as she cringed. Jeff came up behind her, slipping both hands under the strings barely holding up her bikini then jerking them down.

With one move, he'd stripped her naked. Darlene let out a cry, throwing both arms around her tits while folding one leg over the other to try to hide her cunt. The men whistled and laughed at her. Jeff moved in, turning her around and around like a puppet dangling from a string.

"Oh no, no!"

Were they all going to rape her? Darlene had read stories in the papers about gang rapes -- how groups of men cornered one girl and fucked her into madness.

"Hot pussy. Man, you can smell it," he said, tossing the suit to one of his buddies.

"Yeah, real little cunt... man, that's a good smell," a tall redhead stud murmured.

Darlene shuddered, feeling so vulnerable standing there naked under the burning California sun.

Jeff gave her a push, this time punching her squarely between her jutting shoulderblades. Darlene stumbled. The girl could barely keep her balance.

"Now you show them bitch. You show them how proud you can walk. Parade that ass around just like you was doin' before in front of the barn door -- when you thought you were so fuckin' safe!"

His words taunted her, Darlene sniffed, rubbing her nose with the back of one hand as she observed the group of men staring back at her.

Had she really believed she could get back at her cousin for having humiliated her? Perhaps she was secretly hoping something like this would happen. That curious thought flitted across her confused mind only for a moment. Then she felt someone slap her ass hard with the broad part of his hand. She squealed, turning around while trying to slap away the offending hand. She had no idea how long her aunt and uncle would be away from the farm. It was like it had been the other night, only worse. Then she had had only Jeff to contend with. Now, there was the whole gang!

A cloud of dust swirled into her face, making her cough and choke. Someone was purposely kicking dirt up at her. She turned her head, falling to one side while covering her nose and mouth with her left hand. Fear swept over her like a giant ocean wave. Jeff was right behind her. She turned, flinging an arm to protect her face. He jerked her to one side, his fingers tightening around her upper arm.

"Now, march, around here, march."

He shoved her, watching as Darlene stumbled, got her balance, then stopped. She felt confused and terribly naked in front of his friends.

"Maybe we should throw her in the combine," someone shouted from the crowd.

"Yeah, take the slut out in the field and throw her in that thing. Be just the thing for a bitch like her," the redheaded stud added.

"Yeah, but I don't wanna get her chopped up like same fuckin' piece of straw -- yet, anyways. She's good fuckin' material, man. Just wait till you stick your cock in her and you'll find out."

Her cousin's remark brought murmurs of approval from his buddies. Darlene watched as one man made a grab for her. It was the redhead, the depraved one who had suggested they kill her. She shrank away from him, drawing her arms close to her body. Someone slapped her ass again. It was Jeff, pinching her ass, squeezing the flesh until he made it black and blue.

"Hey, we can see how you belted the slut!" the redhead shouted.

"Yeah, Jack, she really dug in. Man, squealin' and screamin' while I was knockin' her around, and all the time she couldn't pop her ass up high enough for the belt," Jeff said, throwing back his head and laughing.

"That's not net," she shouted back, her face reddening with shame.

"Lyin' slut!" Jeff shouted.

He raised his fist, threatening to bring it down on her head. Darlene screamed, dodging him and running back toward the men. Her tits bobbed, slapping together while her thighs jiggled from her frantic moves. Darlene was panting heavily, her vision blurred.

They all seemed to be chasing her at once. Someone was slapping her ass, then another guy hit her across the face. A fist narrowly missed crashing into her chin while another succeeded in landing squarely against her lower back. The young teenager shrieked in pain, her body snapping backward while her knees gave way from the pain. Jeff held her around the waist, leaning back for balance and whirling her around and around. Her arms and legs flew out in front of her, her long blonde hair splashing across her face and blocking her vision. She felt sick from the violent spinning. Then he let go, sending her into a twisting, spinning movement. Darlene finally tumbled to the pound. More dust flew into her nostrils and mouth as she felt a sharp jolt of pain take her breath away. For a moment Darlene thought she had broken her arm. Struggling up from the hard dirt and rubbing her shoulder, the girl heard running behind her.

"No, oh no!"

Scrambling about like an animal, Darlene found herself running on all fours. In a second the redhead was an tap of her, one hand tearing at her hair whie another was beating her savagely across the back. Screaming and twisting around like a wild woman, Darlene felt all rational thought evaporate as she fought with all her strength for survival.

Chapter FIVE

"Uhhhh, no, no, stop!"

Jack was pulling her up from the round, twisting her wrist around so hard she thought he was going to break her arm. Darlene's knees bent, her breath going out from her lungs while stars popped in front of her eyes. Jack dragged her back to the group, making sure his grip on her wrist was firm. With a wide sweeping thrust he swung her around, letting the girl go. Darlene let out a little cry, stumbling around, and finding herself finally crashing back into Jeff.

She was so confused. It was difficult for her to tell up from down. They were screaming at her, pushing her, yelling at her. And all the while there was the threat of more pain, of more fucking.

"Ugh!" Jack was back on top of her, circling one hand around her waist and jerking it in hard. "Oooohhhhh!"

Her ribs ached from that move. He pulled her backward, jerking her legs off the ground. When Darlene kept screaming, he fucked two fingers in her pussy. The move was so surprising the girl let out a yelp, piss spurting from her pussy and wetting down both his hand and her thigh.

"Goddamn bitch! She's pissin' on my fingers," Jack muttered angrily.

"Then make her lick it off," Jeff suggested, laughing loudly with the rest of them.

"Yeah, come on, baby, lick it good," Jack said.

When Darlene refused to do as he ordered, the big redhead squeezed her ass with one hand while pushing his right knee hard into her lower back. The pain resulting from that move was crushing. Darlene opened her mouth and let out a mournful howl. Seeing her reaction, Jack quickly jammed his fingers into her mouth, pushing them down until the tips were brushing against her tonsils. Darlene gagged. The taste of her own piss was overwhelming. But there was nothing she could do. Jack kept telling her to lick, and his fingers were gagging her. Reluctantly, the girl did as she was told, licking his fingers, choking on the taste and smell. All the men laughed, obviously pleased.

Jack let her go, wiping his hands on his Levi's while Darlene stumbled forward. She bent aver, holding her belly while spitting out the terrible mixture of piss and spit onto the ground. More footsteps behind her. She turned, pushing back her hair only to find her cousin Jeff standing four feet behind her. He had that belt again, his knuckles turning white from the tight grip he had on the buckle. He was going to beat her, whip her in front, of his friends!

"Oh no, don't, not again! Oh, my ass is too sore. Please, Jeff, please..."

She could see there was no way out. The belt cracked out, then slapped her ass. Darlene squealed, jumping away as if she'd just been stung by a bee. She reached back, rubbing the red, injured spot, then she rushed toward the group of men. Anything would be better than having to withstand another belting. But the young studs only pushed her away, shoving her back in Jeff's direction.


The belt came down again on her ass, raising, curving, red welts on top of the old white stripes. Someone gripped her shoulders, shoving her forward, thrusting her ass at Jeff.

"She's gonna shit if we keep this up," someone in the crowd shouted.

Another blow, this one across the side of the face. Darlene sobbed, covering her cheeks with one hand while struggling to keep her balance.

"Goddamned slut."

Jeff cracked her hard across the back of her head with one hand, knocking her to the ground. His buddies roared with approval as the girl groveled in the dirt. He was soon dragging her back, her heels scraping in the dust. Darlene let out another moan, wondering where he was taking her. She struggled, her heart racing. The wind had increased from the north, raising her fine blonde hair from her shoulders. It was growing cooler. Perhaps her aunt and uncle would return soon and stop this madness.


Jeff dragged her to the barnyard's center then let her fail on her back. She lay there for several seconds, staring unblinkingly at the sky. It was all so peaceful, serene. It was hard to believe someone would be doing something like this to another person on such a beautiful day.

The crack of leather just above her nose brought Darlene to. She snapped up, turning halfway around and seeing her cousin was wielding that awful belt again. He snapped the weapon, making it crack uext to her right cheek. The girl let out another groan, scooting back, feeling some of the gritty dirt working into her shitter and cunt.

"No, no, no!"

The same terror that had attacked Darlene earlier overwhelmed her now. She wiggled away from him, her fret sliding on the hard hot dirt. The men backed away, watching with muted interest as the two cousins confronted one another. Jeff kept snapping the belt, letting the end strike the ground just in front of the girl.

"No, oh no."

Darlene stretched back one hand for balance. She could see his prick straining in his pants. Oh yes, Darlene could well make out the big, broad cockhead pushing up against the faded blue Levi's material. She shuddered, remembering the first painful time he had fucked her!

"Come here, baby. Come here and show these guys how much you dig leather."


This had to be a nightmare, the worst she had ever had in her young life. Sheer animal fear was making her heart beat rapidly. She thought that once he had finished abusing her he would turn her over to the other guys. And then they would probably turn her over to the dogs. Dogmeat. That was all she would be at the end of the day.

"Jeff, please, please, lemme go! I..." Darlene continued to whimper for her safety, her cries growing more desperate, louder as he approached her. She watched his booted feet as they crunched over the hard dirt. She could imagine them cracking over her cheeks, pressing down against her mouth while he beat her.

"Slut. You're gonna be taught some respect. When I get through with you, you're gonna jump even when I just look at you," he growled.

The other guys roared with approval. "Too many of you cunts think you got it made just 'cause you got some laws or somethin'. That don't matter out here, slut. You gotta jump when a guy says frog, or he's gonna beat the stilt outta you."

It was like being propelled back into the Middle Ages. Darlene sobbed, covering her mouth with both hands and still backing away from him. It was as if her cousin had gone mad.

"This is crazy! Oh please, no, no, don't, don't touch me again!"

Jeff only laughed at her protest.

"Sink that leather back into her body, man. I dig listenin' to that sound, especially when it's commin' from a bitch like her," the redhead roared.

"Yeah, she sure moves around real nice and fast once I get to beltin' her good!"

Jeff cracked his belt again. Darlene thought she would faint from the sound. She slid backward, her toes curling into the dirt. The belt came down against the back of her neck, the rough edge nearly cutting into her windpipe. Darlene screamed, reaching up and pulling the leather off her as if it were some terrible snake. Reeling backward, the girl turned and found herself running once more on all fours. The tips of her tits brushed over the ground.

"Get 'er, man -- beat the little slut," someone shouted.

Darlene had no idea where she was running to. She only knew she had to keep away from that awful belt cracking just behind her. She scrambled forward, plunging headlong into Jack's legs. He slapped her, taking her by the chin and shoving her back so she fell on her spine. Jeff was right there, bringing down the belt again and again across her thighs. Screaming, Darlene scrambled to her feet once again and began rushing this way and that.

"Help! Oh God, somebody help me!"

Jeff was standing spread-legged in front of her now, bent over slightly at the waist as if he were a football lineman ready to charge. Darlene gulped, looking around her, streaks of perspiration straining her dust-covered cheeks.

"Please, no, no more, no more!"

But her sobbing voice only provoked her cousin more. He snapped the belt down hard, the tip nipping her toes. Darlene yelped, jumping back. The wind blasted against her bare asscheeks now. Her asshole puckered from the touch as she jerked back, rubbing her injured feet. Someone threw a clod of dirt at her, striking her face. She lost her balance and fell to one side. She tried crawling faster away from her approaching cousin. But she found she could barely move. It was as if she were trapped in some hideous dream, the kind where it was impossible to get away from some approaching evil no matter how hard she tried.

"God in heaven, help me!"

But no heavenly aid came either. Jeff purposely took shorter steps now. He didn't want to overtake her yet. He played with her the way a wolf might play with prey. Darlene found herself moving slower, mesmerized by her cousin's strange movements.

"It's a game, baby. Come on and play it with us," Jeff suggested.

"No, no, I won't!"

Darlene reeled backward toward the barn, falling again and again, but always regaining her balance just as it appeared her cousin would fall down on her and beat her senseless with the belt. Then the young blonde teenager felt her hair snagging on something behind her. She turned to see what it was. A roll of barbed wire! She couldn't move now without tearing half the hair from her scalp. Looking up at her cousin, Darlene saw the triumph in his eyes. He was standing there, his prick clearly visible in a broad tubular outline against his Levi's. The guys drew closer, wanting to see what Jeff would do.

"Looks like you came to the end, baby. You gave a good show. And now you're gonna get a good reward for it," Jeff sneered.

"Oh no, no, don't!"

Darlene looked with mounting terror at the broad black leather belt hanging limply to his side. She brought both hands up to her face and tits, fearing the worst. Jeff snapped one arm up, bringing the belt up over his head like a snake. Darlene trembled, hearing the leather hissing through the air. It came down quickly, biting the flesh along her ribs, just below her left tit.

Darlene snapped forward, that move tearing more strands of her hair from her scalp. The young girl screamed, falling back. She felt her spine rubbing up against the sharp barbed wire and moved cautiously to one side. She didn't want to have the awful metal cutting her flesh. Another blow, this one slicing over her thighs. She was still screaming in a mindless torrent, scooting away from the awful blows. Darlene felt the hot tearing sensation in her scalp. But at this point didn't care. She rubbed her scalp with one hand while trying to balance herself with the other. Again the belt sliced into her asscheeks. But at least she was freed of that terrible barbed wire tearing at her hair.

Darlene found herself running into a fence post. She was helpless, completely unable to protect herself. There was nothing to fend off those dreadful, skin-tearing blows. It seemed all too useless. He was going to beat her to death anyway. Why should she fight him? She would die in the dust.


The belt came down again, the leather slicing into her tit tips. It was as if he had set her tits on fire. Her body snapped upward like a jackknife. Wheeling around on her ass, Darlene rolled away. She exposed her ass with that move. Jeff wasn't slow to take advantage, moving right in and bringing down the leather belt onto her ass. Darlene shrieked at the hot pain, writhing on the hard dirt and struggling to get back up on her feet again. Jeff shot out one booted foot, kicking her in the lower back.

The belt swung in the air with a continual hissing sound now. Darlene pushed the hair from her eyes, staring with hatred and terror at the awful thing. She wanted to take a knife and plunge it in her cousin's heart. That was what he deserved, a knife in the heart for having betrayed a family trust and having turned her into some kind of sideshow for his buddies. "No, oh God!"

The tip caught the lower swell of her asscheeks again. She screamed, turning to face him. The dust in her nose and mouth made her cough and gag. Jeff paused for a second. Was he quitting? Or was he thinking of something yet more horrible for her?

"Bitch. You're probably cummin' your fuckin' head off right now. And all the time, you're moanin' about how terrible you think I am."

"You animal! I hate you," she hissed. "Yeah, that's what you say now. But when I start fuckin' you, you're gonna snap them legs around me and fuck your brains out."

"No, no, never!" She wanted to claw him like a beast in the jungle. But all Darlene could do was try to keep away from him and his belt. "Aghhh!"

Again and again the belt came down, making her dizzy with pain and terror. It chewed the flesh along her inner thigh. It was close, so close to her cunt. Oh, it was happening again! He was exciting her with the leather, beating her up to a climax. Her body was turning her into a whore.

"No, no, no!"

But there was a change in her voice, a change the men and Jeff noticed. The pleasing warmth from her clit started spreading to all parts of her body. Again the belt bit into her flesh just around her clit. Again Darlene whimpered then screamed. But the cries now weren't just those of pain and terror. There was something soft in them, something that aroused the men more as they watched her squirming in the dirt.

Jeff glared at her, bringing down the belt one more time against her back.

"Okay, you had your chance, baby. Now you're gonna get the full blast."

What was he talking about? Was he going to use some other form of torture? Darlene found herself eagerly waiting, facing down in the brown dirt. Her legs were spread, and her asscheeks flexed as if she were awaiting another hot kiss from the black leather belt. The bloodied stripes streaked over her asscheeks, contrasting with her white flesh. Some of the young men were licking their dry lips. They would have given anything to have mounted the full-titted youngster right now. But Jeff was running the show. He always did. They knew that and kept their respectful distance while be contemplated what next to do to his cousin.

"Gonna be my turn first, slut. Gonna be my turn in your pussy before I turn you over to them," he said, jerking his head at his buddies.

Her worst fears had been confirmed. She would be meat for the dogs, something to fuck to death. She didn't move, however, knowing full well what would happen to her. She watched him unzip his fly, reaching in with his right hand to pull out that long fat prick that had fucked her the other day.


"She likes it, man. She digs gettin' worked over before gettin' fucked. You're cock-happy, baby, real cock-happy. That means you'd do anything to get a prick in your pussy."

"That's, sure true with this one," Jack said, nodding his head in agreement.

Jeff appeared larger than life to her, magnified by her terror. There was something more severe about him than before, something that told her life might be in danger. Darlene came to life once more. She watched as Jeff's hands clenched and unclenched. They were the movements of a murderer! But still, she didn't back down from him as he approached her. He grabbed her left wrist, pulling her along the ground. With his back to her, he couldn't see the smile that curled her full, pale lips. He couldn't know the extent of the turmoil in her. He couldn't possibly know just how hot she was for him now.

"Now I'm gonna get you," he snorted over one shoulder. "Now I'm gonna fuck you so hard you're gonna taste my corn in your mouth."

"Man, we gotta see this. He's somethin' else when he fucks a broad in this mood," the tall blond guy shouted.

"Yeah, he's gonna pound her cunt into nothin'," Jack agreed.

The words excited Darlene. Could she actually say she wanted them all to do their worst? Looking up, Darlene could see a drop of jizz lodging in the large slit at the tip of Jeff's cockhead. He stood there in front of her, his prick looking much larger than it had when he'd fucked her the first time.

He bent down, backhanding her mouth. Darlene shivered, the force of the blow snapping her head back. The second blow left a red palm print on her ass. He grabbed her ass and forced her over onto her face again.

Chapter SIX

"Ughhh... awk!"

Darlene squawked with pain while Jeff positioned her roughly. She tightened her asscheeks. He was going to fuck her in the ass. She just knew it. It was as if she were some mindless thing whose only reason for being was to satisfy the appetite of someone as depraved as her cousin Jeff.


Her protests were becoming something of the joke they were. In a moment Darlene felt her cousin falling on top of her, his weight crushing the wind from her. He was forcing her face into the dirt, grabbing her hair and pulling back while dry-fucking her asscrack. At times he forced her nose into the dirt, nearly choking her with the rising dust. He drove his big cock up and down, up and down along her asscrack. When he yanked at her hair, straining her head back, Darlene thought he would snatch her bald.

Darlene felt her cunt sliding back and forth over the dirt. Her clit pricked against several stones, the contact sending shivers of wild delight rushing up to her brain. Darlene let out another cry, closing her eyes and biting down on her lower lip until it bled. He was fucking her asscrack more quickly now. Darlene churned under him, fighting to breathe, struggling to be free of the crushing weight. Jeff only laughed at her protests, still yanking at her hair while sliding his long thick prick up and down over her ass. Darlene could feel his cock sinking down deeper and deeper in her shitcrack until the cockhead was nudging her asshole. The girl's eyes widened. Surely getting fucked by that thing would be worse than all the beltings Jeff could have given her.


Through the roaring in her head, the girl could hear the sounds of his buddies. They wanted him to fuck her ass.

"That's it, man, tear her asshole up! She's got it commin'," someone shouted.

"Yeah," Jack agreed, rubbing his prick through his Levi's and smacking his lips. "She's gonna yelp around a whole lot once you get your prick into her. And she's gonna love gettin' fucked up the ass!"

"At this rate," the blond stud said, "she'll be dead of old age by the time you fuck her."

Jeff was holding onto her hips now. Darlene let out a low grunt, her chin striking the dirt. She turned her head, her right cheek pressing against the hard dirt. Her tits were pillowed under her chest while the flats of her palms were pressed hard against the ground. She tried crawling away from him, her nails breaking against the small pebbles in the dust.

She felt the fat cockhead nudging against her shitter, poking at the wrinkled flesh. Jeff was holding onto her hard, his chin pressed against the back of her neck while his knees shoved into the girl's thighs.

"No, don't... don't... aiyyyeyyeeee!" A dreadful, spine-splitting shock of pain hit the girl like a freight train. Darlene screamed louder and louder, finding renewed strength resulting from this awful rear-end attack. "Aghghghhh... oh no, no, you're killing me! You're splitting me apart!"

The girl's cries only excited Jeff and his buddies more. Darlene didn't care, however. She had to scream out the pain that was tearing at her insides like some awful, wild beast. She felt the blunt head of his cocktip pressing hard against her shitter. Jeff laughed again, talking to her in a nasty undertone.

"Take it, bitch. Take it all the way. I'm gonna plug you up this end now that I've fucked you in the pussy. You're gonna remember me fuckin' you in the cunt and ass. There ain't gonna be one fuckin' virgin pore in your body when I get through with you."

Darlene clawed at the dirt again. He had moved back slightly, drawing his cock down until it made a ninety-degree angle with her asshole. Darlene trembled, her skin prickly with fear and expectation. The whole tight ring of her shitter suddenly was being driven up into her bowels! He was doing it, fucking her in the ass! She could feel his arms trembling against the sides of her body as he struggled for better balance.

The pressure against her asshole cased for a second, then resumed more relentlessly than ever. She pushed outward, trying to keep that awful prick from fucking farther up her ass. It was impossible. Jeff braced his cockshaft with one hand, making sure it would fuck into her asshole no matter what she did to prevent it.

"No, Jeff, don't... oh, God!"

He had his fingers around her hipbones, the nails leaving long red marks in her flesh. Darlene winced, the huge lump of prickmeat still lodged in the mouth of her shitter. Her checks puffed out as she felt herself stuffed to the hilt with cockmeat. This was worse, far worse than being fucked in the cunt. Where didn't seem to be anywhere for his prick to fit back there. Darlene knew she was too tight in her ass to accommodate a cock that size. But her cousin was still trying, and would probably keep trying until he tore her to pieces with his big fucker.

And still her pussy was hot. Her cunt rubbed against the dirt, almost crying put to have something stuffed in it. Then Jeff let go of her hip. She felt the hand move up, sliding around her chest until the fingers were struggling to find her injured nipples. Darlene raised herself a bit, helping him.

"Man, told you she turns on when you get a hot cock in her."

She felt him pinching her nipples, rolling them around like peas while fucking his cock into her ass. There was more movement. And then Darlene felt her asshole muscles giving way. Her skitter opened up, his prick fucking all the way in. It was weird, incredible! That long, hot cock fucking all the way into her ass! Darlene let out a groan, her eyes closing in defeat. He had done it, fucked her in the ass, and in front of all his friends!

"In man, I'm fucked all the way in the little slut's butt!"

His friends roared with approval. Jeff was feeding her his prickmeat, pulling out, then fucking back into her injured, stretched asshole with incredible ferocity. Darlene found herself moving her ass around as sensuously as she could. What was she doing? If only she could show bim how well her cunt would wrap around his prick maybe he'd pull his prick from her asshole and fuck it into her pussy where it belonged.

"That's it, baby, that's it, move that ass! Move it around like that."

"She's really gettin' into it," Jack said, his eyes widening.

"Yeah, she can't get enough cockmeat up her shifter. Man, maybe she's gonna need a pipe or something fucked up there to make her feel good," the blond said.

"She probably wants a cock up her cunt, that's what. You don't ass-fuck a woman who don't want a prick up her cunt at the same time," a tall thick-muscled farmhand said, watching the glaze grow in Darlene's eyes.

Oh, he was right, so right? She wanted to have a cock in her pussy right now. But she was too ashamed to admit it. She felt her ass splitting from the gradual intrusion of all that cockmeat.


He pulled his prick nearly all the way out, making the muscles of her arms and legs spasm. The reversed tugging made the girl wince and cry out. She felt the double-lobed cockhead tugging backward at her puckered shitter lips. And then... and then he was fucking back in. Darlene squeaked, feeling her cunt go into itchy spasms of fuck-need. She rubbed her cunt over the pound, finding a small rock that touched her clit. It wasn't much, but it was something. While her cousin fucked her ass, the girl concentrated on moving her thighs around so the rock could rub her cunt.

"Uhf. Uhf. Uhf."

She pressed her cheek harder against the pound, her nostrils flaring from the excitement coursing through her veins. That small pebble was making her clit so hard, so sensitive. She felt her swollen cuntlips moving against the dirt, finding other racks and pebbles to stimulate the overloaded nerves in them.

"Man, fuck it out, baby, fuck it out!" Jeff panted, arching his spine while fucking the full length of his prick into her ass.

Her round, firm asscheeks flexed, rubbing against his crotch. He responded by fucking harder and deeper, his belly slapping wetly against her ass. The sliding of his cock as it fucked deeper into her ass guts sent hot, shivery thrills through her. Darlene felt her guts filing with more and more of her cousin's prick.

Jeff fucked down deep, his fingers clawing at her body, his prick tunnelling into her ass.


Darlene felt her whole muscles cramping up against that cock. Oh God, her ass was milking his cockrod just as her cuntal muscles had earlier! Jeff laughed, his sweat dripping down another back.

"Man, she's milkin' me! Jesus fuckin' Christ, this broad don't know when to quit!" he shouted, laughing at his cousin's arousal.


"Shut up, bitch! You can't lie to me no more, man. I got your number now, you fuckin' slut. You want it bad, real bad."

Jeff pulled all the way out, pinching her ass again and again until her asshole muscles finally reined. Then he started forward again. Darlene pressed her at back against him, arching her spine. The strange fullness inside her ass was exciting her terribly.

His prick slid deeper, past where the last few fuck-strokes had taken it. Darlene liked it. The distension of her ass guts make her belly seem filled to the hilt. Darlene thought she would swell to bursting with so much cockmeat up her ass.

"Wet moist prickmeat up your ass, baby? You want it shoved up till you're spittin' my cum?" Jeff growled, biting the lobe of her right ear.

"No!" But again the girl lied. She loved it, loved feeling his cock fucking her shitter. "Uhf. Uhf. Uhf."

The speed of her cousin's fucking was increasing. Darlene didn't care how much he was hurting her now. She didn't care about anything except that cock knifing into her clit and the assripping cock fucking her ass. She wanted that prick to drive into her again and again until that spinning, golden ball in her belly exploded.

Jeff had incredible stamina. He stopped for a while, then resumed his fucking. The girl thought her ass would catch fire from the increased heady friction of his prick. Her body was jolted against the pound, the pebbles and stones teasing her clit and cuntlips.

"Uhhhh, oh God, no, no. I can't take this anymore! Oh please, no more, no... no more!"

But Darlene wanted more. She hoped her cousin would understand. Heat sliced into the sides of her erect clit as that stone pricked the rounded, slick head of her clit again and again. The hot, cunty, slick feeling built up quickly now between her splayed thighs.

"My bladder's so fuckin' full I can dump my piss into her ass when I'm through cumin'."

Darlene grunted with the effort of keeping up with his fuck-strokes. She panted heavily, her mind going white as she felt herself being fucked hard and fast. His balls slapped wildly against her. Everything was a white-hot swirl around her. She felt him hitting something deep inside her. The kink of her ass walls hurt as if a dozen knives were sticking into it. Oh, how she wanted it all to happen to her at once. She wanted to feel the cumming in her cunt while Jeff was dumping his cum-load into her ass.

"Man, this is it," Jeff panted behind her. His body was shaking. She hunched her ass back and forth in fast strokes. With an animal cry, her cousin rammed his cock deep into her ass. Darlene thought she could really feel her body tearing in two now. His cum-load shot up her ass. She screamed, feeling the fiery explosion of his cum in her shitter.


The teenager no longer cared who saw her reaction. Twisting like a mad woman, Darlene shrieked, her cuntlips snapping shut on the loose pebbles.

"Man, she's cummin'... right here, man, she's snappin' her fuckin' head off," Jack said, rubbing his prickhead furiously with one hand.

Jeff's face was red and pinched as he snapped his head down, opened his mouth and bit down on Darlene's hair. He pulled back, jerking her head to one side while tearing wildly at the strands. The pain, the degradation, the horror of what was happening was enough to push the screaming girl over the edge again. She felt the itchiness turn into an ache, then into an intense throbbing that took her breath away. Once again her cunt snapped shut on thin air, the movement of her convulsing cuntlips scattering the pebbles under her.

Lightning-like jolts of heat in her cunt amplified the spasms in her shitter. Darlene's mind whirled as Jeff dumped squirt after spurt of jizz in her asshole. His hands hit her everywhere. She could feel the blows raining down on her without mercy. And every one seemed to intensify the nipping spasms of her clit. When the you rig stud begun pulling his cock out, Darlene screamed out in protest. She wanted that cock to stay in her ass until her climax was, over.


Jeff paused for a second, then began sliding his cock out.

"No, oh, please, no, don't... keep it there oh God, keep it in me!"

"Man, she sure changed her damned tune, guys!" Jeff laughed.

Darlene didn't care what they thought of her. The only thing that mattered was now. She wept, the hurricane of her orgasm sweeping over every thought she had. Her overloaded brain sent confusing signals to all parts of her body. She felt her body twitching and jerking as if someone were kicking her. It was the spasm in her clit, the continual throbbing that made her jerk and claw her fingers into her dirt beneath her.

Jeff's cock finally slipped out. Darlene ground her teeth against one another, thinking she would break the enamel from the pressure. Her toes brushed against the dirt, the nails bending and nearly breaking. Still her cum continued. She crawled forward, scraping her cunt over the uneven dirt. The grinding friction resulting from the dragging sent more delicious signals of delight into her brain.

She collapsed, her cunt finally relaxing from its gigantic cum. She had been fucked hard in the ass. Darlene could feel the slimy rub of her shifter walls against one another as she moved forward another inch. Fucked in the ass! And how she had loved it!

"Man, that finishes me up for a while," Jeff said, passing one hand aver his forehead. He staggered up, his prick half limp from the wild fuck.

Darlene was still crawling slowly away from the group.

"Man, that don't mean she's finished," Jack protested, running his fingers through his red hair.

The others protested as well, still looking at Jeff to see what his reaction was. She was, after all, his property.

"I don't give a fuck what you do with her. Just that my old man's gonna be back pretty fuckin' soon. I don't want him seein' what the fuck's goin' on here. That'd spoil everything in the future, understand?"

The others nodded, their eyes still drawn to the lithe naked girl crawling on the ground. Darlene hoped perhaps they would let her go. But she could feel the electricity still in the air. No. They wanted more -- more humiliation, more pain inflicted on her. She gasped as she felt a hand caress her bare ass.


"Tie her down, man -- right to the ground. You know, like they did those white guys in those Indian movies. Stakes, right here," Jack said, his face brightening from its former stupid, slack expression at the idea.

"No, oh no!"

Someone was holding Darlene to the ground with his boot. The filthy sole pressed against the back of her neck, threatening to snap her spine. She rolled her eyes up, watching as several men appeared to be rushing in and out of the barn. Someone said something about a hammer. Then there were the metallic sounds of small objects striking against one another. Someone drove something into the dirt some four feet from her face. Blinking her eyes clear, Darlene could see it was a rusty railroad spike. While one stud held it, another was using a sledgehammer and pounding it into the dirt. When it ws about five inches above the ground he stopped hammering. The procedure was repeated four times. Darlene could feel the ground shaking under her ominously as the spikes were driven in.

The booted foot was removed from the back of her neck. Jack pulled her around, dragging her ass-first on the ground to a position in the center of the broad rectangle defined by the stakes. He let go. Her cousin was standing there with four pieces of rope, slapping them gently against one leg.

"See these, baby? Remember how I roped you up last night?"

"Yeah, probably hog-tied the bitch good and proper to fuck her cherry out," Jack commented.

"Turned out probably didn't need it after I popped it. She was hot -- just as hot as she was when she nearly snapped off my cock today."

"She's gonna do some more snappin' before we leave," Jack said, a threatening promise in his voice.

Darlene stared at those ropes and the stakes surrounding her. She was certain he was right.

Chapter SEVEN

"Oh, you're... hurting me!" They had stretched Darlene out, her ass flattened against the hard dirt while her anus and legs were in an X position. Jeff was just above her head, having cinched a two-foot piece of line around her wrist and now attaching it to one of the stakes. Darlene craned her neck upward, watching him tie the rope. Jack and one other boy were stretching her legs downward, spreading them, then slipping the rope around her ankles.


The ropes were tight. Darlene groaned, closing her eyes while the boys finished their roping. In a moment her body was stretched taut over the hard, hot dirt. Jeff was standing up by her head, stretching his arms over his head and yawning.

"You sure know how to throw a good fuck, baby. And now looks like the boys have got something special for you," he said with a grin.

Darlene looked from arm to arm, her forehead wrinkled, her heart racing. All sorts of ideas rushed through her head. Maybe they were going to pour honey on her and watch as ants devoured her. She had heard Indians had done something like that. When Jack swaggered over to her, however, she thought of something else. He was unzipping his pants, pulling out his prick. He made no attempt at trying to get his cock hard. He just held it, aiming the cockhead right at her belly. He bent his knees slightly, arching his back while grinning down at her. A clear drop appeared at his piss-slit. It was then it occurred to Darlene that the boy was going to piss on her!

"Don't! Oh, no!"

She smiled wildly at him, her arms tugging at the ropes that pulled than high above her head. A feeling of revulsion swept over the girl as she watched Jack bend his knees a little farther. It started. She saw the first few drops of piss dribble from his prickhead. Then a small yellowish twisting stream of pies began to pour from his cock.

Darlene threw back her head as she felt the first of the hot, wet stream. The girl stiffened, her muscles bulging out against her flesh. She sucked in her breath, holding it as the yellowish, hot stream of piss splashed over her belly. Darlene had never felt so filthy before in her life! She couldn't believe they were doing this to her! Jack moved the stream back and forth on her belly, laughing as the droplets streaked up to her chin. Darlene did all she could to keep her face away from the horrid stream of piss. She closed her lips tight, tilting her head back. She would have covered her mouth if she could. But her arms were stretched above her head, making it impossible for her to do anything but endure this terrible humiliation!

He moved the stream of piss up to her tits now, soiling her nipples, laughing as the girl arched her spine once more in revulsion and wallowed her shoulder blades against the hard soil. Jack directed the stream first against the roundness of her tits, watching with interest as the hot piss spattered against her tits, then rolled down either side of her body to dampen the dirt. Darlene felt the soil getting wet under her. Piss! They were pissing on her as if she were their private toilet!

Darlene wanted to faint, to lose consciousness. The hot piss felt like some terrible greasy, scalding oil anointing her body. She blinked her eyes, turning them back in the direction of Jack. The stream of piss, was long and twisty, still going strong from his cockhead. He moved it now up, up toward her throat. The terrible idea that he was going to make her drink his piss flashed into her head. She groaned, wallowing her back against the dirt as more piss splashed over her belly.

Darlene felt him moving the piss stream back down toward her navel and sighed with relief. She could feel the filthy pin spilling over her cunt, the piss oozing into her fuck-slit. He moved the stream down a little farther, wetting down her thighs, making sure the piss played between her cunt and asshole. The stinging sensation made her clit tweak just a bit as Jack watched her shivering under his attack. He grinned sheepishly, his pin quickly diminishing to a tiny stream. When he was through, the young stud flicked off the final drops onto her belly. Darlene groaned. The hot sun was making the piss on her belly and thighs steam. She could smell the foul odor of the piss.

"Please, no more, no more!"

Again she made the plea. And again they ignored her.

"Don't go anywhere, baby."

Darlene shut her eyes, biting her lips in rage and frustration. Jack was stuffing his cock back into his pants while someone else came up to her face. It was the dark-haired boy she'd seen cheering so loudly just before her cousin had fucked her in the ass. He had his prick out now, a short, but thick prick with a wide-flared cockhead. He was holding his cock between his thumb and forefinger, directing it right at her face. There was a look in his eyes that told her he was going to pick up where Jack had left off.


But protest was useless.

"Open your fuckin' mouth." Darlene clenched her teeth more tightly together, shaking her head. There was no way they were going to make her open her mouth voluntarily. They would have to knock her out first.

"I said, open your fuckin' mouth."

Nothing happened. Her cousins bent down, pressing his fingertips hard against where her upper and lower jawbones met. The resulting pain was terrible. Darlene let out an awful scream, her lips parting.

"Okay, keep 'em open like that, or you're gonna get more of the same."

She wept, feeling defeated in the dirt once more. The young stud began pining on her. She felt the stream of piss playing over her tits, pressing down into her nipples, then moving back up to her chin. She felt the thin hot spray sting her nipples, then slick into the deep valley between her tits. Darlene kept her mouth open as they had demanded, taking deep breaths and praying God they would soon tire of this game and let her go. It was at this moment the girl also realized her clit was getting hard again.


The piss started. He directed his piss up to her chin. The moment the girl felt it touching her lips. She swallowed hard, curling her fingers until the nails bit into her palms. In a second he was pissing into her mouth! She felt the warm piss sloshing around against her throat, swirling around as if it were the water of a flushed toilet bowl. Much of it splashed back out, dribbling down her chin and cheeks and finally wetting down her long blonde hair. When the piss moved up to her eyes, Darlene screamed in protest, jerking her body from side to side and making the ropes groan with the added pressure.

"That's it, baby, that's it," he said, moving the pin stream back to her cunt. He began pissing directly into her cunt slit, concentrating the broad stream right against her clit. Darlene couldn't believe the resulting sparks that shot from her clit. She twisted her body from side to side, almost seeking out the piss stream as the boy ran dry. She pounded her teeth together in frustration, doing all she could again to keep the boys from finding out how she really felt.

Two more guys stepped up to her, using the girl as their human toilet. When they ran dry, cousin Jeff came up once more, holding a coiled garden hose.

"You smell, bitch. You ain't gonna come into no house of my family and stink like that. Gotta wash you off, baby, with this thing."

Someone had turned on the water. The harsh icy stream splashed against her belly, taking Darlene's breath from her. It was like being covered suddenly with ice cubes after having come from the sauna. She shrieked, her eyes blinking wide open and rounding while her flesh puckered into goose pimpfrs. Darlene could feel the skin drawing taut over her bones while the water washed the filthy piss from her flesh. Jeff directed the water against her cunt, the stinging droplets finally pushing the girl over the edge. Darlene had a mini orgasm, stretching her body while rubbing her ass hard against the ground under her.

Again the boys didn't notice her reaction. The water covered her face, nearly chocking her while she thrashed and growled in the midst of her climax.

[missing text] her pussy, satisfied the water had done its job. "Nice tight pussy, still. Only been fucked once -- by me," he said, grinning at the others. "What would you say if I turned you over to the boys, here? They'd turn you into a piece of dogmeat by the time they got through. You know," Jeff said, scratching his chin. "That'd be interesting, seein' how you'd stand up to all of 'em at once!"

Jack came out with a harness in both hands. The others were licking their lips, their eyes riveted to either her tits or her cunt. She could imagine all of them pawing her, kissing her, fucking her. What was so terrible was that the thought wasn't all that repulsive to her.

She felt Jeff dive down between her legs, his tongue sliding into her pussy while his cheeks fitted nicely between her thighs. She arched her spine, the pressure of his long Roman nose against her clit sending more sparks showering into her cunt. She wallowed her shoulder blades against the ground while her cousin licked her pussy deep and hard. Oh, God! It was almost like being fucked! His tongue was wriggling around the slick, itchy walls of her pussy while his teeth nipped and scraped the puffed edges of her cuntlips. The young girl couldn't believe the riot of sensations assailing her.


The pleasure quickly turned to agony when Jeff pulled a mouthlul of her cunt hairs from her pussy mound with his front teeth. She trembled, her arms tugging wildly at the ropes hoagtbesbact. Reaching down he pressed hard against her clit. He was crushing her clit under that nail, wriggling it back and forth and watching the expression of horror crossing her face. When her shrieks grew louder, Jeff let go.

"Let's mount the bitch and ride her around the fuckin' yard," one of the guys said.

Someone untied the ropes holding her arms to the stakes first. She drew her hands up, rubbing the wrists against one another. How sore they were! Darlene looked up at the men surrounding her, hoping she could have some indication they were going to let her go. But all of them were waiting, apparently to squeeze in at least one more act of degradation before they would have to let her go. Looking at her cousin Jeff, Darlene watched him nervously scan the horizon, searching for any sign of his parents returning.

"Ow!" Someone had pinched her ankles while pulling off the ropes.

Finaily, they itt her stand. Darlene left the wet area of the yard, shaking with horror and disgust as she thought of what they had done to in there. She stared at the muddy spot where her body had lain and remembered the sensation of the piss cascading over her.

"What's that?" She was crying, the harness dangling from Jack's hands.

"Don't you know what a fuckin' harness is?"

The others roared with laughter as well.

"Harness, baby. That's what we use on horses to ride 'em around. This one's been modified a little. Been workin' on it from pictures in them fuck magazines. Never tried it before on a broad, though I been tempted. I'm gonna give you the honor of wearing it first."


It was a weird piece of equipment. Jack approached her with it, telling her to stand quietly while he fitted her. Darlene didn't dare flinch. She had seen the result of disobedience and wasn't willing to endure more beatings and kickings when escape was impossible in the first place. First came the shoulder straps -- two two inch thick pieces of black leather that fitted tightly over her shoulders, then came together in a V between her tits. A small metal ring joined the two pieces.

"What are you gonna make me do with this?" Darlene asked.

She was fascinated with the device. The leather felt cool and smooth against her flesh. She turned and faced her cousin. Someone had handed him a beer. Several of the others, were drinking the suds as well.

"That's me to know and you to find out, cunt. And believe me, you're gonna find out pretty fuckin' soon," Jeff promised.

Darlene felt the rest of the device come her body. A third strap hung down from that vertically down to two broad horizontal belts. The first ran across her ribs just under her ribs and was fastened tightly around her back. Jack snugged the leather so it nearly pushed all the wind from her lungs. The second strap fitted just as tightly around her thighs, the buckled end pressing hard against her asscheeks. Jack also attached that piece of leather, letting several fingers stray into her asshole. Darlene winced.

"Now for the good part." Jack said.

Jack moved around to the front, taking two smaller straps that were bolted to the lower horizontal one. These came to a V, sliding to either side of her cuntlips and attaching to the rear of the lower horizontal belt. He purposely rubbed the leather back and forth over her pussy slit, eliciting a small groan from the girl.

"Now, you're all dressed up and ready to give us some rides. You're a fuckin' toilet and a fuckin' horse. Man, there ain't anything you can't be when you put your mind to it," Jeff hushed.

Someone brought out a small cart, the wheels broken on the front. Jack laughed, doubling over as he and Jeff attached the thing to Darlene with two pieces of rope. Someone was pushing her down, making her go on all fours.

"Come on, baby, we know you can do it. We seen you runnin' around here, tryin to get away from us. You can do it again, movin' around like a fuckin' animal."

Rough hands pushed her to the ground. Jeff was leading her by the top strap, making her pull that cart. One of the boys jumped in, adding to the weight. Her arms shot out in front of her and Darlene found her face splashing in the piss-stained mud. She could smell the piss and reared, up, rubbing the foul mud from her face.

"Pull it, baby. Come on, pull that cart," Jeff demanded, reaching back and slapping her hard across the ass.

The hard blow made Darlene spring into action. She reared back and began grunting, digging her fingers into the dirt and pulling that old cart. Had someone else jumped in? The leather pulled hard at her shoulders as she perspired heavily and panted with the load. They were using her as a beast of burden.

"Come on, bitch, come on and pull it around," they called out, laughing when she slipped again and crashed down into the ground.

Jeff moved behind her once again, kicking her ass with his booted foot and hooting at her to get up or he'd knock her out.

It was hideous, some awful inmate that she was trapped in. Darlene pulled the cart around the yard twice, her arms bowing out, her checks puffing as sge strained with great effort. Several men had climbed into the cart at one time and made it impossible for her to move. She tried, but it was impossible.

It was then Jeff took off his belt once more and flogged her there, beating her again and again like a beast. When she collapsed in a defeated heap, covering her face, he realized the game was over. Nothing could have moved her at this point. The men climbed out, knowing they had pushed her to the limit.

"Okay, that's enough," Jeff said, pulling off the harness, then tossing it to his buddy. "Let the bitch go. She ain't gonna be paradin' her ass around here anymore without thinking twice about it. Right, baby?"

Jeff pulled back her hair, staring like an animal into her eyes.

"No, no, I promise I won't," she said in a meek voice, not believing it was finally over.

"Good. Then get back in there and keep your mouth shut about this. Ain't no one who'd believe you, anyways," Jeff said, tossing her crumpled bikini in her face.

Darlene staggered away, knowing what he said was true. No one could believe what she had had to endure -- no one. She was trapped. And they knew it.

Chapter EIGHT

Darlene had lain in her small bed for nearly one day. She feigned illness, pulling the covers up to her chin when her Aunt Helen came in to investigate. She was just tired. Just needed some rest. Thank goodness her aunt believed it! Darlene trembled at night, fearing her cousin would come in and drag her from the safety of her bed.

Of course, the girl knew she could have demanded to be taken back to L.A. But she was still here, still staying on this farm with her depraved cousin. What on earth was wrong with her? She could have bolted. But instead she remained, wanting... more? The thought made the girl wrinkle her forehead in confusion. Was she that kind of woman, the kind who enjoyed getting beaten before having sex? Jeff had told her that, laughed at her for having denied that. But maybe he knew something about her she was closing her eyes to. Darlene didn't know. She just needed rest, some time to get her head together.

The time wasn't long enough. On the third evening, her Aunt Helen came to her room, saying she and Darlene's uncle would be going to another church social.

"Is Jeff going with you?" Darlene asked, feeling something like a mixture of fear and disappointment at a possible affirmative answer.

"Oh, no. He's got far too much to do here tonight, he says," Helen said, sighing and shaking her head. "I just wish he'd do less chores and more with God."

Darlene shrank down under her covers, her fingers tightening around the satin ends. Darlene hadn't seen her cousin for these three days, although her aunt brought greetings up from him every day. Now with the news he would be staying home while his parents went off sent slivers of excitement and terror rushing through her. She could have asked to be taken to that church social. It would be boilng, but safe. But instead the girl kept her place in the bed, saying she would be all right.

"Good night, dear. Maybe we'll have some coffee or cocoa when I get back."

Helen kissed her lightly on the forehead, tucking the girl in before switching off the light and padding lightly from the room.

Darlene lay quietly in bed, all her senses keenly tuned. Previously, Darlene had felt relatively relaxed and sleepy and would have dozed off if her aunt hadn't come in with this news. Now she was alert, her ears picking up every sound in the house and outside. She could hear the car doors slam, hear the sound of the engine starting up. The tires crunched over the gavel. And then in a moment there was only the fading roar of the engine as her aunt and uncle went off to town. And then silence.

Darlene perspired nervously, her fingers still clutching the blanket to her chin. There was nothing stirring outside. At first, the girl thought of getting up and pulling aside the shades and looking for her cousin. But Darlene thought that would be too oven. She would be inviting trouble.

More minutes passed. Her skin became prickly again with fear.

Footsteps. Footsteps outside! She could hear the frightening sound of her cousin's footsteps crunching over the gravel. He was walking quickly across the courtyard, then climbing the wooden stairs to the side porch. There was the slam of the screen door, then more silence. Darlene knew he was inside the house now. She could have run to the door and locked it. But Jeff would have knocked it down. Some regret for having stayed behind crept into her mind as she waited -- waited for the inevitable sound of her sick cousin climbing the stairs and opening the door.

More minutes passed, each one longer and more terrifying than the other. Darlene was about to decide Jeff had forgotten her when she heard the sound of his boots on the stairs. She clenched the blanket more tightly than ever, turning her head and pretending to be asleep. When she heard the doorknob turning, Darlene thought she would die. Her heart was pounding while her cunt grew hot and swarmy. Intense heat concentrated in the furry bundle between her legs as she heard the door open all the way, the doorknob banging lightly against the wall.

"You ain't asleep, baby. You been waitin' for me -- just like I've been waitin' for the old folks to go to their fuckin' church."

Darlene turned her head, finding her eyes locked with those of her cousin.

"No more. No more. Please, no more!"

"You're a lyin' bitch, you know that? You want more, and you're too fuckin' afraid to admit it. The more I throw at you, baby, the more you suck it up."

He strode forward, gripping the blanket and pulling it off. Darlene had worn nothing to bed, liking the soft rub of the blanket against her flesh. She lay there now stark naked, her body revealed completely to her cousin.

"Man, the more I see you, the more I wanna get my hands on you," he said.


"Get up. Throw something over you. We're goin' somewhere."

Jeff stood there by the door, his big bulky body blocking the doorway. Darlene stumbled around the dimly lit bedroom, groping around for some clothes and still feeling a bit shamefaced about dressing in front of him. It was silly, she knew, considering all he had put her through.

"Okay, let's go."

He took her by the wrist, dragging the girl down the hall. Curiosity and a weird kind of expectation kept her in line. Darlene followed him down the stairs, through the silent living room and out the back. She stopped on the last step. Darlene saw he had pulled the small green Ford pickup up to the back kitchen door.

"Get in."

He shoved her in roughly, slamming the door and locking it, then climbing in next to her.

"You try anything like jumping out, and I'm gonna make sure these tires redecorate your fuckin' face."

"I won't," she promised, folding her arms over her tits and hugging her chest.

The truck bounced from the yard, turning away from this main road and ambling in the opposite direction. The headlights picked up clumps of sagebrush and juniper trees as they climbed a steep hill.

"Where are we going?"

"Someplace... a place me and some of the guys put together for gettin' away. We do some heavy drinkin' there at times. Some heavy fuckin', too. That way, the folks don't find out about it and get all bent."

Darlene settled back in her seat, her hand resting on the door handle. More than once she thought about throwing it open and tumbling from the truck. But then that other part of her mind, the dark part, kept her seated.

They drove along, the narrow dirt road for nearly ten minutes. When they rounded a sharp curve, Darlene saw the lights pick up a small shack at the end of the road. Trees surrounding it made it difficult to spot from most angles below.

"We're here alone?" Darlene asked, hoping that at least she would only have her cousin to contend with.

"For right now." Jeff pulled up to the cabin, shutting off the engine and opening her door. "Get out."

Darlene stepped from the truck, feeling her cousin again damping his strong fingers around her wrist and pulling her in the direction of the cabin. She winced at the harsh touch, stumbling over the front steps and pitching onto her face once. Her hand stretched out, the fingers nearly breaking as she tried catching herself on the porch. All around them, Darlene could hear the stirring night sounds of the countryside. There was something dreadfully ominous about them.


He pushed her in roughly, slamming the door and locking it behind her. There was a musty odor about the place. She stood in the middle, hugging her body again while Jeff fumbled behind her for the light switch.

Darlene's eyes widened as she looked around at the walls. There were all sorts of devices hanging from the hooks. Some resembled the harness they had forced her to wear the other day. There were whips, riding crops, huge screws, other metal devices, and long pink-and-white things that looked like cocks. If this had been Hollywood, Darlene wouldn't have been too surprised. But never would she have expected something like this out here in God's country! "Some of the boys ain't used to workin' with this kinds shit around. Freaks 'em out, still," Jeff said, pocketing the key, then walking up to one of the riding crops and smoothing his fingers over it.

"And you're not?" she ventured, her eyes again taking in the weird assortment of torture devices.

"Not so much," he said, shrugging after examining the other devices. "We got together and pooled our money. Some of the shit we sent away for. Some of the others we managed to get in Frisco or L.A."

It was a medieval torture chamber, and her cousin was the custodian of it!

Jeff had grown' tired of the talking and was ready for action. He approached her, his hands wiping on either side of his trousers. Darlene stepped back, facing something like the original terror that had assailed her earlier when he first attacked her and raped her with his knife.

"Now, we're gonna cut this crap and get down to business." He slapped her.


It was not nearly as hard as the slaps she had endured earlier. Her head snapped to the left while her body twisted and fell to her knees. Jeff snarled at her to stand. When she didn't move as quickly as he liked, he kicked her in the ribs, sending her sprawling to the round. Crawling on top of her, he began tearing her clothes from her body. Darlene hadn't bothered with panties and a bra, knowing full well they would be torn away.

He stood back, looking at her one more time before turning and pulling out some cord, tucking it into his rear pocket. He pulled the naked girl up from the floor, spinning her around and slamming her up against the wall. Darlene did all she could to keep from sliding back to the floor. She knew her cousin would be displeased if she fainted now and would beat her savagely.

Manacles! Manacles attached to the wall! He had worked on this place, turning it into a torture chamber! He locked her wrists and ankles into those metal hoops.

"No, no," she protested.

Jeff left her for a moment, her body rubbing up against the rough wooden walls. Flashes of the horrible memory of being roped down on the pound came to her as she watched her tormentor playing with more instruments on the wall.

"Why... why have you done this to me?" Darlene gasped, staring into his eyes.

Jeff paused for a second, grinning hellishly at her. She trembled, fearing the answer.

"Just because. When I first saw you, I knew you and me was the same."

"No, no, that's not true! You're lying!" she screamed at him, tears starting to well in her eyes.

"You can whine all you want, baby, but the proof's right here," he said, pointing to his prick, then moving his finger to point at her pussy. "And that tells me a whole fuckin' lot."


Jeff chuckled sadistically, reaching out and taking one of her big high-riding tits in his hand. Darlene pushed her head back, closing her eyes and still trying to deny the statement Jeff had made. She felt him squeezing that tit, pinching it as if he were testing the resiliency of the tit flesh.

"No, oh God, Jeff, no, no!"

He fastened his lips to one of her nipples and started sucking hard. The girl rolled her head from side to side. It was when he started biting the long nipple that she started screaming.

"Aghhhhhh! Oh, you're... oh, God!"

"Just the two of us, bitch. Right now, ain't nobody around to stop me."

Darlene shrieked again. He had bitten into her tit just above the areola. She kit those sharp teeth digging into the soft flesh of her tit. A lancing pain shot through her body, making her ass slam against the wall again and again. Darlene jerked forward, pulling wildly at the manacles, trying to tear free of her bonds. It was impossible. Again Jeff bit into her tit, waking the young teenager shriek. She thought he was going to tear the nipple from her tit.


Jeff drew his head away and smiled at her reaction.

"That's the way, baby. Keep on screamin', nobody's gonna come here and help you. But you keep on screamin'. That's why I thought about punkin' this place up. The more you shout it out, the more I'm gonna dig it."

"No, oh God, no, don't do this, don't." She felt more helpless, more terrified out here in the country alone with her cousin than she had with the other guys back at the farm. Here, there wasn't even the slightest suggestion of any limits. Jeff could do what he chose and there would be no one to stop him.

"Please, Jeff, I haven't done anything to you. I swear it, and I promise I won't do anything."

"Shut up! Damn, I don't mind it when you yell. But this fuckin' beggin' shit's gotta stop."

With that he reached around, pulling out a small dirty white handkerchief. Darlene stared at it, her face wrinkling with disgust. With one move, the young stud shoved it into her mouth, fucking it back until Darlene felt it touching her tonsils. She gagged, swallowing the spit gathering in her throat. Jeff finished pushing it down her mouth, then stepped back and nodded approvingly.

"That's the way it's gonna be from now on. You ain't gonna fuck me up with all that damned mouthin' off."

Jeff took some cord from a table and started binding her tits with them. The thick line was twisted around her soft tits in a tight circle. Darlene shivered, her body torn with the gagged sobs coming from her throat. She pleaded for mercy, but the handkerchief blurred all her words. He finished binding her tits, cinching the rope so that her nipples stood out all the more from the surrounding tit flesh. Jeff rubbed the flat of one palm over the sensitive flubs, making Darlene wince with horror and revulsion.


"Better, baby. That's the way I like to hear you -- moanin' and not all that Goddamned beggin' and pleadin'? Shit, that makes me mad!"

Darlene struggled, feeling the cold metal cuffs, chafing her wrists and ankles again. The flesh was almost rubbed raw from all the bondage she had had to endure in the past few days. Then she watched as her cousin turned around and pulled a small silver pair of pincers from a hook. Her eyes widened.

He wouldn't use something like that on her! Oh God, he was approaching her, a terrible look on his face. Again Darlene struggled against the iron bands holding her to the wall. Her asscheeks and back rubbed painfully against the splintery surface while her toes curled onto the floor. She kept her eyes trained on those horrid pincers.

"Yeah, we're gonna have ourselves a real good time, baby. These things are gonna make you feel real good... gonna make me feel fine too!"

Her nostrils flared, perspiration coming down both sides of her nose and dripping off chin. Darlene swallowed had, chewing down on the filthy handkerchief.


"Got nice cuntlips. I'm gonna enjoy fuckin' your cunt later on -- just like I did before. But first, this!"

His voice trailed off as he dropped the pincers down to her pussy. Darlene shuddered, her thigh flesh twitching while the rest of her body broke out into goose pimples. The young blonde waited as her cousin kept brushing the metal instrunient up and down over her flesh. A piercing cry ripped from her throat. Darlene felt the lancing pain cut into her clit and shoot into her brain. He was tearing at her clit with those horrible things! Her muscles tensed while perspiration dotted her forehead. It was horrible, incredibly painful! Darlene jerked hard against those metal cuffs, her ankles nearly bleeding from the pressure. Jeff only laughed at her helplessness, still wielding those pincers.

Darlene nearly bit through the handkerchief. She had already soaked the filthy cotton through with her spit. She could scream a little better now, the material having flattened somewhat in her mouth. She let out cry after despairing cry, her nostrils flaring as the pain continued to shoot through her cunt.

Her cousin was a maniac. He had finally revealed himself completely tonight. Another anguished cry ripped from her throat as excruciating pain filled her tortured clit. Darlene could barely see through all the tears blinding her eyes. Her body twisted up against the metal cuffs in pain as she strained at those bonds. The girl thought she was dying as Jeff continued to apply those pincers.

Chapter NINE

"No, no, no, no!"

She snapped her head from side to side, her long blonde hair whipping across her flushed, perspiration-stained face. Darlene was breathing hard, the oxygen making her head feel so light! The room spun around and around as the pain seemed to increase between her shuddering thighs. Worse, her tits felt numb. That tight rope was doing its job, cutting the blood off from her nipples. She doubted if she could endure any more abuse. If she had been a prisoner, Darlene knew she would have been ready to sign any confession. She was no martyr. The agony she was enduring was too great. She would have done anything to have stopped it!

Darlene shifted her body as much as she could. Her hips jerked as Jeff fucked three fingers up into her cunt, it felt as if he were trying to tear her pussy wide open. A volley of loud, hysterical cries tore from her lips. Mingled with her cries with Jeff's laughter. It was horrible. The young girl panted heavily, feeling as if she were on the brink of unconsciousness. She was about to pass out. Darlene almost smiled at that prospect. Unconsciousness: it was finally going to happen. Through all the former abuse and rape she had remained alert. But now she was going to sink into a faint. Darlene wanted it badly. She would embrace the darkness as if it were her lover.

The pain was becoming too intense for her to stand. She let out another muffled cry, her throat hurting from all the screaming she had done. There was a sudden sharp explosion. Something had popped in her brain, she thought as another violent shock of pain tore through her body. Darlene opened her mouth wide to scream. She could feel the handkerchief rolling back over her tongue. She would shout down the walls with this one. There couldn't be anything as powerful, as loud as this scream. Then the world suddenly collapsed. Darlene let out a groan, her body sagging in the metal bonds...

Darlene had no idea how long she'd remained unconscious. All she knew was that when she awakened the dreadful pain between her legs was gone. When she blinked her eyes open, Darlene felt a shocking cold dampness around her body. She shook her head in a dazed attempt to clear her mind.


At that point the girl realized Jeff had poured cold water over her to revive her. There was a dull throbbing between her thighs, a reminder of what had happened to her. Those horrible pincers! How they had nearly made her die with agony! She looked around. Jeff was standing in the semi-darkness to one side.

"SO, you're back with me again. That's good."

Darlene stared at him through her curtaining hair, wanting to spit in his face. That, she knew, would only infuriate him.

"I could fuck your ass again. But that's already been done. I think I've got something a little better for us both -- something that's gonna make you feel real fine and take care of my cock."

Jeff was unfastening the manacles holding her ankles against the wall. Darlene stared straight ahead, not saying a thing.

The girl knew this would be no reason to celebrate. One torture led to another. It would only be after her cousin had spent his cum that he would consider letting her go. There was no reason to believe Jeff had cum while he was torturing her with those pincers. He hadn't even taken his prick out of his Levi's.

He finished unfastening the manacles, leading her in the direction of what appeared to be a small, makeshift pillory. As she shuffled barefooted over the shack's dirty floor, Darlene narrowed her eyes. It was definitely a pillory, newly constructed. She could see the fresh shavings around the floor. It was nearly four foot tall with four holes bored in the yellow pine structure. Hinges crudely fastened at various points enabled whoever operated it to lift the structure and slide the individual's arms and legs through it.

"No, I won't!"

Darlene had pulled the handkerchief from her mouth the moment her arms had been freed, tossing it with disgust on the floor. Now she protested again, backing away from the pillory.

Jeff stared at her with a faint air of amusement, rubbing his unshaven cheeks.

"You ain't got much of a choice. Now you're gonna cooperate, or I'm gonna knock you through those fuckin' holes with my fist!"


Darlene saw immediately that she had little choice in the matter. Reluctantly she stood there as he opened the top, then shoved a three legged stool around the front and ordered her to sit on it. Darlene did as she was ordered, thrusting her legs through the larger lower holes. Jeff snapped the pillory down around her lower legs, locking the things. Darlene felt the rough wood cuffing over her flesh but said nothing to her cousin.

"Now the arms."

He opened the top part of the pillory, and with a nod of his head indicated what he wanted Darlene to do. Keeping her eyes fastened on her cousin, the blonde teenager shoved her arms into the holes, feeling her teeth chattering nervously against one another as he attached the top part of the pillory to the lower section. Darlene was locked in now, her arms and legs immobilized once again.

"Now for the fun."

Jeff moved around behind her, reaching around and caressing her nipples. Her tits were still sore from the roping. Darlene closed her eyes, feeling her cousin gently rubbing the nipples, then dropping his hands down to her pussy. There was something gentle, almost loving in his moves now. She felt aroused by the tender touches. It was a trick. Darlene knew it was a trick. She was going to become aroused, then shame herself in front of him once again. But the girl couldn't stop the hot feelings concentrating now between her white, shivering thighs.

"No, oh no, don't make me feel this!" Darlene pleaded, closing her eyes.

"Yeah, hot, real hot. Man, could fuck you now. But like I said, I got plans for you, baby, real hot plans. You're gonna make me feel good all over, and that means playin' games with me."

His hands dropped from her tits and cunt. Darlene sat there, feeling the blood rushing through her veins. It was like waiting for the final order of the firing squad. She thrust her chin out, thinking for a second she indeed was some kind of martyr waiting for her unspeakable end. Suddenly she felt the stool moving away from under her ass. She blinked her eyes wide open, her lips parting for a scream. And then there was the pulling weight of her body against her thighs. Her ass was hanging there, dipping down toward the floor without any support. Her legs ached from the strain and she thought her shoulders would surely pull from their sockets.


She rested her forehead against the top of the pillory, stars exploding in front of her eyes. She saw Jeff pinning at her as she struggled to wriggle forward. With some minimal success, the girl managed to shift her weight so the strain against her arms and legs was lessened. It was then she turned and stared up at her hateful cousin Jeff once again, wishing he would draw close enough so she could spit in his face!

"Enjoying yourself, baby?"


Darlene had to swallow the words she wanted to scream at him. Prudence kept her quiet as she wriggled in the pillory, wishing again she could pass out.

"I know you like it. You dig this shit, remember? I felt your cunt before when I was fuckin' around with you. The more shit we did to you, the more you loved it. That's the way you are. Just like me, but at the other end of the line," Jeff said calmly, rubbing her nipples again with his fingers. He was tugging at the tit tips, pinching them at times, making the girl wince in pain and pleasure.

"No, no, I'm not what you say," she protested, shaking her head from side to side. "You're sick. You don't know what you're talking about!"

Jeff threw back his head and laughed.

"Sure do. Been doin' this since I was a kid. Lots of girls are like you, you know? I ain't gonna maim you or nothin'. But I'm gonna make you feel better than you've felt in a long time."

With that her cousin moved away from her for a second. Darlene turned her head, watching his every move as if her life depended on it. He was rolling a small heavy cask around to her, positioning it about three feet from her ass. Darlene tightened her asscheeks protectively, her eyes examining the dirty, worn barrel. Some of the bands were rusted already, threatening to give way. She could hear something sloshing around inside. Water?

"This is gonna clean you out, baby."

Jeff was milling round behind her. She heard more rattling around and wondered if he was going to use those pincers on her clit or her nipples. She shivered, remembering the painful cold metallic agony attacking her body. When Jeff returned, Darlene saw he had a tong black rubber hose in one hand. A spigot was at one end. Bending down, he attached the hose to make sure it would reach her ass.

In a flash, Darlene got the idea he was going to shove that thing right up her slitter. The girl remembered how his cock had felt fucking her ass! There was that odd, spacy feeling every time the cock fucked into her, chugging through her ass guts, rearranging her insides! The girl had endured that miraculously, but felt she could never take anything up her slitter again.

"What are you doing with that thing?" Darlene asked.

"Just what you think. Gonna clean out your guts just like a doc."

With that, Jeff spread her asschecks wide apart with one hand. She felt his hand holding her open, spreading the wrinkled lips of her slitter for the brass spigot.

"No, oh no, don't do it back there. Leave my ass alone! Oh, please, don't touch me back there... uhhhh, oh, oh, you're doing it! Oh God, you're doing it!"

Darlene's face reddened, her checks puffing out while she wrinkled her forehead. It was horrid having that awful thing sliding into her asshole. Thank goodness it wasn't very thick. At least she didn't have the sensation of her ass ring being ripped apart. Carefully, still keeping her asschceks separated widely, Jeff threaded the awful black rubber tube into her shitter. He slipped inch after cold, rubbery inch into her asshole until the girl began trying to spread her legs to ease the entry. Jeff laughed at her vain efforts, finally stopping after he had fucked seven inches of the latex tubing up her ass. Darlene let out a sigh, resting her forehead against the top of the pillory once again.

"That wasn't so bad, was it, baby?" Jeff asked, taking a handful of her hair in one fist and pulling her head back from the pillory.

"Uhhhh, no, no!"

Darlene wriggled and squirmed in the pillory, her movements making the device sway.

"You know, you don't look so fuckin' comfortable up there," Jeff said, his lips curling into a mocking smile.

"Damn you," Darlene said.

Jeff only smiled more broadly at her words, shaking his head. "I'm gonna bring back a stool."

Darlene's mouth opened. She couldn't believe his sudden show of compassion in the midst of this horror. There had to be a trick. She knew her cousin only too well. There would be something wrong somewhere in this offer of kindness. She heard the stool scraping along the floor. Turning around, Darlene saw the three-legged stool again. But there was something wrong with it. There was something extra on the stool, something that hadn't been there before.


A cock. Or at least, a facsimile of a cock sticking straight up from the center of that thing. It was what she remembered some of the girls at school called a dildo. Darlene remembered in a flash how she had nervously giggled at stories she'd heard about those things. But now the girl realized she was going to experience what it was like to be fucked by one.

"Get that ass up."

She felt her cousin's rough hands caressing her ass, pinching the flesh and raising it up slightly so he could slide the stool under her ass. Darlene had a very good idea what was going to follow next. She tightened her thighs, keeping her body tense and above the horrid dildo. Darlene could feel the smooth scraping of the plastic prick against her shitter as Jeff repositioned the stool.

"I put some things around the base of the dildo. You wanna feel 'em?"

Without waiting for an answer, Jeff pushed the dildo between her cuntlips. Darlene stiffened, feeling hot rushes of delight spark up her spine. It was weird, odd feeling that slick lifeless cock fucking up into her cunt. The girl trembling, her narrow shoulders shivering as the dildo fucked into her slick, tight little pussy. Suddenly Darlene was aware of something very sharp, something very cutting against her asscheeks. He had nails or something sticking up from around the base of that dildo! The girl screaming, screwing her ass up and away from that rodding thing. Somehow Darlene managed to keep her pussy away from the rounded cocktip.

"Go down, and you're gonna hurt yourself real bad. Got something else to make this interesting."

She couldn't think of anything else to make this more interesting except a pack of mad dogs.

Jeff disappeared for another moment, coming back with another device. This time the girl was unaware of what it was for a moment. She narrowed her eyes, peering through the darkness at a gray box mounted atop a small portable table. The wires hanging from the sides made her think of the battery testers she had seen in all the department stores. But there were two small plastic windows on the front of the box with needles presently resting on their zero positions. A small vent was cut in the top of the thing. As Jeff drew the box closer, Darlene could see the wires had small pincers on them. In a moment she realized the box was a portable generator. And Jeff was going to use the damned thing on her!

"No, no, what are you going to do? God, what are you going to do to me?"

Darlene shrieked, her eyes wide with horror once again. She wondered how her young body could stand all this. She had been on the threshold of a heart attack, she felt several times these past few days. And now her heart was beating wildly again, threatening to burst while her cousin unraveled the coiled black wires and the pincers up to her nipples. The small metal clamps shone in the dim light.

"Evil. Oh, God, this is evil! My God, help me, help me!"

Darlene felt she had sunk to the bottom of the barrel. Jeff was calmly whistling some country tune, examining the clamps coldly, then stretching the wires until the metal brushed against her half-inch-long nipples. Darlene reared back, her arms chafing harshly against the pillory. When she felt the dildo fucking back into her pussy again, the girl knew she would have to keep her wits about her or get fucked and stabbed by that device below her pussy. Darlene ground her teeth, waiting for the touch of those tiny teeth. It came, making her let out a whimper of pain.

"Come on, baby, this ain't nothin', compared to what's gonna go down with you later."

The other clamp bit into her right nipple, the wires brushing coldly against her flat belly. Jeff laughed softly at her groans, uncoiling two more clamps and pulling the pincers until they were up to her cunt.

"This is gonna warm you up. Keep that cunt movin' up and down over the dildo."

"I'm not... I won't let myself... fuck that thing," she said, her words coming out hesitantly but harshly.

"Sure, that's what they all say. Once this gets goin' in you, you can't stop. Just watch."


The shocking chill of the clamps on her right cuntlip made her wonder if her resolve would weaken under pressure. Her fingers trembled as Jeff fastened the other pincer only an inch below her clit. Tremors shook her pussy, a swarmy kind of warmth spreading like a glow around her cunt. Her sphincter tightened around that tube still stuck up her ass. The girl groaned, adjusting her position and still keeping her cunt well away from the twelve-inch jutting dildo.

Jeff had finished his attachments and now stepped back, admiring his dreadful handiwork. "Good, real good. Now I'm gonna move this around so I can work it while you suck me off."


This had to be the ultimate put-down. Darlene stared at him, her mouth wide open as he wheeled the generator around to the front of the pillory. Checking the dials a last time, he bent over and adjusted the spigot on the barrel. Immediately the girl felt a rush of cold water splashing into her ass guts. Darlene stiffened, her tits slapping against one another from the sudden move.

"That's the way to dig it. Move around, move it around while you suck my cock."

Darlene gasped with horror, squirming as more water filled her stretching ass guts.

Chapter TEN

"Stop! Oh, God!"

The water was filling her up, ballooning out her ass guts. Darlene hadn't felt an uncomfortable, distending sensation like this since her mother had given her enemas as a child. The water was making her belly swell as if a dozen cocks were fucking her at the same time. She squirmed maddeningly against the pillory, her full round asscheeks flexing, relaxing, then flexing again against the onrush of the cold water.


"That's the way, Darlene. Move that ass while I'm fillin' it."

The tube wormed its way deeper and deeper, it seemed, as the water splashed into her guts. Darlene let out whooshing sounds, feeling the liquid warming quickly in her shitter. Some of it was splashing out of her asshole, dribbling over her thighs. Darlene reddened. It was as if she were taking a public slit! Jeff watched her reaction and grinned, seemed to know just what she was feeling.

"Go for it, baby, go for it."

Slowly, reluctantly, the girl felt her thigh muscles giving way. It was just too much effort keeping her body strained up away from the dildo. She could feel the subtle soft touch of the plastic against her cuntlips. The fake cock was pushing aside the clamps, nudging her clit, then unsticking the cuntlips and pushing in. She could feel an itchy, tight tremor pass through her pussy.

She was being fucked, really royally fucked by that inanimate cock. Closing her eyes, Darlene thought of her cousin, of his prick, of how it had felt fucking her. The slick dildo was squeezing into her hot cuntmeat, pushing aside the squiggly tissues and working its way in. Darlene's thighs tightened once more, then finally reined.


She had fucked down too far. The dildo hit something in her body. A kink in her pussywalls? Darlene didn't know. She winced with pain, jerking her body up. More water gushed into her asshole, stretching her guts to the limit. The girl leaned forward, that move stretching her asscheeks apart a little more. A rush of warm water sprayed from her ass, dribbling down her asscrack and down onto the floor with a splash. Darlene groaned.

"Now I'm gonna see how you turn on to a little turn-on."

With that Jeff leaned over and switched on the generator. Instantly there was a humming sound. Darlene's eyes quickly turned in the direction of the small pay metal box. Immediately the two light panels were illuminated, the needles puking regularly. It was almost as if they were monitoring the wild beating of her heart. Darlene felt a sheen of perspiration cover her young body as she waited for the onslaught of voltages.

Jeff had dropped his Levi's, stepping out of them and kicking them under the stool. His prick was sticking straight out like a barber pole, pointing at Darlene. She could see those blue veins throbbing against the tightly stretched cock skin. A drop or two of pre-cum had already squeezed from the piss-slit of his prick. She watched the pearly-drops ooze on top of one another, dripping down in a translucent filament toward the floor. His fingers were gripping the dial, twisting it up a notch.

"Uh!" Darlene stiffened again, feeling a buzzing sensation rush through her nipples and clit.

There wasn't the pain she had expected. Not yet, at least. Instead it was a kind of pleasant, warming, tingly sensation that was arousing her more and more. She felt her nipples stiffening against the clamps, spreading into the tiny biting teeth while her clit began to warm and tingle itchily. Squirming in her bonds, the young girl began to enjoy even the enema stretching her ass guts. The rubber tubing rattled against her asscheeks as she moved sensuously against the pillory. Gradually, Darlene felt her cunt wrapping more tightly around the rodding dildo. She was fucking down, down onto the prick. The thought of the spikes at the last moment kept her from fucking down all the way. Tightening her cuntal sheath, the girl rose up on the dildo, enjoying the sliding, fucking movement.

"That's it, baby, that's it. Go for it. And now you're gonna give me some good head while you fuck yourself on this mother."

Turning the dial up another notch, Jeff moved toward her, his prick wagging from side to side. Darlene wouldn't normally have done this voluntarily. She would have had to have those fingers pressing against her jaws to force them open. But now with the electricity tweaking her nipples and clit with the water stretching her ass guts so tantalizingly, with the dildo fucking her pussy, the girl opened her mouth almost willingly. She looked at that cock sticking straight out in front of her, and she wanted that cock any way she could get it.

She felt the fat, meaty cockhead brushing over her lower lip. It was strangely resilient, almost spongy compared to the rigid stiffness of the rest of his prick. A man's cock! A man's prick about to fuck her mouth! The thought sent shivers rushing through her as she parted her full lips, readying herself for the big cock.

"Suck it, baby, open that fuckin' mouth and take it all!"

Jeff fanned his fingers out on either side of her head, pressing in with the tips as he began feeding her his cockmeat. Slowly, the girl sank her head forward as much as she could. Darlene had never even dreamed about doing something like this. But right now it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. She felt the big cockhead resting on the tip of her tongue.

Darlene tentatively licked down over the groove separating the meaty lobes of his cockhead.


He liked it. She could tell from the way he was swaying, from the way he was gripping her head that her cousin liked what she was doing. The increased electricity storming through her body was adding to her excitement. Darlene began fucking her cunt up and down on the dildo, still careful to keep her ass inches away from those dreadful nails at the bottom. She knew she would have to keep her senses about her so as not to tear her flesh with those things.

"Suck that cock, move that tongue around; yeahhhh, just like that."

He kept her head pressed against his groin several times, the wiry black cock hairs tickling her nose. Darlene liked this. She wasn't sure at first. But she liked sucking her cousin's cock now. She moved her tongue over his cock as if her life depended on it. Her cheeks puffed out with the force of his mouth-fucking.

"Lick it, man, lick that prick. Yeah, get my meat, take it down your fuckin' throat."

Jeff was instructing her, holding her skull, then moving it back and forth while his balls swung forward and slapped her chin.


The girl swallowed hard, tasting the pre-cum mixed with her spit washing down her throat.

And then she felt the fleshy cockhead fucking down her throat.

It was almost impossible for her to breathe! Darlene tried pulling back her head. But Jeff had her skull in his grip too tightly. He was fucking her throat, stuffing his prick in all the way, then grinding it around until his balls pillowed flatly against her chin. Darlene made wet, sucking, choking sounds against his crotch. The room began to spin around. Had he turned up the voltage? It certainly seemed that way! Her clit felt as if it were on fire while her tits were swelling up against the biting clamps.

"Oh man, baby, suck me off, suck it off!" Jeff groaned, arching his back slightly and twisting his hips around. Darlene felt his cock rotating around in her mouth, brushing up against the insides of her cheeks then rubbing over her teeth. She held her breath, feeling herself diving deeper.

"Man, do it, do it!"

For one wild moment, the girl wanted to keep that cock in her throat. She started enjoying the feel of the long, big-headed cock inside her mouth, and the sensation of his hairy groin hunching against her face. How the girl wanted to wrap her hands around his ass and draw him closer.

"Ohhhhhh, yeahhhh! Gimme that good head, baby!"

Jeff was pounding her face harder with his groin. She could taste more and more of his precum washing over the flat of her tongue. She wriggled it up against his cock, drawing his cock deeper into her mouth. He was going to cum. She could feel it, sense it in the way he was moving. She sucked in air through her nose, feeling her nostrils burn with that intake while her tongue lashed and coiled over his prick.

"Man, goin' for it!"

There was a momentary pause. Then Darlene could feel the flat-tasting jizz spattering against the back of her throat. He was firing his cumload. For the first time, she could feel the real power of her cousin's climax. It was awesome! The first spurt nearly knocked her head back. Jeff kept his hands on her skull, nearly crushing it with his grip while he rubbed his hairy groin up and down, up and down against her face.

"Do it, baby, swallow it all! Yeah, oh yeahhh, take it all in! Man, that's the way, take all my jizz. Cummin' in your fuckin' mouth and you're swallowin' all my jizz. That's the way to suck cock, bitch!"

Jeff kept firing load after load of cum in her mouth. Darlene swallowed as much cum as she could, then found herself gagging and choking on the amount. A cummy froth appeared at either end of her stretched lips. And still his leathery, low-hanging balls pumped out more jizz into her throat! "Uhhhhffffff!"

Darlene groaned, feeling the slimy spunk ooze down her throat into her belly. She gasped at the feeling, realizing only at that point she'd fucked her cunt all the way down on the dildo. Twelve inches of that thing were fucked into her pussy. And the nails were biting into her ass flesh. Drawing her head back from Jeff's weakening grip, the girl turned around and spat out the remaining cum-and-spit mixture in her mouth. Tightening her thighs yet again, Darlene managed to pull her ass up off the nails.

"Oh, baby, that's the best blow-job I've had in a long time, the best!"

Jeff was still a little shaky. But not so disoriented as to forget what he was doing. He moved away, shaking the last bit of cum from his prickhead. Still naked, he moved around to the generator, his chest heaving. Gripping the main black dial, he began twisting it slowly up.

Darlene watched with ever-widening eyes. The charge in her body was becoming more and more painful. Her clit was vibrating, about to cum, then finally cumming. It was like firecrackers going off in her pussy, each blast more furious than the last. With a scream, Darlene threw back her head, her body bouncing up and down on the big dildo. She couldn't help herself. Bouncing up and down, up and down, Darlene fucked herself with that plastick prick while the water continued stretching out the lining of her shitter.

"That's it, baby, cum and cum again. That's what this fuckin' generator's gonna do to you. It's a cum machine, and you're gonna keep climaxin' till I turn it off."

How she disgraced herself. And yet how she couldn't keep from wishing Jeff would keep that thing on all night.

Chapter ELEVEN

Her ass guts were distended horribly from all the water shooting through the black latex tube and into her shitter. Darlene squirmed uncomfortably on the fucking dildo, her ass becoming pricked more and more as she sank downward onto the sharp nails. And all the while more and more electricity shot into her body, making her nipples so sore! She sat there, fucking herself while sparks seemed to fly from the clamps to her clit, then back again.

Jeff turned the dial up another notch.


Darlene couldn't even speak now. She tasted the flat flavor of his jizz against the tip of her tongue. And now that machine was nearly electrocuting her. She shivered, feeling her tits and cunt ache. Then her cousin cranked the dial yet higher. Her lips became purple while small diamonds of spittle stood on her lips. What was stranger was the continual climax that clamp was creating in her clit. Darlene was nearly exhausted with all the sensations rushing through her pussy. The electricity was short-circuiting her body, making her cunt milk that dildo again and again as she fucked herself half to death. The girl threw her head back and shamelessly fucked the long pole, feeling it nudge aside all her organs.


"That's it, Darlene, fuck it out, baby. Go on, go for it! Yeah, you gotta take care of that itch," Jeff said, smirking down at her. "And nothin' takes care of that itch like a good hard prick!"

"Prick!" she echoed mindlessly, her mouth hanging open as she fucked herself wildly.

"Yeah, good hot cockmeat. That's what you want, right bitch! Good hot cock?"

Jeff turned on more juice. Her climax showered her thighs. The smell of burned flesh seemed to reach her nose. Was the current burning her up? Darlene shuddered at the thought, but then laughed as more thrilling spasms tare through her pussy.

As she shivered and jerked on the seat, Jeff found his cock was getting hard again. Watching his cousin snapping from side to side like that did things to him. He scratched his prick, watching with interest as Darlene slumped forward. More water sprayed from her asshole, splashing down onto the floor.

Darlene stopped trying to pull her arms and legs free from the pillory. She wanted to sit there now, bobbing her ass up and down on that long dildo fucking. That was all that was important in her life. That was all she wanted to live for now. All Darlene could think of was all that cockmeat out there waiting for a hot little cunt like hers to come along. Her cousin had said she was good only for fucking. Well, Darlene had to agree with him now. She felt her pussy walls snugging up against that dildo again and again while her clit kept on sputtering and sparking with delight. Her tits were sore from all the excitement. Darlene leaned forward again, rubbing her aching nipples against the wood.

Jeff's balls jerked in time with his cock as he watched the girl pitch and lurch against the pillory. Her face was a blur as she fucked on the dildo. Finally he couldn't take any more. Reaching out, he shut down the machine. Darlene pitched forward, striking her forehead against the front of the pillory. There was a final violent tweak in her cunt, and then the climax was over. Darlene let out a growl, feeling her muscles finally relaxing. She slumped down, the dildo slowly sinking into her overheated cunt. A bubble of air escaped from around the rodding plastic prick as her ass slid closer to those sharp nails.

"You don't wanna get cut up, do you, baby?"

Jeff turned off the spigot, stopping the icy water that had filled her ass guts. Darlene almost felt empty as her cousin wrapped his arms around her waist and began pulling her off, the dildo. She felt the pillory tugging painfully at her arms and ankles with that move.

"Just keep that ass up there, and I'm gonna pull you off this fucker."

Jeff jerked the pincers free, tearing at her swollen tits and cunt. Her pent-up shout of pain and humiliation finally escaped, startling the young stud. But he only grinned at her reaction, unlocking the pillory and puffing the frazzled girl from it.

Darlene was hysterical, jerking still, slapping out at Jeff while she swayed drunkenly on the floor. Standing back, her cousin slapped her twice, finally backhanding her into meek submission.

"Christ, baby, you're one hell of a wild fuck. But that's gettin' crazy," Jeff said, catching her as she slumped forward.

"No, lemme go, lemme go!"

Jeff dragged her to the center of the room, throwing her shoulders down hard against the floor. He dived on top of her, squirming like a madman over her naked body.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!"

Darlene didn't care any longer about watching what she said or did. She knew her cousin had her number. She knew there was nothing she could say or do that would fool him. She wanted cockmeat, wanted all the abuse her cousin could throw at her. Wrapping her legs around him, Darlene fucked her cunt onto his cock, grinding her thighs and crotch hungrily against him.

"Man, fuck it, baby, that's it, fuck it out till you go nuts!"

There was no love in this fucking. There was only one lusty power against another, one force pitting itself against the other. Darlene felt his teeth cutting at her throat and shuddered with delight at that sensation. She pictured her cousin tearing her to pieces like some wild animal, ripping her flesh while he fucked her. She curled her fingers, scratching her nails against his neck while her knees hugged his body.

It was fucking, really hot! She shivered again, tucking her tight ass down so she could feel the steady plunges of his cockshaft against her pussy slit.

"Fuck me, fuck me!"

The cry was continual. Darlene slapped her bare, dirty ass against the floor regularly, her back squirming against the shed floor while the balls of her feet scraped over her cousin's back. Fucking. Wanting more fucking! That's all the girl could think of!

"Man, oh man, gonna burn my cock up in there," Jeff whispered.

He was holding her tightly by the shoulders, his hands flailing at her tits, pinching the sore nipples again and again. There were times when he dropped his head and sucked on her tits hard. Darlene shrieked in pleasure, arching her spin, still begging him for more cock.

He stopped fucking, reared back like a stallion, shaking the hair from his eyes. Darlene waited, her heart pounding so hard she felt surely it would tear through her ribs. And then he fucked in, his cock splitting her cuntlips and fucking into the depths of her pussy.


It was like scratching the itch of the century! Darlene wriggled and squirmed. All the while, Jeff kept slapping her, calling her dreadful names while fucking his prick through the swampy mess of her cunt. Darlene didn't care what he did to her now. She had what she wanted -- his big cock. Oh yes, yes, she had everything she could possibly lust for in the world in the form of his cock. Again Darlene threw her shoulders back, slamming the back of her head against the floor while feeling her belly swell up with prickmeat. Her cousin's prickmeat!

"Uhhhhh... fuck me, Jeff... oh God, drive it in me, fuck me!"

This was the best, the hardest, the hottest fuck she had had. She gasped as the diabolical torture became a heavenly sex display.

"Huhhhrr! Huhhhrrr! Huhhhrrr!"

Jeff held her fast, his hands squeezing her tits once more. His hips drove up and down rapidly, the bones banging hard against her thighs. He fucked his cock deeper and deeper, ripping it through her bruised cunt, stinging her clit.

To her surprise, Darlene felt her cunt getting ready for another orgasm. All the electrical torture that she had endured hadn't blunted that tiny organ's ability to cum and cum and cum. She tightened her legs around Jeff, hunching up, groaning and grunting while her cousin fucked down hard into her pussy.

Darlene cringed, terrified of her oncoming climax -- and yet wanting it with all her life. Jeff hated her, it seemed, and was using his prick as a weapon of destruction. He seemed to hate her more with each fuck-thrust of his prick. He was tearing her cunt apart and was enjoying this assault. And somehow this knowledge added to the excitement rushing through her. Fucking. Fucking. Fucking from her cousin. Her mind became blank, registering only the bright, delightful flashes of lust that sparked her cunt.

"Oh noooo, gonna... gonna cum... gonna cum!" Darlene screamed.

"That's it, baby, cut it loose! Comet on, make it big for me! I wanna feel you cum with me!" Jeff said, pounding her cunt with his prick mercilessly.

His fingers were squeezing and slapping her all over. Everything seemed to merge into one massive orgasm -- the beating, the enema, the electricity, everything until she found herself screaming out her delight. The lust boiled over. Darlene screamed at the top of her lungs, her clit being stung again and again by the delights of cumming.


Her cunt was clamping down so hard she tought she might have cut off her cousin's cock. Jeff was still there, however, forcing his cock meat through, slapping her, then finally lying down on top and jerking all over her body.

She could feel the hot, massive squirts of his cum as he finally blew his load into her cunt. Jeff kept cumming in her pussy for what seemed like minutes. When he finally stiffened and pulled his dripping cock from her pussy, Darlene could still feel her hot cunt throbbing from the fucking.

Slowly he backed away and began dressing. When he had finished tucking his T-shirt into his trousers, Jeff kicked her clothes up to her face.

"Dress. Gonna get you back to the house now. You're through for the night."

She felt like a whore being dismissed from the bedroom. Well, what else was she? She had let her cousin drag her down into this, and she had loved every downward inch of her journey. She could leave now. But Darlene knew she wouldn't. Watching him put away the pillory, the generator and all the tools that went along with it, Darlene could only feel something like diminished excitement. She wanted more. Not now, perhaps, but in the future. She would want him to abuse her, to fuck her, to try all sorts of delicious kinds of hurtful torture on her.

"Come on," Jeff said, looking down at his wristwatch and frowning. "I ain't kiddin'. I'm gonna drag you behind the fuckin' car with a rope if you don't get some of that shit on pronto!"

Darlene began meekly putting on her skirt and blouse and zipping up. She walked in front of him, hearing the door close and lock behind her. She climbed into his car and shut the door.

"You're gonna have lots of fun around here, baby. I can see that," Jeff said, patting her knee as he started the engine and pulled the vehicle back onto the road.

Darlene turned her head, masking a smile creeping over her thin lips. She was sure she would. Some new, dark world had been opened to her. She had tried to fight it, but in the end submitted to its forces. Fucking. Fucking like this. There could be nothing like it, nor a guide quite like her cousin Jeff. She watched the silhouetted pines pass her window as Jeff drove back to the farm. Yes, Darlene Mitchell was going to like the country.


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