In bondage schoolgirl

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child's inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized standards and parentally prescribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected.

For Betty Rawlins, a young girl experimenting with her newly awakened sexuality, the change from childhood to womanhood is difficult and filled with anxiety. In confusion about sexual nature and true desires, she finds herself a victim of lust rather than a partner in loving.

IN BONDAGE SCHOOLGIRL is the story of a young girl searching for the meaning of sex, struggling to be mature. It is a novel about the difficult transitional period through which we must all go.

Chapter ONE

"Annie! What are you doing?"

Betty Rawlins sat at the lunch table, her face reddening. Glancing quickly across the crowded cafeteria, she spotted several of the boys staring in their direction, silly smiles twisting their faces. She knew why? She knew why they were laughing at her and her friend. Annie was sitting right there in public, sliding her mouth back and forth over a peeled banana.

"Stop it!" Betty hissed, her forehead wrinkling with disapproval.

"You said you wanted to see how to suck cock. See? You've gotta be careful not to leave any teeth marks on this. Same with a guy," the perky brunette said, handing her friend the peeled fruit.

Betty shrank away from her friend, wishing she could sink into the floor and die. Those looks the boys were flashing at them! She could feel their eyes burning through her clothing, warming her tits, making the rubbery tips stand up on end, and brush against her sweater itchily. And her pussy! How warm and wet and tight her cunt was getting as she sat there in the school cafeteria! It was wrong feeling this way! Her mother had told her time and time again that men wanted one thing only -- to get between a girl's legs and fuck her. And, when they got what they wanted, they were off for another pussy. That was what had happened to her father. Or so she was told.

"I didn't think you'd do something like like that right here," Betty said, leaning over the table and stopping her friend from repeating the action.

"Huh? Oh, them," Annie said, turning around and seeing several boys grinning back at her. She let out a tired sigh and put the banana back down on the table. "They're just a bunch of creeps. They think they know everything. Well, they don't." Annie, shrugging her shoulders, turned back to her lunch.

"It's still... still wrong," Betty said sulkily, staring at the banana.

"That? Oh, I guess some people think so. But Hank doesn't think so," Annie said confidentially, giggling nervously.

"You mean... you mean you and Hank? Ohhhhhhhh, Annie. I never would've thought..."

A flush of excitement and shame flashed through her body. Betty had always known Annie was more daring than most girls. She guessed that was why she liked the girl so much. But this? Sucking a cock! For a second she thought the brunette had just been teasing her, having learned that technique from reading one of those dirty books she managed to get bold of so often.

"Sure," the girl said, wrapping her half-eaten sandwich back in the aluminum and glancing up at the big clock. "Hank and I have been... well, you know, fucking around for over a year."

Betty felt her body grow lush and hot all over. Her flesh crawled while she could actually feel her pussylips move! They were moving, the rubbery edges slipping against one another while juice bubbled out and dampened her panty crotch. Just thinking about fucking, about her girlfriend stretched out on some bed, spreading her legs open for a stud, made her so warm down there in her cunt. It was awful, whorish to feel what she was feeling.

"How about getting... you know, pregnant and stuff like that?" Betty whispered, leaning over the Formica-topped table again. She thought the whole cafeteria could hear their conversation. Again the girl glanced nervously at the four studs sitting across the aisle, still staring at her and Annie.

"Oh, I take care of myself. And so does Hank," Annie said, narrowing her eyes and smiling knowingly. "Why so many questions? You've somebody on the line you're thinking about fucking?"

The question was like a bolt of lightning! Fucking? Her? The thought of her getting down with a guy made her cunt burn.

"No, no!" she said breathlessly.

But her heart was pounding just at the thought of having someone touch her cunt, touch her with his prick. Prick, cock! How deliciously evil those words sounded, as they echoed through her mind? Fucking! Hours and hours of fucking, of twisting under some stud's body while he fucked his prick in and out, in and out, fucking out her young little fuckhole until she couldn't think! How she would laugh at her mother then, laugh in her face while she bucked and writhed under a cock!


"Hmmmm? Oh, sorry, I was just thinking."

Annie was so open, so wild, so free! If only she could be like her friend -- just a little bit. How many problems that would solve!

"Anyway, why did you wanna know about sucking cock?" Annie asked, picking up the banana and biting off the tip.

"Just curious. I heard something else about it... dunno," she said dully, looking through her long blonde lashes at the four guys.

"I could tell you lots more -- I mean, what me and flank do, you know."

Betty felt shamed beyond belief. It was as if she had peeked into her girlfriend's bedroom, then found she couldn't stop herself from spying.

"I... I don't think I should hear this," Betty said, gathering her books up from the chair next to her.

"Why worry about it? Come on," Annie said, stretching one hand out and laying her fingers gently on the blonde teen's arm. "You gotta kick your mom's hold on you. She's a nun. No, no, she really is," Annie insisted, tightening her grip on Betty as she tried to scoot away.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Betty said, feeling tears spring to her eyes.

"Well, you've got to. God, if my mom were like that..."

Betty saw Annie shuddering at the thought. How she wished she could be like her friend! But that wild life, all those things she did with guys... Betty thought she'd simply die of shame and embarrassment if she tried just anything.

"You know, I never told anybody else this," Annie said confidentially, managing to get Betty back to her seat.


Betty felt her heart beating faster. It was going to be another confession, another admission of some sexual freaky thing Annie liked doing. But Betty couldn't tear herself away from her friend. She had to hear it all! The girl felt her heart beating like a trip hammer while her nipples were growing stiffer. And all along Betty was aware of those guys across the aisle staring at her.

"You ever hear about bondage?" Annie said, her thin lips curling up into another knowing smirk.


Betty drew back, feeling her flesh crawl.

Someone somewhere had told her stories about women who enjoyed being tied up and beaten. But her best friend Annie couldn't be into something that kinky, that weird! She and Annie were only teenagers. That sort of stuff was for older people.

"Sure, you know, ropes and stuff!"

Betty's eyes widened again. She imagined Annie had screamed out the last few words. The girl was too frozen with surprise and horror to move. Hugging her books to her tits, Betty sat there as Annie began explaining.

"Well, we don't go into the hard stuff -- you know, all that leather and whips and stuff. It's too weird. And besides, we don't have enough money for it," the girl said, tracing her fingertips along the smooth table top and playing with a few crumbs.

This can't be happening! She can't really be saying this! Betty thought to herself. Yet she was. Those words were tumbling out, horrible words, sentences about how Hank and she got together every Wednesday night when her folks went out for the bridge club.

"No, I don't want to hear this," Betty whispered, her voice growing low and throaty. She couldn't move! Her legs seemed paralyzed, nailed to the floor as Annie paused for a moment.

"Come on, sure you do. I can see it in your face," Annie countered, smugly smiling at her friend.

Was it that obvious? Could everyone read the sexual excitement rising in her body? Her fingers were like ice, trembling against her notebook while her heart beat like a trip hammer. Her chest tightened and her mouth became as dry as cotton. Again and again the frantic teen tried to ignore the hot mush feeling between her legs. But her cunt was dripping with hot cunt juices. The more Annie talked, the more the girl told about what she and her boyfriend did during those awful Wednesday evenings, the more excited Betty felt herself become. All those years of strict moral training from her mom were coming apart right in front of her eyes.

"But there's plenty of rope in the basement. And Hank and me... well, weave come up with a lotta things on the side. You know, made 'em up. He's gotta be careful and hide 'em from his dad," Annie said, giggling again into her fingers.

Betty felt her cheeks burning with shame. Annie's voice was growing louder. She was sure some kids passing by overheard one or two words. Betty saw their faces as they looked back.

"Annie, not so loud," she cautioned, wishing she had the strength to get up and leave. But the conversation was too fantastic, too exciting for her to move away.

"Sorry. Anyway, we take off all our clothing and fool around. You know, like... normal, whatever that means," Annie said. "Then he gets out the rope and ties me up... real tight. Gosh, sometimes I can't even feel my fingers!"

"And you let him do it?"

It was unbelievable! Betty felt as if she were talking to someone from outer space. Her good friend Annie? Annie, the daring one, could dare this much? She could let some guy tie her up and... and then what?

"Sure, I trust him. That's the big part, I guess, is trusting the guy. Anyway, then he works me over."

"What? Works you over? What do you mean?" Betty asked breathlessly. Her heart was beating so hard! she thought it was going to tear right, through her ribcage. For a moment the girl forgot about those awful guys across the aisle staring at her and Annie. All she could think of was what her friend was saying, what she was explaining to her.

"You know. Betts, and... and things. He's got some screws he puts on me down there that really turn me on. And then... then he fucks me. And ohhhhh, ohhhhh, God that makes me feel good!"

Betty could see her friend was almost in ecstasy right there in the lunchroom. Again Betty turned around and saw those guys still sitting there, laughing now, hitting one another. She was sure she and Annie were the butt of some dirty joke. Frowning, the girl turned away, touching her friend lightly on the shoulder.

"Why? I mean, why do you do it? Does it feel that good... I mean, really?"

Annie stared back, shrugging her narrow shoulders and checking the time.

"Seems that way. If you're interested why don't you come over and watch?"

"What?" She couldn't have heard right. Betty gripped her books more tightly.

"I've gotta go to the john. Just talking about it made me all hot, all over. I'll be back," Annie whispered, sliding out from her chair and walking quickly through the double doors.

Betty sat there, staring at the table top. She was hot. Oh God, was she hot! And it was worse, far worse than it had been for a long time. She thought about what her girlfriend had said about all that fucking, about all that bondage! Something was responding in Betty. It was something dark, something she buried down deep inside her. She sat there, her fingers tightening around her books. Immoral. That's what it was. Her mother would have screamed in horror if she had known what her daughter was thinking about Wednesday night. Annie had said she could come over and watch... maybe even take part! No, that would be asking too much.

"Hey, baby, you look all lonesome. Want some company?"

The words cut through her daydream. Betty nearly jumped out of her skin. Turning around, she saw it was one of those guys from across the aisle. She had seen him swaggering down school corridors before, eyeing all the pretty girls. Betty remembered hearing stories about him -- about how he homed in on a girl and how he kept on bugging her until she gave in.

"Go away!" she said sullenly, turning away from him. She could hear the others laughing softly behind her.

"You don't want me to go away, do you?"

His voice! It was like satin, purring into her confused mind. She sat there, feeling him almost touching her. That awful conversation she had had with Annie. It had made her like this, respond to him like this. Where was Annie? Why was her friend away so long in the john? Why didn't that bell ring?

"Yes. Just... just leave me alone," Betty whispered, wishing in a strange way he would touch her.

"I'm not gonna beat you."

Chills swept over her body as she felt his warm breath blowing over her flesh. She waited, expecting to feel a tongue being shoved into one ear. Then, catching herself, Betty moved away, twisting around and staring angrily up at the smirking young athlete.

"Or anything else. Just... just get out," she said, her voice quavering.

"It's a public place. This is school, man, and like it or not I'm part of it."


He had put one hand around her. She had almost shouted as she jumped up in a panic.

Her sudden move, sent all her books crashing to the floor. She couldn't help it! He was upsetting her so, tilting all her fine moral defenses to crazy angles. Betty couldn't think. And now there were people staring at her, smirking at her. It was as if she had shouted to them just bow she felt, just what she secretly wanted.

"Hey, take it easy, chick."

He put his hand on her narrow shoulders, forcing her back down. How hard her nipples were becoming now, scratching maddeningly against her sweater. She could swear he could see them poking against the fuzzy material of that garment. And her cunt! Her pussylips were moving as if they had a will of their own. The full, flexible cuntlips curled and trembled while her clit popped hard and erect to the surface. She felt blood rushing to her face as that stud dropped his face to hers.

"My name's Gino... Gino Canola. You know, Italian stallions can really make a girl feel fine... 'specially a girl like you."

Her mother's voice echoed through her mind as she sat there trembling in the cafeteria, reminding her that men only wanted one thing -- to fuck then disappear.

"No!" Betty pulled her notebook over her tits as if it were a shield.

Gino looked at her for a few seconds, then shrugged, running his fingers through his long black hair. She could hear him breathing, could imagine the things rushing through his mind. Was Gino's cock thick and hard now? Half-formed thoughts drifted through her mind, thoughts about Gino lording over her, tying her up, fucking her brains out. That damned Annie! She'd tell her friend a thing or two when she got back.

"Don't know what you're missing. Bet you haven't been around much either," Gino said.

He was panting into her ear! Yes, she bet he wanted her in that way. His lips were curling into a broad smile, revealing the white teeth behind. Betty's eyes flashed over his body. He was big and stocky, his chest so thick and powerful Betty thought he must work out or something. And how he stared at her!

"I don't care what you think. Just leave me alone. I don't... don't want to talk to you," she nearly panted back.

"Sure," he said, putting one foot on a nearby chair and opening up his legs in front of her. He was exposing his crotch to her... right there in the lunchroom! Again the girl swept her eyes over his body. She saw an impression of a thick roll of meat cradled between his legs. His cock! His prick was big and thick and hard -- or at least she thought so! And he wanted to stick something like that up between her legs? Never! She would die rather than have someone like Gino fuck her!

"What's on your mind?"

The question made her face burn more furiously.

"Nothing, except I'm gonna be late for the next class," she said, spotting Annie threading her way through the gathering crowd. Betty avoided the laughing stare from Gino's dark eyes as she rose to leave.

"Maybe you oughtta think about me more often. Bet you wouldn't be so damned stuck up if you and me got together a couple of times."

Gino's voice followed her as she gathered up her books and left, Annie trailing behind her, asking her what was going on.

"Nothing, nothing," Betty said, her composure snapping as soon as she rushed through the double doors. How would she ever be able to live up to her mother's standards with all these temptations around her?

Chapter TWO

Betty clutched her purse tightly against her tits as she paused in front of Annie's door. Her parents wouldn't be home. She'd promised that. It was Wednesday night, the night they were out playing bridge until well after midnight. It had been all she could do to persuade her mother they were going to study together. That was all.

But that wasn't it at all. Thinking about what her best friend in the whole world had told her, then thinking about Gino and his advances in the cafeteria were weighing on her mind. There had been one evening when the girl had lain in bed, tossing and turning, the sheets roped around her legs as images of Gino pinning her to the mattress and fucking her floated through her mind. Annie had told her to come over, to watch what she and her boyfriend did. It sounded awful. And yet there was a part in her that wanted to watch.

Taking in a deep breath, then letting it out, she felt her tits tingling. Curling her fingers, the young teen rapped sharply at the door, her heart pounding so hard she thought it would tear through her chest.

"Oh, hi, Annie!" She stood there, hearing soft music playing in the background.

"Hi, glad you came, Betty. Come on in." Betty stepped in, nearly jumping when she heard the door close behind her.

"I hope I'm not late," she said nervously, still holding her purse protectively.

Betty drew her arms close to her sides. She couldn't see Hank, but she guessed he was there somewhere inside the big house. It was so quiet, so ominous.

"You... you look different," Betty commented, turning and observing her friend.

"'Cause I feel different on these nights. Oh, hi, Hank. Betty's here to... well, you know," Annie said, giggling softly.

Betty felt her face burning. Thinking about coming over here was one thing. It seemed so daring, so deliciously shameful. But standing here in front of a male, a real-live half-nude male whose smooth chest was heaving up and down in front of her, was another thing. She caught her breath and was about to turn around. No, she wasn't going to be a coward! She was going to see this thing through.

"We've been waiting for you," Hank said. The words sent a jolt of terror mixed with wild hope racing through her. Hank stood there, his big stocky figure radiating a force that nearly overwhelmed her. He made no move to touch her. But nevertheless she was aware of his body. In some strange way her flesh seemed to sense the heat, the excitement ft coming from him. Betty felt a sudden comforting glow washing over her skin as her body responded against her will.


"Yeah, Annie said it'd be all right if you played along with us. Yeah, it's gonna be a lot of fun," Hank said, reaching out and tracing one finger down her cheek.

Betty jumped back, her eyes wide with fright. Problems. That's what she had. Problems with men, problems with herself, with her image of herself. And Annie was willing to give up her boyfriend to her. Just the thought of having a man touch her made her cringe.

"Don't worry about it, baby. There's no problem here," Hank said reassuringly.

Betty thought about the problem she was having with her body, with her mind. Her tits were itching terribly around the nipples. Her cunt was generating more and more heat as the swollen pussylips rubbed together. A knot of tension formed between her belly and her cunt.

"Come on," Annie urged.

Annie walked ahead of them, motioning with one hand for Betty to follow her. The blonde passed by Hank, feeling his knuckles brush all too familiarly over her ass.

"Where are we going?" Betty asked hesitantly, following her friend through the kitchen to the basement door.

"Down here. Daddy's always puttering around in the basement. I keep worrying he's gonna find out what I've been doing. Watch your step."

Every step downward Betty thought about turning around, running back through the kitchen and out into the night. There was still time. She could save her virginity, her reputation. But something else had taken over the girl, had turned and twisted her mind around until the thought of going back to her mother revolted her. No, she was going to stay with Annie and Hank, see what they did. She could feel her cunt beating in time to her heart.

"Oh, Annie... what are all these things?" Betty asked.

"On my dad's workbench? Oh, and that's really hard to pull out here. We've gotta make sure it's shoved back in the corner just like daddy wants it. If he only knew..." Annie laughed, her eyes twinkling wit mischief as she slipped one arm around her friend and guided her past several strange wooden barrels to the bench. There were all sorts of things. Cuffs, screw-like objects, stirrups, leather belts, and something that resembled a riding crop.

"What... do I do?" She felt so stupid, so awkward. And above her she could hear the floor squeaking. Hank was coming down. The thought sent another shiver through her.

"Well, the first thing you could do is stop looking like a sacrifice. It's gonna be okay, you'll see," Annie reassured her.

"I... I feel so strange," Betty muttered.

Betty felt strange, standing there with her girlfriend. Hank starting coming down the stairs. No, she couldn't go through with it! What had given her the idea she was so sophisticated? Betty was terrified of sex, of the thought that people were going to stare at her naked body.

"Betty?" Annie called out as the blonde teen began backing away, shaking her head slowly from side to side.

"I can't, Annie. I just can't. I'm sorry, but I can't," she whispered, turning and starting up the stairs. It was then she realized Hank was halfway down, both his hands stretched to either side of his body blocking her way.

"Going somewhere?"

"Please, Hank, I can't go through with it. Please let me go," Betty cried, feeling hot tears welling up in her eyes.

"No way."

"Let me out!" Betty demanded, her voice quavering.

"Get back down the stairs."

With that, the good-looking athlete started coming toward her slowly, a sardonic smile on his lips. Betty gasped, her right hand stretching behind her, gripping the wooden handrail. This couldn't be happening. God in heaven, it couldn't be happening to her.

"Annie, tell him to stop," Betty whispered.

"I can't, Betty... and I won't," the girl answered definitely.

Betty stopped at the foot of the stairs. Her gaze raced back to Hank's crotch. One hand was fluttering around the zipper, grabbing the tab and pulling it down. She heard the teeth opening, saw the pants halving before her eyes. It was a horror show. She didn't want to look and yet the girl couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight.

Betty's flesh crawled when she saw the thick, purple cockhead of Hank's eight-incher pop out. She was silent as he pulled his pants open, freeing the powerful vein-roped prickshaft. Grabbing his cock with one hand, he gave his prick a hard squeeze, forcing a drop of something clear from the tiny slit at the cockhead.

"Don't do that!"

"You wanna see what's gonna be rammin' into your cunt, right? Here it is, baby, here it is. It's what's been keepin' Annie so damned happy all this time."

Betty gasped again. Annie had gone down on that thing? A cock that size would tear her apart! And her best friend had been fucking Hank's prick every Wednesday night? Maybe more often? The thought made her dizzy with fright.

"I heard Gino was talkin' to you in the cafeteria. Some of the guys told me you were watchin' his dick through his pants. I know that kinda look," Hank said, licking his lips. "Shows you're cock hungry, baby. You warn dick so bad, you're gonna cry when it gets stuck in you."

"Stop it!" Betty cried, curling her fingers into two fists and pressing them against her sides.

"Hank, please," Annie said in a soft voice, wrinkling her forehead.

"Shaddup, both of you. You wanted your girlfriend here. Now she's gotta put out. I don't give a fuck if she doesn't like it. She's here, she's gonna screw."

The words came down like a death sentence for Betty. Backing away, still shaking her head from side to side, the young blonde teen felt helplessness creep over her like slime. There was nowhere for her to run. He was going to fuck her, tear her cherry away from her and there was nothing she could do.

"Annie, help me. God, please!"

"I can't, Betty. You wanted to come down here. I'm not going to lose Hank just because of you," the girl whispered back.

"Come here, baby, come here. Annie here tells me you're a virgin," Hank said, his eyes glittering as he shoved his Levi's down a little farther.

"Oh, no, no, please!"

"I haven't fucked a virgin for a long time. Annie here was tapped by someone else. She didn't say. Don't matter anyway," Hank said, stopping for a moment as he stepped out of his pants. Betty watched his cock swaying from side to side as he rocked from leg to leg.

"Come on, Annie, take off your fuckin' clothes. I ain't gonna fuck both of you through your skirts!"


Betty watched as her girlfriend moved quickly, reaching back and unbuttoning her white cotton blouse. In a moment the garment had slipped off her slim arms and floated to the floor along with her skirt. Annie stood there, her long brown hair hanging around her narrow shoulders, her white nylon panties showing the dark furry covering of her cunt.

"Nice, eh? Man, that's the way I like 'em. And I think I'm gonna dig you."

"No, leave me alone, please, please, please!" she begged, her eyes darting from corner to corner, desperately looking for some path of escape.

But did Betty really want escape? She felt her body trembling, her heart racing, her pussy becoming hot and slippery. And her nipples! They were driving her mad with their itchy, tight, hot feeling! They were throbbing in time with her cunt and heart!

"Please, please," the girl whimpered.

Hank darted forward, one hand wrapping around her wrist and pulling her hand forward to the head of his fat cock. Betty could feel the slick fuck juice from his prick rubbing against her fingers. Cock juice! Her flesh crawled with excitement once more as she dug her feet into the floor and thrust back her ass, pulling at her arm, trying to get away from the big stud.

"Come on, Betty, it's not gonna be so bad."

Bad? She was going to be deflowered in front of her girlfriend. Wrong. It was so wrong. And yet her cunt was growing hotter and wetter. Her tits were driving her crazy. That awful ache in her nipples increased as he forced her hand closer and closer.

"Feel my dick, baby. Rub it up. Find out what a good hunk of meat I'm gonna shove into you," Hank said, his fingers tightening painfully around her wrists.

Again, Betty tried pulling back, her knees knocking together so hard she could hear them. What was wrong with her? Why was she feeling this strange mixture of feelings racing through her body and mind? A good girl. That's what her mother had always told her to be -- a good girl. God liked good little girls. Grown men liked good little girls. She would be able to find a husband much easier when she told people she was a virgin. Then why was she standing here in the basement with Annie, struggling with this sex maniac who wanted to fuck her?

"Don't! Don't do this to me!"

"Come on!"

With that the girl felt the hot, fleshy cockhead rubbing against her palm. Slowly, reluctantly, steadily, the girl felt her fingers closing around his prick. She was breathing through her teeth, fighting that wonderful feeling tearing through her body. She wasn't going to enjoy this. God in heaven! She wasn't going to let herself fall, not like her mother, not like so many other girls in school. It wasn't right, just wasn't tight!

But how delicious it was to touch a man's prick. As she stood there, trembling, terrified, horrified at the thought of what was happening to her, Betty couldn't deny she was enjoying this. Time and time again she had lain in bed, wondering what it would be like to feel a guy's cock. She had seen all those slides in class, had thumbed through pages of dirty magazines Annie had brought her. And time and time again she had thought about touching a man's cock. Was a prick really that hard? That stiff? That hot? And now she was finding out for herself. She felt her body melting, felt a strange hot itchiness forming around her nipples and at the top of her pussy.

"That's it, Betty, that's it. Sure, yeah, come on, jack it back and forth," Hank whispered, his lips forming a weak smile as he closed his eyes and rocked back and forth on his, heels.

His cock was so hard, so very very hard and hot! And that juice! It was bubbling out of his slit the way her own fuck juice was frothing from her cunthole, dampening the crotch panel of her panties. Betty could feel the wet material clinging uncomfortably to her cuntlips! Glancing to one side, she saw Annie shoving her thumbs under the elastic waistband of her own briefs and shoving them down. The girl looked so different, so strange! It was that glimmer in her eyes, that flush in her face. She was growing sexually aroused, really aroused! It was like looking at a different person when the brunette pushed her panties down and stepped from them.

She squeezed Hank's cock, tightened her fingers around his fat cock. At the same time, she jacked her hand up and down. The young stud groaned, his chin trembling while his nostrils flared. He was as turned on, as high as she was. For a moment the girl felt a flash of power or pride, knowing she could make someone this good looking and athletic groan from the simple touch of her fingers.

"Annie, baby, she's a hot little bitch. Man, she wants it bad. But you know what turns me bit, baby? Really turns me on?"

Annie moved up beside Betty, her face turning bright red. She knew what Hank was going to say. She could see it in his eyes, read it on his face.

"No, not Betty, please," Annie whispered, her eyes widening as Hank's smile broadened.

"Why not? The two of you are good friends. Man, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't make it already," he said, wiping his chin with the back of one hand while staring mockingly down at the blonde.

"What's he talking about?" Betty asked.

"Nothing, Betty, nothing. Hank's just joking. He..."

"No joke, baby. I wanna see the two of you makin' it... right there," the boy said, pointing to a mattress shoved to one side of the water heater.

Betty froze. Her hand pulled away from the fat cock. As she rubbed her fingertips against her skirt, she shook her head. Had she heard right? Yes, she had! The teen could tell from the looks on their faces that she had understood them well. Hank wanted her to make it with Annie. Put on some kind of lesbo show!

"No!" Betty gasped.

That was going too far! What kind of degenerate did he think they were?

"You ain't got a choice, do you?"

"I'm going to leave. The two of you can do whatever you want. I don't want to be a part of it," she said, backing away from them.

"Hank, let her go. Please, I don't think..."

"Man, I'm not lettin' this little girl go for a long time. She's your friend, baby. You gotta take care of her. And the best way to take care of her's, to warm up that cunt. Come on, Betty, come on and suck it, suck my girl's pussy."

The words were too horrible for her to stand there and listen to. Covering her ears, dropping her purse to one side, Betty rushed from Annie's side, past Hank and toward the stairs. She heard a commotion behind her as she gripped the handrail. She managed to climb two steps. On the third step, the girl felt fingers wrapping around her long blonde hair. There was a tentative tug, then a hard yank. It felt as if someone had poured burning gasoline on her scalp! The girl screamed, her eyes widening while both hands shot forward. The pain was so great the girl dropped to her knees, her body crashing to one side. Hank kept pulling at her hair, cussing behind her, telling her there was nowhere for her to run until he let her. With a sob of defeat, Betty slipped down the stairs on her knees, tears in her eyes.

Chapter THREE

"You're hurting her!" Annie cried somewhere in the background.

"That's her tough luck, baby. She knew what to expect when she walked in upstairs. And now she don't want it? Tough shit! You were like that at the start, remember? You didn't want me to touch you, didn't want to fuck around with all that shit. Now..."

"Yes." Annie said, worriedly wringing her hands together. "But..."

"Ain't no buts, here," Hank said, backing down, his fingers still twisted in Betty's long blonde hair. The girl's head was drawn back as far as it could go. She blinked, staring up at the ceiling. Never before had she felt such helplessness, such terror. Her feet touched the basement floor. Hank's grip on her hair relaxed. But, when she started back for the stairs once more, he tightened his hold, pulling back on her hair so hard he brought her to her knees.

"Uughhhhh!" Betty grunted in pain.

"Hank!" Annie cried.

"Shut up and get back here."

In a moment, Betty found herself on her back, struggling under the big heavy athlete. He was pulling her hair out, tearing it by the roots while dry fucking her. She felt his tongue on the base of her throat, wiggling back and forth. Through the material of her skirt she could feel his prick rubbing up and down.

"Stop it! Stop!" she screamed.

He was pulling up her skirt, wadding it around her waist while kicking her thighs apart. In a moment she felt his prick better, felt his cock rubbing up against the wet crotch of her panties. All that was keeping his prick from fucking into her cunt was that thin, wet, narrow band of nylon. And he was shoving hard against it, pushing the slick material up against the folds and hollows of her fuckhole!

It made her feel so weird, so spacy! Betty almost forgot about the cold hardness of the concrete floor hurting her back and shoulders.

"Stop it, stop it!" Betty shrieked, trying to bend her knees to kick him. She thought of all the training her mother had given her in protection. She thought about the advice to kick a man in the balls if he ever attacked her. But there was no room to move. The wild throbbing in her cunt was growing worse and worse, gradually sapping her of her will to fight back. Again she heard her girlfriend calling out in the background. But where was she? Things were becoming so out of focus for her!

She felt Hank grabbing at the bottom of her blouse. By now the garment was out of her skirt. She heard tearing sounds. Freezing, the girl felt the blouse loosening around her sides and shoulders. In a moment it was gone. Then the big man clamped his hands around her bra cups. He was moving them up and down, rubbing the stiff scratchy material against her nipples. Betty let out a long, low moan, turning her head to one side, unable to see that look of wild triumph in Hank's eyes. He was pulling those mounds apart. And then, with another tearing sound, her bra was halved, torn apart!

"What? Noooooo!" she cried.

Hank was putting his mouth on her nipples, sucking them. He was actually sucking them!

Betty felt his teeth tearing at the tender nubs, felt his tongue lashing at the nipples until she found herself wallowing her shoulderblades against the hard, cold floor. Her knees were pushing out while her asscheeks bounced against the concrete. It was awful, horrible the way she was disgracing herself in front of Hank and her girlfriend. But what else could she do? The feeling was nearly overwhelming, driving out any sense of decency that remained in her.

"No, no, I don't want to... please, I don't want to!" she cried in a throaty whisper.

But her body movements told another story. While he tongued her tits, soaking them with hot spittle, the young man reached around, tore open the top button of her skirt, then yanked open the zipper. Betty struggled again.

"You do that again, bitch, and I'll punch you till your ribs break."

She stopped, freezing while she felt her skirt being yanked over her asscheeks, her knees, then her ankles. Gone! Now the only thing she had left on were her panties. And she could feel them sliding down, the elastic band rubbing over her hipbones. He was yanking her panties down, tugging them over her hips. Betty felt her briefs fly away.

"Ooooohh!" she moaned.

She wanted to die! The girl was horrified, pushed beyond simple humiliation! This stud had stripped her -- wrestled her down to the floor and stripped her in front of her helpless girlfriend. And now he was going to going to fuck her!

"That's it baby, move that ass," Hank whispered in one ear, wiggling his tongue in and out of the waxy canal. At the same time he reached between her legs and put his free hand on her cunt mound.

Betty imagined sparks flew from her clit and showered into her cunt! Arching her back she rested her body on her shoulderblades and her feet. She felt those fingers greedily working her cuntlips against one another, milking them until the frothy fuck juice dripped out and dribbled down into her asscrack! She rocked her body from side to side shamelessly, no longer caring what Hank or Annie thought of her. He had touched her secret button. He had triggered off a riot of sensations that had been there just below the surface of her respectability, aching to be turned free. While his fingers moved up and down over the pussymeat Betty twisted helplessly under him.

"Gonna do it now, do it now!" he whispered.

Thinking about his cock once more, Betty struggled wildly again. That long prick! He was going to fuck his long cock up her cunt. No, his prick would split her wide open!

"No!" Betty screamed.

"Don't fight me, baby!"

Hank moved back, supporting himself on one hand and his knees while raising his right hand above her head, Betty saw the fingers curling, saw them coming down at her. Closing her eyes, bracing herself, she let out a long wail as the paw-like hand crashed against one side of her head.

The girl's body rocked from the force of the blow. Stars popped in front of her eyes while her hair splashed across her face. Another blow! Her teeth rattled against one another while her tits slapped together.

"Nice tits, baby, nice. I'm gonna dig fuckin' my cock through 'em. But right now I wanna see you perform."

He backed away, leaving Betty alone for a few moments. The girl held her head in both hands, fanning her fingers over her eyes. If only she could sink through the floor and drop away from these awful people. Annie! Hank! And she herself had come willingly to Annie's house, driven by some unknown force. Now she was on her back, stripped naked, having been slapped around and felt by this strange young stud.

"Come on." Hank said.

Betty opened her eyes, seeing Hank motioning her toward the workbench. Sitting on the workbench, her legs spread apart, was Annie! No, she wasn't going to do what they wanted! It was evil, perverted!

"No!" she yelled.

"Come on!" Hank said impatiently, reaching down and grabbing her hair.

Betty squealed, her hands shooting up, her fingers curling. Defensively the teen tried clawing those offending hands from her head. But Hank only laughed at her wild attempts, knocking her hands away, dragging her yowling and screaming across the floor. The concrete hurt her knees as she was pulled over the cracks and bumps toward her girlfriend.

"Go on, lick her cunt. Come on!" Hank ordered, still holding onto her by her long blonde hair.

"No!" Betty shouted.

Hank wouldn't take any more from the protesting girl. Muttering obscenities at her, he shoved her head between Annie's soft thighs rubbing her nose in the warm cunt.

"Ughhhh!" she choked.

Betty thought she would retch! Never before in her short life had she ever thought about something like this! Once or twice she had heard about women who did this kind' of thing. But they were sick, deviates, people you didn't talk to. Never could she imagine herself doing that sort of thing, certainly not with her best girlfriend. And yet there she was, crouched down in front of the workbench, her face shoved into that warm pussy.

"Yeah, yeah, come on, lick it up!" Hank encouraged, moving one hand from her head to his cock and rubbing his hand up and down over the fat prick.

Betty was terrified. Annie had always been her best friend, protecting her against other girls, offering her all kinds of advice. And yet there she was, actually hurting her in a way.

And the girl was enjoying it. She could see Annie's soft thighs shuddering at the touch of her nose against her cunt.

"Suck on her clit. Yeah, come on, suck on it. You'll get to like it."

The blonde teen tried to get away. As she started struggling again, Hank wrapped both hands in her long blonde hair and gave several hard yanks.

"Like I said, baby, you try somethin' like that again and I'll tear out all your hair, ain't gonna be too many guys who're gonna dig a bald chick."

Betty let out a groan of defeat. There was nothing she could do. With Hank pulling on her hair, with Annie a willing partner in this, there was only one path for her to take.

"Oh, no, no, please, God, no," she whispered to herself, still unable to fully grasp the impact of her actions. Swallowing hard, bracing her hands against the splintery sides of the workbench, she bent forward. The black haired cunt glistened under the woolly fur of Annie's hot pussy. She could smell the musky odor coming from her friend's cunt. There was something revolting and yet something terribly arousing in the smell. As she bent forward a little more, brushing her hose against the wiry cunthairs, Betty wondered if her pussy smelled the same. Would her cunt have a powerful effect on Annie, on Hank, on anyone if they came this close?

"Come on, don't be bashful, baby. You wanna feel what it's like to suck a pussy don'tcha? Maybe if you're real good I'll let you swing on my cock before I stick it in," Hank mocked.

"No, no, you don't know what you're saying," she protested.

But she knew this wasn't a time for talking. She felt his fingers twisting around in her hair tightly once more. He was growing impatient. He wanted a show, a freak show with her and Annie as the stars. And from what she could see her best girlfriend was more than willing to comply.

"Ohhhh, suck my cunt," Annie whispered above her.

The backs of Annie's legs banged against the front of the workbench. She had to do it. But she wouldn't like it. She clenched her teeth, fighting against her body. She wouldn't like it! As God was her witness, she wouldn't like it!

"Go on, suck it!" Hank ordered, pulling at her hair yet another time.

Reluctantly, Betty bent forward a little more. She stared at the big red gash of her girlfriend's cuntlips. They were swollen, one of them folded over the other. Fuck juice, flowing from the jagged crack, had slicked down the flesh. Her cunt looked like a big festering wound. Betty stopped again, unable to go any farther. Hank jerked her hair once more, putting his other hand squarely behind her head and pushing forward. In a flash, Betty felt her face being fitted between Annie's white, shivering thighs.

"Oooooooo!" Annie howled.

Annie snapped her head back, her long blonde hair fanning out over her shoulderblades while her knees snapped against Betty's shoulders. The brunette was going crazy, bouncing her ass on the splintery workbench top while hunching forward into Betty's mouth.

This was wildly obscene! She froze, holding her face in place for a moment. She was smelling that cunt, smelling the hot odor of an aroused woman. Dear God in heaven! As much as she was repulsed by it, as much as she was confused by it, Betty felt her heart skip a beat. She was turning onto this horror! She felt her cunt walls buckle, her clit twitch with delight as she breathed in the aroma of her girlfriend's pussy. And how those wiry cunthairs tickled the insides of her nostrils!

"Ohhhh, yes, yes," Annie hissed through her clenched teeth, bringing her hands around behind Betty's head and pushing it in deeper.

"Yeah, that's my girl," Hank growled, dropping his hands and moving away from the women. He leaned against a pole, moving one hand down to his balls while the other jerked his cock slow and steady.

Annie kicked her heels hard against the workbench. Betty had the feeling that her friend had done something like this before. There was no hesitation, no pulling away. She was his willing slave.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," Annie whispered.

The hair felt soft and curly, brushing against Betty's cheeks! It was almost like the hair on her head. Slowly, Betty stuck her tongue out, pushing it from between her pursed lips, letting the tip trail along the puffed outer edges of Annie's cuntlips. The response was immediate!

The brunette kicked her legs against the bench once more, snapping her head back, rubbing her fingers frantically over Betty's.

"Oh, yes, suck it, tongue it. Tongue it for me, for Hank!" the girl whispered.

Betty felt all squirmy inside, her stomach turning around and round while her muscles tensed and spasmed. She wasn't going to think about this. She would let the feelings flow. That was the best way. The girl realized that was the best way to deal with this. Annie had told her that again and again. Let the feeling flaw. Moaning into the moist, warm cunt, Betty slipped her arms around Annie's naked, taut ass. She shoved her mouth hard onto that cunt, opening her lips and sucking in the fuck juices. Her tongue stiffened, lashing inside, pushing up into the delicate pussy. She touched all those wiggly squirmy hollows while her nose pushed up against Annie's clit.

"Oooooooooo!" Annie wailed.

"What's the matter, baby? Sounds like you're in pain?" Hank said from the side.

"Good, so gooooood!" Annie whispered tightly.

Betty's heart was pounding like mad! Her first sexual experience with another! And it was with a girl! Her best girlfriend. And yet something inside her didn't really care. She was drunk with emotion. This was more than sex. It was a revolution, a rebellion against her mother, against everything her mother stood for, against everything she had pounded into her head. How she hated her now, hated all those long lectures about the evils of the world and sex. As she embraced Annie's bouncing ass, she pushed away her mother's world of repression and ugliness! How strangely mixed up her feelings were as she wiggled her tongue up and down that greasy, furry cunt crack, pressing her mouth to Annie's cunt.

Betty didn't remember sliding away from the workbench. Had Hank carried her? She didn't know. Things were all upside down, fuzzy. All she knew was that suddenly they were side by side on the mattress earlier indicated by Hank.

"That's it, baby, suck her cunt. Get it ready for my cock!"

Betty felt her cunt being rubbed by careful fingers. Annie's fingers. It didn't matter any more. And there was Hank always there, leering down at her, laughing at the two of them, enjoying this little scene of humiliation, of degradation. And he was getting hotter all the while, rubbing up his prick. Once or twice he kicked her between the shoulders, putting his smelly foot down on her throat once and nearly choking the breath out of her when she didn't perform as he wanted.

An insane dream! And yet one that was as real as the floor under her. Looking up, she saw Annie's cunt poised over her mouth. They were in a sixty-nine position. Slowly the curly haired cunt came down almost to within licking distance. Annie was spreading her thighs apart, the resulting tension stickily parting her cuntlips again. Just as that red slit opened. Betty felt something being inserted gently into her cunt. It was Annie's tongue. Something was entering her cunt, licking gently along the sore, tender sides. How she needed something in there, something to take care of that hot itch that had been plaguing her for the past few months!

Betty could feel hot breath blowing through her blonde cunthairs. Annie was panting heavily. Her fingers moved along the blonde's asscheeks, fanning out, pressing against the resilient ass flesh. How deliciously good it was to feel something touching her clit, brushing over the super sensitive flesh surrounding that sparking button!

Annie was using her fingers now to pull the tender cuntlips apart. God! Making love like lesbians! And all under Hank's cruel stare. Something told Betty that this, as bad as it was, would be nothing compared to the ordeal that lay ahead for her.

Chapter FOUR

Betty fell to one side, feeling the bruise on her right asscheek. Hank had kicked her hard, his toenails nearly tearing her sensitive ass flesh. Peering up through her curtaining blonde hair, the teen saw his cock. And those balls -- fat, leathery balls rising in their sac to press against his cockroot. Betty sucked in another shuddering breath, smelling Annie's cunt in front of her. Sex was rearing its ugly head -- no, not ugly, not ugly at all! It was beautiful, marvelous! She had to push that awful idea of sex being something terrible from her mind. Sex was fantastic, mind boggling. How she could have avoided it all those years was a mystery to her. She rubbed her sore asscheek and rolled back toward her girlfriend's cunt, hearing Hank chuckling dirtily above her.

"Go on, baby, suck that cunt dry!" he rasped, twisting his fingers around the meaty cock-knob and sucking down his prick with the pre-cum. "Suck it good. She likes gettin' tongued that way. I do it all the time. But you got a special talent for pussy suckin'. I can see that, baby. You dig it, dig stickin' your tongue into your girlfriend's snatch!"

His words burned her pride. But still Betty couldn't tear herself away from Annie's cunt. Her fingers were doing such wonderful, magical things to her! Betty felt her cuntlips stickily peeling back. She could feel her girlfriend's tongue running up and down her red-hot cunt. Back and forth, back and forth. Annie was flicking in rapidly, flicking in and out, teasing the delicate, velvety flesh. At the saint time she was tonguing Betty's cunt, the brunette stretched her knees farther apart, lowering her pussy to the blonde's mouth.

"Oh no, noooo," Betty sighed, feeling a flash of unfamiliar fire race through her cunt.

"Yeah, yeah, a cunt. Lick that cunt," Hank encouraged.

Betty cried out, jerking her knees up, then letting them fall back to the floor butterfly fashion. She felt Annie lowering her ass, spreading her thighs apart so she could lick the girl's cunt again. Betty was panting, her breath rustling through the wiry dark brown cunthair. Looking up, she saw her friend's clit pop out -- tiny, pink, slick with juices, aching to be touched with her lips, with her hot mouth.

"Ohhhhh, yes, yes," Annie sighed.

Betty trembled in anticipation as she watched Annie lower her body even more. Her hands smoothed around her friend's soft ass, squeezing the plump full asscheeks. She rubbed them gently, slipping her fingers into the hot, sweaty asscrack between them. Raising her head, Betty pushed her tongue out and started licking the hot surface of Annie's clit. In a second the hot, juicy cunt trembled, then was shoved down until Annie's pussy was pressed hard against Betty's mouth. The blonde moaned, sticking her tongue between the cuntlips as hard as she could. Closing her eyes, the girl thought about cocks. They had to be hard -- good and hard and hot to fuck into a woman's cunt. She would make her tongue like that -- hard enough to make Annie cry out and beg for more!

"Oh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh!" the brunette wheezed through her mouth, her head snapping from side to side.

"Give it to her, man, fuck her with your Goddamned tongue!" Hank moaned.

Betty rocked her body from side to side against the dirty mattress, feeling some of the buttons pressing painfully against her shoulderblades. She didn't care about pain any more, however. Everything seemed to add to her general excitement. Hank's awful words, the discomfort of that mattress, Annie's juice slicked cunt -- everything was turning her on more and more until she couldn't stop herself from sucking that clenching pussy just above her.

Betty was going mad. She stuck her tongue in hard one more time, moving it around and around. She was licking all those sensitive bumps and hollows instinctively, driving her best friend crazy. She could tell Annie liked it. Her friend was hunching wildly, trying to get more tongue up her cunt. She could hear the girl crying out through her nose, making funny gasping and wheezing sounds. Cumming! That's what Annie had called it, that, funny itchy feeling that became more than an itchy ache! Annie was close to cumming. And Betty could tell she was going to be shoved over the edge very, very soon.

Annie let out another groan, then buried her face in the blonde pussy bush. Her hips wiggled from side to side while she shoved her mouth down hard. It was a long wet kiss, one that sent more sparks of delight showering into Betty's pussy.

"Go for it, baby, come on, suck that cunt!" Hank cried, muscles sticking out from his throat. His chest was heaving up and down as he moved one hand up and down his belly. He watched the two young women under him, their bodies sliding over one another, a tangle of hands, arms, and legs. He could hear their mouths sucking cunt. He was going to make Betty bring Annie off then have her for himself. And he was going to give her a time she would never forget. And when he got through with her -- well, there was his buddy Gino who wanted a crack at her. He'd give it to him and watch the girl crawl through the dirt for cock in the end.

While Betty was getting her cunt sucked and kissed she kept working her fingers deeper into that asscrack. Rubbing her fingers around, she found the puckered asshole dead center in the asscrack. She could hear Annie cry out, jerking her hips to the right, then to the left. It was a terribly daring thing for her to do. But all of this was against her general training. She moved her finger around in circles, teasing the puckered flesh. Gradually she made the circles smaller and smaller until she was rubbing one nail over the wrinkled asshole skin. Pressing down, she started shoving her finger inside.

"She's goin' nuts. I knew it, man. Those quiet types go bonkers when they get their cunts sucked," Hank said, his fingers jacking up and down so hard his balls were slapping up against his prick.

Annie shoved down, grinding her cunt furiously into Betty's face. At the same time, she was spreading her legs, her knees sinking into the mattress, stretching her asscheeks apart so Betty could get her finger deeper inside. The blonde teen was moaning and hunching, wriggling her finger around and around the tight, gripping ring of ass muscle. She was teasing Annie, sending thrills racing from the girl's shitter to her cunt.

Annie did the same thing to her, moving one finger around to her asshole, then stiffening it and sliding it into her shitter. Betty thought someone had set fire to her ass! She let out a long low moan in Annie's cunt, tensing her ass muscles and bouncing her ass across the mattress. How good it was! Her clit throbbed from the vibrations exploding in her ass. She twisted her hips up and down, getting fingered and sucked at the same time.

Betty couldn't believe she was responding so strongly to this scene. Twisting her head from side to side, licking that hot, dripping cunt as if her life depended on it, the blonde teen caught sight of Hank several times just over Annie's right leg. He was jacking off, turning on while watching her and Annie fucking this way. How she wanted that cock! Even while getting her cunt sucked, the girl wished Hank would knock Annie off her and climb on top, fucking his prick up her pussy. It was a terrible thing. She knew that. But what she was doing was terrible also. She had taken the first step. There was nothing in the world to stop her from going all the way and letting Hank fuck her as Annie had.

"Oh, Betty, Betty," Annie sighed, wriggling her finger more frenziedly in her good friend's ass.

"Oh, God, God!" Betty yelled.

Betty couldn't speak well now. She twisted and writhed on the mattress, her breath coming in short, raspy pants. There was a strange whirling ball of hunger developing between her cunt and her belly. A cold, kind of sexual heat gripped the top of her cunt. She twisted her long legs around Annie's head, hunching up furiously, feeling the mattress buttons scraping painfully over her shoulderblades. Cumming. Yes, she was going to cum soon, cum right in her best girlfriend's mouth!

Betty's cunt exploded into a raging inferno. She felt her cunthairs wave from side to side as Annie's hot breath blew over them. Wriggling her finger in the tight asshole above her, she felt her spread cuntlips being kissed hard and hot again. How good that slippery mouth felt, its lips pressing down into her pussylips. She felt Annie's head bore down on her, shoving tighter and harder against her cunt. She could feel the sucking mouth work on her pussy, pulling at the throbbing slick flesh with gentle tugs until it was almost like having a cock sliding in and out.

"Come on, Annie, come on and make the little cunt cum!"

"Oh yes, in, in, in me, in me, in me!" the blonde cried frantically, tearing her mouth away from her friend's cunt for a moment.

While Annie sucked at Betty's cunt, the blonde felt that finger in her ass, fucking in farther and farther. Betty groaned, rolling her ass around in tight, frantic circles. It was wonderful, mind-blasting. She was going to make it for the first time in her life -- and that would be with another young woman, her best friend!

She couldn't think of it that way! Betty couldn't think about the way this was happening, about the way Hank had made her strip down, how he had hit her, then made her slide under Annie's body and suck her cunt. She had to concentrate just on the feeling racing through her cunt and tits right now. How good Annie's warm, slick body felt rubbing against hers! The blonde's tits pillowed against Annie's hipbones, rubbing up to an explosive itch. She twisted frantically again, feeling another hot/chilly flash of goodness race up and down her thighs, licking at her clit. Soon. Very, very soon she was going to explode in Annie's sucking mouth. And it would feel so good! All those years of deprivation! All those terrible years of listening to her mother's private fears were gone. All she could think of was that sucking mouth, that ass-fucking finger, and the knowledge that somehow her cum would set her free.

Betty felt the finger flicking its way deeper and deeper into her hot, tight ass. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before. Then again, nothing like this at all had ever happened to her. Sticking fingers up asses. It sounded so grotesque. But when it was done in the heat of fucking and sucking, how incredibly good it was!

"Give it good to her, Annie. Come on, fuck 'er butt with that damned finger!" Hank groaned, leaning against the concrete pole while he beat off.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ughhhhhh!" Betty grunted.

Betty felt every muscle in her body tense, cramp up, get ready for her big cum. She twisted her body like a snake, kicking one leg out, feeling incredible flames of goodness licking up her thighs. Annie was going wild on top of her, hunching her pussy down onto her face while sucking hard at her dark, red cuntmeat! Betty responded, her tongue and finger working together. They tickled, teased and stroked the sensitive pink flesh.

Betty felt Annie go a little crazy. Her soft thighs closed around Betty's head, her cuntlips spreading wide, exposing her hot pussy tunnel. She fit her mouth tightly onto. Betty's hair snatch and sucked hard again, groaning heavily into the girl's cunt.

It was like a revelation! Betty felt vibrations echo through her cunt, shaking her clit close to climax. Again she kicked out one leg, jerking her body from side to side, tilting her cunt up first one way, then the other. She spread her legs even farther apart, shoving her ass up, giving her cunt to Annie in a frenzy.

The two young woman rolled from side to side on that mattress, their legs kicking out as each of them eased closer and closer to climax.

"No, no, nooo! Oh God Annie, noooo!" Betty cried.

Betty felt her mind breaking up into millions of pieces. At times she had come close to that feeling, rubbing her fingers back and forth over her clit while she lay in bed late at night. But nothing had ever happened go her like this! Strange, incredibly powerful feelings had taken over her mind, body and soul, turning her into a crazed fucking machine. She grimaced under the brunette's cunt, tensing her body, wrapping her legs tightly around Annie's neck and shoulders and hunching her pussy up wildly into the girl's face. Suck! Suck! How she wanted that tongue deeper, harder, longer, thicker! She wanted it fucking all the way into her, tearing away her cherry, fucking her until she couldn't talk. Fucking! Fucking! Hank was right. That awful man was right! She had been needing something like this for a long, long time!

"Oooohhh!" Annie responded.

Keeping one finger shoved up Annie's ass, Betty went wild, shoving her to one side. Rolling over completely, she slipped on top. How weird it was to be in this position, in complete control. She felt a rush of power ripple through her body as she shook the long blonde hair from her eyes and kept on sucking sum.

Betty rode her friend like a cowgirl, pushing her tight hot cunt onto Annie's mouth. She could feel Annie's magic tongue wriggling frantically, scraping along the insides of her pussy until she could feel the tip nearing her cherry. Could Annie's tongue do it, tear her cherry? No, that was something a cock had to do. She wasn't going to let her girlfriend do that for her.

Straddling Annie's head, she worked her ass around in a series of short, rapid hunches. She was in control now, in complete control of everything going on. It was good. She could move her ass the way she wanted, with the freedom she needed. Betty could hear Hank's heavy breathing. Peering through her blonde hair, she saw that fat prick dripping with cum a few feet away from her. How she wanted it! She felt like some savage needing a fuck, a good hard fuck. But something kept her from going completely mad. Betty concentrated on the licking going on between her legs. She let her elbows bend outward, her head fall down while her thighs pumped up and down, feeding the young teen under her pussy flopping down completely, Betty dropped her mouth onto Annie's wide-open cunt and sucked. Her tongue shot inside and stayed stiff.

Betty felt Annie writhe and twist under her. She was determined to stay on top. The girl tightened her grip, shoving her pussy down on her friend's face with hard, short strokes. She felt as if she were doing the fucking -- fucking herself and fucking Annie at the same time.

She wanted to make her friend cum under her. With another moan, the girl shoved her mouth hard against Annie's cunt, working her hips up and down in strong fucking strokes at the same time. She shoved her right index finger in as far as it would go and twisted it from side to side. Betty could feel her fingernail scraping against the soft ass lining, and felt Annie's frantic response to that sensation. They were both going to make it soon. Cum! Cum! What a wonderful, wonderful word!

Betty wiggled her finger deep inside that tight, sucking ass and kept her tongue flicking in and out of that struggling pussy. She knew Annie loved it. She could feel wild spasms shaking the young brunette all over. And then, suddenly, wildly, it happened!

"Ooohh!" Betty screamed.

Betty felt the climax hit Annie's cunt. She forgot everything except that explosion rippling down through that hot cunt. At the same time, she felt her clit popping into Annie's mouth. It was happening, really happening. She was cumming with a hot rush, a wild series of explosions that nearly knocked her senseless. Gripping Annie's head with her knees, she collapsed, bucking and jerking against her friend's face. She tightly grasped the girl and held her in place as she kept hunching that dripping pussy onto Annie's stiff tongue.

"Ohhhhhh, God!" Betty cried as the spasms kept on and on.

Finally they both collapsed and lay cradled in one another's arms. For some time neither of them spoke. Then Betty became aware of Hank. Reality began to trickle in. He was there, still working his fingers around that long thick cock filled with cum. Dreamily the young brunette slid her legs from around Annie's head and rolled to one side. She looked up those thick-muscled legs at that cock jerking against his thighs.

"That was good, baby, real good. I ain't seen Annie do that... ever. Looks like she's been around that scene before, though," he said thoughtfully.

Betty flushed red, feeling shame and guilt begin to creep over her.

"But you weren't made for cunt-sucking. That's just a sideline. We're gonna take care of you real good now," Hank said, dropping his fingers from his cock and moving to Betty. As she propped her body up and shrank back, the girl realized her ordeal had just begun.

Chapter FIVE

Annie was no help. She lay there, one hand draped lazily over her face, her chest rising and falling slowly while she moaned softly. She was still coming down off her sexual high, drifting somewhere between reality and her own little world.

Betty was on her hands and knees, crawling back, her eyes wide with terror. Brushing back her long blonde hair, stretching her right arm behind her she once more looked about for an escape path. There was none. Hank stood between her and the staircase, his long belt doubled in one hand. He had slipped it from his Levi's earlier. He doubled it, tapping the looped end lightly against one thigh. Now he was advancing toward her, his eyes wide, glistening with a lust Betty had yet to understand. It was unnatural, whatever it was. She could sense that, sense the growing animality in Hank's mind.

"I'm gonna tame you, baby. I'm gonna make you one of my girls, know that? When I get through with you, you're gonna be like Annie," Hank said, licking his lips like a hungry wolf while he tapped that terrible looking belt against his thigh steadily. That horrible, awful wolf-like look in his eyes made the girl shiver with horror. Raising both hands, she rubbed her fingers briskly against her flesh, feeling goosebumps rising. A draft from somewhere blew through her hair. In the background she could hear Annie's soft regular breathing. The girl was completely in his power. He was talking to her as if he were bringing her into some kind of harem.

"No, no, don't... please don't touch me with that thing," Betty moaned, her eyes shifting toward the stairs, then back to the belt.

"It's gonna feel real nice. 'Course, you won't be able to sit through too many classes for a while."

"No!" Betty gasped.

Betty scrambled around like an animal, her big tits jiggling and slapping together. She half ran, half fell on the smooth concrete floor. She had nearly made it around, the young stud when he reached out and grabbed her by one arm. Twisting her around violently, Hank nearly jerked her arm from its socket.

"Oooohhh!" Betty screamed in agony.

Betty pitched forward, finding herself off balance. Helplessly, Betty felt herself being dragged back, her heels sliding over the floor. She struggled, her heart racing like mad. The thought of someone hitting her, of bruising her with anything made her sick. She had never been able to stand pain. Even as a little girl she minded her mother strictly, terrified of a slap, of a spanking. And now this animal was going to beat her with that belt, whip her as if she were a criminal. Already she could feel the smack of the cold hard leather against her flesh, and she whimpered with terror and anticipated pain.

"Don't!" she begged.

Hank let her go, dropping her near the workbench where all those strange devices were. She wiggled away from him, the cold from the floor invading her cunt and asshole. Hank still tapped the belt rhythmically against his thigh, his cock standing straight up and out, pointing at her. His balls were tight, packed up hard against his cock root. The rope-like blue veins stretched against the thin pink outer skin, throbbing in time with his heart. He started moving toward her slowly again, his cock waving from side to side with each step he took.

"No," Betty whimpered, sliding backward. "Come on, baby, come on, you gotta be tamed."

This was what Annie had led her to! This was the sexual delight she had every Wednesday night. Again she darted a look at her half-conscious friend. Betty realized she hardly knew the girl. She couldn't really know Annie if this was the sort of thing she enjoyed.

Hank slapped the belt hard against the workbench, raising a cloud of dust from the top. Betty nearly jumped out of her skin, jerking away from the foot of the table and inching back toward the water heater. Her tits were rubbing against one another, the nipples long, red, and hard. Juice still frothed from her cunt-slit, trickling down into her asscrack.

"No, no, no!"

As long as she kept out of his reach, she was safe. Betty told herself this again and again as she studied that terrible piece of leather hanging from his hand.

"Come on, come on," he crooned as his cock strained with excitement.

This was a nightmare. There was none of the pleasure she had had with Annie. There was nothing here except the sheer horror of trying to avoid getting beaten. There could be no pleasure in this!

"Oh, please, please, don't do this to me, Hank. I'll do... do anything with you, anything, but don't hurt me with that belt," she whimpered.

But her pleas served only to inflame the young stud. His eyes widened, his lips curling into a sick smile. He enjoyed hearing her cries, her sobs. Again he tapped that looted belt against his thighs.

"No... no!" she whimpered, her cries growing louder as he came closer.

Betty's mind couldn't understand the depths of his depravity, why he was toying with her like this, why he was going to hit her. There was nothing rational in it. She shook her head again and again, trying to clear it while terror knifed through her.

"No!" she yelled.

She slid backward, her terror-stricken eyes wide and focused on that belt, on that cock. He gained on her, laughing at her desperation. Sobbing again, Betty turned and ran on all fours like an animal. Her tits hung down, the nipples brushing over the concrete.

She slipped, her right ankle banging against an overturned tool box. Muttering a curse, she straightened, ran several more steps, then slipped again, her head nearly striking the pole Hank had been leaning against earlier while watching the two women picking one another.

"Trouble!" Hank said, snapping the belt like a whip.

Betty choked down a sob, falling to her knees one more time. It was awful! She couldn't keep her balance. Her world was spinning around and around, tilting off center. Her life, her former morals, her thoughts, everything was disoriented. Whimpering, stretching out her hands for balance, Betty tried crawling away from the specter of horror behind her.

She found herself on all fours again. There was nowhere to run. Hank kept himself near the stairway at all times, stretching out his hands, laughing at her when she tried to dart away. She was like an animal -- a hunted, cornered animal, her hair hanging down over her face while her breath came in short, raspy pants. Terror was overriding passion now.

"Stop this!" she demanded.

If there were only some kind of miracle that could help her! If only Annie's parents were suddenly to return. That would put an end to Annie and Hank's little game. But no. She knew they wouldn't be back until well after midnight. Annie and Hank would never have done something like this without that kind of assurance.

Again the blonde tried to dart toward the stairs. And again Hank snapped the belt, bringing it down against the wood and splintering off part of the handrail with the beveled tip. Betty cried put, shrinking back, holding one hand under her right armpit.

"Please, don't... don't, what... why are you doing this to me?"

Tears began to well up in her eyes. A stray drop of water rolled down one cheek. This can't be happening. It really can't be happening, she thought.

The belt crashed down within inches of her left shoulder. He was getting closer. Screaming, backing away, Betty moved as if hypnotized by Hank's moves. She breathed faster and faster, her chest tightening, her throat feeling as if someone's fingers were gripping it. The girl could hardly get enough air in her lungs to feed her body as she kept backing away and dodging the slapping belt.

"Soon, baby, real soon. You're gonna feel this thing on your body."

The thought of it made her scream in horror.


Not that! God in heaven! Not that, not a beating with that thing! She fell backward, her ass striking the floor hard. Again Betty tried to move and found some of her hair snagged on the side of the water heater. Desperately she tried pulling away, the pain in her scalp making her wince. Hank laughed.

"Nowhere to run now, right? Nobody to help you out, either."

She turned, covering her face with one hand when she saw the big man unravel the belt and raise it high above his head. He looked like some kind of nude Nazi executioner.

"Agh!" she squealed as the belt came down, biting the flesh along her lower ribs.

It was as if someone had touched her with a hot iron. The force of that blow snapped Betty's body to the right, her tits slapping wetly together. There was a hot sting that radiated to all parts of her body. Whimpering, the young teen rubbed the sore spot with her fingertips, feeling terror grip her every thought.

The belt snapped up again, whirling over his head like a snake. Betty wished she could die at that moment. More pain. More agony! From the look on Hank's face, he wanted to keep this up.

He snapped the belt purposely away from her body, the pointed tip striking the heater inches above her head. She could feel the vibrating force of that hard blow against her back. Still screaming in a mindless torrent of sound, the girl tore her hair from the ensnaring screws, scooting away, only to be stopped by an overturned crate.

Betty was helpless. Her mind registered that fact, leaving her completely unable to protect herself. It was all so useless. He was going to peel her skin from tits to ankles, so why fight him? Horrible thoughts were going through her confused mind as Hank pursued her.

"Annie! Annie, stop him!" she screamed, rolling her eyes up and watching that belt snapping above her head. "Please, Annie, wakeup!"

Was she enjoying this? Was this part of the bargain? Betty thought of her friend, of the way Annie had winked in the cafeteria, had looked mysterious as she had talked about her Wednesday night sessions with Hank. Of course Betty had never checked out her friend's body on Thursday mornings in gym.

There was no reason to. She would never have dreamed people were capable of doing this of their own free will. In prisons, yes. In concentration camps, yes. Those were awful places where passions ran dark and deep. But here, in the basement of some middle-class home? Never!

"Oh, God!"

The belt came down, this time striking her hard on her right asscheek. She flinched, her body snapping violently to one side in reaction to the hard, chewing blow. Betty let out a low cry, biting down on her lower lip until she drew blood.

Another blow. The girl rolled away, letting out a long, shuddering moan.

Again and again the belt hit her, sometimes biting along her thighs, at others smacking her asscheeks until long red marks appeared on the supple ass flesh.

"No, no, noo!"

"Oh, Jesus, baby, Jesus fuckin' Christ!" Hank muttered, rubbing his striking arm. His cock was rock-hard, the bulbous tip purple and throbbing with lust.

Betty blinked away her tears, peering up at the big man. His balls were tight against his cockroot. Instinctively she knew he was hot to fuck her. But something was holding him back. He was toying with her, playing with her in order to increase his own lust.

"Please, oh, please..." she pleaded.

But there was nothing more to beg from him. He had already committed the unthinkable act. He was beating her, hurting her horribly while laughing at her humiliating pain.

He began again, snapping the belt against her asscheeks once more. Betty threw out her hands, curling her fingers around the mattress she had squirmed over the floor to and dug in her nails. Turning her head to one side, she rested her left cheek on the cool concrete, closing her eyes, inhaling ragged breaths through her mouth. Her knees jerked put like those of a frog each time the beveled tip of the belt chewed into her assflesh.

One time Betty felt the leather snap hard between her asscheeks, the pointed end of the belt curling around like a hot, licking tongue and nearly touching the bottom of her cunt.

It was then she thought of what was happening to her body. Yes, there was pain -- pain and numbing terror, fear of what Hank was going to do to her next. But there was also something else, something she couldn't understand. A kind of bright warmth had begun around her injured asscheeks, radiating out like a heater to her cunt and nipples. It was making her pussy juicy again, juicy and tight, just like when Annie had started sucking.

"No, oh no!" she whimpered.

But was she really fighting against it? Twisting from side to side, she felt her cuntlips rubbing together, and a sensation not altogether unpleasurable raced through her convulsing pussy.

Another blow. This time the tip caught the lower swell of her ass flesh. Snapping her body to one side while arching her back like a cat, Betty jerked her face away from Hank. Panic swelled as the big man stopped. Had he quit, or was he just catching his breath.

"Ughh!" he grunted and the belt came down another time, tearing across her soft right asscheek. Betty recoiled, shoving her tits against the mattress. Annie had rolled to one side, curled into a fetal position. At Betty's frantic cries, she rolled back, opening her eyes and curling her lips into a drowsy smile.

A smile! She was smiling at her, actually smiling at her while she crawled under her boyfriend's striking lash!

"How could you do this to me?" Betty whispered through her teeth as she heard the long black leather belt hissing through the air above her.

There was yet another blow. This time the belt curled near her cunt again, a needle sharp pain shooting through her asscheeks into her cunt. When it reached her clit, how pleasant it was! It was a stroking coil of heat that made her dizzy with delight.

Again and again that belt bit into her flesh. Annie seemed to be smiling more broadly, rubbing her fingers around her stiffening nipples as she watched her friend dance and writhe under the merciless belting.

"Nooooo!" Betty wailed.

"That's enough, man," Hank said, throwing the belt to one side and rubbing his prick with both hands.

Betty sobbed into the side of the mattress, her teeth having chewed along the edge during the final round of the ass beating. Her ass felt hot, red hot from all the blows Hank had given her. And yet in spite of that pain there was that strange warmth, that tightness developing between her white shivering legs. Somehow that beating, that terror, had ignited a fire in her that needed a cock to put out. She was turned on, excited by that leather biting into her flesh! She couldn't resist the sensations racing through her cunt.

"What? Oh no, no!" she screamed.

He was going to fuck her, rape her, tear her cherry away! As much as she wanted -- needed -- a cock in her hot fuckhole, Betty resisted, clamping her legs together and trying to rock away from the big stud.

"Gonna fuck you now, Betty. Annie said you were kinda afraid of gettin' tapped. Man, I'm gonna split you wide open with my cock. When I get through you ain't gonna want nobody's dick except mine!"

Hank was squeezing the round globes of her asscheeks now, digging his fingernails into her injured flesh. Betty winced, twisting her body from side to side under the cruel touch of Annie's boyfriend.

"Please, don't... don't."

But Hank kept on, reaching around and sliding his hands under her hipbones. He curled his fingers around her cunthairs and tugged at them, making the terrified blonde squeal with pain and pleasure.

Betty felt sick with disgust. It was going to happen. The fuck her mother had always warned her against was going to happen -- and in the worst, most terrible way!

Chapter SIX

"No!" Betty shouted again, slapping back at the hands torturing her asscheeks.

"Shaddup, bitch!"

Hank slapped her across the head, knocking her back. Then he teased her flesh, kneading the white skin into tight little balls, clenching them in his rough fingers. He pinched her inner thighs hard between his fingers, bringing her to and making the girl squeal like a stuck pig. Betty jerked her body up and down, trying to fight him off, but knowing it was impossible to do so.

He pinched her harder, watching the girl's flesh crawl, watching her writhe against the floor, her teeth gnashing while she choked down more strangled sobs of terror and pain.

"Yeah, go for it, baby, go for it. Gonna rip you wide open," he hissed.

His words burned, into her soul. She cried out with a yelp when he tugged at her cunthairs. The sound made Hank pull her down a little bit farther from the mattress, rolling her from side to side, shoving his dirty fingers between her asscrack and making Betty scream more.

The floor was hard, cold. Her knees slapped against it several times, the discomfort becoming almost unbearable. The young stud was squeezing her asscheeks harder, his fingers digging deeper into the rubbery flesh. Betty gasped, rubbing her belly against the floor. She was trying to escape the young man's probing fingers. It was so dirty, so obscene! The beating had been better than this. She felt as if she were crawling through some kind of slime and there was no way she could escape.

"Stop! Fuckin' bitch, you're gonna take it, and take it good!"

Betty felt his finger movements becoming more coordinated now. He was reaching down between her thighs with one thumb, pressing his fingers against her asscheeks for better leverage. Slowly he forced that thumb into her tight little fuckhole, gasping with excitement when he felt those cunt muscles gripping the digit hard.

"Man, you're one hell of a hard, tight little fuck. You were right, Annie. She's a fuckin' virgin all right. Either that or she ain't been tapped for a while."

"Oh, Hank," Annie groaned, rubbing her fingers over her cunt while she watched her friend finger-fucked in front of her.

"Oh please, please, you're... you're hurting me, hurting... meeeeeeee!"

The pain became stronger, more concentrated, like a horrible pinpoint of agony somewhere between her thighs. Betty jerked her head up, biting down on the mattress' edge one more time. Her knees jerked up and out again while her asscheeks spread open. Instinctively she was making as much room as she could for Hank, raising her ass up, wagging her ass slowly back and forth like a bitch in heat.

And then she felt pain as never before. The nail of his thumb started pressing against that tiny membrane deep inside her. He was tearing her cherry. He was ripping that last vestige of her innocence away with his thumb!

"No!" she cried.

But all her shouts, all her pleas fell on deaf tars. Hank moved his knees a little closer to her body. That awful thumb was pressing harder and harder against her tiny cherry. The paint became more and more intense, soaring beyond anything she had known before. It was excruciating. It was pure hell, an agony she could never have imagined! And then there was an awful tearing sensation, one the girl would never forget! It was as if something had burst through her body, ripped open her gut! She opened her mouth and screamed in mindless horror, sure her life was about to end.

Her face blanched, becoming a mask of mindless terror. Clawing at the mattress, biting the edge until the filthy material tore in her mouth Betty sobbed and shrieked while that awful thumb twisted around in her violated fuck hole.

"Hey, man, she was a virgin, Annie. She's bleedin' down there. Hell, the blood's gonna make things nice and smooth when I get in there," Hank said, examining his fucking thumb.

Betty's body jerked and twitched as if someone had touched a live electric wire to her. Her flat belly ground against the floor, trying to escape the fucking thumb one more time while her asscheeks clenched together protectively. "Yeah, a real virgin," Hank repeated.

"Ohhhhh..." Betty groaned.

Betty felt defeated, ground into the dirt. He was worming that thumb in deeper, meeting resistance as the walls, of the girl's cunt tried closing.

"Okay, baby, get ready," he whispered in her ear, leaning over her as he yanked his thumb from her cunt. "Shut up and relax, and maybe you'll enjoy this as much as I will."

Never! Never would she admit to him she was enjoying this horror show. But Hank didn't seem to care. He pulled her asscheeks apart, keeping them tugged wide open while he moved them back and forth, rubbing his fingertips against her inner cuntlips. Soon, slowly, the girl started raising her hips once more, moving them up and down in a pumping motion as those thumbs drew up more fuck juice from her fuckhole. Fucking. She was thinking once more about fucking, about haying a hard prick in her cunt. What, was wrong with her? Her cunt was hot, violated, wanting more.

"Oh, no more, no more," she said, lying through her teeth.

Sobbing with renewed humiliation, Betty still felt the rising heat in her pussy tightening those slick cunt muscles. She felt her slick, sodden outer pussylips being spread open once more. The fiery cuntlips were wide open, the dark, red cuntmeat quivering, slick, waiting to be touched... to be fucked!

Betty cried through her teeth as she felt the cool air in the room rush against her pussy. It was heaven, just a piece of delightful heaven. And yet at the same time she was always aware of Hank's brutality, of what he was capable of doing. Her ass and back still stung from the beating she'd sustained.

"Oh, no, no," the girl wailed as she felt his fingers rubbing life into her clit.

"Yeah, she's alive and kickin'."

Hank watched her twitch as he fucked his middle finger up into her cunt.


Fucked! It was happening. She was getting fucked, finger-fucked. She could feel the fingertip brushing against her pussy walls, the nail scraping her sensitive muscles and making her groan. It was odd having something foreign inside her body, something that normally didn't belong there. Betty let out a rush of air, then sucked in another deep breath, holding it as she felt that digit continue its wriggling path into her body.

"Unnnghh... oooohhhhh?" Betty moaned, knowing it was useless to beg any mercy from Hank or Annie. The one was too brutal, while her friend was too spaced out, enjoying this horrible scene. Yes, she had been warned, Annie had told her more or less what went on. But this! She never would have guessed exactly what they did! It was like something straight out of a horror movie.

"Yeah, baby, I can see why you went nuts suckin' out your friend's cunt. Shit, she's so... uhhh... so tight think I'm gonna have to break my cock to get inside there."

Betty's eyes widened, her lips quivering as she felt that finger edging down into her pussy. It was going down, its tickling driving her mad. Betty groaned long and loud, the sounds coming from deep in her throat as the fucking finger founds its way along the smooth length of her cunt. Her fuck juice was flowing, bubbling out like a froth while Hank fucked her again and again with that finger.

"Man, you've really got it comin' outa you. 'Course, Annie's been working at you hard. Christ, she probably could service the whole Goddamned football team in one night."

Annie giggled, putting both hands to her mouth and rolling away from Betty. How Betty hated her friend now! How she loathed Hank, reviled herself for having given in to such base instincts.

"I... I can't take that thing... oh no, don't, don't... don't make me... do it!" she said, her teeth chattering in between the long pauses.

Again Betty thought of Hank's fat cock, the way his prick looked standing straight up and out of his crotch. His cock reminded her of a torpedo, some instrument of death, destruction. He was going to shove his prick up her cunt, tear her open.

"Sure you can. Hell, you're hot enough to take some stud bigger than me. And there's one or two like that. Maybe you'll get lucky," Hank said, rubbing his fingers around the flaring meaty cockhead.

"Oh, you'll like it. I like it. All girls like it," Annie said dreamily, stretching out one hand and stroking Betty's wet forehead.


Strands of blonde hair clung to her cheeks as she felt Hank repositioning himself over her. He was still trying to stretch her cunt walls.

"Man, she's got one hell of a grip down there!"

Betty sobbed with shame and renewed humiliation. She couldn't help the sensations rioting through her pussy, making her cunt muscles contract and grab at that twisting finger! She could feel them cramping, gripping Hank's fucking finger, actually milking it as if it were a cock!

"She's getting looser. Unnghhhhhh, yeah, a little tight down there but good."

Betty sobbed hysterically, her fingernails clawing at the edge of the mattress. She couldn't protest any more. She lay defeated. Then suddenly that finger slipped out, making her feel strangely abandoned, lost. She felt the big stud's knees sliding up her inner thighs, pressing against them, forcing her legs farther apart. Then there was that slick touch of his cockhead against her cuntlips. He was leaning forward, his arms on either, side of her shoulders, his knees pressing against her inner thighs now while his prickhead beat relentlessly against her outer cuntlips. He was going to fuck his cock into her pussy!

"Ohhh, don't worry honey, Hank's real good at this," Annie said in her spacy voice again, rubbing her back sensuously against the mattress where she and Betty had performed their lesbian act so well.

Betty cringed, setting her teeth so hard against one another she thought she'd crack her teeth. She could feel Hank guiding his prick into her crack. He didn't lose contact with her flesh once! She could feel her outer cuntlips being forced wide, that hot throbbing prick screwing into her body.

"Gotta hold her steady," he mumbled to himself, lowering his body down onto Betty's.

"No, oh no, no... ohhhhhh!"

She felt Hank gripping her hair, yanking back on it as a warning to keep still while he positioned himself for the initial thrust.

"Okay, Betty, baby. One hell of a big dick's gonna slip into your cunt."

Betty groaned, snapping her head back as she felt the small inner cuntlips being forced apart. Yes, she could feel that pressure increasing, feel the fat battering ram head of his prick fucking in.

"Nnnnuughhhh... nnnuunnghhhh..." she groaned.

Betty felt as if her cunt were being fucked by a horse. A stud, a stallion! Yes, that's what Hank was. That's what Gino was. Hot cocks, all of them. And one of them was fucking her, pinning her body down with his prick.

Hank stopped for a second, shaking the sweat off his forehead and sucking in a deep breath. Holding it, he shoved down again. The blonde teen's moans became louder and stronger, her voice cracking as more and more of Hank's prick fucked into her fuckhole.

"You're... huuuuurtinnnnggg meeeeee!" she chattered through her clenched teeth.

She shivered as that fucking mass of stiff cockflesh fucked its way into her. Her legs jerked out again.

"Oh no, don't, take it out... out!"

But Hank only laughed at her, watching her legs kicking out at him while her asscheeks jiggled under her frantic moves.

"Ohhhh, doesn't it feel good, Betty? Doesn't it feel really spacy?" Annie sighed, watching her friend struggling under the stud.

Betty couldn't answer her. Her throat was too tight, her mouth too dry for her to form any words. Waves of pain and delight hit her cunt like a freight train. She was so tight down there. She knew Hank wasn't able to shove his cock all the way in as he'd planned. The girl could hear him panting above her, struggling with her cunt, trembling violently while still trying to fuck her pussy completely.

"Goddamned bitch... ughhhhh, loosen up!"


Betty heard his hand whooshing through the air, his fingers missing her head. Then there was the hot sting of a blow to her ass. Again and again he hit her jiggling asscheeks, telling her to relax, to loosen up while his hand heated her ass.

Betty screamed again, feeling as if Hank were tearing her body down the middle as if she were a piece of paper. She felt as if she were being skewered like a piece of meat. It was so hard to believe she could take that size cock up her cunt!

"Man? Shit, ifs like fuckin' a tight fist. But Christ, she's somethin' else. Jesus Christ, Annie, she's tighter than you were at the beginning," Hank said mockingly.

For a moment Betty thought his cock could come out in her throat. The girl was gasping and choking, crying put for help, knowing none would come. She wondered for one mad second if it were possible to be literally fucked to death. Could that happen with one man? If it could, Hank had to be that man! The way he kept hitting her, fucking his cock into her resisting cunt, he could be the one to kill her with his cock!

"Uuuughhhhh!" she gasped.

He had done it! Slowly, gradually, the big stud had worked his cock into her cunt until she could now feel the wiry prickhairs tickling her cuntlips. His cock was all the way in her! Betty couldn't believe it! Her eyes were wide with surprise as she thought of that cock, of that big fat prick embedded in her pussy. How strange she felt! That hunk of cock was throbbing there, pressing hard against her cunt walls, almost beating in time to her heart. His prick filled her cunt to the limit, stretching her pussylips and cunt walls to the tearing point.

"Noooo..." she moaned.

"Man, don't that feel good, baby? Shit, and you been missin' out on shit like this for a long time," Hank whispered, rocking his body from left to right.

Betty said nothing, writhing helplessly under the big stud. She agonized to the pressure of the hot, searing pain of her rape. At times, the frantic teen tried flexing her cunt muscles to work out that big fat cock. But deep down inside her Betty knew she wanted Hank to keep his prick in her. Yes, she wanted his prick, needed to have that hot thing shoved all the way up her cunt, the bulbous cockhead pushing down into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh God, God, God!"

She was crying, trembling, feeling Hank starting to fuck his cock around in her pussy. He was flexing again, holding her by the shoulders and moving around. Crying out, Betty sucked in a shuddering breath and held it, feeling that fat cock starting to pull out.

It was wild, weird! The girl felt her itchy cunt walls collapsing behind the retreating cockhead, pulling back together like the top of a drawstring purse. It was as if he were yanking out a handful of her guts! Instinctively the teen tensed her thigh muscles, arching up her back as Hank kept pulling out.

"Oh yeah, mama, yeahhhhh..."

He was smoothing his fingers around her asscheeks, obscenely touching her asshole then rubbing her cuntlips with his fingertips. And all the time he was pulling out, making her feel so strange! "Noooooo..."

Halfway out, he stopped, then eased back. She could feel the extent of the pain inside. That wonderful cockhead was stretching her apart again, forcing those trembling pussy walls apart, shoving out more and more juice that trickled down the backs of her bent legs. In and out. In and out. In and out. Yes, he was fucking her, fucking her good and slow as he'd promised. And there was nothing Betty could do to stop him. She had to lay there and accept that attack.

But why resist anyway? It was too late. Hank had torn her cherry, ripped away her innocence. There wasn't a reason to fight off the disgusting animal rutting inside her. Yes, she was rutting, going into heat while that animal fucked the daylights out of her. She did her best to close her mind to the brutal assault taking place. But something deep inside wouldn't let her. She was going to face her rape -- face it and enjoy it.

When she felt his hands sliding under her belly and raising her a little, Betty only whimpered. She felt his fingers fanning over the flatness of her belly, smoothing over her flesh, making her cry out in fear. It wasn't enough for him to violate her, tear her cherry! Now he had to touch her all over, make her aware fully of her degradation. Sobbing, closing her eyes, Betty prepared herself for the worst.

Chapter SEVEN

Those hands kept crawling up like spiders, the fingers touching her tits, her throat. He was squeezing her nipples, rolling the rubbery nubs between thumbs and forefingers until she squealed with delighted pain. A shock of something like heat flashed from her violated tits to her pussy, making her clit throb.

In high school, she had seen the boys staring at her tits. She was well developed. Her mother worried about her, buying her sweaters one or two sizes too big, always to hide her firm, high-riding tits. But she would tuck in her sweater behind her skirt, stretching the knitted material over her bra. How the boys would stare, ignoring the teacher, their eyes wide, wanting, desiring her tits. It was wrong to tease like that. But still it wasn't as if she wanted to fuck them or anything. It was just a harmless game.

She would sit there at her desk, thumbing through the American history textbook, peering over the top at times to watch the boys. She had seen their fingers twitching and squeezing together. She knew they were thinking about twisting her nipples around, feeling her tits.

How she and her girlfriend had laughed at the boys. Betty knew they wouldn't touch her. There was no way they were going to get her between their legs and fuck her, let alone touch her. And yet here was a stranger, someone she barely knew fucking her, touching her tits, squeezing her nipples until she squeaked with pain.

He moved his fingers against her nipples, letting her know he was fully enjoying her humiliation and her pain.

"Come on, Betty, come on, move it, move that ass. Show me you're diggin' this as much as I am," he said, fucking forward with a particularly rough push.

The girl coughed, swinging her head from side to side, feeling her long hair brushing over her whitened knuckles. Fucking. She was fucking, having her cunt fucked by that awful fat prick. The harder and faster Hank fucked her, the more she was liking it! Yes, she was starting to feel spacy, starting to look the way Annie had earlier. It was as if someone had given her a drug. It was the drug of fucking. It had taken over all her consciousness, making her think of one thing only -- fucking. Gradually the horror of her rape had been matched, then surpassed by the joy of his cock. In and out, in and out that prick fucked, each forward shove making her body shiver. And all the while his hands rubbed life into her tits, pinching her nipples, making her cry out with a mixture of pain and joy.

"Ohhhh, Betty, see? I told you you'd love it. Oh, yes, yes, you'd love it," Annie gasped. Opening her eyes, she saw her girlfriend sitting in front of her, her legs spread apart, both hands dropped to her crotch. She was playing with herself! Betty saw the fingers moving back and forth, sliding up and down over her clit. She was toying with her cunt, jacking off in front of Betty while she was getting fucked by Hank!

And yet it seemed so normal. What did she expect Annie to do, play cards? Yes, let the girl flick her fingers over her clit, fuck them in and out of her sucking cunt. Betty had the best of the deal. Betty sighed, feeling the wonderful fucking of Hank's prick. The young stud was groaning above her, his fingers pinching her nipples hard as his excitement grew and grew. Betty didn't care now. Consciously she was pressing against the big athlete, wanting to feel his belly rubbing against her ass as he fucked her. Her mind was whirling around, sinking into a dim haze of semi-consciousness as she felt that cock fucking her cunt into an inferno.

The fat cockhead fucked back and forth inside her heated fuckhole. Behind her she could feel those fat, leathery balls bouncing off her asscheeks, slapping at times against her clit, making it tingle even more. Heated rushes of air blew against her thighs. Fucking. Fucking. And now he was building the tempo of his fucking, holding her more tightly while groaning low and loud.

"Ohhhhhhh, baby, baby!" he cried, his head tilting back.

Betty moaned back, jerking her body from side to side, doing everything she could to intensify the feeling of haying her cunt filled with cockmeat.

"Oh, yes, Hank, fuck her, fuck her," Annie moaned, her fingers spreading her cuntlips apart and fucking in and out in time with her boyfriend's fucking.

Everything was turned upside down for the teen. Tears of horror and delight rolled down her cheeks as she felt his cock swelling inside her. Her soft whimpers became louder and louder sobs as she started to round one lust corner, started edging up toward climax. Yes, she was going to cum again that evening, cum with a fat prick fucking her mercilessly. This was so much different than the sucking Annie had given her. There was a chilly fire lapping at her cunt, licking at her clit until she nearly fainted from the sensation. Every ounce of strength seemed to be sapped from her body. And yet she kept on, pressing into the young stud, wanting more and more of his cock fucking her pussy.

"Ohhhhh yes, yes," she whispered, hoping he wouldn't hear her cries of delight. It felt so good, so wonderfully good. It felt better than anything she'd ever known before. Finally that awful itch, that pulsing itch that had been driving her mad before was now being scratched!

"Yeah, yeah!" Hank gasped, his hand still stroking her asscheeks, squeezing her ass flesh.

"Oh God, God, yes..."

"Come on, move that ass, move it real hard... ughhh... yeah, like that. Oh, man, man," he gasped, shaking his head slowly from side to side, "this bitch knows how to move it, man. Christ, she knows how to move... ughhhhh fuck... a stud feel real good!"

The words burned into Betty's mind. She felt another flash of sexual fire consume her clit. And all the while his cock was fucking into her pussy sliding continuously over the rounded bottom of her clit. Soon. Very, very soon she was going to cum. It was similar to the time when Annie had stiffened her tongue and slipped it into her cunt crack. But now there was something far bigger, far hotter and longer fucking her pussy.

"Oh, ohhhhh!" Betty cried.

Betty loved the endlessly fucking cock as it chugged back and forth, the balls slapping hard against her ass. Her thighs were spreading farther and farther apart, her knees scraping against the concrete floor. She should have felt discomfort. But now all her concentration was centered on two hot spots -- her nipples and her cunt. Nothing else mattered. She cared about nothing else, no one else. The only think she demanded from life was more fucking, more of flank's prickmeat to make her feel this good for a long, long time!

"Man, gonna make it soon. Shit, can't keep my jizz down," Hank growled, throwing his head, from side to side. Sweat streaked his cheeks while he opened his mouth and sucked in lungfuls of air. His body was shuddering with the effort of fucking the girl while his hands pinched her flesh, her tits, her belly.

Betty heard the urgency in his voice and went crazy. A man was going to cum inside her! A man was going to dump his load of spunk down her pussy, fill her cunt with that white hot stuff she and Annie had giggled about so often. How she had envied her girlfriend and some of the others when they told her about climax, about when a guy pops off and starts squirting his stuff. Then it had sounded terribly messy. But now she bristled at the thought of having Hank's white-hot jizz spurting inside her, filling up her itchy, hot fuckhole.

Hank fell over her, his fingers pinching her nipples hard now while his powerful hips fucked his cock home. She was grunting with each forward thrust like a rutting bitch, her hair curtaining her face while her fingers dug hard into the mattress. Somewhere in the distance she could hear Annie crying out once more. Was something wrong? No, of course not. The girl was cumming, climaxing nearly in her face once more. That was nice. It didn't really matter. The only thing that mattered was the cock in her cunt -- that and her clit which was swollen to the bursting point. If a thousand firecrackers were to go off in her cunt, they wouldn't equal the fiery power she felt building deep between her spread thighs.

Hank was holding tightly onto her asscheeks now, his fingers hurting her as his cock fucked frantically in and out of her cunt. She knew instinctively that moment of hot joy was just within reach. Betty felt herself stretching for it, her fingers touching it barely. Soon she would embrace it, be engulfed by it. She needed more of that cock, something just a little bit stronger to push her over the edge. How she wanted that, needed it.

"Take it, slut!" Hank growled, slapping her hard on the ass. Yes, that was it. That was it. More slapping, more of something. That hand kept battering her ass, making the flushed skin tingle while his cock filled her fuckhole. It was too good to stop. Her body quaked and shivered with need while her asscheeks ground hard against his belly. Soon, very soon.

Hank cried out, stiffening his body, snapping his head back. Betty held her breath every sensation seeming to magnify itself a thousand fold. And then she knew he was cumming. She could feel the hot spunk jetting into her pussy, spattering against her itchy cunt walls. He was filling her up.

The girl thought she was going to go mad! She slammed her ass against him, thrilling in the combination of the fucking cock and the hot, squirmy liquid spurting into her pussy. And there was more. There would be more. Hank draped himself over her, holding her tightly, babbling obscenities into her ear while still shooting all that hot cum into her sucking cunt. There was something building fast inside her, something that was making her thighs tense, making her clit throb harder and harder until she thought the tiny organ was going to tear loose.

In a mad second it seemed as if the world had crashed into her cunt. Betty screamed, her head jerking up and striking Hank's chin. Stars flashed behind her eyes while her cunt muscles cinched down hard on the big stud's prick. Again and again her cunt cramped down, gumming his cock like a pair of soft lips while a rush of spasms shot through her snatch.

Pain and pleasure. She was starting to realize what life was all about. Betty's climax was a combination of these two opposite feelings -- feelings so powerful they knocked all sense from her. Gasping, wheezing, the young girl collapsed to the floor, the only signs of life being her uneven shallow breathing. Again and again her cunt muscles gripped that fat cock milking and squeezing the last of the jizz from its central tube.

When it was over, Hank fell on top of her, fucking his softening prick in and out.

"Baby, you're somethin' else. Man, you got one hell of a hot pussy. It's like you been savin' up for this kinda shit for a long time."

"Just leave... leave me alone, please," Betty sobbed, ashamed, overwhelmed with guilt. She had let him do this.

At the start she had fought him off a little. But something inside her made her bow to him and Annie, made her so excited she could hardly think. And in the end she had not fought at all. A dark power had bleached out all thought. For an instant Betty had lost her identity, had become a senseless, rutting bitch who couldn't get enough cockmeat.

"Don't gimme that goody-two-shoes crap," Hank said, wiping the back of his hand over his lips. "You like gettin' fucked. You're one of those women who like men, like what they do to you."

"Not true, not true," Betty protested, hiding her face in shame between her thin arms.

"I'm not gonna argue with you," he said, pulling out of her cunthole.

Betty sobbed louder, feeling that prick withdrawing. She knew it was true, true! Try as hard as she could to fight the horrible reality, she knew it was true. Hank had peered down into her soul and seen the truth. Now he was laughing at her when she tried to deny it. How she hated him for that truth, for telling it to her!

"I've gotta get home, baby. Got practice tomorrow. Take care of your friend. Maybe we can work somethin' up later... after I fuck you," Hank said, bending over and kissing Annie hard on the lips.

For the next few moments Betty lay defeated and broken on the floor. She heard Hank dressing, heard Annie scampering up the floor after him. There was the sound of the outside door closing. She guessed she should be leaving, should be gathering up her clothes and getting out of here. But she was so weak, so driven into the dirt!

"Oh, wow, it's late! Come on, Betty, come on, you've gotta get dressed or something. My folks are gonna be home in a half hour!"

Betty groaned, pushing her hands under her body and slowly getting up. She brushed back her long hair, shivering as she felt some of Hank's cum dribble from her violated cunthole and trickle down both her inner thighs.

"I know you're feeling weird. But you gotta get outta here, honey. Come on, you'll feel better later on. I was just about that way when I first got fucked."

How could she talk so flippantly about it? Betty said nothing, confused, unsure of how she was supposed to act. She moved around as if drugged, gathering up her clothes, following Annie up the stairs to the big bathroom where she showered. How good that hot water felt, and how especially good the soap felt as she worked it over her swollen cunt. Yes, her pussy was still puffy, still aroused, ready for another fucking, she guessed. Had Hank touched some kind of button, turned her into some kind of raving whore? Had all those years of deprivation done something to her? Perhaps if she had been more normal like Annie -- she wouldn't have this desire to go bed all the time. Now all she could think about was Hank's prick -- that fat juicy cock dangling from between his legs and how good it felt reaming her out.

That night she managed to avoid having a prolonged conversation with her mother. Mumbling goodnight, Betty dragged herself upstairs, closing the door and falling across her bed. She tried to sleep! But nothing came of it. The moment she was alone, all she could think of was Hank sticking his cock into her, or of Annie grabbing her asscheeks, fucking her tongue up her pussy. And when she did fall asleep those mental images became all that sharper in her tortured dreams.

She tossed and turned in bed, the sheets wrapped around her legs while her cunt burned and throbbed all night. Had she cum in her dreams? The girl thought so. It was so hard, so very very difficult for her to think straight that morning when she finally aroused herself. Those terrible dreams of both Annie and Hank fucking and sucking her had drained the girl.

"You're looking tired, dear," her mother said, serving her a plate of bacon and eggs as she shuffled into the kitchen and sat down.

"I didn't sleep much, mother. I've got a big history exam today and I'm worried about it," she said, picking up her juice glass and swallowing the bitter orange drink.

"Oh, yes, that's why you were over at Annie's -- studying. I do wish you'd sea other girls," her mother said, sitting down opposite and brushing back her hair.

Betty studied her mother. Tall, attractive, firm pouting tits. She could see why men wanted her mother even now. She could have had a good time, maybe even a better one than Betty had had last night. What was stopping her? Betty blushed at her silent conversation. What a terrible thing to be thinking about one's own mother.

"Annie's fine. I've got to hurry," Betty said, closing the conversation.

She bolted down her food, grabbed her books and nearly ran out the door. As she faced her mother, the girl felt growing guilt and shame. She might have said something, might have done something that had tipped off her mother. No, no one could know of that evening. It had to be her deep dark secret -- hers and Hank's and Annie's.

At school things went normally. She saw Annie once or twice in the morning in the halls and waved. Hank was nowhere to be seen. That was good. The girl couldn't have faced him. The thought of looking into his eyes, hearing his mocking laughter there in front of all the kids made her nervous.

With these thoughts in mind, the girl was strolling down the main corridor past the principal's office, hugging her books close to her body when the realized someone was purposely standing in front of her, blocking her way. Raising her eyes, she saw it was Gino. Her heart contracted.

"Please, I'm on my way to study hall," she muttered, her fingers turning icy. Her tits were starting to swell until her nipples were tense and itchy again. God, what kind of girl was she? Everything in the world had happened to her the other night, it seemed. And yet she was still game for more.

"Yeah, sure. Study, huh? Real bookworm," Gino said, smirking down at her. He ran his fingers along her notebook, staring hotly at her. Betty felt her knees trembling, felt the strength going out of her legs. She was showing her excitement, her fear. She knew it, could sense Gino's growing amusement and arousal. "That's not what Hank tells me."

Betty nearly dropped dead. It was all she could do to run around the big stud, fighting back the tears, feeling his eyes boring through her clothes. He told! He told!

Chapter EIGHT

"He told, Annie, he told!"

Betty was in tears, clutching her lunch bag and sinking down in her chair. The cafeteria was almost empty. In a few minutes she had to be in American history class. But she had to talk to her best girlfriend.

"I don't believe it. Hank wouldn't... well, I don't know," she said thoughtfully, rubbing one finger over her chin.

"Oh, I don't know what to do," the girl moaned, hiding her head in her hands. It was as if the world had crashed to an end. How could she face anyone at school? It would happen to her as she'd seen it happen to other girls. There would be a scandal. The girls would start talking about it. Soon the teachers, the principal, and finally her mother would find out about it. She would have to transfer schools. And she was in her senior year! The horror of being found out, of having her reputation dragged through the mud and laughed at nearly made her faint. She heard the bell. For a moment Betty thought of gathering up her books and just running out the hall into the street. She would never go back to school again. She would rather die than having everyone sneering and laughing at her.

"Maybe just Gino. Let me talk to him. I don't know why he would have done something like that. He never did it with me," Annie said, wrinkling up her forehead in confusion.

"You're different. It's just that he wanted to hurt me... I don't know why, but he did and..."

"He and Gino are good friends," Annie went on. "And you said Gino leaned on you yesterday. Maybe he's just helping out a friend." Annie shrugged, shaking several loose locks of her long brown hair from her face.

Betty was horrified.

"Helping out a friend? That way? You make it sound like he had a flat tire or something."

"Well, you don't have to make such a deal about it," Annie sniffed, picking up her books as she slid out from behind the lunch table.

Betty felt crestfallen. She had lost her cherry! She had committed a homosexual act with her best friend, then had gone on to fuck Annie's boyfriend like a rutting bitch. And Annie told her not to make a big deal out of it? She was horrified by her acts and by their consequences!

"Coming to class?"

"I'll be there in awhile. Tell them I'm not feeling well, Annie. Tell them something," the girl muttered, staring down at the crumbs on the table.

Annie stopped, pursing her lips together and shaking her head slowly from side to side. Hesitating for a moment, the girl walked back to her friend and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Look, I'll talk to Hank and try to find out what's going on. If there's anything I can do about it I'll stop this little rumor mill, okay. Now cheer up. See you in class."

Betty smiled, feeling a little hope brighten her otherwise darkened mood. Neither Hank nor Gino were in the next class. She might be able to forget about her troubles through study. And besides there was Annie -- good old Annie, someone who really cared about her in spite of that show she and Hank had put on the night before.

Sighing, Betty picked up her books and walked briskly from the cafeteria. If she hurried, she could avoid a tardy slip for class.

Climbing the concrete stairs, Betty saw that the halls were nearly deserted. This was the last lunch period. The hall monitors were gone and no teachers were milling about. She rushed past several closed doors, her head down, her breathing quickening as she once more thought about Hank and what he was doing to her. Gino! The way he had stared at her in the hall. She could almost feel his big hands on her, tearing off her clothes, caressing her body.

History class was at the far end of the building. Quickening her pace, Betty turned the corner, stopping short by a large green metal door that led to the boiler room. There were Hank and Gino, leaning against the fire alarm pole. Betty felt frozen, unable to move. She blushed furiously, knowing these two knew what she had done the night before.

"Late to class? Too bad," Gino said mockingly, shaking his head from side to side.

"Yeah, means we're gonna have to turn you in. Too bad."

"You're not hall monitors," Betty said, feeling her flesh crawling.

"Yeah? Well, we're gonna help 'em out. Can't have monitors around the place all the time," Gino said, pushing himself up from the wall and starting for the girl.

"Yeah. We're supposed to be at practice now out in the field. But the coach won't miss us for a while. He's got all that paperwork and shit," Hank said, moving quickly behind her and stretching out both arms.

"I'll scream," Betty whispered, her mind whirling around a thousand miles per hour. They were accosting her right here in school! Was there no place safe for her?

"No, you won't. You cause any trouble and I'm gonna tell everybody about you," Hank said, his eyes narrowing.

"You already..."

"Just Gino," Hank interrupted. "Thought he'd dig it 'cause he's onto you. But you mess up now, baby, and the whole fuckin' school's gonna know about it. You think they're gonna do somethin' to me and Gino?" he chuckled, his lips curving up into that cruel smile she knew all too well. "But you won't be able to show your face around here, understand?"

Yes, she more than understood. The others would slap him on the back and congratulate him for having fucked her so well. Meanwhile she would be sneered from school, laughed at until she couldn't stand it.

"What do you want me to... do?" she said, swallowing down the last word. Betty already had an idea.

"Janitor's not in. He's out there, watchin' the team fuck around in the field." Gino moved forward, pushing the green metal door open. Immediately there was the soft mechanical purr of machinery. "Downstairs."

"No, I won't," Betty cried through clenched teeth.

The girl started backing away, glancing nervously over one shoulder. There was no one in the hall. But still all she had to do was scream and...

"Mmmmmmmffffff!" she gasped.

A hand over her mouth. She could feel the fingers pressing her lips hard against her front teeth while another hand grabbed her around the waist. Betty tried twisting around to break the grip, her books and papers falling to the floor and scattering on the tiles.

"Pick up her shit and let's get the bitch downstairs fast," Gino said, dragging Betty back through the basement doorway.

The blonde teen struggled helplessly, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer muscular power of Gino's arms. She could feel his breath panting against her neck while the one hand around her waist slid up to her tits.

"Nice, nice. Hank was tellin' me what a hot fuck you are and what you dig. That's nice too," Gino crooned in one ear, pulling her heels over the slight rise of the basement doorway. Almost immediately Betty noticed an increase in the sound of whirring machinery. There was a vague sour odor to the air, the smell of electricity. The air was warmer here.

"Okay, got 'em," Hank said, slipping in behind them and shutting the door. When Betty heard the lock snap shut, her heart sank. They were going to torment her here, make her submit to their perverted desires, and there was no one who could put a stop to their antics if they should get carried away.

Betty bit down on Gino's fingers, then reached up and pushed his hand away from her mouth. That sudden pain startled the young stud enough to break his hold on the girl. That was all Betty needed. Shoving him to one side, she darted around Hank, wrapping her fingers around the door handle while frantically pounding at the lock.

"Oh please, help, help me! I'm trapped in here! Oh God, please..."

Desperately Betty fought with the lock, trying to force it open. It was impossible. Hank was behind her in a flash.

"Try to hurt my buddy, huh?" he said, putting his paw-like hands on her shoulders and knocking her from the doorway.

Betty flew back, her asscheeks hitting the steel guardrail. That blow sent slivers of pain racing through her body, making her teeth rattle while Gino kept shaking his hand from the bite.

"Yeah, man, she put a set of marks around the joint that's gonna really hurt," Gino said, his face darkening with anger.

"What did you expect me to do?" Betty cried, staring from one young man to the other.

"Just about that, Hank," Gino said to his buddy, his lips curling again into another sardonic smile.

Betty felt her blood pressure go up. She was standing there on the small platform, Gino several steps below her, Hank in front of the door, both hands touching either side of the molding. She couldn't rush down, couldn't escape through the door. Then she saw the cocks -- both of them, tenting up the fronts of the boy's Levi's. Betty gasped, her eyes widening.

"Oh, no, no, just let me go, just..."

Hank got behind her, throwing his, arms so tightly around her waist that he knocked the wind from her. Betty's knees shot up while her body jackknifed, her ass jamming into the stud's gut. Her cheeks puffed out while a rush of wind escaped from her lungs.

"Let's take 'er downstairs, man, and tie her up. She's gonna be so fuckin' hot she's gonna need chains or somethin' to hold her down," Hank said, turning around and dragging the kicking girl down the iron steps.

"Yeah, she sure screams a hell of a lot! Man, it's like somebody set her cunt on fire or something," Gino said, backing down while watching the girl's frantic moves.

"I did that yesterday... me and Annie. Christ, you should've seen the way this one turned on. Thought she was gonna bounce right off the fuckin' floor when we fucked around with her."

Betty listened helplessly to their obscene talk while they dragged her down the stairs. Reaching the bottom, Hank and Gino manhandled her. Hands were roving all over her body. She snapped her head back, gritting her teeth together as she felt them fingering her tits, hiking up her skirt and feeling her cunt through her nylon panties. Gino was the first to drop to the floor, holding her around the soft spot behind each knee while tonguing her inner thighs. The sensation of his giant tongue as it lapped its way up her legs drove her mad. She could feel every nerve ending in her body stretching down toward that licking tongue. She wanted to feel his mouth on her pussy. In a sudden rush of sensation, she wanted to feel him sucking her cunt.

"Come on, man. Before we fuck the shit outta her let's have us some real fun," Gino said, getting up and letting her skirt fall back down.

Hank held her while the young Italian stallion rummaged around in a near-by workbench. Rolls of tape, screws, various tools were thrown onto the floor while Gino searched for something.

"Here we go... somethin' to hold down this little cunt while we play with her," he said, holding out a long half-inch piece of line. Betty stared at it, wondering what on earth they were going to do with it. On closer examination, she saw it was really several pieces of rope, each about three feet long. The hemp was rough and brown, frizzed at the badly cut ends. "Got a board over there too. Bring 'er on over. Wanna hog tie this little cunt."

"Oh no!" Betty yelled.

"Sure, baby. That's what I was thinkin' about that day I talked to you in the cafeteria," Gino said, swaggering up to her. He was holding the ropes loosely in one hand, rubbing the frayed ends against his chin. He looked like something straight out of hell. Betty felt her pulse leap at her throat.

"I wasn't talkin' about plain ol' fuckin'. Man, everybody does that nowadays."

"This one don't," Hank said, hunching his crotch into her ass while gripping her upper arms so hard Betty was afraid he was going to leave bruises. Already she could feel her ass quivering under the anticipation of another whipping. Her ass flesh was still tender and hurt when she sat the wrong way in a chair.

"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah," he said, smirking and nodding his head rapidly up and down. Gino still held the rope, tickling himself with it under the nose. "I forgot. The hot virgin. She ain't been around long, but she's one hell of a quick study. Well, baby," he said, stretching out one arm and rubbing the frazzled end of the line against her face, "we're gonna see just how quick you are today."

Betty drew back, her face a mask of fear. What were they going to do with her and those ropes? What were they talking about?

"Let's get 'er naked."

Fingers fumbled madly around her blouse, opening the blue V-neck quickly and pulling the garment off her shoulders.

"Be careful. Don't wanna tear any of this," Gino cautioned as he reached down and pushed the button through the hole that loosened Betty's skirt. "She's gotta walk outta here like nothin's happened. She come walkin' through that fuckin' door like a war refugee and they're gonna be on our asses fast!"

"Yeah, yeah," Hank agreed, helping his buddy tug the short skirt down past Betty's ankles and off her feet.

"Now the bra... see, those nice tits. Christ, used to nearly jack off when I saw 'er bouncin' them boobs up and down the hall."

"They're nice," Hank agreed, stepping behind Betty and unsnapping her halter. "Got nice hard nipples to suck on. She likes that, gettin' her nipples sucked on, even bit and pinched. Man, this chick digs everything, man, everything!"

The panties went next, slipped down over her legs and off her toes, flung onto the pile of clothes draped over the nearby workbench. Hank was all for fucking her right away. But Gino was more experienced, holding one hand in front of his buddy and studying the trembling naked girl in front of him.

"She needs a good fuckin', all right. But she's gonna need some hog tyin' too."

With that, Gino dropped one of the ropes, telling Betty to bend down and place her hands squarely on top of her ankles.

"No," she said, folding both hands modestly over her cunt while drawing her elbows in at her navel, trying to hide her nipples with her upper arms.

"No?" Gino asked calmly, arching one bushy eyebrow.

"Leave me alone!" she said defiantly, eyeing the stairway once more.

"Sure, sure."

With that, the young man brought both hands together, spread his legs apart and drew his arms back as if he were a batter at home plate. The next thing Betty knew was that his two fists had slammed into her belly, knocking her back hard against the bench. She gasped for breath, her belly feeling as if it had just been ripped open. And when her ass struck the splintery edge of the workbench, Betty jackknifed the other way, her spine concaving while her arms flew out to either side of her body helplessly. Desperately the blonde teen grabbed at anything, feeling the world darkening around her.

"You ain't gonna pass out on me, bitch," Gino snarled, grabbing her by the hair and yanking the girl up.

Betty screamed, her scalp throbbing from the pain. Her knees had threatened to give way under that savage blow. But they strengthened the moment she felt her hair being yanked out by the roots.

"Now double over, bitch."

Betty did as she was told, afraid to resist. They meant business. The thought that she was in school safe and sound disappeared from her mind. She was alone in the world, trapped in a kind of hell with her two tormentors. There was nothing around, nothing except them and her. No one would come in and save her. She had to survive, had to somehow live through all this as best she could.

Hank took one rope and looped it around her left wrist, cinching it tight with a figure eight, then draped it around the end of the five-foot two-by-four Gino had found under the workbench.

"You get the other one?" he asked Gino as his buddy picked up the second piece of rope.

Gino followed his buddy, tightening the line around Betty's right wrist, then draping the rope around the opposite end of the board and tightening it with a slipknot.

The young woman sighed, feeling so exposed. Her ass was high up in the air, her knees bent slightly while her wrists, hurting from the rope, were bound to the large board. "The ankles now, right behind her fuckin' wrists," Gino said.

"Good, man, good. She ain't gonna get outta this one easy."

Betty agreed. She was trapped, and she prayed that God would have mercy on her for the excitement she felt pounding in her chest!

Chapter NINE

"Shine that boot, baby."

Gino made his point clear by jabbing the girl in her gut with the rounded toe of his boot. It was dusty. The teen could see that. She could smell something awful reeking from the sole. Standing there, her face nearly touching the floor, her hair hanging over her eyes, Betty could tell his giant engineer boots needed cleaning. But what did they want her to do? She was tied hand and foot to the two-by-four, unable to move.

"How... I mean?"

"How you think?"

Betty shivered. She guessed. He wanted it shined with her tongue.

"Lick it," he commanded, kicking the girl lightly once more in the belly.

"Y-y-yes, oh, God, yes," Betty sobbed, shaking the tears from her eyes.

"I wanna see those boots shine, baby. I wanna see my cock in 'em," Gino said, reaching down and unzipping his Levi's.

Betty stuck out her tongue, hesitating for a moment. Gino laughed at her, turning to Hank and winking, then drawing the boot closer to her mouth.

"I said lick it. You don't clean the leather good I'll have you suck off the bottom, understand? You think the top's bad, you oughtta get a load of my soles, baby. Maybe I walked through dog shit and..."

"No more!" Betty pleaded with him, feeling the sour bile rising in her throat. She gagged, swallowed hard, then stuck out her tongue once more. Those ropes burned her wrists and ankles! And that board was hurting her legs by making them spread apart so far!


Trembling, Betty touched the tip of her tongue to the front top of Gino's boot. Back and forth her tongue moved, leaving a wet, dark trail through the gray dirt. She turned her head, spat out the filth, then went back, tonguing his boot.

"That's good, baby, that's a good bitch. You got it down," Gino said, throwing back his head and laughing derisively down at her. "Used to think she was somethin' else, the way she sashayed up and down the halls. Guess she thought her shit was too good to smell. Well, baby, your shit stinks just like everybody's."

The words were terrible, but not as bad as what she had to do. She licked from front to back, carefully avoiding the sole whenever Gino purposely twisted around one leg and tried to make her lick his soles. Twice she nearly retched on his boot, somehow managing to keep from throwing up. She thought of what he would do to her, how he would beat her if she pulled something like that.

"That's nice. Now the other," he said, examining the cleaned boot with satisfaction.

Betty peered up through her hanging hair, feeling her stomach turn over. The other boot was filthier than the first! There was a strange odor about it. Still there was nothing she could do. Gulping, swallowing her horror, the girl continued licking his boots, gagging, fighting down the desire to start screaming and never stop.

"Not bad, not bad," he murmured, pulling the second boot from her mouth.

"Maybe she can clean mine," Hank said, checking out his boots.

"No, man, don't wanna bore her with the same thing," Gino said, checking out her exposed ass, then reaching out and rubbing his fingers over her ass flesh. "Looks like you got to her real good back here."

"Yeah, she digs havin' her ass whipped. Man, she kept waggin' that thing back and forth every time I whacked her good with my belt," Hank said, rocking back and forth on his heels.

"Yeah, she's been worked over real good," Gino whispered, his fingers travelling up to her asscrack, then sliding into the tight crevice.

Betty roused herself from her self-imposed stupor the moment she felt something brushing against her asshole. Annie had toyed with Betty's asshole, shoving her finger in just as Betty had fucked her friend with her own digit. Now somebody else was touching her there, someone with a good deal more hostility than Annie, someone would have hurt her already and wouldn't stop hurting her until she could get away.

"Nice asshole, huh?"

"Yeah, real nice," Hank answered, getting the drift of Gino's thought.

Betty screwed her eyes up. She hated that, hated the feeling of their fingers circling her shitter. The girl shivered each time Gino's ragged fingernails dragged over her wrinkled asshole.

"Man, you really gave it to her. She's got them red marks all over her fuckin' butt," Gino said, smoothing his fingers over her asscheeks, then trailing them down toward her cunt.

Instinctively Betty raised her ass a little, feeling his fingertips touching her pussy. It was so good having him touch her there. In spite of the ropes, in spite of the board digging into the fronts of her ankles, Betty couldn't help the delicious feeling she sensed when Gino started stroking her pussyslit.

"Man, you don't know how many times I thought about this, about touchin' her there. Now I'm gonna fuck the shit outta her. Funny the way some dreams come true, huh Hank?" Gino said.

"Yeah, funny," he murmured.

There was the sound of pants being unzipped. Betty was already getting used to the sound. Hands were smoothing over her ass mounds once more, sliding down to her hipbones and gripping her tightly.

It was wild, crazy! Gino was behind her, his face buried between her asscheeks. He was tonguing her hole rapidly. She could feel his lips pressing against her shitter while his tongue was drilling into her body, touching her slick ass lining. In and out, in and put his tongue went like a tiny cock. And the sensations he was creating deep inside her! It was almost like the time Annie stuck her finger up her ass! Tiny slivers of hot delight flashed from her asshole up to her clit, making that nerve-rich sex center stand up and throb with delight. It was shamelessly good! Betty closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip until she could taste blood. She had to punish herself for feeling something like this! Fucking was one thing. But what Gino and Hank were putting her through was something else. This was hard bondage, humiliation, being dragged through the dirt. And she was enjoying it!

"Unnghhhhh..." Betty moaned.

Betty felt his unshaven cheeks brushing against the inside rounded curves of her asscheeks. At the same time, his teeth scraped over her asshole, that tongue still stiffening and wriggling down deep into her asshole.

Nothing in the world could have matched what she felt then! She wondered how long this would last. Then suddenly that magic mouth was gone. She felt a chill as the surrounding air touched her wet ass flesh.

"Man, she's hot, really hot. Gotta take care of her ass. Man, I'm gonna go in, really go in," Gino said, his voice thick and raspy.

Betty gasped, hearing Gino puffing behind her. She waited, wondering what else he had in store for her. There was a fluttering in her cunt, a tightness that was turning into that itchy heat she loved and hated at the same time. Betty bent her knees, trying to ease the strain tugging at her thighs and butt. Oh, that board bound to her ankles was so uncomfortable! But there was little she could do! Then she thought of herself bent down that way, the board keeping her body spread wide open. Gino had tongued her asshole, talking about going in. Was he talking about her cunt? Was he talking about something else? A shudder of horror raced through her body.

Her heart racing to the bursting point, Betty gathered her courage and turned her head around to see what Gino was doing.

"Oh!" she gasped.

The young stud didn't have time to explain to the girl. She felt him grab the wide handles of her hipbones. She could feel his cock brushing against her asshole. At first the blonde teen tilted her ass up and out, thinking he wanted to fuck her cunt. Then Betty realized he was after something else, something that would degrade her for the rest of her life.

"Oh, no, no!" she protested.

He was touching her shitter with his cockhead! He was going to fuck her in the ass! The girl cried out, trying to straighten up. But the ropes binding her ankles and wrists together prevented her from doing anything. She tensed her arms and pulled up again, twisting from side to side, jerking so hard her flesh was soon slick with sweat while her muscles bulged against her flesh. And still Betty could do nothing. She only moved the board a little; her hair slapping over her face while her tits jiggled against one another. There was nothing she could do, nowhere she could run to. They had tied her down too well.

"No, don't, don't fuck me there!" she cried, her voice blending in with the metallic whirring of the nearby generators.

"Shaddup and take it. You're gonna dig it," Gino panted, spitting on one palm and sucking down his cockhead with the, saliva.

"No, no!"

Betty curled her fingers, dragging her nails over her ankles while she felt her heart beating a mile a minute.

With a sudden piercing paint that awful cockhead found her shitter. Betty jerked again, pitching forward, nearly losing her balance. But Hank was up forward, his strong hands on her shoulders. He was keeping her in place, keeping her from falling forward, away from Gino while the stud was ass-fucking her. "Oh no, not there, not there!" Betty moaned, shaking her head from side to side.

No one, not even Annie, had ever suggested getting fucked in the ass. Of course, she had heard stories. This couldn't be happening to her! Of all the horrors that had been visited on the girl, this had to be the worst!

Gino laughed, fucking forward again. Betty screamed louder. The whole tight ring of her shitter felt as if it were being driven up into her belly. She felt the tearing, stretching pain all around the outside of her asshole. It was as if her ass were being torn loose by a dull set of teeth.

"Ughh..." she grunted.

The pressure eased for an instant. Betty could still hear Gino gasping for breath, still feel his cock brushing against the inside curves of her asscheeks while his hands fluttered around her cunt and asshole. Maybe he would give up. Maybe he would change his mind and fuck her in the cunt where she wanted a cock. Even after all this, the girl felt she needed a prick up her cunt.

It wasn't going to happen that way. She felt one of Gino's hands leaving her ass, going down to his cock and bracing his prick. He was holding the fat cockshaft stiff against the rubbery ring of her shitter. Betty sucked in a deep breath, letting her ass relax.

And then it started all over. Like a hard lump of shit in reverse, the prick jammed against he relaxed asshole. Before Betty could even think of what was happening, half the cockhead was already shoved into her. The stretched ring of her shitter lips felt as if it were going to tear apart at the top!

"Wawwwwwhhhhhh!" she screamed.

Her face flushed red while her arms tugged wildly at the ropes behind them to her legs. Her shoulders ached from the awkward position the boys had tied her into as she struggled wildly against the ropes and against Gino's fucking cock.

"Take it, you Goddamned little slut, take it!"

"Oh, you're hurting... hurting me," she panted, her cheeks puffing out from the heavy breathing she was doing.

"Man, oh, man, she's somethin' else -- with that fuckin' butt high up in the air and you fuckin' the shit outta her ass," Hank said, reaching down and pulling the tab of his zipper.

Betty cried out. If he had to fuck her, why couldn't he fuck her in the cunt? Why the ass? Why was he causing her all this pain when it would have felt much better for her to have that fat hard prick up her cunt? She swung her ass around as much as she could, tugging again at the restraining ropes until they chafed her wrists badly. Still Gino kept his prick against her asshole, shoving down, forcing more and more of that cockhead into her shit-chute.

"Uughhhhh!" she grunted.

Betty felt the obscene slickness of his outer cockskin rubbing against her shitter. How odd it was having something that slick, something that big and hot being shoved up her ass. Even Annie's finger didn't produce the storm of sensations now rioting through her body. Relax. That was the only thing she could do. If only she could relax, then the pain wouldn't be nearly as bad.

Relax, relax! she told herself, shaking loose hair from in front of her wide eyes.

And then he dropped his grip on her hips. She felt the hand snaking back to her tits. The girl squirmed, moving her ass back toward the hard muscles of Gino's belly. The big stud noticed this move and smiled, shaking the sweat from his eyes.

"Man, I knew it. Give this girl a little cock and she goes nuts. She digs it, wants more of it. Christ, I could fuck the shit outta her butt and cunt all fuckin' day," Gino said, slapping Betty's asscheeks hard with both hands and watching them jiggle.

"Yeah, but don't forget we ain't got all day."

"The coach's gonna wanna know where the hell we are in a while. We gotta get through with this little bitch pretty fuckin' soon," Hank warned, glancing nervously up the iron stairs to the locked door. The janitor would be returning in a while to check his machinery. They had to fuck Betty and get her back into the corridor before that happened or they'd all be in a pile of shit.

"Man, let 'em find us. I could fuck this chick in the slammer!" Gino boasted.

Gino was going as crazy as Betty. She moved her ass back and forth in accordance with Gino's orders. He slapped her thighs and ass, telling her when to move up, when to move down, when to slide her asscheeks from side to side. She blinked away the tears of shame, feeling her asshole finally relaxing. Her shitter was opening up to the wild man, letting more and more of his cock into her body.

And then a powerful contraction! She felt her asshole clamping down on the intruding cock, nearly shoving it out. Gino grunted, bringing his hands back up to her hips and arching his body back to gain better leverage. He shoved in hard. That pain, that awful paint Betty groaned, feeling as if he were splitting her wide open. It was almost as bad as the first fuck, the first time someone had torn her cherry away.

"Oooohhh!" she screamed.

The agony spread out to the edges of her asscheeks, making her gasp and puff. Her nostrils flared while her fingers trembled against her ankles. The beatings, the wild fuckings had been easier than that. At least Hank had used a hole that Betty had wanted filled.

"I can't... can't take this."

"Sure you can... real good too! Just gotta loosen up a little," Hank said, moving one hand down to his crotch. Betty opened her eyes and saw him pulling out his long prick, wagging his cock in front of her face.

"Noooo!" she cried.

The widening head of his cock seemed to go on forever. Betty wept, fanning out her toes until they cramped. Fucked in the ass! The thought sent shivers of revulsion racing up and down her spine. Just the thought of it made her sick. And it was happening, really happening to her! And now both his hands were covering her tits, pinching her nipples, rolling them around like tiny peas. It was awful! Betty groaned through clenched teeth. She thought of Annie, of those wild conversations they had in the cafeteria talking about guys. How she had giggled over the thought of fucking even though she couldn't have imagined herself fucking in the near future. How she'd envied Annie and her daring. She never would have guessed that she would end up fucking the girl, fucking her boyfriend, then fucking around with him again in this awful position. Her life had become a nightmare in such a terribly short period of time!

"Ughhhhhh!" she grunted.

Her home, the safety of her bedroom, everything she had held dear and sacred to her were being violated, dirtied by this foul man. Betty knew she would never feel safe any more, never feel completely clean.

Gino was pinching her nipples so hard, twisting and turning the nubs until she squealed. They were always making her squeal and scream. That's what they wanted, needed to hear! How long would this go on?

Chapter TEN

There was another easing of the pressure in her ass. Again the girl thought Gino was pulling out. Maybe he would change his mind, clean off his prick and fuck his cock up her cunt. How hot her pussy was getting, how the cunt lips were slick with fuck juice, rubbing against one another. And there was nothing inside, nothing that could ease the pressure and the terrible itchiness driving her crazy. That board between her legs kept her from even easing the heat herself by rubbing her thighs together. It was awful, terrible. And all the while that perfectly good cock was stuffed in her shitter, spreading her ass lining apart while her cunt went begging.

"Maybe she'd like a little inspiration you know, a cock in the mouth!" Hank said, moving one hand to his prick shaft and raising his cock up to her fade. Betty winced, turning her head away from him. She could smell his crotch. The odor made her cunt walls buckle, pushing her into high heat. Suck cock? Yeah! She remembered that day in the cafeteria when Annie sat there experimenting with the peeled banana, telling her that it was important to retract the teeth while sucking prick. Betty could almost laugh now. She remembered how shocked she had been at her friend's words and actions. And then, Gino had walked up, swaggering, laughing at her, nearly raping her right there. Now he was doing it, fucking her ass while Hank was wagging his cock in front of her face, talking about her sucking on it. No, no, she wouldn't do it, wouldn't do it!

"Nooooo!" she yelled.

Her arms and legs spasmed. That fat cockhead finally popped through completely. Betty cried out again, straightening her legs, easing some of the strain off her arms and shoulders as the board kept chafing the fronts of her ankles.

"Suck it!" Hank said, rubbing the salty tip of his prick over her lips.

Betty shook her head from side to side, clamping her jaws shut. She wasn't going to take that filthy cock in her mouth! He could go right on and shove his prick back into his Levi's as far as she was concerned.

"Ohhhh, yeah. Man, oh, man, it's somethin' else havin' your cock stuffed up a butt! Christ, this one's got an asshole almost like a cunt. She's milkin' away at it. Christ, baby, where'd you learn somethin' like that? That's whoring, man, real whoring!"

She couldn't help herself. Betty's body was doing strange things she couldn't possible understand. The girl screamed, her pussy going into tremors of need. That feeling in her shitter was changing, becoming something good, something incredibly warm and wanted. But still it wasn't what she needed -- a good hard fucking in the pussy. She needed a prick fucking back and forth in her cunt, rubbing against her clit. There were two perfectly good cocks in that basement now and neither of them were in her pussy!

Betty felt completely torn. She wrestled her tits against Hank's hands, feeling the pain from her nipples driving more heat into her crotch. He was still fucking his prick in, still spreading her ass lining more and more while her ass muscles ached from the pressure.

Hank was still trying to force his cock into her mouth. She tried moving, but the big stud clamped both hands against the back of her head, forcing her to keep her face pressed against his groin. He was groaning, hunching back and forth, rubbing his cock along her cheeks. Betty felt her stomach turn over again. There was nothing she could do to keep his cock out of her mouth. He could hit her, really hurt her if she tried something dumb like biting his prick. Again the girl tried backing down from the advancing prick. But then she only impaled herself more on the cock behind her. Crying out, Betty opened her mouth to let out a moan. Hank smiled, shoving forward, fucking his cock against her partially opened lips.

Betty felt the hard slick flesh of his prick pressing against her front teeth. She tried moving her head away. But Hank held her hard, rubbing her lips up and down the full length of his heavily veined cock. The smell was greater now, the odor of an aroused male's cock. She could feel the wiry hairs of his groin rubbing against the insides of her nostrils. At times he straightened, rubbing his balls against her chin. And all the while Gino was fucking more and more of his cock up her asshole.

"Baby, baby," the big Italian groaned, his fingers clawing at her ass. Again Betty bent her knees, trying to give the man more room to fuck her ass. It kept going on and on. There seemed to be no end to his prick, no limit to its length!

"No, oh nooooo!" she yelled.

But still it kept coming. She sobbed with humiliation and pain. And then Hank moved both hands down to where her jaw joined her skull, pressing in with her fingertips. Betty thought the top of her skull would blow off. Never before had she felt such pain. Hank kept pressing those pressure points, waiting for her to open up completely. The girl couldn't resist that kind of pain and pressure. With a groan of defeat, Betty gave in completely, opening up, letting the big stud back up and shove his cock into her mouth.

He had shut her up, choked off her cries of pain with that fat prick. There was a strange salty flavor in her mouth now, one that made her swallow again and again. That cum! That white hot jizz! That's what was bubbling out of his slit. How odd. It tasted almost like Annie's cunt juice had the time she and her best girlfriend had made in on the mattress.

"Take it, take it and suck," Hank said in a rough voice. His fingers fanned out on both her cheeks while he began pumping his hips back and forth.

She felt Gino pausing for a moment, his cock partially stuffed in her ass. She let out a muffled scream, Hank's fat prick shoved halfway in her mouth. Hank was moving his hips from side to side, stroking her cheeks, mumbling something dirty while fucking her mouth easily. And then it started all over again. Gino was fucking his cock deeper, sending shivery chills through her ass. The round, firm mounds flexed against his belly as if her ass wanted more of his cock.

Betty felt her ass gradually filling with Gino's cock. It was like a steady growing load of iron-hard meat in her ass. She thought the cock would surely have to stop now. Surely he had all of his prick buried in her shitter and would start fucking her in earnest.

But Gino's cock still kept fucking in with an awful obscene slurping sound. How sensitive her asshole nerves were! Never before would she have thought this were possible! And yet how the fucking had aroused her cunt! Each time his prick fucked in another inch, her pussy went into a series of mini spasms, the power of which nearly knocked her out of her mind. It was only those awful ropes and that board that kept her steady.

"Ohhhh, man, wrap them lips around it. That's it, baby, tighter... ughhh... tighter," Hank moaned.

To take her mind off the ass-fucking, Betty did whatever Hank told her to. She felt the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat and gagged. It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe! She swallowed, coating her throat with a mixture of spit and cum. Then, sucking hard, the girl moved her tongue around and around that mouth-fucking prick, flicking the tip along the sensitive underside of Hank's cock. The young stud responded with a series of groans, his thighs trapping her head between them while he pumped his hairy ass crazily back and forth.

"Shit, man, shit, she's goin' nuts over my dick!" Hank moaned.

"Yeah? Well, she ain't doin' too bad back here. Christ, she makes her asshole like a pussy! Too bad we ain't got somebody else here to take care of her cunt. But I'll see what these magic fingers can do."

He then touched her, greedily working his fingers over her rubbery cuntlips, milking them against one another until frothy fuck juice bubbled out and covered his fingers.

She needed his fingers. It was something to east that killing ache that had driven her mad with its power and pressure.

And then the pressure was over. She could feel his cock hairs brushing against her sensitive ass flesh along her asscrack. His prick was all the way in. Betty heard the stud let out a long shuddering sigh. His hand moved up and down her lower back, caressing her flesh while his sweat dripped down onto her spine. All the while, his fingers were sliding greedily up and down her pussylips, touching her clit, making her moan against that mouth-fucking cock.

Then he started pulling out. If anything, that was worse than the initial entry. It was as if someone had attached some obscene vacuum to her shitter and had turned it on full blast! All her nerve endings protested that move. The girl bent her knees a little more, clenching her asshole muscles together, trying anything to keep Gino from pulling his cock out all the way.

But the young athlete only laughed at her attempts to keep him all the way in. Out he went, arousing the heat in her cunt even more.

And then back in. He was starting to fuck her ass, really fuck her ass! It was almost as if he were trying to shove his prick all the way past her belly and up into her mouth.

"Christ, baby, move that ass! Come on, move it around, lemme see you really dig it!" Gino rasped, slapping his opened hands hard against her asscheeks.

Betty let out another muffled howl, sliding her thighs from left to right. It was like trying to swallow a feast with a few bites. Betty thought her belly would swell to the bursting point at any moment. The heat from her shitter nerves bounced off the nauseating stuffed feeling and doubled back, shooting sparks of a weird kind of a need into her brain. In spite of that pain, in spite of the awkwardness and discomfort, Betty wanted more prick up her ass. She wished in a way Hank would come around and fuck his cock into her shitter, distending it even more, filling her up until her asshole cracked open!

The tempo of Gino's ass-ripping increased. Betty squeezed her ass tight around his prick, trying to drag out more sensuous tingles across her nerves. She didn't care how much anything hurt now. In fact, the more pain, the more pleasure she drew from this all.

"Fuck it out, baby, fuck it out!" Gino moaned, smacking her jiggling asscheeks harder.

"Yeah, and suck on that prick! Oh, man," Hank gasped, his head rolling from side to side while he jerked his hips back and forth rapidly.

Chapter ELEVEN

"Ohhh... ughhhhhhfffff!"

Betty sucked as hard as she could, her tongue lapping busily around the fucking prick. Frothy spittle and cum bubbled out around the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin as Hank fucked faster and faster. Behind her, Gino was going nuts. The speed of his ass-tearing cock increased. The girl groaned, her moans vibrating deliciously against Hank's fucking rod making her cheeks puff out. All she thought, felt, saw, was cock! Inches and inches of hot prickmeat sliding in and out of her. She was going to float in a sea of cum!

"Yeah, baby, back it up, come on, move that fuckin' caboose!" Gino said, slapping her with both opened palms harder and harder while his groin slammed against her reddened ass.

Betty squeezed her shitter tight around his cock, trying to drag more sensuous sensations across her nerves. She didn't care about the humiliation now. There was no such thing. All that existed was the feeling of getting fucked, of having that wonderful prick in her mouth, making her cheeks puff out, coating her throat and belly with that bleachy tasting stuff.

"Man, she's got a tight ass, then she relaxes and... ughhh... makes you think she's got a fuckin' watermelon butt!"

Gino had strength and determination. He fucked back and forth, gradually speeding up his ass-fucking strokes until Betty thought the tissues of her ass would catch fire. The hot friction in her ass was like gasoline on an opened wound. As the length and speed of his fucking grew, the girl could feel the drag of her cuntlips milk out more fuck fluid from her fuck hole. And all the time, Gino was touching her there, rubbing his hands over her swollen cunt, making her feel so good; so very good! "Aaaaahhhh! Oh, man, man, gonna shoot off any see!" Hank warned.

His chin quivered while his head lolled from side to side. Betty could feel his tension through her fingers. He held her tightly, pushing his prick in far and holding still there. It was so hard for her to breathe! Sucking in air noisily through her nostrils, the girl prayed he would fire off his load soon. It was getting so hard to feed her body the much-needed oxygen. And something told her she was going to need as much oxygen as possible very soon!

"Go for it, man. Flood out her fuckin' mouth with your stuff!" Gino said in a strained voice.

The big stud stopped his ass-fucking for a second, slowly easing is cock all the way in and stopping with his balls resting against the tops of her asscheeks. Betty sucked hard, curling her tongue around the fucking prick in her mouth. The insides of her cheeks brushed against the veined sides of Hank's cock. The cockhead kept banging against the back of her throat. More and more pre-cum oozed from the slit.

"Man! Awwwwhhhh fuckin' shiiiiiit!"

Hank snapped his body around as if someone were hitting him from behind. There was a moment of hesitation. And then Betty felt it.

Hank stiffened, his body lurching forward while he fucked his cock all the way into Betty's mouth. The girl choked and coughed, feeling something very warm and salty filling her mouth. Cum! Jizz! Yes, he was shooting off, blowing his load in her mouth. Desperately the girl tried to pull away, to free her mouth of that prick. But Gino was behind her, shoving his knees against the backs of her legs. And the ropes kept her from using her hands. Betty was helplessly bent over, her mouth stretched open, taking the gouts of cum spattering against the back of her throat.

"Swallow it, baby. Come on, swallow that fuckin' jizz. It's good for you, real good," Hank groaned, slapping her face several times as the powerful muscle contractions around his prickhead sent out shower after shower of the gooey white spunk.

Finally she felt his fingers loosening their grip around her face. Betty jerked her head away, pulling free of the softening cock. She spat out a mixture of cum and spit on the floor, choking, coughing violently while her face flushed red.

"Good, huh? Man, she dug it, really dug it," Hank said, pulling on his prick and rubbing his balls.

"Animal!" Betty groaned.

"Yeah, right, we're animals. And what the fuck are you, bent over like this with your fuckin' butt up in the air like some fuckin' bitch?" Gino retorted, slapping her hard on the ass while starting up his fucking again.

"You... you made me do this," she stammered, feeling the bite of his logic.

"Yeah, sure. Maybe at the start. But this we ain't forcin'," Gino said, reaching down and sliding two fingers along the furry slit of her cunt. Betty trembled when he moved the fingers up to her nostrils and forced her to inhale. Yes, she couldn't deny them. They knew she was nothing more than a slut, just as bad, if not worse, as they were.

"Man, she loves playin' the virgin. Then just get er in bed and she's gonna snap the cock off you if she can," Hank taunted.

"Stop it, stop!"

But Betty didn't want the fucking to stop. No, her ass had stretched enough to accommodate Gino's prick. She felt heat slice into her clit. The feeling built up in her quickly. It became as important as the fucking piston of his cockmeat in her asshole.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

Betty grunted with each of his forward fucking thrusts. Every sensation in her body now focused on her asshole. She was still spitting out cum, sucking in air through her mouth, wishing one moment she could die, the other moment that this fucking spree would last all day and into the night.

"Man, man, gonna bust loose too!" Gino whispered, his fingers digging into her ass flesh.

"Yeah, baby, my buddy's gonna burn your fuckin' butt with his jizz! When he gets through, you won't be able to sit down for a week!" Hank whispered in her ear, standing back and watching the girl's final degradation.

Betty felt herself swimming in a sea of forbidden sensations. She was panting like a damned dog. Her mind was blank. She knew she was getting fucked hard and fast. But the way her cunt reacted she didn't particularly care what was happening in her ass. Those fingers were back, playing with her clit, rubbing her cuntlips together and against that little sex spindle. Sparks of emotion showered into her cunt, then sparked up to her brain. Everything was exploding around her into millions of brightly colored pieces. Cumming! Cumming! What a wonderful word! It seemed to be echoing through her mind as the final moments of her torture came.

"Uuguhhhhh!" she groaned in total ecstasy.

That rigid bar of cockmeat slowed down for a moment. Gino was gasping for air. And then he speeded up, his knees bumping hard against the backs of her legs. If only she could touch herself. Twice more the girl tried jerking her arms up. But the ropes only bit harder into her wrists and ankles. Helplessly, the blonde teen stood there, bent over at the waist, tugging frantically at the line that kept her in that obscene awkward position. Strings of cum and drool oozed from the corners of her mouth while her hair brushed back and forth. Very soon Gino was going to blow his load in her ass! She could hear him grunting behind her as if he were digging a ditch.

Betty felt him hitting something deep inside her. She didn't even want to think about it. The kink of her inner ass walls hurt like hell! It was as if someone had stuck a knife in her belly. She felt as if her shitter were ready to tear loose. And all these lewd, obscene feelings added to the thrills building in her ass and cunt. Betty wanted it all to happen at once. The pain in her tits, the sliding of her cuntlips, the fucking thrusts of that cock in her ass -- they all had to come together in some mind blowing pinpoint of delight that would knock the two of them off their feet.

Gino stopped again, grunting something. He pulled his cock out several inches, sucking her guts down. Soon only the head of his prick remained in her asshole. Betty felt the flaring edges of his cockhead tugging at the tender ass walls, making her asshole pucker out. It was wonderful, incredibly wonderful! The girl grunted back, hunching her ass from side to side in response to that teasing.

With another grunt, Gino fucked his prick back deep in her ass. Betty thought she felt her body tearing in half. His cock hit her like a truck crashing out of control. She screamed, feeling a splash of liquid fire burst into her ass.

"Uggghhhhhhhhwwwwwhhh!" she screamed.

Betty thought he had squirted napalm up her shitter. With another wail, the teen felt her cunt snap shut on his fingers, tugging on his digits as if her pussy muscles would pull them out of joint. She was kicking everything free at this point. All around her, the machinery whined and whirred. Outside some of the kids were rooting on the home team during practice. And, down here in the school basement, Betty was fucking her brains out. Yes, it followed. She was a whore, a loveless slut! This was where she belonged, hidden from the rest of the world, fucking out her own perverted fantasies in the dark with other animals of her ilk.

"Whoooo, baby. Man, suck up my cum! Ummm, yeah, suck it up with your butt!" Gino cried through his tightly clenched teeth.

Cumming! Betty thought she was going to go mad. The lightening-like jolts of heat in her cunt amplified the explosions in her ass. Her fever reached a peak, her clit throbbing and spasming while her asshole gripped onto Gino's shooting prick like a vise.

It was over. Like a heap of rags, the girl fell forward, caught in time by Hank. In a moment Gino was down on his hands and knees, untying the ropes around her wrists and ankles, sliding the board back under the workbench then going around and collecting her clothes. All this Betty saw through a film. It was as if she were floating through some weird dimension.

"Hey, she's spaced. You give 'er anything before?" Hank said, slip her bra around her shoulders and glancing nervously again up the stairs toward the locked door. "The old man's gonna be down here soon."

"Yeah," Gino said, pulling her panties back up her legs and checking his watch. "Come on, baby, we know we fucked the shit outta you. But now you gotta get goin'."

"Fuck... oh yes, fucking. Ohhh good," Betty moaned, resting her head on Gino's shoulder while Hank struggled with her blouse and skirt.

They dressed the girl quickly, resting her against the bench while they pulled on their own clothes. Betty shook herself out of the stupor, grabbing her books and slowly climbing the stairs. It was so hard to move. Her muscles ached from that cramped bent over position they had roped her in. Yet she knew as well as they, that she had to get out of there and act normal. Cum oozed from her asshole end wet down her panties as she reached the top, Hank and Gino behind her. Through the door they could hear the last class bell ringing.

"Nothin' about this, understand?" Gino warned, opening the door and pushing Betty through it.

They followed, looking guilty and running their fingers through their hair.

"Nothin'," Gino said, shaking a warning finger at her.

Betty turned, walking like a zombie. She had to snap out of this. She had to hide her feelings. Of course she knew she should have been feeling weak, defeated, crushed into the dirt. Instead there was a glow, a feeling of satisfaction warming her body. The pink marks on her wrists were barely noticeable, and she doubted anyone would comment on them.

"Oh, Betty, hi! You cut class?" Annie asked, rushing up to her friend.

"Just wasn't feeling well, Annie. I stopped off at the nurse's. I'll get an excuse and bring it to Mrs. Thatcher tomorrow. Gotta run."

She should tell Annie about what happened. Well, maybe tomorrow. Right now she wanted to rush home and think about what had happened to her.

The more she thought about it the more excited she was. That dreamy, drugged feeling was gone, replaced by something approaching exhilaration! Her step quickened. Reaching the outdoors, she stopped at the top of the stairs, surveying the other kids running home.

Maybe some of the others would have thought what she had done was wrong. But how could she help it? Strange feelings inside her had been released and there was nothing she could do except follow them.

Yes, she would talk to Annie later -- and Gino and Hank. It would be nice, all four of them. No hiding, no lies. Just nice, fun Wednesday evenings. A kind of study group. Betty smiled, walking down the stairs, humming a tune as she walked toward her home.


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