Babysitter in bondage

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting circumstances.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly joins the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Debby Wilson is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. A healthy, attractive teenager, she has no reason to think she is different from other girls her age. But within her a love of degradation and desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

BABYSITTER IN BONDAGE -- a fictional story about those who appear normal, but whose needs are different from most.

Chapter ONE

Debby Wilson touched the delicate fringe of blonde hair that surrounded her pink, oozing cunt. Her emerald-green eyes flashed with growing pleasure. Slowly, she lifted her hips until Jimmy's balls touched the insides of her thighs.

"You gonna fuck me, or just look at me all night?" Debby teased, looking into her boyfriend's eyes.

"Damn, you're so pretty," Jimmy said, his gaze on the soft contours of her tits, her shapely, sensuous body. "Sometimes I think I could cum from just looking at you." He reached for her coral-colored nipples.

Debby shivered with ecstasy. This was their third time to fuck, and if this fuck was going to be anything like their last fuck, they were both in for a treat. The memory of his giant cock still burned in her mind. She reached out and touched his bobbing prick, letting her fingernails gently scrape over the loose sheath of foreskin.

"Go ahead," she said, holding his prick down at an angle, "stick it in my pussy now. I'm so hot, baby."

"No, let's make this one slow, OK?" Jimmy said, swallowing hard. "Hell, I haven't fucked you in almost a week."

Debby had missed him, too, but there was nothing she could do about it. She had had five straight babysitting jobs and she desperately needed the money for college. And September was just two months away. She still needed almost three hundred dollars. After she got into college, however, there would be plenty of time to spend with Jimmy. They had even talked of getting an apartment together just off campus. It would be perfect, coming home from classes and then taking care of the house for him. And then when he came home from work. That part would be fantastic.

Debby removed her hands from his thick, pulsating cock and let her fingers trail up his hairy, muscular chest, finally resting on his wide shoulders.

"Fuck me, Jimmy," she whispered, her eyes glazed with anticipation of what was to come.

"Let me lick you for a little first," Jimmy said, resisting her effort to pull him down on her body.

Although Debby liked the torture of waiting, she felt a sense of urgency that made her pussy throb like it was on fire. He might be the best when it came to eating cunt, but there was nothing like a firm, rubbery cock to relieve that horrible itch.

"Hurry," she panted, dropping her arms to her sides. "Please, just hurry, OK?"

Jimmy had no intention of hurrying at all. Every second with her was wonderful. He just wished they could be together like this all the time.

Jimmy sat back on his haunches and again let his gaze wander over the firm, teen-aged body. There wasn't an imperfection anywhere, almost as if she had been carved out of peach colored marble. Her hair was so blonde as to be almost white, catching the amber glow in the room, and the silky strands framed her oval, sensitive face. Her lips, pink and creamy, were full and delicately curved.

The rest of her, however, was what interested him the most. He'd never seen tits like hers before. They were full and ripened, and even when she lay on her back they stood up, as if the bud-like nipples were hanging by invisible wires. The fullness of her tits gave way to a waspish waist, then rounded hips. Her legs were long and shapely, firm as a swimmer's. Even her feet were pretty -- well-shaped and soft, the nails painted a pale pink, like the color on her mouth.

Jimmy touched the tops of her thighs and slowly lowered his face to the steamy patch of cunt hair. Even before he touched her swollen pussy with the tip of his tongue he could smell the perfumed steam that billowed from inside her cunt. The smell made his throat twitch with hunger.

If there was any complaint Debby might have about Jimmy, it was the fact that he was so slow sometimes. And perhaps the way he touched her, as if she were made of glass.

Well, maybe after we've been with each other for a time, she mused, we can do it my way once in a while... just a real hard fucking, like a couple of cats on a fence.

"Oh, God, that's good!" Debby cried, feeling his tongue fuck into her boiling cunt. "Do it fast, Jimmy. Make it like a cock. Stick it all the way up my pussy."

Jimmy, however, had other ideas. He carefully pulled back the loose folds of skin that curtained her cunt, then barely touched her pink pussy flesh with the tip of his tongue. As he did, her rubbery pulsating clit pressed against his teeth.

"Damn, you taste so fucking good," Jimmy murmured, nudging his tongue a little farther inside to capture some of the sweet-tasting fuck fluid that melted from the back of her canal. "Shit, baby, I could eat you like this all night."

Debby clawed her nails into the sheets and hoped she could wait for the torture to be over. It certainly wouldn't be easy, however, because her insides were so hot, so buttery, she thought she would go crazy. She exhaled loudly and again closed her eyes.

Dammit, Jimmy, why can't you just fuck me hard for once? she asked silently.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby," Jimmy whispered, licking the tip of his tongue over her clit, farther up inside her pussy. "It's just like melted sugar."

Although Debby felt the beginnings of climax, she knew the pleasures would be empty. They always were when she didn't have a cock inside her. Climaxing this way was almost like diddling herself.

She again reached for the throbbing monster of his cock. The mere touch sent chills up and down her spine, made her throat ache hungrily.

"God, I can't stand it, you bastard!" she gasped. "Put it inside me. Fuck me, please!"

Jimmy sucked on her cunt for a few more moments while she tugged at his prick, and then slowly kissed through her silky bush of pussy hair. He then nibbled across her smooth, flat stomach and licked at the bottom of her right up. Slowly, he engulfed her soft tit with his lips and darted his tongue around her rock-hard nipple.

While he sucked and chewed on her tit, Debby scooted farther down on the bed until the tip of his cock was against her pussy entrance. She then heaved her hips upward, sucking about half of his cockshaft inside. Immediately, the itch went away, replaced by a hard convulsion of pleasure.

"Yessssss!" she hissed, reaching her hands around his body and clawing at his firm, hairy ass. "Give me all of it. Fuck me with cock, you prick!"

Jimmy crushed his full weight down between her legs, fucking the entire length of his cock to the hilt. As his balls rested just at the bottom of her cunt opening, he felt her insides pull on his prick like a starving throat.

"Hey, go slow," he murmured, kissing to her left tit. "I want to enjoy this for a long time."

Debby couldn't help herself. She began thrashing and bouncing as if being tortured, her full concentration on the delicious way his prick molded itself into her pussy.

"Godddddd!" she screamed, her climax building with such intensity she thought the top of her head was going to blow off. "Fuck me! Fuckkkk meeeeee!"

While her orgasm peaked violently, Jimmy held himself against her body, hardly moving. A few moments later, when she went limp, he began to slowly, rhythmically fuck his prick in and out of her steamy pussy.

"This is the way I like it," he said, gobbling over her tits with his warm, wet mouth. "Just fucking away like this for hours."

Debby had to admit that her climax had been breath-taking, but it could have been better. Just once she would like to feel him cum inside her when she had an orgasm. God, that would be perfect, she thought.

When she got to know him better, she hoped things would be different. They could fuck long and slow once in a while, then they could fuck wildly on other nights. They would have a lifetime to learn how to please each other.

But maybe I'm just weird, Debby thought. Most girls would love to have a man so gentle, so caring. Maybe it all started from that first time.

She had been at the drive-in movie with Greg, and, before she fully realized what was going on, he had undressed her and had fucked his cock between her legs so hard she thought her eyes were going to pop out. The first fuck as a virgin, she had been told by everyone, would be terrible. It hadn't been. In fact, the brutality of his move had made her climax even before he tore her cherry out. And although Greg had turned out to be a rat, she still compared every man to him.

Wonder what had happened to him? After he'd gone to the pen for stealing a car, he'd dropped out of sight. That was two years ago.

Greg. He might be completely without morals, but he sure knew how to fuck, that much she had to give him. By pleasing himself, he always managed to please her, she remembered. It was just too bad things turned out the way they did. She had had to testify in court, as a character witness for the defense, but the prosecutor had turned everything around. He'd gotten her to admit that they were sleeping together, and that was all it took. A car thief who had been fooling around with a teen-aged girl was all it took for the judge to hand down the sentence.

Even to this day she could see the look in his eyes as they led him out. Because of you, they had said. And perhaps that was true. He had so much charm; even the judge had been sympathetic until she'd gotten on the stand.

Oh well, he's probably out of the pen by now and charming some other girl. I should consider myself lucky I got out of that mess when I did. Otherwise, I might even be in jail myself.

Jimmy might be a little tame, but he was safe. And there was college in two months. Her life was really taking shape.

"Mmmmmmm, I love the way you fuck," Debby murmured, half to Jimmy, half to an imaginary Greg. "Stick it to me hard. Make it hurt."

"Hurt?" Jimmy said, lifting his head from her tits. "Hell, baby, I couldn't hurt you in a million years."

She was about to experience another climax when the telephone rang. Both she and Jimmy flinched.

"Who the fuck could that be?" Jimmy said, stopping all movement. "Hell, it's almost midnight."

"Maybe it's an answer to my ad," Debby said, squirming from beneath Jimmy's hulking frame.

"Your ad?" Jimmy said, puzzled. "What are you talking about?"

"I'll explain later," Debby said, reaching for the telephone.

While she talked on the phone, Jimmy turned to his side, facing her, and ran his fingers over the small of her back. As he listened to the conversation, however, his brows furrowed with displeasure. She was saying something about the whole weekend, and they had planned on going to the lake.

"Hey, what was that, all about?" he asked when she replaced the receiver. "And what ad are you talking about?"

"I put an ad in the paper," Debby explained. "You know, to baby-sit for weekends. I thought since it was summer and people would like to get away, I might make some money. And this lady is going to give me a hundred dollars just for two days! Isn't that wonderful?"

"Do you know her?" Jimmy asked, caution in his tone. "I mean, it could be some crazy person."

"Oh, come on, Jimmy, you're just not trusting enough," Debby said impatiently. "And besides, if it doesn't look right, I can always refuse the job."

"What about us and the lake this weekend?" Jimmy insisted, a scowl on his handsome face.

"Tell you what," Debby said, still excited from the phone call, "I'll make it up to you right now. I'll fuck you a whole weekend's worth."

With that, she pushed him on his back and straddled his middle. As she clawed her nails into the hard muscles of his chest, she squirmed her pussy over the underside of his cock.

"I'll ride your big cock like this all night," Debby murmured, sucking the tip of his prick shaft into her cunt. "Hmmmm? You gonna like that?"

When Jimmy felt her hugging pussy walls around his cock there was no more argument. He buried his face between her firm, ripened tits. Then, as she began quickly bouncing her ass up and down, he licked back and forth, feeling her nipples tingle.

"Damn, you're good," he murmured, sliding his hands down to her hips, then around to her ass. "Just keep fucking like this -- real slow -- all night long."

Debby didn't know if she would be able to keep up the rhythmic pace much longer. Already her cunt was bubbling, sucking on his cock like a vacuum. And each time the end of his iron-like prick shaft pierced into her guts, she felt the dark urges inside her body become more powerful and demanding.

"Fuck me!" Debby cried, rolling her head around on her shoulders. "God, stick it all the way up my pussy and give me your cunt to fuck."

When Jimmy increased the speed of his fucking, Debby screamed with passion. She began clawing his back, and then reached around to her ass, touching his hands.

"Stick your fingers in my ass!" she gasped. "Mmmm, I want to get fucked all over."

Gingerly, Jimmy rubbed his fingertips into the puckered opening of her shitter. Then, when two of his nails disappeared inside her asshole, he felt her flinch, then heard her give a shrieking moan.

"Harder!" Debby begged. "Jesus, I think I want your fist up my ass!"

Jimmy almost laughed at her remark. She was so tiny there, he could barely get his fingers inside.

Debby was dead serious, however. Never before had her asshole seemed so alive with pleasure just from the touch of a man's fingers. Although she had never tried it before, she suddenly wondered what it would be like to have a thick, meaty cock shoved up there, poking her ass full of cum.

Of course she would never really do it, but thinking about ass-fucking filled her with such pleasure, she climaxed immediately. She crashed her body down on his with such force it was almost as if she were trying to burrow right between his legs.

"God, fuck me," she panted, lifting her ass quickly and banging back down. "Yeeeiiii!"

Jimmy really didn't know what to make of her. She was quickly turning into a wildcat, not even like she was enjoying it, but suffering. Still, the heat, the hard sucks of her cunt made him match her efforts. He began hammering upward, fucking his cock deeply in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck it, you little whore," he said, his mouth still on her tits. "Goddamn you, if you're gonna act like a whore, fuck like one!"

Although his words filled him with shame, he couldn't control himself. What had turned out to be a beautiful thing was quickly turning out to be something dirty. It was like they had become animals.

And she looked so sweet and virginal, he thought. It just seemed so out of character for her to bounce around like this.

"Jesus!" Debby screamed, falling forward. She twisted and writhed over his body savagely, flexing her cunt muscles so hard the base of her spine burned. "Fuck me, you mother fucker! Fuck me full of hot cum!"

Jimmy felt his balls pulsate, then spit his jism into the root of his cock. When the thick lumps of cum shot up the center of his prick shaft and splashed into her burning cunt, it was wonderful, momentarily clearing his confused thoughts.

"Fuck me!" he gasped, digging his long fingers into the soft flesh of her ass. "Take my cum up your pussy, you little cum-sucking slut!"

When Debby felt his scalding fuck fluid eat into her cunt, she thought her guts were going to explode. And with each molten drop, her pleasures heightened until every cell in her body seemed electric with ecstasy. She humped and bounced wildly, clawing at his shoulders and arms as if trying not only to gobble his cock, but his entire body inside her cunt.

"Fuckkkkkk!" she wailed, freezing when her ecstasy peaked, bordering on pain. She then went limp, gasping against the side of her neck. Slowly, she squirmed her ass around and milked the rest of the cum from his cock. "Oh, Jimmy, that was the best."

Jimmy was still so stunned by the names he had called her he couldn't even think. In a way he was glad they weren't going to the lake for the weekend. It would give him some time to sort out his feelings.

"Mmmmm, didn't you like it?" Debby murmured, sensing that everything wasn't right.

"I'm sorry I called you a whore," Jimmy said. "I don't know why I said it."

"That's OK," Debby laughed. "Mmmmm, I felt like a whore when we were doing it."

"Maybe I'd better go now," Jimmy said, still confused at his own emotions.

"But you said you were going to spend the night since my mom is gone," Debby protested.

"Well, OK," Jimmy said reluctantly.

Although Debby was hurt, she wasn't going to let it bother her. It was Thursday, and it would be the last night she would have with him until Monday. That lady on the phone told her to be there at five sharp on Friday -- tomorrow.

And a hundred dollars! If she got only two more jobs like that, she and Jimmy would have the rest of the summer together.

"Want me to suck you a little?" Debby grinned, pulling away from his body. "Hmmmmm? I'll do it so good for you, baby."

"Yeah, I'd like that." Jimmy grinned suddenly, remembering the way her mouth felt, sliding up and down his cock. "But you'll take it slow, OK?"

"Oh, yes, slow and easy," Debby said, lifting her body off his middle.

When she saw the glistening wads of cum on his cock, she felt her throat ache with hunger. And the size of his cock! His prick was ten or eleven inches. She just wished she could somehow suck all his cock in her throat. That, however, was impossible. She'd tried it before and almost choked to death.

"I love your big cock," she whispered, positioning herself between his outstretched legs.

She then lifted his meaty prick shaft and kissed the creamy tip. When the taste of cum stung the back of her throat, she opened her mouth wide and lowered her head.

"Mmmmm," she murmured, lapping her tongue at the loose sheath of his foreskin.

Jimmy lay back and was treated to a deliciously slow blow-job that made him once more disappointed that they wouldn't be spending the weekend together.

Chapter TWO

Debby stood outside the rundown house and again checked the address on the piece of paper she held in her hand. This wasn't anything like she'd imagined. In her mind she had seen a lovely home, with a manicured lawn, perhaps a Mercedes parked out front.

Instead, she was greeted with what looked like an abandoned shack, set at the end of a garbage-strewn street in a part of south Dallas that had a reputation for seedy characters.

She was about to turn around and get back into her car when a young woman of about twenty-four or twenty-five, came out. She walked down the steps between three parked motorcycles and gave Debby a big smile.

"Are you Debby, the sitter?" the woman asked.

"Well, yes," Debby answered, looking more carefully at the woman, not particularly liking, or even approving of what she saw. "But I think I've changed my mind."

The woman could have been beautiful if she'd just tried harder. She was tall and lanky and had ripened tits pressing through the material of her cheap blouse. The dark-red hair looked greasy, however, and her face was death white. Dark circles were under the woman's eyes. There was a faint odor of oil and gasoline about her.

"Come on inside before you make a decision," the woman said. "I'm Amy, by the way. My, uh, son is in here."

Well, a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars, Debby thought. And she supposed she could take anything for a couple of days, even staying in this dirty shack.

After Debby was ushered into the living room, she flinched. Two men were sitting on a torn couch, drinking beet. They were surrounded by torn newspapers, empty beer cans and general filth. From the glazed looks in their eyes, they were higher than a kite.

"I don't think so," Debby said, taking a step back toward the door. She felt a momentary clutch of fear at the back of her throat as the men looked at her. "Some other time, perhaps." She touched the handle of the torn screen door.

"He's in here," Amy said, as if she hadn't heard. "Come on in. He'll be glad to see you."

What child wouldn't? Debby thought, having these sub-humans around him all the time. Poor thing.

In spite of herself, Debby followed the woman down the darkened hall and into a bedroom on the far left. Each step of the way made her more and more depressed, determined that she wasn't going to take the job for any amount of money.

"She's here, baby," Amy said, pushing open the door. "Right on time."

To her shock, Debby found herself pushed into the bedroom, then heard the door slam behind her. She turned quickly and tried the knob, but the woman had already locked it from outside.

"Hey! Let me out of here! What's going on?" Debby demanded.

"Hello, Debby," a deep voice said from a darkened corner of the room. "Long time no see."

Debby whirled, and then touched her face as if she'd been slapped. Slowly, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. It was Greg!

"Yeah, it's me," Greg said, getting off the bed and smiling at her. "Have I changed much? You sure have."

He had changed, Debby thought. He looked meaner, and now he sported tattoos on his meaty arms. He was wearing dirty jeans and a torn undershirt, smelled of stale beer and cigarettes. The spark of life was gone from his eyes, replaced by a worldly cynicism. His mouth, once etched with laugh lines, was set and bitter.

"Greg, I don't believe it," Debby whispered, again feeling fear claw at her mind. "I... I thought I was supposed to baby sit. Where is the, uh, baby?"

"I guess I'm the baby in question," Greg laughed humorlessly, getting off the bed.

"I have to leave," Debby said quickly, again trying the knob.

"Oh, no, baby," Greg said, walking over toward her, his arms hanging loosely at his sides, "we have old times to talk about. Like how you got me sent up."

"How was I to know he was going to ask all those questions?" Debby said, spluttering, casting a hunted look about the cluttered room. "I didn't mean to say those things."

"I saw your ad in the paper when I was looking for a part for my bike, and this opportunity just seemed too good to pass up," Greg continued, ignoring her protest.

"There's no... baby?" Debby asked, swallowing hard. "Then, why did you call?"

"To see you and do all those things again you told the judge about," Greg said, now standing in front of her.

"Let me go!" Debby shouted, clawing at the door, feeling the coppery taste of terror in the back of her mouth. "Don't you dare touch me, I'll call the police!"

"Like I really give a fuck." Greg roughly grabbed her. He bit down on her mouth like a striking cobra, then embraced her, grinding his crotch against hers. "Mmmmm, you have changed," he murmured, tasting the sweet flavor of her mouth. "All ripe and ready for the plucking, so to speak."

If Debby had had any affection for Greg, it all disappeared. This man was an animal, and, for some reason, he thought it was her fault that he'd been sent to jail. She tore away from him and spit, then rubbed her lips as if trying to erase the acrid taste of his mouth.

"Keep away from me," she demanded, feeling anger replace her fear. She lifted her hand as if to claw out his eyes. "I'm not kidding, Greg, I'll go to the police."

"So?" Greg laughed. "They already want me in Oklahoma. A little lady and I had a slight disagreement. Almost like what you and I are having right now. I had to shut her up."

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Debby asked, trembling.

"I'm gonna shut you up, too." Greg smiled a grimace like a vampire. "With this," he added, unzipping his jeans and flopping out his half-hard cock.

"No!" Debby screamed, throwing herself against the wall. She looked at his cock as if his prick were an instrument of torture. "I won't let you," Her face turned ashen with horror.

"Get your sweet ass over here, you little bitch," Greg said, grabbing her by her hair.

He jerked her across the room and threw her to the bed. Instantly, he was on top of her, grinding his crotch between her legs.

"You're gonna pay, slut," he grunted, again crushing his mouth down on hers.

Debby still couldn't believe this was happening. Locked in a room with a criminal, about to be raped! She began kicking and screaming, clawing at his face with her fingernails.

"Don't! I won't let you!" she cried.

Suddenly, a flaming spasm of pain tore into her jaw as he hit her with his open hand. The room seemed to spin, grow darker. Slowly, Debby's body went limp, her mind dulled to near unconsciousness. As she lay there, feeling his mouth on hers, his rough hands tearing the clothes from her body, it was almost as if this was happening to someone else and she was only watching.

"No, please," she whispered, seeing the blurred, handsome face twist around.

Through the nightmarish quality of her thoughts came the sudden realization that he was now off her, his hands on her wrists. Slowly she turned her head and saw that he was tying her right hand to the corner of the bed frame with a piece of greasy-looking rope.

"What are you doing?" she moaned, still feeling the flood of pain in her jaw.

"Gonna hog-tie you and fuck you like the pig you are," Greg said, reaching for her other hand.

With horrified fascination, Debby watched him attach another rope to her left hand and anchor it to the edge of the bed. He then jerked her legs apart and tied her feet to the corners. When he'd finished, he tore her panties and bra away, leaving her fully naked.

"Wow, you sure have gotten pretty," Greg said, removing his own clothes. "Now you just be a good little girl and don't make me ruin your face for you."

Now fully conscious, Debby couldn't imagine being more terrified. She was going to be assaulted by this animal, with that monster of a cock that bobbed up and down from his hairy crotch.

Debby swallowed hard and looked at him as if trying to force him from her thoughts, hoping she would wake up and find this to be nothing more than a bad dream.

He didn't even look like the old Greg she remembered. Gone was the affection in his eyes, the quick smile. Now he looked like some pagan God, ready to fuck a virgin.

"Remember this?" Greg said, grasping his cock in his right hand. "This was the baby that poked out your cherry."

That night seemed a million years ago for Debby. As she looked at his thick, pulsating prick shaft of rock-hard meat, it seemed impossible that she had almost, worshiped his cock.

"Don't hurt me," Debby said, flinching with cold terror. "God, just let me go, please!"

"Like I said, I gotta shut you up now," Greg said, getting onto the bed. He straddled her chest and placed his knees in her armpits, squirming his ass over her tits. "Gonna stuff my prick all the way in, baby."

Debby thought she was going to vomit when she smelled his crotch. His prick was dirty and sweaty, and his cock looked like his cockshaft hadn't been washed in months. She could see flecks of dried cum just under the enormous head.

"Please, God, don't..."

Her words became a muffled scream when he fucked the end of his prick violently into her mouth. He held himself over her face for a few seconds, while half his prick shaft throbbed over her tongue, then crushed fully down. The entire slab of prick became embedded in her throat.

Debby did vomit, but her throat was completely clogged with cock, forcing the acrid fluid back into her stomach. Although this was the most horrible sensation she had ever had, she now had something even more terrifying to worry about. She couldn't breathe at all, and her lungs felt fiery.

"Mmmffffff," she gagged, clawing at her palms with her nails. She twisted her head, trying desperately to spit his cock out, but she was no match for his hulking strength. Another splutter became muffled in his acrid smelling crotch hairs.

"Mmmmm, this is nice," Greg said, squirming over her body. "Almost as good as your pussy is. But I'm gonna save that for last."

When Debby was absolutely certain that she would suffocate, be choked to death on his horrible cock. Greg pulled back, allowing her to breathe. When she sucked in the delicious air, she also pulled in more of the flavor of his cock and balls, again causing her stomach to rumble with vomit.

"Nnnnn!" she gasped, trying to turn her head to one side.

"Oh, no, baby, you're gonna suck me dry whether you like it or not," Greg said, placing his hands behind her head and forcing her face hard against his crotch. "Shit, I think I'll like it better if you don't enjoy it."

Could it be possible that this was the same cock that had given her so much pleasure? The same delicious prick shaft that had fucked into her virgin pussy and flooded her with ecstasy she still dreamed of at flight?

No, his cock was a monster, an instrument of torture, meant to hurt and injure.

"Suck it good, baby, and I'll give you some hot cum to swallow down," Greg said, again lifting his body. He held his cockhead between her lips for a few seconds, then lunged back down. He panted, his muscular body tightening, glistening with sweat.

Debby realized there was nothing she could do but lie there and be assaulted. What could she do? Her hands and feet were tied, and she was helpless against his overpowering strength. The strength she had once craved now filled her with revulsion and disgust. Well, maybe it will be over quickly, she thought. It had to be, the way his prick was throbbing so. And after he'd stuffed his horrible cum in her throat he would untie her and let her go.

Just try to endure it for a few more minutes, she told herself.

"Want to lick on my balls a little?" Greg asked, withdrawing his cock and squirming upward on her body. "Hmmmm? They're all nice and full of cum for you to eat, little slut."

When Debby felt the furry texture of his balls against her lips she again had to fight back a wave of nausea, if possible, they tasted even more vile than his cock. She pursed her lips and turned her head, closing her eyes in disgust.

"Hey, that's no way to treat an ol' fucking buddy," Greg said, his voice sharp. "You're gonna lick me all over and you're gonna fucking like it."

Debby felt his rough hands on her throat, squeezing her air off. After her face turned a mottled purple, she realized she would have to do anything he asked or he might kill her.

"OK, I will," she spluttered, darting her tongue out and touching his foul-smelling balls. "Don't... choke..."

When he'd released the pressure of his hands, Debby held her breath and began swabbing her tongue over the hairy surfaces of his balls. After a few moments, seeming like a life time, she felt him crawl farther upward until his balls dangled against her forehead.

"Now my shithole, baby," Greg said, planting his ass crack over bet lips. "Run that sweet little tongue up my ass and lick it clean."

Debby thought her world had come to an end when she tasted the dank flavor of his shitter on her open mouth. The hairs around his asshole ground against her upper lip and chin like steel wool. Although she fought, she couldn't escape.

"Want me to fucking choke you again?" Greg said. "Because, baby, if you don't lick me good, I just might choke the fuck out of you."

Remembering the horror of his hands about her throat, Debby began doing as he asked. She thrust her tongue upward and inside his dark, smelly asshole. After licking in and out for a few moments, she nibbled at the greasy opening.

"Ah, that's the way, whore," Greg said, pumping his ass up and down. "All the way in."

"God, this is terrible," she panted, swallowing the flavor of his asshole. "Please don't make me do this."

"Would you rather eat on my cock?" Greg smiled sadistically.

"Yes," Debby said. The fire or the frying pan. "Yes, anything."

Greg slipped back down and crushed his ass down on her tits, rolling her nipples up his ass crack. He then forced his cock back into her throat and punched fully forward, fucking the entire length into her throat. As his balls bumped her throat and draped over her chin, he began squirming his ass around brutally.

"Mmmmmfffff," Debby choked, thinking that the pressure of his hulking body might crush her skull.

"Like it, sweet slut?" Greg whispered, beginning to pump his ass up and down. "Hmmmm? You like sucking on my cock like this?"

I hate it, and I hate you, you bastard! Debby thought. If only I could get free, I'd tear your eyes out.

God, it still didn't seem real. One minute driving down the street in the fading sunlight, the next, being raped in the mouth while bound in a filthy room with a depraved criminal!

Suddenly, she felt his cock begin to jerk with life. In a way, she was almost glad, for soon her torture would be over. After his cum had boiled from his cock and steamed down her throat, she could try to forget this ever happened. She wouldn't even go to the police. She would go home, take a long bath and erase the horrible experience from her memory.

"Suck me, slut cunt," Greg said, fucking wildly in and out of her throat. "I've got lots of cum for you to suck on if you do a good job."

Christ, anything to hurry him, Debby thought.

She began sucking his prick as if she really enjoyed it, closing her lips tightly around his fucking cockshaft. And each time her lips crushed into the wiry patch of hair, she felt his cockhead enlarge until she thought his prick as going to explode.

Finally, she felt a buzzing at the base of his cock, then the quick vibrations as his cum-load shot up the center of his shaft. A split-second later, her mouth was a cauldron of milky, bubbly cum.

"Aaaghhhhhh," she choked, feeling the thick lumps of juice burst at the back of her throat. Half of the fiery liquid shot upward behind her nose, then blasted from her nostrils. The other half melted into her stomach. Another gurgling cry caused some of the second quick wad of cum to spray over his balls and into his crotch hairs.

"Suck it, you ass-licking cunt!" Greg said, pumping in more of his cum-load. "Eat out every fucking drop and gobble it down."

Debby couldn't believe the amount of cum he had. She tried swallowing or spitting it out, but each time she did, another massive glob exploded from his cock. Soon, the fuck fluid seemed to be everywhere, crawling across her cheeks, wetting up her chin and neck, even in her eyes.

Any other time she might have enjoyed his cum. After all, he did have a big, delicious looking cock -- if he would only wash once in a while, and all that cum would really hit the spot if she really wanted it.

Wanted it?

How could any girl want cum from a man who was raping her mouth? It was disgusting.

Still, she couldn't deny that the back of her throat was tingling with pleasure. And her pussy had even begun to throb. The sensations filled Debby with shame and humiliation.

It would be one thing to be assaulted like this, but to even mildly enjoy it? It was unthinkable. She made every effort possible to ignore the surging warmth inside her cunt, the dark greed of her throat.

Fortunately Greg pulled away just when Debby didn't think she could control herself any longer. When his rigid cum-coated cock slipped from her mouth and slapped his stomach, she turned her head and closed her eyes, gasping for air. A trickle of cum oozed against her lips and she spit.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" Greg said. "You used to eat on my cock like it was a fucking sucker. Don't you like it any more?"

"I hate it," Debby said, her body shaking with disgust. "You stink, you bastard."

"Well, I'll be Goddamned, you've turned into a regular Girl Scout," Greg laughed sadistically. "I remember when you'd crawl between my legs and practically suck my cock right off."

"I was young," Debby said, giving him a hard look.

"Yeah, I remember," Greg said. "But I sure made a woman of you that night I busted your cherry to pieces, didn't I? All that blood and cum running down your legs. Ah, that was sweet."

"Don't remind me," Debby said, flushing with shame. "I just want to forget all about you... and then." She looked up at him, anger flashing in her emerald-green eyes. "Would you untie me now? You've had your fun."

"Why, sweet angel," Greg said, his eyes glowing with a mixture of lust and hatred, "the fun is just beginning."

"What do you mean?" Debby asked quickly.

"I hired you for the whole weekend," Greg said. "You're gonna put out. Not only for me, but for my buddies, too."

Debby couldn't believe his threat. Surely he didn't dream of keeping her here like this, forcing her to be so degraded. He had to be kidding! She said as much.

"Come on, baby, wise up," Greg said, pulling away from her face and reaching for the ropes at her feet.

Debby felt an instant sense of relief when he untied her feet. So he was going to let her go. Thank God.

"Like I said," Greg said, grasping her ankles and thrusting her legs upward, "I'm gonna really work you over."

Debbie cried out when she was rolled into a ball, feeling her knees crush against her tits. Then, to her horror, she saw that he was tying her hands and feet together at the top corners of the bed.

"Ouch!" she gasped. "What are you going to do? Untie me, you prick!"

"Gonna poke it to you now," Greg said after he'd secured the knots. "The other was just to get you warmed up."

Debby's body went limp with defeat. So now he was going to fuck her cunt as he had her mouth. Hopefully, she could endure it, and then surely he would let her go. He had to!

"Such a sweet little ass," Greg said.

He kneeled on the middle of the bed, pressing his knees against the small of her back. He fondled her rounded asscheeks, then let his fingers glide through her blonde pussy hairs.

"Hey, baby, your pussy still taste sweet?" he asked, lowering his face to her cunt.

Debby closed her eyes wishing she were dead. She'd never before felt so ashamed, so humiliated. Tied up like this it must look comical, she thought, and with that animal pig down there fingering her pussy.

"Oh!" she cried, feeling his warm mouth against her pussy opening. Then when his tongue fucked deep inside, the insides of her cunt fluttered involuntarily as before. "Don't!"

"Mmmmmm, still hot and tight," Greg said, licking over her rubbery clit. "But, like I said, I'm gonna save this for last."

Debby felt his mouth move downward, to the crack of her ass. Then, after he'd washed her ass opening, she felt a hard pressure where his tongue had been. She quickly opened her eyes then gasped with horror.

"It's in the wrong place," she said. "That's my asshole."

"I know," Greg laughed. "First your shitter, then your sweet pussy."

"No! Don't! You'll kill me with your cock!" Debby cried.

"That's the chance I'll have to take," Greg said, fucking forward with his full strength.

For Debby, the universe seemed to explode in liquid pain.

Chapter THREE

Debby threw her head to one side and screamed until she thought her lungs would burst. Although only half of Greg's cock was throbbing inside her shitter, she already felt as if the tips of his prick shaft was piercing between her shoulder blades.

"Hey, don't tell me this is cherry," Greg said with a sadistic leer. "You mean nobody has fucked you here?"

"No!" Debby gasped through clenched teeth.

"Now, ain't that nice? You save it just for me," Greg laughed. "We'll do it right then baby. Just... poke the fuck... out of it."

As he spoke, he fucked in the rest of his cockshaft. When the hairy base of his prick pushed her asshole open and his furry balls rested against the small of her back, he lowered his face to her tits and licked at her rubbery, coral-colored nipples.

"Sweet Jesus," Debby groaned, her insides a cauldron of fiery, liquid pain. She did not believe a human could take so much agony and still live. It was as if she'd become a part of his cock, like a second foreskin, stretching over his enormous prick. "Please take it out, I beg you." Her eyes were glazed with torment.

Greg's mouth burst with a cruel laugh around her tit. He then lifted his ass slightly and fucked back in, knocking the wind out of her. Before she could even cry out in anguish, she repeated the motion.

"Take it, you little slut!" Greg yelled. "And every time you hurt I want you to think of how you put me in the pen."

Debby wished she could pass out, die, anything! Her mind and body, however, were electrified and every muscle was tensed. And even when she squinted her eyes closed, she couldn't block out the horror. The thought of him fucking his horrible prick up her ass burned in her brain like a branding iron.

"Ahhhhh, I love tight holes like this," Greg said, rocking his body back and forth as he fucked her. "I just hope I don't wear it out too soon."

"Oh, God, just hurry," Debby begged, wondering if she would ever shit right again. "Please, it's killing me."

"Now why should I hurry, bitch?" Greg said, chewing greedily at her tits. "Hell, when I'm finished, I'm gonna let my buddies get a piece of the action. Ol' Todd in there is an ass freak from way back."

Then it was true, Debby realized with growing horror. He really planned on keeping her here the entire weekend. And not only was he going to rape her, but he was going to hand her over to those animals in the living room.

"God, please!" she wailed, every muscle in her body tightening until she thought they would snap.

"You'd better relax a little, sweetheart," Greg said, feeling her ass constrict, almost cutting off the circulation in his cock. "You don't and I just might rip you open like a fucking [missing text]."

Debby knew he was right. The way his cock was fucking into her shitter made her insides feel as if they were being scratched with sandpaper. She would have to force her muscles to loosen somehow, even if it took all of her strength.

She exhaled loudly and closed her eyes, trying desperately to think of something else. She felt her body slowly relax, easing some of the pain. She took in another gulp of air and exhaled it, like a pregnant woman during labor. More of the burning anguish slipped from her insides. Still her guts were in flames.

"Move it with me, whore," Greg said. "Let's see you shake that little ass and fuck with me. I like my women to tell me how much they like my cock."

"I... hate your cock!" Debby said, spitting the words out.

"Yeah, but before I'm through with you -- before we're all through with you -- you're gonna be on your fucking knees begging for it," Greg said. "Remember, I know what kind of little whore you are."

Debby thought back to the time when she'd first met him. She'd been shy, a young and fearful virgin. He had driven up beside her at the Dairy Queen and shot her a smile that made her heart skip a beat. An easy conversation followed, then arrangements for a date.

That night he had taken her to the drive-in. Christ, he'd looked so handsome sitting over there with his dark, curly hair and those chocolate-brown eyes. He was a lot older, she knew, but that had only added to the enjoyment.

At first, she thought nothing was going to happen, but about halfway into the movie, he reached over and pulled her close. While he'd stabbed his tongue between her lips, she'd hardly realized he was undressing her. Then she was pushed to her back, her legs brutally jerked apart, and that was when she'd actually seen and felt her first cock.

The experience had been electrifying.

And now the bastard had to ruin all those wonderful memories by acting like a savage beast. Tying her up and raping her.

"All the time I was in the slammer I thought about you, baby," Greg said. "And I promised myself I'd fuck you, just like you fucked me."

There was no reasoning with him, Debby realized. It wasn't her fault, not really.

Well, maybe I did volunteer the information a little too easily, she thought. After all, it wasn't every day a girl had a chance to be on a witness stand in front of all those people. It had been so exciting, like something in a movie. And all her girlfriends were there, hanging onto her every word.

It had made her feel so grown up, so experienced to tell of the time she'd spent with a criminal, and everyone in the court room had gasped, making her feel a little bit like Bette Davis maybe.

But she certainly didn't deserve to be treated like this for any reason. That she knew.

"Oh, God, hurry, please," Debby panted, feeling the pain increase again. "Your cock is too big for me."

"Guess we'll just have to ream it out later," Greg said. "But right now I'll just have to make do."

While Debby lay beneath his hulking frame, felt his monstrous cock, stab into her like a giant needle, she finally went limp. When she did, a lot of the pain melted from her body. Then, strangely enough, she felt a slight buzzing at the base of her spine. It wasn't exactly pleasure, but it was still somehow nice.

"Come on, bitch, I said move that ass," Greg said, kissing from her tit to the hollow of her throat. "Don't make me hurt you again."

Fearful of his hands around her throat again, Debby began pumping her ass up and down as best as she could, being tied up like that. Oddly enough, when she moved to meet his thrusts, her ass hurt less than when she just lay there. Glad for the relief, she began quickening her movements, slapping upward even faster.

"Hey, that's the way, baby," Greg said, grinning. "Shake that sweet ass and fuck on me."

He kissed from the hollow of her throat to her chin, then closed his mouth around hers. While fucking his cock in and out of her shitter with savage strokes, he began to match the rhythm with his tongue, darting it in and out of her mouth.

Before Debby knew what was happening, almost all the pain melted from her body. The pressure of his hard cock was still there, but it wasn't bad at all. In fact, his prick was beginning to feel pretty good. She squirmed her ass around slightly and heaved upward, sucking the full length of his prick inside her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh," she cried, hoping he wouldn't realize that she was dangerously close to an orgasm. "It... hurts so bad."

"Good," Greg said into her mouth. "I hope I fuck your cocksucking brains apart, bitch!"

I'm doing this only to survive, Debby told herself. I'm relaxed and going with it to keep him from ripping open my shitter. That's the only reason. Not for a million dollars would I ever try to even consider enjoying the way his cock plunged in and out.

The way his prick was so big and juicy, filling her up so deliciously. And how his cock pulsated, like an angry snake ready to spit out cum. And he always had so much cum. It would bubble inside her for hours after he'd fucked her.

She remembered going home one night, pulling off her panties and seeing the milky stain of cum on the silky material. Almost guiltily she had bitten down on her panties and had sucked the material clean.

The thought made her blush with embarrassment. No, I can't let my self go! she screamed to herself. I can't!

"God!" she screamed, bucking with a wild spasm of climax that ate at her guts like the sharp teeth of a rodent. "Killing me!"

"Unhhhhhhh!" Greg grunted suddenly, fucking brutally into her shitter, then holding himself firmly between her thighs. "Gonna blow your fucking shitter to pieces, bitch I... I... fuckkkkkkkk!"

When the scalding globs of cum shot into her shitter, Debby honestly thought the top of her head was going to blow off. Never before -- not since that first time with him, anyway -- had she had such a violent explosion of pleasure inside her body. The ripples of ecstasy seemed to dance back sand forth, inflaming her cunt and shit canals with such intensity that they seemed to fuse to the two tubes into one mass of writhing flesh.

She opened her mouth add screamed, hating her body for betraying her.

"Fuck it up there, you little whore," Greg said, hammering more of his jism into her ass. "I hope I fucking tear you wide open with my cum."

Finally, with the last burst of his cum, Debby's climax subsided to a dull throb. When reality finally came back to her, she felt more ashamed than ever. Had he sensed her pleasure? She wondered.

"Now will you take it out?" she asked quickly, although she loved the way his prick still throbbed in her asshole. "It hurts so much."

"You lying cocksucker!" Greg growled, lifting his face from hers. "You loved it. I could tell. Moving your ass like you wanted to suck my whole body up your shitter."

"You pig!" Debby screamed, her mind exploding with fury that he knew the truth. "I moved my ass because you told me to, not because I wanted it. And it was disgusting. Filthy, like you!"

"Baby, you'd better watch that fucking mouth," Greg said evenly, his eyes flashing with anger. "It's gonna get you in a whole lot of trouble someday."

"And you're in a whole lot of trouble right now," Debby spat out. "If my boyfriend finds out about this, he'll kill you."

Actually Debby didn't think anything of the sort. She didn't know how Jimmy would act if he knew what was happening. He wasn't a sissy or anything, but he was not exactly a cave man either.

"Is that a fact?" Greg said. "What's this fuck's name?"

"Jimmy Harold and he's..."

If Debby had thought she would have bitten her tongue before answering. Now he knew her boyfriend's name, and knowing the who shit he was, he might try to lure Jimmy over here. Jimmy could take care of himself, she was certain of that, but those characters out in the living room looked like they'd rather fight than eat ice cream, but [missing text].

"... he's spending the weekend at the lake," she added lamely, suddenly hoping he was.

"Well, we'll talk about your sweet fellow some more later," Greg said, slowly withdrawing his cock from her shitter. "Right now, I'm gonna fuck that sweet pussy of yours."

Although Debby realized she couldn't possibly experience any more pain than she had already, the thought of him fucking her filled her with loathing. Also, she didn't quite trust herself. If she could make her climax by fucking her asshole, she might not be able to hide the fact that she was enjoying it when he put his prick in her pussy.

"Haven't you had enough?" Debby said. "God, I feel all raw and bruised. I hurt."

"That's the point, you little whore," Greg said sadistically. "I'm gonna make you hurt so much, you're gonna regret the day you were born."

The relief Debby felt when he untied her was short-lived. He reattached the ropes to her wrists, then tied her hands to the headboard. When he was sure she couldn't get away, he kicked her legs apart and applied more ropes to her ankles. He tugged on one ankle until she screamed, pulling the end of the rope to an exposed wall stud.

"Ouch! What are you doing?" Debby cried.

"Just trussing you up, baby, to fuck," Greg said, walking around to the other side of the bed.

Again, Debby yelled in anguish when he yanked on the rope, causing her legs to spread out in a splits position. He then attached the end of that rope to an old heavy chest of drawers.

"OK, bitch, that looks pretty good," Greg said, getting back on the bed, kneeling near the foot. "You ready to get fucked?"

Debby couldn't even answer she was in such agony. Her leg muscles were so tight, she thought they were going to snap. And every time she moved just a little, floods of searing pain boiled into her body.

"Ah, sweet pussy," Greg said, slipping under her body, his head toward the foot of the bed. He lifted her slightly, then worked the tip of his cock into her gaping cunt entrance. "This is gonna be so fucking fine, cunt."

Debby coughed and choked on her scream of pain when he fucked her. And when she thought it couldn't possibly get worse, it did.

"This is killing me," she grunted. "God, can't you at least untie me?"

"Not a chance," Greg laughed. He fucked the rest of his cock up her pussy, then crushed her down on his stomach. "Ahhhhh, better than I remembered."

Debby thought for sure she had been subjected to the ultimate in terror and agony. In this position, her legs spread wide like a wish bone, and, tied to the headboard, she could feel every hard inch of his massive cock. His prick felt like a baseball bat.

Her terror, however, was just beginning she realized when she heard the soft clink of metal. She turned her head and watched him lift a pair of pliers from the floor next to the bed.

"What are you going to do with those?" she gasped, her eyes filled with horror.

"These?" Greg laughed, holding up the silver-colored pliers. "Oh, I think I'll just pinch this sweet ass of yours with them and watch you squirm. All I'll have to do is lay here and enjoy it."

Debby's lungs exploded with a fiery scream when she felt the small metal jaws bite into the flesh of her ass.

Chapter FOUR

Debby flinched, then screamed again when she felt the serrated jaws of the pliers pinch her other ass cheek. What she thought was pain before, was nothing compared to the spasms of sheer torture that now riddled her guts.

"God!" she wailed, feeling drops of sweat fall from her forehead and trickle into her eyes. "Stop! God, please, dear Jesus, stop!"

Greg laughed and pinched her again, leaving a small, red welt. He knew exactly how to torture her, too. By nipping at her soft yielding flesh and twisting slightly, he could inflict the greatest pain with hardly any damage.

"Hey, you're fucking my cock real good," Greg said, watching her squirm in agony over his middle.

Debby was gasping and panting as if she'd run ten miles, her face pasty white from the electric-like jolts of pain that continued to stab into her body. Her ass felt like it was on fire, and her ass hurt so bad that she forgot all about the pressure of his cock inside her cunt.

"Please don't do that," Debby begged. "Just tell me what you want me to do. I'll do it, I promise. Anything. But, God, stop!"

"I want to hear you scream, baby," Greg chuckled. "Just like you're doing." He pinched her again, holding the flesh for almost a full ten seconds. "Like that," he whispered, his eyes glinting with lust, listening to her screams for mercy.

At last, he pulled the pliers away and placed them at his side. He then put his hands on her hips and crushed her body down on his crotch. The full length of his cock was fucked to the hilt. The pressure of his hands caused the ropes that held her legs in a splits position to stretch tight as violin strings.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Debby cried, the pain moving from her ass to her cunt.

"Now you hop around on me and fuck my cock real good, baby," Greg said, "and I won't have to use the pliers again. But I'm warning you, slut. If you don't do the best job in the world, I'm gonna stick the pliers up your ass and pull out your asshole."

Debby thought her mind was going to explode with terror. And, although pain flooded into her body like liquid fire, she knew she had to somehow please him, no matter how much her pussy hurt. The pain in her cunt was nothing compared to what those pliers had done. Her ass was still throbbing as if she'd received a thousand bee stings.

"I'll try," she said as she squirmed over his rock-hard cock. "Oh, God, don't hurt me again with those pliers. I'll do my best."

"Let's both hope that's good enough," Greg said, lifting his hands from her hips, sliding them up the sides of her body. He grabbed for her tits. He kneaded them gently at first, then with harder pressure. "Now get after it, whore!"

The ropes cut into the flesh of her ankles, but Debby began bouncing up and down as fast as she could to do as he asked. It was an almost impossible task, but if she leaned slightly forward and held her tied hands down on the headboard, she could just manage it.

"You're not fast enough," Greg said, reaching down for the pliers with his right hand. "You're gonna have to do a lot better, little baby."

As he spoke, he slid the metal pliers over her side, then poked the closed jaws into the soft, yielding flesh of her right tit. Slowly, he opened the serrated jaws and moved the instrument over her silky tit, toward her tiny pink nipple.

Debby looked down and felt a shiver of horror race up and down her spine. The jaws of the pliers looked like the narrow mouth of some savage animal. Eyen before the jagged edges of the jaws closed in around her nipple, she knew the pain was going to explode with unbelievable power.

"I'll go faster!" she shrieked, feeling the metal slowly eat into the rubbery texture of her nipple. "God, just give me a chance, I promise I'll... Godddddddd!"

The pain that shot into her body was even more terrible than she had imagined. The pain burned into her body like boiling acid. Her scream soon turned into a silent shriek of the damned.

"Oh, that's it, baby, move it like that," Greg laughed, feeling her bounce around in agony. "That's how I like my cock worked on."

Debby didn't care if she tore her legs from, her body. Anything to keep him from doing that thing with the pliers. She pulled, tugged, thrashed about wildly, and sucking on his cock with her tightly flexed cunt muscles until they burned with exhaustion.

"Hey, now you've got it," Greg laughed, thoroughly enjoying her misery. "Just a little faster, OK?"

Debby gave it her all, using every ounce of strength she could muster. Soon her entire body was exhausted, but she knew she had to go on. Already he was sliding the horrible pliers over toward her other tit.

"I'm doing it, OK?" she said, her eyes glassy with fear. "Don't hurt me again please?"

"I might consider it," Greg said. "But I want to hear you say how much you like it. You know, tell me how big my cock is and how you just can't wait to crawl around and eat on my ass and suck me off and stuff."

"I love your cock," Debby began, spitting the words out like bullets, her gaze on the pliers as they played at the nipple of her left tit. "I want to suck you and crawl around and lick your ass and, Jesus, don't, and I'll suck your cum, and, God, Greg, don't..."

A hot explosion of pain shot into her chest, causing her to flinch, then buck. Her words trailed off to a raspy grunt, making her throat raw.

"You gotta dolt with feeling, sweets. I gotta know you like it. You can't just repeat the words. Feeling, slut," Greg laughed. "Now try again."

"Jesus, dear Jesus," Debby moaned, hoping desperately to satisfy his sadistic desires. "I want to lick out your asshole, you big bastard. I want to crawl around and suck your cock and cum, and fuck me, God, fuck me hard right now."

To her enormous relief, Greg dropped the pliers. She then moaned loudly and snapped her head back, wondering if it was almost over. Her body was sticky and glistening with sweat, every cell on fire with agony.

"Keep moving, whore," Greg said. "Or do you want the pliers again?"

Debby again used every ounce of her remaining strength to please him. She knew she must have been doing a pretty good job, for his cock was so rigid that his prick felt like steel inside her pussy. His thick cockhead was already throbbing, ready to burst with a fresh load of cum.

"Here," Greg said, lifting his right foot and slightly bending his knee. "Suck on my toes while you fuck me, baby. Wash 'em up good, too."

Without even considering the caked dirt on his toes, Debby gobbled his toes into her mouth and began washing them hungrily with her darting tongue. Then, when she'd done a thorough job on them, he pushed his other foot into her face. She licked it clean, too.

"Ahhhh, that's so good, sweet bitch," Greg said, placing his hands on her hips. "And now that you've been such a good little girl, I'm gonna give you a hot load of cum."

With the last few words, Debby felt his cockshaft jerk, then explode with savage warmth. The man's cum boiled upward with such force that she felt as if his cum might even eat through her flesh.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she cried, feeling the pain subside. His cum let his cock fuck in and out more easily, almost pleasurably. Although she didn't have a climax, the relief from pain was almost as nice. She moaned again and went limp, her legs pulling hard on the ropes to her sides.

"Unh, keep shaking it, bitch," Greg commanded, jerking her ass down hard. "Still a little more up here."

At last, he fucked in the remaining cum, then fell back, his chest heaving with satisfaction. His hands slowly fell away from her hips and rested on the sheets.

With no pliers on her tits and his cock slowly growing soft, Debby felt a wave of pleasure herself. It was over, thank God. Finally over. She wouldn't ever be able to do that again, she was certain.

It had to be over!

"I'm a little fucked out," Greg said, slipping from under her body and sitting cross legged behind her. "You still want some more cock? I could call one of the guys in here."

"No," Debby whispered, her throat raw from screaming. "I'd just like to leave."

"Hell, baby, I got all kinds of tricks planned for the weekend." Greg laughed. "You're gonna have to stick around."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Debby asked, feeling tears of anguish sting her cheeks.

"You know, chick," Greg said, an edge of steel in his tone, "the whole time I was in the joint, I'd lay awake at night and think of the things I was gonna do to you. At first, I thought I'd just beat the shit out of you. And then I got to thinking. No, I'll just make her pay real slow. I got this weekend planned like a fucking rocket launching."

"Oh, God, help me," Debby prayed softly. "I can't take anymore. I'll die, I know I will."

"OK, whore, let's get those ropes off you," Greg said, reaching for her wrists.

She was almost certain that if he untied her, he would only tie her up again, probably do something even more horrible, if that were possible.

"On the floor," Greg said, pushing her roughly off the bed. "On your fucking all fours, bitch!"

Again he placed the rope on her body. This time, however, he made a noose and slipped it around her neck. He pulled it tight enough to cause a burning pain in her throat, but not tight enough to cut off her air or cut into her flesh.

"What... now?" she asked, choking, her eyes filled with tears.

"You're gonna trot alongside me, baby," Greg said, kicking her on the ass, "because you're my pet pig. And when I say, 'here, piggy', you're gonna squeal just like a pig."

"Squeal?" Debby cried.

"Hell, oink, I don't care. Do whatever pigs do, that's all." Greg laughed. "Now, let's go, piggy. I want to show you off to my buddies."

Debby couldn't imagine being more humiliated and degraded. To be led around in front of his friends and made to squeal like a pig! She wouldn't do it! She would rather die first!

"I won't," she said, her voice a whisper. "I can't!"

"Let's see if you won't or can't," Greg said, reaching for the pliers.

He reached down and pinched the jaws of the instrument into the tender flesh of her shitter.

"Hey, baby, you can do it," he laughed, hearing the high-pitched squeal.

"I'll do it, Goddammit, I'll do it!" Debby cried, feeling her insides explode with agony.

"OK, then let's go, little piggy," Greg said, pulling the rope. "Now let's hear you oink once more for me, sort of like a practice oink." Debby somehow managed to snort like what she thought a pig would which was met with loud laughter. She was then pulled from the room and down the hall.

"Hey guys, look what I got here," Greg called. "Look at my pet piggy. Oink for them, little piggy."

Although Debby's mind burst with humiliation and shame, she snorted like a pig. Again her sound was met with laughter. She was commanded to repeat the sound and did.

"Hey, is that all your pig, or is she anybody's pig?" the blond man on the couch said, his mouth wide with a grin.

"Hell, I don't know. You like her?" Greg said.

"Yeah, I could use some strange stuff," the blond man said. "Can I have her?"

"You like the big man, little piggy?" Greg said, leaning down and smiling in Debby's face.

Debby was too humiliated, too ashamed even to speak. How could he do this awful thing to her? She felt cheap and dirty and used.

"She's a little shy," Greg said, "but if you know how to treat her, she fucks like a bandit."

"Well, let me at her," the blond man said, taking the rope from Greg's hand. "I think I'll have myself a tasty piece of ham."

"Hey, Todd," Greg said as the man led Debby back toward the bedroom. "No funny stuff, understand?"

"Hey, man, you know me," Todd said, grinning.

"I'm serious. I want her alive when I fuck her again," Greg warned.

Debby couldn't believe their conversation. Was this man so terrible that even Greg was afraid he might hurt her? And him, the pain freak!

Debby wondered what chance she would have if she jumped to her feet and bolted for the door -- probably nil. She would have to somehow get past that woman and the other man -- and Greg.

No, she would be led into the bedroom and be fucked again. And when he was finished with her, what then? The other man? By then, would Greg be ready to fuck again?

"Oh my God," Debby moaned, feeling the rope jerk against her neck.

"Let's go, bitch," Todd commanded, opening the bedroom door and kicking her inside. "Ah, now we're all alone."

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Debby asked, her voice trembling with fear. "Oh, Jesus, don't hurt me. Just let me go, please."

"First thing I'm gonna do is make sure you don't scream too much," Todd said.

He kicked off his right boot, then his dirty sweat sock. While holding the back of her head with his left hand, he crammed the dirty sock into her mouth with the right.

"There," he said, his eyes lighting up. "Now we can have all kinds of fun, baby."

Debby was picked up off the floor and thrown through the air, landing on the bed with a thud. She quickly scurried up against the headboard and wrapped her arms around her bent knees. A choking moan of terror escaped her lips.

"Did Greg tell you my specialty?" Todd said, quickly undressing. "I'm a real ass man. And baby, you've got a real wild-looking ass."

With horrified fascination, Debby watched him remove the rest of his clothes. Under other circumstances, he would have been a real turn on because he was a muscular giant, blond as a Viking, and his cock was thick and meaty, bobbing above two golden-haired balls. A fan of curly, light-brown hair swept over his muscular chest. Now, however, his body only filled her with terror...

"Mmmffff!" Debby choked through the dirty sock when she saw him pull a long black object from the back pocket of his greasy jeans.

"In case you're wondering," Todd said, approaching the bed, "this here is a blackjack. It's used for knocking heads mostly. But I sometimes use it to plug up pussy while I ass fuck."

Before Debby could react, he was on her like a springing tiger, his meaty arms crushing her to his body. After running his mouth over her tits and the side of her neck, he pushed her down on the bed, then rolled her to her stomach. He then sat down on her ass and began tying her hands to the edges of the bed frame. When the knots were secure, he turned and tied her feet to the opposite corners.

"Now you hang onto those ropes, you pig bitch," Todd said, "because you're gonna get a fucking that'll keep you fucked for a month."

When Debby felt his hairy legs against the insides of her thighs, she bucked and writhed, the back of her mouth burning with the coppery taste of ultimate terror.

And then the man touched her.

Chapter FIVE

Debby buried her face in the gritty pillow and screamed when Todd ran his rough hand over her asscheeks. That, in itself, didn't hurt, but she knew what was to follow might be unbearable. She actually might not survive the night. She inhaled deeply, tried to relax, and tasted the sweat from the dirty sock stuffed in her mouth.

She still couldn't believe this nightmare was happening. It was a horror story! Raped, tied up, humiliated by being led around and forced to squeal like a pig. And now this!

"Hey, you're pretty tight," Todd said, fingering the opening of her shitter. "I like my women all sloshy. Better ream you out a little first."

His words stirred a memory for Debby. Something Greg had said about him. About how he was an ass freak and liked to ream girls out. What did it mean? Whatever it was, it sounded terrible.

"This ought to do," Todd said, reaching across the bed toward a pile of tools, ropes and beer cans beside the bed. He extracted a long length of one-inch chain. "Yeah, this'll do real nice. Ever been chain-fucked, baby?"

What was he going to do? Beat her with the chain while he fucked her? Oh, God, anything but that, she begged.

Suddenly, she felt her asscheeks spread wide, then she flinched when something cold, metallic ground against her shitter. He was going to stick the chain up her ass!

"Mmmfffffff!" Debby screamed through the dirty material of the sock in her mouth, shaking her head back and forth.

"Just relax, sweets," Todd grunted, his eyes glistening with sadistic delight. "You tighten up and it's gonna be real bad. I like 'em loose, but not all bloody."

With every ounce of strength Debby could muster, she forced the tenseness out of her muscles. When she did, she felt the second link of the chain slip into her shitter. It wasn't exactly painful, but it did cause an enormous pressure in her guts. And in a way, it was almost like a cock, but more yielding.

"That's the way," Todd said, thrusting in another two links of chain. "Let's see just how much you can take, OK?"

Already, Debby's insides felt like they were going to explode, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop the horror. She could only wait for the chain-fuck to be over. Each passing second, however, extended into an eternity of anguish.

At last, he stuffed the remainder of the chain inside her asshole, leaving only a few links to hold. He let the tail-like piece drop from his fingers and grasped the blackjack to his side.

"Suck on this while I fuck your pussy," Todd said, falling on her body and holding the blackjack against her cheek. "Come on, spit out the sock and lick this like it's a big prick."

Debby gagged when she spit the sock out, realizing that anything -- even that ten-inch blackjack -- would be better than that filthy sock. She opened her mouth and sucked the tip of the weapon inside her mouth.

"You're gonna work out just fine," Todd said, squirming over her body, letting his cockhead roll around in her damp cunt hairs. "Now, suck and fuck, bitch."

When Debby felt the entire slab of rock-hard prick fuck into her cunt, her back arched painfully. She gave a shrieking moan, but it was soon cut off to a gurgle when he rammed the blackjack fully into her throat.

"Oh, this is sweet," Todd said, rhythmically pumping his ass up and down, fucking his cock savagely in and out of her cunt. "Now you be sure and tell me when you pop your nuts, baby. I'll yank the chain out and start you up like a lawn mower."

Debby thought her mind would explode with horror. He had thrust the chain in slowly, and that had almost killed her. What would it be like for him to pull the chain out with one movement? She could almost feel the links banging through her asshole, tearing the sensitive flesh.

"Aaaghhhhh!" she choked, gagging around the blackjack in her throat.

"Oh, shit, you've got the tightest little pussy I've ever fucked," Todd said, running the tip of his tongue over the back of Debby's neck. "Mmmmmmmm, my cock feel good in your cunt, whore?"

Good? Was this idiot completely insane? What girl in her right mind would feel anything but agony doing this? A blackjack in her throat, a chain up her ass, and that dreadful cock fucking away like a jackhammer!

That's exactly the way his prick felt. Like a jackhammer. In and out, in and out. Christ, his ass must be a blur, the way he's poking it to me, she thought.

Suddenly she could almost see what it must look like. She was all spread out, her naked body glistening with sweat, this muscular, virile man crawling over her, his tight, hairy ass bobbing up and down, his cock.

His delicious, wonderful cock!

His prick was no longer hurting her. In fact, as his cock fucked deep into her pussy, she could feel her cunt walls hug his prick, outline the soft angles. She could even feel the loose sheath of his foreskin, sliding back and forth. She found her lips closing more tightly around the blackjack, sucking on it as if it were a big hard cock.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured, all pain leaving her body.

"Like it, don't you?" Todd said, crushing fully between her parted thighs. "Hell, I knew you was one of us the minute I laid eyes on you..."

One of them? What the Christ was he talking about? That, perhaps, she was a savage animal? Never! She was going to college and live with Jimmy and...

Even thinking about what her life was like before this seemed ridiculous. She would never again be the same person. She had seen a depraved, evil part of life and she was beginning to like it!

Todd's cock was so thick and meaty, fucking her pussy deliciously. And even the chain now felt good. It was like having another cock up her ass. She pulled more of the blackjack into her throat and moaned again. Her insides became a buttery cauldron, spitting juices around Todd's fucking prick shaft.

"Fuck me, you little cum-eating whore," Todd grunted, every muscle in his hulking frame flexing, becoming cords. "God, this is sweet... so fucking sweet!"

Debby pulled at the ropes at her hands, but this time it wasn't to escape. She wanted to reach around and feel his hairy, taut ass, drive her fingernails into his shitter and make him fuck her harder.

"Fuck me," she gurgled, her eyes glazing with ecstasy. "Oh, Goddamn you, you fucking animal, fuck me full of hot cum and unhhhhhhh!"

Her orgasm tore into her cunt with unbelievable force. When the sensations peaked, she felt as if a thousand talons were clawing at her guts. She bounced up and down and almost knocked him off.

"Holy fuck!" Todd groaned, feeling his balls throb painfully. "Gonna go, baby, gonna go right now!"

As he said the last word, Debby felt his cockhead burst with warmth. Then, as the molten juices sloshed around inside her cunt her pleasures reached heights that were almost frightening. For one brief moment she was almost glad this had all happened.

"Aaaghhhhhh!" she spluttered, gulping wildly on the blackjack.

Suddenly she felt Todd's hand on the chain and remembered what he'd said. He was going to yank it out and start her up like a lawn mower. The thought, however, no longer made her frightened. She wanted it. She wanted the hot flash of pain.

"Here it goes." Todd pulled the chain from her shitter, flinging the metal across the room. "Unhhhhh, take some more cum, slut," he growled, punching in the bulk of his load.

Debby went limp, no longer able to take the delicious mixture of pain and pleasure that raced through her body. As she lay there, feeling him slam his body up and down, she felt more ashamed than ever.

Not only had she wanted it, she had actually craved it! She now hated herself more than she hated Greg.

"Oh, baby, that was great for blowing out the ol' tubes," Todd said, his mouth against her ear. "Now let's have a nice, slow fuck in the ass."

Debby was too weak to protest. When he untied her, then pulled her over on his lap, she could barely respond to the pressure of his cock as his prick shaft fucked into her asshole.

"Ah, this is the way," Todd said, wrapping her legs around his waist and locking her ankles together at the small of his back.

To Debby's astonishment, he then stood up and walked across the room. She grabbed him around the neck and scooted up on his muscular body to keep from falling. When she did, she felt the hard, grinding pressure of his cock. The chain had left her insides raw and bruised, but the pain was somehow wonderful. With the throbbing sensations of pain, she was totally aware of the enormous size of his prick.

"Mmmmm, what are you going to do?" she asked, feeling her passion return rapidly. "Oh, you're a big boy." She felt his cock inside her shitter.

Todd gave her a grin, then leaned her against the wall. He took a couple of steps backward and pressed his upper body forward. With his prick firmly planted in her asshole, he lowered his face to her tits and began licking at her coral-colored nipples.

Debby felt totally disgusted with herself for enjoying what was happening. And it was all Greg's fault. If he hadn't lured her over here, she would have never found out about this dark side of her nature.

"Could you help me get out of here?" Debby whispered against the top of Todd's head. "I'll do anything for you if you will. You just name it."

"No way, baby," Todd said. "I don't fuck with Greg's women unless I fuck with them, if you get my drift."

Debby didn't exactly, but she realized he would be no help. She would have to somehow get free by herself... perhaps the woman or the other man.

She knew she wouldn't last the weekend at this rate. Already her insides felt like hamburger.

Perhaps that was what Greg had planned all along to actually fuck her to death.

"Wow, I really dig the shit out of these tits," Todd said, interrupting her thoughts. "So firm and ripe and just right for sucking."

It had to be the oddest sensation Debby could imagine. Her tits were bathed in warmth and pleasure, while her shitter was on fire from the hard pressure of his fucking cock.

"Just go easy," she gasped. "It's beginning to hurt little."

"Then I must be doing it wrong," Todd said, a sadistic tone in his voice. "It's supposed to hurt a lot."

With that he began fucking forward with his full, brute strength, banging Debby's body against the wall. He was soon fucking his cock in and out of her shitter with such speed that her teeth rattled. Second by second, the pain increased, burned up and down her spine.

"God, stop," she panted, her face tuned ashen with the torture. "I... I can't take it!"

"Yes, you can, bitch," Todd said, grinding, twisting, fucking savagely. "You can take it all fucking night and you will, by God!"

Debby snapped her head to one side and began screaming for mercy. At the same time she began clawing at his shoulders and back, leaving long red scratch marks. Instead of slowing him down, however, it seemed only to inflame his animal desires even more.

"Screw it, pig bitch!" Todd roared, pounding his full weight forward, crushing her against the wall. "Goddamn you, fuck me now!"

Debby felt his jackhammer cock expand, then explode with savage warmth. His cum showered deep inside her shitter, then began melting down around his cock. Some of the molten fuck liquid oozed from her asshole and crawled over his swinging balls. And with the fluid, came relief. His cum oiled up her insides immediately, erasing the burning, scratchy pain.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned, sighing with relief.

"Fuck some more," Todd panted, biting at her with tits like a starving animal. "Screw my cock right up to your cocksucking brains, bitch."

Debby began working with him as best as she could to milk the rest of his jism from his horrible cock. When the last of his cum shot into her ass, she knew it would be thankfully over.

When it was, she exhaled loudly and went limp. The relief from the pain is almost as good as a climax, she thought. Now, if he will just take it out and leave me alone.

"I just might take you away from Greg," Todd said, moving back to the bed. "How'd you like to be my lady? We could ride around all day on my bike and fuck in the woods and everything."

What a creep, Debby thought. I'd die before I voluntarily did anything with you.

An idea occurred to her, however. If there was some way she could pit Greg and Todd against each other, she might survive this horror.

"I'll have to think that one over," Debby said, her voice sounding husky with desire, although she almost choked on the words.

Todd pulled her off his cock, then lay beside her. He pulled a bottle from the floor and opened it up, offering her the first drink.

"No, thank you," Debby said. "I don't drink."

"You drink or burn," Todd said evenly, holding the mouth of the bottle close to her nose. "You get the message?"

What a monster! One minute he was asking her to be his lady, the next threatening her.

"I'll drink," she said quickly, flinching from the smell.

"See? You can get a cunt to do anything if you say the right things," Todd laughed.

Debby took the fiery liquid into her stomach, then coughed. It tasted awful. Todd forced her to take a few more swallows, then finished it off.

"Good booze," he said. "I'm already buzzing."

"Oh, I feel funny," Debby said, wanting for some reason to laugh. "Kinda dizzy."

"Just wait a few seconds," Todd said. "This stuff is called Kentucky Thunderfuck. Kick your ass right up between your shoulder blades."

Then, through the milky mist of her mind, she saw a dark, handsome man suddenly appear. His words seemed like the wind, brushing her mind.

"My turn," the voice said.

"She's a good piece, Brian," Todd said from somewhere.

"Good, I need fucked bad," the silky voice said.

Todd moved away from the bed and seemed to float from the room. Debby slowly turned and looked at the strange man. He had been sitting on the couch when she'd come in, she realized. Why hadn't she noticed how handsome he was? she wondered.

And he was removing his clothes, showing her his muscular, hairy body, his thick throbbing cock.

"You ready to swing, baby?" Brian said, crawling onto the bed and pulling her close.

"Oh, yes," Debby whispered, wrapping her arms around his firm body. She crushed her mouth against his and sucked his tongue inside. "I'm ready for anything at all."

Brian gave her a wide grin, then rolled on top of her body. He squirmed between her legs and fucked his rock-hard cock deeply into her pussy.

"You ready to fuck all fucking night?" he said into her mouth.

Debby accepted his cock greedily, then clawed at his firm, pumping ass. When the full length of his cock fucked into her pussy, she seemed to become part of him. She closed her eyes and drifted into a world of colors and pleasure.

The most handsome man in the world was fucking his perfect cock in and out of her pussy, giving her thrills that she alone could experience.

Chapter SIX

When Debby woke up, she thought she was going to vomit. Her head throbbed and her body felt rubbery, almost dead. Lying next to her on the filthy bed was a blubbery man who was still asleep, his foul breath almost steaming from his gaping mouth.

The house was quiet, although it must have been well past noon, as the light from the window didn't cast a shadow.

Gathering her strength, she crept silently from the bed, hoping she could escape this insanity. When she reached for her torn clothing, however, she heard the man snort and the bed squeak. She turned and saw, that Brian was grinning at her.

"You're some fuck, you know that?" Brian said, grinning wide, revealing very bad teeth. "Hell, I ain't never had no lady to beg me like you did."

Debby didn't even want to ponder what her alcohol-crazed dreams made her do the night before with this man. She felt sick just knowing she was in the same room with him.

Brian was a huge man, and, although not obese, he looked as if he were formed from hardened fat. He had dark-red hair matted about his round face, and gooseberry eyes. His fish-white skin was covered with splotches of mud-colored freckles.

"Come on back to bed and do me some more, honey," Brian said, again giving her a leer.

"I have to leave," Debby said quickly, thinking if she moved quickly and if everyone else was still asleep, she just might make her escape.

When she tried the door knob, she discovered the door was locked. She turned quickly and looked at the window. Would it cut her to pieces if she ran and jumped through it?

"Yeah, you were just fine," Brian said, getting off the bed, the bed squealing under his mountain of weight. "Sure know how to suck out asshole."

Debby felt shame burn into her brain like a searing poker, a memory coming back to her. She had smacked and chewed on his filthy ass for a long while, then even sucked the cum from his curved, ugly cock, spitting the juice into his dark hairy ass crack.

As she thought about it, she wanted to shower, to brush her teeth, even get an enema. Even then she would probably feel dirty.

How could Greg do this to her? Leaving her in a room with this oaf all night.

"Come on, baby, I got some more cum for you to eat out," Brian said, approaching her.

Debby didn't know what got into her, but she lashed out angrily, slicing her nails across his cheek. Instantly she regretted it because Brian grabbed at her roughly and threw her to the bed. His beady eyes flashed with anger.

"Little cock-tease, huh?" he said, licking his fat lower lip. "Well, I'll show you what we do to cock-teases around here."

Debby shivered with revulsion. Not only was she in a filthy room, on dirty sheets, but she was about to be assaulted by this animal.

"Don't," she panted, struggling with him as he fell on her body. "I'm going to be sick, I know I am!"

"So I make you sick, huh?" Brian said, his voice coarse with anger. "OK, bitch, I'll give you something to be sick about."

While Debby fought and scratched, Brian tied the ropes to her hands and feet. Finally, he had anchored her down no the bed, her arms and legs stretched wide. Heaving, he knelt between her legs and looked down at her swollen, bruised cunt.

"I never did fuck this thing," Brian said, jabbing his fingers into her pussy. "You were too damned busy sucking me off all night."

Debby looked at his monstrous, purplish colored cock and felt completely humiliated. How could she have done that? Just looking at him was enough to make her throw up.

"No, please!" she gasped, shivering with new waves of revulsion as he diddled her pussy with his stubby fingers.

"I think I'll fuck it later," Brian said, grinning. "Right now I want you to lick on my ass some more."

As he spoke, he positioned himself, turning to face the foot of the bed. As he straddled her middle and lowered his ass down on her face, he squeezed her tits together, forming a silky tunnel around his rock-hard cock.

When Debby saw his dark ass crack come closer to her face she closed bet eyes, tried to block out the horror. She couldn't, however, when she felt the soft texture of fat and hair crush against her mouth.

"You lick my ass and I'll tit-fuck you, whore," Brian said, squirming his ass around. As he squeezed her tits more firmly around his fucking cock, he sat up straighter. "Hey, this is almost as nice as your mouth."

Debby could hardly breathe, he was pushing down so hard. She realized it was useless to fight, however, for even if she wasn't tied up, she would be no match for his strength. And something told her she shouldn't make him any angrier than he was already.

"Lick me, bitch," Brian commanded, pumping his ass up and down. "Run that sweet tongue up my shitter like you did last night."

Although it was the most difficult thing she had ever done, Debby did as he asked. While her tongue searched inside his smelly shitter, she felt his curved, throbbing cock fuck in and out of the hollow between her tits. His red haired balls were rolling around in the hollow of her throat.

"Please, stop," she murmured, unable to believe how degraded she felt. "I... I don't want to do this."

If Brian heard, he didn't let on. In fact, he even squirmed faster over her face. At the same time, he squeezed her tits around his cock so tightly, Debby thought he was going to tear them off.

"Ali, this is so good," Brian moaned, his muscles tightening. "Gonna blow my cum all over your stomach, cocksucker!"

Debby couldn't wait for it to be over, and anything she could do to make it go faster would be worth it. She began nipping and licking at his asshole furiously, rocking her body back and forth.

A few moments later, her efforts were rewarded. She felt Brian's cock grow more rigid, then jerk with life. Suddenly a blast of liquid warmth shot over her stomach. The first glob of cum collected in her belly button, then rolled to her sides, gluing the sheets to her skin.

"Fuck yes," Brian said, pumping violently back and forth, blowing more jism onto her belly. "Sweet fucking baby, lick me."

In spite of herself, Debby felt a wave of pleasure in her cunt. Perhaps it was a reaction against what was happening. Perhaps because he was so terrible, the circumstances so awful, she had to punish herself. And if she actually enjoyed this dreadful thing, the humiliation she would feel would be her self-revenge. She began pumping her ass up and down.

"Fuck me," she gasped into his shitter. "God, Brian, don't blow it all on my stomach. Let me have some of your cream in my pussy. Mmmmmm, my mouth."

Brian jerked around quickly and jacked his throbbing cock up and down with his right hand, aiming the tip of his prick shaft against her parted lips. Thick globs of cum shot from his cockhead and splashed into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, I love it," Debby heard herself moan as she licked at the fiery wads of jism. "Now fuck your cock inside my throat, you bastard."

Instantly, Brian was on her, fucking his cock deep into her mouth. As his dark-red patch of greasy crotch hair scratched the inside of her nose, Debby felt a thundering storm of climax inside her cunt.

"Aaghhhhhh!" she choked, clawing at her palms with her nails.

"Lick it, whore!" Brian yelled, stuffing in the last of his cum, then grinding against her face with his full weight. "Mmmmmm, every drop."

With her throat completely filled with his curved cock, Debby experienced another climax. This one was even more powerful, causing her body to shake with pleasure. Finally, when the delicious pangs subsided to dull throbs, reality closed in around her.

How could she have lowered herself to such a level of depravity? This man was the pits! And if she had to be raped, why couldn't it at least be someone halfway good looking. Like Greg, or Todd?

"Now for your sweet pussy," Brian said, pulling his prick from her throat. "Let's do it doggy-style, whore."

After he untied her, he pulled her to her knees and positioned himself behind her. He was about to fuck his cock between her legs, but paused.

"Lick off that cum first," he said, touching the sticky residue of jism op her stomach.

"No," Debby said, feeling the back of her throat choke with vomit. "I'll be sick!"

"I said lick it, bitch," Brian said, scooping up the cold, gelatin-like fuck liquid and forcing it into her mouth.

Debby refused to swallow, knowing she would heave her guts up if she did. As the horrible fuck fluid lay in her mouth, seeped under her tongue, she knew she had to spit it out. She bolted from the bed and raced to the small bathroom about eight feet away, near the window.

"You... bitch!" Brian grunted, surprised by the quickness of her move. He bounded from the bed and grabbed her as she knelt, in front of the dirty toilet. "What the hell you doing?"

Debby spit the cum out and watched the greasy strands slap against the rim of the toilet. Although she wasn't going to be sick as she thought, she just wanted to die.

"Don't like my cum, huh?" Brian said, his eyes flashing with anger. "Well, by God, you're gonna learn how I like it."

Debby felt his hands on the back of her head, pushing her face toward the toilet. An instant later, her mouth was on the rim of the toilet, the cum bubbling against her lips.

"Mmmmfffffff!" she screamed, trying to pull away.

"Lick it off the shitter, bitch," Brian said, chuckling sadistically. "And while you do. I'll plug it to your sweet pussy."

Debby couldn't imagine a greater humiliation. Forced to lick cold cum off a toilet while this blubbery animal fucked her from behind!

"God!" she screamed, suddenly feeling the burning pressure of his cock inside her pussy. At the same time she inhaled quickly and some of the cold cum was sucked into the back of her throat. "Noooo!" She retched the cum back on the toilet rim.

"Lick it and fuck me, slut," Brian commanded, thoroughly enjoying what was happening. "Hell, let's fuck like this all day. You can lick out the shiner clean as new."

Debby didn't even want to think about what was happening. The toilet really wasn't that dirty, she realized, but it was the idea that repulsed her. That and the pain his cock caused her.

His shaft was so curved, that the tip of his prick punched into her bruised cunt walls. And each stroke brought with it more horrible pain.

"I can't take this," she panted. "God, help me, I just can't!"

"Lick the shitter clean," Brian demanded, applying more pressure with his hands on the back of her head.

Well, the longer you put it off, the longer the agony will last, Debby told herself. You're going to have to do it no matter what. Might as well get it over with.

She flicked out her tongue and began collecting the yellowish wads of cum. She held them in her mouth, then held her breath as they rolled into her throat. In a way, it was almost like swallowing warm chewing gum.

"That's a good girl," Brian said, watching her with a sadistic, glazed look. "You like eating my cum like that?"

Debby couldn't believe he would ask such a question. How could she possibly enjoy this horror? Being humiliated, degraded like this? His cum tasted so... Well, it was creamy, that much she had to admit. And as it rolled into her stomach, the acrid taste made her mouth water. It was dirty filthy cum, shot from a dirty filthy cock and...

She felt dirty and filthy. Yet through her humiliation, she also felt waves of pleasure inside her cunt. As his cock fucked with greater demand, she was horrified that an orgasm was dangerously close for her.

"Oh, fuck me," she heard herself say. "Stick your ugly cock in my pussy and blow it full. Mmmmmm, it feels so good, you bastard bull."

When Brian released the pressure of his hands from her head, he was pleased to see that she was now voluntarily licking the rest of the cum off the rim of the toilet. He chuckled victoriously, then grabbed her thighs. He yanked them apart savagely and fucked upward with all his might. His balls slapped upward, hitting her soft patch of almost-white cunt hair.

"Unhhhhh, take it, you cum-licking slut!" he panted, squeezing his stubby fingers into the delicate flesh of her legs.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Debby cried, licking wildly at the toilet, savoring the heady flavor of his cum. Her orgasm seemed to be hanging by a threat now, ready to flood her insides with explosive warmth. She squirmed and bucked, flexing her pussy muscles until her fuck tube clamped around his cockshaft like a vise.

Another scream was torn from her throat as her climax riddled her guts. She lifted her head and then closed her eyes, feeling as if she were flying through flaming darkness, her flesh stripped from her body.

"Unhhhhh!" Brian cried again, feeling his balls rumble painfully.

He stopped fucking for a split-second, then fucked forward with his full weight. The first, molten glob of cum burst from his cockhead and shot wildly into her pussy.

"Take it, cum-eater!" he barked, withdrawing, fucking back inside with another glob of jism.

When the liquid fire of his cum boiled into her pussy, Debby's climax reached heights she hadn't dreamed possible. The sensations were so intense that they weren't even pleasurable. It was a raw, burning, primitive release.

"Aieeeeee!" she screamed, then went limp.

Her face plunged into the toilet water, jolting her back to reality. Quickly, she lifted her head and rocked it around, even enjoying the way the water oozed down her chest.

"Fuck me, fuck me, God, don't ever stop," she said, her voice barely a whisper.

"Take it, whore bitch!" Brian gasped, fucking in the last of his cum. "Damn, baby. This is even better than last night."

Debby squirmed her ass around a little more, letting her pussy absorb his cum, then leaned back. She turned her head and kissed the side of his sweaty neck.

At last she had been totally defiled. There was no way it could possibly get any worse. Yet, in a way, she almost enjoyed the humiliation and shame she felt.

"Let's get back to bed," Brian said, "and we'll fuck some more, OK?"

"Hell, I don't care anymore," Debby said. She was pulled to the bed, then felt Brian's massive form crush down on her body. The man squirmed around for a few moments, then stuffed his cock inside her cum-splattered cunt.

"We'll take this one nice and slow," Brian said, kissing into the hollow of her throat.

Debby lay back, not moving at all. She felt dull, lifeless, like a discarded, wilted paper cup blowing at the side of the road. And when Brian punched into her cunt with growing pleasure, she could barely feel him. They had treated her like a piece of meat. Now, she felt like one.

"Hey, can anyone join the fun?" Todd asked, opening the door and grinning.

Debby noticed that Greg and Amy had walked in behind Todd. She felt so ashamed she couldn't even look at Greg. He'd probably heard her screaming with pleasure and would be right in thinking she was the biggest whore in town.

She felt like it.

"Hey, baby, how was ol' Brian?" Greg asked, giving her a knowing smile. His eyes said: How was it to fuck the pits of the world?

"It was fine," Debby snapped, coming to life. "In fact, he's a lot better than some people I know."

"Uh-ah, I think that was a shot at you, Greg," Todd laughed. "Little bitch has spirit, at least."

"Too much for her own fucking good, if you ask me," Greg said sharply.

"I didn't hear anyone ask you anything," Debby shot back.

"You gonna take that?" Amy asked, giving Greg a quick look.

"No, she's gonna take it. Hey, baby," she said, looking at Debby, loathing in his eyes. "You ever take three cocks at the same time?"

Three cocks? Was he serious?

"And then I'll take over," Amy said, a bright smile on her face.

Debby flinched beneath Brian's hulking frame, not liking the tone of the woman's voice. But she had something more important to worry about now. Were all three men going to fuck her at the same time?

"Don't, please," she said, swallowing hard. "I'm so sore, and you'll hurt me and..."

"Oh, by the way," Greg cut in, "I put in a call to your boyfriend. He's gonna pay us a call later."

"What are you going to do to him?" Debby demanded.

"Oh, baby, we're not going to do a thing. Amy is gonna take care of him," Greg laughed. "She's gonna whip your little boyfriend while you watch."

"Oh, no!" Debby gasped, realizing the limit of degradation hadn't yet been reached. There was no stopping than. "Please, not him. Do anything you want with me, but he's so nice and..."

"We are going to do, uh, anything to you," Greg said, moving toward the bed. "We're gonna fuck three big cocks in you."

"Hey, I get her shitter," Todd said.

"I want her pussy," Brian laughed.

Christ, they're dividing me up like a piece of chicken, Debby thought. Doesn't it concern them that I have feelings, too? She looked toward the woman, searching for some pity in those mud-brown eyes. There was none.

"OK, let's climb on and fuck her," Greg said, getting onto the bed. "But first let's tie the pig up good."

Debby was roughly turned to her side, then she felt them bind her again. Her legs were stretched out, her feet tied to the bottom corners of the bed. Her upper body was then twisted and her wrists tied together. Greg attached a rope around the headboard and anchored the knot at her hands.

When he was finished trussing her, Debby shot a hunted look around the room. The three men looked like they were more than ready to inflict pain on her already-raw-and-bruised body.

"Please don't let them do this to me." Debby said, giving Amy a begging look.

Amy just smiled.

Debby flinched, her eyes growing wide, with horror. The woman wasn't looking at the men, but at her.

And there was a dark hunger in that horrible expression that shook Debby to the bone.

Chapter SEVEN

Debby flinched with pain when the three cocks fucked her at the same time. Brian's prick fucked savagely into her cunt, stretching her pussy opening to the breaking point. Behind her, Todd fucked his prick shaft into her shitter until his balls were pressed tightly into her ass crack. And, straddling her, Greg fucked his cock deep into her throat.

"How is it, cunt?" Greg chuckled. "Bet you have about ten pounds of cock in you right now."

Debby didn't deny it for a moment. In fact, she felt like her guts and throat were going to explode. It was like some hideous triangle, their cockheads pressing to a center point in her body.

"Mmmmfffffff," she choked, feeling her throat constrict around Greg's fucking cock.

"Wow, her pussy is so tight this way," Brian said, kneading her tits, with his stubby fingers. "Stick it all the way in, Todd. Let's see if we can poke right through her guts."

Debby couldn't believe how horrible this was. Each cock separately was bad enough, but all three pulsating inside her at the same time made every cell in her body buzz and explode with agony. Every time they moved and pumped harder into her body, the pain increased.

"Suck me, baby bitch," Greg said, fucking his cock brutally in and out of her throat. "Let's see you suck on me like you did Brian's dirty cock all night."

So he heard, Debby thought, new shame burning into her mind. After Todd had given her that alcohol, she must have acted crazy. The very thought made her want to puke. She couldn't if she wanted, however, because Greg's cock was like a massive plug in her throat.

"Unhhhhh, sweet shitter," Todd murmured, squeezing her asscheeks with his fingers as he fucked his prick in and out of her ass. He then turned and looked at Amy, who was watching with a look of greed in her eyes. "Give me those pliers. I gotta show this baby how to shake her ass for me."

"Sure," Debby heard Amy say. "And make it hurt her good, Todd. I really want to hear her scream."

Was the woman insane? Didn't she know what Debby was going through? Probably she did, Debby realized suddenly. She was obviously their whore and let them do this to her on a regular basis. Yes, she had to be insane.

It was strange, however, that she just stood over there, leaning against the wall, watching. Is that how she gets her own kicks? Debby wondered. God, insane and perverted.

"Fuck her," Amy said, rubbing her hands over her naked body. "Stick all those cocks in her and give me lots of hot cum."

Give me? What the hell was she talking about? Could it possibly be that when the men were about to blow their loads, they were going to jerk away and fuck her? Somehow it didn't seem in character with all that they were doing.

Debby's thoughts exploded as a spasm of pain tore into her ass. Todd had placed the pliers in the crack of her ass and had clamped the serrated jaws down hard on her sensitive flesh.

"Mmmfffff!" Debby shrieked, her voice lost in Greg's hairy crotch.

"Now that's the way to shake it, baby," Todd laughed. "Back and forth. Hell, yes. Suck my cock right up your hot asshole."

With her eyes almost popping out with pain and terror, Debby again looked over at Amy. The woman was leaning against the wall, her legs spread wide. She was fucking the fingers of both hands in and out of her cunt.

"God, fuck her!" Amy gasped, rocking her hips back and forth. "Give me lots and lots of cum."

Debby closed her eyes, wondering if this torture would ever end. As they fucked their cocks in and out of her body with brutal thrusts, she again thought of what Greg had told her about Jimmy.

Sweet, trusting Jimmy was going to walk right into this nest of vipers. And if Debby were right, that Amy woman looked as mean as any of the men.

If she hurts Jimmy at all, Debby's mind screamed, I'll tear her eyes out!

"Hey, baby, you ready for a shitter full of cum?" Todd grunted, fucking forward with his cock. "I've got a load just for you."

His cock was throbbing wildly, ready to explode. And as his cockshaft grew to what seemed twice its already-enormous size, her guts became painfully constricted.

"Nnnmffffff!" she choked, freezing with a spasm of agony when his cockhead burst.

"Ahhhh, this is nice," Todd said, heaving forward with full force, crushing her between him and Brian.

When the liquid fire of his cum seared into her asshole, Debby felt a wave of relief. Now that her ass was soaked with the greasy globs of cum, his cock didn't hurt as much when his prick fucked in and out. Her pussy, however, was still treated to burning sensations that Brian's cock caused.

"Mine now," Brian said suddenly, thrusting deep into her cunt. "Hang on baby, I think this is gonna be a good one."

Debby flinched again when she felt Todd bite her ass with the pliers. She then began bucking and writhing, hoping he would stop. At last he did. When the jaws pulled away with a slippery smack, more relief flooded into her body.

A couple of seconds later, she felt. Brian's curved, ugly cock fuck the first of his cum into her cunt. The fuck juice splashed noisily, then sloshed backward, melting from her pussy opening.

Christ, two cocks blowing their loads at the same time! Then, to her amazement, she felt Greg's cock begin to balloon. She was going to have three cocks spitting cum into her at once. How many girls ever had this happen in a lifetime? she wondered.

Three hot cocks and all that cum.

"Aaaghhhhhh!" Debby spluttered, feeling Greg's cock explode inside her throat. A bursting glob of jism shot upward, behind her nose. Then, when more cum boiled down her throat, she smelled the acrid fuck cream as it poured from her nostrils.

"Suck it, cocksucker," Greg said, forcing his full weight against her mouth. "Lick down every drop and eat it."

Debby hated herself for it, but she seemed to give up, to stop fighting the shame and humiliation. She relaxed totally. Instantly, her body burst with a delicious climax that was so powerful she thought the top of her head was going to blow off.

"Aaaaaaa!" she screamed again, sending a fine spray of milky cum into Greg's crotch.

"Lick it, bitch," Greg said, stuffing in the bulk of his load with a hard fucking movement fucking of his cock. "Take it down. I hope I blow your cocksucking throat wide open."

He was fucking into her mouth so hard that Debby thought he just might do that. Never before had she become so aware of the male body as now. She seemed to be letting, her mind sweeping over every plane of his flexed muscle, dipping into the greasy wads of cum that bubbled inside her like a milky fountain.

She bucked and writhed, experiencing another hot convulsion of raw total ecstasy. Finally the pleasure peaked, became suspended for an eternity, then slowly subsided, leaving her breathless.

As she lay sandwiched between their hulking, writhing frames, she closed her eyes, felt her body buzz with electric-like jolts of satisfaction. And, oddly enough, she didn't feel the shame she thought she would. She felt so relaxed, so comfortable, so deliciously spent.

At last, the men pulled away one by one, leaving her lying in a pool of cooling cum. She squirmed around and felt the fuck fluid cling to her flesh like drying glue.

"I want you to give her some more cum," Amy said, moving away from the wall and approaching the bed. "You sit on her face, Todd, and I'll suck on you."

Debby felt a wave of disgust when Amy straddled her middle, then eased her red-haired cunt down. Blonde and red pussy hairs meshed together, cunt lips touched. Then suddenly the woman's face was blocked from view as Todd threw himself over her face. He squirmed the crack of his ass down on her mouth.

"Mmmm, this is going to be so good," Debby heard Amy say from behind Todd's body. "All this cum to eat."

While Debby kissed listlessly at Todd's ass, she felt two sets of knees press against her hips. Greg and Brian must now be kneeling, facing each other, she thought. But why?

"Jack me a little faster," Brian said. "Yeah, like that, baby."

Debby tried to picture what was happening. While Todd sat on her face, Amy was straddling her body, sucking him off. And kneeling beside her were Greg and Brian. She was jacking them while she sucked on Todd!

"Mmmmmm," she heard Amy gurgle. "Love all this hot cock. Be sure you tell me before you blow out your cum." Just thinking about what was happening filled Debby with renewed passion. She began twisting and writhing, fucking her tongue in and out of Todd's sweet asshole.

"Mmmmm, I want a cock, too," she murmured, licking down his crack and touching his cum-filled balls. "Let me suck some, please."

"No way, bitch," Amy said. "All these cocks are mine. You've had yours."

Sucking on Todd's asshole and balls was almost as good, for they tasted deliciously of the male body. In a way, Debby even found that she liked the way Amy's pussy pushed down on her own. It was almost as if they were kissing.

"Little harder," Greg said, pumping his ass back and forth while Amy jacked his cock furiously. "Squeeze me, baby."

"Mmmm-mmmm," Amy gurgled, gulping up and down the full length of Todd's enormous prick.

When Amy sucked all the way to the hairy root of Todd's cock, Debby could feel the woman's ripened tits rub over her own. And when the four nipples met, she felt delicious shivers of ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, I want a cock," Debby said, unable to believe the cravings of her body. "Someone please fuck me!"

"Can I put it to her?" Brian said. "I sure could use some more of her hot..."

"No," Amy said. "You promised me. I want your cum on her, not in her."

My God, what is the woman planning? Debby asked herself. If Amy thought that jacking cum all over Debby's body was going to humiliate her further, she couldn't be more wrong. Just thinking about all those hot gobs of jism boiling over her flesh made her shiver with hot desire.

"I'm there," Greg said suddenly. "Where do you want it?"

"On her tits," Amy said, spitting Todd's cock from her mouth and moving slightly to one side.

When Debby felt the stinging warmth of cum splash over her tits, her pussy exploded with a fantastic spasm of climax. She twisted and writhed arching her back. Soon, the creamy thick fluid slipped to her sides, then dropped to the sheets.

"Me, too," Todd said. "Get your mouth back on here."

Debby could only imagine what happened next. It seemed, however, that Amy took his throbbing cock in her throat, but didn't swallow the cum. Instead, she spit it out, Debby's tits mixing it with the cum Greg had splashed on. A short while later, after Todd and Greg had blown their loads and had pulled away from Debby's body, Debby could see what was happening. Amy was devoting her full attention to Brian's rock-hard cock, gobbling up and down the curved prick shaft with her hungry mouth.

"Unhhhhh, now!" Brian gasped, pumping his ass forward.

To Debby's amazement, Amy jerked her head away from his exploding cock and began jacking him. She aimed the prick shaft slightly downward and let the boiling juice squirt over Debby's cunt mound...

"Ohhhh, shit," Brian said, pumping his ass back and forth. "This is a good one."

"Oh, yes, I know," Amy said, her eyes wide with lust. "Fuck out a whole lot, you ugly bastard!"

Debby watched as she milked him dry. And when Amy was finished, Debby's body was covered with cum. Thick globs oozed around on her tits, formed pools on her stomach, glistened in the hairs of her cunt.

To Debby, it seemed a waste of good cum. Why hadn't Amy drunk it when she had the chance? Debby would never understand the woman.

"Mmmmm, this is going to be so good," Amy said, kneeling between Debby's outstretched legs. "Just look at all that hot cum I can suck."

Debby flinched. How disgusting. Amy was going to lick jism off a female body!

"Strap it on like a gas mask," Greg laughed, sitting on the floor beside the bed and watching Amy with a glazed expression in his eyes.

She shot a horrified look at Amy. "What are you going to do?" she demanded.

"Baby, I'm gonna lick this sweet cum off your body," Amy replied. "And when you're nice and clean, I'll lick on your pussy and shitter. Clean them out, too."

Debby couldn't believe she was hearing right. Could the woman be so perverted as to actually enjoy doing that? To eat another woman's pussy, suck on her tits.

"Don't, please," Debby said, trembling with disgust. "It's not right."

"But it is." Amy grinned. "You just wait. You'll like it, I promise. I suck cunt better than any man alive."

"But it's horrible, disgusting," Debby said, frowning.

"Not as much as you might think," Amy said, licking the tip of her tongue into Debby's glistening cunt hairs.

"I would never do anything like that," Debby said, feeling the back of her mouth become bitter with the taste of vomit. "Never!"

"Never?" Amy grinned. "Baby, never is gonna come around real soon."

"Wha-what do you mean?" Debby cried, looking at Greg with frightened eyes.

"When I'm finished licking your pussy clean, you're gonna eat mine," Amy said.

"Eat... you?" Debby gasped. "Mmmm," Amy said, closing her lips around Debby's pussy. "There's nothing better than hot cum right out of a cunt."

Debby flinched and squinted her eyes closed.

It can't be happening! She told herself. But it was.

Chapter EIGHT

Debby pulled against the ropes at her hands and feet, tried desperately to escape from this nightmare. When Amy's warm mouth pressed harder into Debby's cum-soaked cunt, her horrible tongue beginning to dig out more fuck cream, Debby simply wanted to die.

Debby couldn't imagine anything more repulsive, more humiliating. Not only had she been raped by three cocks at the same time, but this evil woman was now going to lick the cum off her body.

"Please, Greg," Debby gasped, giving the man a pleading look. "This isn't right. How can you let her do this to me?"

In answer, Greg only laughed. It was a cruel laugh that shook Debby to the bone. Not only was he going to allow this horror to take place, but, from the look in his eyes, he was actually enjoying her misery.

Debby looked from him to the other man. Todd was leaning against the wall, his arms folded over his chest, his gaze following Amy's every move. Brian, big and blubbery, was sitting beside the bed, his legs crossed, like some stupid child watching cartoons.

"Isn't anyone going to stop this?" Debby demanded, then again heard laughter.

They weren't in the least concerned with pleasure, or at least her concept of pleasure. They only wanted td degrade, humiliate, destroy. And she was their victim. It was as if they were trying to dismantle every shred of her self-respect, slowly and sadistically.

And when they had, leaving her an empty shell, what would happen then? They, would throw her out, a mindless, abused moron, who would never be the same again.

In the space of only twelve hours or so, she had experienced more than most women would dream of in a lifetime. Tortured, raped, abused, humiliated, degraded... and fucked.

It seemed even now that one of their cocks was inside her. Her guts had been fucked unmercifully, leaving her raw and aching.

Even as this woman defiled her further, Debby knew it wasn't finished. No, the last act of degradation would come when Jimmy was here. They would probably make her watch while Amy abused him.

Even now, Debby could see in her mind her boyfriend's pain-racked body as he felt the sting of the whip held in Amy's hand. The woman would be an expert. Debby could tdl just from the hard, sadistic glint in her eye.

Amy was also an expert in pleasure, Debby soon found out. Even though Debby fought the delicate spasms of ecstasy that soon trembled her in her pussy, it was a losing battle. Amy knew exactly where to touch, how to lick her tongue into the aches and soothe them. She could be gentle, and she could be forceful, always at the right time.

Like now.

Amy's tongue was like an exploring snake, searching out prey. Each time the squirming, darting tongue lapped over the cum-coated flesh of Debby's cunt, Debby found her insides glowing with pleasure.

It had to be the strangest sensation Debby could imagine. It was almost like being fed when she was starving, fed by someone she absolutely loathed.

"Don't, please," Debby moaned, not to Amy, but her own emotions. "God, I don't want it."

"What's the matter, baby, you don't like the way I eat pussy?" Amy murmured, again fucking her tongue deep inside Debby's cunt. "Mmmmmm, a lot of the ladies say I do it better than a man."

That was the horrible part. She was as good -- perhaps better -- than a man. Yet even if she did know exactly how to chew, how to suck and lick, she still wasn't a man. And women shouldn't do this to other women. It was wrong!

Oh, but if it's so wrong, why does it feel so good, a voice seemed to mock her inside her brain. Just feel it, Debby. See how her hot tongue goes in and out, how it licks at your clit. And that little itch right there. Would a man have sensed that?

"No, please," Debby grunted again, feeling her pussy bubble with more intense pleasure.

"Mmmmm, yes," Amy murmured.

Finally, Debby couldn't take the emotional strain any longer. She went limp. As she breathed rapidly and watched what Amy was doing, her senses became dulled.

Amy licked through the silky bush of Debby's cunt hair to the cooling pool of cum on Debby's stomach. Amy ran her lips over the sticky masses, then sucked the fuck fluid into her mouth. Slowly, she let the juice ooze back onto Debby's stomach. Again, she sucked the spit and cum mixed into her throat. This time, she swallowed it with a greedy moan. At last, she licked all the jism from Debby's soft flesh, then worked her way farther up on Debby's body.

Debby watched the woman's face come closer, saw Amy's blood-red lips stained with a milky residue of cum. A shiver went up and down Debby's spine when Amy darted her tongue out and touched Debby's right nipple.

When her warm mouth sank around Debby's cum-coated tit, Debby also felt the woman's red-haired cunt crush down on her own. After Amy squirmed around for a few moments, their clits throbbed together wildly. Burning fuck juices mixed together and ate into the flesh of both cunts.

Debby found her hips rising to meet the downward crush of Amy's body. As the woman sucked more hungrily on Debby's tits, something seemed to snap inside Debby's brain.

It was so good, so delicious how their bodies molded together. For the first time, it seemed that Debby was really aware of her own body through the responses of this woman.

"Oh, God, suck my tits and fuck me with your cunt," Debby said, almost choking on the words, the last defilement. "Yes, do it..."

Amy kissed back and forth between Debby's swollen upturned tits until they were clean of cum. Then slowly, she nibbled upward into the hollow of Debby's throat. After leaving a glistening trail across Debby's chin, she parted her lips and locked them firmly around Debby's mouth.

"Nnnnnn," Debby groaned, accepting Amy's tongue eagerly. Another moan burned into the woman's throat as a rising tide of pleasure surged downward, filtered through Debby's guts.

With mouth on mouth and cunt against cunt, Debby felt a hard throbbing of release tearing from the back of her pussy. She began rocking back and forth, lifting and lowering her hips. Her cunt opening, was working like a mouth, sucking on the delicate, oozing entrance of Amy's cunt.

"Fuck me," Debby gasped, arching her back. "God, I don't care anymore. Just fuck me with your pussy and tongue."

While Amy kissed Debby, she worked her fingers between their bodies and molded the two sets of tits together. As their nipples throbbed against each other, their clits were rock-hard, pulsating with life.

"Baby, baby, baby," Amy murmured, licking her tongue over Debby's teeth, her lips. "Let's fuck like this, eat cum together."

Debby's insides burst with a delicious convulsion of orgasm. It was unlike anything she could imagine. Different than when she was with a man, it seemed to be almost gentle, longer lasting. Her orgasm never reached the intensity when she had a cock inside her, but it was still wonderful. Soon her body flooded with warmth, then sweet relaxation, melting every inhibition.

She wanted what was happening. She wanted to feel the shame and humiliation along with the pleasure. Somehow, it would make it worth it.

"Oh God, lick my pussy some more... a lot more!" Debby panted, again writhing and twisting beneath the woman.

Amy kissed at Debby's mouth for a few more seconds, then let her lips slide over Debby's chin. She again treated Debby's tits to a thorough suck job, then nibbled across the smooth flat area of Debby's stomach.

"Make your tongue like a cock," Debby whispered, holding her head up, watching the woman's every move. "God, stick it in and fuck me with it."

When Amy's tongue fucked between the puckered lips of Debby's cunt, both women screamed. One voice was muffled, the other echoing off the walls of the bedroom. "Suck me!" Debby shrieked, her face turning ashen with passion. "Suck and eat me alive!"

Amy pressed her blood-red fingernails into the soft flesh of Debby's cunt and pulled back the loose folds of skin. When Debby's pussy's frothy, pink insides were revealed, and Amy saw Debby's rock-hard clit throb like a tiny cock, Amy bit down, fucking her tongue as far inside her jaws ached.

Another spasm of hot climax thundered into Amy's and Debby's bodies at the same time. For a few moments it was almost as if they were sharing the same orgasm.

At last, Debby fell back, feeling sweat pour from her forehead. As the subsiding pangs of climax became dulled, she again waited for reality to creep back into her brain, to accuse her of terrible things, to accuse her of betraying herself.

Instead, she felt peaceful for the first time since she'd been lured into this room. Even when she looked over at Greg she found no anger, no resentment in herself. She had finally been beaten, she realized.

She looked from Greg's face to the door. It had been easy, she thought, to walk through the door, but to leave again? No, she would be trapped here forever. At least her mind would.

"I want it again," Debby said softly to Amy who still had her mouth locked firmly around Debby's cunt. "Please?"

"You're going to do me now," Amy said, lifting her head and licking her lips.

A momentary flash of disgust shot into Debby's brain. It was one thing to be eaten, but for herself to lick into another woman's cunt. Could she possibly force herself?

Go with it, a voice inside her said. Go with it.

"Yes," Debby said, swallowing hard, feeling the back of her throat twitch.

Inside the woman's cunt would be cum. Delicious cum the three men had fucked into her body. The fuck juice would mix with Amy's pussy, juice, become frothy and delicious as it flowed from Amy's tiny puckered cunt opening. Already Debby could smell the perfumed aroma of the woman's cunt, feel her silky red pussy hairs tickling her nose.

"Oh, yes," Debby said again, flinching this time with anticipation, desire. "Let me eat your pussy, too."

"Hell, I'm not gonna sit around and watch all day," Brian said, suddenly standing. His cock was jutting from his middle, his dangling balls thick with a load of cum. "I'm gonna do some fucking." He crawled onto the bed.

Beauty and the beast, Debby thought, almost giggling. While a sweet pussy was going to be thrust in her face, her cunt was going to be fucked by the ugliest cock she had ever seen. Somehow it seemed right, the way things had to be. To understand pleasure, she had to know pain.

"Fuck me," she panted. "But could you... untie me, please? I promise I won't escape. I... I just want to touch you -- both of you."

Her grunted words made Amy smile. While she fumbled with the knots at Debby's wrists, she slowly squirmed her body over Debby's chest, lowering her crotch down on the girl's face.

With her hands bruised but free, Debby did as she said. She reached around Amy's waist and rested her fingers against the rounded contours of the woman's ass. Slowly, she began fingering the woman's narrow ass crack until she found the bud of the woman's shitter. She probed inside, felt a burning wad of cum against her flesh.

More cum was oozing from the red-haired cunt hole just inches from Debby's mouth. Debby could smell it, the aroma causing her throat to ache with burning desire.

"Oh, let me have it," Debby murmured, pressing her hands forward. Amy's cunt came closer, the hairs began touching Debby's nose. And then the feel of silky cunt on her mouth.

"Lick me, baby," Amy murmured, squeezing her cunt fully against Debby's mouth. "Mmmmm, do it tome like I did it to you." In a way, Debby felt rather badly that she wouldn't be able to please the woman as well as Amy had pleased her. She had no experience. But, oddly enough, she found her tongue following the delicate muscles along the walls of Amy's cunt.

"Yes, like that!" Amy cried, pumping her ass up and down. "Just fine. You're going at it great, baby."

Maybe it's something that just comes naturally, Debby thought. After all, she could sense when a man was about to blow his load from the way his balls receded and how his cockhead jerked. It was exactly the same way with a woman. Suddenly she didn't feel inexperienced at all, almost as if she'd been licking pussy all her life.

"Mmmmm, you like this?" she murmured, sucking the tiny rubbery nub of Amy's clit between her teeth and biting down.

"Ohhhhh!" Amy screamed, rolling her head around, causing her red hair to flame about her like a halo. "Yesssss!" Her insides became buttery, scalding.

When Debby probed fully inside the woman's cunt with her tongue, she felt her legs jerked apart brutally. An instant later, the pressure of Brian's curved cock banged against her pussy. She could feel his enormous cock push through her aching cunt lips, then become embedded near the base of her spine. His cum-filled balls rested just at the bottom of her pussy crack, pulsating against the insides of her thighs.

"God, fuck me, you big ugly bastard," Debby cried, her voice lost inside Amy's pussy.

Cock and cunt at the same time! What an experience. It was so delicious, so wonderful, she actually wanted to tell someone.

Until this moment, she had denied herself this pleasure because of some silly social taboo. No longer. As long as they kept her here like a prisoner, she was going to explore all the possibilities of pleasure.

And then she thought of Jimmy. He was also being lured over here. And this woman who was giving her so much pleasure was going to give him pain. For an instant, she rebelled, almost hated the woman. The emotion, however, turned into envy, then jealousy.

Amy would also give Jimmy pleasure. Perhaps even greater pleasure than Debby had ever given him.

"Damn, what a hot tight pussy," Brian said, withdrawing his cock, then fucking back inside. He ran his fingers over Debby's stomach, then poked at Amy's asshole. "Want me to fuck you with my fist?"

"Oh, yes," Amy said. "Suck my cunt, baby... fuck my shitter with your fist, you bastard."

Had Debby heard right? Was that big monster actually going to stuff his fist up Amy's asshole? She remembered that Brian's hands looked like ham hocks. How could she possibly take it!

"Ohhhhh, yes!" Amy screamed, flinching, her face turning an even deader white.

As the woman shrieked with a mixture of pleasure and pain, Debby searched around Brian's arm. It was true! He actually had his fist up her ass. Her ass opening was stretched wide, almost tearing, but sucking eagerly around his wrist as if his arm were a cock.

"Do me, too," Debby gurgled. "Mmmmm, I want your other fist up my ass."

"You got it, you little pussy-eating whore," Brian grunted. He squirmed his other hand between Debby's legs and found her tiny, puckered shitter. "Slow or fast?" he squeezed his fingertips into the greasy, cum-clogged opening of her asshole.

"Fast!" Debby yelled into Amy's cunt. If it was going to kill her, she might as well get it over with, "All the way in with one!"

Brian's fist fucked into her ass, causing an explosion of raw, brutal pain. Yet, with the pain, came pleasure she hadn't dreamed possible. She froze for a second, then began bucking and writhing. Her tongue fucked wildly in and out of Amy's cunt until her jaws ached. With every movement of her body, she experienced one delicious wave of climax after another.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me!" Brian gasped, squeezing his hand around in her shitter while he fucked her cunt unmercifully. "Take all of me inside you, you cuntlicking slut!"

Debby began sucking and fucking as if in a rage. When she was certain her orgasm had to be over, another storm of climax would riddle her guts. Soon she was in a constant state of climax, every cell, each nerve bursting with electricity.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she chanted into Amy's throbbing cunt.

At last, she went limp, her chest heaving beneath Amy's ass. When Brian finally began pumping his cum into her cunt she could only lie there. Every, muscle in her body burned with exhaustion. Still, with each scalding drop of jism, she experienced more pleasure.

"Unhhhh, take it, you fucking slut. All of it," Brian grunted, planting his full weight between her legs.

When he deposited the last of his cum-load, Debby felt Amy's insides become a fiery inferno. Her delicious-looking cunt seemed to turn into a mouth, kissing Debby's lips. And, as the soft opening quivered, streams of molten cunt juice poured over Debby's cheeks and chin.

"Lick me to death!" Amy shrieked, clawing at Debby's neck. She pressed the girl's face hard into her own crotch, then fell forward, writhing as if in pain. "Oh, sweet fucking Jesus, lick."

After a delicious eternity of pleasure, Amy and Brian finally pulled away. And although Debby was no longer tied up, she felt as if she were. She could barely lift her hands from her sides. Her legs felt as if they were made of lead.

"My turn," Todd said, eyeing her pussy. "You ready for another big cock, baby?"

Before Debby could answer, he was on her, fucking his rock-hard cock deep into her cunt. In the space of a minute or less, his cum-load was gushing into Debby's pussy, filling her cunt to overflowing. When he had finished, Amy again crawled to the bed and ate the cunt out of Debby's pussy.

And then it was Greg's turn. He walked over to where she lay on the side of the bed. He looked down and smiled sadistically.

"You ready for another cock, baby?" he asked, fingering her upturned, swollen tits. "Hmmmmm, would you like that?"

Quite frankly, Debby wasn't. She'd been fucked so much her cunt was raw. Still, the pain of his tearing into her body would be delicious, and she nodded her head.

"I thought you would, you little whore," Greg said, his voice even and low. "OK, you wait for her boyfriend, Amy." He turned to face the woman as she sat on the floor, her eyes dazed with satisfaction. "I'll take the bitch outside to get fucked."

"Outside?" Debby said dreamily. "Why outside?"

As she said the words, she suddenly realized why. They didn't want her to scream and warn Jimmy when he came over. With her out of the way, they could rush him easily, as he would be completely unaware of any danger. She suddenly felt anger.

Before she could object, however, Greg grabbed her by the hair of the head and pulled her off the bed. She hit the floor and screamed in pain.

Was that necessary? she wondered. Christ, I'm already defeated, beaten. He knows I'll gladly suffer anything he wants.

"You're hurting me," she panted, trying to get to her feet, then stumbling forward, hitting her face against the side of his foot.

"Come on, bitch," Greg said, ignoring her pleas. "Let's go outside and I'll show you what fucking is all about."

Since the house was located at the end of the street, even if Debby screamed, she wouldn't be heard. And besides, there was a thick clump of trees near the street side. If her scream was, heard, no one could see what was happening. It would be impossible for him to humiliate, degrade her any further. She had reached the limit. It would be just more of the same. He could use the whip, the pliers, violate her ass, her cunt.

What was left?

Debby was dragged across the back lawn and thrown against a tree. Then, with the ropes he had picked up on the way out of the house, he began tying her up again. He attached the ends of two ropes to her wrists, then lifted her to her feet. After a few moments, she was stretched out between two trees like a slave about to be whipped.

"There," Greg said, taking a step backward, letting his eyes move over her naked, ripened body. "I don't think you can get away."

Actually, Debby didn't want to get away and felt the ropes were unnecessary. As she looked at his firm, muscular body, she could already feel quivering pangs of pleasure inside her cunt.

She felt like a virgin sacrifice to some evil pagan God. And if someone looked evil and pagan, it had to be Greg. He stood tail, towering over her body, and his feet were planted apart. His hands were on his narrow hips, and the cruel cut of his face made him seem darker, meaner.

"Oh, fuck me!" she gasped, her gaze dropping to the area of his crotch.

His cock was thick and meaty, jutting deliciously at an angle from his body. A glistening drop of clear fluid hung from the tiny cum-hole.

"I'm going to love it like this," she gasped, now enjoying the way the ropes cut into her flesh.

Greg roared with sadistic laughter, then turned around. He began walking slowly toward the house, leaving Debby with an anguished, puzzled expression on her face.

Where the hell was he going? To get the chain? The pliers? Oh, Jesus, just let him hurry. Mmmmm, I want the feel of his cock inside me, she thought.

She closed her eyes and let her head fall to one shoulder, savoring the waiting. In just a few moments, she would again feel the pressure of his cum inside her cunt. Loading her up with scalding heat.

Just thinking about his prick made her quiver with desire. She began rocking her body back and forth, squeezing her cunt muscles to relieve the ache that burned deep inside her body.

"Fuck me, Greg," she whispered into the soft summer wind. "Come back to me and fuck me like you did that first time."

It seemed so romantic, so wonderful suddenly. Tied up like a slave, ready to be assaulted by the man who had torn through her virgin cunt years ago.

Her body burned hotter and glistening fuck juices melted from her cunt. Soon her blonde pussy hairs were milky, as if a thousand tiny pearls were embedded in the soft bush.

"Hurry, God, hurry," she panted, partially opening her eyes. And then her orgasm burned forward, etched the sensitive muscles at her cunt opening. "Fuck me, Greg."

When Debby thought she would faint from the sheer terror, she heard a loud masculine scream coming from the house. She shot a look at Greg.

"Oh, that's your boyfriend," Greg laughed. "While I take care of you out here, Amy's gonna show him a few tricks."

For a brief second, Debby felt a wave of sympathy for Jimmy. The emotion quickly evaporated, however, for what he was going through wouldn't be anything as horrible as she was about to experience.

Chapter NINE

"All, this is gonna be so nice," Greg said. "How is it for you, baby?" he asked, kissing Debby's neck.

Debby couldn't answer she was so terrified, so filled with horror. The cock was growing larger. It was the largest prick ever. After his prick had played at her pussy opening for a few seconds, his cock slowly pierced her puckered cunt lips.

"Just go with it, I'll bet you're such a little whore you'll be screaming for more before it's over with," Greg said cruelly, licking toward her right ear.

"You bastard," Debby moaned, wishing she could get free. She would attack them both with her bare hands, and, if she fought like she felt, she would rip them both to shreds. "Stop this... now!"

Her last word was followed by a shrieking scream. The cock hammered savagely upward, going into areas no other cock had ever been. When Debby was positive there couldn't be any more cockshaft, there was. More floods of pain swept into her body.

Behind her, Greg was fucking wildly in and out of her shitter, fucking at her so hard that his balls were popping against her taint.

"Take it, you fucking slut," Greg said. "God, I was dreaming of this all the time I was in prison. Just making you scream like this... being double fucked."

Well, you got your revenge and more, Debby thought painfully. Every moment of this horror had to be worth a year in prison. She would have gladly changed places with him.

The pain wasn't the only terror she was experiencing. Never before had she felt so used and degraded, so terribly humiliated. And each time she cried out with shameful anguish, she only pleased Greg more.

"Oh, no," she said suddenly, feeling a warm tongue lick at her nipples. Then, she felt his sharp teeth sink into her flesh, almost breaking the skin.

In spite of herself, she began to feel fluttering sensations of pleasure sear into her tits. When they did, they somehow absorbed some of the pain in her cunt. Her insides eased a little, allowing his cock to fuck in and out more freely.

"Hey, he's really getting after it, isn't he?" Greg said, feeling him hammer her body hard against his.

"Yes, he is," Debby said, feeling her mind dull. "He's... fucking... me."

There. She had said it, admitted it.

She was being fucked by a two cocks at the same time!

"Oh, God, no!" she gasped, hating herself for enjoying the thought and the way her guts were becoming buttery with pleasure.

His mouth became more demanding, completely covering her tits with kisses. And as he fucked harder, his cock began to curve more, expand.

"Take it, slut," Greg said from behind her, feeling his cum-load begin to boil.

He tightened the muscles at the base of his cock to hold back the onslaught, but he knew it would be only a couple of seconds before the pressure was too great.

"Right up your ass, whore," he panted.

My God, they're gonna blow their loads together, Debby thought. Two cocks spitting out all those globs of warm cum.

"Jesus, fuck me!" she cried, moving her ass quickly back and forth, "Both of me, you Goddamned animals, fuck me to death!"

Although it was her voice, she was shocked to hear the words. Could it be possible that she really enjoyed this final humiliation?

Yes, oh, God, yes! she thought.

Her climax rose in her cunt, then exploded around his cock. After her orgasm had peaked violently, the sensations seemed to eat backward, filtering through the delicate flesh that separated her slitter and pussy. A new climax flooded her ass.

"Aieeeeee!" Debby shrieked, feeling hot ripples of ecstasy dance back and forth. "Fuckkkk meeeeee!"

"Unhhhhh, take it, you screwing whore!" Greg grunted, punching forward with his full weight. The first fiery wad of cum blasted from his cockhead and splattered up her shitter canal. "All of it... slut. Goddamn you, every fucking drop!"

After three or four lumps of cum had blown into her shitter, Debby felt the big cock do the strangest thing. His prick curved even more, then his bullet-shaped cockhead seemed to be crawling backward! Soon, his cock was doubling in size, becoming as thicker than any prick.

"Ohhhh, God, that hurts... so good!" she cried, feeling another hot convulsion of raw release. "Fuck me, you bastard motherfucker." Her eyes were glazed with pleasure.

When the cock exploded with savage warmth, Debby's climax became so intense, she thought her pussy would rip open. All that cum, as it blew from the reddish cockhead, was like gasoline on an open fire.

"Yessssss!" she hissed, then went limp, exhausted from so much pleasure.

While she was thrashed back and forth by both she felt like a rag doll. After a few moments, she thought they would never stop hammering cum inside her. Over and over they fucked it to her, until it seemed as if their cocks fused into one mass of rock-hard writhing flesh.

"Oh... wow," Greg said, finally grinding the last of his cum into her shitter.

He held himself against her body for a few seconds, then pulled away. He fell to the ground and leaned against the tree.

"Keep fucking her," he said softly.

Even long after he had stopped blowing his cum into her cunt, Debby felt the hard punches of his cock. Only when his prick became slightly soft, did he stop moving. Slowly he withdrew and left.

"Well, he's got what he wants," Greg laughed.

"Did you?" Debby said softly. "Is it over now?"

Greg was about to say something else, but his words were cut off by a yell from the house. It was Amy, and she was standing in the back door, waving them to come in.

"[missing text] ready for her," Amy said. "Bring her [missing text]."

"Sure," Greg said, standing.

"What are you going to do now?" Debby asked, her voice trembling with fear.

"Don't you want to see your little boyfriend?" Greg laughed.

"My God, what have they done to Jimmy?" Debby asked, fearful that he would be all beaten up when she saw him.

She had, in a way, gotten him into this mess. If he ever spoke to her again it would be a miracle. Greg had done it all, by her thinking he'd ruined her life, mistreated her, humiliated her to the limits of endurance, and now he had taken Jimmy from her.

He dragged her toward the house after untying her from the tree. Debby felt dead inside. Oddly enough, she didn't even want to see Jimmy. She didn't want him to see what kind of woman she'd become.

They mounted the back stairs.

Chapter TEN

When the back door opened, Debby was pushed into Amy's waiting arms. The woman then led her down the hall to another part of the house. Amy pushed open a door on the left and nudged Debby inside.

"It's a bathroom," Debby said stupidly, thinking it might be another bedroom, with Jimmy hanging by chains. "What..."

"I want to get you cleaned up a little," Amy said, almost tenderly. "And besides, you and I haven't been alone, have we?"

Confused, but slightly relieved, Debby allowed herself to be pushed into the large bathtub. A couple of second's later, warm needles of water were hitting her flesh, washing the past horror from her body.

"Oh, you have such a lovely, firm body," Amy said, taking a wash cloth and moving it over Debby's back. "Just you and I ought to spend the night together, you know that?"

Hell, why not? I've done worse, Debby thought. She didn't say anything, however merely let the soapy water rinse her of the filth...

After a few moments, Amy dropped to her knees and began washing out Debby's shitter. When it was clean, she ran the wash cloth, then her fingers into Debby's cunt. After her pussy hole was soapy, she caught water with her hands and splashed the warm fluid inside. All traces of the filth were washed from Debby's body.

"What... where is Jimmy?" Debby asked finally. "Has he been hurt?"

"Mmmmm, a little," Amy said, nuzzling her face between Debby's thighs. "But don't worry, baby. You'll both live through this, I promise."

"Who hurt him?" Debby wondered, thinking of all kinds of horrors those animals might inflict on her inexperienced boyfriend.

"I did," Amy said softly, licking faster into Debby's cunt. "And let me tell you, you're sure lucky. He fucks like a mink."

"You... fucked him?" Amy was on her knees licking out her pussy, and she had just come from Jimmy. "You fucked him?" she repeated, liking the sound of the words in spite of herself.

"Sure did," Amy replied. "Why? Do you mind?"

"No, I guess not," Debby answered, oddly not jealous at all. In fact, knowing that Jimmy had enjoyed pleasure with this woman filled her with a strange ecstasy. His big cock had fucked in and out where she had eaten. "No, I don't mind at all." She trembled with new desire.

"Good," Amy said, "because I want both of us to fuck him together. We'll drain the bastard."

"Let's go now," Debby said, feeling her insides grow buttery with pleasure. "God, I want a cock!"

"Oh, no," Amy said, caressing Debby's firm asscheeks. "Not for a few more sweet minutes."

Debby spread her legs a little wider to give Amy more room. Then, when the woman burrowed fully between her legs, Debby thrust her hips forward. Amy's hot searching tongue began lapping deeper inside her body, filling her with sharp pangs of growing ecstasy.

"Oh, yes," Amy murmured, squeezing her knees together, feeling her orgasm build with tremendous speed. "Let me have your pussy mmmmmm, all of it, baby."

As Amy moaned inside Debby's pussy, Debby felt a delicious surge of warmth near the base of her spine. Holding Amy's head in both hands, she began moving quickly back and forth, her pussy sucking hard on the searching, probing tongue.

"God! God, fuck me with your hot tongue!" Debby screamed. "Aieeeeee!"

While Amy smacked and chewed greedily, Debby finally went limp. She lifted her hands from Amy's face and held onto the shower curtain to keep from falling. At last, she straightened up and lifted Amy to her feet.

"Let's go, OK?" she said. "I want to see Jimmy right now."

After they had gotten out of the shower and dried off, Debby realized how easy it would have been to escape. With Amy down on her knees, she could have knocked the woman out, then escaped through the window. Surely a naked woman running down the street would have attracted attention! She could have summoned the police, then freed Jimmy. And then...

No, a darker part of her personality had demanded that she stay, see this thing out.

"He's in here," Amy said, pushing open a door after they left the bathroom.

At first, Debby was almost afraid to look at Jimmy when she saw him against the far wall, his arms and legs pulled wide. He was tied up, his body glistening with sweat. Small red welts etched his muscular flesh.

"Jimmy!" Debby gasped, rushing over. "Are you hurt?"

For some reason Debby couldn't understand, Jimmy looked away as if he was embarrassed. Finally he did look at her and smiled sheepishly. Slowly, Debby began to realize what had happened. No doubt the men had knocked him out, then tied him up, giving him over to Amy.

And Amy was an expert with both pain and pleasure, probably showing him the joys of each.

"Debby, I didn't mean for it to happen," Jimmy said, looking over at Amy. "I... I was raped, honest."

"Raped, shit," Greg said from the corner of the room. "From what I heard, he was begging for Amy's cunt."

"That's right," Brian laughed. "Hell, I was beginning to think Amy had met her match with him."

Debby felt suddenly angry at everyone, including herself. Those pricks had sat around and watched Jimmy be humiliated by Amy. And she was furious with Jimmy for allowing it to happen. Why couldn't he have been stronger, like...

She had been?

"Whip your boyfriend," Amy said, throwing Debby the whip. "Let's bear the fucker scream."

"I won't," Debby said, horrified at the suggestion. "You can't make me!"

"Oh, I can't?" Amy smiled, lifting up the pair of pliers. "You sure?"

Although the thought of those horrible pliers on her flesh made her jerk with fear, she didn't care. Even that horror wouldn't make he whip Jimmy.

"Go ahead and use them," she said, feeling like a martyr. "I'll die before I hurt him."

"Oh, you thought I was going to use these things on you, huh?" Amy said, standing, then moving toward Jimmy. She touched Jimmy's right ball with the end of the pliers. "No, baby, you don't understand. I'm gonna crack his nuts open if you don't beat him."

"Oh, God," Jimmy gasped, his eyes white with fear. "Do it, Debby. God, do anything she asks. Don't let her do that to me."

Debby gave a withered look at Greg. He always held every card. Probably always would. She had no choice but to do as she was told. Otherwise, Jimmy would experience even greater pain, perhaps even damage. She nodded.

Amy handed the pliers to Greg and moved away.

"And while she's beating the shit out of you, little boy," Greg said to Jimmy, "I'm gonna fuck her in the ass. She ever gives you any sweet ass?"

"No," Jimmy said softly, his eyes full of confusion, anger and fear. "Oh, God, I don't believe this is happening."

When Greg approached her, Debby felt like lashing out at him with the whip. She resisted the impulse, however, knowing full well that she and Jimmy didn't stand a chance against the combined fury of Greg, Todd and Brian.

"Now, you be a sweet girl and use that whip on him," Greg said, positioning himself behind Debby. "Ahhhh, and I'll just stick my big cock right up... here." He thrust his prick into the crack of Debby's ass.

Although the look on Jimmy's face would haunt her for the rest of her life, Debby was just happy he hadn't witnessed any of the other acts of degradation. Slowly, she lifted her right hand and aimed for his chest.

"I'm sorry, Jimmy," Debby said, closing her eyes. She opened them again, took a deep breath, then struck him as gently as she could.

"Hey, that's no way to do it," Greg said. "You show her, Amy. And fucking show her good."

Amy took the whip from Debby's hand. Almost instantly, she lashed out. The sound of leather slicing the air was cut short by a loud, cracking noise, then Jimmy's scream of torment. She then hit him again, the tip of the leather stinging the boy just above where his cock bobbed.

"Now give it back to her," Greg said to Amy. "This tithe do it right, angel tits, or I'll do it the next time."

Swallowing hard, Debby knew she had to really whip Jimmy, or he would suffer at Greg's hands. And she certainly didn't want that!

"I'm sorry!" Debby screamed, whipping Jimmy until she thought her arm was going to fall off. "Oh, my God." She finally dropped the whip as if it was a deadly snake.

"That was real good, sweetheart," Greg said, sadistic delight in his eyes. "Now you just work with me and fuck my cock up your ass. And while we're doing it you tell ol' Jimmy over there how much you like it."

"I like it," Debby said with a trembling voice, her eyes on Jimmy's pain-racked expression. "I... I love your cock fucking me in the ass."

While Greg fucked wildly in and out of her ass, Debby hated herself, but she was loving the ass-fuck. She was also, shocked to realize that she enjoyed whipping Jimmy. Those times when she'd been so unfulfilled during their lovemaking seemed now to be justified. She had hurt him into responding.

"Mmmmmm, now to lick on that big cock of his," she heard Amy say. "You mind if I have a little taste of your boyfriend, sugar?"

"No," Debby whispered, flinching. This had to be the strangest thing that had ever happened to her in her life! To be fucked in the ass with her boyfriend watching, while he was getting his cock sucked. "I... I don't think so."

She watched Amy drop to her knees before Jimmy's bruised body, then gobble down on his rigid shaft of cock. Then, when she saw Amy completely bury her face in Jimmy's crotch, she felt her excitement grow.

"She's good, isn't she?" she said to Jimmy.

Jimmy swallowed hard, a pained expression on his face. Slowly he nodded his head up and down, his skin turning beet red.

"Mmmmmm, with something this big, any girl could easily become an expert," Amy gurgled, lapping her tongue over Jimmy's loose sheath of foreskin. "Such a sweet cock. I get tired of eating dirty cock all the time."

From the corner, Todd and Brian grunted, then opened up a bottle which they passed back and forth.

"God, it's good," Jimmy said, looking down at the way Amy was sucking his cock.

"God, I'm sorry, Debby, but it feels so good. She takes it all in her mouth."

So can I, now, Debby thought. The lessons were hard to learn, however. But if we ever get out of this mess, I'll show you I can suck your prick as good as she can.

"Tell me how much you like my cock up your ass, baby," Greg whispered in her ear. "And tell me loud enough for buddy boy over there to hear it." He jerked his ass forward, fucking the full length of his prick into her shitter. "And you'd better make it convincing, or I'll rip his nuts out with those fucking pliers."

"I love your cock!" Debby screamed. She clawed between her legs and rolled Greg's dangling balls over her oozing cunt. "Mmmmmm, it feels so good, filling me up like that. The best, you're the best! Keep fucking me! Look, Jimmy, he's fucking me. He fucks a lot better than you do."

Hopefully, Jimmy would realize she had to say those things, had to act that way to save his life. From the look on his face, however, she doubted even if he'd heard her. It looked as if his full concentration was devoted to what Amy was doing.

Debby didn't blame him in the least, however. How could any normal man resist what Amy was doing? She was gulping and pulling on his cock like his prick was the last one on earth. And each time she sucked the full length of his cockshaft inside her throat, she clawed more deeply into the taut, hairy flesh of his stomach.

"God, suck me, baby," Jimmy moaned, looking down at Amy. "Lick it all the way in and eat out my hot cum."

"I think this bitch needs something up her ass," Brian said suddenly, moving away from the corner and positioning himself behind Amy. "You want my prick, baby?"

"Mmmm-hmmmmm," Amy gurgled, spreading her knees.

Todd took the last swig off the bottle, then got up, himself. He walked over and stood in front of Debby, then reached for her tits. After kneading her tits for a few minutes, he rubbed his crotch against hers.

"Want some hard cock in your pussy, too?" Todd murmured, sliding his open mouth over Debby's parted lips.

"Yeah, that's fine," Greg said, loud enough for Jimmy to hear. "Your little girlfriend is gonna get fucked with two cocks at the same time. Just watch the little slut gobble 'em."

Debby looked over Todd's shoulder to see Jimmy's reaction. To her amazement, he grinned when he looked, at her. A world of communication was then shared with one glance.

We will survive this, their thoughts said. We will get out and we will be together again... just the two of us. And since you can't fight them, join them. For a while, at least.

For a delicious, while.

"Fuck me!" Debby cried, her eyes still on Jimmy.

"Suck me," Jimmy said, returning the look.

"Take it, you cum-licking cunt," Todd said, thrusting the full length of his cock into Debby's pussy.

With two slabs of hot cock in her body, Debby could no longer concentrate on Jimmy. She closed her eyes and let the pain and pleasure sear into her body, take hold of her like a giant hand. Within a matter of minutes, she shook with an unbelievable feeling of ecstasy.

"Fuck it to me, you pricks," she panted, clawing her nails over the two muscular bodies that almost squeezed the life out of her. "Goddamn, poke me full of cum and fuck me harder!"

Todd and Greg fucked into her body as if in a rage, fucking their cocks noisily in and out of her slitter and pussy. Finally, while Greg continued to fuck away furiously, Todd stopped all movement. He held himself there for a few seconds, then squirmed his ass, around. His cum-load shot up his cockshaft, then boiled deep into Debby's pussy.

"Oh, fuck, take it, slut!" Todd grunted, withdrawing his prick slightly and hammering back inside. "Fuck my cunt all the way up to your fucking brains!"

After he'd fucked his load into her cunt, Debby felt Greg's prick grow more rigid. His cockhead ballooned, then began spitting wildly into her shitter canal.

"Still... fuck!" Greg cried, every muscle in his body tightening, glistening with sweat. "Unhhhhh!"

Debby's insides burst with delicious waves of climax as his cum etched the quivering flesh of her shitter. Just when she thought her climax might surely be over, she was rewarded with another convulsive shudder of ecstasy.

"Fuck! Fuckkk meeeeee!" she screamed, then went limp, her tits heaving with pleasure. "Mmmmmm, that was so fine. God, keep your cocks inside me like this forever."

While she enjoyed the subsiding pangs of climax, she heard Jimmy cry out. She again looked over Todd's shoulder and saw Amy's mouth locked firmly around Jimmy's cock. Wads of cum were melting from under her lips and wetting up his balls. While she sucked and gobbled on his spewing cock, Brian was fucking his cock in and out of Amy's shitter.

This is a fucking madhouse, in every sense of the word, she thought, almost giggling. Didn't they ever get enough?

Finally, after Todd had pulled away and gone back to the corner for another bottle, Greg withdrew his cock from Debby's shitter. He turned her around and gave her a smile that almost startled her.

"Well, I guess we're even, aren't we?" he said, then sat down on the floor.

"Then, I -- we -- can go?" Debby said, her heart in her throat.

"Yeah, I guess," Greg said, smiling again. He then reached over and pulled a bill from his back pocket. "Here, this is yours."

Debby looked down at the hundred-dollar bill and almost laughed. That had been the pay for a weekend of babysitting, she remembered.

"Hell, I guess I earned it," she laughed, then looked over at Jimmy. "OK, I'm going."

A short while later, she and Jimmy walked out of the house and into the dying rays of the afternoon sun. They left Debby's car parked at the curb and got into Jimmy's.

"That sure turned out to be one weird babysitting job," Jimmy said finally.

"I know," Debby agreed. She then turned and looked at Jimmy. "Are things going to be the same between us?"

"I don't see why hot," Jimmy said. "I still love you, if that's what you're asking. Do you still love me?"

Debby nodded her head quickly up and down, then scooted over closer to his warm body.

"And I'm still going to college this fall and I'm still going to move in with you," she said. "And the babysitting thing?" Jimmy laughed.

"Yes, I'll keep doing that, too," Debby said softly.

She turned her head slightly and looked toward the house where she had been held bondage for two days. She then closed her eyes and rested her head on Jimmy's shoulder. A sad, sweet smile was on her face.


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