Suzy in bondage

Immoral men capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man.

The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder...

The girl in this book -- Suzy Ryan -- is the victim of her weak, unscrupulous fiancee, and the evil people he causes her to become involved with. At nineteen, Suzy finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

SUZY IN BONDAGE -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

Chapter ONE

With a crash, the door flew open. The three men stared into the dimly lit room.

"There she is... ain't she a beauty?" one of the men said.

Across the room, crouched on a thin mattress, was a naked young blonde girl. Although she shrank back from the three grinning, leering men, she made no move to cover her nakedness. Her legs were open, baring her blonde-furred cunt. Solid, beautifully shaped tits swooped out from her rib cage.

"Jesus... you were right, Hank," one of the men said. "She's really something. You sure it's all right for us to be in here?"

"Sure," Hank said. "Frank told me we could poke her any time we wanted. As long as we don't damage the merchandise."

The blonde girl had shrunk back into a corner. She seemed afraid. Bruises scattered over her lovely white skin told why.

"Do we gotta hold her down?" one of the men asked.

"Naw," Hank replied. "Frank's got her trained. Watch this."

Hank snapped his fingers. The girl's attention locked on him. It was the attention of a trapped animal that knew there was no way out. Her eyes were dull and hopeless.

"See this, girlie?" Hank growled. His fingers were working at the front of his pants, unbuttoning his fly. A moment later his cock flopped out, long and limp.

"Come over here and suck it," he ordered.

With a tired sigh, the girl started to get up.

"No!" Hank snapped. "On your knees! Like a dog!"

For an instant a flicker of anger appeared in the girl's eyes. But it faded away almost immediately. Dropping down on all fours, she started crawling across the floor toward Hank. The going was fairly easy, because the floor was covered with a thick cushiony carpet.

"Did you hear what I said?" Hank snarled. "I said you're a dog! Let's hear you bark like one!"

"Arf!" the girl barked.


"Arf... arf!" The girl barked again and again. A hopeful grin came over her lovely, tired face. She even began to wag her ass back and forth as if it were a tail.

"See... what did I tell you," Hank crowed to his companions. Then he turned to the girl again.

"Now lick my cock until it gets hard. Lap it like a dog."

The girl was now kneeling directly in front of Hank. His soft cock was staring her in the face. Obediently she stuck out her tongue and slithered it over the tip of the big organ.

"Jeez, that feels good," Hank moaned. He turned to his friends. "You guys ever been licked by a dog?" A broad smile spread over his brutal face. Then the smile died as he looked down at the crouching girl.

"Lick harder, you stupid bitch," he snarled. "If you don't get it hard I'm gonna use your tits for frisbees."

But his cock was already beginning to swell. As the girl's tiny pink tongue licked faithfully up and down the length of the white tube of flesh, the knobby tip began to swell. The whole meaty length slowly turned purple as blood rushed into the rubbery shaft.

"That's a good doggie," he panted. "Now you're gonna become a girl again, without no sharp teeth. Open up. I'm gonna fuck you inna mouth!"

When the girl was slow about opening her mouth, Hank reached down and rammed his thumbs into the nerve centers behind her jaw. With a yelp of pain, the girl opened her mouth.

"Haw! Attsa way!" Hank chortled. Instantly his swollen cock pounded past her soft red lips and rammed deep into her mouth.

The girl choked as the bloated rubbery cock-tip shoved back against her throat. But she knew by now that she mustn't let anything stop her from sucking.

"Look at her go!" Hank gasped, staring down at the lovely blonde head welded to his hairy loins. He gasped as a powerful suction began drawing at his mouth-trapped cock. The girl's cheeks were hollowing and filling, hollowing and filling as she sucked.

"Keep it up, bitch, keep it up!" Hank growled. "I want you to suck the jizz right up out of my balls."

The blonde's lackluster blue eyes were focused dully on the root of Hank's cock, where it soared out of the hairy tangle of his loins. His bristly pubic hairs were tickling her nose. She had to fight down a desire to sneeze.

"Jeez... leave some of her for us," one of the watching men said.

"Don't get your ass in an uproar, Pete," Hank panted. "There's plenty of this hot little cunt to go around."

Hank was slowly beginning to lose control. His legs were quivering. His hands were clenching and unclenching. He was clearly going to cum soon.

"Make your mouth like a cunt, slut," Hank panted. His clenching fingers suddenly grabbed handfuls of her blonde hair.

"Suck! Suck!" he bellowed.

Using the girl's hair as a lever, Hank began fucking her mouth on and off his bloated, near-bursting cock. Each time he rammed his hips forward, he jerked down on her head, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth.

The girl choked again. Hank's swollen cock-head was pounding against the back of her throat. Her tense throat muscles resisted for a moment, then relaxed.

"Aaaaahhhhhh Jesus!" Hank blurted out as the girl's throat opened. His cock slipped another three inches into her mouth. Now her nose pressed flat against his hairy loins.

Hank stared down at the girl's ovaled lips stretched so obscenely around his thrusting shaft.

"God... I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. With his fingers still tightly gripping her hair, he rammed his cock into the girl's face two or three more times.

"AAARRRRGGGHHHH!" he cried suddenly. His head arched back, his muscles strained. Jet after jet of hot semen boiled up from his balls and shot into the blonde's sucking mouth.

"Keep it up, bitch, keep it up!" Hank bellowed. "Suck it dry!"

He held his cock buried to the hilt in the girl's mouth. Her throat expanded and contracted madly as she did her best to swallow every drop of his thick slippery cum. She had to, or she would strangle on the hot flood.

"Suck it... suck it!"

Hank was bellowing and writhing as he pumped the last of his sperm into the gasping girl's mouth. A thick rope of his cum was pouring back out around where her lips were locked to his cock-shaft. He twisted his fingers in her hair, making her cry out with pain.

When Hank had shot the last of his load, he released the girl. She collapsed back on her heels, gulping, getting her breath back. A long strand of Hank's cum was trailing from her chin. Almost absent-mindedly she wiped it away with the back of her hand.

"Pete... Joe... she's yours now," Hank volunteered. Stuffing his still-dripping cock back into his pants, he waved the other two forward.

Pete and Joe moved quickly to the girl's side.

"Jesus... what'll we do first?" Joe wondered.

"I wanna hunk of that blonde cunt," Pete drooled.

"Those tits really turn me on," Joe decided.

Through all this the girl remained sitting back on her heels, looking dully down at the floor. She was still licking the last of Hank's cum from her lips.

"Lay down, baby!" Joe snapped. "We got plans for you."

Obediently the girl lay down on her back. Her legs automatically fell open. She knew from habit what the men wanted.

"She got a name?" Pete asked.

"I heard Frank call her Sue," Hank replied.

"Okay, Suzy-baby," Pete snickered. "Open up and say 'ah'. You're gonna get a cunt fulla finger."

Sue gritted her teeth, waiting. Her whole body flinched when Pete brutally rammed a finger up into her cunt. But she didn't make a sound, just gritted her teeth.

"Hey... somebody's sure been working this broad over," Pete said. "Her cunt's like hamburger."

"It gets a lotta use!" Hank guffawed. "She's the local punch board."

Sue tried to detach her mind from the pain in her cunt. When that didn't work, she tried to concentrate on making herself grow wet, so Pete's thrusting finger would slide in and out easier. It helped.

"What a sweet little box," Pete grunted. "I love blonde cunt hair."

He was kneeling, with his upper body bent forward, watching his finger slither in and out of the girl's tight little snatch.

"She sure is solid," he mused. He watched his finger push aside the thick outer cunt-lips and dig into the pink slit beneath. Her vaginal opening was a bright-pink rosette, deeper red around the edges where it was sore. He wormed his finger into the depression, watching it stretch around his first knuckle. Little drops of lubricant were beginning to glisten inside the girl's pussy-slit.

"Hey! How you doing up there, Joe?" Pete asked gleefully.

"Great," came the answer. "This broad's got tits like I've never seen. Jesus, but they're solid!"

He was right. Sue's tits, large and soft as they were, had a firm core that made them jut solidly up from her torso. The nipples were pink and prominent. Joe began to flick his thumbnail across their elastic softness.

"You guys having a good time?" Hank leered. He was standing over the grunting, panting trio on the floor, his eyes gleaming as he watched his two friends paw the girl's helpless body.

All this time the girl hadn't said a word. For all the men seemed to care, she was just a machine for their lusts. She lay silently, staring dully up at the ceiling, trying not to grimace as Pete crudely rammed his fingers further and further up into her cunt. Her lovely body might as well have been made of wax.

But then something began to happen. When Joe leaned down and began sucking powerfully on her right tit, a sudden little tremor shook her body.

As soon as the girl felt Pete's hard cock slithering up the insides of her thighs, her cunt gyrated hungrily toward it.

"Jesus, but she's ready!" Pete blurted excitedly. He loved the feel of the girl's soft tits against him, but he wanted up inside her cunt.

Rearing up, he reached down and started stuffing his bloated cock into her cunt.

"Christ! Will it go in that little hole?" he wondered aloud. The knob-like end of his cock looked too large to fit up inside where his finger had been. But he was damn well going to try!

Grunting with concentration, Pete placed the tip of his cock against the puckered opening of the girl's vagina. It seemed to flower open before him.

There was a moment's struggle as the girl's cunt slowly stretched to admit his thrusting cock. And the girl's breath sucked in as he pounded up into her twat.

But a moment later, Pete was in all the way. His cock slid in with a smooth rush, until his pubic bone thudded heavily against the girl's.

"Uuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhhh!" she gasped. For a moment she seemed paralyzed, lying still beneath the panting Pete.

But then Sue's graceful legs rose and wrapped tightly around Pete's bulky body. He felt her soft thighs pressing into his ribs. Her heels locked behind his buttocks, exerting pressure. She was clearly trying to draw him deeper into her cunt. Every action of the girl's body screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Which suited Pete just fine. "Okay, cunt... hang on for a hard ride!" he grunted.

Pulling his cock nearly all the way out of the girl's cunt, he held himself poised for a moment. He could feel her loins straining upward, begging for his cock. He let her wait, feeling her cunt-lips nibbling hungrily at his cock-tip.

Only then did he begin. With a grunt, Pete slammed his hips down, burying his cock to the hilt up inside the girl's ready pussy.

"Mmmmmmppphhhhh!" she gasped. All the air had been knocked out of her by the violence of Pete's thrust.

But she recovered almost immediately. Her hips thrust back, wrapping hot cunt around his pulsing shaft.

"Jesus... her twat's eating me alive!" Pete stuttered. But he never stopped fucking. His hips pounded down against hers, driving his cock in deep. He could feel his balls slapping into the crack of her ass.

Below him, the girl writhed and moaned. Her cunt writhed desperately up against Pete's cock, massaging it with its smooth inner channel.

"Would you look at that bitch go!" Joe said in awe. He was standing next to the madly fucking couple. As he watched, he rubbed eagerly at the growing bulge in his pants. "I get my turn next!" he said desperately.

"Sure... sure..." Pete mumbled. All his attention was taken up by the beautiful girl he was fucking. He stared down at her lovely body.

Her full tits were thrusting up at him. He leaned down and sucked on the swollen nipples for a few seconds. He loved the rubbery hot taste of them.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh," Sue moaned as she felt his tongue slither over her sensitive tits. She arched her back upward, pushing her tits into his face. But he drew back, staring at her again.

Sue's eyes were almost closed. Only a faint gleam of blue showed beneath her feathery lashes. She was seeing nothing. All her attention was inside her body. To where Pete's cock was sliding in and out. Her cunt throbbed with pleasure.

"Oh, God... I'm gonna shoot off!" Pete moaned suddenly. He fell forward, his weight heavy on the girl. His fingers hooked into the soft flesh of her buttocks. He hung on tight, pulling her ass up so his cock had a straight shot up into her dripping wet cunt.

He wanted to be all the way in her when he got it off.

Sue sensed he was cumming. She had known it even before he did. She felt his cock begin to swell far up inside her cunt. When it was iron hard, she knew he was on the way.

But so was she. A blissful pleasure was building up inside the girl's belly. It grew and grew, until her insides felt stretched like a bubble that was about to burst.

Then Pete came.

"Aaaaagggghhhhh!" he roared. His eyes flew wide open. His fingers dug into the girl's ass, jerking her cunt upward. His cock buried to the hilt, Pete began to spew his load into the girl's womb.

The first jet of sperm rifled up into Sue's cunt. It acted like a trigger, touching off her own orgasm.

"Aaaiiiyyyyyy!" she wailed. Her body spasmed, so powerfully that she actually raised Pete's heavy frame. Her cunt muscles sucked madly at his spouting shaft. Sharp whimpers broke from her throat. Her fingernails raked over his back.

"Jesus Christ!" Pete yelped. Never in his life had he had such a wild ride. It took all his strength to stay on top of the bucking, moaning girl. Hot gushes of cum spewed back out of her cunt, soaking his balls.

But he rode it out. Finally the girl collapsed limply on the floor. She was played out.

"This babe's got one hell of a snapping pussy," Pete said in awe. Tiredly he pulled his dripping cock from her cunt. When he passed his hand over her pussy-lips, he felt that her cunt was still gently working, digesting the sperm he'd pumped into her.

Sue was lying back, obviously exhausted. Her eyes were closed and she was trying to get her breath back. Pete was glad he'd fucked her first. She looked like she couldn't go another round.

"Okay, Joe... she's all yours," he said smugly.

And then Pete found her clitoris, and began toying with the sensitive little button.

"Oooooohhhhhh," the girl moaned. It was the first sound she had made.

"Hey! She likes it!" Pete said in surprise.

"Does this turn you on, baby?" Joe snickered. He began to suck on her other tit. Almost immediately the nipple began to swell, becoming solid under his lashing tongue.

The girl's only answer was a slow twisting of her upper body. She was clearly thrusting her tit up harder against his slavering mouth.

Down between the girl's silky thighs, Pete flicked at her clit with his thumb. She gave a little yelp and her hips began to grind slowly up against his hand.

"This broad is beginning to turn on!" Pete said happily. "I thought for a while she was just going to lie here and take it."

"Shit. You could turn her on with a hot branding iron," Hank replied. "She's something else. I guess that's why Frank keeps her around."

"Well, I'm all for it," Pete chuckled. "Jeez... look at the goo pour out of her cunt! She's wet as a sponge!"

Shame filled the girl's mind as she heard the men's crude words. It was happening again! As much as she loathed the brutal animals who were so shamelessly using her helpless body, she was beginning to react. Why? Why couldn't she just turn herself off, put herself a million miles away? Maybe then they'd let her alone.

But it was always the same. Her body was a traitor, giving in to the hot signals radiating out from her tits and cunt. It no longer hurt each time Pete shoved his callused finger up into her snatch. She was wet and slippery now, and her inner channel glowed and quivered with pleasure as it felt itself being invaded.

And her tits! They were beginning to swell with passion as Joe licked and slavered at her sensitive nipples.

Oh God! They're going to make me cum! she thought helplessly. She knew that sooner or later she'd be writhing under their lewd fondling, begging for more.

Or at least her body would. Her horrified mind would be full of loathing, hating the betrayal of her senses. Oh God! If she could only get away!

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," the girl sighed. For the moment her mind was swept clear of thoughts as Pete began swirling his finger around inside her pleasure-filled cunt. Her hips were pumping steadily now, shoving her hairy mound up high.

"Hey... I think this cunt's about ready for fucking," Pete said.

"Yeah... time to dip the wick," Hank agreed. He was standing over the other three, his eyes big as he watched Pete's finger flashing in and out of Sue's neat little cunt.

"Gotta get out of these fuckin' clothes," Pete mumbled. He felt as if he were burning up. His cock, swollen from the excitement of playing with the girl's cunt, was trapped painfully inside his pants.

Pete jerked his finger out of the girl's cunt and stood up. She moaned in disappointment when she felt her pussy deserted. Desperately her hips flailed around, clearly begging for something else to fill her needy hole.

Pete was tearing at his clothes, his eyes glued to the tight young cunt below. The thin blonde pussy hair was dark with pussy juice. Damn! He was going to shove his cock up inside that tight little nest!

The girl's eyes watched Pete as he undressed. A sudden spark of lust flared in their blue depths as she spied his erect cock. It leaped out of his pants as he pulled them down. A thick meaty shaft with a swollen knob on the end.

Yes... yes... I want it! her body cried. You treacherous whore! You should die before you let these pigs touch you!

Her body won. The girl was panting with lust by the time Pete crawled naked between her trembling thighs.

"Get the fuck out of the way," he growled at Joe, who was still busy lapping at the girl's taut-nippled tits.

When Joe had scrambled hastily aside, Pete fell heavily on the girl's naked form. His hairy chest mashed down onto hers, flattening her lush tits under his weight.

"It's about fucking time," the other man growled. "Jesus! You've fucked her out!"

Joe stripped off the rest of his clothes. He stood above Sue a moment, naked, staring down at her. As he looked, he fondled his heavy cock. Almost totally erect now, it thrust out of his hairy loins, hard and potent.

"Lemme have a go at that cunt," he said finally. Kneeling down next to Sue, he rammed his hand up between her legs. His fingers slithered through the wet mess covering her cunt.

"Christ, you got her like a swamp," he said accusingly to Pete.

When he wormed his fingers into her pussy-slit, drops of cum squirted out of the way. More juice was slowly seeping out of her still-pulsing cunt.

"No sloppy seconds for me," Joe said disgustedly. "Come on, baby, roll over."

Sue, obeying automatically from habit, started to roll over. She was on her side before she hesitated.

"Come on... come on... I said roll over!" Joe rasped.

"What... what are you going to do?" Sue asked haltingly. This was the first time she had said anything.

"Hey! She talks!" Pete said with a laugh. He liked her voice. It was low and melodious.

"None of your fucking business what I'm gonna do," Joe snarled.

"I... I want to know," Sue said breathlessly.

Her request took Joe's breath away. Watching her with the other men, he had begun to think of her as an automatic fucking machine.

"I'm giving you one more chance. Roll over, baby. I'm gonna fuck you in the asshole."

Sue paled. "No... please," she begged. "I can't stand that. It hurts too much."

"God damned bitch!" Joe yelled. "You'll fucking well do as I say!" His hand slammed down against her ass-cheeks, leaving a red mark behind.

But Sue still refused to roll over.

"No," she said miserably. "I... I just can't stand that."

"You guys give me a hand," Joe said. He was trying to roll Sue over but she had rolled herself into a ball. Her knees kept getting in the way.

"No! No! No!" Sue kept repeating, her voice shrill with terror. But she was no match for the combined strength of the three burly men. They finally got her turned over onto her belly.

But Joe's troubles were not over. The desperate Sue kept struggling, wriggling her ass from side to side as he tried to crawl in between her thighs.

"Shit... I'm never gonna get my cock up in there if she don't hold still," he snarled. He was catching tantalizing glimpses of the girl's tight asshole as she struggled. Her full, softly curved asscheeks swelled invitingly back toward him. Now he wanted more than ever to sink his swollen rod up into this little cunt's guts.

"What's the trouble, boys?" a soft voice said from the doorway. Everyone in the room suddenly became silent. Including Sue. She froze in place. A look of sheer terror came over her face.

"Aww... she won't let Joe stick his cock up her butt, Frank," Hank said finally.

The man in the doorway was silent for a long moment.

"Is that true, Sue?" he said in his quiet, deadly voice.

"It... it hurts too much," the girl whimpered. Fear of Frank Hammer glittered in her eyes.

"Hurts?" he said mildly. "Well... we know what real pain really is, don't we, Sue?" he continued. "Maybe you'd like a little reminder."

"No... no..." the girl said piteously. "Oh don't let him..."

"Shut up!" the newcomer rapped out, his voice suddenly viciously loud. "I'll decide who does what around here. Now do what the man wants. What the hell are you good for around here if you won't do as you're told?"

"But... please..."

"Fucking cunt!" the man hissed. "It's time for another lesson. Time for my magic wand."

The man pulled one hand from behind his back. He was holding a short metal rod with a wooden handle. Wires protruded from the handle.

The girl's eyes locked on the rod, huge with fear.

"No!" she pleaded. "No... please! Anything but that!"

Sue swallowed a few times. "I'll do... I'll do whatever they want," she finally promised. A single tear welled up in one big blue eye and rolled down her soft cheek.

"That's a good girl," the man said mockingly. He smiled coldly at the three men. "Have a ball, boys. That's what this cunt's for."

It looked for a moment as if he were going to leave. But he turned back at the last moment. "I'll just make sure," he murmured.

A grinning Joe found that the girl wasn't resisting him any more. She knelt before him, quivering, while his hands roamed over her soft, naked ass-cheeks.

"With a butt like this, who'd want to fuck her in the cunt?" he snickered.

Joe began to pry the girl's ass-cheeks apart. She shivered as cold air rushed into the deep slit between her buttocks.

"God, but she looks tight!" Joe enthused. He stared at the little brown pucker of her asshole. "Gonna get me some of that," he promised himself.

Joe began to probe at Sue's rectum with his thumb. The girl's sphincter muscle fought back. He couldn't slip his thumb up inside.

"It's gonna be a hard fight," he mumbled.

He probed again, pushing hard with his thumb.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Sue moaned in pain. Her asshole gave slowly. "Unnnnnnggggghhhh!" she grunted.

Finally Joe's thumb popped up inside the girl's rectum. Her whole body quivered with pain. She bit down on her lip, silently accepting the agony. She knew Frank Hammer was watching from the doorway. Anything was better than what he could do to her with the rod in his hand.

Joe felt the rubbery tightness of Sue's asshole close around his thumb.

"Gotta stretch her out," he muttered to himself. "Or else I'll never get the old joint up inside."

He began screwing his thumb around in Sue's asshole. Slowly, bit by bit, the tight pucker relaxed, opening a little. Finally what Joe was doing to her didn't hurt so much any more. But she knew the worst lay ahead.

For Joe, the best lay ahead. While his thumb was working at Sue's rectum, his other hand was massaging his cock, helping it swell to its full size. Within minutes he was holding a formidable fleshy spike in his hand.

"Gonna fuck you now, baby," he panted. He pulled his thumb out of her ass and watched the tight little ring slam closed again.

"Jesus. Do I gotta do that all over again?" he whined. Then he got an idea.

Down below the girl's asshole he caught a glimpse of her dripping pussy. The blonde girl was dark and matted with slippery sex juices.

Reaching underneath the crouching girl's body, Joe ground his fingers into the soft moist heat of the girl's cunt. Instantly his fingers became coated with her lubricants, and with Pete's leftover cum.

Then he smeared his fingers all over the girl's asshole, coating the deep cleft between her buttocks with a slippery layer of pussy juice.

"Now to butter the old joint," he panted.

Walking in close to the girl's ass on his knees, Joe guided his swollen cock up into her pussy-slit. Using his fingers, he coated the whole end of the big shaft with more pussy juice. Feeling her cunt so warm and wet around his cock, he was tempted to shove the big organ straight up into her vagina.

But no. He had started out to fuck the bitch in the ass and that was what he was going to do!

Sue braced herself for the shock as she felt Joe place his cock-tip against her asshole.

But no amount of preparation could have prepared her for what lay ahead.

With a sudden flick of his hips, Joe drove his cock forward against the girl's fear-clenched asshole. At first it didn't go in. The broad tip flattened, unable to batter its way past those strong inner muscles.

Joe didn't think he was going to get inside. Then he had the bright idea of digging his fingers painfully into Sue's soft pussy flesh. This unexpected pain made her forget her ass for a moment. Her sphincter muscle temporarily relaxed.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!" she shrieked as Joe's huge cock thundered up into her bowels. Half out of her mind with pain, Sue tried to fall forward, to writhe away from Joe's impaling cock.

But Pete and Hank caught her by the shoulders and held her firmly in place. Both were grinning widely as they watched their companion brutally sodomize the cringing girl.

She bucked and twisted, frantic to escape the agony in her asshole. It felt as if a red-hot iron had been thrust up her back passage. It felt as if she were being split in two.

"You never learn, do you, bitch?" the man in the doorway said in an amused voice. "Always fighting back. The only way around the pain is to relax. I've told you that a hundred times."

Sue heard the man's voice dimly through her agony. She realized he was right. But how could she relax when she hurt so badly?

She had to. Anything to stop the pain.

Gritting her teeth, Sue forced herself to hold still. Then she tried to relax her taut belly muscles. Almost instantly she was rewarded by a lessening of the pain.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh," she sighed, daring to relax a little more. It still hurt, but was now bearable.

The quivering girl was still congratulating herself on overcoming the pain when she became aware of a new sensation.


Now that she was more relaxed, the big cock sliding so solidly in and out of her asshole was beginning to feel strangely good. But it was a different kind of good than when a cock was up her cunt. A hot, quivering, almost itchy feeling.

For one thing, the tight confines of her bowels were stuffed full of cock in a way her more elastic cunt could never be. She could sense every inch of Joe's big cock as it slid slowly in and out of her rectum.

"Oh, no," she whimpered. It was happening again. As much as she hated what was happening to her, as much as she hated the grinning, leering men crowded around her, her abused body was starting to betray her again.

"Oh, no..." she moaned again. Hot bursts were sputtering into life up inside her belly. Almost as if they had a mind of their own, her lips began to thrust back against Joe's plunging cock.

"Oooooohhhhhh," she moaned again. But this time it was a moan of helpless pleasure.

"Christ... she's off again," Hank burst out. "Ride 'er, Joe!"

It quickly became a ride... a wild ride. Sue began to buck and jerk. But no longer to get away. Her ass rammed back against Joe's churning loins, eager to be filled with his remorselessly thrusting cock.

"Aaahh... aaahh... aaahh..." Sue chanted. Head down, hands braced under her, she writhed and twisted. Her sleek belly sucked in as her ass gobbled up every inch of Joe's pounding cock. Her big, full tits swung and danced below her lithe, naked body.

"Hot bitch... hot bitch!" Joe panted. His hands caressed Sue's naked buttocks. His fingers sunk into the creamy skin.

Then he let one hand dip down again beneath her body. This time he sunk a finger far up inside her convulsing cunt. To his amazement, he could feel his cock as it slid in and out of her bowels. Only a thin membrane separated it from his groping finger.

"Oh, Christ!" he moaned. The obscene realization was too much for the wildly excited man. He knew he was going to cum. Urgent signals flared deep down inside his balls.

Joe's finger up her cunt also had an effect on Sue. "Unnnnhhhh," she moaned. God! She was so filled! An orgasm was sneaking up on her, but she didn't quite know how to let it loose. It felt so strange having that big cock stuffed up her ass!

So Sue, desperate for release, reached down under her body. Her hand slid down over her belly, reaching into her cunt hair. She parted the soft moist strands, slipping one finger into her dripping pussy-slit.

"Aaaaannhhhhhhh," she breathed with relief as her finger made contact with her clitoris.

The end came soon. With Joe's cock up her ass and his finger up her cunt, with her own finger dancing and jerking over her swollen clit, it was only a matter of seconds.

Suddenly it was there!

"AAAIIIIYYYYY!" Sue squealed. Her entire body spasmed. Hot gushes of juice poured from her cunt, flooding Joe's hand.

"Oooohhhh, Goddd!" he groaned. And then he was off too.

Joe jerked upright, his finger slithering wetly out of Sue's cunt. With the girl's asshole clamped so tightly around his pulsing shaft, it felt as if his cock were going to explode.

Half in pain, half in ecstasy, Joe hung on.

"You fucking bitch!" he wailed. "Keep pumping!" All the time, he did his best to keep his cock buried all the way up inside her bowels. "Oh... SHIT!"

Sue finished before he did, and was hanging limply in his tight grasp as he pumped his hot load up into her body. When he let her go, she collapsed in a panting heap in front of him. He stared down at his fast-shrinking cock as it popped out of her asshole.

"Jesus... it looks like it's been tenderized!" he blurted out.

Sue lay on the carpeted floor as the men drew back and began to dress. She slowly became aware of how sore and tired she was. How used and soiled her body felt. Oh God! When would this endless humiliation end?

Then she saw a pair of highly polished shoes next to her head. She turned her head and found herself staring up Frank Hammer's well-dressed legs. Flinching, acting as if she feared a kick, she scrambled to a sitting position.

"You're the perfect cunt," he said amusedly.

For an instant the girl's eyes showed their first sign of real life. A fierce hatred flared in their blue depths. Almost as quickly the hate faded away, but not before Frank Hammer had seen it.

"Look at me, bitch!" he said coldly.

When Sue tried to look away, he seized her jaw in an iron grip and jerked her head around.

"You're getting uppity," he said softly, his voice menacing. "You're starting to act like a human being. I don't like that. You're a cunt... a gash... a place to stick cocks! You got that?"

The girl remained mute, her eyes looking hopelessly up at the big man. Once again that quick flicker of hate.

"You need a lesson," Frank Hammer said.

He dropped her chin and began to unzip his fly. Out tumbled a huge cock, still soft. But it quickly grew hard as Hammer wrapped his fingers around the rubbery shaft and began to jerk off.

"You watch it... you watch the tip!" he ordered the girl fiercely.

The girl tried to look away, but he seized her hair and dragged her head around. "Watch it!" he warned her.

And then he began to cum, his face showing no expression. The girl flinched as his hot sticky sperm splattered all over her face and chest. Her hair was clotted with it. A glob dripped slowly off the tip of one nipple.

"That's what I think of you, cunt," Hammer grunted as he stuffed his dripping cock back in his pants. "You're not even worth pissing on."

The girl sat mutely. She didn't even try to wipe the slippery cum from her face and body. Silent tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Let's split," Hammer told the men who worked for him. "The little bitch is going to cry. I never could stand a crying broad."

Sue heard the rustle of shoes on the carpet. Then the door slammed. Only then did she dare look up. She was alone.

"Oh... God!" the crouching girl burst out in a strangled voice. She looked around the dingy room. At the soiled carpet. At the cum-stained mattress a few feet away. At her own abused, fouled body. She felt dirty.

"Oh, God!" she burst out again. "How did this ever happen to me?"

It was a dream, a nightmare. It had to be! With a sob, the girl crawled to the grubby mattress and threw herself face down on it.

"This can't be real," she sobbed. But it was. Oh, God! How had it all started?

Chapter TWO

Sue Ryan, nineteen years old, was engaged to be married. Not with her parents' complete approval, for the match was slightly suspect.

Ben Jackson, her fiancee, was considerably older than Sue -- thirty-three. While some people considered him an interesting and entertaining man, others considered him a drunk and a weakling. Both sides had grounds for their opinions.

Ben was a professor of literature at the college Sue attended. To her, he was fabulously romantic. His romanticism included those little lapses of courage and uprightness others damned him for.

Sue had entered Ben's poetry class the year before, when she was a freshman, a young, tender, eighteen-year-old virgin with big blue eyes, bigger tits, and a lush little ass that immediately caught Ben's attention.

He turned the full treatment on the dazzled young girl. She fell easily.

After a couple of weeks of his most dramatic classroom behavior, using carefully chosen, daring sex-words in front of his impressed freshman class, and after alluding to dark sorrows in his own life, Ben asked Sue if she would help him edit one of his latest books of poetry.

Sue was overwhelmed. Already half in love with the tall, handsome, modishly bearded Ben, she welcomed the opportunity to look deep into his soul. Through his poetry.

Never mind that some of those glimpses were disturbing. Or that Ben's poetry was unbelievably shallow. He copied second-rate avant-garde academic poets who were temporarily in the favor of college students. His poetry was sly, weak, and showed no originality whatsoever. Just like himself.

Sue sensed this, although she could never have put it into words. But she had a nurse's instinct, and something in her pressed her to take care of the glittering hollow man she was falling in love with.

Ben was a good opportunity for Sue to get rid of her virginity. It had been hanging around her neck like a heavy weight for the last few years. Yet she had held onto it out of an overdone sense of obligation to her parents.

Ben moved carefully. He knew Sue's parents had a lot of money. This was one that mustn't get away.

Sue's father was senior partner in a large investment firm. A lifetime of handling other people's money had made him very conservative. Ben knew he had to weld Sue so tightly to him that she would reject any reservations her parents had about him.

Sue's work helping edit Ben's smug little verses involved her working late at night with him. One thing progressed to another.

While Sue was a virgin, she wasn't totally unacquainted with sex. All during high school, the lovely budding blonde had been the sexual target of eager young classmates. Her tits were familiar with the hot feel of a sucking mouth. And a number of fingers had slid up her tight little cunt.

At first Ben proceeded by touching the girl. Not sexually, just touching her. On the arm, the back, sometimes the thigh when she was sitting next to him.

The touching became more and more familiar, until Ben was running his hands sensuously over Sue's body almost all the time they were alone.

Still, he never touched her tits or crotch. These, areas were left strictly alone. The more he touched the rest of her, the more Sue's tits and cunt became aware something was missing.

Within a week Ben had Sue panting to be fondled. Her sexual temperature rose to the boiling point. She began wearing less and less to their nightly meetings. Her bra went first. Her skirts became shorter and shorter.

Ben found it hard to resist the girl's big tits, bouncing jauntily free under her thin sweater. The nipples poked sexily from the nearly sheer material. When she sat down, Sue often carelessly let her legs open. The sight of her panty-covered cunt set him on fire.

But he held back until he knew the girl was ready. She came due one night when they were working in his little house. The house itself was romantic, or seemed so. It was an old wooden bungalow, hanging over a cove in the seaside town where the university was located.

Camp art decorated the splintery old walls. Most of the furniture in the living room was purposely uncomfortable. This was by design, because the only comfortable place in the whole little house was the huge king-sized bed in the tiny, dimly lit bedroom.

That night Ben had maneuvered Sue onto the bed. They were resting between pages of his poetry book. Ben's hands were, as usual, roaming over Sue's lush young body. Sue was quivering and sighing under his touch. Ben knew it was time.

"Suzy," he said, suddenly folding the girl in his arms. He kissed her on the mouth. The passion with which she returned the kiss reassured him he was on the right track.

"Oh, Ben..." Sue sighed.

His hand was softly rubbing over her belly. She literally pushed her tits at him.

"Mmmmmmmm," the girl quavered happily as Ben's sensitive fingers closed over her tit. Little shudders shook her body.

Ben felt the girl's nipple hardening under her shirt. She had really thrown him signals that night. She was wearing a thin T-shirt several sizes too small.

Sue lay on her back, breathing more and more quickly as Ben fondled her tits through the T-shirt. Out of habit, she closed her eyes, as she used to do in high school when she was with a boy.

Her nipples continued to swell until there were two sharp little peaks thrusting up against the T-shirt. Ben could almost make out the darker color of the areolas through the white material.

He had to see those tits!

Still moving cautiously, Ben slid his hand back down to Sue's belly. The T-shirt was so short that there was a considerable expanse of bare midriff showing.

Ben slid his hand up under the shirt. Sue drew in a ragged, expectant breath. A moment later his hand was cupping the girl's naked tit underneath the shirt.

God damn, they were silky! But with a core of solid firmness underneath. An experienced tit-man, Ben realized Sue had the finest pair he'd ever fondled.

Well... if she'd let him go this far...

Boldly, Ben began to remove the girl's shirt. Then there was no doubt Sue liked what he was doing, and wanted him to do more. The T-shirt was so tight that she had to raise her torso up off the bed for him to get it off.

The shirt caught on the bottom curves of the girl's big tits, tugging at the creamy flesh. The nipples were pulled upward, then popped free. A moment later the shirt was off and Sue was lying on her back, naked to the waist.

Ben immediately buried his face in the soft, pink-tipped mounds. The sweet odor of Sue's flesh filled his nostrils. Jesus Christ, he was going to love this!

"Ooooohhhhhhh," Sue moaned as Ben sucked a nipple into his mouth. Little flutters of pleasure were rippling through her body. At last the man she worshiped was making love to her!

Ben cupped the girl's cushiony mounds in his hands, feeding the hardening tips into his mouth. He sucked and slavered, slithering his tongue over every inch of Sue's gorgeous tits.

It was a while before Ben became aware that Sue's hips were making quick, jerky little movements. The growing pleasure in her tits was spilling down into her loins. A slow fire was building in her too-long-denied cunt.

Ben was happy to help out. Still sucking on her tits, he slipped one hand down over her belly, then began stroking her soft thighs. Her skirt was so short that it bared her legs almost all the way up to her crotch.

Out of habit, Sue kept her legs more or less closed. But as Ben stroked higher and higher up the sensitive insides of her tender thighs, they fell open inch by inch. Finally Ben's fingers were brushing over the swelling slickness of her panties.

The girl was so hot that her cunt juices had already soaked the crotch of her panties. They squished as Ben began to poke at the narrow crotch-strip. The tight panties had worked slightly up inside Sue's pussy-slit. Ben poked at the fat lips protruding on each side.

By now Sue's hips were pumping slowly up and down on the mattress. She had always reacted strongly to having her cunt touched. And Ben was a master.

First he sunk the back of one finger up into Sue's hot slit. Right through her panties.

The girl's legs quivered and jerked. She made no move to push him away. Warm cunt juices ran through her panties and heated the back of Ben's hand.

Now was the time for the big play, Ben decided. He carefully worked one finger up under the legband of the girl's panties. He pushed past soft pussy hair until his finger was slithering through hot wet flesh.

Then his finger found the girl's vagina. It was tight as hell.

But Ben was used to young virgins. Part of the training of a poetry professor.

His finger slowly worked its way up into Sue's cunt.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh," the girl moaned happily. She was completely overwhelmed by the hot bursts of pleasure radiating through her loins. Never before had a finger up her cunt felt so good. Ben was a master.

For the next five minutes Ben kept his finger moving slowly in and out of the girl's snug little hole. Only when she was panting and moaning uncontrollably did he make his next move.

"God, it's hot in here!" he whispered into her ear. "Let's take off our clothes."

Sue nodded vigorously. She was too overwhelmed with passion to speak.

Ben began to undress the girl. It was easy. All he had to do was take off her skirt and panties.

The skirt came first. He fondled the wet crotch of her panties for a moment before taking them off. Sue ground her cunt up against his hand.

Then the panties were off. Not giving the girl a chance to cool off, Ben was back at her cunt in an instant. Now his finger could work up and down the full length of her cunt-slit. He soaked it in the wet heat of the tender little gash.

Sue went out of her mind. Never before had she had a lover who knew what he was doing. In a few minutes, Ben had turned her into a moaning, panting mass of lusting flesh.

The first thing Ben did was go after Sue's clitoris. It was a tiny little thing, hidden under a soft cover of flesh. But he spread her cunt-lips with the fingers of one hand and went after the clit with the forefinger of the other.

When he'd isolated the tiny sensitive tip of Sue's love-button, Ben was careful to be gentle. He knew how tender young girls could be.

Slowly flicking his fingertip back and forth, Ben barely grazed Sue's clit. She went wild.

"Aaahhhh... ooohhhh... uuuhhhnnn..." she moaned and grunted shamelessly. Her hips were drumming up and down on the mattress. Sue was totally unaware of her nakedness. Unaware that Ben was still dressed. All she knew was the intense pleasure ricocheting through her cunt.

Within five minutes Ben had the girl's virginal clit swollen to the size of a small marble. Now he could push his finger straight down against it. He knew in another minute Sue would start cumming. Already her stomach muscles were jerking and twitching in preparation.

But he didn't want that. He wanted the girl to hang on the edge. He wanted her desperate to fulfill the aching need he was stroking into her.

Only then did Ben begin to undress. When he was naked, he lay close to Sue, softly stroking her body. When he thought she was aware enough, he guided her hand down to his cock.

Sue's eyes opened wide with surprise. Her hand closed eagerly around the still-rubbery shaft. Eagerly, clumsily, she began to pump on it.

"Take it easy," Ben said, wincing. But he kept his voice soft and gentle. "Just run your fingers up and down it. Near the tip. Like this."

He guided her hand. In a moment Sue was doing just what he wanted. Ben often had trouble getting his cock hard. Particularly with a woman he felt was anywhere near his equal. But Sue, soft, innocent, sexy little Sue, got his cock hard in sixty seconds.

"Oh my God... how can it get so big?" Sue gasped.

Ben smiled uncomfortably. He knew his cock was smaller than average. But why not let her think it was big?

"It's for you... all for you," he whispered in the girl's ear.

Sue shuddered with a mixture of delight and dread. It seemed that she was about to get rid of her virginity. But how could she take such a huge thing inside her cunt? Even Ben's finger had seemed almost too much up inside that tight little hole.

But Sue was determined. She had gone this far, why not all the way? Her fingers closed spasmodically around Ben's cock. He flinched but didn't make a sound.

"Ben... Ben... be gentle," Sue quavered as Ben crawled in between her open thighs. "I've... I've never screwed before."

As if he couldn't tell. Ben hovered over the girl. His hard cock jutted out over her belly as he crouched between her thighs.

Jesus, but she was gorgeous! Ben thought as he stared down at her naked, frightened young virgin. She was breathing heavily, her big tits rising and falling quickly. He reached out and stroked his palm over the swollen nipples. They were bright pink.

Then he stared down at her cunt. A real blonde! he thought in triumph. Softly curling, sparse blonde pussy hair. Beneath it the fleshy curves of her cunt-lips.

Ben reached down and slowly pried open the girl's twat. The center slit was wet and shiny with her juices. He pressed with his thumb on the massively swollen nub of her clit.

"Oooohhhhhh," Sue moaned. "Do it... do it, Ben!"

Jesus! He slipped his finger past the tight pucker of her vaginal opening. It pulsed open, welcoming him. But not enough. He knew it was going to be a battle to get his cock up inside that snug tube.

Might as well start now. Ben guided his cock-head up into Sue's cunt. She gasped as she felt its spongy tip press against her vaginal opening.

There was still a part of Sue that fought back against the loss of her virginity. After a decade of warnings from her mother about how important it was for a girl to go to the altar as pure as the driven snow, or risk losing her man, Sue was understandably afraid. Afraid of guilt, and even more, afraid of the terrible pain she'd been warned of.

But it was too late now. Not only would she feel like a silly fool if she made Ben quit now, but her cunt wouldn't let her. It begged, it screamed for cock!

"Come on, Ben," she pleaded. "Do it to me!"

Ben was fired by the girl's words. "Okay, hang on," he panted.

"What... what do I do?" Sue asked.

"Nothing. I'll do most of it. Just raise your legs up a little. It opens you up more."

Sue did as Ben asked. He watched her cuntal opening flower a little more. Then he was pushing in.

"Just hang on... push back a little," he urged the girl.

At first Sue nearly fainted from the intense pleasure of having a cock shoving up into her cunt. But then the thick tip ran into her hymen. She felt the first pain.

Instinctively the girl's body tensed as she felt her hymen stretching.

"No... no... try to relax," Ben warned her. He too could feel that strong membrane resisting him.

He might as well have told the girl to fly. Her body grew more and more tense as the pressure grew. An agonizing pain was pounding through her cunt.

But she didn't give up. She wanted to be fucked!

"Ben! Oh, Ben!" she wailed. Her fingernails dug into his flesh as she fought to let him into her. He winced, but kept on pushing.

"Aaaaaiiiii!" Sue suddenly shrieked as her hymen tore. Agonizing pain shot through her cunt. Her virginity was gone forever. Ben's cock slid all the way into her body.

Sue lay panting, too exhausted after her battle with the pain to move. She felt a hot stickiness running down over her buttocks and knew it was blood.

But she didn't care. All that mattered now was the feel of Ben's cock up inside her cunt. She felt it throbbing as Ben waited a moment for her to get control of herself. She felt full, complete. The pain no longer mattered.

And it was quickly fading. By the time Ben slowly moved his cock in and out of her cunt, an inch at a time, all Sue was aware of was that exciting fullness.

The lust Ben had earlier worked into her with his hands was returning. But this time it was his cock doing it. This knowledge alone was enough to raise the blonde teenager to heights of passion such as she had never before known.

"Ooohhhhh, fuck me, Ben," she panted shamelessly. Her legs rose to wrap hungrily around Ben's waist.

Ben was surprised. Never before had he seen a virgin recover so fast. Eagerly he began to fuck into her. His strokes lengthened until his cock was flashing all the way in and out of her slick cunt. So fucking tight! Sue's cunt fit around his plunging cock like a warm glove. He loved the cushiony feel of her plump cunt-lips against his loins each time he slammed down against her. The deep crack between her lush ass-cheeks was swallowing his balls.

"Oooohhhhh, baby... what a sweet fuck you are!" he panted, looking down at the girl.

"I love you, Ben," Sue whispered back. As usual, those frightening words shook Ben a little. They were a threat to his bachelorhood. But, staring down at Sue, he began to weaken.

Her big blue eyes were looking mistily up at him. The smooth sweep of her naked body. The soft rise of her tits. The plump little cunt clasped so tightly around his aching cock. All of this overwhelmed Ben.

"I love you too, baby," he said in a choked voice. And he actually meant it. This girl was too much. And her parents had money. Love flamed in Ben's soul. As much of it as he was capable of.

"Fuck me... fuck me... oh, fuck me!" Sue chanted. Oh, why had she waited so long? Her entire body was throbbing with pleasure as Ben pounded his cock again and again up into her cunt.

But no! She was glad she had waited. She was glad Ben was the first. She squeezed her pussy-lips together, wanting to feel as much of him as she could.

Raising up a little, Ben watched Sue cum. Her face had been growing more and more flushed. Her tits were swollen. The pink nipples had hardened, and were soft cushiony mounds at the tips of the round globes beneath.

Then Sue gave a choking sigh. Her stomach muscles began to jerk and tremble, sucking in powerfully. A look of stunned incomprehension, almost of fear, crossed over her lovely face.

"Oohhh, Ben! Oooohhhh... BENNNNNN!" she wailed. Her mouth opened, her eyes stared wildly, but Ben knew she wasn't seeing anything.

Suddenly Sue's whole body spasmed. Her belly bucked upward. Ben had all he could do to hang on. At the same moment, Sue's strong young cunt muscles clamped greedily around his cock.


Sue's cunt literally milked the cum up from his balls. He fell forward on her writhing body, hanging on tight as he poured his sperm into the girl's greedily pumping cunt.

"Aaaaaahhhhh... aah... aaaaahhhhhh!" Sue wailed.

Ben thought she would never stop cumming. He was finished long before her. Not that he minded. He hung tightly to her bucking young body, feeling ten feet tall. Never before had he had a girl react so strongly.

He dug his face into her lust-swollen tits as she thrashed out the last of her orgasm. Slowly, bit by bit, Sue ran down beneath him. At last she was lying quietly, her breathing returning to normal.

"Ooohhhhh, that was wonderful," she sighed up to Ben. "Thank you... thank you!"

"The pleasure was all mine," Ben grinned.

"Oh, promise me we'll do it again. Soon. Often!" Sue threw her arms tightly around Ben. "Did you mean it when you said you loved me?"

So she hadn't been too far out of it to hear him. "Sure," he said, then corrected himself. "Of course, my darling," he said more romantically. "How could I help it?"

"Oh, Ben," Sue sighed, "I'm so happy." Her damp, naked body pressed tightly against his. Ben was acutely aware of her lush, solid tits. The hot slippery cunt pressed against his leg. Jesus, why not?

Chapter THREE

Sue and Ben became engaged. Not immediately. First there was the hurdle of her parents to overcome.

Sue loved her parents very much. They had spoiled her terribly. Her father was a tall, austere man, a model of rectitude. As befitted the head of an investment firm, he exuded correctness.

Sue's mother was a nonentity. Her father ruled the household. Her mother did little but lie around and invent new illnesses. Her sex life hardly existed.

But both Sue's parents were naturally leery of Ben. Not only because he was so much older than Sue, but because of an indefinable aura of corrupt weakness about him.

Sue won out in the end. After weeks of tearful pleading, she got her father to agree to the engagement. But with a reservation. The two young people were not to be married until Sue was twenty-one. Her parents hoped either she would come to her senses by then or they would be proven wrong about Ben.

Sue and Ben were engaged in the late spring of her freshman year. They spent a delightful summer, making love, spending long weekends in Ben's little bungalow. Sue made up stories for her parents about staying at girlfriends' houses. Her parents didn't believe them but were too afraid to investigate, fearing they would find out the truth. And after all, their daughter was engaged, wasn't she? That should make some difference.

Toward the end of the summer, Ben and Sue were having one of their typical weekends. They were together in the sauna at the university gym, because Ben had a hangover. He usually did. He drank a lot. That was one of the things Sue was sure her love would cure him of.

The sauna was coed. A big sign over the door said that nudity was forbidden. But many of the male students, apparently believing the sight of their naked bodies would automatically move women to lust, sat self-consciously naked. Often with a towel half-draped over their cocks. The girls stared fixedly at the walls.

This particular day, Ben and Sue were in the sauna alone. Both were wearing bathing suits.

"How's your head?" Sue asked.

"A lot better," Ben replied. He was staring at his lovely fiancee. She was looking incredibly sexy to him. Her wispy, tiny bikini tantalized him. He had seen her naked so often that it was a turn-on for him to see her with her tits and cunt barely hidden under the tiny triangles of cloth.

"C'mere, baby," he said, moving close to the girl. His hand slithered over her sweat-dripping skin, sliding down into the deep cleft between her tits.

"Ben... somebody might come in," Sue giggled. But she was enjoying what Ben was doing. The sensuous heat of the sauna was turning her on. Everything seemed to turn her on now. After that first time with Ben, Sue had discovered she loved to fuck. Any time, anywhere.

The heat in the girl's cunt began to equal the heat of her sweating skin. Ben's hand pushed down into the top of her bikini, pinching at her nipples.

"Mmmmmmmm," Sue sighed. Her hips jerked a little on the wooden seat. Ben noticed.

"Your box is smoking," he kidded.

Sue blushed but didn't disagree.

"Let's let out a little of the steam," Ben said thickly. His hand left the girl's lush tits and dived down toward her loins.

"Open your legs," he ordered.

"But Ben... someone'll come in..."

However, the girl's legs fell open. Without wasting any time, Ben worked one finger up under the tight leg-band of Sue's bikini bottom.

"Jesus... you're soaking wet!" he mumbled. He wondered how much of the juice creaming against his groping fingers was sweat, how much of it pussy juice.

He didn't really care. All he wanted was to get up inside her snatch. With all that moisture, his finger slid easily into the girl's cunt.

"Aaaahhhhhhh!" Sue gasped as she felt her cunt filled with his hard wiggling finger. Her head thudded helplessly back against the sauna wall. Her whole body went limp for an instant.

"I never saw a girl react as fast as you," Ben said. "You really get it off."

But Sue was past talking. Ben's finger up her cunt seemed to have paralyzed her brain. All she could do was lie back and pant. Her hips began thrusting slowly up against her lover's hand.

"Christ! You're gonna cum!" Ben said excitedly. "Right in the fucking sauna!"

Sue had never felt so hot in her life. Both inside and out. The super-heated air of the sauna burned into her flesh, while Ben's finger seared a path up into her cunt. She twitched and moaned on the wooden bench. Her eyes were half closed. But she noticed that Ben's cock was beginning to swell inside his shorts.

Could they fuck? the girl wondered. Would it be too risky for him to sink his cock into her here, in the sauna? Oh, what did it matter? She was going to cum anyhow.

She was teetering on the edge of her orgasm when the door suddenly opened. Ben sprang away from her, his finger popping out of her cunt.

Sue stifled a moan of disappointment as a young male student came into the sauna. He looked at Sue, looked at the bulge in Ben's pants, and blushed. Then he sat down opposite Sue.

She wondered why he was staring, then realized her bikini bottoms had not snapped all the way back into place. One plump, blonde-fringed pussy-lip was partially sticking out. Now it was Sue's turn to blush.

"Can we go home?" she asked Ben.

Sue hurried through her shower, eager to get home. Ben's finger-fucking in the sauna had left her with an unfulfilled ache in her cunt.

Ben knew what was in Sue's mind as they drove back to his bungalow. The same thing that was always in Sue's mind. Sex.

Ben was beginning to be overawed by the girl's sex drive. His heavy drinking diminished his own. Lately he had been having a hard time getting it up.

But today was an exception. Finger-fucking Sue in the sauna had excited him as much as it had excited her. Being walked in on had only added to the thrill. He remembered how Sue had been about to cum, how hard his cock had been getting. He knew the girl must still be simmering inside.

"Hey... you're hurting my arm!" Sue complained as Ben half dragged her up the steep steps to his place.

"I got something that can't wait!" he told her savagely.

Sue stared down at the bulge in Ben's pants. Sudden understanding flooded her eyes.

"Oh... Ben!" she whimpered. Her face softened with lust.

Ben wasted no time once they were in the house. "Bend over, bitch!" he ordered. A wild recklessness swept over him.

Sue loved every minute of it. She loved it when Ben demonstrated one of his rare moments of masterfulness. A hot answering fire flared in her cunt as she realized she was about to be used.

Sue obediently bent over, grabbing hold of the edge of the kitchen table. She was wearing a short skirt and a sweater. Ben reached up under the skirt and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. The panties were torn from her. Ben bunched the skirt up around her waist, baring her lush naked ass.

"Oh, Ben..." Sue whimpered. She began to grow so wet that she could feel the hot fluids running down the insides of her thighs.

There was the sound of a zipper behind her. A moment later she felt the rubbery tip of Ben's erect cock slithering in between her thighs. A tremor of excitement ran through her cunt.

Behind her, Ben sank the fingers of one hand into the soft flesh of her ass. The other hand was guiding his swollen rod into the soft hairiness of her cunt.

"Okay, bitch... okay!" he snarled.

His cock-tip caught at the opening of Sue's cunt. Brutally he rammed it in, half lifting the girl off the floor with the power of his forward lunge.

"Uuuummmmpppphhh!" Sue grunted.

At times like this, Ben realized that he hated women. Or feared them. It was all the same thing to him. He tried not to think about it too often, because he got horny. He needed to fuck. And knowing he needed women made him hate and fear them all the more.

Which was why it was so important to him to take out his lust on a woman now and then, the way he was doing to Sue now. He loved seeing her bent over in front of him. He knew he must have hurt her when he rammed his cock into her so suddenly. The knowledge further intensified his pleasure. His cock grew harder than it had for a long time.

"Uuh... uuh... uuh..." he grunted as he rammed his swollen rod again and again into Sue's tight cunt. He heard the breath slam out of her each time his cock dug into her. His fingers were sunk into her creamy ass-cheeks, leaving bright-scarlet blotches.

But Sue was loving it. Bit by bit she was discovering a capacity for masochism within herself. She loved fucking any way she could get it. But there was an added thrill when Ben used her this way. The two of them were slowly learning to play a game.

The unspoken rules of the game said that Sue couldn't talk. Or make much noise. All she could do was grunt and whine as Ben reamed out her cunt from behind.

"Aaaaaaa... aaa... uuuuuhhhhh!" she gasped as she felt her lover's cock swelling far up inside her cunt. She knew he was going to cum. She knew she was going to cum too, but she'd wait until he did.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH... SUCK IT UP, BITCH! HERE IT COMES!" Ben bellowed. He could feel the cum burning its hot path up from his balls.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Sue shrieked as she felt herself being filled with Ben's steaming cum. Her body suddenly jerked into orgasm. Her cunt thrust back against the cock sunk so deeply into it.

His eyes wide and staring, Ben watched a fine spray of combined sex juices jet out around where his cock was buried in Sue's cunt. Ropes of cum dripped down onto the girl's sleek thighs. He could actually see the base of his cock jerking and pumping as he emptied his load up into the girl's womb.

"God damn! Fuck you, fuck you!" he whined as he shot the last of his load. Only then did he step back, ripping his shrinking cock from the girl's still pulsing cunt. He suddenly wanted free of her clinging body.

Later, Ben grew remorseful. Deep down inside he knew that Sue had loved what he'd done to her. But guilt was patterned into his soul. He felt he had to make it up to her. Not so much because it was right, but because that way he wouldn't feel obligated.

"I'm going to do something for you, baby, I've never done before," he promised.

"Huh? What?" Sue asked drowsily.

The two of them were lying naked on his big bed. Sue's cunt still throbbed from Ben's wild fucking.

"I'm gonna eat you. Suck your cunt."

The young blonde's eyes flew open. She stared at Ben. "What... what did you say?" she stammered.

Ben laughed at the stunned look on Sue's face. "I'm gonna do a little muff-diving... have a box lunch at the 'Y'."

"But Ben... that's... that's..."

"Dirty? You've got the weirdest ideas."

Although she loved sex, so far Sue had restricted herself to fucking. A holdover from her mother's shame-filled attitude toward sex held the girl back from anything more adventurous. But now Ben was rolling over, crawling between her naked thighs.

"Wait! Stop!"

But Sue's struggles were only halfhearted. Having given in to Ben's brutal mood of an hour ago, she found it easier to fall in with his new plan.

"Come on, Suzy... open up those sweet thighs," Ben urged. He was gently pushing the girl's legs apart, baring her blonde cunt.

"Oh, Ben... I don't know," Sue quavered. But her legs parted nevertheless. She realized how open and vulnerable she felt with Ben staring straight up her lewdly displayed cunt.

And Ben was staring. It was daytime. The light in the room was good. He found himself face to face with his girlfriend's sweet snatch.

He'd never really looked at it, he realized. Now was the time.

Ben folded Sue's pussy-lips back with his thumbs, one on each fat pad. The slit in the center gleamed back at him. Drops of sex juice ran down the pink gully. The delicate inner lips splayed out to the sides.

Above him, Sue quivered. She didn't quite know what to expect, but so far what Ben was doing to her felt good.

Ben was still staring. The puckered opening to Sue's vagina was still slightly relaxed from his earlier fucking. Little pools of milky juice had collected in the soft folds. Her lubricants mixed with his cum.

For a moment Ben wondered if he really wanted to shove his face against all that hairy wetness. Then he became aware of the tantalizingly musky odor drifting up from Sue's cunt.

Staring past her belly, up through the deep valley between her tits, he saw the look of strained anticipation on Sue's face.

"Oh, what the hell," Ben murmured. Without giving himself another moment to think, he buried his face between Sue's soft thighs.

Hair brushed past his cheeks. A moist heat enveloped his mouth. And then his lips were opening, sucking in the heated slickness of Sue's inner pussy flesh.

"Oh my God!" Sue wailed when Ben's tongue finally stabbed far up into her waiting cunt. Her legs jerked out stiff on either side of Ben's crouching body. Her stomach muscles sucked in sharply.

Hey! Not bad! Ben realized as his mouth was flooded with the sweet taste of Sue's cunt. Excited, he started sucking hard, drawing smooth folds of cunt flesh deep into his mouth.

"Oh God! Aaaaahhhh! Uuuuhhhhhh! Too much!" Sue squealed. To the inexperienced girl, it felt as if her cunt were being bathed in sharp electric jolts. She squirmed, trying to twist away from the sensual overload eating up her nerve endings.

But Ben calmed down. After his initial greediness, he decided he was going to make it last for the girl. He wanted to build her up. To see her grow hotter and hotter until she finally exploded.

Ben stopped his sucking, and let Sue's cunt juice flow back out of his mouth.

Then he began to use his tongue. Like an artist. Worming the tip into the deepest recesses of the girl's pussy-slit. Flicking it lightly over the tip of her rapidly swelling clitoris. Stabbing at her convulsing vagina.

"Aaaaahhhh... aaaahhhh... aaaahhhhh," Sue moaned deliriously. She had never imagined anything could feel so good. Her body jerked and quivered. Her head thrashed back and forth on her pillow.

"Ooooohhhhh, Ben... why haven't you done this before?" she babbled.

"Jesus, I tried," Ben said, coming up for air. "But you thought it was too..."

Sue shut him up by reaching down and shoving his head back between her thighs. She hated to have his mouth missing from her shuddering cunt for even a moment.

"Aaaaaahhhhh," she sighed as she felt his tongue worm up into her slit again. "Oooooohhhhhhh, Ben... stick your tongue up my cunt!"

Ben heard. Making his tongue as long and thick as possible, he thrust it up Sue's cunt. Immediately, his mouth was flooded with a new taste, more metallic than before.

Jesus! Sue's cunt was closing around his tongue. Milking at it as if it were a cock!

Ben kept his tongue up inside Sue's cunt until it began to cramp. When he pulled it out, Sue gave a groan of disappointment. So he replaced his tongue with his finger, shoving it as far up inside the tight moist tunnel as it would go.

This new delight drove Sue half-crazy. Now she had something up her cunt, and at the same time Ben was lapping at her clit.

"Uuunnnnggggghhhh," the girl moaned.

Her hips rose off the bed. She was trying to shove her cunt down Ben's throat. His free hand slipped down underneath her ass, holding her there while his tongue worked at her clit.

There was no doubt the girl was going to cum soon. Her moans had changed to an incoherent babble. Every muscle in her body was straining. Time for the coup de grace.

Sucking Sue's clit deep into his mouth, Ben began to worry the little nubbin with his teeth and tongue. Holding it trapped, he pressed hard against it, nibbling, stabbing, sucking.

Sue went wild. Still straining upward, with most of her weight on her heels and the back of her head, she reached down and grabbed Ben's longish hair.

"Oooohhhhh, God! Whatever you do, don't stop!" she wailed. "I'm... I'm going to CUM!"

With all her strength, the wailing teenager jerked Ben's head down tighter against her cunt. Suddenly he couldn't breathe. Ben's nose, his mouth, everything was buried in hot slippery cunt flesh. He knew he'd have to end it now or suffocate.

With desperate strength Ben began to lick upward, his tongue pressing over Sue's trapped clit. He felt the hard little bud flattening under his tongue thrusts. The surrounding inner labia had swollen to thick, slick pads. Sue was on her way.

Ben had one last glimpse of the girl's face. Buried almost up to his eyes in cunt, he stared between her quivering, bouncing tits.

Sue's eyes met his for a moment. They were wild with lust. Begging him to make her cum.

Then Sue's big blue eyes rolled back in her head. Her whole body tensed. The girl's legs clamped so tightly around Ben's head he thought his neck was going to break.

"YAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Sue shrieked.

Her body arched again, driving her cunt up against Ben's slavering mouth. His neck creaked under the renewed strain.

Then a hot gush of sweet-smelling juices sprayed out of Sue's cunt. Ben choked on the unexpected flood. Some he swallowed, but a lot of it ran down his chin, into his neat little beard.

"Aaaahhhh... aaaahhhhh... oooohhhhhh!" Sue wailed below him. She was struggling so hard that Ben had to circle his arms around her thighs and buttocks to hold on. Her cunt was fluttering wildly under his mouth. But still he kept on licking.

What a sexy little doll! Ben thought excitedly. The wild power of Sue's response was turning him on. With his mouth still full of her smooth hot cunt flesh, he started to get an erection. His hand reached down to check. Yeah... he was hard!

Suddenly Ben jerked his mouth away from Sue's cunt. She whimpered when she felt her still-climaxing pussy deserted. But not for long.

Wild with lust, Ben reared up above his writhing girlfriend. He stared down at her for one long moment. At her desperately pleading face. At her swollen, pink-nippled tits. But most of all at the wide-open, moisture-gleaming expanse of her lewdly splayed cunt.

"Comin' in, baby," he grunted. And falling forward, Ben buried the full length of his rock-hard cock up inside Sue's climaxing cunt.

"Uuummmmppppphhhhh!" she grunted. Then she was off again, her orgasm renewed as Ben's cock flashed in and out of her shuddering body.

Ben felt as if he were trying to hold down a wildcat. Sue writhed and twisted below him. He had to hold her down by the arms, struggling to keep his cock in her as she bucked mindlessly below.

And then he was cumming too. Knowing that the girl was already cumming, he made no effort to hold himself back. His sperm jetted up into her belly just as she was slowly beginning to wind down.

"Oh, Ben," Sue crooned, holding her climaxing lover down tight against her body. As her own orgasm faded away, she trembled with delight as she felt her lover's semen jetting up into her cunt. At that moment she was totally Ben's. She would have jumped off a building for him.

"God, but you're good for me, baby," Ben gasped out as he rolled limply from Sue's sweat soaked body. He couldn't believe he'd gotten it up so quickly, twice in a row.

Strangely, that lingering moment of love and trust was the beginning of the end for Ben and Sue.


Later that afternoon, Sue learned that Ben gambled.

"You're lucky for me, Suzy," Ben said. "I think you can help me out of a hole."

"What do you mean?" Sue asked.

They were sitting in the little living room. Ben was steadily drinking. He'd been drinking for two hours.

"I've got myself in a bind. But half an hour's good luck could wipe it all away."

"I don't understand what you're talking about," Sue said vaguely. Her mind was elsewhere. When Ben started to mix himself another drink, her face clouded.

"Do you have to drink so much?" she asked disappointedly.

"Yeah," he answered simply. "Holds me together."

The two of them had had bitter fights over Ben's drinking. Like most alcoholics, Ben was very sensitive about it. But this time he refused to rise to the bait.

"Hey! You're not listening," he said accusingly. "About my problem."

"You're holding your problem in your hand," Sue said primly, gesturing at his drink.

Ben began to get exasperated.

"How would you like to see me with a hole in my head?" he asked. "Or with both legs broken?"

There was something so intense in his voice that Sue became alarmed.

"Of course not," she said. "But why should that happen?"

"That's what I was trying to tell you. I'm in trouble."

"But what kind of thing could end up like that?"

Ben was silent a moment, staring moodily at Sue over the rim of his glass.

"I'm in debt to some gamblers," he said finally. "Two thousand bucks."

Sue was shocked. Her mother had drummed into her head the evils of sex. She had overcome that. But her father had told her horror stories about gambling and gamblers. They were still with her.

"My God!" she burst out. "Two thousand dollars! How could you?"

"It sure seemed easy at the time," Ben said wryly. "A little good luck, a little more bad luck, and it began to add up. Jesus, but I had a run of bad luck! I was five grand ahead at one time, then the roof fell in."

Sue was too stunned to say anything.

"The problem is, the money is overdue. I've got an extension until the end of the week. And then I'll either have to pay up or they'll take it out of my hide."

"They wouldn't dare," Sue sputtered. "Gambling debts are illegal. You'll just have to go to the police."

Ben sighed tiredly. "God, are you innocent. Half the cops in town are being paid off by those bastards. I open my mouth, they'll do more than bust me up. I'll wind up dead in an alley."

"You can't be serious!" Alarm showed in Sue's eyes.

"Serious as hell. I'm in trouble, baby, but I think I see a way out."

"You... you're going to pay them? You know some way to get the money?"

"There's only one way I can get that kind of dough in a couple of days," Ben said. "Lady Luck. And I think you're her."

"Me? What do you mean?" Sue had a vision of Ben trying to get the money out of her father, through her. Not only would that be impossible, but it would turn her parents permanently against Ben. But she was in for an even greater shock.

"I'm going to make one last play at the tables," Ben said. "With you next to me. You're lucky for me, baby. I know I can't lose then!"

"What? You must be out of your mind! I'd never be a part of a thing like that!"

"It's the only way," Ben said stubbornly. "I'm going to give it a try whether you're with me or not."

"Oh, no... Ben..."

"Whether you're with me or not!" Ben repeated. Sue was ready to refuse again, but had second thoughts. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe she could help hold him steady if she were with him. But gambling... Sue had an image of a dimly lit room. Dirt and stench and cigar smoke. Shifty wines rolling dice on the floor. She shuddered all over. Instinct told her to say no. Love made her say yes.

"P-promise me it'll be the last time," She quavered. "Promise me you'll never gamble again."

Ben's face lit up. "I knew I could trust you."

Chapter FOUR

"Who's the blonde chick with Ben Jackson?"

Big Frank Hammer was leaning nonchalantly against a crap table in his casino. The beautiful brunette to whom he'd just spoken followed his gaze. Her eyes ran up and down Sue Ryan's taut young body, appraising her coolly.

"You planning on taking away more than his money, Frank?" she said, smiling slowly.

"That wouldn't be a bad plan, Glenda," Hammer mused. His eyes raked over Sue's pleasing form.

"Fabulous pair of tits."

"You know... she does look kind of familiar," Glenda said. "I may have seen her picture somewhere. Maybe the society page. Hold on. I'll find out."

Hammer watched Glenda move away across the crowded floor, her lush hips swaying provocatively. Damn fine-looking woman. Then he glanced over at Sue, at her blonde loveliness. What a kick it would be to have both of them in bed at the same time.

After making a few inquiries, Glenda came swaying back. Heads turned as she passed.

"I was right. It was the society page. When she got engaged to Jackson. Her name's Sue. She's Henry Ryan's daughter. The guy who runs that big brokerage firm downtown."

"No shit!" Hammer exclaimed. "How does a gutless asshole like Ben Jackson rate that?"

"I think he brings out the mother instinct in young girls," Glenda said.

Hammer looked at her sharply. "How about you?" he demanded. "Does he do anything for your mother instinct?"

"You should know better, Frank," Glenda replied coolly. "If I were ever unlucky enough to be a mother, I'd eat my young."

"I'll bet you would," Hammer grinned. "That's why I keep you around. In case I have any young that need eating."

"Like little Miss Ryan?"

"Could be," Hammer said thoughtfully. "That gorgeous little hunk of ass might be useful someday."

"I'd love to play fun games with her awhile," Glenda said. "I hate perfect little bitches like that. With their prim, holier-than-thou manners."

Glenda's face hardened for a moment. Her stunning beauty vanished under a mask of cold viciousness.

"You just hold yourself back until I give the word," Hammer warned her.

Just then one of the pit bosses came up to Hammer. "That Jackson guy's asking for more credit. Should I give it to him?" he asked doubtfully.

Hammer hesitated a moment. His eyes were on Sue rather than Ben. "Sure... go ahead," he ordered. "Make it a limit of another two grand."

The pit boss looked surprised. Hammer usually wasn't one to give money away to a bad risk. But he shrugged his shoulders and walked back to Ben. He'd learned a long time ago never to question Big Frank Hammer.


Ben was tense as he watched the pit boss come back toward him.

"It's okay, Mr. Jackson," the pit boss said. "Up to another two thousand."

"There... I told you!" Ben said excitedly, squeezing Sue's arm. "I told you you'd bring me luck!"

"But what if you lose, Ben?" Sue asked. But her heart wasn't in her question. Frankly, she was fascinated by the casino. It wasn't at all like she'd imagined. Instead of dirt and stealth, she was faced with glitter and liveliness.

"Everyone's so well dressed," she whispered to Ben. She had wondered why he wanted to wear his tux.

"Sure... it's a high-class place," Ben said, grinning broadly. "Come on... let's hit the tables."

Taking his stack of chips, Ben pushed toward the roulette tables. "You try your luck," he told Sue.

"But I don't know what to do," she demurred. Nevertheless, she played. Within a short time she was immersed in the gaming.

"Oh, Ben... I didn't know it could be so much fun!" Sue bubbled as she raked in a stack of chips.

"It sure as hell is... especially when you're winning," Ben said ruefully. "I told you you were lucky. Look! Your number's come up again!"

Sue was indeed lucky. Over the next hour she won steadily, until she and Ben were over a thousand dollars ahead. Even after paying off the four thousand Ben was in hock to Hammer.

Worried, the pit boss sidled up to Hammer. "Hey, Frank! That Jackson character's gettin' rich off your money!"

Hammer flicked the ash off his cigarette. "Let them win a little more. Then peel 'em back until they're maybe three, four hundred ahead. String 'em along."

Ben saw the pit boss talking to Hammer. "Hey, Frank!" he called. "Afraid I'm going to win for once?" As usual, Ben had been drinking. He was a little out of control.

Hammer walked over to Sue and Ben. He smiled, the picture of urbanity. "Not at all, Ben," he said suavely. "It's good for the image when somebody makes a killing. I'm glad to see you winning."

Hammer looked inquisitively at Sue. "You haven't introduced us," he reminded Ben.

"Oh... yeah. Sue, this is Frank Hammer, the owner of this joint. Frank, this is Sue Ryan, my fiancee."

"Delighted to meet you, Miss Ryan," Hammer said, bowing slightly. "May I call you Sue?"

"Yes... please," Sue stammered.

Hammer was looking straight into her eyes. Suddenly her legs felt weak. There was an overpowering aura around Frank Hammer. Of power, ruthlessness. A little flutter started in her belly. A moist heat grew between her thighs.

Frank gave her another long look. Sue felt as if he were probing into her soul. Into the darkest, most hidden parts of her.

"Don't let me take you away from your gaming," he said finally. "I hope you have good luck."

Stunned, surprised by her reaction to Hammer, Sue turned back to the table. She didn't win very much after that. Finally, when they were down to three or four hundred dollars, she suggested they leave.

"Don' wanna." Ben said drunkenly. "Wanna win big."

Suddenly Sue felt disgust for Ben. "I did what you wanted, didn't I? You got your money back. Now take me home or I'll go by myself!"

Ben's mouth dropped open. Never before had Sue talked to him this way. His bravado collapsed, and without a struggle, he took her home.

"Don't you want to stay with me tonight?" he asked miserably.

"No. Go home and sleep it off."

Unhappily Ben drove home. His little house seemed cold and empty. Ben was one of those unfortunate persons who can never stand to be alone. Not even for a few hours. He had to drink when he was alone. To kill the fear.

Opening another bottle of whiskey, Ben sat down by the phone. He started calling women, not so much to try to get them to sleep with him as to have someone feminine to talk to. But he always ended up abusing them over the phone.

He was talking to a former girlfriend on the East Coast when there was a knock on the door.

"Hold on, Doris," he muttered into the phone.

Ben nearly choked on his drink when he opened the door. Glenda, from the casino, was standing on the porch, smiling softly at him.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" she asked in her low sultry voice.

"Huh? Oh, yeah... sure. Come in," Ben muttered. His mind was still in a drunken haze. When he had ushered Glenda in, he quickly hung up the phone.

"Uuh... what brings you here?" he asked lamely.

"You. I was watching you at the casino tonight. It occurred to me I hardly know you. I'd like to do something about that."

Ben was stunned. Was he imagining it or was this beautiful woman making a play for him? The mocking, sultry look in her eyes suggested she was.

Ben's blood began to boil. His eyes swept up and down Glenda's lush figure. God, what a build! She was bigger than Sue. Fuller, more mature. Ben guessed she must be about twenty-five. God, what a fuck she must be!

But then fear swept over him. Glenda was Big Frank Hammer's girl. Fucking around with her would be like fucking around with dynamite!

"Aren't you going to ask me to sit down?" Glenda asked.

"Sure... sure..."

Ben waved Glenda toward the couch. He started to sit down on a nearby chair. But Glenda caught his hand and pulled him down beside her.

"I was watching you tonight," she said as he sat stiffly beside her. "I like your style."

Glenda had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. She thought Ben Jackson was a gutless creep. Like Frank did. But he did have a nice body. Maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all. Trust Frank to know what he was doing.

"You don't seem happy that I'm here."

"Oh, no... no... I'm glad," Ben blurted. God he was glad! But he was scared. Glenda was so close to him he could feel her body heat. And smell her subtle perfume. She was leaning a little toward him and he found himself staring down the scooped-out neckline of her low-cut dress. What a woman! But she was Frank Hammer's woman!

"Relax," Glenda purred. "I'm not going to bite."

Her hand was on his thigh. To Ben, it felt as if it were burning right through his pantleg.

"You're a very handsome man," Glenda murmured in Ben's ear. And she meant it.

But all Ben could think of was that her hand had shifted a little. Now her fingertips were resting just over his cock. Horrified, he felt his prick begin to grow inside his pants. She'd notice!

She did. Glenda smiled. "Good. I thought you liked me," she said. She knew she was going to have to do it all herself. Her hand moved another inch and gently squeezed Ben's cock through his pants.

"Uuuunnnnggghhh," he grunted. He felt as if he were going to cum in his pants. Incredible. Never before had a woman turned him on so fast. Glenda exuded a kind of earthy sensuality that would melt the balls of a brass monkey.

"You want me to suck it?" Glenda panted.

"Oh... Jesus no!" Ben groaned. The hell with Frank Hammer. He'd do anything to have Glenda touch his cock again.

She sensed it and boldly pulled down his zipper. Ben's shorts tented up through the opening, pushed by his swelling cock.

"Why do men wear such silly underwear?" Glenda said. Reaching in, she fished Ben's cock out through the open fly.

Ben stared down as Glenda's long slender fingers wrapped around his cock. She slowly slid her hand up and down the meaty shaft.

"Do you mind if I suck a little?" Glenda asked. She gave Ben's cock another squeeze. Not a bad prick, she thought approvingly. A little small, but well shaped.

"You want to suck it?" Ben panted. "Oh Christ... how can a guy answer a question like that. Suck it... fuck it... take it home with you. Anything you want. Oh, God, but you're a gorgeous woman!"

Smiling, Glenda got off the couch and knelt on the floor in front of Ben. Her eyes were looking up at him, laughing, as she stuck out her tongue and ran it slowly up and down the underside of his cock.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh," Ben moaned. God! This incredible woman was driving him nuts! He stared down to where her tongue was tickling the underside of his massively swollen glans.

"Maybe I won't suck it. Maybe I'll just lick it," Glenda said. "Like a popsicle."

Ben's cock was swelling larger and larger. The biggest he'd ever seen it. God! What a day! This afternoon he'd taken Frank Hammer's money! Now Frank's girl was sucking his cock!

Ben began to feel very good, very powerful. What a hell of an easy conquest this Glenda was turning out to be. Even easier than the dozens of coeds he'd seduced.

"Suck it, baby," he said boldly.

"Uh-uh. If I do you'll cum. And I've got other ideas for your cock," Glenda said.

"No... no... suck it for just a minute," Ben pleaded.

Glenda shrugged. "Well, okay. But if you shoot off, it's going to cheat you out of the best piece of ass you've ever had."

"Just for a minute," Ben repeated.

A moment later he watched Glenda's mouth open wide. His cock disappeared inside.

"Oh, Jesus!" he moaned.

Glenda had one of the hottest, sexiest mouths he'd ever felt wrapped around his prick. He could sense her tongue fluttering against the underside of his ultra-sensitive glans as she sucked. Automatically his hips bucked forward.

But Ben had pushed his luck too far, as usual. Suddenly he knew he was going to cum. His cock began to buck and jerk up inside Glenda's smoothly sucking mouth.

"Oh, no!" he groaned, trying to fight back the insistent signals shuddering up from his drum-tight balls.

But it was Glenda who saved the day. As soon as she sensed Ben was cumming, she pulled her mouth away from his cock. Her thumb and forefinger instantly clamped around the tip of his prick. Hard. Painfully.

"Ooooowwwwww!" Ben yelped. "Take it easy! You're gonna pinch the damn thing in two!"

"Take it easy, tiger," Glenda said acidly. "If you'll take time to notice, you'll realize you're not cumming."

It was true. Glenda's sudden action had nipped Ben's orgasm in the bud. His cock was shrinking a little, shocked from the sharp pinch.

"Now, junior," Glenda said, standing up. "I came over here to get fucked. Either you're up to it or you're not. Is that the bedroom in there?"

"Uuh... yeah."

"I'm going in there. Alone. Give me five minutes. Then if you still want to fuck, come in after me. Without your clothes on."

Ben's eyes followed Glenda as she walked into the bedroom. God, what a woman! She sure as hell knew how to walk. Really, she wasn't any more beautiful than Sue. It was just that she knew exactly what to do with what she had.

Ben wasn't used to having a woman take charge the way Glenda had. It pissed him off a little. But he was anxious to see what the hell she looked like underneath her clothes. Then he'd decide if he wanted to fuck her.

Jesus! He hadn't had any strange tail since he'd gotten involved with Sue! It was about time. But he sure as hell didn't want to screw up a good deal like that. He'd just go in and look. It would be fun to toss Glenda out after the haughty way she'd treated him.

After the five minutes had passed, Ben went into the bedroom. With his clothes on.

"My God!" he blurted out, stopping just inside the door.

Glenda was lying on the bed, on her back, completely naked. He was staring up her crotch.

"Decided you didn't want to fuck?" she asked him dryly, her hands casually folded behind her head.

"Oh, no... no... I mean yes!" Ben stammered.

He was suddenly struggling out of his clothes as he stared at Glenda's cunt. God, what a juicy looking gash! The center slit gleamed moistly at him, nestled between ruffs of dark brown pussy hair.

The longer he stared the more his cock grew. He had trouble working his shorts down over the swelling rod.

"I'm glad you didn't disappoint me," Glenda said. She held her arms up to Ben. "Come down on the bed with me."

Ben let her pull him down, his cock jutting out from his body like a fleshy stake. He ended up lying next to her. Her naked thigh was pressed against his.

"Get me ready... make me want to fuck you," she puffed into his ear. "Suck my tits first. I love it."

All Ben had to do to suck Glenda's tits was roll over a little. He reached out, scooping one of the big mounds toward his mouth. It was warm and soft. The nipple was like a small brown berry. He sucked it into his mouth and it very quickly became a large brown berry.

"You like my tits?" Glenda asked.

Her breath was coming faster as Ben sucked on her nipple. All he could do was grunt yes around his fleshy mouthful.

Shit yes, they were nice tits! Bigger than Sue's but not quite as virgin solid. Softer, more mature, spilling out a little to the sides with Glenda lying on her back. Ben sank his fingers into the tit he wasn't sucking. The nipple on that one was getting hard too.

"Oooohhhhh, yesssss... suck hard," Glenda sighed. "Make it hurt a little."

Ben noticed that she was sensuously stroking the undersides of her tits as he played with the nipples. He felt himself growing hotter and hotter.

With a groan of passion, Ben buried his face in the deep valley between Glenda's cushiony tits. Almost as if he were trying to smother himself.

Glenda seemed to like what he was doing. She guided his head to her other tit. The one he hadn't sucked yet.

"They demand equal time," she panted.

There was no doubt about it. Glenda was getting hot too. Ben could smell the rich juices gushing from her cunt.

Just as he was thinking about her snatch, she spoke again: "Stick a finger up my box. Open me up. Get me ready for your cock."

Ben's hand dived downward. God, her belly was already quivering! His hands sorted its way through her thick pubic hair. Suddenly one fingertip dipped down into her pussy-slit.

Juicy wet gash! Ben's finger slithered up and down the full length of Glenda's hot slit. What a big cunt! So much bigger than Sue's tight little trap.

But Ben got a surprise when he shoved his finger up inside Glenda's vagina. He'd expected it to be big and meaty and loose, like the rest of her cunt.

But the muscular inner walls closed greedily around his finger. Jesus, she was tight inside! Like she had her cunt trained!

Ben began to experiment. He shoved in another finger, and another. Glenda's cunt gobbled them up, expanding just enough, staying tight around the three drumming fingers. He had the impression he could ram his whole fist up inside her and she'd be just the same!

"Oh, yeah... yeah... now my clit. Poke at it a little," Glenda panted. Her hips were beginning to roll sensuously up against Ben's hand. Excitedly he stabbed a finger down against her clit.

Glenda flinched back. "Hey! Take it easy! It's not a doorbell! Try a little technique!"

Ben gritted his teeth. Oh, was he going to fuck the hell out of this bitchy broad! Right after he finished with her clit. It was the biggest and longest he had ever run up against. He could actually grip it between two fingertips and jack it off like a cock.

Glenda went wild. "Oh, lover!" she cried. "I knew you were going to do a good job! Pump it... pump it! Make Momma hot!"

Ben massaged and jerked on Glenda's clit until she was panting and moaning uncontrollably. The sarcastic look had disappeared from her face. Her eyes were hot and dark, begging him.

"Now... now... fuck me!" Glenda cried. "Stick your cock in me! Ram it in all the way!"

Just the words Ben wanted to hear. His cock was so hard it hurt. He needed to soak it in warm wet cunt.

Wasting no more time, he climbed between Glenda's lewdly spread thighs. Kneeling, he was ready to pound his cock up into her lush body. But for a moment he was unable to move.

What a cunt! Ben had been fucking into Sue's little blonde gash for so long he'd forgotten what a brunette looked like. He stared down at Glenda's juice-dripping pussy. The full, heavy outer lips were gaping open a little, giving him a glimpse of the shiny pink slit inside. Her long clit protruded a little from its fleshy covering. Her cunt hair was soaked with her gushing pussy juices.

But what Ben was after was Glenda's cunt. He peeled her pussy-lips back, baring the wet, pulsing hole. Little drops of juice squeezed out of its depths as the inner muscles worked.

"I'm gonna fuck you, cunt!" Ben gritted suddenly from between clenched teeth. He couldn't wait a moment longer.

"Oh, yes... shove it all the way up to my tonsils!" Glenda gasped. "Make me howl like a bitch in heat!"

One thing Ben had to say about Glenda. When she was ready to fuck, she didn't beat around the bush. Urged on by her lewd words, he stuffed his cock up into her cunt.

She gobbled his cock up just like she'd gobbled his fingers. Her pussy-channel literally sucked him into her.

"Aaaarrrrggggg!" he moaned as his balls slapped against her lush ass. He was in as far as he could go. And it felt as if Glenda could take another yard of cock.

Not that she was loose inside. Her cunt-walls clasped around his trapped cock like a mousetrap. For a moment he couldn't move inside her, but then the inner muscles suddenly relaxed a little. "Fuck me slow at first," Glenda said. She was looking up at him, a sensuous smile on her lovely face. Her dark eyes were glittering with passion.

Glenda put her hands on Ben's hips and helped set the tempo. As his cock ground into her cunt, Glenda's hips worked slowly beneath him. God! It was like fucking into a vacuum pump! The smiling woman's cunt-muscles were steadily massaging his cock. Even as it moved in and out of her vagina!

This was shaping up as definitely the best fuck Ben had ever had. He wondered how long it took Glenda to cum. She sure as hell looked like she was getting hotter. That smug smile on her face was fading, replaced by a look of helpless lust.

"C-Can you hold on awhile longer? Keep from cumming?" she asked. The way the panting woman's stomach muscles were shuddering, Ben didn't think she could last much longer herself.

"Hang on, baby," he said. "I'll make sure you get it off."

Ben started fucking hard into the moaning woman, but she stopped.

"No... no... I like to do it myself," she told him. "Let me... let me get on top."

Surprised, Ben let Glenda roll out from underneath him. Both of them flinched when his cock popped out of her cunt. They both wanted to get it back in as fast as possible.

"Lie down on your back," Glenda ordered.

Ben did, and she climbed over him, straddling his loins. His cock thrust upward in front of her belly like a lance.

Raising up a little, Glenda poised her brown-furred cunt right over the bone-hard cock. The fingers of one hand guided it up into her waiting pussy.

"Aaaaahhhhh," they both sighed as once again Ben's cock was surrounded by steaming-hot pussy flesh. Glenda held still a moment, obviously getting herself together.

"Just lie there. Let me do it all," Glenda said.

Which was all right with Ben, because she immediately began doing amazing things with her cunt.

First she ran it slowly up and down the length of his cock a few times, as if she were getting the range. Then she began to pound down hard. She would raise her ass up high, as high as she could without having Ben's cock slide out of her cunt. Then she would slam her body down. Ben's cock was driven far up inside her cunt.

Glenda began to fuck faster and faster. Her eyes were shut tightly, her lips pouting open a little. Ben had never seen a look of such lust on a woman's face. Clearly she was getting just what she wanted.

And so was he. Her cunt was clasping as tightly around his cock as ever. He watched her heavy tits bounce and sway as she moved wildly above him. She was leaning a little forward, so he stretched his neck upward and started sucking on her tits. First one and then the other. The nipples were swollen as hard as pebbles.

This new assault drove Glenda crazy. "Oooohhhh... ooohhh... aaaaaahhhhh!" she moaned.

The motion of her hips changed. Instead of working straight up and down, they began to slide furiously back and forth. Her cunt-lips splayed out over Ben's loins. She was rubbing her clit against the bushy tangle of his pubic hair.

Ben knew he couldn't hold off any longer. He was going to cum. The way Glenda's cunt was sawing on his cock, making it jerk and slide up inside her steaming hole, was just too much.

But he wanted her to cum too. Just to prove himself. So he reached down and worked his thumb in between their grinding groins, searching out her clit. He found it, slippery with cunt juice.

Using the soft pad of his thumb, he began to pummel her clit rapidly back and forth. Glenda's entire body shuddered with pleasure. Her eyes flew open, wide and staring.

Suddenly Glenda's head flew back. Her body arched, thrusting her big tits out.

"Aaaaaiiiyyyy! I'm going to cum... cuuummm... AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!"

Glenda's cunt went crazy, sucking and jerking around Ben's cock. Even if he hadn't already been about to cum, this would have put him over the edge.

"Aaaarrgggghhhhhh!" he moaned. He felt like a volcano erupting as the sperm spewed up out of his cock and flooded deep into Glenda's cunt. She seemed to get even wilder as she felt the hot jets streaming up into her snatch.

"Oh, yes... fill me with your hot jizz!" she wailed. "God, how I love cum!"

Ben sank his fingers deep into Glenda's soft hips, holding her down against him. They strained together, their bodies bucking and jerking, until at last they collapsed into a sweating heap.

"Not bad... not bad," Glenda said smugly when she had gotten her breath back. "I'm glad I decided to come over here."

"Just what made you decide?" Ben asked. His ego was ready to be stroked. He felt all man after experiencing Glenda's reaction to his cock. He didn't know she was always this wild. Once she got started.

"I liked the way you were playing the tables," Glenda said. "You were really raking it in. But what I can't understand is why the hell you left when you were doing so well!"

Ben made a sour face. "I had to take my... my friend home," he said.

"Too bad. I'd have liked seeing you rip Frank off for a bundle."

"But... I thought you were Frank's girl?" Ben said in surprise. "Why would you want me to rip him off?"

"Let's get something straight," Glenda said. Her face was taut, almost angry. "I work for Frank Hammer. Sure, we fuck now and then, but I'm an employee. On my own time I do what I want. Frankly," she admitted wryly, "I'm there to please the customers. Kind of a high-class whore. Don't sweat my being here. You're a customer, and a good one. Frank wouldn't mind my balling you at all."

"No kidding," Ben said. It was slowly becoming clear to him that he might be able to fuck this gorgeous exciting woman again. And again and again. With Sue as his wife and Glenda on the side, life would be very rosy.

"You sound like you're a little pissed off at Frank," he said cautiously.

"The big bastard treats me like a slave. That's why I was wishing you'd make a big score today."

"Well, like I said, I had to take my friend home."

"Hey! Let's do it!" Glenda said excitedly. "Let's go back to the casino. I know which games really pay off. I'll help you bet. We can really score big!"

Glenda's manner had become open and enthusiastic. Like a happy schoolgirl. Ben proudly put it down to the effects of his masterful cock-work.

"Well... I don't know," he said.

"Where's your balls?" Glenda asked, suddenly contemptuous. "I thought you were a real man."

"Hey... I didn't say I wouldn't go," Ben squeaked. He was hooked.

"Well, come on, then," Glenda said excitedly, getting up and pulling on her clothes. "We'll make a bundle."

Chapter FIVE

By dawn Ben was more than five thousand dollars down. As the alcohol fumes cleared from his head, he knew he'd been suckered. Glenda's smile turned more and more into a sneer. Finally, she took the last of the chips and tossed them back.

"You're a born loser, kid," she said. Hips swaying provocatively, she walked over to Frank and put her arm possessively on his shoulder. Frank was smiling coolly.

Ben stood staring down at the table. Staring at his stack of markers. Then he looked up at Glenda.

"Why?" he cried. "Why?"

"For fun," she replied. "Thanks for the fuck. Too bad your cock's so small."

Totally beaten, Ben crept home with his tail between his legs. In his little living room, he poured himself a drink and sat meditating on Frank's warning.

"Pay me in a week or buy some crutches," Frank had said in his deadly, flat voice.

"Oh, Jesus... I'm finished!" Ben sobbed into his drink. He sat in the living room for the rest of the day, full of despair, not even answering the phone.

Ben was silently, soddenly drunk by the time Sue came over. She had begun to worry about him. She'd called several times but there had been no answer. She let herself in with her own key.

"Ben... what's the matter?" she cried when she saw his blank, hopeless face.

"I'm finished," he muttered. His voice was steady enough. The only way Sue could tell he was drunk was by his eyes.

"What do you mean, finished? I thought we cleared all that up yesterday."

Ben didn't even try to lie. "I went back," he said slowly. "I lost. I dug myself a hole I'll never get out of."

"Ben!" Sue was shocked. My God! It had all been for nothing.

"We'll... we'll have to do it again," she said bravely.

"Not a chance. Hammer says he won't let me near the place until I've paid him."

"Then I'll go by myself."

"Good luck. He'll eat you up just like he ate me."

"Don't you even care? Are you just going to sit there?" Sue asked in exasperation. Full of youthful energy, she ached to do something. Ben's alcohol-soaked brain had lost all powers of resistance.

"I'll... I'll go talk to Mr. Hammer," Sue gulped. "I don't think he's really a bad man."

"Oh, Jesus, you're incredible," Ben snorted hopelessly.

Sue stuck out her chin. "Well... I'm going to give it a try anyhow. Don't you have anything to say to encourage me?"

Ben looked thoughtfully into his glass. "Shut the door on your way out," he said finally.

"Ooohhh... you... you..."

Sue slammed out of the house. She was tempted to let Ben stew in his own juice. But even though she was fast losing respect for Ben, he was, after all, her lover. Even more important, he was her first lover. The first to shove a cock up into her virgin cunt. Sue hadn't yet learned how many cocks there were in the world. How easy it was to switch from one to another.

She loved Ben, she'd help him. But there were other reasons that drew her back to Frank Hammer's casino. Yesterday she had found there a strange excitement that was new to her.

Part of it was the gambling. The tension, the fear that vanished into triumph when a big pot was won. The feeling of challenging life.

And of course, there was Frank Hammer. Sue had put out of her mind her strange reaction to Frank Hammer. But her body remembered. Remembered the hot thrill that had run through it as it toyed for a moment with the thought of him making love to her.

Going to the bank, she drew out her savings -- five hundred dollars. Then she drove to the casino.

"Well... look who's here," Glenda said to Frank when Sue came into the gaming room. The little blonde was looking around helplessly, very vulnerable at the moment.

"I think I'll go over and see what I can do for her," Frank said with an inscrutable smile.

"What are you up to, anyhow, you sneaky bastard?" Glenda asked him with an answering smile. "Could you just be trying to get into that little broad's pants?"

"An interesting question. You figure out the answer. But think about one thing. Would I risk five grand on that Jackson asshole just for a piece of ass? Or would I? Looks like a pretty nice little piece of ass."

Leaving Glenda to puzzle it out, Hammer walked over to Sue. "Have you become an addict already?" he asked her, smiling.

"I... I want to help Ben out. He's... lost some more money, hasn't he?"

Frank looked sad. "I'm afraid so, Sue."

"Would you, could you just kind of... forget it?" Sue asked without really expecting him to agree.

Frank shrugged helplessly. "Unfortunately, no. I have... other partners, who wouldn't like that at all. You understand?"

Sue thought she did. The Mafia. She shuddered as she thought about what was in store for Ben.

"Do you mind if I play?" she asked.

"No, of course not. Go ahead. Anything you need, just ask."

Sue turned and went to the tables. Considering what a threat Hammer was to Ben, she wondered why she found it so thrilling to talk to him. There was an underlying threat to the man that both repelled and attracted her.

Under orders from Hammer, the croupier at the roulette wheel let Sue win for a while. A shill was sent to encourage her to bet wildly.

Very suddenly Sue hit a losing streak. Her money vanished. "Just a bad run," the shill, a middle-aged woman said. "With the kind of luck you've been having, you could get it back in a few more tries."

So Sue went to Hammer to ask for a loan. Like she had seen Ben do.

"Sure," he said. "You're good for it."

After that, a nightmarish disaster slowly wrapped itself around Sue. She lost and lost. Worst of all, the gambling fever had gained complete control of her. She knew, she was sure the next spin of the wheel would signal the change in her luck. But it didn't. She signed more and more markers, without even paying attention to how much they were for.

Finally the pit boss held up a palm when she went to him for more money. "You're in too deep," he told her. "You'll have to put up some collateral before we advance you any more."

"Too deep? How much have I spent?"

"Three thousand dollars."

Sue was stunned. Her world fell in ruins around her feet. Three thousand dollars! How could it have happened so fast?

She went straight to Frank Hammer. "I... there's been some kind of mistake," she blurted out. "That man said I owe you three thousand dollars."

"That's right," Hammer said amusedly. "Are you ready to pay it?"

"But... I could never get my hands on that kind of money!" Sue said in a small shocked voice.

Hammer's face grew hard. "I'm afraid you'll have to. I'm not a charity. Between Jackson and you, you owe me eight thousand bucks."

"But... but... it's not right!"

"Oh, isn't it?" Hammer said acidly. "You'd walk out of here smiling if you'd won my money, wouldn't you? Now it's my turn to smile. When can you pay? By the weekend?"

"Oh, no, I just couldn't!"

"You know what happens to welchers in this business, don't you?" Hammer said coldly.

"You... you wouldn't!" Sue said, the color draining from her face.

"Work you over? Probably not necessary in your case. That creep Jackson we'll have to make an example of. He'll be in the hospital for a long time. But we won't have much trouble getting the whole three thousand in your case."

"What do you mean?" Sue asked, mystified.

"We'll just ask your father for it."


Sue was horrified. She'd rather be beaten up than have her parents know.

"Or maybe we'll ask his investors if they know what kind of daughter he has."

"You wouldn't do a thing like that! You'd ruin him!"

"Too bad."

"But isn't there some other way I could repay?" Sue asked desperately. "By the month?"

Frank looked thoughtful. "There might be one way," he said.

"How? I'll do anything!" Sue burst out.

Hammer smiled. Almost leered. "You may have to," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"You can work it off. Here in the club. Entertain some of my customers."

"Entertain?" Sue's face was white.

"You know what I mean," Hammer said. "With a body like yours you could work off your debt in a couple of months."

"I could never do that," Sue said with a shudder.

"Then I go to your old man."

Tears started to roll down Sue's cheeks. She knew she was beaten. Her Christian upbringing told her she had sinned and must pay for it. But this way? She doubted she could do it.

Hammer saw that he was pushing the girl too far too fast. He had to let up the pressure.

"Tell you what. Maybe you can work it off just with me. Come on into the back room with me. We'll give it a try."

When he saw Sue hesitating, he put on the screws again. "You have five seconds to decide!" he rapped out. Taking her hand, he started tugging her toward a door.

Sue was too confused to resist. A minute later she found herself in a luxurious room behind Hammer's private office. It was softly lighted. The furniture was rich and comfortable-looking.

A huge couch lay along one wall.

Oh, God, he wanted her to fuck him! Sue realized. She was expected to pay off!

"Okay, baby, let's see what I'm buying," Hammer said.


"Take 'em off. Get out of your clothes. I want to see the eight-thousand-dollar body I've invested in."

Sue was unable to move. She knew she had to do what Hammer asked. If she didn't, he'd ruin her, ruin her father, and have Ben beaten up. Only a little while ago she'd thought she was attracted to Frank Hammer. But the very ruthlessness that had intrigued her now filled her with fear and loathing. He wanted her for a plaything, nothing more. A slave.

Hammer could tell from the look on Sue's face that she was beaten. No matter what he did to her now, he'd never have to pay for it. She'd never talk. He might as well have some fun.

"By God, if you won't strip, I'll help you!" he suddenly snarled.

Striding forward, Hammer caught the top of Sue's light summer dress with one big meaty hand. He jerked down. The dress tore all the way down to her waist.

Sue tried to struggle free, but Hammer held on to her dress. He tugged again, spinning her around. The rest of the dress was ripped from her body. Sue stood half-naked before the grinning Hammer, wearing only her panties and bra.

"Stop! Stop!" she screamed. "I won't let you do this to me!"

"Oh? What're you going to do?" Hammer sneered. "Scream? Nobody'll hear you. This room is soundproof."

As if to prove his point, he grabbed the cringing girl's arm and spun her around. He ripped loose the catch of her bra. Sue desperately clutched the torn strip to her tits, not wanting to let go.

But Hammer snatched one end and pulled the bra from her. Sue was left naked to the waist, trying to cover her tits with her hands.

"Now... the panties. Even if I have to knock you down," Hammer growled.

Sue knew she was beaten. Now all she wanted to do was avoid more violence. "No! Please, don't touch me!" she pleaded. "I'll... I'll take them off."

Blushing with shame, Sue took her hands from her tits and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She had to lean forward to take them off. Her solid young tits peeped out between her tightly clamped-together upper arms, the nipples like little pink targets.

Finally Sue straightened up, completely nude. She forced herself to stand with her hands at her sides. All of her naked body was visible to Hammer.

"Say," he said admiringly. "Maybe I'm not making such a bad deal after all."

For almost a minute he stood staring at the shame-filled girl's nude body. Her tits were all he'd expected. They swelled proudly out from her slender rib cage, firm, smooth, perfectly shaped. Sue was standing with her legs pressed tightly together. All Hammer could see of her cunt was a burst of fluffy blonde cunt hair. But he knew he'd be seeing more soon.

"How come you wasted yourself on the zero, Jackson?" he asked Sue.

She stood facing him, mute, all pink and gold and ivory. She tried her best not to think.

"Now it's time for you to see what you're getting," Hammer smirked.

He began taking off his clothes. Sue didn't want to watch but couldn't help it. Her eyes were drawn as if by a magnet.

To her horror, the frightened girl found herself admiring Frank Hammer's broad, powerful chest. For the first time she realized how soft and weak Ben really was.

But she got her biggest shock when he took off his pants. Hammer tossed his trousers onto a chair. Sue's eyes were locked on his loins as he bent down and stripped off his shorts. Then he straightened up.

My God! He had the biggest cock Sue had ever seen! Or even imagined!

Still only half-hard, Hammer's cock dangled alongside one powerful thigh. Below it, hairy and wrinkled, hung his huge balls. Sue could see the blood starting to pound into his immense organ as he started slowly toward her.

God! He wanted to fuck her with that huge thing! He wanted to shove it up into her nineteen-year-old cunt. Impossible! It would split her in two!

"D-Don't come near me," Sue pleaded, her hands held out defensively as Hammer moved closer.

He easily evaded her grasp, took her in his arms and jerked her close against his naked body.

"God damn! Your skin's like velvet!" he exclaimed.

Sue was intensely aware of his huge cock pressing painfully into her belly.

"C'mere!" he grunted, and mashed his lips down on hers.

"Mmmmmpppphhhhh!" Sue choked out.

Hammer's tongue was filling her mouth, worming past her soft lips. He held her for a long time, until Sue thought she was going to pass out from lack of air.

And all the time his cock was growing larger and larger, pressing against her belly.

Finally Hammer pulled back. His hands began to roam over Sue's cringing body.

"Fantastic tits... fantastic!" he kept repeating. His powerful fingers were kneading the cushiony mounds, digging into the flesh. Sue felt defiled, used.

Then Frank's hand was running down over her belly... sliding across her softly curved loins.

It was heading for her cunt!

"No... no..." Sue gasped. She had an image of his finger sinking abruptly up into her tender pussy. Now that she was actually faced with it, the shame seemed too much to bear.

Sue was so busy defending her cunt that she lost her balance. Legs pressed tightly together, she teetered for a moment. Hammer took immediate advantage of her precarious position.

"Take a load off your feet, kid," he said. Placing one big hand between her tits, he pushed.

Sue tottered backward, struggling for balance. Then the edge of the big couch caught her behind the knees.

"Oh!" she yelped, and sprawled across the couch. It was more bed than couch. There was plenty of room for her to lie across it full length.

As she fell, Sue's naked legs scissored open, fighting for balance. With her thighs gaping, she suddenly realized her cunt was unprotected. Desperately she struggled to close her legs.

But she was too late.

"Comin' in!" Hammer crowed.

Diving forward, he wedged his powerful body between the stunned girl's shapely thighs. His hands clamped into her flesh, holding her down.

Sue tried to struggle but it was no use. Frank Hammer was too strong. Sue lay back panting, too tired for the moment to move.

"God! What a sweet little box!" Hammer burst out. He was staring straight down into Sue's splayed-open cunt. The plump lips curved sweetly up at him, framed by Sue's soft blonde cunt hair.

"Any man who'd fuck that ought to have his tongue cut out," Hammer chuckled. "So sweet and tender."

"Oh... oh... what are you going to do?" Sue wailed.

"Don't sweat it, chick. I'm gonna do you a favor," Hammer said amusedly. "I'm gonna eat your snatch out!"

Oh God, no! Sue thought in horror. Not that! It would be bad enough if he fucked her... raped her. But what he intended doing was too personal, too special. She had done it only once in her young life, and that was with the man she loved.

But there was nothing she could do. Hammer placed a thumb on each of her chubby cunt-lips. Slowly, deliberately, he spread them open. The bright-pink gash inside was bared to him.

"Mmmmmnnnn, full of honey," Hammer said. Tiny drops of cunt juice had collected inside the girl's pussy-slit. Fear seemed to be causing a reaction in the girl's body.

"Oh... please don't. Please let me go. I... I've changed my mind. You can tell my father. We'll get you the money. All eight thousand dollars."

"Eight thousand bucks is chicken feed when I got a cute little cunt like yours staring me in the face," Hammer said. "I'm gonna eat it like a piece of pie!"

Suddenly Hammer buried his face between the cringing girl's thighs. His mouth smacked against her open cunt. An instant later his tongue was lashing up and down the full length of her pussy-slit.

"Uuunnnnnngggghhhh!" Sue grunted. Her whole body jerked as she felt her pussy assaulted. It felt like a hot moist suction pump had suddenly attached itself to her cunt.

"Unnhh... aaaahhhh... uummppphhhh," the straining girl panted as she tried to struggle free.

But it was no use. Hammer's fingers only dug deeper into her thighs. She fell back and relaxed as much as she could with a man's busy mouth working hotly up between her thighs.

"Terrible... terrible," Sue sobbed. But was it? Now that she had stopped struggling, she was becoming intensely aware of the feelings radiating up from her mouth-mauled cunt.

Sue found herself squirming on the couch. Not so much to get away, but just squirming. Helplessly.

She couldn't help it. Her body was reacting on its own. My God! What was he doing now?

"Ooooooohhhhhhh," Sue moaned helplessly as Hammer shoved his tongue far up into her cunt.

Her legs twitched, jerking on the couch next to Hammer's body.

"Oooohhhh... aaaaaahhhhh..."

Now his tongue had climbed up her pussy-slit. It was probing at her sensitive little clit. Sue's belly spasmed. It felt as if he were eating her alive! Which was another way of saying it felt good.

"Oh, no..." Sue moaned as she lay splayed out on the bed, pinned down by Hammer's muscular form.

It was bad enough to be held down by Hammer's superior strength, forced to submit to his lewd cunt-tonguing. But to admit that it actually felt good! That was too much!

"Oh, no..." Sue sobbed out again.

There was no doubt about it. Frank's tongue in her cunt was forcing little thrills of pleasure to ripple through her quivering flesh. She tried to struggle against it, but it was no use. Her legs were thrust out straight on each side of Frank, quivering not with pain, but with delight.


Sue's belly started to quiver. A hot bolt of pure pleasure shot through her cunt as Frank once again stabbed his tongue against her clit.

If he hadn't had a mouth full of cunt, Frank would have laughed. Jesus! What a hot little bitch! he thought. She was loving it!

So he had been right the day before, when he had interpreted Sue's reaction to meeting him. He had thought then that he saw a flicker of interest in her big blue eyes. Now there was no doubt. This little bitch was made for sex! God damn! Give him another five minutes and he'd have her begging for more!

Splaying his tongue flat, he started running it the full length of her pussy-slit, lapping like a dog.

Each hot swipe started far down, between the fleshy hills of the girl's taut ass-cheeks. Frank's tongue swept past her asshole, tickling the tiny puckered ring. Then dug into her pussy-opening, tasting the hot fluids bubbling out there. Higher, through the narrowing channel until it slurped against Sue's rapidly swelling clitoris.

"Ooooohhhhhh," Sue moaned loudly.

There was no way now she could pretend she didn't like what was happening to her. God, she loved it! At least her body did. The trapped girl's mind still screamed outrage as she lay pinned helplessly beneath Hammer's greater strength. If he didn't have so much to hang over her head, she wouldn't have been in here in the first place.

But the very helplessness of her position began to act on the girl's mind. The same perverted sensations that had made her pant with pleasure when Ben fucked her so brutally from behind were working on her again.

Oh, God, it felt good! Why not just give in?

"Mmmmm... aaaahhhh... yes... yes... suck my cunt!" Sue suddenly burst out. Her hands, which had been trying to push Frank's head away from her shuddering crotch, suddenly tangled in his hair.

"Stick your tongue up my twat!" Sue babbled mindlessly as she jammed Hammer's face down hard against her gushing pussy.

Hammer was taken by surprise. Choking and spluttering, his mouth full of hot slippery cunt flesh, he fought to get his breath. Then he smiled against the writhing wetness under his lips. By God, the girl was his -- to do with as he wanted!

"Ooooohhhh, God! Yes... yes... it feels so good! Stick something up my cunt!" Sue panted.

A tiny corner of her mind knew she had thrown her soul away, but it no longer mattered. All that mattered was the sweet bliss being licked into her pussy.

"You want something up your cunt?" Frank snickered as he pulled his head from between Sue's shuddering thighs. "I got just the thing you need."

"Oh... don't stop! It feels so good!" Sue panted.

She hardly knew what she was saying. She stared up at Hammer's grinning face. His cheeks were wet and shiny with her cunt juices. She wondered why he had stopped eating her.

Then she saw it. Hammer had gotten up on his knees, still between her legs. Her gaze flicked down his body to his loins, where his hands were cradling something impossibly big and heavy.

His cock! My God! Sue thought. She had thought it was big before. Excited by his licking of her tender young cunt, the huge organ had swollen to incredible size.

Sue swallowed nervously. A measure of sanity returned to her fevered brain. Yes, she wanted to be fucked... her cunt begged to be filled. But... but...

That obscene instrument would never fit!

"No... no... it's too big," Sue whimpered as Hammer moved in close between her thighs. "You'll... you'll hurt me."

"You'd be surprised what a cunt can take, baby," Hammer growled. "And if you think I'm stopping now..."

Sue realized it was no use. She watched the impossibly broad head of Hammer's cock approach her terrified cunt. His fingers guided it in, until the bulbous tip was shoved against the opening to her vagina.

But it didn't go in. It couldn't.

"Hey, you are tight," Hammer exclaimed. He pushed a little, but nothing gave except the head of his cock. It mushroomed out a little more.

"Got to get it wet," he grunted. He spit on his fingertips and sluiced them around in Sue's already gushing pussy-slit. The resulting mixture he spread liberally over the first third of his cock. Only then did he start pushing again.

"No! No! It hurts!" Sue wailed. It felt as if someone were trying to ram a tree trunk up her cunt.

But Hammer didn't give up. He kept pushing. He watched his cock-tip flatten out a little more. And then there was a slight giving of the taut muscles that were trying to keep him out of Sue's cringing cunt.

He was inside a little. He saw the girl's pussy-lips spread apart. Soft pink flesh was driven slowly up inside her snatch.

"AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! You're killing me!" Sue shrieked.

But it was no use. Frank kept up the pressure. His cock slid in another two inches. He pulled it out a little, letting more lubrication gush from the girl's painfully stretched cunt.

"Oh, Jesus, baby, but you feel good!" Frank groaned.

Never had a cunt fit so tightly around his throbbing rod. He was in almost all the way. Sue's crotch was spread out in front of him. Her pink gash was stuffed full of his prick.

"You're splitting me in two!" Sue screamed.

Actually, now that Frank was in all the way, the pain wasn't so bad. He had stopped moving. His immense cock lay in her cunt like a huge snake.

Never in her life had the young girl been so filled. Ben's cock hadn't prepared her for this. She could feel every ridge and vein on Frank's rock-hard prick.

Frank grinned down at her. "Tell me if you like this, baby," he said. And he flexed the head of his cock deep down inside her cunt.

"Ooooohhhhhh," Sue moaned. It hurt. Not as much as before, when he had been ramming his rod up into her aching snatch. But it still hurt.

Oddly enough it felt kind of good too. Sue was aware of a faint wash of pleasure in the background. Automatically her body hunted for that new feeling.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Yes. It did feel kind of good. And it was getting better and better.

"You're starting to like it, aren't you?" Frank asked suddenly.

Sue looked up at him in surprise. Immediately her lips clamped shut. She'd be damned if she'd let him know!

But Frank knew. He started moving his cock slowly in and out of Sue's snug cunt. It hurt slightly at first, but she quickly became used to it. Without her realizing it, her hips began to fuck back, anticipating each slow thrust.

Without any warning, Frank stopped the motion of his hips. Sue found her ass rising up off the couch, seeking out his cock, trying to urge it back up into her cunt.

"Tell me you don't like it now," Frank laughed.

"All right... all right!" Sue panted. "I like it. Yes... fuck me! Fuck your big cock into my cunt!"

"I read you right from the start," Frank said triumphantly. "You're one hot bitch."

He stared down at the panting girl. Her eyes stared back at him, flooded with a mixture of hate and lust. Her chest was heaving. Her firm young tits jerked up and down.

"Okay, cunt," he snarled suddenly. "Hang on for a ride!"

A snarl twisted Frank's features. Digging his hands into Sue's hips, he rammed his cock far up into her cunt, as hard as he could. His eyes searched for signs of pain and fear on the girl's lovely young face.

He saw only a moment's surprise. Then the girl's mouth opened and she began to squeal and moan with pleasure.

"Faster," she panted. "Fuck me harder! Shove your God damned cock all the way up to my throat! Screw it into me! Make me cum! Oh, God yes! Make me cum!"

Sue was as surprised as Hammer to hear the obscene encouragements pouring out of her mouth. Oh God yes! She needed this! She needed to be used and abused like a dirty whore. This was the only way her filthy lusts could ever be completely satisfied!

Frank found he had his hands full. Sue writhed and bucked wildly beneath him. Her cunt urged him deeper and deeper into its slick depths.

"Oh... yes... yes, you fucking cocksucker... I'm going to cum!" Sue wailed as she pounded her cunt up against his driving cock. "I... I can feel it starting! I... AAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Sue went crazy. The wildest orgasm of her life ripped through her cunt. Her neck arched back, digging the top of her head into the couch. Her blonde hair fanned out to the sides, framing the wild grimace of release that distorted her innocent young face.

Frank let himself go. His orgasm, which he'd had to fight to hold back all the time his cock had been slipping in and out of Sue's tight little cunt, burst loose.

"Soak it up, you hot little cunt!" he snarled as he emptied his nuts into the writhing girl's snatch. His cock vibrated wildly up inside her tight hole, spewing burst after burst of scalding sperm.

"Oooooohhhhhh... fill me with your cum!" Sue panted.

She had finished cumming by then and did her best to clamp her cunt muscles tightly around Hammer's jerking, pumping cock. The muscular walls closed so hard around his spurting prick that it almost hurt him.

"Uuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhhh," he grunted, finally slumping forward onto the girl's still-quivering body. "Jesus... you sucked me dry!"

It might have turned out fairly well. Sue was still awash in a warm glow of pleasure. Her body throbbed with fulfillment. All her inhibitions had been swept away by the force of Hammer's lovemaking.

She might even have convinced herself she was in love with the man who had steamrolled her into bed. A kind word, a smile, anything, and she could have felt love for him.

But Hammer hated softness. He rolled abruptly from Sue's soft young body.

"You fuck like a mink, kid. A natural-born whore. Wait'll I turn the other guys on to you."


Sue's bubble burst. She suddenly remembered the conditions that had forced her to fuck Hammer in the first place. Sudden shame for the way she had given in swept over her.

"I... I won't do it!" she burst out.

"Oh?" Reaching down, Hammer pinched her hard on the tit, leaving a bruise behind. "You'll do what I fucking say! Got that through your head?" Gasping with pain, Sue cringed back on the couch... "I want to go home," she whimpered.

"You already are. This is going to be your home from now on. Get used to it, bitch."

"But I... but my father and mother will wonder..."

Hammer smiled evilly. "We'll take care of your old man. We've got plans for him."

"But you promised you wouldn't tell, if I... if I..."

"Fucked me? Now, did I say that? How careless of me."

"No... you can't!"

Sue was trying to struggle up, but Hammer shoved her down hard. She slammed into the wall. The breath was knocked out of her for a moment. Hammer scooped up his clothes and headed for the door.

"Make sure your cunt gets some rest," he said. "It's gonna need it."

Sue was up and flying toward the door. But he closed and locked it in her face.

"Well... you really saddle-broke her," Glenda said, meeting Hammer at the door.

"A real bucking bronco, wasn't she? Did you get the pictures?"

"Yeah. Through the one-way mirror."

Glenda triumphantly held up a camera. "I take back any doubts I had. As usual, you know just what you're doing."

"Yeah. We'll make a bundle on this one. Hey! What're you staring at?"

Glenda was looking down at Hammer's still dripping cock.

"Think you can get that thing up again?" she said throatily. "I got horny as hell taking the pictures."

Chapter SIX

It was a quarter to five. Only fifteen more minutes until the office closed for the day.

Henry Ryan sat at his desk, his elbows propped on his desk-pad, his long slender fingers joined together in a steeple. He was thinking. Mulling over his problems and his triumphs.

The Evans deal had been a good one. He'd really put one over on those East Coast bastards. Ryan chuckled. It would take about another two weeks for them to discover just how badly they'd been taken.

And it was all legal. Henry Ryan never did anything illegal. In his estimation, only fools broke the law. There were so many good ways to fleece people legally. All he'd had to do was offer a little extra commission to their buyer...

The intercom buzzed. Ryan irritably punched down the call button.


"Mr. Ryan," his secretary's voice came through, high and nasal. "There's a Mr. Hammer here, and a... a Miss De La Court. They don't have an appointment, but they'd like to see you."

Ryan frowned. He hated his secretary's voice. In fact, he hated her. She had been his wife's choice, a scrawny, book-nosed old battle-axe. He could tell from the slight disapproval in her voice before she had said "Miss De La Court," that Miss De La Court must be attractive.

"Did they say what they want to see me about?"

"They say it's about your daughter Susan."

Ryan frowned. Sue was one of his problems. He'd doted on her too much, he realized that. She was totally spoiled. But things had gone smoothly enough until she met that slippery bastard, Ben Jackson.

My God! The thought of having that oily fortune-hunter for a son-in-law! He had only agreed to the betrothal when Sue had shown unmistakable signs of being ready to run away and do it anyhow. He'd hoped, with the long wait before the marriage was to take place, that Sue would eventually come to her senses. But so far, she seemed as hopelessly in love with the punk as ever.

And there was this shameful situation with her staying over at his place. Oh, she said she was with her girlfriends, but Ryan knew better. He had had Sue and Ben followed once. They had spent the whole night at his place.

And this time she hadn't been home for three days. That was intolerable. Ryan was going to have to put his foot down. How had all this happened, anyhow? Sue had always been such a good, obedient daughter. She was just too damned pretty. How could such a beauty have come from that dried-up, sexless wife of his?

"Oh well... send them in, Miss Batterston." Might as well find out what the hell was happening.

Ryan's eyes widened as the two visitors came into his office. Miss De La Court was indeed attractive. Downright beautiful. Ryan felt his hormones begin to bubble a little. How long since he'd fucked a beautiful woman? Hell. How long since he'd fucked anybody at all?

Miss De La Court had sat down before Ryan paid any attention to Hammer. His shrewd little eyes wrinkled with instinctive caution.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

"Perhaps clear up a little matter concerning your daughter Sue."

"Where do you know Sue from, Mr. Hammer?"

Ryan asked, frowning.

"She... frequents my place of business," Hammer said smoothly.

"And where might that be?"

"It's a gambling casino. The Ace of Spades. You might have heard of it."

Ryan was speechless for a moment. "My daughter in a casino?" he spluttered. "She must have come in with that scoundrel, Ben Jackson."

"Originally," Hammer said. "But lately she's been coming in by herself."

Ryan had to struggle to get hold of himself. "I understand, Mr. Hammer," he finally said. "And I'm grateful for your concern. I'll see that she doesn't come in again."

Hammer chuckled, looked down at his well-manicured nails. "I don't think you understand, Mr. Ryan. I don't mind Sue coming in at all. It's just that she's... well, got in over her head."

"What do you mean?" Ryan burst out, aghast.

Hammer reached into an inner coat pocket. He pulled out a stack of markers and tossed them onto Ryan's desk. "She's into me pretty deep. I wanted to find out from you if she's good for it."

Ryan stared at the markers. They were all signed by Sue. A quick calculation told him they added up to several thousand dollars.

"She's good for it," Ryan said, his lips set in a straight line. "But I'm against paying gambling debts. I imagine the legality of those IOU's could be challenged."

"But it would be awfully messy publicity, wouldn't it, Mr. Ryan?" Hammer asked quietly.

Despite Hammer's urbanity, Ryan knew the squeeze was being applied. If his investors ever got wind of this kind of scandal, half his operating capital would dry up.

"I'll write you a check," he said, reaching for his pen. Sue would pay. Oh, she would pay!

"While you have your checkbook out, I'd like to ask you if you collect art?"

"Art?" Ryan asked, puzzled.

"Yes... you know... pretty pictures."

"Oh, Frank, please... you don't have to do that!" Miss De La Court broke in.

"Shut the fuck up, Glenda!" Hammer snapped. "I'll ask for your opinion when I want it!"

"But Frank... he's already agreed to pay!"

"Shut up, cunt!" Hammer roared.

Glenda lapsed into a frightened silence. Ryan realized she had been looking very strained since the two of them had come in. Obviously she didn't like what Hammer was doing. Ryan immediately sensed an ally.

"What pictures are you talking about?" Ryan asked woodenly. He sensed disaster was about to crash down on his head.

For an answer, Hammer took a thick packet of color photographs out of a pocket and tossed them onto the desk. Then he sat back and calmly lit a cigarette. His eyes never left Ryan's face.

"Oh my God!"

Ryan's face paled. At first he had seen only naked figures, obviously making love. Then he recognized his daughter, Sue. She was lying under a man in all the pictures. In some, he was eating her cunt. In others his huge cock was skewering up into her blonde snatch. And from the expression on his daughter's lust-filled face, she was loving it!

Ryan found himself admiring Sue's naked body. God, she was a beautiful girl. Then he caught himself.

There was something familiar about the man in the pictures. Ryan looked more closely at his face. It was Hammer!

"You son-of-a-bitch!" he snarled, half rising. But the bigger, stronger Hammer pushed him back into his seat.

"Don't get out of control," the big man said. "You piss me off, I'll use those pictures. I have a friend who owns a skin magazine. He'd love to plaster your sweet little girl's tits and ass all over it. God, can she fuck!"

Ryan collapsed back into his chair. "What do you want?" he asked in a tired, defeated voice.

"I own a lot of a certain stock. I think it's underpriced," Hammer said. He then went on to outline an intricate plan for artificially forcing the price of the stock up. To do so, he needed a confederate with access to the major stock markets. Ryan.


"But that's illegal!" Ryan burst out.

"Of course. That's why there's so much money in it."

In the end, Ryan had no choice but to agree. After his visitors left, he felt sick and defeated. For a moment he admired the slickness of Hammer's plan. Almost wished he had the guts to try it himself.

But God, what a risk! If he were ever found out...

The phone rang. His secretary had gone home so Ryan picked it up himself. "Hello," he said dully.

"Mr. Ryan," a low feminine voice said. "This is Glenda... Glenda De La Court. I was in your office with Mr. Hammer..."

"Yes... yes...?"

"Oh, Mr. Ryan, I feel so bad about what Mr. Hammer's doing to you. And what he did to your daughter. I... he's got the same kind of hold over me. I want you to know I don't like him or the things he does."

Ryan was intensely alert. "Can you help me?"

"I... I think so. I know something about Frank... Mr. Hammer, that might -- oh! Here he comes! Can you meet me in an hour?"

Glenda quickly gave Ryan an address and hung up. He sank back into his chair, sweating. God, life had suddenly become complicated!


An hour later, Henry Ryan approached a small house in the suburbs. His heart was hammering. He hoped to hell something would happen to get him out of the mess his daughter had gotten him into.

It had not yet occurred to Ryan that Sue was as much a victim as he was. The expression on Sue's face in the pictures had convinced him otherwise.

Glenda answered the door when he knocked. Her clothes made Ryan uncomfortable. She was wearing incredibly short hot pants and a tie-around halter. Really only a scarf. Her nipples poked at the thin material.

"Oh, Mr. Ryan... I'm so glad you came," Glenda said eagerly.

She ushered Ryan into the living room, then sat down opposite him. He was aware that the legs of her hot pants were very loose. He imagined he could see right up the crotch. He imagined for a moment she wasn't wearing any underwear underneath and that darkness was her cunt. But no, it must be dark panties, he decided.

"You had an idea for helping me," he gulped out. It was hard to take his eyes off Glenda's lovely, nearly nude body.

"To help us both, Mr. Ryan. Frank has a hold over me too. I think I can get my hands on the negatives of those pictures. And on the original markers. Then you'll be off the hook."

"How will that help you?" Ryan said suspiciously.

Glenda blushed. "I'll... I'll need somebody to help me after I break away from Frank," Glenda said in a low voice. "A... a protector."


Ryan was struck dumb. My God, this beautiful young woman was asking him to take care of her. His blood began to boil as he stared at those big soft tits jiggling underneath their thin covering.

Normally he'd never even think of doing a thing like that. Henry Ryan was a veritable symbol of propriety. It was good for business. But now, with the inducement of getting back the incriminating evidence... His resolve weakened.

Glenda sensed it. She was on her feet, rushing toward Ryan. Huge tears welled in her dark eyes. "Oh, Mr. Ryan... you can't imagine how horrible it's been. He... he makes me do terrible things. You know... sexual things."

Ryan was on his feet too. Glenda began to sob. It seemed only normal that he try to comfort her. He put his arms around her.

She clung to him. Tears soaked his collar. Most of all, he was aware of her big tits pushing against his chest. God, how long since he'd had a woman like this in his arms? More years than he could remember.

"Miss De La Court," he murmured thickly.

She looked up. Big liquid eyes stared into his. Glenda's mouth was trembling. With desire?

"Glenda... call me Glenda," she quavered.

"And I'm Henry," he stuttered back.

"Ooohhh... Henry..."

Ryan never really knew how it happened. Suddenly Glenda's lips were against his. They were kissing passionately. Her thighs had opened and her cunt was pressed tightly against his leg. He felt its softness underneath the hot pants.

"Glenda," he panted.

Her halter top seemed to disappear. His hands were full of soft tits. Glenda moaned with passion.

Then somehow she was down on her knees in front of him. Deft fingers were working at the zipper to his fly. He gasped as Glenda pulled his cock into the open.

"Oh, what a lovely cock," Glenda purred.

Ryan stared, unable to believe this was really happening.

He watched the girl's mouth open, then close around the rapidly swelling tip of his cock.

"Uuuuunnnnhhhhh," he choked. Long forgotten pleasure was pounding through his loins. He felt weak in the legs.

"Mmmmmpppphhhh... mmmmmm," Glenda moaned as she slurped noisily on Ryan's swelling cock. Her hands reached back to caress his bloated balls.

Ryan stared unbelievingly at the beautiful young woman sucking his cock. Her lovely face was flushed with passion, her eyes staring dreamily at his pubic hair. The stump of his cock protruded obscenely from her lips. Further down, her naked tits swayed and jiggled every time she moved.

Twenty years before, Henry Ryan had tried to get his bride to suck his cock. She had screamed with horror and revulsion. She hadn't let him touch her for six months.

Now it was coming true. How could this be happening to a middle-aged man? But it sure as hell was.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!" Ryan moaned loudly.

Glenda was sucking so hard and so artfully that it was all over very quickly. Ryan felt a hot rush of sperm start up from his balls. Something that for a long time he had known only in wet dreams.


Ryan's head arched back. But he could still see Glenda's face below as his sperm jetted into the back of her throat. She seemed to be smiling, if that were possible with a mouthful of spurting cock.

Ryan was almost finished cumming when his dream came to an end. Suddenly there was a bright flash of blinding light. Then another and another.

With a yelp of fright, Ryan jumped back, his cock popping from Glenda's mouth. A few last drops of semen gushed out the end.

"Who... What...?"

Ryan turned to see a grinning Frank Hammer and another man coming into the room. Each had a camera with flash attachment in his hand.

"Good show, Glenda," Hammer said. "You got the old goat off in record time."

"He popped off like an overripe bottle of champagne," the lush brunette laughed. She was wiping Ryan's cum off her mouth and chin with the back of one hand.

"You ought to be an actress," Hammer added. "That was a real performance."

Glenda curtsied, her bare tits bouncing. "Thank you, gentlemen. I aim to please."

Ryan gaped and stammered. Hammer spoke before the stunned man could get out a word.

"Just a little insurance in case you get any ideas about double-crossing us," he said, waving his camera. "You piss us off, these filthy pictures of your disgusting act go to your wife, your church, your business associates... anybody who counts in your life."

Ryan could only nod dumbly.

"The door's that way, Ryan," Hammer said, gesturing. Ryan started moving woodenly toward the door.

"You know, he's got a pretty good cock for a guy his age," Glenda said cheerfully.

"You hear that, Ryan? Glenda should know. She's a connoisseur of cocks. You should feel proud."

But Henry Ryan didn't feel proud. Tears were coursing down his thin cheeks as he stumbled out the door.

Chapter SEVEN

After Frank Hammer left her, Sue collapsed back onto the couch.

"Was I raped or not?" she asked herself.

It certainly had started that way. But then her body had seemed to take over. In a sense, it had betrayed her. The young blonde moaned in shame as she remembered the disgusting abandoned way she had reacted to Hammer's brutal fucking.

"I've got to get out of here," she murmured. But when she got up, she found that Hammer had taken her clothes with him. She had nothing.

Nor was there anything in the room to wear. She tried the door, and as she expected, it was locked. Not that she was about to go running out stark naked, anyhow.

She sat down to wait. Every time the naked girl heard a sound near the door, she jumped with fright. Being naked added to her feeling of insecurity.

The wait proved to be a long one. Most of the day passed. Gradually the girl began to realize she was very hungry. Were they going to let her starve? she wondered.

About five in the afternoon there was the unmistakable sound of a key in the lock. Sue jumped up.

"Mr. Hammer... you can't keep me..." she said as a man came into the room.

But the man wasn't Frank Hammer. It was a big, heavily built man with a battered, cruel face.

"Oh!" Sue yelped.

She ducked back, looking for something to cover her nudity. All she could do was attempt to wrap the cover from the couch around her. But it was hard to pull it loose.

"Wooooooeeeeeee!" the man whistled, a grin spreading over his coarse face as he stared at the frantic, naked girl. He caught flashes of blonde cunt hair, pink-nippled tits, soft inner thigh.

"My name's Hank, honey. I brought yer dinner," he said, still leering.

Sue saw he had a tray in one hand.

"P-Put it down," she stammered.

"Aaaw... I'll bring it over to you, kid," he snickered.

Sue was too afraid to move as the big man came toward her. She thought she was about to be raped again.

But after a close, grinning look at the little blonde's nude body, Hank put down the tray and went out the door. Sue heard it lock behind him.

Then, realizing she was starving, she attacked the food. When it was gone, she wished there had been more.

Sue was kept semi-hungry for a long time. That, plus her nudity, and the fact she never knew who would come in with her food tray, kept a steady tension on the already nervous girl. Fear began to turn to apathy. Clearly they were going to keep her here forever.

Then, on the third day, Hammer came in with Glenda. Sue, by now, was so used to being naked that she stood up and walked straight to the pair.

"I want out of here," she demanded. "Do you know what can happen to you if you're convicted of kidnapping?"

"Kidnapping?" Hammer glanced at Glenda with a grin. Then he looked back at Sue. "You're an employee here. Your name's on the books. As far as I know, you're staying here of your own free will."

"Working here! What do you mean?"

"Remember what I told you, honey? That you were going to entertain my guests. Well, I've got some, uh... associates coming in from the East. They're gonna like that sweet little body of yours."

Sue paled. "I won't do it!" she said flatly. "I don't care if you threaten to tell my father about me or not. I'm not going to be used any more!"

Hammer's eyebrows raised menacingly. "Oh?" Then he turned to the door. "Bring it in, Hank," he ordered.

Hank came through the door, pushing a heavy metal table mounted on wheels. There were straps dangling from either end of it.

"Lie down," Hammer ordered the girl.

"No... I won't!"

There was no doubt in Sue's mind that Hammer wanted to strap her to the table. Her skin crawled at the thought of being at his mercy.


"No!" Sue shrieked as the two big men wrestled her up onto the table.

Hank took the opportunity to cup one of her tits in his meaty hand. Sue shuddered at his touch.

She was quickly strapped down, her hands over her head, her ankles bound to the lower end of the metal table, far apart, so that her thighs gaped open. Cool air washed over the girl's naked cunt. She realized how vulnerable her crotch was.

"Now... tell me again you won't do what I say," Hammer said amusedly.

Stubborn anger flared in Sue's eyes. "I won't. I won't let you make me into a whore for your... your associates!"

Smiling, Frank took a metal rod from his coat pocket. It was about an inch and a half thick and two feet long. Wires trailed from one end. The other end was rounded off smoothly.

"This, my sweet little Suzy, is something the French used when they were in Algeria. It was a magic wand that made people do whatever the French wanted them to do. They would betray their friends, tell secrets, promise to be good in the future. The French used it on men, women, old people, even little children. It was very effective. I've always wanted to see just how effective."

"What... what are you going to do with that thing?" Sue gasped. She stared in fascination at the innocent-looking metal rod.

"Stuff it up your cunt and turn on the juice," Hammer said. "I understand the affects are... electrifying." He laughed loudly.

"You... you wouldn't!"

"I would!" Hammer snapped back. "Unless you agree to give your precious little body to whomever I say."

"No! I won't!" Sue said desperately. "I can't let you turn me into a... into a thing!"

She believed, she hoped, Hammer was only bluffing. Sue looked toward Glenda for help. Certainly such a fine-looking woman wouldn't let something like this happen to another woman right in front of her!

But Sue was in for a shock, in more ways than one. "She's a stubborn little bitch," Glenda said coldly. "Here, Frank... let me do it."

There was no sign of mercy in Glenda's face. All Sue saw there was an inexplicable hate. "Get Hank out of the room," Glenda said.

Hammer ordered the obviously disappointed Hank to leave.

"Please don't," Sue whispered to Glenda.

But Glenda slid the rod up between the cringing girl's thighs. Sue flinched away from the cold metal.

"It helps if you put a little grease on it," Hammer said. "Makes it conduct better."

The grease was smeared on. "Uuuuuhhhhhh," Sue grunted as Glenda started shoving the cold metal rod up into her cunt.

She writhed and twisted on the table, but the rod went in easily. So far the only pain she felt was from the leather straps cutting into her wrists and ankles.

The rod even felt a little good up inside her cunt as it slowly warmed from her body heat. Sue was afraid she was once again going to shame herself by reacting sexually.

But she never had time. Glenda plugged the other end of the trailing wiring into a wall socket.

"Let's give the little bitch a light jolt to make her realize we mean business," Glenda said coldly. She flicked a switch in the base of the rod.

"AAAAIIIIYYYYYYY!" Sue shrieked.

It felt as if a thousand tiny claws were ripping at the inside of her cunt. Her whole pelvic area spasmed. Glenda turned off the power.

"Does that give you an idea?" Glenda asked, smiling thinly.

Sue lay panting on the tabletop. Her whole body was trembling with shock. Never before in her life had anything hurt her so much.

"Why... why do you want to do this horrible thing to me?" she asked the beautiful woman bending down over her.

Only Glenda wasn't beautiful at the moment. Her face was twisted into an ugly mask of hate. "I detest you spoiled little rich bitches," she snarled. "Always getting the best and the most. Treating other kids like dirt. Not even speaking to what you call 'poor white trash'. Jesus. Smirking little princesses like you helped make my life miserable a long time ago. Until I learned how soft and gutless you are."

Sue was stunned. Hammer suddenly asked her if she was going to do as he asked.

"I hate you, you slimy toad!" she burst out in one last spasm of courage.

"Why... you little slut!" Hammer reached over and twisted a dial in the base of the rod. Glenda pushed the switch.


It was ten times worse than the first. She hadn't thought anything could be more agonizing than what had happened before, but she had been wrong. Her lithe young body twisted and writhed on the tabletop. Every muscle and tendon stood out starkly.

They left the current on a long time. When they finally turned it off, Sue was half-unconscious.

"That was about quarter-power," Glenda said. "I hear that in Chile, they sometimes get it up to about half-power before the victim's cunt is ruined forever."

That did it. Sue might have been able to take more pain. But the thought of being permanently mutilated was too much. She'd do as Hammer demanded. She might be able to escape later.

"Please! Don't do it again!" she babbled. "I'll do anything you say!"

Glenda smiled. "Let's test her, Frank," she said with a tight smile. "Let her up."

Frank unfastened the straps. He helped Sue to her feet. She stood swaying shakily. She wanted to feel her cunt, to see if it was all right, but hated to do it in front of her two tormentors.

"We'll see if you're telling the truth," Glenda said. The tall brunette began slowly taking off her clothes.

"What... what are you going to do?" Sue asked haltingly.

"It's what you're going to do that counts," Glenda said.

She was smiling as she took off the last of her clothes. Despite her fear, Sue realized the other woman had a very beautiful body. She almost envied Glenda her big full tits, and lush curving loins. But why had she taken off her clothes?

Glenda lay down on the couch, on her back. She spread her legs, baring her cunt. She pulled open her pussy-lips with her fingers. Sue found herself staring into the other woman's juicy pussy slit.

"Eat it," Glenda ordered the stunned girl.


"Eat my cunt. Kneel down and stick your tongue up it!"

"But... but..."

"I think she needs another dose of the magic wand," Frank said from behind her.

Without a word, Sue dropped quickly to her knees and scrambled between Glenda's thighs. Glenda was still holding her cunt open. Its pink interior gleamed wetly at the horrified blonde.

She was supposed to put her mouth against that hairy, wet thing! Slightly sickened, Sue watched drops of liquid beading up on the thin inner lips. Clearly Glenda was getting excited already.

Could she do it? Put her mouth down into that slippery, furry gash? Why not? After all, she hadn't minded when men did it to her. In fact, it had driven her crazy with passion. But God, for her to do it to another woman was... was... Lesbianism!


A cold touch against her ass made Sue leap forward. Overcome by fear, she shoved her face down between Glenda's thighs. She was vaguely aware of soft smooth skin against her cheeks.

But the kneeling girl was more acutely aware of the musky, heady odor drifting up from Glenda's dripping cunt. She had, of course, smelled her own cunt odor, but never this close.

Another cold touch against her ass, another yelp of fright, and Sue knew she had to do it. Holding her breath, she shoved her mouth against Glenda's gaping cunt.

"Don't just lie there, you little twit... use your tongue!" Glenda snapped.

Sue cautiously stuck out her tongue. A rich taste flooded her mouth. She almost jerked her tongue back, but decided Glenda's cunt didn't taste all that bad. She licked again.

"Mmmmmmmm... that's the way. Stick your tongue right up into my crack," Glenda sighed. "Come on... lick harder."

Eyes closed, Sue continued licking. Glenda's thickly tangled pubic hair tickled her nose. She could feel the other woman's thighs start quivering as her tongue delved deeper into her steamy slit.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh... start further down at the bottom. Lick a little harder. Now... now... my clit. Suck it right into your mouth."

Humiliated, Sue crouched on all fours between Glenda's widespread legs, her mouth buried in the other woman's cunt. But it was better than the terrible agony she had just endured. She decided she'd lick Glenda until she came. As for the other things Hammer wanted her to do...

Sue jerked as she felt a finger shoving up between her thighs. Automatically she tried to jerk away as the finger shoved into the deep crack between her ass-cheeks and sought out her cunt.

"Hold still, you little bitch," she heard Hammer rasp from behind her.

Whimpering, the frightened girl froze.

Hammer was kneeling behind the crouching young blonde. At first he had been smiling in triumph as Sue scuttled in between Glenda's legs and began to lick the girl's cunt. But the longer he watched, the hotter he became.

He had once thought about having both these lovely women at once. Now here they were, naked, locked together in an obscene tangle of quivering female flesh. He stared at the increasingly passionate expression on Glenda's face as Sue's tongue continued to lance into her brown-furred cunt.

Sue's lush little ass was thrust back toward him. His cock began to swell in his pants as he stared. Underneath the smooth curves he could make out the blonde fluff of the girl's cunt hair.

Kneeling, Hammer slipped his hand up between Sue's soft thighs from behind. His questing finger prowled through her soft pubic hair until it located her pussy-slit.

"Jesus, she's wet!" he muttered. He wondered if the metal rod had done it. Or having a face full of cunt. Hammer remembered how Sue had gotten so excited three days before, despite herself.

"We'll see if it happens again," he grunted. He sank his finger up into Sue's tight wet cunt.

"Uuuummmmppphhhh!" the little blonde exclaimed. Her breath bubbled through Glenda's gushing pussy juices, but she was smart enough to keep on licking.

Frank started shoving his finger in and out of Sue's slick little cunt. He felt her vagina slowly open up, like it had before. Either it was automatic with the girl, or she actually liked what he was doing!

Oh, no! Sue thought. Once again she felt pressure rising in her cunt as her body took over. As much as she hated having Hammer touch her, pleasure was rising in her cunt as he finger-fucked into her tight vaginal tunnel.

Slow heat trickled through Sue's naked loins. Her pelvic muscles weren't obeying her any more. To her horror, she felt her hips jerk back, skewering her cunt down against Hammer's thrusting finger.

"Hey! You're not licking any more," Glenda said irritably.

It was true. All Sue could think about was the feel of that driving finger up inside her pleasure-washed snatch.

Gathering all her strength, Sue forced herself to start licking again. Her tongue shot up into Glenda's cunt. The older girl moaned, and lay back on the couch, quivering.

"Jesus... I've gotta get a piece of this action," Hammer said. He popped his finger out of Sue's tight twat and wiped her pussy juices on his pant leg. Then he quickly undressed.

The next time Sue was aware of him was when she felt his naked body crowding in against her buttocks. By now she was so far gone that she made no struggle, physical or mental, when she felt his cock being shoved between her thighs. In fact, her ass wiggled shamelessly, offering her hot cunt to the well-remembered shaft. Hammer's finger had done its work well.

Hammer crouched behind Sue, staring down at the two women, his hands full of Sue's soft little ass. He watched the way the girl was faithfully burrowing her face into Glenda's crotch. He could hear the wet smack of the blonde's lips against the soft pussy-lips below.

Glenda was so wildly aroused that she seemed only half-aware of her surroundings. Her dark eyes were half-closed, staring at nothing. He loved the way her big, brown-nipped tits jiggled and bounced as the moaning woman's torso twisted back and forth.

Time to sink his cock into some cunt! Hammer guided the thick tip up into Sue's slick pussy-slit. It went in fairly easy this time, now that the girl's cunt knew what to expect.

"Uuunnnggghhhh," Sue moaned.

As much as she might hate herself for it, she loved the feel of Frank's big cock up inside her cunt. Panting with lust, she shoved her ass back hard against him. His cock slid all the way in, slamming up against the other end of her delightfully stretched cunt.

But she had neglected her cunt-sucking. Glenda's fingers locked tightly against her head, tangling in her hair. Her face was pulled down hard against Glenda's gushing cunt once more.

"Lick... keep licking!" the quivering brunette moaned. "I'm... I'm going to... I think I'm close to... cumming!"

But so was Sue. Hammer's bloated rod was slamming into her cunt from behind with tremendous force. She could feel her pussy-lips being forced open each time the broad head slid past their slippery surfaces.

Sue started to buck and jerk. No matter how hard she tried to keep sucking on Glenda's cunt, it was impossible. Her mouth was hanging open helplessly. All her attention was on the building orgasms in her own belly.

"Aaaaahhhh... ooohhhhh... AAAIIIYYY!" she wailed.

Hammer felt the girl's cunt clamp greedily around his cock. Hot gushes of pussy juice squirted out past the base of his big organ as Sue spasmed helplessly.

"Oh... you little bitch! You stopped sucking my cunt!" Glenda moaned.

But Sue was past hearing. Wailing and moaning, she writhed and twisted in front of Hammer. Her face was twisted to the side, her cheek pressing against Glenda's deserted cunt.

"Shut up, Glenda," Hammer snarled.

He was feeling immensely powerful as he continued shoving his swollen cock up into Sue's climaxing cunt. As he fucked her, he could watch Glenda writhing below, and he didn't want the brunette to do anything to upset the status quo.

When Sue finished cumming, he roughly pushed her aside, rolling her off of Glenda's body.

"Your turn, baby," he grunted to the brunette. "Get ready for some cock."

"Oh, God yes, can I use it!" Glenda panted.

Her legs spread wide as she welcomed Frank's big rod up into her snatch. As soon as he had pounded it into her receptive cunt, her legs rose and circled around his back, clasping him tightly to her madly pumping body.

"Oh Jesus God, but that feels good!" Glenda moaned. Her fingernails were raking up and down Hammer's broad back.

"Hey... where do you think you're going?" Hammer yelled out.

Sue had been edging toward the door. Sanity had returned when her orgasm had run its course, and she had immediately thought of escaping while Glenda and Frank were busy with one another.

"Hank!" Hammer bellowed.

The door crashed open and the grinning Hank walked in. The grin faded from his face when he spied his boss fucking the hell out of Glenda. His eyes bulged, and so did the front of his pants.

"Bring the little blonde cunt over here," Hammer ordered, never missing a stroke into Glenda's cunt.

"Uh... sure, boss," Hank muttered. He grabbed Sue's arm and began dragging her over to the couch. But his eyes never left Glenda's naked body.

"Sit here on Glenda's face," Hammer ordered.

"Hey... what is this?" Glenda demanded. For a moment the tempo of her wild fucking slowed.

"Shut the fuck up, big-mouth!" he snapped.

Hammer leaned down and pinched Glenda hard on the tit. She flinched but kept silent. She had been around Frank Hammer long enough to know that the more excited he got the more dangerous he got. Better to play along with him.

"Eat her cunt!" Frank demanded as Hank forced Sue to straddle Glenda's face. Now it was Glenda's turn to stare up into Sue's naked cunt. The tight little blonde snatch was only inches away from her mouth, still dripping with the cum Frank's cock had unloaded into it.

"Oh, well," Glenda muttered. "It won't be the first cunt I've eaten." Reaching up, she grabbed Sue's sleek hips and pulled the startled girl's cunt down tightly against her mouth.

"Oh!" Sue yelped as she felt the brunette's tongue lance up into her pussy. She had to hold onto Hank to keep her balance as a hot burst of sensation flowered up through her. "Do a fucking good job, Glenda, if you know what's good for you," Hammer panted. He was crowded against Sue's back, rearing up on his stiffened forearms as he continued to fuck into Glenda's smooth cunt.

Once again Sue felt herself losing control. This wasn't the first time she'd had her cunt eaten. And each time was better than the last.

Glenda knew just where to tongue the younger girl. She took a perverse pleasure in doing what she could to drive Sue out of her mind. Her tongue darted and searched through the tight valley of Sue's pussy. Warm, sweet-tasting cunt juices dripped down onto her face. But she didn't care. At least Frank was still fucking into her cunt down below.

Hank didn't know quite what to do. He stood around awkwardly, shifting his weight from one big foot to the other.

Hammer noticed the bulge in his pants. "Horny, Hank?" he asked, never missing a stroke.

"Jeez... yeah, boss," Hank said miserably. His eyes were boring into the naked bodies of the two panting, moaning women. Sue's taut young tits particularly fascinated him.

"Stick your cock in our new recruit's mouth," Hammer ordered.

"You mean it, boss?" Hank asked, stunned.

"Would I say it if I didn't?" Hammer said, irritated.

Hank didn't need a second invitation. He climbed onto the couch and knelt in front of Sue. She watched, big-eyed, as he fumbled his big cock out of his pants. It never occurred to her to resist sucking it. Forced sex was becoming a way of life with her.

Sue's lips parted. Hank's cock slid into her mouth. She expected to be revolted, but the smooth hardness of the big rod excited her.

What Glenda was doing to her cunt helped. The more the brunette licked, the more out of control Sue became. When Glenda started sucking on her clit, she started sucking on Hank. "Keep them sweet lips workin'," Hank panted.

He reached out to fondle Sue's tits, pinching and fondling the little pink nipples into full hardness. But most of all he watched his cock slide smoothly in and out of the girl's tight-stretched lips. Her eyes were crossed a little, staring at the base of his saliva-wet cock.

Hank didn't last long. For days he had been spinning fantasies of fucking the naked little blonde he knew was locked in the back room. He wasn't exactly fucking her, but this was the next best thing. With a handful of her tit and her lips sucking at his cock, he was ready to let go.

"Aaarrgggghhh!" Hank grunted. "I'm... I'm cummin'!"

Sue had a moment's panic when she heard what Hank was saying. All along she had wondered what she'd do when he started to spout into her mouth.

Would it make her sick? Would she be able to swallow it?

It was Glenda's tongue that helped make up her mind. Sue herself was on the verge of another orgasm. As the passion rose in her, she discovered that she liked sucking Hank's cock. When she felt it begin to shudder and pulse in her mouth, her excitement grew.

Then the first bursts of semen squirted into her mouth. Sue choked. It happened so quickly and there was so much of it. But she pulled herself together and started swallowing desperately, forcing the slippery liquid down her throat.

Sue choked and spluttered a little. Some of the thick juice ran back out her mouth and dripped stickily down onto Glenda's face.

The brunette closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking Sue's clit. The little nubbin was caught lightly between her teeth. Her tongue stabbed at it.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Sue cried.

Her mouth flew open in shock. Hank's still spurting cock slipped wetly out of it. A spray of sperm shot across the girl's face but she didn't notice. All that mattered now was the ecstasy in her cunt. She was cumming again.

As Sue writhed and twisted above Glenda, Frank Hammer began to cum too. Staring past Sue's shoulder, watching Hank shoot his load into the blonde's face, had done the trick. He felt his balls shuddering, pulsing up their charge of hot cum. He groaned as his cock spewed the first jets up into Glenda's cunt.

Gathering all his strength, he rammed into the girl one last time, burying his spouting cock up into her snatch as far as it would go.

Glenda felt it pound against the far end of her vagina. Hammer's pubic bone was shoving against her clit. With all the people cumming around her, there was no way she could hold back. Even if she wanted to, and she didn't.

Glenda bucked so hard that the exhausted Sue rolled helplessly off to the side. She watched, flabbergasted as Glenda thrashed out her orgasm. She had never seen another woman cum. Big-eyed, she watched a thick stream of sex juice gush out of the woman's cunt and soak into the couch.

Hank was fondling Sue's body as the two of them watched Glenda and Hammer cum. Hank's hand slid uninvited up into her well-used cunt. She didn't even try to push him away. Totally beaten, Sue lay quietly, letting him do what he wanted to her.

Sue was beginning to feel warning signals of passion up inside her cunt when Hammer made Hank stop finger-fucking her. Wasn't there anything that wouldn't turn her on, she asked herself in despair.

"Don't wear her out, Hank. We've got some customers lined up for her tonight."

Hammer wrapped his long fingers around Sue's jaw. Jerked her head around so she had to look him straight in the eye.

"You will entertain my friends, won't you?" he said with icy menace.

Sue nodded dumbly, her eyes wide with fear. Worst of all, she knew now that no matter how much the men disgusted her, once their cocks slid up into her shameless cunt, she would react like a wild, lusting animal.

"And one more thing," Hammer added. "This may surprise you, but we've gone into business with your old man. In a real shady deal. If you don't play ball from now on, he goes to prison."

The last of Sue's resistance was shattered. She knew she had gotten her father into this. Now she would have to accept her fate. She couldn't let him pay for what she had done.

"I'll do anything you want," she said brokenly.


Sue didn't know how long she lay sobbing on the mattress after Hank and the other two men left. Time hardly existed for her any more. How long had she been here? Weeks? Longer?

At the very first, thoughts of escape had kept the girl's hopes up. But when she learned that disobedience to Frank Hammer could only result in the destruction of her family, she completely lost hope.

She never thought about Ben any more. Not after she learned from Glenda about their wild fuck.

Sue was still trying to figure out just where she had first gone wrong, when she noticed something strange about the door.

There was a gleam of light around the edge. Hank and the others had forgotten to close it all the way!

Sue had been in this grim little room for so long! An overpowering urge to walk out of that unlocked door swept over her. Not to escape, of course. That was impossible. But just to see what was on the other side.

Sue stepped out into the hall. Sue was so used to being naked now that she hardly noticed. There was no one in sight.

There was a door on the other side of the hall. She opened it. On the other side was an office. She went inside. There was a big desk, and on it, a nameplate reading: "Frank Hammer". So this was Frank's office.

Curiously Sue opened a drawer. There was a black automatic pistol inside. With a shudder she shut the drawer. She'd hated guns ever since her father had forced her to learn to fire one.

Then she saw the telephone. Oh God! A chance to reach the outside world without actually running away.

Picking up the phone with trembling fingers, Sue dialed her parent's number. She was afraid, but she had to find out how they were.

Her mother answered. "Mom?" Sue said shakily.

There was a long silence on the other end.

"Susan? Is that you? Where are you?"

"I can't tell you, Mom. But how're you? How's Dad?"

"You mean you don't know?" The voice on the other end of the line was shrill.

"Know what?"

"He's dead!"

"Dead?" Sue was horrified. "But how...?"

"He killed himself!" The voice was shriller, menacing. "He said something just before... he did it. He said you forced him, that he would have never broken the law otherwise..."

But Sue wasn't listening. Slowly she put the phone back on the hook. She stared blindly at the wall.

Then there was the sound of voices in the hall.

"Come on in, Glenda. We'll look over last night's receipts."

It was Frank Hammer's voice. Sue ducked down behind the desk.

Hammer and Glenda came in, closed the door. For a moment they were facing away from the desk, murmuring to one another. Sue slid the desk drawer open. Took out the heavy pistol.

Then she stood up, naked, the big black weapon in her hand.

"Frank... Glenda. Turn around," she said quietly. "I have a surprise for you."


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