Shackled sister

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors both must act without past experience to guide them. Both must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In SHACKLED SISTER, Debby Morgan finds herself and her brother in just such a situation. Held captive by a motorcycle gang, she not only meets her captor's sexual demands but also, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Debby and her brother are forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by their own moral code.

SHACKLED SISTER a shocking story. The story of a brother's and sister's reaction under stress. Yet who are we to judge their response?

Chapter ONE

Debby Morgan crossed her legs and felt the silky material of her panties stick to her cunt opening. The creamy cunt juices had been steaming from her pussy ever since she'd walked into the bar and seen all those men.

In a way, she felt like a virgin again, wondering what their cocks looked like, how it would feel having them fucking her pussy.

The thought made her hand tremble, causing her to spill her drink. And although the bar was dense with laughing and talking people, the bartender immediately took her glass and refilled it. As he wiped the spilled fluid with a damp cloth, he looked at her again, undressing her with his eyes.

She had perfect tits, firm and ripe, just made for sucking. And he knew that behind the pale green material of her blouse, those pointed nipples would be pink and rubbery, like twin cuts. He could almost feel them throb across the roof of his mouth.

The fact that she seemed nervous only added to her sensuality. Most of the women who came in here were loud, brassy and so damned cocksure, he felt like slapping the shit out of them.

Debby thanked the man and gazed down at her drink, feeling her heart skip a beat. She wished her brother and his date would hurry. She hated being alone in a crowd of strangers.

"You've never been in here before," the bartender said, still wiping at the bar, "or I would have noticed."

"No," Debby said softly, her words barely audible over the loud music of the country-western band, "I haven't."

The man continued to study her features. She was tall. He liked that in a woman. And he'd bet dollars to doughnuts that her pussy was covered with hair the same color that swept about her oval-shaped face. Blonde as corn silk, and just as soft.

He'd really like to slip his cock through that patch of cunt hair and have her tits pressed against his chest. To feel her warm, writhing body beneath his, her pink mouth locked on his.

"You meeting someone here?" he asked, ignoring a call at the end of the bar.

"Yes, my brother and his date," Debby answered, taking a sip of her drink. She glanced up at the mirrored clock. "They're late."

"Want to get together after I close up?" the man asked.

"Sure," Debby answered, wondering where she'd gotten the courage.

She hadn't gone out with anyone since her divorce about a year ago. For one thing, Robert had temporarily made her mistrust all men, and besides, nursing school had taken up every waking moment.

She felt her pussy getting wet with growing excitement. She liked the man and the capable looking hands he had. She wondered how they would feel, digging into the soft flesh of her tits, holding her tighter and tighter.

She gulped down her drink, feeling the liquor sting her throat. For some reason, she felt guilty, almost as if she were being faithful. But that was Robert's doing, she realized. Although he ran around with anything that had a fuckhole, he would get furious if she even looked at another man. He had even been jealous of her own brother, for God's sake!

Another two drinks, however, made her more relaxed, even a little drunk. She chatted away happily with the bartender when he had time, and learned that his name was Randy. And not only was he handsome in a rugged, outdoorsy way, but he was intelligent and witty.

She watched his cat-like moves, and when he wasn't looking, let her eyes trail over his body. He had the tightest, cutest ass she'd ever seen. She couldn't wait to have it over her, to feel his taut ass muscles with her fingers, and to press him firmly down on her cunt.

Oddly enough, he looked a little like Robert. A shock of blue-black hair framed his face and he seemed to be all angles. His eyes were almost black. She wondered if the rest of him would look like her former husband.

Mainly, his cock. Thick and juicy and...

"Mmmmmmmmm," she whispered, feeling the insides of her pussy churn.

"You say something?" Randy asked. "Another drink?"

Debby was about answer yes, but was interrupted when a lumbering giant of a man squeezed in beside her. And to her horror, she felt his rough hand on her ass.

"Hey, baby, let's me and you get outta this joint and fuck our eyes out," he said in a deep voice.

Debby whirled around and shot the man a look full of loathing. He was one of those bikers she'd noticed when she'd first come in the place. They had stood out like a sore thumb in the mass of people dressed in jeans and cowboy hats. This one was the meanest looking one of the lot, which was really saying something.

She was overcome with rage. Without thinking, she flung the rest of her drink in his face. The ice cubes popped off his forehead and hit the bar with a tinkle. A stream of amber colored fluid ran down his face.

At first, Debby thought he was going to hit her or grab her around the throat and choke her to death. She had never seen such hatred in a man's face before.

To her surprise, however, his features softened and he gave her a vampire-like smile.

"Sorry," he said, "I guess I read you wrong."

"You sure as hell did," Debby answered, her voice brittle.

After the man left her side, she looked in the reflection of the mirror behind the bar and saw him return to his table, then leave with his friends. They glanced back at her, and for some reason she couldn't understand, nodded.

"Nasty bunch," Randy said. "I'm glad you took care of it. I don't think I could have taken on all six of them. Let me get you another drink."

About an hour later, Debby had forgotten all about the incident. She had other things to think about. Like what was going to happen between her and Randy in a few minutes. Her pussy was quivering, oozing warm cunt juice into her cunt hairs. And with each drink, she became more excited, savoring the delicious torture of waiting.

"Just about finished," Randy said, wiping down the bar. "Five, ten more minutes."

"I'll wait in my car," Debby said, rising. She needed some fresh air. "It's the blue Pontiac."

"Sure thing," Randy replied, moving to the cash register and emptying it. "We're gonna have a good time."

Oh yes, we will, Debby thought as she left the bar and headed for her car. I can almost see it now. His big, thick cock sliding in and out of my pussy, then the sensation of being filled with his boiling cum. And after he'd fucked her, she would nestle between his powerful thighs and suck his prick into her throat and... A pair of hands clutched her throat as she opened the car door. Instantly, other hands were on her, forcing her inside. She was thrown over the seat, and before she could realize what was happening, the car jerked forward.

"It's me, baby," the deep voice boomed at her. It was the voice of the man who had approached her at the bar.

"Where do you want to fuck her, Tony?" the driver said. "At the house?"

"Naw, right here," Tony laughed, pushing Debby down on the back seat. "OK, bitch, spread those sweet thighs and get ready for a hard fucking."

Debby couldn't remember being so terrified. A million disjointed thoughts crashed inside her mind. It couldn't be happening! It was a nightmare.

But it was happening.

Instead of a wonderful evening with Randy, she was going to be raped by this vile biker. And in the back seat of her own car!

"Don't... please don't," she begged, clawing at his leather jacket. "You're hurting me."

"Shut up, whore," Tony grunted, then locked his lips firmly around her mouth. He jabbed his tongue inside, then curled the tip of it over the roof of her mouth. "Mmmmmmm sweet piece."

Debby thought she was going to vomit. He smelled of oil and gasoline, his hair -- a dirty blond -- was dank with sweat. The look in his eye, however, made her gulp, down the rumblings in her stomach. He looked like he was going to kill her. Pure fear made her shiver.

"Pull my cock out and stick it in your cunt for me," Tony said, grabbing her wrists. "You gonna do that, baby? Stuff my prick in your pussy for me?"

"You bastard!" Debby screamed out, rage and humiliation sweeping over her. "You filthy... pig... you... you..."

Her words became a shriek of pain when he hit her across the face with the back of his hand. Instantly, his other hand was on her throat.

"Don't want to fuck, huh?" Tony said, throwing her to the floorboard between his knees. "Then I guess you'll just have to suck!"

Debby watched with growing horror and revulsion as he yanked his rock-hard prick out of his greasy jeans. It looked like some evil shake, a ten-inch mass of throbbing prick muscle. His cock was pressed roughly against her lips, and then she felt the pressure of his hand behind her head.

"All the way down... like a good girl," Tony said, thrusting his hips upward.

He pushed every inch of his prick down her throat. Even some of the hairy flesh surrounding his balls slipped between her lips.

"Goddamn! This is better than a pussy, anyway," Tony grunted.

Debby honestly thought she was going to choke to death. And after a few moments, her lungs began to burn. She stabbed her nails into his hairy belly and tried pushing him away. It was useless, however, for her fighting only made him more brutal. He began hammering his hips up and down more quickly.

"Eat on my cock, honey," he grunted, banging her head up and down. "I've got so much fucking cum for you to lick out. And believe me, you're gonna suck every drop."

Something told Debby that if she didn't cooperate, he would, indeed, kill her. She had read about a girl that some bikers had kidnapped. They had actually fucked her to death. Another girl had cooperated, and she had lived to tell the story.

But how could she go along with this horrible thing? The man was an animal, and she hated him with every ounce of her strength.

Especially that, monster of a cock.

His prick tasted dirty and sweaty, making her gag even more. And those hairs around the massive base of his cock were even more smelly, like he hadn't had a bath in months.

Suddenly, Tony pulled her head upward, letting his prick flop from her mouth. As his prick hit his stomach with a dull, smack, he crushed her lips against the underside of his prickshaft.

"Kiss on my prick, cocksucker," Tony said. "Tell me how much you love eating my big cock..."

Debby didn't know where she got the courage, but she began moving her lips over the glistening, rubbery surface of his cock.

"I... I love it," she whimpered, feeling tears sting her cheeks. "I love sucking your big cock."

"Now that's more like it," Tony said, giving her a wide grin. "Kiss my cock all over, sweetheart. Don't forget my balls."

Debby kissed between his furry, cum-loaded nuts, felt them vibrate against her teeth. And each time the flavor of his sweaty cock flesh hit the back of her mouth, she was almost certain she would throw up.

It was horrible, awful to be so humiliated like this. Made to suck his evil cock, to drink down his globs of cum. And to lie and have to tell him that she loved it.

She hated sucking his cock, and at that moment, she hated every cock in the world.

"Suck both my nuts in your mouth," Tony commanded, forcing his giant, hairy balls between her lips. "Ahhhh... yes, just like that, you cum-sucking slut. Now roll your tongue around. Shit, you're gonna make one fine cocksucker for me."

Debby knew the only way she could continue was to block it out, pretend it was someone else. She closed her eyes and formed a picture of that handsome bartender in her mind.

Randy's cock would probably be this size, but at least he would be clean. And she had planned on sucking him off, eating down his cum.

The man suddenly became Randy, and she felt her body become less tense. She rolled her tongue around the hairy surfaces of his balls, then eased them out of her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue up the underside of his prickshaft and closed her lips around the meaty, throbbing tip of his cock. As her teeth pulled back the loose foreskin, she felt a fluttering sensation in the back of her throat.

"Mmmmmmm, love your big... cock," she gurgled.

Her fingers moved from his belly to his hips.

Deftly, she pulled his jeans farther down and cupped the tight mounds of his ass. Then, taking a deep breath, she gulped all the way down his prick and molded her lips into the wiry, sweaty cock hairs. At the same time, she jabbed her fingernails into the crack of his ass.

"Holy... fucking Jesus!" Tony grunted, punching his body upward. "You ought to see this lady eat cock... like a fucking bird on a worm!"

"Hurry up, Tony," the voice from the front seat said. "I got a load of cum just begging to get sucked out."

"Not a chance," Tony said, moving his fingers into the silky strands of ash-blonde hair around Debby's face. "This little baby is reserved just for me." He began pumping his ass up and down a little quicker. "You hear that, baby? Tony's cock is all yours. And we're gonna do every fucking thing in the book."

Tony's words made Debby come back to reality. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't pretend it was Randy's cock. She wasn't doing this willingly. Her throat was being violated, raped.

"That's real fine bitch," Tony said, pushing his knees into her armpits. He crouched over her body until his stomach touched her forehead. His balls dangled against the hollow of her throat. "Now hang on for a face-fucking you won't forget."

With that, he began pounding his cock savagely in and out of her throat. And with each stroke, the pressure inside his slapping balls became more intense.

As Debby felt his prick stab between her lips, she knew she must be going insane. Not only over what was happening, but the sudden jerks of pleasure inside her cunt.

She slipped her right hand down to her pussy and clutched the firm mound with her fingers, hoping to cut off the series of electric like pangs she was feeling. Instead, her pussy reacted almost violently. The lips of her cunt became swollen and tender and her cunt muscles contracted and relaxed.

She was going to have an orgasm! No, God, no... please!

"Eat my prick, you little cocksucking whore," Tony grunted, pounding his full, hulking weight against her face. "Got a bunch of cum... just about ready... blow my jizz in... suck..."

Debby wasn't even aware of his words. Nothing seemed to matter but the fantastic surge of warmth inside her body. It was like a tiny, clawing animal trying to get in, or out of her pussy. She felt her body tense, then begin to jerk. Hardly realizing what she was doing, she thrust her hand under her skirt and tore at her panties.

"Mmmmmfffff!" she choked as she jabbed her fingers into her cunt. An overwhelming spasm of raw pleasure burst inside her, inflaming every cell. She gave another muffled grunt, munching her lips tightly around the root of Tony's cock.

"Well, I'll be Goddamned," Tony gasped, feeling the pressure of her mouth. "This little cocksucker is popping her nuts just from eating cock!"

Another thundering convulsion of pure release drilled Debby's cunt. She began writhing beneath him, jerking her head up and down. And each time his massive cockshaft pierced her throat, she felt her climax swell, explode.

She screamed out again, thrusting the fingers of her right hand quickly in and out of her cunt. With her other hand, she clawed at his hairy, greasy asshole, forcing him harder against her face.

"Now... fucking now, cocksucker," Tony said, crushing his entire weight forward. As his belly molded against her forehead and his throbbing balls hung over her chin, he felt the first of his fiery cum-load boil into the root of his cock. "Eat my cock dry... and... and... unhhhhhhh!"

Debby couldn't believe it, but his cock seemed to get even bigger, totally filling her throat. An instant later, the end of his cock ballooned, then exploded with salty jizz.

"Aaaghhhhh!" she spluttered, feeling his molten jism eat into her quivering throat like acid.

The second glob of cum was as big as a wad of bubble gum. Unlike bubble gum, however, it was steamy, an explosion of fuck cream. Some of the jizz shot upward, behind her nose. And as twin streams of jism melted from both her nostrils, the third lump of cum spewed from his cockhead.

"Suck my cock, bitch! Eat my cum down," Tony gasped, pumping his ass up and down so quickly it was a fleshy blur. "Take all my cum down. Suck the fucking shit out of me!"

When the bulk of his cum-load splashed into her throat, Debby knew she couldn't possibly get it all down. There was no way. His fiery jism sloshed noisily toward her lips and burned across her cheeks, finally dribbling into her ears.

And still he fucked in more jizz!

After what seemed an eternity, he fell against her face and squirmed his ass around, forcing in the last of his cum. He held himself there for a long while, then turned slightly.

"Better clean that shit up," he ordered, noticing the stray gobs of cum on her face and in his crotch hairs.

Meekly, Debby began doing what he'd said. She lapped over his balls, chewed into his greasy, sweaty cock hairs. Then, when he was clean, she scooped the jism off her cheeks and sucked it into her throat.

"That's a good girl," Tony said. He sat down, then pulled her face against his glistening crotch. "Now you just keep sucking cock until we get to the house."

Debby couldn't believe how humiliated she felt. Not only had she sucked him off, but also she'd actually enjoyed it!

No, it couldn't be that, she told herself. She had pretended it was Randy's cock, and not this animal's. That's what had happened.

Still, he didn't know that. But if she kept thinking that, she just might get out of this alive.

She wondered how many times she would have to suck his cock, how many times she'd be fucked, before he would let her go.


Yes, he was most certain to fuck her. He would pound his slab of cock inside her pussy and fuck her to pieces.

Suddenly, her cunt tightened with pleasure. And she hadn't been thinking of Randy at all.

Chapter TWO

Debby was thrown onto a dirty mattress in the back room of an abandoned house. Her terror renewed itself when she looked around. The room was filthy, with beer cans everywhere. In one corner lay a mound of motorcycle pans, an open box of tools and greasy looking cans. The room was lighted with several candles that cast shadows on the peeling walls.

"OK, let's get these fucking clothes off," Tony said, yanking at her blouse.

After he tore it away, exposing her upturned breasts, he tugged at her skirt. It also gave with a ripping sound.

"Hey, you're all right," he said, looking hungrily at her naked body.

Debby couldn't imagine being more humiliated. He gazed at her as if she were a piece of meat, and not a human at all. He stared at the area of her cunt. Slowly, his mouth opened and he ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip.

"Looks good enough to eat," he said, tearing at his own clothing.

When he was naked, he knelt between her legs and jerked her thighs apart. He stabbed the fingers of his right hand between her small, swollen cunt lips.

"You like getting your pussy licked out, baby?" he grunted, lowering his face to her body.

"Not from you, you bastard," Debby gasped, unable to hide her anger. "When I look at you I feel like throwing up."

"Is that a fact?" Tony laughed. "And just ten minutes ago you were popping your nuts and had those sweet lips locked around my cock."

Debby turned her head to one side, no longer able even to look at him. And the fact was, he could be very handsome if he would only take a bath. She was certain his hair was blond, but under all that grease and dirt, it was impossible to tell. His face was angular, as was most of his body. Very muscular, without an ounce of fat anywhere.

And his cock!

His prick had stabbed in and out of her throat all the way to this place, and now it would soon be ripping into her pussy. The idea filled her with revulsion.

She flinched suddenly when she felt his long, thick fingers dig into the flesh of her hips. She quickly looked back and saw that his face was just a couple of inches away from her cunt.

"Don't... please," she begged.

He slapped her hard across the face. "Now shut the fuck up, and you just might enjoy this."

He squeezed both thumbs into her cunt lips and pulled them back. When her pink, frothy cunt came into view, and the tiny bud of her cunt slipped upward, he burrowed his nose forward.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Debby gasped. The sensation of him being so close to her pussy was even more painful than when he'd slapped her. She stretched her fingers out, ready to claw them into his neck, then thought better of it. "Please... dear God... don't let this happen!"

"Wow, what a sweet little pussy you have, baby," Tony grunted, dipping the tip of his tongue inside her pussy. "Mmmmmmm, tastes so fucking sweet. I just might eat you alive."

His tongue inside her cunt felt like a slithering snake. And unlike a cock, it seemed to be able to cover areas she didn't know existed. She hated herself for responding, but his cuntsucking wasn't bad.

Tony pulled her cunt farther apart and began nibbling at her slick pussymeat. Soon, his nose, lips and chin were glistening with her cunt juices. He gouged farther inside her pussy and held his tongue there, letting his teeth sink into the rubbery texture of her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm, good," he murmured, looking through her silky, corn-colored patch of cunt fuzz. "Gonna eat your little pussy out and swallow it, whore."

The thought of this horrible man eating her cunt made Debby tremble with horror. He could be diseased, or worse, he might actually rip her cunt out with those sharp teeth.

"Please... I'll do anything. Just let me go," she pleaded.

"Baby, you're gonna do everything as it is." He grasped both her tits and squeezed her nipples hard between his thumbs and forefingers. "This is just for starters," he said, again thrusting his tongue deeply inside her warm, oozing fuckhole.

Debby clutched the grimy material of the mattress. She was beginning to experience sensations that were foreign to her, and she didn't like them.

Her pussy had never before been so alive, almost as if her cunt walls were being scratched from the inside. It wasn't exactly pain, but it wasn't pleasure either. A delicious mixture of both.

"Come on, whore, squeeze your little cunt around my tongue. Suck me inside," Tony said. He kneaded her tits roughly, again tugging on her rubbery, taut nipples. "Do it, bitch!"

Debby did as he asked. She flexed her pussy muscles tightly, then relaxed them. Suddenly, her insides became a seething cauldron. She closed her eyes and again tightened her muscles, trapping his tongue inside.

Pleasure began to mount dramatically, filling her guts with an almost tangible ecstasy. Then slowly, she began twisting her ass around, humping upward to take more of his tongue inside her cunt.

"No... God, no," she cried. It can't be happening! Why can't I just lie here and be raped?

A couple of moments later, a thundering wave of pure ecstasy swept into her cunt. She jerked to a half-sitting position and screamed.

"Take it, cunt," Tony gurgled, plunging his tongue in and out of her pussy. The smacking sounds of his mouth on her pussy soon filled the room. "Fuck on my tongue like it's my big cock, baby."

Debby was doing exactly that. And with fascinated horror, she saw her hands move from the mattress and touch the back of his head. She ran her fingers through the greasy strands of his blond hair and pushed him harder against her cunt. Slowly, she bent her knees, then threw her legs around his neck.

"Eat my cunt, you dirty prick!" she yelled, locking her ankles together and straightening her legs. "Eat! Don't ever stop!"

While her body reacted with one violent climax after another, her mind plunged into pure humiliation. She would never be able to look herself in the eye again. She had betrayed her very soul.

At last, the whipping waves of pleasure subsided to dull throbs. She went limp, letting her legs fall back to the mattress. Her chest was heaving rapidly under his large hands, gasps of satisfied release wheezing from her parted lips. Her eyes flashed a darker green.

"Now you're gonna suck on me, baby," Tony said, pulling away from her pussy.

"You want your cock sucked again?" Debby asked.

"Yeah, but this time, you're gonna lick me all over," Tony said. "Then I'm gonna ream out this sweet little cunt of yours."

"All over?" Debby gasped. What did he mean, all over?

"Lick on every inch, cocksucker," Tony said, straddling her chest and lowering his balls down to her mouth. "And you can start here." When her mouth touched his nuts, he threw his right leg over her left shoulder and balanced his weight with his left hand. "My asshole, too. I want you to suck my ass out just like I did your cunt."

Surely he wasn't serious! To put her mouth on that... that thing! And if his cock tasted so terrible, what must his shitter be like?

His nuts slipped up over her face and hung in her silky hair. Immediately, she found out what his shitter did taste like, for he sat down, squeezing her nose and lips into his dark, greasy ass crack.

"No!" she screamed, feeling the slippery opening of his asshole against her teeth. The smell was acrid, making her eyes water. "Please... don't make me do this! I beg you..."

"Suck, shit-face," Tony growled, crushing his full weight against her mouth. He squirmed his ass around, felt her lips slide over his shitter opening. "Mmmmmmm, like that. Now stick in that little tongue."

Afraid that he would hit her again, Debby did as he asked. And as her tongue inched farther up inside his shitter, she felt her heartbeat quicken.

This huge, hulking bastard was making her suck his asshole! The reality of it seemed only then to hit her.

"God... please... no," she cried.

"Suck my ass, Goddammit!" Tony ordered.

Debby began furiously sucking and chewing on his asshole, hoping to satisfy him. And oddly enough, what she was doing wasn't really as horrible as it sounded. He was all male, a muscular giant, and his asshole was a part of him.

A delicious part, she suddenly realized. She lifted her hands and dug her nails into the hard flesh of his thighs, pressed him harder against her mouth. She thrust her tongue fully inside his asshole and held it there until her jaws burned with pain.

"Ah... that's it, worm it all the way in my ass, you cum-sucking slut," Tony said, squirming over her face. "Now my balls."

When her mouth slipped noisily from his shitter and eased over the hairy surface of his nuts, her body jolted with a new spasm of climax, hitting her without warning.

"Oh... God!" she choked, then gobbled both his balls into her mouth.

She nibbled the root of his cock, then felt another convulsion of pleasure. When it peaked, she screamed out again, spitting his balls from her mouth.

"Like it, huh?" Tony grunted. He slowly got to his feet and placed his hands on his hips. "Do the rest of me, whore. My feet, everything."

Dazed by her own reaction, Debby seemed to move as if in a dream. She got to her knees, then lowered her face to his large feet. Her pink, wet tongue lapped over his toes, his heels, and his ankles. Slowly, she made her way up to his crotch, then gulped the end of his cock into her mouth.

Why am I doing this, she asked herself. He doesn't have a gun on me! I am kneeling before him like some insane slave, gulping up and down his dirty cock!

And loving it, she thought. Yes, loving his cockmeat and the way it throbbed in her throat.

"Back off, bitch," Tony said, pulling, his cock from her throat. "I've already seen that action. Now what I want is a sweet pussy to fuck."

Debby fell back and spread her legs, her eyes still on his monstrous cock as it gently slapped his hairy belly. In just a few seconds, his prick would be inside her cunt, grinding, fucking away. And that scalding cum, boiling into her pussy, creaming up her cunt walls.

She hadn't been fucked in a year, and now it was going to happen. But not with a man she cared for. A horrible animal who was going to rape her!

No, don't! her mind screamed.

"Fuck me," she heard herself say. "Stick your cock in and... and... fuck me."

Tony dropped to his knees and yanked her legs brutally apart. He then grasped her ankles and jerked them upward. When her knees touched her tits, almost rolling her into a ball, he punched forward.

In a split second, Debby felt his gigantic cock stretch her cunt opening. And since it had been so long since she had fucked, she thought his prick was going to rip her to pieces. Jolts of horrible pain shot through her body.

"Hurts!" she gasped but, her face suddenly pale.

"Shit... my cock ain't all the way in your cunt yet, baby," Tony grunted, withdrawing slightly, then hammering violently forward. His balls slapped into the crack of her ass. "Unhhh... there, you got my prick now bitch."

With ten inches of throbbing cock in her cunt, Debby thought she would go insane. She knew if his prick had been one fraction of an inch larger, he would have pushed her guts up between her lungs.

"Don't. It's killing me," she panted, feeling sweat pop out on her forehead and upper lip. "Go easy... too big."

"You fucking nuts?" Tony chuckled. He increased the pressure of his hands around her ankles and dug his toes into the mattress. Instantly, he began pounding his full weight forward, thrusting his cock in and out of her constricted cunt opening. "Fast is the only only way to... fuck, slut."

While Debby lay under his crushing weight, experiencing one jolt of raw pain after another, she thought she would faint. How could she have ever thought a cock was beautiful? This horrible prick was an instrument of torture! Like having a baseball bat or a cattle prod in her cunt.

Tony fucked wildly, sadistically. And each time he plowed forward, he chewed on her mouth, sucked her tongue between his teeth.

"Fuck it, bitch," he moaned his body tightening, every muscle standing out. "All the way up to your cocksucking brains... gonna blow you fucking wide open with hot cum."

Debby thought about his approaching orgasm. Would it be as savage, as violent as when he'd dumped his cum in her throat? Would there be lots of jism?

Thinking about those surging, creamy wads of cum caused her pussy walls to quiver. Then, to her amazement, she began working her ass around, sucking his cock farther inside her pussy.

No, God, no! It was happening again!

"Like my prick, don't you?" Tony grunted. "This little pussy of yours is getting as hot as a fucking firecracker."

She could almost see what it must look like. That big monster prick drilling in and out of her pussy, glistening with her cunt juices and reaching areas no other cock had been before.

"No. I don't like it," she gasped into his mouth. "I... I love it. Fuck me, you big bastard. Give your cock to me. Fuck... fuck me!"

Had she actually said those words? New waves of humiliation swept into her mind. He had turned her into an animal like himself, and what they were doing was like two cats fucking on a fence!

"Take my cock, whore," Tony grunted, fucking into her cunt with full force. His ass was bobbing up and down so quickly it was a fleshy blur. "Any second now... and... and... ready for some hot cum?"

"Yesssss!" Debby hissed, no longer caring how degraded she felt. Nothing mattered but the delicious combination of pain and pleasure inside her boiling cunt. And having his huge, hulking body on hers, fucking her like this. "Give it to me," she begged, spitting the words out. "Gallons... tons of hot cum to fuck!"

Suddenly, she felt his cock grow even harder, like a steel rod covered with rubber. His massive cockhead ballooned, then began throbbing. The first glob of jism vibrated up the center of his cockshaft and blew deeply into her cunt.

The instant Debby felt the explosion of his cum, her orgasm thundered inside her body with such force that she thought the top of her head would blow off.

"FUUUUUCK!" she wailed, thrashing about, clawing at his shoulders and arms. "Oh! God!"

"Fuck it, you cock-hungry bitch," Tony panted, hammering in more of his thick, boiling jism. The cum gathered at the back of her cunt, then began sloshing backward. A few seconds later, the bottom of her pussy hole oozed a glistening stream of cum that melted into the crack of her ass. "Every... unhhhh... Goddamned drop, whore."

Debby experienced one last explosion of climax, then went limp. And as he slammed his body forward, she was slapped around like a rag doll. More cum entered her body, ate into her cunt like warm acid.

"All unh... of it, pig," Tony gasped. "Ohhhh... fucking shit, take my cum all the way up!"

With that, he planted the final glob of jism inside her pussy. He molded his crotch to hers for several more moments, then slowly relaxed. He released her ankles, letting her legs slowly plop to the mattress.

"Now that's what I call a fine piece of ass," he panted. "Baby, you got a pussy like a snapping turtle!"

Debby closed her eyes in shame. Was this night ever going to end? Hopefully, he would roll over and let her go, now that he was satisfied. And somehow, she would try to pick up the pieces of her life and deal with what she'd done. What he'd made her do.

"You want a beer before we start another round?" Tony said.

"Huh?" Debby gasped. "Another round? You mean...!"

"I mean I'm gonna fuck the living shit out of you all fucking night long."

"No, I don't want a beer," she said. "I just want to get out of here."

"Now, baby, I don't want that, and I'm sure you don't either," Tony said. He pulled away and studied her for a few moments. "And the idea just occurred to me that you might try to slip away."

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Debby asked when she saw him stand and go over to where the motorcycle parts lay.

"Gonna make sure you don't get away," he said, rumbling through the mess. He pulled out two lengths of grease-stained rope.

Now was her chance, her only chance. Debby shot a look about the room, her eyes finally resting on a crescent wrench lying just a few feet away. Cat-like, she pounced on the tool. Before Tony could react, she cracked him on the side of the head. His eyes bulged with surprise and pain, then fluttered closed. He fell to the floor, a groan escaping his lips.

Ecstatic with her victory, Debby grabbed up her clothes and raced toward the door. It was locked.

"No... dammit, no!" she cried out, her heart almost breaking.

She whirled and made for the window. And although it had been painted so many times it was practically frozen in place, she somehow managed to lift it enough to slip through. She thrust her right leg in the opening and bent down. As her left foot left the floor, she almost collapsed with shock.

"No, you don't, bitch," Tony growled, his fingers tightening about her ankle.

Chapter THREE

"You fucking cunt!" Tony yelled, pulling Debby away from the window. "Wanna play rough, huh?"

As he stood, he lifted her off the floor, his right hand grasping the area between her cunt and asshole. He was choking her with his left hand. He held her in the brutal embrace for a few seconds, then threw her across the room.

Pure horror was all Debby felt. She rolled around on the mattress, looking for some escape, but she knew it was useless. And only God knew what he might do.

"I'm gonna pay you back for this," Tony said, rubbing the side of his bruised head. "Ten times over, bitch."

He fell on top of her body and kicked her legs apart with his knees. He blasted the end of his rock-hard cock into her cunt, grinding his ass around as he entered her savagely.

Debby's body flooded with intense pain. Her fright had tensed every muscle in her body, especially in her cunt. And when his prick pierced into her pussy, it felt like his cock was covered with sandpaper. She writhed in raw agony, her face contorted with anguish.

"Unh... take it, slut!" Tony gasped into her mouth. He was fucking her brutally, using every ounce of his hulking strength to maim her guts. "Fuck it... here! Unhhhh fucking take it right up to your brains, whore." The room seemed to spin, then grow dark. The pressure of his muscular body on hers seemed to numb her. Slowly, her eyes fluttered closed, and she wondered if she would ever wake up again.

Debby awoke confused and in pain. Her pussy felt bruised and raw. She tried to move her fingers to her swollen cunt lips, but felt a sharp, cutting spasm sear into the flesh of her wrists.

She was tied up! Spread-eagled!

She turned her head, first to the right, then to the left, examining the ropes. She would never get out, she realized. The ends of the hemp were attached to bare studs in the walls. She cautiously moved her feet, but the rope had no slack.

"Hog-tied, like the pig you are," Tony said from a dark corner. He had been watching her, drinking a beer, waiting for her to come to. "I was just thinking of what I'm gonna do first to pay you back."

Debby dropped her head back to the gritty mattress, defeat surrounding her like a wet blanket. She would never get out of here alive. And even if she did after he violated her as he certainly would, would she even want to be alive?

Tony stood up and tossed the empty beer can aside. He then picked up a long length of rope and walked over to where Debby lay. He dropped to his knees between her legs and placed the rope about her middle. Pulling the ends under her body, he then wrapped the hemp about her tits in a figure-eight. He yanked on the ends of the rope and watched it mold into her soft flesh.

"Ohhhh... that hurts!" Debby cried out, hardly able to breathe. The rope scratched her skin like a million tiny claws. "Please don't. I'm sorry, I..."

"Shut the fuck up, cunt," Tony said, reaching to the side of the mattress and grabbing one of his dirty socks. He thrust it in her mouth, then wrapped the ends of the rope around her head, finally tying a knot over her mouth. "There. That'll hold you for a while."

Debby gave a muffled scream through the horrible-tasting material of the sock. Her eyes bulged with terror. He lifted a pair of pliers for her to see, then pressed the cold metal against the side of her left tit.

"You're gonna scream, whore. Gonna nibble on your sweet tits with these things."

Debby watched with growing horror as he pulled the handles open, then applied the serrated jaws of the instrument to her left nipple. Slowly, the metal closed, squeezing her rubbery mass of flesh until it turned a dark purple. A flask of boiling pain shot into her chest.

"Mmmmmfffff!" she screamed, her face ashen with agony.

"Little tighter?" Tony laughed. He increased the pressure of the pliers. "But don't worry, baby, I ain't into blood and guts. Just payment."

The fact that he wasn't going to mutilate her, if that was true, was little comfort for Debby. She had never known pain until this moment.

Suddenly, her chest flooded with relief as he lessened the pressure of the pliers on her tit. He then bent down over her bruised tit and sucked it into his mouth.

Debby thought she would go crazy. One second she was on fire with pain, and now, with his warm sucking mouth on her tit, her insides raced with excitement.

It seemed impossible, but it was happening.

She gave a throaty groan, feeling her pussy get wet with desire. She tore at the ropes at her wrists, felt the hemp cut into her flesh. And in a way, the pain was nice. It seemed to accentuate the pleasure she was experiencing.

"Now a little fucking," Tony said, thrusting his cock deeply into her cunt. He squirmed his ass around, driving the root of his prick hard into her fuckhole. "Ahhh yes. Hot cunt and yours is the hottest."

Before the massive length of his prick had fully entered her pussy, Debby felt a swelling burst of orgasm. She flinched, then sucked with her cunt muscles. The racing pleasure peaked violently, sending fiery pangs into every cell of her body.

Her, ecstasy, however, was only to last a couple of seconds. She felt the cold metal of the pliers slip across her chest.

"Mmmmmn, now the other one," Tony said, squeezing her right nipple between the tiny jaws of the pliers. "Ah, yes, sucking, fucking and getting even all at once."

While Tony lapped at her left tit, sucking as much of it as he could inside his mouth, he squeezed the pliers hard against her right tit. And with each squeeze, he ground his cock into her cunt with savage strokes.

Debby gasped and yelled, her screams echoing inside her brain. It was a horrible battle. Part of her was on fire with agony, the other part bathed in pleasure. Finally, the two sensations seemed to melt together, filling her with emotions she couldn't understand.

What she did understand, however, was the raw, fantastic explosion of ecstasy that hit her cunt. Her climax riddled her guts like bullets, then swept into every nerve in her spine. And when she was certain it couldn't get any better, it did. A hundred times so.

"Fuck it, bitch," Tony grunted, dropping the pliers and digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her tits. He moved his mouth back and forth, biting and sucking on both nipples. "Any second now, and I'm gonna load up your tight little pussy."

Debby felt his already enormous cock expand, totally filling her cunt. She writhed and bucked, working with him, her pussy steaming hot. And the only thing that could put out that fire would be his thick, bubbling load of cum.

"Mmmmmmmmmmffff!" she shrieked, experiencing a spasm of pleasure so raw, so ultimate, it felt like a stab wound in her cunt. Her reaction was so violent, the sock burst from her mouth. "Fuck... fuuuck meeeee!" she screamed.

Tony bit down on her mouth when he felt the first wad of his jism explode from his swollen nuts. At the same time, he dug his fingers into the delicate flesh of both tits, squeezing her rubbery nipples hard.

"Now, you cocksucking... unhhh... whore!" he spat, drilling in the first of his molten cum.

When Debby's pussy became flooded with his thick jism, she thought she would, faint again. This time, however, it would be from pleasure, not pain.

More of his hot cum shot into her insides, eating into her quivering pussy like acid. She bucked, her entire body filled with ecstasy.

"Unhhh... fucking take it, slut," Tony panted into her mouth. "Every Goddamned drop of jizz up your hot cunt!"

Finally, Debby went limp from sheer exhaustion, although her body still quivered with hard convulsions of pleasure.

How could she have reacted like this? It was pure insanity! Tortured and fucked like an animal. She couldn't imagine a worse degradation.

"Unhhh... that's fine fucking," Tony said, punching in the last glob of slippery jism. He squirmed his ass over her body, crushing his cockroot into her pussy, then relaxed. "Shit... I ought to sell fucking tickets to fuck you. I'd make a million."

A few moments later, he pulled away, letting his half-hard, greasy cock flop from her cunt. It hit his stomach with a dull smack. On the end of his prick hung a long silvery strand of cum. He squeezed his right hand around the base of his cock and pulled upward, releasing the last creamy glob of jizz.

"Here, take it," he said, straddling her middle and holding his cockhead down to her mouth.

Debby opened her mouth wide and accepted the thick cum eagerly. She shivered with renewed passion as it slowly clogged the back of her throat, then melted into her stomach.

"Like my cum, don't you?" Tony said.

Why lie any longer even to myself, Debby thought. Yes, she had liked it, every minute of it, every drop of his cum.

"Yes," she said, looking away. She felt more humiliated than ever by her admission.

"Then I'll just give you some more to suck on." He squeezed her tits together, forming one silky mound of flesh. He then stabbed the tip of his cock up the surface of her stomach and jabbed his prickshaft between her two tits. "Gonna fuck these sweet tits," he grunted, pushing her nipples together with his thumbs.

Debby couldn't believe she was getting so excited. Already her cunt was throbbing wildly, sucking at the stray wads of cum that clung to her damp, blonde pussy hairs.

"Ohhhh... that's nice," she murmured, watching his purple-colored cockhead appear, then disappear between her tits. "Yes. God, yes!"

"Open that little mouth, cocksucker," Tony said, pushing forward. "Fuck your tits and mouth at the same time."

Debby leaned her head forward and opened her mouth wide. When he thrust his body forward, she gulped the end of his cock over her tongue. The back of her throat spasmed with growing hunger.

"Mmmmmmm... so nice," she gasped, munching her teeth into his rubbery foreskin.

"Yeah, thought I'd give it to you nice for a change," Tony said. "Let you rest up for what's coming."

What was coming? Christ, what hadn't he done? Torn into her cunt like a jackhammer, pinched her nipples with those horrible pliers violated her entirely!

"Wha-what are you going to do?" she asked, her voice quivering with fear.

"Mmmmmm, just wait and see," Tony replied. "Now shut the fuck up and lick on my cock... I think I'll shoot my wad to you sooner than I thought." He tightened the pressure around her tits. "Ohhhh. Fuck yes. Any second now."

Debby leaned her head forward until her neck burned with pain, trying desperately to take all of his cock inside her mouth. And with each stroke of his prick, she felt her pleasures build. In a matter of a few short minutes, her pussy felt like it was about to explode.

"Give me your cum, all of it," she begged, lunging forward, then locking her lips firmly around his cockshaft.

Tony released her tits and plunged forward with his full weight. As the entire length of his cock jammed into her throat, he leaned forward and pressed his head against the mattress.

"Eat my cum, whore!" he cried out, pounding his ass up and down against her face. "Lick... lick my jizz out and gargle it down."

Debby sucked cock like she never had before, using her teeth, her lips, and her tongue to speed up his climax. A couple of seconds later, she was rewarded with a sudden burst of hot cum. As jism splattered over her tonsils, then washed down her throat, her own orgasm exploded in her cunt.

"Aaaghhhhh!" she choked, spitting some of his molten jism into his greasy cock hairs. Another thundering, rush of ecstasy hit her, almost knocking her senseless. She screamed out again, her voice muffled around his plunging prick.

"Suck my cock, slut," Tony gasped, driving his cock in and out of her throat. "All the way down to your fucking cum-sucking stomach."

Debby continued to suck and chew on his cock long after he'd stopped blowing his load of jizz. And even when he fell to his side, she wanted more. Part of the reason was because she finally admitted to herself that she did enjoy sucking his cock.

She had always wondered what it would be like to be raped, and now she knew. Christ, did she know!

"I'm gonna smoke a cigarette, then really get after you," Tony said, sliding away from her body.

Debby watched him for a long while, almost afraid to speak. At this point, she didn't even trust herself, much less him.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Tony ambled over and unlocked it. The man who had driven them to the house stood in the doorway, his gaze moving past Tony's shoulder.

"Ready to let us fuck her?" he asked. "In a little while," Tony said, closing the door. "I'm just getting started."

"Well, hurry," the man said.

After Tony closed the door, he turned and faced Debby. He looked at her, memorizing each of her soft curves, then walked over to the pile of junk in the corner.

After he'd finished with her, he was going to turn her over to those other animals! She would be fucked over and over! And how many of them were there? Four? Six?

Her thoughts of the other men evaporated, however, when she saw Tony turn, a long piece of chain dangling from his right hand.

"What are you..." she sputtered, unable to finish her question.

"I'm gonna work on that sweet ass of yours," Tony said, walking toward her and dropping to his knees on the mattress.

"My ass?" Debby asked.

"Yeah, gonna ream it out with this chain, then fuck my big cock in it," Tony said.

"No!" Debby screamed, fear clutching at her like an icy hand.

"Oh, yes, baby, yes," Tony said, dropping the chain onto her stomach with a clink.

Again, the room seemed to spin, but she didn't faint as before.

Chapter FOUR

Debby's flesh crawled when she felt the cold metal against her body. The links of the chain were as big around as his cock, and the mere thought of him really slipping them up her ass filled her mind with cold terror.

"No!" she gasped. "Please, God, I'll do anything, but don't..."

Her words became a choking grunt whew he clutched her throat. He held his hand there for a long while, then began sliding the chain over her face. He looked demented, his eyes flashing with sadistic lust.

"Just think about it, bitch," Tony said. "After I stuff this up your ass, I'll yank it out and start fucking you."

Debby tried desperately to faint, to block out this horror, but her mind was fixed on the chain and his cock.

Tony fumbled with the bonds at her wrists and ankles, then dumped her over on her stomach. While she thrashed about, trying to escape, he held his full weight down on the small of her back with his right knee.

"There," he panted, placing on the last strand of rope and pulling out the slack. He sat back on his haunches between her spread legs and let his gaze move over her backside. "Ah yes." He slipped his fingers into the crack of her shitter. "This is gonna be a fuck we'll both remember."

Debby thought her insides would explode when she felt a hard object pressing against her cunt opening. But he said he was going to. It was his cock, not the chain. She was so happy, she shivered. Maybe he was kidding after all -- just trying to frighten her.

"Gonna get you warmed up for the main event," Tony said, thrusting more of his rigid cock up her cunt. "How's my cock feel, whore? A whole fucking shitload of cock up your pussy!"

Although Debby detested both him and herself, it was good. His prick filled her entirely, fed her sucking and fluttering cunt with silky, hard cockmeat. She bit her lower lip, almost wishing for the chain. At least she could deal with pain.

Forced pleasure was another thing.

"Ah. There's my cock, baby," Tony grunted, hammering the rest of his rock-hard prick into her cunt. "Now suck on my prick with your sweet pussy. Like a mouth -- tighten up."

Debby couldn't have done otherwise. She had lost all control. Her pussy muscles pursed around his cock, drew the shaft of his prick all the way inside her cunt.

"God! Fuck me," she groaned into the dirty mattress. "Do it to me! Everything. I have to have it."

Tony began fucking in and out of her fiery cunt with quicker thrusts. And each time he dug his prick into her constricted cunt opening, he felt the pressure inside his balls mount. When it became almost unbearable, he stopped moving. He held his cock in her pussy for a few moments, then pulled the chain across her back. The first link dangled at the top of her ass crack.

Debby's pleasure was so intense, she had almost forgotten about the chain and his threats. Cold reality pierced her brain like a pistol shot.

"God! Don't!" she begged, throwing her head back.

Even as she said the words, she felt the first link of the horrible chain against her asshole. Slowly, he squeezed it inside her ass ring. She felt her muscles surround the metal. They burned with pain.

"There's one," Tony said, his voice hoarse with desire. "Now a few more."

Debby felt the second, then the third. Agony mounted until, she knew it couldn't possibly get worse. Somehow, it did.

A fourth link, a fifth, and then she lost count. Her insides were boiling, spasming, and the heavy weight of the chain seemed to close around her cunt, lock his prick inside her body.

"That ought to be enough for now," Tony said, draping the rest of the chain across her right ass cheek. "Now, let's fuck like wild dogs, baby."

Debby couldn't move, could only lie beneath him in writhing agony while he pounded his cock in and out of her cunt with savage, brutal thrusts.

She began crying, wishing she were dead. What could possibly be worse, she wondered.

Tied up and fucked like a slave, and her ass full of chain!

That horrible chain!

It felt like some evil, metal snake, twisting about in her asshole, eating into her slick ass chute.

"Tell me you like it, fuckhead," Tony grunted, biting down on the back of her neck. "Come on bitch, tell the fucking truth."

The truth? That insane bastard! How could she like this humiliation, this pure degradation? Her insides were alive with pain.

"I... I..." Debby began, trying to find the words to tell him how much she hated him.

Suddenly, there was a sensation inside her body she was almost afraid to name. Yes, it was happening again. Bitter tears stung her cheeks. She was going to lie there and probably beg him for it again.

"Huh, baby?" Tony panted, punching into her cunt with fall force. "You ain't talking, whore. I said tell me how you like it."

Shit, why not? She had reached the ultimate in despair. There was no place to go but backward. She had been pushed to the very limit.

"Fuck me," she grunted, the words foul in her mouth. "Yes, you motherfucking bastard! I love it!"

Her words only inflamed Tony to fuck her more savagely. Soon his balls were slapping between her legs, his cock grinding wildly into her fluttering fuckhole. And as his ass became a blur, he dropped his right hand and grasped the end of the chain. His knuckles turned white as he pulled it tightly across his palm.

"Ready to get your fucking motor started?" Tony grunted.

Debby was ready for anything. She didn't care if it killed her or ruined her forever. She wanted cock, she wanted his cum, she wanted to be fucked with raw savagery.

She opened her mouth to scream out for him to fuck her as hard as he could, but a shrieking moan burst from her lips. Her orgasm was so intense, so powerful, it felt like a bomb went off in her cunt.

As her climax peaked, she felt the chain begin to move. An eternity of pain and pleasure followed, leaving her nerves frayed, every cell bursting with release.

Tony yanked the chain from her ass and threw it across the room. As it hit the wall with a clink, he grabbed her shoulders and pounded his cock brutally into her exploding cunt. When the end of his prickshaft rammed fully into her cunt, his cum-load burst from his cockhead.

"Aieeeeeee!" Debby screamed, her body bucking so hard she thought the ropes at her wrists and ankles would tear right to the bone. Flood after flood of pure ecstasy swept into her body, almost knocking her unconscious. She inhaled, then yelled out again, feeling another convulsion of pleasure.

"Unh... fuck me, you cum-sucking bitch!" Tony cried out, fucking into her pussy for all he was worth. "Fuck it up here... shit yes! Uhhhhh!"

Debby went limp from both mental and physical exhaustion. As he thrust in the last of his boiling jism, she could only lie there, allowing herself to be slapped around.

"Yes, yes, yes," she whispered, licking at the mattress as if it were a part of his hulking body. "Keep fucking me! Don't ever stop! My pussy -- my asshole -- everywhere."

At last, Tony pushed in the final glob of cum, then fell over her body, his chest heaving with satisfaction. It was several moments before he could even speak. When he did, there was a hint of admiration in his voice.

"You really liked that shit, didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes, I did," Debby admitted. Her words sounded like her own death sentence. She was just as much an animal as he was. "You motherfucker!"

"You're gonna be a real challenge, you know that?" Tony said. "There's bound to be some way I can break you."

Was that what he wanted? To break her? You mean he wasn't doing it for his own pleasure? What kind of psychotic was he, anyway?

"I've been looking for a woman who could take it," Tony said, as if reading her mind. "Take anything I had to offer. You just might be that lady."

"If you live long enough," Debby said. "If my brother finds out, and he will -- he'll blow you away."

"Your brother?" Tony said, suddenly alert. "How's your fucking brother gonna know where you are?"

Debby knew she was an idiot for saying so, but she blurted out that her brother was supposed to have met her at the bar. He would realize that she was missing. They had always been very close. He would talk to the bartender, and put two and two together.

"He'll find me," she said.

"I'll see to it that he does," Tony laughed. "That gives me some more ideas."

Although Debby didn't know what he was talking about, she didn't care. In a way, she felt relieved. Her brother would come to the rescue. Bob would see to it that this evil monster paid for what he'd done.

She closed her eyes and thought about Bob.

Oh yes, he'd take care of Tony. He was so big and strong, he'd be able to beat the shit out of all of them. She didn't doubt that for a minute.

"OK, bitch, fuck time," Tony said, moving away from her body. "Now that your ass is reamed out to size, I think it's big enough for my cock."

Although Debby felt a shiver of horror once more, she realized that his cock would feel good in comparison to the chain. The silky texture of his prick might even soothe her bruised asshole.

Tony untied her, then pushed her to a sitting position. He slapped her hands down on her ankles and again applied the ropes. When her feet and hands were firmly bound, he attached two long lengths of rope to the knots and pulled her wide. He anchored the ends of the rope to the bare studs in the walls.

"Ouch! God, this hurts," she panted. Her chin was almost against her cunt, and her back felt like it was going to break. "Can't you..."

"Shut the fuck up," Tony said, getting behind her and slipping his legs under her thighs. He lifted her ass and dropped it to his crotch. "This is gonna be sweet compared to what's coming."

"You filthy animal," Debby grunted, feeling her asshole sting suddenly. He was pushing his prick all the way inside her ass chute. "Give it to me, stud. Ram your cock in me and come. I want your cum inside me!"

"Hang on, bitch," Tony said, moving his wet lips over the middle of her back, "we're gonna fucka long time like this."

Debby was glad -- more than glad. In fact, at that moment, she didn't want Bob to rescue her. If he did, she would have to stop fucking this giant cock. And since her asshole was virgin, she wanted to experience the fuck to the fullest. An ache inside her body filled her with a craving that frightened her.

So what if he'd taken her -- raped her? He had also given her the best pleasure she'd known -- would probably ever know. Maybe this was what she was searching for. She had wanted a man, a real man. Her body jerked with such passion, that her right hand slipped from the knotted rope. Instantly, she reached between her legs and grabbed his balls.

"Ohhhh, fuck me full," she panted, rolling his hairy nuts over her oozing cunt crack.

"Hey -- how'd you get loose?" Tony asked, stopping his fucking movement for a second.

"Shut up, and don't worry about it," Debby cried put, forcing the flesh of his nuts between her constricted pussy opening.

Although Tony wanted to retie her, he couldn't fight the pleasure in his prick. With his cock firmly planted in her ass and his balls gliding over her fluttering cunt opening, he could only go with his animal instincts.

Fuck her ragged.

"Fuck on my prick, you little whore," he panted, pounding his body upward, lifting her slightly on the mattress. "Take it to your brains. Gonna blow your mind with cum."

Debby worked with him, matching his intensity. Each time his cock jabbed into her shitter, she flexed her ass muscles. She cupped and squeezed his nuts, trying desperately to milk him of his cum-load.

"Yes... God, yes!" she screamed suddenly. She experienced one climax after another, until her body burned with exhaustion. "Stuff me. Ram your cock in me, you dog bastard. Aieeeeee!"

Her climax was like a magnet, almost yanking Tony's jism from his swollen, aching balls. And before be could fully grasp what was happening, his cum exploded from his cockhead, showering her insides with molten warmth.

"Fuck it!" he shouted, every muscle in his body flexing, glistening with sweat. "Shit! You cock-hungry slut -- fuck on my cock with your Goddamned shitter."

When Debby felt the sudden warmth of his cum inside her asshole, the sensation inside her body became even more intense. At last she went limp, totally spent.

"Take my cum -- every Goddamned drop," Tony said, still grinding in more of his slippery jizz. He could feel his thick fuck juices sloshing around his prickshaft, melting toward her shitter entrance. Yes, baby, yes.

He reached around and untied her left wrist. When she was free, he held her shoulders, and pulled her back on his body. As she lay on top of him, he squirmed his ass around, felt his cum stream from her shitter and wet his cock hairs.

"Clean me up," he said a few moments later. "Want to lick off some shit-stained cum, baby?"

Debby could almost see the thick globs of cum clinging to his sweaty cock hairs. And they, would taste so good, oozing into her throat like cream.

"Yes." She twisted around, then slid from his body. And although it made it difficult with her legs still tied, she managed to press her face against him. "Ohhhh... yes," she murmured, lapping at the cum.

"You're gonna have plenty of jism to eat while I'm gone," Tony said, watching her gobble his cum into her mouth.

Debby was concentrating so hard on the delicious texture of his jism, that she didn't understand him at first. Suddenly, she pulled her head up, a tiny strand of cum dangling from her chin like a spider web.

"While your gone?" she asked, lapping at the strand of silvery cum.

"Yeah, I have something to do," Tony said. "And I want you to take real good care of my friends until I get back."

"They're going to fuck me?" she asked dully.

"Whatever," Tony laughed. "Why? You gonna miss me?"

"I'll miss you only when you're dead," Debby said, her voice suddenly hard.

Tony pulled away and reached for his clothes. Occasionally, he glanced at her, a cruel smile on his lips. He knew just the trick to break her. And it was going to be so good.

Christ, this was going to be the best ever! Debby watched him move to the door, her eyes filled with loathing. She could almost see his face being crushed. Bob was going to do that for her.

"OK, guys, she's all yours," Tony said, opening the door. "One thing, though. Don't, uh, hurt her, if you know what I mean. I'm saving her up for something special."

Debby lay back against the mattress and closed her eyes. The nightmare was to continue. And those animals would come in here one at a time and fuck her into oblivion. "Oh wow, what a sweet piece," she heard a deep baritone voice say.

"Remember, Psycho," Tony said to his fellow biker, "no funny stuff."

Psycho? Why do they call him Psycho, Debby wondered. Her eyes jerked open, and she turned to look at the man.

"No funny stuff," the man said, his eyes on Debby. "Just lots and lots of fun."

He already had his rigid cock in his hands, padding toward the mattress where Debby lay.

Chapter FIVE

Debby felt her throat constrict with revulsion as she watched the man called Psycho undress. He was dirty and greasy, his jet-black hair matted about his angular face. His eyes were ferret-like, and she could almost feel his gaze as he looked hungrily at her naked body. At one time muscular, he was now a blubbery mass of flesh. Tattoos -- poorly done and faded -- covered his arms. "Oh -- please let me go," Debby begged, almost gagging as he tore out of the rest of his clothes and scrambled between her legs. "Please. God, I'll do anything, just..."

Her words became an agonized groan when he tugged roughly at the ropes about her legs. She was then jerked to a sitting position, and Psycho draped his meaty arms about her shoulders.

"Hey, baby, you still got some pussy for me, or did Tony fuck it all out?"

Debby tried fighting him off by tearing at his shoulders with her nails, but it seemed only to inflame Psycho with greater lust. His long, wet tongue was dipping in and out of her mouth like an evil snake.

She was crushed beneath his hulking weight and she felt his enormous cock jab into her cunt hairs. Psycho lifted his ass quickly, squirmed around and found her fuckhole with his cockhead. With one hard drive, he shoved the full length of his prickshaft inside her pussy.

"Unhhhhhh... tight and hot," he gasped into her throat. "Now fuck me, whore!"

Debby felt her body jerk with pain, as if a hot poker were between her thighs. She tried pulling back, but each move only molded her constricted pussy walls more firmly about his throbbing cock.

And his cock!

Christ, it felt like a baseball bat up her cunt. Almost as big around as it was long, his prick seemed to be piercing right between her tits.

"Take my prick, slut," Psycho said, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her tits. "Shit! Take Psycho's big cock and lick on it with your pussy."

His words were mere vibrations in Debby's throat. And with a sense of growing terror, she realized he would probably fuck her senseless with his horrible cock. She wondered how it was possible to feel so humiliated so degraded.

"Come on, bitch, don't just lay there like a sack of potatoes," Psycho said, lifting his head slightly and giving her a dark look. "I like my women to fuck, and fuck hard, or I'm not nice to them."

Debby began squirming her ass, then lifted her hips slowly up and down. Each move was painful, filled her with more and more loathing.

"That ain't good enough," Psycho said, sitting back on his haunches. "You get on top and do all the work."

This had to be the limit, she thought, the very limit. To crawl over his horrible body and fuck him. "Hang on a second," Psycho said, standing. He walked over to the corner of the room and bent down.

Debby's eyes widened with new horror, but when she saw him only get a can of beer, she was relieved.

"Now I'm just gonna lay here and drink my booze and smoke a cigarette," Psycho said, joining her on the mattress. He lay back and spread his legs slightly. "Hop on, bitch. Fuck on my cock. I want you to ride my cock like a horse."

It was all she could do to keep from vomiting right on his face. Instead, she swallowed hard and straddled his fat midsection. Then closing her eyes, she grasped his cock with both hands and inched it toward her tightly constricted cunt opening. Slowly, his prick entered her, slipping into her soft cunt tunnel.

"Shit, that's fine," Psycho said, guzzling down some beer. Some of the amber fluid oozed across his cheeks and plopped to the mattress, making gritty, foamy pools. "Fuck me real good and you can suck me."

Debby sat down firmly on his cock, then grunted in this position, it was even worse. And the idea of having to fuck him while he watched her with those penetrating eyes filled her with a raging hatred for all men.

"Faster, whore," Psycho said, taking another big swig of beer. "Run that little cunt up and down. Yeah, that's it, slut. Up to your fucking brains."

"It hurts," Debby gasped, although she was moving faster, afraid not to obey.

"Then I'll slick it up a little," Psycho said. He lifted his hand and splashed some beer onto their crotches. Then, after watching the foaming liquid seep into their meshed hairs, he dumped the rest of the booze on her tits. "Beer fuck!" He lunged forward and buried his face between her tits.

The feel of the beer, his mouth, and the burning of his cock made Debby scream with agony. It was the worst feeling she could imagine. She threw her head to one side and began crying.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Psycho ordered, hammering his ass up and down. "Mmmmmmm, gonna really lick these tits good, whore, and lick you to a million pieces."

For what seemed an eternity, Debby worked her ass up and down, sucking his rigid prick deeply inside her cunt. And for some reason, she began to loosen up a little. Perhaps it was the way he was gobbling down on her tits, she didn't know. The pain slowly ebbed. Psycho noticed also.

"That's the way," the man said.

"Nothing better than hot juicy pussy."

"Am-am I doing OK?" Debby spluttered, now feeling a slight tingle of pleasure inside her cunt. "Fast enough for you?"

"Pretty good," Psycho murmured, nibbling at her taut, rubbery nipples. "And you just tell me when you're ready to pop your nuts."

The very idea of climaxing with this scum -- this animal -- filled Debby with total disgust. Who the hell did he think he was, anyway? She bared her nails and tore them into the muscles of his shoulders.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah -- like that," Psycho said, flinching with ecstasy.

Defeated in her efforts to convince him that she was not into this sickening fuck, Debby dropped her hands to her sides. She would just have to go with it, wait for him to splatter his cum inside her cunt and maybe get the hell out.

She fucked up and down his prick a little faster, hoping it would be over soon. His cock slid noisily in and out of her pussy, completely filling her insides.

"Be sure and tell me when you're ready," Psycho said again. "Do that, OK?"

Debby was about to cry out that she would rather die than have an orgasm -- assuming she could, of course -- when her insides suddenly jerked with life. The tingles of ecstasy seemed like some crawling insect on her cunt walls. She shook her head, afraid even to admit what was about to happen, "Ohhhhhhh fuck! Fuck me!" she gasped, squirming around again clawing at his shoulders. "Yes. Stick that big, dirt cock in my pussy and fuck me full of cum."

"Tell me -- tell me when you're ready," Psycho said again.

Debby had no idea why he wanted to know, but if that's what got his rocks off, she didn't care. Hell, nothing mattered now. Just that delicious surge of pleasure inside her boiling cunt.

"Almost -- just a few seconds," she panted, her orgasm swelling at the back of her pussy. "God, this is good... I-I love your sweet cock, you motherfucker."

When she was sure her pussy would explode, she gave a loud grunt, then froze. It was almost there -- just a few seconds away. And even through her disgust and horror, she knew it would be one of the best.

"Now?" Psycho said, jerking his face away from her tits.

"Yes! God, yes, now," Debby panted. Two more cock strokes, perhaps three, and her guts would flood with burning satisfaction. "Ohhhh!"

She was suddenly thrown backward and her cunt was horribly empty. Psycho had jerked his cock from her belly and held her legs apart, slowly letting her climax evaporate.

"You-you bastard!" Debby screamed, realizing now why they called him Psycho. She felt tortured, used, humiliated. "Why? Why'd you stop?" Her eyes were wild, locked on his throbbing cock.

"You ain't gonna get any," Psycho said, laughing. "But I'm gonna get a lot." He grabbed her hands and forced them down on his cock. "Now jack me off in your cunt!"

Well, something was better than nothing, Debby thought, clutching at his swollen prick. She began jacking the loose foreskin furiously up and down over his oval-shaped, purple prickhead.

After about ten seconds, the end of his cock ballooned then exploded with thick, yellow masses of cum. The fiery fuck juice hit her cunt hairs, and shot into her slender cunt opening.

"Stick your cock in! God, please!" Debby begged. "I want your prick inside me. The cum-fuck me! Please!"

"No way, whore," Psycho said, keeping her from jabbing his bursting cock inside her yearning pussy. "All you get is the cum -- no cock right now."

Debby thought her pussy would shrivel up with hunger, but it was useless to beg. This insane animal was going to refuse her any pleasure. The thought made her angry.

"I feel like my cunt is on fire."

Psycho gave a sadistic laugh and pounced forward, crushing her beneath his body. He then lifted his hips slightly and stabbed his cock firmly into her begging cunt. But instead of fucking her, he merely lay on her. And his hulking weight made it impossible for her to move.

"Fuck! Fuck me," she pleaded, clawing at his arms. "Don't just lay on me. Fuck me. God -- please!"

"No, baby, you're gonna crawl and beg for it," Psycho said, again laughing at her torture.

"I will. I'm begging now, you motherfucker," Debby cried out, hardly recognizing the hunger in her voice.

Psycho lay on her for perhaps another three minutes, then pulled back, letting his cock flop upward, hitting his stomach. As he did, he had to push Debby back down.

"No... no, keep your prick in me," Debby said, her eyes riveted to the velvet tip of his cock. "I want it so bad."

Psycho grabbed the ropes that lay on the mattress, then jerked Debby's hands behind her back. After tying tight knots around her wrists, he bound her ankles together. He then stood up and spread his legs. His bobbing cock was about two feet from her gaping mouth.

"Crawl, whore bitch," he said. "And while you crawling, beg for my cock."

When the tip of his prickshaft buzzed between her tonsils, she felt her pussy jerk, then spit out foamy streams of fuck juice.

"Aaaghhhh," she gurgled, locking her lips firmly around the smelly, hairy base of his cock.

"Suck my cock, cocksucker," Psycho said, pumping his ass back and forth. "All the Goddamned way in. Make your sweet mouth like a pussy. Yes, like that -- all fucking tight and juicy."

Debby worked on his cock like it was the last one on earth. And now she no longer cared about the humiliation, the degradation. Nothing mattered but the silky texture of his prick, the acrid flavor of his cum.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she groaned, her eyes glazed with ecstasy. Her pussy was burning, tightening. Another moan escaped her lips and became muffled in his greasy crotch hairs as her orgasm swelled and fluttered in her cunt.

Just as before, her climax was interrupted by Psycho. He grabbed her under the arms and threw her across the room. She landed on the bottom half of the mattress, curled in a writhing ball of flesh.

Immediately, Psycho walked over and stood over her body, his feet against the small of her back and her, stomach. He then humped slightly over and began jacking his cock up and down.

"Gonna come on you, whore," he panted, his eyes moving over her body. "You like this? Huh? Cum on your fucking face and your shoulders?"

Debby turned her head and looked up. Mesmerized she watched his large hands squeeze around his slippery cockmeat. A couple of seconds later, a thick, smoldering glob of cum shot from his cockhead and splattered against her shoulder. A second wad hit the side of her neck.

"Here it comes, bitch," Psycho laughed, gyrating his hips so that his jism splattered over most of her upper body. "Big sweet load of jizz."

Debby stuck out her tongue and tried desperately to catch the dripping jism. It was obvious, however, he wasn't going to give her that pleasure. She would have to be satisfied with licking the cock juice from her own flesh.

If he let her do that, the bastard!

A couple of seconds later, Psycho pulled with both hands, releasing the final lump of cum. It hung from the end of his cock, then plopped down on her left tit. He stood over her for a few seconds, then moved away.

As best she could, Debby lapped at the stray wads of cum, feeling her pussy throb with growing pleasure. Then it hit her -- pleasant, but somewhat empty, climax. She writhed and bucked, pulled against the ropes at her wrists and ankles.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she screamed, then went limp, her chest heaving with exhaustion.

A few seconds later, she felt Psycho's hands on the ropes. After he untied her, he watched her scoop the rest of the cum from her body and drink it down, then crawl toward him.

"Please," Debby begged, hating herself for allowing him to create the sensations that raced in and out of her burning cunt. "Let me suck your cock. Fuck me -- do it, please. God, please."

"Shit, I'm through with you, baby," Psycho laughed. He walked to the door and opened it. She was alone in the room.

Had Debby thought quickly enough, she might have managed to escape just then. The window was half-open, and all she would have had to do was grab her clothes and climb out.

She didn't, however. Nor did she even think about it. Instead, she lay back on the mattress and dug her fingers into her demanding cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck me," she panted, lifting and lowering her hips. "Cock! I want a big hard cock."

When the door opened once more, she jerked her head around, expecting Psycho, and dreading what other games he had in mind.

Instead, a man she'd never seen walked in. And unlike Tony and Psycho, the look in his eyes was almost kind.

"They say it is my turn," he said, closing the door.

"Will you fuck me?" Debby asked, urgency in her voice.

"Hell. Yes," the man said.

"Thank God," Debby moaned, then closed her eyes.

As she lay there, she no longer cared about her feelings of humiliation. She had become an animal like them. And what was worse, she loved the feeling.

"Fuck me," she begged, spreading her thighs and cupping her tits. "God, hurry up and fuck me before I go crazy!"

The man grinned and knelt don on the mattress beside her.

Chapter SIX

The men had hardly shucked off his jeans and shirt before Debby pounced on him. She threw him to his back and swallowed his massive cock inside her yearning pussy with one thrust.

"God!" she screamed, climaxing before his cockhead penetrated her cunt fully. She froze for a second, then began bouncing around on him, tearing at his hairy chest with her nails. Her mouth was wide, her emerald-green eyes flashing. "Fuck -- fuck -- FUCK meeeee!"

"Holy fucking Jesus!" the biker grunted, watching her anguished expression. "What the hell's the matter with you, baby? You act like you act like you've just had your first cock."

In a way it did feel that way for Debby. Her pussy was so tight, fluttering about his throbbing prickshaft. And she couldn't seem to get enough. All those long moments of being denied Psycho's prick had almost made her insane with desire.

She flinched again, then felt her climax slowly subside. She fell forward on the man's body and squirmed her ass around, her warm mouth against the side of his neck.

"Ohhhh. Promise me you won't take your cock out -- ever," she murmured. She was so grateful for the release of her pent up emotions, she turned her head slightly and kissed his mouth passionately. "Ole Tony really knows how to pick them," the man said. "You're the best he's ever drug up here."

Tony, that bastard, then Psycho. Both of them animals. God, how she hated them. She couldn't wait to get even. But that was something to worry about later. Right now, she had a handsome hunk willing to fuck her, and she wanted to be fucked silly.

"Mmmmmmmmm, I like your big cock," she whispered into the man's mouth. "Feels so good. I like all of you." She squeezed her fingers into the taut muscles of his arms. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Mel," the man answered, returning her kisses.

"Oh, Mel, fuck me again," Debby said softly. "God, I thought my pussy was going to explode."

"Again?" Mel laughed. "Shit, baby, I haven't even had a chance to get started the first time."

She liked his voice. It fit him perfectly. So masculine and powerful, yet sensitive. And unlike the other bikers, he was clean and smelled good. He had curly, brick-red hair surrounding a square face, the same color hair that grew over his wide chest. His eyes were a dark blue, wide and expressive.

It was a nice face, a caring one. And he just might be her ticket out of here if she played her cards right.

"Roll over on me and fuck my eyes out," she whispered into his mouth. "Mmmmmmm, let me have this big prick of yours over and over."

"Whatever the lady wants," Mel said with a grin.

He moved his body over on hers and spread her legs a little wider with his knees. He clutched her tits with his large hands and kissed the hallow of her throat. As his teeth and lips nibbled at her soft yielding flesh, he began slowly pumping his ass up and down.

His cock slid noisily in and out of her frothy cunt.

"How's that?" he murmured. "Like it this way, sweetheart?"

Debby had to think for a moment. Quite frankly, she didn't, she realized at last. She liked it rough, and she like to be raped -- just as Tony had raped her.

Tony, that bastard. Well, he might be a bastard, but he sure knew how to fuck!

The memory of the ropes cutting into her flesh while he jabbed his massive cock in and out of her cunt, flooded her mind. She wanted those fucking sensations again, and she also wanted the torture that Psycho had forced on her.

"Tie me up," she whispered.

"Well, I'm not really into that stuff," Mel said, shrugging his shoulders, "but if you really want..."

"Oh, I do!" Debby gasped out, "I want you to do it all to me. Make it hurt -- hurt so good, you bastard."

She knew she could trust him completely. Why, he almost blushed when she suggested it. He looked so much like a little boy, she almost felt like patting him on the head.

"If you really want it," Mel said, pulling away and sitting back on his haunches. "I mean -- remember you asked for it."

"I'll remember," Debby said impatiently. "Just do it, before I go nuts!"

"You want it to hurt?" Mel said, standing.

"Yes, dammit!" Debby said, her eyes on his perfectly formed body. "I tell you I want you to fuck the shit out of me!"

Mel reached for the ropes on the mattress and tied her hands together in front of her. When he was certain the knot was secure, he took another long length of rope and slipped it under the first knot. Again, he tied the hemp. He took the other end of the rope and threw it over a bare rafter in the ceiling, then jerked the slack out.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Debby cried, finding herself yanked to her feet, then her tip toes. "It-it hurts!"

"That's what you said, baby," Mel said, his voice suddenly cold. "And by God, you're gonna hurt like you never hurt before."

Debby thought her mind would explode. Christ, what was he going to do! And it was all her fault. She had begged for it like an idiot.

How could she be so wrong about a person? The look in his eyes was dead. And now, as he stood before her, he didn't look like a handsome, muscular youth. He looked like some evil, pagan God.

"I was just kidding," she gasped, feeling her shoulder's burn with pain. "This rope is... hurting me... too much!"

"You won't mind those ropes in a few moments, you little whore," Mel spat, moving toward the corner of the room. He lifted a long piece of leather, then turned facing her. "Oh no. Not after I whip the shit out of you with this."

Debby's nearly fainted when she saw the long, dark belt. It was about two inches wide, and almost five feet long. It looked lethal as he swung it back and forth.

"No -- God, no," she gasped.

"Yes," Mel said. "But first, I gotta make those big tits of yours stick out a little more. Better target."

He reached down and grasped a long piece of rope and wrapped it around her tits in a figure-eight. As he tightened the two ends of the hemp about her neck and jerked out the slack, her tits bobbed upward. Her nipples almost brushed her chin. Her body throbbed with pain as the rough texture of the rope cut into her flesh.

"Ohhhh! It's killing me," she gasped, squinting her eyes closed. "Don't... God, please. I'll do anything, just don't."

"I know you're gonna do anything," Mel laughed. "And you're gonna start by screaming your fucking head off."

Debby only thought she had been degraded before. This was the limit, the absolute limit. She had actually begged for this insanity!

Her eyes were on the whip, her body shaking with terror. It would cut through the air and slice into her skin. She could already feel the burning spasms of pain to come.

Mel wrapped the end of the belt around his palm and drew back. With his eyes on hers, he slapped the belt forward, hitting her right nipple with the tip of it. The smack of leather on flesh echoed off the wall like a pistol shot.

At first, Debby didn't feel anything except a dull throb. A split-second later, however, her chest was flooded with pain.

Mel hit her again, this time on the left nipple.

Debby screamed so loud, she thought her head would explode.

"Take it," Mel said, grinning sadistically. He smacked between her tits and watched a red welt form. "Does it hurt, whore? Hmmm? Like you wanted?"

Hurt? Christ, it was killing her! He would beat her to death. And he was an expert. He could inflict pain without damage.

"God -- please," she choked, writhing under his assault. "Don't! Please do it again." What! Had she said do it again.

"You like it, don't you?" Mel said, his chest heaving with excitement.

"Yes," Debby said, shocked at her words, I love it! Beat me and then fuck me, you prick! Mmmmmmm, that big prick between your legs.

Her eyes were on his cock, all thick and meaty and ripe for fucking. Already her pussy was churning, begging to be filled with his sweet cockmeat.

The feel of cock and slapping leather! Suddenly, her insides burst with warm release, and she knew she loved the whipping. It was like a frame around her pleasure, emphasizing it.

"Aieeeeeee!" she yelled out, throwing her head to one side. She bit the edge of her armpit until she tasted the salty flavor of blood. "Now, Goddamn you! Now fuck me!"

Mel dropped the belt and stepped closer. As he held her around the waist, he jabbed his hips forward, drilling his cock savagely into her climaxing cunt.

"Unhhhh -- shit!" he gasped, humping slightly downward. He locked his mouth firmly around her wounded nipples, rolled his tongue over the flesh and the rough hemp.

When Debby felt his enormous cock, she had another thundering orgasm. She clamped her cunt muscles around his prickshaft until her loins burned with, exhaustion.

"Yes! Lick me and fuck me. Fuck that big prick in my pussy and pump in gallons of hot cum, you motherfucking stud!"

Mel tightened his grip on her hips and began fucking his cock brutally in and, out of her pussy. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed off the walls.

"All the way, cum-sucker," he panted, chewing at her tits like a starving baby. "Eat my big cock right up your guts and fuck it with your brains, whore."

Debby seemed to experience an eternity of climaxes. And when she thought it couldn't possibly get any better, it did. A million times so. For in the next few moments, she could feel his prick throb, ready to spit out all those wonderful globs of cum.

"Give it to me," she begged. "Load up my cunt with fuck cream. Fuck me full! Cock! Fuck!"

Insane with ecstasy, she felt his prick expand, totally filling her cunt. Then came the sweet vibrations as his cum-load shot from his nuts.

"Fuuuck!" she shrieked, feeling the first, scalding glob of jism melt into her insides.

Debby was about to suggest they do it again, but the door opened suddenly. In walked the prettiest girl she had ever seen.

"What the hell are you doing here?" the woman asked, her dark brown eyes flashing with anger.

"Oh, hi, Carla," Mel said, looking toward the woman. "I thought you were gone."

"Sure as fuck looks like it," Carla said.

It was obvious to Debby that this Carla woman was Mel's girl from the way she was looking at them both. And she certainly didn't want to be part of a triangle at this point! Not while she was hanging from the ceiling, helpless.

"Aw, come on, baby," Mel said, "don't get your tits in an uproar. She's just a new piece, that's all. You're still my ole lady."

His words made Carla's features soften slightly. She shot Debby another quick look, then walked over to where Mel sat and dropped to her knees.

"I wanted a good fuck, and I walk in here and find you already fucked out," Carla said.

"Who says I'm fucked out?" Mel grinned. "Get out of those clothes and I'll show you a fucking you can write home to mama about."

Debby watched with interest as Carla slipped out of her clothes. Dressed, she was pretty. Naked, she looked like a Goddess.

She had flaming red hair, and a perfectly shaped body, all sensuous curves. Her tiny mound of cunt was haloed with red-gold hair, her stomach smooth and flat. Her skin was the color of ripe peaches. And she had a cute round ass that gave way to long, shapely legs.

Debby felt a foreign emotion -- something she couldn't even begin to understand. Something she didn't want to understand. It was as if she were looking at a woman with a man's eyes!

No wonder men love to fuck women, she thought. Just look at that sweet pussy!

Debby bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out that thought. That she would like to dip her tongue inside the girl's cunt!

"Want to lick my pussy?" Carla said to Mel as she lay back on the mattress and spread her legs. "Hmmm, baby? Wanna warm me up a little?"

Debby thought she would pass out with desire when she saw Mel's tongue enter the girls wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, unable to control her voice.

Carla looked up at Debby and squeezed her ripe nipples.

"Hey Mel, I think you little girlfriend like to watch what you are doing."

He was washing her pussy with long hard, sucking strokes, pulling the opaque cunt juices over his tongue. "You say something?"

"I said, your little girlfriend looks like she either wants you again -- or me," Carla giggled. "I can't figure out which." She lapped again over her nipples and looked at Debby evenly. "What is it? You want me?"

"Yes," Debby heard herself say. "I mean, I -- don't know what I -- yes."

"Get up, you bastard," Carla said to Mel, pushing him away. "Let's include her in this. I just hate to see a woman want it and not get it."

Again, Debby wished she'd kept her mouth shut. What humiliation was Carla now going to heap on her? She shivered with a mixture of revulsion and anticipation.

"What are you going to do?" Debby asked, her eyes wide, her mouth gaping open.

"Why, baby, I'm gonna lick my man's cum out of your pussy," Carla said, standing. "That's the best way. Straight out of a hot cunt."

"But that..." Debby began, trembling with horror.

"That's delicious," Carla laughed. "And when I finish eating out that sweet pussy, you're gonna eat on mine."

"Hey, what about me?" Mel asked, watching Carla move over to Debby. "I was just getting you juiced up, and you fucking leave me."

"She's got other holes," Carla laughed. "We'll plug her together."

"Don't," Debby gasped. She would never be able to look herself in the face again if she let this happen. But how could she stop it? "I don't want it."

"But I do, and you're in no position to argue, are you?" Carla said, dropping to her knees before Debby. "Now spread those legs and get ready for a tongue fucking!"

When Debby felt the girl's hands on her thighs, an electric-like jolt of pleasure shot up her spine. Involuntarily, she spread her legs. "Mmmmmmm, would you look at this sweet, cum-filled pussy," Carla whispered, darting the tip of her tongue into the soft recesses of Debby's cunt opening. "So sweet and thick and..."

As her voice became a vibration inside her body, Debby relaxed, knowing it was useless to fight the sensations. Her body flinched suddenly, however, when Mel's rough hand touched her back.

"You lick her, honey," he said to Carla, "while I ream out this little shitter."

Tongue and cock entered Debby's body the same time.

Chapter SEVEN

Debby shivered with ecstasy when Carla's mouth clamped firmly around her cunt. The woman's tongue was like an exploring snake, sliding over areas a cock couldn't reach.

Behind her, Mel nudged in more of his prick, searing the tip of his prick into the rim of her ass muscle. His hands were moving up and down Debby's sides, his fingers kneading and pulling her delicate flesh. Debby refused to believe that she actually liked what they were doing. She'd never been with a woman like this before, and she considered ass-fucking to be apart of making love.

As the sensations of pleasure became more intense, however, she let her mind go blank. Mel's cock inched farther into her spreading asshole and Carla's tongue lapped over her slick pussy lips.

"Ohhhh God," Debby moaned, her body tensing. "Lick -- fuck -- eat me," she heard herself say.

It had to be the best experience of her life! Christ, the combination of hardness and softness at the same time filled her body with an ecstasy that bordered insanity. And it was confusing. Before, her orgasms seemed to begin at the back of her cunt and swell forward, finally bursting around her clit.

But now, the rippling sensations seemed to close in from outside her body and melt into her flesh. Her entire body seemed to be in flames, causing her to jerk her hips back and forth. His cock slipped in and out, and her tongue lapped completely over her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm, love sucking cum like this!" She slipped her fingers up the insides of Debby's thighs and grasped Mel's dangling balls. "Hope you have a lot more jizz to fuck in her."

Suddenly, Debby felt a vacuum in her pussy. Carla had pulled away and was sitting on her haunches, looking at Debby's tits.

"Don't stop," Debby said. "God, it was so nice. I've never had a woman to..."

"Don't you want to kiss me a little?" Carla asked, rolling her tongue around in her open mouth. "I've got a thick lump of cum in my cheeks."

Debby's mind seemed to freeze when she saw the pink, parted lips, the flickering tongue, the masses of frothy pussy-flavored cum on Carla's teeth.

To kiss a woman like that?

To eat her own pussy juice and a man's cum?

"Yes," she whispered to Carla. "Kiss me. Let me have some of his fuck cream."

Slowly, Carla stood. As she did, she ran the tip of her tongue over Debby's stomach between her upturned tits and against the hollow of her throat. Debby lowered her head, and their lips met.

The flavor of cum and cunt juice, and the warmth of Carla's mouth made Debby climax instantly. Her orgasm seemed to race up her spine, flood her throat, then explode inside her brain.

"Mmmmmfffff!" she spluttered, sucking on Carla's mouth like it was a cock.

And Mel's cock was ready to burst, she knew. It was stiff as iron, yet pulsated violently.

"Ready, you little whore?" Mel grunted, punching his cock savagely into her ass. "I've got a load of cum that's gonna blow your asshole into a million fucking pieces."

"Yessssss!" Debby hissed in another frenzy of ecstasy. Carla was licking and chewing greedily on her pussy. She squeezed her knees together to relieve some of the horrible cunt itch, but she knew that only a cock could do the job.

"Take it, you fucking pig," Mel gasped, feeling his cum-load burst from his swinging balls. "Ohhhhhhh! Motherfucking shit -- now!"

When his jism spewed into her ass, Debby went limp. She just couldn't take the raw pleasure any longer. It was too good, too fantastic.

"Ohhhhhhh," she groaned, closing her eyes.

Carla nuzzled her head fully between Debby's legs and lapped her tongue over the hairy surfaces of Mel's swollen nuts. Some of his cum had splattered backward and melted into the hairs, stinging her lips.

"Fuck her full of cum, bastard," Carla said, darting her tongue between them, sucking at both cockbase and asshole. "Mmmmmmm, give her a gallon!"

Mel thrust deeply, savagely, emptying his full load of jizz in a matter of seconds. Finally, he crushed himself forward and let the fluttering of Debby's ass muscles suck out the last, molten glob of cum.

"Ohhhh shit," he grunted, kissing the back of Debby's neck. "I think you fucked my Goddamned brains out baby."

"Move back," Carla said to Mel. "I need to get closer to her sweet asshole."

Debby was horrified when Mel slipped his cum-stained cock from her ass, and then Carla began kissing up and down the crack of her ass. Was there anything this woman wouldn't do?

Still it wasn't exactly bad. Carla was an expert with that tongue, and the tingling sensations inside her shitter made blood rush once more to her pussy.

"Ahhh! I love sucking cum," Carla groaned, digging the tip of her tongue into Debby's asshole. "Mmmmmmm, anywhere I can get it."

Debby's body responded quickly to what Carla was doing. She began moving her hips around, spreading her legs a little wider to give her a better angle. But when Carla felt Debby's climax slowly build, she moved her mouth away, leaving Debby empty, yearning for more.

"Why'd you stop?" Debby asked, a tortured expression on her face. "It was feeling so good."

"No, baby, it's your turn," Carla said, moving back in front of Debby. She then looked at Mel. "Untie her so she can eat out my pussy."

Debby felt a wave of revulsion. In the frenzy of her pleasure, she had entertained thoughts about the woman and sucking her cunt. But now...

Mel untied her and pushed her down on the mattress. He spread her legs and looked up at Carla.

"Want me to do anything?"

"You can watch," Carla said, pushing him aside and kneeling in front of Debby. "We'll call you if we want you."

Debby's hands were jerking, and she wished she could form the words to convince Carla that she didn't want to do this horrible thing. But from the expression on the woman's face, she knew it would be useless. There was an animal-like glint in her eyes.

"OK, baby, give me a slow, sweet tongue fucking," Carla said, leaning back, resting herself on her elbows.

Debby felt her heart in her throat as she looked at the woman's body. It was so soft and sensual. And those tits. Firm and ripe, jutting upward. Her gaze dropped to Carla's pussy. The golden-red hairs were matted with fuck juices.

Debby felt a twitch in her throat, almost like when she saw a thick meaty cock. Cock. She felt her body move forward, as if the soft, steamy cunt were drawing her like a magnet.

When her face was just a few inches away from Carla's pussy, she could smell her spicy cunt juice. The scent inflamed her with a desire she was afraid to name, and she knew she would gladly suck cunt, even if the woman hadn't ordered her to do so.

"Eat my pussy, sweet bitch," Carla said, touching Debby's shoulders and forcing her head all the way down. "Ohhhhhhh yes. Stick your tongue in my pussy like a cock." When Debby cautiously dipped the tip of her tongue inside Carla's pussy, her own pussy began throbbing. The sensations that raced in and out of her body couldn't be compared to anything she'd ever experienced. She smacked her lips around Carla's writhing cunt opening, pushing back the loose folds of skin with her teeth. Suddenly, a milky stream of pussy juice burned her chin. She sucked the fluid in to her throat and gave a choking, sputtering moan.

"Oh yes," Carla grunted, digging her nails into the soft flesh of Debby's shoulders. "No way can a man lick pussy like a woman."

Although Debby didn't exactly know what to do, she went on instinct. She bared her teeth and scraped them up and down Carla's pink cunt, bit into her milky flesh and pulled the red hairs across her tongue.

It was working, because Carla's pussy grew hotter and began churning with more streams of opaque cunt juice.

"That's it -- yes, baby, stick your tongue all the way in," Carla gasped, her eyes, half closed.

Beside them, Mel was watching with interest. Each time he saw Carla's cunt swallow Debby's tongue, he felt his nuts throb harder. He reached out and stroked. Carla's tits, fingering her rubbery, pink nipples.

"How about a little of the action for me?" Mel asked, scooting closer. "My cock is raring to go, baby. I'd like to stick it someplace. Like your mouth, or her sweet cunt."

Debby was about to cry out that she wanted his cock in her pussy, but Carla beat her to the punch.

"Face fuck me," Carla said, pulling him over on her body. "Ram that big cock in my throat while she licks on my cunt."

Debby looked through the glistening red hairs above Carla's pussy and saw Mel's tight, hairy ass. His knees were planted firmly in the woman's armpits, and his balls lay nestled between her tits. She reached up with her right hand and touched the dark, hairy crack of his ass.

"Ohhhhhhh. I want your cock, too," she whispered, more to herself than him.

It would be so nice to lick pussy and have him fucking her cunt at the same time. Instead, he was ramming his prick in and out of Carla's throat. And from the way she was groaning and spluttering, she was enjoying it to the fullest.

"That's it, whore," Mel grunted, punching his cock all the way into Carla's throat. "Suck my cock down like a good little cocksucker. Gonna blow my cum all over your fucking tonsils."

As he moved his ass back and forth a little more quickly, Debby ran the tip of her middle finger into the crack of his ass. Slowly, she slipped it into his greasy asshole. After working it around in his slick ass chute, she withdrew it and touched it to her lips. The flavor caused her throat to burn with hunger.

"Ohhhhhhh -- ohhhhhhh, take it," she gasped, plunging her tongue fully into Carla's pussy. Something told her, if she did everything she could to bring them off, it would be her turn for his prick. And she found it almost impossible to wait. She gave another moan and bit hungrily into Carla's pussymeat.

Carla gave a gurgling groan of ecstasy around the root of Mel's prick. Her back arched, and her insides, were flooded with spasms of climax. She raked at his sides with her nails, leaving long, red welts.

"That's it, cocksucker," Mel said, thrusting his cock harder into her throat. "Really fucking get after my cum. I'm so close -- just a couple more seconds."

When Debby heard his words, she could almost see the thick globs of cum pouring into Carla's mouth. She wanted jizz too!

"Me -- let me have some," she begged, scrambling forward. She kissed the crack of Mel's ass, nuzzling her head farther under his thighs, to his balls. "Save me some cum to suck!"

While she lapped at his balls and the furry fringe of his wirey crotch hairs, she saw a slippery stream of jism ooze from Carla's mouth. She thrust out her tongue and managed to touch some cum. Instantly, a jolt of pleasure hit her gifts.

"Mmmmmmm... let me suck," she begged, trying to tear Mel away from Carla's face.

Mel rolled over on one knee and squeezed Debby's head up next to Carla's. He then withdrew his cock and plunged it into Debby's mouth.

After she ate down a couple of greasy wads, he again stuffed his exploding cock in Carla's throat, giving her the rest of his load of jism.

The taste of his cum almost drove Debby crazy. She began munching and biting his crotch, his balls, even chewed on Carla's cheeks.

"Fuck me! Goddamn, I've got to have a big cock in my pussy or I'll go crazy," she panted.

"Not so fast, baby," Carla said. "You didn't finish eating my pussy. Now get back down there."

Debby obeyed, but she shivered with disappointment at leaving Mel's thick, throbbing cock. Just being close to it was enough.

She again planted her face between Carla's legs and lapped at her red-haired, oozing fuckhole. It was good, she had to admit, but nothing like a big, thick cock!

After she had been licking and chewing for a few moments, she saw Mel crawl around her. He then knelt between her legs and lifted her ass. She felt his cock slip forward, touching her cunt hairs.

"Oh! You'll fuck me?" she asked, gasping for air.

"Eat me," Carla ordered, pushing Debby's face back down on her cunt. "I don't give a fuck what he does, but you're gonna lick my pussy to death."

Debby would have done anything now. Anything at all. Mel's hot cock was entering her yearning cunthole, stretching her opening wide with his hard prickhead.

"Mmmmmmm," she gurgled, thrusting her tongue hard up inside Carla's pussy. "All the way in. Fuck me hard! Fuck in your cum."

"Ohhhh shit, baby," Mel grunted, leaning slightly forward. "I think your cunt gets tighter every time I fuck you."

Debby had been fucked so many times in the past twenty-four hours that her pussy had swollen almost shut. Mel's cock, however, soon opened her pussy hole completely. Her insides were raw, but even the pain was exciting.

"Like this, whore?" Mel said, beginning to pump his ass back and forth. "Hmmm? You like getting fucked and eating pussy at the same time?"

Debby couldn't imagine anything better. She had the best of both worlds. Hot cock and tight pussy!

Just the thought of what was happening made her cunt explode around his plunging cock. Her orgasm built dramatically, then seemed to fill her insides like heavy steam. She jerked and flinched, then fell limp, her mouth firmly molded around Carla's fluttering cunt leaving her exhausted. She panted noisily into Carla's cunt while Mel drove the rest of his boiling cum into her pussy.

"Perfect," she whispered. "God, I've never been fucked so good in all my..."

Her words became a cry of surprise when she saw a movement at the door. At first she couldn't believe her eyes.

Bob, her brother, had found, her! "Debby!" Bob said, his gaze going over her naked body. "Wh-what are you doing?"

Seeing her brother had made her feel relieved, but now she felt humiliation. What would he think of her? Being fucked like this, and eating on a pussy!

She couldn't imagine greater shame. Until she saw Tony standing behind her brother.

And then she noticed that Bob's hands were behind his back, and he had a cut under his right eye.

"Look, you motherfucker," Bob said, looking back at Tony. "If you've hurt her, I'll kill you."

"Shut up, punk," Tony said, pushing him into the room. "You ain't in any position to do anything except what I tell you to do."

That bastard, Debby thought? Tony had gone out and found her brother, probably lied to him, then beat him up. But why? She couldn't imagine the reason.

"I brought your brother to rescue you." Tony said. "Remember, sweetheart? He's the stud to take you out of here."

"Let us go, you bastard," Bob said, gritting his teeth as [missing text]. "I'm finished with my fun," Tony laughed.

"What are you going to do?" Debby asked, afraid of the answer.

Was he going to fuck her, humiliate her, right in front of her own brother? Her mind was raging with pure loathing.

"You're gonna get fucked," Tony grinned. "But not by me, baby." He looked at Debby, then to Bob. "He's gonna fuck you."

"You motherfucker!" Bob said, lunging toward Tony.

Tony kicked out, knocking him to the floor. He then stood over him and laughed again.

"I may be a motherfucker, punk," he said, his eyes crazed, "but you're soon gonna be a sister fucker."

Debby closed her eyes and began sobbing.

Chapter EIGHT

Debby watched horrified as her brother was strung up, tied to a bare rafter in the ceiling. After the slack had been pulled from the rope, barely letting his feet touch the floor, his clothes were torn from his body.

Debby wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn't. Bob looked like a sacrificial lamb. And for the first time, she noticed just how handsome he was.

As he hung there, his hands tied together, his arms over his head, she shot quick glances over his body.

He was blond, like herself, but that was where the similarity ended. Thick cords of muscles stood out like angry snakes along his well formed physique. His chest was almost hairless but a thick patch of corn-colored hair framed his cock and balls.

And she certainly couldn't tear her eyes away from that area!

Why was it she'd never noticed just how huge his cock was, even now, when it was limp. His prickshaft was thick and rubbery, slightly curved and crowned with a purplish head half-covered with a sheath of foreskin.

Thank God she hadn't seen him like this until now, she thought. Sister or not, she might have tried. She swallowed hard and looked away, unable to finish the horrible, humiliating thought.

"How do you want it first, big stud?" Tony asked Bob. "You want your sister to suck your cock, or how about a little trip inside her tight pussy? Oh yes, I've been there and it's just made for fucking!"

"I'll get you," Bob said evenly, pure hatred in his clear blue eyes.

"Well," Tony laughed a little uneasily, "until that time, just hang around and enjoy it."

Tony moved over and untied Debby. He then threw her to her knees and reapplied the ropes to her wrists, holding her arms behind her back. He attached more ropes to her ankles. She fought him, but could make no headway against his hulking strength.

"There," Tony said, taking a step backwards. "Now crawl over, and let me see you eat on your brother's cock, baby."

"Never," Debby said, although she did feel a hungry twitch in the back of her throat.

"Want me to hurt him?" Tony said, reaching for the wide belt. "It's your choice, sweetheart. Want to see how much he can take?"

"No -- don't!" Debby begged. "I'll do it!"

"Stop, Debby," Bob said quickly to his sister. "Let him have his joke. Don't do this... this."

"I'm sorry, Bob," Debby said, tears in her eyes. She would have gladly died to keep her brother from being beaten. "I have to do it."

"That's better," Tony said. He turned to Carla and Mel and shot them a sadistic grin. "Now we'll just watch what happens."

An eternity seemed to pass for Debby as she crawled to Bob. His cock was now just a few inches from her mouth, and she could already smell his maleness.

Soon, with her lips firmly planted at the hairy, root of his cock, she could feel his prick go hard.

Debby held herself there for a few more seconds, then pulled her head back, letting his cock flop from her mouth and hit his stomach with a smack. She looked up at him.

Suddenly, there was communication between them. The only reason they're doing this to us, they both thought, is because we don't want it. What if we... well, pretended to enjoy it?

"Suck me, Sis," Bob said, almost choking on the words. "Stick my cock back in your mouth and eat on it."

"Yes," Debby said, shivering with pleasure. She munched up the underside of his prickshaft and gobbled his massive cockhead. "Mmmmmmm, yes."

Obviously their ruse had worked, because a dark scowl formed on Tony's face. Still, he didn't do anything but watch.

Debby sucked Bob's prick entirely into her throat. And when his cockhead throbbed between her tonsils, she let her tongue bathe it with warm spit.

She was sucking her brother and pretending to enjoy it. What was wrong with that? They had made her do it. But if she was, indeed, pretending, why was her pussy twitching, so wildly. "Ohhhh, he's got a big cock," she heard Carla say.

"Shut the fuck up," Tony said with anger in his voice.

"Come on, baby, I have one for you right here," Mel said, pushing her head down to his middle.

While Debby sucked faster on Bob, she heard Carla's hungry grunts. She, too, was eating on cock.

And Tony's eyes were still locked on her.

What sort of pleasure could he possibly get out of this? she wondered.

"Hurry and give me lots of cum to suck down," she said, letting Bob's cock slip from her lips. She kissed between his balls and pulled his short cock hairs between her teeth. "Mmmmmmmm, I've always wanted to suck off my brother."

"You have?" Bob asked, stunned. And at that moment, he realized she was no longer pretending, just as he wasn't. "I-I'm glad."

Debby returned his smile, then began sucking on his prick like a starving calf. She used her teeth, her lips and her tongue to cover every square inch of his balls and cock. And after they were glistening with her spit, she munched down on his prickshaft, drawing it fully into the back of her throat.

"Suck, cocksucking bitch," Bob grunted.

Christ, her mouth was as good as any pussy! "I'm... almost there, baby, almost..."

Debby found it a torture to wait another second. She sucked and chewed wildly, her throat becoming a vacuum. A couple of seconds later she felt the base of his cock jerk with life.

"Now, baby, now!" Bob cried out, his body writhing with pleasure.

Almost instantly, Debby's mouth was tilled with massive gobs of scalding cum. Bob's climax was so intense, his fuck juices seemed tar explode. A shower of jism swept upward, behind her nose. As twin glistening streams of fuck cream oozed from both nostrils, more wads of cum splattered down her throat.

"Aaaaghhhhh," she spluttered, feeling her own orgasm rip through her cunt muscles like a knife.

"Suck, Goddamn you, cocks sucker -- suck!" Bob panted, jerking his ass back and forth. "Every fucking drop of cum, and eat it down."

Debby gobbled and sucked as quickly as she could, but even her hungry mouth couldn't take all the jizz he had to offer. He was like a cum machine!

"Ahhhhh... mmanmmm," she murmured, feeling streams of cum slide toward her chin and hit her tits. Another spasm hit her insides, causing her back to arch. She moaned then molded her face to his burning crotch.

Finally, the last lump of jism oozed from Bob's cockhead, and he went limp. His chest was heaving, his eyes glazed with satisfaction.

"God, Sis, that was the fucking best. I really ought to thank this motherfucker."

In a way, Debby felt the same way. If it hadn't happened this way, it might never have happened at all.

She spit her brother's cock out and kissed into his crotch hairs, collecting all the stray gobs of cum. When he was clean, she sat back on her haunches and looked up at him.

"When we get out of this mess," she began then let her words become a wide smile.

"Who the fuck says you're gonna get out of this?" Tony said, standing and walking over. "This fucking party has just started."

Debby looked at him with contempt. What other insane game did he have to play?

"Fuck time," Tony said, glaring at her. He yanked her to her feet and attached another rope to the knot at her wrist. "You, like sucking him. Let's see how you like fucking him." He threw the rope over the rafter.

They were now tied up together, face to face, Bob's cock against the furry warmth of her pussy.

Debby locked into her brother's eyes and felt a tremor of excitement. His cock was going to squeeze into her pussy, fill it with more of his bubbly cum.

Her brother's cum!

Sucking him was one thing but to actually have him inside her cunt? She flinched and turned beet-red with shame.

"What's the matter?" Tony grunted, smiling at her reaction. "You just pretending before? That's what I thought." He looked victorious, crazed. "Well, it's time for some more pretending. Hey, Carla get your fucking mouth off Mel's prick long enough to help them over here."

"Mmmmmmm? What do you want me to do?" Carla asked, lifting her head from Mel's prick.

"Stick this bastard's cock up her cunt," Tony said. "I want to watch his prick go in. Just like a hundred other cocks are gonna do before it's over."

Carla scrambled over and knelt beside Debby and Bob. She grasped his cock, but instead of stuffing it into Debby's cunt, she sucked it in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, sliding her tongue up and down the rubbery shaft of his prick.

"Goddamn you, bitch," Tony spat. "Not you -- you fucking cocksucker -- her!"

Reluctantly, Carla spit Bob's cock out and guided it into the furry recesses of Debby's swollen cunt mound.

Bob had been so stunned by Carla's cocksucking, that at first he didn't realize what was happening when his prick entered his sister's pussy. Christ, two women at the same time! And that Carla was some nice-looking lady. A mouth like a suction cup!

His cock slipped in deeper, became embedded in Debby's frothy pussy. That certainly brought him back to reality.

Debby closed her eyes, unable to witness what was happening. New waves of humiliation and shame swept through her body.

Her brother's cock was inside her!

"Sis, I'm fucking you," Bob said. His eyes were on Debby, a look of compassion on his face. "We're really fucking."

"I know," Debby said.

She couldn't believe the emotions she was experiencing. Now was it possible to love something so much, yet hate it equally at the same time?

Bob's cock was so long, so thick and sweet as it throbbed deeply inside her cunt. His prick filled every corner and crevice of her cunt, pulsating against her fluttering cunt walls.

Bob withdrew his prick slowly, then thrust it back inside her cunt. As he did, his balls touched the insides of her thighs, causing a shiver of excitement to race up their spines.

And with each thrust of his prick, she was brought to greater heights of ecstasy.

"That's it, brother," she gasped into his mouth. "Just like that! In and out -- hard, fast! Give me some hot cum to fuck."

Bob was struggling with the ropes, but not to free himself. He wanted to reach around his sister's body and crush her harder onto his cock. He wanted to feel her massive tits throb into his chest, to hold her firm ass hard.

"Holy shit," he grunted, feeling his cum load ready to splatter from his balls. "I'm gonna come. Gonna come. Fuuuuck!"

Debby felt his prick jerk with life, then swell to an even greater size. Any second now, she thought, and her pussy would be bubbling with his jism.

Just thinking about the creamy lumps of his fuck juice was enough to cause her insides to explode. She threw her head back and screamed, experiencing the most fantastic release she had ever known.

It was savage, brutal, sweet.

And then his cum shot into her cunt.

"Uhhhhh!" Bob cried out, freezing for a second. As the third and fourth bursts of jism blasted into his sister's cunt, he began moving once more. "Take my cum, cocksucker sister. Take my cum and fuck me -- fuck me dry."

It was too much for Carla as she watched what was happening. She crawled over and began sucking them both as they fucked. All three seemed to share the same orgasm. At last, however, the final pang of pleasure was squeezed out, leaving them gasping with satisfied exhaustion.

"Baby... fucking Sister," Bob moaned. "Why have we waited so long?"

Debby was too tired to answer at first. When she did, her voice was trembling with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, Bob," she sighed, the tone of her voice sultry enough to convey her feelings.

"OK, party time is over," Tony said, getting off the mattress. "I've got some other tricks up my sleeve."

Both Debby and Bob were jerked back to reality at the sound of his voice. Bob glared at him in anger.

"You motherfucker! When I get untied..." he said.

"Who says you're gonna ever be untied," Tony laughed. "I might let you swing there like a piece of meat for a long time."

Dodging Bob's kicks, Tony struggled with the bonds that held Debby. When she fell limply into his arms, he turned to Mel.

"You keep an eye on him, Mel," he said. "If you let him go, you're fucking dead."

"Sure, Tony," Mel said, although there was less fear in his voice than Tony expected.

"What are you going to do?" Debby asked as he dragged her roughly across the room.

"Gonna give you what you want, baby," Tony said. "A real, hard fucking."

"You hurt her, you bastard, and..." Bob shouted out, but the door closed, leaving him alone with Mel and Carla.

"Hey, don't get excited," Carla said, standing before him. "He's not really gonna hurt her. Down deep, Tony is a good guy."

"Well, you can shit in your hat and call it a Christmas turkey, but that don't make it so," Bob spat.

"Hey, don't be mad at me," Carla said, letting her fingers move over his naked muscular body. "I'm a good person too. Mmmmmmm, I'll show you, if you'll let me."

Bob wanted to kick out at her, but the hungry look in her eyes made his nuts throb.

He suddenly remembered that sweet mouth of hers.

And besides, if he played his cards right, she might help him.

"You watch him, Carla," Mel said, moving toward the door. "I'm fucking bushed. Just remember what Tony said."

If Carla heard, she didn't show it. She was gyrating her hips, moving her wet pussy over the underside of Bob's throbbing cock.

"Want to fuck me?" she said to Bob, digging her nails into his firm biceps. "Hmmm?"

"Do I have much of a choice?" Bob asked. "I seem to be all tied up."

"Mmmmmmm, and I like it," Carla said, her eyes flashing. "You'll have to do anything I ask."

"If you don't watch it, I might do more than you ask."

Outside, it was growing dark, and as Debby was dragged into the woods behind the house, the fresh air gave her new strength. It still seemed like a dream to her more so now.

For some reason, she no longer feared Tony. What could he do to her? God, he'd done everything possible.

She looked back toward the house and wondered what Bob was thinking, what he was doing. He was probably getting his cock sucked by that Carla.

That thought excited her.

"More games?" she said to Tony, undisguised loathing in her voice. "What is it this time? You gonna bring my uncle out to fuck me?"

"No," Tony said, pushing her up against a tree. "I've got something else in mind."

He positioned her between two trees then attached ropes to her wrists. When they were securely tied, he wrapped the ropes about the trees, then pulled out the slack. Debby's back arched painfully.

In a way, Debby was even looking forward to what was coming. That's why she didn't resist more. Being tied up and fucked by him wasn't all that bad. Especially now, with the gentle wind in the trees and night falling.

When Tony was sure the ropes would hold, he stepped back and let his eyes play over Debby's body. In the dying sunlight, she looked like a bound Goddess.

He gathered some wood and built a fire about ten feet in front of her while she gave him an amused smile.

"I didn't know you were a fucking boy-scout," she said with contempt.

"Actually, I was, a long time ago," Tony said. "I used to help old ladies across the street, then fuck them in the parking lot."

Well, he had a sense of humor, even if he was an idiot. In fact, Debby felt her hatred for him begin to melt.

It seemed centuries ago that she was in that bar, and he'd approached her. What if he hadn't, and she'd gone home with that bartender, Randy?

A nice quiet evening of fucking. Instead, she'd been assaulted, beaten and humiliated. She'd she had the most wonderful pleasures she could imagine.

Yeah, Tony was looking better and better.

"Be right back," Tony said, walking back toward the house.

"Where are you going?" Debby gasped her pussy was boiling, ready to be fucked by his thick cock. "Aren't you going to fuck me?"

He was lost in the trees, leaving her tied up before the fire. And when she heard his footsteps a few moments later, coming from the far darkness, she was more than ready for anything he had to offer.

Christ, anything!

Chapter NINE

"Uhhhhh!" Tony yelled out, every muscle in his body flexing. "Take it, you fucking slut!"

When his boiling, churning masses of jism hit her asshole, Debby had another thundering release. She began writhing and bucking as if she were being whipped.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she chanted over and over, her words corresponding to the spasms that shook her body.

"Baby, baby," Tony gasped, plunging in the bulk of his cum-load, squirming his ass around. "Every fucking drop of jizz right up to your brains."

Debby no longer felt human. It was as if he were transformed into some dark being, a child of hell. And nothing mattered but raw, savage pleasure.

"Yes! God, yes," she moaned, then collapsed.

When she opened her eyes, she was no longer between the two trees. She was next to the fire, her arms outstretched. Rough rope was attached to her wrists, and the ends were secured somewhere in the darkness. Her legs were also outstretched, hemp cutting into the delicate flesh of her ankles.

"My God! What happened?" she asked, her voice dry and cracking.

"You passed out on us," Tony said. He was sitting beside her, his eyes on her heaving tits. "I thought I'd wait until you came around for the next part."

The next part? Good Lord! What could possibly follow?

"Ever been fucked raw?" Tony asked, this voice sadistic, cruel.

Sure she had. On her stomach and with a big cock plunging in and out of her cunt from behind.

"You, mean..."

"I am gonna fuck you rough," Tony said. "And while you get your pussy fucked by a tree limb, I'm gonna shove my cock in your throat."

Debby didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was going to happen again. She was in some insane time warp.

"A tree limb is going to fuck me?" she asked softly, remembering the feeling before she passed out.

"That's a fact baby!" Tony said as he straddled her chest. He dropped his ass to her tits and leaned slightly forward. His balls nuzzled into the hollow of her throat. His cockshaft flopped across her face. "Now, baby, open that little mouth and get ready to get your throat fucked!"

It was useless to fight it, Debby knew if she struggled, he would fuck her anyway.

But it was frightening. Not for the humiliation or the pain.

It was frightening because she knew she would like it.

She opened her mouth and sucked his monstrous cock into her throat. When her lips munched at the dark-blond hairs at the root of his cock, she felt the the limb on her thighs. The dry bark touched her stomach, then the underside of her left tit. The roughness of the tree limb scratched the tops of her thighs.

"Fuck this," she heard Tony say.

Debby's mouth froze around Tony's cock when she felt a wet, warm pressure against her cunt. She could almost see the long slithering tree limb ready to punch into her cunt.

First, Tony's cock in her ass, and now -- a fucking tree limb! The limb began entering her. It was about as big around as a man's finger, but long -- God, so long! It eased farther inside her cunt, the oval-shaped tip squeezing against her cunt walls. This small, rough limb crept up the insides of her thighs, resting just below her cunt entrance.

"Mmmmmfffff!" she spluttered, arching her back.

"How do you like nature?" Tony chuckled sadistically. "Hmmm, baby? Getting really tree-fucked?"

Just when Debby thought it was impossible for her pleasure to increase, it did. Dramatically so. Tony's cock exploded inside her throat, sending, a shower of cum into her belly.

"Aaaghhhhhh," she choked, sending a milky spray of jism into his crotch hairs.

"Suck me fucking dry, whore," Tony gasped, holding the back of her head with both hands. He pounded his cock savagely in and out of her throat, splattering cum over the insides of her cheeks and across her tongue. "Lick -- eat, bitch!"

As more of his jism splashed down her throat, Debby experienced, an incredible release. At last, she went limp, her body no longer able to react. Still, Tony pushed in more cum. His fuck juice filled her mouth and throat, then oozed from her lips. As his jizz rolled across her cheeks, it cooled her burning flesh.

"Ohhhh, shit! That's it," Tony said, fucking in the last glob of cum. He squirmed his ass over her face, then collapsed.

Debby didn't know how long she lay there beneath him -- whether it was five minutes or an hour. Her body was dulled, her brain unable to grasp what had happened.

Finally, cool air hit her body. Tony pulled the limb out of her cunt.

Tony sat beside her.

"Baby, I'm gonna keep you around and fuck you to death," Tony said, touching her tits.

Debby was too weak to reply.

Even when he untied her, she found it almost impossible to move. He must have realized this also, for he made no effort to keep her from escaping.

Christ, she couldn't even crawl!

What happened next occurred so quickly, Debby didn't fully realize what was going on until it was over.

Somehow, her brother Bob, had escaped. He crept up behind Tony and hit him on the side of the head with a large board. Tony crumpled. Then Bob began kicking and hitting him with fury, even after Tony was completely unconscious.

At last, heaving with victory, Bob grabbed the lit end of one of the sticks in the fire and thrust it towards Tony's middle. He was going to ram the red-hot probe into the man's crotch.

"No!" Debby screamed, just in time. "Not there!"

"Huh?" Bob said, whirling around. "After what he did to you, I ought to cut his cock off and burn it."

"Let's get out of here," Debby said, struggling to her feet.

"I want to kill him," Bob said evenly. "I want him to hurt -- like you did."

"Please, Bob, listen to me," Debby said. "Let's just get out of here. He's not worth spending the rest of your life in prison for."

Bob glared at Tony one last time, then kicked him again. He went over and grabbed his sister and led her through the woods toward the house.

"How'd you get free?" Debby asked.

"Uh -- Carla," Bob said, almost blushing. "She's... uh, gonna drive us away from here."

"Carla? Well, you seemed to have handled that pretty good."

"She's not too bad," Bob said.

"I'll bet she isn't," Debby laughed.

"Well, let's shake our asses," Bob said. "I think I can handle them one at a time, but not the whole gang."

Carla met them at the back door with Debby's clothes. They then crept around the house to where Carla's van was parked.

Debby stopped suddenly and turned, saw the glow of the campfire in the woods. She couldn't see Tony, but she knew he still lay there, sprawled out naked and wounded.

Chapter TEN

Since the ordeal with Tony and his gang, Debby had become insatiable. She figured she had a lot of catching up to do. A year without a man, and then suddenly, two days of constant fucking and sucking.

"Fuck harder, damn you," she panted, arching her back. "I really want your big cock to fuck me!"

"Give it to her," Carla said, digging her nails into Bob's pumping ass. "Fuck the living shit out of her."

Debby hated herself for the thoughts, but as her brother fucked her savagely, she was thinking of Tony. She knew she should hate him, but she didn't.

She remembered his thick, pulsating cock, the way he held her tightly, left her body bruised, aching for more. She closed her eyes, pretending it was Tony above her, and not her brother...

Almost instantly, her pussy was flooded with warmth. The delicate spasms turned into it, tense convulsions. She threw her head to one side and screamed in raw ecstasy.

"FUUUUUCK!" she shrieked, her face turning ashen with release.

"Jesus! Shit!" Bob grunted. Debby's pussy was like a vacuum -- practically yanking his cum out.

When Carla realized he was pumping his sister's pussy full of cum, she scrambled between his legs and slapped her face against his balls and the bottom of Debby's pussy.

"Fuck her full," she groaned, licking over Debby's thighs and his balls... "I love licking cum like this."

Debby experienced another hard convulsion of pleasure, then went limp. Her tits heaved upward, stabbing into Bob's chest.

"That was good," she groaned. "Mmmmmmm one of the best."

"Still is," Bob grinned, fucking the last of his cum inside her cunt. He squirmed his ass around, then pressed his full weight against her pussy. "God. Baby Sister, you've got the sweetest pussy in the world."

"Hey, I like that," Carla said, mock hurt in her voice.

"Mmmmmmm, let me get my second wind and I'll make it up to you," Bob laughed.

As they lay there, enjoying the subsiding pangs of orgasm, Debby again thought of Tony. Christ, would she ever get him out of her mind?

"Untie me," she said to her brother. "I guess I guess it isn't fair for me to have all the fun."

"I was wondering if was ever gonna get this brother of yours alone," Carla laughed.

After Debby was untied, she watched Carla and Bob embrace. His monstrous cock delved into her juicy pussy, his hulking frame almost covering her entirely. Then, fighting the urge to remain, she quickly dressed, and left the apartment.

She seemed guided by instinct, rather than reason, and before she knew it, she was at the bar where it had all started. She checked her reflection in the rear-view mirror and then got out of the car. The cool night air made her feel alive and evil. She could almost smell danger, and it excited her.

There were no motorcycles in the parking lot just pick-up trucks, and cars. Still, the night was young.

After entering the bar, Debby spotted Randy. He gave her big smile and waved her over.

"Hey, what happened to you the other night?" he asked above the din. "You get cold feet or something? Why'd you just take off like that?"

"Oh, something came up," Debby said. "Sorry."

"How about tonight, then?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," Debby said, looking around. "I might be meeting someone."

"Lucky guy," Randy said philosophically.

"Don't guess I'll ever get my chance, huh?"

"You never know," Debby said, giving him a wide grin.

It was always nice to have someone in reserve.

About an hour later, the crowd thickened, and all the smoke and noise gave Debby a slight headache. She thanked Randy for the free drink and headed towards the door. Oh well she thought, it was a ling shot.

She walked through the rows of parked cars toward her own, then took her keys from her purse. As she looked down to find the lock, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Her mind was flooded with a million memories, even before she whirled and faced him.

"Hello again," Tony said, giving her a dark look.

Debby's heart was thundering in her chest. This might be a horrible mistake, she knew. Bob had really worked him over that night. His face was still swollen and bruised. He talked out the side of his mouth as if he might have a few cracked teeth.

"Hello Tony," she managed to sputter out.

"Tell me something," Tony said, grabbing her with his hand, "are you stupid, or just a horny lady after my body?"

"A little of both, I guess," Debby said, her voice quiet.

"I ought to break your fucking neck right here," Tony said, his voice hard.

Debby dropped her purse and keys. She then grasped his wrists and lifted his hands to her throat. She squeezed, his fingers into her soft flesh.

"Go ahead," she whispered, her eyes wide with a mixture of fear and lust.

"You are stupid," Tony laughed. "You mean you want a repeat performance of the other night?"

"Yes," Debby said. Her pussy was throbbing, spitting cunt juices into her silky underwear. "God, yes, you bastard."

Tony reached down and picked up her keys. He then unlocked the door and pushed her inside. He moved in behind the wheel, then started up the motor.

"Suck me while I take you to the house," he said.

"No," Debby said, shivering with ecstasy. "No?" Tony asked. "But I thought you said..."

"I want it like then," Debby said. "I want you to rape me. Is anything worth it, if you get it for free?"

Tony removed a long chain that dangled at his left side. He thrust her arms behind her back and wrapped the chain about her wrists. He took a small lock from his right pocket and clamped the two links.

"You're gonna suck me off cocksucker."

"Mmmmmmm," she groaned, wondering hoe she could have ever been turned off by the smell of his crotch. She gave another moan of pleasure, darting the tip of her tongue around the hairy base of his cock.

"Suck, whore," Tony said, thrusting his hips upward. "Take my cock all the fucking way in and gargle down my hot cum."

Debby buried her face fully in his crotch and felt his cockhead throb in her throat. His prick was so huge, it seemed as if it was right between her lungs!

She held herself there for a few long moments, then pulled her head up. As his cock slipped between her lips, she felt her insides burn with growing ecstasy. Slowly, she let his prick flop from her mouth.

"I love sucking your prick," she said, lapping her tongue over his balls, then up the underside of his cockshaft. "You have, such a perfect cock for sucking."

After wetting his prick with her spit, she bared her teeth and pulled, the loose foreskin back. The heady taste of dried piss and cum assaulted her.

"Come on, baby, don't play with me," Tony said, dropping his right hand. "Eat my cock back in. I've been saving up my cum just for tonight."

The thought made Debby's mouth water. There would be a lot of jizz, and she could already feel the thick, milky fuck juices spurting into her throat.

"Ohhhh, yes," she gasped, biting down on the end of his prick.

She sank her lips onto the rough texture of his crotch hairs, then slowly back up. When only his cockhead remained between her teeth, she lapped her tongue quickly around his prickshaft and again sucked downward.

"That's it, whore -- now a little faster," Tony said exerting pressure behind her head. He thrust his hips upward at the same time. "Shit! Gonna blow my fucking cum right out your ears, cocksucker."

Debby began sucking his cock furiously, wildly. Each stroke gave her greater pleasure, almost driving her insane with hunger. And this way -- with the chains about her wrists and her feet bound -- it was wonderful!

She gave a gurgling groan as her climax tore upward and seemed to split her pussy open.

When her ecstasy peaked savagely, she felt Tony's right hand move to her lap. He yanked her skirt up and dug his fingers under her panties.

"Take it, whore!" he cried out, feeling his balls throb, ready to explode. He gouged his fingers deeply inside her climaxing cunt, felt her cunt opening suck on his knuckles like her mouth was an his cock. "Gonna shoot my fucking load right now!"

Debby felt his cock expand, totally filling her throat. A split second later, his cockhead exploded, sending the first of his thick cum load into her throat. She choked, but somehow managed to swallow down his jizz.

Another thundering spasm of release shot into her guts. His fingers were like tiny cocks, stabbing into her cunt, causing her to writhe and buck. She sucked his cock harder, determined to get every precious drop of cum.

"Suck, baby -- suck your fucking life away," Tony growled, digging his fingers harder into her cunt. "Eat me dry. Lick my jizz to your brains."

Debby gobbled faster than she thought possible, but it was necessary. It seemed as if he had gallons of the wonderful jism. And each time she was certain he must be finished, another thick glob of cum would splatter over her tongue.

At last, his cock stopped jerking, and she lapped down his final wad of cum. When it seared into her throat, her pussy throbbed around his fingers, then went slack. She gave a satisfied groan and slowly lifted her head.

"God, Tony! That was the best ever," she said. "I think I could suck your cock for the rest of my life."

"I may hold you to that, baby," Tony said, looking down at her flashing, emerald-green eyes.

"Just-just hold me, Tony," Debby whispered. "Hold me and never let me go."


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