You're in the navy now

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In YOU'RE IN THE NAVY NOW, Cadet Laurie Wooster finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her superiors, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Laurie suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

Laurie Wooster stood hesitantly in the dark in front of the Naval Reserve Center in Long Beach, California. Her heart was beating so wildly she thought she would surely have an attack. Clutching her dark blue Sea Cadet uniform, the girl curled her toes in her shoes, feeling her unplowed cunt glowing, growing so hot and tingly she could hardly stand it.

It was late -- nearly ten o'clock. Her mother thought she was out an a small frigate with the others on an indoctrination class. It was a silly program -- women in the Navy, starting with high school possibilities. But Laurie thought it was a neat idea -- until she met Lieutenant Barrington, who made her nipples pucker up against her white shirt while her pussy was doing such wonderful things, strange things. He had told her to stay back, to remain at the center while the others left. He would take care of it. Lieutenant Barrington was always a take-charge man, in charge of the large rambling naval complex and obviously in charge of the Sea Cadet program. The others were so excited they hardly even noticed Laurie standing back, slipping away from them on the pier and ambling slowly back to the large glass and brick building.

Now she and Lieutenant Barrington would be alone. What would he do to her? He had said little. But oh, oh, those eyes! How they had seared her soul, made her areolas wrinkle deliciously against her stiffened nipples while her clit glowed like a tiny flickering candle. She hated to think in terms like those. But Laurie couldn't deny what her body was doing to her. Her cunt sweated, juice trickling maddeningly through the frazzled tangle of her blonde pussy hairs while her labes began to swell and fold itchingly over one another. She could run, turn and rush to the officer of the day's shack and call her mother.

But Laurie screwed up her courage and marched up the broad concrete apron to the center. Yes, the front double glass door was open as he said it would be.

Laurie stopped, one hand fluttering to her throat as she fought for breath. She was feeling a little woozy, high with her own sexuality. And that tickling, burning itch was taking away her strength. No one had ever told her about the power of her own body, how it could do things like this. Delicious, hot flames licked like tongues up her long, white shivering thighs, and Laurie wondered what it would be like having Lieutenant Barrington holding her, pressing his mouth against her thighs, her cunt!

Laurie drove those thoughts from her mind. How could she even let them swirl about her? She was a decent girl, and besides, she didn't even know why he asked her to stay behind. Regaining some control over herself, Laurie walked through the darkened offices, passing rows of computers and typewriters until she entered a second large room filled with neat rows of Formica-topped tables.

There in the corner was Lieutenant Barrington, his blue jacket off, his strong body bent over the desk as he shuffled through a tall pile of papers. Laurie hesitated again, biting her pouty lower lip while she wrung her icy fingers against one another. No, she would go through with it. She would never be able to forgive herself if she left now.

"Uh, excuse me, sir. May I speak to you for a moment, Lieutenant Barrington?"

The tall, dark-haired naval officer raised his eyes from the papers and peered into the darkened doorway. Immediately he brightened, pushing the papers away and resting both large hands comfortably on his desk.

"Yes, Wooster. Come in. Have a seat. I was just finishing up some work here."

He seemed so nonchalant, so matter-of-fact. Perhaps she had read him wrong. Perhaps he would ask her why she was here. Oh, she would simply die if something like that came from his strong, sensuous mouth!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt..." He held up one hand to stop her, smiling and revealing a double row of strong white teeth. Laurie looked down, shifting her feet and feeling a tongue of flame lick once more into her young, tight little cunt. Her clit was burning, tingling so maddeningly she thought she would surely faint if she didn't sit down right now.

Moving, feeling the slick, sexy rub of her cuntlips against one another, the young blonde teen sat in the black leather chair next to the lieutenant's desk. Her ass sank in comfortably, almost too comfortably Laurie thought, feeling delightful electric sensations rippling up and down her flesh. Somewhere in the big building she could hear the water pipes rattling. Laurie drew her knees together, feeling her cuntal flesh itching so maddeningly she wished she could touch it.

"So, we're going to have a... uh, little training session here, are we?"

"Are we?" she echoed, nearly jumping from her skin.

Laurie felt so dumb about things like this. Lots of girls did it -- at least, they said they did. But she had only dreamed about fucking. Lieutenant Barrington was getting up from behind his desk, stretching his thick-muscled arms above his head, then slowly moving around the corner. Laurie sat stiffly. She felt like laughing and crying and screaming all at the same time.

"I'm not going to beat you... yet," he said, his thick lips curling up even more.

Laurie shivered again, hot chills sweeping over her body as the warm breath whipped across her skin.

"I don't know what kind of training you mean, sir," Laurie stammered, her eyes, still lowered to the carpeted floor. "I've taken the boatswain's course and the beginning engineering on the six-hundred-pound plant and..."

"That's bullshit compared to what I'm going to teach you."

Laurie almost shouted as she jumped up in panic. Perhaps things were going too far. He was swearing at her, his voice turning thick and low into a near-growl. Her pussy was moving as if it had a will of its own, its full, plastic lips curling and trembling while her clit grew long and stiff and itchier than before. She could feel her clothes clinging uncomfortably to her flesh and wished for one mad moment that she could take off her uniform and stand naked, panting and shaking in front of this man. Her face flushed bright crimson at her own thoughts.

"I don't understand."

Her cunt spasmed when she thought about Lieutenant Barrington and what he could do for her. Her eyes swept over his crotch briefly, noticing how his pants were pulled tight against his body. She could see a thick roll of cockmeat cradled between his legs. Laurie felt her cheeks burning even more. What a little whore she was turning out to be! Surely he could see what was happening to her, how heavily and unevenly she was panting.

"What's on your mind, Laurie?"

His voice was as smooth and warm as the juice oozing from her cunt.

"Uh, nothing, nothing, Lieutenant."

"Call me Jack. We're going to spend some time here, together. Might as well be on a first name basis."

This was too much! Laurie rose from the chair, brushing aside her long hair and staffing for the doorway. She would call her mother. Things were happening she didn't understand, and she was too terrified to try. When she felt the fingers gripping her tight upper arm, Laurie cried out, twisting around and finding herself face to face with the unsmiling officer.

"No one walks out on me without permission no one," he repeated, his voice cold and hard as steel.

"I'm, I'm sorry, sir," Laurie stammered, feeling fear mix with the itching sensation around her nipples.

Her tight fuzzy cunt was generating more heat as the swollen lips slipped over one another. A knot of tension formed between her tummy and her pussy while her cunt closed up tight under her forest of blonde hair. He was holding her now with both hands, his long thick fingers digging into her forearms. She winced, blanching as she felt his knees pressing against the insides of hers, forcing her thighs apart. Her cuntal walls buckled as more hot juice seeped from her jagged fuckslot and wet down her panties. Glancing down, she caught the unmistakable outline of his prick running down his right leg.

"Sorry won't go here, Laurie. You've got to pay for everything," he said, a cruel smile crossing his face.

He pushed her back roughly, sending her crashing into the leather seat she had been in so comfortably moments ago. The push was more than she had ever expected. Shaking the hair from her eyes, she watched in shock as he unbuttoned his white shirt, puffing off the tie and shrugging the garment from his broad shoulders. Laurie shook her head from side to side, her lips parting in a small O while she gripped the armrests tightly with both sets of fingers.

He opened his belt. Laurie started to jump from the seat a second time when she saw him raise one hand above his head.


The cry came too late. She watched the arm slash through the air like a saber, cutting the shadows in a broad swath while his palm and fingers slapped hard against her right cheek.

Laurie slumped against the chair, her head snapping to the left from the force of the blow while her long hair splashed over her face. Stars exploded behind her eyelids while her legs tangled over one another. How her face stung hotly from the slap. And then there were those fingers again holding her, pushing her down against the front end of the chair. Blinking her eyes clear, the teen saw something long and thick and dark purple bobbing in front of her face. It was his cock. The Lieutenant had pulled it from his trousers and was jabbing it against her mouth. Laurie screamed, pulling back while struggling against his big hands holding her firmly against the chair.

"You'll suck prick because you like it," he growled, raising his hand again and bringing it down backward.

Laurie shrieked a second time, feeling his knuckles crashing against her chin, bruising her flesh. She tumbled from the chair, slipping over the right armrest and crumpling to the floor. She felt one hand gripping hers, the fingers slippery with his cockjuice.

"Don't... don't do that! Oh God, leave me alone!"

Her heart was racing while she felt her pussy still glow hot and slippery with arousal. He was pulling her right hand toward his throbbing prick, making her feel it, touch it, squeeze it. Laurie tried pulling away, her face wrinkled with fear and loathing while her cunt grew hotter and wetter. Her nipples were driving her crazy. The ache in the flubs increased as he forced her to jack the taut outer skin slowly up and down.

"Please... this is so awful! Oh God, lemmie go!"

To her surprise Jack Barrington did just that, releasing her and stepping back. Laurie scooted on her ass, crawfishing backward until she felt her spine pressing against the front of his desk. The girl drew her legs together, her eyes wide as she looked quickly from left to right for some escape route. There were the windows of course, but that was too dramatic, she thought. Perhaps he would leave her alone, feeling to his chagrin that he had misjudged her.

"Please, I won't tell anyone. We'll just forget it happened, please?" she said in a tight thin voice, feeling herself weakening as the seconds ticked by.

"You like prick. You're hungry for cock. You probably like prick in your mouth and your cunt, and probably up your ass, if you give it half a chance. And that's just what you're gonna get."

Laurie couldn't believe she was hearing this. She shook her head back and forth once more, her eyes rounding with horror while those flames of goodness refused to stop licking and lapping into her cunt. Jack leaned against the back wall, pulling off his shiny shoes and socks, then pulling down his trousers. Laurie moaned in horror. When she tried getting up from the floor, Jack lunged for her, twisting his fingers in her hair and pulling the strands up and back. She shrieked, her eyelids fluttering while more groans and cries escaped from her throat. She curled her fingers, beating them against the offending fingers ripping the hair from her scalp. But Jack wasn't offended by her struggles, grunting with approval as he pulled her through the doorway and past the silent typewriters to a set of double steel doors on the south side of the drill deck.

Laurie's cries echoed and were amplified by the large dark empty room while she beat her ankles against the polished wooden floor. Jack still held her by her hair, jerking it from side to side, twisting it around more tightly until she thought he was going to snatch her bald. The pain was excruciating, making the teen shriek more wildly as he jerked his right hand forward and flung Laurie up against the wall.

She huddled there like a war victim, drawing her hands up to her tits and sobbing quietly as he opened the doors.

"No, no, where are you... are you taking me?" she stammered.

He gripped her by the ankles and hauled her into the darkened space, slamming the steel doors behind him. Immediately the girl caught the scent of gasoline and oil. She drew her legs together under her ass, listening to the big officer fumbling around the space until a bright bare overhead light came on. Laurie drew one hand over her eyes, shading them as she squinted forward and saw that Jack had drawn on a pair of tight-fitting shorts. All around her were lathes, pulleys, and other machinery the men used for training during the day.

Jack checked out one of the machines, then stalked over to her. Gripping her by the shoulders, he drew her up, pulling her tightly against him while starting to remove her uniform. Laurie felt numb, standing there, feeling her garments peel from her body while her cunt seemed to melt. There was a hot lushness that radiated from her tummy down to the fat, greasy swollen lips of her cunt. Only her clit and her nipples seemed hard, and they were so sensitive that she thought they would blow up.

Her jacket came off, then her trousers and blouse until she was standing there just in her bra and cotton panties. She could feel his fingers squeezing her ass through the material, his callused fingertips creeping under the elastic legbands and caressing the sensitive flesh between her thighs and lower belly. It was when he started touching her cunt that Laurie bucked her ass back, drawing her thighs together. She felt him pinch her hard, making her squeal in pain.

"Yeah, we're gonna have ourselves a good training session."

Laurie felt hot tears rolling down her cheeks as Jack pushed her down to the concrete floor.

His hands cupped against the back of her skull, forcing her head forward until her lips flattened against the front of his shorts. She could feel something warm there, something incredibly hot. In a second her lips were tearing against the zipper while the lieutenant pulled open his shorts and worked them down to his knees. Laurie smelled the hair and sweat of his crotch and immediately felt the slippery hot tissues of her cunt cramp into tingling knots. She swallowed hard, unsure of what she was to do. Jack showed her quickly, pushing her lips open and sliding them down over his prick until it filled her mouth to the maximum.

Laurie couldn't pull back if she wanted to. Her cheeks puffed out as she felt his fat, low hanging balls pillow against her chin. He was burying the full eight inches of his prick in her mouth, throating her at times while that sour bleachy-tasting jizz oozed from his piss-slit and coated her tongue. Her body was on fire while her mind revolted against what was happening to her. His fat prick filled her mouth, the oily cockjuice bubbling from his cockhead over her tongue. He twisted his hips, moaning and making his cock revolve in her mouth. The girl felt the officer's prick brush over the insides of her cheeks. She held her breath, diving down deeper while Jack's fingers tightened over her skull.

Laurie gagged, breathing with wheezing sounds through her nostrils as he drew his prick back and forth, back and forth, fucking the young girl's mouth.

"Lick it, baby! Yeah, get my meat, take it down your fuckin' hot throat! Suck me off... ohhhhh, yeah, suck it, bitch!"

Laurie wasn't sure if she liked this or not. Certainly this wasn't as bad as she thought, and it was with some reluctance that she felt her lips sliding back over the head as Jack pushed her away.

"Man, gonna cum down that throat if you keep suckin' me off," he gasped, his fingers digging into her shoulders. "We gotta make sure you pay for this little bit, baby. You've been movin' that ass around here, then suckin' my prick and teasing me."

"I... I don't understand," Laurie countered, tasting the jizz as it slipped down her throat and dribbled into her belly.

He crooked one finger, stepping back and turning the girl around until she found herself facing a long metal-stripping lathe.

"Bend over, baby, bend over and we're gonna have ourselves the time of our lives. And it won't be the last time either," Jack said, shoving her roughly up against the machine, holding her by the back of the neck while bending Laurie over the top of the lathe. She struggled, her knees banging against the steel legs while a tiny fart escaped from her asshole. What was he going to do to her next?

Chapter TWO

Laurie raised her head, shaking the long blonde hair from her eyes as she peered over her shoulder and tried to see what the naval officer was doing to her. He had bent her over the lathe, having roped her wrists to either of the legs stretched in front of her. Laurie felt her flat tummy pressing against the cold steel of the top of the instrument while her face was only inches from the now-quiet long screw of the machine. He was roping something around her ankles now, cinching the quarter-inch line expertly around the lathe, then around her feet until Laurie felt her toes bumping up against the machine.

She twisted her body up, feeling the rope cutting into her ankles as the cold steel began to make her flesh ache. Stepping back, Jack flipped a small black switch on the side of the machine. Immediately the lathe rumbled on, the screw turning around rhythmically inches from the girl's face.

Laurie screamed, jerking her head up as far from the turning screw as she could, feeling the resulting pulling pain in her neck. She could smell the oil while, the horrid screw pulled up metal shavings from a job done earlier that day.

Strands of her long hair caught in the twisting screw, pulling her face closer and closer to the killing machine. Desperately, wildly the girl pulled away, tearing strands of hair from her scalp while her cheeks and nose were only inches from the awful screw.

Laurie shrieked again while Jack laughed, her muscles cramping and bulging against her sweaty flesh as the lathe turned faster and faster. She pictures herself disfigured, torn by the awful machine while her cunt rubbed up and down against the front of the lathe. Her asscheeks jiggled against one another while her knees banged against the front plating until they were black and blue.

Jack reached down and grabbed the trapped strands, yanking them free of the machine and twisting her hair back into a bun to keep more from catching in the screw. Laurie sighed with relief, realizing only now that she had pissed down her thighs in her terror. Jack saw the slick streams and grinned, slapping the teen on the ass with the flat of his hand while clucking his tongue against his cheeks.

"That's damned dirty, pissing on yourself that way. That's something else I've got to punish."

"Oh no, please sir, I'm only a Sea Scout. Please, don't..."

Laurie's voice trailed off, her mind filled with terrible images while Jack moved out of her field of vision. Still the screw turned methodically under her, chewing up the few strands of hair that remained in the machine. Laurie shuddered, watching the process until she heard the lieutenant's footsteps behind her. The sound of something cracking like a pistol shot behind her brought the girl around. Laurie jerked against the lathe, her arms tugging at the ropes restraining her wrists while her ankles pulled back at the hemp.

"What are you doing?"

She was too terrified to look around. But Jack spared her that trouble, moving back into her field of vision and holding a broad black leather strap in front of her. It was the one the flag carrier wore round his waist when he carded the colors around the drill deck during weekends. Now he held it like a weapon, his fingers caressing the hard shiny surface. Moving it to within an inch of her eyes, he doubled the belt, snapping it several times.

It was when he disappeared from her vision that Laurie worried most. She wriggled her ass, feeling her cuntal walls shrinking back altogether while her tits remained pillowed against the front of the lathe. The rumbling of the machine made her cuntlips ripple against one another. The feeling was far from unpleasant as the girl worked her ass back and forth.

Curling her toes, Laurie waited for something, anything. And when the room filled with the hissing sound, of the leather belt cutting through the air she tensed, her asscheeks bunching up against one another like two clenched fists.


The belt burned into her ass like a swatting red poker. Jerking, twitching upward, the girl let out a sharp cry of pain as abroad red mark rose from her white assflesh. Again Jack cocked his arm back, bringing the belt down in a broad arc and smacking her ass hard. This time he crossed the first mark, waking a broad X on her ass. Laurie sniveled and cried, shaking the tears from her eyes and dropping her head. She screamed, realizing that move nearly pushed her face into the whirring machine. She could only fight one thing. But here was a man beating her from behind while that awful machine threatened to mash her face and tits into a pulp if she let down her guard.


A third blow smacked around her left thigh, the beveled tip of the belt chewing into the rippling white flesh and making the girl jerk her asscheeks up. Jack struck again quickly, bring the belt down against her other thigh, then striking the weapon hotly over her right leg a second time. The blows rained down on the screaming teen one after the other, each one more powerful, more smackingly hot than the former.

Laurie screamed and jerked her body as much as she could, her arms pulling against the ropes so hard she thought she had broken some tiny bones in her wrists.

Jack brought the belt down right down into her asscrack. The leather weapon yanked her slitter out of shape. Laurie let out an earsplitting cry, her nipples mashing against the cold steel while her face twisted into a contorted mask of pain. He was jabbing three fingers up her asshole. Jack twisted them around and around, screwing them up into her protesting bowels until he was knuckle-deep in her ass. Hot spicy sensations rocketed from her violated shitter.

Laurie protested, bouncing her ass up and down, her knees rattling against the humming lathe while some of her hair came tumbling down and threatened to snag into the screw once more.

"Nice ass, real nice ass," Jack whispered, jabbing his fingers up into her slitter with one hand while looping the other arm around until his fingers were pinching her nipples.

Laurie squealed like a stuck pig as she felt her right nipple being crushed like a berry between his pinching fingers. Again the teen yammered, bouncing her ass up and down, feeling his fingers screwing deeper into her ass until the girl opened her mouth and let out a hissing sound. It was then he yanked out his hand, making the teen feel as if he'd pulled out a fistful of assguts. Laurie slumped against the lathe, her vision blurred with tears of shame and pain.

Jack was behind her now, humping his cock against her asscrack while pinching and rolling both nipples until the girl hummed in pain. Jack turned a dial to the right of the lathe, nearly shutting the machine down. Glancing through her glazed eyes, Laurie watched as the long shiny screw barely turned in front of her. Jack pulled out a long leather strap, securing it to one end of the screw, then pulling it around the girl's neck before dropping it into the machine. Slowly, the long screw began wrapping the strap around its width, drawing Laurie closer and closer to the machine. She struggled back, able to pull her head all the way up from the machine at this point. But slowly, surely, the lathe was drawing her face into the drilling section.

Cold beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as the teen struggled back against the awful machine. Jack went back to her ass once more, dropping to his knees and sticking his tongue up her shitter. Laurie's face slackened, her eyes rounding as she felt the hot, slimy thing worm up into her asshole while his scratchy beard rubbed her asscheeks raw. He was groaning into her bowels, licking down deep into her ass while his fingers pinched her thighs cruelly.

Laurie wept and struggled, her head drawn closer to that big machine. She felt his fingers gripping her jutting hipbones, holding them while his knees pressed against the backs of her legs. Laurie's mouth opened wide when she felt his cockhead fitting tightly against her asshole. She screamed, jerking her head back and forth while tugging wildly at the rope restraints. Her muscles bulged and cramped against her glistening skin as a pulse leaped through her throat.


Laurie pulled back again, smelling the warm machinery more clearly as it drew her face closer to the screw. Jack was moaning something in her ear, draping his body over hers while sticking his prick up her ass.

"Oh, hurts! Hurts! Take it out! Take it out!"

Her shitter protested, puckering up tightly while her sphincter threatened to tear from the pressure. Jack swore, beating her ass with his hands, then reaching down and sticking two fingers into her asshole. Laurie yelped, her body jerking as if someone had touched her with a live wire. Spitting down into her stretched-open shitter, the big officer pushed his cock down and in once more, the meaty head finally slipping past her stretched assring and burrowing into her asshole.

Laurie felt herself fainting from the pain, her body slumping against the lathe. Only the memory of what that screw could do to her face brought her back again. Her thighs ridged while Jack snugged his prick into her asshole. She had never felt this kind of continued aching pain before in her life.

Laurie cried out, beating her forehead against the side of the lathe while her knees shivered against one another. Inch by ass-splitting inch, his cock squeezed into her shitter, sending out streamers of weird need and pain from her ass to all parts of her body.

The big officer poled her all the way until his balls rested comfortably against her shivering whip-striped asscheeks. Laurie gasped, pushing outward as if she were going to take a shit. Hot tears rolled down her flushed cheeks again as that huge hard prick wedged in her like a lump of fossilized shit. Before the girl could even think of what to do next, Jack was pulling out slowly, making her bowels cramp with the unreal shivery sensation. How that thing split her wide open, tore her in two like a piece of tissue!

And then he stopped, moving back in while he pinched and rolled her nipples once again.

He was fucking down deep now, pressing his thick-muscled body so hard against hers that he lifted her toes from the floor. She bit her lower lip until she could taste blood. The girl couldn't even sob, not with the insistent movements of that prick in her. She felt him pushing her ass against him, rubbing it over his hairy lower body.

Jack paused, then shoved back in a third time. Laurie squeaked, her cunt going into obscene tremors of need. The girl let out another howl as she wrestled her tits against the officer's clutching hands.

Jack was fucking faster now. His perspiration dripped against the back of her neck as his cock hammered in and out, in and out of her stretched asshole.

He was setting her shitter on fire. Laurie never would have guessed about the delightful sensations ass-fucking could produce. Nothing could have prepared her for this as he hammered her body against the lathe, drilling his prick faster and harder into her shitter until she thought her ass had caught fire. Shaking more sweat from her eyes, Laurie saw her face was closer to that slow-twisting screw. She could smell the hot oil now. Panicking, the girl screamed, jerking her body left and right while staring wide-eyed at the awful screw. His fingers dug into her thighs, leaving long red marks. He pushed his cockmeat in again and again. The sliding of his cock as it chugged deeper in her bowels sent hot, shivery thrills through her body.

Laurie puffed, feeling her guts filling again and again with that hot tube of cockmeat. It was almost like feasting, she thought, feeling her belly bulge out again and again as the officer rammed his cock into her shitter. The sensations that radiated out from her cunt weren't to be believed. She closed her eyes, imagining that prick growing more and more until it was the size of a baseball bat.

Jack moved faster, panting like a fucking stag while his ass-ripping prick burned through her. Laurie was panting nearly as heavily, warily eyeing the screw as the taut leather thong pulled her face closer and closer to the screw. Jack was watching her rowing terror, the way her head shivered and lolled as she desperately pulled back from the machine. He groaned, fucking her mercilessly, his fingernails cutting into her sweaty flesh as the stretching, tearing ring of her slitter glowed with excitement.

Laurie cried out, her mind going blank. The way her cunt was reacting made her stare wildly at the machine, hoping in a weird way that the pain would peak just when her unholy climax did.

He mashed her tits, shouting as a cataclysm of jizz exploded from his cockhead and burned into her asshole. Laurie cried out, the hot jolts of heat in her pussy making her jerk and spasm against the whirring lathe. Hot jizz dribbled down the backs of her thighs as the girl squirmed. She was cumming, actually cumming without anything in her cunt. She was bloated, filling up with his jizz, her asshole bloated and distended from the exciting fucking.

Laurie wept and squirmed, standing on her tiptoes as the final jolts of climax burned through her young, inexperienced body. Her face was only inches from the screw. She could smell the hot grease and winced, sure he would wait until she was mashed into the machine.

"Back, bitch."

With relief the girl felt the leather strip loosen around the back of her neck. She found the strength to jerk her head back as Jack pulled his softening cock slowly from her shitter. Her asshole still fluttered, as empty now as her wet, clasping cunt. She jerked and twitched as he stepped away, pounding her restrained, bound body against the whirring lathe.

Slowly the girl sagged downward, her knees giving way just as Jack turned off the machine. It had been horrible, giving into the big man that way, letting him touch her and fuck her in that perverse manner while she came and rutted like some cat in heat right in front of him. She was still a virgin! Laurie closed her eyes in defeat, wondering what the lieutenant would do to her next.

She felt the ropes slacken around her wrists, but was too weak and mortified to steady herself. The girl slid down to the floor, her right arm draping over her eyes while her ankles remained tied to the lathe.

Cursing under his breath, Lieutenant Barrington slipped the ropes holding her legs to the machine and pulled the groaning girl away. Laurie lay on her right side, shading her eyes from the big man, still feeling his cock rodding through her torn, virgin asshole while his belt whipped across her jiggling asscheeks. It had been a combination that had proven to be addictive to the teen. Against her will, Laurie felt drawn to Jack and knew they would see one another many times again.

"Get up."

Laurie rose with difficulty, the aches throbbing in her arms and thighs as she braced herself against a nearby chair and rose until her knees straightened. Her body felt stretched by the way Jack had bent her over the lathe. The whip stripes began to throb and pulse in time with her beating heart. She had never felt so deserted in her life. A bubble of air escaped from her cunt while the lieutenant's cum oozed from her stretched, still-burning asshole.

"That was good, Cadet Laurie Wooster," Lieutenant Barrington said, narrowing his eyes while grinning down at the cringing girl.

When Laurie started to open her mouth she felt him grip her by the jaws, snapping her head back until her skull cracked against the concrete wall. It was impossible for her to breathe. He was clutching her throat with one hand while pressing the fingers of his other hard against her jawbones. Shocks of incredible pain exploded in her brain while her legs scissor-kicked back against the cinderblock wall.

"And listen to this, bitch. If you say one thing to anyone -- one thing -- I'll make sure you'll regret it. The Navy, my Navy," he corrected, "has ways of dealing with squealers, understand?"

Laurie would have agreed with the devil to have that grip lift around her throat and jaws. She nodded her head as best she could, feeling the pressure relax immediately around her throat. She coughed, gripping her neck with both hands while staggering away from the wall. Lieutenant Barrington wiped his hands on his thighs, indicating with a nod of his head she was free to go.

"And remember, not one word."

Laurie would never forget that command.

Chapter THREE

"I find that hard to believe, Cadet Wooster." Laurie felt her cheeks burning with shame as she shuffled her feet back and forth under the high-backed wooden chair she was seated in. Captain Farraday looked ashen, his fingers pressing against one another as he stared hard at her. It had nearly been one week since Jack had fucked her, raped her, she thought bitterly, her asshole still smarting at times whenever she thought of that fat prick reaming out her shitter.

She hadn't told anyone. But images of Captain Farraday, the highest moral force in the Navy, Laurie thought, haunted her nightly. She had to tell him what Lieutenant Barrington had done to her. It was her duty, no matter what happened.

"It's true, Captain," Laurie sniffed, wiping her nose and feeling as if the floor would fall from under her.

"I... I don't know what to say. Of course, there'll be an investigation."

"Oh, no, no, please, no!" Laurie exploded, wringing her hands and looking wildly at the captain.

She remembered Jack's threat, the awful way he'd looked at her. She was certain he would get back at her, if not today, then another day, but he surely would seek his revenge. She could still feel his fingers around her throat while his jizz oozed from her stretched, violated asshole. There would be whips, more pain, more fucking. Her mind whirled at the horrid possibilities while her cunt swelled and sweated as well.

"I'm afraid I have no choice," the captain said with a shrug, his face darkening as he stared at her. "You realize, if I find there's no cause for your accusations, you'll have a good deal to answer for."

Laurie nodded her head sharply up and down, feeling as if a weight had been dropped on her shoulders. She wanted to run from the room but still sat there as Captain Farraday took down her report, grimacing every now and then as she grew graphic. When it was over, he dismissed her with a sharp nod. Laurie grabbed her hat and rushed from his office, gasping for breath. She hardly heard greetings from Kathy Beddingfield, the reserve centers executive officer who was in charge of the Sea Cadet program. It was only when she ran into Jack Barrington at the side doorway that the girl realized what she'd done.

"I heard about what you're doing," he said, his mouth pulled tightly across his teeth. "I saw you in there with the captain."

His fingers were gripping her arm tightly now, twisting it around until Laurie was about to scream. She bent over at the waist, feeling her elbow joint cracking as he continued twisting her about and pushing her against the wall. The girl looked around, her eyes wide with fright and pain. She could call out. But something kept her quiet.

"You little slut. You like doing what we did, then you turn around and turn me in. I'm not gonna stand for that," he whispered, jerking her arms back. "We've got places for bitches like you. Remember, I told you that?"

It was a nightmare come true. Laurie twisted away from him and rushed to the small hall that emptied into a rear courtyard. She hammered her fists against the locked glass door, turning around just in time to see Jack's right arm cocked high. She screamed once just before his clenched fist smashed against her right jaw. There was a horrible shock of pain, then blackness.

How long she had remained unconscious Laurie had no idea. When she awoke, she felt her brain filled with fuzz. At first the teen had no idea where she was. A sharp biting sensation on her arm brought her around. Blinking her eyes clear, the girl found herself face to face with a hungry brown sewer rat who had tentatively approached her and had bitten her elbow.

Laurie screamed, jerking back and frightening the hungry rodent. That was when she realized something was restraining her. Again she pulled, realizing that her movements had been severely limited. She looked around wildly, her eyes taking in the low-ceilinged room, the rusty gray metal walls around her. Laurie thought she could hear gentle sloshing sounds behind the wall. The air was warm and thick with humidity. Pulling at her hands, she realized both wrists had been bound together with quarter-inch line and the end threaded through a rusty iron ring bolted to the bulkhead in front of her. She drew herself up, tugging at the rope, her eyes scanning the dim dirty space for the animal that had tried eating her.

Laurie's mind raced while sweat, broke out over most of her body. Whoever had put her here had stripped her half-naked. She hung there, clad only in her bra and panties. When she heard footsteps clattering more loudly over an iron deck, Laurie remembered the old barges moored off Long Beach. They were deserted, waiting for eventual demolition at the yard in San Pedro. Jack had taken her there, somehow, avoiding detection. And now she was there, at his mercy, with no one around to help her.

Jack walked in.

"I told you I'd be around for you," he said, a thin grin covering his face. "Now, you're going to tell the good captain that everything you said was a lie. That you were in love with me, and then when you approached me and I rejected you, you thought up this little scheme for revenge."

"But that's not true!" Laurie screamed, her eyes rounding with indignation.

"Of course it isn't. But it's the only way you're going to get out of here."

She would be disgraced, laughed at, vilified by everyone she knew. She couldn't put herself through something like that, no matter what the penalty would be. Screwing up her courage yet again, Laurie shook her head, lowering her eyes.

"Well, I didn't think you'd be cooperative -- at first, anyway," he sighed, taking off his combination cover and flicking off an imaginary speck. "In fact, I was counting on that fact. I wanted to have some enjoyment before I made progress. You see, I enjoyed fucking your ass. And I'm gonna enjoy fucking your cunt now."

Laurie gaped open-mouthed at his free admission. She screamed at him, tugging crazily at her ropes, feeling her thunderous tits jiggling against one another in her bra. Surprisingly to her, the sticky hot mess of cuntjuice had begun to flow the second Jack had entered the space, dampening the front of her white cotton panties. Her eyes went wide as she tried to hide her tits with her upper arms as Jack approached. The lieutenant's eyes narrowed and his lips twitched toward a sneering smile.


She knew what he was going to do. Without moving his body much, Jack smashed his doubled fist into her belly. Laurie screamed again, a whoosh escaping from between her parted lips as she fell to the floor. When she still continued to scream, Jack drove the toe of his heavy shoe into her belly with a sickening thud. A piercing scream ripped from her throat. Her wrists were held up by the ropes restraining her arms. She retched violently, bile building up in her tightening throat while her ass flattened against the cold steel plates of the deck. The roaring, sloshing sound of the ocean outside slowly brought the girl around as she dragged herself back to her knees, her head spinning around wildly.

"A taste," he said with a grin, "a taste of what you put me through with your stupid confession. I'll be damned if a little slut like you is going to ruin my career."

"But it's true," Laurie complained, sobbing through her tears.

"So what?"

Laurie felt another scream building up inside her. Her nostrils flared wide, dragging in air that burned her throat. She backed away, tugging at the rope, a silver trail of her juice trickling down her inner thighs.

Jack glanced down and saw the telltale sign of arousal and grinned more hellishly. Laurie was about to scream when she felt him push something awful-tasting in her mouth. It was a dirty handkerchief stuffed way down into her throat. He secured it to her skull with several wrappings of tape. When she struggled, he slapped one hand against her temple, stunning her into immobility.

Laurie couldn't think straight. It was as if she were outside herself, watching herself and unable to move while Jack began taking off his shirt. She watched him strip off his khaki officer work uniform until he stood there just in his jockey shorts. He was enjoying himself immensely. She could see that in the way the piss-flap of his white cotton briefs was bulging out, pushed that way by his stiff prick. Her head throbbed dully. He was going to kill her, or at least make her wish she were dead. The space was quiet, the only sound being her occasional moans through the cotton gag. When she finally came around, the girl found herself face to face with the lieutenant. Laurie shrank back, feeling the same disgust and horror she had felt when she discovered the rat nibbling at her.

"Now, are you going to tall the captain you lied?" Jack asked, twisting her arm again and making her kneel down at his feet.

Once more Laurie shook her head.

"Good. You don't buckle under easily. That's better than half these girls who whimper whenever you so much as look at them, let alone fuck them."

Jack slapped her across the face, his palm smacking dully against her ear and stunning the girl while she fell sideways to the hard, cold floor. With his bare heel Jack pressed his foot against her ankle, making the teen cry out in pain. She twitched and jerked against the plating, her thighs rubbing painfully over the cold steel while she chomped down on the gagging cotton.

The lieutenant raised his thick bushy black eyebrows, pleased more than ever at her resistance. Moving slowly to his khaki shirt, he bent over, withdrawing a packet of cigarettes and tapping one out.

"You don't smoke, I imagine. Not too many young people do. It's a filthy habit, one I plan to kick. But right now," he said with a smile as he pulled one from the yellow packet and pushed it into the corner of his mouth, "I'm glad I'm still hooked."

He stood to one side of her, lighting the cigarette quickly, then bringing it up to the girl's right nipple.

"You know, there's a fine line between pleasure and pain. I think," he said, his lips curling into a knowing smile, "you enjoy this and are purposely holding out just to feel more pain. Some people are like that, you know."

Again Laurie shook her head no, looking away from the big man as he brought the glowing tip of the cigarette up to her pink nipple.

At first the teen thought he was going to tease her with that thing only. He seemed to be drawing it away. But then Jack brought the hot tip up against her nub, watching as her face grew white with agony and her body jerked away.

Laurie thought she would faint from the pain. She screamed through the spit-soaked gag, biting down hard while the hot, searing pain tore through her burned nipple. Stumbling back, the girl tripped over her own ankles, falling toward the floor but kept partially upright only by the restraining ropes.

Jack grinned approvingly, taking another puff of the cigarette and blowing the blue smoke into her face. Laurie coughed, doing her best to breathe while she endured the pain of that burning injury.

Jack moved up again, squatting behind her and bringing the burning tip of the cigarette an inch away from the tendon of her left inner thigh. The glowing head reddened her flesh. She writhed against the wall, a sob moving past the salty gag in her mouth. She looked from the cigarette to Jack's face, seeing how his dark blue eyes glittered with wild excitement while his cock was pushing open the front of his shorts. Laurie strained not to, cry out. But then he touched the head of the cigarette to her skin, drawing it up, up toward her cunt.

The girl wriggled, jerking back, flattening her body against the rusty bulkhead. But Jack pursued her, holding her quiet with one hand while drawing the cigarette up, up until it was close to her cunt. She could hear the crackling, the sounds of her pussy hairs burning, turning black and curling back from the heat of the cigarette. The pain was horrible. More juice seeped from her pussy to put out the flames, the horrid fire burning into her cunt. With a tearing pain in her throat, her breath went out, dragging a moan with it. Laurie felt her tears flow, stinging the small cut on her temple.

"Good, very good," he said, drawing the cigarette away for a moment, then pressing the glowing head just a quarter inch below her clit.

She thought the world had ended. Laurie screamed, her head snapping back while more shrieks tipped from her throat. Her knees snapped together as she twisted to the left, her body shivering from the horrid pain. Jack moved around to the front, gripping her hipbones and wheeling the girl around before throwing her like a sack of shit against the bulkhead. Laurie screamed through the gag yet again, feeling her skull crush against the cold steel. He was jabbing two fingers into her cunt, pushing them in and twisting them around until he brushed against her cherry.

"Well, I'll be..."

Jack looked at her with surprise, his smile fading for a second.

"You're a fuckin' virgin. Never thought I'd run into one of those again who wasn't a nun. Shit! Well, I'm not going to mess my prick up with that."

Laurie felt herself deflate with relief. He would leave her alone. How nice that was! Perhaps he had done all he was going to do. She had won! She wouldn't give into him, wouldn't lie to the captain.

But her triumph was short-lived. Lieutenant Barrington twisted her around again until her arms crisscrossed over one another, her wrists chafing horribly against the cutting hemp. Her knees slammed against the bulkhead, the caps aching from the blow while he told her to stay in that position or suffer the consequences. Laurie did as she was told, her chest heaving and rising and falling with each heavy breath she took. It was difficult to obey his orders, hearing the young officer scurrying about behind her. When he came back to the girl, Laurie felt a cold shiver run up and down her spine. Something awfully cold was pressing against the back of her neck.

It was then Laurie felt something sharp rip down her back, stopping at her asscrack. She jerked her head around, finding herself eyeing what appeared to be a long spike with sharp sides. It was a marlin spike, dangerous-looking and lethal if used improperly. She and the other cadets had seen experienced boatswains use it to sew sails or other types of canvas together as well as thread heavy hemp through small holes. Jack held this like a knife, running the point along her right call.

Laurie gasped. She curled her toes against the floor plates, feeling her chest tighten. Jack held the rusty spike in an easy, accustomed grip. Quickly he sliced a thin line across her right asscheek.

Laurie jerked, trying to inch away from the sharp, cutting pain. Pushing her tongue against the handkerchief, she managed to shove it to one side, backing up against the wall, bracing her knees against the plating.

Jack was licking his lips while red oozed from the stripe on her right asscheek. Laurie wanted to ask him what he was going to do to her. But terror kept her from saying one word. Instead the young girl shivered with absolute terror, a fear that anesthetized her mind and body as she didn't dare look back at the man behind her. She tried closing her eyes. But something kept her alert, refusing to give in one inch as she felt the juice flowing from her pussy and trickling through the frazzled forest of her cunthairs.

Laurie turned her head, pressing her flushed cheek against the cold bulkhead. The quivering in her asscheeks made the smooth lightly tanned globes move, tightening and reining in an inviting dance. Jack breathed a little harder, his right hand gripping the spike while his left massaged his stiff prick through his shorts.

Laurie felt him puffing down her panties until they puddled around her ankles. He was spreading her thighs apart, telling her to bend forward a little while keeping her palms flat against the bulkhead.

"Now, bitch, now."

He was pressing the tip of the spike against one asscheek, then tracing it over to the other, watching as she stood instinctively on her toes and pressed her belly and cunt against the wall. Laurie trembled, her knees shivering against the bulkhead while her assring opened and let out tiny, smelly fans of excitement and fear. Laurie wanted to weep, but she knew that the slightest move might put that spike right through her flesh.

Jack slid the marlin spike back up her spine, tracing all the bumps and hollows until Laurie let out a scream. He was cutting her lower back, leaving long white cut marks against her flesh while he grabbed at her ass and pulled her cheeks wide apart. She bit her lip, her face wrinkling into a mask of intense concentration.

She felt the tip of that awful thing poking against her asshole, creasing against the gray-pink flesh and threatening to poke holes in it. Laurie cried out, banging her knees against the bulkhead again, thinking he was going to rip her bowels out.

Then the thing went away.


It was back, this time at the center of her hot unplowed cunt. The shocking chill of it made her pussy snap shut against the edges, small slits appearing in the puffy, hot lips while more juice seeped from her cunt and trickled down her shivering white thighs. Gasping, Laurie threw back her head and let her long blonde hair sweep over the tops of her asscheeks. Her ordeal, she felt, had just begun.

Chapter FOUR

The boatswain's knot pressed painfully against Laurie's wrist, crushing the tiny bones and making her upper arms cramp and ache while her knees knocked agonizingly against the steel bulkhead in front of her. She thought she could catch glimpses of that awful rat in the dark corners. But the marlin spike piercing her asshole made her more conscious than ever of Jack's brutality. The world sank away except for the big lieutenant and his savagery.

He switched once more to her cunt, rocking the tip down to her clit. Laurie cried out, her teeth chattering with terror and pain as she arched her spine and presented her naked ass to the lieutenant. Jack grunted with approval, twisting the spike wound and starting to penetrate her pussy with the jagged piece of rusty steel.

He rocked the spike back and forth regularly now, purposely keeping the point of the object pressed just under her clit. At other times Jack moved the spike around, slitting her cuntlips lightly. The stinging pussy juice dribbling across those tiny wounds made her clit swell all the bigger. Laurie found a hotter, more intense lust flowing out from her overheated crotch. She fought with herself, knowing that it just wasn't right. But still the excitement flowed more and more, making her pant like an animal.

"Slut! Slut!"

He was calling her such dreadful names, making her feel as if she were nothing more than a cheap whore. But how was she reacting? Would a decent girl have her pulse racing like this? Would a good girl feel her blood boiling between her shivering legs while that awful marlin spike slipped deeper into her wet, hot clutching fuckhole? Looking around once more, she saw Jack stroking his long, thick cock sticking straight out from his jockeys.

Laurie let out another cry. The tip of the spike sliced through her clit folds. The hot, searing pain was inseparable from the electric-like thrill of the direct cutting contact.

Laurie thought he had taken out another cigarette. Her slit cuntlips were on fire, burning as if sulfuric acid had been smeared onto them. The constant flow of her cuntal fluid across and into the cuts created the hot sensation, making her gasp and twist. Her head still throbbed from the beating, the slaps. The pounding pulse amplified itself in the rising bruise on her temple. She thought he would cut out her womb, shove that spike past her cherry and on into her belly where he would kill her.

Somehow that notion made her cuntjuice flow faster. Laurie felt the rising warmth of her aroused flesh, her belly tightening while her asscheeks danced and jiggled as if he were beating her.

Thank God! He had dragged the spike back, stinging a long cutting line to her thigh. Those awful buzzing flashes ebbed from her pussy, making the girl relax and sag from her cuffs.

Instinctively Laurie shoved her taut ass back at the lieutenant. The tip of the spike slipped around the rim of her cunt, then past the puckered ring of her shitter. Laurie, with a sudden flash of shyness, wanted to bide her aroused pussy from the man. The spasm in her asshole let her cunt unclench, and the air in her overheated pussy blew out. She shot a quick look back at him. Jack still stroked his long prick, oblivious to her failing cunthole.

Laurie knew she was disgracing herself. Her body was hungry for that thick red-headed prick. It would be her first fuck in her pussy. It would be the second time with this savage who had brutalized her ass, raped her in a place most women never think of using sexually. He had used and abused her there, reaming her out, threatening to cut her to pieces. And now he was piercing her asshole again, the pricking stabs forcing the brown rubbery ring of her shitter inward. The same forbidden pleasure she had felt after shitting from a Mexican meal rose in her once more. For an instant she let herself imagine Jack fucking her in the ass once more.

The lieutenant was panting now, still jacking at his prick. His fingers moved on the slippery shaft faster and faster. He poked the tip of the spike into her puffy cuntlips. Laurie rolled her ass around, loving the way the cuts acted like tiny fires in her cuntflesh. Laurie's nervous sweat stung her more and more, rivulets running down her sides and off her stinging nipples.

Laurie felt the blind stabs of the spike against her cherry. He was pushing it in, jabbing the thing against the tightly bunched flesh, until a white-hot pain exploded between her legs. Laurie's eyes bugged out, her jaw slackening while her body shivered and bucked forward, away from the pain. But Jack stayed with her, fucking down with the spike, twisting it around until the tip finally pierced the thin membrane.


It was worse, far worse than the pain she had endured when he'd fucked her in the ass. Laurie tried crawling up the bulkhead, her knees banging against the wall while the dreaded spike burrowed up into hot, virgin territory. She screamed and cried, thrashing her body wildly while her tits pillowed against the cold wall in front of her. Blood flowed from her chafed wrists, trickling down her lower arms while something popped in her right shoulder. Again and again the spasms of pain shot through her cunt, rocketing up her spine and exploding like dynamite into her skull. Jack laughed at her, striking her several times with closed fists against the back of her skull.

Laurie managed to regain some control of her sobs, realizing she would choke on her own saliva and tears if she kept on. And to her surprise the pain gradually ebbed while the stroking of the spike up and down her slick cuntal channel actually soothed the sore, torn tissues of her pierced cherry. Jack saw her change in attitude and grinned, shoving the marlin spike nearly all the way in before twisting it out slowly, dropping the instrument with a clatter onto the floor.

Laurie sagged in her restraints, feeling so empty, defeated, humiliated. She felt his long powerful fingers digging into her thighs and thought once more he would fuck her in the ass. But now she felt the conical head of his cock slithering over the slippery cuntal crack, the salty drop of cum on his cockhead setting the wound on her clit on fire. It burned like sulfur, making her roll her hips forward, then back.

It was a surprise, the surprise of her life. He was fucking her, doing the thing her mother had dreaded for so long. And now it was happening with a man who her parents had trusted. She closed her eyes tightly, her mouth a tight scar while a lump of fear lodged in her throat; Laurie cried out, staring at the rusty red bulkhead in front of her. He was pushing in, grunting like a pig, sweating onto her body while his jagged fingernails tore at her abused flesh.

Again and again he ordered her to recant. And again and again she resisted, shaking her head, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks. The lieutenant leaned forward a bit, forcing the long thick prick into her cunthole. It was like a long greased finger. The heavy, fear-driven flow of her juices made the girl's tissues slick for the invading prick.

Laurie groaned, her head falling back, feeling his cock slipping halfway into her torn, dripping cunt. Jack let go of her thighs for the moment and slid his fingers up, gripping her tits and mashing them in. When he pinched her sore nipples, Laurie let out another cry.

"You like this, don't you? Baby, I think the worst thing to happen to you now would be if I stopped this."

She knew it was true. Something had flipped inside her, some switch had been thrown. She found she actually enjoyed the pain and insult of his fucking. He was on her like a dog on a bitch, fucking her to prove his power. And she let him. Any decent woman would make him kill her instead. And Laurie was hanging there, rutting like a dog in the gutter, wanting more. She hunched back against him even harder, the whole length of his cock stuffed up into her drooling cunthole. She felt him stretching her itchy, bleeding membranes. She felt the cockhead like a plum on a pole, driving around inside her, making her move her hips around in a counter-motion as she whimpered for more. Again and again Laurie begged him to stop, tried to halt the dreadful chain of thoughts building in her mind. But nothing could help. She tried to clench her cuntal muscles tight enough to stop his driving prick. The only thing that did was increase the delightful hot sensations that took her breath away.

Laurie sobbed. The bruising, clawing fingers on her tits made every ounce of her boobs ache. Jack twisted her nipples viciously, biting at the back of her neck until he broke the skin. She wished he would tear the aroused tips off her tits. That would stop the fierce heat they telegraphed to her cunt.

Jack bit down harder, making the girl throw back her head and shout out her unholy delight.

She jerked back, the constant swiveling of her ass continuing. Jack was fucking her harder now, his belly slapping against her blood spotted ass. She could feel the wiry hairs of his cockbush against her asshole while the itching, burning sensation around her cunt drove her crazy. The teen shoved back, enjoying the sensation of having that pounding prick savaging her. Laurie wanted more -- more of the feel of fucking, more of his prick pummeling her cunt while it nudged aside her organs. All she wanted was to have every feeling increase until the pain and the swelling, spinning knot of delight in her belly throbbed with orgasm and swept over her.

"Ahhhh, fuck me, cock me, cock me!"

Laurie cried her obscenities again and again, dredging up foul words and phrases she never remembered having heard. The throbbing ache in her tits needed more. She forced the stiff tipped tits against his greedy, clutching fingers. Jack knew what she needed and gave it to her. The twisting, scratching pain in her nipples was like the fire that burned through all her nerves. Even the soft firmness of her ass tensed, the crack grabbing at the man's cock hairs.

"You're gonna do what I want, baby, do it and you'll never regret it," he growled, biting down on her neck once more. "Never, never!"

But Laurie knew the hated excitement coursing through her veins would make her agree to anything. With just a little more action she knew he was going to bring her off. The blast-furnace heat in her cunt grew more and more intense, more concentrated to a prickling spasm that made her cuntal walls buckle and melt. The girl ground her teeth now. She clamped down hard on that fucking cock. She focused on her clit, on her asshole, on her nipples that burned with a surprising fury. She could feel his cock thickening. The pounding beat of his cock thrusts slowed for a moment, then resumed with a frenzied urgency. She could hear him grunting harder, his teeth chomping down on her flesh as if he were going to feast on her body.

With a furious, savage jab, his cockhead banged against her womb. Laurie felt the blunt point bounce off her cervix. Then came the blast of jizz, that eruption of white-hot spunk that gushed out over her cuntal walls. Laurie let out a whooshing breath she had held, her cuntal walls crashing in. She surrendered herself completely, feeling her pussy clutching wildly, greasily at the spurting cockhead. She could hear herself screaming while blast after blast of cum spattered against her cuntal walls. The terrifying impact of her cum ripped outward from her pussy. She could feel it in every cell of her body. Never, ever would she have believed that climax could be this all-encompassing.

Jack was shouting something out to her, clutching and clawing at her body while she came and came and came. Her cunt milked more jizz from his prick as she rolled her forehead and knew that Jack had her where he wanted her. Never, ever would she disobey him again.

"Man, oh man," he whispered, arching back from the girl and watching with obvious delight as he pulled his softening cock from her drooling fuckhole. Laurie felt that withdrawal, the vacuum setting her clit off once more into another tiny spasm. She pressed her body against the cold bulkhead, her arms shivering while she felt his flanged cockhead slipping from her cunt.

She was exhausted and defeated. Jack had done his work on her and now stepped back to admire the consequences. He moved to her right, pushing her head up and brushing the loose blonde hair shading her eyes.

"Now, you're not gonna keep up your story, are you?"

Laurie shook her head from side to side as he pulled the spitty gag from her mouth.

"You'll tell the captain that you're a little slutty liar, right?"

His voice was so even, so matter-of-fact. Laurie didn't have a chance to think. She nodded her head.

"That's good. Because now you'll walk away from here. Later, I couldn't promise the same thing."

Laurie fell to the deck after Jack had loosened the ropes binding her wrists together and to the bulkhead. She lay there for some time, feeling the blood come back to her fingers in tingly form while she drew her knees up to her tits.

"Okay, come here."

When she didn't move Jack grabbed her right wrist, twisting it around until she cried out, then dragging her over the uneven steel deck plates. Laurie jerked her body around, pummeling her ankles and heels against the floor while half rising from the deck. The steel was cutting into her flesh as the lieutenant pulled her over the floor, through the passageway, and down, down into the fetid bowels of the barge. They stopped in front of a half-opened door, the lip of which had rusted long ago from the salt air.

"Just in case you have any ideas of turning your promise around..."

He gripped her by the hair, kicking her legs and torso around until she tumbled over the lip into an abyss. It was dark in there. Her nostrils filled immediately with a dank, wretched smell that reminded her of an unflushed toilet. She could hear scrambling around inside, the sounds of hundreds of living things tumbling over one another from that sudden intrusion.

"Rats, baby, thousands of 'em around in here. Sometimes they crawl up outta this place. But they'd love to have a good feast on you."

Laurie screamed, her fingers clawing at the slick bulkhead while her hair began tearing from her scalp. She shrieked, the pain agonizing in her head. But even worse was the possibility he would lose his grip and send her plummeting to a hellish death. Another swell caught the barge starboard and lurched the ship. A porthole cover became dislodged and a stream of light peeked from round the curve, illuminating just for an instant the immediate area. There they were, a moving furry carpet of rats, their sharp white teeth and beady red eyes sparkling with hunger while they squealed and squeaked angrily at her.

Laurie shrieked again, pissing on her thighs, her tits flopping against one another while her toes banged and kicked at the sides.

Jack let the girl hang there for some time until she had screamed her throat raw. Only then did he pull her up, letting her roll to the floor. She grabbed her throat, retching and gagging, her mind blank with the horror of what she had just endured.

Laurie screamed and screamed when she could, covering her ears and eyes as she saw those awful rats crawling over one another. They would chew her alive. Lurching forward the girl threw her arms around his ankles, begging him not to do this again. She would do anything, even lie about what he'd done to her.

Jack slammed the door shut, dogging it down before reaching up and pulling the hysterical girl to her feet. He had to slap her several times before bringing her back to her senses.

"Now, you understand, this isn't going to disappear," he remarked, nodding in the direction of the door. With a hard, painful grip he sank his fingers into her white shoulders, thrusting her against the now-locked door and watching as the girl shuddered and pissed on her shivering thighs once more. "Good, now you tell the good captain what you've done, and I'll see things don't happen to you. You might even stay in as a Sea Scout. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Laurie wanted to faint, but somehow managed to nod her head, follow him out to where he had dumped her clothes. She was wretched, but still feeling oddly pleased with what had happened.

Chapter FIVE

"I don't believe you."

"But ma'am, it's the truth."

"I know what you told the captain. I know what you said in there. But I don't believe this. You're too much of an honest girl in the first place to lie for the first time. Someone or something's gotten to you, Laurie, and I want to know what."

The female officer sat in front of her, her eyes firm, anxious, compassionate. Laurie was miserable. She had had to recant her story, looking like a slut while hiding the whip marks Jack had given her. All along she thought of those rats crawling all over her, of the horrors that would wait for her.

"Nothing happened, ma'am, I swear it. I... it's just like what I told the captain. I've got to go now."

She knew word of what she'd done and said would be all over the station. They would be laughing behind her back, sniggering and calling her slut and whore. She would have to leave the Sea Scouts. Thank goodness her mother didn't know anyone in the program. She would be spared having to explain what she'd done to her mother. The female officer rose from behind her desk just as Laurie reached the door, putting a light, friendly hand on her narrow shoulders.

"I don't believe you, Laurie. You're not that kind of girl," she said softly, her voice caressing the girl's confused mind. "I'm not giving up on you. I'm going to find out what's happened here whether you like it or not."

"Please, don't... oh, what's the use?" Laurie cried, brushing away a tear and rushing from the office.

She could hear the woman's voice calling out for her. But Laurie could only think of rushing away from the office into the light. She saw some of the enlisted personnel of the reserve center staring at her, the men grinning while the women frowned. She was already branded. Fitting her small black and white ribboned hat over her head, Laurie was halfway out the door when she spotted the lieutenant coming up the broad concrete path.

Laurie turned, feeling her heart sinking into her shoes. She wouldn't talk with him. She just wouldn't have anything to do with him and his lies. It was the captain who took her by the wrist and forced her to stay there just as Jack walked through the door, his sardonic smile penetrating her very soul. People were watching her from behind, laughing while she stood there turning scarlet.

"You've told me the truth, Laurie. Now it's time you apologize publicly to the lieutenant here."

"I'm... I'm sorry for having lied like that," she whispered, the words choking in her throat.

Why was she feeling so hot between her legs? Even now standing here befriending the man who had hurt and degraded her, the young teen could only feel sexual flames of lust licking up her thighs and tingling her pussy. She turned away, breaking from the captain and rushing from the door. She held her face in her hands, running pell-mell down the path toward the docks. It was Lieutenant Jack Barrington who caught up with her, his fingers gripping her arm as they always had -- unquestioningly, firmly. Laurie stopped as if by magic, terrified to make one move.

"That was good, very good. Now I want to show you what your reward is."

They were all watching her. If she spat in his face as one part of her wanted to do, they would consider her an ingrate and never speak to her again. Perhaps her mother might even hear about the scandal. Laurie stood her ground, shivering in her shoes as she thought of the barge.

"You know the executive officer, right? She's got a little something for you... a mother instinct, I think. I want to fuck her."

Laurie's eyes widened, her heart racing as she pulled back from Jack.


"I want you to get her alone, tell her anything you want, but tell her you have to prove it. I'll be there," he said, nodding in the direction of the barge. "I've got it fixed up for the two of you. In fact," he said, leading her by the elbow toward a black government car, "I'll show you myself."

Laurie wanted to scream, to protest what he was doing to her. But she would only make a fool of herself, and no one would believe her. Reluctantly she followed the lieutenant into the car, looking back ruefully and watching the others stare back at her. Doubtlessly, they were marveling at Barrington's magnanimity, his forgiveness.

Laurie gripped the armrest and gasped for breath. Jack pushed her from the car. There were no accusing eyes here, no one to please on this deserted dock. He rushed her over the rotting planks into the barge, grabbing her roughly and sticking his tongue down her throat while feeling her ass.

Laurie was taken aback, her fists pummeling his chest, useless as cotton balls as she felt him opening her slacks and pulling them down. His hands were crawling over her ass like spiders, milking the buns against one another. When she managed to pull her hands up and scratch her fingernails across his face, Jack reared back, touching his scarred cheeks and seeing droplets of blood smeared on his fingertips.

"You hurt me enough! I won't go through with this! I won't let you have her either," she cried.

"So that's it, huh? Jealous little slut! You want me all to yourself, eh?"

The words horrified Laurie. She screamed at him, her blouse having torn open in the struggle. She threw herself at him, her fingers curled for attack. Jack was ready this time, however, twisting her arms around and pulling them back behind her until she felt her joints being stretched to the tearing point.

Laurie screamed, her shrieks echoing off the rusty bulkheads while her feet slipped in every direction over the slick steel deck plates. He threw her from one side to the other, kicking her ankles, stepping on her feet while hustling her through one small doorway after another. At times he purposely banged her forehead against the steel plating, laughing as the sound of her shattered skull echoed through the empty, rolling barge. With one swooping move, the big man ripped the uniform from her, tearing her blouse but careful not to shred her jacket and black slacks. Laurie watched with terrible dismay as he kicked the uniform to one side, then bundled her through another doorway into a dark room.

At first she thought it was the passageway where she'd seen the rats scrambling over one another earlier, and she screamed, her arms flailing wildly all about her. But this one was different. It was dark, terribly dark. When she tried to edge back, Jack rewarded her with a double-fisted hammer blow between her shoulder blades. Laurie screamed, the pain crashing up her spine and exploding in her skull as she fell to her knees. The door banged behind her, sealing the teen in this sea-rocking dungeon.

Laurie lay huddled in a tight little ball for some time, listening to the gentle sloshing of the harbor waves against the rusty sides of the barge. She thought of the reserve center, of her awful interview with the captain who mocked and stared at her. Covering her cars, Laurie felt haunted by her own words. How they had accused her! How that senior officer looked at her as if she were the lowest thing that crawled on the earth.

Laurie groaned, drawing her fret under her naked ass and feeling her spine pressing against the bulkhead behind. She could only hear the stony echo of her own breath bouncing off the cold, slick walls.

Laurie stiffened. There was that claw-like shitter and pause of some small animal. Again she thought of those horrid animals crawling all around her, biting her, nibbling at her until there was nothing left to eat. She shivered, feeling the sour bile rising in her throat. It would be like him to be watching her now, seeing how she would freak out while those animals crawled over her body.

It was almost a relief when, after some time had passed, the door reopened and Jack stood there, stripped to the waist. What surprised her was another man standing directly behind the lieutenant. He was more portly, almost fat. It was almost a minute before she recognized that figure to be the captain himself, the man who had accused her of so many things!

It was a nightmare come true! No wonder Jack could act with impunity on the base! But why did he want her to confess to a man who knew what already had happened here? The captain stood there in the doorway, his arms crossed over his belly while his chest rose and fell.

"I bet you want to know why I'm here," he said levelly. "I think Jack can explain all that to you later on. Right now, we're here to enjoy you, that's all."

Laurie drew one hand up and shielded her eyes from the glare of the light behind the captain. She pulled away from Jack, feeling her heart sink even farther than before. Passively the girl let the big man push her from the room, her hands dropping automatically in front of her crotch even though she still had managed to keep on her panties.

The captain stopped her, knocking her upper arms away from her tits and staring at the pink, stiff nipples. He pinched them, twisting them around between his large, callused fingers until Laurie let out a scream. She tried knocking his hands away. But the big man kept on, biting his fat lips, his face glowing with lust. When her knees started to buckle, he stopped, wiping his sweaty hands on his shirt and giving Jack a nod.

"He started all this -- the barge, the whole thing," Jack explained. "Wait 'till you see how he's outfitted this thing. You'll appreciate it, and it's all with fed money."

The captain was behind the whole thing. He called out that they should hose her down before he fucked with her. Laurie couldn't believe he was talking this way. She stumbled forward over another sill of a doorway, raising her hands to sweep the hair from her face. The aches in her muscles from lying on the floor made her walk awkwardly. She tripped again and fell sprawling on her hands and knees just inside the raised sill of a large, white painted place. Jack turned Laurie around by the shoulders and pulled her arms down roughly, pinching her sore nipples yet again, then tearing down her panties. When she tried to stop him, he knocked her hands away, pushing her down onto the deck plates and kicking her in the belly.

Laurie was stunned, sliding back, gasping for breath as she tried to hide her cunt and tits from the captain and Jack. The whip marks on her thighs and ass were all too evident, something the captain noticed with pleasure. When Laurie tried to crawl away, the senior officer walked up to her, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling back her head until she thought he would snap her neck.

"You listen to me. We had to go through this little charade to put everything on the books, understand? You accuse the lieutenant. Well, then you had to recant in my office. All for the books. And now, this is off the record, understand? And believe me, you'll pay for it all, even if you enjoy it, as the lieutenant seems to think."

Laurie groaned through her clenched teeth, staring up at the threatening figure as he spat into her face, then threw her back down to the deck. She crawfished back, her tits slapping gently against one another while she looked from left to right, wondering what they would do to her.

The young girl didn't have to wait long for an answer. Jack and the captain unraveled two long fabric hoses used normally for fighting deck fires. Laurie had used them in training and knew the tremendous pressure that came from the nozzles. She felt a blast of cold water smashing into her rib cage. She tore open her mouth in surprise, the pressure of the water knocking her back into the bulkhead behind her.

Laurie slipped to the floor, crawling around on her hands and knees, her tits dangling so that her nipples barely touched the floor. Jack was holding one hose, blasting the cold icy water in her face, then playing it up against her tits until the big boobs slapped upward and the pink rubbery tips touched her chin.

Laurie cried out, falling down onto her belly, flattening out while she crawled slowly to the other side of the space.

The water roared and splashed about in the small room, quickly filling the large area. When she managed to pull her face up, a sudden wash of something wet and smelly blasted her in the face. The young teen reeled back, coughing and choking, hardly able to draw a breath without her lungs stinging and burning from the effort. Her eyes bulged while phlegm surged from her flared nostrils. She had seen that chemical used on magnesium fires. And now the captain was using it on her, training the second hose on the screaming teen while her feet slipped and slid across the uneven deck plates.

"No, please! Don't, you'll kill me!"

Neither of the men appeared interested in that possibility. Turning, Laurie wiped the chemical from her face, struggling to get clean air back in her lungs while Jack played the cold water around her ankles.

Laurie screamed, her arms swinging out to either side of her body as she fell to the right and crashed hard on the floor, nearly breaking her shoulder.

The pain seared her brain. She would have given into it if the captain hadn't continued playing the chemical across her body. The foam coated her now, burning into her flesh, making her lungs sting once more. She coughed and gagged, her face turning red. Then Jack took over, cleansing the awful chemical from her flesh with the heavy stream. The water hit like a hammer on her sensitive flesh, playing down her fluttering belly, then blasting into her pussy.

Jerking backward, falling on her ass, Laurie let out a long groan. She could feel that water setting up a lusty flash of fire on her clit. She doubled up, her mouth opening wide as the blast of erotic sensation nearly paralyzed her.

No, she wouldn't give in to these men. She rolled onto her belly, trying to get her pussy away from the moving stream. Her long blonde hair tangled around her neck, catching under her shoulders while her knees scraped bloodily over the deck plates. The captain shot the chemical right between her long thighs, sending the white foamy stuff boiling into her cunt. The resulting sting made her clit stand straight up, her knees snap protectively together.

Someone kicked her. Laurie rolled back, crawfishing on her ass, feeling the hose looping over one of her ankles while Jack drove the icy water into her cunt. She panted heavily, looking from one man to the other, her body sweating from arousal and panic. The captain hosed her down once more with the foam, laughing as she screamed and waved her hands maniacally over her face and body. The shame and pain of feeling herself crawl around naked in front of these men made her want to give up. Then Jack once more hosed her down, spraying the burning foam off her body, then directing the heavy rush of water into her cunt. Laurie rolled over and over, her body banging hard against the bulkhead behind her.

The captain turned off the chemical, throwing the heavy hose to one side while Jack finished hosing the mix of foam and water down a drain to the far left. Laurie lay on her right side, her hands covering her face, her knees drawn up against her belly. She was gasping for breath, her skin prickling and burning from the chemical burns. She looked up through the wet tangle of her hair, seeing the captain sneering down at her. He put his booted foot down on her pussy, working the toe into her cunt. Laurie cried out in a mixture of pain, shame and lust, letting her upraised knees fall open. She tried to stop the insane growth of her cuntal heat by knocking that boot away. But the captain still kept it there. She turned her head to the side, coughing and gasping for air.

"Get up."

His words were harsh, authoritative. Gathering her strength, Laurie stood up carefully, her feet slipping on the slick deckplates. Carefully the captain pushed her forward, jabbing two fingers into her asshole just as she started climbing out of the space.

Laurie squawked, losing her balance and tumbling over the sill onto the floor in front of her. The captain planted one booted foot on her ass, kicking her several times against the tailbone until Laurie stretched out her arms and crawled forward to get away from the aching pain of his foot against her butt. Her hair streamed out between her jutting shoulder blades as she crawled inch after agonizing inch away from the men behind her, unaware of where she was heading. They were herding her like a cow, beating and whipping her with their feet and hands, laughing as she shivered and groaned until she came to the end of the passageway.

"We've got her cleaned up now. Let's see if the little twit can take as much as you say," the captain said, his eyebrows arching.

Chapter SIX

Laurie rolled her head from side to side, her arms muscles stretching while she dangled there helplessly over the cargo hold. The quarter-inch line they had roped around her wrists to hold the teen securely was biting cruelly into her flesh.

Laurie whimpered, her legs scissor kicking. She tried not to move. Her shoulders ached when she made even the slightest motion. Being suspended from the cargo-handling pulleys over the black void struck terror in the young girl. Her tits were pulled flat against her chest while Jack and the captain worked the rusty machinery in the loft to the right. It was difficult to see in there. But Laurie could detect a series of pulleys over head that moved independently over one another on a myriad of tracks. There were more whirring noises.

Laurie felt her wrists separating, pulling apart from one another slowly. She rose a bit in the air, her body tensing while a pulse of terror spasmed through her. Snapping her head upright, the girl stared first at one arm, then the other. They were stretching her apart. Her arms were nearly perpendicular to her torso now. She could feel the nerve endings separating in her wrists while her fingers were growing icy and numb. Wildly the young girl looked from left to right, her legs jerking back and forth while her chest and throat tightened in terror.

Throwing her head back, Laurie let out a wild scream of despair. She could feel her shoulders separating now, the bones pulling apart in their joints while horrible spasms of sharp pain ached through her limbs. The pulleys overhead rattled and groaned, tugging her arms yet farther apart while the young teen shrieked.

Just when the girl thought she would surely die from the agony, the pulleys stopped, Jack and the captain reversing the pulley direction and allowing Laurie's arms to relax against their bonds. The blonde teen let out a sigh of relief, her head falling forward, her hair curtaining her flushed face. Tears rolled from her eyes, staining her cheeks as she peered down into the blackness. Soon her arms were well overhead once more, her thumbs touching one another while some feeling came back into her fingers. She heard more whirring sounds. Laurie jerked her head around, her eyes widening as she stared at the men.

"No, please, no more! Please, don't do this to me again!"

Jack shouted out something filthy to her. The pulleys moved apart again, pulling her arms out and stretching them until Laurie jerked like a tautly pulled wire. Something odd happened then. While wide apart, the pulleys started moving downward, moving the stretched screaming girl deeper and deeper into the musky blackness below her.

Laurie stopped shrieking, panting heavily through her flared nostrils as she stared wild-eyed into the darkness engulfing her. She was terrified to move, ignoring for a moment the terribly agony knifing through her muscles. Lights switched on, enabling the girl to see the entire cavernous cargo hold she was in. Thank God, she thought, there were no rats. But clearing her eyes Laurie saw the hold was filled a good deal with rusty, stagnant water. The pulleys continued to lower her, keeping her arms stretched painfully apart from her body. It was only when her toes touched the fetid filthy seawater that Laurie realized they were going to duck her in the awful smelly morass.

"No, no, you'll drown me! You'll kill me! Oh please, I'll do anything," she cried wildly, jerking her head up and shouting at the sneering men above her. "I'll do anything! Fuck me! Dick me! Oh God in heaven, please, please don't do this to me!"

She made wild promises to do awful things, anything to keep herself from the water that now was up to her ankles. It was warm, oily, rusty. And still the pulleys moved downward. Laurie screamed again, jerking and twisting, kicking her legs until they splashed like an egg beater in the water. The pulleys jerked for a moment and slowed, giving her the brief hope that the men would stop. But then the machinery whirred back into action, moving down, down, drawing the girl deeper into the water.

Laurie felt the mess swirling around her cunt and asshole now. She made grunting sounds, her belly turning over as the filthy water sloshed into her pussy and seeped into her bowels. The pulleys seemed to be moving apart a little farther, tearing her muscles and ligaments while numbing her nerves from all the agony. The rusty water swirled around her tits, buoying them up and setting them floating in front of her.

Laurie pulled her head back, her eyes starting from her head, perspiration matting her hair down against her skull while she breathed heavily through her mouth. The water splashed around her chin now, the smell making her cough and gag with disgust. Her long blonde hair floated out behind her while her body was stained with the filth. Laurie managed to shriek out one last bleating plea before the water closed over her mouth and nose, and finally over her head.

She was submerged in the filth, her body stretched to the tearing point while the dirty waters swirled over her head. Laurie wasn't aware how long she'd remained under the fluid. She tried to hold her breath as long as she could. But her lungs were bursting while her head was light and buzzy. She would have to inhale soon, and when she did she would drown.

They had changed direction while she was wallowing in panic. Laurie felt her head break above the water. The girl let out a blasting breath of air, sucking in more oxygen and coughing from the effort while the filthy slime oozed off her body.

"Man, she's stinking now," Jack commented wryly, moving the controls so the pulleys brought Laurie back to the lip of an inner door.

"She's not fit to fuck now. We'll have to clean her up."

Slowly the girl managed to regain her breathing. Laurie stared with hatred at the men, her face burning with rage while her body continued to drip with the awful stuff. They had nearly killed her, and for what? She felt her shoulders aching still even though the pulleys had been brought back together. Jack moved from the control room, grabbing hold of her ankles and tugging the girl in.

Switching off the machinery, the captain and Jack unfastened the teen from her restraints, dragging her across the deckplates from the compartment to the first space where they had hosed her down earlier. This time, however, the men were in no mood to repeat the first ordeal.

Quickly Jack shoved the groaning, stumbling teen into a small metal shower stall, icing her body down with a shockingly cold spray of water until she was clean. Laurie squealed, shivering under the stream and fighting to get free and run. Jack laughed at her attempts, slapping her across the face and shoving her back so roughly she struck her head several times against the steel plating.

Dazed, shivering, her skin a light shade of blue, Laurie stumbled from the shower stall, dripping with the icy water as she followed the big man across the shower room, through the narrow passageway, and up two accommodation ladders. Her naked feet hurt against the steel plating. She thought the soles of her feet had to be bleeding as Jack dragged and shoved and pushed her along.

At the third level, Laurie instantly knew she was in officers' country. Even though this area too was badly dilapidated, the corridors were larger, the spaces more spacious, and some of the areas were still lined with oak. It was into one of these spaces that the lieutenant pushed Laurie. The captain was waiting for her, his legs spread widely apart, a small whip in his right hand. Laurie threw her arms around her shoulders, shivering like a drowned little animal, her head shaking as if she had palsy while she looked at the paneled walls. This surely was the officers' mess -- a large, comfortable room still in spite of what age and time had done with it.

The captain had a sense of theater. He grabbed her hair suddenly, twisting it around until Laurie felt her knees staffing to buckle. Bright lights popped in front of her eyes as she saw the thongs of the whip dangling in front of her. He made her kiss the whip and lick the black leather strips while she curled her toes against the rotting carpet. Laurie looked at the well-oiled leather with loathing.

The girl knew they were going to beat her now, beat the living daylights out of her to see if she were still lively.

"She's a lewd little bitch, a disgrace to the Navy. We never should have let these cunts in. But," the captain said with a rueful shrug, "they're here, so we might as well teach them some discipline."

Taking her by the hand, the captain pulled her roughly through a smaller doorway to a room where a large table had been pushed to the center. A rotting piece of blue canvas covered the oak, something Laurie was grateful for as the captain pushed her toward the table told her to climb onto it.

"On your knees, bitch. That's it," he said, his eyes narrowing.

Jack had disappeared for a moment, returning with an opened chest rattling with rope and several other devices Laurie could only guess at. They pushed her back, keeping her knees back while drawing her feet around until her toes were nearly touching her ass. The resulting strain against her thighs made the girl wince as she wallowed her shoulder blades against the table.

Jack stopped the movement immediately, drawing her hands down while the captain started looping quarter-inch white line around her wrists, attaching them to her ankles. She was bent back, her wrists roped to her ankles in double figure-eight knots. He pushed her hands and legs apart, opening her cunt as a result.

Laurie flushed red, feeling her pussylips unsticking and peeling back, revealing the dark pink moist meat.

"She's hot! Look at this!"

Jack pushed one finger into her cunt, wriggling it around. Laurie closed her eyes, biting down on her pouty lower lip as she shifted her ass from side to side on the table. How she hated the man for making her so hot! She couldn't stop the flow of her juices bubbling from her cunt, wetting down his probing finger as he fucked knuckle-deep into her pussy. Drawing out the finger, Jack sniffed at it, then held it up to the captain's nose.

"That's hot pussy, all right. It seems that our punishment isn't working the way we want it. We'll have to use firmer measures."

Jack understood right away, as did Laurie. The girl raised her head from the table, staring with growing fear as Jack brought out what appeared to be a harness. It was difficult for the men to fit Laurie as she was already roped, her body bent awkwardly back. But Jack managed well enough, sliding a leather collar around her neck and cinching it tight before drawing a strip of black leather between her high-riding tits. A broader band of leather pinched her thighs and drew around her ass while two smaller strips fit tightly against either side of her cunt.

It was that portion the captain enjoyed tightening, fitting the leather over her pussylips and wriggling it until it was slick with her flowing juices. She was trussed up well, the rope keeping her knees bent well back and her ankles and wrists bound together while the harness hugged her body tightly, the leather bands rubbing excitingly against her cunt. The leather was arousing her, making her heart beat so wildly while her pussy tingled and swelled with excitement. She could feel the slickness oozing from her spread-open cunt, wetting down her inner thighs and her spread-open cunt, wetting down her inner thighs and ass while the men looked on and laughed.

"Now, we get to work."

The captain was quick, standing in front of her and bringing down the whip sharply against her spread-open thighs. Laurie jerked, the hot smacking sensation making the teen shriek as she threw her head against the hard table under her. The splatting sound continued as the captain jerked his arm up and brought down the whip again and again until her rippling thighs were marked with long, ugly red marks that contrasted sharply against her white flesh.

Laurie squirmed and whimpered as the belt thrashed against her thighs. More welts criss-crossed over the young girl's body while some of her screams turned to wheezing gasps. Her flesh burned, tingled as if someone had set her on fire. The captain stopped for a while, shaking the sweat from his eyes while rubbing her forearm. Then he resumed with a vengeance, bringing the whip down near the clit. Laurie let out another yammering shriek, feeling a shower of hot electricity burning her cunt. Again the leather smacked dryly near her clit, and again the teen jerked her thighs around, rolling her hips shamelessly while bouncing her shivering, reddening ass against the table. Laurie could feel her nerves growing hotter and tighter around her cunt. Her tiny clit ached and throbbed with more and more delight as the whip scarred her body more heavily. She chewed her lip, turning her face and trying to hide her passion while she felt her asshole opening and closing in time with the beating whip. With the last blow, Laurie raised her ass in an attempt to absorb the last of the attack.

"Man, she's too much," Jack said, puffing down his trousers and walking over to her. He grabbed her hair, twisting it down to force her mouth open. Laurie saw his fat-headed cock just before it pushed into her mouth, moving over her tongue and making her cheeks puff out.

The girl coughed and choked, feeling her own spit gathering at the back of her throat while his hot, thick prick pushed down. Laurie fought for air, feeling her crotch ache and burn while this big man rodded her throat harder and faster. She swallowed again and again, tasting the cum boiling over her tongue and coating her throat while his balls pillowed hotly against her chin. Her pussy quaked and the pressure in her cunt swelled to the bursting point. Laurie couldn't help herself. Her asscheeks opened and closed while her hips rolled in a shameless dance of lust.

"Damn, gotta fuck this bitch," the captain said, throwing the whip down and unzipping his trousers.

Laurie couldn't see him, but felt the table moving under her. He was in front of her now, holding her open. She could smell his sweat, his arousal as he jerked her legs apart and with his callused fingers spread her cuntlips open. She could feel more juices oozing from her pussy, wetting down the strips of leather knifing into her cuntflesh as Jack pushed his prick down all the way until her throat bulged with the hot, thick mass.

Laurie struggled against the ropes holding her arms and legs together, feeling the leather harness cutting into her shoulders and waist. She knew why they had done this to her now. Both men were topping her, exciting her. But the added tension of the rope and leather, the added feeling of something cutting into her, restraining her, fired her senses even more. Laurie screamed with a muffled cry at them and herself, bouncing her body as best she could while she felt the captain rubbing his fat, drooling cockhead against the puckered folds of her cunt. Then the sudden forceful shove that followed sent slivers of sharp delight through her pussy.

Laurie writhed and wriggled, feeling her cunt fill while her tiny clit vibrated. The girl wanted to scream, but couldn't let out one groan. Jack's prick was filling her mouth more and more, sliding down to her throat while his hands pressed against her skull as if he were going to crush it. She wriggled her tongue, tasting more and more of his jizz while he moaned and shifted her thighs from side to side.

The pressure and delight in her cunt were overwhelming. It drilled into her slit and made her nerves vibrate and recoil. She could feel this awful delight all the way through her asshole, then up to her belly and tits. The captain pinched her nipples, biting and chewing down on them while drilling his cock into her again and again. She loved this awful thing happening to her. Her clit glowed like a red jewel while juice sprayed from her cunt and wet down the captain's swinging, leathery balls.

It was all Laurie could do to keep from drowning as Jack cut loose, his balls pumping out gouts of cum and slicking down her tongue and throat with his spunk. The white jizz frothed out around the stretched corners of her mouth as Laurie gulped and swallowed the flowing cum. She felt the captain sticking his fingers in her wet, throbbing cunt, clawing at it, pulling and tearing at her cuntal hairs while fucking her harder, more savagely than before. Her clit was swollen, engorged, throbbing, about to burst while a wild golden ball of excitement was building in her belly. Her clit swelled and stretched while her thighs rippled like the ocean waves.

The captain let out a loud shout, slapping his hands across her nipples until they burned like glowing sulfur. The big man was shouting, hurting her, hitting her while shoving his prick all the way into her hot, sucking cunt. Laurie yammered, feeling him grab the leather strips on either side of her cunt and press them into her throbbing, wet cuntmeat. The feeling was overwhelming, the slick strips biting into her clit while the captain's prick started squirting its hot load of cum deep into her cunt. Laurie screamed, the eruption in her clit deeper and more exciting than anything she had experienced so far. Jack finished her off, pushing his cock in her mouth all the way, then slowly pulling it out while watching the cum dribbling over her chin.

The girl's tits rolled and slapped together while her belly rippled and her cunt clamped down on the cum-spitting prick. Laurie wanted to tighten her pussy even more. But the ropes prevented her from doing even that.

She lay there and whimpered for a long while, thrashing against her ropes, feeling that prick feed more and more jizz into her hot, sucking wet pussy while her asscheeks flattened and bounced alternately against the table. When it was over, the captain let out a long sigh, shaking the sweat from his face while pulling his prick from her slackening cunt. Laurie shuddered, feeling her cuntal membranes puckering outward from the resulting vacuum. Jack was wiping his cockhead over her forehead, tracing his fingers lightly over her cum-smeared lips.

"Man, she was good, real good," Jack said.

"And we're gonna see how the two of them act together -- you know, her and the executive officer."

Laurie lay there quietly, listening to the two men speak. She had heard something about this earlier, something about Lieutenant Harrington and what the captain wanted to do to her. Why? Was he that down on women in the Navy? From the way he had treated her today, she pitied any woman who came under his wheels.

"Now, you're gonna tell Ms. Harrington that you want to talk to her about the lieutenant here," the captain said after conferring with Jack. "That you lied to her. That you've got more to tell. She's been sniffing around me like a hound, sure there's something going on. Well, I'm not going to disappoint her."

They worked out the details, drawing out a promise from Laurie as she lay there in misery.

Chapter SEVEN

They had given her nearly one week to recuperate. It had been all she could do to keep the horror from her mother. Tucking her dressing gown around her whip-scarred body, Laurie padded half in a daze about the house, pretending she had a bad cold when all she could think about was how the men had raped her.

Rape? The girl let out a sharp, callous laugh, remembering how she had rutted in front of the men while they drilled their pricks into her. She had loved every second of it, twisting and wriggling under their bodies while they fucked and beat her. Even when they had dangled her over the filthy water, nearly drowning her in that cesspool, Laurie had felt a perverse excitement that made her body sing with unholy delight.

And now they were going to use her to lure someone else into that twilight world. At first Laurie thought she would refuse them. They could get someone else to do their dirty work. But then fear and curiosity got the better of her. It was, coming close to the drill weekend when Laurie and her other compatriots would be at the Reserve Center. It would be a perfect setup for poor Lieutenant Harrington who was already sure the lieutenant and possibly her Captain were up to no good.

That following Saturday, Laurie trembled all day, feeling guilty and excited all at the same time. At a signal from the captain she walked into the executive officer's office and quickly told the woman she had to speak with her later, much later, when there weren't so many people around. The barge was a good place. Yes, the XO knew it, but wasn't it odd meeting her there when her office was a perfectly good place and private? But Laurie was insistent, nearly breaking down into mock hysterical tears before rushing away.

She was amazed at her own duplicity, at the way she could fool someone who was perfectly innocent and only wanted to help. She thought about turning around and warning her. But something kept Laurie quiet. Instead she waited, then duly slipped from the Reserve Center shortly after sixteen hundred hours and hurried toward the deserted barge. The captain, of course, was still occupied with reserve center business. But Jack was there, waiting for her at the head of the quarterdeck. Automatically, Laurie found herself saluting the young big man who was still in uniform.

"Follow me, bitch, and keep quiet."

He pointed silently to a small room just aft of the captain's quarters where Laurie dutifully stripped off her uniform. They both knew the executive officer was coming. She would be here for them, and Laurie had lured her here with that dreadful lie. There would be no confession -- just her and the men waiting for her.

"In here."

The captain and Jack had been busy. In the officers' mess now stood a kind of pillory. The device had two large holes at the top. Two half inch link chains dangled from the low ceiling. Attached to the ends of these was a contraption of two boards with two smaller holes drilled in them. Both the pillory and this board could be opened and shut via hinges screwed to the sides. Jack told her to lie down in front of the pillory.

Obeying without saying one word, Laurie watched as he drew both legs up and pushed them through the two larger holes. He clamped down the top and secured it tightly, grinning down as he watched the teen squirm uncomfortably on the floor.

"So, you're doing okay by us, bringing the lady here so we can have some fun with her."

Laurie turned her face away, feeling like a criminal who had just been caught. She could never explain why she was doing this to someone who had only been kind and caring to her.

The way her ankles rubbed against the rough wooden holes made the girl, wince as she stared up round-eyed at the ceiling. The eyehook screws had just been placed there. She could see the fresh wood shavings dangling from the sooty ceiling. They looked secure -- as if they could hold a good amount of weight dangling from them. Laurie swallowed hard, knowing full well what was about to happen.

Jack brought her arms back, warning the girl not to move with a stem shake of the finger. He opened the wood attached to the overhead chains, fitting the holes around her wrists then clamping them shut.

Moving to the far side of the cabin, Jack began operating a makeshift winch, pulling on the handle and slowly, gradually tightening the chains and pulleys until Laurie felt the wood rising from the floor. Her ass rose from the filthy carpeting, her wrists chafing against the wood as it hauled her inch by agonizing inch upward. Her torso swung suggestively back and forth, her cunt opening and closing while her asshole quivered with nervousness.

In a moment the girl was suspended from the floor, her ass angled down slightly from her ankles, her knees stretched straight while her arms bent at the elbows. She curled her fingers, clawing the nails against the rough wood. Her chin rested against the device holding her wrists captive as Laurie looked at Jack, wondering what he had in store for her.

"This'll keep you quiet 'til we get the good lieutenant where we want her."

Laurie watched him take an egg-shaped red thing in one hand and bring it up to her face.

A spasm cramping through her thighs at the same time made her open her mouth, letting out a howl of agony. While she twisted in her bonds, desperately trying to ease the spasm, Jack slipped the rubber ball into her mouth, pushing it back until it was well past her front teeth.

The girl let out a muffled cry of horror, pushing the tip of her tongue against it while closing her jaws! Spit rolled down her throat, choking her as she fought the thing prying her jaws open. Panicked, the girl struggled futilely, letting out another groan when the big man fastened the ball in her mouth with a half-inch strip of black leather.

Hanging there helpless, her ass dangling in mid-air while her ankles bled in the horrid pillory, Laurie watched as Jack moved behind her, slapping her naked ass several times with the flat of his right hand and watching as the girl squealed and jerked in her awful bonds. Laurie wriggled her naked asscheeks, feeling the flesh heat under the steady smacking blows of the big lieutenant. When he stuck one finger in her shitter and one in her cunt at the same time, Laurie let out a baleful cry, biting down on the gagging rubber ball until her jaws ached from the pressure.

"Hot and wet down there, just the way a girl should be," Jack remarked.

Laurie blushed furiously. He was treating her like a whore. He fucked his fingers in her asshole and cunt for the next few moments, twisting his fingers in and out, rubbing her cunt with his thumbnails. When Laurie started to moan in ecstasy, her head lolling back, Jack curled his right thumb and pressed the jagged nail into her clit as if it were a knife.

Laurie's body jerked up from the chains and her thighs ridged until they turned to steel. She shivered in her chains, screaming through the rubber gag while twisting like a puppet out of control. He laughed at her, creasing her tiny sputtering clit until the teen screamed herself hoarse. When he jabbed in again, Laurie's body spasmed, one long shudder shaking her from head to foot. She felt herself lose control, piss spurting from her hole and staining the lieutenant's hand.


He pulled his fingers from her pussy, wiping the stained digits against her face, then slapping her several times for her action.

"Don't do that again, or I'll throw you back in the cargo hold, this time keeping there 'til you drown like one of those fuckin' rats."

He moved around behind her, muttering to himself, scratching around in cabinets. All Laurie could think of was her nakedness, the feeling of incredible vulnerability and at the same time incredible excitement. Her asscheeks opened and closed in butterfly movements, her asshole winking open and shut while her cunt fluttered in hot expectation. When she blinked her eyes clear, Laurie saw Jack kneeling to her right, holding a battered Coleman lantern in one hand while fishing around in his shirt pocket for matches. In a moment it was lit, the tiny orange flame shimmering under the glass covering.

"All ships have this," he explained, turning the key clockwise and increasing the long tongue of orange flame until it started to lick above the rim.

Laurie stared in wonder at the flame, hypnotized by the way it flickered, right and left. She cringed, knowing he had something awful planned. He was playing with her, waiting for her to reach his conclusion. She shivered, feeling her cunt starting to work and glow. Her tits rose and fell rapidly while her nipples turned into hard, burning peaks of need. Her belly spasmed while more juice oozed from her jagged, fuzzy fuckslot and ran down her inner thighs.

Laurie sobbed as the weight of her body pulled painfully at her arm and leg muscles. She twisted, increasing the pulling pain. Jack could smell her, his mouth curling into a twisted smile as he moved the lantern directly under her ass with a soft, scraping sound.

Laurie remembered the licking flame, remembered how it looked pecking just above the glass rim of the lantern. Her thighs rippled once more as she heard him lifting the glass sheath and turn the key even more. The slim tongue of flame moved up until it brushed lightly against her asscrack. Laurie's eyes bulged and a pulse leaped through her throat as she stiffened her thigh muscles and jerked her clenching ass up from the floor. At the same time the girl tried grabbing at the chains holding the wooden stock around her wrists. She wanted to climb away from the thing burning her ass. But nothing worked. In a moment she was sagging back down, her ass wiggling back and forth over the fire while sweat drenched her face and throat.

"You'll enjoy the heat, hot as you are. You'll probably put out the damned fire with your pussyjuice," Jack said mockingly, scratching his prick through his trousers.

He was squatting still, careful not to spill the kerosene in the lantern while moving it a few more inches back until the fire was directly over her shitter. He turned the flame up even more.

Laurie thought he was setting her bowels on fire. She heard crackling, whispering sounds and knew some of her cunthairs had caught fire. She screamed again, feeling the scalding flame singeing her flesh. Her cries turned into choked gurgles of agony while her muscles bulged against her sweaty flesh. Jack moved the fire back and forth, carefully reddening her thigh and assflesh without seriously burning her. The result was a pleasure-pain mixture that made her cunt wink open with hot delight. She felt her clit tingle while the full length of her cunthole spasmed and quivered as if a lover's tongue were licking her ass. The nerves in her cunt burned and raced with a steady pulse while her bowels surged. She fought the urge to suck the flame into her asshole as she strained against the clattering chain bonds.

She wanted Jack to touch her. She wanted the big hunky lieutenant to drop his pants as he had before and push his prick in her mouth. She would have loved to have had the captain in now, fucking her, drilling his prick into her while the fire heated her ass up to a blister. Laurie bit down on the rubber ball and twisted and turned and jerked her dangling hips shamelessly, feeling she was abandoning herself to this man like a nympho.

Jack knelt there and watched, his prick growing harder and hotter until it was tenting up the front of his khaki trousers. He had to have her cunt, but he knew she would have to be hotter before he fucked her. Reaching down, Jack grabbed hold of the lantern, pulling it back until the fire burned into her cunthole.

Laurie ripped open her mouth and let out a hellish scream, feeling the long thin tongue of flame lapping up into her pussy. Her body convulsed as if she were having a fit, her head jerking while her thighs rippled with the agony. She could smell hair and flesh burning, the acrid odor making her sick while the riot of sharp, burning pain made her head light and buzzy. The girl clawed her fingernails against the wood, breaking three while her ankles twisted and turned against the wooden pillory. Jack laughed, moving the lantern back toward her ass, the fire leaving a long pinkish mark along her asscheeks.

The young teen let out another howl, jerking her ass up, trying to tuck the sensitive hole away from the singeing fire as it lapped against the gray, wrinkled flesh of her shitter. Her asscheeks clenched together while her body lurched forward and up, her tits slapping together from the violent moves the girl made. Again and again Laurie let out shrieks of agony, her throat tightening while her screams one more time turned into gurgling, choked cries.

He was sliding the lantern back to her cunt. Laurie shrieked, her eyes starting from her head while her nostrils flared, dragging in more oxygen for her lungs. She didn't know how much longer she could stand this and not faint dead away from the pain. Once more Jack was pushing the fire up into her cunt, the blue tip of the flame now lapping at the base of her clit.

Tears rushed down her flushed cheeks while more shrieks ripped from her throat. Jack stared at her, watching the teen buck and jerk in her bonds, her body rippling back and forth like a startled snake.

Muttering a curse under his breath, the young lieutenant kicked the lantern out from under the teen, reaching down and slapping her several times to knock away the hysteria. Laurie came to, sobbing and begging him to kill her or let her go.

He did neither, pushing his towers down and stepping between her pried-open thighs. Laurie begged him not to fuck her, her cuntlips sore from the burning fire. But Jack shoved in two fingers to spite the teen, twisting them around in her reddened hole and making her shriek with agony.

It was as if someone had driven a spear right into her guts, poling her intestines before driving the weapon into her heart. Laurie threw back her head, her long blonde hair sweeping over her shoulder blades while her legs pulled alternately against the shuddering pillory. Nothing gave way. The girl was helpless, caught in the wood while the man continued to fingerfuck her and slip his digits in deeper.

Then his fingers were gone. But in their place came something bigger, more threatening. Jack held her asscheeks apart, his fingers digging cruelly into the soft, fleshy skin in her ass while he poled his fat, greasy cock into her cunt. Laurie screamed, her head snapping from left to right while phlegm oozed from her nose and mouth. She was making hoarse, throaty grunts now, her belly bouncing up and rippling while her thighs ridged from the delightful agony searing her body. Torn between the two extremes of delightful pleasure and agonizing pain, Laurie bounced in her bonds, feeling Jack's fingers kneading her flesh and tearing at it.

"Bitch! The more I throw at you, the more you want. We're gonna make sure you have more than you can handle!" he cried, jabbing his crotch so hard against hers he nearly toppled the pillory onto its back.

Laurie felt her body swelling, threatening to explode as he drilled his prick faster and harder into her hot, sucking cunthole. Her clit swelled, bloated with delight while her thick, flowing juices frothed around her stretched-thin pussylips. Laurie didn't feel the ropes any longer. The wooden holes barely chafed her ankles and wrists, it seemed, as Jack fucked her into ecstasy. It was just as before only better. Pleasure and pain merged into a hellish mix, one that made her head spin around dizzyingly while her cunt tightened, then blew apart. The last thing she remembered was Jack's hellish cry of delight and the feel of his spunk splashing into her cunt.

And then there was blackness.

Chapter EIGHT

Consciousness brought its own bitterness. She could have pretended to be in a faint. But curiosity brought Laurie to open her eyes. She knew someone had changed her restraints. The girl no longer was in the pillory, her ass banging free, her wrists and ankles thrust through wooden holes. But there was a stretching feeling Laurie knew couldn't be denied. Slowly she opened her eyes, peering through her long lashes, not daring to make a move for fear of attracting attention too soon. Her arms were spread widely above her head, stretched to the tearing point, she thought, feeling a painful pressure in both her shoulder sockets. Laurie kept her head down, feeling the tips of her silken hairs brushing over her pink, erect nipples.

Moving her hands slightly, she saw immediately they were attached to something -- probably a pole of sorts -- and definitely bound with rope to the object. Her legs too had been bound, spread quite a distance apart. Ropes too had been lashed around her ankles tightly, restraining them to something in the floor. They had stretched her tightly, her feet arched above the concrete, her arches hurting from the pulling pressure while she hung there helpless. Laurie knew instinctively she made a large X, her tits pulled flat from the pressure against her chest as she kept her head down. She could hear mumbling from one corner of the room, punctuated by muffled higher-pitched groans. Lieutenant Harrington! She was supposed to be here, and doubtless was.

Laurie flinched, feeling hands rubbing up and down her thighs. She betrayed herself.

"The little slut's alive."

"Wake up, bitch, or I'll stick a match up your ass," Jack said threateningly.

Laurie pulled her head up, shaking the loose blonde hair from her eyes. Yes, she was right. There was Lieutenant Teri Harrington in front of her, stripped naked, her ripped khaki uniform lying in tatters on the floor. She had been hog tied with bits of cord and rope, her hands fastened behind her back, another rope wrapped around her throat and pulled tight across her back and threaded through the line keeping her wrists bound.

The result was that Lieutenant Harrington feared to move her hands or head too much. The more she twisted, the tighter the rope became around her neck. But what was particularly grotesque was what they had done with her next. Laurie could see they were in the same space as before. The pillory device had been shoved into one corner, while this other thing had been brought forward.

Lieutenant Harrington was impaled, a long steel pole having been driven up her cunt, spreading the dark-haired cunt wide open and exposing her rich red inner pussylips. Someone had slipped a pink dildo on the tip of the stand, most of which was already buried in the dark meat of the woman's pussy. She was standing on her tiptoes now, sweat beading on her forehead and rolling down her thunderous tits to two metal rings that Jack had clamped tightly onto her hard nipples.

She was panting heavily, trying to keep her feet up, but obviously growing tired. Laurie watched as the woman's arches finally gave way and she sank back down, her feet flattening on the cold floor. More of the rod pushed into her cunt, making her thighs ridge and ripple at this self-fucking while her asscheeks clenched together like two tight fists. She was groaning, her head puffing back, the rope tightening around her throat while her tits jutted out from her heaving upper chest.

"Looks like she's a damned lucky woman, right Laurie?" the captain said, pointing at his impaled executive officer and laughing. Lieutenant Harrington grew flushed, her face reflecting the shame and degradation she obviously felt.

"Sure wish I were a woman with something that nice to sit on," Jack taunted.

"Ever have one bigger than that, baby? You're a frigid bitch, but you're not a virgin. We saw that when we wrestled you to the floor here," the captain said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Lieutenant Harrington was scarlet, her cunt halved by that awful thing while the men mocked her in front of Laurie. She looked plaintively at the girl, shaking her head as best she could while the rope pressed more tightly against her throat and made her cough.

"You could drive your cunt up and down on that thing -- you know, fuck yourself. That's probably how she lost her cherry anyway, driving a damned Coke bottle up her pussy. She needs a real prick to thaw her out," the captain said derisively.

"Come on, Captain, let's see what else we can do to make these girls less tired," Jack said with a merry wink.

The two men disappeared from the space, leaving the two women alone to contemplate their fates. Laurie sighed, blinking away the tears. She had hoped somehow that the lieutenant would be able to get word to someone, anyone to help. It had been a vain hope. Lieutenant Teri Harrington was as much a victim of Jack's and the captain's, perhaps more judging from the vehemence in the captain's voice. He had obviously been thinking about doing this to her for some time. Laurie had been the catalyst. And now both of them were going to suffer the consequences.

"I'm so sorry, Lieutenant. But... but they made me do it," Laurie said, feeling her fingers grow icy from the pulling pressure of the ropes around her wrists.

"That's all right, Laurie. I should have guessed about these two... ohhhhhh!"

Lieutenant Harrington's body shivered. Laurie realized she had been moving her cunt up and down, sliding her pussy on the long steel rod while her clit rubbed back and forth against the slick surface. She was masturbating, bringing herself off just as the officers said she would. Her nipples were turning a darker red, swelling against the nibbling clamps while her thighs rippled from the delight obviously surging through her body. She was trying to stop biting her lip, struggling against the rope strangling her throat.

But nothing could stop the delight she obviously felt. She was gasping and twisting now, making the steel rod shiver and move against the floor as she tossed her lovely head and whipped her long chestnut colored hair across her jiggling tits. She was having a climax right in front of Laurie, her belly flushing and tensing while she bounced up and down, up and down, feeding her sucking pussy with more and more of that rodding dildo.

She stiffened, her spine arching back as she thrust her tits forward and shuddered against the poling dildo. Juice dribbled from her cunt, streaking her ridged inner thighs while she came shamelessly in front of the gawking young blonde teen. Finally Teri sighed, her feet resting flat on the floor as the dildo nudged against her cervix.

"I'm so ashamed, but I couldn't help myself," she sobbed, blinking away the tears that rolled down her cheeks.

Laurie wanted to say something to assuage the woman's guilt. But then Jack and the captain returned. The lieutenant moved behind Teri, working on something that lay on the floor while Jack strode up to the teen and hefted her heavy, pendulous tits with both hands. She stood there stoically, feeling his fingers massaging the round bottoms while that prickling, tingling feeling around her nipples started up once more. When he began pinching one, his eyes fastened on hers, watching for the slightest show of pain.

Jack doubled his fist, bringing it crashing into the soft spot of her belly and knocking the wind from her. Laurie let out a whooshing sound, her eyes popping from her head while the teeth rattled in her skull. Teri started to object, but her cry was stopped short by a hard slap across the face from the captain.

"You always shoot your fuckin' mouth off too much in the office. This is going to make you think twice about doing that."

"Animal!" she shot back, her face reddening as she felt him feeling her ass once more. "You'll never get away with this. I'll tell the Naval Board of Inquiry. They'll put you away until you're an old man!"

"If you're around to shoot off your mouth, that is," the captain warned, his eyes narrowing.

While they were arguing, Laurie had time to notice what the captain had been doing. Something was trailing out from behind the stand still impaling the lieutenant's cunt. Wires! Suddenly the girl realized what they were about to do -- at least to the executive officer. They were going to electrocute her, send current surging through her body while Laurie watched. She wanted to say something, to warn her. But one look at Jack and the girl closed her lips, grimly watching and waiting for the ax to fall.

That small fire, she knew, couldn't heat it that much. But it was still hot, warm enough to injure her, she thought as he brought it up to her throat, then quickly dropped it to her right nipple.

Laurie shrieked, her body vibrating, like a struck tuning fork as she felt the fiery spike melting into her tit tip. Shocks of agony and incredible heat blasted through her tits, ricocheting through her body until she thought the flesh would tear from her bones. Jack pulled the spike away, shoving it down to her pussy and letting the ebbing warmth stimulate her clit. Laurie let out a soft moan, ashamed she was giving in to this horrid man.

"Okay, back here, Jack."

The captain's voice was firm, almost commanding. Laurie pulled up her head, clearing her eyes with a blink and seeing that indeed the senior officer had unraveled the wires behind the strung female lieutenant. Teri was twisting her head around as best she could now, the look of studied composure she had had earlier quickly crumbling into one of concerned fear. Her muscles tensed, her body swaying dangerously on the steel pole still halving her body as the captain connected up the final few wires to what appeared to be a small panel box built into the oaken well.

"I don't know what this thing was used for before," the captain admitted, "but whatever it was sure helps us out now. It's a transformer -- or the closest thing to it, and I've wired it up to the pole you're fucking yourself on, Lieutenant. Enjoy fucking yourself?"

"You... you bastard!" Teri spat out, her lower lip trembling while her eyes widened in growing fear. Laurie could see perspiration starting to shine on the taut, attractive body in front of her.

"You can call me anything you want," he answered. "By the time I'm through with you, though, it'll only be respect I'll be hearing."

"Never!" she vowed.

The captain tested the dial one more time, then switched on the small machine and twisted the black dial. Laurie watched with growing fascination, her eyes dropping to the woman's split-open cunt and the steel prick driven well up into it. Teri's eyes widened, her eyebrows meeting while her forehead wrinkled. Her eyes sparkled while she sucked in a ragged breath, the shot of electricity catching her by surprise. Laurie watched the woman squirm atop the fucking pole, her thighs starting to relax and tighten, relax and tighten in a rippling effect. Her toes curled, bracing against the floor as she leaned forward and let her long hair partially curtain her face.

"There now, that's not bad, is it?"

The captain held up one hand, restraining Jack as he turned the dial clockwise another notch. Teri stiffened, bracing backward with a sharp jerk while her lower jaw slackened. She moaned, her teeth chattering against one another while her tits slapped gently together. Laurie could see what the increase of current was doing to the female lieutenant. Her nipples were growing darker, far longer and stiffer while her thighs were ridging sexily. Laurie couldn't take her widening eyes off Teri's cunt, watching the hairs uncurl and stick out as the electricity charged the woman's convulsing cunt.

Another notch! Laurie's mouth opened. She could hardly feel the strains of her bonds any longer, so intense was her fascination with what was happening. Teri started jerking, nearly falling off the pole twice as her flesh darkened. She was swaying back and forth in rapid, jerky movements while her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. It was grotesque, wild. She was squatting, then jerking up, squatting and jerking up, fucking herself while rubbing her clit continually against the sparking pole. Her wrists twisted around so grotesquely that Laurie wondered if the woman were trying to break her own bones. Her cheeks puffed out and fluttered, and nothing but incomprehensible moans and cries escaped from her purpling lips. Droplets of spittle stood out against her chin and cheeks like diamonds while more and more electricity seared into the woman's body.

The captain was impressed at Teri's ability to withstand the current, giving the dial another twist and sending more electricity through her body. Teri went wild, her shoulders shaking in a wild dance while her head jerked and lolled from shoulder to shoulder. She was making obscene, guttural grunts now, fucking herself faster and faster, her cunt glowing hot while juice sparked from her cunt to put out the lusty fire burning between her shivering legs. She had no control over her body.

Laurie watched in shock as the woman pissed on herself, jerking forward and obviously cumming quickly after that. She was in a steady state of climax now, rutting and cumming again and again while twisting and writhing like a speared fish on that pole. The captain tried turning the dial even more to the right. But he had reached the maximum. Cursing, he shut down the machine with a sweep of his right hand, watching as Teri continued to jerk and writhe her body on the spear.

"Knock the bitch off. She's had enough for a while."

Laurie gasped when Jack drew his hands together, then brought both sets of knuckles crashing down hard against the back of Teri's head. The woman screamed, her body snapping forward while her legs flew out from under her. For a second Laurie feared the woman would spear herself on the pole, truly impaling herself. But the forward force of Jack's blow was enough to knock her up and off the pole. Teri shot forward, her hands still roped behind her back, and fell face-down on the floor.

She was still squirming, her tits pillowed against the floor while her legs shot widely apart. Jack moved behind her, bringing his booted toes up against her cunt and shoving them in. He twisted his foot round, working his boot in while Teri shot her ass up and squirmed like a snake across the carpet. She had one cheek pressed against the floor as she dug in her knees and tried crawling away from the cuntal offense. But Jack was all too superior, kicking her there, working his foot in while the woman moaned in helpless horror.

"That's enough, Jack. We don't want to wear her out too soon."

"That's the last time she's gonna have any shit to say about my fitness reports."

Ted lay defeated, juice oozing from her violated cunt as Laurie hung there watching her. Thank goodness, she thought to herself, that she had been spared the humiliation. But now that this scene was over, Jack and the captain seemed to have more up their sleeves. Laurie tensed, waiting for the inevitable, hoping secretly that Lieutenant Harrington would suffer the brunt of the men's frustrations.

Chapter NINE

Teri hung there silently for what seemed like hours, her body quiet. Laurie would have thought the woman had died if it weren't for a quiver that occasionally rippled through her slight frame. Where they had came up with that dreadful outfit Laurie had no idea. It was a vision from hell, she thought with a shiver, thinking she could feel the sulfuric flames lapping at her asshole. She sighed, feeling resigned to her fate. Even her modest thoughts were tinged with the perversion Jack and the captain had visited on both her and the lieutenant. Teri's head was completely covered by a leather hood, a closed zipper pressing against her mouth. There were times when she heard muffled sounds from the young lieutenant, the times when she saw Lieutenant Harrington's body quivering from either fear or exhaustion. But they were far and few between. Jack had strung her up quickly after having fitted the hood over her head, tightening the thing around her throat so even her cheekbones showed pressing hard against the black leather. Two small holes over her nose prevented the woman from suffocating under the hood.

Her legs had been drawn up until the tops of her thighs pressed against her tits. Just below the backs of her knees Jack had fitted a two-inch black leather-strap, wrapping it round her legs and locking it against her lower back so her body was bent completely in two. The captain next slipped two long pieces of quarter-inch line around her ankles, wrapping them around in figure-eight fashion, until they were snugged tightly and made her ankles, wrapping them around in figure eight fashion until they were snugged tightly and made Teri groan in pain. Smiling, he threaded the end through two overhead eye hooks, drawing the lines taut until the screaming woman swung up from the floor and bobbed obscenely in the air, hog tied and bent in two.

She swung her arms wildly about, striking the captain once and nearly mashing Jack's balls a second time. Striking her, Jack grabbed both wrists and held them pressed against the waist-leg belt while the captain fetched a long piece of line and bound her wrists to the leather belt about her waist. There Teri hung, dangling from her feet, her body doubled over while she screamed through the suffocating hood. It soon became apparent to the woman that her yelling would only cut short the oxygen coming through the tiny slits in the leather. Gradually she quieted, her body hanging there silent, quiet, moving only now and then whenever the cramping tautness of her position became unbearable.

The men quickly tired of the game. For a moment Laurie feared they would turn on her. She squirmed in her bonds, feeling as if she would piss or shit on herself from the anticipation of more to come. She saw Jack move toward a small cabinet to the right, pulling open the battered gray metal door and rummaging about until he pulled out a small black leather cat-o-nine-tails.

Teri's ass hung there invitingly, her cuntal hairs curling back against her sensitive perineum while her asshole winked open and shut every now and then according to her nervousness. He reached out, stroking the backs of his fingers against her pussy. Immediately the woman shuddered, her upper arm muscles bulging while her legs quivered at the feathery touch. Laurie shuddered, remembering the fire, remembering the feathery touch of the flame before it turned into a biting, burning thing that could bleach the mind of all thought.

Jack turned the crop around, pushing the handle into Teri's cunthole. Laurie squirmed, almost feeling the cold leather shoving into her own taut pussy as inch by inch the thing disappeared into Teri's cunt. The woman was grunting through her tight-fitting hood, beads of perspiration breaking out on the tops of her tits while her cramping muscles bulged against her sweaty flesh. Teri's body shuddered an the ropes as Jack fucked the thing into her cunt, twisting it around like a screw, tugging it out and making her cuntlips pucker before shoving it back in even farther. When he had half the handle buried in her cunt, he yanked the whole thing out, making Teri let out a screaming cry.

Laurie shivered again, feeling her cunt warming at the sight. Why was she feeling this excited? Why was she almost envying the helpless woman hanging there by a rope?

Ten jerked on her restraints as Jack smacked her naked white ass with the leather thongs. Laurie jumped, biting her lower lip as she watched the black leather smack hard against Teri's ass. He warmed to the action, his eyes growing more brilliant while his prick pressed hard up against his trousers. The captain watched, feeling his cock through his pants as one blow after another smacked against Teri's ass.

Jack changed the rhythm of his blows, making sure the knotted tips of the crop chewed into her cunt or asshole on every third stroke. Teri snapped her head more wildly, her choked cries becoming shrill each time the leather ate into her pussy. Laurie turned away, sickened by the wet smacking thud of the riding crop each time it smacked into her pussy. Teri's head hung back, her flesh having turned scarlet long ago. Now ugly purple welts were rising from her skin, disfiguring her ass and her lovely thighs while Jack kept on beating her. Laurie feared that Teri was going to have her flesh flayed from her.

"Man, I've been wanting to beat the shit outta that cunt for a long time," Jack finally said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of one hand.

He rested for a moment, watching as Teri's shoulders shuddered from the pain and fear. He pushed the crop up against her asshole, shoving in as hard as he could. At once they all heard the woman screaming, her thighs ridging once more. Her legs were shivering as if someone had touched her with an electric wire again while her hair splashed across her whip-striped lower back.

"Good up the ass, eh, baby? I think you'd take it anywhere if I kept playing with you long enough. But I haven't got all damned day with you. I don't warms bore myself," Jack said with a growl.

They were going to put Teri to rest for some time. Laurie could sense it as she sensed the growing muskiness in the room created by the excitement radiating from the men. Teri sensed it too, struggling as best she could while moaning in her hood. Her muscles knotted up painfully while her legs fluttered in their restraints. Jack was back at the cabinet, pulling out a small clear plastic bottle of alcohol and flipping off the cap as he brought it up to the woman's cunt. The captain watched him silently, his face wrinkled with curiosity as the big man poured the cold, smelly liquid all over Teri's cunt. The woman jerked, her body spasming at the icy touch. Laurie watched in breathless wonder, watching as the alcohol soaked down the woman's brown, curly cunthairs.

"This'll keep her pussy good and hot for a while," Jack said with a sneer, setting the bottle down gently, then fishing out a pack of matches and striking one. He held the flame up to Teri's nose.

The woman shrieked, twisting helplessly as the flame flickered toward her nostrils. Laurie watched, her heart pounding wildly in her chest as she watched Jack drop the match into the lieutenant's cuntal thicket. Teri's crotch burst into flame. Hysterical shrieks of agony ripped from her throat. The cords in her chest and arm stood out in bold relief. She twisted and writhed against the restraints, her wrists bleeding from the wild, hysterical effort. She pissed, some of the urine hissing through the flames and putting out a portion of the bright orange fire.

The stench of burning hair and skin made Laurie gag, the teen turning her head for a moment and fighting down the bile rising sourly in her throat. And yet Teri screams didn't affect her nearly as much as she felt they should. She felt, rather, a strange kind of elation grabbing her and her cunt started to swell and sweat in erotic excitement. Jack picked up a dry rag and smothered the small fire.

"Why did you do that?" the captain asked, irritation in his voice. "I was enjoying the show."

"I'm not going to burn my hand during the next trick."

It was a thin wire, almost too thin to see. Laurie squinted her eyes, moving them from the wire to Teri, then back to the wire again. The woman was sobbing in her hood, her head having fallen back, her long brown hair sweeping over her upper back. She was defeated, hanging there limply like a rag, sucking in air through the small silts in the hood while her cunt smoldered from the alcoholic flame. Smoke curled to the low overhead and hung there.

Jack bent the gold wire, rubbing it over the backs of Teri's thighs. She barely felt it at first, still sobbing over the wild burning of her cunt. But Laurie knew what was going to happen. She could see it in Jack's eyes, in the captain's hateful expression. She felt her cunt swelling even more, juice seeping from her hole as Jack parted the darkened cuntlips and brought his eyes even with the woman's burned pussy.

Teri now knew something was up. Though she could see nothing she squirmed and twisted, trying to avoid the big man's move. Uncontrolled frenzied screams leaked through the tight-fitting hood as she begged the men to leave her alone.

But there was nothing she could do or say to keep them from doing as they chose. With, the tip of the slender wire Jack located her small urethra. He shoved the wire into the lieutenant's pisshole, pushing it in and up while Teri let out a series of husky, gurgling shouts. Laurie had never seen anything like it. With all those restraints with all that rope and leather binding her, Teri managed to bounce up to the ceiling, her legs straining hard against the black leather belt while her body jerked up and hit the overhead. She was shrieking her lungs out, the leather mask sucking in against her mouth while more screams shrilled from her torn throat. They were the cries of a mortally wounded animal, Laurie thought, watching as Jack still maintained a steady grip and fed more steely inches of the wire up into the woman's pisshole. Laurie looked at the captain. His eyes glittered with lust. He waved a dismissing hand at Jack, striding over to Laurie and slapping her hard across the face before pulling out his rockhard prick and feeding it into her mouth. Teri's shrieks were musk to his ears, the big man grunting and moaning while he punished the girl by pounding his cock into her stretched-open mouth. Laurie knew what to do. She wriggled her tongue madly under his cockhead, swallowing her spit and his jizz as quickly as she could while Teri howled in agony behind her. In a moment she felt his crushing hands beating her skull in a wild rhythm, spurts of his cum splashing down her throat just as Teri's howls reached a pinnacle. She coughed and gagged, feeling the cum bubbling over her lips -- and dribbling down her chin while Teri's cries seemed to fade away.

Chapter TEN

When the men had finally released them from their bonds, Laurie feared they would toss them into the hold with all the rats. She and Teri had experienced too much. How could the men trust them to keep quiet? Surely she would say nothing. But she noticed deep resentment in Teri's eyes even after they had degraded and tortured her with the whip and the fire. She walked with a limp, her cunt still sore from the superficial burning it had endured and the wire probing up her pisshole. She said nothing, her thin lips pressed grimly together, her upper arms held forward as she tried to hide her naked tits from the men.

Occasionally Jack slapped Laurie on the ass smiling as she squealed and slapped back at the offending hand. They passed what Laurie thought was that dreadful hold, pausing for a second and making the girl sweat profusely. Teri looked at her curiously, then picked up on the girl's mounting terror and shivered. No more. Oh God, no more, Laurie thought to herself, begging God to kill her, now or set her free.

They moved on, down long passageways, down two ladders, finally on to a small green steel room in the bowels of the fetid, rotting barge. It was equipped with rings and other devices Laurie and Teri had since come to know.

"I'm sorry about all this, ma'am," Laurie whispered as the men pushed the two of them in. "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be here."

Ten opened her mouth, about to speak when the captain struck her backhanded across the mouth, knocking her to her knees. She knelt there, holding her swelling chin, hot tears flowing silently over her injured cheeks as she stared up with glowing hatred.

"I told you both, no talking. You, over there," the captain barked, pointing to Laurie.

She moved quickly, not wanting to offend him any more.

"Put the manacles on her, Jack. We want to make sure they've got a lasting impression of what authority can do around here. And what discipline they learned before will be nothing, nothing," he emphasized with a slap of his hand against his thigh, "to what you bitches will learn today."

"Down on your knees, bitch," Jack growled. He pushed Laurie hard to her knees before she had a chance to react. She looked up at a contraption that hung suspended from the ceiling. It was composed of two parallel, stainless steel bars about two feet long attached with twine. At the end of the four lengths of rope hanging at each end of the two parallel bars were steel rings.

"You little bitch. We're going to give you a lesson, one just as hard as that bigger bitch over there learned when we burned her cunt."

Ted stayed crouched on the floor, cringing when they mentioned her cunt. Laurie looked up, noticing that there were two sets of hinged steel rings, one pair slightly smaller than the other. Jack grabbed her right tit, pulling it up hard and fitting the larger ring around the base of her tit. He clamped it tight, making her scream when her tit swelled and her nipple puckered.

Undaunted by her cry, he pressed on, putting his hands on the second set of rings and bringing them forward. Once more Laurie cried out, feeling the steel squeeze tightly around her puckered flesh. Laurie panted, her eyes wide, the pain throbbing through her tits and into her cunt. She opened her mouth to let out another cry, feeling as if she would faint from the squeezing pain. Just then she let out a fart, something the men found particularly funny.

"Let's make sure she doesn't do that again," the captain cautioned, kicking her in the ass. "I don't want her to smell up the room."

Jack agreed, attaching the rings to the outer set of steel bands closest to her nipples. He then fixed the two parallel bars to a pulley, slipping the rope through it and grabbing hold of the free end. He reached up and tightened his fingers over the line, puffing slowly.


Laurie stammered out her objection, arching her spine and rising slowly from the floor as she felt the pressure puffing her tits up. The captain watched, smiling at the fright and agony in the girl's eyes. Teri stood there silent, looking away as the girl's cries became stronger while her tits elongated. Jack was pulling the cord tighter and farther toward himself. Laurie panicked, bending herself backward while her tits became more and more hideously stretched. Her nipples had become pinpoints of pain, throbbing as if hot burning sulfur had dripped on them. Her tits began to stretch to almost twice their normal size. She fatted again, her cunt going into more spasms of pain while more shooting pains raced through her.

The bands became loose in a while. For one brief second Laurie hoped the rings would slip off her tits. But Jack was prepared for all things. He continued to pull on the rope while the Captain walked over and tightened the rings of steel even more firmly. A sharp, throbbing agony arched through the young girl's body, making her scream out more wildly than before. More than once she eyed the lieutenant, hoping Teri would do something -- perhaps run for help, anything to distract the men. But she stayed her ground, staring impassively as Laurie endured more agony.

Laurie jerked her head back, opening her mouth again to scream. It was then she realized the captain had pushed Teri up to her. Looking straight ahead, the girl found herself staring straight into the woman's dark cuntal bush -- or what there was left of it. The fire had done a good job, burning away much of her hair. But there was still some stubble left, barely covering the reddened flesh and some of the blisters that had begun to develop along her inner thighs.

"Go on, Teri, piss on her. Piss on the slutty brat, just like you want to," the captain snarled, guessing what was on the woman's mind. "She brought you into this, you know. She was the one who did this to you."

"No, no, that's not true! They told me they were going to get you one way or the other!" Laurie protested.

A sharp tug on the rope and a resulting throbbing pain broke off the girl's protest. A wicked smile crossed the woman's face as she squatted down, leaning back against the heavy hands holding her in position. Laurie panicked, about to wriggle away when she felt the first drops of the woman's piss spatter on her face. She couldn't move! The pain in her tits got worse when she moved.

Laurie stood her ground, her mouth open, the lieutenant's piss sloshing around in her mouth, then splashing on her chin and cheeks. She closed her eyes, preventing the acrid-smelling urine from stinging into her eyes. But she could smell the piss around her, smell it as if it were a sick cloud of steam rising around her. For one brief second Laurie wished she were dead. Surely kneeling like this, having her tits stretched so painfully while this woman was pissing on her face and into her mouth was one of the worst things that could happen to a woman! The piss didn't seem to stop, splashing around her mouth, spilling over her teeth, staining her cheeks. She coughed and gagged, the smell it's big to her flared nostrils while the pain throbbing through her stretched tits continued.

By the end of the session Laurie lay face down on the floor, the rings finally having slipped off her tits. She moaned, rubbing her tits over the old moldy carpeting and finding some relief in the soothing sensation. Her hands were still manacled behind her, the steel bands biting into her wounded wrists. Teri was laughing at her, her mocking laugh a torment to the girl.

"It seems that the bitch's gotten a little pissed with this mouthy slut," Jack observed, kicking Laurie lightly in the ribs to see if she stirred.

"Uh, don't... don't do that to me any more," Laurie pleaded.

"She still talks back," the captain observed dryly, scratching his chin and looking thoughtfully at Teri. "It seems she needs another lesson..."

"No, no more lessons, no more... oh please!" Laurie begged.

They dragged Laurie cuffed and sobbing to the pillory, one similar to the one they had entrapped her in earlier. The Captain must have had several of these made, one of his obvious favorites in punishment and torture. There was little trouble in fitting the teen's slender legs through the large holes in the bottom, and once again Laurie found her ass hanging out, opening and closing in mid air. But this time her hands were thrust behind her, making her body swing out more and putting the added pressure on her thighs.

Jack pushed Teri toward the pillory, hoisting her long legs over the top while keeping her supported around the waist. Her dripping pussy was only inches from Laurie's face now that the captain slipped his hands under her ass and shoved her forward.

"Eat it, eat out the good lieutenant. She'll enjoy having your tongue inside her cunt, especially after we got through burning it up."

"No! No! Nooommmmfffffff!"

Laurie had little choice about what to do. The captain was shoving her into the soft, wet, warm cunt still reeking of piss. Laurie gagged, her tongue wriggling out and touching the slick membranes. Teri stiffened, her legs jerking back and banging against the pillory while her head bled from side to side. This, Laurie felt, was the ultimate humiliation -- bound helplessly, felt off by this man, and forced to eat out the woman's hot cunt.

Ted wriggled atop the pillory, her legs kicking more strongly while Laurie licked in. Laurie felt fingers creasing into her pussy, into her asshole, fucking her while her tongue licked and slopped over and over the musky hot pussy. She could taste something stronger now, something more salty washing into her mouth as Teri's groans reached screams. She heard the woman's heels beating frenziedly against the pillory while her cunt tightened around her mouth. Oh God, she was cumming, climaxing in her mouth while the captain finger-fucked Laurie until she was squealing as well.

The women finally came down from their mutual climax, thrown to the floor and trampled before the Captain felt they had had more than enough for the day.

"Get them up."

Jack and the captain pushed the women back out into the dimming passageway. Laurie could see it was growing late. Outside she could hear faintly the sounds of the foghorn on San Pedro hill. It was growing misty. Perhaps a fogbank was rolling in. They stopped at one door. Jack kicked it open with one foot and shoved both women's heads in. Laurie wrinkled her face with repugnance and fear, hearing the squeaks of the hungry rats.

"Don't forget them. You'll both wind up there if you say anything about this."

Ten looked at the girl and smiled coldly. No, Laurie thought, she would never, ever say anything bout this. No one would believe her. And besides, the girl wasn't certain if she disliked completely what had happened to her. Perhaps this part of the new Navy life. Perhaps. But perhaps she would enjoy it even if it weren't. Teri certainly did. She would have to talk with the lieutenant later, in the privacy of her office, after they had been set free. Being in the Sea Cadets, Laurie thought as she stumbled through the passageway up the decks, wasn't so bad after all.


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