Oh, dad, no, dad!

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands; the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In this story, Kathleen Williamson finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her tormentors, she not only meets theft sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Kathleen is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code.

OH, DAD, NO, DAD! -- a shocking story of a young woman's reactions under tremendous stress. Yet who are we to judge her actions?

Chapter ONE

Kathleen Williamson pulled her car into the driveway of her father's new house and sat there for a moment, feeling very sulky. She tossed her dark hair back from her face and wondered why she'd come. She hadn't seen her father in five years, and didn't really want to. She was sure he'd been responsible for the breakup of her parents' marriage. He'd walked out, and now he was married to this Stacey woman.

Kathleen looked in the mirror to make sure her makeup was correct.

She opened the car door and climbed out, picking up her overnight case. She supposed she had to see him, because she needed the money for college so badly. He should give it to her anyway, he owed it to her.

Her suspicions were more than confirmed when the door opened.

"Hi," a woman said pleasantly. "I'm Stacey. You must be Kathleen."

"Yes," Kathleen said, and walked in.

Stacey was a blonde, sluttish to the limit, that was clear. She had a stunning, hard, seductive face, mascara-rimmed eyes, a straight nose and wide, sensual lips. Her blonde hair flowed around her face and was obviously bleached, though not that much, and the faint hint of dark roots showed. Her vivid red lipstick and high cheekbones hinted at some kind of depravity, Kathleen was certain.

Kathleen's own face was just as beautiful, if not more so, under her dark hair, but Kathleen didn't advertise the fact. True, her hair was done in ringlets that showed her features off to the best, but her makeup was light, merely picking out her best points, her wide mouth, dark eyes and strong jawline.

Stacey's body was shown off absolutely brazenly. She wore a semi-transparent top that clearly showed her bra underneath, and her jeans were very tight, clinging to her like a second skin. Stacey's tits were just a little larger than Kathleen's, or so Kathleen judged, not that she made a habit of such things, she assured herself. Stacey's waistline was slim, and her swelling ass was tight and luscious. Her legs were not as long as Kathleen's, but were still shaped in delicious curves that showed clearly through her jeans.

"You must have had a long drive," Stacey said, ushering Kathleen into the main room. "Would you like to have a shower and relax? Giles won't be back for a couple of hours."

"Yes," Kathleen said ungraciously, ignoring Stacey as much as possible.

Stacey didn't seem hurt. She led Kathleen upstairs, showed her to a bedroom and bathroom, and left her to it. Kathleen showered and didn't come down again until her father arrived home.

"Well, baby," he said, holding out his arms, "you sure have changed."

Kathleen ignored his welcome and sat down, crossing her legs in the long, flowing dress she had changed into. "Yes, how are you?"

"Fine," he said, ignoring her rudeness. "Long time since I saw you. How's your mother?"

"Fine, no thanks to you."

He grinned a little. "You're just like her, I see. Did she tell you why I walked out?"

"Because you like shits," Kathleen said. "And you married one."

He still didn't seem hurt, "Yeah. Would you like a drink?"

"I don't drink."

He laughed openly. "Of course not."

Things got worse over dinner. Kathleen was sulky, her face down, resenting Stacey and her father and the fact that she was there at all. Stacey had changed for dinner and was now dressed in a tight little black dress with stockings and five-inch heels. The outline of her luscious body pushed against the fabric in a display that was so sexual Kathleen could hardly stop herself making comments. However, she made up for it by attacking her father the whole time, trying to make him feel guilty.

"So why did you come if you don't want to be here?" he asked after dinner.

"Because I need money for college and you owe me," Kathleen said. "When I get it, I'll get out of here and leave you alone for your slut. I'm sure you have things to do."

She stared at Stacey with such hatred that the blonde blushed before she grinned.

"I think this child needs some discipline," Stacey said.

"I think so too," Giles said reflectively. "So you think I'm going to give you the money you want, even if you insult me and my wife openly?"

"You're a depraved beast," Kathleen said, her eyes lighting up. "All you ever wanted was sex, mommy told me so. And when she wouldn't give it to you, you went out and -- and had other women! She told me!"

"DO YOU believe everything your mother tells you?" he asked, his voice hard and level. "Honey, do me a favor, call Jim and Rick, will you?"

Stacey looked at him and grinned. "Oohhh, you beast!" She chuckled and got up at once. "Really gonna teach her, huh?"

"I think she's earned it," Giles said quietly. "Now, Kathleen, about your mother, do you want to hear my side of the story?"

"I know your side of the story! And she proves it!" She jerked her head at Stacey as the blonde left the room.

"I see," he said. "So nothing will change your mind?"


"And you expect me to give you the money?" His manner was very strange, making Kathleen feel uneasy.

"I'll write to the local paper," she said. "Expose you for what you are. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

He stared at her for a long time. "You don't understand a thing, do you? Now behave, or you'll regret it. I don't like bitchy, stupid girls."

"That's it," Kathleen said, getting up. "Give me the check and I'm leaving."

"No check."

"Give me that money, it's mine!" Kathleen yelled, and rushed at her father. She slapped him across the face, beating him as hard as she could.

He didn't flinch, just grinned up at her. "Y'know," he said softly as she stood over him, her body heaving in the loose long dress. "I've spent a lot of time trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. But you're a bitch, just like your mother. I let her get away with it. That was stupid of me."

Kathleen gasped as he leaned forward and threw her over his shoulder. She shrieked with surprise as be stood up, holding her with one hand on her back as he carried her into the main room. Stacey had drawn the blinds, and there wan sudden hint of menace there. The furniture had all been pushed out of the middle of the room.

"What are you doing?" Kathleen shrieked as Giles threw her down over the back of a large chair. The padded back hit her below the waist, and she screamed in horror as he pushed her down until her face almost touched the soft cushions. "What are you doing?"

He didn't answer, just held her there until Stacey suddenly appeared and grabbed the young girl's hands.

"What are you doing!" Kathleen wailed as Stacey slipped two metal shackles over her wrists. "What? No! What are you doing!"

Stacey bent down and pulled the chains tight until she could slip one of the links over a metal stud in the bottom of the chair. Kathleen strained against the bonds, but the metal shackles just cut into her wrists.

"What? Stop, don't!" she moaned, twisting and trying to see behind her.

Stacey stood up and walked behind the bound girl, grabbing one of her ankles. Kathleen screamed and wept again, demanding to know what was going on. Stacey clipped more shackles over her ankle and pulled her foot outward until she could slip the chain over something on the back legs of the chair. Then she went for Kathleen's other ankle, grabbing it while Giles leaned on her back, saying nothing.

Suddenly Kathleen was utterly helpless, pinned down over the back of the chair, her legs stretched to the limit like her arms, the metal shackles digging painfully into her wrists and ankles.

"What are you doing!" she shrieked. Giles eased his hand off her back and walked around to face her, pulling a chair closer and sitting in it. He took out a cigarette and lit it, watching her, a strange expression on his face.

"I'm gonna teach you manners, young lady. At the end of it, you can take the money or turn me in to the police." He drew on his cigarette. "But I warn you, if you say you're gonna turn me in, I'll keep you here until the bruises go down and then let you go." He chuckled dryly. "And many of the police are friends of mine, so don't expect too much sympathy from them."

"What are you saying?" Kathleen asked. "What do you mean, bruises? And I suppose the police are in your pay, is that it?"

"Close enough," he said softly. "Now look what Stacey has for you, just to begin."

Stacey paraded in front of Kathleen, and the bound girl almost passed out. Stacey had taken her dress off, and under it she wore a tight black leather bodice that pushed her luscious tits up without covering them. Below the bodice, her tight black panties slid down to tight suspender straps and black stockings. But that wasn't the worst of it in one gloved hand, Stacey carried a thin wooden cane. It was about four feet long and trembled as she tapped it in her palm.

"What-what are you going to do?" Kathleen asked.

"I'm gonna whip your stuck-up little ass with this. Whip it until you scream for mercy. Longer, if I feel like it."

"No, Dad, you can't do this, you can't!" Kathleen wailed, craning her neck up and staring at her father.

"Oh, but I can. There's no limit on your visit, remember? And your mother hates to talk to me so much I don't think she'll ever call." He leaned back and drew on his cigarette. "So let's have a good time and enjoy ourselves, shall we?"

"Dad, no!" Kathleen screamed. "You can't do this, I'll put you in jail! I will! Stop that!"

She twisted desperately as she felt Stacey's hands easing the hem of her long dress up her legs. "Nooo! Stop her, Dad, she can't do this!"

But he ignored her, and the dress slid on up her legs, past her knees and up over her thighs. Kathleen started to scream in earnest then, for she had nothing on under the dress apart from her panties.

"No, stop it!" she wailed, but nothing stopped Stacey. She pushed the loose dress up over Kathleen's ass and stood back.

"You know, Giles, your daughter's got one hell of a pair of legs, and that ass is just as good."

"That good?" Giles asked, rising lazily from his chair.

"That good," Stacey said, and Kathleen screamed.

"Noooo, Dad, you can't, noooo! That's disgusting!"

"Oh, don't worry," he said. "Things are gonna get a lot more disgusting very soon." He surveyed his daughter's long shapely legs and tight ass. "Yeah, that's true, I didn't know I could produce anything that good."

Stacey giggled at him. "Stupid bastard, you had to get something good out of that mess. When she's in a better mood, I'll dress her for you. She'll blow your mind. And a few other things. Now go put your robe on while I give this bitch something to think about."

"Love ya," he said, and went upstairs.

"Now, bitch," Stacey said, and slid the cane across Kathleen's tight ass as it pushed up over the padded cushions on the back of the chair. "Scream as much as you like, this room's sound-proofed, and nobody's gonna think anything unusual is happening anyway."

"What? Stop this, nooo!" Kathleen screamed, twisting and pulling against the metal shackles that held her over the chair. She felt the cane sliding over her pacifies. Then the cane pulled away and she tried to twist and ace what was happening, but the back of the chair blocked her view.

It didn't block the agony, however. There was a slight wishing sound and the most terrible pain rushed out of her ass as the thin cane whipped into her tight flesh.

"Aaaghghhh!" she screamed, jerking and twisting as the agony rushed over her whole body. "Stop it! Stop!"

In answer, she got another slashing blow across her ass, just above the first stroke. The pain rushed out, making her break into a sweat, her arms dragging in the chains, thick red lines appearing in her wrists from the pressure of her puffing arms. She screamed again, her body jerking.

"Stop! Noooo!" she wailed, gasping for breath as the cane whipped her ass, beating the agony through her cotton panties. Her legs trembled and shook, and her whole body rocked with surging horror and pain.

"Fuck, I get wet when I do this," Stacey said, lashing Kathleen's bound ass. Her fingers were already sliding into her panties, stroking her pussy as it got damp with excitement. "How about taking this disgusting dress off for us?"

"Noooo!" Kathleen screamed, jerking wildly, her dark hair tossing helplessly. Her ass was throbbing with horrible pain, burning red as the cane lashed her tight asscheeks. Another blow whipped into her stretched asscheeks and she leaned on the chair back, jerking the legs around on the thick carpet. "You beast, stop it, stop it! Aaghghghhh!"

"Yeahhh," Stacey gasped as she whipped the bound Kathleen. "You wanna know what I'm doing, bitch?"

"Help!" Kathleen screamed. "Daddy, Daddy!"

"Wanna know?" Stacey yelled, lashing Kathleen even harder, the cane whipping into her asscheeks with a sound that rang off the walls of the room.

"Aaagh! Yes, yes, please, what are you doing?" Kathleen asked, her body throbbing in agony.

"I'm bringing myself off, you little cunt, masturbating, and it's fun, you hear that?" She lashed the girl's ass. "It's fun because you're such a stuck-up piece of cunt and I'm gonna bring you down to size." She whipped Kathleen, adding another stripe of crimson pain to her already-suffering ass. "Got that?"

"Yes, yes, please! Yes, I got that, please stop!" Kathleen groaned.

"Tell me how much you wanna take that dress off," Stacey said, whipping Kathleen again.

"Aaaahhh! No, please, nooo!" Kathleen gasped, her ass erupting with pain as she was whipped again.

"Fine, bitch, I love this. I'll come again," Stacey said, whipping the cane into Kathleen's heaving, red ass.

"All right, I'll take it off!" Kathleen moaned, tears running down her cheeks.

"Tell me how much you want to do it," Stacey said, her fingers throbbing on her cunt as she rubbed her hot clit, bringing herself to the brink of another orgasm.

"Aaaghh! No, please! Uurrghhh! All right, all right, please let me do it!" the bound girl screamed, her dark hair tossing around her face.

"Go on, you bitch," Giles said as he walked in wearing a robe. "Whip her until you come again, I know you want to."

Stacey lashed Kathleen, the cane whipping into her crimson ass as she worked her pussy, gasping with passion.

"Aaahhh, no, I said I would!" Kathleen screamed as the cane lashed her ass in a series of hard, slashing blows. "Daddy, help me!"

Giles strolled to the chair in front of his bound daughter and sat down again, taking another cigarette out.

"But Stacey loves whipping bitches like you," he said, lighting the cigarette. "And I can't complain because I get to fuck 'em, so..."

"Aaaghh! What? Daddy, you can't be serious! I'm your daughter." Kathleen moaned, her ass exploding with more pain as Stacey lashed her and gasped with her lust as her pussy surged with excitement.

Giles smiled at Kathleen, and she suddenly noticed that the front of his robe bulged out.

"Daddy -- aaghhhh! You can't!"

"I fuck every bitch Stacey whips," he said. "I can't break tradition, can I?"

"Aaghghhh! Daddy!" Kathleen screeched, her body throbbing with a terrible mixture of pain and horror. The idea of her father fucking her was so perverted that she couldn't even face it. She screamed, tossing on the chair back as the speed of the cane increased on her ass. The agony churned in Kathleen's guts, sending her screaming in helpless pain and horror as she heard. Stacey yelling with her cresting passion.

"Yeahhh!" Stacey groaned as she whipped Kathleen, her hand blurring as it swept a [missing text].

"Ooohh, yeahhh, I'm coming, Giles, I'm coming!"

Her fingers dug deep into her cunt as she came, the orgasm shaking her with surging lust while she urged herself on with her fingers.

"Ooohh, that's sooo nice!" she gasped, and gave Kathleen another couple of lashes to finish the bound girl off. "Take that, bitch!"

Kathleen hung on the back of the chair, her ass twitching and heaving in agony, her arms aching, her wrists and ankles red from the way she had pulled at the metal shackles that held her. She felt Stacey uncupping the shackles that held her ankles, and she moaned as she was allowed to pull her legs together again. Then her hands were freed and she rolled off the chair back and fell to the floor, rubbing her ass through her dress, which she had pulled back to cover her shame. She lay there sobbing and rubbing her smashed ass, staring in helpless terror at her father and his sadistic wife.

"You wanna see what's gonna be fucking you?" Stacey asked with a grin. She stood in front of the sobbing girl, her legs spread wide and her tits heaving out of the top of the leather bodice. Without waiting for an answer, she pulled Giles' robe open and his massive cock jerked out.

Kathleen moaned in horror. Her father's cock was just as big as she had feared. It reared up, ten inches of massive cockmeat, the round, purplish cockhead throbbing with lust, a drop of pre-cum juice at the very tip. Kathleen sobbed and buried her head in the carpet, wishing she was dead.

"Watch this, bitch," Stacey said. "I'm gonna show you one thing you're gonna have to do. And I'll whip you until you can do it. So watch."

She ran her black leather gloves over Giles' cock, playing with his hot prick gently, almost teasing him. Then she bent at the waist, her mouth going down, closer and closer to the massive, throbbing cock.

Kathleen screamed in horror. She had heard of such a perversion as cocksucking, but she'd never imagined that she would see it. Her body shuddered and she felt sick.

Then Stacey's lips met the throbbing tip of Giles' cock and Kathleen knew she was going to faint. She stared in absolute tenor as Stacey's soft lips opened and took the enormous cockhead in, while she held his shaft with her fingers and her tongue flicked over his prickmeat, caressing it gently. The black gloves slid over his flesh, the zippers shining as they caught the light.

Giles leaned back in die chair and caressed Stacey's hair, his fingers sliding into her blonde locks. "Ohhhh shit, baby, how do you do it?"

Stacey held his cockhead in her mouth, her tongue swirling over it, her soft mouth sucking in a teasing rhythm, her head bobbing as she worked the thick hard flesh in and out of her lips. She eased back and grinned at him.

"Practice, practice, practice," she said, and sank her mouth back down for a moment. Then she eased back and looked at Kathleen. "Watch this, bitch, because I like my man well taken care of, and you're gonna do this."

Then she began to take Giles' cock back into her mouth.

Kathleen lay on the floor, sobbing in horror, watching Stacey. Giles kept his eyes on his daughter, staring at her lovely figure, still hidden in the loose summer dress.

Kathleen couldn't believe what Stacey was doing.

Inch by inch her soft lips pushed down over the massive, hard, thick prick. Giles' enormous prick reached the back of her mouth, but she didn't stop, just went on sliding it in, taking his cockhead into her throat. Kathleen screamed as she saw Stacey's neck bulge from the enormous cock pushing into her body. Fully half of it was in her mouth when Kathleen moaned and fell back on the floor, unable to watch.

"Get up you bitch!" Giles gasped, and she pulled herself upright again, sobbing with horror.

"Please, Daddy!" she moaned, but he ignored her.

He gave a low moan as Stacey's mouth slid deeper and deeper on his cock. Soon there was no more than an inch of his prick outside her lips, and the sexy blonde was moaning in her own lust. Spreading her legs, she slid her fingers over her pussy again, brazenly rubbing her clit, her ass heaving a little over Kathleen's horrified face. Then, with a gurgle of passion, she worked her mouth the final inch and swallowed the last of her husband's prick. Her lips were in his cockhair, her throat pulsating around his flesh as she rubbed her cunt, her head bobbing up and down on his rock-hard prick.

"Uarrhhh! Thick, baby, you're gonna bring me off again!" Giles gasped, his ass jerking up off the seat of the chair, thrusting at her mouth.

Stacey gave a sigh and eased her mouth back up his cock, stopping only when her lips were on his cockhead. Her tongue flicked out over his hard prick.

"Please, let me do it!" she gasped. "It'll show her and I want it sooo much, you know what I'm like." She moaned as she rubbed her pussy. "And it'll make it more difficult for the little shit! Think about that?"

"Shit," he groaned. "Go on, I can't take it when you do this to we."

In front of Kathleen's horrified eyes, Stacey gave a gasp of lust and sank Giles' cock back into her mouth. Kathleen lay on the carpet, her eyes fixed on the sight as Stacey rammed her lips right back to the base of his cock and held it there, her throat pulsating in a disgusting display of lust. Her fingers caressed his balls and her mouth slid up and down on his cock.

Giles jerked in the chair, his cock moving in and out of Stacey's lips, his hands running in her hair.

"Ooohhh!" he moaned. "Here it comes, baby, why the fuck can you always get me off when you want to?" He heaved and moaned, his cock jerking at Stacey's mouth as the cum boiled out of his balls and began to surge down his massive cockshaft. "Yaahhh! Ooohhh, fuuuuuck, baby, fuuuuck?"

Kathleen shook from head to toe as she saw the depraved scene unfold. Stacey's mouth eased up and down on her father's cock as he roared and jerked, his prick ramming at her throat. He gave a bellow of lust and suddenly his fuck shaft was jerking out of control. Stacey gave a scream of lust as her gloved fingers blurred on her pussy. Moaning with passion, she thrust her mouth deeper, taking his jism as it shot out of his cockslit. Then she cased her mouth back up, making sure that Kathleen could see what was going on.

Kathleen burst into tears as she saw Stacey's lips come clear of her father's cockhead while her gloved hand held his prickshaft, working the jerking flesh. A stream of white goo shot out of his cockslit and into Stacey's welcoming mouth. She moaned, coming as she caressed her pussy, running his cum around her lips as another jet of the spunk splattered over her lips.

"Uuuhhh! Baby, baby!" Giles cried as he came, shooting his cum into Stacey's hot mouth. Gobs of his cum dripped off her lips and back over his cockshaft, making Kathleen sick.

With a moan of lust, Stacey sank her mouth back down over his jerking cock, right to the base again, licking up all the cum dripping down his prick as she went. She held her lip at the base of his cock, sucking like mad, her throat bulging out and her tongue swirling over his prick as he finished his come.

Finally the stream of cum slowed and Giles sank back in his chair. His cock was still deep in Stacey's mouth as she spasmed, her fingers over her cunt, coming again and gurgling with depraved passion. He lay there, looking at Kathleen with a mocking smile.

"Ready to strip for us?"

At that moment, the front doorbell rang.

Chapter TWO

"Get up, girl," Giles said as Stacey went to answer the door.

"No, Daddy, no, please, you can't do this to me!" Kathleen moaned, curling up on the floor and sobbing violently.

"Get up," Giles said, and stood, letting his robe fall back over his cock.

"Please, Daddy!" Kathleen moaned, turning to look at him. "What happened to you, Daddy?"

"I woke up. Now get up." He waited for a second. "If you're on the floor when they get in here, then you'll get another six on the ass before we start."

Kathleen knew he meant it. She climbed to her feet, weeping and sobbing in helpless terror.

The door opened and Stacey ushered three people in, two men and a woman. The woman was as dark as Kathleen, but with longer hair, done in a style that looked as if she'd just got out of bed. She had a beautiful face, with wide brown eyes and a generous, sensual mouth. She wore a tight blouse that showed her large, thrusting tits in perfect outline and a little skirt that showed most of her legs. She walked into the room in her high heels and paraded up to Giles, giving him a kiss, her mouth lingering on his and her hand sliding into his robe to play with his prick.

"How's my baby?" she asked huskily.

"Fine," he said. "And who told you to bold my cock?"

"Ohhhhhh!" she gasped. "Bad me, doing it again!" She giggled and eased his cock out of the robe with her soft hands. "Bad me, bad girl!"

"We have somebody worse than you tonight, Estelle," Giles said. "Much worse."

"Ooohhh, no, not worse than me, I'm so bad, soooo bad," Estelle said, leaning down and brushing Giles' cockhead with her soft lips. "I mean, what's Stacey gonna do when she sees me sucking your cock?"

"This is my daughter Kathleen," Giles said as Estelle sank wantonly to her knees and ran her mouth over his cock. "This is Jim and this is Rick."

"Hi," Jim said, coming closer to Kathleen. He was as tall as Giles and looked even stronger, with a thick chest and dark, graying hair. "Don't worry about Estelle, she's my girl, just a slut, I guess. Nothing stops her -- nothing." He grinned and lifted Kathleen's chin with his hand. "Nice, Giles, nice."

Kathleen cast a glance at Rick. He was just above medium height, with fair hair and glasses. He wore an expensive, casual suit and was even better looking than Giles. Kathleen felt a strange tremor run through her as she watched him.

"Yeah, she is nice," Giles said as Estelle ran her mouth down his rock-hard cock. "She's gonna strip for us."

His words hit Kathleen like a slap in the face. "Noooo, Daddy, not in front of these people, noooo!" she wailed. She backed away, her hands over her body, shivering in horror.

"Do it," Giles said. "And quit the shit!"

"Don't worry," Rick said, settling into a seat and looking hard at Kathleen. "You always have to start with the raw material, and this looks real good."

"Daddy, no!" Kathleen screamed, backing into a wall. She glanced to the side, saw the kitchen door and ran for it.

She made it into the kitchen, and even to the back door. In a fever of tenor, she wrestled with the handle, but the door was locked. Sobbing in futile horror, she pulled at it.

"Don't bother," Rick said. He leaned on the wall, watching her with a mixture of amusement and lust.

"Let me out?" Kathleen cried, twisting the door handle.

"Come here."

"Get away from me!"

"Come here, or else," he said. "Get away from meeee!" He came for her, grabbed her and threw her back over the kitchen table before she knew what was happening. She screamed, but he pushed her onto the table with his hips, rasping the table across the floor until it ran up against the wall. Kathleen gasped and begged him to stop, but he took her arms and forced them both behind her back. He was so strong that she couldn't even struggle against him. She screamed, but he simply leaned on her so that her back bent painfully and the weight of her body trapped her own arms between her body and the table top. She stared up in terrible fear of him as he held her there and smiled. Her feet were on the floor, spread wide, her ass against the edge of the table and her body bent back from there.

"What are you going to do with me?" She shuddered in fear as she felt his cock pressing into her pussy through, the thin material of her summer dress.

"You okay in there, Rick?" Giles called.

"Sure," he said. "Mind if I check this out? Lots of problems you got with this one."

"Sure, have a good time!" Giles shouted. "Save some for me!"

Rick laughed and his eyes glinted behind his glasses. It was the most terrifying thing Kathleen had ever seen. His free hand went to the neck of her dress and she gasped in horror. Without saying a word, he ripped, and the thin dress tore.

"No, no, don't! Aaaghhh!" she screamed as he slapped her across the face, his hand whipping in so hard she got dizzy. "Please, please, don't do that!"

"Then behave," he said, and gripped the neck of her dress again.

She sobbed, desperately wanting to rub her cheek, but her arms were still pinned behind her. He ripped, and her dress tore right to the waist. The sides fell open and her bra came into view. He tore at her dress, dipping it above the waist until it was well out of the way. Kathleen robbed, but her face still hurt, and she didn't dare protest.

Her bra was new and strong, but it was no match for Rick's brutal hands. The elastic material stretched for a while, then the clasp went, and the bra snapped away from her tits. He ripped it oft tearing the shoulder straps and throwing it to the floor. Then he leaned back a little, keeping his hips pressed against her, his cock throbbing at her pussy, and surveyed her lovely, young tits.

Kathleen moaned as his eyes took in her beauty. Her tits were wonderful, small, high thrusting, needing no support from her bra at all. They trembled on her chest as she waited in desperate fear.

"Jesus!" he whispered. "This is the best I ever saw."

His hand moved over her swelling tits, caressing them gently as he stared with open desire at her lovely young body. He reached into his pocket and took out two small clips. He held them up over Kathleen's face and smiled at her, his eyes still with that terrible glint. "Do you know what these are?"

"Nno," Kathleen whispered, her back aching, her eyes running tears.

"They're clips," he said softly, "they go over your nipples, or pussylips, wherever I want. You seethe jaws? On a spring? See how strong it is?"

He squeezed the clips and the jaws slowly opened. He held them there, right in front of her eyes for a moment, then let them go. They snapped shut with a force that made Kathleen scream just to see.

"And see the screws? I can even make them tighter if I want." He twisted the screws that ran through the small jaws just to show Kathleen. She almost threw up all over herself. "So, just let me show you what these feel like on those wonderful tits of yours, and then we'll see if we can come to an agreement."

"Aaahhh, no, please!" Kathleen whispered, but he moved with incredible speed and certainty.

His hand moved from her neck to her hair and had a handful of her lovely locks before she could even jerk. He leaned forward, holding her head down to the table top as he moved the clip toward her shivering tits.

Kathleen screamed, writhing on the table top as she stared at her nipple, the clip moving closer to it the whole time. "No, please, I'll do what you want!"

"But you don't know what this feels like, do you?" His voice carded so much cold menace in it that she shivered with a terrible horror. His eyes held her as he slipped the clip over the hard bud of her nipple and slowly let the jaws go.

Kathleen started screaming as the pain began, building in her tits, the terrible jaws tightening on her nipple. She jerked on the table top, her ass tightening, pushing, trying to throw him off. But he just leaned on her, his enormous, hard cock thrusting at her, and kept the clip closing on her nipple flesh.

"Aaaghhh!" Kathleen screamed in agony as her nipple shot pain all over her body. Her fleshy bud was being crushed between the two jaws as she jerked against the table, her dress flapping and her tits throbbing in pain. In desperation she even tried to pull her head free, but his grip on her hair was absolutely tight.

He let the jaws go and the clamp hung on Kathleen's nipple, jerking with her as she twisted in pain.

"You see how much it hurts?" he asked. "Urrghhh! Yessss!"

"So are you going to be reasonable?"

"Yes, yes, I will!" she screamed.

"Good," he said, and took the clip off.

Kathleen gasped and sobbed, staring up at him, her eyes bright with tears and her heart pounding. She had never met a man like him before. There was a terrible deep horror in her, but at the same time her guts churned with something more. Some deep, dark passion she had never felt before.

He eased back, taking the pressure off her hips. She pulled her arms out from under her back and stood against the table, horribly aware of his strong presence.

"Lift your dress," he said, stepping back. "And stay where you are."

He stood in the middle of the room and watched her as she trembled against the table. She stood where she was, her ass still pressing into the table, still aching from the whipping Stacey had given her. Her nipple burned, but somehow she knew she mustn't rub it. She reached down and pulled the hem of her dress up, showing him her legs. Her dress reached her knees and she went on, his eyes boring into her lovely figure. It came up over her thighs, showing him the lovely curves of her flesh, then on, until the crotch of her panties came into view. She hesitated for a second, but, he stared even harder at her, so she pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist, holding it there and showing him the wonderful curves of her legs and ass.

"Spread your legs wider," he said, and she obeyed at once, her heels scratching over the hard floor.

"Fuck," he said, staring at her legs, "you've got the best set of pins I ever saw. Jesus, to think Giles' daughter would have all this."

Kathleen trembled, but there was a tone in his voice that was strangely flattering.

"The only trouble is that you dress like shit," he said. "And I mean real shit. We'll have to get Stacey to take you in hand. Take those panties off."

Kathleen shivered and burst into more tears, but she knew she couldn't disobey him. She had to let the hem of her dress go to take her panties off, but he just stood and waited, his eyes as hard as ever behind his glasses.

She took hold of the top of her panties and pulled them down. It was suddenly difficult, but she managed to pull them over her whipped ass and down her long, wonderful legs. She stepped out of them, dropped them on the floor and leaned back against the table. She spread her legs, lifted her dress to her waist again and waited, letting him see the wonderful slit of her pussy.

And her cunt was just as good as her tits. The bush of pussy hair was long and stretched around her pussy. The outer, puffy lips of her cunt showed the line of the inner, red lips clearly, as they peeked out, soft and tempting.

"Spread your pussy for me," Rick said.

His voice was so cairn she could hardly tell how aroused he was. But the enormous bulge of his cock pressing out against the front of his pants told a different story.

Her hands trembling almost uncontrollably, Kathleen reached down and slid two fingers down the length of her outer cuntlips. She spread them, showing him more of her inner cuntgash, the lovely soft red of her inner pussy lips and the harder red of her clit. She held there again, waiting for him. The churning in her guts was getting worse.

"Beautiful," he said, and came up to her again. "Now, take my cock out."

"Please, no!" Kathleen whispered. "I'm a virgin!"

"Not for much longer," he said. "Now take my cock out."

"Please, no, don't!" Kathleen moaned, her hands still holding her dress up.

She screamed as he took hold of her arms and twisted them behind her back. He still didn't say anything as he grabbed her hair and pushed her head back to the table top.

"No, please, I'll do it, you can take my virginity, really you can!" she cried. "I'll do it!"

He took out the clip, and Kathleen screamed in horror. Slowly he moved it to her other nipple, holding it over her flesh and then sliding it on, gently, almost as if it had nothing to do with the pain that was coming.

"Noooo, aaghhh! Please!" Kathleen groaned, but he let the clip go, just as before, a little at a time. She screamed and begged, but he just went on letting go of the jaws, letting them crush her nipple in their terrible grip. Agony surged through her, mounting until she was screaming in constant, shrieking pain.

Rick took his hand off the clip and stepped back. "Now, take my cock out and I'll take the clip off."

"Aaahhhh!" Kathleen screamed, dropping to her knees as he let her go. She didn't even try to pull the clip off. She knew the penalty for that would be absolutely terrible. She groped up his legs. Every move she made sent the clip bobbing on her nipple, giving her more unbearable agony. She moaned as she tried to pull his zipper down. Her hands shook as she reached inside and gripped his cock through his shorts.

It made her gurgle and gasp with added horror. Rick's cock was even bigger than Giles'. An enormous pole, it pulsed in her hand as she jerked his briefs down and pulled his prick out. It pulled against her hand as she grasped it, so thick she couldn't even get her fingers all the way around it.

"Kiss it," Rick said.

Kathleen trembled and rocked with the pain from her nipple, but she knew she had to obey. She held his cock and leaned in closer to the massive round ball of his cockhead. She stared at it for a moment as strange horrible feelings grew inside her once more. She felt a surge of passion burst out from around her crushed nipple as she leaned in and kissed the swollen cockhead, her lips pressing into his hard, purplish flesh.

"Lick it!"

Kathleen jerked the horrible thing off her nipple and handed it up to him. But she couldn't stop herself from rubbing her nipple this time. She rubbed her crushed bud and felt the most extraordinary thing. Her nipple throbbed in her hand and stabs of excitement shot out from the contact, rushing through her like a warm wave. She moaned and stopped, but his eyes were boring into her and she knew he understood everything that was happening.

"Now, let's see if you were telling the truth about your virginity," he said. "Against the table, and get that dress up out of the way!"

Kathleen shuddered and moaned as she spread her legs and leaned back against the edge of the table, puffing her dress up again. She wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn't as his fingers ran down over her soft pussy mound. His eyes held hers as he probed a little, pushing into the crack of her cunt, closer and closer to the tight little hole of hr pussy. His fingers slid easily over her flesh, and Kathleen felt more stabs of warm passion bursting over her.

"How about that," He said with a grin as his fingers reached her cunt, rubbing her sensitive flesh.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her body shivering with a terrible excitement that was even stronger than the pain in her nipple and ass.

"You're getting wet, whore," Rick said, running his fingers into the entrance of her pussy.

"What do you mean?"

He laughed softly. "You'll learn soon enough."

His fingers eased deeper into her cunt. Kathleen gave a groan of horror at feeling his fingers move up into her virgin pussy. Rick chuckled and pushed, his fingers reaching the tight drum of her cherry.

"How about that," he said, and chuckled again. "Hmmmmm. Stay there."

He stepped back and stuffed his cock back into his pants.

Kathleen was too fearful to move. She stayed exactly where he left her, leaning back against the table, her hands holding her dress up at her waist.

He opened the door to the main room, and Kathleen heard the smack of a cane and a shriek from Estelle.

"Hey, Giles," Rick said. "Did you know she was cherry?"

"Uuurrhhh! Who the fuck cares, come on whip meeeee!" Estelle screamed, and Kathleen could see her pumping up and down on Giles' cock while Stacey lashed her ass.

"You want it?" Giles asked.

"Yeah," Rick said. "I think you owe me, don't you?"

"Sure, go ahead. But do it in here, I wanna watch at least."

"Sure," Rick said, and laughed as he shut the door.

Kathleen saw Stacey lash Estelle's red ass as the dark-haired girl leaped on Giles' cock.

"You heard that," Rick said to Kathleen. "But I thought I'd better ask, since Giles is your dad and all that." He came close to her again, his eyes as hard as ever. "The way I see it, I'm gonna be too hot for your curt. I think I'll have me a blowjob first to slow me down a bit. So get on with it."

Kathleen stared as he took his cock out and pumped it slowly as he watched her. She sobbed and looked at him, but his face was hard and merciless. With a moan, she slid to her knees and waited, gasping and sobbing, her tits heaving out of the torn sides of her dress.

He stepped up to her and held his cock at her mouth, his eyes staring down at her. She reached out and took his enormous, hard prick in her hands, pulling it slowly to her mouth. His thick, hard cock trembled, and she could feel the lust pulsing down his prickshaft. She put her lips to his cockhead and kissed it, running her mouth over the throbbing flesh.

"Suck it," he said softly. "And when I come, make sure none of it gets on my pants, or you'll be wearing both clips!"

He pushed his cock at her mouth and Kathleen opened her lips, letting the terrible ball of his cockhead fuck into her mouth.

Her dark hair shook as he eased his prick deeper between her soft lips. The enormous bulk of his cockhead filled her mouth, stretching her lips. Her fingers clutched his prick and she sucked as best she could, not really understanding what he wanted.

He gripped her hair again, pushing his cock at the back of her mouth and reaching for the entrance to her throat.

"You haven't done this before, have you?" he asked, and pulled her head back.

"No, no!" she moaned, staring up at him. "I'll teach you," he said. "But make sure you learn fast or it's the clips again. Now, take it in."

Kathleen moaned as she slid her lips over the thick round prickhead once more, filling her mouth with the hard flesh.

"Now suck it like you really wanna suck," he said softly, his voice hard with menace.

Kathleen sucked on it. The hard cockhead swelled and trembled in her mouth, jerking as her tongue ran over it. He seemed to like it, so she did it again.

"Good," he said softly. "Now work it with your fingers, make me feel real good, suck it like you really want a mouth full of cum."

Kathleen sobbed with horror. The last thing she wanted was a mouth full of spunk. She wept and kept on sucking, her fingers running over his long prickshaft.

"Suck it good, like you want it," Rick said, taking the clips out.

Kathleen moaned and sucked at his cockhead with more passion, her fingers easing up and down his prickshaft and her mouth sucking at the thick round prickhead with all the excitement she could muster.

"You know something," he said softly, "you're gonna learn to take all my cock in your mouth, right down your throat."

Kathleen moaned and broke into fresh sobs. She remembered the disgusting display Stacey had given on her father's cock and it made her tremble all over. She worked her mouth over his cockhead and he increased his grip on her hair, pushing his prick at her throat.

The enormous cock fucked right into her throat, only a fraction of an inch, but it was more than enough. She gagged as her body jerked horribly, her throat constricting.

He let her pull back a bit, but kept his grip on her hair and laughed. "The next time you get pain, real pain! Now bring me off!"

Kathleen sobbed, but sank her mouth over his cockhead again and sucked at it, running her fingers up and down his prickshaft, caressing it. Her terror was running very high, but the warm churning in her guts was also there and she found that she was sucking him better, her mouth easing up and down on his cockhead and her hands moving to the pace of his throbbing cock. She closed her eyes and sucked, her tongue swirling over his throbbing flesh.

"Better," he said. "Much better. We might make something useful out of you after, all."

He held her hair, fucking his cock in and out of her lips as she sucked him for all she was worth, moaning with the growing realization that he was about to shoot in her mouth.

He held her hair while he thrust his cock between her soft lips. He gave a groan of lust and his cockhead grew in her mouth, swelling as it throbbed.

"Yeahhhh!" he growled. "Here it comes, baby, and remember, this'll be the easiest one you get! After this, they have to be worked for. Now take it all and swallow it!"

He gasped and thrust at her mouth, and Kathleen felt his cockshaft jerk and tense. His prick swelled, and suddenly a hot stream of cum gushed into the back of her mouth.

"Yeahhhh!" he gasped, his cock speeding up, pumping wildly into her mouth. "Suck it, suuuccck!"

Kathleen's mouth filled with the hot, sticky goo. She sobbed and moaned, her whole body shivering in disgust and shame. She felt the stuff building up, filling her cheeks and pushing against her lips, and she knew what would happen if she let any of it run out. Rick held her head tight, gasping as his balls emptied, pushing his spurting prick at her mouth in a series of hard thrusts as his lust peaked.

Kathleen swallowed a mouthful of his cum, letting the sticky stuff run down her throat. Only the threat of the clips stopped her from throwing it all up again. She sobbed and swallowed as he yelled with the final surges of his passion, pumping jism into her mouth, his prick thrusting and shooting thick ropes of jism.

"Yeah, swallow it, swallow it!" he yelled. "Take it all, you bitch, take it all!"

His cock jerked and spasmed. The stream of cum slowed until it just oozed out of his piss slit. He held his cock in her mouth, making her suck it until he was satisfied.

Kathleen managed to swallow the last of his cum, taking it down into her stomach without retching. Then she held his prick, sucking at it and wondering why it didn't get soft.

"Okay," Rick said, "you get a pass grade on that. I expect straight A's by the end of the night. Now let's go and take that little cherry of yours."

Chapter THREE

Kathleen burst into sobs as Rick hauled her up. She staggered, but held her feet and waited as he opened the door and pushed her back into the main room.

Jim sat in a chair, watching as his girlfriend fucked up and down on Giles' cock, her ass crimson, while Stacey whipped her with the cane. Estelle was coming, screaming in helpless lust as orgasms burst over her. Her ass twisted and heaved, her body, shook and she moaned with each savage blow across her tight asscheeks. All she had on were her stockings, shoes and a lacy suspender belt.

"Aaahhh, yeahhhh!" she moaned as another vicious blow of the cane caught her right across the ass. She drove her spuming cunt down on Giles' cock, taking the whole of the thick prick into her quivering cunthole. "Uurrhhh! Whip me, you bitch, whip me! I sucked your man off, bitch, whip meeee!"

The cane lashed her an and she fucked back down, her big soft tits rubbing in Giles' chest as he lay there, gasping as his passion built.

"I'll teach you to fuck my husband!" Stacey yelled as she whipped Estelle, driving the cane in with hard blows that spread the crimson stain all over the dark-haired girl's ass. "You won't do that again in a hurry!"

"Bullshit!" Estelle screamed as the cane lashed into her. "You couldn't whip me hard enough to stop me! Yeahhhh! Yeah, go on, whip me!"

She gave an unearthly scream and plunged her cunt back down the length of Giles' massive prick, her dark hair tossing wildly and her tits shaking as she came.

"Harder, Stacey, I'm coming!" Giles yelled.

"Teach the little bitch a lesson!"

"You got it," Stacey said, lashing Estelle faster and harder as Giles gave a groan of lust and bucked up on the sofa, the spunk surging out of his balls. He gripped Estelle's hair, pulling her down while she thrust her ass up so that her whipped flesh would get even more of the cane.

"Yaahhh, that's it!" Giles' moaned, and lunged upward, his cock shooting cum deep into Estelle's spasming cunt.

"Aaaghhh!" Estelle screamed, her ass thrusting back and her pussy throbbing around the shooting cock as it unloaded deep in her hot pussy. "Ooohh, come on, baby, fill me up, show that bitch of a wife of yours what a fuck is!"

Stacey went into a furious rage, lashing Estelle for all she was worth.

"Take that, I'll show you what a fuck is, you bitch!" Stacey gasped as she whipped Estelle's throbbing asscheeks.

"Yeahhhh!" Giles roared, his hips pumping and his ass pounding up and down on the cushions as he came. His cock was pumping dry, his stream of jism running out as Stacey gave Estelle a last series of vicious blows and drove the screeching woman into a final climax.

"Urrghhh, whip meeeee!" Estelle screeched. She jerked back and held her ass steady as three more strokes beat into it. Then, with a scream of satisfaction, she fell across Giles' body, gasping for breath, her tits heaving and cum oozing out of her pussy.

Stacey walked up to the two of them, tapping the cane in her gloved hand. "Now, are you sorry?"

"Oohhh, yes," Estelle said, licking and sucking at Giles' neck. "I'm awfully sorry. Should I suck him hard again for you?"

"I'll look after my man, bitch," Stacey said. "You go look after yours. You have competition now, babe, watch out."

Estelle gave a groan and rolled off Giles' cock. But she couldn't resist going back, sinking her mouth over his cummy prick and licking it clean, even if it did cost her another stroke of the cane on her ass. Then she walked over to Jim and ran her hand over his rock-hard cock as it thrust out against the front of his jeans.

"Did I neglect you?" she asked. "Was I bad?"

"Yeah," he said. "Mid you'd better start putting that right bitch!"

"Oooh, I was soooo bad!" Estelle moaned happily, and sank to her knees, giving a wince of pain and delight as her heels dug into her mashed ass. She pulled his boots off and went for his socks.

Rick pushed Kathleen forward. Kathleen was in a state of shock after watching the terrible depravity. Her father lay on the sofa, watching her while Stacey sat beside him, her skillful mouth running over his cock, licking it clean of cum. Kathleen could see that already his prick was stirring again, the blood pumping back into the shaft. Stacey picked her head up when she was sure his thick prick was clean and took the rubbery prick in her fingers. Gently she caressed his cock, her black gloves gliding over his flesh as she watched the terrified Kathleen and Rick.

Rick pushed Kathleen to the middle of the floor and stood back. "Take that dress off!"

Kathleen had her hands over her body, holding the dress sides closed over her tits. She trembled and looked around the room. They were all waiting for her. Estelle had stripped Jim's pants off and was caressing his cock, but all of them turned to watch her.

Rick took the clips out of his pocket and rattled them a little. Kathleen gave a lot scream and didn't hesitate any longer. She sobbed and slid the ripped dress off her shoulders and down her arms, letting it fall in a crumpled heap around her feet. She stood waiting, her eyes down.

"Fuuuck!" Jim gasped. "No wonder you were in there so long! That's a great piece of cunt."

"You're right," Rick said.

"Come here," Rick said.

Kathleen spun to face him, her face showing her terror.

"You never cover your body unless I tell you to," he said. "Come here and let me make sure you understand that."

"I understand, really, Rick, please, I won't do it again!" Kathleen cried. She shuddered at the sight of the clips.

"If you come here, it'll be one nipple. If I have to come there, it'll be both," Rick said.

Kathleen gurgled in horror, knowing she was trapped. She walked, her legs trembling and her stomach turning to water. Trembling from head to foot, she stood in front of him, feeling the power of his command rolling over her.

"Which nipple?" he asked. His eyes bored into her, and she slowly slid her hand up and held her right tit.

"This one!" Her face went white with terror as he took the little clip and eased it over her sore and crinkled nipple.

Kathleen began moaning as he released her jaws. They closed on her nipple and the pain surged all over her. She gave a low bubbling scream, staggered, but managed to keep her feet. He let go of the clip and it hung from her nipple, sending fresh pain all over her body.

"Put your hands behind your back," he said, and Kathleen obeyed, moaning as she gripped her fingers together and sobbed in pain. "Now, what don't you do?"

"I don't hide myself!" Kathleen wailed. "Ever!"

"Good, now go over to your father and ask him if he'll take the clip off."

Kathleen sobbed and turned at once, walking over to Giles. As she approached, her nipple burning with the terrible pain, Kathleen noticed that his cock was getting harder.

"Please, Dad, will you take this off?"

"That depends," Stacey said, sliding her fingers over Giles' cock. "What have you got to offer?"

Kathleen screamed, hating the disgusting blonde with a fury she knew was helpless. "Anything! Anything you want!"

"Well," Stacey said, taking her time. "Rick's gonna take your cherry, so we can't have that. Pity..."

She reached up and pulled on the clip, twisting it on Kathleen's nipple.

"Aaaghhhh! Please, please, noooo, what do you want?" Kathleen screamed, her body bathed in sweat and her legs shaking with the agony rushing from her tits.

"When Rick's finished with you, you come over here and offer yourself to Giles whatever way he wants it, got that?" Stacey held the clip, twisting the jaws on Kathleen's nipple.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Kathleen moaned, ready to make any bargain.

"And what do I do to whores who fuck my men?" Stacey asked, twisting the clip.

"Uurrhhh!" Kathleen moaned, watching her father's massive prick as it swelled in his wife's hands. His eyes were on his daughter, feasting on her naked loveliness. "You whip them!"

"That's right. So, is that a deal?"

"Yes, yes!"

Stacey opened the jaws and the clip came clear of Kathleen's nipple. She moaned in relief and rubbed her tits, sobbing as she touched them.

Stacey handed Kathleen the clip. "Take that with you."

Kathleen turned and moaned again as she saw what Rick had been doing while she was pleading with Stacey. He'd set up a vertical square of piping, the top, of it almost at the ceiling. From each corner of the square hung leather straps, and there were more of them at intervals all over the thing. Even the bracing legs had straps on them. Kathleen didn't need to be told what the straps were for.

"Come here," Rick said.

Kathleen obeyed at once.

"Struggle, and you'll wear both clips while I fuck you," he said. "Get up there."

Kathleen wept as she stared at the horrible piece of equipment, but she obeyed him. She could just imagine the terrible pain of the clips on her nipples. She stood in the center of the apparatus and stretched her arms out when he told her to. She lowered her head and sobbed, but stayed still as Rick put the first strap around her wrist. Then he did her other arm, strapping both her wrists to the top corners of the apparatus.

Then Rick pulled the straps tight.

Kathleen gasped and moaned as he was stretched, her arms pulled up and out until she was almost hanging from them. She sobbed and wept, watching as he took hold of ha ankles and pulled them out, lashing them to the bottom corners of the metal square. She moaned and jerked, and the whole apparatus moved a link over the carpet. Rick pulled the straps tight and stepped back.

Kathleen moaned and wept, since she was now pulled out to just about the limit that her body could stand. Her arms and legs ached, but the thing that was worse was that her pussy was spread so far open.

Rick stood in front of her and smiled grimly. "Stacey, would you like to get me ready to fuck this lady?"

"Sure, Rick," Stacey said easily, rolling off the sofa.

Giles lay there, watching as his wife went up to Rick and slid her hands over his pants.

"Ohhhh," she said with a little disappointment. "I hoped you might want a bit of a suck to get hard."

Chuck chuckled and pinched her nipple. "When did I ever need that?"

"Well, a girl can hope, can't she?" Stacey asked, and slid his jacket off his shoulders.

That proved to be more than Jim could take. He pulled Estelle off his cock.

"Over the chair," he said.

Estelle giggled and got up, swaying her ass. She went to the armless chair and leaned over the back, her ass sticking up. Jim's cock thrust out of his crotch like a piece of steel piping as he lashed her ankles to the back legs of the chair and then grabbed her arms.

Estelle gave a shriek of surprise as he tied her wrists behind her back, making her put most of her weight on her hips where they pressed into the slightly padded top of the chair. She moaned and giggled again as he went over to a closet and took out a small whip with many tightly knotted tails, each tail about two feet long.

"Ooohhhh, Jim!" Estelle moaned. "It's my ass, then?"

"Yeahhh!" he growled, and the woman gasped with lust.

"You should have let me cream your cock up," she said. "You know how I like doing that."

"The way I'm feeling right now, I'd have shot!"

"A real man wouldn't shoot," Estelle said. "A real man knows how to handle a woman."

Jim whipped her ass, and she gave a wail of pain. He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock at her mouth.

"Okay, bitch, then get my cock wet enough to stuff up your ass. And if you make me come, you're in trouble!"

Estelle took his cock, sliding it right into her throat. Jim held his prick there, turning a little to watch what Stacey was doing to Rick. She had his pants off and was folding them over a chair, which left Rick in nothing but his shorts.

Kathleen hung on the apparatus, her eyes wide. Rick had the body of an athlete. His long chest tapered to a slim waist, and his ass was tight and hard, his legs strong.

Then Stacey pulled his shorts off and Kathleen saw his cock again. It wasn't just that it seemed even bigger, it was that it started Kathleen gasping and making her pussy run with juices. She wept and moaned on the ropes, trying to pull herself free.

Stacey bent at the waist, sliding her mouth down over Rick's massive prick. She sucked it for a moment, then eased back.

"It does need a little," she said.

"Whatever you say," he said, staring at Kathleen as she twisted and moaned.

Stacey sank her mouth back over his cock as Kathleen wept and stared at the blonde sucking Rick's enormous cock, her gloved hand caressing his balls.

Jim gave a great groan and hauled his cock out of Estelle's wet mouth. "That's enough, bitch! If you suck it any more, I'll come, and you know what happens then!"

Estelle just gave a moan, pulled her hair out of his grasp and sank her mouth back down his throbbing cockshaft.

"You asked for it, bitch," he said as his girlfriend sank his cock into her throat, her arms twisting behind her back as she tried to get them free to caress his throbbing prick. Jim moaned, his cock thrusting at her throat as she took the solid cock deeper and deeper, her throat bulging and her tits heaving as she swallowed all of his raging hard-on. "Here it comes, bitch, and here comes a whipping!"

Estelle gave a deep, gurgling scream of lust and pumped up and down on his cock, her head moving faster and faster as Jim's spunk erupted out of his balls. He gripped her hair and slammed his throbbing prick into her mouth to the limit, his cockhead scraping her flesh as it fucked into her throat. He threw his head back and bellowed with lust, his ass tightening as he forced his cock deeper into her mouth. Cum gushed out of his prickhead and into Estelle's throat as he held her.

Estelle groaned with passion, her throat spasming around Jim's cock as it shot thick ropes of cum. The stuff filled her mouth as he yelled with release, his cock pumping more of the white cream with each massive throb. Cum filled her throat, and she let gobs of it roll back into her mouth and over his heaving cockshaft. Her lips opened and her tongue flicked out, licking up any of the white goo that had escaped as her head pumped up and down.

"Yeah, bitch, you're gonna have a sore pussy before this is hard again!" Jim yelled, and lashed the cat into Estelle's big tits. She screamed and dug her mouth deeper taking another jet of his cum into her hot mouth. "Bitch!"

Estelle moaned, running her mouth up and down his cock, her lips open, allowing gobs of his cum to run all over his prickshaft. She licked at them, smearing the sticky spunk into his flesh as she lay over the back of the chair, her ankles bound and her arms tied behind her.

"Now for your pussy," Jim said, and pulled his cock from her mouth.

Estelle sighed, heaving her ass against the back of the chair, spreading her thighs and pushing her ankles against the bonds.

Kathleen's arms were aching as she watched the horror. Rick pulled his prick out of Stacey's softly sucking lips and advanced on the bound girl. She moaned, gasping at the size of his cock, knowing it was about to fuck high into her virgin pussy.

He stepped up to her and showed her the clips in his hand.

"Don't screw me around," Rick said, and Kathleen moaned in horror. He slid one hand around her back and worked his cock to the tight entrance of her pussy. "Beg me for it!"

"Uurrhhh, please, please fuck me!" Kathleen whispered, her whole body shaking with terror.

"Is that what you really want?" his voice hissed softly, his lips just caressing her ear.

"Yes, yes it is!" Kathleen gasped, her eyes staring helplessly at him as his enormous cockhead pushed at her pussylips.

Stacey slid her glove over the helpless girl's ass and down between her legs.

"Well, the bitch is wet," she said, sliding her other hand into her own black panties and rubbing her clit.

"Yeah," Rick said softly as Stacey's fingers played with his cockhead, pushing it gently at Kathleen's pussy, "and it gets wetter with pain, you know that?"

Stacey's gloved fingers ran over Kathleen's clit and Rick's cockhead, getting slick and wet with all the fuck juices down there.

"Here, let me show you."

"Aahhh! No, no, Rick, please!" Kathleen cried as she saw him bring out one of the clips and reach for her nipple. She shook the whole apparatus, screaming as he slid the jaws over her nipple and let them go. "Aaahhh! Please, noooo!"

Kathleen's pussy ran juices as she writhed in agony, her nipple burning with pain.

"Yeah, I see," Stacey said, stroking her fingers over Kathleen's clit and Rick's enormous cockhead. "We'd better give her some more, hadn't we?"

"Noooo, please, please!" Kathleen screamed, but she knew there was more agony coming to her.

She jerked up and down and realized through her pain that her cunt was taking in the thick ball of Rick's cockhead, just an inch or so, but enough. The thick prick pushed her cunt walls out, stretching them to the limit. She screamed and pleaded, but Rick just held his cock there and waited, thrusting a little and staring into her helpless eyes.

Suddenly Stacey had a thin rod in her hand. She slid the rod over Kathleen's ass, bringing another scream from the bound girl.

"Noooo, no, I said I'd do it!" Kathleen moaned, but the rod pulled back and suddenly lashed in, beating another line of agony across her tight asscheeks. "Urrghaahh!"

She jerked out of control on the bonds, her ass burning and her nipple throbbing with matching agony. As her desperate writhing ended and she plunged down, her curt took another inch of Rick's cock, his enormous cockhead burying itself in her cunt. She screamed and sobbed as his cocktip came up against her tight little cherry.

Kathleen hung on the bonds, the agony in her nipple sending her heaving in desperation, her cunt throbbing up and down on Rick's hard prick, almost breaking her cherry with each jerk. She sobbed and gasped, but the rasping of his cockhead in her soft pussy was making her body throb with a passion that fed on the pain. Sparks of sheer lust brake out of her pussy walls and surged through her body, making her moan even more.

Without warning, the rod lashed into her ass again, and Kathleen gave a terrible shriek of mingled agony and passion. She jerked up and plunged down, but this time Rick thrust his cock up to meet her. With a sudden jolt of pain, her cherry broke and his massive cock fucked deep into her helpless cunt.

Chapter FOUR

Jim lashed the cat upward, right between Estelle's open legs. The tight leather knots of the whip cut into her pussy, and she screamed with pain and lust, thrusting her ass back and trying to force her thighs wider for the whip. The bonds on her ankles stopped her from doing that, and she moaned with frustration, her face leaning right down into the chair and her hands spasming behind her back. Her dark hair tossed and her large tits throbbed as they pushed into the chair seat.

"Aaahhh, yeahhh, Jim, you shit, you shitfaced fucker!" she screamed. "Come on, show me, show -- aaahhh, yeahhh, show meeeee!"

She writhed with her surging lust, bouncing the chair around on the floor, her legs trembling with passion.

"Yeah, bitch!" Jim yelled, sweeping the cat up between her open legs and beating the tightly knotted tails into her throbbing, open cunt. "Come on, you can take it, bitch!"

His arm swept around, lashing the cat between her thighs, beating more agony into her pussy. He played with his massive, hard cock, stroking it slowly.

Estelle screamed with passion, her cunt on fire, pouring juices that were beaten away by the cat as it lashed into her flesh. Her ass jerked, thrusting back for the cat.

"Yeahhhh, do it, fucker, do it!" she yelled. "Aaghhhhh! Come on, you fuck-faced bastard, is your cock hard yet? Hey, is it, you shit-faced wimp!"

"What the fuck do you think, whore?" Jim yelled, and stopped the lashing. He walked around and thrust his cock at her mouth, the rock-hard cock sliding right into her throat. She gasped and moaned, bobbing her head on his cock, taking it right in, her throat spasming around the enormous fucker. He hauled it back out of her throat and ran his cockhead over her lips.

"You call this hard, shit-face?" Estelle asked. "You couldn't fuck the skin off a rice pudding with that."

"Your choice, fucker," he said, and moved behind her, lashing her pussy with the cat again.

"Yeahhhh! Come on, you wimpy little shit, whip me! Watch my ass and pussy, fucker, watch them and see if that gets you hard! Aaghhh! Yeahhhh!" She screamed in fury, climaxing as the cat cut into her pussy, splashing drops of her pussyjuice away with each stroke. "Yeahhh, whip me, fucker, whip meeee!"

"Bitch, you deserve this," Jim said, whipping the screaming woman with all the power of his arm.

Her ass and pussy were both red, but she just went on screaming for the whip, her ass jerking and circling. Jim was yelling with lust, his cock throbbing in his hand as he whipped her. Suddenly he couldn't stand it any more.

"You bitch!" he yelled, and advanced on her. He fucked his cock right up her pussy to get it wet.

"Aaahhhh! You fucking bastard!" Estelle screeched, her stockinged legs trembling against the back of the chair. "You're not hard enough, fucker, gimme a hard cock, not a limp prick!"

She wailed and gasped, her hands twisting and her jerking ass thrusting the chair across the deep carpet.

"You whore!" he yelled, and pulled his cock out of her spasming pussy. Without waiting any longer, he slid it up into her ass crack and thrust it at her shit hole.

"Yeaahhh! Fuck, come on, see if you can get that limp thing up my ass! Aaaihhhh! Come on, fucker!" Estelle was out of her mind, screaming and wailing as her ring of ass muscles gave and his cockhead fucked a little way into her hot shitter. "Uuurrrhh! Come on, baby."

She came, sobbing with passion, her hot whipped asscheeks thrusting back at him.

"You bitch!" Jim gasped, and thrust his cock into her ass right to the hilt, lifting her legs off the floor in his lust and almost tipping the chair over as he fucked harder into her asshole. "Now you can lake it, whore, now!"

"Yeahhhh!" Estelle screamed and jerked on the chair back, her ass throbbing around his prick.

Kathleen hung on the bonds, her cunt spasming around Rick's massive prick as it fucked into her cunt. She sobbed and wept, her pussy walls screaming at the pain of the invasion. The rod hit her ass and she screamed louder, jerking up toward the top of the apparatus, then slamming down on Rick's stiff prick.

"Ooohhh, please, please! No, don't do it, please!"

"Then why do you get so excited when we whip you?" Rick asked, thrusting his cock high into her cunt, his eyes boring into her. His glasses glinted in the light and gave him an extra air of menace.

"Aaahhh, no, I don't, that's a lie!" Kathleen groaned, and then screamed as the rod hit her ass. "Please, no, pleaseee!"

Rick chuckled and fucked his prick harder into her cunt, driving her up on it and pulling her ankles against the bonds. "You lying bitch! I'll show you for what you are, you just wait!"

"Aaahhhh!" Kathleen wailed as the terrible rod cut into her asscheeks again. Her flesh was burning and throbbing, the whole of her ass a bright with lines of agony. Her helpless body tossed as the rod beat her, then slammed down on Rick's cock. His cock throbbed harder each time and swelled a little in her pussy. His eyes stayed hard, watching hers, but his body was throbbing with lust, and he gasped a little at each jerk of her young body.

Stacey lashed the bound girl, her gloved fingers digging into her pussy and stroking her cunt. She lashed Kathleen harder, watching Rick and knowing the way he liked it.

"Aaaghhhh!" Kathleen screamed, jerking up, her body tossing wildly. "Please, don't do it, don't!"

"Come on, bitch!" Rick whispered to her as she jerked around on his cock. "Come on, I wanna hear you come, my little love, I wanna hear you come!"

"Aaaaghhh!" Kathleen screamed as her pussy spasmed around his cock, her tits heaving. The rod cut her ass and she leaped, but even that terrible pain wasn't as bad as before. Now it burst out of her ass, but went to her cunt, sending it spasming harder around his cock as she jerked up and down. The agony went to her guts too, churning around in there, rushing over her and making her breathless with a desire that made her weak with its power. "Ooooh, God!"

"That's it, baby, that's it!" Rick whispered into her ear. "That's it, come on my cock, baby, came for me!"

"Uurrghhh!" she screamed, jerking and tossing, her cunt throbbing out of control and her ass burning from the pain of the rod.

"Come on, baby, nearly there," Rick said softly, running his fingers ever her nipples, pulling at them a little. His massive prick fucked high into her cunt.

"Aaagghhh!" Kathleen screamed, her tits burning at his touch as he caressed her. She jerked up on the bonds, the rod lashed her ass and she felt the scrape of metal over her tits. She screamed, staring down at Rick's fingers as he showed her the clips. "Nooooo!"

The rod lashed her ass, beating the most incredible agony into her flesh, and something inside her broke. She sobbed, her whole body on fire with surging passion. She stared as he slid one of the clips around her nipple.

Kathleen flung her dark hair back, her throat tight as she screamed and the tidal wave of release gushed over her. Her pussy throbbed out of control on his cock and she tossed, screaming her heart out as Rick let the clip go. Her body erupted as the climax broke over her, her cunt thrusting down on his cock as the unbelievable waves of passion burst out of her throbbing pussy.

"Uurrghhhahhh!" she screamed, her body jerking as the rod lashed her ass.

She tossed up and down, hardly realizing that she was heaving her ass out for the next beat of the thin rod. It came and she surged to an even higher climax, her pussy ramming down on Rick's cock for all she was worth. Her whole being was a sea of the most incredible pain and lust she had ever felt. Her screams became guttural as she thrust around on his cock for the ultimate satisfaction she needed.

Rick held his cock deep in her pussy and slowly brought the other clip up to Kathleen's face. Site screamed, her pussy sucking at his cock like a vacuum pump.

"Yeahhhh! Come on, bitch!" Stacey yelled as she whipped Kathleen, laying the rod onto the bound girl's ass with rising fury. She rubbed her curt, but she needed more. "Look at your daughter, Giles!"

"Yeahhhh," he said with great satisfaction. "Rick's doing a great job."

"What about me?"

"You ain't got a cock, honey, and that's what her cunt needs," he said, sliding his hand lazily up and down his throbbing prick.

"Bastard!" Stacey yelled, and whipped Kathleen even harder.

Kathleen hardly noticed. Her ass rang with pain, but her eyes were fixed on the tiny clip close to her face.

"You want this?" Rick asked, his cock throbbing deep in her pussy.

Kathleen choked, orgasms breaking over her with each lash of the rod and each desperate plunge she made on Rick's cock. She sobbed and wept, her ass jerking back for the rod, coming again as it lashed her ass.

"Beg me, softly," he said. "You can whisper in my ear. Nobody will know that you really want it." He ran the terrible thing close to her eyes. "Just me and you."

Kathleen's eyes blurred as she stared at the clip. She could feel Rick's cock thrusting deep in her cunt, the passion surging over him as well. But he held his prick tight in her pussy, and she knew that he wouldn't come until he wanted to. She choked and wailed, unable to say anything.

The thought of the terrible clip on her nipple was setting off an even larger earthquake of lust in the bound girl. She screamed and wept, her ass and tits jerking and the first clip bouncing on her nipple, sending her into shrieking surges of passion.

"Just you and me!" Rick whispered in her ear. "All you have to do is confess to me!"

Her mouth moved to his ear and she broke, her voice husky and demanding. "Yes! Yes, yes, please!"

The very act of breaking and begging sent another surge of passion all through her. She shrieked, climaxing even harder as the rod lashed her ass.

"You bitch, you'll tell us all one day!" he yelled. "And you get the clip anyway!"

He let the clip snap shut on her nipple, and the young girl erupted with a passion that sent her soaring higher than she had ever thought possible.

Kathleen screamed in total abandon. She tossed and jerked, her pussy throbbing around Rick's cock as she felt it suddenly go out of control in her fuckhole. The rod lashed her and she came again, helpless in the grip of the passions that held her.

"Oooooh, yeahhhh!" Rick gasped, his cock slamming hard into her cunt. "Oooohhh, yeahhh, baby, your first cuntful!"

"Uurrghhh, aagghhhh! Bastard, bastard!" Kathleen screamed, coming in helpless waves, her legs trembling as she pumped up and down on his cock. She felt every throb of his cock as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his prickshaft. His massive cock throbbed and jerked in her soft cunt, and suddenly shot a hot stream of cum into her pussy. "Aaahhhhgggg!"

"Yurrrghhhhh!" Rick growled, his hips bucking as he pumped his spunk into her. He took hold of the clips and twisted them, holding Kathleen at the very peak of her climax while his cock pumped the stream of jism into her helpless cunt.

"Aaghhhh! Oohhh God, ohhhh God!" Kathleen screeched, her body torn with the surging orgasms that wouldn't stop. She understood how much she was in Rick's power. She sobbed and moaned, but her climaxes kept on coming as his cock pumped jism into her cunt, shooting hot streams of lust at the peak of each thrust his rampant prick made.

He gave the clips another twist, sending Kathleen screaming into the final jerk of her orgasm. She gave a shriek of final passion and fell against him. His cock shot the last thick wad of his cum and gave out, the final gobs of his jizz oozing from his cockslit. He held there, his cock slowly pulsating in her cunt as he came down.

Then Rick slid the clips off Kathleen's nipples and Stacey stopped the whipping, her tits thrusting above her bodice as she stared in wonder at Kathleen's red ass. Stacey slowly slid her gloved finger over her cunt, stroking the fires of lust in her body.

Kathleen hung against Rick, her body bathed in sweat and her tits heaving against his chest. She moaned, her pussy sucking softly at his cock.

Rick leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, yes!"

"From now on, you don't come unless I tell you to. Got that?"

"Yes," she said. "Yes, I understand."

"Understand what?" Stacey asked.

"Nothing," Rick said, and pulled his cock out of Kathleen's cunt. He stepped to the side of the apparatus and pushed a button. The top came down, at first taking the strain off Kathleen's arms and then forcing her down to her knees. She dropped without a murmur and hung there on the bonds as he pushed the button again and stopped the apparatus. Then he came back and slid his cock into her mouth. "Clean it off," he said.

Kathleen sucked at his cock, running her tongue over it, then licking down his shaft. She felt a pang of pride as she felt the thick prick twitch with the first signs of returning interest in fucking. But all she did was moan as her soft mouth sucked and licked him clean.

As his fury and lust rose to fever pitch, Jim grabbed hold of Estelle's hair and pulled her back sharply toward him. She screamed, her ass throbbing around his prickshaft, her back arched as her hands spasmed in their tight bindings and her legs jerked against the back of her chair.

"Come on, you soft little prick, show you can hear me!" she yelled, her ass lunging at his cock, her mouth open as she gasped at the pain in her hair.

"Hey, Giles, come whip this cunt's tits for me while I come, will ya?" Jim yelled. "She's playing smart-ass again!"

"Sure thing," Giles said, rolling off the sofa lazily and picking the cat up from where Jim had tossed it. He stood in front of the chair and drew the cat through his fingers.

"Yeah, you fucker, had to get somebody else to do it for you, hey?"

"I'll get you, whore," Jim said. "I'll make you crawl, bitch!"

He thrust his cock into her ass, his thick prick fucking deep in her shit-pit.

Estelle screamed, jerking her ass at him, "I'll crawl to you when hell freezes over, you shitfaced heap of a snot!"

Then she jumped and gave a low gurgling scream as the cat lashed her tits.

Giles whipped her swelling tits with savage strokes. He stroked his cock slowly, enjoying the depraved sight.

"Aaahhh, yeahhh, now there's someone who can use a whip!" Estelle screamed as she jerked back at Jim's cock, her ass throbbing around his cock as she came in a surge of passion. "Uurrghgh, do it, do it!"

"Yeaaahhh, bitch!" Jim shouted as his cock went out of control in her hot ass. He jerked her up off the floor for a second as his hot jism boiled out of his balls and surged up his cockshaft. "Right up your ass, whore!"

"Uurrhhh!" Estelle yelled as she came, her shitter exploding with climax and her tits thrusting out as the cat lashed across them.

"Beat meeee! Come on, Giles, finish meeee!" Giles lashed the cat across her tits, stroking it both ways in vicious double strokes. Estelle's screams of lust rang our round the room as Jim held her on his cock, his hot cum shooting into her helpless shit-pit. Jim bellowed with satisfaction, holding his cock deep in her ass and jerking her body around as she screamed and climaxed to each beat of the cat across her tits.

"Yeahhh! Yeaaahh, Giles!" she screamed, and dropped back across the chair, gasping and moaning with satisfaction.

Jim let her head drop, holding his cock in her ass and stroking it in gently as the last of his cum dribbled into her sucking ass. He gasped and pinned at Giles. "Thanks, pal. I'm gonna give this bitch a bit of a rest and then make her crawl a bit. She's getting above herself."

"Sure is," Giles said. "But you know what she's like."

"Yeahhh." Jim laughed and pulled his cock out of Estelle's hot ass. He pulled her head up again and put his cummy, shit-covered cock to her mouth. "Clean it!"

Estelle stared up at him. She was gasping and moaning, but her eyes were alight with defiance. "Fuck off!"

Giles kept the cat in his hand as he turned and went over to where Kathleen knelt, sucking and licking at Rick's cock. His prick was clean, but he hadn't told her to stop, so she went on sucking. He looked over at Stacey.

"Your glove looks all wet," Rick said.

"Yeah, cuntjuices, I need them cleaned off," she said, running her gloved finger over her hat pussy.

"This one will do it," he said. He pulled back and leaned down to the helpless Kathleen. "Remember what I said, you will do everything you are told to do, but you only come if I tell you, got that?"

"Yes," Kathleen said softly as he pulled away and left her. She stared after him, suddenly feeling scared and helpless when he wasn't there. But before she could think any more, Stacey pushed a glove at her mouth.

"Clean this off!"

Kathleen licked at the gloved fingers, tasting Stacey's pussy. It made her head swim a little, and she gasped, licking the black leather clean with her tongue.

Finally Stacey waked off and Giles appeared above the bound girl.

"Time for me to get some candy from my daughter," he said. Kathleen gasped and sobbed. It was horribly real -- she had to fuck her own father!

Chapter FIVE

Giles slid his cock over Kathleen's lips. "Suck it, baby, come on, suck it!"

"Please, Daddy, no, please!" Kathleen groaned, struggling against the bonds that held her. Her arms were still above her head and her legs were painfully spread.

"Suck it," Giles said, pushing his hard cockhead at his daughter's mouth. He flipped the folds of his robe back, his naked loins thrusting at Kathleen's face.

"Please, Daddy! Aaaaghhhhh!" Kathleen screamed as something horrible lashed her ass. She jerked around and there was Stacey, standing behind her, grinning, the terrible cat in her hand.

"Suck it," Giles said.

The cat lashed her ass, and Kathleen gave a horrible scream of helpless terror and pain.

"Do what your father says," Stacey said, whipping the bound girl, her arm lashing in as hard as she could. "And then I'm gonna whip you for sucking my husband off."

She laughed, her arm slashing the terrible cat tails over Kathleen's shuddering flesh.

"Aaaghhhh!" Kathleen screamed, tossing helplessly on the ropes, her whole body on fire. She looked over at Rick, but he was sitting in a chair and made no effort to help her.

"Suck it," Stacey said, and whipped Kathleen even harder, the sound of the cat tails on Kathleen's ass ringing off the walls.

"Uuuurrghhh!" Kathleen wailed and sank her luscious soft lips over her father's cockhead. He grunted with pleasure as her little mouth slid down his prick, taking almost four inches of it in before his enormous cockhead came to the entrance of her throat.

Giles eased his cock back, fucking it in and out of Kathleen's mouth as she hung there, her arms bound above her. He gave a low moan of passion, his thick cock working slowly over Kathleen's tongue and lips.

"Not bad," he said. "Hey, Rick, can she deep-throat you?"

"Not yet."

"You want this bitch, don't you?" Giles asked, his cock pushing at Kathleen's throat.

"Only if she passes," Rick said.

"Well, how about that," Giles said, his cock fucking in and out of Kathleen's lips, his cockshaft wet with her saliva. "He wants you if you pass the test." He slid his hand in Kathleen's dark hair. "One of the tests is taking the whole of a cock down your throat. And I want you to pass the test, baby. I wouldn't want a daughter of mine to fail such a simple thing, would you?"

Kathleen moaned into his cock.

"So we shall have to teach you to deep throat," Giles said. "And I mean all the way. Now, take my cock deeper."

He thrust and Kathleen gagged at once, her body jerking on the bonds and her throat spasming against the invasion. Her stomach churned and she almost threw up.

"Dear, dear, dear," Giles said. "Isn't that the way your dear mother would put it? It won't do, darling. You have to take it all. Get your lips right down there, right at the base of my cock. Now try again."

He thrust his enormous prick and his cockhead rammed into her throat again. Kathleen choked, her whole body pulsating. She screamed into his cock, her throat opening and closing as he pushed at it.

"Not good enough," Giles said. "If you don't take it down now, Stacey will whip you until you do."

Kathleen moaned in horror, her voice muffled into her father's prick. Her ass jerked as she tried to get away from the awful cat. She knew it was coining, but not when, and that was almost worse than the beating itself. She gagged, trying to open her throat. Her muscles throbbed and her arms ached as her terror mounted.

The cat lashed her, beating more pain into her flesh, whipping her ass forward with the force of the blow. Kathleen jerked and writhed as Giles rammed his prick harder at her mouth.

The cat landed again, and Kathleen jerked, but this time her throat muscles opened just a little. The tip of Giles' cockhead fucked into her throat. She staggered, her knees rubbing over the floor, but she took it.

The whip landed again, beating right across her ass. Giles gripped her head and pushed his cock. Her throat opened more, his cock pushed in and the whole of his massive prickhead fucked into her throat.

"Heeeeyyyy, not bad," he said, pushing his cock harder at her mouth. "Try again, Stacey, we're getting somewhere."

"Aaaahhhhhh!" Kathleen screamed into Giles throbbing cock as he fucked it between her soft red lips. The cat landed and Giles pushed harder, shoving his cock deep into her throat, pushing almost half his prick in. She twisted and writhed in pain, her throat spasming around his prick as she gasped for air.

He eased his cock back, stroking it in and out of his daughter's helpless mouth. "Getting the idea?"

"Please, please, Dad!" she moaned, sucking at his cockhead, her eyes closed.

"Can you take it all?"

"Please, Dad, no, please!"

"Whip her again!"

"No, Dad, pleaaaaahhhhh!" Kathleen screamed as the cat lashed her soft asscheeks, beating them into pulp. She jerked and writhed, aching all over. "Yes, I'll take it!"

"That's better, I knew you could," he said, and gripped her head again.

Kathleen broke into terrible tears of shame and pain as her father fucked his cock back between her delicious lips. She opened her mouth wide, taking the thick round ball of his cockhead, licking her tongue over it and feeling it throb in her mouth. Then he pushed at her throat and she gagged, her throat closing, her stomach convulsing. She realized the horrible truth.

Kathleen needed the pain to make her throat open.

Kathleen screamed as the cat cut her ass. She tossed in wild pain, jerking up and down on the apparatus, her throat opening and closing in horrible agony. Giles pushed and his cock slid deeper into her throat as her lovely lips strained around the prickshaft. He gripped her hard, pushing and thrusting, his prick sinking deeper with each lash of the terrible cat.

Kathleen's gurgling screams rang out from around Giles' rock-hard cock as she jerked in the bonds, her ass throbbing and twitching with agony. Her flesh burned, her throat spasmed and Giles pushed again, thrusting his cock at her throat for all he was worth. Three quarters of his cock was now in her mouth, and she screamed harder, her body struggling against the invasion. She breathed through her nose as he blocked off her air, his prick sinking deeper, pushing at her throat until he gave one last push and his ten inches of prick were all in her mouth.

"Yeahhhh!" Giles yelled, fucking his cock an inch or so in and out of her throat. "Suck it, whore, suck it, I wanna feel you take it all!"

Kathleen's horror grew. The cat lashed her as Giles thrust his cock at her throat in long, slow pulses, ramming it in to the hilt and then twisting it around, his cockhair rubbing over her lips. She was sure she was going to faint, but he held her up.

"Suck him, bitch!" Stacey yelled as she lashed the helpless girl.

Kathleen shuddered all aver, her eyes closed and her body on fire with pain.

At the same time, Jim was lashing Estelle's ass and yelling at her to clean his cock off.

"Fuuuck offfff!" Estelle shouted, her ass a mass of whipped flesh, her tits heaving against the chair seat. Her bound arms twisted and jerked, but she continued to scream defiance at her boyfriend. "Get lost, you heap of shit! See if you can make me crawl, go on, fuck-face! Aaaagghhhh! Go on!"

Jim whipped the rod across her ass, beating terrible agony into the bound girl's flesh, but she just screamed at him harder.

"Okay, okay," he said, his cock as hard as it had ever been. He slid his hand over his throbbing prickshaft. "Time for sterner methods."

He dropped the rod and walked over to the closet.

"You jerk, you couldn't make me crawl! Come on, whip me again, try it!" Estelle yelled at him. She jerked the chair across the floor, struggling to get free.

Jim turned and Estelle gave a scream of fear. "Don't tell me you haven't asked for this!" he snarled, and threw a mass of leather straps at her feet. "One last chance, whore!"

"You go suck a dick, cunt-face!"

She gave a low scream as he slung the leather straps around her neck and pulled them tight, making the first strap into a collar. From there he pulled the whole thing down, over her tits and to her waist.

"Here," Rick said. "Lemme give you a hand with that."

"Great, thanks. This bitch needs so much discipline, she's a real problem."

"I don't see you protesting too much," Rick said as they worked the leather to Estelle's waist.

Rick held the screaming, bitching woman up as Jim began tightening the leather. He pulled the straps around Estelle's massive tits, pushing the soft mounds out and wrapping the leather around them until they were constricted painfully and pushed out almost a foot from her rib cage. About two inches of flesh and her nipples stuck out from the leather. Then he went to her arms, binding them behind her back with the leather and ramming a thick wooden pole between the straps and her back, holding it all in place with a tight leather belt he slid around her waist and pulled tight.

Then Rick held her up as Jim wrapped the leather around her ass, pushing her asscheeks out as he had her tits and constricting the flesh painfully. He worked the leather between her legs, lashing the last straps around from her thighs to her stocking tops. Finally he clipped a leash to the collar while Rick let Estelle's ankles free of the chair.

Not that it did her much good. She could hardly walk as Jim pulled on the leash and dragged her to a set of parallel bars that they had set up.

Estelle gave a scream as the two men picked her up and dumped her across the bars, the sides of the pole between her arms and her back sliding into two cups on the bars. She hung on the pole, screaming at them, her tits heaving as she struggled for breath.

Jim lashed her ankles loosely to the sides of the bars, just to stop her swinging, then picked up a massive dildo.

"You asked for this, bitch," he said.

Jim took the dildo, slid it through the wide leather hanging between her legs and ran it over her ass.

The dark-haired girl gasped and began to sob. "You bastard!"

"I'm gonna teach you to behave!" he snarled, and pushed the dildo at her ass.

Estelle screeched in agony, her whole body tossing as the dildo penetrated her tight asshole. Her shitter stretched to the limit as the enormous dildo fucked in. She gurgled and moaned, jerking horribly, her face red as she gasped for air. She tossed and jerked as Jim pushed harder, lifting her body on the enormous dildo. She screamed, her ass muscles gave way and she slid down the enormous dildo, her shit-pit throbbing in pain around the imitation cock. Jim gave another thrust, jerked her up again and held her there until her ass gave way and she sank down the enormous dildo once more, screaming as the fake prick filled her guts. She moaned and gasped, low bubbling screams of pain running out of her lips.

Jim slid a thinner strap through the top of the dildo, and Rick held it in Estelle's ass while Jim went for a vibrator. Estelle screamed louder, despite the tight collar, as he rubbed the vibrator over her cuntlips.

"What, don't you want it, whore?" He laughed and shoved it up her pussy in one go.

Estelle's screams rang out as her two channels were filled with massive imitation pricks. Her body churned to the beat of the vibrator as it rubbed against the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass. She hung by the pole through her arms and sobbed as the pain in her cunt and ass throbbed through her.

Jim took the leather strap and pulled it tightly between her thighs. It held the vibrator and dildo. She hung and screamed as Jim went for the thin rod and came back, standing to the side and holding it over the inch or so of Estelle's tit-flesh that stuck out of the leather straps. She turned and gasped at him.

"Let me know when you're ready to behave," Jim said.

"Fuck off!" she gasped, and stared as the rod went up and beat down across her tits, catching her thrusting nipples as it stroked down. Her scream rang out as she jerked and rolled on the bars.

Jim changed direction, swinging the rod under the bars and lashing Estelle's helpless ass, beating at the red flesh which was pushed out so hard by the tight leather.

"Uurrrhhh!" Estelle gasped, her hips jerking as the churning of the vibrator against the dildo set the first of her orgasms off.

"Shit." Rick said, standing close to the bars. "How the fuck does she do it?"

"Beats me," Jim said as he whipped the screaming, dark-haired woman to a shuddering climax. "But she always needs something like this, and it's worse when we're with company."

He lashed Estelle again, driving the bound woman into shrieks of desperate passion.

"Come on, come on, fucker!" Estelle gasped, her throat so tight she couldn't scream. "Show me how you can break me, show meeeee!" She tossed on the pole, her legs jerking as she pulled against the bonds.

Jim whipped her tits, changing back to her ass after a few blows. He slid his hand over his steel-hard cock, his eyes on his struggling girlfriend. "Fuck, is she gonna take care of me when this is over!"

Kathleen heard Estelle's gasps and screams through the haze of her own pain. She gasped, her mouth sliding down the length of her father's cock, taking it in as the cat lashed her ass, beating her helpless body with hard, vicious strokes. She sobbed and moaned, feeling Giles' prick spasm in her throat as the lust built up in his balls. She knew he would come soon, filling her mouth with his horrible cum. A drop of pre-cum juice formed on the tip of his cock as he pulled it back, almost to her lips, before ramming it in again. The drop came off on her tongue. Sudden waves of passion surged throughout her body.

She moaned and rammed her mouth harder onto Giles' cock, taking it to the balls in a single thrust. Her ass jerked back for the cat sit beat in, and her screams became deeper as the lust built in her.

"Fuck!" Giles gasped. "The little bitch is gonna come again, I can feel it!"

He fucked his raging hard-on into Kathleen's throat and his helpless daughter gasped, moaning into his prick as she tossed against the bonds.

Kathleen's mind was starting to swim again. She hardly noticed that Rick was standing close to her. But she heard his voice without any problem.

"I told you not to come," he said. "You give them all the best service, but you don't come until I tell you to. Don't do it, just don't."

Kathleen had no idea what he would do to her if she did come, but coming didn't even cross her mind. Her throat spasmed around Giles' cock and her passion sank away. She sobbed, her mouth working at. Giles' cock sucking at it for all she was worth as she felt the cum boiling out of his balls. Her hands gripped the bonds as the cat whipped her.

Giles gave a bellow of lust and thrust his cock into Kathleen's mouth to the hilt, his cockhead throbbing out of control as the cum thrust out of his balls.

"Yuurrrrhhhhh!" he yelled. "Oooooohhh, fuck this feels good! Whip her, Stacey, whip her, whip her!"

Kathleen felt the pulse of the cat speed up on her ass, beating more agony through her flesh. But with Rick's words still ringing in her ears, she didn't allow it to put her off the demands of her father's cock. Then she felt the first jet of his cam gush out of his piss-slit.

Giles roared as the cum shot out of his cock and into his daughter's mouth. He gripped her hair and made her take the first two jets deep in her throat, bin balls slapping against her chin and his cockhair rasping over her lips.

He pulled his cock back, letting the hot spunk shoot into her mouth and watching as she struggled with it, taking it over her tongue, gobs of it spurting out over her lips to roll slowly off and down her chin.

"Suck it, baby!" he groaned, his cockhead pulsing and swelling as he came, his hot seed pouring out into the bound girl's mouth.

Kathleen sobbed as her mouth filled with her father's jism. She swallowed some if it, tasting the salty goo and moaning as more poured out of the tiny slit in his prick. She swallowed again, feeling some of it run out of her mouth and over her lips. She was sure she'd be punished for that, but it didn't seem to matter. The cat still lashed her ass, and she gave a low moan at each blow, her body jerking and her throat opening, taking cum and his cockhead in. She took one last lash of the cat and even that stopped as Stacey leaned back, breathing heavily after her effort.

"Yeaaahhbh!" Giles sighed as his cock began to slow, the cum pumping out of it in slower streams. He held Kathleen's head to his oozing prick, making her suck him as the last gobs of jizz came out and ran over her tongue. "Not bad, not bad. She should be ready for you soon, Rick."

He grunted and pulled his cock out of Kathleen's lips.

Rick laughed. "Don't worry, I can train her." He leaned down and whispered close to Kathleen's ear. "That was good, little girl. You get special treats if you keep that up."

Kathleen moaned and trembled all over. She was horrified to find that her guts turned to water whenever Rick spoke to her. Her pussy trembled and ran juices. She was happy that she had obeyed him. She wanted to be the perfect little girl for him so that she would get the treats that good little girls got. She wept, unable to understand what was happening to her. A few hours ago she would have died rather than take orders from a man. She shivered, then jerked as her head was pulled up. She knew who it was at once.

"Got a deal for you, bitch," Stacey said. "You suck me without any trouble and I'll forget to whip you for sucking off my husband. What about it?"

Kathleen stared and sobbed as the terrible woman held her hair and stared at her. Across the room, she heard Estelle's strangled screams as she tossed on the bars, her ass and tits crimson with pain as Jim lashed her.

"Fuuuck offff, you jerk!" Estelle wailed, her body on fire with depraved lust.

Kathleen felt her mind spinning again as she lay at the bottom of the terrible pit of depravity she had fallen into. She knew she couldn't take any more of the whip as she stared at the wet crotch of Stacey's tight black panties. But the thought of sucking a woman's cunt was almost as bad. She hung there, moaning, her mind struggling.

"Hurry up, you stupid bitch, the offer doesn't last forever!" Stacey snapped.

"Yes, yes, I'll do it!"

Chapter SIX

Giles pushed another button and the top of the apparatus slid upward again.

Kathleen moaned as she was forced to stand up, her arms aching almost as much as her whipped ass. But she wasn't upright for long. A bar was pushed through the sides of the apparatus and across her waist, then the top began to push forward again.

She screamed as she was forced to bend at the waist, her head going down and her legs straining against the bonds until her head was lower than her waist and her ass stuck up, pulled tight against the bar.

"What are you doing to me?"

"Nothing much," Stacey said with a nasty grin, lifting the top of a padded bench as she slipped it over the metal bar that Kathleen's hands were tied to. The padded top ran right under Kathleen's face and she began to see the humiliation that was in store for her. She moaned, even begged Giles to stop, but Stacey grinned at her and slid her wet panties down her legs and off.

Then, smiling at the bound girl, Stacey got onto the padded top and opened her legs wide, pulling them up around Kathleen's terrified face. Stacey's tight curving thighs stretched on either side of her head and the hot wet gash of her cunt was inches from Kathleen's mouth.

"Now suck it," Stacey said.

Kathleen stared at the damp blonde hair of Stacey's cunt, the hot wet line of her pussylips, and hard bud of her clit and almost fainted. The thought of sucking another woman's cunt was bad enough, but to suck her stepmother's disgusting cunt was almost more than she could bear.

But her ass burned more than hot enough to persuade her to behave. She moaned and let her head ease down over Stacey's pussy, smelling the heady odor of a woman in heat. She licked along the line of Stacey's cunt, her soft mouth running over the wet flesh.

"Suck it, whore!" Stacey gasped. "And that means more than what you're doing! Suck it, or take it on the ass, you nasty little cunt."

She pulled her legs back with her gloved hands, pushing her steaming cunt harder at Kathleen's mouth.

The little girl sobbed as she sucked the wet lips of Stacey's pussy.

"Shit," Stacey said in disgust. She pulled her pussylips open and jerked her clit at Kathleen's mouth. Bracing her legs with her elbows, she screamed at the bound girl. "Suck it, you stinking little whore, suck it!"

Kathleen gave a low scream as she did the best she could. She sucked the hard bud of Stacey's clit between her lips and ran her tongue over it again, her body writhing with terror.

"Suuuuuck it! Whip the shit, Giles, don't just fuck her ass, whip her first!" Stacey yelled, jerking her cunt at Kathleen's mouth.

"Nooooo -- aaghhhh!" Kathleen screamed as the cat whipped her tight asscheeks, sending more horrible agony through her. She bit down on Stacey's clit, her teeth scissoring before she stopped.

Stacey's ass leaped up, her curd pushing at Kathleen's mouth, her pussy spasming.

"That's better, bitch!" she yelled. "Do it again! Whip her, Giles, whip the shit, she's getting it!"

Kathleen screamed as the cat whipped her helpless ass again. Her body slammed against the bar, setting it jerking a little over the carpet. And her mouth sank hard over Stacey's clit, chewing it for all she was worth, scissoring her teeth, her tongue rasping over the hot flesh.

Stacey heaved up on the padded bench, her cunt spasming in Kathleen's mouth. "Yeahhhh, that's it, that's what I want, bitch, now do it like that and you don't get whipped! Do it!"

Kathleen did as she was told, sucking at Stacey's hot cunt, chewing her teeth over it and licking at the demanding woman's cunt. Stacey loved it all. Jerking up and bucking as she came, holding her legs high and wide so that nothing stopped Kathleen from getting her mouth fully on the steaming gash of her pussy.

"Okay, Giles, you can fuck her ass," Stacey said, sliding one black glove over Kathleen's hair.

Hanging on the parallel bars, her tits and ass beaten to a pulp, still screaming defiance at Jim, Estelle jerked and turned as the thin rod beat her with more agony. She hung her head back, coming every time the rod cut her flesh, her mouth wide open as she screamed.

Suddenly she peaked, biting a final, terrifying climax.

"Uuurrrghhhaahh!" she screamed, and collapsed, failing on the pole, her head down and her tits heaving as he tried to get her breath back. The leather bindings were wet with her sweat.

"Sooooo." Jim said softly, holding the rod as his moaning girlfriend hung between the bars. "Got you again, huh?"

"Yes, yes," Estelle said, gasping for breath.

"Are you going to behave now?" Jim asked.

"Yes, yes, I will, I will!" Estelle moaned. "I'll be good, I'll be better than ever, really!"

"Ready for your ass to get off there."

Estelle piped and sobbed, her body slowly jerking on the bars. "Yes, yes."

"Yes, sir," Jim said, the rod sliding over Estelle's ass.

"Yes sir."

"Good, and remember to say thank you."

"Yes, sir." The rod whipped into her ass. Her body jerked and she gave a low scream. "Thank you, sir!"

Jim cut her again as she swung back from the first blow.

Her scream was louder this time. "Thank you, sir!"

"Three," Jim said, and the rod cut Estelle's tits as his hand slowly moved over his cock.

"Aaahhhh! Thank you, sir, thank you!" Estelle sobbed.


"Uuurrrhh! Thank you, sir, thank you!"

"Five." The rod lashed Estelle's ass.

"Aaaaaaghhh! Thank you sir!"


"Aaaauuurrhhh! Thank you, sir, I'll be a good girl!"

"I hope so," Jim said, and pulled her off the bars, dropping her to the floor where she collapsed, moaning with pain. He undid the straps enough to pull the pole out from behind her arms, but that was all.

"Could I borrow your whore for a bit?" Giles asked, standing beside Jim as they looked down on the moaning, sobbing Estelle. "I need my daughter's ass licked a bit so I can get in."

"Sure," Jim said. "Whatever you want. Get up, bitch."

Estelle climbed to her feet, her breath ragged and her eyes glazed. "What do I have to go, sir?"

"Lick out that cunt's ass and get it ready for me to fuck," Giles said.

Estelle sobbed and tried to walk over in her tight leather bonds.

Jim grabbed her leash and hustled her over. She stood behind Kathleen's whipped ass and knelt down, her bound arms twitching. Guts took hold of her hair and pushed her head right between Kathleen's asscheeks.

Kathleen screamed as she felt a mouth moving down into her asscrack. She struggled, her mouth still on Stacey's pussy as the sultry blonde came, jerking up on the bench and demanding more. Estelle's mouth worked deep between her stretched asscheeks and the little slave was moaning as she licked, the tip of her tongue sliding over the very entrance to Kathleen's tight little shithole.

Kathleen shuddered with horror and jerked her head away from Stacey's cunt. "Nooo, no, not that, nooooo!"

Instantly, Estelle's head was pulled away and the totally submissive girl was thrown to the floor by Giles, who then turned and picked up the cat.

"Nooo, all right, Daddy, please, pleaaaassse!" Kathleen screamed as the cat lashed her ass.

Stacey gripped her hair and stared into the helpless girl's terrified eyes.

"Beg!" she shouted, her hot cunt throbbing just below Kathleen's wet, suffering mouth.

The cat lashed Kathleen's ass. She jerked and screamed, trying to beg for her ass to be licked out. It was too horrible to think about, and she screamed again as the cat whipped into her ass.

"Beg, you stupid bitch," Stacey said. "Make it fast, I'm getting really horny."

"Aaauughhhh!" Kathleen screamed as her ass erupted in agony at the blow of the cat. "Please, please do it!"

"Do what, you stupid bitch?" Stacey yelled as the cat whipped into Kathleen's tight ass.

"Lick my assssss!" Kathleen wailed, her whole body burning with pain.

"Say it all," Stacey said, running one hand down to rub her hot pussy.

"Please, please, aaauughhh! Please, lick my ass!" Kathleen groaned, her whole body jerking against the apparatus. Her ass throbbed and burned, yet that tightly knotted passion was there too, rushing out of her whipped flesh and blending with the pain.

"Better," Stacey said, and pushed Kathleen's head back down on her throbbing pussy.

Kathleen gave in for about the tenth time that night. She sucked Stacey's clit into her mouth and chewed at it, running her tongue over the blonde's hot flesh and pulling at the hard bud as she bit it. Stacey climaxed at once, yelling with lust and forcing her cunt harder at Kathleen's mouth.

"Suck it bitch!"

Kathleen sobbed as she sucked and bit at her stepmother's cunt. She jerked a little again as she felt Estelle's mouth being pushed into her asscrack again, but she had learned her lesson. She moaned and tried to forget the horrible things that were being done to her.

Estelle knelt between Kathleen's spread, bound legs as Giles pushed her head into the crack of his daughter's ass. Estelle knew exactly what to do. Her tongue licked out over Kathleen's shitter entrance and flicked back, digging in a little and pushing into the tight brown hole.

Kathleen shivered as she sucked at Stacey's cunt. Her ass spasmed under the assault and she tried to tighten her muscles to keep Estelle's tongue out, but she couldn't do it. With Giles' hand on the back of her head, Estelle licked deeper, pushing her tongue right into Kathleen's shithole.

"Get it real wet, bitch," Giles said. "If my cock can't get in, you'll do it again and take it on the ass as well!"

Estelle moaned and thrust her head into Kathleen's asscrack. With frantic, powerful pushes of her tongue, she rammed into Kathleen's ass, licking inside the tight brown hole.

Kathleen jerked and screamed into Stacey's cunt, but she didn't dare complain. She felt Estelle's tongue flicking into her ass and wanted to die. But instead, a sudden burst of passion shot out of the contact as Estelle's tongue went really deep, licking over her shitter walls and getting them wet enough for Giles to get his cock in. Kathleen gasped and screamed, her head slamming harder into Stacey's cunt.

"Yeah, come on, baby, do it!" Stacey yelled, pushing her cunt up at Kathleen. "Ooohhhh, that's good, that's better!"

Kathleen moaned and screamed, thrusting her ass back at Estelle's mouth, her ass throbbing with sudden, unexpected passion. Her shitter walls throbbed and spumed around Estelle's tongue, her lust surging out and burning through the pain of her whipped ass and up through her guts.

"Come on, bitch, came on! Fuck, she's coming! Lick her ass, lick her ass!"

Kathleen sobbed as she realized she was going to come. The passion built in her guts. She gave a low scream, her teeth chewing at Stacey's clit as the blonde threw her head back and screamed, climaxing in endless surges of lust.

Suddenly Kathleen knew Rick was near. His mouth was close to her ear, and he brushed her with his lips, sending her spasming into terrible, painful contortions. She knew what he was going to say.

"Don't come!" he whispered. "I forbid you to come!"

Kathleen screamed, her teeth gripping Stacey's clit harder as the horrible woman gasped and screeched in ecstasy. The agony in Kathleen's guts grew as she fought to push the orgasm down. Estelle's skillful mouth sucked her ass in so that she could probe her tongue even deeper into her shithole. The tip of it worked over her shitter walls.

"Don't do it," Rick said, and with a scream of pain, Kathleen obeyed her muter, forcing the lust down, the pain surging over her and making her weak as she sucked Stacey's spasming clit between her teeth. "Good girl. If it goes on like this, there'll be some real treats for you."

He went away, and Kathleen moaned into Stacey's cunt as the hot blonde held her there, making Kathleen suck her cunt until she was fully satisfied.

Giles laughed and pulled Estelle's mouth away from his daughter's ass. "You fucker, Rick, you're really putting her through it."

Rick just laughed and sat down, his eyes never leaving Kathleen's tight figure in the bands.

Giles pushed his cock at the tight entrance to his daughter's ass. Kathleen shivered and moaned, realizing that her final virginity was about to be raped. She stiffened, but her father's cock pushed and she couldn't stop it. The tip penetrated her ass, spreading her tight ring of muscles and making her gasp and moan at the sudden pain. She sucked harder at Stacey's clit, tightening her teeth as the blonde held her head and yelled with lust.

"Yeahhhhh!" Stacey yelled, jerking her cunt at Kathleen's mouth. "Fuck her ass, Giles fuck her assss!"

Giles roared as he slammed his cock at Kathleen's ass. He thrust and his enormous cockhead fucked right into her shithole, stretching her ass hole walls to the limit.

Kathleen screamed and sobbed, but he pushed again and mother four inches of his throbbing prick fucked into her tight ass. Her shiner walls almost exploded with pain, and she screamed as she was reamed out by the enormous cock. Giles pulled his cock back out a little, his cockhead just working over the tight ring of muscles that protected her shitter. Then he slammed home, fucking his cock to the hilt in Kathleen's asshole, his prick sliding in easily on the saliva left by Estelle's tongue.

Kathleen's scream rang out of Stacey's cunt as her dark hair flicked over the blonde's thighs and her ass erupted with terrible agony. She felt as if the enormous pole of her father's cock buried so deep in her guts it would thrust up into her throat at any moment. She moaned as he pulled back and fucked in again.

"Fuck her good, Giles! Fuck the slit out of the stuck-up little cunt!" Stacey gasped as she slid her black-gloved hands over her thighs, keeping her leg spread as she let the helpless girl suck her pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck her ass off," Giles said. "And she'll beg for more if she wants to go to college."

As Kathleen tried her best to satisfy the demands of her terrible father and stepmother, Jim hauled Estelle back to her feet.

"Not bad, not bad," he said.

"Thank you, sir!" she moaned, her eyes lowered.

"Reward time. What would you like?"

"Please, could I have my tits and ass freed, sir?" she asked her crimson flesh throbbing in the tight leather.

"One of them, the other will cost you six strokes if you want it now."

"My tits, sir!" she gasped. "What can I do to get my ass freed? It hurts so much."

"Hmmmmm," he said as he began to take the tight straps off Estelle's tits. "I suppose a good blow-job might do it. All this got me as horny as hell."

"Yes, sir, yes, I'll do it!" Estelle gasped in her eagerness to please. She moaned as the straps came off her tits, letting them bounce free. Her hands were still tied behind her back, so she couldn't rub them, but the relief was evident. Her tits were white, with red lines where the leather had bitten into her flesh.

She was still bound around her shoulders and down to her waist as she sank to her knees once more, her mouth reaching for his cock. Jim sat in a chair and made her crawl over to him, then he shoved his cock into her mouth as she knelt there, moaning and sucking.

Bent double, her father's cock slamming in and out of her ass and her mouth sucking at her stepmother's cunt, Kathleen felt herself slipping into a pit of swirling lust. Her ass muscles spasmed around the enormous prick buried there and her teeth gripped Stacey's clit harder, chewing at the hard bud as Stacey continued to spasm in endless climaxes. Kathleen could feel her father's cock swelling and jerking as the cum boiled in his balls, ready to shoot out.

"Yaaahhhh!" Giles yelled, his cock fucking in and out of Kathleen's shitter faster and harder as his lust grew. "I'm gonna shoot again, yeaahhhh, I am!"

"Go on, baby, fill her shithole!" Stacey screamed as she hit another shattering climax, her pussy throbbing over Kathleen's mouth. She grabbed Kathleen's hair and pulled her face away from her cunt for a moment. "Bring me right off, or else, you cunt! Do it!"

Kathleen wailed in horror as her face was slammed back down onto Stacey's cunt. She sucked and bit as Giles' cock began to swell with a load of cum. She felt as if she was bursting as her shitter walls quivered and the old passion started to burst out of her guts. She screamed and shivered, her body writhing as her deep, depraved lust slowly burned, growing all the time.

"Aaahhh, yeaaahhhh!" Giles roared, and his cum shot deep into Kathleen's ass. The hot stream pulsed out, mashing into her shitter walls as his cock fucked higher. She spasmed, her ass tightening around his prick and her mouth sucking harder at Stacey's clit. The horrible lust erupted through her, making her gasp and moan, her whole body jerking on the apparatus.

And then Rick was back as another hot stream of cum burst into her ass.

"Don't come, don't fuck up now," he said. "Don't come!"

"Aaaghghhh!" Kathleen screamed as the terrific lust surged over her body. She fought it with all her might, struggling to keep the endless lust at bay as her father's cock shot more hot wads of jism into her ass. In the terrible right, her teeth clamped down on Stacey's clit and chewed it as if it was a piece of steak.

"Yaaahhhhh!" Stacey screamed, and climaxed in a sudden series of terrible jerks. She pushed Kathleen's head off her cunt with one hand and fell back, gasping with satisfaction and rubbing her pussy, her gloves smeared with her own blood.

Kathleen screamed too, for she hadn't realized that her teeth were buried deep in the blonde's cunt, chewing with a fury that had sent Stacey into the final peak of ecstasy. There was blood in her mouth as she gasped and finally got a grip on the surging lust that threatened to overtake her. Even though Giles' cock was still fucking away in her ass as his final gobs of cum poured into her shit-pit, she had control. She forced her passion back down and looked up to see Rick looking at her.

"Did I do well, sir?"

He nodded. "But the hardest test is coming."

Chapter SEVEN

"Get the chair out," Rick said, grinning down at the sobbing girl.

Giles laughed and nodded to Stacey. "Come on, this'll be worth seeing."

"Yeah," Stacey said reflectively. "The bitch chewed my cunt to pieces. Fuck, that was good."

She swung off the bench and pulled her bodice straight before following Giles out the door.

Rick untied Kathleen's bonds and the weeping girl dropped to the carpet, rubbing her ass, her wrists and ankles, anywhere she could touch as she tried to ease the throbbing pain running all over her body. Rick stood and let her do what she wanted, but she found that a strange thing happened, particularly when she rubbed her ass. The pain rolled out, but so did the passion. She lay on the floor, rubbing her sore flesh and beginning to moan with the rising arousal.

Rick looked down at her.

"Don't do it," he said, and Kathleen gave a gasp as she realized that she was close to coming.

There were more distractions, for Estelle was sucking Jim to climax very fast, her skillful mouth sinking deep onto his cock, caressing his flesh until he was moaning with arousal. Kathleen lay there, seeing for the first time the way Estelle sank her mouth down Jim's throbbing prick, taking it into her throat, her neck bulging and her muscles spasming around his massive cockhead.

"Yeahhh, bitch," he said. "Do it like that and I'll let your ass free."

Estelle moaned and rammed her throat over his cockhead, sucking in a frenzy of lust. Her ass tightened in convulsing jerks, rubbing the dildo over her shitter walls, rubbing it against the vibrator in her cunt. Her thighs trembled as she doubled her efforts to bring her master off. Her head bobbed up and down, ramming his cock as her moans of passion rang out around the room.

"Yeaaahhhh!" Jim bellowed as the jism burst out of his balls and surged up his long cockshaft. "Take it baby, take it!"

He jerked in the chair as his cock shot hot streams of cum into Estelle's open throat. He pumped his prick at her mouth, his cock throbbing and jerking as the cum rushed out of it.

Estelle held her mouth over his cock, swallowing his jism, her throat constricting around his cockhead as the hot wet spunk poured out. Jim roared with lust as the skillful little Estelle sucked the hot juices out of his cock, taking it all in, her soft lips running up and down his prickshaft.

As Jim bucked, his prick still shooting white goo into Estelle's mouth, she gave a low moan of passion and her ass twitched and tightened as she drove the dildo over her spanning asshole walls, rubbing it against the churning vibrator in her pussy, driving herself into a low, shuddering climax.

"Yuuuuuuhhhh!" Jim sighed with satisfaction as his cock gave out. "You earned it this time baby, you earned it!"

"Mmmnnnfff!" Estelle moaned, falling slowly down to the carpet. Her mouth gently sucked up his prick, holding his cockhead as she cleaned all the dribbling spunk off of it. The shuddering orgasms beat through her and her ass gave the last of its convulsive jerks. With a final bubbling moan, she let go of his cock and fell to the carpet, gasping and moaning as she waited for him to untie her ass.

Kathleen wasn't going to get to see that, for Giles and Stacey were bringing the chair in. Stacey had put her panties back on, but there was still a hint of blood at the crotch where Kathleen's teeth and chewed her pussy so hard. Kathleen looked at it, unable to feel anything but satisfaction. She had given the bitch something to think about.

But it was the chair that really got Kathleen's horrified attention. It was a plain, low-backed chair with a padded seat. Except that, at the very front of it, the seat was pointed outward and, tight in the middle, an enormous dildo was sticking up, bobbing on a powerful spring. The back of the chair, the seat and the legs had straps attached.

Giles put the chair in the middle of the floor, and Rick picked up the thin rod.

"Get up," he said to Kathleen.

She struggled to her feet, her tits heaving as she looked at the terrible chair. Her whole body throbbed with the terrible mixture of pain and passion that held her in its grasp.

Rick leaned in close, his very presence making Kathleen tremble with fear and raging desire. "Not many girls pass this test. Not when they get to your stage."

Kathleen shivered and moaned, her legs shaking.

"But, if you do, then there's a great future for you, baby, a really great future. Do you want to pass it?"

"Yes, yes, master!" Kathleen gasped, and broke into tears. She put her hands over her face.

"You have to take everything until I shoot," he said. "Everything, and not come. Got that?"

"Yes, master!"

"Then go sit on the chair, facing the beck and get that dildo up your sweet little cunt."

Kathleen gave a strangled scream as she walked forward to obey him. The closer she got, the bigger the horrible dildo looked. It jerked up from the seat, as massive as any of the cocks in the room, ready to ram up her cunt.

The other people in the room didn't help. Her father sat in a chair as Stacey slid her hand up and down his cock. Her eyes were bright as she watched Kathleen. Jim still sat in his seat, his eyes on Kathleen while Estelle crouched at his feet, rubbing her ass, which he had finally freed from the bonds. But the dildo and vibrator still churned away in her cunt and shithole, and her whole body moved slowly to the demands of the imitation cocks.

Kathleen reached the chair and straddled the seat, her hands gripping the back. She eased her cunt down, reaching for the dildo, pushing the enormous round head at her pussy. She felt it rub over her clit, and shuddered as trembles of lust immediately rushed over her. She bit her lip, trying to ignore the demands of her body. She pushed the dildo to the tight entrance of her cunt and fucked it in, shoving her cunt over the cockhead until it was an inch into her.

She did her best, but the passion was there at once, throbbing out of her cunt the moment the dildo pushed into her body. She groaned, fucking her cunt down on the enormous rod, taking it deeper into her pussy as her cunt walls spasmed, throbbing with excitement.

"Look at the bitch," Stacey said, laughing. "She's so hot, she don't stand a chance. Come on, you little cunt, fuck it up!"

Kathleen groaned and gritted her teeth, her body throbbing with the desire to come. But her master was standing behind her with the thin rod in his hands. She moaned, fucking the dildo farther into her spasming cunt. The enormous length tucked halfway in, filling her fuckhole and making her gasp and moan as her pussy throbbed around the enormous hardness. She pumped up and down, but the thrill of the cockhead was almost more than she could stand. She gasped, bit her lip and stared at Rick.

"No," he said softly. "Don't do it."

Kathleen sobbed and fucked the dildo higher into her cunt, trying not to go wild and fuck herself to a climax with it. It sank into her hot, wet depths, and she gasped with the horrible pleasure that surged over her.

She tried to hold still on the dildo as Rick came up and tied her hands to the back of the chair. She moaned and kept her eyes down as he knelt and pulled her ankles to the back legs, lashing them both to the bottoms of the legs and trapping her completely on the chair. She gasped, the lust surging over her as Rick stood up and stared at her.

"Now we whip your ass a little," he said. "And you don't come, got that."

Kathleen moaned, her pussy throbbing on the dildo and her body jerking up a little and sinking. She was close to coming, but she hoped that the pain would stop that and bring her back down.

That was until the rod whipped into her ass. As she screamed and bucked up and down on the chair, the dildo sliding out of her cunt and then slamming to the hilt into her hot body once more, she knew that she was helpless in Rick's hands. He could do what he wanted with her. The rush of her climax surged up, right to the point of breaking in a searing orgasm.

"Don't do it!"

His words snapped over her and she screamed, falling back down on the dildo and letting it fill her hot pussy again as she gasped and rocked back from the very brink of her climax.

The rod whipped her hard and she jerked, her pussy throbbing around the dildo as it slammed up and down in her cunt. The waves of passion surged up, running over her until she was gasping on the brink again.

"No," Rick said.

"Aaaaaggghhhh!" Kathleen screamed, falling onto the dildo, her body bathed in sweat and her tits heaving over the back of the chair. The passion was rising, surging, turning to agony and falling away as he spoke. She moaned, breathing heavily as she gripped the chair back, her hands pulling against the bonds.

The rod lashed her ass.

"Aaaghhhh! Please, sir, please!" she screamed, her whole body on fire.

"No, you can't come! It is forbidden until hay so!"

"Uurrghhh! Yes, master, yesssss!" Kathleen gasped, tossing on the chair.

"One more," he said. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, master, yes!" Kathleen moaned, her ass jerking back for the blow, ramming the dildo harder into her cunt and scraping it over her pussy walls.

The blow sent her wailing with such a mixture of lust and pain that she was sure she would pass out. But she held on, her breath ragged and her ass pulsating over the end of the chair seat. Rick strolled around and stood in front of her, his cock sticking out.

"Suck it."

Kathleen moaned and sank her lips over his cock, sucking at his prick with a fury of desire. She pushed his cockhead to the back of her mouth and tried to take it into her throat at once. She gagged for a moment, but a thrust of her pussy on the dildo opened her throat. Gurgling and gasping with lust, she took the massive prick into her throat, feeling her muscles pulse around it.

"Take it all," Rick said, thrusting his prick at her mouth.

Kathleen gasped and tried to take all of his prick. It was difficult because of the angle she was at, but his cock somehow managed to force its way into her throat. Her moans came out as he held her head and let her take the whole of his prick in her soft mouth.

With a moan of passion, Kathleen slammed her throat down. His prickhead bulged her neck, his cockshaft filled her mouth and the pump of her cunt over the dildo made her throat spasm and suck at the massive hunk of prick. Her bound hands twitched in the bonds, her tits pressed into the chair and she moaned with the horrible, surging passion that she couldn't let free.

"Good," he said, stroking her hair and fucking his cock an inch or so in and out of her throat. "Suck it good, baby, but don't worry, I won't come yet. Hey, Stacey, you wanna see if you can make this bitch come and fuck up?"

Stacey moved away from Giles, coming over and taking the rod from Rick. She leaned close to Kathleen.

"I'm gonna make you come and really fuck up big, whore!" she snarled. "Fuck up real big!"

Kathleen moaned as she sucked at Rick's cock and braced herself for another whipping. But that wasn't what happened.

Stacey's soft mouth ran over her ass and her gloved fingers played with Kathleen's pussylips. The soft caress nearly sent Kathleen out of her mind, and her throat spasmed over Rick's cockhead before she managed to control herself again.

"Now come on, bitch, show me how you come," Stacey said as she licked her tongue deep into Kathleen's asscrack.

"Uuurrrhhhh!" Kathleen moaned, her eyes closed, her mouth sucking at Rick's cock and her body throbbing with desperate excitement. Stacey's mouth closed in on her ass, licking and sucking, her wicked tongue flicking over Kathleen's crinkled asshole. "Aaahhhhh!"

Kathleen sobbed into Rick's prick as she worked her head up and down his prick, taking his cockhead right into her throat with ease, her whole body on fire with lust. Stacey's mouth closed on her asshole, her tongue flicking into the tight little hole while her fingers worked Kathleen's pussylips against the dildo.

Kathleen was sure she was going to came. She couldn't stop herself. Her body throbbed and twitched, the passion surging up and out of her guts as she hung on the edge of the most massive come of her life.

"Come on, bitch," Stacey said, licking at Kathleen's ass, her black, gloved fingers playing with the bound girl's pussy.

Kathleen gurgled and moaned, her ass throbbing and her entire being fighting to keep from coming.

"Aaahhhhh!" Rick yelled. "Fuck, the bitch is bringing me off!" He gripped Kathleen's hair and slammed his cock even harder at her mouth. "Jeeesuuus!"

His cockhead rasped over Kathleen's throat walls as he fucked his cock deep between her lips, thrusting at her face as the cum built up in his balls.

Kathleen was losing her mind. With Rick coming, she felt as if there was no way she could hold out against her surging tide of lust. Stacey's tongue flicked over her ass and then dug into it, pushing right into Kathleen's slitter entrance. Kathleen screamed into Rick's cock as she felt it throb and grow in her mouth.

"Come on, bitch," Stacey said, licking over the tight, twitching hole of Kathleen's ass.

"Uuurrhhhh, fuuuuuck!" Rick yelled. "I'm coming, bitch, I'm coming!"

It was then that Kathleen realized how much Rick wanted her. An enormous feeling of power ran through her. She could stop her orgasm until he gave her the release because she wanted him even more than he wanted her. It was a terrible, horrible discovery, but it gave her an absolutely clear sight of what she had to do.

She moaned and sank her mouth around his cock, sucking at it to the pulse and throb of his orgasm. Her throat spasmed as the first jets of his hot jism gushed into her throat. She sucked his spunk, bobbing her head on his prick, her mouth driving him wild.

"Aaaaahh, yeahhhh, oooohhhh fuuuuck!" Rick moaned, his cock fucking in and out of her throat. "Fuck your throat, your fucking throat!"

"You bitch!" Stacey screamed, pulling her mouth away from Kathleen's ass. In a fury, she picked the rod back up and lashed Kathleen across her ass with it. "Come, you bitch, you whore-faced cunt, come!"

Kathleen jerked as the rod lashed her ass. For a moment, the most terrible lust surged over her, but she controlled it and slid her mouth even closer to the base of Rick's cock.

"Bitch, bitch!" Stacey screamed, whipping Kathleen for all she was worth, her gloved hand blurring with the effort she made.

But Kathleen rode out the lashing, her ass jerking back for the rod and her pussy spasming around the dildo. Her orgasm held back, even with the mass of new agony beaten into her with each lash of the terrible rod. Her dark hair flicked around her face and she sucked at Rick's cock, taking his spunk into her throat, demanding the very last drop of his cock jizz.

Rick yelled as he came, shooting the last of his cum into Kathleen's willing mouth. He held her there, his cock still pouring and his balls jerking against her chin.

"Incredible!" he moaned. His throbbing prick oozed the last drops of cum as Stacey gave up, throwing the rod away in disgust. "Shit, I was going to keep you there for hours, but you brought me off, you bitch!"

Kathleen gurgled as she eased her mouth back up the length of Rick's cock, licking and sucking at it the whole way. She grinned up at him.

"Yes, master!" she gasped. "I brought you off! Try it again, I still won't come! Try it!"

Chapter EIGHT

"Okay, you little bitch," Rick said, his cock suddenly jerking in anticipation, "let's see if you can take it again."

Kathleen moaned, fucking her cunt up and down on the dildo, her whipped ass burning with the most depraved desire. "Yeahhh, go on, whip me, hurt me, I can take it! I'll show you I can! And I won't come! I won't come!"

She moaned as the dildo rubbed over her pussy walls and sent her spasming, her hands gripping the chair back.

Rick picked up the tad and slid it in front of Kathleen's eyes.

"Kiss it," he said. "Show me what a whore you are."

"Mmmmm!" Kathleen moaned, sliding her tongue over the hard rubber, kissing the rod with her wanton lips. "Come on, I wanna be your slave! Show me you're good enough!"

She stared up at Rick as his cock stiffened, the blood rushing back into the shaft.

"I'll show you," he said. "I'll make you crawl like Estelle had to crawl."

"Ooohh yeaahhh!" Kathleen gasped, her pussy throbbing around the hard dildo. "But I don't crawl for just anybody, only my master!"

He gave a growl of lust and walked behind her, the rod trembling in his hand.

Kathleen moaned, her ass jerking back and her pussy throbbing around the dildo. But she knew she could take it all and make him want her as much as she wanted him.

The rod cut into her ass and she shivered, her pussy throbbing over the long thick dildo. Another blow landed, her ass jerked and she gave a low scream, her tits pressing into the back of the chair.

"Hey, Jim, you wanna fuck her ass?" Rick asked, lashing the moaning Kathleen again.

"You bet," Jim said, getting up. "And why don't you get yourself a good one with her, she's ready?"

Kathleen gave a low sob as Rick whipped her ass in a sudden burst of fury, lashing her with fast, hard strokes and driving her into a frenzy of pain and lust. Finally he stopped and tossed the rod to the floor, grinning as Estelle crawled up to him. He took hold of her hair and made her crawl around until they were both facing Kathleen as she clung to the chair, her ass rolling from the pain of the whipping.

Rick pulled Estelle up and pushed her mouth over his cock. She moaned, her ass jerking as the vibrator churned its way over her pussy walls. He looked at Kathleen and the bound girl began to sob, her eyes on his cock as it slid in and out of Estelle's willing mouth.

"You want it all?" he asked.

"Yes, yes!" Kathleen groaned. "I want your cock! I want it!"

"Then earn it," he said, and slid his bone hard prick right into Estelle's soft throat.

Kathleen knew he was trying to break her. He didn't want to admit that he really wanted her. She moaned, but just then the chair tilted forward a little and her ass was shoved up, ready for Jim's cock.

She shuddered as he clipped the ends of a piece of rope to the bonds that held her hands and slipped the main length around his shoulders. Now he could control the angle of the chair by leaning back or letting it go. He could also let her fall flat on her face and there would be nothing she could do about it.

She felt the hard tip of his cock push into her asscrack, probing for her tight shitter. He pushed and his cockhead reached the ring of muscles that guarded her shitter, and Kathleen gave a gasp as he pushed and the ring opened a little. His cockhead fucked into her ass. Jim gripped the webbing and heaved.

"Uuurrhhh!" Kathleen moaned as his thick prick slid into her guts.

She thought she was going to burst as the massive cock fucked into her ass, rasping over her asshole walls and sending sparks of passion and pain through her body. She sobbed, the chair rocking with the effort Jim put into fucking her ass. Her pussy throbbed around the dildo, her tits pressing into the back of the chair.

He heaved again and his cock fucked in to the hilt. The twin pressures of the dildo and his cock sent her screaming against the chair back, her body throbbing with pain and lust.

"Mmmmnnn," Estelle gurgled as she ran her mouth down Rick's prick. She caressed his balls, driving him crazy. Her throat spasmed around his prick as she ran her tongue over the swollen flesh, caressing it and working his cock for all she was worth.

Kathleen clung to the back of the chair and gurgled as Jim began fucking her ass with long, regular strokes, his cock puffing almost out of her shit-pit before ramming back in again. Each time his long, thick prick fucked into her ass, she screamed, lurching against the chair.

Estelle slid her soft lips down the length of Rick's prick, caressing his cockshaft.

"Ooooh, shit, this one can sure suck, Jim," Rick said, grinning at his friend as they abused the two women.

"Yeahhh, and this ass, baby, this ass is something else!" Jim laughed as he leaned back and fucked his cock into Kathleen's tight little shitter.

Kathleen screamed as her ass was filled with prick. She moaned, her eyes on Estelle, her mind spinning. She rolled her head forward onto the back of the chair and gasped as her ass and pussy were reamed out.

Jim yelled with rising lust, using Kathleen's ass harder as he fucked his prick in, lifting the front legs of the chair almost off the ground with the speed and force of his fucking. He leaned back, his cock jerking and his ass tightening as the cum boiled out of his balls.

"Yaaahhh!" he roared, giving a massive thrust and jerking the chair right off the floor.

Kathleen screamed as she was lifted along with the chair and hung on Jim's cock, her ass spasming around his prick as the jizz shot high into her shit-pit.

"Yeahhhh, bitch!" Jim groaned, and leaned even harder back on the straps. "You want Rick, whore, you gotta suck cock like my Estelle can!"

Jim roared as he jerked Kathleen around on the chair, his prick shooting hot streams of jism high into Kathleen's tight ass.

"I can do better!" Kathleen screamed. "I can suck anything she can suck, take anything she can take, try me!"

She moaned, her ass squirming around Jim's cock as she tried not to come. Her gasps of passion slowed as she gained control again.

"We'll see," Jim said, his cock shooting more massive wads of cum into Kathleen's shit-pit, the streams of spunk pouring out as he jerked her around. He yelled as he peaked, and the chair jerked another foot into the air before his prick gave out and he slowly lowered the gasping Kathleen back to the floor. He held her there, panting with satisfaction as he watched Rick face-fucking Estelle.

Kathleen moaned and tried to pull back, but Jim was keeping the chair tilted forward as long as he had his cock in her ass. He finally pulled his prick out as it began to soften, and Kathleen felt the cum running in her asscrack and down over the base of the dildo. She lay there, staring at Jim as Estelle's skillful mouth began to draw the cum out of his cock.

"Yeahhhhh!" Rick gasped, his ass jerking and his prick vanishing right into Estelle's throat. "That's it, baby, I'm coming, fuuuck, you can suck, you know that? You can suuuck."

He leaned back, his hips jerking and his cock thrusting at Estelle's mouth as his cock shot a stream of spunk into her open mouth.

Estelle moaned, her ass tightening on the dildo in her shit-pit as the vibrator churned in her cunt and set off another shuddering orgasm. She gurgled with lust, easing her mouth back up the length of his cockshaft, her hands working his prick and balls and her soft lips hovering just over his cockhead.

Rick roared as jets of cum jerked out of his cock and splashed over Estelle's mouth. His cock throbbed and jerked, white jizz flying out of his cockslit as Estelle sucked him dry.

Estelle sucked his cock, her hands blurring on his prick as the jets of spunk gushed out and all over her mouth. She licked them up, sucking the gobs of jizz in, making sure Kathleen could see it all as she lapped up Rick's fuckjuice. Her moans crested as she jerked her ass to the beat of her orgasm, coming in low, satisfying waves of passion, her mouth around Rick's prick, sucking it clean of all the cum that poured out of it.

"Not bad," Rick said with great satisfaction. He held his cock in Estelle's mouth and looked at Kathleen as she clung to the back of the chair. "Jealous?"

Kathleen didn't answer.

He grinned and came up to her, leaning close. "Jealous?"

Kathleen sobbed, but kept her mouth shut.

Her pussy throbbed around the dildo as she fucked up and down a little on it. The passions in her body were fighting to get out, but she knew she could keep them down for a while.

"Tell me the truth and I'll let you do something about it," Rick said. "Are you jealous?"

Kathleen moaned and turned to him. "Yes! You're mine! I'm everything you want, you're mine!"

"Would you like a chance to prove it?"

"What the fuck do you think I've been doing?" Kathleen asked. "I don't come, I do what you say! Come on, fucker, put up or shut up and I'll find myself another master, one that delivers."

"Well, well," Rick said. He stood up and turned to Jim and Giles. "I think it's time the girls freshened up, don't you?"

Giles laughed. "I reckon. Anyway, you're gonna need a rest before you satisfy that one."

Kathleen didn't know what was going on, but she was untied, and she managed to stand up. She rubbed her wrists as she watched the last of Estelle's bonds being taken off.

"No orgasms until you come back," Rick said.

Kathleen turned on him and looked right into his eyes. "It'd better be worth it!"

He grinned. "It will be, and you'll crawl to me, baby, and love every moment of it."

At that moment, Kathleen knew what he said was true, but she wasn't going to admit it to him easily. She moved up to him, sliding her hand over his cock.

"Don't fuck it up," she said, and giggled nastily.

"Come on," Stacey said. "We've got work to do."

She took Kathleen and Estelle to a large, luxurious bathroom. "Now shower, and take your time."

Now that she knew Kathleen wasn't after Giles, Stacey seemed much more friendly. She made sure that both Kathleen and Estelle showered until their aching bodies were feeling utterly relaxed. They washed their hair, then went into the main bedroom to set it.

Kathleen set her hair in the soft ringlets that set her face off so well. She made her face up, accentuating the lovely lines of her cheekbones and the sensuous curves of her lips. Then Stacey opened a closet full of lacy lingerie.

"Take whatever you like," she said. "But make it good for Rick."

The men were watching the television with drinks in their hands as the three women came back into the room.

Stacey was still in her leather outfit, the gloves shiny to her elbows, her tight pussy-hugging panties stretched as tight as they would go. Estelle wore a little white camisole that barely held her tits in and wide tap pants, the whole outfit set off by the high-heeled little slippers she wore.

But it was Kathleen who had really changed. In place of the uptight little girl who had come to visit her father, there was now a tall, strutting bitch who knew exactly what she wanted. She spread her legs in front of Rick and played with the hem of the little frilly black slip she wore.

"Would you like to see the rest?" She stared at him and saw that his cock was getting harder by the second as he took in her perfect figure. The lust that had stayed dormant in her the whole time she had been getting ready now burst out, rushing over her and making her gasp.

"Yeaaaaahhh!" Rick whispered as he ran his eyes over the wonderful sight of Kathleen's body.

Kathleen slid the hem of the slip up over her stocking tops. Rick couldn't take his eyes off Kathleen's creamy white thighs as she slid the hem of the slip up, showing her flesh until the red of her whipped upper thighs and pussy came into view. She played with her flesh, stroking it and groaning with obvious lust. Then she eased the hem higher, letting him see the black material of her panties. Her fingers played with her pussy through the soft silk, but she kept her eyes on Rick.

"Okay, bitch, now come," he said.

"Make me," Kathleen said, pushing her cunt at his face.

He slid his hand up her thigh, his fingers reaching for her pussy, playing with the soft flesh through her damp panties. "Come, bitch!"

"Make me!" Kathleen gasped, her tits heaving in the lacy top of the slip.

Rick reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out the tit clips. "Come, bitch!"

Kathleen gasped and reached up for the top of her slip. She eased the little lacy top down, uncovering her tits. Brazenly, she leaned forward and thrust her luscious tits at him. "Make me!"

As Rick held the clip around Kathleen's nipple and the two of them stared at each other, Jim pulled Stacey over a table and pulled her panties down, then fucked his hard cock into her soft pussy. Giles did the same to Estelle, pushing the willing girl down and ramming his cock into her pussy.

Slowly Rick let the jaws of the clip go. Kathleen gasped and moaned, her nipple being crushed in the terrible grip. She ran her hands up and held her tits, pushing them out at him as her legs shook and she moaned with rising passion.

"The other one," she said. "Make it worth it, or I get another master."

Rick's cock stuck out of the front of his robe as he took the other clip and worked it over Kathleen's second nipple. She gasped, her body shaking as she tried to keep from coming.

The clip slammed shut and Kathleen screamed, jerking upright for a second as the agony gushed out of her nipple. Then she recovered, leaning down again, the clips hanging from her tits. She slid her hands up and twisted the clips on her nipples, moaning with rising lust. Shamelessly, her legs braced in the six-inch heels, she twisted the screws of the clips, tightening the jaws into the flesh of her tits.

"Make me!" she snarled.

Rick got up and picked up a rod, tapping it in his free hand.

"Now you're talking!" Kathleen gasped. She went over to the bar and leaned over it, spreading her legs and giving him a perfect view of her luscious ass and incredible legs. "Make me!"

Rick's cock throbbed as he came up to the dark-haired beauty and lined the rod up on her ass. The view of her tight panties over the delicious curves of her ass was almost more than he could take. He whipped the rod across her ass.

"Yeaaahhhh!" Kathleen moaned, her ass jerking as the passion surged through her. She heaved against the bar and her hands went down to her pussy rubbing it through the thin material of her panties. "Make me!"

At the next cue of the rod, she climaxed, the lust roaring out of her body in waves that finally took her over completely. She screamed at the incredible release of passion, her ass jerking and her legs stretching to the limit in her high heels. With her free hand, she twisted the clips on her nipples, adding to her pain and ecstasy.

"Are you going to behave?" Rick asked, whipping Kathleen with the rod.

"Uuuuunggghhh!" Kathleen screamed, tossing on the bar, her ass throbbing with release, her whole body climaxing in endless waves of lust. "Make it worth it! Make me crawl like Estelle did. Fuck me, whip me, hurt meeeee! Aaaghhhh! Make me crawl and I'll give you everything you want!"

As Rick whipped her, they both realized the deal was settled. Soon Kathleen would be crawling across the floor to his magnificent cock, begging to suck it off as endless submissive passion swept over her. She screamed, rubbing her pussy, her hand blurring as she came.


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