S&m mother

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives into his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- bath must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

S&M MOTHER, Marie Higgenbottom and her daughter Cindy find themselves in just a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, they nevertheless find within themselves hidden resources, a strength of character they never realized they had.

They suffer an unspeakably horrible experience, but come through with their sensibilities intact, each knowing that she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, that's way too tight!" Marie Higgenbottom squirmed on the small single bed, her naked ass flattening against the mattress as she felt the quarter-inch rope digging into her wrists.

It felt rather good, deliciously good, as Brad Beddingfield finished looping the line through the small brass ring in the wall six inches above her head.

Gently biting her lower lip, the thirty-nine-year old woman rolled her eyes around and looked at the walls in his playroom. That's what Brad called it when she had first entered. She smiled feeling her body tingle and glow for the first time in such a long while! This was so daring, so unusual. And yet how altogether right it had seemed.

Her eyes dropped down and took in the hard packed cock rubbing up against the webbed cup of his jockstrap. A man. A hard cock. All this, and it was for her! It was like a dream come true.

Marie grimaced as he pulled the rope a bit more tightly.

"Please... my fingers are getting cold." Brad was quiet, his hairy chest rising and falling faster while a sheen of perspiration made his hard-muscled body gleam under the single overhead bare light.

Tentatively Marie tugged at the ropes, feeling the muscles stretch while her knuckles rested against the cold brass rings overhead. Her heart was beating so quickly she thought it would surely tear through her ribs! The knots were holding well as the big man scooted down to her ankles and grabbed her feet. She felt her cunt swelling, tingling with a nearly forgotten heat while tiny hot, electric flashes sparked up and down her ridged thighs. Her pussy was so warm and wet.

Marie sucked in a deep breath, holding it until her head felt light and buzzy as he slowly raised her legs, inching them slowly apart until the woman could feel the warm, sticky crack of her pussyhole peel back and reveal her dark-red pussymeat. She was hot, so hot, and she knew Brad could see that.

His eyes narrowed with excitement. "You like this, don't you, bitch? You want it so Goddamned bad you're creamin' your cunt."

"Oh, don't talk like that!"

But Marie loved everything he was doing to her. And now he rested her left ankle on his shoulder while he pushed her right leg back until her toes were brushing against her bound wrist.

Brad was ready for her. Brad had always been ready for any woman who played the games he did -- or so he'd told her at their first meeting in the coffee shop last Saturday.

He picked up the rope from the wooden end table and slipped it around her ankles, twisting it around and around, finally threading it through the line binding her wrist to the brass ring. He tied the rope tightly, securing it with a double figure-eight before directing his attention to her other leg.

Marie liked that, loved the feeling of being trussed up that way, her ass rolled back while her cunt-crack spread out even farther. Juice trickled maddeningly through her blonde cuntal hairs, greasing down her pussylips while her asshole winked open and shut with fluttering movements. She could feel him roping her other leg to her left wrist, carefully binding it to the ring and making sure her thighs were spread widely apart. Marie felt the weight of her body resting on her shoulders as she lay there helpless, her nipples growing so very stiff and long. Her fingers were becoming a little numb and cold.


Marie's eyes widened like saucers, her heart standing still as she felt something big pushed into her mouth. This wasn't in the plan. He had never said anything about gagging her! And yet he was pushing something awful into her mouth, shoving it in. She raised her head slightly, swallowing hard and making a face. It tasted like rubber. He had pushed a rubber ball into her mouth, and now he was securing it with a small leather strip he'd buckled to her skull.

Marie grunted, shaking her head from left to right while glaring up at him. This was supposed to be a fun bondage trip. It was wicked but nice. Again she grunted through the gag, feeling a little fear rising in her as the foul-tasting spit gurgled down her throat.

"Now I won't have to listen to any screaming -- except what comes through the gag."

Marie stopped moving, falling back while looking at the big man towering over her. Suddenly it was no longer a game. Her pulse raced wildly.

Brad slipped off the bed, sliding his fingers under the tight elastic band of his jockstrap and pushing it down. She saw his prick -- a long, thick donkey-sized cock with a huge purple cockhead. His balls were fat, filled with cum.

Marie felt her muscles relax a bit. She knew that she would scream when she felt that cock pushing into her pussy. It had been so long since someone had fucked her. At least five years had passed since her late husband Doug had passed away. And with the raising of her daughter Cindy, there was so little time to do something with a man. Even a casual date seemed awkward, out of the question, while her daughter was growing up.

Brad tuned, opening the wooden doors of a built-in cabinet at the other side of the small basement room. It was then she saw something that made her blood run cold. There were frightening-looking instruments hanging from pegs. Whips, riding crops, rings, bridles, things that belonged in a dungeon.

Brad paused, his hands on his hips, his fingers clenched into threatening fists as he eyed a riding crop and pulled it from a peg.

Marie shivered, her fingers working against her palms. The ropes were really staffing to hurt now, chafing her flesh while her muscles cramped from that rolled-up position he'd tied her in.

Brad closed one of the cabinet doors, turning and tapping the black leather thongs against his free hand. He was studying her, his eyes gazing at her exposed pussy, her raised legs, her hot little asshole. Brad enjoyed watching the fear rise in her, enjoyed watching the gradual realization dawning on the woman that she was going to be whipped within an inch of her life!

Marie bit down on the ball-gag, feeling the achey pressure in her jaws as he walked toward her, his prick swinging back and forth like a heavy tree limb in the wind. He moved to the fight, still tapping that awful-looking thing rhythmically against one palm.

Suddenly he cocked his arm, the thongs crackling in the air. The leather came down against her shoulder, biting into her flesh.

Marie gagged as the sharp pain seemed to wrench her guts inside out. Her eyes opened wide while hot tears began to well up behind them. The panic showed in her face now as she struggled against the ropes binding her to the bed.

Brad stood back. His cock seemed to vow smother inch.

"That's the best you've looked for a long lime, I'll bet," Brad said sarcastically, running the tip of the cold leather crop over her naked ass.

Marie shivered at the touch, her flesh puckering up around her asshole while her cunt muscles spasmed and cramped. He was teasing her, letting the black leather drape over her ass, the knotted tips of the leather straps barely brushing against her pussy.

Marie bit down on the ball-gag again, her face a mask of terrible concentration while her forehead creased. She writhed once more, feeling the sweaty sheet gathering up against her asscheeks. She tried to move her ass back, but it was so hard to move. And that awful stinging in her shoulders from the last blow seemed to go on forever!

The ropes were starting to cut into her flesh, the rough hemp feeling like tiny knives slicing into her skin. She looked pleadingly at the big man.

A trickle of awful-tasting spit oozed down her throat, gagging her. Coughing and gurgling, Marie twisted her head to one side to prevent herself from drowning in her own saliva.

Brad smiled. "That's it, that's it, baby, move around. I like it when I see 'em move around."

Brad was hilly excited, his nostrils flaring while his fingers tightened around the leather wrapped handle of the riding crop. He brought his arm back once more, the leather strips resembling writhing snakes hissing in the air as Marie tensed and waited for the stinging blow.

It came, taking the breath from her as the crop bit down hard against her thigh.

Marie screamed, while her asshole winked shut. Brad snapped the leather back down a third time, backhanding her this time and crossing the red swelling marks on her thigh with new ones.

Marie let out a shriek, trying to fight back the fiery pain that ran from her ribs to her belly. How she wanted to spit at him, tear his eyes out for the pain he was causing her.

Grunting, Brad brought the crop down over her asscheeks.

Marie choked down a stifled scream. He had drawn blood. The bastard!

"Got an idea now, baby? Understand just what's goin' on? You're not going to get just a little of this," he said. "You fuckin housewives think you can play at this. You shop your brains dry, then go out and play games with guys like me. That ain't the rules here."

Marie lay there feeling as if she were on an execution block. She pound her teeth against the ball-gag, screwing her face into a mask of pain as he shoved the tip of the crop into her asshole. He twisted the awful thing around and around like a screwdriver, making her bowel lining kink as she let out a gasping breath around the ball.

Yanking it out, Brad slashed the end of the crop across her tits, reddening a narrow strip of skin on Marie's tit.

The woman writhed with the pain of the blows. She felt the warm, sticky sweetness of her sweat flowing down her ribs.

Brad looked at her, licking his lips like a wolf about to tear into dead meat. Her twisting, tortured body trussed up in ropes like that, pulled back and bound to the wall, aroused the big man more. He came closer to Marie.

Brad grabbed at the woman's cunt, twisting the blonde silken hairs around and around until Marie screamed with pain.


A pulling, tearing sensation roared through the woman like a knife twisting into her belly. Marie felt Brad's free hand slapping across her face, reddening her cheeks even more.

"Cunt! I'll shit on you and you'll eat it! I'll piss on you and you'll drink it, just like all you Goddamned sluts want to do!"

The crop lashed across her face again, the leather stinging her lips, then the top of her tits. Marie struggled, writhing against the ropes.

The ropes sliced skin from her bound wrists and ankles. Marie felt her fingers going numb. She screamed through the gag. How she wanted to strangle him, to tear at him the way he was ripping at her! But the harder she tried to fight him, the more pain she brought to herself.

When she rolled back, the strokes of the crop lashed over her taut nipples. When her legs knotted with throbbing agony, Brad only laughed harder, his fingers finding a deeper, firmer grip on her cunt.

Marie knew his fingernails were tearing into the soft, sensitive skin of her cuntlips. The tingling folds of her inner pussylips burned and throbbed.

Brad lashed and beat at her, grabbing hold of more of her cunt. His prick was bobbing up and down with the violent moves he made.

Grinding her teeth against the rubber ball, she felt nausea rise up in her tight throat. The pain in her crotch and his vicious struggles aroused her in a perverse way.

Brad whipped at her tits and ass with the crop, making her move her hips. Then bending over, he pushed his lips against her tits.

Marie groaned, feeling her cunt-juice running like a river of molten lava. Her shoulders twisted against the bed, and she wished she could free her hands just for a second to strike back at her tormentor.

Brad pulled back, his blue eyes half closing while a line of spit trickled from his lower lip. Grinding his teeth together, Brad slashed the crop across both nipples.

Marie squealed, her tits jiggling, each vibration sending more pain and heat into her brain. Her nipple felt as if it were torn from her tit. The muscles of her belly shivered.

When he slashed an X across her flaming ass, Marie grunted, her ass bouncing on the mattress.

The big man concentrated on lashing her ass now, the leather thongs slashing and cracking over her taut flesh until Marie thought there could be no skin left. With a slashing overhead stroke, he whipped the crop down on her asshole. It felt as if he'd ripped a handful of her bowels out.

Marie screamed, her shouts becoming louder in spite of the gagging ball.

Brad laughed loudly behind her, stopping the beating long enough to jab the end of the crop into her asshole.

Marie screamed again, feeling the whip handle snake into her asshole, spreading it more and more until she thought he was going to push it out of her throat. Brad was puffing hard, fucking her shitter with the handle of the crop, twisting and yanking it back and forth, until her shitter relaxed against the probing crop.

"Now, bitch, now. You'll get what you fuckin' wanted all along!"

He held the strips of the crop taut in both hands, bringing them down against her throat, choking off the air for a moment while he climbed onto her body and pushed her spread thighs even farther apart.

She could feel his prick, that hot cockhead burning against her whipped cuntlips while his belly flattened against hers. He was squirming atop her, pressing those thongs against her throat so hard that she was sure the ball-gag would pop from her mouth. He was jabbing his prickhead against her cunt, choking the air from her with that makeshift noose.

Marie tried screaming, writhing like a wild woman against the bed as she felt the world grow dark around her. Her lungs burned from lack of oxygen while bright white flashes exploded in front of her eyes. Just when she thought she would pass out, Brad threw away the crop, bracing the flats of his hands against her shoulders while angling his hips down. Prodding, probing, he finally pushed his meaty prickhead into her hot mushy pussy.

Now all the pressure, all the agony and delight, was focused in a hot pulsing spasm as she felt Brad's prick shave into her hot cunthole. The feeling was almost as intense and mind-shattering as the sensations she'd experienced during the whipping.

Throwing back her head, she felt Brad unbuckle the strap around her head, reaching in and pulling out the ball-gag. She screamed and cursed as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper until his balls pillowed against her upturned ass.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Marie felt herself turning into a mindless creature, a fucking machine whipped and beaten into something far beyond rational. She bit at his lips, digging her fingernails into his back while Brad worked his powerful hips back and forth, fucking her cunt with his fat cock.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Her belly swelled against his as she squirmed, feeling him fucking deeper.

Grunting, Brad shoved his tongue down her throat, then pulled back. He bit down on her nipple.

Marie screamed, feeling his teeth tearing at her tit-tips.


Marie felt hot flashes exploding like lightning bolts from her cunt, making her clit shrink back from the rubbing friction of his prick.

He was sweating hard now while his fingers bruised her upper arms and his prick frictioned her cunt into climax.

She let out a baleful yell. She was cumming, cumming hard! In one mindless shriek, Marie shouted her delight, feeling his hosing jizz spattering her pussy.


Marie had no idea how long it had lasted.

Ever after Brad pulled out, slowly untying the ropes binding her wrists and ankles to the wall, she could only think of fucking and of how he'd made her feel so good.

Chapter TWO

Cindy groaned, feeling Billy's tongue wriggling into her mouth. She tried drawing away, pressing her hands against him. She was afraid, very, very afraid of going this far. Her mother had told her about men, about the one thing they wanted from a girl.

But Billy was different. He was the star fullback on the high school team. He was kind and so sexy!

He was holding her possessively, his fingers roaming around her back. Soon the blonde felt her body becoming very limp. The warm tingling in her crotch had became more concentrated, more intense while juice seeped from her hot, eager little cunthole. She had never been that wet before, even when she'd necked with Billy in his car. She could feel the narrow cotton crotchband of her panties sticking to her swelling cuntlips. It rubbed and chafed against her clit in a nice way.

Cindy rocked her hips against Billy once more, sighing, as she felt those stinging little spasms rush through her stiffening clit again. And then, when he brought his hands down to her ass and squeezed, the girl thought she would die.

She pressed her hands more firmly against his chest. "No!"

"Wow, Cindy, I knew you were hot for me."

Cindy frowned. "Who told you that?"

Billy grinned, still holding onto her narrow waist. "Nobody. I could see it just from the way you were staring at me. You know, you were looking at me all the time in history class."

Cindy bit her lower lip, feeling her cheeks flame pink with embarrassment. She thought she'd been more careful than that. Was she that obvious?

"I'm not... fast, like some girls," Cindy said hesitantly, reaching back and frying to push his hands away from her ass.

"I didn't say that. But since we're here in the school basement and all, well..."

Cindy shuddered. He was making a proposition, a suggestion they go all the way. She could tell. Cindy had thought about doing that a lot lately, and just the thought made her breath quicken. But here? In the basement? The steam pipes and the gurgling boilers made her wince at the thought of having her first fuck here of all places.

"C'mon. Jack's cot is around here someplace. He sleeps here at night sometimes. Probably thinks about the gym class for girls upstairs."

Cindy frowned again. Jack, that ugly janitor who made all girls shudder. Ever since he'd come to work at Wilson High two months ago, he'd been leering at them all.

"No, Billy... uhhhhh!"

He was kissing her again, tonguing her neck, then licking the tops of her tits as he started unbuttoning her white frilly blouse.

Again she protested, but she felt a warm trickle running down her inner thighs.

Billy was kissing her hair, hunching against her crotch. He was making fucking movements against her. She could feel something very hard and hot brushing up against her. And now his hands were molding her tits, kneading them in a way he'd never dared do before.

That morning she had gone bra-less, feeling particularly sexy with her nipples gently brushing against the soft cotton of her blouse. Thank goodness her mother hadn't noticed.

Now she pulled back, watching Billy's face as he looked at her jutting, pendulous tits. Her nipples were stiff and hard, long pink nubs that begged for a touch, a tongue.

"Wow, Cindy! Nobody's gonna come here for a while. We can do it!"

"No, Jack, he might -- oh, I don't know, Billy."

Billy pushed her back, having spotted the cot pressed against a workbench.

She felt him drawing her back, pushing her, while he took her hand and pressed her fingers against the front of his Levi's.

Cindy felt so hot, so daring. She wanted to do everything at once, and yet at the same time she feared the consequences.

Tightening her fingers, she unzipped his fly. He moaned as she pushed his trousers down. Her fingers trembled, hesitating.

Billy grinned sheepishly at her, reaching down and tugging his briefs down. In an instant his long hot cock shot up, brushing against her fingers.

Cindy let out a startled gasp, drawing her hand back and staring wildly at him. She was about to chicken out again when he sealed her mouth with his, tonguing her deep while rubbing his prick against her. He was unzipping her Levi's, pulling them down until they puddled around her ankles.

"Oh, no, no..." Cindy felt him rubbing his prick against the hot wet front of her panties.

He hugged her body close, his prick feeling so big.

Surely something that large couldn't fit in a tight, unplowed hole like her pussy!

Sliding one hand slowly around her hips, he smoothed his fingers down her flat tummy until he could curl them under her cuntal mound.

Cindy shivered, rising on her tiptoes. It was a freaky feeling to have a guy touching her that way. Her asshole snapped shut as Billy bumped his knees against hers. He stepped out of his pants, kicking them away.

Cindy couldn't think straight. Everything was happening so fast! She bucked against him, rubbing her cunt against his prick. She was still afraid of having him skin her panties down, especially when he pushed her onto the cot.

He was on top of her, her legs draped over the edges of the cot while her ass rubbed up and down over the stained canvas covering. She could feel the rubbing brush of his balls against her legs while his prickhead gouged against her cunt. The sloppy, slick material of her pantycrotch was pushed up into her pussy. The feeling was so good, so wonderfully good. Nothing could feel better than that.

Cindy's breathing became more and more labored.

"Oh, I wanna get in you. I wanna feel how tight and hot and wet you are inside."

His teeth were nipping at her nipple while his hand massaged her other tit. The way he thumbed her nipple while he bit into her tit-tip drove her wild.

Cindy let out a hissing groan. She tilted her cunt up, begging him to touch her pussy again.

Once more his fingers curled around the stretched elastic band of her panties.

"Wanna fuck you... wanna fuck you!"

He kissed her neck, her shoulders, her tits. He was clutching her cunt once more.

Cindy sucked in a deep breath.

He shoved down.

She could feel her panties easing down over her thighs, then he was rubbing his prick up and down her tight, wet cunt-crack now.

Cindy rolled her body slightly. The warm, tight feeling between her spread legs was driving her crazy! She knew his prick could take care of that hot, tight itch.

His cock pushed between her swollen cuntlips. Cindy slowly raised her legs from the cot, inching back her knees, while more perspiration rolled down her sides.

Billy settled down on her as if he were climbing into a saddle. His hands cupped her ass. He pushed her legs back, getting her ready for a fuck.

The sleek, steady wet friction against her cuntlips was doing something to her now. She felt the fever of a wild itching pleasure raging through her. The building, swelling tension in her heaving belly seemed to radiate out to every inch of her body.

"Oh, baby, hot pussy! Gonna get my dick in your hot pussy!"

She squirmed and wriggled her tight little cunt under him. Cindy spread her thighs farther apart so he could slide his cock along her cuntal slit again. The room was spinning around dizzyingly. She felt a hot tight, sensation intensify around her clit. She knew she would cum if they kept on like this.

Billy groaned, shoving his tongue into her ear. He was frantic, trying to get his cock inside her. His pre-cum smeared her cuntlips while she rolled around, jerking her pussyhole away from him. Her clit was glowing and throbbing as she pranced her ass against the cot. The pressure of his prickhead was hard against her hole.

He was moving his hips back and forth, his prick continually sliding against her clit until Cindy thought she would come unglued.

He moaned, angling his hips down, frying to work his cock into her pussy.

At the last minute the girl freaked, moving her hips around frantically, stimulating the boy's prick so much that his body bucked like a wild bronco against hers.

"Fuck it, Cindy! You're makin' me uhhhhhh, makin' me cum!"

A mountain of lust swelled up in her crotch. Cindy felt floods of something hot splash over her clit, triggering her climax. Letting out a low moan, she felt her tits jiggling while blasts of cum shot through her body. Her hips churned. A great, earth-shattering vibration started in her cunt, then shot out in waves through the rest of her body.

The mountain of lust in her belly exploded. Cindy thought she had died in that first second of her cum. Another monstrous wave racked her. She bucked under the ramming strokes of Billy's prick.

She blinked her eyes, rocking under the thrusts of Billy's prick. Her hearing slowly returned, the hot red blur of her climax fading like a retreated ocean wave.

It was then when she saw the big shape looming over them like a thundercloud.

Freezing, Cindy opened her mouth to let out a scream. Two hands grabbed Billy, throwing him against the workbench. Cindy's hands flew to cover the sticky, hot mess of cuntjuice and cum.

Billy looked stunned, his eyes wide as saucers. He winced, his left hand held at an awkward angle.

"Move your hands, cunt!" Jack, the massive, ugly janitor, stood there in his filthy jeans with a monkey wrench held tightly in his left hand. He was watching Cindy, then moving his gaze quickly to Billy who was recovering from his shock. When Jack tapped the rounded tip of the wrench against her toes, Billy came to life.

"No!" the boy shouted, twisting forward and heading like a charging moose toward the janitor.

With a quick move, Jack smashed the wrench into the boy's belly, doubling him over. With a sweeping second arc, the big ugly man brought the weapon down against the back of his skull.

The smashing sound sickened Cindy. She jerked up, screaming. Billy was unconscious, sprawled on the floor, his body as still as a corpse!

Cindy jerked her legs off the cot and stood up. She was panicked, her eyes wide as she began to rush toward the stairs.

But Jack, catching her by the wrist, dragged her around, his fingers bruising her flesh.

Cindy winced, pulling back. In that instant she saw the animal hunger in the janitor's eyes and knew what he wanted. Wildly the girl pulled back, sobbing and choking with terror, her feet slipping on the cold cement floor.

"Slut. Like all of 'em, nothin' but sluts waggin' your butts around. Well," he said, slobbering over her, "this time you're gonna put out, and put out right fine and hot."

"No! No!"

Cindy struggled wildly against him, her long blonde hair splashing, across her face. She stumbled over Billy's body, letting out a sharp scream. Tiring of her cries, the janitor raised the monkey wrench high above her head.

"You want the same thing your boyfriend got?" he snarled.

Cindy froze. She could already feel the hard smashing blow against her skull, the bones cracking.

Throwing the wrench to the floor, he pushed Cindy back roughly.

Tumbling back, she flew back onto the couch, her spine crashing against the wall. Trembling, she drew her knees up, covering her drooling cunt-hole with one hand while trying to bide her pink nipples from Jack.

He was pulling off his green work shirt, revealing his paunchy beer belly.

Cindy felt sick, her fingers lightening into fists and pressing against her thighs. Her asshole winked open in fear while she thought she would lose control of herself and piss onto the cot.

Jack shrugged off his shirt, revealing two arms with obscene tattoos on them. Flexing his muscles to intimidate her, he walked forward, scratching his groin as she'd seen him do so many times before in the halls.

"No, oh no! Oh no!"

He threw the shirt at her face, then knocked her legs apart with his big fist and stared right up her cunt-crack.

Cindy drew her knees tightly together back again, crawling away from the janitor. Once more she looked around for some path of escape.

Jack blocked her way, holding his big hands out, filling the room with his body before he brought one fist down hard against her right cheek.

Cindy cried out again, her head snapping to the left from the force of the blow while her body flew back against the cot. Her head throbbed dully as she struggled to fight her way through the pain and the feeling that she was going to sink into unconsciousness.

Jack was reaching down for something, coming back up and grabbing a fistful of her blonde hair in one hand. Cindy screamed, feeling the roots tearing painfully from her scalp. He was puffing her back, yanking her against the wall while bringing something soft and warm against her teeth.

It was then the teen realized he was forcing Billy's jockey shorts into her mouth. She struggled, her slender weak arms gliding up while the big janitor pushed the awful material almost down to her throat.

Cindy cried as she fought down the sour bile rising in her throat. The shorts tasted dreadful, while the pressure of being gagged hurt her pried-open jaws. He held her with one hand for a moment, stretching out one arm and grabbing a large roll of black electrician's tape.

"This'll keep you quiet for a while."

Tearing lengths of the soft tape with his teeth, the big ugly man wrapped them around her skull, fixing the gag in her mouth.

Cindy looked at him with wild, frightened eyes. She could hardly breathe! She prayed God he wouldn't hurt her any more. She felt the slippery slide of her cuntlips, juice flowing, as she watched the big man tower above her.

"Gonna finish you off... just the way that dude was trying to," he said, nodding his head in the direction of Billy's quiet body.

Cindy shook her head, her muscles bulging as she watched him fumbling with his trousers. Transfixed, she saw him open his fly.

Then Jack paused. "Get up!"

Trembling, Cindy rose from the cot, wanting to pull the gag from her mouth, but afraid to make a move. He held her wrists, puffing her reluctantly across the floor toward a darkened corner of the large basement. Her toe stubbed against something and she winced in pain. Looking down, she saw a horse in front of her.

"Get over it... now!"

The girl bit down on the gag, afraid to bend over it.

Jack was holding her by the neck now, pushing her over the top of the sawhorse until her body was bent at the waist, her head nearly touching the floor. He told her to stay that way, her tits swinging out in front of her.

Jack fumbled around behind her, then returned with something in his hands. Ropes! She started to get up, but Jack smacked her hard across the back of the head, forcing her back down.

Terrified, Cindy lay draped over the sawhorse, her heart pounding in her ears as she felt him sliding the rough hemp around her right wrist, securing it to one of the legs. Her asscheeks flexed nervously as the janitor knotted the rope in a slipknot, then moved to her other wrist and did the same. She couldn't move her arm. She felt the blood rushing to her head, making her dizzy. It was horrible lying bent-over this way, her sticky pussy crack spreading open even more as he stretched her legs out behind her and pressed her ankles against both legs of the sawhorse.

He roped her ankles, quickly throwing the lines around her feet and knotting the thick hemp so her body remained immobile.

Cindy shuddered, rubbing her thighs against the splintery wood of the sawhorse. Both her hands were stretched apart, making her shoulders ache and throb from the tension.

"Now, baby, now for the good part. You're gonna love this."

Chapter THREE

Cindy had nearly forgotten about Billy lying there unconscious. Then a soft groan brought her around as she turned her head and saw him still face-down on the floor. The horror of her situation sank in. Obviously Jack didn't care about whatever consequences would follow. He was out for pleasure now.

Tugging at her ropes, the big janitor enjoyed listening to her gasps of pain, her squeals of terror while he slipped his fingers along her asscrack until it touched her tight little shitter. Cindy froze, her mouth opening, when she felt that touch. When he jabbed his finger all the way in, the girl bucked against the sawhorse, seeing now why he wanted to bind her that way. She felt her asshole tingling with that touch as he squirmed his digit in until his knuckles were pressing against her white shivering assflesh.

She struck her knees against the sawhorse, her tits wagging back and forth while she worked her fingers against the ropes binding her wrists. She could see his feet moving around her. He had pulled his finger from her shitter and was stalking her slowly now, his boots scraping maddeningly over the concrete floor.

Cindy held her breath, afraid to make a move, terrified to make a sound. She quivered in her bonds, the rough beam of the sawhorse pushing painfully into her belly. For a moment she thought she would piss on her thighs, disgrace herself in front of this man because the terror was making her lose control of her bladder.

Somehow Cindy managed to keep control of herself.

He stopped in front of her now, his legs spread widely apart.

Cindy grew nervous. She was breathing hard, her chest tightening while her toes curled against the leg of the sawhorse. She felt something striking her hair. For an instant she thought he was tugging at the strands, about to yank them again and pull some from her scalp. Then there was a spattering sound followed by the smell of something awful. God, he was pissing on her!

Cindy gagged, the bile rising like stinging lava in her throat while her nostrils burned. She strained her arms and legs against the ropes, wailing, jerking the sawhorse back at least ten inches. Nothing could stop the piss from spattering against the back of her head.

Cindy moaned, turning her head to one side, terrified to open her mouth. She felt the steady pissing pressure just above her ears now. Her hair was getting slick with it, wet and plastered to her skull as the stream of yellow piss washed over her hair, dribbling down her cheeks and chin, finally spattering to the floor.

Struggling against the binding ropes, Cindy gagged and coughed, unsure if she could keep from vomiting while the big janitor finished pissing on her. The stream lessened, spattering against the back of her neck, finally dying away to a few drops dripping onto her back.

Cindy sagged against the sawhorse, panting heavily, feeling as if she would faint with disgust and anger.

"Man, that was a heavy load!" Jack grunted, flicking the final drops of piss from his prickhead and pushing his cock back into his Levi's. "Smells pretty fuckin' bad, don't it?"

Cindy lay there, feeling the oily, warm piss trickling down into her ears, into her mouth. She shook her head violently, shuddering with revulsion.

He swaggered away, bending over a double metal sink and filling a small pail with water. He came back, holding the container over her head, then dumped the cold liquid over her upper torso.

Cindy squealed, her heart skipping beats as the icy liquid froze her skin. She set her jaw firmly. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing just how much she was terrified.

Jack slapped her ass now with both hands, smacking and rolling her asscheeks.

She tugged frantically at the ropes chafing her wrists. He was pinching and squeezing her assflesh, watching her skin crawl, while Cindy still managed to keep her lips tightly pressed together. It was when Jack pushed his thumb and forefinger up into her asshole and spread them apart that her resolve crumbled.

Cindy let out a long gasping sigh, clenching her ass muscles together while rolling her hips.

Jack smiled. He pressed in farther, his jagged nails scraping painfully along her bowel lining while he pushed his other hand over her dripping cunt.

Cindy groaned.

"Man, sure feels good in there... all kinda warm and tight and sticky. Course, that's what your boyfriend over there did to you," Jack snarled, slipping one finger up into her cunt until Cindy felt him pressing against her cherry. She let out a squeal, jerking her hips up from the sawhorse as best she could. "Good girl. Kept him away from your cherry. That's gonna be for me."


He slapped her ass, watching with a grin as her asscheeks jiggled, then reddened under the light blows. Against her will, Cindy let out a fart, her cuntal muscles tensing up while a trickle of juice oozed from her fuck slot.

Jack grabbed a wrench from the top of the workbench. He teased her, pressing the tool against the side of her face for a moment.

Cindy gasped.

Jack inspected the tool for a moment, then he turned the small screw near the top until the jaws were about a quarter-inch apart. Bending over, he rubbed her tits with both hands, bringing the wrench around until the head was touching her long, pink nipples.

Cindy flinched, shivering at the cold metallic touch. She felt him twisting the wrench around, bringing it up so her left nipple tit between the jaws. He began twisting the tiny screw, until the cold ribbed steel was pressing against her tit-tip.

Cindy panicked, rolling her ass around while her eyelids flickered with fear and pain. The tool was cinching down on her nipple, crushing the tiny nub and sending streamers of hot pain rushing up and down her spine. She tried yanking back, feeling the ropes cutting even harder into her flesh.

He turned the tiny screw three more times. Cindy jerked her head up, shaking the loose hair from her eyes and letting out a scream. He was crushing her nipple, smashing the long pink nub between the jaws of that awful instrument.

Cindy bobbed her ass up and down, feeling the rough wood cutting into her belly. Her knees banged against the legs of the sawhorse. He was really hurting her now with that awful wrench, the jaws squashing her pink nipple flat.

Then Jack let go of the tool, letting it swing down and tug her tit hard with its weight.

Cindy screamed, fearing the wrench would rip her nipple off.

"Now, for the other one."

Cindy managed to control her sobbing, shaking the hot tears from her eyes as she felt the painful, puffing weight on her right tit. The wrench pulled her tit down, stretching it, while the jaws still bit agonizingly into her nipple.

Through her tear-blurred vision, Cindy saw Jack taking another wrench from the workbench. She moaned in horror, her eyes widening to the size of saucers as he flipped the tool open, then brought it down to her left nipple. She felt the cold steel, felt the jaws biting down on her tit-tip until she couldn't stand it any longer.

"Uhhhh... agghhhhhh!"

The janitor moved fast now, screwing the jaws down until they clamped down hard on the nipple. He was crushing that tit-tip as well, screwing the jaws tight until he had her screaming for mercy.

Just when Cindy thought she would faint from the pain, Jack let go of the tool. It swung down, distending her left tit, banging like a chime against the other wrench.

Cindy sobbed. She felt the agony in her tits grow more and more. Her pert ass bobbed up and down, her wrists tugging at the ropes, while her ankles twisted against the legs of the sawhorse. Vainly she tried pulling away, but the ropes held her too securely, however, keeping her bent over obscenely, exposing her cunt and asshole to Jack's lewd stare.

While she sobbed and cried for him to stop, the big janitor slapped her ass until it reddened again, glancing every now and then at Billy to make sure he was still unconscious.

Cindy felt the blood rushing to her head once more as she collapsed against the sawhorse, exhausted by her struggle against the ropes and those horrid wrenches crushing her nipples.

It was when she saw him holding a large oblong object two inches from her nose that the girl blinked her eyes clear, calming herself for this latest ordeal. Moving back a little, Cindy realized he was holding a knife, a long, black handled knife. The blade gleamed in the dim light. She shivered, nearly forgetting about the crushing pain in her stretching tits as he twisted the blade and brought it closer to her face.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" She shook with absolute terror, feeling the cold blade pressing against the side of her face. The touch of the knife made her heart skip.

Cindy felt her tummy rubbing painfully against the crossbar of the sawhorse as her pulse raced maddeningly.

Jack brought the blade down slowly over her throat, down her shoulders, around her tits and toward her belly.


Cindy tried drawing her knees together, wanting to hide her pussy from Jack. Surely he would notice how red her cuntlips were, how swollen they were as they rubbed itchily against one another. Hot flashes rushed-up and down her legs, making her feel so wanton, so daring.

Maybe it was the way she'd been tied up, the ropes cutting into her flesh, her sweat stinging into the reddened skin. Maybe it was the way her ass was exposed, naked and white, shivering in the air while Jack slid the knife slowly down her thigh, tracing the pointy tip along her jutting hipbone.

Cindy remembered the awful gagging feeling she had when the hot stinging urine washed over the back of her throat and clogged her nostrils. He would do something like that again, something disgusting, yet exciting.

The wrenches tugged agonizingly on her nipples, sending waves of pain throbbing through her tits. A low groan shuddered deep from her throat as the blade pressed more firmly against her skin. He was going to cut her open!

Cindy opened her mouth, to scream. The way he was pressing the surgically sharp blade against her flesh made Cindy fear the worst!

He brought the knife back up to her face, creasing her skin lightly with the blade while rubbing his crotch against her rounded, naked buttocks. Cindy lost control, pissing on herself, feeling the hot urine washing down both inner thighs.

Jack laughed, then he slapped her hard against the back of her head.

Cindy couldn't stop pissing on herself. She felt him slicing the knife across her lower back, the blade lightly cutting her flesh. She sobbed, feeling something warm, wet and sticky trickling down her sides, and she knew she was bleeding.

"No! Oh God, I'll do anything, just don't... don't hurt me with that thing any more!" she sobbed.

Jack hummed a tune while he brought the knife down around to her cunt. The soft, wet vulnerability of the area made Cindy struggle more frantically against the ropes, her body shaking the sawhorse, her hair flailing against her ankles. He slid the blade up to her cunt, pricking the hot wet lips, slicing into the swollen folds until Cindy felt her juice stinging deliciously into the tiny slits.

"Can't have a virgin round here fuckin' up my fun, can we?"

Billy moaned.

Cursing, Jack moved to one side and kicked him hard in the head.

He was back again, muttering under his breath, bending over and holding her cuntlips apart with his thumb and forefinger.

She had never been this stretched before in her life!

Then she felt Jack slipping the blade between her cuntlips, carefully twisting it around until the sharp point pierced her cherry.


Screaming with pain, Cindy forced herself to keep still despite the pain shooting through her body. If she moved, she would surely cut her pussy severely on that poking blade.

Jack let out a grunt, pushing the blade in, cutting through the throbbing membrane until he had ripped it from its anchorage.

The warm trickle of pink froth against her inner thighs told Cindy she was no longer a virgin. Feeling her body relax in despair, the teen lay as if dead, not paying attention to the way Jack was moving around her. She felt him grabbing her hair, yanking her head up and thrusting her lips against something very hot.

Cindy could only think of her pierced cherry, of the blood that had washed down her legs, of the wounds striping her buttocks and lower back. The girl was a zombie for a moment, feeling something very hard and hot pushing into her mouth.

Her eyes widening, Cindy realized that he was fucking her mouth! He was fucking her throat, pushing his veined prickmeat into her mouth while gripping her scalp.

It was so vile she could hardly stand it, breathing with raspy gasps, while Jack pumped faster and faster, his balls slapping her chin. He tore at her hair while pumping his hips faster and faster, his bloated prickhead pushing out the insides of her cheeks as he puffed and grunted with delight.

He shouted, his feet striking the front of the sawhorse while he ripped her head up and forward. He was blowing his wad in her mouth, sending in sticky white streamers of his boiling jizz until she gagged with it. It was all she could do to keep breathing. She could taste and smell his cum, while Jack rubbed his lower belly against her face and groaned.

"Yeah, baby, that's it for now," he said, slowly pulling his flaccid cock from her mouth.

Cindy felt the stringy cum sticking to her throat.

"You and your boyfriend get outta here. And," he added with a grin, unfastening the ropes around her ankles first, "this ain't gonna be the last time ol' Jack takes care of that sweet ass."

Chapter FOUR

Marie had tried to change her thinking. She had tried to deny the powerful dark feelings stirring in her.

Cindy had become more and more distant in the past week, jumping each time the phone rang and looking stricken. The girl had been missing school lately, pretending to be ill when Marie knew it was something else.

But Cindy wouldn't tell her what it was.

Marie bit her lip, feeling as if she were losing her daughter.

But other thoughts made her feel restless while her daughter pouted upstairs.

Marie had vowed she would never go back to Brad again. He had hurt her in ways she never had dreamed possible. She was sorry she'd answered his ad, but now the woman was less sure of her vow.

Now Marie could only think of the growing glow between her legs each time she thought of die big hunk who had marred her. Each time she looked at her whipped naked body in the privacy of her bathroom, Marie thought of the lash and licked her dry, pouty lips. He had touched same deep chord in her, one that perhaps had been better left alone. But once struck, that chord was taking over her life.

And even when she stood there on Brad's porch that evening, her fingers clenching and unclenching, Marie knew she could turn around and run. Yet, when she rapped once against the wooden door, she knew she had done a daring, naughty thing.

At first Brad seemed polite, almost chivalrous as he took her sweater and invited her to take a seat, making small talk. But soon the conversation took a sharp turn, his voice sounding more commanding.

Marie pushed herself back in the chair, finding her breath coming in sharp pants as she dug her fingernails into the soft blue material of the couch.

He pulled her roughly from the sofa, shoving her through the kitchen door, down the stairs, finally to his playroom. There was little ceremony in the way he'd stripped her to her bra and panties. Marie feeling her heart beating wildly as she stood there, giving in to the feelings racing through her body.

It was when her wrists were bound behind her that the woman had second thoughts about what she'd done.

Brad turned around, commanding Marie to sit on a small three-legged wooden stool reserved especially for her. There were rattling sounds, sounds that caught her attention.

Turning, Marie saw the man had taken out some toys, as he called them, from the cabinet. He dropped them -- a clinking pile of leather and buckles. He held a short thick black leather strap.

Moving toward her, he bent down, slipping the cold strap around her ankles and buckling it tightly. Her toes began to tingle, and Marie wondered if she would be able to keep her balance once off the chair.

He went back to the pile. He found a thick leather collar with a strap that ran down the back.

As he tightened the thing around her throat, Marie tilted her chin up, opening her mouth and drawing in air to feed her bursting lungs. Marie started to move on the stool, leaning forward.

Brad barked for her to remain still while he finished.

Brad slipped the leather strap through her wrist cuffs, the strap surprisingly pliant considering its thickness. There was a buckle that the big man tightened now, drawing her wrists up, up along her curving spine.

Marie winced, her shoulders starting to hurt as her arms were bent back and up from the tension. He stopped just when she thought she would faint from pain.

A crotch strap came next.

Brad slipped the wide belt around her narrow waist, drawing the buckles back until the woman drew in a raspy breath from the resulting pressure. He ripped down her panties, leaving them puddled around her ankles while he took the vertical dangling strap and brought it roughly between her legs.


Marie jerked her ass up from the stool, feeling his right hand pushing her up from the seat while he drew the leather band through her legs and up against her ass. He pulled it down hard, gently spreading her cuntlips with the fingers of his free hand. He was pulling, rubbing it up into her tumid cuntmeat until Marie closed her eyes and felt her body dissolving away in a glow of pleasure. She had a vision of being ripped in two by the strap.

Marie screwed her eyes shut, her chin trembling as she felt herself growing more and more helpless. She felt like a child who was being punished, and there was nothing she could do.

Brad cinched the strap a little more tightly, securing it finally with a last tug.

Marie found herself standing now, bent slightly forward from the waist, her big tits gently lifting from her upper chest.

Brad returned to his toy pile, returning once more with two small gold rings. She watched with amazement as he opened them, bringing them up to her nipples and letting them snap shut over the nubs.

Marie stiffened, feeling the cold metal biting into her flesh. Her fingers worked against her palms as she fought down the desire to scream because of the piercing pain. Brad was very adept at what he was doing. He gave the small rings several short, tentative pulls to make sure they were on securely. Then he produced a short length of chain from a small white envelope. His thick, sensuous lips were smiling now, making his ruggedly handsome face look almost friendly.

Marie felt confused, watching, as he clipped one end of the small chain to the left nipple ring, then to the other ring. She felt her tits being squeezed tightly together, the nipples tugging and distending against the surrounding areolas. It was more irritating than painful, Marie thought, feeling a dull throbbing agony.

Brad smiled. He was holding an enormous chrome ring with straps hanging from either end.

She backed away, ever conscious of the strap making her leg movements awkward at best.

Shaking her head, Marie started begging Brad to take that thing away.

Brad was insistent, grabbing her head and holding it while jamming the ring in her mouth. It was stretching her mouth, fitting just behind her front teeth. Straps held it in place, attached securely behind her head.

Marie swallowed had, cold beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead. The gag came next, a heavy inflatable ball that the big man squeezed through the opening provided by the ring.

Brad started pumping into the ball, squeezing a small bulb and watching as the woman's eyes widened as the pressure increased. Marie jerked in her bonds, working her chafed wrists against the cuffs while she strained her legs against the leather strap. She could feel the leather band cutting into her cunt, sliding back and forth between her swollen cuntlips as the ball-gag stretched her jaws more and more.

When she thought her jaws would surely shatter from the pressure, Brad stopped pumping, retightening the ring straps until once again her teeth touched the steel ring. By now the ball in her mouth was growing larger again as Brad gave the bulb three more quick pumps.

She groaned, wondering if she could even swallow.

Brad detached the bulb, then led her away from the stool, back toward the small pile of toys on the floor. He made her stand there for a second, fishing out a small lead chain and attaching one end to the collar around her throat. He was pulling her head down, leading her about the room like a puppy on a leash, telling her to heel and watching with obvious pleasure as Marie followed him about helplessly.

Her tits swung out and jiggled against one another, the gold rings pinching her nipples while the chain kept her tits pressed against one another. It was almost as if they had been pierced by those terrible things.

He began pushing faster, looking back and grinning as Marie struggled to keep up.

She hobbled, her knees rubbing against one another, her thighs straining as she walked as best as she could.

When Marie stubbed her toes painfully against a two-by-four that rested on the basement floor, she found herself pitching forward, unable to keep herself from falling. She screamed through the ball gag, feeling her throat throbbing from the pressure as she crumpled to the floor, striking her forehead against the cold concrete.

Marie was stunned, seeing bright stars exploding behind her eyes while a throbbing pain seemed to shatter her skull. She could feel Brad trying to jerk her to her feet, pulling and tugging at the chain, gagging her, as the leather collar pressed against her windpipe.

Fighting through the fog of unconsciousness that threatened to swirl about her, Marie managed to tuck her legs under her naked ass and struggle to a sitting position, rolling forward and pushing up until her thighs cramped.

Brad pulled up on the chain, watching her face turn bright red as the leather collar strangled her more and more. Marie's eyes widened while her nostrils flared, her lungs burning. Her tits slapped against her chest as she struggled to get on her feet once more. It would be the only way she could live, she thought, fear crashing through her like an icy wave.

"There, that's better," he said with a grim smile, dropping the lead chain from her collar and watching the woman gasp with relief.

Brad reached down between her legs, checking the straps and finding them greased with her hot cunt juices.

"Not bad, baby, not bad. You really dig havin' this pressin' up right against you, don't you? Man, you're hot, real hot. No wonder you called me up. Bet you couldn't get here fast enough," he said mockingly, tracing her swollen cuntlips with the backs of his fingers, then jabbing three in and twisting them around and around like a drill.

Marie closed her eyes, feeling her cunt shuddering around the penetrating fingers while her knees shivered against one another. The leather straps cut deeper into her cunt, making it throb and ache while the rings in her nipples bit into the sensitive nubs deliciously. Curling her toes, Marie felt faint with pleasure, biting down on the gagging rubber ball while her head swam with wonderful delight.

Brad rubbed his chin thoughtfully, then pushed the woman back to the floor.

Marie grunted from the force of the fall, her spine hurting. She saw that he was back at his little toy pile, pulling out a wide leather strap and snapping it right in front of her. At first she thought he would strike her with it. But it was yet another belt, one that he slipped around both bound legs, then drew up around her ribcage until it fastened her upper thighs to her torso. Marie was doubled over, feeling herself drawn more tightly than ever into a small, compressed ball. It was getting more and more difficult to move. And yet the restraints, the discipline, was turning her on more and more.

She felt her cunt creaming, the leather straps working back and forth against her dark-red pussymeat while the juices trickled from her fuckhole and leaked into her shitter. In a moment she felt Brad attaching her wrist cuffs to a clasp ring at the center of the new strap so that her wrists were fastened not only to the collar strap but to this new belt as well.

Brad slipped away for a moment, drifting from her vision. Then he returned with a stepladder.

She watched him climb it, his arms stretching high above his head, disappearing in the shadows. There were shuffling sounds. Then Marie pulled her head back as she saw two long thick ropes descend from the ceiling.

"Gotta get you off the floor. It ain't good havin' your ass on concrete. Didn't your mother ever tell you that?"

Marie felt him doing something to the ring behind her wrists. He was threading the ropes through the metal loop, securing them with a double hitch knot before he stepped back to a small green box attached to the nearby wall.

Brad flipped a switch.

Immediately Marie heard the sounds of an electric winch. She was being lifted from the floor, the tension puffing her arms back until she thought she could feel something pop in her shoulders.

Marie wanted to scream with pain as her arms and chest throbbed with agony. But the ball-gag filled her mouth, making even breathing difficult!

She rose from the floor, the straps snugging more tightly than ever against her bound body while she swung slightly.

When she was eighteen inches from the basement floor, Brad stopped the winch, walking slowly toward her and running his fingers up and down the rope. Marie looked up at him. She couldn't believe how every part of her body throbbed with pain. And how those straps sliced into her cunt-flesh! It was all she could do to keep from fainting as the pain in her thighs and shoulders was overwhelmed by the pleasure spasming in her pussy.

Brad was pleased. He jabbed a strong, thick finger between her swollen cuntlips. She could feel herself blushing furiously and writhing against the embarrassment. But it felt good. The restraints were caressing her, hugging her tightly like the arms of a lover. He was fucking her pussy with his finger now, jabbing it back and forth, pushing it deeper while rubbing his thumb over the nub of her clit.

Marie twisted in her bonds, writhing against her restraints while the hot throbbing in her pussy grew more and more concentrated. Just as she thought she would surely climax against the rodding finger, Brad withdrew it.


Marie sagged against her bonds, feeling the pain once more in her arms and shoulders. Her body cast a long bent shadow on the floor as she tried to find some position, any position, that would ease the throbbing pain in her body.

For a second Marie didn't know what caused the awful hot agony between her shivering legs.

Shaking the loose blonde hair from her eyes, she saw Brad standing there with what appeared to be a small leather whip! He lashed the same spot that his finger had been caressing moments ago.

Marie shook her head, struggling against the leather, trying to draw her legs together.

The whip came down again, hissing through the air, biting into her cunt and thwacking against the leather straps, forcing her pussy open.

Marie jerked, feeling her muscles tearing while her spine seemed to snap from the force of his killing blows.

Brad was enjoying himself immensely, glad that he had finally drawn out such a violent reaction from her. He snaked the lash above his head, then brought the black leather down until it smacked against her ass.

Marie shouted through the gag, her jaws aching and threatening to shatter against the prodding ring while her flesh burned from the beating.

She screamed again and again as more blows fell on her clit. Sparks seemed to shower into her pussy, her cunt buckling from the heat.

No human being could stand this kind of agony, she thought, tears welling up in her eyes. "Yaghghghghfhhhffff!"

The whipping seemed to be lasting forever. He paused for a second, rubbing the leather over her ass, then smacking it sharply into her shitter, making the tiny opening wink shut protectively while her bowel lining kinked painfully. Then the whipping was concentrated on her crimson ass and cunt.

Brad brought the whip down between her thighs, purposely letting the leather barely touch her clit. It was that teasing, biting sensation that was driving Marie wild.

She bucked her body in time with the whipping blows, the sounds of the leather smacking against her sweaty flesh, arousing her as her ass glowed nearly as hotly as her cunt.

The whip came down against her nipples now, making the rings bite more angrily into her tits.

Marie's eyes rolled back into her head, her clit swelling as her cunt throbbed angrily. She jerked in her bonds, jumping up whenever she felt Brad bringing the whip down between her legs and smacking the leather over her clit.

Marie could stand no more.

She threw back her head and let out a gagged, baleful cry. Every inch of her body was throbbing with climax, her cunt writhing while her clit rubbed against the leather dividing her pussy. The rain of blows increased while her frenzy reached its peak, her cunt clamping hard against the strap.


It was over.

She sagged in the leather, her mind exploding, then growing dim as she fainted in the spasms of her cum.

Brad smiled.

Chapter FIVE

It was all Cindy could do to keep her sanity. She had fled from the awful janitor after he'd given her back her clothes and helped Billy up from the floor. The young boy was half-conscious, too embarrassed to fight Jack.

When he finally regained consciousness, Billy swore he'd tell the coach, the principal, the police. But Cindy begged him to keep quiet. There would be a scandal. People would want to know what they were doing down there in the first place. And Jack, she knew, would tell them. There would be talk, side-long glances.

Billy had grumbled, stumbling away.

It had been awful. And yet it had been wonderful at the same time. Even at home, as she lay comfortably in bed, the girl found herself dreaming about Jack, tossing and turning, finding herself waking up drenched with sweat while her cunt was hot and throbbing, close to climax.

She touched her pussy then, working her fingers into her cunt and cuming while she drummed her legs against the mattress and thought of Jack. Cindy remembered how the wrenches had bitten savagely into her nipples.

On the day her mother had gone to Brad's for her bondage session, Cindy found herself staring at her history book. She had to get Jack out of her mind or she would go mad.

Slamming the book shut, Cindy swung her legs over the edge of her bed, pushing her long blonde hair away from her eyes. Maybe she would call Billy and ask him over. Her mother had left for the movies -- or so she said. Maybe he'd come over and talk with her. He sure was avoiding her at school, almost ducking out of sight whenever she looked at him. Was he ashamed at having failed to defend her?

She thought about the knife and shivered. That was how she'd lost her cherry, been made into a woman. Jack and his knife had taken care of her cherry. And how could she want to go back to that kind of savage?

Cindy shook her head, tossing the book to the floor and standing in the center of her small bedroom. She was about to dial Billy's number when the phone rang. Maybe he had read her mind and phoned her!

Joyfully Cindy picked up the phone.

"Billy! Oh, I'm so glad you called! I..."

"This ain't Billy, little Miss. I been wonderin' about you for a while."

Cindy felt as if icy water had been pumped into her veins. Her fingers tightened around the phone as she sat slowly on the edge of her bed. She wanted to hang up. But Jack's voice held her captive.

"Wh-what do you want here? My mother's downstairs and..."

"I saw her drive away. I've been watchin' you for a while. You got a good-lookin' mother. Wouldn't mind fuckin' her too."

Cindy looked at the opened window and rushed to it, keeping the phone tucked under her chin.

Quickly Cindy pulled down the shades. How she wished her mother were here!

"You know, I'm just sittin' here, workin' my meat, thinkin' about you. You wanna come over here and suck a little dick for Jack?"

Suck? Cindy was horrified. She took the receiver and started to slam it down into the cradle. But he would only call back. Worse, he might actually come over and break in. Having him here in the house would be too much to stand.

"No, get off the line. Get off or... or I'll call the police!"

He laughed, that low, throaty laugh that made her cringe.

"You ain't gonna call the cops. If you do, I'll tell 'em about you and lover boy -- worse, about how you decided to take me on. They'll get me, but you'll be trash from then on. You want that?"

Cindy hesitated, biting her lower lip. "No."

"Good. Then conic on over. Your old lady won't be around for a while. And I ain't gonna take all night. You come in through the east exit on Colorado. I'll be waitin' for you."

The dial tone.

There was no chance to reason with him.

Cindy sat there on the bed, her ass sinking into the mattress while she listened to the buzzing tone in her ear. He had trapped her, purposely playing her out, then reeling her in now. She could stay here, lock the door and wait for her mother. But he would call again. And what would she say if her mother picked up the phone and heard him?

Cindy pushed that thought from her mind. It made her shiver with horror. She couldn't think about that, couldn't think about anything.

Quickly the girl slipped on her sandals, throwing her pink woolen sweater over her shoulders, then rushed down the stairs, her hair flying out behind her.

Cindy wasn't sure why she had given in this easily. Perhaps something inside her wanted her to surrender. She didn't know.

Threading her way through the dark side streets to the three-story high school looming in front of her, Cindy could think of nothing but Jack and what he was going to do to her.

She stood in front of the exit door, the only one lit in the monstrous building. The hall light was on as were the dim bulbs leading down the stairs.

Cindy hesitated again, her fingers on the doorknob, her clothes sticking uncomfortably to her body. She had to go through with this, if for no other reason than to understand her own conflicting feelings.

She pushed open the door, then slowly descended the stairs, her heart beating more loudly with each step.

Finally she was there by his office, looking around in the semi-darkness and finding no one there. Maybe this was a trick. Maybe he had left, leaving her alone here, wondering what had happened to him.

She heard something stirring in front of her.

Jack sat up from the chair after having flicked off the television. He was as big, as handsome, as threatening as ever. His eyelids were a little droopy, suggesting he had been drinking something before now.

"Yeah, just as pretty as ever," he said, his breath smelling of beer.

Cindy turned away.

"What's the matter? You don't want Jack? You're here, right?"

"I... because I was afraid you'd tell. Please, don't tell," Cindy said.

"Worried about what all your little friends would say if they found out, huh?"

He held her by her hair, tugging her head, pulling at the strands and making her wince.

Immediately Cindy realized coming here had been a mistake. He wouldn't listen to her. He would hurt her as he had before.

Curling her fingers into fists, she jabbed them into his belly, catching the janitor off-guard for the moment.

"Ooooffff! Come back here, you little bitch!"

Cindy wheeled around and ran for the stairs, hearing Jack coming up behind her.

She was on the second step, her fingers grasping the handrail tightly when she felt his hands grabbing for her dress. She screamed, falling forward, her legs shooting out behind her while her knees struck the cement stairs painfully.

Stars exploded in front of her eyes as a shattering pain flushed up and down her thighs. She couldn't run. The girl could barely move as Jack hauled her down to the floor, rolling her onto her back, kicking her several times before placing one booted foot against her throat.

Cindy froze, feeling the heel pressing against her windpipe. He was cutting off her air, pressing down hard while rubbing the dirty sole over her upper chest.

Panicked, the young blonde teen jerked her arms up, her fingers digging into his legs while she squirmed her ass against the bare floor.

Cindy's vision was blurred as his boot pressed down, working against her throat until she couldn't move any longer.

Just when Cindy thought she would surely faint from lack of oxygen, Jack kicked her savagely in the sides, making her double over in pain.

While clutching her belly, Cindy felt the big man grabbing hold of her waist and dragging her back toward his office area. She was too stunned to resist. Moaning, she was dragged over the cement floor as saliva drooled from her lips. He had her now, taking her back to his office.


He had flung her against the workbench, the nine workbench where he'd taken her cherry so cruelly.

Cindy stood there, her knees pressed together, shaking convulsively.

Jack was careful not to rip any of her clothing, giving her a slap when she tried to stop him from unbuttoning her blouse or slipping off her skirt. One hard backhanded blow nearly knocked her to the floor. She felt the stinging hot slap for minutes afterward against her cheek, every tooth in her head rattling.

She sniffed, feeling her bra loosening around her shoulders, slipping off her tits. In spite of what he'd done to her before, Cindy felt a rush of modesty, and she tried to cover her tits.

Jack laughed, shaking his head while curling his fingers around the elastic waistband of her pink panties and tugging them down to her ankles.

For a moment Cindy wanted to kick him, but Jack was back on his feet, sliding his fingers up and down her body, pawing her while examining her tits, her cunt, her ass.

"Man, good. Good and young and tight," he whispered, his eyes glazing over with animal lust.

He took her by the arm, leading her around to one end of the bench.

At fast Cindy thought it was a vise. But on closer inspection, the girl saw it was a broad clamp attached with two screws to the side of the bench. Two small metal cuffs lay opened on the top, cuffs that Jack pushed her hands through, then clamped shut.

Cindy bent over, remembering how he had pissed on her when she was bound and wondering if he was going to repeat that horror once more.

Jack bent over and grabbed her right leg, pulling it up until it was parallel to the floor. Cindy swallowed hard, feeling the pulling tension against her thigh as he brought her foot up until her toes were brushing over a wall ladder attached to the cinderblocks. It was on the eighth rung that the janitor rested her leg, producing a rope and wrapping it around her ankle and the ladder.

Cindy rested her forehead on the bench, feeling her cunt open up from the puffing pressure of that awful position. Resting her elbows on the edge of the bench, the girl bent her left knee, rolling her naked ass in the air, searching for a position that would take some strain off her right leg.

"Uh!" she gasped.

She felt Jack tightening the rope around her ankle, then bending over to check the cuffs before he stepped back, looking satisfied. She knew something awful would happen now. Her heart stopped as she watched him slip his fingers into his flannel shirt pocket, then pull out a small cigarette lighter.

Jack kept his glittering blue eyes fastened on her for some time, flipping open the top of the lighter. He was going to use that thing on her!

Cindy cringed, her flesh puckering into goosepimples as she saw the fire come closer. He was waving it in front of her eyes, the heat making her cheeks blush. The girl pulled her head back, fearing he was going to set her hair on fire!

Jack brought the flame down around her nose, watching as she struggled against the cuffs holding her to the workbench.

Jack brought the flame down, letting the tip of the orange fire gently singe the light blonde fuzz covering her thigh flesh.

Cindy bit down on her lower lip until she could taste blood, her tongue working back and forth against the insides of her cheeks while her flesh shivered.

He had the flame down by her right knee now, bringing it up until it was leaving a long red swollen track on her skin. She struggled, the line of sharp, hot pain becoming more and more intense as Jack moved the fire up toward her cunt.

The girl thought he was going to burn her alive. She could smell the acrid odor of burning flesh and hair.

Cindy opened her mouth, letting out a guttural shriek, tossing her head back and puffing frantically against the metal cuffs holding her wrists to the bench. The scream seemed to relieve some of the agony that was building in her mind. But still the fire crept up her thighs, the hot flame licking her flesh, reddening it, while she stood on tiptoe and tried to roll her ass and cunt away from the fire.

Letting out another sharp yell, Cindy worked frantically against her bonds. The fire was up by her cunthairs now, the flame singeing the blonde fur while the heat made her clit shrink back. Sweat rolled down her jiggling tits.

"Eaghhghghghgbh!" Cindy pulled back from the bench as far as she could, her shoulders aching as she looked down and watched her cunt fuzz being singed. It was horrible to see.

Cinching her eyes shut, she screamed again, thrashing, her left knee buckling while her right leg pulled wildly against the ladder.

Jack hesitated for a moment, drawing the fire back down, burning her calves and making the girl relax for only a second.

Then it was back! The awful fire was back, prickling her moist cuntlips.

Cindy could feel her pussy juices flowing from her hot, cunt-crack, spraying out, trying to put out the flame threatening to burn her pussy.

Jack watched closely, fascinated at the way her pussylips bunched together and puckered protectively while her clit cringed back even farther.

Cindy was hysterical now, jerking and tugging, her hair splashing around her narrow shoulders as she felt the fire licking up into her dark pussymeat. She would surely die if this kept up.

And then the fire blasted across her clit, her pussy going wild while her left knee buckled.

Cindy threw her head back and let out a yowl of despair. Her body sank down, sagging against the restraining cuffs while her left leg buckled and slid under the bench.

The last thing the girl remembered was Jack's harsh, hollow laughter as he drew the flame away and flipped the top of the lighter shut.

Chapter SIX

How long had she been unconscious? Cindy had no idea. When she awoke, the girl found herself thinking about her mother, wondering if she were back home yet and wondering where she was. Her body ached all over.

Wincing in agony, Cindy shook the stupor from her mind, stiffening her left leg and pushing her twisted body back up to a standing position. How her right thigh hurt, while that rope attaching her ankle to the ladder cut more deeply into her flesh.

She bent her knee, hobbling a little, trying to ease the pulling tension against her right leg while her wrists rubbed painfully against the cuffs attached to the workbench. Cindy looked around her, sniveling, cringing at every sound.

Jack was nowhere in sight. She could hear the hissing of the pipes, the humming of the big generators powering the school. But there was no janitor.

Cindy sighed. The memory of that fire licking at her thighs made her shudder. He could have burned her alive, and there would have been nothing she could have done.

Looking down, the girl saw the burnt black fuzz between her stretched legs. He had nearly ruined her for life! Thank goodness, he had finally stopped.

Cindy thought of the powerful feelings that had welled up in her belly, ripping outward in a terrifying explosion that had knocked her unconscious.

Cindy found herself smiling as she scooted her free foot a few inches toward the bench, shrugging her shoulders and casing a nagging cramp between them. The teen never would have guessed pain and humiliation could make her cum so hard.


Jack appeared from around the corner, something in his hand.

Twisting her head around once more, the young girl glared at the janitor. Her blue eyes defied him to approach her. But the wet, quivering pout of her lips invited him to do the worst he could.

Cindy's eyes grew round as she saw the belt hanging loosely from the fingers of his right hand. She moved her foot again, bending her left knee slightly while moving her ass away from him. Her flesh felt suddenly supersensitive, quivering, as he moved forward one step and stopped.

Cindy tried to keep her eyes from the obvious bulge between his legs. But no matter which way she looked, she could see his cock pressing against the material of his greasy Levi's. Slowly the girl managed to close her legs, bringing her left leg closer while she felt her stretched nipples puckering into stiff points.

Jack walked to the leg stretched out from her body, his fingers lightly caressing the sensitive underside of her thigh.

Cindy shuddered as if she were having a fit, her throat growing tight and dry while her breath came in short gaspy pants. It was far too gentle for him. It was far too caring. And then she warily eyed that belt still dangling like a limp snake from his hand.

"Ah!" she gasped.

Jack was quick, wheeling around with a blurring movement and slashing the belt across both nipples.

Cindy squealed, her head snapping back while her tits bounced savagely against her chest. She nearly lost her footing again, struggling to keep upright while hot tears of pain and fear rushed from her rounded eyes. Setting her jaw firmly, the girl looked back at the janitor, blinking away the tears and feeling a rush of hatred that matched her fear.

Jack smiled grimly at her. He seemed about ready to say something. Thinking better of it, he moved back.

Cindy braced herself as she heard the leather belt hissing through the air.

This time it chewed into the flesh of her supple thigh, stinging a long red welt in the groove where her leg met her torso.

Cindy's long blonde hair swept over her arms as he brought the belt back down again, this time the leather stinging a mark across her lower belly.

The young girl pulled savagely at the bonds, her body shaking and shuddering as she guessed the big man was going to whip her until she fainted.

Jack was going full bore now, doubling the belt for a moment. Cindy let out a hellish howl, her free leg jerking up against the bench while her thighs tightened until they ridged and cramped.

Cindy slammed her head against the table, whimpering moans coming from her as her eyes rolled from the pain.

"Yaghghghghh! Oh no, no, don't! Don't hurt me again!"

Her cries were mixed with the smacking sounds of the black leather against her flesh.

Jack was beating her left leg now, purposely trying to weaken her stance and make her fall to the floor.

Cindy resisted, struggling against the wild beating, leaning against the bench while tugging crazily against her bound leg. The belt whistled through the air over her head once more.

Glancing up, the girl saw it curling down toward her as if in slow motion before it chewed into the flesh between her jutting shoulders.

"Eaghghghghhhh!" Cindy thought she would die, but she managed to keep control as she fought against the big man lashing her.

He brought the belt down on her ankle now. Cindy thought the whipping belt had crushed her ankle bones. She felt as if she would die. All her resolves faded in the wild heat of the torturous beating she endured. He had to stop! She would surely go mad if he didn't stop!

But Jack had stamina, bringing the belt down again against her shoulders, then whipping the leather around her thighs until her flesh was striped with long, red welts.

Cindy went wild, pulling and screaming, the metal cuffs slicing into her wrists like knifes. Blood oozed down her arms, deep red trails reaching her elbows and dripping onto the concrete floor.

She managed to struggle up against the bench, easing the pressure on her stretched leg. But Jack flogged the back of her left knee and thigh, beating at her asscheeks until they glowed from the blows.

Cindy felt her ass catch on fire. She thought she could feel her assflesh splitting open. The blazing agony of her whipped ass radiated to her cunt, making juice run from her pussy mouth to her thighs. Stripes appeared on her ass where the belt cut into her.

It was happening all over again! She was feeling that superheat prickling her clit, making the tiny nub rise from the surrounding moist meat and start to throb up to full hardness and length. It was all the girl could do to keep from gasping with delight each time the belt smacked down on her ass.

Jack could see, the subtle change in Cindy's attitude. He stopped for a moment, catching his breath, rubbing his upper arm while watching the girl's whipped ass roll sexily.

Grinning savagely, he began lashing her ass again. None of her exposed flesh was safe. Cindy clenched her asscheeks until they ached from the effort, trying to protect the sensitive ring of her asshole.

Jack beat farther up, flaying the skin from her shoulders.

Cindy moaned, the stripes across her lower back hurting her terribly. She thought she had no flesh left. Cindy felt despair flow through her.

With a wild, slashing overhead stroke, he brought the belt down on her asscrack, yanking her shitter out of shape with the leather.

Cindy snapped back to life, her eyes nearly bugging from her skull while she let out a wild shout. It felt as if he had yanked out her bowels!

She howled and shrieked, banging her knee against the workbench as she jerked and tried to move her ass from his beating. The incredible pain of the assault on her asshole had blasted up her spine to her brain. She jerked convulsively, her clit knotting up with tension while an uncontrollable spasm made her pussy muscles contract.

Jack laughed loudly behind her. He stopped the whipping long enough to jab two fingers into the narrow zone between her two holes.

Cindy shoved her ass back, trying to get away from those fingers pushing at her. His fingers shot first into her cunt, forcing the hot wet flesh open. The instant clenching of her cunt muscles around the invading, penetrating digits made Jack laugh again, knowing full well just how excited she was.

He ripped his hand away from her grasping cunt, wiping his fingers on his Levi's, then jamming them into her asshole and twisting them around.

Cindy threw her head back and howled, feeling those digits tearing into her shitter. She clawed at the splintery top of the workbench, her nails shattering from the force of her grasp while her arms knotted up painfully. A strange fire started around the rim of her whipped asshole as he slipped his fingers in and out, in and out, in a soft fucking motion. Cindy's hips went back, offering more of her ass to him.

Jack laughed, yanking the fingers from her asshole quickly.

Cindy felt as if a mass of knotted guts were ripped out with them. A twisted, lusty feeling in and around her asshole inflamed her pussy even more.

She let her head sag forward, hardly able to drag in a breath while her lungs felt as if they would explode from the tension.

Jack was moving behind her. But the girl didn't even move to discover what he was doing. She was too excited, too aroused to even make a move. Her clit glowed. Juice trickled maddeningly through the burned jungle of her matted cunt-hair while her thighs rippled with excitement.

Jack sighed behind her.

Cindy waited impatiently, wondering what else he had in store for her. She could feel the aching in her flesh more intensely now that the beating had stopped. Her cunt fluttered as her skin rippled, waiting for more blows.

It was then the girl felt his big hands grabbing the wide horns of her jutting hipbones. Cindy knew from the angle of his grip that he was going to fuck her. She bit down on her lower lip, expecting to feel the touch of his hot prick against her cunt at any second. Instinctively, shamelessly, the girl moved her ass back, providing him with an ideal target.

"Want it bad, huh? You can't wait to have a cock fuckin' hot and hard, huh?" His voice taunted her, humiliated her, excited her.

Cindy arched her back slightly, feeling the jab of something hot against her ass.

Then, with a sudden, piercing pain, the head of his prick bumped against her. But it wasn't her pussy Jack was going to fuck. Cindy realized with a horrified shock that the janitor was going to fuck her asshole!

The whipping had been a preparation for this, the belt heating the tiny hole until it finally winked wide open for his prickmeat.

Cindy let out a howl, shouting and screaming, feeling her whipped virgin asshole being stretched wide by his prick.

"No, no, stop it! Don't... don't do it there!" Cindy pleaded, hot tears blurring her vision.

Jack laughed in a nasty tone and fucked ahead.

Cindy screamed louder, her head snapped back, her eyes wild and rolling while her legs shivered and shuddered in agony. Her arms and legs knotted up with tension, her muscles hard and quivering while her tits jiggled back and forth. She felt the hot, tearing, stretching pain all around the outside of the gray-pink wrinkled flesh of her asshole. She felt as if he were tearing her asscheeks wide open with his bare hands, ripping her body in two from behind!

And when Jack dug his fingernails into her weeping wounds, Cindy thought she would surely lose consciousness again.

"Uhhhh... eaghghghhhh!"

The pressure against her asshole eased for a second.

Cindy didn't relax for an instant, however. Then Jack held his prickshaft against the rim of her shitter, shoving it in. It was like a huge rock pushing into her bowels, as more and more prick jammed into her relaxed asshole. Before the girl could even thick twice, half his cock was pushed into her asshole.

"No... no, uhhhhhh!"

Cindy felt the slickness of his prick fucking into her, stretching her shitter wide apart as she leaned against the workbench. Her cheeks puffed out as if she were holding her breath while those hot, lewd sensations raced from her violated asshole to her cunt.

She moved her ass as sensuously as she could, hoping to bring the janitor off as quickly as possible. But Jack was onto her tricks, slowing down his fucking moves while bending over her and biting the nape of her neck.

The teen let out a sharp, shriek, feeling that prick splitting her wide open. She felt the pain of his gradual fuck reaching higher and higher in her ass, making her weep and struggle.

Jack slipped both hands up to her tits, cupping them, then squeezing her stiff long nipples until Cindy was letting out more shrieks of agony. He squeezed and pinched harder as he slipped the rest of his cock all the way into her asshole. She could feel the thick, long, hard prick throbbing and jerking deep in her bowels.

Jack paused, then pulled his cock out, making the girl's arms and legs spasm against their bonds. Halfway withdrawn, the janitor shoved his cock back in, bringing more cries of horror and pain from the blonde.

Cindy felt herself flying to the ceiling, unsure of what was happening any longer as she struggled. The round, firm mounds of her ass flexed against his belly.

The sliding of his prick as it charged deeper in her bowels sent hot, shivery thrills of delight through her ass.

Cindy felt her bowels filling with the janitor's prick. It was like having a steady, growing, glowing load of hot lava being siphoned into her shitter. The girl thought she would surely cum.

But then Jack changed his tempo, fucking her ass more slowly, until Cindy moaned with frustration, wagging her ass against him.

"Uh! Ohh! Uhhh-huhhhhrrrrr!"

He was fucking her steadily now, crushing her nipples between his clawing fingers while slapping her ass with his sweaty belly. The fullness inside her ass was exciting her terribly. The heat stung her clit making her cunt wink shut while the incredible distention of her asstube made her belly seem full.

Jack's ass-ripping fucking was growing faster and faster. Her asshole burned from the friction as she felt her body shuddering from the fucking blows. Cindy didn't care how much it hurt now. It felt so wonderfully good!

The young girl jerked up and down, feeling the heat building up in her erect clit. The feeling built up quickly, becoming as important to her as the jabbing prick pistoning into her shitter.

Cindy grunted, rutting like a bitch, as she backed up and felt his prick start to spasm in her asshole. She winked it shut, gripping his shooting cock, feeling something very hot spattering into her guts. The juicy sliding of her cuntlips against one another as she moved and jerked her body added to the wild delight racing through her.

She was going to cum, cum with this prick in her ass. Jack was spraying his load up her ass, filling her up with his jizz, biting her neck again.

The girl felt her tits being mashed by his hands while her face hit the table until she felt bruised. But Cindy ignored all that. All she could feel was the cum-spitting prick in her ass and the earth-shattering power of her climax. A bubble of air escaped from her cunt again while Jack's cum oozed from her stretched asshole.

She came hard, feeling him clawing and beating her while more and more jizz shot into her winking asshole.

When it was over, Jack slid his cock out, staggering around for a while before unfastening the rope holding her ankle to the ladder.

Cindy lay down on the bench, listening to his threats, half-hearing what he was telling her as he began to untie her. Yes, she would obey him. No, she would never tell anyone about this.

Chapter SEVEN

Marie was glad all the gags and leather had been removed. She felt almost refreshed. If only Brad had let her rest a little. The beating, all those strange things attached to her body -- everything had made her mind race. Thank goodness the gold rings pinching her nipples were gone!

But now she lay on a small bench, her ass and shoulders hanging over the ends. He had drawn her arms down, roping each wrist to each leg behind her head, then puffing her legs wide and bringing them up to where two small eyehooks were embedded in the wall. Brad had slipped ropes through the hooks, looping them around her ankles and drawing them taut until the woman's legs were high and spread, her soles placed flat against the wall in front of her.

Marie wriggled her ass, feeling splintery pieces of wood stabbing into her buttocks. She shrugged her shoulders, feeling her muscles ache.

Marie thought someone else had come to the house. She had seen Brad leave after what she thought was the sound of a doorbell above her. There were walling, squeaking sounds above her as she lay bound to the bench.

There were sounds of someone descending the steps once more.

Marie tensed, feeling her cunt begin to warm in expectation. She was surprised to see a stranger walk into the room with Brad.

"Just got through over at the school," Jack said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Had a hot little twist really gettin' 'er ass fucked. Man, she looks somethin' like this number!"

"I envy you," Brad said, shaking his head. "You've got all those young cunts running around."

"Gotta be careful, though. But this one was askin' for it. She'll get more."

The man was a member of Brad's club, the one she'd heard him talk about before. The new man, Jack, was talking about the high school which Cindy attended.

Marie shuddered. She would have to caution her daughter about this man.

"She a live one?" Jack asked.

Brad nodded his head vigorously up and down.

"She can take anything... at least, I think so," he added.

"Hey, man, let's give 'er a try."

Marie watched as Jack picked up those gold rings again and clamped them onto her nipples, securing them firmly against her areolas and tugging them up to make sure they were secure.

Marie winced, shifting her ass from side to side. Next, he slipped two thin pieces of wire through the rings, wrapping one end tightly several times around each globe, then bringing them up until the resulting pressure lifted her tits from her chest.

Marie groaned, shuddering against the bench as she felt the nipple clamps biting into her tit-tips. He attached the wire to a low-hanging beam in which several small eyehooks had been screwed. Her tits were pulled up, stretched by the puffing tension, her nipples distended and pulled by the wire and clamps.

Brad watched as Jack busied himself between the woman's legs.

At first Marie thought he was going to fuck her. She half-expected to feel a prick slipping into her hot cunt-hole which was already wet for him. Just the thought of two men standing there staring at her naked body stretched on the bench drove her wild.

Raising her head from the bench, she saw the big man opening two more rings, larger than the others. Carefully stretching her cuntlips apart, he brought the first ring up to a position an inch below her clit, letting the spring snap shut. The sharp cutting edges of the ring bit into her soft cuntlip, making Marie jerk her ass off the bench.


It hurt, hurt badly!

She wriggled her ass, trying to shake off the painful thing chewing into her cuntlip. But the ring held firm.

Opening the second one, Jack clamped the ring onto her other cuntlips, letting the top snap shut on the puffy labe.

Marie shivered and shuddered. Looking again, Marie saw two wires dangling from her cuntal rings. Jack tugged at them, puffing her cuntlips apart. She winced, her face a mask of terrible pain as a pulse leaped through her throat. Jack drew one wire under the bench, pulling the second along with it, keeping her cuntlips well spread apart.

"Let's give the bitch some juice. We'll see just how hot she is," he suggested.

Brad laughed, strolling into the shadows and rustling around in the dark for a moment.

She heard a rolling sound and saw him reappear with a cart atop which sat a large gray box. There were dials in front, wires dangling from the bottom, a thick black cord stretching from behind it. She knew it was a generator! The wires! The rings! Marie's eyes widened, her mouth opening to let out a shout of horror. They were going to electrocute her!

"No, no, not that! Oh please, no... not that!"

She tugged at the ropes holding her arms stretched behind her head while her legs pulled wildly at the rings holding them apart.

The men attached the wires to the generator, tugging at her cunt-rings now and then to bring more shrill cries from her throat. It was Brad who took a large brown rubber wedge from the top of the generator and pushed it between her teeth, jamming it in until the beveled tip brushed against the back of her throat. The taste was awful!

Marie wondered how many other women had endured this, had bitten into the rubber wedge while these men tormented them. She watched, her screams dulling into throaty groans as they checked the large generator, then started up the machine.

Nothing happened at first.

Then Jack slipped his fingers around the control dial, twisting it to the first white notch.

Marie jerked her ass off the bench, feeling a dull throbbing pulse bite into her nipples and cunt. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling at all. She twisted her face into an expression of intense concentration, her breathing becoming shallow, rapid. The weight of the rings added to the sensation throbbing around her tits and pussy while her asshole puckered in fear.

"She likes it," Jack noted, twisting the dial. Marie panted, sweat beading on her forehead while her fingers curled and bit into her sweaty damp palms. Eke licked at her thighs, an unholy fire that made her excited as well as fearful of what was to follow.

Twisting the dial once more, Jack smiled.

"Uh!" she gasped.

It was more voltage than before, the electricity this time making her skin shiver while her nipples swelled up against the biting rings. She rocked her hips again, feeling the slippery rub of her cuntlips against one another while her head began to throb. Her nipples were prickling with the electricity while her cuntlips tingled deliciously. She breathed with raspy breaths, the perspiration adding to the conductivity of her flesh.

Turning her head, she looked at the machine, at the brightly lit dials. The needles were pulsing with the current, bobbing back and forth, indicating how much amperage was flowing through the wires into her body.

Jack turned the dial up another notch.

She shuddered, her ass jerking off the table as her muscles spasmed uncontrollably. She was twitching and jerking. Her thighs rippled while her arms and legs jerked against their bonds.

Moaning through the gag, Marie bit down onto the rubber, swallowing the foul mixture of awful-tasting spit. It washed down her throat, making her swallow more while the janitor turned the dial up yet another notch.

Arching her spine, Marie jerked her head from side to side. The rings felt like razor-sharp teeth tearing at her nipples and cuntlips. A dull ache throbbed through her belly while her asshole winked open and blew out a series of loud farts.

The woman cried again and again, her long blonde hair whipping across the floor while her ass bounced on the bench. She wanted to tear the rings off, wanted to be free of the killing pain that made her skull feel as if it were going to shatter.


Another jolt, this one blasting through her body like a firebomb!

Her hair whipped from side to side while a horrible pain streaked through her belly. It was as if the men were tearing her stomach open and yanking out fistfuls of her guts.

She could smell something -- the pungent aroma of her cunt juices frying in the heat of the voltage! Her cuntlips winked open and shut, the rings moving up and down while her cunt muscles clamped. Her tits swelled, nipples bloated and turning purple.

Marie screamed and shouted, then chomped down on the rubber wedge.

She thought her spine would shatter. Her bones ached and throbbed while her joints felt as if they were being pulled apart. Her body was bouncing and jerking hard against the bench, moving it inches on the hard floor as the wires bobbed and jerked against one another.


Jack twisted the dial up all the way, watching her closely as she shuddered like a runaway train.

Marie thought she would die from the agony throbbing through her body. Her mind shattered, bright lights exploding all around her while her eyelids fluttered. She had no control over her body now. The voltage had taken over. Her muscles shivered and tightened while her toes curled.

Prancing her ass like a wild woman, Marie jerked and writhed, her body frying under the electricity.

"Man, she's good, real good," Jack said, looking at the way her pussy juice fried under the voltage.

"Go ahead, man, fuck the bitch! She's gonna be crazy now with all that voltage going through her!"

Jack swept his hand over the dial, shutting down the machine suddenly.

Marie still jerked and yelped.

He strode up to her, yanking off the cuntal rings, then unzipping his filthy Levi's and pushing them from his legs. She saw his prick through a haze of pain and lust. When he took the wedge from between her teeth, she screamed at him, wanting to tear his face off, yet, at the same time, wanting him to fuck her senseless. He knocked her back against the bench with a backhanded blow, climbing onto the groaning small stool and tugging her head back by the hair.

"No, uhhhh, no, no!"

He rubbed his prickhead into her winking pussy.

Marie felt more heavy juices flowing from her cunt. She was confused, stunned, while he rolled his hips and shoved his prick against the top of her cunt-mound.

Marie groaned at the pain, jerking her hips toward him.

"Uhhhh!" she sighed.

His prick pressed right over her clit.

Marie cried out, her body arching up from the small bench. She could feel her own electric charge seeping from the hot button of her clit to her pussy. She rocked her ass from side to side, feeling him gouging her pussy open.

She groaned again, pulling at the bonds, laughing and weeping as he sucked and bit at her neck. Every tearing bite sent shivers down her throat. It was as if the wires were still hooked up to her. And then he tugged at the wires holding her tits up, watching as the rings bit more savagely into her nipples.

"Eaghghhghghh!" Marie shrieked, fearing he would rip her tit-tips off.

Jack slid his prick into her greasy cunt-crack, pushing it hard while staring down at her at the same time. His eyes bored down into her soul, making her shiver.

The woman pulled and yanked at the ropes cutting into her flesh. It felt good, shamelessly good. She watched his lips working against one another, his eyes blazing while he reached up and tugged violently at the wires attached to her tit rings.

Marie broke her fingernails against the bench as she felt him sliding that thick tower of prickmeat into her. She wanted that prick, needed it. The more those rings cut into her nipples, the more stinging became the delight in her cunt.

Jack shoved down hard, his hipbones rubbing against hers. That was all the woman needed.

When the wide-flared cockhead pressed against her cunt sphincter, Marie felt the steamy, belly-filling tension starting up in her crotch. She moved her hips from side to side, pressing her cunt onto his prick.

The janitor grunted, shoving in, a greasy, slippery slide that sent her cunt into tremors of delight. Marie felt herself flying off the bench as he dropped down and sealed his mouth onto hers. The electricity, the amperage, everything that seared her body, drove her higher and higher into delight.

She felt his prick swelling in her cunt, jerking around, as the woman surrendered to the sweaty ecstasy of being fucked while being bound.

Marie groaned again, feeling his cock-knob slide deeper into her cunt. She contracted her cunt muscles, milking his cock without moving her hips.

Jack grunted, shaking the sweat from his head while puffing from her mouth. He fucked down hard again, jerking his hips from left to right, making the rising heat in her cunt steam through her belly.

His cock was plowing through her packed pussy meat. She swiveled as much as she could, feeling the stabbing sensation of the splinters pricking her sweaty asscheeks.

Rolling her head to one side, she saw Brad and wished somehow that he could be there fucking her as well, stabbing his prick into her body. Two pricks in her at the same time! The thought drove her wild.

Marie grunted, rolling her ass up, feeling her asscheeks hanging in mid-air while flashes of joy exploded again and again from her clit. As she felt him grinding against her harder, she also felt the long bar of his prick fucking deeper.

Marie screamed, the need for release taking up all her concentration.

Jack shoved his big hands under her whipped asscheeks, his fingernails scraping into the large purple welts swelling on her flesh. He forced her into the rhythm of fucking.

Marie could hear herself sobbing out her delight, feeling those rings stabbing again and again into her nipples until she thought they would rip from her tits. She ground her clit against him, loving the swelling sensations in her belly. Every bump of his cock against her clit sent the woman higher and higher.

She felt her pussy stretching thin as sweat dripped from her tits and sides. He was all the way into her once more, his balls pillowed against her upturned asshole while his hands slapped her across the face again and again. He was savaging her while fucking her, his fingers threatening to crush her jaw, shatter her skull. The more he struck her, the more wild Marie became, bucking her ass up until she thought the bench would collapse and break in two.


He dug his fingernails into her ass. Marie's thighs were burning, juice spraying from her cunt-hole to put out the fire raging in her pussy. Her body was melting while he fucked faster and faster. In a few moments Marie couldn't tell one fuck-stroke from the other. There was a hot fluttering sensation between her thighs. The woman screamed again, feeling as if her body were on fire. That angry fire around her cunt-mouth spread, exploding. She cried out, her belly bulging with excitement. Marie exploded, feeling the hard, heavy jolt of her cum blasting through her. She wept and struggled, her body bouncing against the bench while the big man fed in spurt after spurt of his fizz.

Feeling his good had to be bad, she thought, weeping and gasping as the final throbs of her climax ebbed.

Jack braced his hands on either side of her shoulders, slowly pulling his dripping cock from her cunt.

"Christ! She's almost better than that little bitch I serviced at school!" Jack said, staggering to one side.

"You gotta be careful about those kids," Brad said frowning. "I warned you about that. Once the principal hears about it..."

Jack waved his hand in disgust, pulling on his pants while winking at Marie. "Don't worry about it. This kid ain't gonna talk. She likes it too much -- just like this bitch."

Brad looked at Marie, scratching his chin thoughtfully. "In that case, maybe we should introduce the two of them some time later."

Marie sighed.

Chapter EIGHT

Two long weeks had passed since the last session.

It was all Cindy could do to hide her injured wrists from public view. She'd taken to wearing long sleeves, bathing her sore flesh in private, always worrying that her mother would discover her wounds. But soon she realized her mother too was acting secretive. She was dropping things, especially when the phone rang.

And now and then Cindy caught Marie rubbing her shoulders as if she'd been struck from behind. Cindy knew that feeling. Her shoulders ached too from the awful treatment she'd endured under the hands of that man.

Billy had transferred to another school without a word of warning, baffling some of his teammates and teachers. But Cindy blushed when she heard about it. The kids all looked at her, figuring it was some romantic quarrel that had broken him up. But Cindy knew better. He had been tested, he felt, and had failed in his manhood.

Somehow, Billy's departure made Jack more attractive in an insane sort of way.

It was the beginning of the third week, just when she was leaving the gym after helping to decorate the walls for Friday's Halloween prom when she ran into Jack.

He was standing in the doorway, leaning heavily against the molding while he looked casually at the orange and black decorations overhead.

"A buddy of mine told me I had to be careful around you. Said I couldn't trust you. Is he right?" Jack said, his voice low and threatening.

Cindy nearly fell through the floor, hugging her black notebook against her tits while looking over her shoulder to make sure none of the kids noticed them.

The other kids were all gathered around laughing at something in the corner.

Cindy slipped into the shadows, careful to keep a distance from the big, handsome janitor. She started to open her mouth to speak, then thought better of it. Let him take the lead.

"I'm not going... to say anything," Cindy said hesitantly, feeling her heart sinking.

He was after her again. She could see it in his eyes. They were hungry, savage, like the eyes of a wolf. Her flesh crawled while her heart beat so wildly that she thought it would tear through her chest.

"Good. You're gonna come with me then," he said, taking her by the elbow and pulling her after turn.

Cindy resisted, pulling back, her face blanching with fear.

"But my mother..."

"You'll call her and tell her you're at this fuckin' thing," Jack said, raising his voice.

One of the girls turned around. "Are you okay, Cindy?"

"Uh-huh, Lisa. It's all right," Cindy called back, waving cheerfully.

"Good. That's real good, and smart. Now call her and get ready."

Cindy could have said no. She could have run back to the gym and sought help. But instead she walked quickly to the phone and dialed home, breathlessly telling her mother about her extra work and not to worry because one of the girls' fathers would drive her home.

Jack smiled, taking her once more by the elbow and dragging her down the dimly lit hall.

No one was around as she shuffled behind him, dropping papers as she stumbled toward the door. Cindy was surprised they were outside now, heading for a small blue van. It was Jack's van.

She sat quietly, her hands in her lap as he swung the door shut, started the engine, then steered the mini-van south toward Brad's.

When they arrived at the house, Cindy was too frightened to talk.

There were lights on in the front room. She could see movement through the drawn shades over the large bay window.

He opened the door for her, pushing her books to the floor and dragging her in. It had happened so quickly.

Whoever was inside had already stepped to one side as Jack shoved the young teen in.

Cindy stumbled, tumbling to the floor and rolling to one side. She drew her legs up quickly, scooting back until her spine was pressed against a brown wing chair.

"So, this is the hot little slut you were talking about when we had Marie over."

Marie? Cindy froze, staring wide-eyed at the two men over her. No. It was a coincidence, she was sure. Her mother would never ever be caught with people like this. She was far too good, far too square for this kind of thing.

"Rope 'er up and take her downstairs to the playroom. I've got the other one coming over. Seems she had a change of plans and can make it after all..." Brad said, tapping the toe of his boot against Cindy's side, then hefting it savagely against her lower ribs.

Cindy cried, doubling over, feeling as if her ribs were cracking under the blow. The young girl could hardly move.

Brad kicked her again, driving the toe of his boot right up into her asscrack this time. Cindy jerked forward, her arms flying out to either side of her body while her knees dug into the rug. She curled her fingers, digging the tips into the soft carpeting as she struggled to catch her breath.

Jack bent down, scooping her up from the carpet and half-carrying, half-dragging the gasping teen. Her arms dangled down, her fingertips scraping over the floor as she felt his hands pushing into her belly.

They were taking her down a narrow staircase now. She could smell the dampness and guessed it was some kind of cellar. Brad was busy taking off her jersey, the material frictioning against her nipples.

Brad stopped for a second, hefting her tits, cupping the rounded bottoms and squeezing them. He made her pink nipples stand out, something Cindy blushed furiously about.

"And modest too," he observed ironically. "Yeah? Wait 'til she gets a cock in her. She don't stop cryin' then!"

Cindy felt her body shivering again. She stood there, feeling Brad's fingers pulling down her skirt, then gathering around her panties and jerking them to her ankles. He was obviously pleased with what he saw. His hands couldn't stop pawing her, his fingers busy stroking her pussy until the girl felt that prickly heat start to tingle all around her clit.

She felt her knees rubbing against one another as they pushed her back, upending her until she found herself flat on her ass, stark-naked, her back pressed against the cinderblock wall behind her. The floor was filthy -- grease and oil that reminded Cindy painfully of her ordeal in the school basement.

She stared hotly at Jack and wondered for one mad moment if he were going to piss on her once more. The thought made her shudder as she drew her legs up under her ass.

"Get the water hoses. But first let's get the bitch secure."

Brad and Jack worked quickly, holding Cindy against the wall while roping her wrists to two small rings.

Cindy watched as Jack slipped half-inch line around her tight wrist, looping it through the metal ring and securing it with a figure-eight knot. Brad did the same thing to her left arm, cinching the rope tight and drawing her arms out far from her body.

Cindy moved her naked ass back and forth, feeling the wall behind her. They left her legs free.

Jack moved to one side, quickly returning with two candles. He lit them, giving one to Brad. The janitor held it in front of Cindy, the girl flinching back, her eyes blinking rapidly while her tits rose and fell rapidly.

"She likes pain... and heat, man. She likes anything that sets her cunt going," Jack mocked, bringing the fire up to within an inch of her face.

Cindy let out a gasp, her chest tightening as she felt the glowing heat against her cheeks. The fire was reddening her flesh, making her breathe with raspy gulps. She could smell something more than the burning tallow however. It was her own cunt burning with excitement. The smell of her pussy was growing stronger and stronger as Jack knelt and gently stroked her curd.

"You've got such a pretty slit, and the hair over it's like silk," he hissed, the candle trembling in his fingers. "It's a shame if something happens to that sweet tight, hot, little thing. And it smells real good too."

Brad laughed, bringing his candle down to her tits.

Cindy cried out again, feeling the hot stinging heat of the fire flickering close to her nipples. Her long pink nipples erected, the flames reddening the areas around her areolas. She felt her shoulders rubbing against the cinderblock wall while her brain seemed to buzz wildly. He was watching her closely, his lips pressed tightly together as he brought the fire up to her right nipple and let the orange pointy end of the flame finally brush over the nub.

"Eaghghghghhghh!" Cindy threw her head back, slamming her skull against the wall while her feet danced wildly on the floor.

The hot fire was burning her, singeing her nipples!

Jack brought his candle up to her thighs, making tile teen scream again while she drew her thighs together, folding one leg over the other.

The men laughed, Brad moving the fire from her nipple for the moment, then bringing it back to her other nub. Again the teen shrieked, her fingers clawing at the ropes.

Cindy thought she would faint. The pain became excruciating around her burned nipples.

Brad moved the flame back and forth, back and forth, letting the orange tip of the fire burn into her tit-flesh. It was more than the girl could bear. Again and again Cindy begged them to stop.

Brad moved the fire up to her nipple and let the flame kiss her flesh. She screamed, her yoke shrilling, as she jerked away from the horrid fire.

But the big man was always ready for her, ready to bring that fire back to her tit-tips.


Jack brought his candle up when Brad finally took the fire from her tits for the moment. She felt the warmth again and sighed, feeling despair settle over her. She saw his eyes glittering with joy and excitement. She felt the fire against her shoulders, then moving down her belly. He purposely kept the flame near her flesh, singeing the fine blonde fuzz that covered her tummy.

It was when he brought the flame down toward her cunt that the teen began to worry once more. She wrinkled her forehead, beads of sweat forming once again while perspiration oozed from under her arms. She took in huge, gusting breaths while her toes curled against the basement floor.

As he brought the candle between her legs, Cindy looked down and saw his prick swelling against the front of his Levi's. The smell of her singed cunt-hairs was like an aphrodisiac to him. He grinned at her, his smile becoming more and more hellish as the fire licked up her rippling thighs and burned her flesh even more.

Jack waved the fire inches from her cunt.

Cindy's jaw was set firmly, pulses of terror and excitement leaping through her throat. She was feeling delight once again, even as the fire toyed with her clit. Burning wax dripped from the candle, dappling her cunt with tallow while the heat seemed to advance up into her cunt.

Cindy twisted and sobbed against the ropes, her hair curtaining her flushed face. Now that savage sharp heat was lancing into her cunt as his prick had done so many times. The helpless girl shivered as the flame seemed to envelop her inner cuntlips.

"Oh please, no, don't... don't burn me!" she pleaded.

There were more crackling sounds, sounds that told the young girl that they were burning more of her pussy hairs. She could smell that odor, and it sickened her.

Turning, Cindy gasped, feeling the flame burning her inner thighs once again. She tensed, her body shuddering.

Cindy let out a whooshing sound as Jack brought the fire right up to her clit. The tiny organ shrank back while her legs beat against the wall. Juice oozed from her cunt, drops dripping onto the candle and hissing it dead.

"Well, I'll be damned!" Jack muttered, turning the extinguished candle around and examining the blackened wick.

"Here, try mine," Brad said.

Jack took the second candle and held it up to Cindy's face for a moment, bringing it down rapidly and shoving it, flame and all, up into her cunt.

"Yaghghghhghhh!" she screamed.

It was as if someone had pushed a blowtorch into her cunt!

Cindy's legs shot out, her arms knotting up in awful spasms while she snapped her head back and let out a series of savage yells. She thought she was going to pull the walls down the way she was jerking her arms. Her cunt was burning! They were setting her on fire!

Her knees snapped together, her thighs rubbing violently against one another while more juice flowed from her pussy.

"She's out."

Cindy passed out from the horrid pain that clawed its way like a wild animal into her belly. The flame had extinguished itself almost immediately in her hot, tumid pussy. But Cindy had thought it would burn on forever, engulfing her entire body.

Her nightmares were interrupted by a cold smashing sensation around her head and belly. She awoke with a start, coughing, her hands round her belly, her damp hair plastered to her skull.

She was crumpled on the floor now, the ropes having been removed. At first Cindy looked down at her cunt, terrified she would find nothing but a swollen, burned mass of flesh. But, thank goodness, the men had been more careful than she'd thought. Her cunthairs had been burned away. But everything else was all right.

She sighed with relief, pushing her wet hair from her eyes and looking around. They were there, the two of them holding something in their hands. Cindy let out a sharp cry, crawling away while shaking her head. At first she thought they were holding automatic weapons pointed right at her head. Soon, she thought, she would feel the dull thudding of the slugs in her belly.

Then something happened that took her breath away.

A blast of hot water smashed into her ribcage, just as savage and powerful as the kick that she'd received from Brad.

Cindy struggled to stay on her feet from the initial blow. She slid on the wet floor.

"No!" Cindy glared at them, covering her jiggling tits with both hands.

Then the next blast of water caught her unawares. The water hit her around her ankles, knocking her down to the floor.

Cindy tried to struggle back up once more. But Jack was directing the stream at her crotch.

It felt so good after that fire that had nearly burned her cunt away. She felt her cuntlips fluttering open while a lusty flash of fire exploded around her clit.

Cindy doubled up, her mouth opening wide as that blast of water paralyzed her with erotic delight.

Chapter NINE

Both men were training their hoses on her, Jack having stepped to the left while Brad moved to the right to prevent Cindy from running away.

She felt as if two hot hands were beating her again and again. The water was just hot enough to make her sweat. She rolled onto her belly now, trying to get her cunt away from the moving stream. Her long hair dragged behind her, tangling around her throat as she fought to get away from the men.

"Yeah, baby, that's it, crawl, crawl for it!" Jack shouted over the sound of the rushing water.

He moved behind her for a moment, flipping the long hose to one side while gripping the nozzle with both hands.

Cindy let out a cry. She felt the water shooting straight up between her shivering legs. It was like having a huge tongue sticking into her asshole and pussy at the same time. She let out another cry, her slick body moving like a snake on the floor. She didn't dare turn to face the stream. The force of the hot water would surely drown her.

She tried to turn sideways, keeping her back to them. Her flesh reddened from the friction of the rushing stream while her burned nipples began to stiffen painfully once more.

"Uhhh... no more, no more! Please! No more -- lemme go!"

"You came here on your own, baby," Jack mocked, directing the stream at her head. "You gotta play the game."

Brad moved around again, directing the stream against every part of her body. The girl tried to keep her face and tits away from him. But there was never a chance. She had to lie prone on the floor.

With a good deal of effort, Cindy pushed her head up, staring wildly around her.

"Uh!" she grunted.

Jack had kicked her in the chin, the force of that blow knocking her head back and jerking her body around until she found herself lying on her back.

Brad hosed her tits, driving her nipples into the firm flesh of her areolas. The girl cried out, throwing her arms around her tits. She could feel each tit aching with arousal, throbbing with the same pulse as her cunt. The outside heat of the hosing water and the inner heat of her lust combined to make her pant as much from excitement as from the battle with the hoses.

Cindy put her hands over her face, feeling like scum.

Both men were playing the hoses over her clitzone and cunthole, making the girl's hips rise and fall in a fucking movement. Cindy let out a cry of pain, shame and lust, letting her raised knees fall open. She tried to stop the insane rising of her cunt heat by holding her hands over the wet triangle of her pussy hair. Nothing worked. Her hips still rolled around while her ass skidded on the floor.

Each time the girl moved her hands over her pussy, Jack or Brad blasted at her asshole or her nipples. The splashing waves of water bounced off her tits, filling her nostrils and mouth.

Cindy turned her head to one side, coughing and gasping for air. She couldn't hide the lascivious heat from their eyes. She knew she was rutting like a beast in front of them. The sheer power in the water, however, beat her flesh like a whip until she had no control over how she acted. It wouldn't be long, she knew, before she would cum.

She rolled her hips lasciviously, like a whore. It was starting to feel more and more erotic. The mass of hot tight sensations between her legs was becoming more delightful. The water was beating at her clit, making her gasp and thrash. Gritting her teeth, she tried to force herself over the peak. She wanted to feel that pulsing, vibrating release that would tear through all her muscles.

"Uhhhh!" she grunted.

Jack moved his stream under her tits, hefting them up until the ruby-red lips were rubbing up against her chin. Then the stream moved back to her cunt again, this time the blast opening the throbbing flesh around her cunt. It was like a huge mouth sucking at her pussy, while at the same time a prick was fucking her.

Cindy fell back, writhing on the floor while the water gurgled down the basement drain. She groaned, tensing.

Jack played the hose around her outspread thighs now. Only the softer, reflected drops hit her cunt. The water bounced from the floor to slick down the undersides of her thighs, then slashed back and froth across her asscheeks.

Cindy raised her ass up, putting her hands on her asscheeks lewdly and trying to angle her cunt into the stream. She was spreading herself for the water, feeling the vulgar thrill of the blast against the ring of her shitter.

Now the force of the water had aroused every part of her lust. The girl had never felt the extreme budding need build in her like this. Even the insides of her thighs ached for release. It was there, just out of reach.

She rolled her hips, seeking out that last bit of sensuality that would push her over the edge. It came with the force of a terrorist bomb. She went completely out of control. The gut-wrenching cum ripped through her like a runaway freight train. Her flesh tightened as she writhed on the floor. She felt her cunt throbbing harder and harder, taking the strength from her like a siphon.

Cindy rolled back onto her belly, dragging her body toward the wall while her pussy spasmed powerfully. The girl cried out, throwing her head back as if someone had kicked her in the belly. She was climbing halfway up the wall when her arms collapsed.

She slid back down onto the concrete, sobbing and crying out, her fingers plowing into the swollen mushy heat of her throbbing pussy. Her fingers clawed at the fat pussylips, her nails greased with her juices as she felt those itchy spasms become more intense.

Cindy could hardly breathe as she rolled onto her back and kicked her legs in the air.

"Oh! Oh, it's good! So goooooood!"

"I told you the bitch'd go nuts," Jack said, turning off, his hose.

Brad followed, throwing the hose to the floor while watching the young teen rut. "I haven't used this for a long time. Don't know why I stopped. Wait. I think the other one's here. Heard the bell."

"I'll keep the bitch busy down here," Jack promised, watching as Cindy fell into silence, her arms stretched to either side of her body.

It was all the teen could do to breathe! Brad was upstairs with someone. She could hear loud conversation through the half-opened basement door.

Jack was standing over her, fondling his prick through his Levi's, staring at her. Cindy's climax had taken nearly all her strength and will. She could care less, she thought at the time, if he raped her right there.

Jack bent down, taking her wrist and dragging her like a sack across the wet floor. Her legs dangled behind her, her head lolling to the side as she caught glimpses of the overhead lights.

There was cursing coming from upstairs. She heard a shriek, then a dull heavy thud against the floor.

Jack pulled her back up to the wall with the rings. For a moment Cindy thought he was going to tie her back up like a piece of meat. She watched him take several pieces of rope from a table, jamming them in his hind pockets while rolling her onto her belly. Cindy didn't even offer resistance. What was the use?

There were more crashing sounds upstairs while she felt Jack pulling her arms back behind her. He roped her hands together, drawing them back until they were nearly touching her calves.

Cindy groaned, lifting her head and shoulders as best she could from the floor to ease the pulling pressure on her back.

Jack next bound her ankles to her wrists, holding them between his arms and chest for support while looping the half-inch line around her legs and arms. She had been hog-tied, roped like an animal. Her body was in a giant U shape now, her arms stretched back behind her, her legs bent up until the balls of her feet were nearly touching the back of her skull.

The janitor next slipped a thicker rope through the ring, tugging it hard and looking down at the trembling girl. Cindy felt him threading the rope around the line that bound her wrists to her ankles. He was using it like a winch, slowly raising her body from the floor.

Cindy winced, feeling the pressure immediately against her spine. Struggling, she realized any movement on her part would injure her. Still it was so difficult to keep still.

Her thighs rubbed against the wall as Jack hauled her up until her body hung bent backward that way nearly thirty-six inches from the floor.

Looking up, she saw the awful bulge that pressed against his zipper. Jack secured the rope, testing it once, before he reached down and pulled his zipper open.

"Now, suck it!"

She had no choice. Her body ached so much from this awkward position, the ropes cutting into her flesh. She would do anything to take her mind off the pain, even suck his prick. She saw and smelled his cock -- a fat, large smelly thing that sprang up.

Grabbing a fistful of her hair, Jack yanked her head up and slipped his slimy cock into her mouth. Cindy choked. He slapped her face. The weight of his hefty prick scraped her front teeth. He warned her what would happen if she tried to bite him.

Cindy felt his cock filling her mouth, stretching her jaws until they ached. His cock wiggled against her teeth. His prick rubbed along the insides of her mouth, the movements slowly making the girl forget about the awful pain in her back and shoulders. She could feel the pressure against the back of her throat, and she knew he was mouth-fucking her.

She tried not to gag, fearing that she would vomit on his prick. Her nostrils flared.

Jack was caressing her face, his fingers fluttering around her forehead as she tightened her lips and wriggled her tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock. She could taste something bleachy coating her mouth, making her swallow. She was exciting him terribly. She could tell that from the way he was sweating and grunting, from the way his hips were pile-driving against her face. Her teeth scraped sensuously against his big cockshaft, drawing put more pleasure for both of them.

"Goddamned little slut... uhhhh! Move that tongue, like that! Oh man, like... fuck! Gonna shoot!"

She felt his fingers pressing against the sides of her skull while long sticky blasts of cum blasted against the back of her throat. She swallowed and choked, swallowed and choked again. Taking that much prick down her throat was almost too much for her.

Jack wouldn't let her go as he finished dumping his load of spunk down into her belly.

It was only while he was puffing his cock out that Cindy realized Brad had returned with a woman who was half-clothed.

In an instant both women looked at one another and froze.

Chapter TEN


Cindy couldn't help blurting out the word, but the girl couldn't withhold her surprise.

Marie was too mortified to speak. She looked at the startled men, feeling as if the floor had fallen from under her. Thousands of questions circled her mind. But one unmistakable fact faced her -- Cindy had somehow fallen prey to these men.

"Well, well," Jack said, winking at Brad. "Looks like we scored pretty fuckin' well. A Goddamned mother-daughter act!"

"Don't hurt her!" Marie said with anger rising in her voice.

She could see cum dripping from her daughter's lips, and she guessed only too well what had already happened. The marks on Cindy's body told the rest.

Marie wheeled around, her fingers clenched, waiting to pound her fists into the first man who approached either her or Cindy.

Brad grabbed her hands, twisting them around and behind her while forcing her to the floor. Marie let out a sharp cry of pain, her knees buckling under her, her body sinking to the concrete.

Cindy wailed, jerking her body against the awful bonds holding her in that same awkward, obscene position. She cried, not believing what she was seeing.

There was more tearing of clothes as the two men fell on the hapless woman, stripping her as if she were a rag doll, shoving and pushing her until only remnants of her bra and panties clung to her body.

Marie wheeled around, thrashing her fists wildly in the air as Brad stepped quickly behind her and brought down one hand in a slicing blow against the back of her neck. She shrieked, her head snapped back while she fell forward with a thud onto the floor.

"Get her legs up... over there, right above her fuckin' daughter," Brad said, nodding at two hooks driven into a low wooden beam running above Cindy.

Marie struggled through a numbing fog, feeling Jack roping her ankles together, dragging her over to her daughter and holding the rope tightly while Brad pulled a small stepladder to the wall and climbed to the top. Carefully he grabbed the end of the rope, holding it high and slipping it through one of the two eyehooks.

Slowly stepping down, he pulled the rope toward the floor, hauling her legs higher and higher until Marie could feel the weight of her body resting on her shoulders. She came to, writhing like a snake, jerking and clawing at the ropes.

Cindy cried out again, the tears blinding her as she watched her mother being lifted up from the floor, her body rising like a slender side of beef until her shoulders were clear of the concrete.

Marie's hair swept over the floor, her arms dangling down as Brad continued to pull on the taut rope. Overhead the woman could hear the eyehooks groaning with her weight as Marie felt the rope chewing into her ankles. They jerked her higher, each move becoming painful to her knees and hip joints.

In another moment, Marie felt her toes brushing against the overhead beam. She twisted like a swag lamp in a semi-circle, her eyes catching sight now of her daughter's cunt. She could smell the girl's arousal and she knew that Cindy had experienced the same kind of forbidden joy she had wallowed in these past few weeks. Her heart sank as she thought of what more they would endure.

"There. Got 'er locked in," Brad said, securing the free end of the rope.

He walked up to Marie, catching her by the hips and twisting her around until her face was even with Cindy's blonde pussy. Grinning, he pushed her forward until Marie felt her daughter's cunt brushing against her lips.

She pulled back, twisting her head away and spitting out the bleachy taste that coated her slick lips. Brad shoved her back against Cindy's cunt.

The girl squirmed, knotting her arms against the bonds while she tried to draw her legs protectively over her pussy. Her mother was eating her pussy! Her cheeks flamed red while her heart raced. This had to be the most shameful thing yet!

"Go an, baby, have a feast. Here, we'll give you somethin' to make you hot!" Brad said as Jack came up with a twelve-inch steel dildo attached to a small box. "Battery-operated. Not as good as the generator, but good enough for this."

Marie's mouth widened, her eyes bulging as she felt him screwing in the steel prick deep in her ass. Her thighs rippled while she jerked from side to side, feeling her tits bumping against her chin.

The big man pushed the dildo up into her bowels, her ass-guts kinking painfully while her belly rippled in revolt. With only a few inches of the metallic probe sticking from her stretched shitter, Marie felt Brad fumbling around behind her. In a moment the dildo began to vibrate rapidly, its movements sending tipples of lust rushing through her ass and smashing into her cunt. At the same time a light, stinging current sparked into her body, making her flesh rise into goosepimples.

Jack laughed at her, helping Brad push her forward until her lips once more bumped against Cindy's pussylips.

"Ooooowwww! Oh, Mother! Oh, ohhh! What's happening to me?" Cindy twisted against the ropes, holding her arms out wide, feeling her mother's tongue begin wagging back and forth in her dark, moist pussymeat. She was feeling tingles down there, prickly tingles along with the silky licking along the insides of her outer cuntlips.

The girl, sighed, closing her eyes and finding herself giving into the delightful feelings. She bucked back, her ass flattening against the wall while her cunt winked shut on her mother's wagging tongue.

"Go for it, bitch! That's it! Eat out your daughter! She digs it!" Brad encouraged.

Marie wagged her tongue deep into Cindy's hot little pussy, tasting her daughter's flowing juices while Cindy wiggled her ass against the wall.

Tears flowed from Cindy's eyes while her thighs rippled with the forbidden pleasure burning between her legs.

Marie felt her daughter writhing and twisting in front of her. She forgot about the blood rushing to her head, the way her body was straining against the ropes cutting into her ankles. The dildo shoved up her ass was sending more sparks into her bowels, making her organs shiver while her sphincter tightened, relaxed, then tightened again against the invading thing. All she thought of now was that delightful hot, furry muff wriggling up against her mouth as she stabbed her tongue in and out, in and out like a tiny cock. She could hear Cindy's whimpering, could feel her warm cuntmeat juicing more and more as they both edged up toward climax.

In a moment she felt the wild spasms shaking over her daughter. She hunched and shivered, her pussy trembling. She stuck her tongue in furiously, wriggling it up to Cindy's clit while the dildo seemed to climb another inch into her ass.

Marie let out a howl, wild explosions hitting her again and again as she gasped into her daughter's cunt, sticking her tongue in and holding it as stiffly as she could.

Cindy was crying, her voice frantic, tight, high-pitched, telling Marie and the others that she was cuming.

Finally Marie collapsed, feeling Cindy's cunt slackening against her probing tongue while the juices stopped flowing. Her body spasmed once more, then reined completely while the dildo shoved up her ass continued to sputter and vibrate against her bowels.

Marie curled her toes, feeling a warm glow settle over her flesh. It felt so good.

Brad shut off the sparking machine, twisting it around and puffing it from her violated asshole with a greasy pop. He let Marie swing back away from her daughter, her nipples caressing her chin.

Marie was glad she couldn't see her daughter. She was too ashamed. She had done awful things, and Cindy had liked them! Her daughter moaned softly as the men pulled on the ropes and let her body slide down to the floor.

Cindy fell into a fetal position, curling her legs up and resting her chin on her knees while locking ha hands around her ankles. They dragged her to a small stool, throwing her onto it, while they continued to leave Marie dangling from the ceiling.

Marie saw her daughter upside down as Brad held her and whispered something to his friend.

Jack was grinning hellishly, rubbing his palms together, before he rushed off. He was gone for some time.

Marie heard clattering sounds.

Every now and then Brad would shout something while Cindy just sat there, her eyes staring off into space.

Marie shuddered against the rope.

There were more clanking sounds.

Marie wrenched her body, swinging it from side to side, trying to rise up once more and reach the bonds that gripped her ankles. It was useless! It was then when she saw Jack reappear with something in his hand. It was a branding iron, the circular disc at the end glowing red from heat!

Cindy came alive when she caught sight of the thing, throwing back her head and shrieking while her legs kicked out.

Brad held onto her firmly, pinning her arms behind her back until her tits jutted out firmly. The girl went wild! Her hair splashed around her head while her feet kicked back and forth, nearly upending the stool. She screamed and howled like an animal, no longer the daughter Marie knew. Her face was twisted in agony while spittle frothed from the corners of her mouth.

When Jack brought the branding iron up between her thighs, Cindy pissed on herself, losing all control while her body arched up from the stool. Jack's back blocked most of the action, but Marie could hear her daughter's screams turn into a sustained wail that shattered her eardrums.

Cindy screamed and screamed, the smell of burning flesh filling the room immediately. There was a harsh smacking sound, then silence.

Marie watched, horrified, as her daughter slumped to the ground, an ugly red burn mark branded on her left thigh.

"That's to let her know who owns her. Now, for the mother-bitch!" Brad snarled.

Marie's eyes swept over her daughter's body, then came back to Jack as he disappeared back behind the furnace.

Brad was holding her hipbones now, twisting her body, examining her thighs.

"He's heating it up again in a bowl I've got back there made for just this occasion," Brad explained, tracing one fingertip along her right thigh.

Marie shuddered at his touch, unable to comprehend what was happening to her.

"This, you might say, is the culmination of the evening. You and your daughter. That was a nice surprise. Now both of you belong to us," he said, finding the exact spot that he would brand.

"No, no, you're wrong! You'll never own us! We're not slaves!"

Brad laughed, shaking his head as Jack returned once again with the burning iron.

Marie broke off her protests, her mouth growing dry while her hair stood on end. She saw the burning disc, saw the glowing red circle of iron as it came closer to her. She started screaming. She clenched her fists, swinging them at the men as they held her.

She could feel the hot branding iron up against her flesh! They were going to burn her alive! Her flesh quivered, as the heat grew more and more intense.


There was pressure, then an incredible sense of coldness. That quickly changed to a hellish heat, a burning that seared her.

Marie let out another cry, then fell silent, her hanging, twisting body smoldering under the attack of the branding iron. The room was strangely quiet for the first time in hours.

"Mother, do you think he'll like me in black, or should I just wear the sweater?"

"The sweater will be fine, dear. Don't worry about it. We won't be wearing much later anyway."

Marie stood by the door, the car keys dangling from one hand. She wished Cindy would hurry. They would be late, and she shivered to think of what punishment Brad would mere out if that happened.

How strange, she thought. How odd it was that she and Cindy were doing this as if they were going to the market.

Cindy skipped to the front door, gave her mother a happy peck on the cheek, then entered the car.

Another night had begun.


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