Secretary in bondage

How many of us live through the pressure of monotonous workday, wondering when it will all end? How many hide their secret torments in fear of society's response? Everyone has dreams of times to come that will bring success, wealth, and the possibility of eternal happiness.

When Elaine Thomas is just on the verge of seeing her dreams come true, all is shattered and broken in an emotional trauma she had own considered. She thought she had arrived at the end of the rainbow only to find a flood where the water ran wild and deep and no life boat was in sight.

Just as Elaine feels all hope is lost forever, the SECRETARY IN BONDAGE finds the truth and happiness we all seek.

Chapter ONE

"Give it to me, Harry!" the woman cried, as the giant cock went into her waiting red-furred pussy with a squishing sound. The edge of the desk bit into her ass cheeks as she rolled her hips around the advancing prick. "Oh God, let me feel you cram that big prick clear up to my tonsils!"

Harry smiled down at his secretary who was lying on his desk in front of him with her skirt up around her hips. Her long, pale legs were spread wide to open her cunt for his rigid, ready spear of cock. She smiled. The light of lust was shining brightly from her clear green eyes. She was propped on her elbows so that she could look at her employer as he fucked her. The front of her blouse was open, and two pointed, scarlet-tipped tits peeked out.

The big man put his hands on her thighs. "It's a good thing my office is soundproofed, Elaine," he chuckled. "Otherwise you'd disturb the rest of my staff when I do... this!" Half of his magnificent eight-inch prick was already embedded in his secretary's pussy. Now he drove the remaining four inches into her cunt with a single brutal thrust!

"Aiiiiiyaaah!" Elaine screamed, throwing back her head as her pussy was filled with the plunging cock. "Yes, I love it! Fuck me, Harry -- fuck me!"

She was in heaven. She couldn't imagine anything better than to feel her boss' gigantic prick ramming its way into her cunt like a runaway locomotive. The way his thick cock stretched the walls of her pussy made her muscles tense with delight. The feel of the rock-hard prick sliding over her swollen cunt was simply indescribable!

She shook back her glorious red hair. Her tits seemed to inflate with the passion surging through her body. Her nipples were tautly erect and straining with desire. Her pussy trickled savory sauces around the shaft of Harry's cock as he stirred his prick slowly in her cunt.

The aroma of hot, wet pussy filled the oak-paneled office. The woman looked around the room, seeing the shelves of heavy legal volumes, the framed diplomas, and the pictures commemorating hard-fought courtroom battles, as if for the first time. There was something special about fucking in her boss' office. The place was so austere, so conservative.

It was almost like fucking in church!

Her boss started to pull his cock out of her steaming cunt. Her breath hissed through her teeth. The upper surface of the man's mighty cock was rasping over the tip of her cunt like a file!

Surges of pure joy stabbed Elaine's pussy. She wagged her hips from side to side, loving the feel of the big cock sliding around inside her cunt. Pussy juices sloshed from her cock-gorged cunt and ran down her ass to stain the desk top.

Harry shook his gleaming black hair out of his eyes. Sweat stood out on his forehead. He longed to wipe his face, but it was as if some magnetic force held his hands to the firm, soft flesh of his loving secretary's thighs. His fingers tightened, digging deep furrows in the milky skin.

He watched his prick reappear from the depths of Elaine's cunt. The lips of her pussy clung to his cock, unwilling to let go of the log-like prick between them. He sighed as her cunt lips caressed his cock, leaving shiny tails of cunt grease on his retreating prick.

His cock emerged from her wet cunt until only the cone-shaped cock head remained trapped by the rubbery twat lips. For a moment Harry stood, savoring the feel of oily cunt on the head of his prick. Then he drove his hips forward and rammed his prick balls-deep into the secretary's needy cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" Elaine's back arched as she ground her pussy hard on Harry's cock. Her pussy lips crushed the black, tangled hair of his crotch as she tried to force still more of his massive cock into her cunt. The head of his prick pulsated within her pussy. It seemed halfway to her tonsils. Every beat of the man's racing heart made his prick swell inside Elaine's pussy. She felt as if she would explode from sheer delight.

She was the luckiest secretary in the city. Her boss was Harry Windsor, bright young star of the legal profession: brilliant, successful -- and hung like a race horse. She was head-over-heels in love with him, and she knew he loved her just as much.

In fact, they were to be "married" soon. They hadn't set a date as yet, but she knew they couldn't wait much longer. "As soon as I have time to do it up right," he told her, "when I can take time off from work to give you the honeymoon you deserve, sweetheart, well do it."

In the meantime, Elaine had to make do with fucking her horny, handsome boss whenever and wherever circumstances permitted. But there was certainly nothing wrong with that!

She remembered the first time she'd met Harold R. Windsor, attorney-at-law. She was twenty-two years old, fresh out of the paralegal-training program at the local university. She was also a virgin, incredibly enough!

Ever since she was thirteen years old, Elaine Thomas had been turning men's heads. In early adolescence, she'd been gawky and coltish, all long legs and bright-red ponytails. But then, seemingly overnight, her young tits had blossomed, her hips had filled out, and her legs had changed from stilts to voluptuous columns. She was a tall, lean, lovely young lady with a flaming red thatch over her ripe cunt-mound to match the hair on her head.

But she'd never had a hand laid on her!

By rights she should have been fighting off horny adolescents all through high school and college. But it simply hadn't turned out that way. Maybe it was her total sexual innocence that shone like a beacon from her luminous sea-green eyes. Or maybe it was that she was so spectacularly beautiful that everyone thought of her as untouchable, like some kind of ancient fertility goddess. She'd dated infrequently, and when she had, her male escorts had, without exception, been complete gentlemen -- even the ones with a reputation for stopping at nothing short of rape!

The amazing thing was, she wasn't at all uptight, just naive.

Nothing in her short, happy life had prepared Elaine for what happened the first time she set eyes on Harry Windsor. He was tall, tan, and athletic, almost Latin looking with his thick black hair and flashing smile -- except for his eyes, which were stunningly blue.

His senior partner's secretary, Madge, a pudgy but attractive brunette, had shown Elaine into Harry's office. "Hello," he said warmly, rising from behind his vast desk to grasp Elaine's hesitant hand. "I understand you're looking for a job. My name is Harold Windsor. I'm very pleased to meet you, Miss...?"

Elaine looked at his smiling face, gazed deep into his blue, blue eyes and was lost. "Thomas," she managed to choke out. "E-Elaine Thomas. My pleasure, Mr. Windsor, S-Sir."

"Call me Harry," he grinned. "Thank you, Madge."

Then they'd been alone together. He showed her to a chair and sat down across from her. Numbly, she filled out her application form. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off Harry. He was beautiful!

He seemed all but oblivious to her existence as a woman. He'd been impressed by her credentials, and despite the fact that she was just out of school, he had given her a job at an astounding figure that had made her feel weak at the knees.

From then on it had been strictly business. To her surprise, Elaine had done well from the very first day at work. She'd moved up until she was Harry Windsor's personal secretary. She'd also fallen head-over-heels for her dashing, eligible young boss.

Then one day they had had to work late on a difficult case. He had casually asked Elaine to dinner and taken her to the most expensive restaurant in town. She was never sure afterward what they had talked about at dinner. She only recalled that Harry had been incredibly witty and charming, and had made her feel completely at ease despite the fact that she had never been any place as elegant in her life.

They finished dinner, and Harry drove them back to the office in his Maserati. To Elaine's disappointment, her debonair young escort had changed, as if by magic, back into her considerate, but fully business-like, employer.

Then, two hours later, she came in to lay a thick file of research notes on his desk. Without looking up, he had reached for them and gotten hold of her tit by accident.

Elaine blushed furiously, but her nipple hardened instantly. Her boss started to withdraw his hand, murmuring a heartfelt apology.

Quick as a flash, she grabbed his hand and crushed it against her tit. Her nipple drilled into his palm through blouse and bra alike. He looked up at her -- surprise on his face.

She leaned down and kissed him on the lips. His other hand went around her, and he gathered her into his arms. His tongue probed her hot and willing mouth as he massaged the full, firm fruit of her tit. Her arms slid around his shoulders as she sat on his lap. And then she felt his steel-hard cock poking into her ass!

She'd never felt a cock before, erect or otherwise, but her response was immediate. At once the air was thick with a heavy, intoxicating. perfume as her virgin cunt began to moisten with desire. Harry smelled it too; his nostrils flared, and his eyes widened as his tongue twined with hers.

Hesitantly she reached beneath her to squeeze the giant bulge with her hand. A thrill of anticipation ran through her body. Her boss' cock was big, and hard, and ready for her eager virgin pussy!

Harry's hand crushed her tit. His other hand moved sensuously down her side. Elaine sucked in a breath around her mouthful of Harry's tongue. Then his hand closed over the bulge of her pussy.

She felt the wetness begin to flow from her pussy. Her panties were sticking to the slit of her cunt. Then she felt Harry's hand on her thigh. His touch was warm. Slowly, the hand made its way up inside her skirt.

She was scared and excited. Her tongue moved eagerly with his. Then a finger touched the moist, panty-covered mouth of her pussy. Delight shot up her pussy. Her tit seemed to swell under Harry's fondling hand.

Then a finger was inside the leg of her panties, stoking the lips of her cunt. "Uhhhmmmm," she moaned. Harry's tongue scoured the inside of her mouth.

Elaine breathed in short excited gasps. His finger slipped between the fragile lips of her cunt.

"Uhhhh!" She inhaled with spastic gasps. The feeling, as his finger invaded her pussy, was indescribably delicious!

Her fingers clawed at his broad back. Before she knew it, Harry had slipped her panties from around her hips. His clothes felt rough on the bared cheeks of her ass.

She brought her legs up so that Harry could pull her panties the rest of the way off. At the same time, she fumbled at her boss' fly. The prick within bucked and jumped beneath her fingers.

Suddenly Harry's fly was open. His cock shot into the open air. Elaine rolled her eyes down to look at it. She gasped.

His cock was absolutely enormous!

Her body was filled with hunger to have that gigantic cock crammed all the way up her pussy.

At the same time, she felt a little apprehension.

She had never realized men's cocks grew that large.

Could it really fit into her virgin pussy? There was only one way to find out!

For a moment she tore her mouth away from Harry's. "Be gentle," she murmured. Then she locked her lips to his again as she raised herself over the spire of his prick.

The tip of his cock grazed her bare ass. Then it slipped into the furrow between her butt cheeks. It prodded for a moment at her asshole. For a second Elaine feared he would try to stick his cock up her ass. Then the cock head moved, and the tip fit into the opening of her pussy.

She gasped as his cock slid into her pussy. Her cunt lips were wedged apart, and the prick was forging into her virgin cunt tunnel. For a moment, the progress of his cock was halted as the cock-tip came up against her cherry. Harry pushed upward. A mash of anguish escaped his secretary's lips as pain shot through her pussy.

Then, fierce pain made the red-headed virgin cry out; her voice was muffled by her boss' mouth and probing tongue. Then Harry's cock surged into her waiting cunt.

The sensation of having her pussy walls stretched for the first time, the friction of his prick on her inflated cunt, drove her half out of her mind. To her, the cock felt endless in her cunt. Then, it seemed the throbbing cock head was halfway to her tonsils. Elaine felt the hair around the base of Harry's prick against the smooth skin of her ass. An instant later she was sitting sideways on her boss' lap, his cock embedded full length in her free-flowing, sweet-smelling pussy.

"Wow!" she breathed, stroking Harry's face.

He smiled. He kneaded her heavy, sensitive tits. His other hand was inside her skirt, cupping her naked ass.

Then they fucked. The pain from her torn cherry was quickly overcome by the surging pleasure of Harry's titanic cock plunging in and out of her cunt. He slipped his hand into her blouse and bra, and began to squeeze and roll her nipple between his strong fingers. She sobbed with passion and clung to him.

Slowly she learned the up-and-down rhythm of fucking his massive spear of cock. His prick pumping into her pussy was loud in her ears. The smell of her pussy was strong in her nostrils. Harry's breath was hot on her throat as he licked her neck and face with horny abandon.

The big cock hurt her delicate pussy. Sometimes it seemed her cunt was too small to hold the oversized prick pistoning in and out of her pussy. But the feeling of fullness that Harry's cock made her feel was ecstasy, far better than anything Elaine had ever felt before. The slight discomfort from the incredible size of his cock, was far outweighed by the delight she felt when he fucked her cunt!

Elaine's passion soared to unimagined heights. She caressed the back of Harry's head as he tore open her blouse to place his mouth like a suction cup over her nipple. As he sucked the end of one pale tit into his mouth, Elaine felt a tremor in the walls of her pussy which were still stretched taut around the shaft of her boss' prick.

And then her cunt exploded. "Ahhhhhh!" she cried, in shock. "Wh-what's happening? I-I must be -- COMMMMMiinngggg!"

She was. The abrupt contraction of her spasmodic pussy sucked a blast of jism from Harry's deeply-driven cock. He bit down on the mouthful of succulent tit flesh -- not hard enough to cause her pain -- just enough to send delightful new sensations flooding into her cunt, setting off a fresh series of orgasmic contractions inside her cunt.

He moved his prick noisily in and out of his secretary's climaxing pussy. Come leaked from the wide-open lips of Elaine's pussy, to moisten her boss' black crotch fur and the fiery-red bush that covered her pussy. In her frenzy of orgasm, she fucked so hard that droplets of come and cunt juice flew from her pussy, spattering her ass and Harry's fly. He bit at the skin of her tit, driving her crazy with pleasure.

When their orgasms had died away into a warm glow, Elaine let her body slump against Harry's. She could feel his mighty cock shrink within her cunt she sighed.

She knew then that she'd found the man she loved.

Now she lay on her back on Harry's desk, legs spread, skirt up around her hips, big tits bared. Harry fucked his huge cock in and out of her ready cunt like a stallion in rut. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and he smiled lewdly down at her. She was so happy she could barely stand it!

"Give it to me!" she cried again. She put her head back so that her fantastic hair fell like a torrent of fire to the polished oak desktop. She let one hand take all her weight the other came up to fondle her tits. Her nipple was small and hard and pointed between her fingers.

Harry gripped her nude thighs. He shifted his hips from side to side as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. The red hair that fringed her pink pussy lips was stained dark with aromatic cunt sauces. The same pussy oils coated his big purple prick. They gleamed in the light.

Harry watched in fascination as his loving secretary's cunt swallowed the pole of his cock. Her pussy lips seemed stretched almost to the point of being torn apart by his mammoth shaft of prick forging between them. He could feel her body drumming with excitement, and he knew from the way she rolled her ass around on his desk that she was hungry for every inch of that enormous prick -- and more!

"Ahhhhhh!" Elaine exclaimed.

The tension was growing in her half-naked young body. She could no longer stand having Harry's big prick jamming her cunt. She had to come!

Her back arched. Her skirt rolled higher on her hips, baring sharp hipbones. She squeezed her naked cunt until it hurt. The pain whetted her lust. She sucked in her trim belly, tightening the walls of her pussy around the stalk of Harry's withdrawing prick.

"Gaaaaaah!" choked Harry. His cock pulsed, and Elaine felt jism shoot into her cunt tunnel. The first blast of come spattered the entire length of her pussy; the second load filled her cunt channel as his prick rocketed back into her pussy.

The cock head speared deep into her pussy. Harry's crotch slammed against Elaine's cunt. His prick throbbed a third time as it fired more sperm into her already-filled cunt. Jism bubbled from the distended lips of her pussy and ran down the cheeks of her ass.

It was too much Elaine opened her mouth, but no sound came out. A giant fist seemed to grip and squeeze her body.

She came. Her pussy tightened, yanking another charge of jism from her boss' cock. With his hands braced against her widespread thighs, Harry tried to drag his prick free of her clinging coming cunt. The walls of Elaine's pussy seemed to clutch his cock, tying to prevent the delightful prick from leaving her needy cunt.

His cock slid from her pussy, spitting cum. It came out until only the reddish cock head remained in the secretary's twat -- then Harry hammered it home again! They sighed with total satisfaction as his cock went balls-deep in her pussy and spat another wad of come.

Finally, Harry's balls had spent their load of come. Elaine's pussy still pulsated around his cock, and his prick kept vibrating for a few seconds inside her cunt. Then his cock began to go limp. "I love you," the redhead breathed.

Chapter TWO

Holding a slender finger to her lips, flame tiptoed past the secretaries in the front office of the law firm. They looked up from their typewriters as she went by. It seemed to the redhead that they kept watching her after she passed.

Let them, she thought. They're just jealous! The door of Harry Windsor's office was closed. Just outside, Madge sat typing up a legal brief. She looked up when Elaine came in. A startled look crossed her face.

"Shhh." Elaine said. "It's a surprise."

Madge looked at her for a moment. She opened her mouth is if to speak. Then she rose and walked unsteadily out, her heavy tits jiggling.

What's wrong with her? Elaine wondered. She was good friends with the plump brunette, but the last few days Madge had been acting peculiarly. It had started just after Harry said something about his sister moving back to town.

Maybe Madge didn't like Harry's sister. Elaine shrugged. She had other things on her mind -- things like an afternoon of torrid fucking!

She'd had an appointment with the dentist that afternoon, so Harry had given her the afternoon off. His sister might be dropping by to look at his office, he'd said. Elaine made a face at the thought of poor Harry with nothing better to do than show some old-maid sister around the office.

He'd certainly be delighted to see his secretary.

Elaine noticed that Madge had closed the door after her. Good. That would mean they'd have more privacy in the inner office. It wasn't really that vital -- Harry's inner sanctum was heavily soundproofed. But as high as her voice soared in the throes of ecstasy, as her lover's giant cock pumped her pussy full of come after come, every bit of soundproofing counted.

On a sudden inspiration she lifted her short yellow skirt and rolled her panties off her white, firm ass cheeks. She slipped the underwear down her legs and over her high-laced sandals, then stepped out of them. Next she unbuttoned her blouse so that her big, bra-less tits were in immediate danger of spilling out. Then, fully prepared, she quietly turned the knob and opened the door, and heard a woman's voice crying: "Eat me! Oh, Harry, gobble my pussy all up!"

Elaine froze. Her pulse pounded in her ears. Could it be true? Her stomach turned over in horror; she peered cautiously into the office.

Harry Windsor was kneeling on the thick plush carpet before his desk. He was wearing a white shirt, and the end of his tie was thrown carelessly over one shoulder. His back was to Elaine, but she could see he wasn't wearing anything else.

On the huge oaken desk lay a woman with luxurious cornflower hair spilling around her head. She smiled lasciviously. Huge alabaster tits jutted from her chest, and her pale thighs were widely parted to allow Elaine's employer to lap hungrily at her flaxen-furred pussy.

Emotions warred in Elaine's mind. Her first impulse was to rush in and tear the hair out of that pale-skinned slut's lovely head. Then she felt an overwhelming desire to turn away, shut the door, and go home and kill herself. Her world was crashing down in ruins about her.

Harry slurped noisily at the blonde's cunt. She emitted a wailing moan of pleasure. She tousled the lawyers jet-black hair. Her other hand went to a swelling tit.

Elaine felt jealousy and resentment. Her tits -- now bared somewhat forlornly as a "surprise" for her boss -- were big enough to make other women envy her; they were firm and conical, and she thought they were too pointed. The blonde's tits were sculptured as though set in a mold, big, perfect mounds of softly rounded tit-flesh. Elaine wished her tits looked like that!

The blonde's tits were now getting a very thorough workout from her own fingers. She pushed a nipple deeply into the cushion of a large tit. Then she let it spring forth like a pink finger. Her scarlet painted nails toyed with the erect nipple. The darker pink circle against the white-pink of her tits seemed to grow on the summit of her tit.

Harry had moved his head away from the blonde's gaping pussy. A whiff of scent from the chipping cunt reached Elaine's nose. She bit her lip at the musky, erotic odor of the other woman's aroused pussy.

Blunt thumbs held the outer lips of the blonde's cunt far apart. Now Harry stuck his tongue far out. His tongue stiffened in imitation of the massive cock jutting from below the hem of his shirt. He began to tongue her pussy, tasting the pink cunt flesh and the juices that spilled from the hole of her pussy.

"Yesssssss," the blonde sighed. "Oh, Harry, you sure know how to suck a girl's pussy!"

Harry pulled her cunt mound farther open and jabbed with his tongue at her clit, which was sticking out like a pink button from the sea of pussy flesh at the upper end of her cunt slash. "Ah!" squealed the blonde, grabbing his head. Her back arched, her flawless ass-cheeks flattening on the unyielding desk top. Yesterday Harry was fucking me on that desk top, Elaine thought bitterly.

It was clearly costing the blonde a fantastic effort not to crush her pussy against Harry's greedy face. Instead, she rolled her hips in a tight circle. Harry pressed her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue. The circular motion drove the woman wild!

"Oooooooooh!" hissed the blonde. "G-God, lover boy -- I can b-barely take it!"

Harry stuck a thumb in her dripping cunt hole and raised his head. "Why take it?" he asked huskily. "GO ahead and come, baby. There's plenty more where this came from!"

"Oh goody!" the blonde cried. She pulled his face back into her waiting cunt. Elaine watched her magnificent body tense as his cock-imitating tongue fucked deeply into her pussy.

Harry's tongue swirled powerfully inside the brimming cauldron of the blonde woman's pussy. She round her cunt against his face. His upper teeth, scarcely, cushioned by his taut lip, crushed her clitoris with savage force.

Ecstasy knifed into her pussy. "You're about to do it, big stud," the blonde groaned. "My cunt's about to explode. Make me come, lover boy!"

Harry pulled his tongue from her oozing cunt. Her pussy lips dug urgently to it as it withdrew. Then he fastened his mouth on her inflated clit and sucked with all his might.

"YeeeAAAIIIII!" shrieked the blonde. Her ass came off the desk top and banged into Harry's face. Her cunt lips opened to enfold his sharp chin. Foaming cunt juice dripped onto his shirt and the flaring head of his cock.

The blonde's body thrashed from side to side as he came. Her cries deafened Elaine. She thought about how glad she had been that her beloved's office was soundproofed. What a brutal irony!

The glorious woman's tits seemed to balloon. Her nipples looked like cherries on huge scoops of vanilla ice cream. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her hair flew as orgasm after orgasm shook her with frenetic throbs.

Harry felt her pussy lips crawl around on his chin. His cock was pumped full of hot rushing blood. The taste and feel of her climaxing pussy had him so horny he was about to shoot his come all over her ass and the side of his expensive desk!

Cunt juice ran like lava over his hands. His thumbs poked in and out of the pulsating cunt. She howled. Her ass bounced rhythmically on the desk top.

Slowly the fire storm of climax died away within the blonde's cunt. Harry kept sucking her clit until she moaned and pushed him away. "It hurts," she gasped. "But it hurts so good! Oh, the way you make my pussy feel!"

Harry leered up at her. His mouth and chin were smeared with the shiny sauces of her pussy. "If you think that made your cunt feel fine," he said, hungrily eyeing the pink gash of her cunt and the matted pussy fur that surrounded it, "then wait until I get my cock stuffed up your sweet little pussy!"

Elaine felt his words stab her like a knife. That treacherous, double-timing bastard! Yet her anger at him we nothing compared to her fear of losing him. He'd done her wrong, but she loved him still!

Harry got to his feet his cock bobbed eagerly. The blonde moaned with lust and rolled over on her stomach. "From behind, big boy," she said urgently. "Stuff it up my pussy from behind. I love to feel my tits being squashed on your desk!"

"Perverted bitch," said Harry, laughing. Her ass-cheeks were two moon-white mounds contrasting with the dark surface of the desk. Her long pale legs, kicked at the air. The pale-gold pussy fur between her thighs flashed provocatively.

The desk was at a slight angle to the door. Elaine could see her boss' hard cock jutting from his crotch. She could see, as well the pink slash of the blonde's pussy peeking through her pubic fur. Then the blonde moved her legs wider apart. Her pussy opened like a flower unfolding. A fat drop of cunt honey glittered in the entryway of her twat.

Harry was busily unbuttoning his shirt. He tore it off and threw it into a corner. Beneath it, he was as trim and muscled as an athlete. Despite her anger, Elaine felt a surge of horniness at the sight of her employer standing there, stark naked, with his cock thrusting proudly from his crotch.

The blonde wagged her ass demandingly. "What are you waiting for?" she asked. "Ram that cock into me!"

Harry's response was, to grab his cock with one hand as the other grabbed a bare buttock. He bent his hard prick down until the heady was pointed right at the wet, yellow-furred pussy. He brought the prick closer until the tip of his cock head was just touching the slack lips of her cunt.

He put the very end of his big prick between the outer pussy lips. The blonde rolled her ass. Harry stirred his huge cock inside the portal of her pussy.

"God!" she cried. "Stop teasing me. Let me feel you fuck that great big cock clear to my tonsils. Hurry and fuck my hungry cunt!"

Her ass jumped into the air as she tried to impale her pussy on the hard rod of Harry's cock. Gamely, Harry stepped back.

The blonde was practically sobbing with desire. A fresh stream of cunt juice ran from her pussy lips to stain the side of the desk. "Don't make me wait for it!" she begged. "Please hurry and fuck me! I'm about to die from horniness!"

"What do you want me to do?" Harry asked. He held his cock still within her pussy lips.

The blonde could feel his cock pulsing on the inside of her cunt flaps. His prick was making her pussy crawl with desire. "Fuck me!" she screamed.

"With what?"

"With your cock! With your great big cock!"

"Ask politely."

"Jesus fucking Christ!" the blonde yelled. "Pretty please with sugar on it -- will you, for Christ sake, fuck your prick up my pussy before I pass out?"

"Certainly," the lawyer said, driving his cock home in the dripping cunt.

The breath rushed from the blonde's naked body in a great howl of joy. "Yesssssss!" she screamed. "Uhhhh God, your balls slapped into my pussy so hard! Fuck me, fuck me -- fuck me!"

Harry did. His prick came barreling out of her pussy with a noise like someone drinking through a straw. His cock dripped cunt juice. Then he fucked back into her golden-hair cunt.

Elaine watched in amazement. She knew very well what it felt like to have her cunt on the receiving end of that kind of an onslaught, but she'd never known how truly brutal such a fucking looked -- until now.

She felt a crawly sensation at her crotch. She put a hand on her thigh and ran it up under her dress to touch the mouth of her bare pussy. Her fingers came away wet and full of the odor of hot cunt. She was getting turned on!

The knowledge that her pussy was wet appalled her almost as much as what was going on in her lover's office. To have to watch her own true love fuck his mighty, meaty cock in and out of some blonde girl's cunt -- and a young girl at that, to judge from the slimness of her build -- was bad enough, but to have her own pussy respond to the sight of him fucking the wanton blonde slut from behind was too much! It was perverted -- voyeuristic.

But it was undeniably what was happening!

A squelching sound told Elaine her boss had fucked his cock into the blonde's pussy with unusual force. She glanced up. The power of his forward stroke had raised her ass high in the air. As Elaine watched, the man yanked his cock out of the soggy cunt and the blonde's hipbones banged on the top of the desk.

As tough a wave were passing over the length of her gleaming body, the blonde's shoulders came up, and her hair tossed. Elaine caught a glimpse of big, up-tilted tits jiggling frantically, then they were crushed against the desk again.

Small hands drummed on the polished wood. "Oh God, oh God!" cried the blonde as Harry drove his prick furiously back into her pussy in a welter of pussy oils. "It's so good! Cram my pussy full of cock meat! Fuck me, oh fuck me!"

Elaine's hand drifted upward to touch hesitantly the point of one exposed tit. The nipple seemed to thrum to the touch. She gasped, and instantly feared the wildly fucking pair had overheard. She needn't have worried. The only thing the two were aware of was the erotic excitement in the delightful friction of his giant steel-hard cock ramrodding her pink, pale-furred pussy!

One of Elaine's fingers wormed into her pussy. Hot cunt juice streamed out over her knuckle. "No," she moaned softly. "Oh, it's wrong!"

Her body disagreed. Her tits swelled with lust. Her pussy sucked at her finger like an eager mouth sucking a rigid cock. The spectacle of her lover feeding his tremendous cock into that luscious blonde-haired pussy was making her horny as hell!

The blonde squirmed on the desk top as if it had turned red hot. The polished wood thrilled her blood-engorged nipples. Her bare skin rubbed squeakily over the desk as Harry fucked her vigorously.

The matched half-moons of her as pumped rhythmically up and down as Harry Windsor's titanic cock went into her pussy. She felt cunt juice running from her cunt slit into her pussy fur and evaporating on her thighs. The edge of the table cut the fronts of her flawless legs, but all she really cared about was the erotic totality of sensation. The cool air over her naked ass, her cheek rubbing the desk top, her tits squashed deliciously against her ribs -- and most of all, Harry's eight-inch prick reaming her cunt from behind!

Harry's fingers made deep furrows in the succulent flesh of her ass. He was having a hard time keeping his hold on the bucking-fucking beauty. And indeed, he was fucking her so rapidly and with such long strokes that, every time he pulled back, his cock was dangerously close to popping right out of her slippery, well-oiled cunt!

Squish-squish-squish went Elaine's fingers in her scarlet-furred cunt. Her two fingers were covered with her own pussy oils. She rolled a taut nipple between lust-fevered fingers.

Soon two fingers were not enough. She needed more in her cunt! She couldn't have Harry's horse-sized cock -- the filthy blonde-haired bitch had that delight all to herself -- but Elaine did have more fingers. She put another finger into her cunt, then another. The four fingers of her right hand filled her pussy and made her weak in the knees.

She could hear Harry's harsh breathing, and the liquid sound of his cock fucking the blonde's oil-filled cunt. She could hear the blonde sliding over the desk top. Louder than all the other sounds, however, was her own pulse hammering in her ears, and the squelching of her own fingers fucking her cunt.

Harry's fingers slipped forward over the blonde's exquisite ass until he could hook hit fingers around her hips. Then he began to pull her cunt onto his cock like a man rowing a boat. The ferocity of his cock-strokes lifted her sweaty body into the air with each thrust of his greedy cock.

"Oh! Ah! O!" wailed the blonde. "Do it to me! My pussy needs your cock -- needs your come!"

"I -- ugh! -- I'm about to come, doll," Harry grunted. "Get your sweet little pussy ready for a steaming load of jism!"

"Yes! Oh yes!"

Elaine could scarcely believe her ears. As loudly and vigorously as she cried out when Harry fucked her, she was never so crude as the blonde. The girl Harry was so enthusiastically fucking on top of his desk had a mouth like a longshoreman, but she did what she wanted!

And Elaine didn't!

Of course, the fingers pumping in and out of her sopping cunt were making her grind her teeth with nearly unbearable pleasure, and her hand manipulating her tit and swollen nipple was driving her out of her mind, but that wasn't really what the redhead wanted. What she wanted was a have Harry fucking his magnificent prick into her pussy -- and her pussy alone!

Lust-maddened as she was, Elaine could see why Harry would want to fuck the blonde. She had a splendid, lovely young body. And there was something about her -- something that exuded animal sexuality -- just as Elaine reeked of innocence even when she was sucking her beloved's huge prick and drinking down load after load of his steaming come.

"Yes! Fuck me hard! Spray your come into my pussy -- I can't wait any more!"

At her impassioned outcry, Harry's prick spurted a fat wad of jism deep into her pussy. She shrieked with pleasure as the hot come coated her pussy channel. Then she shrieked again, more shrilly this time, as her climax twisted her pussy around the plunging cock!

Elaine could see from the tension in Harry's powerful body, could hear in the blonde's shrill voice, that they were coming together in a cataclysmic orgasm. And then Elaine's pussy seemed to suck up her fingers, and red lights flashed behind her eyes as she came too.

Waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled in her. Her cunt juice dripped over her hand and down her leg. She played with her nipple lustfully.

Jism spewed into the blonde girl's pussy and began to boil out around Harry's pistoning cock. She rolled her cunt around the pulsating prick, feeling the added slipperiness of the come that filled her pussy. Her tits seemed about to burst; they were full from sheer joy.

Harry's a body shook with the power of his orgasm. His cock was blasting off into that blonde-furred pussy like a naval gun. The girl's pussy was rippling and churning around his cock stalk. She seemed to be milking his cock with her thirsty cunt!

Elaine sank to her knees. She began to rock back and forth, uncontrollably fucking her cunt on stiffened fingers. Her passion was soaring, and since she couldn't have Harry's cock to satisfy her needy pussy, she was making do with the best available substitute!

Harry's balls pumped gallons of jism through his cock, and the blonde's cunt drank it all down and begged for more. With her pussy walls playing like agile fingers along the length of his cock, he just couldn't stop coming!

At last his prick fired the last drops of creamy white come into the depths of that golden-hair paradise of cunt. "Ah," he sighed. "That was just one hell of a fine fuck, baby!"

"Mm," the blonde replied, rolling her ass lazily in the air and stirring her pussy around the man's deflating cock. "You sure know how to fuck a girl, Brother dear!"

Elaine screamed.

Chapter THREE

Harry jumped away from the desk. His limp prick shot from the oozing blonde-furred pussy. "Jesus Christ!" he yelled.

The blonde girl lay for a moment on her belly, as though savoring the mixture of cunt juice and come percolating in her pussy and dripping from the gash of her cunt. Then she rolled over and sat up, brushing back her gleaming yellow hair.

"Harry," she said wonderingly, "Who's that?"

Harry Windsor stood with his gooey cock dangling between his legs, glowering down at his miserable secretary. The afterglow of her own orgasm evaporated. She fished her fingers guiltily out of the morass of her cunt and waved them in the air to dry the pussy oils. "I-I'm sorry," she said. Her bare tits heaved up and down. Cunt sauces dripped from her exposed pussy and soaked into the expensive carpet.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing?" Harry thundered. "You were supposed to have the afternoon off!"

Tears flowed down Elaine's cheeks. She tugged ineffectually at the hem of her skirt, which stayed up around her waist, exposing her flaming-red bush of pussy fur. "B-but I thought I'd surprise you," she blubbered.

"You did!" His face was contorted, purple, swollen, as if it were about to burst. Muscles stood out all over his body in tense anger.

Elaine's shame and embarrassment began to be replaced by righteous anger. "I c-came here to surprise you, and I find you messing around behind my back," she retorted. "Is-is she really your sister?"

The blonde pushed her ass off the desk top and stood up. With along, relaxed, stride, she walked to the door to stand before Elaine. The red-headed secretary looked up at her. The blonde's tits seemed even larger at this range. The pale nipples were fat and hard.

"Yes, I am," she said. The full reek of her sated cunt hit Elaine in the face. She rocked back on her heels. "And who might you be, fire-bush?"

"My secretary," Harry said hoarsely. "Elaine."

"Oh, yes, you've told me about her." The blonde girl leaned forward to stroke Elaine's cheek lightly with the back of her hand. "I'm very pleased to meet you -- Miss Thomas, I'm Kathleen Windsor. I hope we become very good friends."

"I doubt it!" Elaine snapped, before she recognized the irony in the lovely, naked girl's voice.

Kathleen laughed. She brushed a lock of scarlet hair back from Elaine's flushed face. "My brother has excellent taste," she said. "You're really quite a lovely little piece of ass -- and not so little, either, such tasty-looking tits, proud and jutting like that with those delightful dark-red nipples -- and your cunt bush, lovely color." She looked over her shoulder at her brother. "But then Harry's always had good taste in women. He fucked me first when I was eighteen. He was twenty at the time. Harry's always been a fast mover."

"I wasn't exactly the one responsible for that," Harry said dryly.

"No, in those days you were something of a prude. I had to catch him coming out of the tower, you see. Before he knew what was happening, I went to my knees and popped the head of his big cock right in my mouth. He came off in a second horny as a wild boar!"

Kathleen straightened and stepped back to look speculatively at her brother's secretary. Elaine sat with her heels pressing into her ripe ass-cheeks and returned Kathleen's clear-blue gaze uneasily. "Well, now that she's here," Kathleen said, "why don't we do something with her?"

Harry had picked up his trousers from the floor and was unthreading the thick leather belt from the loops. "I intend to," he said gruffly. "I'm going to teach the slut a lesson about sneaking into my offices and spying on me?"

"Harry!" Elaine cried in horror.

He pulled the belt the rest of the way out of the loops and swung it experimentally. It whined nastily through the air.

Frightened, Elaine tried to stand up. Kathleen caught her by the arm. The blonde was shorter than Elaine but despite her smaller build, she had a grip of iron.

"Now, don't try going anywhere?" Kathleen said sweetly. "My brother wants to punish you. I don't see anything wrong with a little voyeurism, but I like to do a little whipping from time to time, too!"

The blood ran cold in Elaine's veins. Kathleen dragged her into the room. Elaine screamed and struck at the blonde, who laughed and warded off her blows effortlessly.

"What are you doing?" she shrieked. "How can you do this? Harry, stop this -- we're engaged, we're going to be married!"

Kathleen had Elaine turned around and was pulling her wrists together behind her back. Kathleen's tits flattened against the bare skin of the struggling secretary's back. She looked up at her brother, brows raised.

"I told her we were going to tie the knot," Harry explained. "It made her happier about fucking me. I don't want her moping around feeling guilty -- either as a piece of ass or as my secretary!"

Kathleen shrugged. Her nipples were very hard against Elaine's back. The redhead could feel the soft flesh of the other woman's tits pressing against her skin.

"That's your business, Brother dear," said Kathleen. "Why don't you bring your tie so we can secure the little lady's hands."

Harry nodded, went to the crumpled heap of his shirt and pulled out his tie. Elaine stood watching him, emerald eyes wide, shoulders thrown back and tits protruding. Her crimson nipples were stiff with fear and the aftermath of her climax.

She could see Harry's cock begin to stir with life again. The treacherous bastard, she thought. He's getting turned on at the thought of whipping me with his belt! Once more she tried to break away. Kathleen held her firmly.

Kathleen turned Elaine so that Harry could tie her hands behind her. Elaine bit her lip, trying to jerk herself free. With a few deft turns, her wrists were secured by the tie.

Harry stepped back. Kathleen gave the captive a shove. Elaine staggered forward and went to her knees, tits bouncing wildly.

Kathleen licked her full red lips. "Hit her, Harry," she exclaimed. The light of torture-lust gleamed in Kathleen's eyes. "Whip her hard!"

The belt curved up from Harry's aide like a striking snake. It landed heavily tight across Elaine's tits. Blinding pain flashed into her naked tits.

"Aiiiiiii!" she keened. She fell over backwards, legs flying up in the air. Her tits throbbed with incredible pain.

Harry hungrily eyed the red thatch of cunt fur between his secretary's flashing white thighs. He snapped the belt forward again. The tip of the thick leather strap bit the lips of Elaine's cunt with cruel force.

"YeeeeeeYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" She twisted into the air. It felt as if her fragile pussy lips had been raked by some animal's claws!

She fell back on the carpet with a muffled thump. Instantly she rolled over on her stomach and pressed her shapely legs tightly together, to protect her cunt and aching tits. "Stop!" she wailed tearfully. "Don't hit me again! Harry -- please!"

Harry laughed. The belt sang through the air. He jerked it back at the last moment so that the tip stung one snowy ass-cheek.

Elaine's scream of agony mingled with an abandoned cry from her boss' hot sister. Kathleen Windsor gazed at Elaine's twitching bare ass, one mound of succulent ass-flesh glowing with the red mark of the belt. Slowly Kathleen moved her hands down her body. She cupped her heavy tits, feeling the hardness and excitement of her cherry-like nipples. Then her hands moved down again, over the gentle dome of her belly, until her fingers found the tangle of yellow hair at her pussy mound. Her finger-tips teased open the lips of her pussy, then she ran two fingers of each hand into the brimming well of her cunt. "God!" she moaned. "Hit her again!"

Harry obeyed. The belt whistled, cracking neatly on the other ass-cheek.

Elaine's body bent backwards as she convulsed with vicious pain. "God!" she howled. "Stop!"

Elaine Thomas lay on her stomach, gasping for air. Writhing around on the office carpet had grazed her tits until they were painfully mat-burned. Her pussy lips still pulsed with pain, and her ass was ablaze with agony. To her anguished ears came the wet sloshing of Kathleen, plunging her fingers wantonly in and out of her aroused pussy.

She heard the belt. An instant later, the belt landed across the narrow crack of her ass with a sound like a pistol shot.

"Uh, I..." Elaine fought the urge to roll over on her back and spare her tortured ass-cheeks any more abuse. Much as her poor rump hurt from the beating it was getting anything was better than feeling the leather lash stinging her tits -- or her soft, tender pussy!

Whack! Another red stripe appeared across the pale hillocks of the captive's ass. Elaine cried out in a tortured, quivering voice.

The next blow of Harry's strap landed not on her ass but on the top of a pale thigh.

"Ah!" yelped Elaine. A savage cut at her other thigh made her part her legs involuntarily.

The tightly shut cheeks of her ass came apart. Instantly Harry's belt slashed down to strike the pink crevice between the spheres of the prisoner's ass. The leather cut her tender ass-flesh and the tiny pucker of her asshole. It was like having a hot iron touched to her shit-chute. Elaine tried to scream, but the pain in her ass had driven all the air from her lungs. All she could do was grovel on the carpet and gasp like a beached fish.

The sound of Kathleen masturbating was like a rush of running water Elaine's ears. She was horrified that the other woman was getting such incredible pleasure out of watching her be tortured and degraded. It seemed to make the pain of her flagellated ass that much worse!

She tried to close her ass-cheeks again, but before she could, Harry cracked the belt, like a whip, on her asshole, and the little aperture burst into incandescent agony. Elaine shrieked and jumped into the air.

She landed on her side. "N-no!" she choked. Tears gushed from her eyes. "No more! Oh, dear God, please no more! My ass, my poor ass hurts so much!"

With a violent motion Kathleen drove her fingers to the knuckle in her dripping pussy. She was standing with her legs apart and her hips cocked forward, opening her cunt for her deep-thrusting fingers. Cunt honey streamed down the insides of her silky thighs.

"Beat her some more, Harry!" Kathleen shrieked. "It makes me feel so good to watch her squirm!"

It made Harry feel good too. Elaine could tell that as she gazed up at him from the floor. His cock was hard again, sticking out from his crotch like a lance. The giant spear of his cock seemed to vibrate with lust.

The whip reached out and curled around Elaine's tits. She cried out in desperate agony as the leather crushed her nipples into her tits. Once more she tried to turn onto her stomach and let her whipped ass bear the brunt of the sadistic punishment.

This time Harry reached down and grabbed her by the shoulder. Her ass pounded with pain as he threw her onto her back.

"Oh," she groaned. "Let me alone!"

Instead of letting his secretary alone, Harry threw a leg over her supine body and sat down astride her. She cringed as his hairy ass touched the tips of her agonized tits. She squealed in pain as his weight came down, crushing her tits.

She could feel the heat from his raging cock near her face. Dizzy from the beating he'd given her, she was unable to focus her eyes on the burning cockhead bobbing a few inches from her nose. She could smell the rank sauces of his sister's cunt, drying in a thick film on his massive prick.

He took hold of his cock and brought it down so that its tip grazed her nose. His other hand, still holding his belt by the buckle, went behind her head and drew it forward. The tip of his prick pushed into her lips.

"Suck my cock," he commanded.

She shook her head. The tip of Harry's prick was like a rubber baton shoved against her tightly closed mouth. Many a time she'd eagerly parted her lips and let that huge, throbbing cock slide into her hungry mouth. But never under circumstances like this!

Harry switched hands behind her scarlet-haired head. He raised his belt and snapped it behind him. It landed heavily on the bulge of her pussy. The tip of the belt curved around and cut wickedly at her vulnerable pussy lips.

Her body whipped from side to side as pain flooded her cunt. She opened her mouth for a lingering scream of pain. Harry expertly shoved the head of his cock into her screaming mouth.

"Mmmmmmmf!" she exclaimed. The familiar, beefy taste of her employer's prick was overpowered by the heavy musk of his sister's cunt.

The flavor of pussy turned her stomach. She wagged her head frantically from side to side, trying to force the pungent tasting cock out of her mouth with the tip of her tongue.

Harry put his head back, eyes closed in ecstasy. "That's the way," he murmured approvingly. "Just tongue the tip of my old cock. Shake your head all you want to, sweetheart -- it feels great!"

Elaine stopped. She looked up at him. He smiled down at her. The sight of her lying there, with her head propped and his prick rocketed into her ruby-lipped mouth, made his prick squirm with delightful sensations. His lust-speeded pulse made his cockhead throb inside her mouth.

She felt the underside of the prick head, lying heavily on her tongue. The flavor of Kathleen's pussy was seeping into her taste buds. The secretary repressed a shudder of disgust.

"Hit her again!" Kathleen was barely able to speak for the passion that coursed through her body. Her hands were covered with frothing cunt oils. The insides of her thighs were lathered with pussy sauce. Her tits were like balloons filled with sheer lust. "Lash her cunt some more, big boy. That will make her suck your prick!"

That sounded like a good idea to the attorney. The belt made a rapid arc and landed once more on Elaine's gaping pussy with a loud smack. She tried to scream, but the noise was muffled by the thick plug of cock in her mouth. She arched her back. In her pain, her strength was enormous. She lifted the big man high into the air as she writhed in agony!

Moaning with pleasure, Harry forced his big cock against his captive's face. Elaine's eyes bulged. Her cheeks plumped out as the fat cock pushed between them.

The head of the cock went clear tote back of Elaine's mouth. Then, it kept on going. Elaine felt a thrill off fear. In all the times she'd sucked her boss' prick, she'd never swallowed his giant cock before!

But now she had no choice. She felt the huge, pussy-flavored cock sliding inexorably down her throat. "Mm," she moaned. "Urrrrk!"

"That's right!" Kathleen sang, fucking another finger of each hand into her insatiable pussy. "Feed it all to her! Make the bitch swallow your beautiful sword of cock!"

Elaine realized that was just what Harry planned to do. She felt the pulsating cockhead going deeper into her throat. Her jaws were stretched so far apart that they threatened to pop out of their joints.

She felt nauseous. Then the gag reflex hit her. Her throat muscles closed around the thick bar of Harry's cock in a rapid, involuntary spasm.

Harry grunted. It felt as if he'd fucked his rigid prick into a milking machine! The muscles of his lovely captive's throat worked up and down the length of his prick like strong, agile, fingers as they tried to eject the cock.

"Lord!" he shouted. Elaine felt his prick swelling in her mouth and in the tight sheath of her throat. She gagged again, more powerfully than before.

Harry's deeply buried cock shot a huge load of jism into the tied woman's throat.

Jism coated Elaine's throat-lining. "Urrr! Ukkkk!" she babbled. Her eyes rolled as she felt the cock pulse again and fire more come into her throat.

"Drink it down, baby!" The channel of her throat was completely filled with Harry's acrid come. Unintentionally she swallowed, gulping down the spewing jism. Her boss' prick spurted come faster than she could drink it down. Come seethed from her lips, which were wrapped tightly round the shaft of his vibrating prick. The stuff got into her nasal passages. She choked. Jism bubbled front her nostrils.

"Ah! Ah! AIIIIEEEEE!" The ringing coyote yips told her that Harry's sister was coming too. She thought of that golden-furred pussy, sucking on Kathleen's greasy fingers the way her pussy had clutched her fingers when she watched Harry and Kathleen fuck. And all from watching him whip me and fuck my face, she thought.

Come ran down both sides of her face. It made white dewdrops in her hair and spilled into her ears. Still, Harry's jism overflowed her mouth and ran down to mingle with the tears that poured from her eyes.

Chapter FOUR

Warm come leaked from Elaine's mouth and nose. Harry still held her head in a grip of steel. He was moving his hips back and forth, fucking his cock slowly in and out of her tear-streaked face.

Kathleen Windsor shrieked like a banshee as her fingers fucked come after come into her greedy cunt. She watched her brother whip the naked captive with his belt until her luscious white body was a mass of crisscrossing red bumps. She watched him stick his cock in Elaine's face and blow his wad gloriously down her throat. What an exquisite turn on. Watching a display like that could have made her come off without using her hands!

Harry's prick pumped charge after charge of come down his secretary's throat. He felt her naked body shuddering beneath him. Her tits were soft and springy under his hard ass, and despite her fear and pain -- or perhaps because of them -- her nipples were hard as marbles.

The last of the jism stored in Harry's balls surged up the channel of his cock and into Elaine's throat. She gagged again as the rank tasting come seeped into her stomach. Hairy shook with joy as her throat squeezed his prick.

He let go of her head.

Thankfully, Elaine let her head sink into the carpet. Harry's prick slithered out of her mouth. His jism, thinned by his captive's saliva, dripped from his cock onto her chest.

At last the deflated head of the prick slipped from between Elaine's lips. She shook her head, spitting to clear her mouth of the last foul remnants of his come. The flavor of come and the lingering tang of Kathleen's pussy was making her ill.

"You don't like the way my come tastes?"

Harry asked. He stood up. His cock hung loosely.

The tip of his prick leaked jism onto her upturned tits. The acrid strung flag the inflamed tit-flesh.

Elaine moaned and squirmed with discomfort.

"You used to think my come tasted just fine," Harry said. He shook his head with mock regret.

Kathleen stepped forward. "That's all right, Brother dear," she purred, taking his belt from him with cunt-juice-dripping fingers. "If the little bitch doesn't appreciate your sweet come, maybe she'll like the flavor of my hot, nasty cunt!"

Elaine's eyes, which had been drooping with exhaustion, snapped open at the blonde's words. Surely Kathleen didn't expect Elaine to eat her pussy! She was in no mood to give Harry's sister that kind of intense erotic pleasure and the thought of a woman's cunt touching her mouth repelled her. That was lesbianism!

She saw Kathleen smiling at her with lustfully glowing eyes. "No," she said primly. "I won't lick your cunt for you. You can't make me do it!" Immediately she regretted her last, defiant note.

Kathleen laughed. Her laughter was at once musical and hateful. "Oh, but I can, little darling," she said sweetly. "When I'm finished with you, you'll beg for the privilege of lapping at my pussy. And my dripping cunt will taste better than anything you've ever put in your mouth before!"

As she spoke, the naked blonde was wrapping her brother's belt around her hand. Elaine watched her in horror. Kathleen was going to torture her until she willingly devoured her tormentor's pussy to escape the pain!

She licked dry lips, made a face at the come-flavor still sticking to them. Kathleen sat down beside her. The blonde was wearing some heavy perfume that complemented the musky odor of her greedy cunt. Elaine bit her lip and turned her face away.

Kathleen took her chin and turned Elaine's face back toward her. She held, up the belt. Only a six-inch tail of leather projected from her dainty fist. "See this?" she asked. "It doesn't hit as hard this way, but I think you'll find it stings far worse!"

She reached out and took one of Elaine's tits between her fingertips. The secretary winced as Kathleen's touch stung the puffy, reddened skin of her jug. Kathleen squeezed the mound of tit gently.

The tip of Elaine's tit seemed to swell upward from between the blonde's fingers. The nipple stood erect. Kathleen bent her head down and kissed the nipple lightly, swirling her tongue around it. Elaine trembled with involuntary pleasure.

Then Kathleen snapped the turgid nipple with the leather strap.

She gave her wrist a quick flick as she struck at her victim's tit. The belt stung like a wasp's sting.

Elaine shrieked horribly, eyes wide with horrified pain. It hurt worse than she could have imagined!

"Ah, no!" she babbled. "Not again! No! I can't stand it! I'll do anything! NOOOOOOOO!"

Kathleen massaged her captive's tit-flesh gently. Slowly she worked her fingers to the end of Elaine's tit, until only the nipple stuck up from her fingers. Then she flicked the tip of the belt against it!

It was like sending an electric, charge through her victim's body. Elaine howled. Her red hair whipped Kathleen's big bare tits as she tossed her head in agony.

To the prisoner, it felt almost as if a nail had been driven into her erect nipple. Kathleen sat beside her, smiling lewdly, stoking her other tit with a slender hand. "Uh," Elaine groaned. "Don't hit me again!"

The tie held her wrists tightly. It was beginning to feel chafed. Her arms moved constantly in a useless effort to wiggle free of the restraint.

"Don't give in so easily, darling," Kathleen said. "I've just gotten started." Again the six-inch end of the belt whipped tit-flesh, this time biting into the softness of her other jug. She wriggled furiously and drummed her heels on the floor.

"No-no more!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I can't stand it! It hurts -- my tit hurts!"

Kathleen shook her blonde head, making clucking noises. "Why should I stop? I'm having fun."

"No! I'll-I'll do anything you want."



The smell of Kathleen's pussy was strong in both women's nostrils. The blonde felt pussy sauces oozing from her cunt and running down her thighs and ass. "What will you do to make me stop?" she asked.

"I-I..." Elaine seemed to choke on the words. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut and she shook.

Kathleen tapped her victim's tit lightly with the belt. "What will you do?" she asked pointedly.

"I'll eat your pussy!" Elaine screamed. "I'll lick it, suck it, stick my tongue up it -- anything you want! But please don't hurt me any more!"

Kathleen glanced up at her brother. He was leaning against the desk, watching with undisguised interest. Despite his having come twice, not too much earlier, his cock was rampantly hard, thrusting like a missile from his hairy crotch!

"We-ell," Kathleen drawled. "If you insist!" She pulled her legs from under her and sat down on her bare ass. She pulled up her knees and spread them wide. Elaine turned her head to see Kathleen's pink pussy lips in the midst of her cunt bush.

"Dig in!" Kathleen said brightly. Her nipples were very hard.

A wisp of aroma from that gaping, beckoning pussy floated past Elaine's nose. She winced. How could she stand to taste the concentrated essence of another woman's randy pussy?

Easily -- far more easily than she could stand to have the sadistic blonde cruelly and expertly whipping her aching tits!

She rolled onto her belly. The carpet stung her abused tit. A strand of fire-colored hair fell across the wet mouth of Kathleen's pussy. The nude blonde sighed.

She must have a fantastically sensitive cunt, Elaine thought. She stared for a moment at Kathleen's pussy. It was wide open and dripping with shiny cunt grease. The blonde hairs clung to the oozing gash of her pussy.

Kathleen reached down to spread her cunt wide with two fingers. The hand that held Harry's belt touched Elaine lightly, urgently, on the back of the neck. "Hurry," Kathleen huskily. "Shove your face right into my pussy. Hurry!"

Slithering forward on her belly like a white skinned serpent, Elaine brought her face closer to the waiting cunt. The smell of needy pussy was overwhelming. How can I do it? How can I kiss this disgusting cunt.

Then she remembered the bite of the belt on her quivering tits. It was far and away the most hideous pain she'd ever felt. She lifted her face and plunged it right into the midst of Kathleen's cunt.

Oily pussy lips parted to enfold her mouth in a hot, lascivious embrace. Elaine's nose prodded into the "V" at the upper end of Kathleen's cunt gash as the blonde's pussy kissed her juicily on the mouth. Kathleen moaned erotically at the feel of Elaine's lips on her widely yawning pussy.

Involuntarily, Elaine licked her lips.

"Ah!" cried Kathleen. Her hand clenched a fistful of Elaine's red hair. Her clit poked out of its hood of flesh and touched Elaine's nose.

Elaine was too preoccupied to notice. For the first time the pure, undiluted flavor of cunt penetrated her taste buds. It practically made her faint. Never had she dreamed that a pussy could taste so strong -- and so rank!

Kathleen rotated her hips, grinding her pussy hard against her captive's face. Cunt honey cascaded down Elaine's chin. She moaned in disgust.

The sound vibrated like a dildo on the blonde's inflated clit. She sucked in a sharp breath. Her free hand, fingers still glistening with the juices of her own cunt, cupped Elaine's chin, positioning the captive's mouth more exactly over her pussy.

"Tongue me!" Kathleen shouted. "Chew off my pussy lips! Eat me good!"

The idea of keeping her mouth in contact with the brimming cunt any longer sickened Elaine. Her head was spinning from the powerful stench of the blonde bearded pussy. The feel of Kathleen's greasy pussy lips on her mouth was awful, slimy, slithery, but Elaine knew what the penalty would be if she disobeyed!

Kathleen squirmed closer. She tugged Elaine's hair, urging her to bury her face still deeper in the moist bed of her cunt.

Elaine drew her knees under her for leverage and opened her mouth. Instantly her mouth was filled with cunt flaps. She sucked them in. Kathleen cried out and wiggled her hips as her captive's teeth flayed the exquisitely sensitive cunt curtains.

Elaine began to work her jaws, chewing lightly on the orally imprisoned pussy lips. Her tongue uncoiled to play with the dainty flaps fringing her tormentor's cunt hole. Kathleen's cool finger stroked the back of Elaine's head with feverish passion.

Kathleen's pussy filled Elaine's mouth with spicy cunt juices. The secretary's tongue wallowed in a deep pool of cunt honey as it teased the lips of Kathleen's pussy. Kathleen kept her legs spread wide, the way she had when her brother was devouring her pussy. Her hands held the prisoner's head firmly in position before her aching cunt.

The captive could feel the excitement growing in her captor's delectable white body. She could actually taste it in the woman's cunt! And with that knowledge came a realization that stunned her: she was getting turned on!

She blinked. The matted pale fur of Kathleen's pussy filled her vision. Above the curly tangle of cunt hair she could see the other woman's navel. She tried to dismiss the fact that eating Kathleen's sopping cunt was making her very horny!

But it couldn't be denied forever. Kathleen's hips were moving in a tight circle, wagging her pussy lips around in her prisoner's mouth. Cunt sauce flowed like wine into Elaine's mouth, and she no longer found the pussy oils disgusting.

They were delicious!

Her cunt was beginning to water freely. Elaine could feel pussy juice dripping onto her calves. She began to move her own rump in sensuous circles.

The sight of the captive's whip-marked ass waving around in the air turned Harry Windsor's lust from smoldering embers to a raging conflagration. He moved behind the bound woman's upturned ass and went to his knees. He wrapped a hand around his enormous cock and pulled it into position.

Elaine felt a heavy hand on her ass. The contact with the puffy skin sent a twinge of pain into her ass cheeks. Then she realized it was her boss behind her. He was going to fuck her from behind with that fantastic cock of his! Her heart sang for joy.

"Oh yes!" Kathleen called. "Do it! Lick my pussy hard!"

Elaine released the pussy lips from her mouth. She opened her jaws so the length of Kathleen's cunt slit was between her lips. Then she began to lap the other woman's dripping pussy with long, fervent dog-like stokes.

Kathleen was practically put of her mind with ecstasy. Harry glanced at his sister. She was leaning well back, her knees high in the air, her arms straight and taut as they held the captive's face to her dripping pussy. Her own face, framed by long blonde hair, was a beautiful picture of ecstasy.

Elaine cried out into Kathleen's cunt as she felt Harry's giant cock slide into her oozing pussy. The blonde shivered and clutched at her head. Elaine ran her tongue frantically up and down the tasty furrow between the blonde's inner pussy lips as her cunt was gradually filled with Harry's pulsing, rock-hard cock.

Juices ran from Kathleen's gaping pussy, pooling in the redhead's mouth. Elaine moaned into the cunt and rolled her hips so that her own pussy, awash with the sauces of her desire, swirled maddeningly around her employer's big prick.

She felt the conical cock head wedging apart her pussy walls. Then Harry's crotch bumped against her upturned ass cheeks. His pubic hair tickled her still-smarting rump. She sighed happily and began to shake her ass from side to side, savoring the feel of that mammoth cock sliding in her cunt.

Kathleen released her grip on Elaine's head. No longer did she have to worry about the captive balking. Not when the red-headed secretary was devouring the pink meat after cunt as though it were the most delectable feast she'd ever encountered!

Harry pulled his prick out of Elaine's pussy. Cunt juice dripped from the shanks of the mighty cock as it withdrew. Kathleen turned then to lie full length on her back. With her knees under her and her body at an angle, Elaine, the cunt-lapping secretary, had no difficulty keeping her mouth pressed over the delicious pussy.

Her tongue dipped into the well of Kathleen's cunt. A fresh wave of flavor greeted her. She could feel the passion rising in the blonde's body. She could taste the lust that flowed from her pussy!

She felt the rubbery tip of Harry's cock touch her ass again. His prick slid over the smooth flesh stretched over her ass. Then the cock prodded against her tightly closed asshole!

"Awww!" she yelped.

Kathleen gasped and grabbed her victim's head with both hands. Elaine was trapped with her face pinned against that juicy cunt and her ass helplessly up in the air. Desperation rose in her stomach.

She'd never been fucked in the ass before!

She tried frantically to hold the portal of her asshole shut. But Harry slid his thumbs down into the crack of her ass and slowly pulled the reluctant asshole open.

"No," Elaine begged. The sound was muffled by the clinging, fragrant lips of Kathleen's pussy.

The secretary felt the head of Harry's prick slip into the cup-like opening in her ass. The cock head felt strange inside the normally tight ring of ass flesh. Elaine wagged her head against Kathleen's restraining hands, trying to wrest herself free.

It did no good. Kathleen started squealing and I thrashing and pushing her pussy mound into Elaine's face to fuck her cunt on the redhead's stiffened tongue. Harry put his hands on Elaine's stinging ass cheeks and pushed forward with his hips. His big prick began to go into her asshole!

Pain made the redhead's stole throb. With Kathleen's pussy pressing into her face demandingly, she had little choice but to keep licking and mouthing the elastic pussy lips. Elaine trembled. Harry's swollen prick head was fully planted in her ass now -- it didn't hurt too much, but she was afraid of what was to come!

Harry could barely control himself. The feel of his secretary's tight virgin asshole closing in around his prick was about to drive him crazy! He resisted the wild urge to bury his prick balls-deep in that inviting red-striped ass in one powerful surge. He wanted to savor the feel of his cock going slowly into Elaine's ass!

"Ah!" Kathleen murmured. "Good, so good. Lap my pussy, sweetheart. Yes!"

Elaine barely heard her. Despite the overwhelming presence of that greedy cunt, the redhead could concentrate on nothing but the enormous shaft of cock forcing its way slowly up her ass. The juices of her hot and horny cunt served to lubricate the vast spar of prick in her rump. Still, the usual friction inside the tunnel of her ass rasped the delicate membranes uncomfortably.

But what was really getting to her was the size of Harry's cock! Fucking into her pussy it had come near to hurting her. But driving into her asshole, his prick felt as if it were about to burst her wide open!

She heard Harry grunt behind her. She closed her eyes. The cock was beginning to cause sharper pains in her ass channel. It was starting to feel as though a telephone pole was being crammed up her ass.

Harry watched in fascination as his stiff cock was swallowed up by Elaine's asshole. Inch after rigid inch of his magnificent prick disappeared into her stretched-open asshole until there was no more cock to fuck up the bound woman's ass. Harry sighed in pleasure at the incredible pressure of his secretary's virgin ass chute on his cock!

Elaine's body began to shake with sobs. Tears rolled from her eyes to mingle with the luscious juices leaking from Kathleen's cunt. Get it out of me! she wanted to cry. It hurts -- it really hurts! It seemed that at any moment the cheeks of her ass would be split apart by the giant cock wedged between them. Each beat of her boss' racing heart caused an agonizing expansion of his cock inside her asshole.

She took a deep breath. The sweet perfume of Kathleen's soaking cunt filled her nostrils. Somehow the cunt smell seemed to calm her. She brought her tongue deliberately up the slit of Kathleen's pussy. She heard the blonde's excited moan and felt the lovely body tense with pleasure. Her pussy gave a twinge of joy as the ripe flavor of Kathleen's pussy thrilled her taste buds.

She felt the cock in her ass began to withdraw. The backward-flaring cockhead seemed to scrape her sensitive shit chute. The pain in her rectum vied with the sensuous delight she was once again getting from eating Kathleen Windsor's steaming pussy.

Then suddenly only the head of Harry's cock remained plugged into her asshole. She relaxed a little. That wasn't so bad! She slipped her tongue into Kathleen's cunt hole and felt the spongy walls of her pussy close in about it. The flavor of cunt was strong and succulent.

With a grunt of passion, Harry drove his cock balls-deep in his secretary's ass. Her scream, partially muffled by his sister's slavering cunt, was edged with pain and almost unspeakable passion.

He started to fuck the redhead's ass in earnest. His cock fairly flew in and out of the tight "O" of her asshole. Her shrill cries of pain and pleasure thrilled thunderously into Kathleen's cunt.

"AaaaaaYAAAAHHHHHH!" Kathleen wailed. Her fingers locked like steel pincers on her captive's head. Then Elaine felt a noose of oiled silk draw tight around her tongue, deeply buried in the blonde-furred pussy. Kathleen's cunt felt like it tried to suck Elaine's tongue into itself. The steady trickle of pussy oils became a torrent. The blonde-haired girl was coming!

Muscles stood out on Elaine's bound arms as her own body tensed in preparation for the climax she felt building in her cunt. She took a deep, pussy-perfumed breath. The muscles of her ass tightened about the pistoning shaft of Harry's prick.

A volcano of come erupted into her ass tunnel.

Harry's cock rammed full-length into her shit chute with a gurgle of jism. The white come seared her asshole like the blast of a flame thrower.

She came.

Her orgasmic screams sent Kathleen off into a wild paroxysm of joy. Her pussy wrenched at the redhead's probing tongue. The taste and feel and erotic electricity of Kathleen's orgasm set off a stunning, never-ending series of climaxes in Elaine's cunt.

She felt Harry's big prick pumping huge wads of jism in to her now-greedy ass. The stinging acid-feel of the jism in her ass added a delicious edge to her ecstasy. Briefly, fleetingly, she was happy.

Chapter FIVE

Elaine looked up at her boss' face. It was the face of a stranger. "I-I can't," she said.

An angry flush tinged Harry's tan checks. "You don't have any choice," he said tautly.

Elaine hung her head.

"Explain it to her again, Harry darling," Kathleen said. She was sitting in a leather-upholstered chair. She looked elegant in her knee-length culottes and a filmy, long-sleeved blouse. It was hard to recognize her with her clothes on, Elaine thought sarcastically.

Harry sat down on a corner of his big broad desk and crossed his legs. He clasped his hands over his knee and looked down at his red-headed secretary. She refused to look at him.

"It's this way," he said. "You fucked me. You enticed me into fucking you in the ass. You even forced my dear sister into letting you eat her pussy."

Elaine's temper flared. "That isn't true! You know it isn't!"

Harry smiled. "But it's Kathleen's and my word against yours, honey. And I'm a successful, well-respected, young attorney, and Kathleen is my blushing, virgin sister. Who'll be believed?"

Elaine shook her head. There was nothing to say.

"Now, in our liberated society, these things aren't against the law any longer," Harry continued, as if lecturing a class of not-too-bright law students. "But surely you know what attitudes are like in our community. Such things aren't taken lightly by public opinion in this town, even if no wrong is done in the eyes of the law. You'd be a marked woman if even a hint of this got out."

It was true. Too true. Elaine knew it. People, would look at her as though she were a cheap hooker when she walked down the street. She'd find that, somehow, no employers were looking for qualifications such as hers. Of course, if Harry's version of the story got out there'd be a certain amount of scandal, and Harry's standing might suffer slightly -- but only very slightly. He was a young, handsome, available attorney-at-law. How could a healthy young male resist the temptations of a loose-moral seductress?

She was trapped. She sniffled. Her ass still smarted from the brutal treatment it had received the day before. Her asshole was as sore as her ass cheeks. She'd gotten off on having Harry ass fuck her as she ate his sister's cunt, but the pain in her raw ass was making her pay!

Harry stood up. "Well, baby, it's getting late," he said, checking his expensive digital watch. "You'd better run along. You know where to go."

Kathleen gave Elaine a sweet smile as she walked out. The blonde's nipples were visible inside her sheer blouse. They were erect against the snowy backdrop of her tits.

"A Miss Thomas to see you, Mr. Wellborn." The secretary, a tall, willowy woman, opened the door and gestured to Elaine to go into the office. She gave the redhead a cool, studied look and went out. The door closed after her.

Hesitantly, Elaine looked toward the man behind the desk. At least he's not ugly, she thought. In fact, he was exactly the opposite -- if you liked older men.

Bennington Wellborn rose from his swivel chair and extended his hand. "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Thomas?" he beamed. "Harry told me a good deal about you."

Elaine took his hand. It was dry and firm. At the mention of her employer she blushed furiously, but deep inside her she felt a stirring of interest in this tall and slender lawyer.

Wellborn's hair was silver-gray. His skin was as deeply tanned as Harry's, and the eyes that looked out of his rugged looking face were a startling blue. His years hadn't decayed him any. Rather they seemed to have refined him into a fit, self-assured, good-looking man.

At a gesture from a well-manicured hand Elaine sat and primly crossed her legs. "Tell me about yourself," Wellborn said with a dazzling smile.

It was easy for Elaine to talk to this man. She talked about her girlhood, her innocence in high school and college, how she had come to work for Raeburn, Martin, and Windsor, Harry's firm.

Throughout, Wellborn listened attentively, from time-to-time nodding his silver head and murmuring words of encouragement. Without meaning to, she blurted out the story of how she and Harry had made love that first time, when she was still a virgin. And then she went on to tell what had happened yesterday with Harry and his sister Kathleen!

Wellborn shook his head, clucking his tongue sympathetically. "Poor child," he said softly. "You poor, poor child."

He got up and walked around his desk to stand beside the secretary. Suddenly tears burst from Elaine's eyes. He patted her on the shoulder and pressed his expensive linen handkerchief into her hands. She took it and blew her nose loudly.

This wasn't what she had expected. She let her fear and sorrow pour out of her. Mr. Wellborn was a nice man, a strong and kind and fatherly man. He understood what had happened to her, how cruelly she had been tricked and betrayed.

Maybe he could help her get out of Harry's clutches!

Elaine felt a stirring of hope. She dabbed at her eyes and looked up at the attorney. He was standing with his back to her, looking out the window at the city streets below.

"That's the problem with the world today," he said distantly. "There's just too little discipline. People think they can get away with anything they take into they heads."

He turned to face the girl, looking down at her as though from a great height. "Far too many young people have gone astray because of a lack of discipline," he intoned. "But perhaps -- just perhaps -- I can save you from the abyss into which you are headed."

Elaine's heart soared. "Oh yes!" she cried. "Help me! Please, please -- help me!"

Wellborn nodded. He walked over to a cabinet, set in a bookcase, filled with thick volumes. He opened it and took something out. His well-dressed body was in Elaine's way and she couldn't see what he had in his hand.

"Come here," he said. He turned to face Elaine, hands held behind him.

Heart pounding, Elaine obeyed. Her heavy tits heaved up and down inside her lacy bra. She was dressed in a sleeveless blouse of a fabric almost as light as Kathleen's, and her pert ass was encased in an extremely short skirt that left her long, legs strikingly bare.

She still felt hot.

She stopped a few inches in front of the lawyer. She felt his burning gaze on her. He reminded her of some Biblical prophet.

"I will do for you what I can, young lady," Wellborn said. "Hold out your hands."

Head down, Elaine raised her hands. There was a double dick, and she felt something encircling her wrists.

Her head snapped up. She was handcuffed! "What...?" she gasped, green eyes wide with horror.

"Young people are afraid to submit to proper discipline," Wellborn told her. "You may not be strong enough to face up to your punishment. Thank heaven I have these police-issue handcuffs!"

Elaine took a step back. Her mouth was slack in amazement. "W-what do you mean?" she stammered. "I didn't do anything!"

"You committed lewd and perverted acts," the lawyer said ponderously. "Each person is solely responsible for his or her own acts and sins! Your employer is not responsible for your actions."

The room seemed to spin around Elaine. A few moments ago the man had been as soothing and understanding as her father. What had happened?

He reached out and hooked his fingers in the collar of her blouse. Before she could react, he tore the garment from her shoulders and left it hanging in tatters. She cried out in tenor.

His piercing eyes stared at her tits. Her tits were barely contained by the scanty bra. Most of the white, freckled skin stretched over her full tits was exposed to his view.

"You are a lovely young woman," he said. He was breathing more heavily now. "It would be a great wrong to allow such a beautiful creature to be corrupted by evil!" He ripped her skirt off, leaving her clad in bra and panties and the ruins of her blouse.

He advanced on the cringing girl. She shrank back before him, pressing her manacled wrists over her tits. Her heart hammered. She backed into the desk.

Wellborn took off his coat. A maniacal light burned in his eyes.

He stepped to the side of his desk, leaned over, and opened a wide drawer. His eyes never left, the half-naked redhead. She was shivering uncontrollably in fright.

He pulled out what looked at first to be an extremely thin magic wand, two feet long and off-white. Then Elaine recognized it as a pointer, the kind professors used when they lectured. What's he going to do with that? she wondered.

Wellborn whacked the thin rod experimentally against his palm and nodded. "In the old days," he said, half to himself, "discipline was enforced by means of a hickory stick, but I've found a simple pointer to be more than effective."

He stretched out a hand and slipped the bra strap off Elaine's right shoulder. She tried to pull away. He hooked his fingers into the cups of her bra and pulled them away.

Her big tits bounced free! They jiggled up and down, the nipples dark against the whiteness of her tit flesh. Harsh fingers scraped her belly as they moved down and into the waistband of her panties. Elaine fell the back of Wellborn's hand on the furry mound of her cunt.

Wellborn twisted his hand in the fabric of her panties. "Are you ready to atone for your misbehavior?" he asked.


With a loud rip he jerked the panties off her hips. Elaine stood naked except for the shredded blouse hanging down from her waist. Patches of milk-white skin and scarlet cunt fur peeked between the strips of cloth.

Wellborn put his hand below Elaine's tits and pushed. She went up on the balls of her feet and sat on the edge of the desk. He kept pushing. She scooted her bare ass back across the polished wood.

The sun-browned hand crept up to cup a naked, jutting tit. The secretary moaned in involuntary pleasure as Wellborn's palm pressed her nipple back into the soft tit. Then he shoved her onto her back.

Her legs went up in the air. The fiery thatch covering her pussy flashed between her thighs. Wellborn brought his pointer whistling onto the pallid cheeks of her ass.

"Yeeeeow!" The pain was intense. Elaine kept rolling until it seemed she'd do a backward somersault off the other side of the paper-cluttered desk. Her legs kicked at thin air.

The slim rod moved with a whip-like action when Wellborn swung it. And, thin as it was, it bit her ass far more viciously than Harry's belt had. It was like being spanked with a switch as a child.

Elaine fell back, lying with her legs dangling over the edge of the desk. "Roll over," Wellborn commanded.

Elaine shook her head. Her ass hadn't entirely recovered from the whipping her boss had dealt it. She wasn't about to let this man abuse it even more!

But her defiance was useless. The pointer whined down. It cut into her tender pussy mound like a knife!

"Ah-AHHHHHH!" shrieked Elaine. Her ass flew off the desk top. Her pussy was on fire!

Her ass thumped back down on the desk. At once she rolled over on her stomach. Her ass felt vulnerable and naked, more naked than it had ever felt before. But anything was better than to feel that rod biting into her cunt again! Or so she thought! With meticulous aim, Wellborn lashed out. The rod whipped between the upward jutting cheeks of Elaine's ass. The crack of her ass and already-aching asshole burst into agony!


Wellborn struck side-hand. The rod scorched a thin red mark across the white ass cheeks. Elaine screamed again.

The front of Wellborn's pants was tented out by the rock-hard cock beneath. "See, slut?" he puffed. "I knew YOU wouldn't have the will power to take your punishment!"

He cut another stripe across Elaine's ass crack. Her tits squeaked against the wood and her nipples were friction-burned as she thrashed in agony. She couldn't stand it!

But she had no choice. Wellborn began slashing at her ass like a man beating out a fire with a sack. Her ass became a network of fine crimson lines crisscrossing the alabaster whiteness of her ass cheeks. She shrieked and begged and pleaded until she was hoarse. Still the brutal punishment continued.

The attorney moved to the side of his desk. He turned until he was looking down the girl's long, naked back at the twin mounds of her rump. He brought the pointer singing down between them.

This time the rod seemed to bite mainly at her asshole. "Unnnnnngaaahhh!" she howled. "My ass! It hurts!"

Wellborn allowed himself a smile. The sweat was streaming down into his eyes. "That's the object, my dear," he said. "You must pay for your sins."

"No -- I don't want to -- I -- AIEEEEEEEE!"

Another blow had landed along the crimson crevice of her ass. Wellborn cocked his arm again and leaned farther forward. The rod droned through the air.

It landed smack between the brilliant pink lips of the secretary's pussy. Bent over the desk like this, her cunt mouth was wide open to receive the full savage force of the blow!

"YAAAAAGHHH! OW! AIIIII!" It was as tough a candle flame had been held to her pussy lips. The pain seared her pussy tunnel and twisted her stomach.

"Good, good!" shouted Wellborn. Again Elaine's cunt flaps felt the cruel bite of her pussy tunnel and twisted her stomach.

"Good! Good!" shouted Wellborn. Again Elaine's cunt flaps felt the cruel bite of the pointer. It hurt worse than before!

Elaine's scream was to no avail. Her pussy blazed fiercely with pain. Hot tears gushed from her eyes.

She squirmed on the desk top, begging for mercy. Wellborn showed her none. He kept on whipping her helpless body until her cunt and whole felt as though they'd been stung by a million hornets.

It seemed as if his cock were going to burst free of his fly at any moment. With a hoarse cry he tore down the zipper and yanked his cock out. It quivered like a branch in a stiff wind.

"Such a lovely young slut," he moaned. "Mustn't let you be spoiled by perversion. Sucking a woman's pussy -- disgusting. Let me show you what a real man feels like!"

He plunged his throbbing cock full-length into Elaine's cunt. She howled at the pain from her whipped pussy lips. Then she cried out again as his cock rammed into her ungreased pussy!

Pointer still in hand, Wellborn nabbed his captive's ass. She wailed as his sweat stung her ass cheeks. He rocked his hips from side to side, stirring his hard cock around in her red-thatched pussy.

Gradually, the attorney pulled his cock out of his groaning victim's pussy. "Ah!" he cried. "Your cunt is tight and hot!"

Elaine sobbed. The mouth of her pussy pulsed with pain. Wellborn's cock was like a sword driven deep in her cunt.

The prick seemed to swell and shrink to the rhythm of the silver-haired man's heartbeat. Elaine felt the bloated prick-head leaving her cunt, and the elastic membranes of her pussy closing in after it. Then her sore twat lips were wrapped around the prick-head alone.

"Uh," she whimpered. "Let me go! My pussy is sore -- leave me alone!"

Wellborn ignored her. "Even in your righteous punishment you are allowed the reward of feeling my cock inside you." He frowned down at her ass. The tracery of lines his pointer had left seemed to glow against the whiteness of her ass. Her hole, puffy and red from the caress of his rod, seemed to wink at his lust-fevered face.

"You don't deserve such pleasure." He announced suddenly. "You must earn the right through suffering!"

"No!" Elaine cried desperately. Just having the cockhead caught between her agonized cunt flaps was making her pussy squirm with pain. "Let me alone, please!"

In reply Wellborn brought his pointer singing down to slash at the ripe cheeks of her ass.

"OHHHHHHHH! OWWWW!" Elaine's ass jerked on the desk. Her ass cheek pressed into the wood as she screamed. Wellborn's cock plunged madly inside her pussy.

In and out, the attorney fucked his rigid prick. All the while he rained stinging blows on the woman's already-tortured ass cheeks. The handcuffed secretary leapt and bucked and thrashed as though she were being electrocuted. Her red hair flew and her tits squeaked like rubber on the surface of the desk. Her pussy surged around Wellborn's pistoning prick. It felt as though he'd fucked his eager cock into a blender. He gritted his teeth at the intense, pleasure of whipping the lovely woman's ass and fucking her pussy as she writhed and struggled!

Elaine's cries were constant and piercing. Wellborn savored each and every shriek of agony, just as he savored the sound of the rod striking her tender ass flesh, the feel of the pointer cutting deeply into the pale ass and the fabulous play of the pussy fit so snugly around his ram-rodding cock.

It was too good to last. "Get ready, slut," the attorney cried. "My come will -- arrrrggghhhh!"

His prick spat jism into the pulsing mouth of Elaine's pussy. He whacked her ass viciously with his rod as climax shook him. The redhead screamed, agony penetrating her ass and pussy.

He fucked his cock home in her pussy. It shuddered and spewed another charge of creamy jism. Elaine howled as he turned his wrist to slash her asshole with the tip of the pointer.

His balls convulsively pumped their entire load of come into his captive's unwilling cunt. The fury of his whipping died as his passion spent itself in the red-furred cunt.

A curious calm came over Elaine. Despite her agony and humiliation, her mind was suddenly clear. And from that mental clearness came a fresh resolve.

Harry Windsor would pay for this!

Chapter SIX

Harry Windsor's cock pistoned in and out of Elaine's mouth. His come tilled her throat and mouth. White jism spilled over her lips and rolled down the side of her face.

"Don't be so greedy, Harry," Kathleen Windsor said, looking up from her magazine. "That nice Wade Elliot is supposed to be trying our little redhead on for size this afternoon!"

Her brother's answer was an incoherent babble of ecstasy. His fat prick pulsed and shot another spurt of come into Elaine's face. The lawyer's jism was rancid on his secretary's tongue.

Elaine sat with her jaws aching from being held open for Harry's big cock. She waited resignedly as his cock pumped the load of come from his balls into her mouth. Nothing lasted forever, she told herself.

If only she could see an end to her torment.

The last drops of Harry's come trickled onto Elaine's tongue from the pin-prick hole in the tip of her employer's cock. The cock began to deflate. It felt like a limp worm, moving across her lips and onto her tongue.

He pulled his cock out of the redhead's face. Come dribbled down her face and dripped onto her bare, pointed tits. She longed to wipe her face, but Harry's belt was looped around her arm just above her elbows and behind her back, restricting her freedom of movement. She'd just have to let his nasty come dry on her face and tits, she thought in disgust.

Kathleen yawned and laid aside her magazine. "She doesn't have to meet Wade for a while now, does she?"

Her brother shook his head, stuffing his cock back into his pants.

The blonde sat back lazily. "Good," she said. "That means shell have time to lap my pussy a little. Come on over here, beautiful."

Elaine clambered clumsily to her feet and did as she was told. She had no idea what Kathleen would do to her if she disobeyed, but she certainly didn't want to find out!

She walked over and knelt before the lovely blonde. Kathleen grinned at her and spread her legs. Her short skirt rode up her thighs. Beneath her skirt, her pussy was bare. The pink cunt mouth smiled at Elaine with moist lips.

Elaine leaned forward, nuzzling and kissing Kathleen's thighs. The blonde sighed and quivered with delight. Slowly Elaine began to nibble her way toward the exposed cunt.

I'd almost rather eat her cunt than suck her damned brother off, Elaine thought, as she pressed her lips to the lips of Kathleen's pussy in a prolonged, wet kiss. At least she's never deceived me!

With something like genuine relish, Elaine began to devour the blonde's dripping cunt.

Why go on? the redhead asked herself. She lay on her stomach on the sofa in her one-bedroom apartment, toying with a strand of her long red hair and ignoring the soap opera on TV. What's the use of pretending I can get out of this mess?

She fought back the impulse to check her watch again. She knew she'd looked at it less than five minutes ago, but Harry had said his friend Wade would arrive at around three o'clock. It had been 2:45 when last she'd looked.

Anticipation tingled in the pit of her stomach. What would Wade Elliot be like? She remembered he last friend her boss ad met her up with. She shuddered. Her ass still smarted from the punishment that lecherous old bastard Wellborn had given it!

She'd thought the old fart would never let her go. He'd beat her within an inch of her life, slashing at her tits and cunt then fucking her poor ass. She winced at the memory of the narrow rod biting into the soft meat of her pussy, right between the tender and nerve-rich lips. She'd rather die than go through that again!

She could say one thing for Bennington Wellborn though, the old man was sure as hell not impotent. After blowing his wad of come into her pussy, he'd still had plenty of energy left to fuck her up the as and then, after letting the abused secretary take a breather, he'd made her suck his rank old prick.

When she'd finished, he was back in his finely-tailored clothes, with not a thread out of place. He'd gravely expressed the hope that he'd been able to help her with her problem, then rung for his secretary to show her out. The raucous buzz of the front-door signal startled her. She stared at the intercom on the wall. Her heart was in her throat.

The buzzer sounded again. I won't answer it, she told herself. Let Wade Elliot buzz until he's blue in the face. What can Harry and his perverted slut of a sister do to me?

She knew very well what they could do to her. She stood up and walked to the intercom. A slim finger pressed the door-release. She held it for a long time.

She went back and turned off the television. Then she sat on the couch for what seemed like an eternity. A knock sounded at her door.

She rose to answer it. Just in front of the door, she paused. She patted back her brilliant hair and smoothed a few stray wrinkles in her tight pants. She looked down at her tits. Excited anticipation had made the nipples stiff. She could see them clearly through the thin fabric of her blouse. She squeezed her tits once, as if to mold her blouse more closely to them.

I'm a vain little bitch, she thought.

She opened the door. Her breath caught in her throat. Her first impulse was to ask if the man who stood in the hall hadn't gotten the wrong apartment by mistake.

It looked as though some kind of Greek God had come down from Olympus to visit her. Wade Elliot was tall, fully as tall as Elaine's boss, but where Harry Windsor was slim, this man was broad and powerful looking. And where Harry was dark, Elliot was fair haired and fair-skinned. Longish blond hair trained a surprisingly young looking face. His eyes were a shade Elaine couldn't identify. His face was handsome, and he smiled broadly.

"Hi," he said, almost shyly. "I'm Wade Elliot. You must be Elaine."

Her lips were suddenly dry. She licked them to moisten them. "Yes," she said in a small voice. "I'm happy to meet you, Mr."

"Call me Wade." He shook the hand she held out to him. She stepped back and nervously invited him in.

Wade sat on the couch. For a moment Elaine stood looking at him. Then she remembered her manners. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Scotch and water."

Elaine mixed him his drink, and then made the same for herself. As she prepared the drinks, she kept sneaking looks at him. He is beautiful! She felt like laughing at her earlier fears to what this new friend of Harry's would be like.

Catering to Wade Elliot's desires would be no problem at all.

As she walked toward the youthful attorney with their drinks in her hands, Elaine came to a sudden decision. She had no idea what Harry had told Wade to expect, but whatever it was, the handsome blond man was in for a surprise.

Wade accepted his drink with a smile and murmured thanks. His eyes flickered as Elaine sat down next to him. Her hip brushed his arm. Elaine sipped her drink and looked up at him.

Her hand dropped to his arm. "You're very handsome," she said. "I didn't know Harry had friends like you."

Wade grinned at her uneasily. "I didn't know he had friends like you," he said.

The crotch of Elaine's panties was beginning to feel like a swamp. Her cunt was positively so wet at the thought of fucking Wade Elliot. There's no time like the present, she told herself.

Her hand dropped to Wade's crotch and squeezed. His eyes bugged. His cock was instantly hard beneath the secretary's agile fingers.

The redhead gasped. Wade's cock felt even bigger than Harry's! She turned toward him. The feel of the fabric of her blouse over her erect nipples almost made her come.

Wade opened his mouth to speak. Elaine set her drink on the arm of the couch, took his head with both hands, and fastened her mouth to his. Her tongue plunged eagerly into his mouth and began scouring its insides.

Wade's glass bounced on the carpet, spilling Scotch and water all over the place. He grabbed Elaine's sides as if to push her away. Her slender hand moved from his face to the bulge of his cock. He crushed her against his massive chest as his tongue tangled hungrily with hers.

She felt her nipples against his chest muscles. As one hand jacked off his oversized cock, her other hand reached down and pulled open her blouse so violently that the buttons shot off in all directions. She pulled her glistening lips away from Wade's and raised her body thrusting her tits full in his surprised face.

The lawyer stared at the dark reddish nipples, making perfect peaks at the tips of her tits. He reached up, almost hesitantly, and squeezed a tit. The tit was springy and firm. The stiff nipples quivered lustfully flame moaned and rolled her shoulder. Her tits jiggled invitingly.

Her fingers found his cock head and squeezed. With a wild cry the handsome attorney buried his face between her tits. She cradled his head to her tits as he began to tongue furiously over the pale cones.

Trembling fingers fumbled at the fly of Wade's jeans. Elaine pulled the zipper down and stuck her hand in his pants. His cock throbbed inside his boxer shorts. She pulled out her hand and unbuckled the man's belt.

Strong lips fastened over the crest of one milky tit. Elaine groaned as he sucked in a mouthful of luscious tit flesh. He put his thumbs into the waist of his trousers and pulled them off.

His cock sprang free as his under shorts slid down his powerful thighs. Elaine looked down.

"My God!" she cried. "Your cock -- it's enormous!"

Wade didn't answer. He was too busy sucking greedily on her tit. His tongue flicked at her nipple, sending flashes of hot delight through her full, sensitive tit.

Elaine couldn't take her eyes off Wade's cock. It was much bigger than Harry's; it must have been over nine inches long!

She grabbed the rampant prick. The cock meat was solid, pulsing with life and horniness! Her fingers pumped lightly up and down the gigantic tower of prick. Wade growled and bit down on the tit trapped in his mouth. It didn't hurt, but it was plenty hard enough to make Elaine go crazy with passion.

Still gnawing ravenously on the wealth of her tits, Wade reached down and undid the buttons of her pants. Elaine turned sideways, letting him pull pants and panties off her shapely ass. The man hunched over to keep his oral hold on her succulent tit.

The head of his cock poked Elaine's bare side. She wrapped her hand around the thick cock shaft and tugged frantically on the prick. She pulled up her legs to let Wade slide pants and panties off over her slender feet. A humid cunt smell came from her aroused pussy.

Elaine removed her blouse one-handed. Wade let her tit come out of his mouth. The tip of her tit was gleaming with his saliva, and the nipple looked like a miniature finger pointing toward the lawyer's face.

He kissed her firm belly. Her fingers made a tight ring that worked madly up and down the shaft of his prick. His lips slid down the tender flesh.

Leaning sideways, Wade kissed the soft skin just above the flaming wedge of her cunt bush. Elaine shivered with anticipation.

"Yes!" she moaned. "Oh yes!"

His lips moved downward. Wade buried his face in the damp tangle of her cunt fur. Elaine laughed at the sight; he looked as if he had a fiery red beard. He opened his mouth and began to gnaw at her spongy cunt bun.

The now-naked secretary was lying across his lap between his titanic cock and his flat, muscular stomach. His cock was behind her, so that she had to reach back at an odd angle to jack him off. She could feel the heat of his raging cock against her bare skin.

Gradually Wade nibbled his way down the mound of Elaine's pussy. Then his upper lip touched the dampened fur, at the top of her cunt-slit.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Elaine sighed. Wade kissed the mouth of her pussy, and ecstasy filled her body.

She practically tore Wade's cock off as his face burrowed into her pussy. His lower lip brushed her clit as his tongue probed between the delicate curtains around her cunt hole. Electric excitement flowed up her pussy tunnel.

She tugged at his thighs. He slurped at her pussy. Then, getting the message, he swung his legs up onto the sofa. Elaine lay down full-length beside him.

The turgid cock loomed large before her eyes. Wade fucked his tongue in and out between her pussy lips with agonizing deliberation. She felt the passion coming to a boil in the depths of her pussy.

At the sight of Wade's mammoth prick, Elaine's mouth was watering as extravagantly as her pussy. She was dying to cram that great big cock into her face. She did!

She drew the prick down toward her mouth. She spread her jaws wide and stuck the cock head between them. With her lips over her teeth, she closed her mouth on the swollen purple prick head.

Wade moaned happily into her cunt. His cock pulsated between Elaine's teeth. The flavor of his cock was fantastically rich and meaty.

She sucked lightly on his cock. Her lips molded themselves to the hooded prick head. She touched the tip of Wade's cock with her tongue and tasted a salty trace of pre-seminal fluid.

His tongue played deep in her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her pliant ass and brought his fingers in to hold the mouth of her cunt wide open. She drew up one bent leg and laid it on his neck to allow him easier access to the tasty treat of her pussy. He puckered his lips between her cunt flaps and swirled his face around. Her cunt tingled with joy.

It was even harder to fit Wade's gigantic cock into her mouth than it had been to fit Harry's, but Elaine was determined to give the handsome young lawyer the blow-job of his life! Somehow, Wade Elliot's prick felt and tasted far better than Harry's cock ever had.

Wade drew his head back from the gaping cunt. His tongue licked along Elaine's pussy slit. Aromatic cunt juices flowed out over his fingers as the redhead's body began to move to the rhythms of her joy.

Experimentally, Elaine tried taking more of Wade's cock into her mouth. Her jaws were forced far apart by the incredible girth of his cock. The underside of the prick crushed her tongue down into the bottom of her mouth, filling her head with the concentrated taste of cock meat. She felt his pulse throbbing in the thick veins that curled like vines around the mighty shaft of his cock.

The cheeks of her slim face went hollow as she sucked still harder on the young man's cock. He stepped up the tempo of his pussy licking. Elaine's ass began to wag from side to side as the tension built up inside her cunt.

Suddenly Wade grabbed Elaine's ass with both hands and thrust his tongue deep into her pussy.

"Um!" she said, her exclamation muffled by the cock in her face. Wade's prick vibrated in her mouth, his excitement matching hers. He began to fuck her dripping pussy with a long rigid tongue.

Elaine felt her body readying itself for the shock of a tremendous orgasm. She began to suck Wade's cock almost frantically. She wanted to taste his jism as she came!

It became a race against time. With Wade tongue-fucking her pussy fast and furiously, she felt tense as a violin string, on the verge of snapping into orgasm. The feel of the fat plug of cock in her face was turning her on too. Wade's big prick seemed to pulsate with horny vitality.

A blunt thumb moved over to stab at her swollen clit. Her fingers dug spasmodically into Wade's hips. She was about to come! Her pussy sloshed hot cunt sauces all over his hand and face.

The head of his prick was clear to the back of her mouth. She knew men loved to have their pricks swallowed, but she also knew that wasn't the quickest way to make a man come. She wanted results now!

She pulled her head away from Wade's crotch. The cock was out from between her lips. She moved her mouth until her lips were holding the place what his conical red cock head met the stalk of his prick. The nerves were most thickly gathered there. She snuggled closer to Wade, so that her tits flattened against his hard stomach and her nipples drilled into his flesh. Then she sucked for all she was worth on his rock-hard cock.

The results were immediate. Wade's cock swelled till it was so huge Elaine was afraid her jaws would pop out of their binges. Then the prick contracted and fired come clear to her tonsils!

The taste of jism filled her mouth. The cock quivered and spat again. Come spattered her tongue. She swirled her tongue around the prick head, relishing the flavor of the jism that spewed out from the prick hole.

Wade's body shifted and squirmed as he came. Then a velvet bear-trap closed on the tongue that had invaded the red-furred cunt. A fresh torrent of cunt honey gushed from the secretary's twat. She was coming too!

A billion bright lights burst behind Elaine's eyes as Wade's big prick fucked her mouth full of jism. His tongue-lashing made, her pussy tunnel tingle with delight. She couldn't seem to catch her breath, so powerfully was she coming.

But she didn't care!

The well-built man's prick hosed come all over her tongue and the insides of her mouth. She drank the white come down as fast as she could, but even then precious droplets of jism spilled out of her mouth, around the vast girth of the cock.

At the same time, Wade kept pressing the love-button of her cunt. His tongue just seemed to keep sliding into the secretary's pussy. The flavor of her cunt made him roll his eyes with delight. Her pussy was delicious!

They thrashed and shook, sucking down come and pussy juice with mindless abandon. Eventually, Wade ran out of come, but his huge cock kept jerking under the skillful treatment of Elaine's lips and tongue.

Her cunt convulsed through a series of orgasms around Wade's tongue. He fucked it in and out of her pussy. The silky, oily membranes of her cunt seemed to grasp at the sliding, exciting tongue. Her cunt was so engorged with blood that it seemed about to burst.

Finally the fires of her climax died away into a sweet afterglow. It was like a new experience for her. The horror of the last few days had erased her good memories of the times with Harry and had left only the bad memories in her mind.

She raised her head and studied the spit-glossed prick head. Her tongue skillfully scooped up the creamy come that had escaped her greedy mouth. Wade's jism tasted good.

She could be happy with him, she knew. If only she could stay at his side forever!

Chapter SEVEN

Elaine sat in the living room of the split-level home and uneasily sipped her drink. There was something about the couple sitting on the couch across from her that made her terribly nervous. She couldn't put her finger on what it was, but it made her want to leap up and bolt out the door!

"I understand Harry wants us to drop the Mattson case," the man said, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. "Of course, he must realize it's impossible. I know his reputation, but this thing is airtight. Absolutely airtight."

Elaine hardly heard him. Her attention, kept wandering to the woman who sat at his side and leaned on his shoulder. The woman's smoldering brown eyes hadn't left Elaine since she'd walked in the door.

District Attorney Charles Hardman had a reputation for being what his name implied -- a hard man. He was in his late thirties or early forties, his eyes gray, and his hands surprisingly large for his size. He played ceaselessly with his half-full of gin, turning it around and around so that the colorless liquid swirled in the glass.

"But of course," the black-haired woman at his side said, in a voice like a purring cat, "something could be arranged, given the proper inducement. That is why Harry sent you here isn't it, dear?" she smiled lasciviously at Elaine. The secretary repressed a shudder.

Hard man gave his companion a reproving glance.

"You needn't be so blunt, Marda," he said. She laughed, a sound like tinkling bells.

She stood up and walked toward Elaine. Her floor-length dress clung to her like a sheath. The thin fabric molded itself around every curve of her voluptuous body. And there was certainly a lot to cling to!

Black-haired Marda was an inch or two shorter than Hardman, but she was anything but compact. She was not fat by any stretch of the imagination; she simply had an incredibly ripe figure packed in her none-too-tall frame!

Marda moved with the sure grace of a hunting panther. Her tits -- large, with erect nipples and projecting areolas -- rode up and down on her ribs. The cloth of her dress was so sheer that the secretary could see the ringlets of cunt fur outlined between the luscious thighs.

Marda stopped in front of the redhead. Big brown eyes studied Elaine over the rim of a glass as the DA's mistress took a sip of her drink. A bare arm reached out and a scarlet-nailed finger touched Elaine's cheek.

"Charles doesn't like to say things straight out," she explained. "I don't believe in beating around the bush. We're going to play with you, beautiful. If you please us enough, we'll do what your dear boss wants us to. How is he, by the way?"

Elaine didn't answer. She sat looking at the shag carpet. She had a curious hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The brunette turned away. Elaine's eyes glanced up to see the crack between Marda's ass cheeks delineated in the shimmering indigo cloth. She was afraid of what would happen next. She couldn't restrain a certain catch to her breath. She'd never seen a woman as ripe and lovely as Marda.

Marda paused by a table at the end of the couch.

"You know, Charles dear, I've never seen a red-haired pussy before." She set her drink down. "I wonder what one looks like."

Without glancing back at the red-headed secretary, Marda reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper of her dress. The opening bared the milky expanse of Marda's back. She peeled off her dress. The crack of her ass smiled at Elaine. Marda bent to slide the clinging dress down her legs, then stood up, smoothed her midnight hair back, and took a drink from her glass.

Elaine looked from the now-naked brunette to Hardman. The bulge in his crotch gave ample evidence to the interest he was taking in what was going on. He was staring intently at Elaine, ignoring the spectacle of his naked mistress, standing a few feet from him.

Marda opened a drawer in the table and pulled out apiece of rope. "Not yet," Hardman said suddenly, urgently. Then he bent over and rummaged under the couch with one hand.

When his hand appeared, Elaine gasped. He was holding the handle of a whip!

Like a long black serpent the whip uncoiled from beneath the sofa. Hardman brought his wrist forward swiftly, and eight feet of braided buck leather slithered across the carpet toward Elaine. She dropped her glass and jumped to her feet.

"Wait a minute," she said nervously. "This is going a little too fast for me. I mean, when Harry asked me to come here, I'm sure he didn't have anything in mind like..."

The DA had gotten to his feet as Elaine spoke. Now he moved his hand with blinding speed. The end of the whip snapped up between her thighs, under the hem of her skirt, stinging her panty-covered cunt.

Her protest turned to a cry of anguish. She pressed her knees together and threw a hand down to protect her cunt. The lash slid down a slender thigh and fell to the floor.

The blow hadn't been very hard, and Elaine's panties had cushioned its impact some. Still, her pussy smarted from the whip-stroke. "O," Elaine moaned. "I -- oh, that hurts!"

"It was meant to!" Marda said with undisguised delight. She had turned full face toward Elaine now. Despite the pain in her cunt, the secretary was impressed by the sight of the naked woman.

Marda's tits were like balloons, crowned with large nipples. The curves of her body narrowed to a surprisingly small waist, then flared out into lushly padded white hips. The downward pointing triangle of cunt fur between the voluptuous thighs was big and lush. A hint of pink pussy lips showed through the black bush.

Elaine massaged her aching cunt bun. She felt ridiculous bent over like this, but she didn't want Hardman snapping her poor pussy again!

But Hardman was not to be put off from his sport. The whip moved again. Elaine shrieked wildly as a six inch rip appeared in her blouse above her left tit.

She jerked upright and stepped back so that the chair hit her in the backs of her legs. Then she looked down at herself, feeling foolish for having screamed so loudly. The hissing lash hadn't touched her!

She stared at Hardman, not understanding. He smiled at her with what looked like genuine warmth. He struck again.

A horizontal tear opened over her other tit. Elaine bit back a panicky cry. What kind of a game was this?

Whatever it was, she didn't like it!

Marda stepped out of her discarded dress. She still wore her high-heeled shoes, which somehow made her look still more naked. She ran a hand over her jutting tits, tasted her drink, and looked at Elaine with lust glowing in her eyes.

The smell of hot, horny cunt filled the room. Marda was getting turned on. Elaine wondered what part the brunette would play in the DA's little game.

There was no time for speculation. She hugged her tits instinctively as the whip whistled towards them. It laid open the side of her blouse, baring a large area of untouched white skin.

A few more expert cuts of the whip and the blouse was hanging in shreds from the secretary's shrinking body. And yet, she had only felt the kiss of the black snake once, on her cunt bun, but that once was more than enough!

Marda's nipples looked as big as thumb-tips on the ends of her tits. The dark areolas seemed to be expanding over the globes of her tits. A shiny line of cunt juice glistened on her thigh.

Elaine's skirt flapped as the whip sang. She glanced down to see a strip of cloth hanging down her thigh. Two more lightning-fast blows of the slender lash and the skirt fell away, leaving the shrinking redhead dressed only in shoes, panties, and lacy white bra.

"Ai!" Pain blazed between Elaine's cunt bun and her hipbone.

"I'm terribly sorry," Hardman said. "I hadn't meant to touch you yet. My aim's a little off. I haven't practiced in a while."

His stroke had nevertheless made a tear in Elaine's yellow panties. The next swing curled the whip around a pert ass cheek, caressing her ass without hurting it. She felt a cool breeze over her ass.

Two more licks of the whip and Marda sang out with glee, "So that's what red pussy fur looks like! It's absolutely stunning!"

Elaine pressed her thighs together as though she could somehow conceal her naked pussy by doing so. There was an angry red weal angling up away from her cunt bush. It was an unpleasant reminder of what that long tongue of leather could do to her helpless, tender flesh.

"Now," Hardman panted, breathless with lust. "We take off the bra."

Elaine shook her head. She kept her arms huddled over her tits. She couldn't bare to feel the whip licking at her tits!

The DA's face was mottled with fury. "Put your arms down, slut!" he roared.


The whip curved around and bit deeply into the cheeks of the secretary's ass. "Yeeeeeee!" she squealed. She clutched at her rump in agony.

Crack! A flick of the whip sent a cup of her bra cart-wheeling into space. She made a frantic grab to rescue her bra, but the tip of the whip stripped the other cup off her pointed tit. She stood before the pair, like Marda, naked except for her shoes.

"She really has the most lovely cunt I've ever seen," Marda said. "But let's hear her scream some more."

Elaine gasped at her words. Her eyes moved to the naked, big-breasted woman, and she missed the whip arcing toward her.

Without warning the whip slashed across her bared tits.

"AIIhhhhhYAAAAAAAAH!" Elaine howled. She slapped her hands to her tits. Her knees buckled at the hideous pain welling from her whipped tits.

She went to her knees on the carpet. The whip slithered across the floor and stung up between her ass cheeks. Whether by accident or an purpose, the tip snapped her shit chute. She shot into the air like a spring uncoiling.

Elaine's scream filled the sumptuous living room. Marda laughed with joy. She drained her drink and dropped a hand to the black-bearded mouth of her pussy. At the touch of the fingertip, cunt sauces oozed out to fill her palm.

Hardman lashed Elaine's ass. The cruel blow spun her around. She threw out her arms to steady herself. The whip lashed out and caught the underside of a flying tit. Elaine's mind exploded in pain.

"No! AAAAAAH!" she wailed, flailing her arms hysterically. "Stop it, stop it, STOP IT! I can't TAKE it! My tits, my ass, my poor pussy. Oh, GOD!"

Laughing like a madman, Hardman struck out again and again at the pale, naked body. Burning red welts striped the redhead's ass and tits. When she left her legs apart, the whip came up between them and seared her cunt lips.

The pain was too terrible to be borne, but Elaine had no choice. The whipping kept her dancing, off balance, half-mad with pain. And there was no place to hide. All she could do was ineffectually cover one part of her lovely body while the whip abused the other!

A wicked stroke full along the furrow of her cunt gash brought her to her knees again. Hardman cracked the tip of the whip on a straining nipple as he jerked his shirt open.

"AAAAAAH!" Elaine screamed.

Her nipple seemed about to explode with agony. Through a haze of pain and tears she saw Hardman opening his trousers and tugging them down his legs. His cock popped out of his pants. It was long and thin like the black whip in his hand.

"Down! Onto your back," Hardman commanded. Elaine blinked at him. Her brain was too fogged, by the agony assaulting her tits and striped ass, to respond at once.

The whip snapped the underside of her left tit. It felt as though it tore a strip of skin off the sensitive tit. Elaine howled and flung herself onto her back.

The next thing she was aware of was something warm and rubbery pressing against her lips. She opened her eyes. Hardman's cock was like a pale arch between his hairy crotch and her mouth. The tip of Elaine's nose touched the underside of the DA's stiff prick.

She kept her mouth tightly shut. Hardman shortened his grip on the whip. It rose and fell hard between Elaine's pussy lips.

Her ass flew off the carpet.

"UUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried. Expertly Hardman stuck his cocks into her open mouth as she screamed.

The secretary fought a wild urge to bite the DA's cock off. As nearly driven insane by agony as she was, she still knew better. There was no telling what would happen to her if she did something like that!

There was no point in resisting any longer. She let Hardman fuck his cock into her mouth, down her throat. Having her mouth raped repeatedly by Harry over the last few days had at least taught her to swallow cock without gagging. Her eyes glared hate at the DA as the head of his prick pushed down toward her stomach.

She sensed Marda bending over her. Strong hands took hold of her wrists and drew them together below her tits. The red-headed secretary lay docilely as her hands were bound with the rope.

Hardman fucked his cock into Elaine's face, marveling at the way she took his hard-on down her throat. Her throat was like a sock, so snugly did it fit his randy prick. His balls dangled down and draped over her nose.

Her head was well back, so that all she could see was the man's nuts and hairy crotch. His cock pulsed in her throat. His prick was longer than Harry's, though much skinnier. It was a great effort not to gag on his prick, despite her enforced training in cock-sucking.

A hardness poked into the crack of her ass. She tensed. The blunt tip of the object, whatever it was, slid down to push insistently against the puckered portal of her asshole!

Twisting her head, she looked down the gleaming pale length of her body. Framed by Elaine's proud tits, Marda knelt between the secretary's thighs. She was wearing some kind of harness around her hips. The hard thing shifted, held between the cheeks of Elaine's ass.

The lengthy cock started to draw out of her face. She realized what was happening. The curvaceous brunette had strapped on a dildo.

And she was trying to fuck Elaine up the asshole with it!

Elaine reached down to try to push the artificial cock away from her asshole. She didn't know what Marda's dildo was made of, but she was afraid it would tear up the insides of her shit chute. Marda caught her wrist with one hand while the other steadied the inward pushing dildo. She laughed.

Half Hardman's prick had left her mouth. The length of the cock glistened with her spit. Hardman moaned and stroked his captive's face.

Her upper teeth flayed the sensitive underside of the man's cock.

"Uh," he groaned.

Her lower teeth were scraping the upper surface of his prick in a wonderful way.

He looked at Marda's face. She had the opening of her victim's ass pried open. The tip of her dildo entered Elaine's ass hole. The redhead gave a cry, muffled by Hardman's cock.

"Nice, isn't it?" Marda said. Her nipples were huge and shiny.

Hardman couldn't answer. The head of his cock was just inside Elaine's mouth, her lower teeth catching the under edge of the flaring hood of the prick head. It felt fantastic!

The dildo rasped the inside of Elaine's asshole. No, she wanted to scream. Don't put that thing inside me! I don't want it up my ass. But she couldn't speak with Hardman's cock plugging her mouth. She heard him sigh, and then he was driving his cock back down her throat. Her tongue retreated as far to the bottom of her mouth as it could. She didn't want to give his cock any more sensation than she had to!

With a sudden move of her hips, Marda buried an inch of the dildo in the redhead's ass. Elaine squealed. Her ass rolled around on the floor in a frantic attempt to escape the hard rod impaling it.

The rug burned her whip-welted ass cheeks.

Cock and dildo drove into the secretary's mouth and asshole relentlessly. It was as if a dowel covered in sandpaper was being forced up her ass. The lining of her shit chute seemed to be flayed by the entry of the phony prick.

She barely noticed as Hardman fucked his cock to the hilt in her mouth and started pulling it out again. Her being we concentrated on the unyielding shaft of hard rubber surging into her rectum. It was not as thick as Harry's big prick, but it still gave her ass channel an uncomfortable feeling of being too full. And the friction of the ungreased dildo was hell on her asshole!

Still, the dildo came into her ass. It was like a spear, now, being jammed up her asshole. She thought that if anymore of the dildo was fucked into her ass she'd die.

And still more of the dildo entered her agonized asshole!

Still, the dildo came into her ass. It was like a spear, now, being jammed up her asshole. She thought that if any more of the dildo was fucked into her ass she'd die.

And still more of the dildo entered her agonized asshole!

Then the progress of the dildo up her asshole stopped. She felt something strange pressed against her whipped rump, and knew it was the base of the artificial cock. Marda started to pull the artificial prick from her victim's asshole as Hardman began to fuck his real cock back into Elaine's mouth!

The cock slid readily down the redhead's throat. The dildo tore at her asshole like a spike-headed mace crammed up her ass as it withdrew. Hardman's balls flopped over her nose, and then his cock was leaving her mouth with frantic speed.

Marda pulled the cock from Elaine's ass until only an inch or so remained crammed up her asshole. Then she fed it all back into the captive's shit chute. Elaine screamed around the prick pistoning in and out of her wide-open mouth.

Marda gazed down at the naked redhead. Elaine's pussy gaped between her widely parted legs. The cunt was pink against scarlet pussy fur. The aroma of her cunt was sweet.

Below her cunt mouth, two mounds of ass flesh framed the flesh colored dildo as it disappeared up Elaine's asshole. Marda rotated her plush hips. Elaine squawked as the motion twisted the dildo cruelly in her ass.

At her sounds and squirms of agony, Hardman was getting incredibly turned on. His cock vibrated like a tuning fork as he fucked her mouth. The head of the prick seemed, to inflate even more as it slid down her throat.

Marda was ass-fucking the lovely captive for real now. The stiff dildo pumped in and out of Elaine's asshole with sledge-hammer speed. The agony from her violated whole was unbearable now. It was as tough her an had been crammed full of broken glass!

The dildo was tearing her apart. She felt deep humiliation, knowing what a charge Hardman was getting from fucking her face while he watched his secretary rape her ass with a dildo. But there was nothing she could do about it.

The base of the dildo rhythmically crushed the fertile mound of Marda's black-furred cunt. Each inward stroke of the dildo in Elaine's ass sent a stab of ecstasy into Marda's pussy. The sight of the naked redhead writhing on the carpet as she was fucked in the mouth and asshole was a fantastic turn on! And the gaping red-haired pussy was as lovely a sight as Marda had ever seen.

She fucked the dildo home in Elaine's ass with a surge of lustful energy. Elaine arched her back and wailed around Hardman's cock. Marda grabbed her giant tits and howled as if in pain. A hand seemed to squeeze her pussy tunnel, then the tightness traveled up her glorious naked body to her brain as she came.

The next stroke of Marda's dildo lifted the lower half of Elaine's body clear off the rug. The dildo seemed to lance up the redhead's shit-chute into her guts. She groaned in horrible pain. The dildo was tearing her apart!

She wanted to shriek. Hardman grabbed her hair with both hands and plunged his prick balls-deep in her face. The cock shuddered and then fired jism right down her throat. She choked as blast after blast of come cascaded into her throat, filled it, overflowed into her mouth and out her lips.

Elaine heard Marda's orgiastic cries as the brunette fucked the cock mercilessly in and out of her tortured asshole. The odor of the black-bearded pussy reeked in her nostrils. She choked on acrid, foul-tasting come.

She wanted to die.

When would it all end?

Chapter EIGHT

The evening was cool. The skies were clear and full of stars. I can't ever seem to get used to this, Elaine thought, as she walked up the strip of concrete toward the front door of the large, ranch-style house.

She climbed up the stairs to the porch. On either side were two large cast-iron figures of dogs. She looked at them dubiously and pressed the doorbell. From somewhere behind the house came the sound of barking.

After a brief pause, the door opened. A young woman looked out. She was short and slight but pretty in a mousy sort of way. She brushed back a strand of brown hair. "Hello," she said.

She had the biggest eyes of any person Elaine had ever seen. They were big and hazel and luminous. They turned the woman's otherwise unspectacular face into a thing of beauty.

"I'm Elaine Thomas," the tall redhead said. "Harry Windsor sent me." Even saying her employer's name sent pain coursing through her.

"Oh." The woman smiled. She had a lovely smile. "I'm Denise -- Denise Mattson. Come in, won't you?"

The door opened. Elaine stepped into a dimly lit living room. The walls displayed pictures of dogs, and the bookshelves were filled with books.

Elaine looked at Denise. The small brunette wore a simple shirt that flowed freely about her slender body. With the light of a lamp behind her, shining through the fabric of her shirt, Elaine could see that the woman was wearing nothing beneath.

Elaine felt her own nipples hardening with desire. Was part of her current "assignment" to eat the woman's pussy? She couldn't mind that at all! The little brown-haired woman was extremely attractive.

It was funny how Elaine had changed.

But then she had to.

Denise led her back into the house, down a corridor lined with pictures of champion show dogs. Blue ribbons hung in clusters. "You raise dogs?" Elaine asked.

"Yes, we're the top breeders of Great Danes in the Southwest." She paused before a door with a framed photo of a gigantic black dog on it. A wreath of flowers hung around the animal's neck. "Go on in."

Despite Elaine's recent experiences, which had served to harden the red-headed secretary, Elaine felt a thrill of anxiety. What awaited her inside the room? If it involved licking Denise's pussy, or fucking the woman's husband -- there was no mistaking the simple gold wedding band encircling the third finger of Denise's left hand then -- fine. But some of the things Harry's friends and acquaintances had forced her to do had been awful!

James Mattson, Denise's husband, was on jury duty on a controversial case involving securities fraud. The evidence against Harry's client was overwhelming. But Elaine's recent encounter with District Attorney Charles Hardman -- and his strange but fabulously lovely mistress -- had proven quite successful. As arranged, the DA had dropped the charges after a night of fucking and beating the red-headed secretary. Elaine only wished she could forget that night. Her ass and tits felt as if they'd never be the same.

So now Harry was trying for a hung jury. One juror was all it took. So -- a discreet phone call, and then Elaine was sent over to a large suburban home, wearing her scantiest skirt and halter top -- and nothing else.

I hope they're not into whips and chains, she thought. She felt her pussy begin to fill with the sweet oils of lust. I wonder what Mr. Mattson looks like.

The door swung open. She saw Mr. Mattson -- all of him!

He was standing in front of a big double bed, stark naked. He was fairly tall, slimly built, brown-haired like his wife. His cock hung limp between his thighs. At the sight of red-headed Elaine, standing and gaping in the doorway of the bedroom, his prick started to harden and grow up from between his legs.

"This is my husband," said Denise, moving past Elaine into the room.

"I-I'm very pleased to meet you," stammered Elaine.

The man a cock was at half-mast. Now it stuck out straight from his hairy crotch. It was a nice, tasty-looking prick, not an immense bar of cock meat like Harry's or Wade's, but large enough.

"Don't just stand there," Mattson said easily.

"Come on in." He gestured with his hand. His cock was completely hard now, standing up almost straight in front of his flat belly, seeming to quiver in anticipation of fucking Elaine!

Inside her red-furred pussy the secretary felt an answering need. She wanted to fuck Jim Mattson so bad she could hardly stand it. As if in a trance, she walked toward him. She stretched out her arms.

He moved forward and took her in his arms. His embrace was powerful. Elaine felt lust surging through her veins. He kissed her, hard.

Her mouth opened. His tongue moved sinuously between her lips. Her tongue came forth to meet it. They intertwined in the sweet bath of her saliva. Their bodies moved together in a rising intensity of passion.

Strong fingers untied her halter top behind her back. It came undone and fell. Mattson's chest pressed against her proud tits.

Her nipples tingled with delight. Mattson's chest felt fantastic crushing her inflamed nipples into the cushions of her tits. Her arms went around him, hands stroking his smooth skin, enjoying the masculine feel of his body.

His cock was throbbing against the mound of her pussy. Mattson put a hand on her thigh. Then it was up clutching the tender cheeks of her ass. His finger went into the crevice between her ass cheeks. They slid down to dip into the moist mouth of her pussy. She writhed against Mattson's naked body as his fingers invaded her cunt.

Then he had her turned around and was pushing her back toward the bed. The staff of his cock burned against her cunt hotly. Her calves came up against the end of the bed.

Mattson leaned against her. With a muffled scream into his open mouth, she topped backward. He fell on top of her. His weight crushed her deep into the soft mattress.

Her skirt had flipped up in the back so that her ass was bare against the bedspread. Instantly his cock was thrusting at her cunt. The head of his prick stabbed frenetically at her red-haired outer cunt lips.

She rolled her hips. Her pussy waited eagerly for his cock. The tip of Mattson's prick found the opening of her pussy and pushed inside.

Elaine screamed with joy as the cock filled her cunt. Her long legs dangled over the edge of the bed. Mattson gripped her ass as he plunged his cock urgently into her brimming cunt.

Pussy sauces flew as his balls slapped against her hole.

"Ah!" she cried past the brown-haired man's shoulder. "Yes! Fill my pussy with your cock! Fuck me hard!"

The big prick sucked out of her pussy. The flared cock head seemed to scrape the walls of her cunt, sending delight into her nerves. Her halter top had gotten lost in the confusion. Her bare tits were flattened by Mattson's powerful chest. The feel of his pectoral muscles was sheer delight on her blood-engorged nipples.

He fucked his cock back into her pussy. She groaned and arched her back to drive her pussy farther onto the spear of his prick. The cone-shaped head of the cock drove the oiled membranes of her cunt far apart as it surged into her ready pussy tunnel.

It came out again, dripping succulent cunt sauces. The lips of Elaine's pussy stretched out with the cock as though clinging to the cock, reluctant to let it go. The red fur of her cunt was stained dark and matted with the wantonly flowing juices of her pussy.

He fucked his cock home so hard that his crotch smacked hers with a loud slap.

"Uhhhhnn!" she gasped as his cock plunged hilt-deep in her cunt. She clawed at his back in an erotic fever.

Mattson licked her neck. She moaned and whimpered and nibbled his ear. His cock pumped in and out of the oily well of her pussy with a power that took the redhead's breath away!

She opened her eyes. She saw his back hunching up and down as he fucked her needy cunt. Beyond him, Elaine could see his wife.

The hem of the shirt was pulled up. Beneath it, Denise was shamelessly nude. Even in the fury of her passion, Elaine could tell the woman was fond of sunbathing in the raw. Her pussy had been shaved, and the succulent skin where her cunt bush had been was warmly tanned. The pink of her pussy lips was almost shocking against the sun-browned skin.

Right now she was holding her pale, pink pussy mouth wide open with two fingers while her other hand fucked in and out of her cunt. Her eyes were glowing with lust. Her lips were moist and parted.

Denise's husband grunted as he rammed his prick hard into Elaine's pussy. Her ass sank far into the mattress. He was fucking her so hard it made her crotch sore. And she loved it!

A wild cry drew her attention back to Denise Mattson. The brown haired woman had her head thrown back. Her legs were far apart. Her lips were cocked forward so that her pussy opened up to her probing, fucking fingers. Cunt juice ran freely down her tan thighs as she came.

Elaine was near to coming too. The suddenness of it all took her breath away. She'd hardly been here five minutes and already her cunt was stuffed full of hard, pounding prick and ready to come!

Denise gave a series of sharp yips like a horny coyote. Her fingers sloshed in and out of her cunt as rapidly as her husband's swollen prick was humping Elaine's pussy. Denise's half-naked body seemed to vibrate with the force of her orgasm.

Jim Mattson started to move his hips in a tight circle as he fucked his cock in and out of Elaine's cunt. The circular motion of the cock in her pussy stretched the walls of the cunt tunnel in a dozen new and delightful ways. Elaine closed her eyes and clung to the wildly fucking man. Her passion threatened to swamp her being.

Jim slowed the tempo of his fucking to a long, deliberate, in-and-out stroking of his cock in Elaine's pussy. She gasped. Her fingers dug into his back. This slow-burning style of fucking was making her crazier than his hard and fast prick-pistoning.

She opened her eyes. Denise was gone. For a moment Elaine wondered where the small but lovely woman had gone. She'd gotten the idea that part of the "service" she was to perform for the Mattson's was fucking Jim while his wife looked on.

Then the man raised his body, changing the angle at which his cock entered her pussy. The upper surface of the prick began to rub back and forth over the tip of her clit. Sizzling flashes of joy seared into Elaine's cunt. She forgot all about the passionate brunette and concentrated on the fabulous feel of the prick in her cunt.

The tension that foretold the coming climax was Jim's trim body. He could feel the same tension in Elaine's white body. He lifted himself on muscle-corded arms and gazed down at her. Her pale tits heaved up and down, still firm and peaked even against the pull of gravity. The nipples were very red and very hard.

His cock sucked slowly from her cunt then drove it back in with all his might. Elaine clutched his arms with both hands, arched he back, and came.

Her pussy tunnel collapsed around the spear of Jim's prick. For a moment, he poised above her with his cock buried in her vibrating pussy. Then he sighed and spewed come into her cunt.

"AHHHHHUHHH!" sang Elaine. "Come in side! Come in my PUSSY! I'm coming so good!"

Her hips started to thrash as another orgasm hammered into her pussy, more violently than the first. Jim's seething jism scorned to be a kind of magic ingredient that made her come with the force of a major earthquake.

Each pulse of come swelled Jim's prick inside her pussy. He collapsed on top of her and began fucking his prick in and out of her cunt with frenetic speed. She called out her joy and lust and fulfillment as her coming cunt drank down his jism.

Come filled the channel of her pussy. A contraction of her cunt walls squirted come out and stained the bedspread. Jim fucked his cock home in the jism filled morass of her pussy, relishing the additional slipperiness his come gave her cunt.

Slowly the furious convulsions of climax eased within their interlocked bodies. Jim's prick gave a final come-spitting surge and was quiet. Elaine's pussy muscles squeezed the cock lovingly, sucking the final drops of came from the pin-prick hole in the end of the man's cock.

"Whew!" she said.

Jim said nothing. He lay panting with exertion. His cock softened inside Elaine's pussy. It was still thick and firm enough to fill her pussy with sweet sensation.

He disentangled the redhead's arms, and then, taking gentle hold of her wrists, drew them out from his sides. His chest muscles rippled thrillingly over her still-rigid nipples.

She felt someone take her hand and slip something over it. In surprise she opened her eyes to see Denise fitting a loop of cord around her right wrist. The brunette was naked. Her tits weren't large, but they were exquisitely well formed and the pointed nipples were stiff. The areolas were dark brown against the tanned skin of her tits.

She felt a pang of fear. Jim stirred his deflating cock in her pussy. She relaxed. They'd been good to her so far. She'd play along with what they had in mind. They didn't look like the sadistic type.

Denise bent down and tossed the coil of cord under the bed. Then she walked around the bed, drew the cord under it and knotted it around the secretary's other wrist.

"Don't be afraid," Jim said. He kissed her ear. His breath sent a delighted chill down her spine. She felt lust returning to her orgasm-sated and come-filled cunt. "Just close your eyes and take it easy. Everything will be all right."

She did as she was told. Jim raised himself and slid off her body. His cock slipped out of her cunt. She felt the uncorked come and cunt juice flow freely from her slack-lipped pussy until her cunt tunnel was empty of the aromatic mixture.

She felt Jim's hands holding her thighs apart. After a moment, he put both hands on her right knee. Lighter, smaller fingers touched the satiny skin of her other thigh. She felt Denise's breath feathering her thighs.

"All right, darling," she heard Denise say huskily. "Here it is. Get ready for it, sweetheart!"

Elaine trembled with excitement. What did they have for her? She couldn't wait to find out.

A tongue abruptly lapped up the length of her slobbering pussy slash. Her body made a white arch ecstasy flowed through her cunt. Denise was going to eat her cunt! They didn't have to tie her up for that!

The tongue licked up her cunt gash again.

"Mm," she moaned eagerly. "Eat my pussy! Eat it good, baby!"

The tongue began to slurp powerfully and noisily at her oozing cunt. Then the tied-up secretary noticed something wrong.

Suddenly the tongue left her cunt. Her gaping pussy mouth felt cool as spit and cunt juice dried on the cunt lips. Then she heard a scrabbling around and a crushing weight came down on her.

Her eyes snapped open -- and looked straight into the big hazel eyes of Denise!

"Ah," she moaned. "My pussy's been licked by a hot little slut!" Her stomach rolled with shock and pleasure. Then something stabbed at her outer pussy lips. She screamed again. Denise was trying to fuck her with a fat double-sided dildo -- her! She fought madly to slam her knees together. Denise hung on, holding her legs open so her cunt and asshole was exposed to their giant dildo.

The brunette stood up, walked a few steps, and went to her hands and knees, facing the bed at an angle so she could watch the wide spread pussy. Her ass waved invitingly in the air. Jim came over and knelt behind his wife's shapely ass. The crimson crevice between her tanned ass cheeks smiled at him. Her stole seemed to wink at him. A fat drop of cunt honey gleamed between the dangling lips of her pussy.

"Fuck me, darling," she gasped. "I need your cock in my pussy so bad I can taste it. Fuck me!"

Jim cocked his hips and drove his prick full-length into his wife's waiting pussy. She screamed. His balls slapped wetly against the mouth of her cunt as his cock filled her cunt tunnel from one end to the other.

Elaine was dimly aware of the sounds of the married couple fucking. But how she loved the double-sided dildo hanging in her pussy!

She felt the excitement grow in her cunt. As she watched the couple's fuck feast. Elaine begged for them to pump her hot cunt. It was part of what they liked, just leaving her tied up -- forced to watch and unable to cum!

Chapter NINE

"AIEEEEEE!" shrieked Elaine as a whizzing belt slapped her naked ass. "Stop!"

The rope around her wrists was cutting off circulation. Her arms felt as if they were about to come out of their sockets from supporting her weight. Despite the pain of having her ass beaten with a heavy leather belt. Despite having been hung from the rafters of the country home like a side of beef, her pussy was awash with aromatic, slippery cunt juice.

That damned Harry still knew how to fuck!

The rancher who owned the sprawling house brought his belt whistling forward again. He cracked it on the curve of one white ass cheek. Elaine screamed again. Her ass moved in a tight circle. Her pussy stirred vigorously around Harry Windsor's cock which was crammed up the red-furred cunt from below.

Harry stood flatfooted on the tile floor, holding Elaine's thighs with his fingers. He cocked his hips and moved rapidly back and forth, fucking his prick to and from inside his secretary's pussy. The belt slashed her ass again. She jumped. Her pussy moved maddeningly around his cock.

Kathleen sat by the fireplace. Despite the summer heat outside, a fire was burning brightly.

Several branding irons were stuck into the flames. The heads of the brands glowed whitely.

"Come on, hurry up, you two," Kathleen urged?

She sat in a wood chair which had a leather covered seat. Her blue jeans and panties lay on the red tile beside her. She was dressed in boots and a cowboy shirt that hung open to bare her big, delectable tits. Her legs were spread far out in front of her. She was busily fucking a tapered black iron bootjack cast in the shape of a stylized cricket. Her pussy lips clung delightfully to the metal. The peculiar shape of the bootjack stretched her cunt walls in ways she'd never felt before!

"I want to help brand the bitch," she said.

"Yes, this thing feels nice in my cunt!" She fucked the cricket home until only the horn-like antennae of the iron figurine stuck out of her cunt. She took one of the horns in her fingers and played with it, shifting the cricket in the oily depths of her cunt. Pleasure welled from her cunt and she cried out in a sudden frenzy of orgasm as her cunt began to pulse rhythmically around the cold metal.

The rancher hit Elaine one last time on the ass, then threw his belt away. "I'm gonna try her out first," he said. "I'm paying you all a pretty heap of money for this here little filly."

"And she's worth every penny of it," Harry grunted. He moved his fingers to clutch her reddened, streaked ass. His secretary cried out as his fingers dug into her inflamed ass flesh. "Aren't you, honey?"

Elaine shrieked. Now that the fiery pain of the belt lashing at her ass was dulled, all she could think about were those irons glowing white-hot in the fire. They were actually going to use one on her! They were going to burn same kind of mark into the delicate skin of her ass.

It would hurt worse than all the tortures she'd been submitted to put together.

The cock slid a few inches out of her pussy. Harry went on tiptoe then to cram almost the entire length of his cock up her cunt. In spite of the pain in her ass and her fear of the burning-hot iron, she moaned with pleasure as his prick filled her pussy, stretching the oily, elastic walls. Like Harry, the rancher was buck naked. His big cock jutted from his crotch like a fence post. It wasn't long, six inches or so, but it was even thicker than the cock Harry was so expertly plying in and out of the red-headed secretary's pussy!

He put his thumbs into the furrow between Elaine's tortured ass cheeks. She squealed at the touch. Harry's cock rasped out across her inflated clit, and she cried out in pain and pleasure at the same time.

The hard head of Jake's fat prick touched the portal of Elaine's asshole. "No!" she yelled. "Your cock, it's not greased! Don't stick it in my poor asshole!"

Jake laughed. "That's what I'm aiming to do right enough, little lady," he said. "Better get ready for it."

He was a burly man with a hanging belly, but his arms were thick with muscle. His huge hands fastened like clamps on the woman's blazing ass. They pried the red-striped ass flesh apart. Then the blunt thumbs began to draw her whole open.

Elaine waited hopelessly as the rancher fit the tip of his prick into the opening of her shit chute.

Harry fucked his cock back up her cunt. How was it possible to feel so much joy and so much agony at the same time?

The rancher grunted and shoved hard with his hips. Pain shot up Elaine's ass channel as the cock head popped into her ass chute. The wedge shaped prick head felt big as a house inside her ass.

Jake started to shove the cock up the captive's us. "Stop it," she begged. "I can't stand it, I really can't. Your cock is so huge, and my asshole is so small. Don't try to stick your prick up my ass. You'll tear me apart!"

The last was a drawn-out wail as three inches of stubby cock was fucked up her ass with a violent heave. Agony flared in her ass channel. The thick prick seemed to be shredding the delicate membranes inside her ass.

Another inch of cock drove up her rump. "Uh," she gasped. The rancher chuckled.

"Just a little bit more, little lady," he said. "Shit howdy, Harry, I can feel your old pecker pumping around inside her little cunt. What's her pussy feel like?"

"F-fantastic!" the attorney gritted. His secretary was squirming around as though she already could feel the bite of white-hot iron on her naked ass. Suspended from the roof beams as she was, her naked body had complete freedom of movement. The way her pussy slipped and slid around his cock was simply out of this world!

Jake's cock seemed to peel the lining off Elaine's ass tunnel. He drove the last half-inch of cock into her reluctant shit chute. Then he stood, looking down at the rounded ass pushing into his crotch. The flawless skin stretched over her ass cheeks was marred by crisscrossing welts from the man's belt.

His cock throbbed to the racing beat of his heart. Elaine's ass was impossibly snug around his fat prick. He put his hands on her waist and started to withdraw his tool.

Elaine's long legs were wrapped around her boss' waist. He was pistoning his cock in and out of her cunt with merciless abandon. He was teetering on the brink of climax. The red-haired pussy felt delicious seething around his prick and dripping cunt juices down onto his balls. Elaine's screams and struggles when she was first whipped, and his prick jammed into her ass hole had made him so hot he could scarcely stand up.

But it was the thought of what would happen next that really made him horny. He pictured the heated branding iron searing into his secretary's lovely ass. His cock pulsated with raging lust!

The fat cock felt far worse coming out of Elaine's ass hole than it had going in. The redhead wouldn't have believed it possible, but the flaring rear-edge of the hooded cock head seemed to flay the inside of her already-abused ass channel. It was like having her asshole filled with stinging, biting fire-ants.

The two men began to fuck her madly, up the pussy and asshole. Pain and pleasure waned in her body. She shook her head hysterically. What was happening to her? At least with the two men fucking their pricks into her glorious body from below, all her weight wasn't on her upward stretched arms.

But the agony in her raped asshole outweighed tat slight relief!

She opened her eyes to see Kathleen Windsor pulling an iron out of the fireplace. She studied the end of the iron. It glowed fiercely.

"Hmm," the blonde said. "Why don't I burn the little bitch's ass while you two guys are plugged into her? Might be entertaining!"

"Little lady," Jake panted, forcing his cock back up Elaine's ass. The ungreased stump of cock was like a drill reaming out her asshole. "You go right on ahead. Sounds like fun!"

"No! NOOO!" Elaine howled. The cock throbbed in her ass. Harry fucked her pussy with his eyes closed and his fingers clutching her white thighs. Her cunt still slobbered pussy sauce down the front of his hairy legs.

Kathleen was coming closer. Could Elaine feel the heat of the branding iron? Her green eyes were huge and fearful.

"Get away from me with that," she warned. "My ass! Don't touch me with that! Please don't burn me!"

Kathleen held the glowing iron before her like a fencing foil. Elaine could feel its heat stinging her whipped ass. Jake pulled his monstrous prick out of her ass except for the swollen head, to give the sadistic blonde a clear shot at that naked ass.

"Get ready!" Kathleen shouted exultantly. "Get ready to feel your ass burn, baby! I'm going to brand your ass good!"

"You're not going to do anything," a masculine voice drawled. "Just take a step back and put the iron down. And do it fast!"

There was something familiar about the voice. Jake was gobbling in fear, trying to yank his prick free of her. It seemed trapped by the ungreased shit chute. Elaine turned her head.

Wade Elliot stood in the doorway, big and handsome. In one hand he held a super-8 movie camera. In the other hand he held a double-action .44 magnum, cocked and leveled at Elaine's tormentors!

Harry cried out as his prick spat jism into the red furred cunt. Come surged up her cunt tunnel and washed back the length of his prick. And then Elaine was coming too.

"God," gasped Elaine. "How I love to feel your cock in me, Wade!"

The blond-haired attorney hunched over her naked body and fucked her like a dog. The bed creaked below the weight of their joyously fucking bodies. Her scarlet-furred cunt was deliciously tight around his thrusting cock.

That day he'd met her, Elliot had no idea why Windsor had sent him to see the red-headed secretary. Elaine's behavior came as a complete surprise. But he'd been favorably impressed.

"I am, uh, glad I started checking up on you, darling," Wade groaned. His cock slid gradually from the dripping pussy. Cunt flaps caressed the dick and shiny sides of his prick. "It was that girl in Wellborn's office who really tipped me off. After that it was merely a matter of waiting for the right moment!"

"I'm so glad you did," Elaine said heartfully. Her pussy gave his retreating cock a squeeze. "I love you."

"I love you too," Elliot said seriously. "That's why I did all this for you!"

"You still have those movies? Uh, ram your cock up my cunt!"

"Sure do. The money we'll soak out of that pig Windsor will keep us in pretty high style!"

The secretary thought a minute. Her body jerked as Wade plunged his giant prick back into her pussy. His hipbones smacked her ass.

"Let's send Kathleen over to play with the Mattsons," she said. "She'll love that -- will she ever!"

"Anything you want, dearest," Wade said. "Now shut up and fuck!"

She did!


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