Wife in bondage

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to achieve their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all chronicle episodes where one individual has been manipulated for the sake of another.

And when the victim is young and innocent, the story is so much the sadder...

Ellen Chidsey, a young housewife in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A frigid woman, she finds herself caught in a complex web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to endure one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal to her captors.

WIFE IN BONDAGE -- the shocking story of an innocent woman learning the sordid truth about human nature! A story which holds a lesson for our uncaring society!

Chapter ONE

He lifted his hips under her, making her whole body bound up and down on his lap. His huge, massive cock rammed in and out of her tight, dry cunt until it felt as if he would split her in two.

"Ahhhhhgh!" she groaned, trying to twist away.

He clamped his hand over her mouth. It was a huge ham of a hand, and he nearly choked off her breath by covering her nose as well. His arm was around her middle, holding her body tightly to his lap. He fucked up and down in the back seat of the little car and mauled her aching tits over and over.

There was nowhere she could twist away to. The small car sped down the highway as he fucked her, lunging up so hard to drive his big cock into her body that she bashed the top of her head on the low ceiling.

Ellen went dizzy for a moment then miraculously, the pain stopped. There was only the motion, up and down, superimposed on the swaying of the small, light car hurtling through the night.

It was unreal. A dream! It wasn't really happening to her. She'd fallen asleep somewhere and was just dreaming that she'd been blindfolded and thrown into a strange car on a huge oaf's lap.

Then she heard the moist, breathy gasp in her ear and felt the hot breath over the nape of her neck. She felt the monstrous rise of quivering hips. She felt the lunge of a tree trunk up her cunt and the flood of sticky sap that boiled from it and filled her abused, aching pussy.

"Ahhhhhhgh!" he growled against her.

His cock swelled to impossible dimensions. It blasted and hosed up inside her, making her pussy walls finally slick and lubricated. The sperm sloshed out backwards, spurting from the swollen lips of her pussy and drenching his balls and the seat of the car.

Ellen groaned with him. Not because she was coming with him, but because he'd nearly wrenched the firm cone of her tit from her chest with his massive hand.

He gasped and puffed. His prick shrank and began to slide backward, out of her pussy. She felt it pop from her cunt mouth along with a flood of sperm, and she gasped with relief, her vaginal muscles spasming back into place after the terrible stretching.

The car took a wild swing off the hard road onto what sounded like gravel. She had been trying very hard to remain calm and alert, to take notice of the sounds around her, to try to keep track of the directions and the distances they'd gone.

But she knew the task was hopeless now. It was impossible to concentrate when she was being reamed and flooded by a monstrous cock.

After a time, there was a sharp rise and another turn. Branches brushed the side of the car. Or maybe it was grass and weeds whipping along the underside, indicating a narrow road.

Another turn and the car slowed. The gravel stopped. The tires ran on something quiet, like dirt or grass. The way was bumpy. The small car heaved around and made her naked ass shift on his broad, wet lap.

She felt the big cock begin stiffening between her bare thighs again with the motion. Ellen swallowed dryly and squeezed her eyes tightly shut behind the blindfold and prayed that he wouldn't fuck her aching pussy again.

He'd tired of playing with her sore tits, and she was thankful for that, at least. He'd torn the neck of her dress stuffing his meaty hand into it to squeeze her cones.

Her skirt was hiked up about her waist so that her ass would be bare and her pussy would be open to him. She didn't know what had happened to her panties.

As far as she could tell, his name was Cy. He was strong and meaty and huge -- a dim-witted oaf. Her screaming hadn't helped. Apparently, the rest of them had been glad to have Cy be occupied with fucking her.

Her cunt still drained from the monstrous load he'd spewed into her body. It flowed over his stiffening prick. She felt the head swell against her burning lips, and she pressed her naked thighs as tightly together as she could to try to keep him out of her cunt.

The one called Jay sat in the back seat next to Cy and her. From the brief glimpse she'd had in the darkness nearly an hour ago, he'd seemed hardly more than a boy -- eighteen, perhaps, pimply and thin.

Jay was definitely not the leader. Nor was Cy. He sat in front, driving. His name was Stan. He'd given all the orders. He'd been the one to recognize her, although she couldn't imagine why he would. She'd never seen him before that she could remember, and she usually was good at remembering men like him.

Stan was tall and lean and muscular. Inside, he was as hard as nails. That came through every time he spoke. It showed with the harsh grating of his voice, the way he snapped orders like he was accustomed to being obeyed.

The girl in the front with him was Velma. All Ellen could remember about her was that she had big tits and wide hips and that her hair was long and light in color.

She tried to remember more about Velma but couldn't. It had been too dark in the small atrium where her husband's jewelry store was. Two of the floods had been out, and the trees and palms had blocked the light from the rest of the planted square.

Ellen had been able to hear their voices, though. She would be able to identify them later because she had a knack for remembering voices.

The girl, now -- she had a subtle variety of voices. When she talked to Stan, there was an adoring, breathless, almost anxious quality to her voice, as if she dared say nothing wrong to him for fear of losing him.

She was domineering and hostile with Cy, and the quality of distaste came through plainly and undisguised. With Jay, there was a kind, oddly mothering overtone to her voice. Ellen didn't know what to make of that yet. She was in her middle twenties, and Jay couldn't possibly be her son.

The car lurched suddenly and stopped, rocking back and forth as the wheels settled into some kind of rut. The engine shut off, and three doors opened and slammed shut -- all but the one next to her.

Cy was in no hurry to get out of the car. His big cock was throbbing up against her dripping, bloated pussy slit, and she could hear the heavy, wet breathing again.

"All right, get her into the house," the order came. It was hard and grating -- Stan's voice.

"I'm gonna fuck her again," Cy rasped. His voice was oddly high for such a big man.

"You can fuck her inside. Out!"

The door beside them yanked open, and Ellen did her best to scramble off Cy's lap and away from the prick trying to nose into her pussy again. She preferred any fate awaiting her to being fucked by his monstrous prick.

Strong, muscular fingers gripped her arms painfully and pulled. Cy tried to hold her on his lap. His hips heaved upward. His wide cock rammed part way into her cunt, and she couldn't help the way her pussy walls and muscles spasmed around it lightly.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried, being yanked and pulled in two and fucked at the same time.

"Let her go, you dumb asshole!"

"I'm fuckin' her, Stan! God, you should feel the way her cunt squeezes around my cock and sucks it up into her hole! She loves my big prick! Ahhhhh, Christ! Lemme fuck her a good one this time!"

Ellen reached for Stan, groping in the darkness of her blinded world. "God, please, please!" she sobbed. "Not again! Don't let him do it again! I'll do anything you want! Just keep him away from me!"

Stan watched her a moment. He grinned coldly. Ellen didn't know how she knew that's what he was doing. Maybe it was from the way his fingers felt on her arms. It was as if he were enjoying her blind groping and pleading.

Then she felt him reach into the car and do something quick and hard. There was an explosive gasp from Cy and a bellow of pain in her ear, and his arm left her waist.

She half flew from the car, wheeling through the air. She stumbled when she landed on the ground and sat hard on her bare butt, her legs splayed lewdly, her skirt still up around her waist and her dripping pussy bare.

She heard Stan's low chuckle and knew he was staring right at her reddened, sperm-drenched cunt. He yanked her to her feet. She reached for the blindfold, and he yanked her hand cruelly, twisting her arm high up behind her back, making her spin around in a small circle with a cry of pain.

"Leave the blindfold alone, Mrs. Chidsey," Stan grated in her ear. She could hear the evil grin come through his voice. She felt his breath on her cheek and ear.

"Oh, oh, please!" she squeaked. "You're hurting my arm!"

"That's so you understand better, Mrs. Chidsey. You leave the blindfold alone. You don't need to see where you are. And it'll be a whole lot healthier for you if you don't try to get a look at us, either. You understand how it works, Mrs. Chidsey?"

When she didn't respond right away, he yanked at her arm again, pushing up, making her go to her toes. "Yes!" she cried, her spine arching, her tits thrusting.

"That's better, Mrs. Chidsey. You answer when I ask a question. You tell me everything I want to know, maybe a little more than what I want to know. That way, we'll get along just fine. You understand now?"

"Yes!" she said quickly.

"My, it's wonderful," he said, "how quickly a woman of position and money can catch on to things. If your husband is just as quick, you'll be back home in no time. Meanwhile, you're going to stay right here with us, just like a rich, important guest. You'll like that, won't you?"

His grin was nasty and twisted. She didn't have to see it. She heard it in his voice, in the rasping snarl spoken with such deceitful softness. And in the way he gave her arm still another painful twist.

Strangely, through it all, she was aware of the shrill background din of crickets and cicadas, the croak of frogs. They could have been driving her in circles earlier, trying to confuse her, but the odors and sounds of the country told her they hadn't. It had to be a farm or an isolated cabin of some kind.

He twisted again. "Yes!" she yipped. "I'll like it!"

He laughed softly. "Of course, you won't be like just any guest. We'll have to keep you tied up and blindfolded. Unless you promise you won't try to escape. You won't try that, will you, Mrs. Chidsey?"

"No I won't. I promise I won't. Oh, God, don't do that to me. I'll cooperate in any way you want me to, I promise!"

"Such bullshit," he laughed. He hauled her back against him roughly and growled in her ear. "I don't like lying bitches. Especially when they're pretty and built, you hear me!"

He clamped his hand over her thrusting tits and rolled them thoroughly over her chest. Then his hand swept down her flat stomach to her crotch and grabbed her pussy hard, mauling it.

Ellen gasped and cried out with the indignity of it. She was beginning to realize just how helpless and vulnerable she was right now.

She'd thought that Cy's raping of her while she was on his lap was just a brutalization -- a grab of opportunity that wouldn't be repeated when she was taken to the final destination.

For some reason, she wouldn't let herself believe that his blowing, hosing cock would be a prelude of what was to come. She'd thought the others would treat her in a civilized way. The trouble was, she had no idea why they'd kidnapped her. It could be just that they wanted another woman to fuck -- a hole for Cy's massive cock. The thought sent sudden chills down her spine.

"Ohhhhh, don't," she cried helplessly, feeling Stan shake her cunt harshly.

She leaned over at the waist in an effort to remove her pussy from his hand. Her firm buttocks pressed against his middle, and she could feel the hardening shaft of his cock through his pants.

He struggled with her a moment and then helped her bend over -- far over. His hand shifted. She felt her skirt come up over her naked butt.

Her legs were braced apart. Her hair dragged on the ground. His hand swept over her naked cheeks and spread them lewdly. His finger slid with a degrading touch along her deep ass-crack.

It rimmed her puckered asshole and made her groan with shame and indignity. He went under her crotch to her pussy and fucked his finger into her vagina, swirling it around.

"Oh, God!" she gasped.

He drew his finger out. It was sopping wet with juice. He smeared the syrup around her asshole until the little mouth pulsed obscenely from the stimulation. Then he shoved his finger into her butt to his palm.

"Ahhhhhh, don't!" she screamed at the ground. Blood pounded in her temples as he rested his weight against her back and kept her arm twisted behind her at the same time.

He wriggled his finger in her ass, making it writhe and twist. She'd never felt so humiliated and outraged in her life -- not even at the worst point in her life.

Being raped by a moron with a big prick was one thing. It was something dreaded when you realized you were kidnapped, but yet more or less expected.

Having a finger shoved up your ass for cruelty and spite was something else. One happened from passion. The other was from meanness, and the suddenness of it terrified her.

"Stan? Honey, what are you doing with her out there?" Velma's voice came from the house.

Astonishingly, Ellen heard a new quality in the voice. It was something bordering on jealousy. Stan shook his finger in her asshole and palmed her round, taut cheeks at the same time.

"I'm feeling her ass," he snarled back. "Not bad for an old bitch. Nice and tight up her butt. And I think maybe Cy was right -- she likes it. Her asshole is sucking at my finger like it was hungry for a big sausage and a drink of hot cream."

He cackled and yanked his finger from her asshole, pulling the tender tissues outward painfully. He wiped his finger on the firm roundness of her cheek and then pulled her erect again, breathing degradingly in her ear.

"You liked that, didn't you, Mrs. Chidsey? Yeah, with a tight asshole like that and a sopping cunt and big tits, you must give your husband a hell of a good time in bed. He's gonna miss all those goodies plenty, isn't that right?"

"Ohhhhh, please," Ellen moaned, her anus spasming and burning from the rough treatment, her emotions whirling from the realization of just how utterly helpless she was.

"Ol' Burke's gonna pay plenty to get a hot, good-looking fuck like you back, isn't he? He'd better, Mrs. Chidsey, or we're gonna keep you around for a long, long time."

She gasped and turned her head as if to look at him. So that was it! They were going to ransom her! But how had they known her car would break down after the fashion show and that she would go to Burke's store on the chance he might be there still taking inventory? Unless... unless they'd fixed the car...

"How about it, baby?" Stan questioned roughly, interrupting her thought. "How much do you think you're worth to him, huh? Lots?"

"Yes, yes, lots," Ellen gasped.

She bit her lower lip. She shouldn't have said that. Arid yet, if she'd said she was worth nothing to Burke, that he wouldn't pay them a dime, Stan would have twisted her arm off at the socket for lying.

"He'd better, Mrs. Chidsey. He'd better, or I'm gonna have to just give you to Cy for a fuck hole. I don't like the way he keeps looking at Velma, you know? It's like with a small kid -- you give him a cheap toy to keep his mind off all the knobs and buttons on your expensive stereo, know what I mean?"

"Oh, God!" she gasped.

Stan cackled at her quick breathing, the rasp or tenor in her throat. "What's your first name, baby! Mrs. Chidsey seems so stuffy to call a guest who's going to be on such intimate terms with us. Stella, is it?"

"Ellen," she said, stumbling over the uneven ground as he pushed her up a slight incline toward the house.

"Ellen, yeah, that fits. A nice, plain, classy kind of name! No frills! Classic, almost. Like Helen -- that Greek broad, you know? The one that launched a thousand ships to come get her? That's what you're gonna do, only it won't be ships. It'll be bucks."

He cackled again, sounding assured. She didn't bother to correct his history. It would only hurt. She heard a shoe scrape on a wooden step above her, and then she stumbled over the first one, bumping her shin painfully.

"Her room's ready, honey," Velma said, standing startlingly close. "Where's Cy at?"

"In the car jacking off. Stay away from him until he's finished. He's all horned up from fucking her."

"Don't worry," Velma said quietly, a little shiver in her voice. She touched Ellen's arm with the tips of her fingers for just a moment, a gesture of compassion.

"You cooking the Goddamn hamburgers? I'm hungry as fuck! What the hell are you standing around gawking for!"

"Jay's watching them, honey," she answered. Then, somewhat hesitantly, "Do you want me to take her?"


He was abrupt. He pushed Ellen up the steps into the house, where the aroma and the sizzling of meat in a pan assailed her.

"Are you... honey, are you going to fuck her?" Velma asked, the sound of jealousy and inner hurt very thick.

"Don't start with that shit again!" he bellowed. "Goddamn it, you're sounding like a fucking wife again, and I've warned you, haven't I?"

"Sure, honey, sure," she said quickly, "I didn't -- I just."

"I'll fuck her if I wanna fuck her, understand?"

"Then I'll have to see you don't get horny enough to want to," she said, trying to laugh and sound suggestive at the same time, failing at both.

There was some activity next to Ellen. "Not now, for Christ's sake," Stan growled. "Get the Goddamn rope."

He steered Ellen crudely through the house, letting her knock into the door-frames and walls. He spun her around finally and nearly kicked her legs from under her. She sat down hard on a wooden chair.

Her hands were yanked in back of her, her arms encircling the chair back. She felt her wrists being tied together with firm tugs and sound knots.

"Oh, please don't..." she pleaded uselessly.

Then her ankles were tied to the front legs, on the outside of them, so that her thighs were spread apart and her knees went over the corners of the hard seat.

"There," Stan said. "She won't get out of that. Now, get out of here and go fix my food. And close the door on the way out."

"You're going to fuck her!" Velma wailed. "Oh, Stan!"

"How am I gonna fuck her when she's tied up in a Goddamn chair, you stupid cunt! Get out of here! Now!"

Ellen heard the girl leave the room and shut the door behind her. She sensed that it was a bedroom. She heard a rustle of clothing and the rasp of a zipper, and her heart pounded.

"No..." she choked, her pussy twitching and sucking closed reflexively. "God, don't."

"Don't, hell," Stan growled. "A classy bitch like you -- I'll bet you fuck hotter than a two-dollar whore. All you classy bitches do. Isn't that right? You put on all your sophisticated airs and pretend you're pure and marry the pricks with all the money so you can strut around the country club like something swell. But down inside, you're nothing but two-dollar whores."

He passed his hand down the slope of her breast and curled it until he was cupping the firm cone. He squeezed the flesh through her dress until she whimpered.

"How old are you, baby? You're built like eighteen, but I know that isn't right. That can't be right. Come on, answer!"

"Thirty-two!" she cried.

He cackled wickedly. "See? Nothing but a hot-cunted bitch, just like I said. How else could you have a kid of fifteen, huh?"

He cackled again, and Ellen flushed all over. How did he know about Tish! Who in God's name was he! Then the sinking feeling she'd nearly forgotten after so long came back to her in a rush.

"Okay, baby," he said quietly. "Missus rich-bitch. Open wide. Open your soft, pretty mouth wide and pretend you're sixteen again, doing all those passionate things you did to get yourself knocked up."

"Ohhhhh, God," Ellen whispered. The sound was a rasp of agony. She squirmed in the chair, moving her head from side to side as if she were taped by something more binding that ropes. She wasn't sure which she was trying to avoid more -- the degradation to come or the reminder of all she had so desperately tried to forget.

She smelled it before she felt it -- the slightly acrid stench of his prick. Then it brushed her lips, warm and velvety at the tip, slightly moist.

"Open up and suck my cock, bitch," he growled.

Ellen twisted her head to the side with a cry of agony. This couldn't be happening. It was a bad dream. Only an hour ago, she'd been watching an evening fashion show, comfortable and secure, sure of the life she'd finally attained as Mrs. Burke Chidsey.

Now, she'd been raped by a cunt-splitting cock, ass fingered and probed, and tied to a chair so that a growling animal could prod at her soft lips with his hard prick.

"Ahhhhh, no!" she cried again, sobbing.

He twisted her head around cruelly. He wrapped his fingers in her auburn hair and pulled the strands tight. He positioned his hands so that his thumbs were pressed lightly but commandingly against her closed, blindfolded eyes.

"I told you to suck my cock, baby," he said, his voice low and warning. "I thought you had a good understanding of how it was now, didn't you?"

"Oh, God!" she gasped.

"Didn't you!" He pressed inward with his thumbs until purple and white flashes came to her dark world.

"Yes!" she cried.

"That's better, sweetheart," he said grandly, easing the pressure again. "Did you feel what that was like? Do you get the idea what's going to happen to you if you try anything silly like biting down on my prick?"

"Yes," she choked.

"Fine, baby, fine. Now, let's start all over. And we'll keep starting over until you get it just right. Now, pretend this is just ol' Burke's big hot prick and pretty soon you won't even know the difference, huh?"

He prodded at her lips again. The velvety head throbbed against them, and another drop of oil seeped from the slit and smeared over them, somehow getting into her mouth and onto her tongue.

Flavor burst through her senses. Her throat jerked convulsively, and she nearly gagged. She fought down the urge, knowing it would bring nothing but more pain.

Suddenly, a wry thought pulled at her mind and nearly made her hysterical with laughter.

He wanted her to pretend it was Burke's cock she was sucking on! That was funny! That was absurd!

She didn't know what Burke's prick felt like or tasted like in her mouth because she'd never sucked it! Not in the whole seven years she'd been married to him.

In fact, she hadn't sucked any man's prick since... since that last party, the one that had become an orgy of spasming young... not since...

God! Why had he made her remember what she'd spent sixteen years trying to forget!

She made a choking sound, wanting to blurt it out, wanting him to know the absurdity of it all. Would it do any good to tell him she hadn't sucked a prick since she was a crazy, wild, stupid little teenager?

Would he believe she hadn't let anybody fuck her body willingly and freely in all that time -- not even her husband? Was there any way to make him believe she hadn't even had an orgasm in all that time?

It was true! Every bit of it was true. She wasn't a hot-cunted bitch who fucked like a two-dollar whore. He had her all wrong! Sixteen years ago, maybe, but not now.

Now, she was frigid!

And she'd been that way since the day she'd learned she was pregnant with Trish, sixteen long years ago. How could she tell him that? Did she even dare tell him that?

Lots and lots of money to get her back! God! Burke might even pay for them to keep her!

"No. No!" she choked, moving her lips against the insistent head of his pulsing prick.

His oil seeped into her mouth. It was on her tongue in a thick coating now. The flavor of it harked back over the years to a time she'd willed from her mind.

Her throat swallowed and jerked as her tongue worked inside her mouth, experimenting with the flavor in spite of her revulsion to it again.

She saw the haunting images flash across the back of her mind as the flavor grew stronger. She couldn't help the way her soft, red lips pursed around the head of his cock as he pushed it insistently between them.

She felt all the sensations, all the old feelings so long buried -- the widening and stretching of her jaws, the accommodation of her lips and tongue and the inside of her mouth to the wide, velvety, mushroom-shaped cock-head.

She felt the bumps and veins all along the bottom of his shaft as his prick throbbed and stretched forward and rippled over her lower lip into the warm wetness of her mouth.

She felt the stretch of heated rod along the groove of her tongue. It reached for the back of her soft, spasming throat. Her tongue made a reflexive squeeze against the underside of the shaft, pressing the top against the roof of her mouth.

Oil seeped in a small stream from the broad slit and trickled down her slippery throat, nearly gagging her again. But the gagging wasn't from the oozing fluid.

It was from the thought -- from the memories and the images growing stronger and stronger.

Her lips compressed slightly. She felt the edges of her teeth scrape lightly against the tender, pulsating flesh of his cock.

Her jaw worked with a little spasm. It would be easy to do -- so easy, so fast. A sharp tightening of her jaw muscles was all it would take to make him feel the pain for a change.

He must have read her mind. She heard the slight suck of his breath. She felt the throb of his prick under the stimulation of the edges of her sharp, white, even teeth.

Then she felt the throbbing, starburst-making pressure against her eyeballs, and she knew she had no real choice but to suck his heated cock just the way he wanted her to.

She groaned inwardly. Her lips compressed again, spreading this time, going softer. The tension eased in her jaw muscles. Her tongue moved slowly back and forth on the underside of his thick cock, massaging it.

Another spurt of slippery oil oozed from the pulsing tip and ran down her throat. The images turned in her mind, faster and faster, having particular clarity and force behind the darkness of the blindfold.

He whispered. The sound was rasping and thick with victory. It made her want to sob. It made her feel entirely hollow inside, as if the whole sixteen years of effort at forgetting had been completely wasted and lost.

"That's it, baby," he said huskily. "I just knew you could suck a cock."

Chapter TWO

He knew.

Yes, he would know. He was one of the ones. There were some men who could look at her and know, in spite of everything she did to hide from them.

They were animals. There was no way to fool them. They could see right past the facade of sophistication and propriety she'd built around herself and look into her very being, and they could see it all.

Those were the ones she avoided when she met them -- the ones she ran from so that their knowing would not remind her of the way she had been and was no longer.

"I knew you were a cock-sucking bitch," he whispered again, his words like a hot knife twisting through her heart. "A syrup-twatted slut who can't keep her hot cunt and her sucking mouth away from a man's hard cock."

His fingertips massaged her head through her glossy pelt of soft hair. It brought heat to her face and sent shivers down her spine, and she could feel her nipples tingle and stretch at the ends of her tits as if they were awakening finally after their long, long sleep.

"Nnnnngh!" she groaned, the sound hollow and forlorn, the last bubble of protest around his fleshy prick.

"Come on, baby, you're doing fine, just fine. Limber up that tongue some more and slither it all up and down my prick until you milk that good white stuff out of my balls. You want it, you phony, sophisticated bitch. You know you do!"

His thumbs rolled lightly against her eyeballs. He began to move her head back and forth, so slightly at first she didn't know he was doing it.

At the same time, he began moving his hips, making his cock fuck in and out of the circle of her soft lips. It slid along her restless tongue and reached for the back of her swallowing throat.

She made a whimpering sound this time. She felt her tongue obey his commands and massage up and down the shaft slowly, stroking sensation into the soft-hard flesh.

She felt her lips open slightly and then purse softly. She felt them compress around his cock and then suck inward, drawing him deeper into her mouth. They did it as if they were somehow detached from her own will.

But she knew better.

Just as he knew better.

She'd been over it and over it in her mind until she was fatigued with going over it, and there was still no answer. None that she wanted to accept. None that her Victorian old grandmother hadn't already given her, so many years ago.

Gram had raised her, actually. From the time she was seven, when her mother had left her at Gram's house and had run off with the man named Ernest.

She couldn't remember her father. He'd left long before that. Her mother had tried to raise her, but she'd been made to know that she was in the way of her mother's getting remarried. With Gram to raise her, she wouldn't be in the way any more.

Gram was strict and stern. Her husband had died when she was twenty-seven. She'd put on black for mourning and hadn't taken it off the rest of her life. She was a bitter, sour old woman. She disapproved of her daughter, most women, all men, and of the world at large. She mostly disapproved of being saddled with her granddaughter, as if the abandonment had been Ellen's fault.

When Ellen had found boys and the warm, silky, flirty way to get their attention, she was happy for a little while, until she get pregnant.

Then Gram had heaped shame and disgust on her. It had been the last straw for her. As if in spite, she'd died, muttering curses at Ellen to her last breath.

Ellen sobbed suddenly, remembering. She nearly spat the throbbing prick from her mouth to beg forgiveness again, to make another death-bed promise that she would never give herself to a man again.

But there was pressure on her eyeballs, intense pressure that shot pain and stars through her brain and brought a squeal to her stuffed throat.

"That's enough, I said!" Stan bellowed, the volume of his voice blasting the memories from her head. "You bite any harder, you bitch, and they come out of your skull like plucked grapes! Believe it!"

She eased off immediately, only then realizing how hard she'd been biting his cock. There was the salty taste of blood in her mouth. She heard him release his breath and felt his cock throb hard as blood rushed toward the tip again.

He was still pressing hard. Her eyes throbbed with pain. To show she hadn't meant to bite him, she sucked his prick hard and fast, rolling the shaft round inside her mouth with her tongue.

She drew on it with her lips, pulling it deeper and deeper into her mouth, working her soft lips down the hairy shaft to his root. She swallowed reflexively and nipped the spongy head with the silky tissues of her throat.

She began bobbing her head back and forth under his hands, sucking and sucking, and the pressure began to ease off. If her hands had been free, she would have fondled his balls to make it as good as she could for him, just the way she used to do it in the old days of her youth.

"Ahhhh, Christ," he moaned, tipping his head back. "That's the way, baby. That's how to suck a cock. Just teasing ol' Stan there, were you? You tease too hard, baby. I like this much better. Ohhhh, yeah, much better!"

He moved his hands with her head, making her mouth fuck along his hard shaft. He began working his hips in small circles, his buttocks clenching and releasing as he fucked forward.

One of his hands caressed the side of her face. He felt around at the lump in her cheek caused by his pulsing cock-head until she swirled her tongue around the shaft and changed its angle. Then her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, and he felt that.

His hand slid down her throat, the fingers feeling the swallowing motions it made. He let it slide farther down, into the torn neck of her dress.

Then his fingers caught the slope of her firm tit. They surrounded the jutting cone and cupped it, teasing and tugging at the nipple.

Ellen caught her breath. She couldn't believe what she was feeling. Her nipple began to tingle and stretch and fill with sensation.

She felt it go hard and rubbery as it hadn't done in years and years. The sensation frightened her. She stopped sucking, just letting his cock fill her mouth and swell rhythmically against the back of her throat.

She hadn't felt like this in ages. Even when Burke fucked her, as she let him do whenever he wanted, because she was his wife, she felt nothing.

She lay in bed and was able to blank her mind out. She would be conscious of his labored breathing, of his kisses that attempted to arouse her, of the way his hands slid gently and fondly over her sweet, youthful, full body.

But she would feel nothing. She made herself feel nothing. She would be conscious of the frictional sensations of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but there would be no more in it for her than she'd felt with Cy. Less, in fact, because Burke's cock didn't hurt, didn't threaten to split her apart.

She wouldn't let herself feel anything when she was fucked because she was afraid to let her passions go. The last time she had done that, it had cost her everything.

The sudden awakening of her nipple frightened her. She didn't want him to play with it any more. She didn't want to be stimulated. She didn't want to start wanting again.

"Nnnnngh!" she groaned around his cock.

"Like that, huh, baby?" he grinned, pulling at her nipple some more, making it burgeon to a hard, rubbery nub of sensation.

She shook her head. His prick waggled in her mouth. He thought she was teasing him some more, giving him a different kind of sucking. He began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, using her face as he would use her cunt.

His hand swept up and down the front of her body, massaging her big tits, feeling her flat stomach, the pinch of her narrow waist, the swell of her hips.

He put his palms on her thighs and slid them up, nicking her skirt along with them, making her pussy bare. It was open from the way her legs were positioned in the chair.

He stroked her slit, pinching her puffy pussy lips gently between his fingers. She moaned and protested, but the sounds only spurred him on and made his cock throb against the back of her throat.

When he touched her clit, breath puffed from her nostrils and blew against his pubes. A throb went through her belly that she couldn't believe -- dull at first, yet achingly sweet.

God, it couldn't be happening! Not with him! Not with an animal like him! Not after all this time of feeling nothing!

"Ahhhh, that's it, baby, that's the way I like a pussy to be. Wet and silky, quivering with lust for a big cock! I knew I could get you going, you cheap bitch!"

"Stan! Oh, God, Stan, you're doing it!"

Ellen heard Velma's jealous cry. Then she heard Stan's growl and felt his prick throb and jerk readily in her mouth.

"Goddamn it, Velma, get out of here," he groaned. "Either that or come over here and help Christ, I'm gonna come! What a cock-sucker she is! Natural born cock-sucker, just like I knew she was behind all that sophistication crap. Ohhhh, yeah, come over here and help, baby, and I'll send a big load into her phony, double-talking mouth!"

Ellen heard the door close. She thought Velma had left. Then she heard the girl's footsteps coming across the room until she was standing there, watching.

"Don't stop sucking his prick, you phony cunt," Velma said to her cruelly, shocking her with the sudden change. "Keep those lips moving. Do I have to show you how to give him a good blow-job? Stan, let me suck your hot prick and show her how it's done, honey."

Ellen felt the girl's hand on her face, the slim fingers wrapping around Stan's prick as the root protruded from her pursed lips. She caught on. The girl was still jealous as hell and was trying to be clever.

"Let go, baby," Stan moaned, pulling her hand away. "She can't watch you when she's blind folded. Besides, she's doing all right. But she does it better when she's hot. Get down and heat her up, baby -- you know how."

"Promise you'll fuck me afterwards, honey?" Velma gasped, running her hand over his belly and around to his clenching buttocks.

"Yeah," he grunted.

Ellen felt Velma move around. Stan was toward the side of the chair so that he wouldn't have to lean forward to fuck his prick into her mouth.

She felt Velma go to her knees in front of the chair and position her body between Ellen's spread legs. She felt the soft press of braless tits on her inner thighs.

Then she felt the slim fingers on her mound. They pried her puffy twat lips apart, baring the pink slit. She felt the blue eyes staring right at her open cunt, and she couldn't help the throb of sensation that pulsed through her belly again.

Her lips sucked once more. Her tongue washed around the shaft of ready prick. She couldn't accept that this was really happening to her, or what she was feeling inside.

She thought she'd done everything. She thought that by the age of sixteen there was nothing else about sex that could happen to her. But she'd never done this. She'd never sucked a hard, steely, throbbing prick while another girl pursed her lips and slipped them down over her standing, pulsing clit!

"Nnnnnnngh!" she moaned around the bucking shaft.

Her hips jerked. Her buttocks slid forward on the chair. Velma helped them by wrapping her hands around Ellen's ass and pulling. Her arms pulled at the sockets, and her knees spread wider apart because of the way they were tied to the chair legs at her ankles.

She felt her cunt open wide. She felt the slim fingers pulling the fleshy lips apart even wider. The warm puffs of breath from Velma's nose tickled her pubes.

Her pussy sucked and spasmed involuntarily. Her clit throbbed and burned, stretching from its tented folds and spiring between the soft, sucking lips.

Velma drew with little sucks on the hard clit. The tip of her tongue flicked the blazing tip and traced the outline of it, sliding up one side of the thick root and down the other.

Her chin nestled into the soft, silky folds of Ellen's pussy mouth as if trying to fuck her that way, and it moved back and forth with the motions of her jaw.

Ellen gasped and moaned. Her hips twisted and shook with involuntary motions. Her knees swayed open and closed around Velma's big-titted body.

The sensations came. She couldn't stop them. She'd kept them hidden and subdued for sixteen years, but the two of them were undoing all that and making her body blaze.

She couldn't help the way her lips sucked and drew on the hard prick fucking between them. She couldn't help the way her pussy lips fluttered and pulsed around Velma's intruding chin.

She felt her vaginal tunnel squirm and ripple, clear to the back of the wet channel. She felt the unused muscles stretch and yawn and slowly come to life, and her cunt began to squeeze and pulse all along its length.

There was something faintly ironic about the way it was happening. She was sucking on Stan's big, hard prick while Velma was sucking on her throbbing little clit, and they were both about to come.

The difference would be in the torrential flood of sperm that he would spurt forth into her throat. And the difference would be that she hadn't came for years and years.

She gasped and tried to stop it from happening. She tried to shut her mind off to keep from feeling the electric sensations jolting through her body.

She couldn't do it. She wondered why she should try, what difference it would make any more. Gram was dead. There wouldn't be any shame heaped upon her this time.

She had paid for her wantonness of the past. With a daughter she had managed to raise by herself until she'd married Burke. With years of self-denial! By becoming respectable and proper as the wife of a leading citizen. What would one little stolen orgasm hurt after all that?

"Ahhhhh, God!" Stan gasped suddenly, one hand squeezing Ellen's cone-shaped tit; the other pressed against the back of her head so that her mouth was fully down around his pulsing prick.

"Is she hot, honey? Is she going to give you a good suck-off?" Velma groaned, becoming heated herself. "Ohhhh, you'd better swallow all that cum, Ellen! Don't you waste a drop of it, or I'll bite your slobbering cunt! You give my man a good one, hear?"

She plunged her face between Ellen's tight thighs again. Her tongue speared up the slippery, twitching pussy hole and jabbed rapidly back and forth fucking it as it hadn't been fucked ever.

No! Ellen cried inwardly. It can't be happening! I can't be ready to come!

But she was. It had been a long time, but not too long to remember what it was like, what the breathless rise toward the shuddering peak felt like.

Her chest pumped in and out. Her tits swelled and thrust forward inside the torn top of the dress and into the cupping hand. Blood pounded through her whole body, making every extension of her being tingle unbearably.

At the same time, she felt Stan's big cock throb and buck inside her mouth. She felt the pump and pound of blood and sensation through it, the way it swelled her lips apart and thudded at the back of her throat and all along the length of her tongue.

She felt her cunt mouth open wide, hesitate, and then crush tightly around the warm, velvety tongue fucking in and out of it. Her knees shuddered and squeezed around the slim body between them. She felt her ass cupped in the firm hands and tipped slightly so that her pussy lifted upward and opened in a lewd way.

Then it started. The great, pounding waves of orgasm. They crashed through her and shook her body, tossing it to and fro, as if a terribly pent-up dam had burst and poured forth.

"Nnnnnngh!" she squealed tightly in the back of her throat.

"Yeah! Ahhhhhh, God!" Stan bellowed. "She's hot! She's sucking! God, she's going to get it all! Drink, drink! Swallow every drop, you hot-assed phony bitch! Here it comes! Yaaaaaaaagh!"

Through the dizziness of her spinning emotions, Ellen was aware of the quick jerking of his cock, the pulsing swell of the spongy head at the back of her throat.

Then she was gulping and swallowing and yelling silently at the same time. His sperm hosed and boiled from his big prick, shooting and splashing into the back of her throat and down into her stomach.

Her lips sucked and pulled greedily, their motions automatic, unconscious, a reflex learned years and years ago. Her tongue slithered heatedly up and down the jetting shaft, milking and massaging, pulling the wads of sperm up from his full balls until they were empty.

It came and came. She shuddered and twisted, unable to believe the intensity of it. It had never been like this. She'd never come this hard -- not that she could remember. If she'd remembered its being like this, she might not have gone without all that time.

Her pussy lips fluttered and spasmed about Velma's thrusting tongue. She could feel her cunt walls shudder. She could feel them leaking and draining pussy honey in quantities she never would have believed possible.

She could even feel her tight asshole pulsing in and out, as if it wanted fucking, too.

The thought made her gasp and whimper. She wrenched her head to the side, and Stan's prick slipped from her mouth, coated with sperm and saliva, smearing her lips with it.

"Ahhhh, God!" she cried aloud, feeling liquid run warmly down her chin. "No! No!"

She sobbed harshly. Her body tingled all over. She was still shuddering with the final pulses of her orgasm. Her pussy was sodden with her shameful flow of cunt honey, and the tissues were red and swollen with evidence of her wanton lust.

She felt totally devastated, utterly foul. She'd done it. After all this time, she'd done it again. And time hadn't erased the feeling of depravity and fright afterward, the sinking feeling that she'd done something unspeakably base.

And she had. Now that it was over and she was not overcome by gasping emotion, she could see that she had degraded herself beyond belief.

Ellen Chidsey, wife of Burke Chidsey, prominent jeweler and civic leader, whose heritage went back to the founders of the state and to the state senate -- she had let the sexual assault of a criminal animal and his girl friend drive her to impossible heights of orgasmic bliss.

She had sucked a rank, unwashed cock and swallowed the boiling flow from it greedily. She had suffered the sucking and fucking of another girl's mouth on her virtuous pussy and had loved it!

God! She knew she shouldn't have let her emotions take over! There was nothing left but debasement and shame again.

Gram! Gram -- I didn't mean it! She cried inwardly. Qhhhhhh, God, Gram! Never again -- never, never!

"Ahhhh, Christ, my prick's burning!" Stan groaned, his head back, his hand wrapped around the stiff, throbbing shaft. "She sucked the shit out of it and it's still blazing!"

He wheeled around, his lips pulled back in a grimace, his cock jutting redly from his pants. He began jacking it, trying to ease the terrible flaming sensations tingling through his cock, making it feel as if it would shatter with the merest touch.

He paid no attention to Ellen. He didn't see her lick her wet, drooling lips and choke. He didn't hear her moans of self-recrimination. There was nothing in the world for him at that moment but the flaming shaft in the circle of his fingers.

"Ohhhh, honey," Velma moaned, seeing his condition. She stood. She wiped the glistening pussy juice from her face. She pushed her pants and panties to the floor.

"Ah! Ahhhh, Christ!" Stan cried again, staggering toward the bed. To watch him, one would think he'd been stopped right at the peak of his orgasm.

"I'll take care of it, honey!" Velma cried, pushing her curving body against him, making him turn onto his back on the bed.

She wasted no time. She swung her leg over his body. She positioned her open middle right over his flaming prick. She spread her puffy pussy lips wide with the tips of her fingers and moved her hips and pelvis around until his cock-head was at her cunt mouth. Then she sank down over his prick and sucked the whole burning length of it up into her wet, ready cunt.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck!" Stan bellowed. "God, fuck my prick with that slippery cunt, baby! Shit, here I come! Already! Baby!"

"Give it to me, Stan! God, pour it up my pussy where it belongs, honey! You know my hot pussy's the only place that wonderful prick should be! Ohhhhh, Stan, when are you ever going to learn that this is your home!"

"Yaaaaaaagh!" Stan bellowed, jerking his hips into the air, shoving his prick into her ready pussy to the throbbing root.

"Me, too! Ohhhhh, I love your exciting prick, baby! Me too! I'm coming with you, honey! Ahhhhhhhheeeeee!"

Ellen turned her head toward the direction of the sounds. It was a normal thing, something she would look at if she could see.

She gasped. She could see.

The blindfold was still over her eyes, but the wrenching of Stan's hands in her hair had shifted it slightly so that there was a thin spot in the fabric over her right eye.

She couldn't see clearly, but she could see. What she saw made her heart pound and her shameless pussy twitch in spite of her resolve that it would dictate to her no more.

Velma's T-shirt was up over her big, pointed tits. The firm cones jutted and jiggled. The nipples stretched from the ends like ruby nubs.

Her naked ass was round and tight and lushly wide. It shook and swiveled and pumped back and forth. Ellen could see the girl's mound, the blonde fuzz of her pubes.

She could see the puffy cunt lips, too, the way they separated succulently around the thick cock imbedded between them. She saw them slide up and down the orgasming shaft, her vaginal muscles milking and sucking.

The spike of her clit peeped between the fleshy lips at the top of her cleft. It was unusually long. It throbbed redly as the girl came and tossed her head and squealed out her orgasm.

But what caught Ellen's eye, what she really stared at through the thin spot in the black blindfold, was Stan's jamming, stuffing, bucking cock.

The weave of material made the vision fuzzy, but it didn't hide the quick revulsion that swept through her.

She had sucked that cock. She had swallowed the white syrup that spurted from it. She could see a foaming sample of it right now at the mouth of Velma's quivering pussy flesh as the stuff blasted up into her succulent cunt and drained backwards and was whipped to a froth by the stirring and pumping of his cock in the girl's flowing cunt.

Ellen wanted to gag. She felt her throat constrict. She even tipped her head forward slightly. Her body seemed to catch. And then she shuddered instead.

She shook all over, her cunt tunnel squeezing and sucking just the way Velma's pussy was doing right now at the peak of her orgasm. Tingles went all through her body, even to her fingertips and the ends of her swollen tits.

God, she'd come again! She'd had an orgasm!

Ellen gasped. A long, low moan escaped her lips. She'd just imagined it. And yet her pussy felt warm and lush, fluid and silky inside. And the warmth was spreading through her abdomen so that there was no doubt.

Shameless, foul!

That's what she was. Gram had been right all along. There was no way she would ever change, no matter how hard she tried, no matter who she married or what airs she put on.

An adult woman who sat tied to a chair, in fear of her life, at the mercy of her frightening, animalistic kidnappers who had just assaulted her and raped her -- such a woman, peering through the worn threads of her blindfold until she had a voyeuristic orgasm, was beyond redemption. Utterly worthless!

Chapter THREE

Burke Chidsey looked at his watch again. It was after one. The showing had ended at ten-thirty. Even allowing for something to eat or drink afterwards with a friend she hadn't expected to meet there, she was still too late. Besides, she would have called and told him. Ellen was that way.

Something was wrong.

He could feel it in the pit of his gut.

He took a sip of the drink he'd just made, made a face, and threw it out. He glanced at his watch again. It didn't tell him a damn thing.

He smacked his fist into his palm. He caught sight of the motion in the dark kitchen window, his reflection dim on the glass. He looked at the vague image of himself and saw the brown hair, the broad shoulders and good build, the fuzzy outlines of his features. He knew them to be slightly craggy, but they were bland in the bad mirroring by the window.

He didn't feel bland. Not a damn bit. He kept picturing the big car twisted around a tree, all shattered glass and torn, crumpled metal.

He kept picturing her pretty face, marred with blood, ashen gray under the streaks, her lips bluish, her auburn hair strewn about, her eyes staring and popped and seeing nothing. Or would they be closed?

He wrenched his mind away from the image and moved purposely through the big house toward his study. He stood by his desk and put his hand on the phone. He hesitated. He looked at the creeping hands of his watch again. He took his hand from the phone.

He turned and clasped his hands behind his back and looked at the portraits of his parents on the wall. They were turned toward each other. They were smiling.

They hadn't been smiling the last time he'd seen them. Nor had his wife or his little girl, who had driven over to Marion to pick up his parents.

They'd been screaming in silent terror, their voices stopped by the sturdy, impenetrable oak the sleepy drunk had made them run into when his car had wandered in their path.

Burke squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. He shouldn't be thinking about them. He should assume Ellen was all right. But when it had happened once in your life and had wiped out your whole family at the same time, it was difficult not to imagine the worst had happened again.

He sighed heavily. He was bone tired and was beginning to feel it. He'd worked late by himself at the store, trying to finish the inventory. He'd even let Wanda go at five, confident that if he put himself to it, he could finish early enough to be back when Ellen returned.

The image of his salesgirl floated in his mind. Girl, hell! She was all woman -- lush and curving and one of the most sensual he'd ever met.

Her hair was raven and glossy. She wore it long. Her cheekbones were high, her mouth wide and full. Her eyes were shockingly violet. Her tits were high and wide-spaced, appearing larger than they were by the way she carried herself.

She could have looked sluttishly cheap any time she dressed for it. Her waist was slim, her ass tightly packed and in constant motion.

Only she never looked cheap. She looked like a million. She lent a magnificently elegant air to his store when she held a necklace to her throat or latched a bracelet around her wrist for a customer.

She'd come to him a year ago for the job, and she'd been an outstanding plus. For sales and image, anyway. There was only one drawback to her.

She wanted him to fuck her so badly her pussy sloshed when she walked.

Just thinking about her now, Burke could feel his prick grow warm and start to fill. He thought of the sleek line of her thigh and hip and the way her ass was so round and tight inside her skirt when she stooped to open one of the display doors, and he swore at himself under his breath.

What a hell of a thing! He was worried sick about his wife just now and getting a hard-on thinking about Wanda.

But it was getting that way. Things were reaching the crisis point. He was going to have to fire her or fuck her -- he couldn't take the torment much longer.

He knew he wouldn't feel so tempted if Ellen were different. Seven years, now, and he'd gotten nowhere with her. He hadn't reached her.

He wasn't able to put the problem into words. If he could do that, maybe he could solve it. There was just a subtle, indefinable aloofness about her that he couldn't conquer, and it was beginning to bother him more than he wanted to admit.

Take tonight, for example. Other men might be loading up the shotgun to go find the hot rod who was fucking his wife and keeping her out late.

Burke wasn't. The thought hadn't even entered his mind. He trusted Ellen totally. He knew she wasn't out screwing. He knew it not because she didn't fuck, not because she was a man-hater or anything like that.

He'd never had any trouble getting her to fuck. He got all he wanted, any time he wanted. But that was the root of his problem.

She would come into his arms. She would let him feel her sweet tits and run his hands all over her body. She would open her legs and offer her pussy to him and let him fuck it all he wanted. She would lift her hips and switch them around and squeeze around his cock with her silky pussy muscles and draw the sperm right up his thundering prick any time he wanted.

But there was something missing. She never seemed to... enter into their fucking. She never got gaspingly, dizzily hot. He wasn't even certain, really, whether she ever came.

She wasn't even the water that slaked his thirst. She was more remote than that. She was the glass that held the water that slaked his thirst.

Lori, his first wife, hadn't been that way. She'd fucked with gusto. Wanda would fuck with mind-blowing passion, and that was why he was getting tempted. Fucking Ellen was like masturbating in her pussy. He was alone!

Burke's prick throbbed again when he thought of Wanda. He was about to swear at himself one more time when it dawned on him that she just might know where Ellen was. He thought he remembered her saying that she might go to the showing, too.

He reached for the phone and picked it up this time, dialing. Her voice was thick and sleepy, more sultry over the wire than in person. He imagined her in bed, between satin sheets, her raven hair flowing over the pillow, her tits thrusting and the nipples showing as bumps under the satin. He let his prick throb the way it wanted to.

"H'lo?" she slurred breathily.

"Wanda, it's Burke. I'm sorry to wake you up, but Ellen isn't home yet. Did you go to that showing? Did you see her there?"

There was a sultry, sexy little laugh that went right through him. "Mmm, is this finally an invitation, honey?"

"Cut it out, Wanda," he choked, cupping his crotch, feeling how hard his prick was. "I'm worded about her. Tell me."

"I went and I saw her there," she said. Her voice came awake a little more. "She isn't home? That's funny. I walked to the car with her and watched her get in and drive away."

"You're sure?"

"She was very polite with me. Too polite, sweetie! I think she suspects I have designs on her husband. You know you were a coward not to let me work with you tonight and... take inventory. There are two big, hard jewels I've just been dying to fondle and kiss and suck. They have a big handle attached to them, and I know just what I -- ."

"Wanda, cut it out," he choked huskily, feeling his prick throb with unbelievable fierceness. He was visualizing the way her wide mouth and soft lips were forming the words into the mouthpiece, the way her satin sheet dipped and molded between her moving thighs.

She was still laughing at him, taunting him. "You could say you were out all night looking for her, darling. You could even tell yourself that it was her fault that you unintentionally ended up here at my apartment. My bed is so big and lonely, Burke, my pussy so quivery and wet. Mmmmm, I'm getting goose-bumps, darling. Ohhhhh, God, I've got to touch it and play with... ahhhh!" she gasped.

"Wanda..." He began to sweat. His hand shook. He couldn't take the receiver from his ear as he listened to the soft rustling sounds, breathy gasps, low moans.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good, Burke!" she cried softly. "Mmmmmm, I wish I had your big hard cock in my wet pussy right now, instead of just my finger! A finger just isn't -- ahhhhh, hurry, darling. Hurry over, before I come! Ohhhh, I don't want to waste it this way! Burke, come over quickly and fuck me! I'm so hot I can't... ahhhhh, listen, darling! Just listen to it! How wet!"

He held his breath. Blood pounded through him. He pressed the receiver to his ear tightly. Then he heard it. The sound was unmistakable.

It was a syrupy sound, slick and juicy. He knew she was holding the mouthpiece at her pussy. He imagined her silky, trim thighs parted widely, her raven bush circling and moving up and down.

He closed his eyes and could nearly smell the heavy, fragrant, dizzying aroma wafting from her wet cunt. He could picture the silky pussy lips parted, the quivering vaginal hole, muscles clenching and shaking, making the sucking sounds he heard.

He could see her finger fucking in and out of her pussy, the tip circling around in the slippery meat, sweeping up her puffy gap to tease her clit.

Then the silky sounds grew muffled. He heard a far-off moan, a little squeal. The sucking noises grew instantly distinct and loud, and his cock jerked so hard he nearly shot his load into his pants.

His heart hammered into his throat. She had to be! She was fucking her wet, eager pussy with the mouthpiece!

There was a snapping sound, as if spasming muscles, the scratch of pubic hair. A passionate groan -- his name.

"Burke! God, I'm coming! Ohhhhh, thrust your tongue through this phone and lick my clit, darling! Ahhhhhhgh!"

He stood there. He sweated. His hand squeezed his prick again and again. He was ready to jerk off and spurt a huge load all over his carpet. He heard nothing for a long moment except a soft, rhythmic rasp, as if the mouth-piece were brushing her raven pubes with each breath she took.

Just when he couldn't take it any more, there was a brushing sound and the soft, husky, sultry hum of her voice.

"Ohhh, thank you, darling. Thank you for calling me and waking me up and giving me such a wonderful call. Mmmm, I needed that. God, it was good. It was so good I want more, darling, more! Ohhh, come over and give me a real one, Burke. Now my pussy's really wet and it's still waiting. Hot and wet and waiting, darling! Come fuck me, Burke! Hurry!"

There was another moan, as if she were attacking her drenched pussy with nimble, sliding fingers again. Then the line went dead. He stood there holding the instrument, listening to the cold, mechanical buzz.

It was like a bucket of ice water after the steamiest bath of his life. He slammed the piece into the cradle. His mouth was dry. His fingers trembled. He wiped sweat from his forehead. He looked down and saw that his prick was throbbing and thrusting from his fly, a drop of oil leaking from the tip and stringing toward the floor.

He couldn't believe what he'd just been through, how intensely she'd affected him. God, if only Ellen were more like that Ellen.

He bent his stiff prick enough to stuff it back into his pants. He felt worse off than before. He had sexual jitters on top of the worry. And he had the knowledge that she'd gotten into the car to leave and come home.

Without hesitation this time, he called the police. There accident involving her and no report of one being investigated along her probable route.

He hung up and felt somewhat better. But now he was too jittery to wait around in the house. Maybe Tish would...


Yeah, that was it! That's where she was! She'd dropped by Hugh Parker's house to see how the girls were getting along!

He'd nearly forgotten that Tish was spending the night with her girl friend, Ann, while Hugh and Betty were out of town. Of course! That's where Ellen was! She had to be!

Grinning like a moron, he went quickly from the study toward the garage. He wouldn't call. He'd just go over there and surprise all of them.

He got into his car and drove through the quiet residential streets until he reached Parker's house. He pulled over and cut the lights, still grinning, and was just getting out of the car when it dawned on him that the car parked in the drive wasn't Ellen's.

He stared at it in the dim light from the street lamp down the block. He'd seen it before, he was sure. It took him a long moment to place it.

It was Jack Feeny's car -- that curly-headed creep who'd been hanging around Tish lately. And wherever Jack went that asshole Harvey Miller followed, like a piece of shit stuck to the butt hairs of a mangy dog.

Burke tightened inside. He felt ready to explode.

He thought he'd run those punks off months ago. First Ellen, then Wanda, and now two yo-yos hanging around Tish and Ann, taking advantage of the fact that Hugh and Betty weren't home, parking outside the house at nearly two in the morning. It hit him in the head like a brick, and he paused in his furious lunge from the car.

There was a dim light on in the house, coming from where he knew the living room was. It was the only light on the block, save for the street lamps. The curtains were drawn over the window, but that didn't stop him from seeing a shadowy figure pass in front of them and linger for just a moment.

He wasn't sure what he was looking at. There seemed to be two people casting their shadows upon the drapes. They seemed to be making the figure K. That's what it looked like, a big shadowy K on the drapes.

His mind spun. He tried to think how two people could make a K. There was only one way he could think of, and it made his pulse hammer.

He slipped from the car, glanced furtively up and down the deserted street, than dashed across it into Parker's yard. He hurried up to the bushes at the side of the house feeling incredibly criminal.

He hadn't peeped through a window since he was a kid, and even that time, he'd been with three other guys, all giggling and feeling high-spirited and daring.

But he had to know. If he went up to the door and rang the bell, he'd never know for sure. He wanted to know because of Ellen. He'd tried to believe for a while that her aloofness was something genetic -- a low sex drive, or something.

Tish was nearly a carbon copy of Ellen physically. The same firm, wide-spaced, conical tits; the same slim waist; the same sweet hips and firmly packed ass and the same features and auburn hair.

But now that Tish had grown from the gangly eight-year-old girl she'd been when he'd married Ellen into the budding, now fully ripe fifteen-year-old beauty she was this year, a difference had developed between mother and daughter that he couldn't help but notice.

It was in the expression, in the mannerisms. Tish strutted. She thrust her tits ahead of her and challenged the world with them. She switched her tight ass when she walked. There was a gleam in her eye and a way of moving her mouth and pursing her soft lips that betrayed an inner flame her mother didn't have.

He had to know if it was real or if he'd just grown so horny he was eyeing up his stepdaughter now as well as his salesgirl.

He moved stealthily along the side of the house and into the covering bushes to the window there. His heart raced when he saw that the drapes didn't close over it completely.

He lifted his head and looked into the gap where they met and saw exactly how two people made a K.

It happened when his stepdaughter was bent at the waist, her naked, spread ass thrust behind her and gobbling up the stiff cock of the guy standing behind her pumping his hips against her firm butt.

And Tish was doing just that. Her head was tipped. Her auburn hair glimmered over her shoulders. Her pointed, young tits jutted from her chest, the nipples stiff and enlarged and pink.

Her mouth was open. Now that he was right up to the window, he could hear her passionate moans.

"Ahhhhh, Jack! Fuck me harder! Shove that hot prick deeper into my ass, baby! Ahhhhhh, God! Shoot it up my butt! Give me that sweet, syrupy enema, you big fucker!"

Burke recoiled. His cock pounded to full erection again, taking up where Wanda had left off with it, despite the fact that he was watching his stepdaughter.

Jack was fucking her ass! His cock was sliding in and out of her tight, clinging asshole, and she was loving it!

Not like Ellen. No way, like Ellen! Ellen would never let him slide his prick between her tight cheeks and into her asshole.

He'd never tried, never asked. He didn't have to. He just knew from the way she acted about regular pussy fucking that she'd never go for a thing like that.

It was the same with sucking, too. Lori used to nibble at his prick once in a while as he ate her pussy out and made her come, but Ellen would never suck her soft, full lips down around his shaft either. In fact, he'd been too chicken to try to eat her pussy, even.

That was what was driving him to the point of crisis with Wanda. Ellen would let him fuck her pussy all he wanted, but that was all. And even that was damn nearly a solo exercise.

Well, he knew now. Whatever Ellen's problem was, she sure as hell hadn't passed it on to Tish.

Burke's eyes widened. He saw Jack's hands come around to Tish's front. One of them captured her dangling, jiggling tits and massaged them. The other went to her pussy, and he could just see the middle finger slide up and down her parted, gleaming gap before sinking upward into her sweet young cunt.

"Ahhhh, you big fucker, you're driving me wild!" Tish cried, shaking all over.

She pumped her hips, making her tight, rubbery asshole slide along his stiff shaft. Her ass-cheeks clenched and released with each pump. At the same time, her watering pussy gobbled and sucked at his imbedded finger, and her tits filled his hand.

"God, what a tight asshole, baby!" Jack gasped, his balls swinging tightly under his crotch. "Man, I'm gonna pump a load up your butt! Oh, shit, am I gonna fill your ass! Man, Harvey, man! Ya gotta fuck Annie's ass! Get your cock out of her pussy and shove it up her sweet ass, you jerk!"

Burke's eyes bulged. He couldn't stop watching. His hand went to his fly and let his rampant prick spring loose. He squeezed the heated shaft tightly and then forced himself to tear his eyes from his stepdaughter's blazing body.

That was when he saw Ann and shit-head Harvey. He was fucking her like a rabbit. She was on the couch, stark naked, her head and back making a triangle with the seat and back of the couch.

Her buttocks rested right on the edge of the seat. Her thighs were spread wide. She was a cute little redhead with a thin patch of rusty fur over her mound.

Her tits were small and tight, two sharp bullets jutting from her chest. Her pug nose was wrinkled with the face of blissful agony she was making. Her eyes were closed, and her lips were pursed as she moaned and rocked her pussy up and down, using the edge of the couch as a swivel point.

Her lightly fuzzed twat was spread wide open around Harvey's thrusting prick. Her lips sucked and pulled at the shaft of meat, and they leaked sweet young pussy juice and smeared it all over her inner thighs and along his stiff cock.

Harvey was kneeling on the floor between her spread thighs. His hands were on her hips. His head was ripped back. He brought it upright and gazed down on her shaking tits and humping pussy, watching his dick pump in and out of her eager hole.

His buttocks were a blur of motion. He fucked her with incredible speed, putting as much feeling into it as the piston in a diesel engine.

Burke watched and had trouble believing the girl was really moaning with bliss. But if she were really groaning over a case of friction burn in her pussy, he couldn't tell it by the way her cunt rocked up and down and her juice flowed.

While he watched, she reached to her chest and cupped her small tits and played with them, seeming to derive great stimulation from that. Her hips twisted and shook, and, incredibly, Harvey fucked her even faster.

"Her ass, you shit-head! Fuck her ass!" Jack groaned, plowing his rigid cock all the way into Tish's butt again.

"Ohhhhh, Annie, do it! Do it!" Tish groaned. "God, am I going to come! Ohhhh, I wish Al were here right now! I wish I could be sucking his cock right now!"

Harvey turned his head, still pumping without missing a stroke. "Shit on Al," he said. "You can suck mine, Tish. Hey, God, you should see your face. Man, do you look hot! Hey, baby, suck my prick!"

He started to get up. Ann squeaked and grabbed him with her thighs and arms and held him where he was, her eyes suddenly wide.

"Don't leave me now, Harvey!" she cried. "Ohhhh, I'm going to come! Fuck me harder! Qhhhh, do something and make me come!"

Harvey licked his lips. He tried to fuck her harder. It was like a contest with himself to see how fast he could shake his hips and stroke his dick in and out of her hole, like seeing how many push-ups he could do.

Ann strained her small body. Her pussy lifted high, opening and closing around his pistoning prick, the tissues absorbing the punishing speed of his ramrod.

She licked her lips. She chewed on them with sharp, even teeth. Her head twisted and turned, her small body wrenching this way and that.

Suddenly, her eyes opened wide, and her fingers clutched at Harvey's hips. Her knees lifted and made her cunt open for him even more. Her round buttocks went taut on the edge of the couch.

"I'm coming!" she cried. "Tish, watch me come! God, am I going to come! Now! Uhhhhnnnn!" she cried, the cry wavering and jittering as it was pistoned from her lungs.

"Yeah! Ohhhh, God, baby! Me, too!" Harvey gasped.

He scooped his hands under her ass-cheeks and lifted, ramming his prick into her quaking body, nearly throwing her hip joints out.

Burke watched the girl come, gasping and shaking. He wanted to jump through the window and yank Harvey off her. He wanted to stroke his own hot prick into her sweet, young pussy and show her what a good fuck was like.

They grappled with each other so hard it seemed they were wrestling. Then Harvey blew breath at her and collapsed on her, bending her nearly double, seeming totally unaware that she was still coming and that he was practically choking off her orgasm.

His sperm spurted backwards from her little pussy and dribbled toward the floor, soaking the edge of the cushion on the way. Then he pulled his prick out abruptly and rolled onto his back on the floor, moaning and puffing, watching Tish and Jack ass-fuck.

Ann clamped her hand over her wet pussy and shook it up and down, her legs shooting into the air as she masturbated the last of her orgasm from her abused, neglected twat.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned when she was finished. "That was so good, Harvey!"

Burke was nearly beside himself. Good!

He felt instantly sorry for the girl. She'd been used and abused and didn't know the difference.

That had to be one of the lousiest fucks on record. She slouched there with a dreamy expression on her face and her cunt lips parted and the sperm draining from her tender, pink hole, blissful in her youthful, inexperienced ignorance.

Burke shifted his attention back to his stepdaughter. He watched her with Jack from a new point of view, wondering if Tish were any more discriminating than Ann.

Was she fucking because she was hot, because it felt good, because she wanted it? Or was she fucking just for the novelty of it, just to be fucking.

Her hips shook wildly. Her tits jiggled as they dangled from her chest. Her pussy mouth sucked at the finger imbedded in it. Her ass swiveled around the thrusting prick, and she ran her tongue over her lips again and again, making them puffy and wet.

"Ahhhhhh, I'm going to come!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder, you bastard! Shove it up my asshole and squirt me full!"

"I am, baby, I am!" Jack gasped, ramming against her butt, flattening the round, firm globes with each lunge forward.

His balls swung under her crotch, tapping the bloated lips of her wet, spread pussy. She began to grunt with each lunge. The expression on her face changed, her brow wrinkling slightly.

"N-not so hard, Jack," she gasped.

"Ahhhhh, Christ, I'm gonna blast your butt full, baby!" he cried.

"Not so hard! It's getting dry up there! It's starting to burn!"

"I'll make it good and wet in just a second, baby," he groaned, still slamming into her ass. "Wet and slick! God, your asshole's squeezing the shit out of my dick! Ahhhhh! NOW!"

He wrapped his hands around her hips and wrenched her middle backwards, screwing her burning, clinging asshole ring down around his prick.

He arched his spine and gritted his teeth and let his reaming prick explode.

"Yaaaaagh!" he bellowed, shuddering hard, pumping his sperm into her tight, tender asshole, satisfying himself fully.

"God!" Tish cried, her head shooting forward from her slim neck, the cords in it standing out. "Ahhhhh, God! You're killing my ass!" she yelled.

Jack held her tightly until he was finished emptying his balls into her. Then Tish slid forward gingerly, easing her pulsing anal ring from around his suddenly slippery shaft.

She wobbled stiffly toward the center of the room and then eased herself to the floor by her hands and feet, going onto her back without letting her butt touch the floor until the last.

She lay there with her knees apart. She groaned and put her hands between her thighs. Her fingertip cautiously felt around the red, puckered mouth of her sore asshole.

Burke was ready to tear Jack's head off. It was bad enough for the bastard to be sneaking around Tish and fucking her after Burke had run him off once.

It was inexcusable for him and his shit-headed buddy to be such lousy fuckers with young girls who didn't know any better.

His anger suddenly gave way to another emotion. Tish was on the floor in such a way that he found himself staring right into her open pussy and wet, red asshole.

He couldn't help making the comparison. Tish was like Ellen there, too -- the same auburn pubes, the same tiny twat with the full lips that didn't quite cover the soft, fleshy, pink hole.

He licked his lips. His prick throbbed. He squeezed the obscene shaft tightly and sucked in his breath. He shook his head, as if to eliminate the thoughts that had sprung into his mind.

None of it helped. He stared at his stepdaughter's open, quivering pussy and yearned to fuck her.

He tried to convince himself that it was so that she would know what a good screw was like and wouldn't want to put up with the likes of Jack Feeny any more.

There was another thought, a fleeting scenario in which Ellen was dead after all, and Tish, being so much like her, looking like a young, spirited copy of Ellen...

His hand swept up and down his prick. His thoughts were getting out of hand. He was her father. Not her biological one, maybe, but the only one she'd ever known. He couldn't...

Jack moved to where she was and stood over her. "You didn't come, baby," he grinned, fisting his slippery prick.

"How could I come when that damn cock was splitting my ass in two!" she said angrily, lifting her head to look at him, her firm, conical tits jiggling.

"Hey, I'm sorry, Tish, but -- man, I couldn't have stopped fucking that tight asshole for anything! That was the wildest fuck I ever had, baby, and you gave it to me. Man, it was so terrific, I need another one, and I see just what hot, slippery little hole I'm gonna fuck next!"

He grinned broadly and went down, quickly putting his hands on her upraised knees and spreading them wide apart. He looked down at her open pussy and licked his lips.

Burke could see right between his braced knees, the crack of his ass, the dangling balls that hovered over her wet crotch. Emotion swept through him. He didn't want to let that jerk fuck her!

"Don't you dare, Jack Feeny!" Tish cried, trying to wrestle him off her.

He laughed, entwining his fingers with hers and making their arms move all around as he kept her on her back.

"Hey, Harvey, now's your chance, asshole! Come help hold her down, and I'll bet she gives you a big wet reward! She won't be able to keep from sucking that crummy cock of yours all the way into her sweet mouth when she feels Big Jack's hot cock slipping in and out of her pussy!"

"None of your tricks, you bastard," Tish cried warningly. "Not in my ass again."

"Naw," Jack said, leering at her jiggling tits. "Right up that hot little twat of yours, baby. You know that's where you want it."

Harvey had moved quickly. He hovered about her, his prick rising swiftly and jutting out over her face. He put his hands on her shoulders and held them to the floor, licking his lips over the jiggling tits and heaving tummy and spread, ripe pussy with the big prick aimed toward it.

Ann sat and watched just as leeringly. One hand was running back and forth aver her little tits and springy nipples, and the other one was playing with her quivering pussy.

"Ohhhhh, God!" Tish groaned suddenly.

She lay back, not fighting any more. She looked at the prick thrusting toward her hot pussy and then at the one spiring over her face, her eyes running along the underside of the shaft and seeing the veins and bumps, the gleaming juice still there from Ann's honeyed cunt.

She groaned again and reached up with slim fingers and cupped the dangling balls gently, giving them a squeeze. Harvey's cock jerked and throbbed.

"Ohhhhh, God, I'm hot!" she cried. "You left me so hot!" Her hips lifted from the floor and made a small circle. Her open pussy sucked inward and seemed instantly wetter as she searched for the tip of Jack's cock with it.

"That's my baby," Jack moaned huskily, lowering himself, letting his prick-head slide through her puffy twat lips, teasing her.

"Ohhhhh, Annie, come suck my tits!" Tish moaned, shivering and turning her head toward her friend.

She writhed and twisted. She was in obvious heat. She was nearly frantic with it. Her palm rolled under Harvey's balls, and her fingers curled wider his crotch to slither along his ass-crack and tickle his asshole. A drop of oil oozed from his pulsing glans and strung downward to her chin.

She held her free arm out to Ann when the girl slid quickly from the couch and went to her, lying on the floor. She looked at Harvey's hot prick and then at Jack's, and then she smiled sweetly at Tish, obviously hot herself from the way her tight little butt quivered and made her pussy rub against the rug.

"Oh, Tish, are you going to do it? Are you really going to do it?" Ann gasped softly, her eyes wide and gleaming.

"I'm so hot right now I'll do anything, Annie!" Tish gasped, shivering all over again.

She moaned and left her mouth wide open. Her fingers curled around Harvey's balls one more time and then grasped his root, aiming his prick downward.

She pursed her lips and slithered her tongue from between them, curling the tip around his fleshy glans and sucking his cock into her warm, hot mouth.

Her hips pumped upward, and she groaned when her pussy lips captured the pulsing cock-head and then got the whole throbbing shaft sliding between them and into her body.

"Ahhhhh, God, you're a hot little bitch," Jack moaned, sinking his prick into her pussy all the way.

"Jesus, Jack! She's sucking my cock!" Harvey gasped. "Christ, her tongue! It's slithering all around my prick-head! Ahhhhh, shit, shit, that's good!"

Tish moaned and twisted around. Her free hand slid up Ann's body to the back of her head and pulled inward, and Ann fairly dove onto the thrusting cone of her friend's firm tit.

Ann's head bobbed up and down. Her eyes rolled from Harvey's half-swallowed prick to Jack's glistening, pumping shaft, watching both of them fuck Tish, feeling the excitement and heat swell into the cone of her firm, hard-nippled tit. Then she spread her thighs and thrust her hand between them and masturbated vigorously and openly, not caring who saw.

Burke saw. He saw it all. He couldn't stop watching. He couldn't believe the intense heat and total abandon with which his stepdaughter was sucking on Harvey's prick, with which she made her sucking pussy slide up and down Jack's plunging cock.

The girl looked like Ellen. God, just like her! But Ellen had never acted like that. She'd never fucked with such wanton abandon. Burke couldn't even imagine her doing that. Not any of it!

His gaze shifted from Ann's jiggling, swirling fingers as they massaged her pussy lips and rolled her little clit. He stared right between Jack's pumping buttocks and saw the thick root of his cock plunge in and out of the sucking, slobbering pussy mouth.

He saw the quivering motions of her twat meat, the silky grasp and pull of her vaginal mouth on the hard shaft. He saw the way her pelvis tipped up to take the next plunge of prick into her body, and her asshole winked and pulsated at him, the wrinkled little mouth still leaking sperm.

He could just see around Jack's body to Tish's face. He saw the way her lips pursed roundly and softly and sucked along the hard shaft thrusting from Harvey's middle.

He imagined Ellen's lips doing that, and his fist whipped up and down his hard, throbbing shaft until his knees alternately buckled and locked. He felt his balls whipping back and forth inside the cloth of his pants.

He watched Tish's tit stretch upward into Ann's feverishly sucking mouth, and he knew just what Ann was tasting and feeling, the way her tongue was swirling about the rubbery nipple, because he'd done it to Ellen's nipple and tit many times himself.

But he knew that Ann's lips and tongue were feeling a throb and a swelling of heat that his never had. And he found himself envying Harvey -- dumb, shit-head Harvey -- for the way the wet, long tongue was slithering along the bottom of his shaft and the lips were sucking inward around the tip until it was blazing and fiery.

He even envied the way Jack's prick was so wetly drawn into the hot, silky vagina, squeezed there by quivering, excited muscles that gobbled because of feverish heat.

"Ahhhhh, Christ! I can't hold it! I'm gonna come! Right into her mouth! Yaaaaaagh!"

Harvey strained forward, sinking his prick as deeply as he could between Tish's drawing lips. He wasn't pumping like a piston this time. He couldn't do anything but arch slightly and let himself be overwhelmed by sensation.

Tish's tongue swirled right at the underside of his flaming prick-head, sucking the sperm through his bucking, blasting cock.

He hosed into her mouth. White fluid spurted from between Tish's lips and ran down the corners of her mouth and onto her neck. She moaned and tossed and made her pussy go wild around Jack's throbbing cock.

He yelled and plunged into her pussy all the way, his balls sinking into her deep ass-crack and being kissed by her pulsing, wet asshole.

"Ahhhhhhhgh, what a hot, slippery cunt! Here it comes, baby! Again! Right up your pussy!"

His buttocks clenched tightly. Burke saw his ass shudder. Then he heard his stepdaughter moan deep in her throat, the sound muffled by the plug of Harvey's boiling prick.

Her ass lifted from the floor and shivered. Her pussy meat sucked and spasmed around the imbedded cock, and sperm began dribbling from the pink orifice as he flooded her cunt.

Even Ann moaned and let her little ass shake wildly as her swirling fingers masturbated a hard orgasm from her hot pussy.

Burke couldn't stop himself. He hadn't intended to lose control of himself. But there was no stopping the stream of sperm that hosed from his prick and sprayed against the side of the house.

Chapter FOUR

He was so numbed by the wanton, writhing, yearning body of his stepdaughter, so appalled by his own lustful reaction to the sight of her, and so engrossed in his thoughts about Ellen and her aloofness that he didn't see the car at first.

When he did, he immediately assumed it was Ellen's, simply because it was parked in her spot in the driveway. The sight of the willowy, graceful female form standing in the front doorway of his house didn't alter his first impression, either.

Until he saw that the slim body silhouetted by the light behind her was a little too slim, the hair a little too long and dark, the movements not quite right.

"Oh, Burke," she said in her husky, sultry way, coining up to him, standing very close, putting her delicate hands on his chest. "I was so mean to you on the phone. Darling, I came over to see what I could do. Please forgive me, Burke."

He looked at her. He was conscious of the tingling in his prick. Spraying his heated load against the side of Parker's house hadn't really helped still the fire within him. The heady scent of her perfume and her intimacy didn't help either.

"She still isn't home, Burke," Wanda said, slipping her arm about his waist and leading him into the house, her hip rubbing against his. "Now I'm worried, too."

"Thanks, Wanda," he choked, unable to keep his eyes from her lovely figure. He imagined the way she must have looked a little while ago, her thighs parted, her slim spine arched, her hips and beautiful ass shaking with orgasm as she gasped for him to came over and fuck his prick into her slippery cunt.

"I've called the police and the hospital, and there's nothing."

"I know."

"Tish isn't here either."

"I just came from where she is. She's staying with Ann Parker. I thought it best not to interrupt her and worry her." He finally managed to shift his eyes around enough to be looking straight into hers. "She'll be staying there the rest of the night," he choked.

The corners of her exciting mouth turned upward very slightly. "That's best, darling," she said huskily. She slid her hands along his chest to his shoulders, peeling his coat from him.

Burke held his breath. He was an unbelievable bastard. His wife was missing, and he'd just lusted over the sight of his young stepdaughter. Yet, his cock was tingling and throbbing again over the touch and the nearness of his salesgirl.

He fought with the urge, his fingers curling and uncurling at his sides. He ran his eyes furtively over the sleek body as it moved inside the simple, slinky, belted dress. The material outlined her sharp, thrusting tits, smoothed over the pert roundness of her ass when she bent slightly to lay his coat over a chair.

It twisted across her hip and made the slimness of her supple waist improbably thin. When she stood before him again and looked at him with those deep violet eyes, he wanted to crush her to him.

He wanted to feel her tits pushing against his chest. He wanted to cup her tight ass-cheeks in his hands. He wanted to finally fuck his tingling prick into her silky, exciting pussy and blast all the tension and frustration from his balls into her yielding, absorbing depths.

Luckily, the phone rang. He jumped, staring at it. He didn't recognize until later that she seemed completely unsurprised by the clanging intrusion. "Yes!" he barked into it, jamming it against his ear.

"I've got her, Chidsey," the voice snarled over the line.

"What?" He squinted, as if that would help him hear better.

"I was gonna snatch some jewels, but I took your wife instead, and it's gonna cost you a hundred biggies to get her back."

"What!" he cried again. He imagined for a moment that it was Jack Feeny playing a rotten gag on him, that they'd spotted him under the window somehow.

"You fuckin' asshole, pay attention!" the voice bellowed. "I've got her and I'm keeping her until you pay up, you got that? No cops, Chidsey, or you won't see her any more. And I'll snatch her hot-twated kid besides, you got that?"

Burke stood with the phone to his ear. For some reason, the sight of Wanda's slim body sitting on the couch where Ellen normally sat brought him around.

"How do I know you have her?" he asked finally.

There was a low chuckle that made him shiver slightly. "Just listen, Chidsey. Ever hear a hot-cunted two-dollar whore bang it off before? Listen."

Burke pressed the phone tightly to his ear. Then he heard the trembling moan, the babbling words of orgasmic fever.

"Ohhlihh, don't make me... don't fuck me so... ohhhhhh, God, I'm going to come! You're making me come! Ahhhhhhgh!"

The chuckle returned, low and evil. "With a sweet pussy like that and a mouth that sucks my cock like I've never had it sucked before, you must want her back real bad, Chidsey. Now that we understand each other, I'll let you think about it. Let your cock get good and stiff. You'll hear from me again, asshole."

The line went dead. Burke held it, his mind spinning. That had been Tish's voice. He could swear it had been Tish! Ellen would never scream so wantonly, so shudderingly. She would never suck that bastard's cock so...

His heart thudded.

Or would she?

"Burke, darling, what's the matter? What was it?"

Wanda's slim fingers were taking the phone from his hand. She was standing close again. He looked down at her, as if from a very great distance and yet right next to her, too.

"It was a guy. A mean-sounding guy," he faltered. "He said he had -- had Ellen. He's kidnapped her. He wants..." Burke turned his head oddly and looked at her with a strange expression. "They're fucking her, Wanda. I heard her yelling. She was coming." His voice went hollow. "She was having an orgasm, Ellen!"

"He wants what, Burke?" Wanda asked quickly, her voice insistent. "Money? Do they want money? How much, Burke? How much?"

"I heard her, Wanda. She was having an orgasm! She yelled it out that she was coming..." He shook his head. "All these years..." He muttered.

Wanda gripped his arm and turned him back around and hugged her slim body tightly to his, pressing her sharp tits into his chest, wrapping his arms around her waist in such a way that his hands were draped over the round, pert swells of her buttocks.

"Poor Burke," she said. "Come over here, honey, and let me take care of you. Let me take good care of you."

He walked with her, letting her guide him. He felt stunned and betrayed all at once. Having seen Tish told him that there was nothing wrong with Ellen's sex drive.

Hearing her voice quavering over the phone just now told him that either she'd been deceiving him for seven years or that he was as lousy with her as the two guys he'd just watched.

The thought jolted through him. Lori hadn't thought he was lousy. She'd come with him. Had she been undiscriminating and ignorant, just as Tish and Ann were? Was he a lousy fucker?

He licked his lips. He looked at Wanda, seeing the glossy, raven hair, the thrusting tits, the curving hips and ass. She wouldn't be undiscriminating and ignorant. She would know whether he was a good fucker or a lousy one. And if she thought he was good, then there was only one explanation for Ellen's aloofness with him. The reason would rest with her, not with him. It would demand answering.

"Here, baby," Wanda said gently, her voice low and husky. "You stretch out here and lie down and let Wanda make you feel better."

She half pushed him onto the bed. He hadn't realized they were in the bedroom until just now. He looked up at her and saw the way her dress sagged away from her chest as she bent over and undid his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt.

He looked into the folds of cloth. He saw the slopes of her firm, perfect tits. They were naked the dress. He could reach right in and fondle them.

He swallowed. Would she let him? Of course, she would. God, she'd been taunting him every day in the store. She'd begged him to come over and fuck her just a little while ago.

"Wanda..." he croaked, his mouth suddenly dry. He could feel his cock throbbing and tingling again, the sensation even more intense now because of the press at his problems.

"I know, darling," she whispered. "Lie back. Let it happen, Burke. Don't try to fight it."

She yanked his shirt open and pulled the tails out of his pants. She stripped it from him and dropped it to the floor. She worked at his belt buckle.

She pushed him back onto the bed, slipping his shoes and socks off. Then she hooked her fingers around the waist of his pants and shorts and looked up into his eyes, her lips soft and moist and pursed in a terribly sultry way.

"It'll be all right this time, Burke," she said softly. "I want your prick inside me. You need to blast everything out of you, and I want it up my pussy, all of it, darling, every drop. If she came with them, then there's no guilt for you to come with me. Oh, darling, fuck me hard!"

She pulled his pants down, over his hips and ass, baring his prick. She looked at it, and her eyes widened with pleasure. He watched her, holding his breath. Her expression made his cock throb and fill to erection.

She worked his pants off his legs and then unbelted her dress and ran the zipper down her back and peeled out of it. She wriggled and squirmed, her breath coming in short gasps. He watched her, seeing the perfect tits, the line of her hips and ass that he'd lusted after so many times.

He saw the raven shadow over her pussy mound, and his prick pounded and swelled. She was perfect. She was a statue of the finest workmanship, of ivory tits and ruby nipples and amethyst eyes.

He watched her mount his hips breathlessly. Her thighs spread to either side of him and her pussy slit gleamed with just the silky sheen he knew it would have.

She stood over his middle on her knees, her cunt lips bloated and puffy, the slit between them pink and shining with her cunt honey. Her pert ass-cheeks were taut and quivering, and her tits jutted firmly from her chest, high and spaced wide, the tips pointing outward to the sides slightly.

She pursed her lips. She moaned softly with heat. She slipped her fingers around his hard, hard shaft and aimed it toward her leaking pussy.

"Ohhhh, Burke," she moaned.

"God! God!" he gasped, unable to keep his hips from lifting.

"Tell me first -- I've got to know, darling. How much money did they want? How much?"

"Oh, God," he groaned, twisting, filled with intense heat, the head of his prick just slipping into the silk-lined haven of her pussy slit. The words left his mouth without thought, because there was no thought left in him, only anticipation, and yearning. "A hundred thousand," he groaned.

"Ahhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried, sinking down on his cock, her quivering, silky pussy sucking him up into her body.

She sat all the way down. He felt her round, tight ass-cheeks on the tops of his thighs. She began to rock and twist and hunch. Her pussy mouth clenched tightly around his prick.

The muscles inside her twat worked at his shaft, pulling and squeezing, sucking and milking. She was hot inside. Hot and wet. So slippery he'd forgotten just what a slippery, ready pussy felt like after the time with Ellen.

His hips lurched upward. His prick sank into lubricated silk to the root, to his balls. He felt as if he wanted his hips to fold so that he could enter her body totally, following the lancing spire of his throbbing prick.

"Ahhhhh, my God! My God!" he moaned.

"Ohhhhh, darling, I knew it would be like this! I knew your big hard prick would drive me wild! Ahhhhh, deeper, darling, fuck me deeper! Ohhhhh, you don't know how I wanted you to come over and fuck me!"

"Did you, Wanda? Did you really? You weren't just putting me on?"

She writhed and shook over his middle, her pussy slipping tightly up and down his cock. She made it twist and stab into one cunt wall and then the other inside her body. She nipped at the throbbing prick-head with her slick muscles until his balls uttered up and down between his thighs.

"Doesn't that tell you?" she gasped. "Does that feel like a pussy that doesn't want your prick pushing through it? Oh, God, darling, I'm going to come! Already, Burke! What a fucker! What a hard prick! Ohhhh, I love it! Love it!"

His chest swelled. His cock throbbed. He looked at her face. Her head was tipped back. Her tongue licked over her soft lips from one corner of her wide mouth to the other.

Her tits were like hard, sculptured marble cones. Her breath was stopped in her throat. Her whole body seemed to vent steam from every pore, as if she were so hot she was ready to explode.

He felt it in her cunt, in the depths of her slippery pussy. It milked his cock wildly for a moment, and then she let a cry of utter bliss tear from her lips.

"Ahhhhhh, I can't hold it! Darling, I'm coming! Burke! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ahhhhhh!"

It happened. He watched her, and he felt her, and he knew there was nothing faked about it at all.

He could barely believe his eyes or the way her sucking pussy tissues felt around his tingling prick. She was hot. Not like Ellen. Not at all like Ellen.

He lifted his hips. His ass shook under him. His sperm spilled from the end of his prick before it began spurting, and then it hosed up her cunt with jet after hot, slippery jet.

"Yaaaaagh!" he yelled, grabbing at her hips and her tits and her impossibly skinny waist, pulling her body against his, plowing his prick into the silken haven and letting it all blow from his shuddering body.

She lay against him when it was over. They gasped harshly. She snuggled her head into the hollow of his shoulder and nearly purred. Her pussy still sucked around his prick, and he could feel the incredible wetness inside her.

He didn't have to ask.

He'd been a good fucker without even trying. He rolled her over and got on top of her. She opened her eyes dreamily and sucked in her breath and looked at him in that hot way she had.

"Yes," she whispered huskily. "Oh, yes, again! Fuck me again, darling! Give me another one!"

He felt her silken, wet pussy muscles clamp and suck around his shaft and knew she was ready. He started. This time, he was going to really try.

Her legs slipped up around his hips, and he could feel her heels locking over his butt. She pulled and rocked, helping him slip and pump into her pussy.

His chest rolled against her hard tits. His lips crushed against hers until they were both gasping for air and feeling dizzy. Her pussy was split wide open, and he fucked his cock into her again and again, feeling the wet, fleshy lips wrap around his root and suck.

He fucked her until she was gasping. There was no rush this time. The urgency was gone. When she began to lift up and reach for her orgasm, he pulled his prick from her quaking hole and slid down her body, sucking her tits between his lips as he went.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Don't stop, Burke! Don't stop fucking me!"

He stared at her wet, pink pussy, parting the lips with his fingertips. He inhaled the heady aroma of her cunt honey and saw the throbbing, stretching nub of her standing clit.

He groaned as he dove into her pussy, his lips spreading, his tongue thrusting and licking at all the sweet juice running from her hot hole.

He'd even forgotten the taste of hot cunt. It jolted him. He licked the honey into his mouth and smacked his lips, savoring the sweet headiness of it, and then plunged back for more.

He tongue-fucked her until her hips pounded up and down on the bed. He slipped his hands under the tight globes of her round ass and tipped her cunt and drank from it as he would from a two-handled cup.

"Ahhhhh, wonderful, wonderful!" she cried. "I love it! God, I can't take any more, I'm going to come!"

He thrust his tongue into the slippery maw of her pussy and drilled her hole with it. His lips wrapped around her straining clit and sucked her to a frenzy of writhing, and then her breath exploded from her lungs in a cry of bliss.

"Ahhhhhhhgh!" she yelled, her hips churning, her pussy mouth pulsating around his imbedded tongue until her cunt honey foamed.

Burke's prick had never been harder or stiffer. It rammed into the bed as he sucked the last of her orgasm from her pussy. Then he was up and twisting at her thighs, making her torso turn over until she was on her belly.

She lifted her head and looked back at him over her shoulder, her lips slack, her lids hooding her eyes with passion.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" she groaned.

He'd only been thinking about it, only wondering if he dared. His hands were on her buttocks, parting them slightly. He was looking right at her pink-brown, puckered asshole.

With her groan of acceptance and desire, his prick nearly exploded in mid-air. Then she widened her thighs and lifted her ass up and back, spreading her cheeks wide with the tips of her own fingers.

He saw her ass-hole pulsate. He saw the lips of her draining, slippery pussy jutting down from the bottom of her crotch. He came up over her ass, his prick jerking and bucking.

The hard shaft plunged between her open cunt lips and sank all the way to the back of her cunt in one oiled lunge. Her head lifted, and a groan of pleasure escaped her lips.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good, I don't want you to take it out of my pussy! But darling, God, take it out!" she gasped heatedly, her whole slippery tunnel shivering and squeezing spasmodically.

He knew. He'd hoped, and now he knew.

He slid his prick backward. It was coated and slippery now. He lifted on his arms enough to look, and he saw that her fingers were imbedded in the soft, firm flesh of her cheeks as she held them wide apart for him.

She tipped her ass up higher. His cock-head speared toward the winking, pulsing little hole. He pressed forward, and the tip centered in the opening.

"Yes-s-s!" she hissed breathlessly, her anal ring squeezing and sucking already.

His mind went slightly dizzy. He couldn't believe this was really happening. He must be dreaming it, just as he'd been dreaming all the rest of the night's fantastic events.

He pressed forward, and he felt his cock-head stretch the tight ring open. It was dark and clinging and hot inside her ass. His prick kept going up and up, sinking between her cheeks.

He felt the squeezing and nipping all around his shaft, working lower and lower toward his root. When it was there, when he felt his hips flattening the globes of her ass, he knew he was all the way up her hot butt.

He heard her groan with terrible heat and felt her shudder all over. He was shuddering himself. He wasn't even aware of sliding his cock in and out of her ass, only of the blending of their passions and lusts.

It had never been this way for him. Not even with Lori. He suddenly realized what he'd been missing all this time with Ellen. The awareness made crazy thoughts go through his head thoughts of leaving her where she was, of not even trying to get her back, of fucking Wanda like this for the rest of his life.

Then his hips pounded up and down against her ass. Her butt cheeks clenched around his root and squeezed. Her anal ring nearly pinched his prick off at the root.

She was yelling. He was yelling. Her pussy drained a flood of cunt honey all over the sheet and her tits punched into the bed.

"God, fuck me, fuck me!" she babbled.

"I am! Wanda! God, I am! I'm alive! I'm fucking! Ah! I'm going to come! I'm going to shoot it all up your ass!"

"Yes, darling, yes! Ohhhhh, give it to me! Flood my butt! Make me come again! Now, Burke. NOW!"

He couldn't stop it. He felt his balls draw up and slap into the fleshy slit of her wet pussy. His prick throbbed and bucked and stretched incredibly far up her ass.

When she twisted and wrenched under him with orgasm, her cries stuck in her throat because of the intensity of her spasms, he lunged forward and let his prick erupt.

Sperm boiled from his cock and spewed into her asshole as if it would never stop. The clinging quality changed abruptly to silky heat, and her spasming anal ring slid along his shaft with an unbelievable kind of sensation.

When his prick was finally limp, he slid it from her quivering ass. They lay together on the bed, their arms around each other. His senses were filled with the heady perfume she wore, and he'd never felt so sated with sex in his life. It was a good feeling. He drifted off to sleep with it.

Sometime in the morning, he stirred. Something was happening to him. He felt that his cock was fully erect and throbbing. Then soft warmth surrounded it again, and there were butterfly sensations along the underside, just below the fiery cock-head.

He opened his eyes a crack and lifted his head groggily, just enough to see the raven pelt of glossy hair cascading over his lap and thighs.

He groaned and lay back, closing his eyes again. He lifted his hips high and felt his prick stretch into the depths of her sweetly sucking mouth.

He luxuriated over the way her lips and tongue worked over his shaft and blazing prick-head. He didn't even try to summon the strength to reach for her hips so that he could suck her sweet pussy at the same time. He simply lay back and enjoyed sensations he'd never felt before in his life.

His orgasm built. It came slowly and surely. It was going to be a big one. His hips lifted, and his cock throbbed threateningly. Ellen would not have done this much. This was the place where Lori would have stopped sucking him.

But Wanda didn't stop. She sucked harder, encouraging him. She wasn't going to stop, either, he could tell. The awareness of it blazed through him and made his cock swell to twice its normal size.

His hips shuddered uncontrollably, lifting high, making his prick sink into her pursed mouth and part way into her working throat.

He heard the slight sound just then, nearly a laugh. Just as his sperm began boiling up through his cock, he turned his head and glanced at the door.

Tish stood there, the morning sun behind her auburn hair, watching boldly and openly. His load shot into Wanda's mouth, filling it faster than her soft throat could swallow.

The room filled with wet sounds of sucking, and white, slippery sperm drained from the corners of her mouth as he yelled and shuddered and looked right into Tish's young, lust-filled eyes.

He knew it was Tish and not his wife, because Ann was with her. They both watched. Somehow, his stepdaughter seemed pleased with what she saw, for she put her hand over her pussy and squeezed it tightly, with little shakes.

Chapter FIVE

Ellen strained at her bonds until the ends of her fingers tingled with numbness, but the ropes did nothing but dig into the flesh of her wrists.

No matter how she moved the back of the chair seemed to find the nerve running along the inside of her left arm and zap it with an electric jolt.

She couldn't even get her knees around the corners of the seat to the front of the chair in order to try to close her thighs and bared pussy.

She tried moving her torso up and down, making her buttocks bounce on the seat, in an effort to get her skirt to slip from her waist down over her open cunt.

None of it worked. She was stuck. She was there. She was positioned just the way they wanted her to be positioned.

After Stan and Velma had finished fucking, they'd left the room. Ellen could hear them all eating and talking. The scent of food made her hungry, and she couldn't believe that she would think of eating at a time like this.

She wished they'd bring her something, though. The flood of Stan's sperm lay heavily in her belly, and the taste of it was strong and repulsive in her mouth.

Yes, she thought wryly, very repulsive. So repulsive you shuddered off to another orgasm instead of gagging it up, you slut!

She groaned inwardly. Images of Gram drifted across the backs of her eyes, scolding, shaming, and damning. She wanted to weep, but no tears would come. Instead, her pussy kept tingling and squeezing all along its length, as if it had awakened after its long sleep and tasted the joys of life again.

She heard someone coming into the room. She nearly turned her head to look and then caught herself just in time. She stiffened with suspense, because the person stopped at her revealed pussy, leering at it, getting all hot and stiff-cocked enough to fuck her again.

A kind of relief passed through her when she finally saw that it was Jay and not Stan. Or worse yet, Cy. He held a paper plate. There was a hamburger on it. Her mouth watered. To cover the fact, she asked, "Who is it?" Her mouth wouldn't water over something she couldn't see.

"Me, Jay," he said. He lifted his eyes from her pussy and grinned self-consciously until he remembered she couldn't see him gazing at her naked twat. "I brought you a hamburger. Do you want it? I-I thought you might be getting hungry, too."

He smiled, he had a nice smile. In the light, she could see a sensitive quality about his features that made him look even younger and more boyish than he was.

She debated not to act with him. He wasn't like the others. She didn't know what he was doing with them. He kept gazing at her naked pussy lips and the way the end of her right tit thrust from the tear in her dress, as if the sight of any pussy or tit was something new and exciting to him.

"I'd love it, Jay," she said finally, smiling back as much as she could. "That's sweet of you, it really is. It's comforting to know there's someone here who cares what happens to me."

He fairly flushed, which let her know that she'd chosen the right way to act with him.

"I can't eat it with my hands tied, though," Ellen said. "Will you help me untie them?"

He licked his lips and looked quickly at the doorway. "No, I can't do that!" he cried quietly. "My brother'd kill me!"

That answered a question or two. It explained why he was with them -- kid brother tagging along. It explained why Velma acted motherly toward him.

Ellen should have recognized the similarities, the slim builds, the long faces, the faint resemblance in voice quality. But the hugely differing mannerisms and personalities between Jay and Stan had bidden them.

"Then how am I going to eat, Jay?"

"I can hold it for you," he said, scooping the burger from the plate. He held it toward her mouth. "Here. Open up."

She did. He pushed a third of it into her mouth, the way he'd have eaten it. She bit down, and juice filled her mouth, blotting out the taste of his brother's sperm.

While she chewed on it, Jay stooped slightly, his gaze raptly glued to her spread thighs. His eyes moved up and down and around in little motions, taking in the whole of her auburn curls, the fleshy cunt lips, the pink slit between them, the little hood at the top of her cleft that hid her clit.

To her perfect astonishment and shame, she felt her cunt mouth twitch and suck under his gaze. She felt the silky tissues squeeze together and make a bead of cunt honey dribble from the wet folds and trickle slowly under her crotch to puddle in the puckered mouth of her asshole.

She heard him suck in his breath at the sight. She could just see the line of his cock grow thicker in his pants and the rod jerk slightly.

She stopped chewing. She felt electric tingles shoot through her belly and mate her nipples stiffen. God, if she came again, right in front of him while he watched, she'd die!

"M-More," she gasped, swallowing hard, trying to empty her mouth of the hunk of meat still in it.

He straightened up and gave her another third, watching her tit swell and her nipple fill and harden. His cock was fully erect in his pants now. She expected him to pull it out and do what his brother had done. Her mouth was so full, though, it would have been impossible.

He moaned softly, squeezing his thighs together. His free hand hovered over her naked tit. She could see it clearly. His fingers trembled hard. She stopped chewing and held her breath. Her betraying tit seemed to stretch outward toward his hand as if begging to be cupped and fondled.

"Oh, Mrs. Chidsey," he whispered.

"I guess you can call me Ellen, Jay," she said softly.


"What is it?"

"I-you're really beautiful, Ellen," he gasped, his fingers tracing the outline of her firm tit, just a fraction of an inch from the soft flesh.

"I think you're nice, too, Jay," she whispered.

Her pussy tunnel was squirming. She knew why. At one of the parties, there'd been a boy...

She searched her memory for his name and couldn't recall it. A shy boy, like Jay! She'd set her sights on him. She'd taunted him and teased him until his prick was ready to explode. Then she'd spread her naked thighs and had slipped her wet, young pussy down over his prick and had fucked him until he'd squealed with orgasm. It had been one of the most exciting times. It might even have been his swimming load that had made Tish come into being. She didn't even know.

That was the kind of wanton, shameful girl she'd been. The kind she couldn't bear the thought of Tish being.

Jay cupped her tit. His breath sucked into his lungs, and his fingers trembled so hard they made her flesh shake.

"Ohhhh, Ellen..." he whimpered.

"Jay," she gasped softly, unable to control the way her pussy lips fluttered, feeling absurdly adolescent again herself. "Jay, I'm thirsty now. Can you -- will you please get me some water?"

He didn't want to stop. His fingers squeezed and fondled. They explored the soft firmness of her breast. They marveled over the rubbery sweetness of her distended nipple.

Ellen held her breath. She didn't know what she was going to do when he got bold enough to fondle her helpless pussy, running his fingertips through the slippery, silken folds, sliding one into her vagina to explore her heated, oiled wetness.

Yes, she did. She knew. She would shame herself again. She would shudder hard and suck at his finger with her shameless pussy and come hard.

"Oh, Jay, please," she whispered.

He took his hand away. He reached far to the side to a table she'd seen before. His hand came back with a paper cup with Coke in it.

"Here," he said, his hand still shaking as he held it to her lips. The bubbles tickled her nose. The stuff seemed sickly sweet after all the years of not drinking any, but it was wet, and the request had distracted him. For a little while, anyway.

"I-I hope you didn't mind, Ellen," he said tremulously.

What was there to reply? Don't do it again? Don't touch my helpless pussy next?

"I-I liked it, Jay," she whispered, her manner conspiratorial and intimate. "You were gentle, very gentle and tender. A girl likes being treated gently and tenderly. You -- you know what Cy did to me. You were right there on the seat next to me."

"The big bastard!" Jay cried quietly, his voice emotional.

"He hurt me, Jay. Hurt me terribly. Don't ever treat a girl that way. Or the way your brother does."

"Yeah, God I saw him, Ellen -- him and Velma! God, I wanted to smash him!"

"Did you, Jay? You mean you didn't wish you were the one making me... do it?"

"Not that way, Ellen. I swear it! Not unless..."

"Unless the girl wanted to?"

"Yeah," he gasped, his breath harsh. "Unless she really wanted to su -- to do it." He paused, his own breath choking him. "Ellen, do you think... would you... ohhhhhh, God."

"More Coke, Jay," she said quickly.

He held the cup closely to her lips and watched her drink. She could feel his breath puffing against her face, could feel his eyes running over the slope of her bare tit and down her belly to the raised hem of the skirt.

She sensed that his prick was ready to spurt wildly inside his pants. She drank and drank, wishing her pussy would stop sucking and quaking. She nearly had to force herself not to come.

"Ohhhh, Ellen, I've got -- I want... ohhhhh, I'm going to..."

He was fairly panting. She'd drained the cup. It had been a huge cup. Her belly sloshed inside. There was no pretext left, no way to avoid it. And what would be the point in avoiding it, anyway. Stan's thick cock spurting and hosing into her throat hadn't been the last of what they were doing to her.

He gasped again and got directly in front of her, looking down at her open, shamelessly quivering pussy. He went to his knees. His expression was one of awe, something approaching reverence as he gazed upon her red, naked meat.

He put his hands on her upper thighs. His fingers trembled harder than ever. He couldn't catch his breath. She could see through the thin spot of the blindfold that his cock was leaking terribly, leaving a big dark stain on his pants.

She moaned inwardly. Better Jay than one of the others. Much, much better!

"Hey, ya dumb little shit. Ya gonna fuck it or just look at it?" Cy's wet tenor came, shattering the moment between them.

Jay whipped his head around. He glared at Cy with naked hatred. "You get out of here and leave her alone, you big ape!"

"Punk kid," he growled. "Get the fuck out of my way, or I'll heave your skinny body into the wall head first, like shooting a bow and arrow into a board."

He pushed on Jay's head and made him sit on his butt hard on the floor. "You don't shoot the bow, stupid! Anybody knows that!"

Cy unzipped his pants and hauled his fat, stubby cock out of the gap. He shook it at Jay, and Ellen whimpered inwardly at the sight of it, her pussy tunnel squeezing tightly and closing up.

"I oughta fuck this up your skinny asshole, you little shit," he snarled quietly, being sure Stan didn't hear the threat. "That'd take some of the snot out of your fuckin' nose. One day, kid, you and me's gonna get to it, and I'm gonna wipe my asshole with your face." He loomed over Jay with vicious threat. "Now get the fuck outa here while I fuck this cunt again. At least I know what to do with a cunt besides just look at it."

Jay's face was red with anger. He looked ready to spring from the floor, swinging wildly. But he thought better of it and scampered out of the room, nearly in tears. Ellen had the overwhelming feeling they were for her.

Cy turned toward her. It was all she could do to keep from screaming with terror at the sight of his broad, tree-trunk cock. He reached down and grabbed her cunt and shook it, jamming his finger as far into her body as he could.

"Oh, God!" she cried, unable to hold it back. "Don't let him fuck me!"

Cy laughed. "He ain't gonna stop me this time, baby. He's busy hookin' up the phone so's he can call your old man. I figure that's a swell time to get my cock up that tight pussy of yours again. But not in no fuckin' chair."

He bent down and worked at the knots at her ankles with his stubby fingers. She thought of kicking him in the face as soon as one leg was free. But when it was, she was dismayed with the deadness in it from the way her muscles were cramped. It wouldn't have fazed him anyway, she guessed.

He undid her other leg. She began to hope that he'd untie her hands. Then, maybe...

Instead, he scooped his hands under her ass and lifted straight up, grunting once; doing it was amazingly effortlessness. The chair back slid through the circle of her arms and left them dangling behind her back, still tied.

He set her on her feet and straightened up, grinning lewdly. Her skirt had fallen back over her thighs. He reached forward, gathering the torn part of her dress in his big paw.

"No, don't!" she cried.

He laughed and yanked down hard. The strong material tore into her flesh, wrenching her body violently before giving with a loud tearing sound.

"Ahhhhh, God, it hurts!" she cried, tears burning from her eyes shamelessly. The sleeves separated at the armholes, leaving two tubes of material over her arms. The rest of the dress went to the floor in tatters.

"Yeah, that's better," he grinned, running his pig-like eyes up and down her naked body. "Man, you're built for fuckin', baby," he said, snaking his arm about her waist and pulling her against his belly.

The folds of fat turned out to be mostly muscle. The stubby pole of his cock jutted into her belly like a stick of wood. His big hand cupped her whole ass and squeezed the cheeks together as if her butt were no bigger than a baby's.

He lifted her from the floor and carried her to the bed. He set her down and worked his pants off with one hand while holding onto her with the other.

"God, don't..." she cried, trying to pull away from him now that her legs were working a little again. "Ohhhh, please don't fuck me again!"

"Don't gimme that shit, baby. You gabbled it up in the car. No cunt ever squeezed around my prick like that before. You loved it."

"I hated it, you big asshole!" she screamed, startled by her language.

He burst out laughing, fondling her tits and ass, running the edge of his hand between her thighs and into her pussy slit, making the tissues burn with the friction.

"Listen to that Goddamn talk. Jus' like Stan says, by God. Phony bitch who loves big cocks and pretends she doesn't."

He chortled wetly and flung himself onto his back on the bed, pulling her with him, making her sprawl atop him, helplessly pinned by the big arms encircling her body.

The bed groaned and sagged as if it would collapse. She hoped it would. He kneed her thighs apart. No amount of kicking and squirming did any good.

She felt him reach between their bodies and tilt his cock up between her legs. The broad head caught in the pocket of flesh at the bottom of her pussy and nearly tore it before popping free and bumping over her asshole.

"Ahhhhhhh!" she cried, wrenching her hips, half-floating on his bulbous belly.

"Yaaaah, ya like it!" he crowed, squeezing her butt cheeks together again. "One touch of the big cock, and you shake all over. That's the way I like 'em!"

He moved his hips against the mattress, bringing them up again and again, making his cock probe and jab at her crotch.

"Oh, please, it burns! You're hurting me! Ahhhhh, my crotch -- it's bleeding! It's got to be bleeding!"

"It's just leakin', baby," he groaned. He lunged up again. His wide, fat cock-head centered at her vaginal mouth and tore inside, fucking deep.

"Eeeeee, God!" she screamed, her hips and ass shaking wildly.

"Shit, that's a tight cunt!" he groaned, mashing down on her ass with his hands, making her pussy surround his prick totally.

He began to fuck and pump. His broad prick reamed in and out of her hole. At least she was slippery this time. She clenched her teeth and grunted with each thrust.

Slippery, yes, from his wads of sperm before, from the way Velma had sucked on her pussy and made her come. From the way her shameless cunt had been twitching and leaking over the way Jay had been staring into it so shyly, so thrillingly.

Yes, thrillingly!

"Ahhhhh, God!" she moaned, gritting her teeth even harder, wishing his tits weren't so fleshy and yielding under her spiked nipples.

Her eyes popped open. She gasped. It was incredible! Her nipples were spiked, and her pussy was wet! And the blazing pain of his cunt stretching cock -- it was turning into something else, something unbelievable!

It might not have happened, if... If... If she hadn't come already and awakened her sleeping pussy. If Jay hadn't come in to feed her and fondle her so shyly and make her remember that boy.

If Cy hadn't pulled her ass-cheeks apart and teased her pulsing anus with the tip of his cock-sized finger before screwing it deep, deep into her ass.

"Abhhhh, no!" she cried, her head jerking up. "Ahhhh, not my ass! Ohhhhh, God!"

Her pussy went wild. Her whole bottom shuddered and quaked. The sensations were overwhelming. Shame and a sense of total perversion washed through her in pulsing waves.

"Fuck, baby, fuck! You love it! God, what a cunt! What a tight asshole! What a hot little bitch! Ahhhhh, shit, my cock's gonna explode!"

His big prick slid in and out of her hole, pumping up and down. He tossed her on his shaking belly, making her feel as if she were floating in mid-air.

His finger squirmed and screwed and twisted inside her asshole, sending shudders all through her body, making the shameful ending inevitable.

She gasped. She moaned. She felt her nipples boring into his chest, full of stiffness and shame and sensation she couldn't help.

She was aware of a voice coming faintly through the doorway, from a conversation in the other room. She didn't care about it. There was only one thing she cared about, and that was the awareness of her depravity right then.

Oh, Gram would be spinning in her grave right now! There was a cock bucking and churning up her foaming cunt and a stiff finger swirling around in her sucking, twisting ass, and she was loving it all! Loving it and hating it at the same time. Beating against his flabby chest with her shaking head and yet rolling her hips around like a common slut...

"Ohhhhh, don't make me... don't fuck me so... ohhhhhh, God, I'm going to come! You're making me come! Ahhhhhhgh!"

Her body whipped and churned. Her pussy sucked and pulled at the thick, nasty cock rammed into her all the way to her vaginal depths. The prick spewed and hosed and bucked inside her body, filling her perverted pussy until the sodden tissues squished.

She sobbed. Harsh, wracking hiccups tore at her chest with the demoralizing agony of what she'd done again.

She heard Stan's low, evil chuckle behind her. He stood and looked down at the way her spread-checked ass quivered and shook, the way her tight, spasming anal ring pulsed around the broad finger.

He looked at the way her pussy tips were mashed against her inner thighs by the broad, jamming stump of thick cock that stuffed her tiny cunt hole.

The ripe, red flesh quaked and shuddered. It glistened with juice and squished with sperm sputtering out around the fat cock and the stretched vaginal mouth.

She moaned again, shame filling her, knowing he was watching and yet unable to stop the way her body shook and heaved as she came and came.

"That was perfect timing, baby," he crowed. "Ol' Burkie heard it all."

Chapter SIX

It took a moment to figure out where she was and what was happening to her. She could hear birds chirping, but it was still dark. Her bladder ached. Her muscles were cramped.

Ellen tried to move, to roll over, but she found that her arms were tied out to the sides. Then she remembered it all. It was dark because of the blindfold. Yet, it must be daylight, or the birds wouldn't be singing.

She rolled her eyes, trying to see through the thin spot. She couldn't find it. The blindfold must have been repositioned sometime during the terrible night.

She lifted up as far as she could and determined that they'd untied her hands from behind her back and had spread-eagled her on the bed.

A cool wisp of air fanned over her body and let her know that she was still totally naked. The thought modified her. She felt her pussy lips try to close together.

The movement made the pressure in her belly more intense. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to call them in and be led to the bathroom.

They were leaving her alone. That was what mattered most. But she couldn't continue to hold it much longer. And if she just flooded the bed, they'd probably make her lie in it. There was no choice but to call one of them in.

She listened for a sound. Only country noises came to her. Were they all gone? Had they left her alone?

Desperately, she pulled and yanked at the ropes restraining her feet and hands. As before, she couldn't budge them. She whimpered softly from the effort and the frictional burns she was giving herself. She was reminded of stories she'd heard about how animals caught in steel-jawed traps would chew their foot off to free themselves. She understood the desperation now.

She heard a thud from the other room, then a chair scraping back along the floor. Footsteps -- a heavy tread.

Not Cy! She cried inwardly. Please don't let it be Cy!

She heard the low chuckle and didn't know whether to feel relieved or not. "Give it up, bitch," he grated, laughing at her. "You can't get free. Even if you did, where you gonna run to, huh? Gonna thumb a ride?" He laughed again. "You'd get as far as the first bank of bushes and then just get the shit fucked out of you again. But then we both know that'd suit you just fine, don't we, Mrs. Chidsey."

Ellen turned her head to the side with mounting shame. She wanted to scream at him that he was wrong, wrong, wrong! But how could she convince anyone of that -- even herself after the wanton, shuddering string of orgasms last night.

"Would you send Velma in, please," Ellen said finally.

"What for?"

"I-I need to see her for a moment."

"What for?"

"It's personal!"

"Personal!" he mocked. "Fancy that. You thinking maybe you can work on Velma a little and get her to set you free?" He laughed cruelly. "No way, baby. Velma's my girl. My own adoring cunt! She does everything I tell her to, because she knows what's good for her. Besides, she can't live without my big cock sticking her full of tingles and pleasure."

"Please, Stan?" she pleaded, feeling her belly ripple and her cunt lips quiver with the strain of holding back the flood.

"She ain't here. Anything you want, you tell me."

"Oh, God," she moaned softly, flushing all over.

Then it happened. She couldn't stop it. The pressure became too great. She felt her twat open up and spurt a quick, short stream between her thighs. It wasn't even a cupful, but it felt like a mortifying flood.

He cackled thickly. "Personal, huh?" he mimicked again. "Only a sophisticated phony would think having to piss was something personal. The whole world pisses, baby. What's so Goddamn personal about having to take a piss?"

"Oh, please!" she cried. "Let me up! Let me go to the bathroom!"

"Bathroom! What the fuck you think this is, the Holiday Inn?"

"Hurry!" she cried.

"You piss in the bushes like everybody else. At least, you would, if you weren't such a special, high-class guest. For you, we got a bucket."

"Oh, God," she moaned, beginning to pump her hips up and down and jitter all over. "Then bring it, quick!"

He laughed again. She heard him stoop at the foot of the bed and drag something metallic from under it. He worked at the ropes holding her feet. When they were free, she snapped her legs together and crossed them tightly, feeling her crotch getting wetter and wetter.

He undid the hand at the far side of the bed and then roughly swung her legs around so that they hung over the edge of the bed. She sat up, her fingers clutching the spread.

He yanked her legs apart and shoved the cold, hard bucket between her thighs. She visualized the big circle, the way her twat was spread wide, centered over it.

Her legs stiffened until her feet touched the floor. Her buttocks rested right on the edge of the bed, her twat free of it and thrusting forward.

She leaned back on stiff arms, her tits thrusting, her whole body nearly straight, making a forty-five degree angle with the bed. She'd never felt so lewd and shamelessly exposed in her life.

"Ohhhhh, I can't... I'm going to... oh, God!"

She jumped. She felt his fingers at the top of her cleft, spreading her pussy lips wide, making her urethral orifice totally exposed. His middle finger clicked her clit at the same time, sending shivers of sensation through her already stimulated pussy.

"Tickle, tickle," he said huskily, staring right at her open twat. "Come on, Mrs. Chidsey, and make your water, and I'll tickle your little pussy some more."

"Ohhhhh, you bastard! You demoralizing, rotten bastard!" she moaned harshly.

His finger flicked and flicked over the tented fold, making sensation blaze through her. There was no way she could keep from doing it, no matter how vulgar and deeply ashamed she felt.

Her belly rippled. She felt the muscles stretch and open. She felt the hot rush, the steaming stream.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried, tipping her head back, feeling her tits thrust hotly from her chest. It was nearly like having an orgasm. It felt that good to let it go.

The metallic sound of her gushing stream was devastating. It sprayed away the last bit of pride she had left.

"God, look at it," Stan grated huskily beside her.

His fingers swirled over her clit, making her stream wobble wildly and miss the bucket part of the time. She felt it spray against her leg, heard it spatter against the wooden floor as she overshot.

She was aware of his heavy breathing and the way his free hand gabbed at her tits and squeezed them hard and slid down her squeezing belly to her pussy, as if he were trying to push it out of her faster and harder.

Then she felt his iron-hard, blazing-hot prick punching into her buttock as he began sidling under her hips and pulling her butt up over his lap so that she would be sitting on him instead of the bed.

"Ahhhhhh, you perverted creep!" she cried, feeling his cock thrust upward between her ass-cheeks.

Her stream spurted and stopped and spurted again. She moaned and twisted her hips atop his thighs finally. She was able to lean back against his chest.

He brought his hands around to her pussy and held her cunt ups wide open. The head of his prick nosed into her cunt hole and choked off her stream for a moment, and then he began fucking her hard, thrusting and probing into her cunt while she continued to piss toward the bucket.

"God! Ohhhhh, God!" she cried, feeling nakedly obscene.

He watched over her shoulder, gasping and puffing, viewing the thrust of his solid meat into her open hole, seeing the hosing spurt from the top of her pussy at the same time, as if she were in the throes of constant ejaculation while he fucked her.

She tried not to watch it herself. She closed her eyes. She turned her head. She moaned again and again. But she watched, too, and her vaginal tunnel squeezed and shuddered wildly.

"Ahhhhhh, God, that turns me on!" he choked, lifting and fucking, making his fingers pinch and spread her lips alternately.

It was getting all over both of them. After a moment, she didn't care any more. She felt her breath catch in her throat, just as it was in his.

She didn't know how he could make her do anything more base than this. It was the bottom, the worst.

And it was so Goddamn thrilling she couldn't stand it!

"Eeeeeeaaaaaaagh!" she cried suddenly, the sound tearing from her lips.

Her whole body crushed together with powerful spasms. She sat atop his lap and felt her ass-cheeks clench at his root and her pussy muscles suck his cock all the way inside her.

She twisted and writhed, screwing her ass down against him, letting everything go. Her pussy sucked and gobbled at his prick and drew the boiling sperm right up through it.

"Yaaaaaagh!" he bellowed over her shoulder, watching the last forceful spurts come from her finger-spread pussy slit, driven through the air by her orgasmic spasms.

His hot, foaming load shot into her cunt, hosing up into the depths of her belly, swirling around, spurting out backwards, so that it seemed she was pissing sperm now.

The white syrup strung downward and splashed into the bucket. His cock fucked and fucked into her wet, draining pussy. She watched it all, and it wasn't enough.

"Ah! Ah!" she gasped, still shivering against his chest, her pussy sucking and pulling at his prick, begging for another load.

"You liked that, didn't you!" he grated.


"You're lying!"

"No... ohhhhhhh, God..."

He clamped his hands over her straining, full tits and rolled them all over her chest, pulling at the distended nipples, making sensation blaze through her hot body, her awakened body.

"You loved it, you dirty, foul slut! You loved the double thrill of pissing and coming at the same time, don't lie to me!"

"God, it was awful!"

"Then why is your hot cunt still sucking at my cock?" he grated, cackling evilly, pulling at her tits and swirling his fingers over her wet clit.

"It's not! It's not!" she cried, shaking her head wildly, her voice harsh and husky, the sound of it not even deceiving her any more.

"You phony bitch, you can't lie to me. We're two of a kind, baby. Two hot fuckers! You want another trip to the moon so bad you can't stand it. Admit it!"

"Ahhhhhh, no!" she cried.

Deny, deny! You're good at denying! You've practiced denying how good it feels for sixteen years! She thought.

"No-o-o, I hate it!" she moaned. "Take it out! Don't make me come any more! I don't want to come any more!"

"Bullshit, baby," he grated.

He cupped his hands under her ass. He lifted. She felt her clutching, clasping pussy suck tightly around his slippery shaft. She moaned with each inch of withdrawal, everything about her body betraying her words.

His prick popped from her cunt. She felt her vaginal mouth spasm wildly, wanting it back inside her.

She got it, but not the way she'd expected.

"AAAAAGH! NO!" she yelled throatily.

Her body shot stiffly erect. Her legs sprang horizontally from her position on his lap. Her tits thrust outward from her chest, the nipples popping from the pointed ends as if they were two red corks ready to be fired across the room.

Her spine was nearly ram-rod straight, and her head felt as if it would fly straight up to the ceiling. Her eyes bulged, and her mouth fell wide open.

Her cunt spasmed and pulsed, rapidly opening and closing; the red mouth winking like a neon sign garishly proclaiming: This is the place! This is the place!

"Yaaaaaah, no-o-o!" she squealed again, her buttocks shuddering as the slippery poker of his prick burned between them and seared into the tight, tiny, screaming pucker of her asshole.

"Right up your hot, slutty ass, you phony bitch!" he grated, gasping and humping upward with his hips.

He slipped his hand around the sides of her hips and curled his fingers around her cunt. He pulled her ass downward, forcing the tight anal ring to stretch around the spearing mushroom of his cunt-slick cock-head.

Ellen couldn't even scream any more. Her breath was stuck in her throat. She felt her anus stretching and burning, opening up to the lancing shaft.

After sixteen years, it had shrunk. She remembered the last prick she'd let be fucked up her asshole. She couldn't remember the boy, but she suddenly remembered the way his prick had felt.

It had driven her wild. Her asshole had sucked and gobbled at the hard shaft. She had shaken her head from side to side and babbled for more, and there had been another hard prick in her mouth suddenly.

Maybe that was why her tongue was thrusting in and out of her pursed lips right now. The red, silky surfaces tingled with the rapid fucking of her tongue between them. Since there wasn't another prick to suck on, her tongue would have to do.

She felt her anal ring pop suddenly, and she knew that the wide part of his cock-head had entered her ass. Then she felt the rippling sensation of the veins and bumps along the bottom of his shaft as it sank deeper and deeper up her ass.

"Ahhhhhh!" she cried shakily, her hips tossing.

It was happening. She was suddenly aware of the way her asshole muscle was pulsing and drawing inward, helping him fuck her!

"Yeah, ohhhhhh, yeah!" he gasped heatedly in her ear. "You like that, don't you, baby. I knew you would. I knew what a hot bitch you were. Suck it up your ass, you cheap whore!"

"Oh, don't -- don't!" she gasped. "Don't fuck my ass! It hurts! It's been so... Ohhhhhh, fuck my pussy instead! Anything!"

"Been a long time, huh, baby?" he cackled, running his fingertips up and down her slippery, quivering cunt slit.

"I didn't say that!" she denied vehemently, moaning again.

"Christ, you're something else! Who are you trying to hide from, huh? Me?" He laughed harshly, scornfully. "We settled that last night when you sucked my cock, Mrs. Chidsey. You can't hide from somebody who can see right through you. You hiding from Burke? Poor ol' Burkie? Have you been cheating him just to show him you aren't the hot-twatted two-dollar whore we both know you are? The poor bastard! Have you been doing that to him?"

"Ahhhhh!" she cried, feeling his prick draw down and then lunge up between her cheeks until his shaft was fucked into her butt all the way.

"Have you!" he growled, doing it again and again.

"Yes!" she cried suddenly, the sound tearing from her throat.

"You've been hiding your hot cunt and your steaming asshole from him? And from yourself?"

"Yes, yes! Yes!" she sobbed, taking thrust after hard, deep thrust into her bottom.

He swirled his fingers over her clit. He massaged her bloated, dripping pussy lips at the same time, nearly tearing them from her twat. He rimmed her pussy hole hard and fucked his finger into her cunt so that she could feel what it would be like to have two pricks fucking her holes at once.

She couldn't believe that she'd admitted it. Had he lashed her with whips and beaten her with sticks, she wouldn't have. But he was fucking her with his rotten, slimy, spewing prick, the hard shaft that was more forceful than a hundred sticks and whips.

She had to admit it.

Because she couldn't deny it to herself any more!

"You love fucking, don't you!"

"Yes! Ohhhhhhh, YES! I LOVE FUCKING!"

His prick thrust into her asshole. She felt it bucking and throbbing. She felt it stretching for her depths. She felt the shudders that came from her as her anal ring squeezed and sucked and went utterly wild around the hard, filling shaft.

She felt the steaming rush of sperm, heard his gurgling growl of orgasm, felt him lift and shake, and then she was done for.

Her whole body seemed to open up and accept the truth.

Her asshole went soft and wide for a moment, just enough to let his prick gain its final fraction of an inch. Her cunt tunnel fanned a wide, silken cavern. Her pussy lips filled to bursting and spread open as far as they could to let air and finger and whatever else wanted haven there into her vaginal cave.

Her mouth opened. Even her throat seemed to make a soft, undulating tube just meant for milking sperm from a hot prick. Her tits swelled to bursting, and her hard nipples felt as if they wanted to spurt something sweet and warm.

She paused that way for an eternity, it seemed. Even her heart stopped for that incredible moment.

And then everything crushed together at once, squeezing tightly, entering into one violent spasm after the other, until she was a lolling, rocking blob on his lap, a being of oiled silk that drew and drank and took in.

A great draught of air filled her lungs. She let it out. It emptied from her body the way the torrent of cunt honey flowed from her shaking vagina, hot and slippery, coming as sound instead of sweet fluid.

"Eeeeeeeaaaaahgh!" she sang, her open throat making the tone pure and clean. "I'm coming! Cominnnnng!"

He should have caressed her. He should have kissed her and loved her and made soothing, sweet sounds. That's what Burke would have done.

But Stan didn't. He wasn't Burke. He was an animal. He was like all the boys before. He was interested only in using her.

Maybe that was what Gram had been trying to tell her after all -- not that fucking was bad. But that being a cunt was bad.

Stan cackled evilly, triumphantly. He scooped his hands under her ass. He lifted hard and sucked her asshole from around his prick, making her butt let a farting pop of wetness.

He didn't even hold her poised over his lap. He dumped her to the side, as if throwing her away now that he was finished with her. He did it with a sense of scorn and revulsion, as if her body was of no more value than a filled rubber -- somebody else's.

The moment of supreme joy she had felt at the instant of truth about herself vanished completely and harshly. She sprawled on her side on the bed, her arm twisting painfully under her body because the hand was still constrained by its rope to the bed.

"Phony cunt!" he growled loudly.

She sobbed. She clutched the bedding between her fingers and rumpled it toward her face and sobbed with wracking hiccups.

"You vile animal..." she whimpered.

He hadn't heard. He'd left the bed. He was standing by the window. He looked through it intently while he used her torn dress to wipe his slimy prick. Then he stuffed the abusing, bruising tool back into his pants and swore.

"Dumb twat!"

Ellen squeezed her eyes shut. She waited, for more. It didn't come. He left the room hurriedly, closing the door behind him, and she realized suddenly that he hadn't even directed the comment toward her.

She lifted her head. That was when she heard the sound of a car outside. A brake drum squeaked. The engine died. The front door of the house opened and closed, and she heard Stan clumping down the wooden steps.

Ellen listened hard for a moment and heard their voices, male and female, too muffled and soft to be understood. Then she made a sudden discovery.

Her left hand was free!

Quickly, she lowered the blindfold, her heart pounding. She saw the room, bare and stark. She whimpered when she saw the complicated knots in the rope binding her other hand.

She worked at them frantically, her fingers scrabbling and uncoordinated because she was right-handed. The voices outside grew louder.

She gasped and stared at the window. She strained all she could to see through it but they were out of sight. She heard them coming up the steps.

Knowing she couldn't possibly free herself in time and knowing the chance for escape right now was nil, even if she did get free, she pulled the blindfold back up over her eyes, adjusting it quickly so that she could see through the thin spot again. Then she flung herself on her back on the bed with her arms and legs outstretched as if they were tied again, and she waited.

The door opened and closed. She heard them in the other room. Stan was loud. He was merciless. The girl had to be Velma, of course. She'd done something wrong.

In a moment, she would whimper and cower and take all his abuse. If he commanded, she would open her mouth and suck his cock. She would spread her legs and let him fuck her with his finger or his prick or a broom handle or anything he wanted to fuck her with, and she would lie there and have an orgasm.

Because Velma was a cunt!

A thing to be used, just as Ellen had let herself be used when she was a young girl.

She had been used by Stan and Cy and even Velma, but she hadn't been able to help that. It hadn't been voluntary, and there was a difference. A big difference!

That was what Gram had been trying to tell her! Not that she shouldn't fuck, but that she shouldn't be fucked!

She sucked in her breath and blinked against her dark world. Excitement coursed through her body, as if she'd just discovered the key to a fabulous treasure.

It was so simple, so incredibly plain now! God, why hadn't she seen that simple truth years and years ago!

Tish -- she had to tell Tish the simple truth. She had to make her daughter understand before it was too late for her, too. God, she had to get out of here and tell Tish!

Ellen's mind raced. Was Tish already a cunt? A stupid, for-fucking-only cunt? Had she even been cherried yet?

Ellen thought back and knew that had to be a stupid question. There'd been those two crummy-looking kids Burke had run off. There'd been others before them, and probably others after them that Tish hadn't let them know about, just the way Ellen hadn't let Gram know about any but the first two or three.

No, it was very likely that Tish had been fucked. Been fucked -- used, like a dumb little twat.

There was another side to it Ellen had just learned. You could be used without wanting to be -- by force. Even by forces more subtle than ropes and blindfolds and pain. It depended on the man.

Thinking back on her own girlhood, Ellen could see that she'd been fucked by boys who were prone to be users, fuckers of cunts. Animals, like Stan. Like the boys Tish had had hanging around.

It came to her with great, sudden clarity that Burke was not such a man. He had never tried to use her, and yet she had reacted to him as if he were the same as the others.

She had held herself back from him and not given to him for fear that he would be another animal. But Burke had been as different from them as... as Jay from Stan, or Jay from Cy. Jay could have used her too, but he hadn't.

"Oh, God, Burke," she moaned softly. "I'm sorry, darling. I'm so sorry! I'll make it up to you, Burke, I swear I will!"

She pulled at her remaining rope ineffectually and then rolled over to work at the knot again. She became aware of the sounds from the other room and stopped.

"...you listen! I came out because I think I have a right to know just what the hell you're doing! Why did you kidnap her, for God's sake! Why didn't you take the jewels the way everything had already been planned?"

Ellen froze, her head turned, listening. That wasn't Velma!

"Hey, baby, for money," Stan said soothingly. "For lots of bread, that's why. Shit, by the time we took the beating from the fence, we wouldn't have crap left over. This way, we get it all, see? C'mon, baby, trust me for once. Shit, she walked right into it! What'd you want me to do, have her escort me into the Goddamn place? She might wonder where I got the key from, don't you think?"

The woman's voice was calmer. "I just don't like it, Stan. It's too much like the last time, three years ago, when you went off on your own with big ideas. I should never have let you talk me into this."

"Aw, baby, that's no way to talk. After what we've been to each other?"

The woman chuckled softly. "Come on, you big stud, cut that out. I've had a long, hard night. I don't think I could get a wet pussy again for a week. Ohhhhh, Stan, come on, stop, honey."

Ellen's ears strained. That voice... low and silky... it was familiar. So familiar!

"I can't stop, baby, you know that. Just looking at that tight little ass makes my cock hard. When I touch it like this -- oh, Christ, feel what happens, baby. Feel my cock get hard for you!"

"Stan, I can't -- not even if you paid me for it..."

"I am paying you, baby. Fifty big ones! Half and half, just the way we always did it."

"What about the others?"

"Fuck 'em," Stan grated. "Jay'll think a hundred bucks is great all at once. Cy's gonna be happy I don't feed him some hot lead."

"And Velma?" she asked pointedly.

"Ah! Piss on her. She's just a cunt." There was a moment of silence. "God, come on, baby, a quick one. A hot one! Remember how we couldn't wait to fuck back when we had that beach place? Like that, baby, hot and hard and wet!"

"Where are they now?" she moaned heatedly. "I don't want any jealousy until this is all over."

"In town. Don't worry about Velma. She's a cow. Cows don't get jealous."

"I do," she gasped, moaning again. "You've been fucking his wife and Velma."

"So what? Didn't you just say you'd spent all night fucking the horny bastard to a standstill? You trying to make me believe ol' Burkie's prick is the only one that's been slipping in and out of your hot pussy all week, is that it?"

"Mmmm, of course, darling," she chuckled throatily. "What do you think I am, one of your two-dollar whores, like her?"

"Christ, not to me, baby," he rasped huskily. "That silky, sweet pussy's worth a million to me!"

"Which pussy, Stan? Hers?"

"This one, baby. This slippery-lipped gash right here."

"Ohhhhhh, God..." she gasped breathlessly. "I don't know why you turn me on like this! My cunt's sopping inside already! And you're just an animal! A low-class, no-good, rotten -- ahhhbhh, God! Deeper, you bastard! Fuck it deeper!"

"Christ! Oh, Christ, what a sweet, hot cunt!" he squealed.

"Ohhhhh, your prick's like a flaming rod fucking into me! Oh, Stan, harder! Pump! Fuck! God, yes! Like that! Qhhhhh, you know how! You always knew how!"

"Baby, baby!" he gasped. "What a pussy! It's the best, I swear it is! All the rest are lined with sandpaper! God, let's not break up any more, baby! We'll take all the dough and run! I can't live without this sweet, silky cunt any more!"

"Yes! Yes!" she gasped, the words ripped from her lips by his hard, driving thrusts into her steaming twat. "Ohhhhh, harder, you fucker! We're not apart now! I'm right under your plunging prick! Ahhhhh, God, I'm going to come! I can't believe it! All night, fucking, and I'm going to come again!"

"Baby! Baby! Me too! Christ, you're sucking it right up my jerking prick!"

"Stan! Fuck me! Ohhhhh, fuck me! I'm... God, I'm going to come! Yes! Yes, now! Ahhhhhhhgh!"

"Baby! Me too! I'm gonna blast your wet cunt full! Ahhhh, shit! Here it comes! Now! Yaaaaaagh, Wanda!"

Ellen froze. She sucked in her breath. She felt as if she'd been smacked in the face with an icy fish. She knew now why the voice had sounded so familiar, and all the loose pieces began coming together in her mind with a rush.

She listened to their moans rise and shudder with orgasm and then fall. Her pussy twitched and burned deep inside as she closed her eyes for a moment and imagined it.

Not them!

Burke's hard, throbbing prick, spewing and hosing and splashing into the first hot, gripping, silky-wet pussy he'd had in seven long years.

The kind of pussy she had denied him...

Chapter SEVEN

Another car drove into the yard, the engine sounding very powerful and fast. Ellen heard Stan and Wanda talk rapidly, as if trying to get their clothing back on in a big rush.

Ellen strained up from the bed and saw the car rock past the window on the uneven ground. Cy drove it. There was a big grin on his face, a look of self-satisfaction.

Jay was by the other door, and Velma was squeezed in between, hunkered over toward Jay as far as she could get so that she wouldn't even have to touch Cy.

Cy honked the horn, gunned the engine, and cut it. Ellen heard Jay's voice drift through the window as he got out.

"Whose car is that?"

"It's hers!" Velma said bitterly. "Damn her, why did she have to show up again after three years!"

Cy slammed his door. "Aw, cut yer bitchin'," he said, standing right under Ellen's window. She could just see the top of his head. "Look, baby, don't go raisin' hell now. Wait'll it's over. And remember, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't of had this job."

"I don't give a damn about the job," Velma whispered, her tone still rancorous. "I just want Stan!"

"Yeah, well, sometimes ya gotta face it, baby," Cy said, his voice soothing and yet somehow full of lust. "Just remember who's waitin' for ya if Stan gives you the heave. You and me, baby. We could do all right together. I got a talent for snitchin' cars, don't I? Ain't this bomb a beaut? Nobody's gonna grab us after we get the money. What do you need him for, anyway, when you got me?"

"God, don't touch me!" Velma cried. "You squeeze my ass again, and I'm telling Stan!"

"Hey, what's going on?" Jay inquired, moving in closer.

"Fuck off, skinny!"

The front door banged shut, and steps clumped down the stairs.

"Hey, man, how's this one for a real bomb?" Cy asked proudly. "Better'n that little shit we had last night, huh, Stan?"

"She's in there, isn't she?" Velma demanded at nearly the same time, her jealousy totally undisguised.

"Yeah. Cy, it's great," Stan said.

"Everything's set, Stan," Jay's voice came, a thread of excitement running through it. "Are you going to call him again and tell him where to leave the money?"

"Why doesn't she come out? Is she afraid I'll see it running down her legs?"

"Later, Jay. I'm gonna call him later. I want to do this at night, when it's dark. The place I got picked, we can see better if he's got cops tailing him."

"You've been fucking her, you bastard!" There was a moment of silence. Ellen could visualize Stan's glare. "Goddamn it, you mouthy cunt, dry up!"

"Don't deny it! Your prick's leaking! I see the spot!"

"Shit, baby, that's from being hot for your twat all the time you were out of my sight. Now, shut up!"

To Ellen's astonishment, Velma didn't shut up. She found herself practically cheering.

"Why doesn't she come out? Why's she hiding? What's the black-haired bitch doing out here, anyway? Why don't you kick her ass for disobeying orders? You'd kick Jay's or Cy's or mine! But when she disobeys, you fuck her ass!"

There was a low snarl, then a smart slap, and a cry of pain. Velma sobbed softly beneath the window. The front door closed again, with a lighter touch.

"You certainly haven't taught her any manners, darling," Wanda's silky, throaty voice came.

"You bitch! Why didn't you stay gone!" There was another slap, but Velma didn't make a sound this time.

"I'll be getting back," Wanda said quietly.

"No. Stay here."

"How will we know if Burke's playing it straight, unless I go back and... keep him company."

"You've fucked him enough. Besides, you know how I get right at the crunch. I gotta fuck and fuck."

"That's what you got Velma for, darling."

"Shit!" Stan snarled with disgust. "It's like doing push-ups over a foxhole. Did I ever tell you you've got a big cunt, bitch?" he growled at Velma. "Goddamn near as big as your mouth? You musta been fuckin' Cy on the side, or it wouldn't be so stretched!"

"You rotten bas..." Velma started. The words were slapped away from her mouth again.

"She's all yours, ape man," Stan grated to Cy. "Don't drown when you fuck her."

"Don't touch me!" Velma cried, obviously darting away from Cy's ready paw. She ran rapidly up the steps and banged into the house, where Ellen heard her finally break into harsh sobs.

"I'd better get back, Stan," Wanda said again.

"He'll play it straight. I told him I'd snatch that young twat of a daughter next, if he didn't." There was an evil grin in his voice that made Ellen shiver with fear. "I haven't had a piece of tight young cunt wrapped around my cock in a long time. Maybe we should snatch her anyway, huh?"

"God, Stan, you never learn, do you. All right, I'll stay. Just to make sure you don't do something damn foolish like that."

"That's my baby," he chuckled. Then, more harshly, "What the fuck you standing around gawking at, you little prick? Go check on our guest, or something."

"Sure, Stan, sure," Jay said weakly, cowering from the threat of a slapping.

"Let's drive, Cy."

"Aw, I wanna go fuck her, Stan," Cy wheedled. "Later, Goddamn it! Let's drive! I want to be sure this heap won't drop its balls on the highway or something."

The doors slammed. The big engine belched and barked, and they drove off. Jay came into the house. Ellen heard him talking soothingly to Velma, who was still sobbing. Then he came into the room.

She lay on the bed on her back, arms and legs spread, pretending to be tied. She saw him stand there and stare at her open pussy and her naked tits.

He sucked in his breath, his eyes going over her body again and again. He licked his lips. She could just see through the thin spot that his prick was stretching in his pants.

"Who's there?" she asked, putting fear in her voice.

"It's just me, Mrs. -- Ellen," he said. "I... oh, gosh, I..."

He came around the foot of the bed. He didn't take his eyes from her spread pussy. She could feel her cunt lips begin to bloat in a betraying way.

He stood by the side of the bed in silence. He moved a little closer. He kicked the bucket with his toe and looked at it, seeing it for the first time.

"What..." he started, then blushed, figuring it out, feeling embarrassed for her.

"Oh, Jay, what's happening? What's going to become of me? Please tell me, Jay. I-I heard arguing outside. Are they -- is Stan... going to -- to kill me? Is he? Oh, tell me, Jay!" She sobbed once, a frightened sound that she saw got to him.

"Boy, he'd better not! I'll kill him right back, Ellen. I swear I will!"

"Oh, Jay, you're sweet! A good boy! What are you doing hanging around with them, Jay? Why!"

He licked his lips again. "I... well, Stan's my brother!" he said, as if that explained it.

"You're not like him. Not at all! Are you trying to be? Do you want to be the kind of man who ties up helpless women and rapes them? Do you want to be the kind who slaps girls like Velma and beats them and is cruel to them? Is that why you're hanging around with him?"

"You shouldn't be talking like that, Ellen," he whined.

"He kidnapped me, Jay. He's talking about kidnapping my daughter next. That's big trouble, Jay. You know he'll get caught. They always do. And you'll be just as guilty, Jay -- and for nothing."

He licked his lips again, watching her tits jiggle and move as she talked, his hand reaching for them tentatively.

"What do you men, for nothing?" he asked suspiciously.

"I heard him and Wanda talking, Jay. They're planning on taking all the money, leaving Cy and Velma out completely. He said you'd be happy with a hundred dollars of it."

"Naw! My brother never said anything like that!"

"Why would I lie?"

"To try some trick! To get me to untie you or something!" he cried, sounding afraid.

Ellen nibbled her lower lip. It was now or never.

Ellen sat up, swung her legs over the side of the bed, slipped her blindfold off, and looked directly at him, both hands on the bed so that she sat perfectly naked and exposed for him.

"I'm already untied, Jay," she said softly.

He gawked, his eyes bulging. His mouth moved.

"Holy shit!" he blurted finally, looking as if he ought to call someone.

"I didn't have to talk to you just now. I could have gone on pretending until the time was right and then removed this last rope. But I couldn't leave without telling you the truth, Jay. It's not too late for you. You can help me get away. Then you and Velma -- you can go far, far away. I'll help you to, Jay."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Safety and money. That's a promise. If Stan lets me go, then I'll have to help the police all I can, and I can help them plenty now. I'll have to include you, Jay. You and Velma! If Stan finds out how much, then he'll have to kill me. Then it'll be murder, Jay, and they'll never stop looking for you -- never. At your age, that's a whole lifetime. Help me, and I'll help you. I swear it."

His eyes wavered all over. "Oh, crap..." he moaned.

"How long will they be gone, Jay?" she asked, reaching out and touching his hand.

"I-I don't know. Maybe an hour or longer. Stan really checks a car out. He says you gotta have good wheels, or you might as well try outrunning them on crutches."

"Then... then there's time, Jay," she said softly, lifting his hand toward her.

She slowly but firmly placed his hand over her tit, making sure the fingers wrapped around it and cupped it just right. She thrust her chest out to help him, then took her hand from his, all the while looking straight into his eyes and holding his gaze.

"Ellen..." he breathed softly.

"Remember last night, Jay? The way you touched my tit? I liked it. I told you then I liked it. I didn't lie. I'm not lying now. We had something between us, Jay, before Cy came and ruined it. There's time now. I want you to feel my tit all you want to."

"Ohhhhh..." he moaned.

She spread her thighs slowly, watching his eyes drop to the succulent vee that was bloating far more than it should have.

"Would you... oh, Jay... would you like to fuck me?"

"Holy crap..." He breathed, his cock jerking in his pants. "You know it!"

"Then -- then I want you to, Jay. I don't want you to rape me. I don't want you to do it the way Stan and Cy do it. I want you to know the difference. I want you to feel what it's like when a woman wants your young, hard prick inside her pussy. Before it's too late, Jay!"

"Ohhhhh, God," he groaned, his cock tenting the front of his pants with an impossibly hard erection.

She reached for his buckle and undid it. He looked down his belly and watched her fingers with disbelief. She unzipped his fly, astonished with the way her pussy was squirming and sucking inside, as if terribly eager to feel the thrust of his hardness inside her.

Then she knew that it was more than a clever plan any more. It had passed beyond that. She did want his young prick inside her, fucking her and spurting warmly into her.

In a sense, it would be a chance to go back and pick up where she'd so ignorantly left off. In another sense it would be a chance to practice after sixteen years of holding back, so that it would come out right the first time with Burke.

Ahhhh, Burke. Her wonderful, patient, kind husband! How he deserved a good fuck! Not just a hot one, a slippery-cunted one, like Wanda's, but a good one.

And in still another sense, it was for Tish -- to assure herself that she had the capability to convey the truth to her daughter. If it would work with him, then she would feel more confident with Tish.

That was why she slipped her slim fingers into the gap of his fly and released his straining, throbbing prick. That was why she undid the catch and let his pants slide down his slim young hips.

She worked his briefs down, too, doing the best she could with her one hand, until he helped her. Then she stared at his rising, pulsing prick straining directly toward her face, and she knew that there would be something else in this for her.

A reawakening of the capacity to give! Not like a cunt. Not as before, but in the way she should have been giving.

She didn't have to aim his prick. It was pointed in the right direction. All she had to do was bring it closer. She wrapped her free hand around his naked ass-cheek and urged gently, and it came forward, and she parted her soft lips to receive it.

"Ahhhhh, God!" Jay gasped, sucking in his breath until it seemed his lungs would burst. His prick throbbed and jerked. His fingers tightened around the cone he was cupping until Ellen's nipple seemed to pop from the pointed end.

Ellen looked upward at him. Their eyes met. She smiled as much as she could with her lips but let him see it with her eyes, and then she dug her nails into his ass-cheek gently and slipped her mouth fully down over his prick.

She closed her eyes. She moaned. She felt the youthful surge of his hard cock into her mouth. She felt the vibrant throb of life rushing through his veins and making the shaft pound between her sucking lips.

She moaned again. She put her tongue up against the bottom of his shaft and pressured, sucking hard.

"Ohhhhh, shit... Ellen, Ellen..." Jay whimpered.

His balls lifted up and down. His root swelled between her lips and pulsed. His spongy, velvety glans stretched for the back of her throat and began leaking already.

She could feel him gazing down at the top of her head, watching her lips wrap around his stiff prick and suck inward. He could see his cock disappearing into her mouth with soft slide after slide through her silky lips.

He put both his hands on her tits, rolling them gently and fondling them as she sucked him and made him gasp and his belly quiver. His naked ass-cheeks quivered under her hand and clenched and relaxed rhythmically.

"Ohhhhh, crap, suck it, baby, suck it!" he gasped suddenly.

Ellen stopped. She pulled her mouth from his flaming rod with a quick, tooth-scraping motion that left him gasping with shock.

She looked at him. "You sounded like Stan just then, Jay," she said quietly but firmly. "You don't ever want to sound like Stan or act like him."

"Ah! Ahhhhhh! All right, all right!" he cried. "I'm sorry, Ellen, I'm sorry!"

"Shall we try again, Jay?"

"Ohhhhh, yes! Please!"

She licked out with her tongue. She washed it all over the pulsing glans, making his shaft bob and weave and flare outward, ever longer, ever stiffer.

She opened her mouth and sucked him into it again, drawing hard, making her head bob back and forth. Jay moaned with bliss and terrible relief and lipped his head back.

"Ohhhhh, that's so good, Ellen!" he gasped. "I love it! I've never felt anything like it in my whole life! God, I think I even love you! You're kind, not like the girls Stan gets. Except Velma. She's really a kind girl, Ellen. I like her, too. Ohhhhh, what are you doing! Qhhhhh, God!"

She was sucking. She was drawing. She was pulling at the blazing shaft and head of his prick. Something had taken over within her. She felt it happen, as if something had clicked.

It was a good prick. A strong, youthful prick! It wasn't a jamming, ramming, raping prick. He moved gently, as if worried about gagging it down her throat, hurting her with it.

It was the way Burke's prick would be. She moaned and squeezed her eyes tightly, imagining that she was sucking on Burke's prick. That's what Stan had told her to do last night. She was doing it now.

She bobbed her head back and forth. Her lips compressed and relaxed around the shaft. She felt the soft head sliding around in her mouth, the way her tongue washed and rolled over it.

Her head twisted and screwed around the blazing shaft. She went into a kind of frenzy and felt her whole body open up -- her throat and her wet, watering pussy.

She found herself sucking not just at his prick but at something behind his prick -- some vague, indefinable something she couldn't quite make out.

It was nearly taking shape. The harder she sucked, the clearer it became, without ever really coming into sharp enough focus for her to identify it.

Wet sounds came to her ears. She knew saliva was coated all up and down his shaft, that it was smeared over her chin and nose, and that the wet sounds filling the room were coming from her frantically sucking mouth and lips.

She heard a distant, thin kind of squeal, felt her tits squeezed nearly to the point of pain by his strong fingers. She felt the tremble in his taut ass-cheeks and the way his prick throbbed and bucked inside her mouth.

The vague form was taking shape. She sucked harder, more wildly. She felt a sudden sense of total abandon, a new feeling, yet a very old one, better now than before.

"Ellen! Ellen! Ohhhhh, I can't stop! I'm going to do it, Ellen! Ohhhhh, you don't have to... let me take it out and fuck... ohhhh, I can't stop!"

Harder and harder, with frenzy, she sucked and sucked and pulled and washed her tongue around his thrusting, stretching, bolting shaft. She wanted it! She could nearly see the shape! It was right there before her mind's eye.


Jay squealed loudly. His cock pulsed and hosed, flooding her mouth, her throat, his sperm collecting under her tongue and in the hollow of her lower lip and washing about her teeth like a hot, syrupy gargle.

Ellen whimpered and drew, drinking from his founting prick, still reaching for the elusive something that seemed to be toying with her and taunting her, nearly coming into focus and then slipping out quickly again.

She sucked and drew and drank and went wild, reaching until all of his shaft was in her mouth and entered into her throat, the young, pulsing end hosing and spurting still, her lips nibbling at the springy pubes.

He jittered all over, and she felt him pushing at her head gently. He whimpered all the while. The shape-thing vanished. She would not be able to catch it now.

She slipped her lips from his prick. Sperm coated his cock. It dripped from her chin. Her throat was syrupy with it.

"Ohhhhh, Ellen!" Jay cried softly. "God, I love you! Ohhhhh! That was wonderful. Wonderful!"

He cupped the back of her head, pressing her face against his throbbing belly. She felt sperm ooze from his cock-head against the side of her neck and run over her shoulder.

"Ohhhhh, tell me what I can do for you, Ellen!" he gasped. "I want to do something in return. Anything! Do you understand?"

She looked up at him. She lifted her hand and caressed the side of his face. She smiled warmly and enigmatically at the same time.

"I understand, Jay," she said gently. "But now, what's more important, you understand."

He dropped to his knees beside the bed, fitting himself between her thighs, wrapping his arms around her hips and nuzzling his head into her lap and belly.

"What can I do?" he repeated softly.

"Untie me, Jay. Get out of this mess. Find yourself a girl and live happily, giving to each other, instead of taking. Be loving, instead of cruel."

He lifted his head and looked up between her full tits into her face. "You mean like Velma?" he asked.

Ellen recoiled inwardly at first. But then she reconsidered. Perhaps Velma had learned after all. Perhaps, with Jay's help, she would come to really know.

"Yes, Jay, a girl like Velma. Oh, untie me so that I can wrap both my arms about you and hold you close to me while you fuck me!"

"Fuck you!" he gasped, his prick jerking against her leg.

"You said you wanted to. I want you to. I want both of us to know what it's like," she moaned.

"Both of us?" he queried.

"Never mind. Untie me," she cried quickly. "Oh, hurry!"

He worked at the knot. When he couldn't get anywhere with it either, he fumbled into his pants pocket and brought forth a pocket-knife and cut the rope.

Ellen held out her arms. She could have kneed him in the balls and made her run, but she knew that would destroy everything. Besides, she wanted him in her and against her. She wanted to know what it was going to be like with Burke.

Jay moved up onto the bed. Ellen lay back, spreading her thighs, opening her bloated, syrupy pussy lips to his rapt gaze.

He looked. He reached out and touched her wet flesh, feeling the softness of her twat folds, the incredible silkiness of them. Ellen couldn't help the way her vaginal muscles quaked and sucked inward, the way her tits swelled upward on her chest.

He acted as if it were the first pussy he'd ever seen up close, or was able to touch, was about to fuck. He acted like a virgin, but she wasn't going to embarrass him with the question.

Her hips lifted. She spread her thighs as far as they would go, letting him drink his fill of the sight of her open, red, silky pussy mouth, letting him look up the soft vaginal tunnel itself.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck me, Jay, give me your hard prick and fuck me! I want you inside me!"

"Ellen!" he gasped.

He mounted her. She lifted her knees high. She reached down with both hands now and wrapped her fingers around his slippery shaft, guiding him to the center of her being.

"Ahhhhhh," she moaned, feeling his heated prick-head slip between her bloated cunt lips.

"Ohhhhh, my God! My God! I never felt anything like it!" he cried with a whimper.

"Ohhhh, then sink your prick into me and feel the rest of it, sweet Jay! Yes! Like that! Ohhhhh, God, yes!"

Her head tipped back. She sucked breath between her teeth. Her pussy was aflame as it hadn't been for ages and ages. His shaft slid up her cunt, pressing the muscular, silky tissues aside, nosing into her body, filling her with much, much more than just his hard, shaking prick.

She opened her arms wide. She wrapped them about his young, strong back. She lifted her knees high and closed her legs about his ass and pulled his prick into her quivering pussy all the way.

"Ohhhhh, it's so wonderful!" he cried. "Not like that other time when they made me... made me..."

"Shhh! Don't think about it now, Jay," she said, smoothing her hands up and down his back, cupping his head to her, pressing her tits up against his chest in conical pillows.

She pumped her hips. She made her pussy muscles tighten and relax around his prick at the same time. She felt the roll and surge of his swiveling ass take over, and she felt his hard shaft fuck in and out of her body.

"God, it's so wonderful!" he whimpered, pressing against her, starting to take up her rhythm.

"This is the way it's supposed to be. Ohhhh, yes! The way it's supposed to be! Ohhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Yes! Yes!" he cried.

He began to surge and pound against her hips, driving his prick into her wet, silky pussy, jarring her with each thrust. But it wasn't a brutal driving. It was the lusty fucking of love and youth, and it felt incredibly sweet and good.

Just then, the bedroom door opened, and Velma's voice came to them, a trace of alarm in it.

"Jay, that car we saw when we came back, it's still..."

She fell silent. She stared. Her eyes ran over Jay's plunging, naked ass. She saw the wet shaft of his cock sinking into the wetness of Ellen's pussy and drawing out again. She watched the surge of Ellen's hips as they lifted and opened and swallowed the hard prick and came back for more and more.

"Jay! She's untied! You've untied her!" Velma cried, more surprised than alarmed.

Jay stopped, cringing with a mixture of embarrassment and guilt, turning his head to watch Velma come around the side of the bed, as if verifying to herself beyond doubt that she was totally untied, that there wasn't some optical trick.

"Velma, I..." Jay started.

Ellen surged up against his body harder. "Don't stop fucking me, Jay! Velma understands. After what she's been through with Stan, she under stands."

"Understands what?" Velma queried.

Ellen looked directly into the girl's eyes. "How beautiful it is not to be raped, not to be abused and used. How to fuck without being fucked."

Velma watched them. Her lower lip quivered slightly. "That -- that doesn't even make any sense," she said. "You can't fuck without being fucked."

"You can when there's someone like Jay, Velma. When it's loving and not using. When there's giving instead of all taking. Oh, Velma, come here, and I'll show you!" Ellen cried, her spine arching wantonly. "I owe you one, Velma. Only it's more than that. I want you to be a part of what Jay and I are feeling right now. Velma, I want you to feel what you already know in your heart!"

She reached up toward the girl's hips. She wrapped her fingers about the wide curves of them and urged the girl forward. She licked her lips. Velma watched her, and her lower lip trembled again.

Jay fucked eratically, not knowing for sure what was going on or what he should be doing.

"That car..." Velma nearly whispered, her eyes on the two of them, her full tits heaving with quick breaths. "It's moved up closer, Jay. I could see it from the window now. Jay, I'm scared."

Ellen's heart pounded. She didn't know why she should expect it to be, but she had to ask.

"The car, Velma, is it... is it maroon?"

"Kind of red," she said.

"Like a big, rich ruby?"


"Oh, God, it's Burke!" Ellen cried with elation. "I don't know how or why, but I know it's Burke!"

"Your husband?" Velma cried. "Jay, we've got to get Stan!"

"No, no! Not Stan! Velma, you know that isn't what you should do! You know he's going to toss you off for Wanda! Don't take any more abuse, Velma! Put an end to it! Now!" Ellen cried.

Ellen pulled downward. Her fingers caught in the material of Velma's pants. They slipped down her hips and thighs. The panties were a yellow slash across her hips. Blonde curls peeped from over the top of the elastic waist.

Jay stared. Ellen felt his prick throb inside her pussy's depths. She slowly curled her fingers into the slick nylon and rolled the panties down over Velma's hips and round ass-cheeks, baring her pussy.

Jay stared. His prick throbbed and throbbed, stretching inside Ellen's pussy as if he were ready to reach another orgasm.

"Ohhhhh, Velma, you're beautiful!" he cried softly, watching her pussy and thighs come bare under his gaze.

Velma turned her head and looked at him. Really looked at him. Her cunt lips swelled and parted slightly.

"So-so are you, Jay," she whispered. "The way your prick was fucking... I watched it."

"She said Wanda and Stan were going to cut us all out, Velma. Do you believe that? Would Stan do that to us?"

Velma exhaled and inhaled again. "He would do it, Jay," she said. "In fact, I have the feeling, they've already done it. That they won't ever be back! That they've left us here, just waiting! That's why that car -- why it frightened me. I thought it might be the police. That they'd called in and told them where to find Ellen and us! Oh, Jay! I don't know what to do!"

"I do, Velma," he said confidently. "From now on, I do."

"Do you, Jay?" she said in a small voice. "Like Stan knew?"

"No. Not like Stan. Never again, like Stan."

"Oh, Jay," she choked.

His eyes swept over her naked body again. "Do what Ellen says, Velma. She knows best of all."

Velma sucked in her breath again. She looked down at Ellen. She licked her lips. She reached for the hem of her knit blouse and lifted it up, freeing her tits, baring her body completely.

"Ellen, I want to feel it!" she cried finally. "God, yes! Make me feel it! No, let me feel it!"

"Ohhhh, you're learning, Velma, learning fast!" Ellen cried, pulling the girl's hips toward her.

Velma crawled onto the bed. She lifted her leg over Ellen's body. She looked down, past her thrusting tits, past her flat belly and gently mounded mons, through the blonde curls and the neat spilt of her pussy gap to Ellen's lips.

"Fuck me, Jay!" Ellen moaned, wrapping her hands around Velma's buttocks, pulling the red, wet pussy to her face.

Ellen's tongue flicked forth. She licked up the honeyed slit. She munched on the bloated pussy lips. She circled Velma's clit with her tongue.

She felt Jay's prick running in and out of her pussy with urgent stroking. His fingers came around Velma's hips and fondled the wet, open pussy slit, the silky inner thighs.

They touched Ellen's tongue and felt it spear into the wet, open maw of her cunt.

"Ohhhhh, I want to see!" he cried.

Instantly, without urging from Ellen, Velma lifted up and turned around, still straddling Ellen's face, but her running pussy now toward Jay.

Ellen gazed upward. She could see the whole of Velma's spread, split crotch, the puffy cunt lips, the oozing honey, the thrust of her standing clit.

And she could see the little red-brown pucker of her asshole.

"Do it, Jay! Do it!" Velma cried. "Ohhhhh, make it be sweet and good, the way it's never been! Give to me what you're giving her!"

"Always, Velma, always!" he cried, dipping forward.

Velma tossed her head back and sucked in her breath. She cupped her hand around Jay's head and pulled his face into her open, giving pussy, knowing that he would give back instead of just take.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried. "I feel it! Ellen, I feel it!"

Ellen gasped. She felt it, too. It ran through the three of them. She felt Jay's prick expand and stretch inside her pussy, reaching for the silky back.

She felt her cunt muscles go loose and tight and then quiver, as if they were limbering up for the real moment with Burke, the moment that would start them off right.

It had been seven years of blah. Now, it would be a lifetime of goodness and love.

She whimpered and felt her body constrict. She surged upward with her hips, gobbling up Jay's prick, sucking on it with her silken pussy muscles and flooded tissues.

Then she did it. She closed her eyes tightly and positioned her face and thrust far out with her tongue.

"Ahhhhhhh, God!" Velma cried. "I love it! Yes, yes!"

"What, what?" Jay cried, lifting his head.

"My asshole! Ohhhhhh, she's fucking my asshole with her hot, sweet tongue! Jay, fuck my pussy! Ohhhhh, use me, use me! I don't care any more, because I know you're really giving! Ohhhh, give! Yes, I'm going to give, too... wet... a big flood, Jay! My pussy! Ahhhhh, here it comes, darling, darling, sweet Jay! Wonderful! Ohhh, so wonderful! I'm giving! Feel me give! Now! Ahhhhhhhhgh!"

Juice poured from her pussy. Her soft tissues sucked and pulled at Jay's fucking tongue. She mashed his face into her open twat. Her ass shook and quivered over Ellen's face, and her tight asshole sucked and pulled at the thrusting tongue giving such joy, making her feel as well as know.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Jay squealed tightly. "I'm coming again! Velma, I'm going to come in Ellen's pussy! Ohhhh, say it's all right! Say I can! Say you're not jealous!"

"Do it, darling, do it! Come hard! Enjoy her! She wants you to, Jay! Don't you see? Don't you understand what it's about?"

"Yes, yes! I'm coming! Ahhhhhhgh!"

His cock bucked and spurted. It hosed and spat into Ellen's pussy, the sperm flowing from it in torrents, like a warm, soothing balm that washed away all the dirt and rottenness the others had caused.

All the others -- even the ones way back, the ones she'd tried so hard to forget.

They were gone now. All of it was gone. In some subtle way, the memories clicked off, no longer bright enough or clear enough to haunt her.

Instead, a whole new light opened up, shining into the future, illuminating the way it would be with Burke from now on.

She lifted her pussy high. She sucked and gobbled at Jay's pouring prick, drinking up every last drop of his oils, capturing it all. And as she took from him, she gave back to Velma, thrusting and fucking with her tongue, as if it were her own kind of prick.

"Mmmmmfff!" she cried against the muffling tautness of Velma's firm ass-cheeks.

Her body thrashed. Her pussy clutched. She felt Velma's hands on her tits, massaging, helping the sensations to soar through her being.

Velma lifted off. "Yaaaaaagh!" she cried, finally able to vent her passion.

"Fuck her, Jay, fuck her!" Velma cried. Then, as if realizing that was too harsh, too like the old way, she modified it. "Give, Jay, give her your prick and your sperm and make her happy!"

Ellen fairly bellowed with the next orgasmic rush. Her eyes popped open with the shocking intensity of it.

And then she saw Burke watching her.

Chapter EIGHT

She snuggled up against him, cooing softly. They drove through the night, toward home. He'd been talking, but she hadn't been listening too hard.

"...followed her this morning," he said.

"What, darling?"

"I said, it came to me finally. Over the phone, she'd said she walked with you to your car, watched you get in and drive away. I asked her if she was sure. I remember doing that. Then, when the call came from Ben Hepple's man that they were just checking out why your car was still in the lot, I thought I'd better let him in on it. Ben and his deputies have already got her and the two guys with her."

"Got who, darling?"

He turned his head and grinned at her. "You didn't hear a word, did you. They got Wanda. A guy named Stan, and a big jerk called Cy. They were ripping all over the place in a stolen car. Real brains, right?"

"Right, darling," she said.

He looked at her again, his voice full of concern now. "Honey, are you sure you're all right?"

She snuggled against his arm again and put her hand in his lap, running her fingers up and down the bulge of his crotch, feeling a faint stirring there.

"I've never been better, Burke. We've never been better. Oh, hurry and get me home and in bed with you before I do something dangerous right now!"

"Dangerous?" he choked. "Like what?"

She gripped his cock gently. "Like suck your prick off while you're driving!" she said huskily.

He shivered. His foot became heavier on the pedal. After a time, he swung into the drive.

"Is Tish home?" Ellen asked.

"Yes. I made her stay home. She [missing text]." He sighed heavily. "It can wait."

"Tell me," she said, taking his rmn, stopping him from getting out. "She was out fucking that terrible boy last night? You caught her?"

"You're an amazing wench," he grinned. "Now, how the hell did you know that?"

"I'm an amazing wench."

She got out. She took his hand. She led him into the house. She led him up the stairs. She opened Tish's bedroom door. Her daughter was lying on her bed in her panties, her firm tits jiggling as she moved to music that was too loud.

"Shut that off and come in here," Ellen said firmly. "Right now, just the way you are."

"With my tits hanging out, Mom?" Tish questioned rather insolently. "Daddy might get a hard-on, seeing me again."

Ellen sighed. "I know all about it, Tish."

"Bet you don't know what I caught him doing this morning."

"Bet I do, darling. Come along, now, into our bedroom. Because I'll bet you'll never in a million years guess what's going to happen in there."

"What, Mom?"

"You're going to learn something." She smiled oddly, taking her daughter's hand, too, knowing the two of them were casting looks at each other behind her back.

She closed the door behind them, though there was no reason to. But she wanted the feeling of utter privacy, because it was going to be a very private, very meaningful lesson.

She stripped off the pants and blouse Velma had given her. She wondered fleetingly if they were safe and happy now, enjoying each other before the formalities began, when she would live up to her promise and charge them with nothing.

Then she looked at the expression in her husband's eyes and the blueness of her daughter's, and she forgot about them.

"We're going to love each other," she announced.


"I mean it, Burke. Tish has to learn. I don't want her to have to go through life the way I did -- being a cunt, the way she is now."

"Mom!" Tish blurted.

"They're using you, Tish. I know it. Your father knows it. I want you to know it. We're going to teach you the difference -- what it means to fuck instead of getting fucked. Get on the bed, darling."

"Daddy! She's nuts!" Tish wailed.

Burke looked at his wife, then at his daughter and back again. There was a funny expression on his face.

"Peculiar, maybe. But not nuts, Tish, not nuts. Honey, is this for real?"

"It's for real. You're a good man, Burke. I didn't realize that until last night. I've cheated you. I'm going to make it up to you. And we're going to see that Tish's husband is never cheated the way you've been. Darling, I want you to fuck her."


"Don't give me that. I've seen you eyeing him up, swishing your little butt at him, knowing full well that I wasn't taking care of him properly. Now I will. Now we will. The right way! Until you've learned. And then you can go get your own man, understand?"

"Y-yes, Mom."

"Ellen, this is..."

She looked at him. "It's both of us or nothing, Burke."

He swallowed. "You drive a hard bargain, Ellen."

She laughed softly and let his pants fall, taking his cock into her hands, pulling it freely and gently.

"You're the one with the hard bargain," she said.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy," Tish moaned, staring at his big prick, hooking her thumbs into her panties and pushing them down, baring her young, sweet pussy.

"That's only half of it, Tish," Ellen warned. "Wanting it. You've got to want to give, too."

She directed them. She touched and helped. She let them touch and lick at her. She shivered and came, watching them, seeing herself as she had been at Tish's age, starting all over. Starting right.

"Ahhhhhh, Daddy!" Tish cried finally, lifting her pussy up around his prick, coming hard. "Jack Feeny's a shit! God, I never knew!"

Ellen kissed her husband all over, thrilling to the way he felt so excited. "You didn't come in her, darling," she said.

"I saved it. I want to give it all to you!" he gasped.

"I'm ready! Ohhhh, Burke, I'm so ready! Give it to me, darling! Give me your wonderful prick and your sperm and your love and I'll give it all back! Watch, Tish! Watch and learn! Ahhhhh, my God! Feel me give Burke? Feel it!"

"Yes, Ellen! Yes! Ohhhh, sweet... ohhhhh, God! Ahhhhhgh!"

Ellen screamed. She lifted and screamed. Her whole body opened up. Her pussy sucked and pulled at the blasting, hosing hardness of her husband's prick.

She saw it then. In clear focus. She'd reached the formless shape, and now she was looking into the face of it. She clutched at him and knew it would never slip from her sight again.


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