Mother in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In MOTHER IN BONDAGE, Glenda Williams finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Glenda Williams suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

Glenda Williams reached up with her right hand and brushed several strands of her long, silky black hair away from her blue eyes. She held onto the long, brown leather reins with her left hand, guiding the powerful black horse around the hurdle count one more time.

"Let's go, boy," Glenda whispered in a low voice, bending over the homed saddle and brushing her full lips against the pointed tip of the horse's light ear. Slapping the animal hard across the muscular butt with her riding crop, Glenda dug her heels into his sides and spurred the horse forward a breakneck pace.

"Up! Up!" Glenda shouted as she wrapped bath her slender arms around the horse's neck and pressed her lithe body tightly against the animal's sweaty back. The first hurdle drew closer and closer as the pounding of the horse's hoofs rang in Glenda's ears.

"How'd you like to slip your cock into somethin' tight like that?" Sam Becker, the stablemaster asked his young teenaged assistant as the two of them leaned against a wooden fence and watched Glenda work out her horse.

"Ever seen a pair of tits on anyone like that? She's over thirty years old."

The boy flushed red at Sam's speech, turning away and pretending to be fixing the bridle that he held trembling in his fingers. He'd watched Glenda Williams and her eighteen-year-old daughter work the horse out before, and each time he fell more and more in love with them. He didn't know which one he preferred. The girl was fresh and bouncy, radiating innocence and wild excitement. But there was a sultry sensuousness about the mother. The way she walked, talked, moved gracefully about the grounds of the estate -- she reeked of breeding, wealth, intense sexuality. Each had her own brand of attraction to offer. And each equally ignored Brad Graham. The frustrated boy was sure that neither woman really knew him except as that scruffy person who took the horse after they got through with it.

"Yes sir, slipping my big old dick into that old dame's cunt would feel mighty fine -- mighty fine," Sam said, gluing his eyes on the woman's body as she and the horse cleared the hurdle and rushed headlong to take on the second one.

"Ohhhhh!" Glenda cried out as the two of them landed after clearing the second hurdle. One more to go. It was the highest one. Glenda reached back and whipped the animal's flank. The woman could feel the horses rippling muscles with her legs as she pressed them hard into his sides. It was strangely exciting.

"Go, damn you, go!" Glenda shouted as the horse raised his forelegs and pushed up with his powerful hindquarters.

The woman felt an unspeakable thrill of excitement and sexual release as horse and rider were airborne for a few seconds. The wind whipped through Glenda's long hair, sending it fluttering in every direction as she clung wildly to the animal's neck. They cleared the top bar of the last hurdle!

"Uhhhh!" Glenda was exhausted. She'd been around this course five times within the past hour with Destroyer, her new jump horse. This was the first time that he had cleared all three hurdles.

"Good ride, Mr. Williams," young Brad said as he jumped over the fence and ran over to the horse.

"Thank you, Brad," Glenda said, inhaling sharply and trying to catch her breath. "I'd take him around another time, but I'm exhausted," she sighed, throwing her left leg over the saddle and sliding down to the round. "Take care of him for me won't you?"

"Anything you want from the stables, Mrs. Williams?" Sam huffed out as he ran up to the standing woman.

Sam Becker was about five-eight, two hundred pounds of sweaty, dirty fat, with black, stringy hair that always seemed to be matted down with one kind of filth or other. He carried the foul smell of the stables with him wherever he went. Glenda would have fired him long after her husband Carl had died. But he knew horses. And raising jump horses and exhibiting them were her prime passion now.

"No, thank you, Sam," Glenda said, smiling briefly at him.

Glenda knew what the stablemaster was thinking. It was the same thing that every man around the area thought whenever she shot into view. An empty cunt, aching to be filled with inches of hot cockmeat.

The black-haired woman turned around to look at Brad before she started up the long path to her home.

"Oh, Brad. Come up to the house in about an hour or so. I want to talk to you about the salary you asked for," Glenda said, nodding at the boy before she started up the bill for her home. She ignored the snide chuckling she heard Sam give out as she swung her arms back and forth and climbed the path toward the large, white wooden antebellum mansion that crowned the land of Falconhawk. It was all hers now, little compensation for the loss of Carl.

"Ahhhhhh!" Glenda exhaled as she looked up at the bright blue afternoon sky.

The crisp autumn air, the Santa Inez mountains in the background, and the smell of freshly cut grass made her senses reel. All this was hers. And to think that ten years ago, Glenda didn't have the proverbial pot to piss in. She'd been working in a cheap restaurant just outside of San Bernardino. Carl literally waltzed into her life, paying court almost immediately to her as soon as he walked into the dinky coffee shop.

At tint Glenda thought he was just playing around. But after their first date, she knew that he was serious. He liked the way she moved -- the way she talked, joked, laughed. Carl said that she had all the qualities of a well-bred lady, unfortunately without all the trappings well-bred ladies had. He was down in Southern California on business for just a few days. She had to make up her mind soon. He wanted to marry her!

To Glenda, it was like being Cinderella and Snow White all at once. She didn't know if she loved Carl or not. But she did know that she'd had enough of that restaurant and all the cheap jokes about her big titties and firm thighs. Her buttcheeks were black and blue almost constantly from all the pinching she took.

Glenda accepted. Carl made up a story about her background, rehearsing it with her shortly after their wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. She'd come from the East -- Bar Harbor, Maine. She was an obscure heir to the present-day Astor fortune. Carl knew that the story was twisted and vague enough to satisfy his neighbors. Few of them had contacts in the East that could verify or deny this story. Besides, Carl was powerful enough and respected enough to be taken at his word.

For ten years, Glenda lived the life of a storybook princess. Wealth, power, position -- they were all hers, along with a good deal of love from Carl and his eighteen-year-old daughter Alana. It was in the final three years of their marriage that Glenda and Carl developed a passion for horses. They started breeding them for racing at first. Then Glenda saw some of her neighbors put on a jump show. From that point on, she concentrated on horses.

"Oh Carl," Glenda said sadly, stopping for a second some thirty feet in front of the pillared mansion and looking sadly at the portico.

She remembered how the two of them would start every weekend out by a wild fuck in bed. He'd taken to fucking her doggie-style, churning his fat seven-inch dick in and out of her upturned pussy while he strummed her clit with one hand and squeezed her titties with the other. Then after a quick shower, they'd both take the horses out on an early-morning run. It was good -- too good to last. One day Glenda came home from a shopping spree and found the long, curved driveway filled with cats. They belonged to friends and neighbors out to console her on her loss. Only minutes after she'd left to go shopping that morning, Carl had collapsed and died in their bedroom from a massive coronary. He was only forty-two, and every inch a man. Big chest, flat belly, powerful legs, powerful cock. Carl believed in working out continually. "You'll live a hell of a lot longer with good exercise," he would always tell her.

Glenda sighed again, then walked slowly up the stain to the front door, slapping her riding crop gently against the side of her right boot.

"A good day, ma'am?" Hilda, the maid, asked as she opened the door and took Glenda's cap and crop from her.

"Not bad, Hilda. Destroyer's looking fine. I hope to show him won," the woman said, smiling gently at the maid.

As she walked through the long entranceway, Glenda stopped at the end and took a long glance at herself. She was wearing tight-fitting black riding coat that was opened all the way down the front. The white cotton blouse beneath the coat clung to her chest and big tits.

Glenda never wore a bra, something her daughter criticized her for and something Sam Becker always looked forward to. The tan riding pants displayed her long, slender legs and firm thighs, while the black riding boots added a touch of masculine power that heightened rather than detracted from her femininity.

Glenda knew she was highly desirable. She could read it in the eyes of every man from her lawyer to the foul smelling Sam Becker. The woman smiled at her reflection, raising her right hand and smoothing down her hair. After Carl, it would take quite a man to satisfy her.

"Mother?" Glenda heard a young voice suddenly call out from above her.

"Alana? I thought you'd be gone by now," Glenda said, walking out into the large reception area of the living room. Glenda's pretty, blonde daughter leaned over the polished oak railing that ran along the top landing of the stairs and looked at her stepmother.

"Mother, do I have to go?"

"Come on, Alana. You know your father would've wanted you to. It's just for the night. Your grandmother insists on your visiting at least once a month," Glenda said, feeling a flash of something like hatred and fear. Glenda had never gotten along with Carl's mother. Glenda guessed that his mother knew she didn't come from any wealthy family. She always enjoyed giving the brunette cold, killing looks whenever she could. Any semblance of civility stopped after Carl's death on the old woman's part. But Glenda kept trying to be pleasant to her.

Besides tying to make life easier for Alana and everyone around, Glenda realized that the old lady still owned a large hunk of stock in Carl's computer company. She could cause a lot of trouble if Glenda rattled her cage once too often.

"She's so stuffy. And all she talks about is how stupid you are," Alana said, wrinkling up her nose.

Glenda curled her fingers into fists. She forced a smile onto her face and looked up at her daughter.

"Never mind that. You get ready, and I'll have James drive you over there," Glenda said, walking into the study from the reception area and closing the door quietly behind her. Glenda walked over the thickly piled carpeting to the tall dark-wood wet bar. She opened the glass cabinet doors and pulled out a bottle of gin. She poured herself a tall gin and tonic. She was beginning to down more liquor every week, something that alarmed her when she was sober.

What was the problem? Money? She had plenty of that. Carl's mother? She'd had plenty of that before and it never really bothered her. Loneliness?

"Uhhhhhhhh," Glenda sighed, feeling the liquor bum down her throat and fire up her belly. That damned tingle in her cunt started up again. Yep, that was it! Glenda walked stiff-legged over to the long, brown leather couch at the other end of the room. Glenda kept telling herself that no man could satisfy her pussy the way Carl did. But she was still a vital, normal woman. Second-best was better than nothing at all.

Glenda sat down on the edge of the couch and took another long swig from the cold glass. The silence of the room made her think that a pave would sound like this -- quiet, oppressive, chillingly still. She wasn't dead yet! She couldn't stand to be cloistered up like some kind of penitent nun!

"God!" she moaned again, looking down at the ice cube floating around in the center of her glass.

That odd, throbbing ache rippled through her cunt again. Glenda leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes. She'd have to use her fingers again tonight. God, how she hated doing that! It seemed like such a waste. And when she held her stiff clit between her fingers, rolling it around like a tiny ball until she thought she'd pin on the wrinkled sheets from excitement, Glenda was only seconds away from bellowing out for any man to come charging in and finish up the job.

But the brunette had always gone over the edge and cum with her fingers all over again. It started along the insides of her thighs like a tiny series of electric shocks, until her cuntlips, her buttcheeks and her belly felt heavy, flushed and hot.

"Mmmmmm," Glenda groaned.

Another attack of the hornies. But this time she couldn't seem to shake them. Before she'd managed to drive those erotic thoughts out of her mind until she'd climbed into bed. But now... It had to be the gin and all the excitement from riding Destroyer that afternoon.

Glenda sighed. The brunette took one long, last sip from her drink, then put the glass down on the cocktail table and stood up. She felt hot wetness enveloping her swampy pussy as she started walking toward the large wooden study doors.

Her breathing was shallow and rapid as she stepped out of the study and into the brightly-lit reception area of the mansion. Glenda wondered why she was so excited. Then it struck her that she'd invited young Brad Graham over to discuss his salary. She couldn't talk to him. Not now, not with her pussy juicing and fluttering like the box of some hot whore.

Glenda couldn't trust herself. Her mind was buzzing with frustrated sexual desire and booze.

As Alana walked sullenly down the stairs carrying her overnight suitcase, Glenda suddenly wanted to ask her stepdaughter to stay at home. The brunette didn't trust herself alone with the boy.

"Maybe you should stay home," Glenda said, reaching out and taking her stepdaughter gently by the shoulders.

"No, Mother. You're right I should see Nana at least a couple times a month," the girl said sweetly, kissing her mother lightly on the cheek.

"Well, take care of yourself," Glenda said, sighing in disappointment as she walked arm-in-arm with her stepdaughter to the door. "James will bring you back tomorrow," she called out as Alana ran down the long stairway to the black Cadillac parked in the drive.

The gray-haired chauffeur tipped his hat at both Glenda and Alana as the girl climbed into the rear seat and slammed the door shut. The brunette stood at the top of the steps and waved good-bye to her daughter. As she turned to go back into the house, Glenda caught sight of Brad climbing up the hill. Sucking in a ragged breath, she told Hilda to make the boy comfortable in the den while she went upstairs to change.

"Damn, damn, damn!" Glenda said as she ripped off her riding clothes and threw them carelessly on the king-sized bed. She stripped down to her sheer white panties, then ripped open the closet door and pulled out a long blue dress.

As she closed the door, Glenda glanced in the mirror and saw a dark, wetness staining the crotch panel of her panties. It was pussy juice, leaking out from between her puffy labes and soaking her briefs! Would the boy smell it? Would he be able to sniff her out and see that she was in heat?

Glenda could feel her nipples tightening with excitement as she pulled the dress over her head. The rough material scratched her tit-tips teasingly, sending tiny shocks of excitement rippling through her big tits and down to her cunt. Glenda reached back and zipped up her dress, slipping into her heels and starring quickly to the door of her bedroom. She had to get rid of the boy quickly. If she didn't treat him coldly and brusquely, there was no telling what kind of trouble she'd get in with him.

"Madam will be down shortly," Glenda heard Hilda say as she stepped out of her bedroom onto the landing. She saw Brad disappear into the study.

Glenda started down the stairs. The more the brunette tried to pull herself together, however, the more she felt her dignity and coolness disappearing. Her clit began to burn like a flaming jewel. Each step down the stain added to the friction of her cuntal surfaces rubbing against her clit-tip. The throbbing in her pussy seemed to rob her of her strength. Her twatlips were red and hot.

Glenda felt worse as she reached the bottom of the stairs and walked slowly toward the study. She was tempted to ask Hilda to accompany her. But that would be an insult to her self-respect. She could handle herself. She was a mature woman. If she wanted to, she could face the hot, young, vital Brad Graham with a cool, sexless eye and stare him down mercilessly.

Glenda kept telling herself this as she reached forward with icy cold, trembling fingers and pushed open the doors to the study.

"Mrs. Williams," Brad said, smiling sheepishly at her as Glenda walked in briskly and closed the door behind her.

The brunette refused to look at the young boy as she moved gracefully behind the large wooden desk in front of the English manor-style window and opened the top drawer. Drawing out a large green ledger book, Glenda opened it up to the last page and traced her right forefinger down a row of figures. She concentrated on the statements of salaries of her employees, even though the woman sensed that Brad was aroused by her presence.

"Brad, I'm glad you called my attention to your salary. Actually, my lawyer Mr. Duncan's been taking care of everyone's pay. But I see that yours is far below the rest of the staff. I'll have a talk with him tomorrow," Glenda said, closing the ledger book with a loud snap and shoving it back in the top drawer. Glenda stood behind the desk, looking and almost feeling as cold and businesslike as the characters Joan Crawford used to play.

"Mrs. Williams, I really didn't come up here just for a talk about my salary," the boy said, flushing furiously.

Glenda felt her heart suddenly skip a beat, then pound wildly in her chest. Her brain started buzzing again as she felt her knees turn to rubber. Sexual lust raced through her body as she leaned against the desk and stared hotly at the blushing boy. Her cool went right out the window.

Chapter TWO

"I don't understand, Brad," Glenda said, surprised that her voice sounded so low and husky. Any nincompoop could tell that she was a bitch in heat just from the throaty tone of her speech.

"I-I mean that, well, nothing," the boy stammered, looking nervously down at his feet and digging his fingers into his sides. His shyness fired up Glenda like a flaming piece of dry bush. She wanted to reach out and run her fingers through his long, straight black hair.

"Go on," she said a little imperiously, trying to ignore the steady pulsing itch in her cunt.

"It's just that I don't like working with Mr. Becker," the boy blurted out.

"Why? He's a very capable horse handler," Glenda said, moving around to the front of the desk.

"I know. But I don't like him," Brad admitted, still looking down at the floor.

"How old are you, Brad?" Glenda found herself asking him. God, what a stupid question! She felt like the wicked witch of the North seducing a schoolboy.

"Nineteen." Brad said, looking up from the floor and into Glenda's dancing blue eyes. She felt her heart leap up to her throat as she detected the same lust she felt in the boy's eyes. He covered it up better than she did. But it was there. All she had to do was reach out and touch him and ten...

"Well, that's nice," Glenda said, catching herself in time as she started to turn away. "You'd better get back, or Mr. Becker will wonder where you are."

"I can't!" Brad suddenly blurted out. Glenda at first didn't know what he was talking about. Then she felt the boy's strong fingers on her right arm. They spun her around quickly. One look into Brad's eyes and she knew that he was talking about his restraint.

"Don't, oh please don't, Brad," Glenda moaned as she felt his hands crawl around her narrow waist. She felt as lifeless as a dish rag as the boy drew her closely to him. Her big tits pressed against his heaving chest as his thick, sensuous lips closed down over her opened mouth. Glenda let the boy touch her wherever he wanted to as she drank in his tongue and spittle. She wanted him to crush her, destroy her body with his as she pound hotly against him. He pulled off his mouth and looked at her like some sex-crazed wildman.

"Fuck me, fuck me," the woman moaned shamelessly as Brad slid his hands down to her buttocks and squeezed her firm, well-rounded flesh. His ass-rubbing added to the friction against her fully-erect clit.

The moaning brunette tilted her head back, opening her mouth and letting out little gasps and sighs of delight as she felt the partly-lit room winning around wildly. Her legs trembled and threatened to give way as trickles of hot cunt-juice seeped past the leg band of her briefs and oozed down her hot thighs.

Brad pulled away from Glenda, reaching up and starting to unbutton his white, slightly soiled shirt. He shrugged his shirt off quickly, revealing a broad, hairy chest that looked as if it belonged to a man of twenty-five instead of to a boy of nineteen.

Glenda sucked in a ragged breath as she reached behind her and unzipped her dress. As Brad bent down to slip off his loafers, the brunette lifted off her dress. The material pulled up her titties, letting them slap down noisily against her sweaty chest as she tossed the dress on top of the desk.

She was standing half naked in front of the boy now. The excitement building up in her cunt and belly was indescribable. She felt so deliciously cheap and adventurous, standing like this in the middle of her study being pawed by the stable boy. Every nerve ending in her body begged for the boy's touch.

"I want you so bad..." Glenda admitted shamelessly as she reached up and pinched both nipples of her pendulous titties.

Brad walked up to her, reaching down and starting to pull down her panties.

"Leave them on, please. Just for now," Glenda said, enjoying the wet silky feel of the material against her puffy labes.

She reached down and unzipped his fly, moaning as she pushed his pants down over his hips. Her fingers shook with excitement. His muscular, hairy legs contrasted with the bright white cotton of his tight-fitting jockey shorts. There was a long, tubular bulge just behind the fly flap of Brad's jockeys.

Glenda inhaled sharply again as she noticed the size of the boy's cock. She thought that Carl's was big. But this boy's could measure up with the one that dangled from between Destroyer's hindquarters.

"Oh God, I've wanted you for a long time, Mrs. Williams," Brad said as he slid his fingers wider his shorts and pulled them down.

Glenda didn't say anything as she heard the quick rub of cotton over his thighs. She felt something hot touching the wet nylon front of her panties. Brad kicked his shorts across the floor, then reached around her waist and hugged her body close.

Glenda sighed and groaned when she felt the long, thick shaft of the boy's dick press against her rumbling pussy.

"Oh, it feels sooooo good," the woman said, rubbing her body back and forth across Brad's. She could feel the full, fat dick tip poking teasingly at her nylon-covered pussylips with every move she made.

Glenda opened her eyes and watched Brad. The boy started to sink to the floor, dragging Glenda down with him. Soon they were lying on the carpet. The brunette felt the scratchy piling tickling her hot flesh as Brad crawled all over her hunching body. Every inch of her skin was on fire with lust. It had been almost a year since she'd fucked a man. Now, the dam was broken, and every last piece of desire she'd bottled up rushed over her body.

"Mmmmmm," Brad moaned, licking his tongue up and down her slender neck. Glenda rocked her hips in return, feeling his young cock gouge into her flat belly. Brad moved one of his hands slowly around her hips, sliding his fingers down her stomach until he could curl them under her nylon-covered bushy mound. Glenda closed her eyes as Brad rubbed the soppy nylon up between her cuntlips. She bucked her hips up and forward, frying to rub her clit against his fingers.

"UHHHHHGGGH!" she gasped. "Oh God, it feels soooo good."

Brad's fingers teased along the hot flesh surrounding her clit. Brad was all over her, pushing her shoulders down, licking her large, half-inch long red nipples with his tongue while he kept on sliding his dick insistently against her cloth-covered box. Glenda wrapped her hands around the boy's back, raking his skin with her sharp fingernails as he slid down to her titties. The brunette moaned as his tongue flicked over her tit-tip. Brad's hands meanwhile slid around her asscheeks, pushing down the sweat-soaked material of her white panties over her thighs.

"Nooooo," Glenda said, pushing her firm ass down onto the carpet and stopping the boy from stripping her completely. She wanted to drag this out as long as she could. The brunette could tell that Brad would slip his dick into her cunt as soon as she was stripped. Then it'd be slam-bam-thank-you ma'am.

"Uhhhhh," Brad groaned as Glenda curled her finger, around the boy's cock and felt the sexual heat nearly bum her fingers.

Her hand was immediately covered with the cock-juice that oozed freely out of his piss-slit. The boy moaned again, raising his head ma she squeezed his cockhead tightly and miled more pre-cum out of his hot prick.

"God, God," Brad groaned as Glenda slipped her fingers back until she could feel his loose-hanging balls.

Her breathing was tight and labored. It matched his as the two of them bucked together. The room was filled with the soft, wet sounds of fucking as Glenda caressed the boy's balls and rolled them gently from side to side. His tongue went wild on her body, fucking crazily at her hot, spongy tits. The brunette squeezed his fuck sacs, tickling them with her fingers. Brad gasped.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Glenda cried.

But she did everything she could to keep her panties on. The boy dug at the material with his dickhead, pressing it harder and harder against the soaked-down material until Glenda thought he'd poke through and ram his thick root all the way home. As it was, the boy's dick was pushing the sheer, wet material way up between her fat, hot cunt-lips. It was a new sensation, and it felt deliciously good. Glenda closed her eyes again, hunched her ass to increase the friction of her sappy cuntlips against Brad's dick.

"Come on," Brad said huskily as he reached down and twisted her panty crotch to one side. Ha hot cockhead finally touched her bare pussy!

Glenda felt electric hot-cold flashes rip through her swampy box. Her body shuddered violently as the boy pressed down and forward insistently.

"Fuck, fuck!" the woman groaned.

"That's what I'm trying to do," the boy moaned as he reached up and held both her hands down an either side of her head.

Glenda rolled her head from side to side, black strands of her hair clinging to her sweat-dampened, flushed cheeks. The boy's heavy, muscular weight pinned her tightly to the floor, flattening down her plump asscheeks as his cock dug further and further into her cuntal area. His dick gouged harder and rougher as Glenda bucked, twisted and hunched against him. Brad slid back up and clamped his mouth tightly over hers, stifling any complaints and groans as he drove his powerful hips downward and in.

"It feels soooo, OHHHHHH!" Glenda cried out, feeling a contraction suddenly ripple across her hot, mushy pussy. She couldn't cum now. It was too soon. She hadn't had a chance to feel the boy's dick reaming her inside. The brunette inhaled sharply, fighting down the tight ball of orgasm that started to unravel somewhere deep in her churning pussy.

But there was that steady, sleek friction against her crushed cuntlips. Her climax was coming closer and closer. The clit-tingling tension invaded every inch of her body. The woman could hardly breathe as she struggled under the weight of Brad's pounding body.

"I want to fuck you," Brad growled.

But whenever he tried to push against the soft crack of her cunt, Glenda tilted her box so that he'd slide up along her cuntal slit again, brushing over the red-hot tip of her pulsing clit.

She opened her eyes again and saw that the room was spinning around. Her body throbbed in time with the beating inside her hot box. Brad bucked his hips forward with a raspy moan while Glenda tilted her hips again, making the underside of his cockhead slide against her clit. She didn't know how much longer she could hold out.

"No!" Glenda suddenly cried out.

She wasn't going to pop off now. With some difficulty, the brunette slid out from under the fucking boy and rolled him over on his back. Brad looked a little puzzled at Glenda as she leaned forward, letting her big titties brush lightly against his flat, muscular belly. While the boy riveted his eyes hotly on her, the brunette slowly sank down until the heat of his hot, hard, drooling cock brushed against her full red lips.

Glenda quickly opened her mouth wide while Brad took the hint and hunched up his hips. The brunette felt his salty flesh brush over the surface of her tongue. His big, fat dick filled her mouth, bubbling more dick juice that spilled over her tongue.

"Ohhhhh, suck, suck," Brad grunted as he twisted his hips back and forth. He made his dick revolve like a butter churn in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm," Glenda moaned happily, feeling her twitching nipples brush lightly up and down the boy's trembling, hairy legs as her head bobbed up and down his pole. Her hair whipped across his groin as she swirled her tongue around the thickly veined dickshaft.

"Lick it, please," Brad stammered, reaching down and running his fingers through Glenda's long, black silky hair.

Glenda felt the spongy cockhead pushing back over her tongue. It bumped along her teeth, sliding farther and farther down her mouth until it banged against the back of her throat. The brunette held her breath and dived deeper, taking the boy big cock all the way in until her head was jammed tight against his crotch.

"Ohhhh!" Brad moaned happily, closing his eyes in ecstasy. Glenda kept her had still for the moment, flicking her tongue around the sides of his dick. She could feel the big, blue veins throbbing wildly with sexual excitement as she stimulated Brad up to higher sexual heights with her sucking mouth.

Slowly, Glenda started to pull back on the boy's prick. She sucked in air, keeping his cock lodged in her mouth. Her tongue kept lashing over it, licking and tasting as much of the cum as she could milk from it with her lips. At the same time Glenda reached down and slipped out of her panties. The time for teasing was over.

"I can't take this," Brad said, pushing Glenda any from his groin.

The brunette groaned as she felt his cock slip out from between her lips. She was so weak from sexual excitement that she couldn't fight the boy. Brad rolled back on top of her, pinning her down to the floor again with his body as he rubbed his cockhead over the delicate flesh of her inner thighs.

"Oh God, now, now," Glenda moaned.

"Take my cock. Take it!" Brad growled.

Glenda lay still, keeping her ass flat on the floor as she felt the boy's dickhead push up through the forest of stiff pussy hairs until it rested between her puffy outer labes. The brunette bit her lower lip, moaning through her tightly-clenched teeth as the big, fat head pushed apart her cuntlips and crept into the hot, musky tunnel of her box.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhhh!" Glenda cried as she felt his fat cock sink farther into her flesh. It pushed at the walls of her cunt, forcing it into a round tunnel. She could hear the soft, squishy sound made by Brad's sliding prick as it bathed itself in her hot pussy oil.

"Great. Oh God, good pussy," Brad stammered as he kept pushing his ten-inch prick in. The hair on his chest tickled Glenda's tits as sweat dripped freely from his forehead and splashed down onto the thrashing brunette's flushed cheeks. As the boy shoved the last inch into her, he let out a long gasp of relief and twisted his groin against the soft lips of her pussy. Then he settled on her body and pushed hard between her legs.

Glenda felt his ten-inch prick throbbing in her cunt. With each jerk of his hard pole, her pussy walls squeezed tightly around it. The brunette rolled her cuntal muscles up and down. It was a trick Carl had taught her. It made a woman's pussy act like an experienced set of fingers, pulling and milking a man's prick until it could make the most experienced stud whimper for mercy.

"UHHHH NOOOOOO!" Brad groaned, digging his powerful fingers into Glenda's sides.

"Ohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Glenda screamed, hunching up with tiny, fast jerks as she impaled her pussy more and more on the boy's jerking dong. Brad thrust downward violently, matching her upward fucking motions with hunches of his own. Their hips banged together noisily until Glenda wondered just how black and blue she was going to be tomorrow. He was throwing his meat into her with the skill of a male prostitute. She couldn't believe that this was a nineteen-year-old boy. Her pussy was moving hot and heavy under Brad's relentless attack. Her cunt boiled with juice and heat while her clit teetered on the brink of cumming. Her womb, only inches away from the boy's drooling cockhead, was starting to spasm.

"In! In! In!" Glenda cried.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Brad cried back.

She was filled with dickmeat. Stuffed to the hilt with the boy's beautiful, fat cock. Her ass quivered with passion as if there were a prick stuck up her titter too. Glenda suddenly felt the boy's prick lighten into an iron pole. The brunette knew that it signaled the end of his control. She knew from experience that he'd be flooding her pussy with spurts of jizz.

"Wait for me!" Glenda cried, digging her fingernails into his hunching shoulders.

"I can't!" the boy cried.

Brad rammed his cock faster and faster into her pussy. His balls tightened up and rose so high that they pressed against the underside of his hammering cock. The room was filled with howls and the sound of wet, slapping skin as both Brad and Glenda finally rocketed over the edge.

"Gonna... Ohhhh, FUCK!" Brad shouted as he slammed his body into hers and lay there quivering. He sent stream after long, white stream of his cum into her tight cunt.

Glenda felt her mind explode as she felt that first injection of steaming jizz splatter against her clenching cuntal walls. It triggered her clit into orgasmic explosion. Her cunt and ass squeezed tight, clutching all ten inches of Brad's dick.

"Ohhhhh!" she screamed as she felt herself explode. "Fuck!"

She exploded and collapsed on the carpet, whimpering and whining as she felt the final orgasmic throbs of Brad's dick die away.

"Oh God. You don't know how much I needed that!" Glenda said, opening her eyes and smiling dreamily into the boy's big, brown eyes.

Glenda wanted to lay there with Brad's cock embedded in her pussy forever. A warm, delicious glow spread over her sweaty body as she traced her fingertips lightly over the boy's muscular shoulders. The brunette didn't know how long she lay there with Brad before she realized someone else was in the room.

"Mother!" Alana cried out with disgust and indignation as she stood leaning against the partially-opened study door.

"Oh God!" Glenda cried out hoarsely, jerking up and pushing Brad roughly off her.

"Ohhh, nooo," Alana cried, covering her face with her hands and turning away.

"I thought -- I..." Glenda stammered, slipping her pussy off the frightened boy's cock and crawling across the floor to her crumpled dress.

"I forgot Grandma's gift. I came back to get it when I heard all this moaning. Oh Mother! And with the stable boy!" Alana cried out in horror as she took one last look at the two of them.

"Please, Alana! I can explain," Glenda cried out as she pulled the dress over her pussy and titties.

"Get away from me!" the girl cried, backing out of the study. She turned and ran through the reception area. In the distance Glenda could hear James and Hilda calling out after the girl.

"Oh my God!" Glenda moaned, sinking to her knees and covering her face in shame as Brad still lay on the floor, embarrassed and confused.

Chapter THREE

"Hilda! Did you see which way she went?" Glenda gasped out as she staggered from the study into the reception area of the mansion.

"Down the hill," the maid said, looking curiously at Glenda.

The brunette barely had enough time to slip her dress back over her lithe body. Her hair was still matted down and tangled from the fucking she'd received from Brad. Her ha was flushed from all the excitement a few minutes earlier. In the background, Glenda could hear the boy struggling with his pats, trying to pull them on quickly as she tried to divert Hilda's attention from the study. "I've got to find her," Glenda said as she took Hilda by the hand and led her toward the drawing room. "Call Dr. Morris. Tell him to come over here right away. Tell him that Alana's hysterical."

"From what, ma'am?" Hilda asked, her face showing obvious confusion.

"Don't ask questions now. Just tell him to come over!" Glenda said angrily as she closed the drawing room doors quickly and ran back to the study.

"Get out of there!" Glenda hissed.

"I'm trying to get my zipper up. It's stuck!" Brad whined as he peeked through the cracked doors.

"Hold your shirt over it. Hold your damned hands over it. I don't care, but you've got to get out of here," Glenda said as she pulled Brad out of the room. "If they find you in here, I'll be ruined and you'll be out of a job. Now get back down to the stables and help me look for Alana."

Brad stumbled out into the reception area, holding his shirt over his fly and looking around in every direction with embarrassment.

"I don't think Alana'll be too happy to see me," Brad said as he inched toward the door.

"You can help anyway. You're partly responsible," Glenda said, refusing to admit to herself that she'd done everything except put up neon signs outside her windows begging for a fuck. "Got it!" Brad cried out happily as he gave one final yank on his zipper.

"Bravo! Now maybe you can help me find my daughter," Glenda said a little sarcastically as she stood by the opened front door, waiting for the boy to finish buttoning up his shirt.

"Maybe she's at the stables. Alana told me once that whenever she was feelin' low, she'd come down and talk to the horses," Brad said as the two of them ran out the door.

"I'll check then. You go over by the race track and hurdle run and see if you can spot her. If you do, don't go after her. Come back to the stables and let me know," Glenda ordered as she ran down the steep hill toward the three low wooden building five hundred yards away.

Panic gripped the brunette as she came closer to the stables. Once she found Alana, what could she say? The girl had obviously caught her in the act. There was nothing she could do except admit, to the obvious, then beg for the girl's forgiveness and understanding.

Alana had to know that a normal woman had normal drives. And if these drives were frustrated in one way or other, they were bound to take strange turns when they finally burst loose. And considering the situation, making it with Brad Graham wasn't all that strange.

"Alana?" Glenda called out softly as she reached the large, dark entrance of the first stable building. "Alana?" Glenda called out again, smoothing down her hair as she pecked into the dark building.

"She ain't here," someone with a deep voice said from the darkness.

"Who's there?" Glenda asked, feeling her hair stand up on end.

"Sam Becker," the stableman said, walking slowly out of the darkness up to her.

Glenda straightened her back and struck an authoritarian pose in front of the leering man. There was something animalistic about Sam that terrified Glenda. Playing the cold rich bitch was the only way she felt she could fight him off. The brunette knew that he wanted her cunt. She could feel his eyes peeling off her clothes every time she walked in front of him. It was a dirty, humiliating feeling, and she'd have fired him months ago. But Sam was one of the best stable masters around. If she wanted good, prime jumpers and racers, she had to have Sam around supervising the other workers and taking over when they didn't know what to do.

"Mr. Becker," Glenda said coolly, looking around with an air of unconcern, "I'm looking for my daughter. If you see her, please send her back up to the house." Glenda turned around and was about ready to leave.

"I sure will, Ma'am. That is, if you and Brad are through fuckin' on the floor." Sam laughed loudly as he folded his big hands across his big belly.

"What? How dare you." Glenda cried out, clenching her fingers into two tight fists and wheeling around to face him. Her face was flushed with rage and shame as she stared at the laughing pig.

"Come on, Mrs. Williams. I know all about you and what you like," Sam said as he leered hotly at her. "You cunts are all alike. You play hard to get. You think that your pussy's made of gold or somethin'. But when you get a good, fat, hot dick stuffed in it, then it's 'OHHHH, NOOOO!' and all that shit until you pop your load."

Sam lowered his hands to his crotch and started nabbing his fat fingers up and down his fly. Glenda felt her skin crawling with horror and revulsion. Sam was getting out of control.

"You're drunk!" Glenda cried out, slowly backing away from him.

"Sure, I've had a little bit," Sam said, suddenly letting out a loud belch.

"And you're disgusting!" the brunette said in a low, trembling voice as she raised her hands protectively over her big tits. How did he know? How could, he have heard about what happened unless Alana had come down here and told him.

"You and your fuckin' daughter -- two of a kind. Two big iceberg bitches until you get a fire in your pussy's." Sam stumbled toward Glenda.

"What have you done with my daughter?" the brunette asked, feeling horror creep over her as she thought that Alana might have come in contact with the stable master earlier.

"Nothin'! Nothin'!" Sam replied, stopping a few feet in front of her and reeling from to side with a stupid grin plastered on his pussy face. "She came down here an started talkin' to Destroyer. Couldn't help it, Mrs. Williams. I overheard, and I apologize," Sam slurred out, bowing mockingly in front of her. "That's where I heard about you and the kid."

Glenda looked around her. Where was Alana now? When the girl realized that Sam had overheard her, she probably bolted. But where?

"I didn't touch her. Too bad. She's got a nice little ass, Mrs. Williams. And I like nice, little asses," Sam said in a low, husky voice.

Glenda recognized that tone of voice, and realized that she'd better get out of there while she could.

"Thank you, Mr. Becker," Glenda said coolly as she started to leave.

"You ain't goin' anywhere 'til I'm through with you," Sam sneered, lurching forward and grabbing her by the right arm.

"Let me go, you pig!" Glenda screamed, slashing the air with the fingernails of her left hand as she tried to twist free of Sam's tight grip.

"Fighting bitch, aren't you? I like a fighter," Sam growled, his left hand moving quickly through the air.

Glenda felt something hard and heavy crash across her right cheek.

"Ohhh," the brunette cried out.

All the breath was knocked out of her with that blow. It was so hard that it knocked the woman free of Sam's tight grip and sent her stumbling and spinning to the hay-covered floor under them. Glenda caught herself with both hands as her knees scraped painfully across the sharp stubble and straw. Her brain buzzed as she heard Sam's loud, harsh laughter echo through the stable.

"Try anything like that with me again, and you'll get worse," Sam said, reaching down and wrapping his hands tightly around Glenda's narrow waist.

The brunette was still too dazed to fight. She felt him pick her up, then drag her like a dirtied old dishrag into the foul-smelling stable. This was Sam's home -- the place where he was about to violate Glenda in the worst way possible.

"Leave me alone," the brunette pleaded in a soft whisper.

But Sam pretended not to hear her. He dragged her roughly across the floor, swearing and muttering to himself until they came up to a sawhorse. Glenda was gradually coming to her senses. All she needed was an opportunity to spring free and run out of the stable. The brunette had a feeling that Sam was preparing something grotesque for his own pleasure. Glenda wanted to be no part of his sick perversion.

"Gotta get some rope," the fat man mumbled as he dropped the brunette like an old sack of potatoes and started stumbling toward a large, half-opened cabinet.

Glenda saw her chance. The brunette sprung up quickly and sprinted toward the opened front door.

"Oh no, you don't!" Sam said, dropping the rope he'd pulled out of the cabinet and running after the woman.

The sounds of Sam's beating feet rang louder in her ears. If only he could reach the opening in time. If only.

"Owwwwww!" the brunette howled, feeling her halt being yanked back hard by the stable master. The sudden pressure and unbearable pain brought Glenda crashing down to her knees.

"OHHH! OWWWWW! NOOOOOO! OWWWWW!" the woman cried out in agony as Sam kept pulling her hair violently in every direction, swearing at her for trying to escape.

"When I get through with you, bitch, you'll think this was the best part," Sam said, his face twisted into a mask of brutality and hate. Glenda cringed on the floor as she saw him draw back his hand spin. It crashed down on her face like a tumbling boulder, sending her reeling backward unconscious.

When Glenda awoke, she found herself sitting astraddle the sawhorse. Sam had stripped her naked, tethering her wrists and ankles with the half-inch rope to the bottom halves of the legs. The rough wooden crosspiece bit into her crotch painfully. Glenda raised her head from the crossbar and shook it, trying to focus her eyes and see what was happening around her.

"Like your new home?" she heard Sam ask somewhere behind her.

It was hard for Glenda to turn her head. But she managed to do it, twisting around in her bonds until she spotted Sam standing about three feet behind her. He was stripped to the waist and sweating heavily. In his right hand was one of the riding crops she'd used so often when racing the horses.

"What are you going to do to me?" Glenda asked in a trembling-voice.

Sam just laughed, sliding the leather crop slowly up and down in his right hand while he kept staring at her naked body. He laughed again, then walked up to her, pointing the riding crop at her ass.

"I told you I like ass meat," Sam said, chuckling as he pushed the cold leather crop against her right butt cheek.

Glenda felt her assflesh pucker up immediately as she felt that instrument slide teasingly up and down her butt. Sam was enjoying himself immensely. He enjoyed watching her face register disgust and fear as he moved that riding crop closer and closer toward her puckered bunghole.

"You and your daughter -- two cold, rich bitches," Sam muttered, sliding the long leather rod now into the tight crevice that ran between Glenda's full, firm asscheeks. "Well, old Sam's gonna pull you down from that fuckin' pedestal, baby. And you're gonna love every fuckin' second of it."

Before Glenda could say anything, she heard something hiss through the air. Suddenly she saw the riding crop sailing down toward her left shoulder.

"UGHHHHHHH!" the brunette cried out as the pointed tip of the crop bit into her tender skin.

Hot tears of shame and pain sprang to the woman's eyes as she felt another hot flash of agony across her lower back. There wasn't any kind of rhythm to the beating Sam was giving her now. He slashed the crop across her spine, then sent it whistling down and smacking over Glenda's trembling shoulderblades.

"Stop it! NOOOO!" the brunette howled, jerking and twisting in her bonds as the crop slashed over and over across her flesh.

Glenda couldn't believe this was actually happening. It was impossible! It was medieval! Only a few minutes ago she was locked in the safety of her home. And now this!

"P-please! NO! OWWWWWWW! OH, GOD, HELP M-MEEEE!" Glenda cried out each time the riding crop knifed into her. But her begging seemed to drive Sam into a hotter fury. He grunted and laughed, sweating with the work of beating the groaning brunette.

"Bitch! Bitch!" Sam grunted each time he hit her with the riding crop.

Glenda grimaced in pain as her body twisted and bucked convulsively. The sharp wooden ridge of the sawhorse grew more and more painful as the lashing seemed to increase both in speed and in intensity. Finally Sam brought down the crop with an angry thwacking sound across her back. The brunette jerked her head up and let out a thin, high-pitched shriek. Her eyes bulged with agony as the scream diminished to a low, growing moan.

"You're one hell of a woman," Sam said, chuckling as he looked at the red welts that sprang up all over Glenda's sweaty body.

Her skin gleamed. Glenda almost mumbled a thank-you to Sam for stopping the brutal beating for a while. She felt faint with agony.

"You bastard!" Glenda finally said, turning around and spitting into his face.

Sam wiped the glob of spittle from his eye, then he grabbed a handful of hair with his right hand. Yanking upward, he pulled to the left until her face was tilted up.

"Slut!" he cried out, lifting the crop up as high as he could raise it. Sam then brought it down hard, slashing the tip of the crop across Glenda's right tit. She babbled out a cry of strangled pain as her body shuddered from the sudden attack.

"You'll never get away with this," Glenda moaned, dropping her head to the crossbar of the sawhorse after Sam let go of her hair and backed away. "When I get free, I swear I'll hunt you up no matter where you hide!"

"Then I might as well get as much pleasure out of this as I can," Sam said, arching his eyebrows and walking up to the bound brunette again.

Glenda cringed as she saw him lift the riding crop high in the air again. He brought it down hard and fast across Glenda's right asscheek. The woman bit her lower lip hard, trying to stifle a groan. She stared at the bare wooden wall just in front of her, concentrating on a broken slat, as she tried to ignore the agonizing pain that ripped across her violated butt. Her eyes were glazed and dilated.

Glenda felt her lips trembling uncontrollably in spite of all the self-control she could muster. Sam kept slashing the leather crop across her tender, quivering assflesh as Glenda refused to utter a cry. The agonizing fiery heat made her body jerk, however, with each biting clit. That was enough for Sam.

"Ohhhhhh," Glenda finally sighed as Sam stopped the whipping for a second and rested.

He dangled the riding crop over her left buttock, grinning as he watched her reaction. Glenda involuntarily stiffened her muscles, waiting for the slashing pain. It never came.

She exhaled with relief, relaxing as the crop kept moving teasingly and lightly along the smooth skin of her asscheek.

Sam saw his chance. Quickly, without warning, the stable master raised the crop and slashed it violently across her smooth right buttcheek. This time Glenda couldn't control herself. A cry of agony erupted from her full lips as she lurched forward from the unexpected attack. That sudden move caused the sharp, splintered edges of the sawhorse to dig painfully into her pussylips and inner thighs. Sweat poured out from under Glenda's arms and down her forehead as Sam concentrated on her right buttcheek, lashing it red with streak marks and welts.

"AHHHHHH! NOOOOO!" Glenda shrieked as her fingers clawed at the legs of the sawhorse.

Tears started to run down her flushed, puffy cheeks.

Glenda twisted her wrists and ankles with every ounce of strength she could muster, trying to break free of her bonds. But it was impossible. Sam was too experienced a horseman and knew too much about knots and ropes to make a mistake in tying her up. She was trapped until he was finished with her.

"Take it! Take it, bitch!" Sam growled now, bringing down the crop hard.

Glenda howled, praying God that someone would hear her. But Sam had closed the big wooden doors to the stable before flying into her with the riding crop. Most of the hands were out in the fields, exercising the horses. No one would be near the buildings for several hours yet. In that time, he could do anything to her.

"G-Godddd!" Glenda cried out as the stiff leather crop cut deep into her titties. She bucked back, then lurched forward as the tip of the his instrument slashed into her nipples.

Her inner thighs were rubbed red from constant friction with the sharp edge of the crossbeam. As the crop cut across her right cheek, Glenda mercifully felt herself losing consciousness. She gave out one final long, low moan of pain before her head sank and she slumped over the beam.

The brunette had no idea how long she'd been unconscious. When she awoke, Glenda found herself off the sawhorse and back on the ground. Her wrists were bound together as were her ankles, and she was lying on her right side. There wasn't a mound in the barn.

Straining her head upward, Glenda could see from the light that filtered through the cracks in the stable walls that it was late afternoon. She must have been unconscious for several hours.

Where was Sam? What was he planning to do with her? What had he done -- if anything, with Alana?

Glenda tried her best to creep across the floor.

Chapter FOUR

"Trying to get away again, eh?" Sam chuckled, opening the door and walking in from the outside.

He was still bare-chested. But at least he didn't have that riding crop with him. Glenda winced as she felt every slash and welt on her body sting with pain and humiliation. She felt filthy, violated and degraded by this sub-human.

Glenda turned her head and looked away from the sneering man.

"You've caused a lot of trouble up there," Sam said, pointing up toward the mansion. "The doc's up there, and your maid and -- well a whole lot of people lookin' for you and your fuckin' daughter." Sam suddenly broke out into loud, cutting laughter. The mocking tone in his voice bit painfully into Glenda's pride.

"What have you done with her?" the brunette asked after several seconds of silence.

"Nothing, baby, nothing," Sam said, walking up to her and bending down as he trailed his fingertips lightly across her right cheek.

"Get away from me!" she hissed, feeling her stomach chum with revulsion.

"Sure, baby, sure," Sam said, bending over and wrapping his big hands around her waist.

Glenda felt him rolling her over until she was crouched on her hands and knees. Her ass stuck up high in the air as Sam knelt down behind her, his fingers moving all over the streaked skin.

The ropes cut painfully into her wrists and ankles as Glenda guessed what Sam had in store for her. The big man grunted with pleasure as he forced his thumbs into the tight crack between her cheeks and slid them quickly up to her bunghole. Glenda grunted with fear and shame as she felt the stable master's thumbtips scrap across the smooth, puckered membranes surrounding her tight shitter.

"Ohhhhh," Glenda groaned, feeling her body shudder as Sam slid one of his thumbs into her shit-chute.

"Ever been butt-fucked before, babe? Like I said, I love asses. And yours looks like it's gonna be one hell of prize for my cock!" Sam growled as he slid the other thumb into the hole, then pried her asshole open.

"Ahhhh!" Glenda cried out as she felt a cool rush of air blow into her shitter.

"Feelin' good already, ain't it?" Sam grunted, pulling his right hand away from the woman's ass. He moved it to his fly and unzipped his trousers, pulling his eight-inch prick out.

Glenda could feel something hot bump up against her upturned asscheeks. She guessed what it was and sucked in a deep breath to prepare herself for the rape.


Glenda cried as she felt the big bulbous head of Sam's dick press against her shithole, then force its way into her gut. The agony ripped across her belly and around to her cunt and tits as the stable master ignored Glenda's pleas and kept on shoving forward.

"Ohhhh, yeah baby, yeah," he grunted, closing his eyes and sweating like an animal as he shoved forward harder. The brunette wailed and shuddered under the vicious attack as Sam wrapped his big hairy paws around her hips and pulled her back against his smelly groin. He moved her back and forth slightly with his hands, adding to the already tight friction her bunghole was giving him.

"OHHH, NOOO! GODDDDDD!" Glenda cried out as her teeth chattered from the excruciating pain. The brunette felt humiliated and degraded beyond words. No one had ever done this to her before -- not even Carl. And here she was, tied down in front of this animal so that he could stick his fuckshaft into her ass! Just the idea of it revolted her.

"UGHHHHH!" Sam grunted as he shoved the final inches of his ugly, vein-streaked dick into Glenda's ass.

The two of them didn't move for several minutes, panting heavily from the exhaustion that resulted from this fucking. Her asshole throbbed in time to the pulses racking Sam's embedded dick. Glenda prayed that Sam would cum soon. He might let her go after shooting his wad.

"Cum, cum!" Glenda moaned, hanging her head down and smelling the stale horse piss that reeked up from the floor.

"Told you you'd like it," Sam grunted, squeezing his fat asscheeks together and drawing his throbbing dick slowly out of Glenda's butt. The brunette shuddered as she felt that thick pole pushing her slitter farther and farther apart. She thought that he'd break her apart.

"OHHHHHHH!" Glenda moaned as Sam hunched his prong back in until his hairy groin rubbed up against her full ass. He repeated this in-out motion, twisting and grinding his hips. Glenda hunched forward with every thrust. Sam was grunting and sweating with his ass-fucking, swearing like an old sailor as his cock throbbed closer and closer toward orgasm.

"Fuckin' slut! Bitch! Whore!" he cried out at her. He dug his powerful fingers harder into her sides until they were colored black and blue. He could feel the hot juices bubbling in his rising balls as his dick blasted faster and faster into Glenda's asshole.


Sam suddenly grunted as his body stiffened and his groin slammed hard against Glenda's ass, nearly bowling her over. He was cumming! Her ass was actually filling up with this man's disgusting in. Glenda almost vomited as she felt something hot and wet pour into her shitter. It was like getting an enema at the hospital as Sam dumped his full, steaming load into her bowels.

"Mmmmm, yeah, yeah, yeah," the stable master finally grunted as his cumming wound down to a few throbs racking his ass-embedded dickhead. Glenda gasped out in relief, thanking God that it was all over. The stable master had shot his load. Now maybe he'd let her go.

"Ohhhhhhh," the brunette sighed as Sam pulled his flaccid cock out of her asshole with a loud pop. "Not bad, baby. But you're not half as good as half the bitches around the county. Maybe when you get used to it, you'll improve," Sam said, chuckling softly to himself as he flipped his dick back into his Levi's and zipped up his fly.

Glenda didn't say a word. She knew that any kind of begging just excited Sam more.

"I'm through with you for now, babe. But I just can't let you go," Sam said, kneeling down in front of the prostrate Glenda once more.

The brunette felt a thrill of horror shoot through her as the big man's words sank in.

"Let me go. Let me go," Glenda murmured as she turned her head away from the leering man.

Slowly, the brunette tucked her legs under her ass and pushed up with her bruised, welt-covered thighs. Glenda's flesh ached and stung from the vicious beating she'd received. Sam's cooling jizz leaked out of her stretched asshole, trickling over her asscheeks to her thighs.

Glenda shuddered in disgust when she finally stood up and turned around. There was Sam Becker, sneering at her in triumph. Pieces of hay and clumps of dirt clung to her hair and body.

"Hell, you're so pretty now," Sam commented wryly, stepping forward and raising his right hand.

Glenda instinctively cringed, waiting for the big paw to come down across her face.

"Got you well trained, bitch," Sam said, chuckling. "Can't lose somethin' like you," Sam grunted as he reached out and grabbed her tightly again by the arms.

"Oh God, no!" Glenda moaned as she felt Sam's thick, wet lips slide up and down her neck. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, twisting in his tight grip as the big stable master sucked and lapped at her skin. He was enjoying her disgust and revulsion. The more she howled and begged, the more he taunted her.

Glenda tried to keep herself from reacting to the big man's advances. But just the thought of the big, fat stable master crawling all over her body made her want to retch.

"Give ol' Sam a big, sloppy kiss," the stable man said in a mocking voice.

Glenda felt his right hand slide up from her bare asscheeks to the back of her head. He grabbed her skull tightly, forcing her face hard against his.

"Nnnnnnngh," the brunette wailed in a high-pitched voice as the big man's rancid breath filled her nostrils. Glenda looked at that puffy, red, sweat-covered face and felt Sam's belly grinding and bumping against hers. She wanted to howl like an animal.

"Come on," Sam urged, pushing her head harder against his.

Glenda felt the hot breath from Sam's mouth against hers. Quickly she opened her mouth and closed it again, sinking her front teeth hard into the big man's thick lips.

"Ooooooowwww!" he howled, jerking back and covering his mouth with both hands.

Glenda saw her chance. As blood seeped from his lips, the brunette spun around and ran for the front door of the stable. She was stark naked and might be running in front of someone she knew. But this wasn't the time for thinking about embarrassment. She couldn't take much more of this treatment from Sam. She had to get out of there.

"Where the fuck you think you goin'?" Glenda heard Sam bellow out.

Her heart skipped a beat as she tore open the big wooden doors and stepped out into the bright moonlight. It was night already! Someone must be looking for her by now! God only knows why they didn't try the stables. All she had to do was slip past Sam, then make a break for it to the house. Hilda the maid and the other help would be there. They'd lock the door and call the police, and the long nightmare would be over.

"Come back here, you bitch!" Sam bellowed like a wounded bull as he staggered out from the stable.

Glenda ran quickly behind a high clump of bushes to the right of the stable main door. Crouching on the ground and peering through the thick leaves, the brunette watched Sam closely as he ran aimlessly about the pound in front of the stable.

"Come on, horsey, and we'll have a good time again," Sam said in a softer tone of voice, hoping to coax her out.

Glenda looked around her nervously, trying to pick out a good escape path when she heard something that made her hair stand on end.

"All right, you fuckin' bitch," Sam said, standing in front of the door of the building now with both hands on his paunchy hips. "You can go on hiding all night. You might even get away. But you try callin' the cops and you'll never see your daughter Alana again."

Glenda clamped her hands over her mouth to stifle a loud gasp.

"That's right. I lied to you, bitch. You wanna see her, you cooperate or else, well..." Sam chuckled. "I'm goin' back in here for another beer. You wanna come in, the door's open," Sam drawled out, turning around and stumbling back into the building.

Glenda crouched in the thick bushes several minutes after Sam disappeared. She wanted to make sure that the big man wouldn't come running out in an attempt to trick her out of her hiding place and catch her. She wanted to get away as soon as possible and find out if what Sam said was true.

Glenda somehow couldn't make herself believe that Alana was in his hands. The girl was probably back home now, worried sick -- wondering where her mother was. Maybe the two of them could talk together that night, Glenda could try to make Alana understand why she submitted to Brad's cock. Alana was almost a woman now. She had to understand this sort of thing!

Glenda moved her hands forward and pushed back the leaves of the bush one more time. Peering through the tiny opening, the brunette saw that Sam was still inside the brightly-lit stable. Glenda sprang to her feet and turned around, running quickly but silently away from the thicket.

The brunette felt like some kind of savage as she scrambled across the high growing grass toward the mansion at the top of the hill. Glenda's bare feet barely touched the wet ground as her white skin flashed through the silver moonlight. The woman felt her body tingle with a strange kind of exotic excitement as the cool, damp night air blew against her hot flesh. As she drew nearer to the brightly-lit mansion, Glenda wondered how many women had made a similar escape from the big, fat ugly man. He'd mentioned that he'd done this sort of thing before to other women. How many had Sam humiliated, beaten and degraded like that?

Glenda reached the front steps of the portico. The brunette could see some movement inside the entranceway. She imagined what kind of a hit she'd make sprinting into the room stark naked.

"Call me if you hear anything, Hilda," Glenda heard a male voice boom out as the front door cracked open slowly.

"Yes sir. But I still think we should call the police," the maid said as the door opened and a sliver of gold light flooded through the night air.

Glenda leaped to the right and ran quickly to the corner of the mansion as a tall, big-framed man stepped out of the house and through the portico.

"With anyone else, I'd say yes. But you know how impulsive Mrs. Williams can be. Maybe she and her daughter are miles away from here trying to iron out their problems," the big man said jovially as he started down the steps.

"I hope so, Mr. Thomas," Hilda said, shaking her head slowly.

It was Peter! Glenda peeked around the corner and saw the big man walk toward his car. The brunette's first impulse was to jump out and flag him down. He was her lawyer and friend. He could help her.

Then Glenda thought of her daughter. Alana hadn't returned -- at least, she'd been able to gather that from the bit of conversation she'd caught between Hilda and Peter. That meant that Sam's threat was still good. Glenda knew that the smart thing was to let somebody know about what had happened to her. But she was ashamed and frightened for her daughter.

"You'll call me just as soon as you hear something, Hilda?" Peter asked as he opened the door of his car and slid in.

"Certainly sir," the maid said, closing the door quietly.

Glenda pressed her asscheeks against the cold wooden wall of the mansion as Peter's bright headlights clit through the night. After his car had driven around the long curved driveway and was heading down the private road to the highway below, Glenda edged her way around the mansion and crept to the front door.

The brunette guessed that she could have sneaked into the rear. But that was the kitchen door, and Hilda was usually busy in that room this time of night. With Alana gone, chances were that Glenda wouldn't meet anyone in the entrance ball now.

Glenda reached out and grabbed the brass handle of the door with her right hand. Quickly, she opened the door and slipped into the house. No one was there! Glenda could hear Hilda clanging away in the kitchen. In a series of rapid movements, the brunette slammed the front door loudly behind her, then she turned and sprinted up the steps toward her bedroom.

"Who's then?" she heard Hilda's voice ring out from below as she reached the top landing.

"It's me, Hilda. I've been out looking for Alana and couldn't find her," Glenda said, ducking into her room and shut the door behind her.

"We've been looking all over for you, Mrs. Williams. Nobody could find you," Hilda panted out as she climbed the stairs rapidly.

"I'd like to be alone now, Hilda," Glenda said, reaching behind her and flipping the lock to her door. She leaned against it and tilted back her head, closing her eyes in exhaustion as the maid ran up to the door.

"And nobody's heard a thing from your daughter, Mrs. Williams. Even the stable boy, Brad what's-his-name's gone. Nobody can find him either," Hilda said through the shut door.

"I'll be down in a little bit for some coffee, Hilda. Right now, I just want to relax," Glenda said wearily.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll call Mr. Thomas right now, though, and let him know you're all right," Hilda said, turning around and heading back down the stain a little disappointedly. She'd hoped to learn more about what happened between Glenda and Brad that afternoon. Hilda was no fool, and pretty much guessed what set Alana rocketing out of the house. But she'd wanted to spice up her otherwise dull, uneventful life with a few sordid details from madam.

When Glenda was sure that the maid was gone, she staggered across the thick green carpeting toward her private bathroom. Her body ached from the beating, and her mind whirled around with horror and exhaustion. Reaching out with her right hand, Glenda flicked on the light switch and turned to her left toward the full-length bathroom mirror.

"Oh my God!" the brunette gasped, her eyes widening in horror as she looked at herself.

Large welts were all over her body. The red stripes across her butt, inner thighs and tits made her look like a strange hybrid of tiger. Glenda staggered toward the mirror in horrified fascination, running her fingers lightly over her violated skin. Only her face had remained relatively untouched from the savage beating she'd received.

"Ohhh, God!" the woman cried out suddenly and bitterly, closing her eyes and forcing back the tears as the full force of what had happened to her crashed down on her mind. It was like a weight, pushing her down to the floor.

"God! God! God!" Glenda repeated over and over as she felt her knees giving way under her. The brunette would have collapsed into a sobbing heap if the phone hadn't suddenly begun to ring. At first, Glenda wanted to ignore it. She wasn't in a mood to talk, even to Peter Thomas right now. The ringing stopped. Glenda knew that Hilda was on the line now.

"Mrs. Williams. It's some man. He insists on talking with you," Hilda called out from below.

Something struck Glenda about this call. Something told her that it concerned her stepdaughter Alana.

"I'll take it, Hilda," Glenda shouted. She ran to her phone and picked it up nervously. When she heard Hilda hang up, Glenda started to speak.

"Who is this?" she said breathlessly.

"Mama?" a girl's voice said unevenly over the phone.

"Alana? Alana, where are you? I've been worried sick," Glenda said, choking down the sobs as she sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed with relief. Then she remembered what Hilda said. A man had called. But this was Alana on the line.

"Mama. They're gonna make me do terrible things," the girl wailed. "Please make them stop! Please!"

Then the begging stopped as a deep voice rang out over the receiver.

"We've got her, Mrs. Williams. And you know what we'll do to her if you don't listen," the man said viciously.

"Who is this? What do you want?"

"You wouldn't want the same thing to happen to your daughter that happened to you now would you?" the man asked, chuckling after he'd finished.

"Is Sam Becker in this with you?" Glenda demanded to know.

"Never mind who's in this, Mrs. Williams. What's important is your daughter. Now, we've got her and we're gonna keep her until you pay her way free," the man insisted.

Glenda felt herself freeze with terror as she realized that Alana was being held for ransom. God only knows what they'd do to the girl unless she cooperated.

"What do you want?" the brunette asked in a strangely calm voice. She didn't want to give these bastards any kind of enjoyment from her obvious fear and concern. If money's what they want, they'll get that -- and just that.

"Five hundred thousand dollars, Mrs. Williams," the man replied evenly.

"Five hundred thousand...?" Glenda gasped. "I haven't got that kind of money."

The brunette sprang to her feet and nearly dropped the receiver to the floor.

"Come on, Mrs. Williams. Maybe not under your pillow. But you've got more than ten times that in assets. Your daughter's worth at least that much, isn't she?" the man asked.

Before Glenda could say anything, she heard Alana suddenly scream out in pain. The shriek was high and shrill, lasting for what seemed to be an eternity before it died down to a quiet whimper.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Glenda cried wildly into the receiver. She was hunched over and beating her fists on the nightstand next to the bed as Alana's whimpering continued.

"Start liquidating some of those assets, Mrs. Williams. We'll be in touch," the man said, hanging up quietly.

Chapter FIVE

Glenda held the receiver in her right hand for several minutes after the man hung up. Kidnapped! And probably tortured! If Sam were involved in this some way, Glenda had an idea what Alana was going through now. She had to move quickly if she wanted to see her stepdaughter alive again.

Got to call Peter, Glenda said to herself as she pressed down the button and got a dial tone. The brunette nervously punched the buttons and waited for the lawyer to answer his phone.


"Peter, this is Glenda. Now listen, I don't have all night. Alana's been kidnapped. They've called me and they want five hundred thousand dollars."

"What? My God! We've got to call the police," the lawyer said as he realized what Glenda was saying.

"No police! No police! They'll kill her for sure if we call the police!" Glenda replied hysterically. "You've got to start selling some of my stock now."

"Glenda, I..."

"Listen. You're my lawyer. Now you do what you're told," the brunette said, "or I'll start it myself."

Peter paused at the other end of the line before saying anything.

"All right, Glenda. It's your money. When do they want it?"

"They didn't say. But I've got to have it now, Peter. Please," Glenda pleaded. She had mental mages of Alana being strapped down and raped repeatedly by God only knows who.

"I'll see what I can do," the lawyer said.

He hung up after reassuring Glenda that he'd do everything in his power to help. The big-titted brunette showered hurriedly, ignoring the stings that the water caused as it beat against her violated skin. As she dried off, then slipped into her nightgown, Glenda thought of nothing else except Alana.

Where was she? What were those men doing to her? The questions spun wildly around in Glenda's head as she pulled back the covers of her king-sized bed and slid in between the silk sheets. Images of Sam towering over her with the pain-inflicting riding crop danced in her head as she slowly sank into unconsciousness.

"No! Don't!" Glenda screamed out, covering her face as she sat up quickly in bed.

Sweat soaked through her nightgown as the brunette opened her eyes. It was a dream -- a nightmare about last night. The riding crop, the sawhorse cutting into her cunt-flesh, Sam's thick cock battering its way up her shitter, all these things sliced through her mind as she perspired heavily.

Slowly, Glenda realized that the ringing phone had awakened her. Rolling quickly over on her right side, she reached out and jerked the receiver nervously off the phone.

"Mrs. Williams? You got the money?"

"I'm getting it," Glenda said softly. "I want to talk to my daughter."

"We've got her tied up right now. But she's safe. Just as long as you play it our way, she'll be okay," the man said calmly.

"When can I get her back?" Glenda asked with a slight quiver in her voice. She was desperately trying to keep control of herself. But under the pressure from last night, that was almost a losing battle.

"As soon as we get the dough. We want it in two parts. The first two hundred-fifty thousand we want you to deliver it in person. This afternoon at five-thirty at the old Holmes ranch. Bring it in a briefcase, alone, and put it on the kitchen table of the main house. The rest, we'll get your lawyer Thomas to bring."

"That's our way, Mrs. Williams. Take it or leave it. See you tonight," the man said, hanging up quickly.

Glenda had just placed the receiver back on the phone when Hilda knocked at her bedroom door and announced that her lawyer Peter was downstairs. Glenda threw her long, tapered legs over the edge of the bed and glanced at the clock as she slipped out of her nightgown. It was already eleven-thirty in the morning. She prayed that Peter had the cash with him.

The woman dressed hurriedly, slipping a blue jersey over her big tits and stepping into a pair of white, clinging slacks. She ran down to meet Peter.

"Lovely as usual," Peter said, smiling up at Glenda as she ran down the stairs.

Glenda smiled back, nervously waiting for Hilda to walk out of the room. As soon as the mild left, the brunette dropped her casual air and whispered hoarsely to the lawyer.

"Have you got the money?" she asked.

"It wasn't easy," Peter answered, raising his eyebrows and sighing as he put the briefcase down on the cocktail table and opened it. Glenda's eyes widened as she looked at the rows of hundred-dollar bills.

"It's all there?" she asked, reaching down with her right hand and picking up a packet of bills.

"It's all there. When are we supposed to deliver it?" he asked, sitting down on the long, white couch and looking up at her.

Glenda knew that Peter wasn't going to like this. But he had no choice. As she put the bills back in the briefcase and closed it, the brunette explained to him what the kidnappers wanted.

"No deal!" Peter said, shaking his head rapidly back and forth. "You're crazy if you go through with it. It's too dangerous."

"Peter, I've made up my mind. It's the only way I get Alana back. Besides, they won't do anything to me. I've still got the other two hundred fifty thousand back here," Glenda said, knowing that Peter would really object if he knew what had happened to her the night before. Fortunately, the long-sleeved jersey and slacks hid any of the marks that still scarred her body.

"And I'm supposed to wait around until I get a call from them?" Peter finally said, realizing that Glenda wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Yes. I guess they want the ransom delivered like this to make sure I don't call the police. Please, Peter. Do as I say. I want her back. Then we can call out the National Guard it you want to, but please, this time..."

"All right. All right. I'll be back around four this afternoon," the lawyer said, patting Glenda comfortingly on the shoulder as he left.

The brunette sat in the drawing room the rest of that morning and afternoon, watching the hours drag by as she waited for five o'clock to come. The Holmes ranch was about a half-hour ride from her home. It had been deserted far the past ten years in the back hills behind Glenda's estate. Now it was going to be the meeting place for this sordid affair.

Finally five o'clock came. But Peter wasn't there.

"Tell Mr. Thomas that I've gone out. He'll know where I am," Glenda told Hilda as she tucked the briefcase under her right arm and hurried out the door. She'd separated half of the money and stuffed it a paper sack that she had hidden in the wall safe above the fireplace. That was just another piece of insurance. If they tiled anything funny, she still had the other two hundred fifty thousand tucked safely away.

"I'll call him later," Glenda shouted over her shoulder as she jumped into her car and started the engine quickly.

Images of rape and torture whirled through Glenda's mind as she sped down the highway toward the Holmes ranch. It was already beginning to get dark. The brunette had her doubts about going to the ranch alone. But she didn't have much choice.

As the sun slowly sank behind the bare, rounded hills, Glenda turned up the dirt road leading to the collection of run-down buildings and wondered what kind of condition Alana would be in when she was finally released by her kidnappers.

Pulling up in front of the main ranch building, Glenda spotted two cars parked behind the house. She wasn't alone! Her heart skipped a beat as she opened the car door and stepped out into the cool night air.

Would her stepdaughter be there? Would she at least be able to see her?

These questions racked Glenda's mind as she slammed the door behind her and walked over the loose gravel in front of the house to the sagging wooden porch. The ranch was deathly quiet. Almost too quiet.

Glenda felt goosebumps break out all over her body as she reached out and opened the front door. Stepping into the darkened room of the old ranch house, Glenda immediately saw two silhouettes sitting opposite one another by a large, rectangular table.

"Mrs. Williams, I guess," the man on the right said, turning slowly toward her.

The room was too dark for Glenda to make out his features. But the woman knew instantly that this was the man who phoned her.

"Yes. I've got the money. Now, where's my daughter?" she asked, still holding the briefcase tightly under her arm.

"She's safe. Let's see the cash," the man said, pushing the chair back and standing up.

"Take your blood money," Glenda said, throwing the briefcase onto the table top.

"Must be nice to be that careless about two-hundred fifty thou," the man commented wryly as he turned the briefcase around and opened it.

The other man reached over and turned up the flame on the hurricane lamp that had been burning low in the middle of the table. The sudden bright red glare lit up both faces of the men. The one counting the money didn't look familiar. But the other man was all too recognizable. It was Sam, leering at her like a satiated vulture while his partner counted the stacks of hundred-dollar bills.

"How you been, bitch?"

"Where is she?" Glenda said, feeling her fingers tremble with revulsion and terror.

"It's all here," the other man said, closing the top of the briefcase softly and locking it.

"Good. You want to see your daughter? Come on," Sam said, leering at her as he stood up.

Automatically, Glenda shrank back from the approaching man and stepped back onto the porch.

"She's not out there. You've got to go downstairs," the other man said, pushing the heavy table back and revealing a large, square trap door.

Both men bent down and pulled the door open. A sudden flood of light filled the tiny room.

"Down there?" Glenda asked nervously as she edged her way back into the room.

"See for yourself," Sam said, pointing into the hole.

"Oh my God!" Glenda cried, peering down into the basement.

There was Alana, all right. "What have you done to her?"

"Nothing, yet," he said, reaching out and pushing the woman forward.

"Ooooooh!" Glenda cried out, pitching forward as she lost her balance. She fell several feet before she reached up and grabbed onto the edge of the floor just in time. Her legs dangled into the basement as Sam and the other man stood above her and laughed.

"There's another couch just for you, baby," Sam said, stepping forward and pressing the heel of his right shoe down lightly on the fingers of Glenda's left hand. The pressure increased, and the brunette realized that she'd have to let go soon if she wanted to have a hand left.

"Got another one for you, Sid," the other man in the room called down into the basement as he stepped on Glenda's other hand.

"God!" the brunette screamed as the pain became too strong.

Her fingers slipped out from under the men's shoes and she plummeted down to the concrete floor of the basement.

"Got 'er," a tall, blond, crewcut man said as Glenda moaned in pain.

It was a miracle that no bones were broken. As it was, the brunette's head swam in a sea of pain and horror as she felt her wrists being pulled behind her back and bound savagely with rope.

"You'll never get the rest of the money," she murmured as Sid began tying her ankles.

"Well see," Sam said, climbing down the ladder. "Right now, you ought to meet the gang."

Glenda shook her head and looked around the basement. It was large, lined with thick damp bricks and brightly lit by several bare overhead lightbulbs. There were couches, like the one Alana was strapped onto, all over the room. Racks filled with whips, riding crops, cat-o-nine-tails, pokers, branding irons and other instruments of torture lined two walls of the basement, while several sets of rings hung from the ceiling at the other end of the room.

So this is where Sam and his buddies took girls for their kind of "fun". It was like the medieval dungeon of the Spanish Inquisition.

As Glenda's eyes moved from the racks and couches to the eight men standing at the other end of the room staring at her, she gasped in surprise. Many of them were her neighbors, prominent lawyers and doctors who were obviously into this kind of thing.

"I can't believe it!" Glenda cried a she saw thorn all looking at her with twisted smiles.

"We're all into this, Glenda," Bob Dennis, a surgeon who lived next door to her said. "Sam gets the girls and we -- well..."

"We've done nothing to you," she pleaded a they all started to walk closer to her.

In a few minutes Glenda found herself stretched out on her belly. The man named Ski pull up Glenda's jersey while another man reached around Glenda's sides and unbuttoned her slacks.

She recognized him as George Hardman, an economics professor at Berkley who moved into the neighborhood two months ago. He was wearing just a pair of jockey shorts now, and his big, thick cock pushed hard against the piss-flap of his white cotton jockeys.

"I've always liked white women's asses." George said, slipping his fingers under the waistband of Glenda's slacks and yanking them down to her knees.

The brunette, finding herself stripped naked in front of all these men, started screaming in humiliation. She tried to grind herself into the couch, tightening her ass-muscles in a vain attempt to hide as much of her exposed body as possible. Naked in front of her friends and neighbors!

"Mmmmmm! Good and smooth." George said, smiling broadly and revealing a long, thick row of white teeth that contrasted with his coal black skin. The powerful muscles in his thick arms and broad chest rippled with excitement as Glenda groaned under the professor's sensuous massage.

"Good to tenderize the meat first," Sam said, walking over to one of the racks and pulling out a riding crop and throwing it over to George.

The other men broke out into smiles as Sam pulled out three riding whips and threw them out onto the floor. Some of the men bent down and picked them up, moving into the space between the two terrified women.

"Come on, guys. Let's play," Sid said, raising the riding crop over Glenda's well-rounded butt, then bringing it down hard against her tender flesh.

"Ohhhhhh!" the brunette cried out as she felt it slice into her skin.

The welts that were there from the night before stung even more savagely as the big man started to work over her quivering butt-flesh with the crop. Soon the basement was filled with the shrieks and moans of the agonized, hysterical women. They lay side by side on those couches that were getting wetter and wetter from the sweat that poured from their tortured bodies. Glenda suffered through the big black man's attacks.

"Okay!" one of the men said as sweat poured down from his forehead.

Reaching down, he opened his flap on his jockeys and let his long, gleaming black dick slip out and jerk in the air. A long, throbbing vein ran down the underside of that cock and pulsed threateningly as Alana looked over her shoulder and shrieked wildly.

"No! NOOOOOO!" Alana howled as George sank his big fingers into the plump cheeks of the moaning girl. He pulled them apart and slid his hands slowly up and down the girl's ass-crack.

"Don't! DON'T, YOU ANIMAL!" Glenda screamed, twisting her body savagely on the couch and pulling at the metal rings. She watched the big black man kneel and slide his shiny ebony cocktip between Alana's reddened butt-cheeks.

"MAMA! MAMA! OH GOD, NOOOO! NOOOOOO!" the girl cried out as her eyes popped open in horror. Alana writhed on the couch, flinging her head back as she felt George's cockhead press hard against her virgin asshole.

"You -- YOU ANIMALS!" Glenda cried out, finally breaking down and sobbing as she saw the professor's black dickhead disappear. It pushed back the puckered lips of the young girl's shit-chute, slipping past them and sinking quickly into her bowels.

"Ohhhhhh, Mama! He's killing me! AHHHHRRRR! It's killing me! Don't let him -- HHHHRRRROOOOWWWW!" Alana screeched as the thick cock-shaft sank deeper and deeper into the girl's ass.

Glenda's daughter kept on screaming with pain and humiliation as the big black man forced his prick into her shithole. Glenda closed her eyes, then opened them when she heard George grunting like a rutting bull. His thick black dickroot was pressed against Alana's butt-cheeks now, and he was starting to fuck her vigorously. The girl's screams were somewhat diminished. She moaned and sobbed as the squishy sounds of the black man's fucking cock filled the room.

"Gonna cum! Gonna cum!" George grunted as he lay on top of Alana, pressing her into the couch. His big black body almost completely covered the groaning girl as his muscular asscheeks hunched up, then slammed down regularly in the air.

"Noooooooooo," Alana moaned as George's humping increased in speed and intensity.

At the same time he slid his hands forward and under her belly, pushing them up until he was clutching her titties. He started squeezing the soft flesh rhythmically as his ass-fucking grew into a frantic pace. Alana moaned and begged for him to cum and get it over with.

"Cumming!" George grunted as his eyeballs rolled.

The other men watched with interest as his black thighs quivered, then hunched against Alana's asscheeks. The girl yelped and howled as his bubbling spunk flooded her bowels.

Glenda felt her stomach churn as she saw George thrash against her stepdaughter. The girl was violated in a way she'd never dreamed of. To be degraded like this, and in public! Glenda was sure that this would be a scar Alana would carry with her all the way to the grave.

As George continued to grunt while he pulled his cum-slickened dick out of Alana's ass, Glenda begun to wonder if the two of them would ever get out of there. There was still the two hundred fifty thousand stashed in her home. But no one seemed particularly concerned over that. It was something that puzzled Glenda.

Chapter SIX

Glenda watched in horror as two other men slipped their cocks into Alana's violated butt. They fucked the girl wildly, not caring how much she begged and pleaded with them to stop. Some of them were friends and neighbors of the family, men Glenda would never have believed were capable of this kind of savage. How they must have been saving up for this for months.

Finally, it seemed to be over for Alana. Cum oozed freely out of the moaning girl's shitter and trickled down her welt-covered asscheeks as she sank into a state of shocked semi-consciousness.

Glenda realized with growing terror that they were going to turn their attentions on her next.

"What do you want? I swear I'll get it for you, if you only tell me what you want," Glenda cried as Sam yanked her up to a standing position.

While Alana moaned half-conscious, her buttocks streaked with livid welts and splotches from the riding crops and whips, Glenda was pushed down to the hard floor of the basement.

"We'll get anything we want from you," Sam said.

Then he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps in the room above. He climbed the ladder quickly and pushed up the top. The other man who had counted the bills was there, crouching down on his haunches and whispering: "[missing text] something to suck, you whore. Where's the rest of the cash?" Sam asked, looking down at Glenda.

"You're kidding! You think I'm going to tell you that after what just did? Go to hell!" Glenda said bitterly.

"Your lawyer doesn't know where you put it. You'll never get out of here unless you talk," Sam said, climbing back down the ladder.

"You let her go. Then we'll have a fair exchange. The money for me," Glenda offered.

"No deal. Nobody holds me over a barrel," Sam said in a gruff voice.

"Hey, I didn't know this was some kind of kidnap thing," one of the men suddenly wailed.

"Come on, Jack," George said as he wiped some of Alana's shit off his flaccid dick. "How many girls have we taken care of here? You never complained when they 'disappeared' later. What's the difference now?"

"It just doesn't seem right," the other man said a little nervously.

"Whatever Sam and his buddies are into is their business. Just as long as they bring us the action. What they do on the side is their affair."

Glenda watched hopelessly as Sam scurried up the ladder and disappeared. Two men walked up to Alana and rubbed their stiffened pricks in her hair, groaning as they jacked off quickly.

Big, sloppy gobs of cum clung to the girl's hair as she groaned with disgust.

The big black man laughed, fingering his long prong as another man, about fifty and pot-bellied, climbed onto the couch and stuck his nubby dick into the girl's asshole.

Glenda couldn't believe this was happening. It was like witnessing some kind of grotesque sexual Disneyland. Anything went in this basement. And what would happen to them later? No one wanted to talk about it. But something told Glenda that unless she and her stepdaughter could escape or be rescued, they'd never be seen alive by anyone except these men again.

"There you go, boy," Glenda heard Sam say several minutes after he'd disappeared. The brunette turned her head and saw a big German shepherd scrambling down the ladder.

"Oh no! NO!" she cried out, guessing what the man had in store for her.

"Get her down!" Sam ordered as he stepped onto the floor.

Glenda twisted, and fought as George and Sid held onto her tightly. They pulled her white slacks completely off and left on her jersey as they pushed her down to the floor. Her feet were still bound together as they forced her into a crouching position.

"No! NOOOOO!" Glenda howled like a maniac.

"Mommy!" Alana moaned from the stained couch.

"Oh God, God!" Glenda groaned.

"Okay, bitch! Now where's the other two hundred fifty thou?" Sam growled.

"Hey, don't make her tell for a while," George said, fingering his dick back up to a full erection. "I'm beginning to like this more and more."

"And since when did you ever stop liking it?" Sam said.

All the men laughed as Sam kicked Glenda hard in the side.

"Ohhhhhh!" the brunette moaned, sprawling on the floor as she heard her stepdaughter scream out.

"Your turn now, honey," Sam said.

He started unfastening the clamps that held Alana's wrists and ankles tightly to the couch. The young girl looked in disbelief at the men. Could this be happening to her? She was still a virgins sexually inexperienced until a few minutes she'd been fucked in the ass. What else did they have in store for her?

"You gonna tell where the money is?" Sam asked as he pulled Alana from the couch.

"You pig! You'd kill us anyway," Glenda growled as she looked with hatred at the sneering man.

"Maybe a little working over on your daughter'll change your mind," he said as he pulled the moaning young girl over to a metal chair ten feet to the right of the two couches.

Glenda had noticed it when she'd fallen into the basement, but she hadn't paid much attention to it until now. George helped Sam as they forced Alana into it. They quickly strapped her wrists to the arms of the chair and her ankles to the legs. Glenda looked more closely and saw that wires led from the chair to a metal box fastened to the cement wall behind it. Suddenly she realized what they had in mind for Alana!

"No! DON'T!" Glenda pleaded as she tried to pick herself up.

"Need a beer," Sam said, walking to a pile of boxes to the left of the chair and pulling out a can of Olympia. He pulled off the tab with his teeth and spat it out. Walking back to the chair, he mined the can over Alana's drooping head and sloshed some over her hair. As she slowly lifted her face, he poured a little more over her flushed forehead and cheeks, then took a swig from the can.

"You filthy animal!" Glenda hissed as Sam let out a big burp.

"Let's go. Come on," Sam said to George impatiently. "Hand me that red wire, the one with the small clamp on the end."

"This one?" the big black man asked, holding it up to the horrified girl's face.

"Right. Now I'll show you all a little show when I get this going," Sam chuckled.

He reached forward and cupped the girl's left titty with his right hand. Sam opened the clamp with his thumb and snapped it onto her tender nipple. Alana let out a whimpering gasp, then looked down with swollen, reddened eyes at the metal clamp that bit gently into her brown nipple flesh. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as she darted her eyes first toward Sam, then toward George.

Alana looked wildly at the men who had formed a semi-circle in front of her. Some of them were dressed only in their brief. Of these, their cocks either dangled out of the fly-flap or pressed hard against the restraining material. The rest of the men were still dressed. They were the ones who frightened her. They didn't seem excited or very interested in what was going on at all.

While Alana sat and squirmed, fighting off the almost overwhelming desire to shriek down the ceiling if she could, they stood calmly with their big arms crossed in front of their chests staring coldly at the strapped-down girl. She could almost feel their icy hostility as they watched her with an air of detachment.

"We'll see her dance now," Sam said, chuckling as he motioned George to follow him. "Never knew you black fellas were into this kind of thing," the stable master muttered as he walked over to the little black box set on the wall. There were four inlets and a switch at the end.

"There's a lot you white folks have to learn about us," George said calmly, winking slyly at Sam as he fought down the desire to hit him across the face with his big fist.

"Come on," Sam said, reaching up and taking the plug of the red electrode, pressing it into one of the inlets.

Sam turned toward Alana who watched his every motion with fascinated horror. Glenda was silent too, staring in disbelief as the big man toyed with the lever. Watching the girl's eyes widen with each passing second, the stable master finally pinned the lever down.

There was a faint low hum that filled the room. It grew louder and higher, Alana's body arched slightly from the chair. Her eyes bulged out. The girls fingers stiffened, then clawed the metal arms of the chair where her wrists were strapped down tightly. Her toes curled and twisted as she tried to rise from the chair. Her muscles twitched and spumed under the electric shock that ripped through her body.

"Uhhhhh!" the girl groaned as the hum grew even louder and higher.

Glenda watched in mute horror as her stepdaughter's body vibrated like a tightly-drawn rubber band. Finally the girl's head tilted back and her mouth shot open as a wild shriek filled the underground room.

"YYOOOOOWWWW!" Alana bowled over and over as the current surged through her tortured body.

Instantly, Sam lifted the lever, and Alana collapsed sobbing onto the chair.

"I only gave the bitch about a hundred volts. But she's wide awake now, boys. I perfected this the last time. I've got four inlets that we can use for all kinds of combinations," Sam said as he moved back to the gasping girl.

Sam picked up another clamp and looked closely at it. Both Alana and Glenda followed his eyes, shaking with fear as he ran his thick thumbs over the green metal clamp that was at the end of that wire.

"Let's see what two'll do to the bitch," Sam grunted as he moved around to Alana's other tit and attached the saw-toothed clamp to her nipple. The girl panted as she felt her pussy pucker up at the biting sensation.

"Tell them about the money, Mother," Alana whispered softly as her head drooped to her chest.

"I can't, honey," Glenda said in a tight voice. "It's the only hold we've got over them," she whispered back, feeling her heart sink like a rock as Sam moved back to the black control box on the wall.

"I'll give her a small dose first -- try five seconds," the stable master explained as his hand touched the lever.

Alana turned her head and raised it, staring at the black lever with red, tear-swollen eyes. The girl's teeth chattered with terror as she waited for the ripping current.

Sam smiled, then pressed the lever, down and counted to five out loud.


Alana shrieked as she tried once more to tear herself up from the chair. She twisted her head from left to right as she kept shrieking. Her bare toes scratched the concrete floor of the basement as her fingernails raked against the arms of the metal chair.

Glenda screamed for them to stop as she watched the cords of the girl's throat stand out and her thigh muscles jerk and convulse and contract violently.

Alana looked like one of those stuck frogs that kids experiment with in biology class, sticking wires from batteries into their legs and forelegs and watching them twitch in the specimen pan.

The brunette pulled and twisted at her bonds, trying to break free so she could stop this madness that seemed to be raging out of control. The men were so worked up that they seemed to forget that there was a living, breathing human girl being tortured to death in front of their eyes. Glenda couldn't believe that any of these men actually wanted to watch Alana die like that. No man could -- could he?

"Ohhhhhhh," the girl groaned as she felt the current subside.

Her body rolled from one aide of the chair to the other listlessly as Sam walked up to Alana and curled her hair in between his pudgy fingers.

"AHHHHHH!" she cried out as Sam yanked it back savagely.

"Hey, man. Looks like she's out of it," George said as he peered down at the girl.

"Like daughter, like mother," Sam said, turning around to look at the cringing Glenda. "I'm getting a little tired of this and it's getting late," Sam said, glancing down at his watch. "Strip her completely and get her over here."

Sid and another man walked over to Glenda and untied her ankles and wrists, jerking her up to a standing position while they pulled off her sweat-stained jersey, then pushed her forward. Sam and George unfastened the clamps that held Alana to the chair. The girl tried to stand up, but the muscles in her body failed her. She was too exhausted from the fucking and the electronic current that had ripped through her tissues to move.

"Get away," Sam growled, reaching down and pushing against Alana's back. The girl literally tumbled off the chair, crumpling into a shuddering hulk in front of them as George and Sam took Glenda and threw her fighting and screaming in the chair.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!" the woman shrieked as she tore at them with her razor-sharp fingernails. But there were too many there who were too strong. In seconds Glenda's wrists and ankles were in the same clamps that had held her captive for the past few minutes.

"Clamp the tits again?" George asked Sam as he picked up both the red and green metal tabs.

"This one's a tough nut to crack. Let's skip that and go for the snatch. You take the right lip, and I'll take the left," Sam said, grabbing the red clamp and bending down as he reached forward and peeled back Glenda's tender pussylips.

"OHHHHHHHH!" the brunette cried softly as she felt the tiny teeth bite into her full, fleshy snatch-lips. Glenda looked down and could see the bright metal tabs gleaming through her thick black pussy curls. The pain in her box was nauseating, but she fought down the natural desire to screw down the walls.

"She's brave now," Sam said, moving back to the box and putting his hand on the lever.

Glenda's eyes opened wide and bulged as his fingers gripped the small metal rod and pulled it slowly down.

"But when that juice hits her box, shell talk." The suspense was too much. Glenda jerked her head away and closed her eyes as she heard the men in the room chuckle with obscene delight.

Suddenly, it was as if the pit of hell had spilled into her pussy. A searing blast of heat ripped through her sore cunt, radiating immediately through every part of her body. Her raw nerve-endings sputtered with the hot electric juice.

"YYYOOOWWWW!" Glenda screamed in a high-pitched, frenzied screech.

Her body thrashed and jerked violently in the metal chair as her face turned purple with agony and terror. Tears sprung to her eyes and trickled down her swollen cheeks as her long, black silky hair whipped across her face. Her fingers stood out stiffly as her legs twitched and jerked up and down.

"Okay. That's enough," Sam muttered under his breath as he pulled the lever down.

Glenda's body immediately collapsed as she rolled her head across her chest from side to side, moaning softly to herself as the pain still ached in her snatch.

"I'll talk. I'll talk," the woman panted.

"Too bad. I wanted to tryout some of these on her asshole," Sam said, picking up the other tabs and looking at them sadly.

"The wall safe -- above the fireplace in the drawing room," Glenda gasped.

"What's the combination?" Sam asked, putting his right hand under her chin and jerking her head up until she was forced to look at him.

"You guess it," Glenda hissed, pulling her head away and looking in the other direction.

Sam's face lit up with savage joy as he wheeled around and gripped the lever again. Before Glenda realized what was happening, she felt another shot of electric current burn its way through her pussy.

The brunette stiffened at once, her body pulling at the restraints. Her eyes bulged again, looking glassy and glazed with hot team. Her lips twisted open and let out another long, frenzied shriek of pain.

"AIIIIIIOOOOOW!" the woman screeched as her brain churned with the electronic agony.

"Okay. You've had two shots. Want a third? And the next time, I'm gonna snap on one of these to your butt, bitch," Sam said as he lifted up the lever and walked back to Glenda.

"Ohhh, God," the woman groaned helplessly as she looked at the stable master with a feeling mixed of hatred and fear and disgust.

"Okay. The combo," Sam said evenly.

"65, 89, 22, 34," Glenda panted, then groaned as Sam reached down and pulled the clamp roughly off her still-twitching cuntlips.

George and Sid unstrapped her wrists and ankles while Sam helped lift her from the chair. Glenda was like an old dishrag in their arms as she groaned. The men dragged her over to the couch where she'd been strapped before. While some of the men began to get dressed to leave, others ringed around the couch as Sam and George forced the woman down on her back.

"Just one more time for the bitch," George growled as he crawled on top of the leather covered couch and threw his muscular, heavy body on top of Glenda's. His thick, long black dick slid across the woman's sweaty skin with squishy sounds as he grunted with pleasure. His hands clutched her sore titties as he dug his fingernails into her tender flesh.

Glenda cried out as she felt his big, flanged cockhead stab between the chafed lips of her cunt.

"OHHHH! NOOOO! Leave me alone!" Glenda cried out, turning her face to one side to avoid George's hot, rancid breath.

But the big black man didn't pay any attention to her cries. George slid his hands under her butt, jerking her thighs and legs high into the air as he slid forward. Glenda cried out again as his thick hot dick pushed between her throbbing legs and slid into her cunt-hole. The tender membranes still rang with agony from the electricity as the black man jerked and pushed his ten thick inches of pulsating cockmeat into her pussy.

"Fuck her good, George," Sam said encouragingly as sweat poured down the big black man's face.

Glenda grunted with pain and horror as she felt George's dick suddenly swell and vibrate against her puffy cuntal membranes. The big man dug his powerful fingers into her tits, tearing at them as if he were going to rip them from her chest. He opened his mouth and let out a long, animal-like yelp.

The brunette felt a series of long, wet spurts of own spattering against her pussy walls as George's legs banged and jerked against her. His cumming seemed to last for centuries. Every jerk he made sent bolts of hot pain through her tortured body. The brunette thought she'd die as the black man grunted and growled with each squirt of jizz.

Finally be was finished, growling with satisfaction as he yanked his cum-slicked cock out of Glenda's pussy.

"Sloppy seconds, anybody?" George said, grinning as he slid off the couch. Glenda felt her heart thudding crazily as Sid, Sam and four other men moved slowly but steadily toward her. She jerked back as far as she could, whimpering helplessly as she knew what they had in mind.

Chapter SEVEN

"Ohhhh," Glenda moaned, holding her head in her hands and rocking back and forth on the dirt in horror.

Every square inch of her violated body ached with pain. Her pussy throbbed with agony as rivulets of jizz still leaked out from between her labes.

After George, Sam had fucked her, clawing and tearing at her belly and tits like a wild boar. Then came Sid and -- and God only knows who else. After Sam, Glenda closed her mind to the whole scene. She was in a state of semi-consciousness as the men did anything they wanted to. The only blessing of the night was that they seemed to forget about Alana while they fucked her.

"Mother? Mama?" Alana called out suddenly next to her.

Glenda stopped her rocking and moaning and turned to her right, reaching out and stroking the young girls burning forehead.

"It's all right, honey. It's all over now," Glenda said as she heard the girl sigh with relief.

It didn't hurt to lie. Alana would find out soon enough that their mutual horror was just beginning. Glenda shuddered when she thought of what the men could do to the two of them. There was no doubt in her mind now that Sam wasn't going to let them go. Why should he? They were a threat to him and his little operation. And they could identify everybody. All those hypocrites, posing as respectable businessmen on the outside when they were all sickies on the inside!

"Did they let us go?" Alana asked. She was still delirious from the electric shock treatment she'd submitted to earlier.

"Just rest, baby," Glenda said, biting her lower lip as she fought to keep down the sobs.

No one knew where they were. Even if Peter came out to the Holmes ranch, he'd never find them. After all that fucking, Sam had tied and blindfolded them, carrying them upstairs and out to his car. After he and his friends had tossed the two women in the rear seat, Sam drove them somewhere, pulled them out and pushed them into this building. It looked and smelled like a stable. But all Glenda knew was that it was night and that she was cold and terrified.

"Why are they doing this to us, Mama?" Alana asked in a small voice.

Glenda kept on stroking her step-daughter's forehead as she pulled the horse blanket more tightly around her bruised body.

"I doubt even they know, honey. They're men who like to watch other people suffer," Glenda said, stroking the girl's cheeks absently as she stand into the semi-darkness of the building they were trapped in. "It looks as though Sam's been heading some kind of club in the stables, getting girls and torturing them for these men."

"But why us?" Alana groaned.

"I guess we were in the wrong place at the wrong time," Glenda sighed. "They got you first, then got me by waving a kidnap threat in front of my nose," the brunette said, smiling sadly as she thought of the scene with Brad that sent Alana screaming out of the house.

"I'm sorry about that," Alana stammered out.

Glenda wondered where Brad had disappeared to. She remembered Hilda mentioning something about the young boy not coming back after he went out to look for Alana.

"What's going to happen to us?" Alana asked, her mind clearer now.

"I don't know, honey. I honestly don't know," Glenda said, fighting back the panic that was almost taking over her mind.

"They're going to kill us, aren't they?" the girl asked after several seconds of silence.

"Don't say that!" Glenda said quickly, reaching out and wrapping her arms tightly around her stepdaughter. "Don't ever say that again. There's always a chance that someone will find us. There's Peter, and Brad and a whole lot of people who are bound to be looking for us now."

Glenda held her stepdaughter tightly to her, rocking back and forth and moaning in terror as she tried to deny the obvious -- that they were trapped hopelessly, and that Sam Becker had no intention of letting them go.

The two of them tried to console each other for the next hour. As Glenda finally felt sleep coming, she heard the sound of footsteps grinding against loose gravel outside. Glenda stiffened as she recognized Sam's.

"Aw, ain't that cute. A mother-daughter act," Sam said, pulling the big wooden door open and staring at the two women.

"Where an we?" Glenda asked, holding Alana even tighter to her.

"None of your business," Sam said, nodding his head.

Glenda knew that he was signaling to someone outside.

"Why don't you let us go? You've got your money," Glenda pleaded.

"Come on," Sam said, looking meaningfully at Glenda.

The brunette knew what he was thinking. It was what she'd guessed all along. He couldn't let her go and risk any action by the authorities. He was going to use her and Alana as long as they could stand up to his tortures. Then, they'd be found like that girl they'd both read about in the papers.

Glenda squatted on the dirt floor quietly she watched George, Sid and a black woman walk into the stable.

"My wife," George said, nodding to the tall, lithe black woman wearing a pair of white clinging slacks and a loose-fitting white blouse that were half-buttoned. It revealed a pair of big, ebony tits with long, stiff black nipples poking against the soft material.

The woman nodded to Alana and Glenda. The brunette learned George's wife's name was Florence, and was into this S & M scene as deeply as he was.

"Come on. Help me with these bitches, Sid," Sam said as he left George and his wife by the doorway and walked over to Glenda.

The brunette didn't have any fight left in her. What was the use? Even if she could get past Sam and Sid, there was George to fight with. And then God only knows who else was out there.

While Sam pulled Glenda up by the wrists, Sid pulled out a box from the corner of the stable and pushed it next to the woman. Standing on it, he got a coil of rope and threw it up and over a long horizontal crossbeam. He tested its strength by tugging at it with all his weight.

"It's okay," Sid said, getting down from the stool.

Sam pushed Glenda forward until she was standing directly under the ropes. Alana's eyes widened with horror as she watched the stablemaster take the rope in his hands and look savagely at the brunette. Glenda met her stepdaughter's eyes and realized what was in them. Were they going to hang her now in front of her own daughter?

"God in heaven," Glenda began, thinking of some prayer that would help her now.

But Sam had no intention of killing her -- at least, not yet. Working quickly, the big man bound her wrists again with the rope, tying the ends tightly together until that line bit cruelly into Glenda's already skinned wrists. Then both Sam and Sid moved over to the other end of the rope, puffing hard. Slowly Glenda felt her arms being pulled over her head, reaching higher and higher until she was being lifted off the dirt floor and yanked into the air.

"Ohhhh, God!" Glenda cried out again as she felt the muscles in her arms stretch painfully. Soon the brunette was dangling an inch or two above the dirt, wriggling like a spiked fish as the people in the stable leered at her.

"Get the girl now," Sam said to Sid.

In a few moments, Alana was dangling from the overhead beam too, jerking and wriggling in front of her mother. Occasionally, their bodies would bounce together, forcing their titties and furry cunts to rub against each other. Glenda flushed red with mortified shame each time she felt her stepdaughter's pussy bang lightly against hers.

"This is sick! Why are you doing this?" Glenda wailed, stretching her toes as she tried to relieve the tension ripping the muscles of her arms.

"She brays like a jackass," Florence said calmly, walking over slowly to Glenda.

"I think you're looking for this," Sam said helpfully as he held out a black leather riding crop.

Florence smiled coldly, gripping the crop firmly in her slender fingers.

"Thank you," the woman said coldly.

Turning first to her husband and smiling, Florence then raised her right hand high over her head. Before Glenda could warn Alana, the woman brought down the riding crop hard across the girl's ass.

"ARRRRROOUGH!" Alana cried out in pain and fear. Her eyes bugged out as her body jerked and swung forward. The crop whistled forward again, cracking noisily against the girl's plump buttcheeks. Alana cried out in pain one more time, jerking wildly, and uncontrollably, grinding her pussy against her stepmother's every time the crop sliced into her tenderized buttcheeks.

"Come on, George. Join your wife," Sam said, holding out another riding crop to the big black man.

The black man smiled, then walked over to Sam, taking the riding crop quickly from his hand and moving quickly behind Glenda. He matched his wife blow for blow, striking the pointed tip of the crop across the bottom of Glenda's asscheeks at the same time that Florence cracked her instrument of agony across Alana's buttocks.

"AIYEEEE! ARRRRROUGHH!" Glenda shrieked as she bucked forward, jerking her cunt against Alana's.

George and Florence were sweating heavily from the excitement of watching the two women hanging, bucking, and grinding together and the exertion of flogging them.

"Let's see the two of them kiss," Florence said, I smiling in a twisted, almost demented fashion as she pressed the pointed tip of her crop against the wrinkled skin of Alana's bunghole.

"Oh no!" the girl cried, turning her face to one side.

"We've got to," Glenda said, jerking forward again as George slashed the hard riding crop across her right shoulderblade.

"I can't, Mama! I can't!" the girl groaned.

"Let's see if this can't help change her mind," Florence said, bringing the crop down hard across the girl's lower back. Alana shrieked and nearly fainted from the sharp bolt of agony.

"No! No!" she insisted.

"I'll break that bitch!" Florence said, her cool all but disappearing as she flogged the shrieking girl's back mercilessly. Long red welts sprang up on Alana's sweating, taut skin as the whistling crop sliced over and over into her flesh.

"You can't fight them, honey. You can't," Glenda said as Florence stopped her flogging and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Oh, Mama," Alana wailed as she finally relented -- opened her mouth and leaned forward.

Glenda did the same, trying to fight down the feeling of horror as her stepdaughters tongue slid in between her lips.

"Let's heat them up," Florence said, puffing off her blouse. Her thunderous, gleaming black tits jiggled as she started whipping theft asscheeks. The two women rubbed their cunts frantically against each other.

"Ohhh, do it to me. Please, hurry," Glenda babbled as Alana let out another painful yelp. The brunette hated to admit it to herself, but she was starting to feel pleasurable sensations from the constant rubbing that her pussy was getting from Alana's cunt. Her clit was gradually poking its reddened tip out of its hood, sputtering with pleasure as the young girl jerked and moaned under Florence's relentless assault.

"The old lady's really turning on." Sam commented as he watched Glenda's eyes glaze over.

The brunette ignored him and rubbed hotly against her stepdaughter as best she could.

"I want that bitch now!" Florence said, throwing the riding crop in the corner of the stable and unzipping her white slacks quickly.

Glenda opened her eyes and saw the tall black woman standing naked in front of her. Florence's pussylips were fat and hot with lust as she stared at Glenda. "You can do what you want to the girl. I want this one."

"You got her," Sam said, pushing the box back behind Glenda and standing up on it. In a second, he cut the rope and sent the woman crashing down into the dirt.

"Don't untie her wrists," Florence said as she strode over to the brunette and pushed her legs open with her right foot. At the same time, Sam cut down Alana.

George and Sid rubbed their crotches.

"Please, no, NOOOOO!" Glenda heard her daughter wail helplessly as she disappeared under the bodies of the three men.

"Never mind about her," Florence said, rubbing her toes lightly up and down Glenda's right inner thigh. "You're gonna have your own problems."

The black woman sank down to her knees. Glenda opened her eyes wide in a feeling mixed with horror and lust as she felt Florence's fingers slide gracefully up and down her thighs.

"Ummmmmm, you're good and hot," the woman sighed.

"AHHHHHROOOUGH!" Alana cried out as Sam and George stuck their cocks into her cunt and bunghole simultaneously. The girl was being ripped apart only a few feet away from her stepmother.

"Never mind her," Florence crooned as she moved her fingers up to Glenda's sore pussy. "Poor little snatch. All bruised and aching. But old Flo's gonna make it feel, real good."

"Oh God, don't," Glenda babbled. But she spread her legs farther apart to give Florence more room to work in. The brunette shuddered as Florence peeled back her outer twatlips so that her tongue could twist its way into her cunthole.

"Please, I've never..."

But Glenda couldn't deny the tinge that was beginning to grow into a delicious ache. The brunette felt her bruised pussy being massaged by Florence's gentle fingers. It was so good to feel something gentle again. After all the pain and flogging, even this was better than nothing.

Soon glistening pussy oil bubbled out from between Glenda's swelling pussylips. Florence lapped up the fluid like a cat lapping cream, moaning happily as she stroked the big brunette's inner thighs.

"Ummm, pussy all bruised from the electrodes," Florence said as she pulled Glenda's tender snatch lips even farther apart. Inside that hot slit, the black woman ran her tongue. She flicked it rapidly in and out, teasing the delicate flesh. Florence kept on tonguing Glenda's snatch until the brunette felt herself tightening up for a big cum. The black woman sensed this and backed off, smiling broadly at the woman.


Glenda watched as Florence turned around until her cunt was over the brunette's startled face.

"Mmmmm, good hot snatch meat!" Florence murmured as she sank her tongue back into Glenda's pussy. As she tongued the brunette's snatch, she lowered her body until her pussy was only inches over Glenda's mouth. She could feel Glenda panting into it. The woman's hot breath rustled through the kinky black pussy hairs. Her clit popped out throbbing and hard.

"Suck it," Florence murmured, her thighs trembling as she kept on lapping up Glenda's hot juices.

The brunette was too worked up by Florence's tongue to have second thoughts. She opened her mouth quickly and stuck out her tongue just as the black woman hunched her ass down and pressed her hot pussy against Glenda's teeth. Glenda stabbed her tongue between those plump black labes as hard as she could. When she had it inside the moaning woman's box, she started licking around and around. She could tell it was driving Florence up the wall. The black woman's hips pushed down even harder onto her face, hunching uncontrollably as she tried to get more stiff, hot tongue up her snatch.

"Mmmmm," Glenda groaned as Florence buried her face frantically in the brunette's black bush. Florence pressed in a long, wet kiss against the puckered pussylips. They pushed into Glenda's clit while she kept her tongue busy lashing away at the inside of her hot hole.

"Oh yes, yessssss," Glenda sighed as she struggled with the bonds around her wrists. She wanted only to caress the tongue-fucking black woman.

Sensing Glenda's sexual heat and what she wanted to do, Florence pulled her mouth out of the brunette's pussy for a second and reached back, quickly unbinding Glenda's wrists. This was the chance she'd been waiting for! Glenda could scramble to her feet and run out of the stable and look for help. But her pussy had a mind of its own. Instead of thinking of escape, Glenda thrashed and bucked under Florence's expert fingering and tonguing.

"Mmmmmm," Florence groaned again as she went back to Glenda's hotbox.

The black woman was an expert. She knew the mystery of what tongues were for. Glenda felt her body shudder as the woman's tongue snaked up toward her clit. She shivered with delight as Florence's fingers caressed her bouncing cheeks, then moved down and into her puckered shithole.

Glenda felt the woman's tongue settle an her throbbing clit for a second. There was a moment when she hung in the air, teetering on the brink of a sexual explosion. Then it happened. She felt a pair of thick, hot wet lips closing around that tiny, sparking knob. Florence was applying suction. She felt something hard knotting up in her belly as delightful spasms upped through her aching pussy.

She begged wildly as she panted and grunted into the dark pink slit of Glenda's pussy.

"Ohhhh!" the brunette sighed into Florence's juicy cunt. She arched her back, tilting her tits up to rub into the soft curve of Florence's body.

As Glenda wiggled her finger deeper and deeper into the tight hole of the black woman's ass, she felt her spread pussylips being kissed over and over again. A hot, wet mouth opened wide as its lips pressed down into her snatchlips.

Florence's head bore down, shoving tighter and tighter against the white woman's cunt. Glenda felt the sucking mouth working on her pussy. No woman had ever done that to her. No woman had even touched her like that. But Glenda felt as experienced and hot as the most promiscuous lesbian in California. She moaned hotly as Florence's mouth pulled her snatchflesh in gentle tugs. It was like having a dick sliding in and out.

"Ohhhh, it's good! Suck me! More! Do it!" Glenda stammered. "In me! In me! In me!"

Glenda felt the black woman's mouth go wild on her cunt. It pound tightly into her, spreading the trembling labes and pushing into the tight hole. All the pain and humiliation she'd been forced to suffer disappeared from her mind for a while. All she could think of was that thick, throbbing clit and the tongue and lips that moved rapidly around to soothe it.

As Florence sucked harder and more violently at Glenda's cunt, the black woman felt the fingers in her ass pushing farther inside. She groaned like a animal, rolling her around in the air. That wriggling throbbed its way through into her cunt. The walls of the black woman's pussy vibrated like a bass drum. Glenda's tongue and finger started working together now, tickling and teasing the sensitive sex-flesh. Florence shoved her sweet, oiling pussy down, trying to fuck Glenda's tongue. Her soft, black thighs closed gently around Glenda's head. Her cuntlips spread wide, exposing the hot, round, oozing tunnel that throbbed with lust.

"OHHHHHHHH!" Florence groaned into Glenda's pulsating cunt.

"AHHHHHH!" the brunette responded as she felt the vibrations of Florence's tight voice echo through her pussy, shaking her clit to the roots.

Glenda's nerve endings vibrated crazily as she felt her whole box throbbing as a solid unit. She spread her legs and thrust her ass up, giving her cunt up to Florence in a frenzy of passionate lurching. With each hunch of her bouncing ass, she felt Florence's wide, rough tongue licking the exposed flesh of her peeled-open pussy.

"Mama! MAMMMMAAAA!" Alana shrieked for the last time as Sid stuffed his cock into the girl's sucking throat.

She gurgled from the sudden oral attack a George and Sam matched Sid's fucking motion. Their hands ripped at her sensitive flesh as they ignored Alana's begging pleas and fucked away.

Keeping her finger up Florence's ass, Glenda pushed her to one side. Now she was on tap. Rolling over, Glenda hunched down, pushing her tight pussy into the black woman's welcoming mouth. She could feel Florence's tongue push up and hold rigid. Straddling the black woman's head, she worked her ass in a series of short, quick hunches. Glenda learned just how far she could pull up without letting the tongue slip out of her cunt.

As she concentrated on fucking herself with Florence's tongue, Glenda glued her lips onto the woman's black, wide-open pussy. It feels so good to feel something this delicious happening to her. No whips, no crops, no cat-calls. Only the wonderful, tight feeling gripping her throbbing clit as she humped and hunched her sparking, sputtering pussy against his woman's sucking mouth. It was a wonderful release. Her lips fitted tightly over the soft, fat, hair-covered black box. Glenda shot her tongue inside and kept it rigid.

"NNNNNNNGH!" Florence cried.

Glenda felt the woman writhe and buck under her. She was determined to keep on top. She tightened her grip and kept putting her cunt down on the woman's face in hard, short strokes. Glenda felt as if she were doing the fucking, fucking herself and fucking Florence at the same time. She wanted to make the black woman take it and eat it.

Glenda worked her hips up and down in strong, fucking moves. She shoved her finger in as far as it would go and twisted it from side to side. She felt Florence shaking under her. Her tongue shoved deep into the hot pussy and felt it starting to spurn. She felt Florence hunching wildly.

Glenda wiggled her finger even more furiously than before, keeping her tongue mashing down on Florence's clit.

That was it! Wild spasms of orgasms hit both women at the same time. Glenda wiggled hers in wild delight as she groaned and screamed into Florence's pussy. The black woman did the same, her buttocks bounding along the floor as she clawed and raked Glenda's trembling asscheeks with her long fingernails.

"AHHH! AHHHHH!" Glenda cried out into the mushy box as her clit vibrated against the lapping tongue.

Glenda felt herself being swept along in a strange sea of lesbian cumming as her cuntal walls contracted over and over again. She grabbed tightly onto Florence and held her in place as she hunched her dripping pussy crazily and uncontrollably onto Florence's stiff tongue.

Finally they both finished cumming and collapsed onto the floor. Glenda felt her mind piecing together slowly. She realized that the room was filled with the sounds of wild sobbing. Turning her head and focusing her eyes to the right, the brunette saw her stepdaughter lying spread-eagled only a few feet away from her.

Cum oozed out of her bleeding pussy and asahole, while more jizz leaked from the girl's twisted mouth. Alana sobbed, choked and gagged, covering her flushed face with her right arm as she clawed the dirt with the fingers of her left. George, Sid and Sam were standing over her, leering at the girl as she moaned crazily to herself.

Glenda felt her hair stand on end as she looked more closely at her stepdaughter. The girl's wild look and choking words told the brunette that the men had finally broken her mind apart!

Chapter EIGHT

"You filthy pigs!" Glenda screamed, springing up to her feet.

Sam was too slow, and he felt the full brunt of Glenda's sudden attack. She scratched his face, peeling a much skin as she could off with her sharp fingernails.

"AHHHHHGHHHH!" the fat man screeched, trying to cover his face as Sid and George pulled the woman away from him.

"I'll teach you, you bitch!" Sam howled a blood trickled down his chin. "Come on, Sid."

Sam reached out and grabbed his partner by the right arm. George still held Glenda tightly to his body, pinning her arms back as she swore and kicked and spat like a wild woman. Alana gone insane! Their lives were about to end in this toilet of depravity! She couldn't let them do whatever they pleased without her putting up a fight. If they wanted her to lay her head on the block without a fight, they had another thing coming!

"We've got the money. All you have to do is finish up here," Glenda heard a familiar voice.

As Sam pushed the big wooden doom open, two things caught Glenda's eyes and made her gasp. The first was her own horse Destroyer that was being led into the stable. The second was Peter Thomas following the stable master.

"Peter!" Glenda cried out in surprise. At first, she thought he was here to help her. But one look at his face told her differently.

"I'm sorry about all this, Glenda. But it just had to end this way," Peter said, standing by the doorway and folding his hands across his chest.

"Oh, Peter. Are you behind all this?" Glenda wailed out, keeping a close eye on the horse and Sam.

"I've been behind it all the time. I needed the money, Glenda. Gambling put me in debt with the wrong kind of people. They're the kind that send you swimming out in the ocean with a concrete pair of shoes," Peter said, motioning to Sam to get it over with quickly.

"What are you going to do with him?" Glenda asked in a shaky voice as George pressed his stiffening black cock against her plump ass-cheeks.

"It's not my idea, Glenda," Peter said, shifting his eyes down ad staring at the ground in front of him. "But Sam's the boss here. After you're through with the horse, I'm afraid that well have to take care of you and your daughter. In her case, it'll be a blessing."

Peter looked at the young girl. Alana was squatting on the ground now, her eyes wide open and staring blankly in front of her as she babbled senseless phrases over and over.

Glenda cried and sobbed, covering her face with both hands as she felt the snorting animal's prickhead swell up and push against her painfully stretched pussy walls.

Glenda groaned in horror, gripping her cum slicked belly as she felt her stomach racked by painful dry heaves.

In the background she could hear Alana laughing and shrieking. But this time, there was another voice screaming. It was Florence's. Then came the sounds of shouting male voices.

Glenda opened her eyes. Alana had turned into a complete wild woman with the strength of ten men. She was choking Florence, digging her fingers into the black woman's throat as George and Sid tried to pry her off.

The brunette rolled to the right just in time. Startled by all the sudden screaming and movement, Destroyer bolted forward toward the half-opened door.

"Look out!" Sid cried.

But it was too late. Sam's back was to the animal as he was running to help George and Sid. Glenda saw that last look of surprise in the stablemaster's eyes as the big horse trampled him.

Peter was standing in the doorway, petrified by what had happened. His eyes widened with terror as Destroyer headed for him in his wild way to escape.

"Nooo!" the lawyer cried, holding the briefcase filled with the money.

Glenda watched in horror as the air was filled with hundred-dollar bills and the gurgling sounds of Peter Thomas being trampled underfoot.

"My God!" George cried as the big horse finally lumbered his way out of the stable and ran crazily in the front area near the stable.

Glenda painfully raised herself to her feet and staggered toward her daughter who by now had left the choking black woman's neck and resumed her former quiet, babbling state. George took his wife by the arms and dragged her out of the stable. His cock still dangled out of his opened fly as he disappeared into the night.

Sid had bolted out after George and Florence, running quickly into the black countryside.

Glenda stumbled out of the doorway and looked around, realizing only now that she was back in her own estate. She looked around the familiar ground. There was Destroyer, calm now and grazing lazily on the tall grass near by. He was completely unaware of the carnage he caused inside the stable.

Behind her, Glenda could still hear Alana babbling to herself. It was a while before the dazed woman realized that there was a group of shouting, running people heading toward her. Glenda shook her head and saw that Brad headed the group, followed by several police and Hilda.

"Mrs. Williams!" Brad cried out.

Glenda looked at him as he ran up to her. A large white bandage was over his forehead, and his left arm was in a sling.

"Brad?" Glenda said in a strangely calm voice. "They thought I was dead," Brad gasped out, trying to catch his breath as the police ran into the stable and Hilda mentioned something about trying to find a cloth to cover Glenda's nude body. "I saw Sam kidnap Alana when I went looking for her. He knocked me out so hard that I guess he thought I was a goner. He and some guy dumped me down the well on the Holmes ranch. But I managed to crawl out and go for the cops." Brad looked at the still-dazed Glenda. Only now did he see that her body was scarred. "Jesus, what did they do to you?"

"Diddle-diddle dumpling..." Alana screamed, breaking out into wild laughter as two policemen held her arms and led her out into the still night air.

"Jesus!" Brad said, staring at the shrieking girl. "It was all Peter's idea," Glenda said mechanically.

"He needed money, and guess he was too ashamed to ask for it or something. He devised this whole wild kidnap scheme to get at my money. He sold himself out to Sam, letting him do this..." Glenda nodded toward Alana "...this to us so he could get the combination of the wall safe where the rest of the money was. Oh God, it's so sick and confusing!" Glenda covered her face with both hands.

"We heard about this club of weirdoes before, Mrs. Williams. This time we've got you to help break it up," the chief of police said.

"What does it matter any more?" Glenda said softly as she watched the police gently put Alana into the patrol car that had just pulled up. "What does it matter?"

"They'll be punished," the man said calmly.

"Punished?" Glenda asked, turning her head up and looking questioningly at the police captain. "Punished?" she said again, her lower lip trembling.

Then Glenda felt her stomach knot up as she broke into a loud fit of wild laughter. The flashing red lights of the cruisers lit up the night as Glenda laughed and laughed and laughed.


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