Handcuffed housewife

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

In HANDCUFFED HOUSEWIFE, Emily Palmer finds herself in such a situation. Because of her frigidity, her husband has decided to enslave her and degrade her -- the end result is a wife whose passion has no limits.

Though Emily suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing that, bondage has unleashed her sexuality.

Chapter ONE

On the TV screen Jamie Gillis, the porno movie star, was driving his big cock hard into the pussy of a moaning, jiggle-titted blonde cupcake. The camera came in close, capturing the girl's ecstatic expression, the heavy flopping of her stiff-nippled tits, the ramming thrust of Gillis' cock into her wild, wet, pink cunt.

On the motel room bed, Andy Palmer, the contractor, was driving his even bigger cock hard into the pussy of a moaning, jiggle-titted blonde. There was no camera, unfortunately, to record permanently the blonde's ecstatic expression, the heavy flopping of her stiff-nippled tits, the ramming thrust of Andy's cock into her equally wet, wild, hot pink cunt.

Andy's belly slammed hard against Greta's, and he gasped as he wiggled his prick around and around in her pussy. She clutched at him with her knees, using them to saw against his body as he plowed into her. She had her hands on his head, on his back, his neck, his shoulders. She clawed like an animal at Andy as he fucked her blind.

"You big mean fucker." Greta moaned. "Oh, you fuck sooo good!"

She was humping as fast, as hard as he was, her pussy dying for the erotic bite of his cock. She moaned as he hit the bottom of her cunt, digging fiercely as if he meant to fuck straight into her belly, and she forced herself at him all the harder, eating every inch of cock he fed her pussy. He made his cock do wild circles inside her, rolling the shaft around and around within Greta's sucking pussy.

"Tell me again how much you like to get fucked," he husked, filling her cunt yet again with his swollen, lust-maddened prick.

"I love to be fucked!" she sobbed, passion leading her to the verge of tears. "I love it when you fuck me!"

He yanked his cock out of her.

"Noooooo!" she squealed, making a grab for it. "Put it back innnn!"

"Roll over," he commanded. "You always loved it dog-style."

Greta nodded eagerly, biting her lips in excitement. She flipped her body over, sticking her ass up into the air. She wiggled it provocatively, reaching up from beneath to caress and spread the fuck-sopping lips of her pussy. Andy rose to his knees behind her, putting his hand on her cunt. He fingered her, pushing Greta's hand out of the way as he took charge. He slipped a finger inside, reamed her for a long, delicious moment that felt as good to him as it did to her.

"Do it!" she whispered hotly. "Oh, you fucker, dooooo it!"

He planted the tip of his cock against her split, wet cunt lips, and he pushed hard, shoving his cock into Greta.

She moaned and howled as his meat rammed into her hot horny cunt. Andy slapped her ass cheeks, whacking her from one side, then the other, then he started to fuck her for real.

He rode hard, burying his prick in Greta's hot hole with a lustful passion. He leaned forward and put his arms around her, his hands filling with her big bouncing tits.

She had a great set of tits, as squishy as fresh dough and so sensitive she could come just from having her big pink nipples sucked by a hot mouth. He squeezed at the fattened, gumdrop nipples, pinching their tips, making Greta whine all the more frantically as she cunt-gobbled his driving prick.

He leaned back, rubbing his hands over the firm taut flesh of her ass while he banged his cock deeper and deeper into Greta's twitching cunt. She was milking him with her muscles, sucking the shit out of his cock.

She'd always been a great fuck. If she hadn't been such a slut, he would probably have married her years ago. Maybe that's what he should have done, anyway.

"Maybe I should have married you, Greta," he said hoarsely. "But, hell, one man could never keep you satisfied, and I'd never know whose cum was already in your pussy when I stuck my cock in it."

"If I had you, maybe I'd stop fucking around." Greta laughed.

Andy stabbed more fiercely into Greta, burning with the need to release his lust, and he gasped as her pussy muscles exerted their almost irresistible sucking pull on his cock.

Again he jerked his cock out of her, and again she wailed in protest. She cupped her hot pussy, fucking the shit out of her clit, and she rolled over onto her back without missing a stroke. Her eyes were glazed as she spread her legs wide and humped her cunt up at Andy inviting him to finish the job he'd started.

Instead, he threw his leg over her tits and squatted his ass down onto the fat round tits, angling his cock down toward her mouth.

Greta knew the cue. She grabbed hold of his cunt-sloppy tool and fed it into her mouth. She couldn't take him all that deeply, but it was the quality, not the depths, that proved her blowjob artistry.

She made her lips into a vacuum over the end of Andy's prick. The big cock-knob itself almost filled her mouth, swollen with lust as he was, and she sucked furiously, desperately, as if she were starving and only cum would save her life. Her tongue raced around and around the sensitized, tingling flesh of his cock-head. She tried to fuck her tongue into his piss-slit, and Andy gasped, almost ready to squirt his cum straight down her throat.

She let him slide out of her spit-wet lips, and she licked at every inch of his cock that her tongue could reach. She kissed his hard flesh, she nibbled his cum-vein with her sharp nasty teeth. She made him love every kiss, every lick, every fucking bite. Her tongue butterflied all over his prick, but especially on the underside of the bulging cock-head.

Cum was already oozing from his slit. He had to close his eyes and think of something else in order to hold back a gushing squirt that would probably have drowned the hot luscious bitch an the spot.

A pang shot through Andy, and his cock trembled, but he held. He could hold off coming for at least a few more minutes now, enough time to make the pleasure crest to an even higher peak when he had to let go of his rocks.

Back into her mouth his cock went. She slurped his hard meaty erection, worshiping it with her mouth.

He leaned forward, bracing his arms against the headboard of the bed, and he started to do push-ups in and out of Greta's face. She gagged and then giggled very lewdly, her tongue sloshing erotically around his cock.

His prick seemed to get even harder and bigger, fucking her mouth. He was going unimaginably deep now. She just opened up and he fucked her in the throat. All of him, right to the balls, was jammed into her wet sucking oral heat.

She sucked, unwilling to let go. She sucked as if she could have kept on eating him and taken another hard prick in her mouth at the same time, gobbling the shit out of both cocks. She was one hot fuck.

Somehow he got his prick out of her mouth, heated by the sucking she had given him, and he slurped his way down her body, sucking at the tits, then rubbing his cock all over them, squeezing them together around his bulging, spit-shined meat.

He rolled her over, onto her belly again, spreading her legs and angling his wet rod into the hungry red split of her pussy. She lay on her stomach, ass jutting up in target form. His prick found the bull's-eye and he went into her greasily, spearing her full of big hard meat until he bit bottom. Greta wailed, writhing under Andy like a snake in heat.

He came down on her, pinning her body to the bed, fucking her big wet cunt with all the power in his prick. He felt her come once, and it almost wrenched the end of his cock off, but he kept fucking into Greta, and she moaned some more and then she came all over again.

His throbbing cock quivered. His cock ached with the sweet passion of fucking her, and suddenly Andy knew he couldn't wait another motherfucking second. He had to squirt his load now and blast her pussy full of his scalding jizz.

"Aaaahhhh!" Greta screeched, erupting into her third climax as his cock began to gush deep within her cunt. He fucked her relentlessly, each thrust sending a fresh burst of cum up her pussy. Greta drank his load with her aroused cunt, sucking his prick dry as she shivered and moaned and climaxed under Andy's humping body.

Later, Andy lit a cigarette and poured himself a jolt of whiskey over ice.

Andy lay back on the bed, sipping his drink, blowing smoke rings, glancing occasionally at the porno flick on the TV screen. Greta put her head in Andy's lap and began to lick at the softened, cum-sticky flesh of his well-fucked prick.

He had spilled a shitload of jism up her pussy, and she had collapsed screaming under him as he flopped, exhausted, atop her, but here she was, wet-mouthed and hot-tongued. He was starting to get hard all over again.

Her tongue moved up and down his cock, making his meat tingle. She slipped his cockknob into her mouth for some sucking, always relaxing it just as he began to stiffen noticeably, always returning to the provocative action of her wet tongue up and down his re-growing prick as she built him up slowly, tantalizingly. He stroked her head as he mouthed his cock.

He'd known Greta for years, had been fucking her off and on ever since high school. Maybe he should have married Greta.

Couldn't have been any worse than his first wife, Rosemary, who had spread her legs for every cock in three counties. The only big difference was, he'd known beforehand that Greta was a slut. He hadn't found out about Rosie until well after they had tied the knot.

After divorcing Rosie, he'd set himself a goal. He wanted a wife, but she had to be classy and a lady and preferably at least ten years younger than he. She had to be pretty -- in fact, he wanted her gorgeous, because his contracting business was doing spectacularly, and a man with his money and position needed a beautiful wife.

So he found Emily. She was twenty-three to his thirty-five. She was a fucking knockout, looks-wise. Sorority president in college, homecoming queen -- cool, classy. She was everything he had dreamed of finding.

So he'd married her, anticipating the sweet hot progress of opening her up sexually, of teaching her to love fucking just as much as he did. And what he had, after two years of marriage, was a wife who looked like a centerfold and fucked like a piece of raw liver.

Greta was still licking his prick and he knew he'd be hard enough for another round in a very few more minutes. He patted her fuzzy blonde hair, all tousled from the bed. Her tongue slid liquidly up and down his stiffening cock.

Emily refused to put her mouth anywhere near his prick. She said it was disgusting. If he tried to lick her pussy, she just crossed her legs and stared at him like he was some kind, of pervert.

Once in a while she allowed him to fuck her, but while it was happening she lay under him, hardly moving, her body an uninvolved dump for his cum. The last time, he'd had the sudden, horrifying fear that she had died beneath him and he was sticking his cock in and out of a corpse.

That was when he'd looked up Greta and started meeting her here at the Blue Dreams.

And the worst of it, for Chrissake, was that he was absolutely crazy about Emily! He loved being around her!

There was a magnetism about his wife that always made his cock paint straight at Emily. His nuts ached, just being in the same room with her. Even now, he could taste the sweat on her thighs, her tits.

Greta was a dynamite fuck, sure, but he'd have booted her ass out the door in a second for just the prospect of feeling Emily's velvety lips rubbing softly up and down his prick, the way Greta's hot mouth was doing right now. He would give anything for the chance of feeling Emily's cunt explode around his cock the way Greta had blasted off three or four times while he was cocking her pussy.

He shook his head again. The fantasy, even, of a sexually aroused Emily had turned his cock into a stiff rod of lust. He pulled Greta's head up, until her lips were just above the swollen tip of his cock.

She looked up, her eyes sparkling the way they always did when she got a look at a stiff prick, and she made a round mouth at his prick, her tongue wiggling in the opening.

He sucked in his breath and pushed his cock upward, into her eager willing mouth. She eased her face down, far enough to get him inside, but she left it up to him, and he fucked up into her mouth in short, hot strokes.

As she sucked his prick, he looked at the TV. He'd seen this one before. Nerd dude with cute sweet wife. He's dying to ram his cock up her snug pink whole, but she's having none of that shit. So he hires a couple of totally whacked out weirdos who break her in for him. They double-fuck her, cocking her ass and her pussy at the same time, just getting the cute bitch trained. And of course she loves it.

Andy looked at the screen, almost envious as he watched the girl moaning in delight, with one prick stuffed up her shithole and the other pounding her pussy, the husband standing by with a hard-on and a shit-eating grin.

"Now that's what I need," he told Greta, pointing at the screen with his thumb.

"Mmmm," she said, letting go for a moment, "I think I could use it a little more than you, Andy. What on earth would you ever do with three guys with stiff cocks?"

She put his cock back in her mouth and eased his ass onto the bed so she could really get at him. Her hand stroked his chest, other hand cupping his balls, and she used her mouth on his prick, deep-throating him again and again.

She ate right down to the balls, and as her mouth rolled around him, it felt to Andy as if she had his balls in her mouth too. She gave one super hot blowjob. He knew that this time around, his cum was gonna shoot down her throat. She always said she could live on cum. She raised her head, sucking as she lifted, and she spent a while working her lips back and forth over the swollen cock knob. She worked him in and out of her mouth, her tongue fast and busy as her head bobbed.

He moaned and writhed, clutching at the headboard while she treated him to the sweetness of her aroused mouth. Then she released him, and she started to kiss and lick his cock again, up and down, all the way to the balls.

"It's what Emily needs, I mean," he corrected himself, as she started to polish his cockknob with her hot tongue.

He wanted to feel his cock inside her pussy again. He wanted to experience the hot grind of her pussy, and he wanted it right away.

He grabbed her by the tits and pulled her upward, onto him. She mounted Andy, spreading her legs as she came upward, and her pussy just seemed to gobble the shaft of his cock the moment it brushed up against her wet warm cunt.

She began to fuck, rising and falling on his cock, the ripple of her muscles milking his excited shaft.

"Why don't you do it?" Greta panted, riding him harder, making his cock feel just how juicy her pussy had become for him. "Get somebody to break her in?"

"It's against the law," he said.

"That never stopped anybody." She giggled. "I'm serious, baby. Anything to do with fucking and I get dead serious. You know that."

She made a purring sound, and she did a rock 'n' roll under him that reminded him just how serious she really was about fucking.

"Mmmm!" she gurgled. "Your cock feels so good inside me, Andy, but I wanna eat your cum this time, wanna feel all that sweet sticky stuff pouring down my throat! How about you fingerfuck my hot wet pussy and make me come real big, while I blow your nuts off with my warm wet mouth?"

She didn't have to ask twice. He took his cock out of Greta's pussy, and she lay down beside him, her legs open for his fingers, and she slid her mouth down over the cock once again.

He slipped his fingers up her pussy, felt the responsive twitch of her muscles, and he began to fuck them in and out of her, pulling one wet digit out from time to time to give her clit a massage.

Her lips pulled hotly at his tool, sucking the way a baby calf pulls at the udder and with the same milky goal in mind.

"How would you set up something like that?" he wondered idly, his hips pumping as he grew more and more aroused by her tongue and lips.

She gobbled frantically, siphoning cum up his tubes, and there was no holding back. Andy gasped, fucked his cock into Greta's mouth. She opened her throat and engulfed him totally, using cheeks, jaws, and throat to eat the hot load that blasted from Andy's cock.

He moaned with each separate eruption of jism, and he could hear her drinking his cum. It sounded as if she were gargling on his jizz. Her pussy vibrated in a matching orgasm round the fingers he had thrust up her cunt, and he knew it was just as ripe, just as hot for Greta as it was for him.

His cock began to soften inside her mouth, the last dribbles of his jism oozing from the tip, and he felt the contractions of her pussy ebb, too.

She relaxed, her cheeks lying on his lower belly. Bubbles of his jism were frothy on her lips. A sticky trail dribbled from one corner of her mouth. She licked her lips sexily, eyes aimed up at him.

"If you're serious about the idea," she said, "I might be able to work something up. But it would cost a bit of cash, honey."

Chapter TWO

Emily Rowan Palmer slipped out of her tennis whites in the bedroom, standing in front of her mirror. She enjoyed looking at herself when she was naked, and she very much enjoyed watching herself get naked.

With a smile, she unhooked her silk bra, easing the cups free of her tits. She held it in one hand, the swaps dangling, while she ran the fingers of her other hand across the full round curves of her tits.

The reddish tips of her nipples began to stiffen almost immediately. They were very responsive. Emily licked the tips of two fingers and applied them delicately to her hardening nipples, squeezing gently, rolling her fingers around as the strawberry buds came to full erection.

She dropped the bra and cupped the other tit, massaging it lovingly as she teased her nipple hard. She held her tits a long time, loving the feel of her hands upon them, the ping of her nipples as they responded to the caresses of her hands.

With a sigh of pleasure, she released her tits, reached down and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties.

She turned before the mirror, panties still in place, and she looked at herself from the front and then over her shoulder. She contemplated her body and decided that it was perfect. At five-seven, she had always wished she were taller, but her weight was distributed evenly up and down her frame and she was a perfect size six.

She removed the panties, smiling as her fluffy reddish-brown bush came into view, the hairs full and crinkly like cotton candy. She slid the panties downward, then straightened up, wearing only her high-heeled slides. She studied carefully the curve of her legs, the thrust of her ass. Yes, it was perfect, she assured herself.

Emily's hands slid down over the full but not ostentatious tits. Eyes seemed to follow them no matter where she was, but it was not her fault that she had eye-catching tits.

She stroked the hard, flat tummy and the well-proportioned fullness of her hips. She felt good because she looked good. She'd drawn more than her share of stares at the club today, playing singles with Julia Frost.

You can look, she had thought smugly, feeling the eyes that followed her, but you can never touch. Well, she had finished her tennis workout, and now it was time to pamper her body. Emily turned away from the mirror and went into the bathroom.

She drew her bath and sprinkled bubble powder onto the hot water, watching as it began to foam. She slipped off her shoes and went down into the big sunken tub, easing into its foamy luxuriant wetness. A bath always felt good.

She leaned back, and her tits lifted out of the water, the stiff cherry nipples rising from the suds with froth clinging to them. Emily scooped up a handful of suds and worked it into her tits, sighing as her flesh responded to the caress of her hands.

She squeezed down, soapy fingers sliding on her tits, and the nipples seemed to get even harder. She leaned her face toward her tits and kissed her soapy flesh as close to the nipples as she could get.

She wished the tits were bigger, big enough to get them into her mouth. She could flick her tongue over the nips but she couldn't quite suck on them, and she longed to know the feel of her own mouth loving her own tits. Someone else sucking her titties was not the same thing, not at all.

Her hands slid under the water, onto her belly. She stroked herself, making small waves in the tub, and her fingers moved gradually into the space between her perfect legs.

That spot was perfect, too -- a plump hillock of flesh, furred in the same shade of reddish brown hair that grew on her head. It was bisected by a clean, snug-lipped pussy, whose inner lips barely protruded at all.

She caressed her cunt, opening and closing it, teasing the soft tight lips provocatively.

She could feel her clit enlarging, and she stroked it as it grew, purring in her bath as the warm feelings spread through her body. The water sloshed around her, the soap bubbles seeming to froth a little more with each responsive twitch of her body.

Emily stretched out in the tub, head leaning back, a smile playing across her perfectly chiseled features. Under the water she was wing both hands on her cunt now, fingers sliding gently up the insides of her thighs, to meet atop the crease of her pussy. Even though her entire body was wet, she was totally, intensely aware that sticky warm juices were coming down the tube of her cunt, bubbling along the passageway to anoint her toying fingers. And the more her fingers stroked back and forth over her cunt, the more those juices seemed to flow from deep inside Emily.

She parted the petal-like folds of her cunt and allowed knowing, erotically charged fingers to play through her pussy french. The warm water of the bath was an extra stimulation to Emily's pussy.

Her hands moved more insistently on her cunt, and she basked in the response of her body. She deserved a special treat. After all, she'd let Andy, her husband, do that yucky stuff to her just the other night.

She shivered at the memory. His mouth, open against hers, his tongue thrusting itself into the privacy of her mouth. His lips, going down to attack her nipples.

He'd put his hand between her legs, just as she was doing now, but it hadn't been the same, of course. He loved to feel her pussy, to finger spread the lips of her cunt, to push his way inside, right into the tight mouth of her cunt. But it wasn't the same as her own fingers. How could it ever be the same?

And then Andy was atop her, rubbing her pussy with the end of his hard cock, saliva bubbling on his lips as he attempted to put it inside her. God, what a disgusting thing!

But she'd let him do it, even though she couldn't quite hold back the gasp of shock and revulsion as his big hard prick pushed through her narrow opening and into the delicate tightness of her cunt. She'd been dry, of course, but by that time he hadn't much cared. He was hot and hard and he kept kissing her, working his tongue over and into her mouth.

He'd thrust his cock into her pussy until the tight tube had no choice but to lubricate itself just a little, to keep from being scraped raw by the friction of his prick as it ravished her cunt.

She hated it. She'd always hated it. Back in high school, when everyone else had started to fuck, she'd tried it too, just to see what it was all about. She'd hated it then.

A stupid football player, a quarterback with a great arm and an IQ lower than his jersey number, had fucked her in his car the night of the harvest dance. He threw great passes on the field. In the backseat he was a piece of shit. He'd been so excited to find her a virgin that he'd squirted his sticky white milk onto her pussy while trying to get his cock inside. Onto her pussy, her stockings, her formal. But despite the gusher of cum he'd squirted, his cock stayed rock-hard, and he got it inside her. When he was done, he used her ripped panties as a rag to wipe her cherry blood off his cock.


Then came Andy. He was older than she, rich for his age, good-looking too. He'd courted her like something out of a romance novel and he hadn't pushed her for a lot of sex before the marriage. In fact, he'd been almost excited when he found out she hadn't had much experience. His ex-wife had been a real slut, by all accounts. Emily had been sure this was it.

But after they were married, sex was all the man seemed to think about. He was obsessed with licking her pussy, with getting her to take his cock in her mouth and suck it.

She was perfectly willing to be his beautiful wife, hostess, housekeeper. But sexually, what could he give her that she was not already giving herself, and better, too?

Again her fingers toyed with the delicate lips of her pussy, and again she stroked the hot aroused clit. Emily shut her eyes dreamily, relishing the feel of the fingers on her precious parts.

Emily made a soft cooing sound as she slipped a finger into the jewel-like hole after cunt. She worked her arm, moving the finger in and out of herself, the water sloshing briskly in the tub.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" she sighed, turning and twisting her body to receive the thrust of her insistent finger.

She eased her upper body around, rubbing her stiff-nippled tits against the side of the tub. The friction was delightful, providing a sweet hot counterpoint to the steady in-out of finger in pussy.

Her pussy was deliciously tight. Pricks were too big to fit comfortably inside her. They made her snug delicate muscles ache. The finger worked in and out, as natural as if she had been born with her finger shoved up her cunt.

She traced the sensitive-fleshed tube of her pussy passage, finding each arousal spot within herself. She knew all of them by heart. Up and down her finger stroked, turning and twisting as she probed herself, and Emily began to sigh and whimper, responsively. She pressed her tits against the side of the tub, just below the water, and she worked her chest to further stimulate the hard, tender nipples.

She put her thumb into play around the button of her clit, rubbing vigorous circles that further aroused her erected trigger.

"Oh God, yes!" she sighed, rocking in the bathwater, fingers hotter and hotter as they worked her cunt.

Her finger was poking now, stabbing as far as that first rough cock had rammed up her pussy. She moaned as the digit rammed itself erotically into her snug but yielding cuntal depths. Her long legs twitched, raising higher and higher waves in the tub, but she didn't really notice. Emily was about to come.

"Now!" she moaned. "Now! Now! Nowwwwww!"

Her finger speared deeply, seeming to penetrate all the way to the midst of her womb, and she rubbed her thumb excitedly over the tip of her aroused clit. She gave her thumb a wiggle that made sparks crackle from her body, made stars explode before her eyes.

She lifted her head up, gasping, then closed her eyes and dropped downward. Most of her face submerged, and her nose filled with water, but she was already drowning in the sweet hot exciting release of her orgasm, and she was oblivious to everything else.

She came up sputtering, eyes full of soapsuds, but it didn't matter. She clutched her pussy under the water, humping into her fist as the final contractions hit their peak and began to subside.

The sloshing water grew still at last and so did Emily's exultant body. She shook her head, blowing soap bubbles off her nose, and she basked in her own glow for a moment longer, enjoying the delicious glow of orgasm, before she stood up and reached for a towel.

She began to dry herself carefully, making sure that every part received its fair share. She spent a long time on her long legs, a very long time on her heaving tits, and the longest time of all making sure that she had carefully dried her tingling pussy.

Emily drew the towel back and forth between her legs, sawing it excitedly over the aroused, fur-covered bun of her cunt. She gave her cunt a last, long, loving pat, hung the towel on the rack, and slipped into her shoes.

Nude, she sat down at her vanity. She unpinned her hair, letting it fall in luxuriant auburn swirls onto her shoulders. The hair dropped down her chest, momentarily veiling the cherry-red peaks of her nipples. Emily stroked her chest with hands and hair, then pushed the hair aside and bared her still-hard nipples. She cupped her tits, offered them to the beautiful woman reflected from the mirror. Emily smiled knowingly, and so did her image.

They were both still smiling when Emily noticed, in the mirror, that someone else was staring, too.

Her first thought was that Andy had come home early and had caught her at her most private enjoyment. Emily's face flushed; her mind raced, searching for some possible explanation. She crossed her arms across the bared thrust of her tits, and she looked up.

"You're not Andy!" she said in surprise.

"No, I'm not," said the man who stood behind her. Emily saw the glint of metal, and she realized that he was holding a syringe in his hand.

As if in slow motion, she watched his hand lift and then descend in a sweeping arc. There was a sting at the edge of her ass. She looked down, astonished, saw that the needle of the syringe had punctured her skin. His thumb pushed the plunger down.

"Oh!" Emily said.

Her flesh went numb, and then her mind numbed too, and she fell, unconscious, into the arms of a stranger.

Chapter THREE

"You rotten bastard! You motherfucker!" Emily gasped. "If you don't turn me loose at once, I'll..."

"You'll what?" the man said, looking down at her where she lay. Her face flushed. What could she do, for God's sake?

"Please," she whispered, changing her tone and her tune to fit the circumstances, "please, at least take these -- these..."

She couldn't bring herself to say the word handcuffs.

How long ago had it been? It might have been an hour, it might have been a week. Her mind was still groggy from whatever drug had been injected into her hip. She had no idea where she was, except that she wasn't at home.

She lay on a strange bed, in a room she had never seen before. There were no windows, and she could not tell whether it was day or night.

The man was a stranger. She looked up at his mocking face, tried to place, him in her memory, but it was a blank. She knew she had never seen him before. But he had seen her. He was seeing all of her.

She lay totally naked, atop a strange bed, not even a sheet to cover her body. The bed was old fashioned, made of brass, with high posts at each corner. Her wrists were locked in handcuffs, whose other ends were locked around the upper bedposts. Around her ankles were tied the ends of silk scarves whose other ends were tied to the lower bedposts.

She strained in her bondage, horribly conscious that not only was she naked, but that the man could not help but see all of her pussy.

She stretched again and tried to pull her thighs together, but it was no use. The strain from the ankle bindings was too painful to bear for very long, and her body slumped back into the position her captor had chosen. She looked up at him, knowing for the first time in her life what it meant to be helpless, vulnerable.

"For God's sake!" she whispered desperately. "I'll give you money -- my husband will give you money -- don't hurt me -- take me home and I'll give you all the money you want!"

"Maybe I don't want your money," the man said. "Maybe it isn't your fucking money I want at all, Emily."

She looked at him. He was a big man, broad shouldered, with a craggy face. His nose had been broken, a long time ago, and it had healed with a slightly crooked twist. His hair was dark, tightly curled, and his expression was smug and superior.

She'd know him instantly in a lineup. Emily held her breath, memorizing every line of his face. When it came time to identify her abductor, she wouldn't flinch. She'd see him all the way to the electric chair.

He came around the bed, stopping alongside her. She looked away in dread as he sat down on the edge, his jeans-covered hip only inches from her naked flank.

"Please, at least cover me," she said, scarlet with shame.

"No, I'm not going to do that," the man said. "I like the way you look when you're naked, Emily. You have a beautiful body. The only thing nicer than looking at it is touching it. I touched you a lot while you were unconscious. I put my hands here..."

He laid his palm on her heaving tummy. The heat of his hand was like fire against Emily's skin.

"And I put my hands here, too," he said, smiling an evil smile as he took hold of her tits.

Emily screamed when his hands closed around her tits. She looked down at her nipples, hard and cherry-red from terror. He squeezed hard on her tits. The nipples seemed to push upward in scarlet points, showing above the clutch of his big hands.

"Guess where else I touched you?" he said, releasing her tits. "And there wasn't a fucking thing you could do about it, any more than there's a fucking thing you can do about it right now, Emily. Uh huh, baby, I had my hands all over your sweet furry pussy!"

And he grabbed her between the legs, seizing her cunt in a grip that felt, like iron bars. His fingers dug into the soft, tender flesh, and screamed again, knowing even as the cry forth that it would not bring her any help.

"God, what a cunt!" the man said, stroking it, massaging it in the fierce possessive clutch of his hand.

His fingers teased along the fear-sensitized crack of Emily's cunt. It was still a little tender from the session of masturbation she'd enjoyed in the tub. He parted her lips and his finger eased inside.

She bit her lip. She could still feel the gentler, sweeter penetration of her own finger. It could not have been very long since the attack in her bedroom.

"Oh, Jesus!" she said, wincing as his finger stiffened and thrust deeply into her pussy. She rocked in her bondage, and her ass lifted upward, almost as if it was pushing itself toward the finger that invaded her tender cunt.

But that wasn't it at all. She pulled back, but the mattress beneath her was a solid barrier and his hand moved too, that long stiff finger poking deeper and deeper into the tight dry well of her pussy.

"How long since you've been fucked, Emily?" the man asked. "Have you ever been fucked, I wonder? You're tighter than some virgins I've had my fingers inside. Mmmm, baby, I think I'm gonna enjoy having you as a guest!"

"Goddamn you!" she groaned. "Oh, God-fucking-damn you!"

His finger began to work in and out of her pussy. He stabbed her hard, penetrating her tight reluctant cunt without the slightest bit of subtlety. She moaned and squirmed and writhed, anything to escape the relentless attack, but the handcuffs and the scarves, that bound her hands and feet made motion almost impossible. She could not move far enough to escape him.

He took a tit, in his other hand, squeezing, mauling the flesh. He twisted her tit cruelly, his fingers hot and moist as they pawed her.

"Goddamn you!" Emily whined. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I fucking can." He smiled crookedly. "I love the plush feel of your tits. Too bad they're not bigger, but they're big enough. Anything more than a mouthful is just luxury, as they always say. Let's see if your tits are more than a mouthful for me. I have a big mouth, and I can put a lot of tit into it, Emily."

He leaned down and began to work his tongue back and forth over the stiff, straining, cherry peak of her nipple. She bit her lip to keep from screaming.

His tongue felt rough as sandpaper. He licked her nipple, licked circles around the red rim of her areola. The touch of him was like a file sawing at her titflesh.

His finger moved faster and deeper in her pussy. She could feel her cunt beginning to lubricate itself. It had to get a little wet, or else he'd scrape her raw, the way his finger was moving in and out. She continued to jerk reflexively each time he plunged inside her, pussy relaxing slightly as he came out, and then once more that driving thrust.

He fed her nipple into his mouth and sucked at it. She felt her nipple lengthening as his lips tugged and pulled.

"Oh, Jesus, nooooo!" she moaned.

And suddenly he stopped. His mouth left her tits, his finger exited from her pussy. He brought his fucking hand to his face, sniffed at the middle finger that he had taken out of Emily's cunt.

"You were getting wet," he said smugly. "I could feel the juices oozing out of your pussy walls onto my finger. I'm all wet from being inside your cunt, Emily. Here -- smell it. Pussy juice, baby. Your pussy juice."

He put his finger under her nose. She couldn't turn her head far enough to avoid it. She knew the funky aroma that coated his finger.

"Taste it, honey," he said, rubbing his moist finger on her lips.

She tightened her mouth, head shaking.

"I said taste it, bitch!" the man snapped. He thrust his finger into her mouths forcing the lips and teeth to give way. "Suck your pussy juice off my finger!"

Whimpering, she did as he wanted.

"Work your tongue," he instructed. "Jesus, I can feel that tongue of yours sliding on my cock already, Emily! I'm getting a hard-on just thinking about it!"

Emily gulped. He couldn't mean what she thought he meant.

He stood up, removing the blue work shirt he wore. Under it his chest was bare, thickly matted with hair. His torso looked more like an animal's than a man's. He rubbed the flat of his hand over the chest hair, sliding it down toward his belt. As she watched, nibbling her lip in dread, the man unhooked his belt and started to slide his pants down.

He had no shorts underneath, and as the pants descended, his cock bounced out, not nearly erect but almost monstrous in size -- or so it looked from Emily's tied-down, prone position on the bed. He got out of the pants and sat down again on the bed beside her.

"I don't want to," she cried. "Please, I don't like to fuck... I don't even let my husband fuck me most of the time. It disgusts me to be touched by someone else."

"I don't care a rat's ass what disgusts you, or what you like," the man said coldly. "We're going to do things that I enjoy, Emily. You're just a mouth, a pussy, set of tits that I'm going to use for my own pleasure. I may put my cock between your tits and stroke it back and forth till I squirt my cum in your face. Mmmmm, I think I'd enjoy doing that. Your tits are plush as crushed velvet. My cock would think it had died and gone to heaven, fucking your sweet tits. I'd love to see what my jism looks like splattered all over that rich-bitch face of yours, too. To see my cream running down your forehead, your cheeks. We'll have to do that, for sure, baby. Yeah, I'm getting hard just thinking about it. See?"

He leaned back, showing her that his cock was indeed starting to stiffen and rise from its semi-limp dangle.

She gasped at the sight. His cock looked even bigger than Andy's and God knew she could hardly stand to be penetrated by her husband's prick.

"No, please, you mustn't!"

"Whining turns me on," the man said. "Makes me all the hotter to stick my cock in you, Emily. And I bet you'll be whining like a bitch in heat before I'm finished. You'll be begging for more. But that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters a fuck is whether I get my rocks off. You're just a place to put my cock while I'm blowing my load."

She shivered in dread and disgust. She'd assumed she was the victim of a kidnap -- for ransom, but obviously there was more involved than that. The man seemed uninterested in money; he kept talking about her tits, her mouth, her pussy.

"Call me Duke. His name is Duke, too," he added, pointing to his cock. It was filling out even as she stared at the obscene prick, though it was far from hard yet. "I think you and old Duke are gonna get to be really close, Emily."

He squatted above her navel, then came down onto his knees, holding himself up just above her body. The tip of his cock, hanging down, almost touched her stomach. She gritted her teeth in disgust. Then he began to move forward, inching closer and closer to Emily's face.

He stopped, leaning forward so that his prick did make contact with her trembling tits. She whimpered at the brushing of his warm cock against her tits. He took his cock in one hand and started to rub it all over her tits, her nipples.

"No, no!" she protested, struggling against the bindings.

He laid his cock flat between her tits and mashed the mounds together around his cock. Emily was terrified that she might throw up. She looked down, saw the tip of his cock thrusting between her squeezed-together tits, the knobby point stabbing toward her face. Her eyes closed. She knew she was going to pass out.

"Suck it, Emily," she heard him say.

Eyes still closed, she shook her head vigorously. She would not! No way! Oh, dear God! He was starting to rub the end of his prick over her face. She sputtered as it touched her lips, stroking the defiantly closed crack of her mouth.

"You better open up and start sucking," Duke warned. "I'm getting hard, and I turn into an animal when my prick gets stiff."

"No," Emily whispered, choking the word out through closed lips and teeth. "I can't."

"You can, and you will," the man replied. He put his thumb on her upper lip, his finger on her chin, and he gave her face a sudden alarming wrench. Emily's mouth jerked open, gaping, and before she knew it, she had his cock inside her mouth.

"Bite me and I'll cut your tits off," the man added. "Suck my cock the way you sucked my finger, and I'll give you something sweet to drink."

Emily almost gagged, her mouth crammed with his cock. She could feel it hardening against her tongue. The longer it grew, the more certain she was she could not keep it inside herself.

"Mmmm, yeah, old Dukey's getting stiff!" the man exclaimed. "Use your tongue, Emily. Lick me all around, just like you did my finger. I bet this is gonna taste even nicer than your pussy juice. C'mon, baby, let's see if you have a mouth or just a hole to stuff food into."

He began to work himself in and out of her mouth in short strokes. Emily's eyes were filled with tears of shame and humiliation.

He gripped the upper framework of the brass bed. She heard the creak of metal as he started to rock back and forth, driving his cock into her mouth again and again, without mercy. She gasped, sobbed, tears stinging her eyes. The salty drops rolled down her cheeks as she endured the ramming thrust of Duke's cock.

He went too deeply, in his lustful eagerness. His prick was throbbingly, pulsatingly erect now, swollen enormously. Emily could hardly breathe around the meaty hard-on. She choked, gagged, as he plunged his cock to the upper edge of her throat. She felt as if she were about to vomit.

"Suck, baby! Move your tongue, slurp your lips, suck in those cheeks like a chipmunk! I wanna feel your jaws siphoning out my cum!"

She was afraid not to respond. Despite the unbearable awkwardness, Emily closed her lips around Duke's cock and she sucked, reluctantly, on the verge of nausea, but she sucked.

As he rammed her, she moved her wrists, straining impotently against the metal cuffs that locked her hands to the bedposts. The steel links bit into her wrists while his cock bit into the yielding wet softness of her mouth.

"Lick my cock while you suck," Duke gasped. "I have to feel your tongue on my prick, baby!"

Grimacing, she began to move her tongue inside her mouth, sliding it around and around his thrusting cock. The tickling touch seemed to inspire, to arouse him further.

"Yeah, Emily! Love the way you suck a cock, but I'm gonna teach you the right way to do it!"

She was sure she'd throw up. The bedframe creaked and the springs bounced as he pounded his cock into her mouth.

He moved faster, his plunges less deep but coming more rapidly. She could hardly keep her lips locked around him, as he'd demanded; she could hardly find time to get her tongue into motion either.

"Jesus, that feels good, Emily," he said, panting with the effort of filling her mouth.

His body tensed and thrust, cock sliding into Emily's mouth irresistibly. She choked, gasped, gagged, but it didn't make him stop or let up in the slightest.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out. Emily sucked in air, a slurpy inhalation, before she realized that her mouth was empty. Duke eased back, and she could see his face. It was flushed, glazy with sweat and lustful excitement. He reached down, slid his finger along the line of her lower lip.

"Not bad," he said, "but you've got room for improvement. I'll see that you improve, baby. Right now, though that tongue of yours has made me itchy. I think I wanna lick something myself."

He turned around, still astride her bare, tied down body, and she was looking straight up his hairy ass. The sight was disgusting. His buttocks were spread, and his hair-circled asshole was plainly visible. She'd never seen anyone's asshole before; she was astonished that the opening looked so tiny.

Duke leaned down into Emily's spraddled crotch. He put his hands on the insides of her thighs, holding them as if they belonged to him by purchase, and he smoothed his fingers over her skin. His face worked from side to side, across her hair-fluffed pussy.

She murmured in protest; it did no more good than any other murmur she had made since this experience began. He pushed the tip of his chin down onto her cunt and stroked her with it.

"Ah!" she groaned. "Please, don't! I don't want you to do that!"

"I don't give a fuck what you want, Emily!" the man said. "I'm doing this because it makes my prick twitch! Baby, whatever I do to you, I do because I wanna do it, because it makes me feel goooooood!"

And with that, be spread the lips of her pussy and started to waggle his tongue up and down the open crease of her cunt. Emily screamed at the contact of his tongue upon her pussy flesh. His hands were so rough, his tongue as sandpapery as it had felt lapping her nipples. She squirmed, but squirming did no good; she was still tied down, still a prisoner. She could only endure.

He licked though the folds of her pussy lips. "Please, no," she told him as his tongue slithered playfully into the tight mouth of her pussy.

She gasped as it suddenly shot deep inside her, licking in a semi-circle as it penetrated, then withdrawing and licking the other way around as it did.

"Oh, God!" she said.

He squeezed the clit area at the tip of her cunt.

"You're hurting me!" Emily whimpered. "Oh, don't doooo that!"

He squeezed again, and she knew that her clit had suddenly poked its glistening pink head upward. Then his tongue brushed over the tip of her clit and she gasped in shock. His lips pressed down, kissing her button.

Little shock waves rippled through her pussy. She moaned. He sucked the clit into his mouth, rolling his lips from side to side on its pink extension. Emily rocked vibrantly. His finger stroked the mouth of her cunt.

"You're getting wet," he said with smug superiority written onto every syllable. Emily could say nothing at all.

His finger pushed inside her, less roughly than he'd finger-fucked her earlier. There was a provocative rhythm to the stroke as he went inside Emily. She moaned, but when she jerked in response, it was a rhythmic jerking. She remembered the session in the tub, her finger playing hotly inside her pussy.

Duke licked her clit again. The button was stiffer now than it had been, even more sensitive in its extension. His tongue slid around the base of the clit, and he pressed in against both sides. She protested, but she knew, as his tongue caressed her again, as his finger continued that subtly erotic corkscrewing into the ever-wetter depths of her pussy, that she did not want him to stop just yet.

He licked down the crack of her pussy, to her hole. His finger slid slickly out of her cunt, and his tongue moved in, with hardly a break in the rhythm of his penetration. Emily shivered. Her body felt alternately cold and hot.

"Nothing like the taste of a juicy wet pussy," Duke murmured, using his tongue on Emily's cunt.

He scooped the liquid out of her hole brought it up on his tongue to smear onto her wet clit and then he sucked it off her skin.

His mouth moved back and forth inexorably from her cunt hole to her clit, licking, sucking, kissing, tonguing her suddenly aroused flesh. As he rammed his tongue up her cunt, spreading his tight mouth with his almost brutal but irresistible fingers, Emily began to buck in her restraints, her body suddenly on fire.

"You motherfucker, what are you doing to me?" she moaned. "Oh, God, Duke, lick me again, just one more time, on the clit, please, lick my fucking clittt!"

She was totally open to him at that moment. He could have done anything. Her pussy ached with an emptiness that frightened Emily Rowan Palmer. Never in her life had she longed for the touch of anything on her cunt other than her own knowing, sexy fingers.

And now she would die if this man, this total stranger, this brutal kidnapper did not lick her pussy just once more. That was all it would take for her to explode in an orgasm.

She realized that she didn't even mind looking at his asshole. Her body was more excited sexually than it had ever been in her life.

Duke lifted his head from her pussy and he looked around. He winked at Emily.

"I done told you, honey, I ain't doing one fucking thing just because it makes you feel good. I'm getting my rocks off on your body. And now that I've ate my fill of your pink pussy, I've got a cock that wants to squirt out a big hot load of cum."

He rose, turning around, his lance-like club of a cock sticking up, big, thick, hard, its tip almost purple from the hot rush of blood.

He squatted on her chest again, and once more he placed his cock in the smooth valley between her tits. He squeezed her tits together, working them roughly, mashing them onto the stiffened bulk of his prick.

"Agghh!" Emily panted. He was so cruel, so rough. Her tits ached from his graceless manipulation.

He began to work his cock back and forth, wedged between her tits.

"No, please," she whined, watching the big red knob thrusting from between the tits, toward her face, plunging again and again as if it were a spear aiming to transfix her skull. He thumbed her nipples with an almost cruel intensity while he tit-fucked Emily. "Ohhhh! It hurts, pleeeeez!"

"Gonna come, Emily-bitch," he said, "gonna come real soon. Where should I shoot my load? On your tits? Mmmmmm, like to see those nice pink mounds dripping with my load, wouldn't you? Or maybe I'll squirt it all over your face. There's something soooo fuckin' sexy about the face of a gorgeous woman splattered with fresh steamy-hot jism. Lemme think, honey, 'cause it's almost time. I'm gonna be squirting in a minute or so, and mmmmmm, baby, I can tell it's gonna be a big hot gusher!"

"You bastard!" she whispered. "I hate you, I'll see you in the electric chair for what you're doing to me!"

"I almost made you come with my tongue," he taunted. "You were screaming for more. You'd have juiced me with your cream if I'd licked your clit two or three times more. You'd have squirted like a sliced lemon. They'd never fry me for making you cream, Emily. Oh, baby, I'm gonna do it, gonna shoot my cum!"

She had no doubt of it. His eyes were rolling, and he was pumping his cock swiftly through the mashed-together mounds of her tits.

Emily stared in horror and revulsion at the blunt snout of his cock, ramming between her tits, plunging toward her face. The head seemed to expand even as she watched it, and she knew instinctively that he was about to come. The rattle-like sounds that came from deep in his throat told her all the rest.

The first gush of his cum blasted from the tip of Duke's cock and hit her on the forehead, oozing down into her eye.

"Oh, Goddamn y..." she blurted, but she didn't get to finish.

"Yeah, Emily!" Duke laughed, and he thrust forward with his cock shoving it into her open mouth.

She squealed as his cum began to squirt into her mouth. She tried to spit the cock out, but he was shoving hard, and the cock-knob was somewhere deep in her mouth, almost pushed into her throat. The cum squirted across her fluttering tongue. He was overloaded with cum.

It seemed to shoot from him in an endless sticky river. Her mouth filled with the acrid tasting stuff, and his cock barreled into her so swiftly, so inexorably, that she could do nothing except swallow and try to keep one step ahead of him. If she hadn't swallowed, she'd have drowned in the flood of Duke's squirting jism.

He gripped his cock, jerking on the shaft, emptying himself into Emily.

"Drink every drop, bitch," he said. "I want you to know what a real man's cum tastes like!"

Chapter FOUR

"I have to-to go to the bathroom," Emily whispered.

She lay on the bed, immobile in her bondage, terribly shaken by what had just happened to her. Her pussy still ached, her clit throbbed tumultuously at the memory of the feelings she had experienced while Duke sucked her cunt.

"You have to piss?" he asked. "Go ahead and piss."

"Here? My God!" The very thought horrified her. "In the bed? In front of -- in front of you?"

"Piss, Emily," he told her. "Open up and let it flow."

He was puffing up his pants. Buckling the belt, he walked around to the foot of the bed and leaned on the lower brass rail. He touched one of Emily's uplifted feet, stroking her ankle and the silken scarf that tied her into place.

"I wanna see you piss," he said. "It excites me to watch a woman pissing. Go ahead and do it. While I watch."

Emily shook her head, lips set firm and tight. There were some things she would do because she had to, but there were some things she would not, could not, do, and this was one of them.

But the more she thought about it, and the more her mind recoiled at the obscenity of his suggestion, the more aware she became that her bladder was full and aching to be emptied. She struggled weakly in her bindings as if that might loosen the knots of the scarves, the steel of the handcuffs. Opening her eyes, she used them to make one last, silent plea to Duke that he spare her at least this particular shame.

He didn't answer, not with his mouth. He took hold of her toes, stroking them idly. His fingers worked into the spaces between her toes.

Emily moaned. She wiggled her toes, as if she really thought she could pull her foot back, out of his reach.

He moved his fingers onto her bare sole, using them to stroke a feathery light touch up and down. Emily moaned. She felt the moan turn into a high-pitched giggle. He kept on tickling, and she began to shake uncontrollably.

"No, please," she gasped, "don't..."

He knew that he had her. She could see it in his eyes as they filled with a glittery wickedness. He began to tickle both feet at the same time. Emily's legs kicked, but she wasn't going anywhere.

"Damn you!" she gasped, amid almost hysterical laughter. And in the midst of the laughing jag, her crotch suddenly became sopping wet and her ass lay atop the mattress in a puddle of fresh, warm piss.

"Oh. God," she whispered, "I did it! I pissed myself!"

Once it started, the urine came from her in a river. Her belly heaved with each spurt of wet warm piss, and she started to cry and sob even as she laughed. She wanted to die with shame, but God, it felt so good to empty her herself.

Emily Rowan Palmer knew the depths of degradation then, emptying her bladder as she struggled, helpless, in the grip of handcuffs and ankle bindings, while a brutal, sex-deviate kidnapper stood watching, grinning, his ticklish fingers urging her to do it again.

When she was finished she lay is her mess feeling the piss begin to go cold ass clammy against her skin. It had come out of her so hoe and now the wetness on the bed felt almost icy cold. Her face was scarlet, and the flush spread well past her tits and her eyes filled with tears.

"Are you satisfied?" she asked. "Are you fucking satisfied?"

Her language was becoming as crude as his own. Normally she did not speak like that.

"I'm satisfied enough, but it didn't make my cock as hard as I thought it would, so I guess I won't fuck you right now. We'd better get you cleaned up, though. I might want to eat your hot pussy again, and I'd prefer that it didn't taste like fresh pin when I stick my tongue up your hole." He turned from the bed. "Greta!"

Emily heard the bedroom door opening. Straining, she turned toward the sound. A woman stood framed in the doorway.

"You finished with her already, Dukey?" she asked. "You must be losing your touch. It used to take you a couple of hours to get the best out of a woman."

She came into the room.

"Sweet Jesus, smells like a pissoir in here! Somebody have an accident, maybe? I bet it was Emily, mmmm?"

Emily's face went even redder. It shamed her to be brought so low in front of this crude bitch, the kind of woman for whom she had never felt anything but contempt. She was obviously cheap, a dirty blonde in her mid-thirties by all indications, fat and blowsy. She wore a thin T-shirt that clung to her pudgy, oversized tits, a miniskirt that rode high on fleshy thighs, and spike heels that elevated her five-feet-nothing to an almost noticeable height.

Even when she was standing still, her fleshy body seemed to jiggle. Men always seemed to be drawn to women like this one. Greta, the man had called her. Emily filed the name in her memory. It would come in handy when these animals were brought to justice.

"Why don't you take her in the bedroom and clean her up?" Duke said, leaning on the bedpost. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a key, tossed it to Greta. She caught it, her braless tits bouncing as she moved, and she turned to undo the handcuff that fastened Emily's right wrist.

Emily gasped in sudden relief as the shackle loosened and her hand dropped free. She looked at her wrist, at the cruel white dent left by the handcuff, and she wondered if her captors might remain off guard long enough for her to make a break.

"Don't even think it, sugar tits," Greta said, leaning across Emily to unlock the other handcuff from the bedpost. She left it fastened to Emily's wrist. "I'm short and I'm ten pounds overweight, and I don't play tennis, but I'm athletic enough to kick your sassy ass if you try one fucking trick out of turn, bitch."

Emily believed her. She lay motionless while Greta finished unlocking the handcuffs, untying the ankle bindings.

Greta led Emily out of the room, guiding her by jerks on a handcuff. They went down a narrow hallway, into the bathroom.

"C'mere, bitch," Greta said, tugging on the cuff. She pulled Emily over to the shower and fastened the cuff to the curtain rod. "Don't want you going anywhere."

She snapped the other cuff to the curtain rod as well, then stepped back, studying Emily's aged, exposed body as the tall captive stood bound and helpless.

"Mmm," Greta said, tilting her head to one side, "you really are built like a wet dream. I wish I had your tits. Mine are so big they can't help but sag, no matter how nice I treat them. See?"

And she rolled up her T-shirt, baring her big fleshy tits. Emily recoiled in disgust. Greta's tits were the least interesting topic she could think of at this terrible moment in her life.

"On the other hand," Greta said, cupping her tits and pointing them at a shivering Emily, "a guy could drawn in these jugs, and believe me, baby, a lot of them have tried!"

She pulled her T-shirt down. Emily sighed in relief. But then Greta came toward her captive, her hands coming up, the fingers curling even before they made contact.

"Oh, these are sweet, though," she said, squeezing down on Emily's tits. "Firm, but not hard. Mmm, and warm, and smooth as fucking satin."

"Please, no!"

"Please? Oooh, soooo fucking polite!" Greta smirked. "But what can you do to stop me, bitch? You gonna fight me, maybe? Slap me? Try to jab me with your knee again, and I'll rip these cute little fuckers off, baby."

She sounded dead serious. Emily slumped, her uplifted, restrained arms bearing the weight of her body.

"Relax, baby," Greta purred, her voice soft as honey now. "We're gonna have some fun, you and me. I bet I know some tricks that will curl the hair on your pussy."

She was so short she hardly had to stoop. She just leaned forward slightly and kissed the cherry-red tip of the nearest tit, her lips smacking as they brushed across the terror hardened nipple.

"Aggghhh!" Emily gasped, lifting up, her fists clenched. All the motion did was to bring her tits even more squarely into Greta's face. The blonde looked up her hazel eyes sparkling.

"Offering them to me, are you, baby?" she asked, squeezing the tits again. "Do you want me to suck 'em?"

"No," Emily whispered, "I don't, oh..."

By that time Greta was sucking-greedily, brutally, her lips pulling voraciously at Emily's hard, straining nipple.

"Stop!" Emily gasped, struggling.

Greta switched tits. She bit down into the flesh, her tongue lashing at the nipple. She sucked hard, pulling the nipple stiff, and her lips twisted. Drool flowed from her mouth, the mound of Emily's tit, and she sucked the drool back into her own mouth, only to salivate it forth again as she continued to feed on Emily's tit.

"Sweet, sweet tits," Greta purred, working the end of the tit in and out of her mouth. She squeezed it into a sharp conical point, and she licked it, sucked it, kissed it, fed it to herself, making noises like a pig as she feasted.

Emily squirmed, shivered, whined in protest, but Greta didn't stop for an instant. She sucked, she bit, she chewed, she dug her teeth into the tender nipple points and the heaving mounds of tit tissue while her hands squeezed and molded the delicate curves with a vicious sexual hunger.

Emily struggled, almost ripping the flesh of her wrists in the iron grip of the handcuffs.

"You like it, huh, bitch?" Greta smirked, looking up. Her mouth was dripping wet. She licked the saliva off her lips, her chin. "Maybe you like this, too?"

She reached down for a fistful of Emily's bare pussy.

No one, not even Duke had ever handled Emily's cunt quite so roughly as Greta did now. She clawed at the delicate bun of pussy flesh, her fingers avid and eager. Her eyes glittered with a horrible look of lust as she stared into Emily's convulsing face.

"Your pussy's all wet," she said throatily. "You dig this, don't you, cunt?"

She split the lips as she spoke, and she rammed her finger deep inside Emily's cunt. Her eyes gleamed as she felt the tube opening to make room for her.

Emily went up onto tiptoes as Greta's finger probed deeply.

"Oh, nooooo!" she shrieked, her head shaking frantically.

The finger rotated inside her cunt, showing not the slightest trace of delicacy or gentleness. It reamed her tight hole, and Emily could only sob and whimper and choke out her protests.

"Dripping wet," Greta purred, "but of course it is. You pissed all over yourself, back in the bedroom, didn't you? That was a nasty thing to do. I'll show you just how nasty. Your piss is all over my finger, and what I warn you to do is clean it off. Right now."

She took her finger out of Emily's cunt. Emily gasped in relief, but it was short-lived. Greta stuck her finger up, moved it back and forth in front of Emily's face, showing the woman that the finger was indeed soaking wet.

"C'mon, cunt," Greta said throatily. "Lick me clean."

Emily was terrified of taking the finger inside her mouth, but much more terrified not to. She closed her eyes.

Greta rubbed the finger across Emily's lips. "Open up," she said, and Emily slowly parted her lips. Greta thrust her finger inside, as roughly as she'd stuffed it up Emily's cunt.

The taste wasn't as terrible as Emily had feared. Perhaps because it was her own piss flavor she was tasting, she found the taste almost sweet on her tongue. She hollowed her cheeks, hardly noticing that she was doing it, and she began to suck tentatively at the finger.

"Mmmm," Greta giggled, "you're learning fast, Emily! Keep this up and we may get to be really good friends. We have a lot in common already, bitch, but I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about, do you?"

She stepped away, and she got a washcloth from the rack, wetting it in warm water. She began to wipe Emily's crotch and thighs, washing away the piss. Her hand worked around onto Emily's ass. Her touch was almost surprisingly delicate.

Emily shifted her weight awkwardly as Greta knelt before her, sliding the cloth up and down the insides of her thighs, back and forth through the gap between her legs. The cloth was slightly scrapy, but not at all unbearable as it rubbed along the tight, tense crease of Emily's cunt. Greta spread the pussy lips and applied the cloth lightly to the pussy interior.

"Oh!" Emily said in surprise as the cloth brushed her clit area.

"Mmm, what a pretty clit!" Greta sighed, putting down the cloth.

She was still using her other hand to hold Emily's cunt open. There was nothing Emily could do to stop her. Greta arched upward, still on her knees. Emily looked down in horror, suddenly aware of what Greta meant to do but hardly believing that it could happen.

Greta's tongue emerged, pink and wet, and it extended like a telescope toward Emily's open cunt.

"Ohhh!" Emily squealed as Greta began to lick up and down the exposed crack of her pussy. "Stop it right now!"

"It tastes good, now that it's all clean and shiny," Greta sighed, spreading the pussy-lips further, shoving her tongue deeper into Emily's cunt.

Emily moaned, gasped, trembled as she felt Greta's limber tongue sliding up her pussy chute. She had never touched another woman sexually, never been touched sexually by another woman. She'd always found the idea sickening.

But she was just a pawn in someone else's game now, and none of the rules that she knew were still operational.

Greta covered the entire gash with her mouth and sucked at it while working her tongue in and out of Emily's pussy. Her lips kept brushing insistently at the tip of Emily's clit, and there was no question the organ was responding, that it was growing, erecting, taking on an excited sensitivity that made the slightest graze of Greta's tongue feel like the scrape of sandpaper across the aroused, erectile tissue.

Greta put one of Emily's legs over her shoulder. She lifted herself upward and now neither of Emily's feet were quite touching the floor.

Greta cupped Emily's asscheeks and she worked them vigorously with her hands as she continued to eat her way into Emily's auburn fuzzed cunt. From time to time she stopped, spitting a hair or two off the tip of her tongue, but she didn't seem to be bothered.

"Maybe I'll shave you while I'm at it," she smirked, looking up into Emily's shocked, flushed face. "I love to eat a bare pussy... the thought of this yummy little cunt shining red and excited and hairless makes my drool like a river."

She worked her wet, slippery tongue back into Emily. She was good. She seemed to have an instinctive feel for each and every erogenous zone inside Emily's cunt.

Emily lifted her other leg and tried to push Greta away with her heel. But her feet weren't working properly. Instead of shoving, her foot was beginning to slide tentatively down Greta's back, like a shy, uncertain hand stroking, exploring, the texture of the other woman's body. Her legs were starting to wrap around Greta's neck and pull the pudgy blonde into a cunt that was undeniably simmering in the grip of heat and arousal.

Greta's tongue thrust deeply, fucking into Emily's cunt. There was no resistance inside. The snug walls of the tube loosened eagerly as Greta licked her way up, and then they closed shut, massaging responsively at the tongue that wiggled through the narrow passageway.

The tongue struck like a snake, probing deep.

"No! No! No!" Emily wailed, moaning and jerking spastically with each plunge. Her legs flexed around Greta's neck. Ripples of delirium pulsated through her pussy, tingled in her thighs, ached in her ass. Greta's hands pawed the firm, athletic curves of Emily's buttocks. Sweat oozed from every pore of her skin. Emily strained, her wrists still chained to the curtain rod, and she pulled herself upward by the strength of the chains, then slumped down again to shove her pussy against Greta's sucking mouth.

Her tits were so aroused that they hurt, the nipples sticking out in long red erections of excitement. She looked down at the straining cherry pinnacles and she licked her lips enviously, wishing that for just one fucking moment she could take those nipples in her fingers and squeeze them. To accentuate the thrills of cuntal delight that were sweeping like ocean tides through the steamy barrio of her pussy.

"I bet Duke didn't let you come, did he, honeypot?" Greta purred, her tongue out of the pussy now, her lips brushing lightly but arousingly all over Emily's quivering mound of cunt. She kissed the slice, the clit, using her fingers to hold the gash open. "Mmmm! Mmmm, honey, it tastes SOOOO good!"

Her tongue slithered up and down her cunt's splayed expanse. It was as if her tongue was a hot wire, sparking each time it flicked against Emily's exposed wet cuntal tissue.

"No!" Emily gasped. "No, he didn't, he kept stopping whenever I began to enjoy it. All he wanted was to get his own rocks off. Oh, God, Greta, what are you people doing to me? Your mouth -- my cunt -- you're driving me craaaaaaazy!"

"What a pussy," Greta sighed, amid her sea of kisses, her flood of licks. "No wonder your husband is so gone on this sweet juicy cunt, baby, but you don't let him have it very often, do you? You should let the whole world know what you have down here. They'd all love it just as much as I do."

She pressed her lips to the clit, kissing it almost tenderly, then starting to lick rapidly up and down over the pink-nubbed erectile tip. Each lap of her tongue sent spasms through Emily.

"Yes, no, I mean, yes, I mean no, I mean -- I don't know what the fuck I mean!"

She moaned again, Greta's fingertip easing into her cunt and plunging hard and deep, but not brutally hard, unbearably deep. Emily's tummy heaved as the finger began an excited in-out plunging attack while the blonde's lips continued to worship at the hitherto secret shrine of Emily's throbbing clit.

"I can feel the honey oozing out of your belly." Greta whispered, as she lapped Emily's clit. "Sliding down your hot tight tube, making my finger all wet and juicy, making it so much easier to fuck my fingers in and out of you. Let me taste your honey cum, Emily, mmmm, yes."

She moved her tongue down to lick the cunt she was already reaming with her finger. The tip of her tongue slid into the opening too, and she gave Emily a double-pronged attack, the finger scratching hot horny itches deep inside Emily's pussy while the tongue created even wilder, hornier itches by its constant rimming and teasing around the mouth of the cunt.

"Duke didn't make you come," Greta slurped, eating her captive's salivating pussy, "but I'm gonna make you come. I wanna make the whole world come!"

"Yes!" Emily moaned, hardly recognizing her own voice as it echoed through the shower stall. "Make me come! Fuck me with your hot sweet tongue, your nasty fingers! Oh, you bitch, do it to me!"

Greta sucked hard at the clit, alternating that with stabs of tongue up Emily's cunt, sloshes of tongue up and down the spread-wide flaps of the pussy french. Emily could feel the wetness oozing from her guts, spilling down her pussy. She could feel, hear, the squishing that Greta finger made as it plugged her cunt again and again.

Emily's cunt felt as big as a peanut against Greta's tongue, and it shivered and strained, responding deliriously to the teasing attack of the blonde woman's skilful mouth. Emily's body was a dozen degrees past fever point. She was burning up with lust, and she felt herself getting hotter and hotter as Greta continued to eat her way up and down the exposed, defenseless gash of her pussy.

"I'm gonna come!" Emily gasped. "I'm gonna come all over your face, you big-titted blonde bitch!"

"You want tits?" Greta teased, puffing up her shirt again as she knelt before Emily. She lifted one tit and brought it to play against the crease of the pussy. She made her nipple kiss Emily's hot hard clit. The contact was unbelievable. Emily moaned and jerked. She felt as if her arms were going to break off, but she didn't care.

Greta pushed the point of her tit into Emily's hole, moaning a little in her own right as she eased her soft dough-like tit into the tight mouth of Emily's cunt.

"Suck my tits with your pussy," she giggled. "So, you are one horny bitch, Emily! This is gonna be more fun than I thought, and a lot easier, too."

What the fuck did she mean by that? Emily wondered, just as she reached the point of no return.

"Oh, Christ?" she moaned, and then it was Greta's mouth all over her pussy again, two or three fingers jammed up Emily's cunt and fucking madly in and out, and Emily's body exploded with the mad, unexplainable lust sensations that were an unquenchable fire inside her.

She scissored her legs around Greta's neck and rocked her cunt into the blonde's horny, hungry face again and again.

"Yes, yes," she chanted as she smeared her dripping pussy all over Greta's face. She didn't need one more lick, one more kiss, one more flutter of that stimulating tongue, but oh fucking God, she wanted them. It was the first orgasm she'd ever had with anyone else, and she knew that it could not, must not, be the last.

Chapter FIVE

"Oh, God, it hurts," Emily groaned, dangling from the shower's curtain rod by her handcuffs. Her arms ached like a bitch, and her pussy moaned in protest as Greta's tongue continued to lick up and down the slice. "Stop, please stop! I can't take any more!"

Greta unwrapped Emily's thighs from around her neck and she stood up. She leaned in and planted a wet, sloppy kiss onto Emily's mouth. The woman's eyes opened in wonder as she tasted the hot, unmistakably fragrant juices of her cum all over Greta's lips.

Greta's tongue prodded at Emily's mouth and slipped inside. Emily shivered, but she couldn't keep her own lips from closing upon the limber frisky tongue and sucking at its cum-covered length as it slicked in and out.

Greta's hands were all over Emily's body. She caressed the tits, massaging their arousal-tipped nipples. She slid her fingers up and down Emily's back, cupping the sweat-soaked ass. Her fingertips eased into Emily's cunt, stimulating the area she had already worked to paradise with her tongue.

"Let's get you showered," she said. "We need you all fresh and clean and sweet smelling."

For what? Emily wondered, feeling just a littie alarmed, but the relief of being loosened from the curtain rod and the freedom to move her arms and hands, took away the alarm, and she turned to the shower, anticipating the spray of hot steamy water up and down her body. She stepped into the compartment and let the water hit her, and she closed her eyes, feeling almost herself again.

But only for a moment. She sensed, rather than felt, Greta's presence behind her, and she turned to find that the short, stacked blonde had already stripped and joined her in the shower. Emily stepped back, into the water, and Greta came toward her.

As the hands touched her body, as Greta's big, gumdrop-nippled tits brushed her own, Emily shivered, but she didn't flinch. She closed her eyes just as Greta's mouth closed upon hers, and she leaned against the inside wall of the shower compartment, allowing Greta to do as she pleased.

She had to admit, there was a certain degree of pleasure in the way she responded to Greta's touches. Maybe she should have tried it with other women, long before this.

"Get you all clean and pink," Greta said, rubbing soap onto Emily's body. She interspersed her words and action with lots of kisses and more than a few sly grabs and fondles of Emily's most sensitive parts.

She filled her hand with soapsuds and squeezed the frothy stuff into Emily's cunt, using her fingers to work the soap deep into Emily's hole. But her fingers were as interested in arousing as they were in cleansing, and they continued to rotate and slide in and out of Emily's cunt while her thumb rubbed friskily at the still-swollen clit.

"Love your sweet tight pussy," she murmured while her, tits rubbed insistently against Emily's. "Has it ever been fucked by anything but fingers, baby? Mmmmm, it's so tight and snug, but it's so hot and wet, too. It reminds me of myself when I was about twelve."

With her other hand, she guided Emily's fingers to the lush full curves of her own tits.

"Feel them," she said. "They won't bite. They love to be felt."

Emily shivered, despite the heat of the water that flowed across her body, but she allowed her hands to take hold of Greta's tits. Her fingers almost sank into the dough-like softness of the oversized tits.

The nipples were hard, though, as fat as gumdrops, and she felt her fingers drawn to them. She tested their texture, their resilience, starting to purr almost unconsciously as she drew pleasure of her own from the touch, as she felt Greta's body throbbing in response to her caresses.

Greta kissed her again, and brought her pussy up to rub against Emily's.

"No, we shouldn't!" Emily sighed, but she wasn't struggling. The bump of cunt upon her own was a new, exciting stimulation. She opened her legs and allowed Greta's body to move into the gap.

Her thighs flexed against Greta's body, and she felt her cunt merge with Greta's as they brought their bodies together again and again in the spraying rush of water from the shower head. Emily was drenched, but she could sense the fires that were starting to blaze inside herself, and she was both very much afraid and very much excited, at the same time.

"I want you to suck me," Greta said throatily, between kisses. "I want you to get down on your knees and lick my pussy, just the way I licked yours. Will you do that, Emily? Will you suck me off?"

"I couldn't, I know I couldn't," Emily said defensively, looking down at the heaving-titted Greta. Her hands dug into Greta's soft round tit, and the nipples pointed even more invitingly outward.

Emily looked at them pensively, licking her lips. Greta touched the back of her head, and Emily felt her face being guided downward. Her lips met the full softness of Greta's tits.

Greta guided a nipple into Emily's mouth. "No," Emily protested, but it was too late to say no. The hot firmness of the nip brushed her tongue and she shivered, and then she began to suck at it, gently at first but with a growing sense of urgency, of desire.

Greta leaned back, pushing her tits up at Emily's face.

"The other one too," she said. "Suck 'em both!"

She filled her mouth with Greta's tit, tasting the woman's flesh, feeling the heat pulsate against her tongue. She opened her mouth wider. Her mouth yawned, full of hot sweet tit, and she moaned, her teeth scratching insistently at the flesh.

"Yes," she heard Greta sigh, fingers stroking through Emily's hair, "you're getting the hang of it now, baby!"

The nipple lengthened in Emily's mouth, and she closed her lips around it, sucking harder and harder. There was a certain satisfaction to nursing on Greta's tit that thrilled Emily even as it appalled her. She would never have tried anything like this except under duress, but now that it was happening, she found the experience exotically exciting.

She felt Greta taking her wrist, pulling down on it. She gulped, knowing that Greta was going to make her caress the blonde pussy, the same way Greta had stroked and petted Emily's auburn-furred cunt.

She sucked harder on the nipple and allowed her hand to be directed, but she couldn't repress a quivery sigh as her fingers stroked through Greta's sopping-wet mat of pussy fur, as she felt the hot, protuberant lips of the other woman's cunt.

"Yes," Greta said excitedly, "ohhhh yesss!" She was pulling Emily's hand back and forth through her cuntal gap, using it to fuck her hot, horny pussy. Emily groaned and allowed herself to be used for the other woman's pleasure.

The slippery cunt-lips parted, and Greta cased Emily's fingers into her pussy. It was hot in there, not nearly as tight and resilient as Emily's own pussy, but the muscles were active already and they began to suck the fingers deeper and deeper into the heated cunt.

Ooze was leaking from Greta's cunt, drenching Emily's hand.

Greta humped and moaned as Emily continued to suck and finger-fuck her. The fingers rammed in and out of Greta's pussy, and it was with a certain sense of shock that Emily realized that Greta was no longer directing her hand. The blonde had both arms wrapped around Emily's neck.

I'm doing this all by myself, Emily thought in horror, but she knew she could not stop, not as long as that hot, frantic pussy continued to suck and gobble at the fingers she shoved into its hungry, cum-slimed mouth.

"I want you to eat my pussy," Greta said in a soft, waxy voice, but Emily's resistance was nearly melted by now anyway. The tall woman needed very little persuasion.

She released the tit from her mouth and she looked down at Greta, wondering if she could actually do it. Greta kissed her on the mouth, and she knew then that she could.

Oblivious to the spray of water that rushed down her back, she moved slowly to her knees. Now it was her head that was getting wet. She was still oblivious. She put her hands on Greta's knees and she stared at the puffy swirl of wet blonde cunt-fur, the fleshy pink cunt lips that protruded from the woman's pussy.

She thought of how her own cunt had responded when Greta licked and sucked it, and she felt inside herself a sudden, irresistible need to do the same thing to Greta's pussy. Bracing herself against the blonde's knees, she leaned forward, the tip of her nose contacting the shower-wet patch of cuntal fur.

"Lick it," Greta invited, reaching down to open her pink hole. She eased back, Emily moving with her, and now the kneeling woman out of the direct spray of the shower water. But she hardly noticed. She was moving her nose and her lips through Greta's crotch, inhaling the scent of aroused pussy, feeling the tickle of wet pussy-hair against her skin, urging herself to go ahead, to go ahead and lick it.

Emily closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. She touched the opened cunt, tongue recoiling in near-fright as it brushed Greta's exposed cuntal tissue. But she had also tasted the pussy, and that, coupled with the smell of the other woman's arousal, invigorated Emily's courage.

She still couldn't bear to look at what she was eating, but she had to eat Greta's pussy. She put her thumbs on the spread cunt lips, taking over from Greta, and she let her tongue walk up and down the crack, touching every inch of Greta's spread-wide cunt.

The clit was hard, throbbing with arousal, nearly as big as Emily's own. She lapped it, and she had to see it. She opened her eyes and she gasped, joyous at the sight of Greta's sex bud, standing up, glistening with wet hot arousal, its pink flesh turning scarlet in excitement.

She pulled the flesh surrounding the clit, making the little nub stand up even more, and she squirmed, shivered, felt ooze running from her own cunt in sympathetic response.

"It's gorgeous," she said. She had never seen anything as beautiful as Greta's pussy -- not even her own -- studied carefully, appreciatively, in a hand mirror held between her legs.

The tissues just within the mouth quivered, and she thrust her tongue into the opening, feeling the muscles snap at her, the way they'd snapped at her fingers when she had them inside Greta's cunt.

She worked her tongue deeper, tasting the hot funky juices that bubbled out of Greta's depths. She covered the cunt hole with her mouth and sucked, as if she meant to drain Greta's cunt like a siphon hose. Greta moaned and drew upward, and Emily's mouth moved with her, glued to the honey-dripping pussy hole.

The plump, slippery cunt lips jiggled and throbbed under Emily's fingers. She squeezed them together around her tongue while it was buried in Greta. Her mouth seemed to fill with sticky sweet juices.

She spread the cunt lips again, and this time she slipped a finger into Greta, while her tongue returned to the buxom blonde's hot, hardened clit. She pursed her lips around it, sucking frantically, while her finger renewed its acquaintance with the depths of Greta's hot, rippling pussy.

"Oh, eat me, fuck me, do it all to me!" Greta moaned. "I knew you couldn't be the cold cuntless bitch you were painted! I knew you were blazing hot inside! I knew I could light your fuckin' fires!"

Emily didn't understand what Greta was saying, and she didn't give a fuck, either. She was using a pussy-wet finger to tickle and strum Greta's clit while she fucked the hole with her tongue. She worked her tongue up and down her pussy, licking up the juices that leaked from Greta's cunt, and she was going crazy with lust and desire.

She could taste the simmering cum-fever inside Greta, and she ate more swiftly, more hotly, more hungrily, as anxious to feel Greta's orgasmic juices bursting into her mouth as she had been to spill her own into Greta's mouth ten minutes ago.

"Oh, you are some pussy-eating bitch!" Greta giggled, rubbing her hot wet cunt all over Emily's face.

She had Emily by the head, pulling the far-from-unwilling woman against her cunt, and she made gurgly excited sounds each time Emily's tongue sloshed through her frothing pussy trench.

"I may have spoiled you for men, for good," Greta added smugly.

"Like hell you have, baby," a voice interjected. It was a male voice, but it wasn't Duke's.

Emily, nose deep in Greta's pussy, was aware of the sound but she could hardly force herself to stop eating cunt long enough to see who had interrupted her. She gave Greta's cunt another pass with the tongue, and it was enough to send the blonde squealing into a climax.

Greta slouched back against the far wall of the shower compartment, and Emily moved with her, still licking, still kissing, still nibbling at the hot hard clit her tongue and lips had brought to ecstasy.

But then a rough hand seized a fistful of her long auburn-red hair, and she was yanked backwards.

"Goddamn you!" she gasped, her finger still buried in Greta's cunt, her lips savoring the hot sticky fluids she had sucked out of the blonde fuzzed pussy.

"Your time's up, Greta," said the man who was puffing Emily's hair. "Now it's my turn for a crack at this primo piece of ass. Come on out of the shower, Emily... Greta thinks she's ruined you for men. I'm gonna show her that she's another think coming."

Chapter SIX

"Greta!" Emily implored, but she realized that she could not count on her new friend as an ally now the man pulled Emily to her feet, dragged her out of the shower and tossed a towel at her.

"Wipe off," he said. "I'm going to get you wet all over again."

She flushed angrily, but she began to swab herself with the towel. She wasn't as self-conscious of her nudity now.

The man was very tall, sandy-haired, good looking in a lazy, almost casual way. His hair was moussed, and he had a stylish semi-shaven face. His heavy-lidded brown eyes ranged up and down Emily's bare body as she continued to towel herself. She glared at him. A sneer was his reply. She started to rub her wet hair with the towel, but he yanked on the handcuff, still attached to her wrist.

"Forget it bitch. I don't care if your hair's wet. C'mon, let's go where we can stretch out a little."

Emily let herself be guided out of the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder, saw that Greta was following, rubbing her own wet body with a towel as she walked. Greta was still smiling. Her eyes sparkled.

"Mmmmm, honey, you're learning fast. But you still have a couple more lessons. I think it's gonna be fun. Mmmm, I know it will be!"

Emily found herself in a large, almost empty room, which she presumed to be the living room of this apartment. She was sure it was an apartment, and not a house and it had a tantalizingly familiar look about it.

But she was sure she'd never been here before. In fact, from the lack of furnishings, she wondered if anyone had ever been here before.

The only furniture in the room was a ratty looking sofa, and Emily was slightly repulsed at the idea of actually sitting upon it. She didn't get the option. The man grabbed the cushions from it, tossed them onto the floor, and pointed at them.

"Sit," he said, and Emily dropped to her ass on the floor. She folded her arms modestly in front of her tits and her crotch, though it was far too late for that sort of modesty, she realized.

The man grinned down at her.

"My, aren't we prim and proper," he said. "I catch you with your tongue three feet up Greta's cunt, and now you want to keep me from sneaking a peek at your stiff-nippled tits, your juicy, pink-lipped cunt? Hands down, Emily! I want to see all of that body. Right now, bitch. On display! Lie down and spread 'em! I need to see pink shining between your legs. If it won't open by itself, then you reach down and split those pussy lips, cunt!"

"Okay," she said glumly, and she spread her legs wide apart, aiming her cunt at the man's eyes.

"I wanna see pink," he said. "All I see now is a fuzzy bun. Open it up. Yeah. Spread it wider. Show me your cunt."

He dropped to his knees at her feet.

"Up, ass!"

He shoved one of the sofa pillows under Emily's ass, propping it upward.

"Now let me see some more," he told her. Gulping, she spread her cunt with both hands, puffing on the flaps until they ached, her face livid with embarrassment. This was even more personally humiliating than the other things that had been happening to her since the abduction.

"Stick your fingers in it," the man commanded. "Two fingers, right in that hole. I wanna find out if it has teeth before I stick my cock inside. Move them in and out. Faster, bitch! Don't you even know how to jerk off your own Goddamn pussy?"

He grabbed her wrist, forced the fingers to slam in and out of her cunt.

"Aaagghhh!" Emily gagged. "It hurts!"

"The fuck it hurts!" The man grinned. "You love it, and you know it. Makes your pussy feel goooood to have those fingers sucking in and out, doesn't it? I can see 'em getting all wet and shiny. Your pussy's working overtime. Take the fingers out. I think it's safe to put mine in."

As she gingerly removed her fingers, he putt one hand an her pussy to spread her cunt lips and he pushed the tip of his middle finger into the exposed hole of Emily's open cunt.

"Oh!" she gasped as he buried his finger inside her and gave it a wicked, suggestive rotation that tickled around and around the interior of her cuntal sheath. His finger was long and rather thick, and he kept turning it in semi circular passes, this way and that, while he stared smugly at her face.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out, but she could feel her pussy getting wet inside, just as it had been doing from die start whenever one of her abductors began to do these awful things to her, and she could sense that her body was in danger of betraying her mind, one more time.

He began to thrust his finger in and out, pushing as deeply as he could go. Emily gasped and strained, her belly lifting and falling as he finger-fucked her.

"No, please!" she protested. "You shouldn't do that! This is all wrong!"

"Feels all right to me," he smirked, taking his finger out of her. He sniffed at it and rubbed it across her lips. She could smell the fragrant pussy juice that coated his flesh, and she knew where he'd gotten it.

When she didn't open her mouth, he just smiled, brought the finger to his own face, and licked at it leeringly. And then he stood up, unbuttoning his dark Hawaiian shirt.

Bare to the waist, showing off a broad, smooth chest golden with tan, he undid the drawstring of his pants and let them glide slowly down his long muscular thighs.

He turned, posing like a body-builder, but he wasn't a Mr. Universe type. His body was lean and lithe, though not skinny, and what he was modeling for her was the swollen lance of his erect cock.

"This is for you, Emily," he said, dropping to his knees between her spread legs.

He leaned forward, covering her body with his own, and she moaned in revulsion as she felt the tip of his cock fumbling at her pussy lips.

"No!" she cried, "please, not that!" They had used and abused her orally and digitally, but this was the first time any of them had attempted to stick a cock up her pussy. She sensed that her ordeal was about to move, into a new plane of degradation, for herself.

He reached down, caught his cock, and guided it to her cunt. She was still itchy and achy from the sucking she had received from Greta in the bathroom, and from the fingering the man had given her a few moments ago. She gasped and struggled as he fought to enter her, as she fought to resist him.

"No, damn you, you're not fucking me!" she blurted, but even as she spoke, she felt the bite of his cock sinking into her hole, and her eyes went enormously large as he rammed her forcefully with all he had.

"Sure feels like I'm fucking you, Emily!" He laughed, pushing deeply into her pussy with his big-knobbed prick. It hit bottom, and she moaned, her feet kicking high into the air.

"Stop ittttt!" she moaned. "Oh, stop ittttt!"

"Relax, baby doll," she heard Greta whisper just behind her head, and then warm, soft hands were all over Emily's shoulders, sliding down onto the trembling curves of her tits.

Emily moaned again as her tits were cupped in the grip of those warm soft hands, as her nipples throbbed into Greta's cuddling palms, as she felt Greta's body heat pressing against her from behind.

"Chaz just acts like a motherfucker," Greta purred. "If you give him half a chance, you'll find that he's a sweet hot fuck, just the kind to make your hot little cunt boil over. Mmmmm, baby, can you feel that knob of his throbbing all the way up your cunt? I bet that prick's all the way in you, isn't it? And the hot friction as he works in and out? Doesn't it make your clit bubble?"

"I hate it!" Emily whispered, writhing as the cock pushed into her pussy again and again. "I hate it and I hate all of you!"

But she didn't really think she did. Greta's hands were warm and caressing on her tits, and all the action her pussy had received so far was having a distinctly odd effect on Emily's body.

Normally she went dry as soon as a cock was brash enough to slip inside her body, making the fuck an excruciating experience for her partner as well as herself. But she wasn't dry now, even though this cock was ramming its eight inches into her cunt repeatedly. The more Chaz thrust, the wetter her cunt seemed to get, and the slippery sliding thrusts sent sparks of heat bubbling through her entire crotch.

Her ass was mounted on one of the sofa cushions, lifting her high, and his cock seemed to go very deeply-deeper than she could ever remember being fucked. Wherever his cock was hitting, inside her pussy sheath, it was having a strange, weird effect on her body. She grew hotter and hotter, and sweat oozed from the pores of her skin.

His hands caressed her legs, still up in the air as he worked his prick in and out. From time to time he turned and licked at her thighs, running a sandpapery tongue across the tingling nerve ends in her flesh. She squirmed when he did that, and when she squirmed, her body seemed to wiggle beneath his, and his cock thrust even deeper!

"Aaaahhh!" she moaned. He was fucking very slowly, just sliding his prick into her, and puffing it out, and then easing it home again with that same deliberate, almost maddening precision.

She could feel each separate millimeter of his cock's length entering her cunt, pushing up her pussy until his big hard cock-knob bumped the bottom of her cunt channel, and then she could feel him just as clearly as he eased out and reentered her pussy.

As his body came down upon hers for the home-stroke, his cock-base rubbed her clit and her belly did flip flops, while Greta continued to cuddle her tits and plant warm kisses on her face and hair.

Chaz folded her legs around him. She was too weak to resist. Snuggled in the fucking warmth of her body, he leaned forward and let his mouth join Greta's. He and Greta shared her lips, her tits. He licked the nipples while Greta pinched them up into firm, cherry-berry red erections.

The nipples seemed to get longer and harder and hotter with each nip of Greta's fingers, each lap of Chaz's tongue. He took a tit into his mouth and sucked it lasciviously, still working his prick in and out of her with almost agonizingly deliberate, provocative thrusts.

She could feel her pussy juices leaking out around his cock, and she knew that she was even wetter than she had been with Greta's mouth glued to her cunt. She was being fucked like an animal, like a sex slave, a toy.

"Goddamn YOU, both of you!" she murmured. "Oh, what are you doing to me?"

But her legs were flexing as they enfolded Chaz's body, and that hard hot cock of his kept sliding into her pussy. He fucked so slowly, but so precisely and so deeply.

Emily's tits were so sweaty that Greta could hardly hang onto them. Chaz continued to suck at the tits while Greta pinched the nipples up hard for him, but the berry-red peaks didn't need any finger assistance to stay hard, not now.

They throbbed and pulsated, and Emily almost swooned as she felt the sandy-haired man's drool flowing all over the sanctity of her very private tits.

Her head was tilted back, and Greta's mouth descended hotly upon Emily's. Chaz joined them, made it a three-way tongue duel.

But as the alien tongues played against her own, slid all over the sensitive, tingling edges of her lips, stole in and out of her mouth in fuck-like penetrations, she found that she didn't mind nearly as much as she could have. Her pussy hummed around Chaz's thrusting prick, and she squirmed against him as if she actually desired his rape-like fucking.

She reached up for Greta's hair, her fingers twining through the shower-wet blonde frizzy curls. Her other hand was around Chaz's neck as he licked her face, as he fucked her with his long hard prick.

"Me now," she heard Greta purr, "I want you to stick it in me, Chaz. I wanna feel that big sweet cock in my pussy, right fuckin' now!"

"No!" Emily husked, and the sound startled her. "No, don't stop! Keep on fucking me, Chaz!"

Chaz eased his prick out of Emily.

"No," she repeated, reaching down to grab it, to steer it back inside. He wiggled his ass, his cock slipping wetly out of her grasp.

He broke the clutching, possessive grip of Emily's thighs and he rose to his knees, his long hard cock sticking out from his body. Emily looked at it, panting, unconsciously licking her lips.

Greta crawled around Emily, leaning across the tall woman's prone body, taking hold of Chaz's cock.

"It looks delicious," she giggled. "Oh, Jesus, Emily, it feels like you pissed all over his rod! I think you're starting to dig fucking!"

Greta let go of the cock and leaned toward it, smiling like a Madonna. The long shaft protruded toward her face. She stuck out her tongue and started to flip the cock's end up and down, licking playfully as she brushed it.

She winked at Emily, and then she opened her mouth and lowered it over the tip of Chaz's prick, swallowing his cock to the balls in one unbelievably deft gulp. A gurgling sound came from her cock-stuffed throat, and she grinned around the prick that totally filled her. Her cheeks hollowed in, and she sucked, moaning a little as her face moved slowly back up the long cock.

She came up to the cock-knob itself, and she held it inside her mouth, still sucking, her head twisting from side to side as she nursed on the man's erection.

Greta moved her mouth back and forth over the end of Chaz's cock, sliding his prick in and out of her mouth in quick swallowing gulps that took his cock not nearly so deeply as the first ingestion. Her tongue was going crazy around the cock as she sucked it, sometimes emerging from her mouth to lick down past where her lips held the prick entrapped.

"Tastes soooooooo good!" Greta whispered between sucks. "A cock always tastes sweetest when it's coated with pussy juice. You wanna try, Emily? It's your juice."

Emily shook her head, but she was already sitting up. Her hand was in her lap. She was shocked to realize that she was caressing her pussy lips, her fingertip moving in and out of the fuck-itchy mouth of her cunt.

Her cuntal mouth seemed to twitch and gulp and suck at the end of her finger, just as Greta's mouth was sucking so invitingly at Chaz's cock. She moaned, her eyes narrowed with a little bit of shame, and she blushed too, but her finger moved deeper, into the hot wet center of her pussy, and she moaned again, feeling the heat of her aroused cunt and clit.

"C'mere and suck it," Greta whispered provocatively, working her mouth up and down the exterior of Chaz's swollen prick. "I bet you'll dig it. Dukey said you got super hot when he raped your mouth and shot his cum down your throat. But this time it's your choice. You only have to play if you want to. In fact, if you don't wanna do it, I'm gonna suck this big sweet cock all the way off, all by myself!"

Emily was on her knees now, still working a finger in and out of her twitching cunt. The underside of her finger rubbed raw against the stubby button of her clit, and she winced as the pain became too sweet, too delicious.

I can't do this, she told herself, but her other hand was reaching out, touching the stiff barrel of the man's cock, and Greta giggled, moving her face out of the way as Emily's moved in for the bite.

She pressed her mouth against the hot, thick shaft of the cock, feeling the heat, the pulsation of aroused blood flowing through the meat.

"Oh, God," she whispered, the saliva flowing like a river from her mouth. She bit down onto Chaz cock -- not hard, but enough to show that she was interested. He groaned and his prick moved sideways through her open, half clutching mouth.

"Suck it," Greta purred, her fingers tickling along the hard prick, stimulating it, stimulating, too, the tingly lips of Emily's mouth.

Emily looked across the swollen cock at her female friend's flushed, excited face, and she knew that her own eyes were glittering sparkling just like Greta's.

"Suck that cock." Greta repeated. "I wanna see you eat it all!"

Emily gulped, taking hold of the base of Chaz's cock. She looked up at him. He was nodding gravely. Greta's hands were on Emily's head, stroking, caressing. The blowsy blonde leaned closer, her lips moving lightly up and down the other side of the cock Emily held.

Emily watched in fascination as Greta's red lips parted, the tongue showing all wet and excited, and then the end of the cock moved slowly, shallowly, into Greta's mouth. Her eyes sparkled as she worked the cock in and out, and she sucked, she licked, she nursed it with her lips and worshiped it with her tongue.

"Oh, give it to me!" Emily gasped, and she pulled Chaz's cock out of Greta's mouth, covering the end of the cock with her own hot wet mouth. She gulped as he thrust deeply into her mouth.

Her finger was still inside her pussy, and the lips were snapping like a turtle at the probing digit, erotic contractions flowing up and down the throbbing tube of Emily's cunt, the oozing juices almost squirting from her cunt as she fucked her finger in and out.

She sucked ravenously at the cock that filled her mouth. The hunger that almost consumed her body was a source of awe to Emily. She was doing things she had never thought she would willingly do, and she was loving them all.

His cock shoved deeper and deeper into her mouth, and she sucked like a wolf, eating all he could give her and begging him with her lips, her tongue, her gulping throat, to give her more.

She used only her mouth, controlling his penetration, adoring his cock. She worked her face up and down the swollen bulk of her captor's prick. Her fingers were busy in her own cunt, both hands down there now, one of them spreading her pussy wide open while she stabbed the fingers of her other hand in and out of her dripping, gulping cunt.

Her pussy was alive with excitement, her clit as big as a peach. She fucked furiously at the throbbing clit, and her fingers poked in and out with a burning, driving energy. As she sucked at the cock, fucking herself madly, she felt a strange presence in her pussy and she knew that Greta's fingers were inside her too.

"Yes!" she moaned around the cock that filled her mouth. "Oh, do it to me!"

Greta began to kiss Emily's face, her lips moving down to attack whatever portion of Chaz's cock was not deeply thrust into Emily's mouth.

"I need a taste," she husked, and Emily penned in frustration. "Please! Just a sip for me?"

Emily let go, and Greta sucked down on the cock, gulping it, inhaling it majestically. She swallowed all the way to the balls, and she held it for what seemed an eternity, her cheeks hollowed in, her eyes shut in an almost religious intensity of expression, and Emily moaned in deprivation.

"Give it back, you cunt!" she said, pushing Greta's head upward, thrusting her own face down onto Chaz's cock.

This time she was sucking for keeps. She knew he was going to come in her mouth. She could taste the orgasmic fever burning in his prick flesh, and she could taste the jism already leaking out of his overfilled prick. It lay oozily on her tongue, thick and tart and tangy, and she savored the flavor of him as she redoubled her siphoning suction on the throbbing barrel of the man's cock.

"Suck him, baby!" Greta encouraged. "Oh, it looks soooo good, I bet he's gonna fill you with this hot jism! Mmmmm, I wish I was getting it instead of you, but you need it more than I do, baby, so suck hard, yeah, mmmm, baby, get it all!"

And as she spoke, Greta was fucking the hell out of Emily's cunt.

Emily put all her effort into sucking Chaz off. She absorbed the heat, the flowing power, of his rigid, throat-fucking cock. She could no longer remember exactly what he looked like, but she would never forget the taste of his cock in her mouth.

Greta began to kiss Emily's face again, her finger jabbing pointedly into Emily's cunt, her thumb rubbing deliciously at Emily's clit. Emily felt herself chilling and heating, back and forth, until she felt as if she were going to pass out.

"Here it comes, baby," Chaz said throatily, straining the words out of his mouth as if each one hurt to speak.

He put his hands on Emily's bead and fucked his cock in and out of her sucking, hungry mouth, and she let him have his way. Her tongue whipped his cock as it moved, and she made gurgling, horny sounds of encouragement, the vibrations of her mouth adding fresh stimulation to the wet oral heat in which the cock was already swamped.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Emily gasped as her mouth began to fill with cum.

At almost the same moment, Greta's fingers hit the point of no return inside Emily's cunt. Her clit seemed to scream in unison with Emily's moaning wail, and Emily's body caught fire.

She was too preoccupied with her own climax, suddenly, even to think about the cock that was squirting her full of jizz, and the sticky creamy liquid oozed out of her mouth, flowed back down the shaft of Chaz cock even as he thrust back into Emily and gave her yet another blistering squirt across her flapping tongue. She gulped, but she was slobbering out as much as she was swallowing.

Greta took hold of the cock and jerked the last few spurts into Emily's mouth, while the captive simply moaned and trembled and climaxed, again and again. Cum ran down Emily's chin, spilling from her mouth. Greta giggled and licked it away, then stuffed the cum splattered prick into her own mouth and sucked until it was clean, from cock-head to balls.

"Oh, God!" Emily moaned, lying back, clutching at her trembling tits. "That was the most incredible, beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my whole fucking life!"

"It was beautiful as shit," a gruff voice said, "but I can promise you that what's gonna happen to you next will scorch your pussy, Emily."

The woman sat up at the sound. It was Duke. She'd almost forgotten about him, but here he stood, his pants unzipped and his fat brutal cock sticking out of the fly, and Emily knew that he must have something absolutely terrible in store for her.

"Please," she said, chilling under the frank, lustful stare of his dark eyes, "oh, please, don't hurt me!"

Chapter SEVEN

"Nobody's hurt you yet, have they?" Duke said, smiling crookedly. He stood there, with his huge prick jutting from the fly of his pants. Greta crawled to him on her knees, tongue swirling along the full red curve of her lips as she drew nearer and nearer to the meat of his cock.

She put one hand around his ankle and reached for his prick with the other, but he slapped her fingers and she drew back.

"No," he said, "I want Emily. Come here, you cunt, and get this cock. It's big and hard just for you."

Emily shivered. Of them all, he was the one she feared. He'd been the one who invaded her bedroom, stuck a needle in her ass, ravished her on the bed in the other room, ravished her with his hands, his mouth, his cock. He'd started her on this incredible slide into depravity. If there was one of these kidnapers she should hate and fear, it was Duke.

But she wasn't quite the same Emily who had been dragged from her bedroom. She had learned things about herself that were amazing, exciting, and a little scary, too. She willed the scariness to go away and she looked up at Duke, as boldly as she dared.

"Fuck you!" she said. "I'm tired... I don't want to do anything to your stupid prick. Let Greta have it. She's a fool for cock. I bet she's just dying to feel your cum squirting down her throat."

She crossed her arms smugly, looking up at the broken-nosed Duke with a smirk of defiance.

He didn't answer. He took a step toward her, and she drew back defensively, but he already knew what he was going to do and she was simply trying to second-guess him. She never suspected that he was going to grab her long, auburn-dark hair, and pull as if he meant to yank it out of her pretty head.

"Owwwww!" she screamed, her eyes filling with tears at the pain, but when he jerked, she lurched toward him, and she grabbed with both hands at his cock.

He lowered his pants as she held his prick. He wore nothing underneath them, nothing but the hard-on that filled her fist. The trousers dropped to his ankles. He moved, making his cock slide in and out of her trembling grip.

"Now suck it!" he said. "I want to feel it go all the way inside your fucking mouth, Emily! I want to screw your Goddamn tonsils!"

You son of a bitch, she thought, but he pulled her hair again and she knew it wasn't the time to get snotty. Instead she brought her face down to his cock and she started to lick it, very slowly, very erotically, the way she'd watched Greta licking at Chaz's tool.

Her tongue moved up and down the stiffened cock, tracing the line of veins and the outline of his big, swollen cock-knob. She held him by the tip, his cock pointing upright, and she licked up and down the underside of the cock-shaft, her tongue following the huge shape of his bloated cum-vein.

"Yeah!" she heard him sigh. "That's more like it, baby!"

She wanted to bite his prick off, but she knew better than to try. Instead she contented herself with nibbling his cum-vein. She felt the shudder in his cock as her teeth scraped at the big tube, and she traced it up and down his upright prick.

Her face came down onto his balls. The hairs got into her nose, and she almost sneezed, but she didn't stop mouthing him. She cupped his balls with her free hand, rolling the stones inside the bag, and then she took them inside her mouth, sucking friskily at his balls. After a few minutes, the taste and the texture became quite involving. Emily began to hum around the balls in her mouth, and her fingers slid up and down the stiffness of Duke's cock.

"You're learning fast," she heard him sigh as she hand-fucked his cock vigorously while yummying his balls with her hot wet mouth. She let the balls ease out and she licked her way around them. Her finger pushed back, into the crack of his ass, and she felt him squirm. "Fast and nasty. Go ahead, baby, play with my, asshole while you suck my prick. I like that, too."

She worked her finger back and forth between his hairy cheeks. He was warm and moist in there, and the cheeks seemed to squeeze rhythmically at her finger as she stroked him. She could feel the heat of his asshole as her finger's edge slid across it. Gulping, she pushed his cock downward, toward her open mouth, and she took his prick into her mouth.

He moved into her shallowly but forcefully. She jerked back, almost losing him, but her lips snapped shut and the cock remained trapped. Her lips gnawed at his prick, twisting, stretching and rocking on the hard meaty cock. Her drool was making him wetter. He moved his ass, pumping cock in and out of Emily's mouth. She gulped and took him a little deeper, sucking harder as he urged more of his prick into her not entirely unwilling oral chamber.

Her mouth gulped harder, and she felt more of Dukey entering her mouth. Her lips stretched widely as the big shaft slid home. He eyes began to enlarge, as if her head was so full of cock there was no room left for eyeballs. The tip of him edged into the upper end of her throat.

But hands were on her body. She recognized the touch of Greta, could smell the other waiting presence, almost at the same moment. The small soft hands cupped her tits. The warm full lips pressed at her shoulder, her neck, her cheek. Emily sighed around Duke's cock, and she stirred, and more of him slipped inside, but she didn't feel that badly about it now, and it was surprisingly easy, all considered.

Another hand was working her legs. She squirmed, responding to the friction of Chaz's palm moving up and down the inside of her tingling thigh. She reached down, covering his hand, and guiding it to her cunt.

She steered Chaz's fingers onto the plump, wet-lipped bun of her pussy, and he re-entered the hot tight cunt tube that he'd already explored so deeply and digitally not long ago. He had one finger in her cunt, another tickling her clit. Her clit shivered and stiffened, and Emily's pussy began to fill with hot sticky juice that leaked onto Chaz's hand as he continued to penetrate her.

She was hardly aware that Duke's cock was halfway down her throat, that her lips were pressed against his balls and the base of his groin. The realization almost made her gag, but she was salivating so heavily that gulping only greased her throat that much more. He pulled out a little, came back in again, and she gulped again, but she was taking him, holding him. She heard Greta purr in approval as the blondes hands continued to caress Emily's upper body.

The hand she'd been using to guide Chaz was no longer needed on that job. He lifted it from his, pulled it slightly to the left, and Emily squirmed excitedly as he fitted her fingers around the stiff shaft of his cock.

He'd squirted a gallon of hot cum down her throat, but here he was, hard as a rock all over again, and the proof of his arousal throbbed massively inside Emily's fist. She clamped down and started to work her fist up and down his prick, milking him with the same rhythm that he used in finger-fucking her wet hot pussy. Her mouth slid up and down over the bulk of Duke's cock.

She heard Duke sigh, and he yanked his cock out of her mouth. She snapped for it with hungry, impulsive lips, but he was out of reach. She looked up at him, licking her lips, sticking out her tongue to tease him.

"Gimme some more!" she said huskily. "I want more!"

He was panting hard, fist jerking up and down the hard shaft of his prick.

"You want more?" he said. "I'll give you some more, bitch!"

She stroked harder at his cock. It looked bigger, sticking out of his fist, than Emily had ever imagined a cock could be. The head was blood-red and enormous, shining where she had coated it with the wet flow of her drool while he was in her mouth.

Greta's hands squeezed at Emily's tits, milking the nipples with erotic insistence. Chaz's finger worked in and out of Emily's cunt, his thumb rubbing hot passion into her clit. Her own hand moved lightly but with unmistakable power on Chaz cock, and she could feel him trembling in her grip.

Duke was still pumping his prick. Froth was bubbling on his lips, and his chest heaved. His fist was tight around the big cock, and Emily knew he was going to come. Rocking between Chaz and Greta, she could only lie back, panting, waiting.

"Aaahhh!" Duke gasped, and the cum began to fly from the tip of his enormous cock. Emily jerked back automatically as the first spurt left him, but it splashed against her tits, and she relaxed as Duke continued to gush his jizz onto her tits and Greta's fondling hands.

Her chest was splattered with the sticky white stuff. She looked down at herself, shivering in delight. She had a hand free, and she raised it to her chest, touching one of the cum-bubbles.

"Lick it off yourself!" Duke said. "I wanna see you eat my cum off your tits!"

Still stroking Chaz's cock, Emily inclined her head downward, tongue extended, and she slurped at the creamy cum that coated her tits. She heard Greta giggle, and the hot blonde squeezed up on Emily's tits, bringing them closer to the captive wife's face. Emily stretched out her tongue and worked it back and forth across a jism-smeared nipple.

She couldn't lick up all the cum. Some of it clung to her cheeks, her chin. When she'd gotten all she could, she looked up at Duke. She reached for his cock, leaning up so she could take the cum-dripping prick back into her mouth for a little more sucking.

His cock was starting to go soft when it entered her mouth. Emily yanked at him with her lips and teeth. He gasped, more in astonishment than in pain, but his cock filled up almost immediately, and the stiff prick filled Emily's mouth faster than she could suck it down. Her hand tightened on Chaz's cock, and she rammed her fist up and down the long hard prick.

"Oh, baby!" Duke gasped. "I think you're starting to get the idea now! Leggo my dick! I'm ready to fuck you now!"

Emily relaxed her mouth and leaned back.

Her pussy was sopping wet with Chaz finger still working in and out.

"I'm already being fucked." She giggled, pointing down at her finger-filled pussy. "And I'm going to come, real soon."

"Fuck me, Dukey!" Greta suggested, coming out from behind Emily. "Let's show this bitch that she doesn't know, as much as she thinks she does. She still has a few things to learn, I betcha."

Greta went onto her knees, putting a sofa cushion under them first, and her big round ass stuck up, all pink and shiny. Duke knelt behind her, after he'd kicked out of his fallen pants, and he played with the hard meat of his cock, looking at Greta's exposed cunt, then at Emily's sweaty, flushed face.

"Get her ready for me," he told Emily. "Lick her up and make her all hot and juicy so I can fuck her."

Emily was torn. She loved what she was doing to Chaz, and what Chaz was doing to her, but she was also dying to taste Greta's pussy just one more time.

"I know!" she said to Chaz. "You fuck me with this big sweet cock while I lick our little Greta, okay?"

She didn't wait for him to answer.

She crawled toward Greta, put her hands on the blonde's big ass, and started to lick and kiss away the trails of sweat that ran down Greta's flesh. Her own ass was sticking up, and she sensed, rather than observed, Chaz coming in behind her, his hard cock sticking out like a pointer's nose.

Spreading Greta's cheeks, she snake-fucked her tongue at the creamy pink slice of Greta's pussy. The lips snapped at her eagerly, and she spread them wide, working her tongue up and down the cuntal trench. Behind her, Chaz was going into position. She felt the kiss of his cock against her own cunt, and then he was inside her, pushing deeply, and she stopped licking Greta for a moment so she could gasp her own pleasure.

The tip of Chaz's cock rammed deeply into Emily's pussy, and she lifted up her ass, riding high, taking him on a slantwise fuck up her hot cunt. He hit bottom and she gasped. He pulled back, came at her again from a slightly altered angle.

His cock frictioned in and out of Emily's cunt, poking all the way to the root of her pussy. His balls made a ticklish swing along the ridge of her clit, and the hairs scraped like sandpaper it her highly aroused clit. She swung her ass in response, and she swallowed his cock with her hungry pussy.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed, dropping her face back down to Greta's cunt. She still had the cunt lips spread, and the pink gem-like button of Greta's clit was sticking out in arousal. Emily leaned lower and gave it a flicking lick that made the little bump quiver and grow even bigger. She pried the pussy mouth open and got her tongue inside, scooping out the hot cuntal wetness that oozed from Greta's aroused depths.

"No, baby," Duke said, tapping the side of Emily's face. She looked up. He stuck out his hand and pointed to Greta's tight red asshole. "That's where I'm gonna fuck her. That's where you have to get her all wet and hot and ready."

"Ooohhh!" Emily almost froze in distaste. "You want me to lick her asshole? Oh, God, that's so dirty!"

Duke pushed her face against the crack of Greta's ass.

"Yeah, bitch, and you know you're gonna love doing it. This must be heaven for you. You can do anything, and nobody will ever have to know how slutty you were with us, right? Well, get slutty, bitch! I wanna see your tongue fucking Greta's shithole!"

"C'mon!" Greta encouraged. "This is gonna be soooo much fun!"

Emily could have died for shame right then but Chaz's cock was still reaming her curt, and the heat of his fucking was putting her brain on hold. She knew that asshole-licking was perhaps the filthiest, most degrading, disgusting thing that she had yet been commanded to do. But as her pussy expanded and contracted to the hot horny fucking of Chaz's cock, she found her inhibitions slipping away.

She closed her eyes, pretending that she wasn't nervous, and she pressed her nose against Greta's rectum. She sniffed, but it didn't smell too much like shit.

She spread the cheeks, and she let her tongue work up and down over the rear part of Greta's crotch. She licked fast, hoping she might sort of slip-slide around the asshole, but the hole gaped, thanks to the spread of the cheeks, and on the second pass she felt her tongue brush it.

"Ohhhhh!" Greta gurgled. "I like that, baby! Yeah, stick your tongue inside me! Mmmmm, Emily, get me all wet and juicy! Drool all over my hot ass! Make me ache to get fucked in the shitter!"

The slutty, lustful tone of Greta's voice was a spur to Emily's clit. Or maybe it was the hot, hard way Chaz was fucking her with his cock. All she really knew was that she felt totally, erotically alive right now, and there was nothing she couldn't do if she put her mind to it. She grabbed the blonde's big hot ass and she spread the cheeks wide apart, so that the asshole looked as deep as a grave, and she stabbed her tongue hotly into the opening.

It did taste a little shitty, but it was too late to worry about that now. She worked her tongue around and around, reaming the wrinkled flesh of the hole, and she edged it as far inside as she could go. Greta moaned and squirmed and humped her ass up into Emily's face. Emily kept on licking. But licking wasn't enough.

She stuck her thumb into Greta's asshole, and she corkscrewed it in and out, opening the hole even more. The aroma of fucked ass was tangy in her nostrils. She shook her head, swirling her hair back out of her eyes, and she moved in, with both of her eyes wide open, now.

In her wildest dreams she'd never fantasized she could get off on anything like this, but there was no denying it, now that it was happening to her. She pulled her thumb out of Greta's ass and stuffed her tongue back in.

"Oooooweeee, baby!" Greta trilled. "Do it! Do ittttttt!"

She covered the asshole with her mouth and sucked. Saliva ran from her, drenching Greta even more than her own arousal was doing. She took a bite out of Greta's ass, nipping hard, wickedly, but not half as wicked as the in-out penetration of Chaz's cock, fucking the hell out of Emily's cunt. Her thumb shot back into the asshole, and she reamed again, dilating the shitter almost to the ripping point. Her fingertips were on Greta's pussy, and she could feel the clit throbbing with arousal.

Juices squired from Greta's cunt as Emily toyed with the pussy lips and slipped a finger up inside. The captive looked up over her shoulder at Duke.

"I think she's ready," she smirked. "If you think you're up to fucking this hot-assed bitch!"

"Get your head out of the way and I'll show you what I'm up to," Duke replied.

Emily lifted her head, shaking it to throw back the fallen-down hair once again, and she held her breath, watching as Duke steered the tip of his hugely swollen cock to Greta's asshole.

"Fuck me!" Greta panted. "In the ass, the mouth, the pussy -- I don't give a fuck where you fuck me, just so you fuckin' fuuuuuck meeeee!"

"Put it in her!" Duke told Emily. "Put my cock in her ass!"

Emily giggled. She took hold of his cock and she pressed the tip against Greta's tiny asshole. She'd done a good job loosening up the muscles. The hole dilated as the big cock-knob pressed against it, and the velvety red flesh of Duke's cock eased into Greta's ass.

"Wooooohhhh!" Greta gasped as Emily wedged the cockhead just a little farther inside.

Emily was shivering, imagining the feel of a cock that size entering her own tiny asshole.

Duke pushed, and Emily's hands fell away. She wasn't needed now. He was wedged in Greta's asshole, and all he had to do was fight his cock the rest of the way into her shit tube. It didn't really look as if there was much of a fight involved.

Greta's hips were arched upward, and she was straining to take Duke's fat cock up her ass. There was no question she wanted it; the only problem was whether her asshole could expand far enough to take it inside. Duke pushed, and it seemed that her resistance died all at once. He slammed into her shitter, and Greta let out a wailing screeching scream.

Emily was on the point of screaming herself. Chaz was fucking the hell out of her pussy, but the sight of Greta, getting fucked in the ass, had driven Emily almost wild with arousal and desire.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me too!" she gasped as Chaz rammed in and out of her cunt.

"Can I fuck you in the ass?" he asked. "Like Dukey's doing to Greta? You ready for that, Emily? You ready to get your shithole cherry popped?"

"No, God, no!" Emily moaned, "I mean, no, of course not! I mean -- would it hurt a whole lot?"

Chapter EIGHT

"It's not gonna hurt, really?"

"No, baby, it won't hun," Chaz assured her, rubbing Vaseline onto his cock. "Turn over, and I'll get you lubed all nice and juicy."

Emily rolled over, very tentatively, looking back over her shoulder as he scooped a handful of the greasy jelly out of the jar and worked it into her asscrack.

His finger lingered around her asshole, stroking, relaxing her. She was tight and tense as could be, but she kept looking over at Greta, who was moaning and wailing like a wolf-bitch in heat as Duke rammed his hot hard cock in and out of her tight-stretched asshole.

"Ohhhh!" Emily gasped as Chaz worked his fingertip into her shithole, pushing Vaseline up her tight passage. "Are you sure it won't hurt?"

"Oh, fuck, baby, it's gonna hurt like hell the first time he sticks it in you, but it won't last long," Greta panted. "Oh, Dukey, fuck me hard! I'm hot and horny! Don't tease me, fuuuuuuuck meeeeee!"

Emily gasped again as Chaz's finger worked in and out, but the jelly made his penetration easier than she could have imagined. She squirmed, and she kept gulping, as if she had a big lump stuck in her throat.

His finger emerged, then he came down upon her from behind, wedging his legs between hers and spreading them wide apart. Emily clutched at the bare floor, her nails scraping across the surface.

"Wait, I think I've changed my mind..."

"Too fuckin' late, honey!" He chortled, opening her asscheeks with one hand while he brought his cock down to her shitter.

Again his finger slipped into her Vaselined hole, and again she gasped, but it didn't feel quite as weird the second time. His finger pushed into her, shoving the greasy jelly a little deeper into Emily, and she squirmed.

"If you're gonna do it," she panted, "I think you better go ahead and fuck me!"

"Like this?" he asked, taking his finger out and slipping his cockhead into her open asshole, almost in the same fluid motion.

"Jesus!" Emily gasped, "I didn't think it would feel so big?"

"It's gonna feel a lot bigger in another few seconds," he promised, oozing his cock down her well-lubed shit tunnel. The sphincter muscle, which had stretched to make room for his cockknob, seemed to squeal as the rest of the cock started its passage into Emily.

She could feel her flesh ripping as he fought to get more of his cock into her tiny passageway.

But she looked at Greta, who was whining and shaking underneath a horny, ass-fucking Duke.

"Okay," she said, "why don't you stick it in and show me what this assfucking shit is all about?"

It was like having a burning stake rammed up her ass. But he was coated in Vaseline, and so was the interior of her rectum, and the grease covered shaft of his cock could go nowhere but further inside.

He pushed, and her back arched, her ass lifting toward him as he tits hugged the floor.

"Ooooohhhh!" she groaned, "I wish I hadn't done this!"

But then he was inside her, all the way, and almost as if by magic her asshole expanded around him, accommodating itself to the presence of Chaz's big stiff cock. It still wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't agonizing anymore, either.

She sucked in her breath and she said, "Well, is that all there is to ass-fucking? You just stick it up me and then I lie there?"

All three of them laughed.

"No," Chaz said, "there's a little more to it than that. Lemme show you."

He gave his cock a wiggle that slicked it up and down the tight tube of Emily's shitter.

"Yeah!" She was gulping again.

"And then I can do this, too," he went on, and he started to pump his prick in and out. He moved in shallow strokes at first, levering no more than a couple of his eight inches up and down her shit tube, but it was enough to give Emily the idea.

Her tightness yielded a little more, and his strokes grew longer, deeper.

The burning sensation had returned as his cock frictioned the tight sheath of her shitter, but it wasn't unpleasant, and Emily squirmed beneath her captor, sucking his cock with her shit tube. He held her by the tits as they fucked, and she kept leaning back so she could kiss him while he fucked her ass.

The constant thump of his cock against the bottom of her shit tube was maddening, but it was also supremely arousing. His hands clutched at her tits, his tongue thrust into her mouth just like his cock thrust up her shitter. She lifted her ass against him, so she could take him deeper, and she reached beneath herself, grabbing at the hot, dripping gash of her pussy.

She got fingers inside herself and started to ream her hot cunt energetically while Chaz plugged her asshole.

"My God!" she moaned. "What are you people doing to me? Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you needed it," Duke growled, still ramming his cock up Greta's hot ass. "Didn't you?"

"No -- oh, God, yessss!" Emily screamed shrilly. "Yes, I fucking needed it! I can't believe how much of my life I've wasted, never knowing that I could do things like this, and oh, God, love doing them!"

Her cunt was full of her fingers, ramming in and out as a throbbing hot counterpoint to the fat hard thrust of Chaz cock up her ass. Her cunt was so fucking wet she could hardly keep her fingers inside. The wash of juices was about to flood them right out of her. Her wet palm was all over the hot blistering bud of her clit, and she knew there was no way she could keep from coming.

Greta was already blasting off. She knew the wild hot squeal that the blonde made as she came.

Duke rammed her harder, faster, plunging his big stiff cock into the straining ring of her asshole. He went all the way, his balls jiggling against the crack of Greta's pussy, and he held her ass in a tight possessive grip as he worked the tip of his cock around deep within the moaning blonde.

She had all her fingers up her pussy now, bunched into a tight cock-like plunger, and she rammed them up her cunt again and again, almost getting the entirety of her fist into her straining, yearning pussy. Behind her, Chaz fucked just as hard and just as deep as Duke was fucking Greta.

Greta screamed and flopped forward, writhing like a fish thrown on the bank. Duke fell with her, his ass pumping as he fucked hers, but she had had all she could take for now. Duke pulled back, and his cock emerged, stained brown but still huge, still rigid, still hard. He looked at Emily and Chaz.

"Look at my cock, Emily. I'm gonna die if I don't get my nuts off right Goddamn now!"

"C'mere!" she said. "Oh, God, c'mere with that thing!"

She opened her mouth and Duke slammed his prick straight in, and she took his prick all the way to the balls, eating the taste of Greta's asshole off his quivering, stiffened cock.

Her lips clutched him frantically, and she tongue around and around his shit-smeared cock as he fucked her mouth with it.

"Baby, baby!" he panted, holding her head, guiding her to her work. "You sure are loosening up!"

Chaz was still behind her, still ramming the shit out of her asshole.

She sucked ravenously at Duke's cock. Despite the huge presence of Chaz's cock in her ass, she was still unsatisfied. She spat out Duke's cock and grabbed it.

"Put that thing in my pussy, you son of a bitch! I want both of you fucking me at the same time, one in each hole! I want every inch of cock you have, and I want it to make my pussy hurt! Come on! Get that cock in my cunt, motherfucker!"

Emily and Chaz rolled onto their sides, without missing a stroke of his cock up her ass. Emily lifted her leg, exposing her pussy, which was still full of her fucking fingers.

Duke reached down and pried the hand loose. "You gotta make some room for me, bitch!" he grinned. She had no control over her wrist, her fingers. She wanted his cock there as much as he wanted to put it in her, but her hand was reluctant to leave the tight rippling hot box of her cunt.

He lay down beside her, and he pushed his prick up her hot pussy hole. She screamed as he went deep, and it felt as if the tip of his cock met the tip of Chaz's prick as she got both her holes filled at the same time.

"Yes, ooohhh, fucking shit, yes!" she moaned over and over as the two cocks ravished her ass and pussy simultaneously.

Duke's cock rammed home just as Chaz pulled back for a fresh stroke, and then Chaz filled her ass while Duke primed for another thrust up her pussy. And sometimes they were both hard and deep and hot within her at the same instant, and her body felt as if it were being squeezed to death in a vise of pleasure.

"Make me come, you fuckers!" she growled. "Oh, fucking shit, that's what you're dooooing!"

Just as she felt Chaz's cock begin to squirt blistering lava-like cum into her bowels, as her womb filled with the gushing overflow of Duke's exploding prick, Emily came like she had never come in her life.

Chapter NINE

"You cut my pussy, and I'll kill your ass," Emily warned.

"In your wildest dreams," Greta replied, sliding the razor through the coating of lather that decorated Emily's crotch. She worked slowly and carefully. When she was finished, Emily's cuntal area was completely bare of fuzz.

Emily giggled. "It makes me look about twelve."

"Mmmm, if your pussy was this sweet when [missing text]." [missing text] began to slide into Emily's ass. Slowly but irresistibly the finger slid home, and Emily found herself gulping and gasping.

"Eat my pussy too!" she reminded her friend. "I want you to make me come, you slut!"

"It takes one to know one!" Greta countered with a laugh.

She lashed at Emily's clit with her hot, pink, wet-pointed tongue, and her clit seemed to telescope upward, erecting along the caressing length of Greta's hot tongue.

"Owwwwwwwww!" Emily shrieked, half-squealing, half-laughing, as Greta's finger rammed all the way up her already well-fucked asshole. Greta's finger was deep inside Emily, and the heel of her hand ground hotly, hornily, against the finger-opened ring as she rotated her finger.

Her lips were on Emily's clit, sucking it savagely, and Emily creamed again, her juices gushing into Greta's burrowing face. The blonde's tongue stole into Emily's cunt, plowing into the mesh of contracting, rippling muscles, and Emily squealed in excitement, another orgasm coursing through her aroused pussy.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned. "But lemme do something to you!"

"Thought you'd never ask!" panted Greta, and she sat up, turning quickly. She threw Emily's legs open and moved her body into the fork of the woman's long slim thighs. Her fuzzy blonde cunt came to rest against Emily's shaven, wet-sucked pussy, and Emily shrieked. "Oh, it really fuckin' tickles!"

She grabbed Greta's hands, clasping them tightly, and the two women rocked against one another, cunt slamming into cunt. Emily's orgasm kept on going and the heat of her pussy turned Greta's cunt to fire as the hot, erotic contact repeated itself.

Greta strained, her cunt kissing Emily's with wet, open lips, and Emily felt the blonde's cunt lips open, the juicy wetness of the interior slice merging with the funky juices of her own pussy.

"Oh, fucking God!" Emily gasped. "I'm gonna come again!"

"Me, too!" Greta purred, "me too!"

Later they were in the shower again, lovingly soaping one another's body.

Emily could not keep her hands off Greta's tits, her fingers out of the blonde's live-wire pussy. She loved to feel Greta's tongue on her nipples or sliding in and out of her mouth. Emily kissed her friend, rubbed her tits against Greta's big, jiggly, gumdrop-nippled tits, and she felt the blonde's body heat flowing to meet her own.

She soaped her fingers arid double-washed the interior of Greta's cunt, smiling as the blonde responded hotly to her inner probings.

Greta sucked the soap off Emily's tits, chewing and biting the nipples while her own juicy cunt was fingered inside out by Emily.

"Are you sorry any of this happened?" Greta asked. "It's almost over. I guess you know that, don't you?"

"The ransom?" Emily asked, her heart leaping into her throat. "You've been in touch with my husband? You're going to send me home?"

"Maybe," Greta said enigmatically. "There's one more test you have to pass before we can trust you to leave us, though. Do you think you're up for it?"

Emily shrugged. "I suppose so. Jesus, I've changed so much since this began! I guess I was a cold, snotty bitch who was deeply in love with herself. Really, I still am! But I feel different, too."

"You feel pretty fucking good," Greta giggled, sliding her hand through Emily's shaven cunt, toying with the tingly pink pussy. "C'mon, let's get dried. I want to perfume, pamper, and powder the sweet body of yours."

Emily gasped.

"You're fucking gorgeous," Greta decided looking at her handiwork.

"I feel like a total slut," Emily countered, looking at herself. "I mean, really! Garter belt, G-string, a busier with my nipples sticking out? Black stockings, for God's sake? If I had a boa and some fingerless gloves. I could probably do a centerfold! But I feel really sexy, too. Are we gonna fuck some more, Greta, just you and me, or are you dressing me like this to turn on Chaz and Dukey."

"Something like that," Greta sighed. She tiptoed up to kiss Emily on the lips. Her hands cupped the bare cheeks of Emily's ass, squeezing lusciously, while her nude body pressed against Emily's front.

Emily sucked on Greta's tongue, drinking the warmth of her blonde friend's hot mouth. Her nipples, sticking over the lacy top of the bustle, grew hard and tingly, and she could feel excitement bubbling in her cunt, just as hot as ever.

"Oh!" she said suddenly. There was a sting, like the bite of a bee, at her ass, and she stiffened against Greta. Her body seemed to get wild, and so did her brain, and that was the list thing she remembered.

Chapter TEN

She didn't know what Greta had got into her, but her mind was clear when she awoke, and she knew that she was no longer in the apartment where such incredible things had happened to her.

Emily was stretched out on a bed. A blindfold covered her eyes. She reached up automatically to remove it, and discovered that her hands were tied behind her back. She tried to move her feet, but they were tied also. It felt as if she were bound with silken scarves. It didn't hurt, but she felt helpless.

At least this time she wasn't totally naked, though she might as well have been. She was still wearing the slutty costume Greta had dressed her in, and she felt like a character in a porno movie. Shoes were on her feet, and she knew without seeing that they were spike heels.

"Is anyone there?" Emily called. "Greta? Duke? Chaz? Anyone?"

She heard the sound of a door opening. "Well, it's about time!" she said. "Is there some point to this charade? For Christ's sake, don't you know that I'm not going to fight you? If you want to fuck me, you can fuck me. In fact, I kinda wish you would. C'mere, baby, whichever of you pussy-mad fuckers you happen to be. Pull my G-string out of the way. Look at that cunt, would ya? It's all shaved and powdered and oiled. Mmmm, touch me there, would you, please? I've got such an itch between my legs you wouldn't believe it unless you put your finger in my cunt!"

She could hear footsteps coming nearer to the bed. She strained in her bondage.

"C'mon," she said, "touch my pussy! I'd do it but as you can see, I'm a little tied up. Oh, yes, your hands on my legs. God, that feels soo fucking good. You're tickling me, you devil! Hey! Who are you, anyway?"

Fingers trailed up the interior of her thighs, stroking the tops of her black stockings. She stretched and purred as the fingers traced the sensitive area back and forth, then slid further upward. Emily breathed huskily.

"My pussy," she said. "Touch my pussy. I know you'll like it, whoever the fuck you are."

She moaned as she felt the hands move onto her cuntal bun, covered only by the flimsy mesh and lace of the G-string.

The crotchstrip of her G-string was pushed aside, and she knew that strange eyes stared directly at her shaven pink pussy. To be watched flaw, to be lusted after, by someone whose face she could not see made goose bumps rise on Emily's exposed nipples. She felt wetness oozing in her cunt. Her body ached with lascivious desires.

"Do you like what you see? Greta shaved me bare. I think she ate half the shaving cream she put on me, though. She can't keep her tongue out of my pussy. How about you? Do you want to lick my cunt, too? I think I'd like for you to lick it."

Instead, fingers touched her cunt. She knew now that it was a man fondling her pussy, but she was positive it wasn't Chaz or Duke. There was a kind of gentleness to the touch that thrilled her, though she was dying for some bard fucking.

"Mmmm," she gasped, stretching as his finger caressed the moist slice of her cunt. "Feel how wet I am, how hot my pussy is! My clit is hard! I bet you can feel that too. Oooooh, rub it again, please!"

Her cunt seemed to ignite as his finger stroked the bud of her pink clit. He'd soaked his finger in the juices leaking from her hot hungry pussy, and his finger slipped and slid as it attacked her stiff clit. The fumbling approach sent sparks of erotic energy pulsing through her body and she strained, urging her cunt at him again and again.

"Finger me!" she invited. "Stick it in me! I can take it!"

Easily, he opened her cunt, the tip of his finger stroking around the super-sensitized flesh ringing her pussy tunnel. His finger pushed into her.

Moisture flowed like piss from her sopping cunt. His finger eased deeper into her pussy, and she gasped, shoving her cunt at him insistently. She wanted to spread her thighs, suck him into her cunt, squeeze her legs around him, trap him, kept him there.

"Do you like my pussy?" she asked in a sultry voice, straining in her binding. "Why don't you kiss it? Greta washed me inside and out. I'm as clean as can be, and my cunt tastes just like cotton candy."

She felt his tongue caress the stiffened bud of her clit.

"Oh, fucking God, yes!" she wailed, pushing her pussy into his face. "Suck me, oooohhh, suck me hard! Bite my fucking clit! I want it rough, I want it hard, I want it hot! I'll be your slave, too, your own private sex slave! Do anything you want to me. Mmmm, there's nothing you can do that I don't want, just as much as you! My pussy is soooo fucking hot!"

He slurped her juicing cunt, his finger squishing into her boiling pussy. She squirmed, wriggled, pushed her cunt toward him, taking all he could give her and murmuring her desire for more.

She heard the sound of his zipper sliding down.

"Are you taking out your cock?" she asked. "Mmmmmm, I hope so! I think I want to suck it, baby. Oh, hell, I know I want to suck it! Pull my face down into your lap and I'll show you what cocksucking is really all about."

He left off licking her cunt, but he kept his finger busy up Emily's pussy. She was nervous with eagerness and excitement. Her mouth was salivating just like her pussy, and she licked her lips wetly, drool running down her chin. He put his hand atop her head and guided her downward.

His cock rubbed all over her face.

"Oh, it's a big one!" she told him. "I think it's the biggest one I've ever touched! But it's so hard to tell with my hands tied up. Maybe you could untie me? Then I could do all kinds of slutty, nasty things to your cock while I suck on it!"

While her mouth was open, his cock just slipped inside, and suddenly she was sucking on it. His cock tasted like fresh hot meat, and the tang of his erect prick invigorated her lapping tongue.

She drooled all around the prick as she sucked it. She sucked him deep and hard, taking him all the way into her throat. Her lips scraped against the scratchy tabs of his fly.

"Oh, you've got a sweet hot prick," she gasped, working her head up and down on him. She licked him, from stem to stern, sticking her tongue down into his pants to tickle his balls a little, then rising back up his cock to suck the big swollen cock-knob and tease the pins-slit with the frisky, provocative point of her hungry tongue.

She worked down the underside of his prick, sucking and nibbling his big cum vein, and she felt him throb against her lips.

His finger slicked in and out of her cunt, and she was milking him with her muscles.

"I'm gonna come!" she panted around the cock she was licking. "Oooohhh, baby, you've got me sooo hot!"

Her cunt was squeezing like a vise on his finger, and her juices oozed like piss from the finger-fucked hole.

"Yes!" she whispered to his cock. "Oh, yes, oh, God! I love it, I fucking love it!"

He hadn't spoken a word to her yet. She could taste the jism leaking out of his cock's point, and she teased him with her tongue, anxious to sip a little more of his oozing spunk.

He lifted her head from his cock. He laid her out on the bed, and she felt it when he stood up. Her pussy was empty, the hot juice oozing down her legs, and she lay there twitching.

"Don't leave me like this! Oh, Goddamn you, I need to be fucked!" But then she heard the rustle of his clothing, and she knew that he was stripping down.

When he came onto the bed again, he was stark-naked and his cock stuck out big and hard. He lay beside her, kissing her mouth, her tits. His prick bounced off her twitching thighs.

Her hard nipples protruded above the lacy demi-cups of her bustier. He worshiped her tits with his fingers, pinching the nipples and rubbing them until they lengthened even more, the points throbbing with arousal. He lowered his face to them, kissing the cherry-berry red nipples, then licking them, then pulling them into his mouth for some sweet hard sucking.

"Yes, my tits!" she told him. "Ohhhh! I love the way you suck my tits! Suck them like you love them, baby!"

His hand was on her stomach, rubbing the bare spot between the bottom of her bustier and the low-riding top of her G-string. She moved under him, her body alive with desire, with passion. His hand moved lower, pulling down her G-string.

"Oh, rip the fucker off!" she suggested. "Get your hands back on my cunt! I want your finger in my pussy! Jesus, I want your big yummy cock in my pussy!"

His other arm slipped beneath her body. She felt him fumbling at her wrists, and she moaned as her hands came free. She reached at once for the blindfold, but his hand caught her wrist.

"Okay," she said, "if that's how you want it. I can fuck blind if I have to and I'm expecting you to fuck me blind, mister!"

Her hands free, she was finally able to reach for his cock. His prick was swollen so enormously she could not quite encircle it with her small fist. The excited pulsation flowing through his rigid meat was incredibly arousing to Emily. She'd not known that cocks got this hard, but the proof was throbbing inside her hand. She put her other fist on his cock and she worked him vigorously.

"I wanna be fucked!" she told him. "I have to be fucked!"

He reached down and untied the scarf that linked her ankles together. She kicked her feet out as soon as they were loosened, and her legs spread invitingly.

Jerking on his hot hard cock, she said, "Tear those fucking panties off me, whoever you are, and let's get down to business!"

He took hold of the waistband, and he yanked hard. The band dug into her flesh, reluctant to yield, and she winced in pain, but then it snapped, and he flung the G-string out of the way.

"Oh, yes," Emily sighed, "oh, that feels sooooo good!"

She let go of his cock and rubbed his entire body with her hands. She leaned down to kiss his chest, to suckle his small hard nipples. The hair on his chest tickled her face.

He lay down on his back, and she moved astride him.

"I'm a hot cunty bitch," she announced in a sultry voice, "and I'm gonna ride you like a horsie."

She lifted her bare cunt above his cock and slipped his prick into her pussy.

She squealed, slamming down to take all of his cock into her hot horny pussy. She pound her cunt against him as her pussy stretched to accommodate the thick, swollen rigidity of his cock, and she felt the tip of his big prick grinding back, against the mouth of her womb.

The swollen hardness of his prick was an excitement inside her cunt, made her clit swell as if it meant to burst. She pressed forward, accentuating the cock pressure against her pecan hard clitoris.

She began to slide her cunt up and down on his impaling prick. His cock really was big. The more she fucked up and down on his cock, the tore her pussy stretched to make room for him, and the more she grew used to his size, his horny arousal. He was pumping up into her, almost as fast as she pistoned up and down on his tool, and the friction sent mad waves of pleasure through the tunnel of her pussy.

"Oh, you're fucking me!" she moaned. "You're fucking me soooo good!"

He rolled her over, without missing a stroke, and he mounted her, driving his prick deep into her churning well of pussy flesh. He hit bottom, hard, and she lunged up to swallow him.

"Yes, Jesus, fuck me!" she whined. "Oh fuck me with that big hard cock!"

He was lying atop her, ramming her with his cock, and her hard-nippled tits scorched his hairy chest where it touched her. She screamed with each fresh thrust of his prick.

In the midst of a deep, pussy-burning stroke, she reached up, grabbed the scarf that covered her eyes, and tore it away.

"Andy!" she screamed, hardly believing who she saw atop her body.

It was her husband. His fat, pussy-satisfying cock filled her cunt.

"Hi ya, baby," be said, grinning sheepishly. "You having a good time?"

The bite of his cock continued without letup.

"Oh, Jesus, am I ever!" she confessed. "But how -- why -- what -- oh, Christ!"

The climax hit her in the guts without warning. She simply exploded under her husband, her pussy eating ravenously at his thrusting cock while juices squirted hotly from her cock-filled cunt.

He fucked harder, ramming his prick into her aroused cunt, and she kept on coming.

"Yes, fuck me, you bastard!" she moaned. "Make me come like a bitch!"

She exploded six, seven, eight times before she lost count, and through it all, his rigid prick continued to bang like a piston into her churning pussy.

"No, I'm raw!" she groaned. "You've busted my cunt! I'm dying, Goddamn it! My pussy's torn to pieces! Oh, Jesus, I can't stop coming!"

He slicked his prick out of her. She watched as the big stiff prick emerged from her cunt and her mouth began to water just as juicily as her pussy. Reaching down, she took hold of his cock and rubbed it along the twitching, fuck-agonized slice of her pussy.

"Oh, Christ!" she wailed. "It hurts soooo fucking good!"

He pushed forward and squatted atop her chest. She opened her mouth, making room for his cock. She wailed as he thrust deeply into her mouth. She closed her lips on him and sucked hard as he worked in and out, sliding his hot hard prick across her wet flapping tongue.

She siphoned his prick, but she knew that he was almost there, that in another moment or two her mouth would fill with the hot salty discharge of his jism.

And then it came, gushing from his cock in a torrential flow. She screamed as her mouth received his jism. The vibration of her scream triggered yet another burst of spunk. She was drowning in his orgasm, but she would have suffocated gladly, if only for the chance to taste his hot cream as it gurgled down her throat. Reaching back, he cupped her pussy and squeezed it, and yet another climax ripped through Emily, in tandem with the one she had fucked and sucked out of her husband's cock.

"You bastard," she said finally, when he had gone soft and his cum-sticky cock had slipped out of her mouth. He lay beside her, petting the sweat-soaked curves of her trembling body, his body warm and firm against her own. "You bastard -- you did this to me, didn't you? You set up the whole Goddamned thing! You knew everything that was happening!"

"It worked, didn't it?" he said. "My sweet Emily! I am so crazy about you, I wanted to fuck you all the time, and you were so cold. I had to do something. I got the idea from a movie that was playing at a hot-sheet motel where I used to fuck Greta in the afternoons. She took ft from there. Isn't she something?"

"She sure is," Emily said. "And you had me kidnapped and raped, and turned into some kind of sexual animal because you love me? Why didn't you just tell me what you wanted?"

"I did," he pointed out. "A lot of times. But your pussy was always full of ice cubes. Remember that, Emily? You used to be a beautiful, frigid-cunted bitch. I was at the end of my rope. It seemed to be the only way to get what I wanted. And baby, what I wanted was you. Only you. Always you. So here we arc, back home again, from the way you fucked, baby, I don't think you're any the worse for wear. God, Em, did you really let them fuck you in the ass? I've dreamed about doing that to you. It's gonna be a dream come true for me, you better believe it!"

She looked around, for the first time.

"Jesus! This is bur bedroom. God, I never even noticed! Mmmmm, Andy, you threw one hot fuck into me. But I was ready for a hot fuck when you came along. You wanna do it again? Mmmmm!" She reached down to tickle his limp, sticky cock. "Or will this thing get hard again his year? I think he's had a biiiig workout, poor little dude! Of course, he's not so little when he gets aroused, is he? As for sticking it up my ass, that is a pretty nasty idea for you to be bringing up with the woman you love. On the other hand, if YOU really think you can't live without it..."

There was a knock at the door, and then it opened. Greta Burns peeked around the door.

"If those screams were any clue," she said, "I guess everything worked out okay, right, kids?"

She came into the room, fully dressed now, but exuding the same funky sexiness that had conquered Emily. She walked to the bed, strutting on her high heels, smiling like a Renaissance Madonna.

"But I guess this means you and I are history, huh, Andy? Now that you've got Emily fine tuned like your Mercedes?"

"Not necessarily," Emily put in, offering a hand to Greta. She pulled the blonde down onto the bed, then sat up and kissed Greta wetly on the mouth.

"You taste like Andy's cum," Greta said knowingly, winking at Emily. "But if I stuck my tongue on your cock, I'd taste like Emily's cum. Mmmmm, nice idea."

"All I ever wanted was to fuck you, Emily, the way a man needs to fuck a woman," Andy said. "And now I have you. God, do I have you!"

"What makes you think you're gonna be enough for me now?" Emily asked, leaning against Greta, her face rubbing the blonde's cheek.

Andy grinned. Emily looked at Greta, and she smiled.

"He thinks I'm joking," she said. "He thinks I'm joking!"

"Uh-oh," Greta said. "We may have created a monster, Andy."

"We can live with it," Andy said, reaching for both women. "And I'll show you randy bitches who's man enough to take care of a couple of over aroused pussies!"


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