Virgin in bondage

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting circumstances.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly joins the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Eighteen-year-old Sheryle is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. A healthy, attractive teenager, she has no reason to think she is different from other girls her age. But within her a love of degradation and desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

VIRGIN IN BONDAGE -- a fictional story about those who appear normal, but whose needs are different from most.

Chapter ONE

"No, Michael, you shouldn't ask me to do that!" the red-haired girl exclaimed, forcing her boyfriend's hand down from her crotch. The hand had been slowly creeping higher and higher as their excitement mounted. She loved the taste of his lips crushing down hard against hers, but this was too much. She was only sixteen. She couldn't be expected to go all the way!

"Why not?"

"It's not right," she said primly, though it was hard for her. She was still breathing hard, her lush, ripe tits rising and falling heavily. The way her aroused nipples boldly pressed into the thin fabric of her blouse told the story. She was hot. She would fuck if he could only make her see a reason why not.

"Bullshit," he said forcefully. "What do you mean it's not right? It's the most natural thing in the world. Unless you really don't love me like you said. Were you lying to me?"

"No, Michael, not that. It's just that we should wait. Till after we're married."

"Goddamn, Sheryle, I never thought you would get caught up in that ancient mythology passed out by your old man. That fossil still thinks I should ask him for permission before we go out on a date. That's crap and you know it."

"Well..." she said, her resistance crumbling.

He acted while she was still indecisive. His hands pushed up the hem of her skirt revealing a mass of naked, creamy skin. How he loved Sheryle's legs! They were marvelous. And they would be even nicer when they were wrapped around his waist, his prick buried balls-deep up her cunt. He could feel his cock beginning to turn cartwheels in his pants. He'd have to get to work quick or he'd come too soon.

"Damn, so beautiful!" he exclaimed. He dropped to his knees and worked his way between her tensed legs. His agile tongue slithered up the inside of her soft, tender thigh, pushing directly for her snatch. Her white cotton panties had developed a telltale wet spot right where her cunt hole would be.

This was all the incentive he needed to keep go big. She'd give in. She would! And he would see if she was as hot and tight around his prick as he had imagined she would be. Hell, she might even be a virgin!

"Ummm, oh, Michael," the girl moaned, struggling a little bit, her legs opening to him of their own free will. She felt her resistance melting like snow in the spring sun. Never had her twat pulsed and throbbed like this. His mouth was so near!

She actually lifted her pert, well-rounded ass off the sofa and helped him strip off her panties. They seemed so useless now.

Her mind began to drift oddly as she felt his tongue roughly slurping and licking at her flesh. She thought it would have been even sexier if she had worn some of those crotchless panties she had seen advertised. One of the girls at school had an entire catalog of such things. Panties you could see through, garter belts and lacy stockings that would stroke and caress the skin, even kinky leather stuff.

Would Michael get off on making love to her if she wore something like that? The young teenager didn't know. And she found she couldn't keep the train of thought very well. His tongue was demanding too much of her attention. That rough, thrusting oral organ pounded against her cuntlips now. The flood of pussy juice trapped in her snatch gushed out, dribbling down the youth's chin.

"Oh, Michael, this is super," she groaned. Her hips lifted off the sofa again, this time jamming her cunt down firmly onto his sucking mouth. The feel of his lips against her pussylips drove her mad with lust. She could hardly believe she was responding to something this obscene.

His tongue started at the back of her cuntlips, then slowly worked down the blue-tinged, rigid flaps until he came to the clit. The tiny organ was poking up trying to see what was happening. When his rough, pink tongue dueled with her clit, she came. She came hard. Shrieking, her hips bucking and thrashing about, she found she couldn't hold back anything. All her emotions fed her come. She screamed and felt sweat pouring off her body. It trickled down between her huge tits and across her belly. It stimulated her almost as much as his cock-hard tongue diving in and out of her cunt.

"Tongue-f-f-fuck meeee!" she cried. She hated herself for mouthing such a vile word, but this was what she wanted now. He had unleashed the fury of her teenaged passion. Never before had any boy one this to her. She layed him, she loved what he was doing to her. She hoped she could die right then and there and never be sad or alone again.

"You like it, don't you?" the youth asked, his lips covered with the silvery sheen of her pussy fluid. "And it gets better!"

"Oh, Michael, please, ohhhhh!"

She found she couldn't control herself any longer. She came again, her young body trembling like a leaf in a high wind. She felt the hot rush of blood to her neck and face. Her tits seemed to be balloons inflating with excited blood. She thought they would pop at any second. Never in her young life had she felt what she was experiencing now.

It was as if the floodgates of her desire had been shoved wide open. Every emotion lurking inside came gushing out, threatening to drown her with their intensity.

Looking down between her wide-spread legs, she could see her boyfriend's head bobbing up and down. The dark patch contrasted vividly with her snow-white skin and the bright-red patch of her pussy mound. Tiny dewdrops of cunt juice dotted the furry mound. She strained forward to see Michael's tongue driving in between the pink-scalloped inner cuntlips.

She saw it and she felt it. If an icicle had been thrust all the way up her cunt, she couldn't have responded more. But the icicle didn't stay cold. It turned to fire and the fire spread. Molten lead puddled in the pit of her belly, then began seeping into her chest. Spreading upward slowly, the warmth collided with the heat from her straining tits. She came like a string of Fourth of July firecrackers.

She thrashed around, her legs clamping down furiously on either side of the boy's head. She never wanted him to leave his tasty post. She wanted to feel his tongue driving in and out of her cunt forever!

"Tongue-fuck me, tongue-fuck me gooooood!" she demanded. She felt an added thrill at using such "forbidden" words. Her daddy would never have approved her saying such things. She knew he would never approve of her having Michael's tongue fucking hard and deep into her cunt.

"I am, I am!" the youth cried, his voice muffled by the fleecy jungle of her pussy mound and the puffy flesh of her cuntlips. He kissed her lewdly, then pulled his tongue out of her cunt with a wet, sloppy noise. She started to order him to get it back into her cunt when she felt where his tongue was going.

"Not my asshole!"

His tongue thrust fiercely toward her tightly clenched asshole. She tried to get away from the pointy tip of that hard-driving tongue, but the girl actually moved herself into a better position for entry up her shit chute. She had never even had a man's tongue fucking her pussy before. This was a totally depraved, utterly wonderful sensation, having his tongue sliding in and out of her ass!

She came over and over until she was so limp and drained emotionally she didn't think she could go on. Michael sensed her exhaustion and came up for air. He looked like the cat who had just eaten the canary.

"Liked it, huh?"

"Loved it, darling," she sighed. She glanced down at the huge bulge in his pants. Once or twice she had stroked along his prick. He had enjoyed that and had even gotten off. Now she had a wild, nasty idea lurking in the back of her mind. If he had eaten her pussy, why shouldn't she return the favor and suck on his prick?

Dropping to the floor, she hastily pushed him onto his back. He yelped but she ignored him. Her attention was totally on getting his prick free of his pants.

She had never seen his prick in daylight. They had always messed around in his car late at night. Doing it by feel had its advantages, but Sheryle realized what she had been missing. His prick was beautiful.

"Goddamn!" she exclaimed, feeling deliciously naughty using the word. "I've never seen such a beautiful hunk of meat!"

"SO if you like it, why don't you sample some of it? Give me head, girl, suck on my prick!"

She sucked. The youth almost came when her wet, demanding lips close on the purple end of his cock. She found she had to move around to keep her mouth fixed on his dancing prick. The youth was squirming and his cock was actually growing in size. Shem pressed her tongue against the underside of his cock to try and steady it in her mouth.

She tasted the bitter drop of pre-cum that oozed from his piss-slit. The red-haired teenaged knew that Michael was having a hard time trying not to come. She smiled around the plug of cock in her mouth. This gave her a feeling of power. She had enjoyed having him eat her pussy. That had been fun. But sucking on his cock sent tremors of desire through her and built up her feeling that she was the one in control of the situation.

She could make him jump through a hoop if she wanted. He would do anything for more of her mouth fucking. To prove it, she tried to stuff her tongue down his piss-slit. The girl knew it wasn't possible, but trying gave them both one hell of a sexual thrill.

"Shit, baby, you've got the hottest mouth I ever felt. Why haven't you done this to me before? Ummmm, ohhhhh!"

His hips actually lifted off the rug and he thrust his cock straight into her ruby lips. He wanted to face fuck her. The redhead had other ideas, yet the lusty, virile feel of his cock rubbing against her lips made her breath come faster and hotter.

Even this turned on the youth. Her nostrils flared and sent fiery gusts of hot air blasting across his aroused balls. The tangled mat of his bush was stirred by her breath and he moaned even louder. She started to explore his prick using only her lips and tongue.

She found the tiny flap of skin dangling down underneath the cleft head of his prick. This was obviously very sensitive. The lightest of touches with the tip of her tongue caused him to groan in passion and try to stuff his cock all the way down her throat.

The girl moved on, her lips caressing and teasing the flesh on the sides of his prick. She marveled at the veins running through his cock. She licked and traced each and every one, her tongue having to press hard into his belly to get to the big blue vein pulsing hotly on the top of his prick.

"Shit, Sheryle, your mouth is driving me out of my head. Go down on me all the way. Let me in! Oh, shit, shit, shit! Deep throat me!"

She didn't really know what he meant. She was a virgin and naive about such things. But from the sound of it, she could guess. That didn't sound like too much fun to her. She would continue her erotic explorations.

Her tongue probed lower, bouncing off the hairy little bag holding his balls. She felt the thick stew inside beginning to come to a boil. His jism was being agitated by the churning, tumbling balls. She felt that just a few strokes of her tongue would be all it would take to get him to come.

She felt his hot, hard cock pressing into her cheek. She reached up and stroked it with her fingertips while her tongue toyed with his balls. Sucking harder, she succeeded in getting the entire sphere into her mouth. Once there, she could gnaw and gently bat the balls around with her tongue. Every movement of her rough, demanding tongue made him jerk and moan even louder. She kept up the oral attack, loving the way he was responding to her tonguing and sucking.

She pushed his balls from her mouth using only the tip of her tongue. The taste of male musk on his prick aroused her, made her nostrils flare, caused her cunt to begin dribbling out even more of its juices. She actually felt a tiny river of fuck fluid leaking from between her puffy cuntlips. Never before had she felt this way. Even when she secretly masturbated, letting the water from the bathtub faucet run over her snatch, it hadn't been this exciting.

She was turning into a sex junkie. Her only problem was the fear that she couldn't get enough! Sheryle even began to wonder if she should let Michael fuck her. He wanted to, that was certain. And to have this wonderful, hard, hot prick thrusting mightily into her softly yielding cunt would be alot nicer than simply sucking on it.

"Michael, will you fuck me?" she asked, her voice trembling with emotion. She wanted this more than she would have thought possible. Just a few short minutes ago she would have fought him to the death to protect her so-called honor. Now she wanted to shed that useless cherry once and for all.

She wanted to be a woman, to experience all that only a woman can feel.

"Keep sucking, damnit," he said, his voice tight and quivering. "I... I'll do it if you just keep sucking. And let me come in your mouth!"

The youth's words appalled her. She didn't know if she wanted him coming in her mouth or not. The feel of his jism squirting out over her hand was one thing, but to actually swallow all that white-hot, creamy cum? She didn't know.

She lifted her head from his crotch, but his strong hand laced through the red hair on the back of her skull and pulled her face back down.

"Suck!" he demanded.

She felt a new tremor pass through her young, slender body. He was so demanding! She loved it. She loved the idea that a man could tell her what he wanted. She could please him. She had to now.

She sucked harder. Her head twisted around and her tongue cradled his cock so that she could roughly scour the bottom of it. He moaned and only incoherent words came from his mouth. She licked and sucked harder on his cock. Her checks went hollow under the strain.

Slowly, her head sank down toward his crotch, her lips clamped firmly around his cock. She felt the rubbery tip of his prick bounce off the roof of her humid mouth and then sink down into her throat.

For a second, she panicked. Her air was cut off and she knew she was going to choke to death. But it didn't happen. She found she could swallow, her tonsils bobbing up and down on the most sensitive portion of the man's prick. This turned him on, making his cock swell with intense joy.

The eroticism was transmitted to her. She loved the heat in her mouth and throat. His balls slapped hard against her chin as his hips jerked to and fro, trying to fuck his prick even more deeply into her throat.

Sheryle knew in that instant what it meant to take a man all the way. This was it -- and she loved it! Everything about deep-throating him turned her on in a big way. The heat from his body aroused her, the way his cock pulsed and throbbed in her throat made her feel like a real woman and most of all, she knew she was the one who'd pleased him.

She had made him steely hard. She had sucked his prick to the point where he was going to let out his cum. The lack of air finally got to her. Dizzy and gagging, she backed off, his prick sliding out of her throat. She managed to keep the hooded glans of his cock just inside her ruby-red lips. She had really been turned into a sexfiend by the boy's prick. She sucked harder than ever before. "Shit, Sheryle, this is it!" he gasped.

His cock expanded to an impossible size. She thought she had a fire hose in her mouth. A hot spurt of jism blasted her tonsils. A second spurt came hurtling after the first. She was getting all his cum in her mouth whether she wanted it or not.

The taste of the salty, tangy cum turned her on. She gave up trying to avoid the taste and smeared it all over her tongue. Her taste buds sang a song of joy. She even began sucking harder, using her tongue to tease and torment the slit from which all this wondrous jism squirted.

His cock slammed hard back and forth into her face. He fucked her face and she couldn't get enough. She had gone from a naive, insecure girl to a wanton bitch who wanted even more dick. When he was done coming in her mouth, she wanted this spike of hot cockflesh ramming into her juicy cunt.

"What the hell's going on here?" came a loud, shocked voice.

The red-haired girl turned her bright, sparkling green eyes upward and saw her father standing in the door. Through her sex-numbed brain, she realized he never swore. That meant she was in a shitload of trouble. Big trouble. There was no way she could alibi out. She was obviously sucking on Michael's prick and that was all there was to it.

She was in big trouble.

Chapter TWO

Sheryle stood up and rubbed the smooth curves of her buttocks and winced at the pain. She fumed inside. Her father had spanked her like she was a small child. He had actually whipped her. She couldn't remember him ever having done that before.

To add insult to injury, he had grounded her for two months. He had refused to allow her to go out on any dates and made her go to her room immediately after supper. She rubbed her ass again, remembering the pain and hating her father more than she could imagine. Pulling the thin nightie closer to her trim body, Sheryle went to the window and looked out over the moon-drenched backyard. The ghostly images dancing in the light called to her. She had a desire to slip from the window naked through the yard, when she heard her father behind her.

"Get to bed," he ordered. "And don't stand in the window like that, you wanton whore. You'll have every stud in the neighborhood over here thinking you're in heat."

"Maybe I am," she snapped, angry at her father.

He spanked her ass again. He took her and applied his open hand to her naked ass until she was openly crying. She wanted to deny him the pleasure of seeing her tears, but the pain was too much -- the pain and the humiliation. Sheryle was sixteen and a woman. This was the way you punished a small child, not a woman.

Her father left her, the door clicking soundly shut behind him. She glared and wondered what she should do. She picked up one of her shoes and threw it as hard as she could at the door. It relieved some of her anger, but not enough.

She paced the room, then vowed to go out and run naked in the backyard just to spite him. She hadn't done anything really wrong. She hadn't wanted Michael to eat her out like that. But when he had, she couldn't stop herself. She had to suck his prick. The sight of that mountainous rod of cockflesh had been more than she could stand. She'd had to suck and lick and kiss it. Nature had taken its course and she had responded in the only natural way she could.

"Hey, Sheryle, you there?" came the low whisper.

"What? Who's there?"

"Who do you think, dummy? This is Michael. Can I come in?"

She sat on the bed, making a face at the feelings raging through her body. Her ass still smarted from the second spanking her father had given her. But this time the warmth was changing. It didn't hurt as much as it turned her on. The nearness of his hand to her snatch had been nice, in a weird way. And now the well-spanked assflesh was tingling and turning her on. She could even feel her pussy begin to drool obscenely. Nothing she could do would stop the leak from her cunt. The more she tried, the worse it became.

Rushed and hot all over, she called out to Michael, "Sure, come on in. But keep your voice down. My old man's on the warpath." Her fingers drifted under her thin nightie and stroked over her red-thatched pussy mound. That felt so good she let her fingers slide lower, parting the puffy cuntlips and giving her even bigger jolts of stark pleasure. In a flash, she had her finger all the way up her cunt. It moved slowly, methodically, building her desires.

Michael would help her ease the sexual need she felt so strongly. He had lit her fires. The least he could do would be to help her quench her desires.

"God, I never thought he would come home so early," the youth said, dropping to the foot of Sheryle's small bed. "We could have gone out if I'd thought he would've found us."

"We didn't do anything wrong," she said defiantly. The finger sliding in and out of her cunt made her feel better.

"Nope, but tell him that. Wow, was he pissed!"

"Michael," she said softly, "will you fuck me now?"


"Yes, I need you so. I love you. I want you. I want that lovely prick of yours fucking me all the way up the cunt!"

"You didn't used to talk like that," the youth said, his breath coming in shorter, faster pants. She knew he was getting turned on by her words. Ste didn't understand what was happening but as she said it, she felt the intense sexual tensions in her own body.

She had to get laid now or go out of her mind with lust.

"To hell with that. Fuck me. I want you to fuck me till you rip me apart!"

"Nope, don't think I will. But I do see something that turns me on a lot," he said, gazing up at her tits spilling out of the front of the thin nightie. He was a tit man. He loved the sight of naked, lush mounds of womanly titflesh. He could feel his cock getting harder and harder just thinking about sucking on one of those meaty globes.

He didn't really believe her when she said she wanted him fucking her. The girl might think so but she would cry out and bring her old man running. If he could get her out of the house, then he would fuck her cross-eyed. But not here. Just the idea of sucking her titties while her father was on the premises made it exciting.

He reached out and touched her tits. Surprised to find the flesh quivering like jello in an earthquake, he took a firmer grip. Squeezing down hard, he began rotating the twin peaks in opposite directions. He wanted her to think he was going to rip them off her chest.

The flesh flowed like putty under his fingers. Intrigued, he squeezed down so hard the white, doughy flesh popped out from between his fingers. He tried to remold her tits into a new and excitingly different form. Whenever he turned loose, the resilient titflesh always sprang back into the succulent cone of white boob.

"Ummm, Michael, that's so nice. I love the feel of your hands all over my body. Keep doing it." She moaned softly and felt her muscles going limp in reaction. She collapsed flat onto her bed. The girl didn't even realize that her legs spread in involuntary invitation to him.

In spite of her bold words, she was glad he hadn't tried to fuck her. She wanted to get even with her father and that sounded like the way to do it. But she was frightened of having such a huge cock thrusting in and out of her tight little cunt. Her finger barely fit in. Michael's monstrous prick would be like trying to stuff in a telephone pole.

Besides, the feel of his hands stroking and crushing flat her tits was so indescribably wonderful that she couldn't imagine anything being finer. When he caught her hard little nipples between thumb and forefinger, she almost came.

"You like that a lot, don't you?"

"I love it. Don't stop. Keep fondling my jugs. Your touch is like electricity. I feel so alive inside!"

His hands stroked up and under her pendulous tits. He cupped them for a moment, then shoved them together. She moaned out loud, biting her lower lip to keep from screaming. She rubbed her thighs together and felt the thick flow of her pussy fluids. She wanted to come but was afraid of letting herself go. Her father couldn't find them again, not like this. He would kill both of them.

"God, you've got sensitive tits. Just doing this makes you hot, huh?"

She came when he managed to rub one nipple across the other one. The throbbing little mounds of nipple were super-sensitive. When he crushed her tits enough to push them together, she exploded inside. His lips mashed onto hers to keep her from screaming. She felt his tongue slither into her mouth, tangle with her tongue and then dart back.

She followed with her own. Soon, they were side by side on the bed, kissing deeply, his hands moving restlessly all over her tits. She wanted more. She thrust out her chest so that her left tit pressed hotly into the youth's body. Rubbing up and down made her acutely aware of her own needs. Her legs circled around one of his legs and she pulled herself closer. She began rocking back and forth, the coarse denim of his pants leg dragging over her aroused cuntlips.

"Damn, you're getting my pants wet!" he exclaimed. "This is a hell of a way to fuck."

"My titties, my poor neglected titties. Suck on them, Michael darling. I need to feel your mouth on my boobs!"

He wasn't going to deny her anything like that, not when it was exactly what he wanted. Bending over, he sucked in the entire tip of her knocker. His tongue found the pebble-hard nipple and toyed with it. Rolling it around like a tiny marble, he soon had her panting in hot desire.

His prick felt as if it would explode. He knew that he would have to get his rocks off, but it wouldn't do any good trying to fuck her. She would hesitate for a moment, and then protest. He couldn't have that. He was sure she was a virgin and the pain of ripping through her cherry would make her scream. And that would get her father into the room on the double.

He licked across one of the fleshy mounds and slid down the slope to the deep canyon -- his tongue slithering faster and faster, he found he couldn't get enough of the warm, pulsating flesh. He gobbled up all the tit he could, his teeth leaving ugly red marks.

She sobbed quietly, her cutie body shivering with the intense needs inside. The feel of his teeth raking across her soft skin turned her on more than she thought possible. She rubbed her snatch faster and faster on his leg now. She had to get off.

When he licked back across the nipple of her left tit, she came. Her body stiffened and she cried out. The heat from her cunt rose up through her belly and collided with the lances of desire passing down into her chest from her well-licked tits.

"Not so loud," he cautioned.

She could barely hear. The roar of her pulse in her ears sounded like the ocean's surf. She panted and pressed even closer to her boyfriend. Everything he did turned her on more. The feel of his leg pressing hotly into her cunt, the demanding mouth working over her sensitive boobs, the way his hands stroked her belly, all made her a quivering lump of flesh.

"I'm gonna fuck those tits of yours. I have to. I just have to."

She heard the words but didn't understand what he meant. The idea that he was going to fuck her filled her with momentary dread. In spite of the way she felt, she was frightened at the prospect of his cock driving in hard and fast past her pussy lips.

Then she saw what he was doing. He jerked down his zipper with savage glee. His prick sprang out as eager as a racehorse in the starting gate. She licked her lips at the sight of his gigantic cock. It pulsed visibly. The virile spike of cock moved closer to her trembling lips. Sticking out her tongue to touch it, she was disappointed. Her jerked back at the last instant.

"What's the matter? Don't you want me to suck you off?"

"Nope, I want to fuck those lovely tits of yours. I'm going to give them a treat like they've never had before."

"F-fuck my t-tits?" she stuttered. She had never heard of such a thing. The redheaded girl didn't know if she wanted anything to do with that or not. But she had no choice. The youth's hands clamped firmly on the outer-slopes of her huge knockers and forced the nipples together again. A stab of joy went down into her chest. Every breath she took was of super-hot air now. She knew her lungs were on fire inside and she loved it. When he began rubbing one nipple against the other, she came again. By the time she drifted down from her sex-high, she realized the hot, hard thing poking into the other side of her tits was Michael's prick.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

"I'm gonna fuck these tits like they've never been fucked before. Virgin tits, oh boy! I'm gonna fuck the living shit out of them!"

He shoved forward. She felt the thick head of his prick press hotly against her soft titflesh. His hooded pricktip moved swiftly along the artificial cunt he had formed between her boobs, then burst out on the far side. She saw the single eye of his prick poking out lustfully from the mountains of her tits.

Bending forward, she tried to lick and suck at the head of his cock. She craned her neck until the muscles protested but she couldn't quite reach his delightfully teasing cock.

"And back again through that warm, wet cunt made out of your tits!" he cried. His hips levered back and his cock vanished from sight. But she didn't care about that. She could feel it retreating. Every single inch of his prick aroused her more and more.

"Faster!" she sobbed. "Burn up my tits with your cock. Make them come alive, totally alive with that sweet, fucking cock of yours!"

Her flesh trembled at the touch of his cock. She sobbed, her breath catching in her throat. It was as if she sucked in napalm. Her lungs were on fire -- and so were her soft, delicately fleshed knockers. The friction from his rapid fucking quickly burned away the spit he had put on her. She felt his cock racing back through the tight channel of her titflesh.

Seeing the prick jutting out from the top of her tits made her come. The nearness of his cock throbbing with virile lust against her tits made her come. The feel of his balls banging against the other side of her tits made her come. Everything he did made her climax over and over.

Writhing in abject passion, she almost threw him off her belly. Almost. He hung on for dear life, his fingers leaving red streaks on the soft white of her jugs. He continued to fuck faster and faster. The marshmallowy flesh surrounding his rock-hard cock clung tenaciously to him. He ignored it. He fucked faster, the burning desire making it impossible for him to stop now.

The heat of the fucking lit the fuse. The feel of her softly squeezing titflesh caused the warmth to slowly seep down his prick. He felt as if he would explode when the heat reached his hyper-active balls. Already, they tumbled and lurched in the tight confines of his nut-sac. The lead-heavy jism had come to a boil and threatened to erupt at any second.

"Can't hold on much longer, Sheryle," he grunted. "Gotta fuck more. Just gotta. Oh, sweet Jesus, this is too fucking much for me!"

He arched his back, slamming his cock hard through the artificial cunt he had formed from her breasts. The sight of the aroused girl writhing under him was all he really needed to get off. His prick jerked hard once, then fountained out its creamy load of cum.

His first spurt spattered against the redhead's cheek. Her eager tongue tried to scoop it up. She failed. But she succeeded in getting the second hot spurt of cum to land on her tits. She slurped it up and bent her head forward. This time, she managed to get her lips wrapped around the end of his erupting prick.

Sucking for all she was worth, she tasted the acrid, tangy cum and this got her off again. Everything Michael did got her hot and excited -- and at the brink of orgasm.

The taste of the cum was thrilling to her. She didn't think she could get enough. She sucked harder and harder on the purpled knob at the end of his prick. Her tongue drove mercilessly into the piss-slit in an attempt to get even more of the scrumptious man-seed.

His bucking cock pressed hotly into her agitated tits. She had felt her heart hammering fiercely throughout the tit fucking. She simply knew her tits would explode from having too much blood pounding into them. No such thing happened, even though her nipples were sore and sensitive to the touch.

The youth's hands kept her nipples firmly pressed together until the ice and iron grip of orgasm had released him. Weakly, he fell back on his heels, panting and wiping the sweat from his face.

"Shit, Sheryle, that was super. The best Goddamn fucking I ever had!"

She said nothing. The feel of his hands on her belly was enough for her -- that and the taste of his cum and the throbbing tits and the urgent need in her cunt.

And her father had spanked her like a little girl! She'd shown him! This was living and he had been lying to her. She'd really show him she was a woman!

Chapter THREE

"We shouldn't be doing this, Sheryle," said Michael, a little apprehensive about the cars zipping along the freeway so close to where they stood. "I mean, God, running away from home like this is so childish."

"I don't think so," she said primly. She shifted her feet near the single suitcase she carried. It seemed such a pitiful amount to bring with her after the stuff she had in her bedroom back home.

She quickly changed that. It had been her home. No longer. She was tired of being treated like a small child. She was a woman and had a woman's needs. If her parents refused to let her fulfill them at home, then she would leave. Period. It seemed so simple when she and Michael had talked about it right after he had finished fucking her tits.

If he had been able to get it up again, she would have let him fuck her up her virgin cunt. She had been that hot. But the passion faded and she had begun scheming. Her mother and father demanded that she act like a child. She was sixteen and wouldn't take it any more.

"I mean it, Sheryle. This is dumb. Where are we going? What'll we do when we get there?"

"We're going to California." That had always seemed such an attractive place to her. No cold winters and everyone had such great tans. At least in the pictures she saw in her magazines. And movie stars! They were everywhere.

She'd like to see what it would be like making love to one of her matinee idols. They were so much bigger than life, up there on the screen. In California, all things were possible.

"But what will we do to make some bread? I don't have but about fifty dollars with me and you don't even have that much."

"You worry too much, Michael. We'll figure out something."

She wished she was as confident as she sounded. They had been trying to get someone to stop and give them a lift for over an hour. It seemed as if the cars with families speeded up and kept on going. The ones with a single man -- or more than one man -- slowed down, looked her over, saw Michael and then sped off. Sheryle realized without her boyfriend she could have been out of the state by now. But she couldn't leave him behind. She loved him.

"I hope someone stops soon. I'm freezing my ass off."

"Don't be vulgar," she said. "Somebody will be kind enough to give us a ride. Or maybe I should help us along a little." She began unbuttoning her blouse until her naked tits were on the verge of spilling out. The cold wind whipped across her bare skin and raised gooseflesh, but it also hardened her nipples. Even down the road, the twin points pressing hard against her thin blouse were visible. She shifted her tight jeans a little, making sure they were even tighter around her ass.

"Shit, Sheryle, you're making me horny just watching you," said Michael. His hand slipped into her tight back pocket. He began kneading the firm assflesh beneath his fingers.

"Stop that. I'm bait. I'll try and make some horny salesman or someone stop and give us a ride. Sex sells everything. No reason why I shouldn't give it a try, too."

"Nope," said Michael vehemently. "You're sexy enough to sell most anything. Maybe in California you can get a job as a model."

"I'd like that. I... hey, look, it's working! That trucker is slowing down." She watched as a rough-looking trucker applied the brakes and brought his 18-wheeler to a screeching halt some hundred yards down the road.

"Let's go before he changes his mind."

Sheryle scrambled up the outside of the truck and jumped into the shabby seat beside the trucker.

"Hey, thanks, mister. We were getting cold out there. And it wasn't too good an idea for us to try and hitchhike in the dark," Sheryle said to the man.

The trucker looked up from Sheryle's tits and saw Michael climbing in beside her. He looked puzzled for a second, then said, "I didn't see him standing there. Was he down off the road or something?"

"Nope, I was right behind her."

"I guess you never got past me," said Sheryle naively. "But that's okay. The two of us won't take up much room. And it's so nice of you to do this for us. Really, I mean it."

"That's all right," the trucker said, beginning to shift up through the gears to get his rig running again.

About a mile down the road, the trucker said to Michael, "Why don't you crawl into the back, kid, and get some sleep? Forty winks would do you good. And it helps to be able to stretch out, you know?" He gestured with his head, showing the tiny bunk in the back of the rig.

"Thanks, mister, don't mind if I do," said Michael, crawling over Sheryle to get into the back.

The red-haired girl had been dozing. Michael's motion disturbed her enough to wake her up. "Hmmm, whatsa matter?"

"Nothing, chickie, nothing. Everything's just great now," said the trucker. She didn't see his broken-toothed smile in the dim light. The man smiled more broadly when he heard Michael's snoring from the back of the rig. Everything was going to be just great -- for the trucker.

Sheryle awoke again to the feel of a heavy hand pawing her tits. She moved away and tried to pry the groping hand loose. "Ummin, that's nice, Michael, but not now," she said sleepily. "Later. When we leave the truck."

"This ain't Michael, kiddo. This is Pete and I want a piece of ass. Your tits are nice, but what you're hiding is a lot nicer, I'll bet!"


She came fully awake. The man's hands clawed at her jeans, pulling them down around her trim legs. She tried to kick him but it was too late for that. He had immobilized her legs with her own jeans. And she couldn't fight him off with her hands, either.

One hairy paw of a hand easily held both her slender wrists in a grip too tight for her to break. She was trapped in the front of the truck with a sex-crazed man.

"Michael!" she cried out. "Get him off me!"

"Sorry, kid, but your boyfriend's not going to help you. I got him tied and gagged in the back. He might be able to watch, though. Maybe he can pick up a few pointers from a real cocksman."

He bent her over in the seat and ran grimy hands under the thin band of her panties. He didn't bother trying to slip them off the firm, smoothly rounded bottom. He ripped. She shrieked as the elastic band cut into her waist, but there wasn't a thing she could do. He was too strong and held her in an unbreakable grip.

"Goddamn, what an ass. This is gonna be even more fun than I thought. All I get out on the road is a bunch of cheap whores. A piece of fine ass like yours doesn't come along too often."

Cringing didn't help the young girl. She felt his thick cock pressing hotly between the globes of her ass and heading for her virgin cunt.

"No, please, don't do this to me. I... I never had a man's thing up me before!"

"A man's thing up you?" he, roared out loud. "Ain't that a pisser. The little girl is playing like she is a cherry-carrying virgin so she won't have to pay for her ride. That's too damn bad, kid. I'm gonna collect for this taxi ride. You knew I would, so shut that mouth of yours and relax."

"Michael!" she screamed. "Don't let him do this to me!"

"I told you, he's all tied up. And Goddamned if you ain't right. Is that a cherry I feel pressing into the end of my cock?"

Sheryle couldn't answer. Her body was filling with abject pain. She had never thought it would hurt this bad. She mentally changed that. It didn't merely hurt, it was tormenting!

The man's thick cock pressed between her puffy cuntlips and then plunged about two inches up into her. She could feel her hymen straining to keep out the thick male invader. The girl was about out of her head with the pain. She knew he would rip her apart. She would bleed to death in the cab of this tacky truck and no one would know.

Sheryle thought she heard Michael struggling in the back of the truck, but it didn't matter to her. All that counted was rammed hard into her tight, hot cunt. She had wanted Michael to fuck her earlier, but she hadn't thought it would be this bad. The trucker suddenly pulled out, leaving her feeling hollow and abandoned.

"Damn, I do want to fuck you, kid, but I'm not going to. I got better things to do with you."

"Thank you, mister, thank you!" she sobbed. Her relief was more than she could bear without crying. She didn't care if she openly showed her emotions. She was too grateful to the man. Some small bit of Christian charity remained in him.

"Naw, I ain't gonna fuck no virgin cunt. I want to save that cherry. I can sell it. I'm gonna fuck you up the asshole. I always did enjoy greeking a chick. Ain't too many of them that'll let me because I've got such a huge pecker."

For a second, she didn't understand what he was saying. She thought she had been given a reprieve from a fucking she didn't want to get. Then she knew what he meant. His huge prick forced its way back between the tensed half-moons of her asscheeks and headed for the pink ring of her asshole.

"No, not there!" she screamed. "Not up the ass!"

"So the little girl knows all the big, bad words, huh? Tell me what you want me to do to that tight little asshole of yours. Tell me!"

His hands clamped viciously on the twin mounds of her tits. She felt the flesh flow between his fingers. He squeezed harder on her nipples and then began to roll them around in tiny circles. As she moaned, he increased the size of the circles until he threatened to rip her nipples entirely off the tips of her boobs.

"Ahhhh, ohhh! Please, don't do this to me!"

"Why the fuck not? Tell me what I'm gonna do to you. Tell me!"

"Y-you're going to fuck me up the asshole," she groaned out. In spite of herself, she felt her pussy beginning to churn and grow damper. The idea of being raped had entered her fantasies a lot, but that was all. She had wished for a man to come up and desire her enough to rip off her clothes and then fuck her. She would yield gradually to him, her passions mounting as he fucked her.

But it had all been a fantasy. The reality of the rape was more than she could handle. And he wasn't even raping her up the cunt. He was going to drive his impossibly thick cock all the way up her back. He was going to rape her ass.

"More. Tell me more!"

"You're going to f-f-fuck me up the asshole with your p-prick!"


And then he began to apply the pressure. She felt his heavy body moving behind her. His hips lunged forward driving his cock into the tight hole of her rectum. She didn't want him fucking her up her shit chute. Her body resisted and this made the pain almost unbearable for her. She had thought it was bad when he had dived into her cunt and found her cherry. This was a dozen times more painful.

And degrading! She couldn't believe this was happening to her. It was out of some nightmare. She knew she would wake up any minute, safe and sound in her bed at home.

And then she felt his cock slide into the tight ring of her asshole. The hood of his purpled cockhead told her this wasn't a dream -- it was a living, breathing, fucking nightmare. "Aieeeee!"

He laughed at her pain. Inch after inch of his prick slipped slowly into her tensed-up asshole. She felt his strong fucking motion carry him up her back in spite of her tensed muscles. Relaxing a little relieved some of the pain she felt. She didn't want to be ripped and torn apart. The mere presence of his cock so far up her guts would make her sore for weeks to come.

"That's the ticket," he said. "Relax. Enjoy it while ole Pete fucks the merry shit out your ass, girl. Damnation, this is my lucky day. Never felt an asshole this hot and tight before. You're a virgin all around, ain't you, girl?"

She bobbed her head up and down, sending cascades of bright red hair flying about her shoulders and face. His hands still gripped her wrists tightly above her head. With her jeans pulled down the way they were, she might as well have had on chains. She couldn't kick or scratch. All she could do was stay bent forward in the seat, the man's prick reaming out her butt.

"Fucking tight, just the kind I love to get my pecker into. This is my lucky day, yessir!"

She thought it was terrible when he was driving his cock into her dry ass. It was even worse when he began to retreat. She thought the suction formed in her guts would kill her.

It didn't. She managed to survive, but it was horrifying. Never in her life had she been so humiliated. As his prick slid from her tight asshole, there was a loud squishing noise, almost like a fart.

"Hey, I like that, kid. You got a tight behind. Keep those asscheeks of yours clutching down on my cock. It makes me feel even hornier for you. And baby, I'm so fucking horny I may never stop banging your ass!"

Sheryle knew she should be offended at that. But she wasn't. The feelings in her lush, young body were just now coming alive. She was responding to the man's butt-fucking. She hated herself for wanting more, but she did. She felt the need for him to humiliate her, to use her, to fuck her up the rear and then go on to do whatever he wanted with her.

The need to be dominated by a strong man had never occurred to her before. She realized that her virginity was due to the fact that she had never found a man who would tell her what to do, to make her bend to his wishes.

"Fuck me, fuck me good!" she moaned out.

"SO you're getting with it, huh? Good. Cuz I'm gonna bang your bottom till it's red -- and then I'll fuck it some more. Nothing I like in the world more 'n cornholing a chick who's willing and eager."

She felt the wrist-thick cock enter her ass again. Relaxing wasn't easy, but she managed to do it. She had to or he would rip her most sensitive tissue and keep right on fucking her ass. She felt the contours of his prick as the entire length shot up her back again.

Tensing and relaxing her inner muscles brought her to life. She felt each and every contour of the trucker's huge cock. And she loved it. The teenager was confused and didn't know what was happening to her. She shouldn't be liking this ass-rape. But she was. And she wanted more of his prick.

"F-fuck faster!" she moaned out, her passions totally devouring her now. She didn't care if Michael heard or not. She had to have that cock ramming deep and fast up her asshole. She had to, or she would go mad from the ill-suppressed lust in her nubile young body.

"So your boyfriend's never greeked you, eh? Didn't figure he would have. But I did think you would like it. You're the kind of chick that makes a man hard just looking at her. Those tits of yours, wow!"

He squeezed down on her boobs to let her know how much he liked them. She found herself shoving out her chest to get as much of her tits into the palms of his hands as possible. She loved it when he crushed them flat. The way her nipples dipped into the softness of the surrounding titflesh turned her on in a big way. And he was so strong.

The more she struggled against his grip, the tighter it became. She knew it wasn't possible to escape. And this pushed her inner desires to the breaking point. She was helpless. She couldn't be blamed for what he did to her. She could let her emotions run wild. And she did.

She came hard. His prick raced in and out of her butt until she felt as if he had dipped it in acid. Her flesh burned at the touch of his hard-fucking cock. And she couldn't get enough. She wasn't in the best position, bent double in the seat, her legs virtually tied together by her jeans, but she succeeded in ramming her ass backward into his groin to get even deeper penetration.

"That's it, kid. Give'em hell!" the trucker cried.

She felt her tender ass rubbing over his greasy jeans. But they fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Her ass molded itself perfectly to the curve of his crotch. And his prick filled her to the breaking point.

She screamed again, this time in stark carnal pleasure. No amount of ass-fucking had seemed possible to get her off when they had started. Now his mere presence was enough to make her quiver and thrust her ass back for more prick.

"Yeah, baby, keep moving like that. The way you clutch down around my cock makes me think I'm fucking a vise. One that's been shoved into a blast furnace. Shit, kid, don't let nobody tell you you ain't got a hot ass!"

His thrusts began to take on a jerkier movement. She felt his prick expand to impossible dimensions in her tightly held asshole. The girl was inexperienced but realized this meant he was going to come. That would give her the sexiest enema she could think of. His jizz filling her asshole!

"Ohhh, oh! Give it all to meeeee!"

Her entire body was wracked with pleasure. She moaned and whined and felt her asshole clenching again as an orgasm smashed through her. When the hot rush of his jism filled her rectum, she came again. When the white-washing with his cum was done, she almost felt cheated. His prick went limp and slithered from her ass amid a flow of his cum and her own shit.

"Damned fine, kid. And that's the gospel truth."

Sheryle couldn't even speak. Her entire body was still trembling like a leaf. And her cunt and ass burned with a fire that might never go out. She had hated the ass fucking -- and she had loved it at the same time. The girl couldn't figure that out.

Maybe some day she would, but not now. She was too spent and confused.

Chapter FOUR

"I tell you, Mr. Stanton, nobody's looking for them. I picked them up in another state."

The trucker was speaking to a man that Sheryle could barely see. The mysterious Mr. Stanton was dressed in black, a muffler pulled up around his face so that only a pair of piercing eyes peered out. She wanted to call out and tell the man that the trucker was lying, that they hadn't been brought in from another state. Less than two hundred miles down the road was where the trucker had picked them up.

And it was less than ten miles from where he had raped her up the ass. Sheryle stirred uneasily in the back of the cab, her butt hurting like hell. If a million fire ants had been dropped into her body, she couldn't have felt more pain. The tingling from the fucking had worn off and left nothing but agony. Sore, hurting, she had been trussed up and thrown in the back of the truck with Michael.

In other circumstances it would have been nice lying with his body pressed so close to hers. But not now, not with both of them tied and gagged.

And being sold into slavery.

She felt a coldness grip her entire body. Her stomach developed a lump and she wanted to cry. White slavery. It wasn't possible. People weren't sold into bondage in this century. That was what the Civil War had been about. People were supposed to be free.

It wasn't fair!

But fair had nothing to do with the heated bargaining going on. Mr. Stanton obviously wanted to purchase them, but wasn't going to pay an outrageous price. In a way, Sheryle felt good about that. She was worth a lot and the trucker was asking a lot of money.

"Five thousand's not so much for the girl. Hell, Mr. Stanton, she's a cherry-carrying virgin just waiting to be picked. You gotta admit that's worth a few bill more."

"Perhaps," said the man, his voice low and ringing. Just hearing him speak sent shivers up and down the young teenager's spine. How could a man be so sure of himself to buy another human being? Mr. Stanton obviously had supreme confidence in himself and his ability to get away with this.

"Sure it is," said the trucker. "I'll throw in her boyfriend for nothing. Maybe you have a hankering for a young boy, too."

"Not so young. Perhaps eighteen."

"Naw, fifteen at the outside. Trust me, Mr. Stanton. I never steered you wrong before, have I?"

"That was before. Today is all that matters. But I'm growing weary of this haggling. Five thousand for both of them."

Sheryle saw the look of sheer greed flash across the trucker's face. It was apparent he would have been happy with half the amount. The redhead flared up inside. She was worth more! And this was for both her and Michael. She wistfully thought she could have gotten more if she had been dickering.

The irony of that hit her. She was wishing herself into slavery! She kicked and fought when the trucker pulled her from the back of the cab, but he was too strong for her. He dumped her unceremoniously on the ground and added Michael to the pile.

"There you are, sir. Now if you'll give me the money, I'll be on my way."

Mr. Stanton quietly passed over an envelope. The way the trucker's eyes widened told the story. The full five thousand was in cash.

Mr. Stanton stood and watched the truck vanish into the distance, then he bent down and put his arms around their waists. While he appeared thin to the point of emaciation, Sheryle found out he wasn't weak. With a surprisingly strong jerk, he lifted both of them and carried them toward the house.

House? Mansion fitted the bill more closely. It was huge and sprawling. Sheryle wasn't even able to guess how many rooms there must be in it. A hundred or more from what she could see. She had only seen mansions like this in magazines. She hadn't realized anything like this existed in this country.

The inside of the house matched the exterior. The furnishings were of the finest woods, marbles and metals. A crystal chandelier hung in the huge entry and the curving staircase leading to the upstairs was done in the finest of marbles. This place had to be worth millions. No wonder the man could pay a small fortune for her.

But what was he going to do with her now that he owned her? The girl began to cry as the man carried her with contemptuous ease up the stairs. She glanced across the man's body at Michael, but her boyfriend seemed to have passed out.

"Here," said the laconic Mr. Stanton. "I think we shall begin immediately. I wish to see if that thieving trucker has cheated me or not."

She watched in mute horror as the man dragged Michael across the plush carpet and fastened chains to the boy's wrists. A pulley system lifted the limp form up till Michael dangled, suspended by his wrists.

"Strip him using your teeth," Mr. Stanton ordered her. He removed the gag from her mouth and Sheryle gasped in the fresh air.

To her surprise, the air was perfumed. Everything about this odd house was first class. Why then did the man engage in such bizarre tactics? She fought to get her knees under her. The tight ropes cut into her wrists. As long as her hands were tied behind her back, she couldn't move the way she wanted.

And she wanted away from here -- as fast as she could run.

"I told you to strip him using your teeth! Do it!" The man punctuated his command with the snap of a whip. Sheryle screamed as a lash landed across her shoulders. It didn't really hurt. The surprise counted for more than the pain. But the idea that the man would use a whip on her shocked her. It wasn't civilized. Things weren't done like this.

"Why are you whipping me?" she cried. "I've never done anything to you. I... I don't even know who you are. Just let us go and we won't say anything. I promise!"

"You will say nothing because you will not leave. And I paid five thousand for a virgin. Prove it to me. But first, remove all his clothing using only your teeth!"

The whip sang through the air again and landed harshly on her shoulders. She cringed, this time the pain lancing down into her chest. When he switched from her back to her tits, she felt a surge of -- what? Pain? Pleasure?

She couldn't tell. The leather of the whip had landed squarely on her nipples. The redhead realized her tits were becoming firmer with the inflow of blood. Her excited heart was racing, pounding out gallon after gallon of blood. Her nipples expanded under the whipping and pressed into the thin fabric of her blouse.

"Do as I command!"

She began scooting across the thick-pile carpet on her knees, the whip as her constant companion. The man was totally expert with the whip. He used it to goad her, not to strip the flesh from her bones. But she realized it wouldn't take much to anger Mr. Stanton. He was capable of ruining her as a human being with that whip.

She got to Michael and looked up. The youth moaned and struggled, feebly in his chains.

"Wake up, Michael, please! We have to perform!"

"What? Perform? For who?"

"DO as I order you!"

This time Mr. Stanton used the whip on Michael. The teenager cried out in pain. Sheryle couldn't stand to see her boyfriend in pain. This was worse than feeling the whip lashing her own shoulders.

"We will do as you command, but please stop! Please!" Sheryle cried out.

The man in black stopped, his whip trailing off along the carpet. She turned and looked in his direction. He was still anonymous. The muffler was pulled around his face. The black eyes glaring at her burned with an intensity, a lust that wasn't to be denied. She bent forward and began undressing Michael with her teeth.

It was difficult. She found that she had to use her tongue to slip under the buttons. And she often had to pull them off entirely with her teeth. It was slow work but she did it, the whip occasionally urging her on. She was crying bitter tears as she did it, but she finally finished. As much as she could, she finished.

"Kick off the pants," ordered Mr. Stanton. Michael did as he was told, not wanting the whip to seek out his balls as it had done the last time he had refused a direct order.

Still, he didn't move fast enough, or Mr. Stanton felt perverse. The whip sang, landing harshly on both shoulders. The man used the whip to cut through the sleeves of Michael's shirt. Sheryle hastily reached up and gripped the tail of the shirt in her teeth. Like a dog worrying an old rag, she tossed her head and pulled the material away from her boyfriend's body. This saved them both getting new and painful welts from the whip.

"So, this is what the younger generation is hung like. Not too impressive," said Mr. Stanton, walking around the chained, naked youth. "And the ass. Too fat. This actually fucked you?" he asked Sheryle, the butt end of his whip lifting Michael's limp prick.

"N-no," she stammered. "He's never f-fucked me."

"Did the trucker?"

"Up the ass," she confessed. She blushed furiously at the thought of how he had raped her. "But I didn't want him to. He forced me! He raped me!"

"A likely story. All you teenagers are sluts. You live for nothing but fucking. You want cock whenever you can get it, isn't that so?" When she didn't answer, he lashed out with the whip. "Isn't that so? Answer me!"

"Y-yes!" she cried, knowing this was the answer he wanted to hear. She was on her knees directly in front of him now. He moved closer, the whip crackling beside her head with murderous menace.

"Unzip my pants and suck on my cock. Now!" the man ordered.

She swallowed hard. This was what he had wanted all the time. She could see the hard lump that was his prick. He had been getting off watching her strip Michael with only her mouth. Now that he was heated up, he wanted that sucking mouth all over his prick. But this wasn't anything new for her. She had sucked Michael off once and it had been good.

"If I do this, will you let us go?"

"Suck my cock, slut!"

The pain from the whip forced her to obey. She managed to get her tongue under the man's zipper. Using her teeth then, she pulled the metal tab down with a loud hissing. His prick sprang out, dancing just inches in front of her face. The sight of the mighty, virile prick, already steely hard, aroused her.

The girl blushed at the idea this could be a turn-on for her. The man's cock drew her like a magnet draws iron. She hated herself for getting so horny at the idea of being tied up and forced to give head. But there was no denying this was the way she felt. Her pussy was frothing over and the love juices were leaking down the insides of her thighs.

"Suck and don't stop till I tell you that you can!" he bellowed. She cringed at the force of the man's will. She couldn't deny him. He was too commanding for her to even think of doing that.

Besides, the threat of the whip lashing across her shoulders was more than enough to make her want to obey.

Licking her lips, she moved forward. And almost fell on her face. Just as she had reached out for the man's cock, he moved. She fell heavily the second time she tried to get his cock between her lips. He kept moving backward just beyond her reach.

"Why are you doing this?" she demanded. "Either let me suck on it or stop moving!"

"I am the one who commands here," he said in a cold, menacing voice. She felt shivers of dread go up and down her spine. She knew in that instant that she was more than a simple slave. She was a sex slave and would be forced to do all kinds of terrible, degrading things.

She swallowed hard and managed to get her knees back under her. Lifting up, she found his hard, bucking cock just inches away. Again she moved, and this time she succeeded in getting the knobby end of his prick into her mouth. The taste of an aroused male fuck-stick was enough to make her mouth water. She sucked as hard as she could, enjoying herself for the first time since coming into the huge mansion.

"Don't obey him, Sheryle," called out Michael. "Resist him. He'll give up after a while."

Sheryle couldn't see what happened, but she heard. The lash of the whip singing through the air, the dull thunk as it landed on naked flesh, the yelp as Michael reacted. She sucked harder, her lips caressing and stroking along Mr. Stanton's cock. Maybe if she could give his boner enough attention he would stop whipping Michael.


The teenager frankly didn't know what the man was up to. She did know he had complete control over her -- and Michael -- and that she would have to please him or suffer the consequences. Feeling the sting of the whip once was enough to make her eager to please.

Her tongue avidly licked and lapped along the sensitive underside of the man's cock. She teased the tiny flap of flesh dangling down under the cleft head, and then moved swiftly down the long stalk to the balls dangling below. She pressed her tongue into the hairy bag and felt the nuts trembling and lurching inside. The redhead knew that she could get him off in a hurry with a few of the tricks she had learned giving Michael a blow job.

Her teeth lightly scoured the sides of his prick. The lash of the whip instantly stopped her.

"No teeth! If you so much as touch my precious prick with your teeth, I will beat you until you are senseless!"

She nodded, her head bobbing in sudden fear. She didn't doubt the man's intentions for a single instant. He was brutal and dominating. He would do exactly what he said. She went back to sucking on his cock, making damned sure that her teeth never came close to touching his prick.

Licking and kissing, she moved up to the head of his pecker. Her tongue toyed with the huge knob and then she pulled the entire tip into her mouth. Cradling his cock with her tongue, she went down on him all the way. The rubbery tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth and rattled all the way down her throat.

She almost gagged until she relaxed enough to take his prick into her windpipe. Nose pressing hard into his crotch, she swallowed a few times and then began to back away. She had to breathe and was getting dizzy from lack of air.

"Not yet," he said, tapping the back of her head with his whip. "I like this. I like the way your throat works on my cock. A few more minutes."

"Minutes?" screamed Michael. "She can't take it that much longer. She'll pass out. You're a beast! Why are you doing this to us?"

The whip sang and produced another shriek of agony from the chained youth. Sheryle hardly knew what was happening around her any more. The lack of air had begun to work on her. She was giddy, swaying back and forth. She finally sank to the carpet, not even knowing what was happening to her.

Stanton laughed at her. And she managed to get her eyes open enough to see him towering above her, his hand gripping the thick stem of his prick. He began sliding his hand up and down his length rapidly until she wondered what was wrong. Then came the rain of his jism into her face. She cringed away, as if it were acid. He followed her as she struggled to escape. His cum blasted down hot and heavy into her face and her lustrous red hair. No matter how she turned, she wasn't able to elude him. When his balls were entirely drained of cum, he reached down and picked her up with contemptuous ease.

Without saying a word, he carried her to another room and chained her to the bed, her wrists and ankles both fastened with slender links of chain.

And then he left her crying softly, her head buried in the curve of her own arm.

Chapter FIVE

Sheryle didn't know how long she lay there on the bed, crying. She had finally drifted off to a troubled sleep plagued with horrible nightmares. She saw the whip descending on her and she awoke in a cold sweat, her heart beating fiercely.

She was alone.

The red-haired teenager sat up and stared around her. The room was deserted. She rattled the chains binding her wrists to the head of the bed and saw that there wasn't any way she could possibly break them. For all their smallness, the links of the steel chain were too strong for her to escape. The same seemed true of the chains on her legs until she noticed they weren't quite as tightly fastened as her wrists bindings.

Straining, she managed to get her feet out of them. She was still a prisoner but she had a little more freedom now. She stood up and paced the room to see what sort of a prison Mr. Stanton had provided.

If this was any example of how convicts were kept, she decided she was sorry she hadn't committed a felony a long time ago. The surroundings were plush and very expensive. Not a single item in sight was cheap and the room was tastefully decorated.

"Not bad for a freak," she mused to herself, grabbing at the chains around her wrists. Tugging harder at them convinced her all over again that she couldn't escape that way. She would have to get the key to the lock if she wanted her freedom.

Still, this wasn't too bad. The velvet spread on the bed felt nice to her hands and the bed was soft and comfortable. The only thing bothering her was the drying cum in her hair. She managed to get the jism off her face where the man had come, but the jizz hung with gluey tenacity to her long hair.

Sitting on the bed, dejected more than scared, she thought about her predicament. There was no escape for her -- not right now. She would have to plot and plan carefully before she and Michael could get away from this place. Michael!

She had forgotten all about him. She had stripped him so that Mr. Stanton could beat him with the whip. Her own welts had gone away and only mild bruises remained, but Michael's beating had been more severe. She could tell by the sound of the whip hitting his naked flesh. How could she possibly save him?

Wasn't it supposed to be the man who rescued the woman? Why should she worry about freeing him when he was the one who should get her out? She shook her head, a cascade of red hair falling down into her face. She began to worry. It didn't matter who rescued who as long as they both got away and got home.


She couldn't go back. How could she face her father? He had spanked her like a little girl and tried to convince her that she wasn't the grownup she thought she was. If she went home and told him she had been raped up the ass by a trucker and then sold into slavery to some maniacal millionaire who forced her to suck his prick while he whipped her, her father would only laugh. He'd use the old line, "I told you so," and she couldn't stand that. She would have to escape with or without Michael and deal with Mr. Stanton on her own terms. After all, if she was as adult as she thought she was, she could make him listen to reason. He would have to let her go.

He'd have to!

Just as she was convincing herself that she could talk the devil out of possessing a damned soul, the lights went out. The room plunged into absolute darkness. It happened so fast that the girl thought she had been struck blind. But the tiny spots of blues and yellows dancing in front of her eyes told her that she hadn't gone blind.

"What's wrong?" she called out. She thought she heard a slight movement but wasn't sure. Her ears could be playing tricks on her. After all, it was so totally dark that she couldn't even begin to tell if the entire U.S. Army was in here with her or not.

She giggled, her foot feeling funny. It was as if someone dragged a feather across her leg, moving it slowly around her ankle. She kicked out, but there was no one there. She thought the darkness was playing tricks on her until she felt the feather again.

This time it was moving across her throat, lightly tormenting her cheek and nose. She sneezed and rolled away, forgetting all about her peril. She laughed and cried out as if she were ten years old again.

"Who's there?" she cried. "Is it you, Michael? Did Stanton let you go? Don't do this to me!"

The feather hit her again and she began to laugh harder and harder. The feather stroked down the front of her blouse and across her tits. Somehow, her blouse had come open -- then slipped off.

The feather stroked across her rigid nipples, down the deep slopes of her tits and along the bottom of the canyon between her jugs. It ringed her broad tits and moved lower across her belly. She was convulsed with laughter, unable to stop. The laughter was almost painful to her. Rattling her chains, she tried to grab the hand holding the tickling instrument. She couldn't.

Then, her jeans were stripped off while she was giggling. Her panties were already in tatters from when the trucker had anally raped her. The pitiful strands of fabric were quickly discarded. Only when the feather stroked across her cuntlips did the young teenager realize she was totally naked. She could feel the velvet bedspread under half her body. And the feather danced over her turgid cuntlips and poked toward her asshole.

"Stop! Not there!" she pleaded, her hands out in front of her in supplication. But the darkness prevented anyone from seeing. She wandered how the person holding the feather could direct it so expertly. Sheryle never figured it out. She wasn't given the time to think about it.

The feather stroked over and over until her cunt sprang to rigid attention. The tiny organ between her slender legs got the full treatment from the feather. She laughed and cried at the same time. And then she came -- hard! Never in her young life had she climaxed so powerfully. And all because of a feather being used on her in the dark.

She began to vaguely realize the horror in the situation. She had no idea who was doing this to her. Her unseen assailant could do whatever he pleased as long as she was laughing. Her defenses were down and she was more helpless than if she had been tied up like a mummy.

"Stop, stop it! I can't take any more," she laughed. Holding her sides while convulsed with laughter, she turned on one side. And felt the feather wetly drag along her cuntlips again. The tingly feeling racing through her body was unusual, one she had never experienced before. Who ever used the feather was trying to fuck her with it. But her own fuck juices caused it to become too soggy for that.

The bed creaked a little as added weight burdened the springs. She rolled slightly, feeling another warm body near her.

"Michael?" she asked softly. "Did that awful man let you go?"

No answer. She reached out, her chains jingling in the absolute darkness. She felt a surge of panic again. The man beside her was totally silent. All she really knew was that it had to be man -- his erect prick lightly brushed against her naked flesh.

The laughter tied her up more effectively than any rope could. Another feather brushed across her turgid nipples, stroking and teasing and toying with her as if she were some object of contempt.

She couldn't even resist when the strong hands moved her flat onto her back. Her legs were pulled up on either side of a strong body and a cock rammed hard toward her pussy. She cried out, but it was more of a giggle than a real protest. The feather had done its work. She was ready for anything, even a hard driving prick all the way up her virgin cunt.

"Please, don't do this..."

She felt the cock trembling at the opening of her pussy. The thick end of the man's pecker pushed through her pinkly scalloped pussylips and paused for a moment, as if wondering if her pussy might not be too hot.

Inch by inch, the cock slowly penetrated her body. She was deluged with a fresh wave of sensation that threatened to drown her. The young girl never realized anything in the world could be as exciting. She had almost let Michael fuck her twice before, but the feelings inside her tender body had been nothing like those possessing her now.

She was turned on in a big way. The feather was more effective than any other kind of foreplay she could have hoped for. It made her abandon her fears, drop her mental barriers, and prepared her for this penetration. Every nerve in her body was singing in joy.

Joy for the prick about to pick her cherry. When the head of his cock rammed into her hymen, she felt a sting. Then the feather returned, grazing her tits, tormenting her nipples, stroking along her jaw. When a hot, wet tongue shoved cock-hard into the channel of her ear, she actually got off on it. Her come wasn't too powerful, but it allowed her to forget the small amount of pain in her cunt.

Another half inch of that steely prick rammed into her virgin cunt. And another and another until she cried out in momentary pain. But everything else occupied her senses. The feather stroking all over her ribs, tracing out bone after bone, thrilled her. The tongue seeking out the depths of her ear moved to the rim. It wetly, roughly moved around her sensitive earlobe until she was panting in harsh desire.

"Yes, yes," she moaned out, "take me now! Hurry! I want it, oh, sweet Jesus, how I want it!"

And she got it. Her cherry had been popped and she had hardly felt it. Now the prick doing the work rammed urgently all the way up into her tight, hot cunt. She screamed, her inner membrane stretching to take the thick length of the man's prick.

She had never thought it would be like this. Pleasure and pain mixed a never ending parade of confusion for her. But the pain went away as soon as her resilient young cunt walls expanded enough to take the cock fully. She could even feel the man's dick bucking and bouncing around. Every single vein standing up on the surface pulsed hard against her super-sensitive pussy walls. This turned her on.

The feel of the tongue moving down to the hollow of her throat turned her on. The hot breath gusting against her tender skin made her into a wild woman. But most of all, the huge prick buried balls-deep in her pussy made her realize she was now a woman.

The shock of that knowledge made her go wild. Chains rattling on her slender wrists, she clawed and bounced hard on the bed. She was firmly impaled by the spike of cock. The man mercilessly pressed forward as she tried to get away. No matter how she turned, his prick remained fully embedded in her softly yielding pussy.

Her entire cunt convulsed around the throbbing pillar of man-meat and she felt a trembling throughout her body. She couldn't understand what was happening to her. A tiny trickle of her own cunt juice leaked around the thick plug of cock in her pussy. The girl reached down and felt the hairy bush of the man fucking her and the fluid leaking from her cunt.

"Blood!" she cried. "You're killing me! Don't do this!"

The feel of the liquid on her fingers wasn't the expected slickness of fuck juices. This was blood from her ruptured cherry. But the girl quickly forgot all about being damaged when the man began to slide back and forth in her well-greased fuck tunnel.

Every nerve in her untried cunt sang. Her pussy wails trembled and fluttered around the retreating cock. And she realized she didn't want him out of her cunt. Fingernails gouging deep into an unseen back, she lifted herself up and off the bed enough to ram her hips down onto his cock again. The prick raced the length of her cunt and she felt his balls wetly slapping against her ass. This was more like it!

"Fuck me, fuck me gooooood!" she pleaded. She hardly knew what she was saying by now. Her passions were running away with her. The idea of being fucked in total darkness should have frightened her. She didn't know who this was screwing her, taking her cherry, fucking her for the very first time.

And it didn't matter. All that counted now was the sweet sensation ripping through her body. She was a woman experiencing what only a woman can. The pleasure of feeling a cock hard and hot against her tender pussy walls entirely erased the fear.

She began hunching up and down on the man's cock, trying to fuck herself. Her tiny clit poked up and tried to get into the act. She had to arch her back to rub her clit against his bush. The motion was worth it for the young girl. She came harder than ever before.

She soared on the hot winds of ecstasy blowing through her untried body. She glided and dipped and was cast high up into the outer reaches of ultimate human pleasure. As he drifted down from her sex high, she felt the man begin to really pound her cunt. He fucked her so hard and fast that she was, afraid he would bruise her cuntlips. His body ground into her snatch, his cock probing deeper and deeper in to her once-virgin cunt. She felt her passions mount again with surprising speed. She then became afraid the man wouldn't bruise her cuntlips. She found she needed it hard and brutal.

"Fuck harder!" she grated between clenched teeth. "Hurt me, use me, but fuck the living shit out of meeee!"

Her body quaked as another orgasm seized her. She felt her cunt walls collapse around the fucking cock hidden so far up her. Trying to hang onto his cock as long as she could, she tensed her inner muscles. The orgasm added power to her attempt.

For a moment, she thought she was going to succeed. She wanted that throbbing, virile fuck-stick all to herself. Then her body betrayed her. The slippery cunt oils lubricated his prick so much that he was able to slowly slip from her grasping pussy.

"No!" she screamed. "You can't deny me this. You can't!"

And he didn't. His prick poised for a moment just inside the gates of her blue-tinged outer cuntlips, then rammed her hard and fast again. His hips pushed his cock forward with impressive power. She felt her teeth rattling at every impact.

She came more times than she could count. And she wanted more. The fucking was truly turning her into a sex junkie.

She didn't know why but it turned her on. She was being raped in the dark after being tortured with a feather. She had been chained to the bed after being forced to degrade herself by sucking off Mr. Stanton. Everything was all wrong. Her first lay shouldn't be a rape, yet it was. She shouldn't enjoy rape, yet she was. This was so far away from even her wildest rape fantasies. And she couldn't get enough of the silent, masterful man's prick.

"More, more, give me more of that fucking cock of yours. Please, I need it all the way up my poor little cunt!"

Her hips worked in a rotary motion, screwing herself down around his cock. He corkscrewed himself in the opposite direction. Their combined motions brought her off repeatedly. When she thought she was totally drained, both emotionally and physically, she found new reservoirs to tap. She continued to come as long as the man's cock fucked hard and fast. All too soon for her, his rhythm became jerky, uneven. He fucked harder, but with less authority. She felt the hot, sweet rush of his jism filling up her virgin cunt.

He left her in the darkness, not once saying a word to the young girl. She sobbed bitterly when he left, his absence the greatest torture of all. Her pussy had sampled cock and it wanted more. She was going crazy wanting more.

And there was only the empty darkness around her.

Chapter SIX

Sheryle awoke, the lights dim and sedate in the room. For a long time, she simply lay there on the bed wondering what was going to happen to her. She knew the dull ache in her cunt came from having her cherry taken. Rubbing across her snatch, she moaned lightly, feeling the now familiar surges of desire race up and into her body.

Before she knew what she was doing, she had a finger stuffed all the way up her tiny pussy. She finger-fucked herself until her breath came in ragged, harsh pants. She knew her tits were rising and falling heavily even though she kept her eyes firmly shut. The feelings inside her were so exciting she wished they would never go away.

After she got herself off playing with her own cunt, she had to slow down. Her hand was cramping and the ache in her pussy was turning into pain. It hadn't been any bed of roses getting rid of her virginity. But she couldn't say she had hated it. The feather had been almost silly when she looked back on it. The man using it -- was it Stanton or someone else? -- had taken her mind off the slight discomfort then.

She had loved the actual fucking. Never again would she call herself a girl. Sheryle knew she was a full-fledged woman now, having experienced the delights only a woman can know. That didn't take away from the fact that she was still securely chained to the bed. Nor did it help her figure out any way she could escape. Naked, helpless, she could only wait for whatever Mr. Stanton wanted to do to her.

She wasn't the least bit happy with that. Or with the idea that Michael was strung up like a side of beef somewhere else in the mansion. Still, if one of them had to be hung up by the wrists, she preferred it to be with him. She was enjoying the feel of the soft velvet bedspread under her nakedness too much to want to swap it for cold chains in an even colder room.

As Sheryle roiled over, she saw the door open. Mr. Stanton came in. She blinked hard at the sight. He didn't actually enter the room. He strode in, regal as any king and looking even more commanding. She felt as if she should drop to her knee and offer allegiance. But the chains on her wrists prevented it.

"On your feet, wench," he ordered. "Dress in these."

He dropped a small sack onto the floor in front of her. For the span of a heartbeat, she wasn't sure she should even pick up the sack. She was afraid of what she might find inside. Or what she might not find.

She did as she was told. After all, this might be the stud who had freed her from the bonds of her own self-imposed virginity. She had someone to thank for that. Listening to the tales her girlfriends in school had told, she had come to think of it as painful and not the least bit interesting. To hear them talk, it was just something that had to be gotten out of the way.

Sheryle hadn't found it that way at all. She had gotten off repeatedly and wanted more. That was the mark of a real cocksman.

"What's in it?" she asked, reaching the edge of the sack and pulling it toward her. She didn't take her eyes off Mr. Stanton. He stood emotionless like a statue cut from stone.

"Open it and find out. I assume you know how to dress like a real woman."

Curious, she opened the sack and pulled out the garments inside. She held up one after another, puzzling at them. She hardly understood what she had been given, until it slowly fell into place. Four garments: two black net stockings, a garter belt and a corset with strong steel supports.

"You want me to wear this getup? I'd feel like a fool."

"You'll feel my whip if you don't don them immediately," he said. His voice hadn't changed tone. The same cold monotone warned her that he wasn't joking. He meant for her to put on these kinky garments. So put them on she would.

He watched her intently as she sat on the bed, the warm, soft velvet comforting against her bare ass. She felt self-conscious as she pulled on one of the stockings. It seemed to caress her leg as she pulled it up around her firm, well-fleshed thigh. Watching, the man licked his lips once. That was the only sign that he was even alive.

Sheryle pulled on the other stocking, loving the way it clung to her flesh. It stimulated her, made her feel even lustier than she had before. Glancing at Mr. Stanton, she saw that the response in the man this time was even more pronounced. There was a distinct bulge growing at his crotch. The girl perversely decided to give the man a real thrill. Standing, she bent down over the bed, turning her well-rounded, perky white ass in the direction of the watching man. She parted her legs just enough to allow a shock of her red pussy fur to stick out in contrast with her milk-white skin. Bending further, she knew he could see her pussy and asshole.

That was exactly what she wanted. Let him suffer. She was the one calling the shots right now. She could make him do anything she wanted -- later. But first the garter belt.

She draped it around her waist, then fastened the elastic bands to the tops of her stockings. She felt sinfully sexy by the time she finished. The picture she presented was incredible. Seeing herself in a full length mirror across the room made the young girl gasp.

Gone was the teenager. In her place was a woman with full-flaring tips, well rounded ass, and legs that could please any man if they were wrapped around his waist. She pirouetted a little, not able to move as much as she wanted due to the chains on her slender wrists. She rattled the bindings once to let the man know what she thought of them.

"Hurry," he panted. "Hurry and finish!"

She smiled sweetly, then licked her lips with just the tip of her pink tongue. The movement was erotic, a turn-on that would make a statue get a hard-on. It worked well on Mr. Stanton. She could see the bulge in his pants began to pulse and buck now. She knew his erection was paining him, trying to turn cartwheels in his pants.

She pulled on the corset, seeing that it laced up the front. The stiff black-lace garment fit her snugly. She grunted as her tits were cruelly mashed down by the corset top. She allowed her boobs to slide free and rest on the very top. This hurt a little as the edge of the garment cut into the base of her tits, but she knew it was more arousing.

Lacing up the front, she moved back into view in the mirror. The sight greeting her was a real turn-on. She was white skinned and fair. The black offset this beautifully. The red shock of hair on the top of her head was in wild disarray from her bout in bed earlier, but the most distinctive portion of her anatomy was her pussy mound.

The red-furred patch was surrounded by lilywhite flesh. And around this was black of stockings, garter belt and corset. Just looking at herself, Sheryle began to feel horny. She knew her cunt was dribbling out its thick fuck juices. She was turning herself on just by dressing up!

"Well?" she asked Mr. Stanton. "Do I meet your high standards?"

He said nothing, moving around to stare at her. She felt a little uncomfortable then, as if she had lost control somewhere along the way. His silence was worse than if he cursed her. His eyes drank in every single square inch of her black-draped body. She began to feel like a cheap whore dressing up for a john. She was the one on display. There was nothing she could do about it. The chains on her wrists ensured that she simply stand and let him ogle her lush young body.

"Please," she said, her voice shriller than she had intended. "Don't just stand there, say something. Anything!"

He nodded, then turned and left the room. She watched him go, bewildered. The red-haired girl knew that Mr. Stanton had liked what he saw. Why was he leaving? Her pussy was churning and paining her. But the pain this time was from the lack of a hard, throbbing cock in it.

She wanted to be fucked again. She not only wanted it, she needed it! The single taste of a good fucking had given her a hunger that wasn't to be lightly denied.

She sat down heavily on the bed, disgusted with herself. She had done something wrong. She didn't look right. She wasn't pretty enough. Something had displeased Mr. Stanton and she took it as a personal flaw. Why wasn't she pretty enough for the man?

"Why?" she cried out loud, clapping her hand over her lips the instant she realized she was speaking aloud. The teenager thought she might summon up a horde of demons if she spoke.

And it seemed she was right.

Dull red lights filled the room making it difficult for her to see. Mr. Stanton returned, stripped to the waist. He had taken off his pants and put on a pair of leather shorts that seemed different to the young girl. Looking more closely, she saw that they laced up the front, much like her corset. The big difference was that this arrangement allowed the man's prick to hang loose in front.

"Here," he said, tossing her a small bottle. "Put this on my skin."

She stared dumbly at the bottle. It was oil.

"Do as I order! NOW!" he bellowed. The shock of hearing him shout at her made Sheryle obey without thinking. She remembered the feel of his whip and his displeasure. She wasn't sure which was worse. The lash of the leather strap only cut her skin. His wrath hurt her to the core of her being.

She moved as far forward as the chains would allow and began pouring the oil into her hand. Smearing it all over his back, she began to massage it into the man's skin. He stood stock still, more of a bronze, than a human. Yet his flesh was warm under her fingers, and for all his apparent skinniness, he had rippling muscles.

The teenager began applying the oil with more vigor. It felt good to rub it into the man's flesh. It turned her on. The heat of the friction between her fingers and his spine made her breathe more heavily. The corset started to cut off her wind but she couldn't stop now. She had to smear even more of the oil across the man's belly.

It was rock-hard. He hardly moved as she worked lower, toward his prick. The cock dangled limply. She wondered if it was dead, if he had left the room and jacked off before returning. The slight tremors in the entire length told her that wasn't likely.

She worked the oil into the man's legs. They were like pillars supporting his upper body. The muscles stood out in bold relief once she had applied the slippery oil. The dim red light made him seem of gigantic proportions. She could hardly believe any man could be so masculine, so virile.

"Mister..." she said meekly. "Master!"

The word shocked her. She hadn't meant to call this awful person "master", yet she had. The psychiatrists called that a Freudian slip, saying what she really meant, instead of what she had intended to say.

"Good," he said. "You learn quickly and well. Dispense with the oil. I feel its effects on my body and soul already."

She watched in mute delight as his prick slowly jerked and bucked until it was half erect. Quickly, she dived forward and greedily stuffed it into her mouth. Sucking hard, she nursed on the stiffening cock until it was entirely erect. The plum-tipped end filled her mouth, making her feel more like a woman than ever before.

This was what it meant to be a woman, she told herself. To have a man and to want him -- and to be able to please him fully. Hadn't she smeared the oil onto Mr. Stanton's body as he commanded? He loved it! And now the proof of his lust was throbbing hard inside the humid cavern of her mouth.

Her tongue whirled around, stroking and touching lightly in all the right places. She had learned to give a blow job well. Her cheeks went hollow until she thought she would pass out from lack of air.

Gasping, she started licking and kissing the underside of the man's prick. He shoved her back. She fell heavily, startled.

"Master!" she cried out. "What's wrong? Aren't I pleasing you?"

"No," he said, cold and ominous. "I want more."

"Take me, master. Anything! But don't leave me again!"

She remembered being abandoned in the room the first time. She had thought he would never return. And when he had, it had been in the dark. She hadn't even seen the man who had fucked her cunt for the first time. She could only guess it was Stanton. But the uncertainty, the waiting, she couldn't take that. She would do anything he wanted -- so long as he didn't leave her alone.

"I will have my pleasure with you, you cunt, whenever I desire. You have no say in the matter."

"Take me, master. Now. Up my pussy. Up my ass! Yes, take me up my asshole. Butt-fuck me, if it will please you."

He glared at her as if she were a piece of shit. He sneered openly and strode around her, glaring down at her. She stayed on hands and knees, the weight of his opinion heavily on her.

Then she smiled. She would have to entice him. She would have to use the garments she wore to make him want her again. Nothing was worse than being ignored by this man. She parted her stocking clad thighs and moved so that she was on hands and knees. The way her tits hung down over the top of the corset proved to be more comfortable as long as she stayed in this position.

Wiggling her white ass in the air in a manner she thought would encourage the man, she began to move around. The chains on her wrists kept her from getting too far from the bed, but she had enough freedom of movement. Just enough.

Without a word, he dropped down behind her, his hard, erect prick jamming between the meaty slabs of her ass. His prick had been oiled by the run-off from his body. It slid easily toward her snatch.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she called out. "This is nice! It's exactly what I want!"

"What you want is meaningless, bitch," he informed her. "What I want is of paramount importance. Please me and I will not punish you!"

The irony of the situation wasn't lost in her mind. She was supposed to help him get his rocks off! And she wanted nothing more than to feel the steely length of his cock driving hard and deep into her pussy.

She shoved her ass backward, hoping to spear herself with his cock. She missed. His prick slid between the puffy cuntlips, stroking firmly in the liquid sex gash. She shuddered all over, pleasure quivering its way into her body. This was it! She could stay here all day long with his prick parting her pussylips and making her totally aware of every single nerve in her pussy.

It wasn't to work that way. The man reached out and gripped her tits, his well-oiled body sliding easily across her ass and the part of her back not covered with the corset.

She sobbed in reaction. His fingers on her tits were paradise to her. He stroked from the broad bases to the pointy nipples, as if he were milking a cow. The full effect made all the blood in her tits rush to the nipples. They expanded and soon looked like hard, red fingers pointing directly downward. The lightest of touches on them made her whine with desire.

But the cock thrusting slowly back and forth next to her turgid cuntlips thrilled her the most. The promise of having that huge pecker buried all the way up her cunt was immense.

"Fuck me, fuck me gooood!" she demanded.

"I do what pleases me!" he snapped.

"Yes, yes, master, whatever you say. But fuck me!"

His hands gripped down tighter on her tits as he pulled himself forward. This time his prick was lined up with her cunt hole. She felt the heavy, ponderous head begin to part her cuntlips. Then he plunged balls-deep into her pussy.

She screamed. The pain in her newly reamed-out cunt was more than she could stand. She wanted him to stop, but the words refused to form on her lips. All she could do was scream over and over.

"No, no, noooooo!" she whined. "It huuuuuurts..."

"It is good," he said.

And he fucked her. He began with short, quick strokes. She felt his cock pressing hotly into the walls of her pussy. The rapid fucking warmed her cunt walls to the point where she was sure he was ripping her apart. The rawness of her still quivering cunt made her think she would bleed to death. In spite of enjoying her first fucking earlier, she was sore and aching now.

The quickness of his every stroke made her cunt hurt all the more. She wanted to pass out but he wouldn't let her. He fucked her like a bitch in heat. She felt his cock seeking out new territory deep in her guts. The swift thrusting in and out of her clinging twat began to take on added dimensions for the bound girl. She discovered that the pain was fading away and was being replaced by something else. Not quite joy, but not pain either.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked, her voice trembling. "You're hurting me. Why, why? What did I ever do to you?"

He refused to answer. His hairy legs pressed enticingly against her stocking-clad legs. She felt her ass pressing into his laced leather shorts. The smoothness of his body was due to the oil leaking off. As he sweated more and more, getting into the fucking, the oil ran off.

She tried to center her attention on only the things giving her pleasure. It was hard. The corset was riding up and cutting into her tits. She was sure she would have both boobs slashed off before she was finished. But the feel of the garter belt around her waist and the silken stockings on her legs thrilled her strangely. The feeling was kinky, perverted and totally obscene. She loved it.

Raising one of her legs, she managed to wrap it around the man's back. This brought his cock surging up into her cunt in a new and delightfully different way. The pain she had felt was being stroked away by his fucking cock. Every nerve ending in her fuck tunnel was responding joyously now. She was forgetting the pain he had originally given her.

"Oh, it's so niiice," she cooed. She felt the sweat on her body, on her face. The teenager hadn't realized before now that she was responding so strongly to the man's prick. She was. And she wanted it all. She was hungry for prick and had to have it.

Tightening her leg around his waist pulled him deeper and deeper into her pussy. She began rocking back and forth, adding power to his every stroke. Soon she lived only for the feel of his huge cock reaming out her twat. The prick filled her with joy. The sensations beginning to mount in her belly were indescribably good. She had to have more.

Thrusting her chest out and down so that her tits filled the palms of the man's hands helped her achieve her goal. The sexual tensions inside her tender young body exploded. She snapped. Crying out her lust, she climaxed. Her entire body went rigid. She felt her cunt convulsing around the man's hidden prick.

This was enough to make him gasp. She heard the reaction before the blood started to rush too loudly through her head. As she relaxed a little and came down from her sex high, she discovered that the mysterious Mr. Stanton was fucking her furiously. Every stroke was long and powerful and deep.

He rammed hard into her cunt, making the soft flesh smash against his leather shorts. She could feel his lacing cutting cruelly into her flesh. But that hardly mattered to her. The steely bar of his prick inside her damp, clinging cunt was all that counted now.

As he slid out, he used a corkscrew motion that drove her insane with lust. He dragged his cock over each and every square inch of her inner pussy. As his prick slipped free, he bucked up and down, then quickly fucked back into her juicy twat.

"I'm commmiiiing!" she screamed aloud. His hands squeezed down without mercy on her tits until she thought her nipples would pop. And his prick filled her to overflowing.

Again and again he brought her off. Then came the payoff for the man. He began fucking her with jerky, rough strokes. Inside her tightly clinging, almost-virgin cunt, she felt his prick begin to expand. It almost doubled in size before it exploded like a hidden stick of dynamite. The hot surge of his jizz filling her pussy brought her off.

Everything he did to her brought her off. She came and came and came. And when his prick dribbled from her pussy, she sank forward, her head resting on her chained hands. She was panting hard and wanted more...

Sheryle couldn't believe that her body wasn't satisfied. But it wasn't. Her pussy had tasted cock, now it was insatiable. It had to have more. She looked back over her bare shoulder at the man who had so expertly fucked her. He now stood, towering over her.

"Fuck me again," she said weakly. "I need it. My pussy needs it!"

"Slut!" was all he said as he walked off. She would have laughed at the sight of his limp, dangling prick except she remembered how nice it had felt when it was erect. She wanted even more of it.

And Sheryle didn't doubt for an instant that if she had laughed at Mr. Stanton that he would have returned with his whip. She didn't mind dressing up in incredibly sexy clothes, but the whip was the one thing she couldn't stand. The pain lancing into her body was terrible.

Especially when the very same man could give her heavenly delights using his cock.

Chapter SEVEN

"God, Sheryle, why are you dressed like that?" exclaimed Michael. The youth was still naked but he had been cut down. Now he was simply chained to a ring in the floor, the other end of the chain fastened to a collar on his neck.

"You like it?" she asked, spinning around to show off her sexy, kinky outfit. "Mr. Stanton thinks I look good in it."

She saw the way Michael's eyes had widened when she came waltzing into the room. She still wore the corset and stockings. The garter belt framed her pussy mound neatly. She had learned to walk in the high-heeled shoes given to her by their mysterious captor. Sheryle felt sinfully sexy. And used.

Every time Stanton came into the room, he fucked her. He would do it whether she wanted to screw or not. The girl's wishes meant nothing to him. And she was coming to enjoy it even as she hated it. The idea of being nothing but an object appalled her, but she loved the fucking. The feel of a good cock driving hard and fast and expertly into her twat was unmatched in her experience.

How she wished it had been Michael who had first fucked her. She still didn't know who it was in that darkened room but she guessed it was one of Mr. Stanton's games. He played games all the time. Sometimes he would dress her up like a wild animal and pretend he was a big game hunter.

Eventually, after chasing her around, he would catch her and fuck her. Another time he had beaten her with the whip until she was almost senseless. This had been the time when he had gotten off the best, she thought. His cum shot into her cunt like it had been fired from a cannon.

She should have loathed the man, but she couldn't. Amid all the pain and horror he brought her, she found herself admiring him. He was such a dominant figure. He knew what he wanted and he took it. She hated that and loved it at the same time.

Sheryle couldn't figure out exactly what she felt toward the man. He was everything to her, a father and a lover -- and more. He disciplined her when he thought she needed it, and she was coming to agree with his decisions. That frightened her because she knew she was being used.

"Dressed up that way," said Michael, "you look like a cheap hooker."

"Nothing cheap about me," she snapped, immediately regretting her words. "I'm sorry, Michael. I didn't mean that."

"God, this whole thing is ruining both of us. We've got to escape. We just have to."

"Yes, yes, anything. Michael," she said, wondering if she really meant that. She didn't want to stay, but leaving presented problems of its own. She couldn't go back to her parents. They would laugh at her and say she had gotten what she deserved. That was if they even believed her. More likely, they would accuse her of lying. This entire adventure was so bizarre she hardly believed it.

A man in a mansion. Fucking in the total blackness of a posh bedroom. Being dressed up and whipped. Being chained and raped. Being abused, sucking on his cock only to have him come in her face. Getting pissed on.

That had bothered her the most. She had enjoyed the fucking, as she always did, but then Mr. Stanton had stood up, his legs on either side of her body and pissed in her face and on her lustrous red hair. It had been so degrading she had wanted to die.

But she was subservient and respectful the next time Mr. Stanton came to her room. He had left her alone for what seemed months, only an occasional tray of food being given to her as if she were some sort of leper.

The on-again, off-again treatment she received from the man bewildered her. One day she would be convinced the man was madly in love with her. The next, he would piss in her face.

But he was so commanding. When he spoke, she listened. He was so forceful, she wanted to obey him. He was unlike any man she had ever met, including Michael.

"If only I could get free," the youth said. "But I've tried. This lock looks simple, but it isn't. I'm going out of my mind trying to get it loose."

Sheryle saw immediately that there was no lock. Rather, a complicated puzzle had been substituted. If they could work out the sequence, the entire puzzle would fall apart and free Michael.

"It seems so complex," she said after studying it for a moment. "I wonder if it's not really simple. That's the way those puzzles are, you know."

"No, I don't know," said Michael, pissed at her. "Why the hell don't you show me?"

And she did. The chain came free in her hand with only a little work. The ease with which she had undone the lock amazed her.

"You did it!" cried Michael. "And that son of a bitch seems to let you run free around here now. We can leave, both of us!"

She frowned, wondering what was wrong. Stanton usually kept her locked in the posh bedroom. But lately he hadn't even been chaining her. She had decided to see if her bedroom door was open, and it was. When Stanton said nothing about her excursions around the mansion, she had grown bolder.

Why had her status changed? She shrugged it off. It didn't matter. Maybe the man didn't think she had the nerve to escape. But hearing Michael, she knew she would. He lent her the strength needed to make the decision.

"Let's go, Sheryle. Now!"

They were an odd looking pair. She was dressed like a high-class whore and he was stark naked. Running through the deserted corridors of the mansion, they saw that the main door was open. Running for it, Michael found the door slammed in his face just as he reached it. Some automatic mechanism had closed it, locking the door securely.

"Damn, what's with this fucking thing?"

"Michael, look!" said the red-headed girl, suddenly frightened.

Advancing on them were two of the most vicious-looking dogs she had ever seen. She couldn't take her eyes off the dripping fangs, now bared. The dogs herded them back up the stairs, snarling and snapping hard at their heels. By the time they reached their room again, the dogs had vanished.

But in the room was Mr. Stanton, a frown on his face.

"You should not try to escape. The next time the dogs will rip your throats out. Consider yourselves lucky that this time I will only punish you."

"Says you!" screamed Michael, launching himself at the man. The youth found himself hurtling through the air to land heavily on his back. Stanton had used a judo throw to effectively stop the teenager.

With movements more like a snake, Stanton soon had Michael chained flat to the floor. Spread-eagled, the youth was unable to move.

"Suck on his prick and get it hard. If you don't, I'll flog the flesh off both of your bones!"

The whip crashed into Sheryle's ass, sending a jolt of pain all the way through her body. She knew the welt raised on her soft, white ass would stay for weeks. She had other welts on her shoulders and back which had been there at least that long. They didn't leave permanent marks but seemed to take a painful forever to go away.

She dropped to her knees and bent over to take Michael's prick into her mouth. She whispered hotly to her boyfriend, "I have to do this. Otherwise he'll kill both of us!"

"Ummm, oh," moaned the youth. "In other circumstances, I'd like this. But I can't get it up. I just can't!"

"Obey me!" flared the dark man. The whip lashed out and smashed into the soft ass of the girl bending over her chained boyfriend. Her sucking increased greatly. Cheeks going hollow under the strain, she tried her best to get Michael hard. If she didn't, Mr. Stanton would whip them both till they died.

And she found herself feeling guilty over trying to escape. She wanted to please the man, not escape. She shouldn't have listened to Michael! But they were both being punished together. Sheryle knew that it would do no good to appeal to Mr. Stanton for mercy, protesting that Michael had forced her to go along with him.

The man just wouldn't believe her. And if he did, he would still delight in whipping her. She knew the feral gleam that came to his eyes when he used the whip. It was unnatural -- but it was Mr. Stanton's way.

Her tongue began teasing along the sensitive underside of the youth's limp prick. The flaccid organ began to stir, in spite of Michael's protests that he could never get a boner now. When the twitching became more pronounced, Sheryle really sucked.

Her lips caressed and tormented Michael's cock. Teeth bit down and left ragged red welts behind. This hurt, but it also caused his body to pump more and more blood into his cock. She had learned a lot since coming to this mansion of chains and whips. And not all of it was bad, either. Anything that could give pleasure to both of them couldn't be bad.

She found herself responding to his prick. The male musk odor was rising and the tangy taste of his prick spurred her on to even more exotic oral acrobatics. Her tongue danced and lashed and toyed with his prick, all the time sucking harder and harder on him.

"He's ready," said Mr. Stanton, moving her face out of the way with the butt end of his whip. Michael's prick stood rigidly at attention, pulsing and throbbing in subdued lust.

"Get on him and fuck yourself," the man ordered. "And do no touch your ass or you will be severely punished. Severely!" he emphasized.

The girl shuddered. She knew punishment. She could only guess at severe punishment. And she wanted to avoid that, whatever the cost. What Mr. Stanton demanded, though, wasn't all that impossible. All she had to do was fuck herself on Michael's delightfully rigid cock and not touch her behind. So easy.

So easy until Stanton rammed a candle up her asshole. She screamed in pain as it went in. She screamed again when he lit the candle. The hot wax dribbled onto her tender flesh and burned like fire. The heat from the flame promised even more pain to come from the hot wax. Involuntarily, the teenager reached back to pull the candle from her ass.

A quick lash of the whip stopped the motion. He had snared her wrist with the tip of his leather strap. The pain in her arm was intense, but the pain was only a reminder. Worse would come if she touched her ass. Or the burning candle.

More wax dripped onto her whipped butt.

"You may put the candle out by rapid motion of your hips. In no other way will it be allowed to go out."

"You mean if I fuck myself fast enough and blow the candle out that way, I'll be okay?"

"Fuck yourself!" he commanded.

She put her hands under Michael's armpits and rested her fingers on the tops of his shoulders. His mighty pillar of cock pressed warm and demanding into her snatch. She lowered herself until the thick knob on the top of his prick entered her pussy. She shivered at the touch. It was electric. And her entire body screamed out its need for more of that cock.

The only trouble was the candle stuffed up her ass. It hurt bad. And the heat from the flame kept the wax molten and dripping on her tender ass. She began moving back and forth faster and faster, fucking herself and trying to snuff out the candle by the motion. It didn't work. If anything, her fucking action only caused the candle to burn hotter.

The wax tormented her but the real pain came from deep in her guts. The thick cock drilling deeper and deeper into her pussy with every stroke rubbed up against the candle, separated only by the thin inner walls of her pussy and rectum.

"Shit," muttered Michael, "I can feel it! I feel the Goddamn candle through your guts. How can you stand it?"

She was whimpering like a beaten dog by now. She couldn't stand it. And his mentioning it made it even worse for her. She felt like dying, but she wouldn't give that son of a bitch Stanton the pleasure of seeing her croak. The teenager vowed to keep fucking and to try to ignore the pain.

It was like a New Year's resolution -- but it wasn't kept.

The redhead twisted from side to side, feeling the prick work even farther into her seething pussy. She would have enjoyed the hell out of this fucking if it hadn't been for that damned candle. It began to melt a little from her inner heat, but it wasn't enough to ease the discomfort.

"Please, take it out!" she cried.

"The cock?" asked Stanton coldly. "Or the candle? Which do you want removed from your slimy body holes?"

"Both!" she cried. "No, neither... oh, I don't know." She was too confused to continue. Limply falling forward, her hands pressing down into Michael's heaving chest, she simply cried.

She wasn't allowed to cop out like that. The whip screeched through the air and landed heavily on her back. Over and over, Stanton whipped her until she was sure her back was a mass of welts. But she didn't stir. The motionlessness of her body kept the candle from grating against her guts. The worst part of it was Michael's prick. It throbbed so needfully inside her tight twat that she had to respond to it. She began to move, the whip scourging her back.

"Fuck faster!" cried Stanton. "Fuck him as fast as you can or I'll ram a blowtorch up your ass!" She believed the man. He was cruel and vicious and would do that just to make sure that he got his own sick kicks. She began sliding to and fro, the prick entering and leaving her tight cunt with obscene squishing noises. She hadn't realized she was this turned on.

The girl looked down between her tits and saw the coppery patch of her pussy mound. It was dotted with tiny droplets of cunt oils. And just underneath, she could see her cunt standing rigidly at attention, begging for more stimulation. As she moved, the red-haired girl saw the way her boyfriend's prick entered and left her cunt.

Her breathing became more jagged at the sight. The huge prick parted her cuntlips. The pink scalloped flaps of flesh guarding her inner channel seemed to give a lewd kiss to that prick as it raced into her pussy. When the cock came out of her cunt hole, it was a silvery sheathed fuck stick. Her cunt juice totally drenched it and made it gleam in the dull light of the room.

All this, and the goad of the whip still landing with sickening regularity on her back, forced the teenager to speed up her fucking.

Worst of all, she felt herself responding strongly to all this. It wasn't just Michael's prick in her cunt that did it. She loved the feel of it, sure, but there was more. And she didn't understand it.

She wanted the whipping. She wanted to be dominated. The humiliation and pain Stanton gave her fed some inner need. The young teenager couldn't begin to put it all into words, but she thrilled to the feel of his whip disciplining her. The heat of the candle raising blisters on her ass now kept her hips swinging in and out in obedience to the man's command.

The red-haired teenager needed this as much as a flower needs sunshine. She reveled in the attention Stanton gave her, even if it was terrible. The whippings she received were dreadful. The pain caused her almost to black out at times, but the man had never really injured her. Given her pain, yes, but her body healed soon and left no permanent marks.

She didn't know how lucky she would be in that regard when it came to the burning candle protruding from her ass. It had continued to burn down and the flame leaped and danced just inches away from her vulnerable flesh. She fucked herself as hard as she could in a vain attempt to make the flame go out. If anything, she only fanned it to even greater heat.

Weeping, she felt the tides of passion rising within her. Her pussy throbbed and began the slow convulsions that would soon lead to the catastrophic clutchings of a come. Her fingers became claws. She raked bloody fingernails along her boyfriend's chest.

But Michael wasn't in any condition to protest. His balls were burning from the fucking -- and from the hot wax was dribbling down off the girl's ass. He had thought she was faking a little as to the pain. He now knew it was worse than he had believed possible. The lightest of touches of the hot wax sent tremors of pain rocketing throughout his body.

"God, Sheryle, fuck more. More!" he cried out. "Get rid of that Goddamn candle. Now!"

"Yes, Sheryle, fuck more," taunted Mr. Stanton. "Go on and be a good little girl and obey him. Fuck more."

The sound of the man's words infuriated her, but she was powerless to do anything about it. She could only move and drive that rigid spike of cock into her needy cunt. The squishing of his prick as it raced all the way up into her well-oiled pussy gave her an idea. Fluid could put out the candle burning so close to her flesh now.

The tempo of the fucking picked up to the point where she thought she would melt inside from the friction. The pressure of hard cock against the walls of her pussy mounted as Michael's cock expanded just prior to jetting out his white cum.

As she felt the first jerk of his cock, she shoved herself as far forward as she could. Her aim was a little off but it didn't matter. She cheated herself of the pleasure of feeling his fountaining prick inside her pussy, but she gained something else.

The first spurt of his cum hit the flame on the end of the candle, extinguishing it. There was a wet hiss and then she smelled the wick smoldering. And the heat was gone.

She was no longer menaced by the burning candle rammed up her ass, but she had cheated herself in another way. She was hornier than hell from the fucking. She hadn't gotten off, not once, and the intense sexual needs in her body demanded satiation.

Sheryle realized that she wasn't likely to get the chance to feed her sexual hunger any time soon.

Chapter EIGHT

"Keep the candle up your asshole," he ordered her.

She stood, having to bend forward at the waist a little to keep the pain down to a level she could cope with. The feel of that waxy shaft going up into her asshole caused more pain than she would have thought possible. The flame was out but the pain lingered to haunt her.

"Good," said Mr. Stanton. "You have done adequately so far. If you continue to please me, perhaps you can win some little favor in my eyes. Perhaps."

Sheryle looked at the black-robed man and wondered if that was even a possibility. He seemed so independent, so self-contained. He was the perfect rock, unshaken by anything going on in the world. She loved his strength while hating it at the same time.

If only he didn't treat her like shit.

"Go and dress. Your clothing awaits you. And remember -- pleasure me and you will win favor."

He spun and quickly left the room. Sheryle stood, unsure off what to do. She looked down at Michael, still chained flat on the floor. His prick was limp and a tiny puddle of jism had formed directly under it. She wanted to try and release him but the thought came to her that this wouldn't be the right way to win favor with Mr. Stanton.

If he had wanted Michael turned loose, he would have done it himself.

"Goodbye, Michael. I... I'd better go and dress."

"Wait!" the youth called out. "You can't leave me like this!"

But she did. She was already through the door and heading for the luxurious bedroom where she had originally lost her cherry. She had come to think of it as "hers", although nothing in the house belonged to anyone except Mr. Stanton. He was lord and master and in complete control.

The young girl shivered at the thought of how complete his control actually was. She and Michael had tried to escape. It was as if he had been waiting for them. Perhaps they had given him a moment's enjoyment at their futile efforts. The huge dogs with the big teeth kept her from ever trying to escape again, at least until she thought of a way to bypass the animals. She knew what they could do.

Stanton would let the dogs loose, too. And he would probably get his rocks off watching the dogs rip her throat out.

She shivered even more and went to see what she should wear. There was never any question. Stanton provided all her clothing, but the choice was never left up to her. In the closet hung one simple dress. Nothing else.

This was what she would wear. She never bothered to reason out how the single garment appeared or disappeared. She only accepted it mutely. Stanton controlled everything in this mansion. Sheryle guessed that a lot of the mysterious events were handled automatically, maybe even governed by a computer.

Like the doors. They had slammed shut at precisely the right instant to keep her from leaving the house. And as she roamed, some doors would open and others would be locked, but not always the same ones. Usually the room held some erotic adventure that Stanton wanted to live out.

She slipped into the peasant dress, wondering if she should remove the candle from her ass. She decided against it. Stanton hadn't told her she could take it out. While it made her walk awkwardly, the pain a constant reminder of what she had been put through already, she kept her shoulders back and tried to walk in as dignified a manner as possible. Let the bastard think he wasn't getting to her! She walked down the stairs and into the dining room, the only possible path for her since the other doors along the way were locked.

Sheryle had thought she was immune to shock. She had survived so much at the hands of the evil man that another added bit of pain, another small whipping, one further degradation, wouldn't bother her at all.

What she saw in the room stunned her. The table was set for a full course meal, but the lampshades seemed to be made of human skin. She went to one and looked more carefully. She swallowed hard. The pink dots she thought were buttons were really a woman's nipples. Her tits had been skinned and made into lampshades. She had heard of such things being done during the war by the Nazis, but she had never thought it was possible.

Pleasing Mr. Stanton took on new dimensions now. Whether this was the real thing or not, she wanted to keep her skin both intact and on her bones. When he said he would strip the flesh from her body, he might have meant that literally. She didn't want to find out.

He entered the room and pulled her attention away from the evil lampshades. In spite of the things she had been thinking about the grim man, she found herself admiring him. So powerful in his black garb, he had a multicolored cape swirling around his shoulders. He might have been some king come to dinner. He looked so regal -- and commanding.

"Seat me!" he ordered.

She hastened to hold the chair for him as he cast off the brilliantly colored robe and seated himself.

"Feed." And she did. One little morsel at a time, with her fingers. He seemed not to want her to use the gold plated knives, forks and spoons on the table. She put each morsel into his mouth with the tips of her fingers.

Once his hand grabbed her wrist and held the fingers to his mouth. Slowly, carefully, he sucked each and every one of her fingers, licking and stroking them with his tongue.

She felt her desire growing for this odd man, this commanding man who could twist her up inside and give her pleasure and pain in the same motion.

"Is the candle still where I placed it?" he asked suddenly.

Surprised, Sheryle could only nod her head, a cascade of red hair falling into her eyes. She had never thought he would ask such a question. But she was now glad that she hadn't removed it. If she had, she might be severely punished. A quick glance around the room convinced her that she didn't want to anger this man. Not now, not ever.

"Dance for me. Show me the candle while you do so."

Her eyes sparkled. This was more like it. He wanted a sexy, seductive dance from her. She would deliver. And maybe he would grant her just one more time on the end of his prick. How she needed that cock fucking her hungry cunt. The fucking with Michael had been more pain than it had been pleasure. But the fires of her lust had been built. Now was the time to allow them to spring forth and consume her entire body!

She danced away, spinning and whirling. She didn't know exactly how to please the man. About all the dancing she really knew was disco style. She didn't think he would be all that interested in that. Sheryle decided to fake it.

The teenager knew the penalty for failure.

Soft strains of musk seeped into the roam from unseen speakers. She found herself getting caught up in the music, dancing so that her movements were in time. Wiggling sinuously, she began stripping off the simple dress that Stanton had left for her.

She wiggled her shoulders so that they were both bare. Leaning forward, facing the man, she made sure her tits danced around more than the rest of her body. They jiggled like mounds of firm jello on a plate. Another quick motion caused the dress to slip down to her waist, but by this time, she had turned her back to the man. She had no idea how he was reacting, but she knew she was getting hotter all the time. The teenager didn't see how the man could be impassive in the face of her naked body.

Her hips twitching, she pulled the dress lower and lower. He hadn't given her any panties. Nothing but naked assflesh gleamed in the light. She bent forward, her ass aimed directly at the man. Protruding from her ass was the butt end of the candle he had rammed up there an hour earlier.

On impulse, she reached back and pulled it free with a tiny little plop. The relief she felt was almost enough to make her come. She hadn't realized how the lack of pain could be so sexually potent.

Turning back to face the man at the table, she spread her legs wide, her pussy gleaming like copper wire in the light. Slowly, teasingly, she brought the candle up and pressed it firmly into her cuntlips. She began to wiggle, shoving her hips down while the candle remained at the same height above the floor. She was fucking herself on the candle.

And it surprised her. It felt good -- damned good -- up her twat. The hollow ache was gone now. She knew this wasn't anywhere near as good as having a man's prick shoved all the way up her cunt, but it would have to do. The music soothed her and excited her at the same time.

She forgot all about Stanton. She danced to please herself. Masturbating faster now, she pulled the candle out of her pussy with a lewd squishy noise. It was big enough around to give her the full impact. Re-inserting it, she shuddered to a climax by ramming it deep into her belly and lightly flicking her fingers across her cunt.

The girl had heard her friends in school talk about how they all got off by themselves. She bet none of them had ever danced naked for a man and fucked herself with a candle!

She felt the sexual need mounting inside her again. Closing her eyes, she thrust her hips down repeatedly onto the waxy shaft of the candle. Panting, gasping for air, she fucked herself harder and faster until her body heat began to melt the candle. Her juices dripped out around the thick plug and onto her hands. For some reason, this got her off harder than anything else she had done.

Sheryle felt as if she were floating in the air -- and suddenly she was. Strong hands clamped at her slender waist and lifted her entirely off the floor. Her eyes opened dreamily to see Mr. Stanton holding her. It was as she had thought. He had reached the point of arousal from her nude dancing and masturbation that didn't allow him to simply sit and watch.

But what would he do to her? She quickly found out. He dropped her over the back of a chair, the wooden back cutting into her belly. The air rushed from her lungs. By the time she had regained her breath, she felt the man's hands working swiftly at her ankles. He was binding her securely to the chair legs.

Straightening up, she glanced down and saw that both of her ankles were firmly fastened to the chair. Before she could turn, he looped a strand of cotton rope around her neck and pulled her forward. He allowed her about a foot of slack -- but that was it. She was firmly tied to the chair, her hands still free.

"Wh-what're you going to do to me?" she stammered. But the teenager knew. In this position, bent double over the chair, her naked ass jutting up into the air, her legs tied wide apart, there could be only one thing he had in mind.

She wasn't disappointed.

She felt his prick ram hard between the globes of her asscheeks. He probed hard for her asshole. The girl almost passed out when he raced all the way up her spine. The shock of feeling his huge prick throbbing inside her tightest passage made her gasp for air.

Being bent over the chair didn't help her either. And when he began fucking her, using long, powerful strokes, she felt as if she were going to be cut in two. But there was no way she could move to take the impact of his heavy body against her soft ass.

Struggling to get her legs free proved useless. He had tied her down too well. And the rope around her neck prevented her from tossing her head from side to side. She was firmly secured and could only endure what the man did to her.

Not that being butt-fucked by him was all that bad. If only his prick had been better lubricated!

"Please, you're ripping me apart. My asshole is burning up from the friction. Do something!"

He said nothing, hut she felt the tempo of the fucking change, slowing down to a more gradual pace. Dishes clicked on the table and then she felt an oozing gob of butter dribbling between her asscheeks. It was a slippery, nice feeling, one that turned her on almost as much as the lunging prick did.

"Ummm, nice," she moaned. "So nice having your cock well-oiled now."

Still the man refused to reply. He let his cock do all the answering for him. With it nicely oiled now, he slammed harder and harder into her body. She felt her asscheeks flattened every time he jerked forward to bury his prick. The man started to corkscrew himself into her butt with a rotary motion that drove the girl wild.

The candle was still thrust all the way up her pussy. With both it and the cock inside, she was getting a turn-on unlike anything she had ever felt before. It had been interesting when she had been forced to fuck herself on Michael's cock, the burning candle rammed all the way up her backside.

But this was different. The sensations in her young, trim body were new and wonderful. It was almost as if two men were fucking her at the same time.

Best of all, she was tied down. She could allow herself to let go totally. No amount of thrashing about was going to help her at all. She wasn't responsible for the man greeking her. As the victim of the anal rape, she could do nothing to stop him.

Memories of past experiences rushed to her mind. The trucker fucking her up the ass had been her first time really. And having done it, she wanted more. The candle trick hadn't turned her on all that much. She had been too engrossed with the fire licking away at her tender skin. Now that the candle was gone, replaced by a hot and hard prick, she loved it.

She couldn't get enough. But she was smart enough not to tell Stanton this. If he thought she liked this, that she wasn't feeling degraded, he would stop and find some way of humiliating her. And that method might not give her the sensual thrills that she felt mounting in her body right now.

"Cunt, bitch, whore, slut!" he screamed, his body working faster and faster. She felt his hairy thighs grinding into her tender ass. The skin of her behind had been whipped and burned, tortured and tormented until the lightest touch was agony. But it was agony mixed with stark desire. She loved the feel of his huge prick forcing its way up into her bowels. She was filled to overflowing. This had been the way she'd gotten it the first time she had been fucked and the teenager couldn't get enough.

Trying to ram her hips back proved impossible. She was too tightly roped to the chair. Her head was about all the was free. Tossing it up and down, to the full length of the cord he had allowed her, gave the girl enough leverage so that she could get his prick an extra half inch up her tight, clinging ass.

It wasn't much, but it was enough. She came, hard. Her entire body trembled in reaction to his prick. She writhed about, not caring what she did or said.

"Fuck my butt, fuck me goood!" she moaned out. "Give it all to me. Give me that sweet prick of yours hard. Hurt meeee! Hurt me baaaaddd!"

A new dimension was added to the fucking. She still felt his veined prick throbbing hotly up her back, but the man had reached around her and held onto the end of the candle up her cunt. Savagely jerking at this, he was able to fuck her up the cunt at the same time his prick drove mercilessly into her ass.

"Harlot!" he shouted. "Feel my power inside you! Relish the feel of my cock. It is a magic wand and will change you into a quivering mass of screaming flesh!"


It was almost as if he had planned it that way. The powerful stroke and the grinding motion of his hips came at the same time when the young teenager was on the brink of orgasm. He got her off by slamming the candle even deeper into her seething hot pussy.

She felt the candle pressing into his prick through her guts. The cock strained to press back but the inanimate object seemed to be the most rigid. No matter how steely the prick, it always seemed to bend a little once it entered her body.

The man seemed to realize this. He shouted out in anger, then began fucking her so fast he burned away the butter he had used to lubricate her ass. Her flesh burned. Her insides turned to jelly. He hammered harder and faster into her body until she was sure she would have a permanent crease across her belly from the chair back.

"I'm comminnnng!" he bellowed.

She shrieked at the feel of the hot jizz blasting into her bowels. It wasn't enough to get her off, but the motion of the candle in and out of her pussy was. She came as the man continued to bury his cock all the way up her tiny asshole.

But the candle fell from her cunt and the man's prick melted all too soon. All that was left for the redhead was the same hollow feeling she had started with. There had to be more. There had to be!

"Mr. Stanton -- master -- please! Don't stop. Do it to me some more!"

But she pleaded with an empty room. The man had left her tied to the chair, her ass protruding nakedly up into the air. She was tied and helpless and now her worst fears had been realized.

She was all alone.

Chapter NINE

Sheryle endured the pain lancing into her lush young body better than she did the feeling of being abandoned. All her life she had felt unwanted. When Stanton walked out on her, this only reinforced her feelings.

She could take the physical punishment if it meant him wanting her. She simply hated being left all by herself. Straining against the ropes holding her ankles to the chair legs, she tried to get free. She felt the cotton rope cutting into her naked flesh. Bucking and tossing around, she found she could turn the chair over.

But this only made things worse for her. She lay on her side, still fastened to the chair. The edge of the chair still cut relentlessly into her belly. The more she fought against her ropes, the more the wooden chair back chafed her stomach. It seemed she was trapped forever.

"Damn," she cried, her hands jerking at the rope around her neck. She thought she could finally get rid of the ropes once and for all if she could get her head free.

The rope shredded under her clawing fingers and finally gave entirely. Her head free, she rolled back and got away from the chair. Her legs were still brutally fastened, but she could breathe. Rubbing her stomach where a giant red welt had grown sent agony knifing into her body.

But she was free!

It took her another five minutes to get her feet untied. Sheryle found it almost impossible to stand. Her legs were weak and rubbery and her insides heaved and trembled in emotion. She began to cry, wondering what she was supposed to do now.

Almost as an afterthought, she reached down and pulled the candle from her twat. The emptiness this caused in her snatch was almost more than she could bear.

Pain was endurable. She could live with it. But the hollowness in her life seemed everywhere. Abandoned by the one man who had shown her any attention at all, tied and left with a candle up her cunt, she didn't know what she should do.

A slow creaking noise caught her attention. A door was opening, as if by magic. She realized that everything in this bizarre house was done for a reason. The door wasn't opening by itself. Mr. Stanton wanted her in the next room.

"So, Mr. Stanton, you want me again," she raged. But the anger faded as she thought about it. He wanted her again. Otherwise the door wouldn't have budged. She was still pissed off but the anger was muted by the time she walked through the door.

The room was entirely, black. Hesitantly, she took a step forward. The door slammed shut behind her, startling her. And then all hell broke loose. Her feet were caught up in loops that threatened to pull her apart like the wishbone of a chicken.

Screaming, she tried to grab the ropes on her legs. They had already drawn her feet too far apart for her to successfully stop the drawing and quartering.

Pain lanced up into her snatch. She was being ripped apart by the action of the ropes. Blinding light hit her in the face. Blinking through tears of pain, she saw the impassive Stanton staring at her as if she were insignificant, a bug under glass and nothing more.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she blurted. She instantly regretted having said anything. The slight smile dancing at the corners of the man's mouth told her he enjoyed seeing her squirm.

He silently pointed. On a stone altar, Michael had been chained flat on his back. Sheryle had no idea what had been done to her boyfriend. Already he sported a throbbing, huge hard-on.

She simply stared at that pulsating fuck-stick as if it held her in some sort of mystical spell. Licking her lips, she wanted that prick. She wanted the taste of male musk on her tongue, she wanted the feel of that virile cock hot and hard against her lips. For a brief moment, she even forgot where she was and what Stanton was doing to her.

This pause was all he needed to loop ropes around her wrists. He now had her securely fastened at ankles and wrists. He began cranking on a pulley. Sheryle couldn't help but notice what the man was up to then. She was slowly being split apart.

"Ouch! This hurts. Why are you doing this to me?" she demanded. She was slowly being lifted off the floor and pulled farther apart. When her legs were yanked out almost straight on either side of her body in an aerial split, she knew she was going to pass out.

But she didn't. She hung on. She had to. Her hands were being pulled above her head, straightening her upper body. She was swinging gently to and fro in the air, unable to control her movements.

"You shall see," said Mr. Stanton, studying the situation. He cranked her up a little farther and then did something that caused her to move to a point directly above her bound boyfriend.

Sheryle knew then what the evil man in black was going to do to her. Her snatch was directly above the tip of Michael's prick. She was pulled wide in a split. All Stanton would have to do to fuck her would be to lower her a little. And the pulleys were designed for just that.

She didn't know if it was her arms or the ropes that creaked. She guessed it might be both. With her arms high over her head, the ropes biting harshly into her wrists, she couldn't tumble over and relieve the intense pressure on her crotch. Being pulled apart like this sent ripples of agony all the way up into her cunt, making it throb and convulse with more power than she had ever felt before. She knew without being told that any man's prick trapped in her twat now would be given one hell of an erotic massage by her cunt walls.

She groaned again as she was lowered onto Michael's erection. The prick wasn't in quite the right place. It went skittering along her juicy cuntlips and bounced off her asshole. She felt the hot cock trembling between the slabs of her ass.

"Not the right place," commented Stanton, as if dispassionately watching a television program.

His lack of emotion bothered Sheryle as much as the pain lancing up into her contorted body. She tried to shift the weight around her hips a little and relieve the pain. The only way she could do it was by pulling hard on the ropes fastened around her wrists. This took some of the pressure off her legs, but she couldn't support herself this way forever for very long.

As she dropped back down, she found that Stanton had tied a rope around the base of Michael's prick. By jerking and pulling on the rope, the man could position the prick under her wide-open cunt.

"Stop it," she moaned out. "You're hurting both of us. Don't do this to us, please, please, ohhhh!"

The shock that went through her as he lowered her cunt around her boyfriend's cock was unexpected. She thought she had felt everything in the way of sexual thrill. She was dead wrong. The split apart position guaranteed by the ropes on her ankles also made sure her cunt was impossibly small. The feel of Michael's monstrous cock reaming into her pussy was even more heavenly than the first time she had taken a cock all the way up her.

"Ummm, oh!" she cried out, the pain momentarily forgotten. She tensed and relaxed the walls of her cunt around the throbbing, virile fuck stick buried balls-deep in her. She could feel the rope tied around the base of the prick against her turgid cuntlips. The soft cotton rope was softening as her fuck juices leaked out and dribbled down the stem of Michael's pecker.

She opened her eyes and looked down on the youth. He was chained spread-eagle on the stone altar but the expression on his face matched hers. They were both beginning to enjoy this odd fucking. As long as his prick remained all the way up her cunt, she was happy. Rocking from side to side brought new excitement for both of them.

She was dangling from the ropes like the pendulum of a clock. Swinging caused her to spin around, his cock rubbing erotically against the walls of her pussy. Tensing and relaxing her cunt even more produced a yelp of pleasure from the bound youth. He smiled and nodded to her, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Now for the real fun," said Stanton, beginning to work on the pulleys again.

"NO!" screamed Sheryle, feeling the cock slide from her pussy. Tensing up as much as she could, she still wasn't able to stop the retreat of the thick cock from her twat. Michael's prick slipped from her pussy amid a lewd sucking noise. The vacuum formed between his cockhead and her pussy walls had been so intense, she felt as if her guts were being pulled out along with his boner.

"A little positioning and..."

And she was falling. She screamed again, unsure what was happening. She smashed down hard on the prick again. Her entire body convulsed with the motion. The teenager might have come. She didn't know. She had blacked out for a few seconds. When she regained her senses, she knew what was going on. Stanton was lifting and dropping her on Michael's prick.

He was fucking her using only the pulleys and ropes.

She was being guided solely by the whim of the man in black. He could give her intense pleasure by allowing her to keep the prick buried balls-deep inside her. Or he could rob her of all pleasure and give mind-bending pain by pulling hard on the ropes, suspending her over the boy's cock.

He did both with equal glee.

The bound girl could only watch and feel the changes in her body. In spite of the pain -- or because of it -- she began breathing faster. Her heart threatened to explode in her chest. The feel of the blood racing through her arteries made her flush. And her entire body felt like one giant, raw nerve ending waiting to be touched.

Repeatedly, the man lowered her so that the prick shot all the way up into her pussy. Twisting as much as she could, the red-haired teenager succeeded in giving herself added thrills. She spun around the cock inside her twat. The rubbing, rotary motion was unlike anything she had ever dreamed of. The way Michael's cock moved inside her was such a turn-on that she came.

She surged up into the air. The girl was positive she was blasting off into a sexual orbit. But Stanton was merely pulling her up and away from the lovely prick.

"That seems the right place," he commented, more to himself than to either of the bound teenagers. He did something that the girl couldn't quite see, then left the handle of the crank.

Hope surged in Sheryle. Maybe he would simply allow her to dangle down and fuck herself on Michael's prick. But it wasn't that easy for her. She felt the familiar up and down jerking on her ankles and wrists. Stanton had merely tied the rope to some sort of a motor. She was being fucked up and down by a machine now.

"No!" she screamed, tossing her head wildly from side to side. "I won't stand for this. I won't, I won't!"

She instantly regretted her words. She felt the swift lash of Stanton's whip cross her shoulders. Again and again that leather strap landed on her tensed, taut muscles. She blacked out once from the pain.

When she came to again, she was still dangling from the ropes, Michael's cock firmly lodged in her juicy cunt. The pleasure and pain mixed into a heady brew for the girl. Her flesh burned from the whipping she had received, but the welts were warming her now, making her come totally alive. The pain in her crotch from being pulled apart so brutally was eased by the wondrous feel of the cock in her impossibly tight cunt. Her wrists were being chafed by the rope, but the twisting motion she was able to give herself around the jutting cock more than made up for the lack of circulation. She was in heaven and hell at the same time. She hunched up and down in an attempt to get enough of that precious prick before the unfeeling motor lifted her up into the air again. She almost succeeded.

"How are you doing?" asked Stanton, running the butt end of his whip along her corded muscles, tracing under her tits, rubbing the blunted portion across her belly.

"Go to hell!" she snapped.

"I don't have to go there," he said, smiling. "I can watch you, for, my dear, you and he are both in hell."

"I'm enjoying this!" she shot back, trying to get even with the man. If she couldn't scratch his eyes out, maybe her words could wound him. She was out of her league. He only laughed at her.

Then he bent forward, his tongue flickering like a candle flame, hot and demanding, along her side. He traced out one rib until he came to the base of her tits. He had to continually move his head to keep up with the up-and-down motion of her body, due to the motor and pulley system.

Her flesh crawled at the rough, wet touch of the man's tongue. Her tits turned to gooseflesh. She trembled all over. When he raked his tongue across the heaving dome of her belly, she came hard. She shuddered and moaned and cried out for more -- and she got it in an unexpected fashion.

He didn't stop with her belly button. His tongue went even lower. He dragged it through the tangled mat of her red pussy fur before going to her cunt. She was being effectively fucked by the up and down motion, but the added sensation of his tongue slithering all over her cunt brought the girl off repeatedly.

When the man's mouth moved lower, his tongue dragging along the edges of her puffy cuntlips, she found herself screaming and thrashing about in mid-air. She couldn't help herself. The feelings inside her were too intense to deny. At the same time she was loving it, she hated the man doing this to her.

All the teenager's joints hurt like hell. The pleasure he gave her helped erase some of that, but the joy and agony existed side by side inside her. He was a master at making her feel more like a woman than any other man -- but he also could make her feel like a pile of shit.

She hated him and loved him.

And she kept coming like a human machine gun firing.

She hardly even noticed when her cunt filled with the hot jism squirted out by Michael's prick. Her own body was still singing with the feel of Stanton's tongue dueling with her cunt.

Chapter TEN

"Like a dog, on your hands and knees, bitch!" snapped Mr. Stanton. He held the end of Sheryle's leash. It dropped in a short arc to go to the studded dog collar he had fastened on her neck.

"Please," she pleaded with the man, knowing it wouldn't do any good. "Do you have to do this to me?"

"Bitch, you will only address me as 'master' from now on. And YOU are a dog, an animal. Bark like a bitch in heat. Bark!"

Her head snapped forward as he savagely jerked on the leash. She almost choked to death as the collar tightened. But she obediently barked like a dog. The man seemed to approve because he stopped tugging on the leash.

Sheryle wondered if it was really possible for him to humiliate her further. Every time she thought it wasn't possible, he figured out a new and viciously different method of getting through to her. He would treat her like a real lady, give her the finest of clothes and bright, sparkling jewels, and then turn on her, fuck her and piss in her face. But pissing in her face and hair were old stuff to her now.

Her joints ached constantly from the brutal, agonizing positions he would force her to assume. She still hadn't recovered fully from being dangled on the ropes over Michael's prick. She had loved the feel of his mighty cock in her pussy, but the rest of the scene had been stark terror for her.

Poor Michael! She hadn't seen him in almost a week. Mr. Stanton's attentions had been devoted almost solely toward her. She shivered at the thought of Michael being imprisoned somewhere in the mansion, all alone, dangling from chains against a cold stone wall.

Still, deep down, Sheryle knew she would rather have it this way than having Michael participating in the vicious little games Stanton thought up. Sheryle found it hard to admit to herself that she didn't want to share the dark visaged man with anyone, even Michael.

There was an aura of power about Stanton that continually drew her. It was an animal magnetism that she couldn't fight. If he ordered her to do something, she would have to do it simply because of his voice. It was hypnotic. It compelled her to do horrible things that she would never dream of doing otherwise.

That he had his whip with him constantly was also a goad to make her obey his every wish. He never hesitated in whipping her when she needed it. Sometimes she was too slow in obeying. She could almost appreciate the need for discipline.

Sheryle was finding a man who could dominate her totally. She might not know what was going through his mind, but she always knew where she stood with him. There was no falseness in their relationship. She was his slave, to serve him and instantly please him if that was what he desired. So simple. She thought back to the world outside the mansion. Things never were as clear-cut there. Her parents and their hypocritical ways.

They told her not to fuck and then went into their bedroom and screwed like rabbits just because they were married. What was a piece of paper? Nothing, as far as Sheryle could see. She was attractive, desirable, and horny. Why shouldn't she get some of the fun? Her parents had driven her off and into the arms of Mr. Stanton.

"Don't whip me," she moaned out. "Please don't do it. I hurt already. I'm in pain."

"You just think you are, bitch," he said savagely. "I'll show you pain. I'll rape you with my precious cock and rip you apart all the way to the chin!"

She felt a surge of excitement at the man's words. His prick up her pussy was exactly what she wanted!

He tied her leash to a doorknob and immediately dropped down behind her. She felt her neck straining to keep her head up high, while her hands and knees were still on the floor. It was just like an old-time cowboy would have tied up his faithful horse at the hitching post. But Sheryle didn't mind, not this time. She was going to get the privilege of Mr. Stanton's prick reaming her out from behind.

"Ummmm, yes, that's where I want it!" she cried out.

His prick parted the thick globes of her ass and plunged down to her cunt. The man's cock drove back and forth along the valley formed by her cuntlips until her fuck juices had properly lubricated him. She tensed a little as she felt the thick knob of his prick pressing into her cunt hole. Her inner pussylips fluttered as if they were in a high wind. They caressed and taunted the cock, prompting it to come in more.

He surged forward, spearing her cunt fully with his prick.


Her entire body convulsed in an orgasm. She was so up for this fucking that she hardly recognized the subtler sexual tensions mounting in her belly. The feel of his cock bucking and pulsing hot and hard inside her twat was all she needed to get off.

"Bitch. You're nothing but a stupid cunt who loves nothing but cock. Isn't that so? Isn't it?"

He shoved his hips forward a little more, then began a rotating motion. She felt his cock stirring around in her hot, gooey twat like a spoon in a mixing bowl. The girl tried to speak but the words jumbled up in her throat. She loved this and would have endured any amount of degradation for this moment.

His cock began moving out of her gripping pussy. She tensed up aid tried to hold him inside. She was rewarded by the man's grunt. His guttural sounds told the teenager that she was pleasing him. Her pussy gripped down even harder around the fleshy sword of his prick.

He began pulling back, retreating from her. She let out an agonized cry and tried to hold him inside through the force of her cunt muscles alone. Her body betrayed her. The slippery fuck oils greased his prick too well for her to hang onto it. He slid free.

She tried to turn her head and look at the man fucking her like a bitch. The leash on her neck prevented it. The studded collar gleamed coldly just inches under her chin. She was totally naked save for the collar, but she didn't feel anything but hot. Her entire body radiated hotly now that he was driving his thick spike of cock in and out of her cunt.

"More," she called out, "give me more. Give it all to meeee!"

His thighs ground roughly into her butt. He had spanked her for some minor infraction earlier. Now that her pink glowing ass was receiving stimulation again, she could feel the stark bliss of excitement fill her up. The crinkly hair on his upper legs stimulated and tormented her.

But it was his prick reaming her out that gave the real pleasure. She could have endured that divine torture all day long.

"Not good enough," he said suddenly. His cock slipped from her pussy with a lewd sucking sound.

"Wh... what, master?" she shrieked. "It must be! Please, give me another chance to amuse you!"

"Very well," he said, reluctance in his voice.

"Anything, master, anything! Just do it to me. Allow me the chance to give you pleasure."

The blunted nose cone of his cock moved backward from her cunt hole and stopped at the entrance to her asshole. She shivered with delight. If she couldn't have him fucking her up the pussy, her asshole was the next best thing. In her tightest passage, she was sure she could give him the stimulation he needed.

Her entire body trembled in reaction as he moved forward, his cock parting the tensed up ring of her asshole. The pink ring of muscle finally gave under the intense pressure and yielded. His prick surged all the way up her shit chute.

She thought she was going out of her mind with the pain. Even though he had his prick well oiled from the trips back and forth in her cunt, she couldn't take such a mighty pillar of man-meat so fast. Her inner membrane had to have time to expand. He didn't bother giving her any time at all to adjust to the thick girth of his cock.

"What's wrong, bitch? Don't you like it when a real man fucks you?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" she hissed. "Anything, master, as long as it p-p-pleases you!"

She didn't know if she was lying to him or not. The pain lancing into her ass was intense, but the words sounded like the truth to her. She had learned to love one thing in the world -- pleasing Mr. Stanton. The man commanded and she obeyed. It seemed so natural. So what if he tied her up and fucked her? She got off on that a lot. Or made her pretend she was a dog like he was doing now? A man out walking his dog who dropped down and began fucking the poor animal. It was a fantasy she could enjoy.

But the pain!

She felt the sweat breaking out on her forehead. She couldn't lift either of her hands to wipe it from her eyes. With the leash so firmly attached to her neck, she was choking all the time. How she wanted to put her head down on the ground, to put it on her crossed forearms and simply enjoy the butt-fucking the man was giving her.

Sheryle couldn't. Mr. Stanton wouldn't like it. He had to get his rocks off first. That was all that mattered in her tiny universe.

"Shit, your asshole is starting to gape. It's like fucking a sewer pipe. It is disgusting to me!"

"No, master, I want to give you anything you want."

"It's too big. Are you fucking yourself up the ass on the doorknobs?"


She protested, knowing he wanted to hear her deny whatever he claimed. There was nothing wrong with her asshole. It was as tight now as the time the trucker had anally raped her. She knew it was like a guillotine around the man's cock. The redhead felt if she strained, she could chop his cock off inside her body. But to even think that would be to contradict her master.

She would never do a thing like that. She wouldn't dare. He could whip her or chain her up alone in a room and leave her, or do any of a thousand other awful things to her. Only her wild imagination could conjure up atrocities more brutal than those actually dished out to her by the evil Mr. Stanton.

"Why should I enjoy this floppy hole?" he demanded.

"I'll try harder, master. I will!"

She began to tense up. She felt her bowels clutching at his buried prick. Imagining her asshole to be a hangman's noose and his cock to be a neck, she pulled and twisted and rotated her ass trying to give him the thrill he demanded from greeking her. The teenager wasn't sure if she was even coming close to giving him what he wanted. All she really knew was the effect his cock had on her.

Stomach churning, she felt the sexual tensions rise to the point where she could no longer contain them. She exploded in a wild, fiery come. She screamed, her cries cut off by the leash around her neck. She almost strangled herself, but it was worth the emotional release of orgasm.

He began fucking her ass with slow, deliberate strokes. This fed the inner fires more than anything else he could have done. Molten butter puddled in her cunt, then spread like wildfire up her spine. When the racing emotional charge reached her brain, she came again.

The iron grip of another orgasm smashed her body, tossing her around and around. She would have bucked free of his cock if his hands hadn't firmly gripped her hips and pulled her thrashing body back into his crotch. His cock danced wildly in the tight confines of her shit chute, burning her alive with the friction of his fucking.

And then there was nothing but emptiness inside. The girl panicked. She moaned and pleaded with him.

"Fuck me, fuck meee! Don't leave me like this!" He had done this so many times before. He got her hot and ready to come in the most delightful ways, then fled her and left her alone. One time, she thought he had forgotten her entirely. He had been gone almost a week.

If it hadn't really been a week, it seemed like it to the bound girl. She had cried herself to sleep many times, not even getting food. What water she had received was from a dripping faucet in the stark room where he had penned her.

She couldn't take him abandoning her again. Not now, not with her body aching lustily.

"Take me hard, master. Fuck my ass good! I beg you, do ittttttt!"

"No," he said simply.

She was crushed. She had somehow displeased him. If the world had come to an end, the red-haired teenager couldn't have been sicker inside. Her asshole burned from the fucking he had given her, but he hadn't felt enough arousal to continue. What else could she do to keep him here?

"My mouth!" she said suddenly. "Fuck my face! Please, master, let me give you head. I promise you won't be disappointed."

"What will you allow me to do to you if I am displeased?" he demanded.

She cried openly. This was a new game on his part. He obviously wanted her to do more. But what more could she do? He had already given her pussy a few good strokes.

She had tried to massage and stimulate his fucking cock as much as she could then. The thick oils leaking from her cunt should have told him that she was more than willing to take him balls-deep up her pussy. But he had only given her enough to get her hot and make her tremble at the mere touch of his cock.

He had moved on.

She had tried to give him even more excitement up her ass. The feel of his prick burning away at her rectum, the friction from the fucking was more than she could take. But she had endured it, for him.

Why did Mr. Stanton abuse her so? She was trying to please him! She wanted to give him everything she could. More than any other man in her life, he was dominant over her, a real man, a virile man who could easily control her. She looked up to him even when he whipped her and chained her down to fuck her.

Or perhaps she looked up to him because he did those terrible things to her. She didn't know or care. But if it took sucking on the prick that had just recently been up her cunt and ass, then she would do it.

Anything! Anything for Mr. Stanton.

"Please, master," she begged, "don't leave me alone. Let me suck on that wonderful prick of yours. I need it!"

He glared at her, then moved his cock within a few inches of her lips. She bent forward eagerly and sucked hard. He gasped as her mouth connected with the very end of his cock, but this was all the sound he emitted.

Her tongue swirled hard around the purple knob on the end. His cockhead was huge. The way it throbbed so powerfully against her lips told the young girl that she was doing everything just right. She hated the taste of her own shit on his prick, but she had to do this. She just had to, if she wanted to please the man and keep him from leaving her all alone.

She could take any amount of physical pain, but the mental anguish of being chained and left all by herself in some deserted room was more than she could handle. She had to be in the presence of someone, to see some human being. It wasn't possible for her to stay human and be alone.

The redheaded teenager sucked harder on his prick.

She felt it begin to thrust toward her tonsils. This spurred her own activities. She sucked and tongued and began to take more and more of his shitcovered cock into her mouth. Ignoring the taste, the girl reveled in the feelings building in her own body.

It wasn't revulsion. She could never be revolted at the man's prick, no matter what he did to it first. She had even sucked on it when he had dabbled hot chili sauce on it. That had stung and burned her lips, but she had cleaned off his prick entirely. She loved Mr. Stanton's cock above all other things in the world because of the man he was.

The tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth and shot down her throat. The teenager was ready for this. She deep throated him with all the expertise of long practice. She once would have been revolted at the idea of taking a man's cock so far down her throat. No longer. Not as long as it was Stanton's cock. He deserved everything she could deliver simply because he was so masculine.

"More," he commanded. "Suck more on my precious cock. Hurry!"

She bobbed her tonsils up and down on the most sensitive portion of his cock. Then she had to back away, gasping for air. The heated gusts from her nostrils blasted through the thick bush surrounding his balls. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other but this was the only indication that he really noticed her sucking skills.

Her lips curled into a perfect "O" ring around his pecker. Her tongue tried to worm down the tiny opening of his piss-slit.

She found her tongue being rammed back into her mouth. The thick pillar of his cock had come surging in, forceful, demanding. He face-fucked her until she was openly crying in need.

How she would have loved to have this hard fucking prick up her pussy -- or her asshole! But she knew that wouldn't give him as much pleasure as this. She lived only to give him all the enjoyment she could. The girl sucked and licked and tried to keep up with the frantic pace of his face-fucking.

The explosion of jism into her mouth took her by surprise. She choked on the gooey gob of cum that spurted all around the back of her throat. Before she could swallow it, the second blast of jizz came. And the third and fourth until her mouth was filled with gallons and gallons of his cum.

Choking, she sputtered and moved away from him.

He hit her with the open palm of his hand. The resounding slap echoed through the room and momentarily deafened the young teenager. The pain in her cheek was bad, but the rejection was worse.

"I... I swallowed it all!" she blurted out. But it was too late.

Sheryle was alone in the room.

Chapter ELEVEN

"What do you think that son of a bitch is going to do to us now?" asked Michael, his hands tied securely behind his back with a short length of rope. "I'd love to cut his balls off, I really would!"

"Shush, Michael," said Sheryle, not wanting to hear such things about Mr. Stanton. "He might hear you. You wouldn't want to make him mad."

"You sucking up to him or something? I've seen the way you look at him. It's like he's some sort of a God. Has he hypnotized you or something? You aren't even thinking about escaping from here any more, and we've been here for months and months."

"That's not true!!" she flared. "I am, too, thinking about getting away. It's just that..."

"Yeah, what is it?" demanded Michael.

"It's just that he keeps such a close watch on us. We can't possibly escape at the same time. When he has you tied up he's with me and sometimes he has both of us together so he can watch us and..."

"And you have given up trying to get away," said Michael bitterly.

She wanted to reassure him, to let him know that her feelings for Mr. Stanton weren't the same as for him. Mr. Stanton was strong, masterful, everything that Michael wasn't. But she could forgive Michael because he was so young. When he got older he might be able to command her like Stanton did now. She had learned much about herself and that she needed a powerful, commanding man to tell her exactly what to do was part of that self-discovery.

"There is a way," she said, hating herself for this. "I noticed that there was a..." She suddenly bit off her words as she saw the door to the bedroom opening. It could be only Mr. Stanton.

And it was. She had never seen the man looking more like a God than now. He was stripped to the waist and had oiled his body so that he gleamed a dull coppery in the light. He wore tight leather pants and calf-high boots. The butt end of his whip was stuffed into the top of his right boot, where he could reach it in a hurry, if needed.

Sheryle vowed that he wouldn't need it today. She still had the welts from the last beating he had given her. He had laid out the most tempting meal she had ever seen. As the food rolled across her tastebuds, the man had whipped her. And afterwards, he had fucked her. While she was still feeling the nice warm glow of a good fucking, he had whipped her again. In her mind and body, she was mixing pleasure and pain together into a heady concoction. It was becoming possible for her to climax when he whipped her. She didn't understand how this was possible, but it was happening to her. Pain and delight were almost the same thing now, thanks to the man's careful program of whipping her while she was doing enjoyable things.

"Perform!" the man said, his voice cool and aloof. It was almost as if he didn't care about them. But Sheryle knew differently. He cared. Otherwise, he wouldn't whip her like he did. If he thought she was a nothing, a huge zero in the equation of life, he wouldn't give her the time of the day. Instead he made sure she received discipline that would enforce his rules. He thought she could learn and she knew she wanted to please him.

"How?" she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

She wasn't disappointed. He jerked the whip out of the top of his boot and landed a stinging blow across her naked shoulders. The lick of the lather made her cringe a little, but it also did things to her pussy that she was beginning to love. Her cunt started to churn and boil inside, knowing that the best was yet to come.

"Fuck her," Mr. Stanton said to Michael. "Now! Do it now!"

The whip lashed out again and cleverly cut through the bonds holding the youth's wrists. Michael blinked twice at the power shown in the lashing. The whip had never done that to his flesh. But the message was clear. It could be that powerful any time that Stanton wanted.

Michael hesitantly approached the naked delights offered by Sheryle. He swallowed hard, looking into her green eyes. She was as lovely now as she had ever been, perhaps more so. He didn't quite understand the change that had come in her. She glowed now, radiating a sexuality that was almost frightening in its intensity. He knew he could be happy fucking a chick as lovely as this, as willing and hot.

She didn't move as he approached. At the last instant, she turned her back to him and shoved out her ass. Her hands came behind her back and beckoned him on. She wanted to fuck her in this position, standing up. Michael gripped the girl's slender wrists and pulled her arms back in what must have been a painful position. She moaned and shoved her ass back in wanton invitation. He didn't understand why she got off on pain now, but it was obvious she did. And he wasn't going to turn her down.

The sight of her perky, smoothly curving white ass being thrust back for him to fuck was more than any man could have endured. His prick began to stir, rising slowly, stiffening to the point where the hard-on actually hurt him.

"Fuck her," said Stanton. "Now! Don't hesitate. Give it all to her."

The whip lashed across Sheryle's tits, giving her an intense pain into her chest. She had felt her nipples beginning to harden with lust when Michael had pulled her arms straight back. The way she shoved her ass into his crotch was designed to open her pussy wide to him and it did. She felt his cock moving up from under her wide-spread pussylips. Glancing down, she saw it homing in on her cunt hole like a rocket seeking out the hot tail pipe of an enemy fighter plane. Trembling at the mere touch of his cock against her super-heated pussylips, the girl cried out when his cockhead sank into her cunt.

"Fuck meeeee!" she sobbed. "Give it all, to me. Fuck me till I burn up inside. I need it!"

"Silence!" screamed Stanton, using the whip liberally on her heaving belly. She was soon crisscrossed with the fiery red welts from his whip. Bent forward as she was, her ass pressing into Michael's crotch, the man had a perfect shot at her body. With her arms pulled back on either side of her body, the flesh of her tits tightened and made every impact of his whip even more telling.

Sheryle felt her body filling with pain even as the delight-giving prick reamed her out. She loved the feel of that cock hot and hard inside her cunt. It made her cunt walls strain to expand enough. The very nerve endings all along her fuck tunnel sang in joy as Michael rammed in deeper. When he was fully buried, his balls wetly slapped forward, giving her cuntlips an extra treat.

All this joy was alloyed with the pain Stanton's whip delivered. He whipped her with a vigorous melody now, never breaking the skin but always inflicting the maximum in pain. She knew he would never permanently mark her, he never had. But he would give her pain during the very time she was experiencing the most intense pleasures a human could feel. She came.

And what confused the girl the most, she didn't know if it was from the prick beginning to fuck her with slow, sensuous movements or the whip singing its song of misery.

"Aiceecee!" she moaned, both pain and wonder filling her totally. Her tits were almost raw from the whip. She remembered the lampshades in the man's dining area. She didn't want her precious titties to end up skinned and stretched over a wire frame. Stanton was capable of anything -- if she didn't give him the pleasure he demanded.

"Fuck me, ohhh, God, Michael, God! Fuck me good. Give it all to my poor little pussy!"

The youth pulled back harder on her arms until she thought she was going to break down the middle. He needed the pressure on her arms for the leverage it gave him. He couldn't get enough otherwise to really fuck her cunt. His prick speared deeper and deeper into her pussy until she felt the familiar sexual tensions about to break inside.

When she came again, she knew it was strictly from the fucking. Her cunt was sopping wet no drenching the youth's fuck stick. He had to fuck faster to give her the divine friction she needed. Her cunt-juice was almost too much for him.

But he managed to fuck her like she desired when the whip landed across his tensed buttocks. He jerked into her harder than ever before. Sheryle loved the spasmodic fucking. The pain was leaving her own body, driven out by the wonderful feelings of his prick. Better that Michael experienced a little pain than her, she thought selfishly.

Mr. Stanton flailed wildly at Michael's ass, making sure that the youth gave her all the power in his fucking that she could have wanted.

He drilled harder into her cunt, then twisted around a little. She felt his cock jolt every time the whip landed on his ass. The pain transmitted to her body in the form of such electric desire that she came and came and came. She couldn't hold it any longer. She didn't understand what was happening to her, but knowing that Michael was being whipped excited her. Feeling his body react with every whip blow built up her own passions until she was lost in a constant teeth-rattling come.

"Mooore!" she moaned out. "Give it all to me! Fuck me good, fuck me hard, but fuck meeeee!"

The sound of leather against bare flesh came to her ears. It was music. She had to have more. Bending forward, thrusting her arms back until her shoulders threatened to break, she got even more of his hard-on up her cunt. She came again. She couldn't stop herself now. The tremors passing through her were like major earthquakes.

The suddenness of Mr. Stanton's whip lashing across her pussylips brought her off more intensely than she had ever come. She thought the top of her head would blow off. When the man landed his leather whip on Michael's balls, her cunt surged with the impact of hot jism. The youth shot out his cum with the power of a firehose.

Both of them were wracked with the intensity of their comes. And when Michael's prick began to go flaccid, she was actually sated. The girl was emotionally and physically drained, thanks to the whipping. Stanton had done the very thing necessary to get them both off to the maximum.

"God, I didn't think I could do it," said Michael, his body heaving in sweaty exertion. "And look, that bastard actually got off on us!"

A tiny puddle of jizz spread out on the thick rug in the middle of the room. Stanton had gotten his rocks off while he was watching them fuck, while he was whipping them both.

"So?" asked Sheryle, not really caring.

"So the man's a sicko, that's what. We've got to get out of here!" Michael looked around the room guiltily, but Stanton had left as quietly as he had entered. His comings and goings were never watched by anyone.

"Do you really think we should try to escape?" asked Sheryle. "After what happened to us before? Those dogs could rip our throats."

"Better that and death than being sex slaves here the rest of our lives. That man can kill us any time he wants and no one will know. Sheryle, we've got to escape!"

"Well, okay," she said reluctantly. "I think I've found a way out."

"You have!" Michael's face lit up. For a moment, Sheryle was happy again. They could escape and continue on their way to California. They could live together in a beach house...

"Tell me, dammit, tell me. How? How do we get out of here?"

"Th-the door's open now. There's a window down the hall that has a broken lock on it. If we can tie some ropes together, we can lower ourselves into the lawn and get away."

"Dress! Get some clothes on." Michael hurriedly climbed into the pair of shorts that Stanton had allowed him. Sheryle got into a simple dress hanging in the closet. She remembered with great fondness the ball gown that Stanton had once given her. Black velvet, low cut, feeling like a million dollars against her naked flesh. And the string of diamonds he had put around her neck, too. That had to be worth a fortune. She remembered all that -- and how he had ripped the dress off her and humiliated her later by smearing her body with grease and allowing one of his dogs to lick it off.

Then the dog had fucked her.

She had never told Michael about that because it was such a painful memory. Humiliated by a dog! She finished dressing and quickly knotted together the ropes in the room. It seemed long enough.

She opened the window at the end of the hall and tied one end of the rope to a nearby table leg. It would have to do.

"Hurry, Sheryle, hurry! That son of a bitch might come back at any second."

She seemed to be in a daze. Hardly knowing what she was doing, she slid down the rope. The burns on her hands were inconsequential compared with the prospect of freedom. The air blowing into her face convinced her that she was free once more. Free!

The pair ran off hand in hand across the well cared-for lawn. No dogs nipped at their heels. In less than ten minutes they had reached the highway again. The bright summer sun blazed down on them. For six months they had been prisoners in Mr. Stanton's mansion. She managed to get a car to stop. Michael climbed in first. Sheryle stood there looking at him in the car, Michael beaming and looking like a little boy again. She slammed the door and said, "Go on without me. It's better that way."

The car drove off before Michael could protest. Sheryle watched the car round a curve in the road, then turned back toward the house where she had been imprisoned -- toward the house and the only real man she had ever found in the world.


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