Two mothers to torment

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gave into his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

In TWO MOTHERS TO TORMENT, Donna Harvey and Imogene Blackstone find themselves in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sex acts, they nevertheless find within themselves hidden resources, a strength of character they never realized they had.

Donna and Imogene suffer an unspeakably horrible experience, but come through with their sensibilities intact, each knowing that she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

"What have you told your daughter they can do?" Donna Harvey demanded, her hands on her hips.

"I-I don't understand," said Imogene Blackstone. She stared at her neighbor. "They were going to visit their friend, Jackie, like they always do on the weekend."

"And Jackie lives out west, right?" Donna snarled.

"That's right," Imogene replied, mystified.

"So why did they take a taxi that headed into town on the expressway?" Donna demanded. "And why have you given your daughter money for a taxi?"

"Money? Taxi?" Imogene frowned. "I didn't! So where are they going? I even called Lana a few weeks ago and she was at Jackie's. It was ten o'clock. She said she was."

Donna's manner changed. "I think we'd better find out what's going on."

During the next week, Imogene found herself wondering a great deal as she watched her teenaged blonde daughter. Lana gave no sign of a change, except that she had been more secretive.

Lana was very attractive, and that was what worded Imogene. Lana's honey-blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. And her young body was very well, developed, with high-thrusting tits, long, shapely legs and a tight, swelling ass.

Not that Imogene was plain, but she just didn't have the looks of her daughter. Her body was still very good, even at thirty-four. She should never have married Lana's father, but now he was gone and it was a great relief to Imogene.

And then there were Donna and Scarlette, to worry about. Imogene wasn't sure about Donna. They lived a block apart, and their daughters had been friends since high school, but she and Donna had never been really close. Donna and Imogene had been divorced for nearly ten years and both had avoided steady relationships with men for all that time. And yet they had never talked about it. The nearest they came was one afternoon when Donna had a date for the evening and Imogene was looking after Scarlette.

"Well, I like him," Donna said, "but you know what men are like. Two dates and they think they can put you to bed."

"Exactly," Imogene said with some warmth. "And sex isn't exactly all it's said to be," Donna added archly. "Waste of time, if you ask me."

"Oh, I couldn't agree more," Imogene had replied.

Donna was attractive. She had jet-black hair, a square, good-looking face, and a large pair of tits that were her main feature. Her legs and ass were good too, but her tits were the thing that people noticed.

Her daughter, Scarlette, had normal size tits, and she had some more developing to do. She seemed younger and more easily led than Lana. Her dark hair fell to her shoulder blades, and her mouth seemed to pout at every available opportunity. She was slightly taller than Lana, I her figure slimmer, her legs longer.

Such were the varied thoughts of Imogene for the next week. But now that she was looking, Imogene noticed other things too. How Lana got up extra early on Saturday morning and took great care with her shower and makeup. Lana also seemed tense and more preoccupied, but she left with her usual cheery wave, in a short summer skirt and blouse, with her white stockings and high heels.

Instantly Imogene made for the car. She was wearing her most expensive dress, and she made sure her makeup and hair were the best they could be.

She drove around the block, and then stopped at Donna's house.

It was only a few minutes before Donna climbed in, rather breathless.

"Yeah," she gasped, "they're heading for the bus depot."

Imogene drove quickly. It wasn't difficult to pick out the two girls, swinging along the sidewalk.

"There they go!" Donna said suddenly. "What did I tell you?"

Imogene hardly believed it as she saw Lana hail a taxi anti the two girls vanished inside.

Imogene wasn't very good at tailing, but she managed to keep the taxi in sight as it headed downtown. It headed into one of the huge office parking lots. The two girls got off and went inside.

"What?" Imogene gasped. She stopped the car and Donna got out, running fast.

She was back in a moment. "They headed for the basement!"

Imogene found a parking space and they came back. The main door of the office building was locked, despite all the pushing they tried.

"Oh my God!" Donna gasped. "What is going on?"

"What are they doing?" Imogene screamed and pounded on the main door again.

It clicked and opened.

The two of them were too relieved to think. They rushed inside and ran down the basement stairs. At the bottom was a set of ornate doors. Imogene pushed and the doors swung open, revealing a long carpeted corridor. She and Donna stared down the passage while the door closed silently behind them. There were only a couple of doors in the corridor, halfway down it. One of them opened and a tall man came out.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Yes!" Imogene said defiantly. "We've come to find our daughters. Lana and Scarlette."

"Ah, yes! In here!"

Imogene and Donna came along the corridor, feeling more and more uneasy. The man stood and waited.

"The doors are locked behind us," Donna whispered, but Imogene didn't take any notice. The man waved them through the door and came in behind them, closing that one too. Imogene and Donna stood and gasped.

It was a massive room, with cubicles, doors, heavy carpeting and steps up to raised areas. There was a hint of steam coming from under one door and laughter from another. Another man stood on one of the raised sections, a drink in his hand.

"Where are our daughters?" Imogene asked, trying to control her breathing. "What have you done to them?"

The man gave a low chuckle. "And what do you think of our recreation room? Laid out for our top executives only, of course. And our best clients." He came forward. "You must be Imogene. And you must be Donna. Pleased to meet you, we've heard so much about."

"We want to see our daughters!" Imogene stated while Donna stood behind her, trembling from head to toe.

"And so you shall. But let me assure you, they are fine, and they love their visits here, don't they, Clark?"

"Of course," said the man standing behind the two women.

"And I'm Adam. Please, come this way."

"No," Imogene said. "We want our daughters brought out here, and we're taking them home."

"I can assure you that you're corning this way," Adam said, and there was a change in his voice. "When we saw you on the remote cameras there was an immediate vote and it was decided that the girls had vastly underestimated the desirability of their mothers. They said you were just, you know, mothers, but that's daughters for you. Sixteen out of our twenty guests wanted to fuck you at once. So you're staying."

"What!" Imogene spun on her heel, but now there were three more men behind her. "Let us out of here!"

The men came forward and grabbed Imogene and Donna by their elbows.

"No!" Imogene screamed as she was picked up and hustled toward one of the doors at the back of the main room.

"Let me go!" Donna sobbed, breaking into tears of fright as she and Imogene were hustled through the door and into another room.

It was darker, and there were a number of people sitting around, all men. They gave a round of applause as the two women were pulled in.

"Let us go!" Imogene screeched as she was hauled toward a pillar that reached from floor to ceiling in the dark, repressive room. "You can't do this!"

She was held to the pillar by one of the men while another one took her wrists and pulled them above her head, twisting them into thick leather straps. Imogene screamed once more as he tightened the straps and hauled on a rope. Imogene struggled and screamed, but she was bound to the pillar, her hands tied helplessly above her head. She looked over and there was Donna, only a few yards away, also being bound to a pillar.

"Help!" Donna screamed as she was tied up, her lovely huge tits thrusting out, straining against the front of her blouse.

"Shut up!" Clark snapped, appearing between the pillars. He had two thick gags in his hands. "I hate listening to bitches scream when they ain't getting hurt. So shut the fuck up, or get these."

"Donna, be... be quiet," Imogene said desperately.

Clark stared at them for a few moments and then left.

Suddenly the lights dimmed, and spotlights came up on the far side of the room.

Imogene screamed.

Lana and Scarlette came onto the stage, grinning wildly, dressed in little, and fantasy schoolgirl costumes. Low-cut, tight white blouses, little blue skirts that came high on their thighs, white bobby soxes and white high-heeled shoes. They were made up and their hair done to look really cheap and sluttish. They paraded around the stage, and cheers and whistles burst over the room. They went closer to the men sitting around, sliding their little skirts up, and showing the delightful curves of their thighs, the white crotches of their panties and their tight little asses.

Lana turned her back to the men and eased her skirt up over her ass, showing them her tight asscheeks. She slid her hand into her panda and caressed her pussy, grinning even more as the men cheered and gasped.

Imogene gasped. She was sick with horror and fear. She looked across at Donna.

Donna was suffering even more than she was. Tears ran down her face as she stared at her sexy little daughter, who was sliding close to one of the men, then sitting in his lap, giggling, slapping his hand away as he worked it up her thigh.

"No!" Scarlette squealed. "You have to wait for that."

She slipped off his thighs and paraded around again.

Imogene looked around desperately for a door. But it was too dark, and there was nothing to be seen.

Adam waked onto the stage, a thin cane in his hand. "Silence, girls, and come here."

Instantly Lana and Scarlette jumped and ran back giggling. They stood close to him, still giggling and staring at the cane.

"Your reports are very bad," Adam said, tossing some pieces of paper on the floor.

"Yes, sir," Lana replied, "but we can explain."

"Yes?" Adam ran the cane through his fingers.

"Well, sir, we were too busy fucking the boys to work," Lana said, and there was a roar of laughter from the men.

"I thought so." Adam smiled. "You'll have to be punished hard for that."

The girls gasped, their faces getting flushed, their tits heaving with excitement.

"Take off your outer clothes."

The girls reached for the top buttons of their white blouses. They slipped them open and went on to the next one, revealing the lacy tops of their bras.

"Scarlette!" Donna screamed. "Stop that! Get us out of here!"

"Oh, hi, Mom," Scarlette said with a grin, undoing the next button of her blouse and peeling it away from her lovely tits. "Honestly, Mom, you shouldn't follow us in Imogene's car. It's red, isn't it, silly. We saw you."

She undid the belt of her skirt and started stepping out of it while Donna gave a scream.

Clark came up and rammed a gag into her mouth, strapping the bindings tight, pulling until Donna gave muffled gasps of pain.

Imogene bit her lip. For Lana was parading her body with the same delight as Scarlette had shown, showing her tits off as she eased her skirt down and stood in just her little slip and the bobby sox and shoes. She slid her hand over her panties again, showing her soft curves to the cheering men.

Imogene wept and tried to keep herself from screaming. Clark leaned close.

"You want one of these?" he asked, brandishing a gag.

"No," Imogene whispered, her eyes flowing with tears.

"Good," he snarled, "just keep real quiet." Then he was gone and Imogene was left helpless, watching her daughter's shame.

Lana paraded down to the men and spread her thighs around one man's legs. Close behind her was Adam, the cane in his hand.

"I'm such a bad, girl," she whispered, her voice hoarse with lust, "would you like me to have some of my punishment here?"

"Yes," the man said, and his voice shook. He ran his hands over Lana's panties, feeling the soft mound of her pussy. "Fuck, you are bad! Your panties are already wet!"

"I know, I know!" Lana moaned, her hips hunching at his hand. "But I can't help it! I can't! I have to have it!"

She gurgled and thrust, and the man worked his hand inside her tight white panties. He felt her pussy lips and then pushed deeper, feeling the hot wet crack of her cunt.

"Bend forward," he ordered.

Lana gasped and did as she was told. Her blonde hair fell across her young face as she spread her legs wider, her soft lips nuzzling the man's neck as he fingered her cunt and reached up to play with her lovely tits in their little lacy white bra.

Adam slid the cane across Lana's ass.

"Ohhh, yesss!" Lana gasped.

As Imogene stared in absolute horror, the cane went up in the air, held for a moment, then slashed down across her daughter's tight asscheeks.

Lana gave a scream as a thin red line of pain appeared on her flesh.

"Ooooh, yesss, sir!" she wailed. "Ooohhh, sir! I've been so bad! Whip me hard -- aaaghh! Yessss!"

She kissed and bit at the man's neck as he slid a finger into her cunt and played with her. Adam lashed her ass hard.

"Ooohhh, finger-fuck me! Yesss!" Lana screamed, her cunt throbbing around his thrusting finger. "Aaagghhh! Ooohhh! Would you like to fuck me, would you? Aagghh, yes! I'll suck you off if you want, any way you want it! I've been such a bad girl -- sooo baaad! Aaaghhh!"

Lana tossed wildly and gave a massive shriek of orgasm. Her head was flung back as she came, screaming as the cane cut her ass, her hips going wild.

"Yessss, thank you, sir! Thank you!" she screamed, her hips twitching and gyrating as another climax burst over her.

At the next cut of the cane, Lana gave a deep wail of lust and collapsed, her legs shaking, her mouth sucking don the man's shirt and into his lap where she burrowed far his cock, her hands frantically tearing at his zipper.

As this was going on, another man walked up onto the raised area and approached Scarlette. Donna's eyes got wider as the man went up to her daughter and ran his hands over her tits.

"Over the bench," he said, "on your back."

Scarlette turned away, walking over to a padded bench that stood at about waist height. Her dark hair fell away from her shoulders as she lay on the leather and raised her legs, spreading them wide above her head. With a smile, she slid her hands down her thighs, over her bobby sox to her ankles. The hem of her little slip dropped away, showing the curve of her pussy mound and the dark cunt hair under the little white panties. Her head eased back over a pillow at the head of the bench and she waited, gasping, as the man came up to her.

The teen lay there, her long, shapely legs wide apart, ankles on either side of her head, the crotch of her panties pulled tight over her cunt, her soft, beautiful face pouting invitingly.

The man came up to her and pulled his zipper down. Scarlette moaned as he eased his cock out. It was already hard, a full seven or eight inches of thick prickmeat. He held it in his hand and played it over Scarlette's mouth.

"You've been a bad girl too. Haven't you?"

"If you say so," Scarlette sighed, her eyes misty as she licked his cockhead with each sweep of the hard prick past her lips. "I don't admit to nothin', Lana's the slut, not me."

She gave a moan and sucked his cock head fast as it worked over her mouth.

"Are you calling us liars?" the man asked softly. "We all saw you, you little whore."

"That's bullshit," Scarlette replied, her mouth working as she licked and sucked the cockhead traveling slowly across her tongue. "I don't do things like that. You're all fucking liars."

"Call me that again and you know what happens."

"Get fuckin' lost, liar!"

The man reached out and was handed a whip, a small-handled cat with knotted tails. The man held it tightly and ran it down over the crotch of Scarlette's panties.

Scarlette gasped, thrusting her ass up off the bench, her thighs straining to get wider.

"Now you lick it all up." The man slowly pushed his cock between Scarlette's pouting lips.

Donna suffered as she watched her daughter degrade herself. Scarlette's lips took the man's cock in, sucking at it as it was buried into her mouth. Her throat muscles bulged as his thick cockhead pushed, widening her throat until the man's cock was in to the hilt and her tongue swirled all over his rock-hard shaft.

The man raised the cat and lashed it viciously into Scarlette's pussy. The tight knots beat hard into the crotch of her panties, lashing the girl, beating the outline of her pussylips into the thin material.

Scarlette's gurgling scream rang around the room and her throat throbbed around the huge fucker buried in it. Her ass heaved up, and her legs strained wider. She pulled hard on her ankles, thrusting her pussy out for more of the cat.

The men were gathering around, watching the depraved scene being played out. Scarlette's throat spasmed around the cock as the cat lashed her and the man pumped his prick at her mouth, face-fucking her with wilder and harder strokes.

Lana was working on the man who had finger-fucked her. She pulled his cock out and held it, moaning as her wanton mouth played with the massive throbbing cockhead.

"Ooohhh!" she moaned. "Let me suck you off, I've been so bad! I must suck you off!"

"Only if my friend fucks you as well," the man said, his cock thrusting hard at Lana's perfect little mouth.

"Ohhh, yes, of course!" Lana gasped, sliding to her feet and spreading her legs. "Ohhh, you see what a bad girl I am? You must punish me after this -- ohhhh! Imagine, letting two men fuck me at once -- ooohhh!"

The second man came up behind the swaying, gasping Lana and reached for her panties. He didn't bother to take them off her, just heaved and the thin material parted, ripping away in a couple strong pulls. Lana's moan echoed around the room, and she pushed her tight little ass back at him, her body writhing with the most depraved lust.

The man unzipped his pants and slid his hard cock into the willing girl's pussy, sliding it in with one long thrust, lifting Lana off her high heels. With a gurgle of lust, she sank her mouth down on the sitting man's cock and now she had two pricks in her to the hilt.

Imogene clung to the bonds, watching the disgusting scene. She watched her own daughter tossing wildly, her mouth sliding up and down the man's cock, her ass heaving as her tight little cunt sucked at the cock invading her fuck-hole. But even that wasn't as bad as the scene on the bench.

There Scarlette lay, her legs still spread wide over her head, her mouth stuffed with a man's cock as he fucked her throat and lashed her wide-open cunt. The knots of the cat whipped in, and the little nymph teen tossed and screamed into his cock meat with each blow. Her pussylips and the inner parts of her thighs were red and beaten, with small points of deeper crimson where the knots had landed.

But her panties were soaked, so soaked that the whip beat sparkling drops of pussy juice from each contact. Her panties had become transparent over her pussy, showing every curve of her pussylips. She writhed to the beat of the cat, gurgling and screaming, her legs pulling wider as she thrust up to take as much as she could of the beating leather.

Imogene watched, feeling the greatest horror of her life. She twisted against the pillar, trying spcrately to think of a way out. She looked over at Donna, but Donna was just weeping and hanging on the ropes. Imogene knew she had to think of something as she watched her daughter willingly taking the cocks, thrusting her tight little cunt back for more, her blonde hair tossing, her tits pushing against the cups of her bra as the man in the chair fondled them.

Then it happened. The man fucking Lana gave a long yell of lust, his hips speeding up, ramming his cock in harder and faster into the little blonde.

"Fuuuck!" he yelled. "She's got the tightest little cunt in history! Fuck, she pulls you off! Ooohhh, yeahhhh!"

He slapped Lana across her ass and suddenly his cock was spitting out thick wads of cum into Lana's cunt while he yelled at the top of his voice and rammed his cock in as hard as he could.

"Yyyeeeahhh! This is great! This is worth a contract! Ooooh, fuck -- yeahhhh!"

His hips jerked as he fucked his thick cum into Lana's spasming little cunt. But he wasn't the only one coming. The one with his cock deep in Lana's throat was gasping as his throbbing cockshaft prepared to unload a thick stream of jism.

"You gotta try her throat!" he gasped. "You just gotta!"

"I will, I will!" the other man gasped as his cock began to run out of cum. "We got all weekend, oh fuck if my wife could see me now -- ohhh fuuuucccck?"

He gave a great heave, lifted Lana off her feet and held her there, his cum running out from around his stiff cock as his stream gave out. Finally he dropped her down and slowly worked his cock in and out as it began to soften.

"Jeeezzzuss!" yelled the man with his cock deep in Lana's mouth. "Here it comes, baby, here it comes!"

He writhed and his cock began to spurt hot wads of cum into Lana's willing throat. The little mini gave a groan of lust and eased her mouth back, taking the jetting cum over her soft lips as she sucked on his cockhead, licking up the cum as it poured out.

"Ooohhh, tell me what a bad girl I am!" she moaned. "Tell me how you're gonna whip me for being such a bad girl -- ooohhh, fuuuck! I'm sooo bad!"

She gave a huge sob and climaxed, her ass hunching back for the cock that was pulling out of her cunt.

"You're a bad girl! The worst little whore in the world!" the man yelled as his cock shot more thick cum over Lana's mouth. "And you're gonna be whipped until you're a good girl, you can count on that! Ooooh, fuck!"

He gave another huge moan and his cock gave out, the cockhead sliding over the mounds of cum all over Lana's lips. Greedily Lana licked them up, her tongue flicking over his softening cock-flesh as she moaned with almost unbearable arousal.

The third man was coming, too, deep in Scarlette's mouth. The cat lashed into her spread pussy with vicious strokes as the man rammed his cock harder into her open throat. She spasmed as the cock buried deep in her throat began to spout thick creamy streams of spunk. Her gurgles and groans of lust were buried in the tidal wave of cum that filled her mouth and sank into her hot, spasming throat.

"Whore, whore!" the man yelled, whipping her cunt with frantic, lashing strokes. "You deserve this, you bitch! Suck me down! Suck my cock, bitch!"

His arm swept up and he beat down on Scarlette's pussy, whipping the cat across her cunt-flesh as he shot jism into her throat. For beat after beat, he went on, and then the pace of his arm slowed as his cock gave out. Finally, he lashed Scarlette's cunt with all his might and gave up, leaning forward, his cock sliding into her mouth with long slow strokes as he gurgled with delight and she sucked all the cum off. She let go of her ankles and slid her hands up, caressing his balls.

Imogene was in shock because of the scene she had witnessed, then without warning, the lights glared down on her and Donna, showing them in all their helplessness. "Okay," Adam said, "now let's see if it's like daughter, like mother."

Chapter TWO

Donna was hysterical as the men gathered menacingly around her. She struggled against the bonds, screaming into the gag, her legs trembling with outright terror. Her eyes stared in utter despair as Adam strolled up to her, a small knotted cat in his hand.

"Now that's a pair of tits," he said, running his other hand over the front of Donna's straining blouse. "They're gonna get a lot of use today, baby, so you ready for a long day's fuck into night? Huh?"

Donna gurgled and wept, her face contorted with fear.

Adam reached up and undid the straps of the gag, letting it pull away.

Donna stared for a second at the ring of male faces, all looking at her body. She screamed, her body shaking on the pillar, her hands pulling desperately at the bonds.

"Stop that!" Adam said, his voice snapping over Donna's hysterical wails.

But Donna was too far gone. She screamed at the top of her lungs, her whole body shaking.

Almost casually, Adam reached out and took a grip on both sides of the neck of her blouse. He ripped, tearing the buttons of the blouse and scattering them all over the floor.

"No, no, no!" Donna screeched, her eyes wild, her body shaking constantly.

Adam took hold of her white bra, held the cups for a moment and heaved. The clip between Donna's large tits held for a moment, then gave, tearing open to reveal Donna's tit-mounds.

"Fuuuuck!" one of the men gasped. "That sure is a pair of jugs!"

Donna's wails went on uninterrupted as the man stared at her huge tits. Her tits were still very firm and hardly drooped at all. They had a ripe, melon fullness and didn't need the support of a bra. Now they swung wildly as Donna screamed again, seeming to be unaware of what was going on around her.

Adam took the cat, swung it and lashed it across Donna's jutting tit-mounds, beating red lines of agony into her soft white flesh.

The effect was immediate. Donna lurched, her body spasming as the cat bit into her tits. She gave a short sharp scream and stopped dead, staring at Adam, her tits heaving as she panted for breath.

"Now that I've got your attention," Adam said, "how would you like to show us what's under the rest of your clothes. If it's as good as your tits, you'll have cocks up you all day and night. Scarlette, come here."

"Yes, Adam," the dark-haired little slut replied, rushing up. She was still wearing her slip, though it was badly torn, and her bobby sox and high heels, but that was all. She pouted at him and worked one of her nipples in her fingers. "Adam not angry with me is he?"

"You said your mom was ugly, and look at her!" Adam snapped, waving the cat in Donna's helpless face.

"Oh, Adam, don't be angry!" Scarlette gasped. "I mean... she's my mom."

She pouted and twirled a little, giving the man gathered around a good look at her young lovely body.

"We have to show your mom how bad you were to say a thing like that," Adam said. "You must have your nipples clamped and your ass fucked until your mother is undressed."

Scarlette gave a gurgling gasp. She held her nipples, her body shaking, half in fear, half in lust.

"Yes, Adam," she whispered. "Should I go and get the clamps?"

"Yes." Adam watched the dark-haired girl rush away.

A hand ran round the pillar and over Imogene's tits, caressing her through her dress.

"If this is what Scarlette gets for lying, just think what Lana is gonna get for lying about you," said a soft voice.

Imogene gasped. She recognized Clark at once, and almost immediately he came into view, his hand running over her body, his eyes alight with lust.

"With a body and face like yours, it's criminal that it doesn't get any use. But we'll change all that." Clark took hold of the top button of Imogene's dress and eased it open, so softly that she hardly noticed.

She was terrified, but she stared back at her tormentor and pulled against the bonds, trying hopelessly to get them open.

"And what did she say about me?" she hissed.

"Oh, that you were just horrible, and she thought her dad was right to walk out on you, things like that," he said slowly, easing the next button of Imogene's dress open, revealing the beginning of her cleavage. "And she said you hadn't been fucked in five years or so, or was it ten? I can't remember, but she said you were a frustrated old bitch. How about that?"

His fingers played with the next button of her dress and Imogene burst into tears.

"The little whore!" she spat. "What have you done to her? How did you do this?"

"We didn't." Clark smiled. "They seduced one of our executives one Saturday, and we took it from there. Horny little minies." He eased the sides of Imogene's dress open. "But that's modern youth for you, isn't it?"

His hand played with the frilly top of Imogene's bra, easing her slip down to get at it.

"Now watch this, it's going to be very educational. And don't utter a word or I'll put the gag on and whip you five times harder than that friend of yours is going to get it."

Slowly, but almost brutally, Clark slid between Imogene and the pillar, pushing her body out so that even more of a strain came to her arms. She moaned as he pulled her body into position, her back to him, her ass pressing into the front of his pants. He spread his legs until Imogene could feel his enormous thick cock pressing into her ass through her dress. She almost choked as the thick hunk of prick pushed into her ass crack. It seemed to her as if there was a foot of cock, and that it was hard and thick enough to spilt her wide open.

She stifled a sob, trying to keep silent. She was sure that Clark would whip her if she cried out.

His hands slid over her bra and eased the top down, away from her tits. She shivered, struggling against the bonds, shivering with helpless tenor. His hands wandered over her luscious tit-mounds, caressing the soft, thrusting flesh. Imogene had great tits.

"Now watch," he whispered, his cock pressing into her ass, his fingers rolling over her nipples.

Scarlette came back and stood close to Adam, her tits heaving, her eyes glazed with strange emotions. He looked her up and down and turned back to Donna who still hung on the pillar in a state of shock.

"Now, how about taking the rest of your clothes off for us while Scarlette here gets her ass fucked?"

"Let me go!" Donna wailed, pulling at the bonds, staring desperately at the ring of men who came in closer, their eyes on her body. Adam lashed Donna across the tits again, beating more thin lines and dots of pain into her flesh.

This time Donna screamed wildly, her body heaving, her tits bouncing around. "Noooo! Please!"

Adam continued whipped her tits, beating the knots into her large areolas and budding nipples. "Tell us how much you want to take your clothes off for us!"

"Aaaghhh -- you beast!" Donna screamed, her red sore tits bobbing violently.

"Remember," Adam said and lashed her large mounds hard, "that Scarlette will be wearing nipple clamps while you perform. If you fuck around, I'll give her the whip afterwards and let her loose on you."

Clark's fingers rolled Imogene's nipples tightly. Already pain was washing out and over the bound woman, but there was nothing she could do.

"The same will go for you when we get to you," Clark said softly. "Think about it."

Imogene bit her lip, but she couldn't stop a groan from escaping.

"What did you say?" Clark asked, pulling her nipple hard.

"Nothing!" Imogene gasped, her body shaking, her ass rubbing up and down against his cock.

"Good," he said, "keep watching."

Adam lashed the cat into Donna's tits with long hard strokes, beating the huge swinging mounds of tit-flesh from one side to another while Donna screamed in pain and terror.

"Tell us how much you want to take your clothes off and show us your wonderful body!" Adam whipped the screaming woman again.

"Aaagghhhh! Aaahhh! Stop, stop! I will, I will!" Donna screamed, her tits bouncing around to the delight of the watching men.

"Tell us how much you want to show us!" Adam insisted, lashing her swelling tits.

"Yes, I do, I do!" Donna wailed. "Aaaggghhh! Let me show you, please!"

"Better," Adam said sarcastically. He stopped the cat and left the gasping, weeping Donna hanging there. He looked at Scarlette. "Clamp time."

"Yes, Adam," Scarlette whispered. She turned to one of the men closest to her and held out a tiny clamp to him. "Would you like to put this on me?"

He took the nipple clamp and grinned at the shaking girl. Slowly he gripped the top of her slip and tore the flimsy material, ripping it almost to her waist, so that he could get right to her tits. Then he worked his fingers over Scarlette's nipples, drawing them out to make them hard.

"Remember," Adam said to Donna, "this is for you, because she said such horrible things about you."

"J-j-just let us go!" Donna sobbed.

"Now?" Adam said in mock incredulity. "But you only just got here."

Donna broke into fresh sobs as he turned away. All eyes were on Scarlette and the man with the clamp.

The man was finally satisfied that her nipples were hard enough. He took the clamp, sliding the tiny jaws around Scarlette's tight round buds. Scarlette gasped and moaned as he took hold of the screw and turned it, tightening the jaws on her nipple flesh. He twisted the screw again and the jaws bit, chewing into Scarlette's nipple. She moaned and tears started in her eyes. Behind her back, her hands twisted as she tried to control herself.

The man turned the screw once more and Scarlette screamed in pain, her body shaking, her hands twisting wildly.

"Not bad," Adam said, "and now the next one."

"Yes, Adam," Scarlette moaned, her dark hair tossing around her beautiful face as she walked away from the first man and over to another man. "Would you like to put this on for me?"

He took the clamp and slid the jaws around Scarlette's other nipple. She was moaning in pain as he began tightening it, the jaws closing relentlessly on her pointed tit-bud. He twisted the jaws hard, and Scarlette gave a shriek of pain, shaking violently and bursting into floods of tears.

"Now, over here and over that," Adam said, pointing to a waist-high, padded gym horse. "Spread your legs and offer yourself."

Donna was gasping, her fingers trembling as she tried to stop herself from pulling at the nipple clamps. She slid face-dawn over the horse, gripping the surface as she pushed her ass up, the dark pit of her shit-hole showing deep between her asscheeks.

"W-would anybody like to fuck my ass while they watch?" she moaned.

"Sure, baby," said a large man in a shirt and blue suit pants.

He came up to her and slid his zipper down, easing out his long thick cock. For a few moments he slid it between Scarlette's asscheeks. Then he stepped back and spanked Scarlette across the ass, his hand beating a tattoo into her assflesh while she moaned and jerked on the back of the horse.

"Come on, bitch!" he gasped. "Show Mommy what a whore you really are!"

His hard hand spanked her, the sound ringing around the room. Scarlette's ass was flaming red as she moaned and heaved on the horse. Her ass lunged up for the man's hand as he spanked her, and soon she was moaning with the most depraved arousal.

"Yeaaahhh, whore!" The man worked his cock as he spanked her. "Come on, show Mommy!"

Adam took the bonds and undid Donna's hands. She dropped to the floor, her hands covering and caressing her tits while she moaned in terror and pain.

Adam grabbed her dark hair and pulled her head up. "Watch this, bitch. This is who your daughter [missing text]."

He held Donna on her knees, puffing her head into his crotch, making sure she saw it all.

The man was spanking Scarlette faster, his hand flashing up and down as he roared with delight, his hard palm beating into her tight asscheeks.

Scarlette was yelling and moaning, her fingers twisting on the nipple clamps, her ass heaving back.

"Bastard!" she wailed. "You're making me come, you bastard! You think you can do anything to me, don't you? Aaahhhh! Qhhh, fuck, I'm coming!"

With great wails of lust, she hunched on the gym horse, her ass jerking wildly as the man spanked her as hard as he could, beads of sweat standing out on his forehead, his cock throbbing, as hard as an iron pole.

"Whaaaahhhh!" Scarlette screamed, jerking with depraved passion. "Ooohhh, you shit eating fucker! I'm coommmiiinnggg!"

With a long series of screams Scarlette climaxed and collapsed, panting over the gym horse, her body still wracked with shuddering orgasms.

"Now for your ass," the man said, then slid his cock to the entrance of Scarlette's shitter. She moaned as his cockhead worked into her shit-pit.

"Get up and perform," Adam said to Donna, pulling her up, the sides of her torn blouse and bra swinging around as she staggered. "And remember, you fuck up, and Scarlette gets to whip you. She'll love that."

Donna moaned as she was pushed into a spotlight, but there was one further interruption on that postponed her humiliation.

Lana swaggered into the circle. "Sorry about my slip," she said to Adam, "but some fucker ripped it right off me."

Lana bent over the back of a low sofa, leaning out so that she could see everything that was going on. She gathered cushions so she could lean her young tits on them.

"Come on, boys," she challenged, "free fucks, either hole, until Adam gives me my punishment. I'll show you how much I can take."

Instantly one of the men rushed up to the little blonde nympho and slid his cock into her hot little cunt. Lana gave a moan of lust and hugged the cushions.

"Come on, honey!" she moaned. "Fuck me hard! Fill me up with that cock of yours!"

Imogene wept as she saw her daughter behaving in such a disgusting way. But she was in enough trouble, even with Donna taking most of the heat right then. Clark's hand had run down her body and was sliding up under her dress, caressing the nylon of her stockings and the silky skin of her thighs above her stocking tops. She sobbed while her thighs trembled and Clark pulled her unwilling body harder against his cock.

"Slowly," Adam said to Donna, pushing her back into the spotlight.

Donna looked at the circle of men, then at her daughter lying face down over the horse, her ass slowly being filled with the man's thick cock. Donna shuddered, tears running down her face, but she silently eased what remained of her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and let it drop. It was followed by her bra, and she stood with her luscious tits at last fully revealed.

"Go up to that man there and offer to let him feel your tits and take your skirt off," Adam ordered.

With Scarlette moaning in passion only a few feet away, Donna staggered up to the man and wept as she tried to speak. He was already partially undressed, and his cock stuck out of his pants. He ran his hands over Donna's tits, making her moan as they scraped her whipped titflesh.

Without warning, he slapped Donna's titmounds, beating them around viciously. "Ask me, bitch!"

"Aaahhh! Please, please! Feel my tits or... or... take my skirt off!" Donna sobbed as she tried to remember all she had been told.

"Silly cunt," the man added, then slapped her tit-mound once more to make his point.

He took hold of the belt to Donna's skirt and opened it, then reached around and undid the zipper. As Donna stood there sobbing, the skirt dropped down her legs, showing her little waist slip and her stockings underneath that.

"Hey, get that off!" one of the men shouted, and Donna's trembling hands went to the waistband of her slip and started to pull it over her swelling asscheeks.

"Jeez! Look at that body!" someone gasped. "And nobody's fucked it in years!"

Donna was almost hysterical as she stepped out of her slip and stood before their staring eyes in nothing but her panties, stockings and high heels.

"Get your hands down!" Adam snapped, then slashed the cat across Donna's tight panties, whipping her ass hard.

"Aaahhh!" Donna sobbed, quickly dropping her hands away from her tits.

"Take a good look, boys." Adam smiled. "She's as good as virgin, they both are."

The men roared with laughter and several of them pushed closer, their eyes devouring Donna's helpless body until she was sobbing uncontrollably.

As the men gathered around Donna, Scarlette screamed with agony and delight as her ass was reamed out and her nipple-clamped tits rubbed against the gym horse. Her gurgles rang around the room as the man's cock slammed into her shitter, pushing to the limit, so that his heavy balls slapped her asscheeks at the top of each stroke.

"Uuuurrghhhh!" Scarlette moaned, her nipples wracked with pain, her ass thrusting back for the invading cock. "Uuurrgghh! Fill me up, baby! Fill my ass up -- ooohhhhh!"

Over the sofa back, Lana's hot little cunt sucked the cum out of the man's balls like a suction pump. She shrieked in pride and ecstasy as she came, clutching her tits, her hips jerking in orgasm.

"Yeahhhh!" she yelled. "Yeahhh! Come on! Get that cum up my cunt! Come on -- fill me up, honey! Gimme cum! Cum! Cuuumm! Yeahhh!"

With another shriek of passion, she climaxed, her tits heaving over the cushions while the man fucking her gasped and thrust as he lost control.

"Bitch, bitch!" he roared. "Fuck -- this hole's outa sight! Fuuuck, you gotta have this ooohhh!"

His cock poured out masses of hot jism into Lana's sucking tight cunt, jerking and rasping over her pussywalls as his load filled her fuck-hole.

"Ooohhh, God! Please, help me!" Donna sobbed as the crowd of men got closer to her shivering body. She somehow managed to keep her hands down, but her entire body was shaking and terrified.

"On the table, bitch!" Adam snapped, running the cat over the hard wooden surface.

Donna turned. It was an ordinary-looking table, apart from the bonds at each corner and at intervals along the side. She burst into helpless tears.

"Please, I beg you!" she wept. "Stop! Let me go, please!"

Adam nodded and two of the men grabbed her, rushing her over to the table and slamming her face-down over it. One of them held her hair, pushing her face down while she sobbed and wept.

The cat lashed her ass, beating into the flesh through the thin panties.

"When I tell you to do anything, you say, yes, Adam, yes!" Adam whipped Donna again. "Now say it!"

He lashed the shrieking, sobbing woman again.

"Please, please!" Donna wept and screamed as the cat lashed her, beating into her ass until she was shrieking in constant pain. "Yes, Adam, yes! Yes! I'll do it! I will!"

Donna sobbed as the man let go of her hair and the cat stopped.

"Now get up and get over to where you were," Adam instructed.

"Yes, Adam, yes!" Donna sobbed, then went back to where she had been standing, the men leaning in close to her.

"I'm sure you'll never be that silly," Clark said softly, his hands still playing over Imogene's helpless body. One set of fingers worked her nipples while his other hand worked her pussy through the thin material of her panties. "You understand that, orders must be obeyed, don't you?"

"Yes, yes!" Imogene gasped.

Imogene strained against the bonds, trying to get his hands off her body. It was such a horrible feeling that she almost passed out. Her dress was up over her thighs as his fingers played with her pussy, working in, rubbing the hard bud of her clit. Her body writhed in disgust at the touch, but there were also sparks of a strange passion mingled with it. She sobbed and bit her lip, trying to keep quiet.

Adam lashed the cat into Donna's thighs. "Now, on the table!"

"Yes, Adam, yes!" Donna screamed and rushed to obey.

"On your back!" he ordered, and the terrified woman lay on her back on the table. "Pull your legs up and spread them!"

Donna gasped and sobbed, but she eased her knees up and spread her thighs.

"Move your ass down." Adam waited until Donna's ass hung over the end of the table. "Now, get your legs right up."

Donna was choking with fear as she lifted her legs and spread them wide, her knees locked straight. She waited on the table, a specimen for all their lusts. Two men took her ankles and pulled them almost to the level of her face before they lashed them into bonds.

Donna was weeping and sobbing as her ass was thrust up, her panties stretching to the limit.

To make sure she didn't move, Adam took another of the bonds and put it across her waist, lashing her tightly to the table top. He stepped back and surveyed the sobbing Donna, who was held tight on her back on the table, her legs pulled wide on either side of her head and lashed down, her body straining with pain.

"Now, when Tim's finished with your daughter's ass, we'll have those panties off and get down to some serious fucking." Adam ran the cat over Donna's tits. "Hold them, push them up for me!"

"Yes, Adam, yes!" Donna sobbed, and she held her tits hard, pushing them together, holding them up for her tormentor.

He opened a drawer in the table and took out a thin rod, about three feet long. It was so thin that it trembled in his hand as he laid it across Donna's nipples. Then he ran it down over Donna's trembling body to her wide-open pussy, which was only protected by her panties.

"Fuck," he said, "we're gonna have such a good time, aren't we?"

Chapter THREE

"Aaahhh, yesss!" Scarlette screamed as she bucked on the horse, her nipples dragging the clamps across the rough surface of her whole throbbing around the big cock buried in it. "Ooohhh! I'm coming! Ohhhh fuck! I'm cominggg!"

Tim leaned back, his cock thrusting in and out of her hot shit-pit like a piston gone berserk. His ass jerked back and forth, and he gripped Scarlette's tight little asscheeks in his strong hands.

"You take my cum, whore!" he yelled, shoving the screaming Scarlette harder onto the horse. "All my cum up your tight little ass!"

He gasped and thrust, and suddenly his cock was spurting hot jets of cum into Scarlette's ass while she screamed and her spasming shitter sucked at his thrusting cock, sucking out all the hot white goo from his balls.

"Ooouuhhgg, fill me up!" Scarlette screamed, twisting the clamps on her nipples, screaming with the delicious agony. "Fill me up!"

She gurgled and moaned as he shot, his cock mashing the cum into her sucking anal walls as he rammed in and out. Gobs of cum oozed from her ass, spreading over her asscheeks and down into her pussy-crack as she squealed with excitement.

"Yuuuggghhh!" Tim yelled as his cock crested, spurting the last great thick wads of cum into the little nympho's ass. "Ooohh, fuck! That was great!"

His cock slowed, slamming in and out with long slow strokes as he gave a muttering moan and fell forward over Scarlette's spasming body.

"Please, Adam!" Scarlette moaned, the pain in her nipples getting to her now as her orgasm was fading. "I was a good girl, can I take them off now?"

"Sure," he said with a grin, "but don't lose them."

"Yes, Adam." Scarlette eased the clips open as Tim slid his cock out of her ass and fell back into a chair, his half-hard prick throbbing, gobs of cum all over it. Scarlette got up and went over to where her mother lay on the table, her legs spread helplessly wide, a thick leather belt over her waist.

"Well, hi, Mom," Scarlette said casually.

Clark worked his fingers into Imogene's pussy, pulling her panties aside and working deeper, feeling the trembling walls of her fuck channel.

"Tell me," he said, "how long has it been since a man was up here?"

Imogene sobbed and struggled, but she was held too tightly. "No! No, stop it! I'm not telling you!"

"Suit yourself. It's your turn as soon as they've got your friend full of cocks."

Imogene sobbed, but there was a terrible fury rising in her. She had been betrayed by everybody and she was ready to kill. Her daughter was a slut, her friend had caved in under the pressure and was doing anything to behave, and these men were treating them like slaves.

Adam ran the tip of the thin rod over Donna's pussy. She stared up at it, her hands still holding her tits.

"Ready for cocks?" Adam asked, the tip of the horrible rod running over the very entrance to Donna's cunt, pushing her panties into the hole.

"Please, don't do this to me! Please! Yesss -- aaaaghh!" Donna screamed as Adam raised the rod and lashed it right down the middle of her pussy, beating her hard clit. "Yes, yes! I'll do it -- anything, if you'll just stop! Aaaghhhh! Please, I'll do it!"

"You learn slow," Adam said, "but we can treat that." He moved the rod back up over Donna's trembling body until it rested across her nipples. "Who would you like to rip your panties off and fuck you?"

"Anybody, I don't mind!" Donna screamed, watching the cane tremble over her nipples.

"Not a bad answer, but I can't resist whipping your tits, so I'll do it anyway."

"Nooo, nooo -- aaaughh!" Donna screamed, in absolute agony as the rod beat her nipples, sending her large tits shaking. She held her aching tit-flesh tightly, trying to soothe the pain.

"How about him?" Adam nodded to the closest man, whose eyes were fixed on Donna's tits.

"Yes, yes, anybody, yes!"

"Tell you what," said the man, "I'd like to tit-fuck her, you don't see many as good as that."

He came forward, throwing off his shirt and casing his pants down. Several of the other men were naked by now.

"Sure," Adam said, "here, have the rod if you want to use it."

Greedily the man climbed onto the table. He took his long, thin cock and slid it between Donna's massive tit-mounds, stroking it between them so that the tip came up over her mouth at the peak of each stroke.

"Suck it, whore!" He angled his cock down a little so that it thrust between Donna's soft lips.

Donna sobbed louder as she was forced to suck on the hard cockhead. He held it there and she did her best, sucking at the cockhead that pushed into her mouth.

"Keep your tits how I like them," the man said, easing his cock back until it was buried in Donna's soft tit-flesh. He held the rod and stroked it over Donna's tits, moving it up to her nipples. "Any chance I get, I'll whip you. Got that?"

"I'll do what you want," Donna sobbed, holding her tits around his cock for dear life.

"Okay, how about this one?" Adam said, waving another man over so that Donna could see him. "He wants your cunt real bad."

Donna wept even more bitterly as she realized she would have to take two cocks at once.

"Yes, yes!" she sobbed. "Yes, he can do it!"

"All yours," Adam said pleasantly. "And remember, any fucking around by the whore and you whip her. Then get back to fucking her. Take your time, we've got all weekend."

Donna's desperate sobs rang around the room as the man who was going to fuck her went between her legs and gripped her panties. They started to tear across the sides. When one side was gone, he pulled in a fury and the whole garment was ripped away.

"Niiiice!" The man surveyed Donna's cunt. He eased her pussylips open and ran a finger into her crack. "Dry as a fuckin' bone. Here, baby lick your mom's cunt till we get her real wet on her own."

"Sure, Greg," Scarlette said. She came around and bent over, her soft mouth running over her mother's thighs.

"No, no! She's my daughter -- no!" Donna screamed, jerking wildly on the table top.

"So?" The man fucking her tits lashed the cane across Donna's jutting nipples, beating a thin line of absolute agony into the woman's tit-flesh.

"She's my daughter!" Donna screamed in the most horrible mental agony.

The man pulled his cock out from between her tits and stood to one side, lashing the rod into Donna's tits in a fury.

"Aaaghhh!" Donna screamed. Her hands fell away from her whipped tit-mounds and she struggled to reach the man as he lashed her tits with hard strokes. "Noooo!"

Scarlette stood between her mother's thighs and grinned. She ran her hands over Donna's thighs, her fingers pinching at the soft white flesh.

"Hey, Mom, it's only pussy-sucking. Didn't dad ever suck you'r pussy?"

She gave a peal of laughter and rammed a finger into her mother's cunt.

"No -- aagghhh!" Donna screamed as the rod cut her tits. The thin rod was more painful than the cat, and Donna's tit-flesh was already a crimson sea of pain.

"Tell us how you'd love to have your daughter suck your pussy!" The man beat the rod down once more.

"Nooo -- uurrghhh! Yes, yes, yes!" Donna screamed as her tits exploded with agony. "Yes, I want my daughter to suck my pussy!"

"See how easy it is, bitch?" The man gave Donna one last lash and then climbed back on top of her. "Tits together!"

Donna gasped and choked as she held her tits for the man to slide his cock between them. He forced her hands tighter together and thrust, his cock sliding right over Donna's sobbing mouth again.


Donna did as she was told, sucking on the rock-hard cockhead whenever it slid high enough. Tears ran down her face, and her body shook with pain and horror, but she held her tits together in order to obey her tormentors.

Scarlette leaned down and ran her tongue over Donna's thighs, circling, licking closer to her mother's pussy.

"Mmmmm," she purred, "and I thought my mom was a real dead head, and here she is begging me to suck her cunt. Mmmmmm!" She leaned in and her tongue ran up the length of Donna's pussylips. "Well, hey, hey! She's getting damp! Hey, Mom, you like that?"

Donna wept as her daughter licked into her pussy-crack and then deeper, sucking her clit between her lips and running her tongue deep into her pussy. Scarlette kept up her sucking, taking Donna's pussylips into her mouth and sucking at them, her hot little mouth running all over Donna's cunt.

As Donna moaned with the dual horror of the cock in her mouth and Scarlette's mouth on her pussy, Adam came up to where Imogene still hung on the pillar.

"She looks good," he said to Clark.

"Sure is," Clark replied, "real class piece of cunt."

Scarlette stepped back from her mother's pussy. "Okay, you'll get in easy now."

Greg didn't wait any longer. He came up, his cock thrusting out, and rammed it into Donna's spread pussy. She gave a lunge and a moan, but otherwise didn't move, just lay on her back on the table, sucking and suffering the brutal fuck.

Adam eased Imogene's dress up. "What a pair of legs. It's criminal to keep these hidden."

"Fuck off!" Imogene yelled, disgusted by the sight of Lana, who was with another man who rammed his cock into her cunt. She was still begging for it, her fingers twisting her nipples as she yelled and heaved in the most degraded lust.

Whatever they had done to her daughter, Imogene was determined they wouldn't do to her.

"Well, well, well, a fighter," Adam mused. "That's real nice, real nice." He drew the sides of her dress top open farther, showing the tops of Imogene's creamy tits.

Imogene kicked at him, catching him on the shin. Then she kicked back at Clark, catching him off-paid too. Clark's fingers tightened on her nipples.

"Oohhh, we're gonna have real fun with this one." Adam smiled. "It's gonna be great."

"You fucker, pervert, bastard!" Imogene yelled, her dark-blonde hair flinging wildly as she struggled and kicked out. Her tits jumped out of her bra, but she didn't care. "You're cowards, cowards! You don't dare let me down!"

"Let her down," Adam said, but Clark was already reaching for the rope.

It fell rapidly and Imogene was suddenly standing free, rubbing her wrists, staring at the disgusting orgy. Most of the men were waiting around the table, where Donna still sobbed and sucked while Greg slammed his cock into her cunt. Scarlette was on her knees, sucking cocks, moving on to the next one. And Lana was still over the sofa, a man shooting cum into her hot cunt.

"What are you going to do with me?" Imogene demanded. "Two of you against one woman, right!"

She turned defiantly to face Adam.

"I'll give you a deal," Adam said with an easy grin. "Pick either of us. We won't defend ourselves. If you can knock us down, then you can go and take your daughter with you. If you can't, then you undress for us and do whatever we say."

"The fuck I will!" Imogene screamed and rushed him.

Screaming and yelling, Imogene pounded into his chest, beating at him, her fists swinging into his strong, hard body. She swung at his chin, connecting with a series of blows, but he just stood there, impassive, taking it all.

She sobbed and turned, looking for Clark. "Are you taking the deal?" Adam asked. "No, you shit!" Imogene stared at Clark who was giving her the same mocking smile.

"Then we hold you whether you knock us down or not," Clark said. "It was a fucking good deal, lady, think about it."

Imogene couldn't think, but she knew that any deal was better than none. "All right, it's a deal."

With another scream of hatred, she ran at Clark, beating at him in the same way, her fists pounding, trying to break his jaw. Like Adam he took it all, his body hardly moving, his eyes hard and shining.

"You beasts, you bastards!" Imogene screamed, beating wildly at Clark, then rushing back to Adam, her fists lashing out until she fell to her knees, panting, sweating, tears falling aver her face.

"Want another go?" asked Adam.

"Fuck off!" Imogene gasped, struggling to get to her feet. "Noooo!"

"Okay, good," Adam said and sat down. "So stand there and take your clothes off. I've got a bet with somebody that your body is easily as good as your daughter's."

"You fuck!" Imogene screamed and ran for the door.

She got about five feet before Clark grabbed her arm. Several of the men who had been watching Donna's humiliation turned back to see the struggling, weeping Imogene.

"Now a deal is a deal," Clark said as he swung Imogene back into the circle of light in front of Adam's chair. "You agreed."

"Fuck off!" Imogene twisted around and slapped him across the face.

"That's it!" Clark exclaimed. "You fucked the deal up, lady, you pay!"

"You shits, shits!" Imogene screamed.

Clark and Adam grabbed her and dragged her across the room to a set of bars that crossed at various heights on a piece of apparatus that sent chills down Imogene's spine.

"You leave me alone!" she yelled as she was rammed face-down over one of the bars. Adam seized her wrists and lashed them to the bar where it met the base of the apparatus. They grabbed her ankles and lashed them to the base of the apparatus as well.

Adam pushed a button and the base opened, taking Imogene's arms and legs with it, spreading them out, then pulling on them until she was hauled tightly onto the bar. She screamed in rage and fear, her arms and legs spread wide, her ass pushing up under her summer dress.

Adam continued to move the helpless woman as he wanted. He pushed another button and the bar began to rise, lifting Imogene's body off the ground and moving it over until she saw that a seat was coming into her upside-down view, a seat that was between her thighs now. She was four feet off the floor.

"You shits!" she yelled, her fury boiling, masking her terror.

"Just get that fucking thing out of the way," Adam said and several of the men came forward, reaching for Imogene's summer dress.

"You shits!" she wailed as they tore at her expensive dress, ripping at it. "Nooo!"

Then it was pulled viciously from her body until it lay in shreds on the carpet.

"You fuckers!" Imogene wept.

"Jesus, she is great," Adam said admiringly. He came up and ran his hand over Imogene's long, shapely legs, caressing her skin through the nylon of her stockings. His hand moved higher, over her thighs and then her ass, caressing her through her tight panties.

"Take your hands off me!" Imogene yelled, but she could feel a terrible excitement to his touch. She screamed, her body struggling against the bonds.

"And these tits," Adam said, his hand running down over her body, over her slip to the soft curves of her tit mounds. "Fuck, they're something else, you've been hiding them from the world."

He pushed her bra out of the way and gently twisted her nipples.

"You jerk, get your hands off me!" Imogene struggled to get free of the leather bonds holding her to the bar.

"I'm afraid not," Adam said, "you have to learn your lesson."

He pulled out a thin cane from a thick hollow pipe in the side of the apparatus from which the tops of several more canes protruded. He ran the horrible thing past Imogene's eyes.

"You're going to beg to suck my cock. The rest can have your friend and the daughters. You're for Clark and me, until we hand you over."

"You shit, you fuck-faced jerk!" Imogene screeched. "I wouldn't suck your cock if you beat me to a pulp!"

She was already suffering from being upside down, and the pull on her arms and legs was agonizing. She stared at the front of Adam's pants as he grinned and caressed the cane. She could see the huge mound of his cock as it pressed against the front of his pants. It was easily as big as Clark's and Imogene found herself trembling with a horrible anticipation.

Adam stepped back and ran the cane over Imogene's ass. "Beg me."

"Fuck off!" Imogene stared between her spread legs as the cane went up in the air and held over her ass, trembling like her thighs.

With a swish, it lashed down and whipped right across her taut asscheeks.

Imogene lurched, her arms almost pulling out of their sockets as pain rushed over her body. It was an explosion of agony that soared out of the thin line of crimson pain in her ass. The cane went back up and slashed in again.

"You fuckers!" Imogene screamed, her ass jerking as another beat of the thin wood beat into her. "Suck your own cock!"

Adam whipped her hard, the cane bending as it lashed her ass.

"Uuuugghhh! Never, never!" she yelled.

"Well, hey, look at your friend." Clark leaned in, grinning at Imogene. "She's having a real good time."

Imogene's screams of pain took on a deep, dark surge of fury as the agony surged from her ass and Clark pulled her head up by her hair to make her witness Donna's pain and humiliation. As Imogene saw what was going on, her strange fury mounted, and it wasn't because of Donna's suffering. It was from something she didn't understand.

Donna's legs strained against the bonds as the thick cock reaming out her pussy speeded up and the men began to roar with the lust of his approaching come. At the same time, the man with his long thin cock tit-fucking her was also rising to his climax, his cock rushing in and out, ramming into her mouth faster and faster at the top of each thrust.

"Bring me off good, bitch!" he yelled and laid the rod across Donna's tits. "You bring me off good and you'll only get this when I'm shooting cum. Ooohhh, come on bitch! Fuck up, I love whipping big tits, especially tits like yours!"

Donna somehow clung to her tits, making the false cunt for him to run his throbbing shaft between. Her ass came up off the table as the force of Greg's cock in her cunt gave her extra pain. Her dark hair was matted down over her face as she wept, her pussy throbbing around the massive fuckrod thrusting there.

"Come on, you bitch, move!" Greg yelled. "Whip her, Bill! Whip the shit!"

Bill's arm swept up and the thin rod lashed across Donna's huge tits, beating more pain into them as he rammed his cock at her mouth.

"Ohhhh, God!" Donna screamed, her body going berserk as the pain rushed from her swollen nipples. She tossed wildly, her mouth taking in Bill's hard cockhead and sucking on it.

"Yeahhh!" Greg yelled. "Yeah, do it, Bill! Do it! Her cunt sucks when you do it!"

Bill lashed Donna's tits with hard strokes, beating endless red lines into her flesh as his cock stroked between her whipped tit-mounds and into her mouth.

"Suck, whore, suck!" Bill yelled, his cock pumping faster and harder at her. "Yeahhh, I'm coming, Greg! I'll whip the shit!"

"Yeahhhh!" Greg rammed his cock to the top of Donna's spasming cunt. "Keep it just like that, Bill! And I'll shoot up this hole before her mouth's full." He fucked harder, his cock swelling and throbbing as the cum burst out of his balls. "Whip her, whip her!"

Bill lashed Donna's tits with a rising fury of lust.

"Here it comes!" he yelled. "So suck it all down, bitch! Suck it all down! Aaahhhh!"

He lashed Donna's tits as his cock spat a thin stream of cum out from between the throbbing mounds and all over Donna's face.

"Suuuck it!" he roared, thrusting his cock at Donna's face, pouring another stream of hot jism over her lips and into her mouth.

Donna screamed, her mouth filling with male seed, her cunt throbbing with pain around the thick fuckrod just about to shoot there. She screamed again as the rod cut her tits and Bill's cock thrust right into her mouth, pouring out cum. She gagged, but the next blow of the cane opened her throat and she swallowed, taking in mouthfuls of Bill's fuck juice.

"Suck it down!" he roared. His cock spewed Donna's mouth as he rubbed his spurting balls into her tit-flesh and held his cockshaft, jetting his cum all over her horrified face, while still lashing her tits furiously. With a roar, he shoved his cock right to her mouth and held it there, pushing hard, his ass jerking as he pumped out the last of his seed. "Suck, suck! Suck!"

Donna took in the last jetts of Bill's jizz and swallowed them, thankful at least that the whipping had stopped. Greg's cock, still throbbed wildly and pumped out a thick stream of cum into her cunt.

"Bitch, bitch!" Greg roared, leaning on Donna's spread thighs, fucking his cock into her cunt with a rising fury of lust as his cock exploded deep in her fuck-channel. "Here's my cum, baby, my cuuummm!"

His cock shot thick ropes of goo high in Donna's pussy, and she moaned with shame, her body tossing in their grasp as they satisfied their lusts on her.

She was still moaning as Greg's stream of jism finally faded and he just held there, his cock oozing white goo and softening with satisfaction. Bill held his cock to her lips, watching as she licked over his slowly subsiding prick.

"See?" Clark ran his hands over Imogene's tits as she screamed with another lash of the cane. "See what a great time she had, it could be all yours."

Chapter FOUR

Imogene lurched against the bar, arching up and screaming as the cane whipped into her tight ass. Her little panties were stretched so tightly over her crimson flesh that it glowed through them, showing her pain to the whole room.

But each whip of the cane sent the most depraved desire crawling through Imogene's flesh. It began as the thin rod lashed her tight ass. The agony surged out, over her ass and into her cunt and the walls of her shitter. The feelings grew each time Adam whipped the thin cane into her.

"Aaaghh! You bastard!" she screamed, her body shaking the bar as she jerked. She craned her head up to the force of the blows and saw Lana leaning over the sofa back, her pussy being reamed out by one of the men. And Lana was grinning back at her, grinning in a knowing way that made Imogene sick. "You fucking sadists! Stop it! Stop!"

"Then beg to suck my cock." Adam whipped her harder, the cut of the cane biting into her ass, making the edge of her tiny panties fray with the force of the blow.

"Never! Never!" Imogene screamed as her ass began to writhe back for the beat of the cane, shamelessly pushing up to take the maximum force of the blow. "You fuckers! Fuckers! Fuckers!"

"Language, Mommy," Lana said with a grin. She turned to the man fucking her. "Come on, shit-head! Shoot up my cunt! I wanna get over there!"

"You foul-mouthed little whore!" he yelled and pulled his cock out of her cunt. "You'll get this now and don't move, or you'll be over that bar real fast." He grabbed another of the canes that was lying around and lashed Lana's ass, working his cock as he whipped her. "Beg me to come!"

"Yeaahhh!" Lana yelled in shameless lust, her ass arching for the cane. She looked back at him as he whipped her. "Jerk off over my ass! Come on, you love it! Come on! Aaahhh!"

She moaned and came, tossing wildly on the sofa back, her fingers running down to her pussy and rubbing her clit furiously.

The man's eyes began to glaze as he whipped Lana and jerked his cock into a fury.

"Bitch, biiitch!" he gasped, his arm beating up and down, her hand speeding up on his throbbing fucker. "You're gonna get it, bitch!"

Imogene saw her little nympho daughter coming under the whip, and she felt the same helpless tide washing over her. She moaned and wept, her body jerking, the climax rushing up to drown her.

"Aaahhh!" The cane whipped her ass and her panties frayed more, the sides tearing where the cane lashed in. "Stop, stop!"

"Look at her," Adam said with a laugh, "no wonder she ain't had it in five years."

There was a roar of laughter from the watching men, and Adam changed the beat of the cane, lashing into Imogene's ass at the peak of her heave up off the bar.

The cane sent the shuddering climaxes roaring higher, rushing up over Imogene until she gave a deep depraved scream and her orgasm crashed out of control, possessing her totally.

With cruel precision, Adam played the screaming woman, whipping her at the climax of each heave, and keeping her orgasms going, sending her wailing and sobbing on the bar.

"Bastards, bastards!" Imogene screamed, her ass shaking as she came, her insides trembling, her pussy juices running into her panties, spreading a damp spot from her cunt. Where her flowing juices spread, her panties became transparent, so her shame could be seen by all. "I hate you, bastards, aaahhh!"

Imogene screamed, her arms pulling at the bonds, her legs straining to break away from the base of the bar.

Adam laughed and whipped her, keeping her surging orgasm going, never letting her stop. She shrieked and pulled, but she was helpless, both on the bar and in the grip of the emotions that ruled her. Her dark-blonde hair tossed as she came, her ass jerking, her pussy throbbing with orgasm.

"Come on, fucker!" Lana screamed, bucking over the sofa back, her tits tossing as she presented her ass for the whip and the man jerked his cock wildly over her body. "Shoot, shoot!"

"Yeah, yeah!" the man yelled. "You little whore, you're gonna get it!"

He whipped Lana harder, his hand blurring as he laid the cane into Lana's ass. A stream of cum burst out of his cock, through the air and splattered into Lana's heaving ass. "Now you've got it!"

He lashed Lana with every jerk of jism out of his spurting cock.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Lana screamed, her body contorting as she came and her ass took shots of thick goo all over it.

The cane lashed her, splattering cum all over the carpet while the man's cock gave out and his jism dribbled from his piss-slit.

"Bitch," he gasped, then gave the screaming girl three more hard lashes before his arm tired and he walked around the sofa, falling onto it and leaning back with a contented grin on his face.

"Here's to say thank you," Lana cooed and wriggled over the sofa back, taking his subsiding cock in her hands and licking off all the cum. "Ooohhh! Would you rub my ass, nice and hard. Uuurrgghh! Yesss!"

She came again as the man caressed her sore ass.

Adam gave Imogene another lash of the cane, and Imogene shrieked in the grip of her orgasms, twisting on the bar, sobbing and weeping as her body went on climaxing, never letting her rest.

"Beg to suck my cock!" Adam yelled, whipping her hard.

"Never, never!" Imogene screamed, still tossing out of control on the thick bar.

Adam gave her another hard lash and stopped.

"Aaahhh!" Imogene gurgled, her ass arching upward for the lash that didn't come. Her orgasm began to fade while her body twisted, and she started to see all the men standing around, grinning at her. Shame rushed up over her. She had submitted to the most degrading and agonizing suffering of her life and she had come; she had had the first true orgasm of her life.

And the men had seen her come to the beat of a whip. There was nothing more degrading than that. She burst into tears of absolute humiliation.

"Well, hi, Mom," Lana greeted, coming up and caressing Imogene's crimson ass. "How's it feel, hey?" Her hand ran over Imogene's tight, whipped skin and soothing sensations rushed out of it as the skillful daughter worked her mother's flesh. "Feels great, hey? I mean, shit, your panties are really wet, Mom!"

Imogene wished she were dead. She had disgraced herself totally.

She gasped as Adam eased himself into chair that was right between her thighs. He leaned back and grinned at Imogene.

"Never seen anything like you, babe. Half the guys came in their pants just watching. Not that they were wearing pants, but fuck, I got cum all over the carpet." He looked up at Lana. "Come on!"

"Oh, yes, Adam!" Lana leaned in and her skillful fingers worked open the zipper of his pants. With her mouth almost drooling, she reached in and started to ease his cock out.

Imogene saw the monstrous thing coming out of Adam's pants. It was ten inches and thicker than her wrist. It looked as if it would skewer her to her guts if he stuck it into her.

"Would you like to hold it for your mommy to suck?" Adam asked.

"I'd rather suck it myself," Lana gasped, running her hot little hands over it. "Ooooh, fuck, it's sooo big! Oohhh, shit, Adam, I get hot just touching it!"

Lana sank her wet mouth around the massive bulbous cockhead, working it into her throat with unrestrained lust.

"Get your mouth off, bitch," Adam said. "This one's for your mommy."

"Ooohhh, she doesn't deserve it!" Lana moaned, her mouth working over Adam's thick cockhead. "Let me have the first shot, Adam! Please! Then you can make her give you the next one."

She moaned and worked her nipples, rubbing her body shamelessly against his.

"Off!" Adam said with great finality.

Lana groaned, her mouth gurgling as she made a lunge and took more of his enormous cock in. She eased back up, her soft lips playing with his cockhead.

"At least let me show her I can take it all the way in," she begged. "She won't be able to do that."

"Okay, you can show her that."

Imogene wanted to die. Her arms and legs ached. She watched her daughter lean over Adam and begin to take all of his cock into her mouth.

The men laughed and cheered as the little blonde bent at the waist, going deeper and deeper onto Adam's massive fuck rod. Her throat muscles began to bulge as she thrust deeper. Fully eight inches of the monster were inside her mouth and she went on, pushing, her throat opening to take the enormous cockhead deeper. Her wicked little tongue flicked out over Adam's balls as she gave another thrust and took the last inch of Adam's prick filling her mouth and throat with fuck-meat.

There was a great round of applause, and Lana waved to the men, her mouth staying deep on Adam's cock.

"That's good," Adam said, "now get off. It's your mother's turn."

But Lana began to bob her head up and down, her throat sucking wildly on his throbbing cock.

"Don't make me come!" Adam warmed. "Or you'll regret it!"

But Lana wasn't listening. Her throat sucked and spasmed as she jerked up and down, making gurgling noises of complete satisfaction. Her tongue swirled around Adam's balls and her fingers worked his throbbing balls as she sucked his cockshaft, her throat tightening around his thick cockhead.

"She's gonna do it?" Adam gasped, his cock thrusting up into Lana's hot mouth. "The little bitch is gonna do it!"

His hand gripped Lana's blonde hair, but he made no attempt to pull her off his cock, just let her suck away, her deep moans of lust coming from around his throbbing shaft.

"Yaahhhhh!" he roared, jerking upward, his balls tightening as he shot streams of jism into Lana's willing mouth.

Imogene sobbed as she watched her shameless daughter take hot wads of cum into her mouth. Lana's lips oozed white cock juice as she let it build up in her mouth, rolling it around as she sucked more hot streams of it from Adam's cock. He roared with lust, holding her head, his jerking prick sending jets of spunk into Lana's throat.

With a gurgle of passion, Lana worked her mouth back up Adam's cock, smearing cum all down the length. She held her lips over his cockhead, taking thick streams of the salty fluid in her mouth. She eased back, showing her mother the thick jets of cum that jumped out of Adam's cock and over her willing face while her tongue swirled around and licked it away.

"You bitch!" Adam roared as his stream of cum slowed and Lana sank her mouth back over his cockhead, sucking up the oozing cum as it came out. "If you weren't so fucking good at blow-jobs, I'd throw you out for disobedience."

"Mmmmmnnn, but lam!" Lana cooed, her tongue still swirling over his cock, licking up the last of his cum. "So what's my punishment?"

"You will be tied to the bar, and lick your mother's ass while she sucks me. And Clark can do what he likes to your cunt and ass."

Imogene screamed.

Lana giggled. "I bet she comes again. Should I take her panties off?"

"No, Clark can do that."

Clark grinned and gripped the sides of Imogene's panties, making the bound woman sob and moan at the rough touch of her whipped ass. The frayed panties gave almost no resistance as Clark heaved. They tore away in two handfuls and he had them in shreds on the floor in a very few seconds.

Imogene sank another step into horror and shame. She knew they were all looking at her tight, well-muscled ass and the crimson stain all over it. She closed her eyes.

Lana was still giggling as she willingly consented to have her wrists lashed to the bar on either side of Imogene's thrashed ass. She leaned over Adam as he reclined farther in the chair and caressed her tits.

"Now?" she asked.

"When your mother's sucking properly."

"Yes, Adam," she said and giggled again. Adam took his cock and slid it over Imogene's lips. "Now it's your turn."

Imogene stared as the massive cock. It didn't even seem to have gone down at all after shooting all that cum.

She gave in and allowed her mouth to move onto Adam's enormous, thick cockhead. The hard rubbery ball of flesh pushed past her lips, thrusting with absolute authority into her mouth. She groaned, but it wasn't too bad. There was a taste of something salty on the cockhead, but after that it really was like sucking a great big round ball.

Adam pushed a little farther, his cock casing deeper into Imogene's mouth. "Okay, now do [missing text]."

Lana moved her sexy little mouth down and kissed her mother's beaten ass, licking over the red flesh.

Imogene gave a start, then screamed, her voice muffled in the mass of Adam's cockhead. He gripped her hair and pulled her mouth back over his prick.

"Don't even think about it," he snarled. "You take your mouth off there when you've got it full of cum, not before."

Imogene felt her head whirling with the shame. She knew the men were watching waiting to get at her, to fuck her. Some of them would be working their cocks, others fucking Donna or Scarlette, it was so degrading. She moaned around Adam's cock and sucked on it, feeling the thick cockhead throb gently in her mouth and heave at her throat, pushing past the back of her teeth. It pushed deep, and she gagged, jerking in desperation on the bar, her stomach heaving.

"Can't take it, huh?" Adam played with Imogene's soft curly hair. "We'll see about that. I bet I know how you'll learn. Hey, Clark, you gonna ass-fuck this whore?"

"Sure am!" Clark replied, "bring a small cat, we'll teach little Mrs. Purity here some facts of life."

"Gotcha!" Clark said.

Imogene gave a sobbing scream as she let. Adam's cock push back into her mouth. She worked her tongue over it, felt the fleshy pole throb in her mouth. But soon her fears and horror were centered on her ass where Lana's wicked little tongue was swirling closer and closer to the very entrance to her shit-hole.

When Adam had ordered Lana to lick her ass, Imogene had been sure he meant just licking her asscheeks. That would have been bad enough, but now her daughter was working her tongue deep into her asscrack, which was forced wide open by the position of her body over the bar. She gurgled and screamed, trying to pull back against the bonds, but they were as tight as ever.

Suddenly Lana leaned in that last bit and her soft tongue licked over the very entrance to Imogene's tight shit-pit. Imogene jerked, but there was something horribly arousing about her daughter's tongue caress. Her ass muscles twitched and her shitter walls tightened as if caressing a thick prick running up over them. Imogene wept, her tears running over Adam's cockshaft as her mouth sank another inch on his fucker. She gagged again as the cockhead pushed into her throat.

"Keep it going," Adam said, and Lana obediently ran her tongue around her mother's ass, licking at the squirming ring of muscles.

Lana leaned on the bar, her wrists lashed securely to its shining metal length and licked harder, her tongue digging at her mother's whole, working around it, driving horrible passion into Imogene.

Clark appeared behind Lana, his cock standing out in his pants, the cat in his hand. Lana felt his cock running between her asscheeks, and she moaned, thrusting back at him, her ass throbbing with lust.

"Horny little cunt." He guided his rock-hard fucker down between Lana's thighs, running it through her pussy juices and the cum from all the men who had fucked her. "Now, are you ready?"

"Ooohhhh, yesss!" Lana sighed, her tongue swirling over Imogene's shitter hole. "Ohhh, fuck my ass real deep, Clark! Fuck it deep!"

Imogene closed her eyes and wept with the steadily rising horror. She could see enough of Clark's cock to show her that it was just as big as Adam's and just as tick. She knew she would be forced to fuck both of the horrible monsters and that her suffering would be terrible.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Lana sighed as Clark eased his cock into her tight little shit-hole. "Oooohhhh, that's nice! That's sooo nice!"

Lana sank her mouth back over Imogene's ass. She captured Clark's cock between her asschecks, making it sink to the depths of her ass, filling her shit-hole with its thick meat.

Imogene writhed on the bar as Lana licked at her ass and actually sucked her shitter hole into her mouth before ramming her tongue deeper, right into her hole. Lana was gasping in rising passion as her own shitter was reamed out by Clark's cock and her tongue was going mad in Imogene's shit-hole, licking harder and faster as she moaned and jerked.

Imogene sucked on Adam's cock, feeling the thick meat sink into her mouth and back to the entrance of her throat. She pulled at the bonds once more, her stockinged legs trembling in desperation as the hard sensual touch of Lana's tongue in her ass sent waves of excitement rushing over her. Her moans were lost because of Adam's cock, but already her ass was moving around a little and her mouth was opening wider.

"Go on, whore!" Adam ordered. "Suck it down! Right down!"

He took a firmer hold of Imogene's hair and pushed, his cockhead entering her throat for an instant before she gagged and jerked up, her stomach retching in pain.

"Come on bitch! Try again!"

His hands pulled, his cock jerked and his cockhead penetrated Imogene's throat, sending her heaving as she gagged again.

"Okay," Adam gasped. "Let's get nasty." Clark fucked his cock deep into Lana's ass as he leaned forward and pulled the leather thongs that freed her hands. She groaned with lust and pushed back against him, working her squirming ass over his cock.

"Ooooohhhhh, honey!" she moaned, running her arms up over her head and hanging around his neck. "Whip her good! I'll come just watching!"

Clark pulled her back hard, one hand over her thrusting tits as he lashed his arm down and the cat whipped into Imogene's ass.

Imogene almost passed out as the thin, knotted tails of the cat whipped across her asscheeks. The agony surged out, but the same passion as before came out with it. Her ass tossed wildly as she screamed, and that opened her throat. The cat whipped her again, and her scream bubbled around Adam's cock as he thrust. An inch of his hard prick pushed in, running into her throat.

"That's it!" Adam yelled. "She's getting it!" Clark lashed the vat down, and Imogene's scream was buried in the thick cockmeat as Adam shoved up and another inch of his cock sank into her throat. Then the blows came faster, hitting just as Adam's cock reached the end of its back stroke. The agony pounded through Imogene as his vast cock rammed back up. Her throat opened to scream, allowing more and more of his cock in each time. Beat after beat of the whip lashed her ass as Adam's cock fucked deeper and deeper. Over her own screams, Imogene could hear her daughter moaning with delight as Clark's cock slammed deep into her anal depths.

That made it all worse, but there was nothing Imogene could do. The cat was not only open big her throat wide, the agony making her scream, but the depraved lust that had made her come before was also working. It made each invasion of Adam's cock easier. The massive prick was soon sliding almost the whole way into her throat with no resistance as the cat continued to lash her ass with hard, biting strokes.

"Yeahhh, there we go!" Adam groaned. "Now wasn't that easy?"

Imogene gave a moan of horrible surrender as her lips came up against Adam's curly cockhair and his thick prick filled her throat, his cockhead pushing deep, making her throat bulge with its size.

All three of the monsters using her were now yelling and gasping with lust. The whip was biting into her ass faster and faster.

Chapter FIVE

The cat lashed into Imogene's ass, driving her harder into the bar. Her scream beat out from around Adam's massive fucker as he held her head and thrust upward, right into her throat.

"Suck it down, baby!" he yelled. "That's a good little whore!"

Behind the suffering Imogene, Lana screamed with lust and delight each time Clark whipped the cat into her mother's ass. She was bent backwards, clinging around Clark's neck, her body swaying, her tits thrust out shamelessy. With each heave, she rammed Clark's cock hard into her quivering shit-hole, jerking up and down on it, shrieking and moaning with passion.

"Uuuurrghgh, Clark! Ooohhhh, fuck!" Lana gasped. "Oh, fuck, this is great! Ooohh, fuck! Whip her! Whip her!"

Lana spread her legs, allowing her ass to ram even harder on his massive thick cock with each gyration of their bodies.

Clark yelled as he whipped Imogene's tight, crimson asscheeks. His prick throbbed in Lana's shit pit. "Ohhh, fuck, I like whipping whores like this! Fuck, look at her pussy!"

Imogene sobbed in horror as her staring eyes bobbed just inches from Adam's heavy nuts. She knew her pussy warn wet, gushing juices each time the knotted tails beat into her flesh.

"You're a whore, Mom!" Lana screamed. "A whore, like me! Ooohh, fuck! Come on, Mom! Beg for it!"

Lana gave a great gurgling scream and came, her ass walls throbbing around Clark's cock.

Imogene knew they could all see her shame. Her pussy juices ran down her thighs and into her stocking tops. Her cunt throbbed with the most horrible, depraved desire of her life -- the desire to have a great thick cock up it, ramming hard, reaming her cunt out, just like Adam's cock invaded her throat now. She screamed as the whip lashed her throbbing ass, beating more of the hot burning flames into her suffering flesh.

Imogene sucked at Adam's cock in rising desperation and fury. She wanted to tear at them, beat the men to a pulp and then her daughter. But she wanted the cock too, that was the shame that kept her sucking on the monster in her mouth, taking it into her throat as it throbbed and pulsed.

She screamed again as the cat landed, her ass throbbing, as her passion, anger and shame burned into one searing flame of climax.

"Uuuurrrgghhhhh!" she wailed, her throat full of thick cockmeat. She pounded up and down on it, taking the cockhead almost into her stomach with each downward thrust. Another beat of the whip set off more ringing climaxes and she was lost in a desire that she had never known before.

"Sheeeit!" Adam yelled. "The little whore's coming again! Ohhhh, fuck! She's gonna suck me right off! Jesus, she is!"

He leaned back in the chair and kept his hold on Imogene's hair with one hand while he slid the other up Lana's shaking body to her tits. Slowly he took one of her nipples in his fingers and tightened, twisting and pulling at the fleshy bud.

"Aaaghhhh, yesssss!" Lana crested in another violent climax. "Yeaahhh! Fuck, hurt me, Adam, hurt me! Make me come again! Ohhh, yeahhhh!"

The little blonde nympho jerked wildly, her ass sucking on Clark's cock with increasing lust and power.

"Ready, babe?" Clark yelled, his fucker going out of control deep in Lana's shitter. "I'm gonna fill you up again -- ooohh yes, I am!"

"Fill me up! Fuck, Clark, don't stop! Don't stop!" Lana screamed as her orgasm churned away in her hot body. "More, more morrreee!"

Her ass pumped up and down on Clark's cock for all it was worth.

"Here's my cum, bitch, right down your throat!" Adam yelled, his hand tightening in Imogene's curls. He gave a bellow of lust as his fingers tightened on Lana's nipple until she screamed with the pain.

Cum was shooting out of his piss-slit, deep in Imogene's throat. The hot wet goo poured out and backed up in her mouth as Imogene gave a bubbling scream, tasting the salty, sticky jism for the first time. She hardly knew what she was doing -- her body climaxed with each jerk of Adam's cock and her hand slammed down on the thick prick. The lashing of the cat increased in speed and intensity, and she lurched, pulling at the bonds, her mouth filling with cum, her legs trembling at the force of the orgasms overwhelming her. Gum ran out of her lips as another jet filled her throat.

Adam hauled her head up slowly, leaning even farther back as his shooting cock jerked more cum out, all over Imogene's tongue.

"Lemme see you lick it up, whore!" he demanded, holding her head, taking his cock in his hands and working it out of Imogene's mouth.

Thick wads of cum gushed out and splattered over her lips and, with a scream of surrender, she licked them up, tasting the creamy cum as it ran over her tongue. She closed her eyes, weeping, as another climax rolled over her and spunk poured into her mouth.

Clark's cock throbbed and swelled in Lana's heaving ass, growing as the cum burst out of his balls and spurted through his cockshaft.

"Yeahhhhh!" he roared, shoving the little blonde up on his cock while he lashed her mother with a rising fury. "Look at the whore, look at her!"

His cum burst into Lana's ass.

"Fuuuck!" Lana screamed as she came, her ass walls throbbing and sucking around Clark's cock as more jets of cum gushed out into her guts. "Fill me up, Clark! Fill my ass up and whip her, whip her!"

Her eyes followed the beat of the cat as it lashed down into Imogene's ass, swinging up to lash down again, whipping the bruised flesh in a final crescendo of lust.

"Whore, bitch, whore!" Adam bellowed as his cock shot the final gobs of its load and settled down, oozing cum into Imogene's mouth. "Suck it all up!"

Imogene hardly felt the whip any more. Everything was just shattering climaxes, and they were still climbing as Clark reached the peak of his cum and the cat lashed her to a crescendo of fury. She moaned, her mouth working over Adam's hard cockflesh, sucking off the cum, working deeper to lick what was smeared over his cock shaft into her open mouth. And the fury burned on in her.

"Yaaaahhh, yeahhh!" Clark yelled as his cock jetted the final gobs into Lana's ass.

He threw the cat down, picked Lana up and carried her to a chair where he sat down, and she wriggled with delight, her ass still working over his cock.

"Ooohh, was that good, Clark?"

"You little whore, you know it was!" He chuckled.

"But I can't let your cock go down, can I?"

Without waiting to be told, she went to her knees between his legs and ran her hand over his gooey prick, which was smeared the whole length with his cum and her ass juices. She gave a groan of excitement and sank her mouth over it, licking up all the cum and goo, cleaning it off and making sure the hardness stayed in it.

Adam gripped Imogene's hair and pulled her up to look at him. "Now tell me, lady. That was the best thing you ever had, right? And we've got much more and better things for a honey like, you."

Rage and shame fought in Imogene, and she struggled against the still-demanding lust running over her. She saw her daughter sucking the cock that had just shot in her ass, and she snarled in disgust.

"You lousy, fucking pervert!" she snarled. "You couldn't suck my ass and make me admit anything to you, you stinking creep, you dick-faced jerk!" Adam chuckled. "You know what I'm going to do with you?"

"Yeah, beat the shit out of me! Go ahead, see if I break." Imogene struggled against the ropes in helpless rage.

"Nope. I'm gonna hang you up to dry for a while. And whatever I do, you ain't getting any more real cock until you beg for it."

"Good," Imogene smiled. "Then I won't get fucked again by you, you crawling, shit-assed fucker!"

Adam laughed. "I know you better than you know yourself. You won't last four hours without begging for it."

"What you wanna bet?" Imogene yelled. "If you don't beg for it inside four hours, you can go free and take your daughter with you. If you do beg for it, then you do whatever I say, deal?"

"Deal!" Imogene exclaimed. Whatever they did, she would never beg for sex from the sadistic monsters.

"Okay, get up and have a look round." Imogene thought he was going to untie her, but he just pressed another button and the apparatus whirred as the bar attached to the base rolled upward, taking her hands with it. It went on until she was held upright again, her arms pulled tight, her pussy pressing into the bar that she had been bent over.

The sight was horrifying.

Most of the men were around Donna and Scarlette. Donna was on her hands and knees, her mouth around one man's cock, while another one fucked her pussy. Donna's tits were bright red as they swung under her body, and she moaned with pain at each slam of the cocks into her soft body.

Scarlette was also getting double-fucked, but her reaction was much different. The horny little girl was hanging by her arms from a bar while two men fucked her ass and cunt. She moaned with lust, her legs sliding over the chest of the man deep in her cunt, her whole body writhing as she moaned and gasped. Her slip was completely gone, and her bobby sox were around her ankles.

The rest of the men sat or stood around, watching. Some of them had limp cocks as they stared, hit most of them were working their cockshafts as they waited to get at the mother and daughter.

The man fucking Donna's cunt leaned down and took a handful of her luscious ripe tits, squeezing the tit-mounds hard as he rammed into her pussy. Donna moaned in pain, gripping the carpet as she braced herself, her body jerking to the beat of their cocks.

"Come on, whore! Move for me! Work that pussy!" the man demanded. "Do it, whore, or I'll have you whipped again!"

Donna groaned as the man fucking her mouth rammed his cock into her throat, grabbing her dark, sweat-matted hair and thrusting his long curving prick hard between her lips.

"You heard, bitch!" he snapped. "Now suck me, suck it good! I wanna good come, got that? Or your ass and tits will be so sore you won't believe it!"

Donna broke into fresh tears as she tried to do as they told her. She moved her ass back and forth, her body working as she tried to get her cunt to grasp and hold the cock slamming deep inside. Her mouth sucked at the cock buried there, her tongue swirling around the shaft, and she sucked as much as she could.

"Fuck," said the man fucking her cunt, "she don't have the faintest idea."

"She's a real submissive," Adam said, strolling up, slipping a robe over his broad shoulders. "You just gotta use submissives, don't wait for them; do what the fuck you want, they won't complain."

"Yeahhhhh!" the man gasped, his cock ramming into Donna faster and harder. He speeded up, his thick cockshaft pumping into Donna's cunt like a piston, his hands working her tits. "Fuuuck, I'm coming off again!"

"See?" Adam said. "Just use her, just use her real good."

He laughed and strolled away to where Scarlette hung, her long dark hair tossing wildly as she screeched with lust, her twin holes getting reamed out by the cock slamming high into her willing body.

"You shit!" she yelled at Adam. "Why did Lana get Clark? I deserve your cocks as much as she does, and I have to fuck these jerks!"

"Really?" Adam picked up a cane. "I thought you knew better than to insult our guests. Lean back, Sid."

He laid the can across Scarlette's tits.

The man fucking Scarlette's cunt chuckled. "Yeah, I wanna watch this."

"Apologize!" Adam snapped and lashed the cane down across Scarlette's, nipples.

"Aaaaahhh! Jerks, they're jerks!" Scarlette screamed, her body contorting as the pain rushed over her. "Aaaaggghhh! Jerks, jerks, jerks, jerks!"

"Hey, her cunt goes crazy when you whip her tits!" yelled the man fucking Scarlette's hot little pussy.

"Trust me." Adam whipped Scarlette's thrusting tits again. "She'll have you boys off in no time."

Scarlette's screams of mingled passion and pain rang around the room as Clark eased Lana's soft mouth off his hard-again cock.

"Go on over and help," he said, "I gotta see your mommy."

"Oh, Clark," Lana pouted, "I wanna watch you whip her."

"Do as you're told!"

"Yes, Clark," Lana said and got up. She walked over to the circle of men around Donna and Scarlette, her still-red ass swaying invitingly.

"Cunt for sale," she said, sliding her fingers into her hot pussy, "only hard cocks need apply."

"Come here," said one of the men. He picked Lana up and sat her down on his cock as he leaned back into a chair. "Bring me off."

"I always do," Lana cooed as he worked her soft pussy walls around his cock and leaned against him, letting him watch Donna's humiliation and Scarlette's raging climaxes.

"Jerks!" Scarlette screamed as the cane lashed her tits once more, beating the delicious agony through her body. Her legs tightened around the man's chest as he rammed his cock into her cunt, his breath getting ragged as her spasming pussy walls sucked the cum out of his balls. His throbbing fucker slammed up and down the hot wet passage, driving against the other cock fucking in Scarlette's shitter.

"Got it, got it!" the man yelled as he slammed his cock into Scarlette's cunt. "I'm shooting, boys! Shooting again -- oohhh fuck! This is great!"

He leaned back even farther, ramming his cock higher each time the cane lashed across Scarlette's heaving nipples. He yelled and cum burst out of his cock, making Scarlette give an extra heave of lust as she felt the creamy juice pumping into her cunt.

"Fuck me!" yelled the man with his cock buried deep in Scarlette's shit-hole. "That whip drives her wild! Here I come too, boys, here I come!"

With a great bellowing roar of lust, he began to spout streams of goo into Scarlette's shivering shitter. His hips heaving like mad, his cock throbbing as it released his pent-up lust.

"Jerks, jerks! Aaaahhhh -- yesss, jerks!" Scarlette screamed as her sucking holes took great thick wads of spunk, sucking at the cocks, demanding that they fill her body with cum. Gobs of it oozed out of her holes and over her thighs, but still she thrust her tits out, screaming as she came, gasping for breath.

"Now isn't that just how you want it?" Clark asked softly, coming up behind Imogene and sliding his hand over her tits.

"Aaaahhh -- you keep away from me!" Imogene wept, her arms puffing at the bonds, her legs trying to close as his other hand worked down and over her pussy.

"Oh no," he said with chuckle. "You're gonna find out what frustration is, lady, real, pussy-choking frustration."

Gently his hands caressed her tits and worked over the lips of her pussy, slowly, rubbing into her pussy-crack, reaching for her clit.

Imogene gasped and tried not to burst into tears. Already the first pricks of passion were bursting out of the contact of the skillful hands? Soon she wouldn't be able to keep her body still. She bit her lip, tried to think about something else. Anything else.

"Aaaahhhh, yessss!" Scarlette screamed as she crested, her cunt and ass full of cum, her body sliding over the top of her climax. "Aaahh -- I apologize! They aren't jerks -- they've got the best and biggest cocks in the world, I'll fuck them any time!"

She gave a final scream as Adam whipped her nipples and let the cane drop. Then she fell, hanging on the bonds, gasping with satisfaction, her cunt and ass still sucking at the cocks in them.

"See?" Adam remarked. "I know what I'm doing."

"You sure do," said one man as he cased his cock out of Scarlette's gently throbbing cunt, "that was great."

"Yeah," said the man as his cock slid out of Scarlette's ass. He fell into a chair. "Fuck, that was worth any contract you want, Adam."

Adam just grinned.

The man face-fucking Scarlette's mother grabbed her hair tightly and rammed his cock deep in her throat.

"Bitch!" he roared. "Bitch! Suck it good, you whore! I'm gonna shoot, make it good!"

In rising anger and lust, he pumped his cock deep in her mouth and Donna moaned, her body tossing to their demands.

At the same time, the man with his hot throbbing fucker in her cunt worked his hands tighter on her tits and slammed his prick higher, his balls slapping against her asscheeks.

"I'll make you move, bitch," he promised, "I want hot cunt, no one that lies there! Take this load, bitch! Take it for now!"

Brutally he twisted Donna's nipples until she screamed with pain, just as the first jet of cum hit the back of her mouth.

"It's too good to let you suck it, bitch!" the man bellowed as his cock spat a thick wad of jism into Donna's submissive mouth. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her mouth away, holding his cock, jerking the cum out all over Donna's face. "This is what you deserve, whore!"

He pumped his cock, jerking his stream of cum all over Donna's mouth and cheeks and eyelids.

Donna screamed. Her eyes closed against the stream of jism that splattered all over her face and into her hair. She sobbed in horror, then the cock in her cunt began spraying cum as well, the man twisting her nipples with rising viciousness. Her scream rang around the room as her tits swung and echoed with pain and the cum burst in hot wet wads over her mouth and cheeks.

"See that?" Clark cooed softly into Imogene's ear. "You can have as much cum as you like if you just confess to us what a whore you really are."

His fingers played with Imogene's body as if were a musical instrument.

"No, no, let me alone?" she wept, frying to keep her ass still, frying to stop her nipples from erecting, trying to stop her pussy running with juice.

The cock shooting over Donna's face finally gave out and the man shoved it back into her mouth and made her suck the last of the cum out of it. The man with his cock in her cunt gave his final thrusts and his fingers off her nipples before he fell away and lay on the carpet.

The other man stood up over Donna. "Up on your knees, bitch."

Donna crawled up onto her knees, her face a streaming mass of cum.

"Use your fingers, suck it all down."

Donna was weeping as she obeyed. She slid a finger over her face, taking cum out of her eyes, off her cheeks and nose. She sucked each finger clean in a way that made Imogene realize that she had been forced to do that. Finally Donna's face was clear of cum and she fell down, holding her tits and caressing them, easing the pain.

"Come here," said another man who sat in the chair, his cock stiff and waiting. "Crawl!" Imogene shivered her body writhing with a desire that she suppressed as best she could.

Clark's fingers ran over her cunt and tits, holding her nipples, working her clit, sending sharp pangs of lust through her helpless body. She gazed in horror as Donna crawled, sobbing.

With a gurgling gasp of submission, Donna crawled across the carpet to the man who waited in the chair. She wept, but she wasn't fighting any longer.

Imogene made a simple vow. They would never break her like that.

Chapter SIX

Donna's torn stockings ripped further as she crawled across the carpet toward the man who waited, spreading his legs, his cock sticking out, stiff as a rifle barrel. She reached him and began to crawl between his knees, reaching for his cock.

"Stop!" the man snapped and Donna pulled back, shivering. "DO you like my cock?"

"Yes," Donna said, her voice quavering. "Then reach out and hold it."

Donna slid her hands over the throbbing length of the fucker, caressing it with trembling hands.

"Would you like to suck it?"

"Yes, please!" Donna moaned, her crimson tits shaking with fear. She moved up and slid her mouth toward the thick cockhead, licking out over the flesh.

"Did I tell you to suck it?"

Donna jerked back, shaking with fear. "No, sorry! Sorry! I thought you wanted me to..."

"Get your ass up!"

"Oh please, no, I'm being good, I and..." Donna sobbed as she lifted her ass and stretched her legs tight, her thigh shaking with fear.

"Since you obeyed at once, just three strokes," said the man. "Now you can suck my cock."

Donna moaned, tears flowing down her face as she leaned in and took the man's cockhead into her soft mouth. She gasped and trembled as she saw another man walking behind her with a cane, his cock shaking with expectation as he rubbed it. He laid the thin wood across Donna's asscheeks and she gave a groan, her body trembling all over.

The cane went up and lashed another thin line into Donna's ass-flesh. Her scream bubbled out from around the thick cockmeat.

"Did you like that?" the man asked.

Donna pulled her mouth back up his cock. "Yes, yes, I deserved it!" she wept, then worked her mouth back over his stiff fucker again.

The came lashed downwards, the sound of wood on flesh smacking through the room a second before Donna's gurgling scream of agony.

"Wasn't that even better?" the man said as Donna's squirming mouth thrust deep on his cock and her throat vibrated with her scream.

"Uuuurrggg, yes, yes!" Donna moaned. "Yes, I deserved it, I really did!"

Her fingers clutched at his cockshaft, and her lips ran over the throbbing hot flesh.

The man sat there, staring at Donna, waiting. "I-I have to have another stroke," she exclaimed suddenly, "you said three, I need another one."

"You're learning." The man nodded and the came swept in again.

"Aaahhhh!" Donna screamed, her mouth still running over the man's cockhead, her wail of pain exploding in the room. "Thank you! I deserved that, I made a mistake."

"That's what we're here for. To correct mistake. Now, is my cock good?"

"Yes, yes!" Donna sank her mouth over the hard cock, sucking at it for all she was worth.

"Think how much better it would be if it was running in and out of your daughter's pussy and you were still licking it. Tasting Scarlette's pussy, of course."

Donna sobbed, her voice breaking. She almost lost control of herself.

"Y-yes," she wept, "yes, that would be wonderful!"

Her mouth sucked at his cockhead while she rubbed his cockshaft hard, her hands puffing at his flesh.

"Well, as soon as they've got Scarlette off those ropes, we can start."

Donna slowly collapsed, sobbing helplessly as she somehow managed to hang onto his cock.

"Don't you want to suck your daughter's pussy?"

Donna wept in horrible mental agony. She clung to his cock, her face buried in his thighs.

"You could always be whipped while you suck me off," said the man, "you could try to bargain with that."

"No, no!" she sobbed. "I'll do it! No more whipping, please!"

"But I thought you liked the whip." The man's hand ran over Donna's thick black hair which lay matted with sweat enter head. "You always say you do."

"Yes, yes -- no, no -- I mean yes! I love it, but I want to suck Scarlette's pussy more!" Donna sobbed, completely broken.

"Good. We can start in just a moment, so keep sucking."

Donna slid her mouth back over his cock and the man sat there, staring blissfully at the ceiling while they took Scarlette down off the ropes.

"You shits!" Imogene screamed as Clark worked her clit, his fingers playing softly with her wet flesh. "You're the lowest fuckers in the world! Bastards!"

"Language, lady," Clark said, his other hand gently playing with her nipple. "Just think, it could be you -- cocks all over the place, ramming into your pussy and ass, down your throat. You could even be whipped as well, if you like."

"Aaaahhhhh!" Imogene hissed, her body twisting on the ropes, her pussy running juices as she tried desperately to stop herself from getting aroused. She didn't know why it was that her whole body burned with the most disgusting lust as she watched Donna's pain and humiliation. Her fury was almost out of control by now, and that had fueled the rage of passion breaking out in her spread-eagled body. She gritted her teeth, swaying, rage and passion burning her up.

"Here we are," said the man in the chair as Scarlette was brought forward.

Scarlette was swaying and her eyes were glassy. She had cum all over her, and she looked as if she was about fucked out. But she pouted as she stood in front of the man, sliding her fingers into her cunt and bringing them out covered in sticky goo.

"You want me to suck my mom's pussy?" Scarlette asked, licking at her fingers, her wicked little tongue sliding over her hand.

"Yeah, sixty-nine with her on the table."

"Sure," Scarlette said, then grabbed her mother's shoulder. "Come on, Mommy dearest, we got things to do."

Donna's head was down as she allowed her daughter to lead her to the table. She let herself get pushed onto it, and she lay on her side while Scarlette pulled her so that her ass was at the edge.

"Shit," said one of the men, "if she doesn't show a bit of life, I'm gonna beat the cunt again."

"Patience," Adam said, "trust me."

The man grunted, but gave no sign of defying Adam.

Scarlette climbed onto the table with her mother and lay alongside her, her legs around Donna's face.

"Suck me, Mommy!"

Donna stared at her daughter's cunt. The dark hair was smeared with cum and pussy juices, cum ran out of her cunt and ass, over her thighs.

Scarlette grinned and thrust her pussy at Donna's face. "Come on, Mommy! You know what happens to disobedient little shits around here."

Donna moaned, but she moved her mouth over Scarlette's thighs, licking at the creamy white skin and the cum all over it.

"Closer, Mommy!" Scarlette sighed.

Donna cased in, her mouth coming ever closer to the thick bush of Scarlette's cunt. Her tongue ran out over the cum-matted hair and then ran deeper, into the crack of Scarlette's pussy.

"Ooooooh, nice, Mommy!" Scarlette slid her own hot tongue over Donna's thighs, licking at the cum, caressing the red, whipped flesh. "Boy, you have been a naughty little slit. Look at how much they had to whip you."

Donna moaned and sucked her daughter's cunt, sliding her mouth ever the red flesh, her huge tits pressing into Scarlette's stomach. She held Scarlette's thighs around her face and buried her mouth on the hot wet clit of Scarlette's pussy, sucking for all she was worth.

Scarlette gave a moan of lust as her passion rose again. She too started sucking, her soft mouth drawing her mother's cunt flesh into her mouth and holding it there, sucking and licking over the beaten flesh.

The two of them clung together on the table top, moaning and sucking, their thighs trembling, their mouths hard on each other's cunt.

"Wouldn't you love to sixty-nine with Lana?" Clark said, sliding his fingers over Imogene's clit, working her into a trembling frenzy of lust.

"No, you shit!" she moaned, her body shaking, her ass jerking.

"And have two thick cocks stuffed up you?" Clark pulled Imogene's nipple and twisted it harder.

"Aaaahhhh!" Imogene gasped.

She could see Lana, racking up and down on a man's cock as he sat in a chair. The little blonde nympho was moaning shamelessly and she turned to take another cock between her lips as she rode the first one. Her hungry mouth sucked at the fuck rod, drawing it right into her throat as her cunt slid up and down on the other one.

"Little whore!" Imogene moaned, her body thrashing around in Clark's skillful hands.

"Suppose I let you have a dildo now," Clark whispered. "How would that be? You could fuck yourself and say that it wasn't a real cock you were begging for."

Imogene gasped as explosions of fire rocked her body. Her cunt streamed juices as she imagined having a big thick dildo up these, anything thick and hard to make her feel better.

"You bastard!" she moaned. "I won't! I won't do it, I won't!"

"Fine. Just wanted to help. You feel pretty desperate to me." Clark chuckled and squeezed Imogene's nipple.

"You shit, stilt!" Imogene moaned. "You wouldn't dare do that if I wasn't tied up."

"Would you like me to let you loose?" he asked, his fingers stroking her clit.

Imogene rocked in horror at the trap she had opened for herself. If he let her down, she didn't know how she would stop herself from falling to her knees and begging for his cock. She hated herself, but she could feel Clark's thick fuck monster pressing into her back and it drove her wild with unrestrained passion.

"No, no!" she wept. "No, you'd just, just..."

"Just -- I can't think! No, don't!" she sobbed as sparks of lust poured out of her clit. "Take your hands off me!"

"Okay," he said and stepped away.

Imogene gritted her teeth, but a moan of helpless passion escaped. Her body was throbbing, jerking on the ropes as her pussy and tits demanded more.

"Anything I can do for you?" Clark mocked, standing so close that Imogene could feel his body heat.

"No, go away!"

He grinned and looked over at where Lana fucked on the man's cock and sucked the other one, her hot body driving them both wild. "I'll be back," he said.

Imogene was so relieved when he went away, but her eyes followed him, devouring the clean lines of his body, the rippling muscles, strong thighs and his stiff cock that bounced as he walked. Clark stood close to Lana and waited as she fucked the two men to climax.

As Donna and Scarlette sucked each other on the table, the man Donna had sucked and the one, who had whipped her, stood over them, grinning.

"Well, hey, hey, hey," said one, "it looks as if the little cunt's getting warmed up."

Donna gave a low sob, but kept her mouth on Scarlette's pussy, her hand running over her daughter's thighs, caressing, pulling her closer. She tried to hide it, but her hips were rocking to the soft sucking of Scarlette's mouth and her thighs spread wider around her daughter's head as she thrust her pussy harder into her face.

"Well, just the time for a couple of ass-jobs," said the other man, "really warm them up."

Donna moaned, her red, whipped asscheeks bunching together as if to ward off the invading cock. Her thighs closed on Scarlette's head and made her daughter scream with pain. The man who had whipped her before now slapped her hard, his hand biting into her sore ass and driving a sharp scream from her.

"Now, wouldn't you just love to have your ass fucked?"

"Mmmmmm!" Donna moaned. She pulled her mouth away from Scarlette's cunt. "Yes, yes, yes! I'd love to!"

"Good," said the man who had forced so many degrading confessions from her before. "That's what you're gonna get."

He grinned and pulled Donna's ass close, running his cock between her asscheeks, shoving it at her shit hole.

"Don't stop sucking, girls," he said, "I might wanna pull out and shoot in your mouth."

The other man laughed as he went around to Scarlette's ass. He pulled Donna's head away from Scarlette's pussy. "You hear that?"

"Yes, yes!" Donna sobbed, her face red with weeping.

"Good, so keep sucking!" he snapped and pushed her back down.

Donna's face was buried between Scarlette's thighs as she felt a cock pushing at the entrance to her shit-pit. It was well lubricated on all the cum there and the mans cock pushed in almost at once, prying the tight ring of muscles open.

Donna's moan of pain burst out from Scarlette's cunt as her ass tightened despite hot attempts to let the cock in. She knew they would whip her again if they found the slightest thing wrong, so she thrust back at the cock, trying to make it look as if she was being turned on by it all.

At the same time, sliding past Donna's nose, came the other cock, working into Scarlette's welcoming ass. Donna stared at the swollen monster, the thick veins, the rock-hard surface as it rammed into her daughter's ass. Scarlette gave a horrible moan of desire and shoved back, capturing fully half of the enormous prick.

Donna yelped as her asscheeks were pulled brutally wide apart, and the cock thrust at her slitter again, the swollen cock head pushing until her asshole gave way and the thick hunk of cock meat rammed in.

Donna gasped as her slitter throbbed with the invasion. She moaned into Scarlette's cunt, shuddering as the thick rod penetrated deeper, forcing her ass walls open as it worked its way in. Desperately she sucked Scarlette's cunt and clutched her daughter's thighs as the other cock ran past her face and deep into Scarlette's hot ass.

"Mmmmmm, yes!" Scarlette gasped as her shit-hole was filled with cock. She thrust her pussy at Donna's mouth, spreading her legs wider. "Oooohhh, come on! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!"

Donna's shame was almost complete as she lay on the table, forced to suck her daughter's pussy while a man fucked her ass and another man slid his cock past her staring eyes and into Scarlette's shitter. She wept bitterly, knowing the men were staring at her. But something was happening to Donna that hadn't happened before.

"Shit," said the man with his cock up her ass, "she's getting turned on. Her fuckin' ass is working on me! Hcyyyy, that's nice!" He leaned in closer, ramming his cock as far into the steaming hole as he could, forcing his prick right into Donna's guts. "Come on, bitch! Ease up now, let's have a nice big come when I fuck your ass!"

Donna gave a sob of shame, but her ass was still reacting, thrusting back for the cock and tightening, throbbing around it. She buried her mouth deeper on Scarlette's cunt, sucking at her little nympho daughter's fuck-hole as Scarlette moaned with lust and worked over hers. Donna's whipped body twisted and rolled on the table, clutching Scarlette's closer as dim sparks of passion began to burn in her.

At the same time, Lana was going wild as she came on the one cock and sucked at the other one, ramming her mouth deep over the throbbing cock head, driving the two men crazy with lust. Both of them were fucking harder and faster as the little blonde's mouth and cunt.

"I worked them off and drove another thick wad of cum from their balls."

The one man grabbed Lana's head, ramming his cock into her mouth, thrusting at her open throat as his cock began to spurt thick creamy wads of cum.

"Fuuuuck!" he moaned. "I never came, so much in my fuckin' life!"

His ass jerked wildly as his cock emptied, pouring cum into Lana's mouth while she gave screams of passion, her tits jumping as she bucked up and down, her hot cunt sucking the cum out of the other cock.

"Here it comes!" the man in the chair yelled, his cock suddenly twitching and shooting a stream of spunk high in Lana's cunt.

Her spasming pussy walls grabbed his cockhead and sucked at it, demanding it all as she rocked and sucked, her mouth taking the last of the other man's creamy load. A gob of cum formed on her lips for a second before her greedy tongue flicked out and licked it back in. She gave a moan of satisfaction and fell back, letting the cock slide from her mouth, sucked clean of cum.

But she wasn't allowed to rest. Clark grabbed her and led her across the floor, squealing and protesting, but without much conviction. He pushed her to her knees in front of her mother as Imogene hung on the ropes, moaning in a helpless lust that wouldn't stop or go away.

"Show her how much you love cock," Clark said.

Lana gave a shudder of lust. She grinned up at Clark. "How much I really love cock?"

"Yeah," he said.

Lana slowly worked her mouth, staring at his cock as she moved her fingers to surround the enormous, thick rod. With infinite slowness, she cased closer, her lips moving to his cockhead, licking her tongue over it, casing her mouth onto the swollen flesh. Gurgling with lust, she sank the cock deep, leaning in, pressing her tits against Clark's thighs, her throat bulging as she swirled her tongue around his shaft.

Clark stared at Imogene as she hung on the ropes. She was staring at her daughter sucking his cock with perfect skill. Imogene struggled, her rage and lust growing out of control as she tore at the bonds. Sweat stood out on her face as she hung there, shuddering, fighting a horrible battle to stop herself from screaming in fury and frustration.

Lana's sighs and gurgles of lust rang out from Clark's stiff cock as she sucked at it, her lips a perfect circle around his slowly throbbing cock. He ran his hands in her hair, thrusting gently, watching Imogene as she struggled. His cock was growing and swelling in Lana's mouth and the wanton little whore slowed her sucking to make him last longer.

"Want some cock, lady?" Clark asked, thrusting his hard prick into Lana's throat.

Imogene gasped in pain. Her arms hurt, her legs trembled, but she somehow held on. Four hours, Adam said. She could last four hours.

Lana's hot mouth worked up and down the heaving shaft of Clark's prick, sucking it in, her throat working over the swollen cockhead, bulging as she pushed deep, her fingers caressing his balls with incredible skill.

Clark started to gasp, fucking his throbbing cock at Lana's sucking mouth. Deliberately she slowed down, easing her mouth back, her tongue swirling more slowly over his cockflesh, her lips opening and closing, sucking softly.

He moaned, his eyes alight with passion. "Fuck! Nobody sucks cock like you do, honey, nobody!"

Lana cooed and gurgled as she worked her lips over his cockhead.

"Oooooohh, Clark! Fuuuuck! With a cock like yours, I could suck all night." Lana looked up at him, rubbing her tits against his thighs. "I bet I can keep you going until my mom breaks. She's hot as hell, she can't hold out much longer."

Clark grinned. "I wouldn't bet on it. She's a stubborn bitch."

"Okay," Lana purred, "I'll just suck you off."

"Take your time."

Lana's hot mouth went back over his throbbing cockhead, sucking gently, working deeper. Her shameless fingers worked her pussy as she drove Clark to his climax.

Imogene shuddered and gasped. She could see it all -- Donna and Scarlette on the table, their asses being fucked as they sucked each other's cunt. Even Donna was showing something other than submission, moaning with a passion that burned deep in her guts and spread with gathering strength.

And there was her daughter, sucking a cock that she couldn't keep her own eyes off of. She wanted it so badly, wanted it slammed up her pussy, down her throat and up her ass.

She shuddered, fighting the lust that threat cried her very sanity.

"Oh yes!" Lana gasped, her mouth just over Clark's cockhead, her fingers working his shaft. "Oooohhh, come in my mouth, Clark! Come in my mouth!"

Imogene felt the scream rushing up inside her. She fought it, but it went on rising. Her throat opened, and she screamed.

Chapter SEVEN

"What do you want, bitch!" Clark yelled as his swollen, cock pushed in and out of Lana's hot wet mouth.

Imogene struggled against the bonds, her body tossing with such violence that the whale apparatus shook.

"Yaaahhhh!" she screamed, her head spinning as she gasped and screamed.

"What do you want, bitch!" Clark yelled, his cock thrusting into Lana's throat while her skillful fingers stroked his balls.

Imogene's shrieks echoed in the room. Her legs trembled and her pussy ran more juices.

"Tell me, bitch!" Clark shouted, his hands in Lana's blonde hair, his ass heaving his cock into her welcoming throat.

"You bastaaarrrrds!" Imogene screamed, her lovely tits thrusting out as she went berserk.

Adam strolled over, ignoring Donna and Scarlette, who were still sucking each other on the table while their asses were fucked by the two men.

Adam picked up one of the canes and went over to Imogene, holding it over her tits.

"What do you want, bitch?"

"Bastard, bastard!" Imogene shrieked, staring at him, at the cane, her eyes glassy with lust.

Adam lashed the cane across her tits, bouncing the glorious orbs.

"Uuurghhh!" Imogene's body thrashed, the agony bursting over her, sending her passion surging higher.

"Tell me how much you love that," Adam said, whipping her tits again, the thin line of pain so close to the other one that it looked like a single stroke.

"Urrrrghhh!" Imogene roared as the terrible lust burst like star shells from her whipped tits. Her body spasmed, and she thrust her tits out for the cane, screaming as it came down, beating more delicious agony into her flesh. "Bastard, bastard!"

Adam played with her. He stroked the cane over her tits, drawing the wood across her skin until she was gasping and moaning, sweat running off her face. Suddenly he raised it and lashed her tits hard, shaking her whole body.

"Aaagghhh!" she screamed, jerking, her lust surging higher.

The cane came back, stroking her tits, the thin wood drawing the most depraved and delicious sensations out of her body.

"Tell me how much you love it," he said softly, "and then you can have as much as you want. Won't that be wonderful?"

"You bastard," Imogene hissed, "you won't break me, you won't! I hate you, you bastard! I'm going to see you all in jail, bastard!"

She moaned, thrusting her tits out, but he held the cane softly on them, didn't whip her at all.

Adam laughed gently. "I'm not even sure I'll be able to control you when you know who you are. But we have to try, don't we?"

He lashed her tits with a couple of short, hard strokes and Imogene screamed to the roof, her body gyrating on the ropes.

"Now watch your daughter suck Clark off. Watch real good. You can have as many cocks like that as you want, lady, just beg for it."

"You shit, shit!" Imogene wept. The cane lay on her tits and, only a few feet away, her depraved daughter sucked Clark's cock into her throat as he rammed at her, rising to his point of no return.

"Fuuuuck!" he gasped. "She's got the best mouth I ever met, I swear it! Ooohhh fuck! Here it comes, baby! Give us a good show!"

Clark moaned and thrust harder into Lana's throat.

Lana gurgled with delight, her fingers tightening on his balls as she sucked the cum out of his cockshaft. Her blonde hair fell over her face as she buried the cock into her throat, working her muscles over it, driving him to the peak of orgasm. "I'm commmmming!" His hips jerked and his cock began spurting thick gobs of creamy cum.

"Ooohh, fuck, fuck!" he gasped. "It's coming, baby! Coming -- Aaahhhh! Ooohh, fuck, that's wonderful!"

Lana took the first jet of his cum in her throat and then moved her mouth back, holding his shaft, her fingers stroking the cum out in great thick streams. Some of the men gasped at her ability as she leaned back, holding his cock, jerking another thick jet of cum into her wide open mouth. Streaks of it ran over her cheeks and lips as she moaned with pleasure, sucking some of it down.

As the first jet hit Lana's mouth, Adam whipped Imogene, lashing the cane across her tits with a short hard blow. Imogene screamed, her tits erupting with hot hard passion. She saw the next stream of Clark's cum, and her body jerked as the cane whipped her tits. She screamed, her mouth watering, her pussy flowing hot juices.

She wanted the cum. Wanted it all over her mouth and up her cunt. She wanted to whip those men who just watched. And, most of all she wanted to beat her disgusting daughter, and Donna and Scarlette, all of them for submitting so easily, just objects for the men to fuck and whip.

Clark yelled with release as his cock streamed another wad of jism into Lana's welcoming mouth. Her wicked little tongue flicked out and took gobs of it in, licking it while her expert fingers worked his cockshaft and balls, easing the last of his load out.

Adam whipped Imogene each time the stream of cum jerked into Lana's mouth, timing the stroke with absolute precision, the cane lashing Imogene's nipples and tit-flesh at exactly the same moment the stream shot out of his cock. As Imogene screamed, she could see the cum pouring into her daughter's mouth and Lana's smug-looking face as she swallowed it all.

Imogene gave another scream of hopeless passion as her tits exploded with lust. She surged to the peak of a climax, and got left there. She shrieked in pain, twisting on the ropes, as Adam stood grinning at her.

"What do you want, bitch?" he asked. His cock was out and hard, that enormous ten inches of packed lust. Imogene stared at it, her body aching to have it buried in her cunt. Or her mouth, or ass, it didn't matter. In front of her, in a final display of depravity, Lana sank her mouth back over Clark's cock as it gave out the last of its cum. She moaned and sucked at it, caressing it to total satisfaction.

"Ooohh, baby!" Clark moaned. "That's wonderful, wonderful!"

"What do you want, bitch?" Adam asked.

"I'll beat the shit out of any one of those jerks back there!" Imogene yelled, her blood boiling. "But you won't let me free -- coward, coward!"

She writhed on the ropes as the men jeered and laughed.

Adam gave a slow smile. He turned to the men. "Anybody want to take up the challenge? You're on your own, you against her."

Bill stepped forward. He was young and confident, stroking his cock, getting it ready for Imogene.

"Give me the bitch," he said, his grin from ear to ear.

"Okay, Bill," Adam said. He went to Imogene and started untying the ropes. "If he wins, he can do what he likes to you."

Imogene panted, her eyes red with fury. She rubbed her wrists when she was down, then worked her ankles to get the circulation going again. Bill stood ten feet away, grinning nastily.

Imogene stood up straight and picked up a whip, a long-tailed one, with a short leather handle.

"What do you want?" she snarled at Bill.

"Oh, I don't need one."

"Get one!" Imogene hissed. "I don't want to be accused of cheating."

She was panting wildly, her whipped tits heaving on her chest.

"Okay," he said, "have it your way." He picked up one of the canes and flipped it in his hand. "Your ass is going to get this."

"It'll take a better man than you!" Imogene snarled and walked closer, flicking the whip. It moved perfectly, tossing out and cracking just as she wanted it to. The leather tail came back into her hand cleanly and she almost passed out at the rush of lust that it gave her. She moved closer to the man and he actually backed up a bit, a sudden look of nervousness on his face.

He rushed her. Quickly Imogene side-stepped him and lashed the whip around his legs.

"You bitch!" Bill roared as he sprawled on the carpet. "I'll whip your ass to shreds for that!"

He struggled up, but Imogene caught him again across the ass with the thin tail of the whip.

"Bitch!" he roared, and railed, but the whip followed him, lashing across his chest. "You whore!"

Imogene let him get to his feet, the red lines of the whip across his body. He held the cane out as if to protect himself as he circled her. Almost casually she flung the whip, and the tail flicked the cane out of his hand.

"You stinking cunt!" he roared, then rushed her again.

Imogene sidestepped and whipped him, lashing him to the floor, snapping the whip at his body as she shrieked and yelled. On his knees Bill tried to protect himself. As he gave a terrified shriek of pain, Imogene lashed him hard, beating him face-down on the carpet.

Slowly she walked over to him, very calm, smiling with delight. He lay there, whimpering, red whipmarks all over his body.

"Now," Imogene said, "you're going to be a good little boy and suck mommie's pussy."

"No, no!" he yelled. "Come on, you fuckers! Help me!"

"I told you before you started," Adam said, with a massive grin, "it's you against her."

Bill made one more attempt, rolling and grabbing for Imogene's legs. But the whip cut his chest and suddenly it was around his neck, drawing tighter as Imogene hauled him to his knees.

"Suck pussy, suck mommie's pussy," Imogene mumbled, her legs spread wide around his face.

"Fuck off!" he wailed, his face becoming red with the constriction of the whip.

Imogene unraveled the whip and stepped back, lashing him until he was rolling on the floor, trying to get at her, but failing, collecting only the leather tail across his flesh. He collapsed, wailing like a baby on the carpet.

Imogene knew she had him. Her pussy flooded with juices as she stepped up to the little wimp and ran her foot over his back.

"Ready to suck pussy?" she said sweetly.

He sobbed louder.

"Ready to suck mommie's pussy? I won't ask again."

"Yes," he mumbled.

"Say it again," Imogene said softly.


She let him turn over and get to his knees, his face, close to her wide-open cunt.

Imogene wound the whip around his neck. "Then suck mommie's pussy."

He was pulled in and began sucking Imogene's red-hot cunt. She gasped and came, her orgasms rolling over her with each run of his tongue up her cuntslit. She tightened her grip, the whip hauling him in.

"That's good," she purred, "keep it up. And get your cock up, baby, get it hard. I might want to use it."

Adam turned and grinned at Clark. "Fuck, that's incredible."

Clark grinned back. "Yup, but she's got to be controlled."

"That's up to you and me."

Clark nodded.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ!" said the man fucking Scarlette's mouth as he rammed it hard into her throat. "I never seen anything like that."

"Yeah," said his friend, "I wish this whore had something to offer like that, might get some action around here." He rammed his cock into Donna's shitter, his thick prick working over her walls like a piston. He slapped Donna's ass, but she just moaned, her mouth still working away on her daughter's cunt. "Shit, nothin' moves her!"

"Just fuck the shit out of her and be done with it," said the other man as he rammed his cock into Scarlette's hot ass. "I'm gonna shoot soon, then you can do what you want with her. Fuck, at least her daughter's got a real set of holes to fuck."

He increased his ass-fucking, ramming harder into Scarlette's hot shitter, his cock swelling as he got ready to shoot.

"Jeeeeezzz, that's nice!" he moaned. He pulled Donna's head away from Scarlette's cunt. "Suck your daughter better, whore! We're all getting tired of you, bitch!"

Donna moaned as her mouth was forced back onto the hard red bud of Scarlette's clit. She did her best, her mouth sucking as the huge cock slammed in and out an inch from her nose. The tingles of lust were still slowly pulsing through her. She moaned as her ass was reamed out by the cock thrusting high into her guts, in and out, the thick prick rubbing her anal walls.

"Ooohhh, yessss!" Imogene purred as she came on Bill's face, her pussy rubbing over his mouth, his face smeared with her pussy juices. "You might get good at this with some practice. Is your cock hard?"

"Mmmmmm!" He nodded frantically, his hand working up and down his cockshaft.

Imogene unwound the whip and stepped back. The men surrounded her and watched, their eyes bulging, watching the show compulsively.

"Oh, not bad," she said. "Stand up."

Bill struggled to his feet, his eyes cast down in shame. But his cock was throbbing and hard, and a drop of pre-cum juice bobbled on the end of it. Imogene slid her hand over his cockshaft.

"Hands off," she said, and Bill dropped his hand. Imogene stroked his cock, pulling the hard flesh, squeezing hard. "Not bad, now on the table."

She led Bill to the table by his cock, then pushed him onto his back. Smiling sweetly and keeping a firm hold on the whip, she slid her hot little cunt over his cockhead and sank down over the shaft. It wasn't the size of Clark's or Adam's cock, but it was a thick prick and her pussy needed one.

"Tell me when you're coming," Imogene said, wrapping the whip back round his neck. "I don't want a wimp's cum up my pussy. If you shoot in my cunt, I'll make you lick it all out. Got that?"

He groaned.

Imogene tightened the whip, cutting off his air. "Got that!"

"Yes!" he gasped as Imogene loosened the leather.

"Good," Imogene said and slowly worked her hot pussy over his cock, sliding up and down feeling the delicious sensations throbbing out of her cunt. She was going to ride him really hard.

"Ooohh yeahhhh!" the man ramming his cock Scarlette's tight little ass yelled. "Here it comes! Oooohh, fuck! Here it comes!"

He thrust harder, deeper, his balls slapping into Scarlette's ass with each great lunge of his cock.

"I'm gonna shoot up your ass, baby, won't you love that?"

Scarlette gave a shriek of pleasure, the cock reamed her out, surging and rasping over her shitter walls.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she screamed as she climaxed to the first hot jet of cum that splashed into her shiner walls. Her ass filled with cum as the man bellowed, his cock pouring white goo at the peak of each ramming fuck. She sucked her mother's clit into her mouth and bit down, her teeth chewing at the hard flesh.

Donna gave a low scream as her clit burned with the pain. Her ass jerked while the dim flame of lust burned brighter, her ass walls sucking at the cock heaving in and out. She fell away from Scarlette's clit, but the men were too far gone to notice.

Scarlette gasped as her ass erupted with more passion to the final beats of the shooting cock. She bit and chewed her mother's pussy, sucking the flesh in, her teeth rasping back and forth until Donna was screaming in pain, her ass tossing wildly, sucking in the ass-reaming cock harder and deeper.

"Ohhh fuck, yeah!" the man yelled. "I'm gonna come, you did it, babe!" He gave a low rumble of excitement and spanked Donna's ass, his hand beating down as his cock thrust in. "Uuuurrgggg!"

The first man eased his softening cock out of Scarlette's ass and leaned down, panting, his hands on the table top. "Keep her going until we're finished."

Scarlette did as she was told, sucking and biting at Donna's clit. The cock close to her nose throbbed and heaved with the cum bursting into Donna's ass.

Donna screamed as cum burst into her guts. Her clit erupted with more pain as Scarlette chewed at her pussy. She fell on her back as the cock in her ass shot thick creamy wads of cum, covering her walls as they trembled and shook.

But she didn't come, or get anywhere near a climax.

"Sheeeeit!" the man yelled as his cock poured out his cum into Donna's ass.

He leaned forward, gripped her tits and worked them, twisting her flesh while Donna lay on the table top, moaning and tossing to the stroke of his cock.

"You bitch!" he yelled as his cock gave out and just dribbled cum into Donna's tight ass. "Fuck, she still needs waking up!"

He pulled his cock out and slapped Donna's tits around before losing interest and walking off to get a drink.

Donna lay there and broke into sobs, her huge tits heaving against the hard wood of the table. Then, for the first time, she saw what had happened to Imogene, and she stopped weeping to stare.

Imogene rode Bill's cock, working it around in her hot pussy, her thighs gripping him hard, her hands keeping the whip coiled around his neck, just tight enough to keep him honest. He gasped and rolled, his whipped flesh sweating with the effort of satisfying the demanding woman above him.

"Ooohh, please, I'm going to come!" he moaned. "You told me to tell you."

"Fuck!" Imogene yelled and tightened the whip around his neck. "You fucking wimp! I haven't finished with your cock yet, wimp!" She twisted the whip and he gagged, struggling for air. "I'll make you lick it up, you fucking jerkoff wimp!"

"No, please, I'll get it hard again, you can use me, but not that!" he begged. "I'll suck your pussy as long as you like."

Imogene gave a scream of delight and pulled her cunt off his throbbing, heaving cock. She spun around and slammed her cunt over his face, mashing her pussy-flesh into his mouth.

"Suck me and beat off, jerk!" she yelled. "Come on, jerk off!"

Bill groaned, but his hand went down to his cock and worked it, jerking the hard flesh, while he sucked at Imogene's pussy as if his life depended on it.

"Beat off, wimp!" Imogene yelled as she came, her pussy pouring juices into his mouth. She held the whip tight, pulling his mouth hard onto her spasming cunt as she came, her body heaving in delight. "Yaahhh, that's it, shithead!"

Cum spurted out of Bill's cock, leaping through the air and splashing over his stomach. He groaned, his hand rubbing like fury, jerking all the goo out while his mouth sucked Imogene's pussy hard, his tongue swirling over her flesh. Another thick gob of cum splashed over his stomach and his cock gave out. Cum oozed from his piss-silt and over his hand as he moaned and collapsed on the table.

Imogene unwound the whip. "Not bad. I might even use you again."

He stared up at her with misty eyes.

"I never came that good," he whispered. "Please, use me again, I'll be a good servant, I really will!"

"Slave," Imogene corrected him shortly. She tapped the whip handle on his chest. "Maybe."

She ran the whip tail over his cum-smeared cock and belly. He groaned. His hand worked his prick and the first sign of new stiffness eased back into it.

"Maybe." Imogene smiled. She left him and walked over to Adam and Clark. The men parted in front of her. "I bet you didn't expect that."

"No," Adam confessed with an easy grin, "but not the way you think. Now we're going to go into a private room and discuss it. The rest of you have enough to keep you going."

He waved Imogene through and she followed Clark as if in a daze.

He opened a door and she passed into a smaller, but equally equipped room. Clark came in, then Adam. They stood watching her.

Imogene felt her breath getting short. She caressed the whip, eyeing them with a lust that was driving her out of her mind. She stared at their cocks, those massive thick rods that could fill her up. She wasn't frightened any more, just crazy with a passion that was peaking into a frenzy.

"Well?" Adam asked. "What's it going to be, bitch?"

Chapter EIGHT

Adam and Clark smiled.

Imogene trembled, her hand gripping the whip handle. Her legs went weak with desire.

"What do you want, bitch?" Adam repeated softly, grinning at her.

"You bastard!" Imogene wept and lashed him across the shoulders, her arm swinging with almost the last of her strength.

He didn't even flinch. "What do you want, bitch?"

Imogene saw the red weals the whip had raised in his flesh and she felt everything in her collapsing. She dropped the whip and started sobbing, her hands over her face.

"What do you want, bitch?" Adam repeated, the soft tones of his voice driving Imogene into near hysterics.

She dropped to her knees and crawled to them, tears rolling down her face. She groped up their legs, her hands reaching for their cocks, holding them while she slipped her soft mouth over each prick in turn.

"I want you to do what you want with me," she confessed, sobs wracking her whole body. "I'll do anything, anything you say!"

"Shall we see if that's true?" Adam held still as Imogene's fingers rolled over his cockshaft, caressing it, her hot mouth reaching for it.

"It is true!" Imogene reached up and ran her fingers over the weals on his skin. "Punish me for that! Punish me hard, really hard."

Adam smiled. "Clark and I are going to use you, any way we want."

"Yesssss!" Imogene sobbed. "Yes, please! Do it to me, please?"

She gasped and sobbed as they led her to a law bench. Clark lay down on the top, his cock sticking out like a flagpole. Imogene trembled, her pussy and mouth watering as Adam made her stand, her legs on either side of Clark's head.

"Suck him," Adam said. "And keep your ass up. Let's see if you can take this without having to be tied down."

Imogene sobbed as she bent over, her long legs stretching as she reached down and slid her mouth over Clark's cockhead, holding the shaft, sucking the thick warm flesh into her willing mouth.

"You do what you like to me," she wept, "but you never have to tie me down again. I'll take anything, anything!" She moaned and worked her lips deeper, sliding Clark's huge cockhead deeper into her mouth. She pushed and it went in, deep into her hot wet throat, bulging the sides out as she worked her mouth over it.

"Fuck!" Clark gasped. "Fuck, what a mouth." He reached up and held Imogene's head, thrusting his cock between her open lips. "You bitch! To hold out with a mouth like this -- ooooohhh, fuck!"

Tinogene gasped and eased her mouth back up Clark's cock. "I'm sorry I was such an whole. Come on, Adam, push me, for everything!"

She gave a shriek of passion as she felt the touch of a thin rod on her ass. Her ass writhed shamelessly for the pain that was coming. She heard the slight swish of the rod, then it lashed into her ass.

The agony was unbelievable, tearing through her body, making her gasp and almost faint before the full impact hit her. She screamed, ramming down on Clark's cock as the pain drove her to take the full length of his prick into her throat, her nose pushing into his cockhair.

And then the orgasm hit, bursting over her with twice the force of the agony. Her whole body shook. Her mouth opened wider, sucking at Clark's cock, her fingers clutching at his thighs as she came. She flung her head up, then thrust her ass out as the next blow drove, her to even greater heights of lust.

"Yesssss! Ooohh fuck, Adam, whip me! Whip me! Aaagghhh! Harder, ooohhh!" Her fingers pulled at Clark's cock before she rammed her mouth back down and up again, working her throat like a piston. "More, more! Whip me! I'll do anything for you, anything! Uurrghhhh!"

She rammed her mouth back down the length of Clark's fuck rod, sucking at it, her body writhing with the most depraved lust.

Adam lashed her, beating the thin rod into her ass until it was a crimson mass of beaten flesh, and still Imogene sobbed and begged for more. Her mouth sucked at Clark's cock, her ass circled, as if begging for the agony that drove her into climaxes that almost tore her body apart.

"Jeeeeeezzz!" Clark gasped. "She could suck the cap off a beer bottle! Fuck, I'm gonna come -- I can't stop!"

He grabbed Imogene's hair and held her, while his cock fucked in her throat, growing and swelling with each tight suck of her mouth.

Imogene went crazy with helpless passion. The rod whipped her ass, each beat sending her guttural screams bursting out from around Clark's cock as she begged for more.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Clark yelled and his cock spurted hot cum into Imogene's throat.

The jets of spunk sent her screaming out of control. She tried to hold the cum in her mouth so that she could roll it around, taste the salty juice before she swallowed it. She begged for more pain and she got it, a hard lash each time Clark's cock shot cum into her mouth.

She moaned, sucking at his cockhead, tasting the sticky goo, sucking more and more out, her mouth going berserk, her pussy running juices down her thighs. Another spout of jism burst into her mouth as the rod whipped her. She screamed, taking the cock right back down, filling her throat as the delicious agony burst over her body.

"God, ooohh fuck!" Clark yelled, his hands gripping Imogene's hair. His cock gave out the last of his cum, filling her mouth before the stream died away and his cock-silt just oozed salty juice while his still-hard prick ran up and down in her mouth.

"Nooooooo!" Imogene wailed. "Don't stop, not yet, please! Let me get him hard again, he'll whip me better."

She held Clark's cock, sucking at it, demanding that Adam keep up the whipping as the hardness came back into the throbbing prick. She gurgled and screamed with delight, her ass circling, her mouth sucking until Clark gave a gasp and pushed her away.

"If Adam doesn't get one of those, he's gonna bust a gut," he said.

Imogene moaned, her ass shaking, with desperate lust. "Whip me hard! Look what I did to you, you must punish me, you must!"

"Oh, don't worry, babe," Clark said, "we got big plans for you."

He got up and Adam took his place, his massive cock thrusting up and making Imogene's mouth water.

"Ooohhh!" she gurgled, running her fingers over the swollen shaft. "I wanted this so badly -- fuck, I did?"

She moaned and ran her mouth over the hard rod, sucking it for all she was worth.

"Oohhh, Clark, whip!" she begged. "Whip me! Whip meeeee!"

She thrust back and the rod lashed her ass driving the wonderful agony all over her body once more. She moaned and slid the ten inches of Adam's cock effortless into her hot wet mouth. She moved her head up and down over his cock, her throat sucking on his swollen prick, working it for the load of cum buried in it. Her ass jerked and heaved each time the rod cut into her, and her screams gurgled out as her fingers tightened on Adam's balls, her fingernails digging into his ball-sac.

"Jesus, you weren't kidding!" Adam gasped. "That mouth is incredible, un-fucking believable!" His cock fucked up into Imogene's throat, his balls churning with the cum he had to release. "Jeeeeeessss! I can't hold out much longer."

Clark lashed the rod across Imogene's ass, timing it to the peak of her hungry thrust upward. Her body shook and twisted as she licked Adam's balls, her fingers rolling the hard nuts in the fury of her lust.

Imogene's curly blonde hair tossed wildly as the climaxes surged over her, crashing through her body with each lash of the rod. Her mouth spasmed, her body heaved and she felt Adam's cock throb and swell with the approach of his orgasm.

"Fuck me!" he yelled. He fucked up into Imogene's mouth and his cock shot a thick wad jism into her throat. "Ooooohhh fuck!"

He gripped her hair and held her there as he shot, his cock emptying creamy streams of cum into Imogene's open, sucking mouth. Imogene took the load, her mouth demanding it all as she sucked and sobbed, her ass thrusting up, demanding the full weight of the thin rod as it lashed her swollen, beaten flesh. Gum filled her cheeks as Adam roared and thrust, his ass jumping up off the bench, his cock streaming spunk into her throat.

"Christ, she's incredible!" Adam roared as he fell back onto the bench, his cock still pumping jism, but in smaller streams. Imogene kept her mouth on his cockhead, sucking, her mouth filled with delicious cock and cum.

"Noooo, Clark, keep whipping me!" she screamed. "Not until he's hard again -- please! Please!"

Adam's cock was swelling even as she begged for the whip, but she made Clark keep it up until Adam's prick was clearly back to full size, fucking in and out between her lips with long slow strokes.

"Oooohhh!" Imogene sighed, her ass burning with the most delicious pain in the world. "What do I -- aaaggghhh! What do I have to do next?"

"Stand up," Clark ordered.

Imogene straightened up, her hands rubbing her asscheeks, moaning as the passion swept out of them at her very touch.

"Ooohh, what do I have to do to get that again?" she moaned, going over and clinging to Clark, her legs sliding over his thigh. "Just tell me what I have to do and I'll know -- ohhh, just tell me!"

He grinned and ran his hand over her ass too, driving her wilder with lust. "I won't have to tell you."

Imogene gasped and tried to climb up on his cock.

"Over to the ropes, you horny little bitch!" Adam snapped.

The command in his voice sent Imogene into another rolling climax as she staggered over to where the ropes hung from the ceiling. Without having to be told, she climbed up onto the low double platform and held the ropes, her legs spread wide.

Adam climbed up and ran his hand over her tits, his mouth close to her ear. "Do you want me to tie you up, or will you hold them?"

Imogene's stomach churned with excitement. "You can tie me up, any time you want."

"You're gong to get double fucked," Adam said, "cunt and ass."

Imogene felt her insides go soft with the most demanding lust in the world. "I can take it. I van take anything, and I want it all!"

She moaned in surging anticipation as Adam tied her up, then slid his cock to the entrance of her soaking wet pussy and pushed, his massive cockhead spreading her cuntal walls, sending thrills of passion through her body. Then Clark's cock moved to her ass and she gave a scream of pain as he pushed against her shitter.

"Oooohh, it hurts -- do it!" she moaned. "Come on! Give it to me, all of it!"

She held onto the ropes, lifting herself so that they could both get their fuck rods into position.

"Ooouuhhh, yesss!" she moaned as she felt Clark's cockhead push into the tight ring of muscles around her shitter. "Oooh, fill me up!" she screamed as they heaved together, a long, slow thrust that filled both her holes, the two enormous cocks filling her guts, stretching her pussy and ass walls to the limit, rubbing against the thin wall that separated them. She sighed in rising climax, her two holes sucking at the cocks for all she was worth.

"Ooohhh, fuck, how can I take just one cock after this?" she moaned. She let go of the ropes and hung around Adam's neck, lifting her legs so that both of them could sink their cocks deeper into her. "Fill me up! Fill me right up! I can't get enough -- I can't!"

She fucked up and down on the two cocks, her body thrashing with raging lust as she came and came.

"You want to keep getting two cocks?" Adam asked, his fucker working harder in her cunt, throbbing as her quivering cunt walls brought him close to shooting.

"Oooohh, yes, yes, yes!" Imogene screamed. "I'll do anything for you, anything! If you'll just let me have your cocks!"

She sobbed, her cuntal and anal walls throbbing around the invading pricks as they thrust up and down in her hot body.

"Like organize our entertainment division?" Adam asked, running his hands over her tits.

"What?" Imogene gasped.

Adam smiled. "We're expanding, and the way you handled Bill makes us think you can do it. You'd have to be very tough on wimps."

"Aaahhh!" Imogene sighed, her climaxes surging again.

"And train some more bitches for us," Clark gasped, ramming his cock higher in her ass.

"Oohhh, fuck!" Imogene gasped. "I'll do it!"

She came again.

"Just one thing," Adam said. "I know that shitty friend of yours can get it together, she's just fucking around. Make her come and the job's yours."

"You got it!" Imogene screamed. "Now, please, just fuck me! Please!"

She tossed wildly, her body throbbing with unrestrained orgasms. They held her up as she filled her cunt and ass with their cocks, their thick pricks penetrating deep, reaming out as Imogene shrieked in orgasm, her tits bouncing, her twin holes sucking on their pricks until they yelled together and began to fill her cum.

"Aaaaahhh!" she screamed. "Ooohhh, yessss! Gimme more, more!"

Cum exploded inside her body, smashing into her heaving shitter and pussy walls, oozing out as she pumped up and down, demanding the very last of their jism. Slowly the three of them came down -- their cocks pumping the last of their cum, but still keeping their rods in her body until she had worked herself to a state of satisfaction, cum running over her thighs and ass.

"Mmmmm!" she purred. "That was, almost worth the wait."

Adam laid her down on a table.

"What I need," Imogene said, "is some spiked heels."

"No problem," Clark replied, throwing open a closet.

Imogene gasped and her eyes widened. It was full of boots, black leather pants and everything she needed. "Oooh, boy! How about a shower and I'll be ready to make Donna come and clinch the deal."

Chapter NINE

The men gasped as the door opened. Adam and Clark were in robes. Imogene wore thigh length black boots with five-inch spiked heels, skin-tight black leather hot pants, a black leather vest that swung open the whole time to show her delicious tits, and a black cap. On her nipples were a pair of clamps, hanging almost like earrings.

"Keeps my pussy wet," she said to Adam as she screwed them tight and gasped with the delicious pain.

She strode through the crowd, heading for Donna, who sat on a table, weeping pitifully.

"Hey, bitch," said one of the men, blocking Imogene's path. "Bet you can't do it to me." He swung his own whip casually.

Imogene lashed her whip out, catching him across the chest. He roared and raised his arm, but already Imogene had her whip curling through the air and he yelled with pain as she pulled the whip out of his hand.

"Bitch!" he yelled and lunged for her.

Imogene lashed him to the floor, then pinned him with her heel, driving it hard into his back. Holding the whip high, she cut his body rapidly, beating his back and ass raw with hard strokes. He yelled and struggled, but he was subdued.

Imogene kicked him and he rolled, just in time to catch the whip right on his nuts. He screamed, his legs had drawn uptight as he clutched his balls.

"Come see me when you can take same pain!" Imogene snarled and walked off.

The men parted in awe before her as she strode up to Donna.

"Get those two," she said, pointing to Lana and Scarlette, who were trying to hide.

The girls screamed as they were hauled forward and strung up to Imogene's instructions, their hands bound, way over their heads, their feet lashed to bolts in the carpet, their legs spread wide.

"Mommy!" Lana wailed. "What are you doing!"

"Teaching you how things are going to be. Now, Donna we gotta talk -- get face-down over that table, now. Bill!"

"Yes, yes!" Bill answered, rushing up, his cock thickening as ho gazed at Imogene. "Oooohh, fuck! Please, let me beat-off looking at you, you look unbelievable!"

"Later," Imogene said, leaning closer. "I want you to do a job for me. Can you keep your cock hard and fuck her for me?"

"OOOOH, yes!" he moaned. He bent at the waist and licked his tongue out, running it around the nipple clamps Imogene wore, his hand jerking his cock.

Imogene let him lick her clamped nipples for a minute or so, until his cock was really hard and panting with lust.

"NOW, go and stick that in her cunt! And hold her tits out when I tell you!"

"Yes, yes!" Bill sighed.

Donna waited submissively as Bill slid his stock into her cunt. She gave a moan and lowered her head to the table.

Imogene patted her hair and pulled her head up. "You're gonna come, bitch, when I tell you. Got that!"

"Please, Imogene, please!" Donna wept. "I can't take it!"

"Bullshit! You take what I say you take." She reached down and worked Donna's nipples, pulling at them as her dark-haired friend sobbed and rolled on the table. "If this doesn't work. I'm gonna whip you and Scarlette until you do come. So don't be a cunt."

Donna sobbed as Bill worked his cock into her cunt, stroking his hard shaft over her pussy walls.

"No, please!"

"Okay," Imogene said. "Haul her up, Bill."

"No, no!" Donna wept as Bill pulled her head up by her hair and held her there, her massive tits thrusting out, still red from the earlier beatings. "Oohh, please, Imogene!"

Imogene swung the whip, lashing it back and forth, whipping the tail into Donna's tits on one side, and Scarlette's on the other. Donna's little daughter screamed, but she was soon tossing in that wild lust that Imogene knew so well.

Donna screamed, her body heaving against the table.

"Come on, whore!" Imogene worked the nipple clamps on her tits as she lashed her friend.

"Ooooh God, no!" Donna screamed, watching her daughter tossing on the ropes.

Imogene changed the direction of her beating, lashing Scarlette between the legs, driving the whip-tail into her pussy. Scarlette screeched in horror and came, her body twisting to the demands of Imogene's whip.

Donna wailed, staring at her daughter and Imogene, unable to believe what was happening. But something was breaking loose in her. It was a woman whipping her, a woman in black leather, more vicious than any of the men.

"Noooo!" she screamed, sucking em's cock into her cunt.

"Heyyy!" Bill yelled. "Keep it up! You've got her!" He gazed adoringly as Imogene as she lashed the whip into Donna's aching tits.

"Come on, bitch!" Imogene yelled. "Come for me, or else!"

She lashed the whip around Donna's tits and her dark-haired friend suddenly broke. She lunged up, tossing on the table as her body exploded with lust.

"Come on, bitch!" Imogene screamed, seeing everything falling into place. "Confess, bitch! You're coming!"

Donna screamed, her body finally releasing, letting her orgasms surge out. "You cunt, I'm coming, bitch, bitch!"

She screamed and heaved, weeping helplessly ass he came, her body going wild on the table.

"Just needed a woman's touch," Imogene said as Adam came up.

Adam smiled. "When can you start?"

Imogene laughed and lashed her spasming friend while Bill yelled and released a stream of hot cum in her cunt.

"Well," she said, "I want to spend the rest of the weekend getting these three bitches in shape. Then we can start to organize."

"Shit," Adam replied, "you got it!"


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