Bondage girl

In the past, people with diversified sexual tastes have felt the need to hide their so-called "deviant" or "aberrant" proclivities often; those individuals with seemingly unusual sexual appetites have deemed it essential to deny the pleasure derived from experiencing their actual desires.

However, some recent psychological studies have demonstrated that it may indeed be psychologically healthier to confront and accept one's true passions, regardless of how strange they may appear to others.

BONDAGE GIRL is the story of Sandy Kramer, a strong-minded businesswoman who, having long suppressed her sensuous nature, finally overcomes her dilemma, and, as a result, discovers her true self.

Chapter ONE

He had a hard-on. She looked again at the man standing in front of her and almost laughed in his face. Sandy Kramer felt nothing but contempt for this mouse of a man. He hardly merited her attention. But she figured that, since she had caught him embezzling money, she could play it for all it was worth and get her rocks off at the same time.

"You're pathetic," she said, her voice icy with scorn. "I don't know how a human being like you survives. Can you hold your head up at all? Damn it, you dumb cocksucker, answer me!"

"Yes," he said, but his voice was weak. He folded his hands in front of his crotch to hide his hard-on. The more he tried to keep his prick down, the harder it got. He didn't understand why this should happen. Of all the account executives at Marrick, Vickers and Woodward stock brokers, why did it have to be this bitch who found his book-juggling? Sandy Kramer had the reputation of being the coldest, meanest, most nasty-tongued of all the executives.

Still, something about this woman aroused the man sexually. She hadn't reached her high position without being domineering and heartless. He couldn't keep his hard-on a secret from her much longer. If she continued berating him and telling him what a worthless piece of shit he was, he night even come in his pants.

"You're lousy too. You can't even steal and do it right. What good are you? No good!" she raged. She felt her tits begin to rise and fall as she worked herself into a rampaging anger. It felt good. She knew her tits were enticing the man and causing his cock to stiffen.

To torment him further, she leaned forward at her desk to give him a good look at the tops of her creamy tits. She never wore a bra. She had found that it gave her an added advantage when dealing with men. They couldn't take their eyes off her tits long enough to figure out she was fucking them over in whatever business deal they were negotiating.

Sandy was very proud of her tits. She knew that her tits were absolutely splendid and she did anything she could to flaunt them. Bigger than a mouthful, her tits were silky and conical and capped with hard nipples which made some men almost blow their wads just seeing them poking hard against the thin blouses she wore.

The woman shrugged her shoulders, managing to get the top button of her blouse undone. The sides of her tits were clearly visible to the man she and run a hand down her warm and wanton cleavage and to enjoy the female warmth she had to offer.

If only he were man enough to do it.

He stood in front of her, staring, his mouth gaping slightly. He fumbled around at his crotch, frying vainly to hide his erection from her. She would have laughed at him, except she found her breath coming faster and her cunt beginning to feel the sensation of sexual arousal.

"You lousy, stinking piece of shit. You're not good enough to lick my shoes!" She moved slightly so that her shoe could be seen at the edge of the desk. The woman raised her skirt a bit to further torture her victim. Her trim leg, neatly clad in nylon, would have given a hard-on to a statue. The flesh-and-blood man in front of her bit his lower lip.

"Please don't turn me in to Mr. Hunt! He'll fire me. I... I need the job. I have a wife and three kids. What'll they do if I get fired for stealing?"

"You should have thought of that before you took the money." She noticed his furtive glances toward her shoe. She stretched her leg out, thrust her foot toward him and repeated, "You're not good enough to lick my shoes."

He got the message. He turned white, and then dropped to his knees. A cruel smirk appeared on her face as he took her foot in his hand. He didn't want to do this, but he didn't want to get fired, either. He might even end up in jail if they found out exactly how much he had embezzled in the past three years.

The woman thrust her foot toward his face. He gulped and started licking the soft leather uppers of her right shoe. She immediately jerked it from his grasp and snarled, "Not the top, you fool. The sole. I want you to lick the sole of my shoe!"

He swallowed hard again and went back to his degrading task. She put her left foot on his shoulder and leaned back, her legs spreading slightly and giving him a quick glimpse of smoky, nylon-covered thighs and the hint of her pussy. He licked faster, cleaning the sole of her shoe as though his tongue were some sort of brush.

Sandy almost laughed out loud then and there, but that would have broken the mood. She enjoyed this. Men were such bastards that it made her feel good when she could get the upper-hand on one of them. Men had nothing but sex on their minds. Fuck, fuck, fuck. That was all they thought of when they looked at a woman.

She would show them. She had brains as well as a voluptuous body. And not one of those pieces of shit would ever stuff his prick into her cunt and fuck her. She would fuck them all over, but none would ever get to her. She was smart and ruthless. She had clawed her way to the top of this brokerage firm. No one knew the stock market better than she, nor was anyone able to invest the millions that flowed through the office very year and turn a better percentage profit. She had only been with the firm for two years and already she had worked her way up to the second highest position in this office. One day, she would have Paul Carmody's job. If she had to lie and steal and cheat and fuck over every man in the office, she would do it.

She turned her attention back to the man at her feet. She took her left foot off his shoulder and presented it to him. "This one has a dirty sole, too." She wiped the sole of her right shoe on his shirt while he licked away, his tongue working like a scrub brush. The woman carefully allowed him another quick look at her pussy. It was clear to him by now that she wore only pantyhose. Panties were a waste of time in her busy, high-pressure world, just as bras were.

"How far will you go to keep your job?" she asked.

"Anything!" he quickly answered, immediately regretting it. This was a cold-hearted cunt that would stop at nothing.

"Kiss my ass," she commanded. She stood, hiked up her skirt and pulled down her pantyhose. Her gleaming white ass reflected beautifully in the room.

"Wh-what?" he said.

"Kiss my ass, you shit-brained moron. Kiss it!" She felt his trembling fingers stroking the trim curves of her buttocks. His fevered fingers started to pry apart her tightly-clenched ass-cheeks, but a quick twitch of her rear end stopped that. She didn't want his fingers on her ass. She wanted his lips kissing her. "Kiss my ass!" she repeated.

This time he instantly obeyed. She laughed aloud. She felt a great surge of power. Never had she held a man so totally under her thumb as she did this junior executive. He would do anything at all, to keep his job. She loved the feeling of complete dominance.

He kissed her ass again before she could hike up her pantyhose and turn around to face him. The look on his face showed both fear and desire. She knew she had him firmly on the hook and wasn't going to let him off. Not now.

"Pull my panty hose back down with your teeth and lick my cunt. I want you to taste a real woman's pussy."

Even his teeth seemed to tremble. He inched forward and gripped her ass, but she batted his hands away. He got the message. Only his teeth were to touch her pantyhose and only his lips and tongue could caress her flesh. Anything else was not allowed.

She felt his hot breath coming in short spurts. The hot air rippled through the tangled mat of her pussy and made her sigh. This was more exciting than anything she had done in a long time. Knowing she could make this man do anything she wanted sent electric sparks of carnal desire shooting into her belly.

When he finally managed to pull her pantyhose down over the flaring curves of her ass, she was ready for him. Her legs drifted apart to allow him to bury his face in her pussy. She moaned softly as his tongue ran up and down the length of her well-oiled cunt-slit. A man's mouth working against her cunt-lips was nice, but having him do it when he would have preferred to simply leave made it all the more thrilling for her. She was in complete command of him. Her every wish was literally his command!

"Faster, lick my cunt faster!"

His rough, pink tongue moved between her pussy-lips and probed up into her cunt. She spread her legs apart just far enough to allow him to really get his tongue into her. Let him strain awhile. She enjoyed this immensely and didn't care if he ended up with aching jaws. All that mattered was how hot she felt.

Her cunt boiled inside. She propped her ass on her desk and sobbed slightly as the man's tongue began reaming her out. He moved it back and forth in her pussy with some authority, so she felt she could harass him.

"Not there, you Goddamn jackass. Are you more used to sucking cock than eating out a woman? What's the matter with you, fuck-head?"

"N-nothing! Just tell me wh-what you want!"

"Your belt."

"What? I don't understand." His cock was pressing against his pants now. He wanted nothing more than to whip his prick out and stand up, stuffing it into her juicy cunt which was spread so invitingly before his face. But he couldn't do that. She didn't want him fucking her. She wanted him to eat pussy. She had the knowledge that could send him to jail, so he had to obey her every command.

"Give me your fucking belt. Don't even the simplest of words mean a Goddamn thing to you?"

He pulled his broad black leather belt out of his pants and held it up to her, wondering what she intended to do with it. He found out in a hurry.

The first blow was light. She wanted to get the feel of the leather before she really used it on him. "Get back to licking my pussy, shit head. Now, damn you, now!" She used the belt with more authority, like a whip. The belt landed with a stinging slap across his shoulders. As he went back to work on her cunt, she applied the belt with more and more gusto to his broad back.

Watching him cringe was only part of the thrill for her. She felt her pussy chum out its thick oils every time the belt bit into his flesh. His tongue worked with greater speed on her cunt now. He even worked up and down her pussy lips so that she felt warmth growing inside.

The sexual tensions mounting in her body would erupt into orgasm if he kept up his tonguing long enough. She continued to whip him. She moved her blows down and found his ass. The man's flabby buttocks rocked every time she landed a hard enough blow. She guessed that ugly red marks were appearing on his buttocks. Perhaps she had even bruised his flesh with her whipping.

The idea that she was so completely in control excited her even more than the tongue-fucking he was giving her pussy. His rough, pink tongue reamed her out deeply enough to excite her, but nothing made her gasp and moan in pleasure like the knowledge of her supremacy.

She was "only a woman", they'd said. Only a woman, but she could dominate any man. She whipped him harder and screamed, "Use your Goddamn tongue on my clit, you ignorant scumbag. Haven't you ever had a woman before? Are all your lovers queers? Or do you have any lovers at all? Do you beat your meat to some sleazy magazine? I bet you can't even get a woman to look at you, you son of a bitch."

His tongue exploded in a wild frenzy of licking. Then he moved so that he could apply his mouth to her pussy and suck. When he did, she thought her guts would flow out of her cunt. The sucking was like heaven to her. She had become more and more horny sitting behind her huge desk making decisions, spending millions of dollars, doing all the things a high-powered executive at a brokerage firm had to do.

"Faster, lick me faster!" She beat him with his belt until she knew his back must look like a piece of chopped meat. It didn't matter any more. All she cared about was the wondrous way he applied his mouth to her cunt-lips and tongued the puffy ridges. Her blood-engorged cunt-lips pulsed mightily now.

His tongue lightly flicked across her clit. The tiny organ had finally poked its sensitive head up. The man's tongue dashed around her clit a few times, then stroked with feathery touches all the way to the pointy tip. That set off her orgasm.

Her climax rocked her hard and she couldn't keep from shrieking. Sandy vaguely worried that her secretary might look in and see what was going on, but it didn't really matter. The woman could keep her mouth shut. She had worked with the male executives in the company for a long time. She was used to them knocking off a piece during their lunch hour. She was probably glad it wasn't her ass they were after now that she had Sandy for a boss.

She shivered and moaned louder. "My poor little clittie. Give it a good tongue-lashing!" As she mouthed the last word, she renewed her beating with the harsh leather belt. Whipping him stoked her own passions. The feel of his tongue all over her pussy was nice, but the muscular exertion of beating him with his belt really set her off. She came several times in quick succession.

She would have staggered and fallen if it hadn't been for the desk pressing into her ass. She perched herself on the edge of the desk and spread her legs a bit wider. This tightened the skin around her cunt and made the sensations of the man licking and kissing her more intense. She came again. This time she couldn't keep beating him with the belt. Her muscular control was shot to hell by the power and suddenness of her orgasm.

The woman realized the man was getting the upper-hand on her. As long as he thought he controlled her with his tongue, he wouldn't feel put down. He might even learn to ignore the pain she inflicted as she beat him with the broad leather strap.

She couldn't tolerate the thought. His tongue felt good as it licked at her cunt. When his hot breath made the fleecy fur of her pussy-mound stir, it pushed her passions almost to the breaking point. And the light caresses and kisses of his soft lips against her throbbing clitoris would send her into a sexual high again and again. She must put a stop to this at once.

Lifting her foot, she kicked him away from her. The cool air of the air-conditioned room blew across her super-hot pussy. She shivered from the coldness and momentarily wondered if she'd done the right thing. His mouth had felt so damned good.

Too damned good. She was beginning to forget that she was the one in control. She couldn't permit him even the slightest hint that he could dominate her by using sex. Sex was her weapon, the weapon she employed so well to get to the top of the heap.

"You disgust me. You're no good even when it comes to something simple like eating pussy. Maybe you can jerk off. That should be something you can handle." She laughed at his shocked expression. He had her thick, cunt-oils on his lips and the slight froth was only starting to dry up. But his shocked-look was the most precious of all for her.

She commanded, he obeyed. That was the way she wanted it and that was the way she got it. He stood up. His knees were as shaky as hers felt. He looked down at his thick bulging prick and asked in disbelief, "You want me to beat off?"

"Yes, yes," she said, impatiently. "Do it. Now!"

He rushed to take out his prick. He had felt his cock tenting his trousers ever since the woman had begun to taunt him from stealing all that money. He pulled his cock out and held it firmly in his hand. For a moment, he thought she might come over, take his prick into her mouth and give him head.

Instead, she turned and moved the thick leather belt so that it went between her legs. She held the belt so that she could pull it across her cunt. He watched as she began to move the belt. The black leather was soon coated with her cunt-juices.

"Damn it, jerk off!" she screamed.

His hand started moving slowly up and down his cock. She licked her lips as she watched. His cock wasn't the tiny one she'd imagined this zero of a man might have. It was a good seven inches long. He was well hung for being such a mousy accountant. The thick bulb at his cock-tip pulsed visibly above his hand. She felt her arousal returning, speeding up her heartbeat.

The veins on his prick pulsated. The big vein on top appeared ready to explode as he moved his hand faster and faster. The expression on his face was on that she would cherish for a long, long time. He was as confused, scared and horny as she was.

She moved the belt between her legs with greater authority now. It felt good rubbing against her cunt-lips. The love-juices seeping from her pussy made it slippery. The friction of the belt against her flesh warmed her snatch. She found just the right angle to draw it over her pussy-mound so that it rubbed and stimulated her clit.

Every trip back and forth made her gasp in joy. She got off on this more than she had thought. The sight of the man's hard, thick prick jerking around in front of his body was delightful enough, but knowing she forced him to beat off was great.

"Faster!" she yelled. "I want to see that ugly cock of yours spurting onto the rug!"

He moved his hand faster. She quickened the tempo by pulling the belt back and forth across her cunt even faster. It was almost as though he were fucking with a cock ten feet long. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the wonderful sensations in her body.

The smooth black leather belt rubbing all over her cunt-lips made her tremble with excitement. The sight of his prick bulging so big and hard in the man's hand did something to her that she couldn't define. She loved her dominance of the entire situation. She had power, real power, and she enjoyed using it.

She gulped and moaned as she came again. The woman pushed a strand of her jet-black hair from her eyes focused on the man's prick just as it erupted. The white gob of jism shot into the air and spattered onto the floor in front of her desk. She stroked the belt back and forth over her cunt a couple more times to get the maximum sensation out of it. Then she stopped.

Sandy pulled up her pantyhose and smoothed her skirt. She settled back into her big executive chair and looked at the white spot on her rug where he had come.

"Lick it up before it stains," she commanded. The horrified look on the man's face sent an electric-like surge into her pussy again. She loved being the dominant one!

Silently, he dropped to his hands and knees and licked up his come from the floor. She smiled, then sneered at him as he rose to face her again.

"It's all done. Can I go?"

"Here's your belt. And you're fired. I can't afford to have thieving accountants on my staff."

"But you said..."

"I said nothing," she cut him off. "I promised you nothing. You are so Goddamned stupid you didn't realize what you were agreeing to."

"I'll get you for this," he snarled, putting his belt back through the loops of his pants.

"How? Will you tell the cops that you licked my shoes and let me beat you with your own belt. Tat I forced you to jerk off? So what? Even if they believe you, it's you who's the crook. I didn't steal a Goddamned cent from this company. If anything, I've made them millions. Now get the hell out of my sight! You disgust me."

He turned and stormed out. Sandy Kramer smiled as he left. She leaned back in her leather chair and put her feet up on her desk, smiling lazily as she stroked her wet cunt. It had been a good day so far.

Chapter TWO

"God, even my tongue gets hard when I watch her walk," said Paul Carmody. His eyes fastened on the provocative sway of Sandy's ass as she walked to the water cooler. "Just once I'd like to get into her pants and fuck the living hell out of her."

"Fat chance, old man," said Del McDonald, Carmody's chief assistant. "The word is that she's a cold fish. She doesn't put out for anybody. And you haven't even been giving her the old routine. I think you know she's a lost cause."

Paul couldn't take his eyes off the woman as she leaned forward to fill her tiny paper cup. Everything about her made his prick stir and twitch. The luscious globes of her ass pushed firmly against her tight knit dress. The way her big firm tits stuck up made his mouth water. He could see her nipples pressing hard against her blouse. He wondered whether she was always sexually aroused or if she used ice cubes on those tiny nipples. No woman could have nipples so erect and hard all the lime without either thinking sexy thoughts or playing with herself.

"She's an iceberg, Paul. Give up and go fuck your secretary or something. Angela's one hell of a fine-looking broad. You can't tell me you don't knock a little off on the side there, huh?"

"Sure, sure, Del. You know how it is with us big-time executives. All the time fucking. When do you think we get our work done?"

"Uh, during lunch?" the man laughed. "Got to run, Paul. I've got a big deal coming up with one of the mutual funds. They're talking about dropping ten-million dollars if I find the right bond fund for them."

"The tax-free municipals are a good bet for them," said Paul. "Not much return, but they don't have to pay all those Goddamned federal taxes."

"Yeah, I know. I wish I had ten-million to invest. Shit, for that matter, I wish I had a ten-million!"

"Me too." Paul dismissed his assistant and went back to eyeing Sandy.

She knew that he was watching her. Sandy always swung her ass in a sexy way whenever there were men around to admire her. She liked to see them drool and get hot looking at her.

Paul's mind drifted away. He thought of how great it would be to grab Sandy and bend her forward. Her legs would spread tide enough for him to poke his prick into her cunt. At first, she would fight. The more she struggled, the more turned on they both would become. She couldn't possibly hope to fight him off. He was too strong. Besides, his iron-hard prick would already be up her seething hot cunt.

His cock would steal come of her desire to struggle. He would fuck her hard, using long, brutal strokes. She would beg for more, and he would give it to her.

Paul felt sweat break out on his forehead. His mouth became dry and his hands trembled slightly. Damn! Why did he let that iceberg of a woman get to him? She had shut down every guy in the office. She was a cold bitch.

She sure didn't fuck around with any of the staff. She was an aggressive woman, but, he couldn't figure out what made her tick. Getting ahead was one thing, but she seemed to want to do it without having any fun along the way.

Paul sighed and turned as Sandy returned to her private office. He hadn't been able to fuck her the entire time she'd been in the office. He didn't really know why. He wasn't that much afraid she'd shut him down. Her chilly manner made her a prize worth more than any of the others. He wanted to make his pitch at just the right time and fuck the hell out of her.

She was a lot like him in some ways that he couldn't quite put into words. Maybe that was why he bided his time. When everything was just right, he'd know it. And he didn't want to fuck things up before them.

Paul went into his office and sat down in a chair only slightly larger than the one Sandy occupied in her office. He was the branch manager, but she was the head of his most important division. Together they handled all the major accounts and racked up millions a year in sales for Marrick, Vickers and Woodward. Paul had to hand it to Sandy Kramer. She knew how to flaunt her tits and ass to the right men. She always sold more than any of his other salespeople.

He tried to work, but found his mind drifting back to the seductive sway of her perky ass. He couldn't get her ass out of his mind. All he could think about was Sandy's tight ass, tasty-looking tits, and well-fleshed thighs.

"Shit," he sighed as he pressed his intercom button. "Angie, get that sweet ass of yours in here."

"Right away, Mr. Carmody? I have a lot of typing to do." He cursed under his breath. She knew he was hornier than hell. She probably was too, but Angela enjoyed playing these little mind games. He'd show her but good.

"I said move that ass of yours. Now!" He took his finger off the button to find Angela already inside his office door.

He studied her as if for the first time. She wasn't a bad-looking chick, he had to admit. He couldn't really get a knockout for a secretary or his wife would bitch, but Angela seemed just right for a compromise.

She was a little plain, but that was mostly due to the way she dressed and wore her hair. He had seen her really fixed up and looking great. Her face had a classical beauty and her pale complexion turned him on. Her pouting lips promised more than he was likely to get, but the bold thrust of her tits pleased him immensely. The womanly flare of her hips and her meaty ass always set his prick to jerking around inside of his pants.

"You rang, master?" Her voice was small. She sounded frightened.

He noticed the term she had used. In their business dealings, he demanded that she call him Mr. Carmody. When they were fooling around in his office, she enjoyed a dominance trip. She was willing to play when she addressed him as "master".

"Shut up, slut!" he snapped. He stood and came around the desk and stared at her for a moment. Then he said, "Well, why aren't you taking off your pantyhose? Do I have to tell you everything?"

"Yes, master," she said meekly, but she was already bending forward to slip her fingers under the elastic band and work the filmy stockings over the bulge pf her ass. She knew better than to try sitting down when she did this. He enjoyed seeing her move and turn.

He yanked the pantyhose from her fingers the instant she had gotten them off her feet. Without a word, he took a handful of her red hair and brutally pulled her head back.

"You'll have to be taught to obey me faster."

"Please, master, don't punish me. I'll do better in the future. I promise that I will!" Her voice trembled slightly in anticipation of what he would do to her. All her pleas meant nothing if he truly wanted to discipline her.

"I'll do any damned thing I want to you, you dumb cunt!" he shouted. Looking at the woman's green eyes, he quickly wrapped her pantyhose around her hands, tying them together. He released his grip on her hair and she fell to her knees, sobbing.

"Please! I'll do anything you want. Anything at all!"

"Of course you will. You'll dolt because I order you to!"

She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with desire. She licked her lips and panted, "How can I please you, master?"

"Suck my prick until it's hard."

She fumbled with his zipper. Her tied hands made it difficult for her to run it down the metallic track, but she succeeded. She had to. Her master had commanded her.

The cock snapped out of his pants, already erect. She hastily took it into her mouth and began giving the best head she could. With her breath coming in short, quick gasps, Angela was hardly able to restrain her rampaging emotions.

The man sighed at the wet feel of her soft, ruby lips all over the thick knobby head of his prick. She was giving him a good blow-job. She always did. Angela was one of the best cocksuckers he'd ever gotten as a secretary. But she had to be persuaded to do it right. She simply didn't drop down and stuff prick into her mouth whenever he wanted. The only way she seemed to get hot was when he bossed her around, tied her up and abused her verbally.

The words he used were designed to make her even hotter. "You stupid slut. You call that sucking? I want you to give me head. Really suck on my cock. None of this half-assed stuff you're doing now. Suck, suck damn you, suck!"

She sucked, harder now, with more insistence. He found the sensations ripping away at his control. His balls tightened. His jism demanded release. He held it back. It wouldn't do to come in the woman's sucking, hot mouth. Not yet. First, he wanted to convince her he was the master and she was only a willing slave to his desires.

He took a step back. His prick slipped from between her soft lips and she almost fell on her face. She had to support herself with her stocking-bound hands. Angela looked up, questions in her eyes.

"Not good enough," he told her in a tightly-controlled, level voice. He marveled at how well he did it. Inside, he was churning and dancing with lust. Her wet, sucking mouth on his prick had done it to him. But he didn't want to show it. Not until he was ready to come.

"Wh-what do you want me to do?"

"Suck it harder. Damn it! If I have to show you everything, I'll be forced to whip your naked ass. Do you want that?"

She did. But she obediently inched forward and took his balls in her cupped hands. She kissed and brushed her lips over his balls. When she fluttered her eyelashes against his cock, he almost came. The fluttery sensation was very arousing.

Then she moved back down the shaft of his cock. She licked and lightly nipped at his flesh, arousing his cock to the point where he would explode if she continued.

"How disgusting," he announced, his voice dripping with scorn. "I thought my slave could give better head than that. Any twelve-year-old virgin could suck cock better."

"But, master," she pleaded, "give me another chance!" Her tied hands and sad look really turned him on. If he didn't get into her cunt and start fucking her soon, he was going to come, spurting into her hair and face.

For a second, he considered doing just that. Then his desires got the better of him. He had to get on her and ride.

"On your feet," he snapped, his voice brooking no disobedience. She hastened to do his biding. As soon as she was erect, he shoved her forward. She was barely able to catch herself as she fell. Her hands landed with a resounding smack on his oak desk, her feet were placed well behind her body. Her stomach muscles strained to keep her from collapsing on the floor.

"Stay like that," he said. He looked at his bound secretary and smiled. She presented such a beautiful figure, tied up as she was. He felt his prick stir with new lust for her.

"Please, master, my arms are shaking. Can't I move my feet in closer to the desk?"

"No." He moved behind her and hiked up her tight skirt until it was rolled around her waist. The woman wore frilly panties. He hated to do this to such sexy undies, but his need was too great to wait for her to pull them down. He moved between her well-spread legs and aimed his prick directly for the panty-hidden cunt-hole.

His prick smashed into her soft, sexy panties. He felt the wetness that had already oozed from her pussy. She was wet and ready for him to fuck her. He drove his prick upward again, struggling against the thin fabric that kept him from driving all the way up into her cunt. He wanted his prick fucking hard into that cunt. Nothing less would do.

She groaned every time he battered against her panties. She felt the strain in her belly muscles from her unnatural position. But she wouldn't have moved even if her life depended on it. What he was doing to her pussy was too delightful.

Even if she wanted to stop him, she couldn't have done so. With her hands bound and in her awkward position, she was totally helpless. Moreover, she felt a surge of desire blasting through her body with every thrust of his prick.

Her panties prevented his cock from entering her pussy. But the way her clit struggled to rise made her pleasures soar. The material of the lacy panties stretched tightly over her cunt, rubbing against it, stimulating it. Every fucking stroke sent new tremors of desire through her body. She heard the cunt-juice-soaked material begin to rip. She didn't care in the least.

All she wanted was more prick.

As her panties gave way and the blunt head of his prick touched her blood-engorged pussy-lips, she came. The woman's clit got a full dose of the rubbing, driving stimulation as her cunt tightened.

She moaned and shook. Her arms and legs went weak. She started to sink to the floor, but she found a hard, rigid shaft of cock inside her, supporting her, making her stay in place.

"Shit," he groaned. "What a cunt!" Then, as if realizing this were not the role he should be playing, he added, "It's floppy. Does every guy in this fucking place stick his cock up your drippy cunt?"

"N-no, master," she stuttered. The effects of his hot prick inside her cunt was beginning to make her tremble again. Again she wanted to feel the friction of his cockhead against her pussy-walls. She wanted -- needed him to fuck her.

"You lie. I'll have to punish you for lying to me!" He ran his hands between their bodies. His fingers gripped harshly at the smooth curves of her ass-cheeks. She groaned and drove her ass backwards under the pressure, trying to get more of her flesh into his hands. The way her skin tightened around her clit and cunt made his prick feel gigantic.

"Fuck me, fuck me haaaaaard!"

He grunted. He felt her cunt begin to tense up around his cock. The woman's cunt-walls became tighter and tighter. All along the length of his swollen cock, he felt rippling sensations. As he pulled his prick out, a sucking noise filled the room.

The woman heard the sound. The noise turned her on, but the exit of his prick wade her hornier than ever. She wanted his prick back inside her hot pussy.

She felt his hands brutally twisting her buttocks. He seemed to be trying to rip the fleshy mounds of ass-cheek from her body. She went crazy with lust as he tightened the skin around her clit by pulling on her firmly-fleshed ass.

She came again.

His prick waited to enter her deep cunt. The froth of cunt-juices boiling from within her convinced him to drive his cock back into her cunt. He drove back in with a hard stroke that rattled the woman's teeth. He ground his prick into her pussy, feeling his long, hard cock push deep inside her hot, juicy cunt. When he would hardly keep his come back, he pulled out with a quick stroke.

Her passionate climax ripped all of her sensations apart and put them back together in a crazy-quilt of desire. She hardly knew what was happening. She pulled hard at the stockings holding her wrists together. They didn't give. This increased her joy tenfold. She fought as hard as she could but still he controlled her.

He began to drive into her again, his cock stretching her tight cuntal walls to the breaking point. Deep inside, he rotated his prick around, then drove into her with great speed. The fucking pace picked up and soon he was giving it to her full bore.

She felt the friction of his prick along her cunt. The feel of his body so close to her ass added to her arousal. His hands pulling hard at her ass-flesh made her weak, but filled with desire. When he reached around her body and began lightly stroking across the tip of her erect clit, she blew apart in a fantastic climax.

The man grunted as he felt the velvety walls of her pussy crush down along his cock. Convulsed with her orgasm, he found it required all his strength to pull back out.

"Never felt a cunt so Goddamned tight," he moaned. He moved his hands restlessly all over her buttocks. His fingers sought out her clit and teased it until it pulsed and throbbed mightily against the tips of his fingers. Then he drove his prick back into the seething depths of her cunt.

His prick moved way up into fret pussy. His balls banged against her cunt-lips. For the first time, the man wished the woman's hands were free. Then she would be able to reach back between her legs and fondle his balls. But he knew it wasn't possible to release her now. The fucking had started with her as his bound slave and that was the way it would have to end.

He felt his balls tighten as another come tightened her pussy. He let go of her slippery little clit and moved his hands until they were under the woman's body. He picked her up bodily so that her feet left the floor and her legs were firmly caught under his arms. Her only other support was her bound hands pressed into the top of his desk.

He began fucking her from this position. He felt the heat and tension all along his throbbing cock. He fucked faster, letting her body dip and then pulling it back toward his crotch.

She came. Once... twice... three times in succession. One come had barely died when another smashed through her body. She cried and moaned and begged him to stop. He fucked her even harder.

"Oh, no, please, no mooooore! My body's worn out! You can't fuck me any more! Please! Aaaaieeeee!"

He paid no attention to her pleading. It didn't matter to him one way or the other. She'd already gotten off more times than he could count. His own desires mattered the most now. He drove his meaty prick in and out of her cunt at a fantastic pace.

He felt her cunt squeeze down hard on his cock again and that was it. He couldn't hold back the fiery, passionate tide of his jism any longer. His come exploded into her cunt. He whitewashed the walls of her coming pussy until they were both struggling in the throes of orgasm.

He continued fucking her -- longer than ever before. The sight of her arching back, her widespread cunt, the legs trapped under his arms, the pantyhose-tied wrists, her heavy tits under her body all got to him and kept his prick stiff for several more minutes. Then his cock simply quit. It slipped from her pussy amid a flow of her cunt juice and his come.

Paul dropped his secretary so that her feet were firmly planted on the rug again. Then he took a tissue from a box on a shelf and wiped off the come dribbling down the front of his pants. Angela turned around and saw what he was doing.

She fell to her knees again and took his prick in her hands and started licking. She licked all over his prick and balls until the last traces of his come were gone.

Then she stood up. He silently undid her hands and tossed the pantyhose into the trash.

She started to protest. "But."

He cut her off. "Just put your skirt down. No, wait." He grabbed the elastic band of her sexy panties and jerked hard. The first motion didn't rip them from her hips. The second did. He tossed the frilly, delicate panties into the trash along with her pantyhose. "Now put your skirt down," he commanded.

She obeyed.

"I want you to go out and get back to work. I don't want you to let anyone else see that you don't have any panties on. And I don't want you wiping off the come caking the insides of your thighs. I'll examine them later in the day. If my come isn't there, I'll severely punish you. Now get out of my sight."

She left.

He did check her later that day. He dropped into the knee-well of her desk and buried his head under her skirt while she sat and tried to carry on her regular business. They both got off on it in a big way.

Chapter THREE

"I don't know about her," Del said to his boss. "I tried to put the make on her heavy yesterday, but she turned me off, cold. I think the bitch is as icy as they come. Frigid, if you know what I mean." He nodded in Sandy's direction. The black-haired beauty smiled slightly in their direction, her ice blue eyes dancing with merriment. She had the last laugh on Del and wanted to flaunt it.

"Christ," said Paul. "She gives me the biggest hard-on of all. She even makes my tongue hard."

"Yeah, but if I strike out, what chance do you have?"

"What do you mean, Del? I can get her to jump into bed with me any time I want. But I'm biding my time. Waiting. When I want it, she'll do it."

"Shit, man, you're a bigger bull-shitter than I thought. She would do the same to you that she'd do to any other guy. I think there's something really wrong with her head. Women's Lib garbage for sure. She's better than any man and is out to prove it. Even if she has to castrate every guy she runs into along the way."

"A castrating bitch, huh?" Paul studied the way Sandy moved and wondered if that was right. The woman certainly flaunted those big tits of hers. She kept her blouse unbuttoned to the point where Paul would have taken bets as to how long it would be before one or both of those huge tits tumbled out.

He hoped to be around to see it. Sandy's tits were bigger than any of the other women's who worked in the office. He could imagine himself burying his face between those fleshy mounds of tit-flesh and licking and kissing, feeling them pound against his ears.

His cock began to ache. He knew any more of this daydreaming would drive him crazy. It didn't matter right now. He didn't have the time to fuck the sexy bitch.

"You'd strike out, too," Del said again. "If I did, you would too. Excuse me, boss. I've got to go and get some work done. If I can keep from thinking about how tight and hot that bitch's cunt must be." Paul watched his assistant walk off and seat himself gingerly at his desk. He guessed he had a raging hard-on, too.

Paul wondered if he should order Angela into his office again. He considered his state of arousal, but decided he wouldn't do it. Not right now. He should try to get some work done. The head men of the company really didn't care how much he fucked around as long as he did his job and didn't do anything to disgrace the name of Marrick, Vickers and Woodward.

"Mr. Carmody, have you taken your pills yet?" Angela asked. He looked at his secretary and wondered if he should reconsider his decision not to fuck her right now.

"Nope, sure haven't. Did my wife put you up to being her watchdog to make sure I take my pills every day?"

"Yes sir." Angela opened her desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of colored pills. They were supposed to keep his blood pressure down and kill his appetite.

He took them from the woman and walked to the water fountain. He gulped them down with a couple swallows of water, then started back for, his office. He heard strange sounds from the locked storage room. The noises intrigued him. They sounded like moans.

He opened the door just enough to sneak a glance into the small room. His cock rose immediately when he saw the two women going at it inside the room. Sandy had her secretary spread-eagled on the tiny table. He could see everything. Her cunt-lips pulsed and throbbed as Sandy stroked them with her nimble fingers.

Every so often her middle finger vanished between the puffy cunt-lips to plunge all the way up the girl's cunt. Paul watched Sandy finger-fuck the girl a few times, then pull out her finger, drenched with cunt-juice. Sandy held her wet finger up and examined it, just inches away from her face. Then she slowly inserted her finger between her ruby lips and sucked it. The expression on her face was one of sheer joy and carnal lust.

It was everything Paul could do to keep from racing into the room, dropping his pants and fucking the shit out of both of them. He couldn't take his eyes off of the girl's wide-spread pussy. Her wet cunt gleamed in the harsh light from the naked bulb suspended above the table. Her legs moved with spastic twitches, which showed that her lust was almost at the breaking point.

"Ummm," said Sandy, "I never thought you'd taste this good. Keep those lovely legs of yours spread wide. I want to sample more of your tasty pussy."

She went down on the girl. Paul licked his lips and tried to keep from coming like some teenager about to get his first piece of ass. He'd seen a lot of hot and heavy sex in his time, but he'd never spied on two chicks making it together.

"Oh sweet Jesus, Sandy, your mouth feels so fucking good on my cunt! Keep licking it like you're doing. It... it makes me feel so Goddamned horny!"

Paul was startled by the girl's words. Mary Jane was a pleasant little girl who'd worked in the office for about two weeks. Never had he heard her say a single word harsher than "darn". Now he listened to her saying all sorts of nasty things.

The girl knew exactly what she wanted. He wanted to kick himself when he remembered that sex among the high-school kids was so widespread it was a miracle more of them didn't get knocked up every year.

Mary Jane obviously knew how to enjoy herself. She reached out and guided Sandy's head to the right spot. "There! That's it! Tongue my clit! And then tongue-fuck my cunt. I love the feeling of your tongue shooting all the way up my poor little pussy!" She shoved her hips down into her boss face.

Sounds of licking and lapping filled the room. Sandy loved the taste of her new secretary. She had hardly thought the girl would put out like this. She had made the right play for her, she guessed. It began with a little ass-patting. Then they came into this room and really began to get it on.

Sandy drew her tongue slowly from the bottom of her secretary's sex-slit all the way along the fat, swollen cunt lips. The girl's fleecy bush ticked her nose, but she ignored that. She had her tongue pressed firmly into Mary Jane's erect and throbbing clitoris. The tiny clit hadn't sprung up instantly. She had to coax it with her sucking and tonguing and kissing, but once her clit came up it was ready for all the action she could give.

Sandy sucked the clit into her lips and then teased the tip with her flicking tongue. Sucking hard on the girl's clit made her squirm and thrash around on the table until Sandy had a hard time keeping her mouth pressed firm against her cunt-lips. She opened her mouth wider and sucked in all the pussy she could.

The girl screamed and went into the wild frenzy of a come. Sandy stayed in place. Her tongue slithered up the inside of Mary Jane's pussy-lips and drove in and out of the girl's cunt. She tongue-fucked her with wild abandon.

She loved the taste of the cunt-juice pouring from the teenager's aroused cunt. She laved the insides of Mary Jane's cunt and then shoved her tongue as far up into the hot pussy as she could. When her jaws began to ache, she moved back to the exterior.

"More! Don't stop tonguing me! I love the feel of your hot breath on my clit. Fuck me, tongue-fuck me, but don't neglect meeee!"

The girl babbled on. Sandy tried to ignore her. She knew from her own, experiences that words didn't mean a damned thing when a chick got excited. Even if she told her lover to stop, she didn't mean it -- not really. As long as her cunt-juices kept pouring out, she was aroused and would accept anything.

Sandy pulled hard on the girl's legs and slid her across the table. Her slim, young thighs pressed in on either side of Sandy's head as she took her pussy firmly in her mouth. She licked and sucked on Mary Jane's tender cunt-lips. She moved to one side of Mary Jane's pussy-lips and discovered her tightly-held anus. The puckered asshole clenched tightly and didn't want to admit her tongue. Sandy had seen this before. She used her tongue to lick and caress the teenager's anus. In a short while, she had the tight ring of anal-muscle to the point where it relaxed. Then she rammed her tongue up the girl's rear end.

The teenager shrieked and came again. Sandy started fucking the girl's asshole as hard as she could with her tongue. The sensations raging through the young girl's body were fantastic. Straight fucking had never been very exciting for her. She had allowed her boyfriend to fuck her once. That had been such a downer she hadn't been fucked by any other guy.

But girls!

That was a big turn on for Mary Jane. All the chicks she had fucked had been so knowledgeable and caring. They took the time to draw their tongues over her clit and make sure she was fully-aroused before stuffing her cunt with their tongues.

Sandy was doing great. She'd never had a tongue-fucking in her asshole before. The girl decided she loved the sensation. Her new boss wasn't the frigid bitch all the guys in the office seemed to think. Sandy simply got her kicks in different ways.

The lapping and sucking noise let up a little and the girl demanded, "More, give me all you can!"

"Bullshit!" snapped Sandy. Paul could see a ring of cunt-juice on the woman's lips. She smiled a little and added, "We got to both get off on this or it's no good."

He watched as she hiked up her skirt and kicked off her pantyhose. Somehow it didn't surprise him that she didn't wear any panties under her nylon pantyhose. Her ass gleamed as she quickly got up on the table and straddled the girl's face. Then she bent forward and applied her mouth to the girl's pussy again.

They were locked in the classic sixty-nine position. Paul had never before seen two women eating each other out. He felt his prick pressing heavily in his pants and wondered if he dared pull it out and beat off while watching the two chicks have at each other. He decided what the hell? They were the ones who were really getting it on. Why should he continue to torture himself?

He looked around and saw no one in the narrow hallway. The only possible chance he had of anyone seeing what he was doing was if someone came to use the water fountain. That didn't seem likely.

Taking his prick firmly in hand, he began working up and down his thick cock. His cock protested mightily and then sent waves of enjoyment throughout his belly. He sobbed once as he fought to keep down the rising surge of his jism.

But the sight of the two women eating each other was almost more than he could bear.

"More, Sandy, lick my pussy some more. I'm on fire down there. Give me all your tongue."

"Shut up, Mary Jane, and use your Goddamn tongue! Quit talking and get to eating!"

Sandy worked her pink tongue along the crease between the girl's leg and pubic bone. She outlined the girl's entire crotch before working her tongue through the thick tangle of pussy-fur. Tiny spirals of spit-wetted fleece gleamed in the harsh light.

Then she worked lower and started to lap all over her secretary's cunt-lips again. Paul could see the woman's tongue working actively all over Mary Jane's pussy, giving special care to the front end of the place where her clit hid. The woman sucked and licked and kissed all over the spot. Every time she did, the girl's legs drifted a little wider apart. Paul got the view of a lifetime. Not even in the X-rated flicks he'd seen had there been anything this great.

He knew this was for real! The two women didn't have the slightest idea there was anyone spying on them. Knowing that gave his prick another jerk of sensation. He could hardly hold onto his bucking prick now. He stroked faster up and down his cock until it burned with desire.

His eyes fastened on Mary Jane's parted pussylips. He could see the pink inner pussy-lips gleaming with cunt-juice and spit. The way Sandy lapped up the cunt-juice coming from the girl's pussy, she might not need to eat again for the next month.

Hands flashing up and down his meaty cock. Paul couldn't hold his come back any longer. He jetted out a white bullet of jism. It arched through the air and spattered on the floor ten feet away. He continued to come until his jizz dribbled down the length of his prick. He took out a handkerchief and wiped himself off before tucking his cock back into his pants.

With one last glance into the room, he closed the door and left. Besides, he thought he heard someone coming to get a drink of water. It wouldn't do to have the boss caught getting off while watching two female employees eat each other's pussy.

Meanwhile, inside the room, the action continued. Sandy's mouth felt rubbed raw by the teenager's cunt-fur. Her jaws ached from driving her tongue all the way up Mary Jane's tiny cunt. But Sandy was pissed-off! The girl wasn't giving her the kicks she thought she could get from having another woman eat her.

Mary Jane's tongue felt good, sure. The girl even knew where to look for her clit. But she didn't give smooth, regular motion Sandy desired. She drove her tongue down into the little organ with spasmodic jerks. Even the way she tongue-fucked wasn't the way Sandy loved it.

Finally, Sandy got off the table and said, "Back to work. We have to sell stuff or we won't be able to do this again."

Mary Jane reluctantly agreed. For her, this had been the closest thing to heaven she had found in the way of sex. She straightened her skirt and left the storage room.

As Sandy followed a few minutes later, she felt her shoe slip in something on the floor. Glancing down, she saw Paul's white puddle of spunk. She bent down and looked at it, surprised. A frightened glance around the tiny room assured her she was alone.

But she hadn't been.

Who had been spying -- and jerking off -- while she and Mary Jane tongue-fucked each other? She couldn't even begin to guess.

Chapter FOUR

"And fifty says I can do it," said Paul, looking smug. Del McDonald shook his head as if he were pitying his boss.

"No way, Paul. She's just too much of an ice cube for you to ever get her to fuck you. But if you want to lose fifty bucks, I can use it. Better than having you throw it away on booze or something that will destroy your body."

"So you'd spend fifty on health food? I know you too well. You'd go down to the nearest bar and drink yourself into a stupor -- and not on carrot-juice, either."

Del laughed. "Better my liver going than yours. But look, I don't want this to be any kind of open-ended bet. I could die of old age before I collect. Let's say I give you a month to fuck her."

"Fair enough," said Paul, thinking about the camera in his desk. With its instant pictures, he could capture Sandy on film fucking her secretary. With blackmail evidence like that, he could force her to do anything he wanted. The bosses at the brokerage firm would shit in their pants at the thought of one of their account-executives being queer. "In fact," Paul added, "if you want to toss in another fifty, we can set the deadline for this weekend."

"A hundred?" said Del suspiciously. "I get the feeling I'm being hustled. Have you already got something going with the female iceberg?"

"Nope. Not at all. But I will. In fact, I've even told my wife I was going out pf town this weekend on a business trip. I figure I can get some good use out of the cabin up at the lake. This time of year, it should be nice and deserted there."

"A hundred bucks. You sound confident, old man. But I'm going to hold you to it. I need the bread right now. Big expenses and all that. The kids want to go to Disneyland and my wife is thinking about putting down a new floor in the kitchen. So, yeah, a hundred and you've got to fuck her by Monday," Del smiled. He thought he had a good bet. He remembered the times he had just talked to Sandy. She had given him the creeps. She flat-out refused to rise to his blatant suggestions that they find a nice quiet spot and fuck. She wasn't the least big interested in fucking. A cold one like that wouldn't be easy for Paul to get to.

"Got to run now," said Paul. "Things to do and preparations to make. You know how it is with us high-powered executives."

They parted. Paul went to his office and took out the instant camera. He'd bought it to take pictures of his kids. He'd never considered the possibility of using it to blackmail Sandy Kramer. He made sure the film was properly loaded. He always had problems loading the film. For a few photos around the house, it didn't matter. But for the ones he intended to take of Sandy fucking Mary Jane, he couldn't ask for a retake.

He opened his door a crack and waited. It wasn't long before he saw Sandy glance around, then head down the tiny hallway leading to the storage room. He had already missed Mary Jane's arrival. He guessed she had gone down the hall a few minutes earlier. Paul felt his prick stir in anticipation of what he was going to do. It had been damned sexy watching the two chicks licking and sucking each other's pussy. He could hardly wait to get that on film.

Paul wished he had a nice shot of Sandy's mouth after she had been licking Mary Jane's cunt. The way Mary Jane's cunt-juice frothed all over her lips made them gleam as if they'd been dipped in silver. And when she drove her tongue between those pink pussy-lips, he had almost come.

Now he was armed with a camera. He'd make sure he took only the best picture.

Paul quickly walked across the office and down the tiny hallway leading to the storeroom. He pressed his ear against the thin door and heard sounds coming from inside. He immediately recognized Sandy's voice but the other one baffled him. It didn't sound as if it were female. Mary Jane had a distinctive voice -- and this wasn't hers.

He cursed under his breath. The pictures would still be good, but not for blackmail. Who really cared if a single account-executive balled someone on her lunch hour? Even Marrick, Vickers and Woodward would have told him to take a flying fuck at the moon and to leave his personnel alone on their own time.

Sandy had to be screwing another woman or his blackmail scheme would fail. He cursed when he remembered his bet with Del. A hundred Goddamned dollars down the tubes! And all because that stupid bitch decided to be a switch-hitter and go for a guy this time.

Paul opened the door a crack and heard the words perfectly. They startled him. The man inside the room with Sandy was saying, "Please don't punish me, mistress. I'll do whatever pleases you."

"Of course you will, shit brain. You're nothing to me. You're not even good enough to lick my shoes."

"You won't beat me with this whip, will you?"

Paul opened the door even more to see what was happening. This was too good to pass up, no matter who was inside.

He almost blurted out something when he saw the man on his knees in front of Sandy. This was Charles Farley, the firm's biggest investor! The look on the man's face shook Paul. Sheer lust radiated from those eyes -- and the man held out an ugly looking short black whip for Sandy's inspection.

The woman took the whip from the man's hands and doubled it. She gave her palm a few whacks with it, then uncurled the whip and snapped it in the air beside the man's head. He jerked, but what impressed Paul the most was the woman's ability with the whip. It obviously wasn't the first time she had used one.

"Come closer," she demanded. The man inched toward her on his knees. She whirled the whip around and looped it neatly around the man's neck. He reached up to unfasten it from his windpipe but Sandy jerked hard and pulled him to the floor. "Don't touch it, slave. You're good for nothing and a piece of shit. Do you hear me, a piece of Goddamned fucking shit!"

"Yes, mistress of the whip," the man choked out.

Paul snapped a picture with Sandy bending close, the whip curled around Farley's neck. This would make one hell of a fine blackmail photo. Just when he'd though his entire scheme had dried up and blown away, something even better came along. With these pictures, he could blackmail Sandy into going up to the lake with him for the weekend and Farley into investing even more money with the firm. He quickly shot another picture of Sandy putting her foot on top of the man's head.

"Kiss the floor under my boots," she commanded. He did.

Paul didn't understand what was happening to him. He felt his prick twitching at the sight of the degraded man. He obviously enjoyed being used by a woman. Sandy was a perfect choice for that. Dominant, tall, regal and haughty, she could command attention easily. Her use of the whip and her words added to the perverted scene.

Farley kissed the floor under Sandy's boots until she released him.

"Sit up and beg me for mercy." As the man struggled to get up, Sandy jerked him down to the floor again and coldly told him, "You weren't fast enough. It doesn't matter anyway. I hate it when my slaves lie to me!"

"No, mistress!" Farley protested. "I am sincere! I'll do anything you want me to!"

"A likely story." She flicked her wrist and the whip uncoiled. She snapped it in the air. "All right, prove it to me. Start kissing my boots and work up my body. I want you to kiss my clit!"

The man trembled like a racehorse in a starting gate. He dropped to his hands and knees and began licking and kissing her black leather boots. He worked up the insides to her knees and then ran his tongue all around the rim of the boots. At her knees, he came to her skirt. With a quivering voice, he asked, "What about your skirt, mistress?"

"Dumb asshole!" She began to beat him with the whip. Paul watched in fascination as the whip rose and landed with a thud on the man's back. Farley flinched but made no outcry. That was against the rules.

"Please, mistress, I don't know what to do! Order me and I'll do your biding. But please tell me!"

Paul snapped another picture as Sandy continued to beat the man. The whip rose and fell in short arcs. He doubted if the pain was all that great; it was a mental mind-fuck the woman was after. As far as Paul was concerned, she had achieved it perfectly. Charles Farley was totally under her power and even begged her for more.

"Use your Goddamned tongue and pull the zipper on my skirt down. Get me naked!"

She whipped him faster now. He eagerly rose and ran his tongue under the metal tab of her zipper. She turned slightly so that the man would be able to get his tongue around the zipper. When his lips closed on it and he pulled, Sandy's face lit up with expectation. Paul knew she was getting off on this dominance trip, just as Farley was getting his rocks off being dominated. He took another picture of Farley holding her zipper in his teeth. He got a nice shot of her panty-clad ass flaring out over the rim of her skirt.

For a second, the scene in the room seemed to freeze. Farley caught his breath and held it, amazed at the woman's perfect body. Long ivory legs met in a dark vee between her legs. He could barely make out the thick pussy-fur under the silk panties. A tiny tuft of cunt-hair stuck out over the top of her bikini-panties.

"God," Farley gasped. And he was rewarded with a severe lashing for that single word.

"No more talking, slave!" she commanded. "I gave you an order. Carry it out immediately!" She wielded the whip with fury now. The strokes actually cut through the man's coat and left it in tatters. Neither of them seemed to notice this though. He flinched with every whip stroke but didn't appear to show any pain.

He ran his tongue back to the top of the woman's calf-hugging boots. Licking and lapping, he worked his way up the inside of her tender thigh. Paul could see the spittle the man left behind. It glowed in the harsh light of the room. Sandy parted her thighs a little bit for him, but made no move to pull her panties down so that he could really lick her cunt as she had ordered.

He came to the bulge of her pussy-mound and hesitated. She beat him harder with her whip. "Why are you stopping? Lick my cunt, damn you, you flaming asshole. Do you only suck men's pricks? Is that it? You don't know what to do with a woman's cunt? Get those panties off and stuff your tongue all the way up my cunt!"

The man hastened to obey. He didn't use his hands to pull her panties down. He worked his tongue under her leg on one side, then pulled the thin fabric into his mouth so that he could get his teeth into it. He began puffing her panties down until Paul wondered if the man's teeth might not come loose from the strain. The act of getting her panties dawn over her womanly ass required great strength.

But Farley managed.

Paul gasped when he saw Sandy's crotch. It was black and curly and already dotted with tiny dewdrops of love-oils from her pussy. The man quickly snapped another picture as Farley ran his tongue up the inside of her thigh and stopped just short of her pussy.

"Why are you stopping there?" the woman cried out. She lashed his shoulders and back with the whip until even Paul cringed. The beaten and whipped man seemed hardly to notice. His tongue rolled out and he panted in desire. Paul guessed the pain was getting his jollies by allowing the woman to beat him and urge him on.

Farley didn't reply. His tongue came out and lightly touched the woman's pussy-lips. Flicking his tongue against her cunt-flaps, he slowly pressed downward and between the woman's legs until his head was buried. Paul saw the look of sudden suspense and arousal on Sandy's face. He guessed the man's tongue had invaded her asshole.

She turned slightly and clenched her buttocks together. She tensed her ass-cheeks around his hard driving tongue.

The man slurped and lapped at her asshole as if sucking the shit from her. Paul got a good picture of the expression on Sandy's face as Farley moved back, parted her cunt-lips with the tip of his tongue, then speared deeply into her pussy. Her cunt seemed to convulse as the man started tongue-fucking her.

She didn't beat his back and shoulders as rapidly or as hard as she had at first. The man seemed to dislike this and stopped licking and tongue-fucking her cunt. He looked up with inquiring eyes.

"You're slowing down," she accused. "Don't you dare disobey me. Lick my pussy! And do it good!"

As soon as he buried his face back into her snatch, she took two quick steps backwards. He fell forward onto his face. He thrust one hand out to catch himself. Quick as a flash, Sandy kicked his hand from under him and he smashed face first into the floor.

She placed her foot on his neck and coldly told him, "You aren't pleasing me. You aren't being the kind of a slave I really want. I think I'll call this whole thing off and send you running home to mommy."

"No, please, mistress, please, not that!" the man moaned from his prone position. "I'm trying to do what you want. It's not easy. You have to discipline me constantly if I'm to learn to do it right."

"Yes, I can see that you're a fucking asshole... and stupid, to boot," she said, as if considering his words seriously. "You're not good enough to lick my pussy. I want you to jack off for me. I want to see that pitiful organ you call your prick."

She removed the boot from his neck and allowed him to rise. He fumbled out his erection and held it in his hand. The purpled knob of his prick stuck up past the index finger of his hand. He began a slow, rhythmic motion to jack himself off.

"Keep fucking yourself, cocksucker," she said. Her eyes gleamed brightly.

When she stroked the leather whip along the entire length of the man's prick, Paul took another picture. He only had a couple of exposures left and he wanted to make them good ones. The pictures he'd already taken were classics and he knew he wouldn't have any trouble at all either with Sandy or with Charles Farley. But he wanted to make sure. The more good pictures he took, the better he could blackmail them.

The woman dragged the whip all over the sweating man's face. She outlined his head with the butt end of the whip, then thrust it into his mouth. "Suck my whip," she ordered him. The wildness in the man's eyes showed Paul that she was getting hotter and hotter. Whatever else Sandy may have been, she was completely expert at getting Farley's rocks off.

His hand beat up and down on his cock with a single-mindedness that told of his supreme arousal. His prick leaped and bucked around in front of his crotch as the whip moved slowly in and out of his face. Face-fucked by a whip handle while he beat himself off.

The man could hardly stand it! "You're doing fine, slave," she told him. "For a complete shit-head. I've never seen a cocksucker so stupid before. How can you tolerate yourself when you look in the mirror?"

She put a foot on the man's shoulder and gave him a view of her wet pussy. Her cunt-oils oozed down the inside of her leg. Her tits rose and fell faster now as her excitement mounted.

Paul got a beautiful picture of this scene. He almost shot his wad, too, as he clicked merrily away. The sight of Farley sucking her whip was a turn-on for Paul. But the way Sandy stood made his cock hard and ready to spurt. Her leg was still booted in leather and her cunt was visible.

She moved the whip back and forth sensuously, as if it were a prick she had stuffed into Farley's face. He seemed to get off on it in a big way. The man's hand shot up and down his hard cock faster and faster until his prick turned fiery red. A tiny droplet of pre-come beaded on his prick.

Paul shot his last picture as Farley's prick exploded with come. His jizz spattered all aver Sandy's booted foot. Farley kept his eyes closed in ecstasy as he sucked hard on the whip handle and beat his cock harder and harder.

Sandy squawked and kicked Farley in the face. He tumbled backwards to the floor. "You swine!" she cried. "You came all over my boot! Lick it off! Now!"

She lashed him with her whip, landing hard blows on his back. Paul could see there wasn't any mercy in her beating this time. She lashed out furiously.

No doubt about it. Sandy Kramer was a merciless bitch. The man in the room obediently crawled over to a point where he could lick his jism off the woman's boot.

"Lick, lick!"

He licked. His tongue shot out pink and moist to slurp up the gooey come all over her boot. He even kissed and sucked the toe of her boot to make sure all of it was gone.

"You disgust me," Sandy said, dropping the whip to the floor. She reached down, stepped gracefully into her panties and pulled them up and over her buttocks. Paul could hardly keep his prick in control, but he managed. He had his pictures and that was all that counted. He silently walked down the hallway, looking at the shots he'd taken and marveling at the wonderful color of each picture.

He even caught the proper tint of pink on Sandy Kramer's cunt-lips. The white of Sandy's come on her boots was perfect and the shot of the man beating himself off and sucking the whip was a classic. Paul wondered if he might even be able to sell this one to some magazine.

Paul went back to his office, laid the photos out on his desk and pressed the intercom switch, Angela answered and he said, "I want to see Miss Kramer in my office immediately. Or whenever she gets back to her office."

"Yes, sir."

Paul sat back in his big leather chair and smiled to himself. This was going to be fun!

Chapter FIVE

"That was a disgusting thing to do to me," sulked Sandy. She sat hunched down in the seat of Paul's small foreign sports car. He easily took the curves of the dirt road leading to the lake. "All those pictures. Goddamn, I didn't think anybody'd sink that low."

"I figured it was the easiest way to get you to come up to the lake. I've been wanting to... enjoy your company for some time."

"I bet you have." She pulled her arms more tightly around her voluptuous body and glared at him.

"Sure, I have," he said in a conversational tone. The very idea of having this hot fox in the same car with him made his prick rise. But, to know that they'd spend the entire weekend fucking like rabbits really turned him on. Blackmail or not, he wanted to get into Sandy Kramer's pants and fuck the shit out of her.

He began daydreaming, wondering how tight and hot her pussy really was. She might even be a virgin! The thought hadn't occurred to him before. All the hot and heavy action he'd seen her engage in had lacked a meaty prick shooting up into her cunt. Her cherry might still be intact. That didn't mean she didn't know the score, it just meant he might be the first one to really fuck her.

The idea made him even hotter for her body.

"I think it's a lousy, rotten, stinking thing to do. And poor Chuck Farley is going to have a coronary when he finds but."

"You can use the pictures to get him to invest more money with the company. What's so bad out that? Your prestige goes up and the company picks up big bucks on his account."

"Yet, sure, asshole, for awhile," she snapped. "As soon as the pictures are all ransomed off, he moves all his account to some other company. A man like Chuck Farley has special needs and I happened to find out about them. It was an unwritten thing between us that neither would tell about what we did. You violated the spirit of that. He's going to be pissed, and I mean royally pissed, too!"

"So don't give him back all the pictures," suggested Paul, enjoying the feeling of power he held over Sandy. The woman looked sexier than ever as her cheeks flushed with anger. He wondered if her pussy-lips were rigid with new blood flowing into them. He could only guess now. Later on, he would find out.

"I want you to burn the pictures. All of them. I'll do anything you want this weekend but you've got to get rid of the pictures."

"No deal, baby. We can get along nicely, you and I can, if we don't argue over trivial things like this. You made the agreement to come up here no strings attached. I won't bother mentioning the pictures to any of the bosses, unless you don't pleasure me the way I think you should."

"You scum-sucking bastard," she muttered.

He only smiled. Seeing her in this condition made him all the more aware of the way lie enjoyed power over women. His wife was a real bitch at times and managed to make life hell for him. He didn't dare do with her what he wanted; she was the daughter of the senior partner at the brokerage house. While he hadn't gotten his position because of that, it wouldn't do to rough up the boss' daughter. So he put up with her nagging and her "not tonight, I've got a headache" routine. Knocking off a piece now and then at the office helped. His secretary went along with his play-acting and that made him feel good.

He would feel worlds better once he got it in with Sandy. And it wouldn't be play-acting this time. It would be for real.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked Sandy. The startled look on the woman's face told him he might have hit close to the truth.

"Hell, no!" She slumped into silence again. Then, about a mile farther down the road, she added, "Some damned kid raped me when I was in high school. Said I was a cock-teaser and he was only giving me what I really wanted. God, I hated him."

"Hated? You decided it wasn't so bad after all?"

"Shit, man, what do you use for brains? I got even with him. I cut his balls off with a pair of hedge shears."

Paul straightened behind the wheel of his car. He wasn't sure if he believed her or not. If she had been raped, it would certainly explain her contempt for men and her single minded desire to get ahead in a man's world. But had she actually gone so far as to castrate the guy who raped her?

"That's funny," he said after swallowing hard. "Del was laughing and telling me what a castrating bitch you were. It's really true, huh?" He hoped she would deny it. She didn't, and that made him all the more thrilled about the weekend coming up.

He was going to fuck one hell of a fine prize.

"Here we are," he said, slamming on the brakes and skidding in the soft dirt, to the door of the cabin. "A nice little A-frame I bought last year."

"Fuck," she said.

"That's what we're here to do. Let's go on in and get started. What do you say?"

"I say fuck off, mister. I don't want any part of this. Go on and use your Goddamned pictures. I'll get even with you if you get me fired. And those pictures of Farley you wouldn't dare use. You'd lose his account for sure if you ruined him."

He stared at her for a moment and then laughed.

"You think you've got it all worked out, don't you? Rut you came up here. That means you don't really know whether I'd use the pictures to get you fired. Well, baby, let me tell you this straight from the shoulder. Damned straight, I would! I'd love to see that pretty white ass of yours in a sling. I hate it the way you go around the office all the time wagging that butt of yours and smiling slyly. You're a Goddamned cock-teaser, that's what you are. And your prick-teasing days have come to an end!"

He grabbed her and brutally crushed her lips against his. He enjoyed the feel of her frightened body as she strained to get away from him. He held her even tighter. She wasn't going to run, not now. He had her and he was going to spend the weekend balling her at this deserted cabin.

Paul felt something wet against the back of his neck. Startled, he looked up and saw a dog. A big German Shepherd dog had jumped up, placed his paws against the side of his car and lapped at his neck.

He released Sandy and said, "Even the dog is amorous. I wonder who he belongs to."

"Go fuck yourself," was all the answer he got from her. She got out of the car and led the dog into the cabin. The dog followed close behind her, sniffing at her pussy as it went. Paul laughed again, deciding that wasn't such a bad thing to do. He wouldn't mind poking his own nose up close to her naked cunt and licking and sniffing around.

He followed her into the cabin. She stood with her hands on her shapely hips, surveying the cabin. The inside was done in a tasteful rustic decor that had cost Paul a fortune. He'd bitched about it at the time, but now he didn't care. It was the perfect place to get it on with this hot, unwilling woman.

"Shit," she said. "This place is a dump. But it figures, considering who owns it."

"It's the company's," he lied. "They let me use it."

"Shit," she said again. "I think I'm going out to get a bit of air. It's getting pretty rank in here." She eyed him with obvious disfavor and started to push past him and out the door. He stopped her and pinned her against one of the rough cabin walls.

"Not so fast, kiddo. I think I'm horny enough to appreciate a little of that hot pussy of yours. Let's get down to business."

She kneed him in the balls. He grunted and doubled up, his hands releasing their steely grip on her arms. This was all the opening she needed to bolt and run outside. He gasped air into his lungs and rubbed his balls and then took out after her.

She'd pay dearly for this!

"Sandy, get your ass back here or you're going to be in a world of trouble!"

All he heard was her abusive, "Fuck you!" drifting back to him from the direction of the lake. He set off down a side path which would get him to the lake in less than five minutes.

Paul emerged and saw Sandy panting and holding her sides from the strain of running. The shortcut he'd taken had left him in good shape. She was about out of strength. Fucking her now would be easy. He thought.

"Now!" he cried as he sprang from behind a tree and grabbed her again. She surprised him with a hidden reserve of strength. She turned and twisted and clawed.

"Stop that!" he ordered. She fought harder. He wasn't going to let loose of her this time. He avoided another knee to his groin and tried to use the momentum to carry them both to the ground. Once there, his superior weight and strength would overwhelm her.

They crashed to the ground. Both were stunned, but Paul recovered first. He bellowed, "You dumb slut! I'm going to punish you for this! I'm going to show you that you can't get away with being a cock-teaser all your lire without paying the consequences."

He sat on a stump and pulled the woman across his lap. She still fought hard but in her upside-down position, she couldn't get any leverage. And her strength wasn't enough to break free.

"Stop this!" she demanded. She felt the man's hands holding her firmly. There was no way she could possibly escape. The more she struggled, the more helpless she felt. Shuddering at the feel of his hands running along the insides of her legs, she knew she was going to be disciplined by him. Harshly. Without mercy.

Something made her cunt begin to drool. She didn't want any part of this. Yet, something inside her responded vigorously. The more she tried to deny it was happening to her, the more excited she became.

He hiked up her skirt and yanked off her panties. She screamed. The pain of his tearing off her panties made her waist throb. The thin elastic band had cut into her tender flesh. And the pressure against her pussy-mound felt like a blow to her belly.

The pain she felt was as much emotional as it was physical. She was responding to his brutal overtures, and she hated herself for it. The more the woman tried to deny that she was getting hot, the worse it was. The itch deep in her pussy gnawed away at her self-control. She wanted something long and hard and thick stuffed deep into her cunt.

His prick would do nicely.

But it would have to be on her terms. All through her adult life she had been the one who called the shots. She was the dominant one in the office. She wasn't going to allow Paul to control her. Sandy fought harder and knew instantly that it was futile. He was simply too strong.

"You cocksucker! Let me go! What are you doing?"

She felt his hands caress the firm flesh of her buttocks. He stroked her cool, rounded mounds of ass-flesh and then dipped down into the humid crease. His fingers wiggled against the thick slabs of her ass and then plunged deeper, lightly brushing across her anus. The slightest touch sent lightning bolts of desire ripping into her.

"No! Don't do this!"

She felt her breath coming faster as she lay across his knees. The man's prick poked up into her chest, but she was more concerned with her own responses. Her tits dangled down on the other side of his legs and seemed to fill with more and more blood. The excited pumping of her heart wouldn't slow down. She was roused by his fondling of her perky ass. His fingers probed all the right spots and got her even hotter to fuck.

"You have to be punished," he said in a cold, harsh tone. Then he began spanking her with the open palm of his hand.

She shrieked -- more in humiliation than in pain. She struggled again to get free and again found his grip on her half-naked body too secure to break. His rain of blows fell on her naked ass and began to warm her flesh. The criss-cross pattern left by his fingers soon disappeared as he spanked her harder and faster. Soon, the red pattern vanished as her entire ass turned a rosy pink from the spanking.

The effect it was having on her pussy startled the woman. She could hardly control her rampaging passions. She didn't know why she should get so turned on by spanking, but she was. She felt her pussy tingle and twitch deep inside. Her cunt beginning to convulse as if in expectation of a hard, virile prick fucking it.

She sobbed and simply went limp. His upper legs cut into her body and the spanking he gave her was even more potent as a result. She wasn't cushioning his blows anymore with her tensed body. Her ass received the full benefit of the spanking.

"There, that's more like it," he said. "You should be punished for trying to escape!"

She tried again. Rolling away, she fell heavily to the ground. Rut, it was still futile. He was on her in a flash. He straddled her and pinned her down with his body weight.

"You dumb cunt! This time I'm really going to spank you!"

She screamed as his belt cut into her tender ass. He used his broad leather belt on her as if it were a whip. She cried and then moaned -- whether from pain or joy she couldn't tell. She was confused.

The beating, by a man stronger and more dominant than she was, robbed her of her will to resist. She didn't want to fight him off. Not as much as she did before. He was in command. Something inside told her to give up and let him have his way.

Still, the pain tormented her. The broad leather strap rose and fell with loud smacks. Her ass began to blister. The welts on her bottom were painful to the touch and still he continued to whip her.

"No, no more, please," she whined. "I can't take it any more. Stop, stop! I'll do anything you want!"

"No, that's not good enough. I'll do what I please with you. You haven't shown me you're willing to cooperate." But, finally he stopped whipping her ass with his belt.

Panting harshly, he looked down at her prone body. The woman's ass glowed bright red from the whipping he'd given it. More important, he knew she was getting off on it. He could see the tiny river of her cunt-juice running down the inside of her leg and dribbling into the dust. A tiny puddle was beginning to form. He'd never seen anything like it in all his life.

She tried to get up onto her hands and knees. In a flash, he had his belt looped around her hands and bound them tightly behind her back. With a foot on the back of her knees, he kept her ass up in the air and forced her face down into the dust. With her hands fled behind her, she was totally helpless and at his mercy.

He wasn't feeling too merciful at the moment.

"I'm going to fuck that well-spanked ass of yours. Ever had a man fuck you up the tail-pipe before?"

She sputtered something into the dirt. He couldn't understand what she said and it didn't matter at all to him. He was horny and the exercise he'd gotten spanking her had warmed him up.

He dropped down behind the woman and spread her legs farther apart. She tried to stop him, but found herself in such an awkward position that she could do nothing. When his long, thick cock prodded between the halves of her ass-cheeks, she began to cry. She couldn't understand what had happened to her. She hated him for tying her up, for spanking her like a little child, for degrading her like this. And yet she was excited. Sandy couldn't remember when she had been more sexually aroused in her entire life. It was too confusing for her to figure out.

Trying to get her head turned and her face out of the dust, she moved slightly to one side. She felt the thick head of his prick prod deep into the humid canyon between her ass-cheeks. Then he found her tightly-held anus. She began to cry, her tears forming mud on her cheeks. She didn't want him banging her up the asshole. That was so humiliating!

"Get ready for it, kid, because here it comes!" the man shouted. She felt his hands grip her waist and pull her body toward him. The head of his prick drove directly into her asshole. She tried to scream in pain, but dried dirt clogged her mouth. The huge prick raping her ass made her totally aware of her entire body.

Every nerve sang its own sang of desire. She wanted his prick -- but she wanted it fucking her cunt, not her ass. This was ripping her apart. She couldn't take a man as thick as a firehose up her ass. And yet Paul seemed intent on fucking her tat way. His prick couldn't get into her asshole as long as she kept herself all tensed up.

"You can't stop me," he told her. "Do I have to spank you some more?"

He drew his hands over the curves of her ass. She shuddered. It felt so good, his long, cool fingers stroking her aroused, tortured ass-flesh. She relaxed a little and this was all he needed.

He drove relentlessly into her asshole. She briefly fainted from the sudden pain. When she came to her senses again, he poled in and out of her asshole with easy, smooth strokes.

"Stop it, please, ummmmm, ohhhh!" she moaned. She couldn't tell if her asshole liked this or hated it. Her cunt was drooling and her belly quivered in response to her pussy. She had never been so confused in her life. She hated the pain he'd given her; she loved the warmth and security of having a cock buried inside her body.

Her rectum quivered and tensed around his hidden prick. The tight membrane outlined his prick perfectly and she could feel the slightest movement in her bowels. His prick stroked in and out with the precision of some mechanical device. He might have been a steel piston ass-fucking her. She tried to hold down the rampaging desire she felt for this perverted, lewd butt-fucking.

She couldn't.

She loved the sensations inhabiting her body. She felt her tits swell. The blood pumping out of her heart made her tits throb and pulse wildly.

"You love it, don't you?" he said. "You love every freaky second of this butt-fucking. Admit it! Tell me you like it!"

"I... I love it!" she gasped. Every forward stroke he used drove her face down into the dirt even more. With her hands so securely bound behind her back, she couldn't possibly brace herself against his powerful fucking. The more she tried to inch forward and get away, the harder he pulled her ass towards his cock.

She felt his rough denim trousers rubbing against her naked ass. She sucked in her breath and held it as his prick shot all the way up into her rectum.

"Shit, you're getting tighter," he grunted. "Tightest hole I ever plugged!" He fucked harder, faster, and with greater determination. She shuddered under every stroke. She couldn't stand the feelings racing up and down her spine. Her pussy frothed over with her cunt-juices. She was at if to brink of orgasm.

"You love getting your ass fucked, don't you?" he asked. But the way he said it told her he didn't want a reply. He was talking to hear the sound of his own voice. He was as lost in lust as she was.

Sandy tried to shake him off, but she couldn't escape his hard fucking prick, no matter which way she turned. The more she struggled, the more he fucked her. It was as if he could read her mind and anticipate her every movement. When the friction of his cock against her rectum had reached the point where she could no longer bear it, she shrieked and came.

It wasn't the hardest come she'd ever had, but it shook her to the core of her being. The orgasm smashed into her brain. All she knew was desire. Her cunt burned with its need for a prick in it. Her asshole had all the prick -- and more -- that it could stand. The friction from his butt-fucking echoed throughout her belly and set her on fire again.

She tried to get her hands free, but they were tightly fastened by the man's belt. She finally released herself to her desires. She began thrusting her ass back to meet every incoming stroke.

The woman felt sure he would rip her apart. It no longer mattered to her. All she cared about was the warm rush of climax throughout her body. It hit her again -- a hot, wet fist of desire that seized her completely.

Shivering, shaking as if she were having a fit, she finally collapsed forward and away from his cock. His prick slipped from her asshole.

Lying face down in the dust, her face caked with drying mud, she turned and looked through the back veil of her hair. Paul stood over her, towering up to his full six-foot height.

Never had she hated a man more than in that instant. He had sparked desires inside her that she had spent a lifetime denying. No man could do that and get by with it!

Chapter SIX

For a long lime Sandy simply lay in the dust with Paul glaring down at her. Then she rolled onto one side and said, "Me you going to keep me tied up like this, you beast?"

Puffing hard at her bound hands convinced her that she couldn't possibly escape from the belt. The broad leather band cut into the flesh of her wrists in such a way that she couldn't work it loose. She would have to have Paul free her. And from the look on his face, he wasn't about to do a thing like that.

"I'll do any damned thing I please," he said in a cold voice. "I don't think I enjoyed butt-fucking you all that much."

"Sorry about that," she said, sarcastic as hell. "I didn't really have much of a chance to help you out now did I? If you'd approached me like you should, nice and polite, maybe it would have been different."

"No it wouldn't. You would have turned off on me at the first chance. I'll tell you exactly how you would have reacted. As soon as it looked like you were getting the hots for me, you'd have said no. You're a Goddamned cock-teaser and the only way to deal with the likes of you is to take what I want."

She managed to sit up. Her spanked ass hurt as it ground into the rough ground under her. She felt the dust lightly coat her still gooey cunt and it itched. The itchy feeling all over her cunt-lips was approaching the unbearable, but she had an idea to alleviate that. If it worked, she would be free of Paul.

"I... I feel a little faint. My circulation's not too good, even at the best of times and I... ohhhh!" And she weakly collapsed to her side, her tits heaving up and down in what she hoped was a sign of distress.

"Just what I need, a woman who faints," muttered Paul. He knelt down beside her and felt her pulse. Sandy didn't have to try and make her heart race. It came naturally. He finally reached behind her and undid the belt from around her wrists. Then he began massaging her wrists briskly to get the circulation back.

"I hope to hell this brings her round."

Sandy hit in the gut with a tightly-clenched fist.

The air left his lungs, more from the surprise pf the blow than from its strength. He fell down, his legs spread in front of him. The woman leaped to her feet and raced off along the shore of the lake. He shook the cobwebs from his dazed brain and ran after her. The blood pounded fiercely in his temples as he ran.

This was living!

He could see her naked ass gleaming ahead of him. Her lithe, trim legs flashed beautifully as she ran. His hard prick hurt him as it bounced around in front of his groin but it was worth the pain he felt. Soon he would sink his prick all the way up into her gooey cunt.

The exercise, the chase, the struggle made it exciting when he was within an arm's reach of the fleeing woman, he executed a perfect flying tackle. Tumbling to the ground together, they rolled into the lake.

The shock of the cold water made Paul lose his erection, but it was worth it. The chilly water made the woman's nipples spring firmly erect. Even through the thick material of the sweatshirt she wore, he could see her nipples responding to the cold.

"Got you now, you dumb cunt," he snarled. His arms locked around her trim body as he pulled her soggy sweatshirt off her body.

Her tits gleamed like pearls in the sunlight. The water gave them a sheen, a wet look that made his prick slowly stir again. The cold water almost kept his prick down, but the sight of the naked, struggling woman locked in his arms gave him the will to get it up again. In a few seconds, his boner had returned, even stiffer than before.

"I'm going to fuck you cross-eyed," he promised. "You shouldn't have tried to run away like that."

She fought silently. But her strength was sapped by the icy water. When she felt him floating upwards, between her legs, she tried kicking again. This only played into his hands. The woman found herself in such a position that his prick was only inches away from the puffy flaps of her cunt-lips.

"That's the ticket," he said. "Make it easy for me. I love it when you really fight." He floated upwards a bit before and felt his prick lightly caress her outer cunt-lips. They both gasped. He hadn't realized how hot and ready to fuck he was. His balls had collapsed into a bag under his prick, and the way those balls tumbled and churned told him the lead-heavy load of his jizz would soon spurt out if he didn't get to fucking.

The woman wondered at her own responses. She felt her cunt churning again. Her needs down deep inside had returned even more potent than before. She hated herself for responding to him in this fashion, but she couldn't hold her emotions in check. The nearness of his hard cock, the icy water, the chase itself had all taken their toll on her self-control.

"Please, what are you going to do to me?" She didn't want to sound as if she were begging him, but the icy water sucked the heat from her body and made her teeth chatter.

"I'm going to fuck you, as I said before." He moved his hands around her body and cupped her tits. The grip he used made it impossible for her to pull away. As long as she stayed in the water, the sensations entering her chest were pleasant, even stimulating. And she needed all the stimulation she could get to keep from freezing to death.

He stroked her tits and pressed his thumbs into the hard nubbins of her nipples. She closed her eyes and let the water support her full weight. She floated, weightless. The feelings coursing through her body were sheer heaven, a delight, more potent than anything she had ever dreamed possible of experiencing with a man.

He wound his thumbs hard into her nipples. He pressed them deep into her soft tits. She felt fire down deep into her chest and lungs. Nothing had ever aroused her so much before.

"Ummmm," she sighed. "So nice, the way you fondle my tits. I... I love it! Do it some more!"

She felt dreamy and cut off from reality. When she settled down in the water a little more and felt the insistent prodding of his prick against her cunt lips, she realized that he was getting ready to fuck her. This was the man who had tied her up, who had spanked her, who had actually raped her up the ass. This was a blackmailing son of a bitch who intended to rape her all weekend long!

She fought.

"Dumb slut," he said, sputtering as water got into his mouth. But he was more agile in the water than she was and managed to drive his prick up and into her pussy. She felt her legs open a little wider. This was the automatic response of a woman waiting to be fucked. She couldn't help herself.

But she could tell him what she thought. "You scumbag! You filthy raping son of a bitch! Stop it! I... ohhhhh, shit, it's in meeeeee!"

He allowed the waves of the lake to rock him around. This caused his prick to gently enter and leave her cunt. The smoothness of the fucking had betrayed her. She wanted to stop him, but her body told her to forget that and simply enjoy the feel of a huge prick sliding to and fro in her aroused, eager cunt.

"Sure, baby, it's in you. I'm buried balls deep in you. Never fucked in a lake before, have you? All you prick-teasing types think of is getting a guy hot and then leaving before the fun really starts. Well, not this time, Sandy, not this time. I'm going to show you what real fun is like, what it means to have a real man's cock fucking you!"

His hands left her tits and slid down the sides of her body until he could grab a double handful of ass-flesh. Using this convenient hand hold, he began rocking her body faster and faster in the water. She responded immediately. He felt her cunt clamp down hard around his prick.

She closed her eyes again as his hands kneaded her doughy ass-cheeks. The attention felt better and better to her. The icy water had soothed her well-spanked butt. Now his hands built up fires of lust in her body again. The woman couldn't have been more confused. She hated the man for what he did to her and yet she couldn't deny the feelings mounting in her cunt.

She wanted him to really fuck her. And to do so would be to humiliate her. He was using her. All those years on her own and she'd been the one who'd used men. Not the other way around, not until now. Sandy hated herself for loving it so much. She felt as if she were betraying herself, her ideals, her very body to this animal of a man.

But the warmth of his cock sliding back and forth in her greased cunt was too much for her. She sighed and resigned herself to getting fucked while still in the water. She sensed the man's determination to possess her no matter what and remembered the old saying: "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."

She enjoyed it.

Her legs drifted with the current just below the surface of the icy lake until she was spread wide around the man's body. Then she tensed and locked her legs firmly around his waist. This pulled his cock even deeper into her cunt.

"You like it, don't you?" he laughed. "I thought you would once it came down to the actual fucking."

He began long, hard strokes, that threatened to tear her apart. She felt the friction mount inside her pussy. She didn't understand it. She was hot and ready for his prick. The way her cunt felt, she knew it had to be frothing and gushing with love-oils. Yet his cock tote and ripped at her as if he were dry-humping.

"Stop, please," she begged, finally deciding what the trouble was. "The water! It's washing off all my love-juices. You're rubbing me raw! My poor pussy!"

"To hell with it. Just another one of your frigging tricks to make me stop. Get me hot and ready to fuck, let me get started and then think up a cock-and-bull story about no maiden-juice. Bullshit!"

He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her strongly toward him. She twisted and fought to escape his fucking cock. It speared directly between her cunt-lips and drove mercilessly all the way up into her belly. She could even feel his balls whapping lightly against her ass. The woman finally decided on the proper tactic.

She almost drowned the man by flipping over in the water. He had two options: he could follow her motion and end up underwater or he could have his prick broken off in her tightly clinging cunt. He ended up sputtering for air, having gone under the tossing surface of the lake.

Sandy used this chance to get her feet under her, find the slimy bottom of the lake and push for shore. She had one slight advantage. She was naked and had no water-soaked clothing to hold her back. Paul was drenched and his clothes weighed ten pounds more than when dry.

The black-haired woman raced bare-ass naked for the woods again. She hoped to reach the cabin, get her clothes and then get the hell away from this place. For a brief instant, she wouldn't have minded fucking Paul. Then he had to go and spoil it all. If only the water hadn't washed away her fuck-fluids just when she needed them the most. There was no way in hell of ever telling the man she hadn't been lying to him.

He had her pegged as a prick-teaser. She shivered as she felt the nippy breeze pull the tiny droplets of water from her naked flesh and her flowing hair. By the time she reached the clearing around the cabin, she was nearly frozen.

"So you finally got back, huh?" came the voice beside her. She spurt and found Paul there, his clothing dripping onto the ground and forming tiny mud puddles at his feet. Again, he had taken the short cut and beaten her to the target.

"Look, Paul, it's not like you think," she started, backing away from him. When a tree trunk firmly pressed into her back, her eyes darted from side to side looking for another way to escape. There wasn't one.

His arms pinned her to the rough bark and he peered down into her eyes as he said, "I'm tired of fucking around with you. I corn-holed you and didn't get off. Then you ran and we were just getting down to some real classy fucking in the lake and you ran off again. I didn't get off then, either. Now it's going to be different. I'm going to fuck you till you beg me to stop. Then I'll fuck you some more till you beg me not to stop. Then I'll Goddamn leave you!"

She cringed under the fury of the man's words. He was really worked up. And she saw the reason for his fury. Every time he bellowed a little louder at her, his prick jerked a bit higher. His anger fueled his desires. Every word he uttered made him just a bit hornier.

She groaned as hic cock hammered into her tight cunt. She didn't want him fucking her, not out in the cold like this.

"Please, Paul, in the cabin. We can do it there."

"It? We can do it there?" he roared. "And what do you think it is? I'll tell you. It's a game to you. A Goddamned cock-teasing game. Sure, we go inside and then it's something else. No, baby, I'm fucking you right here and now!"

She kept her legs pressed as close together as she could get them. It didn't do any good. She felt the warm, thick head of his prick separate her thighs and drive in under the bottom of her fluffy bush. Her cunt-lips were a little numb from the cold, but the nearness of his cock pumped new, hot blood through them.

She warmed up a little and spread her legs slightly. It was all the opening the man needed. He drove his prick home all the way up into her dry cunt. She fought him off as the pain of his forceful entry made her teeth clack shut.

"You're hurting me!"

"And I'm going to hurt you a damned sight more!" He clutched her wrists and she felt his belt circling her hands again. In less than a minute, no matter how she tried to prevent it, he had her strung up to the tree limb. She hung there like a side of beef. Her feet were flat on the ground and for that she was thankful. If he had tried to hang her up so that she stood on tiptoe, it would have brought more pain than she could have endured.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked. She couldn't control her voice much longer. She started to cry softly as she felt his prick rubbing sensuously over the fleecy mound of her pussy. He dragged his cock downward, across her clit, along her cunt lips and then all the way up into her pussy.

This time she felt the sluggish flow of her inner juices. She still had to bite back a cry. The pain racing along her nerves threatened to make her pass out. She took every singe inch of the man's prick up into her dry cunt for the first thrust. The second was a little better. The third was paradise in comparison.

She could ignore the racking pain throughout her shoulders and back from being strung up like she was. The belt cut into the tender flesh of her wrists until she wanted to scream but the pleasure being generated in her cunt offset that.

"Ummm, why are you doing this?" she repeated. "It... it's so good and it hurts so much!" She was so confused. Her cunt burned with the joy of a good fucking. Her muscles screamed in agony.

Pleasure and pain merged to form one giant mixture that filled her entire body. Never had she been mistreated like this and loved it so much!

The man fucked her as she'd never been fucked before. She realized he had lifted one of her legs up and off the ground so that it curled around his waist. She hadn't even noticed until that very moment. She was lost in the wonderland of sex.

"Shit, so tight. Even standing up you're tighter than any cunt I ever fucked into before. How do you do it?"

She gave his buried prick a little squeeze with her cunt-walls. He gasped. She could feel the immediate reaction as his prick began to move around inside her cunt. The woman continued to squeeze until she felt as if he would rip her apart as his cock left her boiling cunt.

His cock slipped free and stood poised just parting her cunt-lips. For a long moment, the man panted and regained some of his control. He had almost blown his wad when her pussy-walls came clamping down on him. But he was ready for another round.

This time he fucked her fast enough so that she couldn't hope to hang onto his cock. He reamed out her pussy with so much force it started her swinging backwards against the belt that held her wrists to the tree limb. She felt as if she had been put on some medieval torturer's rack and was being pulled apart bit by slow bit.

Every time he slammed hard into her cunt, she felt her shoulder muscles protest just a little bit more. She moaned piteously, like a helpless, trapped animal, but he mistook her cries for passion. He fucked her even harder. Just as she was about to pass out, she heard him grunt and mutter, "Gotta come. Gotta. Can't hold it back. Burning all the way up my prick. Shit, it's so hot!"

She felt his prick grow in size. It expanded as more blood pounded into the already distended length. His cock pressed into her cunt-walls and threatened to rip her apart again. She knew that it wouldn't be more than a couple seconds before he blew apart inside her.

She was right.

The liquid surge of his come burned all along her cunt-walls. He drove his prick in and out with all the passion and frustration locked up in his strong body. He didn't stop fucking her until his cock was limp.

"God, that was good. And it's going to be even better," he said looking at the bound woman hanging from the tree, limb.

"Cut me down. Please," she moaned. "I can't take much more of this."

"Oh?" He simply stood staring at her naked form.

"Wh-what are you going to do?" she cried in horror. Whatever evil he was going to do to her wasn't going to be the least bit pleasant. She could tell.

"I think I'm going to leave you out here all night long. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

He made a big production of stuffing his prick back into his dripping, wet pants and then running the zipper slowly up the squeaking track. He patted his bulge at the crotch and smiled at her again. "Are you going to miss me?"

"You animal! You can't leave me out here naked! Not all night! I'll freeze!"

"Who cares?" he said lightly. "I figure you for a frigid chick at best. You might find you even like being out bare-ass naked in the woods all night long. Maybe some animal will come along and sniff and lick that cunt of yours. Would you like a wolf to do that? Or maybe you go for something bigger. Like a bear."

"A bear?" she asked, frightened. She hadn't even thought of such dangerous animals being around her.

"Sure, the woods are full of them. But then, what do you care? You're a cunning bitch. You might be able to talk the bear out of doing anything to you. Might have to fuck the animal, but you're probably used to that."

"You low-life! You cocksucking, shit-eating, son of a bitch!" she screamed. "I'll see you bum in hell!"

"Nice and warm there. Not here. Getting chilly, in fact," he said. "God, but I wouldn't want to be out here all night long."

She got the man's message. She lowered her shrill voice and asked, "What do I have to do to get inside the cabin? I'll do anything."

"Do? Nothing," he said, turning and leaving her strung up on the tree limb. An icy blast caused goose-bumps to mar her perfect skin. It was going to be a long, cold night.

Chapter SEVEN

She fell into a coma around midnight. Sandy no longer cared what happened to her. She could die then and there and all would be fine. Around one in the morning, a mournful howling brought her out of her stupor. She looked down between her legs and there sat a large wolf. She feared that it was rabid.

Instead of biting her, it began licking. She sighed as the wolf tongued all the way up the inside of her leg and finally stopped around her pussy. His rough tongue felt like sandpaper against her skin. Yet it stimulated her and brought her back to life.

As the wolf-tongue probed around her cunt-lips, she felt desire. Her pussy began to move in excitement. She didn't understand what was happening to her but it lit her up inside like a light bulb. She was soon panting as hard as the wolf.

The animal finally got its fill of licking the bound woman's pussy and trotted off into the darkness. She looked after it, wondering if it would do any good to fall out. It might come back; it might also bring the rest of the pack. She didn't want to repeat the degrading experience.

Still, that very humiliation of having a wild beast sniff around her cunt and then begin to lick her had brought out hated for Paul. Paul Carmody would pay for this. It was too simple to give up. She would hang on just to spite him. She wouldn't freeze out here. She would live and get her revenge on that blackmailing bastard.

In spite of her determination, Sandy was almost unconscious from exposure by the time the sun poked above the far tree-lined ridge. The stillness in the forest slowly gave way to the cawing of ravens and the cries of other birds defending their territory. She heard the crunch of boot-heels against gravel before she saw Paul.

Pulling her head erect, she tried to stare him down. She knew she must be a pathetic figure but she still had some dignity. She might be naked and dirty and have wild animal spit all over her cunt, but she was still going to show this frigging son of a bitch a thing or two.

"Good morning," he said to her cheerfully. "Have a nice little nap? I found the cabin a bit warm. I guess I put too much wood on the fire. And those heavy blankets. You know how hard it is to keep from suffocating under them."

"I wish you had smothered," she snapped.

"Still got the old school spirit, don't you? I guess a night outside didn't harm you any. Are you in the mood for breakfast?"

She felt the grumbling of her stomach and realized for the first time that she hadn't had anything to eat since lunch the prior day. She nodded her head, hardly daring to speak. Her lips were cracked and her throat felt as if someone had stuffed a wad of cotton down it. The exposure had gotten to her in a bad way.

Worse of all, her wrists and hands had no feeling. The blood had long since drained from them.

She decided to save her strength for when it would do the most good.

"Here's breakfast, baby. My prick. You get to eat all you can suck out of it!"

She watched in hypnotized fascination as the man pulled his limp cock from his pants. It dangled down the front of his pants. He wanted her to suck him off and drink the jism for her breakfast!

"You..." Words escaped her. She couldn't think of anything vile enough to describe Paul.

"I understand there's about twenty-three calories in a mouthful of come. If you suck really good, you might be able to drain my balls entirely. Not as good as the steak and eggs I had, but still better than nothing at all. Don't you agree, Sandy?"

She kicked out at him and immediately regretted it. Her arms and wrists couldn't stand the added strain of supporting her swinging body. Pain lanced down her back and exploded throughout her torso. Even her tits ached from exposure.

"I... I'll do it. But you have to let me down." She intended to kick him as soon as she was free and then run for it. She thought that she could get his keys and get away in the car soon as he took the damned belt off her wrists and allowed her a little freedom.

She was wrong.

When he took the belt off her wrists, she discovered that she couldn't even stand up. She sank to the ground, weak and dizzy. The man laughed at her and said, "Just about the right position to get to sucking. So suck, damn you, suck as hard and good as you can!"

Sandy knew she was beat. For now. She reached out and gently took the man's balls in her cupped hand. Her hand was icy cold from lack of blood. As soon as she began to get some feeling back into her hands, she drew his balls closer to her mouth.

"GO on and breathe on them. I like that. Makes me tinge all over when I feel your breath rustling through the fur on my halls."

Her hands shook uncontrollably and it wasn't from the coldness of the wind caressing her naked body. She felt her nipples begin to harden and the tell-tale wetness mounted in her cunt. The sight of the man's balls was making her hot all over. She felt alternate hot and cold flashes throughout her body, and the way her spine tingled made it almost perfect.

Even the idea that he controlled her actions made her feel a little more excited. She hated herself for that. She was her own woman and no man could order her about as Paul did.

She still held his balls and gently bounced them in the palm of her hand. Then she applied her mouth to his cock. Paul's limp penis began to stir. She pressed her tongue against the side of his limp cock and licked it. Even as her tongue moved, his cock began to stir and pulse harder.

In less than a minute, she had a mouthful of prick. She responded more and more to Paul as his prick throbbed hard in her mouth.

"That's the way I like it," he told her. "Keep sucking. And don't you dare let my cock slip all the way out of your mouth!"

The way he said it made it an order. For a moment, the woman wanted to protest. Getting this close to his prick, though, robbed her of any desire to argue with him. She just wanted him to face-fuck her. To give him the proper idea, she bobbed her head up and down, taking the entire length of virile prick into her mouth.

The rubbery tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth. She arched her neck and took his prick down her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace but she could swallow prick when she had to. The way Paul commanded her to suck on his cock, she didn't dare disobey.

Sandy didn't forget for a second the long hours she'd spent tied up and dangling from the tree limb. All the things that had happened to her reinforced her desire to get even with this guy. He'd raped her up the ass and fucked her in the cold lake and then tied her up and fucked her against the tree. The worst thing of all was leaving her for the wolves.

She trembled at the thought of the wolf coming up to her in the night and licking her cunt. It had been so exciting and frightening at the time. Now only anger and outright hatred remained hatred for the man responsible for putting her into such a predicament.

And it was the very man whose balls she so lovingly held in her cupped hands. She moved her face away from his groin. The prickly hairs of his crotch made her want to sneeze. Besides, she had to breathe. Having the long, hard prick buried all the way down her throat made breathing almost impossible.

"Don't do that," came sharp words from Paul. "I love the way your throat works on my prick. Tight! I love it!"

His hands laced through her hair and pulled her face back into his crotch. She gagged as his prick shot all the way down her throat again. She wasn't prepared for it this time. She let her throat bob up and down, caressing the most sensitive portion of his cock. It was all she could do against his overwhelming strength.

"Ummmm, yeah, that's nice!" he purred. The woman pulled herself back until only the thick glands of his prick remained between her sucking lips.

"Don't!" he yelled, sharper than before. "Keep sucking, you dumb bitch. I want all you can offer and then I'll figure out even more!"

She didn't like the man's words. While her cunt was seething and achingly hollow, almost begging for cock to fuck it, she decided she wanted nothing more to do with this brutal man. He could wrap her around his little finger so easily that it repulsed her. His prick might taste good but what she had to do to get it wasn't worth the hassle.

Locking her arms around the backs of his legs, she suddenly heaved. She caught him off balance. His knees buckled and he toppled backwards.

"Goddamn!" he cried before he hit the ground. By that time, Sandy was on her feet and running like a deer. She didn't get more than ten feet before Paul brought her down with a tackle that would have made the defensive line of a pro-football team proud.

"Lemme go!" she cried, struggling in the circle of his strong arms. He held her with one hand as he pulled her along, back of the cabin where a windmill spun around.

"I'm going to fuck you and this time you're not going to run away from me. I guarantee it!"

The arm of a water pump went up and down. The man surveyed it for a moment, then turned the pump off. The windmill continued to spin but he gears driving the arm of the pump were disengaged. Paul quickly tied Sandy's arms to the horizontal arm of the pump, then meshed the gears again. She moved up and down in a smooth rhythm. The wind power sent the arm of the pump thrusting up and down in just the right motion and speed for a nice fucking.

"Now for the good part," he told her, positioning himself on a beam beside the unit. His prick came up between her legs. She fought to keep him away from her pussy, but she failed.

The up-and-down motion of the rocker arm made her a little dizzy. It pulled hard at her arms, them dumped her down fast. Before she could recover from that, she found herself jerked up into the air and the whole cycle was repeated. When Paul positioned himself just right, he was between her flailing legs.

The motion of the pump arm drove her cunt down directly onto his prick. She moaned softly the first time because his prick went skittering along her well-oiled cunt. The second time, he was ready for her. His prick parted her puffy cuntal-lips and drove deep into her pussy.

She screamed. It was as if a white hot spike of steel had been thrust into her cunt. Then she was sailing up and off his prick. The suddenness of the vacuum forming in her pussy made her fear that her guts would be sucked out of her body. Then she was shoved down hard onto his cock again.

The woman could barely keep up with the rapid fucking. The machine did all the work. It was tireless. She wished she could say the same. The pressure on her arms was negligible compared to the friction of his prick working so hard against her cunt-walls. Her fuck-fluids could hardly keep up with the fast fucking.

"Really great, isn't it?" he sighed. "This is the best Goddamned fucking I ever heard of as long as the windmill turns, the pump arms work and that keeps you moving up and down on my pecker. I love it! I Goddamned fucking love it!"

He relaxed, but the woman couldn't. She felt his prick enter and leave her cunt. Each time he penetrated her, she thought he would split her apart.

Her tits bounced wildly from the motion of the rocker arm pump, but -- it was in her pussy that all the hot and heavy action was going down. She was totally filled with cock one second and then empty the next.

She didn't understand what happened, but she came hard. She shuddered and cried out, but nothing helped. The machine kept mindlessly shoving his prick into her seething cunt. She felt the friction burning her up inside and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Then came the hot rush of his jism. He filled her to overflowing and that helped to lubricate her pussy. But the pump arm kept flinging her up and pulling her down with the same motion. She had never felt more frustrated in her life. She wanted to fuck faster, five times faster, ten times faster! And the machine kept the pace constant.

As his prick moved out of her cunt, the man said, "Enough of this. I've got to go tend to some stuff in the cabin. Don't go away, now, will you?"

He laughed stopped and walked off leaving her bouncing up and down on the arm of the water pump. She felt her muscles and joints ache worse than before. Sandy hated him with all her soul at that moment. Anything that she could do to punish Paul, she would.

But being tied up and left outside on the arm of a pump didn't give her much chance to accomplish revenge. She rocked up and down, sobbing softly to herself.

Chapter EIGHT

She didn't know exactly how long Paul let her stay on the arm of the pump. For once in her life, she prayed for no wind at all. She was sick and dizzy from the motion. The more she struggled against the ropes tying her to the arm of the pump, the tighter the knots became. Paul was obviously expert at tying people up.

Around noon, if she guessed right by the position of the sun, Paul returned and looked her over. The sight of her naked body on the arm of the pump excited him. She could see the bulge at the crotch of his pants grow as he stood, staring at her.

The sight of her was delectable. The woman's tits moved in small circles as she rocked up and down on the pump arm. Her legs separated nicely to reveal the inky blackness of her push. Pink cunt-lips yawned wide just under the downward-pointing tip of her triangular pussy-mound. He knew how luscious that cunt was; he had fucked it enough limes to want more of its tightness around his prick.

"Me you ready to go inside?" he asked.

"Yes," she cried out, hardly able to speak without banging her teeth together in a loud clack. The jerking motion of the pump arm made her afraid she might bite her tongue off if she tried calling him all the names she had thought up.

"Okay. You've got to promise not try and escape like you've done before. Otherwise, I'll have to severely discipline you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

She would have agreed to anything to get free of the moving arm. It made her entire body ache, but most of all, her pussy hurt like hell. Not since she'd lost her cherry had she felt this sore. She could hardly bear any more of this torture.

He freed her and she collapsed to the ground, panting like a dog. She stayed on hands and knees for a moment, then saw her chance. A discarded axe handle was partially hidden under the pump rig. She gripped it and swung with all her might. She would have killed Paul if the tip of the axe handle hadn't been deflected by part of the steel rig holding the pump.

As it was, she gave him enough of a blow to knock him out. She dropped the axe handle and ran for the house. She wanted clothing and she wanted keys to the car and she wanted to get the fuck away from this place.

Sandy stopped dead in her tracks when she entered the cabin. Changes had been made in the once-tasteful decor. In the center of the room stood a pair of wooden stocks like the Puritans used to use on their criminals. A space was cut in the wood for a head and on either side were smaller holes for the victim's hands. Below was a complex contraption which obviously held the ankles, but could be adjusted to hold the legs apart at different distances. Whoever ended up in the stocks could be stood there with feet close together or spread painfully wide apart.

She had no doubt that she was intended to occupy these stocks and that Paul would spread her legs wide using the contraption. He could fuck her from behind at his leisure. A shiver passed through her body as she realized how close she'd come to really being his sex slave.

She found her clothes didn't bother with bra or panties and buttoned the rough wool shirt and pulled up the jeans around her tight, tensed ass.

The rough wool massaged her nipples, stimulating them more than she cared to think about. The rough denim fabric pressed into her crotch and rubbed her raw. What stimulation she got out of the shirt was offset by the discomfort of the jeans pressing along her cunt-lips.

She searched through the man's possessions until she found his car keys. Grabbing them, she turned and ran from the house. She had no idea if she'd killed Paul -- she didn't think so -- and if he would be coming after her.

Sandy slipped behind the wheel of the car, thrust the key into the ignition and began grinding the engine. It refused to catch. She pressed the key harder and hoped this would make the engine start. It didn't.

"Missing something?" came the cold voice at her ear. She turned and saw Paul's face only inches away. He held up his hand, displaying a black rod made from plastic. "The rotor," he said, as if that explained things to her.

"What?" she stammered.

"Out of the Goddamned car. Now!" He yanked open the door and she felt herself sail through the air and land painfully on the ground. In a flash, he was behind her, binding her hands with rough hemp cord.

"Don't do this to me! Please!"

"Shut your mouth, slut. I'll do what I want to with you. I warned you about trying to escape and this is going to be it for you!"

She believe him.

He easily picked up her body and carried her into the cabin. He didn't bother untying her hands. They were securely bound behind her back.

In a few more minutes, he had her ankles fastened into the gadget at her feet.

"This is something I put together on my own," he told her in a conversational tone. "I can adjust the width of your stance from tiny to huge." He showed her -- painfully.

He moved the device so that her legs were pressed tightly together. Then he pulled her legs far apart. She felt pain arrow into her pussy. The stretched skin of her cunt made her so uncomfortable that she had to call out and beg him to stop. She hated herself instantly when she did.

"Can't take it, huh?" he said. "It's okay for you to bash people on the head with axes but it's not okay for me to punish you for doing it. That's what I love about you Women's Lib types. All the time making with double standards. You can do anything you Goddamned want, but when a man tries to do it, he's a Goddamned fucking male chauvinist pig."

She winced as he spread her legs three feet apart. Suddenly, he thrust his finger all the way up her cunt. She wanted to cry out and moan, but that would only goad him on. She held her tongue.

"I'm getting hungry. I think I'm going to fix lunch. But, you've heard we're in the middle of an energy crisis, so I figure I'll cook this hot dog in a special way." He held up the hot dog for her inspection. She went cold all over when the meaning of the man's words finally sank in.

"You can't do this to me! You wouldn't."

He did.

He shoved the hot dog all the way up into her pussy. She felt the cold wiener rob her of inner-heat. Yet, in spite of the indignity of it all, she felt a bit of excitement. She couldn't explain why she was aroused at having the hot dog shoved all the way up her cunt. It might have been that she had a hollow feeling in her pussy from lack of cock.

There hadn't been a single good fucking since she'd come up to the lake. She'd been raped several times but Paul had never fucked her lovingly. More and more she came to like the idea of fucking only other women -- or dominating men and forcing them to do her bidding.

This was totally out of her experience. Paul took command and kept it. The harder she tried to escape from him, the more he punished her. He dominated her completely. She hated him for it -- and it made her cunt all gooey with lust.

"Hmmmm," he said, puffing the hot dog from her pussy, "looks like it'll be another few minutes before it's hot enough to eat. I like the idea of all your cunt-juices on the wiener, though. Gives it added flavor, don't you know?"

He began stroking the hot dog back and forth in her pussy as if it were a prick. She didn't want to respond to the motion. But she did. Her breathing came harder and faster. She felt her heart pumping blood to her tits. Her tits were expanding and felt as if they might pop at any second.

"You dig this, don't you? It figures. You probably masturbate all the time. That's the way cock-teasers get their kicks, isn't it?"

"Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you to deserve such treatment." She licked her lips and wished her hands weren't bound behind her back. The motion of the masturbating hot dog in her pussy wasn't quite right. A little faster and she might be able to get off on it.

"You've done everything to me. It's what you stand for that bugs the hell out of me. I just want to strike out for male rights. That's something all you pushy cunts have forgotten, isn't it?"

She caught her breath as he moved his hands toward her pussy-lips. The hot dog actually brushed against her clit and sent electric thrills throughout her belly. She even felt her cunt contract and try to grip the piece of meat.

Never in her life had she been so degraded. And she was doing most of it to herself! She actually responded sexually to a hot dog being thrust in and out of her pussy. She began to cry in frustration.

"There, there, my dear," he said. "You mustn't cry. It's so unbecoming to a lady. Here, have something to eat."

He pulled the hot dog from her pussy with a wet, lewd smacking noise and then thrust it against her lips. For a moment, she turned away and tried to avoid it. The wooden stocks prevented her from getting far enough away to do any good. The man continued to poke it into her lips until finally she couldn't avoid it any more.

She opened her mouth and bit off the end of the hot dog. The woman felt a surge of revulsion at what she was doing. The hot dog was drenched with her own fuck-fluids. The man had raped her with a hot dog and was now forcing her to eat the vile thing!

"Good, isn't it? I figured you might like it." He pulled the hot dog from her mouth and licked it. She could see her cunt-oils on his tongue. With a big show of delight, he gobbled the entire hot dog, then licked his lips.

"You're lower than a snake's belly!" she screamed. "I hate you more than words can tell!"

"Really? We'll have to do something about that. Like, hmmmm, let's see if we can't change your mind by exciting you a little more."

She shrieked as he thrust something impossibly thick and cold into her cunt. The woman wasn't able to turn around and see what he was doing; she didn't have to. She could feel each and every movement he made behind her.

Tensing her pussy-muscles, she discovered that he had rammed a cucumber up her cunt. The bumpy sides tickled and tormented her cunt walls. What really gave her pain, though, was the thickness of the cucumber. It was bigger around than any man's cock. And the son of a bitch using it on her began to twist it inside her tightly-clinging cunt.

"Aiieeee! It hurrrrts!" she complained. The lances of agony rammed through her and brought tears to her eyes. But she held back the real flood of tears she wanted to release. It wouldn't do to let him know he had succeeded in besting her at anything.

But the pain!

The twisting motion pulled her pussy-walls in new and different directions. No man's prick would be this punishing. Her tender inner-membrane was pulled out of shape. She knew that she would be ripped apart inside.

Just as she thought that she would pass out, he stopped. The pain died away and then returned when the man started fucking her with the long, green cylinder.

"God, for a chick with such a tight cunt, you sure do expand to take anything rammed up you. But I guess maybe that's the way women are built. After all, how's a baby supposed to get out, otherwise?"

She didn't want to enlighten him on anatomy. She wanted him dead. She wanted him to stop fucking her with the cucumber!

"Hot enough for you? Looks like you're beginning to sweat a little," he said. He stopped fucking her with the long, green vegetable and began stroking her body. But he'd left the cucumber buried full-length up her cunt.

She sobbed openly now, not able to hide her feelings. His hands felt so damned good as they moved across her sensitive skin. She could almost forget the stuffed-up feeling in her cunt when he pinched her nipples and brushed across the slight dome of her belly.

When he touched her clit, she came.

The entire world turned upside down for her and then spun around wildly as her body responded to that caress. When she came down from her sexual high, she discovered he had other ways in mind to torment her.

"Like this?" he asked.

She cried and laughed at the same time. The cucumber remained inside her juicy cunt, making her want to scream in agony. But, now he used a feather across her tits in such a way that she couldn't help but respond. He moved the feather across her tits, between her boobs and ass-cheeks, then lightly along her cunt lips. The feeling started between her legs.

Pain. Pleasure. Pleasure, pain and more. She came again.

The pain angered her, but the pleasure was so damned good. Finally, she stopped trying to figure out which feeling brought her off.

"You do get off on this sort of thing, don't you?" Paul said.

He tormented her with his feather, lightly drawing it across her buttocks and then down the insides of her legs. Her tender flesh rippled and covered with goose-flesh. She wanted to laugh as he applied the feather to the soles of her feet.

She had never understood the connection between her feet and her orgasms. Every time she got off in a big way, her toes curled and her legs tensed. Now, she was taking the reverse route. Her orgasm wasn't starting in her clit and passing down her legs; it started in her toes and worked its way slowly up her legs.

By the time she exploded again in a wild frenzied climax, she knew that she would never be the same again. She had discovered too many hidden facets of her personality to ever go back to being the same Sandy Kramer.

She loved fucking. Not so much with men, but fucking was her top sport. The feel of a cock driving in and out of her pussy turned her on, but the men fucking her seldom did. Now, she found herself responding to Paul in ways she'd never done before. The more he tortured her, the more he humiliated her, the more she loved it.

The woman hated him, but she loved what he did to her. He was dominant. He made sure that she didn't wrap him around her little finger. That was new to her.

Most of all, she liked the feeling of being tied up. She wasn't responsible for anything done to her. He had her completely at his mercy. She could relax and go along with him. Her hands felt like icy clubs due to the lack of circulation in her hands, but she ignored that. The rough wood cutting into her neck hurt the most. Having her legs pinned so widely apart didn't bother her too much.

It gave the man easy access to her cunt.

"Enough of that," he said. "I think it's time to get down to the good stuff." She moaned softly as he pulled out the cucumber and smeared her pussy with something soft and gooey. She started to ask what he was doing when she felt a rough, wet tongue licking along her cunt-lips. The sudden pleasure flowing through her body felt great. It snapped her awake and brought every nerve in her body to full attention.

"Ummm, God, Paul, why didn't you do this sooner?" she sighed. "I love it when someone eats my pussy."

"Who's eating your cunt, you dumb slut?" he asked, moving around to where she could see him. But the licking at her cunt continued even though the man stood in front of her.

He smiled wickedly. "That nice German Shepherd dog that found its way here. That's who's licking your cunt!"

She went cold all over. The wolf had been bad enough, but to have her pussy licked by a dog repulsed her totally. She sobbed out, "You animal! How can you do these things to me?"

"Like smearing dog food all over your cunt? It just came to me, in a flash, you know. But don't you like the dog licking at you that way? Want me to stop him?"

"Yes!" she screamed.

It surprised the hell out of her when she heard Paul say, "Down, boy. She doesn't like that rough tongue of yours moving all over her cunt." The woman relaxed a little bit. She realized that Paul actually did pull the dog away from her. But, she went cold all over again when she felt hairy legs pressing into either side of her ass.

The dog moved and jerked a little and a slippery dog-prick entered her cunt. She screamed and screamed as the dog started fucking her from behind.

"Shut up," snapped Paul. "You're making Bowser here uptight. You wouldn't want to upset a lover, would you?"

The woman felt violated. She hadn't felt this bad inside when Paul had tied her hands and raped her ass. That had been the first time any man had taken her up the back, it had seemed almost natural. She knew ass-fucking was done all the time; she just hadn't done it with a man.

But this!

This was decadent, unnatural and totally humiliating. He had abused her in a variety of ways, and she had come through it all vowing to get even with him. Now her hatred flared more than ever, but she couldn't do a damned thing about the dog puffing and panting as his animal-prick stroked into her pussy.

Fucked by a dog!

She wished she could run and hide, to avoid this sordid scene. But, she was too firmly locked in the wooden stocks. Paul had seen to everything. She couldn't even move her feet. She had to allow the dog to finish, to come in her pussy.

Sandy felt unclean. She wanted to die.

Chapter NINE

"Take that fucking dog and get the hell out of my life!" she cried. The man laughed at her. She was at his mercy. He could do whatever he wanted. He was the one in command, and he intended to use his power to the fullest.

"Go on, Rover, lick off your doggy come."

She felt the dog licking her pussy-lips again. She tried to move away, but couldn't. The stocks held her too firmly. The woman felt her neck chafing where she strained against the rough wood. The lock on the side of the wooden bar held firmly. No amount of jerking around on her part would get it open. Only Paul could free her.

And Paul wasn't about to set her free. He was having too much fun tormenting her with the dog's antics. The dog finally stopped licking her cunt and moved to a warm spot beside the fireplace, and fell asleep.

"That's man's best friend, baby," Paul said. "I didn't believe it before, but I'm convinced of it now. He fucked you better than most men, I'd bet."

"He fucks better than a pencil-prick like you ever could!" the woman raged. She felt so helpless. Yet she had to taunt him with her words. They were the only weapon she had.

"I should gag you." She felt terror at the thought. "But I won't. I enjoy hearing you yell and scream. What's it like to have a dog fucking you? How does it feel?"

He rested his hand on her ass. She bent her legs and moved her buttocks away. It did no good. He followed her down and then pinched her. She yelped in pain, but he took no notice of it.

"I think I should punish you for all the nasty things you've said about me. Don't you agree?"

"Swine. Cock-sucking, mother-fucking son of a bitch."

"You're repeating yourself. You already called me a son of a bitch several times and sucking pricks doesn't appeal to me. But I think you should be trained to stuck my prick."

She heard him rummaging through the closet at the side of the room. When he came back, he was naked below the waist. He had completely removed his pants to reveal his limp prick. He moved closer to her tightly-fastened head and ordered, "Suck cock, baby. Give me the best head ever."

"Rot in hell!"

She cried out in pain when he brought a coat hanger up over his head and lashed her ass with it. The thin wire cut into her flesh and hurt more than the broad leather belt. She still carried some of the welts from that previous spanking. This time it would be worse.

"Suck my cock!"

He whipped her with the wire coat hanger until she felt a thin trickle of blood down the inside of her leg. He was beating her bloody with the hanger. She had to stop him -- and the only way of doing that was to give in to his demands. There wasn't any way in hell she could hope to make him stop without sucking his cock.

"I... I'll do it. Stop! Please don't whip me any more! I'll suck you off! I promise."

"Do it!"

She found it harder to obey his command than she'd thought. He stood just far enough away so that she had to strain hard against the wooden stocks. This chafed her neck even more. By extending her tongue until her jaws ached, she was able to lightly tongue his prick. His prick bucked with enough desire to make it hard.

He edged closer and she managed to take his balls into her mouth. Her lips closed on his hairy nuts and she started sucking. By the time she had his scrotum in her mouth, it had collapsed into a tight, hard sphere. Pressing her tongue into the side of his sac, she felt his balls tumbling and lurching. This told her that he was responding to her sucking.

The man said nothing to let the woman know if he approved. Her only clues were in the way his cock bucked and pulsated against her cheek. Gently, she pushed his balls from her soft lips. She kissed and licked at the base of his prick.

Her mouth watered. Some spit drooled down her chin. But with her hands bound behind her back with the rough rope, she couldn't possibly brush the wetness away. She continued to work her tongue against his prick.

He inched closer. She quickly worked her mouth up to the purpled knob at the end of his fuck-stick. His huge prick slipped into her mouth. She began to suck as if her life depended on it -- maybe it did.

The man's brutal punishment of her ass could easily turn into murderous rage. She didn't want to anger him anymore. She didn't know what Paul was capable of doing to her.

She shuddered at the thought of the dog fucking her. The way he had whipped her ass with the coat hanger still sent lances of pain into her body. The hot dog raping had been sort of funny, but she hadn't laughed at it. It had been degrading. Paul was capable of doing just about anything.

Sandy knew that she might have frozen to death while tied to the tree. Being exposed all night in the mountains was a brutal thing to do to her.

"More," he snapped. "I want you to suck even more on my prick."

She bobbed her head up and down to let him know she'd heard. Her cheeks went hollow as she sucked for all she was worth. She would degrade herself in any way he wanted to avoid being whipped with the coat hanger again. The pain had been so intense. Her ass was one throbbing mass of flesh.

She felt him moving away from her. Craning her neck, she kept sucking on his prick for a few more seconds. Then he was too far away, and his cock came out of her mouth.

"You dumb cunt!" he roared. "I told you to keep sucking. Thu stopped! I'm going to really punish you now. Just wait and see what I do to you!"

"Wait, no! Paul, stop! I didn't mean it!" Then she realized that she hadn't stopped sucking. He had moved away. She was apologizing for something he had done. Before she could correct herself and start calling him names, he left.

She didn't know what was worse, having him abuse her verbally or having him leave and let her wonder what evil things he might do to her next.

She decided it was worse to be left to wonder what he would do when he returned. She thought of bizarre and horrible things that he might do. Being tied onto the arm of the water pump and fucked had been one thing, but to tie an axe handle onto the arm and let it fuck her would be something else. It would rip her tender cunt-flesh in a few minutes.

Or he might decide to leave her alone with the dog tied up. She knew that some dogs went after women when they were in their period. Maybe this one had developed a taste for women and would fuck them at any time. She shivered at the thought of being tied down and fucked repeatedly by the dog.

Or he could fuck her with some of the icicles she'd seen hanging from the roof of the cabin. To have a hard, cold piece of ice drilling hard into her pussy would send shivers throughout her body.

Or... she thought of a thousand worse things. Finally, she heard footsteps behind her. She couldn't see him, but she felt his presence. She knew Paul stood only a few feet behind her. She heard a click as if something had been put into the light socket. Then she heard another click and a whisper of air that she recognized, but couldn't identify immediately.

"You think you've got such a hot cunt. We'll see about that."

"Paul! Damn it, stop right now. I... oh no. Aaaieeee!" Her screams filled the tiny cabin. The man was thrusting the barrel of a hair dryer into her pussy. She felt his fingers working on her cunt-lips and pulling them apart. The heavy metal shaft held her cuntal-lips apart, while he applied more and more pressure to the handle.

She didn't know how she did it, but she took the entire barrel of the hair dryer into her cunt. Never in her life had she been so pulled apart.

He turned the dryer on.

The hot air shot up into her cunt. The hot air seared and dried the cunt-juices clinging to the walls of her pussy. She screamed again and again until her voice went horse. She continued to scream until she passed out.

She didn't know how long she had hung limp in the stocks. All she knew was that her pussy burned. Never had she felt such pain. Paul had applied low heat to her pussy, but it felt as if he'd used a flame-thrower.

"Back again, huh, cunt?" he said. "I guess that warmed you up enough for me to get some service out of you."

She couldn't even tell him what she thought about him. She was drained, weakened by the ordeal to the point where she wanted to die. No, that would have been too easy.

She'd get even. She told herself she would, even if she didn't have the slightest idea how.

"I think I'm going to fuck your ass again. I liked the way it clung to my prick. Tight, hot holes are designed for fucking."

She felt him ram into her tightly-clenched asshole. She tried to keep him out and failed. The pain of his entry into her asshole would have made her pass out, except she had learned what real pain was from the hair dryer. This was bad, but she could tolerate it.

"Ummmmm," he sighed, "I like this. But there's no lubrication. I think I'm going to put some of this on and get your cunt good and slippery."

She felt something slimy ooze down between the thick slabs of her ass-cheeks. She craned her neck and was able to see her left ankle, trapped in the elaborate binding. She saw a thick black river run down her leg.

It was motor oil that he had poured over her ass.

She shuddered as oil filled the cunt he'd made on her tender butt. Then the pain went away. He came back and stood close, saying, "What a mess you are! But at least you're lubricated now."

Paul's prick drove hard into her asshole. She had experienced so much already that she thought she could stand anything he did to her now. She tried to relax and get as much pleasure as she could out of his degrading butt-fucking.

"Love this! Your cunt's too floppy loose for a man to enjoy it much. This is living, I tell you!"

The man fucked her faster. It felt good!

"Do it," she moaned, in spite of herself. "Do it good! Damn you, butt fuck me harder! I'm on fire inside and I need your cock fucking me!"

The words filled her ears and sent her heart wildly racing. She could get herself hot and ready to come simply by thinking the right thoughts. The words helped her get into the mood for a good fucking. She wanted to cheat Paul as much as she could; enjoying the horrid things he did to her was the worst possible insult she could give him.

"So, you enjoy this, you dumb slut! I figured you would. Bitch!"

He fucked faster. She felt tiny fires of lust all along her ass. Her bowels went weak and watery, she thought that she might come. The oozing oil dribbling down her leg actually stimulated her. Closing her eyes intensified all the good feelings.

She came.

It wasn't the best climax she'd ever had, but it pleased her. She had robbed Paul of some of his joy. He had wanted to make her feel like shit, and now she had come, robbing him of his feeling of domination.

His butt-fucking came faster and faster. She could hardly keep her emotions from exploding again. But this time, she wanted to save them up and let it all go in one huge blast of emotion. She wanted to come and drain off all her frustrations, all her anger, all the hatred she felt for Paul.

Just as she approached the brink of orgasm, he stopped butt-fucking her. She felt his cock slipping from her asshole. Finally, there was an obscene sucking noise as he removed his cock from her butt.

"I don't like your asshole any more. I think I'll check out your cunt."

She almost went crazy with desire as he moved around behind her. She finally yelled at him, "Fuck me, dammit, dammit, dammit!"

"So you want my prick, is that it? Well, little girl, you're going to get more of it than you can handle. Even up that big pussy of yours, I'm going to be more of a man than you can handle."

She sobbed when he rammed into her cunt. She had forgotten how seared and blistered her cunt was. She remembered instantly as his prick rubbed the chafed cunt-walls. Then she noticed something else. He wasn't using just his naked prick. He had slipped on a French tickler. He fucked her with something that twisted and worked hard against her cunt.

The rubber French tickler hurt all the tender spots of her pussy. It was tearing her apart.

The man didn't stop his fucking. He drove in and out of her pussy with speed and precision. She went into some kind of a daze as he reamed her out. The pain wasn't too much now; some of it had been replaced by the pleasure-filled feeling of having a prick pressed into her cunt.

Pleasure and pain intermingled and made her gasp. The pain, the joy, the confusion of the two. Trembling like a leaf in a high wind, she felt her legs go weak. Yet, she didn't dare collapse. She could strangle herself in the wooden stocks holding her head. The woman, tried to think what had happened when she'd blacked out before and decided that it was past history. She hadn't killed herself then, but she might this time.

When he reached, around her waist and began squeezing her clit, the woman began to tremble and finally came.

The man mercilessly brought her off again and again. Her exhausted body could hardly stand the joy he gave her. Yet her clit always begged for more, no matter how intense the come. His finger stroked from the base all the way to the tip of her clit. When it reached the point where she no longer spoke coherently, he pressed down hard on her clit.

The woman moaned loudly, unable to scream out her desires.

"You like that, don't you, bitch? I'm going to give you more of the same. I enjoy the feeling of power I have over you. Your pleasure is entirely in my hands," he said, pinching her clit.

He started fucking her. He slammed hard into her buttocks, giving her a shot of pain that rocked her senses. His hairy thighs ground into her tortured flesh until she almost passed out.

But she couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure.

He ground his prick hard against her cunt. His pubic hair tantalized her clit as much as his finger did. And she came again. She hated herself even as she soared on winds of ecstasy blowing through her body. This was the man who had brutally, cruelly tortured her. Now was giving her pleasure. She hated him for what he did, what he was, what he stood for -- and yet, she loved him.

He was a man, a real man. He saw what he wanted and took it. Period.

She didn't know if she liked the idea that he'd seen her and wanted her. Her body was convulsed with sensations too potent to bear. Just as she came again, she felt his prick slip from her wet pussy. She almost pleaded with him to stuff his cock back in her cunt and keep fucking.

She looked up and saw him standing in front of her, his oil-drenched cock held firmly in his hand. He began stroking up and down his cock until a tiny bead of pre-come formed on his cock. Then a fountain of jizz spattered into her hair and face. He kept jacking off until the last of his come had hit her in the face. Silently, he turned and walked off, leaving her all alone.

For a moment, she wondered what she was going to do. Then she knew. Her eager tongue licked up all the come on her face that was within reach.

Chapter TEN

Paul left her there for hours and hours. Sandy didn't think the man could do anything more to her. She was dead wrong. Just standing, with her head in the stocks and her hands securely fastened behind her back, was torture all by itself.

She anticipated. Her mind worked feverishly trying to guess what the man would do to her next. The woman couldn't figure out what would happen. She had tried to please Paul with her cock-sucking, but that hadn't worked out right. Paul refused to be pleased by anything as simple as that. She could have done better. She could have...

It suddenly hit her. She was still trying to blame herself for this. Sandy cursed silently and then began to cry. None of this was her fault. She didn't ask to be put into wooden stocks. Who in her right mind would want her hands tied behind her back with such rough, biting cord?

Not her!

And yet this was the way she'd ended up. Paul had done all that and more to her. And she knew there was still more to come.

More hours passed. Sandy felt her muscles knotting and hurting more than ever. Her shoulder muscles were tensed from being hunched over. Other body aches still bothered her as well, from the time she'd spent tied to the tree and strapped to the arm of the pump. Her ass burned with a fire that she doubted would ever go away. The whipping from his belt had left marks, but the coat hanger had been worse.

Blood had caked on her ass-cheeks, the only visible marks on her body. But deep inside there were scars that couldn't be erased. She hated Paul, but she hated herself more. She had easily fallen into the trap he'd laid for her. She was a willing participant in all this.

Sandy had actually responded sexually when he beat her and raped her!

That thought kept churning in her mind. She couldn't understand why she got sexually aroused by the man when he did all these horrible things to her. She doubted if his analysis was correct. In some ways, she had been a real cock-teaser before, but not like he made out. She enjoyed dominating men, but that was only fair. Men always tried to dominate her.

None had done it so thoroughly before Paul, however. And that made him special.

Sandy hated with a growing intensity. But, she I had to come to grips with the fact that, in spite of the pain, she got off on all this in a big way. It was more psychological than anything else. Paul commanded, she obeyed. And if she didn't, he had the power to discipline her.

She loved him.

She hated him.

She both loved and hated him at the same lime in a complex, confusing torturous way that left her crying. He had done everything to her in just the right ways to make her his willing slave. She might not like what he did, but she loved him. She had to. He was her master.

Sandy jumped when the automatic timer turned on a lamp on a nearby table. She poked her neck out as far as she could and looked around. She was still alone in the cabin. He hadn't returned yet. The woman looked down the length of electrical cord until she saw the timer, a small black box sitting beside the light socket.

Her attention was pulled away by the sound of the door opening. Paul walked in and stood in front of her.

"Paul! Why'd you leave me like this? It's been hours and hours. It... it's sunset outside. You've been gone all day!"

He didn't hear her, or at least he pretended not to. He studied her as if she were a bug under a microscope, then slowly moved around her, running his hands over her flanks as if examining a prime piece of horse-flesh.

Paul had to admit that she was one hell of a beautiful woman. He was softening her up a lot. She would have broken out with vile curses at his presence just a few hours before. His training procedure was working wonders on this once-cold bitch.

Her tits dangled down under her chest, massive and tempting. He stroked them, cupping them in his hands and then squeezing. She moaned softly. He saw the woman's cherry-red nipples spring erect. Her nipples were hard little marbles of aroused flesh that pulsed every time her heart beat.

He pressed his thumbs into her nipples and applied all the pressure he could. He buried her nipples in her soft tit-flesh. He enjoyed watching her squirm and move around as much as he got his rocks off on the smoothness of her tits.

"Ummm, Paul darling, that's great! Keep doing it! I love the feel of your hands all over my tits. Make me feel good all over!"

He didn't answer. This was certainly a major change in the woman's attitude, but he didn't know if she were sincere or not. Sandy could be a cunning bitch when she put her mind to it. This might be a trick on her part to get free. He wouldn't play along with her. He would keep doing the things he wanted and if she didn't like it, tough shit.

He stroked across the dome of her belly and then dipped down briefly to stroke through the tangled mat of her pussy-mound. The oil had left it a disgusting mess. He probed his finger into her pussy, and found it just beginning to dampen. Her arousal would be greater soon. He decided to clean her off.

He turned and went outside.

Sandy cried out, in anguish, "Don't leave me alone again, Paul. Please! I can't take it any more alone!"

He returned with a garden hose. He fastened it to the faucet and turned it on. Holding his thumb over the end of the hose prevented water from squirting out until he wanted. He went to the woman, aimed the hose and then turned loose the torrent of water.

She screamed at first. The water was cold and it shocked her. Then it warmed up a little and she found herself enjoying this strange bath. The force of the water hammered away at her tender body, it also cleaned off all the dirt and oil he'd poured on her. When he stuffed the hose up against her cunt-lips, she almost came.

The liquid rush of water on her clit was like paradise to the woman. The water hit all the right nerves. It blasted into her clit and pulled it from its sheath of protective flesh. She loved it.

"More, Paul, I love the feel of water all over my cunt. This is wonderful! It's the way I masturbate!"

She had never gotten off on having strange things shoved into her pussy. The woman preferred to sit down in her bath tub, turn on the water and put her legs against the wall, on either side of the faucet, and lay back in the tub. This let the water blast directly over her cunt. After a few minutes of this water-masturbation, she would begin to get off. She could come again and again lying there in the tub, letting the water do all the work. She could be lazy and aroused at the same time.

The way Paul used the hose on her pussy reminded her of that. She couldn't stop him; she was fled up and placed in the wooden stocks. But she could enjoy the sensations slipping easily into her body. Her clit began to pulse wildly as her heartbeat strengthened. Soon, she gasped for air. The water soothed her and excited her. She felt electric tingles pass all the way up her clit and into her belly. When her cunt began to convulse, she knew she couldn't hold back her come.

She climaxed. The orgasm was the most potent she'd had since she'd come up to the cabin. In the warm afterglow of that come, she loved Paul. He knew all the right things to do to her. She was helpless and he was giving her all the pleasure she could take.

The water shut off and Paul snarled, "Damned bitch. You liked that, didn't you? Don't deny it! You Goddamned well fucked it!"

He left and returned soon with something that hummed like a hive of mad bees. "This will take care of you!"

She softly moaned as she felt the vibrator press into her cunt-lips. Her cunt-lips were swelled with the flow of her blood. He had to push hard to get her cunt-lips apart and drive the vibrator into her pussy. Once there, the woman sighed again. This was nice! She'd never really liked vibrators before, but maybe the circumstances hadn't been right.

All of her pain was being massaged away by the action of the plastic dildo on her cunt-walls. Her fuck-oils oozed out and this helped soothe her chafed cunt. Sandy wanted to relax, to lie down and go to sleep.

Paul was so good to her.

"Out of those stocks, damn you," he said. She hardly knew what to do. He was freeing her! Her muscles were stiff and hardly responded. He picked her up and dumped her onto the floor. She moaned as she felt pain again.

All her muscles were tensed and knotted from being in the stocks for so long. Now she could relax. She concentrated on the nice vibrations in her pussy and closed her eyes. Her eyelids shot open again when she felt Paul moving his hands over her tits again.

She looked up and saw him straddling her waist, his hard-on like a pillar of warm steel. The knobby tip of his prick pulsed with virile life and his balls were already tightly-clenched under his cock. He was ready to fuck.

"Me... you going to screw me?" she asked, her voice eager. The vibrator had prepared her cunt nicely. All the oil was gone from her body. The hosing had taken care of that. Now she wanted him to do all the right things to her and get her off in a big way.

"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna screw you but not the way you think, baby. I'm gonna screw you!" He emphasized the word as he sat straddling her belly. She grunted as his weight pressed her into the hard floor. He licked his lips and reached out with trembling hands to take each of her tits firmly.

He began leaning forward, pressing her boobs together. At first the attention was nice. Then it began to hurt as he tried to rub one nipple against the other. She had big knockers, but not that big.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she demanded. "I want you to fuck me!"

"And I'm going to. Bat I'm going to fuck your tits. I get off on them. I want to see what they'll feel like surrounding my cock."

She was more confused than ever. With her hands bound behind her back, she couldn't even roll to one side and get away. The pain wasn't too bad. He had done worse things to her. Even the feel of his fingers on her tit flesh was nice. But fuck her tits?

She'd never heard of such a thing and told him so.

He replied, "Tough shit, baby. You're going to find out first-hand what it's like. Damn, I wish I could get you to hold your tits together so I could form a nice cunt between them."

He pushed her tits together so that a tunnel formed in her cleavage. Her nipples throbbed harder now. Her nipples wanted attention. The woman had been positive of something good happening to her. Now that hope slowly faded away as a wicked gleam in the man's eye grew. He was going to be cruel to her again.

She knew it.

When he reached over and picked up a roll of electrical tape, she almost screamed. He put a long strip over her left tit so that her aroused nipple was hidden under the black tape. She screamed. Then he ripped the tape off her tit. She screamed louder.

She thought he pulled skin along with it. Whenever she had a band aid on her tender flesh, she cringed and sometimes even cried when she pulled it off. But this was much worse. He had affixed the electrical tape to the most sensitive portion of her boobs, then ripped it off.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she cried, the tears running down her cheeks. "I never did anything this bad to you!"

"No, what you did was worse! God, you'll never know how my balls hurt, watching you swinging your ass down the hallways. Grinning at me and leading me on. You always turned all the other guys down after getting them hot and hard, but not me, Sandy, not me. I'm your master. I know how to make sure you do what I want. Understand?"

Her answer was a soft groan. She closed her eyes and found the pain was worse that way. Opening her eyes halfway, she could see him applying more of the black tape to her jugs. He covered them up like he was wrapping a mummy. When he yanked that tape off it would damned-near kill her.

He taped her tits so that the tunnel between them was tight. Her nipples were left free of the tape and almost touched. She knew that her tits would be ripped off her chest before he finished with her.

"Vibrator still going? Good," he said, then sat down hard on her belly. She grunted and caught her breath. His prick pushed into the tunnel between her tits. The feel of his hot prick made her come alive inside. The pain in her tits was nothing compared to the pleasure she got from the vibrator in her pussy and the feel of his virile, throbbing prick pushing between her ample tits.

His prick entered the little canyon. He shaved hard. By lifting her head, the woman could see his piss-slit yawning wide. She wondered how close to coming he was. His prick gave every indication that his control was almost gone. Soon he would spurt his jizz all over her face and chest and boobs.

"Love the heat from your tits. Every guy should try this," he said, closing his eyes and rocking back, thrusting his prick a little farther between her luscious tits.

She had to agree that it wasn't all that bad. She was frightened of the man again, but he did everything in just the right way to get her hot. She could feel her cunt holding the thick plug of vibrating plastic cock. The vibrations worked their magic in her cunt and made her relaxed and excited at the same time. And now this!

His prick made her come alive. With her hands tied behind her back, she couldn't reach out and take his cock in her cupped hands as she would have liked. But that was a small loss compared to the thrill she got from watching him eagerly stroking back and forth.

The friction mounted and worked its way down into her tits. She felt the excited beating of her heart speed up even more. Her tits filled with more blood and she was soon panting, her tits heaving, closing and opening around his hidden cock.

"Keep going, damn you!" he cried. "I can't hold back much longer!"

She hardly heard his words. The blood pounded in her temples. She was lost in a wonderland of sex again. The vibrator. The tape on her tits. The thick cock, fucking her boobs. This was great! She came. She shuddered and thrashed around under his weight.

This triggered something in the man. He started driving his thick spike of cock-flesh in and out between her tits with a fury. She watched in fascination as the tip of his cock came closer and closer to her mouth with every thrust. He brutally banged his prick against her tits, pressing hard into them as he fucked.

"God, it's sooooo nice!" he moaned. "Fucking..."

And then he shot his jism into her face. Her taped tits held firm around his cock as it spewed out his come. She tried to catch some of the gooey come on her tongue, but failed. She let it drip down into her mouth. But, that was almost as good.

She wanted more of it.

As his prick shot through the hole between her tits, she applied her mouth to the tip of his cock. He groaned and hesitated for a moment. She sucked for all she was worth. She managed to get a few more spurts out of his prick. Then his cock went limp in her mouth, slipping free.

"Enough of this!" he said suddenly. He stood and looked down at her. She smiled up at him. She had the warm glow of a well-fucked woman. She loved him.

Then he cruelly ripped the electrical tape off her tits. The pain almost drove her out of her mind. What was worse, he not only laughed at her pain, but he got another hard-on. She had never seen a man get his cock up again as fast.

Sandy had come full-circle again. Her confusion was gone. She no longer loved Paul. She hated him! And now she knew how she was going to get even with him.

Chapter ELEVEN

Paul sat down on the small sofa, smiling to himself. In a few minutes, he was sound asleep. This was what Sandy had been waiting for.

She painfully pulled herself up and inched across the floor until she came to the tiny kitchen. She opened a kitchen drawer. Inside was a kitchen knife. She pulled it out and managed to wedge it between one of the cabinets and the sink. Sawing back and forth, she cut through the ropes binding her hands.

Slowly the circulation return to her hand. Her hands were puffed up and swollen from lack of blood. Her hands were bruised and her wrists were tender. She quietly opened the ice box and pulled out a few ice cubes. She put them on her wrists to kill the pain.

She hefted the knife and considered killing Paul with it. But, she quickly discarded the idea. She picked up the hair dryer that Paul had carelessly laid down and hefted it. The machine was too light to smash his skull, but the electrical cord presented new opportunities for her.

She made a loop from the cord and dropped it over Paul's head. Jerking it tight, she strangled him before he could fully awaken. He struggled and sputtered as if he were drowning, and then passed out cold.

"Whew," she said, wiping the sweat from her forehead. "That was harder to do than I thought." She pulled his limp body to the stocks and managed to lift him into the wooden head-holder. She stuck his wrists through the small holes on either side of his head for good measure. She found she could barely close the wooden bar due to the thickness of both his neck and wrists. He was apparently bigger than anyone else, who'd ever been placed in the device.

Sandy wasn't satisfied. She moved his feet around until she had them in the holder. Then she cranked the device wide so that his feet were at an unnatural and uncomfortable position. If she had wanted, she could have raped his as easily.

Taking the water hose, she sprayed cold water onto the man's body. Then she stuffed the nozzle into his face and let him have it full force. The cold water woke him up. He sputtered and spit a mouthful of water out.

"What the hell's going on?" he shouted.

He realized at once that he was in the stocks!

After struggling for a couple of seconds, he gave up and glared at the naked woman. She realized that the tables would have to be turned entirely before her revenge was satisfactory.

She silently left him and dressed. When she came back, she carried a pair of scissors. She began snipping off his clothes, the cold steel pressing harshly into his flesh.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

She didn't answer. Her silence tormented him. Let him squirm, she thought. His mind could work up worse tortures than what she had in mind -- and what she was going to do to him wasn't going to be nice.

As soon as she had his shirt and pants cut off, she pressed the blade of the steel scissors into his balls, then opened and shut them a few times.

"Want to make sure you don't have any kids?" she taunted him. The scissors clicked shut again, cutting off some of his pubic hair.

"What are you going to do to me?" he asked.

"I'm not going to turn you loose, that's for sure," she told him. She dropped the scissors and began batting his limp balls back and forth. He groaned and his prick began to rise.

"Stop that," he pleaded. "You're driving me crazy with that!" He struggled in the stocks but he had built them too well to permit escape. As strong as he was, he couldn't get enough force to bear on the lock. He was a better carpenter than he'd thought.

"I like balls. I love them," she told him. "And I think I'll lop these off for my collection. You called me a castrating bitch. Okay, wise ass, I'm going to prove it."

She wanted to hear him beg. If he begged hard enough, she might even relent and not cut his balls off. But he was going to have to beg her good before she gave in. The memories of all he'd done to her burned brightly in her mind. The ass-raping, the fucking in the lake, the tortuous night spent outside tied to a tree limb, the fucking on the arm of the water pump, having that vile hot dog shoved all the way up her ass, the hair dryer blowing hot and nasty into her pussy -- all that and more.

She brushed across her abused tits and thought of the electrical tape being savagely jerked off. And her ass! It burned from the way he's whipped her with the coat hanger and his belt. The belt!

She quickly picked it up and smacked it across her hand a few times. This was going to be fun!

She applied it to his bare ass repeatedly. The man sighed and groaned, then begged her to stop. She didn't. She kept whipping his ass with the leather strap until her arms tired.

"I see you've got a hard-on. You like this, don't you?" she asked him.

She fondled his cock and stroked it up and down. She felt his cock bob with lust for her, but he wasn't going to bury that prick into her cunt. Not now.

"What are you going to do?"

"I figure," she said, "that you're in for a dose of your own medicine. See this hair dryer?" She held it up in front of his face, then yanked the cord out of the blower. She quickly stripped down the wires. She pulled the automatic light timer over and reset it for twenty minutes. She plugged in the electric cord and held the two wires in front of his face.

"When that timer goes on, these wires will carry electricity. And do you know where you're going to have these wires put?"

"No! That's inhuman! You can't!"

She did.

One of the wires looped around his balls. She held it down with a piece of electrical tape. Then she shoved the other end of the wire way up his ass. When she'd buried a foot of it, she taped it into his asshole. In about twenty minutes, his balls and ass would be electrified.

And revenge would be hers.

"Be seeing you, sweetheart," she said, feeling some of the hatred she felt for him evaporate. The actual deed took some of the edge off her plans. She went out to the car and tried it. The engine started easily; he had fixed the car while she'd been tied up inside.

Sandy began driving down the dirt road, gloating over what she'd done to him. The bastard! He deserved it for all the horrid things he'd done to her. Yet, she thought, it hadn't been so bad. Paul was a dominant man and he knew how to make her come. She remembered with fondness all the times he'd gotten her off. Some of them had come as complete surprises to her. The last thing in the world she'd expected was to come after being fucked by a hair dryer.

But she had.

Her pussy seethed inside, and it wasn't from hate this time. She was getting turned on just thinking of all the stuff he'd done to her. Some of it had been incredibly sexy. Fucking in the lake was a blast. She'd never done that before. And having herself tied up and fucked lit new fires of passion in her cunt. She didn't understand that. She enjoyed dominating men. At least she had until Paul came along.

Sandy realized that she didn't really get that much of a charge out of stuffing the electric cord up Paul's ass. Her revenge was not as satisfying as it should have been. She wondered why.

Then she knew. She was turned on by Paul's actions more than she was turned off. He had been in complete control and this simple fact allowed her to enjoy the fucking more than she had thought possible. With sudden determination, she turned the car around and raced back to the house. She hoped she would be in time.

She was.

She pulled the cord out of his ass just as the timer went off. A spark leaped across the wires and gave the man a jolt, but it wasn't anything like the one he would have gotten.

She asked him, "Is there still room for me in the stocks?" After she'd freed him, there was. Sandy had found the right man at last -- the dominant man!


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