Two mothers in heat

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

Newspapers today carry accounts of people who have never learned about good and bad, people who have never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in a high political office today offers yet another example.

The mothers in this story, Robyn and Carla, are women of the present. Living lives of existential hedonism, they refuse to worry about tomorrow. Their main concern is for today, and the pleasures it brings. Sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

TWO MOTHERS IN HEAT -- the story of two women who embody the life style of many in our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. Their story holds a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

Thirty-four-year-old Robyn Harmon soaked peacefully in the bathtub, her long, brown hair lying wet across her delicately caned shoulders, her gorgeously stacked body glistening under the water. It was nearly ten o'clock now, and she needed to relax after her long day at the clothing store.

But Robyn didn't feel reined. She wiggled her ass restlessly as she lay in the water, blushing slightly with embarrassment as she felt the hot need pulsing through her curt. Robyn didn't believe in sex outside of marriage, and it had been almost a year since she'd divorced her ex-husband. But there was no denying the way her pussy felt, tingling and burning with lust.

"Damn it," Robyn sighed.

Her huge tits jiggled as she pushed her hand between her legs, anxiously feeling the lust swollen lips of her cunt. Robyn always felt ashamed of herself after she jacked off, but the need was really bad tonight. Robyn wondered if she'd be able to get to sleep without finger-fucking her pussy several times in a row.

Five feet, six inches tall in her stocking feet, Robyn had always been an exceptionally beautiful woman. For as long as she could remember men had constantly been after her for sex. Her long, straight brown hair fell in gentle waves to her shoulders, framing a movie star's face. But as pretty as her face was, Robyn knew that wasn't why men wanted to fuck her so much. It was because of her body.

Ever since she'd reached puberty, Robyn Harmon had known she would grow up to be unusually well-endowed. Her parents and other adults had commented on her development, and physical education teachers had frequently excused her from dressing down in their classes. Her body was so voluptuous that they were afraid even other girls would be distracted by it.

Robyn had a delicately sculptured frame, and the naturally tawny, olive, unblemished skin of a California beach bunny. Her legs were long, slender and perfectly formed, and there wasn't a trace of fat on her abdomen or full, rounded, magnificently packed ass. If it hadn't been for the size of her tits, Robyn could have been an extremely successful model. But there weren't many modeling positions for girls with tits as big as hers.

When the boys and some of her teachers in school had really started ogling her, Robyn had often been embarrassed by the size of her tits. Her tits measured thirty-six inches around, because of her slender body, but she could barely stuff them into a double D-cup bra. That meant that her tits were huge, and even at age thirty-four they'd remained perfectly firm.

The oversized melons jiggled seductively in any kind of top she wore, and the fat, deep crimson nipples protruded through the most restrictive brassieres. Robyn wished that she didn't have such big nipples because the rubbery tips swelled nearly an inch long when she was excited.

Robyn wished that she hadn't been born with such a voluptuous body, that she didn't have to constantly put up with strange men whistling and making obscene comments to her on the street. Sometimes she even wished she looked older than her years, but at thirty-four she could still pass for twenty-five. Every man on earth seemed to want to fuck her, Robyn thought miserably. In fact, it was beginning to look like her own teenaged son was no exception.

Robyn sighed unhappily at the thought, sinking deeper into the bath water. Then she winced and reached for her ankle, rubbing it tenderly. She'd sprained it slightly that day at the clothing store, where she worked part-time as an assistant manager. It wasn't hurt badly, but it was still hard to support her weight on it.

Robyn's son Bill was growing up quickly. He still looked like a kid to her, with his slim body and boyishly handsome face and unruly, wavy brown hair. Hut his appearance wasn't keeping him from having an adult's thoughts about his mother's body.

Bill had started acting different towards her ever since the divorce a year ago, and there was no longer any point in pretending that he wasn't interested in her sexually. Robyn had lost track of the number of times she had had to disengage herself from a too affectionate embrace, awkwardly pulling her son's hands from her ass cheeks, and even from squeezing her big tits.

In the past month, her boy's lewd embraces had become a lot more frequent. A week ago Robyn had even had to slap him when he'd tried to put his tongue in her mouth while they were kissing! And he actually ground an obviously stiff cock onto her pussy mound through her clothes.

She'd reminded Bill then that she was his mother and that it was time for him to get a girlfriend. But Bill had just laughed at her.

"How can I look for a girlfriend, Mom?" he'd asked. "Where am I going to find a chick half as foxy as you?"

And then he'd tried to kiss her again, and Robyn had been forced to retreat to her bedroom. Late that night she'd passed his room, and it had been easy to hear him groaning as he jacked off his stiff prick in the darkness.

"Damn it," Robyn repeated. She draped her good leg over the side of the tub, sighing with pleasure and shame as she brushed her fingers up and down her curly haired pussy. "Damn it all, why do I have to be so horny?"

But blaming herself did nothing to get rid of her lust. Within another minute, the sex starved mother was playing with her pussy, and the bath water rippled as she pumped her fingers steadily in and out of her tight, slippery cunt.

Then, suddenly the bathroom door opened. Robyn gasped and withdrew her fingers. It was her son!

"B-Bill!" Robyn stammered, blushing brightly. "What're you doing in here? How dare you come into the bathroom without knocking!"

"Sorry, Mom," Bill said lightly. He was wearing a bathrobe and Robyn could see his cock bulging under its halves. "I just wanted take a bath too."

But the grin on his face as he advanced toward the tub told his mother that a bath wasn't what he wanted at all. All at once Robyn realized how clearly he could see her lush nakedness. She gasped and tried to cover herself but it was no use. Her teenager had a clear view of her big, cherry-capped tits and hairy pussy beneath the water.

"Bill, get out of here!" Robyn cried. She wanted to get up and reach for a towel, but then she remembered her sore ankle. "How dare you! Get out of this bathroom this instant!"

"I already told you, Mom," Bill whispered. "I want to take a bath."

Standing above her, her son shrugged the robe to the floor. Under, it he was naked and Robyn's eyes widened as she stared helplessly up at his cock, stiff and throbbing. She'd felt his prick pressing onto her pussy when he'd embraced her, but she'd never dreamed that such a mere boy could have such an oversized cock!

It was enormous, even bigger than her husband's. The meaty, blood-swollen trunk stood a full eight inches out of his hairy nut sac, and the knob was fat and bulbous. Bill's prick was as hard as steel, one of the hardest cocks Robyn had ever seen in her life. The massive length of it throbbed and twitched above her and Robyn could see the thick vein seaming the underside, as well as the pearly drops of pre-cum glistening on the cum slit.

"B-Bill, put your robe back on! What in the world has gotten into..."

"I want to take a bath, Mom!"

Then Bill climbed into the tub with her. Robyn shrieked and tried to cover herself, but a quick flash of pain shot through her lower leg.

"Boy, that water feels good," Bill said.

But he made no move to wash himself. Instead he brazenly sprawled on top of her. Robyn squealed helplessly as her son pushed her hands out of the way and cupped a big, juicy tit. He hefted the spongy globe, squeezing and kneading it, sending thrills of involuntary pleasure pulsing into her loins. Then Bill sucked in the goose-bumped, silver-dollar sized cap of her tit.

"Bill, stop it!" cried Robyn, flailing her fists on his shoulders. "Stop, stop!"

Bill didn't listen. Her nipple was completely stiff in his sucking mouth, an inch long and tingling. Bill sucked it violently, wrapping his lips around the edge of her areola, puckering his cheeks to increase the suction on her huge tit. His teeth and tongue flicked on the deep crimson circle, and in spite of herself, Robyn felt herself getting much horner.

Robyn tried to cover her cunt with her hands, but Bill pushed them away from her pussy too. The next thing the naked mother knew, her own son was pushing his finger into her cunt slit. Delicately the eager teenager parted the swollen, pouting folds, gliding his finger deep inside her pussy. Then he hungrily started pumping it in and out of her, jacking off his mom.

"No, Bill, no!" Robyn tossed her head from side to side, desperately trying to free herself from the obscene embrace. "This is horrible, Bill! You can't fondle your own mother! Aww God, stop it! Stoppp!"

Bill kept on sucking and chewing insatiably on her stiff nipple, and his finger settled into a steady rhythm as it pumped in and out of her furry cunt. Soon Robyn could feel her tight pussy getting very wet and hot under the water. After all, her son had just caught her when she was just getting ready to jack off.

The slippery walls of her pussy were throbbing now, sucking on his finger like a tiny prick. Robyn continued to struggle beneath him, but there was less force in her movements. Now she could hear herself groaning between pleas for him to stop, groaning and whimpering as the fuck-lust built steadily inside her cunt.

"I want to fuck you, Mom," Bill said.

"No! No, you can't!"

Bill pulled his finger out of her pussy, and crawled into position between her legs as best as he could in the bathtub. Robyn found herself looking up at his hairless chest, as her son wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock and guided the bloated knob onto her pussy opening.

He'll never get it in me like this, Robyn thought. But a second later she felt the tip of his cock on her naked cunt! Then it was burrowing into her, stretching and spreading the lips of her pussy around the cock's invading thickness. Robyn moaned with disbelief as she realized that she was actually getting fucked by her own son!

She tried to shut her thighs and push his shoulders up, anything to get his big cock out of her body. But it was too late. Her boy's prick rod was securely embedded inside her and Bill was sprawled on his mother's lush, full-figured nakedness, groaning as he felt her cunt slit nipping around the tip of his cock.

He slid his hands down her body, cupping her ass cheeks and making it impossible for his mother to move away from the invading prick. Bill gave a long, deep thrust, groaning as he sank over half of his cock into her wet, tight, slippery cunt.

"Unnngggghhhh! Bill, Bill, stop it! Take your cock out of me! Oh God, oh fuck... unnnggggghhhhh!"

Her pussy walls opened to admit the steely cock shaft, automatically clasping and sucking around its meaty length. All at once, Robyn started feeling very, very horny. Her clit was very swollen, chafed by the burrowing trunk of her boy's prick, and her pussy throbbed like it had a mind of its own, eagerly clenching and clasping his rock-hard prick.

Abruptly the naked mother stopped protesting, and lay submissively, naked beneath her horny son in the bathtub. Bill wriggled between her thighs, grimacing as he forced the rest of his cock into her cunt slit. Then he lay motionless on top of his mother, letting his hard-on soak lusciously deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, Mom," he whispered. "I've wanted to fuck your sweet pussy for so Goddamn long!"

Clutching her peach-shaped ass cheeks, Bill pulled slowly out of her, withdrawing until only the tip of his cock parted the flowering folds of her pussy. Robyn whined and pushed up her pelvis in spite of herself, instinctively meeting her son's movements. Bill gasped as he again stabbed his hard-on all the way into her cunt.

"Tight pussy, Mom!" he whispered. "What a tight, fucking pussy!"

Then he started to fuck the hell out of her, humping his lean, smooth, boyish ass between her legs. In and out his big cock pumped, like a piston, invading the innermost depths of her cunt. Steadily it opened and closed the throbbing folds of her cunt tunnel, seeming to batter deeper into her pussy with every thrust.

And it wasn't long before Robyn felt herself responding to it, shamefully aroused by the first fuck she'd had in a year.

Her cunt hole kept on pulsing, tenderly gripping and squeezing the shaft of his prick. Robyn shuddered and turned her head to one side so she wouldn't have to look at him. The bath water was sloshing crazily in the tub, and somehow the feel of it made the experience even more obscene.

Her cheeks flushed with shame, Robyn spread her legs as wide as she could, draping one slim, shapely thigh over the edge of the tub. At first she lust pushed up her pelvis for a couple of quick, furtive humps, gasping as her son's prick rod penetrated her cunt.

Then Robyn really started fucking him. Even as she did she knew she would feel incredibly ashamed of herself afterwards, but she was just too horny to suppress her lust.

She wrapped her arms tightly around her son's shoulders, greedily raking his muscular back. Then she scissored her beautiful legs tightly around his waist. Robyn groaned and humped her ass off the bottom of the bathtub, sighing and panting as she pistoned her pussy to meet every stroke of his bone-hard cock.

"You like it now, don't you, Mom?" panted Bill. "I knew you would. You love the way... unngghh... the way I fuck your juicy cunt!"

"Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!" Robyn cried miserably. She humped her ass faster, encouraging him to ream out her pussy as fast as he could. "Mom's so horny tonight! Unnggghhh! You've really got a big cock, Bill! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck Mom's cunt!"

Bill fucked her faster, almost brutally hammering his hard-on into her clutching, hairy pussy. When she was very horny, Robyn had always loved being fucked as hard as a guy could give it to her. Now she could feel her huge tits jiggling as they were squashed by her son's chest, and the violent pulsations of her cunt tunnel around his driving cock.

The lust was mounting, spreading through her naked body, making her clit tingle and ache every time her boy rammed his prick inside her. Robyn clawed his ass cheeks, desperately trying to pull more of the big hard-on inside her. She gasped as her fat, rubbery nipples dug into his chest.

"I'm cumming, Bill!" she cried suddenly. "Awww, keep fucking me, fuck your mother's pussy! Unnggghhh! I can't stand it, Bill! I'm going to explode! Unh unh, keep fucking me! Fuck Mom, Mom's cuummmiiinnggg!"

Her pussy exploded into orgasm, uncontrollably throbbing and sucking around her son's jack-hammering cock. Bill moaned and sank on top of her, slamming his prick all the way into her cumming cunt. His cock jerked and twitched, and in the delirium of her spasms, Robyn knew he was shooting off, too.

The cock juice came out of his balls in a torrent, shooting and spraying heavily out of the purplish knob of his prick. It was such a big load that Robyn could feel the spunk fountaining inside her, spurting and spraying onto the walls of her cunt. Bill fucked her harder than ever, draining his balls completely into her wet, juicy pussy.

"Thanks, Mom," Bill said.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy, dripping water as he climbed out of the bathtub. There was a big smile on his face and he didn't look guilty at all. Bill just picked up his robe and left the bathroom as if nothing had happened, shutting the door softly behind him.

For a long time Robyn just lay there and stared up at the ceiling, breathing hard, feeling her own son's cum trickling out of her hairy pussy into the water. I have to do something, she thought, over and over. It was hard to believe that it had happened, that her sweet, lovely Bill would want to fuck his own mother.

But it had happened. Robyn's cheeks flushed with shame again as she remembered how she'd responded to him, humping her ass and begging for his cock. It wasn't long before she was jacking off all over again, remembering the size of her boy's big hard-on as she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt.

Chapter TWO

Robyn went to bed early the next night, after taking a shower with a chair braced in front of the door and checking her bedroom lock several times. She was very tired. She'd slept badly the night before, tossing and turning under the covers as she'd helplessly remembered how good her son's prick had felt pushing into her pussy.

Bill hadn't bothered her today, retreating to his room right after dinner, but Robyn knew that did not mean he would not be bothering her. If he could do such a thing once, she had to face the possibility of it happening a second time, and perhaps again and again after that!

Robyn sighed unhappily as she crawled under the covers naked, feeling the pleasant coolness of the sheets on her bare flesh. All day long she'd wondered what could have gotten into her boy to make him want to fuck his own mother.

She knew it was normal for a teenager to be very horny, and she understood enough about psychology to realize that they sometimes fantasized about their parents, particularly when one had a uniquely desirable body like Robyn's. But fantasizing was one thing, and acting on fantasy was something else entirely.

Perhaps she should look for professional counseling for Bill. Robyn considered the idea as she leaned out of bed far enough to turn off the lamp, grateful that she could move more easily now, that her ankle felt a lot better. At first she'd just been so shocked by what Bill had done to her that she hadn't realized he might need psychological help.

There was a woman Robyn had heard of, Carla Newman. She divorced too, and she also had a teenage son, and Robyn knew she did some counseling work. She wasn't really a professional therapist, but she had been a high school teacher once, and the important thing was that she got results. Robyn had talked to a couple of women who'd sent their kids to Carla, and all of them had said their sons' behavior had improved remarkably after seeing her.

And her rates were reasonable too. Robyn stretched out on her back in the dark bedroom, sighing as her big tits heaved with her breathing under the sheets. Yes, maybe she would call Carla Newman. She had to do something to help her son.

She had to do something to help herself too. Robyn didn't like to admit it to herself, but she was afraid of what might happen if Bill continued to thirst after her pussy.

Fucking him had turned her on violently, more than she'd ever dreamed possible. Her pussy had been dripping wet all day long, squishing under her panties as she walked around the clothing store. Her nipples had been stiff too. Even some of the girls at work had looked at them, she knew.

She couldn't help thinking about her boy's big prick right now, picturing the meaty, throbbing shaft. Sighing, the naked mother pulled the sheets tight around her neck and forced herself to close her eyes. She'd get to sleep, sooner or later, and she wasn't going to let herself jack off first.

Thirty minutes later, Robyn drifted off into a deep sleep. She was tired, and would have slept through until morning if something hadn't awakened her in the middle of the night.

At first she didn't know what it was. But then she blinked open her eyes, stirring under the covers. Gradually she realized that someone had crawled into bed with her!

Robyn opened her eyes wide and started to sit up. The first thing she saw was the bedroom door. It was wide open, and the key was still sticking out of the keyhole. Apparently Bill had found where she'd hidden the extra set in the cupboard.

Gasping, Robyn looked down at the second body moving with hers under the covers. At that moment the sheets were pulled to the foot of the bed. It was Bill, sprawled onto her nakedness. He was naked too, trying to bury his head between her legs.

"Bill! What on earth..."

"I got horny, Mom."

Bill spread her slim legs apart roughly, making her squeal as he pushed her down flat on her back. The next thing Robyn knew, his hands were clenched on her ass cheeks to hold them in position and he had the backs of her knees draped over his shoulders. Groaning lustfully, her teen buried his head between her legs.

Her hairy pussy was dry, but Robyn knew her son could still smell the musky, cock stiffening aroma of her cunt. Bill groaned as he rubbed his face all over her furry fuck mound, brushing his lips roughly on her tightly contracted cunt slit. Then he pushed his tongue between the pouting lips and feverishly started lapping and licking her pussy, holding her hips down with his arms.

"Bill!" Robyn shrieked. "Bill! Oh my God!"

Robyn immediately tried to disengage herself, but she was too sleepy to act quickly. Her horny son spread her tawny thighs wider apart, planting his shoulders firmly between them. He started sucking her cunt like a horny dog, moving his tongue in a blur, pistoning it in and out of her pussy slit.

"Stop it, Bill!" Robyn cried. "You can't do this to me again! Not with your mother! Bill, this is horrible! Stop it, stop it!"

Bill just groaned as he savored the taste of her pussy, his big cock throbbing stiffly between his stomach and the bed. It wasn't long before Robyn felt herself getting excited, the heat pulsing into her moistening cunt.

Bill was a very good pussy-sucker and dazedly she wondered who could have taught him how to eat out a pussy. Helplessly Robyn felt the fuck-juices flowing into her cunt mound, peeling apart the pouting lips as they swelled and glistened with lust.

Soon her cunt was wide open, and the interior was slippery and bright pink. Bill made groaning, animal noises as he eagerly sucked the juice out of her cunt slit, hungrily squeezing and massaging the cheeks of his mother's wriggling ass.

"Stop it!" Robyn pleaded. "Stop!"

But she was already getting much too horny to resist him. Her voice wasn't so loud anymore, and she wasn't trying so hard to push his head away from her. Bill brushed his tongue across her swollen clit, and Robyn gasped involuntarily as a hot, tingling pleasure coursed through the sensitive nubbin.

It was useless to resist him, she thought deliriously, useless, useless. Gradually her thighs spread farther apart, making it easier for him to glue his mouth to her throbbing cunt. Blushing with shame, Robyn moaned and slid her hands needfully behind his head. Then she started working her ass off the mattress, lightly grinding her furry cunt mound onto his mouth.

Bill kept eating her out, slurping as he tongued up the musky oils from the depths of his mother's pussy slit. Her pussy was delicious and very tight. Bill pulled one hand from her ass cheeks as he felt her start humping, gliding it up her quivering, tanned leg. Robyn shuddered as she felt her son guiding a finger up her pussy tunnel, wiggling it deep inside her buttery cunt.

"Suck my cunt, Bill!" cried the naked mother, overwhelmingly excited. Giving in to her lust, Robyn pulled his hair and started humping her ass much harder off the mattress. "My pussy's all wet, I'm so fucking horny! Eat me good, Bill! Suck meeeee!"

Bill jammed a second finger into his mother's pussy hole, spreading the slippery walls wide. He tongued and slurped all around her cunt, as if he were starved for the pungent oils flowing heavily out of her cunt. He was grinding his hips on the mattress, dry-humping his stiff prick on the bed, and suddenly Robyn realized how good it would feel to have his cock battering inside her cunt again.

Then Bill wrapped his lips around her clit. Robyn moaned and bucked as if she'd been shot, fucking her dripping pussy all over his face. Bill pumped his fingers rapidly in and out of her hairy cunt slit, teasing her clit with his tongue. He sucked it gently, grinding his knuckles on her puffy-lipped pussy opening.

"Aww, Bill, Bill!" Robyn humped up her ass high and hard, her huge tits quivering as she pumped her wet pussy onto his hand and tongue. "I'm cumming, Son! Suck your mother's pussy! Unnggghh! I can't stand it, Bill! Unnggghh! I'm cumming now, oh fuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed sharply, sucking wetly around her boy's probing fingers. Robyn gasped and shivered as the creamy fuck-juices flowed out of the depths of her pussy, dripping out onto his hand.

Eagerly Bill pushed his tongue back into her pussy, slurping up all the goo hungrily. Then he went back to sucking her clit again, jacking his fingers in and out of her mushy, hairy cunt, continuing to eat out his mother until her orgasm had subsided completely.

"Oh, Bill, Bill!"

Robyn clutched his head and continued to twist her head dazedly from side to side on the bed. She didn't want to come back to her senses. Then she'd have to realize how wrong it was of her to submit so easily to her son.

"Keep sucking my pussy, Bill! It feels so good! Please keep sucking!"

But Bill didn't want to lick his mother's cunt anymore. He was too anxious to fuck her. The horny teenaged stud rose to his knees between her legs and Robyn gasped at her first sight of his hard-on.

It was even bigger and stiffer than it had been the night before, pulsing wildly with blood and cum. Robyn stared at the big, hard prick, and realized that her son must have been desperately horny for her pussy all day.

"I wanna fuck you, Mom," whispered Bill, pushing her tawny thighs apart. He prepared to mount her, supporting the weight of his torso on outstretched arms and thrusting his drooling cockhead toward her cunt.

Blushing with shame, Robyn grasped his pulsing prick and directed the fat tip to her cunt. She wanted her son to fuck her very badly now, and she was so horny that nothing could stop her. A long, submissive moan parted her lips as she felt the crown of his meat pressing onto her pussy slit, spreading her lips around his big cock.

Then it was pushing into her, boring into her belly. Robyn grunted obscenely and lifted her long legs high in the air, gasping as she scissored them tightly around her boy's waist.

"Fuck me, Bill!" Robyn squealed, as she energetically whipped, up her ass beneath him. "Fuck your mother, fuck your mother's juicy cunt."

Bill twisted his lean ass, feeling the pressure of her slippery cunt walls wetly sucking and encasing his burning prick. In and in his meaty prong pushed, until his mother thought she could feel the knob pressing against her womb. Bill moaned as he looked down at her, watching her huge tits jiggle and quiver as he fed her every inch of his cock.

"Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!" Robyn cried. She humped her ass faster, wildly pumping her pussy onto his cock. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy! It feels so good, Bill! Mom needs to get fucked!"

Bill pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the crown of his cock parted her furfringed cunt. Then he stabbed it in again, sinking even deeper up his mother's well-oiled cunt.

Robyn wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him close. She started a steady, driving motion with her hips, wantonly grinding and pumping her cock-stuffed pussy onto the root of her boy's prick.

Bill thrust to meet her strokes. Then mother and son were fucking in rhythmic unison, groaning and sighing, their bellies slapping sweatily together, the bed creaking under Robyn's ass as they furiously fucked.

"I'm cumming, Bill!" Robyn cried. She raked his ass cheeks with her fingernails, desperately trying to pull more of the thick cock inside her. "Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! Unngghhh! Love your cock, Bill! I'm cumming on it! Unh unh oh yes, oh fuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her cunt spasmed uncontrollably, clenching and contracting wildly around her son's pistoning cock. Bill kept on fucking her as hard as he could, hammering her through the peaks of her orgasm with his furiously pistoning cock.

Robyn hadn't cum so hard in years. Her ass cheeks jerked off the bed and she squealed and whimpered as her throbbing pussy spewed fuck oils all over her boy's cock. When she recovered herself, her teen's cock was still rock-hard inside her. Then Bill pulled his prick out of her cunt.

"Wanna blow-job," Bill said.

Robyn watched in shock as he climbed up her body, finally straddling her tits, sitting on the spongy melons. He pulled her head up by the ears, curling his fingers securely in her hair. Robyn opened her mouth wide in surprise and Bill took the opportunity to jam his hard-on down her throat.

"Suck it, Mom," he whispered lustfully. "Suck out all the juicy cum!"

Robyn nearly choked as her son rammed his hard-on down her throat, brushing the knob past her tonsils. Automatically she tried to push him away, butte was much too strong for her. Bill held her head in position and began to hump his ass, cruelly fucking his mother's face with his prick.

"Suck it, suck it," he chanted. "Please, Mom, suck off my prick!"

Robyn was dazed from the torrid sucking and fucking, and she could still feel her musky pussy oils dripping out of her. She knew she shouldn't give him a blow-job, but she was still unbearably horny.

And Bill's cock tasted so good to her. Robyn had often felt ashamed of herself for how much she'd loved going down on her husband, wrapping her lips tightly around the thick wand of flesh, sucking as hard as she could and drinking his cream when he spurted. But Bill's cock tasted even better than his father's ever had.

And it was bigger. Cheeks flushed, Robyn tightened her lips around the veined stalk of her son's prick. Hot pre-cum oozed out of his piss-hole and she lapped it up with her slurping tongue. The juice was delicious! Ashamed and horny, Robyn fervently started sucking her son's cock, puckering her cheeks sharply to increase the suction around his prick.

"Oh, Mom," Bill groaned. "That's what I want. Oh fuck!"

Robyn sucked his cock harder, pulling on his ass to make another inch of his prick push between her wide-stretched ups. His prick rod was absolutely delicious and she loved the way the bloated trunk felt throbbing between her lips. Soon Robyn was bobbing her head as he sat on her tits, fucking her face with his prick. His cock got longer and fatter, and the horny mother realized it wouldn't be long before she was rewarded with a bellyful of cum. Suddenly she felt desperately horny for it, as if she'd been starved all day for the taste of his cream.

She wrapped her hand tightly round the root of his cock, feeling its swollen length throb and pulsate in her fist. Then Robyn eagerly beat his meat as she sucked on the head, encouraging the cock juice to come squirting out between her lips.

"Oh, fuck, Mom!" Bill cried. "Here it comes, here it comes!"

A torrent of rich, thick, sappy cum burst from his ball-bag, jetting up the cum tube seaming the underside of his prick. It blasted out of his open piss-slit, spraying heavily onto the roof of Robyn's mouth.

Robyn made a lewd gurgling noise and hungrily started swallowing it. The initial blast was followed with long, syrupy ribbons of milk-white cum. Endlessly it poured out of Bill's throbbing prick, as if the naked teen had been holding back his load for months.

Robyn tried desperately to swallow all of the white stuff, but there was more of it than her throat could handle. Obscenely it bubbled out of her mouth around his squirting cock, running down her chin. Bill groaned and kept on pumping his cock into her mouth until he finally sat up and withdrew his prick.

"Night, Mom," he said softly.

Then he left the bedroom, just as he'd left the bathroom the night before. Robyn groaned, feeling the sappy stickiness in her pussy and the jism trickling down the corner of her mouth. Embarrassedly she wiped the stray cum off with the back of her hand, unable to deny to herself how much she'd loved the sucking and fucking.

She would have to call Carla Newman, she thought. Maybe she wasn't a full-fledged counselor, but she'd had good results, and she was the only person Robyn could afford. There was something wrong with Bill, terribly wrong. It just wasn't normal for a boy to want to fuck his own mom.

Robyn pulled the covers up and tried to go back to sleep, trying to think of things that would take her mind off sex. But it was impossible. Again the remembered image of her boy's huge cock lingered in her brain.

Chapter THREE

Carla Newman was thirty-six years old, but she had always had a girlish, pixie face, and she looked much younger. There was no grey in the long, dark red hair that fell to her shoulders and her son said that her milk-white skin and freckles made her look like one of his classmates from school.

Carla looked innocent, but she was anything but that. She'd sucked and fucked countless boys since she was a girl, and she was still willing to put out for practically anything in pants. That was the reason her marriage had broken up. Her husband couldn't stand being married to a woman with such a hot, promiscuous ass.

Carla had been a high school teacher once, in another state, but that hadn't worked out very well either. It hadn't been long before the administration had had to fire her for fucking some of her students. Her husband had never found out about that, and that was why he'd approved of the counseling. Carla did have a degree in psychology, after all, and it seemed reasonable for her to put it to use advising the young.

Carl still did some counseling now, but it was only to supplement her income. Most of her money came from the alimony her husband had to pay every month. And the reason her counseling was so successful was that she never tried to preach to any of the errant young boys her suburban neighbors sent to her.

No, Carla just fucked them. That was what they wanted, really. The only reason a teenaged boy ever got in to trouble was that he wasn't getting fucked often enough, at least as far as Carla was concerned.

She loved fucking with them, and sucking their hard, young, teenaged cocks in the cramped cubbyhole she used as an office. Carla had always had, a special fondness for giving blow-jobs, for wrapping her lips around big, pulsing hard-ons and drinking down their cum. And more than anyone else, Carla loved sucking the cock of her son.

Jeff was blonde and muscular, a tall, handsome football star in his senior year of high school. Carla felt that the reason he did so well on the football field was that she always kept him happy with her mouth. She'd been giving her boy daily blow-jobs since the divorce two years ago, when her husband had left her and Jeff all alone in the apartment.

It was now seven in the morning, an hour before Jeff would have to leave for school. Carla could already feel her mouth watering for some of his big cock. Dressed in a short robe, the horny redhead left her room and padded barefoot down the hall to her son's door. She entered without knocking, finding Jeff fast asleep on his back under the covers.

Oh, fuck, Carla thought. I can't wait to suck on his prick!

She stripped off her robe, revealing her slim, petite, perfectly formed body. Carla's tits were small and rounded, and her ass was as small and supple as a teenage girl's. Giggling, the wanton mother sat on the edge of her son's bed. She studied his sleeping face for a moment, then pulled down the sheets.

Jeff's thick cock lay in a rubbery tube across his thigh. Thank God she'd had a kid with a real whopper of a cock, Carla thought, as she gently hefted his limp prick. Jeff really had a big prick, eight inches long and as thick around as her wrist. Carla loved sucking his prick so much that she sometimes went to sleep with it in her mouth.

Jeff groaned and turned his head on the pillow, blinking his eyes. Carla giggled and started jacking on his prick. Up and down her fist pumped, skillfully beating his meat. It wasn't long before her boy's cock started growing and swelling, expanding in her fist.

Jeff opened his eyes. "Hi, Mom," he said sleepily.

"Good morning, lover," Carla purred.

She jacked on the stiffening cock as fast as she could, smiling shamelessly into her son's eyes. Jeff sighed and settled back for the handjob. At least every other morning, his mother woke him up by stroking and sucking his cock. If she didn't wake him up that way, she always sucked him off under the kitchen table before he went to school.

Carla's fist moved in a blur up and down his cock and soon it was as hard as a bone. Moaning with pleasure, the naked mom withdrew her hand and inspected her handiwork. Jeff's big cock now rose in a steely crescent over his stomach, rock-hard and throbbing, bloated to bursting with cum and blood.

"My, what a big one you've got this morning, Jeffrey," said Carla, teasingly pinching the tip of his prick. Pre-cum bubbled out, coating her fingers. "In a mood for some cock-sucking, lover?"

"Aren't I always?"

Carla laughed and slid her hand to the root of his hard-on, holding it tightly in position. She slid to her side beside him, confronting the cock that pulsed in front of her face. Lewdly Carla planted wet, loving kisses all over the cock shaft, covering it from crown to base with her lips.

"Suck it, Mom," Jeff whispered.

Pursing her lips, Carla planted a wet kiss on the twitching tip of his cock. Then she gradually separated her lips, making obscene, snuffling noises as she slowly engulfed the first third of his erect cock.

She paused then, the knob brushing past her tonsils, wrapping her lips in a tight circle around the swollen shaft of his cock meat. Carla just slid her tongue tenderly around it for a moment, savoring the taste of his cock pole. Then her face flushed as she eagerly started sucking on his prick, sharply indenting her cheeks.

Carla's head bobbed up and down, lightly fucking her face with his aching cock rod. Jeff groaned and curled his fingers into her red hair, holding her head into position as if afraid that she'd get away from him. But it was hardly necessary. Jeff knew how much his loving mother craved giving blow-jobs. If he didn't stop her, she'd usually suck his cock again and again, all day and all night.

Carla bobbed her head faster, fucking her face with her son's gorgeous prick. Soon the slurping, gurgling sounds of a good blow-job filled the bedroom, as the naked redhead greedily sucked. Her hand twisted on the root of his cock in a cork-screwing motion.

Then Carla started pumping his prick shaft, beating his meat into her mouth. Jeff groaned and curled his fingers into her hair, thrusting his lean, athletic ass off the bed. Carla sucked his cock harder and harder, her face flushing. Sometimes she thought she lived for the jism she could make spurt out of his cock.

"It's gonna cum, Mom!" Jeff cried. "Keep sucking, keep sucking!"

Carla sucked the big cock as hard as she could, panting through her nose, moaning as it grew progressively stiffer and thicker between her pursed lips. Her left hand pushed between his hairy thighs, toying with his nut-sac. His balls felt big and bloated, clotted with cum. Carla couldn't wait to taste the jism spurting into her mouth.

"It's gonna squirt, Mom!" Jeff gasped, his voice rising. His face contorted as he experienced the incredible intensity of his mother's cock-sucking. "Ahh Christ, oh shit! Here it comes!"

The cock trembled to total stiffness, stretching her mouth wide. Then a fountain of sappy jism blew out of the reservoir in his balls, spraying torrentially out of his piss-slit.

It shot onto the roof of Carla's mouth, oozing down her buttery throat. The horny man whimpered as she eagerly sucked down the salty spunk, sucking and slurping even more loudly on his prick as she swallowed the juice.

It kept on shooting, a whole night's worth of cum. Carla sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked some more. She refused to release Jeff's prick until she'd licked the last traces of cum from the shaft of his meat.

And still his cock throbbed in her fist, as hard as stone. Licking her tongue around her mouth, Carla smiled shamelessly as she inspected the still totally prick. "Jeff, you need a good fucking," she said simply. "You need to put this cock in my pussy so it'll get soft and you can go to school."

"Climb on top, Mom," Jeff said.

Carla climbed on top of her muscular teenager, her small tits jiggling as she straddled him with her knees planted to either side of his hips. Reaching down, the wanton divorcee took firm hold of his jutting cock shaft. She shuddered as she pulled the shiny-skinned crown to her red-haired pussy, sliding the tip up and down her buttery cunt slit.

"Push it in, Mom!" Jeff cried.

Carla popped the mushroom-shaped cock knob of his prick securely into her cunt. She leaned forward and held onto Jeff's shoulders for support. Then she started wiggling and humping, moaning as she pumped her small, rounded ass cheeks down onto his crotch.

"Alt Christ!" Jeff lifted his head, watching his veined cock shaft disappear slowly into the hairy bush of his mother's cunt. "You've got such a juicy pussy, Mom! Sometimes I think I like fucking you even more than I like it when you suck me off!"

"You better give me plenty of both, honey," Carla giggled.

He had a very thick cock, and she had a very narrow pussy, and she had to twist her hips several times to help him get his fat prick all the way in. But then it was buried inside her sucking cunt, every inch lodged in her slippery, clinging cunt tunnel. Carla just sat on top of him for a moment without moving, savoring the pleasure of having her cunt rammed full of his prick.

"Fuck me, Sonny!" Carla groaned, as she excitedly started bucking up and down. "Fuck me! Mom's horny this morning! Fuck Mom's juice cunt!"

Jeff stared at her pussy for a moment, as if hypnotized, watching his cunt-slicked cock reappear and disappear again into his mother's sucking pussy. His hands slid down, gripping the ball-bearing globes of her humping ass. Excitedly he started stroking beneath her, pumping his long, rigid prick in and out of her cunt.

"Harder, Sonny!" Carla gasped, her voice rising. The bed creaked as she frantically pounded her pussy up and down on his big prick. "Fuck the shit out of me! Unh unh, fuck my brains out with that big cock of yours! My pussy's throbbing, Jeffrey! It needs all of your big fucking cock!"

Jeff clawed her ass cheeks, exciting his mother as her pink, puckered asshole convulsed with the movement of his hands. Carla also liked getting her asshole fucked and she wished she had enough time to do that this morning with her boy, too.

For the moment, however, all her attention was centered in her pussy, feeling the exquisite pleasure of his long, thick cock trunk pistoning in and out of her creaming cunt.

"I'm cumming, Jeff!" Carla groaned. "Please, keep on fucking me! I'm so horny... that's right... fuck my cunt! Unhhh! Jeff, I can't stand it! You're such a good fucker! You're making me cum!"

Carla pushed her hand through her cunt curls, gasping as she caught her clit under her thumb. "Cumming," she cried, wildly rubbing the swollen bump. "Cumming, keep fucking me! Harder, harder, I'm cuuummmiiiinnngggg!"

Her ravished pussy tunnel contracted spasmodically, milking and squeezing around the driving hardness of her son's big prick. Jeff kept fucking furiously into her pussy, wincing as his balls swelled with a second load of juice. Then he lifted his ass high off the bed, ramming his hard-on as far into her cunt as he could.

The cream shot into his mother a second time, gushing heavily into her pussy and splattering onto the slippery pink walls of her cunt. Carla whimpered with desire as she felt the milk-white spunk filling up her cunt. Hornily she humped on top of him, flexing her pussy muscles, helping him shoot out all of his goo. After Jeff left for school, Carla spent a couple of hours doing housework, then fingered her pussy lightly as she lay on the couch watching her favorite soap operas on TV. Finally she got dressed in a sexy outfit and prepared to leave for her small office in an old building near the high school.

Carla was really looking forward to her one o'clock appointment. She'd seen Bill Harmon walking by a couple of times, a cute boy who was obviously carrying a real load between his legs.

Carla couldn't wait to fuck him, but that wasn't why the appointment excited her so much. It was because of Bill's mother, who'd called the day before. Carla had only seen Robyn once, but she'd never forgotten the slim, tawny beauty with the long brown hair and huge tits. She didn't know if it was possible, but she prayed that counseling Bill could lead to a suck-session with his mom!

Chapter FOUR

"Now, tell me, Bill," Carla said, crossing her knees as she sat in her office chair. "What is it your mother wants you to see me about?"

Bill slumped awkwardly on the couch, looking sheepishly around the office. "I dunno," he said noncommittally.

"Now, Bill!" Carla laughed at his sullenness. "She must have had some reason for sending you here! I don't charge as much as most therapists, but I'm sure your mother doesn't simply want to throwaway her money. Now, come, come. What do you think that reason might be?"

Bill didn't answer and Carla felt a heat stirring in her pussy as she saw the reason. Bill had suddenly become entranced with looking at her body.

She didn't have an office like a credentialed therapist, and she didn't dress like one either, especially not when dealing with horny teenaged boys. Carla's blouse was unbuttoned nearly to her waist, and her denim mini-skirt rode high up her bare thigh.

Bill obviously hadn't expected his counselor to be wearing a skirt without stockings, and she could see how hard he was studying her bare, milk-white, lightly freckled legs. Carla's pussy itched as she saw the first sign of a hard-on blossoming in the crotch of Bill Harmon's jeans.

"Is it your school work, Bill?" Carla suggested. "Is that what your mother wanted you to see me about? How are you doing in your classes?"

"Okay," Bill mumbled. "I get good grades."

"Well, are you keeping up your chores around the house? It's pretty typical for boys your age to be irresponsible."

"I do my share."

"Well, how about your social life, Bill? How are you doing with girls?"

Bill's expression told her that she'd hit the button. Carla smiled broadly, leaning forward to show him the sides of her braless tits. Yes, yes, trouble with girls. Maybe this beautiful kid was even a virgin! Wouldn't she love to show him how it felt to fuck a nice, juicy cunt?

"That's it, isn't it, Bill? You're having some sort of problem with sex."

"I didn't say that," Bill said uncomfortably.

"Ah, but that's what you were thinking, wasn't it, Bill? Tell me, do you go out with many girls?"

"I don't have a girlfriend."

"Why, that's terrible! A handsome young man like you. You must get pretty horny without a girlfriend, don't you, Bill?"

Bill looked up, obviously surprised by the counselor's use of the word. Carla giggled at him, crossing her thighs high so that he'd be able to see her wispy pussy curls peeking out of the crotch of her panties.

"Don't be shy, Bill. I use words like 'horny' all the time. I use lots of words that your mother might not like. I assure you, everything that happens here is strictly between the two of us. Now tell me something, Bill, how often do you jack off?"

"Wh-what?" Bill gasped.

"You heard me, young man. How often do you play with your prick?"

"That... that's none of your business!"

"Oh, but it is my business, Bill! I'm your therapist, remember? Now answer my question. Lots of boys your age beat their meat -- I think that's what you call it. Every morning and night, and sometimes in the afternoon. They're always complaining about getting hard-ons. Do you get, lots of hard-ons too, Bill?"

"I don't know," Bill said shyly.

"Yes, you do, Bill! What's that big thing sticking out of your pants right now?"

Bill glanced abashedly at his obscenely swollen cock, as if it had betrayed him. Carla started to wiggle her ass on the chair, painfully conscious of the wet need burning through her cunt.

"Bill, stand up and come over here!"

Bill was now too embarrassed not to obey her. Rising to his feet, he crossed the small office and stood before Carla's chair. Coolly Carla looked at his crotch, seeing the way his stiff hard-on pushed down the inside of his pants leg. My, my, she thought hornily, young Bill really had a big one.

"Does that big hard-on hurt, Bill? Because it's so big and stiff?"

Bill just stammered at her. Leaning forward, Carla calmly undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. Bill just gaped at the redhead as she pulled down his jeans to his knees.

Bill wore no underwear and out bobbed an enormous hard-on, swollen to bursting point with cum and blood. Obscenely the meaty stalk bobbed and twitched before Carla's eyes, leaking jism from the piss-slit. Carla's mouth watered as she anticipated sucking the full load of cum out of young Bill's prick.

"My, Bill, you've got an awfully big, hard cock! It must hurt when it gets so big and stiff. I'm sure this is the problem your mother wanted me to help you with. Would you like me to help you with your problem, Bill?"

Bill gulped and nodded his head.

Carla trailed her fingernails up his thighs, finally wrapping her fist tightly around his cock. The massive prick throbbed violently in her hand. Giggling, the horny redhead leaned farther toward and shamelessly started licking the tip of Bill's cock.

"Oh, fuck!" Bill gasped.

"I'm going to give you a blow-job now, Bill. If you want me to." Carla looked up at him with moist eyes, lazily stroking and tugging his burning cock. "Would you like me to, Bill? Would you like me to suck on your big, fat cock?"

Bill nodded eagerly. Carla opened her mouth wide and made a gurgling sound as she sucked in the first several inches of his hard-on, smacking her full lips hungrily around the stalk. Then her cheeks puckered and she started sucking on it, swirling her wet tongue around the knob.

"Jesus!" Bill gasped.

Dazedly he stared down at her, seeing the spectacle of the pretty older woman with her face stuffed with his cock. It wasn't long before the extreme pleasure of the torrid cocksucking started to get to him, sending waves of pleasure coursing through his teenaged prick.

Bill sighed and dropped his hands, curling his fingers into her long, red hair. "Suck it," he whispered. He started to rock his ass in an obscene rhythm, his jeans falling to his ankles as he slowly fucked her face with his rock-hard prick.

It really was a big cock, just the kind of oversized, throbbing hunk of meat that Carla always craved. More sticky pre-cum was oozing out of his piss-hole, and she loved the taste of the sappy, salty fluid as she slurped it up.

Carla was sucking his cock very hard now, and the loud smacking, gurgling, kissing sounds of her blow-job filled the tiny office. Idly she reminded herself how glad she'd been to find this building in the first place -- especially when she'd discovered she could get free space just by sucking off the building manager a couple of times a month.

It wasn't necessary, really, but she was glad the old man didn't know that. Carla hardly had to be compensated to suck on a big, juicy prick.

"You're gonna make me cum!" Bill groaned.

Carla took his cock out, of her mouth, watching it throb as she held it in both hands, saliva dripping out of the corner of her lip.

"I want you to cum, Bill," she said softly, her eyes glinting. "You can consider it part of your counseling, if you promise not to tell your mother. I'd just love it if you'd shoot a nice, big load of that hot cum of yours right into my stomach!"

Looking up at him with a vixenish twinkle in her eye, Carla again engulfed his throbbing prick. This time she sucked in even more of it, nearly gagging herself as she pushed the knob past her tonsils. Carla's cheeks flushed brightly as she sucked his hard-on, puckering her cheeks.

"Unh! Mrs. Newman! Unnggghh!" Bill pulled her hair and grimaced with pleasure, fucking his stone-hard cock in and out of her mouth. "I'm gonna shoot it, Mrs. Newman! A really big load! Suck it, suck it, ahh fuck!"

Carla tightened her fingers around the jutting shaft of his cock. She beat his meat furiously, milking and tugging its steely length into her mouth. Harder and harder she sucked, slurping even more loudly. Bill moaned and heaved forward, jamming nearly two thirds of his big prick between her lips.


He came then, his cock swelling lusciously on her tongue. A huge stream of spunk rocketed out of his piss-hole, spraying all around the inside of Carla's mouth.

Instantly Carla started swallowing, starved for the taste of his cream. Again and again the white jism spouted out of Bill's hard-on, rushing down her throat. Carla gulped and smacked and gobbled the erupting cock, sucking until she'd pumped the last traces of cum from the crown of his prick.

"Oh, fuck!"

Bill fell to the floor, his pants still bunched around his ankles, still dazed by the intensity of his counselor's wanton cock-sucking. Carla giggled and lifted her ass high enough to pull off her panties, tossing them onto the couch. She wore nothing else under her slitted denim skirt.

Pushing her ass to the edge of the upholstered easy chair, the horny mother lifted her legs and draped the backs of her knees over the chair arms. "Bill," she said softly, as she pulled up her dress. "I've got something for you. Look."

Bill looked up and Carla smiled as she knew the sight his eyes met. The well-hung teen had a perfect view of her red-haired, wide-open, dripping-wet pussy, the lips swollen and pouting with desire.

"Bill, your lesson isn't over yet," she said primly. "Not just any girl is going to be willing to suck your prick whenever you want it sucked, no matter how big it is. Sometimes you have to do something to make the girl happy first."

Carla wiggled her ass expectantly on the edge of the chair. "Bill, why don't you let me show you about pussy-sucking now? I'll bet you're really going to like the taste of my juicy cunt!"

Bill got up on his knees, his cock swelling with fresh blood as he stared at the pink, glistening interior of Carla's pussy. Carla groaned as he thrust his hands under her hips, cupping the ball-bearing cheeks of her ass. Then the young stud buried his head between her legs, gluing his mouth to her cunt.

It took Carla only a moment to realize that some lucky girl had once given Bill an excellent lesson in pussy-sucking. His tongue parted the lips of her pussy slit, making her gasp as he licked the pussy dew from the folds of her aching cunt.

"Suck it, Bill, clean it up good!" Carla cried. Wincing, she cupped the back of his head and excitedly started humping, bucking her ass off the chair. "I guess you already know how to eat out a cunt, don't you? Well, that doesn't mean you don't need a refresher lesson! Lick it good, honey, make it cum!"

Already Carla was humping her ass frantically, and Bill couldn't keep his hands on her bucking ass. Withdrawing them, he glided his fingers up her thighs, making her gasp as the pressure of his fingers joined the hot ecstasy of his tongue sliding up and down her hairy cunt.

Bill stiffened a finger and pushed it into her pussy tunnel. Carla whimpered girlishly and fucked her cunt onto his hand. Bill ground his knuckles onto her pussy opening, spreading the hot need through her loins. Then he shoved in a second finger and jacked off her dripping pussy slit as hard as he could.

"Lick my clitty, Bill!" Carla gasped. Impatiently she reached down and spread her pussy folds with her fingers, making her swollen clit bud pop out of its fleshy hood. "Suck it, suck it good! I need to cum, Bill!"

Bill wrapped his lips around her turgid clit. Carla humped her ass violently, making the chair skitter on the floor. Bill flattened his tongue and brushed it tantalizingly over and across the tingling nubbin, simultaneously pumping his fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt.

"I'm cumming, you fucker!" squealed Carla excitedly. "Suck my cunt, suck my cunt! Unnngghh, suck it harder, Bill! Yes, oh shit, oh fuck, I'm cuuuummmiiinnnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed violently, the tender lipped cunt throbbing and pulsing on Bill's mouth, holding his finger deep inside her. Eagerly Bill lapped up the pussy oil that streamed out of her, delighting in the taste of the redhead's pussy.

"Ooooh, that was awfully good, Bill!" Carla giggled as she recovered from the strength of her orgasm, hornily wiggling her ass as Bill continued to lick and suck and kiss her seeping pussy. "I ought to give you a special reward for sucking me off so well. Tell me something, Bill. Wouldn't you just love to fuck me?"

Bill sat up and nodded his head, licking a stray pussy curl from his mouth. Carla chuckled and swiftly stripped off the rest of her clothes. Naked, she slid onto the floor onto her back. She looked at Bill expectantly as she wiggled her little ass into a comfortable position and spread her slim, freckled legs as wide apart as she could.

"Fuck my pussy, honey," she whispered.

Bill stepped out of his pants, his mammoth cock rod pulsing obscenely before him. He got into position between the redhead's legs, holding his cock in his hand, aiming the crimson knob at the cunt he'd just finished sucking.

"Ummm, Bill!" Carla grimaced as she felt the spongy cock head pushing into her pussy, gliding between the butter-wet lips of her cunt. "Fuck me good, honey!"

She wrapped her legs tightly around his back and eagerly ground her ass cheeks off of the carpet, pumping her fuck mound onto his cock.

Slowly Bill sank his big prick into her, groaning as he felt the pressure of her slippery cunt walls encasing his cock. Mrs. Newman had a very tight pussy, just as tight as his mother's cunt. But it was very wet, and it was easy to push the thickness of his hard-on all the way into her curly haired cuntslit.

"Make me cum again, Bill!"

Carla felt incredibly horny all over again as the huge cock pushed into her, stabbing into the velvety depths of her cunt tunnel. She crossed her ankles and started humping her ass hard and fast, rhythmically thrusting her burning pussy onto the young stud's prick.

Gasping with the pleasure, Bill buried every inch of his prick into her cunt. He lay on top of her with his cock throbbing wildly, letting it soak in her cunt. Then he pulled out and thrust back in again, and then he started a hard, bone-jarring rhythm, panting on the mother's shoulder as he rammed his stiff prick in and out of her tightly clinging cunt.

"Harder, harder!" Carla gasped. "What a good little fucker you've turned out to be! You've got a nice, big cock, Bill! Make me with it! Oh fuck, I need another cum!"

Bill slid his hands down her slim waist, digging his fingers hungrily into the humping cheeks of her little ass. He spread his knees between her thighs, changing the angle at which his swollen cock speared in and out of her foaming cunt.

Then he started to ream out her pussy much harder, fucking her tender cunt as hard as he could. Carla grimaced and whipped up her ass to meet his strokes, whimpering as his prick rod chafed against her clit with every stroke.

"Cumming, Bill! Keep fucking me! I'm getting so close!"

Suddenly Bill was fucking her even harder, gasping as his balls swung onto the crack of her ass. "I'm cumming, Mrs. Newman! I'm cumming too!"

He collapsed on top of her nakedness, ramming his cock to the balls in her syrupy pussy channel. The second load flooded up from his balls, making his cock pulse and jerk as long streams of cum spurted into the redhead's sopping-wet cunt.

It kept squirting out of his cock like his balls had a never-ending supply of seed. Carla felt the burning spasms starting in her belly as the cum splattered onto the walls of her pussy.

"Cumming, Bill, cumming! Fuck, my pussy's, my pussy's cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

It was a very long, hard orgasm, thrilling her from her cunt to her asshole to her stiff nipples, seeming to pound through her bones. Helplessly Carla shook beneath the driving cock of the horny teenager, cumming again and again. When the spasms finally subsided, she giggled vixenishly and pulled his head down for a long, tongue-sucking kiss.

"Be sure to come back tomorrow for more counseling, Bill," she said. "I'm sure it won't be too much trouble to give you another note for school. And remember -- don't tell her anything!"

Chapter FIVE

The next day Bill walked into Carla's office with a huge hard-on sticking through his pants. It was the first thing she saw when he entered, and the size of it almost made her want to laugh. Bill had obviously been thinking of nothing but her pussy for most of the day at school.

"Well, good afternoon, honey," she said, without rising from her chair. "I can see you're ready for today's counseling session!"

Bill shut the door and crossed the office, walking awkwardly because of the size of his hard-on. He stopped in front of her and Carla immediately undid his pants. Her fingers shook as she unzipped and unbuckled his jeans, giving Bill a chance to step out of them this time before she began.

There was his big, thick young prick, throbbing and stiff, standing up like a huge arrow carved out of flesh. Carla wanted to show the boy some new tricks today, but first she had to give him a good cock-sucking. There was no way she could keep her lips off of a prick like this!

Bill groaned as she dropped her mouth to his hard-on, squeezing and milking the shaft as she feverishly licked and kissed the tip. Tightening her fingers, Carla popped the spongy knob into her mouth.

She sucked it in deeply, widening her lips as far as possible and engulfing almost half of his rock-hard prick. Bill sighed and curled his fingers needfully into her hair. Carla slurped and gurgled as she started sucking, bobbing her head shamelessly up and down on his fat prick.

"You're a good cock-sucker, Mrs. Newman," Bill moaned. "You're the best cock-sucker I've ever had in my life!"

Carla tried to respond to the obscene compliment, but the mammoth cock stuffed down her throat muffled her words. She twisted her hand around the root of Bill's prick, then started to jack him off.

Up and down her small hand pumped, milking and tugging the length of his hard-on between her lips. Carla's cock-sucking sounds grew louder as she popped her lips on his cock. Her tongue slid tirelessly over and around his puffy, shiny-skinned cock head, lapping up the goo as it dribbled out of his cum slit.

"Gonna cum!" Bill moaned. "Gonna cum!"

Carla desperately wanted to drink Bill's jism, but this afternoon she had plans that required a totally stiff prick. Sighing with regret, Carla withdrew her mouth from his cock. For a moment she just watched the saliva-slicked shaft pulse painfully up and down, dripping a long strand of jism from the crown. Then she stood up and hurriedly stripped off her clothes.

A minute later she was naked and Bill groaned at the sight of her petite, creamy white body. Carla took another long, hungry look at his cock, then slid to the floor on her hands and knees.

She got in the dog-fucking position, lifting her ass high in the air and dropping her shoulders to the rug. Expectantly Carla looked at his cock over her shoulder, spreading her knees to open up the furry slit of her pussy.

"Fuck my pussy this way, Bill," she moaned. "But only for a minute. There's something else I want to show you how to do today!"

Bill knelt behind her, his hard, wet cock slapping on her thigh. He wrapped his hand around his prick trunk and aimed the smoking tip at the mother's fleecy-haired pussy opening. Carla gasped with pleasure as she felt it pressing onto her wet cunt.

"Fuck my pussy, Bill!" she shuddered. "Don't just tease me with the head of your cock! Fuck me, lover, fuck me!"

Bill held onto her hips, digging his fingers into her freckled flesh to hold her into position. He slipped his cock head into her pussy, then slowly started humping, driving inch after inch of his cock's thickness into the clasping sheath of her cunt tunnel.

Carla could feel it spearing into her cunt, spreading her pussy folds just as wide as her son's cock had that morning. "Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!" she cried, her voice rising. She clawed the carpet strands and pistoned her ass in a frenzy of lust, grinding her pussy onto the root of his cock.

Bill buried himself inside her, ramming every inch of his hard-on into the succulent heat of her pussy. He hunched over her nakedness and wrapped his hands around her small tits, pulling on her nipples and sighing as his cock soaked in the glove-tight tunnel of her cunt.

Carla humped her ass faster and Bill pulled out slowly until only the crown of his cock parted her burning pussy lips. He rammed his prick back inside her, making Carla grunt obscenely, as her knees banged off the floor. Then the teen started reaming out her cunt in a hard, fast rhythm, steadily stabbing his cock between the curly haired lips of her cunt.

"Faster, faster, Bill! Fuck my cunt!" Carla flexed her pussy muscles, making the silken sheath clasp tightly around her young lover's cock. "My pussy's so creamy! Can't you feel it throbbing on you, Bill? Throbbing on your big, fucking cock!"

By now Bill was extremely horny. He'd wanted to shoot his load into the redhead's mouth and his balls felt painfully overloaded with cum. Feverishly he clawed her tits as he hammered into her pussy, fucking her fast and hard. All day long at school he'd thought about her, shoving his hands in his pockets to conceal his hard-on, fantasizing about her tightly clasping pussy.

Carla could feel how stiff his cock had grown, and she knew Bill would blow a huge wad into her cunt if she didn't make him stop. Suddenly she pulled away from him, disengaging her pussy from his spearing prick. Bill moaned with frustration as she lay flat on the carpet beneath him, her plump little ass cheeks sweaty and flushed from the fury of his fucking.

"What're you doing?" Bill asked miserably. "Don't you want me to cum?"

Carla laughed at him. "Of course I do, Bill. Just not up my pussy, that's all!"

Reaching behind her back, Carla dug her fingers into her peach-shaped ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart. Bill groaned at the sight of her pink, hairless asshole, the muscles tightly puckered around the throbbing ring.

"Fuck my asshole, Bill," Carla whispered hornily. "I just wanted you to fuck my pussy long enough to make that huge cock of yours nice and juicy. Hurry, hurry, lover! Haven't you ever fucked a girl's asshole before?"

"No," Bill whispered dazedly.

Carla smiled wantonly. "I'll show you how, darling! Just push your cock in nice and easy, just like you were fucking a juicy young girl's cunt! But hurry, Bill, don't make me wait! You've made me so horny!"

Bill wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, holding it firmly in position. Hungrily he stared down at the divorcee's round little asshole, watching it contract obscenely in and out.

He hunched over her again, aiming his mushroom-shaped cock head at her horny shit ring. Carla groaned as she felt the tip of his cock pushing onto her, spreading her asshole lips.

"That's good, Bill! Fuck me now, fuck my ass!" Carla pushed out her asshole muscles, trying to widen the back passage so Bill would be able to push his cock in.

Bill took a deep breath and started to grind his stiff cock into her, stabbing it slowly up her welcoming ass. Instantly he felt the rubbery pressure of her asshole muscles, gripping and squeezing around his prick. He groaned loudly and held onto her hips, humping faster. Soon he had the first several inches of his prick crammed up her ass.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole," Carla chanted shamelessly. Her pretty face was a reddened mask of pleasure and pain, as her pink asshole stretched to the bursting point to accommodate his fat cock. "Unngghh! You've got such a big cock, Bill! I love your huge fucking cock!"

Her asshole was really throbbing now, and the little hole was even tighter than her pussy had been. Bill started thrusting, sinking another inch of his hard-on into her burning asshole with every stroke.

Carla felt the invading presence of his prick, rooting into the depths of her ass tract. Her whole bowels were churning now, sucking and gripping luridly around his meat.

Whimpering girlishly, the horny mother pushed her hand under her belly. "Fuck me, fuck me," she panted as she sank two fingers into her buttery pussy.

Then Carla finger-whipped her pussy as Bill fucked her ass, hornily wanting to feel every inch of his huge hard-on rammed between her ass cheeks.

The feeling was hers a moment later when Bill heavily pushed the root of his swollen cock shaft into her ass tunnel. Carla grunted and jacked off faster, feeling her asshole throbbing around him, rolling her clit under her fingers.

For a moment Bill didn't move on top of her, just letting his aching cock soak in the furnace-like heat of her asshole. He'd never fucked a girl in the ass before, and didn't know how hard he could thrust without hurting her.

But it felt fantastic! Bill had never felt such a sweet, rubbery pressure encasing his cock before. It was as good as fucking the tightest pussy on earth. Already he knew that he couldn't wait to get home, to try out asshole fucking with his gorgeous mother.

"Pump it, Bill!" Carla said coaxingly. She gasped as she ground and thrust beneath him, making her ass cheeks jiggle as she pumped her asshole onto his prick. "Fuck me good now... in and out... just like you love to fuck my cunt!"

Bill pulled out slowly, pausing at the puckered entrance of her asshole before again thrusting his cock in to the hilt. This time it bored even deeper into the mother's throbbing ass.

Bill tightened his fingers on her rounded ass cheeks. His cock swelled even stiffer up her ass channel as he began a slow, driving, bone jarring rhythm, slamming his prick in and out of her burning ass.

"That's good, that's wonderful!" Carla excitedly pistoned her fingers in and out of her pussy, humping her hips excitedly to meet Bill's strokes. "What a good ass-fucker! Harder, Bill! You won't hurt me! Fuck my little asshole as hard as you want!"

The sweat dripped from Bill's body as he intensified the speed of the asshole-fucking, driving his blood-swollen cock furiously through the rubbery grip, of her ass tunnel. It pierced deep into Carla's body, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through her nakedness every time he buried it to the hilt.

"I'm cumming, Bill!" cried Carla suddenly jerking her loins spasmodically off the floor. "I can't take it anymore! You're such a wonderful fuck! Harder, fuck the shit out of me! I'm cuuummmiiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole spasmed much more sharply than her cunt, clamping like a vise around the driving thickness of his cock. Bill winced as she came furiously on his prick, and every inch of her tight, rubbery asshole pressurized his cock.

"Oh, fuuuuck!"

He fell on top of her, ramming his drooling prick all the way up her churning ass. The long-suppressed cum load erupted from his balls, making his cock shaft throb and quiver as long jets of jism flooded into her ass.

Bill humped slowly on top of hem groaning as endless spurts of sappy cream flooded into Carla's asshole. Tirelessly, Carla continued humping beneath him, flexing her ass muscles, helping her young lover shoot out as much cum as he could.

Chapter SIX

Robyn was chopping vegetables in the kitchen when Bill came home from school. It was a hot afternoon, and all she had on was a loose, thigh-length smock dress with nothing on underneath it. The fabric was quite light, and Robyn could feel the weight of her braless tits jiggling under it as she moved around the kitchen.

This was just the sort of dress that she could never wear outdoors. It was also the sort of dress she'd had to put away when her son had begun making advances on her. But Bill was cured now, Robyn thought, and it was no longer necessary to conceal the lushness of her body around her own house.

Robyn was in a good mood. Bill hadn't bothered her at all since his first appointment with Carla Newman, and she knew he'd probably feel even better after his second that afternoon. Soon, Robyn thought, her son would be apologizing to her for his obscene, disgusting behavior and then things would go back to normal around her house.

The front door of the house opened and slammed shut, and Robyn felt her son's footsteps thudding toward the kitchen through the floorboards. "Come on in, Bill!" she said happily. "I'm just making up some greens for a nice salad! I could sure use some help."

Bill walked into the kitchen and as soon as Robyn saw the leering smile on his face, she knew that she was in trouble. He was ogling her again, openly. Bill stood in the middle of the kitchen and ran his eyes shamelessly up his mom's perfectly carved legs, hungrily studying the outline of her big, braless tits under the smock.

"I... I said I could use your help with the vegetables, Bill," Robyn said nervously.

"I could use some help too, Mom," Bill whispered. "With something a lot more important!"

He walked up to her, took hold of her wrist with one hand and took the chopping knife out of her hand with the other. Robyn made a surprised, whimpering sound as her son turned her around. Then she gasped as he kissed her, pressing his tongue into her mouth, wantonly sliding his hands down her back to squeeze her ass cheeks through the dress.

"Bill! Bill, I thought you were... what about your appointment with the therapist?"

"What about it?"

Bill pulled up his mother's dress, stripping it from her shoulders before she had a chance to push his hands away. Robyn squealed and blushed brightly, her stacked, naked body again totally exposed to her horny son.

"Bill, you're not supposed to be doing this anymore!" Robyn cried helplessly. "Stop it! Don't touch my breasts like that! No, keep your hands off my pussy! Bill..."

Her words trailed off into a whimper as Bill pulled her to the floor, holding her down with one hand as he roughly stripped off his pants with the other. He was even more of a wild animal now than he had been the first two times, and Robyn could already feel the stiffness of his prick as it pressed onto her thigh.

Bill ripped all his clothes off in a frenzy, leaving himself naked. Wildly Robyn looked around the open-windowed kitchen, realizing that one of her neighbors could easily peer in and see the incestuous fuck scene that was about to transpire on the linoleum floor.

But she didn't have a chance to think much about it. Bill spread her thighs toughly apart, positioning himself between her legs and sprawling onto his mother's gorgeous, tanned body. Robyn groaned as she felt his fat, drippy cock head pushing onto her pussy. Then she shuddered as she felt his prick meat stabbing into her hairy cunt.

"No, Bill, no!" Screaming, she flailed her fists on his broad shoulders. "No, Bill, nnnggg! No, no... nuuunhhhhh!"

But his cock was already inside her, and her son was stabbing the meat deep. He spread his knees on the hard floor, changing the angle at which his prick stabbed into her cunt. He thrust very hard, stuffing her pussy with the thickness of his cock.

Shamefully Robyn felt her cunt getting juicy, the pouting lips swelling and peeling apart to admit the driving hardness of his prick. Submissively the naked mother lay beneath him, her thighs spread and her pussy open. There was nothing she could do about it. The therapy sessions hadn't helped at all. Her boy was still desperately, horny for her body.

"Ah, Mom," Bill groaned. "I love your sweet little pussy so much!"

He humped violently between her legs, and Robyn let out a little whimper as he jammed all of his cock up her cunt. This afternoon Bill didn't even give her a chance to get used to it. Instead he'd just humped into her furiously, making her ass, cheeks bounce and shiver on the linoleum floor, savagely driving the thickness of his prick rod in and out of her buttery cunt.

"Sweet little pussy, sweet little pussy," chanted Bill obscenely. "I love your cunt, Mom! I could just keep on fucking your juicy cunt all night!"

Robyn grimaced and shook her head from side to side, barely able to stand the pleasure of Bill's prick rod pistoning inside her pussy channel. She didn't want to give in to him again, but she could already feel herself getting too horny to stop her lust.

It felt good to get fucked like this. Her pussy was throbbing now, getting juicier and juicier, the velvety sheath clasping and clenching around her teen's driving cock. Involuntarily Robyn jerked her ass off the floor, spreading her legs wider apart and lifting her knees, helping her son sink all the way into her cunt.

"Do you like my big cock, Mom? Fucking you like this?"

"Fuck me, Bill," Robyn panted hotly.

Blushing with shame, the horny mother wrapped her slim legs tightly around his back. Then she started humping her ass like a bitch in heat, groaning and moaning as she pistoned her juice-seeping fuck mound onto the satisfying hardness of Bill's cock.

Up and down her nimble ass heaved, grinding her pussy relentlessly onto the shaft of his cock. All at once, Robyn realized how much she had missed her son's cock. Nothing was better than being fucked like this, as horrible as it was. Bill's long, fat, swollen hard-on, piercing into the innermost depths of her cunt.

Bill groaned with pleasure and intensified the speed of his fucking, hammering his long prick through the clutching sheath of Robyn's pussy. Robyn felt more and more fuck-oil seeping out of her cunt, making the hairy slit gurgle and squish as it sucked around Bill's cock.

"Harder, Bill! Fuck my ass off!" Her huge tits jiggled under his chest as she clawed his ass cheeks, desperately trying to draw another inch of his cock into her buttery cunt. "Bill, I'm cumming! Fuck me faster, Sonny! Please keep on fucking me, I need to cum!"

Bill fucked his mother as hard as he could, panting on her shoulder and relentlessly stroking his cum-seeping prick into her pussy. Robyn's throbbing cunt clasped around the driving cock shaft, trying to hold it into her belly. She heaved uncontrollably beneath him as she felt the heat flowering in her loins, spreading through her wide-open cunt slit.

"I'm cumming, Sonny!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder, fuck my pussy! Unhhh! Oh shit, nnnnggggg! Unh unh, Bill, here it is, I'm cuuuummmiiinnngggg!"

She orgasmed even more violently than she'd thought she would, helplessly exploding beneath the driving thrusts of her son's cock. Again and again her pussy throbbed, spewing musky pussy cream all over his cock.

Bill fucked his mother hard and fast through the duration of her cum, ramming his prick tirelessly into her slippery pussy. Then he pulled out of her and Robyn realized dazedly that he still hadn't popped his rocks inside her. She was still panting with pleasure as he grabbed her hips and turned her onto her stomach.

"Oh, Mom," he sighed. "You've got such a sweet little ass! It's so round and juicy! Your ass is just as sweet as your big tits!"

Bill grabbed the peach-shaped ass globes and spread them wide apart, exposing the pink, puckered opening of his mom's asshole. Robyn tried to see his face over her shoulder, wondering what her son was planning to do. Then she felt something thick and spongy pressing onto her asshole, and knew where her teen intended to fuck her next.

"No, Bill, no!" she cried. "You'll kill me with it! You can't fuck me there!"

Bill paid no attention. He pushed his heartshaped cock head securely into his mother's asshole, spreading the tightly muscled sphincter around the fat shaft of his cock. Robyn grunted as her asshole spread to the bursting point, helplessly stretching to admit the wrist thick cock.

"No, Bill!" She grimaced and bit her lip, feeling the hot pain coursing through her bowels. "You're hurting me! Awww, don't fuck my asshole! It's too big for my ass!"

Bill groaned as he hunched on top of her, bucking his hips. The swollen trunk of his cock speared relentlessly up his mom's ass, disappearing between her ass cheeks.

The harder he fucked his prick into her, the more Robyn's asshole got used to the size of his cock. She moaned as she wriggled beneath him, unconsciously flexing her ass muscles to help him drive his big prick into her asshole.

It felt good now! It was hard to believe, but the pain had already vanished and been replaced by a strange, new lust. Robyn could feel a hot pulsing sensation shooting through her ass tract, making the rubbery walls of her asshole suck tightly around Bill's prick.

Bill buried his cock inside her, his balls slapping her hairy pussy crack as he nailed every inch of his rigid cock into his mother's asshole. For a moment he lay on top of her, letting her sucking ass hole stretch around his rock-hard cock.

Bill pulled out and Robyn instinctively lifted her hips to meet his movements. Slowly he rammed his hard-on back into her asshole, sinking it even deeper into her ass. Bill sighed as he again felt her ass muscles gripping spasmodically around his aching cock. He started reaming out his mom's asshole with long, steady strokes of his blue-veined prick.

"Unnggghhh!" Robyn twisted beneath him, her ass cheeks shaking and her big tits jiggling on the floor. "Oh, Bill! You dirty fucker! Unhhh! Unh, unhhhhh!"

Then it felt good, incredibly good. A hot, undeniable lust had filled her asshole, and her wet pussy thrilled to every thrust batten her ass cheeks. Flushed with shame and desire, the naked mother feverishly started humping, pistoning her asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's big prick.

"Fuck my asshole, Bill!" Robyn cried. "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it good! My asshole's all juicy, honey! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum again all over your cock!"

Bill fucked savagely into the wet tightness of his mother's asshole, relishing the tightness of her puckered asshole as it throbbed repeatedly around his cock. He slid his hands around her delicately muscled back, wrapping his fingers around her big tits.

Lewdly he squeezed and milked the huge tits, catching the fat, inch long nipple between his fingers and pulling on the rubbery tips. Instantly Robyn felt the fuck-heat reaching a boiling point inside her, as her asshole spasmed and her nipples throbbed on his palms.

"I'm cumming, you fucker!" she cried. "Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole! Unngghh, Bill, I love your big prick! Mom's cuming now! Mom can't help herself! Unh, Bill, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole spasmed and pulsed into orgasm, the narrow, rubbery tunnel clamping tightly around her boy's hammering cock. This time Bill didn't try to hold back his load. He collapsed on top of her blushing ass, spearing his throbbing cock as far into her asshole as it would go...

Even as she was cumming uncontrollably, Robyn felt the milky jism flooding into her ass. It spurted heavily into her aching asshole, spraying on the inner walls of her asshole. Bill humped steadily on top of her, draining his balls between her ass cheeks. Eagerly Robyn flexed her ass muscles, helping her son to shoot out all of his cum.

"Oh, Bill!" she whimpered. "Bill, oh God!"

Bill pulled his wet, fuck-wilted cock out of her asshole. Exhausted, Robyn slumped on the floor. She could feel the aftermath of the battering her son had given her in her asshole and pussy. She didn't think Bill had the endurance for anything else.

"Suck my cock, Mom," Bill said, rising to his feet above her. "Suck off the juice."

Bill grabbed her head and pulled her up into a kneeling position, her huge tits jiggling on his naked thighs. Robyn groaned as she found herself confronting the slippery, half-stiff shaft of his cock.

She was too tired to protest any more, too exhausted to resist anything her son had in mind. Bill pulled her hair and Robyn opened her mouth automatically. Bill pushed his cock between her lips.

The shaft and knob were coated with her ass juices and Robyn made a gurgling sound as she submissively clasped her lips around the shaft. Bill started humping his ass again. Robyn slut her eyes and thought of nothing but the big prick in her mouth.

She shamefully started sucking it, contracting her ass cheeks, wrapping her lips in a tight circle around the meaty tube of cock meat. Robyn made smacking sounds as she curled her tongue around the puffy knob of his prick, lapping the juices from the flesh of his prick.

"Suck it, Mom," Bill panted. "Ummm, what a good cock-sucker! You're making me cum again!"

Soon the cock was pawing again between her lips, swelling as hard as bone. I like doing this, Robyn thought dazedly. I'm sucking my own son's prick!

She shut her eyes more tightly, wanting to forget everything for the moment, to think of nothing but the big, stiff prick jammed down her throat. Robyn made loud slurping, smacking sounds as she sucked on it, chewing her lips on the shaft. Bill's prick continued to get stiffer, and then fresh pre-cum started to seep out of the piss-slit.

Robyn flicked her tongue on it, slurping it up. She wanted her son to cum now, wanted to taste the fresh spunk as it shot out of his balls. Hornily she wrapped her hand around the base of his prick, squeezing hard. She started jacking his prick as she sucked on it, bucking her head up and down over his cock.

"Ahhh, Mom!" Bill gasped. "Here it comes!"

The big prick throbbed violently, and then the white load geysered up from Bill's balls. It was just as big a cum as the first one had been. Long jets of creamy jism sprayed around the inside of Robyn's mouth, shooting across her tongue. Hornily the naked mother sucked it all up, drinking the load out of her son's squirting cock.

"Thanks, Mom!" Bill grinned and pushed her head away, reaching for his clothes. "See you at dinner, huh? Hey, I'll help you with the veggies some other time."

He left the kitchen. Robyn moaned as stray cum dripped from her mouth. Then she heaved a long sigh. It was time to make another phone call to Carla.

Chapter SEVEN

"Suck my pussy, Jeff," Carla panted. "Ahhh, yes, that's a good little fucker! My cunt tastes lovely, doesn't it, Son? What a nice after school snack!"

Jeff sprawled naked between his mother's spread-eagled legs, noisily tonguing the juices out of her swollen, red-haired cunt. His school books lay on the floor. He always came straight home from school, and Carla usually had his prick out the second he walked through the door.

Today, however, she'd been particularly horny to get her pussy sucked first. After her appointment with Bill Harmon she'd driven straight home, stripping and falling on the bed and jacking herself off several times in a row.

God, Bill was a good fuck, Carla thought. What really made her horny was the confession he'd made at the end of the therapy session today. She'd asked again, off-handedly, what Robyn had wanted him to see a counselor about. And Bill had spilled the beans -- all about how much he loved fucking his mother!

The mere thought of it made her horny! Carla just knew that all of this was going to get her into Robyn Harmon's panties. She couldn't wait to make it with Bill's mother, to suck those huge tits of hers and push her fingers roughly into Robyn's pussy slit. As much as she loved fucking Bill, she wanted to make it with his mother just as much.

"Suck my cunt, Jeffrey, suck my cunt!" Carla chanted. Her tongue lolled obscenely out of the corner of her mouth as she pulled his thick hair, grinding her steaming pussy hole onto his lips. "My pussy's so horny this afternoon, lover! Unnngghh, Mom needs a super good cum!"

Jeff salaciously squeezed his mother's humping ass cheeks, trying to hold her down as she excitedly fucked her tender-slitted pussy all over his face. His tongue rooted deeply in her cunt, slurping up the pungent juice he loved to suck so much.

Carla arched her back, her nipples stiffening as she felt the heat flowering deep inside her pussy. "Cumming, Jeff, keep, on sucking me!" she gasped. "Suck your mother, suck your mother!"

Her clit was very swollen, protruding from the slippery folds at the top of her cunt. Jeff probed the glistening pink bud with his tongue. Carla bucked wildly, jerking her pussy onto his mouth. Jeff sucked her clit eagerly, flicking his tongue on the tip.

"Put your fingers in my pussy, Sonny!" Carla panted. "Please, oh yes, I want to feel them up my juicy cunt!"

Stiffening two fingers, Jeff felt around the gushing opening of his mom's throbbing pussy tunnel. Greasily he slid them up her hairy pussy, brushing his knuckles on the aching lips of her cunt.

Carla instantly felt her pussy muscles contracting around them, sucking the fingers like a tiny cock. She humped her ass madly off the bed, shaking her head from side to side as the lust built to a crescendo inside her loins. Jeff sucked hard on her steaming clit bud, drawing it out with his lips.

"I'm cumming, Son!" Carla gasped. "Suck my pussy, suck my pussy! Unnnnggggghhh! Oh fuck, I can't stand it! Jeff, my pussy's cuuummmiinnngggg!"

Her cunt exploded, throbbing and pulsing as the pussy juice drooled into her boy's mouth.

Jeff took his mouth from her clit to fish his tongue back into her spasming hole, sucking up her cum. Lovingly he continued to lick and kiss her pussy after her orgasm had subsided, and Carla let her sweating, flushed ass cheeks drift back to the bed.

"Jeff," she said softly. "You can put your cock in my pussy now."

Jeff rose to his knees and Carla stared hungrily at the twitching shaft of his enormous cock. It had grown as hard as iron, excited by the taste of her pussy. Luridly the meaty trunk bobbed and pulsed up and down, the veins standing out on the hardened surface, thick drops of pre-cum dripping out of the piss-slit.

"Fuck my pussy, Jeff!"

Carla lifted her thighs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, parting her legs so that her son would be able to spear his prick easily into her gaping cunt. Jeff crawled into position between her legs.

Holding his cock in hand, the muscular teenager pressed the juicy knob onto his mother's cunt opening. Carla groaned and humped up her ass for his prick. Jeff supported the weight of his torso on outstretched arms so he could stare down at his mom's pretty face as he fed her his prick.

Slowly he started pushing it into her pussy, wiggling his ass expertly to help it burrow into the interior of the glove-tight sheath. Carla felt her slippery cunt hole opening wide to accept his cock, sucking and clasping spasmodically around his prick.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy!" chanted the naked mother. She scissored her thighs shut around his back, holding him close. Then she started humping, panting and groaning, pistoning her pussy onto the fleshy stalk of his prick.

Jeff kept sinking on top of her, as if his hard-on would never stop boring into her buttery cunt. Finally it was all the way inside her, and his balls rested on the crack of her humping ass.

Jeff pulled out slowly, feeling the velvety pressure of her curly haired pussy dragging needfully around his cock. Pausing with just the tip of his cock inside her, he again sank onto her body. Carla moaned louder as all eight inches of her son's prick bored back into her throbbing cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" The bed creaked as she humped faster, working her nimble ass. "Fuck my pussy, fuck it good! My cunt's creaming, darling! My pussy loves your big, fucking prick!"

Jeff ground on top of her, letting his cock soak in the slippery oils flowing out of her pussy. Then he spread his knees and started a hard, bone-jarring rhythm, pistoning his fat hard-on in and out of his mother's cunt.

The harder he fucked her, the more his prick swelled, stretching her pussy wide, the knob battering onto her womb opening with every thrust. Carla panted as she struggled to meet his strokes, her eyes closed and a lurid smile curling her lips.

She was lost now, completely lost in the sensations of fucking. The only thing on her mind was the steady, tireless thrusting of her boy's hard-on, the feel of his cock as it slammed in and out of her pussy, the way his fuck-strokes were making her cum.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Carla cried, twisting her head deliriously back and forth. "My pussy's cumming, Jeff! Unh shit, oh fuck, making it cum!"

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hotly kissing his cheeks. Her pussy seemed to undulate with a rhythm of its own, wetly clamping around his driving cock. Carla felt her clit aching as his cock thrust against it, chafing the over-sensitive little bud with every stroke into her belly.

"Jeffrey, fuck your mother! Unngghhh! Mom's cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her cunt milked hard around his hard cock as she came, whipping her ass up so frantically that she nearly shook her ass off the bed. Jeff moaned and fucked his cumming mother as hard as he could, his balls banging onto the crack of her heaving butt as he sighed.

"I'm cumming too, Mom! Oh fuck, I can't hold the juice!"

The thick, milky jism streamed up from the reservoir in his balls, making the meaty cock quiver as it spouted its load deep inside his mother's cunt. A wanton smile spread across Carla's face as she felt the jets of spunk spurting inside her, splattering onto her pussy walls.

"Keep cumming, Jeff!" she squealed. Hornily she flexed her cunt muscles, helping her boy shoot out the cock juice. It filled her pussy and ran out of the hairy, cock-stuffed slit, forming a puddle under her humping ass on the bed.

Jeff moaned and pulled his still-swollen prick rod out of her pussy. It was all red and wet now after the fuck-session -- Carla couldn't imagine a more delicious sight. "Oh, Sonny," she said softly, as Jeff flopped onto his back and she curled onto her side by his hip.

"Are you going to give me a blow-job now, Mom?" Jeff asked, looking up at her.

"You bet I am, Sonny!"

Carla wrapped her hand tightly around the veined shaft of his prick. It was all slimy from fucking her, and she loved the way her own fuck-oils felt squishing between her fingers. Lovingly Carla started jacking his cock, making Jeff groan as she pumped her fist up and down his cock.

"Ready for a good cock-sucking, honey?" she asked wantonly. "Ready to shoot lots of hot, fresh cum into Mom's mouth?"

"Suck it," Jeff pleaded.

Carla dropped her head, brushing her shining red hair behind her ears. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and stuffed the first several inches of her son's prick meat down her throat.

Her lips clamped in a tight circle around the cock shaft, drinking it in. Carla puckered her cheeks and shut her eyes, sucking the prick as hard as she could.

She felt very thirsty after the fucking her son had given her, and she was anxious to drink his jism as fast as she could. Jeff winced and writhed beneath her, overwhelmed by the oral pressure around his cock. Carla sucked his prick violently, bobbing her head, fucking her face with his stone-hard cock.

"Jack on it, Mom!" Jeff panted. "I'm gonna cum again!"

Carla sucked his cock as hard as she could, her cheeks flushed crimson with the fury of her cock-sucking. She wrapped her hand tightly around the root of his prick and stroked it fast and hard, milking and tugging the length of his prick between her lips.

Jeff moaned and held onto the back of her head, fucking his ass off the mattress. But the phone rang just as he was about to cum.

"Shit!" Carla said.

Cursing under her breath, the naked mother took her hands and lips from her boy's cock rod and reached for the bedside phone. She talked for about five minutes, and as she spoke and listened a lewd smile curled her lips. Jeff waited for her anxiously, his huge prick pulsing over his stomach.

"Guess who that was?" Carla said, hanging up and turning back to him. "Robyn Harmon!"

Carla giggled. "Come, come, darling. Don't try to tell me you've only got eyes for your mother. I'm sure you've seen her. Why, I was just talking about her the other day. That slinky brunette with the big tits?"

Jeff eyes brightened. "Oh, that one! Yeah!"

"Don't you remember? I'm counseling her son Bill," Carla went on, giggling. "Or fucking him, I should say. He's an awfully good fuck for a boy his age."

"So what's the problem?"

Jeff winced as his steely rod twitched, and Carla wrapped her hand comfortingly around it, lightly stroking. "Well, Robyn says he's acting up around the house again. At least that's how she puts it. What she means is that he's been fucking her!"

Jeff's eyes widened. "Yeah?"

"Of course, darling. You don't think we're the only ones who do it, do you?" Carla smiled vixenishly. "I invited Robyn in for a personal appointment tomorrow morning. I told her I needed to see her personally about her problem with Bill. I'm sure you know what's really going to happen, don't you?"

"The hypnotism bit?" smiled Jeff.

"Of course, lover." Carla stroked his cock a little faster. "Darling, I think what Robyn Harmon needs is more fucking, and I think you're just the kind of kid who can give it to her. Now, here's what I'd like you to do, after I'm through with her tomorrow afternoon."

Carla spelled out the plan Jeff would use to visit Robyn's house, and Jeff's cock got painfully stiff as he anticipated fucking her and squeezing her huge tits. Carla realized she couldn't leave Jeff's cock unsatisfied any longer.

She swooped down on it, gurgling as she stuffed the shaft as far down her throat as she could. She sucked very hard, and it didn't take Jeff long to cum.

The second load of cock juice sprayed out of the tip of his prick, jetting warmly down Carla's throat. Carla sucked it down hungrily, jacking tirelessly on Jeff's shooting prick. But at the same time she was already anticipating the taste of Robyn's cunt.

Chapter EIGHT

"I don't know, Carla," Robyn said skeptically. "Do you really think it's necessary to hypnotize me?"

Carla nodded sagely. "I think so, yes. I realize this might be difficult for you to accept, but you undoubtedly have unconscious attitudes towards your son that are affecting his behavior toward you. Hypnosis is the best way of determining what those attitudes really are."

Robyn sighed and stretched out on her back on the couch, resting her head on the thickly padded armrest. She had finally broken down and revealed to Carla that Bill was making sexual advances toward her. It had seemed a little absurd to continue concealing why she wanted her son to see a therapist. But she still felt nervous about being in a trance and revealing her true feelings about her son to his woman.

Carla had done her best to make Robyn comfortable in the little office, giving her a glass of water and making some introductory small talk. It was a hot afternoon, and Robyn felt a little warm even in the summer outfit she'd worn, a light blouse and the flower print, wrap-around skirt.

Of course, she should have worn a nun's habit if she'd wanted to get to Carla's office without being bothered. Robyn couldn't do anything about the voluptuousness of her body, and two men had whistled at her big tits and flashing legs when she'd simply been getting out of the car and walking to the building. Strangely enough, it had made her horny. These days it seemed that every male in creation wanted a piece of her pussy -- even her son.

"Now, just close your eyes and relax, honey." Carla moved her chair very close to the couch, looking down at Robyn. "I'm going to count to ten now, and as I count I want you to feel all the tension draining out of your body..."

Ten minutes later, Robyn was in a complete trance. Carla smiled and stopped speaking. She leaned back in her chair, studied the lush body stretched out before her and idly rubbed her pussy through her jeans.

Carla didn't consider herself much of a hypnotist, and it was almost impossible to get a patient into a deep trance in one session. But what she couldn't do, a little vodka could. She'd slipped a little liquor into Robyn's water before she'd arrived for the session. The combination of the two had the big-titted mother out like a light.

Ah, completely in my power, Carla thought, savoring the moment. What should I ask her? What should I ask her?

"Robyn," she asked lightly, "how many times has Bill fucked you?"

If the trance had been less than complete, Robyn would have opened her eyes at the obscene word. But her eyes stayed tightly closed, and she moved her lips as if speaking in a dream.

"I've lost count," she said softly.

"Do you like fucking him, Robyn?"

"I... yes," Robyn murmured. "I can't help myself. I get so excited."

"What gets you so excited about it, Robyn?" Carla squirmed on her chair, feeling the wet heat coursing into her cunt.

Robyn squirmed too. It was easy to make someone very horny in a trance. "The way he puts his cock in me," she whispered dreamily.

"The way he thrusts it. Bill has such a big cock."

"So you don't really want Bill to stop fucking you, do you? You feet ashamed of it, and you think it's wrong, but you still love his cock, and you'd love to feel it inside your pussy as much as you can."

Robyn moaned in her trance and squirmed hard enough to make her huge titties jiggle under her blouse. Carla leaned forward and started to undo the blouse buttons. God, what perfect, clear, lightly tanned skin, she thought, as she pulled the blouse carefully over her shoulders. She groaned at the sight of Robyn's big tits, stretching the cups of her lacy-white, D-cup bra.

"Does this feel good, Robyn?" she asked, molding her spongy tit mounds through the cups.

Robyn shivered, moving her lips. "Yes."

Carla's fingers shook with desire as she undid the front clasp of Robyn's bra. The tits were enormous, the flesh creamier than the rest of her body, with huge, deep red, rubbery tipped nipples. Carla sighed as she saw how fat and stiff the nipples were. In her trance, Robyn was obviously very turned on.

Carla slid from her chair and knelt on the carpet beside the couch. She dropped her head to Robyn's heaving tits and wrapped her lips tightly around one silver-dollar-sized nipple. Robyn whimpered as she sucked her tit furiously, drawing out the goose-bumped cap with the suction of her lips.

"Do you like that too, Robyn?" Carla asked, when the nipple was even stiffer and coated with saliva. "Is it making your pussy hot?"


"You'd like me to play with your cunt now, wouldn't you?"


Carla undid the wraparound skirt and pulled it away from Robyn's body, leaving her naked except for her panties. The crotch was sticking to her pussy hair, obviously dripping wet. Robyn groaned as Carla slid her hand under the elastic hem of her panties, grazing her finger down between the puffy, furry slit of her cunt.

"Unh!" Robyn whimpered. She spread her long, tanned legs wide apart, draping one foot onto the floor. "Unngghhhh!" She squirmed harder, thrusting her pussy onto Carla's hand.

"You'd like me to suck your pussy now, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, oh, yes!"

Carla stood up, pulling off Robyn's wet panties and leaving her naked. Her thighs were open, and Carla stared hungrily at the gorgeous, fleecy-haired lips of her wet cunt. She sprawled onto the long couch between her legs, moaning as she inhaled the strong, pungent aroma of a very horny pussy. Then Carla glued her mouth to Robyn's cunt slit.

It had been a long time since Carla had sucked a pussy, and this was one of the best tasting cunts she'd ever put her lips on. It was no wonder Bill loved fucking his mother, she thought, as she licked delicately around the pink slit of her cunt, and watched the undersides of Robyn's mammoth tits jiggle as she squirmed.

"Unh, unh, suck me!" Robyn gasped.

She spread her legs very wide, draping her legs over Carla's shoulders. Hotly she started grinding her naked, peach-shaped ass off the couch, eagerly thrusting her pussy onto Carla's mouth.

Carla sucked her pussy unhurriedly, dipping her tongue between the flowering folds to lap up the sticky juices oozing from the depths of Robyn's cunt. Her hands moved up and down her inner legs, squeezing and caressing the firm, delicately muscled expanse of her inner thighs. God, what a body, she thought, over and over again. Robyn had the most desirable body of any woman she'd ever seen in her life!

Robyn's eyes were still tightly closed, but her cheeks were flushed with excitement, and her pretty face was contorted in an expression of agonized lust. Her hands came down, holding the back of Carla's head. She started thrusting her pussy much harder onto Carla's mouth.

Carla tried to imagine Bill's big, teenaged cock, ramming furiously in and out of this juicy pussy. The thought made her even hornier. She licked delicately teasing circles around the edges of Robyn's pussy, feeling more cream oozing out of the slippery lips, feeling the clit swelling, stiffening out of its protective folds.

Carla moved her hands up Robyn's slim waist, feeling the delicate abdominal muscles, with virtually no fat. All the extra weight seemed to go into Robyn's tits. Robyn moaned as Carla wrapped her hands around the huge, spongy globes, milking and kneading and rolling. Soon she was humping her ass quite hard, fucking her drooling pussy onto Carla's mouth.

Carla knew it was time to get Robyn off. Withdrawing one hand from Robyn's jiggling tits, she pushed her finger slowly between the tight, slippery lips of Robyn's pussy. Robyn whined, and Carla felt her cunt muscles suck strongly around it, holding it inside her pussy.

Gently she started pumping the finger in and out of her tender pussy, thrusting her knuckles onto her puffy cunt opening with every thrust. Robyn's lips parted to show her teeth, and she started moving her head from side to side on the armrest of the couch. Her tits were jiggling and Carla loved the feel of the spongy globes. Her own pussy was throbbing steadily in her jeans.

She moved her tongue higher up the cunt hole, occasionally flicking it onto her shiny skinned clit. Robyn bucked every time she did that, grunting as her pussy throbbed around her finger. Carla slipped a second finger into her pussy tunnel, jacking her off much harder. "Unh! Unnggghhhh!" Robyn moaned helplessly, the lust building to a burning crescendo inside her loins. "Lick my clit, Carla," she gasped. "Please lick my pussy good, I need to cum!"

Carla giggled, still stroking two fingers in and out of her pussy. With or without alcohol, it was awfully difficult to make anyone do anything under hypnosis that they didn't already want to do.

Robyn was an extremely horny woman, and the only reason she'd suppressed her desires so long was because of her sense of guilt. It wouldn't take long to strip away that sense of guilt completely. Robyn was just as horny as a bitch in heat, and deep down inside she obviously wanted to fuck her son Bill every time she could.

"Gonna cum," Robyn panted. "Please suck me, please suck my pussy! Gonna cummm!"

Carla started licking directly on Robyn's clit, sending tingling waves of need coursing through Robyn's naked body. The little bud swelled, and her pussy got even wetter, until the fuck-oils were literally dripping out of her, staining the insides of her pink cunt tunnel now squished audibly as they sucked around Carla's fingers, thrusting steadily inside her.

Carla wrapped her lips tightly around Robyn's clit. She sucked it gently, pursing her mouth around it and flicking her tongue onto the tip. Robyn shuddered and made girlish, whimpering sounds under her breath. Her tits bounced under Carla's hand as she whipped her ass cheeks off the couch, fucking her cunt all over her face.

"Suck me, suck me," she gasped. "Suck my pussy, suck my clit! It feels good, so goood! Cumming, gonna cum!"

Carla sucked the clit harder, pumping her fingers faster inside her sopping-wet pussy tunnel. She withdrew her hand from the quivering tits and pushed the fingers of her left hand between the cheeks of Robyn's humping ass.

Robyn's asshole was tightly puckered, throbbing in and out in time to the pulsations of her gushing cunt. Carla pushed her finger into the pink, hairless sphincter, stabbing it greasily up the mother's ass tunnel. Then she started jacking her off with both hands at the same time, alternately slurping the juice out of her aching pussy and sucking her clit between her lips.

"I'm cumming now!" Robyn clawed the back of Carla's head and humped her ass nearly a foot off the couch, pressing her pussy tightly onto Carla's mouth. "Suck my cunt, suck my cunt! Unh unh, awwww, fuck! I'm cummmiiinnngggg!"

The curly haired lips of Robyn's pussy throbbed rhythmically on Carla's mouth. Her clit twitched, and the interior of her cunt and asshole clamped obscenely around her fingers.

Robyn came explosively for a minute straight, whimpering like a little girl spasmodically jerking and thrusting her ass off the couch. What a horny bitch! Carla thought, as she jacked and sucked her off.

Robyn was so horny that she might have kept cumming indefinitely. But Carla slowly let the cum taper off, not sucking her clit anymore, moving her fingers lightly in and out of Robyn's body.

Carla withdrew her fingers and just slurped lazily on the other woman's pussy for a while, cleaning the juice from the folds of her sticky, hairy cunt. Then she returned to her feet and took her time helping Robyn into her clothes. When Robyn was fully dressed again, and there was no sign that she'd been stripped, Carla returned to her seat.

"Robyn," she said softly, "you're still in a very, very deep sleep, aren't you?"

Robyn nodded.

Carla smiled. "That's what I thought. I'm going to give you some suggestions now, Robyn. When you wake up you won't remember anything about what I did to you, or any of what I said to you under hypnosis. But the suggestions will still be in effect. You won't know they're in your mind, but they'll affect you all the same."

Robyn nodded.

"Robyn, when you wake up, when you leave this office, you're going to feel the same in every way, except one. You're going to be very, very horny, even hornier than you are now. Much hornier. And you're going to stay that horny indefinitely. You've always been this horny, deep down inside. Now your natural desires are just going to come out."

Robyn smiled in her trance, nodding again. "Another thing. My son is going to be visiting you latex this afternoon. He says he's going to help you move some boxes. I'm sure you can find some boxes for him. Robyn, my son is a very good fuck, and his prick is very big. I suck it for him all the time. You're going to want to fuck my son very much."

"Mmmm," Robyn sighed.

"Mother thing." Carla suppressed a giggle. "Even more than you want to fuck my Jeff, you're going to want to fuck Bill. You're not going to give him a hard time anymore. You'll be much too horny to resist him. All you'll be able to think about, all day and all night, is sucking and fucking your Bill's big cock."

Robyn nodded.

Carla heaved a regretful sigh as she studied Robyn's now-clothed body, rubbing her own cunt restlessly through her jeans. When Robyn came back for another session, she'd have to do something about her own lust!

"All right, Robyn, I'm going to wake you up now. I'm going to count to twenty, and you're going to feel yourself coming slowly back to normal awareness, though you won't remember any of what's happened here. All right? Ready? One... two... three..."

Chapter NINE

Robyn noticed how strange she felt as she drove home. She was tired, even though she'd slept well the night before. She'd never been so groggy in the middle of the afternoon.

And she was horny; God, she was horny. She'd never felt so horny in her life! It was as if a cord had snapped inside her, and all the innermost needs of her pussy had come tumbling out.

The nipples of her big tits stuck stiffly through her blouse and bra, and she could feel the musky fuck-juices flowing heavily out of her crotch, sticking her panty crotch to her hairy cunt mound.

Her pussy wasn't just wet, it was itching and throbbing too. She felt like some kind of horny animal! Pulling the car up to her driveway, Robyn stopped to lift up her dress and rub her aching cunt through her panties. Jesus, she was horny, so fucking horny! She almost wished Bill would come home from school early today. She actually hoped he'd make advances when he did get home, that her own son would throw her on the floor and give her a fast, furious fucking.

Robyn's tits jiggled and her wet pussy squished between her legs as she walked up to the front door of her house. A vivid picture of her son's huge prick flashed before her mind's eye, and her cunt burned even hotter as she felt how hungrily she thirsted for it, how much she wanted to wrap her lips around the fat, swollen shaft and suck out all his juice!

So horny, so fucking horny... Robyn tried to push the obscene, incestuous fuck-lust out of her mind, but it was completely out of control. She tried to think of what housework she needed to do, or whether or not it was worth her while to drive back to the clothing store and get some work done this afternoon.

No, it wasn't worth her while. She might wind up fucking one of the customers. Robyn couldn't think about anything except her wet cunt.

Blushing shamefully, she sat on the couch and lifted up her wrap-around skirt. Robyn whimpered as she shoved her hand under the elastic hem of her panties, moaning with relief as she sank two fingers into her buttery-wet cunt.

Her pussy was positively dripping! She couldn't remember her cunt ever feeling so swollen and ready for cock. Robyn feverishly started to jack herself off, humping her ass cheeks off the couch and thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck me," she whispered shamefully. "Bill, please come home from school. Fuck me, fuck me, Son, with that great big cock of yours. Fuck your mother, Sonny. Fuck Mom's juicy cunt!"

The doorbell rang. Moaning, Robyn stood ups, smoothed out her dress and went to answer it. At first she didn't recognize the tall, muscular teenager standing on her step. Then she remembered his face: it was Jeff, Carla's son.

"Hi, Mrs. Harmon," Jeff said politely. "Mind if I come in?"

Robyn distractedly held open the door for him. She'd always been very formal with strangers in the past, but now she shocked herself as she felt her eyes moving greedily up and down Jeff's body.

He was very muscular, and she could see something long and fat sticking through the crotch of his pants. Robyn blushed as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She was amazed Jeff didn't smell her cunt juices. The pungent aroma seemed to fill the living room.

Jeff looked at her expectantly. "You wanted me to help you move some boxes?"


"My mom told me to come over here, Mrs. Harmon. You told her you needed someone strong to help you with some heavy boxes. Don't you remember?"

"Boxes?" Robyn put her hand to her forehead, trying to think. "Boxes. I don't... excuse me, Jeff..."

Boxes? Had she said something to Carla about that? She did have some heavy boxes, they were in her bedroom closet. But she didn't really need anything out of them. Or did she? Maybe there was something in one of the boxes she'd forgotten about. God, it was impossible to think straight! She was just so horny. All she could think about was cock.

"I... I have some boxes in the bedroom," Robyn said distractedly. Her rounded ass cheeks jiggled under the dress as she turned on her heel. "Follow me, Jeff."

Jeff followed her into the bedroom. Robyn opened the door of the closet, across the room from the bed. She stood on her tip-toes, pointing. "They're up here, Jeff... Jeff, what are you looking at me like that for?"

Jeff was grinning very broadly at her, so much so that she couldn't help noticing.

"I hope this doesn't offend you, Mrs. Harmon, but you're really a pretty woman. I mean, I couldn't help noticing the way your legs look when you stand on your toes like that."

Robyn faced the handsome football star, breathing hard. She glanced furtively at his crotch, and then she felt the pussy cream practically dripping out of her cunt.

Jeff had a hard-on. A very long, fat hard-on, throbbing down the inside of his pants leg! Robyn suddenly lost all control over herself. She had to feel a big prick just like this one ramming into her pussy, after she satisfied her appetite with a long, hungry suck.

"Oh, Jeff!"

Her face flushed with shame and arousal, Robyn walked up to the muscular teenager and stared boldly at his hard cock. She fell to her knees before it, dazedly, thinking of nothing but what she could see in his pants.

Jeff pushed his hands behind her head. Robyn's hands shook with excitement as she ripped open his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles.

There was his enormous, cock, rock-hard and throbbing. Blue veins stood out along the pink shaft of the meaty prick rod, and pre-cum was smeared on the puffy flesh of the huge, bulbous cock knob.

A tremor pumped through Robyn's loins as she wrapped both hands tightly around Jeff's jutting prick, squeezing it as if she were gripping a baseball bat, staring intently at the jism oozing piss-slit. Moaning, the horny mother started jacking on his cock. More cum dribbled out and she flicked out her tongue to lap it up.

"Oh, fuck, Mrs. Harmon!" Jeff moaned, pulling her long, wavy brown hair. "That's so fucking good! Suck my cock for me... ahhh, Christ!"

Robyn moaned as she lapped all around his heart-shaped cock head, pressing her tongue into the piss-hole. She opened her mouth wide and made a gurgling sound as she dropped her head onto his crotch, taking the first several inches of his prick down her throat.

She clamped her mouth in a tightly pursed circle around the blue-veined shaft, inhaling deeply, savoring the taste of the big cock twitching in her mouth. Never before had Robyn been so hungry to give a blow-job. She couldn't wait to make Jeff cum, to drink all of the sappy jism as it geysered out of his dick.

She only wished Bill were home. Robyn flushed shamefully as she realized how badly she wanted to suck on her son's hard-on, too.

Robyn nearly choked herself as she pushed her head down, wanting to suck in as much of Jeff's straining cock as she could. Her cheeks puckered as her lips approached the halfway point on his shaft. Robyn shut her eyes, concentrating lasciviously on the cock in her mouth. She started sucking his prick wetly and very hard, hearing the slurping, smacking sounds of her own cock-sucking fill the bedroom.

"Harder, Mrs. Harmon!" Jeff grimaced with the fury of her cock-sucking and continued to gently pull her hair. "Unh! Christ, you give good head! That's just what I need today, a super good blow-job! Ahhh God, make it cum, Mrs. Harmon, make it cum!"

Robyn sucked his hard-on violently, swirling her tongue around the shiny-skinned crown, gulping down the pre-cum as it bubbled out of the tasty tip of his meat. Her hand moved in a cork-screwing motion around the base of his prick, kneading and squeezing tightly.

Robyn pulled up her lips enough so that she would have room to beat his meat. Then she started jacking on it. Her cocksucking sounds grew louder and wetter as she feverishly pumped his hard-on, milking its length up between her lips.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Jeff chanted. He started rocking his hips, fucking his fat prick shaft down her throat.

His ball-bag was heavy and hairy, swollen to bursting with a pent-up load of cum. Robyn dropped her left hand between his hairy thighs, tenderly cupping his nuts. She rolled the twin globes between her fingers, warming them, making his balls hot. Cum, Jeff, she thought, sucking avidly. Shoot buckets of jism down my throat!

Jeff seemed to read her mind. His cock grew to total stiffness in her mouth, stretching her lips to the bursting point. Robyn sensed the impending explosion of cum and sucked as hard as she could.

"Cumming, cumming!" Jeff bucked his hips forward, wincing with pleasure. "I'm blowing my wad, Mrs. Harmon! Ahhhh..."

A long stream of milky, salty cum exploded from his piss hole, shooting across Robyn's tongue and splattering on the back of her mouth. It was delicious, the nectar of sex. Robyn made a slurping sound as she immediately worked her throat muscles, sucking feverishly at the same time, intent to nurse every drop of jism out of the big prick.

Jeff kept cuming, gasping as his throbbing, jerking hard-on sprayed torrents of jism between Robyn's lips. It sprayed obscenely around her mouth and squirted down her throat, and Robyn pumped his aching, geysering cock with her fist frantically as she hungrily swallowed down every drop. Jeff had to actually push her away from his prick. Robyn clung to the rod even after it had finished gushing, hoping to milk out another drop of his spunk.

"Jesus, Mrs. Harmon! I don't know how much of that I can fucking well take!"

Robyn rose to her feet, staring anxiously at his prick. What if he lost his hard-on? she thought suddenly. She couldn't stand that, not today. Her pussy was throbbing so hard under her panties. She needed a cock, just needed it, as soon as she could get it into her cunt!

"Jeff, look at my body," she whispered. "Please. Stay horny for me, lover. Stay nice and horny while you watch me take off my clothes!"

She stepped out of her sandals and unbuttoned her blouse. Jeff groaned at the sight of her bra-encased tits. Robyn popped the front clasp, and she saw fresh blood coursing into Jeff's cock rod as he ogled the huge, cherry capped titties, jiggling firmly on her chest.

"Do you want to suck my tits, Jeff?" Robyn cupped one milk-white globe, fanning her fingers across a fat, inch-long nipple. "Look how big the nipple is. I'll bet you've never made it with a girl who had such big, luscious tits!"

Jeff stepped forward, his cock again rising stiffly as he cupped the huge tit and dropped his mouth to the big nipple. He sucked it hard, and Robyn felt the pleasure shooting straight from her bosom into her throbbing cunt.

"Fuck me, Jeff," she gasped. Lewdly she humped her pussy onto his crotch. "Take off my dress, honey! Throw me on the bed and fuck me, fuck me!"

Jeff ripped off her dress and tore off her panties, leaving her naked. Feverishly he stripped off the rest of his clothes. His body was lean and muscular, but Robyn was almost too busy to notice, she was completely entranced with staring at his jutting cook.

"Fuck me from behind, Jeff. Fuck me like a horny dog! Your prick will go in deeper that way!"

Jeff pushed her ahead of him on the bed, and Robyn quickly assumed the position. She got on her hands and knees, her huge tits shaking over the mattress, spreading her knees and arching up her ass.

Jeff stared hungrily at the spectacle of her wide-open pussy, and her pink asshole puckering over the hairy mouth of her cunt. He climbed onto the bed and crawled into position, hunching over her rounded ass cheeks. Wrapping his hand firmly around the stalk of his prick, he directed the rosy knob to her hairy pussy slit.

"Unngghhh!" Robyn grimaced and bit her lip as she felt the big cock pushing into her, spreading her pussy hole wide. "Fuck me, fuck me!" Impatiently she started humping, her D-cup tits dancing and shaking as she pistoned her pussy eagerly onto his cock.

Jeff held onto her hips, looking down at her asshole, watching it pucker and contract as his hard-on disappeared slowly up her cunt. Robyn had a very tight pussy, but it was so wet and swollen that his cock glided easily into her cunt.

He could feel the pussy muscles working, sucking and clasping uncontrollably around the swollen length of his prick. Jeff gasped as he fucked his prick rod all the way into her aching hole, grinding the root of his cock between her spread, pouting cunt lips.

"Nnngg! Jeff, Jeff! What a big cock! Unggh unnggghhhh!"

Robyn twisted her nimble ass, making his cock hit every corner of her cunt. She dug her fingers into the sheets and started humping her ass as fast as she could. She couldn't believe how horny she was, how starved she felt for the stroking thrusts of his cock. Her pussy throbbed like a heart, milking and sucking around his prick.

Jeff started humping her pussy, squeezing her ass cheeks as he stroked the big cock steadily in and out of her cunt. Robyn's pussy got wetter and wetter, the fuck juices streaming out of her cunt hole around his cock, dripping down her legs.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Her clit was tingling, chafed into ecstasy by every bone-jarring thrust of his cock. "I'm cumming, lover! Oh fuck, oh shit, cumming all over your big cock!"

Jeff fucked her faster, hunching over her nakedness to change the angle at which his massive prick rod speared into her gripping pussy. He wrapped his hands firmly around her pendulous tits, pulling and squeezing them. Robyn's nipples ached on his palms as he kept on fucking into her, reaming out her cunt deeper and harder with every thrust.

"I'm cumming now, Jeff!" the naked mother gasped. "Unh, fucking, fucking, fucking! Unnnggghhh! Harder, fuck me harder! Oh fuck, oh yes... unnnggghhhh!"

The long-awaited spasms pumped explosively through her pussy, making the slippery, ravished walls of her fuck-channel clamp around Jeff's cock. Jeff kept on fucking her savagely, keeping the load in his balls. By now all Robyn could do was whimper and hold her position beneath him, letting him fuck as hard as he liked into her hairy pussy.

"You're making me cum again, Jeff! Oh, Jesus!" She fought for breath and started whipping up her ass all over again, still overwhelmed by the strength of her first orgasm. "Jeff, fuck me, fuck meeeee! Awww God, I love your cock! Jeeeffff!"

Jeff fucked her as hard as he could, pounding his prick like a caveman into her syrupy, gurgling cunt. Robyn thrust her hand through her pussy curls and found her aching clit. She rubbed the swollen bud with her fingers, and immediately shuddered as she felt herself being sucked into another violent cum.

"I'm cumming again! Fuck, fuck, ahhhhh, Jesus! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy exploded, spewing cunt cream around his pistoning rod. Robyn came again and again, until she thought she would black out with lust. Jeff finally rammed his big, hard prick all the way up her cunt.

The cum spurted, making his prick rod twitch and pulse as it sprayed long ribbons of spunk deep inside her ravaged pussy. Robyn felt it all gushing into her, soothing the overworked walls and lips of her fuck tunnel. Hornily she flexed her cunt muscles around his cock, sucking all the jism out of his cock. Jeff moaned and pulled his fuck-wilted prick out of her furry pussy. Robyn fell flat on her belly on the bed. What was happening to her? she thought dazedly. She was so incredibly horny. All she wanted to do was fuck!

Chapter TEN

Bill lay on the couch in Carla's office hours later that afternoon. He was smiling, and his pants were bunched around his ankles. Carla knelt on the floor beside him, lewdly jacking on his stiff, wet cock.

"I love your big dick, Bill," she said softly. "You know that? Your mother doesn't have to keep paying for these sessions. You can just come see me and fuck my pussy whenever you want."

Bill nodded lazily. His cock was throbbing, and milky cum was oozing out of the tip. Carla leaned forward, lapping the traces from his shiny-skinned cock head. She hated to waste cum.

"Bill, why did you want an appointment so late in the afternoon?" she asked softly. "Your mother probably wants you to come home."

"She doesn't care."

"Yes, she does, Bill. Did you know I saw your mother this afternoon?"

Bill looked at her for a moment, then returned his head peacefully to the armrest as the pretty redhead jacked harder on his swollen cock.

"Yes, I did, Bill. Your mother is a very, very horny woman. I found that out today. It doesn't matter whether or not she'll admit that to you. Your mother really wants you to fuck her with this big, hard prick!"

Bill grinned and his cock started throbbing violently in Carla's hand. Carla giggled and licked forward, trailing her tongue around the bulbous knob of his cock meat.

"I'm going to suck your cock now, Bill," Carla whispered. "But I'm not going to drink your cum, as much as I want it. No, I'm going to let you walk home with this big, beautiful cock rock-hard in your pants. Then you can give your mom the fucking she needs!"

Bill nodded his head. Carla sighed, ruefully considering the sacrifices she made sometimes.

She would have loved to suck the cum straight out of Bill's cock.

But she'd make the best of the blow-job anyhow. Popping the crown of his prick between her lips, Carla puckered her cheeks and sucked the boy's big cock as hard as she could.

"Oh, fuck me," Robyn whimpered. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt..."

Jeff had gone home, all the jism momentarily drained from his balls. Robyn was sprawled on her back on her bed, completely naked. She was still incredibly horny, hornier than she'd ever been in her life. And now she was fantasizing about her boy's huge cock.

She desperately wanted Bill to come home and give her a good fucking. She couldn't understand why he hadn't already returned from school. Robyn wasn't going to give him a hard time about wanting her pussy, not this afternoon. She'd beg him if he didn't ask her first. She was dying to feel her boy's whopper of a prick, ramming into her cunt.

The front door opened. Then it slammed shut, and Robyn heard her son's footsteps in the hall. A violent heat coursed through her pussy. "I'm in the bedroom, Bill!" Robyn shouted. "Come right in here and fuck me, darling! Hurry, hurry, fuck my cunt!"

The footsteps approached very rapidly now.

The bedroom door opened. There was her boy, gaping at her naked body, with a denim splitting hard-on sticking through his pants.

Robyn made a whimpering sound and jacked off her cunt as fast as she could, wiggling her ass on the bed, her legs spread wide so her teen could look into her pussy. Bill ripped off his pants. His cock looked enormous, swollen to bursting with blood and jism. He climbed onto the bed and crawled into position, aiming his smoking cock head at her gushing cunt.

"Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!"

Robyn took her hand away from her steaming cunt and spread her legs as wide as they'd go, lifting her knees until they nearly crushed her huge tits, opening her hairy cunt slit completely for the invasion of her son's cock.

"Oh, Mom!"

Holding his prick in hand, Bill pushed the spongy crown into his mother's buttery pussy. Robyn's tongue lolled obscenely out of the corner of her mouth as she felt her cunt finally being stuffed with another prick.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" She scissored her thighs around his waist and furiously started humping her ass, humping her pussy onto his cock. "Mom's so horny, Mom's so starved for Sonny's prick! Fuck my cunt good, Bill, make my pussy cum!"

Bill supported his weight on outstretched arms so he could watch his mother's huge tits jiggle as he fed her his cock meat. In and in his cock pushed, spreading her hairy, red pussy wide. Then it was buried inside her, throbbing to the balls in the clasping sheath of her pouting cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Robyn wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him down so that his chest crushed her stiff-nippled tits. She grunted as that forced another half-inch of his prick to enter her slippery cunt tunnel. "Fuck me hard, Bill! Fuck me just as hard as you want!"

Bill was too horny to wait. He started fucking his mother's tender, juicing pussy very fast and hard, battering his cock into the velvety grip of her cunt.

Robyn humped her blushing ass cheeks to meet his strokes, twisting her head deliriously from side to side. Harder and harder her teenager humped, making the bedsprings squeak noisily beneath him. Robyn felt the fuck-lust seething through her cock-stuffed cunt.

"Faster, harder, keep fucking me!" Her voice was very loud, loud enough to be heard through the walls. "I need your cock, Bill! Keep fucking your mother! Unh unh unh, I'm gonna cum!"

Bill pushed up on her nakedness, making his veined cock shaft rub harder on her tingling clit as he pistoned his cock inside her. Robyn came immediately, writhing and squirming beneath him, grinding her seeping pussy hole onto the root of his cock.

"I'm cumming! Cuuuummiiinnngg!"

The second fuck, of the afternoon made the naked mother cum again and again. Helplessly she shook beneath him, whipping her pussy madly onto the root of his cock. Her son kept fucking her savagely through the spine-tingling contractions of her orgasm, pistoning his cock through the juice-gurgling lips of her cunt. But he still hadn't cum when the spasms subsided, and Robyn knew immediately where she wanted to feel his prick next.

"Take it out, Bill!"

Bill pulled his smoking, stone-hard cock out of her hairy, foaming pussy. Hurriedly Robyn turned over, her mammoth tits crushing the sheets as she rolled onto her stomach.

Reaching back behind her, the lust-crazed mother grasped her firm, rounded ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. Hungrily Bill gazed down at the puckered entrance to his mom's ass tunnel, the tightly muscled lips of her asshole swollen with lust.

"Fuck my asshole, Bill!" cried Robyn, looking at him anxiously over her shoulder. "I'm so horny! Fuck Mom's tight ass!"

Bill hunched on top of her, aiming his smoking cock head at her asshole. The drooling knob pushed into her ass ring, lubricating her sphincter with the juices drooling out of his cock. Robyn sighed as she felt her asshole stretching, spreading to the bursting point to admit her son's big cock.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole!"

Robyn madly started humping, flexing her ass muscles to make her asshole push out around his cock. "My asshole needs a good fucking, Bill! Harder, harder, cram that whopper up my butt!"

Bill pushed down relentlessly, sinking inch after inch of his hard-on into the rubbery tightness of her ass channel. He paused with all of his prick inside her, savoring the pressure of her powerful sphincter gripping and squeezing the root of his cock.

Bill dragged his cock back out of her asshole, stopping when just the mushroom shaped cap parted her anal ring. Then he slammed it back in and started reaming out her asshole hard and fast, fucking her with long, skillful strokes of his throbbing prick.

"Unngghh! Unngghh, Bill!" Robyn writhed and bucked beneath him, pushing her hand under her belly to jack off her pussy as he fucked her ass. "Harder, Bill! It feels so good! Unh, unh, keep on fucking me! Fuck the shit out of me! I'm gonna cum, honey! Awww, Mom can't stop cumming!"

Bill fucked into her asshole as hard as he could, driving her pussy onto her fingers, making the bed springs creak with the fury of his thrusting. Robyn bit her lips and stiffened all over, unable to stand the heat slamming through her ravaged asshole. Then she was cumming again, cumming uncontrollably, all over her teen's big prick.

"Fuck me, fuck meeeee!" she shouted.

"My asshole's cumming, Sonny! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Bill sank on top of her, nailing every inch of his rigid prick into her wetly churning asshole. The jism boiled out of his nuts, making the pink shaft tremble as it squirted long streams of sap between the blushing cheeks of her ass.

The cock juice kept flooding into her burning asshole, as if her son had been saving up his load for weeks. Robyn squealed as she felt it filling up her ass tunnel, bubbling out of the puckered ring around her boy's thrusting prick. The thick cum ran down her thighs, forming an obscene puddle on the bed.

Bill pulled his cock out of her ass. Still ravenously horny, Robyn rolled over and confronted his fuck-wilted cock. It was covered with jism and her own shit juices, but she didn't care. Shamelessly the naked mother popped his big cock into her mouth, sucking the velvety prick as hard as she could.

It was several hours before Robyn finally let her son stop fucking her, and the tired but happy Bill went to the kitchen to make himself some dinner. Robyn writhed miserably on her bed, feeling the soreness in her overworked mouth and asshole and cunt.

Why was she so horny? Again she had the feeling that a wall had broken inside her, letting out all her lust. She still wanted more fucking, no matter how tired she was. She wanted to suck and fuck all night!

Robyn rolled over, picking up the phone. She hardly felt comfortable with Bill's counselor, but Carla's was the only name she could think of now. She had to call someone.

"Fuck my pussy, Jeffrey," Carla crooned. "That's a good boy. Unhh, your cock is stiff tonight! Did you like fucking Robyn's sweet pussy this afternoon, Sonny?"

Jeff responded by fucking his mother faster, crouched in the dog-fucking position, squeezing her tits as he raced his big prick in and out of her curly red-haired pussy.

Carla lay comfortably on her stomach, with a big pillow bunched up under her hips. That lifted her ass enough so that her son could easily stroke his cock into her tender pussy. It was a very relaxing position, and they sometimes fucked that way for hours at a time.

"Harder, Jeff!" Carla wiggled and humped her ass, groaning as her slippery pussy walls clasped around the driving thickness of his cock. "That's right, fuck your mother, Mom's all horny and juiced up! Unngghh! Harder, harder... ahh Christ!"

The phone rang as Jeff was really starting to pick up the fuck-rhythm, pulling on her tits as he hammered his aching cock into her pouty lipped cunt. Carla sighed and stretched her arm off the bed, picking up the receiver. She wasn't going to let Jeff stop fucking her for one lousy call, "Hello?"

"I need to see you." It was Robyn, obviously badly shaken up. "Please, you've got to help me this time. I don't know what's come over me. I'm horny all the time!"

"Well, dear," Carla said, lazily humping her pussy onto her son's cock. "I guess you need another appointment. How about tomorrow afternoon?"


"Tomorrow at one o'clock, then. Same time. See you. Bye!"

Carla hung up the phone, and giggled as she continued to grind and thrust her pussy onto Jeff's cock. "What was that about?" Jeff asked, gliding his big cock easily into her.

"I'm going to be seeing Robyn again tomorrow," Carla sighed.

"Are you going to make it with her?"

"What do you think?" Carla laughed. She shivered like an animal as the pleasure burned through her well-stuffed pussy hole. "Never mind that now, Jeff. Just fuck me... that's right... fuck my pussy good!"

Jeff redoubled the intensity of his fucking, hammering his big cock in and out of his mother's cunt. Carla groaned and made the bed shake as she whipped up her ass to meet the thrusting.

"I'm cumming, darling!" she gasped. "Fuck my pussy, fuck Mom's wet pussy! Unh, unh, cuuummmiinnnggg!"

For nearly a minute her wet, hairy pussy throbbed and contracted around her son's cock. Carla moaned and lay exhausted but horny beneath him, letting him fuck into her as hard as he liked.

Jeff still hadn't shot off yet, and she didn't have any trouble understanding why. He'd dumped quite a bit of jism into Robyn's mouth and pussy that afternoon.

"What a good fucker, Jeffrey, keeping that big stiff for me," Carla cooed. "Wouldn't you like to fuck my asshole now?"

Jeff nodded and withdrew his wet, hard cock. Carla gasped as she spread her ass cheeks with her hands. Jeff aimed his bulbous cock head at her slit opening, and the naked redhead whimpered as she felt her son's prick boring up her ass.

"Fuck my asshole, Jeff," she sighed, humping tirelessly beneath him. "Fuck my asshole, fuck it deep!"

Jeff drove his prick into her rubbery asshole, eager to fuck his mother all night.

Chapter ELEVEN

"And I'm just so fucking horny!" Robyn confessed, her huge tits quivering under her blouse as she sat on the couch in Carla's office. "I fucked Bill yesterday until I could hardly move! And... and I fucked someone else too!"

"Oh?" Carla looked at her, a knowing smile playing on the corner of her lips. "Who was that?"

Robyn blushed nervously as she thought of Carla's son. "I... I don't want to tell you that. It doesn't matter. Oh, Carla, it's just that I'm so horny! My pussy's wet right now! I'm horny all the time!"

Facing her from her chair, Carla smiled and ground her ass lightly on the seat. She wondered briefly if she should put her under again, but it wasn't worth the trouble. Aside from being one of the most gorgeous women she'd ever laid eyes on, Robyn Harmon was also one of the most naturally horny. She was so worked up now that she'd make it with anything in shoes!

"Maybe you've just realized what you want, Robyn," she said softly. "Maybe you were just born horny. Some people are like that!"

"But... but I used to be decent!" Robyn protested weakly. "My ex-husband and I... oh, what's the use? Please help me, Carla! I feel so awful! Just tell me what to do!"

"I think all you need, dear," Carla said evenly, "is a little more sex!"

Carla wore a light skirt, similar to the one Robyn had worn the day before. Pushing her ass to the edge of the lushly padded easy chair, she shamelessly pulled the skirt up and tied it around her waist.

Robyn gasped as she saw that the petite redhead wore no panties. There was her red haired pussy, the slit obviously pink and wet and hot. For the first time Robyn could smell the fuck-juices in another woman's cunt.

"Why don't you get on your knees and suck my hot pussy, Robyn?" Carla asked softly. "That'll make you feel better, won't it?"

"I... I've never done that before!"

"But you want to, don't you?" Carla crooned coaxingly. She dropped her head between her legs, lightly fingering her pouty pussy lips. "Look at it, Robyn. Look at how wet and juicy it is. Because I'm horny, dear, I get very, very horny too. Now suck my cunt, Robyn. You know you want to. Just get on your knees and suck my pussy and make it cum."

Robyn felt herself sliding from the couch, before her mind had given herself permission to do so. Blushing with shame, she knee walked across the floor until she was directly in front of the chair, staring up at Carla's red furred pussy.

Carla giggled and wiggled her ass, making her pussy slit pulsate lewdly. Robyn moaned and thrust her hands up, gliding them up the insides of the divorcee's creamy, lightly freckled legs. Then she buried her head between her thighs, gluing her mouth to her pussy slit.

"Suck it, honey," Carla whispered, sliding her hands behind her head. "That's a good pussy-sucker. Ahhh, yes!"

Robyn's pussy creamed as she tasted the fragrant oils bubbling out of Carla's pussy. Her cunt was delicious, almost as good tasting as her son's big prick. Delicately her tongue probed between the pouting lips, making the mother whine and gasp. She that he hands under her hips, cupping her little ass cheeks.

"I said suck it, Robyn! Suck my pussy! Unngghld!" Carla winced with desire, shaking her head back and forth. "I'm so horny. My pussy needs a good cum, lover! Give it one!"

Robyn ground her slim thighs together as she knelt before the chair, feeling the juices streaming out of her own hairy pussy. She'd never guessed that the taste of another woman's cunt could make her so horny.

But it did, and Robyn had to fight to keep herself from sticking her hand under her panties and jacking off her own cunt. Instead she pulled them from Carla's ass, unable to hold her humping ass in position. Delicately she felt around the hairy lips of her pussy, still slurping and sliding her tongue up and down her cunt.

"Make it cum, make it cum!" Carla chanted. She curled her fingers into Robyn's hair and heaved her ass rhythmically off the seat cushions, fucking her drooling pussy all over Robyn's face. "Suck harder, honey! Lick my pussy good!"

Robyn felt her cheeks being smeared with the fuck oils, and it only made her hornier. She spread apart Carla's pussy lips with her fingers, exposing the bright pinkness within. Avidly she tongue-fucked the throbbing cunt hole, stabbing her tongue all the way up the pussy slit. Then she saw how her swollen clit was sticking out of its fleshy hood.

Robyn pressed her tongue to the swollen clitty and Carla immediately started humping much faster off the chair. "Suck me, suck me!" she groaned. "Suck my clit, Robyn! Just like a little cock!"

Robyn wrapped her lips around the glistening pink bud, sucking hard. Her tongue and teeth grazed it as she slowly thrust two fingers up her butter-wet cunt.

Carla gasped as she twisted the fingers inside her, penetrating the depths of her sticky hole. She pulled Robyn's hair as the fuck lust built to a bursting point deep inside her loins.

"Cumming, cumming, jack me off!" Carla panted. "Jack me off with your fingers! Unnggghhh!"

Robyn eagerly started to piston her fingers in and out of her clasping pussy sheath, grinding her knuckles on the puffy opening of her cunt. Carla grunted as her cunt throbbed spasmodically around them.

"Cumming," she cried. "My pussy's cumming! Keep sucking it! Ahhh shit, oh fuuuuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed sharply and the musky scented fuck-oils drooled out of the slippery depths of her cunt. Robyn's fingers now pushed slickly through her squishy pussy, jacking off her cumming cunt. Hornily the big-titted mother kept on sucking, guiding her through the peak of her shuddering cum.

"My, what a good little pussy-sucker you turned out to be, Robyn!" Carla giggled and slid off the chair, pushing the big titted brunette onto her back. "Now it's my turn to taste your pussy too!"

Robyn didn't protest as Carla pushed her down, spreading her thighs and pulling her skirt up to her waist. Robyn was wearing panties, unlike the redhead, but her cunt was so wet that the crotch was stuck to the hair. She shuddered as Carla pulled them down her long, tapering legs, baring her hairy, wet cunt.

"You need a good sucking, Robyn!" Carla stretched out comfortably on the office carpet, lifting Robyn's tawny thighs and draping them over her shoulders. Robyn groaned as she felt her friend's tongue parting the folds of her cunt slit.

Her cunt was dripping wet, just as wet as Carla's had been. Teasingly Carla ran her tongue lightly up the fur-fringed fuck slit, lapping up the cream that foamed out of her aching gash. Then she avidly started tongue fucking her creaming cunt slit.

"Suck me, suck me!" Robyn gasped. All thoughts of restraint forgotten, she spread her legs as wide as she could and frantically heaved her naked ass off the carpet. "Suck my pussy, Carla! Unh unh, I need to cum."

Carla twisted two fingers deep inside her sopping-wet pussy, grinding her knuckles onto the fleecy-haired opening of her pussy. She jacked off the stacked mother as she licked the cream from her pussy hole, moving her tongue progressively higher up her cunt.

Robyn was very, very horny from tasting Carla's pussy, and both of them knew it wouldn't take her long at all to cum. Robyn started humping much harder as soon as Carla wrapped her lips around her clit bud. Then she was cumming, cumming uncontrollably, all over the redhead's sucking mouth.

"Suck it, suck it, aaaaahhhh!" Robyn moaned and whined, jerking her flushed ass cheeks off the carpet, relentlessly pounding her pussy onto Carla's face. "My pussy's cumming now! Suck it, suck it good! Nnnnngggg! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The fuck-oils drooled out of her throbbing pussy and Carla quickly dipped her tongue back into her cunt slit to suck up the pungent juice. Robyn kept on cumming for nearly a minute, whimpering as her asshole throbbed and her pussy tunnel spewed cunt milk into Carla's mouth.

Then she pushed the redhead away and reached for her panties, struggling into them hurriedly, even as she rose to her feet.

"I can't do this with you," she said distractedly.

"But why not, darling?" Carla giggled, wiggling her ass wantonly on the floor. "You know you love it. We can just stay here all day and suck cunts on the rug!"

"No, no, I don't want to anymore!" Robyn was obviously badly shaken as she smoothed out her clothes and headed for the door. "Wrong to do this sort of thing... don't know what's wrong with me... Laced some help," she muttered. "I don't know why. Oh God, what's happening to me! I'm still so fucking hot!"

Robyn left the office, slamming the door shut behind her. Carla just giggled and started jacking herself off. She knew that her Jeffrey would be arriving at the Harmon house shortly, and that, the overheated mother would never be able to resist the charms of her boy's huge prick.

Neither could Carla. That was why she was planning to make an unexpected visit to Robyn's house, as soon as she knew Jeff had had time to start fucking her.

Chapter TWELVE

"Oh, God, oh God," Robyn whispered, over and over again. "Oh, God, I'm horny! Oh, fuck!"

She drove home very fast, running several stop signs, keeping her hand buried under her skirt so she could rub her itching, burning cunt. Robyn felt as if she were losing complete control over her sex urges.

Never in her life had she thought she would want to go down on another woman, but she had, and she'd enjoyed it. It had made her unbelievably horny, and she couldn't wait to get home. Bill had said he wouldn't be back until dinner time, and Robyn wondered if she could wait that long. She just had to wrap her lips around her son's big prick!

But she couldn't fuck her son anymore, Robyn thought, in the same breath. It was so wrong, everything that she was doing! Robyn wheeled her car onto her street, thinking one second that she would fuck Bill's brains out and the next that she would seek genuine professional help. She couldn't go on like this, her conscience told her. If she didn't stop now, she'd never be able to stop again.

Screeching the car to a halt in her driveway, Robyn practically ran into her house, slamming the door shut behind her. Her leaking, throbbing pussy had turned her panties into a mess. Maybe if she spent the whole afternoon jacking herself off, she'd be able to resist the temptation of reaching for Bill's prick when he got home.

"Hi, Mrs. Harmon!"

Robyn turned sharply at the voice. It was Jeff. He had been sitting on her living room couch, and he rose to his feet as he saw her. The first thing Robyn saw was his fat hard-on, bulging through his pants.

"What... what're you doing here?" she asked dazedly.

"I let myself in." Jeff moved towards her, walking was difficult because of the size of the stiff cock stretching his jeans. "I hope you don't mind. I have to be real honest with you, Mrs. Harmon. I came over here because I'm horny. Real horny. Like, ever since I fucked you, all I've been able to think about is doing it again!"

"Oh, Jeff!"

Robyn felt herself melting, as if the last shreds of her conscience were being sucked away in a whirlpool of lust. She turned towards the well-hung teenager, her huge tits heaving under her blouse.

Stepping up to her, Jeff tore off her blouse and reached for the clasp of her bra. It popped open, and the eager teen stared hungrily at her big, naked tits. Robyn sighed as he lifted one spongy, D-cup globe, wrapping his lips around the crimson, inch-long nipple.

"Oh, yes, suck it for me, Jeff," Robyn hissed, pressing her cunt feverishly against him. "I'm so Goddamn horny! Suck my fucking tit!"

Jeff sucked her tit very hard, grazing his teeth across the milky flesh surrounding the red cap. Robyn felt the fuck-lust swelling in her pussy until she couldn't stand it anymore.

She pushed Jeff away, breathing hard. Robyn fell to her knees in front of him. Her hands shook as she unzipped and unbuckled his jeans, tugging them down his thighs. There was his mammoth hard-on, the stiff, swollen prick she loved so much. Robyn barely gave him time to step out of his jeans.

Then she swooped down on his mushroom capped hard-on, stuffing the first several inches of his prick rod between her lips. His cock tasted delicious. Only a big, stiff, youthful cock could taste better than Carla Newman's sweet cunt.

Robyn wrapped her lips tightly around the velvety shaft, stretching her mouth wide to engulf the big cock. Hornily she started sucking it, puckering her cheeks to increase the suctioning pressure around his cock, sucking as hard as she could.

"Aw, Christ!" Jeff thrust his fingers into her hair, holding her head in position. He stared down at her face, seeing the spectacle of the pretty mother's lips stretched wide around his cock.

"That's a good cock-sucker, Mrs. Harmon!" he moaned. He started rocking his hips, making her gag as he shoved his prick down her gullet. "Suck it, suck it good! Drink the cum!"

Robyn fought back the choking reflex, sucking his huge cock harder than ever. She shut her eyes and panted steadily through her nose, thinking of nothing but the taste of his cock meat. Already the jism was drooling out of the piss-hole and her pussy itched and burned as she swirled her tongue around the tip, slurping up the drops.

Longer and fatter his cock swelled, and the horny mother deliriously anticipated the explosion of his cum. She wanted him to cum now, very badly. All she could think of was the way his jism would taste, nursed out of his cock pole by her wildly sucking lips.

Robyn wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, barely able to get her fingers around the thick trunk. Feverishly she started beating his cock meat pistoning her fist in a blur up and down his stone-hard prick.

"Ahhhhhhhh, God!" Jeff moaned, as the slurping, smacking sounds of the cock-sucking filled the house. "Play with my balls, Mrs. Harmon! Gonna shoot it!"

Robyn dropped her left hand between his muscular legs, still sucking frantically on the knob of his cock. His balls felt big and heavy, full of cum. She forced herself to be gentle as she cupped and fondled them, inwardly praying that she wouldn't have to wait long for the geysering spurts of his cum.


Jeff held her head with both hands, pushing his cock even deeper down her buttery throat. Robyn started to choke again, and then the teen shot off.

The pearly jism lashed out between her lips, spurting and spraying heavily all, around the inside of her mouth. It was delicious. Robyn relished the subtle difference between Jeffrey's cum and Bill's. She made louder, lewder slurping noises as she swallowed the milky, sticky fluid, determined to gulp down every drop.

Jeff's big prick kept on shooting jism down her throat, and Robyn kept swallowing it. Her belly felt full when she finished, but Robyn still wouldn't let go of his cock. Instead she kept jacking on the big boner, praying that he would keep his hard-on, relieved when he did.

"Let's go into the bedroom, darling," she panted. "I need a good fucking immediately!"

Robyn shredded the rest of her clothes as she went to the bedroom, leaving her panties, skirt and sandals on the hallway floor. Jeff was naked when he entered behind her.

Robyn was much too horny to waste any time, though she longed to give his beautiful, bone-hard cock another sucking. Quickly she got onto the mattress in the dog-fucking position, spreading her knees and arching up her ass as her huge tits hung pendulously over the sheets.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy," she chanted, looking at his beautiful cock rod anxiously over her shoulder. "Don't make me wait, lover! Oh God, fuck that whopper right up my cunt!"

Jeff mounted her, sliding on the bed on his knees and aiming his drooling cock head at the fleecy-haired opening of her cunt. Robyn shuddered as she felt it going into her, giving her the meaty, throbbing thickness she craved. No matter how much she'd loved sucking Carla's creamy pussy, nothing would ever take the place of a big, hard prick.

"Aw, shit, Mrs. Harmon!" Jeff panted. "What a tight little cunt!"

He hunched over her lush nakedness, wrapping his hands tightly around her huge, spongy tits. Robyn groaned as he started stroking his cock into her slippery-wet pussy, looking down to watch inch after inch of the veined cockshaft disappear into her pussy.

Her asshole was throbbing too, and Robyn knew that she'd want her butt reamed out as soon as he finished fucking her cunt. "Harder, Jeff, harder!" she squealed. Robyn's knees bounced on the mattress as she undulated her ass cheeks, pistoning the hairy mouth of her pussy wetly up and down on the teen's stiff prick.

Jeff sank his cock all the way inside her, grinding the root of his cock on the wide-open, clasping folds of her cunt. Then he started fucking brutally in and out of her cunt. Then he started fucking brutally in and out of the syrupy pussy tunnel, jarring the mother's pelvis with every stroke.

He was fucking her very hard today, and that was just how Robyn loved getting fucked best. "Do it, darling!" she cried, feverishly whipping her drooling pussy onto his cock.

Her cunt was throbbing like a heart, and she could feel the wet heat of their fucking spreading through her entire body. Love to get fucked, love to get fucked, Robyn thought dizzily, as her pussy instinctively sucked and contracted around his pistoning prick.

Jeff's cock was so stiff that it was hard to believe he'd just cum. Robyn loved the feel of his strong hands milking her tits, his fingers tweaking the inch-long nipples. The sensations in her tits seemed to merge with those in her pussy... filling her, spreading through her. It only took a minute before the naked mother realized she was on the verge of another come.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she cried, her voice resounding through the little house. "Fuck my brains out! Umggghhhhhh! It's pushing on my clitty, Jeff! You've got such a huge, fucking cock! I'm cumming now! I can't heeeellpp it! Cuuummmiiinnngggggg!"

Her hairy cunt mouth clamped around his cock, holding it deep inside her. Robyn groaned out her lust as the slippery fuck tunnel clasped and throbbed, milking the steely center of Jeff's driving prick.

Jeff kept fucking furiously into her cumming cunt, but this time he didn't spurt. His cock was even harder when the spasms finally subsided, and the insatiable divorcee was instantly horny to feel it slamming into her aching ass.

"Fuck my asshole, Jeff! Fuck my asshole!" Robyn slid, away from his impaling cock, feeling it pull greasily out of her pussy as she stretched out flat on her big tits. Jeff separated her peachy ass cheeks, staring hungrily at the pink, puckered ring between the globes.

A long moan parted Robyn's lips as he started to push his cock head onto it, spreading the tightly muscled sphincter. Then she was getting her asshole fucked again.

There was nothing else that felt like a big, hard cock pushing into her asshole, sinking slowly up the rubbery sheath.

"Fuck harder, fuck my asshole!"

Robyn wantonly thrust her hand over her sopping-wet cunt mound, stabbing two fingers into her pussy. The swollen slit was rubbed raw from so much sucking and fucking, but the itching sensations only made her hornier.

Robyn wiggled her ass as she jacked off her clit, rolling the little bud wildly beneath her fingers. "Fuck my asshole!" she cried, again and again, as more of Jeff's ass-splitting prick sank between her cheeks.

"Oh, Christ!" Jeff moaned, lying flat on top of her, every inch of his prick throbbing in her juicy ass tunnel. "What a tight fucking asshole!"

Robyn squealed girlishly as the big cock pulsated inside her ravaged asshole, the root stretching her puckered ass ring as wide as it would go. Jeff held onto her hips and pulled out slowly, until her sucking asshole nipped just the head of his prick.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Robyn panted, her tongue lolling obscenely out of the corner of her mouth. "Fuck my ass, Jeff! Fuck it good!"

Jeff speared the rigid hard-on back into her asshole, stabbing even deeper up her bowels. Robyn started humping as fast as she could, rolling her clit, whipping her fingers in and out of her hairy cunt.

Jeff met her fuck stokes, and then they were both fucking in unison, making the bed skitter on the floor. His hairy stomach slapped the upper slope of her ass cheeks, and her stretched ass tunnel made squishing sounds as it sucked insatiably around his prick.

Love it, love it, Robyn thought, and quickly felt the fuck heat once again building inside her. "I'm cumming, Jeff! Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole! My asshole's cuuuummmmiiiiinnnnngggggg!"

The rubber shit tunnel clamped like a vise around his driving cock, squeezing it between her ass cheeks. Jeff didn't try to hold the cum in his balls. Furiously he fucked into her cuming, puckering asshole, groaning as his cock swelled to total stiffness in her ass.

Then the second load of cum spurted, splattering heavily into her aching asshole. A lewd smile curled Robyn's lips as she felt the stream of jism raining into her asshole. Hornily she flexed her asshole walls around the geysering cock, wanting Jeff to cum as hard as he could.

"Well, well," an amused voice said behind them. "Quite a performance!"

Robyn shrieked and turned her head. Jeff only chuckled. It was Carla, standing with her arms folded across her chest.

"Next time remember to lock the front door when you're fucking the kids, honey," Carla said wryly. She stepped up to the bed, looking down at their naked bodies. "Why, just anyone could come off the street and see what you're doing!"

Robyn just gaped at her, unable to believe her eyes. But Jeff was still chuckling, and it didn't take her long to realize that she'd been set up. Then Carla started to take off her clothes.

Carla had had a lot of practice at taking off her clothes, and it wasn't long before she was naked. There was the wet, delicately-pouting slit of her red-haired pussy, the pussy that Robyn had loved sucking so much only a little while before. Carla giggled as she climbed onto the double-bed with them, pushing at her son's hips.

"Take out your cock, Sonny," she whispered.

Jeff pulled out his cock, slimy with Robyn's shit juices, and lay on his back beside his mother. Robyn didn't have time to think of what she should have guessed -- that Jeff was fucking his mother, too.

"Ummm, it's all droopy," Carla purred. Gently she fondled the fuck-wilted tube of cock meat, clenching and unclenching her fingers around it. "Robyn, you naughty girl. How many cums did you make this sweet son of mine give you this afternoon?"

"Two," Robyn heard herself say distractedly.

"Well, that's not so bad!" Carla curled onto her side on the far side of Jeff's hips so Robyn could see her face. She stroked his cock harder. "If I know my darling boy at all, there's plenty of cum left in these big balls." Carla swooped down on her son's softened cock, making a gurgling sound as she shoved it in her mouth. Robyn looked on in amazement and growing desire as Carla started giving her kid a blow-job before her very eyes, bobbing her head over his crotch, feverishly sucking the big prick.

"Unh, Mom!" Jeff's eyes lidded lazily, and he curled his fingers behind her head. "You always give me such good blow-jobs! Ahhhh..."

The root of his cock was visible past Carla's sucking mouth, and Robyn felt her pussy getting creamy again as she watched it swell and grow. Carla sucked his cock very hard, her cheeks flushed crimson, the smacking sounds of the head-job filling the bedroom.

By the time Carla wrapped her hand around the base of her son's cock and started jacking on it, the shaft had grown completely hard. A minute later, the naked redhead withdrew her mouth and inspected her handiwork. Jeff had another huge hard-on, curving over his stomach to pulse and ooze fresh jism onto his navel.

"You know something, Jeff?" Carla purred, stretching out on her stomach at Robyn's side. "If you'll fuck her asshole, the least you could do is fuck mine too!"

Robyn looked on in amazement as Jeff aimed his bulbous cock head at his mother's puckered asshole. She could see his big cock entering Carla, pushing open the pursed lips of her sphincter. Carla squealed and writhed on the bed beside her, humping her asshole onto her boy's cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Sonny! Fuck it good and deep!"

"Oh, God," Robyn moaned.

Without thinking of what she was doing, Robyn spread her legs wide apart and sank her fingers into her drippy pussy. "Fuck her, Jeff," she hissed, as she started to jack off, humping her ass off the bed as she watched the bed. "That's right, fuck your mother! Fuck her asshole good!"

Jeff drove his fat cock slowly into her asshole, making Carla gasp as she felt her rubbery shit walls clamping and sucking around it. Then he started fucking her, fast and hard, knowing that his mother was always horny, that she never needed to be warmed up.

Robyn could see the veined cock shaft pumping into Carla and the way Carla's ass cheeks shivered every time her son fed her asshole full of his prick.

"Oh, I'm cumming!" Robyn sighed. She jacked off her pussy as fast as she could, her hand moving in a blur between her tawny thighs. "Fuck her asshole, Jeff! Fuck the shit out of her horny ass!"

"Yes, yes, keep on fucking me, Jeff!" Carla cried. "I'm cumming too!"

Jeff fucked his mother's asshole furiously, making the bed shake under Robyn's bucking ass. Robyn could hear the sound of her asshole tube squishing obscenely around the pistoning shaft of his cock.

Carla bumped harder, her face a mask of fuck-lust. "I'm cumming, Jeff!" she gasped. "Fuck my asshole, deeper, deeper! Awwww, I can't stand it! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her burning, aching asshole milked the steely hardness of her son's huge cock. Jeff sank on top of her, burying his cock shaft as far into her asshole as it would go. Even after cuming twice with Robyn, his balls still had plenty of juice.

The white stream spouted into his mother's asshole, spraying onto the gripping walls of her shitter. Carla grunted and flexed her ass cheeks, helping her son shoot all of his goo into her ass. Instantly Robyn came on her fingers, moaning and whimpering, huge tits shaking, just from watching them fuck.

"Mom! Jesus!"

Robyn, Carla and Jeff looked at the door. Bill had come home from school. His mouth was wide open in shock, and he dazedly dropped his books on the floor.

There was a long silence. Then Robyn moaned with desire as her beautiful son grinned and approached the bed, his huge, hard cock sticking through his pants.


"Suck my cock, Mom," Bill whispered. "Oh, fuck, you always suck my cock so Goddamn good!"

Robyn was on her knees in front of her son, her nipples painfully stiff as she hungrily mouthed his hard prick. She was naked. They were all naked -- Robyn, and Bill, and Carla and Jeff, too.

Carla was sucking Jeff's cock on the other side of the bedroom, and her slurping, smacking, gurgling noises of oral pleasure could be heard over even the sounds of Robyn's lips on her son's cock. Robyn's pussy creamed as she went down on her boy's hard-on. She knew what was going to happen next.

A day had passed, and the four of them had been fucking their brains out for the past twenty-four hours. There had been no chance of either Jeff or Bill going to school. Carla and Robyn had been much too horny for their cocks.

Robyn felt a deep sense of union now with her friend, Carla, the only other woman she'd met whose lust could match hers. All vestiges of her former inhibitions were behind her. She lived for cock, Robyn thought, as she pumped her fist up and down Bill's cock rod and sucked the knob as hard as she could. She lived to suck and fuck with her son.

"Okay, Bill," Robyn said, pulling her head back, smiling vixenishly up at her boy. "It's plenty stiff enough!"

Bill stretched out on his back on the floor, his huge hard-on quivering over his stomach. Robyn's huge tits jiggled as she mounted him, swinging a bare leg over his waist.

Straddling her teenager, she reached between her legs and grasped the pulsing length of his big prick. Robyn whimpered as she directed the knob to her hairy pussy lips, sinking the tip into her cunt. Then she started to fuck herself on it, wiggling her ass, humping more and more of her pussy tunnel down over his aching cock.

"Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!"

Robyn leaned forward, clutching his shoulders for support, her stiff-nippled tits swinging lasciviously over his chest. She gasped as she sank all the way down on his rock-hard cock, grinding her throbbing pussy mound onto the base of his meat.

Then she looked expectantly at the naked couple across the room.

"All right, Jeff!" Carla giggled as she pulled her lips from her boy's big prick. "Now be a good boy and go fuck Robyn, too!"

Jeff crossed, the room, his massive hard-on wagging obscenely before him. Robyn moaned with anticipation and fell forward, crushing her tits onto Bill's chest, his cock bone hard inside her pussy.

Jeff knelt on the floor behind her as and dug his fingers into the soft, rounded cheeks. He spread them wide, exposing her puckered asshole. Across the room Carla started jacking off her pussy as she eagerly watched the fuck scene transpiring on the floor.

"Fuck my asshole!" Robyn panted. She bit her lip as she felt Jeff's rosy cock head pushing onto her ass opening, pressing past the anal lips.

Then it was going into her asshole, spearing deep. Only a thin membrane separated her pussy and ass tunnels, and Robyn could feel the two big cocks grinding together through it, as Jeff slowly hammered his swollen prick shaft up her aching ass.

Nothing was better than being sandwiched, than begin stuffed full of two big cocks at the same time. Robyn panted and shivered helplessly between them, completely overwhelmed by the sizes of their cocks.

Her pussy was throbbing, the hairy slit clasping and milking tightly around the root of her son's cock. And her asshole churned even more violently, welcoming in the length of Jeff's prick.

"Fuck me, fuck mew!" Her cheeks pink with arousal, Robyn twisted hard between them to help the teenager get all of his cock up her ass. "Ahhh, it's so good, boys! Deeper, fuck meeeee... ahhhhh!"

Jeff pushed down hard, ramming his cock to the hilt in the mother's rubbery ass channel. Already Robyn thought she would black out with the intensity of her lust. Her pussy and asshole were pulsating at the same time, wetly clasping and squeezing around the two pronged cock.

"Fuck her, Bill," Jeff murmured hoarsely. "Let's really fuck her good!"

Bill started humping beneath his stacked mother, grinding his cum-drooling cock in and out of her slippery pussy. Immediately Jeff started thrusting to meet his friend's strokes, hammering his prick in and out between her quivering ass cheeks.

"Fuck her," Carla whispered. The pretty redhead had her slim legs spread wide, whimpering as she pistoned her fingers in and out of her cunt. "Fuck her till she drops!"

Robyn humped deliriously between them, her eyes lidded dazedly, overwhelmed by the fury of their fucking. She felt again as if she'd been hypnotized, as if her conscious mind had been blacked out, so that all she could feel and think of was the driving hardness of their two enormous cocks.

The twin fuckers ravished her pussy and asshole, until the cunt tunnels pulsed. "Cumming," Robyn grunted. She undulated her hips wildly between them, trying to get both of their cocks all the way inside her at once. "Fuck my pussy, Sonny, fuck my cunt! Unngghh, Jeff, keep fucking my asshole! Cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

The explosive spasms pumped lusciously through her loins, filling her cunt and asshole simultaneously with the indescribable pleasure of being fucked by two eager teens at the same time. Robyn humped and thrust, until she thought she would pass out on her son's chest.

The two cocks stayed as hard as stone. Jeff pulled his cock out of her asshole. He walked over to his mother, who immediately started sucking it, lapping off the shit juice. Bill rolled Robyn over and tenderly withdrew his wet cock from her buttery cunt.

"Ummmmmm, now it's my turn!" Carla squealed.

The boys switched places this time, with Jeff now preparing to invade his mother's cunt.

Stretching out on the floor, he looked up at her expectantly as she straddled him, planting her knees on the carpet to either side of his hips.

Carla rubbed her pussy hole all over his cock head, then popped the knob securely into her cunt slit. Robyn watched her friend's ass cheeks jiggle as she fucked herself down on it, and Jeff's fat cock shaft disappearing into the hairy mouth of Carla's cunt.

"Fuck her, Bill," Robyn said coaxingly. "Go ahead!"

Bill crossed the room. He waited until Carla sat all the way down on her son's cock, then moved into position behind her ass. Carla spread her ass cheeks to help him, squealing as she felt Bill's cock head pressing onto her sphincter.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole!" the redhead panted. "Yes, Bill, fuck it all the way in!"

Bill pushed his stiff cock into her tight, rubbery shit tunnel, looking down to watch it stab between the stretched anal lips. Jeff continued to work his hips off the carpet, thrusting his cum-laden prick in and out of his mother's pussy. Robyn feverishly jacked off her pussy as she watched them, shamelessly thrusting her fingers in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

"Ahhhggghhh!" Carla moaned.

Bill was all the way up her burning asshole now, and Carla started to work her ass madly between them. "Fuck me, fuck me," she gasped, as the wild fuck-heat built in her loins. "Fuck my asshole, Bill! Oh Sonny, ram that big cock of yours straight up my cunt!"

Jeff wrapped his hands around his mom's waist, under Bill's stomach. Brutally he heaved his hips off the floor, wincing as he fought to keep the jism in his balls.

Bill stroked his eight-inch hard-on in and out of her ass, sinking deeper into her ravished bowels with every thrust. Desperately Carla whipped up her ass to meet their strokes, and soon her face had the same lust-dazed expression that Robyn's had had when she'd been double-fucked.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she moaned, insensible with passion. "My pussy's burning, oh Son, fuck it for me good! Unngghhh! Bill, fuck my ass harder! I'm cuming now, I can't staaaaand it! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Stabbing her fingers quicky in and out of her pussy, Robyn could see the contractions shooting through her friend's quivering hips, could practically feel Carla's pleasure as the redhead's pussy and asshole sucked simultaneously around their driving pricks. Carla whimpered, cumming uncontrollably. Bill rammed his stiff cock as far up her asshole as he could.

"Ahhhh, fuck!"

The long-suppressed load of jism shot up from his balls, making his meaty prick tremble and twitch as it sprayed torrents of cum into Carla's rubbery ass tunnel. Bill kept on fucking her fast and hard, grimacing as his balls vented their load. The sappy spunk filled her asshole completely, bubbling out of her pink shitter around his thrusting cock.

"Oh, Mom!" Jeff gasped.

He fucked furiously beneath his cumming mother, reaming out her pussy as hard as he could. His huge cock geysered in mid-stroke, shooting viscous ribbons of cum deep inside her pussy tunnel. Carla moaned and flexed her pussy muscles around the shooting cock, helping her teenager spurt out all his cum.

"Ahhh!" Robyn panted, moving her hand in a blur between her legs. "Ahhhhhh!"

She came all over her fingers, as Bill pulled his cock out of Carla's throbbing asshole and Carla rolled off her son's aching cock. The next thing Robyn knew, the two young studs were walking towards her. They were grinning, still horny. Their cocks were completely stiff.

And she was still horny too. Robyn smiled wantonly, her mouth-watering body gleaming with sweat as she rose onto her knees to face them. There were no longer any feelings of guilt to cloud her mind as she reached greedily for their big cocks.


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