Teenage sex slave

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. Both must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In TEENAGE SEX SLAVE, a promiscuous teenage girl finds herself in the hands of a sadistic man. She has been forced to live with this strange man because he has duped her mother into thinking that he can straighten out her wild daughter. To the young girl's horror, she becomes chained and bound, forced to endure all sorts of sexual indignities. Yet, in her case, the experience turns out to be a positive one, because she realizes that she is a girl who truly yearns for just.

TEENAGE SEX SLAVE -- the story of a teenage girl who learns a lesson as a result of degradation.

Chapter ONE

I wasn't really listening to Mom. But I'd heard the same old thing so many times. I was bored. We were sitting at the breakfast table and my right hand was in my lap. Mom talked and talked.

Slowly, without really thinking about it, I edged the hem of my skirt up and put two fingers against the warm, plumpness of my cunt-mound. I could feel the dampness through my panties. I moved one finger until it pressed the crotch piece up between my outer lips.

"... this trouble you keep getting in," Mom said. "There's no reason for it at your age Jerilyn. You're seventeen. You have everything a girl could desire. I know you missed having a father... that was tragic that he died before you could remember. But it was even harder on me." Cathryn sipped tea and put the cup down without making a sound. I never could figure out how she did that.

"... but we're very well off. I try to be understanding. I just can't guess what gets into your mind to make all this trouble at school. You must treat your teachers with respect. Even if you don't agree with..."

"They're a bunch of dummies," I snapped. My finger was getting a little slick with my cum-juices now. I stretched the silken crotchband to one side so I could wiggle a fingertip into the heat of my slit. I had to close my eyes for a second. But Mom didn't even notice. She was jabbering on and on.

"... and the company you keep. That Jenkins girl. I always thought she was maladjusted. I'd rather you find some nice boys to date. Why don't you ever date, Jerilyn?"

"Huh?" My eyes flashed open. I hadn't heard a word my mother had said. Because the way my cunt was starting to tingle made it hard to concentrate on anything else. I could even get a slight whiff of my musky juices as I worked my finger gently back and forth. I was panting and having a hard time covering my obvious excitement.

"Is something wrong with you, Jerilyn? You look flushed..."

"No... I'm fine. I didn't hear what you said." Cathryn got up and put her napkin beside her teacup. She had on a flowing breakfast gown. It was her own creation. An original. She'd made a lot of money on that one. She was so damned smart. I mean, how many girls could say that their mothers were as smart as mine? A fashion designer. A self-made woman.

That's what I was doing, I thought, trying to smother a giggle. Self-made. Making myself. I plunged the finger up against my clit and worked it in slow circles.

"Jerilyn! Are you listening to me?"

"No," I smiled. My ass had begun to twitch on the chair. I rocked my hips slowly from side to side, bit my lip.

"You are sick!"

"No! I'm fine. I told you!" I pulled my fingers out of my cunt and wiped them on my panties as I stood up. It wasn't easy to keep my balance. I was dizzy as hell from the itchy way my cunt was pulsing.

But Mom seemed satisfied. She went to the window and, folded her hands in front of her. She always did that when she was going to make some kind of proclamation.

"I think I'm going to have Nat talk to you..."

"Nat?" I shook my head, but Mom wasn't looking at me. She was looking out over the lawn.

"Yes, I think he would have a good influence on you..."

Nat was Mom's... friend. At least she always made him out to be just a friend. Because career women aren't supposed to have love affairs. Because Nat was quite a bit younger than my mother. Because... because...

But I knew better. I knew that sometimes Mom got horny. And when she did, it was Nat who left his clients to his three secretaries and came over. Nat was the best lawyer in Rutherford. And he scared me.

"I don't want to see Nat. What the hell -- I'm sorry -- for?" Mom didn't like me to curse. She didn't like me to belch. Or scratch. Sometimes I got the feeling she was ashamed that human beings had holes in their bodies where funny-smelling stuff came out.

"You will see him. I've made up my mind. This last business with your French teacher is unforgivable. Calling her a frog! Really!"

"I heard you call a Frenchman a frog once. Remember? I was ten and we were in Paris and that cabdriver..."

"That's enough, Jerilyn! That was different. That man had earned it!" Mom turned, winging her hands. "But poor Miss Johnson..."

"It's not as bad as calling a Jew a kike, is it?" I knew I was getting under my mother's skin now. She walked back and forth in front of the window. I saw the gardener coming to work.

"Nat told me he'd make time to see you this morning. Ten o'clock." Cathryn looked at her watch. "I've got to run. I'm getting ready for my trip to New York next week." She gave me a hard look. "And I don't have time to put up with any more nonsense, young lady!"

I shrugged. I wished I didn't have to see Nat.

"Sit down, Jerilyn." Nat came around his big desk. Nat had the tight, wrinkled eyes of a cowboy and a tan from playing lots of tennis. I guess he was around forty. He was slender in the hips with wide, muscular shoulders. He always seemed on top of everything. Not like my mom who was easy to buffalo. I'd put on my funkiest jeans for this meeting and a t-shirt that had holes in it.

"We've never talked much, Jerilyn. But I guess your mother has decided it's about time."

"Why do you let her decide," I started off. I always liked to get my jabs in quick.

"What about this trouble you've had at school..." Nat sat on the corner of his desk. So he was ignoring my jab... I narrowed my eyes and tossed my hair back over my shoulders so he could see my ratty t-shirt.

"Look. I don't even want to be here. I don't want to talk to you about anything!"

Nat got up and walked to the door. He closed it gently and came back to sit on his desk again.

"Do you smoke marijuana?" he asked out of the blue.

The question knocked me off balance. He was a lawyer all right.

"That's my business." I shrugged. "Okay... Sure. Who hasn't?"

I got up and started to pace. Things weren't going like I wanted them to. That dumb Miss Johnson was a lot easier to fuck over than Nat was. I drifted around, his desk. There was a framed picture of my mother beside his pen set. I picked it up.

"Is she any good in bed?" I glanced at him. For just an instant I thought I saw him get ruffled.

"We're not here to talk about your mother," he said. He took the picture from my hand and put it back down. He was standing very close to me. I got nervous.

"I've got to go," I said, heading for the door.

"Jerilyn! I don't think we've reached any understanding yet..."

"I don't want to reach an understanding," I snapped back. "Not with you anyway!"

His face colored just a little. I turned the blade a little.

"Next time you spread my mother's legs, why don't you just tell her you think I should be sent off somewhere. So I won't be around to disturb the orgy. Isn't that what you'd really like..."

He came around the desk so fast I didn't have time to get to the door. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back. It hurt plenty. No man had ever hurt me physically. I was scared at the strength of Nat's grip! My breath was tight in my chest. And a tingly glow spread across my skin. He jerked me around. I groaned. I tried to twist away from him but only shoved myself against his body. Another rush of strange sensations swept over my body.

I couldn't believe what was happening! I hated this man! And he was hurting me! But my cunt was hot and slick feeling as I flied to wriggle away from his steely grip.

"Be still!" he barked. The words went through me like a knife.

I was panting. My eyes fluttered open and I looked up into Nat's face. My legs shook so hard I thought I was going to fall to the floor. Nat held me up... held me against his body.

"Ohhhhh..." I gasped.

"You're going to do what I tell you!"

"Yes sir..."

His hand moved. I felt shuddery, itchy good. All over! And the feel of my breasts against his body... moaned again.

"Jerilyn... what's wrong? Jerilyn!"

I could feel the hardness in his pants. I never dated, but I knew what that was all about. His cock pushed against my thigh. It felt very hard. Nat's hands were trembling. He lessened the pressure on my arm. I don't know what got into me then. I didn't even think. I just jerked my other hand up and slapped his face as hard as I could. He grabbed me and threw me down on the rug.

"Ouch... let me go!"

His knee was in my back and he had both my arms behind my back now. He was breathing real funny. Then he was kissing the back of my neck. My tits were mashed into the rug and Nat's knee ground against my thighs. Then he was shoving his body down over mine. I felt his cock pressing between my ass.

"I could tell my mother..." she stammered.

"Shut up!"

I shut up. He rolled me over and pinned my wrists above my head. I straddled my body like that, looking at me. His hair was messed up and my handprint glowed on his cheek.

"You... you're a rapist... you're a..."

Suddenly he was lying down on top of me! More shudders of pleasure rolled through my cunt? My mind spun. He was going to kiss me! But I'd show him! I'd wait until the right moment then I'd bite him! I'd bite the blood from his lips and spit it in his face!

But when Nat's soft lips brushed mine, that all changed. My mouth opened for him. I didn't know the first thing about kissing, but it seemed like Nat was telling me to do this in some way. His tongue flicked lightly between my teeth. I didn't bite. I wanted to. I thought of doing it. But I didn't bite.

I moaned for the hundredth time instead and opened my mouth even wider. God, he could kiss. I felt him grinding his hips down hard, forcing my thighs apart. I could feel the hardness of his cock pulsing against my crotch. He slipped down so that his prick was shoved against my mound. I whimpered.

His hand moved down my side. I felt the snaps of my jeans coming open. His hard fingers worked deep into the dealt of my belly as he moved down and under the elastic of my panties. And then he was forcing my sparsely-furred lips apart, shoving a finger against my clit.


My back arched sharply as I tried to move my cunt away from him. But his finger rubbed and squeezed that tiny nubbin of nerve endings. I writhed.

"Noooo... Ohhhh... don't..."

I felt overpowered by his strength. I was scared and awed by it. And excited too. I had to admit that! I didn't know how to fit all this into my mind. It was so strange.

Nat's finger was doing unbelievable things to my cunt! I was pretty good at bringing myself off by rubbing. But Nat...! His finger pinched and tugged at my clit. The juices that flooded from my cunt washed over his knuckles. I knew I was dripping wet with slickness. And the slurpy sound of his finger sliding up and down my swollen slit had an effect on me too.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Noooo...!" I shook my head.

It was such an obvious lie that when Nat kissed me again, I didn't fight him at all. A jolt of electric pleasure seemed to run from my mouth to my cunt. I babbled something crazy and let him suck my tongue too.

"Huuuuunnnn..." I couldn't keep, my hips still.

"That's it... move your body. It feels good when you move your body, Jerilyn," he whispered.

I felt wave after wave of thrills blast through me!

"Ohhhhh... thhnn... thhnn... Uhn..."

I couldn't control my muscles. My ass plunged down on the thick carpet. Nat had worked my jeans and panties down around my thighs. And he was doing something with my t-shirt, pushing it up around my neck. When one of my tits was exposed, I tried to pull the t-shirt down again.

"I don't want you to see them..."

"Are you ashamed?"

"No! I just don't want... Ohhhhh!"

Nat had cupped one tit. His other hand still worked in my cunt. Now a new sensation joined the others. I felt him work the nipple with his thumb as he kissed my neck.

"But you are ashamed. I know more about you than you think..." He kissed my neck again, only down lower. I struggled to get enough air. "Since you were twelve you've been ashamed of your body. I've known you, a long time. Jerilyn. You thought your tits were too big. Too... sexual for your age. You always wear things that have a way of hiding them..."

"Noooo!" Damn him! I didn't like him to be touching me there. My cunt was sensitive enough! But... my tits! "Oh no! Don't kiss me there... please!"

Nat's lips circled my nipple. I felt the suction on my tit. My back arched and then humped violently. Nat sucked my tit deeper. Then his tongue danced across my nipple. I let out a long, trembly sigh and felt new tire consume my cunt. My hips plunged rhythmically now. I had no control of them at all. I had to move like that. To rub against the sliding friction of Nat's touch!

He brushed over the taut membrane that closed off my pussy. He would know I was a virgin now. The emotion I felt was confused and uncomfortable. But I couldn't think about something like that for long with his kissing and touching and sucking making me so feverish. I had held hands with three boys in my life and kissed one. And now this! I thought I was going to faint!

"You're a wild little bunny."

I felt Nat's spit cool on my breast. I looked weakly down and saw the glossy nipple. It was bigger than I'd ever seen it before! Then he opened his mouth wide and sucked my breast again. The frenzied tickle deep inside my cunt was driving the air from my lungs in short, sharp gasps.

"Ohhh... Ohhh God...!"

My mind whirled with all kinds of crazy thoughts. My mother's boyfriend had me pinned on the floor of his office, fingerfucking me! The pleasure I felt was like nothing in my experience. I was ecstatic as his fingers worked my hot clit and his tongue raged against my nipple.

Then the itchy goodness between the swollen lips of my cunt burst into intense spasms. I tossed and writhed under Nat's body. I pumped my ass up and down and bit my lips and whined. He knew I was coming. He laughed and buried his mouth against the deep softness of my breast. Now I couldn't even feel his fingers. Just the rubbing friction of radiant thrills.

I couldn't believe what I was doing... but I couldn't think about it either. I hugged Nat's muscled back, she fingered my clit and sucked my little and I came and came and came.

"Hunnn... Nhhhuuuu... Ohhhhh shit... shit!"

His teeth cut against my tit-flesh and I shoved my breast up harder against the keen sensation. I could feel something deep inside my cunt tightening, convulsing. It was where my hole was... behind my cherry. I thrust my hips around like crazy and held onto Nat's shoulders for dear life. His clit-rubbing became more gentle as the devastating thrill began to seep away. He eased his hand out of my cunt finally. I lay on my back, panting like a dog.

Nat stood up.

I opened my eyes. "Nat..."

"Get up!"

I tried. My head spun and I had to fall back on one elbow. My panties and jeans were around my knees. My t-shirt up under my arms. I jerked it down. I felt myself blushing. I never blushed. I wriggled myself into my panties and jerked up my jeans. Somehow I stood up.

"Boy, could I get you in trouble!" I snapped.

"No you couldn't." He tucked his shirt in. "You're the girl who's cried wolf too many times. Who listens to you any more?"

"I could..."

"You wouldn't, even if you could."

His gray eyes burned into mine. I felt the power of what he'd just done. It was all there in his look. For the first time in my life, I saw how handsome Nat was. It scared me. Scared me half to death.

He walked towards me slowly. "Your mother is going to leave you in my charge while she goes to New York."

"I don't want to..."

"Shut up!" His fingers closed around my wrist. "She wanted me to tell you. She was afraid to tell you herself." He gripped my wrist harder. It was hurting now. "But I'm not afraid of telling you. I'm not afraid of you at all, little girl."

Nat's hand dove suddenly into my hip pocket. I thought he was trying to feel me up again, but he came out with the joint Lorrie Jenkins had given me at school on Friday.

"How did you know?"

"A good lawyer stays on top of things."

"Boy, could I get you in trouble..." My voice broke. He let go of my wrist and walked behind his desk. I watched him put the joint in a drawer and lock it.

"I'll keep this for you a while," he said. His voice was easy. But the front of his pants were still pushed out some. I wondered how it felt for a man. How could he be so cool when I'd just about freaked out there on his red rug?

"I... I..."

"Go on and get out of here. I'll pick you up after school Monday."

"If my mother knew..."

"She doesn't know. And you won't tell her either."

He was right. God, he was so right! And I wasn't even suit why. Then he said something that twisted me all around again.

"You're a very pretty girl, Jerilyn. But you're strangling yourself. And that can make you ugly if you're not careful." He walked over to me. I didn't know what he was going to do. Hit me? Spit in my face? Then he put a hand on the side of my face. It was such a gentle thing.

I turned and ran from the office as fast as my bare feet would carry me.

Chapter TWO

That night Lorrie Jenkins was to spend the night with me. Mom had agreed a week before even though she didn't like Lorrie and didn't approve of our friendship. But Lorrie was the only girl at school I could even begin to get along with. And this Saturday I had something to tell her, something that would blow her mind!

Mom let us eat and watch television. Probably so she wouldn't have to be polite and make conversation with Lorrie.

Lord knew what was going on. But she didn't care. Lorrie was like that. Her mother was a waitress at a truckstop just out of town. Her father worked... when he felt like it. Lorrie was about my height. Her breasts weren't nearly so developed either, though we were almost exactly the same age. Secretly, I wished my tits looked more like hers. Soft little swells on her chest tipped with pink. Nothing to get the boys excited it seemed. But my big jugs stuck out no matter what I did with them! I hated the looks bays gave me.

When we'd finished eating and want upstairs to my room, I started telling Lorrie what had happened at Nat Blake's office that morning.

Lorrie got a baggie out of her pocket. "Hey, let's smoke some pass. That'll make the story better."

I just stared at her. "You don't believe a word I've said, do you?"

Lorrie smiled. "Oh I'm diggin' it just the same." She rolled a joint.

"It's true, Lorrie! I swear..."

She had the joint going now. She handed it across to me. I pulled a lungful in and held it.

"So Nat got you on the floor, huh?" Lorrie's smile told me she wanted to be entertained. The trouble was, we did this a lot. Made up stories about things. Though my made-up stories never had anything to do with sex.

"Oh forget it."

I'd tell her later. I knew I could think of something that would make my stow ring true.

Lorrie was sitting cross-legged on my bed, her eyes dreamy. "I told Bobby he could come see me tonight."

"Oh, Lorrie, you didn't! Not here!"

"Well, your old lady goes to bed so early and she sleeps clear upstairs and you have this nice room all tucked away in the corner of the house..."

"Your mom won't let him visit any more, huh?" Bobby was a wild guy. I knew that Lorrie's mother was trying to keep her daughter from getting knocked up before she got out of high school.

We smoked the joint and then rambled about this and that. I tried again to tell Lorrie about Nat's hands on my body. And how he'd crushed me down on the floor. Right there in his office. But I never could finish it. And Lorrie wasn't believing me anymore now than she first had.

I got more nervous. I knew that Bobby would be coming over soon. I had a private entrance that opened to our big back yard. If I knew Bobby, he'd climb the wall from the alley and tap on my door.

That's just the way it happened.

Bobby was out of high school, just hanging around. He had long hair and a tattoo of a rattlesnake on his left forearm. Tacky. But Lorrie was nutty about him.

After I'd let him in, we sat on the floor. Bobby rolled a joint from his stash and we got really wasted.

I was looser than I'd thought I'd be. Lorrie and Bobby were trying to curl up a little, but even that didn't bother me too much. I was just riding with everything, trying to figure out why I kept thinking of Nat. He had ordered me around something awful. And yet when I remembered the sound of his voice, I felt a little thrill.

Finally I had to lay down. If I had been alone, or even with Lorrie there, I might have pulled off my jeans and played around with myself. Doing that had been a habit since I'd graduated to junior high. It had been my total experience with sex... and enough to satisfy me. But I'd noticed that lately I'd been doing it more and more.

Lorrie and Bobby were on the floor, whispering. Then I heard the rustle of clothes. It wasn't any of my business. But Lorrie had just taken off her jeans. And now Bobby was too. I squinted at them. Bobby got to his knees to unbutton his shirt. Then they were on the floor again, whispering.

My body tingled. Now I really longed to touch my cunt. But I was more embarrassed about such things than Lorrie was. She didn't mind making out with company around. I'd watched her and Bobby kiss lots of times. Big deal. It didn't wipe me out or anything. Though now I was thinking of Nat again. And how his lips had felt on mine.

"Na... Jerilyn'll hear."

"Aw come on, Lorrie... I'll be cool..."

I counted the seconds as they kissed. It was a wet, noisy one. And when Bobby stopped, he was panting. More rustles. Jesus, I was more excited than I'd ever been. Just listening to a couple of people make out. And I was dying to peek. I felt awful for being so interested.

I couldn't resist it any longer. I pretended to roll over as if I were sleeping. My face was in shadow so neither Lorrie nor Bobby could tell that I was watching them. But I was afraid they might hear my heart pounding!

Lorrie was completely undressed. I'd seen her naked lots, of times, of course. But something about her being with Bobby made it seem so much more... naked.

Bobby was lying beside her, his back to me. They were kissing. Lorrie's hand was on the nape of Bobby's neck. Then he groaned and whispered something and rested on his back on the rug.

That was when I saw his cock!

It was curved! It had a bend to it, a bend to the right. Not like a banana or anything like that. But it was bent all right. And then I was taking in the rest of the details. The way his prick flared out at the tip. The way his cock was white along the shaft, but darker at the head. His prick was bigger than I'd expected... but I didn't have anything in my experience to compare it with.

His prick just looked awful thick and long to be able to fit inside a girl's body! Just the thought made my cunt warm. I was getting slick down there too. My panties were sticking to the plump lips of my cunt and the crack of my ass. I tightened my thighs.

Bobby was whispering to Lorrie again. "No... I don't want to, Bobby," she whispered back.

I could see Lorrie's small breasts easily. And the fluff of blonde curls that made a faint triangle at her crotch. Bobby reached out for the triangle.

Lorrie giggled and pushed his fingers aside. Bobby sighed as if frustrated.

"You wouldn't have to get cum in your mouth," he said.

"Ssshhhhh!" Lorrie scalded.

I knew what Bobby wanted now. Lorrie had told me a week before that Bobby had been after her to give him a head job. That's the way she referred to it. I'd barely heard that such things wont on. And at that time I hadn't wanted to hear about it either.

"I could tell you when I'm gonna come and you could [missing text]."

Lorrie put her hand over Bobby's mouth. He struggled to keep talking, but she laughed and wrestled with him until she pinned his wrists against the rug. It reminded me of how Nat had pinned me, and now my cunt flooded with butter, really drenching my panties this time. I was having a hard time keeping still.

"It looks so... so big and everything." Lorrie was sitting back again, rubbing Bobby's stomach. Everytime her fingers got close to his cock, Bobby tensed and the whole shaft twitched. Lorrie seemed to be enjoying herself. She pouted when Bobby grabbed her and tried to force her face down to his cock.

Then they were kissing. While their mouths squirmed wetly together, I watched Lorrie's fingers curve around the thick shank of Bobby's cock. His prick swelled immediately. She began to work the skin up and down the shaft. She was doing it so slow! The head of his cock was getting darker all the time. And a tiny droplet of something hung at the tip.

I could hardly breathe now. I knew that if I let them hear me panting they'd know I was watching everything. I smothered my excitement as best I could.

Bobby grabbed Lorrie's ass. Then I saw his fingers straying down between her legs. She opened her thighs a little... but not too much. Bobby wormed his hand between the plump, white flesh and then I heard the slick noise of his fingers digging up into the heat of her cunt.

Lorrie moaned.

"Come on," he said, "do it to me... suck me."

I could see what Lorrie liked about Bobby. Bobby was sexy. Lorrie's legs had fallen farther apart as he continued to dig his fingers between the moist slickness.

"Well... maybe for a little bit." Her head moved down his belly. "You won't try and shove it in."

"No baby, no!" Bobby was excited.

Lorrie hovered just over the thick, long cock. I knew she was trying to get up the nerve to actually put her lips on that huge cock! I was feeling exactly the same emotion. It was like I was Lorrie! I watched her lick her lips for the fourth time and I began to lick mine too. Oh, it was awful, really. For a girl to let a guy talk her into something so... well, so demeaning! But I couldn't turn away.

"You're hot," she said to Bobby.

He urged Lorrie's head down with both hands. She swallowed hard. Then the domed, pulsing head of his prick brushed against her lips.

I shuddered all over with excitement and fear. Fear for my best friend.

Then I saw Lorrie's tongue move. Her lips touched the bluish head. Bobby's belly went rock-hard. Then his thighs corded from the sexual tension Lorrie had created with two small movements.

I was past caring what anybody thought of me. I was lying face down on the bed, my thighs spread slightly. I unsnapped my jeans. I searched under the elastic of my panties and found my drenched, brown pubic curls. I almost gasped with relief as I shoved my middle finger deep into my slit and curled it up to dance lightly over the tip of my clit.

As I gently plowed my finger up and down my cunt, I wondered what it might be like to let a boy play with me... like Nat had.

But I'd never really wanted a boy messing with me. I didn't like boys and never had. I wasn't about to let them pull their con games on me. I wasn't about to let myself get all worked up over some guy who just wanted to stick his cook in my pussy so he could tell the whole school about it.

"Lorrie... Jesus Christ..."

Lorrie had let another inch off Bobby's cock slip between her teeth. I couldn't see the tip of his prick any more, but it wasn't very far in. Lorrie's cheeks sucked inwards as she licked his cocktip.

"Huuuuu..." Bobby tried to thrust his hips up from the floor.

Lorrie quickly pulled her lips away from his cock. There was a soft, popping noise as her mouth left his cock. I saw a glistening rivulet of saliva slip down to drench Bobby's balls.

"I don't like you to do that," she said, pouting, wiping her chin with her hand.

"I'm sorry, baby... I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it." He was breathing really fast. He grabbed her head. "Suck my cock some more... please!"

"Huh-uh..." She shook her head and played with his cock. "It makes me feel funny..."

Bobby sighed and pushed Lorrie over onto her back. She looked so slender and helpless. Even I felt older, though I knew I wasn't as experienced. Bobby had been going with her for almost a year. Lorrie had even told me that they fucked.

"... not unless you have a rubber," she whispered to him.

Bobby found the crumpled pile of his clothes and got something from a pocket. When I saw what was inside the foil package, I plunged another finger into my seeping pussy. I'd only heard about rubbers, never seen one.

Now Bobby was stretching a rubber over the tip of his bud cock and rolling it down. It fit his prick perfectly, tightly. I could still see the gentle bend in his shaft.

"Last time it hurt going in," Lorrie breathed, "they're so..."

"Why don't you wet it."

Lorrie bent down and licked the thin membrane of rubber which covered Bobby's cock. I saw the surface of the rubber darken as she drenched it with spit. My body seemed to be putting some kind of shock... a mild shock that tingled over its every surface. I worked my fingers up and down, making the shivery thrill spread.

Lorrie was on her back again... and she looked hungry. And her eyes looked dark. Bruised from their own desire? I wondered what would be running through her mind. How did a girl feel when her cunt was about, to be stabbed with something the size of Bobby's cock?

"Honey..." Lorrie opened her thighs wider as he slipped between them.

I saw him holding his shaft, guiding it to Lorrie's blonde-haired cunt.

My cunt poured hot juice out over my knuckles. I worked my finger in the slick stuff, loving the smooth rubbery way it made my clit feel. I wanted to moan, but knew I couldn't. Not like Lorrie was moaning now.

"Bobby... Ohhhhh... not so hard, honey!"

Lorrie's fingers trembled on his shoulders, down his back. I couldn't see what was happening between her thighs, but by the look on her face I could just about guess.

There was the sound too. A slick, opening sound as her pussy parted for the thick, hot head of Bobby's cock! I swallowed three times and finally got hold of my emotions. I thrust my hips against the mattress. I watched Bobby's mouth suck Lorrie's tit noisily.

Lorrie stiffened and arched her back. Bobby grunted hungrily and held her tightly as he nursed the pink tip of her nipple.

"Gaaaa..." she gasped, shuddering all over.

Now I could understand how she felt exactly! Nat Blake had done the same thing to me. I knew I'd never forget the soft-rough rub of a man's tongue against my stiffened nipple!

"Honey... Ohhh shit!" Lorrie worked her hips around in circles as Bobby sucked at her tits.

I could hear the slippery sound of their fucking, though I still couldn't see anything. I discovered then that I wanted to see something. And as if Lorrie had heard me herself, she lifted one leg and then the other.

"So deep!" she babbled, kissing Bobby's face. "It's going sooooo deep, honey!"

The sudden shine of Lorrie's cunt-juice coating the thick shaft of that cock made my breath catch in my throat. Lorrie moved her knees way back. Bobby held himself up from the floor a little, his knees rubbing in the rug as he moved his hips forward and back, forward and back.

Now I could see the reason for the soft, sucking sound. When Bobby's prick forced its way between Lorrie's swollen pussy-lips, it pulled on the delicate folds of her cunt. Then when he pulled his cock out, her inner parts of her pussy seemed to bloom outward too. I drooled with excitement. I didn't even bother to wipe my chin.

"Honey... Huuuunnh... Ohhh Jesus... Ohhh shit." Lorrie clung to his broad shoulders and worked her ass up and down. She was clawing him with her nails now. I could see angry scratches appear across his muscled back.

"Lorrie... baby..." He kissed her mouth sloppily. I heard the suck of their tongues as his cock filled her cunt with hot prick again and again.

My fingers were busy too, I had both hands inside my panties now, and I couldn't scratch my itching clit enough! I dug and pinched it. I plunged my pussy with more fingers. But the tickle only grew more intense... more hungry for scratching.

Lorrie was breathing like a bitch in heat. "Bobby... Ohhh I feel so good... I can't think any more... your cock... it feels like it's so big inside!"

"I'm gonna pop!" Bobby growled, cupping Lorrie's white, trim ass.

Bobby's shaft appeared and disappeared as rivers of Lorrie's juice trickled down to her firm ass.

I was about to go crazy. The sounds, the smell of my best friend getting fucked!

"Honey... Ohhhh... help!" Lorrie's fists beat against Bobby's back. Her heels drummed the floor as she twisted under his plunging hips.

Now I was certain she was coming! The twisted agony on her face made her look like she was enduring some kind of pain... or super pleasure. I knew that I felt like that sometimes when the sensation got real sharp and good.

Bobby was fucking so hard now that his cock slipped out and rode up across Lorrie's naked belly. I couldn't help but gasp as I saw that pulsing, darkened tip.

But, then something awful happened. I saw the membrane of the rubber bulging out as the powerful spurts of cum began to fill it. And then it broke! A flood of white stuff frothed into Lorrie's belly button!

Lorrie jerked. She had sensed that something was wrong and her trembling hand slipped down between their bodies as Bobby dragged his cock back to shove it deep into her pussy again.

"Nooooo!" She squirmed wildly under him. "Bobby! It... b-b-broke!"

Another spurt of seed shot all the way up to one her tits. Her hand moved across the white line, smearing the potent sap over her flushed body. By this time Bobby had his hand on his shaft and was guiding it down to her hot cunt again. Lorrie threw her ass around in an effort to escape the danger. But Bobby growled and I saw the muscles of his ass go tight as he lunged.

It was too late!

Lorrie's head went back as she felt his huge cock slide up into her belly. She had tried to close her lop to him... all too late. Bobby's body quivered as another spasm racked him. I just knew that he was pumping more cum into Lorrie's womb.

I almost felt like jumping on him and making him quit fucking my friend. I knew what this could mean. He was doing something dangerous to Lorrie. She looked too frail to have a baby at her age.

But it was as if Lorrie couldn't fight the powerful forces that were racking her body. Even with that cum foaming into her pussy, she was feeling pleasure.

"Nhhuu... Nooo... jeezzz!" Lorrie was hugging Bobby again. Like she didn't, care. Like she only wanted to feel his hot, thick prick gouging her pussy. I had tried to imagine what that felt like many times. How it felt to have something so dangerous-looking deep, deep inside my cunt. But Lorrie was writhing and squirming like she was trying to break Bobby's cock off at the base and keep it forever inside her pussy.

As a young girl in junior high, I'd come to believe that a female had to hold very still when a boy stuck his cock in her. If she didn't, she could be hurt badly. Though I'd discarded that falsehood long ago, I'd still thought that fucking was a boy's thing. That a girl simply opened her thighs and gave the boy her cunt. He pushed his cock in and but until it bunt with cum. Then she got pregnant and had a baby and got in bed again so the boy could give her another fucking.

"Bobby... damn it! Didn't you know it broke?" Lorrie was not squirming any more.

Bobby looked half passed out. He was still moving his hips very slowly. His cock was deep inside her cunt still.

"Naw... I couldn't think about tat." He kissed her. "It'll be okay. Remember those first few times we did it without a rubber? You didn't get knocked up them."

"Get off. Please!"

Bobby rolled over and his cock pulled out of Lorrie's cunt with a slurp. She got up and pushed her wadded panties against her seeping cunt.

"I'll go see if there's a Coke in the refrigerator. That might help kill some of them..."

I knew what Lorrie was up to. Coke was supposed to be a sperm killer.

It all seemed like such a drag. I hated the way women were. That they had to take all the risks. That they had to get fucked. By boys. Goddamn boys. Not a single one of them realized what it was all about.

Lorrie went in the bathroom with the Coke and Bobby went with her. That's when I got out of bed and limped down the hall to the guest bedroom. I was so hot I was about to scream. And I just couldn't bring myself off with my clothes choking me. I wanted to have a little privacy... I had to come... I just had to!

I closed the door of the spare bedroom and jerked off my jeans and shirt. I struggled into bed, fell onto my back and spread my thighs wide. Ohhh, it felt heavenly to slide my fingers into my pussy now! I gouged the juicy folds wide again and began to gingerly massage the swollen lump of my clit.


I didn't think it would take long. But I didn't want to rush it either.

But tonight when I rubbed myself, my mind filled with unwanted images. I kept thinking of Nat. The way he'd made me feel so helpless there on the floor of his office. It was frightening to think of how he could have raped me if he'd really wanted. I didn't like to feel like that. Helpless. I liked to have control. I thought I did anyway. But I had gotten so excited with him pinning me down...

"Damn it. I won't think of that any more!" I squirmed my ass in circles on the bed. And then another image filled my mind. That of Lorrie getting fucked by Bobby. Before I knew it, I was pretending that my finger was a little cock. Shoving at my cherry ever so gently. Again I was disturbed. I didn't like the idea of having to depend on getting pleasure from a prick. I never had longed for a boy's company. I didn't want to start now.

But the fantasy was very hard to get rid of. I pushed my stiffened finger up and down my flooding cunt. I teased the tautness of my cherry, stretching it in a little.

"Nooooo!" I groaned, pulling the finger away, pushing it back over my clit.

The familiar tickle grew more intense. I tried to think only of my finger on my clit and my ass rubbing the bedspread as I plunged and wriggled and urged myself ever closer to that ultimate pleasure. The sound of the door opening brought me up from the depths with a start.

I opened my eyes. Someone was slipping into the room... then the door closed again and everything was plunged into darkness.

The shape had been too big to be Lorrie's.


"Yeah. How ya doing?" He sat on the bed. I could just barely make out the lines of his face and shoulders. His hand touched my arm.

"You'd better get back to Lorrie," I said, hating the way my voice shook.

"She's asleep. She thinks I'm on my way home." His touch did something that sent shivers down my back. "I couldn't resist talking to you a little."

"I'm not dressed," I said, trying to pull the bedspread over my legs. I was sure he was able to smell my hot cunt. It was all over my fingers and seeping from the lips of my cunt. My kinky brown curls were soaked with juice.

I tried to get out of bed, but Bobby blocked the move. The way Nat Blake had held me. An unwanted thrill rushed through my belly and a glow began to heat up in my cunt.

"Bobby... let me go!"

"Huh-uh. Not yet. I've been looking at you." He laughed. "You ain't like most chicks. I know that... and I guess I'm interested."

He tried to kiss me. I turned my face away.

"How come you don't dig boys?"

"Why should I?"

He laughed. His fingers gripped my wrists tightly. I felt his bare chest against my breasts. He was naked! He hadn't dressed to go home at all!

"You're a virgin, aren't you?"

"That's none of your business!" I snapped.

"Christ, you are really weird. I mean, you're one of the finest chicks in town. You got fine legs and a beautiful ass. And man, you got tits like a movie star."

He tried to kiss one but I turned away. "... I like girls with long hair too. Just 'cause I go with Lorrie don't mean I'm all hung up on blondes, you know."

"Bobby, would you please get the hell out of here."

"You smell like you, been playing with yourself." He laughed again.

I lifted a knee as quickly as I could... but it slid up one of his thighs instead of between them. Now I was sure I was in for it. I couldn't see Bobby's face but I knew he looked mean.

"You shouldn't've tried that," he muttered.

Then he hit me. It was a slap. Then Bobby kissed me. He caught me with my mouth open, and I wasn't fool enough to try and bite him or anything. I saw stars when I closed my eyes. Bobby groaned and slid his body up onto mine.

"I think you're kind of crazy," he breathed.

He started to tease my tits with the tip of his tongue. He was some kind of pervert. A pervert! I'd never trusted him. Now I knew he might do something really awful! I started to cry.

"Shut that shit up!" he hissed. "You are really weird! I didn't think there were people around who didn't like to fuck."

"Would y-y-you get out please!"

"Yeah. Sure."

Bobby let go of my wrists. I just lay there, believing him... hoping he'd remember to shut the door behind when he left. But he didn't leave. He shoved his head down between my thighs so quick that I couldn't stop him in time. I closed my legs tight, but it just clamped his head tighter between them. His mouth was an inch away from my hot, dripping cunt. I could feel his breath on my pussy.


"I'm gonna show you something about sex, baby!"

Bobby growled as if he were hungry. I heard him licking his lips. When I tried to beat his face with my fists, he easily caught them. I could see him better now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark gloom of the bedroom. And I guessed he could see me too.

I shuddered with fear. He held my wrists down against the bed. Then he shoved his pointed tongue up into my pussy.

"Nhhuuuuunnnoooo!" I squirmed violently, but I couldn't get my legs together with his head there. And the more I struggled, the closer he seemed to wedge himself in. I let out a sob of anguish.

"Bobby... let me go... you shouldn't even be in here. You're Lorrie's boyfriend."

"Christ, you taste so good!"

The sound of his tongue parting my cunt-lips made me quiver and writhe my hips wildly in another attempt to escape. But a sudden hot flash of pleasure jolted me. Something sooo hot... soooo wet... soooo smooth and lovely had stroked my clit. The touch was like nothing I had ever felt. No finger could feel like that... not even my practiced touch. The licks came again, and I arched up slowly from the bed. I struggled weakly to get my hands free, but I was aware of the tight gripping fingers that pinned me helplessly.

It was so strange! I didn't like to be held... and yet the tension of my arms being gripped like that sent shivers of pleasure through me every time I tugged against Bobby's strength. And his tongue and his mouth.

"You like that, baby?" he whispered, covering my cunt-lips with kisses.

"No! Noooooo!" I squirmed my ass, but the movements seemed to part my cunt wide around his licking tongue. He was starting to nibble on one pussy-lip now! I couldn't believe the sensation! My body glowed and tingled and jerked attic tickling went on.

I couldn't buck my hips now to try and make him stop... he had my cunt-lip firmly between his teeth and was gnashing it with back and forth movements of his jaw. Then his tongue dove deep into my cunt. My clit rose hotly, and he smoothed it flat with his tongue. I felt a thousand prickling thrills. Then my nipples picked up the hot glow and erected. My tits felt heavy and swollen. I whimpered and thrust. Bobby kept my arms pinned helplessly to my sides as he ate my cunt leisurely.

It was like he was doing just that! Munching. Taking his time. A little bite here, a suck there. And the effect on my pussy was devastating.

I couldn't get away! I couldn't fight him. And I couldn't just ignore him either! Because the soft rub of his tonguetip over my clit was starting to do awful, awful things to me. I wanted it to be over. For him to make me come and leave me alone!

I tugged to get my hands free. Again my body filled with thrilling shivers as I realized I was under Bobby's power. I wanted to die!

"You like... I know you do!" His tongue tickled down, down until it slicked across my cherry. I sobbed with fear and tried to move away from him. He tapped my clit with his tonguetip. Then he began to shove in a little.

"Ohhhh God, no!" I sobbed, really fighting him now.

"Relax... I'm not going to pop you." He kissed the inside of one thigh. I felt the hot smear of my juices and Bobby's spit. Then he kissed the other one. "God damn, you are one fine piece of ass. And I ain't even fucked you yet"

Now that he wasn't kissing my cunt any more, I found myself yearning for more friction.

Then his mouth wallowed between my pussylips again. My cunt was swollen so much that I knew the outer lips were peeled way back. Bobby was licking inner parts of my pussy. His tongue stroked up and down in my pussy until he found my clit again. Then he sucked it between his teeth and danced his tonguetip over it.


I felt every muscle in my body go hard as rock. And then I felt, my thighs sliding apart. I was actually spreading my pussy for Bobby's hungry mouth! I couldn't control my movements any more. I was going to come! But it didn't feel like any come I'd ever had for myself!

Not that fingering my pussy wasn't always very nice. With Bobby's mouth against my dripping pussy, my whole body was involved. When he rubbed my clit with his tongue, any tits thrilled at the same instant... as if someone was tonguing them too! I couldn't believe how every nerve was alive and tuned to the thins Bobby was doing to me with his teeth and tongue and lips.

My come built slowly... each throb building bier than the last. My shoulders shook like I was having some kind of fit! My belly plunged up and down and then locked tight again. I drooled.

"Huhnnn... Bobbeeeee!" I bucked my ass up and down. "Noooo... Ohhhhhh... Ghhuuuuu!"

I thought I was losing consciousness.

Bobby's mouth made sounds against my cunt-lips.

"Baby..." he babbled, spit dripping from his chin. Then his tongue swathed my cherry with spit.

I jerked and writhed and came. At the instant of my most intense pleasure I forget where I was and who was with me. I just floated in a paradise of the keenest pleasure imaginable. It was an itchy, tickly pleasure that almost hurt. Then I felt Bobby's tongue still licking my clit.

"Owww... don't... I'm begging you. It hurts now!"

Bobby stopped sucking my cunt. He pulled his mouth away and my body spasmed at even that slight discomfort. I started to breathe deeply. Bobby let my wrists go. I didn't even bother to move my anus.

"Now that's more like it," he said, wiping my cunt-juice off his cheeks. "If you tell me you didn't like that, you're a liar."

I didn't want to hear anything or say anything. I didn't want to be conscious of anything. Except maybe the delicious feel of relaxation. I wished Bobby would leave.

He got up from the bed.

"Guess I'd better go get my clothes and get out of here."

My surprise must have registered with him. He held the door open, the light flooding over, his naked body. I could see the way his cock jutted upwards at an angle. It looked very stiff.

It was weird, but I wanted to say something. Not that I liked him or anything. But... just say something. I mean he hadn't tried to rape me after eating my cunt. He could have, too. I was too weak to fight a fly.

He pushed some of his long hair out of his eyes. Then he was gone, pulling the door closed behind him. Big deal. Just another stupid male. I turned over and hugged the pillow. I had one hell of a time getting to sleep.

Chapter THREE

"Did you and Lorrie enjoy each other's company last night?" Mother asked.

"Yeah. Fun."

We had just finished breakfast and Lorrie had gone home. Mom liked to sit on the back patio and drink tea before getting into the day. And today was going to be a busy one for her. She was flying to New York to confer with some women's fashion magnates. I was to be left in the hands of Nat Blake. I couldn't believe it.

"Mom. I have something to tell you. It might shock you terribly. It might even hurt you. But I think you should know."

Cathryn smiled at me over her teacup. Her expression was like I'd been complimenting her new hairdo. "Well? I'm all ears."

"Nat Blake did something awful to me yesterday."

"Ohhh?" She poured her teacup full again and stirred in some sugar. She seemed about as interested as if I'd been talking about raising snakes.

"He took down my pants," I said, "right in his office. And he..." I felt my face becoming red.

He felt me up.

"My my," Cathryn tittered. "You always have had such a vivid imagination, Jerilyn. I recall the time you came home from sixth grade and told me how you'd been raped by the man who ran the candy store." She sipped her tea.

"I'm not lying this time."

"Dear, you seem to forget your sad history." My mother could curse me out without frowning. I never could understand how. "You've even seen a psychiatrist about this little quirk of yours... or don't you remember."

"I was just a kid then. This is real!"

"I'm a little surprised at you," she went on, ignoring my frustration, "because Nat thinks too much of you for you to speak of him so cheaply."

"Yeah, he thinks a lot of me all right," I gasped. "He wants to fuck me!"

"I won't, hear that kind of language, young lady!" Mother had stopped smiling. But she still wasn't frowning. I felt I was trying to climb uphill in butter.

"I'm sorry. But if you could only believe..."

"Nat Blake is a dear friend. I won't have his name dragged around like you're doing now. And though you aren't aware of it, both of us have been confiding with your teachers and principal. Nat is to have the utmost freedom in this situation. We all hope he can make you see the light somehow, Jerilyn. You're getting old enough to realize you must think of other people too... not just yourself."

It sounded like gibberish. Oh sure, I was a little headstrong. And I'd made up stories when I was younger. Maybe I still made up a few now and then. Nobody understood me. They all hated me. All at them except Lorrie anyway. And sometimes even Lorrie didn't believe inc. I pressed my lips tight and waited for Cathryn to finish. She rambled about this and that until she finally looked at her watch and stood up.

"Well, I've got to run... my cab should be getting here soon."

"Have a good flight," I said.

I felt putty numb. Nat Blake was going to pick me up in fifteen minutes to drive me out to his summer house. I still couldn't believe it. I received my mother's damp kiss on my forehead and watched her disappear.

The longer I sat there with my tea getting cold, the more I fidgeted. Why should I sit there and wait to be led into the lion's cage? Didn't I have a mind of my own? I humped up finally and ran to my room. I grabbed my bag out of the closet and scooped underwear and clothes from my drawers and threw it all in without bothering to be neat.

I'd go stay with Lorrie. If her folks would let me. It was sure worth a try. Maybe Nat wouldn't know where I was. I'd probably get in one hell of a lot of trouble when Mom came back. But at least I wouldn't have to associate with... Nat. Even the thought of him touching me again frightened me. I thought of Bobby too and got scared. Now that the light of morning had cleared my mind, I could separate the good from the evil a little better. Men were evil.

I found my sandals and strapped them on. I'd need a little something between my feet and the summer pavement to make my escape. I was wearing a pair of faded, cut-off jeans and a denim shirt tied in a knot under my tits to show them off a little too much maybe but I'd finally grown tired of trying to hide them. They sure weren't going to get smaller. I took a quick look in the mirror. I'd braided my brown hair and tied tiny yellow ribbons at the ends. With all my freckles, I looked exactly seventeen. Not a year more or less.

I felt elated that I was taking my life into my own hands. I ran down the hall and flung the front door open... then thumped against Nat Blake's chest.


He held me gently so I wouldn't fall. "Where do you think you're off to?"

"You were going to wait for me on the front steps, am I right?"

Something about the look, the strong sound of his voice, made me look down at my feet. I nodded slowly. He let go of my arms. He was wearing a pair of Levi's and a casual shirt. He looked younger dressed like that. But he was still Nat Blake. The man who'd taken awful liberties with me...

"I told my mother," I blurted. "I told her everything you did..."

"That's wonderful." He picked up my suitcase where I'd dropped it. "Is this everything you'll need?"

"I guess so." I followed him outside. He locked the house with the key my mother had given him. I wondered for a moment just how many times he'd let himself in with the very same key. So he could crawl between my mother's legs and... The thought made me a little sick.

We got in his car. It was a low slung Mercedes about the same color as my light blue shirt. The top was down and, as Nat drove the powerful car, I saw that a woman could be romanced by such stuff. Not me though. I was mad and scared. I was even thinking of jumping from the car if he stopped at a light. But Nat hit every one on the green and soon we were winding up out of town on the old cliff road where the fancy houses were.

Nat's villa was surrounded by woods and orchards. For a town the size of Rutherford, his place was something special. Everybody understood how Nat Blake was so successful. He was the kind of man who was born to be successful. Everything he touched turned to gold.

He parked the car and led me into the house. He wasn't really holding onto me. But his hand was right there. In case I started to run maybe. A hired man opened the front door for us. He looked at me nonchalantly. Maybe he got paid to act dumb.

"This is Miss Jerilyn Clinton. She'll be staying with us for a while." The man, I guess he was the butler, started upstairs with my bag. Nat went somewhere else. I looked around, shrugged and then followed the butler.

It was a spacious room with flowers on the dresser. I kept glancing at myself in the big oval mirror. I hadn't ever seen a mirror quite that big in a bedroom. I started back out when the butler did.

I followed him down to the stairwell, but then he turned and shook his head.

"Mr. Blake wants you to stay upstairs."

"I can't even go down for a drink of water?"

"There's a bathroom connecting your bedroom."

"Connecting my bedroom? With what other room..."

"Mr. Blake's room." He turned to descend the stain. I started after him. This time his look was one of bored suffering.

"If you insist on leaving this part of the house, I'll be forced to watch you." He stood there, waiting to see what I was going to do next.

I turned angrily and went back to my room.

Like he said, the bathroom connected my bedroom to another, even larger one. It was obviously a place where a man slept. There was heavy, mahogany furniture covered with leather. I tried to lock the door. No luck. I went and sat on the bed and felt as freaked out as I'd ever felt in my whole life.

Nat came in suddenly, closed the door behind him. He was carrying a bunch of silk scarves of various colon. I felt like I was in some kind of weird movie. I blinked and stood up. He stopped there and looked at me.

"You are growing older every day," he said.

I frowned. "Why are you locking the door?"

"It's better that way," Nat said, slipping the key into his pocket. He walked towards me.

"I could run through the bathroom and out your bedroom..."

"... locked." He smiled. "Today, Jerilyn, your new life begins. You'll have to grow used to my discipline. But if you don't fight it..."

"Tomorrow is Monday," I said, trying to control my voice. "Maybe you forgot. But on Monday I go to school."

"Arrangements have been made..."


"You'll be tutored here."

"Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus Christ!" I sat down on the bed hard. Now I was really scared. "What's going on?"

"Because I've wanted this for a long time." Nat pulled the silk scarves through his fingers as he eyed my legs. "And I'm used to finally getting what I want. Undress! Now!"

I swallowed hard. "Undress..."

I stood up and undid the button of my jean shorts. If only I could think. If only I had time to figure out a plan. I slid my shorts down and let them puddle at my ankles. Nat smiled. My fingers shook as I undid the knot of my shirt and slipped it back over my shoulders. Think... think what to do! His eyes changed when the edges of the denim material hung for a moment on my nipples and then fell away. I wadded the shirt and held it in one hand as if I was about to drop it on the floor.

Then I flung it in his face... hard!

"You!" He lunged, but I was already heading for the bathroom.

I slammed the door and leaned my weight against it hard. He hit it from the other side with his shoulder. I knew this little game wouldn't last long. He hit it again. The door lurched half open but I managed to shove it closed again. Then I knew he'd be getting back to hit it another blow. I let the door go and looked around for something to hit him with.

The back of the toilet, bowl... that heavy, porcelain covet. I got it above my head and stood there to one side of the door, waiting for him to come crashing through. Nothing. I started to sob quietly. I was so scared I didn't know my own name. Then the door swung open. I held the heavy cover higher and gritted my teeth.

"Come out, Jerilyn." His voice was emotionless and flat. And it cut through me, sapping my resolve. I lowered the weapon I'd found. I felt defeated, lost. Nat stepped through the doorway then took the cover from me.

"Into my room!" He was standing very close. A silk scarf brushed my arm. "Obey me, Jerilyn."

I obeyed. When I was standing in the middle of his bedroom, Nat came over and smiled at me.

"You'll have to be punished for that little trick," he said. "That's going to be the style of your new life. Reward and punishment, depending on how you act. With you, I think it'll mostly be punishment." He looked at my feet.

I did what be wanted and stepped out of them. Nat led me behind a big leather chair. The back of it was even with my hips. He bent me over it and looped a silk scarf around each of my wrists. I couldn't see how he knotted them so fast. The silk felt smooth on my skin. I told myself I wasn't going to cry. And almost immediately I began to sob.

"Ahhh, how beautiful. A lovely nymph crying." He pulled another, longer scarf through the ones that bound my wrists together. He tied that to the two front legs of the chair. I was bent over the back of it, held firmly forward, my arms stretched out as far as they'd go. Then he knelt to bind my ankles to the back legs. I continued to cry. I knew that something was happening to my body, something I had no control over.

"I was surprised that first time in my office," Nat said. "I hadn't realized how receptive you were to stuff like this..."

"I'm not receptive to anything." I cried harder than ever. "You're crazy! You're really crazy! You should be in jail..."

My ankles were bound firmly now. I was stretched over the back of that chair like some animal being offered for sacrifice. At least my panties were still on. Nat rubbed a hand over the plump swells of my ass.

"I don't believe in whips," he said. "I'm an old-fashioned man at heart."

His hand went away. But when it came back again, it came back hard! The smack made my asscheeks glow with heat and I could feel the smarting shape of his hand on my flesh even when he'd taken it away again.

I whimpered and writhed against the chair back.

I jerked, every muscle in my body going rigid for a split second. The pain was sharp and keen, but it didn't last but a second. What followed was a spreading warmth that swept down over my cunt and across the insides of my thighs.

"Nooo... I'm sorry! Don't hit me any more!"

"What a lovely, lovely ass you have," Nat said. He was doing something with the elastic of my panties. I felt the taut band sliding down over my burning ass-cheeks. Then Nat kissed each, soft swell.

I shuddered. Hot juice spilled from my cunt. I was panting like a dog. Then Nat spanked me again, harder than any, of the other times. I gasped for air. As the pain went away, I was aware of Nat's lips again. He was licking the inflamed flesh of toy ass. The roughness of his tongue against my spanked ass was excruciating.

"Are you going to hit me again?" I whimpered. "I can't take any more!"

"No. That's enough. If you think you've learned your lesson."

"Oh I have... I have!"

"You won't try to escape again?"

I hesitated. Nat's hand left the reddened flesh of my ass. "NO! I won't ever try again!"

I kit exhausted. I was trying to keep my body still, but it felt so comforting to work my cunt-mound against the back of the chair. I couldn't explain it to myself I didn't care what Nat thought. He untied my feet tint and then my wrist. But when I stood up, he pulled my hands behind me and tied them again. That damned silk... it was woo soft and smooth. But it was as strong as a steel chain.

"What are you going to do now?"

Nat led me around to the front of the chair and pushed me down on my knees so that I faced it. Then he stood behind me. I could hear him undressing I looked up at the chair, empty now but... Yes, I could guess what was next.

Nat Blake was going to sit in that chair. That would make my head about even with his... cock... when he pulled me forward. I squirmed my ass around. My panties were around my thighs and they felt uncomfortable. Nat seemed to understand. I couldn't see him, but I felt him reaching between my thighs. There was the sound of a sharp knife blade cutting through nylon. I was naked.

"You won't be needing these any more," he said, caressing my belly.

He came around and stood next to me for a moment. I could hardly stand to took at him I was so frightened. He had the muscular body of an athlete. There wasn't, much fat on him at all. He had a hairy, broad chest and long, well-shaped legs. And his cock...

"Why are you closing your eyes, Jerilyn?"

"I'm afraid." I felt the sobs coming again.

"Good." Nat touched the back of my head. "You haven't been afraid enough times in your life. It'll be good for you."

I glimpsed at his cock again. It was very big. And I could see the tiny slit at the tip.

Nat moved his hips in the chair as if to get comfortable. Then he reached out and grabbed my braids. He pulled me forward gently, trying not to hurt me. My mouth hovered over that rigid, thick prick that jutted upwards from between his thighs.

"Ohhhhh God..."

"How old are you?" Nat breathed.

"You know how old I am," I whimpered, "I'm eighteen!"

"Oh, I know. But I wanted to hear you say it. Nice number -- eighteen."

"I'm not going to do this!" I blurted. "I won't, I won't, I won't..."

Nat grabbed my face. I didn't know what he did, but my mouth was forced open. A little pressure behind my jawbone and just under my ears. It hurt a little too.

"Hunnnnnn..." I went limp for a second. Then he was casing my body forward, my head down. I felt the hot flesh of his cock touch my lip. I closed my eyes. My spit drooled out over the tip of his cock.

I tugged at my bonds. The muscles in my arms felt tight and tingly. Inside my mouth I felt his cock changing. But I was fighting to keep from closing my lips around him. Nat changed all that. He touched another nerve and with his hand under my chin, he forced my lips down around his meat.

"Mmmmmmm..." I gasped.

"I know a thousand ways to hurt you?" he said. His voice was without emotion. "I don't want to hurt you, Jerilyn. But I care." He made another noise, a growling noise in his throat as my tongue rubbed along the underside of his prick.

"We can stay here all day if you like," Nat went on. "But the sooner you learn what pleases me, the sooner you can have your reward."

I felt dizzy with that big cock filling my mouth. What kind of reward was Nat talking about? My knees were pressed deeply into the thick carpet. He pulled me forward again and for a second my throat was gouged by his cocktip. I bucked as the gags swept through my belly and back.

This time when he lifted my head, I began to suck gratefully at the hot shaft. Almost immediately, the foreskin began stretching back. The slick, bulging head inside was swelling with blood. In just a few seconds it was sliding out of its covering. I flattened my tongue and shoved it forward and back. I didn't want to think of what I was doing. It was making me faint just to think that a man's prick was between my lips.

"Yess... do that Jerilyn... faster now...!"

The muscles in Nat's arms corded. His belly heaved. I could see him squirming around on the leather chair as I pushed my tongue against the velvety surfaces of his cock. The little hollows underneath that flared tip seemed to drive him crazy... I was breathing noisily. Spit drooled from the corners of my mouth.

"Beautiful... beautiful... Jerilyn!"

Nat's head flopped to one side. His eyes were dazed-looking and half closed. In spite of all his muscles, he looked like a little boy that way. It was a new realization far me. That a man with all his power over women could also be made to feel helpless and weak and gasping. Nat was gasping, right now!

"Slower... Jerilyn! You learn fast... Uhhnnn!"

His hands held my hair firmly, keeping me from jerking back. I knew what he wanted me to do of course. Suck the white stuff out of his body! The thought of it revolted me. But it was like running down a hill too fast. You have to keep running or you'll fall on your face. I knew Nat wouldn't let me stop now.

"Mmmm..." I cooed, almost pushing his cockhead from between my lips. He pulled on my braids, forced my lips down over him again. He was acting real funny now. His thighs were as tight as cables. I could see the way his belly kept tightening. And inside my mouth the tip of his prick swelled like some powerful pulse controlled it.

"Jerilyn... ohhh, baby..."

I knew things were getting dangerously close to the moment when my mouth would be suddenly shot full of that awful white cream! I tried to imagine what it would taste like. I remembered the way it'd looked when Bobby's rubber had broken and his sap had spilled onto Lorrie's smooth belly. She'd acted like it was acid or something.

Did it smell? Did it taste bad or good? Did it make you sick? I gagged just thinking of how it might feel pouring out of that huge, hard cock. Again, I moved my head upwards. But Nat kept me suckling over him.

He was breathing so fast now that I knew it would happen any second. Then his hands relaxed. I knew if I was quick, I might jerk my mouth free before it's all filled with seed.

"No...!" he grunted, reaching out for me. I'd swayed backwards, but he caught my shoulders and pulled me back down.

"Don't make me do it, Nat!" I gasped, my chin glossy with spit. "I'll just die if I have to..."

I guess my mind, was working fast. When Nat forced my mouth down and over the head of his cock again, he was trying to grab my braids like before. He let go of my shoulders for an instant. That's all it took. I pulled my knees forward and rolled backwards. I fell onto my side and kicked away from his chair.

"Jerilyn... damn...!" He lunged off the chair, but by now I was on my knees, scooting, trying to get up. I guess I knew from the start that I couldn't get clear away. But at least I wouldn't be there when his prick exploded in my mouth!

When Nat grabbed me around the middle and threw me on his big bed, I didn't attempt to fight him. I was on my back, my hands still tied behind at the wrists. He forced my flailing legs apart. Then he lunged.

I saw him coming at me... saw the lower part of his body. His cock was wet from my spit and the exposed head was dark blue. A thin string of cum stretched all the way to the rug. He had already started coming!


My kick glanced off his shoulder and he laughed and dove between my thighs. I wriggled frantically, tossing my ass around on the mattress. Now I was beginning to wonder if I'd done the wise thing. I'd escaped having to get own in my mouth. But it looked like Nat was going to...

"Don't hurt me!" I suddenly broke into tears. "Oh Jesus Christ noooo!"

I felt a powerful jet of something against the fur of my cunt. Then that hot, spit-slick tip plunged between my outer lips and I felt Nat shooting his cock and... trying to find the soft place where he could break through. To feel that slick, hard pressure against my delicate cherry sent shivers through me.

It happened fast. Nat had me hanging at the edge of the bed, my legs up in the air and forced wide apart. I pawed frantically with both feet but I had nothing to push on, no way to resist him. My hands were still firmly bound behind me, shoved down under my body.

Then Nat's cock ripped through my cherry and I felt his meat raping my cunt. My cunt convulsed tightly as if it were trying to keep out the invader. The tightness around the head of his cock made Nat grunt with pleasure and then fuck into me again. He was coming. I felt some of his seed being forced back out around his prick by my inner spasms.

"You wild little cunt..." Nat kissed my neck as he fucked his hips forward and back. I sobbed and cursed at him. I knew what he'd said about that. That I'd be punished. But I couldn't restrain myself. It went against everything I'd always believed. Until that funny sensation flowed over my body.

I didn't know where it'd come from. It was like a warm coating of honey. And then I just seemed to melt. The rough way Nat was heating me seemed only to intensify the pleasure. I fought it at first. I tried to bite him or something. But I was weakening. The hard, forceful rub of his cock as it speared deeper into my pussy was something I'd never experienced. And the experience was unbelievable!

"Nhuuu... Noooo... ohhhh, God... what's happening to me?"

"You're getting fucked..."

"Oh no! Don't fuck me any more... Ohhhh don't!"

"Baby... Jerilyn... Jesus...!" He was flopping around, holding my body hard against him. My breasts were flattened a little and my nipples rubbed his chest hair. I could feel his belly against mine, feel his thighs sliding against mine.

So this was fucking! I never knew that fucking could be so... exciting.

"Ohhh... Ohuuu... Ohhhh shit..." I tugged harder, knowing that those silk ties weren't about to break. I knew that everything that was happening was wrong. I was being raped, I was tied up, I was being kept in a house against my will. And now I was actually moving my body against the hard fucking cock to make it better. I felt shame and ecstasy at the same time. I felt myself climbing, felt the tension building inside me as my cunt yearned for release.

"So... you wanted it that way." Nat pulled his cock slowly from my pussy. I felt that cock-head slip back along those steamy tissues deep inside my posy. My pussy tightened down, but he was already out. I opened my eyes. I couldn't stop my ass from rolling around on the mattress.

He stood there looking at me. I felt my cunt leaking with his slick cum. And then the hate and fear came back. This bastard! This pervert! I hated him. But why had he quit so soon? It was like two parts of me fighting each other now. I wanted to feel more of that indescribable, spearing pleasure. And I wanted to spit in Nat's face.

"Get up!" His voice was so sharp that I forced my feet onto the floor.

I sat there for a second, trying to get my breath, waiting till my dizziness passed. He jerked me up and turned me around so he could untie my hands.

"I should punish you harshly." He turned me back around and looked into my eyes.

I couldn't face that smile on his face. He seemed so handsomely sure of himself. So smug. But his voice! His presence. I could despise him one second and fall on my knees the next.

"You'll find clothes in your room. I'll send for you later." Nat guided me to the connecting bathroom. When my feet touched the cold tiles, I guess my mind came to life again.

I whirled as the door closed in my face. "But what about me! I might be pregnant!"

The door was closed. It was final. Nat obviously didn't care about that. I rubbed my wrists and leaned against the wash basin. I wept for a little while. But that only made me feel worse. Finally I pulled myself together and took a steamy shower.

If only my mother knew! Oh God, how dumb could she be? Was Nat that cool, that smooth? That he could bide his time all these years, waiting to get a chance at me? It seemed almost unbelievable. But I knew that he was right about so much. No one would ever question his reputation in Rutherford. And my history for telling the truth was pretty sad. I finally had to face it.

I dried myself off, taking it easy around my poor little cunt. It was raw and tender. I had been so close to coming.

There was nothing in any of the drawers in my bedroom. No panties... nothing. Then I opened the closet and found the clothes Nat had told me about. Three satin shifts. I had my choice of deep red, emerald green or royal blue. The red one was the longest, reaching to the middle of my thighs. It felt expensive sliding over my shoulders and down my breasts. But when I moved, the sheer material did other things to me besides remind me of Nat's money.

"Ohhh, I wish I had some panties... and a bra."

It was funny. I didn't even own a bra. But now I felt that silk rub against my nipples. It was too much to take with my cunt still throbbing. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the dress up. There was a tiny droplet of blood hanging on the brown fur that edged my cunt-lips. I took the towel and dabbed it away. Then gently I pried my cunt open for inspection.

I could see the torn edges of my cherry. For the first time in my life I looked into that soft, seepy tube that men fought over. I tried to imagine what it must feel like for them to push their cocks into a cunt. My pussy looked soft and only slick. It glistened with cunt-juice and the walls tightened even as I watched them. I dabbed again with the towel. The bleeding had stopped now.

I went to the big oval mirror and stood there, feet wide apart, hands on my hips. I didn't feel as gay as the dress made me look. But I had to admit that it did nice things to my body. It was tight over my breasts and the neckline was just low enough to show off my cleavage. The firm little bumps of my nipples poked out the silk. There was a little band just under my breasts that pulled the dress tighter. Then it flowed freely to my thighs. I whirled and watched it float up. My pert, curvy ass flashed into view for an instant before the hem of the crimson dress fell again. I undid my braids and brushed them out.

"Damn him! I won't play his little game! I won't, I won't!"

I went to the window and looked out. Through grating of course. I could see that it was like the bars of a prison. My prison.

Below me in the large back yard someone was working. My eyes fluttered as I recognized the long, dark hair, the muscled shoulders. He was bending over a flower bed that bordered a pond. It was Bobby Jackson, Lorrie's boyfriend. My heart seemed to reach, out for him. Rattlesnake tattoo and all.

My first instinct was to open the window and holler. Of course the window would not open. But it would be nothing to break the seal... even if I had to do it with the hairbrush. I picked it up and started for the window.

No. Nat had already arranged things so that everyone thought of me as a disturbed teenager. I was under his care. If I yelled to Bobby for help, Nat would explain it as another indication of my emotional imbalance. He was making me out to be kind of half crazy! So that anything I did could be used against me.

I put the brush back on the dresser. I'd have to think a little more cleverly to outwit a lawyer. I watched Bobby work. It was funny how I could see him as my savior now. But would that include sex if he rescued me?

Chapter FOUR

Someone unlocked my door. At first I thought of just staying where I was. To resist whatever Nat wanted. Assuming that the unlocked door meant he wanted me downstairs. But I was stir crazy. I took a few swipes at my hair, tugged at the hem of that red shift and padded barefoot down the empty hall.

The house was empty. The front door was locked. I strolled into another room. There was a table set for two. Candles, sparkling wine glasses... the whole works.

"You look beautiful." Nat was suddenly behind me, warm hands on my shoulders. I stiffened. The fear of punishment made me tremble. I had disobeyed up there in his bedroom. And though I knew that I'd been justified, I felt guilty too. God, had he fucked up my mind.

He seated me at the table. I didn't look at him at all. He served us. Now I was sure that all his servants had been sent away. It was just the two of us in that big house. Nat poured me wine and I drank a glass down quick and got more.

I didn't even know what the food was it was so fancy. I didn't say a word during the meal, but Nat treated me as if I was some visiting princess. There was no hint of physical pain now, or punishment.

When we were finished, he took me gently by the arm and led me through the big house. In the back garden, crickets chirped everywhere. It was damp and warm out. The wine had smoothed out some rough edges. Nat was talking to me, telling me how young and pretty I was. Telling me that I was growing into a lovely woman. I thought I was going to scream. My body wanted one thing and my mind another. I felt the wine reminding me of the pleasure I could bring to myself when I was once again alone. I longed to get to my bedroom. I could lay on my bed.

A silk scarf blossomed from Nat's pocket and he wound it quickly around one of my wrists.

"Not that again."

I resisted a little, but I felt him knotting it tight. Then I bit him with my fee hand. Hard. He slapped me twice. My head flew one way and then back the other and I was down on my knees, tears pouring down my flaming cheeks.

"You'll learn. Sooner or later you'll learn."

He shoved me onto my back on the grass. There were two metal loops hidden in the thick lawn. They were spaced perfectly. As I felt my ankles being tied to them, I knew what a madman Nat Blake was.

"If my momma knew," I sobbed.

"You won't want your mama to know when I get through with you," he laughed.

My ankles were tied to those loops in the grass now... tied well apart. Next came my hands. High over my head. To another single loop of steel. The familiar silk ties caressed my skin.

Nat was on his knees between my spread legs. He lifted the hem of the red dress slowly.

"Ohhhh don't do that... not that!"

His lips brushed the inside of my thighs. He worked on me slowly, teasing close to my cunt and then away. I felt the wetness of his caresses. He kissed my heaving belly until I was whining to be released.

I didn't want to tell him what he was doing to me. I was tied up in two ways. The silk at my ankles and wrists kept me from resisting him physically. But in my mind I had ties too. I wanted to enjoy the way his tongue and lips felt against my navel. But I couldn't.

That soft, slick friction against my naked flesh made me feverish. My cunt-lips were filling with hot blood, swelling out.

I gasped as he licked my damp pussy. Then his tongue tip tickled the aching surface of my hooded clit. It glowed and tightened with trapped blood.


"Ohhh, Nat. What are you doing to me? I think I'm going to lose my mind."

"Would you like me to kiss you... here?" His lips were on my clit and then they moved away.

"Nooo! I don't!" I bit my lip and concentrated on keeping my ass from moving around so much. Nat smoothed fingertips down my sides, tracing the sharp inward curve of my waist and then the smooth swells of my hips.

"... pink inside. Like a conch shell." He licked my seeping cunt. Then his tongue touched the torn places where his cock had taped me that yew afternoon. I winced.

Nat sucked on my clit. No matter how I twisted my ass, no matter how wildly I squirmed, he kept rubbing it with the tip of his tongue. My resistance began to fall apart. My plunging ass started to quiver and I let out long, shuddering cries as the warm tickles spread up my flesh and made my nipples stiffen and grow.

Nat kissed my dripping pussy and then teasingly took his mouth away.


"Ohhhh... Ohhhh God..." I bit my tongue. I couldn't tell him what he wanted to hear. I raged furiously and then fell limp.

"I'll love you some more if you want..." Nat's voice was soft, teasing. I felt his thumbs pressing into the soft, white meat of my inner thighs. I knew he could see the slick juice pouring out of nay cunt. He could see the tightening spasms as my pussy convulsed furiously. I was so hot I could've cried.

But I wouldn't say one Goddamned word.

He was undressing. I saw him shed his shirt and pants. Then when he was stripped to nothing, he walked around me. I looked up at his heavy balls, the stiff jut of his prick.

"Relax, Jerilyn. You're making yourself sick." He laughed easily and knelt again, this time by my side. I felt him press the shaft of his cock against my belly. I was too weak to try and twist away. It was hot! I could feel every bump, every vein! It was throbbing just like my cunt was throbbing. And as I lay there panting, Nat slipped his fingers down under my mound. He gently edged one into my torn hole. And then he slid it inside. My back arched and I held my breath. I didn't want it to happen, but my pussy muscles closed down around him.

"I hate you!"

"You want it so bad you could climb the side of my house," he said, his voice easy. He pulled his finger out of my cunt and then my eyes rolled wildly. He was pushing it up under my nose. I smelled my own pungent musk! At the same instant, Nat was putting his open mouth down over one of my tits!


My nipple was sucked between his teeth and then deeper. Something hot and smooth danced over the stiff nubbin. My breathing got louder than ever and I felt another rush of juice pouring from my cunt. It felt all puffy and swelled up down between my thighs. I tried to turn my head so Nat wouldn't hold his finger up against my nose like that. Then he thrust it into my mouth and made me suck. I was gasping now, pumping my ass up and down on the grass.

He got up suddenly, not saying what he would do to me next. I tried to focus on him, but couldn't. Then the familiar warmth of his mouth on my belly brought a storm of furious shivers across my flesh. I whined like a whipped puppy. He was starting all over again! Kissing me in exactly the same places as before...

His tongue was about to spear between the lips of my pussy.

"Tell me what you want, Jerilyn..."

"Ohhhh yessss! Please do it! Please...!" My words seemed to come from far away. I didn't care. I had to have that soft, wet rub against my clitoris!

Nat ended my suffering then. His mouth pressed up against my cunt, forcing my lips wider than ever. I felt his tongue gouge roughly against my throbbing, hungry pussy! I thrust my hips up from the pound and rubbed my dripping cleft against his chin and teeth as he sucked me!

It was heaven! I thought I was going to come in just a few seconds, the rush was so intense! I could hear the slurping sack of his tongue as he ate my cunt! It was the mast beautiful thing I'd ever listened to.

Then Nat stopped!

"Ohhh... Ohh fuck!" I threw my ass up and down frantically. "Please!" I heard myself whine. "Ohhh God, Nat... do something."

He did. He knelt between my legs and then fell forward across my body. I was covered with kisses and then his tongue speared in and out of my mouth like a small, fucking cock. I grunted hungrily and sucked at the invader. My ass danced wildly as I felt him probe my mound with the tip of his big cock. It was as hot as my pussy, and when he found my hole with the tip, I hunched frantically. I was dying to be fucked!

"That's the way I want you," Nat breathed, fingering one of my nipples until I drooled with passion.

"Nat... Ohhh, Nat," I groaned. Nat shoved his cocktip up and down my slit! He kissed me. No one had ever done anything like that and the tickly sensation was as hot and intense as the rub of his prick as it neared my hole.

"Hnnnnnnuuuuu!" I moaned and then felt my pussy forced wide as his meat shoved deep! I brought my hips up hard and held them still, every muscle in my body quivering. I felt his thick shaft sliding inch by inch up into my hot belly. He gently rocked his prick deeper... deeper.

I don't know how close I was to coming when Nat stopped moving. He held himself up on his elbows and knees. I could feel a few places where we touched... the insides of my thighs, my nipples against his chest. And of course his hard, hot cock there in my aching pussy.

"Ohhh... Nhuuu... fuck me! Please, Nat!"

He laughed. "Why don't you fuck me?"

"Ohhh... Ohhh, God..." I tilted my pelvis forward and back, forward and back. I could feel the stiffness of his cock. And it felt good. But I had to concentrate... I had to think of how to move to make that thing seem to be fucking in and out. It was hard! I concentrated... Nat wouldn't move a muscle. His mouth hovered tantalizingly above one of my nipples. When I plunged my writhing hips against his and felt his cock slide deep, he wet my brown, turgid nubbin with a quick lick.

I made grunting sounds and tugged wildly against the silk ties. I writhed until I had his cock as deep as it would go inside me. Then I plunged my ass around wildly, rubbing my insides with that fleshy, slick prick. The friction of Nat's cockhair against my clit brought sharp tingles bunting up through my guts. I was sooo close. If only he would let me come... if only!

"Ohhhh... don't take it away!" I begged as Nat eased his hips back. I felt the very tip of his cock at the sucking mouth of my pussy for a second... then I was empty.

"You like it now, don't you... you like me to fuck you."

"God yes!"

"You want me to come inside you..."

"Ohhh, yess... hurry... hurry, Nat... Ohhh fuck me hard!"

I threw my bound body around wildly. Nat's cock touched my outer lips and he laughed. Then he shoved me so full of cock that I felt it all the way to my womb! I babbled gratefully and rolled my hips against his. I was coming! Coming fast and hard and wonderfully.

When Nat kissed me, I opened my mouth a wide as I could. I wanted to shove his tongue into my throat if he could! My nostrils flared with excitement. I made cooing noises as his cock plunged in and out of my cunt. My second come made me feel like I was falling. Fingers seemed to massage my flesh. I felt like a melting candle. Even the hurt of my ankles pulling hard against those silk ties faded out.

My eyes fluttered open as I was being carried into the house. The red dress hung loosely from my hips. I let my head flop against Nat's shoulder. He kissed my nose and then, my lips. I couldn't begin to think straight, to figure out what was happening to my mind... my body.

He put me in the bed. I remembered wanting to hold onto him. I wanted him to sleep with me all night so I wouldn't be frightened. But he went away. I felt the foggy comfort of sleep smothering my thoughts.

Chapter FIVE

I always could think better when it was daylight. I'd gotten up sometime in the middle of the morning I changed to the blue silk dress.

The man rd seen the very first day brought me my breakfast. He sure wasn't much of a talker. But I was hungry so I didn't feel like small talk anyway.

The butler brought me more orange juice when I asked for it, and when I wanted coffee, he brought that too. I kept trying not to think of Nat. It was hard to keep from going along with his game. He was so damned good-looking. He knew how to do things to my body I'd never dreamed about. No boy could match such techniques. And Nat knew my soul had been touched. He'd felt me shivering in his arms as he'd carried me upstairs. He'd seen me reach out for him when he'd tucked me into bed and left me alone.

"Thanks for breakfast," I told the butler. "What if I wanted something to drink now..."

His face looked puzzled.

"Like booze."

He shook his head. "Mr. Blake said you weren't to have any spirits."

I started into the big front room to see if the butler would stop me. He followed, but didn't say anything. I walked around touching things. I looked at the titles of some book on the coffee table and then started towards the double glass doors that opened to the back yard.

Mr. Butler stepped in front of me. I nodded. He didn't have to say a word.

I saw the liquor bottle on the table in the front room. I went for it like I was going to get a drink.

The butler quickly stepped in front of me and scooped the bottle off the table.

I didn't really want a drink. I'd had some beer a couple of times on a dare and could hardly handle that. I was just seeing how carefully I was going to be watched... how much I was allowed to get away with. It didn't look like much.

I thought I'd try the phone. But when I looked around, I realized I hadn't noticed one since Nat had brought me out to the villa. He probably had one in his study. For receiving business calls and what not. And his study would be locked. I didn't even have to ask.

I went back upstairs. It was driving me crazy that all the kids at school were whispering about poor me. I'd had a nervous breakdown, they'd be saying... or whatever it was that. Nat Blake had cooked up between my mother and the principal. Of course my teachers at school didn't know just what kind of psychological help I was getting up here at Nat's villa either! And if I ever got out to tell them the truth they wouldn't believe a word I said.

I went in my room and took a look out the window. Bobby Jackson was shoveling in a flower bed, his back to the sun. Nat was so damned confident of his little trip that he wasn't even afraid to have one of my schoolmates around.

If only I could get to Bobby... get a message to him. The sun was so bright I had to squint. And that's what gave me the idea.

I took the hand mirror from the dresser and got the sun in it just right. I flashed it out to where Bobby was on his hands and knees now, pulling up some weeds. He saw the bright patch of light immediately and turned to see where it was coming from. I gave him as hot of sun right in the eyes and then put the mirror down and waved like crazy.

He must have seen me behind the locked window. He waved and smiled and then went back to what he was doing.

I slumped down on the bed, madder than hell. Sure. Nat had told him I was here. And he'd probably told him that I was emotionally disturbed, needed a rest. I was so mad I could've spit. But I knew that Bobby was my only chance to get the hell out of this madhouse. I found a scrap of something to write on and the stub of a pencil I'd seen earlier. I told Bobby to meet me in the back yard that night at midnight and that it was a matter of life and death. I crossed out life and death and simply said it was very, very important. I didn't want to scare him off.

There was a window in Nat's bedroom that worked. I'd seen it partly open the day before. Then I flashed sun on the side of Bobby's face again. The note fluttered down and he saw it.

Good old Bobby! He stuffed the thing in his pocket without reading it. Now all I had to do was figure out a way to get out of the house sometime around midnight. And when Nat came home at noon from his office, I realized just how hard that was going to be.

"It's kind of early... isn't it?" I swallowed hard as he led me upstairs. I'd been sitting around the front room, eyeing the whiskey bottle... just to make the butler uneasy. Nat had swept into the room and kissed me and taken my hand. I could see by the front of his pants exactly what he had in mind.

He closed the door to his bedroom. I didn't sit on the bed or do anything that would make him think he'd won a victory the night before. But he seemed to know that things were working in my head. And he was right.

Just the strong sound of his voice, the way he moved and ordered me around made me flush with excitement. I didn't understand why I should feel like that, but I did. Then he pulled that silver choke chain out of his pocket. It was the kind used to train dogs.

"I have a little necklace for you," Nat smiled. He slipped it around my neck and did something with a pair of pliers. I was thinking of fighting him again. I knew that once that damned thing was on me, he could do anything he wanted. And yet at the same time, the cold steel against my skin, the rub of it made me start shaking. My breath got tight in my throat. I closed my eyes when he snapped the expensive leash into the collar and gave it a gentle tug. I was panting now... hard.

And Nat knew why.

"This is the sort of thing which suits your needs, Jerilyn." He pulled me over with the leash and kissed me softly. I didn't close my lips when Nat gingerly pushed them apart with the tip of his tongue.

"So young..."

He touched my shoulders. He knew I wasn't wearing any panties under the blue dress. And he knew then wasn't anything but that sheer silk between his fingers and the jutting nipples of my breasts. I whimpered as he began to massage my tits deeply. I tried to make him stop. The gentle but deep rubbing continued. My nipples burned with pleasure as he forced the silk back and forth over their tender surfaces.

"When are you going to let me go?"

"Let you go?" He looked truly surprised.

"How do you think I feel with this... this dog collar on me! How do you think I feel when you rape me whenever you want..."

"You like it," Nat said, looking right into my eyes.

I started to say something else, but Nat's words had made the flesh of my back prickle. And a new rush of hot juice was dampening my brown cunt curls. I started to sob. Not with big tears. I looked down at my bare feet on the red rug.

"I'm gonna get pregnant. I just know I will..."

"No, you won't. I've seen to that..."

I guessed what he meant. But could I believe him? Could I believe a man who tied me up with silk and fucked me and now was going to have me wear a dog chain around?

"Can't I see any of my friends?"

"Of course not." He took me in his arms. His chest was too warm, too muscled. I felt my resistance weakening already. His fingers felt the curves of my ass. The petting felt good. The chain jingled on my neck as he tightened on the leash, pulled down on it. I went down on my knees.

"Take off my pants," he ordered.

I undid his belt and fly and pulled his slacks down. His jockey shorts were all shoved out in front. He gave the chain a little jerk and nodded and I pulled them down too.

"I've got to be out of town tonight," he said. "But I didn't want to miss our session together."

I was staring at the swollen white shaft bobbing an inch from my mouth. The foreskin was already half pulled back from the darkened tip. My breathing got faster. I had to swallow again. What was wrong with me? Why did I start freaking out when that thing was close? Why did my poor little cunt throb so hard and flood out all its juice?

Nat pulled on the leash and made me look up. "Let's try the bed. Yes, that way you can take your time."

He made me stay on my hands and knees while he led me to the bed with the leash. The feel of the leather strap across my back and shoulders, the jingle of the chain tightening slightly, sent me shivering. I hated the idea of being like this. But the reality of it was tantalizing.

Again my thoughts became confused and cloudy. The only thing I was sure of was how my body felt. It glowed and tingled with increasing pleasure. Even though I knew that I was going to take Nat's cock in my mouth.

He lay on his back and pulled me between his spread thighs. I started playing with his rigid shaft. My face was flushed and the saliva flowed into my mouth so fast that I had to keep swallowing. Once I drooled accidentally on his cock and Nat moaned and worked his hip. He had a good hold on the leash and was keeping it just taut enough to know where I was. I jacked his cockskin gently up and down, watched the hot blood filling that dangerous-looking tip.

Nat started pulling the collar down, forcing my mouth down too. The damp head of his cock touched my cheek as I turned my lips away. I was just trying to get used to the whole thing... trying to get ready. He wanted me to do things that I'd never dreamed of doing before.

"Come on, Jerilyn, let's not have any problems today..."

The cock was touching my lips now. I let my tongue touch the velvety head. Some of my spit trickled out too and made the darkened thing glossy. Slowly I let my lips part and Nat pulled down on the leash. My head was forced down, my mouth surrounded the throbbing thick meat.

Nat felt my stomach buck. He held the leash tight anyway, smiling as I tried to make room for that pulsing prick in my mouth. My spit overflowed and ran down the sides of his prick. I blinked, watching the saliva make dew drops in the tight kinks of his cockhair. I licked his cock feverishly, wanting to please Nat, wanting to keep him from making me choke on him again.

He let the leash go louse. I knew he hadn't meant to. It was just that I was doing something that felt awful good to him. I did it some more, experimenting until I'd discovered exactly the right pressure, exactly the right spots.

Those bumps seemed full of nerve endings. I used the flat of my tongue against them and he grunted hungrily. But when I licked across them fast, Nat went wild. He squirmed his hips around on the bed and sucked in huge lungfuls of air. He pumped his cock deeper into my mouth. I tried to keep it front going too deep, but Nat remembered the leash and jerked down hard!


I couldn't tell him, he was choking me. He probably didn't care anyway. Then he let the pressure go again so I could just suck the tip. That was better than being choked. Though now I started to get freaky about having to eat his cum. I remembered that even my friend Lorrie wouldn't do that! But then I remembered something that Lorrie would do. She had told me once about how she could make Bobby Jackson do just about anything she wanted. It was a little thing she did when they were fucking and Bobby got too hot too quick. I strained to remember the details as Lorrie had told them.

Something about finding the gland up inside his body. The one that made all the cum shoot out.

Lorrie had mentioned that it was easy to find if you put your finger inside a guy's ass. I didn't want to go that far. But there was another way. It could be reached from the outside too... if you knew how. It was up under his balls somewhere. And I figured that all men were pretty much alike in that way.

"Jerilyn... yeah, baby... suck it hard...!"

My heart pounded. With that leash and chain around my neck, there was no way I could escape the hot explosion of his own this time. Frantically I shoved a hand up to cup his balls. He liked that. I pretended to be playing with them, exciting them. But my middle finger was probing higher. I felt the soft place then I touched a lump that made him suck a quick breath. I began to rub it at first, but his cock was swelling with every beat of his heart.

I knew it wouldn't be long before my sucking brought fountains of hot seed into my mouth. And I couldn't stop sucking. Everytime I did, Nat wound the leash around his fingers a little tighter.

"Hunnnnnn!" I rubbed the bulge, working my nails into the flesh. His cocktip was pulsing like it was about ready to spume. I even tasted something salty. But the thing just went on jerking against the roof of my mouth like the own was jetting. Yet nothing at all came out.

"Mmmmmrn..." I sighed. I was almost afraid to let up the pressure of my fingertip. I could pinch that nut-sized gland between my thumb and three fingers now because it was so swollen. I rolled it, massaged it... always keeping a squeezing pressure.

"God... damn...!" Nat's fingers opened and the leash slipped from his hand. He was trying to clasp it again. I smiled around the thick shaft in my mouth. Spit drooled from the corners of my lips. I had him! At least for a little bit, I had him. Hewn still trying to find the leash when I eased my lips up over the bulging, blue tip and away.

"Jerilyn... you little bit...!" He grabbed me by my shoulders and rolled me over on the bed. I was on my back, the chain tight again. I was fighting to get loose, but I had no chance against Nat. He straddled my chest, his cock gripped in his right hand, the left still tugging the choke chain tight.

"Nooooo!" Then he grabbed my jaw. It was the same way he'd made me open my mouth before. And it worked.

My big tits heaved up and down on my chest as he raised slightly on his knees and started to jack his cock. Without my finger pinching his cum back, I knew what would happen. A bulge of whitish cream flowed suddenly from the tip of his prick. It hung in a long string and I felt the sticky heat of it splat against my right breast. The nipple glowed as the slimy stuff dripped down and trickled into the hollow of my belly.

"Ohhh God, don't put it in my mouth!"

"You'll learn to eat this stuff yet... Goddamn you!"

Nat bent forward, his fingers holding my jaw open. I had to open my mouth even wider! Then I saw that the swollen, bluish head of his cock was directly over my chin. Nat brought his hand up towards the flared head quickly. There was a soft slapping noise and the tiny slit throbbed open. A thick fountain of cum boiled over my lower lip and dripped against my tongue.

"Ooooooooo... Huuuunnnn!" I couldn't escape his viselike hands. He was sitting on my chest, my breasts mashed together by his thighs. He jacked his cock faster now and I saw a huge glop of froth come cult. Somehow I jerked enough so that it smeared down the side of my cheek. Nat cursed and hurt me with his fingers.

I whimpered and clawed the bedspread. My heels drummed the mattress. But Nat was grinning down at me like a crazy man. He kept nursing the cum from his body, his eyes glazed with the pleasure of coming. A forceful, hot spurt jetted up across my face, oozed down the bridge of my nose. Some of it leaked into my mouth. I had to swallow, had to taste the terrible stuff.

It wasn't as bad as I'd thought. It was sour and a little salty and... kind of strange. I gagged anyway just as Nat shoved his cockhead against my bottom lip. I felt the steamy curds slide across my tongue as his prick throbbed powerfully against my trembling chin. Now I was feeling that swollen tenderness between my thighs. That plump, seepy excitement that meant my cunt was ready to be touched.

Not that I wanted Nat to touch me! The bastard was doing enough... I felt half sick as a hot, slimy pool filled my mouth. How much could he squirt out of his balls? I knew that I couldn't keep from swallowing much longer. But still the stringy stuff dangled from the tip of his cock and into my open mouth.

Nat laughed and tugged the choke chain tight. The strangling feeling made me swallow automatically... he knew how to make me do anything he wanted. My body shuddered as I felt the slippery sap ease down my throat. But I didn't gag again. It was done. I'd eaten his win... just like he'd been trying to get me to do.

He didn't say anything for a while. He just lay there on his back, breathing hard, his big cock wilted slightly and sticking against his cummy thigh. I was on my knees, the leash hanging down. The other end of it was grasped tightly in Nat's fingers. I smelled the sharp aroma of his seed in my mouth and on my lips. I wiped my chin and looked at the creamy stuff that came off.

"You're going to take this damned thing off, aren't you?" I said.

"No. That's a part of your wardrobe now," he laughed.

"Oh, sure. Your... butler, or whatever he is, will sure start to get funny ideas if he sees this thing."

"Roland is gone for the week. I sent the cook away too." He beamed at inc. "I thought it would be more fun with just the two of us around."

"But you said you were taking a trip out of town tonight..."

"All the better to have you chained up, don't you think?"

I closed my eyes. A tear fell down my cheek. Now I would have no way of contacting Bobby when he tried to meet me in the back yard that night. If he even bothered to come. For all I knew he was laughing at my note right now.

"Come with me, Jerilyn," Nat said, getting up. "On your hands and knees."

I crawled behind him. The gentle tug against my leash made me shiver. I knew my body had been excited by the abuse Nat had given me. He seemed to sense something about my makeup that I wasn't conscious of. I hated him for that... and yet when he touched me...

He led me into my bedroom.

"I've had this chain for some time," he said. He took the leather leash off and tossed it aside. A steel chain was hooked into my collar and secured by a small brass lock. He put the key on a cord around his neck.

"You have enough slack to go to the bathroom. I don't guess you'll be needing any clothes." He stood back looking at me. His cock had gone soft, but when I tried to tug at the awful steel links, his prick stiffened.

"God, you're beautiful. So young... so innocent."

He came over. I stopped moving. He bent to kiss one of my breasts. I tried not to let him know what the soft brush of his tongue across my nipple was doing to me.

But Nat knew.

"Until tomorrow..." He walked to the door. "There's some food for you there..." He pointed to my dresser.

I hadn't even noticed the big silver tray and the linen cloth that was draped over it. When I looked up again, Nat was gone.

Chapter SIX

I tried to get some sleep. I'd brushed my teeth a dozen times it seemed, pulling the chain behind me each time I went into the bathroom. But that fanny taste was still in my mouth and every time I drifted off, I dreamed of something weird. I dreamed I was a dog, Nat's dog. And when he fucked me, I barked and yipped and frothed at the mouth.

Once I woke up with that damned chain twisted between my legs and rubbing me in a very sexy way. I'd almost came in my sleep, tossing and turning. After that I just couldn't rest any more. It was dark still, though I had no idea what time it was.

I spent an hour trying to see if I could possibly get loose. No way. Nat had thought of everything. I didn't think I could have gotten loose even if I'd had a hacksaw.

So I waited at the window, naked shivering with fear that maybe Bobby wouldn't bother to believe my note.

It seemed like it had to be past midnight. I couldn't see into the darkness of the garden now, but I could tell if anyone started over that high wall. I was beginning to think Bobby wasn't coming when I saw a shape hunch up against the corner of the wall. If it was Bobby, he was doing it right. Coming over as far from the house as he could.

The shape disappeared. He was inside the grounds now.

I wrapped a pillow around my hand and broke the window. It made a hell of a racket and I saw Bobby boost himself back up on the top of the wall. It had to be Bobby!

"Bobby!" I screamed as more glass splintered down on the patio below.

"It's all right! There's no one else here out me! It's Jerilyn! Ohhh, Bobby, don't run away!"

The shape stopped, hunched over. The he dropped back into the yard. In a few moments I saw him in the gloom, standing below my window.

"You sure there ain't nobody else around?" It was Bobby all right. I felt like crying with happiness.

"Can you get in some way?"

He looked around. "I'll see."

I watched him disappear around the corner of the house. It seemed like a long, long time. Then I heard a noise downstairs and someone coming up to my room. I jumped on the bed and threw a blanket around my nakedness. I had the bed lamp on and turned low. I felt funny about having Bobby seeing me like this... but flow it would be over. I could get away! I heard footsteps in the hall now.


"In here!"

Bobby threw open the door and hurried over to me. He didn't expect such a warm peeling, but I was overjoyed to see him. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him against me. My blanket slipped away from one breast and I saw his flare as he looked at me. Then he saw the chain around my neck, the chain leading to the bolt in the floor.

"What the hell's going on?"

"He's keeping me like this... so I can't go tell anybody!" I started bawling. "I was afraid you wouldn't believe my note."

"I almost didn't. It sounded pretty crazy and everybody says..."

"I'm not crazy, Bobby! I haven't had a nervous breakdown or anything." I told him everything I'd figured out about my captivity. I left out a lot of the details of what Nat had done to me sexually. Bobby seemed mad enough just hearing that he'd fucked me.

"He hired me to do some gardening." Bobby made a fist. "He told me you were emotionally disturbed and that you were going to be resting here at the villa for a while..."

"It's all lies, Bobby! He just wants to tie me up like this and fuck me while my mom's out of town..."

He frowned. "But wouldn't she find out when she gets back?"

"You don't know Nat... He could talk a mouse out of a piece of cheese."

Bobby was looking at me. The damned blanket kept falling away from my breast.

"God, Jerilyn... you sure are pretty. Even with that chain around your neck."

It was a weird time to feel romantic, but Bobby had come to my rescue. I put my hand on his. He kissed me softly on the lips. Then he kissed me again. I hadn't had any kind of release. When Nat had messed around with me and got me all worked up, my emotions had just been bottled up inside. So when Bobby slipped his hand under the blanket and cupped one of my tits, I just melted into his arms and panted like a fool.

"We can't waste dine," I gasped, getting my head together again. "I've got to get out of here tonight. Nat will be back in the morning."

"Yeah..." Bobby's, fingers played across my nipple. A hot flood of juice wet my cunt. It felt soo good, making my clit slippery, rubbing it so softly...

"Nooo...!" I snapped myself out of the lovely dream. "Bobby, if he catches you here..."

"Oh God, Jerilyn... I've been thinking about you ever since that night I ate..." He stopped and bit his lip. "I guess I shouldn't talk that way around you. You're a real lady."

"We'll, have plenty of time to talk later," I pleaded.

But Bobby pulled me against him again. His shirt has half unbuttoned and my tits touching his skin sent shivers of lovely sensations through my body. He knew I didn't have anything on at all now and that was exciting him past reason.

When his hand forced its way between my thighs, I felt myself soften. He was trying to ease in.

Every nerve in my body said yes.

"Bobby... Ohhhh, Bobby. We can't! Not here. Not now..."

"God, Jerilyn... the way you look. That damned chain." He kissed my neck. I fell against the mattress and moaned as Bobby's mouth made wet sucking noises against my breast.

"At least try to get me loose first... do that!"

"God, you're so warm and smooth. You got the nicest tits I ever saw..."

I whined with frustration. Bobby's mouth felt wonderful on my nipple, but I knew it was going to take some time to find tools and cut through the chain.

"Bobby... Bobby... please... stop kissing my b-b-breast!"

"So soft... God, Jerilyn."

He was opening the front of his pants. I felt him shoving his jockey shorts down enough to get his cock free. He wasn't even undressing, he was so eager. But I still wasn't all that experienced. I felt like I wanted to hold back from making love. Especially under these circumstances!

Bobby rubbed the hot tip of his cock against my mound. The outer lips parted with a slick noise and I felt him slide his cock-lip across my clit. My fingers curled as my nails dug into the bedspread.

"Noooo... Ohh no!" I really started to struggle now. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done... trying to stop those soft and loving caresses. But I had to!

Then Bobby gave me a funny look. His hand circled the chain that connected to my choke collar.

"I want you..."

His hand got a turn of chain, then twisted again to force the links tight around my throat. I started to say something but he pulled the thing even tighter and my voice was strangled silent. Then I felt him guiding his cock down my slit... down, down until it nestled in the satin-soft opening that only one man had ever fucked... Nat Blake.

"How can you expect me not to fuck you?" Bobby gasped.

He gave a short, hard lunge and the drool spilled from the corner of ray mouth as I felt that hot, thick prick force its way into my pussy. My cunt muscles convulsed around it and Bobby's eyes fluttered with the clasp of my pussy.

"Jerilyn... Jesus Christ!"

"Ohhhh, pull it out, honey... don't keep trying to..."

Bobby pulled the chain again and my words became a shuddering sigh. Then he moved his hips forward slowly and I felt my cunt being stretched... filled.

"Uhnnn... Ohhhh, God why couldn't you wait."

The taunt chain cutting into the flesh of my neck was doing things I was ashamed of. I couldn't think straight. Thrills rushed over my body. My nipples seemed to pulse with heat. And whenever Bobby's palm rubbed over my tits, my back arched up from the bed.

I was surprised when my fingers started working the buttons of his shirt. I had to feel the warmth of his skin against me... had to!

"You're... really tight...!" Bobby licked his lips and I could see him concentrating to feel every inch of my cunt as he pushed deeper. Our mouths met hungrily, and a fresh flood of juice bathed our sliding parts. My ass came alive under Bobby's insistent lovemaking.

I saw that he liked keeping hold of the chain. Every once in a while, he tightened the links around my neck. I pretended I didn't like it. When really, the slight pain and strangling pressure were exciting me to a frenzy!

"Bobby... Ohhh... Ohhhh, we shouldn't!"

"I won't come in you, Jerilyn!"

I whimpered with heat as his saliva dripped into my mouth and ran down my cheeks.

"God... don't make a baby in me! Promise you won't."

"I told you I wouldn't... I think too much of you for that."

"You'll do it anyway!" I sobbed. My mind was spinning. Bobby hadn't even gotten me loose from my chains yet. He didn't give a damn about anything but getting laid quick!

"Jerilyn... I love you, damnit! You're so hardheaded!"

"Ohhh, Bobby... you love me?" I threw my arms around his neck for the first time. He fucked another inch or two deeper. I could feel how his cock bent inside me. That gentle curve I'd noticed in his shaft the night he'd been fooling around with Lorrie. It felt fantastic... it made his prick rub the walls of my pussy. I could feel the shape of his cock, the sliding heat of his prick.

Bobby kissed me slowly and deeply. And as he rubbed his lips over mine, he tightened that choke chain around my neck. I could tell he was doing it very carefully... so that he wouldn't hurt me.

I felt my cunt muscles contracting involuntarily. My pussy writhed with jerking spasms around his thick prick. Bobby sensed that the chain was exciting me. I guess I couldn't cover my emotions very well when it came to sex. And of course he was right!

That damned chain... I hated it! But, when it started choking me, I was overwhelmed. I could only think of the hot cock that was going in between the plump lips of my pussy. I could only think of Bobby's mouth ravishing my big tits and his hands digging into the softness of my ass.

"God... Jerilyn... so... tight... so hot!"

Bobby's hips plunged upwards hard. I felt the entire length of his prick stab my pussy. He grunted hungrily, stabbing again and again... harder!

I writhed under the feel of that cock raping me! I babbled into his mouth when he tried to kiss me again and then that chain! It held me down against the pillow... helpless... while Bobby shoved his cock deeper into my pussy. My cunt blossomed out, peeled open. Floods of cunt-juice trickled down onto the bed. I rubbed my tits against Bobby's chest.

"You're so strong..."

"Ohh, baby... this is good..."

"Bobby... do it harder... yessss!"

"I don't want to hurt you!"

"It doesn't... it feels like the best thing in the world... Ohhhhh. Ohhhh fuck!"

"When I tighten this chain..." Bobby wrapped it around his fingers, gave it another turn. "... I can feel you... Uhnnnnnn!"

I knew why Bobby had gone limp against me. Because my pussy had tightened down around his cock at the same time he'd cinched my choke chain. The convulsions had, started from the base of his cock and up the length of his shaft. Then when the convulsions had reached that cock-tip, my pussy had gone into a kind of seizure. It quivered around his prick.

"I... I'm getting awful close..."

I didn't have to think twice to know what to do. I'd tried my little trick on Nat and it had worked. I shoved a hand quickly behind his balls and massaged the lump there.

Bobby grunted, but I could still feel his pulsing, raging throes as they started deep in his body. I wasn't going to be able to stop him in time! I'd pinched his gland too late! But there was another way. I remembered Lorrie toiling me about it though she would never have the nerve to do anything like that herself.

I had only seconds to think... to make my decision. Bobby was too excited to his cock out of my body. I decided. I shoved my hand wider his balls until I felt his asshole.

I could feel Bobby's surprise as I touched his asshole. His eyes roll and he tried to say something. But he was too close to coming to try and stop me.

"Jerilyn... what... are... you..."

What was I doing? Was I really going to shove a finger in a man's asahole? I never would have dreamed of such a thing a week ago. But thing had changed... I'd changed. And now it was the only way. Then I punched hard, curling my finger deep into Bobby's hot ass.

He went stiff as a board and his legs flopped like someone had gaffed him with a spear.

"Nnhuuuuuuuuu!" I pushed deeper. I felt his muscles tightening, trying to force me out with rhythmic movements. But I shoved deeper, frantic to find that tender lump that would give me power over Bobby's nearing climax.

"Jerilyn... fuck... f-f-fuck!" He drooled. His heart was pounding against my nipple. His hands clutched at me but missed. And his legs were still stiff. I searched into the soft, slick heat... praying I'd find what I had to find. And then something powerful throbbed against my fingertip.

I raked the swollen gland with my nail.

Bobby stopped breathing for an instant and I felt his cock swelling inside me. I gouged the hot lump again and again, working my finger deeper into its muscled firmness. I had my finger as far into his ass as it would reach.

The sensation excited me! To be fooling around inside a guy's ass when usually it was the boy who did that kind of thing to a girl. I felt a certain power, a knowledge that Bobby wasn't aware of.

His cock wasn't pulsing so hard now. I knew that I had stopped his come. If I held my finger up against that lump, he would have time to pullout of me.

"Take you cock out... hurry, Bobby!"

Groaning... gasping with excitement and pentup tension, Bobby dragged his steel-hard cock out of my cunt. I was careful to keep my finger shoved tight against that powerful muscled inside him... pinching off the fury of his thrust even before it began.

Then we heard the car pull up in front of the house. I looked blearily at the broken window. A door slammed. Someone was walking up the front steps.

"Bobby... it's Nat. I just know it must be!"

Bobby couldn't hear me. He was jerking on the bed... his muscles gone crazy with the dammed up tension. My mind began to work... work fast.

If I took my finger out of Bobby's ass, he'd come! He'd come all over everything... the bed... me... the floor! And I knew how that stuff smelled. When Nat came into the room, he'd know there'd been a man there and he'd start searching and Bobby would be finished. Somehow Nat would see to that.

But if somehow I could hide that hot sap... if I could get rid of it so that Nat wouldn't suspect... then maybe there was a chance for Bobby to hide. I could pretend sleep and with the chain still in place on my neck, Nat would never think to look for someone in the room. He might punish me for the broken window, but how could he connect that with Bobby?

But the first thing was getting hold of Bobby's come. I looked down at his squirming form. I was crouched over his body, my finger still pressed tightly against that throbbing, bursting gland in his guts. I fondled his stiff cock.

Of course. That was the only way. I'd have to swallow Bobby's cum. And I wouldn't have much time.

I opened my mouth, took a breath for courage and lowered my head. His cock began to throb all the harder against the roof of my mouth. When I'd closed my lips firmly around the shaft, I jerked my finger out of Bobby's asshole and fluttered my tongue wildly against his cock.

The sudden spurt of Bobby's sap into my throat shocked me. But I swallowed it down before I could think of gagging. I knew I couldn't spill a drop. Nat would sniff it out if I did. Nothing was quite so pungent as fresh cum!

I sucked hard on that bulging knob that had suddenly burst like a ripe fruit. Heavy, slick froth bubbled out. I cooed with the fever of Bobby's coming. And Bobby looked like he was having a fit.

"Huuuuuuuuhnnnnn!" His hips pumped upwards with quick, short jabs. I felt the stiffness of his prick stabbing into my throat, but I kept my head moving back when he did that. He was fucking my lips and tongue and teeth! He was trying to fuck right down my throat! And the come! It was thicker than I'd thought it would be! And hot! I gulped it don.

"Jerilyn... sonofabitch..."

A curd leaked onto my chin nursed what was left in Bobby's balls. His cock was not jerking as violently against the roof of my mouth now. A tiny jet frothed over the glossy head and I swallowed that, and then I looked down at his cock as I jacked the skin up and down the shaft. I wanted to make sure he didn't drip all over the place when I hid him. I worked my fingers up and down, trying to milk everything out. Another little gop of white foam appeared at the tiny slit and I lapped it away with the flat of my tongue.

Bobby's body shuddered and he started trying to get a breath.

"There! You're all dried up!" I pushed him from the bed. "Come on... Nat's coming... we've got to hide you."

My chain jingled as I guided Bobby to the closet. I tiled to steady Bobby as he lurched across the room, holding up his pants with one hand, flying to stuff his cock back inside with the other.

I closed the closet and jumped back in bed, jerking the chain with me. Then I pulled a blanket round my shoulders.

Nat's footsteps sounded in the hall. He opened the door and looked in.

"I didn't think you'd be awake..." He shut the door behind him and came around the bed. He hadn't noticed the broken window.

"I got my business done early," he said. "And I was missing you." He pulled the chain and made me sit up like a dog. "You been a good girl?"


He ran a hand over my shoulder and then touched my breast. I trembled, knowing that Bobby had kissed me a lot then. Nat didn't say anything. At least not right then. But I could see that he'd noticed how my nipples were all swollen out. And now he could smell the musky heat of my pussy.

"You've missed me, haven't you?"

I kept my head bowed. Afraid my voice might give me away. He picked up the chain and toyed with it. If Bobby made a noise in the closet I wasn't sure that Nat wouldn't go crazy with anger. But if Nat started fooling around with me, Bobby might not be able to keep his cool either. It was like sitting on top of a bomb. I didn't know what to do.

"I've been cooped up all day... could you take me outside for a while to get some air?"

"Of course," Nat bent to undo the end of the chain leash from the floor. Then he led me to the door.

When we were outside, I hoped that Bobby would have the good sense to get away without blowing the whale thing. He was my only chance for getting out of this madhouse.

Nat led me through the back yard, past the flower garden and bird bath. Then my feet felt the coolness of a brick walk. He was taking me deeper into the small orchard in back in the grounds. We stopped at an artificial waterfall. The cool night air felt good in my lungs. But there was the constant drag of the chain, pulling, reminding me. I wasn't about to let on how sexually pent up I was.

"You're trembling," Nat said. He touched me under the blanket. He knew how to touch all right.

Nat took the end of the chain and passed it through a nasty iron loop high on the wall. My heart jerked when I saw what he was doing because I knew he had something weird in mind. Maybe something painful...

"I guess the mason I take such delight in torturing you is because you enjoy it so damned much."

"Noooo. I hate it!" There was a quiver in my voice... not entirely caused by fear.

"Shut up!" He looked at me with a grin. He seemed to enjoy that little game too. His debasing of me. His making me act like a slave.

And I couldn't understand why his words made the juices flood from my pussy. Why couldn't I just hate him for all this and let it go at that.

Nat stepped close and put his hand down under my mound. With a quick, upward swipe, he shoved inside my puffy lips. He held his glistening fingers up in front of my face.

"You're so wet you're about to come just standing there." His laugh was weird... really weird. "But I've brought you a little surprise."

He turned to the chain again. He pulled it through the loop until the chain tightened at my neck and I was pulled backwards. When my shoulders and were touching the wall, he pulled the chain a little more. I had to stand on tiptoes to keep from choking.

Nat looped a silk tie around my wrists and then bound them up above my head. I didn't bother to struggle. I'd tried that before and it always turned out that Nat won. "Why... why?"

"Because I like to give pleasure to a young girl... a teenage masochist."

"That's not true."

"All of us have a little masochism in our blood, Jerilyn. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You can't deny that it excites you when I tie you up." His eyes were steady. "It does excite you doesn't it? These chains and silk?"


He pulled the chain and my feet dangled for an instant. Frantically I pawed thorn at the smooth bricks. But I knew that Nat wasn't out to hurt or kill me now. And knowing that made his little game exciting. Yes, he was right. My nipples burst out from my tits. He touched each one and, then let the chain go slack a little. My toes found the pavement and I sucked in a breath of air. A trickle of my juice leaked and made a hot, glistening line down the inside of one thigh. I shuddered with erotic fever.

"You're burning up, you foolish little angel." He laughed again, running his fingers down my belly where it was sucked sharply up under my ribcage. "Your body likes what I do, no matter what you might tell it to like."

His palms smoothed my hips and my flesh burned after his touch was gone.

"Now, here's my surprise."

He pulled something long and smooth from his pocket. It was shaped like a bullet. A long, white, plastic cock! It began to buzz with a soft but powerful hum. I could see that the whole thing was shivering in Nat's finger. It looked about eight inches long. I swallowed, knowing what he meant to do with it.

"Don't by to squirm away like that," he ordered, shoving my thighs wider apart.

"Noooo... Ohhh God, don't put that thing inside me!"

Nat forced his body up against mine, pressing me against the wall as he worked the vibrating tip back and forth in the dripping petals of my cunt. Then he found the tightened hole and shoved the plastic cock upwards with a twisting motion.


Nat licked his lips and fucked the cock in and out a few times. When he pushed it up so that the base almost disappeared, I could feel the smooth tip of the thing pressing against the opening of my womb.

He whipped out another bright piece of silk and wrapped it under my pussy. I knew my hot juices were waking the scarf. Then I saw something in his hand that made me bite my bottom lip. It was another one of those vibrating bullets!

I started bucking around wildly.

But Nat grabbed my middle and pushed the smooth tip of the vibrator down between the cheeks of my ass. There was a little lubrication on it and it began to force my pinched little hole open. When I tried to fight against the penetration, it hurt!

"Help... Noooo!"

My struggling made the other vibrator tickle me in such a weird way. It was buzzing deep inside me. My womb was picking up the tickle and spreading it deep in my belly. Bloods of juice soaked the silk tie that was firmly tangled at the base of the bullet, keeping it inside my cunt.

"God... your little ass is a work of art," Nat said, gently rubbing one cheek as he slid the vibrator into my asshole. It wasn't as long or as big around as the other one. But it was stretching my muscles as the slick, smooth sides pushed past.

"Hhnnnn... Ohhhhhh God, it feels so funny... Ohhh, Nat... why are you. Nhhhuuuuu!" The thing slid suddenly into my asshole. I felt the base of it slip inside my clutching sphincter and then disappear. Just to make sure the thing stayed there along with the one in my cunt, Nat pulled that strip of silk up between my ass-cheeks and bound it front and back to another which circled my waist.

"Lovely!" he said, looking at inc. Then he kissed me deeply. I wanted to make him think I wasn't enjoying any of this. It was all so perverse... but when his tongue played with mine, I shuddered.

"Nnnnnn... Ohhhhhh!"

Both vibrators were going crazy inside my cunt and ass. My nipples were engorged with blood, and I knew that I'd lose my mind if someone touched them. Nat messed what was happening of course. He'd planned everything this way. And when his mouth sucked over my right breast and then pulled the nipple between his teeth to nibble it, I jerked and shivered towards my first come.

"I'll leave you for a little while," he said, moving back into the shadows.

But I knew he wouldn't be far away. He'd be in the bushes somewhere watching. I whimpered, trying to think, but with the two buzzing machines up inside my body, I couldn't think.

"Nooo... Ohhh God..."

It was coming. Even when I closed my eyes tight and tried to think about unsexy things, the tickling itching goodness sent fingers of pleasure through the long muscles of my thighs. Jolts of heat burst up into my belly and tits. And all the time that chain around my neck held me dangling slightly above the cool bricks. When I stood on my tiptoes, the chain didn't choke me. I could take some of the pressure off by puffing myself upwards with my arms. But the ties cut into my wrists when I did that and only made the excitement more intense.

Then the aching hunger broke through my quivering body. My legs jerked like I was having a tit and I let my full weight down against the chain. It choked me, but I didn't care.

"Nhhhuu... Oooooooo... Aaaccchhh!"

The smaller vibrator that Nat had pushed into my ass was setting up a wild rhythm that seemed to go along with the one that was in my pussy! They buzzed and hummed and sent me into a feverish tit of radiant pleasure. I moaned and came... and came... and came.

I thought it would be over. But then I realized that those vibrators were going to go on doing their thing. And my asshole was sucking like mad... the base of the vibrator slipped out of my cunt a little but was held there by the silk tie.

"Noooo... Ohhh I'm gonna die if I come... Nuuuuuu!"

Somehow my whole body turned on the chain and I was facing that high, rough wall. My breasts flattened as my body bumped against the rocks. My face scraped against the roughness, too, and I groaned with the new sensations as the buzzing delirium between my thighs went on and on.

"Help me... somebody... help... Ohhhhh!"

This time my come was building slower... and more powerfully. I knew that it would be hanging there for a long time, even as I pumped my hips now to hurry it. I had nothing to rub my clit against... or my body. Except that rough, rock wall. Even that felt good as the sharp edges cut my nipples.

Nat smiled when he saw my ravished features. His thighs were hot to my touch. I crawled up over his body and frantically tried to grab his cock. My slippery fingers wouldn't behave. Finally I grabbed his prick with both hands and lifted myself up slightly as I tried to fit the swollen head into my hole.

"Hhhuuu... got to hurry... got to!"

"How does it feel, Jerilyn?"

"Feels good... hard... hot..." I heard my own voice as if it came from far away. I hadn't ever said things like that, had I? But that pulsing shaft in my fingers was my deliverance. The thick way his cock fit into my pussy! When it slid in an inch, I wriggled my hips like crazy and lei my weight down. My petals bloomed out and around the invading prick! My pussy spasmed with fever.

"Ohhhh yesssss!"

"You like to fuck, don't you, Jerilyn?" Nat said. "Yessss!" I threw my hips up and down, feeling that prick skewer me, stab me, spear me! My juices flooded out and down over Nat's balls. My fingertips played around the edges of my cunt-hole, feeling every inch of his cock sliding into my belly!

"Ohh God, Nat... I'm gonna come...!"

He was smoothing the back of my head and kissing my ear. Then I felt his fingers sliding down to where that vibrator still tormented my asshole. He petted the taut, convulsing hole. And then I knew that that buzzing itch wasn't going to be just a come... it was going to make me crazy!

And it did. I sank my teeth into Nat's shoulder... I bit him hard! I wasn't trying to get revenge for anything... I wasn't even thinking like that. It was that fever that blistered the membranes of my cunt and the vibrator which raged in my ass!

"Nhhuuuu! Ohhhhhh Jesus! Let me be... I'm losing my mind!"

My ass danced above Nat's body as I fucked his cock. I could tell that my biting and my clawing fingernails were having an effect on Nat too! He was grunting with excitement and his eyes were closed. I groaned against his chest and dug my nails even deeper into the flesh of his back. Our stomachs were sweaty together. I rose and fell over his rigid meat, my pussy-lips sucking at the head when I lifted my body high.

And then I bunt, and the stars all burst around me. I rubbed every part of my body against the man underneath my loving. His cum spurted hotly into the depths of my pussy and long strings of it trickled out.

"Now... you're... learning..." Nat gasped. "Huuuhnnn!"

"Nat... Jesus... fuck... Ohhhhh shit!"

I didn't think I had a spark of energy left. I felt completely exhausted. And yet somehow I kept moving... I rode that stiff cockshaft like a home. In and out, up and down... it felt like I never wanted it to stop.

Then I just fell down across him again. My come was dying away... slowly... away... but that damned thing in my ass buzzed on. I whimpered for Nat to help me!

"Ohhh get it out... Nat... I'm going to lose my mind for sure this time!"

I felt him digging between the plump cheeks of my bottom. His fingers slipped into the tortured hole and I choked on a sob and just trembled there, my legs thrown wide for him, my hips still working in the fading throes of fucking.

Then I sensed that Nat had grasped the plastic base of the thing and was dragging it out of my ass. When it slid past the muscular edges of my hole, I lifted up. Then the vibrator was out of me and Nat threw it into the grass.

I fainted.

Chapter SEVEN

It was like coming up a long ways from deep water. I kind of knew I was asleep, but not completely unconscious either. The dream was strange. My friend Lorrie was in it. We were sitting on a bed. I was telling Lorrie how good my half of the popsickle was. But I couldn't tell her very easily because it was hard to talk with the thing in my mouth.

It was a funny kind of popsickle. It wasn't cold for one thing. And that bothered Lorrie. She said it wasn't right to suck on warm popsickles. It might make me sick, she kept saying.

But I liked it. Even though it wasn't sweet... or didn't seem to be melting. Then the dream changed. Somebody -- was it Lorrie? -- was touching me. A mouth. Against my thighs. Against my cunt!

No, it couldn't be Lorrie. And that popsickle still hadn't gotten any smaller. No matter how hard I sucked on it, it stayed the same. Maybe it was even getting a little bigger!

"Mmmmmmm..." I was aware that I was moaning in my steep and yet even that wasn't enough to awaken me.

Now my mother was in the dream. She was shaking her finger at me. Telling me it wasn't nice to eat a popsickle in front of company. What company? The dream fuzzed and the tickly, itchy licking grew more intense. It was getting less and less dreamlike.

I moved my sleeping body in the bed. Satin sheets. So I wasn't at home, or at Lorrie's either. I was slowly beginning to wake up. The thick, hot popsickle throbbed bigger between my lips. Something danced over the nubbin of my clit and sent a wave of pure pleasure through me like a jolt of lightning.

I opened my eyes.

The room was almost pitch dark. But then I saw the light coming through the curtains -- moonlight. And I felt the mouth sucking wetly against my mound. Then I knew my hands were tied with silk at the small of my back and that I was lying on them.

I was looking at Nat's balls! The reality swirled back with almost sickening intensity.

Nat's cock was being pumped gently in and out of my mouth as he hovered over my body on his knees. And as he slowly fucked my mouth, his tongue was diving in and out of my seeping cunt.


"Easy, honey," he said, seeing that I was starting to wake up.

I tried to roll away from him, but my shoulders were caught between his knees. The angle his cock made in my mouth wouldn't let it go very deep. But I couldn't get that throbbing, barbed tip away from between my teeth. He kept fucking me with it, fucking my mouth.

I tugged at the silk at my wrists.

Nat turned on the bed. Then he was straddling my chest, his cock angled now so that he could slide it as deep into my mouth as he wanted. My poor pussy pulsed hungrily for the mouth that was no longer teasing it.

Nat looked down between his arms as he brought his hips forward.

"When I was in law school," he said, "I used to have the hots for a professor's daughter. I never thought I'd be able to really have a teenager for my very own..."

"Nhhuuuummmmmm!" I tried to twist my head to the side, but now that he was fucking my mouth it was even harder to escape than before. I kicked my heels into the mattress. Nat pushed his cockhead into my throat. I was on the verge of gagging. He held that swelling, sensitive barb there, rocking it gently forward and back.

"You like it... don't lie to me, you like it!"

There was a part of me that hated it! The part of me that was afraid of being hurt. But that daring part of me was like Nat said. I couldn't ignore that any more. That huge, hard shaft resting on my tongue... the bulging veins, the hot tip it was bewitching in some weird way. I wasn't thinking of it as sucking a man's cock. It was something being done to me that I didn't have a name for.

Nat eased his shaft back, back over my jerking tongue. I washed the underside of it with quick, hot licks. I didn't even think about doing it. Just the fullness of that prick in my mouth made my tongue work.

Nat kept pulling it back until just the tip rested on my lip. Then he touched my breasts softly. I was beginning to start thinking more clearly now. I remembered what had happened out in the garden when I'd been bound up against that wall. Then I wondered about Bobby Jackson. He'd obviously gotten out of the house when Nat had taken me to the back yard.

But Nat was starting to tremble.

I started to turn my head away, but then Nat brought his hips forward and buried the head of his cock in the depths of my throat. As lugged and my stomach twisted into a knot, I felt the hot curds exploding... slipping in strings down my throat and into my stomach.

Then Nat did something really weird. Even while his cock was jetting cum, he jerked it out of my mouth and shoved his body down against mine, scooting lower, smearing his hot jizz over my breasts and belly.

With one strong jab, his cocktip speared deep into my womb.

"Ohhhh... what are you doing to me?"

Nat kissed my cummy mouth hungrily. His powerful body rammed my thighs open... wider... wider! I felt completely raped, ravished, penetrated. I lurched and writhed under his fucking. I'd passed out with two vibrators stuck into my body and now I'd awakened to find a cock in my mouth... which had quickly been jammed into my pussy while it jetted thick cream!

"Ohhh... noooo! Ohhhh Nat, please stop! I think I'm losing my mind!"

"Jerilyn... Goddamn... you fine little hunk of ass!"

Nat kissed me harder.

I was no match for his weird imagination... or for his strength. I was his slave! It was beginning to dawn on me that Nat wanted a slave, not a lover.

I must have passed out again, this time with Nat's cock deep inside my pussy.

My dreams were turbulent and mixed up. I dreamed now that I really had been put in a mental hospital. And that my doctor was Nat. He came and visited me in my padded cell. Of course his visits were completely private and part of my therapy was being chained to the wall and getting fucked.

Getting fucked and fucked and fucked.

Until all I saw when I closed my eyes was cocks!

I woke up alone.

And the first thing that entered my mind was how bad I wanted to come! Nat had made me suck him and then he had fucked me... and I remembered being so close before. Now I was crazed with that one thought.

"Ohhh, where am I?"

I pushed myself up on elbows. The morning light was coming in the window. There were birds outside. It was a normal day for millions of people in the world. Bait it wasn't that way for me.

I threw back the sheet. Satin sheet. I was in Nat's bed, in Nat's room. There was smears of dried cum on my skin... everywhere it seemed. When I moved my mouth, I could feel the stiffness of the stuff on my cheeks too. And there was a flat, sour taste in my mouth.

"Mmmmmnnnn... Ohhhh, I feel soooo funny." My cunt was mushy and swollen. When I sat up and crossed my legs, I could see that the outer lips were swollen. My clit jutted up slickly like it wanted to be rubbed.

What had Nat done to my mind? He had really changed something inside me! I knew it so well! It was a new hunger that ran through my nerves. I touched my feverish pussy. The muscles contracted and throbbed with hot blood.

"Nooo... Ohhhh God, I'm so horny I think I'm gonna die!"

I realized that for the first time in days, I was not tied or chained or anything like that. I swung my long legs out of bed and tried to stand up. So far so good.

Then I managed to walk to the bathroom door before my legs threatened to give way. I threw cold water over my body, spilling most of it on the floor. Then I dabbed myself clean and tried to keep my head from drifting off into thoughts of sex.

Ohhhh Christ! He'd really fucked me up. This insane lawyer! I went on through the bathroom to my own room. The broken glass had been cleaned up.

Did Nat suspect anything? And where was Bobby Jackson? It was too much to sort out now. I tried my door. Open!

I was in the hall before I realized I was stark naked. I went back inside my room and opened the closet. This time I found something. The red dress. The dress I'd worn that evening with Nat when he'd let me eat at the table like a human being. I slipped it over my shoulders. It wasn't much, and I didn't have any panties or shoes.

I was tiptoeing down the hall when I heard Nat's voice. There wasn't anyone else talking to him... just the low hum of his words. He was talking on the telephone... to my mother in New York.

"Yes, Cathryn, I mean it. I want to marry you as soon as you fly back... yes, Jerilyn is coming along nicely... We've reached an understanding. She still has some pretty vivid fantasies but we can work those out I'm sure..."

I put my hand to my head and slumped back against the wall. It was like living in a madhouse. Everybody was out to drive me crazy. But of course my poor mother didn't know the truth. And she would always believe Nat before she would take my doubtful word.

He had her under his thumb. And he was making plans to keep me there too!

"Ohhh God," I breathed, listening to him sweet-talking my mother.

Marry the old lady and have the daughter for free. And after the strange things Nat had done to my head, I doubted that I could resist his advances any more. I knew that the next time I felt something silk being tied around my wrists, or felt a chain on my neck... I knew I'd just about fall in the floor and come tight there.

Even now my body was feverish. It was unbelievable that I really wanted to be raped. Rut the imagery that flooded my head was that of being pushed down onto my knees... of having a hot cock stabbed into my mouth... and then bent over a bed and fucked from behind!

"I'm crazy. He's driven me crazy!"

I clapped a hand over my mouth and hurried back down the hall. My bare feet were quiet on the thick carpet. I had no plan. I plunged downstairs, expecting to be stopped by Nat's butler. But surprisingly enough, he was nowhere around.

The silk dress fluttered around my thighs and breasts as I ran. The front door was a few steps away and it seemed unbelievable that I'd gotten this far.

Had Nat made some kind of miscalculation? Or would the door be locked?

It was! I looked around, frantic and angry. The window in the front room. It had no bars on it, no grating or anything. I picked up a small table and straining, rammed it through the glass.

The sound was so loud I almost pissed. I didn't know how I got over that windowsill without cutting myself, but I did, and I was running across the big front lawn in the warm sunshine!

I made the curving drive before someone burst out of the house behind me. Of course, it had to be Nat! Would I make it to a neighbor's house before he caught me and dragged rue back? In this part of town the houses were far apart and many of them fenced in, or worse... walled.

And then I saw Bobby Jackson's car! He had been parked along the tree-lined street and now he jumped out!

He ran towards me. I saw a pistol stuck in his belt. He looked more scared than I was.

"Jerilyn... are you okay?"

I threw myself into his arms and turned my head to see if Nat was still coming.

Nat had stopped halfway down his front lawn and then walked in our direction. But Bobby had seen him chasing me! And he knew about the chains and everything!

"Get me out of here," I blurted. "Ohhhh, Bobby... please hurry before he takes me back!"

Bobby pulled the automatic from under his belt. It was just a twenty-two target pistol that Lorrie had told me he fooled around with sometimes. But it was big enough to make Nat stop.

"Now let's be sensible about this, young man!"

"You just stay back there, Mr. Blake, and everything will be fine."

"I could make a lot of trouble for you, Bobby," Nat said, grim-faced.

I clung to Bobby's body and pushed my mound against his thigh. I couldn't help it! Even with all this going on, I felt about to explode.

"Don't even talk to him, Bobby?" I whimpered. "Just get me out of here... now!"

Bobby pushed me into his car and ran around to the other side. He waved the gun at Nat to keep him back.

The red dress had flopped up my thighs so that my cunthair showed, but I didn't pay any attention. Bobby spun his tires as he turned around. Nat started for the car again, but we were squealing rubber down the hillside road that led back toward town.

"Oh Bobby..." I put my hands around his middle and knew that my tit was warming his bare arm. "You save me!"

I was crazy with gratitude. I started kissing his face and neck and whimpering happily. I couldn't believe it was over. I knew how a caged bird must foci when his door was accidentally left open. I'd been fed and given a place to sleep but I hadn't been free at all.

"I was sitting in my car trying to think of what to do when you came running out," Bobby said, his words tumbling out fast. "I would've shot that sonofabitch if I'd had to."

My body was in flames! I could feel the slick juice between the puffy lips of my cunt. I couldn't keep my ass still on the car seat. Bobby noticed too.

"Ohhhhh God Bobby, how can I thank you enough..."

"You want to go to the cops?"

"Noo!" I shook my head. "Not yet anyway. I have to get my head all straightened out."

"Maybe you'd better tell them everything." His jeans bulged as I kissed him. "Before Nat gets hold of them and tells a bunch of lies."

"He can't do anything now," I said. "Remember, you saw how I was chained up. You saw! Nat must know that now since he found the broken window in my room."

We drove along Maple Street for a while. Everything seemed so peacefully summertime now that I was free from Nat. I moved my fingers against the tight denim on Bobby's thigh. He was breathing hard and his cock was bulging out hugely. I touched the hump of his pants.



"Would you like to... I mean do you think we could..."

"Ohhhh yesss! I'm dying to!"

Bobby stopped at the next light and pulled me against him. His tongue lashed wetly against my open lips and then dove inside. I sucked it deep, making whining sounds and moving my hips up and down on the seat.

Somebody behind us honked. The light was green.

"We can't go to my place," I said. "For one thing, Nat has the key. And he might look for me there."

I was certain that Nat wouldn't chance going to the police. Especially since there was a possibility that I would. I saw now that I had something I could use against him now. Even if he did marry my mother. Especially if he married my mother. I made Bobby stop at a pay phone and give me a dime.

I dialed Nat's number and he answered on the second ring. Obviously, he hadn't been in any big hurry to get to the authorities. He started out asking me to be reasonable, to come back up to his place so we could talk things over. But I knew what would happen whenever I got within range of his strange power. Even though I had Bobby to give me strength now, I didn't want to ever be compromised by Nat again. I told him how it was going to be.

He could many my mother if she was crazy enough to do it. He could go on like always, being a big-shot lawyer in Rutherford and all. But now I would be on the payroll. He would send me a check every month. A nice, fat check.

I was surprised at my ruthlessness. But after all, I'd learned it from Nat.

When I got back in the car, Bobby saw my smile.

"You called the cops?"

"Nope. I did better than that..."

I kissed his lips so gently that he started moaning and wanting more. I pushed my mouth up close to his ear.

"You know that motel over in the next county? The one the old man runs who never asks any questions if you have the money for the room?"

"Yeah," Bobby sighed, his hands working under the hem of the red dress.

"Ohhh God, let's go there, Bobby! Let's go there in a hurry!"

Chapter EIGHT

It was the middle of the morning, but old Mr. Caruthers didn't blink when he took Bobby's money and shoved the key across the scarred counter.

I'd gone into the motel office with Bobby because I didn't feel like being left alone. I clung to his arm as he tried to conceal his embarrassment.

But it showed it anyway. I couldn't blame Bobby for being a little red-faced.

I was obviously underage. Barefoot. In a blood red dress that people around Rutherford just didn't wear on the street.

Of course, old Mr. Caruthers didn't know. I wasn't wearing panties. But I didn't think that would've bother him much anyhow. He had the money for the room and Bobby's signature in the guest book.

As we started out the door, he was already giving his full attention to the television set again.

"Ohhh, Bobby... it'll be just the two of us... alone!"

Bobby pound the gears parking in front of unit three. Then we ran giggling into the dark, cool room and fell on the bed, already tangled up and breathing hard.

"I don't want to hurry too much," Bobby gasped, pushing the red dress up frantically, trying to expose my heavy tits.

"Ohhhh hurry, I don't care Bobby! Hurry!"

"I've got blue balls just thinking about you in that room with the chain."

"Don't! I want to start living flow! From this moment an..." But Bobby's wards had made me think. As much as I wanted to get even with Nat for the perverted things he'd done to me, I had to admit that a change had occurred. I'd been freaked about boys before Nat's little games. And now I was eagerly undressing one of the wildcat guys in Rutherford. I sure wasn't a scared, defensive virgin any more!

"Baby... God you always smell like you're ready to fuck!"

"I am... I am!"

"And your tits... Jesus fucking Christ!"

"They're not too big?"

I had managed to unfasten Bobby's fly and was edging his shorts down, my fingers trembling as I circled the hot shaft of his prick.

"I always thought I dug little tits... until I kissed yours."

"Ohhh, Bobby, that's sweet."

I had his cock in my hand now and I pulled it up out of his strangling undershorts. I remembered the familiar bend it had... and now that I'd seen Nat's cock, I knew that Bobby was... well, different! My heart pounded as I looked at his thick cock. For the fiat time in my life, I wanted to put that cock in my mouth! The shock of realizing that I wanted to do something that Nat had forced me to do made me blush. Of course I had sucked Bobby's cum before. But that had been an emergency.

"I... Bobby, I want to suck your cock." I swallowed and closed my eyes. My fingers tightened just behind the flared glans until I felt Bobby's pulse pounding there. "I just had to say that... I really want to!"

"I want to eat your pussy too!" Bobby sighed. He moved his hips on the bed and I started to jack his cock up and down slowly.

"Ohhhh God! I never thought it would be this fun," I said dreamily. I was watching the way his cock-tip was darkening. The way it was getting so fat and so much hotter.

"Uhhhhnnn! Jerilyn honey... you'd better not..."

"Just think, Bobby! We have all the rest of the day to play. And all night too, if we want." I giggled and leaned down to rub my spit-wet lips over the head of his prick.

"Jerilyn... baby, you'd better not do that right now... you'd better slow..."

I played with his balls. They slid around in their sack when I fingered them. I could feel everything now that I was really paying attention.

But what was wrong with Bobby? His face looked flushed. He was grunting.

"Jerilyn... I've been wanting this too long... I'm all worked up and, honey... if you don't stop doing that..."

"Doing what?"


My hair tangled around his prick. I unwound it slowly, and then I took his prick in both hands and started licking it in long upward movements of my tongue like it was a lollipop. I giggled and looked up at Bobby. His face was red and he was holding his breath.

Then I looked back down at his cocktip.

The tiny slitted opening widened suddenly and a huge froth of cream formed there. It reminded me of the way whipped cream came out of a can. The whitish curds just kept building there until finally they began to slip down the sides of his tip and over my knuckles. Then a powerful jet shot up so quickly that I felt it stream up my cheek.

"Wowee!" I should have known what was happening! But now that Bobby was coming, I knew he had to finish. I plunged my mouth quickly around the throbbing prick and sucked. Then I licked around the slit where more cum was boiling out.

It tasted good to me now. Now that I knew how I felt about Bobby and how he felt about me. And I guess even Nat had something to do with my change of hurt. There was nothing wrong with the stuff. It felt slick and slimy all right, but just thinking about where it came from made my pussy hip with hot juice.

I sucked hungrily.

"Huuuhnnn... Ohhhh, Jerilyn... motherfucker..."

Bobby caressed my face with shaking hands. He was jerking and lurching around on the bed as I raised and lowered my head over his crotch. I was fingering his balls too, playing with them.

"Mmmmmm!" I cooed, taking the tip into my throat just as it spewed out another steamy spout of seed. I gulped the stringy stuff down noisily.

Bobby seemed to like it when I rubbed my fingernails up and down against the insides of his thighs while I sucked. It was fun experimenting and finding out just exactly what excited him most! And we had a long time to discover each other.

I took my lips away from the flared head slowly. The sucking sound made me shiver with lust, and when I looked down at that dark cock another ooze of cum washed over the head and I wound some of it around my finger and sucked it off. Then I smacked my lips, tonguing the cummy mess from the corners of my mouth while Bobby watched me.

"Jesus... you're so fine. I'm crazy about you." Bobby closed his eyes.

"Okay. You can rest. But I'm not going to be able to wait long."

I got up off the bed and was surprised how dizzy I was. My pussy was swollen out so much that the lips rubbed against my thighs when I walked to the bathroom. Bobby lay on his back, breathing deeply. I could see his cock going limp as the last dribble of cum made a glossy, white puddle there.

My nipples were hot electric excitement. I started working my hips up and down like there was a cock inside me!

"Ohhhh... I want it soooo bad!" I dabbed a cum stain off the red dress. At first that dress had been a kind of symbol of my captivity. But now I figured it was a part of me. I was going to keep it as a reminder of my changed attitude about sex. I didn't even hate Nat for all the things he'd put me through.

I was dreaming about Bobby's cock. I looked in at his lanky, muscled body there on the bed. His cock was still limp, the color gone out of it now that he had spurted his sap. I wondered how long it took a man to revive.

As I stood there in the doorway watching him, my fingers strayed under the hem of the red dress. My fingertips were slick before I was even close to my slit. I plowed into my pussy and then dug up into my flushed, swollen hole.

"Ghaaaaa!" The sound of my knuckles sucking in the throbbing folds made my knees go weak. I leaned against the doorframe and fingerfucked harder.

It was time to get to the bed!

"Bobby?" I kissed his thigh and then lifted his wilted cock up. "When can we play again..."

"Nnnnnn..." He didn't open his eyes.

"Ohhhh... you look so beautiful all naked and cummy," I breathed, lifting his cockshaft and dropping it again.

Bobby smiled but he didn't look like he was coming around yet. I decided I'd take a little trip of my own... a journey over his lovely male body. Maybe I could find out a few things.

The sound of the silk dress sliding up over my breasts and shoulders made him peek at me with one eye, but he closed it again and took a deep breath. I shook my head and giggled. Men called themselves the super studs of the universe. It was a man's world... and all that kind of crap. But when they got their rocks, they sure petered out fast!

Bobby smelled good. Lorrie always told me he was a pretty clean guy, took lots of showers and all that. I was glad because I intended to eat him up. I loved the musky smell here and there. Like under his arms. The hair was tinged with a pungent, manly odor that sent me into shivers when I inhaled. The smell didn't bother me at all. It was really more like a sex perfume. I burrowed my mouth deep under his arm and pushed my tongue around in the hair.

Bobby moaned.

"Sonofabitch... that feels good!"

"I thought it would..."

"I felt daring! I felt like I could do almost anything and it wouldn't shock me. I only hoped I wouldn't shock Bobby." The thought made me smile. One of his nipples was close to my chin now. I wet my lips and then surround the small bump.

"Ghhhuuuu..." Bobby groaned, writhing around under my body.

"Jerilyn... what the fuck are you doing to meee!"

"Am I as good as Lorrie?"

"I thought Lorrie was a hot piece," he gasped. "She's a prude compared to you."

I pouted and teased his nipple. "I don't want to be just another hot piece!"

"Baby... I mean... what I meant was..."

I stopped his frantic explaining with the flat of my tongue. By pushing it down hard on his tit and rubbing it around like crazy.

Bobby arched his back up off the mattress. "Ohhh, so you like that, do you?"

"Huunnn!" Drool slipped from the corner of his mouth. I sucked that tiny nubbin as far into my mouth as I could. Then, holding it firmly, I danced my tonguetip over its surface.

It sounded like Bobby was choking on something.

I felt a little lump against my belly. When I glanced down between our bodies I saw that his cock wasn't quit so small any more. It wasn't nice and hard either. But it was getting there... slowly.

I worked my way across his chest to the other nipple. This time I just teased. Licking circles, coming closer.

"That's torture!" He writhed harder than before, his fingers clutching at my shoulders.

"I like to torture you. I've been through some torture myself."

"Maybe I should tie you up. You like that?"

"I don't know..."

I wasn't really sure. But the words, the sounds of his voice just saying it had made my pussy glow suddenly. Maybe I would like that. There was, time to see, to find out everything about myself now.

I kept kissing down Bobby's long body. I found his navel. Bobby made a sound like he was coming up for air.

I took a close look at his cock. It was still growing but it had a long way to go. I gave it a long, lingering lick and then dipped lower. Bobby parted his thighs eagerly. I had squirmed my body around until now I was headed downward, peering at his balls.

With careful squeezes, I picked the wrinkled sack up and worked the little orbs around. That was where it all started. Life, love... everything! I wet my lips. I could see the tube that ran down the underside of Bobby's prick... it seemed to be connected in some way to his balls. What would those thing feel like inside my mouth?



"It is okay for a girl to... well I mean would it hurt you or anything if I kind of sucked on your balls, a little?"

"Jesus... sure... do it!"

Bobby seemed excited by the idea.

"You have such a nice body," I breathed, excitedly, squirming my belly against his chest.

Bobby was doing something to my other end. I felt his fingers touching the insides of my thighs and I opened them wide for him. Then he was prying apart my inner folds and breathing against my raw and dripping cunt! I sucked in a ragged breath.

"Honey... do something!"

"Your cunt... oh God, it's beautiful! It's all pink around the edges. Like a seashell. Then it gets darker... here!" His finger touched the ring of muscles at the beginning of my hole and I tightened down. Then he was shoving into me... deeper. Two fingers... no! Three! I rocked my hips and worked my body in that direction.

I was almost close enough to his mouth for him to lick me there! I writhed a little more and inched back. Then his lips were dripping against my pubes and I arched my back.


"Baby... you're eating stuff!"

"Eat me! Eat my pussy all up!"

For the moment I'd forgotten about messing with Bobby. The luscious velvety rubbing of his mouth against me was unbelievable. I found myself shoving even harder against him... pushing my body up into a sitting position.

"Honey... honey... Nhhhuuuuuuu... Ohhhhhh shit!"

My arms trembled but held my weight. I shoved back hard, working my cunt around in circles, covering his whole face it seemed. I knew my juices were dripping down his cheeks. Now I was sitting up straight... sitting on his face! I wasn't even afraid to let more of my weight down on him. His tongue dove into my slit like a maddened make!

"Bobby... fuck... Ohhhhhhfuckohfuckohfuck!"

He grunted and tried to jet air. I didn't even care it seemed. I knew he'd breathe someway or other. I just wanted to keep shoving my mound down around his mouth. His tongue was ravishing my clit now... shoving the little thing around. It hardened under his rough tonguing... stiffened out with blood. Then the rubbing was more intense!

"Honey... you're killing me! Ohhhhhh I could come here just sitting on your face!"

I looked down at Bobby's cock. It was stiffening now. I squirmed my hips viciously, rubbing my pay harder against his teeth.

"Shhhhhit!" I grunted. I lifted my cunt up a little and just shuddered. My nipples pushed out from my breasts. Suddenly I felt like taking something into my mouth again... filling my lips with Bobby's prick.

He flopped and rolled when I lifted his stiffened cock up and sucked it into my throat. When I got the flared head into my throat and started swallowing, Bobby yelped.

It was like he suddenly had gone crazy! He threw me over on the bed and started wrestling me around in a sexy way. I was hot as a firecracker, but I got the giggles too when I saw the feverish state he was in!

"Gotta fuck you... gotta!"

"I'm not gonna let you, Bobby...!" I tried to sound serious. He tried to wriggle between my thighs, but I caught him off balance and shoved him to the side. Before he could catch my wrists again, I'd squirmed over onto my belly and clamped my thighs tight around him.

Poor Bobby! He grasped at my ass cheeks and then clawed my thighs. There wasn't any place for him to go.

But what he did next just about wiped me out! I felt his tongue hot and wet! It was sliding between the halves of my ass! I couldn't believe it, but it was true.

"You're sweet enough to eat up!" he laughed.

His tongue brushed my taut asshole and I went crazy with shivery thrills. Of course, I couldn't keep my body closed to him now. The effect of his licking sent me into spasms of moaning pleasure. He grabbed my shoulders and forced me onto my back again. Then he fell between my legs and pumped his rigid cock up into my cunt!

"Noooo... you'll have to fight for it!" I tried to push him away. He was laughing too, but both of us were hot.

I don't know how I managed, but I got to the edge of the bed and he had to let me go or fall off the mattress. I was crawling across the rug on all fours when Bobby mounted me from behind like a dog!

His cock slapped up under my belly and I weakened. I was slumped against the wall. Bobby pulled his cock-tip back, back until it was nestled into my pussy. Then he gave a growl and lunged forward.

"Bobbeeeeee!" Every muscle in my body spasmed as I felt his cock drive deep into my pussy! My cuntlips seeped lubrication that clung to his fucking shaft as he worked it into me.

"Babydoll... you... you're tight and hot and soo good!"

"You're stiffer than I've ever felt you... I can feel the head of your cock!" I could almost imagine how it would look. That pretty, hot shaft with the gentle bend in it. I was lucky to have a lover who was a little different.

"Jesus, Jerilyn, when you do your cunt like that... yeah... make it tight! Ohhhh, baby!"

His hands searched my sides and then cupped under each heavy hanging breast. He pinched my nipples between his fingers and roll them around until I squealed and bucked my back like a wild mare.

But Bobby rode me! He held on as he kept fucking his cock in and out of my sucking hole!

"Deep... Jesus, you're deep! I never could get it all in Lorrie!"

"I'm glad you're long enough to really fuck me good!" I drooled when I said this. My head hung down, hair flying with each driving lunge of Bobby's ass. My tits quivered in his palms. He was leaning hard against my back, letting his full weight ride on every inward fuck! But I didn't care! I like the feeling of being forced like that. Of being the female, of being mounted!

"Bobbeeee... Ohhh it's so hard and hot when it slides in! I just wish I could keep it in my hole forever."

"Hhnnnnuuuu!" His clasping fingers smoothed down to my hips. He was holding me firmly now, rising up with his body as he tried to work his stiff cock deeper! I couldn't believe I could take any more. My eyes bugged out, and I choked. I could feel his balls pressing up against my pussy now... but Bobby drove even deeper and I felt my pussy clasp his cock hungrily, sucking it for its hot juice.

"Can you come again, darling?" I gasped.

"Oh Jesus, yes!" He pushed his cheek against my back and panted. "The way your pussy eats my cock I could cum a dozen times today."

"Let's try!" I sighed.

"Jerilyn I could cum in you all day..."

It was a swept thing to say though I knew he couldn't. Men were so romantic! I was understanding them more now. I could even understand Nat with his silk and chains and all.

"Ohh, Bobby, I'm gonna come if you keep fucking me so hard and deep..."

"Jerilyn... Ohhh fuck... it's gettin' good!"

I don't know why I did what I did then. But I guess I couldn't resist teasing him just a little more. To see if he could take it. It was when I felt his body shudder and slip a little to one side. I suddenly shoved him away. His cock slipped from my cunt with a loud sucking smack and I was up, bounding towards the bed, giggling.

But Bobby was right behind me. He was cursing me with a smile on his face. As dirty a trick it was, he was getting off on it.

"You... damn you..." He threw me on my back on the mattress. He forced a leg between my thighs and then got his other one in too. I tried to keep him from kissing me, but when his tongue dove into my ear, I trembled like a gaffed fish. And in that moment of helplessness, Bobby held his cock up against the lip of my pussy and thrust through the clinging, dripping softness.

"Bobby... Ohh yes... fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

His cock raped deep. It made sucking, sliding noises as he pulled it almost out of my cunt and rammed it in again. My hips lunged and danced above the bed. My shoulders writhed. And I dug my nails into the beck of his neck she kissed me with carnal fury!

"Tongue... give me your tongue, you crazy bitch!"

"Mmmmmm..." I gave him my tongue to suck. It was like fucking between his lips at the same time he was fucking my pussy with his fat prick!

The bed was getting soppy with my juices. My breath was shuddering cries of pleasure as the thrills mounted my body, covered me everywhere.

My pussy itched like crazy! It was the kind of itch that only got worse when you scratched it... I kept scratching it though, plunging my pussy hard against the wild fucking.

Every muscle in both our bodies was taut with unbelievable tension. I couldn't figure out which part of me needed release the most. But my pussy seemed about to explode... and that hot, hard cock wasn't wilting a bit yet!

"I'm coming...!" Bobby tried to kiss me, but he only drooled down my cheek and chin.

"Wait for me, baby... Ohhh, Bobby, wait! I'm so close!" I shoved my hand down and grasped his balls. Gently I squeezed them, shoving them up against that exploding gland inside Bobby's groin.

He gasped and I felt his come just hang there. The curved tip of his prick was thumping hard against the mouth of my womb... eager to fill me with seed.

Now I was so close behind... soooo close!

"Hold on... Ohhhh, honey... harder... fuck me harder!"

"If I do, I'll cut my brains out!"

Then I felt my pussy reach that maddening point of ecstasy. I let go of my lover's balls and plunged my nails deep into the meat of his ass-cheeks.

"Now! Ohhhh now, Bobby, now!"

He whimpered like a whipped puppy and shoved the fun length of his prick into my clasping hole. As he held the head of it against my deepest parts, I ground my ass in frenzied circles. Something hot exploded against my womb and at the same instant my clit bulged with blood, seemed to burst into flames of the most shivering pleasure I'd ever experienced!

"Bobby... I love you... love you... love fuck, ohhhhhh fuck!"


And as the steamy curds dripped around out of my hole and down between the cheeks of my ass, I felt reborn. A new life was beginning for and if I didn't do anything else, I was going to get my share of fucking!

I clung to Bobby's writhing body, feeling the radiant pleasure of our love.


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