The preacher's wife in bondage

Life is filled with periods of transition, and it all starts at birth, when a baby is yanked from the warmth and safety of the womb. No less traumatic for most children is the transition from the protective environment of the home, to the sometimes frightening school environment. And then comes the time when one must decide -- often involuntarily -- what to do with one's life.

Transitions all of us must make. Indeed, life itself seems to be a never-ending string of transitions.

In this frank novel, a young minister's wife is faced with changes, which greatly affect her view of the world, as well as her relationship with the church.

THE PREACHER'S WIFE IN BONDAGE -- is the story of a woman who, while striving to follow her faith, discovers that sometimes things happen in the world over which neither she nor her God seem to have any control.

Society condemns her, but is she really guilty? A work of fiction, true, but one which holds a message for us all.

Chapter ONE

Ellen Weathersby sat quietly in the pew of her husband's church, her mind alive with the images of hell that her husband was expounding in front of her. "The pain, my children, the pain of a bee sting is magnified a thousand, no, one million times in hell. Think of it!"

She was, and her mind was alive with pictures that would have made her husband weak. Ellen moved her pert ass back against the stiff back of the pew, feeling every inch of her body alive with the forbidden lust her husband raved against. When he began talking once more of the ropes and gags the devils used, Ellen closed her eyes, pressing her knees tightly against one another, feeling her cunt grow hot and wet between her shivering white legs.

"God help me, God... God help me," she whispered, her moist lips moving slightly as her cuntal walls buckled under the increased sexual heat. Opening her eyes, she turned and saw several old women nodding approvingly at her haunted whisper. If they only knew what she really wanted! The thought of being naked and vulnerable while rough and rowdy men fucked her sent shivers racing up and down the blonde woman's tense thighs.

Ellen shifted her position uneasily on the wooden bench, tucking her legs under the pew and biting her pouty lower lip to regain some control over herself. It was wrong -- dreadfully wrong -- to have these thoughts drifting through her mind. She tried concentrating on the words thundering from her tall husband behind the pulpit. But all Ellen could think of was those big-cocked studs of her fantasies laughing at her, pointing at her as they pressed their boots against her face and ground her into the dirt.


Drawing a flowered handkerchief and pressing it to her trembling lips, Ellen quickly edged her way from the pew and walked briskly from the church. The rub of her swollen cuntlips against her clit made her knees shaky. It was a miracle, she thought as she inhaled the cool evening air, that she hadn't collapsed there in the doorway. Michael, her husband, still blasted away at the evils of the flesh -- while Ellen could only crave them. Had he noticed her leaving? The attractive blonde clutched her black leather purse and shook her head, feeling the world closing in on her. No, she doubted he had seen her leave.

Ellen was feeling trapped as she hurried down the darkening road, her heels making sloshing sounds against the loose gravel. They were trapped out here among boring people whose lives were defined by the rotating crops and hellfire religion. It was more than she could take.

Walking more slowly now, Ellen began enjoying the feelings rushing through her thighs making them so tender while her cunt throbbed like an opened, festering wound. She was so wet down there. She could feel her panties clinging itchily to her swollen cunt-lips while more and more warm juice seeped from her cunt-hole and wet down her pussy-hairs. God in heaven! How was she supposed to live like this?

In a moment, the woman realized she was some distance from the old clapboard church. She was approaching a low, long house with a rusty tin roof that was sagging badly in the middle. She stopped, her breath catching while one hand fluttered up to her throat.

The Crenshaws!

She had seen them many times -- a family of white trash, men who sneered at women and used them cruelly for their own pleasure. People whispered about the brothers saying they were worse than their perverted father who was now in prison for some unspeakable crime. Ellen paused, looking at the dim light seeping through the yellowed shades.

She started to turn around -- when the front door suddenly flew open. A half-dozen naked girl rushed screaming from the house, her hands in front of her. Immediately behind her was a bare-chested man. Ellen hid in the shadows, watching as the girl turned toward her and ran as fast as she could. The man was too fast, however, catching up with the screaming girl and grabbing her by the hair.

"Ow! Lemme go, you... no, no, don't!"

"Little fucking slut! What'd you think we was gonna do to you here, huh?"

Ellen winced as she watched him wrestle her to the ground, pulling her up by the hair, at times while kneeing her in the face. That was Joe Crenshaw, the eldest of the bunch. He was the dark-haired one, the one with a mustache. The girl was sobbing now, begging him to let her go while he threw her back onto the road and started to raise one leg. He was going to kick her in the face!

"You stop that, Joe Crenshaw, or I'll call the sheriff!"

Ellen had no idea how she'd managed to get the courage to shout that. Joe put down his leg, turning and frowning into the darkness. The girl wasted no time, scrambling out from under him and pulling what was left of her dress over her naked tits. She rushed to the other side of the road, clinging to an old elm tree and trying to regain her breath.

"What the... oh, it's you... the preacher's wife. What the hell are you doin' out here, ma'am?"

Ellen felt her skin grow prickly as she walked forward, smoothing her trembling hands on her white dress. She looked at the trembling girl now. Her mouth was swollen, and bruises around her forehead and neck had just started to show. The Crenshaws -- at least this one -- had obviously been abusing her for some time. She could smell just the faintest trace of liquor coming from the girl and guessed Joe had managed to lure her into the house with promises of booze -- this was a dry county -- then jumped her.

"I was out for a walk," Ellen replied, tilting her chin up defiantly. "You've not right to treat this girl that way. Now, you let her go, Joe Crenshaw."

She watched his big fingers curling into two fists and thought for a moment he was going to hit her.

"Thank you, ma'am, thank you," the girl whispered, then she disappeared quickly into the shadows. Ellen watched her run, then turned and started walking back to the church. She would have to talk with her husband about these trashy people.

"Hey, where the fuck you think you're goin? I'm gonna get me some pussy -- one way or another. And if it ain't from Mindy Sue, then it's comin' off your sassy ass!"

Ellen wheeled around, her eyes wide while her mouth opened. Never, ever had anyone talked to her that way! She was hardly a prude. But she had always been treated with some bit of respect. She started to say something. But Joe was moving toward her, one hand raised high in the air. She cringed, starting to cry out while drawing one arm up toward her forehead. It was too late. His hand swung down, crashing against her right cheek and nearly shattering the bone. Ellen cried out, her knees buckling as a white-hot pain flashed across her face. She fell backward, her ass bouncing on the gravel while her dress flew up around her waist. She could hear Joe trampling on the gravel, his boots crunching the loose stones as he stood between her splayed legs and peered down at her.

"Help, oh God, help me, somebody!"


He spread his legs, bending down and bringing his right arm back once more. Ellen managed to shake the fuzziness from her throbbing head, reaching back with both hands and craw-fishing back. She could feel the tiny stones stabbing into her thighs, tearing at her juice-dampened panties. Joe followed, bringing his fist down against her face a second time and knocking her completely down onto the gravel.

"No! No!"

Ellen felt his big hands curling around her body, pulling her up from the gravel and dragging her what seemed like miles to the house. She caught brief glimpses of a filthy kitchen, an unkempt living room littered with beer cans, and finally a darkened hall. In a moment she found herself pitched through the air, landing on her side on a musty mattress thrown against one wall. It smelled horrible! She rolled onto her back, digging her heels into the filthy material and looking at Joe while he started unbuckling his belt and staring down at her.

"Fuckin' uppity preacher's wife," he muttered, pulling the belt from his jeans. "You sit there so pretty and prim, not thinkin' about trash like me. Well, I'm gonna heat that butt up for you, and you're gonna think about nothin' else but me, lady!"

"No, you're crazy! You don't know what you're doing!" she cried, her eyes growing wide as she pressed her back against the wall. Joe had the belt in his hand now, looping it and tapping the black leather against his thigh. Leering down, he grabbed a fistful of her bodice, tearing it from her body and leaving her naked tits exposed.


Ellen threw her hands up to her tits, the real horror of the situation sinking in finally. She shook her head wildly, closing her eyes while kicking her legs in the air.

Joe cursed, bringing the looped belt down against the right side of her face. Ellen screamed, feeling the hot dry smack that knocked her head to one side. She jerked her hand up to the injured flesh, feeling the stinging skin gingerly while blinking away the tears starting to seep from her eyes.

"Better," he grunted, noticing her calming down. He opened the belt now, trailing the edge over her naked thighs, bringing the leather up to her tits and letting it just touch her nipples. She breathed heavily, her tits rising and falling while fear made her throat tighten. Something else was happening too, something that made her wrinkle up her forehead and tremble in confusion. That hot, tight feeling in her cunt she had endured earlier was growing more and more concentrated. The more she lay there on that dirty old mattress, the hotter she felt, the itchy, tingling sensation around her cunt driving her mad while her thighs ridged in anticipation of... of what?


Again the belt came down, this time the pointed tip curling around her thighs and biting into her flesh. Ellen screamed, her head jerking back while her legs flew apart. Joe laughed, reaching toward her and gathering more material of her dress in his hand. He was stripping her, tearing her dress away until he saw her white cotton panties.

"Leave it to the preacher's wife to wear stupid drawers like those."

Ellen ignored the insult, drawing her knees together and pulling her heels back until they pressed against her ass-cheeks. Joe stepped back, cracking the belt with explosive show above her head, each one making the woman jump. She followed the movements of the snake-like belt with terrified eyes, a pulse leaping through her throat as the black leather snapped and bit at the air around her head.

Then he brought it down again, the leather slapping loudly against her flesh and making the preacher's wife jump. Again Joe cocked his muscular arm back, snapping the belt above his head before crashing it down on her left thigh.


It bit so close to her cunt! The hot explosion of heat and pain inches from her pussy made Ellen go into a mini-orgasm! Surprise and shock were evident on her face as she curled her legs up and rolled to her side, trembling against the mattress.

She was dimming, actually having a small climax as wet and gentle as a baby's kiss while Joe whipped her ass with the belt. She could feel the hot sting of the leather through her cotton panties, each blow drawing more and more pleasure from her seepy, hot fuck-hole!

"No, no, no more, no more!"

He stopped. Ellen heard the belt dropping to the floor, then heard the sound of material rubbing against flesh. He was stripping now, getting ready to rape her! She hid her face, moving her legs up until she was curled in a fetal position.

She felt him grab her shoulder, pulling her around until she lay flat on her back.

"Preacher's wife... fuckin' bitch, that's what you are," he said, spitting in her face and knocking her knees apart.

Ellen cringed as she looked up at the huge naked man. His prick caught her eye -- a long, thick, eight-inch prick with a fat mushroom shaped head that would surely split her in two. Ellen had never seen a cock this big before, although she had had those wicked, sinful dreams at her husband's side many times before. The juices in her cunt were starting to simmer, seeping from the fuzzy fuck-slit and slicking down her pussy-hairs. She felt him spreading her open, her eyes wide, focused on that long, thick prick that stood straight out from his porn.


He was touching her cunt now, rubbing his penis back and forth over the puffy, greasy outer pussy-lips until the woman thought she would come apart.

"Goddamned slut! You're hotter than some fuckin' nympho, and you goin' around actin' so fuckin' holy," he sneered, his eyes narrowing.

Joe curled his fingers and grabbed a fistful of her pussy-hair. Ellen's eyes flickered, her spine arching as she felt him tugging tentatively at her cunt-hairs. In a moment he yanked her up, snatching a few of her blonde wiry pussy-hairs.


Ellen screamed as hot shocks of pain ripped through her pussy, the horrid pain making her muscles spasm even more delightfully than before. It was an awful mixture of pleasure and agony that made her entire body shudder. Joe saw it and laughed, bringing his fist down and knocking her knees apart. Once more, his hand was down on her cunt, this time two fingers jabbing into her pussy-slot and shoving in.

Ellen's mouth opened once again, air rushing over her teeth. Her legs were draped over the ratty edges of the mattress, her knees bucking up and down while her ass hammered against the filthy material. Ellen didn't dare close her legs, keeping them wide apart as she felt the man's awful jagged fingernails pinching against her slick cuntal walls.

Joe was breathing harder, twisting his dirty fingers like a drill into her cunt, shoving them down deep until his knuckles were brushing up against her tight, rubbery outer cunt-lips. He laughed cruelly, bringing his other hand down and tangling his fingers into her hair. While he finger-fucked the minister's wife, he jerked her head inches above the mattress, yanking and pulling at her blonde strands until her eyelids fluttered. She cried out again, hot tears rolling down her face while her legs beat against the mattress.

Tiring of the game, Joe pulled his fingers from her pussy and let go of her hair, watching as the woman fell back limply against the mattress and crawled back against the wall.

"Mmmmm, hot pussy. Man, oh man, never thought the reverend's wife could be this hot. You must tie up his cock every night, or..." Joe looked at her with a crooked smile, pushing his fingers through his thick black curly hair. His mustache moved like a small animal over his upper lip. "Or, the old man ain't givin' you no prick. Bet that's it, huh, bitch? That's why you're bubblin' over. Well, old Joe and his brothers'll make sure you ain't never gonna want for no cock no more."

"No, Joe! You're filthy!"

Joe crawled onto the mattress, his prick bobbing up and down like a tree limb in a storm.

"Yeah, nice hot pussy. That's what you got, bitch. You're probably gonna cry when I stick this big mother in you."

Joe bent down, grabbing the belt from the floor and bringing it up to the panting woman. Ellen saw him gripping both ends of the black leather, drawing it up and pressing it first against her shoulders, then sliding it up, up until the smooth end was pushing against her windpipe.

She let out choking, gagging sounds, her fingers scratching at the leather until two nails broke while her legs kicked out spasmodically. Joe was firmly mounting her, however, his fists tightening around the leather strap while he watched the helpless woman struggle, kick and choke under him. Just when Ellen thought she would lose consciousness, Joe relented, sliding the belt from her throat and edging up until his prick was even with her mouth.

"Suck it, slut! Suck this cock and think about all them Bible schools you been in. Talk to the kids about suckin' cock next time," Joe sneered, reaching down with one hand and grabbing her hair again.

Ellen said nothing, feeling him twisting her strands once more until she opened her mouth to scream. It was then she received her first mouthful of cock, the fat cock-head rushing into her mouth and prying her jaw so wide she thought it would break from the pressure. God in heaven, there was little the Good Book had told her about this!

Chapter TWO

The minister's wife felt Joe's blunt cock-tip poking against the back of her throat, the mixture of spit and pre-cum coating her mouth and making her swallow. This was a form of sodomy, one of the worst sins the New Testament preached about, and one her husband harped on continually. And it was a sin that now made her cunt boil and spasm.

Joe was still yanking at her hair, his muscular hips working back and forth while his prick slid rhythmically over her flattened tongue. She could feel the veins of his cock rubbing against her stretched lips as the big man groaned with delight above her.

"Ohhh, man, hot fuckin' mouth. Baby, you're a real natural for cock-sucking, you know that? Must make that fuckin' minister a right happy guy at home," Joe said, his fingers fanning on either side of her head. "Whip that skull on me, bitch! C'mon!"

Frothy spit oozed around the corners of Ellen's lips. She could taste his cock-lube coating her throat, sliming down to her belly while her head bobbed back and forth. She couldn't fight him anymore. His knees pressed painfully against her narrow shoulders, shoving her into the mattress while his hairy balls dangled over her chin. He was fucking her face, his groin flattening her nose with every downward cock-lunge.

Ellen started feeling dizzy, gagging at every shove as more and more pre-cum oozed from his piss-slit and coated her mouth. Joe was coughing now, his excitement rising as he pounded the back of her throat harder. Ellen thought he was going to cum.

For one mad moment, she felt something like regret. Halfway worked up, she would hang there while he finished him off. Oh, how like her husband he would be! Suddenly Joe slowed down, his hips churning his prick around in her mouth, pushing out her cheeks while his cum-laden balls dragged gently over her chin. Ellen felt his fingers pressing hard against her skull and feared he would crush her head like an eggshell.

"Man, oh man! That hot suckin' mouth's gonna drain me dry if I keep pluggin' it. Gotta rope you down to keep you in line, bitch."

Ellen lay there, her lips smeared with his pre-cum and her spit. She could have tried to make a break for it now. Joe was grunting, crawling off the mattress and turning his back on her. She could rush for the door and run for it. But something kept her there. She felt something building in her, a strange force that kept her glued to the mattress even though she had a chance to bolt.

Joe recognized that. She could see it in his cruel black eyes as he turned back to her and threw down several pieces of quarter-inch nylon line between her legs.

"Gimme your fuckin' hands. You ain't gonna be the same, bitch, after old Joe pokes you. You're gonna be yellin' hallelujahs like crazy when you think about me and what I did to you tonight."

Ellen said nothing, keeping her eyes fastened on the big man and what he was doing. He picked up a twenty-inch piece of line, holding it taut in front of her eyes before he dropped it around her clenched fingers. Quietly, Ellen did as she was told, holding her wrists together and keeping silent as he looped the rope around her hands three times. He cinched the line with a double figure-eight, pulling the rope tight until she thought it would cut off her circulation. She winced, her forehead wrinkling while a strange hot tingling nibbled into her half-erect clit. Joe picked up a longer piece of line, snapping it in the air and moving down to her legs. He was bending her knees back, smoothing his hands over her ass, then sticking two fingers into her shitter.

Hot flashes shot through her ass and made her clit twitter even more. He could see the goose pimples erupting on her white flesh and grunted with approval. Turning her over, he planted one knee against her right leg and started smacking her ass.

Ellen shivered and bucked awkwardly against the raining blows, feeling her ass redden and swell from the constant spanking. Her skin was burning while the sensitive spot between her ass hole and cunt glowed with a new erotic sensation. Ellen liked that feeling and moved her hips back and forth, rubbing her swollen pussy against the mattress buttons.

"Man! Fuckin' the Goddamned mattress, huh? Can't wait to get somethin' in your cunt now. Right, slut? Christ, some minister's wife you turned, out to be."

Joe sneered, grabbing a fistful of hair once more and yanking her head back.

Ellen cried out, her throat raw from the hoarse shouts and cries of pain while Joe continued to slap his hands against her bare ass. She could feel the heat spreading like fingers into her shifter, making her asshole throb in tempo with her beating clit. The smacking blows echoed in the foul room, her ears ringing with the sounds.

At times, Ellen could feel the hot sweat dripping from Joe as he worked himself up into a slapping, spanking frenzy. She swallowed hard, tasting the last of his sticky cum washing down her throat.

"Now, we're gonna make this a little more interesting, baby. You don't want nothin' simple, right?"

Her hands were roped behind her, fingertips brushing against the reddened rounded tops of her buns. Joe took the longer length of rope now and held it in one hand, pulling her wrists and ankles together as if she were a roped calf. Ellen groaned, feeling the painful pressure building in her upper arms and thighs. The woman tried to raise her shoulders and tits from the mattress to ease the puffing agony. But Joe moved too quickly to let her body get accustomed to the odd pull. Soon, she felt the soles of her naked feet pressing against one another as he roped her ankles together, then used the remaining part of the line to bind her feet to her wrists. She could feel the harsh nylon line cutting into her flesh now like a knife. Ellen wondered if the wet sensation she experienced now was sweat or blood.

"Now, it gets interestin', right? Can't move at all... just like a roped calf. And man, oh man, you look real good that way, you know?"

Joe rolled her onto her back once more, looking down at her while smearing his prick with his oozing cock-juices.

Ellen couldn't take her eyes off his prick. The rope burning into her flesh, the hotness that still burned her ass from the spanking, everything conspired against anything decent in her. All her husband's words about sin flew out the window as she focused her eyes on that long, thick cock with the purple head. Good Christ in heaven, he looked as if he were about to shoot his cumload right in her face!

"Fuck me!" she rasped.

Where had that awful command come from? The words startled Ellen as she lay there, grimacing against the pain throbbing through her wrists and ankles. Had she actually said something that vile? She saw Joe's lips curl up into a sardonic smile and knew she had.

"Well, now, it sure didn't take the preacher's wife long to come around. Now she wants my cock in her pussy. You gonna beg for it?"

Ellen closed her eyes and turned her face away. She couldn't believe she had said something like that. But she wouldn't let it happen again.

But Joe had other plans, backhanding her, his knuckles bruising her chin and snapping her head to the right so hard he nearly threw out her neck, Ellen squealed, feeling him pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twisting the nub so hard he was crushing it. She bounced her ass-cheeks against the mattress, pulling at her bonds while feeling them cutting deeper into her flesh.

"Say it again, baby... or you ain't gonna wind up sayin' much more."

Ellen licked her dry lips, staring at the big man's penetrating eyes and knew he was serious.

"Fuck me... please, fuck me! Oh God, I need it, I need your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!" The pleading came out in a torrent of filth, the words shaming and startling her as if she had heard them from another woman.

"Man, that's one sweet invite."

Joe moved his hands down to her hair once more, grabbing handfuls of it and tugging. She arched her spine until she thought it would break from the pressure, her head pressing against the mattress. He still pulled at her hair pressing down his knee against her leg while watching her cunt-lips quiver with excitement.


Joe had his hands crawling like spiders over her body, his rough fingertips pinching her flesh until she squealed again and again against the pain. He laughed at her, lowering his head down to her tits. At first, he licked her tits like a dog lapping at water, his prick jerking up and striking his hairy belly again and again. Then he opened his mouth and bit down on one long red nipples, his front teeth digging into the throbbing tit-flesh.

Ellen shrieked, her eyes rounding while hoarse cries ripped from her throat. He was tugging that tit upward, licking the tip of his tongue over the injured tit-tip. He let go, pushing his hands against her shoulders and sliding into her saddle. She could feel his cock sliding through her frazzled pussyhairs, picking up the slick juice oozing from her cunt -- slot.

Ellen groaned, twisting against the rope, prancing her ass as she felt his long thick fucker tunnel into her cunt. Joe was groaning, biting her neck like a hunkering dog while fucking his prick into her pussy.

"Christ! You're gonna burn me up with that Goddamned hot pussy!"

He bit her continually, nibbling at her ears, biting her throat, edging down and biting her nipples once more while ramming his cock-meat in and out of her cunt-hole. She could hear the juicy sucking sound of his prick as it plundered her pussy. Never, ever had she felt a cock that big fucking into her cunt. Feeling this strange man's stiff fucker rubbing against her clit while fucking down deep made Ellen weak.

"Gonna do it, bitch, gonna... uhhhhhh!" Ellen thrashed as best she could, squirming her cunt around, revolving her ass while that moment of white-hot madness burned through her head.

She started yelping and screaming, cumming like a shameless slut while this big man dumped his load of jism in her pussy. She was all cunt in a second -- hot wet and milking, her pussy clenching down on the shivering, cum-shooting cock at least twice for every squirt burning into her cuntal walls. And when it was over, Ellen felt she had been fucked by the biggest, hardest cock ever. She seemed to melt like butter on the dirty mattress, the slapping and spanking and roping half forgotten as a glow spread over her body.

"Nice, bitch, real good. And you got off on it right good. Now, you gotta pay a little more for Joe's favors."

He drew away from her, pulling his prick from her slackening cunt with a squishy sound. Ellen shivered, feeling her cuntal walls shrinking against one another like the elastic top of a drawstring purse. Cum and cunt-juice oozed down her ass-crack, seeping into her whole and making her shudder with delight. Joe got back into his Levi's, hitching his cock into his pants before scooping the still-bound woman in his arms and lifting her off the mattress.

They moved through the darkened house, Ellen terribly aware of the aching pain in her upper arms and thighs now. She wished he would untie her but knew it was senseless for her to say anything. She remembered his smacking blows against her face and ass and chose to remain silent. When they reached the far end of the house, she noticed a long wooden cross-beam running from one end of a room to another. It was some distance from the bedroom and living room area, almost like a separate building.

Only when he lay her down on her side and reached up did Ellen realize a rope dangled down from that beam. A small silver-colored C-clamp dangled from the loose end about four feet from the wooden floor. Ellen watched as Joe tested the line for strength. Then he brought the woman to her knees, slipping the clamp over the rope, binding her wrists to her ankles. In a moment she felt herself sweeping from the floor, her body suspended in a U-shape, her tits dangling straight down from her chest. The pressure was terrible! Ellen screamed, feeling the small bones in her spine almost cracking with the awkward position.

Joe pulled her higher and higher. She swung like a pendulum, her tits hanging down, slapping against one another while her belly sagged even more. When she was nearly six feet from the floor, Joe secured the rope on a winch. More cum oozed from her pussy-slit, dripping onto the floor. Joe nudged the puddle of cum with the toe of his boot, grinning at her.

"I like it when a woman's tied up this way. Nothin' better than seein' a Goddamned bitch hangin' like his, her tits danglin' down, her fuckin' cunt open. Fuck, I shoulda fucked you this way!"

She grimaced again, the pain shooting up and down her arms like lightning while she hung her head down and gasped for air. She was panting with agony, her arms shivering with pain. The weight of her own body was killing her. Finally, Ellen could stand it no longer. She twisted her head around, screaming as loudly as she could as her body bounced on the rope. Joe did nothing. He just stood there, arms folded over his naked chest as she swung there, like a piece of meat on a hook. Ellen screamed again unable to stand the agony. She was one big ache, the agony throbbing through her and bleaching her mind.

Only when it appeared she would pass out did Joe stroll to the wall and release the winch, lowering Ellen to the floor with a sickening thud.

"Lick them boots, baby. I know you high-and-mighty sluts look down on us country folk. Well, you're gonna get some country in your fuckin mouth," Joe said hatefully, pushing his filthy boot against her lips.

Ellen gagged, flicking her tongue over the filthy leather, sucking it down while she squirmed on the bare floor. He shoved the toe of his boot into her mouth, threatening to break her front teeth with the kicking motions he gave to it. When she had had enough, Ellen groaned and with a mighty effort rolled her body to the other side. For her reward, she received a harsh kick in the ribs, the blow newly knocking all the wind from her.

"I've had enough of you, bitch -- for tonight," Joe said, pulling a switchblade from his pocket and flicking it open.

With two swift moves, he slicked open the nylon rope, nearly nicking her flesh. Ellen cried out, rolling away from him and tucking her legs under her ass. Peering through her curtaining blonde hair, she trembled, wondering if he was playing a game with her or was really letting her go. He nudged her torn dress, kicking the remnants toward her.

"I don't give a fuck what you wear outta here. You could go out stark naked for all I care. Yeah, a minister's wife runnin' outta our house plumb naked -- like a jaybird, her tits all black and blue and marked from my teeth. Man, they'd laugh about that, huh?"

He laughed, throwing back his head and roaring at the idea as Ellen grabbed what remained of her dress and panties and drew it over her bruised body.

"Please, let me go," she whimpered.

"Sure, for now. But my brothers and me might have some plans for you and that little slut that got outta here. Any complaints, and your preacher hubby's gonna find out about you real fast. Now, get outta here, slut!"

Crawling from the room, Ellen was glad it was dark. She could slink back to the parish house without anyone seeing her. She would lie. God in heaven, she would lie to cover this disgrace up.

Chapter THREE

Ellen tried to compose herself as she saw Mindy Sue sitting next to her parents the following Sunday in church. Thank goodness her husband hadn't noticed the marks on her ass and arms.

Joe Crenshaw had managed to mark her well, her flesh still bruised from his blows. Even there in church, Ellen could still almost feel the stinging blows of his hand as it smacked her ass. Drawing her white-gloved hands over her skirt, Ellen tried to push thoughts such as those from her mind. What had happened was an outrage. It wouldn't happen again. She had heard nothing from Joe Crenshaw, something that both relieved and bothered her at the same time.

"... and so, my children, let us lift our minds to God, an all-forgiving God who asks for nothing more than our love."

It was the signal that the service was over Ellen put one hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn, slowly sliding from the front pew to join her husband and shake hands with the departing parishioners. It was with some surprise as she moved up the aisle with her minister husband that she saw Joe Crenshaw and two other tall young men standing near the door in the back. Others noticed too, stopping in their tracks for a moment, only to nod silently and move on by.

"Well, I'll be. The message of the Lord's even gotten to these boys," her husband muttered, patting Ellen's hand and not noticing the tremor running through her body.

Ellen couldn't believe the audacity of Joe coming here to the church. She knew just what was running through his warped mind. She pressed more firmly against her husband, feeling as if everyone suddenly knew how Joe Crenshaw had raped and beaten her and finally made her want his cock.

"Howdy, Reverend," Joe said, his eyes cold. He shot Ellen a quick mocking look, then introduced his two younger brothers, Caleb and Adam. Both were tall young men with that same high-cheeked ruggedness that gave Joe a forbidding, if extremely handsome look.

Ellen lowered her eyes, feeling her cunt-lips start to fold over one another as they swelled. She could feel that same dangerous warm glow flow over her skin while her nipples began to stiffen and itch against her bra. Oh, what a mockery she was making of both her husband and his religion as she stood there in the church and went into heat over those trashy Crenshaw boys!

"Wouldn't mind havin' you and the missus come over sometime for dinner, Reverend," Joe said, catching Ellen's eyes once more and grinning from ear to ear.

The woman blushed to the roots of her hair, remembering the rope binding her wrists and ankles and still feeling his teeth biting and crushing her nipples. She thought she was going to faint.

"You don't look at all well, dear," an older woman whispered after the Crenshaw boys left.

"I... it may be a slight cold. I think I'd better lie down," Ellen muttered, passing one hand over her burning forehead.

"Michael, I'm going home, if you don't mind. I'm not feeling well," Ellen said softly.

She didn't even hear what her husband replied as she walked shakily down the five steps to the ground and passed between the two tall Cyprus trees framing the church's entrance. She hadn't walked more than fifty feet when something caught her by the wrist. Ellen nearly screamed when she felt a callused hand clap over her mouth while an arm slipped about her waist. Someone was dragging her back, back into the bushes while she kicked and struggled.

Ellen knew full well who it was! They had come to the church to kidnap her! Her low heels slipped from her feet as branches scratched her arms. Through her curtaining hair, she caught sight of two men approaching her. One was the one called Caleb Crenshaw. Joe was next to him. It was the third brother then, Adam, who was dragging her backward, his warm cockbulge pressing against her ass-cheek while his right band still clamped more firmly around her mouth. No! She wasn't going to let them do this to her again! Opening her mouth as best she could, Ellen bit down hard on the restraining hand.

Adam shouted, pulling away and shaking his arm while Ellen bolted and started heading back to the church. She whimpered, knocking the branches from her face as she threw herself into the thicket and ran for her life. Joe was behind her, knocking down the bushes while his booted feet thudded closer and closer. Her nylons were tearing as her feet slipped over the uneven pound. A branch struck her face, leaving a long red mark over her right cheek as she stumbled backward stunned from the blow.

Joe caught her, his fingers digging cruelly into her arm. She fought him as best she could. But he was mad, pulling her back, striking her with his fists when he could until they were back in the small clearing.

"Hey, man, the slut don't wanna play with us," Adam said, rubbing his injured hand against his faded Levi's.

"Don't worry about that," Joe said, throwing Ellen to the ground. "She'll come around. She always does when you wave a cock in her face."

"You leave me alone! You all leave me alone!" she cried. "You've no right doing this to me. My husband..."

"Ain't gonna do nothin'," Joe spat back. "Adam, Caleb, let's get this slut back to our place. We can shut her up there."

Adam took a wadded dirty handkerchief from his rear pocket and shoved it down into Ellen's mouth while Caleb held her arms pinned tightly behind her. She tried kicking back, her feet slipping on the dirt as the guys pushed her forward. But the men were watching her now, not letting their prey get out of hand as they marched her through the woods to their home.

Ellen tried to calm herself, keeping her mind clear. She wouldn't make the mistake she had the last time. She would look for an escape, a moment when they were busy or drunk with their own lust. It would happen. It always happened with men. She just had to keep herself divorced from whatever they did to her to seize the moment and flee. She would have her husband and the sheriff take care of these awful men. In a while, she caught sight of that long low house once more. They stopped in the front yard.

"Strip the bitch, then tie her down out here," Joe barked.

Ellen couldn't believe the command. Caleb let her go and spun her around, curling his fingers and tearing open the dress.


It ripped in two, fluttering to the ground like a deflated balloon. Ellen put her hands over her tits, folding one leg over the other as a light breeze from the north lifted her hair from her shoulders. Goose pimples broke out over her naked flesh as she drew in her upper arms, trying to hide her tits from the leering men. Adam moved behind her, slipping one finger under her bra strap and breaking open the halter. Caleb finished the job, ripping the bra from her body and sticking his nose into one of the cups.

"Man, good hot tits. Can smell it, Joe. I see what you mean now. Man, oh man, this bitch is gonna slut out when we get through with her."


Someone had slapped her ass. She felt the stinging fingers through the white cotton panties Joe had mocked so much before. Wheeling around, Ellen pushed the loose hair from her eyes and glared at Adam, who was grinning at her. Joe stepped behind her, bringing down one fist between her narrow shoulder blades. The woman let out a grunt, her head snapping back while her knees grew weak and collapsed. She fell to the ground.

He came up to her once more, a large silhouetted figure in the dark looming above her. Ellen cringed, falling to one side and clawing her fingers into the dirt. But all he did was nod to his brothers, then they disappeared into the house for a moment. She refused to move, remaining quiet and still like a cornered, frightened little animal. When Caleb and Adam returned, Joe raised his eyes for a moment, then pointed to several points around the hapless woman.

"Stakes, right here. Plant 'em right. I don't wanna go move any shit around, especially when we got the preacher's wife wantin' this real bad," Joe said, his lips curling into that awful, mocking smile that made Ellen's blood freeze in her veins.

"No, oh please, no," she whispered.

Adam slipped his hands under her arms, dragging her back. Her heels left small trails in the soft dirt while she watched Caleb plant four wedge-shaped wooden stakes in a large box formation around her. He made certain they were in securely, pressing the heel of his black engineering boots across the wide tops and stomping them in. Adam threw her down, placing one foot against her throat to keep her flat on the ground. Ellen stared wide-eyed at him, sucking in air with a gasping, wheezing sound. She could feel dirt easing into her hot, sweaty ass-crack.

"Keep her down flat while we take care of her arms," Joe told Adam as he and Caleb moved around to the back of her head.

The tall blond country boy was as good as his brother's word, raising one foot and placing the heel of his boot up against her cunt. Ellen knew the threat. He would stomp her pussy, hurt her if she so much as fluttered her eyelids too brightly. The woman remained quiet as Joe and Caleb slipped two lengths of quarter-inch hemp around her wrists and tightened the line using slipknots. Ellen winced, her flesh barely having healed from the last run-in with the crazy Crenshaws. Both men pulled the rope taut, stretching it back until each reached his respective spike. Ellen's arms were drawn back, her tits pulled down from the pressure. The rope was biting into her wrist and causing the skin to pinken. Joe slipped back down to her ankles, taking a longer length of the line and easing it around the woman's right foot. Ellen tried bending her knees, but Caleb brought one fist down hard against her right thigh, a harsh reminder for her to stay quiet. She groaned, biting down on her lower lip a both men stretched their ropes back, pulling her legs straight and taut. Raising her head from the dirt, Ellen watched as they looped their lines around the other two stakes, securing her flat against the ground.

"Hogtied, like a Goddamned bitch," Adam said, pulling his boot off her cunt and nudging her right tit with its toe.

"Yeah, a good way for her to learn about how a man treats a woman, and what he expects from her," Caleb agreed.

Joe loosened his belt and pushed down his jeans. His brothers looked on with growing interest while Ellen's eyes rounded. He was standing by her right thigh now, his knees bent slightly while he rolled his cock-head from side to side between his thumb and forefinger. His prick wasn't hard. Ellen could see that and wondered what he was going to do. A sharp guffaw from Caleb brought her around to a horrid, vile thought. She glanced back at Joe's prick again just as a drop of piss oozed from the broad slit at the tip of his prick.

"No... no," she murmured, her scalp crinkling with horror as she arched her spine and pulled hard at the restraining ropes.

She could hardly feel the line cutting into her flesh as she watched a stream of piss begin from the fat cock-head. It spattered on the dirt, raising tiny puffs of dust as it grew stronger and arched toward her. Ellen felt the sour-tasting bile rising in her throat as the warm piss began to spatter on her belly. He was going to piss on her, use her for a toilet!

Again. Ellen pulled at the ropes, feeling the line cutting deeper into her skin. Just at that point, Joe raised his soft prick, bringing the foul-smelling piss in contact with her tits. Ellen snapped her head back, closing her eyes and letting out strangled cries of horror. They were all going to piss on her!

She felt a warm spray of piss biting into her tit-flesh. She sucked in a ragged breath, her body shivering while the tendons stood out in her upper arms. The hot stream of piss splashed over her taut belly, oozing down into her navel, then running over her ribs and soaking into the ground beneath.

Ellen worked her, ass back and forth frantically jerking against the ropes while the filthy piss slicked her body yellow. Joe moved his prick back and forth, sending the stream into her navel, then bringing it back until it spattered against her long, red nipples. She felt the piss running down between her jiggling tits, some of it washing up to her throat while most of it trickled down her sides. When some of the droplets splashed against her chin, she let out a cry, jerking her head back and doing all she could to keep from vomiting. She closed her lips tight until they were a scar on her face as more and more pies spattered onto her belly and wet down her ass.

Joe watched her carefully, squeezing his cockhead once more and moving the stream of piss back up to her tits. He was soiling her nipples, chuckling as the woman arched her spine and beat her head against the ground. Once more, Ellen felt the biting taste of vomit rise in her throat as the smell of his pies invaded her nostrils.

"Yeah, the preacher's wife," Joe said. "Don't she look good bein' pissed on? The bitch is a Goddamned toilet. That's all the fuck she's good for."

"No, please... stop this, please... please, no more!"

The piss made the ground under her ass damp and muddy. The woman felt like a pig, wallowing in filth while the men above her laughed. If only she could faint. But something kept her conscious as the stream of piss, long and twisting, still flowed strong from Joe's cock. He moved the piss-stream now up to her throat. She thought he was going to make her drink his piss, and she groaned, jerking her head away. But no, Joe had other plans for now. She felt the stinging, hot stream of piss spatter back down until it filled her navel once more. Now she could feel the hot piss trickling down into her cunt, wetting her inner thighs, then oozing down into her ass-crack.

Joe played his piss stream over the top of her swelling cuntal mound, seeing how the pussy lips began to twitch with an unwanted heat. Ellen fought against herself, doing her best to fight the swelling feeling of excitement rising in her. What a foul, filthy person she was! But how could she stop herself?

Joe directed the piss-stream up against her clit, playing it around the tiny spindle and watching with interest as she jutted, heaving her thighs up and twisting her hips. That hot, beating sensation of piss against her clit made the spindle tweak and swell.

Muttering a curse, Joe shook his prick, sorry his bladder was empty.

How the cool wind was making the piss slicking her body feel icy! Ellen shivered, wishing someone would throw a blanket over her.

Caleb was next, silently stepping up where his brother had stood and unfastening his Levi's. He pushed them down, freeing his skinny cock and balls. Joe moved around behind her, kneeling down and grabbing a fistful of her hair. He was twisting and pulling it back, forcing Ellen to open her mouth in a fit of screams of pain.

She forgot about Caleb for one moment, feeling the strands tearing from her scalp. She screamed again, her throat growing raw with the cries while Joe kept on pulling, nodding up at his grinning younger brother. Suddenly Ellen felt that tell-tale stinging hot spray, this time right against her mouth. The droplets of piss were skidding over her parted lips, some of them spraying up into her flared nostrils.

Choking and gagging, Ellen tried to close her mouth. But the pain was too intense around her scalp, making her cry out instinctively. God in heaven, they were actually going to piss in her mouth, and there was nothing she could do about it!

Chapter FOUR

Ellen felt her chest tighten as if she were enduring a heart attack! Caleb was doing it, pissing right in her mouth from above her! The filthy piss spattered against her tongue and tonsils, washing around and over her teeth before splashing out around her lips to trickle down her cheeks. It was like an overflowing toilet bowl, slicking her face with that filthy fluid. Ellen couldn't believe what was happening, her mind reeling drunkenly while Caleb pissed down her throat.

Moving back a little, he slid the stream over her forehead, wetting down Ellen's cheeks even more, then bringing the spray of piss to her closed eyes. Caleb was mercifully short, emptying his bladder in a few moments. When she felt the last final drops of his piss spatter against her piss-slicked face, Ellen let out a groan of relief.

Adam was last, kicking her legs hard with his booted feet, then pulling open his fly and fumbling for his prick. Ellen shook her piss-wet hair from her face, peering over her tits and seeing his partially hard cock. He aimed right for her cuntal slit, pissing into her pussy and concentrating the broad yellow stream right against her clit. Ellen threw back her head, her spine arching while her tits shivered against one another. She couldn't believe the hot, itchy sparks sputtering from her clit, making her cunt shake as if someone were fucking her. She rocked her hips from side to side, twisting her body from left to right, even seeking out the piss-stream just as the boy went dry.

"Man, she smells!" Joe said, wrinkling up his nose. "That's one thing that's wrong with this fuckin' game. Gotta hose down the filthy bitch before we do anything more."

Caleb and Adam knew what to do, lumbering up the small hillock to the house while Joe nudged one foot up against her piss-slicked ass. Ellen turned her head away, smelling herself and feeling as if she had sunk to the lowest pit in hell. Her husband had talked enough about that privately and in church. She had heard his condemning words. Men and women who fornicated out of the holy matrimonial bonds were guilty of sinking into that foul pit.

Yet, she couldn't deny the terrible, secret pleasure she had felt when the boys were pissing on her! She had felt something like a climax just as Adam had gone dry, his warm piss washing in and around her cunt-hole. Her clit had shrunk down from the excitement, sputtering as if she were being fucked.

"Oh! Ow!" she cried.

The shock of two buckets of icy water washing over her nearly paralyzed the woman. She stared open-mouthed at the men, feeling the stinging bite of the ropes around her wrists and ankles.

"Let's get her up. C'mon, Joe, help me," Caleb said, starting to unfasten one of the ropes around her right ankle.

"Gettin' a little big, callin' the shots, huh, little brother?"

Caleb stopped for a moment, looking up and grinning back at Joe.

"You said we gotta start thinkin' for ourselves. Well, this hot bitch is gonna start my education for it, okay?"

Joe said nothing, unfastening Ellen's other leg bond and puffing her feet up until her knees were pressed against her tits. Adam steadied the woman while both Joe and Caleb retied the line around her ankle, securing it tightly to her wrists. Ellen groaned, feeling her cunt and asshole completely exposed while her toes and fingers rubbed against one another. The weight of her body pressed her shoulder blades into the piss-soaked ground, making her discomfort all the more intense. She could hear the men talking around her as the blood rushed to her head.

Joe stepped around her, saying something. Then the air was cut by a sharp, whistling sound. Ellen felt a sharp, stinging blow across her ass. Yelping, the woman jerked her knees apart while something seemed to burn into her ass. Shaking the wet hair from her eyes, she could see Caleb standing there, his jeans low around his hips. He was holding his black leather belt in one hand, looped tightly, and slapping it against his right thigh. Again he brought the belt back, sending it biting into her.


He aimed the next blow against her asshole, the leather catching the puckered shitter flesh and yanking it out of shape. After her scream and the involuntary spasm that made her body jerk, she ground her teeth, hating the men around her bitterly. Pissing had been enough. Now they had bound her in this obscene position. And yet a third blow burned into her ass, streaking the flesh red with welts while the other brothers laughed at her suffering.

"Well, baby? You got anything to say? You wanna quote some scriptures from the Bible? Maybe we oughta call your old man out here, and he can say prayers while we whip your ass red!" Joe said mockingly.

"No, no more, no, no more!"

"Bitch!" Caleb snapped.

His mouth slackened, his blue eyes glittering with anger and excitement as he began to succumb to a fit of sadism. Ellen trembled, seeing his face changing into something horrid and unfeeling as the belt slashed again and again against her ass. She thought he was peeling skin from her body as her ass-cheeks grew hot and tender to the smacking leather. Moving around, Caleb began slamming the belt down against her sides, the beveled tip catching the swell of her tits at times.

It was then Ellen screamed the loudest, begging him to stop as she threw her head against the soft piss-stained ground behind her. Joe slipped down between his brothers, pulling out his hard prick and forcing her mouth open once more. Ellen felt his cock-head pressing against her lips and heard him threatening her with more pain if she were to bite. Groaning, the helpless woman opened her mouth and let the big man fuck his cock into her throat.

"Yeah, man! Beat her ass while I throat the bitch with my cock!" he muttered.

Ellen could taste his pre-cum washing over her tongue while Caleb continued hammering the belt against her ass. When she thought surely her ass must be bleeding, Caleb stopped, reaching down and grabbing at her cunt. He twisted several of the cunt-hairs, pulling them from her flesh and sending a hot, tearing sensation rushing through her pussy. Ellen screamed, her face blanching while she clamped her lips around Joe's prick. His hairy balls rushed over her nose and eyes while his cockknob rubbed constantly against her tonsils.

At times, he pushed down so hard the other brothers could see the impression of his cockhead against her throat. Ellen made choking and gagging sounds, sucking in as much air as she could through her burning nostrils while the big man filled up her throat with cock-meat. Caleb beat the belt against her ass, finally bringing the leather down to her cunt and pressing the broad end of his belt against her pussy.

"Man, look at that! She's juicin' like a little bitch! Christ Almighty, she can't hold it in!" Caleb cried.

Ellen blushed with shame, finding herself licking her tongue around Joe's pumping cock. Instinctively, the woman found she was trying to bring him off, moving her tongue back and forth over the sensitive underside of his cock-head. Joe seemed to be losing control. He was making gasping sounds while his breathing caught with every other throat-thrust. In a moment, Ellen felt the splash of cum over her tongue, the spunk filling up her mouth and making her gag. She tried pulling her head away, but Joe kept her in place, his fingers pressing against her forehead while the cum frothed and bubbled up around the corners of her cock-stuffed mouth.

"Uhhh, ughhhhh!"

Ellen backed and coughed after the big man slipped his softened prick from her mouth. Turning her head, she spat out the foul mixture of cum and spit while Caleb continued to beat her ass with the doubled belt. His growling curses turned to something else, a kind of deep purr while his fingers were working against her asshole.

When she felt one finger stab into her shitter, Ellen cried out, her eyes fluttering open. Only when his thumb started caressing her clit did she realize she felt her cunt-juice running like a river of molten lava.

How she hated herself for this awful arousal. Rape was one thing. But she was enjoying this!

"Shit, man, she wants to get fucked! Christ, she'd burn my cock off with her cunt if I fucked her there!" Caleb exclaimed.

"Use somethin' else, then," Joe suggested with a grin.

Adam was watching disconsolately, the front of his Levi's tenting up while his brothers taunted the bound woman. Joe put one hand on Adam's shoulder, grinning while nodding down at Caleb.

"Watch your older brother, Adam. You'll have a crack at the bitch's hole later... maybe both of 'em," he said with a mysterious wink.

Ellen felt Caleb's callused hands caressing the undersides of her raised thighs. The belt had dropped some time ago. She could feel the occasional bump of his hard-on and waited with held breath for the first touch of his cock against her cunt.

Yes, yes, she really wanted to get fucked! After all the pissing, the beating, the bondage, she felt this was her just reward. She felt the pressure increase against her shoulder blades and knew pleasure was only moments away. And then...

"Wh... what? No, oh no!"

Her cheeks puffed out while her face grew reddened and puffy. Ellen screamed, jerking like a mad woman. She could hardly breathe, gagging on her own spit as the sharp pain exploded in her asshole.

Caleb knew exactly what he was doing. Joe had goaded him into fucking her in the ass! Her cunt clenched from fear and pain, her toes curling until they cramped while that fat cock-lance fucked into her ass-guts.

Caleb groaned, closing his eyes while drawing his knees up against the backs of her raised legs. Ellen screamed louder, bright yellow lights exploding behind her eyes. She felt as if her entire slitter were being forced up into her belly. She could feel the awful ripping agony throbbing through her body, making her guts cramp while the insides of her thighs stretched and ached from the pressure. Caleb was digging his fingernails into her flesh now, tearing at the skin while rocking his powerful hips. He was fucking her ass with his fat, long prick. Ellen kept clenching her shitter and trying to force him out. She shoved outward as if she were taking a dump.

"Bitch!" he snarled.

Caleb struck her hard across the ass, reaching forward and closing his other hand around her throat. She could feel his fingers pressing against her windpipe, making it nearly impossible for her to draw a breath.

All her husband's sermons about dying and the judgment of God came crashing back to the minister's wife as she felt the oxygen choked from her. Somehow, she managed to jerk her head free, screaming and coughing, her face red with the effort to draw in air.

Caleb tightened his naked hairy ass and fucked in hard, pushing his prick halfway into her shitter before her ass-ring clenched, trapping his prick. The big man threw back his head, his Adam's apple bobbing while Ellen felt her belly swell painfully. She felt pregnant with his prick, her organs pushed aside while an awful agony throbbed through her ass-guts. He was grunting like a pig with the effort, his sweat dripping onto her face while he shoved yet another inch of his fucker into her ass.

Ellen clenched her eyes shut, pain throbbing through her body while her mind blanched from the awful humiliation and pain. She felt she was being raped by the beast, by that horrid animal like devil her husband had preached about. He dwelled with the Crenshaws, Ellen thought, feeling her cunt start to warm again.

How odd, she thought, her hair dirtied by piss and mud while Caleb continued to fuck her ass. Her husband had never been able to make her aroused this way. And now this animal, this demon was turning her into a rutting slut.

She felt his cock pushing into her like a huge hard lump of shit being shoved back into her ass-guts. The tiny muscles all around her clenched asshole were tearing, she thought, ripping apart. And all she could think about was how her cunt cried out for something, anything to fill that void. Caleb grunted again, lifting himself a little and sliding his prick a few inches out. Ellen shuddered, feeling her asshole puckering out as if she were taking a shit. She was disgracing herself, she thought with a sinking feeling. Then Caleb stopped, striking her open-handedly across the ass before fucking in once more.

Ellen found herself moving her ass as slowly as she could. The slow penetration of his hard prick in her ass hurt her terribly. The big man kept driving his big fucker into her. He was splitting her ass wide open, tearing her apart like some animal. She could almost feel the claws of the beast of hell. Opening her eyes, she thought Caleb's mouth breathed a terrible fire that seared her naked flesh.

"No! Oh, my God, no!" she screeched.

Ellen felt the agony radiating out from her ass until her entire body throbbed with pain. Caleb moved his hands forward, leaning his body into hers while letting his fingers crawl like filthy spiders up her belly. She groaned with humiliation, feeling his jagged fingernails tearing into her flesh. He was pinching her, leaving tiny black-and-blue marks while making little hunching fucks into her ass. Ellen grunted each time his cock fucked deeper into her ass. Then she felt him pinching her nipples, crushing them like berries between her fingertips until she screamed out from the agony.

The woman beat the back of her head against the dirt, screaming for the mercy she knew wouldn't come as he savaged her asshole. Ellen suddenly felt him pulling out. Caleb held on tightly, withdrawing his prick nearly all the way and watching as the woman's body spasmed as if someone had touched her with a live wire. She found herself pushing her ass toward him, seeking some relief from that obscene sucking feeling in her asshole.

Caleb looked down at her with lust-heavy eyes, his golden hair plastered against his forehead with sweat. She shivered, once again thinking of the devil and of how he was said to assume a most pleasing shape. "No! Ohhhhhh!"

He was fucking faster now, the sliding of his prick rowing faster and faster until she thought her shitter had caught fire from the friction. Her cunt was swelling too, the pussy-lips folding over one another and pressing slickly against her clit. Everything was exciting her. The rope cutting into her bound ankles and wrists added to the hot, biting friction that made her bowels cramp painfully and yet deliciously. She shivered with the heat nibbling at her clit, making her asshole clamp hard against that fucking prick.

How strange, Ellen thought, how her shitter seemed connected somehow with her cunt. They were throbbing together; an odd beat of forbidden pleasure forcing the woman to twist her body and press against the young stud fucking her ass.

"Man, oh man... uhhhh! Shootin'! Fucking Jesus, shootin' in the bitch!"

Caleb clawed at her tits again, crushing her nipples while jets of hot jizz burned into her shitter-walls.

Ellen screamed, her cunt clenching on nothing while more and more cum bubbled into her asshole. The spinning ball of heat in her guts exploded again and again, driving the frantic woman higher and higher while the Crenshaws watched and laughed.

Chapter FIVE

They had let Ellen go. Joe wisely saw that she was too exhausted to be much more fun. They had untied her, hosed her down like the pig they said she was, then turned her loose.

Thank God, she had managed to slip back into the parsonage without her husband noticing. There in the privacy of her bathroom, she sank to the floor, her muddied dress puddled around her while she sat and stared blankly at the toilet. Yes, they had used her like a toilet, something to piss in.

Sliding her trembling, icy fingers around her narrow shoulders, Ellen felt her thighs rippling once more as she thought of the men -- of how Joe's prick had felt sliding over her tongue while his leathery balls dragged across her forehead. How good it had felt when all that hot cum gushed down her throat. And all the while, his brother was fucking her ass, slipping his cock meat into her asshole and tearing at her tits with his fingers! And it had happened there in the open, on the ground.

They had fucked like dogs, like the beasts of the woods, as her husband would say. Ellen felt her lips curling into a wry smile while a laugh started to bubble to her lips.

No! It was Satan doing this!

Dragging herself to her feet, the frantic woman turned on the cold water of the shower, letting the spray sting into her body as she hauled herself into the stall. Cleansing! Yes, she needed a spiritual cleansing, just as this water was washing the vile filth from her body.

Her husband couldn't do it. She could imagine his horror when she even began to tell what had happened. Any other man of God might do, she thought, and perhaps it would be better if it would be a men of some other faith. The need for absolution haunted Ellen throughout the night as she lay there next to her unsuspecting husband, snoring by her side. She thought she could feel the flames of hell already licking about her, singeing her flesh that healed once more, only to burn again. It was a long night.

In the morning, Ellen resolved to see old Reverend Davis in Hyatsville, twenty miles away. He was of some off-beat sect, she knew, not a member of the Baptist Church her husband belonged to. But he was known as a good, kind man. Leaving quietly after giving her husband his breakfast, Ellen drove down the two-lane road, her fingers gripping the wheel so tightly her knuckles were white. Would she have the courage to confess to this older man? She had met him only twice. It would be like getting into a cold pool -- one step at a time.

She parked in front of Reverend Davis' old two-story Victorian home for several minutes before finding the courage to step from her car. Hugging her black purse protectively to her tits, she climbed the long set of wooden steps and was about to knock when the large front door opened.

"Why, Ellen Weathersby! What a pleasant surprise. Is Michael with you?"

Ellen shook her head, unable to find the courage to speak. She felt his hand rest comfortingly on her right shoulder, the fingers grasping her firmly yet gently.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Oh, Reverend Davis. I must see you. I have to talk with you... in private. I... I must confess." Raising her eyes, she saw a cloud pass over his face as he tilted his head to one side and looked penetratingly at her. She felt him drawing her gently into the parsonage.

"Yes of course, my child. I understand there are certain things a minister's wife must say to a minister who isn't her husband. Come in," he whispered, his voice hauntingly hypnotic.

Ellen kept her eyes modestly lowered, feeling her chin trembling. Sitting on the flowered sofa in the living room, Ellen gathered what she could of her resolve and began her story. Much of what had happened was intentionally left out. The details of her bondage, the pissing wane, the roping -- all were modified, including her own intense feelings, although Ellen admitted she did enjoy herself somewhat.

When she was through, she looked up and saw Reverend Davis' gray eyes glowing with a startingly unnatural intensity. She cringed, realizing it was the same look Joe Crenshaw had given her!

"There, my child," Reverend Davis said, his voice thicker than before. "We must pray, Ellen."

He grabbed her roughly by the right arm, pulling her from the couch and dragging her across the room. Ellen would have cried out in painful surprise, but she wanted to do nothing to offend this man of God. She followed him through the dark silent house, walking through the kitchen to a small door to the right of the refrigerator.

"I have a private chapel downstairs. A special place like this is what you need," he said, backing away and motioning with one hand for her to descend.

Ellen obeyed, carefully avoiding his touch and moving down the stairs.

When he joined her, Reverend Davis had changed, catching her by the throat and wheeling her around. Ellen cried out, feeling his fingernails cutting into her neck.

"Whore! Whore of Babylon!" he shrieked, his face red and pinched. "You have disgraced a man of God! As his wife, you've brought shame on him and his faith. You must pay!"

"No? No! Please, no!"

Ellen was terrified. She was trapped with this maniac! He was mad! Struggling, Ellen pummeled the good reverend with her fists, kicking his ankles. He kept shouting at her, striking her across the face with his free hand while increasing the pressure against her windpipe with the other. Ellen felt her knees giving way, her body angling toward the floor. She felt his fingers flailing away at her cheeks, making them burn as she collapsed to the floor. In a half-faint, she heard the reverend still shouting at her, kicking her in the ribs, then tearing at her clothes. She felt her dress shredding under his maniacal attack. As she fought her way back to consciousness, she felt him dragging her over the uneven concrete floor, her legs trailing out behind her.

When she was fully conscious again, she discovered herself prone on a narrow bench, her shoulder blades and thighs dangling over the edges. Looking up, she saw she was in a small room, a tiny window admitting a shaft of light high overhead. Ellen raised herself from the wooden surface, drawing one hand over her forehead and looking around. There were iron rings set in the cinderblock wall with their buckled straps banging open invitingly. Letting out a gasp, the woman peered down and saw two more straps hanging down from either side of the bench.

No! This was a nightmare! She had cast herself into hell!

Reverend Davis had since removed his black coat, still keeping on the black vest that covered a wrinkled, sweat-stained white shirt. His silver hair was no longer neat. It stood up, giving him the look of a raving lunatic. He had his back turned to her, his hands busily fishing in the drawer of a green metal cabinet. Ellen slowly, carefully put one foot down, feeling her tits swelling in her bra as she began to slide off the hard bench.


He had seen her. He had purposely done this, waiting for her to make a move! Wheeling around, Reverend Davis towered over the cringing woman, jerking one hand high over her head and bringing down his fist against her right cheek. Ellen screamed, his knuckles bruising her flesh while the blow sent her thudding back to the bench. She lay half-on, half-off, her hair dangling in her eyes.

Reverend Davis pulled her around, grabbing her right leg and pulling it straight and up until her ankle was brushing against the wall. He was looping the black leather strap around it, careful to push it just behind the ball of her foot, then pulling the strap through the buckle and cinching it tight enough to pinch the skin pink. Ellen felt him take the other leg, puffing it away from her body and spreading her cunt open. He was stretching her thighs apart to an extent she wouldn't have thought possible.

It seemed to her as if the eyes of the whole world and of heaven itself were on the blonde triangle curled around her swollen pussy. It was a wicked, wicked thought, but Ellen could feel her cunt starting to tingle as the good reverend bound her left ankle to the wall strap.

"No, no, please, let me go!"

"You'll repent before I set you free," Reverend Davis said severely, his thick eyebrows knitting together over his long Roman nose.

"But I do now! I do! I repent!" Ellen cried.

"Liar! All God's enemies repent when they fear. But I'll know when you truly are sorry for your behavior."

Reverend Davis tested the tension of her taut thighs and legs thoughtfully. Then, brushing the pussy hairs to one side, he examined her open cunt-gash, seeing the telltale glistening of the juices starting to flow from her hot little pussy. He pursed his lips, nodding his head as if discovering a scientific fact. He tightened the straps until Ellen winced, her face pale from the pain as she tossed her head from side to side. Her cunt was stretching wide open. She could feel the cunt-folds pulling apart from the increased pressure, her clit starting to swell and stand up from the pool of bubbling cunt-juices around its base.

Reverend Davis shook his head, moving around and taking her right arm and pulling it down and forward. He buckled her wrist to the forward leg of the bench, tightening the broad strap. He did the same with the other hand, making Ellen believe he had done this many times before. When he had finished, she was completely bound to the bench and the wall, her ass flat against the wood while her cunt was peeled open.

"Now, we'll see how you repent."

Going back to the cabinet, Reverend Davis returned with a black leather cat-o'-nine-tails in his hand, the strips of leather and their knotted ends filling Ellen's eyes with a terrible vision.

She groaned, twisting against the restraints, feeling the straps cutting into her flesh again as the minister examined her and bit his lip. He obviously was experiencing temptation, the temptation the Crenshaws and she had given in to all too willingly.

Reverend Davis shook the wicked thoughts from his head, bringing the cat down to her belly and letting the leather strips slide across her shivering flesh. Ellen raised her head and peered over the tips of her hard long nipples. The black leather contrasted with her white flesh as it snaked across her tits. The minister drew the smooth cat over her nipples, letting the strips fall around her full, high-riding tits before dragging them back over her tummy and onto her cunt.

Ellen heaved her thighs around, feeling the leather teasing her pussy. He was purposely doing this, drawing the whip over her body lightly, increasing the heat she felt coursing through her belly and cunt until she couldn't stand it anymore. Tiny beads of perspiration stood out on her forehead, while unholy pulses of delight throbbed through her stretched-open cunt.

"Whore! I knew you hadn't repented!" he barked, snapping the cat off her body and letting the strips crackle against one another over her head.

Ellen screamed, dropping her head back down while her rounded eyes took in the horrid scene.

"But I know how to drive the devil from you. I've done it with others, and I'll do it with you!"

Ellen watched the strands crack against one another like battling snakes. Then they came down, smacking dryly against the white flesh drawn tautly over her ribcage. She shrieked, arching her spine and beating her head against the wooden bench as a fiery pain spread from her ribs to her navel.

"No, uo, don't do this! God in heaven, why are you doing this to me?" she screamed.

Long red stripes appeared on her flesh as she blinked away the tears and waited for the next blow. Reverend Davis' face was purple with rage as he peered down at her cunt and saw a trickle of juice seeping from her cunt-hole and dampening the wooden surface of his bench.

"Whore! You like this! I can see it! We'll just see how much more of this you can enjoy!"

He slashed the crop across Ellen's right nipple, the slicing pain making her shriek in agony and arch her spine once more. She jerked her right leg back instinctively, her knees popping from the strain while the shock of the pain made her piss down her thigh. She felt the warm piss staining her flesh and thought once more about the Crenshaw boys pissing on her.

Yes, yes, this was the punishment for the crime! She ground her teeth together, hating herself and the men who had brought her down to this level.

"Bitch pig! You low everything I throw at you! You slut! You aren't worthy enough to eat the shit of decent men!"

His voice cracked through the air, breaking through the sounds of the leather strips snapping over her head. Ellen screwed her face into a mask of agony once more, feeling the pulse beating through her throat as she felt the tiny splinters knifing into her ass. Her arms ached from being strapped down that way while her cunt seemed to peel open, swollen from excitement. Once more he lashed out, the knot ends of the cat chewing into her right tit.

Ellen shrieked, her voice shrilling while long red stripes disfigured her tits. A second blow nearly peeled a narrow strip of flesh from her other tit. She writhed with the throbbing agony of the blows. She felt the warm wetness of her perspiration trailing down her body, oozing into her tight little ass-crack. She thought of the men pissing on her, of the piss spattering over her cunt and tits.

No, no, she couldn't think of things like that! Surely it would show, and he would punish her more for it.

"Slut! I'll beat Satan out of you!" he cried, his face now red and disfigured by an unholy glee as he brought the cat down again and again against her tortured body.

Ellen's cries gurgled together, the woman choking on her own spit as the leather smacked into her again and again. Her navel filled with sweat while the minister ripped at the tight-fitting collar choking his throat and leered down at her. That awful look was something between hatred and lust.

He came closer to Ellen, fondling the warm strips of the cat with one finger while he brought the back of one hand up against her cunt.

"Uh! No!"

He was jabbing three fingers in her pussy, twisting them around while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Ellen's mouth flew open in shock while her shoulder blades writhed against the splintery bench. When the leather strips bit into her ankle, the woman was sure they had crushed her small bones. Lurching back, Reverend Davis snapped the cat twice, making Ellen scream from the popping sound before bringing it down with a whooshing crash against her cunt.


Ellen screamed as loudly as she could, her pussy exploding into hot, flashing fires while the swollen cunt-flesh throbbed under the savage attack. She came, came as hard as she ever had with the agony knifing through her climax at the same time. Twisting back and forth savagely, the wild woman jerked against her bonds, her body making the small bench scrape over the uneven floor.

Reverend Davis watched with wide eyes, his lips smacking while dribbles of saliva oozed down his chin. Ellen stared wildly. He could see! God in heaven, he could see that she came right in front of him. She was rutting there, climaxing again and again while he watched.


The crop lashed across her face, leaving long red marks over her cheeks, then cut savagely across the tops of her tits. Ellen struggled, moving her legs as best she could while the leather straps cut into her ankles and wrists. She felt her fingers going numb.

She screamed back at the reverend, a stream of filth coming from her mouth that only could have been inspired by Satan, himself.

"Good," Reverend Davis said, backing away for a moment and drawing the back of one hairy hand over his sweaty forehead. "We've summoned the beast in you. Now, we must drive him out."

Ellen trembled at that.

Chapter SIX

Reverend Davis had to be mad. All his work had driven him over the edge. Ellen was certain of it.

But now, bound to the bench, her legs drawn widely apart, her body scarred with whip marks, Ellen thought only of surviving this hellish exorcism. She tried to rock her body from the blows. But that only made him strike out at her more savagely.

He lashed at her nipples, the leather burning into the sensitive tit-tips like hot coals. He dropped his free hand back don to her pussy, sliding his fingers into her hot, slippery fuckhole while keeping his thumb on the top of the puffy, hairy cunt-mound.

The shrillness of her cries bounced off the walls while Reverend Davis bits of Biblical wisdom for her. And when his fingers found deeper grip on her cunt-flesh, Ellen could feel his fingernails tearing into the soft, silky membranes. Still Reverend Davis lashed and beat at her, grabbing even more of her cunt. She fought him as best she could, spitting into his face, feeling her mind racing while he growled and snapped at her like a madman. She felt his excitement as well as his holy fervor raping her. When he drew close, she even lurched up as best she could at him. The pain in her pussy and his vicious struggling against her lewdness aroused her.

Ellen finally couldn't tell which was worse -- the gruesome excitement of this crazed man of God, or her own flashes of sexual heat under the pain in her pussy.

The battle soon changed. Reverend Davis still whipped at her tits and belly with his crop. But his grabbing, twisting hand moved more slowly at her cunt. Ellen found herself moving her hips from side to side, undulating them as if... as if one of the horrid Crenshaws were fucking her all over again. She breathed more regularly now, her whipped tits heaving up and down while a hotness radiated out from her pussy and warmed her all over.

She noticed a change in the reverend, as well. His voice had grown softer. Could he be succumbing to his own demon?


But his voice no longer carried that awful conviction. He was leaning over her now, his gray eyes staring into her face. She submitted. She was his slave. He could make her do anything he wanted. His whip hand slacked from its awful lashing, moving from her tits to her belly, then to the flesh of her shoulders. When he dropped his face to her tits, his tongue licking against her nipples, Ellen knew for sure she was lost.

She was hot once more, feeling her pussyjuice bubbling. She could see the bulge of his cock pressing out against his black, shiny pants. She hated herself for this. She was destroying this man of God, turning him from the Bible into... into what? Feeling the cuffs biting into her wrists, feeling the straps pulling her legs apart, all Ellen could think of was the tension building in her cunt and the whirling, spinning golden ball of delight starting up again.

Reverend Davis pulled back. His watery gray eyes were half-closed. Ellen watched horrified and aroused as the minister pulled back, then tugged savagely at his trousers. She could see the shiny black material bunching up around his paunch, then falling down toward the floor. Her tits heaved with the deep, gusting breaths she took.

Ellen turned her head to one side, unable to watch this horror. This man, this man of God who was to have comforted her was now driving her further down the road of sin.

"Do you repent, sister? Do you feel the devil leaving you?"

"No," Ellen croaked, her voice cracked and hoarse with lust.

"Then more must be done," the minister said with confidence.

Ellen rolled her head back and saw him standing there, his cock sticking straight out from his groin. His prick wasn't nearly as big as the ones that had fucked her earlier. Even her husband's cock was larger. Ellen nearly laughed, looking at the small, stubby thing with a fat mushroom shaped head. He stepped from his pants, his eyes still focused on her naked, whipped and beaten body. He picked up the cat once more and dangled the leather thongs over her nipples. The tit-tips, sore and beaten, puckered into stiff points. Her tits throbbed as she wondered what he was going to do with her.

"Satan is a proud beast, sister. We must do everything we can to drive him from you. You aren't safe -- and neither are any of us around you."

"Yes, yes," Ellen whispered, trembling with perverse lust.

She saw his prick growing a bit, standing straighter from his groin. He trailed the tip of the cat across the full, rich underswell of her tits. Then with a quick, savage movement, he slashed the crop across both nipples. The black leather strips bit into her tit-tips brutally.

Ellen squealed, writhing against the splintery bench while the hot stinging pain made her tits burn. More tears oozed from under her eyelashes, streaking her cheeks as the pain seemed to increase. Her tits bounced after each impact, her right nipple feeling as if it were half ripped from her tit. Her belly muscles ached from the tension while she looked pleadingly at the man, praying for more sensation.

Reverend Davis smiled down knowingly at her, his lips moving as if he were about to speak. His fingers played over the wrapped handle of the cat while a small droplet of pre-cum oozed from the pale head of his prick. She could see his balls rising, pulling up tightly against his crotch while his grizzled cock-hairs stood out as if charged with electricity.

Ellen opened her mouth to moan, then saw his arm move back so suddenly it blurred in her vision. She barely had enough time to tense herself against the leather bonds holding her against the bench. In a second the awful cat slammed against her body twice, the strips of leather making a large X on her flesh. She screamed, her legs pulling against the restraints.

Reverend Davis continued beating, her, his arm jerking up and down while the cat rained down a horror of agony against the woman. Her belly, tits and cunt burned with the stinging blows from the leather, the air filled with the sounds of her screams and the crackling of the whip.


Ellen bounced her ass-cheeks against the bench, her eyes rolling while the world swirled around and around before her.

Reverend Davis was drooling, his arousal getting the best of him. Taking an end of the cat in each hand, he brought the leather strips against her throat, cutting off the air from her windpipe while he pushed his face against hers. His eyes were round, his pupils dilated while his chins trembled with excitement. She thought he would cum on her right then and there.

"Do you repent, sister? You feel the devil leaving you now?"

"No, no," she managed to choke out, her face growing flushed.

"Satan is powerful, but so am I," he countered, sliding the leather back and forth against her throat.

Pulling back finally, Reverend Davis snapped the crop over his head, bringing the flailing strips crashing down against her calves, her feet, then finally only inches away from her cunt. Ellen shrieked, her pussy going into buckling tremors of need while long red welts erupted on her lashed inner thighs.

"Now? Now?" he cried.

"Fuck you! Fuck you and your God! Fuck you and your church!" Ellen screamed.

Reverend Davis stopped, his face streaked with rolling perspiration. He smiled, his full lips pulling back over his crooked teeth and making the woman shiver with terror and unholy lust. They were in this together. She could feel a link with him more close than the one she had shared for over seven years with her husband! They were bound together in this perversion, and the Crenshaw boys had given her the basic training to endure whatever this madman had in store for her.

"I know a way to drive Satan from you. The Old Church used it in their way -- I use it in mine," Reverend Davis said, wiping his fore head with the back of one hand and dropping his crop with a thud onto, the floor.

Ellen strained against her bonds, loving the cutting feel of the leather against her sweating skin. Reverend Davis smoothed his fingers ever her whipped body, drinking in her naked flesh with his greedy eyes, then bringing his hand up to her tits and squeezing them so hard the woman thought she would faint from the pain. The minister saw her reaction and smiled approvingly.

"Perhaps this will be less painful than I thought," he said with a touch of regret.

Ellen clenched her teeth, her head rolling from side to side while perspiration dripped down her thighs and wet her asscrack. She could feel every nerve tingling with excitement as she waited for this foul man to violate her once more. Her cuts and bruises throbbed with a stinging delight that made her clit knife up more savagely from her swampy cunt. She purposely arched her spine, cutting the leather into her flesh and wanting more sensation.

Reverend Davis swallowed hard, pulling himself away from her and moving about in the chamber.

"Here, this will stir your soul," he said.

Ellen blinked her eyes clear. Reverend Davis had his hands on either side of a square box that rested on a small rolling table. Ellen looked quizzically at the object, catching sight of several black, twisting wires dangling from the back side of the box.

"It's a generator, my dear -- the kind they use in scout camps and swap meets, run entirely by gasoline. It's a small affair, I admit," he said a bit ruefully as he ran his fingers along the dusty top. "But it will do the job. And we both know what that job is, don't we?"

"No," Ellen said nervously.

"The Old Church used fire and branding irons. I have those, too," Reverend Davis said, droplets of spit sparkling on his lips as he slowly uncoiled the wires, lovingly stroking them as if they were a favored pet. "But we're in the twentieth century, and so is Satan. These will more thin adequately do the job of cleansing your soul."

He was holding the end of one wire now, pressing down on the fat end of a rusty alligator clamp. The tiny metal teeth were bent. God only knows how many times he had used the machine. The generator box was scratched and faded, the wires were worn in spots.

Reverend Davis rubbed the clip against his lips, then drew the wire taut before bringing the opened clamp down to her right nipple. Ellen held her breath, her throat tightening while she stared wide-eyed at the stiff, red nipple poking up. She bit down hard on her lower lip, watching as the jagged teeth closed in on the rubbery tit-tip.

She groaned through clenched teeth, her head falling back as she closed her eyes. How it hurt! It was like a savage animal biting into her titmeat, tearing away at her flesh. And there was another one! In a moment Ellen could feel a second teeth of sharp teeth biting into her other nipple, distending the long, red nub from the weight of the clamp and wire.

Blinking the hot tears of pain from her eyes, she saw Reverend Davis untangle three more clamps, holding two while opening one and pulling the corresponding wire over her thighs. Lovingly, carefully, he used his free hand and spread her greasy, swollen cunt-lips apart, pushing the clip in and letting the teeth bite into the moist, dark-red meat of her inner cunt-folds. Ellen jerked her ass off the bench as best she could, her body restrained by the straps. Curling her fingers, she dug her nails into her sweaty-damp palms as more knives of mixed delight and pain soared through her body.

Reverend Davis clipped the second clamp inches below her clit, adjusting the tension of the wire to make certain it wouldn't slip away Ellen cried out, shaking her head until strands of her hair splashed over her flushed face.

And then there was the feeling of something very cold and hard pushing into her asshole. Her eyes flickered wide, her mouth opening. He was pushing the thing into her shitter, shoving the clip and its wire into her asshole. She twisted and groaned, the clips creating a hellish torture that made her head throb.

Reverend Davis was pleased, rubbing his hands together and admiring his handiwork before moving back to the generator and turning on the switch. There was a whirring sound, then a roar as the small engine began functioning.

"Now we start," he said, his fingers trembling over the dials.

"No, no, take it off me! No, no! I repent, I repent!" Ellen cried.

"It's Satan crying out from your lying mouth sister. I know when you truly do repent," Reverend Davis said, his voice quaking with lust.

Ellen protested, her voice shrilling as she looked wildly at the box and clenched her fists. At first, she felt nothing but the weight and nibbling pain of the clips. In another second, however, she felt something stirring around her nipples, cunt and asshole. She stopped her screeching, her body growing suddenly quiet as she wrinkled her forehead and began studying the four hot spots of her body.

"It's only the start, sister, only the start," Reverend Davis said piously.

"No, no! Uhbhhh!"

He twisted the dials once more. Ellen jerked, her muscles bulging as a prickly sensation raced through her nipples, cunt and asshole. She squirmed on the bench, feeling a prickly, sucking kind of sensation licking up and down her pussy. It was almost like having a man eat her out, his teeth nibbling round her clit and cuntlips while his fingers pinched her nipples.

Ellen felt her ass-ring clamp down, milking at the clip and wire while her skin began to gleam with perspiration. She rolled her head away from the minister, unsure of what she was supposed to do.

"The devil's pleased. I can tell from the flush on your belly, sister. He is rightly pleased for now," Reverend Davis said.


A sudden sharp jolt surged through her body, making Ellen jerk up against her bonds while she clawed her fingernails against the wooden bench. It was as if someone had driven a knife through her cunt, ripping off her nipples and impaling her asshole at the same time. Never had she felt such agony!

Her head throbbed and buzzed while drool oozed from the corners of her mouth. It had only lasted a second. But the pain had driven her nearly mad. She sobbed, her eyes pleading with him to stop.

"Yes, Ellen. The devil is still in you. But when I'm through, you'll go back to your husband a better woman."

If she could survive this, she thought, her mind spinning with all the possibilities of what this zealous maniac could do. God in heaven, when would this madness end?

Chapter SEVEN

"More, bitch? More whore? Does the beast inside you want more?"

Reverend Davis' voice roared over the loud buzzing in her head. Ellen's body arched against the wooden stool, her flesh creased by the tight bonds cutting downward, slicked by her own sweat. Her head snapped regularly from side to side, her lips turning purple while her eyes rolled wildly.

Ellen thought her skin was burning. She could smell something, the singeing of her pussy while more and more electricity burned through her. The shocks were like broken pieces of glass knifing into her flesh. She felt the joints aching and throbbing while her legs jerked and twitched against the leather straps.

Against everything natural, Ellen felt a raw kind of pleasure tearing at her tits, cunt and asshole. Her nipples were swollen with blood, bursting against the cruel biting teeth of the alligator clips while the muscles in her belly knotted and cramped. She could feel her clit filling with blood, throbbing while the voltage burned the moist flesh around the twittering sex-spindle.

She tried to close her legs, her thighs ridging and trembling from the effort. But the leather thongs held her firmly in place. She let out another cry of despair, feeling faint. She was almost in that white-hot moment of madness, that second when she could collapse into orgasm. Again, she tried to close her legs to squeeze off her orgasm. But the thongs held firm. Ellen was waiting for the final electrical jolt that would bring her off. She had to have that raw power tearing through her body now, the current frying her flesh while her cunt throbbed like an open wound. Reverend Davis saw that animal stare in her eyes and laughed evilly, twisting the dial up another notch.


Ellen thought she would surely die. Her insides buckled, her organs squeezing and roasting in the hot, charged atmosphere while the tiny blue sparks jumped about her sweaty flesh. The current zapped her nipples and clit while the woman blew out loud hot farts from her ravaged asshole.

Ellen was out of control, her muscles spasming while her intestines cramped painfully, threatening to push out lumps of shit onto the bench under her shivering white ass. She could feel piss squirting from her cunt-hole, making the electricity flow that much more easily into her loins.

She suddenly wanted everything at once. She thought about being fucked by the Crenshaw boys and wished Reverend Davis would fuck her that way. She cried out, her throat raw from the screaming, and her nostrils flared. She was rutting openly, her cunt convulsing while the swollen cunt-lobes folded over one another.


Reverend Davis was rubbing his prick through his trousers while staring hotly at the writhing woman. She felt herself struck by a more powerful force that nearly knocked her from the bench.

Who was screaming so loudly? Ellen could hear shrieks filling the small room. Then she realized it was her own voice shrilling that way while her body shuddered and burned under the horrible onslaught. She couldn't shriek any longer, her voice choked off by the spit running down the back of her throat.

Reverend Davis' eyes were wild and wide, his white fingers trembling while his prick pressed up hard and thick against the front of his trousers. She could see that cock-bulge and licked her lips, wanting to take that cock into her mouth!

"So, whore, you still want the evils of the flesh?" he growled, his face distorted and red.

"Harlot! Take more of God's punishment!" Her lips turned more purple and diamonds of spit stood on her lips. Her nipples were long and pointed now, swollen and dark red against the biting rusty teeth of the clips. Cunt-juice spattered from her hairy pussy, wetting down the rusty clips nibbling into her swollen pussy-flesh. The black wires slapped against one another, their movement threatening to pull the clips from her pussy-lips as she twisted and bounced her body against the bench. She could hardly keep conscious now as her head seemed to swell, about to shatter from the pressure in her body. Another crank higher, and the generator sent a steady flow of burning electricity into her body.

That was more than enough for the tortured woman. Ellen's fingers curled until her nails broke against her sweaty palms, her spine arching and holding her like a bridge aver the bench while a steady rush of air escaped from between her parted lips. She stared wildly at the ceiling, feeling the hot, prickly bite of climax start to tear at her cunt.

In another second, her orgasm erupted, the woman helpless to control the jerking and buckling in her cunt. She cried out finally, her gurgling screams betraying the sensations scorching her cunt like acid. She shuddered and jerked against her bonds, her obvious pleasure driving Reverend Davis wild.

"Yess!" she hissed.

As she shuddered and twitched, Reverend Davis would no longer stand the sight of the beautiful woman suspended this way. He turned the power on all the way, watching Ellen's face as she wriggled maddeningly over the bench, a twisting, bucking beauty.

"Whore!" the preacher shouted.

With a rapid hand movement, he shut the generator down. Ellen felt the current suddenly stop. But the awesome power of her awn body was in full control now, her muscles still jerking while her climax continued to hold her in its grip. Reverend Davis cursed, nearly knocking the generator over as he rushed toward her feet and quickly unbuckled her ankles from the wall restraints. Ellen could feel her legs fall down, but still she screamed and twisted, bucking her ass up more freely now while flailing the air with her newly freed legs.

"Bitch! I'll drive the devil from you, whore! You won't go back to your husband without this being done!"

Ellen fell him tear the pincers free of her tits, pulling the last wire from her ass while opening the leather straps holding her wrists. Ellen cried out, her screams turning foul and obscene. Reeling back, Reverend Davis brought down his right hand across her face, his knuckles bruising her cheek while her teeth rattled from the force of the blow. Her tits burned even more while her cunt pinched down, the cunt-walls rubbing itchily against one another.

Reverend Davis kept slapping her, his hand finally knocking the rutting woman from the bench. Ellen rolled to one side, her legs kicking out as she fell with a dull thud to the floor. She jerked her knees up into a fetal position, drawing her hands over them while hiding her head from the shouting man.

He swore, reaching down and rolling her back onto her ass. He pushed her shoulders against the floor, spreading her legs apart with one knee while settling between her thighs. He spread her pussy-lips apart with one hand, using his other to reopen his zipper and pull out his prick. Ellen threw back her head and laughed maniacally, wondering if indeed Satan was possessing both of them!

She threw her shoulders once more against the floor, feeling a hot, heavy weight pressing against her swollen, hot, juice-slicked pussy. Reverend Davis was pinching her sore nipples with both hands, the weight of his prone body pressing his stiff cock into her. She tried to draw back, but he held her tightly, pinning her with his prick.

She was impaled by this man rod, being fucked by him while her body still rung like a struck bell from the electrical torture. She retched, feeling more pain as Reverend Davis pummeled her cunt with his prick. He was drooling, looking down at her with wild, savage eyes. He held her fast, his hands squeezing her tits, kneading and molding them until she thought he would tear them from her heaving chest. The bruised, itching force of her climax spread more now surging through her body while every inch of her flesh sang with unholy delight.

The ferocity of her orgasm reached a new height, nearly knocking the attractive woman unconscious as she fucked with the reverend on the basement floor.

"Uh! Uhgh! Uhhhhh!"

The electricity had done it! All that pain, all that itching delight had made her so hot that someone as inadequate as the reverend could make her feel as if one of the Crenshaw studs were fucking her.

Ellen cringed, realizing that the man above her hated her and loathed what she represented, but he was still unable to tear himself from her. He was ramming her cunt roughly, staring down at her wildly and enjoying the barbaric assault.

Lust boiled in her cunt, her clit stung by another wave of climax. She clenched her teeth, turning her head away while strings of drool escaped from the corners of her mouth. She couldn't help herself! Another burst of delight exploded through her pussy, making her arch her spine and rub her belly against the reverend's. He saw this and laughed at her, raising one hand from her bruised tits and slapping her across the face until she screamed back at him. The bruising, ramming attack of his prick tore at her clit in an endless attack as he fucked her cunt.

"You little slut!" he howled, throwing his head back and shaking the sweat from his face. "I'll teach you to do this! I'll teach you to tempt a man of God! You won't ever try this again!"

Ellen embraced him like a lover, closing her thighs and clutching him tightly to her cunt with her legs. She couldn't control her climax. Her clit exploded while she held his body more greedily. Her body felt as if it were being stung with fiery needles over every square inch while her clit boiled over. And her cock-stuffed pussy ached and throbbed.

Her hips whipped feverishly from side to side, churning her pussy on his prick. Reverend Davis was grunting, his hands flailing away at her face. He cried out, fucking in all the way and keeping his prick there while his body started to jerk against hers.

He was cumming!

She could feel his hot cock-cream spattering against her cuntal walls. It was like a soothing balm that began to ease the hot itch tearing at her pussy. Ellen sighed, rolling her thighs up and drinking in the sensation of having her cunt filled with his cock-meat. Her pussy continued to tremble and clutch at the minister's prick while she sobbed. Finally he quieted, his hands smoothing over her hot, slick body. Ellen bit down on her lower lip, feeling a warm glow wash over her skin while her cunt slackened around his cock. It was all over -- at least for now.

Would the reverend believe he had driven the devil from her? He certainly had done something for her, but it hardly had to do with an exorcism, Ellen thought ironically.

She watched as he stood up unsteadily, pulling his wrinkled trousers up around his hips and buckling them, then looking a bit guiltily at the device from which Ellen had fallen. The straps lay open invitingly, something that made the woman shiver with both fear and a kind of perverse wish she could be back on the bench once more. He moved a few feet toward her then stopped, covering his mouth with a fist and coughing lightly.

"You still have the devil in you, sister," he said, his voice far softer than it had been. "We have to meet again. We have to keep trying to reclaim your soul."

Ellen lay quietly on the floor, looking up at him with wide, unblinking eyes. Reverend Davis drew himself up as if that stare accused him of things he would rather not think of. His face growing darker, the man nudged her with the toe of his shoe. She cringed away with a whimper drawing her hands over her tits while drawing her legs together. Instinctively his thick lips curled into a sardonic smile, one the reverend quickly fought back and shook his head.

"I will save you, sister. I will make sure that you return to the flock, even if it costs me my own soul."

When he climbed the stairs. Ellen pulled herself up from the floor, gathering up her ripped dress and panties and wondering how on earth she was going to drive from Hyatsville back to her husband's parsonage.

Obviously the reverend had thought of that problem as well, returning with a handful of dresses hanging limply from his arms.

"My late wife's," he explained, dropping them at her feet, purposely avoiding looking at her -- he turned and went back up the steep wooden stairs.

Ellen quickly fished through the pile, finding a dress that fit her. She didn't bother with panties or a bra. Eyeing the bench and the generator warily, she could only think of leaving as quickly as she could.

Clutching her purse tightly to her body, Ellen tiptoed through the dark, heavily curtained living room, catching sight of the older man bent over the Bible in his study. He seemed to have forgotten her, not even glancing up when the front door squeaked down and she rushed from the house. Sliding into her car, she looked back at the old house, halfway expecting the reverend to come stumbling down the porch stairs, cane in hand, demanding that she return to his basement. Her fingers icy, trembling, she started the car and squealed away from the curb, not caring what the neighbors might think.

All the way back home, Ellen kept thinking of what had happened. It was like a fantastic erotic nightmare. She could still feel the nibbling bite of the clips on her tits and cunt and ass. She could still feel the sting of the whip against her ass, the blows against her face, her tits, her cunt. Glancing up several times into the rearview mirror, she caught sight of the red marks on her cheeks and chin. Her body was marked, she knew. She could feel the welts still swelling hotly as she turned down the highway and headed toward her husband's parsonage.

What had happened to her? Why was she smiling, in spite of the horror she had endured? What kind of woman was she becoming? Was Reverend Davis right? Was she a wanton whore, a woman possessed by the devil?

Ellen could hardly see the road, hot tears of confusion blinding her.

It was only when a blue pickup abruptly sideswiped the right side of her sedan that Ellen shook the heavy veil of her daydream from her mind, slamming on the brakes and nearly fishtailing off the road.

Slowing, while regaining control of her car, she saw Caleb and Joe Crenshaw in the pickup that now blocked her way. They were grinning at her, Joe having opened the door and stepped out while Caleb was switching off the engine. Joe was walking slowly toward her, scratching his cock-bulge in broad daylight, with the biggest grin on his face. Ellen couldn't believe this! They were coming at her as if... as if she really was that kind of whore, that kind of Satanic slut Reverend Davis called her!

"Hey Ellen -- come on. We got some more surprises for you. We'll get Mindy Sue for some fun, and the two of you can suck us off while we..."

That was all Ellen had to hear. She recovered, twisting the wheel all the way to the right and stepping on the gas. She heard her rear wheels spinning in the gravel, a shower of stones filling the air.

Joe backed away while Caleb stood openmouthed on the running board of the old pickup. Ellen barely kept control of her car, swinging around the startled men and bouncing it back onto the highway. She glanced up in her mirror, seeing them both looking at her as she accelerated and headed toward home.

No more, she thought, blinking away more tears.

She would have to hide the wounds from her husband. That would be easy enough to do, Ellen thought bitterly. Her husband Michael only groped haltingly for her in the dark once a week -- if that. He would never notice anything.

Chapter EIGHT

Nearly three weeks had passed since Ellen's last encounter with Reverend Davis. Her husband had several times remarked on the surprising number of phone calls he'd received from the elder minister requesting both him and his wife Ellen visit him. Ellen politely turned the requests down, leaving Michael confused about her reasons for the refusals.

The purple and red marks disappeared from her flesh, things her husband hadn't noticed. The Crenshaw boys had stopped attending Sunday services, and Ellen had curtailed her outdoor activities to shopping and occasional gardening.

For a while, the woman thought her wild times were over. Perhaps she was getting a grip on herself at last. The horrific delight she had experienced in the ropes and feeling the men violate her that way was possibly a phase. Later, much later, she would go to another minister and confess, only this time having several years of good works to back up her repentance.

Twice she had caught sight of Mindy Sue in the congregation and wondered about Joe Crenshaw's words. She looked demure, not even staring at Ellen as the preacher's wife sat in the front pew and tried without success to think of God.

The terrible visions continued, visions that involved the Crenshaws and Reverend Davis until Ellen thought she was losing her mind. At night she ground her teeth until she thought Michael would awaken to the horrid sound. She tossed and turned, her dreams filled with erotic visions of the men fucking and beating her. She would awaken with a start, sitting up straight in bed while her white cotton nightgown clung to her sweaty flesh. She swore she could taste cum in her mouth, and more than once brushed her trembling fingertips over her cunt to see if indeed there was cum oozing from her fuck-slot.

At the start of the fourth week, Ellen was sure she would have to commit herself. She couldn't go on this way and continue to be Michael's wife.

That was the evening she received the phone call from the Crenshaw brothers. Her fingers twisted the black cord around nervously while she pressed the hot, sweaty-damp receiver to her ear. Michael was in the next room, working on his sermon.

"So we gotta get you away from your husband tonight," Joe ordered, his voice firm.

"I... I can't. Michael's working on his sermon and..."

Ellen stopped. She couldn't believe what she was doing! She stopped herself, feeling her heart stand still as Joe laughed at her.

"You'll come -- unless you want me to come on by and take you. Bet your old man'd freak out if he saw me wrestlin' you to the floor, huh?"

Ellen's face flushed, her fingers nearly twisting the cord from the receiver. She bent over, pressing her lips to the phone while keeping her back toward her husband.

"Please, don't make me do this!"

She could feel her cuntal walls caressing one another, juice bubbling from her cunt and wetting down her crotch while her nipples stood firmly against her bra. This was worse, far worse than anything her dreams had conjured. She was shamefully close to climax -- just talking with this man!

"Be here!" Joe demanded. Then he hung up. Ellen hesitated only for a second, knowing full well he was capable of carrying out his threat and coming for her.

"I'm leaving for Mrs. Drew's home. She needs someone to talk with," Ellen said, referring to a disconsolate young widow who had many times requested Ellen to visit her.

"Ummmm-humminmm," Michael said, not glancing at his departing wife.

Ellen rushed to her car, seeing how her husband could care so little about her leaving, and consequently feeling less guilty about what was about to happen. She drove quickly down the road, the headlights barely illuminating the thickly forested area.

The lights were nearly all off in the Crenshaw house as she guided her car carefully down the drive to the rotting garage out back. Joe and Caleb were waiting for her there, their thick muscled arms crossed over their bare chests. Ellen switched off the engine and got out.

"Thought you'd come. We were ready to grab you right under your fuckin' husband's nose in a few minutes," Joe said as she approached.

"I couldn't let you do that," she said, her voice unnaturally husky. It was then Ellen noticed that half of the old double door on the garage was open. Caleb stepped back, revealing a pale and very beaten Mindy Sue. Ellen stopped, her mouth gaping open as she stared at the helpless teenager.

Mindy Sue raised her head, shaking the hair from her face and peering with squinty eyes at Ellen. They had stripped and beaten the girl leaving long narrow welts on her freckled skin. She was tied to an upright beam in the garage, her wrists bound with narrow leather straps to the wood.

"Oh, my God!" Ellen blurted.

"Bastard!" Mindy Sue spat at Caleb, her pale face reddening now with anger.

Ellen was surprised at the vehemence of the girl as she struggled with the bonds, her naked legs slipping on the greasy garage floor. Caleb turned around.


"You heard me, Caleb Crenshaw," Mindy Sue said, her voice trembling. "You... you'll never get away with this."

Ellen's hand fluttered up to her lips as she tried to signal the young girl to keep quiet. But the perky young blonde refused to quiet down.

"Man, too bad Adam's not here," Caleb said, spitting on the floor and eyeing his older brother Joe. "He's hot for this one. One dick down her throat and that'd stop her."

"Then dick the bitch! I'll go get some rope. Mind this other one, though. I don't want her gettin' loose," Joe said, nodding at Ellen and giving her a shove.

Ellen stumbled forward from the push, falling onto her knees with painful thud. Caleb let out a snorting laugh, then turned and started toward the bound teenager.

Ellen pushed the hair from her eyes, seeing the look of white panic flicker across the girl's face as he untied her. They were alone with Caleb. It would be just for a moment. Perhaps this was the time to fight back. There were two of them now. Could she telegraph some signal to the girl? Perhaps defiance would make the Crenshaws rethink their policy of hounding them... and the thought of possible retribution from Joe, Caleb and Adam excited Ellen more and more.

"Little bitch," Caleb said. "When I started beatin' the shit outta you with the whip, I knew you liked it, didn't you?"

"No, liar!" the girl yelled.

Ellen could see Mindy's bravado weakening. Her tough facade cracked, the energy quickly ebbing from the retreating girl. Caleb was about to climb onto her. She shook her head, her hands crossing protectively over her tits while she moved back until her ass pillowed against the wall of the garage.

Caleb played out the scene slowly, spacing his steps and taking his time advancing. Mindy Sue was trembling visibly now, her fingers clenching and unclenching while her knees knocked against one another. She didn't dare blink, fearing Caleb would hit her the moment she closed her eyes.

Ellen drew herself up, whispering a prayer while her body quivered sympathetically for the young girl.

With a quick move, Caleb lunged for the teenager, curling his fingers into her hair. She shrieked in pain, her knees buckling while her hands flailed out at her assailant. Caleb spun the girl around twice before sending her slamming face-first into the garage wall.

Mindy Sue clutched at the rotting wood, her nails cracking while her legs gave way. Ellen staggered to her feet, swaying back and forth as she watched Caleb bring one hand down like a hammer and crash his knuckles against the side of the girl's skull. Mindy Sue shrieked, a trickle of blood oozing down the side of her face as she wheeled around, collapsing onto the filthy floor.

"When I get through with you, it'll be months before you can walk."


Ellen saw him about to hammer his fists once more into the cringing teenager. This was too much! Finding courage in herself, she lunged forward, banging her body into Caleb's and sending the startled young stud reeling into the wall. He banged his head hard, the blow stunning him for a moment. It was all Ellen needed. Bending down, she grabbed Mindy Sue and hauled her to her feet.

"Come on. Let's get out of here."

"I'm for that," Mindy Sue said, springing forward and stumbling from the garage.

Ellen forgot about the car, following the teenager as she rushed back into the darkness toward a large fence bordering the property.

"He won't expect us to go this way. I'm it afraid Joe'd shoot us or something if we tried gettin' out by your car," Mindy Sue said, panting.

Ellen thought she could hear Joe shouting. Perhaps he had come back and found his brother half conscious, on the floor.

"Can you climb?" Mindy Sue asked. "Yes," Ellen whispered, closing the small gap separating her from the girl.

They stopped at the tall fence, Mindy Sue glancing back, her eyes wide with excitement and fear. She climbed, reaching the top and stretching down one hand.

Ellen could hear them now. It was Joe and Caleb. They were rushing around the dark yard, searching for the women. It wouldn't take them too long to decide which direction they had escaped in. Ellen reached up, catching hold of the girl's icy fingers. She scrambled up, her nylons tearing. It was only then she realized the fence was laced with barbed wire! But she still climbed frantically, listening to the shouting voices growing louder. Her naked ass jutted out, the woman clinging to Mindy's hand with every last particle of strength she had. She was halfway up. But it was such a struggle!

She thought of Reverend Davis, of the Crenshaw boys, and wondered if going back wouldn't be far easier in the long run.

"Come on!" Mindy Sue urged.

Th last few feet looked insurmountable.

"I'm letting go. You grab hold of the post, and when you reach the top I'll be down below, on the other side. We've got to get outta here, or they're gonna kill us," the girl whispered. Ellen thought about that and found new strength. Mindy Sue held a second longer until she prepared herself. Then the girl let go. Grabbing hold of the tall post, Ellen felt slivers tearing at her palms. She still clutched frantically at the wood, pressing closer. She gripped the sides with her toes, climbing up slowly, every muscle in her body aching from the effort. Then she finally reached the top.

"Now jump," Mindy Sue whispered, having leaped to the soft dirt below.

Ellen hesitated a moment. She was dizzy from fear and exertion. Her dress was in shreds, and the barbed wire was only inches away from her naked ass-cheeks. She crouched there like a cat on top of the post, uncertain about jumping.

"Hurry! They're coming!"

Ellen still remained crouching there for an instant, the sound of pounding boots brought her back to life. She looked down, seeing Mindy Sue's anxious white face. She cautiously aimed for what she thought was the softest part of the ground then dropped. She landed with a thud, finding herself rolling back toward the fence. Her ass struck a coil of barbed wire.

Ellen winced as she felt the metal teeth ripping into her ass-flesh. Pain raged through the slashed muscles as she gagged with the agony. Blades of fire stabbed into her ass and cunt. But even as she writhed in the pain, her clit trembled. She struggled to free herself. But as she wriggled around, bouncing her ass against the barbed wire, the awful thing seemed to dig itself into her flesh more deeply.

Horrified, Mindy Sue tried to pull Ellen free, her fingers slipping around the woman's wrists. Struggling forward, Ellen could feel those awful metal barbs releasing their hold. As she worked her ass away, she felt the agony exciting her buckling cunt more and more. It was as if the stinging wire were slicing into her cunt.


Ellen let out a cry -- a cry of mingled pain and of delight. Thank goodness, Mindy Sue was too immature yet to understand what that moan really meant. She fought down tears as her nerves tingled with this unholy lust. God in heaven, she had finally dropped to the lowest level. There was no stopping the pain and delight raging in her body. She could feel the surge of warm cunt-juice sucking down her thighs while Mindy Sue still tugged at her.

Mindy Sue fell down for a moment; Ellen rolled onto her belly and finding herself humping disgracefully against the ground. She couldn't top the perverse lust coursing through her.

"What's wrong?" the girl asked.

Ellen came violently, her thighs rippling while the burning cuts from the barbed wire increased the biting tension of her climax.

Mindy Sue managed to get Ellen back on her feet just as Joe and Caleb reached the edge of the yard.

"There they go -- into the woods!" Caleb shouted, pointing at them.

"Run!!" the teenager shrieked.

Ellen felt her mind go blank as she rushed forward, clutching her hands against her chest as she leaped after Mindy. They plunged on until the sound of their pursuers slashing through the woods faded somewhat.

Mindy Sue stopped, leaning back against a tall pine while trying to catch her breath. Ellen fell to her knees, her head down while she clawed at the ground. The fading other climax sapped more strength from her.

"So... what I can't understand is why you... a preacher's wife... why you're mixed up with that white trash," Mindy Sue said.

Ellen caught her breath finally, settling her ass back on her heels and still feeling the stinging bite of the barbed wire.

"I don't know," she confessed, shaking her head slowly. "I don't know how it all started. It just... happened."

Mindy Sue shook her head, pushing herself away from the tree and looking around.

"We'll go back to my uncle's place. He'll get some guys together and take care of those fuckers," Mindy Sue said. "They ain't gonna be around this county much longer after he gets through with 'em."

"Don't count on it, Mindy Sue!" a male voice bellowed.

Ellen nearly jumped out of her skin. It was Caleb and Joe, this time joined by Adam. They were back, all three of them, and all hell-bent on teaching the girl and Ellen a lesson they wouldn't forget!

Chapter NINE

"Ow! You're hurting me!"

Ellen squirmed on the stool as she felt the heavy rope scraping her flesh. It hurt her, leaving long red marks on her skin as Caleb looped the line under her arms while Joe checked the thinner rope binding her ankles together.

They had left her wrists free while Joe attached a five-foot wooden pole to an overhead cable dangling from the garage ceiling. While Adam held Mindy Sue quiet, his hands crawling over her tits while the girl moaned in horror, the two other brothers pulled Ellen from the stool and hauled her over to the dangling cable.

"Wha... what are you going to do?" she gasped, her wide eyes rolling up toward the dangling pole now home three feet above her head.

"This will stretch you out a little," Joe said with a grin, taking one hand and raising it high until her wrist banged against one end of the rod.

While Caleb held her tightly around the waist, the oldest Crenshaw boy took a strip of leather and wrapped it around Ellen's right wrist, binding it tightly to the wood in a series of figure-eight knots. Ellen ground her teeth together, her cunt still hot after her ass had been ripped by the barbed wire. It had been her own lust that had slowed them down and allowed them to be recaptured. As she dangled there by one wrist Ellen thought of that and wondered if indeed she really had wanted to escape, after all.

Joe bound her other wrist to the far end of the pole, stretching her arms widely apart. Her tits flattened against her chest from the resulting pressure. Ellen rolled her head from side to side, her eyes widening as she felt the straps cutting into her wrists. How her cunt throbbed! There she was, the ropes causing such a delightful pain while her body was stretched so wonderfully in front of these vile men. They were licking their lips like hungry wolves, their eyes on her naked body.

She knew they could see how her cunt-lips were so red, puffy and lapping over one another while that hot juice dribbled from her cunt-hole and dampened her cuntal hairs. How she longed for a touch, any man's touch!

Mindy Sue kept her eyes averted out of some sense of modesty. Ellen could have laughed if it weren't for the ranging lust she felt churning through her cunt and belly. And when Caleb tightened the ropes around her wrists, stretching her arms a few tantalizing inches farther apart, Ellen winced with joy, feeling her cuntal muscles twittering while her pussy-walls buckled in from the added heat. A trickle of pussy-juice seeped down her right inner thigh, making her spasm with wanton pleasure.

"The bitch likes it," Joe said, brushing the back of his hand against her wet cunt and watching as Ellen's body shivered at the teasing touch. "We'll see how much she enjoys this."

Mindy Sue looked up, horrified, pushing the hair from her eyes as Adam hunched his groin into her ass. He had already pulled half the teenager's blouse from her torso and now was gathering her tattered skirt up in one free hand. She ignored Adam for a moment, looking quizzically up at the dangling minister's wife.

"How could you?" she rasped, her eyes wide with horror and dismay.

Ellen turned away, dropping her gaze and feeling her cheeks redden. Caleb had slipped behind her, rummaging around in a pile of tools before coming back with a long gray poker. Handing it to Joe, he stepped away, pulling a rusty old barbecue from the shadows. He shook the cold ashes about while Joe moved up to Ellen and hefted one up with the tip of the iron thing.

Ellen stiffened, her legs pressing tightly against one another while a ripple of fear and lust shivered up her body. She closed her eyes, her lips pressed against one another while a pulse of lewdness throbbed through her body. She could feel her belly tightening while her toes curled until they cramped. That erotic rush was starting up all over again, licking up her thighs like a teasing tongue while her nipples grew long and stiff.

Joe smiled, his eyes narrowing as he brushed and rubbed the cold iron poker over her tit tips. Smacking them now, he watched as her white tit-globes shivered and reddened under the touch. More juice seeped from her pussy and matted down the frazzled blonde cunt-hairs.

Shoving the tip of the poker into her cunt, Joe twisted the steel rod around and around, screwing it into her body. Ellen tried to pull her legs apart, but the ropes kept them firmly bound together. She threw her head back, her long blonde hair splashing over her shoulders as inch after cold, hard inch pushed into her pussy. She could feel her cuntal walls caving in at the coolness, snuggling up against that penetrating poker while Joe kept on pushing it in.

"You like it? You like getting fucked by this thing, bitch? You damned well like anything shoved in your pussy? You know that, Mindy Sue? You sure picked one helluva buddy to try to escape with," Joe laughed.

Ellen jerked on her ropes, her mouth torn open in a scream. She felt four inches of the poker embedded in her pussy now. Her asscheeks tightened and relaxed, bunching up again as a squirt of piss oiled down the penetrating rod.

"Owwwwww! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Ellen's nostrils flared and her cit stood up hard and erect, throbbing against the fucking poker. The tiny nub burned like a glowing jewel, filling with blood and threatening to burst while her pussy ached. It was then Ellen smelled something burning. Joe stepped, twisting the rod out slowly and watching as her swollen pussy-lips puckered out from the withdrawing pressure. Ellen opened her eyes, seeing that Adam had stripped Mindy Sue and was draping his hands around her bare hips. Then he slipped both hands over her cunt, his fingers pressing into her cunt-hole, and the girl panicked. She tried wheeling around, her face red with shame while her legs kicked back against his. Adam became enraged, bringing down both fists against the young girl and hammering her down to the garage floor. She screamed, covering her head protectively while her knees buckled. Mindy Sue fell in a crumpled heap, the old wounds now joined by new ones.

Ellen knew she should have been sickened by the sight. But she could only feel a kind of odd delight in watching the girl shiver under the boy's savage blows. And when Adam pressed the heel of his boot up against her throat threatening to choke the air from her, Ellen felt a spasm of climax rip delightfully through her cunt.

Adam pulled his boot off Mindy Sue, dragging her up by the arm and holding her wrists pinned behind her. The girl swayed back and forth, her head down, her hair curtaining her face while Joe shoved the poker into the burning barbecue grill. Caleb had switched it on earlier, the electric wires at the bottom having heated up the coals to a glowing red.

Joe still held onto the wooden handle of the iron, twisting it around and shoving it back and forth through the hot coals. Ellen's body shivered at the rustling sound, her mind racing as she looked from one brother to another.

"Oh my God, Mrs. Weathersby! They're going to do to you like what they done to Martha Jones last year! They're gonna brand you!"

Mindy Sue struggled against Adam, getting a slap across the back of her head for her efforts. Ellen's mind froze as she looked wide-eyed at the poker again. It looked more threatening than before as she watched Joe stir up more glowing coals. She could feel the heat radiating out from the small container.

Joe stirred the poker around a little more, his prick pressing hard against the front of his faded Levi's once more. Satisfied, he drew the rod from the coals, examining the glowing red tip while dots of perspiration beaded his forehead. Ellen squirmed on the ropes, whimpering softly while she curled her fingers against the ropes. He brought the glowing iron around to her, lowering it until it was barely touching her cuntal hairs.

"No! Oh, no!" she gasped, afraid to move. Ellen could feel the heat well now, the energy curling into her tumid cunt like a hot, twisting fist. Her body shivered like a struck tuning fork, drawn taut by the puffing pressure of the bonds and her own excitement.

There was a hissing, crackling sound. Ellen jerked her head down, watching as her blonde cunt-hairs blackened under the heat and curled back toward her throbbing, swollen pussy-meat. The heat moved now. She could feel it inches above her cunt flesh now, leaving a long red trail along her quivering, sweaty-damp belly. Her jaw hurt from clamping her teeth together so hard. Joe was teasing her now, keeping the iron about an inch above her flesh. He was ready to ruin her, to brand her for life. But in the mean time, he was enjoying watching her shiver. She could feel the burning heat blister its way up, up until it was even with her right nipple. Ellen froze, her nipples stiff and pointed, her tits drawn back. How her shoulders ached from the pulling sensation while the poker hovered a quarter of an inch away from the tip of her nipple.


She could feel the sudden touch of the poker that quickly turned into a hellish burning! Ellen jerked wildly against the ropes, her body a blur while her ass jiggled. One scream shrilled and gurgled into another as her head snapped from side-to-side. The pain was awful, seemingly burning into her soul. Joe laughed, touching her other nipple and making the woman shriek even more loudly than before. She pissed, the yellow fluid squirting from her cunt and wetting the floor under her. She begged for mercy, the awful heat and agony making her cry out until her throat was throbbing and raw.

There was suddenly a terrible crashing sound. Ellen thought the roof had collapsed from her jerking weight, and she let her head sag down. She hung there, burned and defeated, unaware that her husband and Reverend Davis were standing there gaping at her.

Chapter TEN

"What the fuck?" Joe blurted.

Reverend Davis stood behind Michael, a terrible grin of satisfaction on his face. Ellen thought she was hallucinating from the pain, shaking her head to clear the awful image in front of her. No. It was all too true. Her husband Michael stood nearly ten feet in front of her, his face ashen with horror and dismay while Joe Crenshaw waved the poker threateningly at the ministers.

"We don't need no Jesus freaks here," he snapped.

Caleb and Adam were dragging Mindy Sue forward and backing up their older brother.

"You don't understand, brothers," Reverend Davis said gently, his eyes rounding with excitement as he stared at the swinging woman in front of him. "I brought her husband here to see what kind of woman she really is. I couldn't remain quiet any longer." His voice was trembling with emotion. "I had to show him. I know, you see." His lips curled back, revealing that awful animal-like row of crooked teeth Ellen remembered even in her darkest dreams. "I once had her. She came to me, and I had her. And later I followed her here. I knew about you boys and her."

Joe Crenshaw looked at the old minister for a moment, trying to figure him out. Then he grinned, recognizing the old man as a fellow pervert.

"Well I'll be! So, you've been fuckin' her too, huh? Probably been beatin' the shit out of her, right?"

"All in the name of the Lord," he said. Michael wheeled around, looking incredulously at him.

"You can call it anything you damned well like, preacher," Joe snarled. "But I've got some business with this bitch yet."

"Michael, please, I can explain," Ellen began, uncertain what she would say.

"Get her down from there!" Michael shouted, his chin trembling.

"Like hell I will!" Joe yelled over one shoulder, swinging the poker around and striking her naked ass with the flat end.

Michael stiffened at the slapping sound, watching his wife's body shiver at the rough blow to her ass. He lurched forward, his hands gripping the older Crenshaw by the shoulder and flinging him to the floor. Ellen screamed, surprised by her husband's strength. Mindy Sue started to make a break for the door in the resulting confusion. But Adam cuffed her hard across the chin, knocking her silly.

The two youngest Crenshaws rushed forward, grabbing Michael under the arms and dragging him back while Joe scrambled back to his feet. He looked darkly at the younger minister, his fingers curling into fists while Reverend Davis gazed heavenward and muttered a few prayers.

"Hell, no. I ain't gonna dirty my hands with the blood of no preacher," Joe said, swing at Ellen. "But he's gonna watch what turns on his wife. Hell, I'm even gonna give him a chance to make her happy!"

"Let her go!" Michael begged, his eyes growing moist.

Instead, Joe threw the poker back in the barbecue, stirring the hot coals around once more. Ellen watched as orange and red glowing sparks circled around toward the ceiling, as the poker grew hotter. Her husband stood there over Mindy Sue, his eyes reflecting the horror searing his soul while the elder Crenshaw cracked his knuckles, rocked back on his heels, and checked the progress of the long iron rod impatiently.

Pulling the heated poker from the coals, Joe hefted it in his band, then nodded at Adam and Caleb to drag Michael forward. The preacher protested, struggling against the rough hands shoving him toward Ellen. The woman watched as Joe grabbed Michael's right hand and shoved the rod in it. Still holding onto her husband's arm, he drew it forward, the red glowing tip of the rod only inches from her belly.

"She's been fuckin' me," Joe hissed in Michael's ear. "She's sucked my brother's dick. We pissed on her, then strung her up like this and knocked the slut around. She's even been fuckin' around with that babblin' old fool there. And she likes it rough, man. She really likes it. Why don't you show the bitch what you think about that?"

Ellen's eyes widened as she saw Michael set his jaw firmly, his fingers tightening around the wrapped handle of the poker. The tip glowed near her belly.

"Bitch!" Michael snarled as he jabbed the poker just below her right tit.

Ellen shrieked, her head snapping back as she felt her skin burning and sizzling under the singeing heat. She could smell her flesh burning as she kicked helplessly against the bonds holding her ankles together.

Michael pulled the rod from her chest, holding the now-graying tip of the poker up to her eyes. Ellen choked, her throat tightening while her heart skipped a beat. Was he going to blind her, burn out her eyes as the old kings had done to enemies in the Bible? She shuddered as she looked at her angry husband with growing terror.

"No, don't..."

"You made me look like a fool, sleeping around! And especially with... with him!" Michael shouted, jerking his head in the direction of the still-mumbling Reverend Davis. "You won't ever do this again!"

"That's tellin' the slut, man. Caleb, let's cut her down now," Joe said.

Ellen couldn't frame a response in her mind, watching as Caleb untied the pole above her head, snapping the bonds and sending Ellen crashing to the floor in a heap. Then he untied the bonds holding her ankles together, stepping back and giving her a sharp kick in the ass.

So terrified was Ellen that she didn't even feel that blow. Michael tossed the poker to the floor with a clatter, his eyes hooded as he peered down at his naked wife, then he brought back one leg and kicked his booted foot into her belly. Ellen let out a whooshing sound, rolling over onto her side while grasping her belly. She drew her knees up to her tits, barely hearing the scream of Mindy Sue behind her.

Reverend Davis and Adam had decided to attack the young girl together. The old man's trousers were puddled around his skinny ankles while he held her jutting hipbones with both hands. Blinking her eyes clear, she caught sight of the minister humping his thighs up against the girl's ass. Mindy Sue's face was flushed, a trickle of blood oozing from her upper lip while her eyes widened. Reverend Davis was fucking her in the ass while Adam was getting ready to ram his cock up her cunt. Ellen turned away, drawing one hand over her lips and fearing what they were going to do with her.

"So, preacher-man, what do you think of your fuckin' holy wife now?" Joe asked.

"Gimme that!" Michael snapped.

Joe grinned, handing the minister a gagging ball he had been rolling absently in his hand. Ellen stared at her tormentors as her husband shoved the red rubber ball deep into her mouth. It rolled up behind her teeth, prying her mouth so wide apart that her jaw ached. Michael stretched the two black leather straps around her head, fastening them behind her skull while Reverend Davis continued fucking Mindy Sue's ass. Ellen cried behind the gag, tasting the awful mix if spit and rubber washing down her throat. Taking her by the neck, Michael jerked her up from the floor, his fingers bruising her throat while his eyes burned with a hellish fire that made her tremble. Throwing her back down onto her ass, he started reaching for his belt. Joe held up his right band, reaching around to a small cat dangling from the wall and pulling it down.

"Here. She's into bigger and better things," Joe laughed.

Michael reddened at the words, then set his jaw firmly as he wheeled around on his heels and glared down at his wife. Ellen drew her hands back, crawling toward the door as she heard Mindy Sue shriek in pain. Both were fucking her now.

Michael cracked the cat high in the air, then brought it down against Ellen's burned, scarred belly. The welts and burn marks throbbed more agonizingly as the nine leather thongs tore into her skin. She shrieked, threw one hand high above her head and started crawling away from her infuriated husband. He brought the weapon back down, the thongs chewing into her taut, fleshy thigh and making her shriek again. She could feel her skin swelling into ugly welts. How her body ached from the burning, the branding, the whipping! Michael spat at her, his face contorted with hate and lust as he snapped the leather thongs in the air, crashing them down this time around her inner thighs.

Ellen screamed, feeling the knotted ends biting into the flesh inches below her cunt. Her legs flew apart obscenely, her thighs rolling lustily as hot sparks bit into her cunt. She could feel her cunt-lips trembling as Michael jerked his right hand up, then brought the cat squarely down on the pulsing, swollen flesh of her gaping pussy.


Ellen nearly lost consciousness. The pain exploded into something wonderful -- hot, biting flashes of incredible goodness singeing her clit the way no flame could! The woman screamed uncontrollably, not even noticing how Mindy Sue, Reverend Davis and Adam had fallen to the floor inches from her rolling head, a mass of fucking, grunting humanity. Trying to scratch the ball gag from her mouth, Ellen felt her husband's hands grabbing at her thighs and jerking them apart. She howled, slapping at him. But Michael was shouting obscenities at her, looking wildly at Joe and Adam.

"You guys want to fuck her?" Michael screamed, throwing the cat in her face. "We'll all fuck her!"

He was out of control, raging with jealousy, anger and humiliation. But something else was out of control as well, that awful dark force Ellen had felt stirring in her so many days ago when the Crenshaws had first abused her. Now, as her husband slapped and kicked her, Ellen could only see that the two of them would be sucked into this wonderful, terrible hole of degradation and sadism together.

"Here... we'll rope her up this way... like I seen in one of them fuckbooks," Joe muttered.

Twisting Ellen around until she lay belly down, Joe and Michael looped twenty-four-inch pieces of line around both ankles and wrists, pulling her up in tandem from the floor and dragging her to a narrow section of the garage where Caleb deliberately fastened the free end of each rope to stakes driven into the walls.

She hung there, her spine concaved painfully toward the floor while her belly sagged. Michael was dropping his pants. Joe and Caleb had already stepped out of theirs. Her tits ached, dangling the way they were, and her nipples throbbed and burned. She had nearly forgotten all the burns and bruises. This would be a new experience. They were going to violate her in strange and wonderful ways. As her husband took a dulled metal spike and began to twist it into her tight asshole, Ellen bit down on the ball-gag and moaned, her face flushed, her pussy burning.

And the minister's wife entered a whole new world of Revelations on her own.


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