The violation of linda

Often times, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society's demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear and the consequences would be devastating.

Linda Whitman the heroine of THE VIOLATION OF LINDA is an unwilling victim of a subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Linda struggles to free herself until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.

Chapter ONE

Linda Whitman could almost hear the whip slice through the air and sting her pussy. She stretched her legs wide and wiggled from the ropes she had applied to her ankles. As she did, the peach colored hairs that adorned her tiny, virgin pussy cooled. Throwing her head to one side and rubbing her cheek over the rough nap of the carpet, she gave a low, hungry grunt.

This was the third delicious orgasm she'd had in less than five minutes. And it had all started this afternoon at school.

Richard Wilder had grabbed her just before study hall and shoved her in a dark corner, at the end of the lockers. He had, given her an animal like smile then jerked his head forward, as if to kiss her. Instead, he spoke, his words chilling her to the base of her spine.

"When is someone gonna get a little dab of that pussy of yours?" he asked, his lips an inch from hers, his warm breath musky sweet.

"Don't," Linda managed to splutter out after looking for what seemed an eternity into those dead, icy blue eyes. "You... you're hurting me."

The boy lowered his right hand to her ass and pressed her hard against his middle. He held her throat with his left hand and increased the pressure. The look in his eyes became even deader, inhuman.

"I could take you right now, baby," he whispered, grinding his ass around. "I could stick this big cock in your little hole and screw you apart. You know that, baby?"

Linda thought her brain would explode. This couldn't be happening! Two minutes before she had been chatting with her best friend about her slumber party, and now...

Richard Wilder was well named. He was the wildest, meanest boy in school. Linda had avoided him, as she did most boys. Boys in general, and Richard in particular, were vile, smelly and made her feel uncomfortable. One day she had walked past the field house where the football team was listening to a lecture by one of the defensive coaches, she had seen several sweaty, half-naked bodies. Her throat had constricted, almost like now.

"I said, sweet, red-headed baby," Richard whispered, "I could drill my big prick in you're your little slit right here."

Linda couldn't speak. His large hand was tightening, cutting off her air. She felt the hallway spin slightly. Darkness seemed to billow around her like a fog. The worst part, however, was the way his... thing touched her. It was like some angry, pulsating snake. And from the way it felt against her skirt, it must be almost a foot long!

"I'll wait," Richard said softly, almost cooing. "I've got plenty of time to do you right."

When he finally released her, Linda fell back against the locker and grabbed her throat. She gave him a hunted look, then shot her eyes to the left. If she were quick enough, she could escape. Her feet seemed glued to the floor, however. She touched the bruise on her skin and felt something other than pain. The sensation seemed to throb downward, cutting into her guts like a knife.

She looked into those eyes and felt her heart thunder in her chest. Her ripened upturned breasts were heaving with excitement. It was almost as if she was looking at a boy for the fist time in her life.

Richard might be the meanest kid in school, but he was also the best looking. He had a shock of curly, blond hair surrounding an angular face, a large, well shaped nose, two, steel blue eyes, and a cruel gash for a mouth. His neck was knotted in muscles, as were his wide shoulders. His chest gave way to a waspish waist, narrow hips, and powerful, meaty thighs and legs. His hands and feet were a little too large, showing that he still hadn't reached his full adult height, although he was already well over six feet tall.

"Know what I'm gonna do to you, baby?" Richard asked, leaning forward and placing his hands on the wall, his forearms touching her shoulders. "I'm gonna wait, and then I'm gonna get you alone and screw the living fuck out of you."

Linda shook her head, repelled at the idea of having his huge, hulking frame over her body, that... thing doing...

She couldn't even think about it. "No," she whispered to him, to herself. "Gonna tie you up like the pig you are and shove a hot wad of cum right up your pussy," Richard added.

Linda felt her knees go weak, but worse, her pussy began to tingle, almost like when she diddled herself at night. But that's impossible! It couldn't be happening, here, now.

Gathering the last of her courage, she took a deep breath and pushed past him, darting her head under his arm. On wobbly legs she fled down the hall, not looking back.

It was then she heard his dark laugh, like the snarling growl of a jackal.

"Oh... Richard, do it to me again," she whispered softly, again thinking of the incident in the hallway. She remembered the rough touch of his hand, the way his thing... his cock pulsated against her middle.

She lay back and spread her legs a little wider, then thrust her hips up in the air. As she did, she jabbed her fingers between her legs, separating the loose folds of skin that draped the crack of her pussy. When the sucking, pulling sensation grabbed at her fingertips, she felt another raw blast of pleasure. She closed her eyes and wondered if a cock could make her feel this good.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried out as another thundering spasm of ecstasy swept into her body. "Cock! Your... cock, Richard!"

What had he said? He would tie her up and fuck her. She could almost feel the rough hemp cut into her flesh, feel his large hands tearing at her body. And then... then...

A hot wad of cum boiling into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!" she panted, rubbing her toes over the loose lengths of rope at her feet. "Do it, Richard," she gasped. "Tie me up and fuck me. God, fuck me to..."

"Linda!" a gasping voice cried out.

It took several seconds before Linda could even focus. Her climax had peaked violently, and although she had heard her brother's voice, she had no control over the raw convulsions. At last, with shame creeping around her like a damp fog, she jerked upward to a sitting position.

"Mike," she said, giving him a wild look. "I... I thought you were gone."

"Obviously," her brother said, his eyes running over her body. "Christ, I thought you were on fire... or something..."

"I was just, uh," she began, her words finally becoming inaudible, "alone here and I... that... is, I..."

Mike swallowed hard, wondering why it wasn't until now that he'd really noticed his little sister. Shit, was she a knockout!

At barely sixteen, her body was ripened and firm. And those tits! They were large and upturned, capped by pink, tasty looking nipples. Because they were so big, it made her waist look even smaller than it was. Her hips were rounded and creamy looking, giving way to long, shapely legs. But the most striking feature about her was that flaming red hair. It hugged an oval face, setting off the color of her emerald green eyes, then flowed down her back like a waterfall in slow motion. A patch of curly hair of the same color haloed her tight, oozing cunt hole.

"Oh... Jesus," he gasped, feeling his blood rise. He tried to look away, but found it impossible. Her very presence seemed to engulf him like the undertow of a tide.

Just as something was happening to Mike, Linda's mind was exploding with a million disjointed thoughts. And although he was her brother, she still couldn't help but notice how attractive he was, at eighteen, he had the body of a hulking, young giant. He had dark brown hair, cut short, and almost black eyes. He was muscular and tanned, his large forearms ribboned with veins. She noticed a tuft of silky, chocolate brown hair pecking from the top of his tank top shirt. It might be her imagination, but the thick bulge in his jeans seemed to grow larger, pulsate like an inflating inner tube.

"Mike?" she asked, licking her lower lip, her tone saying a thousand different things.

"Linda?" Mike replied. "Me... are you thinking what I'm... thinking?"

"I... I hope so," Linda stammered. She let her eyes play fully over the tremendous bulge in his crotch. A spasm of pleasure clawed at her insides. "Yes," she added, looking into his brown eyes, "I... think so."

As if in a dream, Mike began tugging at his clothing. And each time a bit more of his naked flesh was revealed, both he and Linda felt their excitement build.

When he was totally nude, except for his shorts, Linda got to her knees and reached out for that monstrous looking shape behind the material. Then, when she brushed her fingers over the rock-hard texture of his cock, she felt her throat begin to ache as much as her pussy.

It was almost as if she wanted to... kiss it!

Mike quickly shucked out of his shorts, then spread his legs wide. He stretched out his hands and touched the silky texture of his sister's red hair.

"Want to suck it?" he asked, his voice hoarse.

"Suck?" Linda repeated, as if the word were somehow slightly foreign.

"Yeah," Mike said, pulling her close. "Stick it in your prick-loving mouth and eat out my cum."

The tingling in Linda's throat became so intense it cut off, her air. She stared at the thick slab of prick and let her jaw hang slack.

It was beautiful!

Long and as big around as her wrist, it was capped with a loose sheath of rubbery skin, from which peeked a massive, oval shaped head. A clear drop of fluid clung to the tiny slit just under the ball. Is this what cum looks like, she wondered?

She grasped the purplish, thickly veined shaft and pulled it down from his stomach. Slowly, she ran the massive cockhead over her lips and inhaled the heady aroma of sweat, dried piss and... something else, something that made her throat constrict.

"You're... huge," she gasped, placing her left hand between his thighs, letting his dangling balls rest gently in her palm. "Are are all boys this... big?"

"I don't know," Mike said, feeling the blood rush in his ears. He couldn't concentrate on what she was saying. Nothing seemed to matter except the silky texture of her skin, the way her pert mouth opened, ready to receive him. "Just... suck me," he said, pulling her a little closer.

Although Linda wanted to do exactly that, she wanted more to explore his body. This was her first cock, and she wanted the memory to be burned into her mind forever. She licked out her pink tongue and ran the wet end of it into the dark, coarse hairs that surrounded the base of his shaft.

"Oh... shit," Mike said, flinching. "Do it, Sis. Shit, I don't think I can wait much longer."

He humped forward and reached for her tits. Then, when he rubbed the nipples between his fingers, he jabbed forward, driving the end of his cock between her lips.

"Mmmmffffff!" Linda choked, resisting. Inside her mouth, his prick seemed to be as big as a baseball bat!

"See if you can get it all the way in, cocksucker," Mike grunted, increasing the pressure of his bands on her head.

Never! Not in a million years!

Slowly, Linda felt the muscles in her throat rein. As they did, she inched her lips further down the shaft. Half way, another sweet inch. The hairy root of his prick was just a few more inches. She sucked air into her lungs, feeling a gurgle in the back of her throat. Then closing her eyes, she lunged forward, burying her lips into the bristles that flared around the base of his cock.

"Holy... fucking... Jesus!" Mike gasped. "You did it! Christ, you really fucking did it!"

"Mmmmm... hmmmm," Linda groaned, wallowing her tongue around his pulsating shaft. The taste was like nothing she'd ever imagined. It was like eating... well, maleness. She gave another soft moan and reached for his small, hairy ass.

"Shit, baby, don't move," Mike said, his voice strained. "I'll blow it... and... and I don't want to... right now."

Linda felt the base of his cock pulsate, like a weak place in a pressure hose. A few seconds later, however, the throbs slowly subsided. As they did, his nuts began to swell, grow tight as a drumhead against her chin. Slowly, she pulled her mouth back.

"That's it, baby," Mike said, gasping for air. "Take it slow and easy. I... I've never had anyone who could eat all of me before. I want this one to last all fucking night."

Linda gulped back forward, then twisted her face around in his crotch. The end of his cock was well down in her esophagus, throbbing behind where her clavicle and sternum met. She dug her fingers into the tight crack of his ass and felt the greasy, puckered hole of his shitter. She began stabbing at it with her nails, then licked back up to the massive cockhead.

"Who in the fuck taught you how to eat cock?" Mike grunted. "Shit, you're the best." His little sister had been holding out on him. Playing the little virgin. She must suck cock all the time! "The best," he said again, feeling his nuts rumble with a thick load of cum.

"I've never done it before," Linda admitted, letting his prick flop upward from her lips. As it smacked against his hairy, muscular belly, she lapped her tongue between his balls. "You're the first, Mike," she whispered.

Mike waited for the punch line. Then, when he looked into those innocent, green eyes, he knew she must be telling the truth.

A virgin. Holy Fucking Jesus God, a real, live, honest to goodness virgin! He thought they'd gone the way of the dodo. And if he played his cards right, he could poke out that little cherry.

His cum load burst from his nuts and swept up the center of his cock like a raging river. The first splatter shot into her hair, then dribbled down between her eyes.

"No!" he gasped, working his cock around over her face. Another spurt hit her cheek, splashed to her chin, where it hung like a greasy spider web.

When Linda felt the warmth of his climax she didn't know what to think. The milky juices were exploding from his prick so quick, and his reactions were so violent, she was momentarily stunned. At last, she gobbled down on the tip of his ballooning cockhead and sucked it between her tonsils. A thick gush of creamy fluid boiled into her throat.

"Oooommmmmm," she gurgled, tearing into the hairs at the base of his cock with her teeth. The flaming juices melted downward, fusing her guts, then churned the back of her cunt. A swelling sensation thundered forward, then electrified her opening. "Aaaaghhhhh!" she wailed, experiencing her first climax with a man.

Mike pounded his cock in and out of her mouth until he thought his very brains would spurt into her throat. Finally, drained and exhausted, he gave a last jab forward, then stumbled to the floor, engulfing her face and shoulders with his body. His knees were in her armpits, his stomach pressed tightly against her forehead.

"Suck... suck," he grunted, brushing his lips over the nap of the carpet, as if it were an extension of Linda.

Fully surrounded by hard, muscular flesh, and with the taste of cum in her mouth, Linda felt another explosion of orgasm drill into her guts. It had been fantastic, a... taste of things to come?

She pulled the last wad of jism from his prick and spit his shaft out. As she kissed into his wet hairs, she worked her fingers more forcefully into the crack, of his ass. Her pussy was still aching, and there was an itch she couldn't quite explain. She closed her eyes and thought about Richard, and what he'd said.

"I'm gonna tie you up and fuck you," were his words.

She saw herself then, with the ropes around her, holding her down. She saw him, his thick cock pulsating against his stomach, ready to tear into her cunt.

"Do it," she moaned into her brother's crotch. "Tie me up and fuck me."

"Huh?" Mike said. "I thought you said..."

"Tie me up, you bastard," Linda said, shocked with the intensity in her own voice. "Get those ropes... and make me... hurt. Punch your cock in me like a fist. Hurt me!"

Mike became suddenly frightened. Always he had been in control, but with Linda.

Her expression was almost demonic, and her eyes seemed to glow. There was a need there, a desperate need, something he could barely understand, much less satisfy. Still, he would try.

"OK, baby, I'll fuck you," he whispered.

Chapter TWO

Linda lay on her back and spread her legs, her eyes on her brother's muscular body. His cock was still rock-hard, ready to pierce her insides. She found it difficult to wait.

"Hurry!" she cried out, grasping for the slick shaft. "Tie me up and stick it in!"

Mike reached for the strands of rope and wrapped them around her wrists and she jacked his prick. Giving the hemp a quick snap, he saw the flesh beneath the rope turn white.

"That too tight?" he asked.

"Fine," Linda gasped. The jolt of pain only intensified her passion. "My legs. Tie them, too."

Although his heart wasn't in it, Mike did as she asked. He wrapped the rope around her ankles, then inspected the knot. Not exactly a good job, but he wanted her to be able to work herself free. Christ it was weird enough to fuck your own sister, but to tie her up to do it!

"How's that?" he asked, licking his lips.

"Now... fuck me," Linda begged, her pussy practically screaming in anguish. "Do it, you bastard! Tear me apart!"

Mike looked down at the glistening, red haired patch of cunt hair and felt his heart skip a beat. Within a matter of seconds he could have his cock grinding inside her, splash her virgin pussy with his cum. The mere thought was enough to cause him to shudder with excitement. Something told him to hold back, to fully enjoy this. There might not be another opportunity like this anytime soon.

"Really want me to fuck you, huh?" he teased, rubbing his fingers over her body.

"Yes," Linda said, her eyes glazed with anticipation. "Just... hurry, please," she panted, struggling against the ropes.

"Oh, not for a while, little sister," Mike grunted, quickly getting caught up in the mood of things. "I'm gonna taste you a little." He lowered his face to her swollen tits and scraped his teeth around the delicate, pink nipples. "Mmmm, maybe a lot," he said, his breath wet against her flesh.

This was what Linda wanted, to be tortured. She wanted someone who could make her beg for it, and even as she agreed, to know that she would be violated, taken brutally.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" she whimpered, closing her eyes, wishing it were Richard and not Mike.

Richard wouldn't be gentle. He wouldn't ask if she hurt. He would savagely assault her, take her like a cat on a fence. She trembled, wondering what his strong arms would feel like wrapped around her body, how his hairy muscles would slip over her flesh. And then... that monstrous cock digging into her cunt, churning her guts to pieces.

"Fuck me!" she screamed out to an imaginary Richard. "I... I need it! God, you don't know how much I really do need it, you bastard!"

Mike couldn't believe her excitement. She was writhing on the floor like she was on fire. Her pussy was practically steaming, releasing thick streams of opaque juice that wet the red hairs, glistening against the insides of her thighs. He probed inside her opening with his middle finger, then ran his thumb over her tiny, rock-hard cut. The effect was immediate.

"Ohhhhhh!" Linda screamed, her insides a cauldron of itchy pleasure. "Now... Goddamn... you... now..."

"Gonna lick you all over, baby," Mike said, enjoying her torture almost as much as she was. "Every fucking square inch."

Linda found herself tugging at the ropes, trying to free herself. She wanted her hands on his ass again, to feel his hard muscles, to wrap her legs around these narrow hips, to pull him forward. The ropes held, causing her flesh to burn.

"Such sweet tits," her brother murmured, lapping his tongue over both rubbery projections. "Mmmmmn, can I chew these up and eat them?"

"You... you can do anything... everything you want, you big bull," Linda gasped. Her insides were raging, ready to explode. She thrust her hips upward and felt the underside of his cock against the inside of her left thigh. "Oh... big brother, just... just do it!" she cried out.

"Oh, baby, the way I like my women," Mike whispered, squeezing her breasts together, trapping his mouth inside the satiny folds of skin. "Hot and ready to fuck."

Linda let her mind wander, thinking about the girls her brother probably had fucked. Then she thought of Richard again. He, too, had probably fucked a lot. He would be experienced. She suddenly wondered what he was doing this very minute.

Did he have some girl beneath him? Was he stabbing his massive cock in and out of her pussy, like some sort of savage animal? She could almost taste his masculinity, feel his rough, sculptured chest against her breasts.

A spasm of raw pleasure shot into her cunt like a bullet. She threw her head to one side and screamed silently, then bit her lower lip until she tasted the salty flavor of blood.

Mike kissed from her breasts, letting his lips glide over her shoulders, to the crook of her elbow. He then took her fingers in his mouth and licked over the knuckles. When both hands were glistening with his spit, he moved his face to her middle and stabbed his tongue inside her belly button. Her cunt hairs tickled his chin, and he could smell the heady aroma of pussy juice.

Linda placed her bound hands at the back of his head and tried to force him down on her cunt, but he resisted. A fine film of sweat broke out on her forehead and upper lip. God, the torture of waiting was delicious, but also horrible. She didn't know how much more she could stand.

"Oh, wow," Mike whispered, moving his face to her cunt and looking into the swollen, pursed crack. "Virgin cunt. And it's all mine. Oh, fuck, baby, I'm gonna drill it apart."

He placed his thumbs at the sides of her opening and slowly drew the loose folds of skin away from the slick, steaming hole. When the pink gash came into view, he dipped the tip of his tongue inside. As the acid like taste of pussy hit the back of his throat, he felt his nuts throb like the time he'd fallen forward on his bicycle. This time, however, the pain was delicious. He tightened the muscles at the base of his cock and felt the pressure subside slightly.

"Best little pussy I ever chewed on," he murmured, thrusting more of his tongue inside her snapping hole. "Mmmmmm, gonna lick YOU down and eat you, bitch."

Linda's blood seemed to turn to ice when she felt his probing tongue go further inside her pussy. If a cock was half as good as this, she knew absolutely knew she couldn't take it. This was perfection! Already her insides were bubbling. With one climax after another.

"Lick me," she panted, rocking back and forth. "God, chew on it. Eat it. Fuck it. All! Everything, you bastard!"

Mike released his thumbs, letting the outer folds of pussy skin close in on his mouth. He then buried his nose into the perfumed, silky hairs and held her hips tightly with his large hands. As he dug more deeply inside her box, he scraped his fingernails into her soft, yielding flesh, leaving purplish bruises.

"Mmmmm, sweet, you little virgin whore," he gasped, stretching his tongue out until the back of his throat ached. "Stick it in you. Come on, cocksucker, fuck my tongue."

Linda's pussy muscles were working on his lips and tongue like her throat had his cock. And each time it came darting in like a striking snake, another convulsion of pure pleasure swept into her body. Soon, she was buzzing all over, her mind and body in a constant state of ecstasy.

"Yes, yes, yes," she wailed, an angelic smile forming on her lips. "God... yessssss!"

When she finally slumped from exhaustion, her brother kissed to the bottom of her crack, then grabbed the undersides of her thighs. He moved slightly to one side, then threw her legs upward, causing her ass to roll slightly forward. He then chewed down on the crack of her ass, delving his tongue into the dark, smooth shit hole.

For Linda, she thought the sensation was too good to be true, as if he'd discovered a part of her body even she didn't know about. Flames seemed to dance from her asshole to her cunt and back again.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she yelled out, again writhing wildly beneath this licking tongue. "I... I... can't take it! God, it's too good!"

Mike chewed and licked her asshole like some hungry animal, then scraped his teeth over the backs of her thighs. He kissed and sucked on her calves, her ankles, each toe of her small, well shaped feet. At last, he lowered her legs and scrambled over her body, crushing her tits against his chest. He lowered his mouth down on hers and jabbed his tongue fully inside her own.

"Ready to get fucked?" he grunted. "Huh, baby? How about a big cock to poke out that cherry of yours?"

Linda couldn't even speak. Her throat was dry, constricted. This was the moment. She could close her eyes and wait. The next time she saw light, she would have her virginity torn to shreds. Her only regret was that it wasn't Richard.

Mike stabbed his cock between her legs and flinched when her pussy sucked on his shaft like a mouth. He inched further inside, then felt the rubbery sheath of her cherry. Slowly, he pressed forward, tightening the membrane. When he felt it begin to tear, he stopped all movement. A tiny drop of blood oozed around his foreskin.

"Ohhhhhh... it... it hurts... so good," Linda cried out, feeling the burning pressure of his cockhead. "Do it! Do it... now!"

"Mmmnmm, in a second," Mike said, withdrawing his cock, then easing back inside to the same depth. "I want to remember what this feels like."

Linda tried desperately to suck him inside, to get it over with, but it was useless. She hated those ropes that held her wrists and ankles they were now an enemy.

"Bust my cherry, you asshole!" she screamed, a mixture of animal rage and lust in her voice. "Goddamn you, if you don't do it, I'll find someone who will!"

Even, as she said the words, she knew it was about to happen. His cock became rigid as steel, then expanded to what seemed twice its already huge size. His balls pulsated and buzzed like twin hives of angry bees. Her cherry stretched, began to tear at the edges. Jolts of electric like pain shot up and down her spine, exploding in her brain.

"You fucking... bitch!" Mike growled, stabbing forward with all his might. "Take it!"

When his cock plowed into the virgin area of her pussy, several things happened at once. The boy's prick exploded with warmth, sending a shower of cum over her quivering walls. Linda screamed out with ultimate release. And a thick, frothy splash of blood showered the middle of Mike's cock. They screamed into each others mouths, their ecstasy full, ripe, total.

Mike held himself inside for several long moments as he squirmed around, then pulled back. He looked down between the area of her breasts and saw his shaft was ink, is cum coating the hard flesh. He jabbed back inside, then pumped in more of his jism.

"Screw it you little cum sucker!" he gasped, moving his mouth from hers, to the side of her neck. He bared down like a vampire. "Oh... shit yes, you Goddamned whore. Fuck my cock all the way in, and blow my cum out your ears!"

The sensation of boiling jism inside her pussy was even better than when he'd jabbed it into her throat. It was as if her insides were filled with a million tiny animals, clawing into her membranes. She experienced one climax after another, until finally she lay back, her chest heaving with exhaustion. "Keep fucking bitch," Mike said slamming into her cunt with his full weight. "Come on, whore, this is your first big cock. Screw it!"

Linda worked with him for a few more seconds, but at last, she no longer had control over her body. It was as if every bone had turned to melted rubber. She felt like a rag doll beneath him.

Mike heaved foreword, depositing the last of his jism into her cunt, then fell fully on her body. It was as if he'd screwed his very soul into her pussy.

They lay there like that for a long while their hearts thundering together. Finally, Mike pulled away and lay on his back looking at the ceiling.

"Now I can die," he said a smile forming on his face. "I've screwed a virgin."

"Mmmmmmmmm, now I can live," Linda giggled. "I'm no longer one. And you know what? I'm going to have the time of my life."

She thought about the scene in the hallway at school. Christ if I had only known then what I know now. I'd have dropped to my knees and sucked the life out of that Richard Wilder!

"Hey your not gonna go so crazy you forget me, are you?" Mike asked, turning to face her.

"Mmmmmm, maybe not," Linda teased. "Like they say, there's always room for one more."

"Baby sister, I'm gonna give it to you good," Mike said, crawling back on her body. "Oh so good."

It was good, Linda had to admit, but it wasn't all she wanted. And she wanted it all. She wanted Richard. God, did she want him!

Chapter THREE

Linda knew she was being followed. Her plans were in the final stages, and she congratulated herself on her success. She had begun by confronting Richard at every opportunity, although she made certain there was always a crowd nearby, for protection. She had made remarks, just in earshot of the boy that she would have never before dared.

"Oh, here comes that Richard," she had said to a group of her girlfriends. "You knew why they don't call him Dick? Because he doesn't have one!"

Richard had taken her comments in stunned silence at first, but lately he had looked at her with cool detachment, as if he were planning something.

He was, and he failed.

Like a rocket launching, Linda planned her own moves. When she was to walk home, she made sure some friends of hers, or her brother, met her near the old, abandoned house, where it would be easy for an assault. Once, she had seen Richard behind the bushes just before five of her friends showed up. She enjoyed the momentary terror she had felt, wondering if she would, indeed, be alone, then became thrilled with victory when he'd stepped back into the shadows at the sounds of the giggling voices.

"Sorry we're late," her girlfriend said, repeating her line.

"Oh, that's OK," Linda, said loudly. "What could possibly happen to me?"

"Well, you know that Richard Wilder has been giving you the eye," the girl repeated from memory.

"Oh, him?" Linda said. "He wouldn't know what to do to a girl if he found one. All bark and no bite."

As the girls laughed and walked down the sidewalk, Linda thought she heard a choke in the bushes. She joined in the laughter. Power was sweet.

And she could wait for that one on one confrontation. In fact, she planned on inviting him to her house next Saturday for a small party. There, they could agree to stop playing games and do exactly what they both wanted to do. And besides, her brother and his friends, and her friends, would be there in the event anything went wrong.

Yes, she had covered her tracks.

Like all plans, however, it had a flaw. Linda had counted on the basic goodness of humanity, even of Richard. The boy wasn't about to let humiliation go unpunished. She had made fun of him in front of his buddies, even those stupid, giggling girls.

And he would get even.

Linda checked the locks on the doors and placed her books on the kitchen table. Mike was still at football practice and wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. She wasn't about to take any chances now, as Saturday was just three days away. And she planned on asking Richard to the party tomorrow.

She mounted the stairs to her room and walked inside, slipping out of her skirt and blouse. She then stood before the full-length mirror and studied her features.

Richard just might have his big hands right here, she mused, touching her firm, ripened breasts. She pulled her bra off and let it drop to the floor at her feet. As the tiny, pink nipples pushed upward, she cupped her tits and lowered her face. Slowly, she swirled her tongue over the rubbery buds.

"Mmmmmm, and he'll suck my tits and then shove that big, hard cock in me and..."

Her voice became a croak with the jangling of the telephone. Feeling somewhat ashamed, she padded over and answered it.

"Hello," she said.

"This is Coach Barnes. May I speak with Mr. or Mrs. Whitman?" the voice said.

"They're not here," Linda, answered. "Why? Is anything wrong?"

There was a pause at the other end of the line.

"This is Linda. His sister," Linda said quickly. "Is anything wrong with Mike?"

"Look, there's probably nothing to worry about," the voice said reluctantly. "He's down at Hastings Memorial for a check-up."

"The hospital! What happened?"

"Oh, it's his neck," came the answer. "But it's probably not serious."

"Not serious! Oh... my God," Linda said. She didn't like the tone on the other end of the line. It wasn't right. She had to practically pull the information out of him. It must be serious. She could see Mike lying in some room, perhaps dying. "Oh... God," she repeated, throwing on her clothes.

She raced down, the stairs and through the kitchen. She fumbled with the lock, then tore open the door.

Richard Wilder stood in front of her, a vampire-like smile on his face.

Linda was about to fly into him with full rage, to scream for him to let her pass, but as her lips parted, the world seemed to explode. She remembered the sound of flesh smacking flesh, then the biting pain as she fell back against the table. Her head hit the floor and as she looked up, she saw the ceiling spin. Darkness mercifully surrounded her, then nothing.

"Mike?" she asked later, feeling as if she were in thick syrup, trying to run down a long corridor. "Mike... where are you?"

She felt pain, horrible pain. It was like tiny animals were biting at her wrists and ankles. Her jaw was throbbing, and when she touched her back teeth with the tip of her tongue, she felt a burning sensation. At last, her eyes fluttered open.

She looked around the darkened room, her gaze taking in the peeling wallpaper, the cracked ceiling. She lowered her glance and saw that she was tied to an old bed, her naked body lying on a filthy, damp mattress. To her right, sitting in a chair in the dark, was the outline of a person.

"Who...?" she asked, feeling her head pound as she spoke.

"Hello," the voice said. "You ready to begin?"

"Huh?" Linda asked, unable to focus, understand. "My brother is in the hospital. I've got to go to him!"

"Oh?" the voice said. "You mean something to do with his neck?"

Reality slapped Linda in the face, just as Richard had.

"Richard?" she asked, feeling terror rise in her throat.

"One and the same," Richard said, standing. "Welcome to my, uh, little home away from home."

Linda now knew where she was. The old, abandoned house just down the street from where she lived. Richard had brought her there with that phone call, that horrible phone call!

"Then Mike is OK?" she asked.

"I don't really give a rat's ass," Richard said. "But I guess so. He was still bumping heads the last time I saw him."

Linda felt like an idiot. She tried to jump off the bed, but she was held tight. The slightest move caused her flesh to burn where the ropes were. She shot the boy a pleading look and tried to smile. When she saw his expression, she flinched, her mouth dropping open.

"I heard through the grapevine you were giving a little party on Saturday," Richard said, sitting down on the bed. "Since you didn't invite me, I thought we could have one of our own. Tonight. Mmmmmmm, baby, all night."

Linda's voice froze in her throat. What was he going to do? And that look in his eye, like a dead animal!

"You have such a pretty body," Richard said softly, almost tenderly. Then his voice hardened. "Too bad I'm gonna have to do this to you. Too bad for you, that is. Very good for me."

"No," Linda gasped. "Don't."

Richard stroked her long, red hair then quickly raised his hand. He slapped her so hard, her head smacked her left shoulder. Immediately, he slapped her again, leaving his handprint on her jaw. He then grabbed her mouth and squeezed his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh. He lowered his face down so close to hers she could see only one eye.

"You don't ever tell me what to do, bitch," he spat. He released his hand and slapped her again. "Bitch!" he growled.

Linda tried to scream, but couldn't. Only a gurgling sound escaped her bleeding lips. He was crazy! He looked like he could... kill her!

Richard got off the bed and began undressing casually, almost as if he were alone, not even giving her a glance. When he was completely naked, he spread his legs wide and folded his arms over his chest.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Linda asked, not recognizing her own voice.

"Oh, baby," Richard cooed, leaning over the bed, looking her in the eye, "it's not what I'm going to do, but what you're going to do."

He straddled her middle and held his rock-hard cock down with both hands, aiming the tip of it against her face. He then placed his right hand behind her head and pushed her face closer to his crotch.

"You're gonna eat my cock," the boy said. "And you're gonna love it, aren't you?"

"No!" Linda said, anger creeping into her voice.

"Then I guess I'll just have to fuck your mouth," Richard said, plunging his cockhead into her mouth. He stabbed fully inward until his crotch hairs scraped her upper lip and chin. His balls throbbed in the hollow, of her throat. "Like... this," he grunted, squirming his ass around.

"Mmmmffffff!" Linda choked, feeling vomit steam in the back of her throat. She tried to struggle free, but it was useless, even if she weren't tied down. He was just too big and strong. Too big.

His cock was even longer, thicker than Mike's, she realized. It filled her throat entirely, completely cutting off her air. And those balls! As big and hard as unripened peaches. They buzzed against her flesh like the tongue of an angry snake.

"Suck it, you little cocksucking tease," Richard growled, withdrawing his prick, then hammering it back inside her mouth. "Lick me... good, and I'll give you all the cum you want to eat..."

Linda was both horrified and fascinated at the same time. She remembered how he looked standing beside the bed just before he straddled her. From her angle, he looked almost ten feet tall, his muscular frame glistening with sweat, setting off every hard, delicious looking angle. The shock of blond hair seemed even lighter, causing his steel blue eyes to flash. His expression had been hard, cruel, the muscles in his jaw working rhythmically. He looked like an angry, Greek God.

His cock seemed at first sour, but as her spit wet it, she tasted the residue of cum and dried piss. She hated herself for admitting it, but the way the flavor etched the back of her throat, she was actually looking forward to the masses of milk cum to spurt into her mouth!

If she had any ideas of enjoying it at all, however, Richard was seeing to it that she didn't. As he jabbed his cock violently in and out of her throat, he yanked and pulled at her hair. He drove his knees into her armpits wildly, bounced his ass up and down over her tits until her nipples ached.

"Eat it, bitch," he grunted, grabbing her head with both hands and slamming her face savagely into his crotch. He could feel his shaft sink downward, into her throat, feel his hairs grind into her nostrils. "Gobble out my cum and gargle it down, fuck face!"

Linda pulled on the ropes that held her hands, trying desperately to free herself. He'd tied the knots, however, so that pressure made them tighten. Her fingers began to swell and ache, turn purple.

If I could get free, she thought, I would dig my nails into your body and rip your flesh from your bones, you asshole. I'd... I'd grab that pumping little ass and... and...

"Unhhhhhh!" she cried out, feeling a convulsive stab of pleasure jar her cunt.

"Hurt?" Richard grunted, misinterpreting her reaction. "Well, good, you little cocksucking whore. I'm gonna make you hurt so good..."

Linda could almost feel the hairy texture of his muscular ass. Her palms began to itch, begging to cup those small, tight cheeks, to dig inside that crack feel the greasy shit hole. She would press him harder, try to eat his entire body inside her throat.

She gave a muffled groan as another thundering spasm of raw, climax tore into her guts. She bucked, lifting herself off the bed. Then, as the peaking sensations ripped at her cunt like claws, she chewed down on the bristles at the root of his pulsating cock.

"Goddamn... you," Richard gasped, realizing that she was having an orgasm, and not in pain. "You fucking, cum licking slut!"

Linda wailed out again, freezing in a paroxysm of pure, delicious ecstasy. She then fell back, gasping over his cock. Her insides had turned to melted butter, her thighs were slick with warm juices. Her delicate pussy lips were fluttering, smacking around her aching, clit like her mouth was doing around his prick.

"You... fucking like this, don't you?" Richard growled. "You cock-loving whore!" he thundered.

"Mmmmmmm," Linda gurgled, wallowing her tongue around his shaft.

Richard yanked his cock from her pursed lips and let his shaft slap his stomach. He then inched himself backwards and watched his cockhead swell, throb.

"Your not getting it, you scumbag," he grunted.

"Please," Linda said, eyeing his cock, knowing from the base of it pulsated that his cum load was bubbling upward from his nuts. "Let me eat it. God... I've got to have it!"

Richard blew his load on her tits while he watched her tortured expression. The wads of cum were like acid against her flesh, almost eating into her pores. And each wasted drop those that should have boiled down her throat, made the itch inside the cunt unbearable. She struggled with ropes, ignoring the flashes of binding pain that shot up and down her arms. "Look at it whore," Richard said, grinning wickedly. "Look at what you are missing."

"Please," Linda whimpered. "Let me... have it... please..."

"Oh your gonna have it, baby. But not the way you want. The way I want," the boy said, his voice cruel.

Linda was only vaguely aware of his words. Nothing mattered but those delicious juices, how they would taste going down her throat. Her body flinched with another itchy climax, one that almost exploded, but didn't. It held itself there, just at the border of pleasure, refused to go over.

"I... I want it!" she begged.

"You'll take my way," Richard grunted, heaving out the last of his load. He exhaled loudly, then he sat down on her jism coated breasts. He worked his ass around, then squirmed upward, rolling his ass over her face. "This way, bitch," he gasped. "Lick it out of my asshole."

When Linda felt the grinding, hairy flesh over her lips she never felt more humiliated in her life. Not only was he making her beg for it, he was making her suck it out of his shitter! She bared her teeth and sank them into the tender membranes of his asshole.

"You... filthy bitch!" Richard roared, feeling a stab of pain. He jabbed his full weight down on her face, releasing the flesh from her teeth.

Humiliation melted to pure, raw pain for Linda. He was bouncing over her face like a crazed animal, slinging his cooling cum over her lips and cheeks. The wiry hairs at his asshole scraped into her flesh, stinging like barbed wire.

"Lick it!" Richard commanded reaching behind him and cupping her cunt with his right hand. He tugged at her clit, almost pulling it off. "Eat it, I said. Goddamn you... eat!" Linda had no choice but to obey. She darted her tongue out and ran the tip of it over the coarse texture of his hairy, cum coated asshole. As she became exhausted, and eased her efforts, he would again pull on her clit. Quickly she would stab her tongue back into the crack of his shitter. Finally, he pulled away, gasping for air.

"Me... are you finished?" Linda said, unable even to look at him. The smell of raw masculinity billowed around her face, soaked into her nostrils. Again she felt like vomiting.

"Just beginning," Richard said. "You're a challenge, baby."

"And you are a bastard," Linda said. "I... I hate you!"

"I don't hear the sound of any hearts breaking, whore," Richard said.

"I hate you!" Linda spat out again.

"I know," Richard grinned. "That's why it's going to be so much fun."

What else could he do to her? He had slapped her around, made her suck him, eat cum out of his asshole, been tied up. The limit of human degradation surely had been reached.

Later, Linda, herself, would have laughed at those thoughts.

Chapter FOUR

Richard untied Linda, then kicked her to the floor. As she lay sprawled on the dirty and trash strewn hardwood, he threw a long length of rope over a bare rafter. Before she had time to react, even if she could, he grabbed her hands and tied them together with the end of the rope. He placed other lengths of rope at her feet, pulling her legs apart, and attached the ends to the bed frame and a wall stud.

"There," he said, taking the end of the rope that looped over the rafter, and pulling out the slack. "How's this, baby?" he asked, yanking on the rope.

With her hands tied behind her back, and her legs yanked far apart, Linda's body was jerked upright. As her feet left the floor about an inch, she felt a bullet like burst of pain in her armpits.

"You... son... of a... bitch!" she cried out, her eyes squinting closed with the tortured sensations that swept up and down her spine. "You... you're killing me!"

"All hung up like the pig you are, aren't you?" Richard said, his breathing quick and shallow. "All ready for the slaughter," he added, attaching the rafter rope to a doorknob across the room.

Linda still couldn't believe this was happening, especially this latest horror. Jolts of pain shot up and down her legs, burned at her elbows, her shoulder blades. She was leaning slightly forward, balancing herself on her tiptoes. Each tiny movement caused further agony. Even breathing was torture.

"Stop," she begged, although she knew it was futile even as she said it. "Please, Richard... please..."

The boy stepped over the rope that held her right leg stretched wide and stood behind her. Her ass was in the air, the small crack wide, revealing the tiny button of her shitter. Slowly, he ran his fingers over the smooth texture of her butt, then rested his middle finger against the slick, tiny opening of her asshole.

"Ever had a big cock up your ass?" he said, inching his fingertip inside her hole. "Hmmmm, baby?"

Linda didn't think it was possible to know such terror. Surely, after he made his point, he would let her go. Hadn't she suffered enough? It wasn't right to continue. By joking about... well, that.

"I said, baby," Richard said, his voice a growl, "have you ever been fucked here?" As he said the words, he slapped her ass hard, leaving a red welt the size of his hand. "Answer me, fuck face!" he shouted in her left ear.

"No... God, no!" Linda managed to splutter out. "You... wouldn't couldn't..."

"Oh, yes," Richard said, his voice barely a whisper. "And I will. You think you enjoy it? Fucking? Sucking? Well, by God, I've got a few tricks you won't enjoy."

Linda thought about his massive cock, how it had plunged into her throat, left her membranes torn and bruised. She could have even accepted the idea of his raping her, but this...

"Please, dear God, don't let him do it!" she screamed, sending a dribble of spit from the corner of her mouth.

"Hang on, baby," Richard said. "Who knows, you're so fucking cum hungry, you might even enjoy this."

He yanked her ass cheeks apart with one savage move, then humped his crotch forward. As he did, the end of his swollen cock slipped up the inside of her thighs and into the crack of her shitter. He placed his arms around her, digging his fingers into the flesh of her smooth, flat stomach, then pounded upward and forward. His cockhead jabbed into the tiny, puckered rim of her shitter, then stabbed into her guts. His move was so brutal, his nuts slapped upward, hitting the bottom of her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Linda choked, flinching. Her insides felt as if she had a million white-hot pokers grinding away. "Goddddd!"

"Oh... Christ is this good," Richard gasped, slipping his hands from her stomach to her upturned breasts. He tugged on the taut, pink nipples, digging his nails into the soft, yielding flesh. "Fucking tight. I do believe I'm the first in this little hole."

For Linda, his words were just sounds. The only sensation her brain could interpret was pain, horrible, nerve shattering pain. She seemed to be aware of every cell, every nerve, each muscle and bone by the separate and distinct throbbing ache that exploded from them like fiery halos. The most horrible feeling, however, was centered in her asshole. The tiny canal was in flames.

"No... no... no," she wailed, wincing as the agony got worse. "You're going to kill me."

"Fuck you to death?" Richard whispered, his lips against the side of her neck. "Isn't that how all you whores want to go? Getting yourself drilled to pieces?"

Linda wondered how she could have ever thought that his cock or any cock was beautiful. It was art instrument of torture. Every hard inch was anguish. She closed her eyes and remembered what it looked like.

Thick and meaty, with a rubbery sheath of foreskin just barely hiding about half of the massive ball, it was covered with purplish veins. The base was surrounded by a mass of corn colored hair. She had tasted those hairs, felt them tickle her nose. She had circled that gigantic slab with her mouth and teeth. She had tasted the rich, milky juices that had shot out in waves of warmth. She...

A slight tingle of something other than pain flickered inside her cunt. And although the pain didn't lessen, still it did make it better.

"Fuck it, you slut," Richard grunted, withdrawing his cock, hammering back inside. "Screw it right up to your cum-licking brains!"

Linda felt the flicker spasm, swelling, growing. She exhaled loudly and relaxed. "Oh... God that made it so much better!"

Richard felt the muscles in her shitter relax slightly and a look of bitter cruelty crossed his handsome face. He looked like a demon from hell.

"You bitch!" he spat, grabbing the rope above her head and pulling upward so that her feet left the floor. "You fucking bitch!" he repeated, feeling her muscles tighten once more.

"No... God, no!" Linda yelled as another, even more terrifying spasm of raw pain thundered into her body. If that tiny flicker had been pleasure, it was erased immediately. She gave another moan, her air rattling from her lungs.

"That's more like it, you little cunt," Richard said. "Is it up to me to keep you tight?"

"Don't," Linda said weakly, wondering where she got the energy even to say the single word.

"Don't?" Richard asked sarcastically. "Don't? Why, baby, I thought you just loved getting hosed like this. Remember when you were smacking my cum out of my asshole? How you loved it? Well, you're gonna love this."

He released the grip on the rope, letting her feet touch the floor once more. He then grabbed both of her hips and began thundering his cock in and out savagely. Soon, his small ass was a fleshy blur the room filling with his grunts of pleasure.

"Take it, you whore bitch," he panted. "All the way... Here! Fuck... here! Here!"

Impossible, Linda thought, but that delicate flicker of pleasure once more played at her cunt opening. How was it possible? Her ass was being savagely assaulted, her arms and legs felt as if they were on fire, and yet...

"Ohhhhhh," she groaned, biting her lower lip.

"Hurt?" Richard asked, his eyes glazed with animal like lust. "Huh, baby, hurt a lot?"

Yes it did hurt, but along with the pain Linda also felt, a warm sensation of ecstasy. The pleasure slowly began to blot out the agony, encasing it. Again she relaxed slightly and the sensations built dramatically. Her clit began to buzz, almost, draw inside her cunt. She cautiously moved her ass backward and felt the wiry hairs at the base of his cock scratch the rim of her shitter. His nuts were slapping back and forth, tickling the insides of her thighs.

"Tell me you like it, whore," Richard said, pounding into her body with his full strength. "Tell me how much you love fucking my big cock."

Linda didn't know how to answer. If she said yes, and he believed her, he would yank on the rope again. If she said no, only God knows what he would do. She closed her eyes, hoping he would just let it pass, let her enjoy the small pleasure that centered in her cunt.

"Answer me!" Richard screamed into her ear, not put off. "Tell me you love it!"

"I love it," Linda gasped, realizing that in some odd way she actually did. She didn't want him to know, however, and hoped he took her answer right. "I... I love it!" she repeated, spitting the words out.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby," Richard moaned, concentrating on the flashes of pleasure that burned in his loins. He hated himself, but in a way, he hoped she could enjoy this. He'd never before had it so good. Her ass was like a mouth and shitter and pussy all combined, pulling, sucking, eating. "Screw me. Work on it, whore. Suck my prick in your asshole and eat out my cum."

Linda was only too happy to oblige. She flexed and released her ass muscles as quickly as possible, lapping around on his cock. A few seconds alter, she felt his slab expand, then throb wildly. At the base, near his balls, she felt the large cum tube jerk like a heartbeat.

"Fuck me," she cried out, her own ecstasy so powerful she forgot all about the pain. "Poke it to me, you bastard bull!"

"Huh?" Richard gasped, wondering if she was playing a game with him. "Are you...?"

"Fuckkkkkk meeeeeee!" Linda shrieked, removing any doubt he might have had.

Although pure rage hit Richard, there was nothing he could do. His body was fully in control or rather out of control. The masses of cum were boiling from his balls, ready to pour up the center of his cock. All he could do was hammer in, and out, relieve himself of the horrible pressure.

"You... fucking I... cunt," he grunted, biting down on her neck like a vampire. He chewed into the delicate flesh and inhaled the perfumed fragrance of her silky hair. "I... I want you to... fucking... hurt!"

Linda's orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. And although she found it impossible to believe, it was the most intense, most gratifying she'd ever experienced. As before, every square inch of her body reacted to his fucking, but this time, it was pure, raw pleasure that shot into her nerves.

"Harder!" she begged, flinching, then rocking her body back and forth. "God, do it! Don't... ever stop!"

"Gonna blow your fucking asshole to pieces," Richard whimpered, feeling his cockhead ready to burst. "Oh... God, now, you whore, now!"

As his jism boiled up his cock, Linda felt an eternity of pure raw pleasure. It was almost as if the sensations had lasted an eternity, then culminated when the first silvery drop of cum hit her insides. The heat and the power of his climax only infected her more. Ecstasy began to slither across the boundary of pain.

"Fuck... it," Richard moaned, withdrawing his prick, slamming back inside. The push of his cock sent another thick mass of juice into her hole. Again he withdrew, again he plowed back inside. "Oh... shit, whore... screw me... dry," he said, wincing.

Linda's asshole began to fill with his lava like cum, then slosh back around his plunging cock. Seconds later, it crept from her asshole and dribbled down the insides of her legs. She could feel the twin rivers sting her flesh like acid, then cool, working their way to the backs of her knees. From there, they dropped to her heels.

"All of it," she begged, writhing against his cock. "Poke me full, you bastard. Fuck me! Tear me apart!"

Richard was almost exhausted. Never before had he met a girl like her. Something close to admiration began to creep into his estimate of her. He immediately wiped it from his mind and tore at her neck with his teeth.

"You Goddamned... slut," he gasped, thrusting in the last of his thick cum load.

Linda's asshole was bubbly and warm. The thick, slimy juices seared into her tender membranes, soothing the bruised and torn walls. All pain was now only a memory, replaced with the subsiding throbs of raw pleasure. She slumped down and threw her head to one side, brushing her lips over his cheek.

"You're good," she panted. "The... the best."

Even as she said the words, she regretted them. They would only be ammunition for other horrible things, she knew. And this act had been only the beginning of what he might do.

"Oh... shit," Richard said, pulling away. His chest was heaving rapidly, his eyes glazed with satisfaction. He fell back on the floor and supported himself with his palms. His cock flopped to one side and hit the inside of his thigh with a dull smack. "That wasn't bad," he whispered. "Not at all bad. Before the night was over, you just might satisfy me?"

Linda felt new terror creep into her mind.

His tone was nothing like she'd ever heard before. It wasn't just cold, it was icy.

"Can you... untie me?" she dared. "My circulation is cut off."

"Oh, sure wouldn't damage the goods," Richard laughed. "At least not too much."

"What next?" Linda asked, feeling him tug on the ropes. A wild thought crossed her mind. Maybe he would let her go now. If she promised not to tell anyone, if...

"Let's see what kind of pussy you have," Richard said, cutting into her thoughts like a knife.

As he unbound the ropes, Linda felt a wave of revulsion. She not only hated him, but she hated herself. How could she have let him do this? And how could she have possibly enjoyed it. She felt humiliated, dirty. Anger surfaced. "You're going to go to jail for this," she said. "You know that, don't you?"

"Really?" Richard sneered. "You mean you're gonna tell the police that I strung you up like a pig and butt-fucked you? You gonna tell them how you sucked cum out of my asshole?"

Linda could see herself surrounded by police officers.

"And then what did he do to you?" a nameless cop asked.

"He made me suck cum out of his asshole, and then he tied me to the ceiling and fucked me in the ass."

"Did you have a climax, incidentally?"

"Well, yes," she would answer. "You mean to tell me, you like sucking cum out of assholes?" the cop asked.

Richard threw her to the bed, interrupting her thoughts.

"Well, if you're gonna go to the police," he laughed, "I might as well give you a good story to tell."

"What are you going to do?" Linda gasped, rubbing the welts the ropes had made.

"Fuck you raw," he said simply.

Chapter FIVE

Richard rolled Linda to her stomach and kicked her legs apart. He again tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, but this time gave her a little slack.

Linda looked over her shoulder and gasped. His prick was rock-hard, slapping his stomach. The look in his eye was even more animal-like than before. Her guts constricted suddenly.

"Please don't fuck my asshole again," she whimpered. "I... I... it hurt so much."

"Really?" Richard said sarcastically. "You're breaking my heart, bitch."

Linda turned back and buried her face in the dank, smelly mattress, waiting for the horrible assault to begin again. As tears stung her cheeks, she felt herself yanked to her knees, then felt the smooth end of his cock slip between her thighs. She flinched, squinted her eyes.

"Hey, baby, don't tighten. Up on me," Richard cooed, placing his hands on her hips. "What's the matter? You afraid of a little doggy-fucking?"

"Doggy-fucking?" Linda repeated, wondering what new sort of torture this would be.

"Yeah," Richard smiled, leaning over her body. "Dip it right in your pussy like this until you bark."

Relief swept through Linda's body, realizing that he wasn't going to screw her asshole. In fact, the idea of that slab of prick grinding away in her cunt inflamed her with desire. She wouldn't, however, give him the satisfaction of knowing that fact. She remained silent, again waiting for the feel of his prick, but this time with pleasure.

"I'll just bet this little pussy hole of yours is a cherry," Richard grunted, easing the tip of his cock inside her cunt. "Ever had a big dick fucking you before?"

"I'm... I'm not a virgin," Linda said softly. At least it would be a small victory for her. "I've had lots of... real men."

"Real men?" Richard asked, stopping all movement. "Meaning?"

"Just get it over with, OK?" Linda said, realizing she'd gone too far.

"I'll show you a real man, baby," the boy said, gritting his teeth. He took a deep breath and plunged the entire length of his prick inside her pussy. "How's... that, you little whore?"

"Oh... God!" Linda cried out as a mixture of pleasure and pain seared into her pussy. "You're... so big..."

"Damn right," the boy said, kissing the back of her neck. "And you'd better get used to it, too. I'm gonna drill you all fucking night and all day tomorrow."

Linda suddenly became terrified. No one knew where she was, and it could be days before anyone located her. By then it might be too late. And she had heard of a girl who was abducted and fucked to death. Would this happen to her? Her cunt wasn't used to such a massive cock, and she hadn't even done it that many times. She tensed, causing her pussy to mold itself tightly around his prick.

"Ah, that's good," Richard, gasped. "Suck on it with your cunt, bitch. Just like you did all those real men."

The boy withdrew his prick with some effort, then hammered back inside. As he twisted his ass around, he kissed from her neck to her shoulders. After leaving her flesh glistening with his warm spit, he nuzzled his face under her arm and turned her slightly to one side.

When Linda felt his hot, sucking mouth on her breast, she gave a low, throaty groan of pleasure. He might be cruel and a bastard, but he sure knew how to suck tit. His teeth scraped just the right areas, his tongue lapped like an angry snake.

"Oh... that's good," she said, in spite of herself. "Eat me and fuck me, stud."

Richard gobbled further down her breast and bit into the delicate flesh.

As he did, he humped upward and forward at the same time, pushing even part of the skin of his balls inside her swollen, greasy crack. He tightened the grip of his hands on her hips, squeezing the flesh with his fingers until his knuckles turned white.

"Like this?" he murmured. "Hmmmmmm, you like a good fucking?"

"Oh... yes," Linda said. She still hated herself for allowing her body to react to his caresses, his delicious fucking, but she couldn't help it. It was as if her mind and body had separated. One was screaming for her to lash out, to hate him, the other for her to move with him, absorb all his body. "You don't know how good this feels," she added writhing beneath him.

"You do the work," Richard said, spitting her tit out. He sat back on his haunches and let his fingers glide down to her thighs. "I'm just gonna kneel here. You do it all. And while you do it, tell me how much you like it."

At that split second, Linda would have gladly murdered him. Not only was he raping her, but he wanted her to do it all! And to top it all off, to scream out how much she was enjoying it.

She could see him with a shattered wine bottle in his chest, or being slowly strangled with a piano wire.

You bastard, she said to herself, you filthy slimy bastard!

"I love it," she gasped, rocking her body back and forth. "Mmmmmmmm, your cock is so big and hard. Let me have a lot of cum to fuck inside me."

Richard placed his hands on his hips and smiled as she increased the speed of her fucking.

"Just like a bitch in heat," he said. "Come on, whore-dog, faster. Suck on my cock like you did with your cum licking mouth."

Linda bounced back and forth furiously. She knew she had to. God knows what he would do to her if she didn't.

"Tell me again how you like it," Richard ordered. "I love it!" Linda cried out, every word piercing into her brain. "I love your big cock. I love the way it pushes inside my pussy. Mmmmmm, I can't get enough."

Well, they were just words, she thought. Not that she meant them. She bit her lower lip to inflict pain, to ease the growing pleasure inside her cunt. She wouldn't mean those words. This time she wouldn't fall prey to her emotions.

A delicate throb began in the back of her cunt, melted toward her opening. It fluttered the circular entrance, buzzed about his plunging cock. Then like some one-celled animal, it split, increased in size. She got hotter.

"I love it," she intoned. "I... I... yes, I do! I love it!"

This time she meant it with all her heart. The agonizing pleasure seamed to break through some barrier and inflame her entire insides. The ripples turned into spasms, then hard convulsions. Seconds later an enormous burst of climax filled her guts. She withered and bucked furiously, tugged at the ropes, strained until her flesh turned white. She wanted to grab those swinging balls, milk them of that molten cum.

"Not... bad," Richard grunted, watching his greasy cock slip in and out of her sucking hole. "You fuck pretty good, you know that?" Another hot blast of orgasm filled Linda's cunt. This time the sensation was so powerful, she felt bones snap in her neck. She straightened completely out and jammed her stomach against the mattress as if she were trying to become part of the bed. Then, as her pleasure peaked, she rocked back and forth, chewed on her right shoulder with her bared teeth.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed, then fell in an exhausted heap. She felt as if her very insides had been scooped out. "Oh... Goddd..." she moaned softly.

"Don't stop now bitch," Richard said keep up a steady rhythm. "Use that pussy of yours. Come on, fuck me."

Linda used the last of her strength to move her ass back and forth, but she wanted nothing more than to relax for a while. Ecstasy had been simply too good, leaving her drained. Suddenly she felt the base of his cock throb hard, stretch her swollen opening. She closed her eyes and could almost see the thick, milky masses of cum boiling in his balls.

"Load me up," she whispered, finding her energies returning. She pumped her ass back and forth more quickly. "God, I want my pussy full of hot cum!" Richard fell foreword and crushed his entire weight into her spasming hole. He froze for a second, then began tearing in and out of her pussy like a crazed animal.

"Oh... fuck... fuck... fuck," he panted clawing at her shoulders with fingers. "I... I... Unhhhhhhh!"

The first of his boiling cum load hit her insides with a swishing sound, then seemed to explode, covering every square inch. The second glob of jism burst from his cockhead, then sloshed back around his plunging shaft. Seconds later thick streams of milky fluid seeped from her hole and bubbled downward, coating the crack of her ass.

Linda threw her upper body to one side, straining the bond on her left hand. Cum and cock were driving her crazy, filling her with pure ecstasy. At last her entire body shook with one climax after another.

"Yesssssssssssss," she hissed, then fell in a sweaty heap her chest heaving quickly. "All of it, baby," Richard, yelled, hammering in the bulk of his load, feeling it squirt back from her hole and coat her nuts. "Take every Goddamned drop and screw it right up to your cock sucking brains!" Finally, he thrust in the last of his jism and squirmed his ass around. He dug his toes into the material of the mattress and lunged forward until she thought his cock would break in half. Slowly, she relaxed, still feeling his shaft throb with release.

"Oh... shit, that's the best little tail I've ever had," he gasped, squeezing his hands under her body and fondling her breasts.

As they lay there, molded into one writhing mass of flesh, they seemed to forget their hatred. Richard even kissed her lightly on the cheek. Linda responded with a delicate shiver. "Would you untie me now?" she asked a short while later. "Huh?" Richard asked sleepily. "I said would you untie me now?" The boy flinched, then relaxed. He was silent for a few moments, then pulled away and spoke.

"Sure," he said. "You've just got to promise you wont try to get away."

"I promise," Linda said, meaning it at the time. Slowly Richard undid the ropes, then stood up from the bed. He walked toward another room, then turned. "I'm gonna take a piss, but I'll be right back," he said. "You will be here, wont you?"

Linda nodded her head, but she didn't look at him. After he left, she pulled herself off the bed and touched her bare feet to the cool, dirty hardwood floors. She shot a quick, hunted look around the room, then stood. Now was her chance. She wanted to run, but pain shot into her joints like hot needles. After grabbing her clothes, she stumbled toward the far door, opposite where Richard had exited.

I don't care what the police say, she thought. I'm going down there and tell them everything. I'll see that bastard behind bars!

She touched the tarnished, brass doorknob and yanked the door open, shooting a quick glance over her right shoulder. He was still out of the room. She turned and fell forward, to let her momentum pull her down the steps. Instead, she fell into Richard's arms.

"Why, hello," the boy said, his tone mocking. "Going somewhere?"

Linda had known terror before, but nothing like she felt at this moment. She could read the reaction in his eyes. There wasn't the blind hatred, which she could have understood; there was nothing, no emotion at all.

"Back to the bed," he said, pushing against her body.

"I... I wasn't going to leave," she lied, "I swear..."

"I said, back to the bed. Looks like there's a lot less, uh, trust between us than I thought," he said.

Meekly, and like a lamb to the slaughter, Linda obeyed. As she held her head down, however, her eyes were furtive, trying desperately to find same sort of object to protect herself with... to attack that smug, handsome face.

As she was about to kneel on the bed, she saw the end of a Coke bottle protruding from under the bed. Slowly, she lay down and lowered her left hand over the edge of the mattress. Then, when Richard sat on the bed and reached for the ropes, she gripped the bottle and swung.

When the boy saw her quick movement, he turned, startled. The greenish bottle hit him across the right temple. His eyes bulged stupidly for a second, then rolled in his head. He fell across her body, his shoulder hitting her chin.

Thrilled, Linda struggled from under his body and rolled off the bed. Only ten feet to the door. She could crawl that distance if she had to. His knee brushed against her hip as she lunged on all fours toward that precious door, and to freedom.

Suddenly, she felt a vise like grip around her right ankle. She turned and gasped. Richard held her with his last bit of strength.

"You... bitch," he growled, falling off the bed, crushing her beneath him. "You fucking... bitch."

His weight knocked the air out of her, but she still had the strength to rake her nails over his shoulders and arms. She felt bits of flesh cling to her nails.

Then he hit her, sending her world into a pit of quiet, dreamless darkness.

Chapter SIX

Linda felt her wrists burn. She wasn't quite awake, but the memory of what had happened in the last few hours was very real. She felt herself being pulled upward, then a tugging sensation on both ankles. Her legs were being pulled wide, very wide. Seconds later, her pelvis bones popped as she was forced into a spread-eagle position. Her heels barely touched the rough texture of the floor.

"Wha..." she groaned, her eyes fluttering open. It was dark in the room and she could barely make out Richard's form. "... Hurts."

Richard had again tied her wrists together and thrown the rope over the bare rafter. He had attached the other end to the bedstead.

Her legs were pulled wide, tied with ropes, the ends securely fastened to studs in the cracked walls. With her arms well over her head, it caused her breasts to press together, lift even higher than normal. Her pink nipples were almost touching her chin.

After examining his work, Richard walked over to the north window and opened the shutters, letting the moonlight cascade over her naked body. She was suddenly turned into a vision of creamy, Goddess like beauty. Her flesh took on the tone of ivory, and her hair became a darker red, almost seething.

He felt his cock stir, rise to his stomach. At the same time, the throbbing of the wound she had inflicted, on his temple, increased. The combination of pleasurable anticipation and real pain increased his animal like lust. He licked his lips, looking forward to the next few minutes.

She was a challenge, a beautiful challenge.

But he would break her.

Linda gave him a quick glance and felt her heart skip a beat. The dead like look in his eyes seemed to quicken, then glow. He looked like a savage animal with his blond hair sweeping about his angular face. The muscles in his body were tense, like those of a cat about to spring. His cock was so thick and large it looked like it would burst. The only flaw was the purplish gash on his temple, the dried blood on his neck. Yet that somehow added to his primitive sensuality.

The pain in her ankles and wrists became overshadowed with a fluttering of ecstasy in her cunt. She tried fighting it, to think of the humiliation he had inflicted, but it only made it worse. A tiny drop of pussy juice burned from her opening, glistening in the red-gold cunt hairs like a small, translucent pearl.

"No," she whispered, not to him, but her body. "No... please..."

"See this?" Richard said, pointing to the hair matted wound on his head. "You did this baby, and you're fucking gonna pay."

"I'm... sorry," Linda gasped, truly meaning it.

"That's right," Richard said, a demonic smile forming on his lips. "You're a sorry slut of a bitch."

Linda thought that he was going to slap her from the way he was looking, but instead, he leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers. It was the tenderest kiss she'd ever received.

Stunned, she felt her cunt tingle with excitement. His body was warm and inviting, the taste of his mouth sweet and masculine. The base of her spine twitched, sent a jerk forward.

"Ohhhhh," she whispered, now more afraid than ever. Was this the other end of the spectrum? He was showing her how gentle he could be, to emphasize just how terrible it would be? She bit her tongue, trapping another moan in her throat.

Richard stepped back and looked at her for a long while, his eyes trailing over her perfectly shaped body. At last, he reached down and picked up the blood splattered Coke bottle and gently tossed it from hand to hand, his eyes still on her.

"You hit me with this," he said simply. "You could have killed me."

"I... I wanted to," Linda said, not knowing why she dared.

"Now, that's not nice," Richard, said, as if speaking to a slightly backward child who had forgotten to take out the trash. "Not nice at all."

Linda was about to say something else, but the crashing sound of splintering glass choked the words back in her throat. Richard had grabbed the neck of the bottle and slammed the end of it against a battered chest of drawers. He lifted the bottleneck up and twisted it around slowly, letting the moonlight catch the jagged pieces. He stood there for a long while, watching her horrified expression. Slowly, he moved closer, lowered the broken bottle to her breasts.

"God... don't!" Linda screamed, terror sweeping into her mind like a crashing wave. "Don't!"

"Move an inch, baby, and this tit is gonna look like hamburger. Mmmmmm, and do I love hamburger."

Linda froze, afraid even to breathe. She closed her eyes and waited for the splinters of glass to sear into her flesh, rip out her heart. Time seemed to stand still, and she could actually hear his heartbeat. At last, she opened her eyes and saw that he had moved away, was grinning like the Devil, himself.

"You bastard!" she shrieked, rage overpowering her fear. "You mother fucking bastard!"

To her amazement, Richard threw his head back and began laughing. He placed the broken bottle on the dresser and neared her again. He then grabbed her savagely and bit down on her mouth like a striking snake. His tongue jabbed between her teeth and curled upward, sliding over the roof of her mouth.

"You're good," he murmured into her mouth. "God, you're the best. A real, fucking wild cat."

"You pig!" Linda screamed, jerking her head to one side. She spit. "I'd... I'd rather kiss a pig than you!"

"That might be arranged," Richard grinned. "But not right now. I've got some other tricks up my sleeve."

He walked over to the corner of the room and picked up a khaki colored knapsack. As he fumbled inside, Linda heard the gentle clinking of metal on metal. Her heart froze.

Richard threw the knapsack, down and walked back over, a pair of pliers in his right hand. Without warning, he opened the serrated jaws and clamped them over her left breast. At the same time, he gobbled down on her right tit, sucking the nipple between his bared teeth.

"Jesusssssss!" Linda cried out. How was it possible for anything to be so delicious, so horrible at the same time? One breast was on fire, the other bathed in pulling warmth. It was as if half her body were climaxing, while the other half was being eaten alive. She inhaled and spat out another scream of agony, ecstasy.

"Oh... sweet screams," Richard murmured, lapping his tongue over the swollen mound. He drew his tongue to her armpit, then back to her nipple. "Mmmmmm, you like this, baby?" he whispered, increasing the pressure of the pliers.

Linda could only gurgle. Then, when she felt him remove the pliers, her entire body tingled with pleasure. She thought idiotically of the joke about the boy who kept hitting himself in the head with a hammer, and asked why, that it felt so good when he stopped. Pleasure intensified in her cunt.

Richard licked across her chest, to her bruised nipple. Gently, he sucked the rubbery tip into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. He felt it pulsate like a cunt.

"Big... sweet tits," he murmured, placing the cold metal of the pliers against her other breast. When she flinched, he slipped the jaws over the glistening nipple, then clamped them shut. "Mmmmmm, scream your sweet life away, baby," he gasped, biting into her flesh with both the instrument and his teeth.

"Aieeeeeee!" Linda shrieked, buckling. Pain and pleasure flooded her body, leaving her limp.

"Want some cock to go along with this?" Richard whispered. "Feel this?" he asked, gyrating his hips, rolling the tip of his cock into her furry, slick cunt opening. "Want it? Hmmmm, want to get fucked and hurt at the same time?"

"No... yes... no... yes," Linda stammered, not knowing herself what it would take to relieve the delicious agony.

Richard pumped his ass forward, digging the tip of his swollen cock inside her pussy. His move was so quick, so forceful, his balls slapped between her legs and hit the crack of her ass.

"Ohhhh... yesssssss!" Linda screamed out. Her insides turned to butter, then seemed to explode. Her pussy lips worked around the base of his cock like a starving mouth, sucking some of the bristles into her puckered membranes. "Fuck me! Goddamn... you... fuck me!"

Richard withdrew his prick quickly, then hammered, back inside. The force of his move caused her body to rock violently, her arms and legs to stretch against the ropes. She screamed out again, her cry a savage mixture of torture end delicious ecstasy.

"Take it, whore," Richard grunted, dropping the pliers to the floor. He grabbed both her breasts and shoved them together. When the nipples buzzed as one, he chewed, around both projections, wetting them with his flickering tongue. "Screw it," he panted. "Fuck it right to your asshole!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Linda yelled out as another thundering spasm of climax gripped her cunt like a greasy, probing fist. "All the way in... full... cum... stick... it to... me..."

As she babbled incoherently, Richard used his full strength to fuck her. Soon his ass was bobbing back and forth in a fleshy blur, the sounds of his smacking mouth filling the room. His loins tightened, then throbbed with agony.

"Gonna... cum," he growled, "... blow your pussy to... pieces, you cock loving... bitch..."

As flesh smacked flesh, their passionate groans became louder, they both felt his prick expand, stretch her pussy opening to the breaking point. Then, when he gave a heave forward, his insides exploded, sending a hot shower of milky cum into her cunt.

"Fuckkkkkk!" he gasped, locking his mouth firmly around both tits, tearing his teeth into the pink, rubbery nipples.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Linda wailed, her own climax thundering into her body with full force.

They molded themselves together, cock in cunt, fingers digging into soft flesh, for several long moments while Richard emptied the bulk of his load deeply into her pussy. At last, he pulled away and lowered his hands to her rounded, firm ass. He jabbed her forward as he drilled his middle fingers into her shitter hole, and thrust in the final glob of molten cunt.

Linda slumped, feeling as if her heart would burst. She'd never known such raw pleasure before, probably never would again. And it was in that moment that something changed.

He had taken her, defiled her, violated her.

And yet, even when she screamed to both him and to herself that she hated it, she knew that she didn't. She loved it. She craved it.

"Oh... Richard," she gasped, "I... I..."

"Don't say it," the boy interrupted. "I'll make you regret it, I swear I will."

"I... want you again," she said.

"By God, I'll break you!" Richard stormed.

"I want you to," Linda said weakly, "but..."

"But what?" the boy asked, squinting his eyes.

"I don't think you can. I don't think anyone can," Linda said, knowing it was a challenge she threw to him.

Richard's face turned purple with rage. He loathed that bitch, but more, he loathed himself. She seemed to be in control. Shit... she was in control!

"Don't you worry your sweet ass, lady," he said evenly. "I'll break you. Oh... God, will I break you."

He walked away from her and sat in the corner, out of sight from her. He seemed to be in a trance for at least five minutes, not moving at all, his eyes on the small of her back. Slowly, a smile formed on his face. Had Linda seen that smile, she certainly wouldn't have been as sure of her earlier statement.

He stood up and again fumbled in the knapsack. He withdrew a length of chain, about four feet long. The links were about the size of a quarter. He wrapped the chain about his forearm and walked around her.

Linda looked down at the chain and felt horror creep over her body like a million, tiny animals. Was he going to beat her into submission? She could almost taste the sting of the metal.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"Gonna start you up like a lawn mower," Richard said, smiling. "Ever been chain fucked?"

He wasn't making any sense, or rather, she didn't want to have him make sense. The chain seemed like some horrible snake coiled around his arm.

She shook her head.

"Actually I've never done it either," Richard said, letting the chain unravel, clink against the top of her thigh. "It will be a learning experience for us both."

He caressed her with the metal links, draping them around her waist. The tip of it slipped down to the crack of her ass, sending a shiver up her spine.

"Your gonna love this, baby," Richard said.

"No... don't," Linda gasped, terror filling her eyes.

Richard took the end of the chain and pressed the first link into the crack of her ass. Then slipping his middle finger through the center, he squeezed the metal inside her shitter. As it gouged into her asshole, he nuzzled his cock into the glistening patch of cunt hair.

Linda screamed out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. The warmth of his prick, combined with the coolness of the metal left her stunned. An enormous pressure began building in her guts.

"Oh... this is good," Richard said, thrusting in another link of the chain. At the same time, he pushed in another two inches of his cock. "Like it, whore?" he asked.

Linda couldn't deny the fact that she did. The two links of chain were hard, like a cock, and matched with the stiffness of his prick, her pussy and shitter seemed to mold together. When he pushed in a third, then a fourth link, however, the pleasure lessened, replaced by a gnawing ache.

"Let's see just how much this little butt of yours can take," the boy said, inching in another two links.

Real pain shot into Linda's body, causing her to flinch. The ropes at her wrists, and ankles strained, causing her flesh to burn, turn white. She jerked her head back and forth as she screamed out in agony.

"Stop! Stop!" she cried out. "It's... killing me!"

Instead of stopping, Richard pushed in another link. At the same time, he withdrew his cock about half way, then shoved in the full length. When his nuts pressed against the bottom of her crack, he released the chain, letting it hang between her, legs. Slowly, he began fucking in and out, sending the chain to moving like a pendulum. Occasionally, it slapped his balls, and backs of her knees like a whip.

"Take it, baby," he whispered, burying his face between her breasts. "Screw it into both holes."

Although pain still burned into her body, Linda found her ass muscles twitching around the chain. Without wanting it, she felt another link suck inside her. Again she cried out with anguish. She jerked her ass to one side and felt the end of the chain whip up in the air, then sting the side of her thigh.

"Ohhhhhhh," she groaned, her voice barely audible.

Richard humped into her cunt savagely and grabbed for her hips to keep her from moving. He took her rubbery nipples between his teeth and bit down hungrily.

"The best," he gurgled. "Fuck... the... best..."

As the sensations of pressure, fucking and pain thundered into her body, Linda felt another surge of pleasure burn around her oozing cunt. Her head dropped suddenly and she inhaled the fragrance of Richard's hair. Slowly, she darted the tip of her tongue into the wiry masses, then pulled several strands between her teeth. Her climax grew with lightning speed, burst savagely around the base of his prick.

"Ohhhhhh!" she screamed, flinching with burning release.

"Take it, bitch," Richard growled, gripping the middle of the chain. "Take it... now!"

As he screamed out the last word, he yanked out the links of chain with one jerk. And although it was a quick move, for Linda it seemed to take an eternity. As each link stretched, then slipped through the rim of pursed muscle stabs of fiery pain burst around her opening. Instead, of six or seven links, it seemed like a million.

She threw her head to one side and gave a long, silent shriek, her face contorted with agony. Yet, through it all, ecstasy exploded with the torture. Her climax peaked violently, bathed in anguish, then subsided to a dull throb. At the same time, she felt the room spin, then grow dark.

In a state of semi-consciousness, she felt Richard's cock expand, then spit cum into her cunt. The juices burned backward, collected, then sloshed around his spearing prick. Moment's later, thick, oozing masses of jism rolled down the insides of her thighs. With the final punch of his cock, Linda's world seemed to exist no longer.

"Baby, baby, baby," Richard gasped, plunging in and out of her pussy with the last of his strength. He then felt her body slump, and lifted his face to hers. He planted a long, lingering kiss on her open mouth. "Sweet... cunt," he murmured, then stepped back.

When his energy returned, he untied the end of the rope and let it slip over the rafter. As it did, Linda fell to the floor in a heap, her legs still stretched wide. The boy then untied the ropes from her ankles and picked her up. He placed her on the bed, then put her arms behind her back and tied her wrists and ankles together. Gently, he pushed her to one side and lay beside her. Carefully, he pushed her slack-jawed mouth down on his cock.

Linda stirred. She gave a soft, gurgling moan and pursed her lips. As consciousness crept back into her mind, she became aware of the acrid taste of jism. She inhaled deeply and nuzzled her nose into the boy's crotch hairs. She felt his balls buzz against the hollow of her throat.

"That's a good girl," Richard said, stroking her hair. "Suck just like that the rest of the night. No more hurting you, baby. Just some long sucking."

Linda shivered with pleasure, then tried to grab for his ass. When she felt the wiry hemp cut into her wrists and ankles, her eyes fluttered open, then widened.

"A... what happened?" she murmured, spitting his cock from her mouth. "Where... am I?"

"You're in bed with me," Richard grinned. "I fucked you into oblivion, sweetheart."

Linda remembered everything then, but most of all, the horrible pain. She began trembling, her throat tightening. She had thought there must be a limit to degradation, but she knew she was wrong. What new torture did he have in mind?

"What are you going to do?" she groaned, tugging against the ropes that bound her hands to her feet.

"Why, baby, I'm just gonna lay here and let you eat my cock all night," Richard said, stroking the peach colored hair that, cascaded over her shoulders. "Not more tricks except that," he added. "You'll need your strength for tomorrow."

"Why?" Linda asked, her voice quivering.

"I'll let it be a surprise," Richard said, nuzzling his cockhead back between her lips. "Now just suck away. And remember, the better you eat, the more cum you'll get."

Although Linda was repulsed, she couldn't control the hunger in her throat. His prick was just too big and delicious. She nibbled to the hairy root and twisted her head around. An immediate flutter of pleasure lapped at her cunt hole.

"Mmmmmm," she gurgled, wallowing her tongue over the stiff shaft of meat.

"Like that, don't you?" Richard grinned, humping his ass up and down. "Well, so do I, baby. I just love the fuck out of your sweet, cocksucking mouth..."

Linda worked her lips up and down his shaft with growing speed, feeling his cock grow even thicker, longer. Moments later, she felt the tiny cum-hole ooze out a warm drop of liquid. She sucked it into her throat and felt the heat warm her esophagus. She increased her efforts, wanting more of the delicious tasting juice.

"That's it, baby," Richard said, flinching. He placed both large hands behind her head and crammed her face into his crotch. "Almost... there," he panted.

Linda's mouth was suddenly flooded with creamy cum. The juice boiled into her cheeks, swept through her teeth, then rolled into the back of her throat. As the lava like juices melted into her stomach, her own climax burst savagely around her pussy opening. She flinched and screamed around the base of his cock.

"Suck... it all, whore," Richard grunted, heaving his prick upward, planting the bulk of his load between her tonsils. "Every fucking... bit..."

"Mmmmmmfffff," Linda gurgled, feeling twin streams of jism ooze from the corners of her mouth and wet her cheeks. Another spasm of climax drilled into her cunt. She cried out again, causing a mixture of cum and air to rattle in the back of her throat.

"That's... fine," Richard said, relaxing. "You're a good cocksucker. But maybe you'd better practice some more. I'll be bringing in more prick for you to eat tomorrow."

Linda was only vaguely aware of his words. Something about more prick. Oh well, tomorrow would be another day. She nestled her face between his thighs and closed her eyes.

She fell asleep, her mouth working hungrily around his cock.

Richard lay there and looked at the ceiling, a cruel smile on his parted lips.

Chapter SEVEN

A sudden burst of molten cum in the back of her throat awakened Linda. She swallowed quickly, but even her hungry mound couldn't take all Richard had to offer. Burning fluid shot from both her nostrils, oozed from under her bottom lip.

"Suck it, baby," Richard grunted, rolling over on top of her body. He held the back of her head and pounded his cock savagely into her throat. "Lick... every drop and chew it down."

"Mmmmmm," Linda groaned, munching into the hairs of his crotch. A climax riddled her cunt, causing her to flinch, buck upward. As it happened, her legs and arms jerked, causing the ropes around her wrists and ankles to cut into her tender flesh. Somehow, it only made the pleasure better, longer lasting. She choked on his cum, sending a milky spray into the blond hairs.

"Oh... fuck... all of it, cock-eater," Richard gasped, then crushed his full weight down on her face. He squirmed his ass around for several seconds, then relaxed. "Shit... that's good. Did you like it? Mmmmm? Breakfast in bed?"

Later, as he stood beside the bed, slipping into his clothes, Linda looked up and tried to smile. Maybe he was through with her now.

"Are you going to let me go?" she asked, then ran the tip of her tongue over her cumsmeared bottom lip. "I... I promise I won't tell anyone."

"You're not going to be able to tell anyone," Richard said, buttoning his shirt. "You're gonna have your sweet mouth full of cock all day."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, baby," he began, "I've got to go to school and see if any of my buddies want some of this slick pussy."

"No!" Linda cried out, again flinching.

"Why not?" Richard grinned. "I thought you loved big cock."

"Don't do this to me... please," Linda said, feeling tears sting her eyes.

"See you later," Richard said, blowing her a kiss.

After he left, Linda struggled with the ropes, but it was useless. The more she tugged, the tighter the knots became. She then tried screaming out for help, but also knew that to be useless. The way the house was situated, someone would have to be in the front yard at least. Exhausted, she fell back and began crying.

A short while later, she relaxed, trying to make some sense of what happened. It just wasn't right, she thought. Couldn't Richard see that she liked him, that it wasn't necessary to do this horrible thing to her? Maybe she had been a tease, and been pretty nasty to him, but she certainly didn't deserve this!

She turned her head to one side and felt a cool, sticky sensation. She struggled toward the edge of the bed and looked at the mattress. On the black and white strips lay a pool of cum. She closed her eyes and could almost see Richard's big, hard cock. Carefully, she moved her face over the juice and licked it across her tongue. Even cold it was good. Good, because it came from inside him.

"Oh... Richard," she moaned, rocking her body back and forth. Her cunt began to itch, her opening pucker. "Fuck me. Mmmmmmmm, fuck me... now."

She tore at the ropes, but couldn't release her hands. The agony, the horrible itch grew worse. At last, she rolled to her stomach and began humping the mattress, lapping her tongue into the stain where the cum had been. Slowly, her pleasure built, almost peaked, then faded.

"No!" she yelled, wanting an orgasm more than ever. The taste of his body was still in her mouth. "I... I need it!"

Exhausted, she fell in a heap, realizing it was useless. She just couldn't bring herself to climax tied up like this, not without a big cock to suck or fuck.

"Cock," she whispered. "Your cock, Richard!"

After what seemed like days, she heard the front door rattle. She shot her eyes toward the darkened hallway and felt her heart skip a beat.

"Richard?" she said softly. "Is... is that you?"

"Home, dear!" the boy called out. "What's for supper?"

Linda wanted to laugh, but wouldn't give him that pleasure. Instead, she turned her head away and stared at the wall.

"Miss me?" Richard said, his tone still jovial. "Oh boy, a rough day at the office."

"Go to hell," Linda said.

"Did you have a rough day at the... uh, orifice?" Richard laughed, jabbing his finger into the crack of her ass.

"Ouch!" Linda cried out. "That hurts!"

"My mistake," Richard said, quickly shucking out of his clothes. "Well, baby," he added, "you ready for a long day of fucking?"

"I'm ready for you to drop dead," Linda said, wondering where she found the courage to say it.

Instead of slapping her like she expected, he roared with laughter. He then finished undressing and joined her on the bed. Tenderly, he kissed the hollow of her throat as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"You're sweet," he said softly. "Mmmmm, a real sweet piece."

"And you are a turkey," Linda spat out.

"Hey, baby, want some turkey meat?" Richard said, nuzzling his cock against the side of her leg. "Sort of a last meal before your, uh, execution."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Mmmmmmmm, you'll find out in about fifteen minutes," Richard grinned, molding himself over her body. "But before that," he added, "I'm gonna get my share."

He jerked her legs apart and plunged his cock deeply into her cunt with one move. He then squirmed his ass around as he bit down on her mouth.

"Mmmmmffffff!" Linda choked, feeling both his tongue and his prick stab into her body at the same time. Slit tried to move her face away, but he held her head with both hands.

"Oh... shit, I don't know if I was right in asking the guys to help me fuck you," the boy said. "In a way, I'd like to keep this little box all to myself."

Again, Linda's heart thundered. Was he lying, or did he really intend on humiliating her further? And which buddies was he talking about? She certainly hoped it wouldn't be...

"Ohhhhhhh!" she cried out, feeling a ripple of pleasure sear into her pussy. Although she hated him now more than ever, her body betrayed her. She began humping and grinding her hips, sucking, his prick further inside her cunt. "Fuck me, you bastard," she moaned. "Goddamn you to hell... fuck me!"

"Now, that's a lot better," Richard, said, lifting his face and looking into her lust crazed eyes. "Just the way I like my women. Hot and bothered."

"Damn... you... damn... you," Linda said, her teeth clenched tightly.

"Screw it in, whore," Richard gasped, increasing the speed of his fucking. "Come on, working on it like a mouth. Ah... that's it. Mmmmmm, so fucking hot and tight."

"Unh! Unh!" Linda cried out, writhing beneath his humping body. "Harder! Fuck me... harder!"

Richard slowed his movement, then stopped altogether. When she lifted her hips, he lifted his. Immediately, her groans became more intense. She shook her head back and forth, sweeping her hair about her head like a fiery halo.

"Don't... do this to me," she begged. "God, I have to have it! I... I need it!"

Richard gave her a cruel smile, then buried his face between her full ripened breasts. He took the tender nipples between his teeth and lapped the tip of his tongue over the rubbery surfaces. Slowly, he began fucking her again, moving his ass up and down rhythmically.

"Oh... yes, that's it," Linda whispered, feeling her insides twitch with ecstasy. His cock totally filled her pussy, stretching out the puckered entrance. "All the way in. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, faster, you big bastard. Screw me good."

"Jesus, you think you can ever get enough prick?" Richard asked, amazed with her response.

"No," Linda said, feeling her desires quicken. "I... I wish I had a big cock in my mouth and one in my pussy twenty four hours a day!"

Her words inflamed Richard with anger and lust. What would it take to bring her to her knees? Suddenly, he didn't feel as sure of himself as before. But then, the day was still young. And with a little help from Barney.

"Unh... take it," he growled, hammering savagely into her cunt. "You fucking whore, eat my cock in your cunt and suck out my cum."

Linda thought about the thick, steaming juices that would soon pour from his cockhead. Thick globs would blast over her fluttering membranes, eat into the back of her cunt. An immediate spasm clutched her pussy, causing her to flinch wildly.

"Fuckkkkk meeeeeee!" she shrieked. "Give it to me! Cum? Cock, you bastard!"

Richard began, drilling her for all he was worth, his moves coming so fast his balls slapped between her thighs like applause. His ass was a blur, his muscles tightening, forming hard, ribbon like angles under the glistening film of sweat.

"You cum sucking... bitch," he gasped, biting into the soft flesh of her tits. He wallowed his head back and forth, sliding his lips over the slick surface, inhaled the perfumed aroma of her body. "Fuck it. Fuck it all the way in," he whispered, feeling his cum load build, throb inside his balls.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!" Linda screamed out, experiencing another thundering convulsion of raw pleasure. Her insides were boiling, sucking greedily around his plunging cock, and each time his cockhead nudged into her slippery guts, she felt her ecstasy build. "Yes! God... yesssssss!" she yelled, her orgasm peaking.

As her climax caused her pussy to shrink, Richard found it more difficult to ram his prick in and out. She was almost like a virgin. He suddenly wished that she had been one, that it could have been him to grind his prick through her cherry.

"You... slut!" he spat, jabbing wildly between her legs, feeling his orgasm ready to burst inside his loins. "Take... it... all the way!"

Linda felt his prick swell to an even larger size. Then, as his cum began boiling up the center of his shaft, she thought he would rupture her cunt walls. It was like his cock had suddenly turned to steel. It gouged inside her harder, more savagely. Pain began to dance with the spasms of pleasure.

"Fuck me... make... it hurt," she spluttered, her fingers clawing at her ass, inching toward his balls. "Richard... please make it the... best..."

"Oh... shit!" the boy cried out, heaving his entire weight into her pussy. "I'm... I'm... fuckkkkkkk!"

The massive globs of jism shot from his cockhead and splattered noisily into her pussy. The fluid collected quickly, then began streaming backward, sloshing around in the hairs at the base of his shaft. Their bodies molded, rocked together.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Linda yelled, twisting her ass beneath him. This was the best cumload she'd ever had in her life. Rich and creamy, it seemed to etch her steaming membranes, eat into her very backbone.

"Screw it... to your... cocksucking... brains, bitch," Richard said, licking from her tits to the hollow of her throat.

Linda was limp with exhausted satisfaction, aware of every cell in her body as they tingled deliciously. She gave a long, husky groan closed her eyes. It was several seconds before she could even speak. When she did, her voice was throaty and low.

"Oh... Richard, I... I," she began, then faltered.

What exactly did she want to say? She no longer hated him, how could she? He had given her pleasure she hadn't thought possible. And still, she imagined the possibilities were limitless.

"You about ready?" Richard said softly, looking away as he moved off her body.

"Hmmmmm? For what?" she asked.

"That little surprise I was telling you about," Richard answered, gathering up his clothes. "Should be any minute now," he added, an unsure smile forming on his face.

Linda watched him dress, wishing he wouldn't. He had such a firm, muscular body. Just watching it was enough to cause new flames of desire to burn inside her cunt. She licked her lips, letting her eyes play over the angles of his cock as he flopped the enormous shaft inside his jeans.

"You're leaving?" she whispered. "I... I mean... why?"

"I wouldn't want to disturb the little lovebirds," the boy said, pushing the tail of his shirt in his jeans.

"What are you talking about?" Linda asked.

"You're real slow, you know that?" Richard said. "I brought you another cock to fuck," he added patiently. "Someone you know."

Linda was about to say something when she heard a knock on the door. She turned her face toward the darkened hallway, then back to Richard.

"Ah, he's here now," Richard said. "Come on in, Barney!" he called out. Then to Linda, he added, "You know Barney Redfield don't you?"

"Oh, God!" Linda said.

Yes, she knew Barney Redfield. He was like a reincarnation of some slithering animal that didn't quite take.

And now his huge form was framed in the doorway.

Chapter EIGHT

"She's all yours, Barney," Richard said. "You can do anything you want. Just don't ruin her."

Before Linda could scream out, beg him not to leave her alone with that animal, Richard was out of the room. She cast a horrified look at the boy who leered at her.

"No," she whispered, although from the dull look in his eyes, she knew there would be little hope of reasoning with him. His thick lips were glistening with spit, his yellowed teeth bared. "Don't, Barney," she gasped, almost able to see what was about to transpire.

Barney was dull witted, a bull of a boy. Weighing in at about three hundred pounds, he carried his weight like a walrus. In a round, potato-like face, were two marble like eyes. He stood about six feet six. Even from this distance, Linda could tell he hadn't bathed anytime lately. He had a homemade tattoo on his right forearm of a skull and crossbones. His greasy, matted black hair hung over his almost nonexistent forehead, touching bushy, beetle eyebrows.

"Richard said I could fuck you," he said, moving toward the bed. He grinned at her, his eyes moving over her breasts, the softness of her glistening cunt hair. "Said you had a real tight pussy."

Although he might be simple, he had a reputation of being as mean as Richard. He had been in jail several times for assault, and most of the students and teachers were terrified of him. Linda had always avoided his type because just looking at him made her skin crawl.

She felt the stream of vomit rise in the back of her throat. Again she struggled with the ropes at her wrists and ankles, feeling her heart sink.

"First you're gonna suck me off," Barney said, pulling at his dirty, greasy clothes. "Richard said you'd do that too." He laughed suddenly. "Hell, he said you'd do everything."

After he undressed, revealing a grotesque, hairy body, he grabbed a rickety chair from one corner, then yanked her off the bed. He plopped her down, then took another length of rope and secured her to the back.

"Like my cock?" he asked, standing in front of her. "You like big, dirty prick to suck?"

Linda swallowed hard, fighting back nausea. His crotch smelled vile, reeking of week, old sweat and dried piss. His huge prick was rigid as steel, bobbing up and down, lightly touching his rounded abdomen. She noticed the rubbery foreskin was drawing down over the monstrous bulb, revealing a chalky looking film of... something.

"Kiss it," Barney said, placing his giant hands on her shoulders. "Then tell me how much you like eating the cheese off my cock."

Linda's brain almost exploded with revulsion. Even clean he would be horrible, but as he was, she felt her throat tighten, ready to choke with vomit. That monstrous cockhead was just three inches from her pursed lips. And if possible, it was even larger than Richard's. It was as big around as her forearm, coveted with thick, purplish veins. The base was matted with dark, curly hairs. His nuts hung low, covered with scaly, wrinkled flesh.

"I... I can't," Linda managed to say, feeling lightheaded. "Please, Barney, don't make me do..."

He suddenly crammed her mouth full of his vile smelling cock. When about half of his shaft was inside her with both hands, he withdrew, then slapped the back of her head with both hands. The entire slab of his cock drilled into her throat, causing her nose the jab into his hairs. Her chin separated the massive balls.

"Aaaaaghhhhh!" she choked, trying to pull back. She couldn't breathe, and his hands were about to snap her neck, again she cried out, her voiced muffle around his shaft. "Richard... was right," Barney grunted, withdrawing, heaving back between her lips. "You're a good cocksucker. The best I ever had honey."

The best he ever had? Christ, you mean any girl would demean herself to... suck this! She had never before been so humiliated, never thought it was possible to feel so dirty and used. If Richard had meant to break her, he had already succeeded. She would give ten years of her life to be on the other side of the world at this moment. "Good, baby," Barney grunted, a look of dark lust in his eyes. "All the way in like that. Gonna give you a lot of hot cum to suck down."

How could one cock be so beautiful, and another be so terrible, Linda wondered. Sure, they were shaped the same, both thick and meaty, but... Barney was worse than a pig! She closed her eyes, resigned to the assault, letting her jaws hang slack. Maybe he would shoot once, then let her go. Or if she pretended to like it, flatter him, she might be able to get him on her side. "Hey you're not sucking," the boy said, pulling his cock from her mouth. "You're just holding your mouth there. It's like poking it in my hand."

"You've got to let me get used to it," Linda said, looking up at his stupid expression. "Mmmmmmmmmm, you're so big. The biggest bull stud I ever sucked off."

"You like my prick?" Barney said, like a small child showing off a new, toy truck.

Big idiotic animal, Linda thought. "Mmmmmmmmm, I love it Barney," she said trying to force a smile. "I can't wait for you to cum all in my throat." She almost choked in the words.

"Then I can fuck you?" he asked gleefully. "In your pussy?"

"No, in my ear, asshole."

"Mmmmmm hmmmmm," Linda said, darting the tip of her tongue out.

Suddenly, she liked playing this game. Sure it was pretty terrible, but if it worked...

"Push it back inside my mouth, you big..." (Creep? Moron? Dope?) "... hunk of man."

"Oh, baby, Richard was right. He said you loved cock," Barney gasped, a bit of spittle oozing from the right corner of his mouth.

Linda opened her mouth and leaned her head forward. As her lips brushed over the smooth surface of his cockhead, she felt a shiver of excitement. If you got past the smell, and shut your eyes, it wasn't half bad, she thought. After all, cock is cock.

"Jesus," Barney grunted, watching her gobble down to the thick hairy base. He felt her tongue wash around over the taut skin, lick into his hairs. "You... do like cock!"

"Mmmmmmnmmm," Linda murmured, opening her eyes. When she saw the greasy, matted hairs of his crotch, felt the protrusion of his belly, she trembled again.

"Suck... suck... suck," Barney moaned, throwing his head back. "All the way, like that. Shit, that's good."

It was good, Linda had to admit. He wasn't even human, and his animal like lust inflamed her with ecstasy. She felt like a cat on a fence, a bitch in heat. And she was about to have pure, raw sex. But more, she would enjoy it if for no other reason than to turn the tables on Richard. He had thought to truly humble her.

She would prove him more than wrong. If she had to, she would fight for her best climax if for no other reason. Something told her, however, it would be a delicious, easy fight.

"Oh... Barney," she gurgled, chewing up and down his shaft. "Mmmmmmm, I... love your big, hard cock."

"Oh... fuck," the boy grunted, pumping his large ass back and forth. "I... I can't hold back much longer."

"Go ahead," Linda murmured, holding his cockhead between her teeth. "Shoot a whole gallon of hot cum inside my mouth."

As she said the words, she felt his prick expand, completely fill her mouth. She jerked her head forward and twisted her lips around the base of his shaft. As the wiry hairs scraped her gums, she worked her chin between his nuts. She felt them throb wildly, recede slightly in his loins. Seconds later, she tasted the steam of his cum.

"Suck, cocksucker," Barney gasped, pounding his body forward, crushing her head between his hands and crotch. "Eat me... dry, bitch."

The first explosive wad of cum hit the back of Linda's throat like water from a pressure hose. But unlike water, the juice was thick and frothy, tasting like milky acid. No sooner had the first glob showered into her esophagus than another lump burst between her lips. "Mmmmffffff!" she groaned, sucking furiously, hoping to capture every massive wad. Her own climax built dramatically, then thundered inside her pussy with full force. She jabbed her knees together and flexed her muscles, sucking her clit inside her convulsing hole. She cried out again, feeling her climax peak, then burst again.

"Oh... suck... suck... fuck!" Barney yelled out, pumping his cock in and out of her throat with lightning like speed. "All... of it, cunt!"

For what seemed a delicious eternity, Linda's body jerked with one climax after another. And for a while, it seemed as if the boy would never stop jabbing those thick globs of jism into her throat. At last, however, he crushed his body forward, depositing the last lump into her mouth.

"Oh... shit!" he gasped, his body reining. "I... I think I love you."

Linda almost laughed. It was working perfectly. All she had to do now, was...

"Fuck me," Barney said, interrupting her thoughts.

"Wait," Linda said quickly. "Why don't you untie me and then we can."

"No," the boy said, shaking his head. "Richard said not to. He made that plain."

"Are you afraid that I'm going to overpower you?" Linda asked sweetly. "A big strong guy like you? Mmmmm, and besides, I want to hold you. I've never had a big stud like YOU before."

Although Barney found it difficult to go against Richard's orders, how could it hurt? She was just a little thing, no bigger than a fly. And besides she liked him. He could see that in her eyes. Hell, she liked him a lot. Still...

"Please?" Linda asked, realizing that he was weakening. "I'll do anything you want. Anything."

"Like what?" Barney asked, a childish glint in his eye.

"Mmmmmm, you just name it," Linda said.

"Like what?" he repeated.

Christ, you want an inventory? Big, stupid ox.

"Mmmmmm, I'll lick you some more," she said, darting the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip. "I'll eat out your asshole, if you want."

"Suck my butt?" Barney said, almost clapping his hands together.

"What girl wouldn't want to?" she whispered huskily. I can think of about two billion, she thought.

"Oh... Jesus!" Barney said, fumbling with the knots at her back.

When she was free, she gingerly stood, then immediately fell back down on the chair. She didn't have any feeling in her hands or feet, which frightened her. Momentarily, however, they began tingling as the blood rushed into the oxygen starved cells. Again she stood, with Barney's assistance.

"You'll do it? I mean, really do it?" the boy asked, almost dancing her to the bed.

"You just lay there like a king," Linda whispered. "Mmmmmm, I'll take care of you real good."

"How do you want me?" he asked.

On a spit, slowly turning over a low fire, you jerk.

"Lay on your stomach," she whispered, running her fingers over his body. "That'll give me the best angle."

Barney plopped down on the bed and spread his massive thighs apart, with a big, idiotic grin on his face, he closed his eyes and waited.

Linda knew she was too weak to try anything now, but later when he was too excited to notice she would make her move. She quickly glanced around the area of the bed, trying to locate some sort of weapon. A small, rusty pipe lay about two feet to the right of the headboard. Not quite in reach, but it would do nicely. She could almost hear the crunch as she thought of raising the pipe and...

"Oh, Barney," she whispered, kneeling between his legs, "I'm gonna make you feel something you'll never forget."

"Hurry," Barney gasped, lifting his ass. "I... I can't wait. I've never had it this way before."

No fucking wonder. His ass was large, two mounds of blubbery fat, covered with blue black hair. She closed her eyes, where she ever got the courage even to mention doing something like this. Slowly, she lowered her face to the rancid smelling crack.

"Sweet," she murmured, pulling his cheeks apart and darting the tip of her tongue into the dank opening. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, this is... delicious."

"Oh... shit... shit... shit," Barney grunted, squirming on the bed like a porpoise out of water. "Lick it, sugar. Eat out my asshole!"

Gathering her reserve, Linda began chewing and smacking on his shitter. Then, as her spit dribbled down over his nuts, she reached under his body and began jacking his rigid cock with her right hand. Barney turned slightly sideways to give her more room.

"Like this?" she whispered, looking over at the rusty pipe.

"Oh... yes," the boy said, his body tightening. "Now I... know I love you!"

Linda almost felt sorry for him, for what she had to do. She would give him a few more seconds, then crush his skull. She lapped her tongue deeply inside his shitter, then curled it, drawing it over the smooth, greasy membranes.

Oh hell, she thought, if she was going to mess up his brains -- if he had any -- she might as well give him a little fun. Besides, it really wasn't that bad. She had a big, thick cock in her palm, and his pleasure was infecting her. She rubbed her knees together, stimulating her clit.

"Oh... yes," she whispered, licking furiously up and down his wet crack. Her climax began to build, then flood her insides with warmth. "Just... just tell me when you want to cum," she said. "I'll eat it out and blow it in your asshole."

Just hearing the words made Barney's guts churn, then explode. He turned, giving her a tortured look, pointing to his cock. He then grabbed her by the hair of the head and forced her mouth down on his prick.

As he groaned and Linda tried out, her voice greasy with his boiling cum, another choking moan came from outside the house.

Richard had been sitting under a tree for a while, then stood up, wondering how Linda was taking what he'd offered her. He had picked the biggest, meanest jerk he knew. Barney Redfield. Christ, he bet that little slut was going through pure hell. He walked over to the house and peeked through the window.

He saw her licking wildly on his ass while she jacked him. And then when he came, she gobbled down on his exploding prick like it was the last one on earth!

The blood froze in his veins.

"OK, bitch," he muttered, stumbling backward, squinting into the noonday glare, "round one to you."

Chapter NINE

Richard opened the door and motioned for the girl who was with him to wait outside. He then walked inside the house and looked toward the bed. He recoiled slightly, seeing Barney's huge ass pumping up and down, his thick thighs between Linda's parted legs. His cock was plunging in and out of her cunt, his nuts slapping into the crack of her ass.

"Oh... Barney!" Linda cried out, her ecstasy about to paralyze her. "Fuck me! God, ram it to me! Screw my pussy into a million pieces!" She had put off hitting him again and again and again. He was such a brute, a big bully of a boy. And that cock! She climaxed so many times, she had lost count. And even then thought he still repelled her. She found him very exciting. More however, by enjoying him, she would be getting back at Richard. If only he would walk in... right now, to witness her passion. He might not believe her if she told him.

"Ohhhhh!" she cried out, her orgasm bursting her insides. She then saw Richard and gave a grunting smile. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Full! You... you're the best Barney!" Barney's explosive cum load hit her between the thighs and bubbled into her cunt hairs, over his balls, coated the insides of her thighs. Most of it however, drilled deeply into her pussy, where it sloshed noisily around his shaft. He grunted like a wounded pig stabbing wildly in and out. Richard looked over his shoulder and made a motioning move with his hand. He then turned once more to Linda and Barney. His words were barely audible, commanding their attention.

"OK, Barney," he said, "party's over. Get your big ass out of here."

His tone became flinty. "And I told you not to untie her, you bastard."

Barney quickly sprang from between Linda's thighs and gave Richard an apologetic, stupid grin. He then shrugged his massive shoulders and reached for his jeans. He shot Linda one last glance and gave her a toothy smile.

As he left the room, a young girl entered, giving Linda an interesting glance. She then walked over to Richard and placed her hand on his arm.

"Can I have her now?" she asked, her eyes widening.

Linda looked at the girl and flinched. If possible, the look in her eyes was even more cruel than Richard's. She would have been pretty, but her features were hard, and although her firm breasts were upturned and well shaped, she was underweight. Her hips were narrow, giving way to scarecrow like legs. Her hair was dull and lifeless, her flesh pasty. The only redeeming feature was her eyes, large and oval shaped, hidden behind long, thick lashes. As she looked at Linda, the green color seemed to brighten pale.

Now was her chance, Linda thought. There was a clear path to the door, and from their relaxed stance, they probably wouldn't react soon enough. It was a split second decision, and she made it.

Even in her weakened state, she succeeded in bounding past their shocked expressions. She threw open the door and fell down the four steps to the ground. Quickly, she got to her feet and made for the clump of trees that hid the house from the street. Ten feet, fifteen feet, twenty.

Afraid to look around, she heard Richard's labored breathing.

"Get her, Carla!" he called out. "Don't let her get away!" Linda reached the trees then saw the street. Only five or six more feet, then she would dart into the light and wave down a car. Surly a naked girl would command attention. Her right foot hit the sidewalk, a tree limb sting her right arm. Her gasp of victory, however, became a sudden yell of defeat. Icy hands clamped around her left ankle. She tumbled foreword, then was yanked backward. As her nails dug into earth, she began sobbing. Richard and Carla shot haunted glances around as they dragged her back to the house. They threw her on the bed and yanked her arms and legs apart, securing them to the bedposts with ropes. All the while Linda struggled wildly, clawing at them, but it was useless. Carla alone was enough to overpower her in her condition, but with Richard helping, she knew it was hopeless.

"You Goddamned cunt!" Richard screamed, slapping her savagely across the face. Linda felt her neck pop. "Bitch!" he said, hitting her again. "You... fucking bitch!"

She then felt Carla's hands on her legs, her fingers kneading towards her cunt. She felt her stomach churn, ready to heave vomit in the back of her throat.

"She's all mine now," Carla said, pushing Richard away, "All... mine."

Richard stepped back and let Carla take over, his eyes glinting with anticipation.

"Oh... yes. All mine," the girl said, getting off the bed and quickly undressing. She then picked up her purse and rummaged through it, extracting a huge dildo. "And this," she added, "is all yours, baby." Linda's mouth opened in horror. The monstrous, pink dildo looked to be fifteen inches long. It was taut and thick, as big around as her arm. Perfectly shaped and formed right down to the sheath of foreskin it looked like a donkey prick. As Carla neared the bed she thought her heart would actually explode. "Like this?" Carla asked, lapping her pink tongue over the smooth surface of the dildo. "Mmmmmmm, it's so big and... hard."

"No," Linda gasped, her eyes widening. "God... no!"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you're gonna love it," Carla giggled insanely. "That's if it doesn't tear your little pussy apart."

"It will God, I know it will!" Linda spluttered.

She struggled in vain, feeling the rope bite into her wrists and ankles. Her heart was pounding violently, her nerves ready to shatter. Carla got on the bed and knelt between her legs.

"Mmmmmmm, what's this?" Carla asked, eyeing the thick, milky masses of cum in Linda's cunt hair. "Barney's jism?"

A flood of hatred and terror danced in Linda's mind, causing her to shiver. She gave a choked groan from the mere touch of the girl.

"Richard tells me you love sucking Barney's cum," Carla said, fingering Linda's pussy. "I just hope you love sucking it out of my cunt."

Linda was stunned with revulsion. What was the girl talking about? Surely she wouldn't...

Carla scooped the masses of cum out of Linda's pussy and smeared them over her brown cunt hairs. She then spread her pussy lips and probed another glob deeply inside. After her middle was oozing with the fluid, she straddled Linda's shoulders, her knees touching the sides of Linda's neck. Slowly she eased her body down on the girl's face.

Linda saw the jism coated pussy near her mouth, but was unable to move her head to one side. She was frozen with horror.

"No... no... no," she whispered, her throat tightening.

"Oh yes," Carla grunted, then slapped her cunt down on Linda's parted lips. "Oh... fucking... yes!" she added, squirming her ass around.

The taste of pussy and own hit Linda's throat like a hammer. Never in a million years could she imagine anything more terrible, more vile. Visions of Barney's stupid expression burned into her mind.

"Aaaaaghhhh," she spluttered, tasting the acrid juice, the delicate flavor of pussy.

"Eat me, baby," Carla said, her passion mounting. "Come on, lick the cum out. You know you love it."

Linda sucked in air, and with it, another wad of pussy-flavored jism. As it burned into her throat, she felt her insides churn. At first, she thought from revulsion but as the flutter intensified, she realized that she was about to have a... climax!

How was it possible!

She suddenly hated herself, wished she were dead. She even hated herself more than she hated them. It was as if she had a puritan mind in a pagan whore's body.

"Hey, she likes this," Carla grinned, looking over at Richard. "You should feel the way her little cum eating tongue is working on my pussy. Like a fucking snake."

It was true, Linda was shocked to learn. She had lost control, unable even to stop her tongue from flickering inside that tight, oozing hole! Her orgasm was rippling, flexing her cunt opening.

"Screw her," Richard said, his tone cruel.

"Screw that thing all the way in her. Tear her apart!"

Suddenly Linda remembered the dildo. And even as the memory of the monstrous shaft burned into her brain, she felt the smooth tip move around in her cunt hairs. She bucked, lifting Carla slightly off the bed.

Carla jerked her ass up and down, molding her pussy over Linda's thrusting tongue. She was turned slightly to one side, her small hand on the base of the dildo. Carefully, she stabbed about six inches of the shaft into Linda's cunt. She twisted it around in a reaming motion, then withdrew it to the tip. Quickly, she jabbed it back inside, this time thrusting in about eight inches.

"Aieeeee!" Linda screamed out, her climax laced with pain. "It's... killing... me... do it... no... don't... yes... Fuck! Fuckkkkk meeeeeeee!"

"Jesus God," Carla cried out, her own pleasure building dramatically. "I... I don't fucking believe this. She... she fucking likes it!"

"You're right, you are crazy," Carla said. As if to prove the point, Linda's orgasm caused her sucking cunt to pull in another three inches of the dildo. She then squirmed and writhed, sweat popping out on her forehead.

Richard watched the two women with a fascinated stare. And although his prick was throbbing painfully in his jeans, he felt pure, raw anger. Not only was Linda screaming out with ecstasy, but she was giving Carla an orgasm. And that bitch was yelling out like she never had with him!

"Like a couple of bitches in heat," he said softly. "Like a couple of Goddamned dogs."

He stood and then tore out of the house, leaving them alone, determination in his eyes.

He'd fix that bitch once and for all.

As he slammed the door, Carla and Linda screamed out together, their orgasms matching in intensity. Finally, Carla pulled away and lay beside Linda, crushing her mouth over the girl's cum-stained lips.

"Jesus I never knew it could be so good," she murmured into Linda's mouth. "Shit, what's Richard got against you anyway?" Linda saw the girl's face soften, and as it did, she found that Carla was stunning. Even her flesh seemed to deepen, flush a golden brown. The hair, too, lost its lackluster appearance, became, became shiny.

"Let me get these ropes off of you," Carla said her words expressing her feelings.

"No," Linda said quickly. "I... I like it this way. It's crazy I know, but... But, well, I've never had it so good."

"You're right, you are crazy," Carla said with genuine affection. "But whatever turns you on."

"You... turn me on," Linda said honestly, letting her eyes drop to the area of Carla's breasts. "I liked eating out your pussy."

"Well let me return the favor," Carla said with an impish grin. "After all, who knows how to do it better than a woman?"

Linda couldn't argue. She didn't think she'd ever have to make the comparison. Now, however she was more than willing. Carla pulled the massive dildo out of Linda's cunt and dropped her face to the reddish hairs. She then pulled the folds of skin away from the bruised hole and jabbed her tongue deeply inside.

"Ohhhhhhh... God!" Linda screamed out, her orgasm renewed itself immediately. "All the way... God... Lick... suck... eat..."

Carla thrust her tongue in and out of Linda's hole with growing hunger, savoring the heady flavor of cum and pussy juice. Within a matter of seconds, her own body was reacting violently. She squeezed her legs together and felt a spasm of raw ecstasy tear into her guts.

As Linda's orgasm peaked, she opened her mouth wide and eyed the slick, glistening dildo that lay on her stomach.

"Let me suck it," she begged, jerking her head foreword. "Mmmmmmmmmm, eat me and let me eat... too!"

Without missing a beat, Carla thrust the dildo up to Linda's face. Slowly she pushed it between the girl's lips, then let her hold it. She then devoted her full attention to the steaming mass of cunt beneath her own lips.

Linda sucked and pulled on the dildo wildly, savoring the delicious taste, the rubbery texture. And best of all, with her eyes closed, it was exactly like sucking a real cock! She could almost taste the steam of cum. She experienced another hard, long lasting climax, leaving her exhausted, her chest heaving with pure satisfaction.

Finally, Carla pulled her face away and kissed the top of Linda's thigh, her own pleasures spent. She stroked her fingers over the soft, yielding flesh, closing her eyes.

"What's the deal between Richard and you?" she asked at last. "He's got it bad."

"What do you mean?" Linda asked, her interest sparking.

"Shit, can't you tell he's crazy about you?"

Linda didn't know whether to laugh or not. Sure, sure. He ties me up, violates me, uses me, has the vilest boy in town screw me, then brings you here to top it all off.

"He sure has a funny way of showing it," she said.

"And you didn't like it?" Carla asked. "I mean, truthfully."

Linda had to think about that one. She really hadn't had enough experience to make a judgment. She'd always thought about sex in the conventional way. Woman on the bottom, man on top. Over pretty soon. She'd tried it that way with her brother, and it was nice, but like a handshake compared to what she'd felt with Richard.

"I guess... I did... do like it. What he did," she admitted. "Does that make me... awful?" she asked.

"I guess not," Carla laughed. "There are a lot of women who live their entire lives without giving a blowjob. They think that's unnatural. Just a matter of degrees, I guess."

"But there must be a limit," Linda said. She was about to say something else when she heard the front door open. Her pulse quicked. It would be Richard.

She heard footsteps, and something else...

The clicking of something -- nails? -- on the hardwood floor. Animal-like breathing.

A couple of seconds later, Richard walked in. On a leash he held in his right hand was her dog, Rex.

"My... dog?" she asked, giving Richard a quizzical glance.

Suddenly, she realized that her limit had been reached.

Her eyes were a study of despair.

Chapter TEN

Richard gave Linda a triumphant smile and unhooked the dog's leash. He then walked over to the bed and lowered his hand to Linda's pussy. Carefully, he smeared his fingers over the slick membranes, through the silky hairs.

"Here, boy," he called to the dog, who was sniffing around the room. "Got some sweet pussy juice for you."

Rex trotted over and nuzzled his nose into Richard's outstretched hand. He began lapping at the warm liquid. Immediately, his back legs haunched, the red tip of his cock projecting from the hairy mound of his belly.

"Want some more, boy?" Richard said, his eyes on Linda's horrified expression.

The dog looked from the boy's hand to the area of Linda's cunt. A primitive intelligence sparked, then base lust burned in his flashing eyes.

"Rex!" Linda cried out, looking at the dog she had raised from a puppy. He now looked like a starving wolf, his eyes on her cunt. "Rex!" she screamed again.

The dog didn't even flinch. He quickly bounded on the bed and nuzzled his cold nose between her cunt lips. His tongue, wet with slobber, lapped up and down the insides of her thighs.

"Go get her, Rex," Richard laughed, tugging at his clothes. "We'll work on her together."

"Richard, this has gone far enough," Carla began, giving the boy a pained look. "It's not even human what you're doing, it's..."

"Shut up," Richard said evenly. "You don't like what you see? Go. Change the scenery."

Carla slipped from the bed and sat against the wall, closing her eyes. Could she blindly sit by and watch him do this to Linda? To anyone? She opened her eyes and saw a rusty length of pipe. Would she have the courage to do it?

Go after Richard first, then the dog?

Slowly, she reached for the pipe and gripped it in her fingers. Richard wasn't paying any attention to her. He was moving toward the bed, his eyes burning with the same animal lust as the dogs. He straddled Linda's chest and thrust his cock down to her mouth.

"Suck, bitch," he growled. "Eat and get eaten."

Carla gripped the pipe firmly, her knuckles growing white.

"Ah... that's it," Richard murmured, easing his cockhead between Linda's parted lips. "Let's see who can lick the best. You or your fucking dog."

Carla lifted the pipe in the air, feeling her heart thunder in her throat. Her muscles tensed as she got to her knees.

"All the way in, baby," Richard said, shoving his shaft fully into Linda's throat. His hairs scraped the insides of her nostrils, his balls hung over her chin. "... the fucking way in and... and... suck, slut!"

Carla raised her arm, took aim.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" Linda screamed out, her body bursting with a violent convulsion of orgasm.

Carla froze, then lowered her hand. She shook her head, then grinned. It was a smile of victory. She knew Linda's reaction had stunned Richard more than she ever could with that pipe. Her grin widened, a chuckle escaped her throat. Suddenly, she laughed until tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Way to go, Linda," she said, gasping for air.

"You cocksucking... bitch!" Richard grunted. He wanted to withdraw his cock, beat her in the face with it, but it was too late. Her sucking mouth had done the damage. His loins were burning with ecstasy, his balls ready to explode. "Damn... is there... no way to break you?" he gasped, asking the heavens.

"Oooommmmm," Linda murmured again, another climax drilling into her cunt.

While Richard hammered his cock in and out of her throat, the dog was lapping into her pussy furiously. His curled, pink cock was throbbing, oozing with milky, glistening fluid. Linda could feel the slick underside brush over the inside of her knee. She gave one groan after another as her passion mounted, burst inside her box.

"Suck, bitch," Richard gasped, defeat and lust in his voice. "Eat my cock and drink out my cum!"

Linda was more than ready to oblige. Already her throat was constricting, every square inch begging for the delicious, molten fluid.

"Mmmmmm," she gurgled, clamping her lips tightly around the base of his hairy root.

Richard punched forward with his full weight, then froze. His cum-load shot up the nun of his prick and exploded violently into her mouth, bubbling between her tonsils. He withdrew slightly, then slammed back in to her mouth.

"Lick it, you dog fucking bitch," he grunted, holding the back of her head. "Suck my cock... and... ummmhhhhh!"

When the lava like splashes of jism hit her throat, Linda buckled with ultimate, raw ecstasy. The dog's tongue was digging wildly into her pussy like a cock, and Richard's cum brought her even greater spasms of pleasure than she could imagine. Soon, her entire body was electric with passion.

"Oh... shit... fuck," Richard grunted, heaving the last of his cum into her mouth. He squirmed his ass around, increasing the pressure of his hands behind her head. He could feel her nose stab into the taut muscles of his stomach. "Lick... it all, cocksucking whore," he added, falling forward.

Linda continued chewing on his prick like a starving animal. Nothing seemed to matter but the rippling sensations that tore in and out of her cunt, her throat. Finally, she fell back motionless from sheer exhaustion. She inhaled deeply, her air taking some of the stray globs of cum into the back of her mouth.

With resignation etched on his face. Richard crawled away from her face and sat back on the mattress, resting his neck on the headboard. He closed his eyes, then slowly his lips curled at the corners. He looked down at Linda's lust crazed expression and shook his head.

"OK, you win," he said softly.

Linda didn't mean to ignore him, but Rex was still giving her body delicious pleasure. She was humping and writhing beneath his wet muzzle, sucking on his probing tongue.

Suddenly, the dog moved upward on her body and jabbed the end of his cock inside her cunt. He then began bumping and grinding against her middle, his jaw dropping, his tongue hanging like a damp wash cloth.

"Fuck me, Rex," Linda cried out, feeling the long, slender length of cock enter her body. "Oh... yes, fill me up with hot dog cum..."

While Richard watched with a disgusted look on his face, knowing that his plan had more than backfired, Carla crawled to the bed. She clamped her mouth around Linda's right breast and pulled the tiny, pink nipple over her tongue. She lowered her hand to the inside of her thigh and dipped the tip of it inside her oozing cunt. She then moved the dog's head down on Linda's left breast.

Linda was in heaven. Being fucked like an animal, with an animal, was almost too good. She bucked and jerked violently, feeling as if the top of her head would blow off. And with Carla on one breast and her dog on the other... Perfect!

"Ohhhhh!" she cried out, her passion almost bordering rage. "DO it! God... do it to me!"

Carla munched and lapped on Linda's breast with growing hunger, wishing it were her lying there. Her pussy was boiling, ready to explode. She plunged faster, harder into her hole.

"Fuck me," she cried out. "I... I want it too!"

Richard looked from Linda to Carla, then shrugged his shoulders. Oh well, if you can't beat them, might as well join them, he thought.

"How about me?" he asked, getting off the bed.

"Yes," Carla said, looking up. "Fuck me while I lick on this tit."

The boy got off the bed and walked around behind Carla. He then knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks. He thrust upward, driving the end of his cock inside her swollen cunt.

"Unhhhhh... take it, baby," he whispered, kissing her shoulder.

When Linda was aware that Richard had moved away from her, she felt alone, isolated. The pleasure her dog was giving her ceased, as if cut off with a knife. It was like a dying spark in her brain had suddenly been extinguished.

She felt Rex cum inside her, leaving her cold, dead.

"No," she said, looking over at Richard's expression of pleasure. "No!"

"Yes," Richard said, grinning. The small exchange held a world of meaning for them both. They both suddenly realized that it wasn't what the boy could do to her, but what he wouldn't do that mattered.

Linda was at last defeated, broken.

Richard's smile became victorious.

Satisfied, the dog hopped off of Linda's body and began sniffing around the room. He then disappeared down the hall.

Linda had never before felt so alone.

Chapter ELEVEN

"Please untie me," Linda said, unable to take the torture of watching Richard fuck Carla any longer. "I. I want free."

"Sure, baby," Richard said, almost casually. Without moving away from Carla, he reached for his knapsack and withdrew a pocketknife. He cut the bonds at her right wrist, then gave her the knife. "You can do the rest yourself," he added.

Linda cut herself free and pulled herself to the side of the bed. Slowly, she stood, then grabbed for her clothes. As she dressed, she blacked out the groans of pleasure behind her.

Dressed, she stumbled from the room and through the front door. She tripped down the steps and into the late afternoon sun squinting her eyes. The air smelled pure and delicious.

She ran home, tears in her eyes.

A short while later, she stood limply in the shower, washing the aroma of his body from hers. She threw her head back and let the water run over her breasts, form streams down her stomach. She cleaned herself all over, trying even to wipe the memory of him from her mind.

She stepped from the shower and heard a low, baritone voice. She whirled quickly, thinking hoping it was Richard. Suddenly, her brother walked down the hallway and stuck his head in the room.

"Hi, Sis," Mike said. "Have a good time?"

"Yes," she said uneasily. Hadn't he been worried?

"Who is this Carla character, anyway?" he asked. "I never heard you mention her."

"Carla?" Linda asked, confused.

"Yeah, the girl you spent the night with," he said. "That is where you were, isn't it?" he added.

"Oh... yes, sure," Linda answered quickly. Richard had certainly covered all bases. "I... I just left, uh, Carla," she said.

"I sure missed you," her brother said. "You miss me?"

"Of course, silly," Linda said, toweling off. "What girl wouldn't?"

"Hey, you look different," Mike said, letting his eyes play over her damp body. "Can a girl grow up over night?" he kidded.

"I'm beginning to think so," Linda said honestly. She did feel older, wiser. And she'd done more in twenty-four hours than most girls do in a lifetime. "What did you do while I was gone?" she asked, stepping from the shower.

"Want the truth, or shall I lie to you?" Mike grinned.

"Mmmmm, lie to me," she said, moving toward him.

"I sat around the house and thought about you every minute," he said, crossing his fingers in front of his face. "Got any spare minutes now?" she asked, dropping the towel. "I might be able to work you in," her brother laughed, reaching for her upturned breasts. "Oh, I think I'd rather have this thing working in me," she said, rubbing her fingers over the thick mound of his crotch. They embraced warmly, then kissed, letting their tongues dance like mating snakes. Slowly, Mike pulled her toward his bedroom.

Linda flinched, but not from excitement. She loved her brother, sure, but he was... well, too tender. She wanted to be taken, savagely used.

Like Richard had done.

Like Richard was doing to Carla... this very minute.

"I... I want it!" she cried out, her voice hoarse with desire. "Oh... give it to me!"

Mike shucked put of his clothes and then pushed her to the bed. He knelt between her legs and lowered his face to her burning, glistening cunt. Carefully, he slipped the tip of his tongue inside the puckered hole and nuzzled his nose into the damp patch of golden-red hair.

Linda closed her eyes and felt her pussy ache like it never had before. Suddenly, all that had happened seemed like a dull memory, like it hadn't really taken place. Coldness engulfed her like a fog, causing her to shiver.

"Like this, don't you?" Mike gurgled, thrusting his tongue in and out of her swollen pussy. "Mmmmm, I like it, too, baby."

Linda wrapped her legs around his shoulders and locked her ankles together. She then humped upward, trapping his face between her thighs. She placed her hands at the back of his head and began rocking back and forth.

"Lick me, you bastard," she gasped. "Fuck fuck me with your hot tongue."

Mike smacked away happily, gently.

"Harder! Make... it hurt!" Linda begged.

"Oh, no, baby," her brother, said, pulling away and looking through the bush of cunt hair. "We had it your way last time. It's my way. Slow and easy, real gentle."

Linda couldn't imagine greater torture. It was like meeting the best looking guy in the world and having to settle for a limp handshake. Or sucking off a guy who was wearing a rubber, for God's sake!

Her throat began to ache for Richard's massive, stabbing cock. She ached to feel it jab forcefully between her tonsils, to experience the pressure as it tore her lips apart.

"I... I can't take it!" she gasped. "Faster please..."

Mike ignored her request. Instead, he licked in and out of her pussy with even slower movements, just barely darting over the slick, fluttering membranes. He certainly didn't want to pop his nuts like he had the first time. It was just too quick.

"Mmmmmmm, so sweet," he murmured, pulling the loose folds of skin away from the opening and nibbling down on her clit. "I... I could eat your sweet pussy like this all night."

Linda resigned herself to his gentle, easy assault. She lay back, then let her legs slide from his shoulders. And in a way, it got rather boring. At times she would become excited, but then it would fade, leaving her empty. It was only when she thought about Richard that she felt anything.

She began to hate herself for not responding to her brother, the man who had taken her cherry. At last, she closed her eyes and tried to recreate that scene. His cock had plunged inside her, tearing at the delicate membrane.

"Ohhhhh," she gasped, remembering when it had happened, she was thinking of Richard.

Richard, again.

That... mother fucker!

Now she hated him. Why wasn't he here? Why did be let her go?

The memory of his hard, throbbing cock burned in her mind. She opened her mouth and sucked the imaginary shaft into her throat. She groaned again, feeling her passion mount.

"Oh, baby sister, I love your pussy," Mike gurgled, lapping his tongue in and out of the curly, peach-colored fuzz. "I... I can't wait to stick my prick in here."

"Do it... now!" Linda cried out, struggling beneath his huge, hulking frame. "I... I'm on fire!"

Slowly an eternity for Linda he licked over her stomach, then damped his lips around her tits. He took the rubbery nipples between his teeth and barely nibbled, causing them to itch all the more. Finally, he kissed to the hollow of her throat, then to her mouth.

Linda thought her body would explode waiting for that massive cock to dip into her pussy. She felt it throb against the insides of her thighs, crawl upward. When it finally nudged her puckered opening she flexed her muscles, gobbling him deeply inside.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she screamed, clawing at his back with her nails. "Now... hard! Screw me, you big bull!"

"Hey, take it easy," Mike laughed. "You act like you're going crazy."

"I am," Linda gasped. "And if you don't fuck me... hard, I will go crazy."

Mike thrust inside her cunt, held himself there for a long while, then slowly withdrew. As he moved upward, lifting his ass, Linda went with him, sucking with her muscles. Even some of the loose skin of his balls slipped inside her cunt hole.

"Shit, baby, your little cunt is like a fucking mouth," Mike grunted. "Slow down. We got all fucking night."

Again Linda tried to rein, but found it impossible. Each time his cock entered her it was a tease. Each time it slipped toward her opening, it left her hungry for more. She bit her lower lip until she tasted the salty flavor of blood.

"Ohhhhh... God!" she cried out finally, her insides churning with aching desire. Her climax began buildings showering her insides with warmth. Higher and higher her ecstasy went, until it almost peaked. Suddenly it faded, then began to build again. "Fuckkkkk!" she wailed, feeling sweat dampen her underarms, her neck.

"Take it, sweetheart," Mike said, slowly easing in and out of her pussy. "My precious, sweet... baby."

Linda fell back exhausted, unable to respond any longer to his fucking. It was like trying to diddle herself through steel mesh.

As she closed her eyes and ran her hands over his back, she felt his cock move a little quicker. His shaft began to grow harder, buzz with life. As it did, her own desires were rekindled. She began moving with him.

Maybe this time [missing text].

"Ready for some hot cum?" Mike grunted, fucking faster. His ass was a blur, his muscles tightening. "I'm... ready to blow it out your ears..."

"Give it to me, you bastard," Linda shrieked, grabbing his ass. "Fuck me full!"

When she felt the end of his prick explode with creamy warmth, her own orgasm shot violently into her guts. She rocked back and forth, then slid her feet up under her ass and jerked upward, lifting him off the bed. As her cunt crushed fully down to the hairy root of his prick, she at last felt what she had wanted to desperately.

Wave after wave of anguished ecstasy swept through her body, causing her to scream out wildly, tear at his back and ass with her fingernails.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuckkkkk meeeee!" she shrieked, her body flinching with delicious ecstasy.

"Screw it... in," Mike grunted, plunging his bursting cock wildly into her hole. He felt her pussy muscles suck like a starving mouth, eat him further inside. "Oh... shit yes, baby. So... fucking hot and... and... unh..."

Suddenly Linda felt her cunt swell, then her thighs become warm as his cum oozed from her opening. She squeezed her knees between his legs and rubbed her thighs together, hearing the juices smack. Slowly, they seeped to her asshole, leaving her even more excited.

"Now... my ass," she cried out, pushing against his chest. "Fuck me hard in my shitter."

"Hey, wait a... second," Mike grunted. "I... I'm not finished here yet."

He finally gouged the last of his cum into her cunt, then collapsed against her body. His breath was warm and damp against the side of her neck, his groans causing her flesh to tingle.

She lay beneath him for a long while, waiting for him to pull away. When he did, she quickly straddled his middle and lowered her butt down on the underside of his prick. As the film of greasy cum stuck to her flesh, she felt her guts constrict. She flinched and dug, her nails into his sculptured chest.

"Can I have it now?" she asked with begging eyes. "Please?"

"You're gonna burn yourself out before you're seventeen if you don't watch it," Mike said, half-serious. "You're too... intense. You ought to learn to slow down and enjoy it."

Maybe he was right, Linda thought. She had been experiencing. Pleasure lately like it was going to evaporate before her eyes. Still, how did one learn control? Assuming, of course, one wanted to.

She suddenly knew she'd rather go out in a flash, than die like embers.

"I just want it," she said, grasping his cock and thrusting it savagely into her shitter. As the pain hit her because she wasn't ready -- didn't want to be -- she felt an almost identical sensation she'd had with Richard. "Oh. God, this is the way I want it!" she yelled.

She began bouncing up and down over his body like a crazed animal, her head thrown back. Then, when her climax began boiling inside her guts, she threw her hands behind her body and pretended they were tied with ropes.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she shrieked, her organs hitting her brutally, deliciously.

Caught up in her hungry lust, her brother began matching her moves. He shoved upward each time she banged her body downward. Then, when his own climax was just seconds away, he half sat and burrowed his face between her flopping breasts. He chewed and nibbled on the delicate flesh, pulled the nipples over the roof of his mouth.

"Fuck it... God... fuck me!" he groaned. His loins were burning more with agony than pleasure. Her shitter was sucking too hard on his cum, causing his balls to ache, like they were being crushed in a vise. "Oh... shit..."

His jism boiled up the center of his shaft, relieving some of the pressure, but it was like her insides were gobbling the blood from his veins. He fell back, panting, exhausted.

Linda, however, was wild with pleasure. Her shitter, bathed in his creamy gobs of cum, was throbbing, pulsating, melting against her cunt. She cried out over and over, her tortured moans filling the room.

At last, she fell in a heap over his body, her eyes fluttering closed. God, it had been good. Almost as good as...

She wouldn't allow herself to think about Richard any more. It just hurt too much. She let herself relax, then molded her body over her brother's limp form.

Their breathing became more rhythmic, then easy, as they slept, his cock firmly planted inside her asshole.

Two hours later, Linda awoke with a start. She was alone, and it was dark outside. She shook her head and sat up on the bed, noticing her brother's scrawl on the back of an envelope. She picked the paper up off the nightstand and read it.

"Tried to wake you," she said aloud, "but you were dead to the world. I'll be home late. Don't wait up for me. Love, Mike."

She showered again, blotting all thoughts out of her mind. Then, as she dried off, her lips tightened into a straight line. She dressed quickly and left, moving in, the darkness toward the abandoned house.

Chapter TWELVE

Linda walked into the darkened house and paused in the hallway. When her eyes had adjusted to the dark, she took a few steps inside. As she neared the bed where she had been a captive, she felt her knees weaken.

The room took on new perspective, flooded in the moonlight. It didn't appear dirty and dank at all. Instead, it seemed to engulf her with warmth, purity. She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

The ropes were still attached to the frame. Those sweet, strong ropes that held her. She lifted the end of one of the lengths and pressed it to her lips.

She could smell... him, almost feel his presence.

She looked around the room, studying the dark corners. She could see his face in every shadow. Instead of frightening her, however, she felt a sense of relief. He was that kind of person, she realized, one who left part of him wherever he went.

She lay back on the gritty mattress and could almost feel human warmth. She caressed the coarse texture of the material and shivered. Her fingers touched a damp area.

Was it part of him?

"Oh... Richard," she whispered. "I... I love you."

She scooted up further on the mattress and rubbed her bare ankles against the rope. She threw her arms out and gave another moan, mentioning his name.

She didn't know how long she lay there before she was aware that she wasn't alone. It wasn't just a memory of a presence, but a presence, itself. Her hearing became more acute and her heart skipped a beat. She was suddenly frightened. It could be anyone in here with her.

A shadow moved slightly, then she saw the ivory color of moon-bathed flesh. An arm.

"Who's... there?" she gasped.

"Richard," the voice answered. "I was waiting for you to leave," he added, coming from the shadows.

"Oh... Richard!" Linda cried out, scurrying off the bed and falling into his arms. "Why would you ever want to leave?" she demanded.

"Because I've hurt you and I... I didn't want to," the boy said, his voice barely audible.

Linda knew that he wanted to say more, that he might, perhaps, regret it. She stilled his voice with a long, lingering kiss, taking him in her arms.

"Let's not talk," she murmured into his mouth. "Let's just take it as it is."

"You... mean...?"

"I'm as confused as you are, probably," Linda said. "But there's one thing I'm certain of. And that's my... feeling for you."

"I thought you hated me," Richard said. "You said..."

"People say a million things," Linda said. "Now, shut up," she added, affection in her voice.

They crushed their bodies together, melting into each other's arms. Slowly, they moved toward the bed and fell down, Richard squirming on top of her body. He quickly undressed her, then tugged at his own clothes. As they lay there in the moonlight, their perfectly formed bodies pale on the mattress, they exchanged a kiss. It was gentle at first, but soon turned into pure savagery.

"I'm going to take you," he grunted, chewing on her lower lip. "I'm going to take you... hard."

"And I want it that way," Linda said, reaching for the ropes. "Tie me up and... do it," she gasped, her face flushing with pleasure.

Richard fumbled with the ropes, jerking them around her wrists and ankles. When she was secure, writhing beneath him, he thrust his body down, tearing the tip of his rock-hard cock into her churning pussy. He entered her with one stab, feeling her insides mold around his shaft like a mouth.

"Take it, you... wonderful little bitch," he growled. "Take me inside you."

Linda's body responded instantly, her cunt clawing at his cock with convulsions. She jerked her ass upward and screamed, her pent up emotions bursting.

"Aieeeeeee!" she shrieked, jabbing her fingernails into her palms, feeling electric-like jolts of pain shoot up her arms. "Fuck... fuck me, you big... Goddamned bull!"

Richard withdrew his prick and hammered back inside. As he did, he bit down on her breasts like a striking cobra, tearing his teeth into the delicate flesh. When the rubbery nipples pulsated against the roof of his mouth, he felt his nuts throb with delicious pressure. He had to flex the muscles at the base of his shaft to hold back the flood of cum boiling in his loins.

"Oh... shit... will it always be this good?" he gasped, clutching her body, digging his fingers into her soft, yielding flesh.

"Yes," Linda said. Another massive spasm of raw pleasure exploded around her cunt opening, causing her muscles to tug on his shaft. "God... yesssssss!" she screamed.

"Fuck me, you little slut," Richard grunted. "Move your ass. Mean it!"

Linda bucked and writhed until she thought her muscles would tear. She yanked against the ropes, feeling her wrists and ankles burn. It was like tiny animals were biting into her skin. The pain, however, was part of her greater pleasure. She experienced another thundering convulsion of pure, raw release.

As she screamed, she felt his prick expand, totally fill her insides. She could almost see the massive globs of cum burst from his nuts, throb up the underside of his shaft. As her cunt lips buzzed, her orgasm peaked again, causing her insides to become a vacuum.

"Now... God, now!" Richard cried out, freezing as the first of his molten cum blasted into her guts. He held himself there for a split second, then began pounding in and out with his full strength. "Screw... it... here! Unh... here! Fuck... way up... here!"

As the streams of volcanic like cum churned into her guts, Linda felt even more fantastic surges of ecstasy. It seemed as if they would never stop, that she would be writhing like this for the rest of her life.

Later, when her energies were spent, she fell back, her eyes glazed with satisfaction. She kissed the side of Richard's neck and smiled.

"Let me tie you up," she whispered. "My turn."

"Me?" Richard chuckled. "How do I know I can trust you?"

"You don't," Linda grinned. "Doesn't that make it exciting?"

"Well..." he began pulling away.

"Untie me, you bastard," Linda commanded playfully.

"OK," he said, doing as she asked.

When he was finished, he plopped down on the mattress and threw his arms and legs out.

"I've been waiting for this moment," Linda said, a dark look of hunger flashing in her eyes.

"Wha what are you going to do?" Richard asked suddenly. Was this an O'Henry ending? Had she led him to believe that she really cared, only to... God, he didn't want to think about it.

"Mmmmm, I guess I could do some of the things you did to me," Linda said, forcing coldness in her voice.

"Huh?" Richard said, licking his lips. He pulled against the bonds, but she had done too good a job.

She reached down and grasped the length of chain he had thrust up her asshole just a few hours before. Slowly, she let it swing back and forth.

"I could start you like a lawn mower," she whispered. She dropped the chain and picked up the pair of pliers. "Or maybe I could clamp your sweet nuts in these little jaws. Would you like that?"

"Don't... Linda," he began, hoping she wasn't serious.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "Dish it out, but can't take it?"

"OK, I deserve it," the boy said, his voice just above a whisper.

Linda dropped the pliers with a dull, metallic clink and crawled onto the bed. She knelt between his muscular, hairy thighs and lowered her face to his crotch.

"I'll torture you another way," she murmured. "I'm going to lick and suck you all over. Hours and hours."

Richard should have been relieved, but he wasn't. As his body tightened with anticipation, he felt her swirling tongue move over his stomach. He jerked against the ropes.

"Don't!" he gasped. "Use the chain, or the pliers, but don't... do that..."

"Mmmmmmm, yes," Linda whispered.

She began a slow assault, covering every square inch of his body with her warm, searching tongue. She touched his armpits, his shoulders, ran her mouth over his legs, took each toe separately. And each time her moist lips brushed over his taut flesh, she felt him jerk with anguished pleasure.

"Do it," he begged over and over. "I... I can't stand it, baby. Suck me, fuck me, do... anything!"

Slowly, she lapped her mouth, over the end of his cock and gulped the full length of his shaft into the back of her throat. She had barely gotten to the wiry bristles at the base of his prick when his cockhead exploded, showering her tonsils with creamy warmth.

"Linda... God... Linda," the boy choked. "You're good. God... you're good!"

Linda bowed before him like he was some sort of God. She paid her homage with her lips, her mouth, her throat. Her fingers moved over his body, touched the ropes at his wrists, then brushed over his chest. She felt his heartbeat vibrate into her flesh.

"We were meant for each other," she whispered.

"It was bound to happen," Richard said, looking into her eyes.

"Bound... for pleasure," Linda said, touching his flesh.


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