Cousin in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In COUSIN IN BONDAGE Patty Weatherford finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her cousin, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Patty Weatherford suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

"Stop it! Take that thing away from me!"

Patty backed away from her cousin Jack, her eyes wide with terror. He was holding his stiff eight-inch cock in one hand. Black cock hairs bristled around the opened fly while his balls rested on the faded blue material of his halved Levi's. He was smiling savagely at her, his white teeth contrasting sharply against his black moustache. The teenaged blonde was trembling as she watched his fingers work slowly back and forth over the thickly-veined outer skin of his cock. He was lubing his cock down with the clear fluid oozing from his piss-slit.

"Come on, Patty, you need a good hot fuck with this mother," Jack snarled, his face contorted with lust.

"Ohhh, no..."

Her voice sounded so small, lost in the barn that the two of them were in. Patty backed up a little more, her sandals slipping on the loose straw covering the dirt floor. The smell of stale piss hung in the thick, hot air like perfume. Her eyes darted about, searching for an escape. But the only way out was the big double door that was now locked shut behind her cousin.

"You came in here hopin' to find me, right, Patty? You didn't want to talk. You wanted to fuck. Well, you're gonna get it now," Jack said, his voice growing thick and raspy.

"No. It's a mistake!"

Patty felt her flesh crawl while at the same time her chest tightened. What she was feeling wasn't all unpleasurable. In fact, if the girl were completely honest with herself, there was a lot of pleasure in her sensations. For the past two weeks since she'd come to visit with her aunt and uncle out here in Oberlin, Ohio, Patty had been eyeing Jack, hoping he'd notice and at the same time praying that he wouldn't. Oh, he was so different from the guys at school who were always trying to get into her pants. So big, so muscular, so silent, and yet how his body radiated vitality, masculinity at every turn! It made her cunt grow all hot and mushy and swollen just to watch him working with his shirt off, his tanned flesh rippling with muscles as he drove the tractor. She watched as he got off and winked playfully at her.

"Come on, baby. Come on and take that fuckin' dress off. It's too hot to wear clothes in here," Jack said, his lips curling up in a sardonic smile.

It was hot. Patty felt sweat trickling down her back, making her clothes stick uncomfortably to her flesh. Still backing away, Patty crossed her arms protectively over her tits, digging her finger tips into her skin as Jack advanced. He wasn't going to touch her... he wasn't. No! She had to protect her cherry, to save her virginity for her husband. That's what her mother and father had always told her. Time and time again her parents insisted that only "bad" girls let men take advantage of them. Once they were "ruined", men would never take them seriously. In the days of the so-called sexual revolution, Patty Weatherford's parents could still convince their daughter that this was gospel truth no matter what her friends at school said. Protected, sheltered all her life, the pretty slim-hipped blonde believed her parents.

But then she met Jack and all her thoughts changed. When she went to bed at night, how she tried not to think of him! How she tried to keep her hands from edging down her flat belly, pushing through the thicket of her blonde cunt hairs, searching for her swelling cuntlips. And then, oh, when she touched her cuntlips, she arched her back, whispering Jack's name, pretending he was touching her or doing something much worse with his... cock! How her body trembled when she whispered the word "cock". Her buttocks slapped against the mattress while her fingers plowed in and out of her virgin pussy.

While wanting him to touch her, Patty at the same time despised herself for thinking that. So she struggled, wanting to flirt, feeling guilty when she did, and finally doing nothing. Until today.

"Leave me alone or I'll scream," Patty threatened, backing up against the stall wall.

Jack laughed softly, his head shaking from side to side. "Nobody's home. Mom's out shoppin' in town while dad's checkin' fences on the south forty. Guess that just leaves you and me."

Patty felt panic rush through her. Of course she'd known no one was at home. She had sat in her upstairs bedroom watching Jack walk into the barn. She sat there, listening to the creepy silence of the big house that seemed to be deafening, sat there, listening to her heart beating like a drum while her pussylips curled because of he growing sexual heat. Finally she couldn't stead it. She had to find him, talk to him, do something to relieve the tension building in her cunt. Would she let him... touch her? No, of course not! Or so she told herself over and over again as she crossed the deserted farmyard and slowly opened the double doors.

What she found inside surprised her a little. There was Jack, bare-backed as usual, bent over while rolling something in a thin white sheet of paper. It didn't take her long to realize the young farm boy was getting some grass ready to smoke. Her little cry of surprise startled him at first. One thing led to another, however, and soon Patty found herself on the defensive.

"Go on, baby, go on and stare at it. It's what you've been wantin' to do for a long time. This thing's gonna be shovin' inside you pretty fuckin' soon, so take a good look at it."

Patty swallowed hard. She'd seen pictures of a man's erection in various books, and some of her girlfriends had told her what a boy's cock looked like when aroused. Once or twice, or dates, she'd felt a boy's dick through his pants. But always she jerked her hand away, slapping the offender hard and swearing never to date him again.

"Nice, eh?"

Jack was rocking back and forth on his heels, still sliding his fingers back and forth on his prick. Yes, his cock looked nice. She wet her dry lips, trying to tear her eyes off the big prick and finding herself unable to do so. His cock was so huge, so thick, so meaty! How could something that big go inside her?

"Now, Patty, now."

She closed her eyes. Her heart seemed to stop. She clenched and unclenched her fists as she felt more sweat trickling down her back and over her thunderous thirty-six-inch tits. Her knees were shaking.


Her scream echoed in the barn as Jack grabbed her hard around the wrists and drew her violently against him. She could feel his cock pressing against her thighs through the thin cotton material of her dress. Groaning, Patty twisted in his tight grip, feeling his fingertips bruising her flesh.

"Gonna fuck you 'til you can't piss for a fuckin' week," he growled.

"Let me go. I'll tell your father. Oh, I swear I will, I'll..."

Jack snorted out a laugh, then shut her up by cementing his lips to hers roughly. Patty's eyes stayed wide open for several more seconds while her struggles became more violent. The force of his kiss was tremendous, making her lips flatten back against her teeth while his tongue tried to slide into her mouth. She twisted around, bringing up one knee to his groin. Jack was ready. Turning slightly and avoiding the knee jab, he forced his tongue against her teeth. Slowly, reluctantly, the girl gave way.


He was brutal, violent, overpowering, exactly what Patty secretly wanted. She found herself giving in, opening her mouth, letting his tongue slide in. His hands worked over her flesh, moving around her waist and down to her ass. He was touching her in places she had never let anyone touch before! It was all so new, so exciting. The blonde teen didn't have the nerve or strength to stop him. Patty hunched back, groaning into his mouth when she felt him gathering up the material of her dress -- until he was fingering the naked rounded bottoms of her asscheeks.

"Ohhhhh, yeahhhh..." Jack groaned, pulling away and licking the spit off his chin.

Patty felt so wobbly, so unsteady. The girl was still more than just a little afraid. But she was also excited. Strange sensations raced through both her mind and body, making it impossible for her to think rationally. All she could say was that she wanted Jack badly. She wanted him to do all the things her parents said only bad boys did.

"I'm gonna have one hell of a time with you, baby. Yeah, it's gonna be better 'n all them times in the stacks with half these cunts around here," he muttered, smoothing his hands over her asscheeks.

His hands moved up and down her body, tracking every sexy curve. Patty was panting, growing weaker by the second.

"No, no, I mustn't... I can't."

Her cunt was swollen open, the lips curled back while juice trickled freely from her slot, wetting down the crotch panel of her panties. Jack had slipped his hand down, down into her butt crack, working the nylon material back and forth over that sensitive band of flesh separating her asshole from her cunt. It was such a wild feeling, feeling the silky material slipping back and forth over her pussymeat! She leaned heavily against her cousin, gasping for breath, thinking her heart was about to tear through her ribcage.

"Come on over here," Jack said thickly, dragging the half-conscious teenager behind the stall wall.

Patty hardly noticed what was happening around her. There were all sorts of smells assailing her nostrils, smells of an old, abandoned barn, odors that somehow triggered her into heat. She felt her cuntal walls knotting up, buckling under the wild sexual heat burning up her cunt. He was guiding her somewhere, moving her behind the wall.

"Down, baby, down."

Jack's strong arms were wrapped around her waist. She felt herself bend backward, her legs slipping out from under her, her feet pressed against his ankles. Staring up heavy-lidded at her cousin, Patty wanted to say something, wanted to tell him she wasn't the kind of girl who did this sort of thing all the time. But her vocal cords were paralyzed. Soon she was on the ground, particles of hay prickling the backs of her legs and arms, working under her wrinkled dress while Jack pushed his Levi's down to his ankles and stepped out of them.

"I... I never did anything... anything like this before," Patty stammered, staring at him with frightened, doe-like eyes.

"A fuckin virgin," he muttered, half-believing his cousin as he reached down and scratched his low-hanging balls.

Patty watched as he climbed over her, his fat cock hitting his muscular thighs.

"Gotta get this thing off you," he muttered, reaching behind her and starting to undo the buttons of her dress. Muttering, Jack grabbed the dress and ripped it in two, sending a shower of buttons into the air.


Patty felt her dress rip apart, then slide off her body. Jack was pinning her to the floor, his knees pressed hard against her thighs, holding her down while he proceeded to strip her. Patty clenched her teeth tightly together as she felt his fingers slip under the elastic band of her bra. He tugged sharply up, pulling at the halter until the cups were cutting into her tits. With a yank the young stud tore the bra off, leaving her big high-riding tits naked, jiggling on her chest.

"Oh God! GOD!" she cried, throwing her arms over her tits.

Jack knocked them away, then his hands were on her tits, kneading the soft, resilient flesh. He pinched her nipples, smiling as the girl yelped and squealed. Her knees jerked up. Pieces of straw began working their way into her panties as Patty continued to struggle.

Jack pinched both nipples now, watching the tiny nubs turn dark red and stiffen under his manipulation.

"You're hurting me!" Patty squealed, throwing her head back.

Jack ignored his cousin. He grabbed the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled down. He grunted, noticing Patty had panicked. She shoved her ass down, stopping Jack from stripping the last shred of clothing left on her body.

"Stupid bitch," he muttered.

Patty cried out, curling her fingers into two fists and hitting them against Jack's hands.

Jack tugged down hard at her panties, tearing them on either side. With several more tugs he shredded the thin pink nylon material, finally ripping the elastic band in half. In a second the blonde teen found herself completely naked. A cold blast of air against her cunt made her shiver with growing terror and excitement.

"Oh man, what a body... shit what a fuckin' body," Jack muttered, his eyes studying Patty's slender figure with obvious delight.

The girl felt a flush of pride while she waited for Jack to do something. The young man didn't waste much time. He could smell the odor of hot lust rising from between her white, shivering thighs. His prick ached for some hot pussymeat. Peering down, he saw her moist cunt moving. Smacking his lips like a wolf, he moved one hand down to her snatch, lightly touching the curled tips of her cunthairs.


Patty arched her back, her shoulders writhing against the floor at that light touch. The slight pressure of his hand against her hairs was enough to make the girl groan and twist her body with delight. He was touching her now, spreading the fat outer labes of her cunt. It was maddening to feel Jack's fingers probing her cuntlips and peeling them back. His thumb tickled the flesh between her inner and outer labes. Patty let out another groan, the cords sticking out in her neck. Her pussy and thighs were so wet, tingling. She was beside herself. Her cousin was actually jacking her off with those subtle, wonderful movements of his fingers against her pussy.

"Oh yeah, good hot cuntmeat. Man, I ain't had a pussy this hot for a long time," the young man said, pulling his fingers out of her slot for a second and sniffing them.

Her brain spun around and around as Jack went back to fingering her pussy. He was pushing on her clit gently, steadily, exerting enough pressure for her to start feeling an oncoming orgasm. A chilly beat rose quickly in her cunt. Her ass kept moving back and forth. Her pussy quivered in wild anticipation of... of what? Only in her wildest fantasies had men actually fucked her. And now it was going to happen -- with her cousin driving his dick in her!

"Yeah, yeah," Jack said, settling down on top of her.

Oh, it was so wonderful feeling a man touching her all over! His cock dry-fucked her, sliding back and forth on her belly while his legs pinned hers to the ground. Jack was kissing her throat now, his hands sliding up to her tits. Soon they were pinching her nipples again. His palms rubbed constantly against her aroused areolas. Patty rubbed the backs of her legs against the rough material of some blanket that had been laid down on the uneven ground earlier. Every square inch of her body seemed alive, vibrating with excitement.


Patty sighed with delight. She felt the velvety heat of his rigid cock spreading over her belly as he slipped and slid over her body. A smear of pre-cum dribbled against her flesh. She slid her hand around his thick neck, her fingers combing through his black curly hair. Yes, yes, she was encouraging him now, wanting him to rape her savagely. He could do what be wanted to her now. Anything as long as he took care of that awful pulsing itch between her legs.

Chapter TWO

"Mmmmmm, nice cunt."

"Wh-what are you doing?"

Patty jerked up, her eyes wide, her jaw slack, her face registering surprise. Jack was holding her thighs tightly, his thumbs caressing the outer edges of her cuntlips while his fingers pressed deeply into her soft flesh. He had his face only inches from her pussy! Patty could feel his breath stirring her blonde cunthairs. He had been dry-fucking her, when suddenly he reared up and started... this!

"I'm gonna have some nice pussy to eat!" Jack said, smacking his lips again.

He was going to put his mouth on her cunt! The thought made her dizzy. No one, not even her naughty girlfriends had prepared her for this. She watched silently as Jack's head moved down, down between her legs. The nerve-rich sex center of her pussy throbbed, slicked down with more of her flowing cuntal juices. Patty felt her ass tingling with excitement while sweat trickled maddeningly down her back and out from under her arms. She felt so weak, so vulnerable!


He was licking her thighs, moving the tip of his long, moist tongue first along one inner thigh, then along the other. Back and forth, back and forth, until he had Patty panting for more. Patty threw back her head. His tongue felt so delicious, so insanely wonderful as it moved oh so close to her pussy then retreated just before touching it. The girl felt all the nerve endings stretching out, as if reaching for his tongue.

"Mmmmmm!" Patty groaned.

Her tits rose and fell with each difficult breath. The girl put her hands to her sides and flattened her palms against the dirty blanket, fanning out her fingers, bracing herself while Jack kept teasing her with his tongue.

Then it happened.

She felt that hot, rough tongue licking over her fleshy cuntlips. Patty thought someone had touched a live electric wire to her cunt! It was the best thing she'd ever felt in her life! Snapping her head from side to side, the girl let out a yelp, which was followed by along, low moan. Her fingers dug into the filthy blanket, gathering up the loosely woven wool while her legs slapped against the ground. Her long blonde hair splashed over her face. Jerking from side to side, Patty heard her cousin growling like a dog, the vibrations from his lips buzzing on her cunt and making her clit feel hot and hard.

How strange, how wonderful it felt to have a man putting his mouth on her pussy. It was a delight having his tongue lick between her swollen pussylips. At times Patty could feel his teeth scraping over the slick flesh of her cuntlips while his tongue stiffened and curled inside her pussy. It was then that Patty cried out loudest.

"Ohhhh, noooo!"

Patty soon felt the licking tongue slide inside her, tickling the sensitive flesh between her outer and inner cuntlips just as his fingers had done earlier. The girl shook her head violently from side to side, her hair brushing over her jiggling tits, her toes and fingers fanning out so much they cramped. Patty bent her knees slightly, letting them sag apart, feeling that pressure opening up her cunt and exposing her dark red pussymeat.

"Oh, it's soooo good, soooo good," Patty moaned, finding herself pushing her pussy against his mouth!

"Yeah, real good," Jack muttered.

The boy was pleased at how quickly his cousin came around to his foreplay. She was hot, juicy, one of the wildest young women he'd fucked with. Most of the girls around there had slipped under his thighs at one time or other by the time they were fifteen. Being a farm community, the opportunity to get some new pussy was rare. Patty was something of a find.

"Uh, nooo..."

Jack backed away for a moment, then he brushed his knuckles over her cunthairs. That feathery touch was maddening. Patty fell back on the blanket, tensing her asscheeks and shoving her pussy provocatively up toward her cousin.

"You wanna get fucked, baby? You wanna feel my dick up your cunt, spreadin' you wide open? Yeah, you wanna get fucked. Man, it don't bother you if I'm your fuckin' cousin or not, does it? Sheeit, you just wanna cock up your damned snatch and it don't matter whose, right?" Jack said, getting more and more turned on by his filthy talk.

"No, that's not true! Don't fuck me! Get away from me!"

But there was a hollow ring to her voice. Instead of trying to escape, she found herself exploding as her cousin shoved his tongue into her cunt, wiggling it around and around. She felt his warm breath blowing tenderly against her cuntlips, making them quiver and tense. When she felt his nose pushing up against her clit, the girl exploded again. Drawing her thighs together, she rubbed them back and forth against the sides of his head. Oh, how those hot chills rushed over her pussy, centering on her clit!

Patty thought she was going to pass out from the excitement as her blood coursed wildly through her veins. How she'd laughed at school when some of her friends told her that was exactly how they'd felt when their boyfriends had fucked them. How could a person faint from excitement? The thought was ridiculous. That was something women did in eighteenth-century novels. Sure, sex might be fun, even wildly exciting. But fainting? Now Patty was struggling for consciousness, her thighs rubbing against Jack's ears as his tongue drilled and scraped along her convulsing cuntal walls. "Ohhhhhh!"

"Go for it, baby, fuck that cunt up to me! Go for it!" he snarled.

Jack pushed against her undulating thighs, his fingers pinching the soft white flesh while he growled into her musky, swampy cunt. As he worked her over, he sucked hard, nearly pulling her cherry loose from the vacuum he created.


Jack was going crazy now. He was snapping, almost biting her cuntlips while his fingers was bruising her. Patty cried out more than once, moving one hand up to push his head away. But her cousin only knocked it away. Helplessly Patty fell back to the floor, unable to stop the chain of events that would lead, to her ruin.

"Fuck, fuck," he whispered, working her over with his hands and tongue.

As Patty gasped and moaned and twisted under him, he moved his right hand down until he was caressing the narrow crack between her ass-cheeks.

"No! Ughhh!"

Patty instinctively knew what he was about to do. He was going to touch her asshole, maybe even stick his finger up there. Martha Billingsly told her she'd done that to her boyfriend and it made him go crazy while he shot his cum into her. "Ohhhh!"

He'd done it, actually done it! Patty thought someone had touched a match to her shiner. Jack pushed the tip of one thumb up her ass! And, to her wild surprise, her sphincter grabbed at it, squeezing tight. At the same time her, cuntal muscles snapped shut on Jack's tongue, trapping it deep inside her. Jack snarled again, moving his head around, licking and snarling as he ate hungrily at her.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh! It... it feels soooo good... I... it feels..."

Patty couldn't talk. She was twisting like a snake, the blanket wrinkling up under her writhing body. Puffs of dust rose all around her. Her mouth and throat were so city and her chat tightened even more than before. Gasping for air, the blonde teenager begged Jack to stop, to let her have a little time to catch her breath.

"Nice cunt," he muttered, sucking so hard that his cheeks caved in. When the girl started bunching back, he pulled away with a wet, smacking sound.

"Oh, what...?"

Patty opened her eyes and stared confusedly at him.

"You want me to?" he demanded in a hoarse, low voice.

"What... what, what?" she begged, not wanting to admit to what was happening.

"Shove my cock in your pussy," he said, pushing himself into position between her legs.

His knees were shoved up against her wet asscrack. His dickhead was against her swollen cuntlips. Grabbing his cock around the center with one hand, Jack rubbed the meaty knob up and down over her cuntlips, watching it push apart those rubbery labes while her cunthair caressed his cockhead.

Patty felt the oozing pre-cum burning into her pussy walls, mixing with her juices. She couldn't tell him the truth, couldn't tell her own cousin that she wanted him to fuck her. She wouldn't be able to say that to any boy. Shades of her mother's lecture on morality crept into her mind, casting shadows over her brightening sexuality. The girl turned her head and stared blankly at the wall, unable to say those words that were burning in her mind.

"Come on, Patty. Do you want my dick in your pussy?" he asked, moving his drooling cockhead up, up toward her elk. He watched the girl arch her back, tilt her pussy down toward his advancing dick.

When his cock-knob and her clit touched, Patty went crazy, her legs snapping together then falling apart while her arms shot crazily out.

Suddenly, through the red-hot haze that was blurring her mind, she remembered a threat from ha mother: "If I catch you running around with a man before you're twenty-one, I'll throw you out. God doesn't like young girls who fool around with men before their time. Good girls get married and then do... well, do it. Remember that, Patty, and don't disobey me."

She remembered her father's embarrassed face registering mild disapproval at her mother's words but basically showing agreement. Now the thought of her parents cut through everything and made the blonde shove Jack roughly away. That mow caught him completely by surprise. He rocked back, his dick jerking up and slapping against his belly.

"No! No!"

Somehow Patty managed to slide back, craw fishing away from her cousin who was still staring at her in amazement.

Patty was shouting more at herself than at her hot cousin. Scrambling weakly to her feet, she stumbled toward the barn door, desperately trying to cover her tits and cunt. Her ass jiggled as she ran for the bolted door.


Jack recovered from his surprise. Shooting up from his kneeling position, the young man bolted after her, catching up with Patty. She pounded her fists wildly against the door.

"Help! Oh my God, somebody help me!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Nobody's here, bitch. Dad's too fuckin' cheap to hire help that stays around this area," Jack muttered.

Patty felt his strong hands slide around her neck, his fingers pressed tightly against her windpipe. He was choking her, trying to strangle her. Desperately Patty fought for air, twisting around, kicking back, jerking from side to side, doing anything to fight her cousin off.

Moving her hands up, Patty curled her fingers and drove her sharp nails into his wrists. Jack muttered something but kept his hold on her, pulling her away from the door, tightening his grip on her throat until Patty was seeing stars in front of her eyes. The room began spinning around while a dark film blurred her vision. She was going to die. Jack was going to kill her!


Jack wheeled around, hauling Patty off the dirty floor. Her legs flew out and apart. He turned a half circle, then let her slip from his grip. Patty flew forward, her toes striking the floor hard and upending her, sending her sprawling face forward onto the pound.


She clawed at the loosed dirt of the barn floor, digging her knees into the filthy surface, trying to crawl away from her mad cousin. She sucked in air, holding her throat with one hand and feeling her body and mind come back to life. Her mouth opened, drawing in more oxygen.

"Still tryin' to get away, Patty?"

Jack knelt down, striking her hard across the back of the head. Patty groaned, her arms and legs flying out from under her. She collapsed to the floor, defeated. A spasm of delight had passed through her cunt, slamming into her clit like a lightning bolt. She realized then that all this humiliation and brutality was actually turning her on! Oh, what a discovery, what a horror to realize -- she was a masochist!

"Come on back, Patty. Come on back to the blanket where I'm gonna fuck the hell outta your cunt. You want it bad, man, real bad," Jack muttered.

He wrapped his fingers around her hair. The girl groaned, but made no real effort to fight back. She moved her legs, scrambling backward to ease the pain in her scalp as he dragged her to the stall where he'd stripped her.


Patty groaned as he threw her on the wrinkled horse blanket. Looking up with terror flickering in her blue eyes, the girl realized Jack wasn't fooling around any longer. His cockhead was a dark purple while the blue veins ribbing his shaft throbbed against the tightly drawn flesh.

The blonde cried out as Jack threw himself on top of her, his teeth tearing at her hard, dark-red nipples. His hair brushed over her face, nearly smothering her. His teeth tore at her tit tips, sending daggers of delight through her. As her fear and joy mounted, more sweat coated her body. Jack was perspiring heavily, too, his sweat running down to her cuntal crack and mingling with her pussy juice.

Her thighs tensed, relaxed, then flexed again. Her asscheeks raised, pressing her flat belly against Jack's stomach.

"Oh yeah, yeah..." Patty groaned.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," Jack echoed, slurping his tongue up and down her tits while getting his body into a fucking position.

Patty felt his cock sliding up, up to her whey, throbbing cuntal slit. She wanted his mouth back on the silky flesh of her thighs. She needed those sharp teeth between her legs, even deeper, ripping at her clit, eating at her until she couldn't cum any more.

"Fuck, fuck..."

Patty had actually said that word to another person, a man, her cousin, a word that sent shivers up and down her spine when she even thought about it.

"You'll get it, honey pie, you'll get it," Jack muttered.

He held her wrist with one hand while jamming his left palm between her legs. He forced her legs wider apart, cupping her crotch. His thumb rammed her crease, shoving in at an angle. With another move he crushed her swollen clit under his fingernail, making her scream. She arched her back and flailed her legs helplessly in mid-air.

Patty's awful ordeal in the country had begun.

Chapter THREE

What happened next to Patty burned into her memory and was to stay there for years to come.

Jack was shoving her hard against the floor. Patty could feel the hay scratching her ass while the coarse wool blanket made her flesh itch. She screamed again as his thumb screwed deeper into her hole. He was stretching her pussy open with his fingers, pulling her slick labes far apart while his thumb sank lower and lower.


The pain hitting her cunt was nearly overwhelming. The young woman arched her back even more, her body resting only on her shoulders and heels. Her face was drained of blood while the flesh drew tightly over her face. Jack had ripped her cherry with his thumb, tearing the thin membrane brutally.

"No! Oh, nooo."

Gradually Patty sank back to the blanket, her mind whirling with thoughts of shame. Her screams died down to a steady moan. Turning her face away, she stared at the wooden stall wall, tears rolling down her cheeks. The death of innocence! How different she thought it would be. No husband now would pop her cherry, hold her carefully and whisper encouragement to her while he drilled his cock lovingly into her cunt. No, none of that would be hers now. Instead she was to be raped brutally by her own cousin!

"Wow, you really were a virgin," Jack said, pulling his thumb out and wiping it briskly on his thighs. He had half-believed Patty when she voiced her innocence. Lots of girls had told him they'd never fucked before. He'd found out differently soon enough. Although this wasn't the first time he'd popped a cherry, it certainly was something of a rarity.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh..."

Patty wanted to run away, wanted to scramble out from under Jack's body and hide in a corner. She had to think about what had just happened to her, examine the possible consequences.

"Hey, lay still damnit!" Jack muttered, slapping her across the face with an open palm.

The blow knocked her head to one side, stunning her long enough for him to fuck her.

"Yeah, oh yeahhhh!" Jack moaned, holding her arms down while he shoved his knees hard up against her butt crack.

Patty felt his dickhead pushing against her swollen cunt lips. Oh, he was going to fuck her, actually going to stick that thing in her pussy! It was useless trying to move her legs down.

"Ohhhhh! Ughhhh!"

She felt his cockhead working into her cunt. It felt so strange, so odd having something foreign inside her pussy! She screwed up her eyes, her face expressing pain as Jack pushed forward. His thick cockhead worked inside, gurgling through the thick flow of her juices. Patty shivered, feeling her cunt lips slip together, closing tightly over Jack's cockknob. His big long shaft was outside, waiting to be shoved into her snatch.

"Shit, baby, shit!" Jack grunted.

Patty rolled her head slowly from side to side, strands of her long blonde hair clinging to her cheeks. Stars popped in front of her eyes while she moved her legs sexily back and forth over the wool blanket. Somewhere in the distance, she heard dogs barking. Dust drifted in the foul-smelling air while the two of them rolled back and forth on the barn floor.

"Like my dick in your pussy? Dig it, baby? You like gettin' fucked by me?" Jack growled, biting her earlobe while flicking his tongue into her ear.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she babbled, hardly aware of what she was saying.

Jack twisted his body around now. Patty could feel his dick working, the spongy head reaming out her tight pink virginal passage. It was weird to feel his cock pushing farther and deeper into her cunt. His cockshaft disappeared inch by thick, meaty inch. When he raised his body slightly and angled it downward, Patty felt his prick touching her clit steadily. That continual pressure and rubbing sensation drove her wild. Rocking her ass from side to side, she snapped her legs together, rubbing the insides of her knees against Jack's hard-muscled body. Oh, getting fucked was so much fun!

"Bitch, fuckin' bitch!" Jack whispered in a tight-sounding voice.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!"

Slowly, steadily, Jack's cock fucked into her hole, fucking into her cunt until Patty could feel his wiry cock hairs tickling her pussylips. She felt his balls resting against her. His balls were filled with cum, with jizz ready to scald her snatch at any second. Oh yes, yes, she wanted to feel that pulsing stream of cum shooting out of his dickhead and filling her up.

"You bet, you little slut. I'll fuck the shit outta you," Jack said, sliding his hands down until they cupped her buttocks. Pressing his fingertips hard into her soft flesh, he started fucking her hard now. Patty's body shivered each time he slid his eight cunt-splitting inches of cock into her body, his balls swinging forward and slapping against her asscheeks. In and out, in and out, faster wid faster he fucked until the girl's pussy burned with the slick friction.

"Ungh! Ungh!" she cried with each forward fucking thrust.

Her tits seemed to burn, the nipples and areolas turning a dark purple. Sweat trickled down her chest, collecting in a pool in her navel. The balls of her feet struck Jack's bumping ass. Dust and hay coated her wet flesh.

Patty's eyes were shut tightly now, tears of shame and delight oozing from beneath the closed lids. Her mouth was a tight scar. Her jaw tightened. She bit her lower lip until she could taste blood. Oh, fucking was so good, so awfully, shamefully good. Her mother's condemning words drifted through her mind once more. But it was far too late to do anything about her, situation now. She was pinned to the floor, skewered by her cousin's hammering cock. No, she didn't want to escape from him, or run away from his huge dickshaft. The rushing, slick friction his, cock created as it rubbed against her clit was the best feeling she'd ever had in her life! Yes, yes, she wanted more and more cockmeat, more excitement to blow her overloaded brain to pieces!

"Fuck! Fuck!" she cried.

Patty scissored her, legs tightly around Jack's body, drawing him closer to her. He slammed hard into her, the force of his blows sending shock waves through, her body. The sensations corkscrewed through her brain as he fucked her faster. Jack started wheezing, a sure sign he was close.

"No! NOOOO!" she, cried.

They collided over and over. The cry coming from Patty was now one of greed. She held Jack desperately, pulling at his hairy chest, gasping with delight when she felt his flesh rubbing over her stiff nipples. A strange rushing, chilly kind of heat was shooting through her pussy now, intensifying the itchy ache already there. Cumming! Yes, she was cumming, feeling that overwhelming sensation so many lived for and so few achieved.

"Shit, baby, work it out. Man, I'm gonna dump it now, bitch. Yeah, gonna... UGNHHHH!"

Jack shut his eyes tightly and threw back his head. It looked as if someone had stabbed him or something as he trembled on top of her. Patty could feel his cock twitching inside her. Then it happened! Something sticky, incredibly hot and rushing started spurting into her.

"Noooo!" Patty cried out, pounding his kidneys with her heels.

She held on for dear life as he thrust forward, driving his cock up her cunt, spilling all his spunk. She kept groaning and crying out as she felt his weight coming to rest on her clit. His hard cock rubbed over her pussy until every square inch of her cunt was aroused.

"Ohhhh... more! I... I want... MORE!"

Patty begged desperately as she felt his cock throbbing and spraying inside her. Those hot jets of cum burned into her cuntal walls. She lost all control. Arching her body under his heavy weight, she cut loose with her orgasm. "WAWWWWAAAAHHHH!"

Jack dumped more and more of his heavy load into her clenching, wet cunt.

"Shit, shit!"

For Patty it was as if the world had ended then and there. Her cuntal walls spasmed, collapsing and holding tightly onto Jack's cock as his prick kept spraying more and more jizz into her hole. The girl could feel cum oozing from her slit, dripping down and oozing into her asscrack. Oh, how strangely good it felt. Her pussy held tightly onto his squirming, shooting hunk of meat.

"Cum, baby, work it on out! Shoot it!" Jack whispered in her ear.

"CUMMMMMM!" Patty cried out, holding onto him while raising her plump ass.

Hours seemed to have passed after the final spasms rippled through her pussy. Patty lay there, one hand draped over her eyes, feeling totally drained, violated. She had done little if anything to keep him away from her. She'd actually encouraged him to fuck her hard and fast at the end. Oh, was she turning into one of those whores her mother had always warned her about?

Jack was still on top of her, his cock buried in her juicy slit. At times she felt him touching her, his fingers tracing the curves of her hips. He was chuckling, biting her earlobes, shifting his thick muscled hips from side to side, enjoying the last bit of pleasure from his fucking spree.

Finally he pulled his cock out, wiping his cum smeared trick over her cuntal hairs. Pushing away, grunting, the young man stood up shakily and looked around in the semi-darkness for his clothes.

"You're one hell of a fuck. It's gonna be good havin' you around here."

Patty lay still, watching him dress, not daring to say a word. She wanted to beat him with her fists, kick him in the crotch where his awful, wonderful cock hung limply. He had made her feel terrible things, things her family had told her were wrong.

"And don't get any ideas about tellin' my old man or lady," Jack said, stepping into his Levi's and zipping up. "I'll find out, you can bet that. And, baby, things will go rough on you."

Biting her lip again, Patty shook her head violently back and forth to indicate she wasn't about to confess anything to her aunt and uncle. No, they probably wouldn't believe her anyway. Silently she watched Jack finish dressing, then walk to the bolted door. He unlocked it and slipped outside.

Patty wondered why she'd reacted as she had.

Surely her mother's training had worked before. It worked on her dates with boys back at school. The moment someone got fresh with her, her mother's words rang clearly in her ears, giving her the courage and strength to fend off an advance. But now, she lay there violated, her pussy overflowing with cum, her arms and legs black and blue from Jack's brutal treatment. And she liked it! Instead of running into the house screaming for justice, Patty found herself lying there dreamily, thinking about what had just happened to her in a glowing, pleasant light! What on earth was the matter with her?

And she had several more weeks to spend here. Could she withstand the onslaught that was sure to come later on?

These and other similar questions whirled about in her mind as she got to her feet and gathered the remnants of her dress around her body. The world still whirled around in front of her eyes. Unsteadily she stumbled toward the opened door. Leaning heavily against the framework, Patty stared out into the late afternoon. How peaceful it was! The cool air felt good against her flesh. Closing her eyes, Patty inhaled the fresh, sweet-smelling air. It was going to be a clear summer night. Already she could make out a star or two twinkling in the darkening blue sty. Oh, it was a wonderful time of day!

Suddenly Patty buried her face in the torn remnants of her dress and rushed across the yard to the bow, praying she wouldn't meet her cousin Jack on the way. She felt her thighs and buttocks jiggling as she bolted up the stairs, rushed down the hall and stumbled into her bedroom. Only when she bolted the door did she feel safe.

"Oh mama, mama..."

Throwing herself across the bed, Patty sobbed and wailed, flailing the mattress with her clenched fists, wetting down the pillows with her tears until sleep gradually comforted the young woman.

That night she tossed and turned in her sleep, tortured by dreams of Jack and what he'd done to her. She kept seeing herself spread out on that filthy horse blanket, her white body contrasting against the dirty black of that woolen coverlet while Jack crawled on top of her, mounting her, sticking that wonderful cock into her virgin pussy. Oh, how ninny times she came that night while towing unconsciously at the wrinkled sheets!

The next morning Patty woke up exhausted. It was several hours more before she rose, nabbed the sleep from her eyes and slid off the bed. And through her shower the girl wondered how she could possibly look at Jack across the dining room table without giving away what had taken place between them. Surely her aunt and uncle would see something, notice a twitch, a look, a gesture that would tell them the two of them had been fucking.

Slipping on the most modest dress she could find, Patty opened the door and peered nervously down the hall. No, Jack wasn't waiting for her, ready to pounce and fuck. Down the corridor she could hear sounds from the kitchen. It was nearly nine o'clock, hours past the time when a farm family rose. Brushing her hair back, Patty walked down the hall, feeling her heart pounding wildly as she reached the top of the stairs. She heard her aunt talking to someone.

"Well, there she is," Aunt Martha said, putting both hands on her hips and smiling broadly.

The kitchen table was spread with the remnants of a heavy breakfast. One dish lay clean at one end. The scene looked so bright and cheery and innocent. Patty nearly cried as she slid into her chair.

"Sorry I'm late," the girl said in a bright voice, desperately wondering if anyone could tell that she'd been fucked the night before.

"That's okay, honey. You're here on vacation, although I hope you can help me out now and then," her aunt said, turning on the griddle and pouring out more pancake batter.

Patty twisted around in her chair, resting her head in her hands. It was always so good watching her aunt bustling around in the kitchen. Martha was one of those women who seemed destined to work behind a stove, a perpetual cook.

"Jack was asking about you this morning," Martha said, her back still to Patty.

Patty felt the blood drain from her face. "Oh?"

"You've certainly turned my son's head," the older woman chuckled, scraping the pancakes from the griddle onto Patty's plate.

The girl tried to ignore the hot, mushy feeling between her shivering legs. The mention of her cousin's name was enough to set her off. Picking up her fork with icy fingers, Patty pushed her food around. Ohhhh, would it always be this way? Would her cunt always be dripping with juice? Her cuntlips curled back from the rising heat, quivering with anticipation... anticipation of what? The thought of what she wanted, of what she needed, made her tremble. She had to set her fork down and regain control of herself.

"Something wrong, honey?"

Patty couldn't look at her aunt. She shook her head, then managed a smile as she picked up her fork and forced herself to eat. Oh, what would become of her? How successfully would she be able to hide her guilty feelings when they bubbled to the surface so easily?

Chapter FOUR

Shopping with her aunt that afternoon didn't help Patty at all. Every time a boy looked searchingly at her, Patty was certain he knew she'd been fucked, knew she was hot, eager to have a roll in the hay. It felt as if she were wearing some sort of badge letting men know her pussy was theirs for the asking. Chills swept over her body at those times, chills that made her pussy grow hot and tense, her clit pop out from the surrounding moist flesh and become eager for a man's touch. Oh, how hard it was for her to walk then, to talk casually to her aunt while her mind thought of only one thing -- fucking! She pulled the packages over her tits like a shield, forcing herself to appear cold when actually her pussy was so warm, so wet, tensing every time a man gave her more than a casual stare.

"Are you sure you aren't coming down with something?" her aunt kept asking whenever Patty would lean against a wall and fight for breath. It was difficult to talk to her aunt, to hide her real feelings. Would she be like this all the time? Would her mind do nothing except center on her cunt and think about ways she could satisfy it?

All the way home she kept thinking about her cousin Jack -- about his firm body. Sitting in the car, Patty watched the countryside speed by, her pussy spasming as she thought about Jack and the night he'd popped her cherry.

"Maybe I'd better call Doc Adams on over," Aunt Martha said as they pulled into the drive.

Patty caught sight of her cousin leaning against the barn, his flannel shirt tucked carelessly in the back of his Levi's. Patty blushed, then went white when she saw his crotch.

"You are coming down with something," Aunt Martha said, feeling Patty's forehead with the back of one hand.

"No, really I'm not," she protested.

"Now, now, no excuses, young lady. You just hustle yours up to bed. Your mother'd be screaming down the walls if she thought I wasn't taking good care of you. Now scoot!"

Patty avoided Jack's glance as she hurried from the car and into the old farmhouse. She could feel his glance shifting over her body. The tips of her tits were so hard that it felt as if they were about to pierce through the stiff material of her bra. Her pussy was twitching. Her cuntlips seemed to curl and tremble while her clit popped up again. She could barely walk to the stairs, holding tightly onto the banister and inhaling deeply to regain her strength. The creaking of the front screen door told her Aunt Martha was coming in. She couldn't let her aunt see her like this!

"I... I'm really fine. I just need a little rest. Probably a cold or something," Patty mumbled, dragging herself up the stairs.

Twice she had to stop, her fingers tightly gripping around the banister. The friction of her cuntlips slipping over her swollen clit nearly brought her to her knees. She panted heavily, feeling like a bitch in heat as she stumbled to her bedroom. Behind her she could hear her aunt's voice answered by Jack's. The thought of her cousin down there, only a few feet away from her, made her tremble. Oh, she had to get control of herself. She just couldn't stay here and move around like a zombie, wondering what Jack would do next, wondering if she could keep herself from revealing her terrible secret.

Quietly she lay down, keeping her arms at her sides, staring at the cracked plaster ceiling. For the next few hours Patty tried to think of her home, of her mother, of her school and friends. Whenever the image of Jack's face or body started drifting into her thoughts, she shook her head violently as if shaking them from her mind. Surprisingly it seemed to work. As the minutes ticked slowly by, Patty found she became more reined, less apprehensive about her surroundings. Surely she'd found an answer to her problems. Surely.

A creak outside her door made her stiffen. She sat upright. Her eyes opened wide as the doorknob turned slowly.

"Are you all right, honey?"

Sighing, Patty relaxed. It was her aunt.

"Yes, much better, thank you. I..."

"That's good," her aunt interrupted. "Your uncle and I are going into Oberlin for a while."

Aunt Martha pushed the door open and stepped into Patty's darkened room. The girl could see her aunt was dressed to go out.

"Oh, can I go? Please, I feel much better."

"Now you listen to me, young lady. You just get your rest. Now, get out of those clothes and under the covers," Aunt Martha said, arching her eyebrows.

There was no arguing with her. How could she explain her terror at being left alone? Slipping out of her dress, Patty pulled back the quilted coverlet and slid under the sheets.

Aunt Martha bent over and tucked her niece tightly in.

"You don't have to worry. Jack's going to be around. He has some chores to do. I told him you weren't feeling well and he said he'd come up and look in now and then," Aunt Martha chortled, bending down and kissing her niece on the forehead. "And it's a good thing you're staying in. You're burning up!"

Jack coming up here? Jack coming up to look in on her? Patty could guess what was on his mind!

"No, please, I want to go. I..."

But Aunt Martha was firm, not listening to any of Patty's vehement protests. Even when the girl tried struggling out from under the sheets, Martha pushed her back in. Patty wished she could tell her about her son, about the terrible things he'd done and what he was probably going to do to her tonight.

Scooting back under the sheets, Patty watched with terror-stricken eyes as her aunt said goodnight, switched off the lights and closed the door.

The minutes ticked by like hours. She heard her aunt's fading footsteps, the sound of the front door opening and closing, the roar of her uncle's car as it rumbled from the drive and out to the main road. Then came silence.

Patty lay stiff as a board, her fingers still gripping the sheet so tightly that she nearly tore the material. Every sound, every little creak made her start. She stared at the door, her gaze fixed on the doorknob. At any second she expected to hear Jack coming in.

But nothing happened. For what must have been a half hour Patty lay quietly, expecting the worst. Then she felt herself dozing off. Twice she caught her eyes closing and she shook her head, stretching her legs, trying to keep her awake.

But the strain of the last two days was simply too much for her. Her head sank into the soft pillow, her fingers relaxing around the edge of the top sheet. In the distance she could hear crickets chirping peacefully. Oh, it was so relaxing, so sleep inducing. Once again the girl fought to stay awake.


Sleep came as her fears cased even more. Maybe Jack didn't want to mess with her any more. Perhaps seeing her go off to town this afternoon made him worry about the possibility that she had told his folks about the brutal way he'd fucked her in the barn. Then images of the young man as he pistoned his dick into her wet, clenching cunt drifted across her mind's eye.

Patty had no idea how long she'd been asleep. She woke up with a start. At first she thought Jack had kicked down the door. Something had roused her quickly from her sleep. But no, the door was still shut. Then the girl realized what had awakened her. There was the sound of motorcycles, several of them, coming through the closed windows.

Carefully Patty swung her bare legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, padding softly to the window. She pushed back the curtain and peered down into the yard. Jack was there, leaning against the barn door with a can of beer in one hand. Ten, maybe twelve other boys were there, some of them drinking beer, others riding around on their bikes, jerking back while holding tightly onto the handles and wheeling around the yard. It was the strangest thing she'd ever seen in her life! She instinctively put one hand to her throat, watching the scene of confusion with wonder.

"Hey, man, when you gonna show us your cousin. We seen her in town a couple, of times. She a good fuck?" someone shouted out.

Patty was mortified. It was as if someone had pulled a trap door open under her. Had he told them? Had he explained in detail how she had moved, how she had begged him to fuck her in the end?

"Yeah, she ain't bad. I just had 'er the other day, though. Maybe you guys oughtta work 'er over... you know, kinda tender 'er up. Then I'll try her again and see how she fucks," Jack slurred, tilting his head back and taking another swig of beer.

Patty backed away from the window, letting the lace curtain drop over the glass. She let out a cry when she touched the bed with the backs of her legs. She had to get away from here. Those men out there were crazy! Her aunt and uncle would be gone a long time. God only knows what would happen to her.

Patty stumbled around in the dark, frantically searching for her clothes. She didn't dare put on a light.


She stubbed her toe on the dresser leg. She managed to find her dress. Gathering it up in one arm, she carefully opened the door. They were still outside shouting and bragging about how many times each one was going to fuck her. She crept out on tiptoe, every sense alive to the slightest disturbance. Slowly she moved down the carpeted corridor. Patty had a plan. She'd slip out the back while they were still outside and run like mad until she was well away from the house. Then she would put on her dress and run to town. There she'd call her mother and father. They could deal with her cousin, her aunt and uncle. She'd had enough of this madhouse. Surely her parents were intelligent enough to detect the note of hysteria she would be sure to put in her voice.

"Hey, man, come on. We wanna see this little bitch you fucked last night," someone called out.

"Yeah, I got a hot dick just waitin' for a pair of lips to swing on!" another guy shouted.

Sick! Oh, they were all sick, sicker perhaps than her cousin. She moved quickly, running down the stairs just as she heard footsteps clattering on the porch.

"Come on. She's upstairs. My old lady trusted me with her," Jack said, leading the pack into the living room.

Patty had slipped by just in time, ducking into the darkened kitchen and flattening herself behind the swinging door. She was almost sure they could hear her heart pounding loudly as they trundled up the stairs shouting and cursing.

When the last of them had gone up, she bolted from her hiding place and headed for the door.

"Hey, man! She's not up here!"

It was Jack's voice. Gripping the doorknob, she pulled open the kitchen door and scurried out, her heart beating like a trip hammer. She heard the young men scrambling down the stairs and shouting. The night air was cold against her flesh. Her dress flew out behind her, the material whipping at her moving thighs as she ran into the darkness.

"Look around the yard. Shit, my old man's gonna be on my case if she starts talkin'!" Jack shouted.

Patty ducked behind a clump of bushes. She could see the men running around the yard, some of them heading into the barn. When most of the young men disappeared from the yard, Patty backed away, turning around slowly and starting to run once more.


She tripped on some thick ground cover, and she pitched forward, sprawling on the ground. The sound of her cry echoed through the night. She felt her courage slipping when she realized someone had heard her.

"Hey, I heard somethin' out there!"

Patty felt her flesh crawling. Desperately she struggled to get her feet untangled. But the vine-like plants held onto her. Gasping, tearing at the leaves, Patty felt panic rising quickly in her chat when she heard pounding footsteps.

"Over here!"

It was Jack! With a wail Patty finally managed to disentangle herself and scramble to her feet.

"Hey, shit, come over here!"

Patty left her dress behind, stumbling an all fours. They had spotted her! There was little hope she could get away.

"Let's fuck 'er here!" someone shouted.

"No! NO! HELP!"

Her feet slipped along the dewy pound, her hair streaming behind her.

Jack stretched out one hand, curling his fingers around several blonde strands of her hair and yanking back.


Jack brought his cousin screaming to her knees.

"Try to get away from me, eh, cunt?" The sudden fall knocked the wind from her. Patty would have pitched forward again on her face if it hadn't been for Jack pulling on her hair. She knelt there, panting through flared nostrils like a terrified animal. She shivered both from the cold and the fear penetrating her like a knife. A breeze rustled her hair, making her flesh pucker up into goosepimples. Behind her, she could hear the others running up, their heavy leather boots stomping on the ground. One or two of them had bright flashlights.

"Come on. Come on and dance for us, baby," Jack said.

He let go of her hair and bent down, slipping his hands under her arms.

Patty sucked in her lower lip and bit down, straightening her legs, feeling as if she were going to faint from fright as she gradually stood in front of the chuckling, drunk crowd.

"Nice, nice," someone muttered.

A bright light flashed in her face. She turned her head, squinting her eyes and putting up one hand defensively.

"Come on, we wanna see her naked... just like you did."

Naked! They were going to strip her!


Patty backed away and found herself running into one of the men. She felt his fingers toying with the elastic legbands of her panties. Jerking forward, she slapped back with one hand, her face reflecting the, anger and fear she felt.

"Come on, baby come on," Jack said, circling his arms around her waist.

"No, no! Leave me alone!" she cried, clutching her fingers into two fists and beating his chest. For the moment he laughed. Then, his face darkening, Jack moved his hands up and gripped her tiny wrists tightly.

Patty winced, her mouth opening and letting out a scream. She felt pain shooting down from her hands to her shoulders, then radiating to her chest and cunt. Her knees bent and she rested against her cousin's body.

"Don't cross me, bitch. You had a good time last night, don't lie about it. Now you're gonna have a better one if you play your cards right."

Jack reached around her and slid his fingers under the elastic band of her bra. With several deft moves, Jack ripped her bra off. Then her panties were torn off and thrown to the ground by her feet.

Chapter FIVE

Patty cried out as the cold wind slashed between her thighs.

The men were gathered around her in a tight circle, some of them playing flashlights up and down her body. At first Patty searched desperately for some opening, some hole she could dash through and escape. But, of course, that was impossible. All of them were careful now, waiting for her to try to get away. And even if she could bolt, she'd be naked, running stark naked through this farm country. It would be hard to explain to people how she got this way without ruining her aunt and uncle. She shuddered, throwing her arms around her tits. Closing her thighs, Patty crossed her legs to warm her cooling pussy. The wind increased in intensity, whipping her hair behind her. Even her cuntal curls rustled in the breeze.

"No, no," she murmured, brushing stray strands of hair away from her face.

The men were all leering at her, their eyes glowing with excitement. She knew what was on their minds. It was the same thing that had driven her cousin to rape her the night before. Breathing hard, she turned from left to right, her eyes widening, her breath shortening as her terror increased.

"Oh yeah, baby, we're all gonna have you one way or another," Jack said, laughing softly as he enjoyed her growing fear.

Then her cousin gripped her shoulders. His voice cut through the night air as he gave her a rough shove toward the encircled men. She stumbled, her arms flailing out to regain her balance.

"Now, walk in front of 'em, baby. Go on, walk and show off your fuckin' cunt... the one I fucked with my dick last night."

Patty felt shame and humiliation. If there were a hole in the ground, she would have crawled into it.

As it was, she could only fold her arms tightly around her tits and cower in front of them.

"Come on," Jack said, shoving her forward again and laughing as she fell.

The pound was getting colder. The wind chilled her nipples and her cunt. Fear was overwhelming her.

Jack was muttering, his footsteps crunching closer. She turned, throwing up one arm to protect her head.

"I said get up!"

He grabbed her by the arm, jerking her up. Patty cried out, her hair flying in front of her face while she swayed back and forth, fighting for her balance again.

"Move it!"

Pushing her hair back, she stumbled, got her balance, then stopped. She was feeling confused and terribly naked and shamed in front of all these young men. They were Jack's friends, all of them just as brutal as he was, if not more so.


Someone reached out, then laughed as she barely eluded his grasp. Another blast of cold wind made her shiver. She bent over slightly, rubbing her arms again.

There was more laughter and obscenities as Jack chased her toward the center of the circle. When she turned and tried to move away, he raised a fist. She dodged and ran back toward the center, her feet slipping along the wet grass.

"Oh, no! NO!"

Her mind was whirling around. Nothing seemed to stay in one place. It was as if the entire world were suddenly on casters, wheeling around her as she fought the tightness in her chest for air. Whimpering, whining, Patty had managed to escape their clutching fingers so far.


Her tits bobbed, her ass and belly and thighs jiggled as she zig-zagged in the circle of men. Gooseflesh exploded on her body. At one point she back away just in time to escape the grip of a particularly ugly man who grinned a yellow-toothed smile at her. Backing away, she felt something warm trickle on her thigh. Oh, she was pissing on herself! She was fouling herself in front of these horrible men!

"What's the matter, Patty? Didn't you ever learn to use the toilet?" Jack asked.

She flashed her cousin a look of hatred, then she heard the others laughing.

"Stop it! STOP IT!"

She couldn't stop running. The men wouldn't let her. They slapped at her asscheeks, tried grabbing at her tits. They threw clods of dirt, hitting her shoulders and her ass. Patty spun around, not certain which way to go. She was like a terrified, cornered animal. The cold air, the men, the shouting, the animal lust rising in her nearly brought her to her knees more than once.

"Come an, baby. Come on and suck my dick," someone said next to her.

Wheeling around, she saw a man unzipping his Levi's and pulling out a rigid seven-inch cunt splitter. Patty jerked away, staring wide-eyed at the cock jerking in his hand.

"Come on, Patty. You've seen something like that before. Shit, I thought you'd be down on your knees swingin' on that mother in a sec," Jack said.

The men roared as most of them unzipped their pants, getting out their huge cocks. Their dicks were erect. Patty looked around in horror as what seemed to be a sea of cocks threatened her.

"Oh no! No, I can't do this. It just can't be happening to me," she said, too frightened to move.

They were all going to fuck her. She thought of them falling on her, each man fighting the other for her pussy, all those dicks sliding over her body. First one, then another, would slip into her pussy, reaming her out, fucking her until she was nothing more than a piece of meat!

Suddenly Patty heard someone behind her. It was that ugly, filthy man who had nearly grabbed her moments ago. He rasped something she couldn't understand. He grabbed her, holding her tight, yanking at her blonde hair. Still holding onto her hair, he reached around and rammed three fingers into her cunt.


The sudden invasion was too much for Patty. Her knees gave way, making her rest her ass against his crotch. She could feel his dick pressing against her asscheeks, actually sliding back and forth, working toward her sweaty butt crack. Her eyes widened, her arms shot back as she tried to fight off her attacker.

"Nice, nice," he whispered.

Something strange was happening to her, something very unusual was making her respond positively to this attack. Besides the terror and revulsion she felt toward this man and his friends, Patty felt excitement, a sexual arousal as they chased her around the circle. Especially now when those fingers moved up and down her slot.


Patty yelped hungrily, her thighs grinding against his hand. While the men gloated, Patty found herself throwing her body against the man. "Yeah, yeah, you dig it! Just like you dug your cousin fuckin' you last night, eh?"

He was ugly, foul, dirty. She winced when she took a good look at him. And yet his very repulsiveness was an attraction. While his fingers probed her hole, she found herself spurting piss onto his hand.

Cursing, the big man jerked his fingers away and shoved his hand into her mouth. When Patty groaned, twisting her head away and refusing to take his fingers, he squeezed her asscheek hard with his free hand, shoving a knee into her belly.

Patty groaned, her mouth opening. Taking advantage of her, he shoved his fingers in her mouth.


Patty could taste her own piss. She licked his fingers instinctively, choking on the taste and smell. He laughed.

"Man, baby, you're hotter 'n most of the cunts around here," Jack said, his hands on his hips.

"Must run in the family," someone commented. Patty was holding her belly with both hands, bending over and spitting out the foul mixture of piss and spittle. Looking up, she recognized the man who spoke. It was Bobby, one of the occasional helpers her uncle hired to work the fields. So he was in on it too! Oh God, probably half the county was here, everyone down from central Ohio to take part in her degradation.

She spat out the last of the ugly mixture and straightened.

Jack stepped behind her. He reached down and unbuckled his belt. He slid the leather through the loops, doubling the buckled end in one fist.

Patty saw him undressing. Her eyes focused on the belt now dragging along the ground. He was going to hit her. She'd, heard about women who enjoyed this, enjoyed being tied up and hung like pieces of raw meat while men beat them with whips and belts. But that was something only for porno books and movies... or so she thought. Now stripped naked and cringing in front of these men in an open field, Patty realized those so-called fantasies could become real.

"Oh, Jack. Jack, don't do that to me. Please, you'll hurt me. Please, I... I didn't do anything to do you harm," Patty whispered, her eyes growing wider and wider as she stared fixedly at the thick black belt. "I didn't tell Aunt Martha about anything. I swear I won't, if you just... just don't hurt me."

Jack wanted her to beg, wanted her to plead with her hands clasped in front of her. He was breathing heavily, his big chest heaving. His fingers tightened around the buckled end of the belt, his arm muscles tensing as he readied himself to beat his cousin.


The night air was filled with Patty's sharp cry as Jack slapped her ass with the belt. She stiffened, stumbling forward, her eyes closed while she rubbed the red, injured area of her whipped asscheeks. Patty turned around to face her attacker.

Jack was so big, so threatening, more threatening than last night.

"Oh no! NO!"

He snapped the belt like a whip over his head. Patty twitched, throwing her arms around her tits protectively, backing away. Jack moved quickly to one side, bringing the belt down again, hitting her asscheeks.


It was as if he'd lashed her ass with a thousand hot needles. A strange sensation raged through her cunt. As he struck again and again, Patty's knees buckled. Whimpering, gagging, she threw her head back, making her long blonde hair sweep past her shoulders. With each stroke, the belt drained more and more strength from her.

"No, no!"

She fought Jack, she fought herself. She couldn't collapse entirely.

"She's pissin' on herself again!" someone shouted.

It was true. Once more Patty was fouling herself, the warm flow of urine trickling down her thighs and legs. Enraged, frustrated, she rose to her feet, her fingers clutched in a fist.

"Go on, go on, walk around again," Jack said, slipping the belt back through his pant loops.

Patty straightened her back, brushing her hair away from her face, trying to ignore the chilling wind still raising goosebumps on her flesh. The men grew silent, their fingers moving slowly up and down the lengths of their cocks, their balls tensing, rising against their cock roots as they watched her approach.

"Damn you all," she muttered, throwing her shoulders back.

The cold air made her stiff nipples even harder, making them turn a darker red. Someone was training a bright light on her jiggling tits. Yes, yes, let them see her, let them suffer. She wanted to tease them. Instinctively she knew this was the worst torture a woman could give a man -- arouse him, then leave him high and dry.

She walked closer to the men, making her hips swing, making her tits bob while her ass jiggled seductively. One or two tried touching her. But she backed away successfully. Only peer pressure and respect and fear for Jack kept them from pouncing on her all at once.

"Look at that fuckin' slut. Man, it's like she's been workin' the streets all her life," Jack commented to Bobby.

"Yeah. I watched her all the time at your place and in town. She's a born whore, man," Bobby whispered back, his fingers running along the sides of his rigid, thick cock.

Just then one of the men bolted from the circle, grabbing her around the waist. She wanted this young man, wanted to feel him all over her, feel his cock slicing into her, feel his balls rubbing over the bottom of her cunt. And at the same moment she wanted to scratch his face off. Screaming wildly, she dug her nails into his cheeks.

At first stunned, he threw her off, kicking at her.

"Goddamned slut! Gotta teach you manners. You don't act like that with buddies of mine and get away with it," Jack snarled.

He moved forward, dragging her back. Patty struggled, her heart and pulse racing. The wind had increased now, blowing her hair all about.

"I'm sorry. I really am," she said ma begging tone of voice.

"Too late for that," Jack muttered.

The same fright that had struck Patty earlier that night when her aunt left assailed her now. Jack let her go, grinning hellishly as she wiggled away from him. There was a grotesque smile on his lips, a smile that made her flesh crawl. Jack moved toward her slowly, his boots crushing the loose dirt as she scooted backward. He unbuckled his belt a second time. Only now Patty could see that toying with her wasn't on his mind. He was going to teach her a lesson she'd never forget.


As long as she kept out of his reach, she was safe, the girl told herself. If he whipped her with that belt now... oh, he might permanently injure her, scar her body with that thing.

"Come here, baby. Come here, Patty," he crooned.

Patty looked at his crotch and saw his dick straining in his pants. His hand trembled. It was as if her worst nightmare had come true. Terror knifed through her, making her numb with horror.

"Oh no, no!"

She was whimpering, her cries growing louder, more desperate as he approached.

"You're gonna heel, baby. You're gonna jump when I tell you to. Lay down when I tell you to... just like a good little bitch mutt."

The men around him bellowed approval, their shouts echoing in the chilled night air.

"Please, Jack," she sobbed. "Oh please, don't. Don't do this. Oh, please."

Nothing in Patty's past experience had prepared her for this. To be used as a farm boy's whore was the furthest thing from her mind when she had first come to this place.

Patty slid backward, her terror-stricken eyes wide and focused on Jack's advancing hulk. He gained on her. Panicking, the girl turned and ran on all fours like a frightened animal. She was out of his reach temporarily. Her tits were hanging down low and jiggling, the nipples brushing the cold ground.


The wind blew against her round asscheeks. Patty tried crawling faster. She slipped, falling flat on her face. Behind her she could hear Jack. He came on her like a monster from hell, ready to overwhelm her. Patty shivered with terror as once again she side-stepped the swinging belt.

Chapter SIX

Patty whimpered, trying to crawl faster. She slipped, falling face down on the ground. She got back up on all fours and started again. Jack played her the way a fisherman plays his catch. He gave her ground, then moved faster, reeling her in, watching her desperate, terrorized moves.


Patty was breathing faster, her tits rising and falling. Backing away, hands behind her, Patty realized something had snagged her hair. Turning her head around, she saw there was a barbed wire fence. She was against a barbed wire fence! There was no escape now. There was no place to run to. Looking up again, Patty realized Jack had purposely let her run to this section, knowing full well she'd trap herself.

"It's all over now, Patty. Now's the time for me... and the rest of us."

He unsnapped the belt. She turned, her arms flailing as she tried to cover herself. Patty didn't know what part of her body he was going to beat. She tried covering it all. The belt came down just along the edge of her ribs.

"AGHHHHHH!" she squealed.

Patty jerked from the force of the blow. But she had little time to recover. Once again the belt was swinging above her head. It came down again, this time in apparent slow motion. The tip bit along the flesh of her hips. Screaming, she scooted away, tearing her hair on the wire.


The belt crashed down in front of her. Helpless, frightened beyond reason, she scooted back. He was going to peel her flesh off with that belt.

The belt came down a third time. She rolled away, exposing her right buttock. Some dirt worked into her cunt as the belt tore at her thighs.

Instead of raw pain, the girl experienced a strange kind of warmth kindled in her snatch.

The belt sizzled through the air. More lights played over her body. Curling her fingers, she dug at the ground, dirt catching under her nails.


The belt caught the lower swell of her buttock. Groaning and jerking her knees up, she turned, panic showing in her face. Jack stopped for a second. Was he quitting? Patty almost laughed. In a relatively short period of time she knew her cousin wouldn't be quitting now, especially when the chance for more brutality lay ahead.


He lashed at her again, the belt slapping dangerously close to her clit. The girl snapped into a fetal position, rolling on her side.

"Baby, I'm just warmin' you up for the others," Jack said, unsure if he could take watching her writhe on the ground much longer without fucking her. His cock ached, tenting up the front of his Levi's. His balls pressed hard up against his cockroot.

Patty was ready for a fucking in spite of all the yelling and howling she was doing under the lashing belt. The needle-sharp heat assailed her cunt. It was a stroking coil of heat caressing her clit, making that tiny spindle of nerve-rich sensations tremble.


Once more the belt lashed along her flesh. Once more the heat snapped and bit at her clit. Once more Patty whimpered, then shrieked, her cries an unmistakable mixture of delight and pain.

"Go on, fuck 'er! Fuck 'er!" Bobby whispered, stepping up to his friend.

"Yeah, it's my turn, slut," Jack said, throwing down the belt and popping open the top snap of his Levi's.

Patty looked up, feeling a mixture of conflicting feelings. This time fear, pleasure, sexual arousal, everything was intensified. What had happened to her? She was panting, actually panting like a mare in rut!

Patty didn't dare move. She felt her blood racing as she saw Jack unzip his fly. His massive prick sprang from the halves of his jeans. Pre-cum oozed from the piss-slit, glistening on the fat head of his cock. She heard the men breathing hard, their breaths shaken by lust as they watched Jack approach Patty.


Her cousin appeared huge. Sweat trickled down his face, making his flannel shirt wet. It stuck to his chest. His fingers clenched, unclenched, then fisted together again. One arm shot out. He grabbed her wrist, pulled her along the ground like a sack. With his back to her, Jack didn't see the faint smile curling on her lips. None of them did. None of them could know the wild turmoil erupting in both her mind and body. Never had she dreamed that she'd be feeling like this. But there she was, pussy oil seeping from her hairy cunthole, wetting down her shivering thighs.

"Now you'll know what the hell a hard fuck is," Jack said, glancing over his shoulder at his friend Bobby.

"Double fuck, huh?" his buddy said, reaching down and unzipping his Levi's.

"Yeah, maybe," Jack said, his balls throbbing. He jerked down his pants, kicked them to one side. Patty looked up, gasping as she saw his cock swaying back and forth as he scratched his nuts. His prick looked bigger than before, far more menacing. That was what sheer tenor did, it magnified the threat. She heard Jack gasp.

"Now, get on over here."

Jack slapped her mouth. Patty let out a low moan, her head snapping to one side while her hair washed across her face. She shivered, keeping quiet when the second blow came. It left a large red palm print on her cheek.

"All the way over," he ordered.

He grabbed her fleshy buttocks and forced her face down to the ground.

"Oh please, please..."

Patty tightened her asscheeks.


She felt him on top of her, his knees pressing against hers, shoving her legs apart. His belly lay against the curve of her spine while his hands slid up to her arms and held her in place.

"Man, she feels real good against my dick," Jack said.

Bobby was watching, his eyes gleaming with excitement, his cock sticking straight out of his Levi's. He wanted to be on top of her, to drill his prick into her hot cunt. Like everyone else, he knew Patty was aroused, was ready to have anything done to her just as long as someone could satisfy her juicing pussy. He'd be the one to take of her!

"Came on, Jack, give me a chance," he said, his voice throaty.

"Just a sec," Jack answered hoarsely.

Through the roaring in her head, Patty heard the sounds of the men laughing around her. She could hear Bobby begging Jack to fuck her. Oh yes, yes, she'd take on the whole damned crew! She'd... oh, what was she thinking? In spite of her feelings, in spite of her position, wasn't there at least a shred of decency in her? Wasn't there some part that would react to this negatively, telling her that what she and the others were doing was wrong? Where was all that training her mother had given her? Did it evaporate with her flowing cuntal juices?

Jack beat at her, pile-driving his cock up and down her butt crack, threatening to fuck her in the ass but just missing the hole. He was teasing her again, obviously having one hell of a time feeling her shiver and quake as he slid his greasy dickhead back and forth over her shitter.

Patty felt herself edging toward orgasm. Strangely enough, even without any external stimulation on her pussy, she was feeling herself rocketing toward a massive cum. The girl tried not to feel the sensations in her clit when Jack reached down and toyed with her asshole, stretching the wrinkled gray/pink flesh with his fingers, then shoving one in up to the second joint. Her butt tensed, quivering under the obscene invasion. Her pussy reacted, clenching down on nothing, the walls buckling under the rising sexual heat while her clit popped up and vibrated like a struck tuning fork!

She moaned, shifting her thighs back and forth, feeling dirt sticking to her legs. The night wind had picked up even more, blowing her hair around, whipping it into her mouth as she cried out for the help that would never come.

"Hey, man, come on," Bobby said, putting one hand on Jack's shoulder.

"Okay, okay. Shit, probably couldn't stick my cock into her without you belly achin' about something," Jack grumbled, getting up and holding his dick tightly.

Jack could feel his cum rising, burning its way up his dick tube toward his cockhead. He was close to shooting. In a way he was glad Bobby had stopped him. Doing this to Patty was one hell of a sexual high. He'd never felt this excited before. Standing up, peering down between his legs at the girl trembling on the ground, Jack had to inhale deeply and struggle to keep from shooting his jizz on her back.

"Man, she's nice... real nice," Bobby breathed, kneeling down next to Patty. The others closed the circle, jerking their cocks, murmuring admiration for the naked young woman.

Patty opened her eyes and looked around at that collection of jerking dicks. It was a nightmare! This couldn't be really happening. She let out a sobbing cry, then shut her eyes tightly again, burying her face in her arms. Her knees sank a little into the soft ground.

"Come on, man! I can't take this much more. Let's fuck 'er now," Bobby groaned.

Pulses erupted in her throat, tits and thighs. She was spilling so much cuntjuice the ground directly under her thighs was turning to mud.

"Shit, she's fuckin' the ground," Jack commented, watching his cousin's ass moving up and down in a screwing motion.

She needed some relief. It was true she was scraping her clit against the ground, trying anything to take care of that horrible pulsing itch growing worse with each passing second.

Jack was first, lying between her spread legs. He pushed his cockhead up closer, closer to the opening of her cuntlips. Patty arched her back, wallowing her tits against the ground.

"Man, I can't get it in like this. I don't wanna fuck 'er in the ass. That's your department," Jack said, catching his cousin by the shoulders and rolling her back on her ass.

Patty cried out, wishing they'd make up their minds! Slowly, slowly her cousin's cock edged up to her cunt. Oh, it was just like last night. He was teasing her, driving her mad by slipping his prick over her nerve-rich clit, teasing her clit with the hardness of his shaft, then pulling his cock away just in time. Patty was groaning loudly, clawing at his shoulders, begging him to fuck her fast and hard!


"The little bitch can't take it, eh?" Jack grunted.

Suddenly he pushed forward, driving his dick into her hole.


Patty went wild. She felt his lips pressing down on hers, his tongue spearing deep into her throat as his hard dick rubbed back and forth. The swollen lips had been forced apart by his red, bulbous cockhead. Patty fought for air as Jack's hunk of cockmeat pushed in, making her cunt tingle along its length. Inch by hard, throbbing inch, his cock forced a wide tunnel as Jack stretched her pussy to its limit.

"Good?" he whispered.

"Unghhhhh!" she screamed, feeling his prick penetrate deeper into her snatch.

"Give it to her, man," Bobby whispered at their side. "Ram it in, man! Jab it to her!"

The others watched the girl twist and writhe under their leader's administrations.


Patty's cry of pleasure sounded loud in the quiet field. It sent chills over the men's bodies and made their cocks throb. Oh, how tightly her pussy fitted around the broad, hairy base of her cousin's dick.

At the top of her spread cuntlips, her clit was throbbing, ready to pop at the proper time. Thrills and tremors shot through the girl's pussy and tits. Her nipples burst into hardness, stabbing into Jack's hairy chest.

"Man, man," Bobby said, reaching down into his Levi's and pulling out a bottle of amyl nitrate. Unscrewing the cap, he closed one nostril, shoving the bottle up to the other. Inhaling deeply, he quickly screwed the top back on, shoving the bottle into his pocket and bent down. His head was dizzy with lust while his heart beat like a trip hammer. Good old amyl. It made a guy do all sorts of crazy things that he would only vaguely remember later!


Patty was aware of someone else between her legs. There was the feel of hands on the ticklish insides of her thighs. A shiver shot through her pussy. She didn't know what he was going to do. But instinctively she knew it was going to feel good. With Jack's body humping down on hers, she couldn't have stopped anyone even if she wanted to. She felt fingers stroking their way up, pushing her legs farther apart.

"Come on, baby, come on. Spread 'em just for me," Bobby whispered.


Patty let out an urgent cry as she suddenly felt her stretched pussylips being touched by a wet, flicking tongue. The wild sensation made her want to snap her legs together, trapping Bobby's head between her soft thighs. Jack's weight kept her legs spread open while she felt Bobby's flicking tongue lick over her pussy and lap the tender flesh between her cunt and asshole.

"Fuck her!" Bobby hissed.

Jack pulled his ass up, drawing his throbbing cock out of Patty's clutching pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!" Patty moaned as Bobby got his head between her and her cousin. His tongue licked around the stretched edges of her pussy. His tongue raked along the tense flesh, then darted in.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Patty screamed as she felt Bobby's tongue move along her wet pussywalls.

"Man, don't take so fuckin' long or I'm gonna shoot right in your mouth," Jack threatened.

Bobby backed away, keeping himself in the valley of her legs. As soon as his head was out of the way, he heard the squishing sound of his buddy's dick sinking into her pussy once more.


Patty was yelping like an animal. She heard them talking about more sex, about making her feel even better than she already did.

"You pull out and let me eat her snatch," Bobby suggested.

"Yeah, yeah," the men surrounding them whispered, their eyes glazed over as they watched the two men service the panting blonde teen.

Jack didn't say anything. But when he braced his body on his knees and elbows they all knew that he agreed. He surged up on his next stroke, pulling his dick all the way out of Patty's hole. He held his throbbing meat out, his cock trembling, wildly while Patty let out a scream.

She was grunting frantically, feeling the stretched tissues of her cunt being licked by a rough, slippery tongue. She tried to snap her legs shut. But Bobby had his hands pressing outward on her thighs, holding her cunt open for his licking attack. As she struggled, she felt her clit being teased by the rough, licking tongue.

"Ohhhhh, yessssss..."

She hissed and grunted, begging him to eat her harder. Bobby shoved his head deep between her legs, ramming his tongue inside her pussy.

"Okay, man, okay," Jack warned, his legs trembling from the strain.

Bobby withdrew, letting his buddy fit his swollen cockhead into her cuntal crack. His eight inches shoved easily into her cunt. Like a mare bit by sharp spurts, Patty went wild, raking Jack's back with her fingernails.

"Stop it, bitch, or I'll knock the fuck outta you!"

Oh, what was she to do? They'd turned her into a raving sex maniac, and still the worst was yet to come, she was sure.

Chapter SEVEN


Patty was moaning, loving the sensation of the throbbing head of Jack's cock pushing and probing deep in her cunt. Jack was fucking harder now, his ass moving fast with the force of his downward strokes. Patty once again felt her clit vibrating madly, letting her know she was close, so very close to popping off. Soon she'd be thrashing like a madwoman, shouting and yelping as a massive orgasm blinded her with lust.

"Hey, don't shoot off yet," Bobby whispered, watching them fuck together.

"Shit, what do you wanna do? Eat the little bitch out again?" Jack asked hoarsely.

"Yeah, come on, come on, man! I gotta do it!" Bobby exclaimed, his voice pleading while he moved between their legs once more.

"Man, hurry. I'm close to cumming," Jack said, pulling his hunk of greasy cock out of her snatch. It left scoops of pussy juice and pre-cum all around her cuntlips.

"UNGHHHHHH!" Patty moaned as she felt her pussy tissues draw together again.

With Jack's huge cock gone, the elastic membranes of her cuntal sheath squeezed shut. She gasped again when she felt Bobby stick his mouth down on her hairy hole and lick his way inside a second time. Around her she could hear some of the men groaning, cursing. Some of them couldn't wait. They were jerking their cocks back and forth, shooting their cum into the ground. She almost giggled hysterically, thinking about all those men watching her, wanting her, while only two could have her.


"She's gonna go, man! Get outta the way and let me get my cock back into her!" Jack warned as he watched his cousin getting more and more carried away. "Move your fuckin' head. It's time to do some nut bustin'! Bitch, little fucking' bitch!"

Bobby pulled her thighs farther apart, shoving his mouth more tightly onto her pussy and ignoring his friend's cries.

"Move it, man! Move it unless you wanna give me a fuckin' blowjob!"

Bobby could feel her going wild. She was throwing her hips up to his face with desperate hunching movements. Her pussy was spread apart with every hunch, trying to get his working tongue deeper into her hole. Her legs were fighting to close over his head. Bobby had to strain with his hands to keep thighs from trapping his face against the tissues of her cuntlips. The hotter she got, the more he liked it. The feel of her cunt rising up to get licked, sucked and fucked sent shivers through his dick.

"Man, I said take your fuckin' head outta there!" Jack threatened.

Growing impatient, Jack lowered his body again, not caring if he crushed his friend or not.

Patty shivered, hearing the two men fighting over her pussy. Her cunt tremored, trying to clutch Bobby's wiggling tongue as he teased her hole. She urged him on, shoving her hips up harder, driving her fur-fringed pussy into his mouth. At the same time she raked her nails over Jack's back. She knew she had both men up to fever pitch. Both of them were hot, ready to blow apart for her body. It was good, it was incredibly good!


Patty cried out as she felt her pussylips being pulled, teased, sucked and stretched. She trembled on the brink of climax. The tonguing and sucking had brought her to the brink, begging for it, needing it. She wanted cock. She wanted dicks. She thought of a sea of cum washing over her while hundreds of cocks were spraying her over and over for an eternity.

Opening her eyes slightly, she looked at the men above her... all of them hunky, masculine, all of them wishing they could be in Bobby's or Jack's shoes, licking her body, sticking their cocks in her holes. Closing her eyes, Patty thought of how it would feel to have all those clicks sliding over her body. Ohhh, images like that nearly drove her over the edge!

Patty thought her heart had stopped when Jack pulled his dick all the way out again, then shoved those throbbing eight inches all the way in. She felt the relief of having the tense, itchy, sensitive pussy walls being stretched apart again. The hard core of his meat filled her cunt in one movement. She felt his body pounding again and again against hers. The sensation of his body hunching, driving his dick up and down inside her pussy brought her so tremblingly close to orgasm. She moaned loudly, wrapping her arms and legs around him tightly. It was as if she had tied herself into a knot on his rapidly hunching dick and hung there as he shoved his dick in and out of her slippery hole.

"Do it! Do it!" she pleaded frantically, exploding under the rapid fucking thrusts of his cock. She locked herself so tightly around his dick that he raised her up off the ground when he pulled back for a downstroke.

"Come on, man! Lemme get 'er too," Bobby pleaded almost like a little boy.

"Hold back, baby," Jack said.

Hold back? It was almost impossible. She was stopping a natural thing, stopping herself from cumming! It was like trying to stop a person from falling after they'd left the ledge.

But, when she felt Bobby drop behind her then roll her to one side as Jack pulled her over, her climax stopped. Bobby was going to butt-fuck her! Her pussy trembled from top to bottom as she thought of that. Bobby's hips pressed against her soft ass. She could feel his dick resting against her buttocks, feel his balls pressing up to her asshole.

No, she couldn't take something that long, thick and hard lip her shitter. Even with Jack fucking her pussy senseless she'd feel something that big reaming out her tiny virgin asshole!

"No, stop it. Please, please, don't do this to me. Don't fuck me... there!"

Her cries made the men shiver even more. "Man, this is gonna be good. You're gonna have two cocks reamin' you out. Ain't too many broads who can brag about that one," Jack muttered.

"Yeah, butt-fuckin's one of the best things in the world," Bobby said in a hoarse voice.

His panting filled her ears as he pressed his knees against the backs of her thighs. She kept squealing, feeling her fleshy asscheeks being pulled apart.

"Yeah, yeah," Bobby hissed from behind her. "You wanted to make it, baby. And that's just what you're gonna do. Only it's gonna be a hell of lot better than you thought."

"I can't take it!" she cried again.

"You ain't got no choice," Jack answered.

With that Bobby began working his ass in a slow, grinding motion. Juice lubed the head of his cock. It ran out in thick streams. As he ground his cock deeper between her asscheeks, Patty cried out, throwing herself harder into Jack's arms. His prick was slipping farther and farther between her soft spread cheeks until the girl felt it pressing against her tightly puckered asshole.

"Noooooo!" she pleaded as she felt Bobby's cock shoving hard against her tight little hole. "Oh don't! Don't! You'll kill me! You'll split me apart!" she cried, beating her fists against Jack's broad chest.

"Man, just think about your fuckin' cunt. Think about how good it feels when my dick sinks back into your slot," Jack growled.

Bobby's cock was pushing harder, harder against her shitter. At the same time he slid both hands around her, pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Like a big club, his cock jammed against her asshole. Finally, with much effort and sweat, Bobby shoved his dickhead into her butt!


Patty screamed out, closing her eyes tightly while arching her back and shoving her shoulders against Bobby's chest. Bobby's cock was splitting her wide open. Patty felt the pain of his insertion stretching out to all parts of her body. It was like a giant cramp, tensing all her muscles.

"Oh wow! Yeahhhhh..." the men around them breathed as they watched both men fucking the blonde teenager at the same time.

Patty bit her lip. She couldn't even sob now, not with the insistent motions of Bobby's rigid dick in her ass. She pushed her asscheeks back toward him, seeking relief from the obscene sucking in her shit chute.

Bobby paused for a second, then shoved his cock deeper inside. Patty squealed, her pussy going into tremors of need. Bobby's fat dick was stimulating her ass strangely, in a way the girl would never thought possible.

"Nooo! NOOOO!"

Frantically Patty was hunching, pounding her tits against the massive hairy chest in front of her. She groaned again and again in pleasure as she felt her cunt shove down on Jack's cock.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

It was so uncomfortable like this, squirming on the ground, kicking clods of dirt around. It would have been so much nicer in her bedroom and without all those men staring at them. But there was little choice in this matter.


Jack was twisting his ass around, moving his cock inside the tight-fitting lips of her pussy. His nuts were drawing up close to his cockroot. They were going to cum together. Oh, she knew it! She could feel his cum burning into her slot again, scalding her sensitive pussy walls. "Unnghhhhh!"

Bobby was pushing into the girl as she tried to hunch her ass away from him. Her ass moved with his, keeping his fat cock trapped firmly inside.

"Yeah, knew you could take it. Yeah just like that," Bobby crooned, holding tightly onto her while toying with her nipples.

A cry of pleasure burst from Patty's throat as she felt his tongue lash into her ear. She shoved back with her ass, inviting him to shove all his cock into her hole.

"Fuck her, man!" Jack grunted as he ground his hips forward until his cock was shoved up to the hilt. "Fuck 'er in the ass. Stretch it wide open. Make 'er beg for it!"

"Yeah, pussy, cock, ass! Come on, ask for it, beg for it," Bobby said, pinching her tits cruelly while hunching his cock hard and fast and deep into her asshole.

Patty was being fucked at both ends, two cocks ramming her at the same time! It was too late to stop now. She was letting go, floating in the air, feeling her pussy explode with orgasm as both Jack and Bobby fucked her crazily.


Jack hunched furiously, shoving against Patty's body, keeping his cock embedded in her cunt up to the hilt. His mouth slid down onto hers, their tongues spearing at each other as their lips sucked together. Spit ran down in streams as they sucked and tongued each other. Patty's body was completely on fire, hunching out of control, fucking and being fucked!


Jack's cum jetted up his thick cock stalk and blew out of its head. He held onto the girl frantically as he heard Bobby shouting. They were all cumming, climaxing together. It was something that made the girl's brain simmer.


Patty felt Jack's cock throb in the grip of her pussy. At the same time she felt Bobby's prick shooting his hot, sticky jizz into her shitter. It was a wild, fantastic sensation of having her body filled with cum from both ends! Her tongue thrust back into Jack's throat as she dug her nails into his back and took the final fucking thrusts of his cock.

"SHIT!" Jack cried.

The spasms that shook through Patty's cunt sent her floating away, moaning and sighing as she wiggled between the two bodies. Her pussy jerked and twitched. Each time she spasmed, the girl felt the long, thick cocks still shooting cum, still remaining hard and throbbing. Her mouth and ears were being sucked and tongued. Oh, there wasn't anything left they could do to her. She didn't have a virgin hole left in her body! Her cousin had taken care of her all right. He'd taken care of her in a way her Aunt Martha would never have guessed!

"Mmmmm, good pussy. Real good pussy," Jack murmured, pulling his softening cock from her hole.

"Yeah, nice ass too," Bobby added.

Patty lay there in the dirt, not daring to look around her. She heard various cries and groans and she knew the men were cumming. She smiled. Let them cum, let them shoot off. How good it was to have that much power over men. And she'd never touched most of them!

"We'd better get her back to the house. My old lady's gonna be back, pretty fuckin' soon. She don't know nothin' about this," Jack said, dressing quickly and shoving his shirt back into his pants.

Patty was half conscious, feeling every ounce of strength gone from her. Someone was picking her up, telling her to stand. When she couldn't, someone -- Jack, she thought -- lifted her and dragged her across the field while the others commented about wanting to have a piece of the action.

The rest of what happened became a fog for the girl. She remembered hearing the motorcycles revving up and roaring out of the area while Jack stumbled into the house with her.

"Can you wash up by yourself?" he asked gruffly, after having hauled her upstairs and down the long corridor.

"Yes... I think so," Patty said, feeling some of her will power come back.

"Then get in the fuckin' shower and suds up. I want you back in the sack before my old man and lady get back, understand?"

Patty nodded her head, not daring to cross her handsome, brutal cousin. She stepped into the tub and let the warm water cleanse her body. Again and again she turned around in the stream, inhaling sharply, feeling the water wash away the clumps of dirt and turn that stuck to her white flesh. Her feet slipped on the porcelain as again and again she sudsed down, thinking about what had happened out there in the field. Now safe and comfortable in the shower stall, it all seemed like a dream. Yet, her sore pussy and her aching asshole told her differently. Yes, the guys had dragged her out there, beat her with belts, then fucked her brutally.

She turned off the water, pulled back the plastic curtain and stepped from the tub. She felt weak, tired, drained completely. Thank God the steam had fogged over the mirror. She couldn't bear looking at herself. Just now. Perhaps later.

"Get in the sack!" Jack shouted from below as she stepped from the bathroom after having wrapped a towel around her body. "And don't you tell anyone about what happened, understand?"

It was a question needing no answer. Patty crept along the hall, clenching the towel tightly to her chest. The chill air made her damp flesh pucker up into goosepimples. It still wasn't as bad as having been stripped naked outside and fucked in the chilling wind.

Just as she slipped under the covers, Patty heard her uncle's car coming up the drive. Soon they were inside, chatting comfortably with their son in the living room. How much they thought of their precious son! How much would they think of him if they were to learn the truth?

Patty froze, hearing footsteps on the stairway. No, they weren't Jack's; it was her aunt.

"Everything all right, honey?" she whispered, cracking open the door.

"Yes, yes," Patty said sleepily, not daring to let the older woman know. Maybe tomorrow, maybe later, when she was back in Cleveland where Jack and his buddies couldn't get hold of her.

"Then go to sleep," Aunt Martha crooned, closing the door softly.

If only she could sleep. If only she could drive those images of all those men with their cocks throbbing between their jerking fingers. But, try as she might, Patty could only think of Jack and his friends, of their cunt-clenching brutality, of their cocks and what they were going to do to her next.

Sighing, Patty drifted off to sleep, thinking about fucking.

Chapter EIGHT

Patty avoided her cousin Jack for the next few days, remaining in her room on the excuse that she wasn't feeling well. Several times her Aunt Martha insisted on calling the doctor. It was then that Patty felt panic, realizing a doctor would notice those bruises just beginning to go away on her buttocks and legs. Somehow she managed to keep her aunt quiet and yet remain in her room.

What else could she do? Once or twice the girl had peeked from between the lace curtains of her room and saw Jack striding across the small yard, his bare chest glistening with sweat under the warm mid-day sun. Everytime she looked, Patty thought he was going to turn around suddenly and stare up at her. She felt her spine chill at the thought. But he seemed to have forgotten her. Not once did he stare up at the room, not once did her aunt mention that Jack had said hello. Strangely enough Patty felt something like regret.

Shuffling back to her bed, the blonde teen wondered if her adventure here at the farm was over. Surely she couldn't really want more. During the time she spent in her room, Patty thought over her part in the horrible episode. She'd been guilty, without question. Not once had she fought off her cousin. Not once did she really try to escape. Instead she spread her legs, hunching up her hot, dripping pussy, letting them paw her, suck her, fuck her. One man hadn't been enough for her. She had to have two and, if she hadn't been so weak, she would have taken on all of them!


Burying her face in her hands, Patty sat down on the edge of the mattress and rocked back and forth, feeling guilt and shame rush over her. What was worse was that Patty wanted this to happen again. In her heart, she wanted Jack to sneak up to the bedroom and fuck her savagely.

"Have to get away... have to get away," she repeated again and again, hugging herself.

But where was she to go? Surely escape would have to be from herself. For it was her burning pussy that had caused all the trouble. Even now, sitting on the bed and thinking, Patty wanted Jack up there, his big hands caressing her shoulders, his thick-muscled legs pushing hers apart while his fat dick slid up and down her greasy cuntal cleft.

"Dear God, help me!"

The blonde teen slid back under the covers, drawing them up tightly against her chin and drifted back to sleep. In her dreams she saw herself stripped naked, running through the fields with all those men pursuing her. Everything stood in her way -- trees, bushes, all of nature seemed to conspire against her. Looking back, she saw those hard, thick dicks, balls jiggling as the men gained on her. What was worse was the silly smile she had on her face. Yes, she was letting them catch her, letting them fuck her!


She awoke with a start, her eyes wide, her body shivering. This was stupid. She couldn't lay here all night and day and expect her aunt and uncle to say nothing. Throwing back the sheets, Patty reached over and flicked on the light. It was growing dark. "Patty. Patty? Are you all right? Are you coming down for dinner?"

It was her aunt's voice. Running to the door, Patty cracked it open. "Yes, Aunt Martha. I think the flu's gone. I feel much better. I'll be down."

Would Jack be there? Lately her aunt had told her he was always busy in town with one thing or another. Well, she'd have to face him sooner or later. At least now he couldn't frighten her quite so much. She knew what he was capable of, knew his friends. Let him do his worst. She'd be ready for him.

Shrugging off her gown, Patty caught her figure in the full-length mirror. She understood why Jack had fallen for her. Even now, with the bruises still faintly apparent, her white flesh glistened with an exciting glow. Her hips, hourglass figure, firm, pouting tits, her blonde hair hanging just beyond her shoulders -- it all was enticing, exciting. Trailing her fingertips up and down her tits and belly, Patty closed her eyes and felt the room swaying around her. No, she couldn't ignore her body. It had taken over completely, turned her into a hot little slut.


"Coming, Aunt Martha!"

She made a half turn, standing on her toes, watching her firm tits move slightly as she inhaled. Yes, she knew why Jack wanted her, why all the guys in the country wanted her.

Dressing quickly in a flannel shirt and jeans, Patty smoothed her hair, glanced quickly in the mirror, then walked into the corridor.

"Well, there's our little invalid," Patty's aunt said, smiling over the steaming food on the kitchen table.

Patty moved into the brightly lit room, smiling at everyone, then feeling her heart jump when Jack walked into the kitchen, brushing back his black hair.

"Sorry I'm late," he muttered, glancing up at Patty and acknowledging her with a nod. "We're gettin' ready for the hay ride."

"Oh, that sounds like so much fun," Aunt Martha chirped, passing Jack the roast beef before turning to Patty. "Why don't you go? You've been cooped up so much in that room. I insist you do," she said firmly, tilting her chin up.

"But, but I..."

"Yeah, it might be fun. All the guys'd like to see you," Jack said, leering at her.

That dark, sexy look of his triggered Patty into heat. She could feel her cuntlips curling back, her clit stiffening, popping out from the surrounding moist pink flesh while juice seeped from her hole, wetting down the crotch panel of her briefs.

Patty fidgeted with the table cloth. She felt everyone staring at her. She couldn't say no, especially not with her aunt sitting next to her. Patty had been so secretive lately she was certain her aunt and uncle would suspect something was wrong. No, she couldn't let them know what happened. The girl was sure Jack would tell them a lie... that she had seduced him as much as he seduced her. All the family would smile at Jack, feeling that it was a man's prerogative while they'd condemn her as a slut!

"Oh, go on, Patty," her uncle said, putting one hand on her shoulder and rubbing it. "I remember plenty of hayrides in my time. They're lots of fun. Nothing like them in the city. And besides, the guys are rough, but good-natured, right, Jack?"

The young man narrowed his eyes, smirking at Patty, then shoving his fork back into the potatoes and wolfing down his dinner.

It was settled. While her aunt gathered up the dinner dishes, Jack drove the pickup around. Aunt Martha kept going on about bow much fun she was going to have while Patty looked forward to the ride with mixed feelings. Jack was going to get her, fuck her, perhaps do something much worse with her. Of that she was certain. She saw Jack's black eyes glistening with excitement, caught his knowing smile, even though she caught him winking at her when her aunt kept talking about "spooning" and even a little "petting".

"Wait a sec. I'll get Bobby over here. He just lives down the road," Jack said, storming into the living room just as Patty slipped on her red sweater.

Patty stood up like a condemned person in the middle of the large room, watching Jack set up her upcoming degradation. Once more she'd be faced with those men. And, yet, something inside her was quivering with excitement. She could run, could hold her stomach, could faint and pretend she couldn't go on the hayride. Instead she stood there, her heart beating wildly, her clothes sticking uncomfortably to her sweaty flesh while her full cuntlips ballooned with blood.

She waited, sitting with her knees held closely together. In a few minutes Bobby's footsteps were heard in the yard.

"There he is," Jack said, opening the door for Patty.

"Now, you have a good time, dear. And don't bring her back too late, Jack," Martha cautioned, wagging a finger at her son as they walked out of the house.

Jack slipped behind the wheel while Patty slid next to him, Bobby sitting on the passenger side of the vehicle. They drove for several miles, Jack checking his mirror every now and then to make sure no one was following them.

Patty sat in silence, feeling her flesh crawl as Bobby nudged his knee against hers. How odd! Neither of them spoke a word. Then Jack reached down under his seat and pulled out a half-empty bottle of whiskey. Uncorking it with his teeth, he took a swig, then passed it over to his buddy.

"Yeah, good and hot... just like your cousin," Bobby said, wiping his lips and offering the bottle to Patty.

She winced, turning her face away.

"Too good for a little booze, eh?" Jack said, taking the bottle away and swigging down another gulp of the burning liquor.

Patty stiffened. "If your parents knew what..."

"And they won't... 'less somebody tells 'em. And I already told you what'd happen if they found out, right?" Jack said, glancing angrily at her, then moving his eyes back to the road.

In a moment he found a semi-circular copse of elms to the left of the road. Slowing the pickup, Jack drove the vehicle off the two-lane highway.

"Why are we stopping here?" Patty asked nervously, clasping her hands to her tits.

"Come on, baby, gotta warm you up for the hayride," Bobby said, reaching over and stroking her thighs with one hand.

Patty shivered, feeling those wild rushes of sexuality rushing through her cunt. Jack moved around, reaching over and starting to unbutton her shirt. Patty made feeble attempts to ward off their advances. But she was neither in a mood nor a condition to succeed in that effort. Heat concentrated in the wet, furry hole between her legs. Moving her legs to one side, she felt her cuntlips rub against one another, making her sigh. Bobby's hand slipped down to her tits, cupping one of them while Jack fumbled with the top snap of her jeans.

"Shit, we can't fuck 'er in here. Come on. You take care of her first while I finish the booze," Jack said, fishing out the bottle again while Bobby opened the truck door and dragged Patty out.

The girl struggled weakly as he held her by both wrists and towed her behind one of the trees. She kicked at him once, lost her balance, then tumbled on her ass on a thick carpet of leaves. Bobby was quick to take advantage, throwing himself on top of the screaming girl and slapping her twice, muttering he'd strangle her if she made any more moves like that.

Beaten again, Patty said nothing as he stripped her naked, piling her clothes to the side. I'll lay here like a corpse! They can do anything to me, but I won't feel a thing.

It was only a game she was playing with herself. Of course she'd feel something. She was feeling something right now. While Bobby fucked her, drilling his cock like an oil drill into her sloshing cunt, Jack stayed in the car, smoking and drinking the liquor.

This time Bobby was rough. But she was so hot then she didn't know the difference between good fucking and this.


Bobby thrust rapidly, unevenly, driving his dick in and out of her snatch. Unlike the former evening there was no wind to chill her flesh. Still Patty shivered as her body twisted and thrashed on the loose carpet of leaves. Oh, how uncomfortable she was! Her back was so numb she could barely feel the pile-driving thrusts. Yet, her body trembled with the force of his fucking. Thinking of the comfort of her aunt's house, she turned her head and let out a sob.

Her cry excited Bobby.

"You think this is bad? Is that what you're thinking? Well, Jack and I and the others are gonna hurt you a lot more," he said, pumping and hunching his thighs.

She felt his fingers digging into her arms. Throwing back his head, Bobby let out a high-pitched yowl that sounded like a coyote. He was cumming, spraying her pussy with his jizz.


Oh, it was far too soon! Patty clawed at his arms, kicking him with her feet, dragging up her ass, feeling the pressure against her clit easing as his dick softened.

"She cold?" Jack shouted from the pickup as Bobby stumbled to his feet and zipped up.


"Well, I got somethin' that'll warm 'er up," Jack said, climbing out of the vehicle and staggering up to them.

He was a little drunk. Jack gripped the bottle by the bottom and dropped to his knees. Bobby sank behind her, holding her arms back while Jack narrowed his eyes, aimed, and then slipped the long glass neck of the bottle into her cunt.


She threw back her head, raising her ass, then letting it fall back as the smooth cold glass slipped into her cunt. It was revolting! Throwing her shoulders back, spreading her legs, snapping her head from side to side, Patty felt Jack fucking her with that little faster and faster.

"Go on, baby! Fuck it out! Pretend it's my dick reamin' you out, makin' you cum," Jack muttered through his clenched teeth.

The girl groaned, twisting her hips from side to side, feeling the glass hitting first one cuntlip, then the other. Jack corkscrewed the bottle, pushing it in deeper and deeper until she cried out, screaming she couldn't take it any more.

"So, you got limits after all, eh?" Jack said, chuckling. "Well, I ain't gonna shove no more of this in you. So come on, bitch, fuck it."

Patty cried out, looking at her cousin, then at Bobby. She had no choice. She moved her hips slowly at first. Then gradually she moved around faster and faster as the coldness warmed in her cunt. Closing her eyes, she thought about what Jack had said. Yes, it was a cock... a hard, hot thick cock reaming in and out of her pussy. She groaned, her thighs tensing, alternately chilling and heating as her ass danced over the dry leaves. Dirt clung to her sweaty flesh as she fucked the bottle harder and faster. Oh, oh, it was sooooo good!


Patty thought of the bottle drilling her cunt now.

Yes, she didn't have to fantasize about dicks. Just the thought of having her pussy being rammed by this cold empty liquor bottle was enough to turn her on. Her nostrils flared. Her big tits jiggled.

"Fuck! Fuck!" she breathed.

"Fuck, fuck," Jack and Bobby chorused, watching Patty in fascination as she took over the fucking of the bottle. Juice ran out of her hole, making the dark cool brown glass slick. Her clit bristled, alive now with wild lust.

"Ughhh... ah... uhhhh!"

Patty jerked her hips, raising her ass and fucking the bottle like a maniac. Jack fell on her, gripping her tits and sucking them.

Bobby went wild. He slapped her across the face, then dropped his pants again and shoved his cock in her mouth. Patty had never done that before. But now it seemed the most natural thing. She didn't have to work at it. She felt Bobby's cockhead ramming against the sides of her cheeks, making them puff out while his balls slapped against her cheeks. Patty wasn't sure whether he was going to shoot off or not. At times his prick grew soft, then stiffened again when she let out a particularly sexy, low growl.

The sharp taste of cum in her mouth, the rough hands on her tits, and the steady throbbing of the bottle in her pussy forced her over the edge. Her pussy muscles sucked the bottle in deeper. The bottle bobbed. Her clit swelled to bursting and exploded. The force of her orgasm pushed the bottle out of her snatch, leaving her high and dry. She clawed at the men in desperation to intensify her climax.

Chapter NINE

"She's a little whore. She really is," Bobby said, zipping his pants back up and tucking his shirt in.

"Yeah, guess it runs in the family. Wonder what happened to our folks," Jack commented wryly, slipping her shirt over her shoulders.

That was all she was good for, Patty told herself. Jack and Bobby said so over and over again -- fucking machine. She was a woman who could never get enough. She was always going to chase men, always going to beg them to fuck her. No matter how many times they fucked her, she'd always ask for more. A bottomless pit. She nearly laughed as she slipped her Levi's back on and zipped up, walking to the truck. Just a few days ago she wouldn't have believed this possible.

"Let's go. Lots to do," Jack said, opening the door and sliding in.

Let them fuck her to death. Right now she didn't care if she lived or died.

"Let's go, man. We're late," Bobby said, checking his watch.

Jack turned on the ignition, then drove the car back onto the road, rubbing his crotch all the way. Once or twice he glanced over at Patty and smiled. Something was in the wind, something that would be the capstone in her sexual escapades.

"There they are," Jack said, slowing down while leaning forward and peering through the windshield.

Patty looked too. There was no hay truck or wagon! She saw several cars and motorcycles. As they approached, the girl recognized one or two of the young guys who had tormented her earlier.

"What's going on around here?" Patty asked as they slowed down.

"Just another friendly party. My mom still thinks we go on hayrides," Jack snorted, pulling his truck up next to a station wagon.

Several girls came running up to the truck, putting their elbows on the window ledge and peering in.

"This her?" one perky redhead asked, jumping up and down. "She the one you fuck all the time?"

Patty was shocked at the language, at the openness of these girls.

"Yeah, maybe she can teach us something," a brunette added, peering in.

Patty felt as if she were on display.

"She doesn't talk much," the redhead commented, poking Bobby playfully in the ribs. "Maybe she has to have a little encouragement."

"It's just a place where we get together," Jack explained, nodding at a cabin tucked away at the opposite end of the clearing they had pulled into. He was getting out, slipping one hand under Patty's arm and pulling her across the seat.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, glancing nervously around her.

"Hey, don't think you're all that important," Jack said, nodding around him.

Patty looked about. There were some couples on blankets, apparently fucking. One girl was half naked, crouched over a boy. She held her tits together, rubbing them over his cock while tonguing him shamelessly.

"The folks don't come out here much, especially at night. It's great. It's just the kinda place you need to get off."

"Hey, come on, maybe she likes to make it with girls, you know?" the redhead said, following them toward the cabin.

Patty was puffing back, having seen enough. Everything was a lie, everything around here! She was going to leave, to call her parents.

"No!" Patty shouted.

At the same time she swung around with one hand and caught the young redhead hard in the ear. The force of the blow knocked her down.

"Oh, she hurt me!"

"You stupid cunt," Jack muttered. "I come out here and show you a good time, and this is the way you act, eh?"

Some of the couples broke apart and stared up at Patty curiously.

"Hey, brand the bitch!" someone shouted.

"Yeah, make her pay for this," the redhead said, holding the side of her face and sneering at Patty.

"She thinks she's so fuckin' good. Let's show her what we do to her kind."

Patty looked around for help. She tugged at Jack's firm grip, trying to back away. Some of the people were suggesting all sorts of terrible things. The redhead was the loudest, still holding the side of her face and staring angrily at her while saying she should be beaten up by some of the guys.

"Looks like you're real popular," Jack said, twisting her wrist until Patty thought it was going to break. She winced, twisting to one side, her knees giving way. She bent back her arm in an attempt to ease the shooting pain. Her feet sliding back, she cried out for mercy.

"Here! Let's see if she's hot enough for this!"

One of the guys who had watched Patty get fucked by Jack and Bobby that night came running through the gathering crowd. He pushed aside the redhead who squealed with delight when she saw what he had in his hand. It was a large, furry spider. Patty's eyes widened and she drew back. What in God's name were they going to do with that? The spider looked as big as a tarantula.

"Found it out back. Get 'a naked and let's watch," the guy said.

Jack smiled, reaching around and once again pulling her shirt from her pants.

"You got a new boyfriend," he said, opening the front of her shirt and slipping it off her shoulders.

"Oh no! No, please..."

It was useless to struggle. Patty stood there, the light evening breeze blowing back her long hair as Jack undressed her. She felt the top button of her jeans open, then felt the Levi's sliding down her legs. Soon she was naked, watching that spider wriggling and kicking in that disgusting guy's hand.

"Come on," Jack said, putting his paw-like hands on her shoulders.

Patty meekly obeyed, keeping her eyes down and bending her knees. This time no one bothered to throw down a blanket or towel. She lay on the cold grass, shivering.

"There," the guy said, putting the insect down on her belly.

"Play with your tits, baby, play with 'em," Jack muttered, starting to enjoy this.

The offended redhead started giggling harder when she saw the large spider walk on Patty's white flesh, his spindly legs tentatively moving forward, up toward her tits.

Patty was moaning in revulsion, feeling the bile rising in her throat. She fondled her nipples, squeezing the caps to raise the tit tips. The cold air made them hard. She shivered.

Oh, it was moving down, down toward her pussy. Patty folded one leg over the other, trying to hide her cuntal mound from that vile insect. The light feathery touch of his thin legs, however, was doing something strange to her cunt. She cringed and flattened her ass against the uneven ground. And yet at the same time the girl felt her pussy responding to the light touch of the spider's legs.


"Yeah, yeah..." Jack muttered.

The spider crawled up her belly and hesitated for a moment in the valley between her mammoth tits. She felt those legs feeling in various directions. Patty's nipples rose higher, became fatter. Oh, it was moving, moving up toward her face! Soon Patty knew she would be able to lay here, the butt of a very bad joke for all these staring people.

Patty tensed. Her skin crawled. Even as she felt shame and nausea, her clit responded to the steady pressure on her tits. The sight of Jack's, fat cock now slipping from his fly excited her even more. The young stud was turning onto this latest bit of humiliation, his fingers slipping back and forth, tugging at the tightly-drawn skin of his cock. He watched, spreading his legs farther apart to accommodate his rising balls.

Patty was becoming less and less horrified. She was almost a willing participant. Oh God, what kind of beast had she become?

The girl raised her head, her eyes wide and focused on the crawling spider. She watched the insect as it toured her body, climbing from tit to tit, then moving back to her belly.

She whimpered with disgust as the insect returned and circled her left tit. She gasped at the feathery pressure that produced such powerful feelings in her pussy. The spider crawled down her belly, following the rivulets of sweat and the aroma of her aroused pussy.

"It's going down there, baby, goin' down to your cunt," Jack teased.

Patty knew, knew very well what was about to happen. She held her breath as the horrible thing advanced toward her cunt. The fat, hairy insect slowly and steadily moved through her pussy hair. She clenched her teeth, snapping her head back and groaning as those wiry legs moved carefully through her cuntal thicket. It was awful, terrible! Patty was pawing at the loose ground, breaking her nails, while her buttocks moved slowly, subtle, back and forth.


"Come on, baby, open up," Jack said, putting one boot down on her legs and nudging her legs apart.

Patty shivered, wrinkling her forehead while she did as she was told. Almost immediately the spider started heading for her hot, drooling hole. She quivered. The spider crawled along the moist dark red meat of her snatch. He was getting closer and closer to her clit. The girl tensed, her body trembling. Sweat made her flesh glisten under the moonlight. The others watched in fascination, their breaths shallow and uneven. Even the red-headed girl who had started all this had fallen silent, one hand on her tit as she stared at the groaning, writhing blonde teen below her.

"Eeeeeeeee!" she squeaked.

The horrid thing had thumped her clit with its wiry hind legs. The sensation of that touch shot through her pussy, telegraphing along all her nerves. Patty felt her clit vibrate. The spider still probed around blindly. The legs were like tiny, sharp, hot needles digging into her clit. Oh, oh, she couldn't take this much longer. It was going to drive her insane!


Her sharp cry echoed through the moonlit night. Rearing back, she bounced her ass on the ground. Cupping her fingers, she dug at her tits, creasing her nipples with her nails to increase the intensity of her orgasm. The wild thrashing of her body knocked the insect off. Turning around, she rolled onto her belly, moving one hand down to her cunt and jamming three fingers into her squishy hole. She was making sharp, violent movements with her thighs, fucking her fingers, her ass jiggling with the force of her motions as her fingers pierced the swampy hole and touched all the slick, sensitive folds and hollows of her cunt.


Patty collapsed, feeling herself losing consciousness from the ordeal. People trotted off merrily to some bush or tree and fucked.

The young girl seemed to float, completely unaware of what was going on around her. Someone had dragged her inside a room. Vaguely she sensed her legs being dragged over wood. It felt safe and warm inside. No one like that vicious redhead was taunting her, calling her all kinds of names, making the guys do those terrible things to her. No one put spiders on her thighs, forcing her to make love to insects while others watched. No, none of that would happen in here. Then she thought of her aunt and uncle back in the farmhouse, watching television, safe and secure, thinking of how she was enjoying an innocent hayride with their son. Patty laughed at the idea. Oh, if they only knew!

"Nothing to laugh about in here, honey. We're gonna give you one hell of a reminder of this place," Jack said.

Patty opened her eyes. She was on her back. Someone had tied her wrists together, having drawn them high above her head. The ropes on her wrists were attached to a hook driven in the side of the kitchen table on which Patty found herself. Her legs were fastened in the same way. The ropes chafed her ankles and wrists as she rolled her head from side to side, trying to find out what they were going to do to her.

"Nothin' seems to stop your cunt, does it, baby?" Jack asked, his face twitching with excitement. Their eyes met. At once she knew he could read her mind. They were cut from the same cloth. They were more than cousins: they enjoyed the same kind of sex, the same kind of violence and humiliation that peaked their sense of lust.

She saw Jack holding a tapered piece of iron at least two feet long and one inch wide. The handle was dark, wrapped in leather, ribbed to fit a man's hand. She'd seen her uncle brandishing a thing like that. It was used to brand animals, or so her uncle said. It didn't take the girl long to figure out what Jack as going to do. Her cunt tightened once again. A cockhead. A dildo. He was going to drive that awful thing into her, up to the handle. Oh, it would be just like the time he and Bobby fucked her with the liquor bottle.

Rolling up her eyes, she saw Bobby standing near by, firing up a small flame in a portable iron cookstove. Patty's nostrils flared, her body twisting slightly in the bonds as she moved her eyes back to the iron poker.

"I wanna see just how much you can take, baby... how much we all can take from you."

There was a mixture of lust and hate in Jack's voice, the same kind of mixture coursing through her mind and body. It was overpowering, something that made her want to make love to her cousin as well as kill him.


Time seemed to stand still for her. Patty felt as if she were the only woman on this cold planet. Her only company was Bobby, Jack, and that awful cold-looking piece of iron about to touch her.

"Look, man, she's really hot," Jack said, dropping the poker and hefting one tit. "Look, she's about to blow up again."

Bobby murmured in approval, staying in the shadows for the moment.

Jack hefted the iron, swinging it back and forth as if to test the weight. Patty cringed, her body trembling, as she watched the weapon slice through the shadows. Then suddenly he brought it down, down to her cunt. The disc at the end was cold against her hot flesh. She shuddered and moaned, turning her head away. Her fingers clawed at the ropes while her legs moved back and forth in an undulating fashion.


Jack reached down and grabbed at her cuntal thicket. He jerked some of the hair away, watching more pussy juice spill out. Patty screamed, arching her back and shaking as if someone had touched her with a live wire.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be one hell of a fuckin' hayride," Jack said ironically, winking at Bobby as he began Patty's torture.

Chapter TEN

Patty screamed. The chords stood out against the flesh of her throat while her eyes widened. The young woman cried out again and again, her body trembling, the muscles stretching and pressing against her slick skin.

Jack had reached down and grabbed another handful of her cunthairs, yanking them out with a ripping sound. The blonde teen thrashed in her bonds, yanking her chafed wrists and ankles against the ropes, feeling them tear her flesh, hear ing them rub against the wooden table. Nothing gave. She was tightly bound, stretched out naked in front of them, ready for the ultimate agony branding!

"Look, man. She's gonna be beggin' for it. Shit, she's juicin' all over herself," Bobby observed with a laugh.

Jack joined his buddy in laughing, then reached down and forced her cuntlips apart. Shoving the iron bar in, he moved the rod in a broad circular motion. As she adjusted, the young man pushed in harder.

Patty let out a groan, raising her ass from the wooden table, balancing her body on her shoulders and heels. More juice flowed from her cunt, wetting down her tensing thighs. Her heart raced, her mind spinning dizzyingly around and around. That horrible cold thing was going deeper and deeper into her cunt. Looking up through narrowed eyes, she saw Jack's lust-bloated face, his mouth tense, trembling, as he watched her pussy gobble up the poker.


The girl closed her eyes and let out another yell. Patty screamed, but this time not from pain. Jack kept twisting that thing, making sure all her pussy could feel the rod. It was, as if he were stirring a giant spoon inside her. She thought she was going to cum! The poker was raping her, gutting a new path into her musky cunt.


Jack moved the poker back, making the bar move over her clit. The girl screamed, feeling herself go over the edge. Her climax flushed out from her cunt, shooting all over her body. She curled her fingers and dug them against her palms. Her ass bounced on the table. Oh yes, yes, she had to cum, cum with that awful thing fucking her swampy cunt with sucking sounds. She could already feel her muscles tensing even when Jack pulled out the rod and examined the slick bar that dripped with her hot juices.

"Hot, hot pussy," he moaned, sniffing at the round piece of iron.

"Yeah, hot enough to fry cock," Bobby agreed, smelling the rod as well.

"Let's give 'er that mark, man. Let's do it," Jack insisted.

Bobby arched his eyebrows, nodding, then turning around, he adjusted the flame of the portable stove.

Patty tilted back her head, rolling up her eyes. She watched the flame become a brilliant blue, hissing and popping while Jack shoved the poker into it. Her flesh crawled! Groaning, she twisted her body, once more tugging at the ropes that wouldn't give an inch. She jerked with all her strength, making the table move an inch or two over the filthy cabin floor. Her nostrils flared with the effort. But the ropes held firmly, keeping her arms and legs in place, while the teens waited for the poker to heat up.

"Oh please, please, Jack! I've never done anything to deserve this," Patty pleaded as the young men watched the poker change to a glowing red.

"I don't need a reason," he answered, examining the poker with interest. "You're just around. You dig this kinda thing. That's all the reason I need, bitch." He glanced quickly at her, then moved his attention back to the iron rod.

Patty whimpered. Jack started to pace, waiting for the iron to heat to his satisfaction. He cracked his knuckles, saying something to Bobby, making him laugh, then moving back to the stove and checking out the poker.

"Yeah," he hissed.

Patty tensed, staring at the young man as he drew the shaft out of the flame.

"Oh no," she whimpered, trying to draw herself into a ball, unable to hide her pussy.

"You don't like this... this cock, baby?" he said, laughing.

"Please, I'll do anything, anything," she begged, her head shuddering.

Spasms passed down her shoulders. Her tits drew up, the tips stiff, glowing. Spasms in her belly erupted. The spasms passed across her thighs, showering like sparks down into her cunt. It was such an odd, delicious feeling being tied up like this, waiting for these men to hurt her! She tugged again at the ropes, chafing more of her flesh while her cunt spilled out more hot, thick cuntal oil.

"Yeah, you bet you will," Jack answered, spitting on the rod.

Patty screamed when she heard his saliva crackling as it evaporated on the glowing tip.

"Yeah, you want this bad," lack said. He was observing her closely, watching her cunt juice wetting down her flexing, tensing thighs. He could smell the pungent oil as it flowed out of her.

"No, no!" she protested.

But it wasp a weak denial. Jack was moving the rod closer to her.

"No! No! Oh my Jesus, no!" she cried out, her eyes widening with terror and excitement. Her toes fanned out until they cramped. The spasms in her chest and belly and pussy became worse. The sight of his rod filled her eyes, burned into her brain forever. She was breathing with a wheezing, raspy sound. Patty felt dizzy, faint.

Jack lowered the iron without another word. He bobbed it an inch or so above her flesh, watching the girl's reaction to the sudden, increase in heat.

Patty twisted, then stopped, afraid to make another move. She jerked her head up, her mouth a tight scar, her eyes wider than ever as she focused on that horrible instrument of pain. He was moving it down, down toward her belly. Sweat broke out on her white shivering flesh, dripping off her in rivulets, wetting down the wood. Patty screamed, every nerve ending alive.


The hot iron glowed a dark red path between her thighs, still not touching her flesh. Jack had dropped it lower, watching it singe the fine hairs covering her body. Strands of her blonde hair clung to her cheeks as she started moving her lips in a silent prayer.

He had dropped it almost to her flesh now! Patty couldn't watch this destruction another second. She fell back to the table, staring like a dead woman at the ceiling of the cabin, Jack was moving the rod closer and closer to her pussy. Gradually, slowly, he was centering it over her swampy hole.


Her blonde pussy hairs were smoldering. The stench of the burned hair and dried cuntjuice was nauseating.

Jack's hand shook, the large rod bobbing in his fingers. His hard-on tightened in his Levi's. Bobby looked, reaching down and fingering his own stiff dick through his pants.

"Oh, oh! OHHHHH! God, no, don't do anything like that. Don't burn me like this. Please, don't!"

She could hardly speak any longer. But she could see Jack was caught up in his own perversion. He was excited, thrilled with the way she was reacting to his approaches. Yes, he was going to hurt her, burn her cunt! It was impossible for her to stop this awful act. Tensing her body, clenching her fingers into two tight fists, she tried to ready herself for the blinding pain she was sure to follow.

"Take it, bitch!"

The words burned into her mind. She clenched her teeth tightly together. Patty tried to inch away, but the ropes held tight. The heat grew more intense, baking her crotch, burning into her convulsing hole without ever touching her flesh.


The inferno curled into her cunt, passing through like a giant fist. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

Patty jerked her head up. She was twitching, writhing, jerking on the table, incredibly aroused by this thing that could kill her. Looking up at Jack, again, she saw he was smiling, pleased with her exhibition! She was nothing more than a freak show, something to amuse these young men for the moment.


Even as she screamed and pleaded for them to stop. She wanted all this to end. And yet her body was begging for more, pleading for more pain, for more stimulation. She wondered if that hot, hard rod would bring her more delight.

"You love it," Jack spat out. "You love it, you little bitch. Just like you dig anything that hurts."

"Yes!" she shouted. "Yes yes, you son of a bitch!"

Jack drew back the rod, the sudden withdrawal of heat stunning her into silence. She quivered.

Jack swung the rod around, cutting the air with that thing.

"When I'm finished with you, you won't be able to think about nothin' else 'cept fucking and fuckin' around with this thing."

He slid the poker back into the fire, impatiently waiting for it to heat up. Bobby moved up to the girl, sliding his fingers up and down her belly, moving them down to her pussy. She clenched her buttocks together, hunching up her pussy, wanting him to hurt her, pinch her clit, do anything to ease the pressure building up in her like a dam.


Bobby was touching her clit, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger like a pea. The girl screamed again, pissing on herself from the excitement.

"Shit! She's so fuckin' hot she's gonna shit in a sec," Bobby observed as his buddy drew the poker out of the fire and examined the glowing rod again.

Patty looked up once more. But this time most of her fear was lost in her horrible excitement. Yes, yes, she wanted that poker touching her, burning her, making love to her! Something wild had exploded in her mind. She was a masochist, something that she'd read about in school and had only vaguely understood. Oh Lord, she was one of those sick women.

"No! No!" she cried, more to herself than to the men standing around her.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," Jack countered.

He held the poker tightly in one hand, scratching his balls and cock with the other. Jack dropped it again, watching as the red-hot bar moved closer and closer to her cunt. With a whispering crackle the first few curly hairs on her cuntlips burned. She arched her back again. Patty let put a strangled cry, fighting back a scream.


The pain was horrible. He touched her legs now once or twice, burning her flesh, watching her tremble and twitch at the touch. Patty felt her tears flowing out, running down her cheeks.


And yet. Patty went wild. She twitched so hard the table squeaked several inches on the floor. She was a mass of quivering flesh, a woman gone mad with pain and arousal.

"Fuck it. She's gonna cum again if I keep touchin' her with this," Jack said, flinging the rod away with a clatter.

Patty calmed down somewhat, still groaning, still wanting the maximum in arousal.

"Untie her. Let's finish her off together." Jack suggested.

Without a word Bobby did as he was told, loosening the ropes holding her arms and legs. The men got on either side of her. Jack kissed her mouth savagely, driving his tongue in and nearly choking her with it. Bobby crouched between her thighs. His cock was out, large, red-capped, ready to go. He leaned close, fitting his dickhead into the puckered, slick folds of her cunt.

Patty received him like a starving person would have received a roast beef. Her cuntal muscles spasmed, snapping tightly on his sinking cock, drawing more and more of it in greedily, the greasy lips clamped tightly around the steely prong.

Both men had to balance themselves on the table. But it was large enough to support all three comfortably.

"I gotta taste her pussy," Bobby grunted, sliding his cock out and dropping down to her snatch.

Patty cried out in frustration. Then she felt Bobby sucking on her pussy. She went wild. Jack was still drilling his tongue into her, frenching her, grabbing her big tits in his hands while pressing his palms against her hard nipples. Patty forgot the minor burns she'd received. All she concentrated on were these hot men working over her body. Fingers pinched, poked, probed, aroused even more of her twisting body. Her belly shivered. A spasm went all the way through her pussy and her thighs tightened.

"Mmmmmmm!" she sighed into Jack's sucking mouth.

Patty couldn't control herself. She was a sex machine now.

"SHIT!" Bobby cried as Patty clenched her cuntal muscles, trapping his tongue. Chills and flashes of heat shot through her pussy regularly. Bobby got the message and pulled away, returning a second later with his cock. He had no trouble satisfying her. When he was in, she snapped her thighs closed and jerked her hips. He followed her lead. His passion was building, turning as savage as hers.


"I wanna fuck your ass, feel your fuckin' shit on my dick," Jack growled.

"Yes, fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the cunt! Oh God, fuck me, just fuck me!" she screamed back.

Bobby quickened his pace. Jack thrashed his tongue in and out of her mouth, pinching her bloated nipples until the girl thought he was going to snap them off.


Patty grunted as the rugged pistoning in her cunt drove her lust to dizzying heights. She whipped her hips up and down, grinding her hips clockwise, then counterclockwise, alternating the rhythm to match Bobby's fucking.

"Man, she's a fuckin' animal! She almost pulled my dick outta joint," Bobby said, reaching down and moving his fingers along the edges of her slick, bloated cuntlips.

"Yeah, she's hot, man. We could go all fuckin' night with 'er and she'd still be ready for more in the morning," Jack said, pulling away from his cousin.

Patty gasped. She couldn't take much more of this overwhelming assault. She was crying out, frightened that she might faint.

Neither of the teens slackened their pace. Bobby tore her insides with his fucking, concentrating his attack on her clit, bumping the tiny gland with short, sharp fucking blows. Oh, it was so good! Patty wished it wouldn't stop! She grabbed at Jack, wishing she could touch Bobby to drag him closer as she spun around and around in a whirlwind of lust.

Chapter ELEVEN

Patty's screams faded away as Bobby lunged and pulled back, burying his cock to the base in her steamy snatch. His fat balls slapped her cuntlips while his dick churned away. Her clit was full again. Patty held back, waiting for him to explode. She didn't think she could hold up forever, however. The ache in her pussy was excruciating.


She held her breath to keep herself controlled. His rhythm was getting shorter, faster, more irregular. Then suddenly he climaxed, clawing at her, hitting her hard across the thighs, making her body rock and jerk with the force of his blows as he sprayed his cum into her pussy.

"UNGHHHHHHH!" Patty cried. She felt her pussy glowing like a brightly lit coal, her clit throbbing and thumping as jets of spunk splashed against it. Her ass danced over the splintery table top while Bobby's jizz seeped from her violated hole.

"Yeah, yeah..." the young man sighed.

Jack crouched over her, feeding his dick to her mouth. Patty had sucked dick only once before. She had had no choice. Now she didn't think twice about taking that long prong between her lips and sucking so hard her throat hurt!

"Ummmmmm," she sighed, closing her eyes, lashing her tongue over the ridged underside. Patty could feel Jack's balls pressing against her chin, smell his sweaty crotch while his hairs tickled her nostrils.

"I'm gonna turn you into a fuckin' mule," Jack said, sliding his cock in and out faster and faster. "And if you don't fuck me whenever I want, I'm gonna ram this hot poker up your ass!"

That's what Patty wanted. A stiff hot prick up her ass, a click spraying jizz, violating her bowels, a set of balls nestled in the sweaty tight crack of her butt. It had happened before. Oh, how she longed for it again!

Jack pulled out, rubbing his dickhead over her full red lips. His dick was, heavy, throbbing, filled with cum. Bobby hovered nearby, also hard. Watching her twist under his buddy's sexual play was enough to get his dick up once more. Patty could sense someone had butt-fucking ideas.

Jack took her in his arms, his fat rod pressing against her hips. He tongued her ear, pinching her tits, ramming his knees between hers. She felt his breath burning along her shoulders and down to her tits. Her big, high-riding tits rose and fell as she inhaled deep, breaths. Then she felt his lips lock on one swollen nipple.

Patty whimpered and shivered, flinging one hand back over her ass instinctively. Bobby was sliding behind her, tonguing her asscheeks. She felt his tongue moving up over her spine, then working its way down once more. That hot, wet mouth was directly over her shitter now. Oh, oh, it was so good, so shamelessly good! Once more she thought of her aunt and uncle sitting at home watching television and thinking about old-fashioned hayrides. The girl threw back her head and laughed.

"You won't be laughin' after a while," Jack said threateningly.

Patty loved it, loved his threats, loved the way he made her feel like nothing. He was kissing her belly now, his thumbs on her navel.


Patty arched her back, digging her feet against the table top.

"Oh God, God, fuck me, fuck me."

Her labes were wet with juice. The mini-climax she'd had moments before had only taken the edge off her sexual arousal. Now, feeling Jack's lips moving against her cuntlips, feeling his tongue curling around her clit and petting its rounded head, Patty went wild. She shivered, raising her ass to get closer to his stroking, petting tongue.

"Suck me... hurry!"

Jack spread her cuntlips, exposing the full length of her tiny clit. He buried his face in the steamy, convulsing muscles of her snatch.

Patty screamed, clawing at the air, her muscles tensed and quivering. Bobby was behind her, grabbing her hand and covering his cock with it. She pumped him. She felt hot wet mouths all over her, working over her body, turning her once more into a wild sex machine. Fucking, fucking, wonderful fucking. That was all the world was about.

Everything else was a lie! "Unnghhh..."

Someone slid behind her. She felt lips kissing her buttocks. A tongue licked a path down from her kidneys along the swollen hump of each buttock. Her ass shivered as that wonderful tongue licked closer and closer to her narrow crack. "FUCK!" she shouted.

Jack tongued harder, gripping her clit between his teeth. He lashed the tiny gland with his tongue while nibbling along the sensitive flesh. It was wild!

Patty shrieked, quaking all over. Her entire body was a torrent of overloaded, taut nerves. She felt tingling eruptions all over her while a raging inferno heightened each tonguing stroke on her clit. Driving her wilder was that advancing tongue parting her buttocks, testing the shivering flesh of her bowels. Unlike the first time, this ass-fucking was being done gradually, purposefully, excitingly. There was no fear, no hesitation on her part. Patty embraced both men willingly, wanting to feel the maximum amount of pleasure possible. Her ass slammed back against the advancing tongue. The hot breath turned her insides to steamy slush.

That tongue wasted no more time. That slithering organ invaded her shitter. Patty screamed, sinking her fingers into Jack's hair. She flung her ass up, slamming her cunt into the big man's mouth. Oh, she wanted to have it all, have all the sensations assailing her at once as she came.


She flung her less around her cousin's shoulders, trapping his head between her shivering thighs. In response Jack burrowed into her seething cunt, petting her cunt more frantically, bringing her closer to another orgasm.

Patty grunted, feeling surrounded by heavy, muscular bodies. Petting, probing hands caressed her. Her asshole was tingling from the rapid tongue massage Bobby was giving her. Was he going to fuck her? Did it matter now? She was so close to flying off the handle that she could hardly hold back. The girl bucked and churned and tried to get herself closer to these invading hands and tongues.


Jack and Bobby responded quickly to her need. The slave became bitch-master. Hands massaged her asscheeks. Mouths sucked her nipples while fingers probed her pussy.

"Can't... can't hold back... can't..."

Bobby grabbed her, spreading her buttocks apart and hunching forward. His cock slid easily into her shitter on the thick coating of spit. This time Patty didn't scream out, didn't kick and pinch and bite. She embraced him willingly, bucking, screaming in pleasure while Jack continued sucking on her clit.


Bobby couldn't hold back any more than the blonde teen could. Each slap of his thighs against her wet, shivering buttocks brought more tense ecstasy to her cunt. Finally she exploded, snapping like a whip from side to side while the young man held tightly to her hips and shoulders, firing his cum into her ass.

"Fuck it out, bitch! Fuck it out!" Jack groaned, jacking his rod until white spurts of cum shot out and spattered against her flailing legs. It was all over. She felt the last jerks of Bobby's rod in her bowels, felt the spunk oozing from her asshole and wetting down her buttocks. Again and again the pressure of her mind-blasting climax made her clit sputter, twitch, go off once more in a series of throbs.


Patty had heaved and churned and tossed her body on a golden, velvety cloud. That slithering tongue up her ass followed by a dick had blown her imagination, turned her into a wild woman. Nothing was left of her former innocence. Sprawled on the old wooden table in the cabin, the young blonde was an experienced slut, a young woman who had tasted the most exotic sex and still wanted more. Finally she was exhausted, drained of all strength and will and sexuality for the moment. Her pussy slackened its grip around Jack's tongue. The young man grunted with satisfaction, pulling back and slapping his cousin in the butt.

"Man, she's all country now," he said, getting up and leaning against the table.

"Yeah, 'specially in the butt," Bobby said, pulling his softened dick from her shitter with a squishy sucking sound.

"Yeah, some of the guys are leavin' already," Jack said, looking through one of the dirty windows. "Come on, baby, it's gettin' late. My old lady's gonna be wonderin' about why we're out so long." He picked up her clothes and threw them over Patty's belly.

She screwed up her eyes and stared at the two young men as they leaned against the wall and looked outside. This was all a game... a wonderful, mind-blowing game. Their parents all thought they were having some kind of innocent fun when, in reality, they all came out here and balled like maniacs! These guys were more sophisticated than half her friends back at school.

"Hurry up, damnit!" Jack barked.

Oh, she loved it when her cousin ordered her around like that! It made her skin crawl with delight. She slipped her Levi's back on and slid off the table.

"About time," he muttered, kicking open the door and pushing her out.

Patty inhaled the cool clean country air. Most of the other guys had gone. It was a hayride tonight. Next week they'd think of something else. She smiled. She'd be here next week -- and the next and the next one after that. Jack and Bobby would be around to make sure things didn't get boring.

"Don't worry, Patty," Jack said, smoothing his hands over her buttocks as they walked to the pickup. "We're gonna make sure your cunt gets a good country workout every day you're here."

The blonde teen shivered as she slid her ass over the cold plastic front seat and drew her legs together. Yes, it was going to be good. Her cousin was so big and powerful and masculine as were most of his friends. Yes, she was going to really enjoy the rest of her vacation here in Oberlin.

As the truck engine tumbled to life, Patty bit her lower lip, looking forward to the next hayride.


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