Bondage for three wives

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without pad experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In BONDAGE FOR THREE WIVES, Becky Miles finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, strength of character she never realized she had.

Becky Miles suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

"What are you doing?" Becky Miles squealed.

Her husband, Jim, swerved the car to a stop alongside the dusty dirt road and scooted across the front seat to her. His hands seemed to be everywhere, grabbing her tits through her soft blouse and squeezing deeply into the flesh of her ass. One hand shoved roughly between her thighs and cupped her pussy through the tight, crotch-gripping yellow shorts.

"Stop it!" she screamed frantically. Becky glanced desperately around outside the car hoping that no one had seen what Jim was doing. He was acting like a perverted sex maniac, she thought right there in the bright light of afternoon. She didn't mind fucking -- not much, anyway -- as long as it was done in the comfort of her own bed with all the lights turned off. She couldn't believe Jim would try something like that in the daytime on a public road, even if no one seemed to be about.

"Jim!" she shrieked.

One of his hands pulled the crotch of her shorts to the side and his fingers began pawing through her cunt-hair. He was groping for her pussy-hole and that sent a chill down Becky's spine. She didn't like to be touched there at all, particularly when he was being so rough. She couldn't imagine what had come over him just when they were on their way to spend a couple of weeks at a cabin.

"Goddamn it, Becky!" Jim snarled at her as his fingers bit sharply into her tit. "Why don't you just relax and enjoy sex like you're supposed to for a change?"

"You're being too rough," she insisted, pushing his hands away from her pussy and tits. "You know I don't like that."

"I'm a fucking man!" he hissed back at her, his hands now tightly grasping the padded dashboard. "Sometimes a man wants to fuck like a Goddamn animal, and it's his wife's responsibility to join in!"

"Not this wife!" she said, laughing at him. "Especially not out here in the open. What if one of your friends and his wife drove by? Maybe nobody else uses this dusty old road, but from what you say at least two more couples will be along. I'm not going to let them see me doing anything perverted like that."

"Maybe it would be better if you did," he said with a mysterious air, but Becky was too irritated to pay much attention to it. For almost a month now he had been talking that way when he tried to convince her to do something dirty. "At least, then I'd know you would fuck and suck with me without having to be taught a lesson."

"Jim," she said firmly. "Either let's drive on to meet your two friends and their wives at the cabin, or let's turn around right now and go home. I'm not going to sit out in the middle of the afternoon arguing about sex."

"You're absolutely right!" he growled. "We're not going to argue anymore. Instead, you're going to suck my cock right here in the front seat, then I'm going to fuck the shit out of you in the back!"

"No!" Becky cried.

Her husband launched himself at her, but she was pinned with her back against the inside of the door of the car. Large, rough hands grappled at her tits, squeezing them though the thin cloth of her pullover blouse. She had thought about wearing a bra but decided it wouldn't matter on the drive to the cabin, but now she was sorry for the lapse. It left her tits incredibly vulnerable and she winced from the intense pain. Never would she have believed her meek husband would have attacked her, even if she had taunted him with the impressions of nipples in the cloth.

Suddenly her blouse was pulled upward, snarling her head and her arms. The material blocked her own eyes, but she knew that her full, heavy tits were now in plain sight. Her nipples seemed to burn with the blood of her embarrassment even though it was only her husband who was feasting his eyes. Then, unexpectedly, the whole left side of her chest exploded in pain, accompanied by the loud smack of his open palm across the quivering mound of her tit.

"Don't!" Becky screamed, struggling with the blouse that trapped her arms alongside her head. She cried out again a Jim's open hand pounded her right tit, bruising it with a brutal blow. Desperately, she fought her arms free of the blouse and tossed it into the back seat. Jim's eyes were wild with fire as he stared directly at her tits.

Becky glanced down. The outer sides of both tits were scarlet with the imprints of the slaps. Her tits had always been full and firm. She was amazed to see crimson handprints etched into the flesh of her tits. Her nipples stood stiff, as if the blows had made them react. Surrounding her tit-nubs were halos, almost the size of silver dollars and barely a darker pink than the surrounding skin of her tit.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. "You've never hit me before."

"There's a whole fucking world of things I haven't had the pleasure of doing in the year we've been married," he snarled. "So the first thing I'm going to do is to strip your ass naked, then I'm going to ram my cock into your mouth. This time you're going to give me a blow job no matter how much you sputter and complain. You give me any shit about it and your tits aren't the only things that'll feel my fists!"

Becky couldn't believe it. She had always been able to control Jim. Even before they had been married when she had insisted that he not touch her pussy or tits, he had given into her demands. Although he could be aggressive in his dealings with other people, she had been able to keep the reins tight during the year of their marriage. Sure, she had to let him fuck her sometimes, whether she enjoyed it or not, but only in the darkness of their bedroom with him being careful and easy on top.

And now he was acting like a savage animal with rape lust in his mind. Already he had stripped her bare to the waist and he was threatening to tear off her shorts. Her tits burned where he had slapped them as they bounced naked on her chest.

Jim's face was in a rage as he reached for her shoulders, rough fingertips biting into the bare flesh near her neck as he forced her face down toward the seat of the car and his lap.

A chill of fear cut through Becky as she watched the crude denim of his jeans rush toward her and she was frightened that he would try to fuck her face then and there. But, instead, his hands pawed down her back for the waistband of her shorts. Before Becky was even sure what was going on, he had the shorts undone and forced almost to her knees. Now her ass and her tight, little pussy were protected only by the flimsy rayon of her panties.

"Don't!" she cried. Her shorts were jerked from her legs, sending pain shooting through her right knee, then hands jammed into her panties. Fingernails scratched over the tender flesh of her ass-cheeks, then the material began to tear. The waistband cut into her skin before giving way, ripping from her flesh. In only a few seconds, her husband had stripped her naked in the front seat of the car.

Large hands lifted her and slammed her against the inside of the door of the car. Her back struck the door handle and sent a rocket of pain clear to her shoulders and hips. Her legs splayed open, revealing the thick patch of fiery red cunt-hair that luxuriously adorned her pussy. Jim glared down at her crotch.

Her fiery cunt-hair matched the flame of red hair on her head. Only a year out of high school, his wife was fully developed, but retained the tight skin and firm flesh of a nubile young girl. Her hazel eyes were flecked with emerald. Her lips were full and sensuous, usually glistening as if she had just licked them, and he knew it was a mouth that was just built for a throbbing cock.

Her tits were full melons. At the base of her belly, pink skin sprouted a red forest of curly cunt-hair with pussy-lips that peeked through. It was the first time he had seen her cunt up close in the light and he wanted to dive at her pussy and tear into it with his teeth.

But first, before anything, he was going to fuck that pouting mouth of her face. His cock throbbed in his jeans at the thought of his prick glistening with her spit as it rammed in over her tongue.

Becky still couldn't believe what was happening to her. As she watched, her husband lifted his ass from the seat of the car and rammed his jeans to his knees. His undershorts went down with the denim, and his hard, throbbing cock jerked into sight. The pulsing knob at the end of his eight-inch cock-shaft was purple with rage, and Becky saw it in her mind not as a prick, but a punishing club.

It was like her wildest, most frightening nightmare -- a gigantic cock threatening her body. Her cries caught in her fear-tightened throat, and, between her legs, her cunt-lips slickened with a sudden flood of hot moisture. In her mind she thought she was pissing on herself, but it was really pussy-juices that had poured from her cunt-hole.

"No, Jim!" she whined as her husband kicked his jeans and undershorts onto the floor mats of the car. Her eyes bulged at his leaping cock as her husband rose to his knees on the front seat of the car. He turned toward his frightened wife, pointing his evil-looking prick right at her face.

"Now you're going to suck cock, bitch!" he snarled. "I'm going to fuck your face until you can't even scream!"

Becky frantically glanced around the outside of the car. Before she had been afraid that someone might see, but now she was desperately searching for somebody to interrupt. But all she saw was the dusty road and the surrounding fields and trees.

She had never seen a cock so close before and she wanted to close her eyes to banish it from her sight. But the terrifying threat kept her gaze locked onto his prick as if it was a snake about to strike. Jim's throbbing cock-shaft was unbelievably thick and looked as rigid as a steel bar. His bulging cock-head was swollen even larger, and had a mocking slit in its end. His piss-slit looked like an evil little eye, or perhaps a terrible mouth ready to spit in her face. Almost by instinct she knew it could pour out his piss and spurt out the sticky mess she had to wash out of her cunt when she was forced to let him fuck. Now he wanted to put his filthy cock into her mouth, and the thought was more than she could stand.

Becky struck out at his jerking cock, hitting her husband in the stomach instead. Her fist barely made an impression on the firm muscles of his guts, then his fist crashed into the side of her face. The blow cracked her head back against the closed window, sending pain and shooting lights into her mind. Becky gasped at the sudden agony, her mouth falling open in surprise.

He was on her before she realized what was happening. He jerked one of her legs, sliding her back down the door until her head was on the armrest. Then his knees slammed into her sides as he straddled her body and rammed his cock into her face. Becky's mouth was open and the thick head of his prick slipped between her lips. Hot flesh lay heavily on the front part of her tongue before she knew she had Jim's prick in her mouth.

"Noooo!" she sputtered. The thickness of his cock made her jaws ache and she suddenly started to gag. She tried to spit Jim's raping prick from her lips, but her husband leaned in with the weight of his body. Her teeth clamped onto his hot, throbbing prick and she started to bite down.

Suddenly, her whole scalp erupted in intense agony. Jim had wrapped his hands into her hair and jerked until her teeth left his prick.

"You bite me, you little bitch, and I'll beat you half to death!" he snarled.

Even through her fear of being face-fucked, Becky could hear the truth in his words. She gasped, sucking his raping fucker deeper into her mouth until his cock-head bumped into the opening to her throat. Her whole mouth was filled with throbbing prick for the first time in her short, tender life.

"That's the way, cunt!" Jim growled at her. "That's exactly how a wife should suck her husband's cock!"

Tears rolled down Becky's cheeks. Everything in her young life had suddenly been turned upside-down and her panicked mind just didn't understand. Until just an hour ago, Becky had had her own existence under control, even the meek man with whom she reluctantly shared her life. Now he was like a beast that had broken free from its cage and was ravaging its obvious master. Jim was a man totally without restraint and Becky was paying the price.

Her mouth was awash with saliva. Her tongue felt Jim's male fuck-flesh grind past. His cock was made of two different textures, something she hadn't known before. His cock-head felt almost like a hot, rubber ball as it jammed in to the back of her tongue. The side of his cockshaft felt more normal.

There was actually little taste to his cock-pole, a fact that surprised Becky. She had expected a flavor heady sod heavy, but all she noticed was the slight flavor of salt. The smell of his crotch was a light musk, not as unpleasant as she had thought. But the whole idea of being fucked in the face was enough to wash away the commonplace in her mind. It might as well have been a horny stallion that had mounted her and forced a long prick into her mouth.

Her stomach churned at the monstrosity of it all, even though the physical part of it wasn't so bad. Becky was almost frightened to death of losing control, and Jim had ripped the control from her grasp. His body pinned her to the seat with the end of his cock rammed against the back of her mouth. She was vulnerable like she had never been before, and that Becky couldn't stand. But the weight and force of her violent husband left her no choice, and it ignited her panic.

She struggled beneath her husband's naked ass, his ass-cheeks slamming against her tits each time he dragged his throbbing cock nearly out of her mouth. Before he had been satisfied merely to feel her mouth wrapped around his prick, but now he wanted to actually fuck her face with long, deep strokes.

"Mmmph!" Becky moaned. She tried to scream as she felt Jim's bulging cock-head poised right inside her lips.

Suddenly, the end of his prick crashed like a hammerhead all the way in. His swollen cock knob slammed against the back of her mouth, bruising her tender flesh. Her breath was blocked, and she had to suck air wetly through her nose. Saliva poured out of the corners of her lips as her mouth was filled with cock.

Jim was using her face just like her crotch and her mouth like another cunt. Never had he fucked her so violently, even in her pussy, and Becky was afraid she would be hurt. His fuck strokes now rammed his throbbing prick-shaft hard across her tongue.

Becky tried to swallow. The effort closed her cheeks and the roof of her mouth down around Jim's pumping cock. Her husband groaned when he felt the new pressure and he arched his body to throw his hips forward. The new force slammed his prick-head against the opening to her throat and, for a second, Becky feared his monstrous fuck-shaft would ram clear into her neck. Then the pressure was gone as his cock pulled back, only to drive fiercely back inside.

"Argh! Argh! Argh!" the frightened, young girl groaned each time Jim's raping cock-head battered the back of her mouth.

Becky's jaws ached from being forced wide enough to make room in her mouth for Jim's prick. Her saliva poured from the corners of her lips to flow down her chin and drip onto her tits. A faint, sweet taste spread over her tongue as the end of Jim's mouth-fucking cock began to drip pre-cum. The heavy balls that slapped at her chin began to feel as hard as rocks. Above her, her lust-crazed husband was beginning to pant as he drove his prick into her face.

"Goddamn that's good!" he hissed. "Screwing your mouth is almost as good as fucking tight pussy! I don't know why I've waited so long to ram my prick into your jaws!"

Becky whimpered. The thick shaft of his cock seemed to grow even thicker. His prick-head bulged in the back of her mouth so big it was like trying to swallow a large apple. Even her teeth had begun to hurt from the violent pounding. She didn't know whether she would ever be able to close her mouth again, or whether her jaws had been forced out of joint.

"Please," she begged, but it came out more like a gargle. There was no way she could make an intelligible sound with so much prick in her mouth.

Suddenly, the size of Jim's face-fucking prick seemed to double.

Becky's sweating, naked body tensed beneath the ass of her husband as if she knew what was to come. But, if she had, she was still surprised when a scalding wad of sticky liquid spurt hard against the back of her mouth. She gagged, then gulped, trying to clear her throat, but another gush of cum flowed in.

The first glob slid down her throat to her stomach as she fought desperately to swallow the second. Becky felt as if she was about to be drowned by her husband's erupting cock. Frothy cum bubbled into her nose and leaked out of the corners of her mouth. Before his probing prick was through, it felt to Becky as if she had swallowed a gallon of slippery, slimy cum.

Chapter TWO

Cum still marked paths down both sides of Becky's chin when she finally managed to get her breath. Jim had pulled his cock from her mouth when it had finally stopped spitting its spunk. He had slowly backed off her body, then pushed her feet to the floor so he could sit down.

Becky glanced at his naked lap. His cock, punching up from the top of his ball-sac, was still throbbing hard. Even though Jim had fucked her face until he had blasted his cum, his prick was still standing tall. The entire length of his fuck-shaft glistened wetly from a combination of his cum and her spit.

"Why, Jim?" she asked, her voice still a bit shaky. She was trying to gather control back inside her, but it didn't feel natural. Still, it was necessary to get her husband back on track and to let him know that things like that just simply weren't going to happen. Even though he had had his moment, Becky fully intended to put him back in his place.

"Because I wanted to," he snarled, and she flinched from the blunt words.

"I want you to apologize and to promise it will never happen again," she said firmly, forcing the nervousness from her voice. She wanted him to feel guilty so he would go back to being his old meek self. "You hurt me, you know. You shouldn't slap my tits like that, and you shouldn't pull my hair. And you know I don't like to even touch your cock, much less put it in my mouth. Now I wish you would get your pants back on and cover that dirty thing!"

"Fuck you, bitch!"

Jim laughed sadistically and reached over and slapped her face. Becky gasped at the sudden attack and all the confidence she had regained completely vanished.

"And I am going to fuck your Goddamn pussy," he cursed as Becky rubbed her stinging cheek. "I'm going to pump my prick into your cunt-hole right put here in the daylight where everyone can see!"

"No!" Becky exclaimed, glancing around the car.

Her fingers found the door handle and, for a second, she thought about twisting it open. But then she realized that she was bare-assed naked and had no place to run. She had allowed Jim to drive on the way out and really hadn't paid attention to where they were going. Even if she did escape him, she didn't know where she was and couldn't go running around without any clothes.

"Oh, yes!" he laughed, wrapping his fingers around his throbbing, glistening cock-shaft. "You better get used to the idea of fucking and sucking any time I decide, because that's the way it's going to be. I'm going to stick this horny fuck-pole into you whenever I want to, and into any hole that catches my eye. Before I'm through, I think I'll even corn-hole your ass!"

Becky was too shocked to even reply. It was like she was watching a terrible pornographic movie and it wasn't really her and her husband who were involved. Surely it wasn't the husband-dominating Becky Miles sitting in the front seat of her car with naked tits and ass watching her spouse slowly jerk on his slippery cock? It couldn't be the meek Jim Miles who had just face-fucked his cock into her mouth.

But it was true, even though she didn't understand how it could have happened. As she watched Jim's spit-slickened prick-shaft glide through his fist, she knew the feeling of terror. Not only had he not felt sorry for raping her mouth, he had told her that it wasn't over.

Panic gripped her and she jerked up the door handle. No longer did she care about naked tits and pussy, she had to get away. There were woods less than fifty yards away and, if she could reach them, she could hide until he came to his senses.

Her bare feet slapped into the dust of the dirt road, and she jumped the narrow ditch that ran beside it. Her foot hit the slope of the other side and slipped in the damp dirt.

Becky went down hard on her knee, scraping away part of the skin. A sharp cry burst from her throat as the pain seemed to freeze her leg. Then the sound of a car door cut through her agony and stirred her to rise to her feet. Jim was coming after her and she had to get to the woods before he could catch up.

Weeds grabbed at her shins as she tried to run, but the ground was too uneven to gain much speed. She almost tripped every second or third stride and the rocks and sharp grass hurt her feet. Then, when her bare foot slapped down, the ground seemed to disappear. Her leg, up to mid-calf, plunged into a hole in the pound. Suddenly, Becky was tumbling forward so quickly she had no time to break the fall with her hands.

She landed flat on her tits, her nipples gouging into the soft earth. Her chin struck the dirt, knocking her slightly silly. For a second, she had no idea where she was except that she was lying face-down in the grass. She couldn't see above the tall weeds, and she was barely aware of the footsteps behind. Then something slammed against her ass and the back of her cunt-crack. Two fingers plunged painfully into her pussy and drove all the way in. A thick thumb jammed at her exposed asshole until the ring of muscles at the entrance gave way.

"Aeeeee!" Becky screamed as Jim's dry thumb rammed through her ass-ring to bury inside her shit-hole. Fire burned in the lower part of her guts and her asshole felt as if it would tear. Never had she felt anything that hurt so much, as if her body was being pierced by a knife.

"Just like a fucking bowling ball!"

Her husband laughed as he lifted her hips by his fingers in her pussy and his thumb up her ass.

Becky squealed as the weight was taken on stretched tissues that made up both of her fuck holes. She pushed with her hands to try to take away some of the pressure, then scrambled her feet to the ground. Quickly she stood up, standing on tiptoes to try to get away from the penetrating pain.

"You like it when you've got me by the nuts!" he hissed, jamming his fingers and thumb even farther inside her. "Not really, of course because you wouldn't do anything dirty like that. But that's the way it feels when you twist me one way and then the other. Keep ol' Jim in line, and protect your cunt like it's gold. Well, little bitch wife of mine, the tables are finally turned, and you're going to find out what it's like to twist in those chains. But, first, I'm going to fuck me a little of that pussy that you think is too good for a horny prick!"

He walked her all the way back to the car with his fingers in her pussy and his thumb jammed up her ass.

To Becky, it felt like the end of a hammer had been rammed all the way into her guts. Never had she even thought of anything being shoved up her shit-hole and it hurt her ass-ring. Every time Jim's thumb moved inside her as she took a step, it felt like her flesh would tear.

"Bend over," he growled when he opened one of the back doors of the car.

Becky glanced down, wondering what he meant, then realized he wanted her to lay down on the back seat. Her feet were still planted in the dust of the road and his thumb was still rammed up her ass. The fingers that had been piercing her cunt had slipped out as he pried open the door.

"What are you going to do?" Becky cried.

Her husband twisted his thumb in her shitter. A white bolt of pain shot clear to her navel, and Becky suddenly felt dizzy. The calves of her legs were cramped from her being forced to walk on her toes, and she knew if she didn't sit or lie down quickly she'd fall right onto her face.

Her hands went down and took part of her weight, then she pushed forward onto the seat of the car. The nipples of her succulent tits scraped against the rough material, while her naked ass still hung outside. Still, the new position relieved some of the pain in her shit-hole. Jim's thumb still poked into her guts, but at least her own weight wasn't adding force to the pressure.

"Jim, please don't!" she begged, realizing that she was groveling before the man she had completely dominated before.

Things had changed so rapidly in the last hour that she wasn't even sure who she was. All that she knew was that her whole body was hurting, not the least of which was her ass. If he didn't get his thumb out of her shitter quickly, she was afraid she would shit all over his hand.

"That's better," he snarled as he begin to piston his thumb in and out. "Reach back here and hold your ass-cheeks apart so I can watch my thumb corn-hole your ass!"

"Don't make me do that!" Becky whined, knowing he could already see her painfully stretched shit-hole.

Holding her ass-cheeks apart wouldn't give him much of a better view, but it would humiliate her completely. She didn't even like for him to look too closely at her in a bathing suit, and he was going to force her to pry open her ass so he could fuck it with his thumb.

"Would you rather I fuck you there with my cock?" He laughed caustically at his frightened, embarrassed wife. "If you don't hold your asscheeks open so I can watch my thumb, I'm going to corn-hole your shitter with my prick!"

"Noooo!" Becky moaned, reaching back with both of her hands.

The fingers of both hands caught inside her ass-crack and pried open the flesh. Her shit-hole looked like it was sucking his thumb, and the sight of his wife holding herself open made Jim's cock throb even harder. So many times she had humiliated his manhood with her silly little games, and now he was enjoying her deep felt shame.

His thumb pumped into her ass, reaching far into her asshole. Each time it slipped outward, Becky felt like she was taking a shit. She fought with her mind to keep from imagining how obscene it must look from behind her, with her own hands prying open her ass.

Her husband's other hand in the middle of her upper back kept her pinned firmly to the seat. Each time she tried to wiggle to relieve some of the pressure, the heel of his palm dug in and took her breath away. Her face against the seat was a bright scarlet from the degradation she was having to suffer. Never in her life had she been so embarrassed, not even as a little girl when she had been frightened and pissed on her white cotton panties.

Slowly his thumb stopped grinding into her body, then the pressure of it disappeared. As his thumb dragged out of her asshole, Becky gasped at the sudden release. Her shit-hole fluttered and her abdomen gripped, trying to close the tiny opening. Slowly, her asshole puckered back to its normal shape, a rosebud of wrinkled skin in the crease of her ass.

Jim flipped Becky onto her back. Her large tits weaved about on her chest. Her eyes opened and she glanced back through her opened, raised legs at the massive cock jutting out from her husband's crotch. His cock appeared swollen and distended by both rage and lust. The knob of his cock-head was almost purple and she could see bulging, wiry lines of blood vessels running crookedly along his prick-shaft. His evil piss-slit appeared to be staring at her as if deciding what damage to do next.

"I hurt," she groaned, hoping that would have some effect on her crazed husband. She had always been able to play on his pity, having headaches more nights than not.

An open palm crashed down onto her unprotected belly. She hadn't been expecting it and her muscles were relaxed. The fingers felt as if they sank into her body almost to her spine. She shrieked from the sudden pain, and her eyes squeezed together so tightly that tears spilled out onto her cheeks.

"It isn't anything like you're going to hurt before you learn what life and sex is all about," Jim snarled, grabbing her ankles and lifting to raise her ass from the seat. He placed her heels over his shoulders, then pitched forward onto his naked wife.

"Noooooo!" she screamed.

Jim's mighty cock-head bumped into the slit of her cunt. Her pussy-lips were shoved out of place as his prick lined up with her cunt-hole. Becky's eyes flew open. The round plastic of the dome light stared down at her like a camera lens quietly recording her grief.

"Don't fuck me here!" she cried, scratching at his back with her hands. "It's dirty! Somebody might see us! I'm not ready! I'm too dry!"

None of it helped. Slowly, the mouth of her cunt-hole was forced open by the burrowing tip of his prick. Without any lubrication, Becky felt like Jim was trying to force his closed fist clear up her cunt. Skin pulled against his penetrating cock-head until Becky was sure she would bleed.

"It hurts!" she sobbed as her cunt-hole was filled with cock-head. "Take it out of me!"

Jim just laughed. Sweat from his face dripped onto her bare chest to mix with her own perspiration. Becky glanced down along her abused body to where he was impaling her cunt. She could see the massive shaft of his prick slowly sliding out of sight. Her red pussy-hair tickled against his cock-shaft as it slowly disappeared inside.

"How about that, bitch?" he shouted. "You're getting fucked in the middle of the afternoon on the side of a road. I hope somebody does drive by and sees that at least one husband is giving his wife what she deserves!"

"Ooooohhhh!" Becky groaned as her husband's prick rammed into the back of her cunt.

His long prick had enough length to reach the opening to her womb. His cock-head punched at the delicate flesh at the far end of her fuckhole. Becky couldn't believe he was being so brutal with her cunt-hole, as if he didn't care what damage was done.

"Goddamn, fucking ball-crushers!" Jim growled. "All of you are exactly alike. You think because you're the ones with the cunt, you can lead your husbands around on a leash, dole pussy out to them like they're Goddamn beggars, and you're doing them a favor because you let them fuck. You're going to learn now that wives open their fucking cunts and mouths every time they see their husbands' pricks. You better learn it fast too, Becky, because you've got a lot to make up for over the past year!"

"Never!" she cried, suddenly defiant. "You can't make me like something dirty!"

"Dirty?" he exploded. "You don't even know what dirty is. I'll show you what dirty is!"

Suddenly, his prick was out of her cunt and his hands were wrapped around her ankles. He yanked, jerking her from the seat. Becky fell ass first into the dust at the side of the road. Dirt scraped at the delicate flesh of her gaping pussy as her feet were pulled high over her head.

He reached down to snarl fingers into her hair. He jerked, lifting her up. Then he dragged her to the back of the car, using her hair like a leash. He kicked her up onto her hands and knees on the edge of the road with her face pointed back down the way they had come.

Becky was filthy. Dust covered her young ass from the fall from the car. Her tits were completely covered with brown grit from lying chest down in the dirt. Her scuffed knees and hands were coated in brown from being dragged to the back of the car.

Her husband dropped to his knees behind her and drove his cock far up her cunt. While she wailed, he fucked her from behind like a dog, slamming hard with each stroke. His legs and abdomen slapped against her dusty ass-cheeks and thighs each time he rammed his cock home.

"Now here's something dirty, Becky!" He laughed as he screwed his long cock into her pussy. "You're just like a Goddamn pig! Your ass and your tits are filthy and even your cunt feels like it's stuffed full of dirt. And you're fucking like a Goddamn animal in the dust at the side of a road. If you wanted something dirty, bitch, all you have to do is smell and look at yourself!"

"Noooo!" she howled as his prick was hammered into her.

Tears ran down her cheeks, cutting wet lines in the dust on her face. She looked like a naked waif who hadn't had a bath in a year.

"Your pussy is getting slick!" he shouted. "Your Goddamn cunt is beginning to flow! You like it dirty, don't you, pig? You like fucking here in the dust and grime like a slut bitch dog in heat!"

Obscenities filled her mind, not words, but ideas. And the worse one of them all was what was being done to her on the edge of the road. Her naked body felt as if it was covered with slime made up of sweat and dirt. Even the burning red of her shame couldn't show through the dirt on her cheeks and tits. Cunt-juice was flowing down the insides of her thighs, leaving broad trails in the dust. Even the bruising pain of Jim's cock-head battering the end of her cunt couldn't cut through the agony of her embarrassment.

"Cock your ass back, bitch!" he screamed. "Hold your pussy up to me or I'll rip your neck with my teeth! I'll bite you like a Goddamn cat or dog screwing in the middle of the street!"

Unconsciously, Becky complied. Her asscheeks lifted high, rotating her pussy outward to meet his cock-thrusts. His long prick hammered into her, swelling even larger.

"You're going to make me cum, bitch!" he growled. "Your rutting animal pussy is squeezing the jism from my prick!"

A hand swirled in her hair, wrapping the strands tightly around fingers. Then her head was jerked back as he used the leverage to drive his cock for the last time. A cloud of dust rose up from the road where it was stirred by her hands and knees. As she fought off the need to sneeze, scalding jism was blasted into her cunt.

Again and again cum was pumped into her as her neck stretched from the pulling of her hair. She felt each pulse of Jim's sticky liquid rocket in to fill her fuck-hole. Cum leaked out around his throbbing cock, dripping down with the cunt-juices to run along her legs.

Suddenly, a moving car was almost upon her, swerving slightly to give the fucking couple plenty of room. Becky hadn't heard the car approach in the agony that gripped her, and at first she didn't comprehend. It wasn't until she saw the faces that she completely understood. The people were seeing the final throes of the filthy, dirt-smeared fucking as they drove steadily by four faces stared out of the front and side windows of the car, two male and two female forms. On the faces of the two men was startled fascination, and the eyes of the two women showed horror.

Chapter THREE

"Well, well," a masculine voice laughed out when Jim led Becky through the front door of the large cabin. "Look who finally got here. I was beginning to think Jim had found something better to do down the road a piece!"

Becky froze halfway through the door, unwilling to go any farther. Since there hadn't been a car parked in front of the cabin, she had thought she and Jim had been the first to arrive. She was still filthy from having been fucked in the road, and Jim hadn't allowed her to put on her clothes. Instead, he had pulled from her baggage a long knit sweater that reached almost to her knees. Beneath it, nothing covered her body except grime and dirt. She had been counting on some time for a bath and a few minutes to repair herself before the other two couples arrived.

When she glanced across the room toward the voice that had greeted them, her muscles turned into stone. Staring back at her were the faces of the men she had seen in the car as Jim had pumped his cum into her cunt!

"Oh, God!" she gasped.

"Nope," the blond man replied. "I'm Bill and this is Tom. Although it probably wouldn't hurt if you would get into the habit of thinking that way. It might make things easier all the way around."

Jim laughed, joining in the merriment of the two other men. Becky glanced over at her husband, confused at what the three of them found so funny.

"Don't worry about it, Becky," he said, smiling harshly at her. "You'll find out soon enough, probably in just a few minutes."

"Where are your wives?" Becky asked.

She knew their wives had accompanied them since she had seen them in the car. She wasn't anxious to face the two women, but something about their absence bothered her.

"They're hanging around up at the other cabin," Tom answered spryly and the three men had to pause for another howl of laughter.

Again, Becky was left totally bewildered at what had prompted their reaction. So far, nothing that had been said had struck her as the least bit funny, although the three men obviously differed.

Bill was a lean, sinewy man who stood a couple of inches over six-feet tall. His blond hair was shaggy on the back and sides, and he reminded Becky of a tall surfer from the beach. Beside him, Tom was at least six inches shorter and built more like a football player, his swarthy skin speaking of a Mediterranean heritage.

Besides the job the three men shared, Becky wondered whether they had anything in common. If she had known then what bound them together, she would have turned and run as fast as she could.

But she didn't know and she lingered too long, actually moving a couple of feet into the room. By the time Bill walked across the room and stood in front of her, her chance for escape was gone.

Bill reached out and placed his fingers on the lapel of her heavy sweater. "You've got yourself a pretty little girl, Jim, but she's got smudges all over her face. It looks like she's been playing in the dirt."

"You think that's bad," Jim said, "you should see the rest of her."

"Don't mind if I do," Bill replied, then suddenly ripped open the front of the sweater.

Becky had been holding it closed with her hand instead of buttoning it, since she had planned to discard it as soon as she was safely inside the cabin. The material tore from her fingers and gaped open the length of her body. Heavy tits, smeared with grime, popped into view and quivered on her dirty chest. Red cunt hair was matted with dried sweat and jism and both her knees were skinned.

"She's still got cum running down her legs!" Bill sneered as he glanced down at Becky's inner thighs. "You must have really pumped her full of it when you were fucking her like a dog in the street!"

Becky thought she would die from shame. She had held onto the faint hope that the men wouldn't recognize that she had been one of the naked fucking bodies on the road. But not only had they recognized her, they had caught her with the proof streaking down her legs. She felt so humiliated that, for a second, she didn't realize that Jim was standing by letting the other men look at her naked, dirty body.

"Get me out of here, Jim," she finally whined, trying to tug the edge of the sweater out of Bill's hands. The blond man held on as his swarthy friend walked over and took a closer look at her tits and cunt. "Jim, please!"

Becky turned to look at her husband. She was shocked to find that he had moved away from her side and was leaning across the doorway at her back. With his body filling the doorway, there was no way Becky could get outside until he moved.

Distracted now from the two men in front of her, Becky felt the sweater yanked to the side. Her balance gone, she tumbled toward the floor with Bill pulling the garment free. She rolled to the wood planking of the cabin, dirty and totally exposed. One of her arms crossed her chest, hiding her tits, while her other hand dove to her cunt. Her fingers spread, trying to cover her pussy from the men's frightening stares.

"What's going on?" Becky wailed, glancing from one man to the other.

Finally, her eyes lit on her husband and the grin on his face chilled her to the bone.

"Things are changed around now," he told her with a sadistic smile. "I've practically begged you for the past year to break down and fuck and suck with me like a wife should do with her man, but you still keep up with a prissy, bitch shit about not liking it and wanting to stay in control. Well, I'm tired of asking and you're not in control any longer! Bill, Tom and I all got to comparing notes at work and we found that we were all in the same boat. All three of us had wives that thought their pussies were untouchable pieces of gold. So we've spent weekends for the last month getting these cabins ready and now have two weeks of vacation together. Before anybody leaves this place we're going to melt those three hard-metal pussies and recast them to what we want!"

"Leave me alone!" Becky cried and scrambled to her feet.

Becky slammed into her husband's body as he continued to block the doorway. Her legs jammed against his heavy thigh and his arm caught her under the chin. It was just like someone had slugged her, and her naked body reeled back into Bill's clutching arms.

The tall, blond man whirled her around and drove a fist deep into her gut. The air in her lungs exploded outward, and her eyes, were blinded from bright lights igniting in her mind. The muscles of her stomach felt as if they had been ripped apart and she folded up around his fist.

A long arm curled around her waist and she was lifted free from the floor. Her body draped over the masculine arm like a blanket being carried to a bed.

"You've got a feisty little bitch," Bill said to Jim, "but she's as dirty as hell. Why don't we carry her out in back and wash her down with the hose?"

The three men thought that was a marvelous idea, and Becky didn't care. Her gut was still cramping furiously from the blow, and her eyes had refused to clear. Her mind was locked into a terrifying nightmare and all she wanted was to wake up.

But the water from the hose cured her of any doubt about whether it was all a dream.

Bill had used his belt to tie her upraised hands to the low branch of a tree, then the three men stood back as Tom held the water hose and turned it on. An icy stream spurted from its end and shocked her tits with its biting cold.

"No!" she screamed as the freezing water blasted onto her body.

The stream began on her chest right between her tits then ran down onto her stomach. Everywhere the water went it seemed to burn with its icy touch. Never had Becky known that fire and ice could cause such similar pain.

The sun was still high in the sky, but the mountain air had a nip that was totally uncomfortable. When Becky's naked body was hit by the cold water pumped from a creek, it felt like she'd been plunged into ice.

Her shrieks echoed through the trees as the stream of cold water found her tits again. The water battered into her left tit, making her nipple try to hide in her flesh, before sweeping over to her other tit. The color of her tit quickly faded as the shocked blood retreated until her flesh was almost gray.

Then the water pulsed into her face like a never-ending blow from a hand. Its coldness quickly stole her breath as some of it splashed up her nose. She gasped, parting her lips, and her mouth was flooded by stinging cold. Her teeth ached before the water finally departed, washing upward into her hair.

Her eyes stung from the dripping water and Becky could no longer see. Her wrists were cut by the rough leather of the belt. The water parade descended until it washed at the insides of her legs.

Then, for a few seconds, it was gone and Becky prayed that it was over.

"Nnngghh!" she grunted when the icy water struck her in the middle of her back.

The pause had only been to allow Tom to walk around her so he could punish her from the ear.

"Look at her squirm!" Jim exclaimed. "That little bitch never moves like that when I've got a cock up her cunt!"

"Maybe she just needs a the practice," Tom guffawed in reply. "Let's see how she moves when I wash, off her ass!"

No matter bow hard she tried, Becky couldn't keep from thrusting forward with her hips when the icy stream roared into the crack of her ass. The pressure that battered her ass-cheeks and shit-hole came from the end of the hose being held only a couple of inches away. She shrieked as the wrinkled rosebud of her shitter puckered even more. A shattering chill ran from the base of her spine clear up to the back of her head.

"Noooo!" she cried, thrashing against the belt holding her hands high over her head.

Her shoulders ached from the punishing weight as her hips and legs jerked forward. But still the icy slap of the water followed her, never moving from the crack of her ass.

"She's coming clean," Bill said. "But we've got to get ol' Jim's cock-cream washed out of her cunt. Come on back around here, Tom, and let's shove that water fountain right up her tight, young pussy."

"Don't do that!" Becky screamed, but her protests were to no avail.

The stream of water left her ass as Tom walked around to the front. When he stood before Becky, he pulled the hose up to his body and held it at his crotch. Her eyes had cleared enough to see that it looked like a long, slender cock. The pressure of the water weaved the nozzle around like the head of a snake, and from its mouth burst a stream of cold mountain water that rose almost to Tom's head.

Becky groaned as he lowered the end of the nozzle and moved it closer to the ground. Hands grappled between her legs from the back as her husband reached through to pry open the lips of her cunt. Becky was horrified that he would actually help, then her thoughts were blasted away by the crash of ice water into the delicate, spread flesh of her pussy. It felt like a torch had been shoved up between her legs to eat away at her cunt.

The pressure was unbelievable. Becky felt like her cunt was being hammered. And when the nozzle was shoved into the mouth of her cunthole, her whole insides were shocked. It was like gallons of thundering water were being poured into a narrow cave to bloat and swell its, tender walls. She jabbered meaningless sounds until the torture was finally taken away.

Becky was exhausted. Every ounce of her strength had drained away with the icy water. She felt as if she had run a hundred miles only to be beaten and pounded when she stopped. Her body sagged heavily on the leather belt, as the strap cut deeply into her wrists. She hung, miserable, in the small clearing between the cabins as the water was finally turned off.

"Well, at least she's clean," Tom joked as he rejoined his friends after twisting off the faucet.

"Yeah!" Bill hissed with fire in his eyes. "Almost clean enough to fuck. Hey, Jim, you mind if I feed your bitch's pussy some long, hard cock?"

"Naw," Becky's husband laughed from behind her naked, suspended body. "Teach that cunt what it's like to swallow up somebody else's prick!"

Becky was horrified. Jim was going to let another man fuck her cunt!

She watched in fear as the tall blond man in front of her began unbuttoning the fly of his jeans. Slowly the material parted and a long, hefty cock sprang up in the gap. Yellow cock hair swarmed around its base as his prick-shaft jutted into the air. Bill's prick was already raging hard from being turned on by the torture of her body with the water.

"No!" Becky shrieked, unable to tear her eyes from his fleshy cock-club. Bill's cock was every bit as big as her husband's, perhaps a little longer, as it jerked in anticipation.

The swarthy Tom reached down and grabbed one of Becky's ankles while Jim reached around and latched onto the other. They both lifted, dragging her feet upward and apart to spread her cunt for Bill's throbbing prick.

Becky tried to fight them, but she had no leverage. All of her, weight was on the belt around her wrists and her arms were ready to collapse. Pain shot through her hips and the insides of her thighs as they split her legs wide so they could watch the fucking of her poor, tender cunt.

Cold water from the hose still dripped from her pussy-hair as Bill edged forward with the base of his cock in his hand. His pants were pushed down to his knees, baring his whole crotch to her frightened eyes. Heavy balls in a loose, hairy sac hung down the insides of his thighs. His battering ram of a cock jutted toward her, reaching out for her pussy with its swollen, shiny knob. So much blood had engorged it that his cock-head looked like a small fist with an evil piss-slit cut into its end. A small bead of glistening pre-cum dotted his piss-hole.

"Please don't," Becky groaned.

She felt Bill's hard cock-head slide between her gaping pussy-lips and nose right up to her cunt-hole. Her husband and Tom pulled her legs even wider to splay open her pussy, and Bill rocked forward with his hips and drove his cock into the mouth of her cunt.

"Aeeeiii!" Becky screamed, sure she was spilt in two.

The water gushing up her pussy had washed out all of her natural juices. The coldness of the stream had shriveled up her cunt, puckering its mouth tightly, and Bill's brutal cock-thrust felt as if it had ripped her pussy-flesh. Two inches of his throbbing fuck-monster prick were jammed into her tortured cunt-hole and there was nothing she could do but scream.

"Fucking, cock-teasing bitches!" the blond man cursed, then slammed his fists into both of her vulnerable tits.

His clenched fingers drove far into her tender flesh, trapping her tit-flesh against the bone of her ribs. The pain was like two bombs had exploded on her chest, shooting needles of white agony through her neck and into her head. A second later, Bill's cock rammed fiercely, and he drove another three inches of thick prick meat into her cunt.

"Aaarggh!" Becky gargled senselessly.

Even her husband's fucking back on the road hadn't been half so brutal. Her hips felt pulled completely out of join by the hands on her legs, and her tits were gripped by agonizing fire. The flesh of her cunt-hole felt as if it was being ripped to shreds by Bill's prick that continued to drive into her depths.

"Fuck that red-haired, stuck-up cunt!" the short, dark man on her left called out.

"Punish my little bitch!" Jim snarled. "Beat her pussy into submission!"

He's enjoying it, Becky thought wildly, then groaned deeply when Bill's cock-head slammed into the closed end of her cunt.

Her husband was helping his friend rape her while she was bound like a dead deer to the limb of a tree. That was how they were treating her, just like a hunk of meat for them to ravage and fuck. Never had she been so frightened or so revolted, and she wanted more than anything to throw up. But each time she came close to vomiting, another thudding cock-thrust hammered it from her mind. Her cunt-flesh was being battered into bruises by Bill's violent, fucking prick.

"Your wife's got a tight pussy, Jim!" Bill hissed as sweat ran down his forehead and cheeks. "It feels like a Goddamn hot mouth closed all around my throbbing cock!"

"Nooooo!" Becky groaned.

He might as well have been using his fist inside her for the damage that was being done. Her pussy-slit was aching and sore from the battering. With her legs spread so wide, Bill's cock drove directly into her cunt and slammed against her tiny, tender clit.

"The fucking cunt is going to make me cum!" Bill suddenly shouted, rising on tiptoes to jam his cock even harder into the tortured girl's pussy.

The blow of his prick-head was so fierce inside her that it knocked Becky higher into the air. The belt holding her wrists suddenly slackened, then Becky paid the horrible price. Her weight cascaded down with the cock still lodged inside her and drove the end of her pussy channel hard against the end of Bill's raping prick.

"Aeeeeiiiii!" she screamed, as her guts exploded in pain.

"Here it fucking comes!" Bill shouted.

Hot male cum splattered against the bruised flesh deep inside her cunt-hole. Bill's cock swelled even more with every spurt. Waves of scalding, sticky jism rocketed into her tortured fuck-hole, bathing her aching pussy-flesh with unwanted cum. Bill's fuck-rod jumped and leaped inside her cunt as it poured out its heavy load. Finally, the torture of her pussy was more than Becky could stand. With a strange, marauding cock still raping her cunt-hole, the young girl passed out.

Chapter FOUR

Becky groaned. The iron clamps on the end of the chains hurt her wrists. By stretching her legs, she could touch her toes to the wooden floor of the cabin, taking some of the weight off her arms. But only a couple of minutes of that was all she could stand before cramps started knotting her calves and thighs. No matter how she hung, her back scraped against the rough inside beams of the wall and rubbed the skin from her shoulders and hips.

Another groan rose from beside her, and Becky turned her head, still having trouble believing her eyes.

Hanging beside her was a young blonde woman as naked as Becky was herself. The blonde, with hair bobbed at the lobes of her ears, was shorter, and, even by stretching, she couldn't touch the ground. Her body was like that of a high-school cheerleader, compact and tight with small tits that were miniatures of Becky's larger mounds. An angry red bite mark surrounded her right nipple and there was a bruise on the point of one hip. Her cunt-hair was so fair it looked like straw, dried by the sun and the wind.

On the other side of the blonde was a tall brunette, lean and willowy as she, too, hung suspended by chains. The length of the links had been taken up for the taller girl, insuring that only her toes would touch the floor. The bottom of her ribcage stood out like a ridge line below magnificent tits. On her narrow, naked chest, her tits looked almost too big -- swollen monuments for someone to suck. Her nipples were so red they looked almost rouged, or as if someone had just tweaked them with their hands.

The blonde was crying softly, tears staining her cheeks. The brunette was clenching her teeth, gnashing them together so loudly that Becky could hear from several feet away.

Earlier, the three women had exchanged the briefest of words before returning to the solitary fight with their own suffering.

The blonde was Joy, Bill's wife. The brunette's name was Wanda, whose husband was Tom. For a second, Becky hated the other two women for what their husbands had done, then realized all the women were in the same shape. Fate and their husbands had bound three wives together, aching and bound while bathed in naked shame.

A creak sounded across the room.

The front door of the cabin slowly opened, casting a long shaft of sunlight down onto the center of the floor. Shadows ate into the brilliance as the three husbands filed inside. The door hammered closed and a bolt was thrown, then Coleman lanterns lighted up the room.

The thee husbands were dressed in identical black cut-offs and T-shirts, and looked like a team of sadists as each stepped up in front of his own wife.

Jim reached out and grabbed a handful of Becky's left tit and twisted as hard as he could. Her shrieks of pain ripped through the cabin, piercing the silent air.

In the center, Bill slapped harshly at the insides of Joy's thighs, making her hold them apart even though it made her legs ache. Then, suddenly, he rammed a thumb up her dry cunthole, cutting at her tender flesh with his nail. The sobs coming from the small blond woman in the chains sounded choked because of the fear clutching at her throat.

On the right, the swarthy Tom stared at the body of his lithe wife, suspended before him in the chains. An ugly sneer marked his face as he reached down with one hand and snarled fingers into the pelt of her cunt-hair. He jerked, lifting her ass completely free of the wall with the weight on the strands of her pussy-hair.

"Noooo!" Wanda cried, adding her sounds of agony to the din that was rowing in the room.

"Just a bunch of cry-baby bitches," Bill spat sadistically. "Maybe later we can have a contest to see who can his wife scream the loudest."

"Please, don't!" Becky begged.

Jim laughed at her.

"Before, it was me begging, wasn't it?" he snarled. "Just suck my cock for me and swallow my cum. But no! You didn't want my prick in your pussy, much less spurting in your mouth. Before we're through, you're going to think you're in heaven if I let you lick the sweat off my balls!"

"And you, little bitch," Bill swore at his blonde wife, "you were always too busy running around with your prissy girlfriends. Sometimes I think you'd rather lick their juicy little pussies rather than suck cock like you should. Maybe you'll get your chance now! I think I'll make you tongue these other bitches' leaking cunt-holes, and maybe even their shitty assholes, too!"

"No!" Joy shrieked, thrashing in the chains. The threat also gripped Becky with sexual fear, knowing she also might be forced to do the same.

Tom also had harsh words for his wife.

"Ordered me around all the time, didn't you, cunt!" he shouted. "Do this! Do that! Kept the lights turned off so I couldn't see my prick fucking your pussy. Well, I'm going to look now, Wanda! I'm going to have one of my friends stick his cock in your cunt while the other one fucks your mouth, and I might even take pictures. I'll take them down to that Goddamn library of yours and show them to the people you work with all day!"

"No, don't do that!" Wanda gasped desperately.

"Put them on the fucking bulletin board at the supermarket with your address and telephone number beneath!" her husband cackled.

"No, Tom!" the dark girl cried, twisting in her chains.

"Shut up!" her husband shouted, then grabbed her pussy-hair again.

He tugged so hard that a small patch of strands was left in his fingers when her body had fallen back to the wall. Her screams rattled the loose panes in the single window of the room, then sobs bubbled from her throat.

Becky was shocked. All three of the husbands were acting like wild men who were intent on torturing their wives. She had never dreamed that Jim would take part in something like that. Perhaps she did boss Jim around a bit, and maybe she did get a little thrill out of denying him her pussy and refusing to suck his cock. But husbands, Becky had thought, were made to control or else they would get out of hand. And it had always worked as she had kept the leash tightly around his neck.

But all that appeared to be ended now. No matter how much she tried to wish it away, she and the other two wives were bound naked and vulnerable by the chains.

The three men backed to the center of the room, laughing and joking about their captive wives. Tom still held strands of his wife's cunt hair and he fluttered them into the air. The other two roared when Jim ducked down and caught some of them in his mouth.

"If you want to eat pussy," Bill chided, "you ought to be a little more direct."

"Yeah," Tom chimed in. "Go over there and sink your teeth into my wife's prissy cunt!"

Jim laughed and scooted over on his knees to the legs of the tall brunette woman. With rough hands, he shoved her legs apart, then drove his face at her cunt. His mouth was open with teeth flashing, and he bit down harshly on her tender pussy-flesh.

Wanda erupted in a blood-curdling scream as her outer cunt-lips were slicked. Small drops of blood glistened from Jim's front teeth when he scrambled back to his feet. The other two men thought the whole thing hilarious, and Becky was glad it hadn't been her cunt. The brunette woman was still sobbing and thrashing her legs, trying to fight off some of the terrible pain.

"Now, who do we start with?" Bill asked, rubbing his hands together.

"Let's begin on the left and take them in order," Jim said, his mouth sneering and his eyes flashing as he stared directly at his wife.

For a second, what her husband had said didn't register, then Becky realized he was talking about starting with her. Fear suddenly chilled her. No matter how much the cuffs on the chains hurt her, right then all she wanted was to hang there undisturbed.

But Jim was not going to be denied. Bill noticed Jim's enthusiasm and nodded to the eager man.

Jim reached up and unclamped Becky's hands, then twisted them behind her. Again, cold metal bit into her wrists as her husband snapped handcuffs into place.

"Bring her over here," Bill ordered, motioning to a padded platform that had been mounted to the far wall.

The platform was raised almost a foot above the floor of the cabin and was approximately ten feet on all sides. A number of wrist clamps had been mounted around it and, on one side, two padded stakes rose about twelve inches into the air.

Jim pushed her from behind and Becky tumbled face-forward onto the platform. With her wrists cuffed behind her, she couldn't break the fall with her hands. She turned her head to protect her nose and banged into the padding with her cheek. Stars exploded behind her eyes as she rolled over onto her back. Her bound hands lay under her, propping her ass and cunt slightly into the air.

"Hey, Tom," Bill called. "You haven't had your prick in this little bitch. Why don't you get down there and feed some of that big cock into your mouth?"

"Yeah!" Jim exclaimed. "I want to get down there and watch my wife eat prick!"

Becky's eyes were barely clearing from the blow to her cheek. When her eyes finally focused, she saw the swarthy man who was slowly stripping out of his black denim shorts. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged when she saw his cock pop out. His prick was swollen, but only halfway hard with a heavy droop at its end. His cock really didn't look any longer than her husband's, but its thickness stole her breath. His cock looked almost as big around as her wrist and his cock-head was bulging like an apple.

"I can't suck that!" Becky gasped, her face showing her fear.

Just the thought of all that cock-meat stuffed into her mouth had started her jaws to ache.

"Sure you can, baby!" her husband said, laughing. "Or would you rather have his prick rammed into your asshole or cunt?"

Becky cringed. She didn't want Tom's bulky cock-club in any of her fuck-holes, and she tried to scramble away. Digging her heels into the padding, she tried to push herself along on her back.

Bill and Jim stepped forward and grabbed her legs, whipping her feet high into the air. Together, they dragged her back the few inches she had managed to get away.

Becky squirmed. Before her, Tom's shorts dropped to the floor and were kicked from his feet. Slowly, Becky's sight climbed the hairy towers of his legs to Tom's heavy hanging balls and his frightening-looking cock.

As she watched, Tom's hunk of prick-meat swelled even farther until it stood rigidly out from his body. Becky had heard that most pricks were different, but she would have never imagined that a cock could have been so thick. Beneath her, her fingers curled and she knew there was no way that one of her hands could ever hold it, and she doubted whether a cunt would ever be able to swallow its terrible girth.

But it wasn't her pussy that was threatened, it was her mouth, and Tom stepped around Jim to straddle her body. He stood above her like a giant, his cock swaying and jerking in its anticipation of raping her mouth.

"No!" Becky squealed as the dark man dropped to his knees over her stomach.

His heavy prick slapped down across her chest and Becky kit as if she had been hit with a club. Her tits rippled from the force of the blow.

Her teeth clenched. Her lips creased in to a tight, thin line. As Tom walked on his knees up her body, Becky was determined to shut his awful prick out.

Suddenly, his large hand flashed out and crashed against her cheek. Becky shrieked in pain and agony, then her cries were muffled by hard cock. The fleshy prick-head of Tom's thick fuck-club was rammed into her screaming mouth.

"Mmmmmph!" Becky gargled, feeling her jaws begin to stretch.

Only his massive cock-head was inside and already her mouth felt pushed out of shape. It was like trying to eat a whole small apple and there was still more prick-meat to come.

Tom's rubbery cock-head pressed down firmly on her tongue, driving it against the bottom of her mouth. She could feel the oddly textured flesh of the bulbous end of his prick. Behind his bulging hot cock-head was a ridge of rolled foreskin, connected on the bottom by a tight band of skin that almost reached his piss-slit.

The skin that covered Tom's prick-shaft had a more normal feel. It was like that of the rest of his body, although loose, so it could slip back and forth over his hard cock. Becky's jaws began to ache as the first few inches of Tom's cock-shaft pushed into her mouth.

"Goddamn!" Jim shouted as he dropped to his hands and knees at the side of Becky's head. He leaned in until his face was only a foot or so from where Tom's mighty cock was fucking into his wife's mouth. "Look at her fucking lips stretch tight! There's so much cock in there it's going to strangle her to death!"

Becky was afraid Jim might be right. Tom's cock in her mouth was like trying to swallow a fence post and it had already disrupted her breathing. With her mouth open so far, it was hard to suck in air through either her nose or mouth.

The heady smell of crotch sweat drifted up to her nose. The acid taste of perspiration spread out over her tongue. It was the unique sensation of cock-sucking, something Becky was only beginning to learn.

"Ah, suck my prick, bitch!" Tom snarled, using his hips to drive his cock hard into her face.

"Fuck her mouth!" Bill said from somewhere out of her sight. "Ram it clear to her throat!"

"Cock-fuck her tonsils!" Jim hissed from right beside her. "I want to see my cunt of a wife swallow long, hard prick!"

Becky gagged when Tom's swollen cock-head jammed to the back of her mouth. Each inch of his swollen prick spread her jaws that much farther. Bones popped in the sides of her face as the joints were pushed out of shape. Rubbery prick-flesh plugged the opening to her throat and she had to suck in air through her nose. Saliva dribbled along the sides of Tom's thick cock and ran out of the corners of her mouth. Her spit was like pouring pussy-juice, greasing the fucking of her face.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Becky moaned as Tom's bulging cock-head pistoned against the opening to her throat.

His prick was pounding her mouth with long and steady strokes. Her eyes bulged open, watching Tom's grinding abdomen in her face. Her lower jaw was stretched down until it almost touched her chest, and, at the end of each powerful fuck-thrust, heavy balls bounced against her chin.

"Goddamn!" Tom groaned, his naked ass banging against her tits. "Her fucking mouth is like a tight pussy squeezing down on my cock! I don't think I've ever fucked cunt that was any better than this bitch."

Becky felt her face go completely red with embarrassment and shame. The awful way they were talking only made things that much worse. She was being raped right in the mouth, face fucked furiously, by a man she hardly knew. And, all the time, the three men were laughing and talking about her as if she was nothing more than a hunk of red, raw meat.

Although she couldn't see them, Becky knew the other women would be watching while they hung there painfully in their chains. They would know their times were coming, but it did nothing to calm Becky's shame. To have a hard cock forced all the way into her throat while the other wives watched was almost more humiliation than she could stand.

She tried to scream, panic running through her like a rampaging river in spring. Tom's thick, fucking prick choked off her cry.

"Pound it harder!" Jim hissed lustily, splashing spit onto the side of her face. "I want to see your monstrous cock fucking out her face!"

The lewd urgings drove the face-fucking man to thrust with his cock even harder and faster. What had been a constant pounding quickly became a brutal beating. Tom's cock-head was now like a hammer slamming into the back of Becky's mouth. His prick-meat was swelling even bigger, almost dislocating her jaws.

"Harder!" Bill shouted, the fire of lust burning in his eyes. "Punish her! Fill her Goddamn mouth with cum!"

Becky almost swooned. Hard cock beat her. The flesh around her throat was being heavily bruised. Her mouth was totally awash now with her drooling spit. Each time Tom's prick-head jammed hard inside her mouth, saliva burst from her lips.

Gone now was her worry about the other women watching; all she wanted was to survive. Her breath was short and ragged, sucking up through her running nose. Her chest screamed from the shortage of air. Her mind swirled from the brutality of Tom's pounding, oversized cock.

Tom's cock-head ballooned. His fence post of a prick seemed to swell to the size of a tree trunk as it jammed to the back of her mouth. There it stayed, pressing even harder, as the male body above her began to shake.

For a second, Becky panicked as she thought his prick might be rammed down her throat.

Tom's cock erupted with a tremendous wad of cum. The hot, sticky jism blasted in, then swirled around her mouth. Tom's prick-head continued pushing, nuzzling up to her throat. As more of the scalding fuck-cream jetted into her mouth, Becky swallowed in self-defense.

Cum greased its all the way down the long tube to ignite in her stomach. Again and again, thick loads of jism were blasted at her and she had to swallow it down. What felt like a gallon of cum had been gulped into her throat before Tom's cock-pulses slowed down.

Becky gagged the stringy masses down her throat. She began to moan as if she had been fatally speared.

Chapter FIVE

Joy was horrified.

Her wrists were chafed from the clamps at the end of the chains and her shoulders ached from suspending her weight, but the thing that frightened her the most was the brutal mouth fucking of the other wife.

The dark man's thick, oversized cock was battering into the woman's mouth so hard that spit was flying from the corners of her mouth. The woman's husband was on his hands and knees with his face pushed almost up to Tom's face pounding cock, and there was a grin of sadistic pleasure twisting his face.

What shocked Joy even more was that her own husband, Bill, was standing to the side, laughing and urging the other man on. Somehow, Joy's whole life had been turned upside down and she was terrified over what might happen because of it.

Beside her, Wanda groaned deeply, stretching her long, slender body to try to touch the floor. Joy wished she could do the same, but she knew she couldn't reach. Wanda also couldn't tear herself from the scene before them since it was her own husband raping his cock into the other woman's mouth.

Joy's eyes cut back to the platform, and she flinched as a brutal cock-blow rammed into Becky's mouth. Tom's prick was like a club, swollen and thick, and Joy shuddered at the thought of ever having it in her own mouth or cunt.

Then, suddenly, the swarthy man yelled and jammed his cock hard into the woman's face.

Joy gasped and her own jaws ached from just watching the vicious mouth-fuck. White, milky froth began pouring from the corners of Becky's mouth, and Joy realized that the man was blasting his cum over the woman's tongue. She watched Becky's throat gulp down much of the sticky mess, but long strands of jism still, ran down both sides of her chin.

The dark man rolled from Becky's chest, his thick cock popping wetly out of her well-fucked mouth.

Becky gasped, then sobbed, trying desperately to get her breath.

Jim reached down with his palm and smeared the leftover cum all over his wife's face. Then he leaped to his feet laughing, rubbing at the bulge in the front of his cut-off denims.

"Goddamn!" he cackled. "Watching cum squirt into her mouth has turned my cock on. My cock's so fucking hard that it hurts!"

Tom sighed deeply, satisfied now that his cock was sated. He rolled over onto his back on the padded platform. Joy's husband, Bill, turned slightly and looked over his shoulder where his wife still hung against the wall in the chains.

A chill ran through Joy when she saw Bill's face. His blond hair was disheveled and there was an evil glint in his eyes. He was staring directly at her as a hunter might at a deer that he had finally gotten into his sights.

"I guess we'll have to do something about that hard cock of yours, Jim," Bill said. "And, according to our agreement to take them in order, I guess my little bitch is next!"

"Noooo!" Joy moaned.

The three men gathered up the battered Becky and carried her back over to the wall to the chains. The other two men lifted while Bill snapped Becky's hands back into the clamps. Then they stepped back, leaving Becky moaning with cum drying on her face. They stepped to the side until they stood in front of Joy's naked body.

"Please, don't!" she begged as the three men looked at her tits and cunt.

Joy tried to drag her legs upward in a futile attempt to cover her pussy and chest, but her knees were barely bent before their weight pulled them back down straight. She hung there suspended like a piece of meat for them to inspect.

Beads of sweat broke out on Joy's forehead and leaked down both sides of her button nose. Salt in the perspiration burned her blue eyes. Blonde hair, the color of straw, swept down from a center part to be squared off, at the bottoms of her ears. It framed her delicately featured face to brush at the lines of her jaw. Her cheeks were fair, with only a hint of color, and her lips were thin like those of a little girl.

The illusion of youth carried over to her body. Joy stood just five-foot-two. Her body was hard-fleshed and tight-skinned on an adolescent frame. She looked like a naked high-school cheerleader, something she had been in previous years. Her tits were like small overturned teacups of firm flesh, topped by swollen, prominent nipples.

Faint bikini lines traced across the front of her hips from tanning under a sunlamp wearing only the bottom. The triangle surrounding her pussy, however, was only slightly fairer than the rest of her skin. Nestled inside that paler area was a trace of cunt-hair that ran along her pussy-slit. Her cunt hair was so faint and thin stranded that it did nothing to hide her pouting cunt. Joy knew she was completely exposed to the men and it shamed her clear to the core.

"One of you guys grab her around the waist and lift her while I unclamp her hands," Bill said as he reached up past her elbow.

Tom's strong arms wrapped around her waist and squeezed as he took some of the weight off her arms. Bill unclamped one wrist, then the other, allowing Joy to slump across Tom's chest. Her toes never touched the floor of the cabin as she was carried over and dropped to the padded platform. Along the way, her knee rubbed against the dark man's thick cock, still half-hard and slippery with half-dried cum and spit.

Joy thumped down onto her naked ass. Instinctively, she started scrambling from the man who had carried her across the room. On feet and elbows, she pushed herself backward until Bill stepped up and put a bare foot down hard on her chest. His toes pinched down around her bruised nipple as he shoved her flat to the floor.

Joy trembled. The push on her chest was making her breath come hard although little of Bill's weight was on his pinning foot.

Joy stared wide-eyed and frightened up the tower of his leg to where her husband was grinning sadistically at her. There was no sympathy in his face.

Now there was something else in his expression that the terrified woman had never seen before. It was like a different man had hidden inside his body just waiting for a chance to come out.

"I still have that other bitch's cunt-juices dried to my cock from when we tied her up outside and fucked her," Bill snarled. He shoved the sole of his foot harder against her small tits to watch her squirm. "I'm going to let you clean my prick with your mouth."

Joy tried to wiggle away, but it did her no good. Bill's foot was mashing into her chest. Jim had fallen to his knees to pin Joy's legs to the floor.

Slowly, Bill unsnapped his denim shorts and pulled open the fly. His cock sprung from the opening, crusted with dried cum and pussy juices. Although partially hard, his prick still drooped to point its evil cock-head right down toward Joy's face.

"Get your prick wet in her cunt," he called back to Jim. "When you get it good and greasy let me know because I've got something for you that you're sure to enjoy."

Bill's bare ass settled down onto Joy's naked tits, her nipples and tit-flesh being squashed down hard. His long cock arched out over her neck and chin to beat its prick-head against her sealed lips.

Up close, Joy could see the dried cum and cunt-juices where they clung to the skin of his prick. Heavy balls rested on top of her chest and his cock-hair tickled beneath her chin. Then her legs were lifted and spread, and she felt the bare legs of another man run up between her creamy thighs.

Joy groaned as Jim's cock-head rammed into the slit of her pussy and centered on the small opening of her cunt-hole.

"Ouch!" she cried when the first two inches of Jim's prick was driven into her dry pussy-hole.

Immediately, three inches of Bill's swollen, dirty cock was jammed into her open mouth. Simultaneously, she was being raped top and bottom with pricks stuffing two of her fuck-holes.

"How do you like two cocks?" her husband laughed. "You acted like you didn't want to fuck mine, so maybe you were waiting for two or three at the same time!"

Joy was horrified at what was happening. Another couple of inches of driving prick ripped into her, stretching and pulling at the moistureless flesh of her pussy.

Inside, the walls of her cunt-channel felt as if they were being torn. Jim's hard cock-meat throbbed so hard she could feel it jerk deep inside her cunt.

In Joy's mouth, her husband's filthy cock was pressing down hard on her tongue. As it slid across her taste buds, his cock spread the flavors of pussy and male cum from the specks of dried juices that flecked off into her mouth. When Bill's cock-head rammed against the opening to her throat, Joy almost gagged. Spit washed through her mouth, bathing the rest of the crud from Bill's probing prick.

Between her legs, Jim's raping cock was stirring her flesh with its friction, rubbing the insides of her pussy until her cunt-juices began to flow.

Joy was humiliated that her body began to react to such vulgar action. Within minutes, her pussy was pouring with cunt-cream just as if she was excited and turned on by the violent fucking.

"She's juicing up, just like a slut!" the cunt fucking man hissed to his friends. "These cold bitches must like hard fucking and sucking!"

"No!" Joy cried, but her mouth was crammed full of cock. It came out as a mumble that the men took for a groan of pleasure.

Her husband ripped his prick out of Joy's mouth, slinging saliva down onto her chest.

"The cunt is enjoying this too much," he snarled as he tumbled from his wife's body. "Flip her over and let's see how much she likes a corn-holed ass!"

"No!" Joy gasped, her body trembling at just the thought.

Joy's lightly-furred little pussy grasped tightly to Jim's raping prick. But Jim was already pulling his throbbing, jerking cock from her fuck slit and hands grappled at her sides.

Although she fought them, she was rolled over onto her face and tits while gasping for breath.

"Don't do that!" the young blonde girl wheezed.

Arms lifted her hips into the air. Hard fists drove her thighs forward until her knees propped her ass up, then fingers pushed apart her ass-crack. Her face was rubbed painfully against the crude padding of the platform as she was roughly shoved into place. Her ass was thrust high into the air with the crack of her ass spread apart. In the fleshy valley between her ass-cheeks was the puckered mouth of her shit-hole.

Her husband cackled like a fiend. He sat down on the back of her head, shoving her nose into the floor.

Desperately, Joy turned her neck until her cheek took the weight. She faced backward and leaned down to grab the cheeks of her ass. He spread them even farther for his friend.

"This fucker is really greased up!" Jim laughed, walking up between Joy's legs on his knees. He aimed his hefty cock right for the brown, wrinkled rosebud that was the entrance to her ass. "That Goddamn pussy was like an oil well pumping to slicken my prick!"

Joy squirmed, but she was pinned too tightly into place.

"Anything but that!" she screamed, her words muffled by the padding of the floor. "I'll suck all three of your pricks! All of you can fuck me in the cunt. Just don't try to stick one of those fucking monsters up my little shit-hole!"

"We'll fuck you any Goddamn way we want!" Bill cursed, wiggling his naked ass down hard on the side of her head.

Joy groaned at the added pressure as her cheek bone threatened to break. Pain gripped the side of her face as if it was caught in a vise.

"Noooo!" Joy moaned as she felt the hot touch of Jim's cock-head against the puckered mouth of her shitter.

The ringed muscles of her asshole pinched together as if trying to close off forever. Even shitting sometimes was uncomfortable, and the idea of a prick in her ass was almost beyond belief. She had only heard of it once before in her life, and she had thought only animals would ever do such a thing.

"It's too small!" she cried when she felt pressure grow on her asshole. It felt like someone was trying to drive a thick club into her ass. "Don't do it! You'll kill me if you force your cock in there!"

"Go ahead and kill the bitch, then!" her husband chuckled sadistically, pushing against her shoulders with the front of his thighs. That kept her braced and unable to retreat from the pressure building against her asshole.

"Ram that fuck-club clear into her guts!" Tom urged as he circled in close to see. Already his massive prick was beginning to recover and thicken at the thought of watching the corn holing of Joy's ass.

"Get ready, asshole!" Jim laughed as his finger bit into the flesh of her hips. "Here comes the thundering cock!"

"Aaeeeeiiiiii!" the young blonde woman shrieked as intense pain exploded through her ass.

Jim's bulging cock-head pried open her shithole as he leaned his weight on the end of his prick. Joy's body was blocked by her husband's shoulders so she was held firmly in place. The constantly increasing pressure proved too much for the tight ass-ring protecting her guts. Slowly her shitter opened, swallowing up three inches of cock.

"No!" Joy screamed.

Joy felt like a knife had been driven into her ass. The piercing pain was so severe she thought she would pass out. The terrible agony was too much. Her ass-ring felt as if it was tearing as Jim's cock continued to press.

"Take it out!" Joy screeched. "It hurts! It's killing me! It's too big to be in my ass!"

"I think she likes it!" Bill howled, his evil laughter filling the room. "Ram some more cock into her asshole. Bury it in her guts!"

"Aaaargh!" Joy shrieked.

Another three inches of throbbing, thick prick had been crammed through the muscles of her ass. Jim's swollen cock-head pushed everything out of the way, forcing her guts completely out of shape. Her stomach bulged out visibly as the last of Jim's prick battered its way in.

"Help meeee!" Joy screamed insanely as heavy balls slapped against her cunt. Every inch of Jim's corn-holing cock was stuffed up her asshole and she thought frantically that she had started to bleed. She was sure Jim's prick had torn her asshole completely open.

"Hot damn, that asshole is tight!" Jim exclaimed as he rammed against Joy's ass. "It's squeezing my cock like a Goddamn circular vise!"

"Pump her!" Bill demanded. "Corn-hole her fucking ass!"

"Fill her shitter with cock-meat!" Tom called from the side. "Pound that little bitch!"

"Fucking slut asshole!" Jim growled as he jerked his prick almost out of her shit-hole, then jammed it brutally back in. "Take that, little bitch fuck-meat! Feel my cock hammering your ass!"

They were insane, Joy thought desperately. Why else would they be doing such a thing? Her tortured asshole was still shrieking with agony and her gust felt forced out of shape. Jim's prick pistoned violently in and out of her shitter, beating her insides like a fist.

Slowly her asshole adjusted. The ringed muscles gave up the fight and loosened, and the path of her shit-hole now gaped open when Jim's prick slipped all the way out. The intense, tearing pain that she had felt was slowly fading as the corn-holing gathered force. Once again, Joy's body, not her mind, was adjusting to ease the torture of her flesh.

Nothing could have relieved her horrified mind. She was aware that the other two wives were watching the brutal corn-holing of her tender young ass. Her body now seemed like a stranger to her mind, or like a piece of meat the men had dragged in ta fuck.

She had always been able to control Bill before, just by pouting and refusing to talk. Now, not only was he brutalizing her, he was also crudely sharing her with his friends. He had opened even her asshole for another cock to plunder through. And, as bad as the physical torture was, there also was the intensely degrading realization that the other women were being left to watch.

Joy had wanted to turn away when they treated Becky's mouth like a pussy, but she had been unable to look away. Now, she knew that, although chained, both women would have, a good view of Jim's cock-meat being rammed up her shitty ass.

"Nooooo!" Joy sobbed.

She felt Jim's prick begin to pick up speed. Bill squirmed around on her head and tried to get a closer look. Joy endured the added pain to her cheekbone because there was nothing else she could do.

"Look at that fucking cock go!" Tom laughed.

"It's like greased lightning is corn-holing her ass!" Bill exclaimed, finally lifting his naked ass from the side of Joy's head.

The young woman gasped at the sudden release and twisted her head to ease the aching of her neck and cheek.

"This corn-holing is going to make me cum!" Jim shouted as his fingers dug even harder into the soft flesh of Joy's ass. His cock hammered inside her shit-hole as if he was trying to beat it to death.

"Nooooo!" Joy groaned as her guts began to clench. Her ass began to rock from the pressure, and the motion stirred the corn-holing man on.

"Here it comes!" Jim bellowed and rammed his prick far up into the woman's guts.

A wave of pressure rippled down his long cock-shaft and ballooned his cock-head even larger. Then, suddenly, a thick spurt of jism was rocketing into her ass.

Joy's moans were drowned out by the snouts of excitement rising from the three sadistic men. Jim grunted loudly each time a blast of cum ripped from his prick to scar Joy's shitter. Bill was laughing almost hysterically and Tom was egging the brutal ass-fucker on.

Splash after splash of hot cum washed into Joy's asshole, bathing her tortured ass-canal with sticky jism. After the first few spurts, Joy really didn't care. Her shame was now complete.

Chapter SIX

Wanda was in misery, both mentally and physically. Her naked body ached from one end to the other, from her chafed wrists to her toes that cramped from reaching desperately toward the floor. Her stretched body pulled her skin so tight it actually hurt, and her pussy still stung from where her cunt-hair had been pulled out. The outer lips of her pussy-slit burned from being bitten by the crazed man now corn-holing the blond girl's ass.

The red-haired, girl whom she barely knew had been fucked in the mouth by her own Tom, something almost too startling for Wanda to believe. Sure, her husband had asked Wanda before to take his monster cock in her mouth, and once she had even lightly kissed it with tightly clenched lips when Tom had been a good boy and done what she had said for a week. But never had she actually considered sucking that thick prick, knowing it would choke her.

But the redhead didn't get any option as the other two held her down, and Wanda's husband, Tom, had rammed his throbbing cock clear to her gasping throat. Wanda's stomach had churned as she watched Tom's cum boil from the girl's lips, and she gave thanks that the raping face-fuck had been somebody else's and not her own.

Once again she had been spared as they had taken the blond girl next.

Wanda had first met Joy and Bill on the trip to the cabin, an uneasy journey as both men had laughed sadistically and made jokes about pussies and cunts. Along the way they had spotted a couple fucking in the dirt in the road, and the shock she had felt then was doubled when she found out who the brutalized woman had been.

Across the room, Jim's hard prick slammed into Joy's tortured asshole, and the young blonde screamed as Jim's thick, swollen cockhead battered deeply into her guts. Wanda's shit-hole pinched in fear at each brutal stroke reaming out her new friend's ass.

Never had she heard of such a thing. Even Tom had never suggested it. Not that she would have listened to talk about such depravity while she had had him under control. But that was the problem now; Tom and the other two had gone completely wild and were trying to make the women pay for sins imagined by the men.

It wasn't right.

She thrashed in the chains. She moaned from the pain in her wrists.

Across the room, the blond girl screamed in agony as Jim's hard cock corn-holed into her guts.

Jim stiffened and arched his back, driving his prick deeper into the poor girl's stretched shitter. He groaned, then shouted that he was about to cum, and the other two men cheered him as he shot hot jism into the young woman's battered ass.

Within minutes it was over, Jim collapsing onto his back. His cock still quivered in the air, slippery from cum spotted with flecks of shit from Joy's corn-holed ass.

Tom's cock was rigid and thick as a salami, excited from watching the brutal ass-fuck of the other man's wife. Bill, also naked with a hot jerking cock, leaned over his prone wife and pried apart her ass-cheeks. Between the moons of her ass, her tortured shit-hole still gaped open from being reamed by hard, driving prick.

"Hey, you cock-sucker!" Bill laughed at the nearly exhausted Jim. "You fucked her asshole so hard that it looks like a highway tunnel. I'll probably have to put diapers on her ass to keep her from shitting all over her clothes!"

"Fuck no, that ain't how it works!" Jim called up in response. He scooted over and looked down into the gaping shit-hole that Joy's husband was holding apart. "I used to corn-hole my little brother's asshole when I was a kid and he would holler like he was killed. But a few minutes after I was through, it puckered up again just like a mouth that had bit into a lemon!"

The three men roared their laughter as Wanda watch the stricken blonde try to bury her shamed face into the padding of the platform. Even across the room Wanda could feel the heat of Joy's embarrassment, and she was silently glad that it wasn't her whom the men had abused.

But that would soon change. Already she noticed that her husband, Tom, was casting a sadistic eye toward her, and his grin told Wanda that he was eager to see his wife as the next victim.

"Hey," Tom said, his excitement spiking in his voice, "let's get your little bitch back up in the chains and get my cunt down off the wall. It's time she learned a little something about being punished by cock."

All three men turned toward Wanda and it was like looking into the stare of three wolves. Nothing about their expressions now revealed anything about the pussy-whipped lives they had been forced to suffer before.

"Noooo!" Wanda moaned, fighting against the chains.

The soles of her feet arched back against the wall and pushed her body from the pine. Added force came down on the metal clamps, and their cold hardness bit into her tattered skin.

The lusty men rose to their feet. Three throbbing cocks pointed across the room at her like arrows aimed at her flesh. Right then she would have suffered any pain in the world simply to get away.

"Look at your bitch, Tom," the blond-haired Bill said. "She can't wait to get over here and worship our pricks. Already she's trying to tear herself, from the wall so she can attack us with her asshole and cunt."

"No!" Wanda screamed, her eyes bulging as the men gathered up Bill's battered wife.

Two men held Joy's feet while Bill carried one arm, and Joy's other shoulder dragged roughly across the floor as they carried her back to the wall. They strung the bruised, sobbing blonde up between Becky and Wanda, then turned their attention to the brunette girl.

"You've done enough!" Wanda cried. "Please leave us alone!"

"We haven't even gotten started," Tom snarled as he stepped up to her body. Wanda was two inches taller than her husband and now he looked right at her well-mounded tits. "We haven't even been here for half a day and we've taken two weeks off work. Every second of that time is going to be spent in paying you three bitches back for all the trouble you've been. And if we can't teach you to be cock-worshipping wives in that time, we're going to stuff your cunt-holes and shitters full of pine cones and tree branches, then let you hang here forever."

Wanda's mind ran wild. She didn't know how she would survive the next two hours, much less the next fourteen days.

Tom's thumb trapped Wanda's nipples against the insides of his index fingers, then he squeezed. Hot bolts of pain shot through both of her tit-mounds and struck deeply into her chest. Her cry was a short-lived shriek, strangled by the fear in her throat. The man before her was acting like a monster rather than the browbeaten husband she had controlled so easily before.

He pulled, stretching her tits outward until she thought they would tear. Then he released them, watching them jiggle back into place.

"You ready to get her down?" Bill urged. "My cock is throbbing for some good cunt."

"Yeah," Tom said. "I want to see your prick jammed right into her pussy-hole!"

"No, don't!" Wanda cried, but the three men ignored her pleas.

While Tom tugged painfully at the black pelt of her cunt-hair, the other two men unfastened her hands. Just before they released her, Tom jerked hard to lift her legs and ass from the wall. When the support of the metal clamps was released, she fell heavily to her back on the floor.

The air exploded out of her lungs. Lights and spots swirled in front of her eyes, then darkness began to creep in from the sides. But just as she thought she might slip into comforting unconsciousness, Tom slapped her brutally across the tits.

She screamed from the sudden fire.

Whack! The back of his hand crashed down again.

"Aeeeiii!" she screamed, grabbing at her burning tit-flesh with her hands.

They lifted and carried her, Wanda too caught up in her agony to fight. Her lungs felt as if they had been dipped in scalding liquid and a hot rock was burning in her guts. It wasn't until they dropped her roughly into the center of the platform that she realized she was where the other two women had been abused.

"Oh, no!" she cried and tried to scamper away. She rolled over onto her belly, wiggling on the floor like a snake.

Smack! Her ass erupted in pain.

Tom had taken a leather thong from the wall and was using it to beat her ass.

A red line, almost an inch thick, was etched into the skin of her hips. As she squirmed in agony from the first blow, another landed on her ass.

"Aaawk!" she choked as she was lashed again high on her ass-cheeks just below her waist. Before she could recover from that one, another slicked its way across her back.

"You better getup on his cock!" Tom screamed down at her, swinging his arm back for another vicious blow. "I'm not going to stop beating you until you have his prick stuffed up your cunt!"

Wanda glanced frantically around. A few feet away, the muscular Bill lay flat on his back. He held his hard, vein-lined cock straight up into the air. His cock-head was swollen and purple with lust and already pre-cum was leaking from the end. Before his cock would have frightened her to death, but now his prick represented her only salvation.

As the leather strap continued to brutalize her, she forced herself to crawl over and sprawl along Bill's hot, smelly male body. Already his skin smelled of exertion and sex, and she was about to add cunt-juices of her own.

"Cram that cock up your pussy!" Tom screamed, punctuating his demand with a sweep of his arm.

The long leather thong crashed across her back with the end wrapping around her side to batter at her tit. It almost tore the nipple from her flesh.

"Noooo!" she moaned, grabbing Bill's throbbing fuck-weapon.

Bill's prick was so hot with pounding blood that she felt like it almost burned her hand. Desperately she twisted her body, groping at Bill's cock-head with her pussy. Finally his cock centered on her leaking cunt-hole, and she had used all of her weight to drive it home. His cockhead rammed brutally into the end of her pussy hole just as the belt smashed into her for the final time.

"Nnnngh!" she groaned, not knowing which hurt her the worse -- was it the fire of the tattered flesh on her back or her battered cunt? Both of them were sheer torture and she felt like she was about to explode.

"Goddamn fucking bitch is attacking his prick!" Jim said. "Give them a chance at some good, hard cock, and every one of them's going wild!"

Wanda wanted to cry out to deny it. She didn't even like Tom's prick inside her tight little pussy and now he was letting another man fuck into her depths. She wanted to scream, to tell them to stop, but Tom was still threatening her with the belt. He stood over her, his arm poised to strike unless she fucked Bill's awful, throbbing cock.

"I can't stand it! Please don't hurt me like this!" Wanda screamed.

Tom fell to his knees, pushing his nose right up to her face. "Now you know how it feels to beg, don't you? How many times have I begged you to suck on my cock or to let me fuck your pussy? But no -- it was do this, do that, and I don't like things dirty like sex. Now you're going to learn how to really beg, bitch, and we ain't gonna leave you alone until you're a prick hungry, cock-sucking slut of a juice-pouring cunt! Now move, bitch! Fuck that Goddamn cock-pole right up your pussy-pit!"

Tears streamed from her eyes. They were like animals, these men who were torturing her. And she had no choice but to endure their demented fuck lust it she wanted to keep her life.

Slowly she lifted her hips, then settled them back down, riding Bill's piercing prick along the inner walls of her cunt.

She could feel the knob of his rubbery cockhead inside her, stretching the lining of her pussy-hole each time she rose and fell. His cockhead felt like a small fist ramming back and forth inside her as she fucked with all of her frightened strength.

Now that she had started fucking, she was like a demon, beating her naked ass down onto his legs and balls. If reaming out her cunt-hole with Bill's brutal cock was the only way to stay alive, she would have to do her best.

"You said your wife couldn't fuck worth a shit." Bill said beneath her. "Her pussy is like a bear trap and it's trying to eat my prick alive!"

Tom shoved his friend's legs apart, then settled between them onto his own stomach. His face shoved up almost to Bill's hairy balls so he could look up and watch Bill's vein-gnarled cock slice into Wanda's cunt. Her fuck-hole was stretched tightly around his throbbing cockmeat along the skin of Bill's prick. His whole fuck-pole glistened from her pussy-juices and her cunt-lips shined with natural grease.

"Goddamn!" Tom whistled. "It looks like a telephone pole ramming up her fuck-slit!"

"Shit, I'm hotter than hell!" Jim snarled.

Watching the hot fucking action had made his cock throb with desire. Cum was beginning to dry on his cock and it was still specked with shit. His eyes fell on Wanda's gasping mouth and he knew instantly what to do.

He stepped around to the front. His fingers wrapped into her dark hair. He jerked, sending tearing pain through her scalp as he forced her face up to his prick.

"That other cunt's asshole got my cock all dirty," he said as he tugged violently at her hair. "Now you're going to clean it up for me, bitch, and I don't want you to miss a spot!"

Wanda's mind was reeling. She barely heard the lust-crazed man's words. But when the throbbing knob of his cock hit her in the nose, she knew what he was demanding. For a second, her thoughts went wild with the memory of where Jim's fuck-pole had been, and she wanted to clamp her mouth closed. But harsh fingers bit into the joints of her jaws and wedged her lips wide open.

She tried to scream, but the thick end of Jim's hard cock smothered out her cry. His prickhead was driven clear to the opening of her throat and his hairy balls bounced off her chin. His fingers wrapped back into her hair and forced her face forward. She tried to gulp around Jim's invading cock-shaft, but her mouth was too full of prick.

"Hey, Tom!" Jim called, slamming his prick back and forth along her tongue. "Your fucking wife is sucking the shit off my corn-holing prick? She's so Goddamn hungry for male cum down her throat that she's eating the ass-butter still coating it from the corn-holing before!"

Wanda wanted to die. Not only was her cunt being fucked by a stranger, another man was feeding her a shit-covered prick. And there was nothing more she could do than to suffer through it as a musky taste spread through her mouth. The heady smell of male cock and cum was wafting up her nose as another prick battered up her slippery fuck-hole.

Then a thought struck her, turning her fear into degrading shame. The other women would be watching her torture just as she had observed them being debased. The image of that twisted her guts and, for a second, she thought she would puke.

Then, suddenly, her whole ass exploded in pain. The leather thong was again thrashing her ass, etching blood-lines into her skin.

"Aaarrrgh!" she cried around Jim's mouth stuffing prick as another blow lashed her hips.

Then hands were upon her tortured skin, forcing her ass-cheeks apart.

"Fucking Goddamn cunt thinks she can please every cock in town but mine!" Tom snarled from behind her as he pushed up toward her ass on his knees.

He centered his huge salami of a prick on her asshole, then gripped her hips to drag her body back. The motion drove Bill's cock deep into her pussy, bruising her tender cunt-flesh.

Then the hot cock-head of her husband's brutal fuck-meat rammed against the puckered mouth of her shit-hole.

Suddenly Wanda knew that he was going to try to force his thick horse-cock right up her poor little ass.

"Oooohh!" she moaned, too cock-full to complain. She could barely breathe because of Jim's mouth-fucking, shitty prick and words were more than she could manage.

A knife blade of pain rocketed through her asshole as Tom's cock began to pry it apart. Never had he had his thick, oversized prick in a female shitter and the excitement was driving him wild. He never paused, puffing harder with his hands as he drove harshly with his hips.

Tom's massive cock-head popped in as Wanda's circular ass-muscles gave way. Wanda gargled her agony around Jim's prick. She felt like a man's fist had been shoved into her guts, and she was sure that the flesh of her asshole had begun to tear. Her whole shitter was burning with the fire of intense torture as two inches of Tom's cock was rammed through.

"I can feel your fucking cock in there!" Tom cried to Bill, who was flat on his back with his prick buried in Wanda's cunt.

Wanda could feel both of them, too. As they both fucked frantically into her, she could feel their cocks rub together through the thin membrane between pussy and ass. It was more cock than she had ever conceived could be rammed into her fuck-holes. And, at the same time, another prick was fucking her face, slamming clear back to her throat.

It was too much to be believed. No agony could be so intense. All three of her fuck-holes were crammed full of cock, fucking her at the same time.

Her guts burned. Everything felt hammered out of shape. She had marveled at the other woman's asshole being reamed by a hard cock. Now, not only was Tom's massive prick crammed up her own shit-hole, but there was another cock buried in her pussy. And she couldn't even scream out in pain. Jim's cock was stuffing her mouth and smothering out the complaint.

"Feels like I've got two Goddamn pricks!" Bill moaned beneath her and almost drove his cock-head through to her womb.

"Her shit-hole is strangling my cock!" Tom groaned behind her, as he corn-holed brutally into her ass.

"Her fucking mouth is going to make me cum!" Jim cried. "When she swallows, it's as tight as fucking pussy-meat!"

The three men fucked wildly, driving spears of hard cock-flesh forcefully into her cunt, asshole and mouth. Each prick was slowly swelling even larger and thicker as they prepared to blast her with cum.

"Shit, I'm going to do it!" Tom bellowed. "I'm going to shoot jism up her corn-holed ass!"

"Leave me room!" Bill howled. "I'm going to fill up her pussy with cream!"

"Get ready, bitch!" Jim snarled, tugging viciously on her hair as he drove with his prick. "Your throat is going to get a cock-bath of cum!"

Then all three of them were erupting, their pricks pulsing as jism shot into her fuck-holes. Cum scalded across the dark walls inside her asshole as more jism bubbled hotly into her cunt. Great gobs of spunk rocketed into the rear of her mouth, washing back over her tongue. Again and again the three men sliced into her with their fucking prick-rods as cum blasted out in sticky wads.

The exhausted Wanda was pushed to the side. She collapsed heavily onto the floor. She sprawled as she landed, flat on her back with her legs splayed outward.

The three men gasped, their cocks slippery and wet. All three pricks stood swollen half-hard and only temporarily satisfied as they looked over at Wanda's battered flesh.

Then all three of them laughed.

On the wall, the other two women were horrified, but captured by the sight.

The naked, well-fucked, brunette Wanda was leaking thick streams of male cum from her tortured mouth, pussy and ass.

Chapter SEVEN

"I don't care if you don't want to eat cunt!" Bill snarled at the two women. He sat on a short stool in one corner of the platform and twirled an evil-looking black riding crop in the fingers of one hand. "The sooner you get through your heads that we husbands no longer give a shit about what you want, the easier things will be on you."

Becky glanced skittishly around her. She and Joy lay flat on their stomachs on the padded floor of the platform while Wanda was sitting next to the wall only a few feet away with her hands chained to the rough boarding alongside her head.

At one corner of the platform, Joy's husband, Bill, was perched on a small, three legged stool glaring down at Becky and Joy as if from some kind of a throne.

Jim and Tom were off to one side, standing next to the platform watching as Bill put the women through their paces. All of the men were naked, cocks heavy-hanging but not erect as they toyed with their nude wives.

Bright sunlight beamed through a small window cut in the east wall of the cabin. Dawn had broken several hours before, and all three women had, much to their dismay, been awoke to see it. Sleep came hard when chained erect naked ass against scratchy pine, but at lent their feet had been lowered to the floor for the night. After Wanda had been triple-fucked the afternoon before, the tine sadistic husbands apparently were sated, and they had chained the bruised and battered brunette back with the others as cum still leaked from her mouth, cunt and ass. The bindings for all three were then loosened enough for them to put their weight on their feet, then the men had left them alone through the cool evening and even colder night.

They hadn't eaten. Their stomachs growled. None of the women had had lunch before the trip to the cabin, and there was no food coming that night from the men. Before the husbands departed, they gave them each a small drink of water, then abandoned them to the dark.

"Oooooh," Wanda had groaned, her asshole still painfully stretched.

The agony of her shiner made the bruised flesh in her mouth and pussy seem like nothing. The heady taste of jism still swirled around her tongue, and cum juice leaked down her legs where they dried in long streaks.

"They're crazy!" Joy whispered alongside Becky, talking to herself. "They've gone completely nuts! When I get my hands on Bill again, I'll make him eat shit!"

"They've already made me do that," Wanda moaned as if something inside her was about to break.

Night had fallen and they were staring into darkness.

Becky's eyes opened wide, but she could see nothing. Night-time in the mountains was dark as sin and either the moon hadn't risen or it was covered by clouds. Becky bit her lower lip. She felt sorry for Wanda, and had to fight back a tinge of guilt. After all, it had been her husband, Jim, who had fed her a cock covered with specks of shit.

All considered, Becky knew she had come out lucky so far, even though she'd had to suck that monster cock. Even with the brutal fucking of her cunt out in the yard, it still wasn't as bad as it had been for the other wives. Each of the others had had a cock in their face and both of them had been corn-holed in the ass. At least her own little shit-hole was still virgin.

Surely the men would come to their senses. It was impossible that things could go on. After all, the men were dealing with their wives who had dominated them until that day.

The night grew long.

Moans and groans occasionally filled the room.

Each of them was suffering in her own shame of what the other two women had seen. Their rapes had been bad enough without the other wives looking on.

A faint light crept in through the window, giving a false tint to the darkness. The moan had risen. Becky didn't know whether it helped or merely taunted her with the promise of being able to see.

Something rustled beside her. For a second it startled her, then she realized it was naked female flesh against rough wood.

"Me you still awake?" she asked.

"Yeah," Joy moaned from beside her in the darkness. "I hurt. I've got to take a terrible piss."

"Are you going to call them?" Becky cringed at the thought.

Joy laughed with barely concealed pain. "And have the bastards torture us some more? They'd only fuck my cunt and bust my bladder, then probably laugh at how much it hurt."

"What are you going to do then?"

"God, I don't know," the blonde woman groaned. "Another five minutes and I'll have to piss down my leg."

Becky suddenly realized that it would have to be that way. "You might as well go ahead and let it go since it's not going to get any better."

"I know," the blonde sighed. "I've been fighting it, but I can't go on like that. Shit! Here goes! I hope it doesn't splash!"

Becky listened. She could imagine the pert little blonde's pussy flaring open as her piss-hole let go.

Suddenly the sound of piss echoed through the room, a hissing of the stream, then the splash against the floor.

"Oh, that feels so damn good!" they groaned in the darkness and Becky caught her breath.

Drops of the hot piss were splashing in her direction and sprinkling her feet. Suddenly her own guts gripped, squeezing down on her bladder and making it ache. As she listened to the woman's hot piss cascade to the floor, she too was gripped by a need to piss.

"Here's mine!" Becky gasped as she felt her piss-hole flare and the burning liquid gush toward the opening.

Then suddenly piss erupted from her, splashing all, over the lips of her cunt. Between her feet, the liquid streaked onto the floor, splashing back to cover her shins.

"Oh God!" Becky moaned as her entire pussy flashed hot.

Farther along the wall, a third stream of hot pin struck the floorboards as Wanda cut loose.

All three of the women gasped out their excited agony of being shamed into pissing on the floor. Their assholes fluttered in warped excitement as their clits jingled hot nerves. None of them mentioned the sexual fire it ignited in their pussies, sure that they were the only one bearing that shame.

In the morning, the men returned.

One at a time, the women were unchained and fed a lukewarm bowl of clumpy oatmeal. Then each in turn was led across the room and bolted to clamps on the opposite wall. At least they could sit with their naked asses on the platform, an improvement of glorious proportions. If the three puddles of drying piss had been noticed, none of the men had anything to say.

Finally, Becky and Joy were freed to be pushed onto their stomachs, groveling facedown on the padding.

Bill brought a stool and placed it in one corner and ordered the two women to eat cunt.

Becky glanced over at her husband, searching his face for some hope that the ordeal would soon be over. She thought cock-sucking was something disgusting, but she had never even thought about running her tongue into some other girl's cunt-slit. She wanted Jim to step up onto the platform and tell her that it was all some crazy sort of joke. But there was no comfort in his eyes; in fact, his cock was growing hard at the thought of his wife licking pussy juices from another woman's cunt.

"Jim, Tom -- these two bitches are resisting us," Bill said from his perch on the stool. "It looks, like you, need to train them a bit to get them to do what we say. Go over there and get a riding crop of your own, and let's teach them how to mind."

Panic gripped Becky. She had been beaten out in the yard the day before. Her skin was still marked by that thrashing and she wanted no more of any whip. She glanced over toward Joy.

The other young woman was flat on her chest, her hard little tits shoved into the mat, squashing them out toward her sides. Her pale ass rode up from the curve of the small of her back, her fair skin marked by the faintest of bikini marks.

Becky wondered whether she could even force herself to touch Joy's creamy skin, much less lick out her juicy cunt.

The men were back. They each carried a three-foot black crop, a match for the one Bill tumbled in his hand. Tom stepped up over Joy while Jim towered over Becky.

At least there was thanks for that, she thought. Jim was her own husband, and surely he wouldn't hurt her even though he had joined in the fucking fun.


Becky's entire body leaped from the platform. The short cane had whistled down onto her asscheeks, scoring them with a hot, angry lint. When she fell back to the platform, her own weight tortured her tits.

Joy screamed beside her as a laud smack echoed through the room.

Panic-ridden, Becky glanced over to see a harsh scarlet line tattooed into the young woman's ass.

"Give them another one and make this one hurt," Jim urged his two friends. "Keep beating those naked asses until they have their faces buried into each other's cunt."

Jim and Tom were eager to comply.

Both riding crops were swishing through the air. They landed almost simultaneously, igniting stinging agony.

"Aaeeii!" Joy shrieked in pain. "Don't!" Becky screamed.

Again their flesh was carved by the canes.

Before another blow fell, both girls were scrambling toward the other on their stomachs. They slammed together in the center of the platform, rolling to their sides to grapple with the other one's body. Their heads were toward the other's legs and their tits crushed against opposite abdomens as twin blows of the riding crops drove them together. Before they could think through the stinging, slashing pain, their faces were driving toward the other's cunt.

Becky was aghast. She was staring right into the other girl's cunt-slit. She would have never believed cunt-hair could be so fair. Joy's pussy hair was so colorless that, even up close, it did little to hide the slit of her cunt. There wasn't even enough to form the triangle that Becky thought of as womanly. Faint strands, thinly sown, paraded loosely down both sides of Joy's cunt as if they were only an afterthought to accent, rather than to hide her pouting little fuck-slit.

As the two wives scrambled together, they parted their legs to give room for the other's head.

Before Becky's eyes, Joy's pouting pussy flowered open. The outer mounds that formed her pussy-slit pulled back, revealing simile, pinker lips inside. Joy's cunt was shaped like a tear-drop with the pointed end at top. There, ha cunt-lips came together at almost an angle to form a resting spot for her nubby little clit. All of the flesh inside Joy's pink cunt seemed to glisten although it wasn't even wet.

The riding crop slashed down again. In their fascination with the sight of each other's pussy so close, the two wives had forgotten they were expected to lick it.

Becky sniffed. A faint whiff of piss clung to Joy's legs just as Becky was sure it did to her own. Their bout of pissing in the dark the previous night had marked them in more ways than one. But the faint aroma of piss was surprisingly a turn-on for Becky and it made her dip closer rather than pulling away. Now, with her nose almost in Joy's pink pussy, she could smell the woman's natural odor.

Do I smell like that? Becky wondered, finding the smell somehow pleasant. Maybe that was one of thee reasons most men enjoyed cunt licking as one of their extra sports.

Slowly Becky's tongue jutted out and lightly touched Joy's pink cunt-skin. The tingle it caused within her came as such a surprise that Becky jerked the tip of her tongue away. Then again, more determined now, she curled her tongue and stroked it down Joy's pussy-flesh. Joy's legs tensed and Becky could hear a moan from somewhere near her own thighs.

It wasn't really bad at all. Once the revolting thought of cunt-licking was overcome, it didn't seem to be bad at all. Becky never would have tried it without being beaten into submission, but, now that it was done, she thought there was no reason to panic.

Something warm brushed down the length of her own pussy-slit and Becky's body trembled. She knew that the stroke had been made by Joy's tongue, and the satiny caress had sent a thrill clear to the base of her spine. More urgent now, her own tongue shot out and licked firmly up onto the blonde's little clit.

Joy's moan was louder.

Then, as if Joy was learning what to do by what Becky was doing to her, Becky felt her own jangling clit being brushed by Joy's tongue. Warmth flooded through her pussy-hole and Becky knew she was getting wet. Her own moans joined those of the other wife as they began lapping at each other's cunt.

"Goddamn!" Tom hissed from above them. "I think they like it! The bitches are actually getting turned on to licking each other's clit!"

Laughter poured around them, but the two young women hardly noticed as they became lost in the other's slippery cunt. Tongues were now exploring, slippery in cunt-juices, from one end of the pussy-slit to the other.

Becky licked the entrance to Joy's cunt-hole, relishing in the slightly acid, but tasty juices, then she plunged her tongue deep into Joy's pussy. Her tongue was curled and hardened, thrusting like a cock inside the steamy cunt-pit of her companion. All thoughts of beatings were now far from Becky's mind as she lapped up and swallowed sweet pussy-juices, while Joy was also busy nursing nectar from Becky's fiery cunt.

"Look at her tongue-fuck!" Jim exclaimed as he leaned closer to see between Joy's legs. "My wife's got a pussy in her face, and she's eating it like it was going out of style!"

Bill had stood up from the stool, his cock getting hard as he watched the two women thrash against each other on the matting. One of the two was his own blonde wife with a body like a teenager, and she was licking cunt like she had been doing it all her life. He wanted to get closer to push his face down near the flaming red-haired cunt of Jim's wife, and watch Joy tongue-lash the pussy-slit of the other moaning slut. Somehow he had expected that from the cock-hating little bitches, and he would have stomped their asses for it if their cunt-lapping hadn't turned him, on so much.

"You fucking lesbian whores!" Bill snarled as he settled to his knees and got the right angle for watching his wife eat cunt.

Her pink tongue swirled inside Becky's pouting pussy, gathering up slippery juices for her throat to eagerly swallow.

Becky heard the accusing words, but threw them out of the back of her mind. She was being made to eat pussy, it was no fault of her own. The harder she licked, the faster Joy tongued her, so it was really nothing more than two girls learning to survive. As long as they were sucking pussy-juices from each other's gaping little cunt-hole, no whips or riding crops were beating on their asses. What made better sense? Becky thought as she speared her tongue up Joy's delicious pussy-hole.

Becky shivered. Then quivered. Heat gathered at the base of her spine. Then it began pouring down the river of her cunt-hole and an orgasm burst from her guts.

"Mmmmph!" she groaned into Joy's slippery pussy-pit.

Her legs shook, clamping down on the blonde's ears. She squeezed the girl's head strongly between her legs as if the added pressure could burst more cum from her cunt.

"Turn them over with Joy on top," Bill suddenly ordered, pushing his wife's shoulders to roll the entwined wives.

Jim pushed Joy's naked little ass until she twisted over onto Becky's face and she lay along Becky's supine form.

The new position smothered Joy's cunt down onto Becky's mouth, the weight of Joy's hips keeping her pussy pressed firmly against Becky's lips. When Becky thrust upward with her curled tongue, the probing reached deeper into Joy's cunt.

Joy moaned and wiggled atop Becky, trying to force her pussy down even farther to drive Becky's tongue up as far as it could reach. Between Becky's legs, Joy's face mashed down into her gaping cunt-slit, her tongue twirling furiously, then diving into Becky's cunt. Pussy eating had turned frantic now that both girls were being rocked by a series of jolting cums.

The three men circled them, laughing and prodding them with the riding crops. But, even though they grew brutal, the cunt-lapping gnu didn't seem to notice.

"Those bitches really do like it, don't they?" Bill said in near amazement.

As he bent over them, he could smell the odor of pouring pussy-juices. His cock was hard and throbbing from watching their antics, and he didn't know whether to punish them or urge them on even more.

"Let's give them a thrill," Bill finally said, dropping to his knees near his wife's head. "Jim, ram your riding crop up Joy's asshole and let's ream them out while they're licking each other's cunt."

Jim laughed at the idea. His cock throbbed at the thought. He, too, dropped to his knees, then stared at Joy's bobbing ass.

Winking out from between her creamy asscheeks was the brown puckered shit-hole that was the gateway to her guts. He tried to line the crop up with her shit-hole, then pushed down hard on the top of her hips with his hand.

"Mmmmph!" Becky groaned as Joy's pussy was shoved even harder down, onto her face.

Jim had trapped Joy's ass and was holding it still. As Becky watched, wide-eyed, he aimed the black riding crop at Joy's asshole and jammed six inches of it inside with a single, brutal thrust.

Becky's ass-cheeks were parted by Bill's eager hand and the leather tip of his crop slowly began invading her ass.

Something gripped her guts. She couldn't tell whether it was fear or a sudden shot of sexual excitement. The long shaft poked far into her bowels and it began corn-holing inside her as Bill pistoned his hand.

Above Becky's face, Joy's shit-hole was also being fucked by the narrow rod, gliding in and out.

The pressure on Becky's face eased. The thrill in her cunt peaked.

Joy was furiously licking Becky's pussy-slit from one end to the other.

Becky concentrated on the tiny bud of sex nerves at the top of Joy's cunt, puffing Joy's clit into her mouth and sucking it.

A flood of pussy-juice poured over Becky's face.

Joy screamed into Becky's cunt as an orgasm shook through her small body. Becky's own pussy was leaping and shooting, blasting one rocket after another as cum poured through her hot fuck-hole.

Chapter EIGHT

Shame coursed through Becky.

She could barely think about the blonde woman beside her, much less meet her eyes. Becky's face smelled headily of cunt-juices, and she was sure the other wife's did the same. They had both became caught up in the pussy-licking that their husbands made them do, but knowing she wasn't responsible was little relief when she remembered her body going wild. Never had sex had such an effect on her, and Becky was sure that it wasn't good. After all, it was by denying sex that she had always managed to control Jim and she didn't want to give up that power.

But somehow power had already been ripped from her. Jim was no longer under her control. He and the other two husbands, Bill and Tom, had gone crazy as demented madmen and were working their lust out on their wives.

Lunch had been another bowl of oatmeal and a glass of water, and Becky had tried to complain.

When she had refused to eat it, Jim had poured the lumpy concoction over her naked body, and now she reeked of the stuff as it began to dry and make her body itch.

They were locked into the damps, flat on their asses on the padding of the platform. Their backs were against the rough pine with their hands pinned above their heads.

Their husbands had just come back into the room, anxious for more fun and games.

Each of them carried a leather dog collar and a short length of small-linked chain.

All three of the wives were unshackled from the wall and forced down onto hands and knees. The collars were buckled around their necks and the chains snapped into place.

"Now," Bill said, tugging sharply at the leash connected to Joy, "all of you women have acted like bitches since we married you, so now we're going to teach you how to act. A bitch is a female dog, you know, and if that's what you want to be, it's fine with us. But just like any other dog, you're going to learn to obey."

When Jim jerked on her leash, Becky whined, but stopped it abruptly when she realized it her sound like a real dog.

Each of the men had collared his own wife and now controlled her with the chain. All of them also picked up the dreaded riding crops.

Again, Jim jerked on Becky's chain. "We thought you might be ready for a piss and dogs do it outside. We don't want any more of this pissing in the cabin, dirtying up the floor."

They had noticed. Becky's face turned beet red. Even her tits, now hanging toward the floor, flushed lividly from the shame that she felt. There was still enough guilt from having been excited by the dirty act that it made her feel filthy and debased just to be reminded about it in such a crude way.

Soon, being filthy wasn't just a sensation. Even the floor of the cabin was dusty, and the wives had to make their way across it on hands and knees. Sharp splinters poked up from the rough wood, scratching at their skin and flesh, but the pressure on the leashes never let up until they were outside.

Becky groaned because of small pebbles digging into her hands and knees. Her weight was her own enemy as she played the role of a dog out in the woods. Even when they led her onto the brown grass still clinging to memories of summer, the blades were brittle and sharp and cut along with the needles from the pines.

"Now I want all three of you to take a piss," Bill said, jerking at Joy's leash to emphasize his demand.

When Becky tried to push to her feet to hunker down, Jim yanked her completely down on her ass.

"Bitch dogs don't stand up and bend over to take a piss!" Jim screamed. "They stay on all fours and squat down their ass!"

"Don't, Jim!" Becky cried, tears coming to her eyes. "Please let us go over there behind the bushes to pee, because it makes us feel bad for you to watch."

Her husband laughed sadistically.

"Bitch dogs don't give a shit if anybody's watching," he snorted, jerking on her chain until she was back on hands and knees. "They just squat down anywhere, just like you're going to do."

Becky was mortified. Her bladder was stretched and aching, and she knew she would soon have to pin. Try as she would, she would never make it through their lesson without giving the men what they wanted.

Once again she appealed to her husband, but he just laughed at her. The side of his foot kicked her squarely in the ass, almost sending her nose-first into the pound.

"I-I can't help it," Joy groaned.

Becky turned to watch.

The young blonde woman was at the end of the short leash on hands and knees in the dying pass. Her stomach was arched in pain as her bladder threatened to explode. No matter who was watching, Joy was going to have to take a piss.

Becky's mouth fell open as she watched. The blonde's creamy thighs spread and her cunt dipped toward the ground. Her ass hunkered downward, driving her crotch closer to the grass. Then suddenly a blast of piss streamed out and splashed between her legs.

"Goddamn, she's doing it!" Tom hissed. He jerked on Wanda's leash. "You better piss for me, too! I want to hear and see it splashing on the ground!"

Wanda moaned and parted her thighs. Quickly, she, too, was sending a stream of steaming yellow liquid rocketing toward the ground.

Becky couldn't stand it! Both the sight and the sound of the other wives pissing caused her own bladder to ache.

Without thinking, she spread her legs and shoved her pussy toward the grass and let her bladder explode. Hot piss splattered off the ground beneath her and splashed up to cover her belly and the insides of her legs. The heat where it touched her almost drove her wild, and she could see that the other women were also panting and gasping for breath. It was just like the night before when the three of them had pissed on the floor, and now Becky realized that Joy and Wanda had been excited as she had been. If only the awful men weren't standing over them, the wives could enjoy their lusty piss.

The men were as excited as the women. It was almost too much to believe. The wives were debasing themselves, pissing on the ground and themselves, and the men hadn't even had to use the crops.

Bill, in particular, was a bit disappointed that he hadn't had, an excuse to lash his wife's little ass, but then he decided the only reason he needed was wanting to hear the loud, painful smack.

He swung, landing a blow with the riding crop across Joy's ass-cheeks.

The blonde wailed and her piss stream grew stronger as if the pain was pushing it from her body. The other two men quickly got the idea. Like lightning strikes, blows rained down on the tortured asses of the pissing young women, and they wailed like beaten dogs.

All six of them were out of breath by the time it was through.

Becky had sat back on her heels.

Three hard cocks now jutted out from the men's bodies from the excitement of the combined pain and piss.

It was Tom who had the idea first. His thick cock was in his fist. Slowly he was jacking off as he watched the pissing women, then he realized that he needed to piss himself. Wanda's legs and belly were covered by steaming yellow liquid that had poured from her cunt, it seemed only right that the rest of her had a piss-bath, and Tom was more than willing to oblige.

He turned, aiming his cock at the hunkering form of his lusty wife, Wanda. At first it hurt from the pressure of his hard-on, but finally piss began to flow. A golden stream of hot piss poured from the end of his cock and splashed down onto his wife.

Piss struck her in the side of her face and, startled, she turned. Her eyes looked right into Tom's pissing cock and caught, the stream full in the nose.

Bill watched, then he quickly had his own prick squirting piss. It poured down onto the back of his blonde wife, Joy, and covered from her shoulders to her ass.

Jim was close behind, turning his own piss cock onto Becky. As she sat in her own piss, she caught the full force of Jim's stream on her tits.

Becky gasped and wished she hadn't. Her mouth was open when Jim had aimed his pulsing cock at her face. Steaming yellow liquid poured in over her teeth and washed saltily over her tongue. She gulped unwillingly, sucking much of his piss down her throat. Her eyes clenched a split-second before Jim walked his piss-stream up and down her face.

All three men were laughing furiously as their wives squirmed, then rolled around on the ground in the boiling piss. Their husbands' piss now stained their bodies and each of them felt humiliated as their flesh churned the dirt into mud. No longer were any of the three women coherent, covered completely by hot piss, dirt and shame.

Clean-up was brutal. The men used the hose in the cool mountain air, and the cold water flowed harshly across the flesh of the three naked wives.

First one, then another, was soaked head to toe, then they scrubbed each other with a bar of soap thrown to the ground by the men. Then they were led back inside, still connected to the chains, where Joy was again clamped to the wall. Becky and Wanda remained on hands and knees, heeling beside their masters in the center of the padded, raised platform.

"You two didn't get much of a chance to get to know each other," Bill said as he retook his seat on the stool. "That wasn't fair. Boys, why don't you let your two bitches get acquainted." The other two men laughed and slackened the chains, using their feet to shove the two naked wives toward each other.

Becky looked up puzzled at her husband, then over at Bill. She had no idea what they expected. "Don't you know anything?" Bill derided her and Wanda. "You just stand there like two piles of shit! Haven't you ever seen two dogs when they meet? The first thing that always happens is that they smell each other's assholes. They stick their noses right into those shitters and take as many whiffs as they can!"

Surely not! Becky almost cried. Hadn't their torture been enough? She already had trouble looking Joy in the eye from their forced bout of pussy licking and now they were insisting that she poke her nose into Wanda's ass.

But the riding crop removed any doubt about whether she would have to do as they said. It came crashing down on her hips, searing her skin with a scarlet line. As she turned, trying to keep her bare hips away from the whip, her ass lined up with the frightened brunette's head. Becky heard a loud smack somewhere behind her as Tom brutally lashed Wanda's naked flesh. Then something was being forced right between Becky's ass-cheeks and the warm nose of the other wife bumped rudely into her shithole.

"Oh!" Becky gasped.

She felt Wanda's soft face slowly part her asscheeks. Wanda's nose pushed at the wrinkled brown bud of Becky's shitter. Even up the length of her naked body, Becky could hear Wanda sniff as she took in the heady smell of Becky's warm little ass. The touch was so unusual it made the redhead tremble, and tingles rippled through her fiery-haired pussy until her cunt was slick and wet.

Then it was her turn -- of that the riding crop left no doubt. It whacked down onto her back, then tortured the side of her body and her tits.

The collar was jerked, leaving a harsh red line around her neck, and the two wives were turned around so Becky could nuzzle her nose up to the darker girl's smelly ass.

Wanda spread her legs, parting her ass-cheeks so Becky's face could smother inside. At the sight, her stomach gripped and she yipped a stifled cry. Never had she even thought about licking assholes, much less considered getting so close. It was almost frightening as she was forced into it and tension gripped her throat. But, somewhere deep down inside, there was also fascination, although Becky couldn't have recognized it as that.

Wanda's asshole looked almost like a little wrinkled eye staring out at Becky. Skin darker than the rest of her flesh surrounded it and it reminded Becky of a volcano on an island. Wrinkles arrowed toward the center where the mouth of Wanda's shit-hole was slightly raised and it was puckered there like a rosebud just waiting to be kissed.

But that was as much as Becky saw. A rough hand came down on the back of her head and forced her face into the other woman's ass. The tip of her nose burrowed right into Wanda's asshole, and she sucked air through her nostrils trying to catch her breath.

A heavy musky smell swarmed through her nose and, for a second, she was confused. Then she realized that it was asshole that she was smelling, just like a filthy dog on the street.

"Lick that fucking asshole just like the dogs do!" her husband growled, pulling her head back by her hair to give her tongue room to work.

How could Jim expect her to do that?

The riding crop whacked down painfully on her exposed ass and Jim shoved her face back into the shitter of the other wife. Another couple of lashes with the torturous, slender rod and her questions vanished. Becky was ready to lick shit.

Her tongue stroked along Wanda's ass-crease, focusing in on her shit-hole. Her tongue curled and poked at the wrinkled little mouth. Pushing, Becky parted the tight circled muscles and licked Wanda's ass-flesh.

Wanda groaned. Never had she felt such a wild sensation. It wasn't at all like the painful stretching of her shit-hole caused earlier by her husband's cock. Each time Becky's tongue jammed up her asshole, a bolt of pleasure shot clear into Wanda's guts.

Becky licked, swirling the tip of her tongue all around Wanda's wrinkled, little ass-bud. Then again she attacked it in the middle where it parted reluctantly to let her tongue inside. A heady taste, not at all unpleasant, began spreading over Becky's slippery tongue, and she had to move her head slightly to keep up with the weaving of Wanda's excited ass.

"Oh, man, look at that!" Jim hissed as his wife tongued female asshole. "She's fucking good at it and she's turning the other bitch on!"

Wanda moaned. The side of her face slammed down onto the padding. Her hands splayed outward, bringing her shoulders almost to the floor. Her pussy was dripping cunt-juices, and she no longer cared where she was. The only thing that existed for her was the pleasure in her ass.

"Shit, if she's gonna be good at it, I want my asshole licked!" Tom exclaimed, shoving the end of his wife's leash into Jim's hand.

He kicked his wife, Wanda, over on the platform then fell to his knees in her place. Putting his head down firmly on the padding, he reached both hands back and spread his asscheeks right in front of Becky's face.

She gasped, then whimpered. Her pussy was also dripping wet and the tender little asshole she had been licking was suddenly taken away. In its place was the hairy ass-cheeks of one of the men, heavy balls hanging down where a cunt-hole had been. The smell of the new asshole was headier, unwashed since his last shit. Slowly her nose closed in, sniffing as it went.

"Lick that fucking shit-hole, bitch!" Tom snarled. "Mouth-fuck it like you want to run your tongue clear up in my guts!"

Her tongue reached out. Tom's large, dark asshole puckered outward as if to meet her with a kiss. She licked over it, feeling the wrinkles with her tongue.

"Oh, yeah, you asshole-eating cunt!" Tom hissed as he felt the knife blades of pleasure begin slicing through his guts. "Tongue-fuck my shit-hole!"

Becky's tongue curled and she probed at his puckered asshole. Again, his shitter seemed to reach out for her as if he was trying to take a shit. By forcing as hard as she could, she managed to drive her tongue inside, the tip reaching almost an inch up the dark channel of his guts.

"Let's all get involved," Bill said, falling to his knees from the stool.

He scooted up behind Becky's naked asscheeks which were bobbing and weaving in the air. He told Jim to lock Wanda back up on the wall, then he sharply slapped Becky's ass-cheeks with the palm of one hand.

Her own ass stung as she pumped her wet tongue into Tom's shit-hole. A musky taste filled her mouth, swirling around in her spit. Still she tongue-fucked Tom's dirty asshole that was shoved into her face, pistoning back and forth like her tongue was a small cock.

"I've been wanting me some virgin ass to corn-hole," Bill said, rubbing his hands around Becky's hips. He used his hands to force her knees apart, then poked a finger into her sitter. "Now I'm going to fuck this little shit-hole until the damn thing bleeds!"

He rammed his cock clear up Becky's cunt, using her juices to grease down his fuck-pole so he could cram it into her ass. After a couple of long, hard fuck-strokes, he was satisfied. He dragged his throbbing prick-rod out, lining his glistening cock-head up with her small asshole. His hands braced, her, then he pushed with his hips and, as he watched, her tiny brown ass-ring gave way and the end of his prick forced into her ass.

"Aaeeiii!" Becky screamed, her tongue popping out of Tom's shitter.

Her asshole felt like it was being torn apart by Bill's cock that was being forced inside.

"Tongue-fuck his asshole, bitch!" her husband screamed at her.

He had locked Wanda to the wall and was now back standing over his wife. His arm curled upward, then slashed down with the crop, canting a thin, angry whip line across the width of her back.

Becky's mouth dove back to Tom's asshole. The hair around his asshole was matted down with her spit. Tom wiggled his asshole back into her face until her tongue was once again poking into his guts.

Bill's massive prick was wedged all the way up her ass and she felt as if her guts were being forced rudely apart. Her asshole was spread so wide she felt like her shiner was trying to scream but, instead, it was swallowing cock-meat clear down to Bill's balls.

"It's like a Goddamn vise is squeezing my prick!" Bill exclaimed, slowly dragging his cockshaft out of her asshole, feeling the tight ring of shitter muscles riding his prick like a tight metal ring. "Look here, Jim! Get up close and watch a cock corn-holing your wife's ass!"

Becky felt Jim drop to his knees and lean close, and she knew that her husband was watching her asshole being fucked from just a couple of inches away.

Against the wall, the other two women would also be looking up, watching her tongue-fuck one shit-hole while her own corn-holed ass was being reamed.

"Ummmph!" she groaned.

Bill ground his cock back into her ass. It was like a fence post was reaming her guts. Slowly his corn-holing prick gathered steam until it was fucking her shit-hole almost too fast to believe. At her mouth, Tom's asshole was fluttering around her tongue as he reached under and jerked on his cock.

"Here it comes, bitch!" Bill, snarled and jammed his cock all the way into her guts.

Warm liquid splashed out in her asshole, mixing with her shit. But if she thought the ordeal was over, she was sadly surprised. No sooner had Bill's cock slipped from her ass than Jim rammed his cock inside.

And soon she was tongue-fucking Bill's asshole as Tom waited for his turn to corn-hole the tortured girl. After filling her shit-hole with his cum, Jim was standing by to have his ass licked. She thought she would die when Tom forced his horse cock into her ass, but the other two men's pricks had stretched her asshole and greased her down with sticky cum. By then, Becky was beaten and wanted to cry, but the men still took turns for more than an hour ass fucking her and shoving assholes in her face.

Chapter NINE

For their next punishment, the husbands took the women in turn. By doing it that way, all three men could focus in on the torture of a single wife.

The first to go was Wanda, limp-bodied and gangly now that most of the starch had gone out of her pride. The dark-haired girl felt battered, although her deeply tanned skin didn't show the results of the beatings as much as that of the other girls. Still, Wanda could still feel each lash from the riding crop and would have sworn she could go back and count every lusty stroke of their cocks. Her whole body was sore from fucking and sucking, and her asshole only recently had returned to its proper shape. As they unlatched her from the wall, she was puzzled over what they could do to her next.

"Hey, Tom," Bill said as they hauled Wanda into the center of the platform several feet away from the other women. "Didn't I see you pulling out some of this bitch's cunt-hair when she was dangling on the other wall?"

"Yeah," the swarthy, short man exclaimed, pushing Wanda over onto her back.

He reached down at her pussy and grabbed a handful of her raven-black pussy-hair. He tugged, lifting her ass clear off the padding before letting it smack back into place.

"You must like naked, hairless cunt," Jim said.

"Love it," Tom grunted, licking his lips like a hungry animal. "But every time I've asked her to shave her pussy, she tells me that I'm crazy as a loon."

"You want to help her shave that hair?" Bill asked.

"Yeah," Tom answered. "You got a razor we can use?"

"I have something better than that," Bill said. "And it lets your little bitch wife decide whether her cunt's going to keep on having any hair. She tells you no, but maybe my little experiment will make her change her mind."

Wanda cringed, but creeping into her awareness along with the revulsion was the beginnings of a thrill when she heard the men talk that way. She couldn't decide when she had first felt that delicious feeling, but it was probably while Tom had been corn-holing her ass. After that, licking the other girl's shit-hole had almost driven her wild, and Wanda had been disappointed when they had dragged her back to the wall.

It took two of them to carry in the heavily weighted stand. Atop it was a device like a small saddle with tacky material covering the seat. Just where her pussy would be, a small hole allowed a wire through from the base. It was connected to a cylinder that looked like a short, fat metal sausage.

Bill greased the metal thing down, but, still, it was so thick that Wanda winced when they shoved it up her cunt-hole. Her cunt-mouth closed around it, locking it tightly inside.

She looked down between her legs. She looked ridiculous with a wire running from her cunt. She tried to see where it went under the stand, but it disappeared somewhere inside.

They forced her onto the saddle and up against the horn, taking time out to cover her crotch with thick, pasty goo.

What the hell was going on? she wondered. The whole thing had become so silly that she almost wanted to laugh. Then she tried to adjust her ass on the seat.

"Ouch!" she yelped as every cunt hair yanked at her skin.

She wanted to reach down, but the men grabbed her arms. They bent them behind her and handcuffs locked them into place.

Cautiously, she used her toes to lift herself, then groaned and settled back when her whole cunt-muff pulled tight.

"Tom!" she cried, tears coming to her eyes. "I'm stuck! All of my pussy-hair is stuck!"

"Too damn bad, isn't it!" Bill laughed in her face. "I guess you'll just have to sit there as long as you can. But I do want you to know something about that cylinder we shoved up your cunt. It's connected to a rheostat that I've just plugged into the wall. But the connections not tight, bitch -- all you have to do to break the current is get up off, the seat!"

She couldn't believe it until she felt the first mild tingle inside her pussy-hole. It began like an itch deep down where she couldn't scratch, but quickly became a real discomfort as Bill turned the dial located low in front of the device.

Wanda moaned. The current was almost too much to stand. She hoped that was as much current as there was and that it wouldn't go on for too long.

"That's number two on a dial with ten numbers," Bill chided her. "You shouldn't even feel it this soon. But if I ever get up to number ten, that's direct current off the line. Then we'll have charred wife to fill our stomachs with tonight."

The current doubled, and Wanda gasped and jerked in the seat. It felt like fire running up and down the wetness of her pussy, carrying the electricity deeply into her guts. When she jumped, her whole cunt-mound screamed in agony as every tiny hair tugged viciously at her skin.

"No, please!" she screamed as the current stepped up again.

Now it felt like a torch had been shoved up her cunt-hole. Every muscle in her lower body was trembling from the charge, and the pain was intense.

"There's number four," Bill said sadistically. Jim and Tom crowded around him to see. "Every number will double the current until you're taking every bit."

"Aaeeiii!" Wanda shrieked as the rheostat was stepped up again.

Her body leaped in the saddle and a few cunt hairs around the edges of her pussy-mound tore out.

"Aaarrgh!" She choked on the pain, brutalized by the agony both inside her pussy and out.

Her throat had tightened. She felt like hands were strangling her and her breaths were coming hard.

She grunted as the electricity doubled again.

"Number six!" Bill crowed.

"You better get off the saddle!" Jim shouted.

"Tear your cunt-hair out!" Tom screamed, spit running down his chin.

It hurt so viciously bad. No longer could Wanda tell one pain from the other. Both of them drove her wild. More and more she was coming up on her toes, yanking the weaker strands of pussy-hair from her skin.

An increase in electricity slammed her again. Her breath was totally gone. Her whole body shook almost mindlessly, driven by a primitive lust to survive.

When the rheostat hit eight, survival took over. Her body jerked and her legs stiffened into a leap. When the resistance of her pussy-hair was met, the strength of her muscles drove through. It took three tremendous jerks to get the job completely done, but finally Wanda tumbled backward from the saddle. She was delirious by the time she hit the floor, never looking down to see her pussy bleed. Behind her, still locked to the glue and tacky material of the saddle, was every cunt-hair she owned.

Becky was taken next. The moaning Wanda was locked back up. Becky kept her legs locked tightly together hoping the men wouldn't notice how wet she had become. Pussy-juices streaked through her cunt-hole and leaked from her pussy. Just watching the men ram that metal thing up Wanda's cunt had turned her pussy on.

What was happening to her? Becky didn't understand. Just listening to the other women piss in the night had made her tingle, and her cunt had shot fire when Jim had pissed in her face. Licking Wanda's asshole had made her own pussy slick and, after her shitter had stretched and stopped hurting, corn-holing hadn't been so bad at all. Now when she thought of those randy throbbing cocks fucking her ass, it left her excited and short of breath.

But there wasn't much time to think, for Bill had devised something special for Becky. He left briefly, then came back, tossing a huge dildo onto the padded platform next to one of her hands.

"What's this?" she asked in surprise.

Really, there was little doubt. It looked just like a giant rubber cock that was longer than any of the men's pricks and at least two inches bigger around. Even Tom's massive salami prick couldn't compare with the thickness of the dildo.

"You're going to fuck it up your cunt while we get down close and watch," Bill snapped, pushing her with the sole of his foot.

Becky landed flat on her back, then lifted her head up to stare at the men. Anger flared at the rude treatment.

"I'm not going to do that!" Becky said firmly. "Thai thing's too big. It'll hurt! You can hold me down and do it to me, but you can't make me do it to myself!"

"We'll see," Bill said. He turned to his friends. "Lock her wrists and ankles into the clamps and let's spread-eagle her on the floor."

Four adjustable clamps rose from the padding. Jim took her hands and locked her wrists tightly, pulling them at wide angles beyond her shoulders and head. Tom took her feet and clamped them into the braces, spreading her legs until the joints in her hips felt jammed. When the cuffs were tightened, they held Becky stretched out with her limbs like four balanced spokes of a wheel.

"You ever hear somebody call a pussy a honey pot?" Bill asked the other men.

"Yeah, once," Tom replied.

"They used to call a cunt that at school," Jim said. He glanced down at his naked wife. "I tried to get her to squirt whipped cream up her pussy once and let me lick it out, but the bitch just snickered up her nose and called it a filthy idea."

"Well, we can change that," Bill said. "Jim, go get that pail of honey and the kitchen syringe from the other cabin and we'll make this pussy good enough to cat."

When Jim got back, Bill sucked ounces of the golden nectar into the syringe, and then forced the long tube up Becky's cunt. When he pushed the plunger, it felt like warm cream flowing over the inner walls of her pussy. She winced, but it was mostly for show; the honey really felt good swishing around up there. Once again, she derided herself for responding to their evil treatment and wished those pleasant little tingles would go away.

"Now that we've got it ready to eat, I have just the little friends that might be interested," Bill said and turned to leave the cabin.

When he came back, he carried a closed box and a two-foot length of glass tubing.

He handed the box to Tom, who opened it. Jim stepped up to look inside. When he saw what was there, he threw back his head and laughed loud enough to shake the rafters.

"Get that little shovel thing, Jim, and scoop me up some of those little fuckers," Bill ordered. "Then shake them into the end of this tube."

Becky's mouth dropped open as she watched. "You can't do that to me!" she screamed. Bill shrugged. "All we were going to do was watch you fuck your cunt with that rubber cock. But you told us that we couldn't make you do that. Now we'll see if our little friends help you change your mind."

Becky squealed as one end of the glass tube was shoved deeply into her honey-dripping cunt. Near the other end swarmed dozens of ants where Jim had shaken them in. Bill pinched one small critter that was escaping against the side of the glass. Then he leaned down to the tubing, placing his mouth over the end. He blew. Almost a hundred crawling ants rocketed into Becky's gaping cunt.

"No!" she shrieked.

The first of the ants found their feet. Then the whole inside of her pussy was alive with crawling insects. Both, the heat of her cunt-hole and the profusion of honey was driving the little beasts wild, and they ran back and forth stopping only long enough to nip.

"Oh, God, stop this crazy thing!" Becky wailed, her mind jumping circles around in her head. Insects were one of her worst nightmares and now she had a hundred of them inside!

"They're biting! They're biting the inside of my cunt! Get them out of there -- I'll do anything!"

Bill stooped down by her head. His swollen cock arched outward, then downward, swollen but not completely hard with desire. Becky's face turned frantically toward him, her eyes pleading in panicky desperation.

"We can't do anything about those little fuckers," he mocked her in a serious voice. "They're our friends. But, if you want, we can give you that battering rain of a dildo and let you mash those little freaks in your cunt."

"Yes, yes!" Becky gasped. "Anything!"

He nodded to Jim and Tom, who quickly unclamped her hands. Then Bill tossed the monstrous dildo onto her stomach and watched as she scrambled at it with her hands. When she had it by the base, she plunged it toward her cunt as if it was a sword she was trying to jam in.

The honey greased the dildo into her pussy. Becky rammed it to the end of her cunt channel with all of her might. The mouth of her cunthole was stretched sorely out of shape by its girth, but she didn't give that a thought. All she wanted to do -- all her mind could accept -- was killing the insects that were eating the inside of her cunt.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" she grunted.

She slammed the dildo into her pussy. Her cunt-hole was on fire, a forest of burning bites, and she used the slamming rubber fucker to try to put the blazes out.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she growled.

She rammed the thick, phony prick into her sloshing cunt. She wasn't aware she had started to speak like she had never done before.

"Mother-fucking cunt-hole!" she screamed as she hammered the phony cock into her pussy.

Her ass arched off the padding to give herself a better angle to drive the dildo home. Inside, ants were dying by the dozens, mashed into pulp, as the rubber cock-head slammed to the end of her fuck-channel. Even after the last bite had long stopped, the wild young wife kept fucking herself as the three men lay on their stomachs watching her honey-dripping cunthole eat fake cock. Joy was the most confused of all. Watching Wanda be tortured with the electrified cunt-plug had made Joy's pussy drip, and Becky fucking herself with the dildo had caused Joy's legs to rub together. With just the right pressure, she had learned to jolt herself through a series of short cums.

And now it was her turn. Becky was dragged back to the wall, where her hands and feet were clamped into place.

Joy was pulled into the center of the platform and forced onto her stomach. Then hands lifted her waist and a hard, rolled pillow was forced into the crook of her legs. Her feet then were fitted into the sliding clamps, pushed up close to lock her knees against the cushion. When her hands were clamped into the other cuffs, she was on knees and forearms with her ass jutting up into the air.

"Are you going to corn-hole my ass?" she whimpered as Bill raked his fingernails painfully over the flesh of her hips.

Her shit-hole puckered at the thought, but there was something about the idea that set off a small spark in her guts. Joy didn't think she wanted hard cock pounding her asshole, but something inside her was trying to say different.

"Naw," her husband mocked her. "I've had enough ass-fucking for now. What Jim and I want is for you to suck on our long, hard cocks."

"Hey," Tom called in feigned anger. "You do what you want, but I want to fuck her ass!"

"Her shit-hole, Tom?" Bill chided his friend. "You know what's in there? Shit, that's what! Before I'd stick that ass-ripper of yours up there, I'd make damn sure the shit-hole is clean. Come on with me -- I've got just the thing. While Jim and I are getting our cocks sucked, you can clean out her ass."

They brought back a stand that held up a large bottle of soapy water. They positioned it behind Joy, draping the rubber tubing down toward her ass. At the end of the tube, a black nozzle jutted out like a finger.

"Jim and I are going to get our cocks sucked," Bill instructed Tom. "You jam this nozzle up her asshole then turn this little stopcock. And don't turn it off until she swallows cum from both of our pricks."

Joy moaned.

"I won't be able to stand it long enough to suck one of your cocks then the other," she whimpered, remembering the pain of a stretched belly from enemas her mother had given her as a child.

"Didn't I tell you?" Bill laughed. "You're going to suck both of them at the same time."

Bill lay down to the left of her head and Jim to the right, scooting their asses together until their legs interlaced. Their bodies joined at the groins beneath her upraised face and she was looking down at their two towering cocks.

"Goddamn," Bill chortled. "Your fucking balls are hot next to mine. They must be stewing up cum to shoot into my wife's throat."

"Damn right!" Jim exclaimed as he used one hand to hold his cock straight up toward Joy's mouth. The entire length of his throbbing fuck shaft ran along Bill's rigid prick. Their cockheads thumped together, sharing their heat, making one big cock to stuff Joy's mouth completely full.

The nozzle pierced her asshole. Warmth began to spread in her guts. Already the enema had started and she hadn't even forced her mouth around their cocks.

"Remember, bitch," her husband snarled, "he doesn't turn off that nozzle until you swallow cum from both of our pricks. And you better not let one drop of that enema leak out onto the floor or you'll be down there with your mouth licking it up."

Joy opened wide, but still it wasn't enough. She forced Bill's prick into the left side of her mouth then worked hard at trapping Jim's. Finally she had both of them inside, although ha jaws had started to pop. Three inches of the double-cock ran in over her tongue as the first water cramp started wringing her guts.

Joy's intestines began to bloat. The soapy water began filling every nook and cranny. Muscles protested, stretching then knotting, sending enema pains rippling along.

Oh, God, she thought desperately. Already it was beginning to hurt. Everything inside her felt blown up like a balloon and, more water was running in to make it worse.

Hard cock stuffed her mouth from cheek to cheek. Her head rose and fell, keeping as much pressure as possible on the rigid flesh of their cock-shafts. Two cocks were almost too much for her to handle, but she had to make them spurt cum before her bowels got relief. Desperately she raced, rubbing their cocks together and licking on them with her tongue to try to hurry the jism up from the balls.

"Oh, man," Jim groaned. "Double cocksucking must be the best!"

"My balls are in an uproar!" Bill hissed, shoving up to help double-fuck his wife's face.

"Shit!" Tom exclaimed from behind at her aching ass. "She must have already taken a gallon!"

Joy felt like it was ten gallons instead. Her guts were about to explode. She fought against the pressure as the water threatened to blow back out of her ass.

"I'm going to do it!" Jim moaned beneath her.

"Get ready, I'm about to blast!" Bill roared. Suddenly, the two cocks in her mouth pulsed and erupted, shooting their combined jism clear to her throat. Gushes of cum poured out, one spurt matching the other, as she gobbled prick and swallowed cum. When their pricks had spouted their last and Joy had gulped it down, she raised her head from their two poles of fuckmeat and howled an animal scream. The nozzle jerked from her asshole and her legs and arms were released, and she jumped up and ran out, barely making it to the edge of the yard before her ass-ring gave way and she fountained a dirty stream.

Chapter TEN

Becky sprawled flat on her face, her husband's foot propped on her ass. Partially across the room, off the platform, Bill stood with the camera. He bobbed it, bringing it into frame, then slowly twisted the focus ring.

"Make this a damn good one, partner," Jim called, grinding his bare foot into Becky's naked ass-cheeks. "I want to be able to show all the guys down at work just how they should treat their little wives."

Tom giggled from the side of the room.

"Looks like a damned hunting trophy," he said excitedly. "I guess that fucker sticking up from your balls is the gun that you used to bring her down!"

Jim laughed, wrapping his fingers around the base of his rock-hard cock and waving it about.

"Damn straight?" he giggled. He aimed his cock-head toward the back of Becky's head. "Pow! I just shot you right behind the ear!"

The men were having fun. They had tortured their wives for most of the afternoon and now, as darkness grew and the lamps were turned on, it was time for fun and games.

Becky was the first to have her picture taken while she was forced to grovel on the ground. It was a position of total submission they wanted, and she had no doubt they'd show the photographs around.

She thought of other men seeing the photo of her naked tits and ass, and all of a sudden her pussy got wet. Her mind saw visions of a throng of naked men looking at her picture and jerking off their long, lusty cocks. The image made her squirm, rubbing her sensitive tits on the padding. Her nipples grew hard and tender, causing ripples of sexual joy.

The question of what was happening to her flitted through her mind, but no longer did she really care. Something had snapped, probably her inhibitions, and she couldn't even think about naked flesh without almost going wild. Just the memory of some of the things the men had done to her seemed to turn her on. It was like the brutal fucking they had given her had awakened some ravenous animal deep in her guts.

"Don't look now, Jim, but your trophy ain't dead," Tom hooted, grabbing his own prick and aiming it at Becky. "Bang! Bang!"

"Maybe she hasn't been shot enough," Bill joined in, putting his camera aside. "Maybe all three of us ought to shoot her again, this time together."

Jim sprawled on his back, holding his cock up with his hand. The other two men lifted Becky and sat her down on the front of his hips. A hard cock-head rammed against the mouth of her cunt-hole, and the pouring juices allowed it in.

"She's flowing like a fucking faucet!" her husband exclaimed. "She likes this type of abuse!"

"Ummm," Becky moaned deliciously as eight inches of hard cock rammed into her cunt.

Never in her life would she have thought it would feel so good, and she cursed herself for the times she'd refused to fuck. Jim reached up and locked his hands around the back of her head and pulled her face to his neck. That jutted her ass up in the air with her cunt still impaled by hard prick.

She felt hands rubbing on her ass-cheeks. Her insides trembled with delight. The lewd sensations that had been growing in her over the past couple of days had finally burst completely out. Her body now felt alive from the beatings and fucking and she eagerly awaited the pain. Even if that meant a hard cock in her asshole, stretching and reaming her out.

She wiggled her ass back toward Bill. The motion swirled Jim's prick in her cunt.

"Ooooh!" she moaned. "That feels so fucking good!"

"She does like it!" Bill hooted.

Bill slapped her ass with his hand. The skin of her ass-cheeks turned a bright scarlet as he lashed her ass with his palm.

"Well, I'll tell you this, bitch!" Bill snarled. "You're not going to get my cock in your ass until you beg. If you want to be corn-holed, you better tell me how much you want it throbbing in there."

"Yes!" Becky gasped.

Her shit-hole puckered. Her asshole was reaching out for Bill's gut-spearing cock-meat to hurry up the pain. Just a few days before, the idea of being corn-holed would have horrified and disgusted Becky, but something had happened during those hours. The torture she had survived had changed her whole life from being a bitch to a lusty cunt in heat. All she could think of now was hard cock pounding into her and maybe some hot pussy to eat. Anything, she thought wildly! The more perverted it was, the more she ached to do it.

"Yes!" she screamed again, lifting her face and howling toward the ceiling like a she-wolf. "Fuck your cock into my ass! Corn-hole my shitter with your fucking prick-pole and let me feel both cocks ripping me apart inside!"

She hissed when Bill's hot cock-head slapped in her ass-crease and lined up with her shit-hole.

"Aaaeeeiii!" she screamed.

His cock viciously split its way into her ass. Then with one more violent shove, Bill ran his prick-shaft all the way into her guts. His balls slapped against the back of her cunt and Jim's cock-pole that was spearing her cunt.

"I can feel them both!" Becky gasped. "Both horny pricks are tearing me apart. Fuck me! Rip into my cunt and asshole! Make it hurt! Make it hurt!"

They slammed into her, ramming long, hard cock into both of her fuck-holes. Her asshole gripped Bill's prick wickedly as her cunt-hole milked her husband's cock.

"Goddamn!" Tom growled as he scrambled toward the pile of fuckers. His prick was thick and hard. "I want to get into this one and she's got one more fucking hole!"

The dark man grabbed Becky by the ears and pried up her face. Her eyes opened just as his thick salami-like cock was shoved at her mouth. Her jaws opened willingly as a deep moan began in her chest. It was like the purring of a wildcat and pure pleasure was dripping from the sound. Hard prick pried open her mouth. Tom's cock-head ran clear back to the opening of her throat. Her spit greased his cock as it fucked her hard in the mouth. Her cunt was stuffed full of throbbing prick-meat, jerking and thrashing about. Jim's cock-head rammed again and again against the back of her pussy-channel, bruising her sensitive cunt-flesh. She thrust her body down on Jim's spearing prick to help increase the pain. The agony and the pleasure were locked tightly together now, and Becky wanted it all.

Her asshole was being brutalized. Bill's fuck strokes went the whole length of his cock. He slammed into her ass like he was trying to drill his way completely through her guts.

"Yes!" she gasped around Tom's tonsil fucking prick-head. "Harder! Harder!"

Her words were hard to understand, but the men knew what she was trying to say. All three of them strengthened their fucking until it was more blows than strokes.

Against the wall, two other women whimpered. They, too, had been changed by the torturous sex. It was all beyond simple wants -- now they needed hard-driving cock. Deep down inside where they couldn't have recognized it, they had wanted their men to take them in hand. When the wives acted like bitches and denied their husbands pussy, the women's real desires had been to be fucked and punished for acting so wrong.

And now the torture was watching Becky use all three of the cocks. Wanda and Joy were both panting, leaking cunt-juices onto the floor. Their assholes pouted from the lack of hard prick and their mouths watered heavily watching the cock-eating wife.

"It's not fair!" Joy shrieked and thrashed at the clamps that held her.

"Please fuck us too!" Wanda called desperately, hoping the men would hear.

"What do you want, bitch?" Bill shouted. "You want my cock corn-holing your ass until it bleeds?"

"Yes!" Joy squealed, trying to turn in the hand clamps to offer her shit-hole to her husband. Right then she wanted Bill's cockmeat dirty from Becky's ass rammed right into her guts.

"And do you want me to face-fuck you, cunt?" Tom growled toward Wanda.

"Please!" Wanda panted. "Fuck your hard cock into my mouth! Shoot cum all over my teeth and I'll swallow every bit of it down! Just feed me, Tom! Feed me hard prick in my mouth!"

The three men roared. Between them, Becky moaned and fucked lustily. She screwed her ass back on Bill's corn-holing prick, and bucked atop Jim's cunt-stuffing cock. Her face dove onto Tom's swollen prick-shaft, trying to ream his bulging cock-head clear into her throat.

"You're Goddamn fucking right we're going to shove prick into you!" Bill promised the women at the wall. "Shove cock into every one of your fuck-holes. By the time we get through with you, you'll be the best-fucked women around!"

And they were, much to the three wives' delight.


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