Gang-raped sisters

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child's inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized standards and parentally proscribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected.

For Beverly Parham, the initiation into the world of sexuality brings with it a swirling confusion of conflicting emotions. Hounded by the strict moral teachings of her mother, Beverly has difficulty, at first, admitting even to herself that she has sexual desires. It is only after the young high-schooler and her sister are forced to participate in sexual acts of every description that she comes face to face with her own nature and accepts her basic sexuality. But by then, the pendulum has already swung too far. She has become a girl whose only goal is pleasure.

GANG-RAPED SISTERS is a shocking story, but it is a story of our confusing times, one which asks many serious questions.

Chapter ONE

Beverly Parham loved to ride. She loved riding more than she loved to do anything else. She would take her horse out to the field every chance she got.

But today she was riding for a different reason and she was just a little excited.

She was going to meet Wayne Brown. She knew what kind of boy Wayne was. Her parents had warned her against Wayne from the first moment they'd seen him. They thought he was vulgar and mean. Even her friends warned Beverly about him. They told her that only bad girls went out with him and he only went with a girl for one reason.

But Beverly was a hard girl to convince once she'd made up her mind about a person.

And she liked Wayne!

He was so good-looking with his dark, unruly hair and his blue eyes and the way his muscles bulged underneath his tight shirts. Just looking at him gave Beverly the shivers. There was something exciting about him that she'd never known in any other boy. Something wild and untamed, and just a little bit dangerous.

He had approached her that day in school right in front of her friends.

"Hello, Sissy," he had said.

"Don't call me that," Beverly said. "That's only a name my sister gave me."

"I like it," Wayne had said. "Say, how about you and me meeting down by the bridge today? I'd like to get to know you better."

"Ha," Beverly answered.

After he had left, her girl friends had crowded around her. They were full of questions and bristling with curiosity.

"Are you going?" Angela Talbot asked.

"Of course not," Beverly had said. "I wouldn't be caught dead with a boy like that."

But she had thought about him all afternoon with a mounting excitement. What could happen if she went to the bridge? What could he do? After all, if something happened, she could scream and there were lots of houses around. What could he possibly do?

Still, she'd almost made up her mind not to do it when her mother confronted her that afternoon. Her mother was red with anger.

"That vulgar boy talked to you today, didn't he?"

"Yes," Beverly said.

"You just stay away from him, young lady. I'll not have you running around with trash like him."

Her mother had made up Beverly's mind for her. She was fifteen years old and she was damned if her mother was going to tell her what to do. After all, she was almost grown and plenty old enough to think for herself.

Of course, she didn't tell her mother she was going to disobey her. But she made up her mind that she was going to see Wayne Brown by the bridge that afternoon.

She pretended she was going for a ride like she did every evening, but instead of turning her horse toward the open field she rode toward the bridge.

Wayne was there waiting on her.

"I-I," he said. "I knew you'd come."

"Sure you did," Beverly said in a haughty tone of voice. "I just came to hear what you had to say."

"Then get down off your home," Wayne said. "I can't talk to you way up there."

Beverly hesitated. She kept telling herself that nothing could happen here on the bridge. It wasn't like she was getting into the back seat with him or anything like that. Rut she still felt afraid. He was just too attractive to her.

"No," Beverly said. "We can talk here."

"The hell with that," Wayne said, and he turned to walk away.

"Wait," Beverly said.

He turned back around to face her and Beverly slipped from the saddle. He was about two inches taller than she was and she found herself standing too close to him. She jumped back as if she'd been bitten.

"Are you frightened of me?" Wayne asked.

"Of course not," Beverly said. "Why should I be?"

"Because I have a bad reputation. I'm kind of a bully around school and all the girls are scared of me."

"Well, I'm not," Beverly said bravely.

"Good," he said. "Then how about tying up your horse and walking down the bank."

Again Beverly hesitated. The spot he had mentioned was secluded. It was dark and shadowy down the bank and it couldn't be seen. She knew what her girl friends would say and her mother. For the second time her mother made up her mind.

"I'll go with you," Beverly said.

She tied her horse up and followed Wayne down the slippery bank. He had to take her hand a couple of times and each time Beverly felt a tingle.

She knew she shouldn't be telling this way about a boy, any boy, and she never had before. But there was just something so exciting about Wayne Brown. Something that made her want to be close to him.

There was a blanket near the river. Wayne must have brought it down earlier. It was in a shady spat.

"Sit down," Wayne said.

Beverly suddenly knew that something bad was going to happen if she sat down on his blanket. He had come prepared and it was like he'd done this a dozen times. She was growing afraid.

"Maybe we shouldn't stay here," Beverly said.

He kissed her on the mouth. She struggled against him at first, but then her body relaxed. She'd kissed boys before. There was nothing to be afraid of. Or was there? His kiss was different because it was making her feel a little giddy.

"Now sit down," Wayne said.

She allowed herself to be pushed down on the blanket. He sat down beside her.

"Kiss me again," he said.

It was strange, but she found she couldn't fight him. His lips bruised hers and then his tongue began probing at her mouth. After a moment, she opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to enter her mouth.

Then she felt his hand cupping her tit.

She pulled away from him and slapped his face. She expected him to get angry. He smiled and stood up.

"I'll see you later," he said.

He started up the bank and again she called for him to stop. She didn't know why she called. It was as if she couldn't stand for him to leave. She wanted the excitement he brought with him.

"Do you want to play games?" he asked.

"No," she answered.

"You're going to let me do what I want?" he questioned.

Beverly thought about the question. She had only a vague idea of what he wanted to do. She knew it involved both of them being naked and him sticking his thing into her.

"Yes," she answered.

Later, she wondered why she had been so willing, so easy. She thought that it was partly Wayne's aura and partly wanting to get back at her mother. Her mother was always ordering her around, making her do things she didn't want to do. Now, at last, someone was seeing her as a gown-up capable of making firm decisions.

Wayne stretched out beside her on the blanket. This time he didn't kiss her. His hands went straight for her titties. He began to fondle them through the material of her blouse. Beverly knew her face was turning red.

"They feel really nice," Wayne said.

"Thank you," she said.

She felt a little stupid at their conversation and the fact that Wayne was beginning to pant as he kneaded her firm titties. She had always been proud of her tits. Her mother said she got them from her father's side of the family, from one of her vulgar-looking aunts, but she had caught her father and other boys looking at them and she'd known that they didn't think her tits were vulgar.

Wayne started unbuttoning her blouse, and Beverly gathered up her courage. No boy had ever seen her naked. Tommy Rodgers had once had her blouse unbuttoned almost all, the way and he'd touched her tits through her bra, but that was as far as she'd allowed anyone to go.

Now Wayne was grunting as he finished unbuttoning her blouse. He reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. His fingers fumbled nervously with the hooks for a moment.

"Let me," Beverly said.

She readied behind her back and unsnapped the hooks easily. She allowed him to pull her bra off.

"Hot damn!" Wayne said. "They're real. I wondered if those thing were real."

"Mother says they're vulgar," Beverly said.

"Shit." Wayne said. "There ain't nothing vulgar about them tits. They're beautiful."

Wayne bent his head and his lips grazed her nipple. He brushed his tongue back and forth across it until it became hard.

"Ummmm," Beverly said. "That feels good."

Her words seemed to encourage Wayne. He sucked one of her fleshy tit-peaks into his mouth. He sucked as much of her tit-flesh into his throat as he could.

"Ummmmm," Beverly said, "Oh Wayne!"

She put her hands behind his head and urged him to take more of her titty. It really felt good. He was using his lips and tongue like an expert.

He released one titty from his mouth and moved to the other. He sucked in her sweet flesh, liking the way she moaned and moved her hips beneath him.

Beverly felt one of his hands between her thighs. She was wearing her riding pants, but his fingers were hot enough for her to feel him through her clothes.

"Wayne!" she moaned. "Oh, Wayne!"

He reached for the buttons on her riding pants and he pulled, them open. She had to raise her hips as he slid them down her long legs. He couldn't get them off over her riding boots so she pushed him away and did it for him. She stripped off the pants, and then shrugged and went ahead and stripped off her panties.

Perhaps she wouldn't have been so free with Wayne if he'd moaned and pleaded with her as other boys had done. She'd always considered pleading a sign of weakness. There was nothing weak about Wayne's bulging muscles and his lust-filled eyes.

"Stand up," Wayne said. "Pose for me."

She stood tip and turned. She let him examine all of her body, to pinch and stroke her where no man's hands had ever been.

"So nice!" he moaned. "So nice! So sweet, Sissy."

Wayne stripped off his shirt and undershirt and she gasped when she saw the black hairs that matted his chest. He smiled at her as he reached for his buckle.

"No," he said, taking his hand away and standing up. "I think I'll let you do that."

Beverly knew what he meant. She felt a little afraid as she sank to her knees and grasped his belt. She was also just a little curious about what his cock looked like.

Her curiosity overcame her fear and she unbuckled him and zipped down his trousers. She pulled his pants down to his knees and then looked at his undershorts. She licked her lips nervously as she looked at his cock-bulge.

"Go ahead," Wayne urged. "Take them off."

Beverly gasped the shorts and pulled them away from his cock and down his legs. For the first time in her life Beverly looked upon a boy's hard cock.

His cock was filled with blood and trembled. She touched it, felt the heaviness of his balls that were filled with cum that would soon be shooting inside her.

"Kiss it," Wayne said.

She hardly thought about what she was doing. She kissed the swollen head of his prick. Wayne grasped her by her long, dark hair and pulled her hard against his cock.

"Open your mouth," he said. "Take it in your throat. Taste it, baby!"

She parted her lips and took the swollen cock-head into her mouth. His prick-flesh seemed to fill her throat and she kept sucking him in until she had no more room.

"Oh baby!" Wayne said. "That feels good. Really good. Now play with my balls."

She reached up and again touched his balls, heavy with cum. She lifted them and began to rub them together as she sucked his cock.

"Damn!" Wayne said. "Damn, this feels good, but I've got to have some pussy. I've just got to!"

He pushed Beverly away from his cock and motioned for her to lie down on the blanket. Beverly did as he asked and she felt his fingers pushing her thighs apart.

"Just get you warm," Wayne said, and two of his fingers slipped easily into Beverly's cunt.

Beverly realized that she was wet down there and his fingers were making her wetter. He seemed to realize what made her feel good, and his fingers were bringing her to new heights of enjoyment.

"Wayne!" she moaned, "Oh, Wayne!"

"Get ready, baby," Wayne said. "I'm going to give you a hunk of meat you're never going to forget."

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Her pussy felt like a burning fire and she was ready for his cock. He sank down between her legs and she felt his prick being pushed against her pubic hair.

"Now," he said.

He pushed his prick slowly into her virgin cunt. At first it hurt. She could feel him stretching her cunt-walls, and then pushing against her hymen and she screamed in terror and pain.

"Relax," Wayne said. "Just relax and it won't hurt long."

She started to scream again, and Wayne put his hand over her mouth.

"Don't scream!" he warned. "Somebody might hear."

She realized that she didn't want anyone coming down to the bank and finding them. She bit her tongue to keep from crying out as his prick pushed painfully into her.

He broke her cherry and entered her completely. She could feel his huge balls resting at her crack.

"Oh God!" Beverly moaned.

"I told you it would feel good," Wayne said. "Now we'll just rest for a moment and let you relax."

She didn't know how long they remained like that, with his throbbing cock just resting in her cunt and neither of them moving. But after a while she began to feel him more and more.

"Oh!" Beverly moaned, as a tingle started in her pussy. "Oh, Wayne!"

"Now you're ready for some fucking," Wayne said.

Wayne was a competent cocksman. He was in no hurry. His cock drove in and out of her willing, hungry cunt with just the right slow, delicious stroke.

"Oh God!" Beverly cried. "Oh fuck me, Wayne! Give it to me hard!"

Her words seemed to surprise him. He stopped for a brief moment.

"No!" Beverly protested. "Fuck me! Please fuck me, hard, Wayne!"

Beverly didn't realize what she was saying. All she knew was that the cock in her cunt felt better than anything she could have imagined. She rubbed her titties against Wayne's hard chest and felt them tingle and her nipples become as hard as rocks.

Wayne began to fuck her in rapid movements, drawing his cock almost out of her juicy cunt, and then plunging it back in as hard as he could.

"Ummmmmm!" Beverly said. "That feels good, Wayne. That feels really good!"

Wayne drew out and Beverly protested loudly.

"Don't worry," Wayne assured her. "I'm not gone for good. Get up on your hands and knees and let me fuck you from behind."

Beverly wasn't sure what he meant, but she was game for anything that would help her aching cunt. She quickly turned over on her hands and knees as Wayne approached her from behind.

He knelt behind her and his strong hands came around her body to fondle her hanging tits. He kissed her ass-cheeks as his fingers played with her nipples.

"Oh God, Wayne!" she moaned. "Stick it in me! Put it in me!"

Wayne's prick was poised near her cunt and then he drove it into her hard and deep. She gasped as she felt his prick enter her deeper than it had before, feeling like it was going to come out her mouth. This time he was not slow. He began to fuck her with rapid, hard strokes.

"God!" Beverly cried as he fucked her hard.

"God! God! God! God!"

"Oh, baby!" Wayne groaned. "I'm going to come! I'm going to come, baby! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh shit!"

Beverly gasped as she felt his prick expand and then began shooting what felt like gallons of cum juice into her hot cunt. She felt fires flash throughout her body and she screamed as her own climax rocked her body.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Beverly moaned as Wayne's now-limp prick slipped out of her cunt.

"Fucking good," Wayne said. "You were fucking good."

Beverly felt as if she couldn't move. She was aware of Wayne taking a clump of her hair and she wondered what he was doing. Then she realized that he was wiping his wet prick off.

She beard him picking up his clothes and getting dressed and she realized that he was leaving.

"Wayne?" she questioned, turning around.


"You're not going to say anything about this. I mean, I've heard that boys talk."

"Of course not," Wayne said.

But his smile was wicked and Beverly shuddered. In her excitement she had forgotten what a bad reputation a girl could get in a small town. And Wayne Brown was just the sort who could give her that reputation.

Wayne bent down and fondled her titty like a piece of chuck roast that he was thinking about buying.

"You were sweet," he said.

She watched, with frightened eyes, as he walked back up the bank.

Chapter TWO

Beverly noticed a strangeness as soon as she got to school the next morning.

Her friends seemed to avoid her. When she approached them in the ball, there would be an immediate silence. Nobody would talk to her except for a few cold, polite words.

She finally cornered Angela Talbot just outside of the lunchroom.

"Angela?" she asked. "What's the matter with everyone? They're acting like I was diseased or something?"

"Don't you know?" Angela said haughtily.

"No," Beverly said.

"You should. It's all over school that you let. Wayne Brown into your panties."

"Oh no!"

"Then it's not true?" Angela asked hopefully.

Beverly looked into Angela's eyes. She and Angela had been friends for a very long time. Angela had long blonde hair and blue eyes that made a startling contrast to Beverly's dark hair and brown eyes.

Beverly was going to lie to Angela, but she couldn't. Angela saw the truth in her friend's face.

"So it is true," Angela said.

"But Angela..."

"Don't come around me any more," Angela said. "I can't be seen with you."

"But Angela..."

But Angela was gone. She showed Beverly her slender back in a haughty fashion.

Beverly was depressed for the rest of the day. She had been a popular girl once, but now her friends would have nothing to do with her. Even her teachers had started looking at her in a different way.

She went looking for Wayne Brown angrily. She found him putting some books in a wall locker. Some of his friends were standing around him.

"You've got a big mouth," she said. "What do you mean, spreading all those ugly rumors around?"

"You know how it is," Wayne shrugged.

"I don't know how it is," she said. "You have no business telling those lies about me."

She knew she shouldn't have said that as soon as she had spoken. The thing might have had a chance to die down for a lot, of people wouldn't have believed the rumor. But now she had called Wayne a liar in front of his friends.

"Shit!" Wayne said angrily. "I was there. Remember? I saw that little black mole you have under your tight titty. You opened your cunt for me and I fucked you. Now tell the guys the truth. I don't want to be called a liar in front of my friends."

"No!" Beverly said. "It's not true!"

Suddenly she realized that Wayne's friends had gathered around her. They were pushing her against the wall locker and against Wayne. The hall was so crowded that no teacher could have seen what was going an, but a lot of the students passing could see.

Wayne took her arm and twisted it behind her back.

"You going to tell the truth?" he asked.

"It is the truth," Beverly answered fearfully.

He twisted her arm until it hurt. He brought team to her eyes.

"Goddamn you!" Wayne said savagely. "Nobody calls me a liar! Now tell the truth. Tell the truth!"

The pain was growing. He had her arm twisted up far behind her back, and she wasn't going to be able to stand it much longer. She could see some of her friends in the crowd that had gathered near.

She suddenly saw Tommy Rodgers.

Tommy was looking a little red-faced. Beverly knew that, in a moment, he was going to come rushing into the crowd. Beverly knew that Tommy couldn't handle Wayne. She had seen Wayne fight before and he fought dirty. He could hurt Tommy badly if he tried to help. She couldn't allow Tommy to be hurt when it was all her fault.

Tommy started for the crowd, and Beverly said quickly. "All right, I'll tell the truth!"

Wayne released her arm and Tommy stopped. A lot of her friends were listening closely. They all wanted to hear.

"It happened," Beverly said softly.

"What happened?" Wayne asked. "Say it loud so that the people can all hear you. I don't want anybody thinking I'm a liar."

"I let you," Beverly said a little louder.

She saw Tommy's crest-fallen face and she felt a little sorry for him. But not half as sorry as she was feeling for herself. Her friends were drifting away and Beverly knew she had lost them forever.

"Shit, baby," Wayne said softly. "You should have kept your mouth shut."

Beverly knew she should have, but now it was too late.

"Hey, baby," one of Wayne's friends said. "Hey, how about meeting me at the bridge tonight?"

Beverly walked away with a shamed face and she heard their laughter.

She went through the rest of her classes that day in a daze. Nobody had anything to do with her except a few boys who were obvious about what they wanted. Beverly had never felt so ashamed.

She walked home alone. Tommy Rodgers was waiting for her.

"Hello, Tommy," Beverly said.

"Don't hello me!" Tommy said furiously. "Why did you do it? Why did you let him fuck you?"

"I don't know," Beverly said.

"He was the worst boy in school that you could have picked. Why him?"

"I said I didn't know," Beverly said.

"Why not me?" Tommy asked.

Beverly sighed. She knew that Tommy was feeling hurt because she had never allowed him to go as far. Now he was looking at her like he would look at a whore whom he didn't have enough money to buy, and he found out she'd been giving it away free.

"I'm sorry, Tommy," Beverly said. "I really am."

"Well, that's not good enough!" Tommy said savagely.

Beverly knew where the conversation, was leading Tommy wanted some of what Wayne had gotten. Beverly sighed with resignation.

"Okay, Tommy," she said. "It's not fair to you that you don't get it too. Do you want to go into the woods or what?"

Tommy looked astounded. Perhaps he hadn't expected Beverly to be that easy. But Beverly had accepted the fact that she was now a girl with a bad reputation and one more wouldn't hurt, and besides she felt as if she owed Tommy something. "Let's go into the woods," Tommy said.

Beverly led the way. She led him into the heavily-wooded part that couldn't be seen from the trail. Beverly wasted no time. She stripped off her clothes and stood before him naked.


Tommy licked his lips. "Well, what?"

"Do you like me? Do you think I have a nice body when I'm naked."

"God yes!" Tommy breathed.

"Well, are you going to do something about it, or are you just going to stand there grinning like an idiot?"

Tommy seemed a little unsure of himself. Beverly sighed. She knew that Tommy was probably a virgin and knew very little about fucking.

Beverly softened a little. If she was going to be a bad girl, then she might as well do a good job.

"Poor Tommy," Beverly said. "Let Beverly help. She knows what to do."

She dropped to her knees in front of him. She tugged at his belt. Then she undid his trousers and pulled his zipper down. She reached inside his trousers and found his limp cock.

"What's the matter?" Beverly asked. "Are you scared or something?"

"I'm not scared of anything," Tommy said.

"Then you must need a little encouragement," Beverly said softly.

She brushed her dark hair back from her face and her lips were on his cock. She kissed his prick softly and felt his cock tremble.

"I think you're beginning to feel it," she said.

Tommy stepped back and quickly stripped off his clothes. His body didn't excite her as much as Wayne's body had excited her, but she still felt a little warm between her legs.

Tommy came back to her and pushed his cock against her mouth. She opened her lips and took in his limp flesh. His prick tasted differently than Wayne's. She wondered if all cocks tasted differently.

"Oh!" Tommy said. "Oh, oh, oh!"

His cock was beginning to grow hard in her mouth. She made a little sucking sound as she drew his prick deep in her throat. She could feel his prick pushing against the back of her throat.

"Oh shit, Sissy!" Tommy said. "That feels so good. Oh shit, that feels good!"

Beverly remembered that Wayne had liked his balls to be fondled. She reached up and began to squeeze his balls gently. Tommy seemed to grow crazy. He grabbed her head and began to pull her mouth up and down on his cock.

"Oh shit!" he groaned. "I'm fucking you. I'm fucking you in the mouth! Oh shit, I'm mouth-fucking you!"

She allowed him to drive his cock in and out of her mouth until she tasted the first of his jism. She drew her mouth away quickly. She wasn't sure she wanted to take a load of cum in her mouth.

"Come on," she said. "Now fuck me! That's what you wanted. Now put it in me."

Beverly wouldn't have admitted it to Tommy, but she was too excited. She could feel the itch deep in her pussy and she wanted his cock in there.

She fell back on her back and Tommy pushed apart her thighs.

She felt his cock at her cunt entrance and she pushed her pussy at him to give him easier entry.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Tommy moaned as his prick drove deep inside of where Beverly needed it.

"Oh, that's it!" Beverly groaned. "That's it, Tommy! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He wasn't as expert with his cock as Wayne had been, but Beverly was hot and ready. She felt the friction of his cock sliding into her and she moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck me!" she said. "Fuck me harder!"

His hips began to move rapidly as he gave her deep fuck-strokes and soft moans were escaping from her throat. He pressed his lips against hers and his tongue slipped into her mouth. He began to drive his tongue in and out of her mouth.

She loved it. She felt both pleasure and pain as her ass scraped the pound and his prick filled her cunt. She could feel her hot juices flooding over his prick.

"God!" Beverly cried. "I'm coming! Oh shit, I'm coming! Oh fuck! Oh, fuck me hard, Tommy."

Tommy was fucking her harder and suddenly she felt him growing inside her. She heard his soft roan and he fell on top of her as his prick released its hot load of semen deep into her hungry cunt.

She moved her ass and urged him to drain every drop into her cunt.

"Oh Tommy," she moaned. "Oh Tommy, that was good. That was so good."

Tommy stood up and dressed quickly. Now his face was angry and shameful.

"You're a whore," he said. "That's all you ever were. And I used to think you were so nice."

She watched him walk away. She shrugged and stood up. She dressed and picked up her books. She knew that Tommy was right. Now there was no turning back. Her only friends would be boys who wanted her and girls who were like she was.

She resigned herself to live with it, if that was how it had to be.

Chapter THREE

Beverly's mother was waiting for her when she got home.

"Where have you been?" she asked. "Out with some boy?"

"I'm tired," Beverly said. "I'm going to my room."

"Of course, you're tired," Beverly's mother said. "Out fucking with every boy in sight. I heard about it. You and that vulgar Brown boy. How could you?"

Beverly went upstairs, paying no heed to her mother's angry voice. Beverly's sister was sitting on her bed.

Connie Parham was the image of Beverly in the face but there the resemblance ended. Connie was a heftier girl, a little heavier than Beverly and she had dirty-brown hair.

"You've been busy," Connie said.

"What business is it of yours?"

"I don't know," Connie shrugged. "I just thought you might need someone to talk to."

Suddenly Beverly felt the tears rushing to her eyes. She had never been really close to Connie. They had always competed in everything they did, but now she did need someone to talk to and Connie was there.

"Oh, Connie!" Beverly moaned. "I'm so unhappy."

Connie smiled and spread her arms and Beverly fell into them. She sobbed for a long time against Connie's shoulders.

"It's all right," Connie said. "It's all right, little sister. Just cry it out."

Beverly sobbed until her tears were gone, and Connie gave her some tissues to wipe her eyes.

"Now tell me about it," Connie said.

"Oh, Connie," Beverly moaned. "I'm so ashamed."

"Ashamed of what?"

"Of myself."

"Why? What did you do?"

"I'm..." Beverly dabbed at her eyes... "I'm not a virgin any longer."

"Oh," Connie said. "Is that all?"

Beverly looked with shock at her older sister. Connie brushed back her hair from her forehead.

"Don't you worry about that," Connie said. "Virginity is not all that big a deal. Your problem is that you lost it to the wrong guy and he spread it all over. Now, you're a bad girl and I'm afraid there's not much you can do about it."

"Nothing?" Beverly said.

Connie drew Beverly back into her arms.

"I'm afraid not, poor Sissy," Connie said. "You're just going to have to jive with it until you graduate. Now, tell me something else."

"Anything," Beverly said. "How was it?"

"How was what?"

Connie laughed. "The sex, silly. How was the sex?"

"It was pretty nice," Beverly admitted.

"Good. I wouldn't want my little sister to be turned against it. I like it."

Beverly looked at her sister with a curious expression. "You're not a virgin?"

"Of course not. I'm in college, remember?"

"And you like it?" Beverly asked.

Connie closed her legs together and gave a warm sigh. "Sissy, when a boy sticks his cock into me I get tingly all over. And when a boy eats my pussy..."

"Eats your pussy!" Beverly said, shocked.

"Of course," Connie smiled. "Maybe I'll set you up with a few of my college friends. They like young stuff and there's a boy with a tongue like a cock. You'd love it."

Despite herself, Beverly was pawing a little excited. She wanted her older sister to tell her about the boys in college, but she heard the sound of her father's car pulling into the driveway.

"Oh hell," Connie said. "Well, get yourself prepared. Your mother is going to send him up here and he's going to raise holy belt with you for a little while, just to make her happy."

"I wander why he lets her run over him," Beverly said.

"Hell," Connie answered, "how does any woman run over her husband? She threatens to close her legs if he doesn't do what she wants. I'm getting out of here. I don't want to hear the lecture."

Connie left her.

Beverly went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. She picked out shorts and a halter to wear. She had just finished dressing when she heard her father coming up. She quickly opened a bock and pretended to be deep in study.

"Honey?" He knocked at her door. His voice was distant, polite.

"Come in."

Her father came inside and closed the door behind him. She had always thought her father a handsome man. He had blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

"Honey," her father said. "Your mother has been telling me some disturbing things."

"Like what?" Beverly asked bitterly.

"Uh... that you've been getting involved with the wrong sort of people?"

Beverly looked into her father's blue eyes and decided that she wasn't going to lie to him. Her father had enough problems with her mother without his daughter giving him any more problems.

"Is that true?" her father asked.

"Yes," Beverly said. "I've gone with a boy who's considered bad around school."

"And did anything happen?"

"He got into my panties." Beverly replied.

"Oh no!" her father said. He sat down on the edge of the bed and put his face in his hands. "My girl. My poor baby girl."

Beverly touched his shoulder. "I'm not a baby any more, Papa I knew what I was doing!"

"Beverly," he said. "You're only fifteen!"

"I'm old enough to know bow and that's all that counts."

Beverly found her father looking at her in a different way. His eyes rested on the deep cut of her halter where her titties were trying to burst out of the halter.


His breath was becoming shorter, and Beverly realized that he was looking at her in a sexy way. She had already been feeling excited from Connie's conversation and now she looked with hunger at her father's crotch.

"Lock the door," she said.

"But Sissy... this is wrong."

"Lock the door," Beverly said. "Quickly."

Her father looked like a broken man. He got up and walked to the door. At first Beverly thought he was going to walk out, but then he locked it.

"God..." he said.

He turned around and looked at his daughter. He had never looked at her with longing before. In fact, he had never known any other woman but his wife. And his wife only let him have pussy if he was being exceptionally good.

"Come here," Beverly said.

He walked to his daughter's side. He bent his head and his daughter kissed him full on the lips. Her lips were soft, gentle and hungry. He pulled back and his face blushed red.

"My God!" he said. "What am I thinking? You're my daughter, Sissy. We can't let this happen!"

"Be quiet," Beverly said, "and make love to me. Please love me."

Beverly embraced her father. She felt him hesitate and then his strong arms went around her. He dropped down beside her on the bed and began kissing her furiously. His tongue forced her teeth apart and drove deep into her mouth. Her tongue rubbed furiously against his.

She felt him becoming excited. Now she wouldn't have been able to stop him even if she'd wanted to. He was consumed with lust for his daughter and Beverly surrendered herself to him.

His hands fumbled nervously with her halter and then he had it undone.

He jerked the halter away and gazed at her beautiful tits.

"Lovely," he murmured. "You're lovely, Sissy."

He sucked in one of her rosy red nipples. He sucked it until she was hard and she was longing for him. Her body began to ache with need.

"Ummmmmm!" she moaned. "That feels good. Your mouth feels so good."

She reached between them and gasped his already-hard cock. She found his zipper and tugged it down. Her hand slipped inside his trousers and released his throbbing prick. She caught the loose flesh between her fingers and started rubbing it up and down.

"God, Sissy!" he moaned. "Oh God, you're killing me!"

She smiled as she massaged his cock. She had never felt so excited. He had a strong, beautiful cock and she could hardly wait until it was deep inside her cunt.

"Take off my shorts," she said. "Take them off!"

His strong hands went underneath her shorts and tugged them down. He grasped her ass and squeezed her.

"You feel so good, Sissy."

She pushed him back. She slipped out of her clothes and watched as he tore his clothes off. He came out of his clothes a skinny man with very little hair, but his cock was big and blood-filled.

"Let me taste it," she said. "Let me put your cock in my mouth and suck it."

He shook his head, but she tasted his cock anyway. She drew his hard prick into her mouth and began to suck on him. She could tell that he was already close to a climax by the way his prick kept jumping in her mouth. He kept trying to push her away.

"No!" she said as her mouth left his prick. "Let me suck you."

"But I'm going to come..."

Beverly smiled. She hadn't wanted the taste of Tommy's cum in her mouth, but she was willing to taste her father's. In fact, she wanted to taste her father's cum. She wanted to take his seed and swallow it down.

"That's all right," Beverly said. "I want to take it in my mouth. I want to swallow it."

She saw by the look on his face that he had never had a real blow-job before. Probably sex with Mother was something cold and simple. Beverly wanted to make him feel better than he ever had.

Once more she sucked his cock. This time she deep-throated him, just the way they talked about in dirty whispers at school, and she began to fondle his balls. He groaned as her tongue found his tiny piss-hole and then she drew his cock deep into her mouth again.

He grasped her head and began to fuck her mouth. He was groaning, and Beverly hoped no one was listening outside the door or they'd know what was going on.

"Ohhhhh!" he moaned. "I'm going to come! Oh shit, I'm going to come! Oh fuckkkkkkk!"

She opened her mouth wide and received his thick cum into her throat. He was juicy and salty, and his cum kept pouring so fast into her she couldn't breathe. She remembered to swallow, and she started swallowing quickly. His white seed went down her throat in buckets.

"Ummmmm!" her father said.

He fell away from her. Beverly licked at her sperm-covered lips and smiled at her father. "That was good."

"Oh, Sissy," her father groaned. "What have I done? What have I done?"

She touched his shoulder. "It's all right, Papa," she said. "It's all right."

She realized he was crying. She had never seen a man cry before. She brushed his tears away.

"Don't cry, Papa," she said. "Don't cry."

"But you're my daughter," he said. "And I've acted like a damned beast."

Beverly moved closer to him, and her hand found his now limp prick. She began to massage his cock gently.

"No," he said. "No, not again."

"I love you," Beverly said. "That makes this all right. That makes everything all right."

Again she bent over and kissed his cock. She was right in her thinking that he hadn't been getting enough from her mother. His prick came up hard.

"Poor, baby," she said. "Let Sissy take care of it. Let Sissy make you feel good."

Her father had lost all of his will to resist. He lay on his back and Beverly straddled him. She was doing things she'd never done before, but somehow it came natural.

She lowered her cunt over his throbbing cock. He filled her completely. He wasn't as excited as he'd been before and now Beverly knew he would last longer.

She began to rock up and down on his cock and she loved the way he groaned.

"I love it, Papa," she told him. "Your cock feels good. It feels really good."

It was his turn to take control. He pushed her off his cock and onto her back. He knelt between her legs and then drove his hard cock deep inside her pussy. She gasped at the pleasure his cock gave her.

"Shit!" she moaned. "That feels good. Oh shit! Oh shit, it feels good!"

He began to fuck her fast and furiously while his chest rubbed against her big titties. She felt his hands come up and clutch her ass and pull the cheeks apart. His finger found her anus. It slipped inside and began to go in and out in rhythm to his fuck-strokes.

"Oh God!" she said. "I never felt that before. Oh God, that does feel good."

"Oh, Sissy!" he moaned. "I'm going to come. I can feel myself coming. Oh, SWEET SISSY!"

"Oh yes!" she moaned. "Squirt inside me! I can feel you squirting. Oh, I'm coming too. Oh heavens. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuckkk!"

She had a good climax and she flooded his slippery cock with her cunt juices. It had been better than with Wayne or with Tommy. She considered her father a magnificent cocksman.

"Oh, Papa," she moaned.

He climbed off her as soon as they heard her mother knock on the door.

"What's going on in there? What are you two doing? You open the door this minute!"

They had to dress quickly and both looked tired and flushed. Her father opened the door and her mother came storming in.

"I hope you've done more than talk to her," her mother said fiercely.

"I have," her father said truthfully, and Beverly almost giggled.

Beverly's mother gave her a stem look. "Now we'll have supper," Beverly's father said. There was stem tone to his voice that Beverly had never noticed before. Beverly's mother heard it also. She looked at her husband and was about to say something.

"Supper," he demanded.

"Y-Yes, dear," Beverly's mother said. Beverly had the sudden feeling that her mother was going to get a little prick that evening.

Chapter FOUR

Beverly finished sweeping out the last of her stalls and put her broom away. She was hot, tired, and sweaty, and ready for her evening ride.

"Sissy," Mr. Juniper called. "Hey, Sissy!"

Beverly hurried out of the stables and ran up to the big house. She could see Mr. Juniper standing on the porch waiting for her.

She didn't like Mr. Juniper. She disliked having him for a boss, but there was no other way she could ride every day. Her mother had cut off her allowance and she'd had to get a job.

Sweeping out the stalls was a pretty good job except for Mr. Juniper.

He was always looking at her and smiling wickedly as if she were sonic sort of bug he was thinking about eating.

He had even put his hand on her once. It was an evening when his wife was away and he had invited her into the house for something cool to drink.

He asked her to get the ice out for him, and while she was bending over, she felt his hand rest on her ass.

"You have a beautiful ass, Sissy," he said.

Sissy was shocked and angry. It had been a while since she'd allowed another man, except her father, to put a hand on her. She was trying to do as her sister Connie suggested and build her reputation back at school.

She had brushed his hand away and left him there in the kitchen.

She'd always tried to pretend that it hadn't happened, but it didn't help with him always around licking his lips and looking at her.

There were other reasons why she didn't like him. He was brutal with the horses and he treated his wife terribly. He was big, broad-shouldered and always dirty and smelling of beer.

"Have you gotten all the stalls cleaned out?" Mr. Juniper asked.

"Yes," she answered.

Mr. Juniper smiled at her and scratched his chest. Another thing that Beverly didn't like about him was that he didn't wear a shin. He had a chest matted with curly black hairs. He looked like an ape.

"Good," he said. "Then come on into the house and have something coal."

Beverly remembered the last time she'd been invited in for something cool. She didn't want any more scenes like that. She could still feel his hand on her ass.

"Na," Beverly said. "That is, I was just going to take my ride."

Mr. Juniper looked up at the dark sky.

"That wouldn't be a good idea," he said, shaking his head. "It's going to rain again and the pastures were knee-deep in red mud."

"I'll be careful," Beverly said.

"I can't allow it," Mr. Juniper said. "It's just too dangerous. Look, I have an idea. Why don't you come in for a while, and if it doesn't rain in the next twenty minutes then you can take your ride."

"I don't know," Beverly said.

"What's the matter?" Mr. Juniper asked. "Are you scared of me?"

That settled it. Beverly wasn't scared of anybody. She swallowed nervously and nodded in agreement. She followed him into the house, being careful to wipe off her boots on the hall mat.

"That's a good idea," he said.

"I wouldn't want to make Mrs. Juniper mad," Beverly said sweetly.

Actually Beverly was only trying to remind Mr. Juniper that he did have a wife and it wouldn't be nice to have a lot of hanky panky going on.

"I do get lonely for company when Mrs. Juniper's away," Mr. Juniper explained. "That's why I like to have people in. Would you like a Coke?"

"No thank you," Beverly said.

"Well then," he smiled. "You can find a seat in the living room. You can turn on the radio if you like. There should be something on."

Beverly walked into the living room. She found the radio and turned it on.

"Do you dance?" Mr. Juniper asked as he came into the living room. He carried a cold beer in his hand.

"No," Beverly said.

"That's a shame," Mr. Juniper said, finding a seat in a comfortable chair. "A pretty girl like you. I bet all that dark black hair of yours would look great swinging around on a dance floor."

Beverly touched her head. She had her hair twisted up behind her in a bun. She had it fastened into place with a couple of pins.

"It gets in the way in the stalls," Beverly said.

"Why don't you dance for me?" Mr. Juniper asked. "I like to watch a pretty young thing shaking everything on a dance floor."

"No," Beverly said. "I don't think so. That is, I'm not in the mood."

Beverly quickly found a seat across from him. His eyes were fixed on her intently and she felt panic. Boys were okay and she had been fucking her father every chance she got, but there was something sinister about Mr. Juniper's eyes. As if he knew things about sex that it wasn't right to know.

She wished she were put of the house started on her ride.

"I think I should be going," Beverly said. "My mother's expecting me."

That was a lie. Her mother wouldn't be expecting her for another two or three hours.

"Don't you want to wait and see if you can make your ride?" Mr. Juniper asked.

"Not today," she answered. "You're probably right. It's wet and it's going to rain again."

She was forced to walk past him to get to the door. She almost made it. At the last moment he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his lap. He spilled a little beer on her blouse.

"How about a little kiss?" he asked. "There's no real hurry."

"Let me go," Beverly said.

"There ain't no need to rush off," Mr. Juniper said. "You don't need to be afraid of old Juniper."

He sipped his cold beer. "Why don't you have a drink? A little drink would do you good."

"No," Beverly said, struggling to get out of his grasp. "I don't want a drink."

"Hmmmm," Mr. Juniper said. "From the way you're acting I get the idea that you don't like me. I'd get real mad if I thought that."

Beverly quit trying to struggle. "I do like you," she said reluctantly.

"Good." Mr. Juniper released her wrist and took a long drink from his beer.

It was the moment Beverly had been waiting for. She jumped out of his lap and ran for the door. She only got a few steps before his heavy fist struck her head.

She went down to her knees and everything went blank for a moment.

"Go back into the living room!" he commanded. She struggled painfully to her feet. She weaved unsteadily as she walked back into the living room. She stumbled into one of the soft chairs and tried to catch her breath. It was a few moments before she was breathing properly again.

"Sissy," he said. "You shouldn't try to run from old Juniper. Now I know you don't like me."

"I do," she protested. "I do like you."

"I don't believe you," he said menacingly. "But I do," she said.

"Then you'll just have to prove it."

"How?" she asked suspiciously.

"By giving old Juniper a kiss."

She looked at him with distaste. She certainly didn't want to kiss that foul old man. She wanted as little to do with him as possible.

"No," she said. "I'll tell on you. I'll tell everybody that you're a dirty old man."

"Hell," Mr. Juniper said. "You're just a cunt giving it to everybody in town. Who's going to believe you?"

Beverly realized it was the truth. Even her own mother wouldn't believe her. Her mother would believe that she'd propositioned the man, and even her father wouldn't be really sure. She realized that she would have to do what he asked, but maybe she could make it quick and painless. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Now a real kiss," he said.

He grasped her wrist and pulled her to him. His brutal lips found hers. She tasted beer. His mouth sucked at hers until it was sickening. She pulled away from him.

"Damn you!" Mr. Juniper said. "You just haven't learned your lesson. Well, I know how to teach you a lesson. I know how to teach you."

She watched with horror as he pulled his wide belt off. It was a big, brass-studded piece of hard leather. She had seen him beat a beautiful horse with that belt.

"No!" she begged. "Don't hit me with that! Please don't hurt me!"

"You're going to learn to do exactly as I tell you."

She felt the first hard blow across her shoulders. She screamed in pain. She tried to dodge out of his way, but he followed her. Again and again the belt fell. He finally forced her into a corner where she rolled herself into a tight little ball.

Finally he stopped.

She was crying softly. She felt bruised along her ribs and on her shoulders. She was bleeding in one spot where one of the brass studs had sliced her.

"Now," he said. "Now give me a little kiss like you really mean it."

This time she kissed him back as hard as she could. She didn't pull away when his fat tongue wiggled into her mouth. She held back her disgust and rubbed her tongue against his and moaned like she was enjoying it.

"Okay," he said, drawing back. "Now, that was more like it. Now, how about running to the kitchen and getting old Juniper another beer."

He sat down on a chair by the door as she walked into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and took the beer out.

She tried to will her legs to run for the front door, but they wouldn't move. She was too frightened. Her spirit had been broken by the belt.

She shook her head sadly as she took his beer back into the living room and handed it to him. He smiled at her and his yellow teeth showed.

"Yes sir," he said. "A man surely gets lonely when his wife's away. Really lonely. Why don't you have that drink that I offered you?"

She shook her head.

He kept smiling at her as he put the can near her lips. "Drink it!"

"I don't drink," Beverly protested. "I really won't like it. You'll just be wasting your beer."

"Drink it!"

She took a drink and made a face of disgust. The liquid was foul-tasting and it burned her throat. She didn't like it at all.

"You'll get used to it," Mr. Juniper laughed. "Yes sir, I think you'll get used to it."

"Never," Beverly said.

He kept on laughing. Beverly didn't want to move. She was afraid of doing something that would disturb him. She kept remembering how the belt had felt falling across her shoulders. She could still feel the raw stinging.

Finally he quit laughing. "You know what I'd like now?"


"Now I'd like for you to do that dance for me," Mr. Juniper said. "I'd like to see you dance. I'd like to see how you shake it, sweet Sissy."

She was afraid of disobeying him again. She walked to the center of the room and she tried to sway to the music. She did the best she could, but she was aware that her movements were stiff looking.

Mr. Juniper didn't seem to mind. He was staring at her hotly and licking his lips. "Take your hair down. I want to see you shaking it with all that black hair down to the crack of your ass."

She reached up and undid the pins that held her hair in place. Her hair came tumbling down and she could see that he was pleased. She began to move once more to the music and she tried to bounce her head like he wanted.

"Nice," Mr. Juniper said. "Really nice. What a wonderful way you've got of shaking your sweet ass, Sissy. I love a young girl's ass."

Beverly stopped dancing. Now she was trembling. Once again tears burned at her eyes.

"Please," she said. "Just let me out of here. Please, just let me go."

"Sure," he said. "I'll let you go after I have a little fun with you."

"What do you mean?"

"I think you know. We both know what kind of girl you are. I think you know what kind of fun I want to have."

"Oh God!" Beverly exclaimed.

"Exactly," Mr. Juniper said. "I want to fuck you. I want to feel your tight pussy around my cock."

"But your wife might come home," Beverly protested.

"That doesn't matter," Mr. Juniper said. "Right now I'm horny enough not to care."

Panic struck Beverly. She was trembling. She looked with apprehension at the bulge that was already forming in his trousers. She looked with longing at the door by his chair, the door to freedom that would lead to the outside. But her legs just wouldn't move. She kept remembering the belt.

"Just keep moving with the music, Sissy," Mr. Juniper said. "And strip out of your clothes. But slowly. I want to enjoy every bit of your bare skin."

"But I couldn't!" Beverly protested, "I couldn't do that. Please don't make me do that!"

"I said I was going to fuck you and I am!" Mr. Juniper licked his lips. "Now if you make things harder for me I might be tempted to make things hard for you."

"Please!" Beverly begged. "Just let me go."

"Do it!" Mr. Juniper commanded. "Do it or I'll beat you black and blue!"

She knew he meant it. His eyes were filled with lust and nothing could stop a man once he got like that. She knew he would hurt her if she didn't go along. She shrugged.

She started to dance again. Slowly she undid the top buttons of her blouse so that her flesh-colored bra showed through. His eyes were popping out.

"Show it to me, sweet Sissy," Mr. Juniper said. "Show me what you have."

She tried to smile as she opened her blouse the rest of the way and shrugged it off her shoulders.

She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra. She let it fall to the floor.

"Nice," he said. "Goddamn nice titties. I knew they would be. I knew they'd be so creamy and firm with those sweet little hard nipples on the end. Oh God! My cock's getting as hard as a rock."

Beverly felt herself blushing red in shame. She wanted to run away and hide herself from his dirty eyes, but there was no place for her to run to.

"Isn't this enough?" Beverly questioned. "Haven't you seen enough?"

"Sissy," he said, licking his lips again, "like I said, they're nice, but I can't fuck your titties no matter how hard I try. Take the rest off. I want to see your pussy. I want to see your sweet cunt."

She made no more pretense of dancing. She sat down on the floor and unlaced her boots. She pulled them off and then her wool socks. She unzipped her pants and stripped them off her legs and stood there in nothing but her flimsy cotton panties.

"Damn!" Mr. Juniper's voice trembled. "Why don't you come here, Sissy. I want to show you something. Something you'll like."

Beverly was afraid she knew what he wanted to show her.

She walked slowly to him. He was drinking his beer with one hand and rubbing his crotch with the other.

"I've got a problem," he said. "I've got a growth between my legs. A hard growth. And you're going to have to do something about it."

Beverly stood without moving. She watched as he unzipped his trousers. He pulled his trousers open and released his throbbing cock.

Beverly gasped! It was true that she'd seen cocks before, but never one as huge and as brutal-looking as old Juniper's cock.

"My God!" Beverly exclaimed. "That thing would kill me! You can't put it in me!"

Mr. Juniper ignored her as if he didn't hear what she'd said. He began to stroke his cock until it became filled with blood and was rock-hard.

"I bet this is the prettiest prick you've ever seen," Mr. Juniper said proudly. "Mrs. Juniper thinks it's the closest thing to heaven."

Beverly didn't answer. She was afraid to say anything. She was also afraid that she was going to get violently ill. He couldn't stick that big cock in her. It would split her cunt in half. It would kill her.

Again she wanted to run away, but her legs still wouldn't obey.

Mr. Juniper looked around him as if he were realizing where he was for the first time.

"It's not comfortable in here," he said. "The bedroom's down the hall. You can't miss. The very first door on the left side of the hall."

Like a zombie Beverly walked to the bedroom. She took no notice of the hall. She kept thinking about how his huge staff had looked and how it would feel when he fucked her tight pussy.

She sat down on the edge of the bed. Even her father's cock had been nowhere near as large as Mr. Juniper's. She wondered how it would feel having that thing crammed up into her cunt.

She gasped as Mr. Juniper walked into the room. He was naked.

He was a brutal-looking man. His entire body was covered with those same thick black hairs. His muscles were so big they looked almost vulgar.

She attempted to keep her eyes away from that spot where his proud pole would be sticking up, but she found her eyes drawn to his cock.

"Mr. Juniper," she said. "This isn't right."

Mr. Juniper took her hand. "Feel it."

She was forced to feel his cock. She felt it throb in her palm.

"Kiss it!" he demanded.

She told herself she couldn't do that, but she found herself bending down to kiss the end of his cock. She almost gagged at the strong, male smell of him. He groaned as she kissed his meaty cock.

She tried to pull her face away.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and held her tight. He pushed his cock at her mouth.

"Take it, bitch!" he said. "You've had cocks in your mouth before. They tell me you like it. Take it, bitch!"

With two fingers he squeezed her nostrils. She was forced to open her mouth for air. He gave a lunge and crammed his cock deep into her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," he groaned.

She gagged at the taste. She tried to push him away, but he only held her tighter. He began to move his cock in and out of her mouth. She was suddenly afraid that she really was going to be sick and she pressed down with her teeth.

"Ow! Goddamn it!" Mr. Juniper yelled. "You fucking bitch!"

She saw the blow coming, but she couldn't avoid it. His open hand smashed her down on her back and left her feeling weak and completely helpless. She knew she couldn't fight him any more. He was in control and he could do what he liked.

"Bite me will you!" he said. "I'll teach you to bite my cock!"

"Please," she said. "I didn't mean to. I couldn't breathe. I won't do it again!"

He started to strike her again, but he seemed to think better of it. A soft smile came across his face. He licked at the corner of his mouth like a cat licking at a stray drop of milk.

"Take the panties off," he whispered.

Beverly knew she was beyond help. She was going to get raped and there was little she could do about it. She pulled her panties down and kicked them off. She felt his hungry eyes devouring her cunt and she closed her thighs tightly together.

"Open your legs," he commanded. "I want to see your cunt. I want to see that sweet, sweet cunt."

She closed her eyes and opened her legs. She felt the bed sag as he lay down beside her. She felt his fingers touching her body. He pinched one nipple and she cried out in pain and humiliation.

"Open your eyes!" Mr. Juniper commanded. "I want you to see everything that happens. I want you to remember good."

He laughed as his hand traveled down her body.

He kneaded her titties like dough, pressed his hot hand against her flat stomach and then let his fingers stray to her pubic hair.

"You know what I'm going to do," he said. "I'm going to eat your sweet pussy."

Beverly started to protest, but his wet tongue was already licking her thighs.

She felt him between her legs. He laughed again, softly, as his tongue licked her white thighs. She jumped as his tongue found her cunt. Then he drew back.

"Don't worry," he said. "You're going to like this. Nobody knows how to eat pussy like old Juniper. I can eat it far hours."

Beverly felt her face blush red with shame as his face pressed back into her cunt. She was remembering what Connie had been telling her, about how wonderful it was to have her pussy eaten.

"Umm!" Beverly moaned.

She had begun to feel something she'd never felt before. His tongue was doing something strange to her. At first he had made her skin crawl, but her flesh was doing something now that was far different. She was growing warm, almost hot.


His tongue went deep inside her cunt and he was moving it very fast. Then his lips found her clit and pressed against it.

"Oh God!" she moaned.

Mr. Juniper drew back. He smiled at her. "Little jumping Sissy," he said. "I told you that you'd like this. Now just relax and enjoy it."

Chapter FIVE

His tongue once again wiggled into Beverly's cunt. Beverly told herself that she wasn't going to feel anything. How could she enjoy anything as repulsive as this fat, ugly man panting on top of her.

Yet, there was pleasure as his tongue teased her cunt. He was back to her clit again. He got her clit between his lips and began to suck on it.

"Oh God!" Beverly moaned. "Oh dear God! What are you doing to me?"

She'd never felt anything like it. Her entire body seemed to jump and tremble with pleasure. She tingled deep in her cunt. It wasn't fair.

She had been taught to be afraid of rape. She knew that rape was bad and it hurt. A man tore a woman up when he raped her.

Then why wasn't she feeling torn up? Why wasn't she feeling cold? She felt nothing but pleasure as his tongue licked her clit.

"Ummmmm," Beverly moaned.

She tried to think of something else. She tried to think about how much this man sickened her. She pictured him as hairy and sweaty with that big thing sticking out between his legs.

But nothing she thought of would help her forget the delightful feelings that he was giving her with his experienced tongue.

Shockingly, she found herself moving against him. She was lifting her hips and pushing her pussy against his face. She knew he was laughing at her, laughing at being able to arouse her so quickly.

"Ummmmm!" Beverly said again.

"I knew you were a hot little piece," he said. "I knew from the first day I saw you."

Beverly reached down and pulled his face tightly against her pussy. She no longer cared that he was laughing at her. All she cared about was the delicious shivers his tongue was giving her.

"Oh God!" Beverly moaned. "Oh, that's nice! Oh, that's so nice!"

Once more Juniper sucked her clit into his mouth. This time Beverly didn't try to control the shudders that racked her body. She opened her thighs wider and gripped Juniper's head. Her fingers curled tightly in his hair.

"Oh Juniper!" she whispered. "Oh, you're killing me! Oh God, Juniper!"

She knew she was nearing climax. She had brought herself off with her finger and she'd had three cocks in her itchy cunt, but nothing had ever felt as good as Juniper's tongue. Her ass and legs began to thrash wildly.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "Oh God, I'm going to come! I'm going to come. Ohhhhh Goddddd!"

She felt her body explode with ecstasy and she felt warm and sticky between her legs. Juniper was making loud sounds as he sucked in her cunt-juices.

Juniper pulled his face away from her cunt and moved up beside her. He put his lips to her throat and she found his kiss surprisingly gentle.

"It was good for me, Juniper," she said.

"Me too," be said. "I have a thing about eating pussy. I like it."

She kissed him and this time she didn't feel so repulsed by him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and kissed him with fiery hunger.

He took her hand and placed it on his rigid cock. She didn't jerk her hand away as she would have done ten minutes ago. Instead, she allowed him to guide her soft fingers across the loose part of his skin.

"That's it!" he groaned. "Just jerk me off for a few minutes while I get you ready again."

"Get me ready?"

"Sure," he said. "Getting eaten was just the beginning. Now you're going to get really fucked."

The rain had started. She could hear it beating against the tin roof of the barn. She knew it meant she would not get to ride today. Then she remembered she was getting raped. Hell, who could worry about riding when they were getting raped so wonderfully?

Juniper was back to kissing her throat. He sucked in the flesh of her throat. Slowly his lips slid down her throat and began to bite her gently on the shoulders.

"You taste so sweet, Sissy," he said. "I could eat you raw."

"You already have," Beverly reminded him, giggling.

He ran his tongue down her body to her titties. He knew how to use his mouth. He kissed her titty-flesh all over and licked her nipples. One of his hands gently stroked the curve of her ass.

Beverly felt her cunt growing warmer.

She knew that in a few moments she'd be hot again. So hot that she'd be begging for his cock. He knew how to use his mouth and fingers. There was no doubt of that.

She reached for his balls and squeezed them softly. She found his hanging sac hot and full of cum-juice. It excited her to know that he was that hungry for her.

She still had a fear of his monstrous cock but that didn't matter. She knew that he'd be gentle with her and she knew she'd end up loving it.

"Oh dear God!" Beverly moaned. "Oh God, I need you. I need your cock!"

He kissed the soft flesh of her flat stomach and then his head went lower once again. He began kissing her pubic hair and then his tongue once again entered her cunt.

Beverly was so hot she couldn't stand it. She pulled at his head.

"Sweet Sissy," Mr. Juniper said. "Now we're going to see what you're made of."

She shuddered as his tongue came back up her hot body. He was licking her sweat away. Once more he took one of her hard red nipples into his mouth and sucked an it.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned. "Please..."

"Please what, Beverly?" he asked.

She didn't answer as his hips once again sucked in her nipple. He was making her titties ache with a need she'd never known before. Her cunt was itching with fire.

Mr. Juniper smiled. "Feel good, Sissy? I know it does. Relax, baby! Relax and enjoy!"

He sucked one of her creamy titties almost fully into his mouth. She didn't see how he managed it. He rolled her nipple beneath his tongue.

"Oh shit!" Beverly moaned. "Oh shit, Mr. Juniper. It feels so good I can't stand it!"

He released one titty and moved his head to the other. He was like a bee collecting pollen, moving from one flower to the next. He sucked until her titties were both swollen with lust and her nipples were rock-hard with need.

Beverly was still a little afraid of that monster thing between his legs, but her need was overpowering her fear. She reached for his cock, but she couldn't reach it. Her fingers ached with frustration.

"Oh God!" Beverly said. "Please fuck me! Stick your cock in me! I've got to have it now! Goddamn you, fuck me hard!"

She was moaning and pushing herself at him. Finally he drew back from her titties and his weight came down on Beverly. His hard, hairy chest felt too good rubbing against Beverly's huge tits.

His prick pushed against the side of her thighs. She opened wider and dug her nails into his back.

"Oh yes," Beverly moaned. "Stick it in me. That's what I want. Stick that big thing in me now!"

Mr. Juniper changed position so that his meaty pole was pressing against her cunt entrance.

"Now relax," he urged. "I'm awfully big and I've hurt some women."

"Just stick it in!" Beverly said. "I can handle it. I need that big cock!"

He began to push. His cock was bigger than she realized. His meaty knob pressed against her pubic hair and then entered just past her cunt-lips. She moaned in pleasure.

"Now all the way!" she urged. "Stick it in me all the way. Oh shit, I need that cock! All the way, Mr. Juniper. All the way!"

Mr. Juniper gave a sharp jab and his cock-head tore into her. This time Beverly screamed with pain. He gave another sharp jab and this shoved all the way into her. She realized she was sobbing and beating him on the back. Her nails had left three long scratches on his back. She could feel the blood.

"Oh shit," Beverly gasped. "That is big."

"Just relax," he said. "Well lay like this for a few minutes. You tell me when."

He may have wanted to wait, but a lustful expression came across his face and Beverly realized that he couldn't wait. His cock was growing with need. There was a pleased smile on his lips as he began to rock in and out.

"Oh God!" Beverly said.

"Oh shit," Mr. Juniper said. "You're so tight! So tight! Sweet, sweet Sissy. So good! So Goddamned good!"

Now Beverly's pussy had juiced up enough. Her pussy still hurt a little but that was disappearing. Each violent stroke of his big cock stretched her cunt out of shape but she was beginning to love it.

"Fuck me!" Beverly urged. "Fuck me good!"

Mr. Juniper was not to be hurried. He continued to fuck Beverly in slow, rhythmic strokes that soon had Beverly shivering with delicious feeling.

"Fuck me hard!" she said. "Fuck me really hard!"

Mr. Juniper reached underneath her and gasped her firm asscheeks. He pulled her up a little so that his monster prick was going even deeper into her cunt.

"Get ready," he said. "Get ready for that fucking I promised you."

One of his fingers slipped into her anus. Beverly tried to jerk away because the feeling was uncomfortable. He held her tight and began to massage the inside of her ass. After a few moments, the feeling became better.

"Oh GOD!" moaned Beverly as she felt his prick begin to slam more violently into her cunt. "Oh God, what's happening?"

"I'm fucking you, baby!" Mr. Juniper said. "I'm sticking my prick into your hot box. Now move your ass, baby! Move it fast!"

Mr. Juniper started driving his hot cock into her pussy with furious strokes. His finger was tearing into Beverly's anus, keeping her, from slowing down. She was forced to keep moving her ass for fear the finger would hurt.

"That's right!" he moaned. "That's right, baby!"

She could feel his prick growing, and she knew he didn't have long left. She closed her eyes as she felt the feeling of ecstasy once more overtake her body.

"That's it!" Beverly moaned. "Fuck me, Mr. Juniper! Fuck me hard! It feels so good. So wonderful!"

She was nearing her climax. She knew it by the tingles running up and down her spine. She couldn't help herself. She was so hot it was driving her up a wall. She pushed her cunt at him and cried out loud.

"God, it's good!"

Suddenly he pulled out.

Beverly groaned in frustration as she saw his dripping prick just inches from her hot cunt. Her cunt was hungry for him, wanting his cock more than anything.

"Oh God!" Beverly said. "Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

She could see the teasing grin on his face and she knew he was enjoying himself.

"Oh God! Put it back in!"

"Beg me to fuck you some more," he said. "I like to hear you begging for my cock."

She was ashamed, but she was hot and horny. She wanted his cock and she could have crawled over nails to get it. She reached for his hot prick and closed her fingers around it.

"Yes," she moaned. "I'll beg you. I'll do anything, only please stick it back in! Stick it in deep! Oh shit, put it back in!"

"You want my cock?" he questioned, still teasing.

"God yes!" she moaned. "I want your cock. I want your big fucking cock in my pussy. Fuck me, Mr. Juniper! I'll be your slave. I'll dance for you and kiss your cock, but please fuck me now!"

She could see his lust-filled eyes and she knew he could tease her no longer. She pushed her pussy up at him, and he plunged inside.

He fucked her hard for only a few moments, and then she could feel his cock growing stronger, getting ready to explode with his white juice.

"Yes!" Beverly moaned. "Give it to me! Give me every drop of your precious cum."

He gave it to her. He plunged his cock in deep and she felt his love juice explode out the end of his hot cock.

"Oh yes!" Beverly moaned. "That's it! I can feel you squirting! Oh God, I can feel you squirt!"

He began to moan and move his hips wildly as he poured more of his white jism into her pussy. She felt her hot juices explode with him, felt her thighs begin to tremble with her climax.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "I'm coming with you! Oh God! I can feel you squirt and I'M SQUIRTING WITH YOU!"

She finished soaking him with her hot pussy-juice as the last of his jism was drained from his cock. He rolled away from her and took a handful of her long, dark hair to wipe his cock off with.

"Sweet Sissy," he said. "What a sweet piece of ass you are. I loved it."

"Me too," Beverly moaned.


Beverly looked up quickly and her face turned pale. Mrs. Juniper stood in the doorway with her meaty hands on her wide hips.

"I asked what in the hell is going on here?" Mrs. Juniper asked again.

"He tried to rape me," Beverly said.

She knew it wasn't fair, because it hadn't turned out to be exactly rape, but those were the only words she could think of to say.

"Shit!" Mrs. Juniper said angrily. "That was no rape, sweetie. I came in and heard you begging for it. You loved my husband's cock. Now get out of here, whore! Get out of here before I beat your ass!"

Quickly Beverly gathered up her clothes and dressed. She was out of the door in just a few moments.

Chapter SIX

Beverly was called into the office of the principal early the next morning. She saw her fellow students, even those who hadn't been talking to her, giving her looks of sympathy as she left her classroom.

It was not good to be called into Mr. Powell's office.

He was a firm man who believed in harsh measures when a child misbehaved. Every student in school feared being called into his office.

Mr. Powell's secretary told Beverly to go right on in. Beverly gathered up her courage and walked into the small office. Mr. Powell sat behind the desk. He was a huge man with meaty hands and a knowing look.

"Have a seat," he gold her gruffly.

Beverly sat down. Mr. Powell walked from behind his desk and looked down at the young girl who sat there.

She was better looking than be had imagined. She had good tits, and he wondered if they were real. He also wondered if the rumor he had heard about her were true. She was becoming known as the round heels of the entire school. He'd heard the boys talking about her in the hallways and he'd decided that he would check her out.

He was glad he had. She crossed her legs and he saw her short skin ride up high on her creamy thighs. He licked his lips. Damn, but he was getting to be a horny buzzard. If only his wife weren't so frigid.

But his wife was and there was nothing much he could do about that.

"Well, Sissy," he said. "I believe you are called Sissy by your friends."

"Yes sir," she said.

He saw her hands tremble as she spoke. Good! She was frightened of him. He liked them to be frightened of him. So frightened, in fact, that they would do absolutely anything for him.

"I've been hearing some things about you, Sissy," Mr. Powell said.

Beverly's heart sank. She didn't know what he'd been hearing, but she was sure that it wouldn't be good for her.

"What kind of things, sir?"

"Just things," he said. "Things that disturb me very much."

"I don't know what you mean," Beverly said. "I think you do," Mr. Powell said. "Now, I'm not here to talk about your morals. I know you young girls have different ideas about life than we did in my time."

Jim Powell realized that his hands were sweating. He hadn't felt so attracted to a girl since that idiot blonde cheerleader. He remembered her with a soft smile.

She had been a nice one, all those soft curves and those proud young tits and that beautiful ass.

She had been caught with some grass in school and he had made her a proposition.

She had been only willing to suck his cock right there in his office.

He studied Beverly. She had the look of a girl who could be convinced to do anything in order to stay in school. And he had more evidence on her than he'd had on that blonde cheerleader.

"I still don't know what you mean, sir?"

"Okay," Mr. Powell said, with a shrug of his shoulders. "If you're not going to be honest with me, then I'm afraid we can't continue this conversation. I'll just have to call in your mother?"

"Oh no!" Beverly protested. "Don't do that."

"Then you will be honest with me?"

"Yes," she answered.

"Good. Then you know what rumors I'm talking about?"

"Yes." Beverly lowered her head.

"And you are guilty?"

"Yes," she said in a barely audible voice. She couldn't see the quick gleam of delight that was in Mr. Powell's eyes for a moment. She knew that her reputation was growing, but she didn't know that it had reached the office of the principal.

"I should suspend you," Mr. Powell said.

"Oh no!" Beverly said. "Please don't do that!"

"I wouldn't want to," Mr. Powell said, "but I'd have to know that you're willing to work if I took a risk and didn't tell your mother."

"Yes," Beverly agreed. "I'm willing. I'd work just like you told me."

"Good," Mr. Powell grinned. "Can you be at my house at five this afternoon?"

"Yes," Beverly agreed.

Beverly had no idea what she was supposed to do at Mr. Powell's house, but she was sure that she wasn't going to be late. She arrived on his front steps promptly at five o'clock.

He met her at the door.

"Come in, Sissy," he said. "Come right in." Beverly stepped into the house. She expected to see his wife, but the living room was empty. Mr. Powell sat down on a couch.

"Sissy," he said. "I've always thought you were a pretty girl."

Beverly began to understand. Mr. Powell was willing to let her stay in school, even with her growing reputation. He was willing to keep the rumors from her parents. He was even willing to allow her to go on doing what she'd been doing. But she would have to pay a price.

Well, she was willing. After all, it wasn't like she had anything else to lose.

"Did you?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "But I've always wondered if those things were real."

"They are," Beverly said.

"Prove it," Mr. Powell said.

Beverly sighed. She reached behind her back and undid the three buttons that held her blouse. She pulled it over her shoulders to expose her tits. She'd not worn a bra.

"Jesus," Mr. Powell said.

"You see," Beverly said. "They are real."

"Yes," he agreed. "They are. Why don't you come over here?"

Beverly smiled at him and walked to his side. He put his hand on her tit and began to massage her. He gently pinched her nipple until it became hard.

"There," he said. "That's the way I like a titty. Nice and hard."

He bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth. He was an experienced tit-sucker. He didn't bite too hard and, in a moment, he had her moaning with pleasure.

"Let's go upstairs," he said. "The bedroom's upstairs."

Beverly didn't argue when he took her hand and led her upstairs. She liked the bedroom. It was painted a soft blue and had a soft blue carpet on the floor.

There were mirrors all over the walls and the bed was huge and round.


"Like it?" Mr. Powell asked.

"Oh yes," Beverly said. "I sure do like it."

"You haven't seen anything yet."

He led her to the bed and Beverly sat down on the edge. Mr. Powell pushed a button beside the bed and the room went dark. Then strobe lights began to operate from the ceiling, turning the room different colors. After a moment, soft music filled the room.

"Now watch," Mr. Powell directed her. "The other door."

Beverly turned her eyes to the second door leading into the room and gasped as Mrs. Powell came out. Mrs. Powell was dressed in a long gown that was transparent. Beverly could see her large tits and her blonde pubic hair.

"What is this?" Beverly said.

Beverly was beginning to think that she might be better off simply getting kicked out of school. She didn't mind fucking a teacher, but this scene was getting kind of kinky.

"You know my wife, don't you, Beverly?"

"Yes," Beverly whispered.

Mrs. Powell swayed to the soft music as she walked to the bed. Her eyes took in Beverly's tits with a hunger that Beverly had never seen except in a man's eyes.

"You're very pretty," Mrs. Powell said.

"So are you," Beverly replied.

Beverly had to admit that Mrs. Powell was pretty. She had large, innocent-looking eyes that were framed in a round, oval face. Her hair was blonde and cropped short. Her lips were thick and luscious-looking. As Beverly watched, Mrs. Powell licked her lips.

"Kiss me, Beverly," Mrs. Powell said.


"Why not?"

"Because it's not right. It's vulgar."

Mrs. Powell smiled. "Nothing's wrong if it feels good, Beverly. Nothing at all."

Beverly realized that she was actually becoming attracted to Mrs. Powell. She could smell the woman's strong perfume and wondered what it would be like to kiss her.

Beverly was not long in finding out.

She felt Mrs. Powell's lips brush against her own and then she felt soft fingers brushing against her tits.

"You're very nice," Mrs. Powell said. "You are so very nice and soft."

Beverly found herself being pushed backwards onto the bed. She didn't protest as she felt Mrs. Powell's lips tugging at her nipple.

Beverly moaned. "Oh, Mrs. Powell!"

"Call me Julie," the older woman said.

Beverly was confused. She had been wining to accept Mr. Powell as her lover. She had been prepared to open her thighs for his big cock and to allow him to fuck her as he wished.

But Julie Powell was a different matter. Beverly didn't know how she felt about loving another woman. It seemed much more wrong than with a man, and yet Julie's lips and hands were beginning to excite her.

"Yes," Mr. Powell said. "That's it, dear. Just relax and let Julie love you."

All resistance went out of Beverly. She moaned as Julie sucked in more of her soft titty-flesh. She couldn't control the heat in her body. She put one hand on the back of Julie's head and pulled her closer.

"Ummmmmm!" Beverly moaned. "Ah yes, that does feel good."

Out of the corner of her eyes, Beverly saw Mr. Powell getting undressed. He stripped off, his blood-filled prick springing out hard and ready.

Julie was kissing the soft white flesh of Beverly's stomach. Then her tongue was flitting into Beverly's navel and Beverly's hips came off the bed.

Julie went lower.

Her tongue began to lick Beverly's inner thighs and Beverly loved the feeling.

Mr. Powell approached them. He put his strong hands under Beverly's buttocks and tugged at her panties. Beverly's panties came off easily and then Julie's tongue slipped inside Beverly's aching cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" Beverly moaned. "Oh, that feels good! Oh Jesus, that feels good!"

Julie was better with her tongue than anyone who'd ever eaten Beverly. She could feel Julie lighting fires that had never been lit.

"That's right," Mr. Powell said. "Get her hot! Get her hot and then I'm going to fuck her!"

Beverly turned her head slightly so that she could see him.

He was still standing near the bed and holding his cock in his hand. His words turned Beverly on even more. She wanted his cock in between her legs. She wanted him fucking her.

"Oh yes!" she moaned. "Oh fuck me! Oh please, just stick your hot cock into me! I want it! I need it!"

Julie left her place on the bed and Mr. Powell dropped down between her legs. He was hot and ready and he quickly drove his hot prick up between her legs. Beverly gasped as his cock plunged home.

"Jesus!" she moaned. "Oh Jesus, I needed that. It feels Goddamned good! So good!"

He began to fuck her in slow, steady strokes. She could feel his cock stretching her cunt-walls could feel him going deep inside of her and making her cry out in pleasure.

Also the mirrors were exciting her. She could see herself in the mirror above the bed. She could also see him raise slightly so that her cunt-lips were barely holding the tip of his cock. Then she could see when his cock plunged inside of her once more.

Julie was back on the bed. She straddled Beverly's head and Beverly could see her quivering cunt-lips just inches away from her face.

"No!" Beverly protested, but it was too late to protest.

Julie slowly lowered her pussy over Beverly's face. Beverly tasted, for the first time, another woman's juices, and she didn't find them terribly bad.

Of course, it helped to have that luscious cock slamming into her cunt so that she could barely think about what she was doing.

She decided that she had no choice about eating Julie's pussy. Her tongue slipped inside of Julie's hot box. Julie immediately began to moan and rub her cunt harder against Beverly.

Julie didn't have far to go before she was ready to come.

"Oh God!" Julie groaned. "Your tongue is so nice. Too nice. I'm going to come! I'm going to come! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh Godddddd!"

Beverly tried to turn her face away as Julie flooded her mouth with hot cunt-juice, but there was really no place to go. She was forced to swallow the juice as Julie kept grinding her cunt into her face.

But then Beverly began to grow even more excited as she felt her passion building up.

That wonderful cock kept slamming into her cunt and her ass was moving wildly on the bed. She pushed her cunt at him and he began to groan softly.

Julie got off the bed and Mr. Powell's tongue probed at her mouth. Beverly opened her mouth. She knew he could taste his wife's cunt-juice on her tongue.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned, pulling away. "I'm going to come! I'm going to flood your hot cunt with my cum! Oh God! Oh shit! Oh fuckkkkkk!"

Beverly began to beat on his back as his cock kept slamming into her. She could feel his prick expand, feel his hot juice pouring into her pussy, and then her cunt was exploding with juices.

"Oh shitttt!" Beverly moaned. "Oh shit!"

Chapter SEVEN

"Where the hell have you been?" Beverly's mother asked as soon as Beverly walked through the door.

"Out," Beverly said.

"Out? Is that the only kind of answer you can give me?"

"Yes," Beverly said.

"Well, that's not good enough, young lady. You may think you can go around whoring in the neighborhood, but you've got another thing coming. From now on, you'll stay at home after school."

"But..." Beverly was going to say that she couldn't do that, but she couldn't give a good reason why not.

"No buts about it!" her mother said. "No more trips in the afternoon. From now on, you stay at home."

"Yes, m'am," Beverly said meekly.

Beverly didn't feel meek. She felt mad as hell, but she knew her mother's moods and knew that any more resistance to her wishes would prove futile.

There was nothing she could do except agree and go upstairs to her room. Connie was sitting on her bed.

"I heard," Connie said sympathetically.

"I hate her," Beverly said, falling down on her bed. "She's always sticking her nose in."

"Do you, really hate her?" Connie asked. "Yes."

"Then I know a way to get to her. I know a way that she might never say anything to us again."

Instantly Beverly was all ears. "How?"

"We could blackmail her," Connie suggested.

"Shit," Beverly said. "She's never done anything to be blackmailed for. Mother's the perfect woman."

"But she's still a woman," Connie said. "And a woman has needs."

"What kind of needs?"

"Sex needs," Connie replied.

"Sex?" Beverly said, astonished. "Hell, Mother hasn't been interested in sex since the year one."

"Oh, she's interested," Connie said. "She just won't admit it to herself."

"How do you know?" Beverly asked suspiciously.

"Because I've seen her looking at the boys who come to pick me up. I've seen the hunger in her eyes. Especially if it's Danny Bridges?"

Danny Bridges. Beverly remembered a tall, good-looking boy who wore his clothes tight so that his pants always bulged around the crotch. From the look of his clothes, he had a good one.

"He is nice," Beverly admitted.

"He's dreamy," Connie said. "And he'll do me a favor if I ask him."

"You me... him and Mother?" Beverly said.


"But Mother would never consent to do anything with him. Never."

"Yes, she would," Connie said. "But we have to go about it in the right way. This is our plan."

Beverly put her head together with Connie and listened while Connie told her what was going to happen. It was an amazing plan and Beverly agreed that it just might work.

Tabatha Parham was mad. She'd been mad for days. She was mad at Beverly for acting the way she was and making their family a joke around town.

"Leak at her," she had heard someone whisper that very afternoon. "That's Sissy's mother."

"Oh?" another said with arched eyebrow. "You mean the little whore?"

Tabatha felt a cold chill go down her spine. She couldn't understand Beverly. She couldn't understand how her daughter could allow herself to be used that way.

Sure, Tabatha went along with her duties as a wife.

She remembered the night before when her husband had been in one of his moods. She had kept pushing him away, but he'd kept insisting so finally she gave in. She was cold, of course, as he slipped his hard prick into her cunt. Cold was the way any lady should act.

But there was something wrong with her. To allow a man to have his cock inside of a cunt when the girl wasn't married was horrible.

Tabatha went about her housework and decided that she'd try and put Beverly out of her mind.

She had punished Beverly by making her come straight home after school, and there was little else she could do to keep her spirited daughter in line. If only Beverly were a little more like her older sister Connie.

Tabatha seldom thought of Connie any more. For one reason, she didn't want to remember that Connie was now in college. For another reason Connie hardly ever gave her any trouble. Connie was a sweet girl. Of course, she did date some vulgar-looking boys.

A momentary glimpse of Danny Bridges flashed through her mind and she blushed red.

She especially didn't like to think of Danny Bridges. She didn't understand her feelings when she thought about him. He was young and strong, and damnably handsome, and there was something about him that made her feel strange. Perhaps it was the vulgar way he wore his pants so tight. Why, you could almost see his thing.

Tabatha tried to do her housework and to get her mind off her problems. But her mind kept coming back to Danny Bridges and his tight pants.

What the hell was wrong with her? It was vulgar even to be thinking about his pants.

That afternoon, Connie came home early. Connie told her mother that she was preparing for a date.

Tabatha didn't think about who the date would be with until she saw Danny Bridges walking up the driveway.

She found her eyes drawn back to the place between his legs. Again he had worn those tight trousers, and she could see the outline of his limp cock. Even limp, it looked larger than any cock she could have imagined.

"Mother?" Connie called from upstairs. "How about talking to Danny for a few minutes? Ill be down in a jiffy."

Tabatha didn't want to talk to Danny. She was afraid to be around Danny. But she tried to be a dutiful mother as she led Danny into the living room.

"Sit here," she said. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you," he said. "How about you just sitting and talking with me?"

"Oh." Tabatha blushed red. "You don't want to talk to an old lady like me."

"You're not old," Danny said. "And I certainly do like talking to you. You're a really pretty woman."

Tabatha told herself not to be a damned fool and get all excited about Danny's compliment. She had a curt remark on the end of her tongue, but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"I'm not really pretty," she protested.

"Yes, you are," he said. "You'd drive the boys at college wild."

She told herself that now was the time to walk out of the room. But she couldn't. She couldn't seem to leave Danny. Just looking at him was exciting her more than her husband's touch.

"Why don't you come over here and sit down beside me?" Danny asked.

Again she told herself not to be a damned fool, but she found that she was slowly standing and walking over to the couch.

"It is kind of hard to talk over there," Tabatha said, but she knew the real reason was that she wanted to be near him. She wanted to brush up against him a little.

"You know," Danny said as she sat down. "I really like long-legged women. I bet you've beautiful legs underneath those pants. I'd like to see you in a skirt."

She'd almost said she'd change for him, but she caught herself just in time.

"Don't talk about my legs," she said.

"Why not?" he asked. "Don't you like compliments?"

He put his hand on her knee, and she felt tingles go up her thigh. She couldn't help herself. She wanted to push him away, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Please," she said as his hand traveled up her thigh.

"You like it," he said. "I can feel you trembling."

He put his arms around and drew her to him. He kissed her hard on the lips. She felt her breath quicken and her thighs grow warm.

"I'm a married woman!"

"Shit," he said softly. "Being married don't stop up no holes."

She knew that he was being vulgar and that she ought to slap his face, but then his lips wore pressed against her own once again.

She couldn't fight him. She couldn't push him away. His hot tongue probed at her lips. At first she wouldn't open her mouth, but he continued to probe and finally she opened her lips and admitted him.

His tongue drove into her mouth hard and quick. His strong hands were on her cheeks, and he began to drive his tongue in and out of her mouth like he was fucking her.

She became excited like she'd never been before. She moaned with pleasure as his hand started squeezing her tits through the cloth of her blouse. She pushed away.

"Oh God!" she said. "We've got to stop! We can't do this. My daughter's upstairs and shell be coming down any minute and we can't..."

His hand still massaged her titties.

"You want to fuck," he said. "I know it."

"Yes!" she moaned. "But we can't. We can't! Not while my daughter's upstairs."

"Yes, we can," he said.

He pushed her backwards on the couch and he was an top of her. His experienced fingers undid the buttons on her blouse.

"Stop!" she said. "Please stop!"

He didn't listen to her. He had her blouse unbuttoned and he pulled it away from her. Then his hands went around her back and found the fastenings on her bra.

"Oh no!" she said, but he pulled the bra off her also.

She blushed red as another man's eyes looked upon her bare tits.

"Beautiful," he said. "They really are beautiful."

He put his lips to one of her huge nipples and it became hard immediately. She began to move underneath him as his lips sucked on her nipple.

She put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him closer.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "Oh God!"

He began to suck in more of her sweet-tasting flesh. He was using his tongue and lips as only an experienced man would know how. He was taking her to high peaks of excitement.

"You can't do this!" she moaned.

But her voice was weak, and she knew suddenly that he could do anything he wanted with her. His strong hand was now probing between her thighs, pushing her legs open.

She allowed him to caress her there.

She moaned as he pushed her legs open wide and then his fingers began to rub her cunt through the pants.

"Goddamn," he said. "We've got to get these off."

He stood up. He took off his shirt to reveal a massive chest covered with brown hair. She gasped as he undid his belt buckle and pulled down his trousers.

His cock, though still confined in the shorts, was a monster. She could see the red prick-head trying to find its way out of his undershorts.

"Okay," he said. "I'll show it to you."

He stripped off his shorts to reveal his hard cock. It was a huge thing.

"Go ahead," he said. "Touch it."

She tried to tell herself that she didn't want to, but her fingers were already being drawn like a magnet to his cock. She felt his hot skin, and her fingers jumped back as if they'd been burned.

"Now, I get to see those lap," he said. "I know you've got a nice pair."

He was back at her in a moment. He had her unbuckled and his hand was tugging down her pants.

"Please," she said. "Don't do it! Please don't do it!"

"Shit," he said. "Before I'm done, I'm going to have you begging far a fuck."

She tried one last time. "But my daughter?"

"Hell," he said. "If she comes downstairs, I'll fuck her too."

Tabatha gave up. She, was just too excited to fight him any longer. She no longer cared if her husband, or her daughter, or both of them walked in. She only wanted cock.

He pulled her pants down and then her panties. Her pubic bush was revealed to his eyes.

"Spread your legs wider," he demanded. "I want to see your pussy."

She couldn't argue. She felt as if it was someone else's body that was giving in to this man. She spread her legs wider and felt his hot eyes on her cunt.

"Ahhhh," he said. "Good, red pussy hot with juice. That's what I like."

She felt his tongue going down on her and she realized what he was going to do. Nobody had ever done that to her before, and she had no intention of letting anyone start now. Fucking was okay, but that was vulgar.

"No!" she said.

His eyes were ugly as he looked up at her.

"You stay," he said. "I'm going to kiss your pussy. I'm going to eat your cunt. Just stay there and you'll like it."

"No!" she said again, but she didn't move.

His tongue was in her pubic hair and then she jumped as it went into her pussy. She felt passion boiling up in her cunt.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "I do like it!" He laughed out loud and then his tongue went back into her cunt. He kept moving it around quickly so that the friction against her cunt walls became almost unbearable.

"Oh shit," she moaned. "It feels too good. Oh fuck, it feels good."

His tongue left her and she cried out loud in her anger, but then she felt his hard cock at her cunt.

"Here we go, baby," he said softly. "Now, hang on for the ride."

"Oh shit!" she moaned. "Oh fuck!"

He poised above her for just a second and then his huge cock plunged into her. She could almost feel him in her stomach as he went in to his balls.

"Oh shit!" she said. "You're killing me!"

"No, baby," he said. "Don't worry. If you die, it's a sweet death."

He began fucking her in hard, deep strokes. His voice spoke soft, vulgar words into her ears at every stroke.

"Fuck me!" he urged. "Fuck me with your hot cunt! Fuck my balls off! Fuck me with your sweet cunt!"

Words she had heard before but had never been said when she made love. She went crazy. Her legs went up high and she urged him to go into her cunt deeper, more violently.

He told her to grab his balls and she grabbed them too hard.

"Shit!" he exploded. "Gently, baby, gently. You wouldn't want to pull them off."

She softened her grasp and hefted them gently in her fingers.

"But they're so heavy," she whispered.

"Sure they are," he said. "They're all full of cum for you. To fill your hot cunt."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned.

His prick went into her for a few more minutes, and then she felt him begin to quicken his pace.

"Oh shit!" she screamed. "I'm going to come! I'm going to come! I've never done it before. Oh shit! Of fuck! Oh shit! Oh fuck, I can feel you squirting! You're filling me up! Oh shit! Oh fuckkkk!"

She wrapped her legs tightly around him as he flooded her with his hot cum juice. She bit into his shoulder and looked beyond him. She was shocked. There stood Connie and Beverly smiling at her and licking their lips.

Chapter EIGHT

Beverly was stunned. She had done everything that Connie wanted her to do. She had left school early that day pretending to be ill. She had slipped quietly into the house and up the stain.

Connie had met her at the top.

"Come on back down," Connie said. "I think it's been long enough."

Beverly wasn't sure about Connie's plan. It had sounded good, at flint, but her mother was just not the hot-pants sort. No matter how good-looking Danny Bridges was.

So it was with something of a shock that she entered the living room and found Danny fucking her mother on the couch. They watched in stunned silence as their mother began thrashing about on the couch and saying dirty words. It was evident that Tabatha was enjoying herself.

Then Tabatha looked up and saw them.

"Go ahead, Mother," Connie said softly. "Don't let us stop you."

Tabatha quickly pushed Danny off her and reached for her clothing.

"Don't get dressed, Mother," Connie said.

"What do you mean?" Tabatha asked.

"I mean that you shouldn't get dressed. There's no point to it. Father won't be home for another two hours and you've already had your fun. There's no sense hurrying now."

"Get out of here!" Tabatha said.

"You don't demand anything out of us from now on," Connie retorted. "From now on, we demand."

For the first time they all noticed the camera in Connie's hands. Even Beverly hadn't noticed it.

"These will make some nice pictures," Connie said.

"You can't mean that!" Tabatha gasped. "You can't mean that you'll show them?"

"I will," Connie said. "Unless you agree to what I'm going to ask."


"Shit," Connie said. "You just don't understand. You don't ask us what from now on. You just do as we ask."

"I don't understand," Tabatha said fearfully.

"It's simple," Connie said. "Beverly and I don't want any problems out of you. We want to fuck when we want to fuck and you'll say nothing. If you agree to our conditions, then we'll destroy the pictures and tell nobody about what we've seen."

Beverly was frightened as her mother's angry eyes took in her two daughters. But her mother was in a bind. There was very little that Tabatha could do without getting herself into a hell of a lot of trouble.

"Okay," Tabatha agreed angrily.

"Okay what?" Connie asked. "Does okay mean that you agree to do anything we ask?"

"Yes," Tabatha said softly.

"Good. Then prove it."


"Start by kissing Danny's cock. That'll seal the bargain."

Tabatha looked disgusted. Beverly knew her mother was going to say no. So did Connie. Connie opened up the camera and took the roll of film out. She was careful not to expose it as she tucked it away in a film box.

"Okay," Connie said. "So you didn't mean it. Well I did. I'll just let one of the boys at school develop this."

"No!" Tabatha said. "I'll do as you ask."

Tabatha had to gain time to think. She could see no way out of her situation. She looked at Danny's semi-hard cock. On the end was a spot of his cum. His cock was glistening with her cunt juices.

"Do I really have to?" Tabatha asked her daughter. "Couldn't I do something else to prove it?"

"Kiss his cock!" Connie demanded. "Kin it and clean it up for him. I may want to use it myself."

Tabatha searched Connie's face, but there was no sign of sympathy in Connie's eyes. Beverly looked a little softer but not soft enough to help her.

Tabatha looked back at Danny's cock. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

She brushed her hair back from her eyes and bent over. She licked the end of his cock. He had a strong, salty taste. She could also taste her own juices on him. She drew her head back.

"Isn't that enough?" she asked.

"Hell no!" Connie said. "Take his cock in your mouth. Clean him up. Clean his prick good."

Tabatha saw that she was going to have to go through with it. She held her breath and once again lowered her head to take his cock.

She enveloped his cock-head. He moaned as she sucked the last of his cum out of the tiny hole.

She drew him in deeply until his balls were resting against her chin.

"God!" Connie breathed. "Look at her deepthroat him!"

Tabatha felt his prick grow hard in her mouth. She was forced to release some of his huge cock, but she continued to suck on him. She decided that the best way was to get through with him quickly.

"Shit!" Danny was saying. "She's got a mouth on her. But we'd better stop or I'm going to come."

Tabatha was growing used to his cock. She was learning how to breathe so that she could suck his cock easily. She began to establish a rhythm with her mouth.

"Oh shit!" he moaned. "Oh shit, you're going to make me come again! Oh shit!"

"Hold it," Connie said.

Tabatha didn't want to hold it. She found that she was enjoying herself. She wanted his cock in her throat and she suddenly wanted to swallow his cum. She could taste a little of his salty jism on the tip. It wouldn't be long.

"Hold it! Goddamn it!" Connie screamed.

Connie took hold of her mother's hair and pulled her away from Danny's cock.

"Oh shit, Connie!" Danny protested. "Let her finish me off."

"No," Connie said. "I've got some better ideas."

"What?" Danny asked.

Danny only cared about his prick. He was hurting. His throbbing cock needed release, and he didn't care where he got it. He found himself looking at Beverly. She was the only woman in the room that he hadn't fucked.

"Yes," Connie said. "Beverly would be nicer." Danny got the idea. He gestured for Beverly to walk over to him.

Tabatha suddenly realized what was going to happen. He was going to fuck her daughter. He was actually going to stick his cock into her younger daughter, and she was forced to watch in silence.

"Take off your clothes, baby," Connie cooed. "I promised you a college boy."

Beverly was really excited. She could feel Danny's hot eyes on her as she started to disrobe.

And her mother was making it all the more fun. Her face was flushed red with shame.

She saw the look of appreciation come into Danny's eyes as she unhooked her bra.

"Yes." Connie licked her lips. "I thought you'd like her tits. She has a nice pair."

"Connie!" Tabatha warned. "Stop this! Stop this before it's too late."

"Shut up!" Connie said savagely. "You've had your kicks. Now let baby sister have hem."

Beverly stripped off her school dress and rolled her panties down her legs. She stood naked and she saw Danny licking his lips over his unexpected treat.

"Jesus!" he moaned. "You are a sweet-looking piece." He wrapped a hand around his meaty cock. "Look what I have for you, baby. Look what I want to give you."

"Oh yes!" Beverly squealed.

She was aware of her mother's eyes as she fell to her knees before the couch. She put his cock into her mouth and began to suck noisily on him.

"Ummmmm!" he moaned. "Ummmmm. Like mother, like daughter. I wonder if her pussy's the same."

"Why don't you find out?" Connie asked.

"I think I will," he said.

He positioned Beverly on her hands and knees and he kneeled behind her. She could feel her cunt hot and aching for his big prick.

"Give it to me!" she screamed. "Give it to me!" He pushed his cock into her cunt. She felt the tint jab of his prick and her eyes closed. She felt him go into her pussy all the way to his balls.

He began to fuck her with a rhythmic slap of his balls against her pussy.

Beverly opened her eyes.

Connie had made Tabatha sit just across from her daughter. Beverly found herself looking into her mother's eyes. Her mother's eyes were shamed but excited.

"Play with my tits!" Beverly urged Danny. Danny's hands came around her waist. Slowly he moved them up until he was grasping her tits. He began to squeeze them softly as he slammed his hot cock into her cunt.

"Oh God!" Beverly cried. "I'm getting it! I can feel you coming! I can feel your hot cum squirting into me. Oh God! God! FUCK!"

His throbbing prick released a heavy load of cum into her pussy just as she climaxed. Her climax racked her body and left her trembling and weak.

"Oh shit!" she said as he fell away from her. "That was the best ever."

"And it's not done yet," Connie said. "How about cleaning him off again, Mother?"

Tabatha wanted to argue, but she saw that it would do no good. She fell to her knees beside Danny. For the second time she sucked Danny's prick.

"I want you hard again," Connie said.

"Ahhh God, Connie." Danny said. "Have a heart. I've come twice already."

"I want you hard again!" Connie demanded. "I've got other things in mind."

"Shit," Danny said. "Well, you're going to have to wait for a little while."

"We'll wait," Connie said.

Connie began to undress. Beverly watched in awe as Connie stripped off her clothes. She had a fine body, one that Beverly had always admired. Her titties were smaller than hers, but everything about her smelled of sex.

Beverly had often watched boys on the street hungering for Connie's body. There was just something about Connie that spoke of wild willingness.

"Well?" Connie asked Beverly.

"Well what?"

"Do you like my body?"

Connie stripped off her pale panties to reveal a full thatch of blonde pubic hair. She ran her fingers through her pubic hair and smiled at Beverly.

"I think you're beautiful," Beverly said.

"Damn straight!" Danny agreed.

Connie bent over so that her ass could be appreciated by everyone. She giggled at the expression on her mother's face.

"Don't look so shocked," Connie said. "Especially while your mouth is wrapped around his cock. Besides, you ain't seen nothing yet."

Tabatha had Danny's cock growing hard again. She released his hard prick from her mouth and used her hand to slowly stroke him. His erections throbbed. She kissed the end of his cock again.

"Jesus!" Danny moaned. "I think I'm going to die if this keeps up."

"Danny," Connie said sweetly. "I'm going to let you have it the way you love it."

But Danny jumped away from Tabatha. He was as excited as a puppy who'd been given a snack by his master.

Connie bent over the couch. Her quivering ass was exposed to their view and Danny approached her with his cock trembling in hot need.

Tabatha looked on in shock. Surely he couldn't be planning to stick that thing in her daughter's ass! But she saw him pull apart her daughter's ass-cheeks.

"God!" he said. "I love it when you let me do it this way. You've got the tightest ass ever."

"No!" Tabatha protested weakly.

But he was already pushing into Connie's ass. Tabatha looked at Beverly and saw that even Beverly's eyes were wide open in shock.

Beverly had never seen anyone get fucked in the ass. She'd heard about it, but she'd never seen it. And now her sister was getting it.

Danny gave a hard push and his cock went up her ass.

"God!" he moaned. "You're tight, baby! You're so fucking tight."

He was really excited. Beverly could see his balls quiver as he drove his cock deep into Connie's ass. Beverly could see that it wasn't hurting her sister. Connie was rubbing against him and moaning loudly.

"God yes!" Connie cried. "Give it to me! Give it to me hard! I like a good stiff cock up the ass!"

Beverly couldn't help the excitement that was building up in her. She started rubbing between her legs as she watched. She almost wished that it was her who was getting Danny's prick up the ass. She wondered how she would like it, and she made up her mind that she was going to have it that way before long.

Danny was really getting excited. His hips were moving fast as he pounded his cock into her ass furiously. He was moaning with each push of his hips.

"Ah God!" he said. "Ahhh God! I think I'm going to flood you now! Ahh fuck, you feel good! Ahhh shit, you feel good!"

His hips began to move even faster, and Beverly noticed the look of pleasure that came across his face. She knew he was now shooting his cum. He was pouring his cum into her sister's ass.

"Oh God!" Connie moaned. "Oh God! Oh shit! Fuck! Damn! You're giving it to me! Oh shit! You're giving me all of your hot cum!"

With one last convulsive shudder Danny fell away from Connie. His prick had gone limp and one look at his face told Beverly that he wasn't going to be much good for anything else that day. "Shit!" he moaned. "Ahhhh shit."

"Did you really like that?" Connie asked.

"Oh, baby," Danny said. "That was the greatest."

Connie laughed and began to gather up her clothes. She dressed slowly and there was a dreamy smile on her face. As she buttoned up her blouse, she looked at her mother.

"All right," she said. "I'll destroy the pictures and we'll never talk about what happened here, but you have to promise me that you'll not fuss any more."

"I promise," Tabatha agreed.

"And one other thing?" Connie said.

"What other thing?" Tabatha asked.

Tabatha could think of no other humiliation she could be put through. But she was afraid of the look in Connie's eyes, and the smirk on her lips.

"What other thing?" Tabatha asked again impatiently. "Haven't I done enough?"

"Not quite. Tonight when father gets home I want you to take him into the bedroom and give him a fucking like he's never got before. I want you to treat him -- like your master and you're the lowest form of whore that ever lived. Make him happy as hell."

"Your father doesn't want me like that!" Tabatha protested.

"The hell he wouldn't!" Connie said. "Any man wants his wife to be a slave to him sometimes. Now will you do that?"

"Do I have any choice?" Tabatha asked. "None," Connie replied.

"Then I guess I'll have to do it."

"Shit," Connie said laughingly. "Our poor father's never going to know what hit him."

Chapter NINE

Connie didn't allow Tabatha to pick out her own clothes for that evening. Connie searched through the closet until she found some things that suited her.

"Here," Connie said. "Put these on. They ought to pop his eyes out."

"But there's not very much of it," Tabatha protested.

"That's the whole idea," Connie said.

The outfit consisted of a green skirt that barely reached Tabatha's thighs. The dress was low cut and very tight around her tits so that they were pushed up. It looked as if any moment her creamy tits were going to break loose of the tight confinement.

"I'm indecent!" Tabatha said, looking at herself in the mirror.

"No more indecent than this afternoon," Connie said. "And this is for your husband."

"He's never seen me like this."

"Then it's time he did," Connie replied.

Connie had other ideas in mind for that evening. She told Tabatha that she was going to be left on her own. She and Beverly were going to leave.

After they made their father a nice supper.

"Take a nice hot shower," Connie said as she started downstairs and to the kitchen. "And put on some sexy perfume. We want this to be a night he remembers for a long time."

Tabatha was having mixed feelings. After all, he was her husband, so there was nothing wrong in what she was doing. But there was nothing really exciting about it either. Her husband had always seemed such a blah person. He was dull, not at all like Danny.

Danny. She kept thinking about him and about the way she'd acted. She'd never been so turned on by a man before. She'd never acted so wanton.

Not even when she'd been in high school and all the boys were constantly chasing after her.

She had been no virgin when she'd married, but it had always been her who decided who she was going to fuck and when. A boy had never gotten her so turned on that she forgot herself.

No boy ever had until Danny Bridges.

She took a long, hot shower and put the perfume on. She dressed in the skirt that Connie had picked out. Tabatha had bought the dress on an impulse, but she'd never worn it before.

She studied herself in the mirror. She looked positively indecent in the dress. She knew it would turn her poor husband on almost beyond his endurance. She resigned herself to the fact that she was going to have to do as Connie told her.

She would make it a really memorial occasion for her husband, but she wasn't going to enjoy it very much.

She went downstairs to find Connie and Beverly busy in the kitchen. She could smell the onions that Beverly was cooking. Connie was chopping up some steak.

She found that they had already set the table. Her favorite linen tablecloth and candlesticks were in view. Along with the best silver.

Beverly popped some potatoes into the oven.

"Do you want my help?" Tabatha asked.

"No," Connie said. "We don't want you to get tired or sweaty. We want you to feel good for tonight."

"Then what'll I do?"

"Just find yourself a place to sit. We'll take care of everything."

The girls really were intent on making an event out of it. They had finished their preparations for the meal and now they started on the house. They wanted everything to be perfect. Beverly brought in some flowers from somewhere and Tabatha thought why they had planned it all along. Right down to the last detail.

Connie put on some mood music and turned on the intercom. The soft strains floated gently through the house.

"There," Connie told Tabatha. "Everything's ready and perfect."

"I don't know why you're going to all this trouble," Tabatha said. "Raymond and I have made love many times."

"Made love!" Connie spat out the words sarcastically. "That's the problem. You and father have made love. What you should have been doing to him was fucking. You should have been fucking him. Just like you fucked Danny."

Tabatha didn't protest because she knew there was truth in what Connie said. She had fucked Danny.

She had allowed him to fuck her in a way that she'd never been fucked before and she had enjoyed every moment of it. It had been really wonderful. She had never been fucked like that by Raymond. He was gentle with her when he needed to be hard and furious.

"Yes," Tabatha said, "I see what you mean."

"But tonight that changes," Connie said. "Tonight you're going to make a real man out of him. Tonight you're going to take him to heaven. Tonight you're going to be his love slave."

Love Slave. Tabatha said the words over in her mind and found that she was excited. It brought to mind pictures of nubile slave girls dancing to their masters wishes.

She realized, for the first time in her life, that a demanding man was what she really needed.

"Well," Connie said, looking at her watch. "Sissy and I are going out. Now you do a good job. We won't be back to intrude."

Tabatha went with her daughters to the front door. She wanted to ask them what time they'd be back, but she realized that it was a question they wouldn't answer. She no longer had control over them.

"Do a good job," Connie said, kissing her mother on the cheek. "Do a good job and you'll like it too."

Tabatha watched as her two daughters walked to Connie's car. She watched as the car pulled out of the driveway and started toward town. Finally she turned her eyes to the direction her husband would be coming in.

She saw his car almost immediately.

She wondered what he would say or do when he saw her outfit. He had tried to get her to wear the dress before, but she kept refusing. She knew that he would be excited by all her bare flesh. He had always been excited by her body.

He drove his car into the driveway and parked it. He got out looking tired. He worked as an accountant for a construction company and sometimes he'd get out and do manual work. This looked like one of those days.

He brightened up when he saw her dress. His eyes immediately fell to where her creamy white tits were trying to force their way out of her top.

"Jesus, honey!" he said. "You sure look good tonight."

"Do I?"

"You sure do."

He took her in his arms and kissed her. She didn't try to fight as she usually did when he kissed her in public. She let his hard lips mash against her own for as long as he liked.

He pressed his body against hers and she could feel his hardening prick pushing against her cunt-mound.

"Let's go inside," he said.

He looked pleasantly surprised when he came into the kitchen and saw the table.

"I made a little supper for you," Tabatha said.

"I can see that," he murmured. "My favorite. Meat and potatoes."

Tabatha wasn't hungry, but she ate most of her meal. She tried to do her best to anticipate his every desire. When he would reach for something, she would quickly hand it to him. She quickly poured his tea when his glass was empty.

"Well," he said, patting his stomach. "That was really good."

"Come upstairs," she said. "I have another surprise for you."

Tabatha hardly knew what she was saying. She only knew that acting as a slave girl to her husband was exciting her. Besides, she wasn't a liar. She had agreed to Connie's demands that she make this a night for Raymond to remember, and she had every intention of doing just that.

She turned on him as soon as she had him upstairs. She dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him. She loved the surprised expression on his face as she fumbled at his zipper. She had it down in a moment and she reached inside for his prick.

He was still surprised so he wasn't completely hard yet. She put his cock between her lips.

"My God, Tabatha!" he said softly. "What are you doing? You've never done this before!"

His prick was slowly growing stiff. Then it became a pulsating rod in her mouth. He was even more excited than usual, and she could already taste a little of his cum on the tip of his prick.

She sucked him deep into her throat.

"You're going to make me cum!" he warned. "You're going to make me shoot off in your mouth!"

She had never before taken her husband's cum in her mouth, but now she was determined to take it. She was becoming more and more excited. She kept thinking about Danny Bridges and how she had wanted to taste his cum. Now there was nobody around to stop her from tasting her husband's.

"No, baby!" he said, pushing her back. "I'm going to come!"

"Good," she said. "That'll take the edge off."

She took his cock into her mouth once again. This time he couldn't wait. His hard prick exploded great gobs of white jizz into her throat. At first she couldn't swallow quickly enough and the white seed came out the corners of her mouth and dripped onto her dress. But then she got the hang of it and she began swallowing quickly. She drained the last drop from his prick and released him.

"God!" he said. "You've never done that before. That was great, Tabatha. Just great."

"And it's just beginning," she said. "Come on into the bathroom with me and let me clean you. You're all hot and sweaty."

She led him into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and worked the faucets until she had the spray pleasantly warm.

He was starting to take off his shirt when she stopped him.

"No," she said. "Let me do it all."

She undid the buttons of his shirt and dropped it on the floor. Then she stripped off his undershirt to bare his chest. She sucked one of his nipples. She moved lower and kissed his flat stomach and tongued his navel.

His limp prick was still hanging outside his trousers, and she was careful not to hurt him when she pulled his trousers off.

"Now step into the shower," she said.

He stepped into the shower and she took the soap. She began, to soap him all over. She was aware that her thin green dress was getting soaked and he could see that she was wearing nothing underneath. She knew that the wet dress was making her look more sexier than if she had nothing on.

She continued soaping him. She soaped his cock and balls and felt him beginning to get rigid again. She was getting turned on as she washed him. There was something about serving him that was turning her on.

She felt a warm heat between her thighs.

Suddenly he was pulling her into the shower with him. She started to protest, but she felt his hands come around and cup her asscheeks. She could feel his hard cock pushing between her thighs.

"Goddamn!" he muttered. "I've always wanted to fuck you in the shower."

She was pushed against the hard walls of the shower and he lifted her a little. He brought her cunt down hard on his cock. His cock went in easily, lubricated by her own juices.

"Goddamn!" he said. "Goddamn, this feels good!"

She began to bounce up and down on his cock. Her nipples were rock-hard and he began to tern them between his fingers. He had taken control. He was fucking her as he never had before. Treating her like the whore that she always wanted to be.

She raised her legs and found herself held strongly in his arms.

"Oh yes, baby!" she moaned. "Fuck me good! Fuck me real good!"

She had already taken the edge off his cock with her mouth so now he was able to fuck her for a long while. She felt her first brutal climax coming. "Oh shit!" she moaned. "Oh shit, fuck me! Your prick feels so good, baby! So Goddamned good!"

She exploded. Her hot juices enveloped his cock and still he kept fucking her. She realized that he was not going to come, that he was going to make her come again. She cried and begged him to come, but he kept driving his hot cock in.

She hadn't thought that it was possible for her to come again, but she felt his strong hands on her titties and he whispered dirty words into her ear. "You whore," he said. "You bitch! You've always liked a prick. You've always had a hot pussy. Your fucking hot pussy needs a prick."

His words and the rhythm of his fucking drove her to the heights again. She felt her ass being rubbed raw against the hard shower wall.

But she didn't care about her ass. She began to thrash wildly as she felt her second climax coming.

"Oh dear God!" she screamed. "It's never been like this. Oh shit! Oh shit, I can feel you growing! I can feel you coming inside me! Oh fuck, come! Oh come! Oh come!"

They both came at the same time and she knew she had tears in her eyes at the pleasure of it.

He pushed her away.

"On your knees," he demanded.

There was no longer any pretending. Now she really was his slave girl. Her act had given him confidence and now he no longer needed confidence. He knew what he could do to her.

"On your knees," he said again. "Clean me off."

Obediently she fell to her knees. The water ran down her cheeks and her dress was ruined, but she cared about nothing but cleaning his limp cock. She cleaned him with her tongue and even put her tongue into his ass and cleaned his crack.

He pushed her away.

"Come on into the bedroom," he said. "I've got another load for you."

She couldn't see how he could possibly come again, but she quickly followed him into the bedroom. He lay down on her white bedspread and slowly rubbed his balls. She awaited his command.

"You've always been such a lady," he said. "I've always wanted to see you like this. Now take off that Goddamned dress and shake it for me. Shake it good."

She knew what he wanted. She stripped off the wet dress and turned on the bedroom radio. She found a fast song. She began to shake her ass. She wanted to be humiliated. She did everything he told her to do. She knew she looked like a five-dollar whore as she shook her full titties at him.

"Come over here," he said.

She could see that his cock had grown hard again. She walked over to him and knelt on the bed.

"Take it in your mouth."

She sucked his hot cock in all the way to his balls. He groaned as she began sucking on him.

"Suck it good, baby," he said. "This time we won't let you spill any."

He grabbed her head and began to establish his own rhythm. She found herself being pulled up and down on his cock. It wasn't her sucking him any longer. Now he was fucking her mouth.

"Take it, whore!" he moaned. "Take that Goddamned cock. Take every inch of it and I'm going to fill your mouth with cum! I'm going to give you a Goddamned full load of my white stuff."

She almost choked each time he drove his prick into her mouth. He was going deeper than Danny had gone, even with his monstrous cock.

"Here I come, bitch!" he moaned. "Here I come with all my hot cum!"

She took him all. Every drop went down her throat. He didn't release her until she had finished him.

"Fucking good," he moaned. "You have a sweet mouth and a sweet pussy."

She knew that she had changed. There would no longer be any question of who was boss around their house. It would be her husband. She reached down and hefted his balls.

"You like that cock?"

"Oh yes," she said.

"Good. We're going to be up here using that thing a lot from now on."

"Yes," she agreed. "Anything you say."

Chapter TEN

Beverly was having a good time. Connie had decided to show her younger sister some of the places that were frequented by the college crowd. Up to now, Beverly had never taken a drink but some of the places would serve Beverly under the table.

By the time they reached their fourth little bar, Beverly was getting a little drunk.

"Wheee," Beverly said as they took a seat. "I'm beginning to feel really good."

"If you don't fall off your chair." Connie observed.

"I don't care if I do," Beverly giggled. "It won't hurt at all."

"It might not," Connie said dryly. "But it sure would show a lot of skin."

Beverly giggled again. Like Tabatha, Beverly had allowed Connie to dress her. She ware a very short skirt and a tight blouse and no bra.

"All the better to let the boys ogle your titties," Connie had explained.

Right now Beverly wished that some boy would come along and do more than ogle. She had been growing warmer as the evening progressed and now her thighs were twitching with excitement.

She closed her legs tightly together, liking the warm rush of feeling when they touched.

"God," she said. "I could use a man."

"Just drink your drink," Connie said as the bartender brought their drinks. "The boys will be along soon enough."

"But when?" Beverly complained. "You promised me a good time tonight."

"You'll have a good time," Connie promised. "We just have to wait until the right boys come along."

As soon as Connie had spoken, a boy came along but he wasn't exactly what she had in mind. He was a big, brutal-looking boy with dark, wavy hair and large muscles.

"Hello," he said.

"Get lost, creep," Connie said. "We've got no time for you."

The boy shrugged his wide shoulders and looked at Beverly.

"Does she speak for you?"

"She's my sister," Connie explained. "Now will you get lost. I don't want to be seen around you."

His eyes were ugly as he looked back at Connie. "You always have been such a proud bitch," he said. "Some day you'll pay for that."

"I doubt it," Connie said.

The boy walked away. Beverly felt her eyes pulled to where he wore his tight trousers over his buttocks. She could see the lines of his crack.

"Why'd you send him away?" Beverly asked. "He was kind of cute."

"Him?" Connie questioned. "He's a creep. He hangs around with the hoods that ride the motorcycles on campus. They all think they're rough and tough and just too attractive. I think they're creeps."

Beverly turned her attention back to her drink. She forgot about the creep as she took another long sip of the sweet-tasting liquid.

This wasn't at all like the tiny bit of beer that Mr. Juniper had forced her to taste. This was good and it seemed to get better with every taste.

"Come on," Connie said. "We've got one more place to go. If we can't find any real action there, then I guess well call it a night."

"But what if Mother isn't finished?"

"Hell," Connie said. "It's been three hours and forty minutes. She ought to have him in the bedroom by now at least."

"Do you think our plan is going to work?"

"It'll work if Mother carries out her part. She'll never be able to treat Dad rough again."

They finished their drinks and walked down the street to a place Connie wanted to visit. It was a dark and dingy bar, different than the rest because it smelled musty and the paint on the walls was cracked and peeling.

But this bar was crammed with people.

A boy approached them as soon as they came through the door. Beverly saw that it was Danny Bridges.

"Hey, Connie. I been looking for you."

"So this is where you're all at," Connie said. "I was beginning to wonder if anyone was out tonight."

"Yup," Danny said. "They're all here. Come on over to our table."

Beverly remembered very little of what happened after that. The next two hours went quickly. She remembered smoking something that nearly made her sick and spine boy walked, her to the bathroom.

She remembered calling Connie's name very weakly as the boy pushed her into a corner and began to fondle her. She could feel his hard cock pushing up against her.

"Don't worry, baby," he said. "I'm not going to hurt you."

It seemed wrong to allow him to fondle her that way. She screamed and tried to fight him. His hand tipped apart the front of her blouse.

"No!" Beverly screamed. "No, Goddamn you!"

And then Connie was there kicking the boy and calling him names.

"Shit," Connie said. "What are you trying to do? Is this any way to treat my sister?"

"Hell," the boy said. "I didn't know she was your sister. I thought..."

"You thought she was just some cheap whore you'd get high and pull into a corner and stick your cock into, huh? Well it don't work that way."

Connie put her hand on her sister's arm. "Come on, baby."

"Where are we going?"

"We're going up to Danny's apartment." Beverly was half asleep when they pulled her out of Connie's car and helped her up the steps. She was aware of hands pulling off her clothing.

"Put her in the shower," Danny was saying. "She'll feel better then."

"Goddamn him," Connie said. "I hope he doesn't get any for a year."

"I don't think he gave her anything serious," Danny said. "Probably just pass."

"Hell," Connie said. "He didn't have to do that. He could have just asked."

"I know," Danny replied. "But some guys think they have to get a girl high to do anything."

Beverly was pushed under the shower. She was soaked for a few minutes with warm water and then dried off.

"Goddamn," Danny whistled. "She does have a nice pair of jugs."

"Keep your mind on what you're doing," Connie said.

"Let's put her in my bed and let her rest for a while," Danny said. "She'll feel better in a while."

Beverly mumbled at them as they practically carried her to Danny's bed and put her down. She was sleeping as soon as her head touched the pillow.

Danny looked down at her naked body on the bed. He felt an immediate urge in his groin. Connie saw him pull at his uncomfortably hard prick.

"All right, damn you," Connie said, grinning. "We'll have to do something about that."

Quickly Connie began stripping off her clothes. Danny had never failed to appreciate Connie's body. Her tits weren't as large as her younger sister's but she did have a sexy way about her.

And she could fuck! God, how she could fuck!

He pulled off his clothes and crawled onto the bed beside Beverly. He fondled Beverly's tits as he watched Connie finish undressing. Beverly moaned in her sleep as his fingers touched her.

"Quit that!" Connie said. "Here." Connie pointed one creamy tit at him. "Have one of these."

Connie sank down into the bed and he was immediately at her tits. His lips closed around one of her nipples and he began to suck on her hard. She groaned and pushed more of her tit-flesh into his mouth.

He moved his lips down her stomach and let his tongue play in her pubic hair.

"Eat me, you bastard!" Connie groaned. "You know that's what I like."

He moved into a better position so that his legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. He pushed his face into Connie's sweet-tasting cunt-flesh.

"Oh shit!" Connie moaned. "I like that. I really do like that."

His tongue rubbed softly against her cunt-walls. He pushed his tongue in deep and tasted the first of her sweet juices.

"Slit!" she moaned. "You make me come fast that way. Oh shit!"

Her hips began to thrash wildly as his tongue brought her to a shattering climax.

"Fuck!" she cried. "Oh fuck! I love it, Danny! I love it! Oh fuck! Oh shit!"

She gave one last shudder as she pushed her cunt against his face and flooded him with her juices. He didn't pull his face away. He sucked in all of her hot juices and then put his tongue in deeper for more.

"Ummmmm!" she moaned. "UUMMMM! Nobody knows how to eat pussy like you, Danny."

He moved up her body so that she could feel his hard cock pushing against her cunt.

"And now what do you want?" she asked innocently.

"You, baby," he said. "I want you."

"You mean you want to fuck me?"

"Oh God yes!"

Connie smiled. She opened her legs wide and felt his prick push into her pussy.

Danny was feeling good. He could feel the aching need deep in his balls and he knew he wouldn't be able to fuck for long. This would be four times in one day. He had never done it that many times before.

Connie began to move her ass quickly as his cock pounded her. She knew she had an experienced pussy. She could make him pop almost any time she wanted to, but she slowed down each time she knew he was reaching the point of no return. She wanted him to enjoy it as much as she did.

Finally there was no turning back.

She pound her cunt against him and moved violently as his prick pew.

"God!" he cried. "Oh Goddamn! I'm going to come! I'm going to fuck your brains out! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCKKKK!"

Great gobs of his stuff poured into her pussy. She kept moving until his prick was drained dry.

"Oh shit!" he moaned, falling away. "Oh shit."

She snuggled into his arms so that her tits were resting against his side. She let her hand fall on his soft prick.

"Did you like?"

"You know it," he said. "Nobody ever could fuck like you do."

"Except maybe my sister," Connie said in a teasing tone of voice.

"Well," Danny admitted, "Your sister was pretty good."

"Just pretty good?"

"Damn fine," Danny admitted.

"Why don't you try her again? We have to get home and I promised her a good fuck."

"Aw come on, Connie," he protested. "I'm all done in. Four times is enough for me. Besides, your sister's asleep."

"You can wake her up."

"No," he said.

Connie had continued squeezing his cock and she renewed her efforts to get him hard. It was not discouraging. Her gentle, experienced fingers soon had his cock rigid again.

"You're going to kill me," Danny said.

"But isn't it a nice death?"

Danny kissed Beverly. She tasted of wine and of smoke. He probed the inside of her mouth with his tongue. She moaned and started rubbing her two huge tits against him.

"See," Connie said. "Even in her sleep she's ready to get a nice big dick."

He kissed her throat and then her belly. He went between her legs and began to suck her pussy. He drew in her sweet folds of flesh and licked her clit. Her hips began to move.

"God, she's a hot one!" Connie said. "I've never seen anyone so ready and she's still asleep."

Her ass began to twitch violently. He teased her clit with his tongue and then captured it softly between his teeth. He bit down a little. She moaned out loud and her ass threatened to push him off the bed.

Beverly opened her eyes. She was not aware, at first, of what was happening. Then she felt the tongue in her cunt. She could feel her cunt getting hot.

"Ummmmm!" Beverly moaned. "Oh, that feels good. Oh, how I love it."

"I told you I'd show you a good time," Connie said.

Beverly gave her sister a look of appreciation.

He continued to eat her cunt until Beverly was crying out in pleasure.

"Now for a fucking," Connie said. "Fuck her now, Danny. Put your hot cock in her."

Danny drove his hot cock all the way into her tight pussy. Beverly screamed as his cock forced open her cunt.

"Oh yes," Beverly moaned. "Give it to me! That's the way I like it! Oh, give it to me!"

Danny began to fuck her hard. He was growing excited now, although he had really thought that this time was going to be painful.

Connie's fingers were between his legs and nabbing his balls. Then he felt the bed sag and Connie was behind him. She stretched out next to him and put her face to his ass. She licked his ass and then down to his balls, even as he drove his cock into her younger sister.

"Oh shit, Connie!" he moaned. "What are you doing to me? What are you doing to me?"

"Keep fucking," Connie said. "Keep fucking my sister!"

Beverly couldn't see what was happening, but she could feel the new excitement that came over Danny. He began to drive his cock into her with more violent strokes than before.

"Oh God!" Beverly groaned. "Oh God, it feels good! Oh fuck me, Danny! Give me your long hard prick! Give it to me hard!"

Beverly screamed as her body started shaking with passion. She couldn't control the way her ass shook, driving him to attack her even faster.

"I'm coming!" Danny groaned. "I'm going to came! Oh fuck, I'm coming! Oh shit, I can't help it! I'm going to fill your hot cunt with my cum!"

She felt his prick grow larger and then she felt him empty his precious load of semen deep into her cunt. She kept moving underneath him until every drop was drained from his cock.

Danny fell away, panting.

"That was good," Beverly moaned. "That was better than when you fucked me before."

"I think I'm going to die," Danny moaned. "Ahhhhh," Connie said. "Poor baby. Here, let me make it better for you."

She licked the end of his prick. She tasted his semen.

Danny pulled away from her quickly.

"No you don't!" he said quickly. "Another few minutes with that mouth of yours and I'd be hard again, and that would kill me."

"Now," Connie said gently, as she tried once more to capture his prick with her mouth.

"Goddamn it," Danny said. "I said no! Get your mouth away from my prick and go home. I want to be able to use the damn thing again."

"I don't think we're wanted here," Connie laughed.

"Well, I'm going to take another shower before I go home," Beverly said. "I'm not going home all hot and sweaty," she said.

"I'll join you," Connie said.

Danny watched them go into the shower and then he walked into his front room to fix himself a drink. Danny didn't think that he'd ever felt so tired. Not even that blonde in Washington had worn him out so much, and she was a sweet-looking thing who had an always ready cunt.

He fixed himself a bourbon and water and drank it down. He poured himself another.

"Hey, Connie!" he called out. "Do you girls want a drink of something?"

They didn't hear him so he went into the bedroom. He could see Beverly and Connie showering together. Despite his aching body he got aroused at watching their two young and beautiful bodies.

Connie saw him and he smiled. She pointed at his semi-erection and he shook his head sadly.

"It would kill me," he said. "Would you two like something to drink?"

"Not for me," Connie shouted over the sound of the shower. "How about you, Sissy?"

Beverly shook her head and pointed to her stomach. Danny couldn't blame her. All the things she'd had that night would be enough to make anybody sick.

He padded softly back into the living room and fixed himself another drink. He was thirsty as hell.

He was drinking it down when he heard the knock on the door.

"Now who in the hell could that be?"

Danny walked to the door and opened it.

He never saw the face of the boy who struck him. All he saw was a big fist coming at his face and he tried to dodge. He didn't move fast enough. The blow slammed him to the floor. When he tried to get up, someone kicked him hard in the ribs.

He grunted in pain.

"Don't move," a voice said softly. "Don't make a sound."

He saw the backs of two boys walking toward the back bedroom. He tried to scream, but someone behind him struck him a sharp blow on the head. He never saw the other four boys who stepped over him.

"Stupid bastard," another boy said as he slammed the door shut and locked it. "He should have just lay there like we told him. He shouldn't have moved."

"Is he dead?" another boy asked.

"Nah. He ain't dead. But the girls in there. They're going to wish they were dead. Nobody calls me a creep and gets away with it!"

"We going to fuck 'em, Bobby?"

"Yes," Bobby answered. "We going to fuck them. We going to fuck them every way possible. We're going to give them six strong cocks and see who they call creeps after that."

"Goddamn, Bobby!" the boy said. "I can hardly wait."

"Well, you got to wait," someone else said. "You got to wait your turn."

"Yeah," Bobby said. "But everybody gets some. Right now, you run out and check on the cycles."

"I don't want to do that," he said. "I want to look at the girls."

"Do what I tell you!" Bobby ordered.

Bobby motioned for the two boys standing near the door to move out of his way. He also motioned for silence as the boy going outside fumbled with the lock on the door.

"Go on," he said.

Bobby walked into the back bedroom. He heard them turn the shower off. He smiled. A smile like the cat who just ate the canary -- or was about to.

Chapter ELEVEN

Beverly was shocked to look up and see a boy standing there. At first she didn't remember him. He was standing in the doorway of the bathroom with his hands on his hips. There was a wicked grin on his face.

Then she remembered that he was the boy that Connie had called a creep.

"Connie," Beverly said nervously.

Connie looked up. She had been drying herself off and she dropped the towel.

"What do you want?"

"What do you think?"

"Get the hell out of here!" Connie said angrily. "You've got no business heft."

"You called me a creep," he said softly. "Nobody calls Bobby Taylor a creep."

"Well, you are a creep," Connie said. "Naw get out before I call Danny."

"He ain't going to be able to help you," Bobby said. "He can't help nobody."

For the first, time Connie looked a little afraid. "What did you do to Danny?" she asked. "What did you do to him?"

"I didn't hurt him much," Bobby shrugged. "At least, I haven't hurt him yet."

"What do you mean?" Beverly asked.

"I mean that it depends on you two as to what I do to Danny. It's all up to you."

Connie shrugged. She picked up the towel and wrapped it around her. Beverly did the same with another towel. Connie wasn't too worried about herself. She'd been raped before. The first time had been when she was sixteen. It had been a bad experience but she'd gotten over it. She was worried about Beverly. Bobby looked like the type who might hurt a girl badly if she didn't do exactly as he said.

"What do you want?"

"I think you know," he said, unsmiling.

"Yeah." Connie shrugged again. "I guess I do." She saw the other boys when the walked out into the bedroom. Five boys who were peering over each other's shoulders in the doorway trying to look at Beverly and Connie.

"Oh no!" Connie said. "This isn't going to be a gang-bang. Not to me."

Bobby hit her. He'd been wanting to hit her since that evening in the bar. He had followed her until he'd found exactly where she'd been going and then he went back for his friends.

Connie saw the blow coming, but she couldn't avoid it. He caught her across the face and she went don. She tried to get back up. He grasped her hair.

"Stuffy bitch!" he said. "Stuffy little bitch. I'll teach you to call me a creep."

He began to slap her open-handed. Her head vibrated from the blows. Connie tried to jerk away from him, but he only held her head tighter.

Beverly had seen enough. She went rushing at Bobby, screaming and trying to get him with her nails. He ducked her swinging hands, but she managed to kick him in the thigh.

"Ow! Goddamn it!" he said. "You guys get this bitch off me!"

Beverly saw them coming. She got her nails into one of them and she laughed when she heard him cry out loud. She kicked another in the balls and he turned an ashen color.

She was good, but she couldn't fight them all. One boy caught one of her arms and twisted it behind her. Another boy hit her hard in the stomach. Her breath went out with a whoosh. Her knees went weak.

The boy she'd kicked in the balls smashed her in the face. She tasted blood from a cut lip.

"Bitch!" he said. "You bitch! Break my fucking balls, will you?"

He slammed her twice more in the stomach and then she became ill. The boy who held her by the hair dragged her into the bathroom. She had nothing in her stomach but alcohol and she lost most of that.

The boy then lowered her face into the sink and ran cold water on her until she begged him to stop. He raised her head.

"You ready to quit fighting?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Good. But I warn you. You try anything like that again and I'll bring you in here and drown the shit out of you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Beverly whispered.

"Yes sir!" he commanded.

"Yes sir," Beverly repeated.

He smiled and he pulled her out into the bedroom. Bobby gave her a suspicious look and rubbed his thigh. He was still standing over Connie with his fingers wrapped in her hair.

"Don't worry, Bobby," the boy holding her said. "I've tamed this little cunt."

Bobby nodded. He pulled up Connie's face so that Beverly saw it. Beverly gasped. Her face was pale and bleeding. The imprints of his hand were all over her.

"You're a cunt," he said.

"Yes," Connie whispered.

"Don't whisper. I want the fellows to hear what you are. I want you to say it out loud!"

"I'm a cunt," Connie said. "Louder," he commanded.

"I'M A CUNT!" Connie screamed.

He began to slap her again. Beverly felt tears in her eyes. There was nothing she could do for her older sister. If she moved even a little, she'd be dragged into the bathroom again.

Finally the loud slaps stopped.

"Say it again!" he commanded.

"I'M A CUNT!" Connie screamed. "I'm a fucking cunt," he said.

"I'M A FUCKING CUNT!" Connie screamed.

"I'm a fucking cunt who wants a prick up her a, and in her mouth."


Connie yelled.

Bobby stepped back and began to unbuckle his belt. He had Connie where he wanted her. Such a proud, stuck-up bitch who had never even given him a friendly look. Well, now she would do more than just give him a look.

Beverly couldn't move to help her sister as Bobby pulled off his trousers and then his shorts. Beverly had to admit, even as frightened as she was, that Bobby had a magnificent cock. It was blood-filled and trembling.

He pushed it at Connie's mouth.

"Open your mouth, bitch!" he demanded. "Open your mouth and suck it!"

Beverly could see Connie's fingers clutching his knees as he pushed his cock into her mouth. He went in deeper than Beverly had ever seen anyone go. Even Danny, Beverly heard Connie cough and gag.

"Keep sucking bitch," Bobby said. "Keep sticking or I'll beat your ass again!"

Beverly felt the boy who was holding her begin to tremble. She didn't tight as he put one hand over her tit. He began to squeeze her tit softly.

"Damn," he said. "Your sister can sure stick cock. But you've got nicer titties. I like a woman with nice titties." He kissed her ear. "I'm going to fuck you. You know that?"

"Yes," Beverly answered.

"I'm going to stick my cock up your hot cunt and fuck your brains out. You going to argue?"

"No," Beverly said.

"I like that," he said, squeezing her titty hard. "I don't like my women to argue. No sir, I sure don't like for them to argue with me."

"I won't argue," Beverly promised.

He continued to play with her tit. She tried not to hear the gagging noises that were being made by Connie as she sucked Bobby's big prick. She looked around at the boys that were around her. The other boys were watching intently and licking their lips.

Beverly knew that they were thinking about fucking Connie. Beverly turned her attention back to Connie. Connie was sick. Beverly could see the blood on her cheek. She knew Connie was hurt and hurt bad.

"Please," Beverly said.

Bobby looked over at her.

"What do you want, bitch?"

"Don't hurt her any more. I'll make it up to you because she called you a name. I'll make it up to all of you."

"You mean that, bitch?" Bobby asked. "You're going to show us a really good time?"

"Yes," Beverly agreed. "Only don't hurt her any more. She couldn't take any more."

Bobby looked back at Connie. Her little sister was probably right about that. He had kicked her once and that kick had hurt Connie. She probably couldn't last much longer without passing out. He hadn't intended to hurt her that much.

She still had his cock in her mouth, but she wasn't doing anything. Maybe she couldn't do anything. Her eyes were half closed and her face was still a pale white. He withdrew his aching cock from her mouth.

"Okay," he said. "But you better make it good."

"I will," Beverly said. "I promise."

Beverly was released at Bobby's command. She walked over and stood by the bed.

"How do you want me?"

"I want my cock sucked," Bobby said. "I want my cock sucked and I want you to swallow all my cum. Every drop."

"Yes sir," Beverly agreed.

He smiled. His cock was still hard as he walked over and sat down on the bed. Beverly fell between his legs. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Connie sprawling on the floor. Beverly was really worried. Connie wasn't moving.

"Suck it!" Bobby commanded.

Beverly pushed back her hair and put her mouth to his cock. She tried to do everything that would satisfy him. She licked the underside of his prick all the way down to his balls. She captured each of his soft balls, heavy with cum, in her mouth and teased it with her tongue.

"Jesus!" Bobby groaned. "Oh Jesus! The little bitch can give a blow."

She came back up to the tip of his cock and sucked his cock-head into her mouth. She teased his tiny opening with her tongue. She tasted some of his lubricating fluid.

His hands were squeezing her tits as she sucked him. He began to squeeze harder, and she knew he didn't have long left. She began to deep-throat him and was rewarded by his loud groans of pleasure.

She played with his balls even as the first of his salty jism entered her mouth. She prepared herself for the deluge that was to come.

"Shit," he groaned. "Oh shit, I'm going to come! I'm going to fill your hot mouth with my come! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Fuck, here I come!"

She began to swallow his seed as it erupted from the end of his hot prick. She swallowed as fast as she could, but still he kept coming.

"Oh fucking shit!" he moaned as the last of his seed went down her throat. "Oh shit."

Finally he was done. She didn't protest when he drew his prick out and wiped his cock with some of her long, dark hair. He slapped her on the side of the head very lightly.

"You were good, bitch. I've had better blows before, but you were good."

"Can I see my sister?" she asked.

"Yes," Bobby answered. "Sec the whore." Beverly crawled on her hands and knees to her sister's side. Connie was breathing harshly and there was blood on her cheeks and on her neck.

"Connie," Beverly said softly. "Connie, can you hear me?"

Beverly could see that though the beating was severe there would be few marks. Already his hand prints were gone. The blood was caused by a sharp ring on his finger.

"Ohhhhhh," Connie moaned.

Beverly hurried into the bedroom and came back with a wet washcloth. She brushed the blood away from the few scratches on Connie's face. Connie was looking a little better.

"Connie," Beverly whispered. "Connie, can you hear me?"

"Is that you, Sissy?"

Beverly continued to wash Connie's face with the wet washrag. Connie's face would be swollen for quite a while.

"It's me," Beverly said. "It's me. Are you feeling better now?"

Connie rolled over on her side so that she could look around her. She saw the faces of the boys.

She saw Bobby with his prick hanging out and she shuddered.

She wanted to scream at Bobby. She wanted to curse him and tight him, but she was afraid. She had never been so afraid of a boy before.

"Are you all right?"

"I think so," Connie said.

For the first time she noticed the cuts and scratches on her sister's face.

"Are you all right?" Connie asked.

"I'm fine. I'm a little worse than usual, but I think that I'll live."

"Enough of this small talk." Bobby said. "Are you ready, Beverly?"

Beverly looked around at the faces of the other boys, all of them tense with expectation. She wondered what it was going to feel like being fucked by all of them. She knew she'd never be the same again.

"What do you mean?" Connie asked.

"Your sister made us a little bargain." Bobby said. "She asked us to leave you alone and she'd take care of us. All of us."

Connie looked shocked. "But you can't do that. She's just a little girl."

"Hell!" Bobby said. "She gives a better blow than you do, and I'm betting that she's a better fuck."

"I won't let you!" Connie screamed. "I won't let you."

"You won't let us?" Bobby laughed. "You're going to stop us?"

He stood up and he walked over to them. His limp prick was still hanging out of his trousers.

"You mean you're going to stop us?"

"Yes." Connie said.

"I'll beat your ass," he said.

Connie started trembling. Even Beverly's strong arms couldn't stop her from shaking.

"You're not going to do anything are you bitch?" he asked, smiling.

"No." Connie admitted fearfully.

"You're going to sit there and wait while we fuck your sister. We're going to fuck her every way possible and you're going to watch and keep your whoring mouth shut."

"Yes," Connie said.

"Okay fellows," Bobby said. He started pulling off his trousers. "Let's get to fucking."

Chapter TWELVE

"Get on the bed, bitch!" Bobby commanded.

A couple of the boys had dragged Connie into the bathroom and had left her there. They had locked the door so she couldn't escape.

Beverly stretched out on the bed. She watched as the five boys stripped naked. She had never seen so many shapes in cocks at the same time. All of them were good-sized, and every boy had an erection.

"Who gets her first?" one boy asked.

"Hell," Bobby said. "There's no hurry. Anybody that wants her. We can go again and again."

But one of the boys was in a hurry. He jumped on top of Beverly and forced her legs open. She gasped as his cock slammed deep into her cunt.

"Look at me!" the guy panted. "I'm fucking the bitch! I'm sticking my cock in her cunt!"

Beverly moved underneath him. She realized that the boy was simply too horny to last for long. She was right. He started groaning and he quickened his pace.

"Ahhhh shit!" he moaned. "I'm going to come! I'm going to shoot my wad in this cunt's pussy! Oh shit! Of fuck! Oh fuck!"

She felt his jism pouring into her cunt and she kept moving until she was sure that he was satisfied. She was given no time to rest. Another boy was quickly climbing on top of her and his cock went into her pussy easily.

Beverly began to feel it.

She had thought that, she would be cold, that nothing the boys could do would turn her on. But she was wrong. Her nipples were beginning to get hard and her cunt was feeling hot.

She put her arms around the boy's broad back and pulled him closer to her.

"Hey, look at that!" Bobby said. "She's getting turned-on. The little bitch is loving it."

She was beginning to love it. The boy was rubbing against her titties and fucking her in a slow, experienced fashion that was starting fires all over her body.

"Jesus!" Beverly moaned. "Oh Jesus!"

She was now matching his speed and begging him to fuck her harder. She could hear the other boys laughing, and she knew they were laughing at her.

"Hot little bitch," someone said.

"Look at her move her ass!"

"Oh Jesus, I want to fuck!"

The boy on top of Beverly began to moan. She raised her legs so that his prick was going into her deeper and she scratched his back with her sharp nails.

"Give it to me!" she begged. "Give it to me hard! Oh shit. Fuck me hard!"

She felt him grow. She grunted as he poured his semen into her and her ass began to thrash wildly against the friction of his hard cock.

"God!" she moaned. "That's good! I love it! I really love it! Oh shit. I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh shit!"

He fell away from her with his prick now limp. She lay there for a few minutes breathing heavily. Then she looked up to see another boy waving his prick in front of her face.

"Give me time to rest," she pleaded.

He gave her another minute and then his cock pressed against her open mouth. She admitted his cock into her throat and began to tease him with her tongue.

"That's it, cunt," he said. "That's it. Suck my cock! Suck me good!"

She felt someone else between her legs. Even as she sucked cock, she felt fingers part her thighs and another rigid prick slipping into her cunt.

She tried to protest that she only wanted one at a time, but she couldn't remove the prick from her mouth. The boy had grasped her head and was pushing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Damn, but the cock in her cunt was exciting her again. She couldn't help it. It was a big one so it might have been Bobby's, but she couldn't see the boy's knee. The boy was giving her long, hard strokes and filling her cunt.

The boy she was sucking straddled her so that his prick was now going down into her throat. She could see nothing but his broad chest and shoulders above her.

"Ummmm," she said as the boy below continued fucking her.

"Suck it, whore bitch!" the boy at her face commanded. "Suck it good so I can fill your mouth with my cum. Suck it good!"

He was coming. He erupted into her mouth and before she could swallow, he jerked his prick out.

"I'm going to drown you!" he groaned. "So everybody can see what a fucking whore bitch you are."

Semen sprayed her face. Some landed on her shoulders. Some he rubbed on her titties. Then he made, her lick his cock clean.

The he moved off her.

She could now see that it was Bobby who was fucking her. She could see the tense expression on his face and knew he was near completion.

"Move your ass!" he gasped. "Move your fucking ass!"

She was exhausted, but she did the best she could. She moved for him and he began to come. Again he came in rivers that flooded her cunt.

He got off her.

There was one boy left with a hard prick. He approached her smiling.

"You ever had it in the ass?" he questioned.

Beverly remembered how Connie had looked when Danny had fucked her in the ass. She also remembered that she had someday wanted to try it. But she hadn't wanted to try it like this.

"No," Beverly said. "Please don't! Not there!"

"That's the best way, baby," he said. "The very best way."

She screamed and tried to kick him.

"Goddamn you!" he muttered. "Here, somebody, hold the bitch while I fuck her ass."

Again she tried to fight them, but the boys were simply too strong for her. They slapped her around a few times and then they rolled her over on her stomach. Someone kissed her on the ass and then they were pulling her up onto her hands and knees.

"That's right," the boy said. "Now I'm going to fuck your ass!"

They held her in steel grips as the boy approached her from behind. He positioned himself with his hard prick just over her ass.

"Please!" she begged. "I'll suck! I'll fuck! I'll go two a time! I'll do whatever you want! But please don't do that!"

"Shut up!"

He pushed. She had never known such pain. She screamed and tried to wiggle away, but wiggling her ass only excited him more.

"Wiggle it, baby," be said. "Come on, keep wiggling your ass. That feels good!"

She tried to stop, but then he started slapping her asscheeks. His slaps became gradually harder until she started wiggling again.

"Shit!" he moaned as he forced his prick deeper and deeper into her tight ass. "Good stuff. Fucking good stuff. You ought to feel how tight."

He gave a lunge and his prick went half way into her rectum. Beverly screamed in pain. She was hurting. She knew in another moment he was going to burst into her stomach and kill her.

"Oh God!" Beverly moaned. "Oh God!"

"Someone stick a cock into her mouth and shut her up," Bobby said.

Beverly only had time to open her eyes as she felt a limp prick rubbing against her lips.

"Open up, sweets," a boy said. "Open up and take me in. And don't you bite! Bite and I'll break your head!"

She opened her mouth and took his limp prick between her lips. He went in easily and she started to suck noisily on him.

The boy in her ass gave another shove and he was in. His balls slapped against her cunt and he groaned loudly.

"Ahhhh shit!" he said. "There's nothing like virgin ass."

The boy in her mouth was growing excited and his prick was growing. The boy in her ass started fucking her. He was not gentle. She could hear the loud slap of his balls against her.

"Shit," the boy cried. "This is good stuff. Great stuff. I love it!"

Somebody put a hand underneath her and began to fondle her titties. She felt her nipples growing hard and she realized that some of the pain was gone. She didn't want to be turned on. She tried to think of something else, but her mind kept coming back to how Connie had looked with Danny's prick slipping into her ass.

Beverly began to move and she sucked harder on the prick in her mouth.

What was happening? Was she turning into a hot and horny bitch who loved to do it with more than one man? She couldn't help herself. Her skin was tingling and there was an aching in her pussy.

"Hell," Bobby said. "She's getting turned on again. I've never seen such a hot little bitch."

Hot little bitch. The words kept going over and over in her mind. Hot little bitch. Hot little bitch. Hot little bitch.

"Oh shit!" the boy in her ass moaned. "I'm going to come! I'm going to come in her hot ass! I'm going to flood her ass with come!"

"Oh yes!" Beverly moaned, the prick slipping out of her mouth. "Oh yes, fuck me good! Give it to me! I'm coming too. I can feel your squirting! Oh shit and fuck! Oh fuckkkkkkkk!"

The boy stuffed his prick back into her mouth just as she came wildly. The boy behind her was screaming as the last of his cum drained into her ass.

"Oh shit!" he moaned. "Oh fucking shit!"

Beverly dropped to her stomach and rolled, over. She saw that the boy she'd been sucking was hard and ready again. She opened her thighs. He pounced on her immediately and drove his hot prick up into her cunt.

"Jesus," he said. "You're a good piece. Even wet with cum you're a good piece."

He began to fuck her in hard, jerky strokes. She allowed him to do what he pleased because she could hardly move. She had never felt so fucked over.

She opened her eyes and looked around and was shocked by what she saw. Bobby and another boy were hard again. How long was it going to last?

"Turn her over on her side," Bobby said. "Let's show her how three can fuck."

She tried to struggle, but she was too weak. They turned her over easily into the position where they wanted her.

"It won't work like this," Bobby said after a few frustrating attempts. "I'll tell you what. You lay on your stomach and let her on top. I'll fuck her from behind and she can suck your cock."

The three boys quickly agreed. Beverly felt herself being turned and twisted until they had her the way they wanted her. Slowly she was being pushed down on top of a boy. His cock slipped into her cunt.

Another boy stood at her head and made her suck his cock.

Bobby pushed his cock into her ass from behind. She could hardly think about what was happening. She was tired, exhausted. She could hardly move as the three boys ravaged her body.

All three boys came at almost the same time. The poured their cum into her and she accepted it. They fell away from her and she dropped to the bed. She could feel cum all over her. One bay had shot on her stomach, and Bobby had pulled his prick out to cum all over her asscheeks.

She felt as if she'd taken a bath in sperm.

"I think that's it," Bobby said. "We can't do any more to her. She's about done in."

"Jesus," a boy said. "She looks half dead."

"She looks like she's just been fucked five or six times," Bobby said. "She'll be all right. Just leave her there. Get the other one out of the bathroom."

Beverly saw, through half-open eyes, the boys open the bathroom door and drag Connie out. Connie was looking a little better.

"Oh God!" Connie exclaimed. "What did you do to her?"

"We just fucked her a few times," Bobby said. "A little fucking never hurt anybody."

Beverly could see tears in Connie's eyes. Bobby gave her a pat on her ass and walked out of the bedroom. The boys followed. Beverly barely heard the boys leave.

She remembered when Danny came back into the room. Danny looked pale and sick.

"Oh my God, Connie," he said. "What did they do?"

"She's going to live," Connie said. "But we have to get her home. Can you help?"

"Sure. They just hit me on the head a little." They got Beverly into the shower and they cleaned the dried cum off her. Then they dressed her. Neither Connie or Danny were in good enough shape to be helping her. They were both tired and Danny was dizzy from the blow on the head.

They bundled her into the car.

"Connie," Beverly said. "Connie, are you here?"

"I'm here, baby," Connie cooed into her ear. "I'm here. You just relax."

Danny drove them home very carefully. He wasn't seeing the road very well. He was thinking about revenge. He had enough friends so that Bobby and his crew were not going to get off easily with this.

Danny pulled up in front of their house.

"I'll get Mother and Dad," Connie said. "They can help me bring her in. You look like you're getting sick."

"I think I can manage," Danny said.

But Connie was already running up the driveway. She pounded on the front door. In her panic she had forgotten her key. She only knew that she wanted to get her parents down as quickly as possible.

Lights went on upstairs and a few went on down the block.

"What the hell is going on!" she heard her father yell.

Connie slumped against the door. All the energy had gone out of her. She felt as if she couldn't move. She heard the front door open, but she couldn't open her eyes to look.

"Oh God," her father said softly.


Beverly opened her eyes to find that it was day and that she was in her own bed. She moved and moaned in pain. She was sore all over. It felt as if she'd been run over by a truck.

The door to her room opened and Connie came in. Connie looked much better. Her face was slightly swollen, but Beverly knew the swelling would soon vanish.

"How do you feel?"

"Terrible," Beverly answered.

"You should be. I felt bad last night, but I'm feeling pretty good this morning."

"How about Danny?"

Beverly seemed to remember something about him being hit over the head, but she couldn't remember how bad his condition was.

"He's all right too," Connie said. "Dad took him to the hospital last night, but the hospital didn't keep him. They said he would be dizzy for a while but that's all."

"I'm glad," Beverly said.

Beverly tried to sit up, but she groaned. Her back felt like someone had been sticking needles into it.

"You poor thing," Connie said sympathetically. "Here, let me help you turn over. I can rub your back."

Connie turned her over on her stomach. She pulled up Beverly's short shift.

"Oh," Connie said. "You're black and blue back here."

"I know. It feels bad."

"I'll get some lotion to rub on you," Connie said.

Connie left the room, but in a few minutes she returned with a bottle of lotion. The stuff didn't smell good, but it felt good as Connie applied it with soft and gentle hands.

"You poor thing," Connie said. "You poor, poor thing."

They heard the door open. Their father stood there. Connie started to pull down the coven, but she saw that there was not much sense. He had already seen her.

"They bruised her a little." Connie explained.

"I can see that. Well, they won't be bruising anyone else."

Raymond closed the door behind him.

"What do you mean?" Connie asked.

"Just that I had a talk with those boys last night. They saw the error of their ways."

Connie had already noticed the bruises on his hands. It had been more than a talk her father had had with the boys. She had never known that he was capable of violence but evidently he was.

"You went by yourself?" Connie asked.

"They weren't so much," he said. "I took a couple of my friends along and a few at Danny's friends. Just to make things fair. They'll be in the hospital for quite a while and I am happy about that."

"But won't they make trouble for you?" Connie asked.

"Not those clowns. They'll keep their mouths shut or they'll get more of the same. Broken arms and swollen groins don't feel good."

He knelt down beside Connie. He took the bottle of lotion out of her hands and began to rub it on Beverly's back and buttocks.

"Poor baby," he said.

Connie suddenly realized that Beverly was not shy about her father seeing her flaked. Not shy at all. Connie giggled. So this was where her father had been getting his when her mother wouldn't give him any.

"She's had a hard time." Connie said softly.

"What she needs is some tender loving. In fact, I think that's what we both need."

Connie's father smiled. He bent down and kissed the curve of Beverly's ass.

"I think that can be arranged," he said.

Connie stood up. She was wearing her nightgown covered by a housecoat. Quickly she stripped off the coat and gown and stood naked before her father. His lips were on one of her nipples and she became immediately excited.

"Oh Father!" she moaned. "Oh Father."

He began to kiss her all over, running his lips and tongue over her soft white skin down to the junction between her legs. He licked at her soft pubic hair.

"Ummmmmm." Connie groaned.

"Let's get on the bed," he said. "We don't want to leave Beverly out."

Beverly was not going to be left out. She turned on her side, despite her soreness, and watched as her father undressed. She needed someone like her father. It was good to have rough sex now and then, but she needed someone kind and gentle and someone who loved her.

She pulled him into her arms. Connie pressed herself against his back. Beverly could feel his rigid prick pressing against the inside of her thighs.

"Oh Father," she said, "treat me good. I need someone to treat me good."

"I will, baby," he promised. "I'll treat you good. Sweet Sissy."

He cupped her titties and he massaged them gently. Fires broke out all over her body and she moaned softly. Her father's experienced hands knew how to handle her titties, he knew how to excite her quickly.

One of his hands slipped between her thighs and began to caress her pussy.

"Are you sore down there?"

"Just a little," she admitted, "but be gentle and I can stand it. I need you so bad."

He nodded. He had not forgotten Connie. He turned and kissed her on the lips. She met his tongue with her own.

Connie had never been so excited. There was something about making, love, to her father that was making her itch with impatience. She needed his cock.

Connie pushed him over onto his back and she fondled his balls. He groaned at the soft squeeze of her fingers. She kissed his nipple.

"I've got to fuck you," Connie begged.

He nodded and pushed her off him. Connie was next to Beverly. Connie had never kissed another woman before, but she found herself kissing Beverly. Suddenly Beverly gasped her by the hair and pulled her down between her thighs.

"Kiss me there," Beverly pleaded.

Beverly moaned as her sister's tongue pushed into her cunt. Beverly tried to guide her in the way she wanted.

Soon Beverly had a gentle rhythm established.

"Now fuck her, Daddy," Beverly said. "Fuck her while she's eating me!"

Her father knelt behind Connie holding his throbbing prick. He guided it to her cunt and gave a shove. Connie gasped as his cock entered her from behind and slipped easily into her cunt to his balls.

"Ahhhhh, Father!" she moaned. "Ahhhhhh, that's good."

He began to fuck Connie while she continued sucking on her sister. Connie's lips were on Beverly's cunt and Beverly began to move faster.

"Yes!" Beverly moaned. "That's it! That's it! Keep sucking on that and I'll come!"

Connie kept licking at Beverly and tasting her juices.

And then her father began to quicken his pace and she could hear him panting. She knew he was not far away from his come and Connie relaxed completely.

She felt fires shoot through her and she had never felt so pleasured by a cock before.

"Oh yes!" she said. "I'm going to come with you, Papa! I'm going to come. Oh shit, I'm going to come! Oh God, I can feel you squirting. Oh shit, I'm COMING!"

Beverly pulled her sister's head back to her crotch once more and Connie tasted Beverly's cunt juices even as her father finished pumping his cum into her.

Beverly began to moan and to thrash her hips, and Connie sucked on her clit faster.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Beverly moaned. "I'm coming! I'm going to come on your tongue!"

Beverly gave a convulsive shudder and then flooded Connie with her pungent cunt-juice. Connie sucked it in deep and swallowing. It was a new experience for Connie.

"That was wonderful," Connie said, falling away.

They heard the soft footsteps behind them and all three of them jumped up.

Tabatha was more shocked than she had even been. Her husband was on the bed with Beverly and Connie, and his prick was dripping cum. He had been fucking them.

"You bastard!"

"Now, Mother," Connie said.

"How could you do something like that to your own daughters? How could you?"

Connie started to say something else, but her father stopped her. He had learned how to treat his wife in the last day. He had learned her weakness. He stood up.

"Shut up, Tabatha! And undress!"

"What?" she asked in shock.

"You heard me. Take your Goddamn clothes off! You watched me fuck Connie so the least she can do is watch me fuck you."

"You're crazy!"

Both Beverly and Connie were getting excited by their father's obvious domination of their mother. He approached her and showed her one bruised knuckle.

"Take them off!" he demanded. "Or I'll take them out for you!"

Tabatha realized that there was no way out for her.

She had learned the night before that she really loved her husband and that she could never live without him. She'd also learned that she was an excitable woman who got hot quickly and violently.

She was getting hot again. She pressed her thighs together as she felt her pussy juicing.

He reached for her blouse and quickly she stripped it off. She stripped off her bra and then her pants and panties.

"Bend over the bed," he said.

She could see that he had an erection. He was ready to fuck. His eyes left no room for argument. She looked at him and her knees felt weak.

"Take me gentle," she begged.

She did not look at her two daughters as she bent over the bed. She was too ashamed. She felt his weight and then the wonderful warm feeling of his cock going into her cunt.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "Oh God!"

He began to fuck her in slow and easy strokes and she loved it. She began to juice up even more and her hips were thrashing about as he fucked her.

"Oh," she said. "I'm not going to last! I'm going to come! Oh shit. I'm going to come! Oh fuck."

She moved quickly and then felt her climax explode along her entire body.

"Fuck her, Daddy!" she heard Beverly saying. "Fuck her good!"

And then his hot cum was emptying out into her pussy and she kept moving until he was finished.

"God!" she moaned as he fell away.

She felt a soft hand on her shoulder and looked up to see both her daughters sitting near her.

"It's going to be all right from now on," Beverly said.

And Tabatha knew they were telling the truth.


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