Captive wives

Who can judge a person's reactions during times of stress? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can either be a positive or negative experience, surely one that would be etched permanently in their minds.

In CAPTIVE WIVES, three women find themselves in such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sex acts for two devious men, they nonetheless find within themselves hidden resources, strengths of character that none of them ever realized they possessed.

The three ladies suffer unspeakable horrors, to be sure, but they manage somehow to come through it all with their sensibilities intact, knowing that each is more of a woman from the experience itself.

Chapter ONE

"Not tonight, Stan -- please, I have a headache." Alice Thurmond pushed her husband's hand from her naked thigh and then stroked her forehead as though to soothe an awful pain.

"Not tonight, not last night, not the night before that. For Christsake, Alice -- my cock is so hard I can't stand it! What the shit is wrong with you?"

"I told you, I have a headache!"

"You always have a headache!"

"No, I don't!" she said sharply.

"You're right... last night you were too tired. The night before, you'd just had your hair done, and you didn't want me to mess it up."

"Stan!" she said impatiently, "you know I can't go to work in the morning tired and looking like a sleazy whore."

"That's it!" His eyes gleamed in their darkened bedroom. "That's when it all started -- when you got that stupid job!"

"Being the assistant buyer for this town's biggest store is not a stupid job. You know -- I earn more than you do now..."

"You don't have to remind me!" That had been a sore point ever since Alice got her last raise.

"And you know how much we need the money I bring home," she added, like twisting a knife in an open wound.

"What money you bring home? You spend most of it having your damn hair done, eating out and buying new clothes. We had to get another car, buy gas and pay for parking. Shit, I'll bet we end up in the hole."

She gave him a look of total disgust and turned her back on him, angrily fluffing her pillow. "I've got to get some sleep. I have an important meeting firt thing in the morning."

"You have an even more important meeting right now!" Stan grabbed her shoulder and pulled her toward him, flattening her on her back.

"Stan! What are you doing?" He had never acted so forcefully before.

"I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago. I'm going to fuck you whether you like it or not!"

"STAAAAANNNNN!" His name became a prolonged screech of disbelief.

Stan grabbed the scooped neck of Alice's filmy nightgown and ripped it open clear to her crotch. Then he snapped on the lamp above the bed and gazed hungrily at her heaving tits.

Alice had a beautiful figure. That made her frequent excuses to avoid fucking all the more painful. Her breasts were full and soft, crowned with dark nipples that bulged invitingly, especially now when tensed with fear.

"You've gone crazy!" she gasped when she saw the wicked gleam of lust in his flashing eyes. "You're jealous because I have such an important job..."

"Alice..." Stan said with a grin of mocking sweetness, "...shut up!"

He tore a large wad of lacy film from the neck of her gown and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Mmmuuunngh!" she groaned, raging with frustration when he caught her wrists and swept her hands away from her face.

Fear and fury gave her startling strength. Stan didn't think he could hold her for long with just his two hands. He threw a leg across her chest and dropped on her with such force that a gush of breath almost popped the gag from her mouth. He pinned her flailing arms beneath his knees and calmly began tearing her nightgown into long strips.

"Bbbrrraaahhh!" She forced the gag out with her tongue. "Stan, you can't do this to me! It isn't right -- it isn't fair!"

"Neither is turning your Goddamn back every time I want to fuck!"

As he spoke, he twisted two long strips of filmy material until they were as taut and strong as braided rope. Then he knotted one tightly around each of his wife's flapping wrists.

Alice gazed in horror, stunned by the violence of his angry desire.

"You-you were always so kind and understanding!" she gasped, watching with widened eyes as he pulled the knots tight.

"What that got me was a lot of shit and an aching cock!" He grabbed her right arm and tied it to the heavy wooden bed post.

"Stan! You can't DO this to me! I'm your WIFE!"

"I thought sure you'd forgotten," he said with a chilling grin.

Then he leaned down, stretched out her left arm and knotted it to the far side of the bed.

"STAN!" Alice never could stand restraint. She wouldn't even ride in a crowded elevator.

Satisfied that both of Alice's arms were securely tied, Stan slid off of her and stood beside the bed, his gaze drifting toward the wide, thick spread of gleaming black pussy hair between her two long and elegantly tapered legs. While he stared, amiously wetting his lips, he twisted two more long strips of cloth into tight ropes.

"No!" She kicked both her feet so hard and fast that he had trouble grabbing one. "Uuuugh!" she grunted angrily, lashing out with her free leg.

Stan's leering grin tightened like the knot of twisted cloth around her ankle. He dragged her right leg down, bending it at the knee over the end of the bed. Alice kicked for his head when he bent down to bind her ankle to the bed leg.

"Oooooh, GOD!" she moaned.

She couldn't twist enough to deliver a good kick, and suddenly she felt another sharp tug and could not move at all.

"I'll have your ass for this!" she warned. "I'll divorce you, take every damn cent you ever made and have them slap your ass into jail where it belongs..."

Stan's icy stare cut her off. "Alice..." he said again sweetly. "SHUT UP!"

He bent down and stuffed the gag back in her mouth, bunching it hard this time. She fought him, clenching her teeth and twisting her head, but it was no use. He was too strong -- insanely strong, she thought with a shudder.

With the gagging wad wedged firmly in place, Stan took another long strip and tied it around her head. No way now could she spit it out. Her eyes looked like two glazed pools, wide, lifeless and still.

Stan circled back to the foot of the bed and stood gazing at her, a crooked smile on his lips. Satisfaction. Satisfaction at last! Sweet revenge for how many months of headaches and other flimsy excuses?

His gaze followed the sharp V of her wide-spread legs to the pink lips of her cunt. Those were spread too, and pulsing. Maybe in anger, maybe in fear -- it didn't really matter. Before that joyous moment, Stan thought her fucking cunt had died and shriveled like a prune.

He smiled hungrily and traced a slow circle around his lips with his outstretched tongue, remembering how rich and musky his wife's pussy used to taste... a long time ago. A long, long time ago.

He wanted to dive on her once again, bury his face in that thickly furred pussy of hers and lash at it with his tongue. But she'd made him wait so long now, a little longer wouldn't hurt. In fact, he thought with a wicked twinkle in his eyes -- waiting is going to make it even better!

Alice lay rigid with fear. A look of contempt blazed in her eyes. That sonuvabitch! His fragile male ego can't stand my success.

It never occurred to her that it was her neglect that hurt him so. When she had gotten her job and then a promotion, her husband had become less important in her life, and she had never even noticed the change.

Stan wished he had a bullwhip -- ten feet of gleaming black braided leather with a forked popping tip like a serpent's tongue. Like his wife's sharp tongue!

"How many people did you have to tell when you started making more money than me?" Stan asked. He scratched his head, like he was trying to remember. "There was that party at Frank and Jana's across the street. You could hardly wait to get it out -- tell everybody and make me look small!"

Alice cowered, trembling with fear. She wanted to say she was sorry, but she really wasn't. She was very proud when she got that promotion, prouder still of the raise that made her take-home pay more than his.

Stan could read the look in her eyes. "Too bad you forgot to tell them the difference is a fucking three bucks a week, that you spend double that just to park the Goddamned car downtown. Or that twenty a week comes out of my check for the credit union so we can take a nice vacation every year. I get nicked for all the medical and dental insurance too. Your fucking fancy job doesn't even offer that!"

Alice began to see she'd not been completely fair, but it was too late. With a gag in her mouth, there was nothing she could say. She tried desperately to plead for forgiveness with her eyes, but it was too late for that, too. Stan wasn't even looking, he was bending down along the wall at the foot of the bed.

"I've been wishing I had a fucking whip," he said, "but this will have to do." He pulled loose the heavy black rubber extension cord that brought power to their portable color TV. Stan had won that in a contest at the plant, being foreman on the shift with the best safety record for the entire year.

"You probably never even thought of that," he said with a sneer. "The color TV you watch every night -- where the hell do you think it came from?" Stan swung the thick cord, snapping it like a whip. "I know... you get a fucking fifteen percent discount at the store. And what did you do with that? You bought a Goddamn leather coat that cost two months' pay."

Alice shivered when she thought of that beautiful suede leather coat with its wide, rich cob of gleaming silver fox. The first time she'd worn it was to that party last winter when she talked so much about her job and the wonderful raise she'd just received.

Stan swung his arm in a vicious arc. The black cord hissed and slashed through the air, running right up the middle of her chest. The plug at the end hit just below her chin and left a red knot the size of a half dollar.

"Muuugh!" Alice screamed, the sound of her terror muffled by the thick wad of cloth tied securely in her mouth. Her eyes blazed like torches -- fiery torches ignited by searing pain.

"That's for the party. This is for doing the same damn thing at the company picnic, making me feel like an ass in front of guys I have to work with every day!"

The heavy cord began another swirling arc. It fell slightly to her left this time, rolling up and over the soft mound of her tit, leaving a raised red welt where it touched.

"And this is for all the damn times I don't know about!" Stan swung his arm to the right this time, striping his wife's writhing body with the third red welt.

He hauled the black wire back and doubled it, grinning as it slid across her trembling body, twisting in long S curves like a venomous snake. When he lashed out again, the doubled cord hit on the white domed surface of her belly and made an upside down teardrop-shaped welt. The two stinging red lines of the burn pointed directly toward her cunt.

Alice pitched wildly, first to one side, then to the other, fighting against silky strands of cloth that had seemed so soft only moments before, when draped on her lush figure. Now, twisted hard and knotted tight, the fabric of her sheer nightgown chafed her thrashing wrists and ankles.

"That's to wake up your cold and lifeless cunt," Stan said, rolling back his arm to launch another hissing loop of black cord.

The burning lash struck closer to her cunt this time and left a rounded welt just above her abundant spread of sleek dark pussy hair.

Her writhing body gleamed with sweat. It gave her cunt hair a sheen like oil floating on the restless water of a lake. Alice felt choking fear. When each bolt of pain swelled, a scream formed, but could not escape beyond the gag. It remained trapped inside until her lungs burned. Then with her mouth stuffed full, she could not breathe in air enough to cool the heat of her torment.

"Now for that Goddamn hair of yours!" Stan dropped the cord and disappeared into the bathroom. "You know how I hate the way it is now?"

He began running water into a plastic bucket from the bathtub spigot.

Alice's hair swept up the back of her long neck and was set in a billow of swirling curls. Like a crown, her kinky hairdresser had said.

"It looks like an exploding volcano to me! And it's sprayed with so much shit, it feels like a helmet and stinks like my old chemistry set. I'm going to LOVE messing it up!"

Stan walked back to the foot of the bed carrying the sloshing bucket full of water high in front of his chest. Alice's eyes widened in stunned anticipation. She held her breath and then squinted until she could not see.

Worn soft and loose, her shining black hair reached the middle of her back. And that's how Stan liked it. He pitched the bucket toward her face and jerked it back, leaving a long, arched column of after suspended briefly in midair.

Alice chanced to look just before it splashed down on her face. She gasped in a swelling rage, and when the flood hit, it felt like she was drowning. She sucked in water through her nose and sputtered violently.

He stripped off the pajamas that she'd insisted he wear lately. Stan preferred to sleep and fuck completely nude.

"And damn it, that's the way it's going to be," he said. "For you too!"

His cock seemed to lunge at her. Long, thick and hard, his prick was poised, swaying like a snake prepared to strike. Alice felt a nervous shiver when she saw his huge cock. It was enormous! And so beautifully repulsive with its web of pulsing blue veins.

As soon as his pajamas hit the floor, Stan stepped out of the heap and bent toward her to tear away the remains of her nightgown, leaving her wet and shivering and completely naked under his leering gaze.

He dropped on his knees between her bound legs at the foot of the bed. Alice felt a strange, gnawing sensation. Never in the ten years of their marriage had Stan acted anything like this. And never in those ten years had he excited her so wildly. She felt both drawn to him and compelled to squirm away. Every nerve and fiber in her body twitched from the awful strain of intense desire mixed with loathing.

Stan dug into her pussy with his lips churning. No teasing, no tenderness. He simply pounced and began to spear her cunt with his tongue while the hard tip of his nose ground and twisted on her clit.

"Hhhuuummmph!" she gasped, muffled by the gag. Alice felt tingling shock spiral into her from the base of her cunt. Her face clenched itself in a knot.

His tongue worked deep into her juicy pussy slit. Soft cunt walls ringed with writhing bands of muscle closed on him, moving with a wave-like motion, puffing in and pushing out -- both at once.

"Mmmuuuuphhh!" Alice cried in strangled delight.

Bright beads of water flew in all directions from the frantic tossing of her head. Wet curls broke from her elaborate crown and scattered themselves around her face.

Stan slid his hands up her sides, into the curve of her narrow waist, over the ridge of her rib cage and onto her creamy soft tits. His fingers, spread like claws, marched up the heaving slopes of her tits and gathered tightly on her nipples. Then they spread and slid back down to feel her up all over again.

The next time, he reached up to the sides of her craning neck, across her cheeks and into her tangled wet hair. He tugged and demolished the hairdresser's work, chuckling to himself as long strands of her black hair spilled, free.

Alice could feel his lips nibble at her belly, a softly sloped little hill of flesh still red and smarting from the sting of the electric cord.

"Hhhhaaa!" she moaned. She could also feel the heat of his cockhead edging nearer to her wet cunt.

"I'm going to take the gag out now," he told her. "Just because I want to hear you scream!"

"Bastard!" she hissed, still trying to work the stiffness out of her jaw.

He only grinned and covered her squirming lips with his. Her hot breath bulged his cheeks. His tongue shot out and clashed with hers. It tasted like cunt, and it made her groan and roll her head, trying uselessly to get away.

Stan reached down and strummed her juicy clit with the knob of his cock. He could feel his heartbeat in his aching prickhead, sense the boiling pressure in his nuts as their heavy load of stored jism raged to burst free.

"Beast!" she whined. "You're a savage, fucking BEAST!"

"Yeah!" Triumph flashed in his narrowed eyes. "You're vile! Lewd! Disgusting! Revolting and obsceeeeene!" The last word tightened into a shrill scream.

His knobby cock had pierced the tightly drawn lips of her cunt, slowing forcing them apart, spreading and straining her pussyftesh as he forced his cockhead in.

"Oh, God! I can't believe it! I'm being raped!" He laughed at her. "Your mouth bitches while your cunt begs for more!"

That was true. She could sense the wet friction in her sucking pussy. Bands of her clinging cunt muscle were spread, almost ripped apart, by the huge swelling of his cockhead, but they convulsed the instant the head of his prick passed through. Then they contracted and clutched his cock in an oily embrace.

"You dirty fucking bastard! Aaaaggghhh. Damn you... wife raper! You're shit, that's what you are. You're pure, stinking SHIT."

"Keep talking and I'll fuck your ass when I get through fucking your cunt!"

"Uuunnngh!" She shivered in disgust.


He rammed his cock a the way into her cunt. Hot and deep. Alice could feel him twisting his prick around at the root, mauling her puffed cunt mouth.

"Oooooh, your cock... it's hurting me. Stop. Don't twist your prick. Don't shove it so far IN!"

Stan lunged forward so the hairy stump of his big prick would grind on Alice's cunt with every thrust of his hips.

"Hhhhooo!" she moaned. She couldn't stand that more than a few seconds. He knew just the right moves to make her come.

Alice felt the ripping sparks of joy, the gathering pressure inside her cunt swirling like clouds before a thunder storm. Electric tension twisted every nerve.

"Shit," she groaned in a soft voice of surrender. "Fuck me, damn you. Fuck me hard. Rape me if you want to. Fuck my cunt until it's black and blue. Rape it! Twist my pussy... shit, I don't care!"

He increased the speed of his slamming thrusts, gasping and tensing as he felt the swell of his boiling jism. His cum throbbed in his nuts as they slapped against her thighs, it burned in the pulsing tube of his cock, and finally it gushed out his tortured prickhead to trigger her searing climax.

Breathless after he shot his last wad of jiz, Stan felt the tremors in his cock fading. Drained at last. He felt Alice's cunt grip his cock even tighter, quaking with spasms of intense delight.

Stan slowly raised his head, grinning expectanly. He wanted to see her face when he told her. He wanted to watch her expression when he said he'd decided to spend his vacation at the beach with a sexy little blonde he'd met at work.

Chapter TWO

"Stan did THAT to you?" Jana Moran couldn't believe it.

Alice had to open her long robe and show her best friend the red welts. They had faded by morning, but could still be seen.

Alice had called in sick. She wouldn't think of going to work looking or feeling the way she did. Her wrists and ankles still bore the raw marks of the tight knots that had bound them.

"And then he walked out on you?" Jana still found it hard to believe. But Alice was sobbing, nodding her head and swirling her damp, tangled hair.

"It took hours to wiggle free," Alice said with another wracking sob. "He's going to spend his vacation with some blonde tramp he met at work. I don't know if he'll ever come back to me..."

"Of course he will. You'll see."

Jana wanted to be of comfort, but she sounded unsure. She knew trouble had been building between them ever since Alice took that job at the store. She spread her arms and hugged her sobbing friend.

"He's a rotten bastard!" Alice said, choking back another sob.

"I know... I know." But Jana could not help feeling a tingle of excitement. "Tell me everything he did. You'll feel better if you get it all out." An eerie light flashed in Jana's misty eyes.

"He just went crazy!" Alice said. "He tore my nightgown off, ripped it to shreds and used long pieces to tie me to the bed, then... ooooooh." Her eyes darkened and flooded with tears. Between sorrowful gasps, Alice went on in vivid detail.

Jana kept sighing and casting envious glances that Alice couldn't see. "My husband Frank was never that horny. Not even on our wedding night!"

"It was awful, Jana. He just used me... then cast me aside like an old wet towel."

"Did he make you come?"

"Ugh, NO!" Alice would never admit that, not even to herself. But Jana could feel her convulsive shivers and thought she might not be telling the whole truth.

Hearing the details of Stan's lusty rage made Jana tingle with excitement. It made her own marriage seem so incredibly dull. Feeling the warm quiver of Alice's lush tits pressed against hers made Jana tingle even more. She'd always been curious about having sex with another woman, but never came this close before.

The front of Alice robe hung open and her naked body was trembling, almost as though she might climax again just from talking about what Stan had done. Jana reached up impulsively and stroked the side of one heaving tit.

"There, there," she cooed. "It's all right. I'll hold you and comfort you, and you'll forget all about it."

Her touch was so gentle and reassurlng that Alice warmed to it before she even paused to think what they were doing.

"That feels so good!" she said. "Nothing like Stan's vicious mauling hands."

"I know."

But Jana had to struggle to keep control. Her own tits were small, firm and topped with hard little nipples. The lush fullness of her friend's soft tits intrigued her. She found a thick, ripe nipple and circled it curiously with a finger.

"Hhhuuunngh!" Alice gasped. She could feel her nipple growing hard. "Jana..." she said weakly. "We shouldn't be doing this!"

"Why not?" the smaller woman asked. It pleased her to feel Alice tense and shiver beneath her touch.

"Because... because... I don't know!"

Jana was circling both her nipples now, teasing and drawing them full of rigid desire.

"Come over here," Jana said. "Lie down on the couch. It'll make you feel better -- make you forget all about Stan and the awful beating he gave you."

"Oh, yes... I know you can do it." Stan's violence left Alice in a submissive mood, eager for tenderness and understanding. She shrugged off her robe and stretched herself naked on Jana's long, tufted velvet couch.

Jana wished she could be naked as well, but thought if she took time to undress herself, Alice might break from her blissful mood. She gulped an anxious breath, knelt beside her and softly kissed the nipple nearest her lips.

"Hhhhhaaaah!" Alice moaned as Jana's tongue eased out and stroked her nipple shyly. "Hhhooooo, yes! Do it, Jana... it feels so good. It helps me forget!"

Jana felt her own nipples tense. She hoped she could excite Alice enough to feel her and make her firm tits throb. She reached across Alice's chest and cupped her other tit in her small hand, letting the nipple slide between her fingers.

"OOOOHHHHH!" Alice gasped in startled delight.

At his best, Stan had never fondled her so expertly. Maybe because Jana had tits of her own, she knew exactly what to do.

"I want to feel you too!" Alice cried.

Jana could only nod eagerly. She would not release her hold on Alice's big tit.

"Hhhhhaaagh!" Alice gasped with her eyes clamped shut in trembling joy. She searched blindly for the buttons of Jana's blouse.

The lithe, firm-breasted woman seldom bothered to wear a bra. Alice discovered this with a wail of joy when her fingers slid through the open front of her blouse and touched her warm, bare flesh.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Jana gasped. "Harder, Alice... milk my little titties!"

Alice's hand tightened on Jana's little tits. Her friend's nipples burned like tiny embers in the palms of her hands, and their heat touched some hidden nerve. Alice gasped and gave her friend's tits a savage squeeze with both hands.

"HUNGH! Yes... more! Harder, Alice -- make my tits hurt!"

Talk of Stan's brutal lust had made Jana hunger for the strength and commanding touch she thought could only come from a man's rough hands. But Alice surprised her. Maybe because she'd been beaten and abused, anger and fury still lurked inside her.

Jana moaned in delight and sucked Alice's luscious tit into her eager mouth. She yearned to really attack her, suck her in and rake her nipple with a lashing tongue -- but some female instinct cautioned her not to. For now, at least, Alice responded more to a tender expression of desire.

"Ooooooh, God! Jana! I love the way you suck tit. Do it to my cunt. Please... let me feel your soft lips on my clit?"

Jana grinned. It's working, she thought. I'll soon have her in complete control. Female intuition isn't perfect -- she still hasn't sensed how much I want to punish her.

Jana straddled Alice, placing her restless cunt above her face. Then she bent down and teased her lips along a red welt leading to her cunt.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Alice moaned.

Her excited hands tore at Jana's skin, digging beneath it to pull down her panties and bare her dripping cunt.

Alice craned her neck and shot out her tongue, thrusting and licking the wet lips of Jana's delicious pussy. Like the rest of her lithe body, her sleek pussy lips were slender and taut, steaming with damp desire.

I'd like to tie her up like Stan did to me, Alice was thinking. Then I could get on top and really devour her luscious little pussy. Alice shivered and thought her lewd cravings were insane. Stan did that to me, she thought. He's driven me crazy!

Jana felt the nervous quaking beneath her and responded eagerly to the stabbing thrusts of the other woman's tongue. She pressed down on her pussy, embracing it in an obscene kiss of searing passion. Then she continued her gentle lapping at the full lips of Alice's pussy, savoring the musky taste. She thought part of the flavor must have been cum from the gushing load Stan had shot into her before he left.

"Suck my cunt!" Alice begged her. "Lick it... work your tongue inside my pussy and make me forget Stan was ever there."

Jana's first thrusts just teased Alice's wet pussyslit, a gentle, almost timid probing. After what Stan had done, it all seemed so tame.

"More!" Alice cried. "Really do it... ram your tongue in my cunt! Muuuuuugh!" She stabbed at Jana's cunt to show her what she meant.

"Huuuhhhh!" Jana gulped. "Like that?"

"HHHARRRGH!" Alice thrust again in a frenzy and Jana replied with equal zeal.

In an instant, the two of them were twined cunt to mouth, mouth to cunt... both rocking and bobbing and gnawing at the other's delicious pussy.

Jana's cat-like quickness and the teasing grace of her tongue strokes nearly drove Alice out of her mind. Stan's cock had slammed and battered her cunt, finally beating it into the ecstasy of surrender. Jana toyed with it the way a cat teases a mouse it is planning to eat.

"Don't hold back!" Alice cried. "Eat me! Grind me up. Do it, Jana -- make me come!" A blissful gasp escaped her lips, and then she attacked Jana's wet slash as it rocked back and forth above her face.

"AAAGGGH!" Jana cried. She knew she had Alice going now. And she knew just as well that some of what her friend had told her was pure shit -- about how awful it was being bound and fucked.

Her description had been too vivid, too detailed. And the way she'd begun to pant when she told how terrible and degrading it was. The way she responded now, showed it too -- that Alice had been wildly excited by the experience, even if her conscious mind refused to admit it.

Jana could not help thinking how much fun it would be to find out for sure. If she had rope, she could tie Alice up herself. Then she could discard her mask of tender affection and tongue fuck her sweet, soft cunt the way she really wanted to -- holding nothing back.

But how? Jana knew she wasn't strong enough to just overpower her as Stan had done. Nor did she think that Alice would submit willingly to bondage, even with another woman who partly hid the raging fury of her desires. Alice enjoyed playing the role of the suffering wife too much to give in readily.

But now was not the time to plan future events. Jana found it hard just to concentrate on her friend's beautiful begging cunt now. Alice kept nipping at Jana's clit, raking it with her teeth while twisting and stabbing at its dented head with the tip of her tongue.

"AAAAHHH!" Jana moaned, then plunged back to suck and grind Alice's cunt more.

If only she could cry out the joy she felt and eat cunt at the same time.

"Oooooohe... you're going to make me come!"

"Mee toooo!"

As the frenzy of their cuntsucking increased, their gasps and moans became brief, broken off by their eagerness to plunge back into the other's cunt. Their moans were lost in each other's frothing cunt slit.

Jana began to wish she weighed four hundred pounds. Her light, limber body was driven upward by the frenzied stabs of her friend's tongue. Even though she dropped her whole weight on Alice, trying to smother her with her cunt, she couldn't help being launched upward by the force of her own savage demands.

Alice lay trapped beneath Jana's mouth. She had no option but to submit and enjoy the slender woman's ferocious sucking. Alice did squirm deeper into the plush cushion, writhing with joy, but the cushion springs drove her back up.

As each felt the approach of the other's climax, neither of them would even take time to breathe. They nipped and bit, ground and twisted with open-mouthed fury. Their tongues did wonderfully obscene things, swirling around a wet and sultry cunts, stabbing into soft, clinging cunt lips, slurping up and gulping down rich cunt juices.

"AAAAAYYYEAH!" they both roared when the shocking jolt ran through their writhing bodies. "HHHHOOOOOOO! That's it... I'm COOOMMMING!"

As the sharply peaked waves of climax passed, they both fell limp. The beautiful unison of their two bodies was lost. They both gulped hungrily for air. Their breathing made an erratic sound, one gasping in as the other gushed out.

"OOOOOH, GOD!" Alice said, her eyes wide and staring at the slobbering lips of Jana's cunt above her face.

"GOOD GOD!" Jana gasped. She gazed down into the soft crack of Alice's cunt, still savoring the musky taste.

"I've been thinking..." Alice said. "Stan has already paid the rent on the houseboat we were going to use at Granite Lake. And I know it's too late to get a refund. Our vacation was supposed to start tomorrow."

Jana heard the note of sadness in Alice's voice. She knew bow much both of them had been looking forward to the trip. Alice had talked about long, iazy days basking in the sun, free from the pressures of her job at the store. Stan talked more about warm, moonlit nights and the huge soft bed in the luxurious cabin of the boat they'd rented. Alice always changed the subject when he brought that up, and Jana decided that's why he was off at the beach now with someone else.

"I still want to go!" Alice said with her jaw firmly set. She sat up, slowing licking down the last sweet trace of Jana's cunt oil from her chin. "But not all alone."

"With another man?" Jana asked. She couldn't help sounding faintly jealous.

"No, with you."

"Oh, I can't," Jana said too quickly. She bit her lip and tried to think, her mind still muddled by the aftershocks of her searing climax.

"Of course you can. You said Frank was going to be gone the whole week at a sales convention."

"It's more like a sex convention," Jana said. "I think the only time his cock gets really hard now is when he's out of town... away from me."

"Then you can go. Think of the fun we can have, just the two of us."

Jana smiled. "I was thinking more about all the men that hang around Granite Lake -- those sexy, hard-muscled young water skiers and..." Her voice trailed off. "No, I can't. Our daughter is out of school for the summer, and she's still too young to leave alone for a whole week."

"Bring Janey along... she'll love it up at the lake."

"Only if there are lots of boys around. You know how girls that age are..."

"Er, no... not really," Alice said. "Things weren't so wild and free when I was growing up, and Stan and I haven't had children." She stopped abruptly, realizing she had drifted off the subject. "But there are plenty of boys at the lake. Most of those water skiers you mentioned are in their teens you know."

There was something snide in the way she said it, as though critical of Jana and her hunger for male attention.

"I know how young they are," Jana said. "And I remember how horny young cock can be -- it would be a shame to waste it all on inexperienced girls."

Alice became catty without even thinking.

"I doubt that your Janey is completely inexperienced."

A reply rolled up to the tip of Jana's tongue. She was going to say, at least Janey would know how to keep her husband when she has one, but she caught herself in time. She didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings any more than they were already hurt. And Jana hated the way women can get so bitchy so fast. At times, it made her wish she'd been born with balls and a cock instead of a cunt and a sharp tongue.

"I think it would be good for all of us to get away for a while," Jana said. "We'd love to come!"

Alice smiled. "DO YOU mean, come... or COME?"

"I mean both," Jana said with a sly grin. "What we did just now -- that was just a warm-up."

She could not help thinking about all the rope there must be on one of those big houseboats. She felt sure that she could find some way to get Alice bound and gagged. Then she could teach her a thing or two, and at least partially satisfy herself at the same time. If Janey attracted some hot young cocks to them, that would be even better. She would love to watch Alice get fucked. Really FUCKED!

"That's great!" Alice said. "I know we'll have a great time."

At first she hadn't liked the idea of Jana's young daughter coming along. Alice didn't like her. She was a bold, openly sexy little bitch -- always flaunting her ripe little ass and her high, firm tits. She'd been sniffing after Stan's cock since she was in junior high, when they first moved into the neighborhood.

But the more Alice thought about it, the better she liked the idea. Tying Jana and taming her would be fun. Making a helpless sex slave of Janey would be an absolute obscene delight. And Alice knew that somehow she would find a way to do both.

"Let's tell Janey about the trip," Alice said with a gleam of excitement flashing in her eyes. "I can hardly wait to see the look on her pretty young face!"

Janey Moran was in bed, pretending to be asleep. It was hard, because gales of astonished laughter kept rising in her throat. It was all her tight, smirking lips could do to hold them in.

Alice woke Janey early that morning, knocking on the front door so frantically that the young girl thought the house must be on fire. But no -- she listened, and it was just Alice bitching about poor Stan again. Well, Drippy Alice had finally gotten what she deserved all along, Janey thought.

Drippy Alice -- that's what Janey usually called her. Not to her face, of course. Janey didn't understand most adults very well, and she didn't understand Drippy Alice at all. She thought she was such hot shit ever since she got that job at the department store -- having her hair done every week, wearing that fancy suede coat with the fox collar, driving her shiny new car. She must have thought she was shit on wheels!

But she'd gotten to know Stan well enough to knew that Alice had a cunt that was usually like a bucket of ice. Janey had enjoyed teasing him at first, brushing up against him when no one else was around, letting him get a quick feel of her cunt mound or one of her ripening little tits.

Well, horny as he was most of the time, Stan could only take so much of that. He did warn her, she had to give him that. He said: "Janey don't bait the hook unless you want to catch fish." But she got such a kick out of making him squirm.

One day she went too far when Stan was working in his garage. She did more than just brush against him, and he did more than cop a quick little feel. He glared and whipped out his huge cock. "Another thing, Janey -- when you catch a fish you're supposed to eat it!"

That scared the shit out of her. His was the first real man's cock she'd ever seen. Little kid's peckers didn't count. Janey bolted for the door, but Stan caught her and dragged her back. She tried to fight him off, and that only excited him more. He finally had to tie her up, bare-ass naked there on his work bench in the garage. And he spent the whole afternoon teaching her not to tease.

Janey had crept silently down the hall and listened through a crack in the door to hear better what Stan bad done to Drippy Alice. And now she really was drippy. Janey almost laughed out loud when she heard about her getting a bucket of water thrown all over her face and hair.

If she hadn't been watching with her eye glued to that crack in the door, Janey would never have believed what her Mom and Alice did next. It just went to prove what she'd thought about grownups all along. You never knew what they were really thinking. It was as if they all wore masks to hide what was actually going on in their minds.

Janey couldn't wait to hear what they'd have to say about going on a houseboat voyage at Granite Lake. And she was even more anxious to find out what they really wanted to do once they got there.

Chapter THREE

The massive concrete dam in Granite Canyon blocked the largest, most beautiful river in the state. Water rose behind it to farm a sixty-mile long lake shaped like a giant hand witb its fingers spread.

The dam held back flood water that once threatened farms and towns along the river bank in the valley below. Its huge turbines sent electric power to cities all over the state. Piped water irrigated farmland that had been worthless before; it sprinkled lawns, washed cars and filled swimming pools in the sprawling subdivisions.

Granite Lake became a popular resort for water skiing, bass fishing and swimming. The marina had a large fleet of houseboats for rent for those who wanted to escape the crowds that collected around the main body of the lake and explore its long, twisted fingers. The dam did a lot of good for a lot of people... but it had ruined Judd Simpson and his brother Doolie. The water was three hundred feet deep where their house used to be.

Another Judd Simpson, their great grandfather, had fought Indians to homestead the place. He and three generations of the family lay buried on a little hill back of the house under the wide reaching limbs of a giant oak. In the year of the big drought, Judd and Doolie could just see the top of the old tree. It was dead too.

The state offered to move the bodies to a graveyard in town below the dam, but the Simpson brothers refused.

"Old Judd would hate being dug up and carted into town like a sack of manure," they said.

The state also paid them what it said the land was worth -- about half what the brothers knew it should be. And they would not have been happy being forced to sell at any price. They both loved the river that used to be -- lived on it and worked on it too -- guiding raft trips through the rapids and swirling white water that rushed through the gorge.

They didn't leave until the rising water covered stones that had been the foundation of their house.

It had been bulldozed into rubble and trucked away. They jacked up what had been the bunkhouse when their grandfather ran a thousand head of cattle on the land. They built a barge under the thirty-foot building and floated it up to the far north end of the lake's long middle finger.

Federal, state and county officials had been trying to run them off ever since. They said the bunkhouse, now a boat, was not a fit dwelling place. It violated at least a dozen different rules and regulations.

The last man who came to see them brought a lot of legal papers and said he had orders to burn their home. He should have brought a gun. His body was never found. The Simpsons figured he settled about where the old house used to be.

Officials thought his boat had been swamped in a storm. It was found three days later, floating upside down in the middle of the lake. The Simpsons knew different, and so did most of the mountain people.

Judd got drunk one night and told the men in the bar, "Only a damn fool official would try to swim when he's chained to a cast-iron stove!"

No one thought to tell the sheriff what happened or where the body might be found. They all hated the lake and everything on it.

Alice Thurmond almost choked when she saw the size of the houseboat Stan had rented.

"It's a sixty-five-footer," the weathered old dockmaster said, "and it has everything on it you three fine ladies might need."

He couldn't keep his squinting eyes off young Janey. She arrived at the lake wearing a tiny string bikini under a net jacket that hid none of her luscious ripe curves.

Alice grinned and whispered to Jana, "The poor old bastard's prick is so hard, he can hardly walk."

"If he wasn't so busy looking at Janey's tits, I'd ask him to show me one of the bedrooms," Jana replied.

"I just hope he can show us how to run this boat. I had no idea it would be so huge!"

"You start it and steer it just like a car," the dockmaster said when they got to the bridge above the main cabin at the front of the boat. "This here long lever is the gas. Push it forward and go ahead. The harder you push, the faster she goes."

He paused, staring at the stamp-sized bits of cloth that hardly covered the nipples of Janey's sharply pointed, upthrust tits. He fingered the long lever like it was his throbbing cock.

"Pull all the way back and she goes in reverse," he said.

Janey stood with her back to him, gazing out the side window at the shining blue water of Granite Lake. The dockmaster's leering squint ran down her suntanned back to the crack of her shapely little ass. A good two inches of her asscrack showed itself above a small triangle of black cloth.

"How do you stop it?" Alice asked. "Where's the brake?"

"Boats don't have brakes, lady." He grinned and turned his gaze on Alice's full tits bulging from the top of a snug-fitting halter, letting his eyes sweep down to her narrow bare waist and the tight white shorts that hugged the smooth dome of her cunt mound. "That's why boats are all called she. Once you really get one going, she's hard to stop!"

Jana flashed him an intriguing, warm smile. She couldn't take her eyes off the hardness of his giant cock. It looked like he had the handle of an oar hidden inside his white bell-bottomed pants.

Neither Alice nor Janey showed the slightest interest in the old man. He had to be at least sixty, with a shaggy mop of snow-white hair above his weathered, deeply lined face.

"Er, why don't you two stay here and read the instructions, see if you can figure out the controls. I'll have him show me the kitchen... and the bedrooms down below."

Jana winked broadly and turned toward the ladder, letting the dockmaster feast his lecherous eyes on the slender grace of her lithe body. He held back, thinking about how badly he needed this job to supplement his meager pension and the strict rule the resort had forbidding employees to fraternize with customers.

"What the hell," he mumbled to himself, "I don't want to fraternize, and neither does she. We're just going to fuck!"

Jana's experience with Alice had her so excited, she'd have fucked the old man's father if he could still get his cock up. Being sucked and lapped by another woman was great, but in her mind it would never replace the pleasure of having a big prick stuck up her cunt.

Her husband Frank hadn't been giving her enough of his long cock. He was so fucking busy trying to get ahead in business, he was usually too tired or too wrung out emotionally. Jana maintained the proper appearance of a devoted wife, but she was fucking a handsome young appliance repairman at least three times a week. No one, including Alice, thought anything of it when the repair truck was parked in front of the house for an hour or two at a time. But Frank couldn't understand why everything in the house kept breaking down.

Alice turned her eyes on Janey's sleek, rounded ass when the other two had left the bridge. A minute later, they both heard the dockmaster's startled cry of delight and Jana's excited gasps rising from the cabin below.

Janey turned and shrugged, almost lifting her young tits from the skimpy top of her bikini.

"Mom's cunt is like the microwave oven that appliance guy keeps trying to fix." Janey laughed and shot Alice a sultry stare. "You can turn it on but not even the repairman can turn it off!"

Alice suddenly recalled all the times that truck was there when she came home from work. "Is she -- I mean are they...?" Alice couldn't bring herself to say the word, "fucking"? The young girl said it as easily as cat or dog. "Shit, yes -- my dad is getting to be like Santa Claus. He brings home all the goodies... but he only COMES once a year."

A blush of embarrassment reddened Alice's face. Janey's brashness shocked her greatly. The young girl gave her a sly, sex-kittenish look and watched her squirm, wondering what Alice would say if she knew her husband had fucked her tight little cunt.

"You don't know what your mother and the repairman might be doing," Alice said. "You just think you do..."

"I know," Janey insisted. She took a slow step forward, swaying her hips into a seductive pose. "I know a lot of things -- more than most people think."

"Such as?" Alice felt her whole body quaking and she wondered if it was shock, or the tremors of her newly awakened desire.

"I know your husband has a big S-curved vein on the left side of his cock."

"Ooooh, my GOD!" Alice thought she might faint.

"You really should have paid more attention to him," Janey said as she took another deliberately slow, teasing step toward the older woman. "If you had, he wouldn't be off balling that blonde he met at work... and you wouldn't be as horny as a Goddamn cat in heat."

"I'm not horny!" Alice insisted. "I think it's all disgusting."

"But fun. It was wild when Stan tied me up on his work bench. I'd only been fucked by little-kid pricks before that. Stan's got a cock like a steam hammer! He fucked my cunt so full, I thought his jiz might start running out my ears!"

"Good Lord," Alice gasped. "You make it sound like you enjoyed it!"

"I sure did. When his big prick finally went soft, I sucked his cock so he could start all over again. He fucked my ass, and he came once while I was licking that hot, fantastic cock of his. That was the first time I ever tasted hot jiz."

"I don't believe it," Alice said in a voice stunned and shivering with tension.

"You don't believe I sucked Stan's flood of cum?" Janey wet her full red lips, stroking them fondly with slow sweeps of her tongue.

"No -- I don't believe that you could enjoy being tied."

"Oh, I didn't like it at first. It scared the shit out of me. But the more I struggled, the hotter Stan got. I thought he might set my ass on fire. I can imagine what he's doing with that beautiful blonde right now..."

"Yes," Alice said with a strange look in her eyes. But you can't imagine what I have planned for you, she thought. Alice had decided she would have to hurt her. Really hurt her... somehow wipe the smug, sultry grin off her pretty face.

Alice could not understand the lewd, tiwisted passions that had grown in her since Stan first tied her to their bed. Her mother had always told her that men were all cruel beasts, that they would take their disgusting pleasures any way they could. And Stan had proved that her mother's strict preachings were all true.

But the revolting experience had not left her cold and shivering as she had expected it would. It elicited a strange, mysterious and wanton lust -- feelings that Alice had never dreamed lay hidden in the darkened, forbidden corners of her mind.

She flew at the smirking, seductive teenager, clawing at the net top that only shadowed and made her lush curves more tempting.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Janey screamed. The sudden violence surprised even her.

Alice spun her around and pushed her backward toward the nautical steering wheel of the boat. Eight thick spokes projected beyod the rim-dark wood tipped with knobs of brass.

Alice tugged at the thin cords holding the small triangle of cloth over her lush spread of tangled cunt hair. Janey cried shrilly when she felt the whole bottom of her bikini fall away. She leaped backward, trying desperately to escape from the clutches of the crazy woman.

She toppled back ward and speared her ass on the topmost spoke of the wheel. "Huuunongh!" she groaned. Its thick, cold brass tip felt like some horrible robot monster's cock!

"Serves you right!" Alice sneered. Janey was too shocked, too shaken by the fierce pain in her ass to even move. She stared in disbelief an she mumbled feeble words of protest when Alice yanked off the top of her bikini.

"I might bite your pretty little nipples clear off," Alice said when the girl's jutting tits burst free. Her sleek tits were suntanned almost to their sharp tips. A white area ringed her dark nipples, accenting the deep crimson of her bulging little nipple tips.

"You're crazy!" Janey gasped, but she was smiling. She'd, settled her taut asseheeks on the rim of the wheel, squirming to make the heavy spoke shoved deep inside ass more comfortable.

Her arms swayed wildly at her sides. She pressed down on the red starter button on the dash. With her other hands, she grasped the throttle lever and rammed it all the way back as she struggled to support herself and ease the stabbing pain in her shithole.

The big propeller began to churn full speed in reverse. The mooring lines strained, finally ripping the metal cleats right off the dock. With a shuddering lurch, the huge boat surged backward into its own swirl of silver spray.

A young dockhand grabbed one of the trailing lines and tried to hold the huge, lumbering craft, but it dragged him off the dock as it gathered speed in reverse.

"Shit!" he screamed, sputtering, watching in shock as the boat ran back and crashed into the side of another boat on the other side of the slip.

The collision rammed a gaping hole into the portside of the other boat. It began to sink, settling into the water on its injured side. But the dockhand splashing in the water was too terrified to think of that -- the runaway boat was roaring back toward him now. The sharp blades of its wildly spinning propeller would slash his ass into stew meat unless he got the hell out of the way!

A jarring impact knocked Jana and the dackmaster off the bed in the main cabin below the bridge. But the white-haired old man was so excited that his driving hips never missed a fuck thrust. Jana clung to him, clawing his back with her hands, locking her legs over his driving ass, stung by the size and heat of his vigorous prick.

When the boat surged forward again, they rolled on the thickly carpeted floor and Jana came up on top, riding the dockmaster like he was a bucking horse. The old man hadn't seen a woman so excited in forty years. He didn't care what happened to the Goddamned boat.

The young dockhand swam out of the way and watched the huge boat lumber by him, gathering speed as it plowed through the water of the busy harbor. Two fishernen in a light wooden skiff both screamed when they saw it coming and jumped into the water to swim out of the way.

With a sharp crack and a grating sound, the small boat vanished beneath the larger craft. Pieces of it came flying out the back, chopped into kindling by the whirling propeller blades. He didn't even stop to think that it could have been his ass. He was still rubbing his eyes, amazed by what he saw on the bridge as the boat roared by... a beautiful, sexy little bitch trying to steer the boat with the crack of her ass while another woman old enough to be her mother happily sucked and lapped at her juicy cunt.

"Christsake, lady! Turn the little bitch around, let her steer with her cunt -- at least that way she can watch where she's going!" one of the men called out.

The two fishermen's eyes swiveled as the boat passed them. They saw the same thing, and they didn't believe it.

"Shit, if she farts, she'll spin the boat clear around and try to run over us again!" one man said with a nervous laugh.

Alice was blind to all of this. She had her head buried in Janey's delicious pussy. She speared her pussy deeply with her tongue an then cupped it like a spoon to draw back and slurp down her steaming cunt oils.

Alice's head swayed from side to side as it bobbed back and forth. Janey's hips moved the same way, anxious to meet her thrusting tongue. That caused the boat to swerve with each hungry gulp Alice took from the girl's dripping cunt. It left a zig-zag wake across the harbor until it crashed head-on with another houseboat being brought in at the end of its cruise.

The driver of that boat kept swerving, trying to get out of the way. But when he turned left, the oncoming boat also turned and stayed on the collision course. When he swerved back, it swerved too.

"That crazy, cuntsucking bitch is trying to kill us all!" the panicked driver roared only an instant before the crash.

"Guunnnngh! Hhhooo, good God!" Jana had never felt such a grinding shock. It felt to her like the dockmaster's long cock might rip her in two. "Fuck me!" she screamed at the top of her voice. "Fuck me good. Ram your cock in again!"

The collision's impact tossed Alice's face forward with brutal force. Her tongue sank deeper into Janey's tender pussyslit than she ever could have reached on her own. Janey howled an ecstatic cry and twitched convulsively. Her straining, outstretched hands pushed, and one slammed the boat full speed into reverse.

"Oh, shit... here that sweet little ass comes again!" one of the fishermen moaned, too busy watching and drooling to get out of the way. It was just as well, the boat swerved wildly in the direction he would have gone.

Veering to the side, it headed toward the main dock where a curious crowd had gathered. All screamed and scattered as the lurching craft bore down on them, now totally out of control.

The startling depths Alice had reached with her stabbing tongue started quivering tremors of joy in Janey's musky cunt. Her richly scented cunt oils oozed into the woman's sucking lips, flowing slick and warm over her tongue and down into the long hollow of her throat.

"Aaaahhhh!" she sighed. Then both of them gasped and writhed, pulling and clawing into a tight knot of reckless female lust.

"AAAGGGHHH! Shit, I'm cooomming!" Janey cried.

"Me toooooo!" Alice had never felt such insane joy.

At the moment of their explosive climax, the houseboat hit the dock with a grinding crash. The whole craft shivered, adding to the wild sensations pulsing through the two entwined females gasping on the bridge, mindless in their joy -- blind to all going on around them.

In the cabin below, Jana felt the ripping shock. It made her lurch and feel the dockmaster's final thrilling cockstab all the more. He was fucking with the vigorous power of a man less than half his age.

Not until he'd enjoyed his searing climax to the last shivering moment of delight, did he even think of going on deck or doing something to stop the runaway boat. Heavy timbers cracked when the boat hit the dock. The crowd ran screaming, and some toppled crazily into the water on the far side of the ruined dock.

When the dockmaster finally saw all the damage, he knew he'd be fired... but he didn't give a shit. He hadn't felt so drained and satisfied in all his long, and until now, boring life.

"Back that big fucker up and hit the Goddamned dock again!" he called to the girl and the woman still locked together in writhing passion on the bridge.

There was such confusion, and so much attention on the pair in a lusty tangle on the bridge, no one in the crowd noticed when the grinning old dockmaster stepped off the front of the boat.

And no one noticed that Judd Simpson and his brother Doolie had jumped on at the rear...

Chapter FOUR

Judd thought they should stay out of sight until the houseboat cleared the harbor. Thats where it was headed, straight into the main part of the lake as though nothing had happened.

When Alice recovered from the explosive tremors of her climax, she pulled Janey off the wheel and took control, shaken by the experience, too horribly embarrassed by her own sudden lust to even think of stopping and having to face all those who had witnessed the lewd display of wanton, impulsive desire.

Jancy slumped to the floor of the bridge and sat with her back leaning against the wall, her eyes glazed, her lips still trembling. Seeing Alice with her mother had given her a clue that there was a hidden side to the woman's nature that she'd never seen or even suspected before. But never would she have thought she'd do anything like what they'd just done.

The young girl could not help thinking it was a shame Alice was so often ruled by the strictly conventional, almost prudish side of her mind. She had a fantastic figure, abundant and soft. Her long black hair had a faint metallic sheen of silver, a sign of her age that added depth and luster to tbe look of her hair.

Alice was about thirty-five, Janey thought -- the same age as her mother, give or take a year. Her flawness skin had the rich color of cream. It contrasted beautifully with her flowing raven hair, a study in sharp contrast just like the rest of her.

Alice took great pains and was obviously proud of her regal beauty. She had her hair done so perfectly, piled and swirled elegantly atop her head. Janey thought it strange to see her now with it worn loose, stirred by the breeze and gleaming with a natural shimmer in the later afternoon sun.

She wore only the most fashionable clothes, trimly tailored suits that were stunning in their simplicity and timeless style. Janey thought she must have spent a fortune trying to make herself alluring to men. But underneath, the girl had thought her to be a frigid bitch.

Alice was wearing tight, flame-red shorts now. The soft fabric swelled with the flare of her hips and strained to cover her lush asscheeks. Above, she wore a crisp white blouse slightly rumpled now and damp with the sweat of lusty exertion. It had a narrow, ruffled collar that plunged into a deep Y between the woman's soft, still heaving tits. Even Janey had to admit, the new Alice looked sexy as hell! And she smiled, wondering when she might get her hands and her hungry lips on her fantastic tits.

Her mother's usual look was a study in the opposite extreme, as though Jana went out of her way to appear dull and uninteresting. She went around with her hair in curlers most of time. She had a closet full of drab housedresses that effectively hid the subtle curves of her girlish figure. In any one of them she looked like five pounds of flour poured into a ten-pound sack.

Her hair was a mousy brown, dull and lifeless looking even when she got it out of curlers. No wonder her father Frank seldom got his cock up any more!

But beneath her drab costume and look of dreary respectability, Jana was a woman unafraid to give vent to her natural desires. Her affair with the repairman showed Janey that, and the way she and Alice had mouthed each other's cunts showed it even more.

Since then, Janey had noticed a subtle change. Her mother did something to enhance the sheen of her hair. When she came aboard the boat, Janey noticed it shining in the sun with a rich, dark luster. Her clothes fit snugly, revealing the slender grace of her lean, athletic body. And what she did with the dockmaster -- that completely blew Janey's mind!

Now that the true natures of the two women had been revealed, Janey began to wonder what kind of man it would take to tame and truly satisfy them. One thing the sexy young teen knew for sure -- sshe couldn't do it by herself!

Chapter FIVE

Judd Simpson stood six-foot-two in his stocking feet and weighed two hundred twenty-five pounds -- all of it sinewy muscle spread in rippled waves on his powerful frame. And nature had blessed him with a cock to match his size and enormous strength.

At twenty-five, Judd was the oldest of the surviving Simpson brothers, a somber giant with dark and brooding eyes. An older brother who would have headed the family -- what was left of it -- had been killed in combat in Vietnam.

Doolie was twenty, slightly smaller and less bitter than Judd. He kept trying to make things work out, but every time he got an idea, some shithead with a thick book of rules slapped him down.

With the money the family had gotten for the land, Doolie thought they might open a little bar and a bait shop at the north end of the lake where the fishing was best. But he found it would take two years to get all the necessary permits. And by then, they didn't have near as much money as they thought they would.

The tax people said they'd made a huge profit selling their land to the state, so they grabbed a big hunk of it. When that happened, the idea of a bar and a bait shop went down the drain. The day they lost their option on the lakefront parcel and all they'd put into permits and an Environmental Impact Report, they got word from the Alcohol Control Board that their application for a liquor license had been denied.

It all gave Doolie one simple answer in every situation he'd faced since. FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM ALL!

Doolie and Judd would have been drawn to the lovely trio on the houseboat no matter what. But when they saw the woman with coal-black hair sucking out a young cunt while the boat roared and crashed its way around the harbor area, that made their appeal irresistible. They thought at last they'd found some hot pussy as wild and reckless as they'd become. The only thing they hadn't figured out was which one to fuck first.

Janey walked into the lounge at the back of the boat, on her way to the second cabin to change. Alice had broken the strings of her tiny bikini, so now she was carrying the loose pieces in her hand when she saw the two rugged men leaning back on the couch with their long legs and heavy boots stretched across the table.

"Holy shit!" she said in surprise. "That old fart said the boat came equipped with everything we needed... but I didn't know that included two great cocks!"

Seeing Janey in just her net top swelled both of their long pricks with sudden lust. And the girl just stared at the bulges in their crotches, making no effort to cover the sweat-glazed curves of her youthful figure.

Judd glared with his dark and probing eyes. Doolie grinned, slightly embarrassed by the rapid swelling of his cock. He looked her up and down, but his lusty gaze kept drifting to the firm little mound of her blonde-fringed cunt.

"You're cute," Doolie said. He liked her little turned-up button nose and marveled the way the hard nipples of her tits turned upward the same way. "You're damn cute!"

Janey answered with her usual brashness: "I know... and you two aren't so bad either."

She liked the younger one best. He seemed less menacing. But she could not help wondering what kind of cock power came with the others' smoldering look.

"I'm Judd," he said in a rough voice. His craggy face looked as tanned and tough as a saddle leather. "This here's Doolie."

Janey didn't think to say her name. She'd begun to feel an instinctive wariness. They way they both leered brought on a tingling chill. She stood rigid like a startled fawn, then suddenly she dropped one hand to cover her downy-fleeced cunt while she swept her other arm up and across her chest to hide her nipples from their lusty gaze.

"When -- how did you get aboard?" she asked with a quiver in her voice.

The more they feasted with yearning eyes, the more uncomfortable she felt. She knew they weren't on the boat when the old man was showing them around.

Doolie grinned. "We thought it was the most safe place to be when you and that clit sucking woman started smashing up the dock."

"I guess we should have stopped," Janey said, "like stopped the boat... filled out an accident report, or something."

"Why?" Judd asked bluntly. "They'd only give you a ration of shit!"

"And you paid for insurance when you rented the boat!"

"But won't the cops or somebody come after us?"

"Maybe -- but there's at least a hundred boats on the lake exactly, like this one. It's going to take a hell of a long time to check them all."

"I see..." Janey could read in Judd's eyes what he planned to do at least part of that time.

Standing naked before them taught Janey something she'd never suspected of herself. There was another side to her nature too. It was so easy to be brash and frankly sexy with young guys at school. Most of them were so immature they didn't do anything but drool and have wet dreams about her.

When Stan got fed up with her teasing, she'd had her first real taste of what a man was like. And now she thought with a nervous shiver, she was about to learn even more -- perhaps more than she wanted to know.

"How old are you?" Doolie asked. Despite an air of womanly appeal, she looked mighty young and even a little timid -- at least she did now trying so hard to cover her naked body.

"I'm eighteen," she said.

"If you're eighteen, I'll eat my boot," Doolie said.

"But not a tender young virgin." The way Judd said it, he knew. It wasn't a question.

"Er, no."

"You had anything up your ass beside the spoke of that wheel?" he wondered.

"Aaah, yeah." She was starting to feel like an animal on the auction block. The look of fear flashed in her soft blue eyes.

"Looks like we'll have to go some to do what ain't been done before," Judd said to his brother, spreading the width of his leering grin as he pondered the possibilities.

If Janey had kept the look of a total wanton, she might have put them off.

But as her ripe young body began to tremble, Doolie found himself little troubled by her false sophistication. And Judd wasn't bothered at all.

"I'll bet she's never ridden double," he said in a calm, almost too casual voice.

"You mean two at once? No, I never did that..." And, damn it, I'm not going to start now, she was thinking, wondering how -- or IF -- she could escape from this wild pair.

Judd read her darting glances with less trouble than he had reading the daily news. When Janey whirled and sprang toward the door, his huge body moved with astonishing speed. He completely blocked the narrow frame before she got halfway there.

Doolie scrambled to his feet and maneuvered from behind, wetting his lips with anxious flicks of his tongue as he studied the cleft of her shapely ass.

Doolie had a raging desire to fuck ass. It began with his sister, the youngest of the Simpson kids. Growing up as they had on the bank of the river far from town, she was the only pretty young thing around when his cock started to swell with the heat of manhood. And on the ranch, they'd both watched the old bull ride young heifers. It all seemed so natural to them.

But their mother saw Doolie leading his sister into the barn, and she threw a fit. He was at least twice the size of that wiry little woman, but she grabbed an old two-pronged wooden pitchfork and knocked him to the ground before he could even turn around.

Then she rammed the fork deep in the dirt floor of the barn with one tine on each side of his neck, pinning him like she would have a snake.

"Don't you ever dare touch your sister's cunt!" she screamed. "I'll cut your Goddamned cock off if you do!" And then she horsewhipped him until he could hardly stand.

Doolie grinned, and his thoughts wandered, but his eyes never strayed from the crack of Janey's tight little ass. His mother had never said a word about that, so his sister was still technically a virgin when she married the preacher in town. They had two kids already and another on the way. And that old preacher thought his young wife was so innocent and pure. He didn't know of the hundred or so times Doolie had shot his cum in her little ass.

Judd glared down at Janey's little golden-haired cunt and began stripping off his clothes, scattering sweaty garments left and right in his frenzy to free his huge cock. He just loved tight young pussy. He could never get enough of it, because after a few fucks with his pussy-splitting ram, no cunt stayed tight or felt young for very long.

Janey gulped when she saw his cock leap out of his tattered, sweat-dampened shorts. His prick throbbed with lust. She could see his pulsebeat in thick blue veins that laced the shaft of his prick, almost feel the power of his huge, swollen prickhead.

"She acts like she never even saw a real cock before," Judd said with a taunting sneer.

Janey took a step backward, cowering from the enormous red cock in front of her. But behind her, she could hear the pop of buttons being ripped open and the rasp of a zipper.

"Ooooh, GOD!" she cried. "MOMMY! OH, MOMMY -- COME QUICK!"

"She will when it's her turn," Judd said. "Right now, I don't think she can hear you. That engine makes an awful noise when it's revved the way it is now."

"That bitch with the black hair is really hauling ass," Doolie said. She couldn't help catching the strange twist he put on the last word.

"Shit!" Janey said as she tried to get around Judd for the door. He side-stepped, grabbed her hand and spun her back. Now Doolie's cock loomed before her eyes -- half of an almost perfectly matched pair.

"It don't matter shit to me whether you get it coming or going," he said. He loved the way her tits bounced, quivering with mounting fear. And her tangle of golden cunt hair looked as sweetsmelling as the straw he remembered in the old barn.

"MOOOOOOTHER!" Janey screamed. But she got no reply. All she could hear was the racing beat of her heart and the throaty engine roar.

Judd pushed her toward Doolie's outstretched arms, but she managed to swerve, stumbling, and made a dash for the narrow hall leading forward to the cabins and the front of the boat. She almost made it. Doolie was so charmed by her sultry young body that he was almost a split second slow.

He shot out a strong hand as she went by and caught her silky blonde hair.

"Yyyyaaack!" she cried as he hauled her back, almost dragging her off her feet by his fearsome strength.

"We'd best tie her up," Judd said. "I'm not sure she's really wanting one big cock... and I can see for sure she ain't ready for two."

In her flight, Janey had dropped the pieces of her string bikini. Judd scooped them up and tested the strength of the narrow bands. "I'd rather have rope... but for now, this'l have to do."

They dragged her toward the long couch that was covered with soft, leather-like plastic material. It felt chilling cold against her skin when they combined their strength to push her down flat on her back.

"Bastards!" she screamed.

It was the garage scene with Stan all over again, but now in a kind of horrible double vision. The men's cocks bobbed and throbbed almost in unison.

"We can't both fuck her if she's flat on her back," Doolie said.

"You're right, let's flip her on her side." They did that with almost no effort at, all. Her young body was like a lump of soft putty in their massive hands. They mauled her tits and pawed her tapered thighs while pitching her on her side facing the back of the couch.

"You tie her feet," Judd said. "I'll do her wrists."

They had Janey bound and helpless before she could even scream.

Judd climbed over and let himself down between Janey and the couch. This writhing little bitch had him hotter than he'd been in a long time.

"I really like to feel a woman squirm," Judd said as he worked his cock between her creamy thighs. "Especially one that's inclined to be a tease."

"I'm not a woman, for Christsake... I'm a teenager!" It was a confession Janey had never expected to make.

"Well, don't you worry... Doolie's big cock and mine will have you changed over real soon!"

"Ooooh!" She could feel Doolie's thick cockhead pressing into the crack of her ass.

He ground his burning cockhead up and down on her tightly puckered asshole.

"Nnnnoooo -- please!" Janey tensed and flexed, pulling against the slender cords binding her wrists and ankles to the heavy wooden arms of the long couch. She remembered how easily Alice had snapped them in her frantic desire to bare her tempting curves.

But Janey could not budge the tight knots. All she did was feel the strands bite into her tender skin. It gave her some idea of the wild strength.

Alice must have had when overcome with lust.

Being bound and helpless between two men also gave Janey deeper understanding of how Alice must have felt when Stan tied her to their bed. It did seem horrifying and degrading now.

When Stan had bound her to his work bench in the garage, it had seemed more like a game -- an exciting new thrill. He had retained some gentleness even when she lay helpless beneath him. It was like they were both acting out parts in a school skit.

With Doolie and Judd, it became all too real. Doolie showed little concern for the quaking fear that clenched her shithole. Judd raked her little cunt up and down with the head of his giant cock, and he showed no sympathy at all.

When they both rocked their hips and stabbed into her two fuckholes at once, it was the most painful and disgusting experience of her entire young life. And, mysteriously, it was also the most thrilling.

Chapter SIX

"Did you hear a scream?" Jana asked.

She'd dressed herself and gone up the bridge to be with Alice after the old dockmaster's sudden departure.

"It's the whine of the engine," Alice said. She had the throttle rammed all the way forward, clutching the ball knob like she would the head of a cock about to spurt.

"Or maybe it was someone back on the dock..."

"You mean, what's left of the dock," Jana said.

They'd both recovered in time to glimpse the destruction and chaos they'd left behind.

"I think I know how Bonnie and Clyde must have felt," Alice said.

She leaned harder on the throttle lever as though sheer force might squeeze out a little more speed.

Two small, sputtering outboards had given chase, but neither had a prayer of catching the big houseboat. They were tossed around in its wide spreading wake like two cigarette butts in a toilet that had just been flushed.

"It is exciting," Jana shouted over the engine's roar.

"It's crazy!" Alice hollered back. "And it's just what we both needed. Do you know how stupid, fucking dull we both let our lives become?"

"I thought you were really happy with your job."

"I was. I got bored at home, so I went to work. It was nice having extra money to buy nice things -- but that got boring too after a while. I was just so busy being the big shit that I didn't see it at first. Now I can even understand why Stan wanted to spend his vacation with that sexy blonde he met at work."

"I never thought I'd hear you say that," Jana said.

Looking back, she saw that one of the pursuing outboards had flipped upside down. The other had stopped to rescue the floundering boatman from the snarling waves of their wake.

"You never thought I'd tongue fuck your cunt either," Alice said with a grin.

"Or my daughter's," Jana said. She had seen just the last moments of cuntsucking, before Alice had struggled to her feet to begin their frantic escape.

"There's just one thing bothering me now," Alice said with a wistful sigh. "What can we possibly do that's more exciting than we've already done?"

Jana laughed and let the rushing breeze stir her gleaming hair. "I don't know, Alice -- I really don't!" Then she cocked her head toward the deck below and cupped a hand to her ear. "I could swear I heard someone scream."

Alice thought she heard it too. "It's got to be Janey," she said. "She's the only one on board besides us."

Doolie's cock felt like a red hot iron rammed up Janey's ass. He hadn't bothered to wet his giant cock knob with the creamy warm fuck oil drooling from her cunt. His prickhead sank and burned in her tight, dry asshole.

The thin, net jacket they'd left on her did not stop Judd from sucking her tits while his enormous cock pumped in and out of her seething cunt. He pulled with his warm lips and hauled first one nipple then the other through the coarse strands of netting.

That was a type of bondage Janey had never experienced. Once sucked through the web of net, her nipple swelled and felt snared in the tangle. "Ooooooh," she cried, uncertain as to what she felt. It was agony, or it was ecstasy... or maybe it was both.

Doolie slid a hand over the soft flare of her hip and dug down to find her cunt, careful not to disturb Judd's vicious cunt-reaming thrusts. He fingered her little cunt while it stewed in the sweet cuntjuice boiling out of her cunt.

"Aaaaaahhh!" Janey moaned.

Doolie screwed her little love nub into a tight spiral of rising joy. He got another hand beneath her side and reached up to work the nipple Judd was too busy to suck.

"Shhhhhhhit!" she wailed.

Their five-pronged attack was more than she could stand. Violent tremors shot from deep in her cunt, from the tightly cramped hollow of her ass and from the nipples of both burning tits.

"STOP!" Janey pleaded. "Don't... stop oh, please!" She felt her mind reeling in the sweltering heat of lust. "Don't stop... oh, please, DON'T STOP!"

The Simpson brothers responded happily by fucking harder than before. Their powerful thrusts were in counterpoint. Judd fucked into her cunt just as Doolie was drawing his prick out for another ass-searing stab. Their ripping cockstrokes all blurred into one. To Janey, it felt like a single giant cock was being shoved clear through her writhing body -- in one end and out the other, then back.

She groaned and panted between them, her young body whipped one way then the other in the frenzy of doubled lust. It produced a swirling madness in her mind. For a moment, as she see-sawed back and forth, she began to imagine that when they were through fucking her, she'd be able to shit through her cunt and piss out her ass. That weird thought brought a faint smile.

Her pussy ached and her shithole burned. She thought surely a gaping hole had been ripped between, that one long cock was rooted behind her in Doolie's groin and on the other side in Judd's hairy crotch -- like obscene Siamese twins who kept grinding back and forth faster and faster to free themselves by sawing her in two.

"Oooooh, Mother -- FUCK!" She'd never experienced anything like their driving fucking fury before. Janey felt the sharp bite of the cords binding her wrists and ankles each time her body moved forward or backward. Sharp, stinging pains ran down both her arms and up both her legs to settle between her cunt and ass. That brought screeching howls.

Shrill, sing-song wails ripped from her lips. The pitch of her cries rose sharply as she felt pain, then dropped into deep moans of wavering joy.

Somehow the two brothers could communicate with their lusty pants. Neither of them had breath or control enough to form words, but they shifted their lewd rhythm abruptly, both at once -- without missing a beat.

Instead of the wild whipsawing back and forth, Janey felt a shivering split-second pause. Then their two cocks rammed in with a single thrust. She felt the spreading waves in her ass and her cunt at the same time -- then a grinding collision deep inside.

Now Janey knew the frail wall between pussy and shithole was still there. She could feel it flex and shudder as it was battered simultaneously from both sides. And the heat of their passionate fucking increased. But for the force of one massive cock pushing back, the other would certainly have broken through to the other side. The pain she felt became intense.

In a nature film at school, Janey had once seen two rutting mountain sheep clash with their heavy curled horns. That image kept flashing in her tortured mind -- the two rams rushing with their armored heads bent low, crashing together.

Their two cockheads felt as hard and fierce inside her as the curled horns of the rams. The impact when they struck sent wild jolts up her spine. Two jackhammers thumping inside her could not have hurt worse... or thrilled her more.

A primitive instinct previously unknown to her began to bubble to the surface in the frantic swirling of her mind. A female of any species felt the wild tension of excitement whenever two males did battle with her as the prize the winner would claim.

But usually the females just watched, intrigued by the grueling struggle, their own passions raging. Which one would win?

Janey now was witness to such a battle, but not as a mere spectator. The furious struggle between two powerful males was taking place inside her. Judd and Doolie both felt obsessed with the desire to prove that his prick was the strongest and longest lasting of the two.

"Uuunnngh!" Doolie groaned.

"Aaaaaaggggh!" Judd grunted back. Bound between them, Janey could only wail and plead with them in a babble of broken words.

"Plll-eeeeease! It HURTS! Oh, God... it HUUU-RRRRTS!"

Her anguish excited them even more. They stabbed even faster, mindless of the quivering girl caught in their deadly crossfire.

Janey knew that neither of them would give in. In that film it said battles between two stubborn males might go on for hours... or even days. The furious combat would continue until one of them dropped. Then the other would claim her and ravage her in an even more violent frenzy of sexual triumph.

She didn't think she could stand that. The only thing she could do was declare their fierce battle a draw. She would have to make both of them come at the same moment -- then there would be no furious cock left to claim the battered prize.

Janey liked to fuck. She enjoyed the sense of power it gave her over young guys at school. They sniffed after her like a pack of hounds. That swelled her pride. And she loved the way she could make a guy moan and babble by milking his cock with silky waves of rolling cunt muscle.

With Stan it was different. He didn't chase after her, he just took what he wanted when she'd teased too much. But she still felt a strange power, being able to excite his huge cock with her seething young cunt, making him come when she wanted.

But the wildest things he'd done now seemed as mild as a summer breeze. Now she had two enormous cocks to deal with, and neither showed even the slightest sign of giving in to the silky motions of her cunt and ass. She knew she would have to exert even more magic on their long prickshafts.

With a grunt of determination, she clamped the fleshy vises of her shithole and pussy at the same moment.

"I'll strangle your damn cocks!" she warned.

Doolie and Judd both felt the heat of searing friction and moaned with pleasure. She was good before, better now that her passions had flared.

"I'll squeeze so fucking hard you'll never come! I'll choke your cocks until hot jism bubbles out your ears!"

"Go to it, cunt," Judd said. "The tighter you squeeze, the better it feels! Ain't that right, Doolie?"


Janey had them both locked tight in her silky grip, clamping and grinding for all she was worth. The effort seemed as useless as beating on a brick wall with a pillow. She could not choke or even slow the throbbing of their huge cocks with her wet bubbling cunt or the dark puckered lips of her asshole.

She tried pulsing strokes of her own, tightening her fuckholes as the two of them rammed their cocks in -- resisting until the power of their thrusts forced breath out her lips in a steaming hiss.

"AAAAGOGHHH!" they both growled, still slamming at her front and back fuckholes in perfect unison, driving deeper, enjoying her more.

She relaxed then. By force of will, she commanded her seething muscle rings to submit meekly and let the hideously long shafts of their pricks clash inside her unrestrained. Then she clamped them in a savage grip of ass and pussy muscle.

"Hhhhhhooooooo!" they both gasped. But neither showed any sign of being weakened by the clever use of her fuck muscles.

"Shit! What can I do?" she moaned.

Judd said, "fuck, honey. Just let yourself go."

"Enjoy it," Doolie added.

Janey took a long breath, a rasping sound of surrender. With that, her whole body began to shiver. She'd tried to escape them without success. She'd tried to control them with contrived motions of her ass and her cunt, and that only excited them more. Now she couldn't stand it, she gave in and let her own lewd desires run wild.

Her clinging spasms became erratic and intense. Her mind reeled, straining to regain control, but her ass and cunt muscles twitched and jerked and pulled in great surges.

"OOOOOH," she cried, stunned by the strength of her own seizures of passion. "HHHHOOOO, FUCK ME. BOTH OF YOU! I WANT To BE RIPPED BY YOUR TWIN COCKS!"

The burly, hard-breathing Simpson brothers lost their control in the seething fucking frenzy. Their precisely timed cockstrokes became wild, frantic plunges. At times, the two huge cockheads clashed within. On the next stroke, one cock stabbed in as the other withdrew.

Janey no longer knew what to expect. The tortured wall between her pussy and ass was battered one instant and bent the next.

"Yes!" she cried. She took cock either way. She wanted more of both. "Do it harder. Faster. Fuck me. Shit, you big fuckers... ram your pricks in!"

Doolie slammed her asshole, drumming his lean, hard muscled loins on the cheeks of her ass. Judd grunted, savage in his desire to spear her cunt. His hairy groin hit the fleecy golden pad on her pussy mound.

Janey's lithe body, danced to either tune. She pitched herself to meet one cock and escape the other, and she shivered when the two slammed together, trapping her between.

She pulled violently against the cords binding her wrists, not thinking of escape, but burning with desire to hold their nuts in her hands and feel them spurt. She liked to do that, to milk aching nuts with her pulsing fingertips, to feel the strain and surge inside a hairy sac.

But the black bands bit and held her tightly. Her fingers clawed the empty air. Her lips trembled the same way, unable to utter meaningful words.

"Fuuuuuuuuu!" she gasped. "Shhhheeeeeee! Ooooooowww. Gruuunngh!"

Doolie would linger, savoring the tight, dry friction of her shithole. Judd rammed three times during the first pause, four during the next. Then Doolie rocked his hips with short, quick fucking thrusts as though hurrying to catch up.

"Keep emmmmm coomming!" she howled. The words almost ran together like the two cocks spearing back and forth.

"Huunnngh!" was all Doolie could say. His searing load of jism was about to pop.

"YYYYAAAAAGGGGGHHH!" Judd bored into her pussy and twisted his thick cock, wanting his prick as deep as it would go when the first shot of cum went off.

Judd's huge body became immobile. He had his cock as deep into Janey's cunt as it would go. His fingers clawed her ass to hold it there, and he just groaned and let his cum spurt.

Doolie continued his rapid, ass-jarring stabs even in the grip of orgasm. Hot fuck cream jetted from his cock slit.

Janey mouthed a silent, Fuck me... and her wild heaving slowed. She lay between them tense with delight, mouth flapping eyes agape, stunned by the wonder of their two gushing cocks. It was like she could feel the flood of hot fuck cream rising inside.

"Hhhhooooooo," she sighed in ecstasy.

Her tremors continued inside, tugging and squeezing the two cocks at once. The men answered with slow, deep reaming thrusts meant to wring the last drops from their long cocks. Their two prickshafts were slick with their own cum, less frantic in their pulsing, but still blazing hot. When they both fucked deep, they triggered a nerve Janey didn't know she had.

She let loose with a roar of abandoned delight. At that moment, Jana cupped her hand to her ear and said, "I'm sure I heard a scream."

Alice thought she heard something, but hardly what she would think of as a scream. Certainly not a shrill cry of terror.

"If it was Janey, she likes what she's doing."

They both listened intently, but by then, the lewd trio in the lounge were only gasping softly in mutual bliss.

"I've got to go see what it was," Jana said.

"Why don't you take the controls and let me check it out?" Alice said, but it was too late.

Her agile friend was already halfway down the ladder to the deck below. Alice thought she recognized the eerie sound now -- it was so much like her own wild cry when her body gave in despite itself and surrendered to Stan's frenzied passion.

But she remained puzzled. She didn't see how that could be. How could Janey have jacked off to such a fevered pitch? It hadn't occurred to her there was one, much less a pair of virile cocks onboard. If the thought had crossed her mind, she'd have left the boat running out of control and ran down to the lounge with Jana.

Jana raced the length of the boat, taking long strides despite her petite size. Why the great rush, she wasn't sure, but that eerie wail had triggered some primitive instinct. She felt her heartbeat quicken, and her breath came in short, shallow gasps.

When she burst through the door into the lounge, the rasp of her anxious breath and her heartbeat stopped for a brief moment of horrified rage.

What she saw was her young daughter Janey cruelly bound to the arms of the long couch, naked except for her net top. Her taut nipples had been sucked through the webbed strands of the flimsy covering and were so bulged with excitement now, they could not slip back.

She also saw the two leering men, but only for an instant. Then her gaze focused intently on their two long, cum-greased cocks. One eased out of Janey's little cunt, puffing her pink cunt lips with it as the heavy prickshaft withdrew. The other prick slid out of her ass, its vein-webbed mass of cockmeat streaked darkly with what had to be shit. The vision flashed like an obscene neon sign.

Jana didn't see -- or the moralistic side of her mind refused to admit that it had seen -- the grinning look of contentment on Janey's face. Nor did she notice the way the girl's pussy lips held onto the cock so tightly, reluctant to give up their seething grip.

"You bastards!" Jana screamed, and she flew at them, her tingy fingers stiff and spread like an eagle's claws. It didn't matter how big they were, only that they had raped her daughter, and that by the look in their eyes, they wanted to fuck her again.

"Holy shit!" Doolie said. He was the nearest to being on his feet. Jana hit him like a wrecking ball swung by a towering crane.

If there was one thing Doolie should have remembered, it was the wild strength of a woman when it came to saving her daughter. His own mother had been smaller than this screaming bitch, and she had flattened him with no apparent effort when he tried to lead his young sister into the barn.

Jana struck with the same unreasoning ferocity, red nails flashing like ten little daggers. Doolie threw up an arm to ward her off, but she pushed it aside.

"Jeeeezus, lady!"

He hunched and tried to throw her off, but she held on by raking his face, scratching like she wanted to dig both eyes right out of their sockets.

"Shiiiiit!" He collapaed beneath the fury of her insane rush.

As he crumpled forward, he was thrown into Judd, who had only pulled himself to his knees. Their heads cracked together harder than their cocks had collided inside the young girl.

Janey lay beneath the furious tangle of sweaty muscle and blood-red, claws and screamed, "Mother!"

Jana took it for a cry of fear and redoubled her wild attack. All Janey wanted her to do was stop before she got into a situation even her wild surge of strength could not control.

"Mom, for Christsake."

"Ass fucker!" Jana growled at Doolie. He had both hands up, swatting at her like he was swatting at a swarm of hornets.

Judd struggled beneath the combined weight of his brother and the snarling bitch who kept clawing at his face. He reared up and tossed them both to the floor. Doolie rolled over on his back, still moaning and weak from the solid knock on his head.

Jana came up like a hellcat breathing fire. Her darting eyes caught a glimpse of Doolie sprawled near her feet and she kicked him squarely in the balls.

"Ass fucker!" she snarled again.

Doolie's horrible scream rattled all the windows in the lounge, and he shuddered on the floor, helplessly clutching his nuts, moaning and unable to stand.

"Now, Goddamn... that's too much!" There was a wry twist to Judd's voice.

Outside of fucking, fighting was the thing he liked best. Whenever things got really dull in the woods, he and Doolie would go down to one of those rhinestone cowboy bars in town and let some asshole dude pick a fight. Then he and Doolie would clean house on the whole place. But he always did it with a wide, good-natured grin.

The same grin was on Judd's face now. Jana closed one hand into a tiny fist and punched it at what she took for a lusty smirk. Judd flicked the blow aside with his big right hand, and his left shot out straight from his massive shoulder.

He caught Jana neatly on the chin, and pulled the punch just enough to keep from breaking her fragile neck. She flipped backward and landed in a heap, lifeless as a discarded rag doll.

"Don't know where you damn women ever got the idea you could take over the world... but this ole boy is big on equal rights, I'll tell you. When some sonuvabitch takes a swing at me, I take a swing right back. It don't matter shit to me if the sonuvabitch wears a skirt!"

Chapter SEVEN

Jana pitched backward and saw the room upside down, spinning around. Then the walls and the ceiling fell in on her. She sank in a sea of darkness and pain. Finally, she saw and felt nothing at all.

"Oooooh!" Janey groaned as though the headsnapping punch had cupped her chin.

She watched, helpless, still bound to the arms of the couch and saw her mother slump to the floor in a tangled heap.

"You didn't have to do that. I could have talked to her..."

"You can talk to her when she wakes up," Judd said curtly.

Doolie rolled over and dragged himself up on his hands and knees. He moaned from the awful pain sparking from his balls. Crouching, he pulled his upper body straight and reached down to hold his aching nut sac, as though cupping his nuts in his hands might stop the throb of spreading torment.

"Uuuunngh! Shit!" He kept shaking his head slowly from side to side, trying to clear it. His balls hurt so much, he could hardly see.

Judd went out the door onto the sundeck at the back of the boat. Janey raised her head and craned her neck, trying to see, but the sun was going down, and he soon vanished among the lengthening shadows. She could only wonder what he was going to do.

"Mom?" she called. "Mom, are you all right?"

"Muuuuugh?" Jana moaned.

The room was spinning again. She clutched the floor with outstretched hands and held on, waiting for it to stop. Though her vision hadn't cleared, she could see her daughter in her mind -- poor little Janey tied hand and foot to the arms of that couch. Silver cum dribbled from the soft lips of her cunt and the tight, quivering ring of her ass.

"Janey!" she cried in a voice still twisted with pain.

"I'm O.K., Mom... I'm not hurt." Not really hurt, she thought.

Jana pulled herself up on her knees and swayed with the gentle rocking of the boat. She rubbed her jaw lightly with one hand and cautiously felt her teeth with her tongue, amazed to find everything was still in one piece. By then, she could see Janey who was trying to smile.

"Those men..." Jana's voice quivered. "They, they..." She didn't want to say the word.

"They fucked me, Mother. They sure did! Coming and going."

"Oooooh," Jana moaned. Her head drooped in a tragic pose.

"Mother, it's all right -- I'm not a little girl you know. I mean, I wasn't even before they fucked me."

"I know," Jana said in a voice heavy with sadness.

She had no illusions about her young daughter. But until now, she'd had no certain knowledge either. She had assumed, by the way Janey talked and acted, that she had tested her womanhood with a boy or boys from school. There was usually at least one hanging around the house with his cock swollen hard. One of them was so eager and so good-looking, that Jana had thought about trying his hot cock herself.

She decided not to, but only for Janey's sake. Jana reasoned that no young girl should be forced to compete with her own mother. Now she began to wish she had given the young kid a try, because some feminine sixth sense told her that she and Janey would soon be in competition whether they liked it or not.

Judd came back through the door carrying a coil of nylon rope -- one of the mooring lines they'd ripped loose from the dock when the boat started unexpectedly. The rope was wet, and it gleamed in the failing light of late afternon.

"This stuff is strong enough to tow a car," Judd said. "I figure it should hold even a fiery little bitch like you."

Jana muttered a foul string of words as she tried to stand. She couldn't get up, her knees felt weak, and her head still ached enough to blur her vision.

Doolie struggled to his feet despite thenumbing pain. "Let me!" he growled, reaching for the shiny coils of white rope. "I want to whip her ass for what she done!"

Janey cried: "NO! Don't hurt her. She was only trying to help me!"

"Yeah... ?" Doolie's mouth looked tight and razor thin. "Well, trying to mash my nuts was not a good way to begin." He winced from the lingering pain. "I just might teach the both of you how fucking stupid that was."

Doolie let about six feet of the sleek wet rope uncoil in loose waves at his feet. He straightened it with an underhand swing and then snapped it back with a jerk of his wrist, grinning when he heard the hard, dull pop it made at the tip.

"I bet I could peel her pretty little hide off with his," he said to Judd, eyeing Janey as he spoke. He sensed that threatening the girt was the surest way to torment the woman who'd so viciously kicked his nuts.

"Damn you!" Jana snapped, struggling to her feet.

She could feel her heart thudding in her chest, hammering strength back into her body.

"If you touch her again, I'll scratch out your eyes and stuff your balls into the sockets where they used to be!"

He dismissed her raging anger with a sneer and turned to swing the rope whip toward Janey on the couch. The girl heard the singing hiss and cringed, flopping helplessly onto her back. It snapped above her heaving cunt mound, missing the soft tangle of her golden cunt hair by only an inch.

The chilling rush of wind nipped at Janey's pussy lips. She jerked and wailed a startled cry of relief. Jana assumed that she'd been hit, and she sprang at Doolie with an angry snarl splitting her lips.

Doolie took a half step back and launched a quick sidearm swing toward her. Jana had closed the gap between them. The middle of the hissing rope hit just above her hips, and the loose end coiled itself upward like a snake.

As the last coil of rope wound itself tightly around her waist, Doolie reared back and tugged hard on the end clutched in his hand.

"Aaaahhhh!" Jana shrieked in alarm.

The rope cinched around her middle and then began to unwind, spinning her slender body like a top.

"Hhhheeeeee!" she wailed, lurching across the room, too dizzy to even know which way she was going.

Then her spinning feet tangled together, and she felt the floor tip, twisting itself out from under -- she was falling.

Judd caught her by the bottom of her snug knit top, jerking it up over her head around her flailing arms as she went down!

"Hhhuuunnngh!" she groaned as she crashed dizzily at Judd's feet.

The snug neck of her knit top had stayed in place, but the rest of it was inside out, pulled up over her face like a sack. Her arms were tangled in the twisted cloth above her head, and Jana could not wrench them free.

She stumbled to her feet and heard Judd grunt as he gripped the waist of her thigh-hugging slacks. He jerked those down along with her panties and bunched them around her ankles. Now with her legs hobbled, Jana could hardly stand. She staggered blindly with little steps, stark naked from neck to ankles.

Fear and confusion swelled Jana's taut nipples, and both men caught the unmistakable scent of freshly fucked cunt. Her dark, thickly furred cunt mound shimmered with a damp luster. Even though she couldn't see through the tightly knit cloth jerked over her head, Jana knew they were both feasting their eyes on her lithe body. She could almost feel the heat of their leering gaze and hear the throb of their hardening cocks.

Doolie was getting hot and ready to fuck again despite the lingering ache in his nuts. The tension and fury in Jana's slender body excited him. So did the obvious tightness of her seething cunt lips, but first he wanted to make her suffer for kicking him when he was down.

He turned toward Janey and lashed at her with the thick rope. She shrieked in fear, but Doolie had purposely aimed high. The hard tip of the rope hit and ripped the back cushion above her face.

"Yyyyyaaahhh!" Janey howled, cringing and coughing as loose bits of stuffing showered down on her.

Jana couldn't see her daughter was unhurt. She heard the sharp hiss of the rope, the ripping impact and then Janey's fearful cry. Rage gave her strength, and she wiggled her right arm free, striking blindly in the direction of Doolie's mocking laugh.

Doolie stepped back and let her lurch on by to crash headlong into the wall.

"I'm behind you, baby!" he said as he snapped the tip of the rope to flick one firm little asscheek.

"YYYYAAAGH!" Jana groaned, stung by the biting rope.

Then she heard an even sharper hiss of flying rope as she rebounded blindly off the wall. She froze and curled herself in a protective crouch, expecting to feel another searing lash of pain.

Instead, she heard a fleshy thud on the far side of the room. Janey screamed in hrror, and Jana thought she'd been struck brutally again. She couldn't see that Doolie aimed high a second time. The rope whip had only split the cushion above her daughter's heaving cunt. But the force of the blow showered her with loose stuffing, and Janey screamed because she couldn't help thinking it might be her tender young pussy that was ripped open next.

For Jana it was pure hell being unable to see. She imagined a scene far worse than what had really occurred, and she struck out again with the bitter rage that only the mother could feel.

Quite by chance, Doolie had made a startling discovery -- that mental anguish is as bad or worse than actual pain. The woman would have become numb with the shock of real abuse, or she would have slipped into unconsciousness if he'd struck her as hard as his burning desire for vengeance demanded. But there was no way Jana could escape the imagined horrors in her mind. All she could do was strike out in sightless, helpless rage.

"I'll kill you!" she screamed in a voice so shrill it cut through the knit top twisted up over her head.

"You gotta find me first," Doolie said in a soft, but taunting voice. And then he stepped back silently, so that Jana stumbled wildly and lashed a clawed hand at the empty air.

Doolie reached out with his free hand and tweaked the rock-hard nipple of Jana's tit as she hobbled by. She almost tripped and fell.

"This way, lady -- over here."

Judd laughed gruffly, enjoying the show of sightless fury. He stroked his huge cock with a slow, teasing rhythm, just keeping his prick hard until Doolie got it together. The slender, sinewy bitch excited him so hem decided to join in the sport and maybe hurry things along.

"I sure liked fucking your little girl up on the couch," he said. "Now I can hardly wait to ram my cock into the cunt she came out of..."

"Bastard," Jana snapped. By talking so long, Judd gave her a chance to home in on the sound of his voice. She stayed to one side as though totally lost, kicking furiously until she got one foot free of the pants bunched around her ankle.

Judd laughed, waiting for Doolie to cut her down with another lash of the rope whip. He watched his brother's strong arm roll back. Then, from the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of motion. Jana wheeled and launched a kick toward his flopping ball sac, a vicious hook guided by the sound of his voice and her memory of how tall he was.

If Judd hadn't been playing with his cock, she might have creamed him. The back of his hand caught the force of the blow, sparing his nuts from ripping pain, but he was still knocked backward three steps by her surprising strength.

It took Doolie only an instant to figure out what she had done.

"Don't talk so damn long," he chided his brother, sidestepping as he spoke. "She can track you like radar."

He darted back the other way in total silence expecting her to kick at him and miss.

Jana turned toward the sound of his voice, but of course Doolie wasn't there. She took a step forward, drawing up her knee to kick. He grinned, waiting to knock her on her ass when she threw herself off balance by lashing out at where he had been.

But she surprised him, the instant her foot left the floor, she wheeled toward him and fired a kick toward his nuts with deadly aim. Her foot hit his thigh and just grazed his balls, awakening the awful hurt all over again.

"How...?" he groaned. He hadn't made a sound.

"I can smell you, you stinking bastard. Your shit-dipping cock is like a beacon in the fog!"

She kicked again, and only Doolie's quickness saved him from crushing pain. He dodged to the side, caught her foot as it flew up and jerked it even higher, pitching her over on her back.

"Grruungh!" Jana hit the floor with a thud that left her breathless.

"O.K., bitch... playtime is over!" She heard Doolie's voice coming nearer from the front, but she sat panting, unable to move. She'd landed squarely on her ass, and that sent a numbing shock up her spine.

Judd grabbed Jana's arms from behind and jerked them over her head, dragging her to her feet again before she'd gathered strength enough to resist. He held her with her feet barely touching the floor, amused by the way she squirmed as the heat of anger pumped strength back into her legs.

"I think we ought to hog-tie this one," Judd said. "She's a kicking fool!"

"Yeah," Doolie agreed.

He tossed his brother the wet rope. Jana heard the dull hiss beside her head. Then Judd pushed her forward and sent her sprawling on her face.

"Uugghh!" Janey groaned. She winced at the thought of what her mother was going through.

Doolie grabbed Jana's arms and pulled them behind her back, locking both wrists together in the grip of one powerful hand. Janey watched her mother flopping as helplessly as a fish dragged out on the dock. Judd swooped down and grabbed her ankles, bending her legs up over her back.

"AAAYYYY!" Jana wailed.

She could feel icy loops of wet nylon rope tightening around her wrists. They had her bent backwards in a painful bow, and more snaring loops of rope settled silently into place.

They crossed her arms behind her back and knotted her left wrist to her right ankle, then her right wrist to her left ankle. She felt a sharp sting as each loop and knot jerked tight enough to chafe her skin, but she clenched her lips, refusing to cry out and add to their cruel delight.

With hands crossed and knotted to her bent legs behind her back, Jana was bowed like the bottom of a rocking chair. She pitched back and forth on her lean belly in time with the motion of the boat, banging first her chin and then her dark, wet little cunt mound against the floor.

She gurgled anguished sounds and felt the swell of seasickness in her gut. She wrenched and heaved, tangling her insides in a knot as tight as those around her wrists and ankles.

Janey couldn't stand the sight. She turned her head toward the ripped back of the couch and lay shivering, wishing there was something she could do. But she'd tugged against her restraints until her skin was raw, and still the bonds held tight.

Judd said, "Let's tip her up before she pukes." He coiled a hand in the loose strands of Jana's hair, snapping her head back as he pulled her on to her knees.

Jana's mouth burned with bile. It added a harsh stab to her voice when she gasped: "Animals! You're worse than animals!"

Doolie just smiled and said, "You should have thought of that before you tried to smash my nuts."

With her bent legs beneath her, Jana sat before him, bent backward from the waist in a way that thrust out her firm, hard-nippled tits as though they were begging to be touched.

Judd cupped her taut little tits and rolled Jana's rigid nipples beneath his thumbs.

"Huuunnnngh!" she groaned, leaning back, desperate to escape his mauling grasp.

Leaning her upper body farther back thrust out the darkly furred mound of her cunt. Doolie could see its tight pink lips squirming. It didn't matter to him, love and loathing both pump the same hot oil. He bent down and hooked a finger deep into her juicy pussy slit.

"Aaagghhh!" Jana moaned.

She could feel his wiggling finger sink in her cunt, dragging up to rake the nub of her swollen cunt.

"Eeee-yyyiiiieee!" she cried, straining to resist the heat of passion beyond the control of her conscious mind.

The brothers delighted in tormenting her and settied into a slow sensuous rhythm. They fingered her nipples and twisted up around the nub of her cunt.

"I'm going to cooome!" she gasped in disbelief. The bastard brothers were going to finger fuck her into ecstasy.

Doolie increased the friction on her cunt, and Judd slowed his mauling of her nipples. Jana swore and fought against them. Then Judd swirled his rough thumbs faster around her bulging nipples, and Doolie softly stroked her cunt in lazy circles designed to drive her out of her mind.

"Oooh, GOD -- do it!" she cried. "Somebody fuck me! Ram one of your cocks into my cunt!"

"You think she's ready?" Judd asked.

"No..." Doolie pondered the question like a professor asked about the origin of the universe. "She's wet, but not fully ripe."

The knit top drawn up and back over Jana's head had been pulled tighter against her face when her arms were crossed and bound to her ankles, they could see the small bulge where the fabric stretched over her nose and the nervous quaking of her muffled lips.

Doolie speared his long finger deep in her cunt again and watched her strain, rocking backward on her knees.

"Hhuungh!" she groaned. "That's not your cock," she said. "I remember how huge it is!"

He stirred his finger in her simmering cunt and felt her dripping cunt oils puddle warmly in the palm of his hand. The heat of her fuck cream and the grasping friction of her tight, greasy cunt made Judd's cock throb painfully with desire.

Twinges of real pain still lingered in his nuts and Doolie could not forget that vicious kick, Jana had given him when he was helpless on his back.

"Fuck me!" she kept chanting as ,his finger glided in and out of her pussy, but he wasn't ready to give her what she wanted. Not yet.

"She's about ready," Doolie said, "but so is that little blonde we got strung out on the couch. Look at the way her eyes bulge every time I ram a hand in her momma's cunt..."

"Aaagh, you bastard!" Jana spat.

"Her little cunt slit's nice and juicy too," Doolie went on, grinning at the way this made Jana squirm. He could feel her cunt muscles clenching with pulses of rage. "I can just barely reach her from here..."

"Leave her alone!" Jana snapped. Then she softened her voice and said in a sultry tone, "What do you want a girl for, anyway, when you've gotta real woman right here?"

"Well, I'll tell you -- that girl is woman enough for at least three ordinary men," Doolie said. "She damn near wore Judd and me out, and I think she might be about ready to do it again..."

"Grrruuuunnngh!" Jana moaned, half in response to the deep, quick thrusts of his finger in her cunt, partly with disgust for him and what he might do to her daughter.

The knit cloth over her face was not tight enough to give her a misty vision through the strands of yarn. She could tell light from dark, and follow movement. She had a hazy view of Doolie's long arm, light against the dark back of the couch, as he reached toward Janey's heaving cunt.

"Hhhhaaa!" Janey gasped when he settled his rough hand on her damp, gold-fringed mound of her cunt. She felt a strange, tingling kind of excitement from watching what they'd done to her mother.

"HHHUUUUNNNGH!" Janey grunted, and Jana knew just by the depth and force of her grunt that Doolie had rammed a finger into her pussy, too.

With a malicious grin, Doolie swayed back and forth, arms spread wide between the two cunts. He wormed into one sleek, receptive fuckhole while his hooked finger dragged out of the other.

"Wwwwhoooooo-eeeeeeeyyyyy!" they both moaned alternately.

"With only fingers to use as a gauge, I can't rightly tell which pussy I like best," Doolie said in mock sadness and indecision. Then he bent the finger in Jana's cunt almost double, raking her slender cunt tunnel as he drew it out.

"Gggrruunnngh!" she groaned, her whole body tense with fury. "You know I'm best!" She would say anything to protect her daughter.

"Oooh, I don't know that for sure," he said. And Jana heard Janey's loud cry while the hazy shape of her daughter writhed against the dark outline of the couch.

"There's one way we can find out who's got the best cunt," Judd said, pressing his thumbs down hard on Jana's hard little nipples.

"What's that?" Doolie asked.

"We can have us a fuck-off!"

Chapter EIGHT

"Gonna be hard to fuck the old one crouched down on the floor the way she is," Judd said.

"We'll prop them both up on the couch," Doolie suggested. "Line them up side by side like little white ducks in a shooting gallery."

"Well, get at it boy -- I've got a big load of jiz in this gun of mine."

"Better get some more rope. It won't be fair unless we have them both tied exactly alike."

Doolie watched the anguished stirring of the woman's face beneath her knit hood. Then he busied himself cutting Janey free with a small knife he found in back of the bar in the far corner of the luxurious lounge.

Janey pleaded with him as she sat on the edge of the couch, softly rubbing her sore wrists and ankles. "Let my mom go," she whispered. "You know I'm best -- and you know I can fuck both of you at once." She didn't want her mother to hear.

"Hey, Momma... you hear that? Your little girl's telling me she's the best fuck. Says she can fuck us both at once -- and we do know that for sure. She's already played a double-header!"

Jana bit her lips, determined not to respond. She knew that would only make his taunting worse. She strained in silence, working her fingers slyly behind her back, trying to find a knot she might be able to work loose. This accented the heaving of her firm, taut-nippled tits.

Doolie could see plainly what she was trying to do, and he cracked a thin smile. Tight as those knots were, it would take her hours to work herself loose, and by then, they'd have moved on to the raven-haired cuntsucker up on the bridge.

Meanwhile, the struggle would keep hot blood hammering through her veins. Anger and a vague flicker of hope would make her a far better fuck than if she gave in and submitted willingly, resigned to her fate.

Janey tensed when Judd came back with another coil of wet nylon rope.

"You don't have to tie me up," she said. "I know I'm too small and weak to do anything against the two of you..."

"Fuck that shit," Doolie said bluntly. "You saw what your damn mother tried to do to me... scramble these big jiz-pumping balls of mine."

"I'd never do that," Janey purred.

"Damn right you won't!" Judd's deep voice boomed with impatience.

He jerked Janey to her feet by grabbing and pulling her silky blonde hair.

"AAACCCKKK!" she cried, whimpering as awful pain burned downward from her scalp.

Jana could see the three misty forms struggle a few feet away. They had her daughter trapped between them with her arms crossed behind her back.

"Janey!" she cried in a voice of maddened frustration.

"I'm all right!" Janey shot back. She wished her mother would shut up. So far she'd only made things worse. "I like to use my hands. I like to milk big nuts heavy with fuck cream."

"You can use your hands just fine behind your back," Judd said as he lifted her up on the couch. "You can ram a finger up your ass and keep your little shithole warm."

"Down on your knees, bitch!" Doolie caught a handful of her cunt hair and dragged her down.

"Aaaggghhh!" Janey cried, crumpling on trembling knees.

They had her perched on the edge of the couch, arched back until she could feel her soft hair sweep across her feet. They pulled down on her arms, one on each side, and bound them to her ankles just as they'd done with Jana -- left wrist to right ankle, right wrist to left ankle. Janey had never felt more helpless, and bent back as she was, her squirming cunt never felt tighter or more exposed.

"Now let's plop the other one down beside her," Judd said.

They grabbed Jana beneath the arms and lifted her easily. She felt the lurch and sudden sway as she dangled between their strong hands. Then they dumped her on cushions still warm from the heat of Janey's young body.

"Oooooh," Jana moaned.

They were so close she could feel the warmth and smoothness of her daughter's soft skin when their shoulders touched. The gentleness of their physical contact made the obscene torment of the situation seem all the more extreme. Mother and daughter both moaned, each in sympathy for the other.

"Laaiiiiiidiiiiiies and gennnnntiemeeeeeen..." -- Doolie prolonged the words in the overly dramatic voice of a ring announcer he'd seen doing the boxing matches on TV -- "...for the next bout, we have the self-proclaimed chaaaammmmppppeeeen cunt of Granite Lake in this corner with a sack tied over her head, The Masked Marvel Mother!"

Judd applauded roughly and whistled through his teeth.

"And in this corner..." Doolie went on, wearing nothing at all, "we have the young challenger... Wonder Cunt!"

The shrill pitch of Judd's whistle went up and the volume of his mocking applause became louder. Jana wondered if he'd made his decision already, and she kept working her fingers, tugging at a tight knot she could barely reach. She wanted more than anything to see how loud he'd clap when she got loose and kicked him in the nuts!

She could see their two dark shapes looming before her, but through the tightly drawn cloth over her head, she could not tell which was which. It didn't matter, their two throbbing cocks were almost exactly the same. She could sense the heat of one as it drew near. Jana wrenched her head to the side and saw the other one in front of her young daughter.

"I'm gonna start with the young one and see if her cunt is as tight as her ass." That was Doolie talking about Janey. Jana shivered instinctively.

Jana knew that few things trouble women in their thirties and forties more than the fear of growing older. So many of her friends became upset when the first tiny wrinkles begin to appear and their once proud tits began to sag a little more with each passing day.

Jana had been only vaguely aware of this until now, when she was forced by bizarre circumstances to enter into actual and direct competition with her own flesh and blood. Back of her grimly determined look, Jana kept telling herself that she wanted to lure the two men to her in order to spare her daughter. But deeper down, she had an even stronger desire -- to win this insane contest only to prove to herself that she still could.

Judd fingered her juicy cunt slit and grinned when he felt the quivering tension of her soft, pink cunt lips.

"Ooooh-hoooa," he said to Janey. "You're gonna have to really go to beat your ma."

Janey answered with a grunt from deep in her throat. Doolie had worked his middle finger deep into her cunt and was stirring the silky lining of her pussy with slow, circular strokes. She clenched sleek rings of cunt muscle and rocked her lower body, teetering dangerously on the edge of the couch.

"If the young one tastes as good as she moves, she's got the first round won already," Doolie said after a long and exaggerated sigh of pleasure.

"Hhhuunngh!" Jana thrust herself forward, almost knocking Judd off balance with the force of her desire. Her sweet pussy juices flowed into his hand. She could see Doolie bending down in front of her daughter.

"Suck me!" she wailed to Judd. "I want to feel your tongue in my pussy."

"I want it too!" Janey gasped. "Come on, Doolie... lick my pussy, taste my hot, sweet cunt juice!"

The two brothers exchanged quick glances, and Doolie winked. They both knew they had a good thing going, and they were determined to make the most of it.

Doolie eased out his tongue and circled the nub of the young girl's cunt. The rich aroma of eager cunt swelled and burned its way to his lungs. "Yyyuuummmm!" he said.

Janey responded with a wild shiver. The thing most of the young guys she knew didn't do well, or didn't do at all, was suck cunt. And she loved having her cunt sucked, especially when the wet rasp of Doolie's tongue screwed itself down on her itching cunt.

Judd dropped to his knees in front of Jana and reached behind her, capping and spreading her cheeks of her ass as he drew her pussy slit toward his churning lips.

"AAAGGHHH!" Jana cried, and she forgot about working at the stubborn knot.

She wiggled her hand around and probed the dark ring of her ass with her fingertip.

"Hhhuuungh!" she gasped, launching herself forward with a spiked thrust of her own hand.

"Mmmaaahhh!" Judd dug into her cunt with a whirling tongue. "This one's so hot she's trying to fuck herself!" he said as he drew back from his first deep gulp of pussy cream.

"I was a good fuck before that little brat was born," Jana reminded them all.

"Yeah, but she sure is hurrying to catch up!" Doolie said.

By turning her head, Janey could see her mother driving a slender finger in and out of her ass, using that to spur the frantic motions of her cunt. The young girl twisted one hand, straining against the chafing ropes until she could do the same thing.

On film, she'd seen the fierce battle between two rams, but it had never occurred to her that females struggled with the same intensity.

But for this pair in bondage aboard the houseboat racing into darkness, instinctive competition was reduced to its most simple and primitive extreme. Swaying shoulder to shoulder, mother and daughter clashed with the frantic thrusting of their cunts.

Doolie's cock swelled and throbbed. Judd's prick strained and leaped at the wet cunt he had smotherd with his mouth.

"You are some bitch!" he said to Jana. "I can hardly wait to fuck your sweet cunt!"

"You haven't even tasted mine!" Janey protested. She could see the obvious pleasure Judd got from laping and spearing her mother's writhing pussy.

Watching Jana's frantic motions excited Janey in ways she never would have imagined. She'd always wanted to watch another couple fuck, but never dreamed the first time would be with her own mother!

Judd rose up on his feet, letting his large hands slide up the slender, bent body before him. Jana squirmed, arching to meet his gfasping hands, purring when they finally settled on her tits and began twisting her rigid nipples.

"Hhhaaaaa!" Jana cried.

"Hhheeee!" Janey echoed.

Doolie was doing the same thing to her. Then the brothers crossed arms much the way the women were bound. Judd reached over to hold one of Janey's shapely tits while Doolie crossed under to take one of Jana's.

They both enjoyed the feel of a mismatched pair. Janey's tits were larger, more creamy smooth. Jana's tits felt more firm and warm with the heat of her raging desire.

"Damn hard to choose."

"Let's just see which one goes crazy first," Judd suggested. "And don't either of you try to fake it!" he warned.

Jana felt no need to fake a shivering response. Having her tits in two completely different grasps was a wild and unexpected delight. Doolie's touch was firm, but gentle. He teased with her nipple and caressed the sleek little dome of tit below. Judd's hand locked and squeezed, mauling her tender titflesh while his thumb twisted her nipple until it burned. The two different signals mixed and swirled, tender pleasure with raw delight. "Hhhheeeeyyy-yeah!" she cried.

"Hhhhoooo-noooo!" Janey moaned.

She was feeling the same thrilling spark of conflicting emotion. One of her heaving tit mounds ached for more, the other just ached from the heat of Judd's crushing hand.

Doolie hardened his grip on their mismatched [missing text] and rose to his feet, mauling their titflesh as he hauled himself up. He enjoyed the anguish and torment his contest created, and he thrilled to the twitching violence of their responses. He'd have continued this subtle brand of torture if he could, but their excitement had given him a raging cockache that only cunt could cure.

He leaned forward, nudging the wet puffed lips of Janey's narrow pussy slit.

"AAAGGGH!" she howled.

Janey's instinctive response was instant and intense. Her taut cunt lips heaved outward, grabbing at the swollen prickhead he teased up and down across her drooling cunt mouth.

Judd followed his brother's move, silent as a shadow. He stood before Jana and leaned over her, poking blindly at her pussy with the huge knob of his cock.

"Uuunngh!" she groaned, tugging at the tight loops of rope bound around her wrists.

She wanted to free a hand and guide his plunging prickshaft.

"You should, see the way that girl's fuckhole squirms!" Judd said. "It looks like a little old snake stretching its jaw to swallow an egg!"

"Aaaaahhh!" Jana didn't want to think what her daughter was doing. She swayed her hips, anxious to align her juicy cunt mouth with the brutal cock that kept thumping around its hairy edges. "I want your cock in me!" she cried.

"I know..." But Judd kept swaying so his cock and her cunt wouldn't quite connect. "Hhhmmm, Doolie's going in. I can even feel her nipple tingle from the heat of his big cock!"

"Damn you!" Jana thrust her hips, rocking and swaying, desperate to get a good hold of his prodding cock. She kept brushing Janey who was kneeling beside her, puffing softly from deep in her throat.

Doolie inched his cock into Janey's pussy one slow fraction of an inch at a time.

"Oooooh, more!" she begged him. The snug lips of her cunt had just closed over the steep ridge at the back of his thick cock knob. They squeezed like a round, wet vise made of velvet.

"More?" Jana snapped at her daughter. "Shit, I haven't got any! This dumb shit can't even hit my fuckhole!"

Judd gave a grunt and rammed forward with his hips. His sharply angled cock plowed through the wet mouth of Jana's cunt and slammed into her bulging clit from below.

"YYYEEEEOW!" Jana cried in a voice shrill with the pleasure and aching frustration. "Fuck me, you big bastard. Drive your cock in! Oooh, my cunt just LOVES a big, hard cock like yours. Let me show you what a real woman's pussy can do!"

Judd was tempted by her strident pleading -- tempted even more by the way her sleek pussy lips rolled in waves along the bottom of his cockshaft as he worked his prick up and down, nudging her swollen clit until she trembed on the verge of madness.

"Fuck me!" Jana screamed. "I can't take any more cunt-teasing!"

But Judd just kept thumping her clit, letting his huge cockhead drag back and forth across the wet lips of her amt. He knew that making her wait would make her hotter and more frantic still, and when he did decided to fuck this wanton bitch, he wanted the very best that she could give.

"Ooooh, SHIT!" Janey gasped and shivered each time the younger brother inched another fraction of his giant cock into her cunt. Her quivering shoulder brushed her mother's, and this added to the heat of Jana's tormented desire. So far, the sexy young girl was ahead in their lewd clash.

Jana uttered a guttural cry and pitched herself backward, arching herself and lifting the taut slit of her cunt. Judd kept up his steady cunthammering thrusts, but her sudden move made his dripping cock knob plow deep between her silky wet cunt lips.

"Uuuunngh!" she moaned, briefly stunned by the size and heat of his massive prick. "Hhhooo, good. GOOD! Now get your cock in. Get it ALL in!"

Janey had a distinct advantage in the lewd battle of lust with her own mother. She could see clearly what Jana was doing. The sultry little blonde watched her mother rock back, bending herself sharply to receive the first real thrust of Judd's beautiful big cock. She quickly matched her mother's move.

"AAAHHH!" Janey cried.

It was not exactly the same. Half of Doolie's rigid prick was already inside her cunt. Leaning sharply until her head pressed into the cushions on the back of the couch, changed the way his cock probed and glided in her slinky fuckhole. His pulsing cock knob buried against the top of her snug pussy, and the unyielding shaft of his prick slithered against the bottom of the outside rim.

Doolie felt twin stabs of joy as Janey responded to the new and wildly exciting pressures. He wailed in sheer delight and jabbed with his hips, suddenly stuffing her little tilted cunt brutally full of cock.

"AAAGGGHHHH!" Janey roared.

The full length and heat of Doolie's cock was what she'd been wanting and coaxing for, but the shock of his first deep-reaching stab sent her mind spinning in a dizzy swirl.

"Hhhhooo, it feels so GOOD deep inside my cunt!"

Though barely able to see, Jana sensed what her daughter had done, and she strained to do even more. She thrust forward with her hips until the cords in her thighs bulged hard as slender steel bands.

Judd met her forward fuck thrust with one of his own. His desire to hold back melted once his cock felt the seething pit her tight, wet cunt had become. With a lusty growl, he sank his cock in to the root with a spiral stab.

"Ooooh, YEAH!" Jana gasped. The tension in her throat squeezed off the word and turned the sound to a scream of joy. "I'm cooomming already!" she howled.

The slow, deliberate teasing had primed her for a grinding climax, and Jana felt the first swell of shivering intensity even before Judd's hairy groin screwed itself down on her fleecy pussy mound.

Her wild scream began just a split second after her daughter's.

"Oooooooooh," she gulped, "you've got such a great cock... it's making me come already. Ooooooooo!" Her words twisted into a howl of frustration.

Jana didn't want the fucking to end. She wanted to be really fucked, fucked hard. Wut her passions by then were boiling beyond control.

"Hhhhquuuunnnnngh!" Janey screamed in a suddenly deep voice. Doolie's cock was twisting her apart. His prick touched buried nerves she never knew existed.

Janey lunged to one side then the other, wanting to feel the rolling grind of cock on every side of her hot cunt. She slaninied against her mother who rocked with her own convulsions of exploding lust. Their two voices became so sharp in wailing fury that neither Doolie nor his brother Judd could be sure which of them was saying what.

"Hungh-hungh-hungh!" one chanted deeply in time with reaming cockstabs.

"Eeeeeyyyyyyy!" the other whined in a voice raging with lust and anticipation.

The rhythm of two female voices excited the men more than either voice could have, done alone. Judd and Doolie both drove themselves, hurling their weight down on cunt, then rebounding for another deep thrust. Their fuck thrusts became timed. Doolie's groin slapped on Janey as Judd drew his cock back. Judd's hard-muscled loins then echoed off the arched mound of Jana's cunt as she pulled back.

To each woman, the fucking sounded fast and frenzied. Janey's cunt shivered when she heard Judd's balls slap on her mother's flesh. And Jana quaked when Doolie rammed his cock into her little girl. Their frantic fucking started the hot jism swirling in the men's huge nuts.

"AAAAAYYYYHHHHHH!" the two women wailed as one.

"HHHHUUUUUUNNNGHHH!" both men grunted with savage delight.

Doolie drove in and let his big cock heave its steaming load of jiz. Jud pulled and hammered down on Jana between his gushing spurts of cum, hungry to shoot each wad deeper than the last.

"Hhhhooooo!" Janey moaned.

"Heeceece!" her mother answered.

Then, suddenly, both of them shook violently in the grips of searing climaxes.

The four bodies shuddered in silence toward the end. Explosive little aftershocks shook one and then another, but none had the strength or the will to turn rasping breath into words.

Finally, Doolie managed to speak. "I guess we'll have to call it a draw."

"Not yet!" Judd insisted. "There's still a bitch that neither one of us has tried."

"Yeah..." For the first time since their wild contest began, Doolie paused to think about that beautiful black-haired bitch who was driving the boat deeper into the darkness of the night. "Shit, she might be the best cunt of all!"

Jana and her lusty daughter both said weakly, "You bastards!"

Chapter NINE

Alice Thurmond waited tensely, hunched over the wheel, guiding the lumbering houseboat on an arrow-straight course into the night. A fat moon hung low over the shadowed peaks that ringed the lake. It cast down a silver beam on the shimmering black water, and she followed its silver stripe like a highway.

She kept an ear cocked for sounds from below, but for what seemed like hours, she could hear nothing but the steady, low-pitched whine of the engine. Her hand kept the throttle lever rammed on full, and she fingered the stiff metal rod as though it was a slim cock she wanted desperately to excite.

For a time, she glanced back at frequent intervals. Soon after Jana left the bridge, Alice saw the flashing red and blue lights of a patrol boat. That shot a bolt of fear through her, but now the bright lights could barely be seen, they were far behind.

She heard, or rather felt, a few bumps and shudders that seemed to come from the deck below. She assumed they were waves slamming against the hull. Then she thought she heard a shrill, howling cry, but she took that to be the wind. It whipped across the bridge and stirred her silky black hair. But the next sound HAD to be Jana's tortured wail.

If it hadn't been for the threat of the patrol boat's blinking lights, Alice would have hauled back on the throtte and gone down to the lounge to investigate. The tension of that wailing voice peaked her curiosity. What could Jana and her own daughter be doing to cause such an intense, wavering cry of passion?

Alice now knew for certain that Janey was a sultry little bitch sexually mature well beyond her tender age. She had no reason at all to doubt her contemptuous boast about fucking with Stan in the garage. Still, Alice could not believe the wanton little slut would attack her own mother. But that's what it sounded like, and the more closely she listened, the more sure of that Alice became.

She eased back on the throttle, stroking it as she would a cock she was guiding into her cunt. Alice could feel her pussy seething with desire. Or was it jealousy? HER OWN MOTHER! Alice shuddered when she thought: My God... when I was her age, I hadn't even been KISSED.

By then, she could hear both of them chanting and wailing at once. They've got to be sucking each other's cunts! Alice thought. It didn't seem fair... she wanted them both!

Thoughts of her husband Stan flickered through the twisted channels of her mind at the same time. That bastard was off somewhere fucking a sexy young blonde. She could almost see his big cock thrusting and twisting in a strange, slithering pussy. That vision blazed so sharply in her mind, Alice found herself counting golden cunt hairs wet with oil and gleaming cum while she steered the huge boat blindly into the night.

Her head rolled back, spilling silver-streaked raven hair far down her back. Her lips parted and she screamed with all the force of the smoldering rage now blazing in her mind.

Alice had never felt so cruelly rejected. First Stan spoiled their vacation, running off with his little cunt. Now Jana and her daughter Janey -- she could see them clearly in her tormented thoughts, bound together in an obscene and incestuous, cuntsucking crazily.

"Uuuunnngh!" she groaned, tugging ihe throttle to the STOP position. It stood upright, cold and clammy in her quaking hand. She stroked it up and down. That's what I really need, she thought, a huge thick cock as hard as tempered steel.

As the engine slowed, the huge white houseboat settled deeper in the dark, rolling waves. It banked gently to the right as the steering wheel spun unattended. Alice had turned from the controls and started down the ladder to the main deck. If she couldn't have cock to satisfy the wild cravings of her cunt, then at least she could join in what Jana and her daughter were doing.

Not just join in it, she decided. She would control it. The desire to have both lewd women in bondage flashed back into her mind. She vowed to tie and whip them both the way Stan had whipped her. She would force them both to suck her cunt and probe its juicy depths with their twisting tongues.

Alice lurched in the narrow hallway that ran lengthwise down the middle of the boat. The boat was still drifting, slowing gradually to a stop. She crashed against the wall, tangled in her own clothing as she rushed to strip herself naked.

Judd and Doolie pushed through the rear door of the lounge on to the sundeck at the back of the boat. When the engine slowed suddenly, they were both pitched forward. Doolie almost tripped over the sill of the open door.

"What the shit?" he said. "What's she stopping here for? We're still in the middle of the fucking lake!"

"Maybe she knows we're coming and she just can't wait," Judd said with a leering grin.

He remembered the lush, ripe curves of that cuntsucking bitch with the gleaming black hair. The memory of her frantic cuntsucking was enough to start the first pulses of hardness swelling in his giant cock again.

The two brothers went forward along the rail, both stark naked in the silvery light of the moon. Their powerful bodies gleamed with the sweat of lust, and their flopping, half-rigid pricks shone with a glossy film of hot jism.

"Hot damn! What are we gonna do to her?" Doolie asked.

Judd turned, gripping the rail with one giant hand as the boat turned and drifted to a stop.

"Anything you want to, little brother... ANYTHING AT ALL!"

Alice darted into her cabin and rummaged deep in the bottom of her suitcase. When Jana and that lusty bitch daughter of hers agreed to go with her on the houseboat voyage, she went straight to a little store in a nearby shopping center that specialized in handcrafted items imported from Mexico. What Alice bought was a braided leather whip meant more for decoration rather than actual use.

Her lips curved in a wicked grin as her hands tightened on the leather coils. She raised it to her face and gasped excitedly. The thick, rich scent of leather for some reason reminded her of cock.

"It's my cock!" Alice crooned, stroking the thick knobbed handle the way she'd watched Stan pump his big prick. The dark, gleaming leatherwrapped handle was at least twice the length of Stan's prick though, and her mind began to race thinking of all the different ways she might use it to punish the two women about to become her helpless slaves.

The image of Jana and Janey both bound and helpless, cowering before her, was so strong in her mind, that Alice did not think it at all strange when she entered the lounge from the hall, trailing the long braided whip behind her and saw them.

Janey looked up, chilled by the wild gleam she saw in Alice's flashing eyes and the leering grin that warped her lips in a taut, wet bow.

"Aaaa," the girl said, starting to say her name. Alice crossed a finger over his lips and went, "Ssshhh," in a soft voice as she approached Jana, who still had her knit top pulled over her head like a hood.

A single moment of clear thought would have told Alice that the two women could not possibly have bound themselves as they were, arms crossed behind them, wrists tied to the opposite ankle.

But Alice's mind was too fogged with the vapor of steaming desire to wonder how they came to be bound so tightly -- utterly helpless, teetering on the edge of the couch, swaying to keep their balance as the big house boat finally drifted to a dead stop. That was how she had imagined them, and that's how they were.

Alice winked at Janey and showed her the long whip, flicking it lazily across the floor toward her mother. Janey's lips parted as though to scream, but the sound that came out was only a chuckle of satisfaction.

Her mother had spanked Janey often when she was younger. She was a willful, headstrong child even before she could talk. Janey's puffed lips pulled tight in an evil grin that almost matched the one on Alice's face.

There would be a kind of grim satisfaction watching her mother get her ass whipped for a change and that was obviously what Alice intended to do. She gripped Jana by the arm and spun her around so that she faced the back of the couch.

"Aaaahhh?" Jana croaked. Her frantic writhing with Judd had loosened the hood of cloth over her face, and with it hanging slack, she caught only a glimpse of a blurred, dark shape approaching. It didn't seem large enough to be Judd or Doolie, nor did the hand that jerked her around have a man's strength.

"Janey?" she asked, thinking somehow her daughter might have escaped from the cramped position in which they'd been tied.

"I'm here, Mom -- beside you." Janey gave her a cool grin with eyes flicking between the leather whip and her mother's exposed back.

"Then who? ALICE?"

"That's right."

"What-what are you doing?"

Jana expected Alice to untie the knots cinched so tightly around her wrists, but then she heard the soft pad of retreating footsteps. Her voice choked with sudden and unreasoning fear. "ALICE?"

"Yes?" she purred in response. Her voice was sweetly sinister, and her wrist was nervously flicking the braided lash across the floor.

Janey grinned, biting her lip, fascinated by the nervous shivers running up and down her mother's back. From the corner of her eye, she saw Alice draw back her arm above her head.

"Remember how you used to spank me for being naughty and stubborn?" she asked.

"Y-y-yes?" None of it made sense to Jana.

Janey found the tension almost unbearable. The leather whip snaked up and back, then started forward in a sudden blur. A split second later, the young blonde's eyes flared wide.

"Alice -- no! AAAAGGGGHHH!"

The smiling, black-haired woman swerved her arm at the last moment and sent the stinging lash to the side. It thumped down on Janey's shoulder and slashed across her back.

"That's for chasing after my Stan with your little cunt dripping!" Alice said.

Jana suddenly exploded with the gulping laughter of relief. Now calmed from the spasms of her climax with Judd, she felt shaken by all she'd learned about her young daughter. And she'd have whipped her herself if she could have wiggled her arms free.

"Serves you right!" she said with a grunt, tugging at the ropes behind her back.

"You're no better!" Alice said. "I saw the leering gleam in your eyes when I told you what Stan did to me."

The whip swirled above her head and flashed toward Jana's naked back.


"You thought it was exciting. You could hardly wait to hear every juicy detail! Well, now you wanton bitch... now you know what it was really like!"

The whip blurred and snapped again, leaving a long, tapered welt up the middle of Jana's back. Janey sobbed and shut her eyes. She knew how much it must hurt.

"No more!" the young girl pleaded in a quaking voice.

Alice enjoyed the swelling sense of power too much to stop now. All her raging frustrations boiled up in her arm and seemed to flow out of her shivering body through the biting tip of the lash. Heated joy and a mad sense of triumph took its place. Alice gulped for breath, her senses inflamed by the almost mystic force of braided leather.

Watching Jana and her lusty daughter squirm in helpless bondage and hearing their anguished cries made the depths of her pussy seethe. She could feel the writhing surges of tense cunt muscle pumping wave after wave of slick pussy oil. Her fuck cream formed a glossy sheen on her pussy lips and dribbled wetly down the sleek inner surface of her thighs.

"Now," Alice said to Janey, "it's time far you to suck my cunt. You ought to know what a real woman tastes like."

"Yuuuck!" Janey said in trembling defiance.

The whip blurred toward her again and she cringed. Alice swung it sidearm and watched with a grin of satisfaction as the long braid struck and coiled itself around her chest.

"AAAGGGH!" Janey cried. "All right! I'll do it... I'll suck your stinking cunt!"

"And, you," Alice said to Jana, "you're going to kiss my ass at the same time. Or would you rather taste more leather?"

"NO!" Jana sobbed, still quivering from the pain. "I'll do anything you want... I'll even fuck your shithole with my tongue!"

Then a sly and wicked grin curled Jana's lips. Alice couldn't see it beneath the hood of cloth over her head. Jana was thinking: we'll just get your two fuckholes wet and steaming hot, then Judd and Doolie will have found you.

"I want it NOW!" Alice wailed, tugging on the whip handle with both hands. The coils around Janey's heaving tits jerked tight and she teetered on the edge of the couch screaming in fear.

The young girl felt herself falling. Her arms jerked against the ropes binding them to her ankles, but they wouldn't move. Through eyes wide with horror she watched the floor leap up to smash against her face and throttle her piercing wail.

"Hhhoooph!" she gushed, her breath jarred away.

"On your knees, bitch!" Alice tangled her hands in Janey's hair and hauled her to her knees. Her lower lip was puffed and dripping bright little drops of blood where it had smashed against the floor.

"Now you," Alice said in a voice shrill with wild desire.

She grabbed the drape of cloth over Jana's head and tore it off with one vicious swipe of her hand, spinning her around and dragging her toward the edge of the couch.

"Look at her!" Alice said with fiendish delight. "She's grinning already... like she can hardly wait to fuck my ass with her wiggling tongue!"

Jana blinked as her eyes adjusted to the sudden glare of the cabin lights after being hooded for so long.

"You're right!" she agreed readily, circling her lips with a flicking tongue. "I can hardly wait..." By then her vision had cleared and sharpened enough to see Judd and Doolie both gazing through the window behind Alice.

Doolie muttered something the women could not hear through the glass, and then he started for the door. Judd reached out one long arm and dragged his younger brother back. With his other hand, he put a finger across his lips, cautioning Doolie to be still. Judd wasn't sure yet what the raven-haired bitch had in mind, but he thought it would be fun to watch... at least for a little while.

Chapter TEN

If she hadn't seen the two men peering anxiously through the window, Jana would have been heaving with revulsion by now. Alice had changed wildly since that morning in her living room when they first timidly sampled the taste of each other's cunt.

Fresh from the whipping Stan had given her, Alice had been tender and compliant. Now she seemed insane with demonic strength and a savage hunger to assume command. Jana's look softened as she thought about it. This wasn't something that happened overnight. It had been building up in her friend for a long time... ever since she got that promotion and started putting Stan down all the time.

It didn't surprise Jana now that Stan had whipped her -- only that he didn't do it sooner, and harder. What man wants a woman who acts like she's growing balls? Jana smiled warmly then, turning her head and pretending not to see Judd and Doolie at the window. She knew the two of them would soon have Alice behaving like a woman once again -- whether she liked it or not.

"I can see how eager you are to taste my ass," Alice said as she coiled a hand in her friend's silky hair.

Alice pulled Jana off the edge of the couch, and the smaller woman struggled vainly against the tight knots binding her wrists to her ankles. She crashed in a helpless tangle at Alice's feet.

"Yyyyeooow!" Jana howled.

It felt like her scalp would be ripped off, but she smiled despite the pain. Whatever Alice did in her frenzy would only excite Judd and Doolie all the more. She could already see their hot breath fogging the window glass.

Alice bent over and thrust her shapely ass into Jana's face.

"Kiss my ass, bitch -- fuck my ass with your tongue. And you..." -- she grabbed Janey's hair just above her ears and jerked her forward, finally muffling the girl's anguished yelp when she buried her face in her steaming pussy -- " get to suck my hot, sweet cunt. Dip into my pussy with your tongue, you little whore. I'll untie the first one of you to make me come!"

The promise of that started both their heads bobbing. They had been bound long enough so their wrists and hands felt numb. Janey's lip still burned, from their bashing against the floor, but she forced herself to lap and slurp Alice's cunt despite the pain of Alice's cunt hair chafing against her raw lip.

"Janey's getting ahead of you," Alice called back over her shoulder. "I said I'd untie the first one to make me come -- I'll whip the other one until the skin peels off her tits!"

"Hhhaaagh!" Jana growled.

She gulped, trying to close out the rank smell of shit as she wormed her lips into the soft, cleft of Alice's ass flicking her eyes to the side, she saw Judd smile as he wiped the fogged glass with the hairy back of his hand. Then she lanced out her tongue and circled the tight dark ring of tense muscle at the bottom of the ass cleft.

A bitter sweetness filled Jana's throat. She tasted raw shit and sniffed the stench of a stinking fart. Janey's wild cuntsucking had Alice gushing excitedly from both her mouth and her ass at once.

The sweetness came from knowing that Judd and Doolie watched with leering glee as Alice rocked her hips back and forth between the two captive women. Their huge cocks were below the window sill, but Jana could tell by the gleam in their eyes how long and throbbing hard their pricks were.

With each forward thrust of her hips, Alice felt Janey nibbling at her cunt. Her tongue darted out and hooked beneath her bulging clit, slowly drawing it out of its snug protective sheath.

As she wiggled backward, Alice felt the rigid spike of Jana's tongue, hard as a little wet cock. It parted the clamped ring of her asshole and thrust deep inside her ass chute. Jana's joy would have been complete if somehow she could alert her daughter and let her see the lusty pair leering at them through the glass.

Alice bowed forward with her hands clasped behind Janey's blonde head, forcing her churning lips and lashing tongue deeper into the wet, musky slit of her cunt.

"Don't you remember what I did to you up on the bridge?" Alice taunted. "Ram into my pussy as hard as my husband shoved cock into your little cunt!"

"Aaaaggghhh!" Janey lunged at Alice's juicy pussyslit, spearing and twisting with her tongue, determined to get herself set free.

"Ooooow!" she moaned as musky cunt oils filled her throat, slick and warm and sweet.

But before Janey could slurp herself full of cunt juice, Alice reared back to feel the tense vigor of Jana's lusty tongue in her ass. It was thrilling, exciting beyond her wildest dreams to have the two of them humbled on their knees, fiercely battling with their tongues to see which one could please her the most.

Jana jabbed into her snug shitter and scraped the walls with a hungry, spiral motion. Then she hooked the tip of her tongue and dragged it out, loving the way it made Alice giggle and squirm with obscene delight.

As Alice rocked forward again, her cunt seething with desire for Janey's soft, wet lips, Jana pitched forward, teetering on her knees. She dipped down and wiggled her tongue between Alice's legs, burrowing her face into the slot of her ass, straining to stick her tongue out on the other side.

Somehow Janey sensed the force of her mother's desire. She felt hot breath gushing between Alice's legs, steaming, shit-scented vapor. She dipped her own tongue down, dragging it between the puffed, gleaming wet lips of Alice's hairy cunt. Then, as she extended her wet, meaty tongue to full length, it touched tips with her mother's.

It was the most obscenely delightful French kiss Janey could imagine. Her probing tongue twined and curled around her own mother's, while Alice heaved frantically back and forth between them, trying to drive them apart with the violence of her furious need.

"Damn it... what are you doing? I don't want you see-sawing back and forth underneath... I want both of your hot fucking tongues deep inside my fuckholes. Do it right, or I'll whip you both! Tongue fuck my ass and spear my cunt!"

Jana flicked an anxious glance toward the window and nudged Janey's tongue the same way with urgent little thrusts. Finally, the girl caught on. She turned her head, and her wet lips curved into a smug grin of satisfaction.

Doolie had his nose flattened like a lump of clay, pressing against the window as though hungry for the seat of heated cunt. And Judd's dark eyes swayed back and forth as though chained to the sleek curves of Alice's round ass.

It didn't matter to Janey now what the blackhaired-bitch Goddess wanted. She knew what Alice was about to get. All that she and her mother were doing was warming her up for a pair of cocks like nothing Drippy Alice had ever seen or felt.

Some teacher had told her time and time again, "Knowledge is power." And now for the first time, Janey knew that was true. Knowing that Judd and Doolie were watching, their cocks aching and throbbing from the sight of the lewd display.

It made it all wonderfully exciting. Alice's cunt tasted as sweet and warm as melting honey when she rammed and twisted into it with bet tongue.

It wasn't that she liked Alice. Shit, she could hardly stand her -- even after the hungry lashing she'd given her cunt. Acting so damn high and mighty about her job and her fancy new clothes -- always trying to put her husband down. What a stupid fucking cunt she was, and how nice it was knowing that Judd and Doolie would soon show her what a woman was meant to be!

"I can't just watch any more," Doolie said with an anxious gasp.

He was excitedly beating his huge, thick cock with one hand while using the other to wipe the steam from his hot breath off the window glass.

"The way that black-haired bitch squirms her ass is driving me crazy! She's so fucking hot for cock, she can hardly stand it!"

"Go in through the door behind her," Judd said, and he cracked a thin little smile. "Go in real quiet and slow. Just sort of nudge aside the one who's tongue fucking her ass, and gradually take her place."

"Yeah!" Doolie's eyes flickered with lewd delight.

"Hhhuungh! Aaaaggghhh!" Alice began a wanton chant as she rocked back and forth between the two spearing tongues.

The silent, intense competition between mother and daughter had begun again, and Alice was nearly driven wild by the fury of their eager mouths.

"Ooooh, Janey... that's better. Aaaah, Jana... good. Hhhmmm, I love the way you eat me. More! Uuunngggh! Jana, stab, it deep... taste my shit. Hhhhmmm, Janey... lick my dripping cunt. Don't waste a drop of my sweet cunt juice."

"Uuummm," Janey purred, pressing forward. She ground and twisted her nose deep in the thick black tangle of Alice's cunt hair as she joyously gummed her damp pussy lips.

"Gggrrraaahhh!" Jana growled, thrusting forward at the same time, trapping Alice in a vise-like grip between two grinding mouths.

"Eeeyyyeah!" Alice wailed in frantic delight.

The simultaneous slurping and grinding of her cunt and ass had her shivering with joy. Her knees trembled so violently that she could hardly stand.

If not pinned between two sets of churning lips, her lusty spasms would have brought her to her knees.

Alice swayed between them, her eyes clamped tightly closed, her head pitched back and rolling side to side as she chanted a series of lusty moans. "Hhhooo... hhhuuuungh... hhhaaagh!"

Doolie crept up from behind. His enormous cock jerked and heaved in response to each wail that erupted from deep in Alice's throat. He stroked his cock fondly with soft, squeezing strokes, urging more hot blood into his bulging cockhead. The thick knob of his prick swelled and pulsed with tense desire.

"Aaaagggghh!" Jana gasped when his cockwarmed hand touched her shoulder.

She turned and cast a quick backward glance, dragging her wet tongue across the creamy dame of Alice's ass cheek. Doolie's big cock loomed only an inch from her face. She could see his prick's straining, bulbous head and feel its glowing warmth.

He lowered both hands, gripped Jana beneath the arms and lifted her. She bowed forward, intent on giving Alice's tender asshole one last wet lick. Then Doolie set the bound woman off to the side and prodded the soft, sleek cleft Alice thrust toward his eager cock.

"HHHOOOO!" Alice gulped. "Jana! Your tongue... it's so hot and strong!"

"Mmm-hhhmmm!" Jana purred. Her eyes blazed with a savage gleam. She could hardly wait to watch Doolie run his big cock into Alice's ass.

Doolie pressed forward, easing his cock up and down, roughly massaging Alice's dark ass ring.

The heat of raging desire seared her nerves and made her moan.

"Jaaannna! Your tongue feels as big and hard as a monster cock!"

"Mmmmm-hhhhmmmm," Jana said with increasing delight.

Neither Alice or Janey knew yet that Doolie had taken Jana's place. The young girl could not imagine what her mother was doing with her tongue to excite Alice so, but her own competitive urges demanded that she do even more.

"HHHAARRRGH!" Janey roared, and she lunged at Alice's cunt.

Wet pussy oils gushed around her nose and dribbled on her flailing lips.

She twisted her tongue around the rigid nub of Alice's clit, then closed her lips around it and sucked with all her might.

"AAAAYYYY!" Alice screamed. Sparking jolts of pleasure shot in from both her cunt and ass. "HHHUUUNNNGH!"

"I haven't rammed it all the way in yet," Jana cooed.

"DO!" Alice whined in a demanding voice. "I want to feel how far you can reach into my asshole!"

Doolie grinned, enjoying the deception almost as much as the tense, shivering pulses of the woman's ass muscles. He pressed in another inch and screwed his hips around in a wide circle, straining the puckered ring of muscle that clamped and seethed on the swollen head of his magnificent cock.

"Hhhhooa, Jana... fuck my ass! Fuck it good! Twist my shiter, ream it with your fabulous tongue! I caaaannn't beeelieeeve it!"

"More?" Jana asked in a soft, taunting voice.

"Yes. Yes! YES! OOOOH, JAAANNNNA..." Then her wild cry stopped abruptly. "How can you have your tongue so deep in my ass and still talk?"

"Can't you guess? I'm a ventriloquist." And then she added with sadistic delight, "And you're the dummy!"

"HHHHAAAAA?" Alice felt a shivering chill of fear and the long, hot shaft of Doolie's cock at the same moment. He rammed his prick all the way in her ass chute with one swift stroke, thrusting until his coarse mat of cock hair chafed on the split ass cheeks of her glorious ass.

"Whhaat? Wwwhhhooo? AAGOHH!"

The sharp, deep pain caused Alice's knees to jerk and tighten like knots. Her full weight sank on the thick root of Doolie's cock, making it ache with joy.

"Hhhuuunnngh," he grunted, bracing himself to hold her.

Doolie slipped his strong hands up her sides, beneath her flapping arms and around to hold her huge soft tits.

"AAAHHHH!" Alice gasped, leaning back against his powerful chest, melting like butter from the heat of his savage attack.

Her nipples bulged and tingled between his fingers, and she moaned from the clinging force of grasp. Jana trembled, straining jealously at the stinging ropes around her wrists. Her friend had never seemed more harsh and cruel.

Jana felt utterly helpless when she was cast aside, totally frustrated now that she could do nothing but watch the wild writhings of the lewd trio.

Alice gazed down at the strong hands that capped and mauled her tender breasts, milking her soft titflesh until she cried with an anguished mixture of pleasure and pain. At the same time, she felt a giant cock drilling and throbbing in her ass, jabbing back and forth with swift thrusts of raw power. She kicked her feet and squealed tensely each time Doolie drove his prick in her ass, grunting happily as he twisted the thick base of his cock around in her tight ass lips.

"AAAAYYYY!" Alice wailed. "HHHOOO!" Janey kept nipping and diving at her cunt despite Alice's furious squirming.

"Oooooh, GOD!" the woman moaned. "OOOOOH, shit!"

Doolie grinned and whispered: "Don't shit now, lady -- if you do, it's got no place to go except out your ears!"

"Hhhhuuunnngh!" Recovered from the first ripping pain in her ass, Alice nowswelled her chest with disgust.

It made her tits feel all the better to Doolie. He swirled his hands over her creamy tits and twisted her taut nipples with raking sweeps of his rough fingers.

"Hhhheeee!" she whined, rolling her hips, trying vainly to wiggle off the spearing shaft of his huge cock. This increased the wavering tension of strained muscles ringing her tight, dark little asshole. The whole length of her wavering ass tunnel seethed with raging fury. Doolie felt the tightness of her wrenching motions and moaned softly with obscene delight.

"You bastard! Where did you come from?" Alice demanded.

"I ain't come yet," Doolie said. "At least, not with you. When I do, my cum's gonna shoot up your ass... or can't you tell?"

He drove even harder, drumming his hard muscled loins against the soft mounds of her clefted ass.

"Hungh!" Alice grunted. "AAAGGGH!"

Doolie's most powerful thrust rammed Alice forward from the hips, forcing her sleek wet cunt into a grinding collision with Janey's frantic mouth.

"Aaaahhhh!" The young girl teetered on her knees, arms crossed and tied behind her, helpless as she was tipped over backwards by the jabbing frenzy of Doolie's ass-ripping cockstabs.

"Help!" Alice screamed. "RAPE!"

It felt like her ass was on fire, being split in two by a blazing wedge of half-molten steel.

"I don't really need no help," Doolie assured her in a soft and mocking tone. "But if you think you do, I got a big horny brother waiting right outside."

Alice swiveled her head and saw Judd leering through the window, his lips warped in a lewd grin of savage delight. Now, with Janey pushed out of the way, he could see the tense pulses of her wet, dripping cunt. Its black muff of dense pussy hair gleamed and flashed each time she bounced in response to one of Doolie's powerful cock thrusts.

"Ass fucker!" Alice snarled, "I'll scratch your eyes out!"

Her arms flew back behind her head, thumbs hooked like claws, as she searched blindly for his eye sockets.

Doolie just laughed and leaned his head back safely out of reach, still fucking in a steady rhythm with his hips while he squeezed and twisted her aching tits. He caught the tip of her thumb in his mouth and bit down hard with his teeth just in the back of the first knuckle.

"AAAYYY!" Alice cried in pain and alarm. It felt like he might bite her thumb off.

"Hhhunngh!" Doolie grunted with satisfaction through tightly clenched teeth.

Then his tongue danced in slow circles, wetting and stroking Alice's wiggling thumb tip.

"I'm gonna bite and suck those thick sweet nipples of yours the same way," he warned.

Alice had been stunned and dazed by the suddenness of his attack. Almost before she knew what was happening, she found herself helpless, speared by a giant cock and encircled by arms with ribbed bands of muscle as unyielding as steel chain.

The sensation of soaring pleasure she'd felt while having both Janey and her mother bound and helpless on their knees vanished in a blinding swirl of pain. The pain twisted and sank deep, jagged and sharp as a lightning bolt, flashing from ass to brain and back again.

Now suddenly, Alice found that she could hardly move. The fierce cock that fucked her from behind jerked her feet off the floor and left them flapping ineffectively.

The surging power she'd felt while snapping the whip drained out of her. Her muscles quaked with the chilling weakness of sheer panic. Dominant master one moment, tortured victim the next -- the contrast was so extreme that it added a new dimension to her torment. Alice now knew exactly how Jana and her young daughter felt when cowering helplessly before her.

"Let me go," she moaned. "Please... you're hurting me! My ass -- AAAGGGHHH -- I've never felt a cock as big as yours. UUUNGH! Stop! Ooooh, I can't stand it! Shit, your prick must be two feet long!"

"Nnnoooo," Doolie said. "But my brother and me... we got a good two feet between us. Hey, Judd!"

Chapter ELEVEN

Judd walked into the lounge through the rear door, smiling as he faced the raven-haired beauty helplessly speared on the driving length of his brother's big cock. Doolie kept up his steady, rhythmic strokes, reaming and twisting her tortured ass and chuckling to himself each time he heard Alice utter an anguished moan.

Her knees doubled up and drew tight as knots each time Doolie eased back, letting the long, veinribbed shaft of his prick glide through the tight, clinging dark lips of her ass. Then, as he plowed back in her ass, sinking his cock deep, her legs shot out straight in front.

"Aaaayyy!" she cried, trembling from the searing pain.

Jana and her daughter both crouched on their knees, arms crossed behind them, cruelly knotted to their ankles. Tense, grim little smiles curled their lips. They could both still feel the blazing red welts left by the lash of braided leather. And both still felt the humiliation of being whipped and forced to satisfy -- at least partially -- Alice's lewd desires.

"I can hardly wait to see what they do with her!" Jana whispered to her daughter in a low voice tight with excitement.

"I know..." Janey's voice had a wistful ring.

The fierce competition with her mother was over -- at least for now -- and nothing had really been decided. They'd both been pushed aside, helpless, except to watch and enjoy how Alice kicked and howled in the grip of torment.

Her ass flailed, still clawing for Doolie's face behind her head. As Judd stepped near, slowly stroking the thick long shaft of his cock, Alice turned her attention to him. She balled both hands into fists and swung wildly.

Judd dodged back just out of reach, taunting her with a wicked grin. In his free hand he held a sixfoot length of stout nylon rope. It trailed behind him on the floor, dragging across the coiled whip Alice had dropped in the heat of her excitement.

Her eyes hung on the bobbing knob of his big cock. It seemed to be leering up at her like a bulging, bloodshot eye.

"Hhhmmmm," Judd said each time his hand came forward, bunching a web of loose skin around the gleaming bright knob of his cock.


He stroked back toward his loins, stretching the skin of his cock tight along his throbbing prickshaft.

"Nnnnoooo," Alice said in a voice strained with fear. The thought of having two giant cocks in her at once was almost more than her mind could bear. "Get away from me!"

Judd just laughed.

"Beast... lecher!" Alice snapped, biting off the words. Then she shot out her right hand, jabbing for the point of Judd's chin.

"Ha!" The drumming on his cock flicked up and brushed the blow aside, then he caught her wrist and twisted it.

"Eeeeyyy!" Alice whined, startled by his quickness, numbed by the crushing force of his grip.

His hand, locked around her wrist, still radiated the heat absorbed from stroking his massive prick.

"Hhhuuungh!" she groaned, straining uselessly against his superior strength.

Judd bent her right arm and twisted it across her chest. "Bring her other arm up behind her back. We'll keep this little pussy from using her claws!"

"Hhuunngh..." Doolie grabbed her left arm and bent it like a green twig, lifting and twisting until she could almost touch the blade of her right shoulder.

"AAAAGGGHHHH! You're breaking my arm!" she cried.

Judd looped and knotted the rope around her right wrist, then dropped the coil over her left shoulder and let the rope trail down her back like her shining hair.

"Take a couple of turns around her pretty neck," Judd said. "Then tie her other arm up tight behind her back."

"Oooooh, NO!" Alice could feel the sleek cold rope circle her throat.

Her arm was bent almost to the breaking point behind her. And all the while, Doolie's cock kept thrusting into her ass, never missing a beat or slowing its fucking rhythm.

"Hungh-unnngh-graahhhh!" Alice moaned.

Judd stepped back for a better look, grinning and stroking his cock again. Alice had brought her legs down, but even with her toes pointed, she could hardly touch the floor, and each time Doolie fucked her ass with a deep moan of brutal delight, her hips bucked and jerked toward Judd's searching gaze.

He could see the damp gleam of heated cunt oil in her dense thatch of cunt hair. And when her hips lurched forward, her legs flew apart, exposing the pink-lipped source of her dripping desire.

"Hhhhmmmm!" Judd said. "Looks like soft, sweet wet cunt to me!"

"Bastard!" Alice writhed uncontrolled, trying in vain to clamp her cunt lips tightly shut.

Each time Doolie slammed into her ass, she felt her cunt lips ripped and spread by the brutal fucking force from behind. The result was a pulsing motion that soon caught Judd's narrowed, lust-filled eyes.

Alice's bound arm angled up between her heaving tits. Her right tit bulged, squeezed in the crook of her elbow. Her other red-tipped tit swayed violently in time with Doolie's joyous cock thrusts.

Janey screamed: "Whip her like she whipped us!" And Judd smiled down on her, obviously liking the idea.

"Why not? Maybe it'll make her cunt hotter still!" He bent down and scooped up the discarded whip.

"Ooooh, God!" Alice shivered, tugging at the rope and its biting knots.

The memory of what Stan had done to her with the electric cord blazed fresh in her mind. Alice tugged hysterically at the rope binding her wrists, frantic in restraint, fearful of the searing lash.

"Noooo!" she whined, but Judd's powerful arm was already arched above his head and blurring down. "AAAYYYY!"

Doolie had thrust into her ass with his cock, lifting her to meet the snapping whip. Alice felt a double burst of pain, like twin rockets exploding in her mind.

"Ooooh..." She slumped, limp and trembling.

"Again!" Janey cried. "Hhhhoooo!"

The sexy young blonde squirmed excitedly on her knees, trying to work one hand around so she could wiggle a finger up her ass and feel at least part of what Alice was getting from Doolie's monster cock.

Jana strained, twisting her right arm until she reached the knot binding her left wrist. Watching the long, sleek leather braid leave its flaming mark on Alice's creamy white skin excited her wildly. She had to get loose and join in the fun!

"Hhhuuungh!" she groaned, pulling at the tightly knotted strands.

"EEEYYYAAAH!" Alice convulsed, jerking up her legs as the whip struck across her chest, stinging and smarting the tit that bulged out in the crook of her arm.

"Hhheeee!" Janey gasped at the same time, sinking her finger deep in her seething shithole. She began to rock, fucking her ass into a joyous frenzy.

Doolie timed his grinding hip motions so that his cock sank to its hairy root an instant before the whip hissed and popped on Alice's silky smooth skin. Each biting slash of the whip set off frantic spasms in the depths of the woman's ass, and hot, clinging waves stampeded up and down the shaft of his cock.

"Hhhhaaaa," Doolie gasped, raking the base of his cock around in a slow and tightening spiral of delight. "This is the best ass I ever fucked!"

Judd's cock bulged long and hard like the stiff handle of the whip. Alice kept gazing at it with tear-streaked eyes, horribly fearful of what his prick would feel like inside her cunt. Dread of a second huge cock sent chilling tingles up her spine, signals that clashed in her mind with the burning pain from the whip and the brutal cock spiked deep in her ass.

"Oooooh," Alice moaned.

She could feel control of her senses slipping away. The chafing of the rope coiled tightly around her wrists and neck, the stabbing pain of Doolie's throbbing cock almost ripping the walls of her asshole apart and the brutal, burning welts that criss-crossed her heaving chest... it all swirled around until she felt dizzy and weak.

"I'm going to faint," she moaned.

She trembled an her head tolled as though her neck had een broken. Then she stiffened and screamed: "Oh, Christ... no! I'm going to COME!"

Feeling faint was just a brief lapse before the heated burst of passion that came with a welcome climax.

"Me -- UNNNGH! -- too!" Doolie stabbed one final time with his cock, bending backward to sink his prickshaft as deep in her ass as he could.

Alice felt the stiff, searing shock of the whip and a hot, molten rush of creamy jism at the same time. The lash burned on her flesh and left its blazing scar across her chest. The jism steamed unseen in her deepest, darkest place. She felt Doolie's cum spray and splash off her ass walls, wetting the huge head of his cock.

"Oooh-hooo-oooh," Alice moaned in counterpoint to Doolie's deep, satisfied grunts. Then her voice tensed and shrilled into a scream of ecstasy.

Doolie pitched backward, too weakened by his gushing orgasm to hold Alice's weight any longer.

He crashed to the floor like a falling log. Alice wailed in terror and fell with him, still speared in the ass by his spurting cock.

"Grrutmgh!" he grunted, breathless when her writhing body fell on his, kicking and squirming, wrenching his cock around in her cum-greased asshole.

Alice rocked back, screwing her puckered, cumdripping ass down hard an the root of his cock, clamping with her dark ass ring.

"Don't you dare go soft!" she screamed. "I'm not thrrrrrough!"

She squirmed in frantic delight, kicking her heels hard on the floor.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" she cried with a final shiver of delight as Doolie's hot breath gushed in her ear like the last weak spurts from his drained cock.

"Hhhhhuuuunnnngh," he sighed, satisfied for the moment.

Judd let the whip slide from his hand. His cock was too aching hot to think about anything but fucking.

"If your done, little brother... I guess I'll take my turn with the bitch's cunt!"

Alice lay on her back, arms bound, eyes flashing up at Judd as he stepped astride her. Doolie squirmed out from underneath the gasping woman, softly stroking his wet, gleaming cock.

"Go to it, Judd... you can tell she's still hot far more cock!"

"No, no... I'm tired. Oh, his big prick really wore me out. I need to rest."

Judd curved his lips in a sneer of unconcern. "She probably says that to her husband all the time... I'm tired, dear." He said the last words in a high and mocking tone. "And my answer to that is, tough shit, lady..."

"Grrruunngh!" Alice writhed on the floor alone, straining against the ropes so hard they began to rub her wrists raw and tighten dangerously around her neck. "Aaaaagh! I can't breathe!"

"Then don't talk... save your breath." Judd knelt down and spread her legs, gazing hotly at the wet slit of her black, furry cunt. "Your pussy is too pretty to waste."

"Oooooh," Alice gasped weakly. She could breathe again when her struggles ceased. "Yes, do it -- fuck my cunt with your big cock. Huunnngh, I've been holding back too long. I need a big cock... thick and long and hot!"

Judd inched forward, forcing his stiff prick down with a strong hand, stroking his knobbed cockhead back and forth between the soft pink lips of her cunt.

"Uuunngh!" Alice gulped and writhed from the feel of the warm throbbing prick between her lets. The pulses from Judd's searing prickhead felt like an echo of her own racing heart. "Ooh, I want to get fucked!" she cried. "I've been so stupid, holding back so long!"

Janey watched with an envious gleam in her eye, biting her lip to keep from crying out as she watched Judd's thick prick sink out of sight in Alice's soft, squirming wet cunt.

"Oaoooh," she gasped. "I think Alice has learned her lesson."

"You're about to learn one too," Jana said with a rushing sigh of satisfaction. She'd finally wiggled free of the ropes binding her wrists.

"Whhaa -- what do you mean?"

Janey watched with widening eyes as her mother struggled to her feet, still unsteady from having been tied so long. She was stepping in the direction of the whip on the floor.

"You're not going to whip your own daughter...?"

"No, dear... I'm going to do worse than that. I'm going to leave you there with nothing to do but watch and wiggle a finger up your ass."


"First you'll find out what it's like to be teased. And then after you've watched awhile, maybe you'll learn to be the hot fucking woman you've always thought you were. Doolie, come here and let me suck your big beautiful cock!"

"Oooooh, shit!" Janey could see Judd's long prick sliding in and out of Alice's sleek wet cunt. The vein-ribbed shaft of his prick glimmered in the cabin lights, and Alice let out long, deep moans of heated joy as his cock sank into her cunt.

"Ooooooh, Doolie!" Janey heard her mother say as she sank willingly to her knees. "Why did you guys keep my head covered for so long? You two have the most beautiful big cocks I ever saw!"

Doolie's warm cockmeat drooped and swayed between his legs, freshly spent and still gleaming with a slick smear of glazed cum.

"And, hhhmmmmm, it tastes so salty sweet!" Jana flicked at his thick cock knob with darting thrusts of her tongue.

On the floor beside them, Alice twitched her hips from side to side each time Judd slammed his prick into her, grunting deeply as their hips clashed with a slapping fury.

"More!" she begged him. "Ram your cock in deep. Oh, yeah -- fuck me full of your hot cock! Unnngh, I've needed a real man for a long, long time!"

Jana cupped Doolie's sweaty, musky-scented nut sac in her hands and lifted it gently, stirring his balls with slow, excited shivers of her fingertips. At the same time, her lips formed a shimmering and closed warmly on his cock's head.

She sucked in gently, collapsing her wet cheeks to hug and squeeze the knobbed head of his long prick.

"AAAHHHH," Jana gushed hot breath on him. "I love your cock! And I'm going to make your beautiful prick as big and hard as it was before!"

Doolie just moaned, rolling his eyes. With all the fucking he'd been doing, that didn't seem possible at first. Then he felt her lips close again like a soft wet vise, inching and crawling over the length of his stiffening prick.

"I want you to fuck my face full!" Jana said with a grunt as she dragged her lips back and released his prick with a soft pop. "I can taste traces of jiz on your cock now... but I'm going to make you fire a full load of cum. I got soooo hungry just grinding my lips when my head was covered."

Doolie felt fresh, eager pulses starting up from the root of his wilted prick. "Suck my cock good," he demanded. "Don't just talk about it!"

"Yuuummmm, you bet I will!"

And Jana spread her lips, gulping and grinding on his prick with her gums, teasing the furious vigor back into his cock.

"Hhhhhmmmmm," she purred each time she drew back, hesitating with just the bulbous head of his prick locked in her swirling lips. She wanted her smart-ass little daughter to see how big and steaming hot his cock was. And she wanted her to drool!

"Gggrruuuunnngh!" Janey cried, tugging at the ropes binding her wrists and ankles. "This is the worst torture of all!"

The finger she had wiggling in her ass seemed so pitifully small and weak compared to the two huge strong cocks she was forced to watch pumping joyously in and out of her mother and Alice. Before coming on this houseboat voyage, Janey never would have dreamed two women their ages could be so fucking horny.

In a way, it made Janey feel better. Somehow she'd imagined that sexual joy faded and wilted past thirty. Obviously not. The two women together were doing wilder things than anything Janey ever could have thought of on her own. But it made her feel like shit to be left out.

"Whaaaat about meeee?" she whined.

"You just let your little pussy simmer," Doolie said.

"Your cunt's young -- it'll keep," her mother added after another deep, delicious nibble of hot prick.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Janey heaved her tits, tugging wildly against the ropes.

Jana chuckled softly, watching from the corner of her eye. "Think how fucking hot she's going to be by the time you get back to her," she whispeied to Doolie.

She no longer feared competition with her sexy young daughter -- she relished it. Judd and Doolie had plenty of cock for everyone!

Alice felt a violent shiver deep inside her cunt. Her writhing cunt muscles writhed along the length of Judd's thick cock, pulling and sucking with sleek wet friction.

"Uuuunngggh," she groaned. "God, you're making me come already!"

"Yeah!" Judd gasped, and kept thrusting his cock deeper -- twisting it all the way up her magnificent wet cunt. "I'mmmm cooommiing too!"

Alice stiffened beneath him, arching her back and thrusting her hips. I was such a fool wanting to share this voyage with only two other empty cunts, she thought.

"Ooooh, Judd -- I'm soooo glad you came!"

Judd answered with deep grunts of joy as hot jism blazed from the slit of his big cock. He felt his cum heave and spurt with each searing charge. Through the wet, moaning sounds of wild delight, he could almost hear the heavy splash on her slick, writhing cunt walls.

"I'm glad I came too," he whispered when Alice's wringing cunt had squeezed out the last possible drop of his jiz.

But Alice shivered tensely before blissful calm settled in. "The sheriff is going to be looking for this boat!" she gasped in alarm. "Because of what we did leaving the marina."

"It's all right," Judd said, and he closed his lips on her sweet nipple. "I know a channel it'll take them a week to find."

Alice flashed a lewd grin, warmed already by the pull of his lips on her heavy nipple. "A whole week? How nice! That's exactly how long this vacation of ours was supposed to last."

"Hhhhmmmm," Jana moaned with delight. And then she said to Doolie, "Do you think I can keep your big prick hot for a whole week?"

He grinned and rammed his cock back in her mouth. "If you can't, there's a sexy little blonde bitch who's itching to try!"

At last Janey smiled. The ropes holding her in bondage didn't seem so tight when she thought of the long week ahead and all of the wild delights she had left to learn.


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