Bondage slaves

Who can judge a person's reactions during times of stress? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can either be a positive or negative experience, surely one that would be etched permanently in their minds.

BONDAGE SLAVES, four women find themselves in such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sex acts for four devious men, they nonetheless find within themselves hidden resources, strengths of character that none of them ever realized they possessed.

The four ladies suffer unspeakable horrors, to be sure, but they manage somehow to come through it all with their sensibilities intact, knowing that each is more of a woman from the experience itself.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, not that!"

Janice twisted her pretty face aside as Jim tried to slip the big gag between her lips.

"Take it," he commanded sternly.

"I can't, Jim. Please don't make me wear that horrible thing too," the young woman pleaded.

"It's part of the costume, Slave. Now open your mouth or I'll make you take it," Jim demanded again. His voice was hard and cold. He was already playing his part. Playing it altogether too well, Janice thought.

She tightened her jaws for a moment as she glared at the young man.

"Damn you," she whispered.

Jim lifted the big black rubber ball to Jan's sexy lips. He pressed it against them, and Jan suddenly grabbed it out of his hand.

"I'll do it, you creep," she said sullenly. She held the hard rubber ball gag in her delicate hand for a long moment, turning it over and over, touching the thong that would tie it behind her neck to hold the huge ball in place between her teeth.

She sighed and shook her head.

"I sure hope you don't let this get out of hand, Jim," she said seriously, looking at him.

Ever since they had purchased their costumes, Jim had been playing the part of Master to the hilt. His whole attitude had suddenly changed.

And as far herself, Jan had to admit that wearing this skimpy little costume did make her feel submissive and demure, small and helpless. And it wasn't the worst feeling she'd ever had, either. She was just worried that Jim might want to carry this game a little further than she did.

She took a deep breath. Well, she thought, I'd better start trusting him, if he's going to be my husband.

Jim glanced at her. He smiled, but it wasn't his usual smile. This was a harsher, less humorous smile, like the strained smile of the guilty.


"Just put it in your mouth, will you?"

"Promise you won't hurt me?"

"Hurt you? Why would I hurt you, honey?"

Jan shrugged. Why would he, after all? He loved her. She loved him. He'd never hurt her in the months they had been going together. Well, almost never. And even when he did hurt her, it was out of love and an attempt to make sex a little more exciting for her and him.

"Well, would you promise me one thing, then?"


Jan winced at the tone of his voice. He was getting annoyed with her questioning and hesitating.

"Promise me you won't let anyone take off my mask?"

Jim snorted. "Sure, honey. I promise."

Jan licked her lips. She wasn't convinced. But she cleared her throat, swallowed one last time, and opened her mouth. She parted her lips and pressed the foul-tasting rubber ball against her upper teeth, forcing the bulk of the hard sphere up to the roof of her mouth, behind her teeth. She worked her jaws and forced the big ball behind her lower teeth, too. God, it was so fucking huge!

She breathed through her nose, testing the ease with which she could breathe this way. It seemed to be OK, but her jaws were stretched so wide that they hurt. She didn't know how long she could keep the gag in her mouth, if it got any worse.

Her lips were stretched taut over the front of the ball. The thin but strong thongs dangled down from the corners of her mouth. Jan took them in each hand and brought the loose ends around behind her neck, brushing her long blonde hair out of the way so she could knot the thong under her hair.

She tied it firmly but not too tightly.

She groaned and looked at Jim, so he could see she'd done her job as he'd told her to. He was staring at the highway, his hands clenching the steering wheel tightly. Jan nudged his arm and he glanced at her quickly.

His eyes went wide, and he nodded.

"Damn, honey. You look so fucking sexy like that, I could stop this car right here on the highway."

Jan felt a lot better at that little outburst. That was her Jim, suddenly enthusiastic over her sexiness.

Maybe it would all work out.

She sat there quietly, working her jaws to ease the strain of the gagging ball. Thank God it was only a few more miles to the party.

She was dressed in a very sexy little French maid outfit. It was black and white, and it set off her lovely long hair to perfection. Jan didn't mind the maid part of the costume. In fact, she responded to putting it on with a trickle of cunt juice.

She knew her long legs looked good in the black stockings. And the short skirt that left part of her creamy thighs bare was the sexiest thing she'd worn in a long time, and she knew it. She loved the skirt and black stockings, and the way Jim could see the garter straps pulled taut over the bare flesh of her thighs. The panties covered her adequately, though she would have preferred them to be a little bit better fitting. They were so damned tight that her cunt mound seemed to be five times its normal size.

The little frilly apron was a delight.

And the tight blouse -- forcing her large young breasts to lift and bulge out over the top, almost to the point of showing her rich brown nipples was stunning.

Jan had loved getting into the costume, and had posed for Jim in her apartment, pretending to be a little French maid.

Jan frowned. Had that been the beginning of this odd change in the man? She couldn't pinpoint it, exactly. Maybe it didn't really matter, anyway.

Her jaws seemed to throb around the rubber ball.

It had been Jim's idea to add the bondage gear to the basic French maid costume, and to go as Master and Slave to the party. He had convinced her it would be harmless, since the party was a Halloween masked ball, and nobody would be taking off their masks until after midnight. He had promised to have her out of there long before then, and it had been the gleam in his eyes that had finally convinced her to go ahead with it.

Jan was already wearing the dog collar they had bought at the pet shop. She knew the chain was in the glove compartment. She quivered slightly at the thought of walking into the crowded room on her hands and knees, especially dressed in this short little nothing of a skirt, and with her neck in a dog collar, and with Jim holding onto the chain as though he was taking a pet dog for a stroll.

But her quiver was partly one of excitement, too. She felt her cunt lips loosening slightly, growing wetter and wetter as they drove along.

The dog collar was far too tight around her slim neck. She had complained when Jim forced it tight an extra notch, pulling it so tight for a moment that she actually saw stars.

She was aware of her every swallow.

"Get the cuffs out of the glove compartment. We're almost there," Jim told her.

Jan leaned forward and opened the small compartment. She moved the dog chain aside and pulled out the two pairs of steel handcuffs Jim had bought the day before.

"Put them on."

Jan bent far forward and slipped one cuff around her right ankle, clicking the steel shut around her flesh. She repeated this action with the other cuff around her left ankle.

They were locked on now, until Jim decided to free her. He had the only key in his pocket.

She slipped one steel cuff around her wrist, pushing the frilly material of her tight blouse back up her wrists to bare the warm flesh. The cuff was cold and unyielding. She locked the other cuff around her free wrist, and rested her cuffed hands in her lap.

"We're here," Jim informed her needlessly. He seemed to be talking to her, just to give her commands, or just to be able to speak harshly to her.

Jan nodded, cocking her head toward him as though to tell him she wasn't blind.

Even though she would be, in a moment.

"Put on your mask."

Jan took one final moment to look at the man. She was too far into the game not to back out. She searched his face for some sign that she could trust him fully.

He glanced at her as he swung the car into the covered stalls at the side of the big old house.

She raised her eyebrows, asking her vague question.

Jim suddenly winked.

Jan would have smiled if she hadn't been so thoroughly gagged. Her heart racing with happiness and an unrecognized horniness, she reached into the glove compartment with both hands and pulled out her mask.

It was a hood. It covered the top of her head and pulled down over her eyes. There were two flaps that could be closed, so that she would be blindfolded. A strap went under her chin so she couldn't knock it off, and the strap had a tiny padlock. And Jim had that key too.

She waited until he shut off the engine, then handed him the helmet-like mask.

He brushed her hair out of her lovely face and slipped the hood over her head, pulling it down snugly around her ears and over her eyes. She looked out through the two narrow slits.

Jim pulled the strap down under her chin, making sure it fit firmly and wasn't twisted. Then he buckled it in place and slipped the tiny padlock through the ring, locking it down.

He showed the key to Jan, then put it in his pocket with the key to the cuffs.


Jan fumbled at the door handle and finally got the door open. She slipped sideways on the seat and placed both feet down on the gravel. She stood up unsteadily in the six-inch high heels on her small feet and waited until Jim came around to help her walk to the house.

Jim took his time locking the car. He came around to the young woman and took the chain out of the glove compartment. He locked the passenger door, then turned to Janice.

"You're one hell of a beautiful woman, Jan. And I love you very much." He kissed her cheek beside the thong that dug into the corner of her aching mouth.

Jan moaned in response, and felt her nipples swell inside the tight bra she was wearing.

He hooked the chain into the dog collar. It dangled down her back, curving up into his hand.


Jan took a deep breath. She nodded.

"Good girl." Jim reached up and closed both eyeflaps, blinding the young woman totally.

Jan had never felt so helpless. She was totally at the mercy of another human being. There was absolutely nothing she could now do without Jim's explicit permission and guidance. And there was utterly nothing she could ask of him with the huge ball crammed in her mouth.

She was his, completely, and this knowledge sent a jolt of pleasure into her cunt that made her shudder with its intensity. Her clit swelled into a hard wet nubbin. Her guts churned hard.

"Down," Jim commanded.

Out here? Jan had expected him to at least help her to the front door first. But she did as he told her, squatting down, then dropping forward onto her hands and knees.

She saw immediately that it was going to be very difficult to move even like this, with both hands and legs cuffed together. She could take only the shortest little steps.


She put one hand out, feeling out the ground ahead of her carefully. She didn't want to cut herself on the hard sharp stones of the graveled driveway.

Her knee struck a stone on the first step, and she winced. Her loud moan was met with a sudden sharp stinging slap to her bare thigh from behind.

She groaned.

Shit! She'd forgotten about that damned little whip.

"I'm not going to do that, Harry," Lynn said firmly, stamping her foot. Her huge breasts jiggled with the force of her motion, and Harry watched them, feeling his balls grow tighter and fuller.

"You Goddamn fucking sure as hell are, you little bitch," he told her. His eyes went narrow and his lips tightened.

Lynn saw his hand leap out and she gave a high-pitched squeak as she jumped backward, yanking her arm back just in time.

Harry's hand swiped across the front of her body as she twisted away, and his fingers caught under the row of buttons down the front of her incredibly well-filled blouse.

With a loud rip and a series of quiet pops, the buttons flew to all corners of the room, and Lynn's blouse tore open. Her huge bra cups spilled into view through the gaping rip in her blouse.

"Damn you, Harry! Now look what you've done!" Lynn shouted, turning her back to the man and trying to pull her shredded blouse back over her big tits.

Lynn was embarrassed by the immensity of her breasts. They were firm and big, and they rode high on her chest without any sagging, but they were so big that Lynn had been the butt of vile jokes since they had first begun to bloom at the tender age of ten.

And now, full-blown and tremendous. Lynn's young tits were practically the only reason anybody ever asked her out.

She knew she wasn't the smartest girl in the world, but she sure as hell wasn't as dumb as her dates thought she was. She let only a select few touch those magnificent young globes, and never on a first date.

And she made them pay for it, but good. Only the best shows, the most expensive restaurants, the finest gifts, would get the boys into her apartment. And after that first touch they had better be the fucking best in the sack or Lynn threw them out so fast they barely had time to find their pants.

Lynn was a horny young lady, and she had all the right equipment to get the best of the horny young men. She used her body to get what she wanted and she felt no shame in that. But her big breasts still embarrassed her, on occasion, when she was trying to be a real lady, and the same old stares told her she was no closer to that than when she was ten.

Harry gripped Lynn's upper arms and tried to force her back around to face him.

"Stop that, Harry," Lynn said. Her voice was quiet now, and she was pouting. Few things in the world were as overpoweringly sexual as Lynn's mouth in a pout.

Except her cunt lips, sucking a big cock.

"Come on, baby. Let's get ready and just enjoy ourselves, huh? Come on," Harry coaxed, slowly turning her body.

Lynn was holding her blouse closed over her tits with both hands, her head lowered, her pretty lips pursed.

"No," she whispered. "I don't want to do that."

"It's just a party, Lynnie."

Harry coaxed Lynn's hands away from her breasts. He stroked the side of her cheek with the back of one hand while he slowly opened the rip in her blouse with the other.

Lynn let him do it. Her hands hung limply at her sides.

"I know, Harry," she said very quietly, her head still lowered.

Harry pulled her chin upward, making her look at him. He pressed his lips down onto hers lightly, then pulled away. He knew she loved being teased, like that, tasting and touching very lightly, tentatively, before she got too hot to handle.

"Why do you want me to go like that, Harry?"

Harry smiled at her. "Because you're so fucking beautiful, honey. And I want those other guys to fucking die of frustration, knowing they can't even touch you."

"And knowing you'll be bringing me home, to bed?"

Harry grinned.

Lynn suddenly snorted and brought her hands up behind Harry's back, hugging him hard. She felt his hands at her breasts, cupping and kneading the warm flesh through the big cups of her bra. It felt so fucking good when Harry did it. He knew just how to rub her nipples through the silken cups to bring her to a frenzy of lust before she'd even begun to strip.

She thrust her hips against the front of his legs.

"You really want me to do it, Harry?" she asked in her best little girl voice, licking her lips and making them very, very wet as she looked up into his face, her eyes glazed and dreamy looking.

"You bet, baby."

Lynn sighed, taking a deep breath and crushing her giant tit globes gainst Harry's clutching hands.

"Ohhhh, allright, Harry," she finally said.

She kissed him lightly. Her lips just barely brushed over his. Her tongue slipped out and stroked over his upper lip. He caught her hot tongue between his lips and sucked it gently into his mouth, and Lynn thrust it deep, letting him take it all. He sucked the soft, wet, succulent tongue harder and harder, until Lynn was standing up on her tiptoes, moaning loudly.

Her heart thudded hard in her chest. Her nipples grew rigid. Harry could feel those spike-like nipples poking into his chest as Lynn stretched fully against his body.

He dropped one hand down along her back, stroking his palm firmly downward over the young woman's taut ass cheeks, feeling the smoothness of the ass barely contained by her jeans.

"Oooo, Harry," Lynn moaned and purred into his ear. She wiggled her cunt against his bulging cock.

Harry kneaded the girl's hard ass, stroking and kneading the back of her thighs through the jeans, too. Lynn wrapped her long arms up around Harry's neck and pulled her small body up to his, stretching her whole body taut along the front of his body.

"Fuck me, Harry," Lynn cooed. "Please fuck me. Fuck me standing up like this. Fuck me, Harry. Please fuck me."

Harry moaned as Lynn begged him to fuck her. He worked his hand around to the side of her tight jeans and fumbled with the snap and, the zipper down the side of her curvy young hip.

Lynn hugged his neck and kissed and sucked at his cheek as she felt her jeans loosen around her slender waist. For a girl with such immense tits, her body was amazingly trim and small. And for all their size, Lynn's breasts were still somehow nicely proportioned for her body.

Maybe it was the athletic strength that was apparent in her body, the way she held herself, or just the chance combination of size and shape.

She whimpered as Harry's hand slipped inside the rear of the jeans and began working them down over her ass cheeks.

"Mmmmm, yeah, baby. Grab my ass nice and hard! Yeah. Oh, Harry," Lynn cooed, licking and kissing his earlobe, whispering and begging. "Fuck me, Harry. Fuck my Goddamn cunt hole, honey. Mmmm. Come on!"

She humped her cunt mound hard against the stiff rod inside Harry's pants, rubbing her itching twat up and down along the hard pole, mashing the front of her loosened jeans against the front of Harry's tight pants.

Harry worked her jeans down over the warm and sleek ass checks, feeling Lynn's taut panties as the jeans dropped down around her knees.

"Oh, Harry, fuck me, honey. Put this big cock of yours right up my wet little hole. Please, Harry. Came on, baby," Lynn whimpered, her hands clawing at the back of Harry's neck, her lips seeking his in a desperate sucking frenzy.

Harry pressed both hands flat over Lynn's panty-clad ass cheeks, kneading and massaging the firm smooth globes. Lynn winced.

She chewed on the man's lower lip, gnawing at it as he kissed her lips, trying to suck on them.

His hands slipped underneath the girl's taut panties and cupped her taut cheeks. His fingers worked their way deep into her ass crack, feeling the moisture and heat along her ass hole.

Lynn was writhing wildly as she clung to his body. Her mouth was all over his face, and her hands and fingernails were clutching at the back of his neck and shoulders.

Harry reached down and cupped the under-slopes of her ass cheeks and lifted her body up onto his.

Lynn fought away.

"Fuck me, honey. Make me naked for you! Fuck me, fuck me! Come on, honey, fuck me. Please," Lynn gasped, licking her lips and rolling her head loosely on her shoulders. She stepped back away from Harry's body and quickly jerked her panties down her long slim legs.

She tore at her ripped blouse, yanked it down her arms, and threw it behind her, heedless of where the thing fell. She reached high up behind her back to unhook her bra strap, and clawed the shoulder straps down her arms. This garment flew over her head and landed far across the room.

She was already barefoot, so now she was totally naked. Her young body was stunning to behold. Harry shook his head in wonder as he looked her over from head to toe. Lynn smiled her sexiest smile as she reached up with both arms and lifted one long leg up around Harry's hip, slowly rubbing her naked pussy mound up and down along the ridge of Harry's throbbing, bulging cock.

"Come on, Harry. You want me to go to your party like this, don't you?" Lynn pouted. She bent forward and began chewing on Harry's collar.

Harry reached down and held her lifted thigh, working his fingers upward so he could feel the underside of Lynn's young wet twat.

Lynn twitched when she felt his fingers tickle her pussy lips.

"I'll do it, Harry," she said in a husky, sexy whisper. "I'll do anything you want me to, Harry. If you'll fuck me. Fuck me, sweetheart. Please fuck me."

Harry gripped her thigh hard, making her whimper at the slight pain. Lynn wanted to be controlled, Harry knew. But it took so damned long to force her into it.

When she was ready, though, she was worth any wait, any damned frustration.

And she was ready now!

Harry pushed her head back and gripped her long blonde hair in his other fist, yanking her head still further backward. Lynn gulped hard. Her lips parted slightly. She waited.

"Take my pants off, baby."

Lynn's hands flew to the front of the man's pants and yanked his zipper down. She fumbled at his belt, unable to see it with her head pulled so far back. She got it open and pushed the waist of his pants downward. She couldn't kneel to take them off, not with his hand pulling her hair.

She waited.

Harry slowly pressed downward on her head, bending forward as he did so to force Lynn to her knees.

She finished removing Harry's pants. She reached back up and stripped off his underpants, liberating his immense cock. It flipped out over the top of the waist of the under pants as she dragged them down his legs, and bounced a few times. It stopped, aimed right at her face.

Harry helped her by stepping out of his underpants. He held her hair.

"Please, Harry," Lynn begged. "Please, honey. I'll suck you, Harry. I'll give you the best blow job in the world, baby. But please. Please fuck me. Fuck me, honey. Let me get up, let me climb up onto your big cock, baby. Fuck me."

Harry yanked hard, and Lynn shot to her feet. She threw her body up onto his, lifting both legs up around his ass and jamming her hot wet twat down hard onto his cock head.

"Oh, baby. You're sooo hard for me!"

Lynn squirmed and squatted, mashing her pussy lips open over the hard-hooded head of Harry's prick. She felt the huge thing sink partly into her tight young sopping channel.

"God, baby. You're so fucking hard I can't believe it." Lynn pulled her head back and looked into his eyes. "Does thinking about taking me to your party like this excite you that much?"

Harry gave her a lecherous smile. His hand crept up over her naked back to grip her neck. His other hand went low, cupping one of her taut ass cheeks for support.

"You're damn fucking right, Lynnie," he said. He slid his fat cock deep into her tight cunt tube, all the way up inside her hole.

Lynn threw her head back. Her hair lashed wildly from side to side as Harry's cock filled her pussy hole to the limit. She felt completely impaled, filled to the absolute maximum.

"Ohhhhh! God!" she moaned. Her legs tightened their grip on his thighs and ass, and she squeezed her cunt mound tighter down over his hard rod.

"Mmmmmm, Harry. I love it. Oh, God. Fuck me. Fuck me," she pleaded. Her voice was soft and sexy. Her body clung to his, and she trembled on the impaling pole of his dork.

Harry arched his ass outward, pulling his cock partly out of Lynn's twat channel. She clawed at his neck. He jerked forward, jamming his huge rod deep into her.

Lynn's cunt sizzled as the smooth top of Harry's prick rode over it, tight and hard. She ground her pussy down against the pole, squashing her clit along the full length of the man's rigid cylinder of love meat.

Lynn gasped hard for air. She was kissing and licking Harry's throat, clinging tightly to him. Her ass began moving, pumping up and down in a rhythm opposite his humping in and out of her dripping slit.

"Goddamn, Harry. Ummm. Uh. Uh. Do it, baby. It feels so fucking good. Ummmm," Lynn purred.

Her huge breasts rubbed up and down over the front of Harry's shirt, her gigantic nipples growing hard and erect as they scraped against the soft material. The pleasure drove deep into the young woman's breasts. Her guts went tight, quivering as she felt the vague horny heat rising up within her body.

Harry grunted as he pumped and humped in and out of Lynn's drooling box. His cock thrust so deep he thought he could feel his big prick hitting bottom in her tight pussy.

Lynn was shaking hard. Her whole body was growing slippery with sweat. She pumped and jumped and bobbed wildly up and down as she ground her cunt harder and harder down over the fucking prick.

"Oh, Jesus, Harry, fuck me hard. You feel so big. Oh, God, fuck me. Fuck me!"

Suddenly Lynn threw both arms around Harry's neck and clung to him tightly, crushing her big breasts almost flat against his chest as she grabbed him tighter and tighter.

Her cunt walls spasmed hard.

"God! God!" she cried. She lifted her cunt nearly off the man's cock, then jammed her channel down hard and began shaking violently, her feet flopping wildly behind his ass, her head jerking madly from side to side, her hair lashing both their faces in her violent come.

Her twat gushed her hot juices, spilling the thick fluid out of her pussy in oozing spurts of beautiful liquid. Harry's cock smeared the girl's fragrant fluids all over her cunt mound. His balls banged hard against her cunt, his cock hair matting thickly with her juices.

Harry felt his balls tighten up, and with a loud gasp and a hard grunt, he shoved his dork into Lynn's gushing cunt channel as far as it could go, then blasted her pussy with his scalding come.

Lynn screamed when she felt the hot spunk hosing her cunt. She threw her head far back and shrieked like an insane woman. Her legs jerked and her cunt spasmed on his spewing rod.

Lynn shuddered hard. She drew her tits away from Harry's chest, then slammed her breasts hard against him again. Her whole body was a writhing animal of lust, her long legs gripping his thighs and ass, her arms grasping his neck and shoulders, her head battering his chest and chin.

Harry grunted harder and shoved his cock back into her slit.

His balls clenched tight, and his come kept shooting into the girl's hot body in hot jets, splashing her cunt channel with every drop of his thick goo.

Lynn's cunt sucked, her cunt walls clenched tightly around the hot rod, trying to pull it completely inside, pulling so hard that Harry winced. It felt like his cock was being yanked out by the roots.

His gut wrenched with pleasure as he blasted Lynn's cunt hole. He felt the thick spunk filling her so full that it began to gush out around the base of his cock when he pumped back out.

Lynn sucked air loudly, gasping raggedly as her climax flooded over her. She shuddered violently. Her body shook all over, and her guts twisted into hard, taut knots of lusty pleasure.

Her cunt slammed up and down on Harry's pole.

She loved the sound of the sucking, squishing juices.

She suddenly went rigid, and sucked in a huge lung full of air. Her breasts swelled like giant balloons, and her nipples drilled into Harry's chest through the material of his shirt.

She shuddered hard, and then she went limp.

Harry gripped her tightly and held on for dear life, supporting her limp body with one hand under her soft, wet ass cheek. He humped his cock into her a couple more times, spewing the last of his thick come into her body.

With a loud sigh and a hard shudder, he felt the lust and the pleasure fade quickly away.

His cock was already going soft inside her, slipping out of her slick cunt.

Lynn sighed deeply and let one arm fall from around Harry's neck.

Harry moaned.

"God," he whispered against Lynn's soft hair.

Lynn simply nodded, very slightly, in response.

"You are one hot fucking bitch, Lynnie," Harry told her, his voice exposing his deep pleasure in fucking her.

Lynn smiled against his chest. "Thank you, Harry," she whispered back.

Harry carried Lynn's lightweight young body over to the bed, tenderly laying her down on her back.

Lynn slowly stretched, raising her arms high over her head and spreading her long legs wide.

Harry watched his thick white come dribble out of Lynn's wet slit, opened wide to expose the deep, rich pinkness of her inner lips.

He grinned in appreciation.

Lynn propped herself up on her elbows. "If I go to this party like you want me to, you know, every guy there will get a chance to see my pussy. Do you want that, Harry?" Lynn asked, a coy grin playing over her lips.

"Yes," Harry said, leaving no doubt that he meant it.

Lynn dropped back to the bed.

"OK, then. You asked for it," she said, crossing her ankles and crossing her arms over her big wet breasts. "I'll go as Lady Godiva."

Chapter TWO

Janice winced as her stocking-clad knees scraped over the rough gravel. The sharp stones stabbed into her flesh, sending tiny flashes of pain into her legs and hands. As Jim led her by the dog chain toward the house, he used the riding crop on her ass and the backs of her thighs, where the flesh was exposed just above the tops of the stockings.

Jan jerked with each hot sting of the whip. One blow struck her between her thighs, landing directly on her cunt mound. Jan froze for a split-second, clamping her legs together so fast and tight that she trapped the tip of the whip against her pussy.

Jim yanked it out.

He struck her again, this time across both tight cheeks.

"Keep moving, pet," he ordered.

Jan moaned and turned her head backward at the sound of Jim's voice. She chewed on the ball between her lips and made protesting sounds. The whip was striking her harder and harder as they made their way slowly over the gravel driveway to the front door, and she was becoming more and more worried that Jim would go overboard.

Bound and blindfolded like this, there was utterly nothing Jan could do to stop him.

And her heart skipped a beat as she realized that there was nothing she could do to stop anybody else, either.

"Move, damn you!" Jim commanded.

The riding crop slashed across her upper arm, stunning the young woman with surprise. She had expected another sting on her ass or thighs. But this one, striking her arm through the material of the sleeves, stung so much worse for being a surprise.

She groaned and threw both hands forward. Her left palm jammed down on a sharp corner of rock. She stumbled, falling over onto her side.

"Get up," he barked.

Slowly, sniffling, Jan got back onto her hands and knees. She began moving forward again, taking the necessary short little steps with her cuffed hands and feet.

"Steps just ahead," Jim warned her.

Jan moved hesitantly. She reached forward gingerly with both hands to find the front of the bottom step. She placed both hands on the step and sighed with relief.

Thank God that trip over the gravel was finished, she thought. Jan prayed that Jim wouldn't keep her bound all night, and make her go back to the car the same way they had come to the house at the end of all this.

She climbed the steps on her hands and knees. Jim didn't whip her once during the whole climb, but she could feel the tip of the crop rubbing up under her body against her cunt, trying to work the panties between her pussy lips.

It felt kind of nice, in a very kinky way.

She took every small opportunity to press her cunt back onto the firm whip, thrilling to the electric jolt that shot through her when she succeeded in rubbing her swollen clit against it.


She stopped. She listened to the distant muffled sound of a beautifully tuned door chime when Jim pressed the button. After a fairly long wait, the door swung slowly open.

"Good evening, sir," a husky voice said.

It sent shivers of anticipation through Jan's body. This was it! Once inside this house, she was lost to the real world forever. Here, there would be only Jim's friends -- people she had never met, and probably never would meet and know them.

"Good evening, Jenkins," Jim said formally.

A slight tap of the whip told Janice that she was supposed to move forward into the hallway. She did so, completely embarrassed in her knowledge that some other man was seeing her like this. She felt totally humiliated.

But her cunt was on fire, and her nipples were swollen so fucking big and hard that they felt like they were about to explode, like over ripe tomatoes suddenly squeezed too hard.

She felt a tug on the collar around her slender throat and halted.

"Are we the first to arrive, Jenkins?"

"Second, sir," the butler replied.

Jan heard a sharp click as a pair of heavy doors were opened, then pushed inward. A tug on her collar made her move forward into the room.

"Ah, Jim," a cheery voice called from across the room.

Jan could hear the friendly roar of a hearty fire in the fireplace, and the room was pleasantly warm. She could sense the muffling effect of heavy drapes. The carpet under her hands and knees was thick and soft, and a great pleasure to crawl on after the painful trip across the rough stones of the driveway.

"Hello, Don. I see you've brought your little pony."

"Obedient little beast she is, too. But you'll see, later. And this must be your dog." Jan winced and grunted as the collar suddenly tightened about her throat. She was lifted up off her hands by a sharp yank, then dropped back down onto them.

Her throat throbbed at the rough treatment. "Yes, a slim little bitch. Not broken -- yet." Jan was worried. Why all of this phoniness in the men's speech? What kind of game were they playing among themselves? And what did they mean by a "pony"?

"Harry said he was bringing a rider, didn't he?"

"Yes, but you know Harry," the cheery voice laughed.

Jim laughed too, and Jan felt the tugging again. She followed him where he led.

She felt her future husband kneel beside her. She expected a comforting whisper, but instead she felt Jim tying the dog chain around the leg of a chair. He pulled the chain up short so that Jan was forced to remain there with her face close to the floor.

She sighed as she felt him stand up and walk away.

She was going to be here, crouching like this, for quite a while, she guessed. No use making myself even more uncomfortable, she thought.

She slipped over onto her side and curled up, just like the good little doggie she was.

Jim and Don walked over to the ponygirl. She was a beautiful young brunette with a long flowing mane of thick, soft hair. Her back was bare between her shoulder blades, but down over the small of her back a delicate English riding saddle had been strapped very tightly. Her ass curved upward and her perfectly formed ass cheeks thrust high and naked, the crack between them deep and tight.

She was hobbled in much the same manner as Janice. Her wrists were cuffed together, and so were her slim ankles. She wore high-heeled black shoes though, and a pair of black stockings. The garter belt was actually part of the strap for the saddle around her trim waist, and her bare ass was in stark white contrast to the surrounding black of her stockings and saddle.

Her mouth had been fitted with a bit and reins, and the long thin straps of the reins hung downward in a graceful curve, one on either side of the young woman's lovely face, and then curved back upward, where they were wrapped together around the pommel of the saddle.

"She's ready for breaking, Jim. A sturdy young filly, with an obstinate streak in her a mile long. Should be quite an evening."

"Yes. I've brought along my pet, and she hasn't been house broken, as I said. We'll have to teach her the proper techniques, I guess," Jim said, slapping the riding crop lightly against his leg.

"Here, let me see that whip, Jim," Don said, holding out his hand.

Jim let him take it, then stepped back and enjoyed the brief scene. Don, without giving any real warning to his ponygirl, suddenly slashed the firm crop downward across her bare ass checks.

The girl screamed into her gagging bit and lurched forward, jerking her wrists painfully against the cold steel of the handcuffs. Her ass wiggled wildly as the burning pain worked deep into hr ass. Both men enjoyed the spectacle of the wiggling young ass and the rapidly swelling welt, growing fat and bright red against her smooth checks.

She fought the stinging pain quickly, and tightened herself into her motionless pony post. Her ass cheeks quivered briefly as she awaited the next blow.

But Don handed the crop back to Jim.

"Nice," was all he said.

The two men walked over to the comfortable chairs next to the fireplace and sat down. They admired the two young women. Jan was resting on her side as best she could, with the dog chain tied to the leg of a very solid old chair. And Patty, Don's ponygirl, crouched on her hands and knees, saddled and ready. She wore a pair of blinders that cut off all sight.

She was rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, very slightly.

"Keep still, Patty," Don ordered.

Patty froze.

Jim smiled at Don in appreciation. Don waved a hand casually. Both men relaxed and waited for the rest of the company to arrive.

It was time for the annual party. No one had ever given it a proper name. The men involved brought their dates and performed them, rather like animals in a show, for their company's founder and chairman of the board, John Wellington.

Wellington used the small circus to weed out his executives. Any man with insufficient willpower to talk a young lady into performing at the party was not the kind of material John Wellington wanted on his team.

And, to be quite honest, most of the executives had found Wellington's procedure more than a little bit interesting. They enjoyed the fucking hell out of it, in fact.

It had become a challenge to bring the most beautiful young girl to the party, to bring the young woman who would perform the most outrageous acts.

And much to the men's surprise, it had become a relatively easy matter to obtain the ladies. A startling number of young women, in these newly liberated times, were as confused as the men over their new roles in society. They longed, if only subconsciously, to return to those simpler, more fundamental days when a man was a man and a woman knew her place beside him, or at his heels.

Or under them.

Jim had never expected to find such a woman in his own fiance. But Janice had come along very swiftly, from that first evening Jim had suggested a sexy little bondage game to enhance their fucking.

And Janice had gone absolutely wild. Her arms were twisted under her writhing body, bound tightly together at her wrists and pulled almost together at her elbows. She was whimpering and moaning in wild abandon as Jim fucked in and out of her gushing twat hole, filling her womb so full of spunk that it literally splashed back out of her cunt hole with each hard thrust of his cock.

Since then they had delved deeper and deeper into their game, finding it to be an excellent outlet for their basic confusion and his frustration on the job.

Dan had found pretty much the same thing to be true of his girl, Patty. Petite and dark, little Patty was the perfect ponygirl, docile beyond belief. Don had already asked her to marry him, and to his utter delight, Patty had accepted.

Jim and Janice had been engaged for several months.

John Wellington slapped Jenny's face hard, sending her reeling backward onto the king-sized bed. She bounced, then threw herself over onto her tummy as she scrambled away from the man. Her knees dug into the mattress in her mad rush to heave herself across the bed.

John thrust his hand out and caught the youngster's ankle, and hauled her back to the foot of the bed.

"Fucking little bitch!" he whispered harshly at her.

He grabbed her other ankle and forced her to flop over onto her back again. Her blouse was ripped open down the front, exposing her small bra cups, her tiny little nipple nubbins swollen and poking into the soft silken cups in her wild excitement.

"You rotten filthy little fuckhole whore," John growled at her again.

Jenny, just a youngster, gulped hard. Her cheek was bright red where John's palm had struck so fucking hard. She reached up and tenderly stroked the warm flesh.

"Stand up here in front of me, Jenny," John commanded.

Sniffling a little bit, the young teenager did as she was ordered. She slipped off the bed. John didn't step one inch backward to give her room, either. She straightened up, her bra cups pressing against his chest, they were so close together.

"Take that fucking blouse off, I told you," he said.

Jenny brought both hands up protectively over her young breasts, drawing the ripped material over them.

"I have to go home, Mr. Wellington," the youngster murmured very softly.

She lowered her eyes, and instantly John's hand shot out, striking her pretty face again. Before she could to anything but jerk her face to tbe right, John backhanded her other cheek, slapping her face to the left.

Jenny whimpered. She gulped hard.

"Please, Mr. Wellington, I really should be going home, now. It's getting very late, sir," Jenny whimpered, her voice breaking.

She didn't have to go anywhere, she knew. But this was part of her purchase price, the excellent acting. She would be here not only for tonight, but for the next two weeks.

She sighed, thinking about her boy friend and his rather odd method of obtaining his money. She felt like a damned whore, sometimes.

But thoughts of Gary made her strengthen her resolve to go through with this awful nightmare, and take whatever this monster dealt out to her young body.

All for Gary.

Damn him!

But she knew this was the surest way to a solid stable job for her real lover. And Jenny loved stability -- and a large income -- more than she disliked this temporary madness.

She didn't realize that once she let herself go, she would become firmly addicted to violent treatment, and learn to love her submissive role above everything else in her life. "Please let me go home, Mr. Wellington." John grabbed the front of her ripped blouse and hauled her tiny body close to his own huge frame. He glared down into her lovely deep blue eyes, and snorted.

"Stupid little shit," he whispered harshly to her. He pushed the torn material back off her slender little shoulders, and skinned it down her arms. Jenny felt her body wobbling from side to side as John yanked at the tightly buttoned cuffs, trying to pull them off her wrists.

"Please don't strip me, sir," Jenny whined sexily in her little girl voice. She could see what was turning her boy friend's new boss on, and she was determined to play her part to the best of her considerable abilities.

"Shut your little fucking trap, bitch," John commanded her.

Jenny felt her cuff buttons pop, and the blouse slipped from her hands. She saw John throw the wadded material behind him, and she closed her eyes when he grabbed her bare upper arms and whirled her body around.

His hands ripped and clawed at the strap across her back. The hook broke in his hands and Jenny felt the tight bra cups slip away from her breast mounds.

John quickly stripped the shoulder straps of the bra down over the child's bony shoulders, and threw the tiny garment away.

Jenny gulped as John gripped her arms again and whirled her back to face him.

John breathed hard as he saw the young girl's beautiful tits, capped with the most delicate little nipples he'd ever seen. Jenny's budding nipples were lovely pale brown, and right now they were like hard stones, erect and crinkled in her excitement.

John stared for a long moment at her stunning young breasts. Jenny arched her back and pulled her arms and shoulders back a bit to accent the up-thrusting cones, riding high on her chest. John reached out and cupped one tit mound.

Jenny moaned at the first touch of his hand, and nearly forgot her role.

Her instinct was to throw herself onto John's body and help him to rape her cunt.

She held back. She felt his hand cupping and massaging her warm breast. The man's thumb rubbed very tenderly over her hard nipple, sending thrilling jolts of pleasure deep into her body.

She purred quietly.

John reluctantly let go of her tit and lowered his hands to the belt around the waist of her pretty skirt.

Jenny sucked in her tummy hard as she felt the man's fingers tickling her waist. She stood perfectly still as he slipped the cloth belt free of her skirt and tied one of the loose ends around her wrist.

So, he really was going to tie her up! Jenny had hoped that Gary had been exaggerating just a little bit when he'd told her about what would be expected of her.

She had a momentary twinge of regret. She almost wished she was back in high school, bored and restless in class as she waited for the final bell to ring.

But she wasn't. She was here, and this was very real.

The skirt slipped down over her legs as the zipper opened over her hip bone. John felt his heart pounding faster and harder. The young girl knew her place. She remained still, merely whimpering quietly as she felt her body, being stripped of her lovely clothes.

She saw the man kneel and touch her ankle. She obediently lifted her delicate foot and let him pull her skirt away. She felt his hand wrap fully about one ankle and shift it slightly aside. She got the message, and moved her long bare legs wide apart.

John found himself down on his knees in front of the pretty child, staring directly into her panty-clad cunt. He licked his lips. He could smell the heady odor of her youthful pussy. The beautiful cunt mound puffed out the front of her panties.

He saw the rich brown muff of cunt hair under the transparent panties, a few soft curls peeking out under the tight elastic of her leg holes.

His cock was ramrod hard.

He quickly pulled it out of his pants.

He wanted to be ready when the time came.

John lifted his hands and wrapped them around Jenny's bare thighs, feeling the soft smooth warm skin at the backs of her legs, high up where her tight ass cheeks curved back to her legs.

Jenny knew what was coming and she arched her cunt forward, offering her full cunt lips to John's mouth. He pressed his lips against the silky material of the front of Jenny's tautly packed panties, and kissed and licked and sucked at the moist silk.

Jenny put her hands on top of the man's head for balance.

But the touch of her hands angered him. He stood up suddenly, grabbed the child under her arms and heaved her backward onto the bed. In a wild frenzy John tore her panties down her legs. He pulled at her shoes and socks, and finally Jenny lay on his huge bed, completely naked. Her chest heaved hard, and her hot breasts rose and fell rapidly as she felt herself being forced over onto her tummy.

John clawed at her wrists, forcing her to twist her arms behind her back, and he bound her hands together with the cloth belt from her skirt.

Jenny winced as the tightness of the cord cut off the circulation of blood to her hands, and her fingers began to tingle almost immediately.

John flipped her small body over again and leaped from the bed. From a closet he brought out a couple of lengths of strong leather cord and made quick work of binding the child's legs wide open, dragging her ankles down to the corners of the big bed.

Jenny moaned at the pain of the taut strain in her hips, where her thighs were pulled out from her body at sharp angles.

John threw himself down between the hot young girl's quaking thighs and, without pause, pressed his face into the lush moist forest of her cunt mound, burying his lips and nose deep into the soft curls of brown hair. His tongue shot out and sliced between Jenny's cunt lips, scooping out a mouthful of sweet-tasting pussy juice.

He gulped it down and went back for more. Already Jenny could feel her clit swelling in response to the tongue-licking and sucking she was getting. Her pussy seemed to blossom open under John's expert tongue.

He could smell the powerful fragrance of her juices as they began to really flow. He grinned and dove deeper into her wet channel, licking and gobbling wildly.

Jenny tightened her ass and slowly lifted her cunt up to John's face. She began moving her ass in slow circles, grinding her oozing twat mound hard against his loving face.

The juice gushing from Jenny's taut pussy lips was absolutely delicious. Her youthful fluids were sweet and thick John lapped at the beautiful slit, smearing his face all over in the wet hair between the child's wide-spread legs.

Jenny's ass flexed, lifted her cunt mound high from the mattress under her body. She ground her cunt against the man's eagerly sucking mouth.

She moaned with pleasure.

"Oh, it feels so nice, Mr. Wellington," she murmured, her voice husky and sexy.

John nipped her pussy lips hard with his teeth. He heard the child suck in a loud lung full of air at the sharp pain. He burrowed his chin deep between her twat lips, working the lips open with his cheeks so that his tongue could work freely within the hot wet cavern. He found the swollen little bud of Jenny's hardened clit and sucked it between his teeth.

Jenny whimpered in lust as she felt the man's teeth gnawing lightly at her sensitive bud.

Her hips jerked spasmodically. She thrust her cunt and clit hard into John's nuzzling loving mouth.

John's hands crawled slowly upward over the teenager's bare sides, his palms stroking the smooth moist skin as they moved toward her young breasts.

Jenny arched her back hard, mashing her tits into John's cupping hands as she felt her knockers covered with his warm fingers.

John gripped both tits tightly, gouging his fingernails into the soft firm mounds, digging his thumbs under the soft slopes beneath them. Jenny winced and shifted on the bed.

Briefly she fought the cord binding her wrists under the body. It was a useless fight, and she soon gave it up. Her nipples itched in John's hands. Her sharp little nipple buds drilled into the centers of his palms. She rubbed and twisted, trying to scratch her itching nipples firmly against his hands.

John helped her. He clawed and kneaded the smooth silken apples of her breasts, mashing the heels of his thumbs into the hard nipples.

"Ohh, Mr. Wellington!" Jenny cried out.

She began moving under his hands and lips. Slowly at first, then with more and wilder abandon, the young but sexy child rolled her head from side to side on the bed, until her long brunette hair was flying insanely about, lashing from side to side and covering her lovely face in a cloud of brown silk.

A glistening sheen of sweat broke out on her tender skin. She thrashed around violently, humping her cunt into John's sucking mouth, trying to shove her throbbing clit right down the man's throat.

Her ankles were rubbed raw by the tight cords that held them so wide apart. Her thighs ached from the strain of the stretched position. Her arms ached.

But her nipples throbbed with pleasure. Her cunt itched and quivered and jerked as John tongued her higher and higher in his and her lusty pleasure.

John's cock was throbbing madly. It was iron-hard and ready for the fucking plunge in to the girl's steaming cunt hole.

His mouth was filled with the sweet taste of her cunt juices. He lifted his face and watched her thrash madly about.

"Oh, please! Don't stop! Please suck my cunt, Mr. Wellington. You do it so good. Ohh, oh, please suck my pussy, sir," Jenny begged as she threw her head and humped the air.

John snorted and pressed his lips back onto her clit.

He sucked hard on the swollen, burning nubbin of flesh buried in her loose, wet cunt lips. He heard her long, drawn-out sigh of pleasure. He felt her body grow stiff and taut as she arched in one long slow curve of beautiful young girlhood. And he yanked his kneading hands from her small tits as he felt the first wave of her climax wash over her body, and grabbed her ass cheeks so he could keep his lips locked to her twat as she bounced.

Jenny felt the orgasmic wave hit.

Her body lifted high and locked into a taut arch of pleasure.

"Ahhhhmmmm!" she cried out, her fingers clawing at the mattress under the swell of her arched back. Her body jerked hard, trembling uncontrollably at John's sucking mouth. Her clit twitched and gushed between John's nipping teeth.

"God! God! God!" Jenny gasped over and over. She felt her breasts jiggling violently as her hot cunt juice gushed into John's sucking mouth. His tongue lashed her clit back and forth as she came, driving her even higher into pleasure.

Her clit seemed to grow as she moaned loudly, humped John's face with her pussy.

Her legs twitched and jerked in the tight bonds, trying to clamp around John's head to keep him in place. Jenny wanted this great gushing come to never, never, end!

Her cunt flooded with juices and John sucked them out of her hole as fast as the sweet channel filled. The tasty cunt fluid was ambrosia to his hungry mouth.

John's cock was leaking fluids, too. It ached, and he longed to ram it home into Jenny's tight pussy slit.

He held onto her clit with his teeth, nipping and chewing on the exquisitely sensitive bud. Jenny was lashing her face with her long hair now, in her frenzy to come even harder.

Her body humped and pumped hard into John's face, mashing her soaked cunt into his mouth.

John tickled the child's clit hard with the tip of his tongue, forcing her body into a tighter, tauter arc of shuddering pleasure.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Ohhhh! Uh! Mmmn! Oh, Mr. Wellington, please fuck me. Please! Please fuck me with your cock, sir!"

John heard the pleading of the child's lowly husky voice. He drank another mouthful of pussy juice from her young twat hole, then lifted his head slightly.

She was drenched in sweat. She was thrashing about so wildly that John thought she might wrench her thighs right out of their sockets. Her cunt was smeared and matted with her beautiful gooey juice and his saliva.

He suddenly heaved upward and scrambled up along her naked, bound body. His lips clamped down over her tiny delicate mouth, forcing her lips apart as his tongue thrust deep inside.

Jenny gasped and sucked on his tongue as she felt the head of John's cock press against her wet pussy lips.

Her ass slammed down onto the bed. His cock dove down after her cunt. The head of his prick bashed into her open drooling snatch and, at the same moment, Jenny shoved her ass high, ramming John's hard dork all the way into her tight cunt hole.

"Mmffgghh," the child cried out, her mouth filled with John's tongue, her twat hole filled with his prick.

Her cuntal walls clenched and sucked at the impaling rod of cock meat. John crushed the girl's pussy mound with his balls, grinding the base of his huge fuck pole onto her still tingling clit.

John pulled his prick out. Jenny grunted and groaned, and caught his tongue tighter with her teeth and lips, sucking hard, her thighs clenched as best they could, bound so far apart, trying to keep the man's big cock inside her hole.

John rammed suddenly back up her pussy tube, ramming the head of his dork into the very depths of her hotly sucking cunt.

Jenny gasped. She squeezed her cunt lips together as tightly as she could and ground her clit against the topside of John's hard-pounding cock.

She felt his immense dick pole sliding in and out, slowly at first. John took deep, slow strokes in and out. He increased his speed. His cock was incredibly huge for the youngster. Her boy friend's cock -- which she had sampled many times -- was a dwarf compared to the size of John's pole.

She loved it!

She sucked hard on the man's thrusting tongue until he pulled it back, sucked her tongue into his mouth. She winced as she felt his rough biting and gnawing on her tongue. John's teeth bashed against hers, hurting her as they mashed her soft wet lips hard against her sharp teeth.

His cock hammered in and out of her sizzling, gushing twat hole. She shook and quivered madly under his pumping body.

John felt his balls grow hard and heavy. He could feel the point of no return approaching quickly. His body bounced hard atop the little girl's small young body, smearing her sweat all over her breasts and belly and face.

Jenny humped and lifted and bounced wildly under John's body. She groaned and whimpered. Her tongue ached painfully, her arms bound and aching, her ankles rubbing raw in the tight cords binding them to the corners of the bed.

Her body loved it, too.

She longed to feel his huge pumping dark ramming and raping her cunt hole forever.

John bit down hard on the little girl's tongue, so soft and smooth in his mouth. He felt his balls tighten up suddenly, and his dork rammed deep, locking into the child's squeezing cunt hole.

His body slammed her down hard onto the bed, and his dork blasted her cunt with the first burning spurts of his spunk.

Jenny cried out. She pulled her face away, tore her tongue from the man's teeth, and screamed loudly with pleasure. Jenny threw her head back as far as she could, her pretty face matted with thick strands of her soaked brown hair. She screamed and gasped, screamed and grunted, as John fucked the hell out of her tight twat hole.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhh, God! Fuck me hard! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Jenny screamed and shrieked, her body taut and shuddering violently as she felt her pulsating cunt channel filling with John's endless supply of hot come.

She filled, up quickly, and his spunk gushed and splashed out around the base of his dork, drenching his nuts, soaking her cunt hair thoroughly with each outward yank and each inward slam.

"God," John muttered against the child's hotly flushed neck. This was the best fuck he'd had in many years. His cock had never felt harder, the release never more satisfying or pleasurable.

His cock blasted the teenager's cunthole. Her cunt gushed in a second, lesser, come that shook her madly.

And finally, they both locked together tightly, clamping cunt and cock together as the last gushes of come flooded into the child's squeezing pussy channel.

Slowly they both relaxed. John's cock remained hard and long, stuck deep up the young girl's hot wet hole.

"Golly!" Jenny exclaimed. She sighed. Her hot breasts rose and fell gently in a slightly ragged rhythm as her pounding heart slowly calmed down.

John lay on top of her, his full weight crushing her small body into the mattress.

Jenny loved the feel of that weight. It was comforting. And the fact that John hadn't done such horribly painful things to her after made her relax fully.

She knew she could really learn to love this kind of treatment.

Damn right!

Chapter THREE

Lynn, so tall and graceful, walked out to the car, dressed in her bathrobe. Harry walked beside her, helped her into the car, then got in himself.

Lynn held the overnight case on her lap. Her cunt was still throbbing from the after-effects of their fuck. She glanced over at Harry and gave him a sexy little wink and a smile.

"Thanks, baby," Harry said, winking back. Harry felt under a ton of pressure tonight, bringing Lynn to the party affair. He wanted to impress Wellington in the worst way. He was after a vice-presidency and he knew that offering Lynn's youthful body, long and lean and ready to fuck, was his best possible way to get it.

Even a man of Wellington's world-weary tastes would think twice before rejecting such stunning perfection of form as Lynn presented.

But Harry had a basic insecurity. And he was afraid that it had been showing too much in his work lately, what with the new contracts expanding company business into non-English speaking countries.

Harry was not much for travel anyway, but to find himself trying to negotiate for best prices in Japan or India was taking its toll on him. He was becoming a nervous wreck.

He knew that office gossip was already circulating about him. He only hoped it wasn't too late to salvage his image as a great wheeler-dealer, like he'd had in the early years.

Maybe, Harry thought, if he could land a position higher up in the company -- a job that would keep him here in the United States, close to home -- he would cool off.

Lynn was the key.

If Lynn could be offered to Wellington, in the proper setting, Wellington was sure to take the bait. And then Harry would make the exchange: Lynn, for a vice-presidency in the local office.

He gripped the wheel and started the car. He backed out of the parking space and moved out onto the highway.

"You understand the whole picture, baby, don't you?"

Lynn sighed and nodded.

"Yes, Harry. I know what you want me to do. And you know what I want from you, in return, don't you?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. Me."

Lynn laughed and covered her mouth with one delicate hand. "You and your big cock, Harry."

Harry felt his cock lift, and stiffen a bit.

"Right on, baby," he said.

Lynn grew serious. "Listen, honey. We're in this thing together. I'll do what you tell me to. I'll do whatever this Mr. Wellington tells me to. But when you've got your nice plush job, you marry me."

Harry grinned broadly. "And then we're both set for life, babe. We'll lounge around with all the servants we can handle, and we'll fuck our fucking brains out!"

Lynn laughed lightly again, satisfied that Harry was truly her man. She would do anything for his huge cock. Harry knew more about how to fuck a woman than any ten men, Lynn thought. At least he knew how to fuck her better than any man she'd ever had.

And Lynn had had a lot of men.

She sighed and settled back for the ride to the party. Under her buttoned robe she was nearly naked. She had on a pair of panties, just for comfort, while she sat on the leather seat of the big car.

In the overnight case on her lap she had the things Harry wanted her to wear in her Lady Godiva role. It turned out that she wasn't going to be completely naked after all. Harry had some cute ideas about her act.

And Lynn felt a sharp jab of curious pleasure in the idea of actually riding atop another girl -- a girl forced to walk on her hands and knees, and play the part of a lovely young pony.

Lynn was happy that it was to be her who would do the riding, and not the other way around. She couldn't exactly picture how it would work in practicality, since she was a fairly tall young woman, and the girl that Harry said would be her pony was supposed to be quite petite.

But that was not her problem.

She had prepared her mind, and she was totally ready to do whatever she had to to get Harry that high-powered job he wanted.

If she had to fuck every damn bastard at that fucking party, she'd do it.

And when they were married, she would make Harry fuck her twice for every one of them -- all on her wedding night!

Lynn watched the scenery pass by. She was calm for the most part but she could feel the deep glow of warm anticipation growing stronger with each passing mile.

"We're here, babe," Harry told her at last.

Lynn was somehow pleased with the appearance of the huge old house. Harry moved the car slowly past the front entrance, letting the young woman enjoy the elegant home.

"OK," he said, swinging the car into the last empty slot under the covered parking stall. "Time to get ready, honey."

Lynn looked at her lover for one last time, then sighed and opened the case on her lap.

She lifted out the mask. It was more like a full head hood, with several small straps that could be tightened and fitted with tiny padlocks so that it couldn't be removed, except by the man with the key.

Lynn licked her lips. She pursed her lips tightly for a moment, then lifted the hood over her head. She worked the tight mask down over her lovely hair, and pulled it firmly down over her face. The leather was already growing warm from her body heat. The snugness felt kind of nice, actually. Lynn was a little surprised at the comfort. She had expected something a bit less comfortable, to say the least.

The hood straps slipped up under her chin and locked into place. Harry helped her tuck her hair under the sides, and the rest of Lynn's long hair fell in a soft cascade down her back.

A wider strap came across over her lips, and on the inner side of the leather band was a fat and long dork-shaped rubber knob.

"Open up, there, baby," Harry said casually. His heart was hammering wildly, though, and his voice quivered. He was both excited and scared at the same time.

Lynn gulped once, then opened her mouth wide to accept the huge gag. Her tongue curled back into her throat. She hated the awful taste of the fat rubber prick.

Harry quickly locked the strap to Lynn's helmet, and the girl was gagged. A simple snap of the eyehole flaps and she would be blindfolded as well.

"Get out, baby," Harry told her.

Lynn had to twist her whole body to find the latch on the car door, and finally got it open. She slid her long legs out and stood up, her robe falling down over her legs to her ankles.

Harry got out too, and locked his door.

He walked around to Lynn.

"OK, babe, time for the disrobing."

Lynn didn't hesitate, and she shrugged the robe off her shoulders. She felt the evening air caress her naked breasts, huge and warm, and standing out proudly from her chest.

Harry took the robe and tossed it over the back of the seat. He bent inside the car and pulled out a pair of soft leather riding boot, complete with hard steel spurs.

Lynn could still see out of her hood, and she lifted one foot at a time to help Harry slip the knee-length boots onto her legs. The leather was soft and warm on her feet.

Harry locked the straps over Lynn's calves tightly. The boots were on to stay, now.

"Gotta take those sweet little panties down, Lynnie," Harry whispered to the girl.

She hooked her thumbs under the waist and squatted down sexily as she skinned the brief swatch of material down her legs. She fumbled getting them off over the boots and spurs. But finally she straightened back up, naked save for her helmet and boots.

Her long hair swept gently over her bare back as the evening breeze toyed with the soft strands.

Her nipples perked up hard and erect as the wind played over them.

She felt a trickle of fluid in her cunt, and moaned quietly to herself.

"Turn around, babe. Put your hands behind your back."

Again Lynn obeyed quickly, without hesitation. She crossed her wrists and felt him wrap the leather thong very tightly around them, locking them together.

A second strap was slipped under her upper arms, and when Harry pulled it tight, Lynn gasped. She felt her shoulders jerk backward as her elbows ground together. Her big breasts lifted high, thrusting outward almost impossibly far as she was forced to arch her back so her shoulders wouldn't be torn from their joints.

Harry sighed in admiration of Lynn's tremendous tits. How they could remain so firm and round and high on the young woman's chest was a miracle to the man, considering the size of those beautiful globes of female flesh.

He took a moment to suck her nipple. Lynn groaned at the touch of her lover's lips and leaned forward, mashing her huge soft breast against his face, driving her swollen hard nipple onto Harry's wriggling tongue.

He nipped her bud with his teeth. Lynn cried out, leaned backward, and pulled her nipple from his sucking lips. It made a loud pop.

"Delicious, baby. Absolutely top of the bottle cream," Harry told her.

Lynn grunted her thanks over the mouth-stuffing plastic plug.

Harry took her arm with one hand and led her to the porch. Lynn walked with some difficulty in the extremely high heels of her cowgirl boots. The added awkwardness of the big spurs didn't help any, either.

On the porch Harry paused, then turned her to him. He reached up and closed one flap, partially blinding Lynn. He bent and kissed her other eyelid, then closed the flap.

Lynn was sightless. Her blood raced. Her body reacted to the situation sexually. She could feel every nerve in her body tingling and ready for anything -- the slightest touch of a strange hand on her shoulder, the feel of lips against her hot moist pussy, anything. She was ready for it all, and expected it all.

And, she realized suddenly, she wanted it all.

"This is Jenny, gentlemen," John Wellington said. He was gripping the youngster's upper arm. Her hands were still bound behind her back. As he spoke, John threw the child forward into the center of the lavishly furnished living room. She tripped and fell to the floor, hitting hard.

"Jenny is underaged."

The men seated comfortably around the room felt their cocks go hard at the sight of the little girl lying on the floor.

Jenny was stark naked, and her wrists were bound behind her. Otherwise she was free to move as best she could.

Jenny moaned and fought to sit up on the floor. Her shoulder throbbed slightly where she'd hit the rug. But the thickness and soft ness of the rug had prevented any real harm from her fall.

She sat up, her eyes lowered demurely, waiting. She could feel the eyes of each and every man in the room blazing into her naked flesh.

She found it thrilling to be the center of attention, naked and bound like this. Her little nipples were still hard from her recent fucking upstairs. Her cunt was still oozing hot juice, and traces of John's creamy spunk still matted the hair of her full and puffy twat.

John looked at each man in turn. Jim sat casually in his chair, one hand resting on top of one woman's head. She was crouching like a dog beside his chair, chained by the throat to the leg. John raised his eyebrows in appreciation of Jan's tight ass and outfit, and her obvious docility.

Don was stretched out in his chair, his legs crossed and resting on the stool. John noted that his date -- in the guise of a pony -- was on her hands and knees beside the chair, in much the same pose that Jim's date had assumed. But why hadn't Don used the woman's back for a footrest, instead of the stool? It showed a certain lack of seriousness on Don's part, Wellington thought.

Harry was sitting on one end of the couch, and his date -- a stunningly tall and graceful beauty with the biggest pair of hot tits John had ever seen, and in such perfect shape -- was standing motionlessly beside him.

All the young ladies were blinded. John noted with satisfaction that his youthful date had taken complete possession of his guest's attention.

John sighed as he sat down. Too bad. Only three men had been of proper caliber this year. Maybe next year there would be more -- like that first year, when there bad been nine couples in this very room, nine men, and nine bound beauties, willingly performing the most outrageous acts.

But past glories were past, and it was this year -- three men, three beautiful women. Enough bodies, John suspected, to make a most successful evening.

Jenny pouted quietly as she shifted her shoulders. They had been pulled back behind her so long that they ached like hell.

Her wrists were sore from the tightness of the bindings.

But she sat there, her long bare legs curled under her taut bare ass, looking for all the world like the most innocent of delightful desirable virgins.

John waved toward the child with a casual hand.

"Jenny has agreed to make available to us all of her quite active little body. She is not a virgin, gentlemen, as far as her cunt is concerned. But her asshole is unused, and her pretty little mouth is in the same state of innocence."

Harry felt his cock twitch at the thought of stuffing his big cock between the lovely child's pouting lips. They looked delicious, and Harry was sure that Lynn's mouth must have been just that sexy when she was Jenny's age.

Jim cleared his throat. He felt Jan stiffen under his palm, felt her head lift slightly and her body go motionless. She must be feeling a bit jealous, he thought. She could hear everything that was going on in the room, even if she couldn't see it.

Jim wondered what it would feel like to shove his fat cock up the asshole of a beautiful young virgin girl.

Don eyed the child's pretty tits. He licked his lips slightly as he imagined sucking on one of the taut buds that capped her apple-sized mounds. She was obviously excited, and Don knew there was nothing hotter than a horny virgin.

"Well, gentlemen," Wellington said. "Is no one interested in our tender young morsel?"

Janice whimpered very low in her throat. She was begging Jim not to do anything with the tender young girl. Jan was willing to go through this herself, but she wanted Jim for herself. She hated the thought of listening to him fuck somebody else. And someone so damned young, especially.

Jim patted her head lightly, stroking downward over the back of her tight helmet.

Harry stood up and stretched casually. All eyes locked onto him. Lynn nodded to herself and made a very quiet snort of laughter through her nose. Of course it would be you, Harry, she thought derisively. But Harry was watching Wellington's smile.

"I'll give her a whirl," Harry said.

"Sure you will, Harry," John said with a sly smile.

Jenny frowned as the man approached her naked body. He towered over her. He stood close to her, looking down at her.

"Anything you want, Harry," John said, encouraging the man.

Harry stood there, chewing his lip for a moment.

"Get up on your knees, kid," he ordered the child.

Jenny shuddered once, then struggled to get her legs in the right position under her body. She finally straightened up, her bare ass lifting off her heels.

Harry grinned at her. He slowly unzipped the front of his pants and hauled out his hard wang.

It bobbed only inches from Jenny's virgin mouth.

"Suck it, little girl."

Jenny hesitated for a while. She stared at the huge cock aimed at her face. It seemed to be a fat living animal. She had done a lot of fucking in her young life, but she had never taken a man's cock into her mouth. She wasn't sure she wanted to do it now, either.

She twisted and looked back over her shoulder toward Mr. Wellington. He simply let his eyes partly close, and nodded.

Jenny sighed quietly, then turned back to Harry's prick.

She wet her lips.

She shifted her shoulders, then leaned slightly forward, bending at her trim little waist.

She parted her lips.

Her tongue slipped out, very slightly, and she stroked it over the very tip of Harry's hard dork.

"Uck," the little girl said. She jerked her head back and shuddered hard. "Oooo," she growled, as though angry at the thing in front of her. Then she licked her lips again, and yawned her mouth wide open, closed her pretty eyes tightly shut, and plunged her hot wet mouth down over the tremendous cylinder of hot meat.

Harry instantly gripped two fistfuls of Jenny's long brown hair and yanked her face closer to his nuts. He jammed his cock down her throat. Jenny clawed at the air with her hands behind her, fought the tight cords as she felt her oxygen cut off, her throat trying to lock shut over the impaling prick banging against the back of her young throat.

Harry let go a little and gave her some room to move. His cock throbbed madly in her mouth. The young teenager clamped her lips down around the barrel of Harry's prick and experimentally moved her head back and forth just once, sucking as she did so.

Harry moaned and his hips jerked a bit, pumping his cock one time into her mouth.

Jenny caught on fast. She licked the entire length of Harry's cock, nuzzling her face down into the hairy nest around his balls. Her wet tongue stroked his nuts gently, driving Harry up the fucking wall with pleasure.

He'd never had his prick inside the sucking mouth of a little girl before.

Jenny caught the man's cock in her mouth after sucking on his balls for a few minutes. She sucked at the head, wiggling her tongue over the very tip of his prick. She was pleased with the man's reactions.

He was too, with hers.

She sucked and licked the prick eagerly. She liked the taste, once she got over the initial fear that he might decide to piss into her mouth.

Harry was pumping his prick gently in and out, in time with Jenny's bobbing head as it moved back and forth. She sucked him to perfection. Her teeth never once touched the smooth skin of his cock.

Jenny gulped and sucked hard. She began moving her mouth faster and faster along the cock pole. Her lips tightened around the man's cock and, as she pulled on it, she sucked as hard as she could, trying to suck the come right out of his balls.

Harry felt the tightening of his nuts. He bent forward over the child's lovely head and grabbed her soft hair. He began pumping hard and fast into her fucking little virgin throat, battering the back of the soft hot cavern with his prick head.

Jenny was moaning and whimpering as she felt the painful tugging and jerking on her hair. Was he going to pull two handfuls of her beautiful hair out of her head by the roots? Jenny wondered vaguely.

But her lips sucked at the massive pole pumping faster and deeper into her mouth.

Her body was being jerked back and forth on the end of Harry's rod. She clung to his cock with her mouth and lips, certain that if she let go, she would go flying backward onto her bound arms.

She gulped faster and faster as her mouth filled with her saliva. She could taste the pre come juices from Harry's cock. He was getting ready to shoot his wad down her throat, the child knew.

She felt the man's thighs tense, and she suddenly opened her mouth wide and gave a hard suck backward. Her mouth slipped off the end of his cock. She dove her face downward, kissing and licking and lapping at the hard rod of flesh, until her lips were nestled deep into the curls of hair covering his nuts.

She wiggled her tongue tenderly over the folds of soft skin dangling from his balls. She dipped her face lower, supported painfully by only Harry's finger locked into her hair.

She licked and tongued the man's balls, wetting the crotch of his underpants as she did so.

Then she pulled back a bit and tried to look up at him.

Harry was moaning when he heard her words: "Please, mister, take off your pants. I can give you a better blow job than this. Please?"

Harry looked down into those wide, innocent brown eyes, and stepped back. He skinned out of his pants and underpants in record time.

"Please, lay down on your back, sir, and spread your legs wide apart. Let me do everything, mister. I'll please you. I'll do the best I can."

Harry needed no further encouragement. He threw himself back onto the soft rug, and spread his legs wide.

Jenny moved forward, working her way up between his legs on her bare knees. Once she was in the right position Jenny got her balance, then bent over low, her face dipping down to Harry's cock and balls again.

This position sent her bare tight ass cheeks high into the air, and the child's virgin asshole was aimed right at Don. He gulped hard, and felt a trickle of sweat roll off his forehead.

He wanted to fuck that kid's asshole in the worst way.

Damn it! Hurry up with that stupid shithead, little girl! Suck the mother off, and let me at that tight shitter of yours!

Don sat on the edge of his chair, unaware that both Jim and John were watching him.

But he was watching the action on the floor in front of him.

Jenny wiggled her bare little butt as she took Harry's hard cock into her mouth and began sucking him again. The pressure in his nuts had eased a bit. He was ready now for a nice easy suck-off. He squirmed his ass a bit and held himself in position for the little girl's eagerly sucking, lapping mouth.

He looked down over his body at the taut puffy lips, so lovely in their sucking circle around his cock.

Jenny moaned now as she sucked. It was getting better for her too. She could feel the quivering pleasure reaching down into her pussy, tingling into her clit. And she knew exactly what she was doing with her beautiful ass, waving it so invitingly at the man in the chair.

Don shook his head. He wasn't even aware that he did it. His eyes darted from Jenny's smooth taut ass cheeks to Mr. Wellington's smiling face.

Wellington broadened his smile into a grin, and gestured with one hand.

"Uh, now?" Don asked.

John nodded, gave a slight shrug.

It was up to Don.

He rubbed his nose briefly, then stood up. He looked at the rest of the people in the room in a single swift glance that really took in nothing.

His cock was hurting, it was so hard.

Making his decision, he ripped open his pants and slid them down his legs. His underpants followed within a second, and he stepped forward, his big dork waving hotly right at Jenny's wavering young ass.

Don hadn't heard his ponygirl's moan of distress over the fact that he was actually going to go over and fuck that little twat's ass. Patty didn't know he'd chosen the child's ass to fuck, but she could easily guess. Don loved buttfuckiug Patty, even though she kept telling him it hurt like fucking hell. She was terrified of his cock up her asshole. But he loved it, so she let him do it to her, night after night, in the hope that she would somehow learn to enjoy it. Or at least stretch enough so it wouldn't hurt quite so damned much.

Don crouched down behind the child.

Jenny felt his hands reach out and lightly grip her ass cheeks. His pressure grew firmer, and he slowly began caressing and kneading the young hard muscles of Jenny's flawless ass.

It wiggled and moved under his hands as her head bobbed and bounced over Harry's cock.

Harry was groaning and squirming slightly. He felt his nuts growing fuller and fuller, heavy with his thick spunk.

Don gripped the child's ass cheeks one in each hot hand and spread them wide pert. Jenny moaned and lifted her ass a bit higher, offering herself to the man any way he wanted her.

She was a virgin in her asshole but she had longed to feel a cock back there, ever since one of her girlfriends had told her all about getting it up her shithole.

The girl's description of the painful pleasure had held Jenny's imagination thrilled for several weeks.

She raced her ass as much as she could when she felt the man's thumb probing her puckered asshole. It sent a thrill of gut-wrenching pleasure into her body. He pressed forward. Jenny winced.

Don tickled and toyed with the kid's bumhole, driving her crazy with lust and frustration. She jammed her ass backward, trying to fuck the man's fingertip as he poked it slightly through the tight ring of protective muscle guarding her hole.

Suddenly she jerked her head off Harry's prick, whirled it around, and shouted at Don: "Fuck my asshole, damn it!"

And in the same motion, it seemed, she swung back and hardly missed a stroke as she resumed sucking on Harry's cock.

Don was stunned into action.

He scooted closer behind the child, spread her hot cheeks as wide as they would open, and poked the head of his pulsing dork up against the girl's virgin asshole.

Jenny tucked her butt in as far as she could, drawing Don's cock after her hole. His cock head pressed hard against her anus. When she'd tricked him forward far enough she suddenly thrust her ass backwards, jamming his hard cock through the tight sphincter ring, burying the dork deep into her tight asshole.

Her head came up off Harry's prick as she arched her body high in agony. The burning sensation drove deep into her body. Her asshole felt like it had been split wide open. She felt torn in half. She screamed at the top of her lungs as Don grabbed her hips and slid his prick all the way into her bowels, his dorkhead mashing into the soft and moist depths of her violated young ass.

Jenny moaned and forced herself not to scream. She gasped hard for several moments, the sweat pouring off her young body in heavy droplets.

All three of the other girls in the room began moaning quietly into their gags. The stifled scream had sent shivers of fear into them. They had no idea what was happening to the poor little virgin child. Only Patty could guess that she was no longer a virgin in her asshole.

Jenny took control of herself and took several deep full lungsful of air, then slowly bent over again. Harry thrust his prick between her lips before she was ready, mashing her lips against her sharp teeth.

Jenny winced at the sudden pain in her lips. She opened her mouth wider quickly and began sucking at his cock with a will.

She felt Don's cock begin to slide out of her asshole, pulling back very slowly. It felt like he was tearing her whole tender ass right out of her body, trying to turn her inside-out.

It felt like she had to shit in the worst way.

But it also felt good.

The first stinging, burning agony was gone, and left in its place was a vague heat, pulsing around her asshole.

She sucked, and moaned. Her ass was filled with a man's cock for the first time in her life. Her mouth was stuffed with a prick for the first time, too.

She loved them both.

She sucked hard, her pretty head bobbing wildly now. Her long brown hair flew all over, sticking to her sweaty skin everywhere it touched her. The brown strands were matted to her back and upper arms, and all over her forehead and cheeks.

She snorted once through her nose, to get rid of a tickling strand of hair.

Harry's hands were high over his head, but he reached down and gripped Jenny's hair again. His nuts were so full that he couldn't last much longer. He felt the pressure growing quickly and, with a loud groan of pleasure, he jerked his hips high, rammed his cock into the back of Jenny's gulping throat, and blasted her with his spunk.

Jenny gagged on the first hot spurts of thick cock fluid. She tried to spit it out, but that only made the gagging worse. She gulped it down, breathed quickly, then gulped down the next hot blast.

Harry's dork exploded into her mouth, hosing her with high-pressure come. The poor little girl barely had time to gulp down one big mouthful before the next was spouting from Harry's prick.

Her mouth quickly filled with come, and it was like having a mouthful of molasses. It filled her mouth to overflowing, and Jenny began dribbling thick come out over her lips. It dripped back down onto Harry's cock and balls.

Her lips and chin and cheeks became coated with the thick white goo, and she sucked endlessly to keep more from spilling out.

The taste was sensational.

She could eat this stuff all day, and on weekends, too.

She loved it.

She hated to waste a single drop.

And Don jammed his dork into her asshole again, hard and deep. Her mouth jammed down in reaction, and Harry's cock gave one final blast that nearly drowned the child.

Gagging and gasping, Jenny opened her mouth. The thick come gushed out, spilling out over her lips and chin, and at that same moment, Don moved his hands down and grabbed her hair, then yanked back hard.

Her mouth went wider, and more come gushed out.

Her head flew backward. Her body arched back toward Don's chest as he pulled on her hair harder and harder.

She couldn't shut her mouth.

She gasped and breathed, and let the come dribble from her chin to her chest and her small breasts. It mingled with her glistening sweat, and welled in thick sticky rivers down to her belly.

Don fucked hard and furiously into her asshole, shoving his prick through the tightly clenched muscles of the girl's ass. It felt like fucking warm gooey tar to him.

His prick -- ready to explode since early that morning didn't take long to build up the needed pressure. His balls slapped against the child's ass, battering against the lower portion of her sticky twat slit.

He felt the tightening in his nuts, the squeezing. He yanked harder on her hair, forcing her head so far back, her body into such a tight arc, that Jenny thought he was going to break her aching back.

But he simply held on, and suddenly jammed his prick deep, grinding his cock head into the depths of her hot ass.

He spewed his come into her bowels.

Jenny groaned in lusty pleasure as she felt the hot stuff filling her asshole.

It felt wonderful, better than anything she'd felt before. It burned and throbbed and scalded her bowels, filled her so fucking full of spunk that she knew she was going to shit all over the floor, the second the man pulled out of her ass.

She felt her tummy distend.

She was getting such a load of come, she couldn't believe it was possible.

The come began spilling out around the base of Don's cock when he pulled back. He slammed home again, mashing his hairy balls into his own come and her ass juice.

Jenny felt the stuff trickling down her bare thighs to her bent knees, wetting the floor under her.

She was gasping and whimpering in pleasure, her body arched, her mouth wide open from her bent-back pose. She was shuddering with the violent pleasure that rippled through her young body.

Don felt the girl's tight anus clutching at his cock head. It drove him wild. She was wiggling her ass all around, sucking at his cock with her bowels, sucking his balls dry.

He grunted with each fucking thrust. Jenny whined. And suddenly, she felt hands on her young tits. Harry had reached up and cupped both young mounds, working the hard and swollen nipple nubs with his thumbs and fingers, pinching and pulling and twisting until Jenny couldn't stand it any longer.

Filled with come, her head pulled back and her breasts being mauled by the man below her, Jenny felt the sharp, quick rise of her own climax. It came over her in a few seconds. Her gut churned with delighted pleasure, and tightened as her cunt expanded and twitched, and she came hard.

Her juices spilled out of her tight wet slit and dripped to the rug between her thighs.

She shook and shivered wildly, her tits jumping and jerking in Harry's hands.

Her neck arched backward painfully, she couldn't throw her head from side to side as she wanted, but she could scream.

"Aaahhhhg!" Jenny shrieked.

Her whole body shuddered.

Her mouth dripped come. Her asshole dripped come. Her cunt slit dribbled her hot juices.

She shuddered violently as Don yanked his wang in and out of her ass. Suddenly, he slammed the child's body forward, throwing her down on top of Harry's body.

Jenny felt Harry's fingernails scraping at her tit mounds, tearing at her throbbing nipples. Her cunt pulsated and sucked, trying to impale itself on his still-firm dork.

Harry stuffed one hand down under her, reaching for his cock. He got it aimed right and Jenny, with a loud sigh of pleasure, sank her gushing twat down over the fat pole.

She humped against both cocks, feeling them squeezing the tender membrane between her cunt and her bowels. Both cocks filled her holes.

She humped them both at the same time.

Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, shaking her sexy little body harder and harder. She felt like she was going crazy with lust and pleasure. Her body was completely out of control.

She threw herself wildly about on Harry's cock, grinding her asshole back against Don's pumping balls.

Don yanked even harder on her hair.

Jenny gasped.

Her tits ached in Harry's clawing hands.

Her whole body went wild, leaping and jumping and shuddering in a frenzy of mindless pleasure.

Don's cock gave a final spurt and, with a groan, he pulled out of Jenny's asshole.

He drew his body backward over the rug and sat there for a moment, admiring Jenny's naked ass as it bounced in wild abandon in the throes of the little girl's hardest climax.

Jenny cried out over and over. Freed of the cock up her ass and feeling the thick spunk gushing from her anus, Jenny focused her attention on the cock up her snatch hole.

With her arms still bound behind her back, she couldn't lean forward and grab Harry's shoulders for support. But Harry was supporting her light weight with his hands clawing at her young breasts, tormenting her nipples into an agony of pleasure.

Suddenly Jenny stiffened. Her body lifted high, her cunt slipping off Harry's cock as she went up onto her knees, her body straight, her face aimed toward the ceiling.

"God!" she cried out loudly, one time.

Then she threw her body to one side and went limp on the floor. She was drenched in sweat, and her skin was coated almost everywhere with thick rivers of come.

She shuddered gently a few times.

Harry sighed, his cock finally growing softer.

Don shook his head in astonishment. He got up slowly and walked half-naked back to the couch. He didn't bother to put his pants back on, since they would simply have to come off again, before the evening was over.

Chapter FOUR

Poor Jenny was exhausted. The men sitting around her watched her charmingly naked, come-smeared young body as she rested her cheek on the floor, her pretty eyes closed, her whole body still quivering. Slowly, groaning loudly, Jenny slipped over onto her back, shifting a bit to make her bound arms more comfortable. The men enjoyed the deep rise and fall of the youngster's breasts.

Jenny sighed. Her pert little nipples were swollen hard, and were bright pink. They glistened with the little girl's sweat. Her entire body glowed with a blush of lust.

She stretched hard. Her arms tightened under her back, and she crossed her anklets and arched off the floor. Her body held the taut arch for a long moment before she relaxed and sank back down to the floor.

"Beautiful," Jim said quietly. His hand rested lightly on Janice's hooded head, stroking the smooth material. Jim looked aver at Wellington and gave the man a smiling nod of appreciation for the little girl's show.

Janice gulped. She was grateful that Jim had not taken part in the fucking of the under-aged child. But her position, chained to the leg of the chair, was becoming more and more unbearable. Her arms and knees hurt.

The other two women felt pretty much the same kind of discomfort. The gags were too tight, and the outfits too revealing. But none of the ladies could deny the sensual pleasure felt in being bound, and in knowing that sooner or later each would be the center of fucking attention.

Jenny filled her lungs, swelling her breasts. She felt tired but happy. She wanted to crawl into a nice cool clean bed and sleep for a week.

"Get up, Jenny."

The teenager moaned at the sound of Wellington's stern voice. She groaned, but struggled quickly to sit up. She rubbed her wrists together in the tight cord, trying to ease the tingling pain. Her shoulders hurt from being pulled back for so long.

"Hurry up, Jenny."

She glanced toward her lover. His eyes were bright with lust for her, she could see. She smiled slightly at him, then twisted her legs under her and got to her feet. She stood in front of the men, swaying slightly as she got her balance.

She blushed as she felt a thick trickle of come slip from her pussy lips and roll down her thigh.

"Jenny will be at your disposal, gentlemen, for the rest of the evening. You may do with her as you please."

Wellington looked each man in the eyes as he said the words. Each man understood that his own woman was to be made as fully available to the others for any purpose at all.

Wellington's eyes finally came to rest on Jenny again.

"You will find whips, and any other devices you might wish to use on her, in the closet."

John smiled at the strange expression that crossed the girl's pretty face. Whipped? Jenny didn't want to be whipped, at least not by these other men. She knew she would probably get the full treatment from Mr. Wellington. But that had been part of the deal from the beginning. Whatever Mr. Wellington wanted her to do, she was supposed to do it, without question or hesitation. But Gary hadn't told her that part of her duties would be to service three other men, too and to allow them to whip her!

Jenny licked her lips, and tasted come. She shuddered slightly. She remembered the fucking John had given her upstairs, less than an hour ago. Her cunt gave a small involuntary twitch at the thought of feeling the whip on her bare skin.

Damn it! She had really gotten in over her head this time. And her own young body was leading her down a path of strangely pleasurable pain and humiliation. She wondered if she would be able to turn back, once this evening was over.

John got up out of his chair. He motioned Jenny toward a corner of the room. The youngster walked slowly toward it, and her eyes went wide when she saw the thick heavy chain dangling from the ceiling.

"Face the wall, Jenny."

She did as she was told. She felt John wrapping the chain between her wrists, around the tight cloth belt that bound them together.

She twisted her neck and looked over her slim bare shoulder at John. He winked at her, then yanked her arms up high between her shoulder blades. Jenny was forced to bend way over. She felt the man's hand stroking her sweaty asscheeks. His touch was gentle but firm, the whole palm cupping her tight butt as he stroked over the smooth moist flesh.

She grunted as he forced her arms even higher. Then she heard the chain being pulled through some kind of pulley arrangement. Her body bent all the way over, until her head was down near her trembling knees. Her wrists were pinched hard in the cloth and chain. Her cunt slit was exposed from behind, the soft wet curls of pale brown cunt hair peeking through between her thighs.

She knew her bare ass presented a delightfully available target for the whip John had mentioned, and she tightened it in anticipation. Maybe it wouldn't be so awful after all. She imagined what the sting would feel like, and her nipples responded by growing even harder. With little effort the young teen could brush her swollen buds against her own thighs. The pleasure that flashed through her body when she did it made her blush hard, and gasp.

"Apparently, Jenny finds this pose to be acceptable, gentlemen. Isn't that right, Jenny?"

Jenny grunted. "Yes, sir."

She jumped at the hard slap on her ass that followed.

"Good girl," Wellington said. He walked back to his chair and sat down. He looked first at Jim, who hadn't yet participated in any of the action.

"Whips are, in the closet, Jim. Why don't you show us how to give our pretty little under-aged whore the punishment she deserves?"

Jim snorted. "Sure. Why not?"

He got up. Janice caught her breath. She didn't want Jim to have anything to do with the child, but at least he hadn't rushed in to fuck her, like the other two. Let him have his fun, she thought.

Jim walked casually over to the closet door and opened it. Displayed inside were at least two dozen different kinds of whips. He chose a thin and very flexible riding whip, longer than the short crop Don had used on Patty, with a loose bit of leather dangling from the end. It would leave a nice welt, and Jim knew that was what Wellington would want to see.

He felt his cock stiffen. Hmmm. So maybe it was what he wanted to see himself, too. And why not? He'd never had the chance to whip a little girl's bare ass before, and the idea excited him immensely.

Jim swished the whip through the air. He snapped it. The crack was satisfying. He wouldn't mind using this one on Jan. He looked over toward the woman, still crouching doggie-style beside his chair. The little whip he had bought to use on her looked pretty cheap in comparison to this beauty.

He rubbed his chin, looking from Janice to the whip and back again. He glanced toward Jenny's bent-over pose. God, what a beautiful young ass. He wondered if he could slice the tip of the whip right into that gooey wet crack of her cunt.

You'll get your chance with this baby, Janice, Jim thought with a smile. But right now it's Jenny's show.

The other men settled back to watch as Jim walked over and took up a position behind the young girl. Jim reached down and caressed the soft flesh for a moment, feeling the girl twitch at his first touch.

"Easy, Jenny," he said quietly. "Easy, girl. I'm going to whip you now. OK?"

He felt the girl tighten her ass cheeks when he told her what he was going to do to her.

Jenny was already gasping from her awkward position. It was difficult to breathe properly, bent over like this. And she felt a little dizzy from having her head so low. Her shoulders hurt like hell from taking the strain of her weight, too.

Jim saw the child nod her head slightly as she gasped out her answer.

"Yes, sir. Go ahead and whip me."

Jim's cock went rigid when the little girl spoke. Her voice was silken and sweet. She sounded so innocent that Jim smiled. How could such a sweet voice belong to such an obvious sex machine?

"Ready?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir," Jenny whispered back to him. She shut her eyes tightly and clenched her thighs tightly together, squeezing her ass cheeks closed.

"Oh, no, honey. We can't have that," Jim told bar. He patted her ass with the tip of the whip. "Spread your legs apart."

Jenny groaned.

She had been afraid that they were going to make her do this, spread her legs apart so they could whip her cunt. Damn! But she did it. Ho long bare legs, sweaty and coated with drying come, moved hesitantly apart. Her sweet little cunt came fully into view between her thighs.

"Good. Very good. You look very beautiful like that, Jenny. Did you know that?"

"No, sir. I'm glad you like me like this. But it really hurts a lot, sir. Could you please hurry up and whip me?"

Wellington laughed.

"Why, you little bitch," he snorted, getting up out of his chair. He strode across the room to the closet and pulled down a set of steel handcuffs. Those he carried quickly over to the girl. He knelt and clamped a manacle to each of her bare ankles. Then he drew her legs so wide apart that poor Jenny thought he was going to split her in half. And as he forced her to move her legs so far apart, her body bent lower, and her arms were pulled even higher behind her back.

"Oh, God," Jenny moaned. Her shoulders snapped and cracked. The strain was almost unbearable. She was stretched wide open, pulled taut between the chain from the ceiling and the hard, cold manacles locked around her ankles.

Her cunt was opened. Partly from the spread of her thighs, partly from the swollen state of her cent lips, her bright-pink inner folds were fully revealed, nestled beautifully within the downy nest of her brown pussy hair.

"You'll remain like that for the rest of the evening, you fucking little whore," Wellington told her. He slapped her ass check hard, and sent a jolt of pain into the child's pulled shoulders.

"Whip the fucking shit out of the little bitch, Jim," John said. He walked back to his chair and settled down.

"Should have kept your pretty mouth shut, Jenny," Jim said. He raised the thin whip and slashed it down against the child's ass cheeks before she could get ready, before she knew it was going to happen.

"Ahhhg!" Jenny shrieked. She gagged herself to cut off the scream. She tried to clench her ass cheeks together to ease the burning, stinging pain that seared into her soft flesh, but it couldn't be done. Her ankles fought the wide cuff of steel. The sound of the chain shaking to she shuddered under the first blow sent a thrill of excitement through everyone present.

Even Jenny.

The second cut sliced right up into her cunt mound, landing directly between her swollen open lips. The blow stung right into her wet cunt, and Jenny clenched her jaws tightly together. Her only sound was a long loud snort of pain. Her ass wiggled wildly under the blow.

Janice heard each and every sound of the whipping. She was growing hotter and hotter. She could feel her pussy beginning to ooze large amounts of fragrant juice, wetting her tight panties thoroughly. Each crack of the whip against the poor child's bare flesh made Jan twitch, as though she had been struck herself.

Jenny fought her bonds harder and harder. It was becoming impossible for her to contain her screams. She was hurtling toward a massive climax. She could feel the tension filling her whole body, making her as tight as a girl could get before she utterly exploded ha climax all over the room.

Jim lashed her ass six times in quick succession, giving the little whore no time at all to recover between blows. Jenny was whimpering loudly when he finished, and he let her rest for a very brief moment.

He could sense her pawing tension. Her body responded differently now than when he first hit her. She was almost squatting into the blows, driving her aching cunt down into the upward slash of the thin whip.

She was getting off on her whipping!

And Jim helped her, aiming his blows right into her cunt hole.

Wellington was thrilled with this whipping. His cock was hard and huge. He didn't bother to look at the other two men in the room. If they weren't getting off on this, there was no hope in hell for them.

But he did wonder what the other girls were thinking about this whipping.

Janice was close to coming herself. Her tight panties provided a surface where she could at least attempt to rub her cunt to climax. The soft material had become soaked with her pussy fluids, and she was wiggling her ass in slow circles as she worked her panties over her sensitive cunt.

Patty chewed on her bit. Her nipples were rigid with lust. She could feel each blow that Jenny felt, deep inside her breasts. She crouched there, ready for her rider, imagining herself to be under the whip. It was driving her crazy with the need to be fucked.

Lynn stood still, ramrod rigid. She was scared. Each snap and crack of the whip against the poor kid's skin made Lynn want to scream out for them to stop this madness.

But her body betrayed her real feelings. Her immense nipples were swollen to the point of bursting. Her cunt was drooling her thick juices down her thighs, and she was unconsciously rubbing her thighs together. Her hips undulated very slowly, back and forth in a very slow fucking motion.

"Ohhhh," Jenny moaned between the blows. "Please. No more. No more. Please."

Her words, her soft voice, her sexy wiggling and struggling against the chains, finally pushed Jim over the edge. He raised his arm higher, and brought the whip down viciously against her thighs, leaving a bright thick red welt across the top of her thighs, just under the fullness of her ass cheeks.

Jenny tried to lift her head as the hard scream left her throat. She cried out long and loud as Jim whipped her over and over and over, never stopping to let her catch her breath.

She was drenched in sweat. She glistened and dripped as each blow hit her wet silky skin. She was bent over, writhing violently under Jim's hard whipping.

Tears flooded from her eyes. She shook hard. Her head whipped from side to side madly, her soaked hair lashing her pretty face and her strained shoulders.

Jim's cock had never been so fucking hard.

He suddenly stopped whipping Jenny's ass. He stood over her, breathing raggedly, staring down at the angry red welts that covered the child's hard ass cheeks and thighs.

She was crying hard, still writhing and fighting the bonds. Her wrists were raw from the struggle, and so were her ankles. She was dancing in her pain. And Jim gasped as he realized she was spurting her cunt juice down her legs.

The fucking little bitch was coming!

He had whipped her into a climax. Jim could barely believe it. He watched wide-eyed as Jenny humped her cunt back and forth in a fury of fucking motions, pumping her welted cunt up and down on some imaginary cock.

Her juice gushed from her twat hole. It dripped from her pussy and fell to the floor under her, and some of it rolled down her wide spread thighs.

Jim grabbed the girl's ass cheek in one hand, and suddenly jabbed the wide handle of the whip against her puckered little ass hole. He twisted hard, then shoved, and the handle vanished deep into the child's bowels.

Jenny howled at the unexpected pain of the invading pole, and felt the big handle jerking in her ass. Jim let go. He backed away. Jenny, bent over and shuddering and cringing and coming, was stretched taut between the floor and the ceiling with the thin whip sticking out of her upraised ass hole. The tip of the whip slashed at the air as the child wiggled and writhed in her bonds.

Slowly, she began to calm down.

Jim pulled his cock out of his pants. He stepped close to the girl and pressed the tip of his cock to her soaking pussy mound.

Jenny cried out loudly: "Ohhh, fuck me! Shove your fucking cock into me, you damned bastard! Fuck me!"

Jim's cock slid into her slippery pussy channel with ease, running full-length up her tube and butting against her cervix. Jenny moaned and gasped. Her cunt walls clenched and sucked at Jim's hard cock. He pulled out, then rammed back in. He gripped the protruding handle of the whip and worked it deeper into the girl's sucking ass hole.

"Oh, God!" Jenny cried out. Her hands clawed at the chain binding her to the ceiling. "Fuck me harder! Ohhh, yes! Ram that fucking thing into my shitter!"

Jenny felt a second climax rising up over her, drowning her in an intense pleasure before the first orgasm had stopped. She jerked her cunt up and down on Jim's dork, riding him hard and fast. Her breasts jiggled. Her nipples rubbed violently against her wet thighs, driving an exquisite pleasure into her young tits.

She twitched and jumped, and bobbed her cunt up and down on the pole in her tight wet snatch hole. She ground her ass onto the handle of the whip, trying to suck it deeper still into her guts.

Jim pumped and humped the tender young girl as hard as he could. His balls smashed into her pussy mound. With one hand he slid the whip handle in and out of the girl's asshole, and with the other he reached down between her twisted arms and grabbed a fistful of her lovely wet hair. He yanked Jenny's head back as far as it would go without snapping her slender neck.

Jenny loved it. Her whole body was on fire. Her cunt was gushing juice in hard, intense waves of lusty pleasure. Her asshole was a burning ring of painful pleasure, and she could feel the end of the whip handle deep inside her bowels, grinding into the depths of her butt. Her nipples were twin points of agonized pleasure. She was sore and raw, and hurting everywhere on her body, and it was driving her higher and higher with such intense and satisfying pleasure that she thought she might fucking die.

Jim felt his balls grow heavy and hard. He pumped harder, faster. His nuts slapped violently against her young twat.

He could feel the squeezing in his balls, and suddenly he jammed his prick all the way into the child's hotly sucking snatch hole and blasted her pussy with his thick spunk.

He slammed in and out of her cunt tube in a frenzy of lust, flooding her cunt hole with his juices. Jenny winced as the man yanked on her hair, pulling her head back to the limit. She felt her saliva drooling out over her lower lip and dripping down her chin, but she couldn't close her mouth. It was almost impossible to swallow within neck bent back so far.

But her attention wasn't on her drooling. Her whole being was focused on her orgasm. Her twat was full of cock and come. Her own thick juice mingled with the thick hot jets of spunk hosing out of Jim's battering prick.

Jim let go of the girl's hair, let go of the whip handle, and slid his hands around her thighs, grinding his cock deep into her twat hole and locking himself there as he spewed the last drops of come into her hole.

With a popping sucking jerk, he yanked his hard dork out of her pussy. Long thick strings of come followed his cock, and they hung from her young pussy mound, slowly dripping to the floor between her manacled legs.

Jim gripped his cock with one hand and milked the final bit of come from the head of his prick, rubbing it on Jenny's quivering thigh.

He turned away from the girl and staggered back to his chair. He sank down with a deep sigh of relief and pleasure. After a moment he looked over at Jenny.

"Damn," he whispered, shaking his head in amazement. "That's one hot little fucking cunt, John."

John Wellington smiled.

Don and Harry looked at Jim, then at the young girl's burning red ass cheeks. He'd really laid it into her. He'd left the whip buried in her asshole too, and it was there now, sticking high out of her butt hole, waving with each slight movement of her upraised young ass.

Don got up and started toward the girl.

"No. Leave it in her asshole, Don," Wellington said.

Don shrugged and returned to his seat. Harry was rubbing his cock and eyeing the girl's dripping pussy. He could use a little more of that.

Wellington read his thoughts.

"She'll be there for the rest of the evening, Harry. Let's give her a break, shall we? After all, we haven't even begun to whip those cute little titties of hers."

John said that for Jenny's benefit. It would give her something to think about, in addition to the discomfort of her position. He hadn't really expected the child to be so willing, or so quick to take to a whipping. He looked forward with deep pleasure to the next two weeks. He was certain that before that time was up, he could make the little girl his own. After all he had everything she could possibly want, including all the money she could over dream of spending.

She was much too hot and eager and pliant to return to that idiot boyfriend of hers. He would only waste her. John looked at the bautifully striped ass of hers, and know he would keep her for his own.

Ho sighed and turned his attention back to his guests.

"Well, gentlemen. So much for the appetizer," he said, rubbing his hands together, "Shall we get on with the main course?"

Chapter FIVE

Lynn stood straight and tall. She was naked except for the high-heeled knee boots with the spurs. Her arms were bound behind her back, and her head was fully encased in the blinding hood.

She could feel the eyes of all the men roving aver her breasts. She had immense tits, but they didn't sag in the slightest. They rode high on her chest, like those of a very young girl just beginning to bud. Her breasts were capped with magnificent dark brown nipples, swollen now in her excitement.

Her cunt was a soft and downy blonde. The lips were puffy and full, and partly open with the swelling of lust.

"Bring her here," Wellington said.

Lynn felt Harry take her upper arm. She stepped hesitantly forward, afraid she might fall in the unfamiliar boots. But Harry held her tightly. He led her over to stand before their host.

Lynn tensed for the expected touch. She felt Wellington's hand press firmly against her hipbone, then stroke around behind her to fully cup her narrow ass cheek.

"Magnificent, Harry. Absolutely magnificent."

A deep red blush spread downward from Lynn's face over her chest and breasts.

"Bend over," Wellington commanded her. Lynn bent forward. Her huge breasts dangled close to John's face. His hand slipped quickly between her thighs and cupped her wet pussy. His lips sucked one of her immense hard nipples into his mouth. Lynn moaned at the sucking pressure. She felt the man's tongue wiggle over her sensitive nubbin, driving her wild with frustration.

She wanted to be fucked right now!

Fucked like that little girl must have been fucked, by all of these men at the same time, is what I need, she thought.

John released the woman's nipple.

Lynn remained bent over. She felt the air drying and cooling her nipple, and it felt wonderfully sexy.

"Obedient," Wellington commented, his voice showing his appreciation for that quality in a woman, especially a woman of Lynn's stature.

"You may stand straight, my dear."

Lynn immediately straightened up. She pulled her shoulders back and stuck her tits out proudly. She was committed to this evening, and she was damned well going to make the fucking most of it, not only for Harry but for herself as well.

His hand at her cunt began kneading her pussy mound hard, pulling on the curly blonde hair. Lynn winced as a few strands were pulled from her flesh.

But she didn't protest.

And besides, it felt kind of nice to be hurt a little bit, down there. Lynn liked to be used roughly sometimes, Wellington certainly seemed like the kind of a man who knew how to apply the right amount of pain to cause the right amount of pleasure.

Lynn leaned forward a little bit, and very slightly ground her cunt mound against the kneading fist.

Wellington responded with a tighter grip, and a twist of his fist that sent a quick sharp jolt of pain into Lynn's pussy. Her cunt responded with a quick spurt of fluid, wetting John's hand.

"Well, well, well," he said. He patted Lynn's cunt gently, then withdrew his hand. "Later, my dear. I'll show you a few little tricks that I'm certain will please you. But for now, I think it's time for your ride."

John gestured to Don.

Patty had been expecting the tug on the reins at any moment. She winced, tears flooded her eyes at the sharpness of the pain in her jaws and mouth when that tug came. She moved forward on her hands and knees, led to the center of the room by her lover.

Patty had been saddled for a long time. The straps that held it on her back were pulled tightly around her stomach, making it impossible for the young lady to take a full deep breath.

The saddle had been manufactured especially for John Wellington. He had loaned it to Don for the evening. It was a very lightweight English riding saddle. A few modifications had made it useful for a young girl. The straps were wide and could be buckled tightly around a girl's tummy and under her anus. The upper strap would fit above her breasts so that the saddle wouldn't slide off her body. The point of special interest was the mount on the center of the saddle, where a variety of implements could be fastened.

The saddle was fitted with a very large leather dildo. It was a very hard and unyielding thing, with an extremely wide head and a series of deep ridges around its sides that would rub a girl's cunt in just the right way.

If Lynn could have seen the thing she was going to have to mount, she would either have fainted or come on the spot.

As it happened, she was about to get the feel of the thing.

Patty felt the painful jerk on the reins that made the bit dig into her mouth. The bit was another of Wellington's devices. It had a fat long bar of iron that fit between the woman's teeth, far back in her jaws. This forced her to keep her mouth as wide open as possible. Attached to the iron bar was a wide and flat tongue-like piece of iron that fit inside her mouth and rested flat against her tongue. When the reins were pulled, the flat piece of iron was raised, and sharp teeth on the upper surface gouged painfully into the tender roof of the young lady's mouth. A second blade of iron, smaller than the upper one, slipped under the girl's tongue. Tiny spikes dug into the soft, incredibly sensitive flesh underneath her tongue when the reins were pulled. All in all, it was a diabolical thing to have to wear, heavy and painful even when it wasn't in actual use.

And poor Patty had been wearing it for more than an hour.

Patty was halted in the center of the room. She remained as still as she possibly could. Her docility was nearly total. She would obey any command Don gave her, no matter how much it hurt her to do so. She had grown to love the pain, and accepted it all as simply another way of loving her man.

She waited. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed together. Her long legs were encased in a pair of black stockings, which left her bare ass a beautiful stark white in contrast. Her breasts dangled from her chest, small and pointy. Her brown cunt muff peeked through between her thighs from behind.

She knew she was going to be ridden. She just didn't know if she could take the weight of the girl who was going to ride her.

Lynn had wondered the same thing earlier. Too late to worry about it now. Lynn felt a hand on her arm again, and she was turned and walked to the center of the room.

Her knees bumped into something hard. Patty grunted. The slightest jerk sent eye-watering pain into her mouth and tongue. Fortunately it also sent a kinky pleasure racing through her body.

Patty had long ago learned to take her pain and turn it into the deepest kind of pleasure. She couldn't tell any more where the one left off and the other began. It was all the same.

She was trembling on the verge of coming almost every minute she was bound. This playing at being a pony was new, and it lent a new thrill to her bondage. While she dreaded the thought of being ridden, it made her hornier than she'd been in a long, long time.

Lynn stood still, waiting for further orders. She felt Harry working the eyeflaps of her hood open, so she could see. She blinked a few times when the flaps were finally lifted away from her eyes. The room was dimly lit, and it took her a few seconds to clear her cloudy eyes to see well.

"Get on," Harry said.

Lynn looked down. She saw the protruding cock immediately, and her heart stopped beating.

Good God! Look at the size of that prick! She gulped hard behind her gag, and her eyes lifted to Harry's.

He grinned and nodded at her.

"Now," he said.

Lynn looked back down at the ponygirl, waiting so patiently for her rider to climb aboard. Lynn shuddered once, then slowly lifted one leg and swung it over the girl's crouching body. She placed her booted foot firmly on the floor, and felt the hard sides of the saddle rubbing against the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

Wellington and the other men watched in delighted expectation as Lynn poised her pretty cunt right over the wide knob of the hard leather dork.

John's cock was so hard now that it hurt.

He cupped his nuts with a hand and began massaging them gently. He took a quick glance at the others, and noted with satisfaction that they were all holding their rigid pricks, eager for more action.

Harry was thrilled with Lynn's easy submission. She often fought him over every little thing, just for the hell of it. But now when she knew the stakes were high she was acting like the docile little pussycat Harry longed to own.

If this deal went through, Lynn would make one hell of a great little fucking partner, that was for fucking sure!

"Good girl," he whispered to her. "Now, squat down. Sit down on the saddle."

Lynn's strong legs quivered as she tried to obey. She bent her knees slowly, lowering her moist cunt toward the long thick dick attached to Patty's saddle.

"Looking good, baby," Harry said, encouraging her.

Lynn's big soft cunt lips touched the tip of the leather dork. She sniffed loudly as she felt the cold thing press against her sensitive cunt flesh. She froze. Her thighs tensed, holding her trembling body just above the head of the immense fake cock.

"Do it," Harry ordered her. He gripped her arm tightly and tried to force her body downward onto the cock. Lynn fought him for a second, chewing hard on the cock-gag in her mouth. She was afraid to try to take the huge cock inside her. It was too wide, too big for her tight cunt hole to handle.

She shook her head and started to straighten her legs, to lift her cunt off the leather cockhead.

Harry tightened his grip on her arm and yanked her back down onto it.

Lynn cried out into her gag.

"Get on it. Lynn," Harry ordered, forgetting to keep her name a secret. "Get on the saddle, damn you!"

Lynn fought Harry's hurting grip on her bare arm. She fought for self-control. She knew she had to do it, had to try to slide her tight cunt hole down over that monster of a cock, had to let these men do anything they chose to do to her, for as long as Harry kept her here. But she was afraid she might not be able to take it all.

She was on the verge of panic. If only Harry wouldn't keep trying to force her, to rush her.

"Harry," Wellington called. "Let the lady do it herself. She's just a bit worried about the size of the dildo. She'll do it just fine, Harry. Let her do it by herself."

Lynn turned her head and looked at Mr. Wellington. It was the first time she'd seen him. He was incredibly handsome. Somehow, Lynn had imagined him to be an older man, probably very fat and bald, with a filthy expression on his face that he could never remove. But Wellington was a relatively young man, and very attractive. And obviously he was extremely sensitive to a girl's moods and thoughts. He could tell she was in a panic, and had taken action to help her over it.

Her pretty blue eyes locked onto his. He smiled and nodded slowly to her. A slight gesture with his hand told Lynn that she would have to do it, but that she could do it at her own pace.

She lowered her eyes, then looked back at him, hoping he would understand her gratitude.

She felt Harry let go of her arm. She watched her lover walk back to the couch and sit down. She saw another girl, dressed in a maid's costume, crouching beside a chair. God, what a group! she thought to herself. And suddenly she relaxed completely. Yes, this was quite a group. And all, the women here were bound and submissive, just like herself. There was no reason to be afraid. Whatever was going to happen to her was going to happen to all of them, one way or another.

And one thing was in her favor -- cunt channel was already well-lubricated with her juices.

Patty, crouched under Lynn's naked body, had heard the whole exchange. She could very easily understand the woman's panic at seeing the size of the leather pole she had to mount.

Knowing what must be going through Lynn's mind, Patty decided to help as best she could. She lifted her ass a little bit higher, and lowered her back.

Lynn sighed, then squatted down again until her pussy was resting lightly on the cock head.

Wellington's cock was about to explode. He knew that Harry would believe he disapproved of the slight defiance his date had shown. And John would let him continue to think so. It was good for Harry to think John had disapproved, because then John could get him to do even more interesting things with his young lady.

But in fact Lynn's defiance had excited John. He understood that this tall beautiful blonde hadn't yet been broken, not by any stretch of the imagination. She had merely agreed to do whatever Harry had told her she would be asked to do tonight. And it was quite apparent that old Harry had failed to mention the size of the cock, probably hadn't even told her about the cock at all, knowing how Harry negotiated his deals.

Wellington's smile broadened. It would be the merest of child's play to take this beauty away from Harry. Simply give him the stateside job he wanted in exchange for the woman, and Harry was bound to leap for the deal.

John shifted on his seat. He hoped his cock wouldn't blast itself dry before he got the chance to fuck that golden-haired lovely.

Lynn began wiggling her ass slowly, trying to work her cunt lips open by rubbing them against the fat wide hood of the leather cock. She could feel her juices smearing the thing, wetting it completely. That would help. She sank lower, spreading her thighs wide open so that her knees wan pointing toward opposite walls of the room. She was shaking badly, rubbing her cunt all over the cock head, trying to keep from slipping downward too fast.

She went down further, feeling her pussy lips spreading open as the hood penetrated between them. She twisted from side to side, working her cunt hole down over the huge head slowly. It felt like it was going to split her in half it was so damned big and wide.

The leather spread her cunt lips wider and wider. The young woman knew that if she opened much further, she would tear her flesh. This cock was so fucking big, it was like taking a cock for the first time in her life. She quivered, feeling like a virgin taking her very first cock.

And that thought drove her wild. She moaned and ground her pussy over and around that immense dork head. She could rub her clit against the thing, pressing it down hard, mashing it firmly against the wet leather.

God! She knew she could rub herself to a hard climax just by moving like this, without ever taking the prick inside her tight cunt tube!

But that wasn't what these men wanted to watch her do. They wanted to see her hurt herself a little bit before she came. She had to shove this cock all the way up her snatch hole, sit down on, the saddle, and ride some other poor girl like she was a colt.

Biting down hard on the gag between her teeth, Lynn gathered up her courage. She tightened her thighs. She took a very deep breath, filling her lungs, thrusting her big breasts outward and upward. Sweat popped out on her skin all over her body.

Suddenly, with a loud shriek into her gag, Lynn drove he wet cunt downward onto the fat pole of the prick. She wiggled wildly, jerking her ass and thighs, grinding her cunt down harder and harder.

She was groaning and grunting from the strain. She felt her cunt lips separating over the huge prick. It was just too fucking huge to take!

Patty made her move. She stiffened her arms, tightened her legs, and shoved her back upward as hard and high as she could. Her back arched, and the leather cock was driven deep into Lynn's hot wet cunt, slamming all the way home.

Lynn's head jerked backward and she screamed violently into the gag. Her tight ass checks slammed downward onto the leather seat of the saddle, her cunt hole fully impaled on the fat fake prick.

Sweat rolled down her body. Her hair was matted to her back where it hung down. Lynn's head rolled limply on her neck as she sat on the ponygirl, whimpering. She could feel the juices wetting the saddle under her bare ass. The burning pain in her cunt hole began to ease quickly as her cunt walls adjusted to the immense width of the leather dork.

The men gave both girls a few minutes to adjust to their new positions. Lynn felt like she'd just been torn in half. And poor Patty was shaking badly under the strain of trying to support Lynn's full weight.

"Put your feet in the stirrups, Lynn," Wellington told her.

Lynn nodded slowly. She slowly opened her eyes and tried to focus on something. Wellington's handsome face came into view, and she concentrated on pleasing him. She glanced down and found the dangling stirrup with her right foot. She slipped her boot into it. She got her other foot into the left stirrup, so that her knees were bent so high that the inner sides of her thighs rested against the outer sides of her big breasts.

The cock was buried to the hilt within her cunt, filling her fuller than she could ever have believed possible.

Under her, Patty was groaning into her bit. Lynn, for all her lovely height, weighed a mere one hundred pounds. She was tall and slender. Patty weighed only ninety-eight pounds though, and the girl on top was damned heavy, even for someone as athletic as Patty. Thank God for good muscles, Patty thought as she shifted her weight to better balance herself and her rider.

Moving was going to be hell. Still, Patty consoled herself, she didn't have to squat on a precarious perch with that leather rod rammed up her twat. God Almighty!

"Come over here, pony," Wellington called.

Shit! Patty lifted one cuffed hand off the floor and moved it forward as far as the short chain would allow. She shifted one stockinged knee forward, until she felt the tug on the chain between the cuffs around her ankles.

It was going to be extremely slow-going. Each slight move of her body sent Lynn lurching one way or the other. Patty could hear the girl's moans as she felt the rod within her cunt pressing hard up into the depths of her cunt, hurting her deep inside.

"Move a bit faster, pony," Don commanded.

Patty tried, but there was no way she could move one bit faster.

"Use your spurs, Lynn," Harry called out.

Patty froze. Spurs? Oh, fuck!

Lynn, her eyes on Wellington, twisted her ankles and gouged the sharp steel points on her spurs into Patty's bare flesh, just behind her ribs.

Patty found quickly that there was a way that she could move that extra little bit faster.

She jerked one hand forward, one knee for ward, and then the other hand with the other knee, over and over in rapid succession, until she and her rider were halted in front of Wellington.

"Excellent," John complimented them.

Lynn watched his face closely as he studied the two women. He seemed genuinely pleased with them, and this somehow made Lynn's heart beat a little faster. She longed to please this man whom she'd never spoken to, whom she'd never even met before this evening.

John got out of the chair. He walked around the ponygirl and her rider, inspecting them both very carefully. His hand stroked Lynn's breasts, cupping them from the underside and lifting the weight of both lush mounds, his thumbs flicking over both hard nipples.

Lynn sucked a deep lung full of air, forcing her breasts out and up, trying to make them grow even larger in Wellington's knowing hands.

John bent down and lightly kissed Lynn's bare shoulder. The kiss sent a thrill of pleasure through Lynn's body.

John lifted one foot and worked the toe of his shoe between Patty's ass cheeks, poking the tip of the shoe right onto her tightly puckered asshole.

Patty moaned low in her throat as the bit between her teeth gouged hard into her tongue and the roof of her mouth. The shoe jabbing at her asshole felt great, and she crouched backward, grinding her asshole against the pointed toe of the shoe.

John lowered his foot.

"Not so easily, my dear. No, you'll have to work a little harder than that for your release, I'm afraid."

John walked back around in front of the girls. He winked at Lynn. She would have smiled back, but her hood and gag prevented her from making any kind of facial gesture.

"Harry, come over and undo Lynn's arms. I want her to take the reins."

As John seated himself again, Harry got up and did as he'd been told. Lynn brought her arms around in front of her body, rubbing her wrists. Oh, God, how good it felt to have her hands back! Her shoulders ached like fury from the strain of her arms tied behind her back.

Harry undid the loose reins from the pommel of the saddle, and held them out for his lover. Lynn looked at his face for a moment. All she could see in Harry's eyes was a pleading for her to do everything right, to make no more mistakes. But Lynn had read in Wellington's smile that he hadn't been the least bit put off by her defiance. Maybe he'd even been turned on a bit by it, Lynn thought.

She took the reins.

Patty stiffened under her. Lynn felt the girl's body go very tense. She knew that Patty had helped her get the cock inside her. How could she repay the girl for her help? Lynn understood that she was going to have to actually hurt the ponygirl, to give her hard kicks with the spurs, to pull on the reins. Damn! These men were diabolical! Lynn couldn't think of a single thing she could do to prevent Patty from getting a full treatment of pain.

Then it struck her. If that was the situation, then these guys were smart enough to only put a girl in that position if she got off on pain.

Lynn relaxed. She could do her job without worrying too much about Patty. The ponygirl was there because it was the best way for her to gain pleasure, of that Lynn was certain.

"Well, ladies," Wellington said. He looked them over again, his gaze settling at last on Lynn's tremendous breasts. "You will ride your pony, Lynn, until you come. And you will continue to ride her until she comes too. Is that clear?"

Lynn nodded.

Patty nodded, but very slightly.

"And you will keep in constant motion, ponygirl, or we will use the whip on you both."

When he said the word both, he looked right into Lynn's lovely eyes. Lynn met his gaze. Then, without waiting for a further command, she twisted her ankles and dug the spurs into Patty's ribs. At the same moment, she pulled back hard on the reins, driving the tiny spikes into Patty's tender tongue.

Patty screamed into the bit, and it sounded almost like, pony whinnying. Lynn released the reins, giving Patty her lead, and the ponygirl started forward again, moving as rapidly about the large room as she could. She carried Lynn close to each of the men, in a big slow circle. Each stop brought a new jab of pain into her mouth. And each time she slowed, each time she moved with too much of a jerk, she felt the sharp steel points of Lynn's spurs kick into her ribs.

By the time she had made a complete circle of the room, and was moving slowly toward Wellington again, she was in a full sweat. Her black stockings were matted to her thighs and legs. The saddle rubbed against her bare back, making her flesh raw and sore. Large drops of sweat rolled down over her tight ass cheeks and dripped onto her stocking-clad feet.

But she felt her cunt growing hotter and wetter and looser with each stop. Her breasts dangling from her chest tickled with the tiny rivers of sweat that rolled down the flesh and toyed with each pert nipple, driving Patty into a frenzy of lusty frustration. She longed and ached to scratch those itchy buds, to claw her nipples into pleasure instead of this constant annoying teasing agony.

If only there was something she could rub her clit against. Damn it! Why hadn't they thought of strapping some kind of belt down between her ass cheeks, pulling it tightly up between her cunt lips so she could at least get off quickly?

Patty snorted at her own thoughts. Quickly? Hell, they must have thought about the idea, and discarded it. They wanted her to come off on her pain, not on some easy strap.

Damn creeps!

Patty moaned as she crawled slowly past her host. Wellington winked at Lynn. He was astonished at how quickly the woman had learned to manipulate her pony. Patty, after all, was still blindfolded. She couldn't tell where she was carrying her passenger. Lynn was using the reins exactly as she would on a real horse, making the animal move exactly where she wanted to go.

Lynn winked back at Mr. Wellington. The cock up her snatch was driving her nuts with pleasure. Her clit slid up and down on the massive rod with each step her ponygirl took. Her breasts were burning bright red with her lust, her nipples sticking out like twin rods of iron, deliciously pink-brown.

Lynn's whole body was drenched in sweat. She was shaking hard on the saddle, lifting and lowering her ass by tightening her butt muscles. She rubbed her swollen clit hard against the sleek wet leather of the fake cock in her cunt hole.

She could feel the gut-churning pleasure growing stronger and twisting her insides into a hard knot of pleasure. Her piping-hot cunt was oozing, dripping with fluid from her stretched channel. The head of the leather dork battered into her cervix, causing her pain deep within her pussy. But she was growing used to it, beginning to enjoy the painful sensation, around which all her sexy pleasure seemed to be focused.

It wouldn't be long for her now.

Lynn dug her spurs into Patty's sides again, just for the fucking hell of it. She loved the sound of the ponygirl's deep-throated groans of pain. It was a real turn-on for Lynn, to be in control of another woman like this. She'd never experienced such a strange kind of pleasure.

Her blood was on fire. She felt like she was drowning in her own sweat. She sucked on the rubber cock in her mouth as though it was the real thing. She almost wished she was still blinded by the hood, so that the men around her couldn't tell by the lusty glaze over her eyes how far gone she really was.

They were past Wellington now, and Lynn could feel the heat rising higher, growing hotter in her cunt. She slid up and down on the impaling cock, amazed that she could open so fully for the monstrous prick.

Her clit was hard and wet. She could sense the vague feeling of warmth and lust deep within her body, growing stronger by the second.

Her nipples suddenly hardened into tight nubs so fucking firm and full that they felt like they were about to blow apart from the hard pressure inside them.

Her belly tightened, and trembled hard.

Her thighs suddenly clenched tightly to the outer sides of her huge tits, hugging them hard, pressing them together.

She yanked back hard on the reins, forcing Patty to halt. And as Patty stood there on her hands and knees with her head forced far back, screaming over and over into the painful bit, Lynn jammed her hot wet box all the way down on the leather cock in her snatch and squirted cunt juice all over the saddle seat.

She moaned and twitched as she held the reins tightly in her fists. She jumped and bounced up and down on the pole up her hole, rubbing her puffy clit bud hard along the smooth leather cock.

She felt her love channel filling with her juices, flooding out of her snatch hole and again wetting her ass cheeks on the saddle.

The men watched the juice flow in thick rivers down over the sides of the saddle, and drip to the floor under Patty's quaking body.

Patty felt Lynn come. The moaning rider yanked and pulled on the reins, causing Patty excruciating pain in her tongue and mouth. Patty shrieked for the first few seconds, then got control of herself. It hurt like fucking hell, but she could stand it.

Tears flooded out of her eyes, wetting her blindfold, dripping down her cheeks. She could feel the hot salty tears falling onto her hands.

Her nipples were nearly bursting from the pleasure of her frustration.

If only she could come, right now. Qhhhh, damn those fucking bastards and all their miserable tricks!

She stood still, feeling the girl on top of her shuddering wildly as she came.

Lynn shook harder and harder as the waves of orgasm washed over her whole body, driving her higher and higher. Her cunt felt like it was on fire. It buzzed and tingled so hard that Lynn would never have believed it possible, if she wasn't feeling it right then.

She seemed to come forever.

She humped the cock up her hole for all she was worth. Her head was thrown far back, and she moaned over and over into her gag, her throat working hard as she tried to suck the rubber cock between her teeth.

Lynn screamed into her gag. She shook violently on the saddle, her clit running up and down on the immense dildo within her body in a fury of blasting orgasm.

Her hole was filled with cock and juice. The juices flushed out around the base of the dildo with each jump and jerk of her wet, glistening body impaled on the dork.

She plopped back down onto the seat of the saddle, and heard the gooey squishing of her ass cheeks in her cunt fluids.

And slowly the pleasure and the pain cased, faded. She rode the cock a few more times before settling down into the seat. She twitched and clenched her cunt walls around the cock.

She brought her head slowly back dawn, and let the reins slip from her fingers. She took a deep breath and held it. She quivered, and felt one last little squirt of juice spurt out of her hole.

God fucking damn!

She shuddered with the last traces of pleasure. Her nipples remained hard, and kept their bright red blush long after the last of her juice slid down over the sides of the saddle.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. She twisted on the saddle and looked back at Wellington. His eyes were locked on her body. Ho looked into her eyes. She read wonder and excitement there, and knew in that moment that she could have him, if she played her cards right.

She nudged Patty's ribs with the spurs.

Patty took a very slow step forward. The pain in her mouth was still making her eyes water. She felt the spurs dig in harder, and she moved forward with quicker steps.

She could feel her own climax getting closer. If only there was something she could rub against -- anything, any fucking thing at all!

Patty winced as she felt another sharp pinch beneath her tongue. Lynn was tugging the reins slightly to keep her moving. The cuffs around her wrists were rubbing the skin raw now. And her ankles were sore too. There was a little rip in the black nylon around her ankle where a rough edge of one of the cuffs had cut through.

Patty gnawed the bit. God, her mouth was so fucking sore that she wouldn't be able to give Don decent head for a month! Serve the bastard right, though, she thought.

The cock up Lynn's snatch hole continued to rub against her clit. Lynn was surprised to feel the growing warmth of a second climax. Her belly shivered. Her heart thumped in her chest. Her ass cheeks alternately tightened and relaxed as she pumped her cunt tube up and down, rubbing her clit off on the side of the soaked leather dong.

The itching grew hotter and deeper in her cunt. It was driving Lynn crazy. It was building up inside her too fast. She couldn't stop it or control it. Suddenly she was humping the cock with all her might, leaping wildly up and dawn on the fucking dork.

She couldn't help it. She threw the reins aside and yanked her booted feet from the stirrups. She jammed her high-heeled boots onto the floor and grabbed the pommel of the saddle with both hands. Her knuckles went white as she clutched the thing tightly. She used her leg muscles and lifted her whole body up over the thick leather prong up her twat, then dropped down.

Her head lashed from side to side as her come flooded over her, unbearable in its intensity. Her whole body was taut and shuddering. She was lost, her mind in a dense fog of lust and gut-wrenching pleasure. She clawed at the saddle horn. Her thighs quivered violently as she pumped and humped her cunt up and down on the fuck pole.

Her whole weight came slamming down on top of Patty's straining body. Patty's arms almost gave way. She was shaking and trembling under the pounding Lynn was giving her back.

She locked herself into position, and hoped she wouldn't collapse under the other girl's violent movements.

Lynn spewed juice out of her cunt hole around the thick cock. The pole was already slick with her juices. The fragrant odor of a young woman's cunt filled the room, making poor Patty even hornier and more frustrated in her own need to come.

Lynn slammed herself up and down, grinding her swollen clit against the smooth prick. She rode up high, her legs going almost straight, then drove herself down like a wild woman gone totally mad for cock.

Patty grunted with each downward drive of Lynn's body. Her arms couldn't take much more. Her knees hurt.

Lynn came and came, spilling her thick cunt juices all over the seat of the leather saddle. Her ass was gooey with her sauce. The beautiful fluid clung to her ass cheeks each time she rose upward along the cock, and spilled down over the sides of the saddle each time she rammed her ass back down.

Wellington was wheezing loudly as he watched. His cock was leaping in his hand. He gripped it tightly, keeping it from thumping too hard. He wanted Lynn. He had to have her.

Harry watched Lynn come, too. But he glanced toward John as often as he dared. Harry knew how hard Lynn's climaxes could be, and he was happy to see the effect it was having on his boss.

It looked like the deal was in the bag.

For the first time that evening, Harry relaxed. He turned his attention fully to the girls in the center of the room, and felt his nuts go hard and heavy as Lynn pumped her juices out of her sweet twat.

Don was clawing at the cushions. His cock was ready to blast a load into the nearest fucking bitch. He looked over at Jan. Blinded still, crouching beside the chair for all the world like an obedient young pooch, Jan was listening with all her attention to what was going on in the room.

She was scared and excited. She knew that the other two women were undergoing some kind of wonderful torment. She could hear the groaning and moaning of orgasm. Whether or not they were both coming, Jan couldn't tell, but at least one of them was getting off but good.

Jim reached down and absently stroked Jan's firm ass. His finger worked its way quickly under the tight waistband of her panties and found the soft ring of her asshole.

Jan twitched as she felt the fingertip press inward. She forced her whole to relax completely, so the finger wouldn't tear her skin as it slipped inside her ass.

Jim loved having his finger inside Jan's tight butt hole. He worked it as deep inside as it would go, his eyes never leaving the squirming body of the girl on the pony.

Janice whimpered as she felt the finger wiggling inside her asshole. How often she had gotten off like this, squeezing Jim's finger with her ass, pumping on it! Jim knew just how to work her body.

The bastard!

Jan ground her ass backward, shoving her asshole over his finger, trying to suck it deeper into her bowels.

Jan groaned when she felt the finger pulled from her hole. Her anus itched. She wanted more. She bit into the rubber ball that was spreading her jaws so wide open.

Oh, fucking damn this shit! She wanted to be fucked. She needed to feel a cock pumping into her cunt hole. Damn this!

Jim's cock was hurting bad. Whipping Jenny had really turned him on. He wanted to fuck somebody, and right now he didn't give a damn who it was. He wanted to fuck all night long, fuck all of the women in this place, again and again.

He sniffed at his fingertip. He loved the smell of his lover's asshole. He loved making Jan suck his fingers after he'd shoved them as deep as possible up her shitter.

He knew Janice loved it, too.

He couldn't take his eyes off the action in the center of the room.

Lynn was slowly coming back to the real world. Her body sank down on the saddle, the leather prick shoved all the way into her pussy hole. Her head went forward and she simply sat there, trying to catch her breath.

Patty was breathing hard too. Her arms were shaking, and she was ready to collapse at any slightest additional weight. She didn't think she could take another step with Lynn still on her back. Resting and breathing, neither Patty nor Lynn heard a sound until the first loud whistle of the whip, and the first harsh snap of the stinging whip against Patty's bare ass!

Chapter SIX

Lynn fought the whip. Her hands were free, and she twisted on the saddle and grabbed at the whip as Wellington slashed it into her bare back.

She cried out into her gag. Her pretty eyes watered with the sting of the blows, silently pleading with John to stop slicing the hard whip into her soft skin.

But the look on the man's face told her that it was no use. She fought for as long as they let her remain free to do so. It turned Wellington on.

The whip slashed into her upraised palms, stinging worse than she could imagine. One lash caught her left breast along the outer slope, and made her gasp with the burning pain.

"Fucking bitches!" Wellington cursed them. He was licking his lips over and over as he laid the whip into Lynn's flesh, striking her anywhere and everywhere.

Lynn was impaled on the saddle, and she couldn't twist away far or fast enough to stop the blows from raining down against her bare back and shoulders.

It stung like fire. Each sharp sting left a quickly thickening red welt on her beautiful skin. She twitched and jumped.

"Fucking bitches!" John Wellington shouted at both of them. He lowered his aim again and began slicing Patty's bare ass cheeks and the backs of her black-stockinged thighs.

The nylon quickly split open where the hard blows connected, leaving painful welts on her thighs and ass.

Patty tried to crawl away from the storm of blows. But Lynn was too heavy now, and her arms gave out. Patty crashed to the floor with a loud grunt and a sharp cry. The air was crushed from her lungs in one fell swoop.

Lynn's legs were forced high into the air when her juice-filled twat smashed down onto the floor. The cock seemed to drive into her stomach, it went in so fucking deep.

She cried out. Wellington could strike her back hard and fast now, while she tried to pull her cunt off the slimy leather dork up her snatch hole.

She shrieked with each new blow, but pulled and twisted her lower body until she unscrewed her box from the prick. It came out of her fuck hole with a loud sucking pop, and the young woman threw herself as far away from Patty's shaking body as she could.

Lynn lay there on the floor, her cunt hole gushing hot juice. Long thick puddles of the girl's gooey juices were stretched out and thinned across the floor between the saddle and Lynn's sopping wet cunt hole.

She threw herself over onto her back, feeling the burning welts rub against the floor. Her legs fell open. She was too exhausted to move. If John came at her with the whip now, she would let him strip off every inch of her skin before she could move even one fucking muscle to protect herself!

But John was busy with Patty.

"Come, you little fucker!" he growled. The whip went high above his head, then sliced downward to land on Patty's welted ass.

She jerked at the force of the blow.

She whimpered into her gag. Suddenly she got her knees under her body and threw herself forward, away from the slashing whip. John laughed and took a single step after her. He struck at the girl's lower legs. The whip cut the nylon again, down over the woman's calves.

Patty shrieked into her bit. She lifted her upper body. Her arms were shaking so badly from the strain that she barely made it. She was determined to show Wellington that she could take any shit he could deal out. She got herself positioned back up on her hands and knees, and held her body stiff and ready in her ponygirl pose. She tightened her bare ass, expecting the blows to continue, harder than ever.

But they stopped!

Patty crouched there, waiting, breathing hard and fast around the hard bit between her teeth. God, did she hurt! And she was so fucking close to coming she couldn't stand it. Her cunt hole was on fire.

"You motherfucking little bitch whore!" Wellington growled at her. He stood over her, amazed at the young woman's ability to hold herself still, even after all those stinging blows.

John tossed the whip onto his chair. He stepped up beside Patty and knelt down. Quickly, he unscrewed the leather cock from its saddle mount.

He held it for a moment under Patty's nose to let her get a good sniff of Lynn's juices.

The smell made Patty's cunt sizzle. She humped her cunt down in the air, fucking nothing but air in her terrible horniness.

John looked at Don for a second, then moved backward. He crouched behind Patty's out-thrust bare ass. He lowered the huge wet head of the leather dildo down between Patty's sweaty thighs, and pressed it inward against her swollen, soaked cunt lips.

Patty cried out.

She ground her pussy lips backward onto the false dork. She wanted it so fucking bad. She had to have it.


John suddenly jammed the whole length of the wide fuck rod into Patty's liquid-filled twat. As big as it was, she split open easily around the fat dork, and her cunt walls sucked it deep up her love tube, clamping it tightly into place.

Patty moaned with deep satisfaction as she felt the huge prick slide all the way home inside her hot hole.

She lowered her head to the floor and raised her ass high, so John could work the fuck pole in and out of her pussy hole. He yanked it out, then jammed it back in, mashing the fat head into the depths of her spuming pussy.

Patty grunted as she felt it poke her deep inside. She loved it. She clenched at the huge thing with her thighs, and humped her hot wet clit against it.

Four deep thrusts and she felt the first hard soul-bursting wave of orgasm blast over her. She gave out a long loud moan of pleasure as her clit tingled hotly and her cunt gushed juice, a rich thick flood strewing down her quivering thighs.

She began trembling hard. She slipped over onto her side and arched her back so that she could roll over onto her back, the saddle keeping her tummy and big breasts high in the air. She threw her long, stockinged legs wide apart and arched her fuck hole high.

John kept ramming the dork in and out of her girl's gushing snatch. Patty writhed and twitched on the floor, arched over the saddle. The straps that held the saddle to her body cut deep into her belly and chest. Her bare breasts jiggled wildly. Her nipples poked up hard and high above the wet mounds of her breasts.

Wellington fucked her tight wet twat hole body with his leather cock. Patty's pussy smeared the thing with her juice, gushing an endless stream of sweet-smelling fluid onto it.

Her juices flowed out of her pussy and matted the tightly curled cunt hair of her swollen snatch mound. John pistoned the dork deep, then yanked it out viciously, over and over and over.

Patty pumped her cunt high, damped her thighs tightly around it, and kicked at John's hands. He let go. Patty cried and humped the hard cock within her hole as she spurted her last sprays of hot juice.

And she fell back to the floor, totally spent and completely exhausted.

The leather dark slipped halfway out of her pussy and lay still, glistening with the juice of both young women.

John Wellington had worked up a bit of a sweat himself. He stood up, his cock sticking out straight from his crotch as he moved back to his chair. He picked up his whip and sat down.

He looked both women over.

Lynn was breathing easy now. She was looking at him.

He looked over at Harry. "Blind her again, Harry. She thinks she's hot shit!"

Lynn gulped at the words she heard. She closed her eyes as Harry knelt beside her to close the eyeflaps of her hood. Just before the flaps came down, she jerked her eyes open, and in that instant John gave her a wink.

Blackness closed down over her again, but she was satisfied.

"Chain them both up, gentlemen."

Wellington watched as Don and Harry took their young ladies and helped them over to the far wall. Don removed the saddle from Patty's slender body, then helped her to her feet. He stripped the torn stockings down her legs and off her feet. He kissed a few of the harsher welts. Patty twitched at the touch of his cool lips on her burning flesh.

But he left the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. He hooked her wrist cuffs to a chain that hung down from the ceiling. Except for her cuffs and her bit and blindfold, Patty was naked.

Don hauled on the chain end, and Patty's arms began lifting. He pulled her slim arms high above her head, so high that only the very tips of her toes were still touching the floor. Then he hooked the free end of the chain to the hook in the wall. Patty was hanging at full length, stretched out tautly.

To her, it almost seemed like a relief.

Lynn let Harry cuff her hands in front of her. She was already nude except for her hood and now the new cuffs. Harry strapped Lynn's ankles to a long thin bar, which spread her legs quite pleasantly wide apart. Her soaked pussy was completely exposed.

He then attached a chain to her cuffs and drew her arms high. But he knew he had to outdo Don and Patty, so he grabbed Lynn about her waist and lifted her bodily off the floor. He pulled down on the chain and made the length between Lynn's wrists and the ceiling as short as he could.

When he finally hooked the free end to the wall, Lynn was hanging by her wrists, her legs held wide open and completely off the floor by almost a foot.

She groaned as her shoulders and wrists took the strain of her full weight.

God! She hoped no one wanted to whip her while she was strung up like this. There was no way in fucking hell that she'd ever be able to defend herself.

She could just imagine what her immense breasts must like to those bastards now.

But no one was looking at her just then.

All eyes were on Janice.

It was her turn!

Chapter SEVEN

Janice was led to the center of the room by the chain around her neck.

She was shaking badly. She was scared. She was excited. She was so fucking horny she hoped they'd just whip her and fuck her fast.

Her cunt hole was already drenched with lubrication.

The crotch of her tight panties was soaked.

She was ready for a good fuck!

"So this is the bitch, eh?" Wellington asked Jim.

"Yes. First-rate bitch, though. Just needs to be housebroken."

Wellington reached down with the tip of his whip and poked at Janice's gag. She was drooling a bit around the fat rubber ball. Her chin was wet.

"Well, Jim. Spread some papers out there beside her, and let's just see how much breaking in she's going to need this evening."

Jan listened to this conversation closely, but she wasn't sure she understood what was going to happen to her. She heard Jim unfold a newspaper and lay out the big sheets on the floor a few feet from her body.

"OK. Show us your stuff, doggie girl."

Jan felt a sharp tug on the chain. The collar around her throat tightened until she turned in the desired direction. She moved forward and felt the thin sheets of newspaper under her hands an knees.

Jim knelt down beside her to release the chain from the collar. He patted her back and whispered to her.

"You've got to piss, baby. Piss every damned drop you've got inside you. Understand?"

Janice gulped. She had to piss? Jesus! But she nodded to her lover.

"Good girl," Jim whispered to her. He patted her shoulder then stood up and backed away from her.

She waited.

The men watched her.

"Come on, bitch!" Wellington demanded. "Wet the papers. Do it right. Piss where you're supposed to, and maybe we won't have to correct you with this."

The whip sung through the air. Janice jerked and gasped at the sharpness of the stinging pain that burned like a line of fire across her ass cheeks.

She nodded her head violently to let them know she was going to obey. It was just taking time -- she wanted to fuck, not piss!

She lowered her head to her hands. She raised her ass high. She strained to release her piss. It wasn't working. She jumped as a second stripe cut into her smooth panties, cutting the material and leaving a bright welt across both tight cheeks.

Damn! She relaxed her body, and tried to think about pissing. She felt a slight trickle.

"There. Is that piss?"

She strained briefly and was rewarded with another quick squirt of hot piss into her panties. The wet spot grew larger. The panties were pulled tightly over her pussy mound, and the piss wet them fully over the crotch, mingling with the sweet cunt juices already there.

She relaxed again, and suddenly the hot piss gushed out of her hole, soaked quickly through the thin panties and began flooding onto the paper under her.

"Damn bitch!" Wellington laughed.

Janice pissed. Her yellow fluid spilled down the insides of her thighs and wet the paper under her knees. Most of it gushed right through her panties and splashed up under her belly to wet the front of her French maid uniform. It was hot at first, but it quickly grew cold.

The stream lasted quite a long time. Her bladder had been full. The release of her piss helped her to relax even more, so more piss squirted out of her body.

Janice moaned as the stream slowed to a trickle. It stopped. She worked a few final spurts out of her hole, and was finished pissing. Her legs were cold with the stuff as it dried rapidly on her skin.

The paper under her body was soaked with her piss.

"Ought to make the little bitch lick it all up! Don't you think so, Jim?"

Jim shrugged. "If you think so, John. She did do it on the paper, like you told her to, though?"

"Yes, I guess you're right. Let her off the hook for the moment."

Janice sighed with relief. She had absolutely no desire to lick up her cold piss and swallow it down.

She shuddered at the very thought.

"I'd like to fuck the shit out of her," Don said casually. He sat on the couch, rubbing his dork, eyeing Jan's pretty little butt.

"Take her, then," John offered just as casually.

"Hell, let me have her fucking mouth, then," Harry said. "Take that damned ball out of her mouth and I'll fill it with my damned fat prick."

"Fine. Go to it, Harry, my boy."

Wellington looked the young woman over. She was one sexy looking bitch. He hadn't really paid her too much attention with Lynn in the room, stark naked and willing and obviously interested in him, to.

But Janice was certainly as sexy. Maybe a bit more so, if it got down the brass tacks.

Wellington liked his women a bit on the short side-slender, slight, but with a couple of handfuls of tit.

Janice was exactly that.

His own cock needed some action.

"I'll take her cunt hole, gentlemen. And for openers, let's all take her at the same fucking time."

Jim casually reached out and took the whip from John's hands.

"I'll keep her mind off you guys, then," he laughed lightly.

Janice was gulping hard and fast behind the gagging ball. All three at once? She had heard about this sort of thing, and she'd been interested in trying it. But God, was she ready for it?

She felt Harry cutting through the cord over her cheeks that held the ball between her teeth. He pulled the ball out of her throbbing and aching mouth, and a mouthful of warm saliva spilled out with it. She sucked and slurped and licked her lips, then worked her jaws for a few seconds to ease the aching pain.

She smelled cock. Damn the hood that covered her eyes! She wanted to see the cock she was going to suck. She wanted to see the man whose fucking come she was about to swallow.

Somebody was pulling at her panties. She felt the cold the material sliding down her wet thighs. A quick slice of a knife severed the material away from her knees, and left her bare and fully accessible to the cock.

"Let's get this show arranged in the proper order, gentlemen."

John Wellington got up and walked all around the girl. He made gestures in the air as he calculated the best way to fuck her.

"Don, you're the strongest one of us. Fuck her asshole, then haul her over onto her back, on top of you."

"Yes, sir!" Don laughed with glee. He slapped his hands together, then got down on his knees behind the young woman. He gripped her taut smooth butt cheeks and spread them wide, exposing her tightly puckered little button of an asshole.

Don shoved his hard prick forwards, poking the moist head into Jan's quivering shit chute. She sucked air for a minute, then forced her sphincter to relax totally. She grunted as she felt the man's cock pressing her hole open. With a sudden hard shove, Don rammed his prick into Jan's ass depths. A second thrust sent the cock even deeper into her body, plowing through her bowels like an iron rod through warm molasses. His balls slapped firmly against her cunt slit.

Jan moaned as she felt her ass filled with cock. She loved it! Jim's cock was bigger though, and he knew how to build her up with foreplay before shoving into her ass. Still, Don knew what he was doing back there, and he did it.

Two pairs of hands lifted her shoulders and pulled her body up right, then laid her back on top of Don's body. His cock was buried to the hilt up her shit tube.

As she rested back on top of him, Don moved his hands up to cup her breasts through the tight material of her blouse. Her nipples popped into rigid, throbbing thumbs of flesh under Don's rubbing fingers.

She moaned, her sweet lips parting slightly. A hand on her hooded head forced her face to the side, and she smelled cock again.

"Open up, you beautiful little poochie," Harry said.

His cock pushed against her wet lips. Jan opened her mouth wide and felt the fat cylinder shoved into her mouth. The head of Harry's hard prick jammed back into her throat, gagging her at first. He withdrew a little, and Jan settled down to sucking on the huge thing tenderly, lapping her tongue all over the tasty head.

"God, she's got a great mouth on her, Jim!" he gasped.

Jim nodded.

"Get your hands off her tits, Don I'm going to be whipping the shit out of them in a minute."

Janice groaned as she felt the cupping kneading hands leave her young eager tits.

Jim stuck her breasts a light little blow, just to warn her. Janice jumped and whined deep in her throat. The cut hadn't really hurt so much as surprised her. Her nipples bloated even harder at the blow.

Jim bent over her and undid the front of her blouse, exposing her full breasts. Her flesh was blushing a bright red. He poked the tip of the whip down into her left nipple, pressing it in ward deep. Janice moaned and whimpered around the cock in her mouth, but continued sucking gently on his prick meat.

Wellington got down into position. He aimed his cock had at Jan's cunt hole. He reached out with his free hand and cupped the hot moist nest tenderly for a moment. Then he carefully parted the girl's pussy tips and fitted the tip of his prick between them.

He let go of Jan's pussy lips and worked his knees upward, pressing her thighs wider apart. Then, with a sudden hard thrust, he buried his cock all the way into her soaking wet snatch.

Janice gasped at the size of the invading member. It filled her so full that she could hardly breathe. She swallowed hard, gulping air through her nose in short and shallow gasps.

Wellington kept himself up off the woman's back with his outstretched arms. He pulled out a bit, then shoved back into her hole. Jan's cunt responded immediately, sizzling and itching insanely for release.

All three holes were filled!

"Let's fuck this bitch silly, men," John Wellington said with delight. He began fucking Jan's cunt for all be was worth, fucking his fat prick in and out of her tight wet hole in a hard frenzy.

Don grunted with his efforts but managed to fuck Jan's asshole almost as vigorously as John was fucking her pussy.

Jan cried with pleasure, tears dripping from her hooded eyes.

She sucked harder and faster on the big prick in her mouth. She tongued the length of the thing, kissing and licking it. She nuzzled her face down into the hot nest of Harry's cock hair and sucked his nuts.

Her body lurched with the cocks fucking into her whole and her cunt. The two men found a rhythm that let them fuck her in alternate thrusts in and out, battering her deep inside.

She sucked hard. She pumped her cunt and asshole in a wild strange rhythm of her own, fucking all three men with her whole body.

She winced as the whip struck at her bare breasts, cutting lightly at first. Jim was only teasing her, driving her higher into the misty realms of lusty pleasure, rather than hurting her.

The whip danced over her young hard tits, slicing into her pointy little nipples and stinging far down on the soft warm under slopes of her tits.

It drove her into a frenzy of violent lust.

She arched her back and begged for the whip on her nipples. The stinging blows raised down on her flesh in a fucking rhythm, timed to her sucking and fucking of the other three men.

She was fucking as completely as she could ever imagine fucking. Every fiber of her body was matching the mad pumping and humping of her cunt and ass and mouth.

The only sound in the room was the groaning of the men and the snap of the whip into her big breasts.

Her mind was shrieking for release -- fuck me! Fuck me, you bastard men!

She felt the man under her pumping suddenly faster and harder. She felt his body go taut and stiff. His cock rammed deep into her ass and he pressed his balls to her ass cheeks.

Janice felt her guts flooded with sudden hot thick spurts of Don's come. He really blasted her insides. Jan could feel the hot spunk filling her, flooding back out her tight stretched asshole.

Harry came just as suddenly. Her mouth was filled with his come before she could take the first gulp. She snorted and began swallowing Harry's thick goo as fast as she could. It wasn't fast enough. His sticky come spilled out around his cock and gushed down her cheek, wetting her shoulder.

She gulped it down. The jets came and came, gagging her. She felt the come filling her fuller and fuller. Her throat was coated with Harry's gooey come.

Wellington arched his back and jammed his prick into Jan's cunt. He whimpered once, quietly, and hosed Jan's cunt hole with his come.

She felt it all.

Her ass seemed full to the point of bursting, and still more come spewed out of Don's prick head. Her mouth overflowed with Harry's spunk no matter how fast she gulped it down. And her cunt hole felt like it was under attack from a high-pressure hose. John Wellington was really fucking it to her. His jism was burning her. It scalded her as it filled her pussy hole.

She jumped and twitched. Her cunt hole sucked at his cock. Her ass clenched at the other cock. Her lips sucked at yet another cock. And her cunt tightened and made a hard slow spasm as her body was forced to arch high.

She went rigid, like a board.

Her cunt suddenly blasted with her own climax, and she shot hot juice from her love channel in a fury of pleasure.

The thick goo spurted out of her hole.

She shook and gagged and gasped and cried out as she came. It was hard and good. She arched her tits into Jim's whip as he lashed her harder, slashing it into her breasts and raising bright red welts across both full mounds.

Janice shook and shuddered violently, as though an earthquake of lust rumbled and twisted and blasted through her whole being.

She grunted and felt the come forced out of her asshole. Don's cock popped out of her hole. Jan felt the release of pressure inside her ass as the hot spunk squirted out of her anus, flooding over Don's balls and sagging cock.

She twisted her face aside, and Harry's prick slid from between her lips. A last thick jet shot onto Jan's pretty lips, and her tongue darted out and sucked it in almost before it landed.

Jim helped Don crawl out from under Jan's still shuddering body. Harry simply rolled aside. John lowered himself down on top of the woman and began sucking on her nipple, pulling on it with his teeth as the final spurs of come gushed out of his cock head.

Jan threw her head back and pressed her breast into John's hard-sucking mouth. He gnawed at her nipple, grinding his teeth into the hard nubbin and drawing a cry of lust from between Jan's come-smeared lips.

His cock finally emptied itself inside her tight young twat. He could feel the slimy goo oozing out of her bole. He pulled out and crawled upward over her body, then lowered his dick into her mouth.

Eagerly, Jan sucked the hot cylinder completely clean of come.

At last, satisfied for the moment, John Wellington climbed off the young lady. He got slowly to his feet.

Jan twitched a little bit more before she finally filled her ample lungs, blew the air out slowly through her lips, and let her whole body relax.

Come dripped from every hole in her body. She continued licking her lips, tasting the cooling come.

She moaned.

Her nipples remained big and hard.

"Chain her up, Jim."

Jan could only groan as she felt herself being lifted and carried to the wall where the other woman hung. Within moments she found herself stretched out fully, hanging by chains from the ceiling. Her position was slightly different from any of the others, though.

Jim, not to be outdone, had strung his lady from the ceiling upside-down. He'd cuffed her arms behind her back, leaving her breasts totally defenseless should John care to use the whip, or his mouth.

Jan listened as the four men returned to their seats. Mr. Wellington ordered Jenkins the butler, to bring in some refreshment for his guests.

Lynn listened too. She wanted Wellington. She hoped he would take her, hard and violently, so she could show him her real self. Her cunt was on fire for him.

Patty longed to see. She wondered what the other girls were dressed like. She wanted a turn at playing rider, damn it! But she strongly suspected that the rest of the evening held only more hard whipping in store for her, and she was quite right.

Jenny wanted nothing more than to be able to stand upright for a moment. Just for a moment. Please? She thought.

The four men ate and drank slowly, letting their cocks regain strength and giving the ladies a chance to rest before the activities began again.

After a while, all four girls tensed as they heard Wellington's words: "Well, gentlemen, the evening is young, and so is the entertainment. Whose turn is it?"


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