Bride for bondage

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder...

Linda, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A young teenager, she finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

BRIDE FOR BONDAGE -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

Chapter ONE

Bob set the two suitcases inside the door of the mountain cabin and turned to look at his wife. His bride smiled, the clear light shimmering over her lightly tanned face, the sun glinting on her pale blonde hair.

"Here we are," Bob said. "Honeymoon cottage." He swept Linda into his arms and carried her over the threshold into the large living room.

Linda clung to him, her arms around his broad shoulders. She turned her head and kissed her new husband lightly, hardly brushing his lips. "I love you," she said softly.

"I love you." Bob returned the kiss with real feeling, fucking his tongue to her lips. "Where's the bedroom?" He held her firmly to him.

"Upstairs. That way." She nodded with her head toward the back of the cabin.

"Okay." Bob carried her toward the stain.

The living room took up moot of the downstairs. Just a kitchen and a small dining space and a couple of storage rooms. Bob moved easily with the slim form, turning to climb the stain. Two bedrooms, separated by a bath, took up all of the upper story.

"Hey, I can walk, you know." Linda smiled and tried to get out of his arms.

"Not yet." Bob turned at the middle landing and continued to the top of the stairs. The large bedroom was on the right and Bob carried her right to the bed and put her down.

Leaning over, Bob put both hands to Linda's shoulders to hold her flat and began a warm, slow kiss. His tongue probed at her lips, tapped on her teeth and entered her mouth when she yielded and accepted his advance.

"Mmmmmmmm." Linda moved her head against his moving mouth, taking his tongue, massaging it with her own, pressing to enter Bob's mouth. Her arms circled his back and held him close.

"I love you." Bob nibbled at his wife's lips. One hand slid over her dress and found a breast, fondling the firm flesh lightly. He lay closer, letting his chest rest on her boobs. His other hand caressed down her side to her hip, roaming lower, around the butt and onto the thigh.

Bob knew her body. He had taken her many times before. But the thrill was always strong, his desire urgent as he touched the body again. "I love you so much. So much." His lips kissed over her face, tongue flickering toward her ear. Both hands crawled over her torso, feeling the warm, yielding flesh under her clothes. A swelling started in his dick and he pressed more firmly with his hands.

Linda's arms roamed along her husband's back, aver his sides, whisking to his butt, his thighs.

Linda had wondered how Bob would begin the lovemaking now that they were mated. She knew now and liked it. Direct, simple and very lovely. Pleasure began to pulse in her cunt and she arched her breasts to the man. "Oh, Bob. Bob. Yes. I love you." She began to tingle with anticipation of the wonderful love making to follow. She had been with him dozens of times; each time it seemed to get better.

Bob curled his fingers and slid them along the inside of Linda's leg, under the skirt. His cock was straining in his pants and he shifted to make it less crowded. She seemed as willing as always, her skin smooth where he felt it, the flesh springy to his touch. His hand reached her crotch and he pressed the palm to her pussy, the silk panties sliding under his touch. His balls began to ache with desire and Bob sat up and loosened his tie.

"Bob. Oh, Bob. Yes. I love you." Linda's hands slid under his suit-jacket to caress his chest. His tie came undone at his neck and their fingers met as they both unbuttoned his shin.

"You are so beautiful." Bob gave her another kiss before he stood up. When he got to his feet his stiff prick showed clearly through his trousers. He took off the jacket and shirt, draping them over the back of a chair.

"You'll have to help me with the zipper, honey." Linda stood and turned her back to her husband.

"Glad to." Bob pulled the zipper down to her waist. As she eased out of the dress his hands glided over her slip, cupping under the breasts from behind, holding her close to him, his cock pressing to the small of her back. He left a trail of kisses along her shoulders, savoring the delicate perfume and tender softness of the skin.

Linda pulled the straps of her slip from her shoulders and stepped out of the garment, leaving it rumpled on the floor. Bob's fingers unhooked her bra and she turned to present her breasts to her husband.

Full, high mounds of pale flesh, pink and white, moved toward him. The nipples were already firm, sticking up, the breasts pointing slightly apart, so large they touched at the middle of her chest.

"Oh, God." Bob pulled off his T-shirt and took the woman in his arms. Their bare torso's met and a kiss soon brought full passion racing through them. Bob, ran his hands all over the blonde. He held her close, leaning forward with his hips to let her feel the hardness of his dick.

"Beautiful! Oh, so beautiful." He moved to slide her tits on his skin.

"Love me, Bob. Love me." She kissed him deeply, offering her body, her entire self.

"Yes, yes." He fumbled with the top of her panties.

"I'll do that." Linda stepped back, sat on the edge of the bed and peeled down the pale blue panties and let her nylons fail to the floor.

Naked, Linda stretched back on the bed. "I love you, Bob. I love you."

Bob gazed at his bride's naked figure. She was nineteen, slender, waist trim, legs long. Her gold-blonde hair was natural, matched by a patch of the same color over her pussy. Bob got out of his shoes and dropped his pants. His eyes went over the luscious figure and he slipped out of his shorts. His dick sprang up to full length instantly and Bob put one knee on the bed and advanced toward the woman.

Linda's eyes scanned her husband. Dark, wavy hair, almost black, dark brown eyes, the best feature in a chiseled, almost craggy face. She loved his broad shoulders, the wide chest, two sweeps of dark hair curling over it, blending with the path of dark hair that led over his lean belly into his crotch.

And the cock. Linda had had boyfriends, and a couple of them had gotten her into bed, but nobody had done to her what Bob did to her.

Linda's eyes locked on the long, thick tool as Bob moved toward her and she raised her arms and spread her legs. "Take me," she whispered. "I love you."

Bob's hand closed around one breast and he lay between his wife's legs. He lowered his chest to her boobs, began a passionate kiss and put his dick to her cunt. His hips curled and his rod went up the smooth snatch, probing right through the warm pathway until he was all the way into her. Bob lay very still, savoring the wonderful feelings of his first fully legal and proper fuck. Lots of girls had gone to bed with him, but now it was going to be just Linda. From now on. Linda. His wife!

Bob began to screw, slow stokes, the full length of his hard prick gliding back and forth. Linda melted when the man penetrated her twat. His naked body inflamed her and she clung to him, feeling him breathe; loving the solid feel of his muscles, the hard cock starting to move in her precious love-pit. Warm juice seeped through her box. His cock filled her pussy as completely as his love filled her desires.

"Oh, Bob. Bob." Heat surrounded her as he fucked. His fingers moved along her skin, pressing in from shoulders to tail. His chest mashed her tits and pleasure spun from her clit as his dick moved more strongly up her cunt. "Yes." Lust bloomed steadily in her flesh. Her clit throbbed constantly. Bob drove with more strength, feeling the pleasures increase, his balls starting to whir with lust. The woman moved with him, meeting his thrusts easily, his dick turning hotter with each stroke.

"Bob! Take me. Yes. All of me. All the way. Fuck me. Oh. YES!" She clutched at his ass, drawing him farther up, wanting more strength from his drives.

Bob shoved full force, his hips striking down, sharp flashes of pleasure speeding from his nuts. His crotch swam with passion and he drove right into his climax, not able to hold off, the urgent pressure suddenly alive, his rocks aching as they spewed his jism into the sweet cunt.

Linda trembled as she felt the force of his climax break on her body. She clung to him, gasping, then soared to a swift peak, calling his name as his cock dug into her pussy and she came with frantic spasms of pure happiness. Her body flexed, arched to him and ecstasy spilled from her clit, her tits aching with pleasure as he finished his heavy thrusts and slowed, still moving his prick in her snatch.

Bob lay slack on his wife, his dick barely sliding around. "I love you." His kiss took his tongue way into her mouth. His hands covered her boobs and he moved his dick around, already starting to make love to her again.

Linda's arms held him, her mouth returning his kiss. She loved the way he made love. "Bob," she sighed, her cunt staying warm around his tool. "Yes. I love you so much."

Bob eased his prick from the snatch. One hand stayed at her tits, the other went to her pussy, feeling for the clit. The tab of flesh quivered when he touched it. Her hips slithered to the side and he added some pressure, bending his head down to kiss one nipple.

Linda rolled slightly to spread her breasts for him. She lay quietly, feeling his hands and tongue work to start the desires stirring inside her again. He didn't have to work hard; she felt the twitches almost at once when he fondled her clit. "It feels so good when you do that. Yes."

"I like it too, you know. I'm really pretty selfish -- at least in bed..." He kissed her other tit, his tongue curling around it like honey to a warm stone. Her hands ran over his back and chest, reaching down to touch his moist prick where it lay half-hard across his thigh.

"Do you want me to kiss it?"

"Sure." Bob lay back, sprawling on the bed. Late afternoon light through the east-facing windows spread a film of gold over her as she rolled around to get her mouth to his crotch. His hand held one boob and he moaned as her lips creased his cock.

Linda's lips touched the soft skin. Her mouth opened and her fingers held the shaft while her tongue licked out and touched the pink end of her husband's prick. She put it into her mouth and began to suck lightly, keeping her tongue alive against the shaft until some stiffness came into it. Even the very first time she'd made it with him he did it twice, one right after the other. "Once is never enough for me," he said. And that was always true. It got so that once was not really enough for her, either.

The dick swelled steadily as she sucked. Her fingers toyed with his rocks. Her nose brushed into the patch of curly black hair in his crotch.

"That feels so good honey." His fingers pinched at a nipple.

"Mmmmmmm." She tightened her lips around the firm flesh. The whole rod seemed to pulse on her tongue and she made it shiny, licking from tip to balls.

"Nice. Yeah!" He held her head with one hand and pulled her up for a kiss, rolling her to her back. "You turn me on. All the way." He touched her twat with one finger and lapped down her belly toward her crotch. His fingers slithered over her pussy and he crouched with his head close to the snatch and kissed toward the cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh." A long sigh floated through the air as he began to eat her box. His fingers pressed softly into the tender pink flesh and her desire pulsed. "Bob." She drew the name out like a last breath. "Yes. I love you." Her hands explored his back and chest. Her nipples sent out a faint sweet ache of pleasure. When he touched a breast she quivered with longing and arched her crotch to his face.

Bob entered her twat with his thumb. He bore down on the clit and she let out short squeals of delight. He held his hand in place and kissed up to her tits. His mouth covered one pulsing nipple and he swung onto her, his cock reaching for her cunt.

His hand guided him and he pressed his hard meat into the hole.

"Yes!" Sudden passion flared in Linda's flesh and she hugged her husband with both arms. "Take me, I love you. Oh!" Lust spasmed through her snatch. Her box blazed, the clit white-hot as his crotch beat against it. His long thrusts became a powerful driving force, totally male. "YES!" She loved the feel of his muscles, of the strength of his desire for her. "Bob, Bob." Her legs lifted beside his body, feet thrashing wildly as the pleasures grew more intense. His skilled body drove her to a flaming crest of passion and she hung there helpless under his powerful thrusts. His hands found her breasts. The fingers pinched and she soared into a climax that began in her cunt and ran through to her head. "Oh. Oh, Bob. Bob! BOB!" She clawed at him, grabbing for his butt, forcing him into her, all of his cock digging now as she came and came. Bob's dick did wonderful things all through her pussy. "YES!" Her voice was a thin wail as the passion drowned her.

Bob fucked steadily, in and out now for his own enjoyment. He heaved into the cunt, digging, taking fierce pleasure with his whole prick. His balls burned and he felt the pleasure build in his crotch. Every bit of his tool sliced into the twat and he just let the climax happen, let it swell to breaking, his body filled with the surging lust.

"God!" He dropped his head clamped his fingers to her tits and began to come. The first climax was just a warm-up. Now the full splendor of their love swept through him. He gasped and fire streamed from his nuts. Cum hosed into the sleek pussy. His dick turned to pure heat and he lunged, driving full force, every muscle working for maximum pleasure. Jism gushed and he felt his body drenched with flying ecstasy. His nerves tingled, right to his toes as he got off.

"Oh, God. Linda. Linda!" He grabbed for her with both arms and held her tightly until his desires faded and he could relax and lie still beside his wife. He felt nicely satisfied.

Linda let the happiness spill through her mind. She held her husband with one arm, kissing him lightly as he lay quietly on the bed. Bob was what she wanted. Everything she wanted -- and more. Perfect husband, perfect man, perfect lover. Perfect!

Chapter TWO

They both slept very late the next morning. Bob had been at her, on her, in her most of the night. Linda woke up feeling very relaxed, very happy. Bob stirred beside her, shoving back the coven. She looked at his naked body as he slowly left his sleep. The man had given her passion. And pleasures she never dreamed of. The one night of splendid sex had given her a deeper love for her husband.

"Morning," Bob said slowly. His eyes crept open and he slid an arm around his wife's waist and pulled her close for a kiss, sliding to touch down her full naked length, moving his dick to her pussy. "Oh, Bob." She cuddled to his warm flesh.

"I sure do like your body, lady. What did you say your name was?" He grinned.

"Mazie." She smiled back at him. "And you owe me twenty bucks, mister."

"Sure thing, honey." He swung his feet to the floor and stood up. Bright sunlight streamed into the room, the rays gilding Bob's white butt, turning his tanned torn to dark bronze.

"I love you." She remembered clearly what he had done to her last night. She loved every second of it.

"You're beautiful, babe." Bob walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Linda got up, put on a filmy nightgown -- he'd let her wear it for about ten seconds before he stripped it off and mounted her. She touched her pussy lightly, touched where her husband had taken his full pleasure three times the night before. Plus the two he'd taken earlier in the afternoon. Five times in one day! Linda was amazed. And very pleased that he desired her that much. Very pleased.

Linda brushed her hair back and went down to the kitchen to make some coffee and get breakfast started.

Bob came down later, wearing a bathrobe.

He let her keep the night gown on all through breakfast. Bob was well into his second cup of coffee before he reached for his wife.

Spreading the filmy red garment with one hand, Bob put his fingers around a tit and tugged until there was a response in the flesh. He opened his robe to show off his rising dick. "How about we take a shower?" He touched her pussy.

"Oh, yes." She let the gown float to the floor, standing naked in front of the man. One finger entered her snatch and the lust began to grow. She saw his cock, all the way up as he stood, shedding his robe.

"I want you." He pulled her to him for a kiss, touching his hard-on to her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm, yes." She shoved her boobs to him and held his ass with both hands, rotating her crotch against his prick, physical desire running through her veins. "Bob!"

"Upstairs." He held her hand and turned to go to the bathroom. The last steps were taken almost at a run. He turned the shower on full force and hugged his wife, waiting for the water to run hot.

"You are so damn sexy." He pulled her with him into the streaming water. The flow drenched them, plastering her hair to her head, running down between her breasts, making a small river over her pussy. His body came close, closer, touching the wet flesh, holding it, a kiss making live passion soar as they touched, hugging, the shower just barely big enough.

Bob grabbed the soap and began to foam lather over Linda's breasts. She moaned, giggled, squealed and sighed when his hands pasted wads of thick bubbles to her snatch. She grabbed the soap away and smeared it down his chest, massaging his belly for a moment before she spread the lather all around on his thick cock. Suds plopped to the tile from his balls. He ran the foamy white bubbles around to her back, coating her round ass completely, touching right into the crack. He smeared more down her thighs, then kissed her wetly as she covered his back with soap.

Bob's cock ran up and down across her clit, making trails of lust rasp through her flesh. She clung to him, dropped the soap and wiggled to his slippery form with total desire, her lust whipping at her legs, rampaging in her head. His muscles tightened and he leaned in, crushing her to him holding the slithery body with his arms, not quite able to get a tight grip.

"BOB!" He was in her, dining up with his prick. His hands slid to her waist, fingers pressing into the wet flesh.

He fucked carefully for a moment until he was sure of the position, then let go and heaved up, lifting the woman to him.

"Ohhhhh!" Sudden stabs of brisk happiness pinged through her cunt. Her clit thrashed with passion and she felt his heavy drives. "OOOHHH!!" The climax hit with quick pangs of ecstasy, short, sharp piercing moments of delight intense, flaring for a moment, then more, bigger bunts.

Bob kept it up as long as he could, then plunged into a fast, heavy orgasm, cock very hard, balls tight to his crotch, the jism in jolts as it tore through his dick.

The session was pure lust, love taking a back seat to physical need. Bob relaxed and let his tool slip free of the cunt.

"Yeah." He leaned against the wall of the shower, water hosing over his chest.

"I... God, Bob. Don't you ever stop?"

"Do you want me to?"

"No! No way." She kissed him, smearing her tits on his dripping torso. She caressed his balls and kissed him deeply. "You are the world's sexiest man. For real."

"You've made a survey, I suppose. Taken extensive samples for comparison."

"No, dummy. That's not it and you know it." She pinched his chest lightly.

"Well I know this much, you turn me on but for real!" The water sloshed over their heads. It took a while, but they finally got out of the shower.

By early afternoon, Linda had managed to get their things put away and straightened the cabin into some kind of regular neatness.

When she put the broom back into the little cubbyhole behind the sink her hand knocked a key on a string to the floor. She picked it up and looked around, trying to see what door it fitted. The key was too small for use on the front or back doom and they were the only locks in the place. Except for the padlock on one of the storage rooms.

Linda needed three steps to get to the storage room door. The key fit and the lock popped open. A string hung down almost to her face as she opened the door. She pulled it and a light went on. "Oh. Oh, oh dear."

The walls of the room were lined with chains, ropes, shackles, handcuffs, leather belts and straps; a rack of whips on the far wall took her attention. "Bob a... Bob! Can you come here? Look at all this stuff." Linda pushed the door wide open and stepped inside. A pile of magazines, naked women in ropes and chains on the coven, stood near one corner.

"Bob... Bob, come take a look at this. It's incredible." She fingered some of the chains gingerly.

"Huh? What is it, honey?" He stopped in the door, taking it all in slowly.

"See? All this. It must be Uncle Frank's stuff."

"I'll be damned." He took a step inside. "Christ, look at all this. Chains... whips... straps... Jesus, your uncle sure must be kinky. Look at this stuff." He picked up a magazine and leafed through it.

"No wonder he keeps the room locked up. This is... I don't know what it is... weird, anyway."

"Bondage. That's what it's called. Some guys like to tie women up before they screw them. Look." He showed Linda the magazine. Women dripping chains, their flesh twisted by straps tied tightly, breasts crushed by belts.

"I sure wouldn't want to try that! Do... do you want stuff like that?"

"I like it just the way we do it. Plain and good and lots of it." He looked at another magazine.

"I never knew this about Uncle Frank. I never even dreamed he'd go for something like this."

"Whatever gets you turned on, I suppose." Bob looked at more pictures.

"Hey, here. What's this?" She took a cardboard box from a shelf behind the door. "Look!" She held up a gigantic dildo, two feet long, as thick as a baseball bat. "Isn't that the craziest thing. Look at it." She held it close to her husband's face.

"Hey, have I got to live up to that?" The dildo was flesh pink, an exact copy of a hard-on.

"Uh, well... now that I look at it." She held the base to her husband's crotch, making it stand up like a real erection. "Maybe that might be kind of fun. Yeah."

"And maybe I'll throw you down and use this on you." He took a set of chains from the wall, rusty iron cuffs it the end. "Maybe that would be fun, too." He smiled broadly.

"There's more in here." She fumbled through the box. "Look!" She held up two more dildos. Closer to normal size, but one was rough, almost like a pine-cone, the other had short spikes set all around it, very thick, the end wider than a doorknob.

"God damn!" Bob stared at the fake cocks. "I'll sure have to take a close look at Uncle Frank the next time I see him."

"Bob, be nice. He did lend us the cabin. And we really shouldn't be in here at all. He did have it locked up."

"Okay... But please, don't say anything. Okay?"

"All right. I won't if you won't." He looked through another magazine. "Some of this photography is pretty good. Nice clear focus. Good color, too. Sharp."

"Sure. That's what you look at them for. Like art."

"Well, I've never seen stuff like this before."

"Neither have I." She looked at the bristly prick closely. "I wonder what Uncle Frank uses this for?"

"For screwing. If he can't get it up, at least he can put something in the poor girl."

"Maybe so. I wonder what it would feel like."


"Well. I can think about it, can't I?" She touched the tip of the dildo to her crotch.

"If you'd rather have that than me, well, I guess there's just no hope for our marriage," he said lightly.

"With something like this, maybe I wouldn't need a husband." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Bob raffled a pair of chrome-plated handcuffs at her. "I'll show you who's boss around here. Chain you to the wall and put it to you when I feel like it."

"If you put something like this to me, I wouldn't mind that a bit. I bet a gal could really get off with something like this up her snatch." Linda plunged the dildo against the front of her capris. "Oh. Oh. I can feel it now. All big in me. So big. So hard. So hot. Oh!" She gave a very fake groan of thoroughly synthetic passion.

"Well, if that's what you want." Bob took another dildo and shoved it toward his wife's cunt. He touched the front of her pants and she spread her legs, eyes rolling in mock lust. "Fuck me," she called hornily.

Bob kept jabbing with the plastic dick and leaned over to give her a real kiss.

"Yes. Tiger!" Linda slung a loop of rope around his neck and hauled him close. "Make me feet it!" She spread her legs and tightened the rope.

"I sure as hell will." Bob grabbed her arm and twisted, shoving her back to the wall. She leaned between hanging chains and he strung one from the hook across below her breasts and pulled up, lifting her tits. "How do you like that?"

"You can't hurt me!" Linda almost choked him with the rope. Her free hand groped down and squeezed at his dick.

"Oh yeah?" He strung another chain across her belly. The feel of her fingers groping at his crotch got to him. He tugged the chain tighter so the links bit into her skin under her thin blouse.

"Big man," she jeered. "Big strong man!" She crushed his prick.

"Bitch." He forced her against the wall with both hands on the chains and shoved his crotch to her body. It had started as just play, but now there was lust seeping from his nuts. He felt her boobs, no bra, press, to his chest. "I'll shot you what a man is." His fingers grabbed for a tit.

Linda wasn't sure now if he was playing. But she liked the aggressiveness, the strength he showed with her. And she could feel the stiffness rising in his cock as he pressed against her. "Haaaarrr!" She hissed and made a claw with her fingers.

"Yeaaa!" Bob snarled as his fingers clamped to her breast.

Linda raked his chest with her clawed hand.

"God damn!" There was a trickle of pain and Bob tore at her blouse, popping two buttons and baring the boobs. He grabbed the chain again and hauled it up between the tits.

"Bob!" Linda was surprised at the sudden anger. "Hey, take it easy."

Bob let the chain go slack but held it in place. "Uh, yeah. Maybe so." He kissed her, shoving against the bare tits. The chain raffled free and he held her with both arms, his kiss warm now, desire returning to his crotch.

"You still want something big and hard up here?" He touched her pussy lightly.

"Mmmmm. You know it." She hung to his shoulders with bath arms, licking at his lips. Her nipples became firm against his shirt. "Big and hard and strong."

"Maybe I'd better see what we can do about that." His fingers toyed with her breasts.

A throb of need entered her clit. "I love you, Bob." The kiss became heavily arousing for her as his arms pulled her close, held her tenderly, his tongue digging into her mouth, probing with fast touches, feeling her tongue, their lips stretched wide.

"Oh, yes," she sighed. "Yes. That's it. Yes." His fingers crept into her pants. She felt him pop the top button and moaned as his hand eased toward her cunt. When a finger touched her clit she took her hands from his shoulders to remove her blouse. The light garment dropped to the floor and she leaned back, the chains cold along her spine.

Bob pried her capris down past her hips and exposed the twat. Two fingers rosined eagerly around the soft opening.

Linda stepped out of her pants and stood naked as her husband kissed and groped her. Reaching back, she took a length of chain, held it far a moment, then slung it around Bob's waist.

"Love slave! That's what you are. A slave to my desires."

"Yes. Yes, oh, mistress!" Bob fell to his knees and buried his face in the cunt.

Linda spread her legs and the fire began to stitch itself through her pussy.

"Naked. I want you naked. I want all of my slaves naked." She pushed him away with her knee.

"Yes. Yes, mistress." Bob yanked off his shirt and scrambled to get out of his shoes. "Just don't beat me."

"I will do whatever I want to with you. Worm!" She tossed her head and took a whip from the rack. "I want you naked. Now." She hit the floor with the whip. "Naked!"

"Yes, yes." Bob tugged off his jeans and threw them across the room.

"God, you're gorgeous." Linda dropped the whip and went to her husband, arms spread wide to embrace his nude figure. His cock hung thickly over his balls, partially firm. She felt it rise on her leg when they hugged. She could not keep pretending with the gear, the real man, the real desire, was all she wanted or needed.

His hard-on touched at her cunt and her body yearned for the feel of it inside, stroking in the match.

Bob held his dick lightly with three fingers and touched it to his wife's cunt. "I am sure glad I married you. It would be a crime for some other guy to have you." He put a couple of inches up the waiting cunt. "Oh, God!" His hands cupped under her tail and he lifted her to his long prick.

"Yes!" She spread her legs and tried to cling to him but he slipped out, the dick tightly pressed to her clit.

"Hold on a second." He lowered her to the floor. "Maybe one of these would work better." He picked up a dildo -- the rough one, bulges and small knobs sticking all around the large shaft.

"Oh, Bob, I..."

"Want to try it? See which one you like better?" He touched the pink plastic tip to his wife's twat. "How about it, Linda?" An inch or so of the dildo touched into her, spreading the flesh.

"I... well... I want you, Bob."

"Maybe this one?" He touched the spiny dildo to the pussy, easing an inch inside. "Want it?"

"Bob, I..."

"Or this." He stood up, holding the giant prick beside his own. "For comparison. I'm the one on the left."

"Bob." She started to giggle.

"It's not funny. Not at all. Here your husband is, trying to see whether a piece of plastic can give you more satisfaction than his cock and you laugh. Or are you laughing at my cock." He leaned in close to her face, not, smiling.

"No. It just... it looked... silly. That... that thing sticking up there."

"What's silly. My cock? You didn't think it was silly last night. You didn't think it was silly this morning in the shower." He put the end of the giant plastic prick to her cunt and shoved. "Is that silly?"

The end gouged at her box. "Bob. Hey, that's too big. It'll hurt."

"Maybe it's supposed to hurt. Maybe it's used to tear women in half. Punish them when they laugh at their men."

"Bob, I didn't mean that. And you know it. Now come on." She turned away from the huge tool.

"Linda. I want you." He moved to her, holding the giant cock above his head. "Suck it!" He touched it to her mouth.

Linda licked playfully at it. "Tastes awful. Like plastic. Yucck!"

"Not like the real thing, huh?"

"Not at all. And it's cold, too. And there's not soft skin around it. It's just all hard." She shoved it away. "I want this one." She lunged for Bob's crotch, one hand grabbing for the shaft, mouth wide open to take hold of the end.

Bob fell back, pretended to stumble, grabbed for her and they tumbled to the floor, Linda holding tight to his dick, sucking as soon as she got her mouth around the wide end.

"That's nice." She took the full tool down her throat.

"Feels nice, too." He stroked a boob. "Damn nice."

"Better than plastic!" She kissed his balls. "A whole lot better!" One nut got sucked in, her tongue rolling it until it dripped with saliva.

"Suck it, honey. Suck my cock." Bob spread out flat on the wooden floor. Stray stands of blond hair whisked over his thighs as she rotated her head. "Nice. Yeah. Do it, Linda. Suck me. Yeah." He moved his hips up slightly, fucking the warm mouth as it pulled on his hard meat. "Good." His eyes swept over the bondage gear lining the walls.

"Hey, how about we try some of this stuff? See what Uncle Frank gets out of it. Just a little. What do you say?"

"I'm happy now." She licked at his stomach.

"Just once. What the hell? Okay?"

"Well... if you want to. Maybe... just a little. It's kind of scary."

"It'll just be for fun. Just do a little. And we'll stop any time you say so." Bob stood up. "Maybe just tie your hands. Yeah." He took the chrome-plated handcuffs from their peg. "Here, honey."

"What do I do with these?" She held them like they might bite.

"Put it on your wrist." Bob picked up the whip she had dropped. "I'll show you who the true master is." He cracked it in the air.

"Is this right?" She held up one arm, the sparkling metal dangling from the wrist.

"That's good. Yeah." He fucked the handle of the whip under his arm and took a leather belt from the other wall. "How's this look?" He stretched the wide belt across his stomach. Black nail heads gleamed from the surface of the shiny brown leather.

"It's kind of... sexy. Yeah. Makes you look fierce. It really does."

"Okay." Bob slung the belt around and buckled the four narrow straps on his side, puffing it down tightly so some flesh bulged at the top and bottom. "Like that, Linda?"

"I kind of do. Yeah." She looked at him, new desire beginning to pow as she saw the muscular power of his body highlighted by the leather.

Bob sorted through some of the other equipment. "You need some leather, too."

"Like what?" She looked around the room.

"Maybe... here. This should do it." He took a tangled harness and handed it to Linda. "Put it on, honey. See how it looks."

"What is it, anyway?" She held up the straps, frying to figure out which way it went.

"I think it's sort of a girdle thing. Look. Your legs go through here. Like this." He held the equipment for her, stretching the snaps apart.

"Oh, yeah. Like panty hose, only just for my thighs. Yeah." She put one leg through and stepped into the other half of the harness, hauling it up so it clung around the top of her legs. A patch of leather stuck just below her cunt. A pair of belts ran up from the leg loops, a wide strap with brass buckles fastened to them to go around her waist. "This is kind of wild." Linda cinched the strap across her belly.

"Yeah. I kind of like that." He ran his hand over her pussy, touching the leather patch below it.

"What's this for?" Linda touched a couple of the rings that hung from the straps on the sides.

"I guess to tie things to. Thongs or ropes... something like that. They're set in with rivets." He tugged at the rings. "Or maybe they're just to get a good grip. Like this." He ran his fingers through the rings at her hips and drew her to him, touching his dick to her snatch. "You know, this could be real handy." He kissed a tit and slid his tool on her warm twat. "Nice." His arms crushed her body to his.

"It is kind of nice." The straps pressed into her skin. She got her fingers to his broad belt and hauled them more firmly together, the studding on his leather cool on her flesh.

"I can see where a guy might really go for some of this stuff." He made fuck-moves toward her box.

Linda spread her legs and the dick touched inside. "It is sexy, somehow." She warmed to him, feeling light pricks of delight with her cunt.

"Reilly!" He let her feel more prick, crouching a little to move in securely. His knees brushed the inside of her thighs and he eased more cock into the cunt.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" She caressed his butt and nibbled at one ear.

"No. Not yet, anyway. I'd like to play with some of this stuff for a while."

"Okay. Anything you want."

Bob carefully made a few slow strokes with his rod, both hands massaging her boobs. Lust washed over his crotch. "I sure do love your body." He put all of his tool into her.

"I love you. All of you, Bob." She kissed his head.

"You need something for your breasts." Bob withdrew from the box. "You've got leather, so how about... chains."

"Hey, take it easy."

"It's okay. I'll just sort of drape them around you. Not tight or anything." He picked up a length of steel chains and laid it across her chest, going from one shoulder down between the mounds toward the opposite hip. "See. That's what these rings are for." He wrapped the chain through the circle. Another length of chain was draped crossways, tied off to the other hip.

Bob stepped behind his wife and took the hanging ends of chain below her shoulders, crossed them and wrapped them under the belt across her waist, tugging to make them slightly taut. "Is that comfortable for you?"

"It's okay. Kind of chilly, bout it's warming up." She looked around at him. "How do I look?"

"You look sexy as hell." His hands cruised over her tits. The links held the boobs apart. The nipples hardened against his touch and he bore down until she gave a small moan. He tugged at the chain, pulling the breasts farther apart.

"Just bitchin'." Bob covered one tit with his mouth, sucking at the firm nipple. His hand followed the chain down to her leg, then moved across to her snatch. The cunt firmed instantly when his thumb caressed it and he curled a finger into the pussy.

"Mmmmm, Bob. Bob." Desire twitched from her snatch. She touched her husband from chest to crotch, fondling the heavy balls, stoking the hard prick. His mouth went to her opposite tit and her pleasure deepened. A second finger went into her box and she felt the warm flow of cream begin.

"Why don't you lie down?" Bob whispered. "Right on the floor." He pushed her back.


"Sure. Might as well do it all the way with the gear." He guided her butt until it touched the boards. As she stretched out he crouched between her legs, the end of his dick brushing over the broad leather strap across his belly. "Sexy as hell." He lowered himself until his chest dipped to her tits and his dick touched her snatch.

Bob went into the cunt with a quick jab. The hist raced from his crotch and he fucked with strong drives, jamming into the tight tunnel. His hands got to the rings at her hips and he pulled up, forcing her crotch to his, making her take all of his dick. He felt the chains on her torso rub on his skin and slithered against them. His arms held her hips in a solid grip and he screwed faster, more energy behind the drives, his legs braced on the floor.

"God damn." Bob loved the wild feelings that swirled through his body. "Shit. Oh. This is great. Oh, yeah!" He shoved full strength into his wife. "God damn!"

"Bob. Oh. Hey, yes! I like it when you do that." Her passion soared when she felt his strength drive against her. She sensed the power of his lust and the heat stung out of her clit.

Bob grunted as his lust surged. Spasms of frantic desire burst and he hammered at the woman. Need, pure physical longing, took control and he felt the wild pleasures crush his crotch into a field of live fire. One soaring crest of total pleasure shimmered from his head to his balls and he leaped into his climax, thrashing, arms like steel bars holding the woman to him, cock fining as it hosed cum into the soft twat. Ripples of ecstasy passed through his flesh.

"Bob. Bob!" Linda clawed at the man as he came, the handcuff slapping on his shoulders and arms. She clung to him with both arms, desperately hugging his heaving form. She arched into orgasm, howling as the pleasures crashed through her body. Her tits ached for a moment, then sweet passion smoothed the need and she lay back still, deeply happy. "Oooooh, Bob." She sighed, her arms limp on his back. "So strong. Oh, I love you."

"It was pretty damn good, huh?" Bob was surprised at how much he had enjoyed the session. He slid his prick from her and sat on the floor by her side.

"Was it okay for you?"

"Yes. It was... well, it was good. Very good."

"I'm glad." He kissed her lightly. "I didn't want to hurt you, but it felt so great and I... well, I just went ahead and screwed."

"Good. You're supposed to." Linda sat up. "Was it a problem with all this gear on you?" He started taking off the chains.

"No. I kind of liked it. Different. But I sure wouldn't want it all the time." She unbuckled the straps at her waist.

"I guess not. It's kind of complicated. And takes some of the fun out of it. I kind of like it when we... well, just do it. Naturally. When we feel like it."

"SO do I." She kissed him again.

"With all this stuff, you have to plan it out in advance. It loses something. Makes it um... I don't know... deliberate somehow... calculated."

"Like a plot."

"Right. That's it." He helped her to get up, holding the straps so she could step out of them.

"But it was fun," Linda said.

"Yeah. It sure as hell was." He took the handcuff from her wrist and hung it back on the peg. "Lot of fun." He took her in his arms. "But it's fun with you just plain naked, too. Like this." He touched her full length as they embraced, tongue moving into her mouth, dick brushing her pussy.

"You're right. It is fun just like this." Linda returned his kiss softly, touching her tits to him.

"We'd better try to get this stuff back in place. I'll bet Uncle Frank knows where it all goes."

"He probably does. But I think I remember pretty much where it all belongs. I'll take care of it. You go get a beer or something." Linda picked up some of the gear.

"Okay. Since you put it that way." Bob patted her butt before he left the room.

Linda gathered the dildos and took the box from the shelf. She started to put the fake pricks away but took a closer look at them first. The bristly one felt heavy in her hand, warmer than before and she turned it all around, looking at the slender spines that surrounded it. She touched the smooth end to her skin, dipping it toward her crotch. She looked around to make sure Bob was out of sight and touched the dildo to her cunt. Just for a second. She held it there longer, adding pressure. She spread her lets and eased a couple of inches into her box. The tool spread her snatch and she had to shove and try to relax at the same time. More went in, dragging on her clit, the thin fingers fucking at the clit as they passed.

The pressure increased, tight through her snatch. Linda let go of the instrument and it stayed in place. She brought her legs slowly together, feeling the spines dig into her flesh, tinglings flaring through her skin. She touched the base of the prick, moving it farther up. For a moment she thought she should pull it out and put it away, then decided to see if she could take it all into her body. Her hand shoved steadily and she spread her legs, receiving more of the plastic organ, almost half of it in place now. There was a brisk flash of pleasure from her clit and she pressed harder, taking more of the dildo, urging it deeper into her snatch. The walls of the channel stretched and the rest of the plastic device entered until only the base showed.

Linda felt stuffed. The dildo bulged out the front of her crotch. It warmed and her pussy glowed slightly around the large prick. It was longer than Bob's, and thicker, easily the largest thing she had ever had up there -- ever.

For a moment she just stood still, then began to move the dildo back and forth. There was just pressure for a while, then pleasure started to show, tripping along her nerves. Linda moved the tool faster and the pleasure began to hum right in her crotch.

A sharp flash of enjoyment sped, from her clit. "Oh." Linda stopped moving. She touched the plastic lightly, then took hold of the bottom and drew it slowly out of her body.

Her cunt belonged to Bob. Nobody else had any business up there. Nothing but his cock belonged inside her. Nothing.

Linda put all the dildos back into their box and put it carefully on the shelf. She put the rest of the bondage gear back where it belonged.

Linda dressed carefully and left the room, closing the door after she put out the light. She locked it carefully with the padlock and went to the kitchen to replace the key.

Bob was out an the sun deck and she got a beer and went out to join her husband. He was all she wanted. No need for fakes when the real thing came attached to the man she loved.

Chapter THREE

Bob slid his moist prick from Linda's pussy and wiled to his side, caressing her tits slowly, pleasure still lingering in his crotch.

"I sure do like to make love to you." He kissed a nipple and then her lips. "Just beautiful." The session had been long, deeply felt. He relaxed and just lay still, one arm carelessly draped across her belly.

"It keeps getting better. Sometimes I think my head will explode or something."

"I know what you mean."

"I hope it keeps on getting better. All the time now. Keeps on getting better forever."

"I hope so too." He closed his eyes. "That'd sure be great. Until we both dropped dead. Here lies Bob and Linda. Dead from fucking."

"Oh, that won't happen." She snuggled closer to him. "It will just be more perfect. You know it will?"

"Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see."

Linda was waiting to see if he would begin to make love to her again, the way he had the night before. She looked at his body, the pale light from one small lamp pooling on his torso. "You are the handsomest man in the world."

"Thank you." A smile snuck across his mouth.

"And the sexiest." She traced a small circle through the hairs on his chest with one finger.

"Thank you!" He looked at her briefly. "With somebody like you, any guy could turn out to be sexy. You are sure a turn-on." His hand slid down over her hip.

Linda curled more to her side, easing against her husband, her tit rising on the edge of his chest.

Bob's fingers reached over and touched it lightly, just playing on the very closest part.

A faint stir of desire whispered through her snatch. Linda moved her hand lower, feeling the lean firmness of the man's body. The lust stirred more definitely and she let her hand ride down over his dick.

Bob spread his legs and pressed down on her boob. "You're turning into some kind of a nymphomaniac."

"It's you that's turning me into a nymphomaniac, Bob. You and your great cock." Her hand closed around his prick.

"You sound like you need servicing." He closed his fingers around her breast.

"I need you." She massaged his shaft. "I need your big, hard cock. Oh, I need it." Her hand tugged at his organ, trying to make it rise. "I need it!" Her other hand groped for his rocks.

"Easy, don't damage the merchandise." He took his hand from her chest and lay sprawled limply on the bed. He had counted on another session or two for the night, but as long as she had started on her own, he decided to go along with it. "If you want hard dick, you'll have to work for it." Bob plumped the pillow under his head and closed his eyes.

"Okay. I will." Linda crawled around and lowered her head to his crotch. She took the full dick in with one gulp and sucked furiously, making the meat drip with spit. The rich, musky smells of the man's crotch filled her nose and she moved her tongue rapidly along the delicate skin. It was the first time she had ever started a session -- with Bob or anybody else. It was very exciting and her nipples hardened swiftly, a pulse of lust forming right in the middle of her snatch. More desire entered her box and she slung one knee over his torso and crouched, straddling him, her tits dragging on his gut as she kept sucking cock. She clamped her legs to him and smeared her pussy to his chest.

The prick thickened in her mouth and she sucked slowly all along the rising length. Heat washed from her twat and she ground her clit against the firm muscles of her husband's body. His cock got longer, digging into her throat as she tightened her lips and swallowed the thick rod. Her hands ran over his legs, touched under his balls, felt for his belly, raked his skin as the dick became a full hard-on and she sucked all of it down.

Complete arousal raced through her. Her body wanted more, more sex, more man, more great cock -- more fucking. She wanted him to screw her again and again. Dozens of times. Hundreds of times. Fuck her forever!

"OOOHHHH!" The sound growled from low in her chest. She held the tool in her throat, rolling the nuts with both hands. Her nose touched the loose sack.

Bob just lay on the bed letting his wife's busy mouth do its great work. He'd been getting sex since he was sixteen and had a lot of confidence in himself and knew how to take care of himself very well in bed.

Real desire bubbled from his crotch. Linda's ass was a few inches from his face. He spread the cheeks with his fingers and touched the tidy pink hole. "You want some dick in here?"

"I want it in my cunt!" She forced her pussy to his chest.

"Oh. In here," He touched her snatch from behind.

"Yes!" She writhed to him, arms grabbing at his butt. "I want you to fuck me." Desire cascaded from her as she took control of love-making. "Put it in my pussy."

"Like this?" he asked smiling. One finger crooked into the twat.

"No. No! Your cock. I want your cock!" She whirled around and straddled his hips with her thighs. She held his dick straight up and sat down, lowering herself to the spike.

"Oh, you want my wang up your tube. Why didn't you say so?" He did not move, just smiled up at her.

"Fuck me." She bounced up and down on the dick, her lust raging now. "Fuck me. Oh, Bob fuck me! Fuck!" She thrashed around on the cock, bearing down, forcing it all the way up, moaning with desperate desire, needing the release from her driving tensions. She gouged at her clit with one hand, raking his chest with the other, tearing at his flesh. "Bob. Oh. Oh! God. Oh. I need it. So bad. Oh. Fuck me. Bob. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck me. Fuck me!!" She dug her nails into his stomach.

Bob smiled calmly up at the woman thrashing frantically on his prick. He managed to lie very still, the lust swelling steadily as her cunt dithered around his meat.

"God damn it! Fuck me." She bounced up and down on the rod, not able to come without his help. "Bob. Oh. I need it. So bad. Bob. Fuck me. Please. Please!"

"Sure." He heaved up, one massive drive, back and legs behind the power that hefted her into the air. He fell to the bed then strained and lifted them both clear across the mattress. He held the pose for a moment, then began to fuck, slamming up, his muscles coiled with each heavy drive.

Linda began to come with the first great slam. Her cunt burst into live flame and she melted, drowning with ecstasy. The man's cock tore up and she got off, shrieks of pure pleasure filling the room, her head snapping back. She grabbed his hips and held on, riding the bronco until she was spent, sweaty from the session, her body drained of desire. "OHH GOD!! YES!!!"

Linda fell from the stabbing tool and collapsed on the bed. "Bob, Bob." Her arms groped for him.

"How was it?" He lay still again, cock shimmering with cunt juice, pulsing above his belly.

"Just... just..." she gasped for air, "perfect... oh, oh, Bob. So good. Such a man. Ohhhhh!" She kissed him.

"You see what happens when you say please?"

"Bob, it was incredible. I don't know what happened to me. I just touched you and sort of went crazy."

"It's a nice kind of crazy." His hand pressed on her tit and his arms pulled her close for another kiss, a longer one, his dick sliding on her bare flesh as his tongue plunged in between her lips.

"You... you didn't... come." She felt the hardness of his tool.

"No. That's a long way off."

"Ohhhhhh, Bob." She flowed against him, boobs spreading over his chest as she hugged him. "I love you."

"You just want me for my body." He kissed her nose and eyes.

"I love all of you. Every bit and part. Body and everything else." She let him invade her mouth with his tongue.

He rolled, crushing her with his weight, the bottom of his dick sliding along her clit. Linda spread her legs to let him penetrate her pussy, but he just kept sliding along her clit, raising new desire from her warm flesh.

"Does that turn you on?"


"Does my cock get you all hot?"

"Oh, yes."

"Does my dick make you hot, hot all up in your pussy?"

"Yes. Oh, Bob. Yes!" She arched against his gliding tool.

"Do you want it? Do you want my cock?"

"Yes! I." Her arms twisted around his shoulders. "Take me!"

"Not just yet." Bob eased up from her, stopping his movements on her cunt.

"What is it? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you were just fine." He rolled away from her.

"Then what's the matter?"

"Nothing's the matter. I just thought it might be fun to try some of Uncle Frank's gear again. You know, the ropes and stuff."

"Well... if you want to, I suppose..."

"It was kind of a turn on this afternoon and I want to see if I really like it or if it was just the novelty. Or if it was just you. I bet you'd turn me on anywhere. Anytime."

Linda smiled. "I guess we can. If you really want to."

"You seemed to like it this afternoon."

"Oh, I did. But I thought that was just once. Sort of to see what it was like."

"It, was. But you know me. Once is never enough."

"Right." Her smile spread as she remembered how many times he had town her what those words, really meant. "Let's do it." She sprang from the bed, tits bouncing as she went to the bedroom door.

Bob followed, stiff rod close to his belly as he went down the stairs, one hand on his wife's nude butt.

Linda clicked on the light and the living room lit up. She got the key and opened the door. "Just what did you want?" She pulled the string to light the storage room.

"I, don't know. Sort of what we did before, I guess. Maybe a little more." Bob took a length of yellow rope from the wall.

"How about this for your hands?" He lifted one arm, wrapping the cord around lightly, making a simple knot. The long rope trailed to the floor. "Is that okay? I don't want to make it too tight."

"It's fine." She adjusted the cord slightly.

"I suppose I should do something with your legs, too." He fumbled through a batch of chains. "This'll do it." Bob took a length of rusted chain, the ends holding two shackles, two inch wide curves of old iron. Crouching, he put one pair of the curves around his wife's ankle. The links rattled on the floor as he scooted around and fastened the other cuff into place. A set screw threaded down between the thrust prongs at the lip of the metal and he made them both secure.

"Try to walk. Be careful. Don't fall." He took her arm as she made a couple of short steps. There was enough chain between her feet so she could take a short stride.

"That's okay." Linda turned and looked at him. His cock was still very hard. "What about you? Aren't you going to put on anything?"

"I guess so. What would you like?"

"Well, that belt looked kind of sexy this afternoon. It's right over there." She pointed with one hand.

"Okay. That's fine with me." Bob got the wide belt and placed it around his middle, fastening the side-straps tightly. The end of his dick glowed against the dark brown leather. "Anything else?" he asked, tugging the belt lower.

The sight of his nice body banded with leather began to arouse her. "Well, how about... some chains? Yeah. Draped all over your arms."

"Let's see what Uncle Frank's got." Bob looked through the collection of chains. "This'll do." He held up a tangled nest of chains, links of different sizes clinging around a collar of milled steel. He shook it to make the lengths untangle and put the collar to his neck. It fitted very loosely as he clamped it down, chains dangling over his chest, almost to his crotch. Some of the chains had clips or rings on the end.

"Is this what you had in mind?"

"I guess so... yeah. I like it."

"Then I'll keep it." Bib clipped a couple of the hanging chains to the bottom of his belt. They stretched lightly over his chest. He took the two longest and drew them across his belly and fastened them to the belt behind his back. They cut into his flesh and he adjusted the belt to get more comfortable.

"I suppose that's what this thing is for?"

"Looks like a good fit." Linda moved closer, the fetters clicking as she walked. She raised one hand and traced the chains on the man's body.

"I ought to do something about these." He cupped her breasts, bending to kiss them briefly.

"Like what?" She advanced her pussy toward his hard tool.

"Maybe like before. With the chains across here." His tongue traced the line where the chains had been.

Linda touched his dick with her aunt. "Maybe so." He leaned against her crotch, brushing firmly on her clit and her twat creamed, a buzz of real desire winging out of it.

"Mmmmmmm, nice." He kissed her, sliding his prick all over her match.

Linda clasped her hands behind his back, taking the rope around her wrist and pulling it over him with her free hand until she held him close with it. "Now you are my prisoner." She shoved rapidly with her crotch. "You have to stay right there until you satisfy me. Satisfy my every desire."

Bob crushed her with both arms, forcing her tits into the chains on his chest. He spread his legs and ducked his prick below her box. "Gee, honey, you're not as tight as you used to be." He flicked the open space between her legs, hands grabbing at her ass.

Linda pressed her thighs tightly around his moving rod. "How's that, honey?" She squeezed as hard as she could.

"Better." He moved faster, desire swelling in his nuts.

Passion slid trough her snatch. Linda pulled on the rope until it cut into the man, tightening her thighs until they were twin pillars of rock-hard muscle around his digging cock.

Lust flowed swiftly. Bob screwed between the gripping thighs until he was deeply aroused, his balls beginning their slow ache, signaling for release.

"Yeah!" He grinned and tried to move away. The rope and her arms held him to her. "Come on." He twisted but she hauled him in tighter. "If that's the way you want it." He forced his arms down the front of her torso, inside her grip and pried up forcing her to let go.

"There." Bob leaped back, his cock thundering with lust. His movements made the chains dig into his flesh and he tugged the broad belt lower, enjoying the extra edge of pleasure the bit of pain gave to his feelings. Linda caught up the loose end of rope and used it as a whip, striking at his belly and chest.

The light rope barely stung and Bob shoved out his chest, fists planted on his hips. "Hit me. Hurt me. Hurt me! Beat me. Beat my naked body. Beat me until I bleed!"

"Beast! Monster." She swung harder, lashing wildly, the rope slicing through the air. She knew it was not hurting him and moved closer, more strength in her arms. "Bastard!"

"Whore!" Bob caught the rope and jerked so Linda dropped to one knee, off balance for a second. He lunged, looped the rope over her head and drew it tighter below her breasts.

"Let me go. Let me go." Linda struggled but he was far stranger and she let him move behind her, drawing bath arms up into light hammer-locks. She liked the forceful moves he made, holding her roughly as he bound both forearms together, tightly enough to hold them but not so the rope cut in.

The position shoved her shoulders back, separating her big tits, lifting them upward, the already throbbing nipples pointing toward the ceiling.

"That should keep you quiet." Bob moved to stand in front of his wife. Even though they were playing at it, he felt a deep excitement seeping through his crotch. He made the chains tighter over his torso and the excitement increased.

"You sure look sexy." He spread her boobs farther with one hand and kissed the velvet valley between them.

Linda strained to force her breasts further apart. Lust warmed her all through. When Bob touched her clit spasms of pure delight sped along her nerves. "Oh. Bob!" She made sharp little squeals and he eased a finger into her box. "Bob. Oh. Oh, yes. Oh!"

Bob squatted and began to lick at her cunt. His tongue flashed moistly into the blonde crotch hairs and touched the clit for an instant.

"OH!" Passion grabbed at her. "YES!" She almost came as her husband's mouth pressed against her pussy. "Bob. Oh, Bob. I love you."

Rising, Bob lapped up her soft belly to her tits, kissed each one, then turned away. "I think we'd better get serious about this now." He took a coil of flexible wire from a peg behind the blonde, drew out a few feet and wound it carefully around her tits, making a figure eight. He ran the end of the wire behind her back, made another figure eight, curved around the back the other way and then lay one strand of the quarter-inch woven metal right over both nipples, twisting the end under where it crossed the wire going to her back.

"My God! That's... incredible." She wriggled her tits against the restraint. Pleasure seeped from the nipples where the wire pressed in. It held her breasts so they looked even fuller, lifting them higher on her torso, the nipples split, throbbing as she twisted back and forth.

Bob ran the palms of both hands over the split nipples.

"Ohhhhhhh." A trembling thrill ran down her spine.

"I saw this in one of the picture books." Bob nodded to the pile of magazines on the floor. "Pretty damn nice." He kissed slowly along the wire.

Linda quivered under the pulses of desire that swept her. She tingled where his tongue flickered and melted when his closed around her tit. "Bob," she gasped, "it's wonderful."

"Looked pretty nice in the pictures." His mouth moved along the same line again. "Bitchin." He touched both nipples, pinching very slightly.

"Mmmmmmmnnnnnooooohhhhhhh!" Linda shuddered with long trembling fingers of passion reaching along her nerves.

"Come here." His hands cupped under her butt and hefted her up. "I want you now!" He dug for her hole.

"Bob. Yes." She spread her legs until the chains on her ankles stopped her. "Oh, Bob."

Bob kicked the door shut and leaned her against it, lifting her until his cock could go into her box. He felt the lust growl from his rocks and shoved up hard, a stiff drive that put most of his meat inside the cunt.

"Yes." Bob snarled as he fucked, driving hard, knowing he would not last, the session now racing to its peak. His body tensed and he shoved harder, all of his dick surrounded by the woman's snatch. He crushed her to the door, mashing against her, jamming with his dick, the full force of his legs behind each drive.

The power of the man's body brought her to a hammering climax. Bolts of pure pleasure jammed out of her cunt. Linda writhed, battered against the door, her bound arms aching as her husband heaved and grunted against her. Her whole body cried out for more, for greater pleasure and she soared, driven by total lust. Linda came, heavy masses of ecstasy ripped from her snatch. She tried to cry but no sound came, only the noiseless gasp of her complete orgasm.

There was no play now. Heavy physical need raged through his body. Bob stabbed savagely with his cock, straining to get more inside. He felt the gigantic pressure explode suddenly, spilling him into the fantastic fires of climax. His body lunged against the woman and his jism fountained up into the slick snatch. He crashed into his wife, tearing at her with his hands, his chest smashing her tied boobs almost flat, arms aching as he grappled at her round ass.

"OH, OH GOD!!" Bob smashed into the final moments, completely commanded by his shrieking crotch.

Bob slumped suddenly away, releasing his grip, exhausted by the encounter. Pleasure radiated from his dripping dick and he sank to the floor, overwhelmed by the power of his lust. His chest heaved as he drank down the air.

"Oh, honey." He reached for his wife. "God damn. I... What happened?"

"It was great!" She leaned down, crouching to kiss him. "I loved it. So strong. Just like... I don't know. Fantastic!" She pressed to him and he fell backwards, catching her with one arm so she fell on top of him.

"I love you." Her mouth slipped all over his lips. "I... did I hurt you? Christ, I just got all carried away there all of a sudden."

"It didn't hurt. I loved it. I... I never dreamed that you could desire me that much. Oh, Bob!"

"I... it was damn good. Yeah." He fumbled, trying to untie her arms.

"Wonderful. Oh. I love you!" Her mouth covered his completely, her tongue dipping way in. When an arm came free she hugged him tightly.

Bob wiled her carefully to one side and began to remove the wire from her boobs. He left it on the floor and took the chains from her legs.

"I love your body." She kissed his chest, licking along the chains until he took them off, then licking at his crotch. "Beautiful man. Beautiful, beautiful body. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cock." She sucked the whole rod.

"Easy, honey. You don't want to wear it out in one night."

"I bet it never wears out. Just goes on forever."

"Just about." Bob peeled off the wide leather bolt. "But not tonight. I'd really like to take you to bed, and sleep."

"Anything. Just so I'm with you." She relaxed on the floor.

"I love you." He picked her up, carried her to the bedroom and they clung in an embrace before they slept.

Chapter FOUR

Linda stretched lazily in the afternoon sun. Her body glimmered with a thin film of sun-tan oil, concealed from view by the three necessary triangles of yellow cloth that formed her skimpy bikini.

Beside her, stretched out face down, Bob dozed, soaking up the sun on the desk that ran on three sides of the cabin.

Linda heard the horses before she saw them, a slow, lazy clip-clop, becoming louder as she looked around, focusing on the trees down the road.

Two horses came into view, moving slowly towards her. A man and a woman, both riding easily on the hones.

"Bob. Hey, wake up. I think we've got visitors." The horses came closer. Linda could mae out the figures clearly. The man was in his late twenties, she judged, sandy hair, narrow face, almost hawkish with crags and ridges. A strong face, masculine. Looked wiry, too, but it was hard to tell under his loose plaid shirt. The forearms were heavily tanned.

The woman was dark, brunette, almost black hair, short, brushed back from a round face. Dark eyes. Wearing a halter and capris, matching red with small yellow flowers.

"Hi!" the man called out, waving. His shirt gaped open. Darkly tanned. And wiry, like she had first thought.

"Hi." Bob got to his feet, tugging up the front of his bathing suit.

"Hi." The riders came to a stop at the foot of the steps leading up to the cabin. The chestnut horses bent their sturdy necks to nibble at the bits of long grass.

"Say, we're friends of Frank," the man said. "Live up there a ways." He nodded with his head up the road, farther into the mountains. "About a mile or so."

"Frank's my uncle," Linda said. "He's letting us use the place for a honeymoon."

"Newlyweds," the woman said. Her voice was clear, a touch deep for a person with such a slim build.

"My name's Dan," the man said. "This is Janet."

"Hi." Bob made the introductions complete. "Nice to meet you both."

"Same here." Dan looked at Linda from the corner of his eye, smiling at what he saw.

Bob caught the looks the man gave and took some pride in knowing that other men liked to look at his wife. Not that Janet wasn't attractive. She was damn nice looking. Bob gave her a second and third look. And a fourth.

"How about coming in for coffee," Bob said. "Seeing as how you know Frank and all."

"Be real nice." Dan slid from his horse and moved up the steps.

Janet got off her horse and followed the man.

"I'm afraid the place isn't too float," Linda said, showing them inside. "But you know how it is... on a honeymoon." She went to the kitchen and started some fresh coffee.

The two couples chatted, sipping the coffee, taking a second cup all around. The talk flowed easily; they were quickly comfortable with each other, becoming friendly right away.

After a while, Dan got to his feet. "Hey, I hate to break this up, but those hones are rented and they'll cost a fortune if we don't get them back pretty soon."

"It was so nice of you to invite us in," Janet said. "I really liked meeting both of you."

"So did we," Linda said.

"I know," Janet said. "Why don't you two come over for dinner sometime. We're just up the road. You could walk."

"Or rent horses and ride," Dan added.

"How about tomorrow?" Janet said. "About... oh, seven or so. Just a little bar-b-que. Nothing fancy."

"I'd like it," Bob said. "How about it, honey?"

"Oh, yes. Can I bring anything? Salad or something?"

"Not a thing." Janet moved toward the door. "I've got everything. Just bring yourselves and we'll really have a chance to get acquainted." She smiled at Bob.

"That's very nice of you." Bob followed them to the door, Linda right behind him.

"We like making new friends." Dan went across the porch. "Tomorrow at seven, then. Casual clothes, too. Jeans are fine."

"Will do," Linda said. She stood beside Bob as they said goodbye and watched the couple ride away down the road.

"Real nice people. I liked them," Bob, said, turning to go inside.

"So did I. Friendly. And natural. Real people."

"Right. Down to earth."

"Of course, you didn't have to spend so much time looking at Janet's tits."

"I didn't." He sounded very put out. "Not that much, anyway. Just enough to tell that it wasn't as good as yours. Not half." He took Linda in his arms and kissed her lightly. "Not nearly as nice."

"Well... okay." She smiled and returned his kiss.

"That's better." His kiss slowly brought them into an embrace. "Much better."

"Mmmmmmmm, yeeeeeessss." She wiggled to him.

Bob held her close. He kissed her again, turning to lead her toward the stairs and the bedroom. His hand slid over her tits, shoving the small bits of bikini away. He kissed one nipple, then the other and somehow they didn't get to the stairs. Didn't get much past the couch.

Dan nudged his horse with his knee and rode to ride even with Janet.

"Well? What did you think of them?"

"Nice. He's got a good build. And she's terrific. Blonde and with knockers out to there."

"I noticed." Dan looked at the woman. "They're related to Frank. At least she is."

"So? I think they'll do anyway. Being related doesn't make any difference. Just need to want a lot of sex. And from the way his eyes kept going over me, I think that Bob's a likely candidate."

"You think anything with a dick attached to it is a likely candidate," Dan grumbled.

"Well? Aren't they?"


"Anyway, we'll find out tomorrow night." She rode a little faster.

"I guess we will." Dan kept pace with the woman. He called her his wife, but they had never married each other. Just lived together. About a year now.

"I sure as hell hope he's hung!" Janet said.

"Hung like a horse." She slid her crotch over the hard, smooth leather saddle. "I could sure use some stiff prick right about now."

"I bet Linda's got one hell of a slick pussy. That young, and just married, hell, no chance that it's all stretched out already."

"Unless Bob's got about fifteen inches of dick. That'll loosen a woman up in a hurry."

"I keep you pretty happy with what I've got, Janet."

"Sure. But everybody likes a change now and then."

"Right!" Dan rode faster, pulling ahead, urging his horse on as Janet caught up to him. They finished up at the stables at a near gallop, Dan about half a length in the lead.

After they turned in the horses, Janet sat in their car waiting for the ride back to their cabin home to start.

As Dan put the car in gear she reached over and groped his dick. "That ride really turned me on. It's great to have something like that between your legs. Big and hard. A horse."

"Is that why you came on to the stable-boy?" He ran one hand over her boobs.

"It sure as hell is. He's ugly but he looks damn strong." Her fingers clutched at his dick.

"I'm pretty fucking strong, too, Janet." He yanked down her halter, bating both tits.

"You sure are." Her hands massaged over his crotch.

"Give me some head." Dan pressed his crotch up toward her. "See if you can get me hard before we get to the cabin." He drove faster.

Janet popped open the buttons of his fly and hauled out his prick. No shorts he never wore them. She dove for the thick meat, covering it with her lips.

Dan opened his shirt, spreading it to display his chest. "Suck it, baby. Suck it all." He kept one hand on the wheel and groped for her tits with the other, driving steadily up the curving mountain road. His dick sprang up stiff and long quickly. Her fingers dug on around his balls, causing lust to rise along with the tool.

"Not too shabby." He pulled her away by the hair.

Janet took off her halter and tossed it into the back seat of the car. Her tits were bigger than a man's fists, the skin an even dark tan, large nipples rising from broad circles of flesh. She caressed Dan's prick. "God, I sure as hell need it. Oh, shit." Janet slipped a hand inside her capris, touching around over her cunt. "My whole cunt just creamed, Dan. Just hot and ready for your stiff tool." She bent and kissed the tip of Dan's prick.

"Here we are." He pulled into the small garage at the side of the tall A-frame cabin. A deck ran around the whole building, glass covering one end, the steeply sloping sides covered with bright blue shingling.

"Let's go." Dan got out of the car, sunlight gleaming over his stiff prick as he went up the steps to the cabin. His jeans slipped and showed most of his butt before he got inside.

Janet followed, tits bouncing slightly as she jogged behind the man.

Dan pulled off his shirt. His body was lean, wiry, knots of muscles visible along his shoulders and arms. He tugged off his boots and shoved down his jeans. His dark tan ran without a break from his head to his feet. The cock thrust right up from a dense mass of coarse hair.

Dan left his clothes on the floor just inside the door and reached for Janet. "I want your ass."

"No way. I want your cock up my cunt!" She turned away, pulling from the grasp of his arm.

"Your ass, I said. Now!" He grabbed her.

Janet slung away her capris and faced the man, just as naked as he was. "Like hell! I need a man up my cunt and that's you, mister." She crouched, arms raised from her sides.

"Give me your asshole." He circled her slowly, looking for an approach.

"You'll have to take it. If you can!" Her hands curled into fists. Her long legs carried her easily out of reach.

"Bitch," Dan said slowly. He stepped closer to her, hands lifted, ready to grab an arm.

Janet moved back. There was little furniture to hamper her and she dashed to the far side of the large room that made up most of the cabin. Cushions and thick pads covered most of the floor.

"Bastard!" She kept the distance between them, waiting for him to make the first move.

"Cunt!" Dan leaped, both arms wide. He caught her low on the waist and wrestled her to the floor. She struggled, thrashing at him raining blows on his head and shoulders.

"God damn!" Dan grabbed both flailing arms and pinned them to the floor. "I'll show you, bitch!" He shoved her arms apart harshly, his fingers tearing at the skin.

Janet rolled from under him. "Son of a bitch!"

"Whore." He hauled her back. She was fighting him every inch of the way -- fighting hard.

Dan ducked a kick and staggered to his feet, hauling on her anus, dragging her across the carpet toward the rear of the cabin. She clung to anything she could reach and he was sweating by the time he got her close to the back wall. He kicked open the door of their store room and pulled her closer to it.

"Let me go, you shit eater! God damn it." She thrashed but he held on. He let go of one hand and grabbed a pair of handcuffs from a hook on the wall. Her fist slammed into his side and hip before he shoved her down, climbing on her, straddling her with his knees and he groped for her thrashing arm. He took two more hits on the shoulders before he got the handcuff clicked around the wrist. They were police-issue cuffs, all metal, designed to hold violent criminals.

"You mother-fucker," Janet hissed. She began to sweat from the effort of fighting the man. "Eat shit!"

"Shut up." He slapped her face, slapped hard, her head snapping back.

"Cock sucker!"

Dan yanked at the cuff, hauling her wrist down, dragging her on the floors he tried to cuff it to her ankle.

Her free hand pummeled his hips, he finally got her bound, right wrist to right ankle. Sweat glimmered on his back as he stood and went to the store room for the other pair of cuffs.

"You're a bastard, Dan. A motherfucking son of a bitch." She rolled clumsily to her back. She watched closely as he came back to her. He grabbed her by the free ankle and hauled her to the middle of the floor. A strong flip of his arm turned her to one side and she had to lie there she bent and clamped wrist to ankle with the other handcuffs, making her helpless.

"Now I'm going to put my cock up your asshole and split you open." He rolled her over to her back.

Janet's knees stuck-up, trapped inside her arms. She looked up at the man, hissing savagely like an angry cat. She tightened her as, clamping the cheeks tightly together.

Dan crouched, put his hands under Janet's buff and tilted her up. His fingers clawed into the crack, prying the solid flesh apart.

The pink hole showed and he spit on it, leaning forward, leading with his dick, touching it to the opening. His arms twisted her rear higher. His dick jabbed at the circle of clenched muscle, trying to jam through into her. "Cunt!" Dan snarled. His fingers grabbed for her snatch. His thumb drove against the hole and he gouged into her ass. He put his cock to the hole again and leaned down heavily, forcing his meat to glide in beside his thumb.

"Arrrrhh!" Pain sped from her stretched hole. His thumb pulled out and the pain faded.

Dan fucked hard, slamming into the ass. He spread her handcuffed legs with his arms and heaved above the woman, passion rampant from his crotch. His cock tore like a hot piston into the slick tunnel. "There. There!" He let her feel all the power of his muscles. "How do you like it? How do you like having a big, stiff prick up your asshole?"

"Shit!" Janet spit at him. Pain returned from the power of his drives. She lay totally helpless as he fucked hey.

Trickles of sweat ran down Dan's chest and sides. He fucked all out, every muscle working hard to give him the great pleasure he needed to be satisfied. Knots of dense pleasure grew in his crotch. They collected in his cock, turning to wild heat, his balls straining with the raging pressure.

The tight knots swelled, packed into one flaming mass of pure ecstasy and burst, streaming through him.

Dan came into the woman's asshole, filling it with rivers of cum. His fingers grabbed for her tits and he put every ounce of weight behind his drives, feet barely on the floor as he fucked. Jism spouted down as his hips flexed desperately, driving all of his dick into the passage.

"Hhhhhaaaaoooww!" Janet screamed as the man's prick ripped her flesh. His hard meat bucked all through her ass. "DAN!!" She called his name, desperate for him to stop, but desperate for more, for the feel of his powerful drives, his towering lust. "DAAAAAANN!!"

"FUCK!" He slammed in the last drives. The raw climax left him gasping for air. He hauled his dick from the ass.

"There!" He stood, letting her lie on the floor for a moment. "You still want it up your cunt?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh, God. Get me off. Please. Please! Dan. Oh, I want it. So bad. Please." She rolled, spreading her knees, inviting him to her snatch. "Please!"

Dan knelt, dick just starling to wilt. He spread the pussy with his fingers and crouched between the legs, shoving them farther apart with his sides as he placed his tool to the box and slipped it in. He lay out, crushing his crotch to her clit, twisting down to get every bit of his meat inside.

"Oohhhhhh!" Janet climaxed with the second thrust. His cock brought her to a shimmering plane of pure ecstasy and held her there, moving steadily as she came and came, ribbons of shining joy laced through her flesh. The pure delight swept her away, drowned her with happiness and she just lay there and let it happen, let his cock do the wonderful work until she was drained of passion and went limp as he slowed and removed his organ from her snatch.

"God damn good." Dan lay on his side near her. "It sure as hell was." She looked at him, admiring his sexual skill. "You are just great."

"So are you!" He touched a breast. "It keeps getting better for us."

"Because we make it better. We go all out. All the time. Every time. That's what makes it so great."

"Right. No holding back." He kissed her tit, then her mouth before he got up.

"How about I get you out of that gear and we have a beer and maybe something to eat?" Dan came back with the key to the handcuffs.

"That's a nice idea. Fucking stare makes me thirsty." She rubbed at her wrists and ankles where the cuff had cut in.

"Me, too." Dan walked toward the kitchen.

Janet got slowly to her feet. She ached and there was a burning in her ass. But she never mentioned it. That was one of the rules. Just do it. If you don't like it, you can always move out.

And she liked it. Liked the raw savagery that they had with each other -- and with other partners, too. It was the best way for her to get off -- just about the only way she could get off. Hard sex. Brutal. Anything goes. Anything!

Janet went into the kitchen and helped with getting the food ready. She knew that another session would keep them busy later and was already starting to look forward to it. She was looking forward to tomorrow night, too -- dinner with Linda and that great-looking sexy man, Bob.

Dinner and then who knew what else afterward.

Chapter FIVE

Bob leaned back in his chair and gave a very contented sigh. "Janet, that was a great meal. Really delicious."

"Well, it was simple. Just steak and baked potato. Nothing to it."

"But it was all so good," Linda said. "I'd really like the recipe for the salad dressing."

"Oh, sure." Janet smiled, pleased that her guests had enjoyed the meal.

"How about another drink, Bob?" Dan asked. "Helps the digestion."

"Well... if you're having one."

"Just be a minute." He left the table.

"It's so lovely out here," Linda said, looking into the forest. It was dark now, only the candles on the table and the lights inside for illumination.

"Yes. It really is. We like it here -- close to nature." Janet looked at Bob, smiling softly. "I love natural things."

"Oh, so do I." Linda stood and went to the railing around the deck where they had spent most of the evening. After nine changes she had decided to wear her new capris and a simple blouse -- the first outfit she had started out with. "So peaceful... tranquil... no problems anywhere." She closed her eyes and breathed in the evening. "Perfect."

"Here we go." Dan came back with their drinks on a tray.

"Thanks." Bob sipped slowly.

Janet looked at Bob over the rim of her glass, her pink tongue making a slow tour around the wet tumbler. She smiled first with her eyes, then with her mouth. Her shoulders were bare, the front of her blouse riding low on her boobs.

Bob glanced at Linda. Far enough away so he could return the smile safely -- a little harmless flirtation.

"It's getting kind of cool out here," Dan said. "Why don't we go inside? Get warmed up a little."

"Okay." Bob stood up, carrying his drink. He stepped over beside his wife and ran his arm around her waist. "You going to come in with us, honey?"

"Yes," she said quietly, drawing her husband closer. "It's beautiful out here. So quiet."

"Yes. It's almost as beautiful as you are." He turned her slightly and gave her a small kiss.

"You are so nice." She gave him a deeper kiss, hands on his hips.

"Take it easy. I don't think they'd like it if I threw you down and mounted you right out here."

"I don't know. From the way Janet's been looking at you all evening, I don't think she'd mind a bit. Not if she got in on the action."

"You're just jealous. For nothing." He kissed her again. "We'd better get inside."

"I guess so." She took her drink from the table and went into the A-frame.

The walls were unfinished, just stained beams and bare boards to support the shingles. A fire burned in the round fireplace across from the door.

"Your place is so nice, Janet." Linda looked around at the big room again. The back third was cut off low, a sleeping loft above. "I hope we can have a cabin up in the mountains someday."

"We like it," Dan said. "Why don't you sit over here, Bob?" He motioned to a low bench spread with flat cushions. "It's the closest we have to a couch. A lot of the time we just sit on the floor. Casual and comfortable that way." He stood at one end of the bench.

"Yeah. I know what you mean." Bob sat toward one end of the bench.

"Janet, can I give you a hand with the dishes?" Linda asked, admiring the hanging plants.

"No. No way. I'll just plunk them in the sink and leave them. There's not room for more than one out here anyway. But thanks for offering."

"Okay." Linda sat beside her husband. "How are your drinks?" Dan asked. "Oh. Just fine." Bob took another sip. He still had more than half a glass full. Linda's was barely touched.

"Do you folks ever smoke pot?" Dan asked as he sat on a plump pillow across from them.

"Well, uh... I don't," Bob said. "But you folks can go ahead if you want to."

"Sure. It won't bother me." Linda took a deeper swallow of her drink.

"No. I don't care for it much myself. Makes me too... I don't know, not tired, exactly, but sort of... washed out."

"That's sort of the way I feel," Bob said. He swallowed more of his drink.

Janet drew her blouse low on her tits, almost letting the nipples show before she went into the living room, smiling at Bob as she crossed the room. She plunked herself on a cushion beside Dan and took a sip of his drink.

"Real nice dinner, honey." Dan kissed her. "Thank you." She licked his lips. "Yes," Linda echoed. "Wonderful food."

"It was my pleasure. I like having people over." She sipped at Dan's drink again.

"Let me get you one of your own." He stood up, taking his glass as he walked behind the bench. "You ready?" He looked across Bob to her.

"Yes. I'm ready," she said slowly, moving into a low crouch, feet firmly planted on the carpet.

Dan set down his drink. Crouching, he stayed right behind Bob, arms spread. His hands dipped and took hold of two lengths of chain coiled on the floor behind the bench.

"Now!" Dan lunged, arms grabbing at Bob. He snapped the cuff of one chain to the man before the guy had a chance to react.

"What the hell?" Bob whirled, trying to rise.

"Sit down!" Dan shoved the man back and grabbed for the free arm. He forced the metal cuff around the wrist and held the arm tightly.

"Bob... what? Is there..."

"Shut up!" Janet leaped and grabbed the blonde around the shoulders. Janet twisted Linda sideways, pinning her to the bench. One tit popped over the top of her blouse as she held the woman down.

"God damn it!" Bob tried to get up but the chains on his arms would not let him move far enough. "What the hell is going on?" He strained against the bonds but they held firmly.

"Get off me!" Linda tried to force Janet away but the brunette was too strong. "Let me go. Bob. Bob, help me."

"Son of a bitch." He glared at Dan. "What the fuck are you guys doing?"

"Just a little after-dinner game." Dan came around and stood beside Janet, a length of hemp rope in his hands. "Nothing to worry about. If you relax and try to enjoy it, you might have a lot of fun." He wrapped the line twice around Linda's wrist and tied the hands tightly together above the blonde's head, stretching her out along the bench as Janet held the thrashing hips down. He tied the cord around the thick wooden supports of the bench and went back toward Bob.

"Let her go. God damn it. That's my wife!" He struggled to get to his feet.

"Relax!" Dan's foot shoved into his belly, forcing Bob back to the bench.

"Son of a bitch!" Bob tried to get up again. This time the foot took the wind out of him.

"Just do as you're told and it'll be fun," Janet said. She looped rope around Linda's feet, securing them separately to the sturdy bench frame.

"Bob. Bob! What are they doing to us?" Janet wailed. "Make them stop."

"Bastards. Damn it all to hell. Look, I left all the money in our cabin. I've got maybe five bucks with me."

"We don't want money. We want your bodies." Janet began to unbutton his shirt.

Carl held Bob's legs and shackled them together, then looped wire around the calves and tied them to the bench.

"What the hell? Are you both crazy?"

"I'm crazy for you, sugar." Janet's hand slid into his shirt, feeling around on his chest. "Nice. Real solid!" Her tongue licked around his mouth.

"Shit, it won't work. Let me go!" He tried to get his legs to move.

"It'll work. It'll work just fine." Janet's hand cruised over his crotch, feeling the organs. "I'll bet you're a real stallion when you get going. She tugged at the zipper of his pants."

"Oh, oh! What the hell is going on? Damn it!" Bob tried to close his thighs together but she opened the fly and pulled out his prick.

"Nice. Real nice. Thick. I bet it's about two feet long, too." She bent to kiss it.

"NO!" Bob wrenched his hips hauling the dick from her grasp. "Let me go! Christ I'll call the fucking sheriff. The cops. HELP!"

"The closest person is the caretaker down at the rental stables. And he's about ninety years old and as deaf as a floor lamp." Dan moved closer to Linda.

"Don't you touch her. You cock-sucker. I'll kill you if you lay a hand on her. I swear to God I will."

"Let's see what those tits look like." He raked Linda's blouse. She hadn't worn a bra -- they had said casual clothes and she didn't really need one. Her tits stood right up, full and firm.

"No, please," she cried.

"What do we have here?"

"No. No. Oh, please. Please!" She squirmed, trying to get away from the man. "Please. No. Oh, God. God. NO!"

"Real nice." Dan tugged the blouse up over her head, leaving it on her arm. "Big. Nice and big." He sat beside her, perched on the narrow edge of the bench by her hips.

"Leave her alone!" Bob pulled furiously at the chains. They were solidly attached to his arms and to the bench. "Son of a bitch! I will tear you apart." He spoke very slowly, making each word a threat. "With my bare hands."

"Nice." Dan's fingers closed around Linda's right tit.

"NOOOO!" She shrieked as the fingers pinched. "BOB." She gasped, closed her eyes and screamed. "BOB!! HELP!!"

"Mother-fucker!" His face turned dark red as he looked at the man caressing his wife's boobs. "Shit eater."

"Relax, honey." Janet began to massage his tool again, spreading his open shirt to look at his chest. "You're really built, you know. Nice. I like a strong man. Really." Her hand moved in slow circles on his belly and chest. "Strong. And hung!" She tugged at his limp organ.

"Don't touch me. Bitch. Whore. Leave us alone."

"Relax, baby." Janet bared her tits to him. The blouse clung for a moment, then slid to her waist, drooping over her hips. "Like my tits, big fella?" She lifted them toward his face with both hands.

"Bitch!" He looked away.

"Linda's got real nice jugs, Bob," Dan said. "You're real lucky." His fingers slid all over her boobs. "If her cunt's good too, why you've got it made."

"Don't you dare!" Bob looked at the man.

"I dare," Dan said softly. His fingers pulled slowly at the zipper of Linda's capris, moving it down. He got it all the way open and slipped the tight pants down slowly, both hands gripping at her hips.

"No. Bob. Please make him stop. Help me. Oh. Oh, God. God help me. Help." Her pussy showed clearly.

"Pretty." Dan touched it with one finger.

"You're dead. Right now. One fucking dead mother-fucker." Bob forced himself to look at the man as his wife's snatch was violated by his finger.

"Noooooo!" Linda's desperate wail filled the room.

"COCK SUCKER." Bob arched up, rising a bit from the bench, fists tight, chains biting into his wrists.

Janet snatched his pants to his knees and shoved him back. "Rein. Nobody's going to get killed. It's just sex, for Christ's sake. Enjoy it."

"You slimy cunt."

"Bob. Please help me."

"Honey. Oh, God. I'm sorry. Shit. I'll kill them. Kill the lousy bastards for this. Kill both of them." He twisted against his bonds, helpless, nearly naked on the low bench.

"Now let's have some fun." Dan stood up, looking all over the blonde's mostly exposed body.

"Right." Janet got to her feet, shaking off the clinging blouse. She shed her slippers and stepped out of her pants, standing naked where Bob could have a good look at her snatch. "How do you like it?" She shoved it toward his face.

"God damn." Bob closed his eyes and turned away, disgusted.

"What kind of equipment do you want to start with, Janet?" Dan went toward the storage room.

"Just a little bit of rope. I want to start slow. This is going to take a long time. And be worth every minute." She moved closer to Bob.

"Bob, what are they going to do to us?" Linda's voice sounded very small and far away.

"Nobody gets hurt. So just relax and enjoy it. It won't take long. Just three or four hours." Janet's smile spread.

"Oh, my God." Linda closed her eyes. "Hours. No, oh no, no, no."

"Let us go. Now. Do it now and we won't tell the police. Not a word. We'll just forget it. But you've got to turn us loose now."

"No way, baby."

"You'll go to jail. To prison. Prison!"

"Just you wait and see." Janet leaned forward, her hands flanking his hips. "Just you wait." One finger dug a groove from his chest to his crotch. She curled her fingers around the tool and began to pull with slow, steady moves, trying to get the man turned on.

"Get your hands off me. Now!" He spit the words one at time. "Fucking whore!"

"Is that any way to talk to a lady?" She played with his balls.

Dan, came back, arms loaded with gear. He dumped the ropes and fetters near the wall, and moved to stand over Linda. He slipped out of his shirt and leaned closer to her.

"Leave her alone. Son of a bitch. Dan, so help me. God damn it. Just let me loose. One minute. Just let me get in one punch. Just one punch. You fucking animal."

"You're very pretty, Linda." He squatted and kissed one breast. "Very, very pretty." His hands caressed her breasts, her stomach, her thighs. He touched her pussy softly.

"No." She started to cry, tears sliding down her cheeks. "Please. Leave me alone. Please."

"You shit eating mother fucker."

Dan kissed Linda's snatch.

"Noooo." She sobbed as the man's tongue lapped at her delicate flesh, touched the sweet pink lining of her most intimate part -- the place she reserved only for her husband.

Dan stood up and removed his pants. His cock pulses up in a thick arch above his nuts.

Linda closed her eyes and turned away from the dick.

"Dan, I will tear you apart. With my bare hands. I will kill you, you slimy son of a bitch. Cock-sucking mother-fucker!"

Dan stroked his dick up to full size.

Janet moved around to squat at the end of the bench behind Linda's head. She fixed the ropes around the arms again, making the knots tighter, forcing the cord into the flesh.

Dan crouched between the blonde's legs, cock in one hand and he leaned down.

"No. No! NO. NO!" Linda began to shriek as the man's prick got closer to her snatch. "PLEASE. PLEASE GOD! NO!!"

Dan leaned against her naked body stretched out fully, touching her tits. He put his cock into the soft tunnel and gave her the full length in one slow push.

"GOD!" Linda howled frantically.

"SHIT! YOU EAT SHIT, DAN!!" Bob arched up from the bench, furious, his body tight knots of wild anger. "SHIT!" He yelled as he saw the man's butt rise and fall, driving Dan's cock up Linda's pussy.

"How is she, Dan?" Janet asked. Her hands crept down over Linda's tits.

"She's pretty good. Tight. And slick, too. But she's not cooperating very much." He pulled out of the pit.

"You're lucky, Bob. Got a wife with a real sexy cunt."

"ASS HOLE!!!" Cords stood out on Bob's neck. "Shit eater! Son of a bitch!" He twisted and the wire on his legs bit in sharply.

"That was just a sample bit of a screw, Bob. Got to get her warmed up mon first."

"I'll start her going for you." Janet slipped around, sitting on the floor beside Linda. She caressed one breast and leaned her head over, tongue probing to lick a nipple.

"No." A new tenor swept through her.

"You're crazy. Both of you. Just nuts." He sat exhausted on the bench.

"Don't... oh, plea... no." Linda's head lofted from side to side.

Janet's mouth closed around one tit. She moved her fingers on the other nipple, twirling to try to get it firm. Her hand glided down, fumbling at the twat.

"Please don't... no. Oh, God. Help me. Please."

"God damn dyke. Whore. Bitch. Shit eating lesbian?" Bob tried to rise, then gave it up. "I will kill both of you."

"Maybe." Dan spread a thick layer of lubricating jelly on his dick. "You want some, Bob? It's a help with a long session."

"Go to hell."

"Whatever turns you on." Dan coated his balls with the heavy grease.

"Hey, Dan. How about eating my pussy for a minute. Get me nice and turned on." Janet spread her legs as far apart as she could.

"Sure thing." Dan lay on his back and scooted between the spread thighs. He moved until his face was below her twat, then picked up his head and started to kiss Janet's cunt, flicking his tongue all around.

"That's nice. You sure do know how to eat a girl out." Janet slid her face to Linda's crotch and licked at the cunt. A wail came from the blonde, hank and frantic and she put her tongue all over the woman's clit.

Linda's wail trailed off into a helpless groan. She lay limp, overwhelmed with terror and loathing. A woman was eating her cunt. She wanted to throw up.

"Animals! Just fucking animals!" Bob clenched his fists in helpless fury. "Leave her alone."

Pleasure swept from Janet's cunt. Dan's mouth worked her into a warm gush of desire. Janet worked closer to the blonde's twat, tongue sliding farther out of her mouth. Her lust pinged and she put her tongue into the box, thrusting it like a small, moist prick.

"Noooooo." Linda sobbed, tears coating her face. "Oh, please, no. Stop. Stop!" The tongue kept moving, the woman's face buried in her crotch.

Dan slipped his tongue into Janet's cunt, his hands pinching at her butt. He put one finger into her asshole.

Lust raced through her, streaking from head to box and back, her tits trembling, nipples super-hard. Creamy juice seeped through her twat. She burrowed her face into Linda's pussy, hands crawling all over the blonde's nipples.

"You about ready for, some action, honey?" Dan rotated his finger in the ass.

"Yes!" Janet moved up from the cunt.

"Let's get at it, then." He got to his feet, greased cock throbbing, sticking up close to his belly, the end flared, deep red, all set for fucking.

"I'll move the legs." Janet took the rope from one leg and shoved the foot flat to the floor, spreading the woman's thighs farther, exposing the pink lining of the snatch.

"What... what are you going to do?" Linda's voice was feeble.

"Try to enjoy it. We're going to make love to you." Dan stroked the tied woman's breasts. "You might like it. Like it a lot. We're both good in bed. Damn good." He untied her anus, holding her securely so she could not get away. He shoved her hands down, tying them together below the bench, running a length of cord up to secure the hands to the bench again. The new position forced her boobs up higher.

Janet finished tying off the other foot to the bench so the thighs were stretched widely apart, the full pussy visible, a smear of bright pink under the golden hairs between the sleek, pale thighs.

"Now for some fun." Janet got a leather strap from the pile of equipment. Two inches wide, black, with gleaming bras studs and hanging rings set all along the outside. She laid it low across the blonde's stomach and cinched it under the bench. It held Linda's hips flat. The rings dangled at the sides, good handles. Janet tugged to make sure the strap was tight, a curl of flesh bulging at either side.

"You just about ready?" Dan asked.

"Almost." Janet got another piece of leather, thin straps, chrome buckles at the ends. She laid them above and below the mounded boobs, binding them down under the bench, forcing them together to make the tits bulge, tightening them until they bit into the flesh. "All set!" She stood, gazing at the firmly bound woman.

"Sure looks sexy. Sexy as hell."

"Just relax, honey." Janet swung a leg over the bench, straddling the blonde. "This won't hurt a bit." She eased herself down, holding herself with her arms braced out beside Linda's head. She moved until her tits touched Linda's nipples, snuggling to the woman.

"Oh. No. Get off. OH!" Linda tried to turn away but the straps held her right there. She had to take the woman's caressing embrace, endure the pressure of tits on her nipples.

"NO!" She wailed when Janet's cunt touched on her snatch. The woman twisted down with her hips, grinding with her clit against Linda's twat.

Lust surged through Janet as her clit touched the blonde. She lay along the soft form, hands caressing the sides and thighs as she shoved with her hips, making fuck-moves, sliding her throbbing clit on the woman's body. She stretched out, legs together, touching as much of her snatch to the pussy as she possibly could.

Wild throbs of lust pounded from her twat. Her whole crotch ached as she rotated it on the woman. "Dan, Dan. I'm ready. Put it in me."

Dan climbed onto the bench, legs spread to mount Janet's ass. He plunged his oiled dick between her cheeks, found the hole and slid in. He adjusted his position to be more secure and then started to fuck, riding the butt briskly, arms holding Janet, fingers playing with Linda's tits.

"Ohhhhhhh. Noooo. Stop." Linda gasped as she had to bear the full weight of both bodies. The man fucked and Janet screwed at the same tempo. Pain began around the edges of her snatch.

"Dan. Oh, hard. Fuck hard. Fuck my ass hard. Fuck me. Fuck my asshole. Make me come. Make me come. Hurt me. Oh. Dan. Dan!" Janet writhed with passion, her body aroused, pressing the lovely blonde below, being solidly screwed by the man on top. One hand reached back to pull Dan down closer, to make him hit harder. Her other hand grabbed Linda's tit. She twisted desperately on the cunt and felt the release build, crest and burst, a thousand jagged colors flashing from her clit at once.

"Ohhhhhh. NOW! Fuck me hard!" She howled as she came, body raked by great bolts of pleasure, passion alive in every part of her, her flesh aching with lovely torment as her cunt creamed and blued with ecstasy. "YES!!"

Dan heaved down, giving pleasure to the thrashing form under him, his body working steadily, cock stiff, balls nicely happy. Janet's firm flesh wiggled in his fingers. He had one of her tits and one of Linda's in his fingers, twirling both nipples slowly, feeling the stiffness of one, the empty looseness of the other.

"Oh, Dan. Dan. Perfect." Janet's thrashing slowed. She had passed the peak and lay in a pool of glowing happiness.

"Was it what you wanted?"

"Yes. Just exactly. It's what I dreamed it would be. Thank you." She wiled, moving from his dick. Her arms came around and she hugged the man, bearing him to the floor as they kissed. "Perfect. Every time with you is perfect."

"Filth. Animals." Bob tried to break from his chains.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Dan got to his feet, shimmering prick sticking way up.

"You slimy piece of shit. Turd! Asshole!"

"Take it easy." Dan lay close to Linda, cock against her cunt. He curled his hips back, touched the tip of his rod to the snatch and held still. "You're beautiful, Linda."

"Ahow!" There was sharp agony for an instant as every bit of the man's dick jammed in at once, his whole body landing on her, every ounce behind the drive. A second followed, then a third. His hands tore at her boobs, ripped at the delicate nipples. His cock gouged at her snatch, ripped right into the tender tunnel.

"No. God. Oh. OH!" She felt pain ram through her. "NO!" Her shrieks rattled around the high roof.

"Bob, are you watching? Watch me fuck your wife. Watch real close." Dan lifted up, showing off his cock as it plunged into the woman. "Are you watching?"

"Shit eater. God damned motherfucking son of a bitch. I'll tear your balls off. I'll kill you, man, both of you. I swear to God. I'll make you eat shit. Bastard. Bastard!" He forced himself to watch the man heaving into his wife's body.


"I'm going to come. Come. Bob. I'm going to come. Come in your wife. Right in your wife's cunt." Dan lay close to the blonde, pumping rapidly, taking all the pleasure he wanted, just the way he wanted it, the helpless, leather-bound body warm under his naked form, the cunt slick as he plunged again and again with his prick until the whirlwind happened and he started to came.

"Shit. Oh, yeah. God damn. That is great. Yes. Shit." Dan heaved down, sturdy drives, masses of pleasure swirling through his steel-hard prick. His fingers pinched her tits and he sent a wave of cum into Linda's snatch.

"Shit. Yes. God. God damn." Dan stayed with his strong thrusts until he was through, the pleasure drained. He yanked his dick from the snatch and stood up.

"Dunn nice piece of ass you married, Bob. Lucky guy." He moved so Bob could see his dick.

"Mother-fucker!" Bob turned toward Linda. "Honey?"

"I... I'm okay, Bob." Her voice was very tiny. "Of course she is." Dan walked away, toward the back of the cabin.

"Okay, Bob, now it's your turn." She stood in front of him, naked, fists planted on her hips.

Chapter SIX

Janet advanced toward the man, hips swaying, leading with her crotch. "Want it?" She slithered her tongue very slowly around on her lips.

"Go to hell." He looked away.

"Don't you like me?" Janet cooed, sliding closer to him. "I like you, Bob. I think we can have a real good time." She straddled his legs with her knees, rising to place her cunt near his face. "Why don't you eat me out? Just put your mouth all over my nice soft pussy." Her snatch touched his face.

"No!" Bob snapped his head around, trying to get away from the crotch.

"Eat me," she said softly. "I want to feel your tongue all over my pussy." Both hands grabbed his hair, twisting his mouth to her box. "Eat my pussy. Eat it." She wriggled closer, forcing his nose onto her clit.

"Bitch." Bob clamped his lips tightly together. He tried to turn his head away but the woman was too strong.

"You're not trying, Bob. I want you to eat me." She pulled his hair, forcing her cunt to cover his mouth and nose. When he leaned back she sat on his face. "Eat it!"

Bob tried to bite the tender flesh, snapping at the soft tissues.

"Yeah!" Janet leaped back. "There's some life in you. I knew it!" She touched her cunt to get more arousal flowing.

"You fucking dyke. I hate your guts!"

"You just need to get turned on. Then you'll like me." Janet crouched, one hand lifting Bob's prick. Her mouth opened and she sucked in the whole soft tool.

"No. Get away from me." Bob slung his hips to the side, pulling away from the mouth. "God damned whore."

"Be good and I'll make you real happy." Janet held his hips with her arms and started sucking again.

"Bitch!" Bob writhed, twisting to get away from her. She held him, her arms suddenly much stronger than they looked.

Janet slurped at the meat, rolling it all around with her tongue until it dripped with spit. "I want you hard." She licked at his rocks. "I want you to come. Come in my mouth."

Dan walked over, looking at the action. "Go ahead, Bob. She gives great head. Really one hell of a turn on."

"Get fucked, asshole." Bob kept trying to wrench away from her grasp. His dick, vanished into her mouth again, the tongue wiggling all over it. Her nose pressed into his crotch hairs and she bore down, sucking vigorously, cheeks dented from the effort. "Shit!" He arched up, tossing the woman away. "Just leave us alone. You had your fun. Let us go, damn it." He glared at Dan.

"We've just started to have fun, Bob," Dan said.

"You're going to go to jail for a hundred years. Both of you." Bob tried to get his arms free.

"For making it with a guy like you," Janet said, "that would be worth it. Really." She caressed his legs. "I want to get you all turned on so we can fuck and suck all night." She pulled his cock slowly.


"I want to see how big you are, how long your cock gets. How thick it is." She licked around the end of his rod.

Bob heaved up again to throw her off but she clung to him, arms around his waist. He thrashed again but she stuck to him, mouth plastered to his dick, hands down on his tail. He heaved again with no result. A fourth and fifth try failed to toss her away.

"That's it, Bob," Dan said. "Go at it, fuck her mouth. That looks great."

"Fuck off!" Bob slumped to the bench. Janet stayed with her blowjob. Her fingers kneaded his butt, gripping firmly into his cheeks. He tensed and tried one last heave, lifting clear of the bench with his hips. The woman hung on, still sucking and Bob fell back again. "God damn it."

"Just relax, Bob. Relax and enjoy it." Janet sucked at his nuts.

"Slimy dyke."

Janet held his balls up with her fingers and kissed down between his legs, licking toward his asshole.

"NO!" Bob tried to crush her head with his legs but she slipped away, pulling on his cock as she sat on the floor at his knees.

"Just relax and I'll get you all the way off. Make you come and come and come!" She kissed his leg.

"Dumb cunt!"

"You can fuck me if you want to, Bob. Put your big hard cock up my pussy and fuck all night." She pulled faster at his dick, fingers bunched near the end.

"No way in hell. Bitch!"

"How about we string him up? Let you really have a good shot at him." Dan stood and walked around behind Janet.

"Yeah. Nice idea." She kissed the dick before she stood.

"What the hell do you want now?"

"Just going to get you on your feet." Dan dug through the pile of gear. He picked up two shackles, large links of steel chain with leather lined cuffs at one end.

"Jesus Christ!" Bob stand at the manacles as the man came around and stood behind him. "You are really crazy."

"Just relax, Bob." Dan clamped one manacle to a wrist, leaving the long chain dragging on the floor. He clamped the other manacle to Bob's right wrist and picked up the chains.

With the chains in one hand, Dan climbed to the back of the bench and reached up. Above him dangled a potted ivy and he hauled it down, running the decorative rope through from the pulley set in an upright beam. He unhooked the plant, handed it to Janet and secured the chains to the hanging hook, making sure they were both securely held.

"What the fuck?" Bob looked up, his hands close together above his head.

Dan turned and unlaced the rope to the pulley from its bracket on the wall. He tugged firmly and the chains went taut, then putted more until Bob's arms were tightly stretched toward the slanting ceiling.

The cuffs bit into his wrists. The lifting pressure continued and Bob had to arch his tail from the bench to reduce the pain.

"He looks gorgeous." Janet licked her lips.

Dan tied off the rope and went around in front of Bob. "Relax. Take it easy, man." He crouched at the prisoner's legs.

"That hurts, damn it!" He flexed his fingers, trying to reduce the pressure.

"Don't worry." Dan clamped a chain to each ankle.

"Just what the hell are you after, anyway?"

"Sex. What everybody else is after. We just have the guts to go out and get what we want." Janet squatted and helped Dan finish securing the man's legs. Two lengths of chain ran across the floor. She shoved them back under the bench toward the wall.

"You're crazy. Both of you. Just plain nuts."

"You won't say that when you relax and go with it. Have some fun." Dan pulled the chains along the wall, looping them around steel bolts at the base of two beams. He pulled some of the slack in, then went back to the pulley rope.

"Let him get free of the bench," Janet said.

"Sure." She unwound the wire and let Bob flex his legs for a moment, moving out of range of any kick.

"Here we go." Dan jerked on the rope, hauling Bob to his feet, making him dance, toes just barely touching the floor.

"Son of a bitch!" Pain thudded from his arms and shoulders.

Janet shoved the bench aside and grabbed the leg chains, drawing them taut to hold Bob's legs apart. "Okay, Dan."

Dan eased the pressures on the ropes so Bob could stand easily, keeping the arms above his head. He tied off the rope. "He's all yours, Janet."

"Thanks." She walked slowly around Bob, admiring the man's muscular form. He stood, legs spread, hands together higher over his head. She went up behind Bob and ripped his shirt, tearing it up the back, then ripping off the sleeves one at a time, making the man completely naked.

"Nice!" She stroked his sides, butt and belly, moving around to run her hands over his chest.

Bob drew back from her touch. He found he could move few inches before the cuffs cut into his wrists.

"I want you, Bob," she said slowly. "I want your body." She slung her arms around his neck and hung there, tits pressed to his bare chest. Her legs lifted, wrapped around his hips and she crushed her cunt to his be fly. "I want you to get all turned on so we can have a lot of fun."

"Drop dead."

Janet jammed her crotch forward suddenly. She knocked the man off balance, forcing his arms to hold both their bodies.

"Oww!" The cuffs cut in deeply. Pain radiated from his arms into his chest.

Janet put her feet down and let the man stand on his own. "You see. I can make you do things, Bob. Just one little push and you get to dangle there." She shoved his hips again, making him take another dose of pain.

"God damn you! God damn you to hell!" He got his feet to the floor again, breathing deeply, commanding his arms to relax. The pain faded.

"Now will you be good?" Janet dropped to her knees before the chained man. She held his prick for a moment, looking closely at it before she started to suck.

Bob almost started to twist away, then remembered the pain and stood still while her hands crawled over his belly and around to his butt. He slowed his breathing and looked over at his wife. "Are you okay, honey?"

"Yes. It's not bad. But I don't want them to hurt you."

"It's okay. It's not much." He looked at her firmly bound figure. "We'll get out of this. And I promise you I'll kill both of these bastards. Both of them."

"That'll be a good trick." Dan walked over and looked at Linda. "You see him, honey? Your big, strong husband? All tied up with chains. Look at him. And look at Janet going at his wang. Take a good look. You might learn something about giving head." He crouched and touched her pussy.

"Keep your rotten hands off her!" Bob shouted.

"It's my prick you should worry about, Bob, not my hands." One finger went deeply up Linda's snatch.

"No," she moaned.

"Come on, Bob," Janet said. "Just relax and try to have some fun. You'll like it." Her hands played with his dick and rocks. "I bet you'll like it a lot."

"Just let us go. Now."

"When we're ready and not before." Dan moved away from Linda.

Janet looked at the guy's tool. It was a little bigger, but not enough to matter. "I guess I'll really have to go to work on you." She stood up, her tits touching his chest.

"No use, honey."

"Just you wait!" She turned and went to the storage room.

"You should cooperate, Bob." Dan sat on a thick pillow just a few feet from the man. "This is going to be fun." He massaged his dick slowly with his hand.

Janet came back to the living room. Her hand held a stout oak rod. A bolt held nine thin rawhide thongs, each tipped with a small steel ball. She took three steps toward Bob and slashed the air with the whip.

"Christ!" Bob gasped at the whip.

Janet walked over to Dan. "Turn me on." She spread her legs and shoved her cunt toward the man.

Dan curled one hand around her tail and stuck out his tongue, moving in to lick her snatch. His hands climbed up her torso and fondled her tits. As he pressed into her crotch he pinched at her nipples.

Janet turned, looking at Bob, holding the whip high as Dan aroused her passions with his tongue and fingers. Her nipples became firm and lust flowed again from her twat.

Dan's prick stiffened and he kissed firmly at the pussy, tongue flickering all over the clit until it pulsed and dripped with his saliva.

Janet waited until the lust boiled inside her.

"Now!" She stepped toward Bob. "I want you!" The whip snapped toward his chest.

"Ouch!" Bob flinched back. Pain, danced down his anus. The whip bit in high on his body, bright points of pain, pinpricks of blood showing where the steel balls hit. He tried to get to his feet but another blow snaked around his side, the leather biting into the flesh, stinging sharply, the points leaving red dots behind. He hung on the chains, gasping for air.

"Now!" A third blow, low, the lashes creasing into his as. Bright red dots appeared on both checks.

Janet held the whip high, her tits rising and falling with her heavy breaths.

"Stop, stop," Linda cried. "Don't. Don't hurt him. Me. Take me. Please don't hurt him."

"Shut up, Linda. I'm okay?" Bob got to his feet.

"I want you," Janet said slowly.

"Never," Bob hissed the word.

Janet brought the whip down full force, striking across his chest and belly. Long red strings appeared where the lashes struck.

"Shit!" Bob gasped as the agony rammed through his muscles.

"I want you!" She stood just inches from him. Her tongue crept out and she licked a drop of blood from his body.

"Oh, God." Bob dropped his head.

"Kiss me," she whispered, lifting his chin.

"Jesus," Bob sighed. Her lips touched his and he held very still. Her tongue probed for his lips, squeezing through to touch his teeth.

"Kiss me." She drew the words out into a long sigh. Her arms circled him and she let him feel her body, all of it flowing to him. "I want you, Bob. Your cock." She cupped his organs in her hand.

The pain from the whip faded and he could breathe regularly. He knew she would slash at him whenever she wanted, whenever he failed to... to perform for her. He knew he had no choice.

Bob closed his eyes and let his mouth open. "Okay," He whispered.

"Yes!" Janet's triumphant voice filled the room. "Yes!" She dropped the whip, took his head in both hands and began a new kiss, drawing him to her, plunging in with her tongue.

Bob held still while the woman wiggled against him. He felt her mouth suck at him and advanced his tongue, moving it mechanically into her mouth. Her hands were all over him, arms and hands caressing wherever they could reach, back, butt, cock, balls.

Her fingers pumped at his dick. It began to stir, just a whiff of thickness moving into the shaft. Bob felt it and tried to think of other things, anything but sex. But her fingers worked skillfully, her tongue licked and kissed and her tits slid on his body. The dick kept growing.

Bob surrendered to his body. Maybe, just maybe if he gave her what she wanted they would turn them loose. The cock got bigger, pulsing now, thickening all along the tool.

"Yes, yes." Janet twisted her crotch against the rising rod. "Yes. That's better."

Bob closed his eyes and hoped it would all be over soon.

Janet stepped back a pace and looked at the man. Drops of blood glimmered darkly on his chest. His tool curved thickly over his balls, slowly becoming harder. Her lust picked up a notch and she dropped to her knees.

Janet's hands spread over Bob's strong thighs and she felt the power of his muscles for a moment before she started to suck his cock. Desire deepened and she took the swelling meat into her throat. Her hands massaged up past the hips onto the flat belly, crawling to the chest as she licked at the tool.

Bob looked at the floor, the walls, at anything but the other people. He felt the full stiffness of his cock. And he felt a stir of pleasure in his balls a small moment, but he knew there would be more. The corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of Linda and he shut his eyes. A flash of enjoyment stung from his crotch.

"Oh." Janet sat back, staring at the hard-on. "You're big. Huge." She ran her hands along the shaft. "Linda, look. Look at your husband!" She stood up. "I got him nice and hard. And now I'm going to get him off."

Linda glanced over for a moment, long enough to see her husband's erection. She turned her head and closed her eyes.

"Beautiful, beautiful cock!" Linda held the rod with her hand and pressed her snatch to it, guiding the tool to her clit, sliding the dick around until her cunt boiled and her clit pounded with lust.

Bob stood still, trying not to enjoy the experience. But the feel of her moving fingers, the cunt on his cock, her tits pressed to his chest got to him. A brush of desire passed out of his crotch.

"Yes." Janet pushed her hips ahead, taking some of his prick into her cunt. "Oh. Yes." Lust soared instantly when she felt the hard rod in her warm flesh. She wiggled closer, moving most of the dick into her box.

"Fuck me." She clung to him, hips moving slowly, caressing his prick with the slow movements of the muscles in her pussy.

"I can't. Not with these fucking chains."

"Try." She squeezed his dick, leaning into him. "Fuck my cunt." Her lust kept getting hotter. Juice seeped from her snatch and spread along the inside of her thighs. Rocking back and forth, she brought herself almost to climax. "Kiss me." She hugged him, pasting her mouth to his, drawing his tongue into her mouth. Her legs lifted, curled around him and she hung there, his cock stuck way up her snatch.

Bob slowly began to move, curling his hips back, sliding a couple inches of hard rod back and forth in her sweet pussy. Pressure built in his crotch, sexual need growing, the friction of her slick tunnel along his organ raising his lust. His hips took on a life of their own, moving automatically, driving faster into the woman.

"Ohhhhh. Yes. Like that. Fuck me. Bob. So big. Big cock. All hard. Hard!" She crushed her tits to him, sweating with passion. Her legs locked around his torso and the heat steamed in her cunt.

Bob shaved faster. He wanted to came, wanted to get it over with. Just come and then she would stop. Maybe turn him loose so they could go away.

Bob clenched his teeth and rammed, driving steadily. He leaned back, enduring the pain that swept through his arms and stroked up, feet braced, wide apart, his balls swinging as he fucked.

"YES!" Janet yelped as the man really began to screw. Her passions thrashed along her nerves. "OH. OH GOD!" Her clit turned to molten fire. She clung to the man, swaying with him as they both lurched into climax.

Bob fell back, agony in his shoulders, holding the woman, screwing desperately, the pleasure strained from his balls. His body flexed, legs like steel girders. He forced himself to come, hammered at the twat, sudden blind fury ripping from him as he shot a batch of cum into the cunt.

"OOOOOHHHHH!!!!" Janet tore at his body, arms like whips, thrashing as she got off, lust devouring her, the powering of his body surging into her, his hard cock pounding her into the full savagery of sexual pleasure.

Bob grunted as the last of his jism sped out. He went slack on the chains, gulping air desperately.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh, Bob! Bob!" Janet kissed him frantically, sliding from his dick. "I knew you were going to be great. Just knew it." She helped him get to his feet.

"Let me go now. You got what you wanted."

"I sure did." She caressed his damp prick. "God damn. You are sure good."

"Take off the fucking chains. Do it, Janet." Bob looked right into her eyes. "I got you off. Now let us go."

"Not yet." Dan stood up. His cock was mostly erect. He stroked it as he walked. "I don't know about you, Bob, but once just isn't enough to satisfy me." He went toward Linda. "Hell, I'm just getting started."

Chapter SEVEN

Linda looked at the man. "No," she moaned, turning away from his naked form.

"You son of a bitch!" Bob shrieked, straining at the chains.

"Save your strength, Bob," Janet said. "I may want you again later on." She moved to the far side of the room.

"Don't. Don't!" Linda tried to pull free of the ropes and straps that held her to her bench.

"You sun look sexy tied up like that." Dan lay on her, placing his dick to her pussy. He shoved in and made a half-dozen brisk strokes.

"Get away from her!" Bob shouted as loud as he could. "You shit eating mother fucker. Leave her alone!"

Dan pumped steadily, prick touching every part of the snatch. His fingers played over her tits and he moved faster up her cunt striking to touch all over in the sleek sleeve. He felt his desires coil in his rocks and made a few more brisk stokes.

"Nice cunt, Linda." Dan stood up, cock very hard. "Nice turn on." He bent and kissed one nipple.

Janet fixed herself a drink and wandered over toward Dan. "Go at her, honey. Do it." She kissed the man briefly and sipped at her drink.

"You're awful. Filthy!" Linda sobbed again.

"Is she always this hard to turn an, Bob?" Dan asked as he bent and took off the strap under Linda's breast.

"Eat shit!"

Dan took off the strap over the boobs and Linda breathed more easily.

Ice tinkled in the tall glass as Janet sat on a square pillow close to the bound blonde. Cool beads of moisture streaked the glass and she pressed it to her pussy, ran it up between her tits and took a small swallow.

Dan untied Linda's legs and let her flex her knees. "Just relax honey. And don't worry about a thing."

"Please, let us go. Please. We never did anything to you." She eased some of the stiffness out other thighs.

"Later on. You'll get to go home later on." He touched her boobs, rolling them with both hands. He crouched and started to kiss the tits, lapping at the nipples, trying to get them hard. His fingers pinched at the delicate flesh.

"No. Ow. That hurts." Linda tried to roll away but her arms were still tied to the bench. "Stop. Stop!"

"Damn it, Dan. Stop it."

Dan kept toying with the blonde's breasts, twisting them all around with his fingers, turning the nipples like knobs on a stereo.

"No!" Linda wailed as the pain increased.

"You bastard. Bastard!" Bob pulled at his chains until his arms ached.

Dan stood up, his cock hard. "Give me some head, Janet."

"Sure thing." She held an ice cube from her drink in her mouth, smiling as the man came to her. She licked softly at the broad end of his rod, then slowly let her lips pull the hard tool in, sliding the ice along the shaft.

"Hey! Bitchin!" Dan stuck all of his dick into her, right into her throat.

Janet dipped another cube out of the drink with her fingers and pressed it into his nuts.

"Wow!" Dan shuddered as the chills sped through his crotch. He tingled as the ice melted against his rocks, forcing himself to stand still, Janet's mouth raising lust as she sucked, the cold water in her mouth like a wet jacket around his stiff prick. "Suck me. God damn. One hell of a turn on." He held her by the hair, forcing her to hold still while he fucked her mouth. "Yea. Yeah!" He yanked out of the mouth, crotch dripping ice water. "Great!"

Janet swallowed the last chip of ice. "I thought maybe you'd go for that."

"Incredible. Shit, I am really turned on." He picked up a set of chains from the pile. There were two aluminum rings with chains clamped all around them, sliding loosely, some with clips like dog-leashes at their ends, others with small rings. Dan laid the collection of small links on Linda's belly and drew the strands of metal apart like sunbursts from each large circle. He slid the arrangement up and, looped the rings around her breasts, shoving the boobs right up through the metal, crimping the flesh to get it all in.

"Oooohhhhh, God. No." Linda's head rolled slowly from side to side, small moans falling from her throat. "No. Please."

Dan draped the chains down her stomach, laying them over her snatch. More chains were draped over her shoulders. Another pair of chains hung down from the sides of the boobs.

Dan got a hobble chain, clipped one end to her ankle, threw the end under the bench and bound the legs so she could not stand up. He moved up toward her head and freed her arms, allowing the blonde to sit up. He caught the chains at her sides and fastened the ring end of one to the clip of the other, like a bra strap. The chains pulled her boobs apart.

Dan brought the chains on her shoulders down to the ring at the middle of her beck and clipped them on, hauling the breasts up, forcing them to spread more.

Linda rubbed her wrists slowly, trembling with fear for what they might do to her next. The chains bit slightly into her flesh, but not enough to really matter. She winced at Bob, flinching when she saw the red welts and drops of blood on his chest.

"Scoot up." Dan roped under her ass, feeling for the chains that hung over her snatch. He reached around, grabbed the lengths and shoved them below her crotch. Pulling them up sharply, he attached them to the same ring at her back. They stretched the breasts tightly, causing some pain where the rings touched the soft skin.

"Nice fit." Dan moved around and made sure the chains ran down beside her pussy, flanking the opening, sunk deeply into the flesh of the top of her thighs. The metal links parted the love-lips, showing the nice bright pink interior.

"Bitchin piece of ass." Dan touched two fingers into the cunt.

"Please. NO. Don't." She tried to shove his arm away.

"Hold still." Dan slapped her hard across the face.

"Asshole!" Bob yelled.

"Oww! Oh!" The chains out into her torso, pinching sharply at her box. "No."

"Just lie there, damn it." Dan got two long leather thongs from his supply of gear and whipped it around her wrists, stretching her arms parallel above her head. He leaned back, pulling hard until Linda arched her back against the growing pain.

"Noooooo! Please. Please!"

Dan tied the tongs off to the legs of the bench, letting the blonde go slack.

"You motherfucker!" Bob growled.

Dan got a wide black leather belt, loops of braided horse-hide dangling from each side. He slipped it under Linda's back and cinched the row of small buckles together at her side, letting the handles dangle loose.

"Now you are going to see some real fucking." Dan spread another coating of lubricant over his dick, spreading it over his rocks until they shimmered.

"No, please. Please don't. No." Linda writhed, arching from the bench, trying to press her thighs together. As she moved the chains pinched at her skin. "Don't. Please. No."

"Dan. God damn it. Leave her alone." Bob's shoulders ached as he tried to get loose, from his chains.

Dan kissed each tit slowly, leaving it shiny with spit. His hands fondled the spread cunt, sliding inside, touching every part of the pussy, thumbs pressing at the clit.

"No. No. God, please. Oh. Help. Help!" Her voice turned hoarse, just breath, no sound from her throat. "Stop."

Dan swung his leg over her thigh and lay with his dick on her belly, slipping the oiled tool lower, reaching for the snatch. His fingers found the nipples and he dug with his prick for the hole.

"NOO!" Linda screeched when the man penetrated her body. His dick shoved slowly in, pressing the chains more firmly into her flesh. His weight bore down, stretching her boobs against the rings, forcing the chains to bite into her back, pain radiating between her shoulder blades.

"ASSHOLE!" Bob bellowed. He spit at the man. "Son of a bitch. God damned shit-eating mother-fucker!!" He spit again as Dan started to fuck.

"AHHHOOWWW!" Pure agony tore through her as the man struck down hard, driving with his legs and hips to force his cock farther in.

"Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!" Dan rode hard, hammering with his dick, lust alive in every part of his body. He rose on his arms, plunging down steadily, holding himself so only his dick touched the woman. "Great. Great. One hell of a cunt!" He pistoned into the spread box.

Janet drained her drink and moved closer to the bench. She slung one knee up beside Linda's head and straddled the woman, hands on Dan's shoulders.

Dan moved up higher, slowing big thrusts as Janet got into position. He slung one arm around her butt and hauled her snatch close.

"Eat my pussy." Janet pushed her crotch toward him.

"God damn." Dan lunged for the snatch, eating right into the mass of dark hair, tongue probing for the clit. His dick moved faster in Linda's cunt and his fingers groped up to Janet's tits. He licked into the box, right into the inside, face buried, nose lost in the soft flesh. He let his crotch lie on Linda, fucking strongly with his hips and crushed Janet to him with his arms, lust swirling massively from his balls as he worked at both women.

Janet's passion swelled to full flood. Her hands clamped onto the man, feeling the wiry strength as he screwed the blonde, loving what his mouth and fingers did to her flesh, to her quivering nerves. She groped down and touched Linda's breast, fumbling with a nipple as her own tits ached with sweet, pounding desire.

Dan started to sweat. He lowered himself to Linda, fucking rapidly, short, quick strokes that sent a frenzy of fucking pleasure through his muscles. He grabbed the hanging loops on her sides mid heaved up, straining both arms.

"NOO!" Linda cried out, fresh points of pain stabbing through her body as the man crushed her up to his torso. His dick hurt every time it hammered down.

"Oh, God. God!" Linda cried hopelessly.

Animal grunts came from Dan, his body thrashed savagely, driving brutally into the cunt.

Raw sexual pleasure raked his crotch with each blow. He pulled up more, forcing the blonde to arch to him, making the chains more taut over her shoulders and under her twat. He growled, heaved, sweating, as he humped. Each stroke gave him heavy pleasure and sent rays of torment through the blonde.

Janet lay back, bridged on her arms and legs, offering her cunt to the man. She lay low, butt on Linda's face as he plunged his tongue into her, fucking with the tongue as he screwed the cunt.

Dan fucked like a creature of pure lust and muscles. His cock ached, his balls howled from the pressure. His body clenched, every muscle coiled, his hips hammering down.

A storm built between his legs. Animal passion had control of him now. He could not stop, not slow down for a second. Every nerve spasmed with lust; each inch of his cock turned to white-hot steel. His balls were twin spheres of total pleasure.

The orgasm caught him, dragged him into ecstasy and hurled him into the whirlwind. Naked stabs of blunt passion stabbed from his crotch. Cum ripped from his rocks scorched into the pussy. Dan ducked his head close to Linda and rutted into a savage orgasm, flail, rich steams of ecstasy drowning him. Jism hosed into the cunt, gushed like boiling cream from his cock.

A primitive roar split the air and he leaped from the woman. "There! YES!!" He shouted in triumph. His body gleamed with sweat, his dick glowing from sex-juice and grease.

"Ohhhhh. God." Lust raged through her. Janet lunged at the man, dragging him to the ground. "Fuck me. God. I want it. Hard." She rolled, legs grappling at his hips.

"Yes." Dan lunged, forcing her legs apart with his arms. He jammed his dick into the cunt and started to fuck, the same heavy drives that left Linda limp on the bench.

"FUCK ME... GOD. HARD. I NEED IT!" Janet shrieked, her legs crushing the man, forcing all of his plunging meat to ream her cunt. His sweaty body slid on her flesh; her body began to sweat and she arched, straining to take all of him, wanting hit entire body in her pussy.

"FUCK ME!!!" The words echoed through the room.

Dan rolled her over, jabbing up into the snatch. "Yes." Janet rode him like a bucking horse, rising above him, tits shimmery with sweat. Her hands dug into his hips and she held on as he heaved, lifting her clear off the floor, his dick still hard.

Janet's naked flesh shuddered with lust. Her body shook as he hammered in, his muscles straining to keep up the wild pace of their sex-session. The tight match kept him stiff. He hinged with his dick, ripping into the woman. His hands crushed her tits.

Passion devoured her. She ground her cunt to his crotch. Desire raged through her. The digging cock inflamed her and she slammed down onto the spike.

Dan's hands held her hips fingers digging in. He lunged full force, every bit of his strength behind the drives. He loved the brutal sex, loved the way she took his most muscular slams.

"Fuck me. Ohhhh. Fuck me. Make me come." She clawed his chest and belly, leaving dear scratches on the dark tan. "FUCK MY CUNT!"

"GOD! DAMN!" Dan felt lust return to his nuts. He jabbed faster and full stiffness returned to his prick.

"Shit!" Janet bounced on his thrashing rod. "Make me come!" she growled.

Sweat dripped from Dan's balls. He thrust a finger to the woman's cunt and pushed down hard.

"Harder. More. More! More cock! Cock!!" Her fists pounded at his arms and shoulders. "Make me come!!"

"Bitch!" Dan's fist flashed. He hit her high on the belly and she fell away, gasping for air, hunched to a lump on her side.

"You son of a bitch." Janet held her stomach as she turned, rising to her knees. "I'll get you, asshole." Her hand found the whip on the floor and she lashed at the man, slashing across his thighs before he could leap away.

"All right!" Dan crouched, one hand covering his dick. He watched as Janet got to her feet and they began to circle each other like wary wrestlers.

Chapter EIGHT

Janet lifted the whip, looking for an opening. Lust drove her and she lashed, leaving welts on Dan's anus. Another blow and she stained his back with blood-specks as he tried to whirl away. She missed with a blow to his ass.

Dan moved carefully, keeping a good distance between them. His skin burned where the leather whip hit.

This was the part of their sessions they both loved most. Now they could go at each other all out, no holds barred, their savage sex forcing them.

Dan loved the challenge to his strength, to his virility. It was always a hard battle, but he subdued her every time, conquered her with his cock.

Janet knew that someday she would win, someday she would rise above Dan, defeating him with his own weapon -- him. She lunged, leaped and brought the whip down across his chest. Blood bunt to the surface, a crimson trail down toward his belly.

"Bitch!" Dan leaped. A fresh strike raked him from belly to crotch but he kept on toward the woman. He grabbed her arm before she could whip him again and twisted the wooden handle from her gasp.

Holding her by both arms, he smeared her tits to his chest until they were streaked with a film of red.

"Yes, yes." Her tongue waned between her lips. "Fuck me. Fuck my cunt." She writhed against him, desperate for the steel of his hard tool in her snatch.

Dan bent her back, forcing her toward the floor. He put a knee between her thighs and mounted her as his arms lowered her torso to the carpet. His head swiveled down to kiss a tit and he began to fuck, long, slow moves, sliding his prick between the lovely walls of her pussy. He moved as slowly as he could.

The lingering drives raised billows of shimmering lust in her crotch. "Yes. Yes. Yes." She rose on crests of happiness, the pleasure turning to rich heat as the man kept up his steady stroking. Her clit became a point of white light, glinting like flint as he kept up his marvelous moves. She could not resist the total pleasure.

"Yes! Dan. Oh. Yes!! I want your cock." She quivered, almost ready to come. Her hands caressed his body, feeling the muscles flex as he moved so splendidly inside her, his control perfect, the same steady tempo bringing her to the lip of a blinding climax.

"YES!" She hung there, ready to explode.

Dan pulled from her snatch and sat back on his heels. "Now now," he said softly and stood up.

"Ohhhhh." Lust became sudden rage. Janet sprang to her feet, fists ready. "Son of a bitch. You... you... OH!" She threw a punch wildly at his head.

Dan ducked aside easily and sent her sprawling with a quick chop to the side. His eyes did not leave her for a second. When she reached for the whip he kicked it out of sight.

"What the hell are you doing?" Bob asked.

"This is just for us," Janet said. "Keep out of it." Her eyes were locked to Dan. He had fooled her for a moment but it wouldn't happen again. This was the night she would win. She felt that as truth in every part of her.

"Why don't you fuck me? If you were a man you'd fuck me. Are you a man? A real man?" She took a step closer.

"You know it." He stood still.

"Then fuck me. Prove it. Show me. Prove you're a man. Prove it -- if you can!"

"I can," Dan said calmly. He waited for her to come to him, smiling slightly, ready to pounce.

"I dare you." Janet stood still, arms slightly raised from her sides.

"Give me your cunt." Dan took one step toward her, stroking his dick slowly.

"Take it." She hunched, ready to fight.

"Okay," he said slowly, "if that's the way you want it." Dan's arm circled high, fingers spread. He crouched, then made a sudden dive for her, arm sweeping low, toward her legs.

Janet jumped back, slashing at the arm with her fist.

"Damn it." Dan lunged again, tackling her around the hips. He shaved her down, arms tight to her and grabbed between her knees.

On her back, Janet rolled, twisting to one side, legs clamped together. "Bastard."

Dan slung an arm around her chest and slid behind her, cock digging at her tail. She wiggled away and be stayed with her, hanging onto a tit, fingers digging for her pussy.

"No!" She lashed at him with her hands.

"Whore!" His dick got between her cheeks. He grabbed into her snatch.

"Son of a bitch." Janet tried to get away from him but he was too strong. His arms held her and she writhed as the dick touched closer to her asshole. When he shifted both hands to her cunt she arched up, turning at the waist. One arm braced against the floor and she heaved back, wiling on top of the man, her back on his chest as she clamped her cheeks into his dick, trying to crush the thrusting tool.

"Shit!" Dan's cock slid from between the hard buns. His hands tried to reach around her chest but she slid from him, rolling away as he grabbed for her.

Janet grabbed the whip and spun around, one blow of the lashes landing on Dan's legs. She whirled, whip high and got a solid blow across his back, he lunged for her again, bearing her down. Again the whip landed on his shoulder.

Dan ignored the stinging blows. He grabbed one arm, took another lash right across the chest, the thick wood of the handle hitting just below one shoulder before ho could grab the flailing arms and force it to the floor.

He was above her, his arms holding Janet's firmly to the floor as he lay out, dick towed her crotch. "You dumb cunt!" He crushed his rod to her box.

"Asshole," she hissed, baring her teeth. She tried to bite him but his arms held her shoulders down and her teeth got only air as she snapped.

Janet crossed her legs, squeezing the tops of her thighs together to keep him out of her match. His knee jabbed against her legs and he bois down, all his strength pressing to open her logs so he could get his dick into her pussy.

Breathing heavily, Janet fought as hard she could. Her tits swelled and dropped as her chest fell and lifted. Sweat began to glint on her darkly tanned flesh, low on the belly, then on her shoulders, more drops of sweat appearing on her boobs as she strained to keep the man out of her body.

Dan ground his knee down between her thighs, straining his muscles to get into her. She had never fought him like this, never been so fierce with her opposition. Her resistance aroused him and he crushed her legs with his knee and gauged into the damp cunt as his knees forced the leg apart.

"UHRRRGGHH!!" Janet howled in torment as the man went into her, his first drives massive stabs, the power of his back and legs tearing into her. A lust as powerful as his body streamed from her clit. Her body ached with fierce desire, passion aroused completely by the man's body, by his aggressive fight, by the iron hardness of his driving prick.

Janet wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to crush him, bearing down as he fucked faster. "Make me come!" She spit at him.

"Jesus!" Dan hammered her with his cock.

"You can't. You can't do it! You can't get me off." Her legs became a vise around his waist. "You're not man enough."

Dan's driving hips curled her up. She moved under him, legs like steel hands around his torso. He did not dare let go of her anus; she still held the whip. And her fingernails would shred him if she got loose. His dick flamed with savage desire and he fucked as hard as he could, needing to satisfy her, to prove his mastery, to demonstrate his strength.

"Make -- me -- come!" Janet hurled the challenge again. Her cunt ached, trembling rivers of deep lust surging with each blow of the man's dick. But she could not let go, could not let the man bring her into climax. If she did, if he got her off, she would have lost. And this time lost for good. This was her greatest effort. She knew that she could not give more fight any other time.

Janet clenched her teeth and concentrated on crushing the man with her legs.

Dan's legs spread. His balls whacked against her crotch as he screwed, every muscle clenched, legs thrashing to drive his cock farther, harder into the hot cunt. Sweat coated him thickly from face to knees. He slid between her legs, her skin as wet as his from their efforts.

Raw passion lashed from his nuts. Her legs kept pulling him closer to her. An ache started along his sides where the thighs pressed in. He gulped air and kept fucking.

"You can't get me off! You're not man enough!" Again she spit at him. "Not a man!"

"Shit!" Dan gave her every ounce of his strength, every bit of his driving power. Lust raged out of his balls. His head pounded in rhythm with his blazing crotch.

"No!" Janet clenched her legs tighter, forcing them into his solid torso. She clung to him, just barely held back from the explosion that boiled in her cunt.

"God damn!" Dan's balls demanded release.

Lust lacked them together, sweating on the floor. Their bodies flexed, heaved, both straining for a victory.

"Oh. Oh!" Dan tried to hold back, tried to stop the driving passions. "Oh!" He felt the flickering stabs of his passion rise, slicing through his body.

"Yes!" A savage grin spread over Janet's face. She knew she was going to win. She felt the new power in the man's thrusts and knew he was going to come. "Dan!" She squirmed, tightening her pussy around his plunging dick.

The added sensation was too much. Dan reared back, grabbed for her tits and fell into a slashing climax, cum streaming as his balls turned to a hurricane of desire.

"Oh. Harrgaah!" His orgasm thundered through him. Each nerve was shredded by the stunning power of his sexual release. His muscles flexed, spasming with pure pleasure. Jism filled the snatch, turning it to a dripping pit of wild ecstasy. "Oh! GOD! SHIIITT!"

Janet's arms flailed at the man's shoulders. When he fell to her, body totally consumed with lust, she raked him from buff to head with her nails, leaving trails of bare red flesh.

"MAKE ME COME!!" She screamed as his cock kept thrusting into her throbbing cunt.

Dan fucked until he was blinded with passion. He kept his hips moving, driving after the pleasures began to fade, still hoping to bring the woman to climax.

Janet felt his continuing drives. There was strength in them, but not as much as before. He was slowing, losing energy as he screwed. Soon his prick would go soft and she would have her triumph.

"Fuck me!" she commanded. "Fuck my cunt! Try to be a man!" She was still burning with lust.

Dan made one last effort. His hands played frantically with her tits. He rotated his hips, twisting into the pussy. But his dick lost hardness. He felt the muscles of her snatch massaging his tool and he slowed, then almost stopped.

"You bastard!" Janet's lips curled with contempt. She shoved him from her like a piece of garbage.

Dan tried to get up, but he was suddenly very tired. He knew he was beaten. Defeated, he slumped to the floor and lay still.

Janet got to her feet. She stood over the man, fists on her hips. "Dumb son of a bitch." She stood on his back and raised her arms high over her head.

Janet's body gleamed with sweat. Her feet crushed Dan into the carpet.

Slowly she turned, looking at Bob. "You," she said firmly. "Fuck me!"

Chapter NINE

Janet shoved her cunt toward Bob. "Make me come."

"You are really out of your mind." Bob looked at her.

"I need a man to get me off. Not a man like him. A man. Are you a man, Bob? A real man?"

"I sure as hell am, lady. But I'm not going to touch you."

"You're afraid." Janet stepped from Dan's fallen form and picked up the whip. "Just plain chicken." She ran the lashes through her fingers.

"You're full of shit. Both of you." His eyes did not leave the woman. He turned slightly to keep the full front of his naked body toward her, bending back his elbows to make his shoulders wider.

"You know what I can do with this?" She raised the whip above her head.

"Yeah. I remember."

"Then fuck me."

Bob tensed, waiting for a blow. "No."

"Fuck me." She moved closer to him, only about a yard separating their nude figures.


"Yes!" Janet raked him with the whip, striking across his belly with a long sweep of her arm. "FUCK ME!"

"Go to hell." He got ready to be hit again.

"Stop. Don't!" Linda yelled from the bench. "Please. Just let us go. Please don't hit him again."

Janet paid no attention to the blonde. "I want your cock." Her hand snaked under his hanging tool. Three fingers gripped the meat and pulled it toward her snatch. She let Bob feel her fingernails on the delicate flesh. "Fuck me," she whispered hoarsely. The fingers tugged at the prick.

Bob drew his crotch back from the grabbing hand. "Just leave me alone, you fucking dyke bitch!"

"I'll tear your balls off." Her fingers closed like claws around his rocks. "You fuck me or you'll never fuck anybody else ever again -- including that blonde bitch of a wife." She tightened her grip, making sun her nails cut into the flesh.

"God damned shit-eating cunt."

"Fuck me, Bob. Do it. See if you can get me to come!" She added pressure to her grip, causing him to wince with flashes of light pain. "Fuck me." She squeezed harder.

"You stupid bitch!" The pain increased steadily, radiating up into his belly.

"Fuck me," she said slowly, holding the same pressure. The man wiggled slightly from the pain and she smiled.

Bob tried to pull away from her hand, but she clung tightly, nails biting into the delicate skin. "Let her go first." He hung his head.

"No." Janet let go of his balls. "You just fuck me. That's all. You do it because I tell you to." She lifted the whip. "No deals. Just fuck my cunt."

"I... okay." He stood very still.

"That's better." She lowered the whip. "You're learning, Bob. Kind of slow, but you're learning."

"I guess so." He looked at the floor.

"Let's get at it." Janet crouched and took his dick in her fingers, stroking the flesh back from the tip before she ran her tongue around the fleshy end and put it between her lips.

"Oh, God," Linda groaned as she watched the woman begin to work on her husband's dick.

Bob closed his eyes and let the soft tongue begin to create some arousal in his prick. As his rod got a little thicker he moaned slightly with fake pleasure, a tiny sigh, hardly more than a deep breath. A whiff of enjoyment passed over his crotch and his prick got a little longer.

Janet took all of the swelling meat into her throat and sucked to get the man really turned on. Her hands strayed over his torso, tracing the lines of his muscles up his belly and around over his chest and back. She caressed his butt, right into the crack and his tool firm against her lapping tongue.

"Mmmmmmm," Bob sighed, making sure she could hear it.

Janet rocked back and forth, spreading her lips wider as the man made small strokes with his hips to fuck her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh," Bob sighed, louder, hips swaying faster as his completely rigid prick stuck down her throat again. He moved faster and a moment of real lust swept him. Just for a second, but he knew it was real. "Yeah?" He leaned against her face with his crotch.

"Nice." Janet stroked his balls with both hands.


Janet good up, moving so her crotch touched his tool. "Are you ready?"

"Sure." He slid his cock on her pussy.

Janet put both arms around his neck and clung to him, breasts tightly pressed to his chest. "Fuck me," She coiled her legs around his waist and climbed onto his hard cock.

Bob held her weight, bracing himself for the shock of pain when he had to hold them both with his chained arms.

Janet's lust turned hot as she settled on the spike. Her thighs gripped tightly and she swayed around on the dick. "Oh, yes. Yes. Fuck me. Be a man for me, Bob. Fuck me hard." She moved her hips, taking more of the meat into her cunt. "Fuck."

"Yeah." Bob stroked carefully, leaning back, taking more weight with his arms. He settled back farther, straining to hold her and let his legs start to heave, his arms holding them both, pain streaming into his shoulders as he fucked.

"Yes. Oh, God. So good. Oh. You're so strong." She started to kiss the man, lust like an urgent need in her flesh. "God. Oh, God. So strong. Strong!"

Bob returned the kiss, stoking with his dick into the cunt. His tongue rowed her mouth, his chest and belly pressed tightly to her sweaty body and she crushed him with her arms, pressed her pussy all around his prick. Real desire entered his balls and he moved faster, striking harder up the box until he was sweating.

"Oh, God. God!" Janet raked his back with her nails. "Fuck me. Fuck."

Bob slowed his drives, then hung limply in the chains. "I can't. I can't do it. Not with these chains."

"Just fuck me." She clawed his shoulder. "Make me come."

"Not tied up. I can't do it right."

"Bastard." Her nails drew a line of blood across his back.

"Untie me. Untie me and I'll really show you how to fuck. I'll fuck you until you can't see and then fuck you all over again. I'll give you more hard cock than you can ever handle. More real man than you'll know what to do with."

"Son of a bitch." Janet squirmed on his prick. "Fuck me."

"Not like this. Take off the chains and I'll show you what I can really do. I'll break you in half with my cock. Make you scream with my dick." He looked right into her eyes. "I'll fuck the shit out of you. Untie me!"

Janet stared at the man. His challenge inflamed her passions. His cock stirred primitive lust. Her bright red tongue crept slowly over her lips. Her clit throbbed with fresh excitement.

"Okay." Janet slid from his prick and picked up the whip. "I'll let your arms go. But the chains stay on your legs -- just in case you get any ideas."

"All the way loose, Janet. I can't do it right like this." Bob got back on his feet, taking the weight from his arms.

"No way." She lifted the whip. "You stay with your legs chained."

"No. I can't do it that way. Not the way you want. Not the way I want to do it to you. Not real hard fuck. Untie me!"

"Just your hands." Janet went to the wall behind the man and unhooked the rope. She lowered the chain through the pussy until they hung in front of the man.

"Oh yeah." Bob sighed gratefully as the delicious coolness spread along his arms and shoulders. He flexed his arms, hitching his shoulders to clear the knots.

"Take the chains off my wrists," he said as the woman came back in front of him. "You can keep the whip. Beat me while I fuck you if you want to. If you can!"

"God damn!" Janet unwrapped two strands of chains from the man's wrists and unclamped the cuffs.

Bob flexed his fingers and rubbed the bruised flesh on his arms for a moment, not taking his eyes from the woman for an instant. His feet were still chained to the bench, legs apart. "Okay. How do you want it?" He stroked his dick lightly, making it completely hard again.

"Just like Dan. I'll swear you out the same way." She hoisted the whip, crouching just out of the man's reach.

"Okay." Bob hunched, one hand over his rocks. "Take me!" She taunted him, moving from side to side, just out of his grasp. She swung the whip and caught him across the shoulder.

"Bitch!" He tried to grab the flying lash but she moved too quickly. Another blow landed on his other shoulder, and a third on his chest as he tried to dodge. Sweat popped up on his skin, blending with the tiny drops of blood the metal tips on the leather thongs drew.

Lust thudded in Janet's cunt. She moved closer, aiming another blow at the man.

Bob clenched his jaw and stood upright, waiting to take the pain. His chest took the full force of one blow. The lash bit into his stomach and he flinched as the woman came in closer.

Janet lifted the whip and aimed for his crotch her arm flashed down.

"NO!" Bob lunged, grabbing the whip. He yanked hard, falling forward as he reached the limit of his chain. He jerked the woman to him, crushing her as they fell to the floor. His hips jammed his dick for her crotch as she tried to hammer his head and arms with the handle of the whip. They were too close together, thrashing on the floor and she could not get enough leverage for a solid blow.

"Whore!" Bob forced her flat, spreading her legs with his knee, forcing them apart so he could go up her cunt.

"Son of a bitch." His body bore down on her, crushing her to the floor. She tried to scramble free but he kept pushing, his muscles holding her solidly.

She felt his cock go in, one fast jab that put every inch of the stiff prick in her wet snatch.

"Son of a bitch." She grabbed for his ass, tearing with her fingers at the cheeks, digging for the as shale.

Bob fucked steadily, forcing her to take his drives, his feet held by the chains. He bent his arms under her shoulders, arching her tits to him, bending her, shoving to spread her legs.

The cock ripped into her, tearing through the delicate flesh, shredding her cunt. She almost screamed when she felt the full power of his body unleashed against her. Wave after wave of pure physical desire crashed from her clit. She quivered with lust as the man bore down, striking with furious strength into her snatch. His fingers found a tit and pinched savagely.

"Owwwchh!" She cried out, pain swelling through her box.

"How do you like it, bitch?" He spit on her face, adding strength to his thrusts, hammering her cunt. Bob fucked with rage, beating at the woman, wanting to hurt her, to break her in half, split her wide open with his cock, beat her with her own weapon... sex!

Bob pound his crotch against her. A savage passion seized him and he drove frantically against her body.

"Oh. God! GOD! OHHHH!!" The fury of his drives, the wild virility of his stabbing cock, the massive power of his heaving body got to her all at once. She flew to a shimmering crest of passion and leaped upward into the full glory of her climax.

"FUCK MEEEEE!" she screeched as his cock filled her with blinding ecstasy. "GOD! YES!! YEEEESSS!!"

Janet howled as her orgasm dammed through her body. She gasped and came, came with hard driving bolts of pure pleasure knifing from her cunt, her nerves spun into a net of total bliss. The room whirled around her. The man's cock created muses of total pleasure and she screamed as he got her off.

The splendid climax tore into her flesh, spasms of boiling lust sweeping from cunt to feet and head. She yelled again and his hard prick sent rays of pleasure streaming to every part of her as she kept coming.

"Oh, God. God, yes. Yes." She clung to him with her arms aching from the session, drained of passion.

Bob kept his dick plunging into the pussy, his arms holding her firmly to the carpet.

"Oh, God. What a wan! A man!" She kissed him. "I love you. I love your body. I love your cock. Your great cock!" Her tongue flicked into his mouth.

Bob's hips stayed with their steady pattern of drives. He moved up on his arms, looking down at her. Blood from his chest spotted her tits and belly. His sweat dripped to her torso.

"How about it, bitch? Was that good? Was that a good fuck?" He stroked her snatch more slowly, long, full strokes.

"Yes. Oh, God. Perfect. Such a man. So strong." She smeared the sweat and blood, over, his chest and belly. Her twat tightened around his moving rod.

"Do you like my big, hard cock? Do you like the way I fuck your cunt?"

"Yes. God, you're so good."

"Am I man enough for you?"

"Yes. Oh, yes. Yes!" She kissed him again.

"Am I more of a man than Dan? Am I?"

"Yes. Oh yes. A thousand times. A million times more of a man. Yes." Janet caressed his butt.

Bob leaned closer. One hand played with her boobs. He still screwed steadily, cock very hard in the box.

"Yes. Yes, fuck me," Janet moaned as his dick kept touching all around in her cunt.

Bob lay on her body, one hand wiggling between them to touch her clit. He tilted his hips to strike in at a steeper angle and wiled the clit like a marble in a pool of warm oil. Her snatch was wet with sweat and sex-juices -- hers, his and Dan's all mixed. His fingers touched slowly all around, feeling his dick as it moved in and out of the warm hole. His thumb pressed down on the firm clit and he stoked faster.

"Ooooohhhhh. Yes." Janet responded to the sweet touches, arching to the man, spreading her legs, stretching them as far apart as she could, forcing them wider with her hands on her knees until she ached.

Bob felt her arousal and struck harder with his hips, forcing his cock into the wide opening. "I'll get you off again. Make you come all over again!" His hand went to her tits, rolling the nipples slowly until the woman squirmed under his expert touch.

"Oh!" New lust cascaded out of her throbbing clit. "Yes."

"Dan couldn't do it even once. And I'm going to get you off twice." He fucked with a flurry of very rapid strokes, short jabs with part of his dick remaining out of the snatch.

"Oh." Passion sped along her nerves. "Such a man. Oh, God. Better than Dan. A million times more of a man. Much more of a man. A real man." She arched her hips to him, taking the lovely flurry eagerly. "Fuck me. Please. I want it. I want to come with you. Come with your great cock -- your big man-cock -- right up hard in my aunt. Fuck me!"

The chains lightened on Bob's feet as he moved higher on her body. He brought his knees together and slammed in the hardest drive he could manage, frying to batter her cunt.

"Oh!" Pain surged with the pleasure. "God!" His body slammed in another drive, and another. "Ohh!"

Bob rode her furiously.

"Oh." She clamped her legs around his waist, feet lifted toward the ceiling. "My stallion." She gasped at the heavy strength of his drives. "Fuck my hot pussy!!"

Lust turned to a dark passion inside him. He wanted to hammer the woman until she was screaming, until she shrieked, the way Linda had cried out when they went after her body. He wanted to hurt her the way she had hurt him with the whip.

Bob wanted vengeance -- and he tried to get it with his cock. She curled and he rose on his legs, the chains biting in as he spread his legs for better leverage, driving all the time into the slick snatch. Anger mixed with his swelling sexual passions and he let her feel his rage, let her know how strong he was, how hard he could hit with his prick.

Chest heaving, Bob gasped for air, fighting off his pleasure so he could last, so he could slam into the woman again and again, punish her for what she had done to him and to Linda.

"Bob!" Her voice was shrill, thin, her face strained as she sensed the dark fury building in the man. "No. Stop. Please. It hurts. Oh. Please stop. Stop." His power scared her.

Bob had her where he wanted her. "No!" His hands grabbed for her tits.

"Stop!" She tried to roll from under him, grabbing for the whip beside them.

"No!" Bob grabbed the whip from her hand. "Bitch! Whore! Dyke! Cunt!" He slapped her four times, snapping her head around with the flat of his hand each time.

"No!" Janet shrieked as Bob lifted the whip. "HELP!"

Bob slashed at her breasts with the lash. The ends flicked on her tits and the woman screamed and tried to roll away. She blocked the next slash with one arm and managed to twist from under his driving hips.

"Help! Dan, help me. Please!"

Bob caught her by an ankle and hauled her back, yanking brutally at her leg.

Dan looked at the thrashing pair. "He's all yours. You started it." He lay propped on a pillow across the room.

"You bastard." Janet turned, flailing at Bob with her hands. "Let me go."

"No." He dragged her closer, hauling on both legs, twisting her around as she tried to drag herself away.

"Asshole." Janet thrashed against his hauling arms, desperately trying to escape.

With a lunge, Bob got his arms to her waist, making the chains cut deeply into his ankles. "You slimy cunt!" He dragged her closer, moving up on her body as he got a grip on her arms and shoulders.

Linda craned her neck to see clearly. "Kill her! Bob. Bob, kill the bitch! Hit her. Kill her. Kill!" Her voice was shrill, almost feverish. "KILL!"

Bob landed a solid punch to Janet's belly. The woman yelled once and lay sprawled on the carpet.

Bob grabbed both legs and dragged her back toward the wall, giving himself some slack on his chains.

"You asshole. Shit eating son of a bitch." She glared at him.

Bob leaned down and mounted the woman with an animal drive that plunged him all the way into her snatch, his body aching as he started to fuck. His balls hurt, a dull ache that spread up his spine almost to his shoulders. His arms were sore from the long session in the chain, his muscles were tired from the fighting with the woman.

But he fucked with his full force behind every blow. There were dense patches of pleasure spreading from his throbbing cock and he heaved into the box, sweating, gasping, every nerve frayed with passion.

Janet felt him in her, on her, fucking her like a bull. She lay still, feeling pain and fear. She had no fight left, no lust remained in her cunt. She only wanted it to be over.

She was defeated, completely mastered by the man.

Bob plunged up the hole until his head spun with desire. He arched his back, looking down at the woman, her sweaty, blood-streaked form limp on the carpet. A surge of lust spasmed from his crotch and he knew he was going to wine. He leaned closer, taking the tits to his chest, the arms in his hands, spreading the woman on the floor as he began his final drive, ramming into her, bearing down, twisting cruelly into the box at the end of each thrust, the shaft of his prick searing sharply as he fucked harder.

Suddenly, bright heat drenched him. His body tensed. Flares of blinding light burst in his head. He felt the rush of climax engulf his whole body and he shot a wild batch of hot cum into the steamy cunt. Raw lust heaved through his body.

More jism, ripped right out of his balls, boiled along his shrieking cock. The heat scorched his crotch and he came with savage fury, loving the dense thrills that crowded his nuts, that filled his cock with a blinding joy.

Bob gushed man-cream, hosing the woman. His arms tingled with pure desire. More pleasure, solid driving blows of physical ecstasy roared through his dick.

Savage passion gripped him. Primitive ecstasy overwhelmed him. The pleasure was pure sex, totally animal, the full glory of the encounter pounding and pounding until he could not see, could not hear. Only his cock was real. His cock, his balls, and the hot, wet pit that engulfed his cock.

The final few drives slammed into the pussy and Bob slumped away, drained, gasping far air. His lungs hurt, his back ached and he collapsed on the floor, exhausted.

Chapter TEN

Stunned by the furious beauty of his orgasm, Bob lay on the floor. For a long time the only sound in the room was his heavy breathing and Janet's gasps for air. She groaned once and rolled to her side, holding a hand over her aching pussy.

Slowly, Bob got up to his hands and knees, head hanging as he came back to reality. He knew he had never had sex like that before. Never had so much pleasure from screwing -- never dreamed that so much enjoyment was possible.

Gradually his breathing returned to normal and he sat on the floor, chains tangled around his feet.

Blood smeared him from face to crotch. He looked at Janet. Blood streaked her from neck to knees.

"Bob. Bob, are you all right?" Linda asked.

"Yeah. Fine." He did not look at her.

"I need a drink," Janet said.

"I'll get it." Dan stood up and moved to the small bar.

Bob watched closely as the man fixed the drink and brought it to the woman.

Janet turned over and sat up, scooting away from Bob, before she gulped down half of the tall drink in one long swallow.

"Ahh, yeah. Thanks." She took another gulp of the drink.

"Okay." Dan moved away.

"Now will you let us go?" Linda asked. "What more can you want from us?"

Bob unwrapped the tangled chains from his ankles and sat with his arms propping him up, knees bent up close in front of his chest.

"Please let us go," Linda said. "Oh, please!"

"You might as well. Dan's all washed up. We all know he's no kind of a man," Bob said slowly. "We all know that, don't we, Dan? You're not much of a man at all." He firmed his hands into fists behind his back. "No kind of a man at all!"

"You shut up. Just shut your fucking mouth." He moved closer to Bob.

"You make me. But you're not even man enough for that. Not even with my legs chained to the floor."

"Just watch your ass, that's all. Just watch out."

Dan came closer, picking up the whip.

"I'm more of a man than you are, Dan. I proved that. Proved it but good."

"You bastard." Dan stood over Bob, whip poised to strike.

Bob kicked, both feet right together. He caught Dan square in the balls.

"Aaaarrrrnnngh!" Dan howled as the kick doubled him, his crotch a pit of pure agony.

"Shit!" Bob lunged, both fists flying. He landed a hard punch to the man's nose as Dan redoubled, clutching his balls. Bob leaped and caught Dan on the side of the head as the man fell to the floor in a heap, yelling, his nose spread across his face, blood seeping down over his mouth and chin.

Bob grabbed the man by the arm, twisted the hand up viciously behind the guy's back and hauled him close.

"Mother-fucker!" He jammed the arm up higher. Dan cried out with new pain. The arm almost left the socket. "Untie my legs. Now, damn it. I'll break your arm. Untie me, you shit eater." He jerked twice more on the arm.

"Oh, God." Dan tried to twist away.

"Damn it." Bob's other arm caught the man across the throat and he began a choke-hold, squeezing the windpipe steadily. "Untie my God damned legs. Now, you son of a bitch. Do it!" He hunched over the man's back.

"I... okay, okay," he gasped, choking as the arm squashed his neck. "Take it easy. God damn, you're killing me."

"Just take the fucking chains off. Now." He jerked on the pinned arm.

"Yes. Oh, God. Okay." Dan fumbled for the chains.

Bob relaxed his holds but kept the man in a tight grip.

Janet took up the whip and crept around behind Bob. She lifted the lash and he whirled, throwing Dan at her, almost ripping the man's arm out of his body.

"Ahhrrnggn!" Dan gave a strangled screw of pure pain.

"Put it down, Janet. Just stand still or I'll kill him. Right here and now. Do it. Just stand still."

"I..." she lowered the whip.

"Do it. For God's sake. He'll kill me," Dan gasped.

"Okay." Janet dropped the whip and moved back.

"Mow, take off the chains." Bob forced the man's head down toward the floor.

"Yes." Dan fumbled with the links. He got one set-screw loose, then twisted the restraining wire free. His fingers tightened on the second screw and the cuff slowly came open.

"The other one. Hurry up, God damn it." Bob flexed his legs slowly.

"I'm doing it, man." Dan got the other leg free. "There. That's better." Bob took a step back, releasing his hold. He watched as the man got to his feet. He reached out, took Dan by the shoulder, turned him around and bit him right on the jaw, the punch with the full force of his body behind it. Dan sprawled back, falling without a cry to the floor, knocked out.

"Bob," Linda gasped when she saw her husband was free.

Janet shrank back when Bob looked at her, unable to meet his eyes.

"Linda. God, oh, Linda." Bob ran to his wife.

"Bob, Bob." Linda started to cry as he fumbled with the straps on her wrists.

"Linda, oh, God. Linda. Are you all right? Jesus, what they did to you. Christ. I'm sorry. God. Oh, Linda." He got her hands free and turned to undo her legs.

"Oh, Bob. Bob. I love you." She tried to sit up but the straps still held her to the bench, the chains biting in round her tits when she moved. "Hurry. Please. Get these off me. Please."

"Yes, I will." Bob got her legs free and helped her sit up as he took the chains from the ring in the middle of her back and removed the metal circles from her boobs.

"Bob. Oh, God. Oh." She clung to him, shuddering. "Just hold me. Please. Hold me. Just hold me. Please."

"I know. It's over. It's all over, honey. We can go home. Get away from here. Leave this place. It's over. It's all over now. It'll be like before. Like it never happened." He stroked her blonde hair softly. "I love you."

"Bob, Bob." She sobbed on his shoulder, holding him close.

"Come on." He started to get up. "Let's get out of here. We'll call the cops from our cabin. These creeps are going to jail for a long, long time."

"Bob... I... no. No cops." Linda clung to him.

"No cops? Why the hell not? After what they did to you? Did to us?"

"No... I... I don't want to have to... to tell anyone. Not ever. It was... oh, God. So awful. I don't want to talk about it. Not to cops. No."

"I... well... I guess if you want to."

"Please, Bob. I just want to forget it. Forget it ever happened. Please."

"I... okay. But let's get the hell out of here. Now." He started looking around for their clothes.

"That's good, Bob," Janet said. "About not calling the cops. You see, you went along with it."

"Like hell!"

"I've got your cum in my pussy. That'll show up in any lab test. And how the hell will you explain that? Huh?"

"Bob. Let's go. Just go from here. Please." Linda covered herself with the remains of her blouse and tried to straighten her capris out enough to put them on.

"You are sure one slimy cunt, Janet." Bob found his jeans and slid into them.

"You ought to know, Bob. You sure seemed to like it when you were fucking me. Liked it a hell of a lot."

"I did that to get loose. It was all a plan. The whole thing. And when I made fun of Dan, that was to get him close enough for me to take him. It worked. I got you turned on and you untied my arms. Then I punched Dan out and he undid my legs. All part of the plan."

"I figured as much. But you didn't figure on one part of it, Bob."

"What the hell are you talking about? I set it up, the whole thing, and it worked. It got me loose. Got us free."

"Sure. But you didn't know how much you were going to like it."

Bob looked away from her. She was right. "You liked it, Bob. You liked it one hell of a lot saw your face when you came. You loved it. You got your rocks off like you never did before. I saw it, Bob. Written all aver your face. I saw it, Bob."

"You're full of shit." He found the remains of his ripped shirt and threw it away. "Let's go, honey. I want to get the hell out of here."

"Yes. I'm ready." Linda stood beside her husband, holding on to his arm with both hands. "I hate this place."

"All right, Bob. I'm right and you know I'm right. You liked it. You're one of us, now."

"Bullshit!" Bob turned toward the door. "You're one of us, Bob. One of us. One of us." She kept repeating the words as Bob led Linda out to the car.

"She's crazy. Just crazy." Bob helped Linda into the car. "It's over." He got in beside her and started the car. "Over and finished. Done." Bob drove down the mountain road toward their cabin.

"Just hold me." Linda said to him, one arm going over his shoulders. "I love you." She caressed his arm.

"You are so... I don't know... I... I just love you. God, so much."

Linda snuggled against her husband all the way to their cabin.

Bob helped her inside, moving beside her until they were in their bedroom. He let her go into the bathroom and stripped off his jeans and lay on the bed in his bathrobe.

Bob knew Janet had been right. He had loved the feel of his body when he fucked her. And he had loved the massive passions that crashed out of his crotch. He loved the savage sexual thrills... loved every part of the encounter with her.

And he wondered if he... if Linda would be able to satisfy him again. Would she be able to give him the kind of pleasure he knew about now?

Linda spent a long time in the bathroom, cleaning the most intimate parts of her body thoroughly. The long night had left her exhausted and frightened. There were lingering aches in different parts of her body.

She had shut her eyes through most of the things they had endured, but occasionally she looked. One sight she knew she would never forget: Bob with Janet, heaving desperately into her, their blood-smeared bodies glued together. His face blazing with ecstasy -- ecstasy beyond anything she had ever seen there when he screwed her.

Linda knew that somehow, someway, she would have to give Bob that same degree of pleasure. She would have to do that if she was going to keep him around for very long.

Drawing the bathrobe closely around her, she went back to the bedroom.

"Thank you, honey. For letting me go first. I feel better now. All the filth washed away." She sat on the bed beside him. "How do you feel?"

"Tired. Washed out. Exhausted."

"I'll fix you something to eat if you want me to."

"No. That's okay. I just want to get cleaned up and get some sleep. About three weeks worth." He swung his legs to the floor and got up, keeping the robe closed to hide the blood that clung to his skin. "I won't be long."

"That's okay, honey. I'm not scared now. It's all over and behind us and we can forget all about it."

"Yeah, I gum so." Bob went to the bathroom. The shower stung where it hit against the dozens of small cuts. But all the bleeding had stopped and he washed carefully, cleaning the sweat, the smell of the woman's body, from his skin. He laid an extra batch of lather over his balls and dick.

A long rinse with the warm water gushing and he felt more relaxed.

Linda was curled under the blankets when he went into the bedroom, the light dim, just spilling from the hallway. He left the light on and crawled under the coven beside his wife. There was a slow kiss, an embrace and he fell asleep.

It was nearly noon when Linda woke up, feeling stiff and achy. She looked at Bob, asleep beside her, face down, head turned away from her, pressed into his pillow. She slid carefully from the bed and put on her robe. Going to the kitchen she had to pass Uncle Frank's storage room and she shuddered, keeping far away from the padlocked door.

Linda fixed a large breakfast, sausage, eggs, sweet rolls, juice and coffee and put it on a big tray to carry up to her husband.

She knocked a cup on a saucer by accident and the man stirred as she came through the bedroom door.

"Mmmmmnnnnnnrgnnh?" Bob barely moved his head around.

"Good morning," Linda said quietly. "How are you?"

"I'm... fine." He opened one eye, peering around carefully until he saw her, advancing with a cup of steaming coffee for him. "Good morning." Bob turned slowly, moving so his muscles did not ache too much.

"Did you sleep well?" She handed him the cup.

"Yes." He took a small sip of the coffee. "How about you?" He looked, at her closely.

"Fine. I feel a lot better." She fixed plates of food for them both and carded them to the bed.

"This is real nice of you, honey. Thanks." He gave hem a little kiss on the forehead when he took the plate.

"I only did it because I love you, Bob." She sat a few feet from him an the side of the bed, taking a forkful of egg into her mouth.

"Great." He swallowed his food rapidly, hunger rowing as he ate. "Real nice. Thanks, honey."

"Thank you, Bob." They finished the meal quickly, Bob almost wolfing down the food, not speaking until Linda took the empty plates and got refills for their coffee.

"More coffee, Bob?" Linda stacked the dishes on the fray.

"Uh, no. This is fine. Thanks a lot, honey." He swallowed a mouthful of coffee.

"Sure. I'm just glad you liked it."

"I did." He set the coffee cup on the nightstand. "I... uh, well... about last night."

"I thought we were going to forget that?" She picked up the tray.

"I think we should talk about it, Linda." Bob stood up. "It was... pretty awful for you, wasn't it?"

"It... yet it was. But it's over. I'm okay, and you're okay, too. So we forget it." She turned to take the fray downstairs. "Forget it ever happened."

"I won't. I can't. I'll never forget what they did to you. I won't forget that I couldn't do anything to stop them, either. I was helpless."

"Bob, you tried everything. I saw how hard you tried to get out of those chains. It wasn't your fault. Not at all."

"But I should have protected you." Bob pulled on a pair of jeans. "That's a man's job. A husband's duty to his wife."

"No. You tried. That's all anybody asks. And you got us both out of there. If you hadn't, we might still be there. Tied up like... like pigs for slaughter!" She went to the door. "Besides, it's not your fault." Linda started down the stairs, then turned and looked at her husband. "They tricked us. Both of us. We thought they were friendly people and they turned out to be... well, what they turned out to be." She went down to the kitchen.

Bob followed in a moment. He leaned against the kitchen door. "Honey, there's more. About last night. I... I... it's scary, but I liked some of it. Yeah." He looked at the floor.

"I know. I saw you." She spoke very softly, stacking the dishes in the sink.

"I... it felt good, Linda. Not all of it just some, at... at the end."

"Yes." She splashed some water on the dirty dishes, notable to look at him. Her hand shook as she started to wash.

"Maybe... maybe men are different... like that... about sex. Maybe... well, just like it anyway, whatever is going on."

"Maybe so." She rinsed a cup and put it in the drainer.

"I never... I didn't plan it, Linda. It just happened. And I tried to... to get out of it. You saw that."

"I saw it Bob." She set down a plate. "I saw the whole thing." Linda turned toward him. "Bob, I saw you with her, with that... that Janet creature. I saw you take her. And I saw your face when you came. You loved it. I watched you... you, my husband... fucking another woman and... and..." Her voice broke and she choked back a sob. "Oh, God. You liked it. You want it that way." Tears ran over her cheeks. "She was right. You are one of them!" She stood beside the sink weeping, shoulders shaking as tears coursed freely.

"No." Bob went to her. "No. That's not true. I'm not like that. I'm really not." His arms went to her shoulders.

"Yes, you are." Linda turned away.

"No. Listen to me." He turned her to him, holding her firmly with both hands. "I'm a man. I like sex. I like sex a lot. Hell, you know how much I like making it with you. I... I love you, Linda. I always will love you."

"I... I can't do... what she did. I can't Bob. I've thought about it and I can't. If that's what you want, you'll have to... to get someone else." She yanked herself from his grasp and ran to the living room.

"Linda." Bob ran after her. "Linda. Listen to me. I love you. I... I love your body." He grabbed her wrist and turned her to him. "I do. I love you." He kissed her firmly.

"Bob. No." She wrenched away.

"Linda, look. It's not easy for me to say this. I've had other girls, before we were married. You know that. I told you about that."

"Yes. That's different." She sat on the couch, facing the front door.

"Not really." Bob sat beside her. "I liked... liked the sex I had with those other girls. I liked it a lot. But I didn't love them. And I love you." He took her hand. "That's, what makes the difference. It makes all the difference."

"Bob, I... I don't know." She looked at the door. "I love you. You're my whole life. But I can't give you the kind of sex you want."

"I don't want it. No. I want you. I want to love you. To make love to you. To have the kind of sex we had before. That's what I want, Linda. Really it is. Believe me. Please."

"I... Bob, I want to. I do want to."

"Then do it. It's easy because it's true. I don't lie to you, Linda. I never have. I never will. I love you. I want you. Only you." He took her in his arms. "Please love me." He kissed her as tenderly as he could, just holding her mouth to his until he felt her relax.

"Bob, I... I love you." She returned his kiss, brushing her lips to his as she leaned against his bare torso.

"You are so beautiful. I love you so much." Bob added some feeling to his kiss, pressing just slightly more on her lips.

"Hold me. Hold me!" She ran her arms around his chest.

"Yes. Linda, I love you!" He drew her close, turning to let her snuggle to his body.

"Mmmmmm." She ran her hands over his back.

Bob sat very still, just holding her lightly. The moment was suddenly perfect and he wanted it to last. He had his wife in his arms, safe and warm in their cabin, all alone.

"Beautiful," he murmured.

Linda let her hands rest high on his back. She wanted to offer herself to him but was afraid to take any initiative, waiting to see if he really meant it about wanting her body. She wanted his, but he would have to make the first move, he would have to show her that he was sincere about his desire for her.

As so often in his life, Bob listened to his balls. A small stirring crept out of his nuts and he tightened the grip of his hands on Linda's back and began another slow kiss. He paid close attention, ready to stop the first hint of resistance from the woman. He wanted her, wanted her very much, but he was afraid that an approach too soon after her ordeal might frighten her away.

Linda sat very still, hoping that the new kiss was a prelude to his desire. She did not move, fearful of scaring him if she did not do what he wanted her to do. His tongue probed at her lips and she let the moving tongue inside, parting her teeth slightly, still not moving to touch him or hug him.

Bob advanced gradually into his wife's mouth, waiting for some sign that she wanted him to continue. His hand went about one inch lower on her back. No stirring from her. He dared another inch, then another, sliding one hand down her back.

A tiny whiff of passion entered her cunt, just enough so she could tell it was there. It was a relief to her to know that a man could still arouse her.

"Yes." A smile took possession of her face. Linda knew that he really loved her and that she could hold him, hold him with her body and with her love. Hold the man forever.

"I love you, Bob." She kissed him, spreading her thighs and dissolving in delicate desire as he began to fuck again.


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