Aunt into bondage

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer, for example, might well lead to the discovery of mass corruption within the force. A routine check into a corporation's finances may turn up tax evasion, kickbacks, bribes, and payoffs.

In Laura Swenson's case, it is a slowly brewing longing for passion that that pierces the armor of her respectable facade. A spinster-like town librarian, Laura pursues her most base desires regardless of the consequences. She finds herself in a different world, a world where lust reigns supreme, where desires are laid bare and acted upon.

AUNT INTO BONDAGE -- the story of one young woman who throws caution to the winds and lets it all hang out. A stow of our times.

Chapter ONE

The first thought that occurred to Laura Swenson as she caressed the hot, throbbing cock in her hands was: do pricks grow after the age of eighteen?

Kneeling on her kitchen floor and still fully dressed, the tall brunette fondled Jimmy's huge prick with trembling fingers. Her lush breasts heaved with fierce excitement as she stroked the burning flesh of his rod. She gazed at the milky drop slowly oozing out of his knob. Quickly, her tongue darted out of her wet lips and she could fed the boy shudder as she licked it up. The taste was hot and salty in her cager mouth, rolling on her tongue like nectar.

"Oh, Jeez, Aunt Laura," Jimmy groaned, his prick hardening like a rock in her sucking mouth. "Oh, wow!"

His cock was beautiful, Laura thought. Long and thick, curving upward in an arc, as though begging to be licked and kissed. The alarm bell in the back of her mind warning her of danger on this placid summer morning could barely be heard above the wild singing of her blood.

The fact that this strikingly handsome eighteen year-old boy was her nephew only increased her trembling excitement. The juices in her hot, silken pussy flowed like an electric current as Laura lovingly wiled her wet tongue around his crimson knob. There was something deliciously guilty about blowing her nephew in her own kitchen when everyone else would be at church. She could just glimpse his blond curly pubic hairs in his unzipped fly, and while she sucked the very tip of his burning dick, one hand felt for his swollen testicles, squeezing gently to make him groan louder.

With an effort the passionate big-breasted brunette got control of herself. With a lingering suck of her thick lips, she pulled her mouth away from his prick. "Upstairs," she whispered anxiously, standing up. "Follow me, darling."

His prick straining anxiously from his fly, Laura led Jimmy up the stair by the hand, her swollen tits panting almost uncontrollably with excitement. Three years, she thought feverishly. Three years without sex!

In her bedroom, she unbuckled the blond boy's belt with urgent fingers and slid his pants down his narrow hips. She fumbled with his jockey shorts, tin on her knees, and the moment his balls came into view, she couldn't resist stroking each one with her hot tongue. Jimmy gasped with pleasure and tugging at her dress.

She knew precisely what Jimmy was seeing as she slipped off her cotton dress. Her creamy tits billowed out over her blue satin bra, overripe with three years of pent-up desire. Her panties were wet with her own burning juices as she rolled them down over her silken white thighs. For three years she'd ached for a hot thrilling prick rammed deep into her silken cunt, prayed and dreamed night after restless night, and now that the moment was here she knew he would come almost at once.

But at Jimmy's tender age, she could fix that. He would come again and again, if she handled his hot young cock with skill. Broad-shouldered and slim-hipped, his skin was velvety smooth, almost hairless except for the thick tangle of blond cock-hairs above his immense hard-on.

They were both naked in her sunlit bedroom now, and Laura realized her hair was still pinned up. As the town librarian, the voluptuous brunette always wore her hair pinned up, just as she always wore shapeless, sack-like dresses to hide her overripe curves. But a month ago, everything had changed, and now her wild passion was coming to the surface like an unleashed tigress.

She swiftly drew the pins out of her hair and the shimmering brunette tresses came flowing down. She stood before Jimmy naked, proud, watching his wide eyes on her huge panting tits with satisfaction.

"God," Jimmy breathed, "you're fantastic, Aunt Laura. Beautiful!"

For years, Laura had fantasized this moment, but not with a beautiful boy like Jimmy, but with a man. And yet, the sleek, muscled frame of the boy was terrifically exciting to her. His red cock was massive, the tiny purple veins in them throbbing with impatience, again a milky drop seeping out of his crown.

Laura gestured to the neatly made bed. "Lie down," she said in a husky voice. As the boy obeyed, it was all the passion-crazed brunette could do to keep from straddling his swollen prick and riding it like a rod of paradise. No, he'd come much too quickly that way.

She would give him an unforgettable blow-job. She would suck him off with such hunger and skill he would come back again and again for more. Jimmy had a eighteen-year-old girlfriend and the librarian was fairly certain he was having sex with her, but what would such a child know about thrilling blow-jobs? The answer was obvious, she had to hook her nephew with her hotly sucking mouth and wildly hungry cunt to where he'd come begging for it again and again.

Laura crawled between Jimmy's tanned thighs and grasped his prick in one hand, stroking the base fervently. Urgency raced through her loins like wildfire as the thick hot flesh rippled in her fingers explosively. There was blond down on his turgid balls, and she grasped a testicle in her wet mouth and began sucking, hearing him grunt with delight.

"Kee-rist! Aunt Laura," Jimmy moaned, beginning to jerk his narrow hips up in spasms. Her madly sucking lips on his balls was beyond anything he'd dreamed. He could feel his come building up inside him like a bunting flood, tantalized by his aunt's wild mouth. Who would have dreamed the prim librarian with the cold face could have such gorgeous milky tits and luscious curves? Jimmy groped downward for their nipples and found them. The bright pink tips were hot and spongy in his fingers, not at all like Sherry's delicate tan buds, but fat and lusty.

Suddenly Laura's blazing mouth had moved to his rippling prick and she was sucking fiercely, moving her lips up and down with voracious hunger on his surging cock. At the same time she made deep excited sounds in her throat and stroked his prick in her tight fist. Jimmy clutched her long hair in his fingers and tugged, swinging his pelvis up to meet her urgent mouth.

"Gonna come!" he gasped. "Can't... stand it!"

Her silky hair brushed his thighs, tickling him, and for a moment the boy thought he'd lose his mind from sheer delight. He felt as though his prick had been plunged into an electric socket as his aunt sucked and gagged and moaned, trying desperately to drain his tightly-balled load.

Laura hunched her creamy body between his thighs, lavishing her fiery mouth on his hot cock with a fury she'd never felt in her thirty-three years. Her passion had been locked so tightly and so long she wanted his fuck everywhere at once -- in her mouth, her madly sucking pussy, her virgin asshole, coming endlessly with its hot jizz until she was overflowing with thick burning come.

She fought the urge to dart a finger down to her own dripping cunt and stroke her clitoris. She concentrated on the delicious turgid rod pistoning in her mouth, stroking the fat trunk in her fist as her other hand squeezed his balls. She whirled her tongue furiously around his knob and jerked her soft fingers faster and faster on his burning meat.

"Aunt Laura! Shit, oh, move over here it comes!" A moment later the torrid flood burst in her aching mouth and Laura let out a low maddening moan a she began to swallow the juice frantically. His hips made wild fucking motions, while the panting brunette cannily tried to suck him dry, wallowing in the hot come trickling down her throat. She clutched his hard ass-cheek in both hands, tugging upward a if trying to swallow his balls along with his exploding prick.

A minute later Jimmy issued a long sigh and his sleek young body relaxed. Still, Laura sucked and moaned on his limp cock, loving the hot sticky aftertaste in her mouth. At last, wild-eyed and panting she lifted her head to look at him. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand, then daintily licked at the residue of come on her hand.

"Did you like that, Jimmy?" she whispered. "Did you ever get sucked off like that before?"

"Oh, Christ," he groaned, grinning up at her. "You've got to be kidding Aunt Laura."

For a minute, the naked heaving brunette kneeled between the boy's parted thighs, catching her breath. She grasped his limp prick in one hand, her fingers gently stroking. Already she could foci the margins power beginning to stiffen it again.

She was the town librarian, known for her aloof coldness and prim efficiency. Yet she'd just given her nephew a wildly exciting blow-job, the first she'd ever given anyone in her life. She'd only had sex with three men before but she'd never had an orgasm with any of them. They were all brief, unsatisfactory affairs. She was around healthy, beautiful young boys and girls all day at the library, and if any of the townspeople ever guessed what she secretly thought all day long as she watched them, she would be tarred and feathered.

For years, the lush, big-breasted brunette had devoured books on the subject of sex day after day until she was an expert on the subject. In theory, only. Now, finally, it was becoming a reality. A month ago, her father had passed away, and up until then, her entire life had been devoted to caring for him in this small, rustic California town.

At last, she was free to do as she wanted. And after years of reading and researching sex, she wanted everything -- every strange position, every wild act, every possible experiment. Her hunger was almost a maddening obsession.

Now, silting naked between her nephew's powerful young thighs and clutching his stiffening prick in her hot fingers, Laura felt just a faint twinge of fear. If word ever got around about Jimmy... But it was so easy. She'd invited him over this Sunday morning to help, her clean the attic. One moment the muscled blond youth was standing in her kitchen with a glass of milk in his hand, and the next she was rubbing the paint of her hand against his bulging crotch, feeling his young hot cock rising massively in his pants. And from that thrilling moment on, sucking him off had been irresistible.

Laura stretched out beside him on the bed, still clutching his hardening prick in her fist. She rubbed the big knob against her wet cunt-hairs, shivering with anticipation.

His hands went to her swollen hot tits and he hefted their silky flesh. His rod was rock-hard again in her fingers.

"You've already had sex with a girl, haven't you, Jimmy?" she asked softly. His wide blue eyes stared into her brown ones.

"Sure," he said in a cocky voice.

"Sherry? Sherry Hawkins?"

Jimmy felt uneasy talking about Sherry. "Yeah, that's right. She's my steady."

Eighteen years old, thought Laura. A gorgeous young thing, face of an angel, luscious, budding young curves. One of her wild secret fantasies flashed in Laura's mind and she trembled with secret guilt. She'd suppressed her natural healthy passion for so long, everything seemed desirable now.

"Suck on my tits," she whispered tc her nephew, loving the obscene sound of the word. "Before we fuck, darling."

Obediently, the blond boy snuggled down and clutched a ripe, milky breast in both hands. His lips sucked hard, and Laura moaned loudly with pleasure, caressing his cock feverishly. Wild ripples of excitement raced through her breasts as she thought of Sherry Hawkins. She tried to imagine what her naked young flesh would be like, and, more exciting, what it would be like to watch beautifully muscled young Jimmy screwing helpless little Sherry. All the buried, wanton desires that had ebbed and flowed through her mind through the years of intensive reading about sex and not having it was a constant torment to Laura now.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could somehow get Sherry helplessly tied down in bed? Spread-eagled, on her stomach, her luscious little ass hovering anxiously in the air, her juicy pink cunt-flesh squirming in fear? And Jimmy should be there, too. She would direct them, like a Hollywood movie, only...

"Oooooo!" the tall brunette suddenly gasped as Jimmy jerked his gorged cock-head up against her swollen clitoris. The knob was a burning prod as it brushed her soaked cunt and all the while he nibbled hungrily on her sensitive nipple.

"Fuck me, my little darling," she moaned, squirming directly underneath his slim body. "Ram me, Jimmy, fuck me until I scream!"

She knew her nephew was shocked at her language, so different from her librarian-role, but that was part of what made it so exciting. She parted her creamy thighs eagerly. She grasped the base of his hot, surging prick tinily and guided the head so that it tingled against her fat cunt-lips. Laura groaned with wild anticipation.

A moment later Jimmy rammed impatiently and a soft scream came from the panting brunette's throat.

The searing pain caught her by surprise! His cock was big, bigger than the three men she'd had over the years, and it tore into her tight silken cunt like a red-hot poker.

"Ungggg!" Laura gasped, loving the gorged sensation, loving even the blazing pain of his immense rod. She began sinking her teeth in tiny frantic bites into his shoulder as he started stroking deep into her juicy cunt. With each downward lunge of his narrow hips she swung her ass-cheeks up eagerly to meet him, and the wild sensations beginning to ripple against her pussy-flesh brought soft buried screams from her throat.

With frenzied fingers, she began clawing at his hard buttocks, urging him on faster as he drove his meat deep.

"Fantastic!" Jimmy gasped in a daze, his prick surging more mightily than ever at her tight luscious feel. Sherry would lay there and moan softly, but his aunt was incredible -- a hot, beautiful animal whose pussy was electrifying, whose lust was almost frightening. Jesus, who ever would have guessed it? Aunt Laura, the cool town librarian, who spoke so elegantly in public, but listen to her now!

"Love your hot prick!" the feverish brunette cried, undulating her sweating ass in a fury against him. The pulsations of excitement in her wildly sucking cunt were causing her to thrash her head from side to side in a delirium. She locked her ankles around Jimmy's and rose her naked flesh in a high arc against the boy's with each savage fucking stroke. She gyrated her hips in a frenzy, feeling his knob grind against her pussy-flesh with maddening pleasure. Three years of denial had left her almost insane with hunger for this, and Jimmy winced as her nails raked his ass-cheeks.

"Darling Jimmy," Laura moaned, squeezing her cuntal walls fiercely on his throbbing meat, "waited so long... aaaaggg! Lord, I'm coming!"

From the bottom of her loins came a wave of breathtaking excitement as his rod drove deep and hard. Every inch of her silken white flesh was covered with a sheen of perspiration as they both jerked and swung to a lustful rhythm, as Laura issued a cry of sheer ecstasy when his juice boiled forth. It splattered against her trembling cunt-flesh with tingling fire, lasting almost a full minute, until her moans of joy became incoherent babbling.

"Love your prick, beautiful boy... fuck me in the ass! Everywhere... anywhere! Oh God!"

Five minutes after Jimmy collapsed atop her, she was still softly jerking and tracing patterns of pain on his buttocks.

Jimmy wiled over on his back, heaving for breath, and Laura, still sighing heavily, reached for a cigarette and lit it. She caressed his cock possessively as she began smoking. His come tingled deep in her pussy, while the aftertaste of his juice still tingled warmly in her mouth. No matter how satisfied she felt at the moment, Laura knew it wouldn't last.

Jimmy absorbed everything in silence. It was all almost too much to believe. His aunt, the prissy town librarian, a wild nympho. What else could she be, to screw like tat? He hardly knew her, actually her mother, Laura's sister, hardly ever spoke to her. She had a reputation for being distant and wrapped up in herself. Cool was the word. And she'd turned out to be the hottest piece of ass in town! Wait till the guys heard about this...

"You know, Jimmy," the big-breasted brunette murmured without looking at him, "this is a secret between us. What happened here. If you tell anyone, I could be in serious trouble."

Slowly, her wide luminous brown eyes turned to gaze into his and he flushed with shame at his thoughts.

"Sure, Aunt Laura. You know I wouldn't say anything."

"Tell me about Sherry," she said suddenly. "What's she like -- sexually, I mean?"

Jimmy shrugged nervously. "She's okay, I guess. She's only a kid. Nothing like you. She just, sort of, you know, lies there and takes it. Like it's a favor."

"Inhibited," Laura said. "All she needs is turning on."

The phrase sounded strange coming from her, Jimmy thought. But then, what the hell, nothing was stranger than today. Jesus, what a blowjob! If only Sherry could do that.

Laura smoked in silence, aware that it was part of her dual personality. She never smoked in front of other people, and usually wrinkled her nose if they did. There were a lot of things she did only in private, like the thing in her dresser drawer. It was no comparison to a vivid, thrilling real cock like Jimmy's, but at times and with a luscious young creature like Sherry? Too much reading, not enough action, she thought wryly.

But Sherry Hawkins' father was on the Board of Trustees of the ton library. A stern character, but handsome in a grey, rugged way. He'd looked at her with interest before, veiled interest, but it was... obvious. Still, you could never be sure. Like herself, everyone had deep secrets.

Laura stretched her creamy naked body lasciviously, feeling wonderful, basking in the warm glow in her mouth and thighs. She debated with herself whether to try to persuade Jimmy to go down on her. No one ever had, but she'd read enough about it. Too much might not be good for the boy all at once. And then, Sherry's mouth was so soft and delicate, like a rosebud.

For the third time, Jimmy's swelling rod responded to the passionate librarian's lewd fingers. Christ, his own aunt and hotter than firecrackers! What a body, too. Juicy big tits, small waist, lush hips, long beautiful legs. Hard to believe it was his mother's sister. His mother was stringy, with a flat chest and a tight mouth.

"Was Sherry a virgin when you laid her?" Laura asked suddenly.

"Sure," Jimmy said proudly. "And it was only a month ago."

Too much repression, too much reading, thought Laura. Boys and girls, so beautiful together at that tender age. There was no living thrill, she'd tried once in an obscure French work, like holding an angelic young girl on your lap and jerking her off with a hot finger until she was sobbing and then diving your lips and tongue into tat sweet, fragrant pussy and feverishly lapping up the juices of beauty and youth.

And then to tie them down...

Dangerous, for certain. But so was going down on her nephew in her kitchen, and then proceeding to give her sister's handsome son the screw of his life in her bedroom. And the monstrous thing in her drawer, rammed cruelly up Sherry's deliciously cute thighs and ass, and hearing her cues of terror and joy...

At that moment, the town librarian felt like the wildest, horniest woman in the world. She'd only had sex three times in her life, up until today. And now, free at last, she would do anything to make up for lost time, to savor every thrill, and to hell with the risk.

"Do you know that French movie at the drive-in?" she suddenly asked Jimmy.

"Sure," he grinned. "Everyone in town is talking about it. Big deal."

"But everyone wants to see it, too," Laura reminded him. "And you can't get in without an adult. Your parents would never take you, would they, Jimmy?"

He laughed. The question was useless, as they both knew. Laura knew her sister's idea of passion was Saturday night only, probably with her teeth clenched.

"How would you like to go?" Laura pursued it. "You and Sherry. With me. Tomorrow night?"

"All right," Jimmy replied at once. It was supposed to be a very hot, arty movie. Hell, why not?

"You won't say a thing to your parents, of course," Laura warned him, gently stroking her fingers on his once-again surging young prick. "Not a word."

"Hel, no. But why take Sherry?" he asked, puzzled. "I mean, she'll just get in the way."

"No," Laura replied in a husky voice. "It may be an education for her."

I must be crazy, the librarian thought with a sigh. But it was the very idea of a public place, under the noses of the entire town, practically, that pushed her wild impulse. The mere idea of the risk made her heady with excitement.

But if she were going to get the eighteen-year-old angel helplessly spread-eagled on her bed with her delectable little ass and pussy quivering for the next terror or thrill, she would have to prime her first. Work up to it, to minimize the aftershock. Turn her luscious, softly curved body on like a dynamo.

Overripe, under-loved, and with far too much bottled-up passion for her own good, Laura leaned down and nudged her nephew's throbbing rod of flesh into her mouth with a deep moan.

Sherry was next on her list.

And her list was growing by the moment.

Chapter TWO

Sherry Hawkins passed her father in the hallway with a sweet smile. "Morning, Daddy."

His stem face relaxed for a minute, and he returned the smile. He was already dressed in a dark blue business suit, and looked exactly like what he was -- a pillar of the community, a business leader, solid, reliable, in perfect athletic trim. There were some citizens who said it was morally uplifting to merely look at Carter Hawkins and his healthy, wholesome family.

"Good morning, Sherry." He patted her fondly on the head as she passed him.

Inside the bathroom, Sherry first locked the door, then took out the spay can of Lysol from the cupboard. Next, she slipped off her terry-cloth robe and from the pocket took a crudely wiled cigarette. She lit it and inhaled deeply and the heavy odor of marijuana tilled the bathroom. She held it in her lung as long as she could before exhaling, then quickly sprayed the bottom crack of the bathroom door, in case the musky odor seeped out into the hallway. Her father would kill her if he knew, but Daddy was so square he didn't know practically the whole high school was stoned most of the time.

Colombian, she thought, taking another deep drag, feeling a delicious floating sensation in her head. Jimmy always got dynamite pass, and the best trip was to get stoned and start petting, and then screw. But even though she'd secretly read enough books on the subject, Sherry still didn't know that an orgasm was. The blonde knew that whatever she felt when Jimmy plunged his big cock inside her, it certainly wasn't an orgasm. He was way too quick, for one thing. Ten strokes and barn! He would flood her tight pussy with burning cum and then collapse on her, heaving for breath.

And all she really felt was a sort of warm nice sensation, no lightning bolts, no real kicks, just a hot tingling trickle. There had to be more to it than that, or why did everyone make such a tremendous deal out of it?

Maybe that's all she'd ever feel, she thought dubiously. Sherry stepped in front of the full-length mirror and took a critical look at her naked body, flying to see it as Jimmy saw it. Her tits were still small, but perfect mounds with huge pink nipples. Underneath her small rounded belly was a thick golden tangle of curly pussy-hairs, surrounded by plump tawny thighs.

"Shit," Sherry muttered crossly, "I'm just a kid."

She tossed her long golden hair out of her face as she leaned down to turn the bathtub faucet on. With the water running, she stubbed out the joint to save half of it for later. For tonight, before the drive-in, because there was no way you could smoke grass in front of the town librarian. The whole deal sounded weird to Sherry, but Jimmy reassured her on the phone last night that it would be cool. After all, Ms. Swenson was Jimmy's aunt.

Sherry turned sideways and frowned at her plump ass-cheeks. Jimmy said she had the cutest ass in town, but it looked fat to her. But he loved to dig his finger into the hot flesh while he was stroking his cock furiously, hurting her tender pussy.

Sherry daintily dipped a toe into the water, testing its heat. She got in the water with a long happy sigh.

"Ms. Swenson," she murmured aloud, "if you knew how stoned we're gonna be tonight, you'd freak out of your icy gourd."

Laura picked them both up in her awn sedan, where they waited a block from the library. Sherry sat in the middle and Jimmy on the other side. A quick glance at the blonde girl's face reassured Laura that Jimmy hadn't told her about yesterday. But she could read other expressions in that soft beautiful face, curiosity, suspicion, up-tight guardedness.

"Why are you gaping at me?" Laura asked Sherry as she drove down the highway toward the drive-in. It had already turned dark.

"Christ, I don't recognize you, Ms. Swenson. You look completely different. You're beautiful."

Laura smiled, and gently squeezed Sherry's plump thigh, shivering inwardly. "Thank you, dear. Don't call me Ms.. Call me Laura."

Sherry continued to stare at her in awe. She'd never seen the librarian with her hair down and her glasses off, or with make up on. The difference was stunning. Nor was she wearing one of those shapeless, sack-like rags she called dresses. She had a sweater on that clung to the ripe curves of her breasts and a skirt that revealed long, shapely legs, like a model's. And she was wearing expensive perfume, Sherry could tell.

"Sherry was asking me, Aunt Laura, uh, why you're taking us to see this," Jimmy said.

"Because it will be educational for both of you," Laura replied smoothly, keeping her eyes on the road. "What passes for sex education in school nowadays is boring, clinical stuff. You can't really learn anything from charts, you know. You have to have an emotional response, something you can relate to yourself. You have to be turned on."

"Far out," Sherry murmured, gazing at her in awe. "I really dig you, Ms. Swenson -- uh, Laura. I mean, you looked so stuffy all those years in your office and it turns out you're hip, really. You're all right."

"Thank you, darling." The word rolled off her lips like a caress.

Laura paid at the drive-in entrance and drove to an isolated back row, the nearest car was forty feet away. In a small conservative town, the turnout for such a bold foreign film was small. Those who really wanted to see it were mostly under 18 and couldn't get adults to take them. The huge screen was showing cartoons and previews.

"Would you like popcorn, candy or ice cream?" Laura asked them, putting her arm over the seat behind Sherry's shoulders.

"Hell, no," Sherry snorted. "We'd like beer, tough."

Laura stand at the blonde in surprise. The girl wasn't quite the innocent angel she appeared to be. But the brunette knew that most of the kids her age in town drank beer and smoked pass at one time or another. Laura bit off the urge to lecture them. In view of what she had in mind for Sherry, drinking beer was hardly a crime.

"Beer it is," Laura said, getting out of the car. The moment she was a few feet away from the car, Sherry brought out her marijuana roach and lit it, inhaling deep before passing it to Jimmy.

"She's weird, but I dig her," Sherry said. "And I don't believe that baloney about sex education, either, Jimmy. Come on, tell me. What's her trip?"

"Beats me," Jimmy said truthfully. For a wild moment he was tempted to tell Sherry about his incredible sex-trip with his aunt yesterday, but she'd probably get mad. And after the hoops the tall brunette had put his cock through yesterday, Shorty was a clumsy kid in comparison. Jimmy rubbed his hand around her soft crotch. Sherry pushed it away.

"Not now, silly. We can't screw in front of your aunt." Suddenly she gasped, wide-eyed. "Jesus, you don't think she wants to see us screw, do you? There are weirdos like that, you know. Why else would she take us to see a dirty movie?"

"Don't be dumb," Jimmy said, feeling his prick swell in his pants as he stroked Sherry's warm tit. "My aunt's no pervert."

Sherry quickly put out the roach as they heard Laura's footsteps. Getting in the car, the brunette handed Jimmy a six-pack of cold beer. She laughed softly.

"This place smells like the library bathrooms. If you want to smoke grass, you're quite welcome to do it in front of me, kids."

"Far out," Sherry said, delighted. "I've got another joint for later."

The movie was beginning. The flat sex scene took place in less than ten minutes, with a man clumsily raping a girl to classical music. They all laughed, and Laura squeezed Sherry's thigh with gentle fingers.

"Like a Goddamn bull," Sherry giggled, feeling gloriously high from the grass and beer. The combination of the two was making her feel horny and she wished she and Jimmy were alone. Two beers and another joint later, she was laughing as the man ravaged the girl in an empty bathtub, dog-style.

"Woof, woof," Laura said, and Sherry thought it was so funny she squeezed her hand and gasped. She was incredibly high.

"Sherry, honey, I can't stretch my legs because of the pedals," Laura said. "Let me sit in the middle and you sit on my lap, all right, darling?"

"Sure, Laura. But I've got a fat ass, so watch out!"

The blonde girl lifted her hips up and Laura slid under her, excitement racing in her blood. Sherry settled her warm ass-checks on bum's lap and the brunette wrapped her arms around the girl's waist, softly stroking, sliding her fingers slowly underneath Sherry's T-shirt.

Jimmy, drunk and high on three beers and grass, watched the movie but glanced over at Laura in baffled silence. Jesus, he finally thought, she's feeling up Sherry! He began to watch closely from the corner of his eye, his cock pulsing fiercely in his pants.

Sherry was aware that the librarian's fingers had crept beneath her T-shirt and were fondling the ticklish area just beneath her tits. She was sharply aware, too, that Laura's huge warm breasts were digging into her back, rubbing sensuously, and she knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help being tremendously excited. Her touch was gentle and erotic, not rough and impatient like Jimmy's. And it felt so good, on top of being so high. Her mind was whirling with strange ideas.

"You're getting me hot," Sherry whispered, craning her neck around to stare at the brunette. She'd forgotten Jimmy was there. "You're getting me sexy, Laura," she moaned as fingers lovingly pinched and caressed her swollen nipples.

Laura kissed her on the lips, trembling wildly as she thrust her tongue deep into the blonde's hot mouth. Sherry let out a deep moan and bit Laura's tongue. She couldn't stop herself now. The pass, the beer, Laura's silky caressing fingers on her aching hot tits, all had her aroused to a feverish pitch of excitement. She could feel a burning trickle ooze in her pussy-flesh when Laura cupped and squeezed her tits passionately.

I want her to fuck me! Sherry thought giddily, but how can two women do it?

To Laura, the strange sensations of stroking a beautiful girl's honeyed tits in her fingers, of kissing her hot eager mouth and having her gorgeous little ass squirming madly on her crotch, were exciting beyond her wildest fantasies. More than ever she wanted to burrow her lips and tongue into Sherry's tender young cunt and suck her off until the girl fainted from joy and exhaustion.

"Take your pants off," she ordered Sherry in a whisper, brushing Sherry's long hair out of the way so she could bite and kiss the nape of her neck.

Panting urgently, the blonde girl struggled to strip her tight pants as she wriggled on Laura's lap. Laura quickly checked the surrounding area. The closest car was still far away. To her right, Jimmy watched in stunned awe, his eyes bulging with disbelief.

"Get a Kleenex," she told him. "Glove compartment."

Moving in a daze, he jot a tissue, wondering what to do with it. He watched Sherry finally get her pants off and stared down at her golden-haired pussy and tawny, parted thighs. Sherry was crazy on grass and beer, she couldn't know what she's doing. But, Jesus, it was exciting! Better than any dirty movie, as the plump blonde twined her legs around Laura's and wriggled her luscious ass deep into the tall woman's lap.

"Just hold the Kleenex," Laura told him. She reached over and unzipped his fly, reached in and uncoiled his gorged prick, squeezing and hefting it in her hot fingers.

Her other hand slid down Sherry's rounded belly and cupped her pussy, nabbing fiercely up and down on it to make the girl cry out softly.

Now, with a deep groan of soaring excitement, Laura began to jerk them both off at the same time, the beautiful girl on her lap and her nephew panting beside her.

"Oh, Christ!" Sherry moaned, shaking her head deliriously from side to side as the brunette's middle finger rubbed her boiling juices over the trembling lips of her cunt. Fiercely, she locked her ankles around Laura's and began swinging her naked us to a frantic rhythm, sinking her nails into Laura's flanks. This was hotter, wilder than Jimmy, wilder than fingerfucking herself.

"Ooooooooooh!" she cried, as Laura's finger rapidly stroked her pink clit, in an up-and down motion that was beginning to drive her out of her mind with excitement. Then the finger dipped deep into her silken cunt, probing like fire, and Sherry arched her back and shuddered.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she begged Laura, "I love it!"

Sucking on Sherry's ear lobe, Laura darted two fingers into the girl's tight, burning cunt-flesh, her own pussy responding with a pulsating ache. Her other hand stroked Jimmy's long hot cock to a steady, powerful rhythm, until it quivered violently and he groaned and jerked beneath her fingers.

But it was Sherry's hot squirming ass and fiery soaked cunt squeezing on her darting fingers that she loved most of all. She lavished a series of tiny animal bites on Sherry's smooth neck as she finger-fucked her to a furious rhythm. Once she withdrew her fingers for a moment and the passion-crazed blonde almost screamed in protest. But Laura only wanted to lick her fingers, to sample the cunt-juice she would soon lap up like honey. And it was delicious, indescribably sweet and sticky, making her lips and tongue ache with desire.

The town librarian was lewdly, eagerly masturbating two beautiful children at the same time, at the town drive-in, and the profound pleasure she felt at the drenched hot cunt beneath one hand and gorged young prick in the other was sheer depraved joy to her.

"Cum... cum... cumming!" Sherry gasped, feeling her pussy beginning to explode. The violent thrills were racing through her blood to every silken inch of her thrashing body, as she shimmed her hips in a frenzy. She fucked the brunette's fingers with wanton abandon, never dreaming an orgasm could be like this, all wild and hot and shattering.

"Love you!" she sobbed, twisting her head around to kiss Laura fiercely. She bit the librarian's lips, the two fingers gorging her madly sucking young cunt like a thrilling battering ram.

Laura's ears registered the sound of a car engine close by, and she knew it could have been the police -- they patrolled the drive-in -- but nothing in this world could have torn her away from her masturbation orgy at that moment.

"Gonna cum!" Jimmy grunted, jerking his pelvis up beneath Laura's body stroking fist. For a full thirty seconds he groaned with pleasure as his load shot in giant spurts into the Kleenex. Slowly, expertly, Laura milked him dry, squeezing his deflating prick hard in her fist, until he sat back with a long shuddering sigh.

Then she removed her hand to wrap both hands around Sherry's waist, hugging her passionately. The girl was crying quietly now, her tawny naked ass twitching more slowly on Laura's lap, her soft tits heaving in spasms.

Now Laura looked at the car parked close by, and she smiled with relief. There was no one in sight, which meant they were probably fucking in the back seat. But the brunette's feverish impatience was almost unbearable. She licked the pussy-juice off her fingers with long, delicious strokes of her tongue. Now, at last, she would know.

"In the back seat," she whispered to Sherry. "And take off your top, darling."

The girl's wide green eyes were glazed as she nossed, staring in awe at Laura. Her first orgasm, more shattering than she'd dreamed, left her trembling from head to toe. She clambered over the front seat and Laura quickly planted a hot kiss on a bare rounded asscheek before it disappeared. The librarian began struggling with her own clothes, again checking the area, again wondering if she were committing suicide in this brazen manner. The cops could come, of course, but it was Monday night, and they might not.

"Watch for the police," she told Jimmy as she slipped off her skirt and panties. He nodded numbly.

"I think I'm gonna get hot again," he whispered, glancing back at Sherry. She lay completely naked on her back, hugging her petite tits with her hands and shivering wildly, although it was a warm night.

"I'll take care of you," Laura promised. The way she felt after jacking both of tern off simultaneously, she could take care of the entire high school tonight. She'd originally intended to turn Jimmy and Sherry on, but now the voluptuous brunette found she'd been turned on. And there was no way to turn her off.

Chapter THREE

Stark naked, Laura slid over the seat into the back. Her hot flesh quivering with the wildest excitement she'd known yet, Laura knelt on the floor beside Sherry and rammed her tongue between the blonde's waiting lips. Her fingers cuddled and loved Sherry's budding tits as she. Frenched her with lust. She knew her nephew was watching intently and for some bizarre reason it excited her all the more. Sherry's burning tongue met hers, twirling around it, and the adolescent reached out a tentative finger to stroke Laura's gorged nipple.

Laura drew her lips away. "Do you know what I'm going to do, darling?" she whispered, running a hand over Sherry's velvety stomach. "I'm going to eat your pussy, sweetheart. I'm going to suck your hot little cunt, until you scream with happiness. Would you like that, Sherry?"

Sherry was so high she had trouble focusing her eyes. "You won't hurt me, will you, Laura?"

"Hurt you?" Laura laughed. "Did you like being finger-fucked?"

"Yes. Oh, yes!"

"Then you're in for the surprise of your life."

Laura had never eaten a girl before, but she'd read enough on the subject to fill a small library herself, and she knew that sucking off a girl Sherry's age with skill could turn her on for life. In her imagination, she'd practiced every conceivable sex act over the long barren years she'd had to care for her father, and she knew she was an expert before she even began.

She trailed her lips down over Sherry's throat and went to a softly-rounded tit, gently biting and sucking on the hot nipple until Sherry was crying again. The girl's hands clutched Laura's head and she parted her thighs wide.

Now the panting brunette's lips and tongue slid down over the blonde's curved hot belly and she took small bites of the flesh, her fingers caressing Sherry's damp thighs. Then Laura's nose was buried in her silken tangle of cunt-hairs, and she licked them lasciviously for a minute, until Sherry was beginning to undulate her hips with urgency.

"Eat me," she begged in a whisper, "eat me, Laura!"

Laura pushed up off the girl's thighs, forcing her legs into a jack-knife position so she could crawl between them. She folded her knees beneath her and placed Sherry's hot silken thighs over her shoulders on the back seat. She stared directly into the pink, juicy cuntal-lips, her heart racing with depraved excitement. Her pussy was like a delicate wet rosebud, a tiny mouth waiting to be sucked and tongued and showered with hungry kisses.

Clutching Sherry's tawny ass-cheeks tightly, Laura darted her tongue out for a long, lascivious lap at the trembling pussy-flesh. Sherry gasped and tugged violently at her hair.

"Ooooh, yes, Laura, oh please, eat me, eat my cunt!"

Then the wildly panting brunette dove in with fiercely sucking lips, planting her mouth squarely on Sherry's hot cunt and the blonde's body rose in a shocked, quivering arc. Snaking her tongue deep into the succulent slit, Laura began to lap, moaning with joy as the sweet juices trickled into her mouth, licking and sucking the eighteen-year-old pussy with sheer bliss.

"Oh my God!" Sherry cried out, pounding her fists on Laura's shoulders as molten waves of excitement shuddered trough her silken cunt. "Oh Laura! Unnnnnnnngh!"

Sherry's first orgasm now seemed like a pale echo compared to the shattering fin in her loins. Laura's long burning tongue was like a whip of merciless ecstasy, first stroking her clit-bud in a starving frenzy, then lapping deep at her cunt-walls like stinging barbs of fire.

Suddenly Laura's tongue lashed down, driving deep into her tender whole, and Sherry thought she would faint from unbearable joy. Slippery and hot, it tickled her narrow whole with delicious sensations of excitement. Now Laura's frantic lips were sucking at her clit again and Sherry bit her own lips to keep front screaming out loud. The fire that erupted in her maddeningly aroused pussy as the hungry brunette sucked and licked almost caused her to faint.

"Can't stand it... please, please... my pussy is... eeeeee! Going crazy, Laura! No more, no more!"

Clinging tightly to Sherry's wildly swinging ass, Laura couldn't control herself. There was cuntjuice on her cheeks, her nose, deep in her throat, aid still she couldn't get enough of the delectable hot fluid. She could feel the blonde's heels digging harshly into her back, her nails raking savagely to draw blood from her shoulders, but Laura was crazed with lust, hooked on her wriggling, blazing young cunt like a drug. "No... can't come... again... aaaaaagh!"

With a supreme effort of will, the dazed brunette drew her mouth away, inflicting one last lingering suck that shuddered Sherry's tawny nakedness like a leaf in a storm.

"All right, baby," Laura soothed her in a husky voice. "I'll stop now. You'll be all right."

She snuggled up to hug Sherry, but the strange incoherent babbling coming from the girl's throat worried her. Softly, she calmed her down, rubbing her big hot tits against Sherry's small silken mounds, stroking her hair. Too much, Laura thought. There were too many wild thrills all at once for a child her age, too many shattering sensations to absorb. She would, have to be more cautious in the future. Too bad, really, because she'd wanted the girl to go down on her, with a lustful sixty-nine in mind. But that was out of the question now. Her own pussy ached and throbbed, demanding an orgasm. She glanced over at Jimmy in the front seat, who gaped at them wide-eyed.

"Hello, nephew," she smiled. "Hot again?"

"Christ, yes!" He began to unbutton his shirt, but she quickly stopped him.

"Just your pants," sh, said. She turned back to Sherry, softly sobbing in her arms. "Darling, I want you to go back to the front seat. You must be exhausted, poor baby. Put your clothes on and lie down. Understand? Go to sleep for a little while."

"All-all right," Sherry shuddered. She leaned over very close to Laura's ear and whispered, "Laura, I-I love you, I think. It was so fantastic!"

"There'll be more, lots more," Laura promised her, gently cupping a small hot tit. But if the girl knew what was coming, the experiments she wanted to try, would she come back? Never. The gigantic thing in her drawer, the clothesline she'd bought today, the bizarre plans she'd made for all of them.

"Tomorrow night," Laura murmured. "You and Jimmy and I, tomorrow night, at my place. All right, darling?"

"Oh, yes."

"And not a ward, do you understand? Never a word to anyone. That could be the death of me."

"I'll never say anything to anyone, I swear," Sherry promised fervently. The girl's huge eyes burned with sincerity, but even then Laura had a faint shiver of apprehension.

Sherry climbed over the front seat, trading places with Jimmy, whose fat prick hovered obscenely below his shirt tails. Laura seized it passionately and stroked the fleshy rod, squeezing his balls in her other hand.

She leaned down to whirl her tongue around the head, comparing the taste of Sherry's succulent pussy to her nephew's salty, pungent cock.

"Sit back," she commanded homely. She positioned herself on his lap, carefully gripping the hot meat to guide it in her slit. She poised herself above him, brushing the throbbing tip around her outer pussy-lips, teasing herself. As the hot ripples of excitement coursed through her thighs, Laura realized just how aroused she was. She wanted to do nothing for the rest of the night but suck and fuck, first Sherry, then Jimmy, then both, all three of them swinging wildly together.

"You just it still," Laura told him. "Ill do the fucking, Jimmy."

The next moment her warm as was wriggling on his lap and his swollen cock was rammed inside her cunt to the very hilt. The librarian sucked in her breath with a loud hiss. Christ, that felt good! Issuing a deep moan, she twisted her hips from side to side, loving the way his pulsing prick rippled against her hot walls. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her heaving tits, showing him how to rotate and squeeze them together, playing with her gorged nipples at the same time. Then she reached down to clutch his balls and begin coaxing them gently, feeling the hot knot of cum building deep inside.

"Oh, wow!" Jimmy groaned when she suddenly damped her burning cunt hard on him. She began to ride up and down on his prick, wriggling her huh ass against his crotch with each downward lunge, squeezing his bells to the rhythm of her thrusts. With each upward drive, she paused so that her outer cunt-lips squirmed with a wild sucking motion on his knob.

The eighteen-year old was dazed at the wildness of the thrills racing up and down his cock. "What a fuck!" he gasped in Laura's ear, forgetting it was his aunt. "Oh lady, can you screw! Ooooh, shit!"

He marveled at the difference between a cute little piece of ass like Sherry and this statuesque, feverishly screwing woman. Her tits felt massive and hot in his hands, like giant burning melons and each time her heavy ass slapped against his balls he thought he'd come.

She began to ride hint in a frenzy as she felt her orgasm gathering in her loins like a ball of boiling lava. For a wild moment she thought of reaching over into the front seat and waking Sherry up. She could have the luscious little blonde rest her ass-checks on the top of the front seat with her lop spread, delicious cunt writhing happily before her mouth so they could all come at once. But that would be too much for the exhausted little angel right now. Tomorrow night, maybe.

"Stick your thumb up my ass," gasped Laura, shuddering wildly on his hot cock.


"I said," moaned Laura, swinging her hips in a wide circle with his prick jammed full up in her, "stick your thumb up my ass! Unnnnnngh!"

The moment he did she recoiled in pain. She desperately wanted to be fucked in the ass, intensely curious about it, but for now she had to settle for a small substitute. Small or not, the sharp tingle in her slippery asshole was definitely pleasurable along with the bloated pressure in her cunt.

"I can't hold it back," Jimmy groaned under the onslaught of her hotly sucking pussy. "Gonna come!"

Now the wildly aroused brunette began fucking furiously, jerking up, down and around in a blur, squeezing madly around with her gyrations, brought her climax to a pitch.

"Give me your come!" she demanded. "Shoot it in me -- hot cum! Oh, yes, yes, yes... Aaaaahhhhh!"

The flew liquid gushed deep into her squirting cunt, and Laura hefted his balls rapidly in her hand, team of release streaming down her cheeks. Even after his cock grew soft she jerked on it, making crooning sounds. Again, she wanted to do it all night, simply fuck to the point of unconscious exhaustion. The sighing brunette realized it would be a long, long time before she made up for all the lost orgasms over the years.

The foreign film was over and a second feature had started. They all dressed, and Laura drove them home in silence. But Sherry stayed cuddled close to her, like a lover, which brought a smile of triumph to Laura's lips. She let the blonde girl out a block from her house.

"Tomorrow night, my place," she told Sherry. "Eight o'clock. Jimmy will show you where it is."

She shivered as she gave Sherry a long, passionate kiss. Then the blonde gave Jimmy a brief kiss and headed down the street, her plump buttocks swaying.

"Weird night," Jimmy said as she drove him home. "I mean really weird, Aunt Laura. Hell, I didn't know you were like that."

"Like what?" she said dryly.

"I mean, Sherry, you know, that you like girls."

"No more than boys," she chuckled, reaching over to press her warm palm against his cock. "Did you have a good time, nephew?"

"Oh hell, yes," he grinned. "I can't wait till tomorrow night. You know, it really turned me on to see you do that to Sherry. I mean, I'm not jealous or anything, you know? It was so damn exciting."

"Wait till you see what's coming," Laura murmured, pulling over to the curb. He got out, waved, and she swung the car toward her own house.

An incredible night, she thought. Better than anything she'd expected, wilder than her silly fantasies. And so Goddamned dangerous, with kids that age. But it was more than worth it, worth all the dry, dull yearn. She felt certain Sherry would never spill a word of it, but she wasn't so sure about Jimmy. Boys were such vain little braggarts.

She rolled her tongue around her mouth as she drove, savoring the aftertaste of Sherry's sweet pussy. Poor girl, if she knew what was coming... there were thing Laura had to know after nil these years, had to try, or she'd die someday without ever knowing what it was like.

At home she took a long hot bath, but deliberately didn't brush her teeth. The taste of Sherry's hot little pussy in her mouth would be something delicious to wake up to.

In bed, she smoked a cigarette, sighing with the warm glow in her mouth and thighs, the glow of youthful cocks and pussies. Only one thing really bothered her -- not so much the risk of Jimmy boasting everything to his pals, but Sherry's sensitivity. The girl had gone almost crazy tonight with pure ecstasy just from having been thoroughly eaten. What would happen after tomorrow night, with the ropes and the thing in the drawer, and the librarian's plans?

It was possible, Laura knew from extensive reading, that the beautiful little blonde could actually be unhinged mentally from the assault of violent, different thrills. Not likely, but certainly possible. That was just one more risk among many, and she couldn't stop now to save her life.

Chapter FOUR

At the breakfast table the next morning Carter Hawkins fixed a stern penetrating gaze on his daughter, Sherry. She shifted uneasily under his stare as she ate her cereal. It was easy to tell when her father we upset, but she would never question why. When the moment came, he would announce it like a trumpet call of righteousness.

He went back to reading his paper and Sherry relaxed. Carter Hawkins knew Sherry had lied to him last night, but he wouldn't pursue the issue just yet, not until he could find out more. She'd said she'd been out with Jimmy, and he believed that. She'd said they'd gone to a movie and he believed that, too. But she said it was a Walt Disney movie at the Palace, downtown, and he knew that was a damned lie.

He knew it was a lie because the cashier at the drive-in was a client of his insurance agency. He'd called Carter last night to tell him his daughter had entered the drive-in with a boy and a woman -- a strikingly attractive woman who looked like she might be the town librarian, Laura Swenson. The cashier thought, in view of the adult movie playing there, that Carter ought to know. Carter thanked him and promised to see if he could get a rate-reduction for him on his policy.

He sipped his coffee and glanced at his daughter. There was definitely something strange going on. Sherry seemed different, more lovely than usual, more womanly. He couldn't help noticing her plump curves ripening over the years, but overnight she seemed totally different.

The town librarian? That must be a mistake on the cashier's part. She was hardly strikingly attractive and definitely not the type to patronize filthy movies, much less bring two children with her.

The whole issue would bear checking out. And when Carter Hawkins checked something out, it was with the thoroughness of a dragnet.

Later that morning, the four boys sat on the lawn in front of the closed high school, passing around a joint. There was Jimmy and Eddie Mulrooney, whose colossal prick was the envy of every boy in town and the horror of mast girls, Tom Harris, whose sister Amy had the biggest tits in school, and Buzz Benson, who'd never been laid.

The talk always centered on two subjects, cars and girls, and how fast and fancy both were.

"Come on, out with it," Eddie said to Tom Harris. "You been balling your own sister, haven't you?"

"Maybe I am and maybe I ain't," Tom replied coolly, "but it's none of your fucking business."

"Is it true about the sugar?" Buzz asked Tom eagerly. "Does she really let guys lick it off her gorgeous tits? Everyone says that's all she'll let 'em do, that she won't ball anyone."

"She's a pricktease," Jimmy said with authority. "Hey," Eddie nudged Jimmy on the arm, "how's Sherry Hawkins in the sack? Man, I'll bet that hot little body drives you crazy."

Jimmy stared arrogantly at his fingernails. "She's all right. Nice little body, but she doesn't know beans about fucking." Jimmy hesitated, remembering his promise to his aunt. Bin the grass made him feel super-cool, and, after all, his reputation was at stake.

"Man, if you guys could have seen what I had last night, you wouldn't believe it. Talk about a hot lay -- Jesus! I thought my cock would fall off. And you wouldn't believe the blow-job she gives after. Whew!"

They all leaned forward eagerly. "Who is it?" Eddie asked. "That nympho waitress at Danny's? She only screws truck drivers."

"Nope," Jimmy said, smirking. "This chick isn't a dog. She's beautiful. Most gorgeous body in the world, and a pussy like an electric socket. Plug it in and you'll never take it out."

"It's that dog who works as an usherette at the Palace," Eddie said with a sneer. He knew how to pt the name out of Jimmy. "You call that beast beautiful? She'll fuck anything on two legs, and maybe four."

"Not her," Jimmy retorted hotly. He leaned forward, lowering his voice. "If I tell you guys who it is, you promise never to mention a word to anyone?"

They all eagerly agreed, none of them intending to keep the promise.

"It's my aunt," Jimmy said proudly. "The librarian. What you guys see in the library is just the tip of the iceberg. If you could see her with her clothes off and her hair down, you'd all freak. Wow!"

There was a stunned silence, then mutters of disbelief.

"It's true," Jimmy said furiously. "She went down on me in her kitchen Sunday. Then we hit the sack and I fucked her three times in a row. I mean, shell never get enough."

For a moment, Jimmy was tempted to tell them about his aunt going down on Sherry and jacking them both off at the same time at the drive-in last night. But the idea that they might think she was a lesbian stopped him. She wasn't really. She just him, so he kept his mouth shut about Sherry.

"Incredible," Eddie Mulrooney murmured, shaking his head. "I always knew she had a terrific body beneath those rags she wean. You can tell by the way her luscious tits stick out. And those long legs... wow!"

The picture of the brunette's long silken legs locked around his back as he plunged his massive prick to the hilt inside her made Eddie shiver with excitement. She thought a punk like Jimmy was a good lay, wait ill she saw his tod.

"And you can get it any time?" Buzz asked in awe. "Just like that?"

Jimmy snapped his fingers, grinning. "Like that, man. She can't keep her mouth off my cock. She even licked my balls until I almost went out of my gourd." He leaned forward intently. "Now, remember you guys, you promised -- not a word. If my parents ever find out, especially my mother, I'll be up the creek without a paddle for the rest of my life."

They all reassured him and Jimmy felt better. In fact, as he went into greater detail about his aunt's talent for sucking and screwing, he felt great. His stock, from the looks of rapt attention on their faces, had just risen a few thousand points. He felt like the biggest stud in town, and once or twice he almost slipped Sherry's name out.

And as Jimmy went into lusty detail about his aunt, the ravishing brunette's future began to invisibly shatter into a thousand fragments.

Lying in her bathtub that evening, Laura had to fight the urge to fingerfuck herself as she recalled the night before with using excitement. Her thighs were parted wide, with one shapely leg lying along the rim of the tub, and she gently caressed her tangle of pussy-hairs with a sigh. Eating Sherry had been a terrific thrill, and she was impatient to find out what it felt like herself. Tonight she would, with the blonde's, sweet mouth, and tonight Sherry would tongue her asshole as well. Do unto others, Laura thought with a glow of anticipation.

She finished her bath, rubbed her creamy skin dry, and selected a sexy black bra and panties to wear. She could wear nothing under her dress, but she knew how sensuous she looked in bra, panties and heels, and besides, half the fun was stripping. She chose a low-cut, tight-fitting dress that displayed her lush cleavage, and dabbed perfume on the nape of her neck, behind each knee and on her pussy-hairs. As an afterthought she put a spat on each satiny ass-cheek. Sherry would be sure to take the hint and kiss and nibble her silky buttocks.

Fully dressed, Laura examined herself in the minor and knew she looked stunning. It would all come off soon enough, but she looked so sexy she could talk anyone into an orgy.

From her dresser drawer, she took the pieces of clothesline she'd cut and attached each end to the base of the four corners of the bed. Then she went back to her dresser and took the bright red dildo from her drawer. It curved in an upward arc, its gigantic rubber knob perfectly shaped like the head of a prick. It was nine inches long and almost three inches in diameter. She fucked it on and it quivered ominously in her hand. Now if she could find a live cock like this, she's really be in heaven.

The doorbell rang. She put the colossal rubber prick away and went downstairs. Jimmy and Sherry were standing on her doorstep, and Laura sucked in her breath with surprise.

"Darling, you look beautiful," Laura said to Sherry, hugging the girl tightly in the kitchen. Sherry wore a mini-dress that exposed her bare tawny thighs, and high heels. She looked so virginal and delicious, Laura could barely refrain herself from dropping to her knees and eating her the spot.

Laura opened a bottle of wine, while Jimmy lit up some marijuana. When her nephew offered her the joint Laura hesitated. She'd never smoked grass and didn't particularly care one way or the other, but she'd heard it made sex more exciting. She took a deep drag, held it in for twenty seconds and felt an exhilarating wave rush through her blood.

"Well," she said, staring down at the bulge of Jimmy's crotch, "It certainly does make you horny. What are we standing her for? Let's go to the bedroom."

She brought the bottle of wine along. Sherry looked curiously at the ropes splayed out on the bed. "What are those for?" she asked Laura.

"For fun, sweetheart... For adventure and kicks... You'll see, darling."

But first an obedience lesson for the young blonde. Laura sat back on the bed, leaning on her elbows, her ass resting on the edge and her long legs spread apart. Let Jimmy watch at first and keep him primed. In the soft lamplight, Laura knew she looked obscenely exciting as she slowly undulated her ass on the bed, a lewd invitation to the lovely blonde.

"Take my panties and nylons off," she ordered Sherry. "But slowly, darling, very slowly."

Sherry didn't hesitate for a moment. The lush brunette's lips and tongue had turned her on so fiercely last night, she still felt warm tingles in her pussy and had shivered all day long. She slipped off her heels and knelt between Laura's outstretched legs, her heart beating wildly against her ribs. If Laura wanted her to eat her pussy, she would be afraid, but she would do it. She would do anything Laura wanted, after the wildest night of her life.

With trembling fingers, the blonde adolescent did Laura's dress up over her soft thighs. She gripped the waistband of Laura's panties and began slowly sliding them down, her breathing coming in excited pap. She felt terribly guilty, but it was a delicious kind of guilt, like eating forbidden fruit. Sherry gazed fascinated, as she exposed the librarian's glistening pink cunt, peeping out from her thick cunt-hair. She lips pulsed slowly before her eyes, moist and juicy looking.

"Stop there," Laura commanded when her panties were half-way down her thighs. She could foci the girl's hot breath on her pussy and it was all she could do to keep from jamming Sherry's warm mouth savagely to her burning cunt.

"Now kiss and lick my thighs, darling, but don't touch my pussy. Just tease it, all, aaaaaaaaaah, oh baby, you're gonna be wonderful."

Moaning eagerly, Sherry obeyed. She trailed her pink tongue on Laura's milky flesh along her hot inner thighs, coming ever closer to her moist pussy-flesh, panting with excitement. Now she was growing more curious by the moment, wondering what it would taste like, if it was as delicious as it looked, as hot and thrilling as its fragrance suggested.

She looked up at Laura eagerly. "Can I... can I eat you, Laura? Can I?"

Laura smiled lasciviously. "Not yet, baby. Take my panties and nylons off."

Jimmy watched intently, his prick rock-hard in his pants. He couldn't tear his eyes from the brunette's wet aunt as Sherry removed Laura's underthings. It was so lewdly exciting Jimmy had to force himself to keep his hands off his erection. And little Sherry was so aroused her face was flushed and she was gasping.

"Now?" Sherry begged Laura. "Can I eat you now?"

Laura gazed at the girl kneeling between her thighs, at her parted lips and pointed little tongue. She already had her begging! Slowly Laura turned over on her stomach, knowing how obscene she looked with her dress rolled up over her naked ass.

"Kiss my ass," she ordered Sherry.

Clutching a check in each hand, Sherry planted a hot wet kiss on each mound of velvety flesh. She could feel the steaming heat in her face from Laura's cunt, and by now her curiosity was maddening. All she wanted to do was return the shattering thrills the beautiful brunette had given her last night.

"Slick your tongue up my ass," Laura commanded. "Stick it deep, honey, and wriggle like..."

But Sherry hesitated. The idea seemed awful to her, revolting. And yet when Laura had done it to her last night, the burning wet prod up her asshole had been fantastically exciting. Trembling, Sherry parted Laura's ass-cheeks and gazed at her tiny puckered asshole. Shutting her eyes tightly, she pressed her nose to the crevice of the brunette's silken ass and rammed her tongue into the slot. She writhed it furiously around her hot whole, thrilled at the strange sensation, the wickedness of it.

"Oooooooo! Sweetheart, that's -- aaaaah -- that's good, yes, baby, sting deep! Oh you lovely little asshole-licker, ooof!"

Laura swung her ass feverishly as Sherry's snaking tongue sent fantastic ripples of pleasure through her loins. God, if having your pussy eaten was anything like this! She looked over at Jimmy, whose prick was straining against his pants like an angry animal.

"Strip," she panted to him. "Hurry."

Quickly, Jimmy rushed to obey. His long cock quivered eagerly above his bloated balls, its knob a bright crimson.

"Enough!" Laura told Sherry. When the girl gave her a final stinging lick deep in her asshole, Laura shuddered with delight, then sat up. Sherry still kneeled between her moist thighs, watching her pussy hungrily. The brunette slid her dress up over her shoulders, then slipped off her bra. Her huge creamy tits sprang forth, their nipples gorged... with lust. She hugged the blonde's head close to them.

"Suck on my tits, darling," she whispered. "Suck hard, ah, yes! Mmmmmmmmm that crazy little mouth -- I love it!"

She shivered wildly as Sherry's lips sucked feverishly on her tit, her fiery tongue stroking the fat nipple. Laura nudged her head over to her other heaving breast, moaning happily as the blonde sucked with passion. Then Laura leaned back and spread her thighs wide.

"Now eat it! Suck me off, Sherry. Suck!"

For a long teasing moment Sherry stared raptly at the pink cunt, soaked with excitement, only inches from her face. Then, remembering how Laura had eaten her, she placed her lips squarely on the librarian's pussy-lips and sucked hard.

"Oh, my God!" Laura cried out, startled at the thrill. "Jeezuz! Oh baby, baby, you're... unnnnnngh! Beautiful, oh eat it, eat it, eat!"

The blonde transferred her lips to Laura's swollen clit, stinging it with her tongue for a minute, digging her fingernails into the soft hot flesh of Laura's hips, which had begun to jerk lewdly. It's wild! thought Sherry blissfully. The burning sticky cunt-juice trickled deep into her mouth and she swallowed it with wanton joy, craving more of it. Remembering Laura's thrilling tongue, she began to increase her licking and sucking. First she lapped deep and hard against the delicious cunt-flesh, then shifted to Laura's clit-bud, kissing daintily and then sucking feverishly, dipping down occasionally to plunge her tongue with tantalizing care into the brunette's quivering stole to give her a different thrill. And from Laura's frantic moans and pleas Sherry knew she was giving her an extremely exciting blow-job, and she felt thrilled and proud.

"Oh you darling, aaaaaagh! Cuntsucker, sweet Sherry, oh, oh, suck harder, honey, yes, yessssss!"

The fire that was building in Laura's loins had to erupt soon or she'd lose her mind. The blonde's frenzied tongue and lips felt so good she didn't want to come yet, she wanted to be sucked off like this for hours. She motioned Jimmy over urgently.

"Sit on my chest," she gasped. "Fuck my tits, Jimmy, I'll show you how -- hurry! God, what a -- wow! -- blow-job!"

Naked, Jimmy straddled her ribs, a sticky drop seeping out the tiny slit in his gorged knob. Laura hugged her tits in her hands and began squeezing tern on Jimmy's hot prick, rotating the velvety flesh on his rod. Groaning, Jimmy began to lunge into the warm satiny heat of her tits while Laura's fingers stroked the thick trunk of his prick. Christ, he'd never believed you could fuck a woman like this! Sherry's tits weren't big enough for this, but his aunt -- hell, she could accommodate Eddie Mulrooney's gigantic prick. Wait till the guys heard about this.

Laura let out a deep moan as she felt her, first orgasm begin to explode. She locked her thighs tightly to Sherry's face and twined her legs behind her back, jerking her cunt up savagely against the blonde's wild mouth. Those hungry lips and that maddening tongue!

"Suck faster, baby, faster! Oh Sherry, you angel, you cunt-licking sweetheart. I'm coming! Lover, it's -- aoooooooh! Suck it, eat it, kiss it -- aaaaaaagh!"

More of the fragrant juice flowed into Sherry's frantic mouth now and it was all she could do to bang onto Laura's feverishly swinging hips as her fiery cunt rammed against Sherry's mouth. For almost five minutes, the heaving brunette shuddered and jerked as she came, jerking off Jimmy rapidly, reaching up with her mouth to flick her tongue around his burning knob.

"Enough!" Laura gasped to Sherry. "Slow down... eat me slowly, sweetheart, just nice long laps of that beautiful tongue. Oooooh, yes..."

There was another climax gathering in her drenched cunt, another wave of indescribable joy. One thing was certain about pussy-eating, Laura decided, it was a hell of a lot better to receive than give, especially with a ravenous young blonde like Sherry. But as she pumped Jimmy's huge rod in her hand, she still couldn't coax his load. Laura seized her nephew's prick and pulled it forward, ramming it deep in her mouth, so deep the head slammed against her throat.

She began to suck hungrily as Sherry lapped at her dripping pussy with long, sensual strokes. The rod swelled in her mouth and Laura jiggled his balls in one hand, her mouth craving his boiling come.

Sherry was lost in a daze as she knelt between the trembling damp thighs of Laura, kissing and licking the hot succulent cunt. She wriggled her head rapidly from side to side as she sucked on Laura's clit and the brunette moaned fiercely and locked her thighs tighter to Sherry's face. The blonde wondered what Amy Harris' pussy tasted like, and her big tits, too, and she had a fantasy of herself blowing every girl in her high-school class.

Jimmy leaned forward as he pistoned his cock feverishly in and out of his aunt's raring mouth, feeling his climax beginning to boil up. She jerked the base of his rod in her fist as she sucked, and when she suddenly vibrated her tongue-tip like a tiny lash against the head of his prick, he groaned at the fantastic thrill.

Sherry knew Laura was going to come again, could feel it like a magnetic current from the brunette's cunt to her juice-soaked mouth. She plunged her tongue deep and made low animal sounds in her throat as more of Laura's honeyed fluid oozed into her mouth. She was tremendously excited, had been in fact ever since last night when the sexy librarian had turned her on. She felt like fucking Jimmy at this moment and she looked up over Laura's bushy cunt to see his slippery red meat slamming into Laura's mouth, and the sheer wickedness of the triangle gave her a delicious thrill.

Above the ravenous blonde, Laura's tongue felt the powerful surge in Jimmy's meat that signaled his ejaculation. She sucked fiercely to draw it out while her hips jerked up violently in response to Sherry's wild mouth, and a few seconds later Jimmy's prick gushed forth its torrent of conic in his aunt's mouth. She swallowed it greedily, comparing the salty taste to Sherry's sweet juices, draining his rod to the last drip. She had to nudge Sherry's mouth away from her glowing pussy -- the girl was crazy with hunger having tasted it once.

Jimmy climbed off, heaving for breath, and Laura sat up. For Laura, they were just getting started.

Chapter FIVE

"Pour us some wine," Laura told Jimmy. She hugged Sherry and rubbed her palm against the girl's hot crotch. "Why don't you get undressed, darling," she told Sherry. She sipped wine as she watched the delicately curved blonde undress. Those tawny thighs brought a sharp tingle to Laura's lips and she recalled the fragrant, silky pussy-hairs crushed to her nose as she'd devoured Sherry with greed. Hooked as she was on Laura, the brunette thought the dildo would hook her permanently. She didn't know what coming really was yet, but the would, soon.

The three of them lay on the bed, Laura in the middle with one hand on Jimmy's semi-stiff cock and the other tenderly caressing Sherry's pussy. They sipped wine, and Sherry and Jimmy told her some of the school gossip.

After thirty minutes, with Jimmy's fleshy rod once again throbbing her hand and Sherry lunging her steaming cunt eagerly up against her hand, Laura decided Sherry's next obedience lesson was ready.

"Lie on your back," she ordered the adolescent, and they made room for Sherry as she spread her arms and legs out. Laura tied the cord to Sherry's wrists and ankles, tugging at the ropes to make sure they were firm. Sherry would be hysterical with hut soon, and she didn't want her prize pupil escaping. Jimmy watched with silent curiosity.

Laura gulped down the rest of her wine, unable to take her eyes off the blonde's satiny curves. Sherry waited, a twinge of fear stabbing through her, but she trusted Laura completely.

I'll work her up by degrees, Laura decided, get her hot little cunt blazing first. She lay on top of the blonde's trembling nakedness and kissed her, grinding her scaring cunt to Sherry's in a slow, winding circle of her hips, their pussy-lips creating a delicious friction as they rubbed.

"Eat me," Sherry begged in a hiss. "Eat my pussy, Laura!"

Deliberately teasing, the statuesque brunette began nibbling on Sherry's softly rounded tits, feeling the girl's silky flesh tremble wildly beneath her. She slid further down, biting and sucking Sherry's cute belly for a minute, then tracing a circle of kisses around her juicy young cunt, but only tantalizing her, never touching her quivering pussy-flesh.

"Oh, please!" the blonde sobbed, aroused to a frenzy of excitement, "eat me, Laura, suck me!"

The brunette gazed up over her fringe of cunt-hairs, feeling a strange cruel triumph at Sherry's helplessness. Jimmy watched wide-eyed, his young prick stiff again at the lewd spectacle of his aunt teasing his girl friend. There was something terrifically exciting about the contrast of the librarian's ripe, creamy curves rubbing lasciviously against the blonde's tawny softness, the way Laura's long pink tongue darted out to lick and suck within an inch of Sherry's tender dripping cunt.

"I'll fuck her," he volunteered hoarsely to Laura. "She's as ready as she'll ever be."

"No, you won't," Laura said, getting off the bed. "Not yet anyway." From her dresser drawer she took the enormous red dildo and brought it over to Sherry. The girl stared at it, uncomprehending at first.

"What is it?" she whispered with a stab of fear. "It's a cock, honey. Bigger than life, wilder than you imagine." She switched it on and it hummed and surged in her hand like a live battering ram.

"You're not -- you're not going to stick that in me, are you, Laura? My God!"

Sherry's face turned white and she began to strain against her bonds. Laura knelt between the blonde's parted thighs and gently, very gently, brushed the massive knob against Sherry's outer cunt-lips. The girl arched her back and screamed softly, not with pain but with intense pleasure. For a few minutes, the excited brunette rubbed and teased Sherry's clit with the humming monster, rubbing its vibrating head up and down over Sherry's cunt-flesh, until the girl was jerking in eager spasms.

Laura paused, glancing over at Jimmy. He looked like he could barely keep his fingers off his throbbing erection.

"Get behind me," she told him. Quickly, he hunched over her milky ass, probing clumsily with his cock.

"No, not there," Laura panted. "In the ass... I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Kneeling behind her, the boy spread her hot ass-mounds with his fingers and wondered how he could pierce her tiny puckered slit with his rigid cock. Laura spread her fingers around Sherry's pussy-lips until the blonde's freely flowing juices covered them. Reaching underneath her thighs she lavished the sticky fluid over the head of Jimmy's prick.

"Now shove it in!" she commanded. "Hard."

A gasp of agony came from Laura's lips as Jimmy rammed his burning rod deep into her narrow asshole. For a moment she thought she'd faint from the gorging pressure of his meat in that virgin channel. It throbbed and quivered so massively it felt like a baseball bat rammed up her. Adding to the pain, she found she automatically flexed her asshole-muscles on it in a reflex.

"Oh Jesus," she moaned, "it hurts!" But when he started to pull it out, she said, "No! Start fucking me, but slowly, Jimmy! Ooooooooh shit! I said slowly, unnnnnnh!"

Jimmy began pistoning steadily inside her slippery hot asshole, grunting with pleasure at the tightness. He kneeled upright over her hovering ass, his hands grabbing her soft hips, his face contorted with excitement as her asshole shimmied and ground against his plunging prick.

When Laura felt the pain recede a little, she turned her attention back to the sobbing blonde beneath her. Sherry was pleading for more thrills with her dripping slit, nudging it toward the dildo eagerly. Gasping lewdly as Jimmy stroked his cock powerfully in and out of her bursting asshole, Laura fitted the head of the vibrating rubber prick squarely against Sherry's tender pussy.

Then she shoved the head in with brutal force. "Aaaaagh!" Sherry's scream echoed throughout the house and for a long moment she couldn't catch her breath. She felt as if her tender cunt were being ton in two, and white-hot sheets of anguish rippled through her trembling young body. She struggled desperately against the ropes on her wrists and ankles, feverishly wanting to escape the torture ramming her pussy, crying helplessly for mercy.

"No, no, no! Laura I'm begging -- oh! Eeeeeeee! Jeezuz! Can't take it! Oh God, it hurts!"

For a few minutes Laura gyrated and ground the knob of the gigantic rubber prick inside Sherry's cunt, and then she savagely shoved it in an inch. Again the blonde screamed and shook from head to toe, tears of agony stinging her eyes.

Far a moment Laura held it in that position, slamming her ass hard against Jimmy's groin each time he lunged forward. It was beginning to feel good now, great in fact. The pain was diminishing and there were hot wild thrills racing through her bowels with each stroke of his gorged meat. It hurt, but it hurt good.

Another inch. For a few dangerous seconds, Sherry's ass lifted high off the bed and she quivered in a frenzy as the rape of her tender young cunt proceeded. She'd never dreamed such pain existed, and yet, just beneath the surface of the blazing agony, there was a fierce excitement throbbing as her silken cunt stretched to receive the colossal prick, as it hummed and throbbed powerfully to spark wild thrills.

"No more!" she begged of Laura. "Oh God Laura -- I can't -- oooooooof! You're killing me! Aaaaaaagh!"

Just above the head of the dildo, Laura leaned down and sucked on Sherry's swollen cunt-bud to case the pain. The whole wild episode whirled unforgettably in her mind, the sweet honey of Sherry's clit, the frenzied efforts of her juicy young cunt as it tried to escape the raping monster, the blonde's sticky cunt-fluid oozing over the dildo. And her nephew's hot prick slamming savagely into her own asshole to fire new thrills. It was all so beautiful!

Now the excited brunette worked another inch of the gigantic cock into Sherry's rosy cunt and a low animal moan escaped from the helpless blonde's lips. She was beginning to enjoy it! There was pleasure in pain, Laura knew, and Sherry was starting to jerk her soaked pussy up in spasms to meet the ravaging dildo, incoherent sobs and phrases coming from her.

"Killing me. Fuck me, fuck me, darling! Me! Unnnnnnngh!"

Suddenly the pain no longer mattered to Sherry. A profound excitement had welled up her burning loins as the giant cock tore deeper into her ravaged pussy, as Laura's cunning teasing earlier took its effect. The girl was becoming a wild, mindless fucking machine, groaning with a mixture of pain and ecstasy as the brunette rammed yet another inch, into her cunt. The giant dildo buzzed and quivered to send shattering sensations through every inch of her pussy.

"I'm going crazy!" Sherry gasped, shaking her head wildly from side to side, thrusting her sweat-covered young body high in the air. "If I -- aaaaaaa! -- don't come... I'll go mad! FUCK ME!"

Behind Laura, Jimmy panted as he began fucking her fiery stole to a furious rhythm. "Tight," he moaned, "Goddamn, that's juicy! Oooh, tight and hot, Aunt Laura!"

"Shoot it in me!" Laura moaned. "Shoot your come up my ass how! Shoot it hard and deep!"

She swung her heavy ass on his cock feverishly, wanting the stinging come to splatter every inch of her pulsating asshole. Above Laura, Sherry was shuddering from head to toe in a mooning frenzy as the brunette rammed as much of the vibrating prick into the blonde's dripping cunt as she would take. Laura twisted it inside Sherry's pussy, and Sherry let out a blood-curdling cry of pain-ecstasy.

"Coming! Coming! Oh, Laura, harder, harder! Wanna -- unnnnngh! Fuck all night, can't stop!"

Suddenly Jimmy's scaring prick exploded its load inside her balling asshole, and as it spurted deep in her bowels, Laura moaned with joy and sucked furiously on Sherry's pink clit. She flexed her stole fiercely on her nephew's deflating cock so that he grunted in pain, but she craved every last molten drop tingling in her ass, loved the strange sensation.

Laura hunched closer to the blonde girl's frenzied cunt as Sherry began to come, jerking madly on the dildo, her juices oozing out to tempt the brunette to lick them off the monster. One of her hands darted to Sherry's hot little ass, swinging so frantically and Laura thrust a finger up into the tiny hole, bringing new screams of joy from Sherry's throat.

"Low it! God, oh Laura, my a... my pussy, I'm on FIRE!"

And to the lust-crazed blonde, her body did feel like it was on fire. Wave after wave of pain and intense thrills shuddered through her blood, bursting in her loins with delirious intensity. Her hot naked ass quivered furiously in Laura's hands ad the brutal rape came to a climax. When Laura slowly withdrew the dildo, Sherry let out a fierce animal moan.

"More," she gasped. "Fuck me again with it, yes, yes!"

With a long sigh, Jimmy slipped his limp prick out of Laura's tight asshole and rolled over on the bed. Jesus, that was strange. Not really better than pussy, but different. The feel of his aunt's silky hot ass slamming back against his crotch was fantastically exciting, and as he knelt behind her he was able to see every lewd detail of Sherry's rape.

If the guys could have seen a minute ago! A brief, nagging fear that one of them might spill his story around tore at his mind but he ignored it as he watched Laura soothe Sherry.

"It's all right now," the brunette crooned to the girl, hugging her so that their warm tits crushed together. "You'll be fine in a few minutes."

"Fuck me again," Sherry moaned, her tawny hips still twitching wildly. "Fuck me, Laura. Rape me again with it. Don't wanna stop!"

Laura gazed down at Sherry's face with concern. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her wide green eyes had a funny glaze to them. She was in a state of shock, the thrills too intense for her tender age, Laura blew. The monstrous, quivering dildo could drive any woman crazy if it wasn't used with care.

"Give me that wild cock again!" Sherry demanded, panting. She strained at her bonds, making violent fucking motions with her hips. "More! Come on, Laura, fuck me!"

Laura held a glass of wine to her lips, then stroked Sherry's long blonde hair, worried now. The girl's eyes were wild and her naked flesh was trembling with runaway excitement. Maybe if Jimmy fucked her, it would calm her down. She wanted to watch the two in hot action anyway.

"Come over here," she told Jimmy. He sat on the edge of the bed where she indicated. Still soothing and basing Sherry, Laura began to fondle Jimmy's limp rod, hefting it expertly in her fingers, gently puffing and stroking it. In a minute, her nephew's cock began to respond as it hardened. Laura started masturbating him slowly, wanting him rock hard for Sherry.

"Don't torture me like this," Sherry pleaded. "Fuck me, eat me, Laura, do something to me... I'm still so hot!"

"Jimmy will take care of you," she promised. "In minute, darling."

"Then I'll eat you," Sherry offend, licking her lips with a pink lascivious tongue. "I'll suck you off at the same time. I'd love that, Laura, honest. Please!"

In her wild state, she'd take on a gorilla, thought the librarian. And Laura didn't want to risk being devoured by that frantic little mouth right now, not in Sherry's maddened condition.

Jimmy's cock was throbbing powerfully, primed now, the purple veins standing out on its trunk, the knob a flaming red. Laura reached beneath to squeeze his balls, making him groan with impatience.

"Go ahead," she told Jimmy. "But don't get your rocks off in two minutes. Give her a good one... go slowly."

Eagerly, Jimmy climbed on top of the helplessly tied blonde. Sherry whimpered anxiously, gyrating her soaked aunt in anticipation.

Laura lay beside the two of them on her elbow, watching avidly as she gripped Jimmy's bloated prick and guided the head inside Sherry's waiting pussy.

"Ooooooo! Yes, yes, fuck me, Jimmy! Give me all of your hot prick! Aaaaaaah!"

Jimmy sucked in his breath as he drove his cock inside her tight, wet aunt. It squirmed on him with electrifying hot wetness, and he winced as Sherry sank her teeth into his shoulder in a fierce bite. He began pumping into her juicy aunt with slow strokes, but it was hard to control his load when the blonde began rotating her pussy on his rod in wide circles. This wasn't the Sherry he'd balled before... this was a wild hot little animal, groaning madly and biting and clamping her hot pussy on his cock like a silken vise. She rubbed her tits frantically into his chest and Jimmy knew if her hands were free she'd claw at him like a wildcat.

"Fuck me, Jimmy, yes, yesssss, love that hot prick! Mmmmmmm, want more, gimme more!"

"Easy," Jimmy groaned as she shuddered her fiery cunt on his rod in violent spasms. God, what a piece of ass that little Sherry turned out to be! Every time she squirmed her drenched pussy on him it was more fantastic than his aunt's eager mouth.

Beside them, Laura watched intently, her huge tits heaving with excitement. Two beautiful children fucking only inches away, and it was a gloriously lewd spectacle, watching Jimmy's crimson prick sliding in and out of that lovely pink pussy, seeing the beads of sweat on Sherry's silken hot skin.

With a soft moan, Laura's fingers darted down to her own pulsing slit and she spread her cuntal honey around her outer lips and clit. She began stroking her swollen clit-bud with a long finger, reaching down with her lips to suck on one of the blonde's luscious tits. She began to hunch against her feverishly stroking finger passionately while she savored Sherry's tit, loving the nipple with her tongue and gentle bites.

"Oh Lord," Sherry panted, jerking her naked ass off the bed in a high arc against Jimmy's stroking prick, "yes, yes, Laura, Jimmy, aaaaagh, pick and fuck, wild... hot, oooooo!"

Aroused wildly by the colossal dildo, Sherry felt a torrid release building up in her loins as Jimmy's prick pumped deep and hard into her blazing cunt. If only her hands were free! She wanted to sink her nails in a frenzy into Jimmy's hard ass, lock her leg around him fiercely and slam his long cock into her pussy until she burst with wanton joy. And she wanted to eat Laura too, suck and kiss and lick her delicious crotch until she a sated with happiness.

Laura suddenly stopped nibbling on Sherry's swollen tit and scrambled down on her stomach, between both their spread legs. Still fingerfucking herself with lewd abandon, the brunette inched up to both their crotches with her mouth, lapping and sucking at Jimmy's balls, then darting her tongue into Sherry's exposed tiny asshole. The blonde squealed with delight as Laura wriggled madly inside the juicy slot.

"Coming!" Sherry cried triumphantly. "Faster, Jimmy! Want your come! Aaaaaaah! Oooooh, I love to fuck!"

Jimmy felt his control slipping beneath her wildly sucking cunt and he issued a long groan as his load erupted, spattering all over Sherry's pussy.

When he pulled out, Sherry was still moaning loudly and shimmying her hips to Laura's hot making tongue up her anus. Beginning to come herself, the brunette quickly dove her tongue deep in Sherry's trembling slit, obscenely licking up the salty come dripping along with Sherry's honeyed trickle. Laura jerked her hips furiously as she rammed three fingers into her own aching pussy, until the onslaught of thrills subsided into a throbbing glow.

She rolled over on her back, exhausted, groaning with bliss.

"More," Sherry panted, swinging her ass up in a plea. "Do it again, Jimmy. Let's all do it again."

"No," the librarian said firmly. She sat up, sighing, wiling her tongue around her mouth to relish Jimmy's and Sherry's come. It was getting late, she saw with an anxious glance at her clock... close to eleven. But if she untied Sherry now, still in her frenzy of lust, who knew what she might do?

She went to her bathroom and got a tranquilizer from her medicine cabinet. She ordered Sherry to take it, along with sips of wine, and after twenty minutes the perspiring blonde calmed down, beginning to yawn with drowsiness.

Laura untied her then, and tenderly dressed her, pawing to kiss her moist thighs and belly and softly curved tits. She still didn't trust the glazed look in Sherry's eyes, but the tranquilizer would hold her until morning, at least. And then? Laura put the fearful thought out of her mind with an effort.

Again, she warned them both on the need for absolute secrecy. Sherry nodded emphatically, but Jimmy's face reddened, which worried Laura.

"You haven't said a word?" Laura asked anxiously. "Not to anyone?"

"Hell, no," Jimmy mumbled, avoiding her eyes. "I wouldn't do that, Aunt Laura."

"If you do, I'm finished," she reminded him. "Sooner or later everyone knows everything in this damned town."

She kissed them both goodnight, Sherry with passionate kisses, but she avoided another definite date for an orgy, in spite of Sherry's pleas. Give them time to calm down for at least a few days, to absorb their wild new introduction to sex. Sherry moaned softly as Laura caressed her ass-cheeks lustfully in a farewell kiss.

When they were gone, Laura sank naked onto her bed with a glass of wine and a cigarette. A fabulous orgy, she decided with a sigh of fulfillment. Only a few days ago she was the up-tight, deeply frustrated town librarian and now her mouth and her pussy radiated happiness from both sexes. But how long could she keep it secret?

Chapter SIX

At the breakfast table the next morning, Carter Hawkins sent an nor colder chill up his daughter's spine than the morning before. He didn't look at her at all, not even when speaking to her. Sherry knew this was the mast ominous sign possible, and she wondered with a terrible stab of guilt if he suspected what was going on. She ate in total silence.

Her father pretended to read the paper, but his mind was on the report he'd received about Sherry last night. A client of his, a policeman, had followed Sherry when he was off duty last night. She'd been picked up by Jimmy Wilson and they'd gone to a house on the outskirts of town, where Jimmy and Sherry had stayed for three hours. Then Jimmy took her home.

He'd checked the house address and found it belonged to the town librarian, Laura Swenson. First she'd taken them to a filthy movie and then had them over at her house for three hours. A cold, nameless suspicion hung in Carter Hawkins' mind. Something very strange was definitely going on. He knew his daughter well enough to know she'd deny anything if he questioned her in his harsh way. When the time was ripe, he'd get the truth out of her.

One thing bothered him most of all, the cop had said that five minutes after Jimmy and Sherry arrived at her house, all the lights except the one in the bedroom went out. Now what would two children be doing in the librarian's bedroom with her for three bourn?

Without a word, he left the breakfast table and drove to his office. All morning long he dictated letters and made decisions on policies. At noon he told his secretary he would take a two-hour lunch. It was Wednesday, and Carter Hawkins did precisely the same thing at noon on every Wednesday.

He draw to an expensive apartment building two miles away, parked, rang a buzzer and took she elevator to the fourth floor. The door was a jar. He went in, put his briefcase on the sofa and took off his jacket.

"Is that you, Carter?" A tall, big-breasted blonde entered the living room from the bedroom. She was wearing a lacy pink bra, panties and high heels. Her sensuously curved body was stunning: high, proud tits, tiny waist and hash hips above long, tapered legs.

"It's me," he assured her. His prick, which had been smoldering the entire morning as it did every Wednesday, pounded in his pants. The blonde was perfect for his desires -- the exact opposite of his sexless wife. Her lavish tits bounced as she walked, her huge nipples straining at the flimsy bra. Her ass rippled, milk-white and juicily curved, through her sheer panties. When men looked at her, they thought of only one thing.

She went over to Sherry's father and put her hand on his bulging crotch, groping skillfully. "Mmmmmmnnm, that's a goodie, Carter. Been saving it up for me all week?"

Coldly, the businessman put his hands on her soft shoulders and forced her on her knees before him. "Suck it," he said in a hoarse command. He gripped her head firmly in his hands as she unzipped his fly and brought out his pulsating cock, betting it in her hot fingers.

She opened her ripe mouth wide, and Carter shoved his prick in brutally. A cry of pain escaped from her as the swollen head battered against her throat. She earned her money with all of them, but with a bastard like Carter Hawkins, she earned it the hard way. Still, there were certain things he liked to do to her that she herself enjoyed tremendously. As she kneeled submissively before him, his fleshy rod pumping savagely in and out of her mouth, her eyes went to his briefcase with a strange mixture of fear and excitement.

"Harder!" he told her, panting as her burning lips began to suck feverishly, as thrills sparked in his balls and groin. His own wife wouldn't dream of doing this for him. Nor did his wife have anything that compared to the blonde's hot, massive tits and soft, huge ass. Aaaah, that ass, so creamy and vulnerable...

She was moaning painfully flow as he jerked his meat to a furious rhythm in her hotly sucking mouth. His hands cupped her blonde hair powerfully and he made lewd grunts as he fucked her relentlessly in her helpless mouth. She stroked the base of his prick rapidly in her soft fist, wanting to get this part over with quickly.

"Eat it!" Carter gasped, "eat my come!" His quivering cock exploded in her mouth and the blonde swallowed the spurting liquid frantically. Every Wednesday he gave her his entire week's come and this particular load seemed like it would never end, salty and burning, a flood that made her pg and whimper.

With a deep sigh, he pulled his limp rod from her mouth and released his painful grip on her head. His urgency was gone for the moment, and they could get down to business.

"Christ," the blonde sighed, standing up shakily. "One of these days I'll drown from your load. Doesn't your wife ever give you any?"

"My family is none of your business," he snapped. "You're nothing but a whore and don't forget it."

"Then in that case," she retorted, "pay me now, not afterward."

Contemptuously, he took fifty dollars from his wallet and flung it at her. The bills scattered over the carpet and he watched her get on her knees to pick them up, her ripe tits dangling, her lush ass wading a surge of blood in his deflated cock.

"Let's go," he told her. He followed her into the bedroom, beginning to strip, hying his clothes out neatly on her bed. Next to her dresser an the large bedroom was a metal frame eight feet tall and almost fin feet wide. On each corner was a set of manacles on a chain.

Trembling, the tail blonde took off her bra and panties, leaving her high heels on. That always turned thorn on, because her lop were stunningly curved and it made her taller, which in turn made her seem more helpless when she was shackled.

Naked, Carter Hawkins' body was in surprisingly good shape for his forty-five years. He was lean and muscled, with thick grey-black hair covering his chest. In fact, the blonde realized, he was very handsome, but that made him seem more of a bastard than ever. She'd seen his family with him in public and, after seeing his prude-faced wife with her stringy figure she could understand some of his hang-ups. But the daughter! An angel, with the luscious promise of sexy beauty when she grew up.

God, she wouldn't mind a piece of the daughter herself, thought the blonde as she stepped inside the metal frame. Shivers of fear raced up her spine as he manacled her wrists first, and then her ankles. She stood naked and helpless before him, spread-eagled with her arms raised over her head and her legs parted wide.

"Beautiful bitch," Carter muttered, his breath coming fast as he gripped the hot white flesh of her ass in his hands, kneading and stroking. It was her flesh he was hooked on, the soft, creamy and succulent skin, like hot velvet to the touch. He dug his fingers fiercely into her ass-cheeks and she whimpered in pain.

He opened his briefcase and her eyes widened in fear, although she'd been through it every week for more than a year. He took out a black leather whip with seven long thong at it, caressing it in his fingers as he watched her naked tits heave with fear and excitement. Even the harshness of her pretty features was gone now and she looked like a helpless girl, except for her fantastically sensual body.

"Don't hurt me," she whispered. "Please be careful?"

He stood directly in front of her, the whip twitching it his hands, his quickly-hardening prick brushing against her moist cunt-hairs.

"You love it," ho told her, grinning. "Your cunt is wet with excitement." He reached up with his fingers to stroke her trembling tits and she shivered lewdly as he pinched the fat nipple in his fingers.

When he went around behind her, the blonde shut her eyes tightly, beginning to shudder. She just never knew what the bastard would do next. First a little pleasure, then pain, than more thrills, then more pain. She suddenly moaned as he trailed the leather thong gently up the crack of her hot plush ass-cheeks, thou lasciviously down each of her trembling inner thighs.

A scream came from her lips when he abruptly rammed a finger deep into her tight asshole, and she squirmed her hips up and down on it.

Carter's long prick was throbbing urgently now. Whore or no whore, she had been an incredibly sexy body and the juiciest am he'd ever men on a woman. For a minute he tickled her quivering anus then suddenly withdrew his finger. She gasped, craving more of the strange burning pressure up her asshole.

Hefting the whip in his hands, he began to lash her trembling white ass, hearing her sobs of pain with a thrill of pleasure. She strained fiercely at her chains, her lush naked buns squirming helplessly with each stinging lash, her soft back arching sharply and her ripe tits thrust out and quivering. But with each burning stroke of the whip, a wild thrill of excitement radiated from her loins until her cunt was soaked with her juices and she was swinging her naked ass back to meet the whip.

"Hurts! Aaaaaa! Please, fuck me now... ooof! Now! Not again, no more, please! Oooooooh!"

He suddenly reached one hand around to rub her silky drenched pussy as he lashed her ass, arousing her to a feverish rhythm of us -- swinging. The pearl-white skin of her checks was covered with red welts.

"You love it," Carter panted, stinging her bouncing ass furiously, listening to her helpless cries with pleasure. "You couldn't live with out it, you beautiful bitch. Say you love it! Say it!"

"Yes, yes, yearns! Ahhh, want to come now! Fuck me, I beg you!"

Her velvety ass was a bright red now and Carter flung the whip down. He stood behind her with his pounding prick crushed to her soft burning checks, teasing her. He seized her panting tits in his hands and squeezed and rubbed them together, making her whimper with urgency, thou ran his fingers down over her fiery flea to her cunt, plunging a finger deep into the burning pussy-flesh. She squirmed deliciously on it.

"Fuck me now! You're torturing me, I'm so Goddamned hot! Ram it in, please, Carter!"

She struggled her wrists at the chains futilely, aching to grab his throbbing meat and shove it deep into her craving pussy. The hot stinging on her ass-flesh had aroused her to a frenzied pitch of desire and her ripely curved white body was drenched in a sheen of perspiration.

As much as he wanted to cruelly tease her some more, he was in a frantic state of excitement himself. The writhing satiny heat of her ass grinding against his crotch was maddeningly exciting to him.

"What will you give me if I fuck you?" he whispered hoarsely in her ear, squeezing her pussy-flesh with lewd strokes. "Will you give me another blow-job, free?"

"Yes, yes," she panted, shaking her head from side to side to vent her urgency. "I'll suck you off whenever you want, I swear it!"

"Will you fuck my dog?" he taunted her. "Will you give him a piece of your gorgeous ass?"

"Oh God, stop it! I'm so hot I could die, Carter. Yes, anything, I promise, but FUCK ME!"

He sank his teeth into the soft flesh of her shoulder in a savage bite and she cried out. Carter was so aroused over her lush, helpless nakedness he was afraid he'd come from the sheer pleasure of her burning fat ass writhing against his bushy crotch, from the silky feel of her swollen tits in his fingers.

He stepped back, clutched her wide hips powerfully in his fingers and pressed his arched prick against her fiery cunt-lips. She groaned with delight and he abruptly slammed his meat into her trembling cunt with such force she screamed.

"Oh shit, that's terrific," Carter panted, pistoning his rod brutally in and out of her luscious hot cunt. "Oh Jesus, what a fuck!"

She was slamming her hips feverishly back to meet his hotly stroking prick, clamping her pussy on it in a frenzy of blip. She'd almost come when he was whipping her ass, and now that burning glow began to fuse with the fire in her oozing cunt.

"Squeeze my tits!" she begged. "I'm going to -- unnnnnnngh -- come, Carter! Fuck it harder... hurt me!"

He pitted his teeth with lust as her frenziedly fucking pussy wriggled and clamped on his bunting prick. The only reason he hadn't raped her in the ass was that her cunt was so wild and flew it surpassed anything else she had to offer. And she was so incredibly sexy naked with high heels on, her creamy curves in a state of utter helplessness with shackles binding her wrists and ankles, the knowledge that he could do anything he wanted to her voluptuous naked flesh was in itself tremendously exciting.

"What a fantastic piece of ass!" he groaned, squeezing her hot tits fiercely in his fingers. His control shattered completely than and she moaned with passion as his surging cock began to gush its steaming load. He bit the nape of her neck, groaning deeply as his mad fucking strokes began to subside in spasms.

"Oh God! Go good, so wild, Carter! Oh you bastard, you really know -- aooooooo -- how to please a woman, mmmmmmm..."

For two minutes after his prick shriveled, she continued to moan and flex her tingling pussy on it. An intense heat spread out from her stinging ass, still a bright pink from the whipping, to her hotly glowing cunt. With so many steady customers like Carter Hawkins, she'd long ago lost the ability to distinguish between pain and pleasure. To her, they were the same.

"What a cunt," Carter sighed, stepping back. For a minute he kneaded the burning flesh of her ass in his fingers, wondering if he had time for a third piece. After all, she was in no position to argue with her lush body helplessly manacled before him. He glanced at his watch and sighed. No time.

He went around to face her. "Want me to eat your pussy?" he whispered. "Lick and suck it until you scream with joy?"

"Yes," she said eagerly. "Oh yes."

"For that privilege," he grinned, "you will have to pay me a hundred dollars, lady. I've got to get going."

"Bastard," she moaned. She sucked in her breath with pain as she moved her wrists and ankles. "Unlock me now."

Casually, he went over to the bed and started dressing.

"Bastard!" she cried out. "Goddamn you! Unlock me!"

"Why?" He raised an eyebrow as he knotted his tie, watching her struggle fiercely, becoming aroused again as her beautiful huge tits bounced. "Maybe in a few hours in that position will teach you courtesy. Even a whore needs manners, you know."

"You wouldn't," she moaned, really frightened. "Even a bastard like you wouldn't do that! Please, please let me out of these things!"

Fully dressed, Carter picked up the whip and went behind her. Gripping her crotch with one hand, he pressed the butt of the whip against her trembling asshole, threatening to ram it in.

"No, no!" she sobbed, "you'll kill me."

"You'd love it," he muttered, squeezing her pussy cruelly. For a minute he stroked the huge butt of the whip ominously around her puckered asshole, then left her and put it in his briefcase. In the doorway of the bedroom, he paused.

Terror crossed her face now. "You can't do this, damn you! If I ever get free, I'll..."

"You'll what?" he said coldly.

She kept her mouth shut. You didn't fool with the menacing streak in someone like Carter Hawkins. "Please," she begged.

Carter came back to her, stood before her and with a smile ran a fingertip along the lips of her pussy, which dripped with his come. He raised the sticky finger to her lips and, closing her eyes, she humbly licked it.

"That's a good girl," he said mockingly. Then he reached up and unlocked the manacles on her wrists and kneeled to unshackle her ankles. The trembling blonde whimpered as she tenderly nabbed her wrists.

Caner Hawkins picked up his briefcase, glanced crisply at his watch and started out. "See you next Wednesday. Wear your brown boots next time. I've got a new whip that matches the color perfectly."

"Bastard!" she hissed as the outer door slammed.

Chapter SEVEN

At the same moment Carter Hawkins returned to his office with a smug smile on his face, Laura Swenson felt a chill of uneasiness in her library office. Eddie Mulrooney had been hanging around for more than an hour, acting strangely, gaping and grinning nervously at her.

And Sherry had been in that morning gazing at her with such adoration, the girl's face could be read by anyone. Damn those little fools! Didn't they realize what could happen to her if the truth ever came out? The drive-in session had been wild enough but if the town citizens ever found out about the depraved orgy last night!

And now, for God's sake, Eddie Mulrooney was pretending to read a book as he stood outside her office, with such an obvious hard-on tugging at his tight crotch it was embarrassing. Embarrassing, she realized, but huge. The idiot must have had a bull for a father, Laura thought with a mixture of disgust and excitement. Did he know about her?

The tall brunette had an eerie sensation that the silly schoolboy with the immense prick lounging outside her office was the beginning of the end for her...

All morning long the idea had played around the back of Sherry's mind, a wild, absolutely crazy idea that filled her tawny young body with terrific excitement.

At noon she met Jimmy and they discussed it in the back of his customized van.

"Jeez, I don't know," Jimmy said dubiously. "Sure, it would be exciting as hell but how do you know she won't blab it around? One, word and..." He made a slitting motion across his throat with his finger.

"She won't," Sherry said positively. "I know her. She's a Goddamn little tease, but she'd be afraid to squeal on us. She's deathly afraid of me, you know. I'd slap her big tits silly if she ever uttered a word. What do you say, Jimmy? Shall we give her the business?"

He dragged deep on a joint. Hell, it was too risky but if he didn't go along with Sherry, she'd already made it clear she would cut him off. And after last night, after that fantastic fuck she'd given him, after the way she'd turned him on so wildly with his aunt, how could he say no?

"Okay. Let's get the snotty little bitch."

Sherry grinned, licking her lips. "Then all we need is some rope. You and I will give her the rest of it, right, Jimmy?"

"Right out." He reached over and fondled one of Sherry's luscious tits against her jersey. "How about a little action right now, Sherry? A warm up, you know?"

"Save it for Amy Harris. That's what I'm gonna do."

Jimmy stand at Sherry, awed by the overnight change in her. She was suddenly so cool, so sure of herself, so weird and diabolical she almost frightened him at time, like now. From the blaze in her wide green eyes, she looked like she could eat Amy Harris alive, from her toes to her flaming red hair.

He didn't know how his aunt had done it, but cute little Sherry Hawkins was suddenly a wild, passion-crazed swinger.

"Oh, one more thing," Sherry said with a lewd grin. "Well need some sugar... lots of it."

Amy Harris wasn't at all dumb, but she was extremely vain about her tits, and every night before she went to bed she did her breast exercises for fifteen minutes. First, she lovingly stroked and pulled at her ravishing tits, imagining them bigger and more lush than ever, so proud and lusciously curved, boys stopped on the street to whistle. Then she clenched her hands tightly in front of her and flexed her tit-muscles with all her might for ten minutes, a secret she'd read in a confessional magazine. She'd been doing the exercises since she was twelve, and now at eighteen her tits were so majestic and inspiring, she was the envy of every girl in town.

But she was still a virgin. After countless battles in the back seats of can with countless lustful boys, she'd always emerged victorious. She always managed to persuade them to lick the sugar off her tits, which thrilled her deeply, and then successfully fought off any further attempts to screw her. The other girls in school all called her a pricktease, not to mention most of the boys, but that didn't bother the sexy redhead. The simple fact was, she was hard to get.

"I'm saving it for my wedding night," she always told her frantic dates. "If all you want it some little tramp, there are plenty of those little skits around," she added coldly.

At eight o'clock she changed clothes for the evening, selecting a curve-hugging miniskirt that emphasized her cute ass and, of course, her superb tits. She almost always carried a small box of sugar in her purse, just in case. But tonight she knew she wouldn't need it. Tonight she was meeting Sherry Hawkins because the blonde had called her this afternoon and told her she had a terrific secret for her, about a boy who was madly in love with her. She wouldn't tell her anything else on the phone, and Amy snapped eagerly at the bait, dying to know who it was.

Secretly, she didn't approve of Sherry because she suspected Sherry wasn't even a virgin, and besides, she drank wine and smoked grass, two vices that filled Amy Harris with snobbish honor. Amy knew she was a good girl because she didn't smoke, drink or fuck, and she was proud of herself. As for ha little sugar-licking vice, well, how else would boys find out how beautiful and delicious her tits were?

As Amy stood out on the sidewalk in front of her house, her tits trust proudly in front of her, she was keenly aware that her most prized possession, the most precious thing in the world she had at that moment was her virginity.

Before that shattering night would be over, the prick-teasing, sensual redhead would lose considerably more than just her juicy young cherry.

"Well, I just don't understand why he has to be along," Amy said with a touch of crossness. She gestured at Jimmy, who was fiddling art and in the back of his van while she and Sherry sat up front. "Why couldn't we just meet at the malt shop instead of driving out to this Godforsaken dump?"

The van was parked in a desolate grove of trees outside of town, a place Sherry and Jimmy used frequently to smoke grass and have sex. The closest house was two miles away, and you could scream your lungs out all night long without rousing a soul.

"Oh, for Christ's sake," Sherry sighed, "why don't you just relax, Amy? Here, have some wine and pass."

"No!" Amy recoiled in disgust. "You know I'm not that kind of girl!"

"Cut the shit!" Sherry snapped angrily. "We know the kind of broad you are. And from now on your name is Sugar, get it? And when you find out why," she suddenly laughed. "You'll love it!"

The redhead gaped at Sherry in horror. She'd never been talked to like that, and she wasn't about to stand for it.

"I want to be taken home," she said haughtily, "this minute."

"You do, do you?" Sherry said in a lazy way that sent a cold wave of fear through Amy's blood. "How would you like to walk it, honey?"

"Well, if I have to, I will."

The moment she reached for the door handle, Jimmy seized her arms from behind and Sherry quickly reached down and clutched at her ankles.

"Let go!" Amy cried in terror. "What are you doing? I'll scream, you hear?"

And she began to scream homely as Jimmy and Sherry struggled with her, finally dragging her onto the mattress in the back of the van. It took them almost ten minutes to get her undressed and another ten to spread-eagle her on the mattress, with her wrists and ankles securely bound. Her screams were hoarse croaks by now, and her eyes, by the light from Jimmy's portable lantern, were huge orbs of terror.

"Now listen to me, Sugar," Sherry told her, kneeling beside her helpless, naked body. "One more croak out of you and we'll gag you. Dig?"

After a few speechless whimpers, the redhead sobbed, "What are you going to do to me? Why are you doing this?"

"I'll tell you," the blonde girl said in a husky voice, stroking her fingers caressingly over one of Amy's fat tits to make her shudder with shock. "We're going to fuck you, Sugar. And suck you. And turn you on until you explode with pure happiness. How's that?"

For a long moment Amy's ripe mouth hung open in disbelief and then she let out a terrified screech that hurt their ears.

"Tape," Sherry told Jimmy. Quickly, he tore off a piece of wide surgical tape, Sherry's bright idea earlier, and they pasted it firmly over the redhead's frantic mouth.

"What a relief," Sherry sighed. The screams were muffled moans now. She glanced at Jimmy beside her. He was definitely nervous and frightened, but Sherry had enough nerve for both of them. A wild excitement soared in the blonde-girl's chest as she stared down at Amy's plumply curved nakedness, so wriggling and helpless.

"Let's undress," Sherry said, and she slipped out of her clothes, naked before Jimmy had his pants off. Sherry paused to gulp some wine, feeling gloriously wanton, and then she straddled the redhead, facing her, her own tawny thighs astride Amy's curved hips, their pussies crushed together. Amy's eyelids fluttered and she almost fainted.

"You're going to love it," Sherry said in a soothing voice, leaning forward to squeeze Amy's heavy hot tits in her fingers. "Mmmmm, they are beautiful, Sugar, fat juicy melons. No wonder the boys go crazy over them. Give me the sugar, Jimmy."

"See?" Sherry said, holding the box before Amy's fear-wide eyes. "It's your brand -- C&H. Oh, Amy honey, wait till you find out what sugar can really do for you. You'll never be the same."

The blonde girl poured a fine stream of sugar over Amy's panting tits. Then she poured a big mound of it into her hand and gave the box back to Jimmy, who watched with fascination. His prick had swollen to its full quivering length at the sight of the two naked girls.

"And now," Sherry smiled lasciviously, "you're going to have the sweetest pussy in town, Amy."

A muffled screech came from the redhead's taped mouth as Sherry reached down and began to stuff sugar deep into Amy's tight little cunt. Christ! thought Jimmy, if his aunt could see this! He was beginning to think Sherry Hawkins was a genius, with a wild streak that surpassed his aunt's flair for weird sex.

"Oooooh," Sherry moaned, writhing her finger deep into Amy's luscious virgin cunt, "we're going to love this, Jimmy. I think she's a cherry. She'll probably bleed a little, but it won't hurt her."

A terror that made her blood turn to ice gripped Amy Harris. They were going to take her cherry! She strained with ever fiber of her naked young body at her ropes, but Jimmy had them lashed down to bolts on the floor of his van. Then Amy tried with all her might to faint, but that didn't work either. She could only watch the lust-crazed girl on top of her with blood-curdling fear, her soft white flesh trembling with violence.

Sherry hunched down on top of Amy, grinding her cunt to the redhead's lewdly while she clutched one tit in her fingers and began to lick up the sugar with long, sensuous strokes. The boys were right, Sherry thought -- her tits were delicious, like fat hot ass-checks with lush pink nipples on them. Sherry gently bit and then sucked eagerly on one taut nipple and a deep moan escaped Amy's throat.

Slowly rubbing her pussy-flesh to Amy's, the blonde girl licked up all the sugar, while Jimmy stared in awe. Sherry was beyond him now, too cunning and bold for him and he knew it. And now Sherry reminded him of his aunt as she slowly slid down Amy's plumply-curved flesh, kissing and biting the redhead's soft belly, stroking her satiny skin with loving fingers and deep moans of excitement.

Sherry paused, hungrily eyeing Amy's reddish fringe of cunt-hairs, and the helpless girl screamed deep in her throat. Then Sherry began teasing Amy with lazy strokes of her tongue, circling her moist, pink slit with agonizing slowness, never touching the juicy cunt-slab but lapping at her burning thighs and fragrant pussy-helm.

Oh Lord, I'm going to eat a cherry? Sherry taught with excitement. She pushed back on Amy's belly with one hand to expose her trembling wet cunt and then planted a passionate kiss directly on the rosebud-lips.

A violent unexpected thrill shot through Amy's pussy-flesh and her ass leaped off the mattress in surprise. Then another shattering thrill, and another that brought forth a squeal of involuntary jay. And in spite of her horror and disgust, the virginal redhead found herself wriggling her frenzied cunt eagerly up to meet Sherry's burning tongue. Boys hungrily licking sugar off her tits was nothing compared to this incredibly sexy feeling. Amy Harris may have been horrified and revolted at what she was feeling, but her tender young pussy loved it.

Deep groans of lust coming from Sherry's throat, she passionately licked up the sugar in Amy's hot pussy, her hands lewdly squeezing the girl's succulent ass. So this was what virgin pussy-juice tasted like, all sweetly sticky and delicious. Deliberately she paused in her feverish lapping for a moment and Amy gave a muffled scream of protest and jerked her reddishly curled cunt up and down in front of the blonde's mouth in an obscene begging motion.

Deliberately, Sherry dipped her mouth down and snaked her tongue up the virgin's anus to make Amy quiver her ass wildly in delight. Then she resumed eating her pussy, darting a finger into her tight cunt-flesh to squirm around as she nibbled on Amy's juicy clit.

Suddenly Jimmy, unable to contain himself any longer, his long red prick hovering anxiously, climbed onto the mattress behind Sherry. Sherry's ass bounced invitingly as she knelt between Amy's thighs.

"I can't wait," Jimmy gasped to Sherry. "I'm too hot."

For a reply, Sherry parted her knees on the mattress and reached between her own thighs to grab Jimmy's gorged prick. She guided its quivering length into her own soaked pussy with a deep hungry sound. The moment Jimmy started stroking steadily, fucking her dog-style, Sherry increased the fury of her sucking and kissing on Amy's helpless slit. The redhead began thrashing her hips to a delirious rhythm as the fiery sensations raced and rocked through her tender, thrill-shattered cunt. Each scream of hapless joy that tore from deep inside her muffled against the tape on her mouth.

With a shock, she realized that Sherry Hawkins was eating her pussy and it was incredibly exciting like nothing she ever imagined about sex. She couldn't stop madly swinging her cunt against Sherry's wanton mouth even if they untied her at this moment. God, she would faint if it got any more exciting! From the stinging waves of lewd joy in her cunt as Sherry sucked and nibbled on the tiny bud to the fantastic thrill of being finger-fucked at the same time, Amy Harris thought she would go insane.

While she ravenously devoured the virgin redhead, Sherry shimmied and squirmed her pussy on Jimmy's long cock. She shimmied and squirmed her way up to meet his drives, wriggling furiously on his hot shaft, trying to squeeze his boiling come from his balls. God, she we getting fucked and lapping a cherry pussy at the same time! She could hardly wait to toil Laura about this, about the honeyed taste of virgin pussy, how she licked the sugar out of Amy's sweet slit. The beautiful brunette would be so proud of her. After all, wasn't Shorty her star pupil?

The blonde girl withdrew her finger from Amy's pussy-flesh for a moment and saw with a thrill that there was blood on it. The idea of having broken Amy Harris' cherry before a boy was even able to get to it filled her with obscene triumph, and she rammed her tongue deep into the redhead's thrashing cunt, tasting the blood happily.

Slamming furiously into Sherry's tight slit, Jimmy felt his load being literally sucked out of his loins by her hungry hot pussy.

"Better than my aunt," he grunted, heaving madly. "Best -- aaaah... cunt in the world, Sherry. Yeah, greatest ass in the world! Wow!"

Sherry's tongue dove into Amy's steaming cunt in a fever of lust as Jimmy's gushing come spattered in her own pussy, until she could hear the helpless redhead screaming for mercy beneath the tape. But the strange flavor of blood mixed with virgin pussy-juice oozing in her mouth was like a drug to her now and she couldn't get enough of Amy's honey. Even after Jimmy dismounted her she continued to lick and suck the delicious hot flesh until Amy was slamming her naked ass up and down on the mattes in frantic passion.

Finally Sherry sat up, her tongue slowly licking tile damp blood and pussy-juice around her lips.

"Wow," she sighed happily, rubbing Amy's damp inner thighs, "that was almost too much! Christ, if the boys knew what they were missing they'd bang her in the school parking lot. Sugar, you're going to make a lot of boys and girls very happy if you swing along with me. You and I and Jimmy are going to have some wild parties."

"You think you might go down on me if we take the tape off her mouth?" Jimmy asked.

"She might," Sherry said with a wicked grin. "And she might also bite your cock off."

Jimmy turned pale and Sherry laughed with delight. They sat cross-legged on the mattress, sipping wine and smoking more marijuana, watching Amy's naked trembling body beside them with curiosity. Soft whimpers came from Amy's throat and her eyes were glassy as she looked, up at them.

Jimmy decided he couldn't wait to tell the guys about this, already imagining the looks of admiration and awe when he described how Sherry had stuffed sugar up Amy Harris' virgin cunt and then licked it out. Before tomorrow was finished, Amy would be called Sugar by everyone in school.

Sherry crawled on top of Amy's ripe nakedness and gently rubbed the tits together. The redhead responded with a sharp moan and writhed her swollen tits eagerly.

"If I take the tape off, you promise you won't scream?" Sherry murmured in her eat. "You'll be good?"

Amy nodded up and down frantically.

Sherry carefully tore the tape off Amy's mouth and a long low wail came from the girl's mouth. "Oooooh, Lord," Amy moaned. "Oh, Sherry!"

"Did you dig it, Sugar?" Sherry asked, softly grinding her pussy to Amy's. "Didn't I tell you it would be fantastic?"

"Ooooooh, Sherry!" Never very articulate, Amy Harris could not find the words to describe what she felt. Her nerves were purring like a cat under a warm stove, and the intensity of her wild orgasms left her dazed, unable to comprehend what her loins felt. She didn't realize she'd been more wildly aroused and satisfied by Sherry's eager lips and tongue than mast women experienced in a lifetime. Her mind told her it was wrong and dirty and terribly forbidden, but her newly-awakened young body told her something completely different: it was heaven, and to hell with her wedding night.

At last Amy croaked. "Sherry? You can call me Sugar anytime. Oooaoooh... I feel terrific. Do boys do that, too?"

"You can train them," Sherry assured her with a urn. "Just carry around a five-pound sack of sugar instead of a one-pound box. You and I an going to have some crazy patties," Sherry promised her.

Amy glanced over at Jimmy's cock, which had begun to stiffen and turn red again. "He's not, he's not going to have sex with me, is he, Sherry?" Tears filled her eyes. "He'll take my virginity!"

"Don't be silly," Sherry told the trembling redhead, caressing a huge silken tit. "I already took your cherry. With this." She held up her middle finger. "And it was yummy, honey, believe me."

"Oh." Amy tried to understand but her mind stiffly reeled from the violent thrills of Sherry's ravenous mouth. "But he'll hurt me! He's too big for me."

"It'll only hurt for a little while and then it will feel oh so good, Sugar," Sherry told her. "I wasn't crazy about fucking either until I got turned on. Once you get turned on, it's all one wild roller-coaster ride, boys and girls."

"I don't want to," Amy said with a streak of stubbornness. "Not with him."

"Well, I don't happen to have a cock with me," Sherry said sarcastically, "or I'd be glad to break you in. Come on, Amy, be a sport. Do it for Sherry."

Teasingly, the blonde nymphet stroked a finger along the crack of Amy's wet pussy and the redhead shivered wildly. Already Sherry was towing signs of diabolical cunning, using sexual tricks she'd learned from the town librarian. It would be just as easy to tape her mouth again and with her body helplessly tied down have her raped by Jimmy. But it was more than to use charm and sexual persuasion. There were a lot of pretty boys and girls at school Sherry already planned to practice on.

"I don't want to," Amy sobbed, "but I will, I guess. For you, Sherry."

Even Jimmy began to see how amazingly Sherry was becoming like his aunt. Christ, he taught with awe, if she was like this now, what would she be like when she pew up? She would by dynamite, a wildcat on wheels, queen of the swingers!

"Good girl," Sherry said to Amy. "It won't hurt that much because I got you nice and soaked when I ate your pussy."

Now Sherry beckoned to Jimmy, just like his Aunt Laura the night, before, and when he moved closer on the mattress, the blonde girl began squeezing and stroking his prick in her soft fingers, until it was gorged hard.

"Go ahead," Sherry told him excitedly. "Fuck her now."

Amy began sobbing and shut her eyes tightly as Jimmy mounted her spread-eagled body. Leaning down near Amy's pussy, Sherry spread Amy's juice around the purple head of his cock, then eagerly guided it into the tight slit.

"Ow!" cried Amy. "Ooooooh! Hurts!"

"Easy with her," Sherry cautioned. She didn't want the redhead to get turned off at this stage. She would need Amy willing and eager for the parties she planned.

Jimmy made a hissing sound as he tried to ease his rigid prick into her narrow pussy. "Goddamn, that's tight! And good! Oooooooeeee! Oh, boy!"

Amy let out a yelp when Jimmy's burning cock was only halfway in. For a few minutes Sherry sucked on the redhead's panting tits to take her mind off the pain, as Jimmy shoved more and more of his fleshy long rod into Amy's luscious cunt. And as Amy's pussy began to ooze its honey, his path became slippery and he rammed his meat harder and faster.

The bound redhead's crying became softer now, punctuated by long moans. Jimmy's prick burned and still hurt, but deep ripples of pleasure began to flood her loins along with the pain, as his hot meat stroked deeper. Amy was beginning to feel wonderful at the thrilling friction in her tight pussy, combined with Sherry's lips sucking her tongue.

"Oooooo, I like it!" she groaned, beginning to swing her hips up to meet Jimmy's pistoning cock. New tingles of excitement rushed through her thighs as his pulsating cock-head battered her slippery cunt with rater force, inching even closer.

Now the blonde basing Amy's hot tits and her own need coming to the surface and Sherry scrambled over the naked, helpless redhead's face. She knelt with a folded leg on each side of Amy's head, facing Jimmy, her widen-haired crotch hovering over Amy's sobbing mouth. In this position she could see Jimmy's red prick slamming in and out of Amy's red-curled cunt, and it spurred her wild excitement. Slowly, she lowered her pink slit to my lips in lewd teasing circles.

"Eat me!" she ordered Amy. "Suck it, honey... ouch! But careful! Oh yummmmmmmmmmmy! Ooooh, lick it, Sugar. Aaaaaah, oh Christ, wild!"

Amy didn't have to be coned. Sherry's moist pussy flooded her face with a rush of heat and it looked so intriguing and kissable she jerked her mouth up to meet it, her tongue lapping at it with clumsy greed. And the sticky taste was delicious, the boiling juices trickling down over her checks as Sherry lunged and quivered her young cunt on Amy's eagerly sucking mouth.

Jimmy couldn't hold himself back any longer. The redhead's pussy was squirming like wet fire on his bursting meat, so he plunged with ill his might into her luscious hot pussy-flesh, groping as she swung feverishly up to swallow his cock in her steaming crotch. The torrent in Amy's silken cunt tickled her walls so thrillingly she almost bit Sherry's grinding pussy wriggling on her lips.

Jimmy slipped his rod out of Amy and collapsed on the mattress between her outspread legs, gasping. Two cherries in one month, first Sherry's, now Amy Harris'. Jesus, what a hot little fuck the prissy redhead turned out to be! When Sherry lit their fire first, it felt like a four-alarm piece of ass. He realized he had to stick with Sherry at any cost, with the fantastic prospect of having the sexy little blonde turn on countless girls for him.

Christ, if his Aunt Laura knew what she'd started the other night at the drive-in by jerking off and then eating Sherry, she'd be astonished. Sherry had slid her tawny nakedness forward now that Amy's pussy was free and dug her mouth to the panting girl's crotch with a ferocious moan of hunger. Jimmy had seen pictures of girls in a sixty-nine position before but the real thing was so lewdly exciting he felt a surge of power in his tired and chafed rod.

The blonde and the redhead were heaving and thrashing on the mattress with loud moans of passion, Sherry clutching Amy's swinging hot ass fiercely to bury her mouth and tongue even deeper into the juicy cunt-flesh. Her own pussy crushed down on Amy's mouth in wild grinding plunges, sucking wetly on Amy's eager lips. Adding to Sherry's frantic excitement was Jimmy's come, which still trickled hotly in the redhead's squirming pussy and she strove to lick up every molten drops she devoured Amy.

For five full minutes, the two lust-inspired girls kissed and sucked at each other's exploding hot cunts in a frenzy of wantonness, Amy's muffled cries mingling with Sherry's deep animal moans of joy. Then they both came, their pussies wriggling madly on each other's frenzied lips, their naked, sweating young bodies locked in a fierce depraved embrace, each greedily sucking up the other's fiery cunt-juices.

Sherry rolled over on her back, trembling wildly, with a deep happy moan. Still Amy shuddered and twitched with her violent orgasms, her pussy mechanically jerking in a plea for even more.

They untied the sobbing redhead and the three of them lay back on the mattress with exhausted sighs. So wild had the thrills been in Amy's virgin cunt, she wasn't even aware that her arms and legs ached from her tight bonds.

"Oh, Lordy," she finally crooned, her pussy quivering with lingering spasms. "Oh my. I don't believe it, Sherry. Is sex always like that?"

"Not in your life," Sherry assured her flatly, sipping some wine. She held the glass to Amy's lips and the girl eagerly took some.

"Sex is like that with me and Jimmy," Sherry continued, "but most people don't have the faintest idea what's going on. You have to get someone who really knows how to swing to turn you on first. Like I turned you on, Sugar."

"And who turned you on?" Amy asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," Sherry told her, grinning slyly. The redhead would be a present for Laura, her offering. Fresh from the lips, tongue and fingers of Sherry Hawkins, she thought proudly. Sherry had just discovered it was more than to corrupt than be corrupted. Laura called it creative sex. To Sherry, it was still fucking and sucking when you got right down to the nitty-gritty, and it didn't matter what you labeled it, as long as you dug it.

Sherry cautioned the ripe-breasted redhead about letting any word careless slip out about the orgy, but it was unnecessary. Amy Harris was hooked, thoroughly captivated by her violent initiation. She even took a few timid puffs of marijuana to prow it.

While they talked, Sherry casually and curiously slipped some sugar up her own tiny asshole, wincing at the gritty feel. But Amy's burning little tongue would fix that. Then the blonde girl turned over on her stomach with her knees folded under, her ripe, plump ass poised eagerly in the air.

"Lick it all out," she ordered Amy. "But nice and slow."

The three exhausted adolescents didn't get home until after two in the morning. They slept the sleep of innocent babies.

Chapter EIGHT

The following morning Laura Swenson was so rattled she smoked her first cigarette in public with trembling fingers. The librarian sat in her office, puffing on it slowly, trying to tell herself it was only her imagination, but it sounded hollow in her own ears.

Other kids worn pinning broadly and gaping at her through her glassed-in office, and she had the sinking feeling she was in a zoo. Not just that idiot Eddie Mulrooney, hung like a bull, but Amy Harris' brother Tommy, and a few other, all boys. Which one? she thought furiously. Which one had boasted and set the cogs of total destruction churning aver her life and career -- Jimmy or Sherry?

Hell, it didn't really matter, she thought with sickening dread. They knew, and if mere adolescents knew every sordid detail, how long would it take for the word to spread to the self-righteous town citizens?

Sitting primly at her desk, with her long shapely legs crossed beneath her, Laura debated furiously with herself whether she should summon Jimmy and Sherry and question them herself. Foolish, she decided. They would both deny it. And besides, she didn't want to be seen with either of them now. It would only add fuel to the roaring fire. She stubbed out her cigarette with shaking fingers.

There was only one thing to do, bluff it out two more days, until Saturday. Then if she felt the pressure was too intense or threatening, she'd leave town fast, possibly use another name elsewhere.

Oh Christ, she thought with anguish, why couldn't I see it coming? She knew the answer. All those dry barren years, all the wild exciting fantasies that smoldered in her mind as she watched beautiful, ripening children day after day, the long tormented and lonely night she'd caressed and rubbed her own heaving tits and hot, aching thighs, they had to vent themselves or she'd go mad with frustration.

She'd tightly bottled up her natural passion until it erupted in an explosion of lust and danger. Only two more days she reminded herself. All I have to do is hang on for two more days and nights. What could happen in two short days?

If the voluptuous, tortured brunette knew, she would have run for her life.

Time was like a time bomb ticking away that night, as Laura took her bath and then lay in bed, chain-smoking. If she left town abruptly on Saturday, she could have everything taken care of by mail. Selll the furniture, the house, everything but her car and clothes. But where to go and what to do? San Francisco was a wild city, only a few hundred miles up the coast. An idea was beginning to take shape in her mind, but before she could pursue it, the doorbell rang.

A chill of fear rushed through her. Ignore it? But it rang again and again and she knew they'd see her car in the driveway and know she was home.

The naked brunette slipped on her robe and went downstairs, praying it wasn't Sherry or Jimmy.

She opened the door and felt her knees almost give way.

Eddie Mulrooney stood on her porch, grinning mischievously. Two other boys shuffled behind him and she recognized Amy Harris' brother Tommy and another boy called Buzz. They all reeked of beer.

"What are you doing here?" she asked coldly.

"Uh, we, just, we wanted to talk to you, Miss Swenson. Just for a few minutes, you know?"

"See me at the library tomorrow," she said coolly. "I don't like to be bothered at home."

"Can't wait," Eddie said grimly. "It's, uh, important, you know? Real important, Miss Swenson."

"I don't give a damn," she mapped and began to close the door.

"It's about Jimmy," Eddie said quickly. "About Sunday afternoon, in your kitchen."

The little bastard! Laura swayed slightly from fear. So it was Jimmy, not sweet Sherry, who'd set the wolves on her. And Jimmy had told them, probably in vivid detail, how she'd gone down on her nephew in the kitchen and about the torrid fucking session afterward. They knew everything. She could see it in their faces, in their sly grins and excited eyes. Blackmail, pure and simple. She tried bluffing.

"I don't know anything about Jimmy in my kitchen," she said icily. "My nephew is a known liar. Now if you don't leave, I'm going to call your parents. Is that clear?"

"You do and you'll be sorry," Tommy Harris said, beer giving him courage. "We'll talk to our parents, too, you know. And maybe they'll think one of us is lying, but not all three, Miss Swenson. I mean, they'll check it out, right?"

A wave of utter helplessness gripped Laura. In a low resigned voice, she said, "All right. Come in, but be quiet."

The three boys filed into her kitchen, whispering Laura took a deep breath as she faced them, aware that her creamy upper tits held their gaze.

"How much money do you want? Just to keep your silly little mouths shut for a while... only a few days." An admission of guilt, she knew, but they had her and they knew it she had to fight for time, just one more precious day. She'd get out in the morning, and fast.

"We don't want any money," Eddie Mulrooney said quickly. His eyes raked over her body.

"Oh, don't tell me," she said sarcastically, "you want what Jimmy got, right?"

The three of them nodded, gulping nervously. Laura turned her back on them and found a cigarette, lighting it with shaking hands. If she threw them out, she was completely finished. If she gave them what they wanted, she was also mined, inevitably, but she would gain a single day, she was certain. And by tomorrow noon, when the gossip would be wildfire, she'd be on her way to San Francisco. She had no choice. She turned to face them.

"Will you keep your nasty little mouths shut for a few days if I give you what you want?"

"Sure, oh yeah," Eddie said, and the others nodded violently. "We swear, Miss Swenson."

Laura sighed, feeling degraded. "Follow me," she said. She led them up to her bedroom and switched off the bedside lamp, but the room was still semi-lit from the street lamp. She turned to Buzz and Tommy.

"You two wait in the hallway. I don't want you wandering around the house and I don't want one Goddamn sound out of you. Now shut the door on your way out."

"But why is he first?" Tommy said.

"Get out or I'll kick you in the balls!" Eddie snarled, and they rushed out, closing the door.

"So you're the stud with the famous cock," she said dryly, slipping off her robe. Eddie sucked in his breath, his eyes bulging at her lush tits and thighs. "Well, get undressed," she said impatiently, and she lay back on the bed with her long legs spread, her pussy-lips waiting.

She felt like a whore so she may as well think and talk like one, she realized. Possibly she deserved this, but as long as she was leaving town forever she might as well enjoy herself. As long as she was forced to do it, why not give them something to remember in the years to come? Hell, why not make the most of it?

"My God," she muttered when Eddie slipped off his pants, and the librarian sat up, startled. Between the boy's chunky thighs was poised an enormous erection -- a huge throbbing rod of meat that was almost grotesquely beautiful as it quivered eagerly in front of him like a battering ram. His balls, too, were massive, covered with dark fuzz.

"Bring that over here," Laura murmured huskily, sitting on the edge of the bed. Eddie stepped between her thighs and groaned as the brunette lewdly stroked her fingers over its gorged length. She felt a wild thrill of excitement as the gigantic rod pounded hotly in her hands, its knob like a giant red peach.

"No wonder the schoolgirls shake in tenor when they see you," Laura marveled. The lusting young prick leaped fiercely as Laura squeezed it tightly. "When is the last time you had sex, Eddie?"

The boy's face turned red. "I, uh, not for a while, Miss Swenson. Not for a long while." It had been six months actually, since a weary prostitute at the local whorehouse agreed to take him on for an extra five dollars. And from the delicious feel of the brunette's silken fingers caressing his urgently throbbing prick, Eddie feared he would come on the spot and make a fool of himself.

But Laura knew he was close to coming, could feel the pent-up load rippling massively in his hot meat. She also knew at his age and in his frantic state he'd get it up again in two or three minutes, easily.

"Listen, Eddie," she told him tenderly, "I know you're very anxious, so don't worry about coming in my mouth. In fact, I want you to. Understand?"

The boy nodded and a moment later a wild groan wiled out of his throat when she seized the head of his dick and grasped it deep in her wet mouth. She held its heavy length up in her hand, hunching her mouth down on it in a fever of abandon and beginning to suck the colossal organ with rapid jerks of her lips. She gave the blow-job her total attention, putting her dangerous situation completely out of her mind so she could wallow in his tremendous hot prick.

Eddie clenched his fists lightly and began gasping with urgency as her mouth worked on him hungrily. Quivers of fantastic excitement were building up in his loins as she pumped the trunk of his hard-on in her fist and simultaneously sucked hotly on his cock-head. When he couldn't endure it and more, he reared back his head and emitted a violent grunt.

"I'm coming! Oh, shit, Miss Swenson! Oh, oh, my balls! Ooooo, I'm getting my nuts off! Shit!"

Quickly, Laura grabbed his balls in her hand, coaxing his ejaculation, and she gulped as much of his shuddering meat into her mouth as she could, feeling choked. His come began then, spurting in great gushes of salty waves. It stung the greedy brunette's throat and eagerly she swallowed again and again, dazed at the endless flood of semen, moaning in wonder as the boiling fountain spasmed for another solid minute.

It took her another two minutes to suck out every final drop, wriggling his softening meat in her fingers to milk it. With a gasp, she let his deflated cock slide out of her mouth.

"Wheeeeeew!" Eddie groaned, shaking his head. "What a way to go!"

Laura clung to his heavy rod like a prized possession. "Was that your first blow-job, Eddie?"

He gazed at her, shocked. The word sounded obscene anyway, but coming from the prim town librarian's lips, it was downright astonishing. And exciting.

"Yeah, it was," Eddie admitted. "Christ, I never knew getting your rocks off could be so wild."

"Then remember who gave it to you," Laura said. "Remember me, always."

Another notch on my tongue, she thought dryly, and another stab at immortality. Stroking and tonguing his immense rod of flesh and lifting it up to gaze at his big balls, she had him hard again in less than two minutes. But it wasn't necessary to lubricate herself. Her cunt had begun dripping profusely while she was devouring him, and curious shudder of anticipation throbbed in her loins.

For a moment she hesitated while she decided on the best position, the most exciting that would enable her to get every enormous inch of Eddie's hard-on in her tight pussy.

"Lay on your back," she told him. "I'm going to ride you at full gallop and hope I don't break my neck."

Puzzled, Eddie lay back so that his massive prick rose up in the air, vibrating. Laura straddled his flanks, facing him, sitting upright as though on a saddle with a gigantic round knob. She lifted her hips and guided the crimson head so that it barely brushed her trembling cuntlips. She tried coming down gently and cried out in surprise at the sharp pain. She tried again, grinding her wet outer flesh to moisten the tip of his meat, and then she laid down an inch.

"Good God!" she panted, shivering as the fiery knob pulsed inside her like a humming dynamo, sending spasms of thrills racing along her cunt. Slowly, the aroused brunette gyrated her pussy-lips on the head of his burning prick, jerking steadily on his shaft. She felt impaled on a red-hot poker and she hissed with wanton joy as she eased her gorged pussy down another inch.

"What a prick!" she moaned happily. Carefully, so as not to rip her tender cunt-flesh, she began to swing up and down on the colossal hot meat to a gentle rhythm.

"Feels great!" Eddie gasped beneath her still feeling awkward, he reached up and gripped her ripe tits in his hands eagerly. They were silky and luscious in his fingers, not at all like the budding mounds he occasionally got to grope in the back seat of a car. He didn't have to worry about coming at once this time since she'd sucked him off so frantically, so Eddie reveled in the velvety heat of her lush, tight cunt as it rode up and down on his cock. As long as she didn't speed up, he could stay with her.

"What a fuck you are, Eddie," the brunette panted feverishly as she swung harder and faster on his rod. The friction was so hot and intense Laura could feel her first orgasm gathering for its explosion. She began swinging her hips in circles, hissing and moaning as the giant cock-head gorged one side of her pussy, then the other.

"Must get every gorgeous inch -- Ooooooo! -- into the hilt! What a chunk of meat!"

Again Eddie was shocked. After all, the librarian was a lady. Everyone in town knew that. What Eddie couldn't know was that the cool brunette had practiced these lewd phrases countless times in her mind, as she lived out countless sex-fantasies over the long years. Now the words seemed perfectly natural to her as she deliriously fucked the schoolboy with the magnificently endowed prick.

Laura shuddered madly as her first orgasm shot through her bursting cunt, and she clawed at Eddie's flanks savagely with her nails. She jerked faster and more furiously on his throbbing cock, clenching her teeth in pain as she managed to ram another two inches inside her frenzied slit.

"Oh, you beautiful little bastard," she sobbed, slapping her ass up and down violently on his crotch in bliss. "Oh, you fucking bull! Eddie Mulrooney -- Aaaaaagh! -- you're literally too MUCH!"

The feverish librarian didn't know whether she'd managed to gorge her cunt to the hilt with his giant shaft, but she felt as though someone had shoved a blazing melon so far up her crevice it was in her stomach.

"C-coming!" she cried, "oh fuck! Oh mother! Oh Eddie!"

"Me too," Eddie groaned beneath her. Her bouncing tits were sweating freely in his hands, and the balled knot of come in his groin felt like a seething volcano. "Me too!"

Now Laura rode his hard rod to an intense fury, lunging sharply back and forth, then side to side, pounding his flanks with her fists to vent her exploding excitement. His flew knob battered brutally to the very recesses of her lush cunt, and when his liquid shot, Laura gritted her teeth to keep from screaming as the molten orgasm shattered her pussy.

It took her five minutes to subside, moaning while Eddie heaved for breath. Even with his cock soft, her writhing slit felt gorged.

"They may call you a schoolboy," Laura sighed as she slipped off his heavy rod, "but don't let them kid you, Eddie. You're a man."

Eddie glowed with pride as she dabbed his cock dry with a towel. She gave it a final tender kiss before he slipped on his pants.

At the doorway he paused. "Gee, thanks, Miss Swenson."

"You have got to be kidding, Eddie Mulrooney," she sighed. "Thank you."

Buzz came into the room for his turn, then Tommy followed. Sometime later the boys left and Laura felt safe for at least another day.

Chapter NINE

Carter Hawkins normally got to his office by nine-thirty each morning, but this morning he knew he would be late. His daughter Sherry usually left the house by nine-thirty, so he lingered reading his paper. Where she spent the lazy summer days and nights he didn't know but his suspicions were hardening rapidly. She seemed completely different the last few days -- dreamy-eyed, swinging her plump young ass in a taunt as she walked, holding tong whispered conversations on the phone. Shocked, he once thought he heard the word cunt murmured, and if she was insulting another girl her lewd expression didn't show it.

When Sherry had left, he quickly went up to her mom. Carter knew she kept a diary. He began to search for it, beginning with the dresser, poking underneath folded panties and jeans. The first thing he found were two crudely rolled cigarettes. He sniffed them, his face growing red with anger. Then he put them in his pocket. Sherry's plump young ass would be very, very red tonight. If she smoked marijuana at eighteen, what else would she do?

The dresser yielded no other evidence. He looked under the mattress. Nothing. In a hope chest, and still nothing. But in the closet, beneath a folded blanket on the top shelf he found it -- a thick, blue-bound five-year diary.

He glanced through the lint few pages. The entries were childishly scrawled, revealing nothing more than a profound yearning to have a 38-inch bust and be the mast popular girl in school. He started reading from the back, then. Carter Hawkins' normally cool gaze suddenly became horrified and his face turned chalk-white.

He sank onto the bed and began reading intently, his sharp face etched in utter disbelief. Occasionally his lips moved and he read aloud.

"... when she tied me down I was really scared at first, but I should have known I could trust... thought I would die when she licked my pussy but it was nothing compared to that giant cock she shoved up me! I honestly think eating her beautiful pussy was the greatest experience of my life, though I'll always remember the fantastic night she masturbated me and Jimmy at the same time -- she's so wonderful and considerate! Jimmy's a good fuck but he really needs training... I'll work on it...?"

A deep rage began smoldering in his blood, so furious his fingers shook as he went forward a few pages.

"Never had so much fun in my life! Ate Amy Harris' pussy last night, and oh yummy, yummy! Technically, I took her cherry instead of Jimmy because I finger-fucked her first and licked off the blood. Mmmmmmmm! Amy is absolutely crazy about me now and she'll do anything in the world for me. That's good shit, because her and I and Jimmy are going to start some parties this fall in school that will blow some minds to kingdom come! (Come?) Oh, Laura, how you turned me on. Ate your gorgeous pussy in my dreams last night."

Very slowly, Carter Hawkins closed the diary with shaking hands. In a daze he brought it downstairs and put it in his briefcase. He picked up the phone and dialed the library. When he found out Laura Swenson had called in sick he dammed the phone down so hard he almost smashed it. He checked the phone directory for her address. Then he went out to his car with a look of terrible rage on his handsome face.

Wearing nothing beneath her robe, Laura was halfway through her packing when the doorbell buzzed. She glanced at her watch anxiously. Ten-thirty. She went downstairs, opened the door and felt the probing finger of fear in her stomach. She recognized Carter Hawkins.

"Good morning, Miss Swenson," he said pleasantly. His face was taut, but his eyes were friendly, almost warm. "Can I talk to you about Sherry for just a minute, please?"

"Well, I'm terribly busy, Mr. Hawkins. Could you come back this afternoon about one?"

"It'll only take a minute," he assured her smoothly. "You see, its about her writing ability. Yes, Sherry is a writer," he added at the look of surprise on her face. "Very promising. All I want from you is a brief opinion."

The brunette heaved a sigh of enormous relief. "Come right in," she said, opening the door wide. She closed the door, locked it, and suddenly felt her wrist seized in a grip of steel. She cried out in agony.

"You filthy depraved bitch!" he hissed, his eyes blazing like coals. "You Goddamned slut. My eighteen-year old daughter! Your nephew! Where's your bedroom? Where!"

The pain in Laura's clamped wrist was so fierce she could barely whisper. "Up-upstairs. I'll show you."

He dragged and tugged at her mercilessly as he went up the stair, ignoring her when she fell twice. Tenor welled up in the trembling librarian's heart like a suffocating cloud. He knew, he knew everything, and although Laura was hardly religious, she began to pray silently, with all her might.

Still clamping her wrist ferociously, Carter flung his briefcase down and with his other hand ripped open her robe savagely. For a moment his eyes burned on her creamy naked tits and silken nest. He clutched one of her ripe tits in his hand and squeezed so harshly she almost fainted.

"Evil bitch," he hissed. "So you like to tie little girls down, do you? Like teasing, eh? Get the ropes and the dildo. Get them!"

He flung her down on the floor. Sobbing, Laura got up and opened the dresser drawer and took out the cords and the monstrous prick. She held them out, shaking.

"Tie down the ropes," he snapped, taking off his jacket. "Keep your mouth shut, don't beg, don't argue, don't scream. Do exactly as you're told, bitch."

Her heart racing wildly with fear, Laura hurried to obey. He wasn't dragging her down to the police station, at least. It was vengeance he wanted. But the rage seething in him was so terrifying Laura almost wished at that moment he would take her to the police. When the ropes were secured, she faced him, her knees trembling. He was naked, his lean sinewy body radiating fury and power. His long prick bristled, fully hard, red with blood.

Good God, thought Laura, he's excited! He just found out I seduced his daughter and he's horny! What kind of a bizarre man was Carter Hawkins?

He opened his briefcase, took out a thick blue book and then a vicious, shiny black whip with thong trailing to the floor.

"Oh no," Laura moaned helplessly. "Please, I never hurt her..."

"Shut up!"

Instantly, she bit her lip, knowing she had to obey and submit completely.

"Lie on the bed, face down, arms and legs out. Not a sound, not a word."

Hurriedly, she lay down, her breath coming in fearfully loud rasps. Her naked white ass twitched in horrified anticipation as he roughly bound her wrists and ankles, making the knots so tight she held her breath to keep from crying. When she was tied, he stepped back, staying in her view. An obscene milky drop oozed from the huge head of his rod, but he seemed suddenly calm now that she was utterly helpless. He picked up the whip and began caressing it in his fingers as he talked.

"So you like to torment and suck off helpless children, do you? Ever try it with a real man? A little pain, a little pleasure, just nibbling on the fringes of passion, toying with it -- that's your obsession, whore. Well, believe me, you have no idea what pain or pleasure is. But you will in a minute or two."

He paused, the lust building up tremendously in his hot loins. She was far more, beautiful than he expected, naked. Incredibly sexy tits and ass, soft creamy skin, long, voluptuously curved legs. His Wednesday-blonde was almost childish beside the brunette. And the picture of Sherry eagerly going down on her lush pussy flashed in his mind, firing his lust to an intense pitch.

He picked up the diary, opened it to a page, held the book with one hand and the butt of the whip with the other, its tails twitching murderously before Laura's eyes. He sat on the edge of the bed near her face and began reading an excerpt from the diary in a curiously church-like voice. While he mad, he trailed the thong of the whip over her ripely curved ass-checks in a gentle caress. The spread-eagled brunette barely heard the words as she gritted her teeth, waiting for the first stinging lash. After sixty seconds, the torture of suspense was worse than anything he might do. Her nerves began to quiver like a tuning-fork.

"... and when she stuck her tongue up my ass," he intoned solemnly, "I damn near fainted with excitement. I guess nothing is sacred when it comes to sex. Truly, I thought I would die when she rammed that giant prick inside my tight pussy! Yet she was so gentle..."

The scream that came from the shocked brunette's lips rang through the house in an echo. The whip had come down with shattering suddenness and her naked ass blazed with the fire of sheer pain. The instant Laura caught her breath, she bit off the scream. Team stung her eyes as she watched him calmly read.

"... sucking and fucking with Laura and Jimmy just has to be the wildest thing in creation! I guess I want to be just like Laura when I grow up..."


A dozen shattering lashes in a row and the wildfire in Laura's bright-red ass spread to every quivering inch of her velvety flesh. She tugged madly at her bonds.

"... never dreamed being jerked off by a beautiful woman could be so wild! The feel of her hot tits digging into my back, her passionate kisses on my throat and neck, her long hot finger up my cunt. Oh, crazy! Even her husky voice turns me on, makes my pussy quiver and drip like fire..."


Her soft naked back this time, and the sheet of agony was so intense over her lush trembling curves she tied to beg for mercy but couldn't catch her breath.

I thought of Laura when I ate Amy's juicy little cunt and it made it twice as exciting! I wanted Laura to be there to lap up the blood and honey with me, then I would eat her out for a solid hour! "God, if my square father even suspected what was going on, he'd kill me!"

There was a long silence and Laura twitched madly from head to toe, waiting for the next nerve-shattering lash. She finally dared to open her eyes. He'd put the book down and was staring lustfully at her naked ass, his prick crimson with eagerness.

"Well," he said in a gentle voice, "I think that's enough torture, don't you? Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. You do have a lovely body, you know, Laura. As Sherry would say, let's fuck and suck for a little while."

Don't trust him! Laura thought. But the prospect of even temporary relief from the whirling back lashes left her dazed. "I'll -- I'll blow you if you like," she whispered, "lick your balls. Anything. But no more, no more whip, please!"

"Yes, you'll blow me," he said. "But when I'm ready. Since you only seem to fuck boys, let's show you how a man does it."

He stepped behind her, out of her range of vision and another chill of fear raced along her stinging flesh. Out of her view, he placed the massive dildo next to her bound ankle. Then he sat between her milky thighs, facing her ass, and slid his legs beneath her hips, with his legs stretched out alongside her ribs. He leaned on one hand for support. He now sat upright with his throbbing meat facing the exposed pink lips of her pussy, between her legs. In this way, he could see every detail of her glistening cunt as he fucked her, every inch of her beautiful ass, and he could stroke, pummel, slap, caress or do whatever he wanted with her creamy mounds.

As he parted an ass-cheek with his thumb, he saw he also had access to her tiny brown anus.

For a minute, Carter Hawkins pressed the glowing head of his long prick against her silken cunt-lips as he gently ran his fingers over the hot flesh of her ass. It was burning, a blushing pink from the whip, a beautiful rosy hue that contrasted sharply with her trembling white thighs and dark hairy cunt. He inched his hips forward, slipping his big rod into her wet pussy-flesh, catching his breath. It was a very hot juicy cunt, much more exciting than his blonde's.

"Oh excellent!" he gasped, shoving more of his pulsing meat into the flew slit, feeling her soaked walls tighten on it. "Oh yes, you're going to be some fuck, Laura. Mmmmmhhh!"

In spite of her terror, Laura moaned softly as he plunged his prick deep into her trembling pussy. It felt wonderful after the brutal whip, gorged and hot and reassuring. The tingling fire on her flesh began to ebb as Carter fucked her with slow lunges of his hips, shoving deep and hardening his prick at will to thrill her throbbing pussy. He stroked almost dreamily, lifting his ass off the bed to vary the pressure of his thick meat inside her luscious cunt, pumping very hard and then softly.

"Oh, that's marvelous," Laura moaned in lascivious delight when he rammed her slit in slow lewd strokes. None of the clumsy eagerness of sweet young cocks with Carter Hawkins, he realized. He knew how to please, how to extract and give maximum pleasure from a woman. "You really know how to fuck," she panted, getting wildly aroused flow.

Intently, Carter watched his pulsing red meat sliding in and out of her seeping cunt, having to exert a sharp self-control not to come too early because of the slippery excitement racing along his prick. He kneaded the hot flesh of her vulnerable ass meanwhile pinching and rubbing it in his palms and fingers. The bright blush he loved so much was beginning to fade, though. He gripped both her ass-cheeks in his hands and squeezed firmly with each drive of his cock. He slapped the hot flesh sharply as he shoved his prick to the hilt and Laura gasped with delight.

"Oh, I love that," she groaned, wriggling her ass wildly. "Oh Carter, this is a terrific fuck! Oh gooooooood!"

Sherry's father was fucking fiercely excited now, unable to control himself under the tight rippling heat of her cunt. Quickly, he reached for the giant dildo beside him and turned it on.

The humming instantly alerted Laura. The brunette froze in fear, her mind slow to realize what he might do, her milky flesh tensed.

Then the most white hot searing agony Laura ever felt plunged brutally into her tender asshole. She lifted her head, tried to scream and couldn't. Her savagely impaled ass quivered in a frenzy high in the air and she tried desperately to lose consciousness and failed.

"Unnn... unnnng... EEEEEEEE!"

Furiously aroused as he plunged the gigantic rubber prick with fierce power up her tiny asshole, Sherry's father increased the rhythm of his fucking-strokes. He lunged passionately deep into her tight frantic pussy, feeling it constrict even more under the pressure of her ravaged anal slit. He began to come in violent spurts, jamming the dildo in and out of her narrow asshole with both hands with the fury of sheer vengeance.

"Beautiful cunt!" he panted. "Yes, hot and tight... Ooooof! Cunt! Oh you lovely bitch! Fuck!"

Helplessly screaming, Laura writhed her hips insanely as her bowels and pussy blazed with bunting pressure. She could no longer tell the difference between the searing pain and shattering orgasms.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she groaned deliriously. "Shove it up my ass harder! Aaaaaaaaagh!"

She fainted suddenly.

When she awoke a few seconds later, she was aware that her ravaged asshole was free of the maddening pressure, and that Carter's cock was trickling limply in her pussy. She heard his breath heaving behind her, and then she sighed painfully he slid his soft meat out.

The bed beneath her was soaked from her tears. Her entire torso felt as though it were burning away in a holocaust. Even the whip was pleasure compared to that rape.

He came into view at the head of the bed, his lips grinning, his limp rod dripping obscenely. In his hands he held the whip again. Laura shuddered.

"That is what we call a traumatic experience," he lectured, slapping the whip loudly in his palm. "You will, to your amazement, Miss Swenson, leant to love and crave such intense thrills. The normal feelings of pleasure from ordinary sex are no longer going to satisfy you. Your nerves will rapidly become jaded, demanding deeper and wilder sensations. Your luscious cunt, and may I say I've never had better, will find ordinary pricks quite boring. Such is the capacity of the human nervous system."

"You're mad," she moaned. "You're crazy."

The whip tore at her tender ass-cheeks and she gasped.

"Maybe," he conceded. "But basically I'm no different from you. New avenues of excitement, new kicks, that's what you really want. That's why you seduced your nephew and corrupted my daughter."

His voice trembled with rage and Laura clenched her jaw fiercely, waiting for the next lash of pain. It never came when you expected it, she realized.

With the whip in his right hand, he sat at the head of the bed facing her. His long deflated prick was directly in front of her face. He put the heels of his feet into her soft aching back and nudged his cock forward, to within reach of her lips.

"You will now suck me off," he told her. "You will give the most artistic, fantastic blow-job of your life. Each time you fail to thrill me, you will be punished. You will have to earn your freedom. Go to it. Go!"

Laura lifted her parted mouth and he nudged the head of his dick into it. She stroked the tiny slit on the knob feverishly with her tongue, then inched forward to swallow more of his warm meat. Quickly, she circled her wet tongue around the front two inches before she began pumping her hot mouth eagerly on his swelling prick.

"Ummm, very good," he groaned. "Yes, yes! Bite, but gently."

She obeyed at once, sinking her teeth carefully into the powerfully stiffening rod of flesh, ten resuming her hot sucking. His prick had a pungent exciting taste, she realized. She began moaning, enjoying his hot thrilling cock.

Suddenly he slipped his rod out and an instant later the excruciating pain lashed at her tortured ass again. She shuddered and sobbed.

"No," he said sharply. "You're not using your tongue correctly. Try licking and sucking my balls."

He edged down further and immediately Laura's wet tongue darted out in her mouth and sucked hotly, feeling it swell with gratitude. Then the tormented brunette repeated the ritual with his other ball, his prick hardening with pleasure against her cheek.

"Very, very good," he grunted. Encouraged, she nudged deeper and flicked her tongue up his asshole. "Oh beautiful," he gasped, writhing his rough ass around her lips. "Eat it."

Laura obeyed eagerly, snaking her tongue in wriggling spasm up his anus, her nose crushed to his heavy balls. After two minutes he slid back and she braced herself for the whip.

"No wonder Sherry loved it," he panted. "Now suck me off until I come. You have exactly..." He glanced at his watch. "Three minutes and not a second more. After that, you've had it. Start."

Sobbing with humiliation and fear, Laura sucked his prick deep into her mouth. She began pumping her hungry lips furiously on his throbbing meat, sucking hotly to batter his knob against her throat. She bobbed her head frantically up and down, then sharply from side to side, hearing his groans of excitement with relief. For ten precious seconds, she paused with only the head of his burning dick in her mouth, teasing it with her teeth and tongue, praying for his boiling load.

Above her, Carter twined his fingers in her shimmering long hair and began to jerk his pelvis brutally, shoving his meat far into her madly sucking mouth. What a blow-job! Fear was the key, he'd long ago discovered. He twitched the lashes very gently across her buttocks and was rewarded with a frenzied burning tongue along the length of his rod. Her hot pussy was nothing compared to her frantic mouth! He could feel her suction like an electric current all the way down to his swollen balls. His testicles slapped loudly against her chin as he fucked her lewdly in her lovely mouth, wincing with pleasure when her teeth carefully bit his knob.

"Twenty seconds," he warned her cruelly, "nineteen, eighteen, ummmmmminn!! Oh you beautiful cocksucker... fourteen, thirteen, suck, you lovely bitch, suck! Nine, eight..."

Hysterically, bracing her burning ass-cheeks with all her strength, the terrified and excited brunette used her mouth like an insanely jerking pussy off his quivering meat. She stroked feverishly, sucking and clamping and tonguing, wishing her hands were free to jerk him off at the same time, counting three, two, one.

He burst in her throat. Deep moans of bliss and relief coming from her, Laura devoured the spurting juices, still bobbing and weaving her head to thrill him, swallowing it in a fever of enjoyment. How she loved hot sticky come oozing and tickling down her throat!

"Aaaaaah, very good, Miss Swenson," he sighed. "Best blow-job of my life, in fact. You're quite a woman. Too bad you'll be out of town in an hour or two. You will, won't you?"

"Yes," Laura moaned frantically, "I swear it!"

"Yes," he agreed in a deadly voice. "We don't want the scandal, do we? I won't have my daughter's name dragged into anything sordid. Now, do you think you've learned a valuable lesson here?"

"Yes..." she moaned. "Please untie me now. I'll leave. Just let me go."

For a few minutes Carter Hawkins stood over the bed, fondling the whip in his fingers, thinking. He watched her voluptuous nakedness tremble in anticipation and fear, observed the red welts covering her creamy ass and smooth back. It was a shame she had to go. He still had the blonde, but he was tired of her. But if the librarian stayed, succulent pussy and irresistible ass, there would be too much trouble to handle.

A solution flashed in his mind -- terrible, and yet perfectly dangerous and yet fantastically exciting.

"If I ever see you again after tonight," Carter Hawkins told Laura in an ominous voice, "you will end up in an insane asylum. Is that clear?"

"Yes," she whispered, shivering.

To emphasize his point, he unleashed the whip just once, but it stung her naked ripe ass like a thousand volts of electric current. Then, without another word, he untied her, got dressed as she huddled in tenor on her bed, and left her house.

Her skin stinging and her ravaged ass barely able to move, Laura dressed and finished packing as quickly as she could. An hour later her car was headed toward San Francisco, and with every passing mile she began to breathe easier. Damn, what an incredible week! Corrupting her nephew, his girl friend and then being tortured and thrilled by the girl's handsome father. Only the beginning, she promised herself.

Chapter TEN

Sherry got home at three, famished. She'd been smoking dope all day and planning parties with Amy and Jimmy. They hadn't made it again, though, trying to decide on a fourth person for tonight. In the kitchen her mother was chopping vegetables, her face tense and anxious as usual. Poor mother, Sherry sympathized, a real zombie. She began making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Your father is up in your room, Sherry. He's been waiting for you all afternoon. He wants to talk to you."

Sherry froze. "About what?"

"I don't know," her mother sighed. "He seems angry, though. I think you should see him first and eat later."

Oh. Jesus, she thought with a stab of fear. He couldn't possibly know, could he? Her father, by anyone's standards, was one stern son-of-a-bitch. Trembling, Sherry put her sandwich down on the table. No one kept Carter Hawkins waiting.

Reluctantly, she went upstairs. He sat quietly with his leg crossed on her overstuffed chair. "Shut the door," he said softly, "and lock it, Sherry."

She obeyed him. She faced him, biting her lip. "Come sit next to me," he said in that deadly quiet voice. Sherry did as she was told. She didn't dare look at his icy handsome profile. How could he know? She sat on the edge of the chair and watched his fingers methodically open his briefcase.

He took her blue diary out and handed to her.

"Oh my God," Sherry moaned, afraid to move. "Oh, Christ!"

"Sherry," he said in a strange, heavy voice, "there coma a time when a father must exert discipline. Understand that, child. I know what you have done, every filthy detail. It's all there, in your journal of obscenity. Turn the radio on, please."

Barely daring to breathe, Sherry went over to her bedside radio and switched it on. Loud rock music filled the room. With her eyes downcast, the young girl went back to her father and stood before him, waiting.

"Daddy, I'm sorry," she sniffed, "I couldn't help it, honest. I just went crazy with sex..."

"Take your jeans down," he said. "I haven't spanked you since you were six, but you must be punished."

Obediently, with shaking hands, Sherry slipped her jeans off her legs. She stood before him in sheer black panties. His eyes bored at her tawny plump thighs, and the blonde girl felt a shudder of eerie excitement. She was only half-naked, with her T-shirt still hugging her blossoming tits, and yet she felt a wildly lewd excitement with her own handsome father as she trembled before him.

"Sit over my lap," he ordered hoarsely. Humbly, Sherry hunched over his thighs, her belly on one leg and her tits on the other. She shut her eyes tightly as she felt his hands slide her panties down over her thighs, baring her naked ass.

"Don't hurt me, Daddy," she begged. "Please!" Carter Hawkins took a deep shaking breath. He stared raptly down at his daughter's juicy young ass-cheeks, feeling his prick throb with urgent power. He began stroking her silky ass-flesh with his fingers feverishly, spreading the cheeks apart to gaze at her succulent pink pussy, so tiny and vulnerable.

"Daddy? Aren't you ring to spank me?" Sherry quavered. "Aren't you going to punish me? I was terribly wicked, I know, but I couldn't help it...! got so hot, so worked up!"

He slid her panties completely off her legs and tossed them aside, his breath gasping. What a juicy little ass! So satiny and tawny, so smooth and luscious! He could feel her boiling young crotch pressed to his thigh as he lewdly squeezed and pinched her hot ass-flesh.

"Daddy? What are you doing?" Sherry groaned. "Oh, Christ, you're getting me hot!"

Carter Hawkins last the last vestige of his control at the delicious feel of her plumply-curved ass, wriggling anxiously and passionately beneath his fingers. He began to spank her lovely young ass, slapping its luscious flesh eagerly. Her cries only sparked his excitement, and he brought his palm down fiercely on the soft skin rapidly, watching the checks turn crimson, a luscious tint that made his cock pulsate with feverish desire.

"Daddy, it hurts! Ooooooooh, God, mmmmmmm!"

Her steaming pussy rubbed wildly against his leg as he punished her and he suddenly realized she was aroused, that she was squirming her crotch lewdly on his thigh.

"That's enough," he said hoarsely.

Groaning, Sherry climbed off his legs and stood in front of him, her plump tits panting against her jersey. Her golden, silky tangle of pussy-hairs glistened wetly with excitement. He suddenly sensed that Sherry was no longer afraid of him. Her eyes were looking at the enormous bulge tugging at his pants.

"You did that to get excited, didn't you, Daddy? To get us both worked up."

"That's enough," he snapped, but he was unable to tear his gaze from her tawny thighs.

"You want it, don't you, Daddy?" Sherry said lasciviously. She suddenly knelt between his thighs and pressed her warm hand to his fiercely throbbing prick, squeezing to make Carter groan. She reached for the zipper on his fly. He wanted to stop her but his hands wouldn't move, wouldn't obey his will. Her hot fingers reached inside and brought out his gorged rod.

"Oooooooh, Daddy! That's a honey!" she crooned, jerking it eagerly, and Carter had the eerie sensation that he was listening to the librarian talk.

With a moan of impatience, Sherry suddenly rose, whirled around with her luscious ass-checks bouncing, and nestled herself on his lap. She clutched his fleshy rod between her hot thighs, squirming her cunt up and down along its burning surface with squeals of delight.

Panting, Carter slid his hands beneath her jersey and grasped her warm little tits, cupping and squeezing their hot nipples.

A moment later Sherry swung up her hips, poised her juicy cunt-lips directly over hiss quivering prick and slid down on his shaft with a long wanton moan.

"Oooh, Daddy! That's -- aaaaah -- wonderful -- Ummmmmm!"

Her silky hot cunt began squirming blissfully on his cock. Normally exerting a strong control over his passion, Carter Hawkins found himself tremendously excited at the feel of her tight burning pussy and hot ass-checks bouncing eagerly on his lap. He grunted with surprise and pleasure as his daughter suddenly shuddered her slit in a furious back-and-forth motion on his pulsing prick, ten shifted to a feverish side-to-side motion.

"Oh, I love it," Sherry moaned happily, "oh, Lord, how I love to fuck! Unnnnnnnnngh!"

The obscene words only fired Carter's excitement. Sherry quickly twined her ankles around her father's. One hand dined down to seize his balls and gently squeeze them while the other clawed at his leg. The blonde adolescent suddenly swung her hips in a wide grinding motion and new thrills raced along Carter's surging prick.

"Fantastic," Carter groaned. "What a fuck, Sherry! What a fuck!"

"My clit, Daddy! Do my clit... aaaaaaagh! I'm gonna come soon, mmmmmmmmmm, love it!"

His hand released a bouncingtit and quickly slid down over her hot belly to probe her cunt-hairs. He found her tiny swollen clit and began stroking its wet juiciness with his middle finger. The blonde arched her back with bliss and let out a soft scream as her orgasm began rippling through her hotly sucking pussy. She writhed and thrashed and bounced so furiously on his throbbing cock he found himself losing control. He began to conic in her madly wriggling cunt, great gushes of hot fluid spattering wildly.

"Oh Daddy! Oh D-D-D-Daddy! Shoot it in me! Gimme more! Unnnnnnng! More! Let's fuck again!"

It took the girl five minutes to calm down, an the while twitching and squirming her pussy in a frenzy of delight on his softening prick. Finally she leaned back against him with a happy sigh.

"I love your big cock," she moaned. "Let's do it again, can we, Daddy?"

For the past ten years, Carter Hawkins had never been able to get an erection more than two -- three at the most -- times a day. But already his prick was beginning to swell with lust as Sherry squirmed her tight hot pussy lewdly on it. He knew he would be good for at least two more wild sessions with Sherry.

He thought of his quiet, sexless wife downstairs in the kitchen. He thought of the librarian, and how the lush brunette had sparked a searing flame of lust in his daughter. He debated the possible hazards and consequences of having an incestuous affair with his own deeply passionate daughter. He studied and weighed all the factors, as he would a complicated insurance policy.

"Can we fuck again, Daddy?" Sherry whispered. "Can we do it on the bed this time? I want to try out different positions with that beautiful cock of yours. Can we do it every day? Twice a day, at least? Why are you so quiet?"

Carter Hawkins rubbed his fingers along Sherry's tawny moist thighs. They were like fiery silk to his touch. Her hot young pussy wasn't jaded, like his Wednesday-blonde's, and while it wasn't as lewdly experienced as the librarian's, it was infinitely more tight and luscious. Already his cock was rigidly quivering inside her eager cunt-flesh, primed for action.

The only sensible thing to do with Sherry was send her away to her grandmother's, for at least the rest of the summer. Perhaps things would die down after a while. He was certain the librarian was gone forever, after his unforgettably harsh lesson and ominous warning. Things could be safe and normal again by fall. He could put this depraved incident completely out of his mind and concentrate on his manacled blonde.

Having studied and weighed all the factors and risks just as he would an insurance policy, coal, methodical Carter Hawkins came to his decision.

"Get up," he told Sherry.

The blonde girl eagerly stood up, her succulent asscheeks still blushing with his punishment. Carter stood also. He began to unbuckle his belt.

"Get on the bed," he told her. "And take off your jersey. I want to see those cute little tits."

Sending her away was the only sensible thing to do, but Carter Hawkins had decided to hell with common sense. He would accept the risks, dangerous as they were.

The only insurance he had in this particular case was Sherry's soft tawny nakedness, weaving sensuously on the bed. That she would be the most exciting, wanton and unforgettable piece of ass in hiss life, he could guarantee one hundred percent.

And nothing else mattered to him.


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