Sisters in bondage

It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in our Western society, that individual human beings could be and are now being treated like mere chattel and worse.

Yet there are examples to be found all around us. Migrant workers have long labored for a pittance, and are beaten or thrown out of their jobs if they protest their meager wages. Share croppers are forced to turn over as much as half their produce to large landowners to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they may never see.

And then there is teenaged May Anders, forced to enter the degrading, shadowy world of the prostitute by her reckless and lusting father, accepting the favors of men she despises, sinking into a pit of shame and debauchery only to balance debts of another's making.

SISTERS IN BONDAGE -- a novel of warped men, and the girls they use to satisfy their sinful cravings. A message for today's society.

Chapter ONE

The boy's finger slipped into her cunt. "Oooooohhhhhh, Jim," May sighed.

They were bath standing in front of her house, trying to say goodbye after their first date, but it was hard. They lingered, kissing at first then Jim's hands began to roam.

"God, you've got beautiful tits!" he panted as his fingers molded themselves around the soft mounds. The girl's nipples hardened, thrusting against his palms through the thin material of her blouse.

"Kiss me again, Jim," she begged, pressing her body demandingly against his. Their lips met. Their bodies strained together, his hands still digging into her tits. The air whistled through their nostrils as they began to breathe faster and faster.

Jim slipped one hand inside May's blouse. It was a tight fit, but he managed to worm two fingers underneath her well-filled bra, pinching the rock-hard nipple.

May's panting grew louder. She raised one leg, clamping it around Jim's strong young body. Her cunt pushed hard against his thigh, grinding slowly as the aroused girl rocked her hips slowly, lewdly, back and forth.

May sensed the bulge in the front of Jim's pants. The thought of his cock, slowly hardening, inflamed her. She began to rub her hand over his crotch.

"Oh, Jesus... take it easy!" Jim moaned. His cock lurched in his pants as May's hand pressed directly down on top of it. It began to harden so quickly, it felt as though it was going to break, being so tightly trapped.

"Let me feel it," May panted. Her fingers were already busy with his fly, pulling down his zipper. She reached inside.

"Uuuuhhh," Jim grunted as the girl's cool fingers wrapped eagerly around his hardening cock shaft. He flinched as she worked it out through the opening, grazing the tender tip against his zipper.

"It's so big," May said wonderingly. She began pumping on the swiftly lengthening rod until it jutted starkly out from Jim's open fly. Her soft fingers barely wrapped around the huge, thick shaft.

"T-Take it easy," Jim stammered. He knew May Anders was one of the hottest chicks to have ever graduated from the local high school, but Jim couldn't believe this was actually happening to him. On their first date. Her hand tugging at his naked cock while he had a handful of sweet tit.

The boy thought his cock was going to burst. Electric tremors ran down the pulsing shaft, deep into his balls. He wished she wasn't jerking on it so hard, because she was going to make him come. If he came at all, he wanted it to be inside her cunt.

Her cunt! Jim could feel the soft mound pressing eagerly against his thigh. He knew there was nothing between it and him but a short skirt and a pair of flimsy panties.

As Jim reached jerkily down toward her cunt, May realized he was almost ready to shoot off. She too wanted his cum up inside her cunt and his cock sunk deep into its smouldering depths.

May moved back a little so that Jim's hand could reach up under her skirt. She trembled as his fingernails trailed up the insides of her velvety thighs, heading for her crotch.

The panting young brunette opened her thighs, standing spraddle-legged. Jim's hand was only an inch from her cunt now. One knuckle sank into moist softness, pressing against her pussy lips through her passion-soaked panties.

"Mmmmmnnnnn," May sighed. Her eyes closed dreamily. For a moment she stopped pumping Jim's rock-hard cock. A hot wave of feeling coursed through her nubile young body.

"Stick your finger up my cunt!" she begged. Her hips were grinding forward, thrusting hungrily toward Jim's hand. Jim stared at the excited girl. His legs were shaking as she rhythmically squeezed his throbbing cock.

"Ow!" May yelped as Jim worked one fingertip under her panties. He had accidentally pulled a few tendrils of her curly pussy hair.

Then his finger was in her slit, gilding hotly up and down the slippery trench. His fingernail grazed her clit. "Oh!" May quivered. She tried to spread her legs as much as possible to open herself up to his probing finger.

The hard digit finally found her cuntal opening. "Uunnnhhhh," May sighed as she felt her pussy-hole invaded. Jim thrust in deep, inch by inch, until his finger was sunk in all the way to the last knuckle.

"Oohhhh... fuck me with your finger... finger fuck me hard," she moaned. Her hips were jerking forward, impaling her cunt on Jim's eagerly thrusting finger.

"You're hot... hot as hell inside," he panted. Her slippery cunt juices were running down into his palm. He loved the tight slippery feel of May's twat. Jesus! He thought. In another minute I'm gonna have my cock stuck up in there!

Or so he thought. May was humping wildly. Her cunt throbbed and twitched with pleasure as Jim's finger flashed in and out of her cunt. Overcome with passion, she started pumping hard on his cock again. Her slender fingers flew up and down the rubbery shaft.

"Not so hard... Not so hard!" Jim panted. Oh, God! She was going to make him come! With his finger stuck up her snatch and her hand pulling at his pud, there was no way he could hold back. A wasted shot!

"What... What's the matter, Jim?" May asked. The boy's finger suddenly popped out of her cunt. He groaned, trying to pry her hand from his shuddering cock.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh... God!" he yelped. "I... I'm coming!"

"Oh, no!" May wailed. Now she knew she had been too eager. She considered pulling her hand away from Jim's swollen cock, but realized it was far too late. It jerked and shuddered in the tight circle of her finger.

So, she decided to give Jim the best ride possible. She reached down with her other hand and squeezed his balls right through his pants, while she continued pumping on his cock.

"Uuuuugghhhaaarrrggghhh!" Jim groaned. May felt the first hot jet of sperm squirt past her fingers. It splattered onto her skirt. "Hey... Take it easy!" she yelped, trying to direct the gushing stream. Finally she capped one hand over the knobby tip, feeling the slippery liquid jet into her palm. Thick strings of semen dripped down onto the ground, some of it hitting the legs of Jim's trousers.

Then his spewing rod was empty, slowly shrinking in her hand. Regretfully, May gave the depleted organ a final squeeze, and stuffed it back into Jim's pants. She leaned down to clean her hands on the damp grass.

"Jeez... I'm sorry," Jim said. May's whole manner indicate disappointment. She had so been looking forward to getting fucked.

"That's okay. It was really my fault," May sighed. "I just got a little too carried away."

Then she brightened; "Can you get it up again?" she asked. Jim was embarrassed. He wasn't used to girls who talked so brazenly about fucking.

"Well... sure. But it'll take a little while."

"Good! Let's go out back... to the shed..."

Suddenly the calm night was shattered by a snarling heavy voice, calling from inside the house. "May!" it bellowed. "Get your ass inside."

"Oh, Jeez... it's your old man!" Jim blurted. He started to edge away from May.

She looked scornfully at the boy. "Are you scared of him?"

"You bet. Anybody with any brains is scared of Harry Anders."

Jim was edging away. "Uuh," he started, "see you later, May."

"You just don't have any guts, Jim," May said acidly, hands on hips. But Jim was already out of the yard.

"May! Am I gonna have to come out there and get you?" her father yelled. A look of hate crossed the girl's face. Hate and stubborness. She considered telling the old bastard to go to hell. But when she thought of the consequences, all of them painful, she decided not to.

Many people were afraid to stand up to Harry Anders. May was not one of them. She had been born with more than a normal amount of courage. And although her father beat her savagely each time she defied him, the eighteen-year-old girl's spirit was still intact.

But she decided there was no point in pushing her luck. Jim was gone, anyhow, taking his cock with him. And it was too late to find anybody else this time of night.

"I'm coming, Pa," she called and started slowly up the walk. For a moment May was sorry her mother wasn't still alive. But then she reflected how much that poor patient woman had suffered at the hands of her brutal husband. No, maybe in a way it was better she was gone.

"Well... if it ain't my whore daughter," Harry Anders growled as May came into the living room. May stared at him in loathing. He was a big man, running to fat now, sprawled in a broken-down easy chair in front of the television, guzzling out of a beer can. The floor around him was littered with beer cans.

May had often wondered why her mother married her father. But as she grew older and more experienced, she realized he must have been very good-looking when he was young. But now, with a two day growth of beard and his dirty tee-shirt plastered stickily to his barrel chest, he was anything but appetizing.

May ignored her father's greeting. "Hey... didn't you hear me?" he demanded. "Whore!"

"I'm not a whore, Pa."

"Oh? Ain't ya? Ain't ya fucking everything in town that's got a cock?"

"No, Pa... just the ones I like."

Having been without a mother for six years, having a father who spent all his time and money drinking and gambling, May's life had developed a little differently than the average teen-age girl's.

She started fucking when she was fourteen. A romp in the shed with an older boy from high school! With very little else going for her, May had fallen in love with sex. For the first couple of years she had fucked indiscriminately. But later she had carefully picked the men she let fuck her.

For instance, Jim was a very good-looking boy who was her age. His lean, muscular build had attracted May. And she hadn't been mistaken about his cock. It was just as big and as hard as she'd suspected. Too bad it went off so easily.

"What! What did you say?" her father bellowed. Her reply to his snarling question had slowly soaked into his beer-fogged brain.

"I'm saying that who I fuck isn't any of your business, Pa. I'm eighteen years old now!"

Anders got slowly to his feet. The can of beer fell off the arm of the chair. A slow trickle of beer soaked into the already stained carpet.

"You was out there with some punk kid, wasn't you?" Anders snarled. "He was fucking you... fucking my daughter. I know it! Don't lie to me!"

May was getting a little scared. She had learned to tell when her father was losing control. His washed-out blue eyes bored into hers.

"No, Pa," she said, slowly backing away. "He didn't fuck me."

"Don't lie to me!" Anders gritted. "He had his filthy cock stuck up your twat, didn't he?"

"No, Pa."

"SHUT UP! I heard you two out there, panting and moaning. He was doing it to you, wasn't he? You were fucking!"

May was getting ready to turn and run, her usual remedy when the situation got this bad. There was a crazy light in her father's eyes. She knew he was going after her any minute. Time to get out of here.

But as May started to turn, her heel caught in a fold of the rumpled rug. She lost her balance just long enough for her father to leap forward and grab her by one arm.

"Slut!" he snarled. "I'll teach you to lie to your old man!"

Anders' heavy hand crashed into the side of May's face. Stunned, she fell heavily onto her back, spread-eagled on the floor. The girl's skirt was pulled up high, wrinkled around her waist. Anders found himself staring up his daughter's crotch.

He stared at May's crotch. He stared at the flimsy white streak of her panties, stretched over her pussy mound.

"Hey... what's that?" he muttered. He had spied the damp patch of pussy juice staining May's panties. His mind leaped to what seemed the obvious conclusion.

"Ya lied to me! You have been fucking!" he yelped. Dropping to his knees between the shaken girl's outstretched legs, Anders stared up her crotch. "Fucking whore... rollin' over for everything in town!"

Anger blazed up in Anders' alcohol-soaked brain. He reached out and tore the girl's panties from her. The sodden material squished wetly between his fingers as he tossed it aside.

Now Anders had a clear view of his daughter's cunt. His mouth gaped as he stared at the soft, curly brown pubic hair, barely masking the pink slit beneath. The girl's pussy lips flared plumply out, soft looking, inviting. The silky tendrils of hair were soaked around the base by the juices Jim's eager fingering had stimulated.

For a long time Anders had realized he had a damned fine-looking daughter. On several occasions he had watched her move around the house, particularly when she was dressed in something revealing. Once, he'd caught a shadowy glimpse of her tits and ass through her sheer shortie nightgown. He'd nearly come in his pants.

Now here he was, staring straight down at her naked pussy. He ached to touch it. He ached for an excuse.

"See!" he snarled, reaching out and running the tips of his fingers over the girl's pussy lips. "See! The cum's still runnin' out of you!"

"No, he just stuck his finger up me," May said weakly. Her head still rang from the force of her father's blow. She was only vaguely aware of his hand on her cunt.

But every nerve in Anders' burly body vibrated to the feel of that tender, eighteen-year-old snatch. May's curly pussy hairs were tickling the back of his hand. Her cunt lips yielded softly under his touch. More pussy juice welled out of her pussy hole.

"Stuck his finger up you?" Anders muttered. He tried to imagine how it would feel to stuff his finger up that sweet little pie. There it was, just inches away. That fucking scrawny kid had done it out on the lawn. Why not him?

"Aah, Jesus!" Anders grunted. He wormed the tip of one finger in between May's pussy lips. It was hot and wet inside.

"Pa! What're you doing?" May gasped, stunned. She had enough of her wits back to fully realize what her father was doing. Her pussy shuddered as she felt his rough finger digging into its tender softness.

May tried to squirm away. "Hold still, cunt!" Anders roared. He slapped her along the side of the head with his free hand. May fell back, stunned again, one of her father's blunt fingers still sluicing around inside her pussy slit.

Then Anders found his daughter's cuntal opening. He slowly screwed his finger up inside, savoring the feel of that tight young pussy flesh opening up for him. Jesus, the girl was wet! He couldn't believe the punk had only fingered her.

"Oooohhhhhh, no, Pa... no!" May moaned, shaking her head groggily. She realized, to her horror, that her father's finger was not all the way up inside her cunt. But when he heard her protest, Anders raised one hand, as if he were going to hit her again. May dodged, letting her head fall back weakly. It hurt too much from his two former blows for her to stand being hit again.

Tears of shame rolled down the girl's cheeks as she felt her father's finger pumping in and out of her violated cunt. But even though she was crying, her face was set hard with hate. Holding still, she waited for her father to finish.

But Anders was far from finished. The deeper he rammed his finger up his daughter's cunt, the more of her he wanted. "Let's see them tits," he growled.

Automatically May's hands flew to cover her tits as her father began to tear at her blouse. He hit her again, not as hard as the previous two times, but hard enough to stun her a little.

Her blouse came away in her father's hands.

He hated to do it, but he had to roll her over to unfasten her bra. That meant he had to take his finger out of her cunt. It popped free, glistening with her hot juices.

Anders rolled his daughter back over, and stripped her bra from her. The girl's lush tits spilled free, the nipples puckered. It had been a long time since Harry Anders had see eighteen-year-old tits in anyplace but a girlie magazine. He stared down at his daughter's sleek, up-thrusting mounds.

He had to feel them. His fingers dug into the soft flesh, sinking deep. He felt one of her nipples rub against his palm. Eagerly he began to attack the solid little brown nub. To his surprise it began to grow and harden.

May was surprised, too. A strong thrill ran down from her violated tits into her belly. Apparently her body had a certain independence from her mind.

"Jesus... what sweet tits!" Anders grunted. He was nearly drooling as he continued mauling the quivering globes. He noticed that both nipples were hard and swollen now, like taut brown berries. He flicked at them with his fingernails.

"Ooooooohhhhhh," May moaned. Anders couldn't tell if it was a cry of pain or pleasure. Neither could May. Her tits throbbed, burned, pulsed. Her nipples felt as if they were going to crack open.

Anders didn't give a damn what his daughter was feeling. All his attention was wrapped up in the soft velvety feel of the girl's naked tits. He never had liked May. Her independence had always irritated him. But what he most disliked about the girl was that she was beautiful, sexy, and supposedly out of his reach.

But now he had her. The little bitch was sprawled on the floor in front of him naked, her tits and cunt bared to his lusting gaze.

Her cunt. He'd temporarily forgotten about it. Tearing his eyes away from May's quivering tits, Anders stared down at her tight hairy snatch.

The girl claimed she hadn't been fucking. That the boy had only shoved his finger up her. Well, maybe she was telling the truth. The slippery juices running out her pussy hole had a rich heady smell of ripe cunt. No smell of man there at all.


Anders wasn't sure of what he intended to do. The old incest taboos were still strong. But there was no way he was going to let May's luscious little cunt go to waste.

"Nnnnnngggggg," the girl groaned as his fingers started pawing at her cunt again. She tried to twist away, but Anders' meaty hands easily held her in place. His forearms were pressing down against her upper thighs, holding them open.

"Just like a fuckn' oyster," Anders muttered.

Placing a thumb on her pussy lips, he slowly pried open her wet genital nest. The wet pink slit parted and little drops of pussy dew trickled down the narrow cleft.

"Jesus... good enough to eat," Anders muttered. Well, why not? Before May knew what he intended doing, her father buried his face between her thighs.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" May wailed as Anders' thick tongue slithered up into her helpless cunt. Her naked body jerked and twitched violently as blinding waves of sensation rippled through her cunt.

"Oooooohhhhhh, no, Pa... you can't!" May sobbed in humiliation as she felt her pussy invaded by her father's unwanted tongue. Goose pimples broke out all over her thighs and belly.

Horrified, May stared down at her father's big head plunged between her shivering thighs. He caught her looking at him. His faded blue eyes glared back up at her, leering triumphantly. At last he was paying this little bitch back for all her damned stuck-up behavior!

And he was loving it. The rich musky taste of his daughter's sweet snatch flooded his senses. He dug his tongue eagerly into the hot depths of her cunt, feeling the soft wet flesh give way. He tried stabbing his tongue up into her cuntal opening, but it was shut too tightly, the muscles clamping down in fear.

After pushing vainly against the elastic opening, he gave up and started paying attention to the girl's clitoris. He opened up her pussy slit with his thumbs, baring the tender little nub.

Anders stabbed his tongue straight down against May's clit. For a moment nothing happened. Anders was still looking up. He saw his daughter's eyes open wide with shock. Then a tremor rippled through her body. He felt her legs stiffen under him.

"Ooooohhhhh," May moaned. Helplessly, loudly. Suddenly her face was flushed, hot, alive. And Anders knew why he was doing what he was doing.

Sure, he had his tongue stuck up his daughter's cunt partly because of the sex, because he liked the feel of her gorgeous little body squirming underneath him. But even more important, he knew that his tongue was going to break down the arrogant little bitch's air of haughty superiority.

By God, he was going to make her grovel!

Holding on tightly to his daughter's quivering thighs, Anders began to tongue her cunt in earnest. He flicked the wet stiffened tip back and forth across her tender clit, never quite touching it directly. Slowly the fleshy little nub began to grow, leaping up against his lashing tongue. Forming the tip of his tongue into a spear, he shot it down into the soft folds on each side of the trembling little love-button.

May was panting uncontrollably. She could hardly believe what was happening to her. The fear, the hate, the loathing -- it was still all there.

But there was something else there, too. Something powerful. Something overwhelming. Pleasure.

"Oh, no!" May moaned, horrified at the way her body was betraying her. She tried to control herself, to damp down the fires starting to rage out of control up inside her well-tongued cunt. Then her father suddenly stabbed his tongue deep into her cunt.

"Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!" May wailed. Her body bucked and jerked. It felt as if a lightning storm was raging out of control up inside her pussy. Thousands of volts seemed to be shooting down through her cunt into the wet depths below.

May felt herself lose it, lose the battle against her father's brutal assault on her cunt. She hung for a moment, still fighting back, fighting against the humiliation of giving into this crude animal.

And then it was no use. Her body had taken over, responding with animal instinct. With a loud moan she suddenly thrust her hips upward, shoving her cunt against her father's hotly working mouth.

Harry Anders grinned around his mouthful of juicy cunt flesh. He had won and he knew it.

Triumphantly he continued lapping at his daughter's tight young twat.

May hated to admit it, but her father sure could eat pussy. All her hate, all her rage at being violated was still there, but there was no denying the ecstasy being licked into her cunt. "Oooooohhhh... aaahhh... uuuuhhhhbhhh," May whimpered. Her lush ass was grinding down against the carpet, moving in quick, jerky circles. Her eyes were closed, her head tilted back, mouth open and gasping.

Oh, God! He was going to make her come! May recognized the urgent signals rocketing through her pussy. She was close... so close!

Without even knowing she was doing it, the moaning young girl reached down, tangling her fingers in her father's greasy hair. Desperately, hungrily, she pulled his mouth down tighter against her tingling snatch. Her sleek hips strained upward, thrusting her clit against the big man's lashing tongue.

Suddenly Anders changed the direction of his attack. He had sensed May's cuntal opening, so fear-tightened before, slowly relaxing. Now he slipped his tongue down her pussy and shoved it quickly up into her vagina.

"Aaaauuuggghhh," May grunted. Her pussy walls closed around her father's long tongue. He spluttered, half-drowned in a flood of gushing pussy juices. Jesus, but she's got a fine cunt! he thought dizzily. Without warning he began to twist his head back and forth wildly, making his tongue twitch and jerk up inside May's shuddering snatch.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh... yes!" she wailed. "Oh, yes... YES! I'm going to... going to... came!"

Now she's not so high and mighty, Anders thought triumphantly as he lapped at his wildly excited daughter's gushing cunt. He was tempted to keep on licking until she finally exploded into orgasm.

But Anders became aware of a disturbing pressure down between his own legs. He had been so absorbed in May's cunt that he had forgotten about himself. Now his cock was throbbing, hard and ready.

By God, he'd fuck her! He didn't give a damn if the little bitch was his daughter or not! If he could eat her snatch, then he could fuck her!

Anders suddenly pulled his face away from May's quivering cunt. His cheeks smeared with her glistening pussy juices, he stood up and began tearing off his clothes.

"What... What happened?" May gasped. She had been on the edge of coming, her eyes tightly shut, her hands locked behind her father's bristly head when he suddenly pulled away. A rush of cold air washed over her dripping wet cunt, effectively cutting off her orgasm.

Then she saw, as she looked up, her father's naked body. He was just kicking off his trousers, standing in nothing but his jockey shorts. May stared at the shorts, at the way the front of them was tented out by the huge bulge of her father's quickly growing penis.

Then Anders pulled down his shorts. His cock jumped free, already more than half-hard, leaping up and bouncing as the waistband of the shorts snapped across the thick rod.

He's going to fuck me! May realized as she stared at her naked father. My own father's going to fuck me!

Horrified, May stared at her father's hard, throbbing cock, virtually mesmerized. The huge organ throbbed and pulsed, jerking longer with his every heartbeat. Noticing May was staring, Anders ginned, then reached down and lewdly began to fondle his naked cock in front of the girl.

"I'll bet your fuckin' kid boy friends ain't got nothin' like this," he chortled. He pulled back the foreskin, baring the purple tip. The little slit in the tip stared straight at May, a single red-tinged eye.

May pushed herself slowly backward over the carpet, away from that threatening cock. The thought of being fucked by her father's cock made her feel sick. She hated him that much. It had been one thing when she responded to his incestuous tonguing of her cunt -- she hadn't been able to help herself once it had started.

But this! To have his cock up inside her body! That May couldn't bear. "No, Pa... ub-un," May mumbled, sliding backward faster, ready to spring up and run when she got far enough away. But Anders saw what she was trying to do. With a muttered curse he launched himself forward and caught the retreating girl in his vise-like grip.

"No!" May cried out. In a fury she raked her nails over her father's brutal face, leaving deep red furrows.

For a moment, Anders was taken aback. He let go of May and wiped his sweaty palm over his face. It came away red. "Why you bitch!" he snarled. Once again his heavy hand lashed out, smashing into the side of May's head. She thumped back onto the carpet, half-unconscious.

May hardly felt it when her father stuffed his swollen cock up inside her cunt. She felt some pain as the mammoth organ stretched and tore at her teen-age pussy hole, but she was too dizzy to fight back.

Anders was a little disappointed. He'd expected May to squeal when he stabbed his rod up into her snatch. Instead, she just lay there. He watched the bloated tip of his big cock push in between her pussy lips, shoving aside the fleshy outer lips. Then he was sliding up inside her, warm wet cunt flesh clasping around his thrusting member.

"Oooohhhh, Christ, but that feels good!" Anders grunted. For a moment he was unable to move. Paralyzing bolts of pleasure flooded up out of May's cunt into his cock. He felt the bloated tool twitch up inside the girl's slick inner tunnel.

Then he began to fuck, driving his cock slowly in and out of May's unresisting twat. She lay still, her head still spinning, her body refusing to obey the simplest command. Staring down, Anders saw his daughter's pussy lips give as he sawed his bone-hard cock in and out between their soft fleshiness. May's lower body bounced unresistingly, riding on her soft, relaxed ass.

Both May and Anders were breathing heavily. The wet sound of the big man's cock skewering in and out of the girl's tight cunt filled the room.

May's father fucked into her helpless body. But that didn't mean she wasn't feeling anything. Now that her head was clearing, she was intently aware of her father's cock up inside her cunt. My God, it was big!

Once again, what her father was doing to her against her will began to feel good. There was no way the horrified girl could fight that. But her body refused to react outwardly. Everything she felt was deep inside, far up where the tip of her father's hated cock was battering at her womb.

Angered that May wasn't reacting, Anders began to fuck up into her cunt as hard as he could. If she wouldn't moan with pleasure, then maybe he could make the bitch cry out in pain. His huge cock thundered up inside her tender teen-age cunt again and again. Anders was fucking so hard that his daughter's unresisting body was being shoved slowly across the carpet, toward the wall.

Then May came. She had known her orgasm was on its way for a long time, but it surprised her father. "Ooooohhhhhhh... aaaaaahhhhhhh!" she suddenly cried. Anders felt the girl's legs stiffen under him. Then her pussy walls were clamping down powerfully against his cock. A warm stream of girl-cum shot out of her cunt, gushing over his balls.

"Jesus Christ!" Anders grunted. The sudden surprise of the girl's orgasm touched off Anders' climax. He stiffened, throwing back his head, every tendon in his neck standing out through the flab. "Aaaaanrrgggghhhhh!" Anders bellowed. He felt the sperm rushing up from his balls, shooting the length of his shuddering cock and spouting into his daughter's climaxing cunt.

May felt it, too. A cold horror swept over her as she felt the big man's semen jet into her pussy. She continued to come herself, but it was as if her orgasm was a detached part of her. Apart from that short wail when she first started to come, and the stiffening of her body, the girl remained rigid, her orgasm rippling soundlessly through her ravaged cunt. Still, her rhythmically clamping pussy walls sucked up her father's jism, milking it from his shuddering cock.

"Oh, Christ! Christ, you're tight!" Anders moaned. He continued ramming his cock wildly up into his daughter's snug cunt until he had completely shot his load. Then he collapsed, panting, on her silent form.

May lay still, her eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling. For the moment even the hate had gone, but the rage began to return.

Anders started to become very uncomfortable. He could feel May's limp body beneath his. Shivering a little, he drew back. His rapidly softening cock slithered wetly from the girl's cunt.

"Don't try to tell me you didn't like that, cunt!" Anders snarled. "I know you came."

May continued staring blankly up at the ceiling. Her father stood up and started pulling on his clothes. "Don't pretend like I shouldn't a done it," he said. "I heard enough about you... fuckin' every cock in town. It's about time the old man got a little. Shit, after I been feedin' you all these years!"

May continued to stare at him. "Ah, shit!" Anders snapped. "I'm gonna go out and get some beer. Can't stay and talk to a corpse."

He couldn't resist, on his way out, kneeling down and pinching May's taut little nipples. She winced, and was suddenly out of her spell. Her eyes snapped toward her father, but he was already on his way out of the room. The girl stared after him, her eyes fierce with hatred.

"I'll kill you for this, you pig!" she whispered.

Chapter TWO

After she was certain her father was gone, May picked her battered, bruised body up off the floor. Not bothering to get dressed, she limped wearily toward the bedroom.

A figure stirred in the bed next to hers. "May? What was all that noise about?" a soft voice asked sleepily. It was Sue, May's younger sister.

"Oh... nothing... nothing," May murmured.

"Was the old man giving you a hard time again?" Sue asked. "Hey! You don't have any clothes on!"

"I... I was just on my way into the bathroom," May replied. The last thing she wanted was for Sue to know what had just taken place in the living room. The two girls were very close. With their mother dead and their father a vicious drunken bore, they had little else but one another. May felt very protective toward her younger sister.

"Go back to sleep," she said. "I'm going to take a shower."

May remained in the shower a long time. In a way she was trying to wash the feel of her father's hated touch from her body. She kept soaping and re-soaping her cunt, trying to wash all his cum out of its violated depths. But even after she had stepped out of the shower and was drying herself, she felt a few last sticky trickles running down the insides of her thighs. She shuddered, and stuffed the towel between her legs.

Sleep came hard, and later, the nightmares. Several times during the night May relived the honor of being raped by her father. When she woke in the morning, her pussy was sore and her head hurt where her father had hit her. But her mind was clearer, the hate stuck away in a back compartment.

After pondering revenge, May decided there was nothing much she could do. If it weren't for Sue, she'd just leave. But there was no way she was going to leave the younger girl alone in the loving clutches of their father. No, she'd have to stay until Sue was old enough to legally leave home. If she reported her father's outrage, at best Sue would be sent to a foster home. The two girls would be separated. For the time being, she'd just have to wait and see what happened.

Over the next few days, May managed to keep out of her father's way. It wasn't too hard, because Anders was a little nervous about what had happened. He suspected he could get into a lot of trouble.

But he came home one night, gloating over a small win he'd made gambling. May was home, Sue still in school.

"Your old man made a bundle today," Anders chortled to May.

May doubted it was much of a bundle. She knew her father was a compulsive gambler, and like most gamblers, tended to ignore his constant losses, making a small win into a major triumph.

"You ain't happy?" Anders snapped. "You'd rather I'd lose?"

"That sure wouldn't be anything new," May said sarcastically. Then she was sorry she had said it. She saw her father was a lot drunker than she'd thought. And he could be mean when he was drunk.

"Still got a big mouth, ain't you?" Anders growled. "Guess you didn't learn a fuckin' thing the other night about who's boss around here."

May swallowed nervously. Anders watched her lick her suddenly dry lips. The faint gleam of an idea lit up his dull eyes.

"Yeah... you got a big mouth," he said thoughtfully. "Maybe we can find some use for it."

"What... what do you mean, Pa?" May asked. Her eyes were widening with horror as she saw her father begin fondling his slowly swelling cock through his pants.

"Remember the way I ate your cunt the other night? Well, you're gonna pay me back. You're gonna suck my cock."

"Oh, no, Pa... not a chance!" May said, shaking her head. "I'd bite the damn thing off first."

May was backing toward the door. She knew she was faster then her father. Experience had taught her that. And she was much nearer the door.

"Think you can get away, don't you?" Anders snarled. "Well, maybe you can. But you ain't the only daughter I got."

May stopped in her tracks. "What do you mean?" she asked, horrified.

"If I don't get what I want from you, then by God, I'll take it from Sue!" Anders had an ugly, lopsided grin. He knew how close the two sisters were. In the past their closeness had always been aimed against him. Now, for the first time, he saw it as a weapon he could use to his own advantage.

"You wouldn't!" May hissed, her face white.

"Oh, wouldn't I?" Anders sneered. "Let me tell you this, you wise-ass little bitch. Either you suck my cock or I'm gonna stick it in Sue's cunt."

May couldn't speak. She knew how horrible it had been when her father raped her. Sue, only sixteen, a virgin as far as she knew -- what would it do to her?

"You got ten seconds to decide," Anders snapped.

"I-I'll do it," May stammered. "Only... only just leave my sister alone."

"Depends on how good a job you do," Anders sneered. "Now get your ass over here and start sucking." Still sneering, he sat down in an easy chair, sprawling back, his ass perched on the edge. Staring at the slight bulge in the front of his pants, May forced herself to start forward.

"Uh-uh," Anders grunted. "I want you down on all fours. On your hands and knees. I want you to crawl!"

The bitter taste of anger rose in May's throat. She wanted to tell her father to go to hell, but then she thought of her innocent younger sister. Of what her father might do to her.

"Down on your fucking hands and knees!" Anders roared. Obediently May got down on all fours and started crawling toward her father's chair. Her face burned with humiliation, but she didn't see what else she could do. Finally she was crouched in front of the grinning man.

"It sure is a nice chance to have an obedient daughter," he snickered. Then he patted the front of his pants. "Now, unzip my fly and fish out my cock."

Kneeling, her face twisted in disgust, May reached out and slowly unzipped her father's fly. She felt his cock lurch inside his pants as it felt pressure from her hands.

"Hurry up, for God's sake!" Anders snapped. "Or I'm gonna shoot off in my fuckin' pants."

Reaching inside the open fly, May shuddered as she felt her fingers make contact with her father's sweaty cock meat. She worked it slowly out of his shorts. The big rod was half-hard, leaning a little to one side. May nervously propped it up with her fingers.

"Come on... come on... suck it!" Anders snarled. "What're ya waitin' for?"

May wondered if she was going to be able to take her father's cock in her mouth. Her stomach heaved at the thought. Not that she hadn't sucked cock before. But to suck the cock of a man she hated so much! To have him shoot his slimy load down her throat!

A single shining drop of cum hung from the bloated tip of Anders' cock. She'd have to taste it, let it run into her mouth...

"Just promise me one thing," May said desperately. "Promise you'll never touch Sue. Promise me, Pa!"

"All right... all right... I promise!" Anders snarled. "Now wrap some lips around my cock!"

May swallowed, then forced her self to stare at her father's bloated rod. It pulsed and throbbed within the nervous circle of her fingers.

"Lick it first," Anders ordered the girl. Closing her eyes, she stuck out her tongue and swiped it shudderingly over the thick, purple tip. A sudden sharp taste of cum filled her mouth.

"Uuuunnnggghhhh," Anders moaned as his daughter's tongue licked across the head of his prick. His eyes blurred. He twisted with pleasure.

"Oh, Jesus... lick it... lick it some more!" Now that she'd started, May decided she might as well do as good a job as possible. She started licking the whole length of her father's bloated cock. Each long hot swipe started down where the base of his mammoth rod joined his balls. Then slid higher, up the tender underside of the swollen shaft all the way to the helmet-shaped tip.

"Yeah... yeah... that's the way... atta baby!" Anders panted. His daughter's tongue on his cock was driving him crazy. Jesus! Why hadn't he thought of doing something like this before? What the fuck was the use of having such a good-looking daughter if he couldn't get some good out of it?

The stiff hairs around the base of her father's cock were tickling May's nose. She wanted to sneeze, but didn't dare stop licking. Her nostrils filled with the pungent smell of her father's sweaty crotch.

"Lick my balls... lick my balls!" Anders panted. His cock was rearing up, stone hard, brought to full erection by the touch of his daughter's tiny pink tongue. He felt her shift her mouth lower. Then the tip of her tongue was stabbing at his balls.

"Nnnnngggggg... God!" he moaned. His cock was swollen as big as he'd ever seen it. There was a special thrill to being sucked off by his own daughter. Little bitch! About time she got off her high horse! He thought.

He stared down at May. Her long dark hair was spilling over his loins, framing the pale white shaft of his cock. Her dark eyes were almost crossed as she stared at the tip of his cock so close to her face. She started licking slowly up the full length of the bloated cock shaft again. Anders' prick trembled with pleasure.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh... fuck!" he groaned. "Now put the Goddamned thing in your mouth. Blow me! Suck me off!"

This was the moment May had been dreading. But what choice did she have? Drawing in a shaky breath, she opened her mouth and brought it down towards her father's waiting prick.

Anders hardly dared move. He watched his daughter's soft red lips open wide. Then they were slipping over the head of his cock, stretching around the thick knob.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh," he moaned as he felt her hot mouth gliding down the shaft of his cock. Then her tongue went to work automatically, twisting around the underside of his sensitive glans.

"Oh, yeaaahh... suck it, baby!" he panted. "Suck it hard! Suck the cum right up out of my balls!"

May shuddered. She knew that's what would eventually happen. That sooner or later big gobs of cum would spew into her mouth when her father came. That she would have to swallow his slimy jism. Already she could feel his big organ shuddering in her mouth. It wouldn't be long... it wouldn't be long!

"Oh, Jesus!" Anders panted. "Get some action in it! Move it a little! Slide your mouth up and down the fuckin' thing!"

Impatiently Anders reached forward and grabbed May's head. Wrapping his fingers in her thick hair, he began to guide her mouth up and down his cock shaft. At the same time his hips moved into action, fucking his cock upward, deep into the girl's mouth.

May choked as the tip of her father's swollen rod battered at the back of her throat. Gagging, she thought she was going to have to spit it out if she ever wanted to breathe again. But Anders' hands were tangled too tightly in her hair. There was only one way she was going to be able to end this humiliation -- by sucking his cock until he came!

So May began sucking hard, sucking to end it. Her mouth slid hotly up and down the full length of her father's twitching member, leaving a wet trail of saliva behind. Gasping, choking, panting through her nose, she did her best to make her hated father come.

"Atta way, baby," Anders panted. "Glad you're finally seeing the light, playing it your old man's way." Jesus, but he loved this! His cock felt like it was going to explode each time May's mouth slid upward, her tongue tugging at the sensitive tip. Christ, she was a good-looking bitch! Anders stared at the girl's beautiful face. Then remembered how she had looked naked on the floor the other night.

Those tits! He remembered her gorgeous tits. He wanted to touch them again, stroke his hands over them.

Letting go of the girl's hair, Anders leaned forward and groped down the front of May's kneeling body. One hand pulled up the front of her pull-over shirt while the other groped for her tits.

Just as he'd thought! The little bitch wasn't wearing a bra! Anders' hand closed on May's right tit, digging into the silky mound. Almost instantly the girl's nipple puffed up, pushing against his fingers. He grabbed it between his thumb and forefinger, and began pinching.

May jumped. A trickle of feeling shot down from her nipple, rippled across her belly and headed for her cunt. Oh, no! She couldn't let the bastard turn her on again! Not this time!

She had to end it -- and fast. May circled her fingers around the lower half of Anders' cock, just below her tight-stretched lips. Then, using her mouth and fingers together, she began fucking them up and down the full length of his massively swollen rod.

"Christ almighty!" Anders moaned. It felt as if a hot, wet, impossibly tight cunt was sliding up and down his cock shaft. His hand fell away from May's tits. All his attention was centered on the ecstasy in his prick.

"Oh, yeah... keep it up... I'm gonna... gonna come!" he panted. His hips were driving his cock wildly up toward May's face. Toward that tight circle of fingers and lips.

May felt the unwanted cock in her mouth start to jerk and twitch. She knew her father was going to come. There was no mistaking the unbelievable way his prick was swelling in her mouth. Now it was going to happen, the thing she had dreaded.

He was going to shoot his load into her mouth!

The first blast of cum took May be surprise. All of a sudden a hot stream of hot, salty jism was flooding into her mouth. She choked and spluttered, wondering whether to swallow or try to spit it out. Anders solved the problem by once again grabbing her head in his powerful hands. He rammed her face down hard against his crotch. May had no choice but to swallow the slimy liquid gushing into her mouth.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!" Anders yelled. It felt as if his guts were being pulled out through his prick. Agonizing pleasure shot through his loins, shot into his daughter's hot, butter-soft mouth. Holding her head tightly, he shoved his cock as far into her mouth as it would go.

Swallowing desperately, May was barely able to keep up with the thick rushes of sperm spouting from her father's mouth-filling cock. She bobbed madly up and down as she tried to force his hated load down into her shuddering belly. Some of the milky liquid squirted back out past her lips, dripping down onto her chin.

She was still swallowing madly when she sensed a change. Anders' cock was slowly shrinking in her mouth. The last few spurts of cum shot weakly into the back of her throat. Then Anders fell back in his chair.

"That's enough," he growled, pushing May's face away. As she fell back, his depleted cock slithered out of her mouth. A thin, sticky thread of cum joined them for a moment, stretching from the tip of his cock to her cum-smeared lips. Then it broke, dangling down onto her chest, trailing across her tits.

Shuddering, May hurriedly wiped the back of her hand across her face. It came away wet with cum.

All of a sudden she stood up. "I... I think I'm going to be sick," she panted. Spinning around, she headed for the bathroom.

"Whatsa matter?" Anders snickered. "You don't like the taste?"

He listened a moment while May retched in the bathroom. "Well... you better get used to it!" he yelled. "There's a lot more where that came from. You're gonna be taking care of your old man whenever he says so. It's about time you paid your dues."

May looked up from the sink. She'd been frantically washing her mouth. A look of hate-filled horror twisted her lovely face.

Chapter THREE

For the rest of her life, May remembered the next two weeks as a blur of sexual abuse. Her father, realizing the jewel he had in his house, was at her all the time. Whenever Sue wasn't around, he fucked his older daughter. Or sucked her. Or worse, from May's standpoint, made her suck him.

Sue began to realize something strange was going on.

More than once she'd come home with the smell of sex still heavy in the air, May flushed and disheveled, her father red-faced and panting.

May debated whether she should tell her younger sister what was going on. How their father was forcing her to fuck him. But she couldn't bring herself to do it, to admit how she was being used. How helpless she was. May, who had always prided herself on her independence!

One day Harry Anders came home in a very bad mood. As usual, he had been gambling, and as usual, he had lost. Heavily. He was fifteen hundred bucks in the hole and had no way to pay it. In money, that is. He had no doubt the men he had lost it to would be willing enough to take it out of his hide. Anders was in a very bad mood indeed.

The best remedy he could think of for his state of mind was a quick fuck with May. But when he came storming into the house, no one was there except Sue.

"What the fuck you doin' home from school?" he snapped.

"It's a holiday, Daddy," Sue said anxiously. She was horribly afraid of her father.

"Where the hell's May?"

"She went out."

"What?" Anders roared. "Why... that fuckin' bitch!" Instant jealousy flooded through Anders. To him, "out" meant she was out fucking some punk kid. Fucking some punk kid when her own father needed her! Slow rage began to boil inside Anders' warped soul. By God, he'd get even with the bitch for this! He thought.

"Daddy... can I get you anything?" Sue asked timidly. Suddenly Anders knew how he was going to get even with May. His faded blue eyes fastened on his youngest daughter. For the first time he realized she was pretty. In a way, as pretty as May. But instead of May's lush build and sexy brunette coloring, Sue was smaller, blonde, and graceful. She was a real foxy little chick.

"Yeah, you can get your old man a drink," Anders said. His voice was cool, controlled. He knew just what he was going to do.

"Sure, Daddy," Sue gulped, and went to mix him one.

"Just bring the bottle," Anders yelled after the girl. "And some mix."

Sue brought a full bottle of vodka and a pitcher of orange juice. "It's the only thing I could find, Daddy," she said nervously.

"It's fine, just fine, Sue," Anders said, trying to smile. But as usual his smile came out as a leer. Sue didn't notice it, though. Unlike her sister, who had always been strong, who had always fought to hold onto her dignity no matter what Anders might do, Sue was timid. Her aim was to avoid the lightning bolt by pleasing. Sue wasn't really very bright. But she was sweet. Sweet and gentle, which was why May was so protective of the younger girl. She was unequipped to take care of herself in the unhappy world she'd been born into.

"You have some, too," Anders suddenly said, pouring a hefty shot of vodka into a second glass.

"Oh, no, I couldn't, Daddy," Sue protested.

"Dammit! I said to have a drink!" Anders snarled. But when he saw the sudden fear in the girl's eyes, he softened his voice.

"Come on... you'll like it. Just put some orange juice in with it. You won't taste the vodka at all."

He slopped orange juice into the glass. Sue timidly sipped.

"Come on... drink up," Anders ordered. Sue drank the rest of the screwdriver. It took her a few minutes to get it down, but soon the glass was empty.

"Have another," Anders said, refilling the girl's glass. He could see she was already half drunk. This is gonna be so easy, he chortled to himself.

Within a half-hour he had the girl so drunk she could hardly stand. "Hey, whatta you think of your old man now?" Anders asked.

"Jus'... Jus' fine, Da'y," Sue slurred, hardly able to articulate the words. She stared stupidly at her father.

Anders put his arm around the girl's shoulder.

She automatically started to flinch, thinking he was going to hit her. "You an' me's gonna get to be good friends," Anders leered into the girl's face. "I ain't been payin' enough attention to you, Sue," he said. His arm squeezed tightly around Sue's shoulder, clasping her to him.

Sue was stupefied. Too drunk to be cautious, it seemed to the love-starved girl that her father was really trying to be warm to her. A great surge of hope flared up inside her.

"You... you really mean it, Daddy?" she murmured.

"Sure, baby! How would you like me to start bein' really nice to you?"

"Oh, Daddy, I'd like that better than anything in the world," Sue cried.

"Well, then, let's have another drink," Anders grunted. The girl still seemed a little too much aware. He hated to let go of her to make the drinks. Her hard little tits were poking against his chest. Further down, he could feel her slender legs pressing against his.

The next drink nearly knocked Sue off her feet. She began swaying dizzily. "Don'... Don' feel she good," she muttered. Anders took her by the shoulders and guided her toward the bedroom. His bedroom, but Sue was too far none to notice.

"Come on... I'll take your clothes off and get you into bed," he said. Sitting the girl on the edge of the bed, Anders began undressing her. Sue's clouded mind drifted back to the last time someone had undressed her. It had been her mother, when she was a little girl. A warm feeling of affection flooded through her. She'd have done anything to prolong the feeling of being loved.

Anders pulled of the girl's blouse, then fumbled behind her to unclasp her bra. When he finally peeled it from her, his breath drew in with a whistle.

What a sweet little pair of tits! Maybe not as big as her sister's, but solid and beautifully shaped. The white little mounds thrust straight out, capped with tiny pink virginal nipples.

Anders was tempted to reach out and caress the perfect little tits he'd just bared, but thought he'd better get the rest of the clothes off the girl before she became alarmed.

As Anders began unzipping Sue's tight blue jeans, she fell limply back onto the bed, her legs trailing over the edge. Anders had to hoist her ass up off the mattress to work the jeans down over her sexy hips. He pulled her panties off with her jeans, all in one sweaty struggle. Finally the girl was naked, lying drunkenly on her back.

"Jesus Christ!" Anders hissed. The girl was a real blonde! Silky blonde pussy hair fluffed out over the tightest-looking little cunt he'd ever seen!

Sue began to writhe around on the bed.

"Daddy! I don't have any clothes on!" she whimpered.

"It's okay... it's okay," Anders reassured her.

"But... But I'm naked!"

"That's okay. We're gonna play a little game."

"But I shouldn't be naked!"

"Look! Don't you want me to keep liking you?" Anders snarled irritably.

Sue's eyes flew open. She had been working her way to the middle of the bed. Hearing the old hate-filled tone in her father's voice, she became afraid. What had she done wrong?

"Now you just lie there and we'll play the game," Anders grunted. He made sure the girl was positioned right in the middle of the bed. Then he got some soft cotton cord out of a drawer and began tying her down. There were little stubby posts at each corner of the bed frame. He tied her ankles and wrists to them so that the girl was stretched out, spread-eagled.

Enough of the liquor had worn off so that Sue was beginning to realize what her father was doing. She suddenly became afraid and began jerking and tugging at her bonds, but they were tight and held her down firmly.

Anders watched the girl struggle. He could feel his cock lurching in his pants as the naked teen-ager flailed around on the bed. Her firm little tits bounced and jiggled. And with her legs spread open the way they were, he found himself staring straight up her crotch. Underneath that silky cunt hair, he could see the scarlet gash of her pussy slit.

Hot waves of excitement washed over Anders. He had never tied a woman down before. God, it was exciting! Particularly when it was his own daughter! He began pulling off his clothes.

Sobbing and panting, Sue eventually gave up fighting against her bonds. She was sober enough now to see that her father was naked. Her fear-filled eyes swept up and down his overweight but still powerful body. Her eyes were drawn to his huge cock, still semi-soft, dangling massively between his thick hairy thighs. A shuddering thrill of horror rippled over the girl's naked flesh.

"It's gonna be all right," Anders said, crawling up on the bed. He began to stroke the girl, running his hands hotly up over her silky flanks, caressing the flat planes of her taut, teen-age belly.

And then he was touching her tits, marveling at how firm they were. The tiny nipples puffed up, two small pink flowers. But God, it was her cunt he wanted! Her sixteen-year-old cunt!

Anders took his time. After all, the girl wasn't going anywhere the way she was tied down. He ran his hands slowly up the velvety insides of her sleek thighs. Her flesh shuddered under his touch. Little lines of goose pimples sprang up where his hand had passed.

Finally the back of his fingers made contact with the girl's cunt. He felt her incredibly soft pussy hairs glide by under his hand. He pushed down, feeling the soft bun-like mounds give under the pressure.

"Oooooohhhhhhh," Sue sighed. Anders was amazed. He had expected the same shuddering, horror-filled response he'd gotten from May the first time.

But a lot had been going on in Sue's alcohol-fogged mind. She knew what her father wanted to do, and to her amazement, as much as his, it excited her. A timid virgin, Sue had long been aware that her big sister, May, was anything but sexually timid. And although Sue was timid, it didn't mean she didn't have normal sixteen-year-old hungers and desires. She just didn't know how to express them.

And over the years, faced with the loss of her mother and the drunken coldness of her father, something has snapped in the girl's mind. She found she liked being tied down naked in front of her father.

As Sue felt the cool air washing over her nude body, laving over her lewdly open crotch, a hot wave of excitement lit up her nerve endings. She wiggled her hips, urging her father's hand closer to her suddenly smoldering cunt.

"You want me to stick my finger in your box?" Anders asked in amazement.

"Oh, yes, Daddy. If you'll... if you'll just tell me you like me." Anything for love. It suddenly became a possibility to Sue that she could buy her father's affection with her nude young body.

And after all, wasn't that what her big sister was doing? The big sister she worshipped? Sue had no doubt May and her father were sleeping together. What she didn't know was that May was being forced, so she could protect Sue.

And being tied down the way she was! Didn't that absolve her from any real blame? Suddenly Sue was getting even hotter, her pussy more on fire.

"Stick your hand up me, Daddy!" she panted. "I need it! I need it!"

Anders didn't need any urging. Stunned, he sank his finger all the way up into his younger daughter's sung little cunt. It wasn't all that easy to do. He knew at once she was a virgin. He could feel his finger fighting past the drum-tight membrane of her hymen. Jesus! This was too much!

"Ooooohhhhhh, Daddy, that feels so good?" Sue babbled. "I do it to myself all the time. It makes me feel so funny inside!"

The lovely young blonde was writhing wildly on the bed as her father finger fucked up into her tight twat. A small river of eager moisture was seeping out of her pussy hole, making her father's job easier.

Anders stared down to where his finger was sawing in and out of the snuggest little cunt he'd ever seen. Under their light screen of blonde fuzz, the girl's taut little pussy lips curved away sweetly. His finger was pushing those two fleshy buns far enough apart for him to make out the tender pinkness of her clit. The rosy tip of that supersensitive little nub peeked shyly past its protective covering. Anders had to touch it.

He did, with his tongue. Leaving one finger in Sue's cunt, the big man leaned down and stabbed his tongue against Sue's virginal clit.

"Aaaaaiiiiyyyyy!" Sue shrieked. She had never felt anything so good in her life. Her belly arched up, pressing her cunt tightly against her father's face. The tight cords pulled at her wrists and ankles.

"Ooooohhhhhh!" Sue sighed and moaned. Her body twisted and turned on the bed, as much as her bonds would allow. Her innocent blue eyes were shut tight, which was good, because they weren't innocent any more. Her sharp white teeth nipped wildly at her lower lip. A glorious spill of blonde hair fanned out around her lovely young face.

Anders took all this in when he raised his head to stare at his younger daughter. For the first time in years, something approaching tenderness tugged at his soul. My God! The girl was giving herself to him, he thought.

But it never occurred to Anders to untie her. It never occurred to Sue to ask to be untied. There was something about the helpless, victim-like way she was spread-eagled on the bed that tore deep into the guts of both of them. Anders, the rapist, and Sue, the victim, had each found their way.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Sue," Anders panted, kneeling on the bed next to his daughter.

"Oooohhhhh, yes, Daddy," Sue crooned, turning to stare at her father's huge prick. "Stick your thing in me. Fuck me with it!"

Anders was nervously peeling back the foreskin on his immense rod. The purplish tip kept popping out, shiny drops of pre-cum glistening wetly. Sue was fascinated. It never occurred to her to wonder how such a huge, hard instrument was going to fit up inside her virginal little pussy hole. But it occurred to Anders. He stared down at the girl's cunt. Too damned tight! The thickness of the prick throbbing in his hand was just too big!

But he'd damned well try! Hunching forward on his knees, Anders guided the bulbous head of his cock up toward Sue's waiting cunt. Brushing aside the silky blonde hairs, he worked the fleshy tip up between the girl's pussy lips.

"Ooooohhhhhh," Sue sighed. The spongy knob of her father's prick pressed demandingly against her tender gash. Hot ripples of excitement shot through the girl's body. Her sleek hips strained up demanding more of Anders' huge cock.

Anders tried shoving his prick straight up Sue's virgin cunt. But it was no go. The broad head merely flattened out as if it had met a solid fleshy wall. A strained look came over Sue's face, replacing her previous expression of innocent lust.

"It... It hurts," she whimpered. "Kind of..."

"Jesus, you bet your ass it does," Anders groaned. It felt as if the foreskin was being peeled right back off his cock. He knew if he rammed it straight in now, he might tear himself. He never bothered to consider he might tear the girl, too. Girls were for tearing.

But not his precious cock. "You need to be loosened up a little," he grunted to the girl. Her pussy muscles had tightened automatically as soon as the first pain signals had rocketed through her snatch.

"Lemme lick your tits," Anders snorted. He pulled his cock back from the girl's pussy mouth and fell on her full length. His mouth closed around the tip of one of the girl's taut little tits. The virgin nipple slid between his lips, almost too small to feel at first.

Then the rubbery pinkness began to harden under his insistent sucking. Soon, the teen-ager's nipple was as hard as a pebble, thrusting back against Anders' busily licking tongue.

"Ooooooohhhhhh! Daddy, it feels so goooooodddd," Sue whimpered. Her slender little body was writhing erotically on the bed. The cords held her arms in place, but she wriggled her shoulders, thrusting her tits up against her father's face.

Sue, a horny little girl, had played with her sensitive nipples ever since her tits had begun to grow. She loved the fluttery feelings it caused in her belly.

But she had never had her tender tits sucked before. It felt to the helplessly tied girl as if her father had somehow plugged her quivering knockers into an electric outlet. A hot surging current was shooting down through her tits into her abdomen, lighting up her cunt. The tension that had been tightening her pussy muscles was quickly diminishing.

"Oooohhh, suck my tits, Daddy!" Sue moaned. "It's making me feel funny down there!"

Reaching down to check, Anders stuffed his finger back up inside his younger daughter's cunt. Sure enough, it was open more now, and a warm flood of hot pussy juice was gushing out, making the tight lips slippery. His finger slid easily in and out.

But the girl's hymen was still there. Anders could feel it pressing tightly against one side of his plunging finger. As he shoved experimentally against it, the resilient membrane gave a little, but then sprang back into place. There was only one way to get past the damn thing. With his cock! He was going to have to ram his prick in the girl as hard as he could!

"Shit!" Anders muttered. He'd had enough tit. With a sweet little pie like Sue's ready to go, already full of finger, he knew he couldn't stand another moment without at least trying to fuck the girl.

Sue was whimpering and twitching steadily by the time Anders pulled his mouth away from her solid little tits. His finger was slurping steadily in and out of her cunt.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Sue," he growled down at the girl. "You hear that?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy! I want you to," the girl whispered. "But I'm scared."

"You just let your old Dad handle this," Anders ordered. "I'll tell you what to do and I fucking well want you to do it!"

"Yes, Daddy," Sue said meekly. She heard the old threatening tone coming back into her father's voice. She'd do anything, undergo any torture to have him be nice to her.

Anders knelt once again between his daughter's legs. For a long excited moment he stared down at the girl, at the way the cords held her tightly in place, spread-eagled, her helpless body ready for the first relentless thrust of his swollen cock.

Sliding his hands slowly up the smooth insides of Sue's thighs, Anders prowled through her blonde pussy hair. His fingers parted the girl's cunt lips, baring the tender pink slit inside. The girl's snatch was dripping with pussy juice!

"It's now or never," Anders grunted. Christ, the girl was wet enough!

Slipping the head of his cock back up into Sue's pussy slit, Anders began running the mushroom shaped tip up and down the full length of the pink, gaping gash. Hot juices spread over the tip of his prick, making it warm and slippery. He wet his fingers from his tongue, and smeared saliva over the rest of his cock. Mixed with Sue's cunt juices, the saliva soon had the whole turgid rod glistening and slick.

"Okay, baby," Anders ordered. "You get ready to shove back just as soon as I start in. I don't give a fuck how much it hurts. You just shove back."

Guiding his cock tip down toward the girl's dimpled cuntal opening, Anders guided it up inside the tight tube as far as it would go. Which wasn't far. About half an inch. Sue's taut hymen stretched but didn't give.

"Yaaaaaaaaaa!" With a strangled cry, Anders flicked his hips forward, stabbing his cock down into Sue's virgin cunt. For a moment he felt her hymen resist, stretching, then it gave. He could feel the elastic membrane tear, and then his cock was thundering up into his daughter's cunt. Into virgin, unexplored territory where no cock had ever been before.

"Aaaaaaiiiiieeeeeee!" Sue's thin cry of pain filled the room. There was a sudden sharp burning sensation in her cunt as her maidenhead was destroyed forever. Pain shot through her pussy.

But Sue remembered her father's orders. Despite the pain, she shoved back, thrusting her cunt upward, helping his huge cock bury itself up inside her snatch.

Then they were locked together, unmoving. Anders was gingerly testing to see if he had injured his cock. The girl was sure as hell tight! Hot pussy flesh wrapped snugly around his prick. Anders experimentally throbbed the tip of his cock, up inside Sue's cunt.

"Ooooohhhhhh," the impaled girl moaned. The first searing blast of pain had subsided. Slowly she became aware of the monster cock filling her once-virgin cut to overflowing. A funny, shaky sensation rippled through her guts.

And then Anders flexed the tip of his cock up inside her, making the girl moan. For the first time Sue realized there was something hot and alive and male buried in her snatch. Her hips trembled in delight.

"You like that, baby?" Anders snorted triumphantly. He had no trouble reading the look of delight and wonder on the girl's innocent face.

For an answer, Sue moaned again. Her pussy muscles clamped down around her father's throbbing cock, nipping hungrily.

"Oooohhhh, Jesus!" Anders moaned. He had never been in a cunt this tight in his life. Not even May's. "So, you wanna play," he chuckled. "Well, so do I, baby. Get ready for a real fuckin'."

Sue started to tense as her father slowly slid his cock most of the way out of her pussy. She was expecting that horrible pain again. But all she felt was a slight burning sensation where her hymen had torn. That and a swelling tide of pleasure as her father's big cock slid over her sensitive pussy walls.

With just the tip of his cock still in his daughter's cunt, Anders held himself back a moment. He stared down at the innocent-looking young blonde. At her quivering, bound body. At her heaving tits, rising and falling swiftly in time to her ragged breathing. And most of all at the tip of his cock disappearing up into her blonde-fringed cunt.

When he was sure the strained look on his daughter's face was a look of lust-filled expectations, Anders could hold back no longer. With a yell, he slammed his hips down again. His long thick cock skewered up into the girl's cunt, pressing its way deep into the hot wet tunnel.

"Aaaaaiiiyyyyyy!" Sue squealed. But this time it wasn't a cry of pain. The feel of her father's rampant prick plowing up into her hot little snatch filled her with joy. She felt the bone-hard shaft glide in deeper and deeper, rippling waves of soft pussy flesh ahead of it.

Then Anders' pubic bone thudded against his daughter's loins. They were crotch to crotch, his cock sunk in her tight snatch to the hilt. But just for an instant. Then Anders' big rod was starting the return journey, getting ready for another wild drive up into Sue's gushing depths.

"Ooooohhhhhh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!" Sue whimpered. At last, after years of loneliness and fear, she had found a way to make her father like her. An exciting way, filling her with the most powerful sensations her young body had ever experienced. Writhing and twisting on the bed, held down by soft cotton cords, the girl's eager cunt opened hungrily to welcome her father's plunging cock.

"Aaaahhhh, fuck! Jesus! Son-of-a-bitch!" Anders moaned. His cock was ramming in and out of the tightest cunt he'd ever found. And it had been right at home waiting for him all this time. He stared down at his daughter's face, marveling at the wild expressions flickering over the girl's usually placid features. There was no doubt Sue loved what he was doing to her tight wet cunt.

The tight ropes helped. Perhaps if Sue had been free to squirm away, she might have tried it out of instinctual fear. Out of the age-old horror against incest.

But tied tightly in place, the initiative had been taken from her. Unable to struggle free, the girl had no choice but to accept what was being done to her innocent young body. And more, to enjoy it.

"Oooohhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me hard, Daddy! Ram you big cock up my cunt!" Sue wailed. Her sleek hips were thrusting upward, shoving her cunt-mound against her father's groin. She was opening her pussy hole wide, helping skewer herself on his pounding rod.

Hot pussy juices squirted from Sue's tight cunt, squeezed out by Anders' madly pumping cock. Her inner thighs were hot and slippery with pussy dew. The musky lubricants coated the full length of her father's cock shaft, soaking into his pubic hair. The wet sounds of fucking filled the bedroom.

Wham, wham, wham! Ander's hips thudded down against Sue's. His balls slapped rhythmically up into the girl's smooth ass-cleft.

"Oh, Daddy! I feel so funny!" Sue suddenly whimpered. "I... I feel like something's winding up inside my belly! Like it's going to break and let go!"

"Jesus, she's gonna come on her first fuck," Anders mumbled. He could feel the girl's cunt muscles clamping desperately around his pumping cock. The knowledge his daughter was about to get it off under him made his balls tighten.

Sue felt her father's cock suddenly begin to swell up inside her desperately responding cunt. The swollen head felt as big as a doorknob as it dug powerfully up into the furthest recesses of her hungry sex channel.

Sue knew the general idea of fucking. But she was unprepared when a searing jet of semen suddenly shot up into her cunt. Anders threw back his head and groaned loudly, his face a contorted mask of lust.

"Jeez! I'm gonna... gonna come... COMMM IIIINNNGGG!" he spluttered. His hips hunched fiercly, driving his wedge-like cock up into the girl's stunned cunt. More and more sperm erupted from the bloated tip of the mammoth organ. Sue's cunt was flooded with warmth and wetness.

And cock. Anders cock had swollen to gigantic proportions as he pumped his nuts off into his daughter's cunt. The huge rod was stretching Sue open, driving far, far up into her sensitive cunt. That and the wet heat spurting into her womb.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Sue wailed. An intense spasm shook the girl's slender body. Hot rushes of cunt juice, mingled with her father's cum, shot out her suddenly spasming pussy. The cords dug into the girl's wrists and ankles as she writhed mindlessly on the bed.

"Jesus Christ!" Anders muttered as he continued hunching his spouting cock into his daughter's rhythmically milking snatch. She was coming so hard her eyes had rolled back into her head. Sue writhed and twisted for a long, nerve-shattering moment, then she subsided a little, except for the constant electric tremors that shook her naked young body.

Anders finished the last of his thrusts up into the girl's cum-drenched cunt. His cock had shot the last of its wad, and was slowly shrinking inside her still-quivering cunt.

Slowly Sue struggled back to reality. Her eyes wouldn't focus at first. She stared up at the hazy outline of her father. She couldn't remember for a moment where she was or what had happened. Then she felt the insistent presence of Anders' cock up inside her well-fucked cunt.

"You really popped your cherry," Anders was saying, grinning down at his daughter.

"I... I felt so funny!" Sue quavered. A strange quivering tiredness was seeping over her body. But she had never felt so alive in her life. "What happened to me?" she asked.

"You got your rocks off! You made it! You came!" Anders snickered.

"Got my rocks off?" Sue asked, dazed.

"You had an orgasm!" her father snorted.

An orgasm! Sue had heard about orgasms. But never had she expected an orgasm to be this gut-wrenching, mind-blowing explosion that had taken charge of her body, turning her into a mindless bundle of quivering flesh. Her cunt throbbed as she remembered the way her body had seemed to fly apart in ecstasy.

The girl's throbbing cunt closed around Anders' cock. "Oh, shit!" he moaned. "You're ready to go again, ain't you?"

And to Anders' surprise, so was he. His cock actually began to grow hard again as the girl's soft pussy flesh rippled around its shrinking length. Blood pounded up into the flaccid shaft. He knew he was going to be able to fuck Sue again, not later, not an hour from now, but right now. The girl turned him on so much that he felt his cock would never get soft again!

"Okay, baby, you liked that one, so I'll give you another," he panted. "And this time I'm gonna fuck your ears off!"

Anders drew back his suddenly stiffened cock, ready to slam it once again up into his daughter's cum-dripping cunt. But the door flew open behind him. A horror filled cry filled the bedroom.

"Pa! You rotten son-of-a-bitch! You promised me you'd leave her alone!"

Chapter FOUR

May had wondered where her father and sister were when she returned home. The house was lit up, but no one seemed to be around. With a shrug, she started toward the bedroom she shared with Sue.

Then she heard the sounds from her father's bedroom. Her father's hoarse grunts of passion mixed with the lighter wailing of a climaxing woman. Or rather, a climaxing girl.

May was surprised, because her father hadn't had another woman over to the house since he had started fucking her. She hoped it meant he had tired of her and would leave her alone from now on.

But then May realized she recognized the whimpering voice of the girl in bed with her father. For a long moment she refused to believe it was who she thought it was. May almost went on into her bedroom, but she had to know. She just had to know for sure.

Stealing silently to her father's bedroom door, she gingerly pushed it open. She found herself staring at her father's broad naked back as he hunched over a girl spread-eagled on the bed. She noticed the girl was tied down.

The girl was her sister!

That was when May screamed at her father. She had no way of knowing Sue enjoyed what was happening. One look at the ropes tying her sister down, and the memory of how Anders had forced her, May, into sex, convinced May what she was watching was rape. Rape of her innocent younger sister.

Not that it would have mattered even if she knew Sue had responded more or less willingly. The thought of her hated father sticking his cock into Sue enraged May. She leaped into the room, screaming her hatred, her talons aimed at Anders startled face.

But for a big man, Anders could move fast when he had to. He rolled of Sue, his rigid cock popping from the frightened girl's tightened cunt. As May raked at his face with her nails, he hit the girl, knocking her down.

"Oh! Leave her alone, Daddy! Please!" Sue shrieked. She struggled to get up off the bed but the cords held her securely in place.

Despite the force of her father's blow, May kicked out at her father, the toe of her shoe catching him on the shin.

"Oooowwwwwww!" Anders howled. This time when he hit May, it was with his fist. The girl went down hard and lay on her back, breathing heavily, her eyes glazed.

Anders picked up his belt and stood over the girl, ready to strike out. "By God! I'll teach you to kick your old man!"

Suddenly there was a thunderous knocking on the front door. "Anders? You in there?" a loud voice called.

Anders froze. "Oh, my God!" he hissed. His eyes darted around the room, looking for an escape. Anders pulled on a pair of pants and was reaching for a shirt when the voice came through the door again.

"Anders... you try to pretend your not in there, you'll live to regret it -- if you live at all."

The voice was cold, unemotional. But it made Anders break out in a sweat. His shoulders sagged in defeat. He went toward the door like a man going to his own execution.

Three men were standing on the front porch when Anders opened the door. Two of them were big, bigger even than Anders. The third man was smaller, slender, but moved with an easy grace that indicated deceptive strength.

"You weren't trying to duck out on us, were you, Harry?" the slender man asked.

"Uh... no," Anders said, licking his lips nervously. "Just havin' a little family trouble, Luke."

Luke, the slender man, glanced down at the semi-conscious May. Then toward the bedroom, where Sue was partly visible, still tied naked to the bed. "You're a weird bastard, Harry," Luke said. "But we're not interested in your sex life. We're interested in economics."

"Look. I promised I'd pay as soon as I could," Anders cut in. "It's gonna take me a little while to come up with that kind of money."

Luke stared at Anders as if he were a bug. "You dropped nearly three grand tonight," he said. "I'm tired of carrying you on my books. I want that money now. Right this moment."

"But be reasonable, Luke," Anders pleaded. "Where will I get it this time of night?"

"Oh, you'll figure a way. That's why I brought Jack and Frank along -- to help you think."

A slow twisted smile tugged at Luke's full, rather sensuous lips as he motioned the two huge men behind him forward. They were both grinning broadly, obviously ready to enjoy what they were about to do to Anders.

"Wait!" Anders half-screamed. "I'll... I'll make you a deal! I'll trade you something for the money I owe!"

Luke looked around at the shabby room. "What would you have to trade, Harry, that would be worth my while?" he sneered.

"Her!" Anders babbled, pointing down at May. "The girl!"

"Me you serious?" Luke asked incredulously. "What do you think this is?"

"No! Listen to me!" Anders said desperately, backing away from the three men facing him. "I know what goes on in those back rooms at the club. Where you got all those girls. Look, a guy in your business can always use a good-looking girl. Take this one! Take May! See? Look at them tits!"

Bending down, Anders tore May's blouse from her. The girl, gaining back her senses, feebly tried to cover her naked tits. But Anders pulled her hands away. "See? What did I tell you? And ain't that a sweet little box?" he added, pulling up May's skirt to bare the panty-covered mound of her cunt.

"Look! You just take her. There'll be nobody to complain. Nobody to miss her. Her mother's dead. And she's legal age."

"What about that one in there?" Luke asked. He motioned to one of his companions. "Check her out, Frank."

"No! Leave her alone!" Anders blurted, surprising even himself.

"Playing favorites, Harry?" Luke said, smiling his strange, half-cruel, half-sensuous smile again. "Maybe I'll take 'em both."

"Hey, this one's a real looker, Luke," Jack said from the bedroom. "And her twat's tight as hell." Bending down, the big man shoved one finger up Sue's spread cunt. The girl was too frightened even to wince as the thick rough finger slid up into her tender snatch.

"You-you don't want her!" Anders said desperately. Somehow it was very important to him that he not lose Sue. "She's... she's under age. Only sixteen."

"Real thoughtful of you to let us know, Harry," Luke said. "We wouldn't want to do anything illegal now, would we?" Then he laughed, a strange laugh that made the skin crawl on the back of Anders' neck.

Luke looked down at the semi-naked May. For the first time a little heat showed in his icy eyes as they raked over the girl's lush naked tits, and her swelling pussy mound.

"Okay, Harry, we'll take the brunette," he finally said. "And maybe the blonde cunt, too, when she gets a couple of years older."

"You'll... you'll write off the whole three thousand?"

"We'll see, Harry. We'll see," Luke replied. "It depends on how much we figure the girl's worth. We'll have to try her out, won't we fellas?" The other two men smiled in anticipation as they stared down at May.

The girl was being jerked to her feet before she fully realized what was happening. "No, Pa... you can't let them take me away!"

"Shut up, bitch," Anders growled. He had recovered enough of his courage to hit May again. She sagged in her captors' grip.

Luke shoved Anders back. "Uh-uh... you'll damage the merchandise." He turned toward the man in the bedroom. "Take your finger out of the kid's pie," he ordered. "We're leaving."

Frank pulled his finger out of Sue's cunt. It popped loose from the snug meaty nest, glistening with cunt juices. Frank's other hand had been busy squeezing Sue's solid little tits. He gave her nipples a last tweak, then walked back into the living room.

Sue knew what was happening, knew her sister was going to be taken away by the horrible men who had so frightened her father. She wanted to interfere, to beg them to let May stay, but she was too afraid.

"Take her out to the car," Luke ordered his two henchmen. Grinning, the two big men draped May's torn blouse around her naked torso and led her out of the house. She staggered along between them, still dizzy from her father's blow. Horror tugged at her soul. She'd actually just been sold. As a slave! And her father was right. Since he would never report her missing, no one would ever come looking for her.

May was tossed into the back seat of a large black car. "Who gets in with her?" Frank asked.

"Me," Jack shot back. "You had your fun with the blonde cunt." He seemed to reflect a moment. "Unless you want to, Luke," he amended hastily. May realized the two brutal-looking men were very much afraid of Luke, even though it appeared either one of them could easily break him in half.

"No, she's yours," Luke said. "Just remember what I told Anders. I don't want you hurting the merchandise."

May cringed back into the far corner of the back seat as Jack crowded in next to her. "Don't touch me!" she hissed.

"Aw, come on, baby. How's about a little feel?"

Jack wheedled. One big meaty hand reached out and clamped around May's right tit, squeezing hard. Sudden fury flooded through the girl.

Suddenly May grabbed Jack's hand and sank her teeth into it.

"Ooooowwwwww!" Jack yelled. "The little bitch bit me!" He jerked his hand away, teeth marks imprinted on it, and was about to hit May when Luke intervened.

"Remember what I said about hurting the merchandise," he warned sharply.

Hope flooded through May. They didn't want to hurt her. Didn't want to mark her up. "I'll fight!" she hissed. "I won't let any of you touch me!"

Luke sighed wearily. "Frank, get in back and help Jack out. I'll drive. You boys deserve a little reward."

Eagerly Frank got out of the driver's side and slipped into the back seat. Now there was one of the big men on either side of May. Before she could even start fighting, they had imprisoned her in their powerful grasp. She struggled, but it didn't accomplish anything other than working up a sweat. The car started away from the curb.

"That old fart, Anders, was right," Jack snickered. "This chick has really nice tits." One of his big hands had slipped underneath May's torn blouse and was cupping her tits, his fingers worrying the slowly stiffening nipples. May tried to struggle away, but her violent movements only made the men clamp down harder on her arms and legs. Their fingers hurt, digging into her soft flesh. Suddenly May stopped struggling.

Burning with helplessness and humiliation May let first the one, then the other of her abductors fondle her naked tits. Once again her treacherous body reacted to an unwanted touch the way it had when her father first raped her. Little trickles of feeling were seeping throughout her body.

"Hey! We ain't seen her cunt yet!" Jack exclaimed. His hands were fumbling at May's panties, pulling them away from her crotch.

"No!" May cried desperately. It was bad enough having these miserable animals playing with her its, but that she could bear. But if they ever got her panties off she was in real trouble!

"She's a fighter!" Frank chuckled. He held May's arms while Jack managed to work the girl's panties down over her hips. "Hey! Her pussy hair's like silk!" he said jubilantly. His fingers were brushing against May's pussy floss. He tried to work one finger up inside the struggling girl's slit, but her panties were in the way. So he left her cunt alone for the moment and finished pulling off her panties.

Now May was wearing nothing but her short skirt and a badly torn blouse that left her tits bare. And her skirt was pulled up to her waist. The frightened girl was intensely aware of the men staring hungrily at her naked cunt.

"Please," she cried, but the two men paid no attention. "Help me get her legs apart, Jack," Frank said. They moved May around like a helpless doll, until she was spread across their laps, on her back, her tits and cunt within easy reach.

May tried her best to clamp her legs together, but Frank jabbed his thumb into her skin. The resulting pain was so excruciating that May yelped and let her legs fall open. Instantly Frank's hand was between her thighs, his finger slipping up toward her pussy slit.

May gritted her teeth as she felt Frank's thick finger dig into her tender cunt flesh. He stabbed at her clit, far too hard. May almost yelped with pain.

Then Frank's finger was slipping up into her cuntal opening. May gasped with the shock of it, her body quivering. "Yeah... this is a real sweet little ole' box this gal's got," Frank muttered, his face flushed as he began sawing his finger in and out of May's cunt. "And she's gettin' wet!"

May could hear the slurping sound of Frank's finger as it squished up into her rapidly dampening pit. Once something went up into her cunt, whether she wanted it or not, she seemed to react automatically. First the flowing cunt juices, and then the sensations.

Her cunt felt good! Stuffed full again, even if it was only a finger. Even if it was the finger of a man she loathed and feared. May could feel her face growing hot, imagined it was growing bright and flushed. She tried to hold still, but each time Frank's finger dug deep, up into her softening snatch, she couldn't help occasionally quivering.

"Hey, I think she likes it!" Jack said, bending over May's body to get a better look at his partner's finger skewering up into the girl's tight young cunt. His own hands were digging into the soft flesh of her tits, mauling the nipples relentlessly. May's body was coming alive, thrilling with feeling. But that didn't keep her from hating the men who were so brutally using her helpless body.

Nor from hating her father, the man who had sold her to them.

"Man, I mean it feels good to have my finger up this little bitch's box, but I got bigger ideas," Frank muttered.

"Oh, yeah? Like what?" Jack jeered back.

"I'm gonna fuck her!" Frank snapped. "Right here in the car!" May was horrified by the big man's words. She suddenly became aware that something hard and alive was pressing up against the backs of her thighs from below. Frank had an erection!

"Come on, get her off me for a moment," Frank said. For a second May hoped the other man wouldn't cooperate, too jealous that it was Frank getting fucked and not himself. But Jack laughed. "Okay, old buddy, you first. But then it's my turn!" With a sinking heart May realized there was no reason for the men to fight over her. They could each have her whenever they wanted her. They owned her. Her father had sold her to them!

May heard the sound of a zipper opening. She twisted her head just in time to see Frank pulling his huge, swollen cock out of his fly. It reared up above his loins, jerking and twitching, growing larger by the second.

"Come on, set her on my lap," Frank said. His strong arms wrapped around the girl's torso from behind, while Jack hoisted her up and sat her down on the other man's lap, facing away, with her back pressed against his chest. His immense cock reared up between her legs, only inches from her nakedly exposed cunt.

"No!" The frightened brunette whimpered, trying to twist away. But the men were too strong. Jack held her hands, while Frank kept his knees in between hers so she couldn't close her legs. Her cunt gaped open. Holding the girl tightly against him with one arm around her waist, Frank reached down with his other hand and started stuffing the tip of his cock up into her snatch.

"Ooooobhhhhh," May whimpered in humiliating defeat as she felt Frank's big cock sliding up into her cunt. She stared down, watching Frank's bloated cock shaft disappear up between her pussy lips, spreading her open wider and wider. The knobby tip of his thick rod dug in deep. She sensed it pushing past her cervix, far, far up into her pussy channel. My God, she thought, he has a long cock!

A little gasp burst from May's lips. The feel of Frank's mammoth prick up inside her belly paralyzed her. Her body shuddered and trembled, stuffed as full of cock as it had ever been.

Then Frank's hips started humping, driving his cock slowly in and out of her wide spread cunt. She could see its every move. Shiny with her cuntal secretions, the thick rod chugged slowly on, pushing a little, deeper up inside her cunt with every stroke.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" May couldn't help it. A low moan of pleasure broke from her throat. At the same time, her hips screwed downwards, shoving her cunt hard against Frank's skewering rod.

"See, I told you the bitch likes it!" Frank grunted. He was working hard, driving his hips upward, shoving his cock as far into the pinioned girl's juicy cunt as it would go. His eyes were glazed with pleasure.

By now, Jack was beginning to be sorry he had agreed to let the other man go first. His cock swelled in his pants as he watched Frank fucking into May's tightly held body. Nervously he opened his fly and worked his big prick into the open.

"I gotta get me some of this," he panted. "Come on, baby," he growled. "You're gonna get a mouthful of cock, and if you know what's good for you, you're gonna suck it like a vacuum cleaner."

May tried to speak, to say she'd see him in hell before she'd take his slimy cock in her mouth. But Frank's cock, which was flashing in and out of her cunt with ever increasing speed, seemed to have paralyzed her will. When she tried to form the words, her mouth fell open and no sound came out.

Jack took the opportunity to slide his swollen member in between the girl's butter-soft lips. Suddenly May was choking on several inches of bone-hard cock. She tried to turn her head away, but Jack pressed his palms against the sides of her face, holding her steady.

"I'm gonna fuck you in the mouth!" Jack panted. Already his cock felt great imprisoned in the hot wetness of May's mouth. The big man was hunched over the young brunette, the top of his head grinding against the car roof. He swayed and fought for balance every time the car hit a bump, but he kept his cock buried in May's mouth, hunching slowly forward, working the turgid cock in and out between her tight-stretched lips.

"Come on! Come on and suck!" Jack hissed.

May did, automatically. It was either that or choke. Jack moaned happily above her, while she heard Frank panting into her ear from behind. His huge rod still chugged up into her wide spread cunt. His hands dug into her tits, worrying the throbbing nipples.

The car swerved dangerously several times. Luke kept glancing in the mirror, his eyes glittering strangely as he watched the obscene pyramid of lust in the back seat. He could clearly see Frank's cock slithering in and out of May's cunt and Jack's buttocks flexing as he drove his cock into the girl's mouth. He watched Frank's hands digging into her tits, little rolls of pink flesh puffing out from between his thick fingers. His own cock was hardening as he watched. But he knew he'd have his own turn, soon enough. And in his own way.

May's nearly nude body began to buck and jerk. There was no way she was going to have this much hard cock slamming in and out of her hot little body and not react. She hated herself for it nearly as much as she hated her assailants. As she felt the last of her control begin to slip, she vowed she'd fight back later the only way she knew how. She'd just refuse to fuck. They'd have to kill her first.

"Mmnmpppphhhhh!" she mumbled around Jack's thick cock in her mouth. Frank had just shoved his prick far up into her hotly responding, cunt. She writhed on his lap, shoving her cunt down hard against his cock. She could feel herself opening up more and more, getting ready to come. Oh, God, but it was good to come -- whether she was being forced or not!

But first she wanted to get rid of Jack's cock in her mouth so she could concentrate on what was happening up inside her twat. She began to suck hard, surprising Jack.

"Aaaaaahhhhh. Jesus Christ!" he moaned, bashing the back of his head against the roof of the car as his whole body flexed. His hands clamped tighter around May's face, holding her head in place as he began ramming his cock deep down her throat. May gagged and choked but kept on sucking. She could feel the bulbous head of Jack's cock growing larger and larger and knew he was about to come. To help get it over with more quickly, she reached up and shoved her thumb up his asshole.

"AAAAAGGGGCCHHHHHHH!" Jack wailed. His huge body bucked and jerked. A sudden scalding rush of cum shot into the back of May's throat. But she was ready. Swallowing madly, she got most of the thick salty liquid down. Only a little bubbled back out around Jack's spewing cock.

Gasping and moaning, Jack pumped the last of his load into May's lovely young face. Then she spit the softening prick from her mouth.

"Ooooohhhhh, God! Now fuck me! Fuck the hell out of my cunt!" May wailed, squirming her ass down against Frank's hard loins.

"Jesus, when this little bitch decides to get it on, she gets it on!" Frank panted. His huge hands slid down from her tits, his fingers digging into her hips. With desperate strength, he began working the girl up and down on his prick, making her slick cunt take as much of his thick rod as it could.

May cooperated, completely out of control now. She squirmed and wiggled, pounding her cunt down against the hard cock-meat coming at her from below. Jack had slumped back into the seat next to her. Now she had a clear view of Frank's cock as it pounded up into her twat. Fascinated, she watched her cunt lips being shoved aside, slick with pussy juice. Frank's long rod would pull way, way out, glistening with her inner wetness, then slide up inside her twat again as he rocked his hips forward. So much hard male meat sliding up inside her cunt!

"Yes! Oooohhhhh yessssss. I can feel it all the way up to my tummy!" May cried. She couldn't watch what was happening any longer. Her orgasm was so near! May's head arched back against the seat, her eyes half-closed, staring at nothing. Whimpers bubbled from her throat. She had just enough presence of mind left to reach down and start stroking the underside of Frank's cock as it drove relentlessly up into her snatch.

That was too much for Frank. "Aaaaahhhhh. Jesus Christ!" he cried. "Oh, GODDDDDD!"

May could feel Frank's cock start to shudder and twitch up inside her waiting cunt. Under her stroking fingers, the big tube on the underside of the shaft stabbing up into her twat began to swell.

Then she could actually feel the cum rushing through the swollen tube. A hot wetness in her cunt told the panting girl Frank was coming.

It suddenly didn't matter to May that the cock spouting semen into her body had been forced on her. That she was being raped. What mattered was the fire suddenly raging out of control in her cunt.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" May wailed. Her sleek stomach muscles sucked in. Her cunt clamped desperately around Frank's spouting cock.

"Coming... comMMMMM IIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" the writhing girl shrieked. It was all Frank could do to hold the young brunette down as she writhed and bucked in his lap. Thick streams of pussy juice and cum gushed back out of her cunt, dripping down onto his drum-tight balls. His huge, swollen cock continued to saw up into her snatch as her hungry cunt muscles tugged and nipped at the knob-like tip.

"Keep it up, baby! Suck me dry!" Frank panted. His cock spurted semen two or three more times, then he collapsed back, exhausted. He shrugged May's spent body from his. She rolled over into a corner of the back seat, half-curled into a ball of sex-wet flesh, panting. Instinct made her hide her head in her hands as she fought to get her breath back.

"Maybe you got your money's worth, Luke," she heard Frank say. The three men began to chuckle, commenting on her bed-worthiness. May felt a hot flush of shame run through her thoroughly used body. She'd been made a fool of. Worse, she'd made a fool of herself, letting her animal-like body betray her.

"We'll see," Luke was saying in his quiet, deadly voice. "She lacks finesse, style. When we get her back to the club, we'll see if we can't teach her a few tricks."

Just like they're talking about a dog or a horse, May thought. She decided right then that she would resist. That she'd refuse to be used. No matter what they did to her.

Chapter FIVE

The car pulled up in front of a very large building out in the country. A big neon sign over the front door advertised, "Food... cocktails... entertainment."

But May wasn't taken in the front door. She was hustled around to a back entrance, her torn clothes barely covering her. She never saw her panties again.

May was shoved into a plush, comfortably furnished room. "Marie! Where the fuck are you?" Luke called. Almost immediately a women came into the room, an anxious expression on her face.

"You want something, Luke?" she asked breathlessly. She was a tall woman, very beautiful, with long, thick red hair and startling green eyes. She had huge tits, which bulged out over the top of a low-cut gown.

"Yeah, we got us a new recruit," Luke said. "Her name's May. Get her cleaned up. Scrape some of the cum off her cunt and then bring her into my, uh, special room."

"Sure, Luke," Marie said. "Whatever you say." The three men filed out of the room. "Oh, thank God!" May sighed, sinking wearily down onto a chair.

"Oh, honey, you can't stay there," Marie said quickly. "Come on with me. We got to get you cleaned up. Ready for Luke."

"I'm not getting ready for anybody," May countered. "I'm not going to let those animals touch me any more."

"Oh, don't say things like that," Marie blurted, her green eyes wide with concern. "You don't know what they can do to you."

"They've already done about all to me they can," May snarled. "I'm not going anywhere but out of here."

Marie shook her head sadly. "You don't have any idea of what they can do to you. Especially Luke. Now come on, be a good girl. Come on with me and I'll get you all prettied up."

May laughed bitterly. "I'll take my chances," she said. "Luke himself said to take it easy with me. He doesn't want to damage the merchandise."

Marie was beginning to look really scared. "Oh, honey, they've got ways. Ways to hurt you like you've never been hurt before. Without leaving any marks, except maybe in your mind. Now come on. Let's get you cleaned up. You're going to get me in an awful lot of trouble if you make a fuss."

May could see Marie was genuinely terrified. She felt a sudden warmth for the big redhead, sensed a real kindness in her. And it would be nice to have the last of Frank's cum washed off her. She could deal with Luke later.

She let Marie lead her to a luxurious bathroom. For a while May was able to forget what a horrible situation she was in, as she lay back gratefully in a marble bathtub of soothing hot water. Embarrassed, she tried to resist as Marie started scrubbing her, but the bigger woman insisted.

"You've got a really nice body, honey," Marie said admiringly. She ran one hand over May's wet naked tits. May shivered, never having been touched by a woman before.

"How come you're here?" May blurted, anxious to draw attention away from her nipples, which were slowly puffing up under the other woman's touch.

Marie's lovely face clouded. Her hands fell away from May's tits. "Oh, I just got in a lot of trouble I couldn't get out of," she said. "That was about a year ago. I've been here ever since."

A whole year! May guessed Marie was about twenty, two years older than herself. She obviously didn't like it here, so why hadn't she left? Was it because she was afraid of Luke?

Suddenly Marie was in a hurry. "Come on, you've got to get dressed. Luke's gonna be mad if we keep him waiting."

"The son-of-a-bitch can fucking well wait," May grumbled. But Marie's obvious nervousness began to make her nervous, too. She got out of the bath, and after objecting futilely, had to let Marie dry her. This time the redhead was too preoccupied to bother with May's tits.

But it was when May began to dress her that she rebelled the most. "What the hell is this?" she demanded as the older girl tried to coax her into a skin-tight black body stocking. It wasn't the body stocking itself that she minded. It was the fact that it was cut out in the crotch and chest. "I won't wear it!" she said.

But after ten minutes of coaxing, she pulled on the obscene garment, with the understanding she would be wearing a robe over it. May caught sight of herself in the mirror. She didn't know whether to swear or laugh. Her solid young tits were white against the surrounding black of the slinky garment, the pert little nipples centered almost exactly. A fluff of brown pubic hair jutted out between her thighs.

At last, with a soft silk robe thrown over her body, May let Marie lead her down a hall. They went through a heavy door and entered a fairly large room. The door closed solidly behind them.

"What an odd room," May murmured, glancing around. The walls were padded, and odd-looking instruments hung from the walls. Thick mats covered the floor. A heavy, padded table was in one corner.

And then May saw Luke, sitting in a chair, almost behind her. "Oh!" she exclaimed, jumping a little. Luke was dressed in much the same robe as herself, his legs obviously bare underneath it.

"It took you a long time to get her here, Marie," he said coldly. "Too long!"

"I'm-I'm sorry, Luke," Marie stammered, obviously very much afraid. May felt sorry for her.

"It was my fault," May said bluntly. "I didn't want to come."

"But I see you changed your mind," Luke said silkily.

"When I saw the circus outfit you had Marie put on me, I just couldn't resist," May said acidly. "I wanted to see if you wore clown clothes, too."

Luke's face darkened. "So, you think this is all a joke," he hissed. "We'll have to teach you just how serious we are."

May swallowed nervously. But her pride demanded she continue. "You can rape me, like those two apes of yours did earlier," she said bitterly. "But I'll fight, and I'll do my best to see you don't enjoy it. If guys as weird as you ever really do enjoy anything."

Luke leaped to his feet. May flinched, expecting him to hit her. But he controlled himself, obviously with great difficulty. Once again May saw that oddly sensuous smile tug at his lips.

"Oh, we're going to have fun," he hissed. "Lots of fun, tell her, Marie."

"Oh, please, you don't know what you're doing!" Marie gasped. May saw the other woman was white with fear. "Please, for you own good, do anything he wants you to."

"That's right," Luke said. "You see, Marie's had a chance to learn the hard way. The same way you'll learn if you don't cooperate. Now first, take off your robe."

May was conscious of the obscene cutouts in her body stocking. She was becoming very much afraid, but hated the thought of Luke seeing her like that.

"No!" she hissed.

Luke's eyebrows raised. He reached out and pushed a button set in the wall. Almost instantly the door crashed open and Jack and Frank burst into the room, grinning.

"Take her robe off," Luke ordered quietly. May resisted, but Jack seized her roughly from behind. Then she froze in fear. Frank pulled out a switchblade knife. There was a click and the glittering blade popped out. May gulped as Frank brought the knife close to her face, her eyes fixed on the needle sharp tip. Then Frank grabbed the front of her robe and ripped it open all the way down to the hem with the knife. Shaken, May let the two men pull the shredded robe from her body.

"Lovely... lovely," Luke murmured, staring at the girl's tits and cunt. "Now, my dear," he said smoothly, "I want you to get down on your knees and ask my forgiveness."

May's resolve stiffened. She felt so humiliated standing there in her ridiculous costume that she just had to fight back one last time.

"Go fuck yourself!" she hissed.

"Hold her arms!" Luke snapped. May found herself pinioned in the strong grips of Jack and Frank. She tried to struggle free, but it was hopeless. Anger blazing from her eyes, she watched Luke go over to the corner and pick up a curious instrument, a wand about two feet long and two inches thick.

"What-what are you going to do?" she asked, licking dry lips. She expected Luke to hit her with it, and it looked heavy. He touched the tip of it to her right tit.

"Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!" May shrieked. Pain shot through her tit. It felt as if it had been torn apart. But when she looked shudderingly down at the shivering white globe, it was unmarked.

"It's a small cattle prod," Luke said. "Packs one hell of a wallop, doesn't it?" He was smiling that same twisted smile again. May shuddered.

"Now, maybe you're getting the idea of how foolish resistance is," Luke suddenly scowled. "Kneel down and tell me you understand!" he barked.

May hesitated, then remembered the awful pain that had shot through her tit. Her knees wavered a little, but Jack and Frank were holding her too hard to move.

"I see," Luke hissed. "Very well. Put her on the table and hold her down!" he ordered his henchmen.

"No... no... I'll kneel down!" May wailed. The last of her strength had deserted her as she glanced over at Marie. From the horror on the other woman's face, she knew something terrible was about to happen to her. Something that had also been done to Marie in the past. Something that accounted for her incredible fear of Luke.

"They wouldn't let me kneel," May tried to explain as the two big men swung her in the air and laid her on her back on the padded table. Frank held her arms pinned over her head while Jack pried her legs apart. Her naked cunt poked obscenely through the gap in the crotch of her tights.

"You think it hurts when I touch the cattle prod to your tits, don't you?" Luke smirked. For illustration he stroked the tip lightly across one of May's fear-tightened nipples, pushing a small button in the handle of the prod.

"Aaaaiiiyyyyy!" May wailed. Her body thrashed and struggled on the table. But it lasted for only a moment, and then Luke pulled the prod away and was smiling down at her.

"When I've finished with you, you'll think that almost feels good," he promised the cringing girl.

"Oh, God! No! What are you going to do to me?" the spread-eagled girl moaned. She saw that Luke was spreading Vaseline over the tip of the wand, making it slippery. "Hold her legs a little further apart, Jack," Luke ordered. And then May knew what was going to happen.

"No!" the terrified girl shrieked. "You can't shove it up my cunt! You can't!"

"Oh, can't I?" Luke asked. He was already working the blunt tip of the little cattle prod up between May's thighs. She shrank away from the cold contact of the metal against her soft pussy lips. And then she felt herself being opened up, her cunt spreading to accommodate the obscene instrument. Tears coursed down the girl's face. "You can't do it! You can't!" she sobbed.

The metal wand slid up into her cunt, until her pussy channel was stretched full of it. Then Luke hit the switch.

"YAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!" May shrieked. It was all Jack and Frank could do to hold her down as she writhed and twisted desperately on the tabletop. It felt to the horrified girl as if some horrible monster, all fangs and claws, had become trapped up inside her cunt and was trying to chew its way out. The pain seemed to go on and on forever, and then Luke turned off the switch.

"Are you beginning to see the light?" Luke asked gently. May saw that he was sweating a little, as if he was excited. Glancing down at his crotch, she thought she saw the outlines of an erection under the silk. May wanted to answer, but her body was still stunned so much that the words were slow in coming. Luke never gave her a chance.

"Marie!" he ordered. "Come over here!"

The young redhead nearly jumped. She had been watching May's lesson with undisguised horror.

"You give her the next one," Luke ordered the frightened woman.

"Oh, no... I couldn't!" Marie gasped, shrinking back.

"Then maybe you'd like a little lesson yourself," Luke hissed.

Her face white with fear, Marie took hold of the wand, still jutting out from May's cunt. "No! Please!" May begged.

"I'm sorry, honey," Marie whispered. She pushed the button, tears in her eyes as she watched May flailing in agony on the table.

"Hold it down a good long time," Luke snarled. He didn't let Marie release the button until May was nearly unconscious. Then he slowly pulled the metal rod out of May's cunt.

Marie helped May off the table. The stunned girl fell heavily to her knees. "I'm-I'm sorry," she mumbled. "I'll do anything you ask." Anything to keep him from shoving that horrible instrument up her cunt again.

"Anything?" Luke asked. "Jack... Frank... flip your cocks out!" Taken by surprise, it took the two big men a moment to understand. Then they unzipped their flies and produced their quickly swelling rods. "Kiss them!" Luke barked. Hurriedly, May kissed the two men's cocks.

"Now... crawl around on the floor and bark like a dog!" May was ordered. May wasn't even aware for a moment of how humiliating it was to be crawling around on the floor, completely under this twisted man's orders.

"Now shove your thumb up your cunt and quack like a duck," Luke ordered. He was snickering.

"Quack! Quack!" May blurted out, her thumb slithering up into her cunt. After what had been done to it, she expected her twat to hurt, but it didn't.

"That feel good?" Luke asked. "Make it feel better. Go ahead, bang yourself off with your finger. And you'd better not fake it when you come!"

May sat down on the padded floor, spreading her legs wide. She obediently began ramming her thumb in and out of her cunt. Waves of humiliation began to roll over her as she realized four people were watching her masturbate. But she had no choice! Anything but the pain again! Hate grew in the young brunette as she played with her cunt. Hate she couldn't afford to show. Not yet! Not until she was in a position to squash Luke like a bug.

"Look at the bitch go!" Jack chortled. He was remembering the way May had sucked his cock in the car. Now he watched her thumb slithering up into her juicy little cunt. His cock ached to take the place of that thumb.

Luke suddenly raised the cattle prod threateningly. "Come on, come on. Let's hear some noise!"

May gulped nervously. It was hard for her to let herself go with the threat of the electric wand hanging over her. But she knew she just had to.

May abruptly pulled her thumb out of her cunt and replaced it with her finger. She could reach deeper that way. Swirling her finger around inside her cuntal opening in little circles, the frightened girl did her best to get herself excited.

But the more she jerked and tugged with her finger, the more her cunt opened up, until the one finger was no longer big enough, even in her snug little box.

So May shoved in another finger. And another. Until she had her twat stuffed full of as many fingers as it would hold. Now she chugged the three fingers steadily in and out. It felt to the young brunette as if she had a short thick cock stuffed up her pussy.

"Oooohhhhhh," she moaned. Her cunt was beginning to feel so good it was almost possible to forget the disgusting men watching her finger fuck herself.

Luke wanted her to come. Could she? She knew she'd better. But her fingers weren't going to be enough. Her body was still too shaken by what Luke had done to her earlier to let go easily.

So May reached down with her other hand and began tickling her clit. Her index finger pushed aside her downy pubic hair and spread apart the soft folds of her pussy lips, baring her hot little love-button. She licked her finger, getting it wet, then started sliding it up and down her pussy trench.

"Aaaaahhhhh," May sighed. Her belly muscles sucked in. Hot bursts of feeling were rippling through her cunt from her clit to her vagina. She began to finger fuck herself faster, until her three fingers were a blur flashing in and out of her juicy snatch. The index finger of her other hand was pressing directly down on the tip of her clit, shoving the hard little nubbin rapidly back and forth.

"She's gonna make it," Frank muttered. Both he and Jack were watching open-mouthed as the beautiful girl masturbated in front of them. They had stuffed their cocks back in their pants, but big bulges under the flies indicated how aroused they were.

May was literally bouncing up and down on the floor. Her legs were stretched out rigidly in front of her, the muscles taut. Her firm tits were jiggling and bouncing as she writhed in embarrassed delight. Her arms, reaching down her body toward her cunt, pressed the silky twin mounds inward, making her sex-swollen nipples jut straight up.

Even Luke was excited. As he watched May finger banging herself on the floor, he called Marie over to him. His hand slid up underneath the tall redhead's gown, groping for her cunt. It was clear when he found it. Marie jerked, then a hot dreamy look came over her face as Luke's hand worked and flexed between her legs. Marie spread her legs and thrust her hips forward a little to open herself up more. She had learned long ago to be as accommodating to Luke as she could.

"Oh! Oh! Ooooohhhh!" May gasped. She had done it! She had made herself come! Her pussy muscles clamped hungrily around her invading fingers. Hot juices sprayed out into her palm as her vagina contracted. The girl's stomach muscles writhed and spasmed while her lush young body swayed erotically.

All eyes were clamped on May as she panted out her orgasm. She was a bizzare sight in her black body stocking. The startling white of her tits, capped by twin pink nipples, contrasted sharply to the black background. Her fingers seemed to disappear up into her brown furry cunt, with the pink of her pussy slit glistening wetly.

Finally, May was too tired to go on any longer. She slumped in exhaustion, her fingers slithering wetly from her still trembling cunt, her eyes glazed.

"You did all right, kid," Jack leered down at the girl. May looked up, suddenly remembering where she was. A look of revulsion flickered over her face, but she quickly hid it. She was learning fast.

"Okay, boys, I won't be needing you any more. Split," Luke said to Jack and Frank. The two big bodyguards looked disappointed. Their eyes flickered from May still gasping on the floor, her wide spread legs baring her cunt to Marie, still standing spraddle-legged with Luke's hand up her snatch. But they obediently left.

Chapter SIX

May rested for a moment and then looked up at Luke. What did he have in store for her next? The thoroughly beaten young woman only slowly became aware of what Luke was doing to Marie. Then she heard the wet squishing of his finger up inside the redhead's cunt. Even after what she herself had been through, she started to blush.

Luke was amused. "Kid, if you got as nice a cunt as Marie here, you and me are going to get along swell," he said. He was trying to embarrass the girl. "It's a sweet snug little box. Marie's really tight for such a big girl. I can hardly get two fingers up her."

Luke seemed to be making an effort. Marie winced, then sighed and began humping her cunt down against Luke's hand.

Then Luke got an idea. "Maybe you'd like to find out more about Marie's cunt for yourself?" he said with a leer. Luke turned to the redhead. "Strip!" he ordered.

Marie hesitated for only a fraction of a second. Then she began peeling the gown over her head. May saw the other girl wore nothing beneath the long, tight garment. She was to find soon enough that Luke didn't like any of his women to wear underwear, unless he ordered them to.

May gasped when she saw Marie's naked body. The taller woman was even more beautiful than she had thought. Her legs were long and sleek, perfectly formed, but not thin. Above richly flaring hips, the redhead's waist pinched in sharply. Her stomach was smooth, softly rounded in the center. Big rose-nippled tits swooped out from her broad ribcage, held up by their own resiliency. Marie's long red hair spilled down over her naked shoulders, the copper strands in front half-hiding her solid tits.

But what fascinated May most was Marie's crotch. Her pussy hair was red. Not a faint russet. She'd seen that before, in the shower at the gym in high school. No, Marie's cunt hair was a flaming red, softly bearding gracefully curved pussy lips. Just enough cunt hair to tease, but not so much that it completely hid the sweet box beneath.

Luke noticed May's rapt stare. "Pretty fantastic, isn't she?" he snickered. "I can tell you like red cunts. Well, you're going to get to know Marie's a hell of a lot better before too long."

Luke turned to Marie, who was nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "Lie down!" he ordered the big redhead.

Marie obediently lay on her back, on the floor. May wasn't quite sure what was going on. "Open your legs! Spread 'em wide!" Luke ordered. Marie's legs parted slowly, baring her copper-fringed cunt. May found herself staring up the other girl's fleshy cunt, into the deepest-looking snatch she'd ever seen.

"Come on over here! You're gonna get your first taste of cunt," Luke ordered May. He looked sharply at the girl. "At least, I think it'll be your first."

A sharp look of revulsion crossed May's face, telling Luke he was right. It had taken May a while to understand what Luke wanted her to do. She felt sick.

Luke wanted her to eat Marie's naked cunt.

"Uh-uh. Oh, no!" May said, backing away. "I won't do anything like that! You can't make me!"

The cattle prod suddenly jammed up between May's thighs, touching her pussy lips. She danced quickly backwards, but not before one searing jolt had shot through her tender snatch.

"Oooowwwwww! Okay. Okay!" May yelped. Remembering the agony she had felt when the probe had been shoved up her defenseless cunt, May fell quickly to her knees between Marie's splayed thighs.

"What... what do I do?" she whimpered staring down at Marie's hairy pie.

"You're gonna help Marie get it off," Luke snickered. "You're gonna stick your mouth against her cunt and suck and lick until she sprays girl-cum all over your face."

May stared in dismay down at Marie's snatch. How could she ever be expected to put her mouth against that wet hairy mess? She had never looked so closely at a woman's cunt before. Now she noticed how the soft fleshy pussy lips were dark around the outer edges, growing pinker and pinker in towards the inner slit, until they infolded on the scarlet center gash.

Marie's startling red pussy hair clustered more thickly toward the upper part of her snatch, then folded back to the sides down where May could make out the pouch-like softness that screened the other woman's cuntal opening. Further down the deep cleft between Marie's legs deepened, with her full ass-cheeks clamped tightly together, hiding her asshole.

May could see that Marie was already wet. Luke's finger had probably done that. Or was it Marie's expectation of having another woman's mouth against her cunt? May remembered how fondly Marie had stroked her tits when she was having her bath.

Little beads of pussy juice glistened around the opening to Marie's cunt. The inner curls of her pussy hair closest to the gushing center slit were soaked a dark red. A smear of juice glistened on Marie's softly curving inner thighs where her legs met her ass.

"Come on! Come on!" Luke barked. "What the hell are you waiting for? Do something! Stick your finger up the bitch!"

The tap of the wand against May's ass made her jump. Luke didn't turn on the current. He just let her know it was there, waiting. Stalling for time May scooted further up between Marie's thighs, on her knees. One hand reached out timidly and touched Marie's pussy mound.

"Aaaaaahhhhh," the redhead sighed. May was surprised. She had barely touched the other woman's cunt, but a long rippling shudder shook her big body. Obviously Marie was one hell of a turned-on woman.

Sensing Luke behind her May dipped her finger into Marie's pussy slit. The first impression that struck her was how hot it was inside that scarlet slit hot and wet. Her finger slithered over the smooth slippery flesh, catching at the mushy tangle of the tender inner lips.

"Ooohhh, yes! Yes! Rub up and down my snatch. It feels so good!" Marie sighed. Obviously she liked what was happening.

Glancing nervously over her shoulder at Luke, May began running her finger up and down Marie's pussy slit. More hot liquids gushed out, coating her finger, making it slippery.

"Jesus, you act like you're shining shoes," Luke snorted from behind the crouching brunette. "You have absolutely no finesse at all. You've got a lot to learn before you start earning your keep around here."

Luke's sneering words made May angry. Clenching her teeth, she forgot she was being forced to do something she knew should fill her with loathing, and was determined to do it well. After all, she was a woman herself. She should know what made another woman feel good.

May isolated Marie's clitoris. She was surprised to find it a lot bigger than her own rosy little nub. Marie's clit was over a half-inch long, like a miniature cock thrusting out past soft folds of pussy flesh.

"Oh, Jesus!" Marie burst out when May started flicking her super-sensitive clit first one way, then another. To May's surprise, the other woman's love-knob began to grow even larger, until she could actually take it between the tips of her thumb and one finger. She began jacking the other girl off.

"Oh! Oh, yesssss! I'm going to explode!" Marie whimpered. Her big body was thrashing around on the floor. May had to press one hand down on the other girl's body to hold her in place.

"Stick your finger up her twat!" Luke growled. May couldn't see him, but the slender man had reached up underneath his robe and was fondling his semi-erect cock, stroking it to greater hardness.

Remembering the cattle prod, May abandoned Marie's clit, much to the other woman's dismay, and shoved her finger up the redhead's cunt. She saw what Luke meant. Marie had a pussy to match her size, a big fleshy gash between her legs. But her vagina was tight and muscular, a snug sheath that sucked hungrily at her slender little finger.

As soon as she felt May's finger up her cunt, Marie began to moan and writhe again. Marie had learned long ago to ignore what happened around her. In the life of terror she lived under Luke's domination, all that mattered to her now was what felt good. And May's finger up her twat felt wonderful. A thorough hedonist, Marie was turned on by the younger girl's lush, tight body.

To May's surprise, she found she was enjoying finger fucking Marie. Not only enjoying, but becoming excited. Hot little signals trickling through her cunt made her wish someone would pay attention to it. She, too, had begun to forget Luke.

"Suck my cunt, honey! Eat it!" Marie pleaded. "Your finger feels good but I want your mouth!"

Her mouth! Against Marie's hairy snatch! It no longer sounded so revolting to May. Now that she had discovered how exciting it was to have her finger shoved up another woman's cunt, why not eat it? May certainly loved it when a man stuck his tongue up her box. Why not a woman's?

May bent down, pulling her glistening finger from Marie's vagina. The other woman's pussy was only inches from her eyes. She saw the wet flesh pulsing eagerly, waiting. A heady aroma of hot cunt floated toward her nostrils. Little trickles of pussy juice were gushing out Marie's ready cunt, trickling into her ass cleft.

Taking a deep breath May lunged forward. Her lips opened, closing around as much pussy flesh as would fit inside.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Marie moaned as she felt a hot mouth pressed down against her trembling snatch. Her hips bucked upward, pressing her pussy mound tightly against May's face. A shudder shook her big, lovely body.

"Ooooohbbhh! Suck me! Shove your tongue up my cunt!" Marie begged.

Her tongue! Of course, May thought. She had forgotten. Her tiny pink tongue darted out, stabbing up into Marie's pussy slit. It knifed past the thick outer lips, stroking over the much softer flesh inside. A strong, but not unpleasant taste of cunt flooded May's mouth. Her first sampling of that rich honey!

May began to lick, her tongue searching out every hidden corner of Marie's cunt. She wanted to know it like she'd never known anything before.

The young brunette's tongue slithered over the puckered opening to Marie's vagina, digging in a little, wringing a moan from the redhead's throat.

Then she licked higher, up the smooth trench of Marie's pussy slit, until her tongue snagged against the other girl's impossibly big clit. Marie jumped. "Aaaaaggghhhh!" she wailed.

May knew she had found the other woman's pleasure trigger. She began to lick all around Marie's clit, teasingly, never quite touching the wildly sensitive protrusion until she had driven the redhead half-mad with frustrated desire. Marie twitched and moaned on the well-padded floor, her ass squirming down hard. She reached up, trying to drag May's head further down into her crotch. May sensed the other woman would shove her head all the way up to her womb, if it was possible.

By now Marie's clit was three-quarters of an inch long, and hard as a rock. Suddenly, without warning, May sucked the turgid little shaft into her mouth.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" Marie wailed. She thrashed and twisted on the floor. Her hands left May's head and beat wildly on the padding next to her pleasure-flooded body. "Ooohhhhh! Suck me! Suck my clit! You're going to make me come!" she shrieked.

The last of Luke's cool had long ago disappeared. He stared down at the two writhing women below him. His cock was fully erect, throbbing angrily in the circle of his fingers as he slowly, ecstatically stroked its turgid length.

He watched Marie writhing mindlessly on the floor. The redhead's hands had reached up and were caressing her own tits, the slender fingers digging deep into the creamy, pink-tipped mounds. A wordless humming babble rose from the hopelessly excited woman's throat.

But most of all, Luke was staring at May's tight little cunt, peeping back at him from the cut out area between the legs of her black body stocking.

He could see a circle of naked cunt flesh, capped with a silky brown beard, not quite hiding the pink slit beneath.

Luke knelt quickly. One hand reached out to slip up between May's black-clad legs. He was sorry for a moment he had made her wear the body stocking, because he would have liked to feel the soft smoothness of her young thighs.

Then his fingers were brushing against brown pussy hair. May twitched, startled by the unexpected touch of Luke's fingers. For a moment she thought it might be the cattle prod again. Then she felt a hand prodding at her obscenely displayed cunt.

"Mmmmppphhhh!" the young brunette grunted around a mouthful of hot wet pussy flesh as Luke's groping hand made its way into her pussy slit. A hot thrill of pleasure shot through her loins. She had been getting so excited sucking Marie's red-furred cunt that it hardly mattered that it was Luke's fingers sliding up and down the super-heated length of her snatch. A warm dreamy excitement flooded May's nubile young body. Her shapely ass jerked back against Luke's exploring fingers.

Luke was pleased by the smooth tight feel of May's cunt! His fingertips glided up and down its creamy, sex-wet length for a minute. Then he shoved one finger straight up her vagina.

"Nnnnnmmmmggggg!" May moaned. God, but it felt good to have something up inside her cunt! May began to wander if maybe there wasn't something wrong with her. If maybe she wasn't a little crazy. Once it was up inside her, it didn't matter who had something in her cunt. It felt good. It drove her out of her mind. When her father had raped her. When Jack and Frank had sandwiched her between their swollen cocks in the car. And now, when Luke, a man who had just tortured her, had his hand up her twat.

It was hard for May to continue sucking Marie's big juicy cunt. Her attention was becoming focused on her own finger-stuffed cunt. Her lush ass was revolving around in little circles, thrusting against Luke's impaling finger.

"Nice, sweet, tight little box!" Luke murmured. His erection was getting harder and harder as he poked and probed at May's gushing pussy hole. He shrugged out of his robe until he was crouched naked behind the cunt-sucking girl. Warm pussy juices ran down his hand onto his wrist. The girl was wet enough to grease a truck!

"Gonna fuck you, kid!" Luke muttered. He crowded in closer on his knees. Yanking his fingers out of May's cunt, he guided the tip of his bloated cock up between her black-clad thighs.

May moaned disappointedly as she felt her cunt deserted by Luke's finger. But almost immediately she sensed the spongy resilience of his cock head taking its place. Forgetting how much she hated Luke, the panting girl eagerly thrust her ass back, eager to feel hot hard cock-meat shoving up into her boiling pussy channel.

Glancing down, Marie saw what was happening. As she watched Luke get ready to fuck May, the big redhead reached down and took hold of May's head, holding it firmly against her cunt. The last thing she wanted was for May to stop sucking her cunt.

"Keep licking... I want to come!" Marie whimpered. Her clit felt like it was going to explode. It felt as big as a cock to the moaning, pleasure-writhing redhead.

Then Luke's cock drove up into May's cunt. "Uuuuunnnhhhhh!" the stunned brunette moaned. She felt herself opening up before the driving attack of Luke's rampaging prick. She was surprised that such a slender man had such a big cock. Then she wasn't thinking any more at all as her cunt began to throb and glow.

The headlong rush of Luke's cock up into May's twat had shoved the girl forward. Her mouth mashed down harder against Marie's soft cunt flesh.

"Suck. Suck harder!" Marie pleaded. May had a moment's mental vision of how she must look, her cunt stuffed full of cock, her face buried in another woman's crotch. How obscene! How excitingly obscene!

May eagerly sucked Marie's clit up into her mouth. Her cunt burned and twitched with pleasure. Her whole body glowed. Marie's cunt tasted sweeter and sweeter as her own passion grew. She knew the other girl was going to come soon. She could tell by the violent trembling of her body. What a thrill it was going to be to feel Marie coming underneath her while she herself was being fucked from behind!

"Aaaaiiiyyyyy!" Marie wailed. Her hips began bucking so hard that May thought her neck was going to be broken. But she kept her mouth glued to Marie's spasming cunt. Just as Luke had predicted -- hot gushes of pussy juice flooded out of the twitching pussy hole in front of her, smearing over her face. It burnt the madly sucking girl's throat a little as she swallowed as much of it as she could. She found she liked it better than semen.

Marie never really stopped coming after that first wild spasm. Each time she calmed down, May switched her attack, sometimes stabbing her tongue up the other woman's twitching vagina, or once again sucking directly on Marie's incredibly swollen clit. Marie bucked and twitched, her wild cries flowing on in an unending stream.

Then May began to have trouble concentrating on cunt-sucking. Luke's cock up inside her gratefully responding cunt was having an increasing effect. She could feel the thick rod pushing all the way up to the end of her pussy channel. Eagerly her ass thrust back, meeting each powerful thrust of Luke's big rod.

"Hot bitch! Hot bitch!" Luke panted. His fingers sank in May's hips, the black material of the body stocking rasping under his fingertips. His cock chugged relentlessly in and out of the hot wet nest up between his captive's thighs.

Luke's trip was power. His means were pain and fear. He loved to dominate, and now, staring down May's black-clad back, past her ass where his cock disappeared up into the brown-fringed pinkness of her cunt, he stared at the young girl's face buried in Marie's red-furred crotch. For a moment he actually felt he was all cock, shoving clear through May's body up into Marie's cunt. Each time he drove his hips forward, shoving his cock all the way up to May's womb, the young brunette was jolted forward, shoving her face hard against Marie's gushing cunt. Each time, Marie moaned loudly.

Then May began to lose the last of her control. Luke's hard-driving cock up inside her snatch was driving her nuts. She began to moan uncontrollably. She stopped sucking on Marie's clit. For a moment the fluttering of her mouth against the redhead's cunt was enough to keep Marie's continuous string of climaxes going. But then May's head twisted helplessly to the side. She was coming.

"Oooohhh, no!" Marie moaned. Desperately she ground her hungry cunt upward, but it met nothing but the side of May's face.

Luke felt May's cunt spasming around his turgid cock. For a moment he was tempted to come, too -- to cut his wad loose and fill that gushing pussy hole full of his creamy jism. But he held back, contenting himself with thrusting as hard as he could up into May's twitching snatch, again and again. He loved the way he could wring whimpering cries from her throat, almost at will. His cock felt a foot long to him as he sawed it in and out of the gushing shuddering hole up between May's soft thighs.

And then May was collapsing forward, too spent to do anything more than moan. Luke pushed her aside, rolling her out of the way. Now there was nothing between him and Marie. The desire-maddened redhead looked up at him pleadingly, her long lithe legs spread wide, baring her seething cunt still glistening with May's saliva.

"Fuck me! Oh, fuck me, before I go out of my mind!" Marie begged. Her arms reached up toward Luke, urging him down.

"Gonna fuck you 'til you howl!" Luke grated. He fell full length on Marie's incredible body. His massive cock rammed brutally up into her cunt.

"Oooooohhhhh, yes! Fuck me!" she cried. "Shove your cock all the way up! Fill me with your hot cum!"

Luke's lips were drawn back in a primitive snarl as he fucked wildly into Marie's fiercely responding body. Her cunt sucked and nipped at his driving cock. Low mewls of animal passion spilled from the woman's mouth.

Only a few feet away May watched in awe as Marie and Luke thrashed wildly together on the floor. In comparison, the fucking she had done so far in her life seemed almost crude. Luke was right. She had a lot to learn.

May, realizing even if she could escape from Luke, had nowhere to go and was determined to go ahead and learn all she could. She could see that Marie's animal vitality was a kind of power. She could also see that the other woman had no idea how to use it for her own advantage. That was a mistake May wasn't going to make. She knew what use Luke had in store for her. Well, she'd learn her job well. And when the right time came, she'd turn it back against Luke. She still hated the man -- she had no doubt about that. The time would come when he'd regret the day he shoved that horrible cattle prod up her cunt.

But right now, the smartest thing she could do was please her new owner. May worked around behind Luke as he hunched over Marie, driving his cock to the hilt up inside her fleshy cunt.

It took some doing, but eventually May got her mouth against Luke's balls and began to suck. A deep howling rose from Luke's throat. From the increasing tension in his balls, May knew he was going to come soon.

Marie was still in her marathon climax when Luke finally shot off his load. Braced on stiffened arms, he arched his back as the scalding spouts of semen rushed into Marie's creamy cunt. Her pussy hole eagerly gobbled up the slippery stuff. Still writhing and moaning, the big redhead obligingly tightened her cunt muscles, until it felt to Luke as it they were going to pinch his shuddering prick in two. His orgasm lasted and lasted. Every time he thought it was over, Marie would perform some new maneuver that nearly drove him out of his mind. Marie knew how to earn her keep, too.

Once it was over, once Marie lay panting, but quiet, underneath his sated body, Luke had no time for tenderness. "I want you to teach this little cunt to fuck," he ordered Marie. "Show her your snappy-pussy trick."

Abruptly pulling his dripping cock out of Marie's still gently sucking cunt, Luke stood up and pulled on his robe. His last attention to May, who crouched wearily on the floor, was to jiggle her tits with his foot. "You got nice knockers, kid," he said. "Keep that tight little cunt of yours greased up and we'll get along."

Blushing with humiliation May refused to speak. But she now had one more insult to avenge on this arrogant slave master.

Luke went out, leaving the two young women alone. "Thanks for sucking my cunt," Marie said with a shy smile. "You really made me feel good."

May was pleased. She was fast learning a warm affection for Marie. But she shrugged casually. "What choice did I have?" she asked. "With that bastard standing over me with his fucking torture stick?"

"You mean you didn't like it?" Marie asked disappointedly. She looked so hurt that May relented.

"I liked it," she said tenderly. "I never thought I would, but I liked it."

Marie's face lit up with joy. "I thought you would," she said. "I could sense it when I was giving you a bath. The way you reacted when I touched your tits." Her voice became more serious. "You know," she said. "We girls have to stick together here. It's the only way to stand this place."

While she was speaking, Marie reached out and began to caress May's tits. The younger girl shivered. She had thought she was completely sated and exhausted from the incredible happening of the last few hours, but her nipples instantly sprang to life.

Then Marie's hand dipped down between May's thighs. Her talented fingers began to do things to the young brunette's cunt. "Ooahhhh," May sighed. "You make me feel so good!"

"Why don't you take off that silly body stocking," Marie murmured. Trembling, May let the other woman help her out of the tight garment.

"Luke doesn't know how to appreciate skin," Marie said, running her fingers lovingly over May's velvety flesh. "But he's right about your cunt," the redhead whispered as she slowly spread May's trembling legs. "It looks so sweet and neat!"

"Are you going to eat me?" May murmured. Her pussy twitched with anticipation as the other woman's mouth drew near. Marie's clear green eyes were fixed on May's juicy pussy slit.

"Of course," she said simply. A moment later May stiffened as she felt Marie's tongue lance into her snatch.

"Ooooohhhhh, it feels so good!" May whimpered. She resolved to never again fight the insistent urges that dominated her body. If she was a sensualist, she might as well become the best sensualist in the world. With a teacher like Marie, she had no doubt she would be successful.

Marie pulled back a little. "You have a really small clit," she explained. "It's necessary to lick around it, get it screaming to be touched." Illustrating her point, Marie darted her tongue in little circles around May's sensitive clit. In less than a minute she had the smaller girl writhing uncontrollably, her hips hunched forward, trying to drive her undeniably screaming love-nut against Marie's elusive tongue.

"And then when you think the other person's ready," Marie said, pulling her face away for an instant, "you go right on to the attack."

Suddenly her tiny pointed tongue was stabbing directly down against May's clit. The other girl hung for an instant, every muscle in her body standing out. Then she came. A short, sharp, savage little orgasm that nearly ripped her guts out.

May, panting with pleasure, thought she had now experienced about everything it was possible to experience. But Marie pushed a finger up her cunt while still lapping her pussy slit.

Trapped between the ecstasy in her cunt and the shuddering delight in her clit, May thought she was going to go into orbit. Whimpering moans bubbled from her lips. Her belly rippled and shuddered as orgasm after orgasm shook her lush frame.

Marie looked up from the other girl's well-licked clit. "You like it?" she asked, smiling. "You like making love to another woman?" Her face was shining with May's gushing pussy juices. Her green eyes danced with pleasure. Her glorious red head hung forward, tickling May's belly.

"Oooohhhhh, I love it! I love it!" May moaned. "I could keep this up forever!"

Then she realized she was the only one on the receiving end. "What about you?" she blurted out. "I was going to get to that," Marie said throatily. "I told you we women have to stick together here -- help one another out."

As she was speaking, Marie shifted her position, moving so that her head faced May's feet and her crotch was poised right over the other girl's surprised face.

"Let's sixty-nine," she urged.

Her head dropped down between May's thighs, and May stiffened as she felt those familiar lips gliding erotically over her well-licked cunt. How good it felt!

But May knew she was now expected to pay Marie back. It should be easy. She'd licked Marie's cunt only a short time before.

Only now, Marie's pussy was dripping with Luke's hated cum! Hovering right above her face May could see how slippery and wet the other woman's snatch was. Thick gobs of cum matted the silky red pussy hair.

Oh, well, we women have to stick together, May thought. And the ecstasy Marie was licking into her cunt made it all the easier to reach up and pull the other woman's loins down toward her mouth. May's tongue stabbed up into Marie's bubbling cunt.

Strange... it tasted even better than it had before.

Chapter SEVEN

May slowly learned about Luke's operation. His club was mostly a gambling casino, although it pandered to as many of the pleasures of its customers as possible.

There was a good restaurant and bar, with live entertainment. But the main reason the eager patrons drove way out here in the country was to gamble. The mob had taken over the government of this small county and forced legalization of gambling. With such a large city nearby, the take was enormous.

Luke sold dope, too, preferring to keep his customers as stoned as possible while he separated them from their money. Dope and girls. For the more favored patrons, there was always a piece of well-trained ass available. Under Marie's expert guidance, May soon became as good a fuck as could be found anywhere! Having a lot more imagination and initiative, in some ways she soon outstripped her teacher.

May wasn't quite a prostitute. She didn't take on all comers. In fact she didn't have a chance to decide who the comers would be. Circulating around the gaming room under Luke's watchful eyes, she would be offered as a consolation prize to a good customer who had lost a little more than his nerves could bear that night. And when visiting dignitaries from the mob visited, Marie and May and the other girls were expected to put on their best performances.

It didn't take May long to realize Luke was a pretty small operator. A big duck in a small pond! Still big enough for her to have to fear him, since she lived in that small pond, too. But when men of real power came to the casino, Luke scraped and bowed like any in night clerk.

Little by little May began to realize that her lush erotic young body might be a passport to an exciting, well-heeled life. She began to throw herself into her work, determined to be ready when the right opportunity came.

One night she was working the casino floor when she felt a touch on her shoulder. She turned slowly, an automatic seductive smile on her face. Then the smile died away.

It was her father!

"May," he mumbled. "I came in to say I'm sorry. I-I'm trying to save up enough money to buy you back."

A maelstrom of feelings whirled around in May's head. Then the words came out. The right words. "Don't bother, Pa. I like it here."

Neither Anders nor May later remembered quite what they said to one another. But May, prying for meaning between her father's words, realized that he and her younger sister, Sue, had become very close. Fucking the girl seemed to have changed his personality. He looked steadier, meeker. There was something strange about him.

It took May a while to realize that she was seeing her father totally sober for the first time.

After he left, May was relieved. Now she no longer had to clutter her mind with thoughts and plans of vengeance for what Anders had done to her and to her sister. From what her father said, Sue was happy. That was all that mattered to May. Now she could concentrate on her own plans. And on the only vengeance that mattered. Some day she was going to step on Luke like a bug.

There were occasional drawbacks in May's new life. Like the time Luke called her back into his plush office. There was another man with him, a fat, greasy-looking man who leered as his beady eyes ran insolently up and down her scantily-clad body. From the nervous way Luke was sweating, she could tell the man was somebody important in the mob.

"I'd like you to... entertain Mr. Collona," Luke told her. He stood up and escorted May and Collona to one of the plush bedroom-sitting rooms reserved for big shots. Collona grinned at the big bed, at the mirrors lining the walls and ceilings.

"She got a tight ass?" he guffawed at Luke. "I like to fuck 'em inna ass."

"Uh-uh," May said, shaking her head. "I don't go for that!"

Collona looked over at Luke, surprised. "Hey! What kinda wise broads you got here, anyhow?"

Luke started sweating buckets. "She's just kidding, Mr. Collona," he said with a thin nervous laugh. "Aren't you, May?" The look he gave her was dripping with venom.

"The hell I am!" she retorted. She'd be damned if she'd let this fat slob shove his prick up her butt.

There was a vague air of cruelty about him that suggested he'd try to hurt her. Besides, for a long time, May had been looking for a chance to test her strength with Luke. She very quickly discovered her timing was premature.

"I'll take care of this for you, Mr. Collona," Luke hissed. He pressed a buzzer and within seconds his faithful muscle came into the room.

"We're going to wrap up a little package for Mr. Collona, boys," he hissed, glaring at May. The girl was getting scared, but hated to show it.

May tried to fight back as Jack and Frank tore her dress off. When she was naked, they threw her over the back of a couch, with her head dangling down toward the seat cushions, and her legs trailing over the back.

"Tie the bitch down!" Luke ordered. Grinning, Jack and Frank passed ropes under the couch, tying her wrists to one end, the ankles to the other. She was stretched over the back of the couch like a trussed pig, acutely aware that her naked ass was the highest point of her tightly tied body.

"Hey, youse guys is really gettin' me turned on," Collona panted. He watched while May was being stripped and tied over the back of the couch. His heavy breathing rasped counterpoint against May's frightened panting.

"Okay, she's all yours, Mr. Collona," Luke said. May heard departing footsteps and the sound of the door closing. Then the rustling sound of clothing being removed.

May's face was pressed against one of the couch cushions. She twisted her neck and painfully looked up. Collona was standing a few feet away, naked, a panting leer on his coarse face. May's eyes traveled down his body, staring at the huge prick the big man was eagerly massaging into full hardness.

My God! Was he really going to stick that mammoth rod up her virgin asshole?

"Hey! I'm sorry I caused trouble," May said desperately. "Can't we just fuck?"

"Uh-uh, baby, not when you got a sweet little ass like this," Collona said thickly. He moved behind the girl. One big meaty hand reached out and began caressing May's helplessly bare ass. She shuddered with fear.

"Please don't do it to me!" she begged. "Please don't fuck me in the ass! It'll hurt!"

"Shaddap!" Collona snarled, slapping May's ass hard. She writhed in pain, her ass stinging. "You open yer fuckin' mouth once again and you're dog meat!"

May choked down her protests. She was really beginning to be afraid of this gross man. Even more afraid than she was of Luke. She forced herself to hold still as his pudgy hand worked in between her tensed ass-cheeks.

"You got a sweet little bung!" Collona panted. "I'd be willin' to bet nobody's been in there before."

While he was talking, Collona shoved a stubby forefinger against May's tightly puckered rectum. She instinctively fought back, but he almost contemptuously popped the tip of his finger up inside the pink little ring.

"Uuummmppphhhh!" May punted, more in shock than in pain. It barely hurt. Just a slight feeling of stretching. And a strange queasiness up inside her bowels.

"Gonna have to open you up a little," Collona grunted. "Peel the meat right off my cock if I don't."

No concern what he might do to May's asshole! She gritted her teeth as he twisted his finger around up inside her anal passage. Soon he shoved in another finger. May began to realize it felt kind of good.

"Okay, baby, now the moment a' trut," Collona said. His fingers popped back out of her somewhat stretched asshole. Then May felt the spongy tip of his cock pressing up between her ass-cheeks.

"Jeez, but you're tight!" Collona panted. He was shoving hard, but the tip of his cock merely flattened against the opening to May's ass. She had immediately sensed the impossible bulk of Collona's cock and her ass muscles tightened in desperate fear.

"It's too big... just too big!" she babbled. "Can't you see?"

Wham! Again a palm cracked against the pleading girl's buttocks. "I warned ya, bitch!" Collona roared. "Now, no more warnings!" While May sobbed helplessly, he ran one hand down under May's body, searching out her wet cunt.

"Gonna have to grease my old buddy up a little," Collona muttered. He brought out his hand, dripping with pussy juice, and smeared the slippery liquid generously over the bullet-shaped head of his cock.

"Now!" he said. He shoved hard. His huge cock slid far up into May's virgin asshole.

"AAAAAGCGGGHHHHH!" the impaled girl shrieked in agony. It felt as if a red-hot lance had been shoved up into her guts. She was certain she had been split in two. The shiny white rod was buried several inches up inside her trembling guts.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh," Collona sighed ecstatically. May's tight anal passage was clasping tightly around his cock. He felt great.

"You're gonna like it," he told May. "Just relax, for fuck's sake, or it's gonna go on hurting."

He started fucking in and out of May's over stretched rectum. It felt to the pain-racked girl as if a rasp was grinding in and out of her asshole.

She wished she would faint, or that this horrible animal would come and get it over with.

Then she began to get hold of herself. Hey! She thought. You're supposed to be a pro! With your eye on the main chance! And here she was, acting like an eight-year-old kid!

May knew she was hardly the first girl to get fucked in the ass. Marie said she loved it. What had Collona told her to do? Relax. Yes, that was it -- relax!

May fought to relax her ass muscles. Amazing how easy it was. Within seconds Collona's big cock grinding up into her guts no longer hurt. And, in fact, it felt kind of good! Strange, but good!

May had learned long ago that the best way to really please a customer was to let him know she felt good.

For May it was no struggle to feel good. She loved cock, and now that Collona's was no longer hurting her, it was only a matter of minutes before she was whining and moaning as he fucked harder and harder into her rapidly stretching asshole.

Strange how exciting it was to be tied down, May thought. The cords bit into her wrists and ankles a little as she writhed and bucked. But her very helplessness, stretched like a sacrifice over the back of the couch, lit a perverse fire of pleasure up inside her cunt.

Her ass glowed and throbbed as Collona's big rod flashed in and out. "Stick your finger up my cunt!" she begged him.

"Oh, so ya like it now!" Collona chortled. He groped down underneath the writhing brunette's body and shoved a couple of fingers up into her gushing snatch.

"Nnnnngggghhhhh," May moaned. She felt so full. Collona's stubby fingers were only a fraction of an inch away from his cock, separated by only a thin internal membrane. Fingers in her cunt, cock in her ass. Jesus! She was going to come!

Collona was already coming. He, too, had felt his fingers brushing against the underside of his cock. His balls swelled. "Yaaaaaa!" he moaned. His cock started spouting hot semen up into May's bowels. Her cunt clamped hotly around his invading fingers, spewing more slippery juices. A thin trickle of semen ran back out her asshole and smeared over Collona's cunt-fucking hand.

Collona pumped his cock up into May's ass a few more times, then gratefully withdrew the fast-shrinking member. His finger slithered wetly from May's cunt.

"See? It wasn't so bad, was it?" he chortled, playfully smacking May on the ass. She could hear him dressing. At first she was panting too hard to speak, but then she realized he wasn't untying her.

"Hey! Let me up!" she called. She heard Collona's voice from the door. "Ain't got the time, honey," he said. "Got to catch a plane."

It was another half-hour before Luke came in to untie May. Her whole body ached. Her wrists and ankles were swollen.

"You smart-assed bitch!" Luke snarled. "You almost loused it up with a very important man. Don't ever try any tricks like that again!"

Luke knocked May around a while. She was just glad that he didn't use the cattle prod. But when he left, the angry girl wiped away the thin trickle of blood where he had cut her lip. Hatred flowered in her. She had one more thing to pay the son-of-a-bitch back for.

Chapter EIGHT

After May had been six months at Luke's casino, she met the man she had been waiting for. His name was Tony Urbino. He was young, good looking, and he had style.

But most important to May, he had power. He was a leader of one of the major west coast mobs. A young man clearly on the way up.

Luke almost tripped over his own feet rushing to do little favors for Tony. Tony's family controlled all operations in Luke's area.

For one agonizing moment, May thought Luke was going to supply Tony with Marie. She couldn't let that happen. Not that she wanted to cut Marie out. But she knew the big redhead didn't have enough ambition to know what to do with such a chance. She'd just fuck Tony and that would be that.

May contrived an excuse to get Marie out of the casino. When Luke came in looking for his redhead, there was no one available except May. "That God-damned bitch!" Luke swore. "Never here when I need her."

His cold eyes bored into May's. "You're gonna have to do. Let me warn you, honey. If you fuck this up the way you fucked it up with Collona, I'm gonna cut your tits off."

"Oh, I'll do anything he asks," May promised, big-eyed, which was when Luke made the biggest mistake in his life. He should have been alert to May's unaccustomed cooperation. But his mind was too bent on pleasing Tony Urbino to think of anything else.

Luke took May out to officially meet Tony, although she had been watching him from the back rooms ever since he'd come into the club.

May had learned to use her lush body to its best advantage. Her full tits bulged over the top of a low-cut gown. She had learned to talk well, too. She set about captivating Tony, speaking only when she was spoken to, and then making any new idea she threw into the conversation sound like it had been Tony's idea.

Soon his arm was around the lovely brunette. Gradually, as he played the tables, his hand strayed until his fingers were dipping casually into May's deep cleavage. She managed to rub up against him provocatively every chance she got. By the time Tony had been with her twenty minutes, she could tell his sexual temperature was at the boiling point.

"Would you like to go into the back and... relax a while?" May asked the handsome young man in a sultry voice.

He nodded. May led the way to the most luxurious of the lushly appointed "recreation" rooms. The bed was extra big. Soft music drifted from a sound system. Drinks were made and waiting.

May had Tony figured for the kind of man who liked to be led. Who liked a little forceful mothering, as long as it didn't become too obvious!

"You look hot," she murmured as Tony stood, sipping his drink and staring down the deep valley between May's big tits. She reached out and began unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was pleasingly lean and hard. May began running her hands caressingly over the bare, slightly hairy skin.

Tony began to grin. "I think this is going to be nice," he said. He let May seat him on the edge of the bed while she continued undressing him, obediently raising his feet while she pulled his shoes off and then pulled down his pants.

"You're really good-looking," she exclaimed, genuinely impressed. Tony was lean and muscular. Even his cock was lean and muscular as it lay pulsing, semi-hard between his supple thighs.

May sank on her knees between Tony's outstretched legs, still fully dressed. She reached out and began caressing Tony's cock. Using every technique Marie had taught her, she soon had the man's big rod standing out straight as a flagpole. Tony's cock was no longer lean and muscular. It was thick and muscular.

"I like the way you touch me," Tony said dreamily. May was stroking his balls. He found it particularly soothing.

Then the young brunette leaned down and began to lick the tip of his cock.

"Oh, Jeez!" he moaned. "You keep that up and I'm going to come right away!" The tip of his cock was swelling rapidly, turning a light purple.

"Don't worry, I won't let you," May reassured him, smiling. Her tongue continued laying at the underside of Tony's cock until she was sure he was on the verge of coming. Then she abruptly pinched the thick staff just below the head. "Owwww!" Tony yelped. "Hey! Watch what the hell you're doing!"

The pinch had been a calculated risk. There was always the chance it would make him angry. But she suspected he liked women who acted on their own initiative -- up to a point.

"You're not coming any more, are you?" she asked sweetly. Tony looked sheepish as he reallzed his cock was still hard and sensitive, but no longer in danger of shooting off prematurely.

"Okay. You play it the way you want," he ginned.

May started licking the young man's cock again. Once more he started to come. Once more she stopped it. Soon May was sucking hard on Tony's rod, taking all of it into her mouth. Marie had taught her how to open up her throat and slip a cock all the way down it. Now, she gobbled Tony's, squeezing his balls rhythmically. He started to come several more times, but she pinched it off each time. From then on it remained rock-hard, but his control was absolute.

"Oh, Jesus, but you're good!" Tony panted. His cock felt impossibly big, swollen to a hugeness he had never known before. He was trying to paw at May's tits, but her bodice got in the way. She cooperated by reaching behind her and pulling down the zipper. Then she shrugged the top of the gown from her tits. As usual, she was wearing nothing underneath. Her big globes leaped free, straight into Tony's clutching hands.

"Your tits are fabulous!" Tony exclaimed. He squeezed the twin mounds enthusiastically, pleased by their smooth resiliency. May's eager nipples leaped up against his palms. There was no doubt the girl was enjoying what he was doing to her tits.

"Let's fuck!" Tony moaned. "For God's sake, let's fuck!" He pushed May away from his bone-hard cock. It swayed and jiggled as he moved, wet with the girl's saliva.

May had good timing. She knew she had teased Tony enough. She quickly slipped out of her gown, but made each move as seductive as possible. Only at the last moment did Tony finally glimpse her brown-furred cunt. Then her legs were partially crossed, eclipsing the tantalizing mound.

"Come here where I can reach you," Tony growled. "I'm gonna get you so fucking wet you could float a battleship."

"Just take it easy and relax," May said, smiling seductively. She turned slowly so that her crotch was facing straight toward Tony. Her hands dipped in between her thighs, one pushing aside her silky pussy hair while the other slipped a finger up into her twat.

"Oooooohhhhhh, that feels so good!" May panted. Her finger was gliding in and out of her cunt. She spread her legs wide, so Tony could see what she was doing. Holding her pussy lips open with one hand, she finger fucked herself with the other.

May's lovely nude body swayed and trembled. No one watching could have doubted how good her own finger felt up inside her cunt. She had such an abandoned look on her face that Tony felt his temperature rising again. May was the sexiest girl he had ever met.

May was now so wet that her finger made a rich juicy sound as it slid in and out of her cunt. Three fingers shoved up her box, holding open her pussy channel. Her thumb flicked at her clit until the little pink knob peeked out from behind its fleshy covering.

"Now... you... do... it..." May panted. Pulling her fingers out of her cunt, she grabbed Tony's hand and guided it up into her sopping wet snatch. Tony felt his blood boil as he shoved a finger up into May's wide-open pussy hole.

"Ooohhhhh, yes! Yes! Fuck me with your finger!" May panted. Her hips began jerking forward as she impaled her snatch on Tony's drumming finger. He reached behind her, sinking his fingers into her creamy ass-cheeks, pulling the moaning girl closer.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" May whimpered. "I'm ready. So ready! Let's fuck!"

Tony pulled his fingers from May's gushing cunt. He scooted backwards on the bed, pulling the girl after him. He was getting ready to roll her over and mount her, when May stopped him.

"No... let me get it started," she said, pushing him down on his back. Before Tony could refuse, she had scrambled on top of his muscular body, straddling his loins, her cunt poised over the towering mast of his cock.

May literally pounded Tony's swollen prick up inside her snatch. Wet and open as she was, it was still a tight fit. Tony expected his massively swollen rod to squeek as it ground its way up into the panting brunette's snug hole.

Then it was in. May smiled down at Tony and began to fuck, slowly at first. She slowly raised her ass, pulling her cunt upward, away from Tony's straining loins. He didn't want that. He loved the feel of the girl's butter-soft pussy lips wrapped tightly around his pulsing cock.

Then May screwed slowly down onto his up-thrusting organ. "Nnnnnnggggghhhhh," Tony grunted. The girl's snatch felt like a mouth as it gobbled up his cock. When it was all the way in, May performed her snapping pussy trick that Marie had taught her, working her pussy muscles, clamping them rhythmically around Tony's expanding cock.

He was glad she had already worked on his cock for a while, taking away its hair-trigger readiness. Otherwise, there was no way he wouldn't have shot off immediately when her cunt started massaging his shuddering rod.

Map's fucking got wilder and wilder. Soon she was bouncing up and down on Tony's cock like a jack in the box. Her tits, as solid as they were, bounced and jiggled. Tony arched his neck upward and sucked the girl's pebble-hard nipples into his mouth. May wasn't faking when she whimpered loudly.

May had her first orgasm. All of a sudden her eyes opened wide, wonderingly. She stopped moving and Tony's cock sank in her all the way to his balls.

"Oooh... oooh... oooOOOHHH!" she wailed. Then she went wild, twisting and bucking above Tony's sweating body. Her long brown hair whipped wildly around her head, half hiding her lovely face, screening her tits. Tony could barely make out her hotly staring eyes.

When her orgasm was over, May slowed down to a steady fucking. "Mmmmnnnn, sooooo good!" she hummed as her ass bobbed up and down above Tony's loins. Looking down, he could see his cock skewering rhythmically up into her tight young cunt.

Then Tony felt an overpowering urge sweep over him. The urge to fuck the hell out of this incredibly sexy young girl. The urge to dominate her.

Without even taking his cock out of her cunt, he spun May over, ending up on top of the surprised girl. Tony reared up on stiffened arms. "Okay, baby!" he hissed. "Now get ready for a fucking!"

"Ooooohhhh, yesssss, lover!" May panted. "Fuck me hard. Make me love it!"

Tony began slamming his cock into May's juicy cunt with all his considerable strength. He was amazed how much the girl could take. She showed no indication of getting sore, of getting tired. Her hips rose to meet his every time he rammed his hungry cock into her boiling snatch. Her hands were on his buttocks, urging him deeper into her.

Wanting to sink his rampaging prick as deep into May's pussy as possible, Tony doubled her legs up under his arms, raising her ass several inches off the bed. Now he had a straight shot deep into her wide-open cunt.

"Unh... unh... unh... unh..." May grunted, her body shuddering every time Tony's hips slammed into hers. If felt, to the moaning girl, as if his cock was sliding all the way up to her throat. For the moment she had no plans at all. The only thing that mattered was Tony's cock thundering up into her greedy cunt.

Not satisfied he was getting enough of May Tony hoisted her legs over his shoulders so that they pointed straight up at the ceiling. He began to slide her ass up and down against his loins so that his swollen cock jerked and twitched back and forth in her snug pussy hole. Tony could actually feel his balls practically swallowed up in May's slippery crack.

At last the moment arrived when Tony knew he was going to come, when he wanted to come! He lowered May's legs until she was once again flat underneath his laboring body. Her legs were still drawn up a little, presenting to him the mound of her cunt.

Tony stabbed his thumb down against May's clit and began rubbing it back and forth. May shuddered all over for a moment, then her belly muscles sucked in. Tony knew it was time.

"Get ready, baby," he moaned. "Because I'm gonna come in you... YAAAAAAHHHHHIHHH!"

"Oh, yes! Fill me with your hot jism!" May wailed. "Squirt it into my cunt!" May's legs rose to circle tightly around Tony's straining body. "Aaaaahhhh... AAAHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Just as the first blast of Tony's semen jetted into May's cunt, the young brunette started to come, too. Her legs flexed and strained, pulling Tony ever deeper into her spasming cunt. Gushes of their mixed juices shot back out her cunt, smearing over Tony's balls, soaking into the bedspread. May's firm tits pushed up against her new lover's chest as he back arched spasmodically.

Tony had the longest, most intense orgasm of his life. May had done her work well, working him up to an intense pitch, then keeping him hanging there. It was almost too much for Tony. He felt as if his balls were trying to pour out the end of his spouting cock. He came and came, even after May had slowly quieted. His hoarse cries could be heard through the padded walls, out in the hall, where Luke listened anxiously. A slow smile spread over Luke's face. He walked back into the casino, certain that Tony was in good hands. That was his second mistake.

Chapter NINE

By the time he'd spewed his cum into her snug cunt, Tony Urbino was completely captivated by May. He wanted her to be his and his alone.

"Uh, what kind of contract you got with Luke?" he asked as the two of them lay naked on the big bed.

"Contract? Oh, come on, Tony," May laughed.

"You know the score. He owns me, body and soul."

Tony flushed. The seedy side of his family's business was always a little embarrassing to him. "We're gonna have to change that," he said. "From now on, nobody owns you. You're a free agent. I'll square it with Luke."

Tony was silent for a couple of minutes. May's heart was singing. She was free. Now, if all went well.

It did. "Why don't you come with me? Be my woman?" Tony abruptly asked.

May feigned reluctance. "There's nothing I'd like better, Tony," she said, curling her body tightly against Tony's lean maleness. "But, I may know too much for Luke to let me go."

"He'll do whatever I tell him!" Tony snapped. Then May's words sank in. "What do you mean, 'know too much'?" he shot back.

May pretended to be fighting with her conscience. "Well, I hear things, find out things," she said cautiously. She had to play her cards just right on this one.

"Like what?"

"I-I don't know if it's right for me to say."

"Come on, come on. You sure as hell don't have any love for Luke."

May felt her face harden. "No, I guess you're right. I hate the bastard for what he's done to me and my family. But I still wouldn't want to say anything, except -- except for you, Tony. He's screwing you, and I don't like that!"

"Screwing me? How?" Now there was no stopping until Tony knew all. May got a glimpse of his underlying ruthlessness. She was going to be on thin ice with Tony the rest of the time she was with him. And she hoped it was going to be a long time. Power rode with Tony.

"I... saw the books. He's doing you out of about twenty percent of your end."

"The son-of-a-bitch!" Tony burst out. May knew she had plunged the knife in deep enough to take care of Luke for good. She had really sneaked a look at the books. What she was saying was true. But she couldn't resist twisting the knife a little.

"And he's got an independent dope connection going. Did you know he's bringing in smack and retailing it locally?"

Tony paled. "He knows fucking well heroin is a no-no in this kind of operation." Tony began to grow very cold. "You stay here," he ordered May. "I'm going to call out the troops."

"I'll get your clothes," May offered. She bent over to pick up Tony's pants. Her ass jutted lushly back toward him. Tony experienced a sudden flood of lust. May had made him a little nervous with her revelations. He mistrusted women who had their own way too much. Instinctively he wanted to assert his dominance.

"Just stay right like that!" he hissed. May froze, still bent over. Tony's cock hardened with incredible speed. He moved close behind May, grabbing her hips. His cock lurched up toward her cunt.

"Uuuunnnngggghhhh," May gasped as several inches of bone-hard cock slammed up into her twat. She was driven a little forward by the impact. She braced herself on a chair, still bent over.

"Ooooohhhh, Tony!" she moaned. She'd never expected a bonus like this when she made her play -- a man who could really fuck. Her ass ground back against Tony's plunging cock. But she guessed enough of his mood to let him dominate all the way.

Low moans of pleasure whimpered from May's lovely throat. She panted and quivered as Tony fucked madly into her ass. Her tits swayed and bounced underneath her jerking torso. An ecstatic smile lit up her face.

Tony was fucking so hard he was sweating. His cock plunged in and out of May's juicy cunt, ramming all the way up to the end of her pussy channel. His balls slapped rhythmically against her cunt lips each time he lunged forward. There was a little something of punishment in the way he was fucking the moaning young brunette. Punishment for intruding in the world of men.

As May quivered erotically before him, Tony began feeling protective. He was hooked.

Reaching down underneath May's nude body, Tony began to finger her clit. He was gong to give her an orgasm to remember. It happened faster than he expected. Suddenly May started bucking madly. He had to desert her clit and grab hold of her hips again to hold her ass firmly in place.

"Come on, baby!" he encouraged the panting girl. "Let it all hang out!"

May's cunt was nipping and pulling at Tony's cock as her orgasm swept over her. Then Tony started coming, turned on by May's obvious pleasure.

"Hang on, baby! Here it comes!" he shouted. "AAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Tony literally picked May up by her ass as he poured his hot sperm up into her spasming twat. Holding tightly to her hips, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh, he slammed his spouting cock again and again up into her gushing pussy hole. They came together for a full minute. By the time it was over, the two new lovers were completely captivated by one another.

"Now remember. You stay here," Tony ordered May as he pulled on his clothes. "It'll all be over in a few minutes."

But May couldn't just sit in the room and do nothing. Her whole future hung in the balance.

After about twenty minutes, May's curiosity got the best of her. Pulling on a robe, she opened the bedroom door and peered out. Just in time to see several of Tony's mob henchmen leading a stricken-looking Luke down the hall for his last ride. He looked up to see May watching him. Their eyes met and Luke knew. He knew suddenly who had turned him in.

"Bitch!" he screamed, lunging toward May. But one of Tony's men pulled out a pistol and slammed the butt into the back of Luke's neck. The slender man dropped to his knees. As he was pulled, shaken, back onto his feet, he had a chance to see a last mocking smile from May, the girl he had tortured into surrendering her mind and body.

May was triumphant. But then she began to think. Obviously, Tony was going to have to take over the casino for a while, until he found a replacement for Luke. That meant everything in the casino would be his, to do with as he pleased. All the facilities, all the personnel.

Marie. Was she facilities or personnel? It didn't really matter. What mattered was that sooner or later Tony was going to see her. And no man could take a look at Marie and fail to be affected.

May had to act fast. Since there was really no way to prevent Tony from sooner or later encountering Marie, May had to make sure she arranged it herself. Marie had to be her gift to Tony.

Darting through the halls May found Marie huddling in her room. "Something terrible's going on," the big redhead whimpered.

"I know, honey, but it's all right," May reassured her. "You just come along with me."

She took Marie back to the room where she and Tony had fucked. "Get out of your clothes," she urged the frightened girl. Marie obeyed. May had her sprawl naked on a couch out of sight of the door. Just in time, because a moment later Tony came in, still stern-faced from his administering of justice.

"Things are gonna be different around her," he grunted.

"I know, dear," May murmured, throwing her arms around Tony. Her robe slipped open, so that her naked tits pressed against the front of his shirt. "And I've planned a little celebration. I have a present for you."

Tony suddenly became aware of Marie's presence. His eyes bulged as they took in the magnificent perfection of the redhead's nude body. "Let's get you out of these hot sweaty clothes," May purred, beginning to undress Tony. By the time she had his clothes off, Marie was getting the message. If there was one thing she knew how to do, it was please a man.

"Lie down," May urged Tony. He stretched out naked on the bed. His eyes flicked back and forth between May and Marie. It was as if he couldn't believe his incredible good luck. Together, the two women made a perfect pair -- May, dark, shrewd, intelligent, with a lush, perfectly proportioned body that he knew was perfect for fucking. Marie, tall, majestic, big-titted, full-hipped, with her clear green eyes and cascading red hair -- a stunning white Goddess. And both of them his!

May slid on the bed next to Tony, naked. Her talented fingers began drifting over his cock. In a few minutes it was rock-hard again, jutting menacingly up above his flat belly.

"You fuck him first, Marie," May murmured to her friend. Smiling, Marie straddled Tony's loins. He stared as her big cunt spread open above him. With cool fingers, Marie shoved the bloated tip of his cock up into her cuntal opening. Then she settled slowly down, pressing hot wet cunt flesh down around his pulsing shaft.

"Jesus Christ!" Tony moaned. He stared up in awe at the statuesque woman fucking him from above. Her tits were incredible! Sloping mountains jutting from her chest -- pink-tipped. He reached up and caressed the unbelievably firm mounds, thrilled when Marie arched her back with pleasure.

All this time May was lying next to him, nuzzling his neck with her soft lips, occasionally pressing her solid tits against his face. Naked woman-flesh everywhere!

"Do... Do you two make it with each other?" he mumbled, excited by the prospect of May and Marie making love together. May smiled. "You just watch," she said.

The younger girl made Marie lean back a little, so her upper pussy pulled partly away from Tony's body. Then she leaned down and began licking and sucking the red-head's clit, while Tony's cock was still shoved up her pussy hole.

"Oooooohhh... May... Tony... you both make me feel so good!" Marie whimpered. Hey hands were toying with her own tits, kneading the soft flesh, puffing up the already swelling nipples.

Suddenly May felt Tony's fingers probing near her pussy. One slid up inside her ready twat. But Tony decided he wanted to do more than finger fuck his new love.

"Sit on my face," he urged May. "I'm gonna suck your cunt!"

"Oh, yes! Suck me! Eat my box!" May panted as she scrambled astride Tony's chest. Her cunt was poised only inches from his face. Then she slid slowly forward, pressing wet pussy flesh against the young man's mouth.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh," May sighed as she felt Tony's hot tongue slither up into her pussy slit. Her mouth half-open with delight, she let him lick her. Tony's mouth was flooded with the girl's rich warm pussy juices. And all the time, Marie was fucking steadily up and down on his rigid cock, her cunt clasping tightly to its ever-swelling length.

Marie reached around May's quivering body and began caressing her friend's tits. The younger girl sighed with renewed pleasure, grinding her cunt down against Tony's face.

The lewdly joined trio continued fucking, sucking, and touching for several more minutes. Then Marie began to get increasingly excited. May's licking of her clit had brought her to the brink of her climax. Now she couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Oooohhhh... ooohhh... you two beautiful people!" she burst out. "I'm-m going to make it. Aaaahhh... AAAHHHHHHH!"

Writhing and twisting, Marie panted out her orgasm, bucking up and down on Tony's swollen cock. Finally she collapsed forward, then rolled lazily to the side, Tony's cock popping from her relaxed cunt.

"Now you get up there and really hump that thing," Tony ordered May. She obediently moved back until her cunt was right over Tony's up-thrusting rod. She quickly rammed it up her snatch and began fucking hard.

Tony looked over at Marie who lay naked next to him, a soft smile lighting up her lovely face. Then he stared up at May, furiously bobbing up and down on his shuddering cock.

Just before they both started to come, Tony knew which was the girl for him. Marie was beautiful, sexy, erotic, and he was going to spend a lot of time fucking her.

But May? In May he had found a partner.


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