The boss' daughter

As our modem society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

A good case in point is Charles Manson, a person who never learned about good and bad, a person who never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in high political office offers another example.

Billie Whiteburn is a child of the present. Living the life of the hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today and the pleasures it brings. For Billie, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

And so she drifts from day to day, from lover to lover, keeping all her relationships on a physical plane, quickly forgetting those she has been intimate with, never crying over past experiences or friends.

Billie Whiteburn a young girl who embodies the life style of many of our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. Her story is one, which holds a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

"Lick it... Mmmmmm, yes... like that," Billie moaned.

"Come... COME!"

"Harder... rub the upper part of your mouth, rub your teeth over my cunt. OH SHIT!"

"Are you ready... are you ready?"

She was sitting on his desk with her skirt balled up around her waist and her legs spread wide. Her hands grappled with his hair, trying to force his whole face into her cunt.

He found her clitoris and nibbled at it. The ultra-sensitive little knob quivered wildly and she flung her blonde head from side to side as her cunt raced to a climax.

She bucked her throbbing pussy into his face and he loved it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, filling it with eager, sensitive flesh. He tried to suck the cum out of her as he felt her move harder and harder into his face.

"Jesus, suck, suck... you're sucking it right out of me!" she cried.

"Good pussy... Mmmmm, Billie, your cunt is delicious!"

"Oh, Russ... suck it good... suck it all!" she moaned, feeling the warm juice from her hot hole ooze into his sucking mouth. A growl of sexual pain and pleasure erupted from her throat as his tongue slithered far up her cunt hole.

He's a lousy fuck, Billie thought to herself, but he can sure eat pussy.

He licked her inner walls, filling his mouth with her womanly taste, his hands holding her by her buttocks, pulling her cunt harder against his face. Harder and harder he mashed his mouth against her hairy bush, sucking hungrily on it.

She made it difficult for him, thrashing around, almost throwing his tongue out of her pussy. The sensation tickled through her whole body as she kicked her heels in the air. He held her more firmly so he could lick her cunt, making her start to pant and moan.

"You love every lick, you little sex fiend," he said, taking his mouth off her.

"Eat me. Eat my cunt, dammit! Bring me off!"

He ran his tongue up and down the length of her quivering pussy before he slithered it back into her. He gobbled noisily on her, her taste exciting him and making him want to drink her dry.

Just as Billie came, Russ' wife walked through the office door.

"You son of a bitch!" she screamed. "So this is how you're busy... this is how you can't have lunch with me! This is your sandwich at your desk!"

"Honey," Russ said, rising from between Billie's legs and wiping the pussy juice from his mouth with the back of his hand. "It's not what you think."

"Shit," she said, turning and slamming her way from the office.

Billie stood in front of her father's desk, calm, cool, and listening with only half an ear to his latest tirade about her sex life. She studied the nameplate, in gold, that let her know she was in the presence of Amos Whiteburn III.

Amos was president and chairman of the board of Whiteburn Industries. The company made the broadest range of brassieres and fancy female underwear outside of Paris.

Billie Whiteburn hated her father. That was probably the reason she never wore any underwear.


"Yes, Father."

"Are you listening to me?"

"Well, God dammit... listen to me!"

"Yes, Father."

"What are you doing with your life. Where are you going? Jesus, Billie, you're nineteen years old and all your brains are in your crotch."

"Like father... like daughter," she said, smiling.

His face reddened. "Are you going to hold that against me forever?"

"Probably," she said.

Billie had been sixteen. It had been her older sister's wedding. Her father, the tyrant, had forced her sister, Annie, to marry a man she hated because it would be good for business. Billie knew the same thing would be in store for her.

She and her sister had looked all over the house for their father. They finally found him, naked, in bed with two of the maids. The maids were also naked. One of them was bouncing up and down on his cock and he was eating the other one's pussy.

He hadn't slept with their mother in ten years and he wouldn't let the girls date because he said all the boys they went with wanted was their virginity and his money. "And, by God, I want my daughters virgins and my money in the bank!"

Her mother broke into pieces.

Billie went right back downstairs to the party and picked out two of the drunkest men present. They were both mated, and executives in her father's company. She took them out by the pool and fucked them both on the diving board.

That was the first time Billie had been caught fucking someone else's husband. There had been many times since.

Her father was droning on. "Russ Phelps is my best salesman. Now his wife wants him to quit. What am I going to do with you? I give you a job because you've been kicked out of every college you've been to, and now you do this! How could you!"

"Let him eat me?" Billie said. "Because, he's got a little dick and he's a lousy screw."

"That's not what I meant," he replied coldly.

"Oh," Billie said, lighting a cigarette.

She didn't want to listen to him, so she retreated back into her own thoughts...

She remembered the nice boy her father had insisted she go out with. "It's a good family. I can use the business... go out with him!"

So Billie went out with Harrison Weeks.

Harrison Weeks was a sex maniac, and crazy. He took her to a cabin where some of his nutty friends were spending the weekend. They were all high on dope, and in the middle of an orgy.

Billie wanted no part of it, so Harrison ripped her clothes off and beat the shit out of her.

It was pain at first, and then pleasure. They all took turns, four of them, fucking Billie and one of the boy's sisters, Joy. Joy was only fifteen, but nobody seemed to care, least of all Joy.

"You like that, don't you, you cunt?" Harrison said, raising his head from between her legs. "I've heard all the stories about you... then you don't wanna fuck when I get you up here!"

His mouth, the whiskers on his chin, glistened with her cunt juice. He whipped his hard cock from side to side, slapping her cheeks with it.

"Now it's your turn. Suck -- suck my fucking cock!"

Billie opened her mouth and he filled the moist space with the head of his tool. Then she felt a tugging at her ass. Another boy was sliding beneath her. She could feel the head of his prick rubbing the lips of her pussy.

Rising up, almost standing, she started sobbing; then, suddenly, she drove herself down the length of the prick until it was far up in her belly.

"Lemme hear it, baby... tell me you want it!" Harrison yelled.

"I... I wanna suck... I wanna fuck," Billie cried. "I don't care."

Whining, unable to finish what she'd begun to say, not even sure what it was, she mashed her lips to Harrison's cock. She waited for it. When it shot forward, she caught it between her teeth, held it, and sucked. Her own brazenness astonished her. She knew, when it was over, once the cum gave her momentary release, she'd feel the tongue of shame lick her cheeks with fire. But now she cared only about the cock in her mouth, and the rigid rod stabbing at her vulva. She couldn't stop. She couldn't stop lifting her ass and forcing her cunt hole down. Couldn't help savoring the delicious friction caused by the beautiful meat digging in the slippery folds of her sheath.

Couldn't stop fucking, fucking, fucking, like there was no tomorrow!

Her body came apart from her mind. It rose and fell, twisted and strained. She took her mouth from Harrison's cock and squeezed her tits together.

"Kiss my tits," she cried. "Bite 'em, suck 'em... HURT MEEEEEE!"

Harrison mouthed one hard little rosebud. His teeth clamped tight. "Ummmm! Tastes good! A cherry on top of whipped cream." He paused to run loving hands along the inside of her thighs. "Everything about you is whipped cream. Good enough to eat... Ummmmmm!" Nipping the tip of her tit, he shook his head like a dog drying himself.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Suck it! Bite it!" Billie heard Joy's gurgle of satisfaction from across the room as one of the other boys humped his cum into her face.

"Ahh! I... I'm come-come-coming!" Harrison's teeth sank deep in her tender nipple.

"Ow! Oooowww!" Billie blubbered from the pain and the jet blasting off up her pussy. The hot fluid spewed from the glans of his cock, seeped down the shaft fucking her cunt-hole, touched her clit and sent tremors through her white, quivering thighs.

Coming! She thought. The whole world the cabin walls, the overhead light, the table, the chairs. There were lovely dicks everywhere. Wonderful joysticks spitting hot cream. Buckets and buckets of thick goo. All of it, every last delicious drop, it seemed, was gushing into her twat, filling her to overflowing with the stuff she desired.

She was a mess when she got home. Her father had been waiting up for her.

"Jesus... what happened?"

"Harrison, your 'nice' boy from a nice family, raped me;"

"Bull shit," her father roared. "You probably led him on. You're nothing but a damn whore, Billie!"

The following morning, he sent her to a head doctor. She wore the tightest skirt and sweater she owned.

"Billie, I'm Doctor Fredricks. Please sit down."

"I'd rather stand."

She heard him catch his breath as his eyes wandered over the more than ample breasts stretching tightly under her sweater. He was aware suddenly that her eyes were on him, and as he looked up he saw a fleeting, contemptuous smirk vanish from her face.

"I'm here to help you," he said.

She stared at him, her face immobile. Except for the knowing smirk he had glimpsed a few seconds before, she had not changed expression since he first saw her in the outer office.

"You will, of course, have to help me at the same time. You understand that, don't you?"

She raised one eyebrow carefully, contemptuously.

He cocked an eyebrow in anger and continued. "I already know a good deal about you," he said, carefully controlling the tone of his voice. "But I need to know a great deal more. You will help me, won't you?"

Her face remained unchanged. He watched her deep brown eyes for some flicker, some sign that she understood him. But her eyes were opaque, as though made of one-way glass through which she could look, but from which no one could gain a clue as to the state of her emotions.

"You know why you're here, don't you?" he said after a moment.

"Because I'm a whore," she said, surprising him with the readiness with which she spoke, after her previous silence. Flustered, it was a moment before he could speak again.

"What we're here for," he said, "is to determine why."

"Because I like to fuck," Billie said.

Her attitude suddenly changed again. As he questioned her, she had become more and more distraught, but now she seemed to throw a barrier up between them. Her eyes, which had cleared for a few moments, became opaque again.

But there was another change, too. She smiled, a provocative, alluring smile that, with the way she turned her shoulder to him, left no doubt of her intent.

For a moment he was dumbfounded, unable to follow her through her sudden change of mood.

Then he let his eyes rove appreciatively over the supple curves of the girl's body. She stood up slowly and pivoted, letting him see her voluptuous figure. Her legs were long, tapering her hips were made for fucking, and her breasts were ripe and full, straining against the material of her sweater.

He strove to quell the passion that threatened to overwhelm him.

"You like it, don't you," she said huskily, smiling. "You're going to make a nice report, aren't you? I want a good report from you so my father will get off my back."

"Billie, I..."

And then he gasped. She lifted her sweater and pulled it over her head. Her luscious, full tits jiggled and came to rest like two huge, pink-tipped melons on her chest.

He was flabbergasted as he watched her swiftly undress. Billie stood before him, her large tits pert and pointed, her belly sleek, and the softness of her pussy triangle inviting. She wanted him to fuck her, brutally, savagely, hungrily.

She laughed as he gaped. He stood facing her, trembling, all the male aggressiveness drained out of him. How strange men are, Billie thought. So sure of themselves, so strong one minute, so shy and frightened the next.

It didn't look like he could move. She walked over to the door and locked it, then returned to stand beside the huge leather couch.

"Fuck me," Billie ordered, snapping the words at him like a whip.

The lewdness of her words aroused him from his shyness, and his prick swelled and ballooned. He felt as though a huge pole was blooming from the base of his spine.

He couldn't help himself. He moved to her and said nothing as she unzipped his fly and pulled his rigid prick from his pants.

She pulled him back as she fell onto the couch. "Well, don't make me do it all," she said.

All right, you bitch, he thought, I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you so you'll never forget it!

He looked at her through smoky, lust-filled eyes. He reached down and grabbed the shaft of his throbbing cock, positioning it against the folds of her soft pussy. He rammed it against the fuck-hole. He rammed again, a little lower. There is was, and his massive organ entered her steaming slit.

"Yes, yes... that's it," Billie moaned huskily.

In and out, he drove his throbbing hunk of meat into her clasping twat, plowing his cock back and forth and side to side. Each of his lunges brought her closer and closer to the peak, to the point of no return. The two of them were sweating profusely, working hard on reaching that bliss, that point where the nervous system goes off on a binge all its own.

"You like to fuck, don't you?" Billie panted. "Yyessss," he groaned.

"Then keep fucking," she urged. "Make me come... if you're man enough."

Suddenly enraged at her challenging words, he thrust his tool into the hot, burning opening, savagely, lustfully, as she lay beneath him shivering and throbbing.

She sighed deeply as his cock slid its hot thick flesh over the sensitive lips of her waiting cunt. Her cunt muscles were contracting more and more now as his cock slid further and further into her tight opening. The passion she felt shook her entire body and shivers of pleasure and excitement crept all over her.

She bucked her hips up to him as his hard rod kept sliding, grinding, into her hot cavity.

Finally, with a powerful shove of his ass, he thrust it all the way into her. Her whole body quivered as his balls slapped against the slit of her ass and bounced back and forth. He began to pound his giant tool in and out of her seething hole.

She bucked her body up to him furiously as his cock pounded again and again, deep down into the inner passages of her cunt.

She cried out in loud wails of pleasure, screaming and throwing her legs high in the air as his cock hit and rubbed against the hot, sensitive clit. She arched her back and bucked wildly, digging her long slender fingers deep into his shoulder blades with a wild, frantic passion.

He grabbed hold of her legs and raised them high above his head. He spread them out on each side of her so that he could get right up into her cunt with nothing between them but her fleshy, smooth thighs.

He was pounding into her pussy with all the fury and passion that was in him. He could feel the boiling lava churning in his balls, aching for release.

Then, like the rumbling sound of the eruption of an ancient and powerful volcano, his hot, burning load exploded with glorious fury deep inside her throbbing cunt.

She called out loudly in a high-pitched sigh of pleasure as she felt his love juice shoot like a wild beast into her pussy, giving her frenzied pleasure as it hit against the inner walls of her cunt.

He throbbed and jerked and grunted loudly as it shot from his tool. He continued to pound deeper and deeper into her creaming slit, the cum shooting from his cockhead in great, powerful thrusts.

She was coming.

She could feel the reverberation of the inner walls as her cunt released its soothing liquid and mixed it with his in her tight cunt-hole.

"You're a good fucker," Billie calmly said, getting, back into her clothes after a few moments rest.

And he was a good fucker for a shrink.

She fucked him several more times after that, and he wrote a good report. Then she purposely left the door unlocked one afternoon, and his secretary caught them.

Billie laughed.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" her father said.

"Nothing," she replied, grinding out her cigarette. "I was just thinking."

"Well, think about this," he said angrily. "You leave tomorrow. I've enrolled you in Briarvale."

"That's not a school," Billie said. "It's practically a prison... and it's all girls!"

"That's the idea," he said.

Chapter TWO

Billie emerged from the bathroom toweling her nude body. When she was completely dry, she dropped the towel in the middle of the floor and lit a cigarette.

"Jeez, you're built," Ginny said.

Billie smiled and took a deep drag on her cigarette. "A lot of good that will do me around here," she said sarcastically. "An all-girls school."

"Oh, I don't know," Ginny said. "There's always the Lovers."

"What's that?"

"A club... very exclusive, but I'll bet they would let you in a minute... with a body like that!"

"What's the Lovers?"

"It's a club here at Briarvale. Very hush-hush."

"What's so hush-hush about it?" Billie asked, eyeing her roommate and friend.

Virginia Morden was small, dark, and very beautiful. She was always laughing a quality that endeared her to Billie, who hadn't laughed much lately. But Ginny's most interesting characteristic, as Billie was to discover, was her frank, honest, intense interest in life and everything about it. To Ginny, nothing was good or bad, right or wrong. Nor, as Billie was already beginning to discover, was anything moral or immoral.

Everything was just plain interesting.

"You know the boy's school over at Clearview Redwood?"


"Well, the Lovers is a little club where the boys from Redwood and the girls from Briarvale get together," Ginny said.

"What do they get together for... chess tournaments and debate sessions?"

"No, silly... they get together to fuck!"

"WHAT?" Billie's pussy tinged between her legs.

"And I know," Ginny said, lowering her voice, "it's in the basement of the Administration Building. You want to go down there and take a peek tomorrow night?"

"Sounds exciting!" Billie agreed.

The student body of Briarvale was all money. They were also all problem girls from rich homes, whose parents were tired of keeping track of them. Billie was sure she was going to hate it, but she was willing to go because she still wanted her share of her father's wealth. She figured she had earned it.

"My name is Marcia Tompkins," a voice said from the desk beside her. "What's yours?"

"Billie Whiteburn."

"I guess we're the two new students," Marcia said. "Everybody else appears to belong."

She was a pretty, auburn-haired girl with the most beautiful eyes Billie had ever seen. She was smartly but quietly dressed, and there was an air of poised self-possession about her.

And something else, something Billie couldn't put her finger on.

"You look as though you belonged," Billie said. "But I'll admit, this is my first day."

Billie had missed two weeks of the term.

"We were lucky to find a spot for you at this late date," her father had said grimly. "It cost plenty, but it's worth it. I want you to go out to Briarvale, be a model student and..."

And what?

Be totally and thoroughly ashamed of herself?

Billie shook her head to clear her mind. What had Marcia said? Oh, yes. "I agree with you," Billie smiled. "It would be a good idea if we stuck together until we learn the ropes!"

"I wonder how a girl can find any action around here," Marcia said.

Billie was on the verge of mentioning the Lovers, but remained silent as the class quieted around them.

At that moment the instructress came in a pretty woman, perhaps in her late thirties. She was severely dressed, more so than necessary, and wore her golden blonde hair in a tight, unattractive bun on the top of her head.

She stepped to the platform where her desk was placed and surveyed the room. Her eyes traveled the room, flicked over Billie, and came to rest on Marcia.

They seemed in no hurry to move away from the girl, and Billie glanced over and saw her fellow newcomer returning the gaze quietly and with complete poise.

Billie was sure it was her imagination, but she thought something passed between the two. A look of understanding.

When the instructress spoke, she said, "For the benefit of the new girls, I am Miss Carr. Marilyn Carr. We all get along very well in this class and I'm sure you'll both fit in very well."

But Miss Carr was still looking at Marcia when she said that, and Billie got the quick impression that the teacher was not really aware that she was also in the class.

The rest of the day was hectic, rushing to classes, meeting new instructors and some of the other students, and getting oriented to the rules of the school. She forgot, in the activity of the day, her plans about the meeting of the Lovers Club. So she was comfortably in bed studying when Ginny came in.

"Aren't you ready?"

"Ready for what?"

"To sneak up on the meeting!"

They were in a basement that was like an underground catacomb. Both girls wete squeezed into a niche looking down into a lighted room.

"We've got to be quiet," Ginny whispered.

Billie could feel Ginny's braless tits pressing into the back of her shoulder. For some reason, the combination of the girl's body and her assumption of what she was about to see excited her. Her pussy was oozing juice.

There were voices in the room beneath them.

"Jesus, I wish they would hurry up. I've already got a fucking hard-on that won't quit," a boy was saying.

"Want me to suck it for you?" a girl giggled.

"Shit, no," he laughed. "I want something new. That's what I came over tonight for."

"Let's get out of here," Billie said. "I like to fuck, but I don't dig just watching."

"You go ahead. I like to watch," Ginny aid.

"But they might have heard us," Billie protested.

"I don't think so. But what if they did? They can't find us. And if we're quiet from now on..."


"All right, go ahead!"

Billie felt a tremor of fright at facing the pitch-black, winding corridor without benefit of light. But she was too proud to ask Ginny for the flashlight.

"All right," she said. "I'll see you back in the room. But for heaven's sake, be quiet. At least give yourself an even chance of coming out safely."

"You're too nervous," Ginny whispered back.

Then she was gone, and Billie knew she'd moved back toward the niche to get a thrill out of hearing what was said. Billie turned and moved back along the corridor, her hands outstretched in front of her, her eyes squinted.

Each step seemed interminable; she had a wild, half-panicky vision of spending an eternity walking through the darkness -- darkness of her own folly, she thought.

She took three more steps.

Then a hand came out of nowhere and hooked itself cruelly over her mouth. She tried to jerk away, but an arm encircled her waist from behind. She tried to kick backwards, but whoever had trapped her was too strong. He pushed her against the wall and pressed his knee up between her legs until it was mashed against her cunt.

Finally, gasping for breath, she stopped kicking. The knee in her crotch was hurting her cruelly and site tried to lift herself up off it by standing on her toes.

The man sensed what she was doing, caressed her with his knee. Then he spoke for the first time.

"All right, baby, now that's over, let's understand one another. I spotted your whisper from the room. So happens I knew a way up here. I came to investigate. And I got lucky."

Billie was as angry as she was scared. "What... what are you going to do to that?"

He chuckled. "When a man gets a girl where he wants her, what does he usually do to her?"

"You bastard," Billie hissed. She loved the idea of fucking, but hated not to be the one in control. She couldn't really get all her kicks unless she was putting the man down a little at the same time. It had been like that ever since the time with Harrison, and the orgy at the cabin.

The man let his hand slip off her mouth and down over her throat. It lay there lightly, but Billie had the feeling that a scream would be choked off ruthlessly.

"Baby," the voice crooned. "You know what's going to happen, don't you?" When Billie didn't answer, the brutal knee pressed in harder, more painfully. "You know what's going to happen, don't you?" the man repeated.

"Yes," Billie said weakly. "I guess I do."

The pressure of the knee was lessened. "Fine. We've gotten that far. Now let's go a little farther. I'm damned if I can figure out why a girl gets all panicky when she's going to get it under one set of circumstances, and hot and loving when it comes another way."

"If you don't know," Billie said, "I'm afraid I can't tell you."

"If you're real nice," the voice said, "maybe I'll coax you a little, instead of just pulling you down and throwing a cock to you."

His knee rubbed against her cunt. Billie was getting hot and she knew it. "All right," she shrugged. "Coax me a little."

Her skin chilled as the arm around her waist went lower, as she felt the zipper to her slacks being pulled down, as lustful fingers moved across her belly to her cunt.

The slacks, down around her ankles, let chill air brush against her naked legs. She had not worn panties. So she stood there naked from the hem of her blouse, just below her navel, to the shucked-off slacks around her ankles.

"Lift your leg."

She obeyed the command, felt the leg of the slacks pulled off over her sneakers. He paid no attention to the other leg.

One hand rested lightly on her throat while the other caressed each breast in turn, giving special attention to the nipples. And Billie felt a deep inward resentment at the natural result, a result she could not control. The nipples rose and became hard just as Ginny's nipples had hardened against her back there in the narrow niche.

The man chuckled his appreciation of her quick response and proceeded to demonstrate his skill. He pressed the inside of her thigh with his knee until she was standing only on the toe of that foot. Then his hand went lightly and skillfully to work on her pussy. The muscles in her thigh quivered in reaction.

The fingers were a whisper against her sensitive flesh as he picked out nerve ends and touched parts she didn't even know she possessed. He found nerve clusters that reacted like tiny threads of fire and Billie clenched her teeth. Her body couldn't help responding. The man chuckled as he discovered proof that Billie, no matter what the state of her mind, was reacting physically to his expert attentions.

"That's it, baby," he crooned. "Relax; relax and enjoy it."

"Damn you!" Billie spit at him. Damn myself, she thought in despair. Why can't I resist him? She knew the answer. She didn't want to resist. Her cunt wanted his cock.

She was slipping. Then she felt the cold concrete beneath her. Then he was between her legs, his hands cupping her breasts, the head of his prick rubbing her inner thighs.

Billie could feel her tits leaping to meet his caressing hands. She could hear her own moans as her body began to react to the stimulation he was giving it.

He reached out and began to stroke her wet cunt lips, sliding his fingers back and forth, and eventually stopping at her clitoris.

"All right," she said.

"What, baby, what?" he chuckled.

"Fuck me, you bastard!" she hissed. "You know I want it, so go ahead and fuck me!"

He let go of her clitoris and rammed two fingers far up her cuntal passage. She hunched against him and moaned loudly.

"Oh, I'll fuck you all right," he said, "but there's a few other things I wanna do first."

He grabbed her by the hips and raised her up so that she was on her hands and knees. Billie knew at once what he was going to do and it excited her. It also, for some perverse reason, excited her not to know who he was or what he looked like.

Now he was crouched behind her, shooting his tongue in and out of his mouth. It was brushing against her wet cunt lips, driving her to distraction, arousing her lust.

He seemed perfectly content to eat her pussy before fucking her. She was creaming in his mouth already and he was alternating strokes between her cunt and her asshole, driving her even more crazy with lust.

Soon Billie was pleading for it, feeling that she was going to come before he entered her. She reached around and grabbed for his cock, but it was hard to find it and grip it from her position. She was going to have to wait until he decided to fuck her.

In the meantime, he had awakened every tingling nerve in her cunt and her asshole with his tongue.

"Dammit," Billie groaned at last. "Are you gonna fuck me or not!"

All pretense of tenderness was dropped. The man pushed her backward until she was against the hard, cold floor of the corridor, looking upward into pitch darkness. His face was there, close to hers, but she could not see it. She could only feel his hot breath on her face, his mouth hard against hers, his voice choking with sex.

"I'll fuck you all right."

Then he was on top of her. She felt the head of his prick against the lips of her cunt-hole.

Suiting action to words, he drove into her like a bull. His cock was like a rod of liquid fire to her already sensitized flesh. She wanted to cry out, to scream, but he had entangled their mouths and tongues to a point that she was as effectively gagged as if he had been using his hand.

She had to scream! From rage... from pain... from outrage... from delight.

Her scream escaped as a long, shuddering moan. She found his tongue in a sudden frenzy and gripped it with her teeth, but he didn't seem to feel it. Curses were boiling up out of her throat and pouring, garbled, into her mouth.

"You son of a bitch... you prick... bastard..."

"Yeah, baby?"

Her curses were savage endearment and they both knew it as she hunched her cunt up to his plunging prick. Billie was shaking her hips back and forth, her whole body frantically gyrating as she achieved her first release.

She shouted out, saying all sorts of senseless things to her lover, not caring how her words came out. She was submitting to a complete stranger but that didn't matter any longer. She couldn't even see her lover's face, but he was turning her on and that was all she could be concerned with.

"Fuck me," she screamed. "Shove that big thing into me and I'll explode! Fuck me harder! Come on, make me happy, do it to me again!"

"Sure thing, baby," he answered, his own passion fired now. "I'm going to knock you for a loop. Hang on!"

He slammed his cock into her welcoming pussy with even greater violence, ravaging this agile creature who could seemingly take anything he handed out.

Billie let out a whimper and then felt her pussy locking around his plunging staff. Then the fluids were pouring out of her cunt, spraying all over his thighs and belly. She was so wet inside that he could hardly feel her clinging twat any longer.

He kept his cock rooted inside her all during her orgasm, letting her enjoy every second of it. She kept moving for a few seconds and then she was finally able to relax. A complete stranger had just given her the best orgasm of her young life and it should have, confused her. But she was feeling nothing but happiness.

Then she felt him pulling his prick out of her pussy. Surely, she reasoned, the man was not going to leave without filling her with cum. It was abnormal. Maybe he just wanted to change positions or something.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she asked as she felt the hard tool brushing against her sensitive anus. "Don't. Come back inside me. You must be almost ready to come!"

"Don't worry... I'm gonna come," he growled, flipping her body until her knees hit the hard concrete and her quivering ass was high in the air.

Then she felt him press his body against her up-turned asscheeks, and she knew what he was going to do.

"No," she said.

He used the tip of his prick to open and lubricate her asshole. His big dick was covered with pussy juice and that made it easy for him to work his way into the narrow crevice. Nothing was going to stop him at that stage of the game, and she knew it.

Billie soon resigned herself to the inevitable. "All right, son of a bitch," she hissed. "Ass-fuck me!"

"That's just what I'm gonna do, baby!"

Soon she could feel his meat buried, deep in her asshole. It hurt like hell but she concentrated on relaxing her muscles until she could feel it moving around inside her.

"It's in you, honey... and you're takin' all of it... every damned inch," he groaned.

"I know it's in me!" she hissed. "Now fuck me!"

He rammed harder into her until she was able to relax totally. She was moving with him now, doing whatever she could to draw more pleasure for her own body from his pulsing, driving cock.

She arched her back and spread her thighs as far as they would go, feeling herself stretching from within as the big cock penetrated her virgin asshole. It hurt, but there was nothing she could do about it, no way to protect herself after she had let him go that far. She would have to make the best of the situation.

Now he was practically on top of her, surrounding her with his arms. He slid his hand down to her twat and started fingering her clitoris. She did the same with his balls by reaching backward through their legs. She could feel them swell and knew he was on the verge of filling her rectum with boiling cum.

They both became lost with the ecstasy of fucking. Then he shoved his prick in for the last time. She felt the cum shooting out of it with all the force of an active volcano.

She winced with pain as the thick goo shot into her, but it soon coated her ass canal and made her orgasm.

When his come was almost spent, he flipped her over again and shoved his cock back up her creaming cunt to bring her off a second time.

She moaned and gurgled through the second explosion as her cunt muscles milked the last drops of hot cum from his wilting cock.

They lay there exhausted, and for those few moments, ironically, they were lovers. Her hands were on his back, unconsciously stroking his heaving muscles. Their mouths were together, and as she turned her face away, the movement had all the meaning of a gentle caress.

Then he heaved himself to his feet. When he spoke the mocking contempt was back in his voice. "I wish I had a light. I'd like to see you sprawled there like a slut, your belly wet with sweat, [missing text]."

She knew what he meant, and cut him off with the first words that came into her throat. "You rotten, raping bastard!"

And even as the words came forth, she marveled at her ability to grate them out at him like any cheap whore. She visualized a woman who made a profession of sex talking like that, spitting out her contempt for men like venom.

There was silence. She thought he'd slipped quietly away. Then he spoke. But this time there was a change in the tone. He did not remind her of the obscenities she had breathed frantically into his throat, nor of the lustful abandon with which she cooperated with him in those last moments.

He spoke with a kind of awe and respect. "God! I'll say one thing for you. You're all woman!"

Then he was gone; like one of the pitch-black shadows that seemed to hover everywhere as part of the total blackness, he became a part of the dark tunnel and she knew she was alone.

For a few moments she lay where she was, then a thought struck her. Good God, we don't even know each other! We were joined in body. He was part of me and I part of him. We were a single, writhing person. But we don't know each other. I wouldn't know him if I met him, he wouldn't know me. Our voices? Maybe. Probably not. The echoes in here are deceptive. Our voices would probably sound different outside. Perhaps we'll meet each other, get to know each other, and still not dream that his body was mine and I held his tongue in my teeth.

She wanted to laugh. Or did she want to dry?

She didn't know which as she got painfully to her feet and searched the darkness for her clothing.

She finally found her way out of the tunnel and back to her room without being seen. Ginny was already back, so Billie knew she had made a wrong turn somewhere and then corrected her error.

Ginny was sitting up in bed with a schoolbook in her hands. Her eyes widened as she saw Billie.

"Good God, darling! You look as though you've had it!"

Billie went on through the bedroom. Her face was grim. "You're right, darling. I have had it. Right up to my tits... in both holes!"

Chapter THREE

Billie awoke the next morning to a sense of unreality. None of the things she remembered could really have happened.

But this disbelief was speedily dissipated when she moved. Her back, from contact with the floor of the tunnel, felt as though an army had walked over it. The tendons at the fork of her body felt as though they had been stretched in a tug-of-war by two strong men. Both her cunt and her asshole felt like they were rubbed raw.

"Oh, Lord," she murmured, "I feel like a streetwalker after a hard..."

"What'd you say, honey?"

Billie turned over and saw Ginny's gamin face stretched into a yawn.

"Nothing. Just waking up."

Ginny finished her yawn. "What's your first class?"

"Ugh!" Ginny groaned. "Mine's American History. At least a person can sleep a little sometimes in a dog course like history."

As they went through their morning ritual in the bathroom, Billie asked. "What happened to you last night?"

"Nothing," Ginny said airily. "But plenty happened in that room." She stopped halfway into the shower, recalling the events in her mind. "The new initiate was that redheaded chick who always wears green. Wow!"

Billie squeezed toothpaste on her brush. "What's the 'Wow!' for?"

"A liberal education in sex, I guess."

"Sex at this time of the morning? Please, Ginny."

"I know, but... wow! That kid must have wanted to be fucked awfully bad. One of those guys grabbed her and stuck his cock in her mouth while two of the other guys fucked her at the same time in the cunt and the asshole!"

"And you watched all that?" Billie said.

"Sure... shit, I came three times on my fingers just watching it, and wishing all the time it was me!"

Billie felt a twinge between her own legs at the girl's words. "Ginny... let me ask you something..."

"What?" the girl replied, turning on the water.

"Haven't you ever been laid? I mean, are you...?"

Billie never finished her question. The other girl's face got very red and she jumped into the shower.

My God, Billie thought, she is a virgin!

Dr. Dwight Morris was the school psychologist. That afternoon Billie received a summons to come to his office.

"It would seem to me," Dr. Morris said, "that your problem is not sex so much as your father."

Billie hadn't said a word. She sat there, hating her father, because he had forwarded all this information to the psychologist.

But the comment interested her. "Why do you say that?"

Dr. Morris was a handsome man. Billie took him to be in his fifties, but he showed little sign of age except for a distinguished patch of gray at each temple. He had a neatly clipped mustache and his suit obviously was hand-tailored.

"Why? Because he takes such a dim view of your sexual habits."

Billie resented something in that remark. She decided it must have been the fact that Dr. Morris didn't seem to mind her escapades at all. Somehow, she felt that he should.

"Isn't it logical that my father should feel that way?"

"Of course. How else could a responsible parent feel? But, how do you feel about it? That's the important point."

"I'm ashamed, I suppose."

"Ashamed of what you do, or obsessed with guilt because you want your father to respect you and feel that he doesn't?"

Billie flared defensively. "Where is all this getting us?"

Dr. Morris smiled quietly. "No place, perhaps."

"Then why do we keep talking about it?"

"Why are you here?"

"Because my father sent me to this school. What we're doing is a part of it, I guess."

"That's a good reason. I'm here because the school pays me well to listen to the various problems of its students, with an eye towards trying to help them."

"Then we're both here for purely personal reasons that have nothing to do with my problem. That is, if I really have a problem."

"Oh, you have a problem, all right."

"How can you be so sure? From what my father put down in that letter?"

"No. Let's just say it's an obvious problem. You compromise your freedom for luxury."

"I don't follow you."

"You are of age. When your father told you that you were going to be sent to this college, you could have legally told him to fly a kite. But you submitted. Tell me this: would he have cut off your allowance if you had defied him?"


"And you like having money?"

"Yes, don't you?"

"What do you mean?" he said.

"They pay you for doing this, don't they?" Billie asked.

"A doctor," he said, "can remove an appendix and be stricken the next day himself."

Billie laughed. "I'm sorry for being so hostile. After all, you are just trying to do your job. Have you any suggestions after reading the terrible truth in my father's letter?"

"Yes. Study hard. Try to get rid of any sense of guilt, whenever it arises. And feel free to come and see me whenever you wish."

"I'll do that," Billie said, rising. "And the next time I come, we'll solve something else."

"What's that?"

"That hard-on you've got from looking at my tits. I'll give you a blow-job."

Her classes were finished for the day. She was just leaving the Science Building when she spotted a small washroom under the stairs and felt the urge.

She opened the washroom door and was inside before she realized there were a half-dozen silent girls inside a tense group, encircling a single girl who was watching them just as tensely and appeared to be awaiting some kind of attack.

Billie's entrance was greeted with uncertainty. Then one of the group, a heavy-set girl with black eyebrows and a thick-lipped mouth, said, "Put her in the corner and see that she's quiet. We're going to have this out."

Before she knew what was happening, Billie was pushed into a corner by two of the group. They weren't rough, but they were firm. One of them said, "Just keep quiet, honey, and you won't get hurt."

They released her arms but stayed close, their grim expressions warning her that they would put up with no nonsense.

Now all attention went back to the tableau that was being played out.

There was obvious conflict, and it seemed to center on the heavy-browed girl who was referred to as Thelma, and a lusciously built, pretty brunette who was on the defensive.

Thelma turned back to the girl. "Okay, Louise, you think you can run the Club better than I can? Let's see you prove it."

"Anybody could," Louise countered. "The trouble with you Thelma, is that none of the men go for you. And you just can't stand that!"

"I suppose you've got them wrapped around your little finger?"

"I do all right."

The brunette was not as frightened as she'd first appeared. Also, the group wasn't necessarily hostile toward her. They were grimly neutral, awaiting the outcome of what was evidently a challenge of leadership.

Thelma, the leader of the Lovers? Billie really couldn't see that image, somehow.

Thelma had moved closer to Louise. Now she lashed out with an open palm and caught the brunette off guard. The blow landed heavily on Louise's jaw. It rocked her. She took two staggering, backward steps, braced herself against the wall and swung a roundhouse right that slammed, full-fisted, into Thelma's neck.

And now the battle was on the fight, evidently, for leadership of the Lovers.

The watchers, tight with excitement, moved back to give the fighters all the room possible. Massaging her neck, her eyes filled with fury, Thelma circled her challenger.

"You big-titted bitch," she hissed. "We'll see who runs the Lovers. When I get through with you, there won't be anything left for those studs to fuck!"

"You talk big," Louise challenged. "Let's see if you can back it up." She took a quick, backward step and kicked her shoes off.

Thelma chose this moment to attack. She jerked her skirt high and kicked out, her foot catching Louise squarely in the cunt.

The girl doubled forward. Her mouth flew open as she cried wordlessly in pain and surprise. Her hands went instinctively to her pussy. Thelma stepped in and flattened her with a fist at the base of her skull.

Louise's arms went out in a swan dive. Her eyes appeared to cross from the impact. She landed on the cement with a thud that knocked the breath out of her.

Sprawled there, helpless, she gasped for breath, her mouth open and her throat working painfully.

The smirk of satisfaction on Thelma's face indicated that she was pondering some sort of humiliating ordeal she could put her opponent through something much more embarrassing than a kick to her cunt.

The big girl moved over Louise's sprawled body. She reached and ripped open the front of Louise's blouse. The girl's bra shredded at the same time and her huge breasts tumbled out.

Billie could see why the boys, if what Louise said was true, went after Louise instead of Thelma. Louise had a fantastic body.

But, suddenly, Billie was further shocked.

"We know you dig pussy more than cock," Thelma said, "so you can just eat my cunt right here in front of the girls and prove it. Your big fucking tits will make a nice cushion for my ass while you suck me off!"

So saying, Thelma pulled her dress up to her waist and knotted it there. Her cunt was red beneath the wide expanse of her pubic mat. Carefully, Thelma lowered herself until her pussy was almost mashed into Louise's beautiful face.

"Eat it... suck me off!" the big girl hissed.

Louise, helpless on her back, spread her legs wide, flexed her knees, threw her body upward and outward like a wrestler, from pure desperation.

Then she collapsed and lay sprawled there, sweat pouring from her body, her magnificent breasts heaving from the exertion.

Then Billie saw a change come over the girl's face as the musky odor from Thelma's cunt reached her nostrils. Her eyes glazed, her breath came in great gasps, and her tongue started darting from between her cracked lips.

She was excited. She really did want to eat Thelma's pussy.

Thelma lowered herself all the way, jamming her cunt over Louise's mouth. Moans of joy came from the brunette's throat as she began tonguing and sucking the pussy that rubbed back and forth over her face.

"Mmmmm, you, you cunt, bitch," Thelma cried. "Suck it... eat me good... suck my pussy!"

Thelma was wildly thrusting her cunt over the young girl's darting tongue. She moved her hands under her sweater and began playing with her braless tits.

Billie looked around her. The other girls were mesmerized by the sight. Several of them had let their hands creep up under their skirts. Billie could see the movement as the girls finger-fucked themselves into ecstasy.

Jesus, she thought, this is turning them on! And then she felt the moisture in her own cunt and realized that it was turning her on, too.

"Oh yes, that's it..." Thelma cried, her hips wildly churning, "get your chin up my hole and bite my clit! Harder... harder!"

Beneath the bigger girl, Louise was going wild. Her throat contracted, swallowing the juices from Thelma's pussy as fast as she could suck them out. "Oh, somebody..." she cried, mumbling around the pubic hair and mouthful of cunt, "somebody stick something in my cunt... finger-fuck me! I'll suck her better... hurry, please!"

One of the girls who had been watching leaped to the floor and ripped Louise's panties off. Then, savagely, she rammed three fingers up her wildly gyrating cunt.

"More... more!" Louise cried.

The girl responded by balling her fist up and jamming it, clear to her wrist, up Louise's pussy.

Meanwhile, Louise had fastened her mouth over Thelma's cunt like a suction cup. The fist in her cunt seemed to jar her to new heights. She used her tongue like a mini-cock, sawing it in and out of Thelma's big hole while her teeth and upper lip worked on the girl's clitoris.

Then Thelma's hips began to writhe. She put more pressure on with her cunt and her big body. She began to writhe harder. Louise darted her tongue in and out of the sopping slit, working Thelma into a frenzy of orgasm.

Thelma clasped at her own tits and moaned aloud until, with a rapturous series of shudders, her body arched into orgasm.

When her orgasm had finally receded, Thelma stood up and pulled her dress down. "All right, girls, anybody want their cunt sucked, be my guest."

Mi of the girls moved toward Louise's prostrate body.

Thelma moved to Billie and stood before her with her hands on her wide, flaring hips.

"You keep your mouth shut, do you understand?"

"I wasn't here by choice," Billie said.

"See that you keep quiet, or you'll be invited back in here and you'll be sorry."

And it was at this point that Billie became acquainted with a new facet of her own personality. She was not in the least afraid of Thelma. As a matter of fact, she was sure she would have won the fight had she been in Louise's place.

"Thelma... fuck you," Billie said, and walked out of the rest room.

Chapter FOUR

Even though it had disgusted her, the scene in the restroom had also excited Billie. It was the uppermost thought in her mind for the next two days.

She could barely study from thinking about it. She needed sex. And even though she had promised herself that she wouldn't, she knew that she would go out that evening and find some.

In disgust at herself, she slammed the book that she had been reading closed, and swore.

"Is there a loose shower connection here, Miss?"

A chill went through Billie as she jerked around. It was the black-haired maintenance assistant. He stood in the doorway carrying a tool case.

"Don't you believe in knocking?"

"I did knock, Miss. When no one answered, I supposed the room was empty."

"I-I didn't hear you."

"I'm sorry. Shall I come back later?"

"Now that you're here, you might as well do your work. I didn't know anything was wrong."

He took a memo slip from his pocket. "Loose shower connection."

"Oh, okay. My roommate probably reported it."

Billie indicated the bathroom and the young man started to close the door. Then he glanced at her, opened it wide, and crossed the room toward the bath.

He paid no further attention to her, whistling a soundless tune as he went about his work.

She could see him in the mirror. He was virile, rather than handsome. The muscles of his shoulders rippled as he bent over his tool chest and his blue jeans tightened against the backs of his thighs.

He will do, she thought, and walked to the door of the bathroom. "What's your name?" she said. "Carl... Carl Morgan," he replied.

"Do you like working here around all these horny, rich girls?"

"It's a job."

"I didn't ask you that."

He turned and looked at her. "No, not particularly," he said.

"Do you service anything besides bathroom fixtures?"

He dropped his tools, turned, and took her into his arms.

His kiss was hard and rough. There was no tenderness in his lips as he pried hers apart, forced his tongue into her mouth. He explored brazenly, and even while she responded physically to the contact, she realized the contempt in his action.

She wanted to protest, to cry out, but her words were crushed in her throat as she felt his hand on her knee, then up under her skirt against the bare flesh of the thighs.

The kiss continued, probing, searching. Her body stiffened as his callous invasion continued, as he inserted his fingers under her panties, closing his hand around them. Then he gripped the cloth in his fist and jerked. A second jerk ripped the panties at the point where they narrowed between her legs. The pressure of the tearing cloth against her sensitive cunt-flesh brought her tongue forward in even sharper protest. Her hips hunched forward automatically, her legs opening to relieve the painful pressure.

His free hand moved lightly over her chest, pushed her bra upward, and examined each breast minutely.

Her nipples rose and hardened at his touch. This purely physical reaction, which her mind was powerless to control, brought a humorless smile to his face. He released her tongue. His eyes spoke eloquently of the satisfaction the act gave him.

"Tell me," he said.

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me how much you want me to fuck you."

Billie's mind whirled back to the tunnel. Could this be the same man who had raped her?

Would it make any difference?

"Maybe I've changed my mine," she said.

He let her go and walked to the door. Locking it, he returned, took her arm and pulled her to the bed.

"Bull shit," he said.

Again his hands were under her clothes, his fingers toying with her cunt.

She moaned. She wanted to be the aggressor, but he was taking that pleasure away from her and there was nothing she could do about it.

His eyes glowed with the passion of triumph, flashing at what was happening her sprawled legs, her naked hips and belly moving up and down in rhythm to his hand on her cunt.

"That's it, baby," he crooned. "That's the way to loosen up. Relax and enjoy it."

One of Billie's hands was now free but he was too preoccupied to notice it. Hot, ecstatic fire was flaming through her lower body. She wanted to obey him, to relax and moan, more, more, more... do it to me!

Her free hand pressed first against his chest, then moved lower, her fingers searching for and finding his hard cock.

She squeezed.

"Take me," she moaned, "take me!"

"Say please."


"Say, 'Please fuck me'!"

"All right, dammit," Billie moaned. "Please, fuck me!"

His manner changed instantly. He became the lover instead of the raper. Gently, slowly, he undressed her, admiring and caressing her silken skin as it appeared before his eyes.

"Oh, God, what a beautiful body you have," he whispered hungrily. "What a fantastic body." He clasped her hotly, his mouth every place at once all over her, his tongue sliding down her neck, his lips on her shoulders, his hands moving frantically to embrace her. Then he was kneeling, his mouth on her breast, drawing the nipple in with his tongue, making it harder and harder, sucking on it with a thirsty need, gripping the two round cheeks of her ass, pulling them against him as his mouth worked hotly on her breast.

"God, I want you," he whispered, his mouth making long hot trails down her stomach, and burying itself in the spongy curls of her pubic hair, which he caught in his teeth and chewed at. Then he worked his way to the outer lips of her cunt, moving the fleshy lobes with his tongue, exploring the small ridges and wrinkles, sucking and pulling, kissing and biting, furiously, hotly, until he found the wet burning place where the folds parted and the long tunnel began. There he stabbed with his tongue frantically again and again.

Billie swayed dizzily, supported only by his hands gripping her ass cheeks, pressing her cunt to cunt. Her eyes were tightly shut, propelling her into a dark world illuminated by short, sharp, bright lightning flashes of pleasure as his mouth ate at her, ate her cunt, chewed and sucked and devoured the most inner, tingling, electric center of her being.

Then slowly he pulled away and she fell back on the bed, still twitching and tingling. She heard him taking off his clothes. Hurry up, she thought, hurry up, Goddamn you! I want you to fuck me! I want you to do it to me, to take me like I've never been taken before! Hurry, hurry, hurry... fuck me!

It seemed like forever before he was on the bed beside her.

His hands groped for her, kneading her firm flesh all over. "How do you feel?" he said hoarsely.

"Like my whole, body's on fire!" she said, her voice filled with passion and lust. "Sex can be hell, sometimes, can't it?"

"No," he replied. "Sex is great... love is hell."

"Oh, please, hurry... fuck me!" she said. His words, 'sex is great... love is hell', ran through her mind, but the pressure of his hard cock on her hip drove them from her mind.

Her tanned breasts rose up to perfect mounds in front of his lips. He bent over and took a luscious tit into his mouth, sucking the tip until it was burning hot and hard between his teeth. His hand circled her waist and clasped her close; the hand moved down the slope of her back to cup her rubbery-hard ass cheeks. He mashed his body against hers and she felt the hard swell of his cock against her thighs. She pressed her thighs against him and they ground together with passionate urgency and need.

The throbbing prick jumped at the touch of her skin. She reached down and rubbed the head of it.

"It's beautiful," she smiled.

She played with it until little drops of fluid appeared from the tiny opening in the head. Up and down on the velvety head she massaged his cock; he bent, breathing heavily, and bit her on the neck, hard, his hands never leaving her swollen breasts.

"You keep fucking around like that, I'm gonna come before I even get inside you."

Quickly she leaned over and put her lips to the head of the cock; it throbbed violently at her sensitive touch and he pushed it a little way into her face. She let the massive instrument play all over her face, over his lips and chin, across her cheeks, down onto her neck where she hugged it tightly. And then she drew back and held the cock with both hands. She brought her mouth on it and laved the head with her wet tongue.

His body shuddered violently against her. Now she was sucking his huge prick with a plunging motion, in and out, letting the head dart partially into her throat, controlling his surging motion, licking the length of it each time.

"I'm gonna shoot off..." he stammered.

She began to work frantically on the pushing rod. Letting go one hand, she reached underneath him and caught his pulsing balls, massaging them, tickling in the mass of pubic hair.

"Jesus, that's great," he moaned.

Her mouth worked back and forth in a wide motion, making a slippery, gushing sound. Again and again she felt the blood-gorged bulb of his cock jam into her throat and back out. She gulped hard and felt his cock grow steamy hot, throbbing wildly. She sucked harder, squeezing his buttocks with one hand and milking his taut balls with the other.

"Oh. Jesus, I'm shooting off!" he bellowed. He tried to pull away from her frantic mouth, but she wouldn't release him. Harder and faster she sucked the pulsating shaft, feeling her whole being about to explode along with his boiling lava.

And then it hit. His huge cock began pumping furiously and she felt the first wave of hot sperm in her mouth. Lap after lap of it gushed into her throat and down into her belly. She worked furiously, clenching her teeth on his erupting cock, swallowing wave after wave of delicious, hot cum.

"My God!" he barked, his whole body shaking violently. "Oh, my God!"

She gulped the sperm on and on until he was finally empty of all his juices. She locked her mouth on the shaft and ran her tongue all up and over and around as she swallowed the last of his cream. Not for a moment during the eruption had she opened her eyes. She didn't want the massive dick to ever leave her mouth, but she felt such a hot surging in her unfulfilled cunt that she was visibly shaking all over.

When she opened her eyes, he was putting on his clothes.

"What are you doing?"

"I told you I was coming," he said, calmly looking down at her.

"So what... now I want to come!"

He scribbled on a piece of paper and dropped it on the bed. "Here's my address and phone number if you get horny later on tonight," he said, and moved to the door.

"You bastard."

He smiled and picked up a banana from the basket of fruit and tossed it to her.

"That's in case you need to get it off between now and then."

She threw the banana back at him, but the door was closed. It thudded against it and fell to the floor.

"You son of a bitch!" Billie yelled after him. Five minutes later Ginny entered the room. "Jesus... what's wrong with you?"

"Shut up," Billie said, slamming into the bathroom and locking the door behind her.

But as she passed the door, Billie had picked up the banana Carl had thrown at her.

Billie soaped her body from head to toe. Then she reached through the shower curtain and found the banana. She soaped it down too.

She squished it sensuously between her wet fingers, relishing the hardness of its elongated shape. Her pussy gave an involuntary quiver as she thought of sticking it in her cunt.

"Mmmmm," she said aloud in the closed bathroom. "This almost feels like his cock."

He did have a beautiful cock. She had loved sucking it and would love to have it rammed up her cunt, but she would be damned if she would run after him. Let him come to her.

She stroked the banana harder. It felt even more like a cock. She remembered the first cock she had stroked like that her cousin Tommy's.

"You had a nice cock too, Tommy," she moaned, working the banana up her cunt. She closed her eyes, recalling that time together.

She had been twelve and Tommy was fourteen. They hadn't seen each other since they were both very small, and Tommy had invited her up to his room to look at some of his magazines.

The magazines contained color pictures, pictures of naked men and women.

Billie stared at the open pages and thought she would pass out with shock. The awful things that the men and women were doing were so bad that she could hardly bear to look at them, and yet, she couldn't pull her eyes away from the magazine.

On one page she saw a girl holding her pussy open with both hands. She could see the inner layers of the girl's vaginal slit, and there, up at the top, was the nub of her clitoris. God, it was big! She could see the pink flesh that surrounded the girls pussy opening, and black, curly pubic hair outlined the wide-open vagina. It was strangely exciting to her, and she forced her eyes away from it, only to be confronted with another page which was even more obscene to her.

"Does your pussy look like that?" Tommy asked. When Billie didn't answer her, he told her to turn the page. "Wait 'til you see this!"

Her eyes widened, her mouth fell open, and a gasp escaped her tightened throat as she saw a naked woman sitting on a man's long, hard cock. The girl's pussy seemed to be too small for the huge shaft, and it was stretched so wide that it was only a thin red ridge of flesh circling the man's thick, blue-veined prick. The man was lying on his back with his legs wide apart, and she could see his puckered asshole.

Billie's youthful body trembled with a hunger that she had never before experienced. Hoping that Tommy wouldn't see her, she stole her hand under her dress and found her pussy.

"You playin' with yourself?" he said. Her face got very red. "It's okay. I do it to mine all the time."

Before Billie knew it, Tommy had taken his cock out of his pants and was wildly whipping his fist up and down its length. He was groaning, with his eyes tightly shut.

"Oh shit, Billie, rub it for me, will ya? Do what I'm doin' to it!"

"Like this?" she asked as she tightened her fingers around his long shaft and began stroking up and down.

"AAAAAGGGGhhhhhh... Oh, yeah, yeah, that feels great... Do it some more!" he groaned as he stood in front of her and thrust his pulsating cock back and forth through her fingers.

Billie stared at the strange movements of her cousin's cock sliding back and forth through her tightly gripping fingers. She felt her own excitement rising higher and higher. She couldn't understand why her cunt was so hot and wet.

"Harder... Rub harder, Billie... Oh yes like that... harder..." Tommy moaned as his head began spinning from the pressure of his throbbing prick. "It feels so good... too good... I... I think... I'm... I'm gonna come! Oh, shit, I'm comrnmmiiiinnnnng!"

"Am I doing it right?" Billie asked anxiously, squeezing his throbbing cock more tightly, frightened at his loud groans.

"Oh yes! Hold it tight... I'm coming NOW!" Tommy gasped as he rocked back and forth on his heels, his youthful prick convulsing beneath the caresses of her fingers.

Suddenly, Billie saw sticky white liquid spurting from his swollen cockhead as his cock spasmed. She couldn't believe all that stuff had come from his cock. Her eyes were glued to the wildly jerking shaft and, in a trance-like state, she held her hand still while he pumped out his load of cum.

She had never thought about how the seed got inside a woman's womb, but she certainly never imagined that it would happen like this it was like a pump!

Awed by the revelation, her eyes popping out of her head, she stared at the river of cum flowing down over her hand...

Remembering the sight of Tommy's young cock spurting cum up her arm was enough, with the help of the banana, to bring relief to Billie's pussy.

She groaned and cried out her release as the water beat a tattoo on her tits and belly.

There was a knock on the door and Ginny's voice.

"You all right in there?"

"Yes," Billie said, extracting the banana from her sopping cunt. "I'm all right... for now."

Chapter FIVE

Billie managed to last a week. It had been hard, because on top of wanting Carl Morgan's cock, Thelma, the leader of the Lovers, approached her in the hall one day and made an offer.

"How would you like to join our little club?"

"What's in it for me?" Billie replied. "A lot of sex... just about any way you like it."

"You think you're too good for us?"

"Frankly... yes," Billie said. "And I'm in enough hot water with my family without joining a sex club. That's all I need, is to get caught in something like that."

Thelma threw her head back and laughed. "We're never going to get caught. We have too many friends among the faculty!"

"Like who?"

"Follow me and I'll show you one," Thelma said.

Billie followed her to the Administration Building and into the basement.

The room was located in a far end of the basement, off by itself.

"We can watch from this window," Thelma said. "Kneel down and be quiet."

Billie looked in and could hardly believe her eyes. There, in one end of the dank basement, was a sensuously beautiful room. The carpeting was thick and soft; the drapes suspended on the four walls were of a warm material that appeared to be silk. The ceiling had been left untouched, but one didn't look at the ceiling. The bed in one corner drew prime attention. Its covering was violet, and a bouquet of fresh roses was on a table at the head of the bed.

And there was something else on the table a rubber cock with a harness attachment.

"Know what that's for?"

"I know," Billie said, keeping her face a mask. "This is silly. I'm leaving."

She took two steps toward the narrow exit, but Thelma's hand gripped her arm. "You can't."

Billie heard it at the same instant the sound of approaching footsteps. They were very close. Then the door to the room opened, and someone entered. Billie couldn't see who it was, but she could hear someone undressing. Then she saw a naked body approach the bed and gasped.

It was Marilyn Carr, one of her teachers. But she looked like anything but a teacher now. Her golden hair had been loosened, hanging low over her shoulders. She was completely naked except for a garter belt and stockings, her body revealed in all its glory. She raised a slim, gorgeous leg and put her foot on the edge of the bed.

Billie hadn't liked the woman from the first day she had met her, but she had to admit that Marilyn Carr did have a fascinating body. There was more to it than mere golden perfection. It exuded a sexual magnetism that was like a glow.

New footsteps sounded and Billie saw the teacher's eyes light up. A faint smile played on her soft, sensuous lips as she turned and moved out of view.

Billie wished fervently that she was out of this mess. But so long as she was in it, she couldn't close her senses to what was going on, couldn't block her eyes and ears.

"I'm glad you came, darling."

"I wasn't sure if I should."

Billie placed the voice instantly. It was Marcia Tompkins, the quiet girl Billie had met the first day in class. She then remembered the look that had passed between her and the teacher. It seemed that they had recognized something in each other instantly.

"You do want to join the Lovers... don't you, Marcia?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then, come... sit with me on the bed."

The teacher's arm went around the girl's shoulder. She was wearing a robe that she had evidently gotten from somewhere behind the drapes.

"You'll like the Lovers, Marcia... both the boys and the girls."

The woman turned the girl's beautiful face to her own. She looked deeply and quietly into her eyes. Then, slowly, carefully, as though fearful of frightening her she drew the uncertain girl into her arms and captured her lips. The kiss lasted a long time. Then she folded her closer and turned her body so that the girl lay in her arms. Marcia responded, raising her arms and putting them around the older woman.

Marilyn ended the kiss. "Was that so very terrible, my darling."

"No," Marcia murmured into the soft, beautiful breast. "It was lovely."

Smiling down at the girl in calm triumph, Marilyn drew her robe back and Marcia's mouth was against her bare breast.

The older woman allowed, the girl to press her lips into the lush softness for a time. Then she turned again and laid Marcia on the bed.

"Let me undress you, darling."

Marcia wore a sweater and skirt. Marilyn unzipped the skirt and pulled it down over the younger girl's hips. She smiled down at her and ran her hands over the sweater, drawing it upward.

"Raise up, dear."

Marcia obediently lifted herself and allowed the beautiful blonde to continue stripping her. Now she had on only panties and a bra.

Billie thought she could see Marcia's long slim legs trembling as Marilyn bent over and kissed her again. The older woman unhooked the bra at the same time and removed it. Then she opened her robe and took Marcia into her arms. Marcia's thigh muscles jerked at the contact; her arms went slowly around the woman above her. The muscles of her ankles tensed, then her feet slowly moved apart. Her knees went higher, her hips lifted.

Then her panties and bra were on the floor. Marilyn suddenly threw calm and caution to the winds. She tore the robe off and buried her face between Marcia's lush breasts.

Billie could see then that the two cunts were locked together, frantically rubbing against each other.

"Oh darling, love me! Love me with your mind and your body... I need love so badly!"

Marcia's arm went around the older woman. Strangely, she took command of the lovemaking. She rolled the teacher over on her back, reaching hungrily for her breast. The golden-haired beauty's eyes glowed with pleasure and lust.

Then Marcia was wildly ramming her fingers in and out of Marilyn's blonde-ringed pussy. The woman was going out of her mind with delight.

"Ohhhhh... yes, shit yes," she groaned, twisting her hips and flailing her head from side to side.

Stimulated by her words, Marcia slipped from the bed to the floor. She crouched on her knees with her head between Marilyn's wide-spread thighs. The teacher's cunt was glistening with juice.

Marcia stuck out her tongue, teasingly, and licked her clitoris as she continued to ram three fingers into Marilyn's cunt hole.

The thick aroma of the teacher's cunt wafted across the room, filling both Thelma's and Billie's nostrils.

"Jesus... eatin' pussy is not exactly my bag," Thelma whispered, "but those two cunts have really got me turned on."

Billie felt the same way, but she was not about to admit it. However, when she felt Thelma's hand move between their bodies and find her pussy, she didn't object.

"Mmmmmm your pussy is so good... so juicy," Marcia said, rolling her head from side to side between the older woman's thighs.

"Oh, yes... yes!" Marilyn urged her on. "Eat me... suck me! Stick your tongue on my cunt... drive me wild!"

Marcia pulled her fingers from the woman's cunt and used both hands to spread the puffy lips wide apart. The damp, dark inner flesh of Marilyn's cunt was laid bare to the girl's tongue. Her whole body shook as Marcia jammed her tongue and her nose into the wet, elastic hole.

At the top of her sweetly shaped cunt, the hard little bud of her cut bobbed and glistened. It seemed to beckon to the younger girl.

"Now... now... my cunt... do it to my cunt!" Marilyn urged.

Marcia obliged willingly, grinding her chin into the cunt hole and her teeth against the knob of pleasure.

"Oooooohhhh," Marilyn moaned loudly, her face contorted, turning from side to side as she lifted her cunt still higher for her lover's consumption.

And then, suddenly, she screamed through a come, blasting her hot juices through her lower lips from the erupting well of her pussy.

Her body had barely stopped shaking when Marcia was off of her and strapping the big dildo around the teacher's legs. The dildo was long and thick, with an enormous head.

"Now me... hurry, fuck me!" Marcia cried, slipping to the bed and raising her legs high in the air.

Marilyn fell between the girls spread legs and rammed half the huge cock into her cunt in one swift movement.

"Oh yes... Oh God, yes... all of it. Give me all of it... the whole fucking thing!"

A gasp erupted from Billie's throat. "Jesus," she said, "I can't take anymore of this!"

"Me neither. C'mon," Thelma replied, and tugged on her arm.

When they emerged, shaking, from the building, Thelma turned to her. "You're hotter than hell, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Billie admitted.

"Want to come up to my room for a while? Like I say, that's not my bag, but I'm hot!"

"I'd rather have a cock," Billie said.

"That's a little rough this time of night, around a girls' school. That's why we formed the Lovers. Still say you don't want in?"

"I'll think about it," Billie said, moving away. "By the way," she said, turning back to the big girl, "how does Marilyn Carr fit in?"

"She's one of the two faculty people we pay off to keep the Lovers alive. They get first crack at any new pussy that wants in the Club."

"Who's the other one?" Billie asked.

"A man... that's all I can tell you unless you want in," Thelma replied.

"Like I said, I'll let you know," Billie said. "But I doubt it."

She hurried a rummaging in her purse for Carl Morgan's address.

"All right," Billie said, standing before him in the living room of the tiny apartment. "You win... for now. I came to you."

"What do I win?" he said.

"This," she said, and raised her skirt to her waist. She knew the crotch and the front of her panties were already soaked with juice from her pussy.

"I was wondering when you'd get horny again."

"Jesus, what kind of a nut are you? Are you made of iron? Don't you want to make love to me?"

"No," he replied, "but I'd like to fuck you."

"Love... fuck... what's the difference? Let's do something!"

"All right."

He took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and took off her clothes.

She stood very still as he removed her dress and slip; she leaned forward as he unhooked the bra to free her firm, magnificent breasts. He was so close that she could feel his breath on her swelling tits. And yet he did not touch them. Instead, he slipped his fingers inside her panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of them nervously. The heavy mound of pubic hair around her pussy seemed to glisten and pulsate with excitement. She felt little ripples shoot through her taut buttocks and go directly to the hot spot of passion in her quivering cunt.

"For God's sake!" she pleaded. "Do something to me! I want you to fuck me!"

He laughed out loud and stepped back. "In good time... all in good time. Don't rush things so. One must remain in control. Nothing is done well in a hurry."

"Some things are, you bastard!" she shrieked, unable to control her growing passion.

And then he removed his clothes and led her to the bed. He pulled her across it and held her firmly for several minutes, and then brought his mouth to hers. She pushed her tongue deep into his mouth and jabbed hard against his.

Then she pulled her head away and made him kiss her heaving breasts. She pulled his hands around her naked hips and tried to get him to grasp her ripe thighs and the glistening ass that yearned to be kneaded, pummeled, torn into harshly.

She pulled his head down to her flat, smooth belly and crushed it hard into her sweating navel with both hands; she bit madly at his neck and scratched at his back with her long fingernails. She could feel his breath now down in her pubic hair; she wished longingly that he would put his hand into her boiling, vibrating cunt.

But instead he only kissed gingerly at her heaving belly that arched up flat and hard against his face. He ran his tongue into her navel and made little jabbing strokes with it until she thought she was going to explode.

"Please, will you please..." she stammered.

"Be calm," he answered blandly.

She began stroking his flanks, his fine-hard body fitting against hers. She found his balls and rolled them around between her fingers. Then she let her hand move up to the base of his big cock.

"Oh, God!" she groaned. It was massive, throbbing. She arched to have it plunge deep inside her that very second. Always before, with other men, she was able to set the pace of lovemaking, because they were always so hot for her. She could manipulate any aroused man until she was ready. But this man was different, and she didn't understand it she felt herself despising him for punishing her so and at the same time she couldn't keep from wanting him to crush down on her, to finish her, to defeat her.

"Oh, God! Will you do something! Pleeeeaassss!"

"No!" he barked, and tried to pull away.

She pinned him with her long legs and pulled him back until he was mashing hard against her again; she hunched upward with her pelvis against his expanding cock. She felt the blood-gorged tool against her thighs, the balls pressing into her waiting cunt. Roughly she pulled herself onto his body, bumping her wet thighs furiously against his belly, his chest.

"Go down on me," she whimpered. "God, that sets me on fire. Please, eat me... eat my cunt!"

"No!" he barked again. And this time he seemed incensed. He flipped her body over and began kneading her taut, firm buttocks; he pressed and mashed and squeezed. It was painful, but in her near-hysteria it only served to arouse her even more.

"Yes! Hurt me!"

"Why?" he said. "Does that really turn you on? Baby, you've got some bad hang-ups!"

"I've got just one hang-up you bastard! I want that cock of yours!" she shrieked. "I want your fucking meat and that's all I want from you! I just saw two cunts fucking each other in the basement of the Administration Building and it turned me on!"

"Why didn't you join them?"

"Because all I could think about was your fucking cock, you bastard!"

"One was probably Marilyn Carr, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Billie replied, amazed. "How did you know?"

"I know a lot of things," he replied icily, a strange new set to his face. "And the other one was probably a tall brunette with gorgeous tits and a fantastic body."

"Oh? Well, Louise is probably sucking some other cunt tonight then."

Louise? Billie thought. Who's Louise? And then she remembered the girl in the fight in the washroom. The one who had eaten Thelma.

Chapter SIX

But Billie couldn't be bothered unraveling that mystery now. She wanted his hard cock and she wanted it now.

"Are you going to fuck me, or do I go out and walk the streets until I find somebody who will?"

"You really want a cock, don't you?" he smiled.


He took her legs and pronged them high into the air. And then, taking dead aim, he rammed his throbbing cock into the creaming lips of her waiting cunt. There was only a momentary halt at the entrance and then he was diving deep into the wet channel, down through the hot cavern of her cunt.

She pushed upwards to engulf the welcome tool and felt it beat into her womb. Quickly she locked her legs around his middle and hunched for him, but he held her steady, and still had the mysterious smile on his face.

"Are you gonna fuck?" she cried.

"Like this, you mean? No beginning, no middle, no end? Is that all you know?"

"That's all I want to know now, damn it! Come on, for God's sake! You're teasing my cunt to death!"

"Well, all right, baby, you asked for it!"

She had been grinding her syrupy thighs into him and pushing up feverishly with her cunt against the hard prick that had impaled her.

He began slowly pumping his cock up and down inside her pussy and she tried to match his rhythm, but she was way ahead of him. Slowly he ran his hands down her thighs and underneath her quivering ass. He cupped the ripe buttocks harshly and held them still until he began a more urgent rhythm with his cock.

Billie's pussy was gushing with juice and it seemed to grow hotter and wetter as he steadied his prick and drove deeper. She began to match his stroke blow for blow. Soon his hands were pulling hard; she felt his fingers massaging the wetness around her tiny asshole and into the corners of her saturated cunt.

"I'm going crazy, Carl! I'm going to come all over you!"

"Hold it, baby, hold it! Make it good for the first time in your life."

She rolled her ass around hard and ached to have the huge prick blow her open, split her in two. She rolled and bounced and flapped her arms hard on the bed.

Then he mounted a hard driving attack that sent her spinning.

"Yesssssss! Pump it into me... fuck meee!" she wailed.

Now he was pouring it on, higher and hotter and heavier than she had ever experienced. The cock was hot and pounding in her hot, liquid cunt.

Now his fingers on her ass stroked and pulled the flesh unmercifully; she felt a finger go alt the way in her aching anus; she felt his fingers all over her hunching cunt, massaging the clitoris and pouring all around the tight center of erotic release.

Deep down inside her something snapped, and she spun out of rational thought. She couldn't stand it; she was blowing apart.

"I'm coming... I'm coming all the way!" she screamed. "AUGGGGHHHH! Oh God, I'M THERE! AUGGGGHHHH!"

He did not step up his pace to meet her cresting, but instead kept to the same fine, precise rhythm. It was a man-woman battle and both were fighting for supremacy. He kept her impaled on his massive cock as she reached her peak.

"Just the first level, baby," he said in a halting voice. "Hold on. You wanted this animal ride, and now you've got to take it!"

He pummeled her now with such a heavy barrage of cock blows that she felt sure she was splitting. But she loved it; the more punishment the better. God, she thought, I was made for this. I was made to be screwed apart, to be fucked to death. I was made to have my cunt constantly ripped open by a big, hard, fucking cock!

"You gettin' enough, bitch?" he hissed.

"No... no," she cried. "I'll never get enough. Now! Now, you cock, stud, prick! Shove it in me, you bastard, son of a bitch! Fuck me! FUCK ME! NOW!"

He drove his hips forward with all the pent-up passion she had built within him. She felt her soft hole close around his shaft, driving him to a quick peak of passion. She quickened the rhythm of her hip movements to bring herself to the same white heat that comes just before the exploding release of orgasm.

"Oh, fuck me! FUCK ME!" she screamed into his ear, running her hot tongue around the tip of it. She breathed hard, pressing herself against him.

The smell of her juicing cunt came up to her nostrils from between their bodies. It drove her body to buck and hunch harder and faster over his driving cock.

He backed away from her until just the iron-hard tip of his cock was inside her cunt, and then he ran it up and down the length of her slit, from the tiny knob of her clit to the puckered hole resting between her asscheeks.

"Ohhhhh, don't tease me! Fuck me! Shove it in me!" she whined.

He lunged his hips forward in one swift motion as again he buried his long, hard shaft to the balls inside her thrashing body.

She screwed herself up against him and began a wildly gyrating motion with her hips. Her thighs squeezed his hips with a vise-like grip. Her body became a fleshy, passion-driven spring that drove her cunt eagerly up to meet his strokes.

"Good cock," she moaned in bliss. "Good, hard meat fucking the cum right out of my pussy."

She moaned and shuddered as she felt her cunt lips being shoved in and pulled out with his long, even strokes. Their bodies made a splatting sound as their crotches drove against each other in sexual torment.

"Oh God, I'm coming again!" she shrieked.

She couldn't stop; never had she had such heated urgency grip her very core. His rock-hard prick forged and rimmed and gouged all around inside her pussy. Never had she felt such a pent-up drive to be fucked and shattered by a cock.

His battering ram forged on and she felt his hot bone banging against the walls of her womb as her climax grew and grew.

"God, you're fucking me blind!" she cried, feeling her inner muscles snapping out the orgasm.

Almost immediately she started another ascent. It was miraculous, somehow, and now it seemed that his cock had always been a part of her. The fucking sound was louder and louder, a mixture of their flesh slapping together and her creaming cunt sloshing up on his reaming meat.

"You're fucking my eyes out!" she wailed.

"Shut up, bitch!" he snapped. His breath came in heated pulls. His voice was angry, but his body pounded into her all the more furiously. Each time she jolted her spread cunt up to meet his drives, he pounded all the harder.

"You're killing me!" She couldn't hold back. His hard-boned pelvis drove with such ferocity that she felt shooting pricks of pain as he thundered against her. His hands grappled for her ass cheeks and pulled them tight. She felt a finger at the heaving hole where his cock drove. She splayed her legs wide apart and tried to encircle his neck with them.

But instead he let go of one of her cheeks and reached up to grab one of her legs. He used the leg as a lever and catapulted her into the air, with his huge prick still buried deep in her hole. Now he was bearing straight down on her with all his weight and she was bent backward. With the other hand he drove two fingers up into her ass hole.

"Oh, don't, don't!" she moaned in pain.

"You want pain, bitch! Take it!"

He began raining hard blows into her ass hole with his two fingers. His cock was tearing her pussy apart, and he was doing the same thing now with his fingers.

She thought she would pass out from all the pressure. Far and, away in her hidden core a fire was burning her up. The pain was unbearable, except for the building fire there. She felt herself spinning and spinning. She was suspended now almost in mid-air and he was ramming everything he had into her.

She felt the building fire flaming up the walls of her cunt; no longer did she feel pain as his hand drove hard into her ass hole.

She felt her coming orgasm. She held it back a long time as he stopped his short jabbing strokes and began long, jolting plunges. And then she felt herself spin into the highest plane of madness; she couldn't keep from it. She bellowed out with all her might.


"Come, you bitch... AND I'LL FILL YOU AT THE SAME TIME!"

"Yes... YES!" she cried, throwing her head back and arching her body. "NOW! COME NOW!"

She bit her lips until they became white, until it seemed her gleaming white teeth would go completely through the skin and blood would flow.

"Do it, shithead! COME! COME!"

Together they felt the complete flood of final satisfaction as their bodies released. They held each other in the ebbing flow of delight as his cock drained itself of spurt after spurt of white, hot cum which her cunt quickly contracted against and pushed back out to flow across his balls and down the inside of her thighs.

And still they came.

His prick was like a cast-iron pipe. She felt it striking furious blows against her inner recesses.

"God, you're blowing it all in me!"

"Yeah, you bitch! And there's more!"

Load after load of his hot sperm shot into her boiling pussy. She felt it shoot deep into her, each wave of it. And she snapped tight where their bodies joined, flipped her legs around his waist, and bucked hard, hunching and bucking and holding his throbbing, erupting tool. She had caught his best blows and was matching him jolt for jolt now.

The heavy cream was filling her completely up. She felt his cock still doing the dance of death inside her, still pumping more. And the cum gushed up and spurted out the sides of her pussy where his cock still drove.

"Dear God," she cried. "I'm drowning!"

Finally the huge cock spurted one long final stream and stopped. It stood like a lance, hard and completely still, deep in her womb.

With her hips she gave one last hunch and came to a stop. He fell heavily across her body. His voice, moaning and gritty, made her shudder. She felt completed, full, and victorious. He had annihilated her, but she had lasted through it all.

She had won.

They lay there helplessly, their breaths mingled and their sweat-smeared bodies exuding the odors of cunt and cock.

"Oh, my darling!" Billie breathed.

But Carl didn't answer in kind. The emotional frenzy, or whatever else had been the source of his savage tenderness, faded as it had come.

"That's the way you like it?"

"Oh, yes... yes..."

"How much can you take?"

His tone, a reversion to the old cynicism, penetrated her mind. "I don't understand, darling."

"It's over. Let's skip the darling. You got what you wanted, and that's that."

"But, Carl..."

"We don't need the hearts and flowers bit. We both know the score now. You like it and need it. I can dish it out. I just want to know how often you want it."

"Why, you... you, prick!"

"Oh, cut it out. The whole thing's physical. Let's leave it that way."

Strangely, her first wave of anger faded. As she lay there, organizing her shattered thoughts, he said, "Let's look at the practical side. It's nice for a girl to know exactly where she can get it when she wants it. So we'll have an understanding."

"You were hurt very badly, weren't you, Carl?"

"That's none of your damned business!"

"If we're going to have an understanding..."

"It doesn't mean you're going to take me over. Keep your damned questions to yourself."

Chapter SEVEN

In the days that followed, Billie tried to put it all together in her mind. There were a lot of unanswered questions. Was Louise, the girl in the fight, the reason for Carl's attitude about women? And, if so, did that make him the other member of the staff or faculty who initiated all new girls into the Lovers? But didn't Thelma say that the man was a member of the faculty? And who had raped her that night in the tunnel?

All these thoughts and more were running through her mind as she changed clothes in preparation for a date with Carl. She had been with him every night, and he really seemed to be softening up in his attitude toward her and women in general.

She was nude to the waist and had her slacks off when she heard the door open behind her. She straightened up and saw Thelma staring at her with an amused look.

Billie jerked her slacks up. "Are you in the habit of entering rooms without knocking?"

Thelma grinned. "Don't be bashful, honey. I've seen the female figure before, and it doesn't do a thing for me." Her eyes roamed over Billie's voluptuous figure. "But, then again, seeing yours, I might be interested in a change."

"What do you want?"

"Tch. Tch. Such hostility." Thelma crossed the room and sat down with an air of familiarity. Her heavy body made the bed springs creak as she said, "I'm here as leader of the Lovers. That's the friendly little group that spreads fellowship and good cheer."

"Go to hell," Billie said, again removing her slacks.

"Jeez, you got one hell of a body not to be enjoying it."

Billie walked to the window and looked out. "Tell me, Thelma," she said slowly, "what is the advantage of belonging to the Lovers?"

"You interested in joining now?"

"Not in the least. I'm just curious. I've heard rumors. Perhaps they aren't true, but it seems as though some students would consider it an honor to be asked in."

"And why not?"

"It strikes me as the last group any girl would want to be associated with."

"I'll tell you something, honey," Thelma said airily, "the answer is... men. Girls like men. We make it possible for girls to get men, and vice versa. Does that explain it?"

"Not entirely. This isn't exactly a prison. There are outside privileges."

"You just haven't been around. There are women in this world that like their sex hot and low-down and dirty. You should come to one of our get-togethers."

"I have no intention of getting mixed up with the patsies."

"I think you're a prime candidate. I think you dig sex just like we do. See, I'm a senior, and when I leave here I'll be joining the outside world. In that outside world there's a graduate Club of Lovers. People who joined while they were here or at Redwood. It's a very powerful little group. They have a lot of money and they provide each other with a lot of kicks."

Suddenly, all of it became very clear to Billie. This sex club had been going on for some time, and would go on a lot longer. "What's that got to do with me?"

"Just this." Thelma now became very serious. "Soon... in a year or so... we'll take over both schools. We will literally be running them. Someone has to lead the Lovers when I'm gone. I think you'd be good for [missing text]."

"No thanks."

"Well, I've got news. We've decided... or rather, I have... that we'd better take you in."

"You've decided! Well, of all the..."

"Take it easy, sweetie, don't pop an ovary. I've decided you know too much to be left roaming around."

"Will you get out of here? And stay out?"

"I'll tell you what... we're having an initiation tonight. Come and watch... strictly as an observer." Billie hesitated. It was intriguing. What did they do? "You'll dig it," Thelma said, seeing the interest in Billie's face.

"All right. When and where?"

"One of my girl's will pick you up here."

"What time?"

"Around eleven o'clock. Be dressed and ready."

Thelma had barely left when Ginny popped into the room. "I want to go too."

"You were listening," Billie said.

"Yeah. I want to go and watch!"

"Why not?" Ginny pouted.

"Because it could be a trick. Thelma could just be getting me down there and..."

"...and getting you fucked," Ginny interrupted.

"You mean raped."

"So? Maybe then I'd get my legs spread."

"For the last time... no," Billie said.

Billie went slowly down the corridor, met a tall, red-haired girl near the front door.

"Are you from Lovers?"

The girl nodded. "Are you ready to go?"

"I'm ready."

They left the building, crossed the campus to the Administration Building, and entered it through a window masked by shrubbery.

The girl took Billie's hand and led her through darkness to a door, down some stairs, along a subterranean corridor.

She snapped on a flashlight and let go of Billie's hand. Billie's heart started beating with apprehension.

Regardless of her convictions about Thelma's intentions, she was now at her mercy. What if she'd guessed wrong?

Then she told herself it was too late to worry about that now.

Soon they came to a doorway. The girl knocked sharply three times, and the door opened.

Thelma was waiting in a small room. It was sparsely, carelessly furnished a bench, a couple of chairs, that was all.

"So nice of you to come," Thelma said.

"Nice of you to ask me," Billie replied. Perhaps she'd made a mistake and was going to get worked over, but she certainly wasn't going to be subservient.

Thelma smiled grimly and nodded to the redhead, who left by way of another door.

"You can watch through that slit in the wall. It looks out into the initiation room."

Billie went to the wall, looked through the long narrow split in the rock wall. She could see the whole room from this vantage point. There were benches on three sides of the room. About two dozen girls sat there, waiting whatever was to transpire. Whispering and giggling, they looked for the entire world like any group of young females on a lark.

A small bench on the fourth side of the room was reserved for male visitors. There were five of them. The young men adopted an attitude of bored sophistication. They spoke to each other in low tones, obviously realizing that they were the center of all eyes.

All five of the boys were naked.

Then Billie saw Marcia Tompkins being led into the room. She was placed on a mattress on the floor. She, too, was naked.

"Marcia Tompkins," Thelma said. "The girl you saw with Marilyn Carr. She's already fulfilled the first two parts of her initiation, with Carr and the male member of the faculty."

"What happens to her now?"

"You'll see," Thelma said.

Without preamble, Thelma left the smaller room. Billie saw her through the slot as she crossed in front of the initiate and sat down in what was obviously a special chair.

"All fight," she said crisply. "The initiation meeting is in session." She paused a moment, looking around sternly, then broke the silence that her words had produced. "Ted... you take over."

A tall blonde boy stood up. He had an enormous cock and it was already rising and bobbing with anticipation. He crossed to Marcia.

She quivered slightly in a curious combination of distaste and arousal as Ted's hands cupped her swollen breasts; almost immediately, her nipples hardened.

And then he withdrew his hands and turned to address the strange group seated in front of him. "Well, to get down to cases, I intend to have Marcia service very man in the room... at the same time."

He smiled at the buzz his words caused. "She can do it; I'm confident of that. She'll take one prick in her cunt, one in her asshole, one in her mouth, and the other two in her hands. As you can see, this pretty well dictates that she be on her hands and knees with two men behind her, one in front, and two at her sides." He paused for effect. "I think I'll put my prick in her mouth."

Marcia was shaking. Her whole body quivered, and her teeth nibbled at her lower lip. Ted sensed her mental turmoil as she drew slightly away from his hands. He tried to make his smile seem friendly as he moved a little to recapture her lush breasts. Her nipples were still hard as he spoke softly to her. "Marcia, baby... relax and enjoy yourself. Not many women ever get the chance you're gonna have. Think about it... five pricks at one time. And I bet you'll come more than all of us put together!"

Billie was thinking about the prospect herself, and her reaction was no longer entirely negative. What would it be like to take five cocks at one time?

Marcia still seemed unsure about handling five cocks at one time, but she wasn't objecting. The boys saw this and moved to take her. One boy moved behind her and pressed his erect tool against her ripe, quivering ass cheeks as his hands went around her hips and into her pubic hair. He fingered the lips of her cunt while Ted continued to massage her tits.

The simultaneous attention of two men, combined with the thought of what was to come, pushed all other considerations out of her mind. "All right, dammit, bring on the troops... the more the merrier! Too bad there are only five; ten would be twice as good!"

Marcia seemed surprised by the sound of her own voice.

"All right, what are we waiting for? If you wanna fuck me, fuck me! Five sounds about right. Let's go -- I'm ready to fuck!"

"Okay, honey, we're all ready," the boy behind her said. "Let's get into position so we can start. Let's see... I guess I'd better lie down and let you get on top of me. Damn, honey, I want your pussy..."

He got on his back on the mattress and motioned to Marcia to sit on his hard, thick cock that now swayed above his body. "Okay, honey. Climb aboard and let me get my prick in that nice, warm little pussy."

Marcia needed no coaxing. Her physical needs were now the overriding consideration, and she looked forward to having them met. Without hesitation, she moved to his reclining form and straddled him so that she stood above his hips with her legs spread.

"God, honey... come on. Get down so I can get it in, sweetheart. Hurry up, damn it."

The urgency in his voice matched her own, and without any more delay, Marcia sank down onto his body. One of her hands reached beneath her buttocks to grasp and guide his throbbing cock. She paused in a somewhat awkward and uncomfortable squatting position with her feet on either side of his hips as she brought the tip of his prick into contact with the moist, sensitive lips of her vulva.

"Come on, baby, get it in. Don't tease me with your cunt... get my prick in it!"

Marcia closed her eyes as she complied. Her hand continued to hold his shaft as she sank slowly on it and forced it into her descending body. The sensation was exquisite. It showed on her smiling face and the groans coming from her lips.

The erotic scene had a predictable effect on everyone else in the room. The other boys pressed forward to get their share of her delectable body while the girls began finger-fucking their own cunts.

"One prick in," Ted said. "Who wants her asshole?"

"I do!" a second boy said.

In a moment he was on his knees behind Marcia's prominently displayed buttocks. "Jesus, Marcia... didn't know you had such a pretty ass. Hell, it looks like you were made to be ass-fucked. You like it that way?"

Marcia shook her head impatiently as she endured his scrutiny. "Not particularly; I've only done it a couple of times. It always hurt, but I don't care if it does hurt this time. I'm so hot I could take a baseball bat up my ass. Hell, I want more action and less talk. If you're gonna fuck my asshole, do it. I'll come in a minute from this prick in my cunt, and I've got three more to go after yours. Oh! Oh, that feels so... go on, put it up me. I need it!"

Marcia's reaction was to the unexpected feeling of his finger as it penetrated the tight little ring of her anus. She closed her eyes and squirmed her pretty bottom as the invading finger worked deeper into her rectum.

"Oh shit, what a great asshole. You ready to take my prick up it?"

"Dammit, I told you I was. Huffy up... do it!"

The second boy needed no further urging. His smile faded as he moved slightly forward to bring the bulbous head of his prick into contact with her asshole. He put one hand on his cock to guide the dripping tip up and down the crease between her delicious ass cheeks.

Then he was ready for entry. "Marcia, baby... reach back and spread your ass for me, will ya? I need my hand to guide my prick in. Come on, baby, give me a little help here."

"I... I'll try. I can spread myself for you but you'll have to put it in."

"No problem. Just hold those pretty cheeks apart."

"Just take it easy when you put it in. Don't ram it home like you would in a cunt!"

"I'm reading you, honey." He paused for a moment to stare down into the crevice of her ass as her hands separated the white flesh of her buttocks. He could see the little puckered orifice, and he quickly brought the head of his throbbing prick to the tiny opening.

"Okay, here we go, baby. Let your ass relax. Don't fight my prick."

"God, I'm not fighting it, I want it! This is the first time I've ever wanted to be buggered. Oh! Oh, God! You're in... feels like a big, hard snake! It hurts... but it's good. Already it's good... go on, put it in further. But take it easy... easy."

The excited boy behind Marcia complied with her request as much as he could. He resisted his impulse to ram his cock to full depth, and instead made his penetration as slow and gentle as possible. He closed his eyes as the smooth flesh of her buttocks came against his loins, then opened them to look down at the erotic sight of his pole as it disappeared into her tiny anus.

Even the boy beneath her was stimulated by the entry into her rectum. "Damn, I felt it! I felt it go up her ass! Guess there's not much to separate her asshole from her cunt. That felt funny as hell!"

And the pretty girl whose body was doubly assaulted was even more affected. "Jesus, it feels funny. I feel like I'm stuffed... like a turkey. Okay, let's start in. You can both start to fuck now. Just take it easy till I get used to it."

Ted had other ideas. "Hold it a little until the rest of us get into place. Go on, you two... get your cocks over there where she can reach them. And play with those big tits of hers at the same time!"

The other two boys responded with a curious combination of reluctance and eagerness. They moved to positions on each side of the kneeling girl, then somewhat self-consciously dropped to their knees. Ted watched with approval as he took his position at her head.

"Okay, honey, I've got two more nice pricks for you to play with. Take them in your hands so you can jack them. You like to give hand jobs?"

The increasingly distraught girl answered slowly as she moved her hands to the waiting organs. "I... I don't really know much about it. I've never done it much that I can remember. I don't think I've really made a man come this way since I was a kid in high school. I... well, I did it then sometimes to get out of fucking."

Ted chuckled as he watched her small, white hands close around the two erect, pulsating cocks and instinctively begin a gentle pumping action. "Looks to me like you've got a natural talent for it, then. Well, that just leaves me, honey. Take my prick in your mouth and we can start to fuck. Think this'll be enough pricks to satisfy you?"

Marcia made no answer as he raised her face to stare at the fifth and final cock. The two cocks inserted into her body now felt comfortable and she was more than ready to start fucking. Her hands were already pumping on the shafts they held.

"Come closet so I can suck it, Ted. I can't move a whole lot; you'll have to put it in my mouth and do most of the work, I guess. You'll have to kind of fuck my mouth."

"Don't mind that a bit," Ted said, putting his hands on her cheeks as he moved closer to the waiting girl. He hunched his hips forward and brought the head of his prick into contact with her wet, warm lips.

"Well, open your mouth, honey. Don't make me rape it."

"I want it in my mouth. God, it feels like I'm taking a hundred pricks, Ted. When your prick's in my mouth I won't be able to talk much. Have the others start. I'm blowing my mind with all these pricks... gotta have them fucking. Tell them to start. Please... ooooff!"

The boy laughed as he rammed his cock between her waiting lips. Without the restraint the other men had shown, he plunged his shaft as far as possible into her mouth and he felt her gag slightly as the tip of it hit her throat. "Okay, you heard the little girl. Let's give her a fucking she'll remember for a long time."

The others needed no further urging. The boy behind Marcia immediately withdrew most of his hot prick from her clasping asshole and then lunged forward to plunge it back in. Below her, the first boy hunched upward, impaling her soaked pussy with his rod while he stimulated her clitoris with his banging pelvic bone. And, at her sides, the other two boys put their hands over hers on their cocks as they began a hunching action of their own into her warm fists.

Ted was groaning with bliss as he continued to plunge his huge prick into her willing mouth.

"Suck me. Suck my prick. That's it... damn, gonna come pretty quick. You doin' okay down there? You gonna blow your nuts in her cunt? That little asshole of hers feel good? God... it can't be as good as her mouth. Suck me, honey suck my loving prick! Gonna fill your mouth full of cum. I'm about... I'm there! I'm coming! Take it, you bitch... all of it! Oh God, it's good!"

The cock in her asshole was going wild. Its owner grasped her thrusting hips and lunged viciously against her soft but tense buttocks as he reacted to the stimulus of her tight rectum. "Marcia, honey, I'm cumin', too! Can't hold back... take it, baby! Take my cum up your asshole! Oh... damn!"

And beneath Marcia the first boy also succumbed to the eroticism of the moment. He strained to hunch his hips higher as he plunged into her cunt while he felt the savage action of the other cock in her rear hole. His muscles strained as he bore the weight of Marcia and her anal lover and his eyes closed as he mumbled unintelligibly out of his open mouth. Saliva trickled out of one corner as he felt the onset of his climax.

At the center of all the violent sexual activity, Marcia responded in a way that was consistent with the varied attention being focused on, and in, her lust-saturated body. Prevented by the prick in her mouth from uttering the passionate, vulgar words that flashed through her mind, she was reduced to undistinguishable mutterings around the big shaft as her orgasm struck. Her beautiful young body bucked and spasmed as she received the cum of three men almost simultaneously, even as her own love fluids flowed in her cunt. The orgasm was deep and prolonged.

Through the slit in the wall, Billie's mind and body was going wild with the sight of Marcia's body being bathed inside and out with the sperm of five cocks. As each of the boys came, they fell away from her writhing body. When they did, another girl in the room would immediately fall on their cock and bathe it clean with a tongue.

"Well?" said a voice at her shoulder.

Billie turned. She hadn't even seen Thelma leave the room. Now she stood at her elbow, her huge breasts pressed against Billie's arm.

"Well, what?" Billie said, red faced.

"You want in?"

Billie thought about Carl, about her father. Then she thought about the wild needs of her own body and the five cocks Marcia had just reveled in.

"I'm in," she whispered.

Thelma smiled and handed her a piece of paper.

"Tomorrow afternoon... three o'clock. Here's the address."

Chapter EIGHT

As she emerged from the door behind the shrubbery, Billie had a restless feeling in the pit of her stomach and between her legs. What she had seen had turned her on. Now, she was still turned on, but she was having second thoughts about saying yes to Thelma, mainly because of Carl.

She liked him, maybe loved him. Maybe she could have her cake and eat it, too. But she doubted it. With his attitude about women, he would kill her if he knew she was a member of such a club. But maybe he would also join.

It was late; there was no one in sight on campus. In her present mood she decided to walk off her frustrations before returning to the residence hall.

Then she thought of the night she had been raped in the tunnel she had just left. Was he around again?

She thought again of Carl. Why should she always go to him? Why didn't he ever go to her? Then she realized that she was walking in the direction of the maintenance building where he had his apartment.

She quickened her pace, came within sight of the building, and walked in the shelter of a line of poplars. She stopped and waited. Then she moved out into plain view. There were tows of windows, some lighted; these, she thought, probably belonged to the maintenance men.

She walked slowly along in the moonlight, her excitement quickening. It was as though invisible forces were at work, reaching out and contacting other forces.

As she turned slowly back toward the trees, she saw a movement a shadow at one corner of the building. It had not been there before.

Her excitement increased as she moved again, slowly, into the shelter of the trees. Then she walked beyond them. There was an old shack about a hundred yards from the main building that was used to store equipment. Without knowing why, she headed toward it. It wasn't used at all anymore. In fact, its door had long since fallen off.

Billie looked back. The shadow from the corner of the building had moved to the line of trees. It was white now in the moonlight. A white shirt and dark a pair of dark slacks.

Billie quickened her pace. Then, as her pursuer emerged from the trees, she veered off at an angle back toward the main buildings of the school and began to run.

The man angled also. He ran faster, cutting her off.

She veered again, headed for the grove and the thick brambles on the far side of the old shack.

The man came in direct pursuit now, closing the gap between them. Billie ran as fast as she could, not stopping to look back. But before she reached the grove, heavy breathing and the beat of feet behind her told her that she couldn't make it.

Hands reached out and grasped her shoulders. She stumbled and went down.

But she recovered quickly, turned on her back and kicked out savagely, her skirt going high on her thighs.

"Let... me... alone!" she screamed.

"The hell with that. What do you think I chased you for? Let's go in the shack. I want you right now."

She looked up into Carl's face. "If you attack me, you'll be just like a rapist."

"That's what I am anyhow. I never said I was any different."

He caught one ankle, then the other, held her there helpless.

"I-I-I'll scream."

"You do and I'll ram grass down your throat. Now will you get up and walk into that shack like a lady, or do I have to drag you?"

"Like a lady! That's a laugh. You wouldn't know a lady if you saw one."

"That's beside the point. Are you going in there?"

"Then I'll drag you."

It was perhaps fifty feet to the dark doorway of the building, all soft thick sod, so the trip wasn't too painful. Billie tired at first to keep her skirt down over her thighs as she was dragged along. But then the pressure on her ass pulled her panties tight up into her crotch and as he pulled her grimly along, she heaved and arched her body so that she was being pulled along on her shoulders. In this position, she reached down and pulled the panties out of their tightly wedged position in her cunt.

"You fucking son of a bitch," she hissed at him. "Just when I started to think you were human."

"That's what I am," he replied, mirthlessly. "You're a pig, a swine, a... a degenerate!"

"Aren't we all?"

He pulled her inside the shack.

He let go of her ankles and she was on her hands and knees instantly, crawling away. The windows, high in the wall, let in enough moonlight to make the room fairly light. Halfway across the floor, Billie got to her feet and turned; Carl was standing in the doorway. He had not been idle. He'd stripped off his slacks and shirt; and his silhouette told her he was naked.

He moved forward. Billie stood alert, poised, set to evade him and reach the door. She made her lunge, but he reached out, caught her around the waist and lifted her off the floor.

She kicked and fought in silent fury as he held her there. "You'll never do it! I won't let you! I'll fight you all night!"

"I'll make it," he said grimly.

He threw her down on the floor and sat down on her, backward. He caught her thrashing legs, pushed them under either arm, took a firm grip on her panties. Then he released her legs and stripped her panties off.

She brought her thighs together in an effort to hold the panties on. Her knees pressed against them. After pulling once or twice, he drew her knees up, and callously jabbed his finger into her cunt.

Billie emitted a squeal of surprise, anger, and pain. This didn't seem to bother him in the least.

He slipped the panties down and off as her legs came apart in a natural reaction.

"You'll... never... get... me," Billie raged as she hammered at his back with her fists.

He paid no attention to her, using his energy in other ways. Lifting his weight off her body, he sat down beside her. He seized the ankle farthest from him, locked her thigh tight between his own thighs, high against the fork of his body. This left her near leg extended out over his belly.

Lying there on her back, Billie jerked and fought. She kicked her free leg desperately, but couldn't get away.

Now he grasped her free ankle, raised the leg up and outward, leaving her cunt exposed. Smiling grimly, he turned on his side. Their bodies now were locked tight together, man hard against woman.

Billie realized her helplessness. Lying there on her back, with him holding both her wrists, she was completely at his mercy, unable to protect herself. She writhed and twisted in the grip of his thighs.

"You prick," she gasped.

"Sure, honey, all men are bastards."

"You..." she said, knowing for sure now. "It was you that night in the tunnel."

"Yes... it was me. And you're not the first. All the dizzy girls who want to join that stupid club get a little of my cock first. That's all they want is cock, so I give it to them. That's all Louise wanted and so I let her join the Lovers."

"Do... do you belong?"

"Hell, no, what for?" he replied. "Revenge is sweeter this way."

"Was Louise your girl?"

"She was my wife. Now shut up! I'm going to fuck you."

His fingers jammed into her cunt.

The rage, the anger, was in her conscious mind; but something else was behind it, something reaching up from the subconscious.

A decent girl needs it as much as any other kind. She can't go up to a man and say, please do it to me. But she can arrange to get herself trapped so she can't do anything about it, so she has to lie there and take it. But she hasn't been wanton like some girls are. She hasn't crawled to a man and whined or begged for it. She makes him take it away from her so she can still live with herself, because if a girl gets raped, it isn't her fault.

Billie lay on her back with her eyes closed and her teeth clenched as Carl generated the heat in her body to a higher and higher pitch. Her free leg stretched far outward, the muscles tensed, the leg jerking in rhythm to his drive.

The rhythm... the devilish, ecstatic rhythm. His hand was under her ass, clawing, searching. Her body jerked.

But she was lost. She knew now that she hated him. But she also knew that she was going to let him fuck her; she wanted him to fuck her.

"I need something in my pussy!" she cried. "Finger it! Finger it! Don't hold back! Fuck it with your hand!"

Now she was riding her hips and buttocks up high on his driving hand. He managed to get one, then two, then three fingers in the expanding love hole. Hot juice poured all around in her cunt and [missing text].

"Is that okay?" he asked, working his hand as though he were pumping a tire. "Do you like that?"

"Yes, hell yes! Only deeper! Stick it in deeper!"

He rammed with all his might and could feel her cunt walls throbbing. He tickled at the little nub of her clit with his thumb as he finger-fucked on. He brought his other hand around behind her and grasped her ass. With one hand in front and one behind, he held her cunt firmly and continued to pour it on with the extended fingers.

"Deeper! It's gotta be deeper!" she yelled.

"That's all, baby, it won't go any deeper. And my prick is getting hard, but it's not hard enough..."

"I gotta have it! I can't stand it! You're burning me up... ram it in deeper! Split me open!"

If only my Goddam dick would come alive, he cursed himself. Sharp pains shot through his arms from holding her off the floor and bearing the weight of her luscious thighs.

Damn her, he thought, she really wanted it. She was taking the kick out of it.

And his cock wouldn't get hard.

And she was winning the bitch.

He looked around and suddenly caught sight of an old buggy whip cast aside from a bygone era. The tongs of the whip had long ago disappeared, but the handle was intact, long, black, and thick.

Could she take it?

Who gives a shit, she's going to get it.

He kept finger-fucking her as he slid across the floor.

She didn't know what he was doing but she didn't care; all she wanted was to get her frenzied cunt full of something. He milked her ass with his hand, ran a reaming finger into her pert little ass each time he plunged the fingers of the other hand. After several seconds he had succeeded in moving them backwards almost a yard.

"Oooohhhhhhh!" Billie screamed. He had massaged her clit to a state of climax and now she was having an orgasm against his plunging fingers. He felt the skin of his fingers burning from all the friction of her bumping pussy. She screamed on and wanted more. He could tell that one peak had finished and another was beginning. The movement along the floor had only served to make her more wild.

"I'm coming a hundred times! Keep fucking it, oh, keep fucking it!" Billie shrieked.

And now Carl had reached the whip. He slipped his hand out of her cunt. She swooned and threw her legs wide apart. Her gaping pussy seemed to moan for something. Her hips gave a tremendous leap upward, trying to ensnare anything. He held the handle a second, brought it down even with her lurching pussy, and fixed it at the lips of her hole.

Immediately her cunt grabbed for the blunt instrument. In a second, she was arching her loins up higher, taking the artificial cock fully inside for two or three inches. In all, the handle must have been ten inches long. He held it firmly and looked intently into her face, wanting to make sure that she knew what this was all about. She jerked backward and heaved for more of the deadly object; her eyes popped open and she looked at him fiercely, in the throes of erotic desire.

"God, Carl shove it in! I need it! Oh, but I need it! Please, please, my pussy needs it!"

He felt his cock stiffen up hard. He thought that he would hold the whip in place only for a minute and then replace it with his prick. God, he wanted to fuck that cunt! He could feel it throughout his whole being. Never in his life had he wanted a woman more, even Louise. He had had his share of pussy, but this was entirely new, entirely different. The thought of her wanting to be fucked by the artificial prick stirred him up more than anything. He felt all his blood swirling in his veins as he looked down and saw the handle sinking into the juicy hole.

"I want to fuck you!" he barked then.

"Too late! Too late! Oh, fuck me, yes! But fuck me with that first! Please don't take it out... if you take it out, I'll die! Fuck me, oh fuck me with that thing!"

She flashed her arms up and around and grabbed his hands with hers, guiding the hard leather cock. With her hands on his, she shoved the firm object in deep. She let out a distorted moan as it touched the entrance of her womb. She lay back as though in a trance, and held his hands firmly above her pussy and on the end of the artificial device.

"Oh, God," she cried. "It's awful... but I want it... I'm rotten... rotten to the core..."

"Yes you are, you bitch... you're rotten. Just like all of them, you're rotten all the way through."

"Don't talk, you bastard. Fuck! Fuck my cunt... FUCK ME!"

She hunched her hips on the rod. With both hands on the leather cock, he began to pull it up and push it back down carefully. The first two or three times caused her to moan and flail her hips around. She grabbed him around the waist with her legs and locked them firmly. The whip had not gone all the way in yet; each time that he pulled it up and shoved it back in place he urged it just a bit deeper. Finally, he plunged it in as deep as it would go, letting his bunched fingers pause at the hot and syrupy opening to her cunt.

Her ass was bouncing with each stroke. She humped it and let him fuck her with its mashing fullness. Clearly she was taking it all without any difficulty. Once, as he pushed it rapidly, she lunged upward and ate the entire length of it. His fingers lost it for a minute and it stuck deep in her hole. She shrieked out in a grotesque cry of wantonness. He groped until he found the end of the handle and then brought it out halfway again. She was going crazy now with wanting a full fuck.

"I'm going to come any second!" she cried. "Pour it on! Oh God, fuck it fuck it fuck it!"

With a firm grip he jacked down into her spread-eagled cavern. He jammed and rammed it like a hot poker into a blast furnace. Her legs flapped at his sides.

"I need it, I need it!" she chanted, hunching madly. "I need it, I need it I need it!"

He felt that he just had to get that leather thing out of her pussy and get his cock where it yearned to be. He tried to pull it all the way out, but she stopped him frantically with her hands.

"No! No!" she cried. "I'm coooommmmiiiinnnngggg!"

She bellowed like a woman being burned at the stake. Her whole body balled against him. He felt her hands on his cock as she continued to scream. Her hands began to mash and pull and jack his now rock-hard prick. He tried to pull his cock away from her pumping hands, not wanting to waste his stuff in her hands. But she held on like a madwoman and jacked furiously.

"Oh, God, I'm going to come! Come on, baby, let me fuck you!"

"No, it's good, it's good, it's so goooood!" she moaned.

She was jacking his stiff cock so fast that he thought she would rip it off. Her orgasm stretched out beyond mere seconds; she hunched her slippery hole over the black demon time and time again, unable to get enough of it to fully satisfy her insatiable appetite. Carl felt his cock give a violent jerk and then he spurt a huge wad of cum on her bare stomach. The cock jerked again and shot another volley of cream, splattering on the blonde hair of her pussy.

"I'm coming!" he yelled.

Deftly, she hunched the whip, withdrew her hot loins, and in one lightning motion, hunched her cunt on the granite-hard head of his cock. Her pussy was catching the full force of his eruption now. She was not so much letting him fuck her as she was acting as a reservoir for his cum. She felt great gobs of his seed spitting down into her hot canal.

"There, you prick," she gasped finally. "Are you satisfied now?"

"Fuck you," he growled.

"You're not man enough. That whip handle did it better!"

His fist slammed against the jaw. Her head hit the floor, but she didn't go out. She heard him get into his clothes and, through slitted eyes, saw his image as he walked out the door.

There was no more doubt in her mind now.

She would join the Lovers, and she would have her revenge.

Chapter NINE

She found the house easily, just off campus, and she rang the bell. Billie had no idea who lived there and, at that point, she didn't care. She guessed that it was the mysterious male member of the faculty that Thelma had mentioned, so she was surprised when Marilyn Carr opened the door.

She looked different to Billie. Her breasts were her most striking feature; they were voluptuous, outstanding both figuratively and literally. She wore a bra that could barely contain the huge globes. They danced beneath the material with every movement of the woman's body. Her slim waist, flaring hips, and exquisitely curved legs all suggested a body made for sex.

"Come in, Billie," she cooed. "I'm so gad you decided to join us."

"Miss Carr..."

"Marilyn," the woman smiled, leading Billie into the living room. She handed her a drink. "After all, we should be on a first-name basis if we're going to be as friendly and... as intimate as I hope we'll be."

Billie decided to do her own brand of shocking. "Good. I can't remember when I didn't like to have my pussy sucked... even by another woman."

"I'm glad you're as free now as you were that day in my office," said a male voice behind her.

Billie whirled and stared into the face of Doctor Morris. "You..."

"That's right," Marilyn said, laughing. "Meet the male leader of the Lovers."

"I should have known," Billie said.

"I'm surprised you didn't," he said, pouring himself a drink. "You see, I originally formed the Lovers when I was an undergraduate at Redwood, along with a girl here at Briarvale who eventually became my wife. We continued the Club after we left school. But eventually the numbers dwindled. So then, when my wife died and my daughter started teaching here, I decided to come back here and keep the Club going, with her help."

"Your daughter?" Billie said.

"Yes," he said, gesturing to the woman on the sofa. "Meet Marilyn's mom."


"Oh, don't be so surprised, you'll learn to enjoy it as much as we have, believe me."

"I don't know," Billie said, "I never had this in mind... I mean, with her. What are we going to do?"

"I think it's pretty clear. Suppose you tell me," he said.

Billie took a deep breath and began. "All right... you want me to... to suck Marilyn's cunt. Eat her pussy. And you're going to bugger me... fuck your prick up my asshole while I suck her off. Is that right? And I guess she'll come in my mouth while you shoot your cum in my ass..."

"And, believe me," he said, "if you like big cocks, you'll enjoy it! See?" He motioned to the front of his trousers as he stood before the two women seated on the couch. Billie's eyes went to his crotch and she let out a little involuntary cry as she saw the size of the bulge caused by his growing cock. The thought struck her that a prick that size would feel much better in her cunt than in her ass.

"Did I do that by just talking, Dr. Morris?"

"Call me Dwight," he said.

"Daddy's got a beautiful, huge cock," Marilyn said. "I haven't heard any of the girls he's fucked complain about anything. It's going to stretch your asshole a little, but you'll get used to it."

The increasingly erotic conversation got to them all.

"Hey, you two, let's get started," Dwight said. "What we need is more fucking and less talking. Or maybe more talking, if it's the right kind." He paused and held out a hand. "Come on, Billie. Undress, and we'll get this show on the road. And I want it to be a show, by the way... I want you to undress in front of Marilyn and me, and describe your body to us as you do it. Do you understand what I'm asking?"

Billie smiled at the couple seated in front of her as her fingers went to the zipper at the back of her dress, and in a moment the dress lay in a heap on the floor. She next unhooked her bra and let her exquisitely shaped breasts swing free. Her fingers went quickly to her already erect nipples and pointed them at her two intent spectators.

"Billie... baby, come get my prick out. You've got it too hard to stay cooped up in my pants. Come let it out so it can do its thing."

Without further instruction, Billie dropped to her knees in front of him. She put her hands on his knees and spread them apart so that she could move between his thighs. With no hesitation, her hands pulled down his zipper and then reached into his trousers to emerge with his hard, erect, throbbing cock.

"My God," Billie exclaimed. "It must be a foot long!"

"Exactly a foot," Marilyn said, leaning over and kissing the head of her father's cock. "And you can't touch your fingertips around it."

Billie was completely aroused now. She licked along the shaft of his cock while Marilyn sucked the flaming head.

"Don't suck me," he said. "Suck her!"

Billie, nude, on her knees in front of him, looked longingly at his cock. She would dearly love to suck him off instead of his daughter. His prick was magnificent. She could almost feel it spurting cum into her throat.

Marilyn sensed Billie's feelings and tried to counter them.

"Billie, honey, come on over to me. I'll show you what to do. You won't mind it. You'll probably love it."

Billie wasn't sure. But, she thought, why not. The essential fact, after all, was that she was already committed. Any hesitation would only make things harder. And, besides, Marilyn Carr was a beautiful woman, and the truth was that the idea of making love to another female was not entirely repugnant to her. She had always been curious about it. So why fight it? Join it.

Without speaking, Billie moved her naked body over to kneel in front of Marilyn. The woman's skirt was already up to her thighs, and she raised it to her hips and spread her lush legs. She hunched forward slightly on the couch as she stared down at the pretty young girl who was now taking her place between her separated legs. "Billie, honey, move on up close. Come in between my legs. That's it. Now, help me slip my panties off..."

Billie still seemed a little dazed as she complied with Marilyn's instructions. Dwight watched in fascination as his daughter raised her hips slightly so that the beautiful young girl could slide her panties down her thighs. In a moment they were off of her slim ankles and discarded.

Marilyn stared intently down at the kneeling girl on the floor who, in turn, stared at the older woman's sensuous legs and the triangle of hair between them.

Billie looked up at Marilyn with a smile. "Marilyn... darling, you'll have to spread your legs wider. Please... I want to be between them. I... I want to see your pussy, and... and I want to kiss it. I never thought... Marilyn, I do, I actually do. I want to see your cunt. I think I want to kiss it, and suck it. I will suck it, but the funny thing is, I think I want to do it. Oh, God, I never felt like this! Please, open your legs for me!"

The woman smiled down at the girl as she slowly spread her knees wide apart. She watched Billie's attention being riveted to her pubic area, and she could almost feel the intensity of her gaze. "Billie, darling... do you like my cunt? You're looking at it like sometimes a man looks at it, before he fucks it... or sucks it. Want to see how the lips spread?"

She moved both hands down over the little bulge of her belly and into the blonde curls as she sat on the edge of the couch with her hips hunched forward and her legs spread. Her fingers toyed with the little soft curls for a moment, then moved on to the tingling flesh of her vaginal lips. She rubbed the tips of her forefingers slowly up and down the pink lips as the moist flesh reacted to her self-stimulation by sending waves of arousal washing over her body.

Marilyn forced herself to still the motion of her fingers on her vulva. Again she focused her eyes on the pretty young girl who knelt, nude, in front of her. "Billie, baby, you take over. I don't want to play with myself. Come closer and pet my cunt, darling. See if you like it. Then you can kiss it and suck it if you want to. Come on, honey."

"Yes... yes, I want to. I want to kiss you there."

"I don't mind at all!" Billie's voice was low, and seemed meant only for her as she rocked forward on her knees and came between Marilyn's thighs. Billie's face was only inches from the luscious cunt as, for the first time, she studied closely the pussy of another female. She breathed the clean scent of Marilyn's body and her hands moved tentatively to the soft flesh of the separated thighs.

But visual contact was not enough. "Billie, damn... please, go ahead and play with me. Kiss my cunt and suck it. I've got to have it; I can't wait. God, Billie, you've got me so worked up I'm gonna come when your tongue goes in. You're gonna have to suck me dry... Damn, honey, I can't wait!"

Billie moaned silently as her hands finally went to the soft flesh of Marilyn's cunt. Her fingers caressed the wet lips, then drew them apart and invaded the liquid depths in an act that she had never before performed. She was surprised by the warmth.

"That's it, Billie... pet her, then kiss and suck her," Morris said.

His words were whispered almost in Billie's ear, but they hardly registered on her lust-saturated brain. The man had slipped off of the couch and was now kneeling by the young girl who was, in turn, kneeling between his daughter's legs. His hands had gone to Billie's crotch; one from the front underneath her belly and the other from the rear between her thighs and underneath her lush buttocks. His fingers met as he toyed with the lips of her pussy, much as she was doing to Marilyn with her own trembling fingers.

Marilyn's entire body quivered as her hands reached for Billie's head. "Billie... baby, come to me. Suck me... suck me now. Please, I have to have it. Suck my cunt, darling. Suck me... now!"

The young girl unconsciously let her head move forward enough to come into range of Marilyn's clutching hands. Those hands quickly locked in her hair and began to draw her face toward the waiting pussy.

"Oh, damn, Billie... come on... you have to do it for me. Suck me! Please, suck my pussy..."

Marilyn's pleas gave Billie the final necessary impetus. She suddenly moved forward until her nose and lips were only inches from her cunt. She stared for a moment while her lust continued to build. "Oh, God, Marilyn, I want to. I'll suck your cunt until you come, and come, and come..."

She turned to the man at her side. "Dwight, fuck me. I'm gonna suck her cunt... fuck me while I do it... ohhhhh!"

Billie's outcry was caused by the unexpected sensation as Dwight spread her buttocks and thrust a finger into her rectum.

"Please... fuck me!" Billie cried. "Are you gonna fuck me?"

His fingers had pierced her asshole. He chuckled as he withdrew them. "You bet I am, baby. You just take care of Marilyn... she's about to jump her track. Go on, honey... suck her. Just leave your ass to me. I'll fuck the hell out of it, and you'll come like you've never come before. Marilyn's waiting for you... suck her off!"

His words made the girl turn once more to the open, wet vagina in front of her fact. She saw that Marilyn had started to stimulate herself again. She had one finger deep in the warm channel, while another one teased the little bud of her clitoris. Billie watched in fascination for a moment, then raised her eyes to look up into Marilyn's flushed face. "I'm ready now... I'll do it for you. I'll suck your pussy till you come. Oh God, I want to!"

Billie leaned forward and closed her eyes as her face came into wet contact with the luscious cunt. Her nose went into the pubic curls as her lips moved against lips of another kind. Without hesitation, Billie's tongue came out and began to lick the succulent flesh of Marilyn's vulva. Her tongue traveled up and down the lips, then moved between them and began to explore her sensitive cut.

And then Billie's face inadvertently jammed tighter against the dripping crotch as she lurched forward under the impetus of Dwight's thrust into her ass. The girl's whole body shook as he plunged almost recklessly to full depth in her tiny rectum. She felt a blinding flash of pain, but it passed quickly as he paused at full depth to let her body accustom itself to his massive prick.

"There, baby... I'm all in. My cock's in your asshole as deep as I can go."

Billie somehow heard him clearly, even though her head was buried between Marilyn's spread thighs. She mumbled encouragement to him around her mouthful of pussy.

Moms put his hands on the girl's hips as he watched her head go forward so that her face was totally lost in Marilyn's crotch. His daughter's eyes were closed as she threw her head back and began to moan softly out of her open mouth. Her fingers again tangled in Billie's hair as she spread her legs further apart and brought her knees up so that her feet were off the floor.

He felt Billie's rectum quiver and twitch around his huge tool. He knew suddenly that his own climax was close, and he tightened his grip on her hips as he withdrew his organ almost to the tip and then plunged it back into the hot depths of her tight hole. He felt her respond by bucking back against him as he plunged in.

His cock became a brutal, driving piston in her asshole. Each lunge was stronger than the last, driving, in a kind of chain reaction, her tongue more and more deeply into Marilyn's cunt hole.

Billie's arousal erased any pain she might have felt from the driving, tearing pole that was reaming out her asshole. As her lips and tongue took complete possession of Marilyn's cunt. Bullie knew only that her body was one big pool of lust into which two people were about to vent their passion. She felt more gloriously alive than ever before; this concentration of sex was new to her in both kind and effect. She rooted her nose and mouth deeper into the slit between Marilyn's vaginal lips and gave all of her consciousness over to the pure sensuality of the moment. She felt her orgasm as a series of little explosions of passion which quickly merged into one blinding, extended orgasm, which was more intense than anything she had ever known. Her young body spasmed and bucked between the father at her buttocks and the daughter at her face.

The three people reached their peak almost simultaneously, and the experience was incredible, even for the jaded older couple who poured the fluids of their orgasm into the receptive body of the young girl between them.

God, I'm a Lover, Billie thought, as she felt the cunt juice flow down her throat and hot gobs of male sperm bum her rectal tissues.

I'm really a Lover.

Chapter TEN

It was a week after her session with Marilyn and Dwight Morris, and the evening of her formal initiation. Billie explained to them both, and to Thelma, what she wanted done to Carl Morgan.

"That sounds like revenge to me," Dwight said. "We don't go in for that."

"I do," Billie replied. "Is it a deal?"

"I don't know..." he said.

"You want me in the Lovers, don't you?" Billie said, taking one of his hands and cupping her breast with it. He smiled at her and squeezed the nipple back and forth between his fingers.

"I don't think we should," he said, and smiled. "God, you've got a great body."

"And you want more of it, don't you?"

"You know I do," Morris said.

"Well, my initiation is tonight. If you don't let the girls help me work Carl over, I won't go through with it."

"You are a bitch," Morris said, locking the door of his office.

He then stripped her completely, covering her body from head to toe with kisses. When he kissed her cunt, tremors of tingling delight raced through Billie's whole body. His tongue returned to her pussy repeatedly; she became so passionate that she almost told him he could have her without agreeing to her demands.

"Well?" she said, taking his hands from her rippling skin.

"All right... all right," he said, stripping for action.

His cock was already long and thick and hard and Billie silently was glad that he had agreed. She wanted his cock and she wanted all the other cocks she would get that night at the initiation.

She didn't hesitate for a moment when he pressed its purplish-red head to her lips. As her tongue sampled the taste, the wonderful masculine aroma stimulating her even more, Dr. Morris continuously kept up a steady purr of compliments and encouragement.

"Ummmm, you do that so well, Billie," he said clearly.

Billie increased her efforts, sucking the head and as much of the shaft into her mouth as she could take. Meanwhile, Morris returned his attentions to her cunt, licking and stabbing at it without letup. It didn't take long before Billie was moaning and twisting on the floor, whimpering over and over again that she was coming.

After she was thoroughly saturated by his expert tonguing, he eased her off his hard and ready cock. Billie had sucked at it with gusto but hadn't been able to bring him to a climax. She was disappointed that she hadn't tasted hot cum in her mouth.

Spreading her lovely legs, he mounted her gently, gently easing the big head of his dick into her wet and waiting cunt. As his big cock entered her, she covered his face with kisses, pleading with him never to stop.

Finally he was rocking back and forth over her, sinking in and then pulling slowly back. The top edge of his prick grated against her swollen clit, already highly agitated by his tongue, and it wasn't long before she was coming again.

He cocked her for quite some time, raising her to the heights over and over. Billie marveled at his super-human control, being used to the more inexperienced and younger boys at school. When she was at the point of exhaustion, he pulled his hard dick from her cunt and gently rolled her over.

"God, you do like it in the ass, don't you?" Billie said when she realized what he was going to do.

"I like it everywhere," he replied. "But you have the most delightful asshole I've ever stuck my cock into. Now relax and fuck me back with it!"

He lurched forward, driving the head of his big pole into her tight rear hole. His cock, already lubricated by her cunt juices, penetrated her easily.

But this time she didn't have a pussy to eat to keep her mind off the log that was going up her asshole.

It hurt.

At first there was blinding pain. Billie had screamed out, attempting to pull away. But he held her firmly by the hips and humped into her again. More of his huge dick sank into her asshole. She cried out again, a huge shudder racking her entire body. Again he rammed into her, this time succeeding in shoving the entire length of his dick up into her. She felt his heavy balls slap against her thighs, felt the searing fire coursing through her rectum. She almost fainted.

Dwight soothed her with words of encouragement and endearment, promising her that once she became used to having cock up her ass, she would fall in love with it. Remembering the intense delights he had already given her, Billie accepted his assurances and calmed down a little.

Gradually she really began to enjoy the feeling. He reached under her and began stimulating her clit. The double sensation brought her to an almost immediate climax again. As the thrilling shudders cascaded through her body, flashing a message of incredible need to her nipples, she began to cry out her approval at what was being done to her asshole, urging him to pound into her faster and harder.

Dwight willingly complied, and soon reached his own boiling point. Billie felt his already awesome cocks grow still larger in her ass, signaling the approaching jet stream to follow.

And then he came, filling her ass with his spend. When it was over and they were both dressed, she reminded him of the agreement and he nodded.

Billie felt very satisfied and looking forward to her initiation when the redheaded girl, Tess, came to her room and got her.

Things in the initiation room had changed. The benches had been removed, the floor covered with rugs. The members of the Lovers were banked on one side of the room, with a half dozen young men Redwood students interspersed among them.

Everyone was naked.

Thelma introduced Billie to the boys. Ted, the blond boy, she remembered. Phil was new to her, a huge, football-type with a cock to match his body. Lusty was short, but his cock was big, and getting bigger as he eyed Billie's body. Rick was tall and lean with a little dick, but, according to him, it didn't matter. He only liked to eat pussy anyway. There were two more boys whose names she didn't catch, but it didn't make any difference. She was ready to fuck after looking so long at so much hard male meat.

"The first part of the initiation will be for you to fuck each of the boys," Thelma said, not realizing that anything she had planned beyond that would go up in smoke because of Billie's wanton affection on everybody else in the room.

"Well, let's go then," Billie said. "Who's first?"

"Your choice, honey," Ted said, smiling and fisting his big cock.

"You, sonny," Billie said, "kiss me and rub that thing between my legs... if you're man enough."

He rammed his cock between her thighs and lifted her at the same time. Then he plopped her down on the floor and placed himself between her thighs.

"You're gonna get it now, honey," he gasped.

"Are you gonna talk... or fuck?" Billie countered.

Her legs reached around his thighs and pressed tight. He moved inside the circle of her legs and shoved his hard cock deep. She felt him ram her sensitive spot and gasped, her arms reaching around his neck and pulling his head close, taking his lips between her teeth, chewing, sucking quietly while he worked his cock around in circles inside her tightening cunt.

She took his cock completely. He strained, digging his nails into her breasts. There were terrible oaths in the room, erupting from the excited observers of their lustful passion. Billie worked harder, jerking the fluid from him until he was still, stopping his movements and leaning against her soft tits.

She moved away from him, dropping her legs from around his waist. She slid down between his legs, taking his dripping cock in her hands, kneeling in front of him.

She licked his cock. Her mouth closed around him, the mingled taste of their two liquids filled her mouth, her taste buds, with pleasure. It wilted.

"Jesus, is that it?" she gasped. "Next! You, the football player... what's your name?"


"Fuck me, Phil!"

She grabbed his cock and closed her mouth around it, licking the small circle of his opening, sucking the end of it. He watched her beautiful mouth move with obvious greed over him, the long pink tongue licking out at each testicle as it hung on either side of the massive prick.

When she had sucked him into a throbbing, almost painful state, she stood, her hands reluctant to leave his body. They stood a little apart, their eyes meeting. He pushed her violently back on the floor. She lay, her knees high, a mocking smile on her face, her pussy gleaming out from the round frame of her thighs.

Her arms went around her knees, holding them close against her breasts. She saw his eyes light with lust.

"Come on, big boy," she said. Phil slipped on top of her and began fucking wildly. Her legs spread wide. "Wait a minute," she said in a whisper and slipped a pillow down under her ass, elevating her pelvis so that his cock sank in even deeper. He fucked her straight. He put his hands on the fleshy softness of her upper arms and reared up, supporting his body on his arms and pelvis, pinning her spread-eagle on the floor. His fingers dug into the jelly-like flesh of her soft upper arms and his pubic bone ground against hers at every thrust. She doubled her movements, but not yet giving herself completely, to make him good and hard and eager.

"Whore," he muttered.

She laughed in his face. He slowed his stroke and revolved his hips, trying to draw her into the maelstrom of mindless feeling, but only getting a cheap imitation.

"Come, damn you," he growled.

She smiled as he muttered between clenched teeth and pounded his body against hers, coming himself.

"Shit," Billie laughed. "Lusty... c'mere!"

The short boy yelled and jumped onto her body. She rolled him over, and straddled his prick. Her cunt found the mark and then, with one hard thrust, she sat on his cock. The folds parted wetly for the onslaught.

"Ahhhhh, that's nice," Lusty murmured, feeling the ooze of her beautiful cunt, the delicious sliding and tight eagerness that enveloped him.

Billie loved the screwing she was getting. His hard cock up her cunt was wonderful to her, especially since she could show off her gorgeous body to the other people at the same time and make them hot too. She began to ride violently up and down, letting her cunt slide over the gorged cock with increased passion. "Ride me, horsey giddiyap! Whee!" she sang out loudly.

Slurping sounds filled the room as she fucked up and down. Lusty fondled and licked her tits. He could feel cum gathering in his large balls; he was ready to shoot it all up into the glistening hot cunt.

The head of his cock drove further and further, while the walls of Billie's cunt became alive and ready. His prick was drawn in and sucked by her experienced muscles, seeking his fluid.

She became a tornado of fucking that affected everyone else in the room. Other than the wild sounds of the couple fucking, there was silence in the room a silence of sexual tension.

Billie was lying on the floor now, sucking one cock, with another boy across her body. Her hands clawed at the unknown cock between her legs trying to get it inside her pussy.

Then he was pushing her knees, spreading her thighs and plunging his hard meat up her cunt. A second boy slammed his cock into Billie's mouth so she was sucking two cocks and taking a third in her pussy.

The tension snapped.

Something had to give, and the whole room seemed to explode into action.

There were squeals and mock cries of protest as the men in the room grabbed the girls in rough embraces and began making sudden and violent love to them.

There were not enough girls to go around. Three young men wanted the redhead who had first brought Billie into the basement. They treated her like a rag doll, pulling her first one way and then another, while less "fortunate" girls looked on and laughed. The battle ended with one of the boys pushing her to the floor, dragging her into a corner by her ankles, and ramming his rigid cock up her ass.

Marcia, who had taken five cocks at her initiation succumbed to two boys at once one in her cunt and one up her asshole.

Billie found herself between two men she hadn't met. They seemed new and their cocks were fresh hard and ready. They studied her gorgeous body. Their eyes ran up and down her voluptuous body, her lovely belly, the large, milky tits with their huge pink circles that surrounded her firm nipples.

"Nice," said one.

"Perfect piece of ass," answered the other, licking his lips.

"Kiss me, both of you. I'm hungry for love," Billie cooed.

They obeyed, drawing close and putting their warm lips against her flesh. They ran their lips and their tongues all over her as she lay between them. Her pussy boiled as both their mouths went to it. One tongue danced over her vulva, while the other sucked her clitoris.

"Ahhhh, yes," she moaned as they sucked and bit and licked all the parts of her cunt. She had a hand in each head of hair, directing and leading the motions.

Her legs widened, her tongue dangled out of her mouth in ecstasy. "Yes, oh yes!" she said softly as one of them came up to kiss her on the lips. One is sucking my cunt and one is on my mouth, how fantastic, she thought.

Then her breasts were being licked and their talk of lust surrounded her.

"Oh, me too, ahhhhh!"

"Get her cunt!"

"Squeeze my balls!"

"Lick my nipples while she bites my ass!"

"Ohhhh, please... fuck me harder, both of you... arrgghh!"

Her nipples were sucked and she trembled and twisted, feeling a rise inter cunt.

Soon... soon... oh now. Her thoughts raced, lost contact as the spiraling current seized her insides and swept her into a wave of groveling sensuality.

It seemed as if every part of her body had come alive and as if every corner and part of her flesh were ready to erupt. Then a fountain spilled inside her and she ground her whole being into the mouths that were devouring her. And they drank and drank the liquids of her insatiable body. Her bush was soaked with sweat.

Then from somewhere a whip was thrust into her hand. Their bodies were on hers. She lifted her hand and heard the smack of leather on flesh. It made her pussy boil all the more.

She brought welts to their backs, intensifying their pleasure. Trickling blood made her drop the whip, fall to her knees on the floor and lick it all up, at the same time inserting a finger into her cunt and masturbating lewdly, wildly.

Then she got up. Her body began to sway back and forth in time to her own music. A cry left her throat and she undulated her hips and ran her fingers down over her tits and mound.

The two men watched. They reached for her ankles, but she kicked them with a laugh. Still laughing, she inserted the neck of the whip into her cunt in mock abandonment, ridiculing their manhood.

Her movements became sharper, her eyes got lost under their upper lids and her tongue played across her mouth between her white teeth like a snake. Her blonde hair swished as she jerked her head up and down and from side to side. Billie had stuffed the whip handle deep into her wet, cum-soaked pussy and was writhing on the floor.

She shook convulsively, waving her limbs, thrusting her cunt at them, talking in some tongue they didn't understand.

Then she rolled over and began to lick their bodies. She pushed one man backwards until he lay flat and then straddled him. She lifted her ass up and placed her mound right over his rigid, moist knob. Her curly blonde cunt hairs tickled his cock and he giggled.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her downwards; her delicious pussy slipped onto the hard organ and was impaled like a sheath. Her little cunt moved sweetly over it, making sucking noises, and the smell of their sweat and heat rose and filled her nostrils.

"Get behind me," Billie yelled to the other faceless boy. "Fuck me in the ass!"

"Oh, baby, you're good... you're so fucking good!" said the boy beneath her.

She looked down. It wasn't a boy. It was Dwight Morris humping his cock into her cunt.

"Fuck my cunt, Dwight, while he pokes his cock up my ass!"

The other man moved behind her.

"Who are you?" she said.

"Fuck me in the ass, Ted!"

Ted knew what to do. His thick, long prick was gorged with blood and ready for duty. He got behind them, parted Billie's cheeks, and in no time was hilted up to his balls. Billie could feel the heavy sac against her ass and this fired her passion all over again.

Dwight watched this delicious action from underneath and reached up for her warm, bobbing tits. He chewed the stiffened nipples until she began to cry hysterically. Ted was kissing her neck and rubbing her belly and sticking fingers into her mouth and clit alternately. He drove his dick continually into her ass and she could feel the thin membrane that separated the two cocks stretching.

When she moved back she felt her anal channel throb on the hard dick, then Ted plunged and she went forward, only to be fucked by Dwight's long hard cock. This double fucking was driving them all wild.

In my cunt... in my ass... two cocks, I love it! Eat me alive, boys! Really jam it in me! Fuck me! Look, Thelma, look how they do it to me... see both pricks going in and out of my holes? Oh, it's heaven! I can see the reflections in the minor over there, oh wow, help! I'm splitting up.

And finally she stretched out boldly, tensely, lying belly to belly on Dwight as Ted lay down on her back, his cock rammed into the hilt of her ass.

The trio rocked in this sandwich of ultimate love. Squeezed between the two men like this made Billie delirious with delight. A pagan madness burst forth loudly.

Then suddenly, Thelma stood before her. She got her legs around Billie's neck. Billie greedily took the other girl's clit between her teeth and chewed like hell. Then she licked the sopping walls of her pussy. Dwight took one of Thelma's tits into his mouth and Ted took the other.

They exploded viciously, leaving no ground uncovered. Then Dwight reversed himself over Billie and she took his soaked cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, tasting the cum from her own cunt. His mouth was covered with her bush and he began to suck and chew on the hairs and the soft tender red flesh beneath.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking and fucking. But the last sound Billie heard before she passed out was her gurgling gasp as two hard, rigid, and thick cocks went down her throat.

Chapter ELEVEN

Carl Morgan didn't even realize what happened to him. All the girls in the Lovers, led by Billie, literally fucked him into submission. The coup de grace was delivered by one of the girl's thirteen-year-old sister visiting for the weekend. Carl was reported and taken before the Dean to answer the charges that were mysteriously brought against him concerning his affair with a minor.

Carl's revenge against the Lovers for what he supposed they had done to his wife led to his own downfall. Ironically, when he left the school, Louise had relented and gone with him.

It didn't make any difference to the girls because, by that time, Louise had completely converted to lesbianism and been ostracized by her family. She only wanted Carl as a meal ticket and the rest of the girls knew that she would continue to make him miserable until she finally left him again.

Weeks followed until Billie just naturally took over leadership of the Club. Thelma hadn't graduated yet, but it soon became apparent that she couldn't keep up with Billie's thirst for sexual kicks, and therefore lost her standing in the meetings and the orgies that followed.

Billie herself reveled in her new-found status and the availability of both men and women to aid in her sexual fantasies and games.

But even that palled after a while. She had done everything sexual inside the confines of the Club that she could possibly do and not anger or humiliate the other members to the point where they would no longer follow her leadership.

So, while retaining her status in the Lovers, Billie started looking around for a new kick.

She found it one afternoon in an off-campus restaurant in one of the seedier sections of the city. It had been a particularly boring afternoon and, with no meeting of the Lovers intended that evening, Billie wandered alone downtown. She eventually found herself in a little beer bar and grill, eating a boring lunch with a crowd of strangers.

She was just picking at her food when suddenly she looked up and saw him. He was a dwarf ugly, deformed, with a hunchback. Then she looked at his crotch and saw the fat line of his flaccid cock in his trousers. It ran all the way down to his knee.

He looked up and saw her looking at him.

He scowled.

She smiled.

She noticed that he was inspecting her much the same as she was him. His eyes took in her legs and then scanned up and down her figure. Carelessly, she unbuttoned three buttons of her blouse. She wore no bra. When she folded her arms under her tits, they rose and billowed with cleavage in the opening of her blouse.

He licked his lips and then suddenly looked away as if in embarrassment.

That was when Billie decided what she would do.

He turned to her again with his embarrassed expression. She let the blouse sag open a bit and felt her nipples harden up and stick out distinctly against the cloth. His eyes drank in the sight of her partially bare tits hungrily.

Billie felt a flush of excitement.

When he left, she followed and watched him enter another bar. Again she followed and found him in a dark booth far in the back.

Without smiling or speaking, she went over to him. She sat down beside him and dropped her hand into his lap. She explored with her fingers until she found the hardening lump of his gigantic cock.

He smelled.

It made it more exciting, more sensual, dirtier.

She molded her fingers around his cock and squeezed it until its girth strained against her hand, until it was so large that she couldn't get her hand all the way around it.

She found the head and dug her nails into it. He smiled, showing yellow, broken teeth. His prick throbbed and swelled. She continued to fondle it until its growing size reared in his pants. He looked steadily at her as she fisted it.

"I want that in me," she said.

He gurgled an unintelligible reply.

Billie walked out of the bar and waited. Soon he came lurching out behind her. She looked around and he nodded down the street. She started walking, with the hunchback shuffling close behind her.

She spotted an opening on a rickety board fence and squeezed through it to find herself in a vacant lot. Slowly they made their way, the hunchback and the beautiful blonde coed, through the tall weeds, scattered junk, waste paper, and beer cans, to the center of the lot.

Her cunt was spewing juices down her inner thighs and her heart was pounding as she turned to face him.

He wrenched the zipper on his fly open and glared at her, his tongue thick with lust over his slobbering lips. With a shaking hand, Billie reached in and freed the throbbing giant of his cock.

She couldn't get her fingers around it now as she squeezed and pulled it into the open with one hand. With her other hand, she pulled her skirt into a knot at her waist and spread her thighs so that tiny drops of her lust juice dribbled from the lips of her bare cunt.

His grotesque, claw-like fingers reached for her cunt. Savagely, he jammed three fingers up her hole and tickled her asshole with another.

She fondled the huge sac of his balls, hefting the delicious weight in her palm and rolling them together with her fingers.

He jammed his fingers in and out of her soaking cunt, making her legs grow weak with sexual need. She gripped the shaft of his prick and pulled up and down on it, working the skin back and forth over the flaming head until the little man's jism started to ooze from it in gobs.

"What do you like to do?" Billie asked finally. "Do you like to suck... fuck... what?"

Again there was nothing but gurgling to signify words.

Billie pushed downward on his huge prick until he fell to his knees. She then pushed forward with her pelvis. The height was perfect. Her cunt rammed against his face as she rubbed back and forth until she had smeared her cunt juices all the way from his forehead to his chin.

"Eat my pussy," she commanded. "Stick your tongue in my cunt hole and suck me dry."

He rammed upward with his mouth and tongue. She gasped as his tongue separated the gooey lips of her pussy and traveled up her hole. It was hot and hard and he tongue-fucked her greedily. She groaned as she felt him dart in and out of her cunt, licking at her insides, and sucking the love juices out of her.

"Harder! Suck harder, you little bastard!" she said, holding his head in her hands and grinding her cunt against his mouth.

She locked her legs around his head and entwined her fingers in his scraggly hair. With her hands, she moved his mouth around and around on her wet cunt while forcing his driving tongue deeper and deeper inside the flowing slit between her legs.

"That's it... that's it," she cooed. "Almost, almost there... keep sucking, you little shit. Keep eating my cunt!"

Cunt juice flowed like a river from her lower lips to mix with his saliva. She hunched her hips harder forward, accepting and demanding his lips and tongue with the softness of her pussy.

He slipped his tongue inside, tasting the sticky heat of her vagina. She shoved her cunt more firmly against his mouth, plastering her glued-up lips to his.

Slowly she let the passion build in her until she was at a peak. When she knew she was about to come, she mashed her cunt down, grinding its musk into his face, feeling the orgasm rip through her body as his throat worked to swallow every last drop of her heated juices.

But one orgasm wasn't enough, not for Billie. She knew his cock would be rampant now, needing, wanting, oozing the juice that would fill her up.

She let him slide his tongue around and around her clitoris until she could stand it no longer. Then she pushed him backward until he sprawled on the ground. His prick, the head still oozing sperm, reared up in the air, jerking with pulsating tension. She clambered on top of him, pushing her cunt down onto the erect stake of flesh, down around his throbbing erection.

It felt as though it was glowing inside of her. The walls of her cunt protested as she sank down harder, but they yielded to his rigid girth. His cock was blazing hot and burned within her as she lathered it with lubricants. She squeezed and rotated her body on his, pushing down with all her weight so the full force of his gigantic tool would rip her as it entered.

"Oh shit," she moaned, "good... good fucking cock. Oh, God, how it fills me up. It feels like it's going all the way to my tits!"

The bulk of his cock filled her, sending shock waves of desire to the hardened nipples of her thrusting breasts.

He gurgled something beneath her. She paid no attention. "Fuck me," she hissed. "Fuck me harder, you little shit! USE YOUR COCK!"

Now he was humping furiously up and down, in and out of her soaking, hot cunt. Ramming himself upward firmly, burying the thick shaft as far as it would go, he would then pull back as she lifted, so he had the full length of his long pole to ram again into her hungry hole.

"Yes... yes, keep it up... faster... faster!"

Now he raised on his elbows and gazed down at the joint of their locked bodies. He was sweating in the sun. His face showed the exertion, but he never slowed his pace. In and out, in and out, his hard cock pumped into Billie's willing pussy.

His cock was plunging faster than ever. He was fucking with all the intensity in his little body now. His heavy prick beat a tattoo on the inner walls of her cunt as he thrust the power of his body behind his cock in the need for release.

Her flesh started to awaken to the new feelings, and pulsate in rising passion as the ravaging cock smoothly fucked and rammed into her like a well-oiled piston. She sobbed as she felt the warmth of lust overcome her body. Her rippling hips surged and she could feel her muscles tighten around the driving length of the cock.

"Oh God!" she shrieked, amazement flooding her voice. "I'm getting it... and it's good! It is good!"

Her full, ripe tits, heavy now with the growing desire that had risen within her, bounced back and forth on her chest. Her cunt was smoldering from the fucking of the massive tool. The fucking she was getting suddenly began to bring her an undeniable pleasure that was intensified by the body behind the cock fucking her.

She could feel her breath coming in long, drawn-out gasps from the image of her own exciting debauchery in the sun.

She was enjoying it, loving it.

No matter which way she lunged or bucked, she could feel the needles of lusting fire pounding her flesh, making every nerve in her arching body quiver.

It felt good, so good. She didn't want to stop. She wanted to go on, and on, and on.

"Fuck me, little man... I'm coming, I'M COMING!" she rasped.

She could feel the throbbing cockhead in her belly begin to swell and knew that he was about to explode. At the last second, she pulled the sheath of her pussy from his prick and replaced it with her mouth.

She had no more than put his cock in her mouth when he filled it with hot cum. He shot off so much thick cream that for once Billie actually had trouble swallowing it fast enough. It seemed that the harder she gulped, the faster the hot gobs jetted out. Some even ran out her mouth and trickled down her chin. The cum sent quakes of orgasm shooting through her body.

As his come diminished, Billie remounted him and again sank his prick up her cunt to take the last of his stream in her pussy.

But he wasn't finished.

The more she slid and squirmed, the longer his cock seemed to grow as he jerked under her. It grew and throbbed and convulsed and finally, with a great spasm, spewed a second, even more powerful load of molten sperm deep into the dark cavern of her sucking cunt.

Weak and sweating, she sat on top of his body, with his cock still in her cunt, long after the passion had subsided. She looked down at his ugly face and felt weak and happy.

She unbuttoned her blouse completely and leaned forward, letting the sun warm her breasts as they hung out to him. His rough hands pulled and worked at them. The wind felt good on her body.

Then, reluctantly, she pulled herself off him and got to her feet. She straightened and brushed off her clothes. Without a word or a sound, he did the same thing, and then ambled away. Billie followed him until he turned into the basement of a dark and dirty deserted building.

She made a note of the address and, smiling, took a cab back to the campus. When she got to the room, Ginny was asleep. Billie bathed and then climbed into the two single beds that had been pushed together to make a double.

She leaned across and caressed Ginny's forehead with her hand, then kissed her tenderly on the lips. Ginny opened her eyes and smiled.


Billie kissed her again, running her tongue around the full circle of the young dark-haired girl's lips.

"I wondered where you were."

"I found the weirdest little man," Billie said, cupping her hand over Ginny's breast. "Really?"

"Yeah. I fucked him in a vacant lot in the weeds... right out in the open."

"Shit... you have all the fun."

"It's all right," Billie said. "I followed him to where he lives. You can go with me the next time. He's got a huge cock."

"Yummy... did you suck him?"

"Yeah... and I swallowed it all," Billie said.

A coy smile came into Ginny's face. "How would you like to suck the next Leader of the Lovers' pussy? I'm wet as hell down there."

With a groan, Billie slid her head beneath the covers and between Ginny's thighs.


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