Hot mama

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of wife-swapping. All in the spirit of good clean fun... But where does the fun stop and degradation begin? When one excess leads to another -- and another -- to what? When the children set as the pattern of their own life style what already is the norm at home?

HOT MAMA is the story of one family in one neighborhood in one city, Anywhere, U.S.A. Joanne Hill, a restless young widow, and her teenaged son, Doug. And some of Doug's friends. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to them it has become the norm.

And outside their lives go on. The daily routine is followed. All the proper parts are acted out.

The norm... For the Hills, yes, And how many others like them?

A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

Chapter ONE

Joanne Hill nervously looked around the crowded waiting room of the downtown Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Station to see if anyone else noticed the kissing couple in front of her.

Christ! Why don't they stop? Joanne wondered to herself as she shook her head angrily and tried to concentrate on the tiny television screen in front of her.

But it was no use. Her eyes drifted back to the high-school students. She especially paid attention to the long, thick, hard cock that strained against the teen's tight jeans. Joanne could almost feel his big hands as they crawled across the girl's tight sweater, brushing and milking her mammoth jugs. No one else in the waiting room seemed to notice what was happening.

"Ohhhh," Joanne said out loud, then looked around cautiously to see if anyone noticed her low moan of frustration. People were shuttling in and out of the big, brightly lit room so quickly that Joanne could have been fingering her snatch-lips and few would have noticed.

"Greyhound coach from San Francisco now arriving at Service Dock Four," a voice boomed out of the speaker.

Joanne felt a bolt of shock rip through her body as she heard the announcement. Her son Doug was coming home on that bus for a vacation after six months in a military school, and here she was staring at a couple necking! A mother waiting for her son wasn't supposed to be thinking of hot dicks and big, hanging balls -- at least, Joanne thought that that was a little improper.

"Ohhhhh," the blonde moaned softly again as she tried to get up from the white fiberglass chair. But her legs were too wobbly from the sexual lust that gripped her beating clit. Joanne sank back into the seat and watched helplessly as the couple began grinding their bodies together with increasing frenzy. Joanne watched the girl's right hand slide down the teen's belly until it stopped directly over the twitching cock-bulge straining his fly. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she thought of the hot, throbbing sensation that girl must be feeling with her fingertips now.

It was as if she were living through the dream she'd been having night after night. Joanne imagined herself with a teen. He was tall, well-built and hung like a race horse! The two of them were always in some kind of dark room so that she couldn't make out his features too well. But she could tell that he'd been wanting her for a long time. Joanne could sense that from the tender way he moved his hands over her naked, sweaty body. Every movement made her jerk and twist shamelessly on the sheets as his fingers slid closer and closer to her twitching pussy-lips. Every raw nerve-ending in her mushy box strained to meet the crawling hands.

Joanne opened her eyes and tried to shake the memory of that dream loose. But her mind stubbornly refused to change channels as she pictured her hand sliding slowly up and down the hard, heavily veined cock that jerked inches away from her parted lips. Joanne knew that in a second she'd be clamping her mouth around that long dick, sucking desperately at the cum-dripping rod as the teen hammered wildly at the back of her throat with his bulbous cock-head.

Her dream was suddenly shattered as she heard the girl whine out that she was going to miss her bus. Joanne watched in amazement as the teenaged brunette pulled away from her teen friend and straightened her blouse and skirt mechanically. Joanne riveted her eyes on the big bulge between the teen's legs, unconsciously licking her lower lip. She'd miss the Second Coming in order to get her fat twat lips around that cock!

Joanne sighed in disappointment. You could be choosy about dicks when you got fucked all the time. But it was a little over six months since the blonde had felt a cock hammering away at her pussy. She remembered her husband Bill and the way he used to have her crawling the walls with sexual heat before he blasted her clit with mind-upping satisfaction.

Those memories didn't help her now. After Bill's death in the auto accident, Joanne was too confused to do much of anything, let alone take care of a teenaged son. Doug was into that period when he was discovering liquor, cigarettes and cunt. Bill had managed to keep a rein on him. But Joanne knew that it would almost be impossible for her to do the same.

After a lot of thought, Joanne decided that the best thing for both her and her son was a military school she'd heard about in Walnut Creek. It was about twenty miles east of San Francisco and seemed to have a good academic and disciplinary program. Joanne didn't want to pack her son away for good. She just needed a little time by herself to think out her future plans.

Surprisingly, Doug wasn't angry when his mother told him of her decision. He even seemed to look forward to getting out of the public school and heading up north on his own. Joanne remembered the day he left -- the way his deep blue eyes sparkled with excitement and how the wind blew his blond hair across his ruggedly handsome face as he climbed into the bus.

"Come on! Hurry up, Renaldo," the girl snapped as she jumped to her feet and started towards one of the loading docks in the terminal.

Joanne felt the blood rush to her face as the teen flashed a quick glance at her and winked slyly. He'd known that she'd been watching them all the time! Joanne felt like some kind of bitch dog who was advertising to all men that she was in heat.

But I am! Joanne whined to herself as she staggered to her feet and wobbled toward Service Dock Four. Sexual frustration gnawed and chewed at her pussy harder and longer every passing day. Joanne used vibrators, vibra-balls and her own expert fingers to try to relieve the scratchy itch in her box. She tried everything -- everything except a long, hard thick dick.

"Hey, Mom!" Joanne heard a low, thick voice call out. "Over here!"

Joanne drove all thoughts of cocks and balls out of her head for the time being. She couldn't be thinking of spurting jizz while she was embracing her son. She just couldn't!

"Doug!" Joanne called back as she saw a tall, muscular blond in a blue military uniform waving wildly at her from a doorway. Joanne watched as her son threaded his way through the crushing crowd until he was wrapping his powerful arms round her and lifting her slightly off the floor.

"Ohhh, put me down!" Joanne said, trying to ignore the ticklish pussy-flutterings that were making her snatch-walls grind hungrily against each other.

"God, you're looking good," Doug said, pulling back slightly and looking deeply into his mother's eyes.

Get yourself together, girl, Joanne said to herself as she felt her clit slowly filling up with blood and rising up out of its hot, fleshy surroundings.

"Hey, I hope you don't mind, but I brought a couple of friends home with me," Doug said as he turned around to see if they were behind him.

"Friends?" Joanne echoed mechanically. The house would be a lot different suddenly. For six months she'd been staring at the walls, wondering what it would be like to have a man inside again. Now, she was going to have a pack of them!

"Hey, over here!" Doug cried out to two other teens dressed in the same military uniform. Joanne felt her heart pounding like a trip hammer as the two studs sauntered over to her son.

"Bob Decker, Jim Smith -- this is my mom," Doug said as he put his right arm back around Joanne's slender waist and hugged her affectionately.

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Hill," they said as Joanne smiled at her son. She was beginning to feel the first rivulet of snatch-juice seeping out from between her fat, hot cunt-lips and trickling through her wiry blonde pussy hairs. Joanne prayed that the teens wouldn't smell her snatch-juice as they stood in the middle of the waiting area of the bus station.

"Hey, come on. Let's get on home," Doug said as he pushed her gently forward.

"Uh, just a minute. I have to..." Joanne said unevenly, pointing at the ladies' room door.

"Sure. We'll wait, Mrs. Hill," Bob said, winking at her.

Joanne flushed slightly red, wondering if the teen had picked up her scent. He was almost as tall as Doug and a little stockier. He was swarthy, maybe Italian or Greek, and darkly handsome. His flashing smile and low voice promised more than Joanne could have hoped for. But what was she doing, wondering what kind of lover one of her son's friends would be?

"Oh, God!" she moaned out loud as she pushed the door opened and ran into one of the cabinets. Joanne couldn't hike her skirt up fast enough, sighing as she felt a rush of cool air blow up against her juice-soaked panties. The blonde slid her hands under the elastic waistband of her pink panties and groaned as she felt her wet pussy-hairs brush up against her slender fingers. Joanne could have stood in the tight cabinet all day, thinking of that necking couple and the winking Bob Decker. But her son and his friends were waiting outside. She had to bring herself off right now!

"Ummmmmmmmm," the woman groaned as she staggered backward until she slammed up against the rear cold white tile wall of the toilet cabinet. Joanne's knees trembled and nearly buckled as she slid her right forefinger up between her puffy labes until it touched her sparking mound of clit-flesh.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Joanne moaned as she strummed her beating clit wildly with her finger. The blonde wanted to rip all her clothes off. She pictured the two teens naked, licking every hot inch of her body with their thick, sensuous tongues. Joanne bucked her thighs forward and up, impaling her juicing snatch on her right wrist as she thought of how her pussy would welcome both teens' dicks.


Joanne cried out as she felt herself teetering on the brink of a mini-climax. They were the only types she was having now. Suddenly the picture changed and she saw Doug in front of her, stark naked, and jamming his long, smooth cock between her cunt-lips.

"Noooo!" Joanne cried out, trying to drive the picture from her mind. But it stuck. She rolled her head slowly from side to side against the tile wall as she plucked and rubbed her swollen clit up to climax, thinking of Doug's face and body. As she felt the world around her explode, Joanne thought she could actually feel something hot and wet spraying into her sucking pussy. It was Doug, firing his lava-like jizz into her cunt as his lips slobbered over her tightly swollen tits.

"Christ!" Joanne moaned as she felt her legs finally buckle from under her. She reached out and managed to hold onto a collapsing purse rack. "Oh no, no, no," the blonde repeated over and over as she fought to get control of herself. This was something new. Joanne had never fantasized about fucking her son. She groaned softly to herself as she slid her saturated panties back up and dropped her skirt. She wondered if this kind of fantasy was normal for women who hadn't had sex for a while.

"Hello, ma'am?" a voice called out from the doorway.

Joanne stiffened with embarrassment and surprise. Had someone been in the john all this time and heard her groans?

"Y-yes?" Joanne stammered, straightening her clothes and opening the cabinet door.

"I'm sorry, but some teens out here asked me to come in and see what was taking you so long. They -- oh, dear!" an old woman said as she perked up her nose and sniffed at the air. Joanne flushed a deep red and fought the feeling to run out of there with a towel over her head.

"Poor ventilation. Some kind of leak," the blonde mumbled as she brushed past the old woman and walked towards her son and his friends.

"Hey, come on! I want to see if the old homestead's changed any," Doug said as he put his arm round his mother's waist again and walked briskly out of the terminal. Joanne listened patiently to her son's description of the school and its programs, aware of the two teens walking closely behind her. Maybe it was her imagination, but Joanne thought she could feel the hot stares of both teens on her firm ass-cheeks. As Doug babbled on about the sports programs and how well he'd done in various swimming meets, Joanne wondered how long Bob Decker's and Jim Smith's dicks were, and if they'd be able to give her the kind of climax that was only a memory now.

"Hey, you've got to come up for the mini-Olympics," Doug said as he climbed into Joanne's car. "We're all in them -- me, Jim and Bob."

"Oh?" Joanne said, turning around and smiling at the two teens as they climbed into the back seat.

"Right. I'm swimming the hundred-meter, and Bob and Jim are going in for the weight-lifting contest," Doug said as they turned out of the parking lot.

"I'll put that on my calendar," Joanne said, wondering what kind of muscles both teens had under those tight-fitting military uniforms.

As the city lights flashed by in the growing blackness of late afternoon, Joanne's mind was a kaleidoscope of sexual pictures. She thought of the couple fingering one another in the bus station. Then she pictured Bob Decker's body, dark, naked and hairy, grinding against her big tits. And there was Jim Smith, taller than Doug and slender, but with a kind of hidden quiet strength under those long legs that made her clit vibrate like a tuning fork.

"Hey, we're here!" Doug suddenly cried out, pointing at the darkened house.

Joanne couldn't believe it! It had been a miracle that they weren't killed. All she'd been thinking about was her rumbling twat and every kind of prick that could take care of it. Joanne didn't remember a thing about driving the car home!

"How long are you staying?" Joanne asked her son as they all dragged their duffel bags out of the car.

"We've got a week's vacation, Mom. Then it's back to the old grind again," Doug said, slamming the door shut and running up the walk to the front porch. Joanne watched him and smiled sadly. She didn't realize until now how much she'd missed him.

"Hey, come on! Don't keep us out in the cold!" Doug called out to his mother.

"Sorry," Joanne said, walking briskly up the walk.

She could still feel her box shuddering and rumbling with frustration. It felt like her belly did when she was starving for food and couldn't eat for a while. The crotch of her panties clung to her still-swollen labes as she reached the top step of the porch and unlocked the door.

"We gonna eat?" Jim asked as they all walked into the large living room.

"That's all he thinks about -- eating," Doug said, laughing softly at his friend.

Christ! I've got something for him to chew on!

Joanne thought to herself as she felt her clit rising up from her hot snatch-flesh again.

"I've got some cash saved. Let's take your mom out and treat her," Bob said, smiling broadly at Joanne.

The woman looked from one teen to the other to the other, and suddenly felt like a little girl with a big wad of money in a candy store. She wanted everything she could see, and couldn't decide which one she was going to have first. Then Joanne remembered that one of the bodies was her son's.

"I-I think I'm a little tired. Why don't you teens go out for dinner and I'll go to bed?" Joanne said.

"Whatever you say, Mom. Let's change and get on the town," Doug said, racing up the stairs with his two buddies behind him. Joanne walked towards the large blue living-room couch and sat down at one end of it, wondering if Bob Decker's hand had brushed her right ass-cheek accidentally as he ran for the stairs after Jim.

"Unnnnghhhhh!" Joanne moaned, running her fingertips over her panting belly. They slid upward until they bumped against the tips of her brown, hard nipples. Her clit vibrated furiously in response as Joanne dug her heels into the mattress and hunched her thighs up slightly into the air.

Joanne had been trying to sleep in bed. But she kept thinking of Bob Decker's body. Doug had said that the teen and his friend were into weight-lifting. Joanne closed her eyes and pictured a big, muscular body crushing her into the groaning mattress. She imagined herself writhing under the teen's insistent hunches, begging him to stuff his cock into her cunt. She wanted it sliding in and out of her aching, twitching snatch until his spasming cock fired its hot, heavy load of jizz.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Joanne groaned softly between her tightly clenched teeth as she felt her snatch clamp down tightly against her probing fingers. It was going to be another night of clit-fingering and fantasizing. Joanne almost felt like crying. This was better than nothing, but... Suddenly Joanne yanked her fingers out with a soft, squishy pop as she heard a squeak on one of the stairs. Had somebody broken into her house? Then she remembered the teens and thought that they were back.

"Fuck!" someone whispered as he stumbled on one of the steps.

Joanne felt her blood freeze as she realized that it was Bob's voice -- and he was drunk. She heard him tripping on the rug, heading towards her room as he hummed some time softly. At first Joanne wanted to jump out of bed and slam her door shut. Then a strange feeling crept over her. She realized that the other teens hadn't come home with him. They were probably still out drinking or looking for cunts to fuck. Joanne clenched her fingers together in a tight fist, then spread her legs wide apart. This was her big chance. She felt her pussy sucking, rumbling, jerking and twitching as the shadow of the teen crossed her doorway. Joanne pretended to be asleep and positioned her body in such a way that would draw Bob into her room like a magnet.

"Mmmmmmm -- oh, shit!" Joanne heard Bob say as he stopped at the doorway and peered into her room. She could feel his eyes crawling over her body as she tried to keep her eyes closed. Joanne heard his breathing grow heavy and uneven as she slowly drew her knees up and splayed her thighs even farther apart. She pretended to be having a wet dream, slowly rolling on the bed and grinding her wet labes together as tiny gasps came out of her mouth.

"Shit! Fuckin' shit!" Bob whispered hoarsely.

Joanne couldn't take it any more. She realized that the teen would probably just stand at the doorway unless he knew that she wasn't having a dream at all. She mustered up every ounce of courage she could, then opened her eyes and stretched out her arms.

"Come here. Fuck me. Oh, God, fuck me!" Joanne whispered hotly as she dropped her knees and hunched up her pussy.

"Huh?" Bob cried out, reeling back drunkenly.

"Oh, please, please! Don't leave me like this," Joanne begged him, dropping her right hand and trailing her fingers lightly across a slick, tightly stretched cunt-lip.

"But, but..." Bob stammered as he held onto the doorway and stared drunkenly at her gaping gash.

"Jeeeesus, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Joanne moaned over and over and she dipped her fingers in and out of her sucking snatch rhythmically.

"Fuck, you're fuckin' right I will!" Bob almost shouted as he stumbled into the bedroom and started pulling at his shirt.

"Shut the door!" Joanne whispered nervously as she watched Bob unbutton his shirt. Her heart nearly tore through her rib cage as she saw his broad, muscular, hairy chest come into view. It was everything she'd imagined it would be.

"Don't like a crowd?" Bob sneered, turning around and slamming the bedroom door shut with a loud bang.

"Do you want to wake up the whole neighborhood?" Joanne hissed angrily at him. She was beginning to wonder if it was such a smart idea to invite Bob into her snatch after all.

"Babe, by the time I get through with you, you'll be screaming the walls down," Bob growled as he shrugged his shirt off and started unbuckling his belt.

Joanne hated to admit it, but she liked the kind of overpowering masculinity Bob had. He couldn't have been over eighteen, but he was acting like a stud of thirty. She watched in fascination as the teen pushed through the top button of his tight-fitting jeans, then grabbed the head of the zipper and slowly pulled it down. In the bright moonlight, Joanne could see thick tufts of wiry black cock hair poking out along the edges of Bob's opening fly.

"You're gonna like this, Mrs. Hill," Bob said teasingly as he finished opening his pants.

Joanne wanted to jump up and stick her hand into the dark, gaping hole in the teen's trousers. But she resisted the urge. It had been too long since she was in this kind of setting. And now that it was happening, Joanne wasn't going to rush the thing through.

"Ohhh, God, fuck me!" Joanne cried again. The words "fuck me" excited the hell out of her. It felt like centuries since she'd cried that phrase out. Now she was moaning and thrashing away on the bed, begging for cock.

"Look at this, bitch!" Bob cried out huskily as he jammed his thumbs into his Levi's and shoved them down to his knees.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Joanne cried out as she saw something big, long and thick spring out from the teen's crotch and bob crazily in the air. It was just like in her fantasy. There was a teen inches away from her with a huge, drooling cock. Her mind raced crazily as Bob finished undressing and crawled onto the groaning bed. It was a dream too good to come true.

Chapter TWO

"Get on that rod, bitch!" Bob moaned as he rolled on top of Joanne's jerking body.

"Ohhhhh," the blonde moaned, feeling something long, hot and burning press against her heaving belly. It was cock-meat -- inches and inches of throbbing, steaming-hot prick-meat that was rubbing deliciously over her sweaty gut. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Her pussy rumbled wildly and happily as Bob's leathery balls trailed across her upturned snatch-lips. She almost felt like screaming for joy when Bob clamped his thick lips on hers and drove his tongue into her mouth.

"Mgggfffff!" Joanne cried out, driving her hand between their thrashing bodies. She wanted to feel the teen's silky cock-head with her fingertips. Joanne wanted to feel the first drops of pre-cum as it oozed out of Bob's expanding piss-clit. She wanted to feel everything and anything to do with fucking. The blonde moaned happily as she almost drowned in Bob's spittle. His tongue slammed past her teeth and rammed down her throat as the teen reached up and clamped his hands around Joanne's thunderous tits. She groaned in unmentionable delight as she felt her half-inch-long nipples being mashed in by the teen's thick fingers.

"Oh, baby, you know you want it. You want every inch of my cock in your mouth -- my big, fat, slippery dick. You wanna lick it off and get my jizz down your throat! Come on, touch it," Bob groaned, letting one of Joanne's tits go and guiding her hand down between their bellies until she could feel the tip of his prick.

"Oh, yess, yesssss," she moaned shamelessly as she felt something hot and wet brush up against her hand.

"Shit, you're hungry for dick. You probably like cock in your mouth and in your cunt," Bob hissed into her right ear as he drove her hand harder against his belly-rubbing dick. "Bitch, you're gonna get it."

Joanne felt her body slowly melting into a hot, jelly-like, mess. There was a hot, throbbing, mushy feeling that went from her sweaty belly down to her fat, swollen cunt-lips. Only her clit and tit-tips were rock-hard. She groaned and thrashed as her sensitive nerve ends exploded with lust. Joanne closed her eyes and dug her head into the sweat-stained pillow as she felt her fingers wrap around Bob's cock. The thick streams of cum running out of the piss-slit made her palm slippery. As the teen's cock throbbed wildly, Joanne squeezed greedily. Her hand slowly started to jack up and down, pumping the hard rod faster and faster as Bob went back to her mouth and started digging in his tongue more wildly than before.

"Shit, babe, shit!" Bob groaned, pulling back slightly from her and brushing her hand away from his dick. "You'll make me shoot if you keep doing that."

Joanne didn't care. She wanted to be drowned in oceans of hot jizz.

"You're gonna suck this thing dry right now," Bob said huskily as he inched his way up the mattress. Joanne groaned in disappointment. She didn't mind sucking dick. She and her husband had often sixty-nined each other. But Joanne always preferred coming with cock in her cunt. And now, after six months without dick, she wasn't too thrilled about bringing off somebody with her lips while her pussy went begging for cock-meat.

"No, please. I..." Joanne started to say.

"I said suck it!" Bob cried out, wrapping both his hands around the incredibly thick rod and dipping it down until its tip brushed against Joanne's nose.

The woman realized that Bob was too drunk and worked up with lust to argue with. She sighed softly and slid down slightly, opening her mouth as she raised her head up to his dick-head. Slowly, Bob hunched down, sliding his cock deep inside her sucking mouth. His big dick filled her mouth as thick cock-oil bubbled out of his cock-head into her throat.

"Oh, babe, give me some head," Bob moaned as he twisted his hips back and forth, hunching down and neatly choking Joanne to death with his big rod.

Joanne felt his throbbing pole brush over the inside of her cheeks, making them bulge out as her tongue laved over the sensitive underside of Bob's plunging pecker.

"Lick that dick! Suck on it! Get my meat. Take it down your fuckin' throat!" Bob hissed as he reached out and placed his hands against the rear bedroom wall for support.

Joanne opened her eyes and looked up. The teen's face was contorted with lust as he squeezed his hairy ass-cheeks together and drove his hairy, powerfully smelling groin hard against her face. Joanne's head bobbled up and down faster and faster as she felt the hot, fleshy knob pushing back over her tongue. It was sinking farther and farther towards the back of her mouth. Joanne took a deep breath and let Bob shove his dick into her throat. It was like sticking her head into a pool of water suddenly. She held her breath and dived deeper, taking his pulsating dick all the way in until her head was tight against his hairy crotch.

"Ohhhhh, FFFFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!" Bob cried, reaching down with his right hand and digging his powerful fingers into her head as Joanne sucked crazily at his stabbing dick.

Joanne wanted to keep his dick in her. She began to like the feel of the long, big-headed pole inside her mouth and his groin hunching against her face. She moaned every time the teen's heavy fuck-sac slapped against her chin. The blonde felt his strong leg muscles batter her slender shoulders as the teen seemed to get ready to fire his heavy load.

"Unngh! Unngh! Unnnghh!" Bob cried out with every forward hard thrust. Joanne was letting her head slide up until the bulge of his cock disappeared from her throat. She sucked in air through her nose, keeping Bob's drooling dick tightly clamped in her mouth. Her tongue lashed over it like a silken whip, licking, tasting, rolling, and curling at and around the teen's trembling rod.

"Change of mind, babe," Bob, gasped out as he reeled back on his heels and yanked his cock out of her mouth.

"Good, good, gooooood," Joanne murmured like a half wit. She enjoyed sucking his cock. But now the woman realized that he was planning on fucking her. For the first time in six months she was going to have her aching cunt-walls stretched by a hard, long, thickly veined cock! Her snatch-lips sprang wide open in frenzied excitement and expectation as Joanne spread her silky thighs apart as wide as she could.

"Want my dick, babe? Want it between those lips of yours?" Bob asked sneeringly as he lowered both hands and trailed his callused fingertips across the juice-slicked pussy-lips.

"Ohhh! OHHHHHHHHH!" Joanne screamed, closing her eyes and digging her head into the bed as she tossed her box high into the air. She wanted something in her twitching box. It demanded to be filled, stuffed to the hilt with cock-meat.

"Jesus! You haven't been fucked in years!" Bob cried out as he tugged at her outer labes.

"NOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOO!" Joanne cried out, flailing her arms and legs uncontrollably in the air as she felt a fire rage out of control between her legs. Every motion of the teen's powerful fingers sent shocks of sexual electricity up to her sputtering clit, then out to her poking nipples. She felt herself suffocating, gasping for air as the teen continued to pull and tug at her cunt-juice-soaked labes.

"Maybe Mom needs a little eat-job," Bob said as he knelt between her legs.

Joanne cried out happily as she lifted them as high as she could. Bob pushed his head between her thighs, nuzzling though the tight blonde curls on her jerking mound as he opened his mouth wide.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Joanne moaned as she felt a stream of hot, wet breath blow through her frazzled pussy hairs. Then suddenly explosions went off in her brain as she felt his mouth clamp over her pussy. He took the whole thing inside. His teeth sank into the fleshy lips as the teen's tongue snaked in her cunt. He sucked onto her like a leech, eating her snatch until Joanne was trembling and moaning and twisting her ass up to his face. She clamped her trembling legs over his head, trapping him tightly against her crotch. She felt his thick tongue sanding over the throbbing red head of her clit.

"AIYEEEEE!" Joanne cried out as she though she was going to come in the teen's mouth.

"Feel my dick again," Bob moaned.

Joanne cried out as the vibrations from his talking rippled through her rumbling snatch. The blonde reached out and clutched the teen's dick with her fingers, trying to draw it up to her pussy. She wriggled her ass higher as she tried to position herself for the initial drive that would send that swollen shaft torpedoing into her twat.

"Fuck me!" Joanne begged again.

"Beg better for it," Bob moaned, pulling his head away from the hot, hairy gash. He stuck his right forefinger into the mushy hole, playing teasingly with Joanne's wriggling clit as he watched her thrash on the groaning bed.

"Dick! Dick!" the blonde panted, rolling her head from side to side as strands of blonde hair stuck to her sweaty forehead.

"Louder, bitch!"

"Give it to me. Stick it in me. Please, do it to me! Ohhh, God! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEE!" Joanne begged as she felt Bob's cock-head bounce against her upturned ass-cheeks. He was still stroking her sensitive flaps gently with his fingertips, dipping his fingers into her hot fuck-hole occasionally as if to relieve the almost unbearable ache that gripped her clit and cunt. But all his fingering did was stoke up an already nova-like fire until Joanne was afraid that she was going to piss in bed.

"Oh yeah, yeah," Bob moaned as he rubbed his hands across her spongy tits now. Joanne lay still, holding her breath as she felt Bob's big dick-head bouncing higher and higher until its hot tip tickled the wiry hairs just around her gaping, dark-red gash.

"NOW! NOOOWWWWWWW!" Joanne screeched incoherently. She felt that familiar, unbearable itch gripping her clit. Her pussy-lips fluttered and banged against one another as she waited for the teen to squeeze his hairy ass-cheeks together and drive his drooling rod deep into her hole.

"Right NOW!" Bob echoed Joanne as he closed his eyes and dived down.

Joanne closed her eyes and clenched her teeth together as she felt Bob's smooth, bulbous cock-head jamming hard against her cunt-lips. Suddenly they sprang open again and sucked in the thick tip of the teen's raging hard-on.

"OHHHHHH!" Joanne moaned. The stuffed feeling was almost a painful one. "OHHH, IT'S SOOOOOO BIG!" she cried out as Bob kept driving more of his cock into her upturned pussy. Every inch of hard cock-meat that he sank into her hungry, horny cunt made the blonde babble and moan as she raked his broad shoulders, with her fingernails.

"A nice, tight cunt! Shit, you haven't gotten any dick for a long time now," Bob moaned as his fingers dug into the soft flesh of Joanne's splayed thighs. She groaned with delight as the teen pushed them back and out until she was trapped underneath him. All she could do was roll a little as her steaming pussy ate and kissed the fat hunk of dick-meat.

"Fuck me! FUCK IT, BITCH!" Bob cried out. Each powerful stroke was better than the last. Joanne felt the teenager's heavy balls thudding and slapping against her upturned ass. Each powerful downward hunch sent sharp blasts of unspeakable pleasure through Joanne's twisting, bucking body until she began to screech and shriek for more and more cock.

"Take it, bitch! Take more of it! You want my dick, bitch? You want Jim's cock, too? Maybe your own sonny-teen's prick reaming inside your hot snatch, turn you on, huh?" Bob cried out crazily as he rotated his powerful thighs, churning his prick around in her sucking cunt like a piston.

The words drove Joanne up to higher plateaus of excitement. She pictured Jim and Doug hammering their swollen dicks into her while Bob drove his cock into her mouth again. She'd never been fucked in the ass before. But suddenly Joanne wanted to take on all three teens at once.

"More! More!" Joanne groaned as her snatch spasmed crazily. Bob's hot pole sank deeper into her hot hole. Joanne felt her spasming cunt-walls contract suddenly, gripping the teen's sinking prick like a powerful fist. She didn't want to let go of his cock. She wanted to have that thick, blood-filled prick jammed deep inside her snatch forever. Her box had been starved for too long to let go of a cock now. Electric flashes of unutterable delight shot through her pussy to her asshole and back again as Bob began to slam rhythmically in and out of her box. The teen lowered his head and started to flick his tongue against her fully erect nipples. Joanne heaved her firm ass-cheeks high in the air as she felt a series of tit-sparking contractions rip through her pussy.


Joanne screeched, kicking her right leg in the air as Bob's humping body crushed her deeper and deeper into the mattress. Joanne shoved upward, impaling her twitching cunt on Bob's driving cock.

"Like it, babe? Like it?" Bob panted.

Joanne couldn't believe that stupid question. She'd never felt anything so good in her life. The itch that had bothered her for six months was getting stronger with each passing second now. The scratching of the teen's cock egged her snatch on to higher levels of lust as Joanne bucked, thrashed and heaved.

"God! GODDDDD!" Joanne answered, rolling her head from side to side. While Bob screwed his ass one way, Joanne rotated her ass the other, getting as much friction from the plunging cock as she could. Their hot, sweaty bodies ground over one another with loud sucking sounds as Bob's prick swirled, plunged and churned in the woman's twat.

"Babe, babe," Bob moaned as he wrapped his thick lips around her right nipple and started sucking wildly at the brown, hard flesh. Joanne was so worked up that she wanted the teen to bite hard into the flesh. She wanted him to suck her whole tit into his mouth and chew into the swollen flesh as he clawed at her wriggling clit.

"Gonna come! Gonna come!" Bob moaned as he pulled his mouth off her nipple and moved his face to the center of her chest. Joanne noticed that the teen's breathing was getting more irregular as he started sucking first at one tit, and then at the other. He drew as much of the hot flesh of one jug into his mouth as he could and sucked hard, flicking his thick tongue over the spongy mass and sinking his teeth gently into the tit. Then he let go, moving to the center and licking at her chest before moving to the other tit and repeating his tonguing/sucking action. At the same time Joanne felt the teen reaching down between her legs and flicking his fingers lightly over her beating clit while he continued to hammer at her squishing pussy. Everything in her body was responding to the teen's movements. He was jacking her off while fucking and sucking at the same time. It was more than Bill had ever done to her. She was amazed that a teen Bob's age knew so much about satisfying a woman.


"Fuck! Fuck!" Bob repeated as he tugged frenziedly at her hot mound of cunt-flesh.

"ARRRGHHHHH! UNNNGGHHHHHH!" Joanne cried out wildly as she locked her ankles behind Bob's neck and heaved upward with every ounce of strength she had. "Yessss! Yesssssss!" she hissed as Bob slid his hands down to her cunt-lips and started playing with the fleshy hot labes. She felt her flaps quiver and spring open, only to clamp down hard on the plunging hard-on and probing fingers as the teen ran his hands slowly up and down. Occasionally he snaked them through the juice-slicked hairs of her swollen muff, toying with the wiry pussy-fur as Joanne felt herself losing complete control of her body.

"F-F-FUCCCCKKK M-M-MEEEEEEEEEE!" the woman shrieked again as Bob suddenly squeezed her fat hot labes, flicking one finger over her blood-swollen clit. It spasmed uncontrollably this time, and she arched her back involuntarily as a series of brain-bending contractions raced through her wet snatch.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Joanne whispered hotly. It was the last coherent thing she'd say for a few minutes. Orgasm was on the verge of taking over her mind now as her cunt swallowed every hard, hot inch of the teen's cock.

She felt herself slipping out of this world as Bob's big, hairy hot balls dangled down and slapped noisily against her stretched snatch-lips. Joanne was matching Bob's bucking now, screwing her ass in opposite rotation to the teen's groin-grinding. She knew she couldn't last much longer now. Every square inch of her body was screeching for complete release and relief. The sensation of Bob's hard, hairy groin sliding over her puffy labes was rocketing her quickly and closer to climax.

"GODDD! UNNGHHH! UNNGHHH! AHHHHHH! UNNNGHHHHHHH!" Joanne cried out like an animal.

Bob suddenly drew in a sharp breath and slammed his groin against her swampy pussy like a big battering ram. He collapsed completely on top of her, pushing his hairy chest against the hard nipples of her tits. She felt the hairs dig into her sensitive flesh like tiny knives, sending out tiny bolts of unspeakable ecstasy to all parts of her writhing body as Joanne tightened her arms around the teen's back and dug her head into the pillow.

"MORE! MORE!" Joanne cried out. But she couldn't imagine how much more Bob could give her. She was practically crazy with passion now. He was ramming her cunt crazily, slamming his groin against her box like a hammer. His fuck-sac slapped against her reddening ass-flesh as Joanne's tits bounced and quivered with each downward thrust.

"COMING! COMING!" Joanne cried as the teen dug his fingertips into Joanne's thighs and slammed his cock down with one massive hunch.

"ARRGHHHH! NOOOOOOO!" Joanne cried out as she felt herself sinking into some big, dark well of sexual pleasure. She felt his hot prick-meat swell up suddenly and quiver inside her snatch, battering and beating the sensitive cunt-walls. Joanne groaned and screamed as the first wad of sticky, teenage jizz sprayed into her clenching cunt. The heat, the groans, the friction, and the hot, wet sensation of cum spattering against the spasming sides of her pussy were finally too much for her. Joanne felt a massive explosion go off somewhere deep in her belly, then soar up to her tits and down to her pussy. It was the kind of explosion she'd been praying for for six months.

"ARRGHHHH! UNNGHHHHHH! AIYEEEEEEE!" Joanne shrieked mindlessly as she nearly threw herself off the bed. Her entire body seemed to melt away in unutterable ecstasy as she felt rivers of Bob's cum fill up her box and spill out over her sputtering snatch-lips.

"SCREAM IT OUT, BITCH!" Bob cried as he slammed his cock into her clawing pussy again.

"UNNGHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!" Joanne cried again as she felt her snatch-walls tighten up and snap tightly around Bob's cum-spewing cock. Her cunt was blasting away now, milking, tugging, puffing at the teen's jerking cock as she rolled back and forth on the bed. Bob held her tightly down to the sweat-stained mattress as Joanne continued to writhe under him like a crazed snake.

"FUCK! ARRGHHHHH! NOOO! NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!" the blonde screeched as wave after wave of orgasmic spasms gripped every square inch of her bucking body. The woman dug her fingernails into Bob's back, tearing at his rough skin as she screamed, moaned and whimpered in total ecstasy.

"Unnnghhhhhh!" Joanne finally groaned as she felt the last contraction ripple through her pussy. At the same time she noticed that Bob had dumped the last wad of cum from his cunt-buried cock and was fighting to get back his breath.

"God, God," he moaned over and over as sweat dripped off his forehead and splashed onto Joanne's glistening jugs.

"You don't know, you don't know," Joanne moaned, trying to complete the sentence. But all she could do was lie there and moan softly to herself. Six months without this! She couldn't believe that she'd waited this long for a fuck. Only now Joanne realized how much she needed cock-meat. Even white the last spasms of orgasm died away deep in the roots of her rumbling box, the blonde knew that Bob's fucking had turned an animal loose in her pussy. She didn't know what was going to happen now. But one thing was sure. She wasn't going to lead the life of a nun any more.

"Wow, you're one hell of a fuck!" Bob finally muttered as he hunched his back and drew his limp prick slowly out of Joanne's protesting pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, it's been a long time," Joanne admitted, sorry that the teen yanked his cock out of her cunt so soon.

"I'll say. Shit, even the girls up near the academy don't fuck around like you do," Bob said, collapsing on the bed next to her and reaching over to her tits.

"You teens do this often?" Joanne asked, wondering what kind of girl Doug wanted.

"Only on weekends. The damned staff up there keeps us pretty busy during the week. But when Saturday come, well..." Bob said as he pinched her right nipple playfully.

"But you're only teens!" Joanne blurted out.

Bob looked at her in amazement, then broke out laughing. "We're old enough to know what's goin' on," Bob said as he slid his right arm under Joanne's neck and rolled her over to him.

"But..." Joanne started to say. But Bob's sensuous mouth clamped over hers before she could get the words out.

"Mmmmmmm. And who said old broads can't fuck?" Bob said, laughing softly.

"Old broads!" Joanne cried out indignantly.

"Just kidding, Mrs. Hill. Shit, your body's better than most of the ones I've screwed," the teen said as he slid down slightly and started licking at Joanne's right nipple. As she closed her eyes and shoved her tit into Bob's mouth, the blonde wondered if her son was just as experienced as his hot, hung friend.

Chapter THREE

"Please don't tell Doug about last night," Joanne whispered to Bob over the kitchen table the next morning.

"Why not? He might want to get it on with his old lady," the teen said softly, winking at her as he finished drinking his glass of orange juice.

"No! Don't!" Joanne said, trying to fight down the hot, tight feeling that gripped her pussy at Bob's suggestion. Her cunt had become like a forest fire now. The teen had ignited something down deep in her box that couldn't be put out with just his loads of hot jizz. Even her son was turning her on!

"Come on, Mrs. Hill. This is 1976. Nobody's a prude now. If I had a mother who looked like you, shit, I'd try to crawl into her panties," Bob said as he looked around to make sure no one heard him.

"I don't care if this is 1976. I don't want to hear talk like that around Doug," Joanne hissed quietly as she heard her son climbing down the stairs.

"Okay, okay. But that doesn't mean that I can't crawl back into your sack later on," Bob whispered as he turned around to greet his friend.

"Hi, Mom!" Doug chirped out as he walked over to his mother and hugged her gently.

"Ohhh, sit down and finish your breakfast," Joanne said, flushing red as she flashed a quick glance at Bob and saw him smiling broadly at her.

He seemed to know more about her feelings than she did.

"Sorry about coming home late last night, but Jim and I just got to talking and, well, you know how it is," Doug said as he started downing his pancakes.

"That's okay. Your mother and I had a nice talk last night," Bob said, smiling slyly at Joanne.

"You were up? I thought you said you were going to bed," Doug said, looking at his mother curiously.

"Oh, I... I couldn't sleep and came downstairs to watch television. Bob came in and we had a little chat," Joanne stammered out as she flashed a warning look at Bob.

"Christ! I hope he didn't tell you any of my secrets," Doug said, kicking his friend playfully in the shin.

"Where's your other friend?" Joanne asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

"Still in bed. Why don't you wake him up, Mrs. Hill?" Bob asked, stifling a laugh that was building in his belly.

Before Joanne could answer, Jim walked slowly into the room and smiled hello to the blonde.

"Come on, Jimmy. Eat breakfast fast. I want to show you around the rest of the neighborhood," Doug said as he got up and opened the refrigerator door.

Joanne stood quietly at the other end of the kitchen, leaning against the sink as she stared at the three eating teens. The image of all of them fucking her at once came back to her suddenly. She'd had it slip through her mind when Bob was fucking her. Now it came back in all its fury, making her legs tremble and her knees almost buckle from under her. Joanne had to fight back the almost overpowering urge to blurt out, "I want to fuck all of you now!"

Doug was the first to finish.

"I'll be outside, slowpokes," he said, running over to his mother and kissing her lightly on the forehead before running out the back door. Joanne tried to ignore Bob's stares and winks as Jim finished next and said good-bye politely to her.

"Well, should I pretend to be sick or something?" the teen asked as Jim disappeared out of the kitchen.

"What do you mean?" Joanne asked nervously as she felt her snatch fire up like a blast furnace. Bob had gotten up from the table and walked slowly over to her. Joanne automatically shifted her eyes down from his face to his crotch and noticed that something was twitching and pressing against his jeans.

"Come on, Mrs. Hill," the teen said as he rubbed his crotch against her thighs.

"Don't! They'll see you! They're waiting for you," Joanne panted as she felt her nipples poking angrily against her tight bra.

"Okay. Play hard-to-get. Maybe you're a little tired of my dick. Maybe I'll send Doug home to satisfy his mom's snatch," Bob said a little sullenly.

Joanne realized the teen might blurt out something if she were to send him away angry.

"No, it's not that. It's just that, I mean, I've just got to get my head together. I mean, it's been six months since -- since, well you know what. And I'm confused about it all. Especially when the man who -- who laid me was only eighteen. It's a little strange for me to accept that, especially since I'm over forty," Joanne said unevenly as she felt Bob's big hands crawl invitingly over her goose-fleshed, hot skin.

"Hey, don't worry about that," Bob said, the tone of his voice suddenly changed. "Like I told you last night, you're better than most girls I've fucked half your age."

"Please, just let me think it out," Joanne insisted, reaching up and gently pushing the teen away.

"Okay, I understand," Bob said, smiling gently at the blonde, then giving her a playful pat on her ass before he ran out the back door.

"Ohhhhhh!" Joanne cried out, reaching behind her to the sink for support. She almost told Bob to pretend to be sick so that she could wrap her legs around his back and get fucked by the teen all over again.

"Be home late this afternoon!" Doug shouted out as he, Jim and Bob walked down the street.

Joanne waved cheerily through the side window and watched the three teens until they disappeared around the corner.

"God, what am I going to do?" Joanne asked out loud as she leaned against the wall and ran the fingers of her right hand through her long blonde hair. The tight, hot feeling in her pussy was growing stronger and stronger. Joanne knew that she needed a cock soon to bring her off or she'd be unable to do anything around the house. The blonde almost wished that Bob hadn't fucked her last night. Before his cock spat out its jizz in her pussy, at least Joanne could move around. Now all she could think of was dick and how to get more of it. She was beginning to feel she was a nympho.

"This is silly!" Joanne said to herself out loud as she shook off the feeling temporarily and picked up her purse from the living-room coffee table. She had shopping to do if she was going to feed those three hungry mouths.

Hungry mouths! Joanne thought to herself as she closed the front door behind her. She pictured Doug, Bob and Jim nibbling, gnawing and tearing at her swollen pussy-lips like wolves fighting for a piece of meat.

As she climbed into the car, Joanne wondered where all this hot mushy feeling in her cunt would end.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Joanne moaned as she threw open the front door to her home and dropped the sack of groceries onto the chair near the couch. For four hours she'd tried to forget about dicks. And for four hours, all she noticed were men's crotches. At the grocery store two fat old men had tried to slide their hands across her ass as she was bending down to get some frozen vegetables buried in a freezer. The butcher tried to get her in the locker, offering her some choice "meats" that weren't out for public display. Every man in the store seemed to guess that she was a woman with an unsatisfied pussy. And every man was offering his cock as a chance for her to finally scratch that irritating yet lovely itch in her cunt.

Then Joanne had parked the groceries in the store's meat cooler and decided to see a movie. Of course, she by-passed all the Walt Disney flicks and managed to sneak into a Pussycat Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard. Joanne managed to slip into a seat without attracting any attention. After focusing her eyes on the screen, she understood why no one saw her. The movie opened with a shot of a blonde sitting at a desk and typing some kind of manuscript. As the camera peeped in over her right shoulder, Joanne could see what kind of manuscript the girl was working on. It was a porno story, and the section of the

Chapter dealt with two men fucking a woman at the same time. The girl would type a few sentences, then stop and reach under the desk, obviously fingering herself to get a little relief before getting back to her manuscript.

Then she suddenly pushed the typewriter away from her in obvious irritation. She wore a white dress that barely covered the tops of her thighs. Joanne could see the girl's nipples poking desperately at the clinging material. As the girl reached under her dress, Joanne did the same, feeling the fire in her snatch as intensely as the girl on the screen obviously did.

Then the camera angle changed and focused on the big dark spot between her widely spread legs. Wisps of dark hair hung out of either side of her panty crotch. The girl was moving her hands slowly until she was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Joanne felt her breath getting shorter and shorter as she watched a small dark spot appear on the girl's panties, then spread until the entire crotch piece was soaked through with hot pussy-juice. This was no acting. The girl was working herself up on camera for the whole world to see.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Joanne moaned out involuntarily as the girl continued to rub her pussy. Gradually, she worked one finger into the leg of her panties. Joanne felt her mind spinning as she watched the girl's mouth spring open and her eyes shut tightly. Her finger-probings became wilder and wilder as she reached up and pulled down her dress. The girl's tits flopped out and revealed two long, hard spikes at each end.

As the girl kept on fingering herself up to climax, the door opened up and her "boss" stepped in. At first he seemed disgusted at what he saw. Then he watched, and slowly started massaging his own groin. When he unzipped his pants and pulled out a long, thick, knobby twelve-inch dick, Joanne realized she had to get out of the theater or start a scene of her own.

"Watch it! Hey!" a few men mumbled as Joanne stumbled down the aisle and ran out the rear door. She couldn't believe this was happening to her! Just a few days ago she was a respectable if somewhat unsatisfied housewife. Now here she was, fucking teens behind her own son's back and sneaking into porno theaters so that she could get herself off.

"Like the show, sweet tits?" a leering cashier asked as Joanne tried to sneak out of the theater lobby. Everybody seemed to have her number now.

Joanne walked around the shopping mall near the theater for several hours after that scene, trying to understand what was happening inside her mind and body. She was beginning to notice looks men gave her that had passed over her head before. If it weren't for the last shred of respectability that she still clung to, Joanne would have fallen down on her back and invited every man in the shopping mall to have at her cunt.

"Got to get relief!" Joanne mumbled to herself as she shut the door behind her and raced to the stairs. She still had some time before the teens got home. She was in no condition to meet them now at the front door. Her old friend Mr. Dildo would take care of that itch for the time being.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she tore off her blouse, skirt, bra and panties. Every movement seemed to spark off new shocks of sensual electricity in her hot pussy. As the blonde turned around to her bed, she looked into the full-length mirror on the adjoining bathroom door.

"Not bad for a forty-year-old broad," she said out loud as she admired her full, ripe titties and smooth thighs. Bob was right. She did have a better shape than most women even half her age. There were no wrinkles, stretch marks, or sagging jugs on her body.

Joanne inhaled sharply. And a plastic cock was going to take care of that body now. She sighed, then rolled onto the bed, reaching under the box springs and pulling out a white, ten-inch-long vibrator.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Joanne moaned as she turned on the button and felt the vibrations go through her fingers. Almost immediately she felt her clit pop up and begin to vibrate in time to the dildo. Joanne lay back and spread her legs wide apart as she moved the artificial cock up to her cunt-lips.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" she cried out, trailing the cool smooth tip of the dildo along the hairy outer edges of her furry cunt. The vibrator plowed through the thick, blonde forest of curly cunt hairs as the instrument seemed to turn her pussy into a mass of silly putty.

"Oh, Bob, Bob!" Joanne moaned as she stared poking the first few inches of the plastic dick into her sucking snatch. She pictured the powerful teenager as he was last night -- slightly drunk, passionate, drooling with lust as he battered her upturned twat with his twitching dick.

"Mmmmmm, Doug! Doug!" Joanne moaned, realizing barely that the image of the man over her was gradually changing. Slowly, she saw that it was her son she was thinking of, crouching over her writhing body and tickling the tips of her tits with his long tongue as he whispered filthy obscenities in her ear.

"Ohhh, noooo!" Joanne cried out, trying to drive the picture out of her mind. But it kept coming back. As she dug more inches of the vibrator into her mushy box, Joanne saw her son's eyes glaze over with unutterable lust.

"Doug! Doug!" she moaned again, realizing now that it was her son she wanted. His cock was the one that could put, out the fire raging in her spasming box.

"Mom!" someone somewhere seemed to answer her.

At first Joanne thought it was her own active imagination. Then gradually she realized someone was standing in the doorway to her bedroom.

"What? I -- OH, MY GOD!" Joanne shrieked, pulling the dildo out of her snatch and throwing it wildly across the room. She reached down and pulled the covers tightly to her tits as her face flushed wildly red with shame.

"I-I didn't know. I mean..." Doug stammered, leaning against the doorway and staring hotly at his mother. Joanne wanted to crawl into the deepest hole she could find and pull the ground over her head. Her son had found her in the worst possible position, moaning his name over and over. There wasn't any way she could bluff her way out of this one. Only an idiot wouldn't understand the significance of her groans.

"Doug, I can explain. I mean, I can't in a way. But you've got to realize. It's been a long time since your father's died and -- well, I'm a normal woman with..." Joanne stammered.

"With abnormal needs?" Doug finished.

"Oh, God!" Joanne moaned, lowering her head and burying her face in her hands.

"Christ! That fuckin' thing's bad enough. But what were you doing calling out my name?" the teen asked, pushing himself into the bedroom.

"I-I can't explain it," Joanne moaned, wishing that her son would run out of the house. She could take him shouting out what he'd found to everyone in the neighborhood. But he was trying to understand everything. Even in this situation, Joanne could feel her snatch rumbling crazily. She didn't know if she could keep her hands off him now.

"Do -- do you want me to fuck you?" Doug finally asked, sitting gently down on the bottom corner of the bed.

"What? WHAT?" Joanne cried out, hardly believing what she heard him ask.

"I said, do you want me to fuck you? I mean, if you do, I'll take care of it," Doug said simply.

"I-I don't understand. I..."

"I was almost glad when Dad died," Doug confessed after a long pause.

"Doug!" Joanne cried out, dropping the covers and revealing her big jugs.

"I was! I used to hear the two of you fucking for what seemed like hours. I wanted to be where he was, jamming his big dick into you! You don't know how I used to jack off behind the door. I used to try to time my coming with yours!"

"Jesus!" Joanne cried out again, feeling her pussy warm up like a toaster.

"I got pretty good at it. I'd close my eyes and wet down my fingers, pretending that they were your snatch-lips. Then I'd picture you wriggling all around under me as I slipped my dick into you. Then just when I heard you come, I shot my wad," the teen confessed.

"Oh, honey, I didn't know. Oh, Jesus, if I had. Oh, God," Joanne said, pushing down the covers until the top curls around her snatch came into view.

"But we can take care of that now, can't we?" Doug asked.

Joanne looked into her son's deep-blue eyes and felt her heart pound wildly.

"Yes! Yes, God, yesssss!" Joanne cried out as she reached forward and wrapped her arms around Doug's slender neck. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she felt his breath blow against her cheeks. In one flash, all her dreams had come true. Her son's mouth was clamped tightly down on her lips, sucking her tongue into his oral cavity as his hands crawled up her flat belly towards her hanging jugs.

"Jesus, Doug. I need your cock. Oh, God, Mom's got an itch down there that needs to be scratched. Oh, God, do it for me, honey," Joanne moaned. She knew she didn't have to talk like that to her son. But it excited her to do it.

"Get your mouth on my cock, Mom," Doug answered, starting to pull his Levi's open.

"Mmmmmm!" Joanne murmured, jerking her mouth away from Doug's and plunging her head down between the teen's legs. Before Doug could stop her, she started working her lips around her son's big dick through his Levi's. Joanne could feel his cock throbbing with her lips, and timed her oral massage with the vibrating of Doug's big, knobby prick.

"Shit," the teen moaned, reaching down and gently holding onto his mother's bobbing head with his hands as Joanne started at the base of the teen's cloth-imprisoned prick and worked her way to the top. She slid back to the base again and repeated her actions, soon soaking the material with her spittle. Automatically Doug began thrusting his hips back and forth, arching his back to force his stiff cock against Joanne's hot face.

"Ohhhhhh! Nnnnnnghhhh! Ohhh, Mom! Mom! I can't -- oh, fuckin' Jeeeesus!" Doug kept moaning.

Joanne loved hearing her son groan like that. If her session with Bob was dragged out, she wanted this one to last all afternoon and into the night. It was her son she'd been wanting all along. And now that she had him, she wasn't going to let him go all that fast.

"Shit!" the teen cried out, then broke down into a series of guttural growls and sobs as Joanne reached up and started unbuttoning his fly.

"Cock! Cock!" Joanne whispered huskily as she ripped open his Levi's.

"Easy... Ohhhhh, SHITTTTTT!" the teen cried out as the full length of his hot, hard rod sprang out into the air. Joanne jerked her head back. If Bob's cock was big, Doug's was mammoth. It was almost the image of her late husband's prick. Thick, long blue veins wrapped themselves the full eleven inches of the teen's dick, throbbing with each beat of Doug's heart. The tightly stretched cock-skin seemed to grow slicker and shinier with each passing second. Joanne's widely opened eyes traveled from the thick, hair-covered root of Doug's dick up to the purple, flanged tip of the teenager's quivering shaft. A tiny opaque drop of cum oozed out of the long slash at the tip of his prick-head and trickled down the tightly stretched skin of Doug's dick-tip.

"I want that cock!" Joanne said determinedly.

"Mom, easy. I'm gonna come if you..." the teen started to say.

But Joanne had other plans besides talking. Gently she pressed the thick rod between her fingers, forcing the piss-slit open farther. Another small drop of jizz oozed out as the teen groaned with delight. As she pressed her thumb hard against the sensitive underside of Doug's stiffened cock, Joanne slowly slid her index finger up over the crown and began to smear the clear fluid around in circles on the teen's silky cock-head.

"Fuck! Fuckkkkkkk!" Doug moaned.

Joanne looked up and saw her son close his eyes and bite down into his lower lip. His hips jerked, then hunched forward with every gentle squeeze the blonde gave her son's fully extended dick.

"UNNGHHHHHH!" the teen cried out again as Joanne reached out and placed one hand around his slender waist.

"Please. Get out of those damned clothes," Joanne said urgently.

"Mom, are you sure? I mean, there's no going back if we..." Doug started to say.

"I want your dick up my cunt. Does that sound like I don't know what I'm doing?" Joanne asked him, seeing that he was just as unsure about mother-son fucking as she was. Somebody had to take the lead now, and she was going to take it if he didn't.

"Okay. Shit, I can't believe this is happening," the teen said as he slid off the bed and unbuttoned his shirt quickly.

Chapter FOUR

"Turn the dildo off," Joanne whispered as she watched Doug slowly milking his jerking dick. Hot flashes rushed through her body, making her clit push to the top of her quivering cunt while her pussy-lips swelled more and more.

"I'll think about that later," Doug said mysteriously as he walked slowly up to the bed.

The anticipation of feeling her son's body crushing down on hers was too much for Joanne. She closed her eyes and raised her hands, trailing her fingertips across her stiff, reddened nipples.

"Ohhh, God. Suck my titties! Oh, Jeeeesus, suck my titties," Joanne moaned over and over.

"I'll rip them off," Doug growled as he stopped at the edge of the bed and watched his mother play with herself.

"UNNGHHHH!" she cried out, pinching her tit-tips between her fingers. Joanne kicked her legs farther apart and groaned again when she felt a rush of cool air blast against her fiery cunt. The blonde babbled incoherently as she felt steaming, bubbling cunt-juice oozing out of her fat lips and drenching the top sheet under her squirming firm ass.

"Jesus!" Doug said as he finally crawled onto the bed and slid up to his mother.

"Oh, God, baby, you don't know how long I've waited for this," Joanne said, reaching over and stroking her son's hot, flushed face with her right hand.

"Me, too," Doug groaned, reaching down and running his right hand up and down the full hot length of her jerking prong.

"God! SHIT!" Joanne cried out angrily, growing impatient as she felt spasms rip through her jerking pussy. "I want that cock up my cunt," she said huskily as she watched drops of lubricant drip out of Doug's expanding piss-slit. Joanne licked her lower lip, fighting the desire to run her tongue along those big veins that throbbed hard against his taut prick-skin. She wanted to move her lips until they clamped around the teen's pulsating cock-head where she'd be able to taste those early drops of salty jizz.

"Touch me! Oh, God!" Joanne begged.

But Doug kept teasing her, rubbing his fingers slowly up and down his twitching cock while he stared at her quivering, juicing red slash.

"Something! Do SOMETHING!" Joanne cried out desperately as she lowered her right hand to her groin. She spread her burning cunt-lips apart, rubbing the itching, aching slick pussy-walls with her fingertips. Joanne almost jerked her hand away, feeling a surprising blast of hot air hitting her hands when she pulled those fluttering labes apart.

"Wow, Mom!" Doug said enthusiastically, watching the show carefully.

Joanne wiggled her ass back and forth against the groaning mattress, rubbing her thighs together and trapping her fingers inside her snatch while she played with herself. Joanne moved her hand up slightly, strumming her clit like a harp string. Suddenly she felt a series of hard contractions rip through her cunt. Her eyes flew open in wild surprise and she arched her back in reaction to the tearing spasms. Joanne impaled her snatch on her probing fingers, reaming it out with tiny circular motions before she slammed her butt-cheeks back on the bed and looked hotly at her son.

"I'll come this way if you don't do something fast," Joanne warned him.

"Okay," Doug said simply, reaching over and sliding his hand quickly between her thighs. Suddenly she felt lightning flash up against her cunt and thunder blow up in her brain as Doug grabbed her red, throbbing clit between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it.

"AIYEEEEEEEE!" Joanne cried out, heaving her ass up in the air as she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and wrapped her hands around Doug's neck.

"Hot! You're really hot for my cock, aren't you, Mom?" Doug said as he stroked her sputtering mound of sex-flesh gently.

"NNNGGGG! NNNNNNGGGGGG!" was all Joanne could say.

Doug then pulled his hand out of her sucking snatch and ran his finger lightly along the edge of her hot gash. Joanne moaned, begging him to stick his fingers back into her pussy. But he kept on teasing his mother. He played with the tight blonde curls of her matted twat hairs, toying with them as he continued to lightly massage her quivering labes.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkkkkkk!" Joanne groaned, squeezing her firm buttocks together and heaving her snatch up. She tried to signal him with her fiery muff, waving it like a battle banner in the air and hoping he'd dive back into her thundering twat.

But Doug had a mind of his own. He'd waited just as long as Joanne for this opportunity. And like his mother, he wasn't going to blow the whole scene out the window with a quick suck/fuck job.

"Dick! Dick!" Joanne shouted out, thrashing on the couch as he worked the slippery edges of her fat, hot lips together with his right hand. At the same time Doug reached up with his left and rolled his palm hard over her erect, sparking right nipple.

"JEBEFEEFESUS!" Joanne cried as incredible flashes of heat seared her pussy and tits.

"That's it, Mom. When I shove my cock in you, I want you howling the roof down," Doug groaned as he slid his hand slowly away from her slick snatch and trailed it along the full length of her smooth, tapered legs.

"Fuck m-m-meeeee!" Joanne stammered, feeling her snatch rumble hungrily. She needed something up her hot box now. She could feel her cunt muscles trembling, whimpering for Doug's prick. She rolled her head back and forth on the bed, her long blonde hair tangling across her nose and mouth as she gasped and whined for dick.

"Okay, Mom. Here it comes," Doug groaned as he rolled between Joanne's widely splayed legs and grabbed his cock with both hands, pointing it down at her quivering box.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Joanne cried out happily, closing her eyes tightly and holding her breath as she waited for the initial plunge to blow her out of the world.


Joanne screamed at the top of her lungs. Doug had fooled her. He was still playing games with her. It wasn't cock she was getting. It was her son's mouth, hot and open, fitted tightly around her hot hole!

"MGGGGFFFF!" Doug responded as he slid his lips up and down the outer edges of her tightening cunt-lips. Occasionally he dug his teeth gently into the swollen, slick membranes of her pussy-lips. Every muscle in her crotch ached now. Her swollen, twitching clit throbbed unbelievably for release.

"FUCK ME! YOU SON OF A BITCH, FOR GOD'S SAKE, FUCK ME!" the blonde cried in desperation as Doug lapped like a dog at her tightly clenched twat.

"Shit," Doug answered her as he shoved his head forward. He buried his face deep in the folds of her hot snatch as his hands dug and slid under her bouncing ass. Doug dug into the firm flesh and held her cheeks so far apart that Joanne thought he was going to tear her body apart.

"Time for your mouth on me now," Doug said as he pulled away from his bucking mother.

"Wh-What?" the blonde stammered as she realized her son had pulled his mouth away from her pussy.

"Suck me! Come on. Don't tell me you never did it before. I used to hear Dad groan out how good you were, sucking his cock and licking his balls. I want to feel the same thing," Doug said, smiling strangely at his mother.

Joanne wasn't too much in the mood for cock-sucking now. Her pussy was quivering, contracting and sucking in air, begging for instant relief. Still, the only one who could give it to her now was asking her to suck his cock. If that was the only way she could get his prick up her snatch, well, she'd just have to tell her cunt to be patient while she swallowed her son's dick.

"Okay, Doug. You've made your point," Joanne said huskily as she rolled over and crouched between her son's legs. She lowered her face until her lips brushed against his quivering, long hot dick. Joanne felt the hot tips of her swaying boobs brush against the top sheet as she drove her mouth suddenly onto Doug's dick.

"UHHHHH!" the teen cried out, closing his eyes and digging his head into the mattress.

"Mgggffffff," she responded, slowly sliding her hand up from Doug's cock and starting to move it up to her son's belly. She pushed it through the thick matting of blond cock hair until her fingers began to knead the hot, hard flesh of his belly. Rivulets of sweat trickled down Doug's sides, matting the forest of crotch hair as Joanne's hands crawled hungrily over his skin. They searched out his sunken navel and dug into it, sending Doug into a frenzy of lust as he arched his back and drove his prick deeper down Joanne's sucking throat.

"Shit! Yesss! Just like that, Mom! Ohhhh, God! Work those lips around the-th-th-OHHHHH MY GODDDDD!" Doug howled like a ghost. Joanne felt a flush of pride as she felt her son writhing and tossing on the bed. She was glad that it was her expert tonguing and sucking that was making her son beg for release just as hard as she'd begged for it a few minutes ago.

As Doug hunched his hips into the air, Joanne unclamped her lips from her son's prick and moved her head down quickly, sticking out her tongue and running it slowly up and down the tough, wrinkled skin of Doug's heavy balls.

"OHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!" the teen cried out, his body shuddering uncontrollably as Joanne shoved her head farther up and popped the teen's fuck sacs in her mouth. The hot, baggy flesh tasted fresh and good in her mouth and she sucked gently at the leathery balls.

"UNNGHHHH!" Doug cried out again. Joanne felt his prick bouncing against her cheeks as she continued to slather her son's balls with hot spittle. "Ohhhhhh!" Joanne cried out, suddenly feeling Doug's big dick swell up inside her cheeks.

"Wh-what's wrong?" Doug stammered out, raising his head and looking at his mother.

"I'm not going to have your dork shooting off all over my face," Joanne said as she took her mouth and hands away from Doug's quivering cock and contracting sacs. She leaned back on her heels, closing her eyes and reaching down with her right hand. Joanne started sliding her fingers over her swollen, hairy cuntlips all over again.

"Come on, Mom. I don't think I want to screw around any more," Doug said simply.

"Oh, Christ, yes!" Joanne agreed as she flopped back down on the bed and hiked up her knees. At the same time Doug sprang back up and crawled until he was kneeling once more between his mother's spread thighs.

"NOW! JEEESUS, NOW! NOW! NOW!" Joanne cried working herself up to an incredible climax. She thought she'd lose her mind when she felt her son's hot dick-head bang against her fluttering, parted hot labes.

"Now!" Doug said quietly as he leaned forward, extending his arms on either side of her shoulders as he continued bumping the swollen, drooling tip of his jerking prick against her snatch.

"Ummmmmmm!" Joanne groaned.

Doug stopped only fir a second to guide his purple, tightly stretched dick-head to the bristling wet hairs of Joanne's cunt. With one hard thrust he slammed his rod into her cunt.

"AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!" the blonde cried out happily. She threw her head down on the bed and screwed up her crotch as she felt her son's hot dick slide deeper and deeper into her steaming fuck-hole.

"ARRRGHHHHHH!" Joanne screeched out again as she felt her swollen labes stretch farther and farther apart. They clamped tightly over her son's diving dick. As the knob slid in, Joanne's trembling cunt-lips closed tightly over it, chewing and gnawing at the hot pole like a big, hairy mouth. Doug didn't bury the full length of his cock yet. The two of them lay petrified on the bed for several seconds, panting desperately as they both drank in the delicious feeling that comes just at the brink of fucking.

"Now! Now!" Joanne moaned.

Doug obediently hunched forward, twisting his body back and forth. He rotated his sweaty thighs so that his shaft churned and reamed its way deeper into her pussy. The spongy, hot cock-head drove her rumbling pussy-walls farther apart as Joanne thought she'd piss from the intense excitement.

"OHHHH, MORE! JAM MORE COCK IN MY SNATCH! OHHH, FUCKIN' JEEEEESUS! FUCK ME! OHH, YEAH! YEAH! SCREW THE FUCKIN' SHIT OUT OF ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!" the blonde screeched out, screaming more obscenities as she felt her son's prick dig deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"Ohhhh, Mom," Doug panted quietly in answer as he dropped his head on his chest and drove his prick into her twat. The teen sank forward, squeezing her, pushing her down hard into the groaning bed with his muscular weight as he drove the final hot inches into her snatch. Doug pushed his cock fully inside her hole as he reached up to squeeze her tits.

"Nnnghhhh!" Joanne moaned helplessly, feeling her nipples squeezed tightly between Doug's fingers.

"Peel my balls, Mom," the teen groaned as he raised his ass and pulled his cock almost completely out of her cunt before he fell forward again, jamming his prick all the way up her snatch.

Joanne ground her teeth together and tried to pull herself back to reality.

"My balls! Balls!" Doug moaned over and over as he started to plunge his pecker in and out rhythmically.

Joanne reached between their bodies and wriggled her hands around until she felt the furry nuts that were slapping against her upturned ass-cheeks. Gently and softly she cupped his balls in her palm as Doug groaned, sweated and fucked.

"It's sooo good," she moaned, dropping her hand and grabbing the edge of the mattress to keep herself from sailing off the bed. Her legs spread wider apart so that Doug's jamming, sliding prick could blast in more easily.


Joanne screamed as her son's cock ripped through her sucking, squishing cunt like a torpedo. It hammered against her erect clit, slamming down harder and harder as he raised his head and clamped down his lips around her stiff nipples.

"OHHH! OHHH! OHHHH!" Joanne screamed as she felt her son's hot, wet mouth pulling and tugging at her sensitive tit-flesh. She felt his strong white teeth slide over the sparking nipple-ends as his tongue washed the hard brown skin at the same time. Joanne thrashed and bucked, feeling like a girl out for her first screwing. Hot and cold flashes swept over her body as thunder and lightning exploded in her brain. Already she could feel the surges of electric sensation sparking from the tip of her clit. It was a warning signal that her orgasm was just a few seconds away.

"Now, Mom! Oh, fuck! I CAN'T WAIT MUCH LONGER!" Doug cried out wildly.

Joanne looked up and saw the veins standing out like rope in his neck.

"Don't, Doug! Wait for me!" Joanne pleaded.

"Can't! Can't!" her son answered.

"AHHHHHHRRGHHH! WAWWWHHHH!" the blonde screamed out, desperately trying to work herself up to a climax. She could see that her son was about to blow his load. There was no way she could stop him from dumping his jizz in her snatch now. Joanne realized that she'd have to work hard and fast if she wanted to come with her bucking, sweating son.

"NOW! I'M COMING! COMMMMMMINNNNGGG!" the teen screamed as he drove his prick hard into her snatch.


Joanne protested as she pumped her cunt up and down, slamming her groin against Doug's as she worked herself up to a quick climax. She could feel her son's cock swell up enormously in her cunt as his hard, sweating body trembled as if he were gripped in a fit.

"WAIT!" she pleaded as she felt his cock throbbing wildly inside her. Joanne's cunt-walls tightened around it now, gripping and milking it as the big cock-head spasmed, vibrated, then puffed up.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Joanne wailed as she felt hot jets of scalding rich cum, explode deep inside her cunt. That was all she needed. Joanne felt a tidal wave of orgasm push up from her belly and crash against her jerking pussy. Wave after mind-blasting wave of orgasm racked her cunt, making her trembling pussy-walls grip Doug's spraying dick as she flailed wildly on the bed.

"WAWWWWHHHH! ARRGHHH! NNNNGHHHHH!" the two of them screamed. It felt as if the entire world was blowing apart with her pussy. Her snatch held onto the squirming, shooting cock-meat as wads of jizz oozed out from between her tightly stretched cunt-lips and trickled down to the wrinkled top sheet.

"Oh, God! Oh, my God!" Joanne was finally able to say as she dropped her legs in exhaustion to the bed.

"Mom! That was -- was fantastic!" Doug said enthusiastically as he bent down and licked the pools of sweat from between her thunderous tits.

"For six months..." Joanne started to say, then felt the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Hey, this isn't the time to cry," Doug said, reaching up and wiping a tear from her right eye. "Shit, this is the time to throw open the windows and shout out... 'I just fucked my own mother!'"

Joanne looked at Doug, then broke out laughing.

"C-Can you im-imagine what the others would say?" Joanne stammered, trying to keep from breaking down as her son laughed hard with her.

"You'd be surprised about what's going on around the old neighborhood," Doug said as he gently pumped his soft dick in and out of her drooling snatch.

"What do you mean?" Joanne asked curiously. "Well, I mean this business about a mother sleeping with her son isn't all that wild. I mean, you knew the Drews down the street?" Doug asked.

Joanne looked curiously at her son and wondered what he was going to tell her about them. The family was awfully quiet and kept to themselves most of the time.

"Well, the old lady came home one night and found her husband fucking their daughter," Doug said simply, reaching down and playing with Joanne's slackening cunt-lips.

"What? But they always looked so -- proper!" Joanne cried out in honest surprise.

"That's their secret. Anyway, the old lady was really burned up. And not because she'd found her husband with the daughter. She'd been feeling the same thing for the son, but fought the feeling," Doug said, laughing softly to himself.

"So then?"

"So now the whole damn family's in on the deal. They fuck and suck into all hours of the night. Shit! I remember sometimes at school the two guys would come in yawning, and they fell asleep in class all the time," Doug said, hunching back slightly and pulling his limp dick all the way out.

"Uhhhhhhhh," Joanne cried out softly, feeling flashes of delight as Doug's dick-head cleared the outer edges of her pussy-lips.

"In fact, Jim and I snuck over to the Drews last night," Doug admitted, turning a little red.

"So that's your idea of showing him the town?" Joanne asked a little angrily. She was a little offended that Doug would consider peeping through somebody else's shutters more exciting than being with his mother.

"Well, it sure opened his eyes -- and mine a little. Shit, you should see what the whole damned family's into -- dildos, whips, leather..." Doug started to say.

"I don't care what they're into. All I care about is what's into me," Joanne said, reaching up and trailing her fingertips along her son's soft cock.

"Mmmmm. You keep that up and you'll make me hard all over again," Doug said, glancing down at his mother's pussy and noticing that her labes were swelling up again.

"I could go another time," Joanne murmured, feeling his dick responding to her gentle massaging.

"Yeah, so could I," Doug said, watching his cock swell and lengthen with every passing second.

"Come on. When are your friends coming home?" Joanne asked, feeling her brain getting lighter as the heat between her kicking legs grew more intense.

"I ditched them at the shopping mall. Jim and Bob said that they wanted to do some shopping. So I decided to come home. Shit, I didn't expect this, though," Doug said as he reached down and stroked his fully extended hard-on.

"You know, you never turned off that damned buzzing dildo," Joanne said, still feeling a little embarrassed about having her son discover her with a plastic dick up her twat.

"I told you I have plans for it, Mom," Doug said, smiling slyly at her. Then he slid off the bed and walked over to the white, buzzing vibrator. Joanne shuddered involuntarily as she watched him pick it up and roll it back and forth in his right palm.

"What are you planning for that thing?" Joanne asked nervously as she felt her cunt and shit-hole contract at the same time.

"You've got two holes. It's a shame that one isn't filled when the other gets stuffed."

"Oh, God!" Joanne cried out, watching Doug's hot, blood-heavy dick sway back and forth lazily as he walked slowly back to the bed with the vibrator in his hand.

Chapter FIVE

"Ohhh, don't," Joanne groaned as she riveted her eyes on the long, white vibrator. She'd never taken two cocks of any kind in her body. Now Doug was planning to ram her with his cock in one end, and a dildo in the other!

"Come on, Mom. You're always one to try something different," Doug said, smiling and winking at her as he crawled slowly onto the bed.

"But that? Ohhh, I don't know," Joanne said warily as she felt her snatch and shitter pucker up.

"Shhhh!" Doug suddenly said, stopping his crawling and perking up his ears.

"What's..." Joanne started to ask. But Doug put his fingers up to his lips and slowly slid off the bed.

"Doug, wh..." Joanne started again.

"There's somebody outside the door," the teen said, placing the buzzing dildo back on the bed as he crept towards the closed bedroom door.

"Oh, my God!" Joanne groaned, pulling at the top sheet and covering her body with it. She prayed God that her son was wrong. Who could it be? A burglar? Bob? Jim? She wondered how she could explain the groans and shouts of a few minutes ago to whoever was crouching behind the door.

"Okay, who's there?" Doug shouted out, turning the knob on the door and throwing it open quickly.

"Fuck!" Jim cried out, stumbling into the room and falling onto the bed.

"Jim!" Doug and Joanne cried out at the same time.

"Yeah, Jim," the teen said, staggering to his feet and straightening his hair.

"What are you..." Doug began.

"Doing back? I got tired of looking at pants and shirts I couldn't afford. So I left Bob going through shirts I couldn't afford. So I left Bob going through the different stores, and I thought I'd come back."

"So what were you doing behind the door?" Doug asked, a little angry at being interrupted this way.

"Shit, you could hear the two of you screaming and moaning away all through the house. I'm surprised that the neighborhood isn't up here jacking off while they watch," Jim said, struggling to keep a straight face.

"Oh, God!" Joanne moaned, flushing red with embarrassment.

"Hey, don't feel bad, Mrs. Hill. I'll just go on back to the mall and pretend I never saw anything," Jim said, glancing quickly at Doug to see how he received that suggestion.

"No sense in doing that. You've already seen it all," Doug sighed as he stared at the floor. "But why don't you help me out?"

"Huh?" Joanne and Jim grunted together.

"I was going to use the dildo on her. But since you're here, well..." Doug said, not finishing the sentence.

"Now just a second. Don't I get a say in this?" Joanne asked, a little miffed by Doug's sudden sense of control and superiority.

"Sure, Mom. But from the way your eyes just lit up like a couple of searchlights, my guess is that your vote is yes," Doug said, smiling broadly at Joanne.

"Hey, do you mean it? I mean, Jesus! That'd be great!" the tall lanky blond teen almost shouted out as he reached down and pulled his red flannel shirt out from the waist of his Levi's.

"I think you're gonna like what you see, Mom," Doug said as Jim fumbled with the top snap on his jeans.

"Ohhhhh!" Joanne cried out in delight as Jim's dick sprang out of his trousers. It was incredibly long -- about an inch longer than Doug's mammoth dong though much thinner. Joanne shuddered, thinking of how much like a spear the blond teen's cock would feel up her ass or cunt.

"Come on, lazy. Get out of those fuckin' jeans and onto the bed. We've got some work to do," Doug said as he crawled back onto the sheets and edged up to his mother.

"You still gonna use that thing?" Jim asked as he scratched his big leathery balls and climbed onto the bed, also.

"The dildo? Sure. You've got to warm her up somehow," Doug said as he picked up the vibrator and waved it invitingly over Joanne's slightly raised pussy.

"Ohhhhh, Godddd!" Joanne moaned. She wanted cock now. She saw the two big rods jerking in the air and licked her lower lip in excitement. Both cocks were thickly veined and surrounded by vast forests of matted blond crotch hair. Both prick-heads were perfectly rounded, flanged at the edges, and deep purple when filled with blood. The lengths and widths were different. But then Joanne liked variety, and was willing to try them both on for comfort.

"Want this, Mom?" Doug asked as he squeezed his cock-head with the fingers of his left hand. An opaque drop of cum trickled out of the cock-slit and glimmered in the light.

"Yess, yessss!" Joanne hissed. She wanted as much prick-meat as she could get now. She wanted Doug and Jim to ram her pussy and shitter like she'd never been screwed before. She wanted them to fuck her brains to the wall while her itching nipples blew off her goose-fleshed titties.

"FUCK ME!" Joanne cried out.

"Hey, let me try to feel her out," Jim said as he positioned himself between Joanne's trembling, slightly raised knees. The woman raised her head and saw the teen's long, thin pole jerking and bobbing rhythmically as he started to reach down to her pussy-lips.

"Fuck this!" Jim said in frustration as he gave up fingering her and lunged forward, clamping down his lips on Joanne's. The blonde fought for breath as the teen kissed her hard, sucking all the air from her lungs while he hunched forward with his slender thighs. Joanne almost fainted as she felt his dick throbbing and beating against her snatch-lips. She couldn't believe that the intensity of the aching itch between her legs was the same as it was just before Doug jammed his thick dong up her twat. Joanne wondered if she was becoming a nympho. Bob Decker's fucking seemed to have released some kind of fire inside her that nothing could put out!

"Hey, let's give our little friend here a chance to work old Mom up," Doug said as he lowered the dildo and trailed its quivering cool tip across the woman's right nipple.

"AHHHHHHH!" Joanne cried out as the vibrations poured through her tits and down her chest. Her clit popped up and quivered violently in time to the artificial cock.

"Wow! She practically flew off the bed!" Jim said, backing away from the bucking blonde.

"Up we go," Doug said, not paying attention to Jim's comment. Joanne felt her legs tossed high in the air as Doug slid his right knee under her ass to keep her pointed up.

"What?" Joanne started to ask. Then she felt him running the vibrator across her sweaty ass-cheeks, poking her goose-fleshed buttocks with the dildo. Suddenly he was moving it upward, trailing it across the lower end of her pussy.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Joanne cried out as she felt her cunt snap shut like a fleshy clam. Were the teens planning to finish her off that way? What a waste of time. Joanne wanted to be fucked by a couple of men, not by a machine.

"Don't worry, Mom. We'll be careful," Doug said, winking at Jim as he moved the dildo higher and higher. Then he slid its full length across her gaping slash.


Doug was filling up her box with his fingers, churning them around and around, scraping her slick pussy membranes with his fingertips while the vibrator buzzed angrily on top of her furry mound. Joanne gradually was turning into one big vibrating clit. Every nerve in her hot body became a sex organ. She couldn't believe the feelings that had gripped her mind as Doug continued to run the dildo up, down and around her begging box.

"Okay, playtime's over. You think you can take both of us in your mouth, Mom?" Doug asked as he reached out and pulled Jim over next to him.

"Hey, I don't think rubbing against your prick's gonna turn me on," Jim said a little doubtfully.

"Shit, that's not queer. I'll bet she fires up better with a bunch of dicks than just one," Doug said as he reached down and pulled his mother up into a sitting position. Both he and Jim struggled to their feet on the bed and staggered over to the waiting, open-mouthed blonde.

"UNNNNGGGGHHH!" Joanne called out like an animal as she lowered her jaw bone as far as she could. She stuck a finger in her incredibly hot hole and slid it up until it brushed against her beating clit. Joanne squeezed her thighs together as she closed her eyes and waited for the teens to make their initial plunge.

"Let's go, buddy," Jim said as he moved forward and guided his narrow cock-head into Joanne's waiting mouth. At the same time Doug hunched up against his buddy, sliding his dick next to Jim's as it popped into Joanne's stretched mouth.

"Unnnnnuughhh!" Joanne cried out in a muffled scream as she felt the two dicks jam back and forth between her widely parted ups. The cocks slid against one another like two slick sticks setting a forest fire deep inside the woman's snatch. Joanne felt torrent after torrent of fresh, hot snatch-juice seep out from between her fat pussy-lips as Jim's and Doug's clicks battered against the back of her sucking, gurgling throat.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! MOM!" Doug cried out, reaching forward and digging his fingertips into Joanne's skull.

"OHHHH, FUCK!" Jim screamed, hunching wildly back and forth as he felt the blonde's tongue slosh up and down his spasming cock. Joanne wasn't sure, but she guessed that Jim wasn't as experienced as either Bob or Doug. The teen was being carried away faster by his feelings than either of the other teens had. His long, muscular and thin legs shook wildly as he continued to batter Joanne's sucking mouth with his long fleshy spear.

"MMMGGGHHHH!" Joanne cried out again in delight, surprising herself with her ability. She was able to slide her mouth down to the roots of both cocks without gagging. At the same time she slowly wrapped her tongue around Jim's and Doug's dicks, working her way up to the pulsating, drooling heads. Joanne remembered the teens talking about some kind of mini-Olympics to be held up in their school, and she wondered if her dual cock-sucking would classify as an event.

"SHIIITTTTTTT!" the teens cried out together. Joanne's expert mouth didn't miss an inch of their hot, plunging cock-meat. She felt every vein, every wrinkle slide across her stretched lips as she reached up with her free hand and cupped first Jim's balls, then Doug's.

"Uuuughffff!" Joanne grunted as she pulled her mouth free of the two cocks. "That's enough of that! If I had those things in me any longer, you'd have blown your loads."

"Wow, Mrs. Hill! Wow!" Jim kept saying over and over like a country bumpkin as he rubbed his spit-slicked cock quickly with his right hand.

"What's so bad about that?" Doug asked as he bent down and tilted Joanne's head up. He clamped his thick lips on hers, pulling in her tongue and spittle as his tongue crashed into her mouth. It wriggled and thrashed frantically between her teeth. At the same time Jim dropped to his knees and inched his way forward until he was crouched between Joanne's kicking legs. While Doug was tonguing his mother's sucking mouth, Jim pushed his head forward and buried his face in Joanne's hot, swampy muff.

"UNNGHHHFF!" she cried out as the teen snaked his tongue in between her tightly clamped snatch-lips and slid it up at her clit. Joanne pulled out her fingers from her cunt and let Jim take over while Doug reached down and cupped his mother's big boobs in his powerful hands. Joanne felt her nipples mash in as Doug squeezed the hot, spongy flesh. Joanne's cunt spasmed once, then twice, then three hard times as she felt Jim's lips close tightly around her box and suck gently.

"Jesus, this is uncomfortable," Doug said, pulling away. He almost knocked his friend Jim to the floor. "Let's get down to the serious business of fucking."

"Fine with me," Jim said easily. "But who's gonna have what hole?"

Joanne couldn't believe she was hearing this. They were talking about her like some kind of prime steak!

"Jimmy, why don't you take her in the cunt? I've plowed up that way a little earlier today. I want to sink my dick in her shit-hole now," Doug said as he sank to his knees and rolled his mother to one side.

"Jeeesus! Jeeesus, help me!" Joanne moaned, really wanting no one to help her except the two teens. Their advice to another was exciting the hell out of her.

"How does this feel?" Doug asked as he slid down until he was even with his mother's ass. Soon he was flicking his tongue across the brown, puckered skin of her bung while he gripped her firm thighs with both hands.

"Ohhh, lick my asssssss!" Joanne cried out as she reached forward and stroked Jim's hot face with her right hand.

"Jesus, Mrs. Hill!" Jim cried out as he hunched his hips forward, battering her puffy cunt-lips with his spasming cock-head. "Oh, fuck, I wanna jam my prick up your snatch."

"Hey, don't rush it, buddy," Doug called out from behind his mother.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Joanne begged.

Suddenly she felt something hot, wet and pointed jam up inside her shitter. It was Doug's tongue.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Joanne groaned, feeling hot flashes of delight shoot from her shit-chute to her throbbing clit. At the same time Jim reached down and stroked her puffy labes, sticking in a finger and wriggling it around her juice-slickened snatch.

"God, Doug. She's so hot she's burnin' my fingers," Jim said as he stuck in two more fingers and pinched and tugged at Joanne's quivering clit.

"AIYEEE! AIYEEEEE!" the blonde screeched, clamping her thighs together and biting her lower lip in an attempt to keep from coming. Doug's ass-probing and Jim's cunt-fingering were driving her up to the brink quick.

"Nooo, don't do that!" she gasped, slamming her thighs up and down Jim's hand.

"You think she's ready?" Jim asked his friend.

"Are you kidding me? She's been ready since this morning," Doug said as he pried his mother's ass-cheeks as widely apart as he could with his left hand. "I've got to make sure I've got enough spit in that hole so I can get my knob in. Better hold her down," Doug advised his friend.

"Take it easy. Let me know when you're gonna stick your cock in. We'll ram her at the same time. That should take her mind off your dick for a while," Jim said.

"Ohhhhhh!" Joanne cried out. She felt like a shameless bitch, wedged in between two teenaged teens who were about to fuck her at the same time. And one of the teens was her own son! But she really didn't care about what other people might think. All she cared about was that there were two hot dicks inches away from both her holes, and they were about to dive into her body.

"Now!" Jim cried out, clenching his teeth and driving his cock up in between Joanne's fat cunt-lips. At the same time Doug tightened his grip around his mother's firm butt and lunged forward, burying his cock-head deep inside Joanne's asshole.

"AIYEEEEEE! OHHHHH! ARRGHHHHH! OH, FUCK MEEEE! OH, FUCKIN' SHIT! IT FEELS sooooooo gooooood!" Joanne shrieked, wriggling her ass and tossing her head wildly around the pillow. Her long blonde hair whipped across Jim's flushed face as he hunched up again and again, driving his juice-slicked cock deeper and harder into Joanne's sucking snatch.

"Fuck! She's gonna squeeze the shit out of my cock!" Jim cried out.

"Don't worry about that. Mom's a good fuck and she knows what she's doin'," Doug grunted out from behind as he continued to spread Joanne's butt farther apart with his powerful hands.

"Ohhh, fuck meeee!" Joanne whimpered again. She never knew that butt-fucking could be so deliciously delightful. There had been a sudden blow of sharp pain. But Jim's thrust up her pussy took care of that. The few seconds of pain turned quickly into one long spasm of pleasure.

"JEEESUS!" Jim cried out, slamming down at the same time his friend did.

"IN! IN! IN!" Joanne cried out with each downward thrust. As Doug and Jim completed their forward thrusts, Joanne would squeeze her cunt and shit-hole muscles together, gripping their cocks in her gut. Then she'd rotate her thighs slowly from left to right, churning their cocks in her holes before relaxing her muscles and letting those cocks fly free.

"OOOHHHHH, GODDDDD!" Doug cried. Joanne could feel her son's dick swelling in her ass. He was going to come if she didn't slow down. But how could she? Jim was firing her cunt up like a steel furnace with his insistent cock-ramming. She just bucked and thrashed like a mindless sex machine in between both teens. If they couldn't control themselves, that was their problem now. All she could think of was the incredible itch in both her shitter and pussy.

"Gonna come!" Doug groaned.

"Hey, wait! I'll slow down," Jim said.

"Don't know..." Doug said in a strained voice. "Come on, buddy. You don't want to dump your cum in her until I blast her snatch away, do you?" Jim asked.

"Think I'm okay now. Think so," Doug grunted behind his thrashing mother.

"We'd better rest for a few seconds. You think you're fine, but one fast movement and it's gangbusters!" Jim said.

"I'm close... close," Joanne stammered.

"God, she keeps talkin' like that and I'll blow my load in her just lyin' here," Doug grunted.

"Let's go, buddy," Jim finally said as both teens started ramming their cocks back and forth inside her. The room was filled with the smells and sounds of screwing. Joanne threw her arms around Jim's neck and pulled his body to hers, rubbing her tits into his smooth, hot skin. His ass shoved up quickly, sending more hot inches of prick-meat into her sucking snatch as his balls ground against the bottom junction of her battered pussy-lips.

"I can't hold out any MOOOORRRREEEE!" Doug cried out from behind Joanne suddenly.

The woman squeezed her ass-cheeks together to try to stop the gushing. But it was too late. She felt Doug's crotch hairs scratching her ass-cheeks desperately as the first wads of the teen's cum exploded in her bowels.

"UNNGHHHH! MOM! MAAAAAA!" the teen cried, throwing his head back and jamming his groin hard against Joanne's soft butt. The blonde twitched her ass violently in rhythm to Doug's wildly spraying cock. Load after hot load of jizz poured into her quivering asshole filling up the shit-chute completely and leaking out over the brown, stretched pucker of her shitter.

"Keep it in her," Jim panted. Joanne felt him increase the rhythm of his fucking as she felt her clit trembling desperately, throbbing toward a massive climax.

Joanne tightened her cunt as hard as she could, providing the maximum amount of friction she could for her son's friend. Her slick cunt-walls wrapped themselves around the teen's stabbing prick, massaging the hot cock-skin. Soon Joanne was feeling the beginnings of a giant orgasm building up in her belly.


Joanne shrieked desperately as she felt her cunt blow apart in a dynamite like blast of orgasm.

"NOWWWWWWW!" Jim answered her, slamming his groin up and digging his prick in her cunt as far as it could go. In a second Joanne felt his hot, wet jizz spatter against her quivering pussy-walls. She screamed mindlessly as a torrent of climactic waves zipped through her twat.

"Christ! NOOOOOOOO!" Doug shouted from behind as he milked the last drops of cum from his probing prick and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion.

"Oh, baby! Baby!" Joanne moaned, trying to turn her head around as best she could to look at her son.

"Hey, how about me?" Jim panted in front of her.

"You were wonderful," Joanne cooed, a little amused at the teen's desire to be graded on his sexual performance.

"Come on, Jim. No one can beat the champ!" Doug said, propping his head up and winking at his friend.

"You know, we should have some kind of contest to see who can make your mother buck and scream the hardest. Would you mind that, Mrs. Hill?" Jim asked, chuckling softly as he reached forward and trailed his right forefinger along her left tit.

"I'm not sure I like being sold on some kind of auction block," Joanne commented drily.

"Speaking of contests, let's make sure your mom comes up to school when we have the olympics. She'd take all the boring shit out of the games, that's for sure," Jim said as he slowly pulled his softening dick out of Joanne's cunt.

"Want to, Mom?" Doug asked enthusiastically.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Joanne said, sighing softly as she thought of all those stiff cocks up in her son's school.

Chapter SIX

"You mean you've fucked her, too?" Doug cried out in surprise at Bob.

"I don't see what you're so worked up about. Big deal. So I got to her snatch before you did. You got your chance to dump jizz in her," Bob said a little angrily.

"That's my mother you're talking about, and if you..." Doug said threateningly, curling up his fingers into two tight, hard fists.

"Please, Doug. Don't do anything!" Joanne wailed, stepping in between the two flushed teens.

"I just don't like him talking about you that way," Doug said sullenly.

"What did he say?" Joanne asked, giving Bob a quick glance of anger.

"He said, well, that when you came up to the school, we'd probably have to cancel the olympics because you'd be too busy sucking all the guys' energy," Doug said in a low, throaty and angry voice.

"I... I don't know what to say," Joanne said unevenly, knowing that Bob was probably right in his analysis, if a little crude in delivering it.

"Just don't say anything and let him apologize," Doug said, clenching his fists again and starting to move threateningly towards Bob.

"Then he told me about you and him and what happened," Doug said, flushing deep red as he looked accusingly into Joanne's big eyes.

"Those things happen, Doug. You would've been first if you'd come home. I don't see why you're so angry," Joanne said, staring at her son curiously.

"It's just that -- aww, shit! I guess I wanted to be the first one, that's all," Doug said sullenly.

"Ain't that cute," Bob said mockingly.

"Shut up!" Doug shouted back.

"Jim, take my son upstairs. I'll talk to Bob," Joanne said as she brushed back her long blonde hair and walked behind her living-room couch towards Bob. She'd pushed the dark-haired teen behind it when he and Doug had started arguing violently. It all started when she and Jim came home. The two of them had gone out to do a little grocery shopping for dinner. When she and the tall teen had opened the living-room door, they found Bob and Doug nearly at each other's throats. Bob had told her son just how he'd fucked her that evening, and how she had reacted to every movement he made. Obviously, Doug wasn't as liberal about who shared her box as he seemed. It was all that Joanne and Jim could do to keep the two teens from tearing away at each other.

Now it was almost halfway through their vacation, and Joanne wanted them to make up. First, she hated the idea of being responsible for the break-up of a friendship. Secondly, she loved the way Bob's body ground against hers and reamed out her snatch. She hated to give all that up just because of some silly argument.

"Now, what's this all about? Why did you have to dump something like this on Doug all of a sudden?" Joanne cried out.

"What's the big deal? I mean, so you slept with me. Hell, I find out you slept with Jim and Doug at the same time, which is a hell of a lot kinkier than fucking solo. I mean, I can't see why everybody's so uptight," Bob blurted out.

Joanne sauntered up to him and put her right arm around his shoulders.

"Listen, that's just the way Doug is. He's pretty possessive -- I guess maybe because of his father dying and all, I don't know. Just try to humor him. He didn't mean all the things he said to you," Joanne said sympathetically.

"You don't think so?" Bob asked after several minutes went by.

"Not really. He's just hurt. Give Doug a little time to get himself together. I'll talk with him and make sure everything's settled before he talks to you," Joanne said, giving the teen a little hug.

"I sure wish you would. I mean, Doug's about my best friend, and I'd hate to lose him," Bob said as he bent forward and kissed Joanne affectionately on the forehead.

"I'll go up to see him right now. Just you wait down here for a while," Joanne said, flashing him a broad smile as she climbed slowly up the stairs.

It took a lot of coaxing and mother advice to pry Doug out of his bedroom. But he finally met with Bob. After some talking, the two teens were hugging and apologizing to one another. Joanne's heart pounded happily -- both because she'd managed to get the two friends back together again, and because two teens -- one being her son -- had almost had a violent argument over her. It was about the highest compliment a woman could get from a man. Joanne watched the three teens talking together and wondered how she'd gotten so lucky to have three cocks like that staying under the same roof all at the same time.

The rest of the teens' stay was uneventful -- at least as far as Joanne's pussy was concerned. The teens seemed to have made a pact not to touch her while they stayed there. Joanne even tried to seduce Doug when his two friends had stepped out for an hour or so to do some last-minute shopping. But the teen said that it wouldn't be fair to his friends to start fucking her when they weren't there!

Joanne wound up biting her fingernails and going a little crazy when she drove the teens back to the station.

"A damned good stay," Bob said, winking at her.

"Thanks for everything, Mrs. Hill," Jim said, shaking her hand sheepishly as he turned red and climbed quickly onto the bus.

"Oh, God, Doug, I wish you didn't have to..." Joanne found herself saying with tears in her eyes.

"Hey, you'll be up there in a few days, right? I mean, we all decided that you should come on up before all the games get started. You could watch us practice and all that shit. Besides, you're not doing anything down here," Doug said, looking sadly into Joanne's eyes.

The blonde almost broke down right there. Her son was right. She didn't have much of a life in Los Angeles right now. Everything she cared about now was north of her.

"I'll be up there before you know it," Joanne said bravely as she stepped back and waved good-bye. As the bus disappeared out of the station, Joanne felt as if part of her life were slipping away. She knew that people would hound her out of town if they knew what she and the teens had been doing. But her empty, aching box told her now that she was far from wrong when she spread her legs for her son and his two hunky, hung friends.

Four days later Joanne was getting ready to pack for her trip up north when the phone rang.

"Mom, it's Doug," a voice at the other end of the line said cheerily.

Joanne's heart pounded wildly. At first she was thrilled that he had called her. Then she worried that he might be canceling all their plans. The sports events weren't for another two weeks. Maybe Bob, Jim and he had all changed their minds and decided not to invite her up this early -- or not invite her up at all. Something like that would have killed her! What would her itching, aching, empty pussy do for cock? For the last few days Joanne had almost constantly been fingering herself or jamming the dildo up her shitter or cunt to get relief from the painful itch.

"What's wrong?" Joanne asked nervously.

"Hey, don't worry. Everything's all set up here. We've got you a room and the whole bit. The teachers up here were a little worried about you coming over so soon. They didn't have everything set up for all the parents. But I talked to them and they finally came around," Doug said.

Joanne felt her snatch-lips swell and heat up with the sudden rush of blood that her son's voice brought on. She realized how much she missed his heavy cock and balls now. It'd be the old dildo tonight.

"That's wonderful. I'll fly up tomorrow, if that's all right with you," Joanne said, happy that she'd be seeing her son and his friends again.

"Even Bob and Jim are looking forward to seeing you," Doug said, laughing softly into the receiver. "I think we've got some new plans for you."

Joanne felt her nipples springing loose from her tit-flesh and scratching angrily at her tight bra-cups. Just the sound of her son's voice -- that undercurrent of sexual lust and excitement -- made her pussy juice up and swell.

"Just one more thing. Jim's got a sister who wants to come up from San Diego. He talked to her last night and told her that she could come up with you. It sounded okay to me, if you don't mind, Mom," Doug said softly.

Joanne's flesh sprung up into gooseflesh whenever her son's voice got that low.

"It's fine with me. That'll give me some companionship on the plane," Joanne said, wondering what kind of sister a stud like Jim would have.

"Good. She's coming on the three-thirty bus from San Diego. Well, I've got to get back to the studies. See you tomorrow. You'll call when you get to the airport?"

"Don't worry. I'm a grown woman. I know how to take care of myself," Joanne said happily.

"I'll say you do. See you, Mom."

Joanne hung up the phone and sat on the chair for several minutes, thinking about the reunion that was going to take place tomorrow. She hadn't been away from her son that long -- but it felt like years instead of days.

I hope that girl isn't any kind of problem, Joanne thought to herself as she pulled herself out of the chair to continue packing. Jim wasn't any kind of idiot by any means. The blonde just hoped that the girl could be gotten rid of tactfully whenever they all decided to have a go at it in the sack.

The next morning Joanne was having coffee when the doorbell rang. She glanced up at the kitchen clock and saw that it was eleven a.m..

It was too early for the paper teen, Joanne thought to herself as she put her cup down on the counter top and walked to the front door.

"Mrs. Hill? I'm Gloria Smith, Jimmy's sister. I think they called you up about me?" a pretty, petite brunette chirped at the doorway.

"Oh, I thought you were coming in the afternoon," Joanne said pleasantly as she invited the girl in.

"I know. I'm sorry if I caused any problems. But I'm so excited about going up north to see Jimmy. I don't get out of the house much, and this is like a whole, big world adventure to me," Gloria said brightly as she walked quickly into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"But your luggage?" Joanne started to ask.

"Oh, I left that down at the bus station. I thought we could pick that up when we take the bus up to San Francisco," the girl said, looking up at Joanne with wide-open blue eyes.

"Well, I'd planned on flying up to San Francisco tonight," Joanne said, closing the door lightly and taking in the girl with one long look. She was exceptionally pretty.

God, so this is what going without cock does to you! Joanne wondered to herself as she gave Gloria that glass of milk and sat down on the chair opposite the girl.

"So, tell me about yourself," Joanne said, finding herself staring harder at Gloria's thunderous tits.

"Oh, there's nothing all that much to say. I mean, I'm a sophomore in high school and have a lot of fun there, if you know what I mean," Gloria chirped.

Joanne almost choked on her coffee. She knew what it took for her to have fun, and wondered if Gloria had the same kind of criteria.

"And that's about it. My folks don't let me go out a lot. They say teens are trying to get a girl to -- to -- screw them all the time. And that's not true, is it, Mrs. Hill?" Gloria asked innocently.

"Well, Gloria, I'm afraid your folks are right. But I really don't see anything wrong with two people making love if they know what they're doing," Joanne said simply.

"Oh, Mrs. Hill. I wish you could talk to my parents," Gloria said warmly, getting up from the couch and embracing Joanne.

"Ohhh... oh, Gloria! You must be a little tired from your trip. Why don't you run upstairs and freshen up while I finish packing?" Joanne suggested, trying to fight down the hot hard feeling that was beginning to grip her clit. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her. First, she couldn't get enough cock. Now, she was out looking for pussy! Joanne began to wonder if she would have been better off if Bob had just stumbled past her bedroom door that night.

"Thanks, Mrs. Hill," Gloria said as she ran up the stairs.

Joanne watched the girl's two tight little buns rub against one another in Gloria's tight-fitting slacks as she shot up to the bathroom.

"Easy, girl," Joanne said to herself as she tore her eyes away from Gloria's butt and went back into the kitchen to finish getting the house ready for her trip.

It was almost a half-hour later and Gloria hadn't come down yet. Joanne wondered what could be taking the girl so long.

"Gloria? You'd better hurry up. We're going to be leaving for the bus station to pick up your bags in a little while," Joanne called out from the bottom of the stairs.

When she got no answer, Joanne started up the stairs, wondering why her heart was pounding so quickly. It was as if the girl were calling to her lustfully from one of the bedrooms. Joanne tried to shake the silly idea out of her head, but she still could feel some kind of hot, sexual female magnetism drawing her up the stairs.

"Gloria?" Joanne called out softly.

"Mmmmmmmmm," a voice moaned from behind Joanne's partially closed bedroom door.

"My God!" Joanne cried softly to herself as she crept up on tip-toe to the door. She could hear moaning inside the room. But she also heard the familiar buzzing of her old friend the dildo.

"Aaaaaaahhh," Gloria groaned.

Joanne knew that she should leave quietly and go downstairs and finish cleaning up. But her cunt had gone unattended for too long now. Something stronger than her willpower or mind forced her hand up and pushed it hard against the door.

"Ohhhhhh!" Joanne cried out loud. Gloria was lying on the bed with her legs widely spread apart. Her slacks had been kicked off and were lying in the far corner, while the girl's white lacy panties were wrapped around her trembling, slightly raised knees. Joanne felt her breath go away as she watched the girl slowly chum the buzzing vibrator in and out, around and around her juicy cunt. Gloria had also discarded her blouse and bra by the bedside and was busily milking her firm titties with her free hand. Joanne stood petrified at the doorway, afraid to make a sound as she stared at the girl's rounded, firm boobs. They were almost as large as hers, and certainly just as firm. Their tips flared angrily with excitement and lust. Joanne watched Gloria as she slid almost the entire length of the vibrator up her snatch, and knew then and there that the girl wasn't as innocent as she seemed. But that was no surprise, knowing that she had a brother like Jim running around the bedrooms.

"Gloria," Joanne said quietly as she walked slowly into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

"Uhhhh," the girl continued to groan, unaware that anyone else was in the room.

"Gloria, let's stop playing games. I'm in here now," Joanne said, walking over to the bed and sitting down on one corner.

"Ohhhhhh, noooooo!" Gloria moaned, realizing for the first time that Joanne had been watching her. The girl pulled the vibrator quickly out of her pussy and tried to hide it under the bed.

"Come on, honey. You can't tell me that you don't know what's going on between us now," Joanne said, amazed at her own forwardness.

"I... don't think I understand," Gloria said suspiciously.

"Well, I guess that your folks don't let you out with teens much. So, you've got to get your fun somewhere. My guess is that Jimmy takes care of you when he's home. But when big brother's off up north, you get it on with some of your girl friends. Right, honey?" Joanne said as she started unbuttoning her blouse. She'd never made it with a woman, but she was adventurous and willing to give it a try.

"Please don't tell my parents. They'd kill me if they ever suspected..." the girl said, unable to complete the sentence and burying her face in her hands.

"Take it easy, Gloria," Joanne said, peeling her blouse off and reaching back to unsnap her bra. "I'd be the last person on this planet to point the finger at anyone for doing his own thing."

"Oh, that's -- that's wonderful," Gloria said, her face brightening first with relief that Joanne wouldn't blow the whistle, then with excitement as she saw the older woman's jugs flop out of her unfastened halter.

"I've never done this before, Gloria. Really, I haven't, so you'll have to guide me along," Joanne said honestly as she stood up and unzipped her skirt.

"Wow! You've got a big bush down there. Mm-mmmmm," the girl said enthusiastically as Joanne unfastened her skirt and let it float to the floor.

"Now what?" Joanne asked.

"Oh, wow. I've never been a teacher before. Hey, this is fun. Okay, get down on the floor and stick your face in my crotch if you really want to have some fun," Gloria said warmly as she scooted over to the edge of the bed and dangled her pussy over the side.

Slowly Joanne sank to her knees and leaned forward. If she was going to be with a woman, she was glad it was Gloria. The girl was enthusiastic and fun. Besides, she was Jim's sister. Joanne had a feeling that all of them would be slamming and banging away before the week was out.

"Oh, please hurry up!" Gloria wailed impatiently as she pounded the floor with her feet and bounced enthusiastically on the bed.

Instinctively, Joanne lifted her arms and wrapped them around Gloria's firm, fresh ass. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the cool skin, digging her nails slightly into the girl's butt as she licked her lower lip excitedly.

"Please suck me!" Gloria moaned.

Joanne hesitated for a second, then drove her face forward. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, jamming her lips tightly against the girl's cunt. She'd never tasted snatch-juice before, never knew that a woman's pussy felt so hot and tight when she was excited. Now Joanne was getting first-hand information, and she found out that she didn't mind it.

"Ohhh, yessssss," Gloria moaned, hunching and jerking her hips forward.

Joanne didn't say anything. Her tongue stabbed inside, pushing upward in the girl's hot, fresh hole. She rested her nose against the girl's soft pussy-lips and began licking her way in and out of Gloria's snatch.

"Oh, lick my cunt. Ohhhhhhhhhh, that's it! Wow, yessss, lick it! Oh, Godddddddd!" Gloria groaned over and over as she bucked hard against Joanne's hot face.

The blonde held tightly onto the girl's bouncing ass, milking her thighs softly and slowly as she slid her tongue up until it bumped up against the girl's swollen clit. She was amazed that Gloria's tiny mound of sparking flesh could be so sensitive. But when she touched it with the hot, wet pointed tip of her tongue, the girl shrieked out obscenities and nearly flew off the bed with excitement.

"ARRRGHHHH! WOW! UNNGHHHH! FUCKIN' BITCH, SUCK ME! OHHH, FUCKIN' GODDDDDDD!!" Gloria screeched, pounding the floor and side of the bed with her feet as Joanne continued to slurp and suck at the girl's throbbing clit. The blonde had to hold on tightly to Gloria's pounding ass, pressing her swollen tits hard against the side of the bed.

"Ohhhh, you're good, Mrs. Hill. You're sooo goood," Gloria crooned as Joanne gently licked the outer edges of the girl's cunt-lips.

"Not bad for an old lady, eh?" Joanne said, chuckling softly as she rubbed Gloria's swollen labes together with her slender fingers.

"Come on. Let's take care of each other," Gloria said, reaching down and pulling Joanne up off the floor and onto the bed.

Another new adventure, Joanne thought to herself as she crawled onto the groaning mattress and lay down opposite Gloria's drooling pussy.

Chapter SEVEN

"Ohhhhh," Joanne groaned as Gloria inched forward until her smooth thighs were inches away from the blonde's nose. She could smell the fresh, sweet, moist blast of air coming from the girl's mushy cunt. Joanne had never licked off a woman before. But right now she couldn't resist the urge to stick out her tongue and start lapping at the droplets of cunt-juice that clung to strands of Gloria's pussy hairs.

"Touch me," Gloria whispered. "It'll be groovy for us that way. Mmmmmmmm, that's nice. Push it in deeper," the girl suggested as Joanne gritted her teeth and started playing with the girl's snatch with her fingers. At the same time she trailed the tip of her tongue along the outer edges of the girl's quivering labes, sucking in the trickles of hot pussy-juice that seeped out from between Gloria's snatch-lips.

"Ohhhhh, suck me. Suck meeeeee," Joanne found herself moaning.

"See? I told you you'd get to like it, Mrs. Hill," the girl chirped as she drove her head down into Joanne's swampy twat. The blonde closed her eyes and clenched her fists as she felt the girl's tongue snake up slowly towards her clit. Tiny shudders of delight rippled up and down her goose-fleshed skin as Gloria probed, licked and poked at Joanne's vibrating box. She shivered as she felt the girl's right hand slip under her ass-cheeks and squirm under her asshole.

"Oh, please don't. I don't think I..." Joanne started to say.

But Gloria ignored all her pleas. The girl seemed to know exactly the kind of probing and stroking that her box needed.

"More. More," the girl groaned as she settled her lips on Joanne's nub of a clit for an instant. Then she started sucking gently on the sparking mound of sex flesh.

"OH, DON'T TEASE ME! OHHHHH, FUCKIN' SHIT! DON'T! DON'T DO THAT!" Joanne shrieked as she felt Gloria's hands wrapping around her thighs, then sliding back until they were squeezing her full, firm cheeks. Joanne did the same thing, slipping her fingers into the hot crevice that ran between the girl's sweaty butt-cheeks. As the brunette continued sucking at her beating clit, Joanne stuck out her tongue, made it stiff, and jammed it into the hot slit between Gloria's kicking, trembling legs.

"UNNNNNNNGHHHHH!" the girl groaned. Instantly she pushed her juicy cunt down until it was pressing hard against Joanne's sucking mouth. Joanne stabbed her tongue between the hot, fleshy lips as hard as she could. She wriggled it frantically, swirling it around and around the hot, swampy hole while Gloria slammed her ass down onto her face. She hunched wildly, shrieking like a madwoman as her groans, grunts, and sucking sounds filled the bedroom.

At the same time Joanne felt Gloria's fingers working deep into the valley between her ass-cheeks. The girl's fingers came closer and closer to her quivering shit-hole. She moved it around the brown, puckered skin in tiny circles, edging nearer to the tiny tight hole until she was rubbing the brown, wrinkled skin with her fingertips. She remembered how excited that had made her when Doug had done that to her earlier.

"OHHHHHHH!" Joanne cried out as she felt the brunette jab her forefinger deep into her shit-chute. She felt strange bolts of unmentionable pleasure rocket through her snatch on up to her sparking tit-tips. Joanne tossed crazily on the bed, kicking her legs uncontrollably against the thrashing girl as she sank her teeth gently into the girl's outer labes. She shoved down with her hips at the same time, grinding her aching pussy furiously into Gloria's face.

"Wow, you're really super hot, Mrs. Hill. I don't think I've ever seen someone as hot as..." the girl started to say, pulling her head out of Joanne's steamy pussy.

"OH, SHIT, DON'T TEASE ME LIKE THIS! DON'T! LICK MY CUNT AGAIN! UNNNNGHHHH!" Joanne shrieked, sliding her ass from side to side on the bed as she felt her crotch explode and blast away as her tits swelled with unspeakable sexual excitement.

"Ummmm, you taste good," Gloria giggled as she went back to lapping up the cunt-juice that leaked freely now from between Joanne's twat-lips.

But Joanne didn't seem to hear her. All she could feel was that wonderful pair of lips sliding up and down her erect clit, sucking and licking away at that super-sensitive mound of sputtering flesh as if it were a lollipop.


A minute or so later, when Joanne thought she couldn't stand it any more, Gloria took her mouth away from her snatch. She sighed gratefully as the girl rolled away from her and stared lovingly at her thrashing body. Joanne didn't know what the girl had planned next. But she hoped it would be something that would take care of the terrible aching itch that was turning her body into a steamy mound of sexual jelly.

"Hey, what's this?" the girl asked as her eyes shifted, to something white and pointed sticking out from of the pillows.

"Oh, that's just my dildo," Joanne stuttered. She didn't feel as embarrassed telling Gloria about her vibrator as she did about telling the teens the same thing. The blonde felt a kind of kinship with Gloria. Besides, there are things that women do that they can tell each other, but hesitate to reveal to a man.

"Hey, that's great, Mrs. Hill. I was gonna suck you off like this, but this'll be better," Gloria chirped as she reached forward and pulled the dildo out. "Wow, you really like 'em big and long," the girl said, admiring the length and thickness of the vibrator. "Let's see how it works."

Joanne closed her eyes and spread her legs even wider as Gloria wheeled around and drove the big vibrator into her cunt.


It was as warm, big and long as she remembered it, stretching her snatch deliciously apart. The sharp tingling sensations that had racked her snatch now became incredible pre-orgasmic spasms that made her scream for relief.


"Wow, Mrs. Hill! Most girls can take something like this just an inch at a time. I'd lose this thing if I weren't holding onto it," the girl giggled as she slid the dildo back and forth, churning it slightly so that the smooth sides of the vibrator bumped against the blonde's clit.

"UNNNGHHHHHH!" was all that Joanne could say. She had no willpower left. The thing in her cunt took all power of speech and thought away from her. Slowly she felt herself sailing away from reality into the delicious, mind-bending world of sexual orgasm. Silently, she thanked Jim for being such a thoughtful brother and sending his sister up to Los Angeles for Joanne's care.

"OH, GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEE!" Joanne shrieked as the vibrations poured through the flesh of her cunt and were carried through her body to her clit and tits. She felt her brain vibrate and turn to soup as the buzzing dildo rattled her teeth. Gloria continued to ram the latex cock faster and faster in and out of her gushing cunt until Joanne wondered if her pussy-lips would ignite from the intense friction.


Joanne started writhing on the mattress desperately now. She could feel her tits swelling until she thought they'd burst from sexual excitement. Her nipples poked up so hard that they ached from the stiffness. Joanne reached up and slammed her sweaty flat palms on top of her tit-tips, mashing in the taut brown skin as she raised her trembling knees higher and higher to give the brunette more room to play in.


Joanne screamed, throwing her hands down on the bed, then raising them up once more and squeezing the aching spongy tit-flesh as she felt herself jetting toward climax.

But Gloria had more on her mind than just ramming the buzzing rod in the blonde's snatch. Suddenly Joanne was aware that the girl had changed positions on the bed. She opened her eyes and saw that Gloria wasn't in front of her any more, sliding the vibrator in and out of her sucking pussy. There was a shadow coming down over her head. Joanne focused her eyes a little better and saw Gloria's pink-meated cunt only inches away from her mouth.

"Ohhhh, baby. Bring it right down to me. Ohhhh, yesssss, I want to taste that fresh pussy," Joanne found herself saying as Gloria moaned hotly above her.

The girl didn't waste any time. She groaned huskily, then lowered her pussy down, down until the tips of her twat hairs tickled the inside of Joanne's nostrils. The older woman's mouth sprang open and her tongue stuck out, licking frantically at the hot outer labes that dripped and quivered only inches away from her parted lips.

"Here it comes," Gloria groaned as she squatted down farther, covering the blonde's mouth and nose with her mushy hair-pie.

"MMMMgfff!" Joanne moaned as she tasted the pungent, acidic flavor of the girl's cunt-juice.

"Eat me, Mrs. Hill! OHHH, SHIT! OHHHHHHHH, SHHHIIIITTT!" the girl screamed deliciously.

Joanne swallowed hard, downing as much twat-juice as she could. Then she opened her mouth again, sticking out her tongue once more and burying it between the girl's cunt-lips.

"My clit! CLIT!" the girl screamed.

Joanne pulled her tongue from the cunt-hole and moved it higher, letting its sharp tip slide against Gloria's erect clit. She heard the girl gasp and moan, then felt her body stiffen and lurch up as she poked teasingly at the stiff pile of flesh. Joanne was amazed at the brunette. When she had walked in, Joanne would have guessed that the girl didn't know what to do with her snatch even with her own fingers. Now here she was, teaching her about lesbian love.

"Yes! Yessssssss!" Gloria groaned as Joanne concentrated on the girl's clit and sucked hard, drawing in the beating mini-organ as far as she could and nibbling on it with her front teeth.

"UNNNGHHH!" Joanne cried out, tightening her cunt muscles around the buzzing dildo. It was a signal to Gloria that she wanted the girl to drive it in deeper.

"Oh, God, fuck me! FUCK MEEEE!" Joanne screamed at the top of her lungs.

"UNNGHHHHH!" Gloria responded, slamming her crotch down harder and harder.


"LICK! LICK!" Gloria screamed as she pounded and ground her cunt harder and harder against Joanne's probing mouth.

"UNNGHHHH! ARRGHHHH!" Joanne cried into Gloria's juicing twat as she felt the first of a long series of sharp spasms grip her throbbing clit. She went wild, sticking her tongue deep into her friend's fuck-hole and grabbing the brunette's clit between two fingers while she jammed two fingers from the other hand into Gloria's shitter. She heard the girl scream in ecstasy as another spasm racked her pussy.


Joanne felt the girl slam her gushing cunt down harder and harder on her face until she suddenly stopped.

"Gloria?" Joanne called out in a muffled tone as she wondered what was wrong.


"Gloria, honey, what's wrong?" Joanne wondered as she felt the girl's thighs begin to vibrate crazily. She'd never felt anything like that before. It was as if the girl were gripped in some kind of wild epileptic fit. Her skin suddenly flushed red and grew hot as the vibrations increased into an incredible fast frenzy.



Joanne cried out as she suddenly felt a gush of cunt-juice blow out of the girl's trembling cunt and crash into her mouth and down her throat. Joanne nearly drowned in the wild torrent as she heard a sharp howl fill the room. Gloria's cunt jerked wildly and her asshole tightened around the blonde's probing fingers as the girl screeched her way into orgasm.

"WAWWWHHHHH! WAWWWWWHHHHHHHHH!" Gloria shrieked crazily.

Joanne felt the girl's body racked by contractions in her pussy that sent out torrent after torrent of cunt-juice.

"OH, NOOOOOOO!" Joanne screamed as the twitching series of contractions exploding in her own cunt became so powerful that she threw her hips off the bed and ground her teeth against Gloria's trembling flaps.

"Oooooohhhh," the brunette moaned, falling back into the bed while the dildo continued to buzz on. Joanne let out a shuddering groan and felt herself drifting off to a deliciously warm state of semi-consciousness.

Joanne had no idea how long she'd been lying on the bed. When she blinked her eyes open, she found Gloria curled up next to her. The vibrator had been pulled out of her cunt and lay quietly at her head.

"Gloria?" Joanne crooned, reaching forward and brushing some strands of brown hair away from the girl's eyes.


"It's time to get ready," Joanne said softly.

"Oh, do we have to go? It feels so good to lie here by you," the teenager said softly as she snuggled up a little closer to Joanne.

The woman felt flattered. But still it was a little unnatural for a woman to be so turned on to another woman. For variety, Joanne couldn't see any harm in it. But to make a regular thing of it was out of the question.

"I know, but we'd better go, honey. Your brother and my son are waiting for us," Joanne said, pulling herself away from the girl and forcing herself up out of bed.

"Oh, Jim," Gloria said.

"You really like him, don't you?" Joanne said, smiling broadly at the girl as she bent down and picked up her big bra.

"Jim's the only cock I've really known," Gloria admitted, flushing slightly.

"You're kidding!" Joanne said in shock. She couldn't believe that a girl with Gloria's lust and desire for experimentation could've confined herself just to one prick. Joanne would have thought that the girl practically sold it on the streets the way she howled and bucked in climax. Somebody that hot all the time had to get prick almost every day.

"No," Gloria said, shame-faced. "That's why I know how to use that thing," the girl said, pointing at the dildo. "If it weren't for things like that and Coke bottles, I'd probably go nuts!"

Joanne looked at the girl in disbelief, then walked back to the bed and put her arms around her shoulders.

"Well, it's a good thing that you're coming up to San Francisco with me. I think we'll take care of your needs up there," Joanne said as she put her right hand under the girl's chin and pinched it playfully.

"I don't understand," Gloria said in confusion. "My son, your brother and a friend of theirs are, well, active with me," Joanne said hesitantly.

"You mean Jim and you..." Gloria started to say.

"I hope you understand, honey. But I've been widowed awhile and I've got needs and..." Joanne started to explain.

"Oh, Mrs. Hill, you don't have to explain. God only knows, I know about frustration. Oh, if you could show me all the things you know, God, I'd be so grateful," Gloria said, bouncing her ass excitedly up and down on the bed.

"I'll be your teacher just like you were mine just now," Joanne said, giving the girl's chin another little pinch before she slid off the bed. "Now, we've got to get ready for our trip."

The two of them started to get dressed, remembering to pack the dildo.

"We don't know if every night's going to be filled with cock," Joanne said, winking at the blushing brunette.

"I'm not used to -- to..." the girl said, stammering a little as she flipped her big tits in her halter.

"Talking like that? Well, honey, I wasn't used to it either. But when you get so much prick that you're practically spitting it out of your mouth, you just wind up talking like that. Don't worry, you won't be swearing like a sailor in public. It's just that you're going to be thinking about cock-meat a whole lot more after this little vacation," Joanne said, pulling up her skirt.

"Mrs. Hill, do I look like I'm on -- on the make?" Gloria said as she stared at herself in the mirror.

Joanne looked at the girl's full tits as they rose and fell in her tight-fitting blouse. Even fully clothed, Gloria looked as if she were seconds away from hopping into the sack with the first cock that came along. There was something in her face and in the way she walked that said, "Fuck me."

"You bet, honey. You've got that kind of walk that lets a man know you've got a steaming cunt," Joanne said admiringly.

"I don't know if that's much of an asset," Gloria said dubiously as she continued to stare at her tits and crotch in the mirror.

"When you get older, you'll find out that it's about the best selling point in a woman," Joanne said, finishing dressing and walking out of the bedroom.

"You said something about you and your son," Gloria suddenly blurted out.

Joanne stopped at the doorway and turned around, wondering if the girl could handle the fact that she and Doug had fucked each other.

"Well, it's really not too much different from what's happened between you and your brother. Doug -- that's his name -- and I have been to bed. In face, your brother and my son fucked me at the same time just a week ago," Joanne admitted, watching Gloria's reaction.

"Wow! I don't know if I could handle something like that," the girl said a little enthusiastically.

Joanne breathed easily. She was glad that Gloria didn't mind her little incest game. Instead of being a liability, Gloria was going to prove to be an exciting addition.

Chapter EIGHT

"You see them?" Gloria asked nervously as she looked through the mob of people in the lobby of San Francisco International.

"Not yet, honey. I called Doug and Jim a little over a half-hour ago. It takes almost that time to get from the school to the Bay Bridge. We'd better sit down and wait for them," Joanne said as she headed for a row of seats.

"I can hardly wait," Gloria said, squirming her ass on the fiberglass chair. Joanne looked at her and realized that the girl was scratching her throbbing clit with her hot, fat snatch-lips Gloria was more excited about seeing the teens than she was.

"Just hold your cunt a little longer," Joanne said, winking at the brunette.

"Oh, God, I wish I could. I've got to take care of this itch somehow," Gloria confessed in a whisper as she looked hotly around her.

"There they are!" Gloria suddenly cried out, jumping off her seat and waving her hand wildly above her head.

"My God! They must have flown over here!" Joanne cried out in surprise as she joined Gloria in waving wildly.

"Mom!" Doug shouted, running over to Joanne and wrapping his powerful arms around her. Joanne had to resist the desire to clamp her lips on her son's as she felt her cunt contract and pucker with excitement.

"Sis!" Jim said, embracing Gloria as warmly as Doug did Joanne.

"God, we're so hot that I don't think we can wait to get back to your school," Joanne whispered confidentially to Doug as they walked to the baggage-claim area.

"I forgot to tell you. I don't think we can do anything with you for the next couple of days. They just about put everybody on restriction who's on the team. They want us all to get plenty of rest for the practice sessions. Jim and I practically had to bribe the coaches to let us come out here to pick you and Gloria up," Doug said disappointedly.

"A couple of days?" Joanne cried out as she picked up her bags.

"I know," Doug said softly, running his hand secretly across Joanne's firm ass.

"We've got to get it on somewhere here, then," Joanne said determinedly.

"Where? The baggage carousel?" Doug asked, chuckling softly as he looked at Gloria and Jim arguing quietly behind him.

"I don't care. But Gloria and I need some cock right now. Now, if you and Jim don't want to give it to us, fine. We'll just start walking the streets of San Francisco. I'm sure that there's some men who'll..."

"Okay, okay. Hey, you two, break it up!" Doug said to Jim and Gloria.

"Mrs. Hill, did you hear what we're gonna have to do with these clowns?" Gloria said almost in tears.

"I know, honey. But Doug and I are trying to figure something out," Joanne said, racking her brains trying to think of a solution.

"We know, honey," Joanne said, putting her arms around the girl. "But you know, that's not a bad idea. The two of us could get a room. Then you come on up and join us."

"It's a little risky," Doug said.

"It's a little corny," Jim interrupted.

"You have any other suggestions?" Gloria said impatiently. Joanne smiled. The girl was just as impatient as she was to get some hot cock up her cunt.

"Now, come on, you two," Joanne said consolingly, picking up her overnight bag and starting to walk towards the exit. "We can't stand here all night."

"Let's go, then," Doug said, motioning for Gloria and Jim to follow them.

The four ran across the front drive of the main terminal building and caught a limousine to the airport Hilton. Jim and Doug tried to look inconspicuous in the lobby as Gloria and Joanne walked up to the counter.

"Room for two, please," Joanne said crisply as Gloria fidgeted nervously next to her.

"I'm scared, Mrs. Hill," Gloria whispered as she looked at the clerk suspiciously.

"You've got guilt all over your face," Joanne hissed quietly as she turned and smiled back at the confused man behind the counter. "Just look natural."

"Uh, ma'am, twin beds?" the clerk asked, looking up and noticing Doug and Jim standing close to the counter.

"Yes, for my daughter and me," Joanne said matter-of factly as she signed the register, then pushed the pad away towards Gloria.

"The gentlemen with you?" the clerk asked, smirking at the nervous brunette.

"Oh, they're my sons up at St. Joseph's Academy in Walnut Creek. We're just up here for a visit," Joanne said, realizing that the clerk scented that something was wrong.

"No offense, ma'am, but we run a proper hotel here. Just make sure your sons don't stay the night, if you know what I mean," the clerk said under his breath, winking at Joanne and running his fat, sweaty palm over her wrist.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean," Joanne said, feeling her clit pop up and throb against her swelling labes as she thought about what was in store for her pussy. "You won't have any trouble from me."

"You know, I'm off after midnight, and I think I could really use a pair like you to help..."

"Front!" Joanne shouted out, whacking the call bell in front of her.

"I know, you're the bashful type. Well, I'll ring up your room later," the clerk said, winking at her. "Save your fingers," Joanne said over her shoulder as she took the blushing Gloria by the arm and led her towards the elevator.

"I'll send the bellhop down with our room number. I didn't see the key," Joanne whispered to Doug as she passed the two teens.

"I'm scared, Mrs. Hill," Gloria said softly as the elevator door closed behind them.

"Just don't look so guilty. Christ, I'm surprised they haven't called the vice," Joanne whispered, looking cautiously at the bellhop.

"You think they would?" Gloria whispered nervously as the door opened. "Shhhhhh!" Joanne said as they followed the bellhop to their room.

"My son's in the lobby. He's wearing a military-school uniform. Tell him we're settled in the room and give him the number so he can call us," Joanne said, opening her purse and giving him a ten-dollar bill.

"Right, ma'am," the bellhop said, winking at the two women before he left.

"He knows," Gloria moaned.

"So what? They can't prove anything. Besides, what's so wrong about a mother and her son talking to one another?" Joanne said, shrugging as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

"I'm afraid, Mrs. Hill," Gloria said, sitting on the edge of one bed and rubbing her hands nervously together.

"You want your brother, right?" Joanne asked gently, walking over to Gloria and putting her arm around her. The blonde felt her snatch-lips heat up and swell as she felt the girl's body heat intensify at her touch. The two of them managed to arouse each other, even with the two teens just about to drive their clicks up their cunts.

"Oh, yessss," Gloria said enthusiastically.

"Well, you've got to take risks sometimes in this world to get what you want," Joanne said simply as she played with the top button of Gloria's blouse.

"Maybe so. But I'm still a little scared," Gloria said as she got up and started undressing.

"Come on. The teens will be up here any second. God only knows, I don't want to keep them waiting. I don't think my snatch can stand it," Joanne said hotly as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the delicious rippling sensations that rumbled through her pussy.

"They're here," Gloria said as the two teens knocked at the door.

"Come in!"

"Hey, this is a real creepy place. The manager, or whoever the hell he is, kept staring at us as we went into the elevator. You think he knows something about us?" Doug asked as he walked into the room with Jim behind him.

"He tried to make a pass at me," Joanne said, smiling sexily as she looked at the growing bulge between her son's powerful legs.

"That son-of-a..." Doug started to say.

"Don't get yourself worked up -- at least, not that way. He's not worth it. Besides, we're up here for something else, remember?" Joanne said, walking up to her son and reaching forward. Doug winced as his mother trailed her fingers lightly over the throbbing mound that protruded from behind his fly.

"Come on, Jim," Doug said to his friend, who was busily stroking his sister's tits.

"Take off your clothes," Jim said to both women as he pulled off his military jacket.

"Yes, sir, master," Joanne said jokingly as she reached back and started unbuttoning her blouse. Gloria did the same, both women riveting their eyes on the two teens as they pulled off their shirts and unzipped their pants.

"Ohhhhhh!" Joanne involuntarily cried as Doug slipped his thumbs under the elastic waistband of his Jockey shorts and shoved them down to his ankles. She'd been repeatedly fucked by him. But every time the teen revealed his thick, drooling dong to her, she felt as excited and nervous as if he were going to fuck her for the first time.

"Your son does have a nice cock, Mrs. Hill," Gloria said as she stared at Doug's jerking-prick.

"Yesssss," the blonde said, feeling a trickle of her cunt-juice escape from between her throbbing twat-lips as she stared at the pulsating veins on her son's dick. Gloria seemed hypnotized as she pulled off her bra and unzipped her slacks, letting them slip to the ground.

"Come here, Mom," Doug called to her softly as he wrapped the fingers of his right hand round his cock and slid them slowly up and down the mammoth red, rubbery pole.

Joanne obeyed willingly. She stopped in front of her son just before her bushy, frazzled cunt-hairs touched the tip of Doug's jerking, purple cock-head.

"Oh, Christ, Mom," Doug said, wrapping his powerful arms around Joanne and drawing her tightly to his heaving, muscular smooth chest.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Joanne groaned, feeling Doug's hot dick banging against her juice-saturated panties. Every movement the blonde made seemed to trigger mini-explosions somewhere deep in her pussy, sending cascades of hot twat-juice pouring from her snatch-lips and soaking down her briefs.

"Let me feel those jugs," Doug groaned, reaching back and unsnapping his mother's bra. Joanne groaned as she felt her tits flop free, then mash down flat against Doug's hot, sweaty chest.

"Wow," the teen groaned, reaching up and cupping both thunderous boobs in his powerful hands. Joanne threw her head back and opened her mouth in ecstasy as she felt her half-inch-long stiff nipples mashed in by her son's thick fingers. She felt her clit respond explosively to Doug's insistent massaging as the teen's cock poked more urgently at her hot, wet panties.

"Let's stop this playtime shit," Doug said, reaching down and jamming his fingers under the waistband of his mother's briefs. Joanne groaned as she felt the sticky crotch material pull reluctantly away from her puffy labes. Gradually, her goose-fleshed crotch skin was bared as the teen peeled Joanne's panties down towards her knees.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Joanne groaned as Doug dropped his hands back down onto her ass. As he pulled her tighter to him, he gave a small hunch forward, driving the full length of his throbbing cock-shaft hard against his mother's swelling cunt-lips.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" Joanne cried out again as Doug took his hands off her ass and started sliding them slowly towards her aching snatch.

"Want me to rub those itching cunt-lips for you, Mom?" Doug asked teasingly.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes!" Joanne groaned as his fingers crawled over her creamy thighs, then snaked down and forward until they crept through the frazzled forest of dampened pussy hairs. The blonde screamed in delight as she felt Doug's hands crawl greedily over her puffy, sensitive cunt-lips.

"Want me to fuck you, Mom?" Doug asked.

"UNNNGHHHHHH! YESSSSSSS!" Joanne cried out, throwing her head back and closing her eyes as she ground her mushy snatch against her son's hot, jerking meat.

"Then let's get to bed," Doug said, pulling his mother across the floor to one of the twin beds.

"Hey, this is okay, I guess. But wouldn't it be more fun if we put the beds together? I mean, the four of us fucking together would be groovy, no?" Jim asked.

Joanne and Doug had almost forgotten about the other two in the room. Joanne turned around and saw that Gloria had stripped down to her panties. From the red teeth marks on her inner thighs and right tit, Joanne guessed that Jim had been busily servicing the brunette while she watched what Doug was doing.

"Okay. But we've got to be careful. One false move and we'll fall through the crack between the two beds," Doug laughed as he helped Jim push the two beds together.

"For God's sake, Gloria, strip off those panties so we can get down to business," Joanne whispered to Gloria.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Hill. But it felt so good. I mean, Jimmy trying to eat me through my panties. That material felt good rubbing against my clit."

Joanne smiled at the girl, then gave her a playful slap across the ass as Doug motioned to his mother to come and join him.

"Jesus, I want to drive my cock in you. Shit, I could do something like that all night and day if you were around," Doug said as his mother flopped down on the bed and rolled over next to him.

"God, I want your cock in me. Shit, you don't know what I've been going through the last few days without your hot dick in me," Joanne moaned.

"You'll be begging harder for it now," Doug said as he rolled between her trembling legs, then slid down on the bed until his tongue was just above her hot, dark-red gash.

"Yes, eat me," Joanne moaned. "ARRRRRGHH!" the big-titted blonde screamed as Doug ran his thick tongue over and around her throbbing clit. Then he pushed his tongue between the tight lips of her slippery cunt. Joanne felt herself blow apart, hunching up her hips until she felt Doug's nose pushing deep into her snatch.

"Yessssssss," the woman moaned again as she felt her son's tongue scrape around the narrow tunnel. It lapped up her acrid pussy-juice, licking at the slick cunt-walls while Joanne's legs kicked crazily in the air.

"Fuck!" Joanne cried out as Doug shoved his hairy ass-cheeks forward, burying part of the tip of his purple, pulsating cock-head just beyond Joanne's puffy outer labes.

"UNNNNGHHH! FUCK MEEEE!" Joanne groaned wildly, tossing her hot ass in the air as she tried to impale herself on her son's dick. Doug pulled out completely, enjoying the tease he was putting his mother through. Then he trailed the full length of his dick over the hairy valley between his mother's pussy-lips again, making her buck and writhe on the sweaty bedspread before he hunched forward again, this time burying all of his dick-head into her hot hole.

"Arrgghhh! Unnghhhh!" Joanne groaned. She couldn't believe it! Her mind was buzzing like a World War II time bomb. Her son's constant teasing was slowly making her lose contact with reality. Somewhere in the background she could hear Gloria groaning. Occasionally, Joanne could feel an arm or legs bang against her tits or side, and guessed that the girl and her brother were fucking just as furiously as she and Doug were. But she didn't care if Jim had strung up his sister by the tits and was whipping her with a cat-o-nine-tails. All she cared about now was the incredibly unbearable itch that was ripping at her snatch and her son's big, long cock that promised to relieve it.

"OHHHHHH!" Joanne cried out as she felt Doug grab her clit between his forefinger and thumb. He wasn't satisfied just with licking her mini-cock. He was going to pinch her up to orgasm. As he plunged three fingers into her hot, tingling cunt, Joanne writhed and let out a blood-curdling screech as she felt the pressure applied to her throbbing clit. Suddenly Joanne felt the lights in the room fade away as she rocketed into a world of fucking smells and sounds and sensations.

Chapter NINE

"Jimmy, no, NOOOOOOOOOO!" Joanne heard Gloria shriek out next to her. The blonde forced herself to turn her head and see what the two teenagers were doing.

"Come on, Gloria. You've taken it that way," Jim said, straddling his sister's fresh, firm ass-cheeks. Joanne could see the teen's thick cock partially buried in the girl's shit-hole. It stuck out of the stretched hung like a knobby spear, throbbing crazily with lust as Gloria beat the mattress wildly with her tightly clenched fists.

"Ohhhhhh, b-but it's b-been so long!" Gloria wailed, tossing her head helplessly from side to side.

"Try again," Jim grunted as he squeezed his ass-cheeks together and hunched down one more time.

"H-Hurts! Hurts!" the girl moaned, pressing down on the mattress with her elbows as she tried to crawl away from the plunging rod.

"Hey, take it easy on her, or you'll have half the hotel running in here," Doug warned as he continued to scrape his mother's cunt-walls with his fingers.

"It's okay, honey," Joanne panted out consolingly as Doug went back to nibbling on her clit.


Gloria wailed again as she kept on bucking and thrashing, trying to break away from the writhing crowd on the twin beds.

"Easy, Sis. I'm not gonna break you apart," Jim grunted as he continued to push down with his hard, powerful dick.

"Take care of her cunt with your hands and she'll come around," Doug advised his friend, pulling temporarily away from his mother's dripping pussy.

"Feel it, Sis?" Jim asked as he slipped his hands under his sister's crushed thighs. Joanne watched as Gloria's groans of pain changed to moans of delight. Jim stopped jamming his cock into his sister's shitter for a while, concentrating on rubbing the sparking, slick edges of her fat labes together lightly with his powerful hands.

"Ohhhhh, yesssssssss," Gloria moaned, closing her eyes and humping hard against her brother's digging fingers.

"Here we go again," Jim warned her as he held tightly onto her hips and pushed more hot inches of his cock into her shit-chute.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the girl cried out as she bucked into the air. Her right hand shot out from under her belly, slapping Joanne hard across the tits as she cried out in agony one more time.

"I'm not gonna play around with her any more," Jim said as he slid another inch of his shit-slicked cock into Gloria's hole.

"H-HELP!" Gloria cried out helplessly as her brother's ass-splitting dick drove down relentlessly.

"Hey, forget about me?" Doug asked his mother as he pulled his head out of his mother's crotch and inched forward until the tip of his pulsating, purple drooling cock-head bumped against Joanne's snatch-lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Joanne groaned as she felt her son's dick slide and throb against her puffy outer labes. She closed her eyes and concentrated on Doug's dick, forgetting about Gloria's problem. She knew that the girl would come around eventually. In a few minutes, Gloria would probably be begging to have more cock-meat stuffed in her shitter.

"Shit, let's get down to some serious fucking," Doug groaned as he reached down and placed his fingers on the insides of Joanne's trembling thighs. Every touch of her son's was like a shock of powerful electricity to her body. She felt his sexual heat radiate from his fingertips through her groin, zeroing in on her beating clit as he slowly pushed her legs farther and farther apart. As her legs spread, Joanne felt her swollen, sticky twat-lips pull against one another, then spring apart from the stretching pressure.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Joanne groaned deliciously as she felt Doug's big dick jam up against her cunt-lips and slowly push inward and down. She could feel every hot inch of his prick with her wet pussy-walls as it throbbed and dug its way along her rumbling twat. The throbbing of Doug's cock started up a series of tiny explosions, blowing up in time to each dick vibration. Joanne took a deep breath and tightened up her cunt-muscles, trapping Doug's cock tightly with her snatch-walls. Doug pulled back slightly, almost drawing his prick out, then shoved forward again.

"OHHHHHHHH, YOU B-BASTARD!" Joanne cried out digging her head hard into the pillow as she opened her eyes and saw her son smiling down at her. His long blond hair was in his eyes and sweat dripped down his handsome face to his broad shoulders. Joanne could have come right there.

"Shit, this is hard work," Doug said jokingly as he pushed forward again.

Joanne shuddered. It felt so good to have her son's cock jammed up in her snatch. The sounds of Gloria moaning and Jim grunting next to her helped increase her excitement Joanne realized that the squishing, screaming and bucking of all four of them was heightening her sexual pleasure, and she wondered why she'd never thought of suggesting a four-way like that before.

"Ohhhhhh, yessss. Fuck the shit out of me," she whispered barely above her breath.

"I'll fuck your brains out," Doug answered her almost angrily.

Joanne opened her eyes again. Whenever Doug growled at her like that, she knew that he was getting close to dumping his load in her snatch. Joanne bit her lower lip and mustered up the strength to reach between her legs. She wanted to feel the hot jizz bubbling in his contracting balls.

"Ohhhhh, M-M-Mom," Doug stammered as Joanne lightly grabbed his swaying fuck-sac. Joanne could hardly believe it, but she could feel the bubbling of her son's thick jizz as it spattered against the sides of his balls. She knew that he was about to explode into her cunt and spurt out his hot jizz in her body. Joanne moaned with anxious excitement as Doug started humping her like an animal. His rhythm increased to a wild frenzy while he reached down and grabbed her throbbing clit hard. He massaged it, rubbing her hairy mound with his thumb at the same time. Joanne wanted to piss and fart with unspeakable excitement as she lay back and enjoyed the unutterable shocks of sexual delight that ripped through her body.


Gloria shrieked next to her.

Joanne was thankful for the girl's interruption. Both she and Doug were about to come. Gloria's howls brought them both partially back to reality. It prolonged that long-waited-for second, something that both of them wanted, but at the same time wanted to put off for as long as possible.

"Ohhhhhhh," Joanne groaned as she turned her head around again and saw that the girl had the sheet clenched in both fists and was humping in time to her brother's ass-fucking. Jim's dick slipped in and out of Gloria's stretched butt-hole like some kind of field oil pump. Joanne could tell from the color of Jim's throbbing dick that he was just about to fire his load into his sister's shitter. At the same time, the teen was digging into Gloria's blasting cunt with both hands.

"AHHHHHH! ARRGHHHHHH!" Joanne screamed. The scene was too much for her. Watching Jim and Gloria fucking so wildly pushed her up to the edge of orgasm. She teetered dangerously on the brink, feeling her clit harden more and more until it quivered like a struck piece of stainless steel. Doug seemed to sense her position and held his fucking up for a few seconds, letting his rock-hard cock throb quietly against her red clit.

"Hold up, Mom!" Doug said desperately.

But Joanne couldn't hold back any more. The sounds and sights of everything around her were too much. With one final harsh gasp, the blonde felt her brain blow apart into millions of tiny glowing pieces. It felt as if someone had buried a special kind of knife deep in her crotch and was slicing up her snatch-walls. Instead of feeling agony, Joanne felt a series of contractions that were the most pleasurable she'd ever experienced.

"WAWWWWWHHHHHHH!" Gloria howled in one long shriek at the same time. Both women arched and stiffened their sweaty bodies and slammed their thighs high in the air as orgasms gripped their beating clits.

"Fuck! FUCK! F-F-FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKK!" Doug cried as he felt his tightly packed, lava-hot cum welling up in his balls, then blast through his long, throbbing fuck-tube and spray put of his cunt-buried cock-head.

"BITCH! BITCH!" Jim screamed out next to him, digging his fingers so hard into Gloria's blasting pussy that Joanne thought he'd pull it apart.

The four of them groaned and shrieked as their mutual orgasms seemed to last for hours.

Finally, all the contractions stopped and they collapsed in a hot fleshy pile, exhausted from the fucking ordeal.

"Christ!" Doug finally was able to say as he pulled himself up from his panting mother.

"Oh, honey," Joanne groaned out, feeling completely drained of energy. She felt an incredibly comfortable warm glow settle over her slackening cunt as Doug's cock continued to twitch lazily in her snatch.

"That hurt," Gloria said, pouting slightly as Jim continued to grind his thighs against his sister's well-molded ass.

"Come on, Gloria. Don't play the virgin with me. You know damned well we've done that before," Jim said, turning to Doug and Joanne and laughing softly.

"She didn't seem to like it at first," Joanne said, reaching out and stroking one of Gloria's tits.

"Hell, that's how we started out. She was so fuckin' worried about losing her cherry. So, I managed to creep into her bed and slip it in her shitter one night. The cunt came easy after that," Jim said, reaching down and cupping his sister's buttocks in both hands.

"Hey, you think these two are safe at the olympics?" Doug asked Jim, winking playfully at his friend.

"Christ, if they get at the team, we'll lose every fuckin' game," Doug said, bunching back from his mother and sliding his limp dick out of her pussy.

"You'll have to forgive my son, Gloria. He's a little crude sometimes. He takes after his father," Joanne said as she slowly lowered her feet to the mattress. Joanne began to see that Gloria could be a valuable asset to her experimentation's in fucking. It was hard for her to believe that she once thought that the girl was innocent. Gloria could hold her own in the fucking arena -- and possibly even beat her in a few events.

"That's okay, Mrs. Hill. But you know, I'd love to get your son's cock in my cunt sometime. I was watching the two of you..." Gloria started to say.

"The way you were screaming about my dick in your shitter, I'm surprised you would have heard the atom bomb go off a mile away," Jim said.

"Fuck you! Anyway, like I was saying, I'd like to have Doug's dick sometime, if it's okay with you," Gloria said, looking hotly at Doug.

Joanne looked at her son first, then at Gloria. It was obvious that both of them wanted to try each other out. And for some strange reason, Joanne wasn't jealous. She guessed that their spirited four-way helped break down any resentment she might have otherwise had toward Gloria.

"Hey, you two, take it easy. There's plenty of time to take care of that," Joanne said as Doug reached over and started fingering Gloria's stiffening clit.

"No time like the present," Doug said as he yanked his hardening dick from his mother's cunt and crawled over to the groaning girl.

"Well, Mrs. Hill. It looks like they've left us out," Jim said, backing away to let Doug get at his sister.

"That's okay, Jim," Joanne said, raising her hands and placing them on her full, rounded titties. "I think we can figure something out to do," she whispered as Jim crawled behind the humping Doug and inched his way between the blonde's widely splayed thighs.

Joanne had never spent a night like that before in her life. Jim reamed out her cunt with his dick while Doug finished off Gloria, driving the girl to new heights of screaming pleasure as her brother sent Joanne's clit beating crazily like a bass drum. Then the teens put the two women together in a sixty-nine position, jacking off for a while as they watched Gloria and Joanne eat each other out. Doug and Jim finished off by hunching up to the women -- Doug behind his mother, Jim against behind his sister -- and fucking them in the ass.

When she woke up in the morning, Joanne rolled lazily over to her left to see what time it was.

"Oh, Christ! It's nine o'clock!" the blonde shouted as she reached over and shook Doug awake. The two teens nearly jumped out of bed, realizing that they'd spent the entire night fucking the women. They should have been back at the school at midnight.

"They'll hang us by the balls," Doug said as he flopped his big, soft dick in his Jockey shorts.

"Don't worry. I'm footing the bills in that school, don't forget," Joanne said as she snapped up her halter.

"What about me?" Jim said worriedly as he pulled up his pants.

"We'll make it a package plan. Now hurry up and get dressed -- all of you!" Joanne said as she finished zipping up her skirt.

The four of them dressed hurriedly, then ran out of the room as if the hotel were on fire. Joanne nearly forgot to pay the bill as Jim and Doug shot out of the lobby exit to see if the bus was there that would take them to the school.

"Hurry up, Mom!" Doug shouted through the half-opened door as Joanne finished paying the bill. She tried not to look at the sneering clerk who took her money. It was the same man who had been on duty when they checked in, and he kept making snide remarks about the hotel clerk hearing "strange noises" on her floor all night.

As Joanne climbed on the bus, she tried to think of a way she could explain her son's and Jim's tardiness. She'd heard about how strict military schools were. If she brought up the fact that she was paying her son's tuition and expenses, the authorities might just point to the door and escort both her and Jim out to the street. Joanne wouldn't have minded that solution. She'd put her son back in the public school, and he could live at home, servicing her aching snatch day and night. But she could tell that he enjoyed going to this military school. Joanne racked her brains as the bus rolled through the Northern California countryside. As it pulled in front of the series of large gray stone buildings that was Doug's school, Joanne decided that she'd have to use her body as a selling point to whoever was in charge.

"So, what's the problem, Eli!!?" Joanne heard a gruff, low voice shout out from the veranda of what appeared to be the main building.

"That's Major Duffy. He's the head S.O.B. of the school," Doug whispered under his breath as he bent down and picked up his mother's bags from the curb next to the bus. Jim and Gloria stood protectively behind Joanne. The blonde sighed as she stared at the tall, graying man standing in front of the main building. He looked more like a monument than anything human.

"Leave him to me," Joanne said softly as she started up the short gavel drive to the major.

"Ma'am?" he said, saluting Joanne as she climbed up the three marble steps to the veranda.

"I'm Mrs. Hill, and I can explain all this, Major," Joanne said as she put her arm through his and pushed him gently back into the building.

"I... un. Hill, you and Smith take the other lady to her quarters and settle her in. I'll speak with your mother about this," he said as Joanne turned her head and winked at Doug, Jim and Gloria.

"You know, Mrs. Hill, this is a military academy for young men. We're trying to train them to obey orders, no matter how inconvenient they may appear. After all, we're getting them ready for the military," the major said crisply as he ushered her in his office.

"I really appreciate that, Major. But you've got to understand. It's been such a long time since I've seen my son. We just got carried away, that's all," Joanne cried as she sat down in a leather chair to the right of Major Duffy's desk.

"Hmmmmm, I thought he and Smith went down to your place last week. At least, that's what they told me," Major Duffy said as he started fishing through a series of manila folders on his desk.

"Oh, they were down there all right. But you know how teens are. You hardly get a chance to see them when they're home," Joanne said softly, crossing her legs and hiking up her skirt slightly so the major would have a good view of her upper thighs.

"Uh... yes, I guess that's so," the man stammered as he shot a quick glance at Joanne's tapered legs.

Good. The major's not queer or dead, Joanne said to herself as she got up and walked quickly behind the desk.

"What the devil..." Major Duffy started as Joanne reached down quickly and unzipped his fly.

"I'm a woman of few words, Major. I've always admired the military for fast action. Let's see how quickly you get oft sir," Joanne said as she reached in the hot, dark hole and pulled out the man's stiffening prick. Unlike Jim's and Doug's, Major Duffy's cock was the average six inches in length. But there was nothing average about the way he reacted to the blonde's finger-massage. He howled like an animal, falling forward from the sudden cock-grip, then crashing backward until he fell into his leather-padded swivel chair.

"Ohhhhhh, good. You'll be more relaxed that way," Joanne said hotly as she reached back and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. As Major Duffy reached down and fingered his cock gently with his right hand, Joanne unsnapped her bra and let her mountainous titties flop free.

"My God!" the man, commented as he watched Joanne's heavy jugs sway in the air.

"Maybe you'd like to see how these feel next to your dick," the woman said as she crawled between the major's spread legs and flopped her jugs on top of the man's jerking dick. "Here, you look awfully uncomfortable, Major," Joanne said as she reached up and unbuckled his belt, sliding his pants down past his muscular buttocks to his ankles. As she reached up and pressed her tithes in from either side, trapping the major's hot dick in between the two mounds of spongy flesh, Joanne realized that she was really getting turned on by the man. He certainly was no old fart. His short-clipped hair was turning steel-gray, but his body was muscular and hard as cement. Age hadn't done anything to the man's looks either, and his sex drive was obviously as strong as ever.

"Uhhhhhhh," Major Duffy groaned, throwing his head back as Joanne started humping up and down, rubbing the man's twitching cock faster and faster with her swollen tit-flesh. She felt her nipples sputtering with excitement, and loved the sensation Major Duffy's cock hairs gave to her tit-tips as they scraped against his powerful groin.

"Let's try it this way, Major," Joanne said, backing away slightly and standing up. "What?" the man asked, startled by Joanne's sudden move.

"Take a look at a genuine, hot pussy," she said, unfastening her skirt and pushing down her panties to the floor. The blonde shoved her burning muff up to the major's face, teasingly brushing it against his right cheek before she pulled it away and knelt back between his legs. As Joanne opened her mouth directly above Major Duffy's prick-head, she looked up and noticed that he was licking at the wet blotch her drooling pussy left on his cheek.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," the blonde groaned as she felt her clit tingle. Joanne reached down to stroke it as she slipped the man's dick in her mouth, running her tongue over and into the tight slit in his prick-head. His pole seemed to grow more and more, filling up her mouth and throbbing with excitement and heat.

"Ohhhhhh, fuuuucccckkkkk!" the major groaned, bucking up his hips and grinding his hairy crotch against Joanne's nose and chin. The blonde realized that Major Duffy was close to coming. He wasn't as expert at sexual play as her son or Jim were. In a way, Joanne was sorry. She'd started this scene only as a means to get her son and his friend out of trouble. Now, Joanne wanted to enjoy the major as much as possible.

"Faster," the major groaned, carried away by Joanne's frenzied tonguing. The blonde raised one hand to his crotch and began to play gently with his hot, heavy balls, brushing the coarse gray and black hair that surrounded the thick base of his jerking cock. She ran her fingers up the thick, throbbing vein that ran the entire length of his dick, wondering how much jizz the major packed in his big balls.

"N-NOW!" the man cried out desperately, reaching down and digging his powerful fingers into Joanne's skull. Just as she felt his cock begin to swell powerfully between her puffed cheeks, Joanne felt a blast of cool air against her hot, sweaty sides.

"Mom!" Doug shouted.

"Mrs. Hill!" Jim and Gloria cried.

"Ohhhh, shit!" Major Duffy said as he pulled his cock out of Joanne's mouth and reached down, trying to pull up his military trousers.

"Don't worry about that, Major," Joanne said, reaching up and pulling his pants back down to the floor.

"But, but..." the major sputtered.

"Major, you're sounding like a motor boat," Joanne said, laughing lightly as she motioned the three people to come in. "I just know that you won't do anything about my son and his friend now, will you?" Joanne asked, winking slyly at Doug and Jim.

"Well, I guess not," the man said gruffly, flushing a deep red and wondering what else the four of them had planned for him.

"Now, now, Major. There's no need to get all bent out of shape," Joanne said.

"Ohhhh, I've always like military men," Gloria cooed, taking the cue and sauntering up to the major. His eyes lit up like two nuclear explosions as Gloria pressed her titties against the side of his face. At the same time, Joanne reached up and started milking his hot fuck-sac with her slender fingers.

"Maybe you and the lady could stay on base even after the olympics," the major said as he reached up and slid his hand down Gloria's slacks.

"Maybe that could be arranged," Joanne said, motioning to Doug and Jim to take off their clothes. "Meanwhile, why don't we all relax and enjoy ourselves? We'll show you just what kind of asset we'll be to your school," Joanne said as she bent down and started lapping at the major's dripping dick.

"Shit!" was the only reply the major gave her. "That's it, Major. Just relax," Joanne said as she filled her mouth up with dick-meat one more time. At the same time, Gloria was undressing and letting the major play with her hanging titties. Doug had already peeled off his clothes and was behind his mother, fingering her cunt and shitter, trying to make up his mind which hole to plug. Jim had pulled down his trousers and was milking his dick up to full stiffness while he gripped his sister's firm butt-cheeks with his right hand. Joanne took in the scene one more time, then closed her eyes and gave herself up to Doug's cunt-and-bung fingering and the major's hot dick. She had no idea that military school could be so much fun. As for the olympics, Joanne was going to suggest to the major that he enter her as a "special event". She was sure that she'd win.


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