Laura's dirty movie

In big cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle; in small towns whose names end in "ville" or "field"; all over the country, young girls dream glorious dreams of becoming movie actresses, of making it in the films.

Most of these girls end up sadder but wiser, their disillusionment yielding to a certain contentment with a less spectacular but more stable existence as housewife or working girl. Some of these girls meet tragic ends, in drug abuse, prostitution, a downhill trip to nowhere. A few lucky girls reach the top stardom.

Laura is one of these ambitious girls, a young and beautiful woman who will do anything to realize her dream. With cold-blooded calculation, Laura makes her plans she will get into the business through the shady side, i.e., making dirty movies and getting tight with the right people. And as Laura progresses, there does indeed seem little she won't do, no degradation she will not allow to be heaped upon herself, no perversion she won't indulge in to achieve her goal.

LAURA'S DIRTY MOVIE the story of one young girl whose ambition and thirst for the laurels of Hollywood lead her down a road of debauchery and degradation. Hers is a story with a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

Someday it's going to be me up there on the screen, I just know it. It's all a matter of playing your cards right, and believe me, even though I'm only nineteen I'm willing to play.

For now my name is just Laura. No last names yet. You'll recognize me when the time comes, when I get into the real movies and my full name leads the credits. And I got this feeling that it won't be long. See, I discovered a new philosophy that really works: "It's not who you know that counts, it's who you blow." I mean it. If you don't think it works, then try me sometime, because I know it works. That's how I'm going to climb to the top. And since I was gifted with a real knockout figure, it all comes natural.

It's only a matter of time, man, only a matter of time. Then, when I'm on top, I'll be a bit more selective about my lovers. But until then I'll fuck and suck for anybody. Sooner or later I'll do it for the right person and get my big break.

Here's what I've got going for me so far. Figuring the best way to get into the movies is to make your own, I enrolled in Halden University, twenty miles north of New York City. There I take film-making courses during the day. At night I work the projection booth at Four Star Cinema, where I get to see all the skin flicks for nothing at all, and even get paid. So it's at my job that I get the most experience. Sort of like on-the-job training on how to be a movie actress.

Take last night, for instance.

It was dark in the projection room when I arrived, late again as usual. Ever since I landed this job running the projector at Four Star Cinema, I don't think I've been on time once. But the boss won't yell at me, considering all the nice things I do for him. Good old Mr. Brent. Extras, he calls it. All part of the job, he says. But I don't mind. After all, that's part of my philosophy.

I set up the equipment as fast as I could after I looked out the booth at the audience. We had a full house, and they were getting impatient.

"Hey, Laura, move your tail, will ya? Keep them damn customers satisfied!" His voice reached me all the way from downstairs where Mr. Brent kept his office.

"All right!" I yelled. "I'm going as fast as I can."

I wound the reels, checked the sound to see if it was in sync, dimmed the lights and started the projector. Sweet Young Lips, the feature movie, came on the screen and I sat back to watch. Even though I'd seen the movie three times already, it still got me nice and horny.

The movie started out at a beach resort. A young blond guy was lying on the beach sunning himself. His body was tanned and muscular, and his face was almost, but not quite, movie-star quality. Just a nice-looking guy. His hair wasn't too long or too short, just blond and wavy. His most attractive feature was the nice cock-bulge in his swim suit.

I lit a cigarette and watched, knowing what was coming next.

The young high-school chick with long black hair and big tits, almost as big as mine, comes walking up to him. Her jugs're practically spilling out of her skimpy red bikini.

"Hi, what's happening?" she says.

The guy raises his sunglasses and looks her up and down, definitely pleased with what he sees. The chick pushes her long hair back over her shoulders and stretches, inhaling so deep that her tits almost burst out of her top.

"Well, why don't you sit down and we'll see what happens, babe?"

I have to admit the dialog isn't the most thrilling thing I've ever heard, but a fuck movie doesn't need that much talk to hold your interest.

He moved over and made room for her on the blanket. She lay down on her stomach and asked him to put some tanning lotion on her back. At the same time she reached back and untied the strap of her bikini top.

The blond looked up and down the beach. There's no one close enough to see what's happening. Lotion in his hand, he climbs on her back, sitting on her ass, and rubs the lotion on her shoulders.

A close-up shows a growing bulge in his swim trunks.

She starts grinding her ass up and down and his eyes light up. Right away his hands go under her ribs, slide up and clutch her tits. She moans and lifts herself up on her elbows so her tits are easier to reach. Big round tits, completely filling his hands. Her nipples poke out through his fingertips.

This is the part that gets to me. I imagine myself as the girl lying down, and the stud sitting on top of me with his big prick, squeezing my tits.

I squirmed in my seat a little bit, to ease the tension on my clit. It looked like it was going to be one of those nights.

All of a sudden the guy rolls off her and lies down on his back. "It's my turn now."

She sits up, her tits swaying in the sun, big and bobbling. One of his hands cups her right tit and his fingers fickle her nipple. Then she does her thing with the lotion. At first she sticks to rubbing his legs, his chest, and his stomach, but then her hands go under the suit and pull it down to his hips until his huge cock comes springing out. Oh, man, his prick's so big and rock-hard that I can almost feel it in my cunt.

Her eyes do a double-take at the size of his cock, but she keeps at it, rubbing the lotion up and down the shaft of his cock, then squeezing the tip. And I'm ready to hump the first thing that walks through the door.

The camera does a close-up on his face, eyes closed in ecstasy, then it pans down to his stomach until finally it focuses on his cock, standing straight up in the air about nine inches long. She jerks his prick faster with one hand and tugs at her tits with the other.

All of a sudden the girl stands up and rips off her bikini bottom, spreads her legs as far as they'll go, and slowly sits down. Grabbing his cock with both hands, she guides it right into her pussy, lowering herself onto it. She slides down an inch, then another, until there's only a few inches of glistening cock visible.

I started moving around in my chair, feeling that familiar wetness between my legs. You don't know how much I wanted that big cock ramming into my cunt.

So my eyes are glued to the screen.

She opens her mouth wide and sighs. Now she's got his whole cock inside her cunt and she raises herself up and down, fucking herself on it. His hands clamp onto her ass-cheeks and push her up and down while he jams his cock into her cunt faster and faster. Then it's like she's having convulsions the way she humps up and down so fast, her eyes closed, her tongue rolling across her lips, and the camera shows the veins on his cock sticking out, and it's all wet and glistening. And then it's buried in her pussy again.

Man, do I feel jealous.

The soundtrack fades into long moans while she says, "Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck it good, oh so good! Fuck, fuck, fuck it!" And a big smile flashes across his face.

Then she starts pumping his fuck-stick faster than the speed of light and her whole body starts to shake. Her hands are pulling on her tits, lifting them and letting them slide through her fingers. She screams and then her whole body goes limp.

He's still fucking her even after she comes.

Without saying a word, he lifts her off him and pushes her head down to his prick, then rams it between her lips. Her tits swing against his balls as she buries her face in his cock. About six inches of prick go into her mouth before her cheeks start bulging and she begins to gag. There's still a good three inches of cock-meat left that she jerks with her hand. Her head bobs up and down on his prick like one of those toy dogs you see on dashboards. He pulls his prick out, then slams it into her mouth even farther. She still can't suck it all.

Then his hands clasp her head and push down. "Relax, that's all, relax. You can take the whole thing." She tries to pull away but he has a firm grip on her and forces his prick all the way in. Her eyes start to water but she keeps sucking that nine-inch hunk of meat.

All of a sudden the guy bucks up, almost lifting her head clear in the air. The cum starts dripping out of her mouth down her chin, and she swallows and swallows.

Finally she lays down exhausted, with her face next to his cock, gently licking it with her tongue until all the cum has dried on her lips.

"By the way," he says. "What's your name?"

I felt completely drained and I didn't even come at all. It was a good scene, I have to admit. So I have to rub my cunt through my skirt while the movie goes on into the plot. I don't pay attention to the screen. The next fuck scene wouldn't be for a while. For some real action all I have to do is look down into the audience. There the show's usually better than the movie because most of the people in the theater are with their dates and it's obvious why they came to the Four Star.

In one of the back rows I see this guy I know from college, Ken, who's in a lot of my film-making classes. Next to him is this chick I've seen in the halls a few times. She always seemed so dignified and refined before, the cute little redhead. But now his pants are unzipped and she's yanking on his hard-on a mile a minute, jerking him off good. He is hung! That much I can see from upstairs in the booth... and man, do I want a taste of that cock.

When he came, his jizz spurted in the air before she could wrap a handkerchief around his cock. The poor guy, I thought. She's still bashful about sucking him off. I decided to treat him to a first-class blow-job the first chance I got. I'd show him how a real girl could lick his dick.

It's the same thing all over the theater. All these cocks standing straight up, the girls either sucking them or jerking them off. And the girls have their legs spread so the guys can finger their cunts.

So I'm watching all the action, both on-screen and off, when I hear the door to the projection room open. I don't turn around. Instead I bend forward a bit, leaning out the projection booth so my skirt raises up to my ass. I don't know who it is, but I know it's not the boss. He doesn't come to get his rocks off until closing time. Whoever it is, I hope he's horny.

Slow footsteps cross the floor. I still don't turn around. Then I feel some weight against me. A certain kind of weight. Like a stiff hard cock pressing against my ass. Turning my face, I can see it's Steve, the guy who works the cashier booth. I act surprised, smile at him, then turn my face back to the screen.

We've flirted around before but never gotten around to brass tacks. I guess it's because he's married, the poor guy. He showed me a picture of his wife one day, and I sure feel sorry for him. She looks like a professional wrestler.

"Looks like a full house tonight, Laura," he said, trying to make it seem accidental that his cock is pressing against me, like he's just trying to look at the audience.

"Sure does, Steve. Take in a lot of money downstairs?"

"Hell, yeah. We're rolling in cash. I think I'll have to ask the boss for a raise, we took in so much money."

"Oh, the boss gives me a raise every night," I said.

He blushed, really embarrassed. For a second I thought he was going to give up and move away from me. I leaned even farther over the edge of the booth so my ass was lifting right against the cock-bulge in his pants. It kept his attention from wandering.

He cleared his throat. Man, why be shy about it? If he wants to fuck me, all he has to do is say so. I'm all for it at this stage. My panties are so wet I could take on a couple of guys.

"Steve," I said. "Look over there at that couple."

"I can't see," he said.

"Well, come closer."

He put his arms around my shoulders and looked out, stepping even closer to me. I wiggled my ass in a circle against his cock.

"See that chick in the third row? Nice set of tits, huh?"

"Yeah, they sure are," he said.

"But mine are nicer. Don't you think so?"

I knew he did. Ever since I started working here, he couldn't keep his eyes off my thirty-eight chest. And I made sure he had plenty of chances to look at my knockers. Like the times I'd come in and change my clothes in the back room where he would have a cigarette before going into the cashier's booth. His mouth was definitely interested in getting a good suck on my tits.

"Y-yeah, Laura," he stammered. "I think you have real nice breasts."

"Tits, Steve. Call them tits. It makes me feel hornier."

That did it for him. If he had any doubts about whether or not I'd fuck him, they were gone. I was one hungry cunt.

I wiggled my ass against him again and he groaned.

So I kept watching the movie. At this point a new girl is sucking off a sailor in a seaside bar, and he's spurting cum all over her face. Steve's hands slid down the back of my thighs, then grabbed my ass. He lifted my skirt and pushed his cock harder against me. His fingers dug right into my crack, spreading my ass-cheeks. He rammed me a couple of times like that.

I felt his fingers peeling my stockings down my legs, then I felt his lips kiss the back of my legs. His tongue darted towards my drooling box.

My cunt was dripping with honey. Between Steve's tongue and watching the blow-job on screen, I was what you call excited. I was hornier than hell.

He stood again and crept his hands around my front, giving my tits a good squeeze. At first he rubbed them through the muslin halter top I was wearing, but then his fingers dove right under my bra and clamped onto my jugs.

He was good, gentle at first, rubbing my erect nipples with his fingers while shoving his cock between my buns. Then he squeezed my tits harder and harder, the way I like it, and untied the lace strings on my halter.

I was hot for him then, wanting to feel his cock in my mouth, in my cunt, in my asshole. Anywhere at all, as long as I could feel his hot sperm shooting into me.

I reached my arms behind me and freed my tits by unclasping the bra. When I turned to face him, his eyes almost popped out of his head. And I knew he'd never seen such first-class suckable tits before. Right away he fastened his mouth onto my nipples and sucked me, squeezing my jugs with his hands.

His cock was almost popping out of his pants.

Sliding down out of his grasp, I knelt on the floor, eye-level with his cock. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Good. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I nuzzled my face against his hairy crotch and licked his nuts. Then I made a big O with my lips and plunged onto his cock, sliding it all the way down my throat. I came up for air, jerked his dick, then went down again. His prick felt nice and warm as it slid over my tongue, nice and hard as I jerked it with my hands.

Thanks to the movie, I had no problem taking his cock all the way down. My clit was throbbing. Besides, I felt competitive, wanting to suck cock better than that chick on the beach.

My hands pulled his ass close and I practically felt his cock in my stomach. When his dick was all the way in, I slid my tongue back and forth on his cock-shaft and sucked really hard. When I give a guy a blow-job, he really knows it.

Steve knew it for sure. He poured a steaming load of cum down my throat, warm and sweet. I kept sucking and drooling until there wasn't a drop of jism left.

And his cock was still hard. Great! I had a real cocks man on my hands. Or in my mouth, I should say.

I stood up and lifted my cunt onto his prick. It was a nice and tight pleasurable fit. I bounced my cunt on his dong for a minute and then I stepped back. I turned around and bent over the booth again.

"Fuck me in the ass, Steve."

"But I've never done that before," he said.

"If you don't fuck my ass, then I'm going to tell your wife what's going on."

"You wouldn't."

He was right. I wouldn't. I didn't care about his wife, or him either. All I wanted was a stiff prick up my asshole, and that seemed to be the best way to get him to do it.

With my skirt raised above my hips, I leaned over the booth, resting my bare tits on the ledge. If anyone in the audience looked up then, they'd see the nicest pair of knockers in the world. But the people down there had other things on their minds.

I felt a probe in back of me. The head of his cock was touching my shitter. I wiggled up and down so his cock would make my asshole nice and wet. Then his hands grabbed my hips and he started the plunge. His cock-head felt so good as it went in my shit-chute bit by bit, the warm throbbing shaft sliding in. When I pushed back real hard, it felt like my ass-cheeks were splitting, but then his prick went all the way in my butt.

"Rub my cunt, Steve."

His fingers went right to my clit, then probed inside my cunt-hole like a miniature prick. I grabbed my tits with both hands and squeezed them, the way only a girl knows how to do. He kept on pounding his meat into my asshole.

Sensations were flooding me from every direction. My ass with his pulsing cock, my cunt with his electric fingers, and my tits with my own hands.

I started coming and coming and coming and moaning, "Oh, stick it in more, stick your cock in me, baby. It feels so fucking good... oh..."

I was moaning like a real animal and kept coming in one long delicious orgasm, and his cum was still tasty in my mouth, and then I just ultra relaxed, all fucked out.

When Steve pulled his prick out of my ass, I just sat on the floor and rested. Meanwhile on the screen an orgy was going on. Three big-titted girls were sucking off three different guys all on the same bed. And I was very, very relaxed.

Steve left right away. He looked kind of sheepish when he tucked his cock back into his pants. But I knew he would be back for more some day. Once a guy feels my body going to work on him, he definitely comes back.

About an hour later I started the second movie. This one was a real gem. The soundtrack was garbled and it didn't match the movement of the actors' lips, but it was good in the visual department. It was about this girl who wanted to get fucked but she was afraid because she was a virgin. So instead she was always doing everything but fucking her dates. Hand-jobs and blow-jobs all the way. Until the final scene when she decides to go all the way and fucks about four guys all in the same night, one after the other.

I fingered my cunt while I watched the movie. Yeah, I guess it was a good movie. Already I was horny again. I sort of half dressed so I would be ready when the boss came in at closing time. Just slipped on my skirt without putting my panties on; they were too wet anyway. No bra either. Whenever I moved, my tits poked out of my halter top since I didn't tie the string too tight.

Jt hit me while I was watching all this cum shoot out on the screen. I was learning film-making, right? So wouldn't the best way to get ahead be to make a film, a good fuck film? It wouldn't be hard. Practically half the guys at the college were dying to screw me, so it wouldn't be difficult to dig up actors for that department. I almost came just thinking about it. Right then and, there I decided it was time to start.

Hell, I could come up with a better plot than half of those skin flicks. And my body, I'm not afraid to say, makes most of those actresses look like Girl Scouts.

In my mind I was well on the way to stardom, one foot into cock paradise.

When the movie ended, my boss came in, fat old Mr. Brent, with a silly grin on his face. It wasn't hard to figure out what he wanted.

I lay down on the rug and spread my legs. Right away he unbuckled his pants and put his hairy body on top of me. His hard-on was just five inches long, but it was his proudest possession. He started pounding away at my cunt. Good old-fashioned Mr. Brent. Just wham-barn, thank-you-ma'am. It was over in five minutes, and I didn't even come.

He was real businesslike when he dressed. He put on his dumb old trousers in about two seconds flat, zipped up his fly and was gone without any small talk at all. But I didn't mind. After all, I was the highest paid projectionist in the whole fucking city.

I went into the rest room and cleaned up a little, thinking back to the day when I applied for the job, still hearing Mr. Brent saying, "I'm looking for a special type of girl to run the projector." And he was looking at my tits. I wasn't wearing a bra, just an old red sweater, two sizes too small, so I wiggled my chest real quick, making my jugs bobble.

"I think I know what you mean," I said, and lifted my sweater up over my tits.

"You got the job, honey," he said, and laughed. "Let me explain the terms." That meant me drawing up my skirt so he could fuck me right away and seal our contract. Less than half an hour after I applied for the job, we were sweating naked on his office couch, really fucking up a storm.

Chapter TWO

Even though I was tired when I left the theater, I was still extra horny, still aching for a big prick to satisfy me. I cruised the main drag for a long time, speeding up and down the street in my new sports car. Rock music was playing on the tape system, and I turned the volume up real loud. My eyes swept both sides of the street, looking for a hitch-biker like I usually do when my pussy wants some more action.

It was around 11:30 when I saw him. A young guy standing in the road, one hand in his pocket, the other with his thumb sticking out.

Since I like to te dramatic, I passed him, then screeched on the brakes and pulled over to the curb. He came running up and jumped into the car. Man, was he young. It felt like I was robbing the cradle. This guy couldn't be more than seventeen years old.

"Where you going?" I asked him.

"Home," he said.

"No kidding! I mean how far do you go, honey?"

He did a double-take and he got awful nervous. He moved away from me, close to the door. Now he seemed really young. But well-built. He was still hying to grow sideburns and it wasn't working. It made him look cute the way his peach fuzz ran down his cheeks. He was the kind of guy I would go for back in high school. It seemed so long ago, even though it was just a couple of years since I was a hot young schoolgirl.

"I live about two miles down the road," he said. "I'm coming back from my girl friend's house."

"Oh, yeah, so you've got a girl friend, huh?"

"Yeah, she's nice. We're going steady."

"Did you get it in her tonight?"

He gulped. "What do you mean?"

"Man, don't they teach anything in school these days? I mean did you slap her the meat?"

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. "I don't believe this is happening," he said. Then he laughed and seemed more at ease. I looked over to his jeans, and surprise! He had a hard-on already. When he saw me looking at his cock, he practically jumped out of his seat.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Bob... Uh, Bob Stoner."

"My name's Laura."

I met his eyes and licked my lips while dropping my gaze to his hard-on. Maybe I was overdoing it, but I was having fun.

There was hardly any traffic on the street so I drove faster than usual, flooring the accelerator. I think I scared him because his face was turning pale and he kept running his hands through his long hair.

At the first red light we came to, I unbuttoned my denim jacket... and turned towards Bob. With one hand I untied the lace on my halter top. With the other I lifted my left tit so it poked out through the muslin material.

"Wow," he sighed, like I was a dream come true. Which I was. Now he wouldn't have to go home and beat the meat because his girl hadn't reached the fucking stage yet. Maybe she let him feel her up once in a while, and maybe once or twice she gave him a hand-job, but his face said he'd never seen anything like me before.

"Why don't you come closer, Bob?"

He slid across the seat until he was right next to me.

"That's it," I said. "Now, why don't you put your hand on my chest?" Right away his hand planted on my left tit. "Squeeze it a bit... alt that's it... Oh, you must be quite a lover."

By now he was gasping so hard I thought he might come in his pants.

"I'm not wearing any panties, Bob."


"See how it feels down below."

His hand went to my cunt-lips and his fingers played with my pussy. I spread my legs so he could stick his finger in my gash.

The light changed and I stepped on the accelerator.

"I live just up the next block," he said, sitting back and taking his hands off my tit and cunt.

I pouted. "Oh, it's kind of early to go in, don't you think? Why don't you come to my place for a while and we can watch TV or something."

I reached over and put my hand between his legs, tugging at his hard-on.

"Uh... yeah..." he said. "Yeah. But I have to be in by one o'clock at the latest."

"Don't worry."

I turned the car around and we went back the way we came until I reached the turn-off for my apartment. By now he was used to me and wasn't freaking out at what I did. When I unzipped his jeans, he didn't move away, just sat back in the seat breathing hard. I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other one down his underwear grabbing his bare cock, slowly squeezing it and feeling the head of his prick throb.

My apartment is at one of these motel complexes on the lake that rents to students during the year, then jacks the prices up for the summer months. I live on the second floor in the back, facing the water. Even got a small balcony where I do my sunning when spring comes around. Inside my apartment I mixed drinks for the two of us and sat him down on my velvet-covered sofa. Then I put some rock music on the stereo and sat on the floor in front of him. He gulped his drink down in about two seconds.

It was time to get down to business. I went into my cock-tease act and danced to the music, rolling my hips back and forth like I was fucking an invisible partner. Then I tore off my halter and threw it on the floor. I stepped up to him and shoved my bouncing tits in his face. At the same time my hands went to his legs, massaging his thighs, then climbed up to the cock-bulge in his jeans. He unbuckled his belt.

"Your girl friend ever give you a blow-job, Bob?"

"Too bad. She doesn't know what she's missing," I said and pulled his jeans and underwear off him.

His cock was good-sized, standing up as rigid as a flagpole. He took off his gray sweatshirt and stared at me, wondering what would happen next.

I sank my lips onto his cock for a second, then stepped back and took off my skirt. He reached out and pulled me close so his mouth could swallow my tits. His tongue was like sandpaper as he swirled it around my nipples, moving from left to right.

I giggled and stood back again. I jerked his cock a couple of times, then started to kneel down. Before my knees touched the floor, a steaming white spray of cum shot through the air and splattered onto my stomach. It was warm and sticky and smelled sweet.

"I'm sorry," he said, and almost started to cry.

I was tempted to laugh but managed to hold back, not wanting to hurt his feelings. "Don't worry, Bob. That always happens the first time... This is your first time isn't it?"

He nodded, all red and embarrassed.

"Come here, baby," I said, and lay down on the floor, loving the touch of the thick white shag rug on my bare skin.

We lay side by side on the rug. I took his hands and placed them on my tits. Then I took one of his hands and led it to my cunt, showing him how to finger it.

"That's it... ahh, that's it. Move it around now... Oh, you're so good... put your finger in and out... ooh... that's it. Faster... faster! Ahhhhhhh..."

"Now get on top of me. Suck my tits." He buried his face in them and squeezed with his lips. "Yeah, use your tongue, Bob. Now move down lower... kiss my stomach..."

His body was heavy and lean. He'd make a good catch for some chick in a couple of years. I pushed his head down and spread my legs as wide as they'd go.

"Suck my cunt, Bob... suck it!"

My fingers played with his long brown hair and pushed his face right up to my pussy.

"Lick it... ah, push your tongue inside my gash. Oh... then out... and suck my clit! Right there! Ooooh, ooooh, suck it! Ahh, that's it!"

I held his face real tight with my legs and I lifted my hips up and down so his tongue slid rapidly over my clit. I felt the surge start to spread throughout my whole body and then it began.

"I... I'm starting to commmeee! Oh, I'm commmmming! Suck me! Suck my cunt! OOOoh!"

I bucked so hard I lifted his face clear off the ground and coated his lips with my cunt-honey.

I pulled him on top of me. His cock was starting to get hard again. My hands guided his prick inside me and we started fucking in a good rhythm. I flexed my twat muscles so his cock was squeezed by my cunt and I felt his dick grow inside of my fuck-hole. We picked up the pace until I heard the steady slapping of flesh on flesh.

Then I remembered my promise.

"Okay, Bob, sit on my stomach."

He pulled his prick out and straddled me with his hard cock rubbing against my stomach. I pulled him up towards my tits and rubbed his prick against them, pressing the tip against my nipples. Some drops of cum came out and my boobs were warm and sticky.

"Now slide up," I said.

"Oooooh, I can't believe it," he kept saying.

His knees were on both sides of my shoulders and his cock was banging against my chin. I raised my head, opened my lips and started blowing his cock, sucking the jizz out of him. Bob was moaning and sighing as his cock slid down my throat and I tightened my mouth around it. On the way out I jerked off his cock and on the way in, sucked as hard as I could, all the way in the back of my throat. Then I put one finger in his asshole while really blowing him good. He shot his wad again. Not as much as the first time, but it was really sweet and warm. I kept his cock in my mouth for a long time, kissing it and sucking it.

Finally he lay back on the floor and collapsed. "Oh, wow!" he said. "Wait until I tell the guys..."

For a second I got mad, but then figured what the hell. Let him brag to his high-school friends about me. It couldn't hurt. Let him be a big man for a while. So I smiled at him and pulled on his dick again.

Then I took him home. Even got him inside his parents' house before one o'clock, so there'd be no trouble. I imagined what the conversation inside his house would be like.

Mother: "Bob, where have you been all this time?"

Father: "Yeah, Bob, it's awful late."

They'd say this without taking their eyes off the TV.

"Oh," Bob would say. "I was over at this girl's apartment getting a blow-job."

"That's nice, Son," they would say together. "Good night."

I went to sleep really satisfied. In all it was a good day. I had had a lot of action at work, and not only that, I gave a young guy his first real piece of ass.

I went to sleep with my fingers in my cunt just thinking about it.

Chapter THREE

It was sunny the next morning. Although it was cold outside, the sun struck the window and brought in the heat. I pushed the covers down on the bed and let the light fall on my body. Eight o'clock in the morning. Time to get up and get to my first class by nine. I didn't exactly look forward to it. My nine o'clock class is always one long, boring hour of Professor Winton's lectures.

He wanted us to call him Jack but he was a Professor Winton if I ever saw one. For a whole hour he would talk about the history of film-making and not once would we learn any of the practical aspects of it. What a drag.

So I had an hour to relax I stayed in bed for another ten minutes, spending most of the time looking at my reflection in the overhead mirror. My whole bedroom is filled with mirrors, on the walls, on the ceiling. It makes fucking so much more exciting when you see a hundred cocks going into your cunt all at once.

My reflection was still looking good. My tits were firm and not the least bit saggy. Even when I don't wear a bra they're firm and stick straight ahead. Full-chested, just like the girls in the skin magazines. And my face is pretty, small upturned nose, blue eyes. I don't need makeup at all my cheeks always have a slight red flush in them. And my hair is long and straight, pure blonde. It goes all the way past my tits down to my stomach.

Then my hips sweep out in a perfect curve. My pussy hair is real curly and scented. My legs are long and firm, just right for clenching a guy's head when he's sucking my cunt. And my ass, it has to be nice. So many guys want to fuck me in the ass it's incredible. But I like cock any way I can get it.

"Laura," I said aloud. "You are one hell of a woman. A real nice piece of ass, and you're going to go far." It's just a matter of using my charms to get what I want.

For a while I daydreamed about being in the movies. I'd start off with my own skin flicks at first, and then when I learned the business maybe get into the real thing.

Finally I got out of bed and got ready for school. I followed the ritual I do every morning.

Start the water boiling for coffee then while it's getting ready I take a quick shower. When I come out, I wear my skimpy blue satin bathrobe that one of my old lovers gave me. Then I settle down in the kitchen, have coffee and toast, and listen to the morning talk show on the local radio station, full of all these weirdos who have nothing better to do than call up a radio show first thing in the morning. Maybe I'm the weird one. After all I listen to the show every day.

Then I decide what to wear for my teachers. The sexier I dress the less I have to do to get good grades. I've got all the professors eating out of my hand. Well, practically all of them. Except for Professor Winton. He's the pain-in-the-ass teacher that's always threatening to fail me if I don't improve my attendance record, and if I don't start handing in my papers on time.

Which reminded me. I had a paper due this morning and I didn't even start it. Oh, well, what could I do?

I picked out my clothes. A short skirt. I always wear skirts, even though all the other girls wear jeans. You stand out more if you wear a skirt. That's because everyone likes to take a good look at your ass and legs. So I put on the shortest white skirt I have. Then some dark clinging stockings, the silky kind. The bra I put on was a size too small. It makes my tits push up and out, making them look larger than they actually are. Next I put on a light-blue see-through blouse. Yeah, you dress right and you have no problems.

There weren't any spaces in the student parking lot so I parked my car in a faculty slot. I didn't want to be any later than I already was. I came running into Professor Winton's class about five minutes after it started.

He gave me a nasty look and raised his thick bushy eyebrows. Man, he is so square, and he's only thirty! I wonder what's wrong with his casle.

But the guys didn't give me any nasty looks. The minute I walked in, their eyes drank in my body. I could see them all staring at my big jugs. And they're all fucking me in their technicolor daydreams, I just know it. I can't blame them. I already fucked a couple guys in the class, so word must have gone around that I'm a foxy piece of ass who loves to fuck.

There was only one seat left empty at the back of the class. I sat down next to this guy, Mark, who's always looking up my dress every chance he gets but doesn't have the nerve to ask me out. If only he knew how easy it is to get me down on my back. It doesn't take much, as long as you got what it takes in the cock department.

I crossed my legs, biking my skirt almost all the way up to my hips, and right away he starts sneaking looks at me. He's kind of cute and well-built, I think he's on the football team or something, but he's tongue-tied whenever I'm around. He just doesn't know what to say to me. So I scratched my thigh a bit and pulled my finger back to my ass, raising my skirt all the way. I made like I had an itch there for a few seconds, then I took my hand away. Man, were his eyes big.

Halfway through the lecture, I forgot myself and lit a cigarette. Winton doesn't let anyone smoke in his class. He's too old-fashioned. He gave me a real fierce look but I didn't put out my cigarette. It would have been a waste.

Finally the damn lecture ended. After an hour of boredom the only thing I had written down in my notebook were a few words: "Winton is a Drag!" and several sketches.

On the way out of the classroom, Professor Winton stopped me. "Laura," he said, "I'm afraid you're failing the class. Perhaps you should come to my office tomorrow afternoon and tell me your side of it. After all, you've missed," he paused and looked at his attendance book, "you've missed ten classes already, and I set the limit at three."

I flashed him my little-girl-lost look.

"I can give you an appointment at three o'clock," he said.

"Okay, Professor Winton... Oops, I mean Jack. I'll be there."

Then I walked out and sat in the main lounge. Quiz shows were on the TV and I just wasn't up to watching them. My next class wasn't until twelve o'clock. That gave me two long hours to kill. I went over to the Art and Culture Building, for lack of anything better to do. I arrived at the Photography Dept. around ten-thirty, and started to develop some prints for one of my photo classes.

And Ken came walking in, the guy I'd seen in the theater with his girl friend last night. He went right to the enlarger and started working on his pictures.

"Hello, Ken," I said.

"Oh, hi, Laura." He looked surprised. "What's happening?"

"Not much," I said. "By the way, Ken, did you like the movie last night?"

A funny look came over his face.

"What do you mean?"

"You know. The movie you saw. Sweet Young Lips?" I said it out loud so some of the other students could hear.

"Shhh. I don't know what you're talking about."

"I work at the Four Star Cinema, Ken. In the projection room. You can see right down into the audience. Last row on the right. You know what I mean. Your girl friend's pretty handy."

His face got real red. I could tell he was getting mad. He brushed his hair out of his face angrily. "Listen! What I do is none of your business."

"Relax," I said. "I just wanted to tell you how nice you look." I glanced down at his cock and fluttered my eyelashes.

He was still mad. "What's your angle?" he said.

"Come with me. Then I'll tell you."

At first he protested, but I took his hand and led him down the hall to the darkroom section. I went into the first room on the right, pulled him in with me, and closed the door. It was crowded in there. Barely enough room for one person, let alone two, what with the sink and the work counter and all. I locked the door.

"What is this?" he said.

"Shit... Just wait."

I dropped down on my knees and reached out for him in the darkness. My hands landed on his hips.

"Hey, I'm engaged, Laura. You're crazy."

"Congratulations on the engagement, Ken. Here's my gift."

I found his zipper. It made a loud noise when I pulled it down. I pushed his jeans down to his knees, just far enough to get at his cock. I couldn't see it right away because it was so dark, but I could sure feel his big prick dangling before me.

He stopped protesting when my mouth slipped onto his dick and I started slurping away. After a minute or two my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could see again. I pulled my head back just to stare at his long hard cock. With the tip of my fingers I pulled at it, jerked his rod real fast a dozen times, then went down on him again. I did this over and over. Sucking his cock until he was about to come, then letting his prick pop out of my mouth. I'd jerk it, then start all over again. Always I made these loud slurping noises with my mouth, making his cock nice and wet with my saliva. With my hands I pulled his ass forward so his cock would slide all the way down my throat, sucking his rod so hard that my cheeks started to bulge.

Then I really wanted to get fucked but he wouldn't let me stand up. He just kept pushing my head down and ramming his cock in my throat. Then he started fucking my mouth faster and faster until he gushed all at once and the hot sperm shot against the roof of my mouth and all the way down my throat. There was so much of it. He just kept on shooting his load into me in these fast, hot spurts. I swallowed and blew him all the more harder, drinking enough cum to fill a quart bottle it seemed. Even after he stopped coming I sucked his cock, and he was still pumping away.

Finally I had to come up for air.

And his cock dangled in front of me. It was the biggest cock I'd ever sucked... and I wanted more of it. I wanted it banging in and out of my cunt so bad my legs were wet with twat-juice.

Ken was gasping for air and leaning against the wall. "Wow! Laura, that's the best it ever felt... Oh, wow!" He wasn't exactly a great one for words.

"Want to go again?" I said.

"Somebody will hear us. We've been in here a long time. Besides, how will I get it up again?"

"We can work on it," I said, and rolled his nuts in my fingers. His sac was warm and hairy. I dropped down to my knees again and sucked his cock really gentle. I wanted him to fuck me so bad I couldn't take it. After I blew him for about five minutes, his prick started getting hard again. I stood up and unzipped my skirt. It fell to the floor. He unbuttoned my silky top and practically pulled my tits right out of the bra. His hands started mauling them, then his mouth. He was so hungry for my nipples.

I peeled my panties and stockings oft and he took his jeans all the way off. Just as he dipped the head of his prick into my cunt-hole, there was a knock on the door.

"What's going on in there?" I heard a familiar female voice. It was the lab instructor. She was about thirty-five years old and the primmest thing you've ever seen. No sense of humor at all.

Then I heard a key turn in the lock. The door opened and she stood there gaping at us. Her mouth was open wider than mine. But mine was open because my jaws hurt. Hers was open in shock. She jumped into the room and slammed the door behind her.

"Do you realize what you're doing? I could have you both thrown out of school for this! I could..."

She stopped talking for a very good reason. There was so little space in the room that she was forced to stand right next to Ken, and her hand was touching his big hanging cock. Her face underwent a rapid transformation.

"Oh..." she said. "Ohhhhh..." And her hand wrapped around his prick automatically.

Ken was no dummy. If we were going to get out of this, he had to act before she regained control of herself. His hands went around her waist and pulled her body towards him, ass end right up to his dick since there wasn't enough room for her to turn around.

She closed her eyes.

I looked at her. She wouldn't be so bad if she dressed right. Her hair was in a bun at the back of her head and she had weird thick glasses on. But her face was pretty in a prim sort of way. Her clothes, though, they were right out of the fifties. Loose-fitting drab green blouse, long dark shaft below her knees. It was impossible to tell by looking at her what kind of body she had, I stepped up to her and undid the bun. Her light-brown hair fell down to her shoulders. Meanwhile Ken was dry-fucking her from the back. I took off her glasses and put them on the counter behind me.

She was moaning.

When I unbuttoned her blouse, I was shocked. She had a perfect set of jugs wrapped in a frilly white bra! My fingers went under the elastic and lifted her tits out of the cups. Then I slid her bra down to her slim stomach.

I moved up right next to her and rubbed my tits against hers. They were soft and warm. Our nipples touched and she started moaning louder. She put her arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I unclasped her skirt and let it fall. Her panties came off next.

And through her legs Ken's long prick poked out. He was jamming it back and forth under her cunt. I rubbed my pussy against his prick and her cunt at the same time. She was sandwiched right between us. Now there was no doubt. She wouldn't turn us in. Not after the fucking we were going to give her.

I dropped my face down and sucked her jugs.

Then I thought of an idea how we could all get off. I sat on the counter behind me with my legs spread wide. This gave her enough room to bend over so Ken could slip his cock into her pussy. And I would have her suck me oft although she didn't know it yet.

She thought she was just getting fucked by Ken and I was helping her out. But I was dripping and really wanted to come.

So I put her hands on my knees to steady her and pulled at her tits. Ken grunted and groaned and I heard the steady slapping of flesh as he fucked her.

After a minute I pushed her hands away so she fell face first into my lap. I spread my legs wider and wrapped my thighs around her face. She was getting fucked so good by Ken, and she was so excited that her tongue came lapping right out and darted into my swollen gash.

She wiggled her tongue around real fast and sucked my clit until I couldn't take the pressure and I had one long orgasm right on her face.

Then she started jumping up and down and put my hands on her big tits. Then she shuddered and slapped her cunt on his prick really fast. I knew she was coming...

Ken was still fucking when she pulled away from him.

Then the two of us got on our knees and both of our tongues licked his cock. We took turns sucking his prick and jerking him off.

His whole body got real rigid and we felt the surge in his prick. I sunk my lips on his cock and sucked half of his load, then she pushed me away and sucked the rest of it. In between, when his cock was in the air, his sperm sprayed both of us and we smeared it all over our tits and each other, then alternated sucking his cock again.

Finally all three of us sank to the floor exhausted.

When the three of us walked out of the darkroom, there were about five students outside. Obviously they'd been listening to us.

"Next?" I said, and walked away.

Surprisingly I went to all the rest of my classes. Nothing much happened in any of them. Maybe I was slipping, but I actually took some notes. Who knows, I might even get mighty smart if I kept this up.

Compared to the previous night, working at the theater was a letdown. Nobody came into the projection booth at all. Not even Mr. Brent. So when I went home, I was just looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Little did I know someone else had different ideas in mind. When I got to my apartment, I found Bob waiting for me in front of the door. He had three of his high-school buddies with him. The little creep! I was just doing him a favor the other night. I was all ready to tell him to get lost, but he said something that changed my mind in a hurry.

It started out nice and innocent at first.

"What's the story, Bob?" I asked.

"Hi, Laura. I thought you might like to meet some of my friends."

I looked over at his friends. They were real young, even younger than Bob. They all had long hair, lots of pimples, and they were smoking cigarettes, trying to look cool.

"What makes you think I want to meet them?" I said.

"Oh, I just have this feeling that you want to be real nice to all of us, Laura. Especially since I've been talking it over with my friends. They said you can get in trouble for what you did with me last night. It's called endangering the morals of a minor. But I wouldn't want to do that."

His friends were fidgeting around, real nervous as they looked my body up and down. It looked like I was in for a teenage gang-bang. But I had no choice. He had me in a fix.

"Okay boys, come on in," I said, and opened up the door. "The party's on me."

Chapter FOUR

I flicked the light switch on and the boys came rushing into my apartment. They tried to hide their nervousness by acting real casual, like they did this sort of thing every night.

I turned to Bob and said, "Well, what exactly did you have in mind, Bob?" And right away I found out.

Instead of answering me, he came beside me and put his hand on my ass, rubbing it good. Then his fingers slid down my skirt and tickled my thighs. Bob was putting on a good show for his friends.

They were sitting on the couch just watching everything Bob did like they couldn't believe this was happening. One of them said, "Why don't you fix us some drinks?" in a real squeaky voice.

"You mean you kids are old enough to drink?" I said to him.

His face got red and he sat back into the couch, embarrassed. Then I got an idea. Maybe if I acted like a real tough chick by putting them down, I could scare them out of it.

But it was no go. Bob was lifting my skirt over my ass and rubbing my buns with his hands. He turned my body so his friends could see it while his hands kept swimming over the nylon. He had me right where he wanted me. In the palm of his sweaty hand. I stepped out of his grip.

"Okay, guys, I'll get us something to drink," I said and left the room. Hell, I thought, I might as well enjoy it, too. From the kitchen cabinet I took a bottle of whiskey, still sealed, one I'd been saving for a special occasion. Even though this wasn't the occasion I had in mind, tonight seemed like the right night for it. When I came back into the living room, the guys were all whispering and sneaking looks at me. Bob was giggling like a little kid with a new toy. And I was the toy.

"Do you guys have names?" I said. "Or do you want to keep this on an impersonal basis?"

"Sure. My name's Willy," said the shortest one, sitting on the end of the couch. "And this is..." he pointed to the guy next to him, the one who asked me for the drinks. He spoke for himself.

"George," he said. "George Baxton."

George stared at my body with hungry eyes.

And I stared right back at him, thrusting my jugs out and putting my hands on my hips. He was a good-looking kid, the only one who seemed to be old enough to know about fucking. A bushy brown beard ran up and down his face, and a long thick mustache practically covered his lips. A real pussy-tickler. If I didn't know he was one of Bob's friends, I would have thought he was at least twenty. Maybe this would be fun after all.

The last guy was a thin redhead. He gave me his name, Alex, and then didn't say anything at all. Alex wouldn't even look at my eyes.

"Okay," I said to them all. "My name's Laura. I imagine Bob told you a few things about me."

They smiled at that, all at the same time. "That's right," George said. "He told us a lot about you. That's why we wanted to meet you." All of a sudden he was getting bold. George was probably the leader of the group. He looked at my tits while he talked. "Yeah, Bob told us you were a really together chick. Know what I mean?"

"I know damn well what you mean," I said. "So let's get started."

I broke open the seal on the bottle, uncapped it and brought it to my lips for a real long swallow. It gurgled as it ran down my throat and I felt a warm glow spread up from my stomach and all through my chest. Then I passed the bottle to Alex. No sense in being formal. We were all going to drink from the bottle like a bunch of teenagers getting drunk for the first time.

While they passed the bottle, I selected some music for the stereo, and put three records on the turntable, real good fuck music. Full of Latin rhythms mixed with jazz-rock. Then I sat on the floor in the middle of everybody. Bob was sitting in a chair right behind me, and I was facing the rest of the guys.

I looked at the whiskey bottle. It was a third empty already. A laugh escaped my lips. Everybody was drinking enough so they'd have the courage to fuck me.

"Toss me that pillow," I said to Alex.

For some reason I delighted in teasing him. He threw the big fluffy throw pillow I keep on the couch. I sat on it and figured out what to do next.

"You sure you guys want to go through with this?" I said. They all nodded.

Slowly I worked the first button on my blouse loose. Then I curled up my legs in front of me so my white skirt slid back to my hips. I had a captive audience. Their eyes stuck to my every move, watching my hand drop down to the next button.

Now they could see the first part of my chest, where my big boobs were pushed together by the bra.

"Give me another hit on that whiskey," I demanded.

Alex passed me the bottle and I took three long swallows. My head started swimming and it felt like I was taking off into space. I started to feel real good, real excited at taking my clothes off in front of four horny teenagers. Then I got an idea how to make it more fun.

"Let's dance," I said, and jumped to my feet. No one made a move. "Come on! You mean you guys don't even know how to dance! It's too late to be shy now."

I went over to Bob, took his hand, and led him to the center of the room. He put his arms around me and we started to dance slow. His feet were clumsy as he tried out a few pitiful dance steps.

"Not like that," I said. "Like this."

I pulled him close to me, grinding my cunt against his prick. It was hard already, straining against his jeans. His hands went to my ass and pulled my butt-cheeks apart. Then he put his fingers under my skirt and lifted it over my ass. I started hunching against his cock real fast and at the same time I pressed my jugs against his chest, feeling them flatten. I rolled my hips from side to side, increasing the pressure on his cock.

He rammed me good, forgetting about any dance steps at all. The music was picking up the beat and we were practically fucking right through our clothes. We danced over to the wall, my lead of course, and I flicked out the lights. I pressed him against the wall with my cunt again and again until he was moaning real loud and his fingers went under the elastic of my panties like he was going to pull them down.

"Next!" I said suddenly and stepped out of reach of his throbbing cock.

The room was real dark now. The only light came from the candle on my coffee table that one of the guys had lit. I went over and lit a stick of incense in a Buddha-shaped holder. The room filled with a sweet exotic scent, blending with the musky odor of sex that poured out of us all.

George stood up and approached me. He wasted no time at all, just putting his hands on my hips shoving his cock against me. It was so large I could feel it poking against my stomach. Like the others, he wore jeans, tight jeans that made his cock-bulge even harder. I danced over to the table and while George was thrusting his hips against me, I leaned over and took a cigarette from the table. I lit it and sighed, like I was bored out of my mind. It was a good act. My legs were so wet with cunt-juice that I couldn't wait to have a cock jammed into me... but it's always more fun if you put the fucking off as long as possible.

His hands went to the front of my bra and he tried to slip his fingers under the elastic. I pushed him away and put his hands on my tits, making him feel them through the blouse. He was going to suffer for a while before he got any bare tit. I slid my hand between us and clutched his groin. Then I unzipped his jeans and wrapped my fingers around his bulging cock. I squeezed it a couple of times, then pushed him away.

"Next?" I said, and took the other two guys by the hand. I put Willy, the shorter one in front of me, and pressed my boobs against his face. While he held me from the front, Alex danced in back of me, moving his cock up and down the back of my skirt.

I undid another button and pushed Willy's face into my tits, moving from left to right so his tongue slid across the rim of my bra. At the same time I wiggled my ass up and down on Alex's cock. With my hands I pulled Willy's hips right up to mine so I was getting dry-fucked on both sides. When they were both good and hot, I stepped out from between them. They went back to the couch, wondering what was going to happen next.

I started to do a strip-tease for them. First the blouse. I undid the last two buttons, and threw it on the floor. Now I was dancing in front of them in my black bra. Turning in a full circle, I reached behind me and unhooked the bra clasps. When I flung the bra off, my tits bobbled wildly.

"Oh, wow!" one of them said. I couldn't tell who it was because I was getting more excited with each passing second.

The music was getting wilder and wilder and I tried to keep up with it. With beth hands on my knees, I did a shimmy so my tits were bouncing all over the place, and I had one hell of a mouth-watering audience. Next I grabbed a tit with each hand and lifted them up and out, letting my erect nipples poke through my fingers.

Then I danced around the room, stopping before each one of them and pushing my knockers into their mouths. From the looks on their faces they were all dazed by my act. And from the bulges in their jeans, I could tell they were my favorite kind of people.

Next I peeled out of my skirt and danced in just my bikini panties. I went over to Bob, who was leaning forward in his chair, and drew his face right up to my cunt. He nuzzled it with his mouth. Then I went over to the other side of the room. I sat on the couch on top of all three of them.

When I lay down, my legs were on Alex, my tits were in front of Willy, and my ass was on George. Willy came down and sucked my boobs. George lifted my hips up and down, pressing his cock into my ass. And Alex crept his hands up my thighs, then to my cunt. He peeled my panties down to my thighs and fingered my gash. I felt George's hands go underneath my ass to unbuckle his pants. He slid his pants down and his long bare hard-on rubbed against my ass.

Then I felt a breeze in front of my face. It was Bob, just wearing a shirt and dangling his prick in front of my face. I turned my head and with one hand pulled the tip of his cock into my mouth and began to suck.

The other guys got the message and took off their pants, too. I was surrounded by four pulsing, rigid cocks.

"This way, boys," I said, stood up, and went to the middle of the room again. My clit was throbbing like crazy with all these dangling pricks in front of me.

Since George had the longest cock, I chose him as the cushion. I made him lie down on the floor, then straddled him. Spreading my legs, I slowly sank down into a full split as his prick sank into my cunt. I felt the full length of his cock slip all the way into my hole, and clenched my cunt muscles around it. Then I made Bob stand in front of me, over George, and fastened my lips onto his cock. He slid his prick in and out of my mouth like a pro, pushing it all the way over my tongue and into my throat. His rod made a popping noise each time it slid out, each time I sucked it.

Alex and Willy stood on both sides of me. Each of my hands grabbed a prick and I jerked them off. All the while I was humping up and down on George's prick and sucking off Bob. Four pricks I had, all going at me at once. I really could have used an ass-fucking, but I didn't think they were ready for that yet. So I settled down and worked on their cocks as hard as I could.

George was arching his hips, lifting me off the ground, then pulling me down and pushing his cock deep into my cunt. Bob clasped his hands around my head. As he fucked my mouth, his balls banged against my chin. And both of my hands kept jerking off the other guys, while they each worked on my tits with their hands. My whole body flooded with roaring sensations from their throbbing cocks.

I started coming first, and kept coming, kept pounding my cunt on George's cock. Then I felt the warm jet of cum burst into my pussy as his cock kept ramming me, spurt after spurt of jizz gushing out. I was having an orgasm every other second.

Then came the warm splash into my mouth and Bob rammed his cock all the way back, pouring his fuck-cream down my throat. So much that my whole mouth was filled and his cum dripped down my lips. Still he kept fucking my face really fast. I drooled and swallowed and sucked and the cum dripped down my chest.

This really got to Alex and Willy. I could feel the surge start in their cocks so I beat them off fast. From both sides they started coming, shooting their sticky wads all over me. Sperm landed on my tits, my face, and my stomach. I kept jerking, kept fucking, and kept sucking. And all four guys kept shooting their loads into me, and on me, and I came, and came, and came.

Finally when I was exhausted, we all slowed down and gasped. I swallowed the rest of the cum in my mouth and spread the warm sperm all over my tits with my hands. I climbed off George, and Bob took his cock out of my mouth.

There were four worn-out pricks in the room and one well-fucked pussy. I lay down and closed my eyes. This was easily the best fucking I'd had in a long time, better than anything I could ever have planned. If this was what it felt like to be blackmailed, then I was all for it.

But I couldn't let them know that. It would spoil all the fun. I sighed and yawned like I was bored stiff.

"So, did you guys have fun?" I said.

They were sheepish, and all of their faces were red. George spoke for all of them.

"You're one hell of a fuck, Laura," he said. "One hell of a fuck."

With that said, he tucked his prick back into his jeans. By the time they were all dressed, the cum had dried on me and my whole body was sticky. It was the best-smelling perfume in the world.

Now they were being real nervous, as if they just realized what they'd done to me. So they left right away, embarrassed. Except for Bob, who gave my tits a squeeze before he went.

"We'll see you around, Laura. I like the way you suck cock."

Then they were all gone, heading down the steps outside. They would be back, I knew and I would be ready for them the next time.

I took a shower to wash away all the cum. The water made me feel wide awake so I watched TV for a while. Just like any other person in the city I got bored by the sexless newscasters as they howled out the bad news with smiling faces. I straightened up the apartment, really cleaning it good so it didn't look like some hungry cunt just took on four horny teenagers.

When I went to bed, I kept replaying all the action in my mind. My hand went down between my legs and I rubbed my clit. I masturbated for a long time.

Chapter FIVE

When I woke up in the morning, the whole room was spinning. And I was the proud possessor of a full-blown hangover. It must have been my lips that sucked down all that whiskey, I thought. With some effort I made it to the bathroom and took a shower. Then I started to get ready for school. I say started because I decided to forget it right away. My head was still too dizzy, and the simple act of getting dressed seemed like a real chore. Fuck it, I thought, I'll skip all my classes today.

Then I remembered my appointment with Professor Winton, when he was going to tell me how bad I was flunking his course. But that wasn't until three o'clock, giving me plenty of time to recover.

I turned the television on in the living room, closed the curtains, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. It was ten-thirty when I woke up again and my head was a little better. The room was only spinning in slow motion and the TV stayed in focus when I watched it. I was still wearing my terrycloth bathrobe when I went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. No sense in getting dressed. Whenever I have a day like this, I try to be as lazy as possible.

I sat by the window, drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. Every now and then I just looked outside and stared at the lake. It was windy out there, the waves were crashing onto the beach, and it looked so beautiful that I was glad I stayed home from school. I'm never around during the day to enjoy this kind of thing. It started to rain, light at first, but then it came down in buckets. The parking lot was full of puddles and the sky was getting darker. It felt like a monsoon bucking against the motel complex, the wind howling and the window glass shaking.

In the living room, armed with two more cups of coffee, I watched three stupid game shows in a row, where the housewives go bananas, over a new washing machine or a super vacuum cleaner. That stuffs not for me, man. No way. I've got bigger and better things coming. No way in the world good old Laura's going to end up in a dead marriage, waiting for a new appliance to brighten her life. Especially since I'm the kind of girl that likes to taste all kinds of sex, with all kinds of people. I had only one goal in mind, and that was to make it to the top, in the movies.

My daydreams about my own movie were interrupted by a knock on the door at one o'clock.

"Who is it?" I said, without moving from the couch.

"It's me," came the answer.

That certainly helped. I knew a million people named me. I got up and looked through the peephole on the door and saw the maintenance man who worked for the motel complex.

"Go away," I said. "I'm trying to sleep."

He said something but I couldn't hear him.

He put down the toolbox he was carrying, then opened up my door with a passkey. "Hey lady," he said, stepping into the apartment, "I gotta check out the stoves. We had a few complaints about gas leaks and Mr. Crolley got a call from the city inspector."

That really threw me. Mr. Crolley, the owner of this complex, never fixed anything at all unless it was an emergency. "You mean there's a gas leak in my apartment?" I said.

"In a place like this?" he said. "No chance, lady. Hell, you know these luxury apartments have nothing but the best." He started laughing. "But just to be on the safe side, I got to check it out. Boss' orders."

Luxury apartment, bull shit. I knew what he meant. These apartment units were built of the flimsiest material possible. And the stoves were most likely a lot of damaged products rejected from the factory. Mr. Crolley probably picked them up for a few bucks. Since I didn't especially care for getting gassed by a faulty stove, I told him to go ahead and check it out. "Just be quiet about it," I said. "I got a headache."

"Sure thing, lady," he said, and walked back to the kitchen.

I heard him making all sorts of noise out there and went for a look. The stove was in pieces, little bolts, and tubes, spread out all over the floor. I stood near him. Finally he looked up. And I mean looked up. His eyes made a journey up my legs, then to my cunt, which might have been peeking out of my bathrobe.

"Good thing I came when I did, lady. The thing was going to blow any minute. You got a faulty..." He gave me some technical term that sounded halfway legitimate. I sat at the kitchen table and watched him. All the time he kept up the banter that seems to be the trademark of a repairman. Once in a while I listened to what he said, but not really.

Whenever I took a sip of coffee, the movement of my arm caused my bathrobe to open at my chest. And every time that happened he was looking right at my tits. I felt like I was in one of those skin flicks we show at the Four Star. Young chick seduces repairman. I wondered what it was like, but no, I thought, I'm too tired.

"How long you been living here, Miss... uh..."

"Long enough," I said.

"I saw you down on the beach the other day."

"Oh, really? You should have called network news. I'm sure they'd be interested."

"All right, lady, if that's the way you want to be. I was just making conversation." He went back to working on the stove.

He was right about seeing me on the beach. Every now and then I take a walk along the shore just to clear my mind. And I'd seen him around before. He and his wife lived on the other side of the complex, right near the office. The thought of fucking him crossed my mind as I went back into the living room. I decided to play it by ear. On the couch I sat with my legs stretched out on the coffee table, smoking a cigarette, when he came back into the living room.

"Just about finished," he said, and sat in the chair. "You shouldn't have any trouble with it."

He tried not to show it but his eyes had a definite interest in my legs.

"That's nice," I said, and watched the TV again.

When I lit another cigarette, I gave him the once-over. He wasn't great-looking. In fact he was just an average-looking guy, but you could tell he was a worker. His arms were thick-muscled and hairy. He had a look of strength about him. Although he was starting to go bald in the center of his head, it seemed to go just right for him. I crossed my legs on the table and felt my bathrobe fall away, sliding down towards my ass.

I blew some smoke in the air and took a quick look at his face. His eyes were staring directly at my ass. He had good reason to stare because I wasn't wearing any panties. I put my legs down on the table, spread them apart and stretched, giving him a full view of my pussy.

"Would you like something to eat?" I said. "Er, I mean would you like something to drink?"

He nodded, said, "Sure, if it's not too much trouble."

I hurried out into the kitchen saying, "Oh, no trouble at all," over my shoulder.

I checked my bathrobe. The belt was closed tight around my waist, keeping the upper half together. I loosened the belt. Just enough so that when I moved, my tits would be visible.

Back in the living room I bent way over when I handed him his coffee. My robe opened up and I could feel my boobs swinging freely in the air. He tried to remain calm as he accepted the coffee, but the growing bulge in his work pants gave him away.

On the couch again I spread my legs wide on the table. With my right hand I rubbed my pussy and I stuck the other hand inside my bathrobe, caressing my left tit. My tongue darted in and out of my mouth like I was eating cunt. I stared at his eyes, then down to my pussy. He got the idea.

The next thing I knew he was kneeling down on the floor, spreading my legs apart. He started to eat my cunt, sucking and teasing my cunt. One of his fingers went around to my ass and he stuck it right in my shitter. He tickled me there and sucked my gash harder. His other hand came swirling across my stomach and then he started squeezing my jugs with it.

I rolled my fingers in his hair and pushed his face in deeper so I could really fuck his long tongue.

"Suck my cunt good! Oh, so good! Stick your tongue in deeper! Oooooooh, that's it! Ab, eat it, eat it!"

I rolled my hips up and down and clenched his head with my legs. His raspy tongue stroked the inner walls of my cunt, almost all the way in, like his tongue was a cock. I began to moan when he licked my gash faster and faster and I came a little bit. He could tell I was coming by the way my cunt swiveled on his tongue.

He stood up and unbuckled his pants. A big hairy cock came poking out of his boxer shorts. He peeled them down real fast and his cock was swinging up and down in the air. Keeping me in the same position, he lifted my legs high in the air and spread them over his shoulder.

Right on target he stuck his growing prick into my juicy cunt. Like a dynamo he slapped away at me, in and out, just fucking and fucking me like I've never been fucked before. Our flesh made a sexy sound each time he pushed his prick into my pussy, spreading my legs farther apart with each stroke, so he could push his dick in my fuck-hole all the way.

Both of his hands came to my tits, squeezing them really rough. With his thumb and forefinger he rolled my nipples and tugged at them. He never let up the pace, fucking me for all he was worth.

His face got real sweaty and his breath came in short gasps. I could tell he was getting ready to come. I moved my hips faster, increasing the tension on my clit as he beat away at my cunt with his hard cock.

A long sigh came out of his lips as he gushed into me, shooting three long loads of sperm, one after the other. My cunt was practically straight up in the air when he flooded me with his jism. Just watching his cock go in and out sent me in a long orgasm, and I kept fucking that prick like there was no tomorrow. When he pulled out of me, some of his cum ran down my legs.

"Whew," I said. "You're a good man to have around."

"Any time, lady. That's what I'm here for."

Then I realized why he kept working here. The pay couldn't be that much, so there had to be other fringe benefits. Like me. There must be a regular bunch of chicks in this complex that he fucked all the time.

"Well, I'll be taking off now," he said, and finished dressing.

"But I thought you had a little more work to do," I said.

"I did it."

He smiled, picked up his toolbox and walked out. Right then I knew I'd been had by a real operator. Maybe I should stay tome from school more often, I thought.

After he left, I took another shower. Man, I must have been the cleanest girl in town. In some respects, anyway. I don't ever remember getting laid this often before. But experience counts in the long run, I thought. Especially in my line of work. Young film-maker on the move.

By the time I was through cleaning up, it was past two o'clock. Just enough time to get ready for my appointment with Professor Winton. Since it was raining out, I just threw on a bra, a faded denim shirt and a thick sweater. No skirts today. Just jeans. I didn't want to ruin any of my clothes because of the rain.

The parking lot was nearly empty when I got to the college. Practically everybody must have had the same idea I did and stayed home from school. It was such gloomy weather. But I had an appointment, and if I wanted to pass my course, then I had to keep it.

There were puddles all over the place and it was raining so hard that by the time I reached the Communications Hall entrance my hair was soaking wet. I looked like a drowned rat, and there was no time to dry out since it was, already three o'clock. I burst into Professor Winton's third-floor office just in time.

He was reading a bunch of papers on his desk. After a minute or two he acknowledged my presence and shoved them aside.

"Well, Laura," he said, "I've been looking over your records and I have to tell you they're just not satisfactory. Not satisfactory at all."

I took a seat in a hardback chair before his desk.

"I'm sorry, Professor Winton, but I've had a hard time this semester. Working my way through school makes it hard to keep up with the assignments."

Water was dripping down my face and onto my sweater. I kept brushing my stringy hair out of my face, and I felt all icky from touching it.

"Still," he said, "a lot of people work their way through school, Laura. I can't make any exceptions for you."

I put a worried look on my face and started to cry. That's one of my best features as an actress. I can cry in ten seconds flat if I have to. But my tears had no effect.

"Besides, girl, look at this."

He threw a folder on the desk. I picked it up and looked at it. Inside were my term papers for his course. One A, one C, then four failing marks.

"And this," he said, throwing his attendance book at me.

I looked at my name. There were several red marks after it. It seems I'd skipped more classes than I'd attended.

"You are definitely in trouble, Laura, and though I hate to do this, I'm going to have to fail you," he said, giving me a mean stare. "I thought you might want to know. That way you can drop the course."

"But I can't fail, Profess... er, I mean, Jack... I can't afford to take this course again. Isn't there anything I can do? Maybe some extra assignments to make up for my poor grades."

"It's too late for that," Professor Winton said. "The semester ends in three weeks."

He spoke with such a final air of authority that I was ready to get up and leave. I couldn't believe it. Winton is such a square man. Only ten years older than me and he's completely out of it. A stem straight-laced professor, old before his time. He acted as if the safety of the whole world depended on everybody passing his stupid film-theory course.

Too bad, I thought. Maybe if he wasn't so straight, I could do something for him. He was good-looking in his way. Short black hair and a big curly mustache. Why in the world did I ever start his course in the first place? I wondered.

He was expecting me to say something, I guess. But I was too upset to think of anything intelligent. Instead I just looked around his office. Pictures of his old graduating class, his doctorate diploma framed on the wall. A picture of his wife and their kid. There didn't seem to be any way out of it.

"Isn't there something I can do, Jack? I really like your course, it's just that I work late at night and it's hard to get up for a nine o'clock class."

A funny look crossed his face.

"It's hard to say, Laura. There really isn't that much I can tell you. But maybe we can work something out."

His glance shifted from my face to my sweater. But he wouldn't come right out and say anything. I had a feeling about what was going on in his mind. But he looked so straight!

"Don't you think it's a bit warm in here, Laura? Why don't you take off your sweater?"

He got up from his desk and went to the window, opening it as if he really thought it was too warm. Then he turned around and faced me, and leaned against the window.

"Yeah," I said. "Now that you mention it, it is kind of hot."

I pulled my sweater over my head, lifting my blouse at the same time, but making it look accidental. And my blouse rose up to my shoulders, giving him a good look at my full bra, the peekaboo kind that let's you see the bare nipples.

"Oh," I said, as if I just realized what had happened, and straightened out my blouse.

He walked behind my chair, and kept talking in his dull monotone voice, making me feel like I was listening to one of his lectures again.

"Perhaps we can do something..." He paused, then spoke in a louder voice. "You know, Laura, you are an exceptionally beautiful girl, and I would hate to fail you." He was right behind me now. "Perhaps we can."

And then I felt two large hands on my shoulders. His fingers were playing with my hair. Then his hands began a downward journey that ended at my tits. He began rubbing them through my blouse.

Suddenly his hands were off me. He was still standing behind me.

"Why don't you take off your blouse? It's so hot in here."

A smile came to my lips. I was going to get out of it after all. I heard a familiar sound when I took off my blouse. A zipper being unzipped. Now his hands came right to my tits, lifting them and kneading the nipples with his fingers. His hand went over mine and pulled it behind me until I touched his bare hard cock. And I knew I was going for a good solid A when he slid it back and forth in my hand. Some drops of cum made my hand sticky as he kept up the motion. His fingers went under my bra, pulling my tits out and over the cups so they pointed straight out.

"Yes, I think we have the situation well in hand," he said as he worked on me. I groaned at his pun, but I would put up with anything as long as I passed.

Now he was standing on the side of me and I stared at his cock. For some reason, maybe because he was a professor, I didn't expect it to be so big. But he had a good-sized prick and he was going to make sure that I knew it. He pulled my face towards his cock and slipped it between my lips. Then he pushed my head back and forth, really hard and fast. But he didn't want to come right away. I could tell. When he started bucking really fast, he pulled it out of my mouth with a popping sound, and squeezed the tip of his cock with his fingers. His hard-on went down a little, but still remained firm.

The professor came around in front of me. He squeezed my nipples really hard so they hurt, and he laughed when I cried out in pain. So he was one of those.

"Get up, Laura," he said.

I stood up and he sat in the chair.

"Take off your pants."

I stepped back, afraid of the way he was acting.

"I said take them off. Now!"

I did, and he sat there fondling his cock as he watched me. I was standing before him in just my bra and panties now. When I started to take off the bra, he got angry.

"No!" he said. "Leave it on."

I kept it on.

"You know, you've been a bad girl, Laura," he said.

Oh, man, I was dealing with a real fruit now, I thought.

"Come here," he said, "and bend over my lap."

I leaned over him and felt his cock straining against my panties. I heard his hand cunt through the air. I closed my eyes and then... Slap! A stinging pain spread across my ass. Then his hand came down again, only harder. Slap! And then again and again he spanked me until it hurt so much I couldn't move.

My legs were wet with his pre-cum, and he pushed his cock against me. His hand slid under the back of my panties and he spanked my bare ass, a little softer but it still hurt. Lifting me up, he peeled the panties down my leg so his cock rubbed against my beaver. Both of his hands came around to my tits and he squeezed them hard, all the while fucking my hips with his prick.

"Aren't you sorry now, Laura? You should be good in my class."

I started to cry from pain and embarrassment.

Half of me hurt, half of me cried out for more. Slap! He hit my ass again.

"I'm talking to you. Aren't you sorry?"

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Okay. You can get up."

I got up and looked at my ass. It was red, blossoming with his hand prints.

"Get down on the floor," he said.

By now I didn't wait. Whatever he said, I did right away. He stood over me, and his hard prick dangled before me.

"I'm going to fuck your tits now," he said, and lowered himself.

His hips were even with my stomach and he put his rigid cock between my tits. It was glistening, and throbbing. I felt its warmth on my skin.

"Press your tits against it."

I pushed my tits against his cock and he started fucking them, poking his prick against my nipples, then sliding it between my jugs.

"Faster!" he said. "Rub your tits up and down on my cock."

It started to hurt because he was moving so fast, ramming my tits with his cock. His hairy balls slapped against my breastbone. Then he moved up my chest until his cock was in front of my face.

"Suck it now, nice and slow... Suck it, don't lick it. Ah, that's it."

He fucked my lips really fast. My head bobbed up and down, hitting the floor, and it hurt as he kept it up. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and worked on my tits again. In a few seconds he shot his load all over my chest, all his white fuck-fluid pooling onto my tits in steady warm spurts. He was moaning and moaning. He fucked my mouth for another minute before he got tired. He got up then and walked towards his desk.

I started to get up but he yelled, "Stay there! I'm not through with you yet."

I lay back on the floor, really mad because I didn't even have a chance to come.

On top of that I had a really sickened feeling about the way he used my body, like I was just something to have sex with and nothing more. Whenever I looked over at the desk, I saw the professor shuffling papers, writing things down in a ledger, acting just like I wasn't even there.

For fifteen minutes he kept this up and still he made me lie there on the floor. Finally he came around the desk and just stared at my body for a minute, exploring every bit of it with his eyes.

His cock was soft when he stood before me and told me to sit up.

"Now you can jerk me off, Laura."

He took my hands and put them on his cock.

Slow and easy I rubbed his prick with my fingers, tugging at it, feeling it start to rise. He made me jerk him off until his cock was completely hard again.

"Okay... suck it for a while," he said.

I sucked his cock and there was no doubt in my mind that his prick was full length again as it rammed against the back of my throat. Then he pulled his prick out of my mouth real fast and took a couple of steps back. I leaned forward and jerked him off with both hands.

When he was bucking faster and faster, sliding his rod in and out of my hands, about to come, I made an O with my lips and moved my head closer so I could swallow his cock. But he said, "No! Just keep your mouth open. Faster, jerk my cock faster."

My mouth was about half a foot away from his cock, and my hands were really working on his dick when he shot his load again. This time a stream of cum splashed through the air. Some of it spurted into my mouth but most of it splattered on my face and my tits.

He moved closer, still coming, still pouring his jizz in the air, and put his cock in my mouth so I could suck the last few drops. With his hands pulling my head into his groin, and his cock pushing into my throat, he started cooing at me.

"You're a good girl, Laura, you really am." Then he pulled away from me and put his dress slacks on again. "I'll see what I can do about your grade, Laura. It should be no problem as long as you come back for a few more sessions like this. Then you'll be all right." He sat behind his desk and did some more paperwork. "You can go now," he said. "I'm finished."

I left madder than a wet hen, but there wasn't anything I could do. All I knew was one thing. If I didn't get a good grade out of this, his name was going to be in all the newspapers, and his sweet wife and kid would find out what kind of creep he really was. I wondered how many other girls had to put out for him. He probably had at least one in every class.

My chest was sticky as I walked down the hall and there was probably a lot of dried cum on my mouth, but no one was around so I didn't care. I got in my car and drove home, still trying to get over what a weird character Professor Winton was.

It was four-thirty when I got back to my apartment, and did the usual. Take a shower to wipe all of the jizz off me. I thought about slowing my sex life down a little, but then what the hell, I thought, the more experience the better off my movie would be. In the last couple of days I'd had more action than most girls have in a year. And it was the kind of action they can only dream about. But me, I try anything that comes my way.

It was still raining when I made it to work. Such a miserable night. There was hardly anybody in the audience. Either the weather was keeping them away or else we'd been playing the same movie too long. And me, for once my legs weren't itchy, and my cunt was satisfied. The movie didn't even turn me on. Instead, I studied some of the schoolbooks I brought with me while the skin flicks played on screen. I'd rather get good grades in my other courses in a normal way. Professor Winton was enough for me, and I didn't want to put out for any other professors unless I absolutely had to.

The highlight of the evening was a hooker plying her trade in the audience. From my vantage point in the projection booth I saw her going up and down the rows making her offers to the few guys in the audience. One guy took her up on it. She sat next to him, whispered something, and right away the guy takes a bill out of his wallet and hands it to her. The next minute her head was gone and every now and then I could see it bobbing up and down. In a couple of minutes she sat up, wiped her lips and left. The guy left about five minutes later. I'd seen the hooker around before. She was a regular at our theater. But Mr. Brent didn't mind. Who knows, maybe she helped bring in the customers.

I looked over the new batch of films that came in, the ones that would start on the weekend. Suzy's First Kiss, and The Go-Go Dancer. It wasn't too hard to figure out what she was going to kiss. Since there were three prints of The Go-Go Dancer, I decided to take one home with me. No one would notice it was missing, and I would only keep it for a few days. Then I could enjoy it at home at a private screening.

At the end of the night, I draped my jacket over the reel when I walked out. Nothing to it. Who would stop me? If anybody wanted to search me, it would be for an entirely different reason. Something else out of the usual happened when I got home. I went right to sleep so I could get up in time for all of my classes in the morning. Maybe I'm getting old, I thought, as I lay in bed. Then I was out to sleep right away.

Somehow I made it to Professor Winton's class on time. Nine o'clock in the morning. It was funny the way he lectured the class in front of the room. He didn't look at me once during the whole hour, not even letting on he knew me. All I could think about was the things he did to me in his office the other day. And I thought about when he would do it again... In fact, I was almost looking forward to it. Maybe there's a part of me that likes being used.

During the lunch hour, when I was sitting in the bar across the street where all the students hang out, this guy I'd been giving the eye lately finally took the bait. He was a real cute guy, and he knew it, who was always surrounded by chicks. That's one of the reasons I made the play for him, I guess. Just to see if I could get him. His name was Alvin, for crying out loud. But what's in a name, anyway. He was one of those guys who always wears the latest fashions, and always looks good in them. His hair was cunt short in a new slick style, and he had a real thin black mustache. All in all, I guess he was trying to play the part of a cool dude, always with it.

All the time he talked in slang, trying to use the latest in words. Unfortunately, he was usually out of date. "Far out!" was his favorite phrase. But man, he looked good enough to eat.

He came over to the booth I was sitting in, where I was trying to digest an imitation hamburger, and drinking a beer. He sat real close to me.

"Hey, Laura, how's it going?" he said.

"How's what going?" I said.

"Oh, you know... just things. Everything cool?"

"Yeah, man," I said. "I can dig where you're coming from."

"That's my line, man. Oooh, you're a far-out chick, you know it?"

"Think so, Alvin?"

"You know, Laura baby, I've been thinking..."

"Shit, you'll try anything once, Alvin."

He laughed. "I like that, you're really something, you know..."

"Yeah, I know," I said. "I'm a far-out chick."

I wondered how long I could keep up a conversation with him. Any minute now he was going to say, "Oh, wow, right on." But I can put up with any conversation as long as I get what I want. And Alvin was something I wanted. Hell, there's no law that says I have to listen to him when he's fucking me. And he looked like he was a good lay.

"No, really. I've been thinking, Laura. I'd like to go out with you. I think we could really get it on."

He rubbed my shoulder as he talked. I took a long swallow of beer and drained my mug.

"You think so, huh, Alvin?"

"Right on," he said.

I flinched, but agreed. "Buy me a beer, Alvin, and you've got yourself a deal."

He left the booth and returned a minute later with two beers. Man, I was definitely going to have a buzz by the time I made it to my next class.

After taking a few sips, I said, "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Well, I figure tonight we could have a few drinks, maybe go dancing or go to a movie, and then..."

The look in his eye finished the sentence for him. So he thought he could get in my pants on the first date, huh? Well, he was 100 percent right because I don't believe in wasting time. But I had a different kind of movie in mind. A private showing at my apartment of The Go-Go Dancer. And since I didn't have to work tonight, I was looking forward to a good time.

"I'll pick you up at eight, Laura."

"Right on, Alvin," I said. He got up to leave, but I called him back to the booth. "Hey, Alvin, aren't you forgetting something? Like where I live?"

He laughed and said, "Oh, yeah, that's right. It would help if I knew where you lived, heh, heh."

Man, what a dummy. Maybe it's true what they say about all brains and no beauty, all beauty and no brains. Since Alvin was good-looking... I gave him my address, and I was looking forward to it since I hadn't gone on an honest-to-goodness date in so long I forgot what they were like.

When I went to my next class, I was a little bit drunk, not much, but just enough to relax and ignore the lecture. And Ken was there. Lately he'd been avoiding me ever since I gave him that blow-job in the darkroom. He had to sit next to me because that was the last empty desk in the whole room.

"How've you been, Ken?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "Fine, how about you?"

I brushed my hair out of my eyes and inhaled so my tits filled out. "I'm getting along okay, Ken. There's something I've been meaning to ask you."

Just then the professor started yelling at me, saying the lecture was at the front of the class and if I didn't stop talking, I'd lead the discussion. Needless to say, I shut up, and waited until the end of the class to hit Ken with my idea.

"How'd you like to be in the movies, Ken?"

"Come again," he said.

"I'd like to, but this is hardly the place for it."

He laughed.

"I'm serious, though. You know how we're always studying how to make movies..." He nodded. "Well, I've been planning on making one."

"Don't tell me, Laura. Let me guess. Your movie's going to make me a star and they're going to pack me off to Hollywood right?"

We were out in the hallway now, and he was walking real fast, like he was in a big hurry to get away from me. I touched his arm.

"Listen, Ken, I'm serious. I'm going to make a skin flick and I want you to be in it because you have such an outstanding characteristic."

I let my hand drop down and brush his pants, right between his legs. Just for an instant I traced the outline of his cock with my fingers. He was ready to listen.

"What I'm trying to say, Ken, is that you're really equipped for the part."

He realized I wasn't kidding about the movie. "What about Karen?" he said.

"Who's Karen?" I asked.

"She's my fiancee."

"Oh, yeah, the girl in the theater. Yeah, that's all right. She can be in it, too."

"Laura, I don't know about that. It sounds crazy, but..."

"Think of all the fun you'll have."

He smiled, told me he'd think about it, and left. I was finally in business. I was sure he would go for it just to get another chance at my body. And after tonight, Alvin would be game when he saw how much I could pleasure him. Now the only thing left was to round up some chicks. I'd need a couple more girls just for variety. A few of my crazy girl friends would go for it, if the money was right. But there wouldn't be any money until after I sold the film. Who else could I get?

Then I thought of my neighbor! Right next door to me. She was about thirty-five years old, unemployed, and I knew she would be willing to try something different. All she did was sit around her apartment all day and drink. Cheryl was a real lush. But an attractive lush. It shouldn't be too hard to convince her.

I came home from school with daydreams in my head. At last I was getting around to it, setting everything in motion. At last I was on my way to making a real movie. Now all I had to do was think of a plot. And the equipment I needed I could borrow from the school. All I had to do was tell them I was going to do some extra work on my own. And it was going to be work, I thought. Rut a lot of pleasure at the same time.

At five o'clock I knocked on Cheryl's door, just three steps away from my apartment. On the twentieth knock she opened the door, leaning on it for support.

"What's going on?" she said, slurring her words.

"Mind if I come in?" I said.

She let me in saying, "Sure, why not?"

She staggered into the living room, holding onto my shoulders for balance. I must have caught her right in the middle of a binge. And though the booze was taking its toll on her, she still had a nice body, the kind of figure that a lot of guys go for. Tall, slim, nice big tits, and real long legs. The part the guys wouldn't go for were her pale skin, and the marks around her eyes.

Cheryl led me around her apartment, making extravagant gestures with her arms as if she were conducting a royal tour of a palace. When you came down to it, her apartment looked just like mine. Every apartment in this whole complex looked exactly alike. But I acted like I was impressed as she showed me around. She seemed to forget that I'd been in her place a number of times before, drinking coffee with her and just passing the time. She stopped talking all of a sudden, then kind of fell, kind of sat onto a big studio couch buried under a pile of confession magazines. Looking around, I saw practically a dozen empty liquor bottles all over the place. On her coffee table, on the floor, on the television. I knew she drank quite a bit, but she never drank in this quantity before.

"What's the occasion, honey?" she said.

"Just a friendly visit. I mean after all, we are neighbors."

"Not for long," she said. She rambled on and on about how she couldn't afford to pay the rent any more, and her unemployment checks weren't enough. "My money goes just like that." She snapped her fingers. "I have so many expenses, you know." Her arm waved at all the empty bottles in the room.

"Cheryl, that's why I came. I kind of figured you were having a tough time making ends meet." I lit a cigarette, and thought about what to say to make her go for it. "How would you like to pick up a little extra spending money?"

Her foggy eyes cleared for a moment. "Yeah? Doing what?"

She poured herself a stiff shot of booze, downed it in one gulp and set her glass back on the table.

"It's easy," I said. "All you have to do is act in a movie."

"Oh, sure... What kind of movie?"

"Uh, well, I guess you'd call it a sex movie."

She gave me a weird look, but then it seemed like she was considering the proposition, like it wasn't too unusual for her. "And you'll pay me for it?"

"At the end of the movie, when I sell it. It's all on speculation."

"Maybe you got yourself a deal, honey. Let's drink to it."

She stood up to get me a glass, but she didn't make it. Cheryl wobbled on her feet for an instant, then fell back on the couch, passed out.

So much for our little talk. I was almost out the door when I turned back. She looked so uncomfortable in her position. First I took off the cardigan sweater she had on, then took off her blouse. When I took off her bra, my hands fell onto her tits. They were warm and firm, and with a little envy I realized she had a bigger bust than I did. I couldn't help feeling her all over as I undressed her. She looked so inviting, and her nipples popped erect at my touch. But I had to get back to my apartment, so I took a blanket from her linen closet and draped it over her sleeping form.

It was time to get dressed for good old hip Alvin. Or undressed, I should say. My outfit was going to be so wild that he wouldn't be able to take his clothes off fast enough when he saw me.

First I took a long hot bath, filling the tub with cherry-scented bubble bath. I stayed in the water long enough so my whole body smelled good enough to eat. After I got out, I listened to some music on the stereo, just relaxing. Walking around the apartment naked, I staffed getting in the mood for Alvin. Tonight was going to be a night exclusively devoted to fucking.

Chapter SIX

Lying down on my bed, I spread some talcum powder, cherry-flavored like my bubble bath, all over my legs and my cunt, making it nice and tasty. Then I put on my wildest outfit. Black-laced panties, half width so my ass sticks out in the back. And there's an opening in front where my legs meet. That way I can fuck while I'm still wearing the panties. The opening is just the right size for a cock to slip through. I put on a black bra that was more straps than anything else. No material covered my tits at all. Just a strap above and below each mound so my whole chest is practically naked. The bra just makes my jugs stuck out. Easier to reach that way. When I put on my stockings, the touch of the nylon sent thrills up and down my legs. For a minute I lay down on the bed and rubbed my pussy with both hands. I stopped when I was excited enough so Alvin would be able to smell my hungry woman scent. Then I put on a black dress with the zipper in back and a plunging V neckline in front. I looked at the mirror and was satisfied. Enough cleavage was showing to produce a hard-on at first sight. The hem of the dress just barely covered the top of my stockings, so if I bent over, my ass would be completely visible. I planned on bending over a lot tonight.

I had some extra time left, so I set up the reel of The Go-Go Dancer on my projector, then put it on the stand in the closet.

Alvin came to my door at exactly eight o'clock. "What's happening, baby?" he said when I opened up.

"Me," I said. "I'm what's happening."

He looked me over, up and down, and let his gaze linger at the V neckline of my dress. "Wow, I can see that for sure."

I brought him over to the couch and asked him if he wanted a drink. Without waiting for his answer, I went out to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of chilled red wine. We drank two glasses each, enough tp feel a buzz.

"So where are you taking me tonight?" I asked.

"Well, there's a cool place down near the college. A lot of good things going down there. Man, it's a real heavy place. It's called the House of Lights."

I knew the place well. That's where all the college crowd hangs out. It's a big two-story bar. The band plays downstairs, and upstairs is reserved for the serious drinkers. And the serious lovers. It's always dark upstairs. "Sounds good to me," I said.

"Well, let's go, man."

We got there at nine o'clock. Just the right time. Earlier than that the place was a morgue. Later than that it was too crowded to get a seat. I had fun with Alvin on the drive out there. He was zipping along at fifty miles an hour in his flashy maroon sports car, shifting it like crazy even though he didn't have to. And anytime he said anything, I just answered him with a: "Yeah, man, far out." He got all red but wouldn't say anything to me about it. I knew what he was thinking. He'd put up with anything I did, just as long as he could fuck me later on. And I felt exactly the same way. When we pulled into the parking lot, I let him kiss me once. When he put his lips on mine, I stuck my tongue deep inside his mouth. He wanted more and his hands went to my sides but I said, "Later," and pushed him away.

We took a booth upstairs in the corner where you could see the band playing downstairs. Right away Alvin started to get drunk, mixing all sorts of liquor with beer and wine. I decided to stick to wine because I wanted to be conscious of what was happening to my body.

Around nine-thirty the band came on. All the lights went out except for the ones on stage. It was lit up with all sorts of strobe lights, all different colors. A magnesium flare went off and the band kicked into their first loud rock number. It was all heavy metal music, shaking the floors with the vibrations, and the volume was so high you could hardly hear anybody talk unless they were yelling.

With each drink that he had Alvin got a little bolder. First he held my hand on top of the table. Then after we danced once and came back to our booth, he put his arm around my shoulder. Not too long after that I felt a hand on my thigh, cool fingers exploring my nylon-encased legs. Every now and then his hand would slide up a little farther and he would give me a long squeeze.

"Far-out place, isn't it?" he said, and turned his body towards me. At the same time his hand went way up, almost to my cunt. He rubbed his hand between my thighs. It was dark and nobody could see us so I didn't mind. Besides, everybody else was trying to start a little action of their own. The chicks were eyeing all the guys that walked by and the guys were trying to put the make on anything with a skirt. The House of Lights was the biggest pick-up place in the area.

I closed my legs around his hand and moved them back and forth. I was wiggling all over the seat. He probably thought he was the best make-out man in town when actually it was the other way around. I was the horniest chick in town.

A waitress came over to our booth and leaned on the table. "You want anything else?" she said. Then she saw his hand under my dress. "Oh... I guess not," she said. "Well, have fun." She was gone, swinging her miniskirted ass down to another booth.

I put my hand over his cock and squeezed it up and down, jerking him off through his pants. He started moaning and his fingers went up farther. Right to my juicy pussy. He was startled when his hand touched my bare cunt but he kept moving. Right away he slid his middle finger in my gash. I moved back and forth in my seat, all wet and hungry, spreading my legs apart so he could do a better job on my drooling cunt. A few more seconds and I wouldn't be able to stop.

"Let's dance," I said.

"Why do you want to dance?"

"That's why we came here, Mr. Far Out," I said.

"Yeah, I can dig it."

He took his hand slowly away from my cunt and we went downstairs to the dance floor. It was funny the way he tried to cover up the hard-on bulging out of his pants, but no one really noticed. They were all looking at me, because when I dance I really dance. The band was playing bump music and whenever I swivelled my ass, I had a million hungry eyes watching me. Every other beat I bent over towards the floor and my tits would almost roll out of the dress.

The floor was so crowded that everybody was always bumping into eh other and the guys took advantage of it. This one guy copped a feel on my ass every other second, but there was nothing I could do about it. And besides, it kept me horny.

Around eleven o'clock I was getting bored with the music. You can only listen to so much before it all sounds the same.

"Hey Alvin," I said, and took a sip of beer.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Let's go to my place and fuck."

He almost choked on his beer. Some foam ran down his lips and he licked it off with his tongue. I figured it wouldn't be long before he was doing the same thing to my cunt so I got up to leave.

We squealed out of the parking lot going about thirty miles an hour, spinning gravel and raising dust. Then we were on the highway, roaring towards the lake. It seemed like only a minute had passed when we got back to my apartment. It's always like that when there's a promise of fucking in the air.

For some reason I was whispering when we got inside. There was no purpose for it, but I kept it up. There was no one to wake up. Except maybe for Cheryl, and I imagined she was probably way out of it by now.

Right away Alvin's hands were swimming all over my body.

"Don't rush it, Alvin. Just take it nice and easy, and I'll give that cock of yours such a workout you won't ever forget it. Just sit back on the couch and relax. This will only take a minute."

I went to the closet and wheeled the projector out. I set it up on the coffee table and plugged it in, using the opposite wall for a screen.

"What's going on, Laura?"

"You said you wanted to see a movie tonight. Well, I got one. Just watch."

Since I didn't have any sound equipment with me, I turned the stereo receiver on, selecting a nice FM station that always had good fuck music on. Then I set the projector in focus after I turned out the lights. The title and the credits flashed across the wall. The Go-Go Dancer. It was in black script on a red background.

Alvin lit up a cigarette. Only it wasn't the ordinary kind of cigarette. He sucked in his breath and passed me the joint. "Here... uuph... have a toke." He held his breath in while I took a hit and the film splashed across the wall.

The movie started in a topless bar, where else. It was dark as the camera panned the audience. There were the barmaids in their skimpy black lace outfits, that let you see tit right through the material. And then mostly guys sat around the tables ringing the stage. But a couple of chicks sat with their dates in the back of the bar. And near the doorway two chicks came walking in. Hookers, by the look of them.

The chicks in the movie weren't especially beautiful, but they were above average. Foxy chicks. A typical small-town scene. With the light of the projector flickering on the wall, I started getting excited. The joint glowed in the darkness as we passed it back and forth. I was getting high on the grass and even higher on the idea of getting laid.

We were both sitting close on the couch. We finished the joint and sat back to enjoy the movie. The first dancer came on stage. She was fantastic. Her tits weren't as big as mine, but you could see by her outfit that they were perfectly formed. She was decked out in a two-piece leather outfit with a filmy strip of gauze covering her tits. She started her grind and right away she tossed off her leather hot-pants. She was in her G-string.

Alvin's hand went under the front of my dress, lifting it up to my thighs. I spread my legs to give him room. He inserted his middle finger into my cunt and finger-fucked me. I was grinding up and down, thrusting my pussy onto his hand. Then I reached over and slid my hand under his pants. His hard-on stood straight up at my touch, and that was only on top of his underwear.

I let my fingers tickle his stomach, then danced them down under the elastic until I was grasping his pulsing cock. We masturbated each other nice and slow as we watched the sex start to happen on the screen. The dancer took off her G-string, then her bra, and played with her tits on stage as she bumped to the music. The camera came in for a close-up of her tits, showing the nipples start to swell. And mine were doing the same thing.

Then she lay down on a furry rug, face down, and started to hump up and down, raising her bare ass in the air and wiggling it on every down-stroke. The camera switched to the audience. A guy and a girl sat calmly at their table watching. Then it showed what was happening under the table. His stiff cock was out of his pants and she was beating him off. Inspired by the movie, I started jerking Alvin off faster, feeling his warm hardness in my hand, and listening to the slap of flesh as his balls bounced up and down. He was playing with my cunt, rolling his fingers around it real gently.

Then wham! The first cum-shot. The guy's cock started to swell even more and the girl's hand was going really fast when he spurted into the air, a burst of white fluid. It hit the underside of the table, then spilled down her hand. Oooh, the sight of all that jizz drove me crazy.

Alvin unzipped me in the back and peeled the dress down my shoulders. I moved just enough so he could take the dress completely off me. Them his two hands picked me up and put my hips right on his lap. I realized he'd taken his pants off when I felt his burning prick poking at my butt. I raised myself, spread my legs, then sat down on his prick. Slow, and slow, until it went all the way in my cunt. Then I started hunching up and down, feeling it pound deep into my hole.

Both of his hands came around and grabbed my bare tits. I was glad I wore this naked bra. He stroked my nipples really fast with a feathery touch and pushed my tits together with his hands.

And I kept looking straight ahead at the movie. The dancer was through with her act and she was in the dressing room. She had company. A man was in the room; I imagine it was supposed to be the manager. When she was out of her clothes, he took off his pants and made her lean over on the bed, supporting herself with her elbows. Then he fucked her doggy-style from the back, pushing his big hairy prick into her moist slit.

His cock was really long and she couldn't take it all the way in. The camera showed his cock zipping in and out of her cunt, glistening with his cum and her twat-honey. Then it showed his cock swelling. He pulled out, holding his cock in his hand and sprayed her ass with his cum.

Alvin was getting as excited as I was. "Oh, Laura, fuck me, baby. Yeah, sit on my cock, ooh," he said as he jumped me with his prick, lifting me up and down, plunging his cock into my cunt faster and faster.

I bounced on his dong, still high from the smoke, still high from the movie, when I felt a warm load of cum squirt into my cunt. Oooh, it was so good so warm, and I kept fucking him, and fucking him, coming right after he did.

We kept up the fucking until his cock started to get soft. Then I climbed off him and lay down on the couch with my face in his lap. I sucked his shrinking cock and watched the movie. It was better than eating popcorn.

Another go-go dancer was on stage now, fingering her gash and shoving her cunt in the face of this guy in the front row. The camera switched to one of the barmaids. She was holding a twenty in her hand and then stuck it down her hot-pants. A couple minutes later a guy at the bar got up and followed her into the back room. The next scene showed his cock going in and out of the barmaid's mouth. She was kneeling on the floor sucking him off. Then the camera cunt back to the bar and showed the hookers going from table to table squeezing cocks and trying to make a deal. The film cunt back to the barmaid. Cum splashed all over her face as she stood back from the guy's cock and swallowed whatever sprayed in her mouth.

In my mind this was one hell of a fuck movie. Maybe the fact that I was getting fucked at the same time had something to do with it, but the sight of all those stiff pricks really kept me horny. I was ready for more.

Alvin wasn't. Even after ten minutes he couldn't get his dick up again. But the movie was getting me hot for more. I went out to the kitchen to bring in some wine, figuring, that might get him in the mood again. But man, was I wrong. When I came back into the living room, Alvin was asleep. The jerk. I was getting so mad, because I wanted more action in my juice-box.

Then I thought about Cheryl. I looked at the time. Only twelve-thirty. She'd still be awake. Well, maybe not awake, but it couldn't hurt to try. I put on a bathrobe and went next door. It was so cold that my nipples became erect from the chill. It was a good thing the door was unlocked so I didn't have to wait outside.

Cheryl was just as I left her. Passed out on the couch. I went into her kitchen and made some coffee to wake her up. I had some, too, since I was feeling a little woozy from all the drinks I'd had.

"Cheryl, wake up. It's me," I said, and shook her by the shoulders.

"Ummmmm. What's going on?" She opened her eyes and sat up.

"Shhhh. Just get ready. We're going to have a rehearsal."

"What are you talking about?" she said. I handed her the coffee and made her drink it. "Remember that movie I told you about? Well, we're getting in some practice."

"Oh, my head," she said.

I helped her stand up and brought her into the bathroom to wash up. When she started to get dressed, I was going to tell her there was no need for it, but kept silent. It would be more fun this way. We went next door to my apartment.

"Oh, my goodness," she said when she saw Alvin on the couch with his bare cock lounging between his legs. "Oh, it's been such a long time."

Cheryl went right over to the couch and dropped to her knees. She looked at his prick like it was a new discovery. "Ooh, it's a nice one. What's his name?" The sight of his cock brought a big change in her. She was wide awake now.

"His name's Alvin," I said.

"I'm serious. What's his name?" She put her hand on his cock and cupped his balls.

"No joke, Cheryl. That's his name."


She started to say something else but then her mouth was full. About six inches full. She bobbed up and down and sucked his prick. Alvin was still asleep but a pleasured look crossed his face. The lucky stiff. Getting a blow-job in his sleep.

The movie was still running. I watched it while Cheryl slurped his fuck-stick. The camera was backstage again. A short pixieish blonde was getting dressed for the stage. And the barmaid was helping her out, sliding her hands up and down her body while she put on a G-string. The barmaid sucked the blonde's tits and pressed her body against her. It gave me an idea.

Cheryl gasped and came up for air. I looked over and saw that Alvin's cock was hard again but he was still passed out. Man, what a fool to drink that much. He didn't even know what he was missing.

She went down on him again. I knelt behind her and put my hands on her tits.

"Hey, I don't go for that," she said.

"Neither do I," I said. "But I'm so horny I can't help it."

With my hands holding her jugs, I rubbed my cunt against her hips. She kept on sucking cock and didn't say anything. I unbuttoned her blouse and squeezed her firm boobs. Then my hands went to her pants, undid the front snaps and pulled them down to her knees. I caressed her ass with my hands. She started moaning as she blew Alvin's prick.

"Fuck him, Cheryl," I said. "He's good. Take off your clothes so you can fuck him."

She stood up and peeled off the rest of her clothes. When she bent over to drop them on the floor, I pulled her face to my tits, pushing my nipples back and forth over her lips.

"Mmmmm..." she protested, but I pushed her back so she was sitting on Alvin's cock.

With her hand she guided his prick into her cunt, and I knew what the expression on her face meant. Ecstasy. She started bouncing on his cock just like I had a while ago.

Then I knelt on top of Alvin's legs so my pussy was right near her face. "Suck me... please, Cheryl, suck me..." I said.

"But I can't," she said, and closed her eyes.

I pulled her face to my cunt and rubbed her lips across my pussy. After a minute her tongue darted out of her mouth and slid into my cunt. She worked it in and out of my gash just like it was a cock. Something about the way she sucked my slit made me think she wasn't a stranger to cunt-lapping.

Oooh, it was so fucking good. She was balling him and eating my cunt out at the same time. We all worked in a steady rhythm for a few minutes before the juices started to flow. I started to come in slow cycles, spread out every thirty seconds or so. And she bobbed up and down faster and faster and her hands took a grip on my tits. She put her lips on my left tit and sucked hard. Then her whole body shook and my tit was bouncing in her mouth and I came all at once at the same time she came on his cock. Alvin was moaning in his sleep so he must have got his rocks off, too, I thought.

I was right. When I stepped off the couch, Cheryl stood up and a river of cum ran down her legs. I got a towel for her from my closet.

"Wanta drink?" I asked.

She nodded her head and sat on the floor, resting hey back against the couch. Satisfied. I brought us each a glass of wine.

"You know, Laura, I almost forgot what it's like, it's been so long since I had a good fuck," she said.

"Well, stick around, and when we start the movie, you'll have all the cock you can handle."

"Yeah," she said, with a dreamy smile on her face.

Together we carried Alvin into the bedroom. I came back out and turned off the projector after rewinding the film. Then I returned to the bedroom and climbed under the covers. Cheryl was on my left and Alvin was on my right. I fell asleep with one hand on Alvin's prick and the other between Cheryl's legs.

Chapter SEVEN

When I woke up in the morning, the bed was creaking and all sorts of motion was going on. Looking over to my right I saw Alvin's stiff prick fucking Cheryl in the asshole. She was bent over on the bed, leaning on her elbows and moaning. His cock went in and out of her butt and he held her hips real tight when he jammed it into her.

My juices started flowing right away. I cupped Cheryl's bobbing tits with my hands and caressed her until her nipples stood straight out. Then I slid under her and buried my face in her boobs. As she rose up and down, her tits flapped in my face and my mouth.

I had an ache for something in my cunt but there didn't seem to be any way I could do it. But when I'm hungry, nothing stops me. I took Cheryl's pillow out of the way and sat facing her, resting my back on the bedboard. Slowly I slid over on the bed and put her arms on my thighs. She got the idea.

Spreading my legs wide, she dove right into my pussy with her tongue and started sucking my cunt. As Alvin fucked her asshole, it pushed her tongue deeper and deeper in my cunt.

I held her tits in my hand and tugged while she ate me out. Then Alvin started saying, "Oh, oh. Ooooooh," and he slammed his cock way into her ass and went rigid. I could almost feel his sperm shooting into her asshole.

The intense look of pleasure on his face really got to me. I thrust my hips faster, sliding my pussy onto Cheryl's tongue. She nibbled and sucked my clit... and a torrent of excitement coursed through my cunt. It built up slowly at first but then I could hold it back no longer and I came in floods.

When Alvin pulled out of her shitter, Cheryl turned around with her head lying on top of my lap and pulled Alvin's face between her legs. I sat back and watched him go to work on her cunt. In minutes her whole body shuddered and she released her cunt-cum into his lips.

We lay around the bed caressing each other for a few minutes, not wanting the pleasure to end. Finally, in shifts, we washed up in the bathroom. I took my shower first and then, while Cheryl and Alvin showered together, I whipped up a light breakfast in the kitchen. Coffee, toast, and eggs for three. When they came out, their faces were red and glowing, like they'd just shared another adventure while showering.

"Hey, Alvin," I said. "Try eating something different for a change."

He laughed, and we all sat down at the table. When we finished eating, and relaxed over a second cup of coffee, I decided to make my pitch.

I lit a cigarette and said, "Alvin, how would you like to be in the movies?"

"Say what?"

"I'll give it to you straight. I'm making a skin flick and I want you to be in it. What do you say?"

He drank his coffee, then lit a cigarette and ran it over in his mind. When he smiled, I knew what the answer would be.

"If it means more action like this," he said, "count me in!"

A cry of joy escaped Cheryl's lips. She had some more good times to look forward to. And I sat back in my hardback chair, satisfied smile spreading all over my face. I was finally in business. Now all I had to do was set the wheels in motion. I sent them packing around eleven and then got to work.

Since it was Saturday, the Communications Building wasn't too busy when I got there, and I was able to get everything that I wanted. The building's always open, except for Sundays, to inspire the students to do a lot of work on their own. Which meant that hardly anybody used the facilities, except for people like me with an important project in the making. There was so much equipment for the taking that I kind of got carried away.

The man in charge of lending out equipment was a grad student in film-making. He wore dark shades, like he was a director in training or something, and he spoke to me about avant garde techniques of film. Naturally I didn't have the slightest idea of what he was talking about, but I humored him. After talking my ears off, he got around to business and treated me like just another customer. "Could I see your student ID card? And your course certification, please."

I showed him my identification and the film certificate that allowed me to use the equipment. He wrote my name down in a ledger and asked me what I wanted. I said to give me the maximum that I was allowed.

That turned out to be two 35mm cameras, two tripods, and four rolls of film, enough to shoot an hour's worth and still have a lot left over. There were no sound cameras available, but I figured I'd use subtitles. That way I wouldn't have to bother with any dialog, and later on I could give the film an arty look, using all sorts of absurd subtitles to describe the action.

"What about developing the film?" he asked. I hadn't even thought about it.

"What about it?" I said.

"Well, we can develop it right here in our labs a lot cheaper than any of the commercial outfits would charge you. Besides, that's how I make my bread around here. I get a percentage."

"You got a deal. But, uh, the material might be a bit shocking."

He gave me a knowing look, accompanying it with a leer. "I'm used to it, believe me. Just bring me the film when you're done and we'll work something out."

I wondered what he meant by working something out, but whatever, I was used to it.

It took me two trips to load everything in the trunk of my car. After making sure it was locked so nobody would rip me off, I drove downtown to a nice bar where I could plan how to make the movie.

Armed with a spiral notebook and several felt pens, I spent the afternoon trying to come up with some ideas.

Around four o'clock, I reviewed the possible movie plots I had written down. They weren't much to speak of. An orgy; a traveling salesman; guy meets three girls, then falls in love with all three... No, I didn't have much to go on. That would have to be decided later on at my apartment. I knew I could come up with a better plot then those worn-out cliches.

Back at my place it took me two trips, lugging all the equipment upstairs, and I was tired when I got inside. I rested for a while, watched TV, and dozed off. It was dark when I woke up refreshed and ready to go.

First off I converted my apartment into a miniature studio. A miniature fuck studio, that is. I cleaned up the living room so it wouldn't look too crowded when we got to work. Now all I had to do was set up a time for everyone to come and we'd start shooting the film.

Alvin was home when I called him. Loafing around, just being cool, he said.

"Alvin, I want to start filming tomorrow. Can you come?"

"You should know that by now, Laura, baby."

"You know what I mean. I want you here at noon, okay?"

"Far out. I'll be there... Oh, one thing, what should I wear?"

"It really won't matter in the long run, Alvin. See you tomorrow."

Next on my list was Ken, and hopefully his girl friend. She answered the phone, and for a minute my heart dropped at the coldness in her voice. But then I realized she was upset that another girl would be calling her sweetheart.

"Oh, you must be the girl Ken told me about," she said when I repeated my name. And her voice was suddenly happy. "Yeah, Ken told me about your little plan, and... uh... it sounded too kinky at first..." Her voice trailed off, leaving me in suspense. "But," she continued, "it sounds like a lot of fun, and... uh... we can't wait!"

"Great," I said. "Tomorrow at twelve. Can you be here?"

"We'll be there," she said.

I gave her my address and practically jumped up and down. Everything was working out just terrific. And since Cheryl already agreed to take part in the film, I had a full crew and we were ready to roll.

I set up the cameras so that we could get right to it when everybody came the next day. I loaded the film, and the equipment was ready for anything we could do. One camera was in the living room, and the other was in the bedroom so I could alternate the scene for the action.

Then I sat around listening to music and trying to work up a plot again, running all sorts of sexual fantasies through my mind. Let's see, I thought, a cocktail party, or maybe a strip poker... but no, that's been done before too many times, and I wanted something original that would sell.

Maybe strip chess! Yeah, that was it. I could make it look like it was a typical gathering where everybody played chess, nice and civilized like, and I could set up a couple of tables, and I would play the part of a referee, helping the contestants take off their clothes.

Okay, that was it. Not much to start with but once the camera started rolling, I was sure I could make the movie incredible. Because it was the bodies that counted after all, and they were all lip-smacking good. I was all set.

I fixed myself a light supper, had a drink, and sat at the kitchen table watching the lake, running dreams of success through my head.

I saw myself sitting at my own office, having people working under me as I produced scores of skin flicks and brought in tons of money. And once in Hollywood I would make my own connections, the right kind, with legitimate film producers, or even semi legitimate. Whatever I had to do to get up there on screen, I would do it. It would take a lot of fucking and sucking, but I was ready for it.

Time passed so fast while I was dreaming it was nine o'clock when I looked at the clock above the refrigerator. Oh, man, nine o'clock on a Saturday night, and I didn't have anything to do. I thought of going out on the town, but that really didn't interest me. If I went out, I'd get picked up in a bar, get laid, and I wanted to be raring to go, building up my sex urge for the movie. I decided to just stay in, watch TV, think about the movie, and have a quiet night for a change.

Somebody else had something different in mind.

Answering a knock on my door I looked out the peephole first. Bob and his teenage friends were standing out front, shuffling around and smiling. Their faces had smug looks, as if they had a good thing going. And I was the good thing.

"Just a second!" I hollered, and then put my plan into effect. I was going to fix those kids for good. I rolled the camera from the living room into the hall closet and pointed it at the center of the room where I would put out for the guys. Then I turned it on and closed the closet door just enough so that it wouldn't be noticed, leaving enough space so the camera could pick up on everything that happened.

"Hello, guys," I said in a sweet kittenish voice when I opened up the door. "Ready to pay me another visit already?"

"Hi, Laura," George said. "It's good to see you again."

"Yeah," I agreed. "After all, it's been two whole days. Come on in, everybody." They came trooping into the room and tonight they wasted no time.

Bob brought me to the center of the room and pushed me down until I was kneeling on the floor. "You're going to blow us all this time," he said. "Alex and Willy want to find out what it's like."

"I guess I don't have a choice, do I? Or else you'll tell your parents how I took advantage of their innocent little babe."

"That's right," he said, and laughed. "You can start with me."

I looked over towards the camera and put a worried look on my face. Bob's hands came to my halter top and unhooked it. My tits came flying out. He started squeezing them hard with both hands.

"Blow me, Laura, and do it good," he said.

I unbuckled his jeans, undid the zipper and pulled both his pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprang erect and swung in front of my face. With both hands I jerked him off and ran my tongue around the tip of his prick. Then I made like it was a popsicle and sucked. Bob kept his hands on my tits and rubbed them together while he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. Knowing that the camera was filming all the action, I pulled my mouth away, like I didn't want to do it any more. He got mad and pulled my lips back to his prick really rough, fucking me in the mouth so hard it hurt. I took my mouth away again and wouldn't suck his prick. That way the film would show that he was forcing me to eat his meat.

"What's wrong with you, Laura!" Bob said. "You better suck me off, or else I'll get you in trouble."

I leaned back and looked scared. Then George came behind me and pushed my shoulders forward so my head came up to Bob's cock once again. With his fingers George forced my mouth to open and he held me there. Bob slipped his cock past my lips again. Since that was all I needed on film to show that he was forcing me to blow him, I really went to it.

This time, instead of just blowing him, I closed my lips really tight around his prick-shaft and started humming, knowing that the vibrations would drive him crazy. Then, still humming, I added even more suction to his cock by treating it as if I was smoking a cigarette... and it got results. His milky spurts flooded my mouth, shooting clear down to my throat, and he battered away at my lips until his cock was emptied out.

They gave me no rest. As soon as Bob stepped away from me, George shoved his cock in my mouth, which still had a lot of cum in it. But I sucked his prick. There was no way out of it. And since it worked fast the first time, I did the same thing to him. I hummed while I blew him. It felt good though, because his cock was so big. He moved his dick from side to side, pressing it against every part of my mouth, and then he'd slide it straight down my throat.

I cheated a little by jerking his cock at the same time and I sucked it so he'd come, faster. But he was able to hold back until my jaws were sore and I had trouble breathing. It's not too easy to breathe when there's a giant throbbing cock in your mouth.

It seemed like an hour passed and all I could feel was the steady slamming of his prick into my throat... then my head was bobbing back and forth real fast. His balls banged my chin and my nose was pressed right against his crotch hair. I swirled my tongue around his cock real fast and he blew his load right then, shooting another warm, sticky mouthful of cum into me.

I was glad the camera was filming all this. From now on I had something I could blackmail them with. That way, they would have to do whatever I wanted them to.

Alex was next. It only took him a minute to come since he wasn't used to having a moist warm mouth sucking on his cock. He squirted his jism into me right away. Then I felt like I was working on an assembly line. As soon as Alex pulled out, Willy stuck his hard-on into my mouth. He didn't thrust his hips or anything. Instead he just moved my head up and down with his hands, fucking it back and forth over his cock. He shook me so fast that my head was dizzy. I jerked him off while I was blowing him, wanting to get it over with as fast as possible. Finally his whole body went rigid and another jet of cum splashed into my mouth. I was full. Four loads of cum is enough to fill anybody up.

While they got dressed, I sat on the floor, still with my bare tits poking out, and cum drying on my lips. I started to cry for the camera, when actually I was really pleased. I began thinking. The way those guys treated me like my only purpose on earth was to suck cock wasn't too far from the truth. I loved it.

After they left, I turned off the movie camera. I had about a half-hour of footage, and as soon as I got it developed I'd fix those bastards and really teach them a lesson.

I spent the rest of the night thinking up scenes for the movie. That, and trying to wash the taste of cum out of my mouth.

Chapter EIGHT

Sunday mornings I usually spend lounging around the house, reading the weekly paper, and drinking coffee. But today was different. Today was the day of the movie and I had a lot of things to get ready.

I changed the bedspread in my bedroom, putting on a silky purple one, so it would contrast with all the action that would take place on it. Then I set up two card tables in the living room, covering them both with red checkered tablecloths. I set a bottle of wine on the stereo along with five gasses. Silver ashtrays on each table added a little bit of class. This was going to be an elegant fuck movie. Then I set up my chess set, a nice one with onyx pieces and a marble board, on the first table. Alvin was going to bring his set when he came so then it would look like we were all simply chess enthusiasts. When actually we were all sex enthusiasts. I kept one movie camera in the bedroom and set the other one up so it could take in both tables in the living room.

At eleven-thirty I got dressed, spending a whole half-hour making myself look gorgeous. My pants were made out of a light-purple stretch material that clung to every curve. The outline of my ass showed perfectly. Then I put on a matching halter top, just big enough to cover my tits and no more. Looking at the mirror showed me how excited I was. My nipples poked through the material. Ooh, I couldn't wait!

Alvin arrived first, dressed sharp as usual. He had on blue dress pants and a wide-collar, embroidered shirt. He acted as if he were the next leading man to hit Hollywood. Fortunately he remembered to bring his chess set, which I set up on the other table.

"When do we start?" he asked, and ran his hands over the curves of my ass. I pushed him away.

"Hold on a few more minutes, Alvin, and then we'll all get our rocks off," I said.

Cheryl came next, dressed pretty foxy, and I was surprised to see that she hadn't even been drinking yet. She probably wanted to be wide awake for this one. A little after twelve, fashionably late, Ken and his girl Karen arrived. We were ready to roll. It was time to play the director.

I put everybody on the couch and spoke my bit.

"Okay, everybody, listen up. Here's what happens in the first scene. We're going to try and make this look like a typical gathering of friends, all here to play chess..."

"But I don't know how to play chess," Karen said.

"Just fake it," I said. "And try and look intelligent for a minute... Here's the set-up. Alvin and Cheryl are playing chess at one table. Karen and Ken are at the other. The game is chess, but with one big difference. It's strip chess. As each piece goes off the board, you have to undress."

"Where will you be, Laura?" Ken asked, his hungry eyes boring straight through my halter. "I'll be behind the camera in the beginning," I said. "Then I'll help you out of your clothes. Also," I added with a smile, "I'll be under the table."

"How about dialog?" Cheryl said. "I don't know what you're supposed to say in a fuck movie. This is my first one."

"This is the first time for everybody," I said. "Don't worry about dialog. I'm going to use subtitles so just say whatever comes to mind. All right... everybody set?"

They nodded, and the air was alive with the promise of sex. I turned on the FM station to set the mood. Nice seductive Sunday-afternoon jazz.

"All right," I said. "To your places."

When they were all seated at the table, I turned the camera on. The action started. I stepped over to the stereo and poured a glass of wine for everyone. Nice and civilized, I delicately placed a glass in front of each player. A perfect hostess.

I got behind the camera again and shouted instructions. "Ken, take one of Karen's pieces off the board. And Karen, you unbutton your blouse."

"Why do we have to start?" she said.

"Just do it," I answered. "The film's rolling."

She said, "I can't."

"All right," I said. "I'll do it for you."

I went over behind her chair, reached in front of her and unbuttoned her blouse. I moved the material away so her bra was in plain view. Then, back at the camera, I hollered to Alvin.

"Take a piece off the table. And Cheryl, you unbutton your blouse."

I focused the camera on her hands as she gradually revealed her big bust straining at her bra.

"Okay, everybody, go to it."

Pieces flew off the tables then, one after the other, like it was a slapstick comedy. Karen finally got into the spirit of things and tore her blouse off Ken took off his shirt, and his belt. I pointed the camera over towards Cheryl and focused it on her tits, which were completely bare now. She was laughing and giggling and her big jugs touched the table, bobbing all around. And Alvin was trying to remain calm, like he was winning, the jerk. His shirt was unbuttoned all the way and his hairy chest was sticking out.

It was time for me to get into the proceedings. I swiveled the camera back towards Ken and Karen. Then I made another entrance. I stood behind Karen's chair, reached down and unhooked her bra clasp in the back. Her tits dropped freely and jiggled. I leaned over and whispered something in her ear, while I cupped my hands around her tits. They weren't spectacular or anything, about a thirty-four full, but they were nicely shaped and responsive. Her nipples stood straight out at my touch.

Then I dropped down on the floor and crawled under the table. I moved in Ken's direction first. I unzipped his pants, and since he wasn't wearing any underwear, I played with his cock. Jerking it up and down until it was erect, I sank my lips onto it and sucked.

Next it was Karen's turn. She was wearing black stockings and a short red skirt. I slid my hands up her thighs and slowly peeled off her stockings, one at a time, and rubbed her cunt with my open palm. Now they could operate on their own.

I went back over to the camera and focused it on Ken's upright cock. It was standing so high the tip of it was touching the bottom of the table. And Karen was a natural for the screen. She lifted her skirt up over her hips, hooked her thumbs into her panties and peeled them down her creamy white legs, as slow as melting ice.

"Turn towards me, Karen," I said.

She swiveled in her chair and slipped the panties off her legs. Then she spread them wide and I got the first cunt shot. Her hand went between her legs and inserted a finger into her pussy.

Meanwhile there were still a few pieces left on the chess board. "Ken, take off another piece," I said.

He slid out of his pants and he was bare-ass naked.

"That's not what I mean. Take off another chess piece."

He laughed and took one off the board. Then I turned the camera back on Cheryl and Alvin. She was completely naked and he was pulling off his tight bikini underwear. I rolled the camera over to catch the unmasking of his cock. He rolled the black underwear down his legs and his cock slowly stood up on its own.

"Okay, Ken, throw the chess board on the floor and go after Karen."

He threw the board in the air, pushed the card table away and felt her tits.

"Alvin," I said. "Don't just stand there. Do something with that cock of yours. Put it in her mouth. Come on, let's get moving... this has really got to pick up now."

He stood up, walked over to Cheryl and casually stuck his cock in her mouth. I went in for a close-up, showing the veins on his prick standing out, and Cheryl's lips were spread so wide you could see deep into her mouth as she inhaled his cock and started blowing him.

"That's it!" I yelled. "Get it on."

Ken was lying down on the floor with his face buried in Karen's cunt. I did a close-up on his tongue licking her growing clit. I set the camera still, then knelt beside Karen and unhooked the clasp on my halter, letting my jugs fall out. With my hands I offered my tits to Karen's face and her tongue came out to flick at my nipples. I lowered my body, and she sucked my left tit.

Then I lay down on the floor and crawled over towards Ken. I made him kneel up so his cock was no longer banging on the floor. Now it was banging in and out of my mouth. As I sucked his cock, Karen raised her hips so he could eat her cunt more easily, and we moved in a steady, slow pace. His cock would slide down my throat as his tongue sunk deep into her cunt-hole.

At this time I heard Alvin moaning, and Cheryl's lips were making a juicy, smacking noise. I went back to the camera and rolled it over towards them, focusing it on Cheryl's mouth as she sat in the chair giving him a blow-job. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was sucking in and out. It was like poetry the way Alvin's cock came all the way out making a popping sound, and then rammed its way back into her throat. I knew this was going to be one of the best scenes, just showing Cheryl's head and his cock.

"Uhhh... uh... here it comes!" he said, and stood on his toes.

Every muscle in his legs tightened and all of a sudden Cheryl's head rocked back and forth from the pressure. Her cheeks were bulging out as her mouth filled with cum.

"Open your mouth, Cheryl," I said. "Let the cum spill out."

With the cock still fucking her mouth, she opened her lips a little, and since Alvin was still gushing into her, a flood of sperm poured out her mouth and flowed down her chest, leaving a thin white glistening trail.

Then I brought the camera back to Ken, who was still busy eating out his girl friend's cunt. She had a firm grip on his head and was bucking up and down, lifting her hips off the floor so his tongue could penetrate her gash farther.

I caught her just in lime. She sighed loud and long, rotating her hips faster than ever on Ken's face, until finally she came. Her breathing slowly went back to normal. I did one more close-up of Ken's slippery tongue darting around her moistened cunt. Then I turned off the camera.

"Okay, everybody," I said. "Break time."

Right away this produced a protest from Ken and Cheryl. "My balls are killing me," he said. "If I don't come soon, I'm going to explode."

I looked at his cock. It was inflamed and erect, almost ready to spout. It was funny the way he tried to look angry, standing before us all with his dangling hard-on.

"No problem, Ken. You and Cheryl get it on next. You'll both be satisfied."

Karen looked upset at the thought of Ken fucking somebody else, but there was nothing she could do. He was bound on getting his rocks off, and Cheryl was aching to have a cock in her cunt.

"The next scene," I announced with a lot of ceremony in my voice, "will involve everybody, if we all get excited enough. Alvin, you sit on the couch. And Cheryl, you stand before him, but bend over and suck on his cock while Ken fucks you from the rear."

"But she already blew me," Alvin said. "How will I get it up?"

"Just fake it, you idiot," I said. "I wouldn't complain if I were you."

"You mean Ken's going to fuck another girl?" Karen said.

"You're damn right I am," he said, and stared at Cheryl's huge tits eagerly. He was about to get his hands on a real woman now, and he was ready to fuck.

"All right, places, everybody," I said.

Alvin sat on the couch and Cheryl put her lips around his soft cock again. From the back Ken put his hands on her curvy hips, raised her ass high in the air, and slipped his throbbing cock into her cunt. I set up the camera so it caught all the action. He started slamming the meat to her, slowly pulling her hips back so her cunt wrapped tightly around his cock. He fucked her while she moved her ass up and down at the same time she sucked Alvin's cock.

That left little old me as horny as a bitch in heat. I stood on the couch and peeled my clinging pants down my legs. Then I turned Alvin's face towards me and pushed his mouth into my cunt.

"Eat me, Alvin. Eat my cunt, now. This is your big scene."

I started to laugh, but I had other things on my mind when his warm wet tongue found its way into my hairy gash. I forgot all about the movie. The only sensation I was aware of was the licking my cunt was getting. I put my hands on my tits to stimulate me even further.

A few seconds later I felt my hands being taken off them only to be replaced by Karen's hands. She lifted my jugs up and down, trapping my nipples between her fingers. I felt her hairy cunt-mound pressing against my ass, pushing me forward at the same time as Alvin stuck his tongue deeper into my slit.

Alvin worked his tongue in and out of my cunt in a circular motion that drove me crazy. Watching the others made me even more excited. Ken was slamming his prick into Cheryl's cunt so fast she was bouncing back and forth, her suction on Alvin making his cock hard again.

When Karen bounced my tits up and down, I reached my hands behind me and grabbed the cheeks of her ass, pushing her against me. The tongue in my cunt licked me in and out, in and out, until I came with such force that my spasms almost knocked everyone over.

After my cunt stopped throbbing, I hopped off the couch and focused the camera on Cheryl's backside. Ken's cock was visible for a couple of inches every second as he slid it in and out of her cunt. I did a close-up on her cunt as she took his prick all the way in. Then I backed up the camera so it would take in the whole scene.

Hungry for a cock in my mouth, I got on one side of Alvin and told Karen to get on the other side. I took his cock out of Cheryl's mouth, swallowed it all the way, then came up and licked the knob. It was solid again thanks to my expert touch. Then I pushed his cock towards Karen and she blew him for a minute.

With his cock sticking straight up in the air, we all licked it from three sides, up and down the length of his shaft. We took turns jerking him off and sucking him off. Then when his cock was in the middle of all three of us, Alvin sent a load of cum streaking through the air.

All three of us made a dive for it at once... and his cum spurted in my hair, on my lips, until finally I dropped my mouth on his cock and sank all the way down his shaft so it was sticking way in the back of my throat. When I released his cock, the cum was dribbling out in short drops like it was a fountain. Cheryl licked some of it and Karen swallowed the rest. We all had cum spilling out of our lips.

Judging from Cheryl's groans and the movement of her body, the fucking she was getting was really producing results. Another cum-shot was about to take place. I hopped in back of the camera again and focused it on her ass.

Ken's cock went in and, out of her cunt faster and faster. Then he froze and his body went rigid, and the cum came squirting out of Cheryl's cunt. She sat back and bounced harder on his fuck-stick. Karen held her arms, pushing her back on Ken's prick until she shuddered and went limp.

"Cunt," I said, and turned off the camera. "Well, what do you think, everybody?"

"Oooh, so fucking good," Ken said.

And everybody else agreed. We'd all been fucked good.

"Okay," I said. "We'll rest up for an hour or so, then we'll shoot the final scene where we all fuck our brains out. And, Alvin, I have to say, you've got a head start on the rest of us."

He laughed good-naturedly. We passed the bottle of wine around to celebrate our first mutual fuck-session. Then we lit up our cigarettes and relaxed like we were all the best of friends. And we were, in a way. It would be pretty hard to get more intimate than what we'd all just done together. Sex will do it every time.

After an hour passed and we were all rested up, there was no doubt in my mind that we were ready for the final scene, the climax, so to speak. Simply standing so close to one another, in a room full of luscious naked people, rekindled our desire for another round of good fucking and sucking.

Since it would be hard to top our last scene, I figured the best thing to do would be to set up a really unusual situation normal fucking in the missionary position. I hadn't seep any of that in a skin flick for ages so actually it would almost be a novelty. I brought everyone into the bedroom and turned on the camera.

Cheryl and Karen lay down on the bed, their naked bodies looking particularly inviting as they stretched out on the purple bedspread. I had Ken and Alvin walk into the bedroom as if they were meeting the girls for the first time, and then I added a little comedy to the proceedings. I told the guys to nod their heads, smile and say hello, as if this were a perfectly normal introduction. Then as they stood on both sides of the bed, I told the girls to shake their cocks as if they were shaking hands. The subtitle would be: "Hello, how do you do?" Formalities over, I told them to get it on.

Cheryl and Karen spread their legs at the same time and the guys sank down on the bed, with their pricks both deliciously hard. Slowly they inserted their cocks into the girls' cunts and a double fucking took place. Ken fucked Cheryl for a while and Alvin fucked Karen. Then they switched partners for a few minutes. I did a lot of close-ups on the girls' tits, heaving as the cocks went into them. They all moved in slow ecstasy. Then I filmed the cocks separately as they made their in and out journey, wet and glistening, pounding into cunt. Then they switched back to their original partners. When they began rolling around the bed in a much faster pace, I got ready for the cum-shot.

"Don't come inside of them," I said. "Hold back as long as you can, then pull out and spray them with your load."

My warning was just in time. Right after I finished talking, Ken came. He pulled his cock out of Cheryl's cunt, and I did a close-up as it seemed to grow even bigger, the veins sticking out like rivers.

His jizz spurted a foot in the air and landed on Cheryl's milky-white stomach in a bright sticky pool, which she spread over her tits with her hands. The next instant, excited at watching Ken and Cheryl, Alvin pulled out and his spray of cum reached Karen's tits, all in one fountain like jet, spurt after spurt.

Since the girls still hadn't come, I had them sixty-nine each other, focusing the camera on their quick tongues darting in and out of each other's cunts while the guys watched with their soft cocks drooping between their legs. Cheryl and Karen came at the same time in a frenzy of hip-grinding and cunt-sucking.

"Cunt," I said. "We got it made. This is going to make it big."

I climbed on the bed with the others, and with the film still on we just went at each other. I sucked Alvin's cock while Ken fucked my cunt. About ten minutes later when I was just about worn out, my mouth filled with Alvin's cum and my cunt was flooded with a steady flow of Ken's hot sperm. And I fucked with my hips and lips at the same time, coming, fucking and sucking.

I ended the film with the girls once again shaking the guys' cocks. The subtitle would be: "It's been a pleasure meeting you."

The party was over.

After everyone left, my apartment was still filled with the smell of sex, a musky odor that lasted and lasted. Until it was time to go to work I just loafed around the apartment, planning on how I would sell the movie, even if it meant selling myself.

Chapter NINE

The week passed by really fast since the only thing in my mind was the thought that anytime now my film would be developed by the grad student. I kept on wondering what his reaction would be when he saw what kind of movie I'd made.

I still worked nights at the theater, and maybe it was my attitude or something, but I didn't have much action in the projection booth. My mind was too preoccupied. Except once, in the middle of the week, when Mr. Brent came in for a quick fuck. During the middle of Suzy's First Kiss, he pulled me to the floor, stripped my clothes off, and then wailed away at my cunt. It wasn't even exciting for me. His puffing, sweating body, and his slippery cock didn't even cause a flutter. When he emptied his jism into me, I felt kind of uncomfortable, and I looked forward to the day when I wouldn't have to work here any more.

"Mr. Brent," I said as he was pulling up his pants. "Uh... I was wondering if you could do me a favor."

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Can you introduce me to the distributor that supplies you with all these films?"

"Going into the fuck business, huh? I thought you would. You got the stuff it takes. And since you been good to me, why not." He finished dressing and tucked in his shirt. "I'll set up a meeting Monday night tell him to drop off next month's films right here. And then you can conduct your business."

"Thanks, Mr. Brent," I said. "Thanks a lot."

He laughed and left the projection room.

Finally Friday came around and I went over to the Communications Building to see the grad student. He was wearing the same clothes as he had on before, and thick black shades still covered his eyes.

"The film's all developed," he said. "All three of them. Man, I just have to say it left me speechless. That's quite a body you have. It also left me kind of hungry for your specialty. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah," I laughed, and was willing to do anything as long as I got the films.

"There won't be any charge for developing the film. I figure you can pay me in other ways."

"Oh, yeah, and what's that?" I asked.

"Come back here after school gets out and I'll show you."

When I came back around five o'clock, he was waiting for me. "The films are ready," he said. "And so am I."

He locked the door of the room, pulled down the shade, and right away he dropped his pants. Next he came over to me, bare from the waist down, and wrapped his arms around my hips. I was wearing a pair of tight faded jeans and a red pullover top, which he pulled over my shoulders so I stood before him with my bare tits hanging out. His mouth went to my nipples and he pressed his cock against my jeans. It was long, hard, and ready.

Gradually he pushed me down to the floor. My knees were hurting from the tiled floor, but he soon took my mind off that by thrusting his cock in my mouth.

"Do it just like in the movie, Laura. Suck it good."

I fastened my mouth around his cock and blew him real soft and gentle, so it would be slow, and he'd know it was a reward. He pulled it out of my mouth again and again, trying to hold back. And then, after a minute or so my lips would spread wide as he slid it across my tongue and into my throat.

Then he started fucking my mouth real fast, and his hands grabbed my head. He pushed his cock way into me and kept it pressed rigid against the back of my throat as his jizz burst into my mouth, steady bitter-tasting flow spurting down me. But I swallowed it and he rocked my head back and forth, just pouring the cock-cream into me until I sucked every last drop.

He got dressed, handed me the films, and wished me luck.

"Laura," he said. "Anytime you want something developed, just let me know. Say what's your address anyway?"

I gave him my address and told him to come over anytime he felt like it. He'd be a handy partner.

"I will," he said. "You can count on it."

I'd probably be seeing a lot more of him in the future, I thought. And I'd be tasting a lot more of him, too.

I went home armed with the films and spent the night watching them. They came out better than I expected, and the best one was the one that showed me blowing Bob and his friends one after the other. And the cum-shots on the other film where the three of us girls blew Alvin at the same time was great. I had a good product. All I had to do was make up subtitles for them. I'd probably be seeing the grad student sooner than I thought so he could put the subtitles in. It was something to look forward to.

Since I was all alone, I took off my clothes while I watched the movies on the wall. I sat on the couch and masturbated, watching myself getting fucked on the screen. I worked it so I came at the same time as my image did on the screen. What a mind-fuck!

I had it made, I thought. Monday night I would make a deal with the distributor, and then I'd be on my way in the business. Things were finally looking good... and I was proud of myself. How many other nineteen-year-old chicks could get this far? Not many. There aren't too many of us around. And Monday I would have my foot in the door, well on my way to being a legitimate actress. Maybe legitimate. Whatever I had to do I would do.

Monday finally came around and I went through all my classes in a daze, not even listening to anybody. Tonight was going to be the moment of truth.

That night at the theater I spent a lot of time wondering what the distributor looked like. His name was Jack Chimek and for some reason it conjured up visions of a grouchy old businessman, probably mean, fat and impatient. The more I thought about it the more worried I got.

During the last half-hour of Suzy's First Kiss he showed up. I was sitting in a chair near the projector, half watching the film, half deciding how to act cool and professional when I beard the door to the projection booth open up. I jumped out of my seat, my heart beating like crazy... and I saw a young man no more than twenty-five come walking into the room.

He was dressed real mod, wearing a double-breasted, blue pin-stripe suit and a fancy bow-tie. He looked like he just stepped out of an Edwardian movie. He was almost six feet tall, husky and handsome. His hair was brown and wavy, all the way down to his shoulders. He smiled at me, showing a sparkling set of perfectly even teeth... and he wasn't anything at all like what I expected. Right before me was one of the nicest-looking men I'd ever seen.

"Hello," he said, clasping his hands in front of him. "You must be Laura. Brent tells me you want to see me about something."

"That's right," I said. "There's a movie I made and it's really good. I want you to see it... and maybe..." My words came tumbling out faster than I could think and I just blasted him with a bunch of nonsense.

"Slow down, baby," he said. "Just relax. We've got plenty of time. So you made a movie, huh? Is it good?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, it's different."

"What's it called?"

"Uh... I don't know," I said. "I haven't named it yet. I thought I'd leave that up to you."

"All right," he said. "Tell you what. I really don't have much time, but I'll take a look at your film. What time does this place close?"

"In about half an hour."

"Okay, I have to talk with Brent for a while, and then I'll come back up here when the theater closes. Then, baby, we can get down to business."

He looked me over. I was wearing a skin-tight knit top, light-blue, that came up to my neck. His eyes explored every inch of my curves so openly that I started to blush. And he took in my legs, encased in blue nylon pantyhose.

He lingered at the door, smiled, and said, "Yeah, we'll talk later."

I tried to calm down after he left, but I couldn't. All along I had been sure I had it made, sure that I was tough enough to go all the way. But my first encounter with an important contact and I was blowing it. I had to calm down.

The half-hour passed really fast. I turned off the reels and waited for the customers to leave the theater. Then I set up my movie on the reel and just waited.

He came in carrying a bottle of wine, and a cigarette was dangling from the corner of his mouth.

"Okay, Laura, let's see what you've got," he said, and pulled up a chair on the other side of the projector.

I dimmed the house lights and turned on the film. It splashed across the screen. There was the opening scene where they all sat around playing chess.

"What's this?" he said. "An educational film?" Then he laughed.

"Don't worry," I said. "The action starts any second."

He showed no reaction at all as the movie got into the hot sections where Cheryl blew Alvin for the first cum-shot. He acted like he was watching the evening news. Not one emotion showed on his face.

I didn't know what to do. I was expecting him to start getting excited or something, but he didn't. Even when we got to the scene on the couch where we all fucked away in various combinations, he acted bored.

Finally, when he saw the cum-shot where the three of us girls blew Alvin, he said, "Nice... that's good. I like that."

And then he went back to his silent vigil. I never saw anyone so serious as he was when he watched a skin flick. He just sat there drinking his wine, passing it to me, then watching the screen again. He lit a cigarette and sighed. Suddenly I had a worried feeling that I wasn't going to make it.

I changed the reel and showed the second half, where the action took place in the bedroom. He seemed more bored than before.

When it ended, he got up and said, "Is that it? And what about the sound? See, Laura, we get films like this all the time. Hundreds of them! And to tell you the truth, we just don't make any money on them."

"Wait a second," I said. "I've got another film here, just to show you what I can do."

I put the other reel on, the one that showed me sucking off Bob and his friends. He got up and walked behind me, acting real restless. Soon he was right behind me, leaning against my shoulders. When his hands lifted my skirt, I didn't say anything. After all, I expected I'd have to do something like this.

On screen I was blowing Bob, and off screen Jack's fingers peeled my pantyhose down to my knees. I heard a zipper and then I felt a really long prick slide between my legs.

"You really want to make it in the business, don't you, Laura? I can tell."

He acted like we were just discussing the weather as he slid his cock between my legs, rubbing the bottom of my cunt. His hands came up under my top and fastened onto my tits. He lifted them and played with my nipples. Meanwhile he picked up the pace with his cock. I felt a warm slippery hardness moving in and out of my legs.

"There are certain procedures to be followed when one wants to get a break, you know," he said.

On the screen Bob was fucking my mouth really fast and I had a memory of his cum splashing in my throat.

"Interesting technique you have there," Jack said, leaning his head on my shoulder and looking straight at the film. "Real good technique. Why don't you give me a demonstration?"

He lifted my top completely off me and bobbled my tits with his hands. Then he turned me around without looking at my face. His eyes were still glued to the screen. He put his hands on my shoulders and slowly pushed me down until my face was even with his cock. On the way down his cock rubbed against my stomach and my tits, sticking out at an angle. His hands went to my head, tilted it, and pushed my lips onto his prick.

"That's it... slide your tongue around it. Good... now suck it a little, nibble the head of my cock. Good, Laura, real good. Maybe we can use you after all."

His tone of voice didn't change at all, even when he moved his hips back and forth so his cock would slide all the way out of my mouth, then back into my throat where he wiggled it around. Eventually his pace picked up and his prick roared in and out of my mouth. I slurped away at it as he pushed my head closer and then kept his cock in my mouth completely, jerking my head back and forth.

"Good technique," he said.

His legs started to get hard and his prick swelled. Still holding my head perfectly still, he shot a warm, sweet load of cum into my mouth. It spattered against the back of my mouth, then went down. When his cum stopped flowing, and just came out in dribbles, he pulled his prick out of my mouth.

"Very good, Laura. Damn good. But I don't know if we can use the movie."

His cum was still in my mouth and I was still swallowing it when he backed away from me and zipped up his pants.

"Of course," he said, "this is all out of my hands. I don't make the final decision. That's all up to my boss. But I can recommend you."

I put my top back on and glared at him.

"Well, I have to be going," he said. "It was a pleasure meeting you, and I do mean a pleasure." He patted his cock with his hand and started to leave. I caught his arm at the door and begged him. "What about my movie?" I said. "Please help me, I put a lot of time into it."

He looked annoyed but then said, "Okay, I'll help you out, Laura. My boss' name is Paul Maitlin. You can see him personally. Just bring your films, and I'll tell him all about you."

He gave me his boss' number and left me there. Tears came to my eyes when I realized what I still had to go through. My trip up the ladder had just begun.

I packed up my films and left the theater, dejected and disappointed at the way he'd used me. So mechanical and businesslike, the way he made me give him a blow-job, not even looking at me.

I fell asleep as soon as I got home, hoping to escape to a place of dreams, a place that would help me forget all about my troubles. But instead I had nightmares where I was passed around in a darkened room from one man to another, and every one of them made me suck him off while I wore a black mask over my face.

In the morning I woke up with a feeling of relief flowing over me, gad to escape the unreal landscape of my dream. But then, I thought, maybe it wasn't so unreal. I would have to do just like in the dream to get anywhere in the business. It looked like quite a long haul before I ever reached stardom.

There were still a couple of things in my favor, though. I was still young and attractive, and still hungry for far-out sex, something I'd probably be getting a lot of in the near future. But I knew I would make it. I just had a feeling. I'd gone so far now that nothing was going to stop me.

Chapter TEN

The next day, around one o'clock in the afternoon, I finally got up enough nerve to call Paul Maitlin. I'd just finished eating my lunch, so I used the phone booth in the student cafeteria. He answered on the fifth ring.

"Yes, who's calling please?" he said. His voice was cultured, smug and self-assured.

"My name is Laura," I said.

"Oh, yes." His voice was suddenly amused. "Jack told me about you. Said you were trying to make your way in the business and you have films, I believe."

"That's right," I said. Absolutely brilliant.

"What is it you want? To be an actress, or make movies, or what, my dear?"

"Both," I said. "I'll do anything."

He laughed. "Yes, Jack informed me you would. I'll tell you what. You can come over to my house this evening and show me the goods."

"But I have to work tonight," I said. "That's no problem. I'm more of a night person than anything else. In fact, most people in this business keep late hours. So don't worry, I'll be up. And, Laura, I'm really looking forward to meeting you. What time do you get off work?"

"Around eleven-thirty."

"All right," he said. "Then I'll expect you around twelve. My address is 14 Briarwood Lane. You know the place?"

"Yes," I said. I knew the place. It was in the most exclusive part of town where the houses started in the $100,000 area.

"Good," he said. "Oh, one more thing. Are you over eighteen years old?"

"Very well. There's nothing to worry about. I'll expect you tonight, Laura."

He hung up and I was left staring at the phone, rerunning the conversation in my head, the one that could very well decide my future.

I spent the rest of the day in a daze, hardly speaking to anyone. Except for Ken, who asked me how the movie was going.

"I'm not sure," I told him. "Maybe I'll find out tonight."

"Hey, don't look so worried, Laura. Cheer up. It's not at all surprised to see a young chick standing can't miss!"

And then he walked away, wishing me good luck, totally unaware of the things I'd already had to do just to get a meeting with the distributor. But I had to go through with it. There was no other way.

That night at the theater I sat around being nervous. My films were in the car and tonight was the night. The only thing on my mind was my upcoming visit with Paul Maitlin. I was going to have to make a good impression on him since he was the first rung on the ladder.

The movies ended fast. Things always go by fast when you don't want them to. I spent about ten minutes making myself look good. I wanted to appear calm, relaxed and professional I had on a really sharp-looking outfit, one I'd never worn before. It was a light-green dress suit. Long skirt to in a huge leather chair, reading a book by a roaring fire.

The butler closed the door and I was alone with Paul Maitlin. His hair was brownish, but streaked with a few lines of gray. His face was tanned and smooth, but expressionless as he gazed in my direction.

"Laura, I'm so gad you could make it tonight," he said. "Come join me by the fire."

I sat in a white, soft chair opposite him and wondered how to start off. "I've brought my films with me, Mr. Maitlin," I said. "And they're really good."

"[missing text] film, then all of a sudden she thinks she's got it made. And half the lime she isn't even worth looking at... But Jack informed me of your exceptional beauty, and he said he thought you might have what it takes. That's why you're here tonight."

I nodded and crossed my legs. This wasn't anything at all like what I expected. He wasn't even giving me a chance to talk.

"Please get comfortable," he said.

I knew what he meant. I slipped off my high-heel shoes and they fell noiselessly to the thick red carpet. He closed the book on his lap and put it on a side table. Then he turned out the reading lamp.

"Well, let's see what you look like," he said.

"Mr. Maitlin," I said, trying to sound firm, "I came here on business."

"Call me Paul," he said. "And this is business. You may begin disrobing."

His eyes fastened on to me. First I took off the jacket and the locket. Then I looked at him to see if he would let me stop, but his eyes were very casually inspecting my body. I unbuttoned my blouse and bared my chest, letting my tits move freely as I continued undressing.

He leaned forward in his chair, just staring at my big tits like he'd never seen any before, and now he was definitely showing emotion at the sight of my naked flesh. I slipped my green skirt down to the floor, then hooked my hands into the elastic of my panties and pulled them down slowly, stepping out of them. Then I took off my stockings, and was totally nude.

"Lie down on the floor, Laura," he said.

I spread out on the furry rug, my tits on the floor. My nipples sprang erect when they touched the rug and my pussy hair actually gave me a shock from the friction. Without waiting for any more instructions, I spread my legs wide, and tried to lose myself in the warmth of the fire that crackled and sparked near me, casting a shadowy glow across my body. Maitlin knew how to create atmosphere, that was for sure.

He unhooked his smoking jacket, casually folding it on the chair. He stood there inspecting me, with his hands on his hips, like I was a new piece of merchandise he was going to try out. His eyes sparkled. He liked what he saw.

"Laura," he said, "I hope you're the kind of girl who's interested in pleasing her... uh... boss, shall we say. For I will be your boss if I like the product."

He stepped out of his silk pajamas and placed them on the chair on top of his robe, revealing a lean, hard-muscled body, really in shape. And then he lay down on top of me. His hard cock nestled between my ass-cheeks and his hands swam around to my side. I raised myself up on my elbows.

"That's a girl," he said, and cupped my bouncing tits with both hands. "Raise your hips up," he said.

I tucked my legs under me, supporting myself on my knees so he had a clear shot at my cunt or my asshole. He went straight to my pussy. Without bothering to work me up so it would be an easy entrance, he plunged his cock into my cunt. My pussy-lips were tight and unyielding and pain flowed through my body. But gradually I spread my legs wider and his cock sank it all the way in. It was grasped tight in the firm pocket of my cunt.

I was warm all over now, with the heat of the fire toasting me, and the warmness of his cock sliding in and out of my cunt. With each thrust he raised my chest, pulling my tits way up in the air. Then on the way out he lowered them slowly, washing his fingers over my nipples in a feathery, tickling caress. I wondered how many times this scene had been played out in front of his fireplace, where he fucked all the girls who wanted to make it in the business. One thing I didn't have to wonder about. He was giving me such a fucking I would never forget it.

For a real long time, in fact longer than I've ever had it before, he kept up the steady in and out pace. And for long delicious moments everything else was blocked out of my mind except for his throbbing cock hammering away at my cunt. I came really fast, and tightened my cunt around his prick as I went into a long orgasm. But still he kept on fucking like he had all the time in the world.

I thought maybe he had so much action from chicks like me that he was immune to it. But I was determined to make him come. I ground my hips up and down in short moves, to produce a lot of friction on his cock. He started groaning. But instead of coming, he pulled out of me. Then he sat on the floor and made me sit on his cock. It went in much easier than before, since it was wet with my own juices. Instead of doing anything else he just lifted me up and down on his cock by holding his hands on my hips. He was like a machine. Every time I thought he was about to come, he just changed positions and fucked me in a new way.

We went through just about every imaginable position and still he showed no sign of spilling his load. He fucked me missionary-style, he fucked me standing up, and he did it lying down with me on top of him, bouncing up and down on his cock. He was indestructible. My body was getting ready for another orgasm and still he showed no sign of tiring.

Finally his breath started coming in short gasps while he was fucking me doggy-style again. He pulled out, rolled me over on my back and straddled my hips. His cock was sitting on my stomach, throbbing hard, ready to shoot. He'd been saving his load for the grand finale.

"You are good, Laura," he said. "Real good. Maybe we can use you."

As if I wasn't already being used to act out his sexual fantasies. He was mauling my tits, just sitting there with his eyes closed, as if his mind were somewhere off in space.

"These things take time, of course," he said, moving up so his cock touched the underside of my tits. "And after a few more sessions like this, I can probably set you up. Who knows? Maybe we can even use your movie."

His balls moved back and forth over my stomach now, and I realized that this was how he carried out all his business dealings with women. On the floor. His cock came up farther, riding in and out the valley between my tits.

He raised my head at an angle until I was staring right at his cock and then... Whoomph! I choked as he slid his prick right in my mouth, taking me by surprise with his speed. It was wide and long, throbbing on my tongue. I blew him for all I was worth, and started humming so the vibrations ran up and down the full length of his moving cock.

"Ahh... I like that. I like it. Keep it up," he said.

And with a lunge he lifted up his hips, held my head steady, and rammed his prick all the way down my throat, ejecting a huge pool of hot cum into my mouth. And as I lay there by the fire listening to his groans of pleasure, I swallowed his sticky jizz with joy. As it ran down my throat in long spurts, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made it big.


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