Hard up wife

It often comes as a complete surprise to find that people are not always exactly what they seem to be.

The quiet librarian who secretly waits for the moment when she can unleash her passions on an unsuspecting patron. The nurse who is ready to take on any of her patients, male or female, who think they can handle her. The teacher who, given half a chance, will not hesitate to release his perverse desires on an unsuspecting fifteen-year-old girl in one of his classes.

Leona Crawford is one of these outwardly normal people. In fact, if anything, she seems more shy, more reserved than most. But deep within herself she is becoming the helpless captive of a reckless passion which, now that she has at last acknowledged it, must be fed a constant diet of perverse excitement.

HARD UP WIFE -- a novel that explores a hidden segment of our society, a powerful lesson for those who refuse to believe some of the darkest problems that face us all.

Chapter ONE

"You'll be late for work," she said.

Leona Crawford lay on her back on her bed with her legs hooked over her husband's shoulders and her body shaking each time he pumped his cock into her battered pussy.

Fucking at eight o'clock in the morning was a bore. Bob was a sweet guy and she loved him very much, but whenever he got up in the morning with a hard-on, he felt obligated to pulverize her pussy with it.

The truth was that she never got much out of it, morning, noon, or night, not in all the two years of their marriage. Leona had resolved herself to the fact that she was simply one of those women who got nothing out of fucking. She had orgasms, but she always brought them on herself, sometimes in the bathtub, sometimes while sitting on the toilet, and sometimes on the bed when Bob was not at home. She had always enjoyed jerking off, ever since the first time as a child, and she knew that without it she'd probably go crazy. She knew it was important to have some kind of sexual release.

Bob liked to fuck, but Leona thanked God he wasn't in the mood more than once or twice a week. He liked to have her legs over his shoulders, doubling her up like a rag-doll and pounding her cunt until he came. She always felt terribly exposed in that position, with her crotch up in the air, and whenever they did it that way, she always insisted on having the lights out. It was morning now, however, the room was lit by the sun, and she cringed at the total exposure.

"I'm almost there!" Bob groaned.

He was usually very fast, but this time, for some reason, he was lasting much longer. It didn't matter one way or the other -- Leona never came when he was fucking her. Certain things about it, though, were pleasant. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her ass and she liked that. It made her think of Bob as a stallion. When she was a young girl she once saw a stallion on a farm -- and she never forgot that horse's low-hanging balls. Bob had low-hanging balls, and whenever Leona had the chance to look at them it always turned her on.

She liked looking at men. She liked their bodies. Bob wasn't the only man with whom she'd had sex, but he was the only one she ever loved enough to marry. He was dependable. He was sweet. He usually did what Leona wanted. They never did anything fancy in bed, no sucking or anything like that, and ordinary fucking once or twice a week was at least tolerable. Leona knew other couples did other things, but she didn't care. What other people did was their business.

Leona smiled when she remembered her girlhood. Back home in Dornville, a small town about two hundred miles from Chicago, teenage Leona had been famous as a cock-teaser. None of the boys who had been after her ever knew she wasn't a virgin. She'd spent two summers with an aunt in St. Louis, and each time the distance away from home had made her adventurous enouch to let a boy get his hard prick inside her panties. The first time occurred when she was sixteen and the result was a broken cherry and a bloody mess. The second time happened with another boy a year later, and even if there was no blood, there was a mess anyway -- she'd made him pull out and his jism had splattered all over an expensive summer dress.

Leona liked turning men on. She liked driving them wild with her tits and ass and legs, but when it came to fucking she thought it was hardly worth the trouble. She also hated the idea of giving in, of just lying there and having a man stick his prick inside her cunt. The orgasms she gave herself whenever she finger-fucked were always so beautiful, Leona knew she needed no one else for real sexual satisfaction.

A deep groan came out of Bob's throat and he suddenly froze as his cock began spurting inside her cunt. Leona counted three spurts and then a week fourth. She could always tell by the way he gasped each time he shot his jism. When she was younger, she'd more than once had a boy come in her hand, and she liked to watch the jism gush out of a cock-head. She'd never seen Bob come that way and she probably never would. You didn't do with a husband what you did with a Saturday night date at a drive-in movie.

When Bob rolled off her body, Leona grabbed some tissues off the night table and stuffed them into her crotch. Having Bob's copious load of jism run out on the bedsheet would be annoying. Holding the tissues in place with her hand, she slipped off the bed and moved quickly to the bathroom. Bob would relax a few minutes, dozing like a lamb as he recovered his senses, and then he'd get dressed and be off to work. Leona hoped he wouldn't find some reason to dally. She was usually worked up enough from fucking to have a good orgasm alone, but she needed privacy. She always felt nervous doing it when Bob was in the house.

Once the bathroom door was closed, Leona sat down on the toilet to let her husband's jism dribble out of her pussy. Then she carefully wiped herself with toilet paper. There was a long mirror attached to the inside of the bathroom door, and since Leona sat facing it she could see her crotch when she opened her legs. A soft moan escaped her lips as she gazed at her fucked-out cunt. Using the fingers of both hands and spreading her thighs as wide as possible, she pried open her thick cunt-lips to look at the pink-red meat of the inside of her pussy.

She had a large clit. She'd seen pictures in a book once and she knew that hers was larger than average. She wondered if that meant she was more excitable. Holding her breath, she lightly touched her fingertip to the shaft of her clit and rubbed it up and down.

Oh, God, that feels good! she thought. Sometimes she came so hard playing with her clit that she had to piss. Sitting on the toilet while she jerked off was always a good idea.

When she heard the front door of the house slam, Leona heaved a sigh of relief. Bob had left for work. He had a good job as a salesman for an electronics firm, and Leona hoped that some day he'd earn enough money to make it possible for her to quit her job. She worked part-time as a clerk in a hotel and she hated every minute of it. She'd rather have babies. All the women she knew were having babies and that was obviously the thing to do.

The gentle massage of the shaft of her swollen clit now became a more vigorous rubbing. She probed the mouth of her cunt-hole with a fingertip. How wet she was! Her pussy-flower was weeping sticky tears of joy. She scooped some of the juice out of her cunt-hole and smeared it across her clit. A shiver ran through her body as she inadvertently touched the quivering head of her clit. Her bud was always so lusciously sensitive!

Oh, Lord! she thought. She couldn't sit there all day! Her eye feverish, her hands trembling, she picked up the electric toothbrush off the shelf. She switched it on and held the handle against her throbbing clit. The sweet sensation of an orgasm came almost at once, and she cried out and groaned in the midst of her ecstasy.

The first spasm ended and the second began almost at once. She gazed at be image in the mirror. Her tits vibrated like mounds of jelly with each movement of her body. She had heavy, pear-shaped breasts with long dark nipples. Bob was crazy about them. He said they were the ripe tits of a passionate woman. Was she passionate? She wanted to be. As much as she told herself she did not need orgasms while fucking, she knew she'd be happier if she had them. Even if Bob rubbed her off with his hand, it would be better than nothing. Of course, she'd never ask him. She was too inhibited for that. In any case, she suspected that, as sweet as he was, he cared only for his own pleasure when he fucked -- and not hers.

These thoughts of Leona concerning her relationship with her husband whirled through her brain at the same time as the surge of sensations produced by the electric toothbrush handle massaging her clit. She was well an the way to a second orgasm when the chimes of the front doorbell suddenly sounded.

"Jesus Fucking Christ!" she groaned.

At any other time she would have ignored it, let whoever it was ring and go away, but she was afraid it might be Bob returning to the house for some reason. If he'd misplaced his keys, he'd have no way to get in. Wrapping herself in a robe, Leona hurried to the front door and opened it.

A blonde woman with a willowy body covered by a skimpy halter and shorts stood on the doorstep.

"Hi, I'm Gloria Simpson," the blonde said. "We just moved in next door and we don't have a telephone yet. Could you possibly let me make a call on your phone?"

Still half-dazed from the effects of her session in the bathroom, Leona nodded mutely and opened the door wider to let the woman enter.

From that moment on, Leona's life was never again to be the same.

Chapter TWO

The Simpsons moved into the house next door in August. By the end of October, Leona and Gloria were good friends. Gloria was a few years older than Leona, but much more easygoing. Gloria was carefree, uninhibited, and very sensual. Frank Simpson was big and brawny and handsome and obviously virile. Leona often found herself jealous of Gloria's apparently ideal marriage. She greatly admired Gloria's light-hearted attitude toward sex. The two women talked together, shopped together, and borrowed each other's clothes. Their intimacy continued to grow as the months passed.

It was only a matter of time before Leona confided in Gloria about the sexual difficulties in her marriage. Gloria was sympathetic and firm in her ideas.

"A woman ought to enjoy fucking," she said. "If she doesn't, it's usually the man's fault."

Leona felt uncomfortable discussing something so intimate, but she told herself she really needed Gloria's opinion. After all, what were friends for?

"Maybe there's something wrong with me physically," Leona said.

Gloria chuckled. "Like what? You look pretty healthy to me. You don't have trouble lubricating, do you?"


Gloria laughed. "Pussy-juice, honey. Do you get wet when you get turned on?"

Leona blushed. "Of course," she said.

"Then it's probably not physical. In any case, you can ask your gynecologist. God, all this talk about fucking gets me hot! My darling husband is going to have a juicy pussy to suck on tonight!" Gloria was surprised when she saw the effect her words were having on Leona. "Jesus!" Gloria said. "Doesn't Bob every go down on you?"

Leona avoided Gloria's eyes. Her mind reeled with an image of Frank Simpson sucking on Gloria's juicy pussy. She wondered what the Simpsons looked like naked. She wondered if the size of Frank's cock went along with the rest of his body. She wondered what it would be like to have a man's mouth on her dripping cunt. She could feel the juice dribbling out of her pussy to wet the insides of her thighs.

"Bob has never done anything like that," Leona said softly.

Gloria shook her head in disbelief. "Ask him," she said. "Maybe he just needs to be asked. I bet he gets you to blast off to the moon!"

Leona shivered. "I don't think he'd like doing something like that."

Amused, Gloria leaned forward. "Honey, Bob looks like a real man. A real man likes sucking a wet pussy. Believe me, I know!"

Leona decided to give it a try. As nasty as it might seem when she thought about it, the idea of having Bob's mouth on her cunt was exciting. She wondered how many of the women she knew had their pussies regularly sucked by their husbands. Sucked and licked. Licking was important, too. The idea of a warm tongue gently lapping up and down the wet meat of her cunt turned her on. The thought of someone slurping her juices made her shiver. She wondered if Bob had ever done it to another woman. He'd been more experienced than her when they'd married. She tried to picture him sucking a girl's pussy. Was it true that a real man liked doing it?

Leona waited until a Saturday night when she and Bob went out to a movie. Their usual routine was to return home after the movie and fuck. Saturday night was the one night he'd probably be the most receptive to the idea of doing something different in bed.

She dressed carefully in order to be as alluring as possible. She wore a sensuous knit dress and left off her panties. She hardly ever walked around without panties, but she decided this was the appropriate time for it. As they stood on line to buy their tickets at the movie theater, she wondered how many of the other women there had bare pussies under their dresses.

Seated beside Bob in the dark theater, Leona teased him by running her hand along his thigh. She loved the feel of his muscles. She imagined his thick cock dangling in his dark hairy crotch. She pinched and probed his thigh until she had him squirming. She could feel the heat of him. Her nipples tingled and she was conscious of the wetness of her pussy. She prayed her juices wouldn't stain her dress.

She had no idea how she would go about asking Bob to lick her pussy. She had no experience with such things, she'd always been so passive. She hoped that at the proper time she'd know what to do.

The movie was a bore and Leona passed the time thinking about the evening ahead. She imagined Bob's head between her thighs. She realized now how much she'd been missing out on things, pleasures that other women took for granted. It was time to change, time to have a new awakening.

As they left the movie, Leona was amused at the way Bob tried to hide his obvious hard-on. When they were alone inside the car, she playfully teased him about it.

"There's a bone in the basement," she said.

Bob chuckled. "You put it there, honey. Have a feel."

"I will not!" Leona teased. But she pictured his throbbing cock confined in his pants and she finally put her hand on him. He was ready for action, his cock thick and swollen like a fat sausage. She always liked handling his cock because she knew it put him in her power. She kept on feeling around outside his pants, and then finally she unzipped his fly and put her hand inside. She probed trough the opening in his boxer shorts and scooped out his long thick cock. She closed her hand around his rigid cock-shaft and held him without moving, teasing him with her fingers. She knew he wanted to be stroked, but she held him in her fist and kept her hand still.

"You're a naughty boy," she said. "Your pecker is dripping on my hand."

He groaned. She squeezed his cock and heard him gasp. She slipped her hand out to his cock-head and smeared his juice over the velvety knob. His cock-head was fat and deliciously bloated. She could feel the heat of it under her fingertips. Using two fingers, she pulled his foreskin back to completely expose the juicy plum of his prick-tip. Each time they passed a streetlamp, she could see the juice glistening in the slit of his cock-head. She rubbed her thumb over the hole and then around the flared rim of his knob.

There were times during their marriage when she'd thought of taking his cock in her mouth, but she'd never had the nerve to do it.

She knew there were women who did that, and she assumed Bob would like it. Sometimes the urge to do it was intense. The she'd think how nasty it was to suck on a man's piss-hole. She also did not like the idea of giving in, of being completely subservient to his pleasures. It was always good to hold back in order to keep control of things. Her mother had always said that if you gave a man everything, he treated you like a slave.

Leona adored playing with Bob's cock! She loved the feel of his rod when he was hard like this.

"Move your hand!" Bob groaned. "You're teasing!"

She preteneded she did not know how to do it. The pretense was ludicrous, since the one thing she really did know how to do was jerk off a cock. When Bob seemed on the verge of becoming angry, she lightly pumped his cock to calm him down. The knowledge of the power she had over him as she held his throbbing cock in her hand was marvelous. She wanted to get him as turned on as possible, so that he'd do whatever she asked.

Leona's pussy was soaked now, but she no longer cared about wetting her dress. She felt giddy, as if the slightest provocation would make her giggle. She knew she'd be able to get him to do it, she just knew it!

When they arrived home, Leona made Bob relax in the living room. He was obviously anxious to start fucking, but she forced him to calm down.

"Just wait here," she said. "I'm going to change into something more comfortable. Just wait here and be patient."

He was both puzzled and annoyed, but he did as he was told. That was the nice thing about Bob -- he usually did what she wanted. Maybe it was the promise in her eyes, or maybe he could smell her pussy-juice and knew how hot she was.

She walked upstairs to the bedroom and stripped off her clothes. She slipped on one of Bob's old shirts and a pair of slippers. The bottom of the shirt hardly covered her bare ass and she felt positively whorish.

Now in the bathroom, she carefully wiped her pussy and dabbed cologne on the insides of her thighs. She had an intense desire to jerk off, to have at least one orgasm, but she controlled herself. Stepping lively, she returned downstairs to Bob.

She chuckled when she saw the amazed look on his face. "Do you still like my legs?" she asked.

"Christ!" he hissed. "What's come over you?"

On the pretext of fixing something to drink, she walked back and forth in front of him, turning and bending forward to show him the plump cheeks of her ass. She giggled when he whistled.

"Do we have a bone in the basement?"

"You're damn right!" Bob said.

"Bring it out, honey. Show mommy how big your peter is."

Their little game, with Leona playing the role of his mother, was an old one. Her eyes gleaming, she watched him unzip his fly and pull out his swollen cock.

"What the hell are you up to?" he said.

"Don't you like it?"

"I don't know. You're acting kind of crazy, Leona."

"I thought you'd like me to be sexy for a change." She walked over to him and stood between his knees so that his head pressed against her belly. "Don't you like it when I'm sexy?"

His reply was to pass his hands up the backs of her thighs and cup the cheeks of her ass. He squeezed and pinched her resilient flesh until she winced.

"Listen," she said softly, "I'd like to try something new. Are you willing?"

He looked up at her with questioning eyes. "What an you talking about?"

"Lick my pussy, honey," she said. "You've never done that and I think I'd like it. Will you do that for me!"

"Jesus!" he groaned. "Where the hell did you get ideas like that?"

"Don't you want me to be happy?"

"Of course, I want you to be happy."

"Then go down on me. Lick my pussy until I'm happy!" She cupped a hand under his chin and thrust her pelvis forward. When he tried to push his face against her bush of cunt-hair, she laughed and backed away.

"No," she said. "Let me sit on a chair. Let's do it right."

Leona had no clear idea of what was right, but she knew she wanted to be completely open to him. So much had changed! Not too long ago, she'd have rebelled at the idea of totally exposing her crotch in a lighted room. Now she calmly sat down on an easy-chair and lewdly dropped her legs over the arms. Bob gazed transfixed at the pink-red silt of her cunt and its frame of dark curls. Leona shivered with the nastiness of it all. Moving both hands down to her crotch, she pulled open her cunt-lips and offered her cunt to her husband.

"Don't be bashful," Leona taunted.

Bob flushed. "Christ, Leona, what the hell's come over you? You've never acted like this before."

"Are you backing out?"

"No, damn it, I'm not backing out!"

"Then come over here and start licking my pussy."

When he approached her, she saw that his face wins covered with a sheen of sweat. The sight of her slender fingers pulling open her thick cunt-lips was evidently driving him crazy. As he knelt down on the rug, she wondered if she'd be ashamed afterward. The whole thing seemed so nasty! She held absolutely still as he began kissing her thighs. She was happy now that she'd had sense enough to use cologne. She couldn't bear the thought of offering him a smelly pussy! Then she cried out as he put his wide mouth directly on her cunt and began sucking.

He used his tongue. He pushed aside her large cunt-lips and his tongue moved up and down in the slit of her pussy. He thrust the point of his tongue into the opening of her cunt-hole. It was wild and horrible and lovely. The absolute lewdness of it was overwhelming. He kissed, licked, and pushed his nose into her cunt, but as much as she jerked and writhed, it didn't work. She did not have an orgasm. She did not come. It was no good.

She finally pushed his head away and groaned out her frustration. "Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck me now!"

Bob, of course, was fooled into believing she was wild with lust. He rose up and dropped his pants. His turgid cock reared over her lewdly. Fucking, at least, was something she knew how to do. Raising up her legs, she gripped his hips and drew him in. The hard meat of his cock plugged her cunt with one long stroke, and moments later he grunted and emptied his balls into her body.

She left him dozing on the sofa. Holding her cunt-lips together to keep his jism inside, she went off to the bathroom to clean up, to bush her teeth, and of course to masturbate.

Chapter THREE

When Leona told Gloria what had happened, Gloria nodded her head in sympathy.

"I thought it might work," Gloria said. "But not every man is a good cunt-lapper. Maybe you need an affair."

They were in Gloria's bedroom. Gloria was changing clothes and she was stripped to the waist, her big tits bobbing and swaying, her huge nipples pink and succulent.

"Oh, God, no," Leona said. "I could never do that." She stared at the blonde's tits with intense interest. This was the first time she'd ever seen Gloria without clothes and she was fascinated.

"Why not?" Gloria chuckled.

"I don't know," Leona said. "I just couldn't."

Gloria briefly brushed her palms across her big nipples and shook her head with disapproval. "That's crazy," she said. "Frank and I have an arrangement, you know, and I'm certainly not sorry about it."

"Does that mean what I think it means?"

Gloria laughed. "It certainly does, darling. I like some occasional action on the outside. I think it's just what you need. It doesn't have to be anything serious, you know. Nothing more than a roll in the hay with a stud who knows what he's doing. I know a place we can go to some afternoon and find us some fun and games."

Leona was shocked by the revelation that Gloria and Frank had affairs outside their marriage. The idea that she ought to do the same was unappealing, but she had to admit it made sense. Gloria certainly seemed happy enough, and that's what counted, wasn't it? Leona doubted, however, if she'd ever have the guts to go somewhere and pick up a man.

"I suppose you're talking about a cocktail lounge," Leona said.

Gloria nodded. "Interested?"

"I don't know," Leona said. "I don't think I'm ready for something like that. I haven't been with another man since Bob and I got married."

"I know what you mean, honey. But we've got to work on this problem of yours. Maybe we need a specialist."

"A specialist?"

Gloria looked at Leona with a scheming smile. "I know a guy named Arthur Baines."

Arthur Baines was a wiry little man with glittering eyes and a handsome smile. He ushered Leona into his apartment with a flourish, obviously delighted by her.

"Beautiful!" he exclaimed. "You're gorgeous! Gloria said you were a dish, and you are!"

Leona blushed. She found it difficult to believe she was actually there with this strange man. Gloria had told her all about him, how he failed in one department and excelled in another, how nice he was -- but Leona felt peculiar. It was a bit freaky to be visiting a strange man for the purpose of having her pussy licked! That was what Arthur Baines was all about. Gloria had explained that although Arthur couldn't raise a hard-on, he was a phenomenal expert at using his tongue. "He'll blow your mind," Gloria had said. Leona was there to have her mind blown, or her pussy blown, depending how one looked at it. She might feel peculiar, but she was certainly turned on. Her panties were soaked by the intensity of her excitement.

When Arthur offered her a drink, Leona chose bourbon and water in order to get high as soon as possible. Bourbon always made her feel a little crazy, even after the first drink.

They sat facing each other in Arthur's cozily furnished living room, talking trivia and getting acquainted. Leona gradually felt more at ease, but she blushed each time Arthur looked at her legs. He seemed like such an ordinary man, like some of the pleasant men she knew at work, yet she would soon open her thighs to his mouth, something she had done with no other man except her husband, and then only once.

Arthur finally began talking about sex, or at least a particular aspect of sex-eating pussy.

"Most women love it," he said, "but they can't find a man who does it the way it should be done. You're married, aren't you?"

Leona hesitated a moment, but then she decided it would be stupid to hide the fact that she was married. Arthur Baines looked perfectly harmless. "Yes, I'm married," she said.

Arthur nodded. "You look married. You're adorable, dear, simply adorable. Can I ask you an intimate question?"

Leona blushed. "I suppose so."

"Is your pussy wet?"

She gasped. "Oh, my God!" she said. "You weren't fooling when you said intimate, were you?"

"That doesn't answer the question."

"I'm dripping."

A flush of pleasure suffused Arthur's face. His voice dropped almost to a whisper. "Let me see it," he said.

She looked at him a long moment. A shiver of lust swept through her body. "This is crazy," she said.

Arthur chuckled, his eyes fixed on her legs, waiting for them to open. "We both know why you're here," he sad. "I'm very good at what I do, but I'd like to see the territory, if you know what I mean?"

"I understand," Leona said. She pulled back her dress, uncovering her thighs, and slowly opened her legs. She was wearing both pantyhose and panties, which made it difficult to really see anything except the bulge of her pussy-mound.

Arthur looked disappointed. "I was hoping you'd be wearing a garter belt," he said. "But I suppose you're too young for that. Women these days don't know how to dress, do they? It's nice to show a little bare skin next to the crotch -- it makes a girl's pussy irresistible. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? You want to make your pussy as enticing as possible, don't you?"

He was right, of course. Pantyhose were absolutely sexless -- convenient but without charm. "I'm sorry," she said.

He dismissed the problem with a wave of his hand. "It doesn't matter. It's what's underneath that counts. Maybe it's time we had a look."

Blushing now, Leona kicked off her shoes, raised her hips, and slowly peeled her pantyhose and panties down and off her legs. Trembling with excitement, she sat back and opened her thighs to show Arthur her sopping wet crotch.

A long sigh escaped his lips. "Beautiful!" he said. "That's a gorgeous pussy, Leona. Very meaty! Thick lips and a big clit. Lovely lovely lovely! That's eating pussy!"

She was caught up in it now, entangled in the craziness of it all. With a taunting look in her eyes, she slipped a hand down to her crotch and pried open her swollen cunt-lips. If he wanted to look, she'd give him something to look at!

Arthur hissed. "Nice!" he said. "That's nice! That's marvelous!"

He left his chair and came to her on his knees, his eyes bright, his tongue passing wetly over his lips. Pushing back her legs, he spread her thighs as wide as possible.

"Christ, what a snatch!" he groaned. "You've got hair all the way down to your asshole, haven't you? Delicious!"

He began licking her belly, his tongue fluttering over her smooth skin, his tongue-tip teasing the tiny cup of her navel. Then his hand slid over the mound of her cunt-bush and his fingers pulled at her fat cunt-lips. Moving his face back, he stared at her gaping pussy.

"That's one of the biggest clits I've ever seen," he said. Using his two forefingers, he pushed back the hood of her clit and exposed the quivering little knob.

Leona moaned softly. Splaying her thighs as wide as possible, she extended a leg over his shoulder and hooked it around the back of his neck. She caged his head down to where she wanted it; but Arthur chuckled and avoided kissing her cunt. He pressed his wet lips against the satin softness of her inner thigh and sucked her flesh between his teeth. Then he abruptly turned his head and kissed her other thigh close to her cunt-mound.

Leona whispered. "Kiss my pussy! Please, kiss my pussy!"

He gazed at her drooling cunt. Her cunt-lips were swollen with her excitement, hanging open to expose her delicious inner pinkness. Her cunt-hole oozed its milky juice like a bubbling spring. The heady aroma wafting up from the hot meat of her pussy caused his nostrils to flare.

Reaching underneath. Arthur grasped the rubbery cheeks of her ass. His thumbs extended upward to her crotch. He gripped the large lips of her cunt and spread them wide. He gazed hotly at the slick folds of rosy flesh. Her inner lips flared and seemed to quiver before his eyes.

"Christ, what a cunt!" he hissed.

Her mouth open, her face flushed, a film of sweat coating her upper lip, Leona stared down at his face so close and yet so far from her yawning pussy. She realized she would look back as this moment as one of the most memorable of her life. A man she hardly knew, a man with whom she ordinarily would never be involved, had his mouth and nose only inches from her slime-covered, gaping pussy. She could feel his hot breath on her cunt-lips. She could see his glittering eyes boring into the depths of her hole. He was looking at her with a hungry passion, as if her cunt was the beginning and end of everything he had ever wanted. His head held fast by her legs, he was completely in her power. Leona shuddered as a mood of cold brutality gripped her mind. She gazed down at Arthur Baines and spoke in a commanding voice that was almost a snarl: "Suck it, you little fucker! Suck my cunt! Suck me dry!"

He looked up at her with a grin of triumph. Bending his head forward, he stuck out his tongue and touched it to her throbbing flesh.

"Ooooh!" she moaned. Her hips bucked out of control, forcing his mouth to skid along the slit of her cunt. "Lick me all over!" she demanded. "Oh, yes, that's it!"

With a growl of lust, he buried his mouth in her soft warm pussy. His tongue fluttered between her elaastic cunt-lips, swabbing her hot meat, smearing her thick cunt-juice from cunt-hole to clit. He sniffed and snorted at her intimate aroma.

Leona moaned, working her wet throbbing cunt against his face as he sucked and licked with an animal-like ferocity. She was in heaven, both sensually and pyschologically. It was marvelous to have someone down there slurping at her dripping hole! Arthur Baines was much more active than her husband, much more insistent, more like a puppy-dog slurping up a bowl of milk. He made loud sucking noises that thrilled her to the core.

Arthur continued to lick avidly up and down her soft warm crotch. He plastered her wet cunt-hair against the outer lips of her pussy. Then, without any warning, he licked below her pussy into the hot little indentation of her asshole.

She squealed and lurched. She groaned with delight at the wonderful tingling sensation radiating from her shit-hole. The lewdness, the nastiness of what he was doing overwhelmed her. The idea that anyone would ever put their tongue in such a place had never occurred to her. She'd certainly never dreamed how pleasurable it could be!

Arthur tickled her asshole with his tongue only briefly. He moved up again to the fleshy folds of her cunt and finally centered on her clit. He worked over the swollen bud with fluttering, twirling caresses. He clamped his lips around it and sucked voluptuously.

She mewled and moaned. She groaned and gritted her teeth. The pleasure was intense, rising and falling in great waves of sensation -- but there was no orgasm. She did not climax. Arthur Baines sucked like a madman, but he did not make her come.

After nearly an hour of it, they gave up. Arthur rose to his feet and used a towel to wipe off the cunt-juice covering his face. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his small shrunken cock that never grew hard. He began stroking himself, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his red cock-head.

"Show me your cunt again," he hissed. "Open it up?"

Leona complied, her fingers pulled open the wet flaps of her cunt. Without his cock ever getting hard, Arthur lurched forward and dribbled his hot white jism on her belly.

Chapter FOUR

Although Arthur Baines failed to give Leona the orgasm she wanted, she was certain now that sooner or later she would find something that worked.

In the meantime, Leona was more turned on to cunt-sucking than ever before. She began looking at men with a new interest, studying the shapes of their mouths, imagining their faces buried between her thighs. Her fantasies of this or that man sucking her pussy forced her to jerk off two, three, or even four times a day. Her cunt-lips seemed to be endlessly swollen with desire.

As the weeks passed, Leona managed to get her husband into the habit of licking her pussy at least a few times a week. Even if she didn't come, she enjoyed it immensely. She had to be subtle about her demands, because she certainly did not want to reciprocate -- the idea of taking his cock in her mouth disgusted her.

Bob gradually grew more adept at cunt-lapping, but he was nowhere near as good at it as Arthur Baines. Leona didn't mind -- Bob at least was readily available, and whatever they did was sanctioned by a marriage contract.

By the time Christmas arrived, Leona had made Bob buy a tilting mirror for the bedroom so that she could lie on the bed and watch him eating her pussy. She was always the aggressive one, always the one who initiated things, at least as far as the sucking was concerned. Bob said he enjoyed doing it, but he was always shy about it, and Leona always had to get him started.

She liked it best when she was on top of him, squatting over his face, her dripping pussy pressed against his mouth. She would lean her hands against the headboard and roll and squirm her cunt over his nose. Sometimes she took his nose inside her cunt-hole as though it were a cock. Bob didn't object. In fact, he seemed to like it, and Leona gradually came to realize that the more aggressive she was, the more her husband seemed to enjoy their sessions together. When she told Gloria about it, Gloria was intrigued.

"He doesn't seem the type," Gloria said. "But I suppose you can never tell."

"Well, what do I do about it?"

"Nothing," Gloria said. "Stay with it. Enjoy yourself."

Leona sighed. "I'd enjoy myself much more if I had orgasms."

"I know, honey," Gloria said sympathetically.

"At least I'm not as inhibited as I used to be," Leona said. "There was a time when I wouldn't even talk about it. You've been a real friend, Gloria. I always feel relaxed with you. Maybe sometime soon I'll solve my problem. In the meantime, there's always my finger, isn't there? I suppose there are more women than anyone knows about who depend on the old reliable finger."

Gloria chuckled. "Oh, you can do better than that."

"What do you mean?"

"Haven't you ever tried a vibrator?"

Leona made a face. "I don't think I could go for anything like that."

"Don't be silly!" Gloria laughed. "Don't knock it until you've tried it. I've got one that I guarantee will send you to the moon. Come on upstairs with me and I'll show you how to use it."

Leona balked. "Oh, Gloria, I really couldn't!"

But Gloria was insistent, and Leona soon found herself being led upstairs to Gloria's bedroom. Once inside the room, Gloria locked the door and flashed a wry smile at Leona.

"Listen, honey," Gloria said. "I want you to know that I'm not a lesbian or anything like that. Let's just say we're educating each other. What ever happens will happen. We're just two friends letting it all hang out. Just this once, okay?"

Leona wasn't too sure what Gloria was talking about, but she nodded in agreement. A moment later, Gloria brought out a flesh-colored vibrator molded in the shape of a large cock. It had a fat mushroom-shaped head and thick veins along the shaft. It looked terribly real. Leona had heard about such things, but she had never seen one.

"This is my friend Big Mac," Gloria said, fondly caressing the long shaft. "When you turn this little switch on, it vibrates you to heaven, anytime and everywhere. Are you interested?"

"Yes," Leona breathed softly.

Gloria grinned. "Then what are we waiting for?"

Leona watched Gloria move toward the bed and put the vibrator down on the coverlet. Opening the snaps at her waist, Gloria slid her pants down over her lush hips and off her legs. Leona caught her breath when she saw that Gloria's pale green panties were damp at the crotch. Leona could see the blonde patch of cunt-fur outlined under the sheer material of the panties. Gloria began undoing the buttons of her blouse.

"Come on, honey," the blonde said. "Don't make me feel lonesome."

Leona nervously began stripping off her clothes. She had no need to look down to know that her panties were sopping wet. She tried to analyze what was happening. Was it the idea of doing something with another woman or just the idea of doing something forbidden that made her so excited? She decided it was a little of both. Even if she had no real lesbian interests, being intimate like this with another woman definitely turned her on. Maybe it was narcissism. Sex with another woman was, after all, like sex with yourself.

As Leona watched Gloria undress, she couldn't help but admire the blonde's gorgeous body. The afternoon sun sliced in through the blinds to cast a glow on Gloria's cunt-hair. Gloria's tits swayed back and forth lewdly. The blonde's wide pink nipples looked delicious. Gloria's luscious ass was full and firm and without any blemishes.

Pulling back the bed-cover, Gloria stretched out on the bed and watched Leona slipping out of her panties.

"God, you're beautiful, Leona," Gloria said softly.

Leona blushed. "I was thinking that about you."

"If I were a gay, I could fall for you."

A knot of fear tightened in Leona's stomach. "Please, don't," she said.

Gloria smiled. "Okay, honey. You know I don't mean anything by that. Get on the bed with me and let's play with Big Mac."

An old memory came back to Leona. At the age of fifteen she had slept one night at the house of a girl named Marie. The two girls had slept in the same bed. Marie was a year younger and fascinated by Leona's fully developed tits. Leona remembered Marie's small young breasts. She remembered how when Marie leaned over her young tits hung down like twin cones from her chest. Before the bight was over, the two girls had kissed and sucked each other's breasts, each one pretending the other was a boy.

There was no way to pretend Gloria Simpson was a boy. Leona crawled on the bed beside Gloria and ran her eyes over the soft swells and curving hollows of the blonde's luscious body.

Gloria moved the tip of the vibrator down over her belly and teased the nose of it between her thighs. She rolled her hips and opened her legs. For the first time ever, Leona had a good look at Gloria's cunt.

"Oh, God!" Leona whispered. "Look how wet you are!"

Encouraged by the fascination in Leona's eyes, Gloria pulled her knees back and opened herself to her friend's heated gaze.

"You've never really looked at another one, have you, honey?" Gloria said.

Leona shook her head. "No," she said.

"Your own?"

"Oh, of course, I've done that," Leona laughed softly. "But it's not the same, is it?"

"No," Gloria said with a chuckle. "It's certainly not the same. Take the vibrator and do me, honey. I'd like that very much. Will you do that for me?"

Tingling with excitement. Leona picked up the vibrator. She turned on the switch and the motor aside began churning, the cock-head gyrating slowly in trout of her eyes. "Oh, sweet Jesus!" she hissed. The vibrations tingled through her hand and made her fingers jerk and shake.

"Put it in me!" Gloria groaned. "Spread my lips and work that beautiful thing into my cunt. But turn it off first. Get it inside and than turn it on."

Her face flushed, biting her lower lip, Leona used a hand to pry open Gloria's long, drooping cunt-lips. The blonde's pussy was sopping wet. The first touch of Gloria's cunt-juice on her fingers made Leona shiver. Fascinated, she gazed down into the pinkness of Gloria's moist pussy-meat. There were differences between their pussies; they weren't at all the same. Leona's eyes traveled over Gloria's spread thighs, over the puffy flaps of her swollen cunt-lips, down under her crotch and along the swells of her ass. As Leona probed with the nose of the vibrator. Gloria bucked up her hips so that her cunt opened wide to swallow the broad cock-head.

"Oh, Jesus, that feels good!" Gloria moaned.

A wild throb of lust went through Leona as she watched Gloria's dripping cunt suck in the artificial cock.

"Give me all of it!" Gloria cried. "Make me come!" Her hands moved up to clutch her tits, her fingers pulling and twisting her long pink nipples.

Her heart pounding with the intensity of her excitement, Leona pushed the cock forward into Gloria's cunt. She watched the blonde's tissues part and puff up around the shaft. Gloria's cunt-juice glistened as it ran down onto Leona's fingertips.

Her thighs sliding up and down, her torso rolling back and forth, Gloria inched her cunt-mouth over the thick vibrator. Her eyes turned to Leona and she pulled her lips back in a grimace of lust.

"Oh, Christ, it's good! It feels like the biggest cock in the world! It's so fucking hard! You can't get a real prick hard like this, not nearly!"

She laughed and groaned. She reached out for Leona, her hands running over Leona's thighs, her fingers dabbing in Leona's pussy. Leona pulled back at first, withdrawing from the blonde's touch, but then she opened her knees and Gloria's fingers pushed into the folds of her wet cunt.

Gloria's expert touch was marvelous. She sought out Leona's large clit and rolled it around. Leona was soon moaning and shaking so hard she could no longer concentrate on working the vibrator in and out of Gloria's writhing body.

"Jesus!" Gloria hissed. "Your clit's enormous! Let me have a look at it! Let me see it!"

Leona released the vibrator and sat up on her knees. Using both hands, she slowly pried open the lips of her cunt and showed Gloria her swollen clit. The blonde feasted her eyes a long moment and then finally groaned.

"God, what a lovely clit! Turn on the fucking vibrator! Turn it on and fuck me with it!"

Her thighs shaking, her ass rolling, Gloria's cunt-mouth sucked at the tips of Leona's fingers as she held the cock in the blonde's body. Leona hunched over between Gloria's legs. When her nipples grazed Gloria's thighs, the blonde reached down to cup her hands under Leona's heavy tits.

"Give it to me, honey!" Gloria groaned. "Let me have it! I'm ready!"

Leona flipped the switch and the motor churned. Gloria gasped and a ragged scream gurgled out of her open throat. Her eyes shut tight, her body thrashed under Leona's as she rocked her pelvis up and down, fucking her cunt on the vibrating cock.

Breathless with fascination, Leona watched Gloria's orgasm, the movements of her body, the rocking of her hips, the way her tissues swelled and sucked in the huge rubber cock. Leona now clearly understood what she'd been missing all time years. Jerking off never gave her orgasms like this not these total, overwhelming convulsions. A cunt obviously needed a cock for that.

Gloria suddenly grabbed Leona's hands and placed them on her tits. The blonde's breasts filled Leona's palms. Leona's hands began fondling and massaging Gloria's tits as it it were the most natural thing in the world. Only for an instant did she think of what she was actually doing, and then all the inhibitions disappeared as Gloria moaned and lifted her chest toward Leona's hands.

Gloria's nipples had turned into succulent spikes. Leona rubbed them with her palms, knowing how good it felt when she did it to herself. She thought of what it felt like to have Bob's mouth on her tits, his lips tugging at her nipples, and she had a sudden urge to give Gloria the same pleasure.

Lifting her palms, Leona stared down at Gloria's swollen nipples and licked her lips. The thought jolted through her that she was about to suck another woman's breasts and then her head was dipping down and she was actually doing it!

Gloria's nipple was stiff and rubbery against Leona's tongue. Leona suctioned the blonde's fit deep into her mouth. She rolled the hard nipple under her tongue and heard Gloria moan in gratitude. Gloria's hand cupped the back of Leona's head as she lifted her chest to push her tit into Leona's mouth.

Since the vibrator was still churning inside Gloria's pussy, it was only a matter of time before Gloria began coming again. Leona kept her mouth fastened on Gloria's tit, and she was soon thrilled by having oral contact with Gloria as the blonde's body contorted in the throes of an orgasm. Leona could actually feel the changes produced by the climax in the texture and hardness of Gloria's juicy nipple.

As Gloria's body rocked under hers, Leona almost felt as if she were a man fucking a woman. The sensation was strange, but she liked the feeling of power it gave her. She liked the way Gloria writhed and twisted under her caresses.

Her pelvis lifting until her ass was off the bed, her eyes glassy, Gloria cried out and spasmed through another orgasm. She clenched her teeth and shuddered from head to toe.

She ran her hands up and down her thighs and squeezed her ass and tits.

"Turn it off!"

Holding one hand over Gloria's cunt mound, Leona grabbed the vibrator and switched it off. She gently pulled the rubber cock out of the blonde's gaping cunt-hole. Whimpering as the cock-head popped out of her tunnel, Gloria clamped her thighs together and rolled from side to side. At last she stretched out on her back and looked at Leona.

"God, that was good!" Gloria said. "The best ever. I think you being here did that. Those climaxes were really sensational! Does it turn you on to see me come like that?"

Leona nodded. "It's exciting."

They talked about the strange fascination of watching another person have an orgasm, but when Gloria said it was Leona's turn to use the vibrator, Leona refused.

"I don't want to," she said. "Really, I don't."

Gloria insisted and cajoled, but to no avail. The blonde finally gave up. Then a gleam appeared in her eyes. "At least let me suck your clit. You'll let me do that, won't you?"

Before Leona could respond, she found herself pushed back on the bed with Gloria's mouth swooping down to cover her pussy.

Leona resisted at first, then the sweetness of the sensation overwhelmed her and she opened her legs. Gloria went to work with fanatical deliberation, and soon Leona was moaning.

"Oh, yes, suck me! Suck my pussy! Oh, God, yes!"

But she did not come. Gloria sucked on Leona's clit until Gloria was exhausted and Leona's cunt completely numb. Leona could not turn herself loose long enough to have an orgasm. Convinced it was useless to continue, Leona finally put her clothes on and went home.

Chapter FIVE

Leona deeply regretted the wild afternoon with Gloria. Her feelings of guilt were increased by images of her dead mother's scornful judgment. Sex between women was filthy, something thought up by the Devil. She thanked God she and Gloria hadn't done more than they did. She was grateful she'd had sense enough to refuse to let Gloria fuck her with that awful artificial cock. She couldn't be blamed for Gloria's insistence on sucking her pussy. At least she'd remained completely passive. Is any case, she now knew that another woman's mouth on her pussy would not bring on an orgasm.

Orgasms or no orgasms, Leona realized she did not want to yield sexually to another person. To climax under a man was to give in to him. She hated the idea of giving up control, of giving up her power. Even while finger-fucking, she sometimes hesitated to let go. She sometimes felt as if the orgasm would kill her, explode her into nothingness.

During the months following the incident with Gloria, Leona became more and more preoccupied with sex. She jerked off regularly, sometimes three or four times a day, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. It did no good, of course. The relief was only temporary, her sexual hunger unabated.

In the spring, she became friends with Gloria again. They avoided all talk about what had happened between them, and their friendship soon had its old harmony.

One afternoon in June, Leona drove out to the countryside alone. She loved the woods at the beginning of summer. She loved the fresh smell of country air. She loved the feeling of personal freedom. On a wild impulse, she turned off the main highway and drove down an unfamiliar dirt road. About three miles into a quiet valley, the car's motor coughed, sputtered, and finally died.

Leona cursed and fumed. She knew nothing about cars, and now she'd have to get help and maybe even a tow-truck. She had no idea where she was or how far she'd have to walk.

She climbed out of the car almost ready to cry, but when she looked up she saw an old farmhouse a few hundred yards away. It was off the road and maybe not even occupied, but she had to take a chance. She needed a telephone and the use of a bathroom. She hoped people had bathrooms out here. The idea of squatting in an out-house was disgusting. Slinging her purse over her shoulder, she began walking through an old cornfield to the farmhouse.

"If you're selling anything, I'm not interested," the man said. He stood on the rickety porch with his thumbs hooked into his dirty overalls and his bloodshot eyes glaring down at Leona. He was about fifty, with a grizzled faced and grey whiskers at least a week old. Leona's nose twitched at the smell of rotten wood and fertilizer.

"My car broke down," she said. "I could use some help. Maybe if you have a telephone I could call someone."

He relaxed somewhat. He unhooked his thumbs and folded his arms.

"Car broke down, huh? Too bad, young lady. Problem is there's no telephone here. Never had any use for the damn things. People either trying to sell you something or telling you to pay a bill. No, ma'am, there's no telephone."

Leona bit her lip in frustration. "Can I use your bathroom a minute? I'd be really grateful for that."

"Sure thing, ma'am! Come right in. The name's Halloway, Tom Halloway. If you want me to, I'll have a look at the car and see if I can find the trouble."

"That would be wonderful!" Leona said. She climbed up the steps to the porch and followed Halloway into the house. He obviously lived alone. No woman would tolerate the disorder inside the house. As if reading her mind, Halloway said: "My wife ran out on me two years ago. I guess the place is a mess."

Leona didn't really care. She locked herself in the small, smelly bathroom next to the kitchen. She took one look at the toilet and knew she'd never dare sit down on it. She quickly slipped off her panties and pushed them into her purse. She had a strange feeling someone was watching her. The idea that Halloway might be spying on her made her shiver. Raising her skirt, she squatted over the toilet bowl and let loose a healthy piss. The loud noise was embarrassing, and before she was finished she found herself giggling.

When she came out of the bathroom, Halloway had his lips pulled back in a leer that showed his teeth. She was certain now that he'd watched her in the bathroom, and the thought of it was terribly exciting.

"How about a shot of whiskey?" he said. "I haven't had a woman as pretty as you in this house in years."

Leona backed off. "No thanks, I think I'd better go. Maybe the car will start now."

He was on her in a flash. Before she knew what was happening, he had his arms around her and his wet mouth pressed against hers. She could smell the whiskey on his breath. His hands mauled her tits, pinching her nipples through the thin material of her blouse and bra. He finally pulled his mouth off her lips and laughed at the way she struggled in his arms.

"You're little hellcat!" he said. "No sense you yelling, because nobody ever comes this way, not here. Just take it easy and we'll have us a good time. Haven't had a fine pair of tits like these in ages, not since my wife took off. She had real big knockers, that woman. Built like a cow."

"Keep your hands off me!" Leona fumed. "I'll have you arrested!"

He laughed, emitting a high-pitched cackle that made her blood run cold. "Sure you will," he said. "In the meantime, let's have some fun!"

He pulled something out of his pocket, and before she realized what it was, he had her wrists handcuffed in front of her body.

"Please, don't hurt me!" she cried. "I'll do whatever you want, but don't hurt me!"

"That's a good girl," he chuckled. "I like a sensible woman. Now let's get some of these clothes off and have a look at you."

She thought he'd remove the handcuffs in order to get her blouse off, but instead he produced a knife and began cutting the blouse away. She remained motionless, trembling with fear each time the cold blade of the knife touched her skin. When he had the blouse cut away, a few flicks of the knife removed her lightweight bra.

"Nice jugs," he chuckled. "A couple of beauties!"

He hefted her breasts in his hands, raising them up and pushing them together. Then he dropped her tits and watched them jiggle. She blushed at the lust in his eyes, aware that her nipples were slowly turning into hard spikes. A shudder ran through her when he lowered his head and sucked one long nipple into his mouth. He chewed on the sensitive tip until she winced.

Pulling his mouth away and straightening up, he gave her a toothy grin. "I always like sucking on a juicy tit," he said. "My wife said I was like a baby. You're married, ain't you? Your husband ever suck on your tits?"

"You're a creep!" Leona said savagely.

Halloway laughed. He passed a rope through the handcuffs and around her waist. He tied the rope so that it was no longer possible for her to raise her arms. Then he cut open the waistband of her skirt and it dropped to the floor.

She was naked. She was sorry now she'd removed her panties in the bathroom. She used her hands to cover her pussy, but Halloway seemed more interested in her ass. She ran his hands over her asscheeks as though he were inspecting a prize heifer.

"No pants, huh? I saw you take them off in there. Why'd you do that?"

"You spied on me!" Leona hissed. "You're a filthy pervert!"

"I sure am," Halloway laughed. "I just wanted a preview of what I was getting."

She wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn't come. Instead, a slow fire of lust began warming her belly. She was enraged at herself for getting turned on by what he was doing to her. The one certain thing was that if she resisted she might get hurt. She couldn't bear the idea of being physically hurt.

Halloway came around behind her. He slipped his hands around to hold up her tits and pressed the front of his body against her ass. The coarse material of his overalls scratched her tender skin. She thought she could feel the bulge of his cock between her asscheeks. But she wasn't sure.

"You've got a big ass," Halloway grunted. "A woman with a big ass is always a good fuck."

"Just don't hurt me," she whimpered.

He led her to an easy chair and doubled her over the back of it on her belly. Before she could think of a way to put him off, he quickly and efficiently tied her to the chair so that she could hardly move. Then he came around behind her and positioned her knees so that her defenseless ass stuck up in the air like a sacrificial offering at some diabolical rite. Although her husband had never done it that way, Leona knew it was possible for a woman to be fucked from behind. In spite of her outrage at being forced to submit to him, the idea of Halloway taking her from behind was exciting. Part of her rebelled at what was happening, and another part waited expectantly for a good fucking.

Halloway seemed not at all anxious to get down to business. He spent a great deal of time running his hands over her body, cupping her tits, tickling her belly, trailing his fingers over her back and down to the cleft of her ass. He behaved like a man who hadn't seen a naked woman in years. Halloway, Leona felt sorry for him. Any man who had to stoop to tying up a woman in order to fuck her was really some one to pity. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Halloway as a younger man. The chair creaked and the musty smell of the upholstery filled her nostrils.

Then she felt his rough hands prying open the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed when he ran a thick finger between her cunt-lips from behind.

"That's a fat little pussy," he snickered. "I bet your husband gives it plenty of attention."

"My husband is gentleman," Leona hissed. "He'd never tie a woman up like this!"

Halloway sorely chuckled and dug his finger deeper into her pussy. "You're juiced up," he said. "You want the old ramrod, don't you? You can't help it, can you? Well, don't be bashful, girl. A juiced-up pussy is God's gift to the world. It's what makes life bearable, isn't it?" Rimming her wet cunt-mouth with his fingertip, he grunted and pushed his finger deep into the pip of her cunt-hole.

Leona groaned. Her cunt-muscles grabbed at his thick finger as though it were a cock. She tried to control herself, but the pleasure was great enough to force her to squirm. When Halloway saw her response, he slapped her ass and laughed.

"Gets to you, doesn't it?"

Then, without any warning, he pulled his finger out of her cunt and ran it up to her asshole. She whimpered, she whined, she gyrated her ass to shake him off, but nothing could prevent his lewd exploration of her tightly contracted shit-hole.

"Oh, God, that's nasty!" she cried. "Don't do that!"

It did no good, of course. He ignored her pleas. He probed her asshole with his finger until she thought she'd faint from embarrassment. The pain wasn't bad, there was even some pleasure in it, but the idea that a man was probing her shit-hole was intolerable.

Then his finger popped out and was suddenly gone. She sighed with relief. She heard him moving around behind her. She wanted to turn her head, but the ropes held her fast. She realized he was removing his clothes.

"I grew up in Tennessee," Halloway said. "We slept four in a bed and many a night I woke up with my nose in my sister's ass. You remind me of her. You've got a damn fine butt and tight little asshole."

Leona had never considered herself to be a prude, but there were certain things she thought much too nasty to talk about and one of them was her asshole. She knew there were women who let men fuck them in the ass, and she shivered at the thought of how painful it must be. She blushed inwardly as she remembered the way Arthur Baines had tickled her asshole with his tongue.

She heard Halloway moving again, and she gasped as his pasty-white body appeared in front of her eyes. He was a tall, lanky man who looked as if his body hadn't seen any sun in thirty years. The only thing meaty about him was his cock and balls. His cock was only half-hard. He had a thick circumcised cock with a fat purplish head. His hairy balls hung low and looked full and heavy.

Leona couldn't help comparing Halloway's equipment to her husband's. Halloway was only the second man she'd ever had a good look at, and her curiosity was natural. He grinned when he noticed her interest. He took hold of his dangling cock and waved it in front of her face. She closed her eyes and groaned when the warm tip of his cock touched her nose.

"Give it a lick," he said. "Wet it down."

"Oh, God, you're filthy!" she moaned.

He laughed and brushed his cock-head across her lips. She feared he'd force her mouth open, but he suddenly moved away and positioned himself once again behind her up turned ass. He opened her cunt-lips with his fingers, placed his bloated cock-head at her dripping cunt-mouth, and rammed his fuck-meat into the hot channel of her pussy with a single, smooth stroke.

Leona groaned as his warm, thick shaft stretched the walls of her quivering pussy. She was ready for him, she had to admit that. She had never thought it would be so delicious to take a cock in this way -- from the rear, like a bitch-dog in heat. She could feel all of his cock, every throbbing inch of it. She could feel his hairy halls tickling the tender skin of her thighs near where they joined her ass. Shuddering at her own uncontrolled lasciviousness. She pushed back a bit to make sure she had his cock in her cunt to the hilt.

"That's the way!" Halloway chuckled.

"You sure like it, don't you, honey!"

He began fucking slowly pumping his cock in and out of her juice-drenched cunt. Bent over like that, her ass up in the air, her wet cunt plugged and unplugged by his cock, she felt completely subdued, overwhelmed by the force of his masculinity. He was fully erect now, his cock as hard as an iron bar. She tried to estimate how big ho was by the feel of him, but the position was too new, her sensations too uncertain.

"You've got a tight pussy," he panted. "You ever have any kids?"

"No," she groaned.

"Then I'm having me a real treat. There's nothing worse than a sloppy, stretched-out pussy."

She unwittingly moaned at the loss when he pulled his cock out of her pussy. He moved around the chair to stand in front of her face, his juice-coated cock pointing at her mouth, then rubbing wetly across her lips.

"Come on," he said. "Open up, or I'll get mean."

She told herself she had no choice. No matter how awful it would be, it was still better than being physically assaulted by him. She glanced briefly at his swaying cock, at the glistening sheen of her own cunt-juice on the swollen knob, and then she opened her mouth to receive him.

With a deep snort of satisfaction, Halloway pushed his thick cock past the open ring of her lips and into the well of her mouth. The thickness of his cock forced her to stretch her lips to the maximum. She was aware of nothing except the sensation of being stuffed to capacity with prick-meat. She gagged when his cock-head hit the back of her throat, but he withdrew enough to let her recover.

Cradling her head in his hands, Halloway began to slowly fuck his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Cover your fucking teeth!" he growled. "I don't need any scraping!"

She hadn't realized how easy it was to hurt the tender flesh of a cock with her teeth. When she rolled her lips to cover her teeth, Halloway sighed.

"Yeah, that's better! Just hold your mouth like that and I'll do the work. It feels almost as good as your cunt. Better yet if you didn't have any teeth. There's nothing like a mouth fuck when a woman's lost her teeth. I knew a whore in Knoxville who had false choppers. Whenever she was in the mood, she'd take them out and give the best head in the county. Of course, no woman likes to be seen without teeth, I can understand that, but it sure is nice to put your cock in a mouth like that!"

Leona had the terrifying thought that he might want to shoot off in her mouth. She was beginning to enjoy the feel of his thick, hot cock pumping between her lips, but now the thought of having to swallow his jism made her gag.

But Halloway had other ideas. He soon pulled out of her mouth and patted her head with an affectionate leer.

"Now you just relax, honey, and we'll finish this off," he said.

Leona looked up at him with saliva dribbling down her chin. "What are you going to do to me now?" she whimpered.

"Just relax," he chuckled.

He moved out of view behind her. She heard him rummaging in a cupboard, and a moment later she felt his hands on her ass.

"Pretty little asshole," he said. "You just keep it relaxed."

Oh, my, God! Leona thought, he'd kill her! She sobbed as she thought of his massive cock forcing its way into her ass. She wanted to faint, but the loss of consciousness did not come. She felt his fingers doing something to her asshole and then she realized what it was -- he was lubricating her brownie.

"Always use a little grease," he said. He sounded half-drunk. "I once fucked a woman's ass without grease and nearly burned up my pecker."

"You're a filthy bastard!" Leona cried.

Halloway cackled. She froze when she felt his spongy cock-head pressing against her asshole. She had no time to think about it -- he pushed ahead with a steady pressure and his swollen prick-tip suddenly popped into her shit-hole.

"Oh, God, you're killing me!" she groaned. But it wasn't that bad, not half as bad as she'd expected. There was pain, but it was tolerable. As he pushed forward, sliding his long thick cock into the hot depths of her ass, she felt as if she had a watermelon reaming out her bowels.

Halloway cackled again and squeezed the cheeks of her ass in his strong hands. "Your husband ever do this? If he don't, you ought to tell him he's missing something."

"My husband is not an animal."

"He never fucks your ass?"

"This is the first time, you lousy creep!"

"Jesus, I got me a cherry! Jesus Christ!" A hot fire of exquisite sensation was now spreading out from Leona's ass to suffuse her entire body. Halloway, fucking faster now as he became more excited, snorted and grunted.

"Christ, what a beautiful shit-hole!" he said through clenched teeth.

Leona began emitting a deep moan of joy at the end of each thrust -- the song of a woman in the throes of ecstasy. When Halloway heard, he speeded up his fucking and Leona went wild.


Instead of dying, she had an orgasm, the first ever while fucking or even having sex with another person -- a shattering mind-blowing orgasm that convulsed her body as though she were a straw puppet.

Throwing back his head, Halloway bellowed at the ceiling and let loose a torrent of white-hot jism into Leona's bowels.

The sun was on its way down when Leona opened her eyes again. She found herself on a bed. The handcuffs and the ropes were gone. She was still naked, but she was free to move.

She stretched like a lazy cat, a warm feeling of contentment radiating throughout her body. There was a slight pain in her asshole, but the pleasure the fucking had brought her more than compensated for it. She felt like a virgin who has suddenly discovered the deep ecstasy of sexual fulfillment. She felt like a new woman. The strangest thing of all was that it was due to a chance meeting with a scruffy old farmer.

Halloway shuffled into the room and belched. His eyes were bleary and he looked drunker than ever, his naked body wavering as he tried to maintain his balance. Leona didn't care about his belching or drunkenness she had eyes only for his cock. His fuck-meat dangled at his crotch like a limp, fat sausage. When he saw where she was looking, he leered and scratched his balls.

"You're a hot-ass woman," he said with a gleam in his eyes. "A damned good fuck!"

She raised one leg and pulled it back to expose her cunt. "I think I'd better go soon," she said softly.

Halloway chuckled. "You look as if you wouldn't mind having your little pussy sucked."

Leona smiled lewdly. "I wouldn't mind at all," she said.

Halloway turned out to be nowhere as good at sucking pussy as Arthur Baines, but he sucked like a starved man and Leona found that exciting. Since he was also pretty drunk, she wondered if men sucked better when they were drunk or sober. In any case, as she expected, the sucking didn't do much for her and its main purpose was to get him warmed up for something better. She finally pushed his head away, rolled over on her knees, and crouched with her ass in the air.

"Fuck me again," she said. "Fuck my ass!" Grunting, his cock a thick slab of hard red meat, Halloway moved into position behind her.

Leona mewled at the first touch of his swollen cock-head at her asshole. Like a dog, she thought. How marvelous it was!

They got the car started an hour later. Leona drove home at sundown with her ass squirming on the car seat and her tits full and blooming with the pleasure of a satisfying day.

Chapter SIX

Three days passed before Leona's ass felt normal again. There were times when she was mortified by memories of what Halloway had done to her. At other times she relished the intense pleasure she had received. She knew she had made an important breakthrough in her sexuality, there was no denying that, but she had mixed emotions about the implications. Would she degenrate into some sort of wild nymphomaniac scouring the countryside for dirty old farmers willing to fuck her in the ass?

She tried to analyze why Halloway had been successful in giving her orgasms when all the other men in her life had failed. It wasn't just the ass-fucking. That was an important part of it, but the real reason was that Halloway, dirty and smelly as he was, had forced her to submit to his will. She had therefore no longer been responsible for what happened and she was able to let herself go. The simple truth was that she needed to be dominated.

Giving in to the need to confide in someone, Leona told her friend Gloria part of what had happened with Tom Halloway. Once the bait was offered, however, Gloria persisted until she had the whole story. The blonde's eyes gleamed with both excitement and astonishment.

"In the ass?" Gloria whispered.

Leona blushed and nodded. She was astonished at the transformation which had taken place in her life. She wondered if it was all a dream. Here she was revealing to a friend that a dirty old farmer had fucked her in the ass!

"God, it turns me on!" Gloria said wistfully. "You poor little darling! Did it hurt? How was he hung?"

Leona shrugged. "He looked big, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I don't know why."

Gloria giggled. "Maybe you're built big down there, honey. Anyway, your problem is solved now isn't it?"

"Is it? It's not natural to do it that way."

"Nonsense! That's a lot of crap, honey. I read somewhere that half the women in the world have their best orgasms that way. You just get Bob to try it, and if he won't do it you come with me to the Carousel Lounge and we'll find someone who will!"

Leona was not too optimistic about getting her husband to understand what she needed. She knew she'd never feel comfortable enough about it to tell Bob outright. She had to lead him along and hope for the best.

She gave herself enough time to make her preparations before Bob arrived home in the evening. No matter how straightlaced her mother had been, she had taught Leona to always groom herself for a man. Men like pretty faces and pretty bodies, her mother had said, the prettier the better. And if the package was wrapped in the right way you can get a man to do almost anything you want.

Leona took a hot shower, lathering herself with a soap that left a scent of roses on her tingling skin. After she stepped out of the shower, she couldn't help spending some time admiring her body in front of a mirror. She played with her tits and fingered her clit until her juices began to flow. Just priming my pussy, she thought. She did not allow herself to come, but she built up the tension to the point where she found herself almost trembling.

After toweling herself dry, she patted baby powder over her tits and belly. She put a dab of perfume between her tits, another in her navel, and a third directly over her pussy where the curls began growing on her mound. She combed her hair out and pinned it up high on her head. She put on a short nightgown sheer enough to be sexy. She was putting the finishing touches on her makeup when she heard Bob's key in the front door.

She met him in the living room and they briefly kissed.

"You look like a dream!" he chuckled. "I guess you want some action tonight."

"If I can get it," Leona teased. She cuddled up against him and ran her fingertip lightly over the bulge in his crotch. It wasn't long before she could feel his cock swelling into a lovely hard-on. In the meantime, Bob slipped down one of her shoulder straps to expose the ripe globe of a heaving breast. He massaged her rubbery nipple with an expert touch.

"Let's play," Leona whispered.

Bob nodded amiably. "Sure, honey! What would you like?"

Leona stepped back and pretended to give the problem serious consideration. "I suppose I ought to see the equipment," she said.

Bob grinned. He unzipped his fly and scooped out his cock and balls. Leona's eyes gleamed at the sight of his masculine meat hanging out like that. She moved closer to him and ran her fingertips over his bulging ball-bag. The eggs inside were swollen with juice. Taking hold of his upstanding cock with one hand, she used the fingers of the other hand to pull his foreskin back behind the flaring rim of his pink, plum-shaped cock-head.

She finally nodded and pulled her hand away. "The equipment looks satisfactory," she said. They were slipping into their usual game in which Bob behaved like a meek little lamb, ready to carry out whatever orders she might give him. As always, he seemed to welcome it. His eyes kept running hotly over her body, over her tits and ass and long legs which were in high heels -- but he remained there awaiting her instructions. She stepped back to get a better view of him. "Drop your pants and shorts," she said.

She kept her eyes on his cock as he unbuckled his belt. He was nicely hung, there was no doubt about that. When his pants and shorts were at his ankles, she stood off to the side so that she could see the curve of his ass and the jutting of his cock at the same time. She walked around behind him and ran her finger tips lightly over the swell of his muscular asscheeks.

"Take off the rest of your clothes," she said. "Get naked."

She sat down on the sofa facing him and watched him strip. When he had everything off, she smiled and opened her legs. Her nightgown was short enough so that she knew he could see her pussy. A crazy desire swept over her, and with a slight flush on her face, she moved a hand down to her crotch and began delicately fingering her cunt-lips. Bob's eyes widened when he saw her playing with herself.

"Jesus, Leona!"

"Does it turn you on?"

"Christ, yeah!"

She had never done anything like this in front of him or any other man. The urge to do it was irresistible. Her hands went to her tits and she cupped and squeezed them through her nightgown. Bob closed his fingers around his stiff cock and began slowly pumping his meat.

"Your cock is dripping," she said.

"Yeah," Bob grunted.

Leona spread her legs wide to reveal her thick nest of crotch-hair. She moved her hands off her heaving tits and ran them don her body to her belly. She rubbed the skin of her belly and squirmed her ass restlessly on the sofa cushion.

Her fingers finally moved into the jungle of hair between her thighs. She teased open her pussy-lips and pulled them apart to reveal the moist pink meat of her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" Bob groaned. "Christ, that's beautiful!"

Leona located her pink clit with her fingers and began rubbing it with a feathery touch. Then she wet her fingertips with her tongue and massaged her love-button again. Her long fingers moved back and forth over the lips of her cunt. She was tremendously excited by the feverish look of lust and fascination in Bob's eyes. He was completely in her power. She no longer cared about getting her husband to do to her what the old farmer had done. Bob was obviously the wrong man for it.

"Get down over here between my legs," she said tersely.

He hesitated for only a moment, and then he knelt down on the floor in front of her. His head was very close to her gaping cunt as he looked up at her face and awaited for next command.

She held her cunt-lips open with the fingers of both hands and gazed at him expectantly.

"Sniff it!" she said. "Sniff my pussy, honey!"

She held her breath as he moved his nose to within an inch of her pussy and inhaled deeply. Reaching out, she took hold of the back of his head with her hands and pulled his face tightly into her crotch.

"Suck!" she groaned. "Suck me until I come on your face!"

The next day, Leona told Gloria she was ready to go with her to the Carousel Lounge.

"It's probably the wrong thing to do," Leona said. "But I think I owe it to myself to try."

Gloria avoided asking any questions about what had happened with Bob. She enthusiastically suggested they do it that very afternoon.

"I could use some excitement today," Gloria said. "Everything's been so damn boring! Come on, honey, let's change our clothes and get going!"

A half-hour later they were driving on Route 20 outside of town. The Carousel Lounge was attached to a "hot pillow" motel of the same name. Leona vaguely remembered hearing about the place before she was married, and she wasn't too comfortable walking in.

Gloria was evidently an old-timer, and once they were inside a number of people, both men and women, said hello to her. Leona was thankful for the dim lighting -- it helped her need to be as inconspicuous as possible. My God, she thought, what if I meet someone I know? After a moment of panic, she decided there was nothing wrong with two women stopping off in a cocktail lounge for an afternoon drink.

They slipped into a booth and ordered daiquiris. It wasn't long before Gloria giggled and leaned across the table.

"Those two guys at the bar are giving us the once-over!" she whispered.

Leona looked at the bar and saw two husky young men wearing tight jeans and even tighter tee-shirts. They were both very strong-looking, the muscles of their bronze arms rippling in the dim light.

"They're kids," Leona said.

Gloria smirked. "Honey, the nice thing about a kid is that his gun is ready to go off again almost as soon as it's fired. I love kids! Besides, those two are over twenty-one, and these days that's pretty grown up."

No more than five more minutes passed before the boys at the bar sauntered over to make their pitch. Leona was uneasy, but she had to admit they were very good-looking. Maybe it was the way they radiated health. Whatever it was, she was getting turned on.

"My friend and I would like to buy you ladies a drink," one of them said.

When Gloria looked at Leona, Leona shrugged her acceptance. Gloria turned back to the boy and smiled. "I'm Gloria and that's Leona," she said. "You can sit with us, if you want."

And so it began. The boy who sat down beside Leona called himself Ray. His friend's name was Gary, and they looked enough alike so that it was some time before Leona had their names straight. The initial uneasiness gradually melted away, and it wasn't long before the four of them were joking and telling stories like old friends. The daiquiris helped. Leona hardly ever drank more than two daiquiris, but that afternoon she finished her fourth daiquiri within the first hour. When someone suggested they have a cozy little party in one of the motel rooms, Leona hiccuped, blushed, and readily agreed. They all slipped out of the booth and one of the boys went off to rent a room.

As she stepped carefully down the gravel path on the arm of Ray, Leona decided things might have been worse. These two boys were certainly nicer than either Arthur Baines or Tom Halloway. They were clean-cut, all-American kids and they reminded her of all the boys she had dated before her marriage to Bob. She wondered if anything would even get started. Maybe they would do nothing but drink and tell funny stories and have a good time without any sex. Inside the room, Leona still thought it was possible the party would be tame when she went off to the bathroom to pee. When she came out again, her illusions were abruptly shattered. Gloria was kneeling on the floor sucking Gary's cock.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Leona groaned.

Leona's eyes riveted on the tight ring of Gloria's lips sliding smoothly up and down the fleshy pole of Gary's cock. Gary was standing, his fly open, his cock jutting out like a spear, his tight balls exposed and quivering. Gloria was sitting on the bed in front of him with her hands gripping the cheeks of his ass.

"Sweet Jesus!" Leona repeated. Moving toward the bed, woozy from all the alcohol she'd had, Leona sat down beside Gloria. Gloria pulled back her head, tossed Leona a welcoming smile, and returned to the work of sucking the boy's cock.

The sight of it churned up Leona's insides until her heart pounded with her excitement. The raw, crude sexuality of it was overwhelming. At intervals, saliva drooled out of Gloria's mouth and dribbled down the turgid shaft of the boy's cock. Leona imagined how it must feel to have his throbbing fuck-meat in her mouth. She trembled with lust.

When Ray came to stand in front of Leona, there was no doubt in her mind about what he wanted. She considered refusing. She could get up and go out of there, go home and resume the routine of her life. Instead, she reached up and undid Ray's belt.

She soon discovered he was hung like a horse. His cock was only half-hard, but already it was bigger than any she'd ever known. A few drops of fluid dribbled out of the fat, spongy tip. She thought how full he must be, how much lovely juice he had in his balls, his hot fuck-juice waiting to erupt like a geyser.

When he spoke to her, his voice was low and commanding. "Suck it," he said. She stared helplessly at his throbbing cock-head and saw another small spurt of fluid pulse out at the end.

"Come on!" he grunted. "Get it in your mouth and start sucking!"

He pushed forward, and the end of his cock smeared over her soft lips. She glanced up and saw the insistent lust in his eyes. She opened and pursed her lips, and immediately his cock slid far into her mouth.

Ray groaned. He'd been ready to shoot his load for a long time, but he'd held himself back. His cock was completely hard now, like a huge club that pulsed and throbbed and demanded his due. The first time he'd seen this woman, back in the cocktail lounge, he'd imagined what it would be like to have her lips wrapped around his cock. He began slowly pumping his hips back and forth.

Leona rolled her tongue around Ray's cock as he fucked her mouth. She decided she liked it better like this when the man did the work. It was more exciting, as if her mouth had turned into a cunt. She heard him moan. She felt his cock throb threateningly against the back of her throat. A burst of flavor rushed through her mouth as some of his juice leaked out. She decided the taste wasn't bad -- it was something she could learn to like.

As Ray continued pumping his huge cock in and out of her mouth, Leona worked his pants and shorts down to his knees. She ran her hands over the muscles of his thighs and then the cheeks of his hard little ass. She moved her fingers into the deep crack between his asscheeks. She felt his momentary pause, the expansion of his cock toward the back of her throat, and the the gush of juice leaking from his cock-head as she pushed her finger into the rubbery grip of his tight asshole.

His cock vibrated. She sucked on it hard, relishing the feel of his meat stuffing her mouth. She heard his gasp, and then a moment later he lurched forward and began shooting his load. His cum flooded in slippery jets, bolting down her throat as she swallowed. The spurting kept on and on as he grunted out his orgasm. The flood of jism seemed endless. It turned her on. She found the mouth-fucking, and now his shooting off, terribly exciting. She heard a whimper bubble up from inside her, and she began sucking harder, rotating her soft mouth around his cock in a totally shameless manner. When the last spurts of his load had vanished into her belly, she pulled her finger out of his asshole and her mouth off his juicy cock-head.

She looked up at his face and blushed. He patted her head as if she were a child and grinned.

"Super head!" he said.

Is that what they called it these days? She had always known it as cock-sucking, and now she was a cock-sucker. She had swallowed every drop of his slimy jism and she had no idea who he was or where he came from.

Gloria and Gary were now on the bed, and Gloria was squatting over his middle while she guided his cock toward her pussy. Leona stared, fascinated by the spectacle. She watched Gloria's swiveling ass descend as Gary's cock disappeared into the throat of her cunt. Gloria rocked and twisted and moaned. She pulled at her nipples and began fucking him wildly.

Leona stared mesmerized at the juicy junction of cock and cunt. Waves of hot lust shot through her as her pussy quivered and dripped. The insides of her thighs were sopping wet. She finally tore her eyes away from Gloria and Gary and looked at Ray. His cock was hard again. He had his hand on his cock shaft, slowly pumping his meat. Biting her lip, Leona lay back on the bed and opened her thighs.

"Fuck me!" she hissed.

Slowly stroking his long cock, Ray looked down at her and smiled. "On your knees, baby! I know all about what you need."

Leona blushed crimson. "What do you mean?"

"Gloria told me," Ray chuckled. "You're a back-door lady."

She said nothing for a long moment. Then she turned over. She knelt on the bed with her head down on the mattress and offered him her asshole.

There was pain, a real pain, a deep pain that brought tears to her eyes. He had a huge cock and the pain was worse than anything she'd imagined but after the pain was gone there came in its place hot ecstasy.

Chapter SEVEN

Bob Crawford considered himself a lucky man. He had a good job, a rosy future, and, above all, a pretty wife. Leona had a great body. She was five-feet-six but looked taller. He always marveled at the sculptured perfection of her breasts. Her tits were chiseled exactly right, heavily nippled, set close together and sloping straight ahead, not swaying out at angles, and with just a hint of a sag to give them a sense of voluptuousness.

Then why do I keep looking at other women? he thought. Maybe it was because there were so many gorgeous women around. Maybe it was because this new kick that Leona had, this new aggressiveness in bed, was making him think about sex all the time. He hadn't really been all that experienced before marriage. He'd always been shy with women, particularly when it came to doing anything a little freaky.

Although Leona didn't know it, until the first time with her a few months before, he'd never gone down on a woman. He'd thought about doing it to Leona more than once, but he'd never had the nerve. Now that he'd done it, he'd discovered how wonderful it was! He liked it best when Leona played the dominant role and more or less ordered him to do it. There was a special thrill in that. Outside the bedroom he was the real boss, but it was fun to relax for a change and let Leona take over. It turned him on to service a woman like that. There were times when he couldn't look at a strange woman without wondering what it would be like to have his mouth on her pussy.

These were his thoughts as he sat in his car waiting for a traffic light to change. A curvy blonde was in the midst of crossing the street in front of him, when he suddenly recognized her. He tooted the horn and yelled out of the car window: "Hey, Gloria, hop in and I'll take you wherever you're going!"

Gloria Simpson turned on her high heels, staring at him blankly, and then suddenly recognized him and smiled happily. She scooted around to the other side of the car, opened the door, and slipped in beside him. The traffic light changed from red to green and Bob drove off with his wife's best friend beside him.

"It's funny meeting you like that," Gloria said.

They were sitting in a small restaurant finishing lunch. They hadn't planned on it, but shortly after Bob had picked her up they bad discovered they were both hungry.

"Yeah," Bob agreed. "Funny it is." He glanced briefly at the swell of her tits under her summer blouse. In all the time he'd known Gloria, he'd never been alone with her. She had full tits and a luscious ass. His cock twitched as he imagined himself licking her thighs, high up where the skin was soft and tender.

They exchanged inane comments about the weather, and then Gloria smiled mischievously.

"I bet these people here think we're married," she said. "We're both wearing wedding rings."

Bob chuckled. "So we are."

"I wouldn't mind," Gloria said with a glint in her eye.

It took a moment for it to sink in, and then Bob finally realized the implication. He fidgeted on his seat and couldn't help flashing his eyes from her face to her tits and back to her face again. "Neither would I," he said.

They lifted their wine, glasses and looked into each other's eyes. An unspoken message passed between them. Gloria mentioned casually that she had nothing to do for the next few hours. Bob replied that since he was a salesman, he was always more or less on his own time.

"We could sort of pass the afternoon together," he blurted. "Maybe even go to a motel."

Gloria smiled. "I was waiting for you to ask."

That was all there was to it. So damned easy, so much easier than he'd thought! He was shaking with anticipation as they walked out of the restaurant. He kept his eyes fixed on the tantalizing jiggling of her meaty ass. He felt like a new man, like someone just coming out of a cocoon.

Inside the car he was too aroused to concentrate on the driving. Gloria sensed it and giggled. She cuddled close to him and teased him by running her hand lightly over his thigh.

"Christ, don't do that!" he hissed.

"You look like you need some attention," she laughed. Her hand moved up along his thigh until her fingertips found the bulge of his hard cock. She probed and squeezed and measured the length of his shaft and the size of his cock-head. "You poor man!" she teased. Pulling his zipper down, she worked her hand inside his pants and shorts and brought out his cock and balls.

"Take it easy!" Bob groaned. He was afraid he'd shoot off in her hand.

"You've got a nice cock," she crooned. "Nice heavy nuts."

His teeth clenched with frustration, his face flushed with desire, he drove on until they finally reached the motel.

His hands were almost trembling as he paid the room charge. He followed Gloria into their room with his eyes feasting on the swell of her asscheeks and the lovely curves of her calves.

As soon as he locked the door, she turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pressed her body against his, grinding her belly over the hard bulge of his cock. Then their mouths fused together. Her lips were soft and wet, just as he'd imagined they'd be. Her tongue was rapidly darting in and out of his mouth. He put his arms around her, his hands moving over her back until he found the zipper of her blouse.

"Wait," she said softly. "Let me do it, honey."

She unzipped the blouse, and with one deft movement she drew it over her head and dropped it onto a chair. She wore panties and a half-bra that covered her nipples and supported her tits from below. Her fingers found the snap that fastened her bra and she unhooked it. The bra fell forward, releasing the luscious mounds of her tits. Her breasts did not droop or dangle. They stood out lewdly, the nipples pointing jauntily upward. She had bigger tits than Leona.

"Jesus, your tits are a dream!" he said.

She looked down at them. "They're too big," she said. "Leona's are nicer."

"Don't talk about my wife."

"Okay," she smiled. "We won't talk about your wife." She saw that eagerness in his eyes and she pulled back her shoulders to emphasize her breasts. "Touch them," she said.

Reaching out, he gently cupped a hand over each thrusting breast. Her skin felt like satin, cool to the touch, but her nipples were growing hard as his fingers began toying with them.

"Suck them," she said. "It turns me on."

In a daze, disbelieving his luck, he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her forward to stand between his legs. Her breasts hung over his face like two ripe fruits, the large nipples pink and succulent. When he opened his mouth, she held one breast with both hands and pushed the nipple forward between his lips.

"That's it, honey!" she said with excitement. "Give it a good suck!"

Her hands pushed the soft mass of her tit into his face until he found his nose buried in her flesh. His lips worked her nipple over, then he sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. He closed his teeth down on her tit and felt her chest heave. He soon moved his mouth to the other tit, and her fingers tangled in his hair to urge him on.

"Will you do that to me somewhere else?"

He pulled his mouth off her tit and looked up at her smiling eyes. "Sure," he said. "If that's what you want."

"Every woman wants that, honey. Don't you know? Don't you like it when Leona does it to you?"

"She doesn't."

"Then it'll be my treat. I love doing it. Do you want to kiss my tits some more?"

"You've got great jugs."

"I'm glad you like them. I thought you were going to grab them, in the restaurant."

"I wanted to," he said. He put his mouth on a nipple again and flicked his tongue. When he pulled his mouth away, he said, "And they taste even better than I thought."

There was a certain uneasiness about it all. He felt it, and he wondered if she did, too. Maybe it was because they were doing something forbidden. The more forbidden the act, the more pleasurable it was to do it. Her body was no more attractive than Leona's, and her face less so. It was the new intimacy which was exciting, the taste and smell and feel of a new body.

Releasing her tits, he let his hands slide down over her hips. He pulled at the elastic waistband of her panties, and then rolled the panties down over her hips and legs. She bucked her pelvis forward, put her hands on the back of his head, and pulled his face into the bush of blonde hair that covered her pussy.

She pulled his face into her pussy, and then moments later they were on the bed. He still had his clothes on. She didn't seem to care. She had his head locked between her thighs and his mouth chewing on her cunt, and that was all she seemed to care about.

"Get your tongue in there!" she cried. "Don't be bashful! Drink me! God, I love to have my pussy sucked! There's nothing in the world like it!"

His nose pressed into the curls of pussy-hair. He rolled his tongue around in the soft wet flesh.

"That's right!" she gasped. "Lick my cunt! Give me some tongue!"

He groaned in protest at the force with which her thighs locked around his head, but the sound was muffled by her crotch. She refused to let him up. She kept his face jammed into her hot, musky cunt. The sticky juice now covering his tongue tasted hot and salty. His nose was assaulted by the hot smell of her oozing cunt-hole. He sniffed, curious about how she compared with Leona. Her smell was stronger than Leona's, much less delicate, even a little raunchy. He wasn't sure how much he liked it. Then he decided that at least it was natural. A woman's cunt ought to smell like a cunt, not a bed of roses. You can't fuck a rose.

"Keep sucking!" Gloria hissed. "Give it a workout!"

He jammed his tongue into her cunt again, licking up along her pulpy silt, wriggling through her juicy folds. Her hips lurched as she mashed his nose into her crotch. His tongue suddenly sank into the deep hole of her cunt and hot liquid poured over his face.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she gasped. "Keep doing it! Oh, God, it's good!"

He was smothered in the smell of sex, his nose grinding into her pussy-hair as he lapped at her cunt. She whimpered and whined as he ate her juicy folds, as he worked his jaw against her steaming crotch. He was trapped, unable to escape. Her hands kept his face jammed into her mushy, dripping cunt. He licked and slurped at her steaming pussy until he thought he would drown in her juices.


His face was suddenly flooded with fluid as she climaxed. He kept sucking and slurping and swallowing her juices, until finally he managed to pull his face away and he rolled over onto his back.

Gloria, however, was far from finished with him. She crawled after him and squatted over his lace, holding the headboard to balance herself, the lush slit of her cunt directly over his mouth. Her thick pink cunt-lips were stretched wide from all the sucking he'd done. Her thick cunt-juice was glistening in all the folds and crevices. Her cunt-hole gaped like a hungry fish-mouth. The red bud of her clit looked swollen and abused. For the first time now, he had a good look at her asshole.

"You're a cunt-lover," she said triumphantly. "I can tell."

Before he had a chance to respond, she lowered her hips and mashed her cunt against his face. This time she was interested in more than sucking. No woman, not even Leona, had ever crouched over his face like this. He felt kinky being under her this way, but at the same time there was something exciting about it. She began grinding her crotch over his mouth and nose, using his face to massage her pussy with a deliberate rhythm. She was thoroughly wet again, and she smeared him with her slippery cunt-juice. She began widening the movements of her crotch, and then suddenly she hooked her cunt-hole on his nose and pressed her asshole against his lips. She pushed down until she had his nose deep inside her cunt.

"I haven't fucked a guy's nose in years!" she rasped. "You like doing this, don't you, darling? Is my pussy juicy enough for you? I saw you sniffing me before, but now you've got your nose all the way inside and you don't have to sniff anymore. Christ, it's good! If I just rock back and forth like this, it's as good as fucking!"

She pulled herself off his face as quickly as she had sat down on it. She made him stand up while she undressed him. She crooned and giggled as her fingers fumbled at his belt and unzipped his fly. His cock was rock-hard. She sat him down in a chair and he raised himself slightly from the seat as she pulled his pants and shorts down around his hips.

When his swollen cock sprung free, she ran her lips and nose over the huge knob. She trembled at the rank male smell of him and the tiny drops of hot fluid oozing from his piss-hole.

"It's a gorgeous cock!" she said, her eyes fixed on his throbbing cock-head. She lowered her mouth to it, and as she peeled the foreskin down from the hot stem, she fucked her tongue lightly around his cock-head to lap the salty fluid that had oozed from the tip.

He moved his hips, trying to shove his cock up into her mouth, but she avoided it. She teased him by licking her way around the hard surface of his cock-shaft. Then she took his balls, one by one, into her warm mouth.

"Oh, Jesus!" he groaned. "No one's ever done that before!"

Popping his balls out of her mouth, she looked up at him with gleaming eyes. "Let me suck you off," she said. "We can fuck the ordinary way later, if you want, but let me have the first load down my throat."

He had no chance to discuss it. She closed her mouth over his cock-head with a slurping noise. With one hand she cupped his balls and rolled them gently around, while at the same beginning a bobbing motion of her head and rubbing her lips up and down his turgid shaft. She took his knob and shaft deeper and deeper into her throat, bobbing her head faster and faster, until he groaned and lurched and blew his load in a geyser of hot white jism.

Afterward, as he leaned back in a daze, she wiped the cum off her mouth with a fingertip and licked her finger with her tongue.

"Don't worry, honey," she said. "Your balls will make more. We've got all afternoon!"

Chapter EIGHT

Although Leona was aware that her sexual life had greatly improved, she was very uneasy about it. The way things were going, Bob might find out about her escapades and face her with the prospect of a divorce. She did not want that at all. She wanted very much to stay married.

It was out of fear, then, that she decided they ought to see a marriage counselor. She talked to Bob about it, hinting that they needed a counselor because their sex-life wasn't all that satisfactory, but he adamantly refused to have anything to do with the idea. He was also angry that she had not told him before that she was dissatisfied.

"I'm not dissatisfied," Leona lied. "I just think things could be better."

"Screw it!" came the reply. "I'm not going!"

So she went herself. She found a marriage counselor in the telephone book and made an appointment for the next day. The counselor turned out to be a middle-aged man with a cute beard and twinkling blue eyes. He had half a dozen diplomas of one sort or another hanging on his office wall, and Leona thought he looked very distinguished. His name was Alistair McPherson.

"Call me Al," he smiled.

Leona was uneasy during the first few minutes, but McPherson quickly made her feel relaxed.

"Talk to me like you talk to an intimate friend," ha said. "You can tell me everything. In this office we don't hide anything. We let it all hang out, if you know what I mean."

Leona blushed. She was wearing a clinging low-cut dress and she knew her tits were bulging at the revealing neckline. She wondered if his reference to hanging things out might refer to her tits.

"I think my husband and I have a sexual problem," she said bravely.

McPherson bit into a cigar and nodded. "Most people have a sexual problem," he said. "Some people know it and some people don't. What's the problem?"

Leona squirmed on her chair. "Well, I suppose you could say it's about what goes on in bed."

McPherson chuckled. "You mean you have a problem about fucking, don't you? Oh, don't look so shocked. It's only a word, you know. In this office we talk directly, if you know what I mean. So you have a problem about fucking. What's the problem? You don't get enough? Don't be bashful, talk to me like an intimate friend."

This time Leona was sure he was ogling her tits. She didn't mind she always found it pleasant to be looked at by men. Squirming on the chair once more, Leona crossed her nylon covered legs and was thankful she'd been smart enough to dress up a little for the occasion. It wasn't like going to her gynecologist she always dressed up for him but McPherson was cute and it was nice to look her best. She liked the idea of talking frankly. She wasn't used to it, but she liked it. Using dirty words was shocking, but it was titillating. Her pussy had distinctly quivered when he'd said the word "fucking".

"It's not that I don't get enough," she said. "At least not exactly."

"Tell me more."

"I don't know how, really I don't. It's too embarrassing."

"You have to promise to stop being a prude, Mrs. Crawford. Can you promise me that? You can promise me that, can't you?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Good!" he said. "Do you have orgasms?"

She blushed. "Not with my husband."

"Aha!" McPherson exclaimed. "Now we're getting somewhere!"

And so it began. Before twenty minutes had passed, he extracted the whole story out of her, like a determined dentist pulling a difficult tooth. Leona never stopped blushing. The idea of revealing to a complete stranger that she enjoyed ass-fucking more than anything else was almost too much for her to handle. But she did it. She almost broke down in tears, but she did it, and when all the secrets were exposed she was amazed to find that, in spite of her embarrassment, talking about her problems turned her on. Her panties were soaked and she could feel the wetness on the insides of her thighs.

McPherson puffed on his cigar and reassured her. "The fact that you enjoy getting fucked in the ass is not the central problem," he said. "it's not a problem at all. Some women like it and some don't. The central problem is that you don't enjoy fucking with your pussy. That's a problem. It's also a pity, because you look like a woman who ought to enjoy sex. You look ripe. Are you ripe, Mrs. Crawford?"

His glance moved up and down between her tits and her belly. Leona found herself thrilled by the intensity of his gaze. "What do you mean?" she said.

"I mean are you wet? Right now, at this moment, is your pussy wet?"

A crimson blush suffused her cheeks. "Yes," she said meekly.

"Are you sure? Sometimes we make mistakes about these things, if you know what I mean. Are you certain you're wet?"

"I think so," she whimpered.

"Find out."


"Find out. Put your hand under your dress and find out."

She blanched, "Oh, no," she said.

"I thought you promised to stop being a prude, Mrs. Crawford. We both know you have a pussy and we both know it sometimes gets wet. Now put your hand between your legs and find out if you're wet."

She did it. She had no idea why, except maybe that his eyes were so fiercely compelling she had to obey. She probed a hand under her dress as discreetly as possible and brought the hand out again with cunt-juice on her fingers.

McPherson was triumphant. "Wonderful!" he said. "Now I think I ought to lock the door so that we can get down to business in private. Don't you agree, Mrs. Crawford?"

She looked at him, her legs trembling as she felt a gush of cunt-juice squirt out of her pussy.

"Yes," she said softly. "But you might as well call me Leona."

Once Leona admitted to herself that she found McPherson sensually exciting, there was no way she could avoid doing whatever he wanted. She felt like a meek little lamb about to be devoured by a big bad wolf. She liked the feeling. McPherson was obviously very much aware of what was in her mind, and he acted forcefully and directly as soon as the office was locked.

"The dress," he said. "Slip it off your shoulders and let me have a peek at those heaving tits. A woman with heaving tits is irresistible, did you know that? Big, heaving tits make me think of radiant motherhood. I suppose inside every man there's a little boy. Your tits look as ripe as your pussy must be. The tits, please!"

Blushing, she undid some buttons and slipped the dress off her shoulders. The flimsy bra kept her tits from bouncing around, but it hid nothing. McPherson more or less waved it off with a sweep of his hand. With his beard and his booming voice, he reminded Leona of a biblical prophet. She wondered if he really wanted her to call him Al.

He was gentle. She was surprised, but then she discovered it was just as exciting, maybe even more.

Without touching her, he studied her breasts for a full minute.

"Wonderful jugs!" he exclaimed. "Just wonderful! Get the nipples hard."


"Get the nips hard, darling. Use your fingers. Maybe some spit will help. I want to see them standing out, out, out!"

Leona quavered. He was acting crazy now and she wasn't sure she liked it. There was no doubt, however, that she was turned on. Her pussy was sopping wet. She couldn't expect anything else, sitting there like that with her big tits hanging loose and naked in front of his eyes. Showing her tits always got her excited. She was pleased he thought she had nice breasts, even if he exaggerated a little. Her tits really had too much droop, like big pears. Well, if he wanted her nipples out, she'd bring them out. She felt self-conscious about playing with herself, but she did her best to overcome it. Wetting her fingertips with saliva, she went to work.

"That's it!" McPherson urged. "Roll the little buds, get them up and out! Tasty looking things, aren't they?"

She dropped her hands when she had her nipples turned into stiff, rubbery stalks. Now, for the first time, he reached out to touch her. He ran the fingertips of one hand lightly over her breast and playfully tweaked the turgid nipple.

"How often do you finger yourself?" he asked thoughtfully.

Leona blushed. "You mean...?"

"Yes, dear, how often do you finger your pussy? How often do you masturbate? About once a day?"


"And sometimes more?"


He pulled his fingers away from her tit and patted her cheek. "You're precious," he said. "Slip off your pantyhose and panties, or whatever it is you're wearing underneath, but leave the dress on. There are few things more stimulating than a half-dressed woman."

Kicking off her shoes, Leona peeled her pantyhose and panties down her legs and off her feet. As she dropped the ball of nylon to the floor, she was shocked to suddenly see that McPherson had his cook dangling from the open fly of his pants.

"Oh, Lord!" she said.

"Let's leave the Lord out of this!" McPherson boomed. His voice calmer, he went on. "Play with yourself, my dear. Lift up your dress, open your pretty legs, and strum the old banjo. Prig the fig with a fickle finger. Jack off your sweet little pussy. Churn your juice until it turns into cream!"

Leona was growing more and more convinced that McPherson was completely crazy, but she quivered with excitement as she opened her legs to show him her wet cunt. He had a thick, menacing-looking cock, half-hard now, but slowly stiffening as he feasted his eyes on the juicy treasure between her thighs.

She played with herself. She ran her finger up and down along the side of her clit, and then she zeroed in on the swollen button. McPherson's cock jerked up by degrees as he watched her.

"Just as I thought!" he suddenly bellowed. "You don't play with your tits! Why not?"

"I don't know," Leona trembled. "I just never do."

"Well, we'll change that, won't we? Tease the titties! Suck them! Raise up a tit and gobble it!"

One hand strumming her cunt, Leona used the other hand to raise up a heavy breast. She lowered her head and was amazed to find that she could actually get her lips on the nipple. With a soft moan, she closed her mouth over the hard stalk and began a blissful sucking.

"That's it!" McPherson cried. "Toss yourself off! Turn on that little faucet in there and give the world some hot cunt-juice!"

Her fingers slurping and sloshing in her brimming cunt, her juices dripping on the plastic seat of the chair, Leona sucked her tit and shuddered at the madness of it all.

"Keep it up!" McPherson commanded.

"Keep it going!"

He made her come three times. During her third orgasm, she discovered him fondling his long thick cock in front of her nose. He had a magnificent prick. The large cock-tip was sculptured so perfectly it was almost a work of art. Without any hesitation, she opened her mouth and engulfed the dripping knob until she had it securely lodged at the back of her throat.

His fingers holding her ears, he gazed down at her as she pumped her mouth up and down the length of his cock. Leona was embarrassed by the slurping noises she made. Gobs of saliva drooled out of her mouth to coat his shaft.

"You're not bad at it," he said. "Try to move a little faster. Squeeze the shaft down at the bottom so you get more blood into my cock-head. That's the way! See how it swells up? Nice, eh?"

He finally pulled his cock out from the sucking hole of her mouth and stepped back.

"Let's give you more territory to work on," he chuckled.

He stripped off his clothes. Sitting down on the top of his desk, he pulled up his knees and told her to suck his balls.

"Easy!" he said. "Keep it wet and do one at a time. Now the other one. That's good! Oh, you want my ass, do you? You go right ahead, cutie, I don't mind at all!"

She wasn't certain why she was doing it, but the idea was so viciously lewd it was irresistible. The first touch of her tongue on his asshole brought a short grunt out of his throat. She swirled her tongue over the wrinkled rim until she had him mewling. When she pushed inside the ring of muscle, he clamped his asshole down on her tongue and hissed: "Oh, you little bitch! I'm going to fuck you into the floor!"

He pushed her away and had her kneel on the rug with her dress rolled up to her waist to completely expose her ass. Massaging her pouting cunt and the crack of her ass with the heel of his palm, he playfully scratched the cheeks of her ass and crooned.

"We're going to take care of that hot little pussy of yours aren't we? Now listen carefully. When I start fucking you, you put your hand on your cunt and give your clit the old workout. Rubadub dub, if you know what I mean."

Kneeling behind her, he ran his cock-head in the meaty groove of her cunt, found the socket of her cunt-mouth, and rammed himself in with one smooth stroke.

She groaned at the exquisite sensation of the first penetration of his hot cook deep into the channel of her cunt. She slid a hand down under her belly, fingered her stretched cunt lips and found the swollen bud of her clit. She began massaging the stiff button to the tempo of his stroking cock. He fucked her until her bones rattled and a helpless gurgle came out of her throat.

"Now!" he shouted. "Hang loose!"

Brutally gripping the cheeks of her ass, he screwed a thumb into her asshole and savagely pumped his cock. Leona gasped, lurched, and erupted violently.


Chapter NINE

Although Alistair McPherson came into Leona's life very suddenly, the affair with him lasted much longer than she expected. At the end of that first wild afternoon of sex in his office, McPherson made Leona promise to return a week later. He said she still had "problems to work out". She knew better, of course. McPherson was interested in fucking, and not much else. Leona thought about it most of the week, and finally she decided to go back. Visiting McPherson's office once a week would be a perfectly discreet way to have an affair, and McPherson seemed fully capable of giving her the sexual relief she wanted. She felt that between her husband and McPherson, whatever sexual tensions she had would be adequately drained.

McPherson's fucking was deliciously exciting. Leona never knew what to expect when she visited his office each Wednesday after noon. He had kinky tastes and lewd preferences. She was sometimes puzzled by them, but always turned on. She now had orgasms with his cock in her pussy -- provided she had a finger working her clit -- but she still liked ass-fucking best of all. McPherson was an expert at it. She loved the feel of him fucking her ass. She loved his hard fat cock forcing its way into her tight little hole. She thrilled each time he dumped his load of hot jism in her bowels. She discovered she liked ass-fucking even when it was brutal and deep. She even liked the pain at the moment of penetration. At the finale, she always seemed to come endlessly, her mind and body reeling through a series of marvelously shattering orgasms.

One day McPherson told her that if she wanted to make him happy she ought to wear a garter belt and stockings instead of pantyhose.

"Pantyhose were invented by a fool and should be worn by nuns!" he growled.

When Leona arrived the following week dressed as he wished, she was pleased to see the lust in his eyes.

"This time we'll do whatever you want," he said. "What would you like?"

She thought a moment and then smiled shyly. "Tie me up and fuck my ass," she said.

McPherson chuckled. "Are you sure? That doesn't do much for your problem, you know."

"Of course, I'm sure," Leona said. "That's what I want."

She decided to turn him on and get his motor running. Slipping off her panties, she held her dress bunched up at her waist. The dark stockings and black garter belt sensuously framed the dark hair of her pussy. Enjoying the effect she was having on him, she turned and showed him her ass.

"You're a juicy piece!" he bellowed. "A real hot fuck!"

"Where do you want me?" she purred.

"On the couch," he said. "Just kneel on the cushion and get that gorgeous ass in the air! I'll rope you up like a calf so you won't be able to move a muscle!"

She climbed onto the leather sofa and knelt on the edge, parting her thighs and pushing her, plump ass out. McPherson hauled yards of clothesline out of a drawer and proceeded to tie her up so securely that she was very completely immobilized. Moving behind her, he spread open her hot asscheeks, lowered his head and pressed his face into the damp crack of her ass. She knelt silently, her head down, her back arched, as he kissed and licked her asshole. She shivered as she felt his tongue press into the opening to wet her down as much as possible.

Now McPherson straightened up and fondled the smooth white globes of her asscheeks. "Would you like some grease?"

Sometimes she needed cream or Vaseline. This wasn't one of those times. Her ass felt as big and open as a cunt. "No," she said. "Just get started."

A moment later, she felt the fat knob of his cock moving between her spread asscheeks to press against her asshole.

You've come a long way, Leona, she thought. A year ago she'd have fainted at the mere idea of ass-fucking.

The pressure of his cock-head gradually built up until it became an ache. The ache turned to pain and suddenly erupted into sharp agony as the broad head of his cock popped in to her tight hole. Pushing ahead relentlessly, he drove his thick cock into the dark heat of her meaty ass.

"Oh, God!" she groaned. She gritted her teeth and held her breath as he completed the penetration. McPherson was not the first man to fuck her ass, but for some reason his cock always hurt more than the others. The pain had been an agony the first time he'd done it, but now she was used to it and even welcomed it. She knew that afterward the organ would be tremendous.

McPherson's thick cock pushed into the hot rubbery tube of her ass until his crotch-hair pressed against her satin-smooth asscheeks and his dangling, wrinkled ball-bag tickled her pouting cunt-lips. Then there came the first painful withdrawal, the tender membrane lining the inside of her asshole clinging to the meat of his cock as he drew back for the next thrust.

The tight tube of Leona's shit-hole gradually lubricated until McPherson was able to fuck her ass almost as easily and as fast as a cunt. From then on, the pain was gone and there was nothing but excruciating pleasure.

McPherson held her full hips and Leona rocked with him. She pressed back each time to get his hard cock deep into her hot ass.

"Christ you've got a tight butt!" he groaned. "I could fuck this delicious hole for a week!"

"I don't think I could stand that!" Leona gasped. "You'd kill me for sure!"

He gave out a lusty laugh. His hands moved to her tits and he teased and stroked her long rubbery nipples. He massaged the soft flesh of her belly. Probing between her fleshy thighs, he found the fat nub of her swollen clit and pinched and pulled until the deep sensation in her crotch mushroomed out to suffuse her sweating body.

Now his turgid cock rode smoothly in the heat of her ass, his hands under her, one hand stroking her soft belly, the other hand masturbating her stiff protruding clit. She rode with him, rocking back on her knees as he moved masterfully into her. She felt the throbbing of his thick cock and speeded up her movements to make him fuck harder.

"Now!" she cried. "Shoot it into me! Give it to me!"

His rampant cock buried to the root between her asscheeks, he suddenly bellowed out a roar and released the hot enema of his jism deep into the wet heat of her bowels. Shock waves of ecstasy tore through her body as she felt his cock pulsing in her ass. Thick jets of hot jism squirted up her shit-hole as her finger frantically rubbed her spasming clit. The ecstasy mounted until she finally fell forward onto her face, shuddering with pleasure and exhaustion.

McPherson cleaned up his cock, lit a cigar, and offered her a drink. "I want you to meet my wife," he said. "It's time for a little party."

Maude McPherson was a tall blonde woman of forty. Her fine-boned, face was smooth-skinned except for a few lines at the corners of her hazel eyes. She was elegant and beautiful and she kept her nose in the air.

"So glad to meet you," she said.

Leona was unsure of herself. McPherson had told her his wife's bark was worse than her bite, but after Leona met Mrs. McPherson she wondered if she ought to find some excuse to leave. At the end of an hour, however, Leona felt better. Maude drank a great deal of wine and she gradually warmed up.

They were seated in the large, sun-filled McPherson living room talking about the escapades of a well-known movie star, when Maude smiled casually at Leona and said: "Alistair tells me you're a lovely fuck."

Leona blushed. "Oh, Christ!" she said softly.

"Don't be upset," Maude chuckled. "I know all about it, darling, every little detail. I don't mind Alistair having his fun with you. And this afternoon we'll all get to know each other much better, won't we?"

McPherson pulled his beard with one hand and held up his drink with the other. "It's time!" he boomed. "Let's unveil the goodies!"

"No, not yet," Maude said. "You promised you'd let me direct this."

"What then?"

"Her dress is so pretty, I'd like to see her do something with her clothes on. Maybe she ought to suck you. Yes, why not that? She has a sexy mouth."

Leona shivered. They were treating her like an object, a body to be used for their pleasure. She was experienced enough now not to be surprised by the effect it had on her. The simple fact was that the idea of being used like this turned her on.

"Okay," McPherson said. "Let's get on with it. Leona?"

The knowledge that Maude would be there watching everything made Leona tremble with excitement. She knelt down on the rug between McPherson's opened legs. Unzipping his pants, she searched for his cock and brought it out of his fly. It dangled there like a fat, blue-veined sausage. She kissed the rapidly swelling head with a feathery touch, and then wrapped her lips around the meaty shaft. His cock was hardening now, growing long and thick, swelling up to its full strength, the fleshy pole rising up out of his crotch vibrating with impatience. She blew her warm breath on it to excite him. A sigh of pleasure escaped his lips and he leaned back with a groan.

"Get his balls out!" Maude said.

Leona slipped, her fingers into his open fly and carefully scooped out McPherson's heavy, hairy balls. She raised up the wrinkled sac and tickled the sensitive skin underneath it. She gazed at his throbbing cock and licked her lips. It was hard to imagine that not too long ago the idea of sucking a cock had revolted her. She wondered if Maude ever sucked her husband's cock. The image of Maude's elegant mouth stuffed with McPherson's pulsating cock-meat was exciting.

Parting her lips, Leona captured the bloated head of McPherson's cock and drew it into her warm mouth. Her tongue slurped down the underside of his shaft. She positioned herself between his open thighs and made ready to exhibit her talents.

"Don't move," Maude said suddenly. "Let me have a look at this." She perched on the arm of McPherson's chair and gazed down at the junction of Leona's mouth and her husband's cock.

Keeping his cock in her mouth, Leona raised her eyes and looked at Maude. The older woman smiled and reached down to run her finger tips over the stretched contour of Leona's lips.

"You do have a sexy mouth," Maude said. "It's even nicer this way. He's just about the right size for you, isn't he, dear? But you have to be careful with Alistair he has a tendency to run away with himself. Go on, darling, give him a good suck."

Leona could feel the warm juice oozing out of her cunt to wet her nylon panties. She began sucking McPherson's throbbing cock. She started slowly and sensually, making her mouth wet and loose, and then at intervals tightening up and applying strong suction. Her fingers rolled his large balls and tugged on the wrinkled skin that covered them.

"Delicious!" Maude exclaimed. "Is your pussy dripping, darling? I bet it is. Your mouth looks just like a pussy now. It's lovely!"

McPherson groaned and tried to push his cock deeper into Leona's mouth. He leaned forward and ran his hands over her neck and the back of her head. He reached under to massage her tits through the thin material of her dress and bra, his thumbs causing her nipples to harden and tingle.

"Sit back and relax, Alistair," Maude said. "Give the poor girl a chance. Maybe you ought to get some of your clothes off."

Leona helped McPherson get rid of his shoes, socks, pants and shorts. Leaning back again, McPherson slipped his ass forward and offered his crotch. She took his cock in her mouth once more and began bobbing her head. His swollen prick now stretched her mouth, forcing her lips into a tight ring. She rubbed the soft palate at the roof of her mouth back and forth over his hot spongy cock-head. He had a tasty cock and she always enjoyed sucking it. Sometimes she thought she'd like to suck it for hours. It was really kinky to be sucking a man's cock while his wife sat there and watched it all. She plunged her mouth firmly down the length of his shaft until his cock-head jabbed at the back of her throat. Then she felt Maude's hand stroking her neck.

"Lovely!" Maude crooned. "You've almost taken all of him!"

Leona slipped her mouth off McPherson's cock and gave his satin-skinned cock-tip a nip with her lips. She held his saliva-coated shaft and gently pumped the silky skin up and down the hard cylinder of fuck-muscle. His cock throbbed under her fingers and she could see the fluid oozing out of the slit.

"He's leaking!" Maude chuckled. "How nice!" She leaned over and took hold of her husband's balls, lifting them and testing their weight. "You're full, Alistair. I suppose you'd like to come. But we're doing things my way, aren't we?"

"Yes!" McPherson croaked. "But let her keep sucking, damn it!"

Maude giggled softly. "Of course, darling. But promise you won't come in her mouth. I don't want that. I want to watch you fuck her. Do you promise?"

"I promise!" McPherson hissed impatiently.

She patted his cheek and turned to Leona. "Just a little more sucking, darling. I know you're dying to have it, but we'll wait, won't we? Try doing his balls, or maybe even lower down. Have you ever had your tongue in his ass? I'd like to see that. You don't mind, do you?"

"No," Leona said. She was sorry now that Maude was there. If she had McPherson alone they'd be fucking by now. Her glance rested briefly on the pouting thrust of Maude's small breasts. Maude chuckled when she saw the focus of Leona's interest, and beg fingers began undoing the buttons of her blouse.

"Yes, why not?" Maude said. "I think it's time we were all more comfortable."

McPherson suffered to have his cock abandoned while the women undressed. Intrigued by the revelation of Maude's body, Leona kept her eyes on Maude as she stripped off her clothes.

Removing her skirt, Maude tossed it on a chair. She peeled off her blouse and her small braless tits swung loose, big rose-colored nipples poking rigidly from the girlish white orbs. Leona was fascinated by the contrast between Maude's long, fat nipples and her small breasts.

Maude's eyes raked up and down Leona's nude body and finally came to rest on the brunette's heavy, pear-shaped breasts.

"I'm not a lesbian," Maude smiled, "but you do have luscious tits!"

"And an ever more luscious mouth!" McPherson bellowed. "Enough of this bullshit! Leona, get down here and suck my cock!"

Instead of sucking his cock, this time she sucked his balls. Then she released his ball-bag lathered with her saliva and slithered her tongue underneath to his asshole.

"Oh, fuck, that's good!" McPherson groaned. "Look at her, Maude! Have a good look at what the bitch is doing to me!"

"I'm looking!" Maude hissed. "I have eyes, haven't I?"

Leona drilled her tongue into the puckered, pulsing mouth of McPherson's asshole. Groaning again, McPherson pulled up his legs and tilted up his crotch to give her more room. The clear fluid oozing out of his cock-head dribbled down on Leona's hair. Her tongue reaming his musky shit-hole one last time, she finally pulled her face away and looked at Maude with pleading eyes.

Maude smiled. "Yes," she said. "It's time, Alistair. Take her on the rug. Fuck her from behind. Mount her like a dog, like the dripping bitch she is. Show me her cunt split open by your cock!"

As Leona maneuvered herself, kneeling down on the rug, she felt drops of sweat rolling off her body. Her mind was in a haze. Fingers were soon probing her cunt-hole and asshole, but she had no idea whose they were.

Then she felt the first touch of McPherson's cock-head at the opening of her greedy cunt-mouth, and she no longer cared.

Chapter TEN

Bob Crawford's affair with Gloria Simpson rolled merrily along. He knew that playing around with one of his wife's friends -- her best friend, at that -- was a dangerous game, but the moments with Gloria were thrilling enough to make the danger worthwhile.

The strangest thing of all was that his sexual relationship with Gloria was completely different from the one he had with Leona. Gloria had turned out to be a very submissive bed partner, doing whatever he wanted, anytime he wanted it. The more forceful and demanding he was, the more she seemed to like it. Things were always different with Leona, and he had no idea why. Gloria was much more fun, much more satisfying. It was too bad he couldn't have Gloria's brand of sex with Leona, but it seemed impossible to arrange. That's what he thought -- until one day Gloria showed him how to do it.

One afternoon Bob and Gloria had a rendezvous at the Carousel Motel on Route 20. Bob arrived early and rented the room. By the time Gloria showed up, he was primed for a session of torrid sex.

"I could use some special treatment," he said.

Gloria giggled as she stripped off her blouse and bra and held up her heavy tits like two melons in her hands. "Like what?" she said.

"Like some deluxe head," Bob replied with grin.

Unzipping his pants, he made her sit down in front of him on the edge of the bed. He grabbed her head and pulled it to his open fly.

"Fish out my cock," he said.

She reached up a hand, but he grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"Use your mouth, baby. You've got a talented mouth, you ought to be able to do it without hinds."

She looked at him blankly, and then her expression gradually changed and a deep flush colored her checks. When he glanced down at the milk-white globes of her swaying tits, he could see the juicy pink nipples hardening with her arousal.

She went to work. It wasn't easy, but eventually she was able to get, her lips around his cock and pull it out of his pants. Opening his belt, he dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles. He had a full erection, his cock long and thick and dripping.

"Now suck it nice and easy," he said. "And watch those teeth. Nothing ruins a good blow-job like too much teeth."

"You've never complained before," she said tartly.

"Don't talk," he said. "Just suck."

She began a hungry sucking of his throbbing cock. The exciting thing about Gloria was that she liked sucking cock almost as much as fucking.

She started off slowly, licking up and dawn his turgid cock-shaft with the tip of her tongue. Then she lapped her tongue over his swollen cock-head and jabbed her tongue-tip into the slit of his piss-hole.

He let his fingers run idly through her hair, guiding her head over his thick shaft. Her mouth finally moved down to the base of his cock and she began licking his hairy balls. She sucked each ball in turn into her mouth and squeezed it gently.

"You're doing fine," he said. "Keep sucking."

She moved her fingers behind his balls and caressed ass.

"Yeah," he said. "Stick tour finger up my ass."

A groan came out of his throat as she pushed her finger deep into his shit-hole. She put the full length of his hard cock back into her mouth and wiggled the finger in his ass. Sliding her mouth up and down his cock, she fucked his asshole with the same rhythm.

"Christ!" he groaned. "You really know how, don't you? You're a great cock-sucker, Gloria! The best! You'd better stop it now or I'll drop the load down your throat!"

She pulled her mouth off his cock and flopped down on the bed an her belly. Leaning over, he pulled up her dress to uncover her creamy thighs and her plump naked ass.

"No panties," he chuckled. "You came prepared, didn't you, baby?"

She giggled and squirmed her ass under his eyes. The two gorgeous globes swelled out from under her dress in perfect symmetry. He sat there a moment and enjoyed the lovely sight. Then he ran his fingertips over the smooth cheeks and down into the shadowy crack between them. He finally lowered his head and began lapping the crack of her ass with his tongue.

She moaned softly. As his tongue slipped down between her thighs to brush lightly over her asshole and cunt-lips, she wriggled her hips with a gentle, easy rhythm.

"You like that?" he asked.

"God, yes!" she hissed.

He could feel the muscles in her thighs tense with her arousal. The one thing he'd never done was fuck a woman in the ass. He'd never wanted to. Now, however, with Gloria's luscious ass so ready for the taking, the idea came into his head like a burning challenge.

"Listen, Gloria," he said, "has anyone ever fucked you in the ass?"

She was silent a long moment. Then she said: "You can do it, if you want."

"Are you sure?"

"Don't talk about it, just do it!"

He climbed up and straddled her, letting his cock glide over her slippery skin. His thick red prick danced over her asscheeks and slid in and out between her thighs. She lay there meekly, her head buried in the pillow, moaning softly and swaying her meaty ass back and forth.

"Let me have my purse," she said.

Puzzled, he reached over, picked up her purse and gave it to her. Still lying on her belly she searched inside and finally handed back to him a small tube of Vaseline.

"Use that," she said. "And try to be careful."

He squeezed out some Vaseline on his index finger and began working it up her asshole. Her knew there was no way to get his thick cock up her ass without lubricating her hole. When his finger slipped up the tight channel as far as his knuckle, Gloria shuddered with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Please, go easy!" she moaned.

Instinct told him to keep his greased finger moving slowly in and out of her asshole. Using his free hand, he smeared a gob of Vaseline over the head and length of his cock, and then he pulled his finger out gently and replaced it with the tip of his cock-head.

For awhile he did no more than rub the head of his cock against her puckered asshole. He took his time. He was enjoying himself immensely and he was in no hurry at all. He wondered why he'd never before had the urge to do this to a woman. Taking a woman's ass implied a profound possession of her body. Was there anything wrong with that? Was it any different than sticking his cock in her armpit? Gloria seemed to like ass-fucking. She seemed hungry for it.

Gloria's fingers clutched the sheets as he began pushing the head of his cock into the tight ring of her slippery asshole.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "Oh, my God!"

She churned her hips to ease his cock farther inside her shit-hole.

"You want more?"

"Yes!" she hissed. She pushed up harder against him, forcing all of his cock up her ass. She obviously wanted every inch he had to give her. When he hit bottom, she cried out and began coming in a series of wild spasms that nearly knocked him off the bed. She knelt there shuddering with pleasure, ripple after ripple running through her gorgeous ass.

Looking down, he could see the way the thick base of his cock stretched her asshole almost to the paint of tearing. It was all too much for him. After a few short strokes of his cock in and out of the grip of her hot shit-hole, he heaved and grunted and began pouring gobs of jism up her spasming ass. His coming set her off in another series of orgasms even wilder than the first.

"God, that was great!" she said.

After they cleaned up, Gloria said she had to leave immediately to meet her husband downtown.

"But next time you and I have to talk about this," she said. "And about you and Leona."

She kissed his cheek, picked up her purse, and walked out.

Two weeks passed before Bob saw Gloria again. She smiled at the hungry look in his eyes.

"I guess I turn you on," she said.

Bob grinned. "You bet you do! I take one look at that ass and those tits and I'm ready for action!"

"What about Leona? Does she turn you on like that?"

The smile left his face. "Never mind that."

"Okay, but I'd like to talk later."


"We'll see," Gloria said cheerfully. "Now show me how ready you are." She snuggled close to him, rubbing the mound of her pussy against his hip. They were still dressed. He slipped his hand down her back and over her ass, his finger probing the deep crack between her asscheeks and his fingertip finally finding the puckered outline of her asshole.

"I'm a little sore there," she said.

"Hell," he said. "I haven't touched you in two weeks."

"I have a husband, you know."

He grinned. "Well, how about that? How often does he do it?"

"If you won't talk about Leona, I won't talk about Frank."

"Okay, you win," Bob said. "How often does Frank fuck your ass?"

"About once a month. But it just happened yesterday and that's why I'm still sore."

"Only once a month?"

"I wouldn't mind having it more. Husbands just don't understand their wives, do they?"

"And vice versa," Bob said.

"Do you understand Leona? I don't think you do. Maybe later, if you're nice to me, I'll tell how you can. Would you like that?"

"Sure," Bob said. "Now let's get undressed and fuck!"

His balls churned with cum as he watched her take off her clothes. When she bent forward to slip off her panties, the luscious hang of her tits caused his cock to twitch.

He pushed down the waistband of his shorts. His rampant cock bobbed up and down before settling into an upward thrust with its rosy cock-head bare and gleaming.

Gloria lay down on the bed and Bob knelt beside her. Gripping his cock, she stroked his foreskin up and down with her eyes fixed on the dripping slit of his cock-head.

"You're sure ready!" she giggled.

Leaning forward, he drew his hips back and removed his cock from her reach. He gathered her luscious tits in his hands. Pushing her breasts together, he squeezed and wiggled them as he lapped his wet tongue across their turgid tips. She moaned when he clamped his lips over a long nipple and sucked it deep into his mouth.

Shifting his weight to one side, he moved a hand down to her crotch. She eagerly parted her legs to let him caress the ripe split of her cunt. He fingered her slick cunt-lips and pinched the fat bud of her clit.

"Come on!" she said. "Fuck me! I can't wait any longer!"

He climbed on top of her, tilted his stiff cock downward, and drove his meat home into her juice-drenched cunt.

"God, it's good!" she gasped. "You can make it twice today, lover, I know it! Fuck me hard! Don't hold back! Fuck me!"

He began stroking in and out of her slippery cunt, letting his need build slowly, fucking her with long, evenly paced thrusts. She was right about coming twice -- the way he felt at the moment, he could fuck her until next Tuesday! He wondered what she had to tell him about Leona. Heaven would be having Leona fuck as good as Gloria. God, that would be something!

"You've got swinging balls," she crooned. "The nicest feeling in the world is a pair of heavy nuts slapping my pussy! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me out of this world!"

"Tell me about Leona," he said.

"Not now!"

"Yes, now!" he groaned. "If you want me to finish this, you'd better talk!"

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" she moaned. "You're crazy! Oh, shit! Okay, I'll tell you. Get strong with Leona. That's what she really wants. Fuck her brains out, fuck her ass, do anything, but you be the boss. You've got the cock, dummy. You're the boss!"

With a growl of rage, he began mercilessly pounding Gloria's body with his cock. The more he pounded, the more she mewled her acceptance and pleasure. He forced her legs over her shoulders and bent her knees back until the touched her tits. His piledriving thrusts into her steaming crotch soon brought the first convulsions of her orgasm. Moments later, a geyser of jism erupted out of his pulsing cock to inundate her spasmodically contracting cunt.

"You're a good lover," she groaned. "Turn it on for Leona."

Chapter ELEVEN

"Hello, lover!" Leona said.

Six months had passed since the resurrection of the Crawford marriage. Leona was standing just inside the front door, welcoming Bob home with an affectionate smile. A passerby on the street would have seen nothing out of the ordinary, nothing more than a thirty-year old man returning home sweaty and slightly disheveled from a day's work. Of the man's wife, the passerby would have seen no more than her face in the shadows of the interior of the entrance -- a young, attractive face, but again nothing out of the ordinary. The passerby would not have known that Leona Crawford was wearing no more than a pair of high-heels. Her eyes were shadowed with a glowing blue, and her mouth and nipples and pussylips were painted a bright red. Large gold earrings dangled from her ears and she moved in a faint cloud of perfume.

As Bob walked into the house, Leona approached him and ran her fingertips lightly over the front of his pants. She kissed his cheek.

"Come on," she said softly. "I have a cold drink waiting."

A few minutes later they were in the kitchen, their arms around each other, kissing passionately, their tongues tangled in a bath of saliva. Bob's hard cock throbbed as Leona greedily sucked his tongue and wantonly rubbed herself against his lean body. His hands roamed over her back and the full, pliant cheeks of her ass. She thrilled at his touch. When he pressed downward on her shoulders, she gladly yielded to the pressure and sank to her knees before him.

She wanted what he wanted and she was eager to do it for him. The anticipation of her pleasure increased the flow of cunt-juice already leaking out of her pussy. Her cunt-lips were fat and swollen. Her clit was quivering and extended. She had jerked off all day, but never to the point of orgasm. She had titillated herself in order to prime her body for the evening.

The intensity of Leona's lust caused her hands to tremble as she unzipped Bob's fly and brought out his rampant cock. A sigh escaped her hot lips as she wrapped her cool slender fingers around his pulsing shaft. Moving her face forward, extending her tongue, she licked the sleek cock-head like an ice cream cone. Then she opened her lips and filled her mouth with his turgid cock-meat.

His eyes glittering, Bob gazed down and watched his wife's red lips slide wetly over the throbbing shaft of his swollen cock.

"All the way, honey," he said. "Get it into your throat."

Leona slid her hands around his hips and stroked his hard asscheeks through the material of his pants. She began bobbing her head on his cock, the warm oven of her mouth moving back and forth on the fleshy pole. Then she felt his fingers caressing her head and tangling in her hair. She moaned on the mouthful of cock-meat.

"I'm almost there," Bob said casually. The first orgasm would relieve his tensions and prepare for the evening ahead. A quick blow-job was always the surest way to get his body ready for serious fucking.

Her hands clinging to the backs of Bob's thighs, Leona continued to hungrily suck his cock. Then, suddenly, he hunched and groaned, and a moment later he flooded her waiting mouth with a river of hot cum. Her throat worked in spasms as she snorted through her passion-flared nostrils and swallowed his thick jism spurt by delicious spurt. Only when she had his cock drained of the last drops of his milky fuck-juice did she allow his prick to slip from between her puffy lips. She wiped off her mouth with a finger, sucked off the excess jism, and rose to her feet.

"I bought two steaks for dinner," she said. Taking hold of his limp cock with her fingers, she stripped back his foreskin and carefully wiped his cock-head with a Kleenex.

"I need a quick shower," he said. "Fix me another drink and wait for me."

Two drinks was all they allowed themselves, since they knew that more than that dulled their senses.

Bob came out of the bathroom wearing the silk robe Leona had given him on his last birthday. Leona remained nude, and when she handed him his drink in the living room he playfully tweaked one of her nipples. His palm cupped the heavy resilient globe of her breast, and then his fingers moved down to graze her pussy-hair.

"Warm it up for me," he said.

She smiled shyly and handed him her drink. Moving to an easy chair, she sat down and dangled her legs over the upholstered arms. Her cunt opened like a meaty clam, her red cunt-lips gaping lewdly. Closing her eyes, she slipped a hand down to the heat of her hairy crotch and began finger-fucking.

Playing with herself in front of her husband always excited Leona to a fever pitch. It was deeply thrilling to expose the raw red meat of her dripping cunt to his lustful gaze. She slowly rubbed her middle finger up and down the length of her drooping cunt-lips. There had been a time, long ago, when she'd thought her cunt ugly. That had all passed. She was now mature enough to be aware of the special beauty of her pussy. Using her fingertip, she gently touched the shaft of her large clit. Then her finger dipped into her cunt-mouth, scooped out some cunt-juice, and moved up again to stroke her clit.

"That's nice," Bob said. "But don't I don't come."

Her wet finger left her clit and probed once more into hot cunt-hole. This time she added a second finger to give her greater fullness in her hole.

Using the ball of her thumb to stroke her clit, and her two fingers to simulate a cock in her cunt-hole, she finger-fucked herself with a steady rhythm. Her cunt was now juicy enough so that her fingers made a sloshing noise as they moved in and out.

"I'll come soon if I don't stop," she groaned.

"Okay," Bob said. "Just kneel on the chair and show me your ass."

Tossing him a sultry look, she rearranged her body on the chair. Facing the back of the chair, she balanced herself on her knees on the seat cushion. This position, kneeling with her ass and cunt toward his face, was her favorite. She always found the total, animal-like exposure terribly erotic. She never knew what would happen next. Sometimes he just looked, sometimes he sucked her pussy from behind, sometimes he reamed her asshole with his tongue, sometimes he fucked her cunt, and sometimes he fucked her asshole. Her body was his to do with as he wished.

Gazing at the plump white ass of his wife, Bob pulled up a chair and sat down behind her. The sight of her hairy gaping cunt and her dark puckered asshole above it made his cock twitch with desire.

He stroked his palms over her satin-smooth asscheeks. He leaned forward and sniffed the delicate perfume she always used in the crack of her ass. Using the fingertips of both hands, he tugged gently on her thick drooping cunt-lips, pulling them down and then apart to reveal her glistening dark-pink cunt-meat.

He could see the white juice brimming at the mouth of her cunt-hole. As he watched, a gob of juice oozed out and dripped down to the seat cushion below. Extending his tongue and pressing forward, he lapped at the quivering mouth of her cunt and sucked up as much of her juice as he could.

Leona groaned. She pressed her cunt back against his face. She could feel his nose tickling her asshole. Then he suddenly pulled his face away and pinched her asscheek.

"On the rug," he said. "Stretch out on your back."

She scrambled to obey. She watched him toss away his robe, her eyes gleaming at the sight of his erect, throbbing cock. He fisted his cock and stroked the shaft a few times before joining her on the rug.

As his hands moved over her, teasing and tantalizing her lush body, his lips found hers and his tongue slipped between her teeth.

She kissed him back with a passion that matched his own. His hard cock throbbed hotly against her belly, teasing her with a sample of what he had to offer.

Now his hands were on the large firm mounds of her tits and he began to massage and caress them, brushing her nipples back and forth until they swelled and grew hard against his palms.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "I want your cock!"

She brought her hands up around his back and passed her fingertips over his muscular flesh. As she parted her thighs, she slid between them, found the stiff pulsating shaft of his massive cock, and fixed his cock between the open flowing lips of her steaming cunt.

The first powerful thrust brought a moan of delight from her lips.

"Oh, Christ, that's good!" she said.

He began a slow pumping of his thick cock in and out of her gushing cunt. She bucked her hips to meet him stroke for stroke. He reached under to cup the full cheeks of her ass, and once he had her asscheeks palmed, he held her up and drove forward into her eager pussy again. She whimpered each time his heavy balls slapped against the resilient flesh of her ass, and she rotated her hips to match his fucking.

He abruptly pulled out his cock, pushed back her legs, and swooped his mouth down on her cunt.

He stuck his tongue into her juicy pussy and swirled it around. He opened his mouth wide and noisily sucked in all the meat of her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" she hissed, wagging her rump and mashing her clit against the front of his teeth.

Overwhelmed by his own passion, he moved his mouth lower down and licked into the wet crack of her ass. He lapped the inch of flesh between her pussy and asshole, then scrubbed her musky-tasting little asshole with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh, God!" she cried. "Oh, God, yes, suck my ass!"

He was wild for her. Even her asshole was delicious. With a groan of lechery, he pushed his tongue into the tight ring of her shit-hole.

"Uuuuunggghhh!" she gasped, shuddering with ecstasy. "Jesus, yes!"

Spurred on by her total response, he began pumping the full length of his tongue in and out of her steaming asshole.

"Oh, fuck!" she groaned. "Ohhhh! Suck it, honey! Suck my asshole! Fill it with your tongue!"

Pulling her legs up and back so that her knees were under her armpits, she reached down to grab her asscheeks and spread them wide apart. She wanted his face deep in the crack of her ass, his sucking mouth flush against her asshole. She shuddered and moaned as she felt his tongue slither in and out of the tight brown ring. Ripples of joy raced through her body as his fully inserted tongue danced inside her shit-hole.

"Do you like my asshole? Does it taste good? Tell me!"

"Good!" he moaned, his hot breath bursting into the fleshy gorge of her widespread ass. "Every bit of you is delicious!"

"Fuck it now!" she cried. "Fuck my ass!"

He mounted her, gazing down at the rapture in her face as he wedged the blunt end of his swollen cock-head into the rubbery ring of her spit-slick asshole.

"Give it to me!" she mewled. Her mouth contorted in a grimace of lust as she felt the elastic sphincter of her shit-hole expand around his hot bloated cock-head. She hooked her legs over his shouldes and snaked a hand down between their bodies. She grasped the shaft of his cock and tugged at it as he began pushing forward.

They both groaned when his fat cock-head snapped into the vise-like grip of her asshole.

She released his cock-shaft and used both hands to cradle his hard asscheeks.

"Come on, baby!" she moaned. "Ohhh! That's it, sweetheart! Nice and easy! Oh, God, that's wonderful, isn't it? Do you like it? Is my asshole good and hot?"

She brought up her right hand, stuck her middle finger in her mouth, coated it with saliva and moved it back down his body. Watching his eyes, she placed the ball of her wet finger on his asshole and rubbed it sensuously. Then she abruptly pushed an inch of her finger into his ass. He groaned with pleasure, and a moment later she plunged the finger in to the last knuckle.

"Oh, fuck!" he grunted. He lunged for ward, ramming his cock to the hilt deep in her shit-hole.

She squealed. She kissed his mouth and pushed her tongue down his throat as her finger continued to wriggle in his asshole.

They held each other for a moment without moving.

He was into her balls-deep, savoring the incredible heat and snugness gripping his pulsating cock, thrilling to the prostatic massage she was giving him with her finger.

Leona trembled with delight at the sense of utter fullness in her ass as he hungrily sucked her tongue.

She finally broke the kiss and pulled her finger from his ass at the same time. Clutching his asscheeks, she hissed: "Fuck me! Screw me in the ass! Come on, honey! Give me a hot load in there!"

As he gently pulled back for the first stroke, her hot gripping asshole drew out around his retreating cock-shaft as if reluctant to lose it for a second. When only his cock-head remained inside her ass, with her tightly stretched ring snapping behind the flare of his prick tip, Bob clenched his teeth and socked it all right back into her bowels.

"Oh, shit!" she rasped.

"You like that, baby?"

"Don't hold back! Bugger me!"

He increased his efforts, fucking her ass with deep, forceful thrusts.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. She wagged her hips and screwed her head back in the pillow. "Oh, God, that's good! Harder! Don't be afraid, honey! Fuck me hard!"

A deep groan came out of his throat as he began shortening his strokes, hammering his cock into her guts.

"I'm going to blow soon!" he gasped.

Leona plunged two fingers of one hand into her sopping pussy and squeezed her throbbing clit between the thumb and forefinger of the other. As Bob's thick cock jabbed in and out of her winking asshole, she reamed her slippery cunt and massaged her swollen clit.

"I can't hold it!" he groaned.

"Now!" she cried. "Now!" Rubbing her clit in a frenzy with the tip of her finger, she held her breath in readiness for the orgasmic explosion.

Both emitted a guttural groan and slammed his cock up her ass to the hilt. His grunts mingled with her sobs of fulfillment. Leona could feel his cock expanding and contracting inside her bowels.

"Shoot it!" she screamed. "Shoot it!"

Her cunt was already beginning to spasm when she felt the first thrilling jet of his hot cream gush into the depths of her quivering ass.


"OH, SHIT!" Bob grunted. "UNN... UNG... UNGGGHHHH!"

He shuddered and shook as he pumped her ass full of his white-hot jism.

Leona swooned with bliss. When Bob pulled his cock out of her clutching asshole, they closed their arms around each other and slumped on the bed in a state of exhausted rapture.

Leona groaned and moved a hand down to her ass. She delicately touched her gaping asshole with a fingertip. With a soft smile, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


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