Easy piece niece

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

A good case in point is Charles Manson, a person who never learned about good and bad, a person who never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in high political office today offers another example.

Jennifer Stiles is a child of the present. Living the life of the existential hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the pain. Her main concern is for today, and the pleasure it brings. For Jennifer, sex is merely something to be enjoyed.

And so, she goes from day to day, wandering from lover to lover, never worrying about social taboos or what results her search for new pleasure and new thrills may bring.

Jennifer Stiles -- a young girl who embodies the lifestyle of many in our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. EASY PIECE NIECE is a story which holds a valuable lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

"Behave yourself, George!" Jennifer Stiles giggled breathlessly, trying to edge away from the boy's hand. "Someone might come by."

In a skimpy white bikini that showed her shapely figure to best advantage, the pretty girl lay sprawled on a blanket on the beach at Santa Rosa. Sexy and blond, with huge eyes as deeply blue as the Pacific Ocean, Jennifer was being hugged and kissed feverishly by George Allen.

Across the seemingly endless expanse of water the couple lay before, the sun was just disappearing beyond the horizon. Jennifer, her lithe arms wrapped around the boy's neck, hardly noticed.

"The beach is completely deserted," George protested. The same age as Jennifer, he was her steady boyfriend and had been since the beginning of summer vacation. "Hell, it's almost dark anyway."

And, with that, the dark-haired boy suddenly slid his hand under the top of Jennifer's bikini top and squeezed one of her firm tits. The young girl stiffened with a muffled little gasp at the touch of his hand on her bare flesh, her pink nipples -- which were the size of walnuts -- hardening instantly.

"Oh, George!" she whispered hotly into his ear. "You know I can't resist it when you start!"

Covering Jennifer's mouth warmly with his own, the boy reached around and quickly unhooked the top of her bikini. He pulled it away from her well-tanned body, then tossed it beside them on the sand.

"I've just got to kiss, your tits!" George breathed, working his way down along her sleek throat.

While Jennifer lay on her back trembling with excitement, her boyfriend nuzzled his face into the damp cleft of her bare tits. He sucked and kissed wetly at her naked flesh, then nibbled gently at the pretty teenager's swollen nipples -- first one, and then the other -- until Jennifer was shaking uncontrollably.

"You're making me shiver all over!" the young blond sighed dreamily. It was then that she noticed the throbbing bulge in the crotch of George's bathing suit. She giggled. "God, your dick's straining to stand up!"

Reaching down, Jennifer squeezed George's crotch with her small hand. She felt his stiffened cock jerk wildly, heard the boy's breath catch in his throat with a half-choked gasp. Eagerly, she started pulling at his rigid meat with her slender fingers.

Just as eagerly, George slid a hand down the front of Jennifer's white bikini bottoms and cupped the plump bulge of her hairy cunt. With the flat part of his thumb pressed to her exquisitely sensitive clit, he deftly separated her slick cuntlips and probed up into her tight pussy with his fingers.

"I guess there's no one around," Jennifer said shakily, looking up and down the empty beach to make certain. "Get me naked, and then screw my brains out! You've got me too horny to even think straight!"

Without any further encouragement, George hooked his thumbs in the waistband of Jennifer's bikini bottoms and tugged them down. Sitting up, he pulled the skimpy garment over her feet and tossed it beside her white halter top.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy first?" the boy asked as he stripped off his own bathing suit. "I'll eat you and then fuck you. How's that sound?"

"It sounds great!" Jennifer smiled brightly.

Lying naked on the blanket on the beach, the slender girl raised her knees and spread her shapely thighs as wide as she could. The pink slash of her young cunt parted wetly, her thick cuntlips so swollen that they protruded lewdly.

"I can see straight up your snatch!" George laughed, kneeling between his horny girlfriend's legs. He ran his hands up the contours of her bare inner thighs, his fingers kneading her smooth flesh. "Christ, your cunt's just sopping wet!"

"Well, lick it!" Jennifer giggled impishly, anxious to feel the boy's mouth between her legs. "Suck my pussy really good!"

With his fingertips, George pulled the girl's glistening cuntlips still wider apart. Then, lingeringly, he began to kiss at the pink surfaces they presented.

"That's it!" the young blond moaned, shivering wildly. "Kiss my pussy all over! Ummm! I love having your mouth on my twat! I just love it! Lick it inside, George! Lick my cunt out!"

Smacking his lips noisily, the naked boy kissed and licked at Jennifer's gaping pussy with a fervor of lust. He slid his tongue up into her tight snatch and probed eagerly, his face tight against her hairy crotch. No amateur at sucking Jennifer's dripping cunt, he flicked his tongue across the girl's erect clit every few seconds and made her gasp with delight.

Jennifer was soon squirming her bate ass around on the blanket, the firm muscles in her sweaty thighs tensing and untensing as George ate her throbbing pussy.

"Lick my cunt right up the middle!" the wiggling girl moaned hoarsely, sweat beading on her smooth forehead. She kept opening and closing her mouth as she gulped for air, her whole body shuddering with wanton pleasure. "Suck my pussy as hard as you can, George! Ohhhh God! It feels like you've got my entire cunt in your mouth! Suck it! Eat me until I come, George! Bring me off with your mouth!"

On his knees between her parted thighs, the boy lapped his tongue slowly up the length of Jennifer's juicy snatch. He kissed and licked at her tingling clit for a few long seconds, then worked his way back down along her trembling cuntlips.

Using his fingers to hold her pink pussy open, the boy then speared his tongue as far as it would reach into the girl's pulsating cunt-hole.

Groaning with the lust mounting in her, Jennifer jerked her naked ass up off the blanket and began rubbing her hairy cunt into George's face.

"Shove your tongue farther up my twat!" Jennifer urged hotly. "Ohhhhh! It feels so good! My cunt's throbbing like crazy! Even my nipples are tingling! Do it some more, George! Don't stop eating me out!"

Her boyfriend sucked at her pussy frenziedly, his lips and tongue working wildly. Every time he moved back to her clit, he'd nibble at it until Jennifer was quaking from head to toe with raging passion.

Jennifer's oily juices spilled from her swollen snatch in a slick tickle that drenched the boy's face repeatedly, the excess running down into the crack of her wriggling ass and coating her tight asshole.

"Stay on my clit for a while!" the naked teenaged girl groaned, her blue eyes clouded over with the lust ripping through her loins. "Suck my clit until I come! Nibble at it! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Bite it a little! Ohhhhhh God! George, you're turning my pussy inside out with your tongue!"

Centering his attention on the tiny pink nub of Jennifer's clit, George kissed and, sucked at it with wild abandon. He used his teeth gently on it, as she had asked him to, and her response was overwhelming.

For Jennifer, shuddering violently already, began jerking up off the blanket frantically, every smooth muscle in her supple body straining to the breaking point. She gasped and groaned nonstop, her sharp cries of ecstasy shrilling through the still night air.

"It's almost too much to take!" Jennifer croaked with a rasping heave. "I'm ready to explode! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh God! My pussy's tingling something fierce! My whole cunt's on fire! Ohhh!"

Wallowing in the girl's flowing wetness, George burrowed his face still deeper in her pulsing cunt while he mouthed her distended clit.

And then Jennifer, with a lurching heave that crushed her crotch still more into the boy's face, let out a strangled sob and kicked her slender legs straight out.

"I'm coming!" she gasped, the spasms of her orgasm exploding again and again in the pink depths of her cunt. "Uhhhhh! Lick me, George! Suck my twat while I come! Ohhhh God! God! It feels so damn good! I'm coming my ass off! Suck my pussy harder!"

Squirming and thrashing on the blanket, Jennifer kept working her cunt into George's sucking mouth with a frenzy. She wanted every ounce of stabbing pleasure that she could get, and her boyfriend made sure that she got it.

"Don't stop eating my twat!" Jennifer gurgled. "Suck my cunt until I can't even move! God, I keep coming and coming! Uhhh! Ohhhh! I love it! I love the way you're licking my snatch! Ohhhhh God!"

Finally, with a last panting groan, the shapely girl settled back onto the blanket. She lay with her forearm across her eyes, her breathing still coming hard and fast.

"Did you come?" George asked with a knowing smile. "Did you get your nut, Jennifer?"

"What do you think?" the girl laughed softly, trying to catch her breath.

"What I think, is that you need a good fucking," George said, and climbed between the young blond's sweaty thighs with his hard cock leading the way. "And I'm just the one to give it to you!"

Jennifer tensed slightly when she felt George's rigid prick press against her dripping cunt. She opened her legs wider for him, cradling the muscular boy between her hot thighs.

Guiding his solid cook with his hand, George worked the fleshy head of it into his girlfriend's tight pussy and shoved forward with his hips.

"Ohhhh God!" Jennifer moaned with pleasure when George's throbbing cock slid fully into her wet cunt. "Push it in there! Ram your big dick up me! I can't believe how good it feels!"

Rocking back and forth slightly, it was an easy matter for the boy to push his cock right to the hilt in Jennifer's gaping snatch. He ground his crotch into her, pushing forward until the hard base of his prick was tight against the shapely girl's erect clit.

"Your pussy seems to get tighter every time I shove my dick up it!" George breathed, sliding his hands under the girl's bare ass. "And wetter!"

With his hairy balls dangling down against Jennifer's sweaty asscheeks, the naked boy slowly started sliding his cock in and out of her slippery pink cunt. He pushed his rigid meat deeper in her snatch with each successive thrust of his hips, his cock plowing into Jennifer until she was groaning with unbridled pleasure.

The slender girl could feel her slick cunt sucking at George's pistoning cock, the wet friction it produced making both of them shiver. She hooked her heels behind the boy's legs, then started pushing her crotch out to meet his hammering cock-thrusts.

"Do it faster!" Jennifer moaned, wiggling her naked ass wildly. "Fuck me faster, George! Push your dick up my cunt as fast as possible! Ohhh! Ohhhhhh! God, your dick's so damn hard! I can feel it twitching like mad in my pussy! I really can! Uhhhhh!"

Relentlessly, the solidly built boy pounded his meaty prick into Jennifer's wetly gripping snatch. He pushed it as deep as it would reach in her tight cunt, reaming her out with every solid inch of his hard and very thick cock.

Groaning with passion, Jennifer worked to take her boyfriend's plunging prick yet deeper in her quivering cunt, her ass and hips and thighs straining as she pumped beneath him. She could feel the slick juices from her cunt running down into the crack of her ass, could feel George's rigid prick cleaving all the way into her snatch.

"Harder, harder, harder!" the squirming girl panted. "Fuck me senseless! Use your stiff dick on me till I can't even walk! Ohhhhh! Shove your cock deeper! Uhhh! Uhhhhh!"

With his bare chest pressed tightly to Jennifer's warm tits, George slammed his cock up her slippery pussy with everything he had. He squeezed her squirming ass with both hands while he fucked her, his fingers digging into her soft flesh and leaving red marks.

It was obvious that the harder he rammed his prick into Jennifer's wet pussy, the better she liked it, so he drove his meat into the girl's twat with all his might.

"Yes, yes!" Jennifer encouraged the boy. "God, yes! Screw the shit out of me! Ohhhhh! Give it to me really good! Give me a humping I'll never forget! I want it even harder! Ohhhh God! Uhhh! Uhhhh! My pussy's dripping juice all down the insides of my legs! You're getting me wetter than ever!"

"Damn, you're not kidding!" George gasped, pistoning his cock into the pretty girl's pussy. "Your cunt's as sloppy wet as I've ever seen it!"

With one driving thrust of his prick after another, George crammed his meat right up to his balls in Jennifer's throbbing twat.

He clutched at her straining ass with his hands, handing onto her for dear life as she lurched and pumped underneath him. And then, his crotch grinding into hers so hard that the girl's clit was being flattened and pummeled, the boy's fingers found her twitch asshole.

"Ahhhhh God!" Jennifer rasped, stiffening when George rammed two fingers at the same time into her pulsing rectum. "Push your fingers farther up ray butt! Ohhhh! Finger my asshole good and hard! Deeper, George, push your fingers deeper!"

Wiggling his fingers around in the groaning girl's taut asshole, George kept cramming his solid cock into her young snatch with steadily harder thrusts. He reamed her slick pussy out as best he could, his hips churning up and down as he pumped between her sweaty thighs.

Jennifer could feel the blanket sliding around in the sand under her ass, her entire body alive with the tingling sensations that coursed through her naked loins. Panting for breath, she threw her hairy cunt up to George repeatedly, grinding her crotch into his as she took his prick as deep in her hot cunthole as she could get it.

The trembling young blond gasped, "George, you're screwing the piss out of my pussy! Goddamn, it's the best fucking I've ever had! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! It just feels so good when your dick slides straight up my cunt! And you're driving me wild with your fingers up my asshole!"

The wet suction of Jennifer's pulsating cunt gripped George's cock tightly as it plunged into her, the girl's swollen cuntlips caressing his meat front tip to base.

With her rubbery ass jerking up off the blanket only to drop back down, the supple-bodied girl pumped as fast and as hard as possible. The whole length of her body was pressed to George's, her firm tits against his chest and her yielding thighs clamped to his.

"I'm really close!" Jennifer managed to groan. "I'm going to come any time now! I can feel my cunt beginning to tighten up around your dick! Ohhhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhhhh! Fuck me harder! Ream my cunt out with your hard cock! Ohhhh God! My clit won't stop throbbing!"

The first rippling tremor of Jennifer's climax made the slick passage of her snatch contract wetly around George's ramming prick, her wet asshole at the same time tightening around his fingers.

"Faster, George, faster!" the pretty blond blurted suddenly. "I'm coming! Push your cock still deeper! Ohhhhhh!"

George's throbbing prick jerked wildly in Jennifer's young snatch, and then a brief second after his cum surged into her. He groaned with the sensation as his hot sperm jetted into the girl's climaxing cunt, his rampant thrusts growing even more frantic than before.

"I can feel you shooting off in me!" Jennifer moaned, her small hands clawing at her boyfriend's shoulders and back. "You're filling my pussy with cum! Ohhhh! Keep fucking me! Fuck the hell out of my snatch! Ohhhhh God! I'm coming like a maniac! Harder, ram your dick up my cunt harder!"

Locked together in an embrace of pure passion, Jennifer and George pumped and ground against each other feverishly, thigh to thigh and crotch to crotch. And then, with a shuddering flurry of groans and sighs and panting moans, the two of them finally lay still.

Along the deserted beach, only the sound of the breaking surf could be heard.

Chapter TWO

It was well after dark when Jennifer wiggled back into her bikini, tossed her suntan lotion and sunglasses into her straw purse, and then rolled up her blanket and towel.

"You go ahead without me," she told George as she kissed him goodbye. "I've got a pussy full of your cum, so I'm going to run up to the beach house and take a quick shower before going home."

"I'll call you later tonight," the boy promised. "Behave yourself."

The small beach house that Jennifer headed for belonged to her Uncle Herbert. A hideaway of sorts that stood a good distance from the other houses on the beach, it was tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished. And, because the girl's wealthy uncle almost never used the beach house himself, Jennifer could come and go as she pleased.

And so it was a surprise to her, when she stepped in and closed the front door behind her, to discover her Uncle Herbert sitting on the living room couch with his shoes and jacket off. A large man in his forties, well-barbered and well-tailored, he smiled at Jennifer warmly.

"Oh!" the pretty blond said, putting all that she carried on a nearby chair. "I didn't expect to find you here, Uncle Herb."

"I was in the neighborhood," he told her, standing. His smile showed perfectly even -- and obviously capped front teeth, his face tanned but somewhat weathered. "Did you have a good time on the beach?"

Unsure of what her uncle might have witnessed, Jennifer answered vaguely, "It was a nice day. I had a lot of fun."

"I'll bet," her Uncle Herbert laughed easily. He moved closer to his pretty niece, his eyes taking in the girl's slender body. "Christ, you're becoming quite a woman -- look at the knockers on you!"

Blushing furiously, Jennifer turned away self-consciously. "Uncle Herb, really! I can't believe you'd say such a thing!"

Her embarrassment only increased when she felt the man's arms suddenly encircle her slim waist. He pulled her to him, pressing her round little ass back into his crotch, and then kissed the nape of her neck wetly. Too shocked to react, Jennifer stood frozen while her uncle's large hands roamed the gentle hollows and curves of her supple body.

"What are you doing?" the pretty girl gasped. "My God, you're my uncle! Stop it!"

Ignoring Jennifer's protests, the big man pulled her down onto the couch with him. Lying beside her, he unhooked her bikini, top and peeled it away from her firm tits. Then, forcing her onto her back, he began sucking wildly at her rubbery nipples.

"Stop it!" Jennifer breathed, trembling. "I don't want this to happen! Please, Uncle Herb! I don't like this!"

But the man grabbed the edge of her bikini briefs and pushed them down to her dimpled knees. Sliding his leg in between hers, he then used his foot to push the skimpy swim suit the rest of the way down. A moment later, he slid his hand up between Jennifer's bare brown thighs and cupped her juicy cunt.

"Please let me go!" the naked girl cried, tears beginning to sting her big blue eyes. "I don't want you to rape me!"

"Quit playing the young innocent!" her Uncle Herbert snapped. "Hell, I saw that kid fucking you down on the beach. You were loving it!"

Trying to keep her slender legs clamped together, Jennifer sniffled, "But that was my boyfriend!"

The large man shook his head disgustedly. "Listen -- who took care of you and your mother after your father died and left you nothing? I did. And who still gives your mother enough money so that neither of you will starve? Again, I do. Do you think your mother makes enough as a clerk in that grocery store to support the two of you? Hell, no, she doesn't! I pay the bills, and don't you forget it!"

"And -- and we appreciate it," Jennifer said as calmly as she could. "But that doesn't give you the right to just rape me when you feel like it! I'm not some piece of meat that you bought and paid for!"

"The subject's closed," Uncle Herbert said after a long moment.

Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly, the girls uncle quickly pushed his pants and shorts down out of the way. His stiffened cock was truly enormous, a jutting rod of rigid flesh that throbbed wildly with anticipation. Then, without even bothering to take his shirt and tie off, he started to climb on top of his naked niece.

"No!" Jennifer shrieked, and took the moment to lurch away from him. She slid off the couch and away from the man's grasp, her bare ass landing on the carpet with a thump. "Stay away from me, you bastard!"

Quaking with gear, the pretty blond scrambled to her hands and knees and tried to crawl away from her uncle. But, almost instantly, the large man pounced on Jennifer's naked back and pinned her to the floor.

"You'll kill me with that huge dick of yours!" the slender girl cried out, her arms and legs flailing as she was pressed face down against the carpet. "You're mashing me!"

Jennifer's uncle worked his hips up between her damp thighs until just the bulbous head of his prick slipped into the wet opening her cuntlips formed. He held her down while he shoved his thick cock all the way up her tight pussy, his effort making the girl groan and cry all the harder.

"Lay still, damn you!" Uncle Herbert ordered with a stinging slap to Jennifer's wiggling bare ass. "You'll get worse than that if you don't quit fighting!"

And, with Jennifer struggling in vain, the big man began pistoning his mammoth cock into her cunt from behind. The shaft of his prick was so thick that it stretched the girl's cunt wide open, his meat glutting her with more hardness than she'd ever felt in her young life.

Slowly, the sexy blond stopped kicking and crying, her tears drying on her smooth cheeks as the pain in her crotch gradually turned to pleasure. The feel of Uncle Herbert's throbbing cock sliding in and out of her pussy soon had her trembling with excitement, her cunt-hole filling with juice.

"Don't be afraid to pump your ass!" the man told her, pushing his prick still deeper in Jennifer's slippery snatch. "I know you want to! You're breathing fast already, you horny little cunt!"

Clutching at the carpet with both hands, Jennifer gasped, "Go screw yourself, Uncle Herb! I hate what you're doing to me! It feels lousy! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! I hate it!"

To the contrary, though, the wriggling teen groaned with delight every time her uncle's stiff cock rammed into the depths of her pink cunt, her whole body shaking with lust while he fucked her. She could feel her slippery pussy grabbing wetly at the man's plunging prick, the bushy hair that covered her crotch sopping with her slick juices.

Her throbbing clit hardened even more as it was ground into the carpet, the passion building in Jennifer's naked loins completely overwhelming the young girl.

"You bastard, I can't fight it!" Jennifer groaned hoarsely, her eyes closed to slits. "My pussy's melting! Ohhhhh God! Ohhhh! Your dick's driving me wild! Push it deeper! Ream my cunt out with your huge cock!"

Squirming uncontrollably, the naked blond began pushing her sweaty ass back into her Uncle Herbert's crotch and taking his long prick as deep as she could in her tight cunt. She gasped with the sensation as his meat pistoned still faster into her lush snatch, her concern now only for the shattering climax she was being rushed towards.

"Fuck me harder, damn you!" the panting teenager moaned. "Fill my pussy to bursting with your stiff dick! I want to feel it stabbing all the way up my cunt! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Ohhhhh God! You're screwing me silly! Harder, harder, harder!"

The large man slammed his solid cock into Jennifer's dripping pussy with thrusts that made her shudder, his hairy balls bouncing around and slapping into the swollen underside of her cunt.

Shuddering with ecstasy, Jennifer worked her slim hips up and down feverishly, her knees digging into the carpet as she pumped. Her bare ass wiggled around in a tight, jerky circle, the firm backs of her shapely thighs rounded tautly.

"Shove your cock deeper!" the horny blond gasped breathlessly, her hairy pussy pulsing with sensation. "Ohhhhh! It feels so fucking good! Do it faster! Cram your dick up my cunt as hard as possible! Uhhh! Uhhh! My cunt's just gushing juice! Ohhhhh!"

Uncle Herbert, his breath hot against the back of Jennifer's neck, slid his hands up along her slender middle and then cupped the girl's bare tits from behind.

When his fingers closed around her swollen nipples, Jennifer stiffened with a low moan and started squirming as if someone had touched a match to her. She writhed frantically beneath her uncle, her ass and thighs and hips jerking with an urgency that only became more deliciously intense.

"I knew you'd love it!" Uncle Herbert said between groaning gasps. "I could tell you'd love having my big cock in your cunt! Hell, you fuck like a maniac!"

Her silky flesh dotted with sweat, the pretty girl took every thick inch of her uncle's stabbing prick into her tight snatch and wanted still more. She kept thrusting her sweaty ass back into his hairy crotch so that his cock cleaved yet farther up her juicy twat, her hot cunt-walls quivering as his rigid meat slid between them.

"I'm shaking all over!" Jennifer rasped. "Keep slamming your big hairy dick up my snatch! Screw the piss out of me! Ohhhh! Ohhh God! Squeeze my titties till they tingle! Uhhh! Uhhhh!"

With his groin pressed tightly against his young niece's wriggling ass, the large man pistoned his cock into her snatch with a fury of motion. He drove his throbbing prick right to his nuts in Jennifer's sopping pussy with every ramming thrust forward of his hips, his body straining as he worked to shove his meat still deeper.

Sprawled on her stomach on the carpet, Jennifer spread her damp thighs wider and arched her slender back. As her ass rounded, the slick passage of her pink cunt was tipped upward slightly, the greater angle letting Uncle Herbert's long prick slide yet farther into her tightening cunt-hole.

"You're going to make me come!" the naked teen groaned, her clit tingling and pulsing uncontrollably. "Ohhhhh! Faster, faster, faster! I'm going to get my nuts off! Ohhhhh! Here it comes! Faster, Uncle Herb, fuck me faster! Make me come with your hard dick."

Uncle Herb hammered his quivering cock into Jennifer's wetly gripping cunt with a near-maniacal rage of passion. He pounded his meaty prick into her pussy from behind with every ounce of his strength, pistoning the full length of his thick cock-shaft into her until the girl was groaning and sobbing and grabbing at the carpet wildly.

With a sudden gurgling cry, the sweaty girl tensed right to the tips of her pretty toes. The pulsating walls of her tight snatch contracted around her uncle's stabbing cock with a series of wet tugs, her climax searing through the moist tissues of her cunt-hole.

"Uhhhhhh!" Jennifer moaned, her pussy spasming as she came. "Pound your cock up my cunt! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Do it faster! Do it harder! Ram your dick up my pussy with all your might! Ohhhh God! I'm coming like crazy! My whole crotch is throbbing!"

Her uncle's thick cum suddenly geysered into her trembling cunt, his spurting cock twitching like mad. Jennifer moaned even louder as her slick pussy was filled with the hot liquid, her tightening cunthole squeezing it from Uncle Herbert's prick.

"Give me all your cum!" she urged shakily, her body quaking with the flood of sudden relief that rippled through her loins. "Shoot your rocks off in my twat! Uhhhhh! Ohhhhh God! God! God! I love the way your cum feels squirting up my cunt! Ohhhhh!"

Pumping furiously, the large man hammered his jerking cock into Jennifer's glistening snatch until the last hot stream of his sperm spurted into her. Then, shuddering violently, he collapsed on her sweaty back with a quiet sigh.

"Ohhhhh God!" Jennifer breathed weakly, sprawled beneath him. "My cunt's still tingling! I thought I'd never stop coming!"

With a short laugh, Uncle Herbert slid his sticky prick out of his pretty niece's cum-filled twat and rolled over on the carpet beside her. He stroked the gentle curve of her naked spine, his hand gliding down until he was gently squeezing her sweaty ass.

"All that fighting for nothing," the man smiled.

"You enjoyed that hump even more than I did, I'll bet."

Jennifer glared at him. "Don't flatter yourself," she told him, "I may have liked what you did to me, but that doesn't mean that I hate you any less. Just because, you know how to use, your cock doesn't make you any better than any other rapist around. You're still a pig!"

Apparently unconcerned, the girl's uncle gave her a playful slap on the ass and said, "It's time for a shower. Come on, we'll have one together." And he grabbed Jennifer's hand and led the reluctant girl into the bathroom.

Sliding the shower curtain back, he turned on and then adjusted, the spray of water. He finished tripping the rest of his clothes off, then got into the tub and pulled Jennifer in with him. He pulled the curtain closed.

"It's too hot!" the naked girl complained, facing the shower with her uncle standing behind her. She reached down and readjusted the water. "There, that's better."

"Take the soap and wash nay dick off," Uncle Herbert told her. "Then I'll wash your cunt for you."

Picking up the soap and turning to her naked uncle, Jennifer said tartly, "I can wash my own cunt. I've been doing it all my life."

With the soap in her hand, she started lathering up her Uncle Herbert's hairy cock and balls. She worked the soap around in a circle, trying to touch his flaccid prick as little as possible. While she washed the man's crotch, he fondled her bare tits, his fingers pulling at her pink nipples.

"Play with my cock," he told her. "Get it hard again."

The spray of water dancing along her slender spine, Jennifer started sliding her soapy hand up and down along Uncle Herbert's long prick. It wasn't more than a couple of minutes later when his cock began stiffening under her slim fingers, his fleshy cockhead growing blood red as his cock-shaft began to stand.

She cupped his hairy balls with her other hand, her own excitement mounting as she gave the man a throbbing hard-on.

"Move aside now," Uncle Herbert said when his prick was as rigidly stiff as could be. When Jennifer stepped out of the way, the man slowly rinsed all the soap off of his crotch. Then, grabbing the girl roughly by her blond hair, he ordered, "Get down on your knees..."

Jennifer stammered, "But I've never sucked a guy's cock before. I can't even imagine putting it in my mouth! Really, I don't want to!"

"Get on your knees!" the man commanded thinly. "You'll catch on quick enough."

Slowly, the naked teen dropped to her knees on the bottom of the tub. She stared at the huge cock that stood twitching before her, the thick shaft of it purpled with pulsing veins and the swollen head of it throbbing away. With the shower raining down on her shoulders and back, she reached up and took her uncle's hard prick in her hand.

"Suck it, for God's sake!" Uncle Herbert barked. "Don't be afraid of it! Just put it in your mouth!"

Still, Jennifer hesitated. Finally, she said with a tremor in her voice, "I'll do it, but only if you promise not to come while I'm sucking you. I don't want to get a mouthful of cum."

"Alright, alright!" the man who towered over her said in exasperation. "I'll hold off as long as I can. Then you can finish by jacking me off."

Closing her pretty blue eyes, the naked girl leaned forward and kissed lightly at her uncle's stiffened prick. She felt it jerk at the touch of her moist lips, so she squeezed his cock-shaft harder with her small hand.

"That feels good!" the large man breathed. "Now, damn it, suck my dick."

Jennifer slowly took her uncle's upright cock into her mouth, her wet lips stretched wide around the huge tip of it. Holding his rigid cock-shaft still tighter with her hand, she gradually worked her mouth down until she had Uncle Herbert's prick almost touching the back of her throat.

Then she started sucking his cock noisily, her lips pulling at his meat as she blew him.

"That's it!" Uncle Herbert groaned, trembling as he stood under the shower. "Use your tongue, too! Go ahead!"

With more eagerness than she was willing to admit, Jennifer let her uncle's solid cock slide back out of her mouth until she could get at his cockhead with her tongue. She darted her moist tongue back and forth across his big prick while she sucked, the feel of his cock in her mouth exciting her tremendously.

As her fear of getting a mouthful of cum faded, it was replaced with a desire to actually taste the man's hot sperm, and Jennifer soon found herself hurrying her uncle towards a spurting climax.

"Christ, I'll never be able to hold back at this rate!" the man gasped, leaning against the tiled wall to steady himself. "You're sucking my dick right down your throat!"

"Don't you dare come in my mouth!" Jennifer said around his prick, at the same time trying to make him do just that. "I mean it! Don't shoot off while I'm blowing you!"

Cupping his balls with her free hand, the girl squeezed them gently. She started bobbing her pretty head up and down furiously, her uncle's throbbing cock sliding in and out between her lips as quickly as possible.

She sucked frantically, her tongue all the while licking wetly at the man's pulsing prick. With her hand, she began jacking him off as fast as she could, squeezing and pulling at his cock-shaft until he was panting for breath.

"I'm telling you, I can't hold it back!" Uncle Herbert groaned, his legs shaking as his niece repeatedly swallowed his rigid cock. "I can already feel my nuts tightening up! Uhhh! I'm getting real close to shooting my wad!"

Her lips slurping loudly, Jennifer managed to gasp, "Don't do it! I really mean it!"

She lapped her moist tongue all along his hard cock as she sucked him off, her head jerking up and down still faster. Taking the swollen head of his prick right to the back of her throat, the slender girl kept jacking him off feverishly.

Moaning as his kneeling niece mouthed his prick, Uncle Herbert started pumping his hips back aid forth slowly. He pushed his cock as far as it would go into Jennifer's mouth, his breathing becoming still more erratic.

With her nipples grazing the man's thighs, the young girl pressed herself against his legs and sucked yet more eagerly on his upright prick.

"Here it comes!" Jennifer's uncle rasped. "I'm dumping my load! God, don't stop sucking! Don't stop!"

Quaking with lust, Jennifer tightened her lips around Uncle Herbert's wildly twitching prick. The first hot spurt of his cum squirted straight down her throat, the jetting streams that followed filling her mouth to the brim with pearly liquid.

"It feels like I'm coming a quart!" her uncle shuddered, his cock shooting again and again. "Suck it, Jenny! Suck the cum right out of my nuts!"

Intent on doing just that, the lithe teenager gulped down her uncle's sticky sperm as quickly as it poured from his prick, her lips sucking wildly so as not to miss a drop. She swallowed the thick ribbons of cum hungrily, her small hand still jerking up and down frantically as she jacked the man off.

"That's the end of it," Uncle Herbert moaned, sagging against the tiled wall. "Christ, what a great blow job! I've met whores that couldn't suck a dick as well as you."

Sliding her mouth away from the large man's cock, Jennifer stood up shakily. The hot spray of water cascaded down on her, quickly washing away the film of sweat that had fanned on her young body.

"Me you, through with me?" Jennifer asked her uncle dryly. "Can I towel off and go home now?"

"Not just yet." The man showed his perfectly even teeth in a grin. "I've got something else in mind."

The "something else" he had in mind, Jennifer discovered about twenty minutes later. With his enormous cock standing straight again, he made the sexy teenager get on her knees on the couch and lean over the back of it so that her bare ass was thrust out obscenely.

Sliding his fingers up into her slippery pussy, the man said, "Spread your knees wider." He pushed two fingers at the same time straight up Jennifer's hairy snatch, then wiggled them around inside of her. "That's a good girl."

Jennifer tensed when Uncle Herbert climbed up behind her and knelt between her parted legs. She felt the man's stiff prick, brush the back of her thigh as he positioned himself, then felt his hands spread the rubbery cheeks of her outthrust ass.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she asked, a shiver of fear racing through her. "Don't do that!"

But her uncle poked first one, and then another finger up Jennifer's taut asshole and probed deeply. He stretched her puckered anal slot open slightly as if testing the elasticity of the girl's tight asshole, and then slid his fingers back out. Only briefly, he rubbed his cock along her cunt.

"Brace yourself," he told her, pressing the tip of his cock -- now slick with Jennifer's flowing cunt-juices -- against her throbbing asshole. "It's going to be a tight fit!"

"It hurts!" Jennifer cried out when her Uncle Herbert started forcing his thick prick up into her quivering rectum. "Damn it, your dick's killing my little asahole!"

Grunting and panting, the large man slowly shoved his massive cock into his naked niece's twitching asshole until he was buried to the hilt in her rectum. It took a lot of pushing and a lot of groaning, but finally every inch of his prick was encased by Jennifer's wet anal passage.

"Goddamn, that burns!" the girl cried again, her whole body shaking uncontrollably. She gripped the back of the couch until her knuckles turned white, the sensation in her asshole one of overfuliness. "Your cock's just too big!"

Unmindful of the lithe teen's groaning cries, Uncle Herbert began working his huge cock in and out of her tightly-gripping rectum. He shoved his meat up her ass with steadily harder thrusts, his cock caressed from head to base by her pulsating asshole.

Jennifer clenched her teeth and held onto the couch, her expression showing the pain she felt. Her slippery asshole sucked wetly at her uncle's hard prick, the puckered ring of brown flesh stretched around his cock-shaft.

"I can't believe you're doing this to me." Jennifer gasped, her mouth hanging open. "My little butt's sore as hell! Uhhh! Uhhhh! And your dick's stabbing so deep! It's filling my asshole right up!"

The man rammed his stiffened cock still harder into the young girl's tight rectum, his hips whipping back and forth with increasing urgency.

Gulping air through her mouth, Jennifer could feel her uncle's long prick sliding all the way up her sweaty ass with every pump of his hips, her taut asshole throbbing nonstop. She groaned until she was hoarse, her thighs straining as Uncle Herbert reamed out her young bottom.

"Uhhhh!" she gasped, shivering. "God, it's starting to feel good! Ohhhh! Push your dick a little deeper! Deeper! Shove your cock up my ass harder! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! My pussy's dripping!"

The pink slash of Jennifer's swollen cunt glistened with moisture, her hairy crotch drenched with wetness. Her hot juices spilled down the bate insides of her thighs as her uncle hammered his cock up her ass, the excitement she felt growing more unmanageable by the moment.

"Fuck my ass faster! Ram your dick up my asshole as fast as you can! Ohhhhh! It's really good! Even my cunt's quivering like mad! Shove your dick deeper!"

Uncle Herbert gripped Jennifer's wiggling hips and pulled her bare ass into his crotch. He held her while he pistoned the full length of his solid cock relentlessly into her wet rectum, his cock-shaft sliding in and out of her tight asshole and making lewd sucking sounds.

"Your butt's tighter than a vise!" the big man grunted, the fleshy head of his prick jabbing up into the girl's trembling bowels. "It's sucking on my cock like a vacuum cleaner! Christ!"

While he fucked his blond niece's clenching asshole, the man slid his hands around and grabbed her plump crotch. He squeezed her cunt warmly, his fingers stabbing up into her.

Jennifer was lost in the lust coursing through her loins, her head tossing from side to side as she pushed her asshole out at her uncle's prick. Every pistoning stab of his cock made her moan with delight, the feel of his hands on her cunt only adding to her pleasure.

"Push your fingers farther up my twat!" the young girl urged. "Finger my cunt really good! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Bring me off while you're fucking my asshole raw! Ohhhh God! Ohhh! I love it when your cock spears up my butt! It feels so obscene! Uhhh! Slide your fingers around in my cunt more! Squeeze my pussy with both hands!"

The girl held onto the back of the couch tightly, her fingers digging into the fabric. She wriggled her bare ass back and forth and around and around, her hot asshole grabbing at her uncle's plunging prick.

With one ramming thrust after another, Uncle Herbert crammed his cock into his niece's rectum furiously. He pounded his prick into her ass like a jackhammer, filling her slick anal passage with throbbing male hardness that seemed to grow even stiffer.

"Squeeze my cunt hard!" Jennifer panted, her knees sinking into the couch cushions. "Make me come! Ohhhh! Your big hairy dick feels so good jabbing up my ass! My asshole's twitching! Uhhh! Push your dick farther up my butt! Give me an ass-fucking I'll always remember! Ohhhhh God! I want to feel your cum squirting up my butt!"

Pumping frantically, the pretty teen's uncle slammed his prick into her slippery asshole as hard as he could. His wiggling fingers kept gouging up into her swollen cunt, his thumbs working feverishly at her erect clit.

"Oh, I'm starting to come!" Jennifer cried out, the muscles in her firm thighs beginning to tense. "Yes, yes! I'm going to come! Harder, Uncle, fuck my ass harder! Keep playing with my snatch! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Drive your huge cock straight up my asshole! Ohhhhh!"

The young girl's pulsing rectum clamped shut with the onset of her cunt-busting climax, her asshole gripping Uncle Herbert's pistoning cock snugly. She felt the man's prick quivering violently, then a moment later felt his milky sperm gush into her bowels.

"Ohhh, is that wild!" the sexy blond groaned, her body snapping taut. "I can feel your cum shooting up my butt! Ohhhh! I'm coming so much! My pussy's pulsating like anything! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Keep pounding your dick up my asshole! Harder!"

Pressed to the back of the couch, Jennifer gasped and sobbed as her naked uncle hammered his squirting cock into her asshole. She felt his hands rubbing and squeezing her hairy cunt, his thumbs massaging her tingling clit until she was ready to topple over with the shuddering spasms passing over her.

"Don't stop!" Jennifer gurgled, alive with desire. "Fuck my asshole ragged! Make me come and come and come! Ohhhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! It feels so damn good! It's just unbelievable! Harder, Uncle Herb, ram your dick up my ass even harder! I want you to fuck my ass off! Ohhhhh God!"

Chapter THREE

"Well, I can't tell my mother about it," Jennifer said quietly to Debbie Spangler, her closest friend, the next afternoon. The two slender girls sat alone in Debbie's living room, talking openly since no one else was home. "It'd kill her to know that her own brother raped me."

"I'm sure it would," Debbie nodded. She was a cute, almost too -- thin girl with pitch black hair, her blouse tight and her jeans tighter still. She asked, "Did it hurt when he fucked you?"

In denim shorts and a halter top, Jennifer settled lazily into the large sofa. "It did at first," she answered, remembering. "But then, I just couldn't get enough of the bastard's huge cock. It was really huge, too!"

"I'm actually getting horny just hearing about it," the dark-haired girl giggled.

"My pussy's still sore," Jennifer continued. "Mostly though, it's my asshole that still hurts. I think he ripped it wide open. I'm telling you, his dick was mammoth!"

"Well, pull your shorts down," Debbie said suddenly, "and I'll check to see if you're all right."

Jennifer glanced at her pretty friend significantly. Since the two girls had often spent the night together at one or the other's house, giggling and wrestling around under the blankets, there was little they had not done to one another. When Debbie walked to the couch, Jennifer unsnapped the front of her denim shorts and pushed them down around her slim ankles.

"My cunt's really sensitive," the sexy blond said. "Just look at how swollen up it is."

Perched on the edge of the sofa and staring into Jennifer's gaping pink snatch from only inches away, Debbie nodded. "It sure is." The young brunette reached out and gently touched Jennifer's faintly quivering clit with just a fingertip. "Does that hurt?" she asked.

"Ummmm!" Jennifer couldn't help giggling. "Not exactly. Keep doing it, though."

"Do you like it?" the dark-haired girl asked, plucking at Jennifer's sweet pink clit with her fingertips. Debbie's breathing slowly grew more uneven as she played with the other girl's wet cunt. "Does it feel good, Jenny?"

"I'll say," Jennifer sighed, settling even more comfortably into the plush sofa she was sprawled on. "But I think your tongue would probably feel even better."

Taking her cue from the half-naked blond teenager, Debbie leaned over and began kissing wetly at the girl's distended clit. She nibbled at it lightly, teasing, and then started working her eager tongue down into the slick cleft of Jennifer's swollen snatch. She flicked her tonguetip up and down along it, exciting the slender blond beyond words.

"That feels great!" Jennifer purred, clamping her bare thighs around the girl's head. "Suck it good, Debbie! Lick my pussy put for me! Ummm! Ummmm! God, I like that! Run your tongue up and down my twat some more! Eat me until I come!"

Changing position slightly, Debbie moved up along Jennifer's body so that she was facing the girl's feet. With her head between the pretty blond's bare thighs, she nuzzled her face into her cunt eagerly, her moist tongue dipping into Jennifer's pulsing cunt-hole.

"Wow, does that feel good!" the half-naked blond giggled breathlessly, raising her legs in the air. With her denim shorts and filmy panties still tangled around her ankles, he lifted her feet directly over Debbie's head and spread her knees outward. "Now you can get at all of it!" Jennifer added, her hot cunt gaping lewdly. "Lick my pussy right up the middle!"

Slurping her lips noisily as she ate her friend's throbbing cunt, Debbie reached around with both hands and cupped the upraised cheeks of Jennifer's bare ass. She pulled the sexy blond's twat still tighter against her face, her tongue slithering wetly into her cunthole.

Jennifer groaned with the delicious tremors that radiated outward from her quivering clit, the pleasure she felt making her tremble.

"Lick it all over!" Jennifer breathed, her feet dropping down slightly until they were right behind Debbie's neck. "Suck my cunt down your throat! I want to come! Ohooo! Keep nibbling at my clit like that! Uhhh! Uhhh! God, I'm dripping like a faucet! My cunt's just brimming over with juices! Suck my pussy harder, Debbie! You know how I like it!"

Indeed the dark-haired girl did. She lapped up and down Jennifer's tight cunt feverishly, taking her time as she did so. With her lips, she enclosed the fleshy nub of tile girl's swollen clit, her tongue flicking across just the very tip of it.

Squirming her bare ass into the sofa, Jennifer slid her hands up under her halter top and began squeezing and fondling her firm tits. She cupped them warmly, feeling her pink nipples hardening into rubbery points.

"Ohhhh, Debbie!" the slender blond groaned, shuddering with the licking her girlfriend was giving her hairy cunt. "Suck my pussy hard! Suck it and kiss it and lick it! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Shove your tongue up my snatch! Ohhhh! I'm getting really close! More, suck my pussy more!"

With her head wedged in between Jennifer's damp thighs, Debbie sucked and kissed hungrily at her dripping snatch.

Jennifer tightened her legs slightly around the dark-haired girl's head, her bare thighs clamped to her face as she pushed her cunt into Debbie's sucking mouth. She could feel Debbie's moist tongue lingeringly exploring the pulsing passage of her snatch, the girl's lips kissing at her glistening cunt-flesh.

"Your pussy tastes so good!" Debbie murmured as she burrowed her face still farther into Jennifer's gaping cunt. "It gets so damn wet, too! You're dripping down into the crack of your ass!"

Her cunt throbbing wildly, the young blond wiggled around uncontrollably as the other girl ate her out. Every darting flick of Debbie's experienced tongue sent a flurry of tingling shivers through her crotch, her pink clit growing still more swollen.

Slowly, Debbie worked tier hands together round Jennifer's rounded ass until her fingers were just touching the pretty blond's tight asshole. When Jennifer jerked her twitching thighs apart slightly wider, Debbie used a finger from each hand to plow up into her asshole.

"Fingerfuck the skit out of my ass!" Jennifer gurgled, her slick rectum sucking at Debbie's fingers. "Jab your fingers deeper in my butt! Ohhh! My cunt's just going wild! I'm going to come right now! Uhhh! Suck my pussy, Debbie! Suck it!"

Climaxing, Jennifer strained with every muscle in her supple body. Her wet asshole clutched at Debbie's fingers, her pussy exploding with pleasure so intense that it almost knocked her senseless. She squirmed wildly on the sofa, her hot thighs tight around the dark-haired girl's heads.

"Ohhhhh God!" she gasped, grabbing at the sofa with both hands. "I'm coming my brains out! Uhhhhh! Keep sucking my cunt! Lick it all over! Uhh! Uhhhh! Jab your fingers all the way up my asshole! Uhhh!"

With a shivering jerk, the slender blond finally sagged back into the couch, her head lolling lifelessly to the side. She let her legs drop down from around Debbie's head, her thighs sprawling open.

Debbie sat up with a giggle. "Now will you lick mine?" the sexy brunette asked, already shimmying out of her tight jeans and panties. "My cunt could use a little tonguing."

Kicking her shorts and underwear off her feet, Jennifer slid down onto the carpet with an eager smile.

"Sit back," she told her pretty friend. "I'll make it really good for you."

Lounging back on the sofa in only her blouse, the thin brunette spread her smoothly tanned thighs. The hairy bush of her snatch already glistened with wetness, her delicate pink cuntlips trembling faintly.

Jennifer, sitting cross-legged between Debbie's parted thighs, leaned forward and planted a moist kiss directly on the girl's juicy cunt.

"Do that some more!" Debbie said with a little gasp. "Make me come with your mouth!" A few quick licks of Jennifer's tongue later, she breathed, "I love it! Suck the hell out of my cunt! Ohhh! Run your tongue all around my twat, Jenny! Uhhh! Uhhh! Kiss my pussy everywhere you can reach! Ohhh! You're making it tinge!"

Holding Debbie's quaking thighs apart with her hands, Jennifer lapped wetly up into the girl's tight snatch with the flat of her tongue. She sucked at the sexy girl's swollen cuntlips, her face crushed against her hairy crotch.

Debbie wiggled feverishly, her bare ass grinding around in a tight little circle and her head rolling from side to side in sheerest ecstasy. She kept pushing her dripping cunt out at Jennifer, the sleek muscles in her bare inner thighs tensing as slip pumped.

"Ummmm!" the lithe brunette sighed, her breath catching again and again in her throat. "You're making me shudder! My pussy, feels like there's a fire in it! Ohhh! Lick it, Jennifer, lick it! Ohhhhh! I'm sweating like crazy! Ummm! Oh God!"

From where Jennifer sat on the carpet sucking her young friend's cunt, she could see Debbie's firm tits rising and falling rapidly beneath her light blouse. The girl's pointy nipples were almost poking through the fabric, their tips growing longer by the moment.

With one rasping groan after another, Debbie pound her lush snatch into the shapely blond's mouth. She worked her bare hips up and down with a frantic urgency, her whole body rippling -- with pleasure.

"Push your tongue farther up my cunt!" the wriggling brunette gasped shakily, spreading her sweaty thighs as wide as she could. "Ohhh! Use your fingers in my butt! Stick your fingers up my ass! Uhhh! Uhhh! My cunt's just throbbing! Shove your tongue up it!"

Smacking her lips all over Debbie's pink twat, Jennifer slid her hands down under the girl's small ass. She pried her rubbery asscheeks apart while still eating her pussy, then dug a lone finger up into Debbie's clenching asshole.

"Deeper!" Debbie moaned, her slick rectum closing around Jennifer's probing finger. "Fingerfuck my butt off! Ohhhhh! I can feel your tongue going so far up my snatch! Lick my pussy all over inside! Uhh! Ohhhh God! I'm shaking like mad!"

Jennifer worked her finger straight up Debbie's asshole to the knuckle, then pushed a second and then still a third finger into the wiggling teen's pulsing rectum.

She sucked at the girl's throbbing snatch furiously, kissing and licking noisily. With her fingers, she jabbed as far as possible into the slender brunette's tight anal passage, stretching it open as she did so.

"I'll come if you keep doing that!" the thin girl gasped, her crotch sopping wet with her flowing cunt-juices. "Eat my cunt and finger my asshole! Ohhhh God! I can feel my pussy staffing to tighten up! My clit's beginning to quiver like anything! Ohhhh!"

Wallowing hi Debbie's lush juices, Jennifer probed with her tongue up into the girl's wet pussy. She licked eagerly at the slick pink surfaces she could reach, her fingertips wiggling wildly in Debbie's sweaty and feverishly pumping ass.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Debbie suddenly groaned, her mouth opening and her pretty eyes dropping shut. "I'm coming, Jenny! Ohhhh God! My cunt's spasming so much! Suck it right down your throat! Suck it! Ohhhh! Keep ramming your fingers up my but! Deeper! Ohhhh God!"

Mouthing as much of Debbie's trembling snatch as she could, Jennifer concentrated with her tongue on the girl's erect clit. She licked and nibbled at the fleshy pink nub while Debbie jerked and groaned, her fingers at the same time digging up into her asshole.

"It's so good, it's so good!" the writhing brunette panted hoarsely, her bare thighs locked to Jennifer's face. "Pull my asshole wide open with your fingers! Uhhh! Stay right on my clit like that! Lick it! Ummm! Ohhh! My cunt's spasming and throbbing so much! Ohhhh! I just love it! I feel like I'm being washed away!"

Then, with a gurgling cry, Debbie sprawled out limply, her slender legs stretched out before her. She lay moaning quietly.

Jennifer, her face shiny with the girl's slick cunt-juices, said with a bright smile, "Now do me just once more!"

Chapter FOUR

At dinner that night, Jennifer's mother told her, "Your Uncle Herbert called me at the store today. He's come up with a nice summer job for you. He wants you to be his personal assistant in the office."

"Good old Uncle Herb," Jennifer said quietly, not meeting her mother's glance.

"You don't seem very excited, dear," Mrs. Stiles said. "After all, we can certainly use the extra money."

"Ma, I don't want to work for Uncle Herb. I mean it. I'll find a job on my own if I have to. You'll see."

"But, dear..." the girl's mother started.

Jennifer cut her off. "I'll find a job first thing tomorrow. I swear I will."

"And if you don't?" Mrs. Stiles persisted. "Then will you go to work for your uncle? For me?"

Exhaling slowly, Jennifer nodded reluctantly. "All right. If I can't find a job on my own, then I'll go to work for Uncle Herb just to please you. But I'll find one!"

By two o'clock the next afternoon, Jennifer was getting desperate. No one she'd talked to had been willing to hire her, and the thought that she might end up working for her Uncle Herbert was the most repulsive thing imaginable to her.

The Lucky Dollar Car Wash caught her eye. In a short cotton dress, simple black shoes and a bright smile, she walked to the manager's office and peered in.

"Yeah, what do you want?" the manager, a hairy, hefty man of about fifty, asked from behind his desk. "What can I do for you, kid?"

Jennifer stepped into the office and closed the door behind her, blocking out the rumbling noises of the car wash. Going to the man's desk, she stood to the side of it so that he couldn't help noticing her shapely legs. "I'd like a job washing cars for you," the pretty blond said simply.

"Dressed like that?" The heavy-set man looked her up and down.

"I've got plenty of old jeans at home," Jennifer told him. "Listen, I really need a job."

The manager shook his head. "I'd like to help you out, kid, but I've got all the help I can use. Sorry."

Unwilling to give up, the sexy girl nodded that she understood. But then a moment later, a tear trickled down her smooth cheek, followed by another and another. She sat down on the edge of the manager's desk, buried her face in her hands, and began to cry softly.

"I don't know what to do," Jennifer sniffed, trembling. "I'd do anything for a job here. Anything."

"Hey, relax, relax," the man tried to comfort her, standing. "It can't be as bad as all that!"

Jennifer continued crying, but she spread her legs so that the husky man could see straight up between her bare thighs. She had decided that she would give herself to a stranger before she would let her Uncle Herbert get his hands on her again. Anything would be better than that.

"Please give me a job," the tearful teen asked, reaching out and suddenly squeezing the car wash manager's crotch warmly. "I mean it -- I'll do anything if you'll hire me. Just anything you want. Really."

Staring at the girl, dumbfounded, the man finally cleared his throat with an awkward cough. He mumbled, "Maybe we can work something out. I'm Jack Layton. What's your name, kid?"

Still squeezing Jack's cock though his pants, the girl told him, "I'm Jennifer Stiles. You can call me Jenny, though. Say, you're really getting quite a hard-on!"

"Yeah," the hefty man grinned. "Why don't we move over to the couch?"

When the two of them were seated comfortably on the couch, Jennifer quickly pulled down her prospective employer's zipper. He settled back with a quiet groan when she fished his stiff cock out into the open, his whole body trembling as Jennifer played with his meat.

"It's really hard!" the young girl giggled, her slender fingers tight around Jack's upright prick.

Leaning over his lap, she ran her moist tongue around the edge of his swollen cockhead, the man's response to moan softly. Jennifer opened her mouth and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, her warm lips tight around his rigid cock-shaft. She started sucking.

"Hey, you're no beginner!" Jack rasped, stretching his legs out in front of him. "Christ, you really know how to suck a cock!"

Giggling, Jennifer swallowed as much of the man's throbbing prick as she could take in her throat, her cheeks sucked in and her tongue working feverishly. She licked all over his solid cock, her lips tightening still more around his pulsing cock-shaft.

"Don't be afraid to come in my mouth!" the young blond said around the mouthful of cock she had. "I want you to! I want you to shoot your wad right down my throat!"

While she sucked the brawny manager's hard prick, Jennifer slowly undid all the buttons on the front of her dress. Her bare tits jiggled free, her pink nipples swollen with excitement. Seconds later, she wriggled completely out of the dress and sat on the couch in only her panties and shoes.

"My God, what a body!" Jack breathed, running his sweaty hands along the sexy girl's silky flesh. "You're built like those girls in the dirty magazines!"

As Jennifer blew him, he felt her tits and thighs and ass. Then, sliding his hand down the front of her filmy panties, he started fingering her hairy young cunt.

"Ummm, I like what you're doing!" Jennifer giggled, spreading her warm thighs wider. "Squeeze my pussy a little! Squeeze it while you're fingerfucking me!"

Jack's fingers slid deeply into Jennifer's wet snatch, his palm cupping her plump crotch. He kept squeezing her throbbing cunt while he drove his fingers farther up her pink cunt-hole, her lush juices oozing from her twat.

Mouthing the man's rigid prick eagerly, Jennifer took it right to the back of her throat time and again. She bobbed her pretty head over his lap, his stiff cock sliding in and out between her lips quickly. With one hand, she began jacking him off furiously.

"Christ, you're gulping my cock down your throat!" Jack breathed, still massaging the girl's slippery snatch. "Suck it harder, Jenny! Make me shoot my rocks off in your mouth!"

He pushed his wiggling fingers still deeper in Jennifer's sopping pussy, his other hand sliding down the back of her panties to squeeze her bare ass.

Jennifer kept sucking his cock frantically and jacking him off, her hand and mouth working to bring him off. She used her wet tongue up and down along the quivering shaft of his prick, her eyes watching as the man's balls slowly lightened up.

With one hand squeezing the girl's hairy crotch and the other squeezing her sweaty ass, the large man gasped, "Get ready to do some fast swallowing, Jenny! I'm going to unload in about two seconds! Uhhhh! Suck it!"

Slurping with her lips, Jennifer sucked his cock all the harder. Immediately, her mouth was filled with his cum. She gulped Jack's hot sperm down as it spurted in thick ribbons from his prick, her small hand squeezing his jerking cock-shaft yet tighter.

Intently, she sucked and squeezed every last drop of cum out of Jack's twitching prick, her throat sticky with his sperm as she swallowed it. Then, sucking still one more dribbling spurt of cum from his cock, she sat up and gave him a bright smile.

"Do I get the job?" Jennifer asked, her blue eyes wide. "Am I going to be working for you, Jack?"

Still breathing raggedly, the heavy-set man nodded. "You sure are."

"Good," Jennifer giggled. And she started pulling at Jack's cock again. "Then let's screw! My little snatch is just dripping wet and ready!"

"Wait a second..." the man stopped her.

Taking an "Out to Lunch" sign from behind his desk, he walked to the door, opened it, hung the sign outside, then locked the door. He undressed as he moved back to Jennifer on the couch.

"Sit down and relax," the pretty blond told him as she wiggled out of her panties and shoes. "I'll give you the stiffest hard-on you ever had!"

As soon as Jack, naked, sat down on the couch again, Jennifer used her mouth and both hands on his prick. Ten minutes later, the car wash manager's cock stood stiff and throbbing again, every vein along his thick cock-shaft pulsing with excitement.

Throwing one bare leg over the hefty man's lap, the young girl came down with her pink cunt directly over the head of his cock. With her hands on his shoulders, she dropped down and took his rigid prick straight up into her wet pussy.

"You've got such a nice big dick!" Jennifer shivered deliciously, squatting down on it. She gripped Jack's shoulders tighter as his throbbing cock speared up into her tight pussy. "It's filling my snatch right up!"

"Son of a bitch, I'd forgotten how wet and tight teenage pussy was!" the naked man breathed, his prick sliding the rest of the way into Jennifer's hot cunt. "I can't believe how good it feels!"

"It'll get even better!" the slender blond promised.

And she started bouncing up and down in Jack's lap, her slippery cunt sliding up and down on his hard cock. She took his solid meat as deep as possible in her young twat, her bare thighs hugging the man's hips as she pumped her ass.

Sprawled out on the couch, the car wash manager gasped for breath as Jennifer eagerly impaled her juicy cunt on his upright cock. His hands lit on her naked tits, his fingers squeezing her rubbery nipples. With his hips jerking up and down, he started fucking the squirming girl from underneath with thrusts that pearly threw her to the floor.

"Oh, yes, Jack!" Jennifer groaned, her naked body wriggling wildly as she took his stabbing cock deep in her snatch. "Fuck me good! Push your stiff dick as far up my cunt as you can! Uhhhh! It's so big and hard! It feels so damn good sliding up my twat! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh God! Shove your cock deeper! Give me every stiff inch of it!"

Squirming her sweaty ass down into his lap, the pretty blond bounced up and down frantically. She shuddered with the delightful feel of Jack's rigid cock pistoning into her tight snatch, her wet pussy getting even wetter as she wiggled up and down.

The slick juices of her cunt seeped from her pink cunt-crack and ran down into the hair around Jack's standing prick, his entire crotch sopping with her oily wetness.

"Stab your dick all the way up my twat!" the girl moaned hoarsely, her blond hair flying. "Ream my cunt out with your hard cock! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! I love it! I love the way your dick rams up my cunt! Ohhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhhh! My whole body's tingling!"

Sliding his large hands down from Jennifer's jiggling tits, the heavyset man cupped her straining ass. He squeezed her rubbery asscheeks, pulling at them as he helped her pump still faster.

"Your body's just so damn firm!" Jack panted, his eyes getting glassy. "Mid your pussy's so damn hot! It feels like I'm shoving my dick into a blast furnace! Pump faster, Jenny! Take my cock as deep as your little snatch can take it!"

Her rounded thighs tensing and untensing, Jennifer wiggled up and down feverishly, her slick cunt quivering every time Jack's rigidly-hard prick slid into it. She kept groaning with the passion raging through her bare loins, her young body damp with sweat and growing still damper by the second.

Jack pounded his meaty prick up into the wriggling girl's gripping pussy with all his might, his ass jerking up off the couch with each ramming thrust of his stiff cock. He reamed Jennifer's wet snatch out furiously, his breath coming hard and fast as he pumped.

"Drive your big dick right up my twat!" Jennifer urged shakily, her hot pussy sucking at the man's cock. "Spear your cock as far as it'll, go in my cunt-hole! Ohhhh! Push it deeper! Deeper! Ram your dick up my pussy as hard as you can!"

Squirming with an undulating wiggle, the supple blond impaled her juicy cunt on Jack's solid cock again and again and again. She shuddered with the tingling pleasure that lanced through her hairy crotch, her cries of delight getting steadily sharper and shriller.

"Fuck the piss out of my pussy!" she gasped, hammering her cunt down as fast and furiously as possible. "Shove your stiff cock deeper! Ohhhh God! I love the way it feels when your meat slides up my twat! Do it faster! Ram your dick up my cunt even harder!"

She bounced up and down with a mindless abandon, her slippery pussy taking every throbbing inch of Jack's plunging prick. With one sharp little gasp after another, the horny teenager ground her crotch down into his, her pink clit tingling feverishly.

Squeezing Jennifer's bouncing ass yet harder, the naked car wash manager slid his fingers down into her sweaty ass-crack. He found her throbbing asshole and pressed a thick forefinger up into it, exploring the slick interior of the young girl's pulsing rectum.

"You're going to make me come!" Jennifer breathed, her hands tightening on the husky man's shoulders. "I'm going to come! Ohhhh! Keep fucking me really hard! Make me come with your huge dick! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Faster, faster, faster! Fill my pussy to bursting with your stiff cock! Do it faster, Jack! Fuck me as fast as you can!"

His face reddening, Jack hammered his rigid shaft of meat up into Jennifer's dripping snatch with a fury of unbridled lust. His thick cock stabbed into the juiciest depths of her tight cunt, his hairy balls bouncing wildly between his legs.

Jennifer slid her arms around his neck and hugged the man to her, her bare ass all the while churning up and down and back and forth. She worked her slender hips with a new urgency, her pink pussy sucking wetly as it rode up and down over Jack's upright prick.

"Shove your cock still deeper!" the sweaty girl groaned. "Ream my cunt out with your dick! I want you to fuck me until I can't even walk! Uhhhh! Harder, harder! Fuck me really hard! Ohhhhh! Push your finger farther up my butt! I like it like that! Ohhh! Ohhhh!"

The feel of Jack's finger probing around in her tight asshole made Jennifer wiggle all the more, her slick rectum grabbing at the man's finger while her wet pussy grabbed at his cock.

"I'm coming my cunt off!" the lithe teen suddenly moaned, her arms tightening around the husky man's neck. "Ohhhhh God! My pussy's throbbing like crazy! Cram your dick up me! Harder! Fuck me so hard that I can't pee for a week! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!"

Writhing in Jack's lap, Jennifer jerked her slim hips down and ground the swollen mouth of her climaxing pussy into the base of his cock. She squirmed her bare ass all over, wiggling and straining as her orgasm spasmed through the pink flesh of her cunt.

With a shuddering gasp, Jack slammed his prick up into the young girl's pussy with a savage lunge that made her cry out. His cock throbbing, he started squirting wet spurts of cum up into her quivering snatch.

"Come your balls off in me!" Jennifer cried, wriggling frantically. "Push your dick deeper and shoot your cum right up my pussy! Ohhhh! Squirt my cunt full of cum! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! My twat's inciting! I can feel my juices running down my legs! Ohhhhh!"

Jerking and heaving the slender girl pumped on top of the car wash manager until she could barely catch her breath. Then, her slippery cunt filled with sticky cum, she sagged against him, still clutching tightly at his neck.

"Holy skit!" Jack laughed wearily, his head against the couch. "That's what I call a hell of a fuck! Little girl, when you get that ass of your pumping..."

"You liked it, huh?" Jennifer cut him off, her face pressed warmly to his.

The stocky man could only nod enthusiastically, his breathing labored and rough. Jennifer could feel his long cock still twitching within her tight pussy, her slick cunt-walls gripping it wetly.

"Want to fuck me in the butt?" Jennifer giggled impishly, then tightened the rubbery cheeks of her ass together so that her wet rectum grabbed at Jack's finger. "I'd love getting your cock up my asshole."

His eyes widening slightly, Jack said, "I've never screwed a girl in the ass before. I'll tell you, though, I've always wanted to!"

"Now's your chance," the sexy, naked teen breathed moistly in his ear. "I'm dying to feel your dick up there. First though, you've got to lick it for me so it's good and wet!"

"Lick your asshole?" the man asked, surprised. "Is that what you're telling me to do?"

Jennifer merely smiled at him, her eyes eager. When Jack lust stared back at her, the pert teenager giggled, "Come on, lick my asshole out for me! I want to feel your tongue poking up my butt!"

And, jumping up off of the man's lap, the young girl stood up with her back to him and bent over. The firm cheeks of her ass rounded tautly, her thighs twitching. With her fingers, Jennifer spread her asscheeks until her puckered asshole was stretched open.

"Just kiss it then!" she urged, giggling lewdly. "Kiss my asshole and I'll let you screw me there!"

Finally, Jack shook his head with a laugh and sat up. Pressing his face into the warm crack of Jennifer's out thrust bottom, he gripped her naked hips and pulled her back to him.

"That's it!" The sexy blond shivered delightfully when she felt the man's wet tongue dart across her throbbing asshole. "Lick it all over! Ummm! Stick your tongue up my butt!"

She tensed when Jack slowly pushed his tongue up into her tight rectum and then started working it in and out. Sliding one hand over, he cupped her hairy cunt from behind and probed up into her dripping pussy with his fingers.

"It feels so wicked!" Jennifer swallowed loudly, her naked body trembling with excitement. "See how far you can stick your tongue up my asshole! Keep sucking at it, too!"

With his lips pressed against the girl's puckered anal opening, Jack speared his tongue as far as it would reach into her slippery asshole.

"Deeper, push it deeper!" the quaking girl groaned, beads of sweat breaking out on her smooth forehead, "You're making me shiver! God, I love the feel of your tongue sliding around in my ass!"

For the next several minutes, the husky car manager lingeringly licked up into Jennifer's tight rectum. He kissed and sucked at her stretched open asshole the entire time, his fingers meanwhile gouging up into her wetly-gripping pussy.

When Jennifer finally straightened and pulled her sweaty ass out of the man's face, she wasn't particularly surprised to discover that his cock was hard as a rock again.

"I knew that would give you a hell of a boner!" the naked blond smiled seductively, squatting down in front of Jack and giving his stiff prick a quick kiss on the head. "Now ream my asshole out!"

Giggling, Jennifer went to the large man's desk and bent over it. With her bare ass thrust out at him, she called to Jack, "Come and get it!"

"You can bet I will!" lack laughed, and was pressed up against her warm bottom in a thrice.

"Stick your butt out some more!"

Guiding his hard prick with his hand, Jack wedged the fleshy tip of it into the slick crack of Jennifer's ass. He lined up on her tight asshole and pushed, his thick cock spearing halfway into the girl's wet rectum. With another violent heave, the big man managed to stab his cock to the hilt in her throbbing asshole.

"Kinda full, huh?" Jack gasped, holding onto Jennifer's shapely hips with both hands. "Christ, your asshole's tight, kid! I mean, tight!"

"Don't talk about it -- fuck it!" Jennifer breathed, shuddering with the wholly indecent sensation of having her slick rectum chock full of twitching male meat. "Screw my butt ragged, Jack! Really give it to me in the ass!"

Stroking his thick prick back out of the bent-over girl's clenching asshole, Jack rammed his meat back up her tight rectum with a thrust that nearly flattened her against the desk. He held her wiggling hips tightly, his fingers digging into her flesh, and pistoned his prick up into her squirming ass.

Groaning with unrestrained pleasure, Jennifer gripped the other side of the desk she was sprawled across and hung on. Her bare thighs strained as she started pushing her ass back into Jack's crotch, her pulsing asshole sucking noisily at his plunging cock.

"Do it harder!" the naked teenager gasped, her nipples pressed against the flat surface of the desk. "Ram your dick up my ass till I'm gasping and groaning like mad! Uhhhh! Harder, harder, harder! I want a really good ass-fucking! Ohhhh God! God! God! Cram your cock farther up my butt! Fuck my asshole until it stings! Uhhhhh!"

She pumped her slender hips with an undulating wiggle that let Jack's cock slide fully into her hot rectum, her back arching and her sweaty ass tilted slightly upward.

Panting and grunting, Jack plunged his throbbing prick relentlessly into the young girl's gripping asshole, his hairy balls swinging back and forth wildly. With every thrust forward of his cock, he yanked Jennifer's wriggling ass back into his crotch, his thick cock-shaft completely disappearing into her sucking asshole.

"God, yes!" Jennifer moaned between squealing cries of ecstasy. "Yes, yes, yes! Keep pounding your stiff dick into my ass! Fuck the shit right out of my asshole! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! I can feel your huge cock stabbing so far up my butt! It's going so deep!"

Thrusting furiously, Jack hammered his twitching prick into the hot depths of Jennifer's bowels only to stroke it back out an instant later. Again and again, he pistoned his cock into her wildly squirming bottom, his bare groin slapping against her rubbery asscheeks.

"I want to feel your cum squirting up my asshole!" the straining girl panted hoarsely, her smooth cheek pressed against the top of the desk. "I want all the cum in your hairy nuts straight up my butt! Uhhhh! I can't believe how stiff your dick is! It's so fucking big and hard! Ohhhhh God! Ohhh! Screw my ass raw!"

With the wanton pleasure mounting in her loins, Jennifer could feel her juicy cunt getting even juicier. Her slick cunt-lubrication kept brimming out of her pink twat and spilling down the insides of her quaking thighs, her bare legs coated with the oily moisture.

The sharp odor of her young snatch filled the windowless room, the damp smell of her sweat mingling with it.

"Harder, damn it!" she almost shrieked, jamming her bare ass out at the man standing behind her. "Fuck my asshole till it's sore! Uhhhh! Uhhh! Ram your dick up my butt harder! Harder, Jack, harder! Fuck me until you're shooting a gallon of cum up my asshole!"

Brutally, the husky car wash manager speared his solid cock into Jennifer's slippery rectum right to his balls with every thrust. He pumped his hips back and forth feverishly, his cock barreling up into the writhing girl's pulsing bowels and glutting her rectum with hardness.

Jennifer gripped the edge of the desk still tighter, her arms shaking uncontrollably as she tried to hold on. The stabbing thrusts of Jack's stiff cock made her gasp with sheer delight, her tight asshole clenching wetly at his rigid cock-shaft.

"Put your hands on my pussy!" the young blond gurgled, trembling violently from top to bottom. "Rub it! Squeeze it! Play with my cunt! Uhhh! Ohhhhhh! Your big dick feels so good jabbing up my asshole! It just feels so fucking good! Ohhhh!"

Working his large hands down around the girl's wiggling hips, Jack went straight for her hairy crotch. His fingers slid through her bushy cunt-hair and dug up into her juicy pussy, Jennifer's reaction to tense all over.

Still pounding the full length of his erect cock into Jennifer's hot little asshole, he fingered her dripping pussy until her legs were shaking wildly.

With his fingertips, he squished around in the slippery wetness of her tight cunt, pushing deeper and deeper into her cunt-hole at the same time.

"Hey, look at that!" Jack gasped with a quick laugh. "Playing with your pussy is making your asshole get tighter! Your butt's grabbing at my dick like a slippery hand!"

"Squeeze my twat harder!" the girl shot right back, trying to spread her knees wider. "Pull on my clit a little! Make me come while you're screwing my ass off! Ohhhhh!"

Rolling Jennifer's distended clit between his fingertips, the heavy-set man tugged at it gently until the lithe teen gasped with the onset of her shuddering orgasm. Her hot asshole pulsed wildly and clamped around Jack's stroking cock, her slick pussy quivering uncontrollably.

"You're bringing me off!" Jennifer rasped, her knees buckling so that her bare ass dropped don. "Ohhhhhh! Rub my clit more! Rub it! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Don't stop fucking my ass!"

Jerking even harder, the man's rigid cock sent hot jets of gluey sperm into Jennifer's pulsating bowels. Jack gasped loudly, his hips churning faster than ever, and his thick cum filled the pretty teenager's throbbing asshole with liquid warmth.

"Ohhhhh God!" Jennifer moaned shakily, clutching at the desk top. "Fuck the shit out of me! Cram your dick up my asshole as hard as you can! Uhhhh! I'm getting a buttful of cum! Ohhhhh!"

Squeezing the shuddering girl's hairy crotch with both hands, Jack fingered her spasming pussy frantically. He stabbed his fingers yet deeper in her lush twat, his blunt fingertips sliding around in her hot cunt-hole.

"More, more, more!" Jennifer urged, wriggling as if on fire. "Give me more of your dick! Give me more of your cum! Give me more of your fingers up my cunt! Ohhhhh! I'm going to love working for you, Jack! Ohhhh God! I'm just going to love it!"

Chapter FIVE

"A car wash?" George asked, glancing at Jennifer. "You're going to be working in a car wash?"

"So what's wrong with that?" the pretty blond shrugged, snuggling closer to her boyfriend. "Anyway, I don't feel like talking about it. Let's fool around."

The two of them sat in George's father's car, parked on the back row at the Twin Oaks Drive-in. Not surprisingly, they paid little attention to what was happening on the screen. There were only few cars around them.

"For some reason, I thought you'd be working for your uncle this summer," the dark-haired boy continued as he kissed Jennifer's face warmly. His hand dropped to the zipper of her tight denim jeans and tugged it down. "You always said that you were going to work for your Uncle Herbert in the summer."

"I changed my cunt," the girl sighed. "George, finger my pussy and get it all wet. I'm really horny tonight."

Pushing his hand into her loosened jeans, the boy squeezed Jennifer's hairy cunt through her damp, clinging panties. Jennifer stiffened with a soft moan, her young body trembling with anticipation. When George's eager fingers slipped under the edge of her panties and found her moist cuntlips, the girl moaned again.

"Pull my jeans down," she whispered. "Then eat my cunt."

While her good-looking boyfriend worked at tugging down her denims and panties, Jennifer settled back into the seat and unbuttoned her blouse. She cupped her bare tits in her hands, squeezing them, and offered the ripe tips to George.

"My nipples need some attention, too," she smiled when George had her jeans and underwear down around her slender ankles. "Kiss my titties first."

"You always want everything at the same tune!" the boy laughed.

Starting at the sexy blond's firm tits, George slowly kissed at her warm flesh. With his lips, he pulled at each of her taut pink nipples, his tonguetip flicking across the very tips of them.

Trembling, the supple girl watched as her boyfriend worked his mouth down her slender body. She shivered as he licked across the flat expanse of her stomach, then giggled when he kissed wetly at her belly button.

"Go lower," the pert girl breathed, urging the boy on. "Kiss me between the legs!"

Inching down across the gentle curve of Jennifer's bare groin, George at last arrived at the bushy mat of hair that covered her juicy cunt. He burrowed, his face into her crotch, his tongue snaking out and lapping up into her pink twat.

"Ummmmm!" Jennifer moaned quietly, her bare thighs quaking. "Suck my pussy for me, George! Suck it and lick it!"

With her feet tangled in her jeans and panties, she spread her knees as wide as she could in the confines of the car. She scooted her bare ass as far forward as possible on the front seat, then lay back to enjoy the feel of George's mouth on her throbbing snatch.

"Hell, your cunt's so damn wet!" George said, sucking on it loudly. "I'm going to drown down here!"

Nuzzling into her swollen pussy, the boy licked feverishly at his pretty girlfriend's slick cuntlips. He sucked on them, taking as much of her pussy as possible into his mouth, then licked up into her tight cunt-hole.

"Oh, George!" Jennifer gasped with pleasure. "I love the way you eat me out! My cunt's tingling from top to bottom! Ohhhh! Run your tongue all around the inside of it! Kiss my pussy everywhere you can reach!"

She squirmed her bare ass into the seat, her slender hips wiggling while George ate her snatch. She could feel her slick juices oozing from her hairy cunt, her boyfriend's face sticky with them. Then, slowly at first, Jennifer began grinding her swollen twat into George's sucking mouth.

Groaning with lust, the young blond urged, "Stick your tongue all the way up my cunt! Lick the hell out of my pussy! Ohhhh God! My little cunt's just so sensitive! It's trembling!"

George wedged his head still farther in between the sexy girl's damp thighs, his mouth pressed tightly to her quivering cunt. He sucked noisily at her juicy pussy, smacking his lips all over it as he tongued his way yet deeper into her pulsating cunt-hole.

Wriggling, Jennifer could feel the boy's darting tongue sliding straight up her pink snatch, his tonguetip flicking against her keenly sensitive cunt-walls.

"You're turning me inside out!" Jennifer groaned, her breath harsh and uneven. She pushed her hairy cunt yet tighter to the boy's mouth. "Suck my pussy right down your throat! Lick it, kiss it, suck it! Make me come with your tongue! Uhhhh! Uhhh! My whole crotch is on fire!"

The dark-haired boy probed with his darting tongue into the gluey sweetness of Jennifer's dripping snatch. Face down in her lap, he slid his hands under her sprawling legs and gripped the fleshy backs of her thighs. Then, pulling her thighs still farther apart, he started spearing his tongue in and out of the young girl's quivering cunt.

Jennifer squirmed more than ever, her throbbing cunt filling with lush juices that spilled down into the crack of her bare ass. She jerked her hips up repeatedly, pushing her tight pussy into George's face and groaning with the sheer thrill of it.

"Your crotch is sopping!" the muscular boy breathed, his lips kissing moistly at Jennifer's pulsing cunt-flesh. "The more I suck your pussy, the wetter it gets!"

"Run your tongue all around it!" Jennifer gasped, quaking with lust. "I want you to bring me off with your mouth! Suck on my clit! Push your fingers up my twat and suck my clit until I come!"

Working his way up to the trembling teenager's erect clit, George slid a hand along the inside of Jennifer's bare thigh and shoved two fingers up her tight cunt.

He sucked wildly at her pink clit while he fingered her juicy snatch, his fingers wiggling around in her glistening cunt-hole. With just the tip of his tongue, he worked at Jennifer's pulsing clit, tickling and teasing it, until the shapely blond suddenly clamped her hot thighs together around his head.

"Ohhh, here I go!" the pretty blond moaned shakily, her bare ass lifting right up off of the seat. "My cunt's spasming like anything! Ohhhh God! I'm coming like crazy! Jam your fingers deeper in my snatch! Deeper! Uhhh! Keep sucking my pussy as hard as you can!"

Her bare legs straining as she jerked upward, Jennifer gasped and groaned with the rippling ecstasy of her climax. Her slippery pussy throbbed deliciously, her clit being bombarded with lancing pleasure.

"Your tongue feels so good!" Jennifer wailed, pumping her naked hips with a frantic, wriggling motion. "Suck my clit, George! Suck it! Shove your fingers farther up my twat! Give me the best cunt-sucking I've ever had!"

Finally, panting for breath, the shapely young blond dropped back into the seat with a shivering sob. She lay lifeless with her bare legs hanging limply, her juicy cunt still quivering faintly. Then she kicked her jeans off.

"I got a hard-on from watching you come!" George said eagerly, already pushing down his pants and underwear. "Spread your legs wider and I'll fuck you right where you're laying."

With his rigid cock bone hard and twitching wildly, the boy crawled into the space directly in front of Jennifer and under the dash. Leaning forward, he spread the slick lips of her pink cunt with his fingers and pushed the round head of his prick into the wet cleft they formed.

"Make it good!" Jennifer panted, spreading her sweaty thighs when her boyfriend pushed his hard cock into her tight cunt. "Uhhhh! Your dick's as stiff as a board! God, ram it deeper! I want every thick inch of it in my horny cunt!"

Kneeling between her legs and leaning over her, George ground his crotch into Jennifer's so that even the last fraction of his stiff prick was buried in her wetly dripping cunt. With his hands on her bare hips, he pulled his cock back out of her tight snatch and then started ramming it up her with thrusts that made her squirm.

"Ohhhhh God!" Jennifer breathed hotly, clamping her warm thighs around the boy's churning hips. "Fuck the piss out of me! Faster, George! Make me come again with your big dick! Uhhh! Uhhhh! God, it feels so fucking good! Hump me senseless!"

His breathing ragged and his face still shiny with Jennifer's oily cunt-juices, George hammered his long prick up into the slender teen's twat with a savage intensity. He reamed her tight pussy out with one stabbing jab of his hard cock after another, his crotch banging into hers again and again.

Jennifer squirmed around on the seat, her thighs and hips and ass pumping as she tried to take his meat still deeper. She could feel his rigid cock gutting her quivering pussy with sensation, her slick juices beginning to spill from her pink cunt-crack again.

"Hammer your meat up my pussy!" the horny girl rasped, her hot thighs getting tighter around George's hips. "Drive your cock up my pussy with all your might! Ohhhh! Ohhhh God! I love it when your dick's sliding in and out of my cunt! I love every stiff inch of your hard dick! Faster, faster, faster! Fuck me till it hurts!"

Relentlessly, the half-flaked boy pounded his meaty prick into the wriggling girl's juicy cunt. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips, his cock sliding deeper and deeper with every plunging thrust.

Straining with every sleek muscle in her young body, Jennifer bowed her sweaty ass up and down against the seat, her bare inner thighs tensing each time she pushed her hairy crotch out at George.

"Screw my brains out!" Jennifer urged excitedly, her pussy sucking wetly at her boyfriend's pistoning prick. "Use your stiff cock on me like it's supposed to be used! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! My cunt's melting inside! I can feel my juices running everywhere!"

The lithe girl hooked her heels behind George's legs, her bare ass jerking up and down yet faster as she pumped frenziedly. The tremoring spasms that raced through her snatch with every stabbing plunge of the boy's rigid cock made her gasp without letup, her whole body quaking violently with the rampant fucking he gave her.

That the car rocked back and forth slightly with their urgent activity concerned neither of the teenagers, their thoughts centered exclusively on the overwhelming demands of their loins.

"You're fucking me so good!" Jennifer whimpered, pumping still more frantically. "Drive your dick up my pussy as far as it'll go! Cram it up me all the way! Ohhhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Slam your cock up my twat harder! Harder! I want to be fucked silly! Ohhhh!"

Sliding around on the seat in her own flowing juices, the groaning girl kept shoving her crotch out to meet each of George's savage cock-thrusts. She shuddered to the tips of her spreading toes with the pleasure building between her hot thighs, her hairy pussy quivering and throbbing like mad. It was the fiery itch of her clit that urged her on to pump still more violently, and that itch became only more intense as she wiggled and squirmed.

George rammed his thick cock into her slippery cunt with every ounce of his strength, his hips working up and down and back and forth rapidly. He kept yanking her naked ass up off the seat and spearing his prick yet deeper into her gripping cunt-hole, his nuts bashing the underside of the young girl's rubbery ass.

With her arms straight and her hands clutching at George's naked chest, Jennifer cried out, "Deeper, fuck me deeper! Fill my cunt up with your hard cock! Slide it in and out faster! Ohhhh! Ohhhh God! You're screwing my little twat off! Screw me, George, screw me to death!"

The young girl's bare tits rose and fell quickly with her ragged breathing, her slender body twisting and turning as her boyfriend pounded his cock up her pink snatch.

"Don't stop screwing me!" the sexy blond groaned. "Screw me till I can't move! Hump me into the car seat! Ohhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Your dick's just so fucking hard! It feels like you're ramming a flagpole up my cunt! Do it faster! Ohhhh! Grab my ass with your hands!"

Pumping rapidly between Jennifer's parted thighs, George dropped his hands down along her wiggling hips and cupped her sweaty asscheeks. He pried into her twitching asshole with a finger from each hand, his fingertips stabbing up into her rectum.

Jennifer wiggled frantically, her tits jiggling wildly and her shapely hips churning up and down. She grabbed at her boyfriend's broad chest, her nails raking across his flesh.

"Your pussy's closing up around my dick!" George blurted, his body shaking as he rammed his cock yet deeper. "It's making me shoot off! I can feel my cum starting to squirt!"

"So can I!" Jennifer panted, the glistening walls of her cunt contracting around the boy's prick. "Your cum's going straight up my snatch! Ohhhh God! I'm coming, too!"

The thick cum that fountained from George's cock splattered into the squirming girl's clenching cunt, shooting in erratic streams. George tensed with a broken groan, his body straining as he filled Jennifer's slick snatch with pearly liquid.

"Hold me, squeeze me, fuck me!" Jennifer moaned, her head thrown back and her mouth gulping for air. "I'm being shook to pieces! Uhhhhhh! Cram your dick farther! Ram it up my twat! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! My little pussy's just going wild! Uhhhh!"

Pistoning his quivering prick into the writhing girl's hot cunt, George fucked her with a near-maniacal frenzy. His fingers stabbed in and out of her sucking asshole, his hands squeezing her sweaty, bouncing ass.

"Fuck me harder!" the slender blond gasped, jerking and straining for all the wanton pleasure she could get. "Harder, harder, harder! Batter my pussy to bits with your stiff cock! Ohhhh God! I keep coming! Keep jabbing your fingers up my butt! Uhhhh! Uhhh! Your cum feels so good squirting up my snatch! Ohhhh!"

With a rasping heave, George fell across the girl and lay still. He pressed his cheek into one firm tit and stayed there, his breathing hot against Jennifer's chest.

"You about screwed me to death!" Jennifer giggled softly, hugging the boy around the neck. She exhaled slowly. "My pussy's filled to the brim with your hot cum!"

"It sure smells like your cunt in here," George said quietly, kissing lightly at the pretty blond's damp tits. "We'll have to drive home with all the windows open to air it out."

"Well, you're going to fuck me again, aren't you?" Jennifer asked, obviously more than willing. "Aren't you?"

George laughed weakly. "Hell, you wore me out! My dick's drained!"

He slid his sticky cock out of Jennifer's still-pulsing cunt and scrambled back into the driver's seat. Before he could pull his pants up though, the sexy blond scooted close behind him and took his limp prick in her hand.

"We'll see how worn out you are!" Jennifer smiled impishly, squeezing the boy's warm cock.

She bent over and sucked the fleshy head of George's flaccid prick into her mouth. Sucking and licking, she took her time lapping the combination of his cum and her cunt-juices away from his cock-shaft. She then burrowed her face into his hairy crotch and started kissing his balls.

"Don't you ever give up?" George laughed, stroking her blond hair as her head moved around in his lap. "I'm telling you, I'm too exhausted to get another hard-on."

Jennifer, now working her way back up to the head of her boyfriend's cock with her moist lips, told him, "You'll see."

And see he did, for soon his prick began to stiffen and grow longer again within the pretty girl's hot mouth. His cock stood up slowly, the tip so swollen that it was ready to burst. Finally, it was rigid with excitement.

"What a whopper!" Jennifer giggled, pleased with the results of her sucking and kissing. "That's a hard-on any girl would love to have tearing into her cunt!"

"And you in particular, I'll bet!" The boy shook his head.

Sliding into his lap facing him, the young girl sat with her damp thighs across his and her back against the steering wheel. She raised herself slightly, took his solid cock in her hand, and then lowered her juicy pussy down onto his stiff meat.

"Play with my asshole while I fuck myself on your cock," Jennifer breathed, her wet pussy encasing George's twitching cock-shaft. "Stick your fingers as far up my butt as you can!"

Wiggling around in the boy's lap with her legs drawn up on either side of his hips, the horny young blond let out a muffled gasp when she felt her boyfriend's finger wiggle up into her puckered anus.

Slowly, George pushed his finger up into Jennifer's slippery asshole, her tight rectum clenching at him moistly. He pushed a second finger up her ass, stretching her rubbery asshole open.

"Kiss my nipples, too!" the trembling blond said, and then started moving up and down. "Ummm! Your dick's going way up my pussy! It's making my cunt throb and tingle! Ohhhh!"

Wiggling up and down in George's lap, Jennifer took his upright cock up her juicy pussy with a flurry of gasping little sobs. She pumped steadily faster as the urgency within her naked loins built, her blond hair tossing back and forth and her face quickly growing damp with sweat.

From underneath, George began pumping his hips and throwing his rigid prick up into the squirming girl's tight cunt, his fingers at the same time poking up into her taut asshole.

"I'll come in no time!" Jennifer groaned, her thighs working as she bounced up and down. "Your hard dick is spearing so far up my twat! It's sliding so fucking deep! Ohhhh God! Ohhhhh! I love your cock in my cunt! It makes me so tingly all over!"

She brought her wet cunt down onto the boy's standing prick with quicker and harder thrusts of her hips, the slick passage of her pink cunt-hole tight around his jerking cock-shaft.

George leaned forward and kissed at the girl's bobbing tits. He caught one of Jennifer's swollen nipples in his mouth and rolled it between his teeth, his face pressed into her warm tit.

"That's the way!" Jennifer sighed dreamily, her bare tits jerking around in a wiggling circle as she pumped. "Lick my nipples, George! Finger my butt and screw my pussy! Do it all! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ram your dick ever farther up my twat! Uhhh! I can feel your thick cock stabbing straight up my pussy! Push it deeper!"

Pumping frantically, the cute blond girl groaned with the passion raging through her. Her dripping cunt gripped her boyfriend's stiffened cock wetly, her rubbery asshole sucking at his fingers.

Every time Jennifer drove her juicy twat down onto George's rigid prick, she gave a little twist with her naked hips so that her tight cunt-hole grabbed still tighter at the boy's standing cock.

"Fuck the living shit out of me!" the girl moaned, her entire body shaking with pleasure. "Harder, give me your dick harder! Hurt me with it if you have to! Just give me your dick harder! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhh! My pussy wants every inch of your solid cock! Ohhh God!"

Spreading the firm cheeks of Jennifer's writhing ass apart with his hands, the dark-haired boy crammed yet a third finger into her pulsating anus. He drove all three fingers as deep as possible into her tight asshole, pulling it open cruelly.

"Faster, faster!" Jennifer gasped. "Hump me faster! Ram that big boner of yours right up my twat! Give it to me good! Ohhhh! Your fingers are pulling at my little asshole! Pull harder! Pull my asshole open while you cram your big prick up my cunt!"

Panting and groaning, the slender teen worked her hips up and down as fast as she could pump, her slippery pussy closing again and again around her boyfriend's pistoning cock.

She impaled her cunt repeatedly on his prick, shuddering with pleasure every time it barreled up into her cunthole right to the hilt. Hugging the boy's neck tighter, Jennifer pulled the firm cheeks of her ass together so that her wet asshole clamped around his fingers.

"You're screwing like a maniac!" George managed to gasp, ramming his cock brutally into Jennifer's moist young snatch. "I can hardly hang onto you! God, Jenny, I've never seen you so horny!"

"Push your dick deeper still!" the sweaty girl urged. "When you shoot off, I want to feel your hot cum squirting up my cunt! Ohhhh! I wish I could take your dick in my cunt and my mouth and my asshole at the same time! I'm so horny, I could explode!"

Hair flying wildly, Jennifer continued to pound her swollen pink cunt down onto George's upright cock. She took as much of it as she could get, her slippery cuntlips gaping in invitation and her hairy crotch dripping with her oily moisture.

The feel of her boyfriend's fingers probing around in her slick asshole made the girl all the more excited, her breathing coming hard and fast. She gasped with the sheerest of delight with every pistoning jab of the boy's hard prick, her pussy quivering uncontrollably.

"Now, George, now!" Jennifer suddenly groaned, her big blue eyes glazing over. "I'm getting my nut! I'm starting to come! Ohhhhh! Shoot your wad in me! Fill me with your cum! Uhhhh! Uhhh! It's almost too good to believe! Fuck me even harder!"

As if on command, George's thick cock began spurting milky strands of thick cum into Jennifer's wetly contracting cunt. The boy's sperm jetted up into her teenage twat and drenched her glistening cunt-walls, his cock pounding into her cunt-hole furiously.

"All of it!" Jennifer wailed, her expression intense. "Give me all the cum in your hairy nuts! Ohhhh! Finger my butt harder! Uhhh! Uhhhh! My pussy's burning away! Hammer your dick up my cunt till I'm gasping for breath! Ohhhhh God!"

With her back against the steering wheel, the pretty girl bounced up and down on George's squirting cock until her muscles were straining for relief. Her pussy spasmed nonstop, her swollen clit tingling as if an electric current were running through it.

"More, fuck me more!" Jennifer whimpered, grinding her round little ass down into George's lap. "Keep plowing your cock up my twat! Keep ramming your dick into me! Ohhhh! I'm coming and coming and coming! Just keep fucking the piss out of me! Ohhh God! Don't stop!"

Chapter SIX

When Jennifer reported for work at the Lucky Dollar Car Wash bright and early the next morning, Jack Layton called her into his office and told her, "Listen, I'm going to have to let you go."

"What are you talking about?" the young blond asked angrily. "I thought I was hired."

"You were," the manager said uneasily. "But now you're fired. Marvin, the owner here, got a call from your uncle last night. It seems they're good friends. Anyway, your uncle doesn't want you working here for some reason. That's just how simple it is. I'm really sorry, Jenny..."

Fighting back tears, the pretty girl nodded.

Upon discovering that her Uncle Herbert wouldn't be in his office that day, Jennifer went straight to his apartment and pounded at the door. When she got no answer, she knocked again, louder. Finally, the girl's uncle opened the door.

"You son of a bitch!" Jennifer railed, storming past the man and into the apartment. "Goddamn you, I wish you were dead!"

Her Uncle Herbert, resplendent in a silk robe, smiled at his young niece warmly. As handsome as ever, he said, "You seem to be a bit upset, Jenny. What seems to be the problem?" He closed the door.

"You're the problem!" the girl stammered, so angry she could barely speak. "The Lucky Dollar Car Wash fired me this morning. And you're the one who was behind it!"

And then, from out of the bedroom, a tall, strikingly pretty redhead appeared. Young and sexy, she wore only filmy panties that had been designed without a crotch. Her kinky red cunt-hair showed lewdly through the opening, her bare tits full and firm looking. Her nipples, scarlet red, were larger even than Jennifer's. She smiled at the young blond.

"Ah," Uncle Herbert said, glancing at the redhead, "I think you two should meet. Jennifer, this is Sheila. Sheila, this is my niece. Shell be joining in the fun."

Jennifer took a step back. "What fun?" she asked slowly. "If you think..."

But Uncle Herbert had already stripped his robe off and stood naked before her with his enormous cock sticking straight up. And Sheila, giggling wickedly, moved to the sexy girl and was already tugging at her clothes.

"Don't fight," the cute redhead said quietly, peeling off Jennifer's blouse. "Oh, what pretty tits you have! I'll bet your cunt's just darling!"

"Leave me alone!" Jennifer whimpered, but was too frightened to resist.

Within moments, the slender redhead had Jennifer stark naked. Then, while Jennifer stood rooted to the spot, the young woman dropped to her knees and burrowed her pretty face into the naked girl's warm crotch.

"Such a sweet-smelling little pussy!" Sheila murmured, her moist tongue finding its way into Jennifer's pink snatch. "Spread your legs, dear."

Trembling, Jennifer closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. The other woman nudged her knees apart and lapped with her tongue up into the shaking teen's juicy cunt, her lips smacking at it eagerly. Soon, unable to control herself, Jennifer groaned softly as the redhead's experienced mouth worked at her pussy.

A moment after that, still leaning against the wall, Jennifer locked her hands behind the woman's head and pulled her face tighter to her crotch.

Uncle Herbert interrupted. "Let's all go in the bedroom. Come on."

Her juicy cunt dripping, Jennifer was led into the bedroom by her naked uncle and the young redhead in crotchless panties. Both eased the pretty blond onto the bed and then climbed on with her.

On his back with his prick jutting out, Jennifer's uncle told her, "Get on top of me and stretch out. Sheila's going to lick your pussy and my cock at the same time while I'm fucking you. Aren't you, Sheila?"

The sexy redhead nodded eagerly, then began squeezing her own hairy cunt while she watched Jennifer climb onto Uncle Herbert. Pushing the curly red hair that covered her cunt back out of the way, she used a slender finger on her snatch until she was breathing quickly.

"I'll even lick your asshole for you," she told Jennifer, her eyes bright with excitement.

Lying on top of her uncle, Jennifer felt his rigid cock slide up into her tight cunt. She moaned uncontrollably with the pleasurable sensation of it, her small hands clutching at the man's broad shoulders as his stiff meat cleaved tip into her wet cunt-hole.

"Damn, your pussy's tight!" The girl's uncle gasped, his crotch tight against hers. "No wonder I like screwing you so much!"

Without answering, Jennifer spread her slender legs wide and bent her knees outward. Her bare ass started moving up and down when Uncle Herbert began fucking her from underneath, her hands still holding tightly to his shoulders.

"I still hate you," the young blond told her uncle. "I'll always hate you, no matter how good you hump me! Uhhhh! It feels too good to fight when your cock's sliding up my pussy! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck me faster!"

Sheila crawled over to the couple and started squeezing Jennifer's warm ass with both hands. Prying the girl's sweaty asscheeks apart, the pretty redhead bent over and ran her tongue up and down along Jennifer's damp ass-crack. It wasn't long before the red-haired girl was working her wet tongue up into Jennifer's throbbing asshole.

"Oh, God!" the squirming girl gasped as Sheila licked into her puckered anus. "I don't know which feels better -- the cock in my cunt or the tongue in my asshole! Ohhhh! Screw me harder, Uncle Herb! Ram your dick up my twat and ream it out! Ohhhh God! God, it feels good!" Pumping, Jennifer worked her shapely hips up and down quickly as she pushed her lush cunt down on her uncle's rigid cock. She took his stiff prick all the way to his balls in her quivering snatch, her juices spilling from her and soaking everything in its path.

From underneath, Uncle Herbert jabbed his huge cock up into his young niece's slippery twat as fast as he could. He held her tightly around the waist, his chest heaving as his breathing quickened steadily.

"That's it, Jenny!" the solidly built man groaned. "Take as much of my dick as you can get up your cunt! Uhhh! Christ, you pump like you mean it! You're such a damn good piece of ass!"

Still sucking and licking at Jennifer's twitching asshole, Sheila then lapped her way down until she was kissing the slender girl's swollen cunt. The sexy redhead worked her face in between the backs of the girl's rounded thighs and licked back and forth across the underside of her slick cuntlips, her tongue every now and then darting across Uncle Herbert's pistoning cock-shaft.

Jennifer couldn't help gasping with pleasure at what was happening to her, the entire region of her crotch throbbing with lust. The feel of her uncle's meaty cock ramming up her tight snatch made her shudder with delight, her enjoyment enhanced all the more by Sheila's moist tongue lapping at her cunt and asshole.

"Go back up and lick my ass some more!" Jennifer urged the shapely red-haired girl. "Stick your tongue up my butt again! Ahhhh! That's it, Sheila! Work your tongue in and out of my asshole!"

With her face wedged into the young blond's sweaty ass-crack, Sheila managed to poke her tongue into the girl's slick rectum. She tongued out Jennifer's anus eagerly, kissing and sucking at the puckered flesh the whole while.

From below, Uncle Herbert pounded his solid cock into Jennifer's dripping twat with a mounting frenzy. He plunged his prick into her cunt-hole again and again and again, his body shaking and his face showing the immense pleasure he felt.

"Fuck me harder!" Jennifer panted, wriggling on top of the big man. "I want you to fuck me as hard as you can! Push your stiff click deeper! Give it all to me! Ohhhhh! Ohhh! Faster, Uncle, faster!"

Jennifer wriggled and squirmed on top of the naked man, her slim hips pumping with a fluid wiggle as she took his hard cock to the juicy depths of her slippery snatch.

Behind her, she could feel the slender redhead's tongue sliding deeper in her tight asshole, Sheila's mouth pressed wetly to her anus. Jennifer kept pushing her bare ass out at the woman and groaning with the moist tonguing her asshole was getting, the backs of her firm thighs rounding even more tautly.

"Push your dick deeper!" the pretty blond cried out to her uncle. "Fuck the hell out of me! Uhhh! Ram your cock up my cunt till I can hardly move! Do it faster! Ohhhh!"

Grinding her throbbing clit into the hard base of Uncle Herbert's cock, Jennifer kept catching her breath, holding it, and then letting it whoosh out with a gasp. She drove her slick cunt-hole down onto the man's upright meat frantically, her crotch on fire with desire and ready to burst into flame.

Uncle Herbert, his arms locked around his niece's bare middle, slammed his twitching prick still more violently into her young snatch, his hips whipping up and down and his ass jerking up off the bed.

"Keep licking out my asshole!" Jennifer panted to Sheila. "Stick your tongue up my butt and lick it out! Uhhh! Ohhhhh God!"

She pressed her bare tits yet tighter to her uncle's chest, her intent to make her pink nipples tingle even more than they already were. While Jennifer and Uncle Herbert ground their crotches together feverishly, both of them groaning hoarsely, Sheila forced her wet tongue in and out of the squirming blond's puckered asshole.

"I'm on fire!" Jennifer panted, straining until she was afraid every muscle in her young body would snap. "Fuck the piss out of my pussy! Fuck me harder! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh! Shove your tongue deeper in my butt, Sheila! Deeper! Work your tongue as far up my asshole as you can! Ohhhhh God, I just keep coming! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh!"

Her pussy flooded with cum, the horny girl at last ground to a stop and sprawled on top of her Uncle Herbert. She moaned softly, her face on his shoulder, then jerked slightly when she felt Sheila's tongue slide out of her throbbing asshole.

"Hey, don't I get to come?" Sheila asked with a smile, sliding off the bed. Standing with her bare legs apart, her hairy pussy glistened wetly through the opening in her panties. "I want to come, too!"

"Have patience, my dear," Uncle Herbert told the sexy redhead. "Jennifer, suck Sheila's cunt, will you? Be a good girl."

"Let her suck her own cunt!" Jennifer flared, rolling off of her uncle and sitting up on the bed. "I'm not your slave!"

Still smiling, the ruggedly handsome man brought his hand down in a stinging slap on Jennifer's bare thigh. "Wrong!" he said slowly. "You are my slave! Now suck Sheila's cunt or I'll paddle your ass black and blue!"

"That hurt!" Jennifer complained bitterly, rubbing her leg. "If you hit me again, I'll rip your balls off!"

But, for all her show of resistance, Jennifer crawled between Sheila's damp thighs when the slim redhead lay on her back on the bed. With her knees tucked under her, Jennifer stared into the juicy center of the other girl's pulsating snatch.

The delicate lips of Sheila's pussy quivered faintly, her pink clit already swollen and distended. Her flaming red cunt-hair matted back out of the way, it was an easy matter for Jennifer to see straight up into her tight cunt-hole. With a finger, the young blond touched Sheila's pulsing clit.

"Ohh!" the redhead gasped with a giggle, her glistening cunt-hole contracting wetly. "That's right where I want you to suck, Jenny! Use your tongue on it while you're sucking me!"

Lingeringly, with a flurry of little nibbling sucks, Jennifer began kissing at the girl's dripping cunt. She licked wetly up and down along Sheila's trembling cuntlips, sucking at the pink surfaces they presented. Then, slowly, Jennifer moved up to the sexy redhead's erect clit.

Using her lips and her tongue feverishly, the young blond sucked and licked and kissed at Sheila's throbbing clit until the girl was squirming with wildly wanton pleasure.

"Keep doing it!" Sheila breathed, her filmy crotchless panties clinging to her damp flesh. "Eat my cunt out, Jenny! Suck it harder! Ohhh! You're making my whole pussy tinge! Ohhhh! Ummm! Your mouth's so hot! I can feel your breath on my clit!"

Growing excited herself, Jennifer was soon trembling with passion as she ate the other woman's pulsating cunt. She speared her tongue as far as it would reach into Sheila's wet twat, licking it all over.

Then, pushing the lace trim of the redhead's panties aside, the pretty blond found Sheila's taut asshole and rammed two fingers up it.

"Uhhhh!" the wiggling girl groaned, her knees spreading still wider. "That's what I want! Ohhhh God! Suck my pussy and finger my little asshole! Push your finger deeper!"

With her fingers wiggling around in Sheila's slick rectum, Jennifer sucked hungrily at her hairy snatch. She lapped back and forth across the girl's thick cuntlips, her face pressed tightly into her crotch.

"Raise your ass a bit, Jenny!" Uncle Herbert said, jumping onto the bed behind her. "Come on, stick your butt up!"

Slurping her lips noisily on Sheila's gaping cunt, the young blond got up onto her knees. She felt her uncle press himself against her from behind, his stiffened cock dangling just below her crotch. Shakily, Jennifer spread her legs for him so that her juicy cunt opened wetly.

A brief moment later, Uncle Herbert gripped his niece's naked hips and with one lunging thrust rammed his prick into her tight twat.

"God, did that go deep!" Jennifer blurted, still sucking loudly on the slim redhead's pussy. "Fuck my snatch off, Uncle! Ream me out while I tongue your girlfriend's cunt!"

The slick passage of Jennifer's wet pussy held the man's jerking prick tightly, her pink cunt-flesh quivering with lust. She groaned when he started pistoning his meat into her pussy, her hot cunt-hole sucking at his thick cock-shaft.

She wiggled her bare ass back into his crotch, squirming to take every ramming inch of the big man's huge cock up her twat.

"Jam your dick up me harder!" the lithe blond urged. "Screw the hell out of my cunt! Ohhhh! It feels great when your cock slides all the way up my pussy! It just feels great! Uhhh! Uhhh!"

Uncle Herbert slid his hands down Jennifer's wriggling body and cupped her swinging tits from behind. While he hammered the throbbing shaft of his meat into the girl's slippery cunt, he fondled and squeezed her tits eagerly, his hands warm on her bare flesh.

Jennifer, burrowing her face into Sheila's juicy snatch, pulled the slim redhead's puckered asshole open with her fingers. She worked two more fingers up into the wiggling girl's tight rectum, cramming her fingertips as deep as she could push them.

"God, I love what you're doing to me!" Sheila cried, her red hair tossing around on the bed as she rolled her head from side to side. "Pull my asshole wide open while you're sucking my cunt! Ohhhh! Keep licking around my clit like that! It's quivering all over!"

From behind Jennifer, hunched over her outthrust ass, Uncle Herbert kept pistoning his solid prick into her hot cunt while he squeezed her hanging tits. His fingers found her distended nipples, and he pulled at them, rolling the rubbery points between his fingertips.

The wriggling blond jerked and strained as she pumped her bare hips with a frantic, grinding motion, her hairy cunt sucking noisily at her uncle's stabbing cock.

"Fuck me even harder, Uncle Herb!" Jennifer wailed, her slender spine arching. "Drive your cock farther up my snatch! I want to feel your dick ramming all the way up my pussy! Uhhhh!"

With her mouth locked to Sheila's cunt, Jennifer nibbled and licked at her pulsing clit eagerly. Tickling and nudging the tiny nub with just her tonguetip, she made the slim redhead gasp again and again with the unbridled lust building within her naked loins.

Using her fingers still more savagely, the young blond gouged up into the wiggling girl's taut asshole with a frenzy of excitement. She stretched Sheila's tight anus open until the puckered flesh was pulled smooth, her fingertips still jabbing up into the girl's slick bowels.

"Brace yourself, Jenny!" Uncle Herbert said suddenly.

His long cock slid wetly from the pretty blond's slippery cunt, a moment later his cockhead jabbing in between the sweaty cheeks of her ass. He pushed forward so that his hard prick popped into Jennifer's throbbing asshole, then rammed the rest of his cock-shaft straight up her ass.

Jennifer, stiffening with a sharp cry, groaned, "Ohhh, I love it! Fuck my little butt off! Uhhh! Uhhh!"

Pumping furiously, Uncle Herbert pounded his stiffened cock into his young niece's gripping rectum with every ounce of his strength. His long prick pistoned into her asshole repeatedly, jabbing faster and deeper with each shuddering thrust.

He ran his sweaty hands down under her middle and cupped Jennifer's hairy crotch, his fingers spearing up into her swollen cunt. Squeezing and massaging the girl's juicy cunt, he brought her quickly to climax.

"You're making me come!" the supple blond gasped, her slippery asshole closing tightly and trapping her uncle's stroking prick. "I'm shuddering all over! Ohhhh! Came in my ass, Uncle Herb! Shoot off in my asshole! Uhhh! My cunt's quivering and tingling! Ohhhh!"

Still hammering his thick prick into the depths of Jennifer's pulsing bowels, the naked man suddenly grunted loudly. His hands gripped her pussy yet tighter, his cock jerking and twitching wildly in her wet rectum. Then the hot stream of his sticky cum geysered into Jennifer's asshole, a thick river of liquid that filled her rectum to the brim.

"Ohhhh God!" Jennifer moaned shakily, thrusting her bare ass back into her uncle's crotch so that his shooting cock speared farther up her asshole. "I love it when you fill my butt with cum! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! I can feel it squirting deep in my asshole! Ohhhh! Squeeze my twat more!"

Sheila, still squirming around on the bed as Jennifer sucked and kissed at her gaping cunt, tensed with a low groan. She shoved her juicy snatch tighter to the sexy blond's face, her cries of delight shattering the air.

"Suck my cunt, Jenny!" the writhing redhead groaned, her asshole clenching around Jennifer's probing fingers. "Ohhhhh! I'm coming like a race horse! Ohhhh God! Lick my pussy all over! Make it really good for me! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Keep kissing right on my clit! Kiss it!"

And Jennifer, smacking her lips wetly on Sheila's spasming snatch and taking her Uncle Herbert's thick cock yet deeper in her ass, could think only of the lewd pleasure that exploded without end in her juicy cunt.

Chapter SEVEN

"Now will you go to work far your Uncle Herbert?" Jennifer's mother asked upon hearing that the girl was not going to be working at the car wash after all. "Will you, dear?"

"No, I won't!" Jennifer shook her head resolutely. "I'll just find another job."

Mrs. Stiles sighed. "I don't understand why you refuse to work for my brother. You used to like Herbert so much when you were younger. What's made you change your mind about him?"

"I just want to find a job on my own," the young blond shrugged, not willing to explain further. "Anyway, tomorrow I'll find one."

Considerably wiser than on her first search for employment, Jennifer dressed with an eye towards exuding sex appeal. In a skimpy halter top that barely restrained her firm tits, and her tight denim shorts, the pretty blond felt calm and confident about getting a job.

With a fluid, wiggling walk, she strolled into the white-and-chrome brightness of Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor and asked to see Mr. Johnson. A few minutes later, one of the white-uniformed girls who had been working behind the counter led Jennifer back to the owner's office.

"I'm Ralph. Johnson." The man stood up when Jennifer walked in. He was tall and lanky, possibly thirty-five, and had pitch-black hair and deep-set eyes that seemed not the least friendly. "What can I do for you?"

Jennifer got right to the point. "I'm looking for a job."

"So's everybody else," Ralph Johnson said. "I've got more girls working here now than I really need."

Without the slightest bit of embarrassment, Jennifer said, "But I'll bet none of them could suck your cock like I could."

The man's eyes widened noticeably. "What?" he asked, leaning forward as if to hear better. "What did you say?"

"You heard me right," the slender blond giggled. "Lock the door and I'll show you."

"Wait here a minute," Ralph Johnson said. "Don't go away."

And he disappeared through the door, closing it behind him and leaving Jennifer alone in his office. Glancing about nervously, the young wondered if she might have gone too far, if she might have been a trifle too bold. After all, the man could have been offended. He might, she thought with mounting fear, be calling the police this very moment.

But just then the door opened again and Ralph Johnson walked in carrying a can of whipped cream. He grinned at Jennifer as he locked the door and turned to her.

"I admire a girl who knows what she wants and is willing to go after it," he told her. "You can start work in the morning. For now, though, come here and we'll work out the details."

Smiling, Jennifer walked to the tall man and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him full on the mouth, her pink tongue slithering in between his lips. Then, with a little sigh, the slim blond pulled away and breathed. "Let's get out of these clothes."

Since there wasn't a couch in the small office, Jennifer plopped down on the carpet and kicked off her shoes. Wiggling out of her shorts and panties, she watched as Ralph Johnson took his clothes off. Last, she peeled her halter top off and tossed it aside with a giggle.

"Jesus Christ, are you built!" the lanky man gasped, getting down on the carpet with Jennifer when he was naked. He ran his hands up her slender waist and squeezed her warm tits. "Your body is flawless!"

The man's rigid cock was sticking out almost in the girl's face, so she grabbed it playfully and squeezed until the thick head of it turned blood red. Eagerly, she kissed Ralph's prick while he knelt in front of her, her moist lips making soft slurping sounds on his throbbing flesh.

Jennifer asked, "Do you want to fuck me in the mouth or the cunt or the ass? It's your choice. Oh, by the way, I'm Jenny Stiles."

Still fondling the young blond's exquisitely round tits, Ralph said, "Lay down." He picked up the can of whipped cream. "We'll have a party of sods."

Smiling, Jennifer stretched out on the carpet and spread her slender legs so that her hairy cunt gaped wetly. She watched while Ralph Johnson shook the can of whipped cream.

Starting at her feet, the tall, naked man began spraying whipped cream on the pretty girl's damp body. He covered her ankles, calves and thighs with it, then bypassed her crotch and went to her firm tits.

"It tickles!" Jennifer giggled when the man squirted whipped cream onto her pink nipples. "Ummm, but I like it!"

Saving the best for last, Ralph then scooted down between the naked teenager's whipped cream-coated thighs and sprayed the sugary white topping onto and into her juicy cunt. With a final flourish, he squirted a dab into her tight asshole.

"That should do it," he said, setting the can aside.

Again starting at Jennifer's feet, the tall man began licking the whipped cream away slowly. Teasingly, he worked his way up along the girl's slim legs until he was sucking on her firm inner thighs. Still, he avoided her hairy crotch, moving instead to her nipples.

"Do my cunt!" Jennifer giggled while Ralph lapped the whipped cream off of her tits. "Ummmm! What a wicked thing to be doing! I just love it! Suck my nipples more!"

Squirming and giggling, the pretty more than enjoyed the tonguing Ralph Johnson was giving her entire body. She kept urging him to drop down to her crotch, her clit tingling with excitement even as he licked a dab of whipped cream away from her belly button.

And then, at last, the tall man began lapping up the frothy topping from Jennifer's curly cunt-hair. He took his lime licking away all the whipped cream, so that finally only a thick line of it was left, running from Jennifer's clit right down to her asshole.

"This is the part I've been waiting for!" the horny blond giggled wildly, then jerked with a little squeal when Ralph started licking her pussy. "Ummmm, that's what I needed! Lick the whipped cream out of my cunt! Suck at it, too! Ohhhh! God, that feels good!"

Writhing on the carpet, Jennifer reached down and entwined her slim fingers in the man's black hair. She pulled his face into her crotch, her breath coming hard and fast as he sucked her young pussy.

She started pumping her bare ass, her hips rising and falling as she worked her dripping snatch into Ralph Johnson's mouth. The feel of his tongue exploring the sweetness of her tight twat made her groan with passion, her whole body wiggling mindlessly.

Her new employer made wet, slurping sounds as he sucked her hairy cunt, his face, burrowing into her crotch and his hands cupping the cheeks of her bare ass. He dipped down then and tongued his way into her sweaty ass-crack, his tonguetip finding, and then licking at, the girl's tight asshole. "Now fuck me!" Jennifer panted, as hot and horny as she'd ever been in her life. "Give me your cock! I want it really bad!"

Pulling his head out from between Jennifer's trembling thighs, Ralph climbed on top of her. His thick cock pressed against her juicy cunt and then slid into it, his hips ramming forward as he speared his prick right to the hilt in her tight snatch.

Her body still sticky with the residue of whipped cream, Jennifer hooked her heels behind Ralph Johnson's knees and started squirming beneath him. Ralph, digging in, started pounding his meaty cock into the wriggling teen's gripping cunt with a savageness that was amazing.

"Oh, God, yes!" Jennifer groaned, throwing her slippery pussy up to the man as he plowed into her.

Clutching at Ralph's naked back, the sexy blond teenager pumped her bare ass with a frantic, jerky urgency, her pussy filled again and again with the tall man's solid prick.

Slowly, she started working her straining thighs up along the outsides of his, her ankles crossing behind his ass as she did so. She managed to get her slender legs crossed behind his lower back so that her pink cunt was wide open to him, his cock-thrusts taking him even deeper into her slick pussy than before.

"You're screwing me so good!" Jennifer moaned, tightening her bare thighs around Ralph's churning hips. "Deeper, deeper, deeper! Shove your cock as deep as you can!"

With the deepest, hardest thrusts imaginable, Ralph Johnson slammed his throbbing cock into Jennifer's hot pussy and reamed out her glistening cunt-hole. He kept squeezing her squirming ass, digging his nails in and spurring her on to still greater heights of passion.

"Goddamn, do you wiggle!" the man panted roughly, his hips whipping up and down yet quicker. "You fuck like you were born to it! Christ, and you've got a cunt second to none!"

Bending her knees outward, Jennifer pressed her heels into the man's lower back for leverage. Tightening the sleek muscles in her firm thighs, she yanked her sweaty ass up off the carpet repeatedly and ground her juicy cunt into the base of Ralph's stabbing prick.

Puffing and panting, the tall man hammered his cock into the young girl's pink snatch with a frenzy of lust, his bare groin slapping against hers as he pumped.

"Nobody's ever fucked me this good before!" Jennifer managed to gasp, her whole body drenched with sweat. "You're screwing my eyes out! Ohhhh! Give me that big dick of yours right where I need it! Shove it deeper! Uhhh! Uhhh! I can feel every little bump and curve on your prick when it slides up my pussy! Ohhhh God!"

Jennifer's nipples throbbed warmly against Ralph's chest, her firm tits growing even firmer as she got closer to climaxing. The distended nub of her pink clit tingled wildly every time the base of the man's plunging cock banged into it, the entire area of Jennifer's crotch throbbing.

A steady trickle of oily juices poured from the squirming girl's hairy cunt, even her upraised thighs slick with it.

"It's almost too good to be true!" the wiggling girl panted. "I love the way you're screwing me! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhh! And your dick's so stiff! It's twitching like crazy in my cunt! Ohhhh! I can't stop shuddering! Keep screwing the its out of me!"

As she knew he would, Ralph finally worked his way to her tight young asshole with both hands. He played at her puckered anus with just a fingertip, teasing the girl, then pushed his finger all the way to the last knuckle in her slippery rectum.

Almost too slowly, he began working his finger in and out of the pretty blond's taut asshole, his cock meanwhile still barreling up her quivering pussy a mile a minute.

Then, quicker and quicker, he started fingerfucking her asshole. He crammed two more fingers up the girl's ass and wriggled them around in her slick rectum. His cock slammed into her pussy even faster.

"Ralph, you're killing me! Your big cock feels so good ripping into my cunt! Uhhh! Keep shoving your dick deeper! Ohhh God!"

The searing blast of Jennifer's climax made her groan as it tore into her juicy cunt. Muscles straining, the squirming girl held the man to her with her arms and legs. Simultaneously, her pink pussy squeezed Ralph's prick until his sperm started squirting wetly.

"I'm getting my rocks off!" the man gasped, his eyes nearly popping put of his head. "Uhhhh! Uhhh! Your cunt's squeezing the cum out of my dick! Pump your ass faster, Jenny!"

Shuddering uncontrollably, the lithe blond bucked beneath Ralph Johnson as if she had an electric wire attached to her clit. She clawed at his back with both hands, her hot thighs clamped around his waist.

"Fuck me harder!" Jennifer wailed. "Hammer the piss out of my pussy! God, I'm coming nonstop! My pussy's throbbing like hell! Harder, Ralph, fuck me even harder!"

His cock spurting wet streams of cum into her cunt, the tall man rammed his stiffened meat savagely into the wiggling teen. He reamed her climaxing pussy out until the last dribbling squirt of his cum shot into her, then sagged on top of her.

"God, was that a good fuck!" Jennifer breathed, her head thrown back as she gulped for air. "My cunt's still tingling! Really, Ralph, that was a fantastic screwing you gave me!"

She slid her warm legs down from around his middle and lay sprawled on the carpet beneath him. With an exhausted moan, Ralph slid his cock out of her wet pussy. He rolled over on his back, his arms at his sides, and breathed loudly.

"You're a great piece yourself, Jenny," the man sighed. "When you get that little pussy working, ft's like nothing I ever felt before."

Giggling suddenly, Jennifer sat up and reached for the can of whipped cream. She leaned over the naked man's crotch. Holding his limp cock in one hand, she sprayed whipped cream all over the fleshy head of it.

"If we had some cherries and nuts, I'd make a sundae," the young blond smiled when she set the can down. "Since we don't, I guess this will have to do."

And, slowly, she started licking the whipped cream off of the man's long prick. She nibbled at his bulbous cockhead, her wet tongue working around it as she cleared away the sugary dessert topping. Then, cupping his hairy balls in one hand, the girl took as much of Ralph Johnson's prick as she could get into her mouth.

"You're getting me hard again!" the man gasped. "Hell, I can feel my dick starting to stand up already! Suck it good, Jenny!"

Intent on doing just that, the naked young girl mouthed the man's stiffening cock eagerly. She sucked his thick meat as hard as she could, her hands gently squeezing the fleshy pouch his nuts hung in. In less time than she would have expected, Ralph's cock was jutting upright.

"That didn't take long!" Jennifer giggled, teasingly running her moist tongue up and down the man's rigid cock. "Look at it throb! Gee, Ralph, you must really be horny!"

"Get on, and I'll show you!"

Straddling Ralph's hips, Jennifer reached down and took his throbbing cock in her hand. She spread her knees wider, dropping down slightly, and guided his rigid prick into her dripping cunt. Then, with a shivering groan, the pretty blond sat down on the man's stiff meat.

Her slippery cunt-hole gripped his cock tightly, her wet cunt-hair meshing with the hair that covered his crotch. Wiggling her bare ass around to get more comfortable, she braced herself with her small hands flat on the man's naked chest.

When Ralph began pistoning his thick prick into her cunt from underneath, the sexy teen started working her hips up and down. Faster and faster, she pumped on top of her new employer. The damp insides of her bare thighs hugged him tightly, her hot pussy already filling with her slick cunt-juices.

"Do it a little faster!" Ralph panted, his eyes wide. "Sit down on my dick really fast! God, Jenny, your pussy feels even tighter than the first time!"

Jennifer rocked back and forth quickly, her strong young thighs straining as she took Ralph's solid cock into her juicy cunt. She kept sitting back on his prick and groaning is it speared into her, the slick walls of her pussy caressing his meat.

From underneath, the tall, lanky man drove his cock up into the wriggling girl's cunt with building enthusiasm. His ass jerked up from the carpet with every thrust of his stiffened prick, his legs trembling as he pumped.

"Screw me harder, Ralph! I like it fast and furious! Ummm! Your dick's stiffer than ever! It's as stiff as a brick! Faster, Ralph! Do it faster! Shove your cock up my pussy hard!"

Squirming on top of the man, Jennifer ground her hot pussy down on his prick feverishly. She took his meat into her cunt with every thrust of her slim hips, the pleasure making her very hot. With an almost unbearable urgency, the slender blond kept driving her juicy snatch onto his cock again and again.

She clutched at his chest, her hands opening and closing as she worked her bare ass up and down.

Every time the full length of Ralph's rigid prick cleaved into her tight pussy, she shuddered with her clit tingling wildly.

Jennifer moaned, "Make me come with your hard cock! Ram it up me till I'm coming my brains out! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Push your meat deeper! Deeper! Cram your dick all the way up my snatch!"

The slick lips of the horny teenager's cunt gaped lewdly, their pink surfaces glistening with wetness. Jennifer hammered her tight pussy still more furiously onto Ralph's rock-hard cock, hers hips whipping up and down with ever-increasing speed.

Ralph reached up and found the girl's bobbing tits. He cupped them in his hands, squeezing gently, then rolled her erect nipples between his fingers. His hips pumped frantically, his cock stabbing brutally into Jennifer's quivering twat. With one ramming thrust after another, he put his prick into the girl's juicy cunt and made her moan in ecstasy.

Wriggling yet more feverishly, Jennifer took every thick inch of the lanky man's prick and wanted still more.

"Slide your dick up my pussy harder!" she groaned brokenly, bouncing up and down on his cock. "Fill my pussy to bursting with your hard dick! Uhhhhh! I can't believe how good it feels. Your big cock's reaming me out! Ohhh God! I just love the way you're screwing me!"

The moist tissue of her slippery cunt sucked at his prick wetly, her cunt-hole tightening as the girl neared the jolting climax she wanted so desperately. Her whole body rocked back and forth, her sweaty ass beginning to pump with an undulating, corkscrewing motion that made her wet pussy grip Ralph's cock even tighter.

"You're going to pull my dick right off! If your cunt gets any tighter, I won't be able to get up it! Uhhh! Damn, you've got such a hot, wet little pussy!"

"And you've got such a big, hard dick!" Jennifer groaned right back. "I love it slamming up my twat! Give it to me deeper! Ohhhhh God! My clit's going crazy down there! My whole crotch is throbbing like mad!"

She impaled her juicy cunt with progressively harder thrusts of her slim hips, her thighs straining until her muscles stood taut. She could feel the solid shaft of Ralph's meaty cock glutting her slick cunt-hole with throbbing hardness, could feel his swollen cockhead stabbing deep in her teenage snatch.

With her blond hair flying, the naked girl gasped and groaned until she was hoarse. Her hot pussy got even hotter, her slippery cunt-walls quivering with the keenest of excitement.

"Your pussy's sucking my nuts up into the base of my cock!" Ralph groaned, his entire body shiny with sweat.

Her breath coming in ragged heaves, Jennifer only pumped all the more feverishly. She felt the man's warm hands slide away from her even warmer tits and drop down to the cheeks of her wiggling ass. A moment later, she felt his fingers gouge up into her tight young asshole, his fingertips jabbing deeply in her pulsing rectum while his cock barreled relentlessly into her slippery snatch.

A moment after that, she was thrilled to feel his sticky cum gushing up her tightly gripping cunt. She moaned with the sensation as his hot sperm filled her pussy, her own orgasm suddenly bursting within her naked loins.

"Grab my ass harder!" Jennifer croaked hoarsely, digging her knees into the carpet. She ground her throbbing cunt into the base of Ralph's shooting cock, the wet suction of her cunt-hole holding his meat tight. "Oh, God, I can hardly breathe! Ohhhhhh! Slam your dick up my pussy. Fuck me till it hurts! Uhhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Your cum's so hot! It's squirting so deep! Keep screwing the piss out of me!"

Her bare ass wriggling wildly, the naked teen reached down behind her and grabbed Ralph's balls. She squeezed while he shot his wad into her twat, her fingers digging into the sac that encased his bobbing nuts.

"Keep pumping!" Jennifer moaned. "Give my cunt all the hard dicking it needs! Fill my snatch up with your sticky cum! Ohhhhh! I could fuck forever! I really could! Ohhhhh God!"

Chapter EIGHT

Jennifer's first day of work at Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor went very well. She was friendly with the other girls, waited on customers politely, and kept the counters and tables clean. All in all, Ralph Johnson was highly pleased with her.

In his office that afternoon, he told her just that.

"You're turning out to be the best girl I've got working here," Ralph said with a smile, closing the door. "Really, Jenny, you're doing a great job."

Knowing what was expected of her, the slim blond slowly unbuttoned her white uniform. While Ralph Johnson watched, she shrugged it back off her smooth shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then she kicked her shoes off, squirmed out of her panties, and stood stark naked before him.

"I'm glad you're happy with me," Jennifer smiled back.

Ralph was naked in a flash, his huge cock jutting out before him. He went to the sexy girl and hugged her tightly. "I'm more than happy with you," he told her, nuzzling his face into her warm tits. "You've got a job here as long as you want."

Reaching for his stiff prick, Jennifer giggled, "Will you do me a small favor?"

"Sure," the man nodded. He slid his hand down along the gentle slope of her bare groin and squeezed her hairy little cunt. "Anything you want."

Pressing her nude body to his, the girl breathed, "Will you stick your dick up my ass? It's something I've always wanted to try."

Suddenly trembling, Ralph swallowed hard. He nodded eagerly, then pushed his hand down under her juicy snatch and probed into the sweaty crack of the girl's firm ass. His finger slid into her tight asshole, then explored her slick rectum.

"Ummm, I like what you're doing," Jennifer sighed. "I think your cock would feel better, though. For both of us."

Slipping out of his grasp, Jennifer dropped to the carpet and got on her hands and knees. Ralph was quick to follow. Guiding his hard cock with his hand, he lined the tip of it up with the young girl's tight asshole.

"See if you can get in with one stroke!" Jennifer giggled, pushing her bare ass out at the tall man. "Ram your dick right up my butt!"

Taking a deep breath, Ralph Johnson took the slim girl's naked hips in his hands. He drove his meaty cock into her slippery rectum with a thrust that made both of them gasp with delight, his thick cock-shaft disappearing in her wiggling bottom.

"Ohhhhh God!" Jennifer moaned, shuddering. "Damn, I hadn't realized how big your cock was! It's stretching the hell out of my little asshole!"

"It's supposed to!" the naked man laughed. "Grit your teeth, Jenny. I'm going to fuck your ass until you can't even walk! Ready?"

"Go ahead," Jennifer panted, breathing through her mouth. "Ream my butt out!"

Starting right in, Ralph Johnson hammered the full length of his long prick into the girl's taut asshole with a frenzy. He drove his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust, his cock-shaft sliding in and out of her gripping rectum wetly.

Jennifer, groaning with the lust building in her, wiggled her naked ass back and forth and up and down. She took Ralph's plunging prick to the hilt in her slick rectum, her cries of ecstasy growing steadily louder. Lost in the pure pleasure she was getting, the shapely teen pumped her slender hips frantically.

"Harder, harder, harder! Fuck my ass raw, Ralph! Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Your huge cock is sliding so far up my asshole! It's going so damn deep! Ohhhh! I love it!"

Grunting, the man stabbed his throbbing cock repeatedly into Jennifer's pulsing asshole. He fucked her ass with long, shudderingly fast strokes that nearly took her breath away, his balls swinging around and slapping into the swollen underside of her hairy twat.

Without letup, he pounded the thick shaft of his meat into her bottom.

"It's so good!" Jennifer cried. "Your dick feels so fucking good! Ram it up my butt harder! Screw my ass till I'm sore! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! My little asshole's throbbing like crazy! I can feel it sucking your prick!"

The horny teenager ground her sweaty rear back into Ralph's crotch, her thighs straining as she rocked back and forth. Every muscle in her body was tensed with excitement, her wiggling pumps getting more urgent with every second.

Ralph Johnson only fucked her ass harder, his hips slamming back and forth savagely. He crammed his twitching prick into her sucking rectum with a fury of lust, the entire length of his cock-shaft plowing up into Jennifer's ass.

The young girl gripped as much of the carpet as she could get in her hands, her lithe body undulating wildly. Her groans and gasps became even more intense, the pleasure in her loins threatening to sweep her away.

"Play with my pussy, Ralph! Jam your fingers up my cunt while you're screwing my ass off! Ohhhh God! My asshole's getting even tighter! I can feel it closing around your stiff dick!"

"So can I!" the lanky man moaned, his hands sliding down into the girl's sopping crotch. He dug his fingers up into Jennifer's throbbing cunt, pushing his fingertips as deep as he could. "Your little pussy's just dripping!"

He squished his fingers around in Jennifer's slippery cunt while he continued to ream her tight asshole out, his hands squeezing warmly at her entire crotch.

Jennifer, struggling to take his cock yet farther in her rectum, was soon drenched with sweat from her scalp to the tips of her toes. She wiggled feverishly, cat-like, as Ralph pounded his cock still more furiously into her wetly-clenching asshole.

"Give it to me even deeper!" the blond teen groaned hoarsely. "Cram your meat up my butt as far as it'll reach! Uhhh! My pussy's quivering, too! Use your fingers in my cunt! Keep fingerfucking my snatch!"

The lanky man was grabbing wildly at Jennifer's hairy crotch, his hands pulling at her gaping pink snatch. He actually lifted her knees off the carpet slightly.

"Yes, yes!" Jennifer panted for breath. "Fuck the shit right out of my asshole! Push your big, stiff dick deeper! I want to feel every solid inch of it sliding up my butt! Ohhhhh God! Squeeze my cunt harder! Squeeze it till I come, Ralph!"

The tall man, his prick stabbing relentlessly into Jennifer's twitching asshole, jabbed his fingers into her slick cunt eagerly. He pulled her wet cuntlips aside, then started pressing at her clit with a thumb.

The slim girl's reaction was to stiffen with a gurgling cry, her hot pussy quivering. She thrust her bare ass out to take Ralph's cock straight up her rectum, her cunt tightening around his fingers when she did so.

Rocking back and forth, Jennifer pumped her sweaty hips with a frantic urgency. She finally dropped down onto her elbows so that her ass was tilted upward, the greater angle letting Ralph's cock slide into her asshole with even greater penetration.

"Your pussy's sopping wet!" Ralph rasped. "And it's getting wetter! Damn, I can feel it throbbing around my fingers!"

"Fingerfuck me harder!" the girl moaned, spreading hex knees wider. "Play with my cunt till I'm coming! It won't be long now, I promise! Ohhhhh! In fact, I'm just about there! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Keep squeezing my clit!"

Suddenly shaking violently, the girl gasped out in delight as her orgasm started. Her wet asshole tugged wetly at Ralph's stroking cock, her pussy sucking at his fingers. An instant later, she felt the man's thick cum pouring into her rectum.

"Ohhhh God!" Jennifer gasped, her young body straining for all it was worth. "Fill my asshole with cum! Shoot all the cum in your hairy nuts right up my butt! Ohhhhh! I'm coming like a fucking maniac! Shove your cock deeper! I want all of it!"

Her blond hair tossing back and forth, the supple teen squirmed her bare ass even tighter into Ralph's crotch. She could feel his sticky sperm squirting into her slippery rectum, could feel his hands grabbing at her climaxing cunt.

"Hammer the hell out of my ass with your cock!" she breathed shakily, her hips pumping wildly. "Cram your dick so deep it hurts! Uhhh! Uhhh! You're humping my butt so good!"

Slowly, the tall man came to rest on Jennifer's slim back, his face pressed against her shoulder and his thighs tight against the backs of hers. He took a few moments to catch his breath, then pulled his cock out of her still-gripping asshole.

"Jesus!" he laughed. "I really got my nuts off that time. You'll have cum dripping out of your asshole for a week!"

"I'll think of you every time it does," Jennifer giggled. "Well, I guess I'd better get back to work."

At the end of the day, after everyone else had gone home, Ralph asked Jennifer, "How about a quickie before we go?"

The pretty bland turned to him with a smile. They stood in the deserted and darkened ice cream parlor, an unaccustomed stillness in the air because all the machines were shut down.

"Back in your office?" Jennifer asked. "Right here," the man laughed. "In one of the booths. Come on, it'll be fun."

Shrugging, the slender teen wiggled out of her clothes quickly. As Ralph shed his pants and shorts, she got up on the end of a table and lay back. With her legs dangling over the end, she spread her firmly rounded thighs.

"This feels a little obscene," Jennifer giggled when the man moved between her bare legs. "Getting fucked out in the open like this, I mean. And on a table in an ice cream parlor, yet!"

Shaking his head with a laugh, Ralph pressed his crotch close to hers and spread his solid cock into her juicy snatch. His prick slid easily enough into her wet pussy, his balls hanging down against the firm cheeks of her bare ass.

With a quick jerk back, he slid his cock out right to the fleshy head. A second later, he buried his prick in Jennifer's gripping pussy and, started pumping. His hands holding her naked hips, he began ramming his cock into her snatch harder and faster.

"It feels great!" Jennifer breathed, wiggling on the table. She gripped the sides of the table with her hands at her sides. "Uhhh! My cunt's tingling already! Pound your cock up me really hard! Make me come, Ralph!"

Standing at the foot of the table, the naked man slammed his rigid meat into Jennifer's moist snatch as fast as he could. His hips pumped back and forth, the length, of his solid prick stabbing again and again into the young blonde's hairy cunt. Jennifer gripped the table until her hands were shaking, her bare ass jerking up and down erratically. She groaned with pleasure as Ralph's big chunk of throbbing meat slid wetly into her tight pussy, her whole body wriggling wildly.

"Make me come!" the girl kept moaning over and over. "Ohhhh! Your huge dick feels so good sliding up my cunt! It's going so deep! Uhhh! Do it faster! Fuck me hard and fast!"

Her head rolled from side to side on the table, her thighs tightening around the tall man's hips.

Finally she raised her slender legs and wrapped them around Ralph's middle, her hot thighs hugging him even tighter as she strained for relief.

"Push your prick deeper!" Jennifer gasped, her body squirming. "Ream my pussy out with your stiff cock! I want every inch of it in my twat! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh God! My cunt's dripping juice down into my asshole! I'm getting wetter every time your dick rams up my pussy!"

Breathing raggedly, Ralph hammered his hard cock into the girl's snatch with thrusts that made her moan, his hips sliding between her tensed thighs.

Jennifer, squirming her bare ass around on the table, shuddered violently with the fucking Ralph gave her. She worked her sweaty hips up and down with undulating wiggles, grinding her sopping crotch into the base of the man's plunging cock.

The wet suction of her hot cunt pulled at his prick, tugging at it as it pistoned in and out furiously.

"Screw my butt off!" the young blonde whimpered hoarsely. "Shove your dick farther up my cunt! Ohhh! It just feels so fucking good! Fuck me faster!"

Her bare tits jiggling, Jennifer writhed feverishly on the table top, groaning and panting while Ralph pounded his prick up her hot pussy. She could feel the solid shaft of his cock pistoning into her tight cunt-hole with a fury, his thick cockhead stabbing repeatedly into the juiciest depths of her pink snatch.

With her straining thighs locked around his hips, she worked the wet slash of her cunt against the stroking action of the man's prick. Whimpering with pleasure, all she could think about was the rampant humping she was getting.

"Faster, faster!" she urged, jerking up off the table. "Pump faster! I want you to screw me silly! Push your cock deeper! Uhhh! Uhhh! Let me have your cum! Shoot it straight up my twat!"

His face red, Ralph rammed his twitching prick yet more furiously into the writhing teen's wetly gripping pussy. He reamed her cunt out as best he could, plunging his meat into her without letup.

"I'm already beginning to come!" Jennifer suddenly gasped. "My pussy's clenching up! Uhhhhhh! Stab your cock deeper! Ohhh God! Ohhh! Ohh! Ohhh! I'm coming like hell! Ream my snatch out!"

Ralph's rigid prick jerked, then started shooting hot ribbons of wet cum into the shuddering girl's slippery cunt. He rammed his prick up her snatch as far as it would reach, his face getting redder than ever. A river of his thick sperm coursed into Jennifer's hot pussy.

"Keep fucking me, Ralph! Keep pounding your dick up my cunt! Ohhhhh! I'm coming like fireworks are going off in my twat! Uhhh! Uhhh! Drive your cock even deeper! Shoot my pussy full of cum! Ohhh!"

Her bare ass bouncing, Jennifer squirmed as if she had a red-hot poker up her asshole. Her cunt sucked wetly at the man's jerking prick, squeezing his meat as he got his nuts off.

"Harder, hump me harder!" Jennifer gasped. "Screw me right into this table! Ohhh God!"

And with a gurgling, choking cry, she finally sprawled out on the table and went limp.

Chapter NINE

Jennifer's job at Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor seemed to be working out just fine. For the next three days she worked hard, took only a few breaks, and -- often -- writhed naked on the office carpet with Ralph Johnson. Everything considered, she found her new employment most enjoyable. More importantly, though, was the fact that she had avoided working for her lecherous uncle.

But, on the fourth day, Ralph told her self-consciously, "Jenny, you can't work here any longer. I don't know what's going on, but my insurance company called and said they'd cancel my insurance if I didn't fire you. I don't know why, but somebody with a lot of pull in this town doesn't want you working here."

"My Uncle Herbert," Jennifer said more to herself than Ralph. "My mother must have told him I was working here. Goddamn mm!"

"Anyway," Ralph continued, "I'm going to pay you for the entire week. I figure you deserve it."

Jennifer smiled at the tall man. "I could use the money," she said, adding, "And I know exactly what to do with it. I'll fix that damn uncle of mine if it's the last thing I ever do."

"Do you think he'll show up?" Debbie asked. "It's getting late."

"He'll be here," Jennifer assured the thin brunette. She giggled. "I told him an the phone that you were dying to have his cock. Uncle Herbert's just vain enough to believe it."

The two girls -- both naked -- sat in the living room at the beach house, waiting for Jennifer's uncle. At a little after ten, the ruggedly handsome man walked through the door without bothering to knock.

"Good evening, girls," Uncle Herbert nodded, glancing from one to the other. He was obviously pleased to discover both Jennifer and her young friend already naked. "And this must be Debbie." The slim brunette stood with a giggle. "And you must be Jennifer's Uncle Herbert. You're even better-looking than she told me you were."

Undressing, the man laughed, "So are you."

"Fuck me first so Debbie can watch," Jennifer smiled. "She really gets off on watching people screw!"

"She does, huh?" Uncle Herbert laughed again. "Then let's give her something to watch!"

Naked, the large man took Jennifer's hand. He led her into the bedroom, then eased her down to the bed. Debbie, eyes wide, followed.

When Jennifer spread her warm thighs, her uncle climbed on top of her. His cock stiff and throbbing, he guided it into the girl's moist cunt. With a thrust forward, he speared his rigid prick fully into her tight snatch.

"Ohhhh!" Jennifer breathed, "I can feel your big dick twitching all around in my pussy! It's so damn stiff!"

"All the better to screw you senseless with, my dear!" the man smiled, showing his perfectly white, perfectly even capped teeth. "Your naked little friend over there will find out for herself soon enough!"

While Debbie sat on the edge of the bed watching, Uncle Herbert slid his long cock back until only the tip of it was wedged into Jennifer's slippery young twat. Then, digging his hands in under the pretty blond's firm ass, he rammed his meat into her cunt with all his might.

His breath rasping, the girl's uncle slammed his thick prick into her wet pussy with one shuddering thrust after another. His hips whipped up and down furiously, his cockhead stabbing deeper and deeper into Jennifer's hot cunt.

"Yes, Uncle, yes!" the squirming blond groaned, her body already slick with sweat. "Harder! Drive your cock as deep as you can! Uhhhh! Uhhh! You're fucking me so good! You're fucking me so fast! Ohhhhh God! It feels so good when your cock rams up my pussy!"

Writhing beneath the man, Jennifer started throwing her hairy pussy up to meet each of his cock thrusts. Her bare thighs gripped his hips hornily, the sleek muscles in her slim legs straining as she pumped.

Debbie, watching closely, was soon breathing almost as quickly as the couple humping before her. She dropped her hand clown into her crotch and squeezed her juicy cunt, her fingers sliding up into her slick cunt-hole. The faster Jennifer and her uncle screwed, the more wildly excited Debbie became.

"Fuck her harder!" the lithe brunette urged shakily, turned on at the sight before her. "Ream Jennifer's pussy out, Herbert! God, I hope you fuck me that good!"

Uncle Herbert crammed his cock into Jennifer's dripping snatch with a fury of lust, his hips churning frantically. His hands squeezed the young teen's squirming ass into two handfuls of sweaty flesh, his crotch battering into hers relentlessly.

"Push your cock deeper, Uncle Herb!" Jennifer moaned. She began working her thighs up along the outsides of his. "Stab your dick as far as it'll reach! Uhhh! My cunt's dripping juice all over the place! Hammer your cock even deeper!"

Raising her feet above her uncle's back, Jennifer crossed her ankles. She squeezed Uncle Herbert around the middle as he humped her, the cheeks of her bare ass rounding tautly.

The man's hands pried into the girl's damp ass-crack. He plunged into her tight asshole with his fingers, jabbing up into her rectum with his thick fingertips.

"I can't wait until it's my turn!" Debbie said breathlessly. Her slim fingers worked feverishly in her sopping cunt, her thumbs busy squeezing her erect clit. "Christ, I'm so horny watching you two, I can't believe it!"

With a near-brutal savageness, Uncle Herbert kept hammering the full length of his solid prick into his sexy niece's quivering pussy. He dug his fingers still farther up her pulsing asshole, working at her front and back to give her all the wild pleasure she could handle.

"Hurry, hurry!" Jennifer gasped. "Make me come! Pound my pussy to pieces with your huge cock, Uncle! Uhhh!"

The naked man slammed into his horny niece's cunt-hole with everything he had, his ass pumping with a frenzy. Grunting and panting, he speared every thick inch of his prick into the wiggling girl's hairy twat, his balls bouncing crazily. Jennifer kept groaning.

"God, you're fucking her to death!" Debbie breathed hotly.

"And you're next!" the man gasped, his face red. He drove his solid prick still faster into Jennifer's wetly gripping snatch, reaming her cunt-hole out with his thick shaft of meat. "I'll have plenty left for you, Debbie!"

Writhing on the bed, Jennifer gasped with unrestrained pleasure as her uncle's stiffened cock barreled into the depths of her snatch. Every muscle in her firm body jerked and strained, here sweaty ass growing still damper. She gulped air hungrily through her mouth, her big blue eyes closed to half-slits of dreamy passion.

"Faster, screw me faster! Fuck the shit out of me, Uncle Herb! Ohhhhh God! I'm really getting close to coming! Slide your dick in and out of my pussy faster! Bring me off with your big, hairy cock!"

The tingling nub of Jennifer's distended clit quivered wildly, the pummeling it took from Uncle Herbert's hard pubic bone inflaming it all the more. Jennifer kept pushing her cunt into the man's crotch and taking his prick as deep as she could, her slippery cunt-walls tightening around his plunging cock-shaft.

"You're making me come!" the girl suddenly blurted, her hands clawing at the man's naked back. She dug into his flesh with her sharp nails, her mouth working soundlessly as her climax ripped through her cunt. "Ohhhh God! I just love it when I come! Uhhhh!"

Pounding his meaty cock into her snatch furiously, Uncle Herbert groaned as his own climax was triggered by the girl's clenching cunt-hole. His cum spurted wetly into her pink pussy, his hips churning even faster than before. Hot jets of his sperm gushed into Jennifer's slick snatch, seemingly without end.

"Fuck me, Uncle, fuck me! Uhhh! I love feeling your cum squirt up my pussy! Fuck me harder! Ohhhh God! God! God! Grind your cock into my cunt! Uhhhh! My cunt's on fire!"

While Debbie sat watching, the ruggedly handsome man slammed his shooting cock brutally into Jennifer's sucking pussy. He pumped on top of the pretty girl until his cock was empty, then stopped with a gasping moan.

"Wow!" Debbie giggled excitedly. "You really gave Jenny a hell of fuck!"

When Jennifer's quaking legs dropped down from around his waist, Uncle Herbert slid off of her and reached for Debbie. The dark-haired teen wiggled into his arms, her small hands clutching at his chest.

"As soon as I get hard again, I'll screw you flat!" the naked man promised Debbie.

Jennifer giggled. "Debbie, let's suck his dick for him! We should be able to give him another hard-on in no time!"

"Good idea!" the brunette smiled, reaching down for Uncle Herbert's sticky cock. "Lay on your back, Herb! We'll give you the best blow job you ever had!"

Smiling broadly, the man sprawled out on the bed. He tensed slightly when Debbie leaned over his lap and sucked his cock into her mouth. The girl licked moistly at his thick cockhead, her wet lips tight around his cock-shaft. Within moments, she was bobbing her head up and down with increasing quickness.

"Give me a turn!" Jennifer giggled, scooting up between her uncle's legs.

When Debbie slid her mouth away from the man's cock, Jennifer quickly kissed all over the bulbous tip of it. Eagerly, she swallowed as much of her Uncle Herbert's prick as she could, sucking at him while her dark-haired girlfriend jacked him off.

"Jesus Christ!" the man gasped, breathing fast. "You two really know what you're doing! I'm getting hard already!"

His cock slowly stood, the thick shaft of it pulsing with excitement. The young blond slurped her lips all over it, sucking and kissing wetly. Debbie, her naked body shiny with sweat, pistoned her hand up and down faster still, her slim fingers tight around the man's stiffening meat.

"Your turn, Debbie!" Jennifer giggled when she pulled her head away. "Suck it good!"

The naked brunette mouthed Uncle Herbert's cock feverishly, her lips making soft sucking sounds on his flesh. She took his hardening prick to the back of her throat with every bob of her head, her hand all the while stroking up and down frantically.

Back and forth, the two pretty teenage girl's sucked at the man's big cock. Debbie kept jacking him off the entire time, her hand jerking up and down with karate chop-like strokes.

"Don't make me come!" Uncle Herbert suddenly gasped. "I want to fuck Debbie! Don't make me come!"

But the two girls only sucked his prick all the harder. Jennifer started licking at his hairy balls while Debbie mouthed his cock, then the girls changed places. Sliding her lips over the head of her uncle's rigidly hard cock, Jennifer giggled, "Just let us suck you a little more! Your big dick tastes so good!"

And, while the young blond smacked her moist lips all over the man's throbbing prick, Debbie jacked him off even faster. The shapely brunette's sweaty hand pulled at his meat eagerly, her nails digging into his flesh.

"I can't hold back!" Uncle Herb gasped, his eyes opening wide. "I'm going to shoot my wad!"

His cock jerked wildly in Debbie's sucking mouth, then started spurting thick strands of cum into her throat. He tensed with a shuddering moan, his legs straightening out before him as he let loose with all the sperm in his balls.

"Me, me, let me!" Jennifer panted, diving for her uncle's spurting cock when Debbie pulled back out of the way. "I want his cum, too!"

Just in time to get a mouthful of sticky sperm, the sexy blond sucked with all her might. She felt her uncle's hot cum gushing against the back of her throat, his cock twitching between her lips.

"I'm empty!" Uncle Herbert rasped hoarsely, settling back into the bed. "You two sucked my nuts dry!"

Wiping a dribble of cum off her chin with the back of her hand, Debbie said, "Don't quit yet! I still want to feel your dick in me! I want to fuck!"

"Give me a few minutes to recuperate," the man breathed. "I'm not as young as I used to be. God, I'm exhausted!"

At that, the two girls exchanged glances. "Oh, you'll be all right," Jennifer assured the man. "Anyway, Debbie wants you to fuck her in the butt. She's never had a cock up her asshole, and she wants to try it."

"Really?" Uncle Herbert opened his eyes. "A virgin asshole, huh? Well, then get my dick stiff again. I'm game if she is!"

Giggling, the teenage girls sucked at the man's flaccid prick for what seemed like an hour. They passed his prick back and forth until finally it was rigid with lust again, his cockhead throbbing and his cock-shaft twitching with desire.

"There!" Debbie smiled, giving Uncle Herbert's upright cock a quick kiss on the tip. "That's hard enough to go up my butt!"

Getting on her hands and knees, the slim brunette thrust her bare ass out. With her fingers, she spread the damp cheeks of her ass apart until her clean, pink asshole throbbed open.

"There's your target, Uncle Herb!" Jennifer giggled impishly. "Here, let me wet the head of your cock for you!"

On his knees behind Debbie, the man waited until his niece had licked all over the fleshy tip of his prick. The taking the thin girl's hips in his hands, he started working his huge cock up into her puckered asshole with a gentle back-and-forth motion.

When the head of his cock popped into her asshole, Debbie groaned, "Damn, it's going to be a tight fit! My butt's going to be filled right up with your stiff prick!"

Gradually, Uncle Herbert worked his long cock into the trembling teen's rubbery anus. His wide cock-shaft glutted her slippery rectum with throbbing hardness, the size of his prick stretching Debbie's asshole wide open.

"Keep pushing, Uncle Herb!" Jennifer urged, her eyes only inches away from where the man's cock was gripped by Debbie's puckered anus. "Raw your meat the rest of the way up her butt!"

Cupping the young brunette's small tits from behind, Uncle Herbert inched his jerking prick to the hilt in Debbie's sucking rectum. Then, after taking a few moments to catch his breath, the man began slowly pistoning his rigid cock into the girl's wiggling ass.

"That's the way!" Debbie panted, sticking her round little ass back into the man's crotch. "Cram all of your meat up my asshole! Make my first ass-fucking the best you can! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhh! It feels even better than I thought it would!"

Plucking at Debbie's pointy pink nipples with his fingertips, the good-looking man plunged his prick into her taut asshole with thrusts that grew steadily quicker. He squeezed her bare tits feverishly, his groin slapping into her ass as he reamed out her twitching asshole.

Jennifer watched as her uncle's cock cleaved into her groaning girlfriend's slippery rectum, the man's breathing getting harsher by the moment. She could see his balls swinging around between his legs, could see Debbie's pink cunt gaping open wetly.

"Fuck her ass ragged!" Jennifer giggled breathlessly. "She likes it hard and fast, Uncle! Screw her little butt harder!"

Panting for breath, Debbie wriggled under the relentless onslaught of the man's pounding cock. She worked her sweaty ass around with a corkscrewing motion that made her asshole suck at his prick, her cries of delight getting louder and shriller.

"Hump my ass till it hurts! Uhhh! My asshole's throbbing like crazy around your huge prick! I can feel it sucking at your cock every time it slides in and out!"

"So can I!" Jennifer's uncle gasped. "Your butt's even tighter than my niece's! It keeps sucking on my dick!"

Kneeling behind the girl, Uncle Herbert plunged his long cock into her slick asshole frenziedly. The wet suction of her gripping rectum pulled at his meat each time he stroked it back out, his cock-shaft pulsing wildly.

Debbie shuddered from head to toe with the feel of the cock in her tight rectum. She kept gasping for breath, her body shaking convulsively as the man fucked her bottom faster and faster. Her rubbery nipples hardened still more under his fingertips, her naked tits firming with lust.

Clutching at the bed with both hands, Debbie groaned, "Do it harder! I want you to fuck my asshole as hard as you can! Harder, harder! Hump my butt till it hurts! Ohhh! Ohhhhh! Your hard dick feels so good plunging into my ass! Shove it deeper!"

While her uncle screwed her young girlfriend in the ass, Jennifer moved back to where he couldn't see her. Finding her white bikini just where she'd left it in the bedroom, the slender blond quickly wiggled into it. Then, still out of sight, she picked up the camera she'd bought earlier that day.

On the bed, Uncle Herbert continued to pound his throbbing prick into the tight depths of Debbie's slippery asshole. He rammed his cock into her rectum with thrusts that made both of them shudder, his hips working a mile a minute as he reamed out her ass with his long cock.

"Play with my pussy!" the sexy brunette urged, the backs of her pumping thighs slick with sweat.

"Finger my cunt while you're humping my ass!"

Eager to please, Uncle Herbert grabbed at Debbie's hairy crotch with both hands. He speared his fingers up into her juicy cunt, wiggling them around until the girl was shaking uncontrollably. His hips whipping back and forth, he hammered his cock up her asshole still more furiously.

Jennifer checked the camera over quickly, remembering everything that the man in the camera store had told her. Satisfied that the camera and flash attachment were in order, she waited patiently for the couple on the bed to finish.

"Harder, screw me even harder!" Debbie groaned, lost entirely in the passion of the moment. "Fuck my brains out! Ohhhh God! My asshole's pulsing like anything! You're fucking my ass right off!"

Squeezing the dark-haired girl's dripping pussy, the naked man rammed his prick into her ass with all his strength. His cock-shaft slid in and out of her tight anus with one pistoning stroke after another, the speed of his thrusts getting faster.

With a harsh moan, Uncle Herbert gasped, "I'm shooting off! Your asshole's sucking the cum out of my cock! Pump your ass, Debbie!"

When Debbie's climax raged through her quivering cunt, her cries of ecstasy filled the room. She moaned and gasped with delight, her hot pussy closing around the man's probing fingers. At the same time, her wet asshole grabbed tightly at his squirting prick.

"Uhhhhhh!" she moaned, shuddering violently. "Your cum's shooting so far up my asshole! I'm coming so much! Rub my pussy more! Finger the hell out of my snatch! Uhhh! Ohhhh! Uhhhh!"

Jennifer waited until Debbie sprawled forward on the bed before she stepped out of the corner of the room. Flashbulbs popping, she quickly snapped as many pictures as she could of her Uncle Herbert fucking the young girl in the ass.

"What the hell...!" the man bellowed when he realized what was going on.

Quickly, Uncle Herbert yanked his cock out of Debbie's slippery asshole and lunged for Jennifer. But Debbie, jumping up, threw the bedspread over his head from behind and held on tight. A moment later, Jennifer kicked the struggling man's feet out from under him and sent him sprawling across the floor.

"Let's get out of here!" she yelled to Debbie, who was quickly squirming into her bathing suit. "He's tired, but not that tired!"

And giggling, the two pretty teenagers disappeared into the night, leaving Uncle Herbert cursing and kicking as he tried to get up.

Chapter TEN

Several nights later, Jennifer lay on the beach with George, her arms tight around the boy's neck. She trembled deliciously as he explored her juicy cunt with his fingers, her breathing getting noticeably quicker. When he pulled her bikini down, she did nothing to discourage him.

"Get me all hot and bothered!" the slim blond giggled. "Squeeze my pussy for me!"

While George slid his fingers in and out of her hairy snatch, Jennifer pulled the front of his bathing suit down. His cock, already stiff as a board, jerked even stiffer when the girl's cool fingers encircled it.

"Damn, you're going to squeeze my click off!" the boy laughed. He pushed his bathing suit the rest of the way down, then kicked it away from his feet. "There, that should give you more mom!"

Jennifer pulled at his rigid prick with both hands, her slender fingers stroking his warm meat. She touched the sac his balls hung in, felt him tense slightly.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Are you sensitive down there?"

"Hell, every guy's sensitive down there!" George told her. "Haven't you ever heard the expression, she's got him by the nuts?"

Nodding with a sudden giggle, Jennifer said, "I sure have. By the way, I'm going back to work at Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor. I start again next Monday."


"That's right," the pretty girl nodded. "Anyway, right now I feel like getting my cunt sucked. Any volunteers?"

She trembled wildly when George kissed down along the full length of her naked body, her bare ass squirming into the blanket when he licked up into her dripping pussy.

"Ummmm!" Jennifer murmured, stretching her shapely legs out. She dug her heels into the sand, then started pushing her crotch out at her boyfriend's face. "I love it when you tongue out my cunt, George!"

Burrowing his face into the horny teenager's [missing text].

Starting to pump her naked hips, Jennifer giggled, "Are you kidding? He's my favorite uncle!" She thought of the roll of film hidden in her dresser at home. "Good old Uncle Herb!"


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