Turned on cousin

There is something about being away from home that encourages people to try the unknown. The illicit, the forbidden, seem more attractive and less wicked somehow. A faithfully married man will find himself with a strange woman at an out-of-town convention. A young boy will experiment with drugs for the first time when he goes away to college. Whatever the new adventure, new surroundings are conducive to a loosening of inhibitions.

TURNED ON COUSIN deals with, one such experience. Tammy Davis, a naive and beautiful coed, lives with relatives while attending college, little realizing the temptations and pitfalls she will be exposed to when she moves in. Tammy must come to terms with her sexuality and learn what maturity really is, and learn to look at herself with pride and self-respect.

TURNED ON COUSIN is about a time that everyone must face, that fragile moment between childhood and maturity. It is a frightening and confusing time, but one that holds lessons that will remain for the rest of one's life.

Chapter ONE

His hands touched her tits. Sparkles of shimmering pleasure went rippling through her body. Tammy gasped at the delicious contact of his skin against her. Her breath was coming in irregular pants as she thrust her tits into his hands, her body pleading for him to caress her with greater intensity.

"Yessss!" she hissed to him. "Yessss! Suck them! Ooooo, suck them till they ache! Mmmmm!" His touch was like electricity, sending trembling shocks running through her. He was slowly and deliberately working every nerve in her to tinging madness. Tammy had assumed that it would be good. She'd never dreamed it would be this good. She'd never dreamed anything could be this good. The stacked little brunette twisted sensuously beneath the soft caresses of his hands. She had watched his hands day after day, wondering what it would be like to have them caressing her body. She had sat in class each morning, hoping he might smile at her with those wide, sensuous lips. She waited for the slow fire tat kindled in his eyes as he looked down at her.

"Ooooo!" she murmured, feeling her senses reeling as he turned her into his arms. Her naked tits pressed against his chest, the nipples so sensitive that they shivered from just the touch of hair on his chest. Tammy lifted her face to him and parted her lips for his kiss. "Oh, yes," she smiled. "Ooooo, yessss! Take me! Take me, Tom! Take me for yourself!"

His tongue slipped between her lips. He met the playful taunts of her own ecstatic tongue. Their bodies shook with the rapidly building lust that possessed both bodies. His cock was warm and throbbing against her. His legs were strong and demanding as he backed her toward her bed. He eased her backwards onto the soft sheets and crawled onto the bed beside her. His face plunged into her tits, sucking and kissing them into swollen delirium. His tongue kept lapping across each nipple until he had them hard and burning. Her breasts were pulsing with the steady tempo of their passion, swollen to meet the adoring kisses. Tammy gasped with thrill. Her body writhed in delight. Her pussy tingled with excitement as his finger began to outline the edges of her cunt lips.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "Oooo, I thought you'd never know. I was afraid you didn't understand how much I wanted you." She had given him every hint she could imagine. She sat in class each morning, soaking up every word of his lecture from the first row. She made sure her panties showed each time she changed positions in her seat. She sat with her shoulders back and tits thrust out for inspection. Her eyes fastened onto his if he ever glanced her way. In those moments she saw the twinkle in his blue eyes telling her that he understood her invitation. His expression also showed that he understood when she remained after class, letting her tits rub against his arm as she asked the questions she had been awake the night before struggling to form. Yes, he knew how much she wanted him, how clearly she had been offering herself.

His finger slipped inside her pussy and rubbed across her clit. Tammy shuddered with the increased passion that was now spreading from her cunt, up through her whole body. She closed her thighs against his hand, encouraging him to stimulate her clit further. Her breath came in shorter gasps as the passion button became a shivering mass of erupting pleasure. The young brunette reached for his rigid and trembling cock. She watched the fire grow in the bulging head as she pumped slowly and tauntingly along the shaft. He was as frantic as she. His prick left little doubt of that. His power, his passion was shuddering along the length of the shaft. His pecker sensed the fulfillment that was just ahead of them. His anxious cock was ready, whenever the chance came to plunge into her waiting pussy.

"Ooooo," Tammy groaned. He was running his finger deeper into her cunt. His knuckles kept up their pressure on her clit as the long finger probed deep into her pussy. She could feel the muscles of her cunt pulse about the finger, capturing it in the velvet softness, covering it with the lushly flowing juices that were flooding through her pussy. "Mmmm," she sighed, pumping his cock in stronger caresses. She reached beneath him and fingered his balls. He jumped in excitement as she teased and taunted him without mercy. Let him want her as passionately as she had been panting for him. Let him desire her body the way she had sat in class dreaming of unzipping his fly and pulling his cock out.

His finger had her cunt trembling, her juices pouring down her thighs, her breath gasping with the surge of her emotions. Tammy pumped his cock rapidly, squeezing affectionately on the marvelously hardened flesh. She twisted about the bed in ecstasy, her body waiting for him to mount her. Sparks ran through every nerve, shivering anticipation glowed all over her. She'd never been so ready. She'd never been so lubricated. She'd never been so hungry for the feel of a cock gliding into her cunt.

"Hurry!" she gasped to him. "Hurry and fuck me! Get your cock in there and fill me with all this wonderful meat! Ooooo! Fuck me, Tom, fuck me all night!"

His cock came against her cunt as he rose up over her. The thick meat stretched her as it drove sensuously into her. She cried in ecstasy as he buried the shaft into her shining black cunt hair. She shook with the thrill of his presence inside her. Her pussy was inflamed by each long thrust. Fire shot through her body, igniting a million sparks of pure desire. Tammy lay helpless in the throes of her lusty passion. She was pinned against the bed by the paralyzing force that was beginning to shake her. She lay back, panting with each long, maddening thrust of his pecker. She trembled at the way his hands were taunting her tits and thumbing her nipples into insane frenzy.

"Oooooeeee!" she cried out as the room began to whirl about her. "Ohhhhh, take me! Fuck me! Let it go! Let it come! Fill me with your cum! Oooooeeeee!"

Tammy cried again as she felt his cock become a driving ram inside her. He balled her roughly. The room was whirling about her. The bed was twisting beneath her. The girl closed her eyes and still saw the whirling, flashing lights about them. Her pussy pulsed wildly as her orgasm erupted. She fought to catch her breath, then lay submissive and ecstatic beneath the wonderful things happening to her pussy.

Outside the window she could hear a car pull into the driveway. Tammy froze at the sound. Damn! They were back already! Her uncle had told her they'd be gone until late tonight. That's why she'd felt free to lay back on the bed while her fantasy ran wild. She had pictured Dr. Thomas Cooper fucking her. She did every night. Tonight, though, she had planned to spend the whole evening in pretending she was having an affair with the sexy professor. Damn!

The pretty brunette got up from her bed. The smell of her cunt juices seemed to fill the room. Tammy stepped to the dresser and lit one of her scented candles. Uncle Paul and Aunt Liz would expect her to come out and chat with them for a while. She'd better get cleaned up. She'd sure better get the juice cleaned where it had oozed down her leg. Her finger smelled rancid as she held it below her nose. Damn!

She heard the front door close, then heard a voice calling for her Aunt. Tammy stepped to the window and looked out. It wasn't her uncle and aunt at all. She shrugged her shoulders. It was only Larry. Her cousin had come home for the afternoon. The brunette stepped to the door and cracked it just enough to call out.

"They've gone over to Sharpsburg," she called. "They thought you had a meeting tonight."

"Called off," Larry answered. Tammy heard the teenager walking toward the door. She opened it a little wider and stuck her head around it. She smiled at the well-built boy and let him see that she was about to close the door to conceal her nakedness.

"Soon as I finish my shower," she told him, "I'll be out and we can see about rounding up some dinner." She closed the door quickly as his eyes took in her apparent nakedness. He had been watching her awfully close the last few days. Hell, he hardly took his eyes off her when he was home. She had been forced to give him several elbows in the ribs last night when he tried to put his arms around her.

Tammy went to the small bath and took a quick shower. Larry was getting to be a problem. Just because he had broken up with his girl in high school was no reason to think he could start feeling over her whenever he chose. She had let Uncle Paul know that she didn't like being touched all the time. She'd have to make it just as clear to Larry.

It wasn't that she didn't appreciate their giving her a place to stay while she attended college. She did appreciate that. She knew that her mother could never afford to send her off to college. When Uncle Paul called last summer to make the offer, she had been thrilled. She had never really known them. She had met them at several family gatherings, but they were not her parent's favorite part of the family. She vaguely remembered other cousins complaining about how Paul Peters couldn't keep his hands off them. That was before Tammy had such to keep hands off of. She and her mother had talked over the offer and decided to accept it.

The brunette remembered the expression on her uncle's face when she arrived. He stared at her ripe tits in amazement, then let his eyes drop to look at her tiny waist and full hips. He checked out her legs, then stared at her tits again. She felt anger rising in her as he kept looking at the oversized boobs. They had been a problem to her for the last three years. It seemed for a while that they'd never stop growing. It had been a constant struggle to fend off boy's hands from the luscious breasts.

She'd apparently cured her uncle of playing touch. A few punches in his ribs, a few sharp glares, and he'd begun keeping his distance from her. Larry had been no problem, not at all. That is he'd been no problem until this week. He'd been content to use up his sexual energies on the little blonde he was dating. Tammy had come home one afternoon and heard them in his room. There was no doubt what they were doing, not the way the bed squeaked and bounced against the wall. Tammy stayed in her own room until dinner. Her cousin had looked over at her once with a sheepish expression on his face. This afternoon Tammy wished that he had made up with the blonde, or had found himself another high school girl to entertain himself.

The brunette paused in front of her mirror. She shook her head sadly. She could hardly blame the men from staring at her. It wasn't every day they could see tits as full and ripe as hers, nor such a dramatically narrow waist beneath them. Her ass jutted out behind her in a terribly provocative way. She shook her head sadly. Why did everyone want to get their hands on her except Dr. Cooper? She'd love to have Tom Cooper pawing over her. The girl spun about, remembering what a thrill it had been just imagining her professor was fucking her.

If she couldn't get Tom, then why not Bart Williams. She'd settle for the tall fellow student. She had gotten him to speak every time they passed on the campus. Today he smiled warmly, his eyes dropping over her curves for just a moment. He'd blushed, though, and hurried on toward his classes. Shit! The ones who interested her ignored her. The others were always around panting.

Chapter TWO

"Please!" Tammy cried as he twisted her arm behind her and pushed her through the door. "No, Larry! Please don't!"

"I'm not about to miss fucking your sweet pussy," he answered hoarsely. "No way I'm going to let this chance get by me. I've been hard every since you moved in. Now I'm going to get some relief for my cock." He pushed her through the room and released her as she fell onto the bed. He stood for a moment, his breath coming in excited pants as he looked down at the way her tits heaved beneath the tight fitting sweater. His hands shook as he unbuckled his belt and stepped out of his pants.

Tammy leaned back in shock as his pecker waved in front of her. His shorts came down, releasing the angry prick and letting it rise menacingly before her. She had been taken off guard tonight. She had relaxed for a moment, thinking that they could be friends, could have a nice evening together like cousins should. They had rummaged through the refrigerator, gathering leftovers, then sat at the table in the kitchen and chattered while they devoured the cold cuts. Larry pulled out a beer and opened it, offering one to Tammy.

"No thank you," she smiled. "Is that allowed? I mean are you allowed to drink beer during football season?" The husky teenager was the star linebacker on his high school team. If the local papers could be trusted, he had already been scouted by Alabama, Ohio State and a dozen lesser football powers. Tammy watched the sneaky gin spread across his face.

"You won't tell, will you?" he asked in a conspiratorial voice. "I'll run a couple of extra laps tomorrow to get rid of it." He turned the can up and took a long swallow, then sat back down and began to pile ham and sliced chicken on a slice of bread. Tammy got him to talk about the little blonde he had just broken up with. Larry had resented the girl being so possessive and jealous.

"I'm popular," he bragged. "She just couldn't take the way all the broads hung around me. Sure, she was a foxy chick, but I'm not about to let a broad tell me I can't look at other girls."

Tammy agreed that the girl had been acting too demanding. She wondered how much the boy wasn't telling. Was it looking at the other girls, or had she caught him making out with someone else? Somehow, Tammy was certain that her cousin had given the blonde ample reason for jealousy. She watched him finish one sandwich and begin to stack up another. He took a second mammoth helping of potato, salad, and looked over at his cousin, eyes glancing momentarily on her tits before he looked back up into her eyes.

"Hey!" he said, "what about you? Hell, I've been so busy all fall that I haven't even noticed how much you've been going out? You got you a man, yet?"

He was right about having been so busy. He was always gone on weekends before she left to attend any of the parties at the college. Tammy suspected that he didn't get back home until long after she had returned on those nights. Two or three times she had been awake to hear his car drive up, then hear him come noisily inside the house. He certainly didn't let his football training interfere with his social life, at least not on weekends. She smiled back at him, not interested in revealing too much about her own private life.

"No one particularly," she answered. "I have several I sort of switch around between." She saw his eyes sparkle at her. She didn't realize that she had made a mistake, that she should have told of a single man she was very thick with. If she had done that, she might have been spared his later attentions. She was afraid, however, that he would have taken such an answer is an opportunity to pry into her life even more.

"What do you do on dates?" he asked. "I mean do you go to something particular, like a concert or a dance? Or do you just go somewhere and make out?" His eyes pierced into her. Tammy shifted uncomfortably in the chair. Damn it, he was asking too many questions.

"We usually have places to go," she answered vaguely. "You're awfully nosey, you know."

He smiled unabashed at her complaint. He made himself a third immense sandwich and went to the refrigerator for a second beer. He turned back to her as he opened the can and shrugged his shoulders.

"I didn't mean to pry," he apologized. "I just mean that, well, I'll be in college next year and I wondered what all went on. You know, like is everything already planned and all."

"You can do as you please," Tammy assured him. "You don't have to check in or anything like that. If you want to go to a particular dance or concert or party, then you go. I suppose if you wanted to just drive out to the country and park on a lonely road, you could." She didn't tell about the "mating grounds" as they called the back portion of the campus. She didn't mention the fact that it was almost impossible to walk through there at night without stumbling over a couple wrapped in a blanket.

Larry finally finished making sandwiches. He did have a final beer, though, before they got up from the table. He walked back into the family room and turned on the TV while Tammy began cleaning up the kitchen. She heard him walk back into the kitchen and stand by the door. The brunette didn't look around. She felt too uneasy. Her skin seemed to sense his eyes on her. She could even hear the sound of his heavy breathing as he stood there. A sudden feeling of panic surged through her as she heard his steps coming across the room. The girl tensed, expecting him to grab her roughly. When he didn't she slowly relaxed. He stepped beside her and began helping her put the dishes away. He smiled so warmly that she let her guard down and began responding to his idle chatter about his football future, about the week's happenings at school, all of that sort of thing.

She leaned against the counter, her breasts thrusting dramatically against the sweater. Tammy began to feel ashamed of her suspicions of her cousin. He seemed a nice enough kid, a little too stuck on himself maybe, but a nice kid. They talked for half an hour more, the girl finally apologizing for having to end the conversation. She didn't lie. Had it not been for her studies, she would have stayed with him and talked longer. She would even have gone into the family room and watched TV for a while. She had a short paper to write for English comp and the rumors called for a pop quiz tomorrow in western civ. Larry stepped in front of her as she started to leave.

"You know," he told her with a voice becoming husky, "you're the reason Bev and I broke up." Tammy stopped before forcing her way past his body. She looked up in surprise.

"How could I be the reason?" she asked. She watched the slow smile steal across his face. He looked down at her tits and smiled more broadly.

"She didn't like me always talking about you," he answered. "She said that if I thought your tits were so damn gorgeous, I could just play with them instead of hers. I told her I thought that was a hell of an idea."

"Well I think you'd better call her and tell her they're not available," Tammy hissed. She shouldered her way past him, but he caught her arm as she went by. He twisted it suddenly and pulled her to a stop. "Let me go, damn it!" the brunette demanded. "Let go, Larry. No way! Forget it and go back to your blonde."

"You don't understand. It's not up to you, baby. I'm calling the shots. I've watched the way you stick those tits out until I'm going wild. I've watched that ass of yours until I walk around all day with a hard-on just thinking about it. The boys all kid me about what a hell of a piece of pussy I've got living here. I'm not going to tell them that I've never even tasted it."

He held the twisted arm in one hand while the other reached around her and cupped her tits. Tammy tried to struggle, but he gave her arm a violent jerk upwards. She cried out from the pain. Larry laughed and ran his hand more lustfully about her tits, then dropped it down to press into her crotch. His breath was hot against her neck as he buried his head beneath her ear and began to nibble at the soft skin.

"Please, Larry," she begged. "Your parents will be home any time now."

"Hell, if they went to Sharpsburg you can count on them coming in at least two hours later than they said. Don't worry, gorgeous, we've got all the time in the world." He began shoving her through the house. He forced her to her bedroom, then pushed her inside and onto the bed. After he'd dropped his pants and shorts he looked down at her with lust-filled eyes.

"Hurry up," he demanded. "You want to take them off, or you want me to take them off you?" He reached down and caught her sweater, then lifted it upwards roughly. He pulled it up over her tits, then kept pulling it until she let him ease it from her shoulders and head. The teenager looked down at the way her bra displayed the magnificent tits. He unconsciously licked his lips at their dramatic cleavage. They swelled up from the bra and glistened in the light from her bedside lamp.

"Damn!" he muttered softly. "They're better than I imagined." His cock showed the rise in his excitement. The big pecker stood hard and erect from him. The bulging head began to redden even more as he stared down at her. "All right, get the jeans off," he ordered as he slipped his shirt over his head and stepped toward her, completely naked. If she hadn't been so frightened, Tammy would have noted his magnificent shaft with appreciation. If she had not been so angry, she would have stared at the fantastic display of muscles across his chest and arms. The boy flexed them for a moment as he waited for her to slide the blue jeans down. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, then pulled it from her.

"Ohhhh, baby!" he panted as he crawled onto the bed beside her and caught her panties to help her slip them off. "Ohhhh, what an unbelievable piece of pussy. To think that you've been living in the next room for months and I've never gotten a hold of all this woman! Damn! My cock is so excited, I'm about to go crazy."

"There, now hold my cock and pump it for a while. I'll fuck your hand first. Then I want to fuck other parts of you." He held a tit in both hands while he kissed the nipple. He pulled the satin flesh outward to meet his lips, then began to suck and tongue the nipple. Despite the situation, Tammy knew she was responding to him. She knew her nipples were getting hard under his treatment. She knew her pussy was beginning to secrete its lubricants, especially after he began fondling her clit. She lay back and trembled both from fright and from passion as he worked over her luscious body.

"Ummmm!" he smacked as he went after her tits with increasing fervor. "Ummmm, they're better than I ever thought they'd be. That bra hides just how big and round they really are. If you'd been going around the house braless I'd have raped you the first night."

His finger slipped inside her pussy and plunged back and forth through the wet passage. He moved it in tiny circles, increasing the shivering pleasure that was creeping through the girl. Tammy tried to fight back the enjoyment, but couldn't. Her breath began to come in gasps. Her tits swelled proudly out against the adoring lips. She writhed about the bed, her body pulsing from the sensuous touch of his hands and his lips. Larry felt her finally submit to him.

"You like it, don't you," he gloated. "I thought you'd like it. Haven't found a girl yet who didn't, once they stopped fighting and settled down. You cunts are all alike. You put up the biggest fuss in the world. You kick and scream, trying to stop a guy. Then, when we get a hand on your pussy you calm right down and start to purr. That's what you do. You just start to purr."

He laughed at his words, then buried his face between her tits and turned it rapidly back and forth. He finger-fucked her wildly, sending shivers all through her pussy. He hunched his cock through her hand happily. Tammy felt his prick getting warmer as he pumped the shaft through her fingers. He laughed again at her submission, then climbed over her. He sat across her tummy and looked down at her tits. His eyes burned with lust as he watched the luscious breasts shimmer before him. He reached down and caressed them lovingly.

"Now I'm ready to move on to better things," he mumbled. "I've been waiting over a month to bury my cock between those two beauties. I'm going to lay it right into that soft flesh and fuck those tits until they're as hot as I am." He leaned forward and pushed his long cock down between the tits. He held it there as he pulled her tits over it. Then he smiled in accomplishment and began to thrust it slowly back and forth while his hands held the tits against it. His thumbs massaged her nipples into sparkling delight. His body shook from the sensuous experience. His nostrils flared with the soaring passion that filled him. He rubbed his cock against her tits with greater force.

The brunette dropped her chin against her neck and looked down at his cock. The head was getting redder each time it came through the soft flesh. She felt it throb with deeper, more demanding force. Larry was unable to control his movements now. He shook frantically. He gasped for breath and his hands trembled as they held the tits against his prick. He pressed them against the pulsing shaft until Tammy was shaking just as wildly.

"Ohhhh!" he panted. "Ohhhh, what a pair of tits!" His face was livid with excitement. He closed his eyes tightly as though concentrating on the feel of her around him. He opened them again and looked down at the sensuous sight of cock and tits merging together in his ecstatic game. His thighs tightened about her body, rolling her softly from one side to the other and he thrust and plunged at her. His cock began to quiver frantically. Its heat seemed to build in intensity. Tammy saw his mouth drop open in his passion. His eyes were glazed as he began to draw the cock out from her tits.

"Almost waited too long," he panted. "Damn! I almost shot it off into those tits. Not that I wouldn't like to, but I'd rather shoot it in your pussy. I want to lay my meat between your legs and ride that sweet cunt of yours."

The boy slipped down her body. He forced his legs between her thighs and brought the trembling pecker to the lips of her pussy. Tammy shuddered at the touch. She became frightened again. She was about to be fucked! This was not fun and games any longer. He was about to drive that big cock into her. He was about to open her pussy up! She held her breath as the head parted her lips and pressed roughly into her. The brunette gasped as the presence of the mammoth head sent her cunt into spasms of ecstasy. Larry smiled at her as he pumped his cock slowly and sensuously at the entrance to her cunt. He was shaking with lust as he pushed harder.

"Damn, but you're tight!" he muttered. "Not used to so much cock? Get ready, baby! You're about to get that pussy filled with this old prick." He shoved it roughly. Still her pussy resisted its entrance. Larry frowned and pulled the cock back for a minute. Just as the girl thought he might have given up, the instrument came roaring at her again. This time there was no defense. His cock plunged into her. Tammy cried from the sharp pain as he forced his way inside her. She gasped at the terrible force of his assault. He had torn her down there. As much as he hurt her, he had to have torn her. She felt the searing pain, then the warmer feeling of blood flowing.

"Damn!" Larry gasped. "As tight as you were, you'd have thought you were a virgin. Those college guys must have awfully little cocks to leave you so tight."

Had he looked, he'd have realized that she was a virgin. That is, she had been a virgin until ten seconds ago. She wasn't any more. His cock plunged wildly about her, turning the sharp pain of his entrance into a soft numbness as he fucked. Tammy lay back with her eyes closed tightly. It had happened! Her cherry had been popped. It hadn't been taken by a bridegroom on her wedding night, either. She had been relieved of it by a horny cousin who only wanted something to brag about to his friends. The girl wanted to cry but she felt too depressed even for that. She lay beneath the victorious young athlete as he completed his conquest of her.

"Yeahhhh!" he cried in his ecstasy. "I can feel that little pussy opening up for me. Ohhhhh, baby! Now I can ride! I'm going to fuck you and fuck you! Ohhhh! Yeahhhh! What a great little fuck you are. God, what a ride you give a man!"

He drove into her frantically. His hands now grabbed about her tits again. He thumbed the nipples and rolled the swollen globes about with intense pleasure. Then he dropped his face over bet and kissed her wildly. His tongue parted her lips and drove about her mouth with the same conquering passion as his prick was going after her pussy.

Tammy lay beneath him, slowly beginning to feel something beyond the pain and numbness. Despite it all, she felt a glow begin to run through her pussy. Her tits thrust against him, her tongue meeting his in ecstatic play. She rolled with him as he rose to his orgasm. The hot cum came pouring out of his cock and sent new shivers tingling about her cunt.

"Ahhhh!" Larry cried. "Ohhhh! Yes, baby! There's my joy juice! I'm going to fill that pussy with my juice. Ohhhh!"

Chapter THREE

Tammy stretched out across the bed. The red-haired girl, clad only in bra and panties, turned from her small student's desk and looked over at the brunette. Miriam shook her head in continued amazement at her friend's unbelievable body. Miriam had no particular complaints about her own build, none at all except when she compared herself to the voluptuous brunette. It wasn't fair, really, that some women were so flat while Tammy was so overly endowed. It would have been easy to dislike the girl. It would have been easy to resent the fact that all the boys kept staring at the ripe tits and the saucy ass. Even when they were with another girl, the boys stared at Tammy's lusciously curved legs and tiny waist. Miriam had not wanted to like the young brunette. She had found, though, that all the male attention embarrassed the Freshman. Tammy resented all the stares as much as did the other girls.

"You're awfully quiet this afternoon," Miriam commented. "What happened to all that bubbling excitement you normally have? Did Dr. Cooper ignore you today?"

Tammy smiled wistfully at the redhead. She wished it was all that simple. Tammy had dropped by her room this afternoon rather than go back to her uncle's house and risk another rape by her cousin. It had been rape, hadn't it? Even if she had been almost on the point of an orgasm herself, Larry had fucked her against her will. That was the important thing, wasn't it? He had taken her against her will.

She shook her head in answer to Miriam's question. Dr. Cooper wasn't the problem, at least not today. He had laid his hand against her cheek during their talk after class this morning. When their eyes met, Tammy was sure that the funny expression she saw in his was because he was thinking about her as more than just a student. He looked away quickly following that moment of total communication. He even blushed. The brunette was sure that he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. Damn! Why couldn't it have been his cock that popped her cherry last night? Why couldn't she have had him in her bed, caressing her tits so thoroughly. She shivered, imagining how it might be to sleep through the night nestled in his embrace.

She had debated telling her uncle about Larry. When Uncle Paul and Aunt Liz finally came home she had been waiting for them, intent on accusing Larry right then. She had gotten up from her bed and walked to the door before she stopped herself. The way Uncle Paul felt about Larry, he would automatically take his son's side. It would be her word against Larry's. Larry would say that she was all for it, that she had invited him into her room, that she was the one who really wanted to fuck. Uncle Paul would believe him. The only result would be that she'd be kicked out in the middle of her first semester in college.

Tammy lay across the bed, considering the consequences of her silence. She hoped fervently that she'd made the correct decision. All Larry had wanted was something to brag about. His friends all assumed that he'd gotten to fuck his cousin, so he had to do it. Now he could go back to chasing high school tail. He'd tasted her pussy. He wouldn't be interested in her any more.

Miriam got up from her desk and walked across the bed. She sat down beside Tammy and began to caress her hand along Tammy's shoulder. The redhead gazed affectionately at the heaving of the luscious tits. She smiled down at her friend and ran her fingers through the dark hair.

"You're sure carrying a load around with you today," she said softly and sympathetically. "Why don't you get it off your chest. Just lay back there and tell Aunt Miriam all about it." They laughed a moment at their own private joke. The older girl had adopted the young brunette during the first week of school. She caressed Tammy's neck now, her eyes soft and warm as they looked down at the lovely face beneath her.

"It's nothing, really," Tammy answered, "I just get disgusted with men sometimes. They've only got one thing on their minds. They think it would be all so super-special to get inside your panties. Then, when they do, it wasn't that exciting after all."

Miriam looked deeply at her friend. So that was it! Sexy little Tammy had gotten herself fucked and it was no good. The redhead idly wondered who the lucky boy had been. That didn't really matter, though. What was important was that Tammy thought that fucking was a bad scene. Miriam felt that she had to correct that error.

Fucking was the greatest thing in the world as she saw it. Miriam could start getting wet in her pussy just thinking about it. No, she'd have to make sure that her stacked little friend learned how good it could be.

"You just had the wrong man," Miriam answered. "I don't want to know who it was, unless it was Dr. Cooper. If anyone is able to get his cock out, I want to be next in line. What I hear is that you weren't able to get your orgasm. Right?"

Tammy nodded in reply. She hadn't meant to tell Miriam. It had popped out before she realized it. She wasn't going to tell the other girl who. She certainly wasn't going to tell her that Larry made her fuck him. Why should she? There was nothing the redhead could do about it. Let her think that it was some inexperienced boy from the college who didn't know what to do with a woman after he got her panties down.

"That's a problem you're going to have to learn to live with," Miriam told her. She reached down and cupped one of the huge tits through the sweater. Her eyes glowed as she watched the swell of the breast from her touch. "With the body you've got, you'll always have a problem. You're so desirable that the guys will be overheated before they even begin to get you lathered up. You're probably going to have to use experienced studs, who know how to keep their load longer."

She brought her other hand down to Tammy's tits and caressed both breasts. She rolled them softly, sensuously, her thumbs finding the nipples through the bra and strumming them into excitement. Tammy gasped at the sudden thrill of pleasure that ran through her. She relaxed beneath the soft caresses, her tits seeming to stretch upward toward the touch of Miriam's hands.

"We should also," Miriam continued, now in a voice husky from rising desire, "condition you a little bit. I mean we should train your body to respond more eagerly and not wait so long before it gets cranked up." She slipped a hand beneath the sweater and ran it up and over the tits. The redhead shuddered in ecstasy from the feel of the soft skin above the bra. She swallowed the dry lump that formed in her throat. Damn, but the girl was beautiful! Her skin had such a smoothness. She was firm and soft at the same time. Miriam's hand trembled against the gently heaving tits. She smiled hesitantly down at Tammy, waiting to see how the brunette would react. Did she realize what the redhead wanted? Was she agreeable to spending the afternoon in cunt play?

The object of her questions met her eyes. Tammy hadn't done it with another girl for a long lime, not since a summer in Girl Scout camp. She hadn't had much of anything then. Shit, she was flat as a pancake back then. The other girl, however, had full tits. Tammy discovered in the course of the week that her older friend also had grown a luscious mat of cunt hair. They slipped away from the planned activities each afternoon to lay in the bunk together and let their hands explore the mysteries of the female body. They would lay awake anxiously at night, waiting for the other girls in their cabin to fall asleep so they could slip, once more, into each other's arms and rub their pussies together until they were panting and gasping with that strange, delicious sensation.

They were caught on the next to last day of the camp. The girls were rubbing their fingers into each other's cunts, gasping and panting from the million thrills that rippled through them. They rolled about, oblivious to the footsteps that sounded along the gravel path. They didn't even hear the door open. They knew nothing except their own deep pleasure until a loud scream of anger froze them in terror. Then they looked to see the counselor standing over them, her eyes blazing, her breasts heaving in excitement. She marched them off to the director of the camp. For two hours the girls sat and trembled as an assortment of their leaders delivered lectures and threats, scoldings and ultimatums. They finally were allowed to leave. The girls were afraid even to look at each other for the remaining time at the camp. Tammy hadn't touched a girl's pussy since. She hadn't allowed hers to be touched. She knew that most of the girls in high school did it regularly. The brunette didn't, though. She avoided the all-night girls' parties where she knew it would be the main event.

Now she was being invited to do it again. All the warnings, all the threats that her scout leaders had given came running through her mind. This afternoon, though, they didn't have the same effect on her. She had also been told how terrible it would be for a boy to get his cock into her. Larry got his cock into her last night. She hadn't enjoyed it. The breaking of her hymen had been painful. But, other than that, she had no scars to show for it. She had looked at herself in the mirror this morning and had looked the same. The boys had all looked at her just like they did yesterday. Dr. Cooper had even been more interested in her. Sex was something, she decided, that they tried to frighten you about. Otherwise you might discover how much fun it could be. Larry wasn't much fun last night. Maybe that was because it was the first time. Maybe it was because Larry was not good at fucking. Was that any reason to refuse the offer Miriam was making to her now?

Tammy reached over and ran her hand along the red-haired girl's thigh. She smiled warmly up at Miriam, her eyes signaling her willingness. The older girl slipped closer to her. Their lips met in a prolonged kiss. Tammy shuddered as she felt their tongues meet. She ran her hand more sensuously along the redhead's soft thigh, feeling the cunt hairs beneath the thin panties as she stroked upward about the pussy.

"Mmmmm," Miriam sighed. She lifted the sweater up over Tammy's bra and kissed the nipples of the immense tits. Both girls tinged with the softness, the delicacy of the touch of female flesh. Tammy thrust her knockers out and into the face that leaned over them. She slipped her hands away from Miriam's crotch long enough to let the older girl pull the sweater off, then smiled happily as the redhead removed the bra as well. She shivered beneath the soft kisses as they slipped out of their remaining clothes.

Lovely female bodies gleamed in the soft light. They leaned against each other for a minute and rubbed their tits against each other. They rubbed nipple over nipple until Tammy felt her pussy begin to tingle and dampen from the excitement. Her nipples were as hard as Larry had gotten them last night. Her tits were swelling lustily in response to their erotic games.

"Ooooo," Tammy moaned. "Oooooeeee! I like that! Mmmm, I love the feel of your tits against mine." They kissed again as they continued to massage tit against tit. Their tongues went from one mouth to the other. They began to suck against each other, feeling their breath merge, feeling their beings mingle. Their legs were entwined, sliding softly about. Their tits lunged wildly, pressing and mashing together in delirious fashion.

"I've wanted you like this since the first day I saw you," Miriam sighed. "I've ached to touch your tits. I've been panting to get my lips over your luscious mouth. Oh, Tammy, you are the most beautiful, the most desirable girl I've ever known." She kissed her again, sucking even more deeply on her. Tammy ran her tongue about the redhead's mouth. She lapped madly against Miriam's tongue and over the girl's teeth. The brunette strained, trying to see if she could reach her friend's throat. They rolled about, bodies locked together in a frantic embrace. Tit pulsed and throbbed against tit. Nipple burned from the hardness of the matching nipple. The girls gasped and panted as they felt the room swirling around them. Their passion came surging up out of their depths.

Miriam broke the kiss and slipped around so that she could suck on Tammy's tits while offering her to the brunette's answering kisses. The younger girl caught one soft mound of breast in both hands and held it in front of her lips. She kissed the nipple gently, then slowly took the button into her mouth. She sucked sweetly, letting the nipple get harder and harder. Slowly she drew more of the throbbing breast into her mouth. She opened her wide lips and sucked as much of the tit as she could into her mouth. Her hands caressed around the soft, swollen outer circle of the breast. The feel of the soft skin, the feel of the luscious tit sent her body into shimmering delight.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "Ooooo, Miriam, it's soooo good. You feel so good in my hands. Mmmmm."

"Damn!" her friend answered. "I never knew a girl could have so many curves. You're the sexiest woman I ever saw, by far the sweetest cunt I ever had in my arms. These tits are driving me crazy!" Tammy felt that the redhead was driving her tits crazy, too. Her breasts were masses of pulsing ecstasy. The older girl was moving her face all about them, kissing and sucking and licking and nibbling about them. "Ohhhh, God!" she kept moaning. "Ohhhh, God, what beauties!"

The redhead slid further down the brunette's body. She paused at Tammy's navel for a moment, sucking the indenture and running her tongue into it. Then she moved further. Her lips brushed through the cunt hair, steadily approaching the pussy which already was pouring its juices opulently. Tammy trembled in anticipation and scooted her face inside Miriam's thighs. She clamped her mouth over the older girl's cunt just as she felt lips close about the lips of her pussy.

"Mmmmm," she murmured, beginning to suck at the luxurious cunt. She ran her tongue into the pussy, tasting the oils which were flooding freely. She sucked, then blew into the opening. She shuddered with the sudden sucking of Miriam's breath. The girls rolled about the bed, throbbing against each other in the mounting excitement of their suck. Tits pressed together. Thighs wrapped about necks. They embraced wildly, frantically, as they sucked harder and more fervently.

Tammy became far more aroused than she had the night before. Perhaps it was the softer, more loving touch of Miriam. Maybe it was the lack of fear. It could have been just that she had been agreeable to this toss on the bed. Whatever the reason, she felt her climax begin to build up inside her. Her pussy glowed and pulsed from the way it was being sucked. Her body shook with a series of spasms. Her brain was whirling from her passion. She could scarcely breathe from the roaring fires which blazed inside her.

She held her mouth more tightly against Miriam's crotch. She sucked, then blew into the steaming pussy at her mouth. She alternated more rapidly. Miriam was moaning constantly, squeezing her between her thighs and writhing about the bed. Tammy's body seemed to freeze for a moment. Everything was completely still. Her body was like a meadow just before a storm sweeps across it. Tammy lay still for another split second. Then she exploded in wild, frantic spasms. She soared into a fabulous orgasm. Her mouth went back to work at her friend's pussy with increased fervor. She felt the same mammoth spasms wrack Miriam's body. They sucked and shuddered as they merged into a singe glorious climax.

Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms.

Tammy's cheek lay against the redhead's tits. She listened to Miriam's deep breathing and caressed her friend's soft thighs. This had been better than last night. This time she had reached her orgasm. That made a difference. That made a hell of a difference. The brunette closed her eyes and joined her friend in a sleep.

Chapter FOUR

Sunlight streaming in the window woke the girl. Tammy stretched luxuriously. Her body was still tingly from the night before. She could feet Bart Williams' arms still around her. She still smelled the exotic scent of his cologne, still tasted the touch of his tongue in her mouth. "Mmmmmm," she sighed, twisting her luscious body beneath the sheet. It had been so nice to cuddle with him in his car as he sat in front of the house.

She had been surprised when he asked for a date. Tammy had almost decided that he was a lost cause for her. He had remained warm and friendly whenever they met on campus, but he seemed to avoid her when she positioned herself close to him in the student center. Tammy smiled at the memory of the embarrassment on his face as he backed into her tits, not realizing that she was behind him. He had been too flustered to speak.

"They aren't breakable," she laughed in her most sultry voice. She was afraid that she had really scared him off with that. She hadn't, though. She had almost finished her hamburger when he stopped at her table and asked for a date for Friday evening. She smiled at his conscious attempts to keep from staring at her breasts.

He had still been trying to keep his eyes off them as they sat beside each other during the concert. Tammy did not make things easier on the boy. She leaned toward him, letting the ripe tits pour over the top of her dress. She made sure he saw them. She made sure he felt them against his arm. On the way home she snuggled against him in his car, thankful that he had bench seats and hot a sports car with bucket seats that served only to keep a couple separated. Bart put his arm around her and hugged her tightly as he drove. They stopped in town for coffee and a sandwich, then drove in the countryside before returning to Uncle Paul's house.

She was waiting as he parked the car, waiting as he turned toward her. She looked up, lips parted in anticipation. He looked at her, almost frightened by her loveliness. He kissed her gently. He kissed her with increasing fervor. As she melted against him, he ran his tongue between her lips. They kissed and sucked at each other. Bart felt the surge of excitement along his cock. His prick began to swell inside his pants.

"Mmmmm," she murmured. She pulled his face back to hers and kissed him with deeper intensity than she'd ever kissed a boy. She sucked at the roving tongue he sent back into her mouth. She twisted her body slowly to let her tits roll against him. Her hand felt the warmth which was coming to his groin. She trembled in delight, waiting for the right time to let her hand steal over and grasp the cock.

"Ohhhhh, Tammy," he told her. "You're the softest, sweetest girl I ever kissed. Oooo, you are getting my heat up." His hand went around her waist, his palm just at the side of her tit. Tammy turned her shoulders and laid the tit squarely in his gasp. She felt him jump at the sudden feel of her tit in his hand. He kept hold of it, though, and began to hesitantly caress its firm curve. As Bart became more convinced of her willingness to have her tits played with he caressed it more fully, his hand trembling at the thought of holding such fantastic breasts. He'd wanted to do this since the first afternoon he saw her walk across the campus. Hell, every boy on the campus had been itching to get his hands on these beauties. The boys who had dated her, however, complained that the brunette wouldn't let them get their hands near her. She sure didn't have any objections tonight. He listened to her murmur softly as she yielded her body to his sensuous explorations.

"Ooooo, yes," she purred. "Love them, Bart. Love them up good, make them swell over my chest." Tammy shivered at the delight of his touch. Her hand stole closer to his cock, feeling the throbs which ran about his thighs as she came closer. Her fingers taunted steadily toward the pulsing bulge in his pants. She fingered the maddened pecker as he tightened his hold on her tits. The brunette clamped her hand on the cock and held him firmly, her body shaking with excitement as he slipped his hand beneath her sweater. The tits lunged into his caress, their satin skin glowing at his touch. Tammy pressed one hand against the outside of her sweater, crushing his hands over her throbbing tits beneath the soft knit. Her other hand groped about his cock more brazenly, tracing the outline of his warm tool until she felt she had its shape and size committed to memory. She suddenly clamped her fingers over its shaft and pumped happily as he jumped and lunged about the seat in excitement.

"God!" he exclaimed. "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?"

"As much as you are doing to me, I hope," she answered. His cock was even harder beneath her fingers. Her tits were swelling more delightedly against his hands. Her nipples burned. She wanted his fingers on them. She wanted them to be held completely in his hands. The damn bra was just in the way.

"Unhook me, Bart!" she whispered. "Unhook my bra and let me feel your hands all over them."

Tammy shuddered in expectation as he fumbled at the bra. She almost smiled, thinking he must be awfully unfamiliar with girl's underclothing if he was that fumbling with the hook. Still, she reminded herself, he knew where to fumble. She wished she had worn a front opening bra if he was going to fumble with it so long. Then she would at least get the thrill of his fingers about her tits while he struggled to release them.

He finally managed to release the bra. His hands came back to the front as the garment hung loosely. He grabbed her heaving breasts. His breath caught a moment as he felt the full ripeness of the tits. His fingers trembled over them, then pressed rapturously into the soft flesh. Tammy shuddered beneath his sensuous touch and tugged his belt loose. Her fingers explored along his pants until they found the zipper. Another moment and she was able to reach inside his pants and grab his steaming pecker.

"So big!" she gasped. "Ooooo, it feels so big and strong!" She pulled the long meat out of his pants and began to tease it with her fingers. She pumped the skin slowly along the throbbing, pulsing shaft while he kept one hand at her tits. His other slipped beneath her skirt and felt into her crotch. He fingered her pussy through hose and panties, pushing the soft nylon into the glowing little opening. Tammy closed her thighs about his hand and let her body go submissive and limp to his soft caresses. He worked at her until her tits and her pussy were tingling wildly. She cuddled his swollen cock between both of her hands, feeling the surging desire inside it.

"Damn!" Bart muttered. "I wish I had a way to empty this load into your pussy." He pulled her hose and panties down enough to get his fingers against her naked cunt. His fingers spread her cunt lips and rubbed her clit into insane trembling. Tammy grasped his cock more firmly and pumped frantically as he crawled over her in the confined space of the car.

"Yes! I want it in me, Bart. Ohhhh, yes! Slip it in there and let me feel it!"

Tammy slid her ass toward him, taking her hands off his cock long enough to slide her hose and panties far enough down her legs to let him bring the hardened meat up to her anxious pussy. It was awkward as hell, but they managed. She gasped as she felt the head of his prick jam against her cunt, then slip slowly into her cunt.

"Ohhhh, it's so sweet in there!" Bart panted. "Ohhh, I'd have died if I hadn't gotten it in you."

"I can't stay like this very long," Tammy told him. Her mind was aware of the possibility of a cop driving by or Uncle Paul seeing them from the window or, even, of Larry walking up to the car. This was far from the safest place they could have chosen to try to get in a fuck.

"Go ahead," she urged him. "Fuck me! I want to feel your prick unload in me. Come on! Fuck me!"

She could feel the excitement that rippled through his cock. He fucked her rapidly, driving the heavy pecker into her with frantic demand. Her pussy glowed at the touch of the firm male flesh along its passage. Her muscles contracted about the pecker, her nerves afire from the luscious contact. He drove at her wildly, as though he was determined to slam the cock all the way through her. This time it did not hurt her, though. This was Bart's cock in her. This was a piece of meat she had wanted in there. This was the cock all the girls at school had been trying to get up their pussies.

"Uhhhh!" he gasped. "Uhhh! Lord! What a sweet pussy!"

"Mmmmm," the brunette purred. "Mmmm, yessss! Fuck me, Bart! Hurry! Fuck me quickly! Oooo!"

She let her cunt suck on his prick. She hunched herself along the hot shaft, urging him with words and actions to go ahead and unload in her. Another night they could fuck at leisure. Tonight she just wanted to feel that massive prick unload in her. She lay panting and twisting in the confinement of the car as he fucked her roughly and crudely. His cock thrust wildly. His hands clawed about her tits, filling them with heaving, pulsing satisfaction.

"I'm coming," he warned her. "I'm about to empty this cock in you. Uhhhh! Uhhhh!"

"Ooooeeee!" she gasped as the hot juice began spurting from the maddened head of his prick. "Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oooooeeee!"

Tammy took the full force of his wad. She lay beneath him, her pussy alive and glowing from the sensation of the wonderful stuff filling it. The brunette ran her hands frantically about his hair. She tore at his shirt. She throbbed and pulsed in delight at the magnificent sensation. She had gotten Bart Williams' cock! She had fucked Bart Williams! Her head swam with the delicious knowledge. Her pussy panted at the warm, cozy feeling inside her. She let him empty his cock, then struggled up and straightened her clothing.

Tammy's knees were weak as they walked to the front door. She leaned against Bart as they stepped along the walk. She noticed Larry's car in the drive and frowned. She didn't think it had been there when they first parked. Perhaps she had been mistaken. Still, she felt a shiver of dread at the thought that her cousin had driven up while they were occupied out there in Bart's car.

Bart kissed her deeply and sensuously at the door. The girl felt her pussy spasm in response to the nearness of his luscious cock. She leaned her body against him, letting him feel how ready she would be for another fuck. He looked down at her eyes, then kissed her again. He held her tightly, hands slowly caressing along her curves, then filling themselves with her tits for a moment.

"I'll see you at school Monday," he told her. "I want to see a lot of you, baby. I want to see a hell of a lot more of you."

Tammy had been expecting to find either Larry or Uncle Paul waiting for her as she entered. She sighed thankfully as she walked into a darkened and silent house. The brunette slipped quietly to her room. She thought of taking a shower, then decided against it. That might raise suspicions in the household.

The lovely brunette stretched again, then slipped the sheet off and let the rays of the sun pour across her body. The soft curves glowed in the golden light. Tammy stretched again and breathed deeply and happily. She recalled Bart's words with a happy smile, then slowly drug herself from the bed. She rubbed her pussy until it tingled with delight. She caressed her luscious tits with affection. He had liked them. He hadn't thought they were too big. Tammy had been afraid he would feel they were too much, that they made her more like a cow than a girl. He had been turned on by them. He had caressed them as if they were the most delicate tits in the world, not the mountains on the chest of some overdeveloped freak.

Her finger smelled of dried cum as she pulled it to her face. Tammy wrinkled her nose at the unpleasantness of the odor. It had smelled so good last night. Now that it was dried, it stunk. She walked to the bath, started to shower, then changed her mind. She leaned over the tub and began drawing a deep bath of hot water. She stepped to the medicine cabinet and drew out a bottle of richly scented bath oils. It made her feel sensuous, exotic and sexy to pour a healthy amount of the lush oil into the water.

She lay in the tub for almost an hour. Her body sparkled from the light coating of the oils. She caressed the sweet fragrance over her thighs, about her pussy, up over her tits. When she finally rose from the tub she was sure that she was softer, more feminine and desirable, than ever before. She had been loved last night. She had pampered herself this morning. She walked back into the bedroom as soon as she was dry, her mind whirling from her memories, from her plans, from her erotic fantasies.

Larry Peters was sitting on her bed. His eyes glowed as he looked at her naked body. He ogled her tits. He licked his lips at the soft curves of her thighs. He swallowed hard as he focused his gaze on her dark cunt hair.

"Wow!" he gasped. "That's what I call a hell of a piece of pussy!"

"What the hell are you doing in here?" she demanded, her eyes blazing in anger and resentment. This was her room! This was her privacy! She fought back the impulse to rush across the room and try to attack him. That's what he would like. She knew that. He'd love nothing better than to wrestle her down on the bed and fuck her again.

"Get out!" she demanded, stepping to the door and opening it just a crack. "Get out before I call Uncle Paul or Aunt Liz!"

The boy laughed at her. He sat on the bed, clad in an old pair of shorts. His firm, athletic body glistened in the sunlight as he smiled back at her anger. Slowly he shook his head. His eyes continued to rove about her body, now concentrating on the delicious thrust of her ass.

"So call them," he answered. "You'd better call loudly, though. They've gone, downtown for the day. Mom had some shopping to do and Dad went along. They said they'd be back late this afternoon. Go ahead and call them, baby. Yell as loud as you can. I still don't think they'd hear you."

Tammy turned back in mixed anger and apprehension. Damn him, anyway! He'd sure ruined her morning reveries. The smart bastard had taken her glowing happiness and shattered it against the wall. She watched as he stood up and slipped the shorts down his legs. His cock came upright, red and threatening. He patted it and smiled across the room at her. Slowly he crooked his finger to her and indicated her desire for her to join him at the bed.

"Just us, again, baby!" he muttered. "Just you and me again. I had planned on slipping in here last night after they'd gone to bed. Last night I played the best football of my life. All during the game, I kept promising myself a goof fuck with you. You know what you were doing when I got home? You were sitting out there in the car with that guy while he played with your tits."

He looked at her with anger on his face. Tammy backed away as he walked across the room toward her. He caught her by the arm and pulled her up against him. His cock was hot as it pressed against her bare skin. His breath was angry as he looked down at her.

"That was all right," he muttered hoarsely. "It was when you let him in your pussy that I got resentful. I had played my heart out all night and you sat out there and let some college Joe fuck you. I laid in here and ached to get my cock in that pussy, but you already had it filled with some other guy's pecker."

He dragged her to the bed and wrestled her onto the sheet. Tammy tried to struggle but he pinned her arms to the bed with his knees. She lay helpless as he held his raging prick over her, then slowly brought it down toward her face. Larry rubbed it over her face, then pointed it at her lips and shoved it into her mouth.

"Just for that," he panted, "I want a blow-job. Suck it, baby! You lay there and suck this old cock to make up for what you did last night. I'll make you give first choice to your own family. You can fuck the other guys after you've taken care of me, not before. Come on, now! Start sucking!"

Chapter FIVE

"Ohhhh, my!" Larry panted as he pumped his cock into her mouth. "Ohhhh, what that does to me! I'm going to fuck that mouth of yours till you choke, baby!"

Tammy twisted beneath him. The prick filled her mouth, jamming back toward her throat as though he was determined to choke her on the swollen pecker. Her lips felt the pulsing excitement of the shaft. The cock-head thrust back until it touched her throat, almost choking her until he drew it back for another angry thrust. His cock hair glistened before her eyes as he thrust. His legs lay across her arms, keeping them pinned to the bed. He held her face between his hands, holding her mouth in position for his cock to continue its maddened game.

"Mmmmm!" she protested, unable to get free of the rampant cock. "Mmmmm!"

"You trying to tell me something?" he laughed lustfully. "You trying to tell me how much you like it? You trying to tell me it tastes good?"

He laughed louder and fucked the pecker deeper into her mouth. Tammy closed her lips about the shaft, holding the skin as the prick extended its reddened head back toward her throat. She debated putting up more vigorous resistance. The brunette had little doubt that she could throw him off her. How long would she be able to protect herself, though? He'd only come back at her with greater anger. She could fight him off for the moment. He would win in the long run, she knew. There was no way she could fight and win against this solidly built young athlete. She looked at his muscular arms. She watched the play of muscles about his chest. No, he could handle her with ease if she tried to fight him. She had to submit to him, just like she had the other night. She had to give him the pussy he demanded then. She had to let him fuck her mouth this morning. She had no choice.

"C'mon, baby!" he demanded. "Start sucking me!"

The lovely girl slowly began to draw her mouth tighter about his cock. She sucked hesitantly on the plunging prick. The cock leaped in excitement as Larry felt her suction about it. She sucked harder, drawing new pleasure along the throbbing shaft. The heat of the cock-head warmed her throat as it brushed against the back of her mouth with each lunge. His ass shook as he sat over her. His hands trembled against her cheeks. She heard his breath come in gasps as she sucked him to deeper pleasure.

"Yeahhhh!" he cheered her. "That's more like it! That's the way to blow me! Come on, baby! Suck it harder. Suck the cum out of my cock! Yeahhh!"

She could not help responding to his excitement. Her mouth began to accept the presence of the prick. She sucked harder, then changed and blew against the frantic head. She held her lips tightly about the prick and rapidly blew and sucked in frantic alternation. Larry gasped over her as the thrill of her actions went surging through his pecker. He trembled all over as he drove the cock into her with greater force, greater intensity. His legs slipped off her arms. Tammy was no longer being held down beneath him by force. But she made no attempt to escape him. She lay beneath him and increased her mouth play about the steaming prick.

"Ohhhh, God!" he moaned. "Ohhhh, my God! You're giving me one hell of a suck! Ohhh, baby! You're the greatest! You're absolutely the greatest!"

Tammy felt the cock begin to shake wildly as it fucked her. The shaft was getting hotter and hotter. The head was hitting back against her throat harder and harder. She felt his body getting nearer and nearer loss of control. He was more over her face now. He was supporting himself on his elbows, holding his cock directly over her and driving the prick frantically into her mouth.

He was about to climax. The way his cock was leaping at her left little doubt. He was about to unload his wad into her mouth. The girl became apprehensive. He might choke her with it. She remembered how much stuff he had unloaded into her pussy when he fucked her the last time. Damn! Could she possibly take that much into her mouth without choking?

"Uhhh!" he moaned. "Uhhhh! I'm going to unload, baby! You're going to have some cum to eat in another minute! Ohhhh, yes! Your mouth is going to be full of my cum!"

He reached back and caught her head in his hands once more. He held her captive against his cock, unable to turn her head except as he turned it. He rolled them about the bed as he fucked harder and more insanely. The cock leaped and plunged at her. The prick shuddered in excitement as he moaned and groaned over her. Tammy knew there was nothing she could do but attempt to swallow the am as it came gushing into her mouth. She would have to swallow it or choke on it.

"There it is!" he gasped. "Ohhh, there it comes! Drink it, baby! Suck it all out! Empty my cock for me and drink it all!"

He was thrusting into her so deeply that the girl became even more frightened. It was all she could do to keep from choking on the pecker as it came roaring back toward her throat. Tammy slipped her hands up and held his groin back from her face in an attempt to keep the cock from driving so deeply into her. She grabbed his balls. If she could being him on to his orgasm she could be spared the lust which seemed to be rising to such uncontrollable heights. He jerked as she caught his balls. His cock seemed to stand still for a moment, then shuddered wildly and began to unload its hot semen into her throat.

"Ahhhh!" he gasped. "You've got it, baby! There's that good juice for you! Drink it, baby! Drink it all! Aaaahhhhh!"

Tammy struggled against the pouring cum that filled her mouth. She held her breath a moment, then worked up the courage to swallow it. More kept pouring from the cock as she swallowed another mouthful. The sharp taste filled her. Larry drove his cock into more lush, emptying the cum. He panted and moaned, his prick finally beginning to ooze instead of gush the white cream.

"Lick it, baby!" he ordered. "Take your tongue and clean my cock. Get every bit of that cum into you. Ohhhh, what a wild fuck! I never got such a suck in my life!"

Tammy obeyed his demand. She swallowed the cum that remained in her mouth, then licked about the bulging head of his cock. The prick lay gently in her mouth now, its angry thrusting completed. She cleaned the shaft, then pulled her face from beneath him and sighed in relief. She lay beside him, waiting for the boy to get up and leave her. It hadn't been as bad as she had feared. She was all right, except for the injury to her pride. Something had to be done, however, about his thinking he could come into her room whenever he pleased. She had to make sure that this fucking as soon as they were alone together also stopped.

She thought back to his remarks earlier. He had planned to slip into her room and fuck her last night. Damn him, anyway! She wasn't his own private cunt! What made him think she was ready to spread her legs whenever he had a hard prick? She'd have to do something about this. The only problem was that she didn't know exactly how to handle it. Perhaps she could talk to Aunt Liz or Uncle Paul. She didn't want to. She didn't want to see the anguish in Aunt Liz's eyes. She was afraid that Uncle Paul still might take Larry's side. She sighed again deeply. Something had to be done and done soon.

Larry slipped down the sheet until he lay even with her. He pulled her naked body against him and fondled her tits. He squeezed the ripe tits firmly, rolling them about and fingering over the hard nipples. It was a shock to suddenly feel her tits swollen, her nipples tight and hard. The way Larry was going after them now, they would soon be even more swollen and throbbing. She hoped that he'd satisfy himself quickly and leave her alone.

She was not to be so fortunate, however. The boy's cock was still hard. It had emptied itself of one load, but was gradually building itself to another wad. It began to tremble warmly against her ass while his hands became more lustful in the way they worked at her tits. Tammy tried to slip from his embrace but he pulled her even tighter against himself. His prick slid between her thighs, rearing upwards against the lips of her cunt.

"Hey, baby," he laughed, "we aren't through yet. Shit, we've just started. Soon as my old pecker is recharged, I want some more of your pussy."

He cupped her tits sensuously, thumbs pressing across the nipples in small circles. The brunette felt her heart sink as he cuddled her. Yes, she would have to do something about Larry. She wasn't sure what, but she'd sure have to think of something. If he was going to be trying to fuck her every spare minute they were alone she'd never get any studying done. Her mind spun in frustration. Could she start spending most of her time at the library? That wouldn't even work, she knew. He would catch her on mornings like this before she ever left. He'd be coming into her bedroom late at night as he had planned last night. She'd have to do more than just avoid him.

"I'm going to get a better piece of pussy than you gave me last time," he whispered. His cock was getting hard again. It trembled against her cunt, sending small ripples running about her pussy despite her disgust with him. He dropped one hand from her tits and fingered over her opening. Tammy shivered in delight and disgust as he traced the lips of her cunt, then eased a finger inside.

"Let's see if I can find that little button," he chuckled. "I want to get my finger on that button that turns you on so." He found her clit and began stroking it lightly, tauntingly. Tammy clenched her teeth, hoping she could resist the growing fire he was kindling inside her. He teased about her clit, turning it about in those small, maddening circles. His lips came along her neck, kissing her satin skin until she was glowing in response. He caught the lobe of her ear between his teeth and tugged lightly at it. His finger slid over her cunt and probed deeper into her cunt while his cock became warmer and warmer as it throbbed against the tender skin of her thighs.

"Damn!" he muttered. "You're the sexiest cunt I ever stuck my prick in. Feel how your pussy is already pumping juice all over me? My finger is soaked."

Tammy gritted her teeth. The brunette resented his tone of voice. She hated herself for being so easily aroused. She hated her pussy for responding so quickly and so completely to his finger. Damn! Damn! Damn him! Damn herself!

"Get it over with!" she hissed over her shoulder to him. "Thick me and be done with it. I've got too much to do today to spend all morning fucking."

"No way!" Larry answered. "No way am I going to rush this. You're too damn sweet a pussy to fuck so quickly. Shit no! I'm going to hold you here until I'm fucked out, baby. I've been waiting all week to get my meat back up that cunt. I'm sure not going to rush it now that I have it."

He pumped his finger along the inside of her pussy slowly and firmly. Tammy shuddered as he sent sparks of passion shimmering along the small passage. Her cunt muscles began to contract about his finger, sucking about it as they glowed with rising demand. The young brunette tried again to resist the feelings that were mounting inside her. She tried to get her mind on her assignments for the day. She tried to recall some of the lectures in class during the last week. Nothing she tried could take her mind off the teasing way he worked her body into screaming passion. Her breath came in short gasps. Her pussy kept pouring its lubricant over the finger, getting itself ready for the cock that still pulsed against her thighs. Her tits heaved into Larry's hand as he caressed and cupped them.

"Mmmmm," she sighed. "Ooooo, do it then, Larry. Fuck me your way. Fuck me long and slow. Fuck me all day."

She meant it. She had been forced to give up her resistance. She wanted him now. She wanted to feel his juicy cock snake into her pussy. She wanted to suck it deeply into her cunt. She lay against him, panting and glowing as he caressed her into soaring desire. Her pussy was a single flaming ball of ecstasy from his finger. The brunette hunched her ass down onto his cock, letting the huge, warm head press against her cunt. She wagged herself against him, determined to bring him to as high a point of lusty demand as she.

"Ohhhhh, baby!" he panted. "Ohhhh, baby, it feels so good! Damn, but it feels good to feel you up like this."

It did beat fumbling around in the cramped seat of a car, she was forced to admit. Too bad she couldn't have let Bart Williams get her in a bed like this. She would, though. She'd let him take her just as slowly, just as completely. The thought of being fucked again by the college student increased Tammy's soaring passion. She rubbed herself more brazenly along the cock. She twisted her shoulders back and forth so that her tits rolled invitingly under her cousin's hand.

"All right, baby," Larry moaned. "All right. You want this cock now, do you? You'll get it. I've got to get it in your pussy or I'll go crazy."

He slipped her onto her knees and brought his cock up from beneath her ass and jammed it against her pussy. The girl shuddered in delicious throbs as he slipped his pecker through her cunt lips and let the head drive her cunt into insane vibrations. Tammy felt him bring his other hand back to her tits. He was fucking her from behind, ramming his cock into her pussy from behind her while his hands played fiercely about her ecstatic tits. He turned her nipples into tiny balls of fire. He turned her cunt into a pulsing, throbbing madness with his long, deliberate thrusts.

"Ooooooeee!" she cried out in the pleasure that had taken possession of her. "Mmmmm! Fuck me, Larry! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"You're damn right!" he gasped into her ear. "I'm going to fuck that crazy ass of yours until it falls off."

He was pumping her frantically now. His long cock drove deeper and deeper inside her. He would draw it back just far enough to flip against her cunt before lunging all the way back up her pussy. Her nerves were glowing about it. Her muscles gabbed it frantically. Her juice was pouring about it, greasing its passage as it pumped her with rapidly increasing intensity.

"Man! Listen to my cock sloshing through your juice!" He panted. "That's the sweetest noise I ever heard. Damn! What a fuck! What a sweet fuck!"

Tammy could also hear the soft pop as he drew the prick back each time. Her pussy was wild as it went after him. Her cunt sucked at his pecker, throbbing along the shaft as he fucked her. The brunette rolled about the bed, her senses reeling. He rubbed her tits and bit into her neck, taunting, teasing, urging her toward her climax. His cock sent her pussy into spasms of ecstasy with each delicious thrust.

No wonder everyone thought fucking was so much fun! The first time Larry had screwed her, she had been too frightened. The fuck out in the car with Bart had been too hurried. Now she was really fucking, though. Her body was alive as never before. Tammy felt the room spinning about her. The girl gasped at the magnificent feeling of joy which surged through her. She suspected that her orgasm was near. It had to be. She couldn't take much more of this without going crazy from the marvelous sensations which swirled about in her.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "Ooooo, yesssss! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me, Larry! Fuck me!"

"Damn right!" he mumbled. "This is a real fuck! What a real fuck! Never dog-fucked before. Never found a girl who wanted to try it! Ohhh, feel those tits swell for me!"

His cock began to heat up even hotter and shuddered inside her as it charge mounted. Tammy gasped as the room spun more wildly around her. Now she could see all the blazing lights she had heard about and read about. It was happening to her! She was erupting inside. Her orgasm was taking over! She tinged as she felt the blinding pleasure soar out of control.

"Aaaaahhh!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, Larry, you did it! I'm coming! I pouring all over you! Ohhhh, it's delicious! It's the most wonderful thing."

"Hold on, baby!" he panted. "I'm right behind you! Here comes my cock! Hold on, baby! Here we go!"

He fucked her with more intense passion than she would have dreamed. The cock came roaring through her. She felt his wad explode through her. Her pussy glowed as the warm cum poured through it. They both gasped and moaned, lost in delirious passion. Their bodies shuddered frantically, then slowly began to calm as they rode out the powerful surge. Larry slowed his thrusts as he rolled over on his side. His cock stayed up her pussy, though, pulsing gently inside her. Tammy nestled against him, her tits warm and huge in the caresses of his gentle hands. She shivered from the thrill that had ripped about her body, then closed her eyes and let him cuddle her lovingly while the cock continued to warm her cunt.

Chapter SIX

Her uncle watched her in silence. His eyes glittered as Tammy's tits heaved. He had been watching the tits. When his gaze wasn't on her legs it was on her tits. The brunette felt uncomfortable. This was worse than she had feared. He had shown no sympathy with her complaint. His eyes had not once softened in response to her report.

She had wasted her time. The girl knew that now. She should have gone to Aunt Liz about Larry. No matter how much she hadn't wanted to hurt her aunt, she should have talked it over with the boy's mother. She was sure getting nowhere with Uncle Paul. Maybe she would have been better off just moving out and going back home. It would require explaining to her mother, though. Tammy had no more wanted to see the anguish in her mother's eyes than in Aunt Liz's.

"You finished?" Uncle Paul asked her. His eyes met hers for the first time. "You have any more to say?"

The girl shook her head. She had told him all of it. She had tried to say that she didn't want to get Larry in trouble. All she wanted was to be left alone. She had talked about that to her cousin last Saturday after he had made her spend all morning fucking with him. He wouldn't agree to anything. He laughed at her when she insisted.

"Hell, no!" he answered her. "I'm not about to give up the best pussy I ever fucked. I'm not about to keep my hands off the best pair of tits I ever dreamed of touching. No way! Any time I get the chance I'm going to pull my cock out and go after you, baby."

She had even pleaded with him. Still he laughed. He finally pulled her roughly back down on the bed and crawled back on top of her. His face hovered over hers. His breath was coming in short, angry pants. He jammed his cock against her pussy, then drove it roughly into her. He buried it all the way into her, then fucked her roughly. His hands tore at her tits until she was aching. His cock pumped violently into her cunt.

"This is what I want out of you," he gasped. "You get that straight. I'm going to fuck you when I please."

He balled her fast and hard. She lay back helpless under his renewed attack. He fucked roughly and came to orgasm rapidly. Tammy lay passive beneath him as he emptied his cock into her one more time. She felt the hot cum boiling out of his cock. His anger seemed to make it even hotter as it struck the tender inside of her pussy. She lay back, refusing to cooperate with him in any way. She let him use her. She let him empty his pecker into her, then crawl off.

The brunette cried silently as he finally left her room. She went back to the bath and tried to wash the smell of his cum from her. Finally she gave up and dressed. She bolted from the house before he had a chance to decide he wanted another screw. She spent most of the next two days on the campus, either in the library or sitting with Miriam in her room.

Her friend had immediately seen that something was disturbing Tammy. The brunette refused to open up to the older girl. Tammy felt that she had to handle her problem alone. There was nothing Miriam could do about it so there was no sense in getting her all upset.

"I'll be all right," she assured Miriam. "It just gets a little cramped around my uncle's house sometimes."

"Why don't you talk to the dean about getting a part-time job here on the campus," Miriam suggested. "You've been around here long enough for them to know you. Maybe they can come up with something. I know it's probably impossible for them to use you this semester, but there might be something opening up after Christmas."

The girls talked and decided it might be worth a try. In the meantime, Tammy had been left with the problem of Larry for the next few weeks. It was a real problem she knew that sooner or later her uncle and aunt would come home unexpectedly and catch them balling away in her bed. Then she'd have no way of explaining that her cousin was insisting on the fucks. If they walked in while she was moaning about in an orgasm, she'd look like a fool saying it was all Larry's fault.

That was why she had finally gotten up the courage to talk with her uncle. She wished now, though, that she had left it alone, his face was completely lacking in sympathy for her as he waited for her to finish her presentation.

"That's it?" he repeated. The brunette nodded. Damn him! It was humiliating enough to have to talk about it. Now he looked as though he didn't believe a word she had said. Well, fuck him, she decided. She'd be damned if she would say anything more. She'd be damned if she would beg. She'd find some way to stay in college until she could find some kind of job on the campus. Maybe the dean would let her take a job in town until he had something for her. She didn't have to put up with Uncle Paul acting like this.

Her uncle stood up and walked across the room toward her. She felt a sudden apprehension at the way his body was moving. He was not just refusing to believe her. He was mad at her. He was angry as hell. She watched the way his eyes burned into her, watched the way his nostrils flared. He stepped to her and took her by the shoulders. She felt herself lifted in the air as he pulled her to her feet. His face was almost against her own. His voice was hoarse as he spoke to her.

"You little bitch!" he hissed. "You damn little bitch! You think I haven't seen what was going on around here? You think I didn't notice how you kept walking around Larry with almost nothing on? I've seen you rub those tits over him. I've seen you go around him without a bra and wearing a blouse so thin you could see everything through it."

He paused, her breath getting more gasping. His hands trembled as they held her. His whole body was shaking with rage.

"You seduce my son, and then sit there and tell me he won't let you alone!" he panted. "You've really got the nerve, haven't you? I give you a place to stay so you can go to a good college and look what happens. You're the damnest little bitch I ever saw."

"No!" Tammy gasped. "No!" She shook her head rapidly. It wasn't like that. She hadn't done any of those things. She'd been careful to always be dressed when she came out of her room. She'd never gone bra-less, not since she'd been here. She tried to speak again, to explain, but her uncle pulled her against himself roughly. His hands hurt as they gripped her arms tightly.

"What's the matter?" he asked her in a hoarse voice. "You get tired of using a kid? Maybe you think you're ready to take on a man." Now he was shaking more frantically. He looked down at the way her tits thrust against the blouse, then back up into her terrified eyes.

"Yeah," he muttered. "Maybe you'd better see how you like a grown man's cock in you." His pants were swollen where his prick throbbed against them. His chest trembled as he pulled her against it. The brunette felt him hunch against her, then tried to turn her face away as his mouth came over her lips. He twisted her about until he caught her lips in a passionate kiss. He rammed his tongue into her mouth, then sucked lustily at her. His cock raged against her as he pushed her backwards. Tammy almost fell from the force of his sudden attack.

"Yeah!" he panted. "Maybe I'd better see what you've been trying to give away to my son. Let's see if that pussy is worth it."

He lifted her on his shoulder and walked with her through the house. He carried her as though she were a sack of flour, slung over his shoulder with her thighs caught and held tightly to prevent her kicking free. Tammy was carried into her bedroom and dumped onto her bed. Her uncle leaned down and grabbed the neck of her blouse. One quick jerk and he had torn it open to reveal the sparkling white nylon of her bra and the ripe swell of her tits. His eyes glittered as he ogled her lewdly. He reached for the top of her slacks next. He caught them and pulled them open roughly, popping the button of the waistband and forcing the zipper downward. He pulled them off. He stood over her, eyes roving along the luscious lines of her body. He moistened his lips at the sight of her beauty, then nodded to the bra and panties.

"Get them off," he snarled. Tammy watched him begin removing his own clothes and slowly slipped out of her bra. She had the panties off by the time he came back toward her. His cock glowed in front of her. His hairy chest swelled in anticipation. His eyes greedily devoured her tits and thighs. He came after her roughly. Tammy shuddered as he dropped onto her. His engaged cock went at her pussy immediately. He rammed it at her as he dropped between her legs and began to paw her tits.

"God, what a sexy bitch!" he muttered. "Damn, what pretty pussy!"

His prick plunged into her cunt with driving fury. The girl gasped at the force. Her pussy trembled as he began fucking deep into her. He pulled at her tits roughly. His fingers rubbed firmly about her nipples. He laughed comely, then leaned to get his face at her swelling tits.

"Mmmm," he mumbled, catching a nipple in his mouth. "Mmmm!" He sucked her strongly, drawing her tits into swollen vibrance despite the girl's resistance.

"I never tasted such tits," he told her as he changed from one globe to the other. "Damn, you've got a hell of a pair. I'm going to suck these beauties dry. Hell yes! I'm going to suck them dry, then pump them back up with the best fuck you ever got." He laughed and plunged his head back to her breasts. He held one in his hand, squeezing it toward his lips as they sucked. Tammy felt the imprint of his teeth as he teased the tit, threatening to bite into it.

His other hand slipped down behind her and fondled her ass. The brunette shivered as he ran his finger along her crack. He caressed the buttock, then pressed his finger against her ass hole. He increased the pressure, easing the finger into the tender opening. Tammy gasped at the way he spread her ass hole and slid the finger in deeper. He flicked the finger along the tingling passage, sending shivers running through the girl's ass. She was frightened of what he was doing, yet there was a certain pleasure in his finger. He had his finger in her ass and his cock up her pussy. Tammy felt as though he was going to drive her completely insane, the way he fucked both ass and cunt with such frenzied intensity. The brunette panted and trembled beneath him. No matter how much she tried to control her body, he was not about to let up. She gasped as he sent more and more spasms through her. Her pussy wasn't dry any longer. Her juices were gushing about the lunging pecker. She forced her ass against the intruding finger, realizing the sensuous delight this caused.

"Ohhhh," Tammy moaned lightly, twisting in ecstasy from the unrelenting work of his finger and prick. "Ohhh, Uncle Paul! You're driving me wild!"

"You're just like I figured," her uncle answered. "You just been aching to get a man in your pussy. No wonder you been trying to get all those boys. You're hotter than any little cunt I've fucked in twenty years. Yeahhhh, what a hot little pussy!"

He shoved his cock at her more viciously. The prick seemed to swell larger and become hotter as he thrust. His finger probed deeper inside her ass, then began to make tiny circles along the passage. Tammy shuddered anew at his torment. Her pussy began glowing as hundreds of small spasms rippled along each muscle and nerve. She heard the sound of her juices about the lusting pecker. She heard the soft contact of their thighs as he fucked. Her tits flamed from his constant fondling. Her nipples burned with glistening passion. He sucked her tits more firmly.

"Getting hot, aren't you?" he laughed. Her uncle raised his face from her tits and brought it up to her lips. He kissed her sensuously, his tongue lapping through her mouth in great, driving thrusts. Tammy wrapped her legs about his body. She hugged him tighter against herself as he fucked. Her ass was even more exposed to his excited finger-fuck as he lifted her slightly and began rolling her from side to side over the bed. His cock never let up in its constant driving lunges through her cunt. Shimmering sparks began to surge through her pussy. Her cunt sucked frantically at the delicious prick while her ass began to contract ecstatically over his finger.

"Fuck me!" she begged him. "Hurry and fuck me!"

"Damn right!" he answered. "I'll fuck that tail of yours all night, baby! I'll show you what a fuck is!"

She had thought he was fucking here with full force. She now learned that he had only been giving her the preliminaries. His prick tore at her with far greater intensity. He pulled at her tits as though intent on pulling the globes off. He rubbed his finger in wilder, more frantic circles inside her ass. Tammy gasped under the wild, insane assault. Her body trembled as her orgasm began to built towards it explosive climax. Her breath came in short gasps. She could feel the sparks that tinged along every nerve in her body. She was on the verge of orgasm. She had little doubt of the immediacy of her climax. She hugged him with her legs and arms and hunched her pussy along the roaring pecker. She rubbed her tits sensuously against his hand and his chest. She sucked at his ups, pulling his breath into her mouth. She wanted him! She suddenly had one all-pervading passion. She wanted to take his semen into her cunt. She wanted to feel the mighty eruption of that insane prick. She wanted to feel the splash of his cum in her pussy. She wanted to feel him tremble and shudder as he unloaded his lust into her.

"Ooooooeeeee!" she cried loudly. "Oooooeeee! I'm coming, Uncle Paul! Hurry! Fuck me! Unload your cock! Fuck me!"

He fucked her even wilder as her orgasm exploded through her. He fucked her violently as her body quaked with the force of her climax. He kept balling her as she rode through her frenzied emotional peak. He pumped her as she calmed down from one orgasm, then led her toward another.

"Now that you've gotten rid of your hots," he chuckled, "let's get down to some serious fucking." He slowed the action of his pecker and pumped it deeply and vibrantly through her. He teased and taunted her ass with his finger. He rubbed her nipples until they were sore and aching, but pleasantly warm and alive. Tammy felt his cock begin to gradually increase its tempo once more. She reached behind him and fingered about his ass. She could play the same teasing, taunting game. She probed until she felt his asshole allow her finger to slip inside. She pushed her finger as far as it would go, then began to revolve it in the same tiny movements that had been driving her into such delirium.

"You learn awfully damn fast!" he chortled above her. "You'll end up the hottest little fuck in ten states."

The brunette concentrated on her cunt muscles. She concentrated until she was able to make them contract at her will. She used that now to hug and torment his cock. Her uncle responded to her new game with excited pants of his breath and frenzied thrusts of his wild prick.

"Ahhh!" he gasped. "You've learned too damn well! You're driving me crazy with that wild pussy! Ohhhh!"

The sense of achievement sent the girl's senses reeling. She fucked his ass with her finger as frantically as he was working hers. She rolled him about, still hugging her legs about his waist. She writhed beneath him as his cock became a flaming rod of demand inside her. Her uncle began to tremble frantically. He could scarcely catch his breath as his body seemed to explode over her.

"Ahhh!" he moaned. "Ohhhh, baby! Here it comes! Ohhhh! There it goes, baby! It blowing all through you!"

The touch of his cum in her pussy sent the girl into almost instant orgasm. They clutched at each other and rolled about the bed in blind ecstasy. Tammy took all he could offer her. She let him empty his prick, then kept fucking back at him until she had drained even more from the trembling prick.

"Mmmmm," she smiled up at him. "That seemed to empty you for the moment."

"For the moment," he agreed. "Shit, a fuck like that could make a man weak for the next month. Damn, you're a hell of a lay. No wonder Larry has been walking around here so pleased with himself."

Tammy slipped from beneath him and walked to her bathroom. She locked the door and remained in the tub for over an hour. It wasn't until she heard her aunt's car drive up that she finally came out and dressed.

She knew that she had to get out. If she stayed she would be on continual call for both Larry and Paul. Her uncle would be just as demanding as the boy, perhaps even more. So, she couldn't stay. She had to work something out, even if she dropped out of college and got a job in town. She had to escape this house of lust, had to before any more fucking went on.

Chapter SEVEN

The voluptuous blonde woman eyed the girl's heaving young tits greedily. Madelyn Winship reached out and caressed them slowly and sensuously. She was going to enjoy this. She hadn't girl-fucked in years. What a delicious little piece of pussy to start back with. She drew Tammy against her massive tits and let their nipples rub across each other.

The brunette smiled hazily at her new friend. Everything was working out wonderfully. She was out of that house! She was free of Larry and Uncle Paul! Dr. Winship had driven by with her to pick up her clothes and books. Aunt Liz had stood to the side, her eyes brimming over with tears. She suspected what must be behind Tammy's sudden leaving. She looked tenderly at the girl, then hostilely at her son and husband.

The dean had not been able to come up with a campus job for Tammy. Everything had seemed hopeless, until he decided to call one of the women on the staff. He frowned a moment, then looked up at the girl who stood in front of his desk, almost ready to give up the chance to remain in college.

"Can you keep books?" he asked. "I mean, do you know anything at all about bookkeeping?"

"Just a little," Tammy answered, "I used to help my mother balance her boss' books each month. I don't know how much you want me to know."

The dean nodded, then wrote on a piece of paper. He looked back up and handed the paper to the girl. Tammy looked down at the name and address, then back at the dean.

"It's worth a try," he said. "Wade Winship finished college here about eight years ago. After med school he started his practice in town. He is looking for a girl to work part-time in his office doing very basic sort of record and bookkeeping. I believe his wife is also interested in having a young woman to live in their home. They have an active social life and it would help to have a girl there to keep their child company in the evenings."

This was better than Tammy had hoped. Money for the part-time job and a place to stay at night in return for just being there that was far better than she had hoped. She left immediately for Dr. Winship's office.

Dr. Winship was even more of a surprise to the girl. She stood and gaped at him as he walked out into his office and greeted her. Wade Winship was the best-looking man she had ever seen. He was tall, athletic, sandy-haired, and had the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen. He led her back to his consultation room and chatted with her for a few minutes. He was so smooth, so comforting, that Tammy told him why she had to get away from her uncle's before she realized it. She didn't tell him everything, of course. She only let him know that her cousin and uncle were making sexual demands on her. She certainly didn't tell him that she ended up as lusty as they did whenever they got her into the bed.

Wade excused himself for a few minutes. When he came back in the room he was smiling broadly. He assured her that her troubles were over. He'd talked to his wife and she was excited about having the girl move in that afternoon. Tammy waited in his office until he finished his last appointment. Wade led her to his car and drove directly to her uncle's. Tammy felt apprehensive about just walking in and getting her clothes. She'd have preferred to wait until tomorrow and come back when no one was at home.

"Tonight!" Dr. Winship insisted. "Don't worry about Paul Peters. He'll be as meek as a mouse. I know too much about him and even more about that no-good son of his."

He carried a scorn as he mentioned the man and the boy. Tammy stared at him, waiting for him to tell more about it. He clamped his mouth shut angrily, however, and said nothing else until they pulled up in front of the house.

"I've come for my things," Tammy explained hurriedly as her aunt opened the door. "I've taken a job with Dr. Winship and his wife. This will be better for everyone."

Her aunt tried to talk to her, but Tammy shook her head. She said she didn't want to talk about it. She took her Aunt Liz that she had been thinking it over for a week or more and had made up her mind.

"What the hell's going on?" Paul shouted as he walked into the room.

"I'm moving out," Tammy told him.

"The hell you are!" he snorted. "My only sister's daughter. You're staying right back there in that room we prepared for you!"

He stepped toward her, his eyes blazing with anger. Tammy felt his heart leap in terror at the expression on his face. She stepped back from him as Dr. Winship came in between them. Wade stared at her uncle with the most contemptuous expression the girl had ever seen.

"Shut your God damn mouth, Paul," Wade snarled in a low voice. "The girl is coming with me."

"Tonight?" Peters asked in a subdued tone.

"Tonight!" Wade answered emphatically.

It had been just that easy. Tammy packed hurriedly, then helped Dr. Winship carry her things out to his car. She ran back to the steps and kissed her aunt affectionately on the cheek. She wanted to say more, but there was nothing to say. Any explanation would cause the woman more anguish than just leaving.

Madelyn Winship was waiting as they drove into the garage. She rushed up and enveloped the brunette in her embrace. Tammy felt the softness of Madelyn's huge tits. She smelled the exotic fragrance of her perfume. She sagged in relief at her welcome. She'd been afraid that the doctor's wife wouldn't like his selection. She felt, from the embrace, that Madelyn was as happy to have her as Tammy was to be there.

They moved the brunette into the most feminine room the girl had ever imagined. Madelyn had prepared dinner for them, so before getting fully settled in her room, they all went downstairs to eat. Dr. Winship left as soon as he finished to make his evening rounds at the hospital. Madelyn accompanied the girl back upstairs and helped finish unpacking. The buxom blonde sat on the bed and chatted while Tammy sorted out her bras and panties.

"It's going to be fun having you here with me," Madelyn sighed. "It will make me feel like I'm back in college again." She closed her eyes and hugged her tits against herself. "Ooooo, those were the days! Tell me, Tammy, do girls still practice with each other?"

"What?" Tammy asked, spinning quickly and looking at the blonde. "Do they... practice? Practice what?"

"Oh, you know," Madelyn blushed. "Practice what we did on weekends with boys."

She looked up at the brunette, then realized what her husband had told her about Tammy's problems. The blonde's eyes immediately clouded with sympathy. She looked pleadingly at the younger woman.

"I'm sorry," she told the girl. "I'd forgotten what you've just been through. Don't pay any attention to me. Just relax and get some rest. I was just chatting."

Tammy realized that she had been more than chatting. The woman had definitely been leading up to suggesting that they have a little pussy play tonight. She looked at the blonde, her eyes noting the full swell of tit, the round firmness of Madelyn's hips. She was as spectacularly beautiful as Wade was handsome. They had been the most gorgeous pair of people Tammy had ever seen. She looked up, into the grey eyes of the blonde and smiled softly. Yes, she needed the soft hands of a woman on her. Perhaps Madelyn could help her to erase the memories of the rough lust that Uncle Paul and Larry showed when they took her.

"If you want me to join you on the bed," Tammy smiled, "just say so." Tammy looked again at the exciting curves of Madelyn's tits. She looked at the smile which now spread across the wide mouth. Her body had begun to glow inside. Her tits were tingling at the thought of being caressed and kissed with gentleness. The thought of Madelyn's luscious lips over her pussy sent shivers running through her. She smiled her willingness at the woman and stepped toward the bed.

"I'd love to suck you," Madelyn whispered up to her, then took her hands and drew her down to the bed. Tammy reached for the massive tits as she felt her own two lovelies caught in a devouring hand. She slipped down beside the blonde and pressed her fingers into the firm flesh of Madelyn's breasts. They were so firm, yet as delicately soft as her own. The blonde already had Tammy's tits lunging about from her loving strokes. She cupped and caressed the girl until Tammy was moaning softly as she rolled about on the bed. She slowly unbuttoned the girl's blouse, letting her fingers brush sensuously across each tit as she worked with each button. Tammy gasped at the soft touch of her fingers and followed Madelyn's example. The blonde's tits swelled beautifully over her bra, so lovely that the brunette could not resist leaning over to kiss the luscious flesh.

"You are such an exquisite little beauty," Madelyn murmured. "I thought I had big tits. Yours are just as large, though. I never thought I'd ever find any this beautiful."

Her praise came as a shock to Tammy. She had gotten so used to the size of her own tits that she never considered them that huge any more. It hadn't occurred to her that Madelyn's magnificent breasts were no larger than her own. She realized now why the boys always got so hung up over the boobs. She was just as hung up as she looked at the way Madelyn's heaved beneath the bra.

"I can't wait to get my lips on them," the blonde murmured. "I can't wait to get those tits in my mouth." She reached behind the brunette and unhooked Tammy's bra. The tits jumped forward as they were released. Madelyn touched them reverently. She placed her fingers beneath them and bounced them softly! The girls smiled happily at each other as Tammy pulled the older woman's bra loose and brought Madelyn's breasts free.

"So beautiful!" Tammy exclaimed. "They are so beautiful." They were. The large areolas appeared like lacework around the firm nipples. The brunette touched them softly, then lifted a tit in each hand. The woman twisted about across the bed so that they could get their mouths on the other's tits.

"Mmmmm," Madelyn sighed as she sucked hungrily on a shivering nipple. "Mmmmm, what a sweet little body! You are so fresh and lovely. To think that you were being so mistreated. I want to soothe you. I want to make you forget all of that."

"Ooooo!" Tammy squealed as her new friend sucked her again. She took one of Madelyn's tits in both her hands and brought the nipple to her mouth. She kissed the lovely white flesh of the breast, then caught the nipple between her lips. Her tongue flicked over it as she began to suck.

Their hands explored beyond the breasts. Tammy shuddered in delight as soft fingers caressed her thighs. Madelyn was pressing through her slacks, pressing her fingers about the brunette's tingling cunt. She ran her own hand up the blonde's skirt and found the soft nylon of the panties. She traced the cunt lips through the panties, then gasped from the rising desire that possessed her body.

"Ooooo," she moaned as she writhed about in ecstasy. "I want you to pet my pussy. I want to feel your fingers inside my cunt."

Madelyn lifted her face from the young tits. She smiled at the lovely girl, at the soft curves which lay beside her. Her body glowed in anticipation. She eyed the trembling curves of the girl with rising anticipation. This was a delicious little pussy here with her. This little girl should be loved with great finesse. Madelyn was confident that she had all the finesse necessary.

"Would you get those damn slacks off," Madelyn laughed as she slipped up from the bed and began removing her skirt. "I want you naked."

They removed their clothes and looked at each other in glowing approval. Tammy licked her lips as she saw the golden hair above Madelyn's pussy. She looked at the long, straight legs of the blonde. She hadn't realized how tall the woman was. Now she whistled her appreciation. The woman was a Goddess, a living, breathing Goddess -- she was the loveliest woman Tammy had ever seen. She swallowed hard from nervousness and lay back onto the bed.

"Damn, but you're a gorgeous little piece of tail," Madelyn sighed. "Ohhhh, I'm going to enjoy this. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of this."

She sat beside the girl and began to fondle her young body. Tammy began to tingle from the soft caresses. She shuddered as her passion rose rapidly through her. She reached again for the blonde's tits, pressed her fingers into the soft flesh, and watched the luscious tits bounce in response to her touch. She thumbed each nipple until she had them tightened into hard buttons. Then she began working along the lithe lines of thigh. Madelyn's skin felt like satin beneath her fingers.

"Ooooo," she moaned in delight as she felt a finger stroking her pussy. "Ooooeeee! That feels so good, so wonderful."

Madelyn caressed the pussy gently, expertly. She eased her finger inside the lips and strummed the little clit until the girl was pulsing about the bed in delirious agony. She slipped her finger deeper into the cunt and made erotic circles along the cunt walls. Tammy traced her fingers along Madelyn's thighs until she reached the golden hair. She felt through the silken strands until her finger found the moist opening of Madelyn's pussy. She ran her finger inside and taunted over the cunt until they were both rolling about the bed, their breath gasping in passion.

"Mmmm, my pussy is getting hotter and hotter," Madelyn panted. "I want to cunt-fuck you." She twisted about on the bed until she brought their cunts together. She pressed herself over the girl's glowing pussy, letting their cunts rub together until they were being consumed with fiery passion.

"Ooooeeee!" the girl squealed as the sparks came shooting along the inside of her pussy. "Oooo, I like that! I like having our cunts fuck each other."

Both pairs of huge tits were rolling against each other. Their nipples touched, sending the same tinging passion running about their chests, Madelyn pulled the girl over and covered her lips with an impassioned kiss. They tongued each other frantically, then sucked each other's breath. They shook and trembled with the surging force of their passion. Their cunts sucked lustily against each other. Their nipples rubbed harshly. Their mouths tried to drain the breath from the other. They rolled and twisted about the bed as their bodies shuddered with approaching climax.

Tammy shook from the pulsing tremors that had begun to run about her cunt. She was gushing her juices all through the passage. Her thighs were tingling in anticipation. Her tits swelled outward against the ripe fullness of the blonde.

"Mmmm," she murmured. She moaned, never taking her lips from Madelyn's mouth. "Mmmmm!"

She breathed only with difficulty. She gasped and panted as she felt juices oozing through her ecstatic pussy. She gasped helplessly as Madelyn broke away from the kiss. Madelyn plunged her lips down to the exploding pussy.

"I want to suck it!" she cried. "I want to suck all that sweet juice of yours."

The woman's golden hair was in front of the girl's face. Tammy lunged into the blonde's groin and closed it over Madelyn's pussy. She licked into the flowing cunt. She sucked at the delicious woman just as frantically as she was being sucked. They rolled about, mouths locked firmly over pussies, sucking and blowing at the gushing cunts. Tammy felt the blonde's thighs begin to tremble as they hugged her. She felt her own orgasm start exploding through her. She tightened her legs about Madelyn's head. They tossed frantically as their orgasms soared through them. They sucked and licked and hugged, sharing the magnificent aperture of their common climax.

"Wow!" the girl gasped as they finally began to calm. "That was something else."

"You deserve the best," the blonde assured her. "Whether it's a woman or a man, you should only have the best. Just wait until some skilled man gives you a real fuck. You need something better than what that uncle of yours tried. You sure the hell need better than a teen-age, boy. You'll get it, sweetheart. You'll find a man who can send you into orbit. Just remember that."

Tammy remembered it as she finally showered and slipped into her gown for the night. She thought of it as she lay in bed. She did want that. She wanted a man who knew how to treat a woman. She wanted a man she had picked herself. That was part of it, wasn't it? She had never had a good fuck except when she had been forced to. She didn't like it that way, no matter how much she finally ended up joining in.

Yes! She wanted to do her own selecting. She didn't wait to just be something available. She hoped she wouldn't be thought of that way any more. She surely hoped Madelyn wouldn't assume that she could come in for a cunt-suck anytime. That could be just as demeaning as the way Uncle Paul had treated her.

Chapter EIGHT

His hands roved over her tits. Tammy drew her leg between his thighs and pressed against his swelling cock. She parted her lips and drew his tongue into the chamber of the mouth. Her body pulsed with the throbbing passion that had gripped her. Her heart was pounding wildly as he caught a tit in one of his hands and caressed it sensuously.

"Oooo," she moaned softly. He was kissing her. Dr. Cooper was really kissing her. His body told her just how badly he wanted to do more than kiss her. His cock was pulsing against her as he tightened his embrace. The brunette's body sagged limply against him, its ripe beauty submissive to whatever he desired of her.

It had all happened so smoothly, so automatically. She had been dreaming for months of the moment he would reach for her. She had tried every tempting pose she could imagine. She had kept his attention on her legs and tits during class she had remained after class for at least a few minutes every day to give him any chance to make an approach to her. This afternoon she had dropped by his office to go over one of her research papers. They had stood close as he pointed out some areas that needed further study. Tammy heard little of what he was saying. She could only think of his nearness. She wanted to tear her paper from his hands and grab for his pants. She caught herself trembling at the thought of pulling his cock out of his trousers and loving it right there in his office. Her tits heaved in delight at her dreams while Tom Cooper continued to study her paper.

When he finished writing his comments on her paper, she was standing with her tits lushly pressed into his arm. She looked at him, her eyes sought his eyes, hoping to read some passionate response in them as he realized how soft her tits were. Tom began to set the paper on his desk. He looked down at her face, at her parted lips. He felt the throbbing of her pulse through the tits as they lay against him.

He had been struggling against his lust for this little pussy all term. She had been the first girl he spotted when he walked into his class to open his lectures. Hell, how could he miss that much tit. She didn't help matters, either. She sat there every day, leaning forward in her chair and letting those maddening breasts swell against her blouse or sweater. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, keeping his attention on their soft curves and on her breathtaking crotch. He had almost grabbed at her several times when she remained after class. It had been quite a struggle to resist grabbing those delicious tits.

She had filled much of his thought even when he was at home. He could be reading, then suddenly discover that his cock was hard and his mind on the brunette girl. He knew he'd go to sleep with the desire to have her cuddled against him, her pussy opened to his aching pecker. She had dominated his life for two months now. Damn her, she could begin accepting what she was doing to him.

He saw the willingness in her eyes. Tom caught her in a full embrace as he began kissing her. Tammy was willing! Damn! The girl was kissing him back with every bit as much passion as he was showing. His cock lunged wildly as she brought her knee up against it. He filled a hand with tit, caressing the magnificent breast in lusty adoration.

"God, but you're beautiful," he whispered. Tammy kissed him again, rolling her tit about his hand as she rubbed her body against his aching pecker.

Dr. Cooper had just reached beneath her sweater when a knock sounded on the door of his office. He realized that he had other appointments for the afternoon. He started to suggest that they pretend no one was in the office. No, that wasn't the best way. He didn't want to fuck this lovely creature with constant knocking outside the door. He could wait. Tammy Davis was worth waiting for. He pushed her away and looked at her. He kissed her on the forehead.

"Another time," he muttered. "Another time, when I can give you the attention that luscious body of yours deserves."

"Anytime," she smiled up hazily. "Anytime you're ready, I am."

As she caught the bus to Dr. Winship's office, she wondered why her professor hadn't set a date for them to have their fuck. She'd have been willing to meet him at his apartment tonight. She'd meet him at his apartment or a motel. Tammy frowned at his failure, then smiled in relief. He had been too confused by the interruption. That must be the reason. Sure! He'd just been too confused by everything.

She felt fabulous as she stepped from the bus and walked into the medical office. Her fears about Madelyn Winship had been without basis. The lusty blonde was anxious to cunt-fuck any time Tammy was interested. The older woman would not force her intentions on the girl, however. The two girls had talked at length the last two nights.

Tammy gasped as she learned that her benefactors were members of a group of swingers. Madelyn cautioned the brunette against being shocked to come down to breakfast some morning and discovering that a strange man was in Dr. Winship's place. It might happen that way, or it might be some partner that Wade had brought home for the night. All that was new and strange to Tammy. She had read about swinging, but this was her first contact with people involved with it.

If they liked it, Tammy figured, then it was their business and not hers. Besides, she felt a certain curiosity about the practice. With a husband like Wade Winship, why would Madelyn want other cock? At the same time, the blonde was surely one of the most beautiful women in town. Where would Wade find any woman who could match his wife in either beauty or passion. Tammy knew from her own experience just how deep Madelyn's passion was.

She shrugged and went into the office. She nodded to a nurse who assisted Dr. Winship, then walked back to the small office where she worked at the doctor's books. Her body was still shivering from the scene in Tom Cooper's office. She could get him! There was no doubt in her mind. Tom was ready to fuck her. All she had to do was to set the scene. Madelyn could help her on that. Her new friend already knew about her attraction to the teacher. Madelyn was filled with ideas. She would talk to Madelyn tonight and plan the seduction of Thomas Cooper.

Tammy concentrated on her work. She could hear Wade's voice through the wall as he spoke with his patients in that low, deep voice. No wonder most of his patients were women. Wade Winship was one of the sexiest men she'd ever met. The day before, when he had installed her IUD on Madelyn's insistence, Tammy had loved the touch of his hands on her. He was gentle and firm at the same time. How many pussies had he looked at? The thought suddenly struck the brunette as funny. Day after day, hour after hour, Wade looked up cunts as the girls spread their legs for him on the examining table. How many of them came in for an examination just so they could have him feel them? Poor Wade! He thought he was examining a tit for cancer. The woman knew she didn't have any lumps. She just wanted him to caress her breasts. He probed into their pussies and caressed their tits and they paid him his fee and came back in two weeks to have him do it again.

She was still musing about Wade's interesting life when she heard the nurse leave for the day. As her boss approached her door, Tammy pretended to be exceptionally busy. She heard the door open, heard his deep sigh as he stood behind her and watched.

"I'll be ready in just a moment," she called back to him. "Let me tally this page and then we can go." She made a hurried calculation, then stood up and closed up the books. The girl smiled up at the doctor as he came up to her and laid his arm softly about her shoulders.

Wade looked down at the bundle of loveliness that cuddled against him. He tightened his hold about her and marveled at her softness. He watched her tits heave against the sweater. He looked down at the soft curve of her hips, the exciting protrusion of her ass, the lithe lines of her legs. He pulled her even tighter against himself as they turned to leave the office.

"Have I told you how much you already mean to me?" he asked. "I don't know how Madelyn and I got along without you."

Tammy nestled against him. Her leg moved against his as they stepped through the door. She could feel his warmth. She could feel the sudden desire for him that swept through her body. She turned so that her tits would crush into his side, placing her arm about his waist. A glance downward and she knew that he felt the same excitement. His pants were swelling as his cock began to grow rigid. The brunette smiled to herself, then looked up to meet his eyes.

"Madelyn has been worried about you," he told her. "She's been afraid that you'll be afraid to screw a man. I mean, after the way you were treated at your uncle."

"I'm not afraid," she interrupted. "I know that there must be something better. I just want to find out how much better it is."

He looked at her in silence a moment. Her eyes gave him a clear invitation. Her tits were irresistible as they brushed against him. Tammy lifted her arms and caught her hands behind his head. She pulled his face down over her own and parted her lips for his kiss. Her body leaped as their lips met. If Madelyn was happy sharing this beautiful hunk of man with other women, Tammy certainly didn't intend to be left out. This afternoon was as good a time as any to start getting her fringe benefits as his bookkeeper.

Wade kissed her deeply, then led her into his private office. He took her to his couch and drew her down beside him. He lifted her sweater and pawed over her tits as they dazzled him with their fullness. He leaned down and kissed them where they swelled above her bra. He caressed her waist and hips. Tammy pressed her legs against him and drew her knees upward to let her thighs rub sensuously against his.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. His touch was soothing and exhilarating at the same time. "Ooooo, I love your touch. Touch me all over like that."

Wade held one tit in both his hands and kissed it. He would show this little beauty how she deserved to be treated. He would have that delicious young body puffing in desire before he finished with her. He slipped his hand inside the bra and felt up the luscious tit. His lips kissed wildly across her breasts while she ran her fingers trough his hair. She teased his ears and thrust her tits invitingly at his hand and mouth.

"Take it off," she whispered. "Get them free and really love them up for me."

Wade reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Tammy leaned forward and let him pull her sweater and the bra off. She slipped her skirt off, then smiled as he watched greedily while she stripped out of hose and panties. She posed her nude body invitingly for him and smiled.

"Why don't you get naked too?" she asked. "I want to feel your skin against me, not your clothing."

It only took a minute to quickly get out of his clothes and join her once again on the couch. His hands trembled as he reached for her satin skin. He took one beautiful nipple in his mouth and began to suck. Tammy reached for his cock and slowly fingered the hardening shaft. She teased the skin back from the head slowly and gently. She slipped her other hand beneath the cock and fingered about his balls until he was pulsing with surging lust for her.

"God, you're lovely," he moaned. "Ohhhh, I never felt such lovely skin. I never dreamed tits could be so sweet to suck." His finger moved along her thigh and touched the moist lips of her pussy. Tammy jumped at the thrill of his touch, then gasped when he slid his finger inside and rubbed her clit firmly.

"Oooooo," she moaned. "Ooooo, that feels so exciting, so nice!"

"It's going to feel nicer," he assured her. "It's going to feel a hell of a lot nicer when my cock's in there."

Tammy shuddered as her pussy spasmed at his touch. Ripples of pleasure ran through her cunt. Her breath caught in her throat as she began responding wildly to his taunting play over her clit. She rubbed her tits against his face, letting his lips suck briefly on each nipple before rolling it away and offering him the mate. She pumped his cock more frantically, delighting in its strength. She pulled his balls until she could hear him moaning in his anguished passion.

"Ohhhh, God!" he groaned. "Ohhhh, I want to get inside you. I want to feel that pussy around my prick."

He finger-fucked her rapidly, letting her juices flow onto his hand. He twisted his finger in her cunt, trying to see how loudly he could slosh the lushly flowing fluids. His cock throbbed from her taunting play. His balls were shimmering masses of passion. He pushed her down onto the couch and slipped his legs between her thighs. She lay writhing before him. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her luscious tits were swollen with desire. Her nipples were hard buttons of passion. Her body was clearly throbbing in anticipation of his fucking her. His pecker was throbbing in anticipation. He watched her grasp for breath as his finger probed deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her lips lay parted, soft beads of saliva formed on them. Her eyes gazed mistily up at him.

"You're beyond description," he told her. "You're beautiful beyond any words to express. I want to fuck you more than I've ever wanted to fuck a girl in my life."

"Fuck me, then," she whispered. "Please stop talking about it and get to fucking!"

She smiled the same soft, delicate smile as he pointed his cock at her pussy. She smiled broadly as he pushed it through the lips of her cunt. She gasped in pleasure as the huge cock stretched her pussy and buried itself deep into her.

"Ooooo," she sighed as he began to pump the cock slowly into her. "Ahhh, that's what I've been waiting for. Ohhhh, it feels so good to have you in me!"

He was larger than she had realized. She closed her legs around him and felt the slowly thrusting pecker lunge deeper into her cunt. She caressed his ass, rubbing her tits against his chest. Their nipples flicked about, sending sparks of delight running through her breasts. She arched her body to press the full, delirious tits more lushly against him. He lifted her ass to provide a better angle for the cock to surge through her. Tammy hiked her legs farther up his body.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "Mmmmm, this is wonderful, Wade!"

He felt her cunt tighten about his cock and pulse delightedly along his shaft. She was throbbing frantically, her sweet, young body glowing from his touch. Her sweetness, her gentleness, could be trouble for him if he wasn't careful. He didn't want his orgasm to slip up on him. She had to climax first. He gritted his teeth, intentionally slowing his passion so that he could let her lead the way into rapture.

"Tell me when you feel your body ready to explode," he said. "I want to be sure to wait for you."

"Don't worry," she answered. "You'll feel it when I come. You'll feel my pussy just gobble up that delicious prick."

Tammy felt his struggle to hold back his eruption. She caressed his face in appreciation. He wanted to be sure to give her pleasure. Only then would he take care of his own needs. She pulled his face to her lips and kissed him frantically in appreciation. His hand reached between them and caressed her tits as his kiss became as passionate as her own. He slipped his other hand between them and caressed her cunt with his roaring pecker.

"Aaaii!" the girl gasped. "Oooooooeeee! You're driving me crazy with that. I never knew it could be so delicious!"

Her body screamed inside. Her pussy clamped over the cock and sucked frantically on it. She felt every nerve on edge, every muscle going into spasms of delight. She writhed deliriously beneath him. His big cock drove sensuously through her. She felt it pulse and throb as her soft pussy drove it into deeper frenzy. Wade was no longer fucking her calmly. His lust had risen as rapidly as her own.

"Ahhh!" he panted, thrusting the cock frantically at her. "Ohhhhh! You're a delicious little pussy! Ohhhh, what a sweet pussy!"

"Yesss!" the little brunette answered. "Ooooo, yessss! Fuck me, Wade! Ohhhh, fuck me! I'm ready for you! I want to feel your prick explode in me!"

Her pussy was trembling vibrantly. Tammy could hardly breathe, her body was erupting in such violent spasms. She shook with soaring desire for his orgasm. She wanted him. She wanted to receive his cum. She wanted to suck his cock deeper into her. She panted for him! She vibrated insanely as the room spun and flashed about her. "Ooooo!" she shrieked. "Don't leave me alone! Fuck me! Let it flow, Wade! Unload it in me!"

"What sweet pussy!" he gasped as he felt her explode about him. "Damn, you're the sweetest pussy I ever fucked."

He let her ride him alone for a few more moments, then relaxed his struggle to contain his own orgasm. His cock drove to its hilt in her soft cunt. He pulled it back and drove it in once more. His pecker shivered in ecstatic pleasure as he rammed it as far as it would reach inside her. He pulled and pressed at her tits. He rubbed her clit frantically. He gasped as his charge finally mounted to the boiling point.

"Uhhhh!" he panted as he began fucking even more violently. "Uhhhh! Uhhhh!"

His cock began blowing its wad through her. Her pussy sucked at him as he unloaded through her. Their juices mingled as they rode through the delirious passion. The couple twisted and tossed about the couch, their minds whirling from the unbelievable pleasure. Wade held her tightly and emptied the remaining cum from his rampant prick. Tammy lay yielding and submissive beneath him. Her tits pulsed softly in his hands. Her pussy contracted in soft caresses along his prick. She sighed deeply and looked up with glowing eyes.

"Ohhhh, Wade!" she gasped. "I never dreamed it could be that good. I never thought fucking could be so wonderful."

He caressed her softly as his cock began to shrivel. He held the lovely bundle of curves in his arms and played gently with her swollen tits. He kissed over her body, smiling as she still jerked in final spasms. He lay beside her, leaving his cock in her pussy as they stroked about their bodies, slowly bringing themselves down from the peak of erotic demand that had been surging through them.

"You're good, Tammy," he assured her. "You not only have the most desirable body I've ever seen, you know what to do with it. Damn! Little girl, you are one hell of a fuck."

"I had reason to be," Tammy answered lazily. "I had something worth fucking on top of me."

Chapter NINE

His ass was illuminated by the moonlight which poured through the window. Tammy stopped in surprise as she stepped inside the door and discovered Wade and Madelyn Winship balling away on the couch. She watched the doctor as his hands grasped frantically at the blonde's tits. His cock plowed into the golden cunt hairs as the woman hunched her body along the gleaming shaft. Even across the room the girl could hear the sound of his prick slapping through Madelyn's gushing fluids.

They had not heard her enter. At least they gave no indication of having heard her enter. Tammy had been at the library tonight, working on a term paper. She had come bouncing into the house, ecstatic because of the meeting with Tom Cooper. Her professor had seen her at the library and had stopped by her table for a moment. He wanted to take her to dinner an Friday evening. Tammy had readily accepted, hoping that he planned to eat a hell of a lot more than food. It had been almost impossible to concentrate on her studies after that. She made a valiant effort, but finally gave up. She had probably been noisy as she entered, yet her friends didn't seem to have heard her.

The girl started to tip-toe across the room. She eased along the wall until she had reached the door to the hallway. She was about to go upstairs. The thought of watching a fuck suddenly struck the girl as exciting. She leaned against the door facing for support as he turned to watch.

"God, that feels good!" Wade breathed amid heaving groans of ecstasy.

"Couldn't feel any better than your juicy old cock does to me," Madelyn answered. "Ohhhh, what you do to me! Mmmmm, you have my tits going wild!"

He responded by pulling at the massive tits until they were rolling lushly through his fingers. He caressed the globes in passionate delight. He bent his body so he could kiss over them as they rolled and pulsed before him. Tammy could hear him suck loudly on the nipples. She listened as Madelyn groaned in rising passion. Their asses rolled about in the moonlight as they pumped vigorously at each other.

Tammy reached down to her crotch and pressed her fingers against her slacks. She pushed against her pussy, feeling the moisture begin to ooze about it. She fingered between the mounds and pushed at the throbbing passage. Her cunt tingled as she rubbed it softly. Her thighs tightened over her hand, poisoning it against the pussy. This was fun, Tammy decided. This made her feel a part of the luxurious fuck taking place in front of her. It might be fun to let someone watch her screw sometimes. Not Friday night, of course, not with Tom Cooper. That should be private, very private. Still, she shivered at the thought of putting on a public fuck.

Wade lifted his face from Madelyn's tits. He straight up and went after the blonde's wide, sensuous mouth. He appeared to be devouring her, the way he twisted his mouth over hers. His cheeks showed the intense suction his mouth was exerting. Madelyn twisted sensuously beneath him as the frenzy of both the kiss and the fuck increased. Her tits pressed upward against his chest. Her legs wrapped about his pounding body. She hunched her ass toward him in rapid movements, driving her pussy over his delirious cock.

Tammy felt the rising passion sweep over her own body. All three were rising to a fever pitch. The girl rubbed her cunt with renewed activity as she watched the beautiful couple begin to thrash about the couch in their climax. Tammy squeezed her tits deliriously as she felt her body pounding with shared emotion. Her clit was glowing, her pussy quivering. She let out a gasp of happiness as she watched the couple on the couch bring their fuck to a roaring climax.

"Ooooo!" Madelyn gasped, her body quivering in an insane frenzy. "Oooo, come on, baby! Let me have it! Fuck me, Wade! Fuck me, my darling! Ooooo!"

Tammy couldn't miss the moment of orgasm. She couldn't miss the new frenzy that shook both bodies. She watched them roll and tear and grasp and ding as they exploded into each other.

"Uhhhh!" Wade panted, balling as hard as he could into her spasming cunt. "Ohhhhh! Uhhhh!"

"Fuck me!" Madelyn cried. "Ohhhh, keep fucking like that!"

Dr. Winship plunged his cock into her even more frantically. He grabbed at her tits wildly. He tugged at her soft flesh and rolled the luscious tits over her chest. He thumbed at the nipples and balled insanely at her quaking pussy. Tammy could hear his grunts as he tore violently at the soft body beneath him. He pinned her to the couch with his lusty thrusts, then shook in one last passionate spasm.

"Ohhhh, that was good," Madelyn moaned. "That was the best ever. Wonder why its so much better when we just decide to bang away instead of going up to the bedroom?"

Wade slowed his thrusts and lifted his head. He smiled down at her as she caressed his shoulders and neck. He kissed her tenderly, then seemed to relax all over.

"Enjoy watching that, Tammy?" he called out. She jumped at the sound of her name. She saw the soft eyes of the blonde resting on her as she stood leaning in the doorway.

"Oh, God, yes!" the girl stammered in reply.

"So don't just stand over there," Madelyn sighed. "Come on over and join the party."

"I've got a better idea," Wade announced. "Let's all go upstairs. If I'm going to take two cunts at the same time, at least let's get in a bed."

The pair rolled off the couch, then got up and walked toward the young girl. As the light came in from the hall and illuminated their bodies she could see the moisture sparkling over them. Tammy looked at the broad, firm chest of the doctor, the lush fullness of his wife. She walked with them as they stood on either side of her, their bodies moving sensuously against her. They climbed the stairs together and stepped into the master bedroom. Madelyn ran over to the bed and pulled back the spread to reveal soft satin sheets beneath. The bed was inviting as Tammy slowly began removing her clothing. She slipped out of everything and stretched luxuriously while her friends smiled their admiration of her loveliness. She reached for Wade's cock as they joined Madelyn who had stretched herself across the bed.

"Not me at first," the doctor suggested. "Not yet, Tammy. I'll recharge my pecker while you girls play for me."

He sat on the edge of the bed as Madelyn pulled the brunette nearer. Tammy looked at the wide smile on the blonde's face. She saw the passionate expression that spread across lips and eyes. Tammy reached over and began to fondle Madelyn's tits which attracted her hands like magnets.

"Yes," Wade repeated. "You two play with each other. I'm sure that will get me horny again awfully fast. I love watching girls go after each other. Nothing excites my cock as much as seeing tits rubbing all over each other while girls suck on each other's pussy."

Tammy caressed Madelyn's massive breasts. She rolled them about in her hands, then started to suck and kiss them. Madelyn slipped her hand into the soft hairs of the brunette's pussy. She slid her finger through the lips and touched Tammy's cunt.

She wound her fingers through the dark hair as she pulled the girl's face tighter against her heaving tits. Tammy wrapped her legs around the blonde's thighs, tingling at the delicious contact of their skin.

"Yes," Wade panted as he watched them. "Ohh, yes! Love each other like crazy! Look at those tits swell! Look how you've got your nipples hardening. Shit! Those buttons are getting as hard as my prick."

Tammy lifted her face from the blonde's breasts. She straightened up enough to get her tits mashing into Madelyn's boobs. Their nipples flicked across each other, sending sparks of pleasure surging through their breasts. They smiled at each other. A silent pact passed between them. They would pet and fondle until they had Wade gasping with passion. They would and kiss until he begged them to let him in on the fun.

Tammy moved one hand from, the blonde's tits and fingered the soft, golden cunt hair. She felt the wet lips of Madelyn's pussy until she could feel the throbbing of the delicious organ. Her finger ran inside and pressed over the clit until she could hear her gasp in pleasure. She eased her finger inside deeper and turned it in a slow circle through the cunt.

Madelyn brought her mouth over the girl's lips. Their tongues touched as they sucked at each other's breath. Their lips twisted about sensuously, tongues pressing more firmly. They finger-fucked with increasing frenzy, their bodies pounding in excitement. Tammy could feel Madelyn's pussy contracting over her probing finger in shimmering spasms. The blonde raised up for a moment. Her eyes glittered as she looked at the girl.

"I want to suck you," she breathed huskily. "I want to get my tongue into your sweet little pussy and lick all through it."

The suggestion met with Tammy's total approval. She was just as interested in getting her mouth on the blonde's cunt. She was throbbing just as lustily to taste the cum that remained in the luscious woman's pussy. She slipped down on the bed and wrapped her thighs about Madelyn's head. She felt Madelyn's mouth come over her cunt and felt the delicious, deep suction. Her pussy shuddered from the affection being poured over it. She felt the licking tongue as it wiped across her cunt lips. She jumped with the surge of pleasure caused by the entrance of the tongue into her pussy. She tightened her thighs about Madelyn's head and rocked her back and forth on the sexy texture of the satin sheet.

The moisture from the recent fuck still covered Madelyn's cunt. Tammy could smell its sharpness as she pressed her face into the lush groin beneath her. Wade's smell was mingled with the scent of the woman's juice. The brunette tasted the tartness of them as she kissed their cunt lips. Madelyn's pussy was still red from both the fuck and the teasing play of Tammy's fingers. The younger girl kissed the glowing cunt in an effort to soothe the flaming flesh. She tongued her cunt lips, then ran her tongue inside. She held her arms tightly about Madelyn's ass as she licked the pussy. Madelyn's cunt throbbed even more wildly as Tammy sucked it fully. She clamped her mouth tightly over the cunt and licked again. She followed the licking with a deep suck.

"Ohhhh!" Wade panted above them. "Ohhhh, that's driving me crazy! How am I supposed to take watching all that tit and pussy?" His hand shot between the girl's bodies. He groped about the four heaving tits. He ran both hands in and fingered the hardened nipples. As the girls let their passion surge forward, the doctor delighted himself in playing with the soft flesh of the four tits. He groped and squeezed. He thumbed and mashed. His hands trembled as they lay buried in the luscious mass of female flesh.

"Ohhhh, my God!" he moaned. "I never felt so much tit in my life. You girls keep going like that! The more excited you get, the more excited you get me! Ohhhh, this is great! All these tits for myself!"

Tammy rolled about, thrusting and mashing her tits into his hands. She knew Madelyn was thrusting just as frantically. They'd give him more tit than he could handle! The girls twisted and rolled. Their hands caressed their asses. Their heads remained buried between soft thighs, sucking voluptuously at throbbing cunts. They tightened their thighs over each other's head. They shook and throbbed as Wade continued to devour their tits with his maddening hands.

The young brunette felt her passion mount to the breaking point. Her entire body was trembling and pulsing. She was afire in her cunt and in her tits. She sucked deeper on Madelyn's pussy, drawing the same sensuous spasms from the older girl. They pulsed and throbbed and quivered as their cunts became volcanos of delight.

"Ride it, you two!" Wade encouraged them. "Ride those cunts! Choke each other when your juice starts flowing. Yeahhhhh! Eat 'em, baby! Eat that stuff!"

He pulled his hands from their tits. His arms enveloped the girls. He held them tightly as they exploded into the final spasms of their delight. He caressed them as they loved each other to climax. He held them as their bodies were wracked with the powerful force of their orgasms. He fondled them as they finally subsided and reined in his arms. The doctor pulled them apart enough to drive his head between them. He turned his face from side to side, kissing and sucking joyously on both pairs of panting tits.

"Uhhh!" he gasped. "Uhhh! Beautiful! So beautiful!"

Tammy stroked his hair and lay quietly against him and stroked Madelyn's hair with her other hand. She moved a hand to Wade's chest and petted his nipples while she began cupping the still swollen breasts of the buxom blonde. Wade sat between them. His hands began to roam over the satin bodies on either side of him. Tammy watched his rigid cock wave in front of him. The huge instrument moved with his motion in caressing them. It's great knob still glowed from his earlier exertions. It throbbed even more red as the lust began to pound through it once more. The brunette smiled. Dr. Winship was ready for some more action. This time little Tammy would not be standing in the doorway watching. She was going to be in the middle of this fuck!

The girl turned onto her back and opened her arms and legs to receive him. Wade rolled across her and she reached for his cock and held it firmly, gliding the skin back and forth along the well-lubricated shaft. Wade pulled her tits forward in his hands and held her nipples against the hard knobs on his chest. Her breasts tingled at his touch. Her nipples tingled as the soft hairs of his chest teased them. The flip of his nipples across hers sent electrifying shock through her tits. Wade pressed her tits together to make a deep cleavage. He licked his lips in anticipation as he looked down at them. He waited another moment, enjoying the luscious view, then plunged his face into the swollen mounds. He rubbed his cheeks against each pulsating tit then began kissing them frantically. He sucked on her nipples and worked the breasts into unbelievable excitement.

"You two don't think you're going to leave me out of this, do you?" Madelyn joined them, her hands stroking over the young brunette's body. "I'm not about to lay there and watch you two have fun without me."

"Let me have your pussy," Tammy suggested. "Let me suck your cunt while Wade fucks me."

The blonde sat over the girl's face, bringing her pussy over Tammy's mouth. The girl sucked the sweet cunt, tasting the even richer juices that were there. She licked the soft, velvety pussy and sent her tongue inside to tease abut the cunt. As Madelyn began to pulse over her, Tammy sucked her strongly. She sucked violently, then blew into her cunt. Madelyn jumped in excitement and clamped her legs tightly around the younger woman's face. She squirmed her cunt down over the brunette's mouth with more force, twisting about to increase the play between pussy and sucking lips.

Wade had moved his face down to the girl's cunt, pushing his face between her thighs and clamping his mouth over her burning cunt. He bathed his tongue in the juices his wife had already sucked into her pussy, then flicked maddeningly over the girl's cunt. Tammy tightened her legs about him and rocked him against her with the same slow, sensuous tempo that Madelyn used to squirm her cunt down on the brunette's mouth. Wade placed his arms about Tammy's thighs, his hands teasing and taunting her buttocks until the girl was half-insane from his torment. She gasped into Madelyn's pussy as his finger pressed into her bum.

"Mmmm," she moaned up into Madelyn's cunt. "Oooooo!" She writhed about as he pushed his finger deeper inside her ass.

"Listen to her!" Madelyn called from above her. "You've, got her panting, Wade! Keep working on her! Ohhh, what she is doing to my pussy! Ooooeeee!"

Tammy hunched her pussy against his lips. Her body shook frantically as her passion soared through it. She squeezed his head between her thighs and rolled about the satin sheets in delirious rapture. She was floating in a satin mist, he had her worked into such a state of exaltation. He finger fucked deeper into her ass while he sucked her into deeper ecstasy.

Wade Winship sensed the approach of the girl's orgasm. He felt the deep throbs that shook her cunt. There was a new tautness to her skin, a greater swelling in her tits. Her ass contracted in a frenzy about his finger as he fucked her. Her pussy was a pulsing flowing mass of pleasure.

"Now to fuck this delicious piece of tail!" he gasped. "Ohhh, but my cock is aching to get in that cunt!"

He lifted his face from her pussy and moved up along her body. The swollen head of his prick came against her cunt lips. He rolled the knob against the pussy lips then shoved it inside her and let the pressure drive her cunt into spasms of ecstasy. He fucked her lightly, working the cunt until she was writhing insanely beneath him.

"Mmm," she gasped. "Ooooo!" She sucked harder on Madelyn, rapidly sucking and blowing into the flooding cunt above her.

Wade suddenly plunged his cock into Tammy. He buried the shaft deeply into her cunt. Tammy jumped as he seemed as though he wanted to drive the rod all the way through her. The doctor began pumping into the delicious body of the girl. He fucked her wildly, his mind reeling from the intense pleasure of her pulsing pussy.

Tammy reached upward and caught Madelyn's tits. She whirled the great breasts about in a circle, then crushed them against each other. Her body was pulsing and throbbing with a surge of lust. She didn't seem to be able to take the cock fast enough. She couldn't suck Madelyn deep enough. She couldn't get those wonderful tits completely enough. She panted and gasped beneath the young couple, her passion approaching its roaring climax.

"Ooooo!" Madelyn cried out in ecstasy. "Ooooo, I'm ready to explode. Fuck her, Wade! Fuck her as beautifully as she's sucking me! Oooo, I can't wait on you two much longer!"

Tammy felt the response that had seized her pussy. She felt the swelling of Madelyn's tits, the hardness of the nipples. Her pussy was spasming as it squirmed over the girl's mouth. Lush juices poured down onto the waiting tongue. Then Madelyn's contractions began to shake her. Tammy felt the orgasm shatter the beautiful pussy, tasted the sharpness of the blond's juices. She sucked harder, determined to draw the oils into her mouth as her own glowing pussy exploded.

"Mmmm!" she groaned. This was it! Damn, this was it! Her pussy glowed from the rampaging cock which kept thrusting through its depths. She contracted over the hot prick, shimmering with delight at its strong thrusts. She humped her cunt along the delicious shaft, sucking even more of its length into her. Her legs went up and around Wade. She hugged him with her thighs and rolled her ass beneath him as her climax stormed through her.

"Mmmm!" she moaned, panting wildly into Madelyn's pussy. Dazzling lights were flashing about her. Fire was exploding all over the room. The most marvelous new energy was being released inside her. She exploded in the tremendous thrill of the fuck.

Wade saw her enter her trembling orgasm. His cock was caught in the ecstatic squeeze of her cunt. His body shook and his prick sloshed through her pouring juices, her oozing oils. He rode her. He fucked the bucking girl while his own charge surged through his pecker. The cock tore at her with new rage. He fucked her roughly, powerfully, as his body shook with the release of his orgasm.

"Ohhhh!" the doctor gasped. "Ohhhh, what a fuck! What a beautiful fuck! Ohhh, damn, but this is fantastic! Ohhhh!"

The three of them shook frantically as they drained their bodies of passion. They all rode through the force of the three-way fuck before slowly calming and falling limply in a heap on the bed. They lay together, hands caressing bodies, no one sure who they were fondling.

Tammy closed her eyes and basked in the warmth of her contentment. This was sure the hell better than staying with Uncle Paul and Larry. Hell, these people knew how to fuck. They didn't make you fuck with them, but if you decided to join in, they'd sure the hell give you a good ride.

She vaguely recalled her encounter with Tom Cooper. She dozed off, imagining the fun of bringing the professor over some evening for a foursome.

Chapter TEN

Tom Cooper pulled his beautiful young student into his arms as they stepped inside his apartment. He held her close, trembling as the fullness of her tits mashed against him. Her thighs pressed against him, sending quivers of anticipation down his leg and up into his cock. Her hair glowed in the dim lighting. Her eyes sparkled eagerly as she lifted her lips to receive his kiss. He drew the soft warmth of them. He sucked against the delicate sweetness of her breath.

He was going to fuck Tammy! He had delayed long enough. He was going to take the luscious body she had been offering him since the first day she walked into his class. He was going to fuck her! He was going to kiss and suck those fantastic tits! He was going to lay between those soft, lovely legs! He was going to caress that crazy little ass! He was going to bury his pecker into her tender pussy and fuck her all night!

"Mmmm," Tammy purred against him. "Mmmm, I thought you'd never get around to bringing me here. I had almost decided you were a eunuch."

She returned to the kiss and welcomed the adoring presence of his tongue. His hands began to explore her body, cupping and caressing her tits. He pressed them until they were throbbing in delight, then ran his hand inside the low neckline and gathered a bare tit into his devouring palm. He squeezed the nipple lightly to send sparks of rippling pleasure through her tits.

"Damn!" he whispered. "How lovely you are!" Tammy closed herself over his swelling cock as it sent its heat through their clothing. She lay softly in his arms as he released the neck of her dress and let the filmy nylon drift sensuously down over her hips and legs. She held him lightly as he slipped her hose and panties down her legs. She stepped back from him, completely naked. She shivered beneath the adoring gaze of his eyes. She stood in trembling splendor as his hands moved about her tits and hips and ass. She let him feel her up while she removed his clothes.

"Oooo!" she sighed as she drew his shorts down and knelt before the cock which shot upwards on its release. "Oooo, what a beautiful piece of meat! I think I'm going to enjoy this in my pussy."

She kissed the bulging head of his cock. Her tongue licked about it, then she opened her lips and let it gently come inside her mouth. Tammy sucked him softly, fingering his balls to bring him to surging passion. She wanted him horny as hell tonight. She had been panting for this prick for months. She wanted to get him just as frantic to get it in her cunt. The brunette sucked him for several minutes, then released his cock and stood up before him. Her tits rubbed sensuously along his lean stomach and chest as she stood. She thrust her tits against him as he kicked off his shoes.

"You have a bedroom?" she asked in a whisper. "Or you planning to fuck me here on the hall floor?"

Tom held the bundle of loveliness in his arms. He had resisted her invitation for too long, far too long. He had been too long in finally giving in to the attraction of those luscious tits, that taunting ass, those gorgeous legs.

He had admitted that earlier in the week. He was standing at his window, watching Tammy walk across the campus. He watched the way her skirt whipped about her lovely legs, giving an occasional display of flashing thigh. He watched the provocative swing of her ass, the jaunty toss of her dark hair. He saw the proud thrust of those tits against her sweater. He watched her and remembered how it felt each morning when she leaned those tits against his arm. He swallowed the horny lump that sprang into his throat.

Tom had heard about Tammy moving in with Wade and Madelyn Winship. He watched her now, not happy to know that she was living with those open swingers. She was too young for such an environment. She was too soft, too gentle, too innocent to be thrown in with such a fast crowd. The professor didn't expect to ever find a virgin on the campus, but the Winships were more than the most swinging student could be expected to handle. Dr. Cooper had attended one of their parties. He had been shocked at the open invitations of the women. Madelyn Winship had walked up to him and asked him tight out to take her to the bedroom. Tom didn't want that lovely little brunette to be ruined by that sensual couple.

He watched the beautiful flow of her body as Tammy skipped up the steps of the academic building. The thought of such loveliness being passed around at one of those parties made him angry. He stormed about his office that afternoon, unable to concentrate on his students as they came in for conferences.

Then Tammy had knocked on his door. He had gone over her research, his mind whirling from the nearness of that body. When they finally embraced he was ready to fuck her right there on his desk. He had fought back the temptation and sent her out while he brought himself back under control. He had needed time to think. He needed a chance to get some perspective. When he saw her in the library one night, however, all his resolve was lost. He had walked right over and asked her for a date.

They had gone out to a small restaurant on the river. Tammy was spectacular in her filmy nylon dress. It looked more like a sexy nightgown than a dress. Her tits poured through the delicate peach colored dress. Her hair sparkled in the candlelight. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She had always looked gorgeous in class. Tonight she looked infinitely more lovely. After dinner they danced on the terrace. Tom held the soft, young Goddess in his arms and inhaled the delicate scent of her perfume. Her tits rubbed gently against him. Her legs brushed his thighs. He struggled once more to keep his raging cock under control. Damn! She was the most fuckable girl he'd ever been with.

"Mmmm," she sighed as the small combo began playing a slow, dreamy number. "I've always liked that one."

She nestled against him, thrilling him with her softness. Her leg moved between his, her thigh rubbing against his groin. The young professor knew she could feel his swollen cock through her thin dress.

They swayed together in a darkened corner of the terrace. Suddenly he was kissing her. He kissed her angrily! He kissed her as though he wanted to scold her for moving in with the Winships. He held her in a maddened embrace, his cock throbbing against her, his leg pressing against her pussy.

Tammy had no way of knowing why he was going after her so roughly. She had no way of comprehending the anger that mingled into his desire, nor did she care to comprehend. It was enough that he wanted her this badly. It was enough that he was holding her this way, his body throbbing against her, his desire so beautifully apparent. She wanted to enjoy his swollen cock, the passionate kiss, the grasping hands, not analyze them.

She yielded completely to his embrace. Her brain whirled dizzily from the suddenness of his assault. Her mouth opened happily to his tongue. Her body melted into his. She twisted about to increase the pleasure of his caressing hands. The brunette clasped her arms about his neck and hung on to him as her legs seemed to give way before his ardor.

Tammy's tongue met Tom's. She sucked his tongue and twisted herself lasciviously against him. She taunted his pulsing cock and rubbed her tits against his hand and chest. She lifted her thigh further and pressed it firmly into his balls and prick.

"Mmmmm," she sighed. "Ooooo! So long! You took so long!"

"I want you," he whispered. He kissed her shimmering hair. "I want to fuck you."

Tammy smiled mistily up at him. She nodded slowly. He was hers, now. He wanted her just as badly as she had been wanting him. She smiled at him and nodded again.

"I want you to," she admitted. "I've been hoping you would. Oh, Tom, I want you to take me down and fuck me and fuck me and fuck me!"

Now that he had her in his apartment, the young teacher looked possessively down at the luscious girl who waited to be taken to his bedroom. He lifted her in his arms, burying his face into her tits as she turned to let them press lushly about his face. He carried his beautiful package of pussy into his bedroom and laid her gently on his bed. Her hair cascaded down over one shoulder as she lay waiting for him. Her tits heaved excitedly. Her legs curved deliciously before him. Her eyes sparkled with the promise of a night of fucking.

Tom stared a moment at the beautiful girl. What a hell of a piece of pussy! What unbelievable lovely tail! He was going to fuck her! She had been available from the moment she stepped into his class room. He had been almost afraid of her. She was too beautiful. He could get himself involved totally with a girl this lovely. Right now, though, none of that mattered. He was going to fuck Tammy. His cock was about to plunge into that precious little pussy. He smiled down at her glowing skin. He watched the soft movement of her tits, the dainty pink nipples sparkling before him. He moistened his lips as he looked at the dark hair about her pussy. He had waited too long, far too long. He should have tried out this girl long ago. He was about to correct that error.

"Come on," she urged. "Let me feel that prick in my hands. Let me feel it in my pussy."

He sat beside her and reached for her tits. The firm flesh rolled softly between his fingers. He cupped the globes. He pushed them outward and thumbed the nipples. He pressed them together to make a luscious cleavage. Tom leaned down and kissed her breasts. His lips moved over them and onto the nipples. He sucked lightly, then more passionately. He twisted his mouth over the compliant skin and ran his hand along her silken thigh. He caressed her as she trembled at his approach to her cunt.

"Mmmmm," she murmured as he taunted her pussy. "Mmmm, you sure know how to turn me on. Oooo, I'm glowing all over."

He kept teasing her, feeling the trembling that spread through her body. His hand came up her thigh, just brushing her cunt, then went back down her leg. He kept up his play around her pussy while he sucked more intently at her tits. The nipples were hard now. Her breasts were swollen with desire for him. The girl gasped and twisted about the bed as he worked her to a frenzy of desire for him.

"Ooooo," she sighed deeply as she reached for his swaying pecker. "Ooooo, look what I found. You keep teasing me, I'll tease right back."

Her fingers closed about his prick. He shuddered as she caressed it lightly, lovingly. Tammy slowly drew the skin back along the shaft, her fingers delighted at its hardness. She taunted the pulsing head, running a finger about the red tip. She rubbed lightly around the cock head, then pumped the skin once more. As she taunted his cock, Tammy watched the expression on Tom's face. So he thought he could do all the teasing! His face showed that she was driving him into a complete frenzy with his cock play. She would show him. They would see who could get the other to the highest peak of shuddering desire.

Tammy twisted her body luxuriously before him. Tammy tightened her muscles and revolved her tits against his face and mouth. She slowly drew her leg alongside his teasing hand as she continued her taunting play with his cock. She fingered his balls until he was scarcely able to even breath. She caressed them softly, pulling at them sweetly. She caught the balls in a full embrace and smiled at the shudders that ripped through his body.

"Ohhhh, baby!" he gasped. "I never dreamed you could arouse a man so completely. Damn! Ohhh, what a little prize I've found. You're not just the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You're also the sexiest!"

Tammy reached between his legs and caressed his ass. She ran a finger along the crack and teased over his bum. The girl watched the intensity of lust tat spread over his face. He was perspiring freely from her torment. The brunette shivered as he began sucking her tits with wilder fury. His cock seemed to grow warmer. She smiled softly at him and increased her delicious play.

"Is it getting hard yet!" she asked him. "Is your pecker getting hard enough to try out a little pussy?"

His body was aflame. This was one hell of a woman! He had never been so ignited before. He had never had a woman do all this to him. These were the most vibrant tits he'd ever sucked. These were the most silken thighs he'd ever stoked. No one had ever treated his prick like this. His balls tingled. His ass throbbed from her taunts. His cock kept stretching wildly as she worked it to insanity. Tom raised his head and looked at the girl. She was glowing with passion. Her hair flailed across the sheets. Her lips were parted slightly, moving sensuously and invitingly. Her eyes were half closed from the intensity of her play. She was the most beautiful girl he could imagine. She was ten times more beautiful when her body was aroused for a fuck. Damn! This was going to be one hell of a fuck! This would be one hell of a night!

"Uhhhh!" he groaned as she pumped his cock more roughly. "Ohhhh, baby, how you turn me on!"

This was a fuck he had to have. He had to fuck this gorgeous piece of tail. He looked down at her pussy. Moisture glistened in her cunt hair. The tender skin of her thighs offered her invitation. The light trembling of the cunt lips drove his desire to a new peak. He had to sink his cock into that sweet pussy. He had to feel that luscious cunt close over his swollen pecker. He had to roll about between those soft thighs.

"I hope you are ready, Tammy," he croaked hoarsely. "You'd better be, because I've got to start fucking you or I'll go mad."

She smiled quickly. Her face exploded into a broad, happy smile. Tammy moistened her lips. Her tongue ran over them, tempting him for just a moment to ram his prick into her mouth instead.

"So fuck me," she answered him. "I've been ready. Oooo, have I been ready! I want to ride that beautiful cock all night!"

He slipped his finger into her cunt and pressed her cunt. He felt her pussy up for a minute. She was already soaking inside. Her fluids sloshed about his finger as he pumped it into her. He brought his finger back and caressed her cunt lips a moment, ten mounted her.

"Ooooo, yessss!" Tammy whispered as she felt his cock press against her cunt. "Ooooo, drive it in me, Tom! Fuck me!"

She felt her pussy open to his big pecker. Her cunt swallowed the giant shaft as he drove it into her. She opened her lips as Tom began kissing her. Their tongues caressed as she drew the cock deeper into her cunt. The professor pumped his prick into the luxurious sheath of her cunt. His hands groped about her ass and her tits. He claimed her for himself. He devoured her curves in great passionate caresses. Her pussy sucked on the driving cock. Her pussy closed in soft spasms about the luscious shaft. She humped herself toward him, riding the surging prick in delight.

"Ooooo!" Tammy gasped. "Mmmmm! That's the way I like it! Ooooo, let it go, Tom! Fuck me!"

He balled her slowly and deliberately. The heat rose rapidly through his prick. His lust was approaching a fever pitch throughout his body. He kept his thrust slow, but strong and demanding.

Tom fucked her as though he wanted to savor her pussy. His cock strummed over every nerve in her cunt. He continued his steady, firm thrusting as she writhed beneath him, her body throbbing with mounting pleasure.

"I'm not going to rush this," he said. "I've waited too long to bury my cock in your pussy. I want to take it slow and easy. I want to make this fuck last as long as possible. Then we'll rest a minute and start all over."

"Oooo!" Tammy moaned. "Mmmm, I can't wait! Oooo, you have me burning all inside!"

His cock rubbed against her cunt each time he drew it back. She shuddered with each thrust. He drew back, then drove the long shaft even deeper on the next thrust. He buried himself up to his hairs in her pussy, both of them beginning to shake wildly with the thrills that shimmered between them. Over and over he drove into her. Again and again the brunette gasped with pleasure. His cock kept heating up inside her. It felt harder and harder as it plunged through the trembling brunette.

Tammy began to approach her climax. Her cunt walls vibrated frantically from the movements of his cock. Her tits heaved deliciously against him. Her ass jerked in delirious happiness from his caresses. The girl ached to have him increase his pace. She wanted to be fucked more violently. Enough of this tenderness! She wanted to be taken! She wanted to feel a roaring cock inside her! She tossed frantically on the bed, her body pulsing with passion.

"Harder!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder! Give it to me! Make me feel it, Tom! Ride me with that cock!"

He increased the tempo of his thrusts. The delicate body under him panted and writhed with the frenzied fuck he began administering.

"Ooooo!" she moaned. "Oooo, I'm coming! I'm there! Oooo, it feels marvelous! Oooo, what a delicious cock!"

He had been waiting for this moment. All night, all week he had been dreaming of the moment when she erupted beneath him. Her body began to throb with her orgasm. Her pussy slurped over his raging prick. Tom drove into her violently. His big cock lunged madly at her. He tore at her screaming pussy. His balls slapped against her ass as he balled madly at her sweet cunt. His lust erupted in concert with hers.

"Ooooo, that feels good!" she shuddered. "Fuck me, darling! Fuck me! Oooo, I'm going crazy, it feels so good!"

"You've been begging for this," he grunted. "So here it is, sweetheart. Here's that wad you've been asking for!"

His cock exploded into the midst of her orgasm. His prick ripped through her, shooting its hot load into her steaming cunt. They rolled and twisted, trying to touch every inch of the other's body, trying to drain every drop of their own passion. Tom fucked harder than he'd ever fucked a girl before. He emptied more cum than he'd ever have believed he could hold. Even as his passion subsided, he could still feel his prick spewing its semen into the beautiful girl.

Finally he collapsed, exhausted, on top of her. He kept his prick inside her, feeling the loving contractions of her pussy about it. Her tits seemed more full and luscious than ever. Her skin seemed softer more like satin than ever. He smelled her perfume as it mixed with the combined odors of their orgasm. Tom lay on top of the girl, finally rolling to the side without removing his cock from her luxurious pussy. She was one hell of a woman. She was one hell of a fuck!

He caressed her gently as she ray smiling at him. He let her nestle against him while he waited for his prick to stiffen for another fuck. He wasn't ready to take this little beauty home. He didn't know if he ever wanted to take her home. This was better pussy than he had ever dreamed existed.

Chapter ELEVEN

"Oooooeeee!" Tammy cried as he buried his long, lean pecker into her pussy. "Oooo, let's fuck! Fuck me!"

The balding man above her drove his rod into her with rapid strokes. He wagged his ass to increase the friction between his prick and her cunt. Tammy shivered at the delicious tingles that ran through her body. She hunched herself against his prick and thrust her tits lusciously against his slender chest.

"Gee, you're a little doll!" he muttered. "Wade and Madelyn told me how beautiful you were, but I couldn't believe any girl could look that good, not until I saw you tonight. Damn if they weren't telling the truth."

His cock kept working at her pussy, driving it into shuddering pleasure with the depths of his fuck. What he lacked in heft, he certainly made up for in length. He had the longest cock the girl had ever seen. She lay beneath him and twisted her body delightedly as he fucked her.

What a hell of a party! Now she knew what an orgy was. How she knew! She'd been fucking almost constantly for the last three hours.

Too bad that Tom was so upset about her staying with Wade and Madelyn. Her professor had been pleading with her to move in with him. He didn't insist that she marry him. He would like that, he admitted. It would make it easier with the college. He wanted her, though, even if only as his mistress. He assured her that it wouldn't get him in trouble with the college, not if they were quiet about it. Her mother would have been the problem, Tammy thought. She could stay with her uncle and let Uncle Paul and Larry fuck her every night. She could live here with the Winships and fuck all over the place with everyone who came along. Her mother would be aghast, though, if she moved in with a man who loved her deeply.

"Uhhhh!" Baldy panted as his passion surged inside him. "Uhhh! What great pussy! What a great little pussy! Uhhhh!"

His cock shuddered inside her. Tammy realized that her attention had wandered. Damn! She'd better get with it or he'd come before she had ever approached her own orgasm. The girl rolled about beneath him, feeling the delicious way his nipples played across her tits. She wrapped her legs about him and rode his plunging, thrusting cock.

"Mmmm," she sighed as her desire finally began to match his. "Mmmm, that's a nice, long piece of meat!"

Tammy knew she was the hit of the party. Every man there had wanted to be first to fuck her. They had told her in very clear language how they wanted to fuck her. They had told her in very clear language how they wanted to fuck her. Tammy laughed now as she recalled all the positions that were proposed to her. She had told them that she preferred a good old-fashioned fuck to most of their exotic variations. Maybe when she was older and used to such parties as this the variations would be appealing. Tonight, however, cocks were appealing to her without any of those elaborations.

"Yessss!" she gasped as his prick began to shudder inside her. Baldy was at his orgasm. Tammy held on to him as his body shook. She barely got to her climax before his hot cum spurted into her. She rolled with him as they thrashed over the bed in ecstasy. She held him as his slender body threatened to shake apart from the force of his passion.

"Go, baby!" she encouraged him. "Pour it to me! Ohhhh, fuck ale! Fuck me!"

He emptied his prick, then lay beside her, caressing her tits gently while she calmed her rapid breathing. Tammy sighed and stroked his cock as they lay back, preparing for the next round Madelyn had prepared for her guests. She could hear the noise downstairs as the party slowly reassembled from the assorted fucks.

"To hell with Madelyn and her games!" a deep voice boomed through the doorway. "I'm going to fuck this girl now. I've been waiting for a chance all night and I'm not ready to put it off any longer."

Tammy looked up to see the hulking figure that leered down at her curves. She struggled to remember his name. Jim, she thought he was called. Jim Warren, yes, that was it. She looked at the huge cock that rose in front of him as he walked toward the bed... The bald headed man who had just finished fucking her laughed and got up. He slapped the man on the shoulder as he passed him.

"She's sure sweet pussy," Baldy commented. "That's the sweetest young tail you ever got your pecker in."

Jim sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the girl against him. His huge hands lifted her easily as he stretched her body across the sheets. He lifted her over him and brought her down on his massive prick.

"I sometimes hurt little girls," he told her. "I'm a little too big and too active for most of them. I tell you what, we'll let you take the top for a while. That way there's less danger of my crushing you."

He eased the girl onto his prick. Tammy shivered in delight as the thick rod went into her pussy. He was as wide as Baldy had been slender. Her cunt tingled as his pecker stretched it wide. Her cunt glowed from the huge cock that so completely filled her. She smiled down at him and began to move herself along the heavy cock with growing enthusiasm.

"Mmmm," she sighed at him. "That's a hell of a hunk of meat. Ooooo, it feels like it's going to stretch me three sizes larger."

Jim reached up and began caressing her tits in small circles. He pulled the breasts out, then rolled them again. He pressed over them deliciously. He was the first man she'd ever known whose hands were so large that they covered one of her tits completely. He pinched a nipple in each palm, sending glowing sparks running through her tits. Tammy arched her back enough to thrust the tits brazenly against his caresses.

"God!" he exclaimed. "God, you're gorgeous. I never saw such tits. I've never had my cock in such a great little pussy."

"Oooo, yes!" she gasped as he drove his prick upward. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Jim! Fuck me with that great big old pecker!"

One of his hands left her tits and came back to stroke over her ass. His touch was warm and exciting as he fingered over each glowing buttock. Tammy shuddered in pleasure as he fingered along her crack. She bounced on him, letting her pussy slip further down on the throbbing prick. He was one hell of a piece of meat! She felt the pulsing strength of his cock all through her as he kept lunging up off the bed and thrusting his cock deeper into her pussy.

The girl began to throb as passion soared through her. She wriggled her ass beneath his hand, sending shimmering pleasure through her pussy as she rubbed it over the giant cock. Jim's eyes glowed up at her. His nostrils flared with passion. His breathing became quite rapid. Tammy leaned down toward him and let him draw her tits toward his face. He leaned to meet her and began to suck frantically about the pulsing, throbbing tits.

"Oooo," she shrieked. "Ooooeeee! You've got me turned on now! Oooo, you're driving me into fits!"

"You're unbelievable!" he gasped between sucks. "You're absolutely unbelievable. I knew you were built like hell, but I never dreamed you were even better in the sack. Damn! What a delicious pussy! Ohhhh, damn! Damn!"

His mammoth body shook beneath her. The man was rolling form side to side as he fucked her. His hands roved about her in a frenzy. His cock thrust upward with greater lust. Tammy rode the lunging cock in ecstasy. She tossed her head in the air, lost in the sublime pleasure of the fuck. She wagged her head from side to side, letting her dark hair flow wildly about. She bounced on his prick, her body shaking as though it would tear apart from the powerful desires rising inside her.

"Fuck me, Jim!" she whispered anxiously. "Oooo, I'm ready! I'm ready for you to fill me! Ooooo!"

He came up after her. His body seemed to leap up from the bed. The wide, thick cock roared at her cunt as he fucked angrily at her. He came up and turned her beneath him. She lay gasping and submissive as his huge body rolled on top of her. He held himself on his knees between her legs and drove his cock roughly at her throbbing cunt.

"I'll get you!" he groaned. "I'll get that pussy! Ohhh! Ohhh! I'll fuck that pussy until I've worn it out!"

He went after her as no man had fucked her before. The girl lay shaking beneath him as his mammoth cock drove at her, plunged through her, shook her violently with each lunge. Tammy lifted her body so she could get her tits against his chest. She rolled the heaving breasts against him. She wrapped her legs about his and rolled him slowly about the bed. She was burning inside. She was aflame with the roaring passion he had aroused in her. She had to feel his orgasm. She gasped and panted, praying for him to hurry and get to the point where he could no longer hold back the hot juice.

"Yesssss!" she hissed. "Fuck me! Let it go! Fuck me! Mmmm! I'm ready to come! Oooo!"

Jim shook wilder than ever at her urging. His cock quivered inside her. His body pulsed over her. He seemed to pause for a split second. Then he erupted in the most frantic movements she had ever experienced. She gasped at the power of his cock which suddenly blew its load into her. Her pussy erupted into an answering orgasm as the hot semen splashed through her.

"Uhhh!" he grunted in the agony of his orgasm. "Uhhhh! Uhhh!"

"That's the way!" she cheered him. "Ooooeeee, I can feel it all the way through me! Oooo, Jim it's delicious!"

Her pussy quaked in passion as they fucked through the wild orgasm. They twisted and writhed. They rolled and bounced. They fucked harder and wilder until they drained the last ounce of passion from their bodies. They kept fucking, only gradually allowing themselves to slow to a soft, hazy motion.

"Damn!" Jim muttered. "It was all he had strength enough to say." The huge man fell heavily beside the girl. Tammy caressed his limp body and kissed along his shoulders. What a fuck he had given her. What a piece of meat she had taken!

She finally left Jim alone in the bed and walked back to the stairs. Tammy decided to check on the party downstairs. The loud laughter that came up from below intrigued her. She almost made it to the steps. She was walking past one of the bedrooms when two men suddenly came out and blocked her way.

"No need to go down stairs yet," one of them suggested. "We can have our own party up here."

"Long as we have pussy this pretty, we don't need any other cunts," the companion agreed.

Tammy looked at the two. She couldn't recall having seen them before. She frowned, trying to recall them in the earlier hours of the party. She looked from one to the other, from the shorter, paunchy, dark-haired man to the slender blond.

"Hey, come on in here," the blond repeated as she tried to shoulder past them. "The fun time is going to be where you are."

He laughed and grabbed her ass. He pulled her through the door while his companion pulled her by the other ass. Tammy started to scream. She didn't like this approach. All the other men had been gentle with her.

Tammy tried to remember if Madelyn had said anything about girls having the right to refuse the attentions of any of the men. Madelyn hadn't mentioned that. Maybe it had never come up.

"On the bed with her," the blond urged his friend. "No need to waste time, not when you have pussy like this available."

They took her to the bed together. They pulled her onto the rumpled sheets and joined her in a rolling wrestle. Their hands were all over her. They grabbed at tits and pussy while they rubbed their erect cocks against her. Finally the shorter man got himself beneath her and pulled her face up to his cock. He held her head in his two hands and pulled it toward the angry-looking prick.

"There it is, baby!" he laughed. "Suck me, sweetie. Give me a good blow-job."

The girl felt the other man come up behind her. He shoved his cock between her legs as he came against her ass and reached beneath her to fill his hands with her tits. He shook his cock up against her pussy as she felt the short man's prick at her lips.

"Let's go, baby!" the blond called to her. "Start sucking him. You get Shorty all charged up by sucking him and I'll treat you right from behind." He laughed lewdly and pumped his cock up against her cunt lips while he pulled at her tits frantically.

She let the cock part her lips and slip into her mouth. Tammy tongued the stubby prick and began to suck on it. She didn't want to do this. She thought she'd let them all know that she only wanted a straight-out, old-fashioned fuck. They were insistent, though. She didn't see how she could easily get out of this. She sucked slowly on the throbbing pecker, then alternated with a few good blows. The short man jerked from her treatment and gasped beneath her.

"That's a good girl! That's the way to give a blow job! Yeahhhh! Come on, baby! Suck me harder!"

He kept hold of her hair, holding her face helpless before the lunging cock. Tammy realized that he wasn't large enough to threaten her throat. She wouldn't choke on this cock. That was one consolation. The girl shrugged her shoulders in resignation. She would give him his blow, then get the hell away from the two men. She sucked on the quivering prick while the man behind her dropped one hand from her tits and began to probe into her pussy. His cock lunged hot against her cunt. He rubbed against her ass as he toyed with her tits and finger-fucked her pussy.

"Yes!" he grunted. "I'm going to try out this piece of tail. Never saw an ass I wanted as much in my life. Ohhh, damn, what a piece of meat she swings!"

His cock seemed to be as hot as the one in her mouth. The brunette could feel it shudder against her, its head bouncing up against her while he fingered her cunt into delirious spasms of desire. She didn't like these men at all. In fact they were almost repulsive in appearance. Their manners were just not in the class with the other men she had fucked tonight. She still didn't think she had seen them before.

"Stop day-dreaming on me," the blonde demanded. "Don't lay there and go to sleep. You haven't even started with me, yet."

He forced her back into concentration on the two cocks that were pulsing about her. Tammy sucked harder on the short man's prick and reached beneath it to play with his balls. She'd give them what they wanted. She'd have to. She'd get them both to quick orgasm, then get away from them. She did want to speak to Madelyn about them. She didn't want to be exposed to men like this at the next party.

"Ohhhh!" Shorty moaned. "Ohhhh, she's giving me fits! Damn! She's got my pecker going crazy!"

"I'd better get busy then," the other man observed. "I don't want to be left standing here with my cock out in the air while you get yours."

He worked his finger more frantically in her pussy, then caught her hips in both his hands. He held her firmly and suddenly brought his cock into her asshole. Tammy tried to scream but Shorty held her mouth over his rampaging cock. She shuddered as the taller man rammed into her ass.

He applied intense pressure and forced an entrance in the aching bum hole. The cock felt like a fence pole in there. The girl gasped, almost choking on the prick in her mouth as the other cock rammed on up into her ass.

"Make it!" the man chortled from behind her. "Now I've got her. I've got my cock buried in that sweet little tail. Get your prick moving, Shorty. You fill her throat and I'll take care of her ass."

They both laughed. They both began lunging their cocks at the helpless girl. Tammy twisted about in an attempt to get free of the men. They held her firmly, though. They held her captive to their lust and balled away at her. She sucked at the shorter man's prick as he came up off the bed in his attempts to thrust the cock into her throat. She sucked and blew, forcing him to greater and greater frenzy. She felt his cock shudder insanely in her mouth, clearly on the verge of orgasm. The other cock rammed more viciously into her ass. The girl ached and throbbed from the way he was stretching her open. He never paused in his lunges, driving the cock to its hilt into her.

"Look at her go!" he cried out in delight. "Look at this girl ride!"

Tammy sucked the exploding prick that emptied its cum into her mouth. She swallowed the stuff quickly, then sucked the rest of his dripping wad. The other prick shuddered and began to shoot its load into her ass.

"Uhhh!" he gasped behind her. "Uhhh! Uhhh!" He emptied himself into her as he stood with the delicious sensation of his orgasm. Tammy took all both men had to give her, then felt them slowing their violent assaults on her body. Their grips on her head and on her ass relaxed. She let them fall back, both pricks slipping out of their respective holes. The men sprawled limply beside her as she got up from the bed.

"Hey, baby," Shorty smiled to her as she reached the door. "Send us another pussy. It doesn't have to be as pretty as yours. Any old pussy will do. You pick up out one, huh?"

The girl shuddered and left the room. No, these men were not part of the party. She didn't know where they had come from, but they sure as hell didn't belong here.

Chapter TWELVE

Bart Williams followed Tammy as she led him up the stairs. He would get to fuck Tammy again. This time he was going to fuck her in her own bed. This would beat the hell out of groping for her in the cramped seat of a car. This time he could really get a good piece of her pussy. There would be no feat of her uncle coming out to catch them. There would be no fear of cops driving by and shining a spotlight in on them. They could fuck as long as they wanted without fear of interruption.

Tammy led him into her bedroom. She slipped quickly out of her jeans and sweatshirt. She hopped on the bed and crooked her finger at him in invitation. The brunette was enjoying the Winship's weekend away from home. She was sure enjoying it more than the orgy of the previous week.

She watched her stud removed his clothes. She smiled at the cock that reared its reddened head in excitement. This was her kind of fucking selecting the man yourself. A grab-bag fuck might be all right for broads who had trouble getting whatever men they wanted. But that wasn't Tammy's problem.

Bart climbed into the bed and began to caress Tammy's glowing body. Tammy murmured softly and reached for his cock. She let him quickly into her pussy. As soon as his finger had gotten her lubricated, she pulled the pecker to her cunt lips and let him drive it into her.

Yes, she knew. This was better than an orgy, especially an orgy that everyone in town knew about. That could have been her uncle or her cousin who had crashed. She shuddered at the possibility that her uncle might have brought her mother along to show her what sort of home she had entered. She'd do her fucking one-on-one after this.

"Ooooo!" she gasped as Bart drove his cock into her with ecstatic vigor. "Oooo, that's beautiful, Bart! That's the way I like to be fucked!"

He caught her tits in one hand, her ass in the other. He caressed her smoothly as he balled away. Her nipples hardened beneath his fingers. Her tits swelled out lusciously. She felt the rippling of pleasure through her pussy. Tammy wrapped her legs around the young man and hunched against the roaring prick. Her pussy sucked at the meat, glorying in his shuddering excitement.

"Ahhh!" he gasped. "Ohhhh, what sweet tail! What a beautiful little pussy!"

The boy had no suspicion that Tammy had been giving her pussy around so openly. He was convinced that she only fucked special boys. Beginning today he would be right. She was saving her pussy for only the men she liked. She had several boys from the college that she planned to invite over this weekend. She had two or three of the younger faculty members she wanted to fuck. She had already spent the morning with the young druggist who worked in the same building as Wade Winship.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "Oooo, drive it in me, Bart! Fuck me, baby! Mmmm!"

His cock shuddered as it plunged deeper into her soaking cunt. The boy could feel the muscles of her pussy grabbing at his meat on each prolonged thrust. He bent his body and began kissing her voluptuous tits. He kissed them and sucked the tender nipples until they tingled at the touch of his lips.

"Mmmm," she kept puffing and moaning. "Ooooeeee! Ride my pussy! Ride me! Ooooo keep fucking like that!"

Her climax came surging through her. She trembled violently as the orgasm took possession of her young body. She shuddered as his cock joined in the frantic approach. They embraced tightly, their bodies pounding insanely, while they came closer and closer to the moment of sexual rapture.

"Uhhh!" he gasped. "Uhhhh! Gotta fuck that pussy! Gotta fill that pussy!"

"Right on!" she gasped, panting in pure pleasure. "Fuck me! Empty that beautiful cock in me! Ohhhh, drive it in me, baby! Mmmm!"

It felt so warm and beautiful inside, her. Her pussy was glowing in sensuous fulfillment. The room was beginning to whirl about them. Tammy clasped him tighter to her body as she felt the lights blazing and spinning around them. She closed her eyes and lay back, caught up in the fantastic explosion of her body. Her orgasm swept through her just as she felt the hot cum spurt out of his raging cock.

"Aaaahhh!" she gasped as he emptied his pecker into her. "Oooo, what a sweet, warm cock! Mmmm!"

They tossed a few more minutes, emptying their passion over one another. Then they lay quietly together, basking in the glow of subsiding desire. They would fuck again. Tammy had no doubt of that. They would fuck again as soon as they rested.

He might be a problem to handle in the future. Bart might think that she would be available whenever he liked. That wouldn't be so. That was why she had refused to move in with Tom Cooper. Tammy didn't want anyone to take her for granted. She didn't want anyone to feel they could fuck just because they felt like it.

She had to be in control of her own life. She wouldn't put up with men like her uncle and cousin. She would not give Tom or Bart a chance to become like them. Fucking was something that she had to want, not something that she accepted as inevitable.

Since she wanted to fuck most of the time, why should anyone complain? She looked back at the boy beside her. His cock seemed so soft and limp as it lay relaxing. She could get it back in action, though. She'd have him ready in another few minutes.

That's how she wanted to live her life. She would fuck when she was willing, not because they felt like it. She lay back, her heart pounding in excitement at all the fucking ahead of her. She'd fuck whenever she felt like it. She knew her body would get her any one she selected. She had everything working her way. It was fantastic!


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