Turned on virgin

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

TURNED ON VIRGIN -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Chapter ONE

Pretty Cindy Simpson was secretly enjoying thrills in her sweet young cunt as she moved smoothly across the crowded, sun-drenched beach in her new bikini. At eighteen, she knew a lot of little tricks to give herself pleasure -- crossing her legs in school to squeeze her hot cunt-lips together, rubbing her pussy against table corners at every opportunity, horseback riding to pound her hot crotch against the saddle -- she'd learned them all as she blossomed into a saucy, sexy, thrill-seeking beauty.

And now, feeling warm and sensual and erotic, the same dainty steps across the hot sand that made her cute ass wiggle enticingly also made her firm white thighs squeeze and massage her moist young cunt.

Cindy could feel her pussy lips rubbing together, wetter now than they were only moments earlier, and another thrill shot through her belly. Stepping lightly across the sand, she heaved a sigh of regret because she couldn't slip a hand down into the black patch of cloth hiding her cunt, and grab that tingling pink clit that was so nice to toy with. The way she was feeling right now, she'd come on her fingers in a second if she could only get her hand on her cunt -- or someone else's hand.

Cindy knew very well what she wanted. It was the first day of summer vacation and she was footloose and fancy free. Her dad had run off with a nymphomaniacal waitress a year ago, so there were no paternal chains, around her neck. Her mother had left the house early this morning, all dolled up, and Cindy was sure her mother was getting fucked somewhere, so there was no maternal bond for Cindy to contend with.

Added to this was Cindy's own burgeoning sense of independence and love of pleasure. She'd always liked sex, but since she'd turned eighteen, something new was happening to her. Her tits were bigger, more sensitive. Her ass was fuller, richer, lovelier. Her pussy was like a hungry mouth craving food it hadn't yet had.

Sometimes these new feelings puzzled Cindy. Just this morning she had stood naked before her bedroom mirror, playing with her spiking pink nipples, fingering her sweet, blonde-haired pussy, purring softly with self-induced pleasure, wondering what this deep craving was all about.

She knew she wanted cock. There was no doubt in her young mind about that. The way her cunt was humping so feverishly on her fingers told her that. But as she stood there quivering and panting and fucking her fingers she sensed deeply that something was different today. Her hot thoughts about Tommy Richards and Al Summers and Phil Danton and a host of other nameless boys were pleasurable enough, but as she sank to her knees shaking violently and coming wetly, she knew in her heart that it wasn't a boy's prick that she needed. This new feeling in her belly, this deep void, this puzzling hunger -- it must mean she was ripe for her first man-cock.

Cindy left the beach area and walked through the parking lots, unmindful of the hot asphalt burning her feet as she pondered this weighty problem. She was lost in thought now, reflecting, wondering.

As Cindy was passing between two parked cars, worrying her lower lip, a door swung wide, blocking her path. A man reached out and, before Cindy could register what was happening to her, she was pulled inside the car across the man's lap, her ripe tits slamming down onto the seat beside him. The door slammed shut and she heard a deep voice bark, "Get going, God dammit!"

The next thing she knew the car was in motion, speeding up, and her heart was racing as fast as the engine. She twisted and saw two men in the front seat. "Oh," she gasped, stiffening on her captor's lap.

"Easy, baby," he said. His left hand had her pinned down. His right hand, big and hot, smoothed over her curvy ass, stroking round and round as he said, "Just relax. No fuss, no bother, and you won't get hurt. We're just going to have some fun. Understand?"

The firm cheeks of Cindy's ass trembled beneath the man's fondling fingers. "Y-yes," she stammered.

"Good," he said. "The driver there is Jake. That's Fred. And I'm Cliff. What's your name?"

"Cindy," she whispered breathlessly as his fingers dug between her thighs to rub up against the lips of her cunt.

A wave of forbidden excitement overwhelmed Cindy as the fingers explored the contours of her pussy. The man's cock, feeling monstrously large, came throbbing up under her to pulse hotly against her belly. She caught her breath as the man named Cliff boldly untied the little bows at her hips and peeled away the black triangle that covered her ass. The men went wild.

"Jesus!" Cliff blurted, and his hot hand smoothed over her naked warm flesh. His hard-on grew to a tremendous size.

"Wow, what an ass!" Fred exploded. And the driver, Jake, exclaimed, "Mmm, can't wait to get some of that."

"Keep your damned eyes on the road!" Cliff barked.

"Shit," the driver murmured.

"Don't worry," Cliff replied. "You'll get yours -- and plenty of it." His fingers slipped down over Cindy's juicy naked cunt and one finger eased up into her hole. "Won't he, baby?" he teased, prodding her cunt with his big finger.

Cindy tried to make some kind of reply, but her heart was in her throat and her tongue was glued to the roof of her mouth. All that came out was something between a groan and a moan. The men chuckled and Cliff gave her clit a little pinch.

"Good girl," he said, tweaking her clit. "Cooperate and you'll walk away a happy girl."

Cindy peered through her lashes at the man called Fred. He was kneeling on the front seat, staring hotly at Cliff's hand between Cindy's trembling thighs. They weren't trembling with fear. The fingers at her cunt were driving her crazy with desire, and her pussy began to squirm and grow wetter.

"Nice, huh, Fred?" Cliff chuckled, enjoying himself.

"Delicious," Fred replied. Then he asked, "Are you fucking her first?"

"You're damned right, I am. It was my idea, wasn't it?"

The driver glanced over his shoulder. "But I saw her first," he complained. "I pointed her out."

"Shut up and drive," Cliff laughed. He pushed Cindy's right leg from his knees and it fell heavily to the floor, exposing every inch of her cunt and ass to full view. Smiling lewdly, he worked the full length of his finger in and out of her squishy cunt-hole.

Fred grinned at Cindy. "Feels good, huh?"

Cindy lowered her lashes, afraid to answer, afraid she'd shame herself by saying what was on her mind -- that the feelings shooting through her at this moment were wonderful, wild, and delicious!

When she again peered up at him, Fred smiled and said kindly, "Just be nice and you'll be all right." Cindy swallowed nervously. He had a very nice smile for such a wicked man.

Cindy closed her eyes, as if to shut it all out, but just the opposite happened, because Cindy always closed her eyes when she played with herself -- it increased her pleasure. The ticklish sensations deep in her belly intensified. Her pink nipples were erect in her tight bikini. Her clit tinged. And, right then, a wave of excitement washed through her and she gasped, writhing beneath the man's ministrations to her cunt.

"Man, look at it move," Fred said hotly.

Cindy's ass was twisting. She tried to control this movement but it was no use. Her breathing was fast, her tits were hard, and her pussy was swollen with desire. She could feel the warm wetness within the hot walls of her cunt as Cliff's finger continued to slide teasingly in and out of her hole.

"Ohhhh," she moaned as she came. She pressed a tight fist to her mouth to stifle her moans as her whole body shook violently. She came as never before in her life. Her senses reeled. The men chuckled lewdly as she gasped and shook and quivered before their hot eyes. All her resistance flowed down with her pussy juice and, out of her mind with intoxicating sensations, she spread her pretty legs wide and humped his finger viciously.

It seemed ages before Cindy could get her breath again and she heard a voice, as if from a great distance, saying, "This kid is a sex kitten."

Then a big hand gripped her arm. "Come here, baby," a voice said. It was her captor, Cliff, aroused by her condition of heat and vulnerability. He pulled her around and had her kneel in front of him. Cindy knelt there dazed, her head still swimming. Cliff grinned wickedly at her and let his legs fall open, displaying the huge wet bulge in his pants. "You know what I want," he said thickly. "Get it out."

Cindy opened his pants and lifted put his prick erect, stiff, hot and wet. She caught her breath at the sight of it. It was throbbing at her, mesmerizing her, drawing her to it. Cliff chuckled. "Big, huh?" Cindy avoided his lewd gaze but his monstrous cock assaulted her vision. "Suck it," he said hotly.

Cindy hesitated, not because she was reluctant to eat him, but because the mere thought of having this marvelous cock in her mouth thrilled her out of her young wind. Girls dream about sucking cock; men want their cocks sucked -- now!

Mistaking Cindy's hesitation for opposition to his desires, Cliff grabbed her pretty head between his massive hands and pulled her mouth down onto his cock. Her warm, soft lips spread wide over the bulging head of it and, with Cliff's guiding help, her mouth started riding up and down on his raging prick. In just seconds, the girl in Cindy gave way to the maturing woman, and she started sucking his rigid, throbbing cock in such a way that Cliff fell back against the seat gasping with pleasure.

The erect, large-veined cock was getting increasingly stiffer and thicker with every suck of Cindy's young hot mouth. Her mouth responded in a way she'd only dreamed about. Her tits and cunt were vibrating and she knew she was hotter now than ever before in her young life. She knew what it all meant -- she was being made to want to suck this cock, made to need the cock in her warm sucking mouth. The realization was not an unpleasant one. Isn't this what she'd been craving all along?

Her body went lax and Cliff's hot eyes moved over this voluptuous young girl who was sucking his cock so eagerly. She apparently loved it, and this thought thrilled him. Cindy, too, had difficulty believing it was really happening at last. She had to remind herself every so often that this cock in her mouth was real, and that she was really and truly sucking it like a grown woman.

Cindy grasped his prick suddenly in a burst of flaming desire and held it tightly as she sucked. She slid her mouth up and down on it, tonguing it at the same time, licking and lapping and tickling and teasing as she sucked. She let the rigid cock ride up into her mouth and ram at her throat. She suddenly felt so very very good kneeling like this, her mouth filled to overflowing with this manly, stiff cock. Her excitement intensified when Cliff made a low animal noise and thrust his hips upward, his prick shafting demandingly into her wet, sucking mouth. She sucked harder, faster -- moaning softly, pleasantly. None of this was wasted on the audience behind her.

"Jesus!" Fred groaned, his eyes riveted to her squirming ass. She had lost her bikini bottom when Cliff had hauled her to her knees and now, as she sucked Cliff's cock so passionately, the motion made her sweet ass vibrate and wiggle invitingly.

Fred came over the seat like a shot, cock free and raging. He knelt behind Cindy, right behind her cute ass. Gripping her hips with his big hands, he turned her lower body to accommodate himself. Holding her smooth hips tightly, he inched forward and guided his throbbing cock into her hot, wet cunt. Cindy moaned as the great length of it came spearing into her hole. She gasped on Cliff's cock as Fred fucked her pussy dog-fashion.

Cindy was alive with new pleasure, overwhelmed by this thorough fucking. Each cock commanded her attention -- now this one bulging in her mouth, now that one ramming into her pussy. The sensation of being thoroughly ravished overcame her. Moaning loudly, she sucked ravenously on one cock and fucked hotly on the other, both her mouth and her pussy squirming and sucking and devouring.

Suddenly both men were grunting like hurt animals and both cocks were gushing great loads of hot come into her. Cindy gasped with passion, feeling like she was being fucked from cunt to mouth by one gigantic cock. She almost passed out from the combined force of her heat and passion -- and her excruciating orgasm. Her pussy was tingling, flooding, strangling Fred's prick as it pumped wads of come into her, and her mouth was soft and warmly sucking Cliff's cock as it spurted and squirted come down her throat.

When Fred eased his spent cock out of her cunt, Cindy shivered and slipped her mouth off of Cliff's prick. She leaned her head on her arms on the seat next to Cliff and gasped for a cool breath.

"Okay, Jake," she heard Cliff say. "Your turn."

The car stopped and Fred and lake exchanged places, Jake getting into the back seat looking consumed with lust. Immediately, Cindy knew their plan. They were going to take turns driving, keeping the car in constant motion so she couldn't escape or yell for help. Cindy burst into laughter, astounding her captors.

Her blue eyes twinkled impishly as she said, "You don't have to do this. I'm not going to run away or anything. Really."

The men looked from one to the other, amazed. Cliff acted as spokesman once again: "How come?" he asked suspiciously. "Don't tell us you like all this?"

"But, I do," Cindy said earnestly, blue eyes wide. "I mean, well... I've always had all the sex I ever needed, but I've never had all the sex I ever wanted."

"Is that so?" Jake chuckled, elbowing his way to her. "Well, you've come to the right place, honey." He turned to Fred behind the wheel. "You heard the girl. God dammit, find a place to park and let's have a ball!"

While Fred drove to a secluded spot, lake had his way with Cindy. He was very much interested in her tits. He had her lie down across the seat, her feet on Cliff's lap, toying with his cock and, kneeling on the floor, Jake pulled the bow out of her bikini top. The thrust of her tits parted the little triangles and Jake drew them away from each tit, his eyes dancing.

"Gorgeous," he said, and he started playing with them -- feeling them, squeezing them, and teasing her pink nipples into renewed hardness. He started sucking and licking them and his hand slipped down to her cunt, where he also did some playing, feeling, squeezing and teasing. In the front seat, Fred hummed a happy tune. In the back seat, Cliff sat watching Jake have fun with Cindy, as her small feet massaged his cock into new hardness.

The latter play didn't last long, because Jake's fingers at her cunt made Cindy spread her legs wide for him. When she thought her tits would burst with pleasure, she urged a nipple up into Jake's hot mouth and moaned softly.

When Jake could stand no more foreplay, when his body was wracked with lust, he jerked around and said, "Fred. The Vaseline."

"What?" Cindy gasped, wide-eyed.

Fred produced a small jar of the jelly from the glove compartment and passed it back to Jake who took it with a grin. Cindy stared at him, open-mouthed with wonder. "Roll over, kitten," Jake said lewdly.

Cindy swallowed audibly, but rolled over onto her tits, revealing the luscious contours of her cute young ass. "I've never had it this way," she said softly. She felt all shaky inside, like she felt the first time she had been fucked in the pussy.

"How old are you?" Jake asked, smearing the jelly between the cheeks of her tight ass.

"Eighteen," she said.

Jake eased his finger into her asshole and watched her face brighten with wonder. He chuckled and said, "Then it's about time you were fucked in this lovely ass."

Cindy caught her lower lip between her teeth and waited for the pain. But there was no pain, much to her surprise. She wondered if it was because of the warm, almost melted jelly or because of Jake's prick, which was narrower than either Cliff's or Fred's.

Once his prick was all the way up her ass, however, it felt huge! Cindy gasped as its thick head nudged her insides where no cock had ever fucked her before. But it moved easily in and out of her body and, as he breathed heavily above her ear, he fucked her ass hungrily, stabbing and plunging and driving. Then he reached around her hips and played with her clit and cunt, which was wide open and burning with hot wetness.

Before she knew it, Cindy was coming on Jake's fingers, and she was humping under him. She loved being fucked in the ass! She moaned constantly as he fucked her viciously. She came again and again on his fingers as her ass twisted and writhed. Jake's immense cock, buried completely in her hot asshole, pumped great gushes of hot come, giving Cindy such a warm feeling of delight that she came again, squealing hotly.

This delicious act of sex aroused the hell out of Cliff. He knelt on the floor and pulled Cindy's face across the seat to its edge. Taking advantage of her aroused condition, he pushed his wet cock into her mouth and had her suck it while Jake fucked her ass. Passionately, wantonly, she drew all of Cliff's prick into her mouth and sucked it so hard and fast that he let out a yell as his come splashed down her throat.

The car lurched to a halt and Cindy gazed around at her grinning, lewd admirers.

The three horny men were obviously pleased at the sight of her naked body and Cindy couldn't help smiling at them. How erotic they were! How hot! How lusty! They pulled her out of the car onto a blanket Fred had spread on the cool grass.

"Oh," she cooed. "What are you going to do to me now?" When Cliff started licking her tits and Fred started fingering her asshole and Jake started teasing her clit, Cindy writhed hotly and whimpered, "Ohh, wait, wait, please! I want you to fuck me. Really, I do. But I've got to be home by five o'clock."

The girl had reasserted herself in Cindy, shaming her. But the men found her naivete delightful. Cliff nibbled her pink nipple and said, "Don't worry, baby. We'll have you home on time." Turning to his pals, he added, "Come on, guys. Let's give Cindy a going-away present."

"What are you going to do?" Cindy asked as Cliff lay down beside her on his back.

"We're going to give you something to remember us by," he said.

He had Cindy straddle his hips and slip her cunt down onto his big pole. "Come here," he said, and drew her down onto his hairy chest, kissing her mouth hotly. She started fucking his rigid cock.

She was just getting into it when Fred started teasing her asshole. Then she realized he was lubricating it with juices from her wet cunt.

Fred knelt behind her and urged the thick head of his raging cock into her tight asshole. "Fred!" she cried. He lay over her so she was sandwiched between him and Cliff. Their huge cocks began rubbing and knocking together inside her belly as both stabbed and plunged into her trembling young body.

"Oh, oh, ohhh," she moaned, dizzy with crazy new sensations.

As they fucked her front and rear, Jake lay down on his side and pushed his randy cock into her hot, gasping mouth. And Cindy realized that this was her going-away present -- every hole filled and fucked at the same time!

Cindy almost swooned with ecstasy as the turgid cocks plunged into her ass and cunt and mouth and, in a fit of passion inspired by pleasure, she filled her small hand with Jake's big hot nuts and caressed them eagerly, happily, for the first time feeling free to play with a grown man's cock and balls.

Cindy's vise-grip cunt was riding hard on Cliff's rigid cock, stretched wide by it, slipping up and down on it rapidly and wetly. Her lovely young ass was squirming, her asshole like a choke-collar around Fred's ramming, driving prick. Cindy's senses reeled with the dizzying rhythm as each thrust of Fred's cock into her hot ass propelled her cunt downward onto Cliff's enormous, womb fucking prick. So each rectal thrill she received from Fred's cock up her wiggling ass was immediately followed by an equally mind-boggling thrill from Cliff's stiff rod as the head of it crashed against her womb.

Cindy was heady with erotic pleasure and that's what made her so affectionate toward Jake's cock in her mouth. Jake's cock symbolized all three for the young girl. It was the cock she could see and smell and feel and toward which she could express her gratitude. So she moaned on it and licked at it with her pink tongue and filled her hot mouth with it and sucked it passionately.

Cliff was groaning, Fred was grunting, and Jake was gasping. All of them were quivering with impending climax. Cindy could feel the vibrations of their cocks in her ass and cunt and mouth. Then they were gushing, pumping, spurting, and Cindy was sure her hot moans could be heard for miles as those fiery pricks emptied their loads into her open and receptive young body.

Fred spent first, shaking violently on Cindy's writhing body, and he rolled away gasping. Cliff's prick finished its savage spitting and the tightness of Cindy's still twisting cunt forced it out of her hot hole. She clung to Jake's cock, swallowing his great wads of hot come and then licking it dry, kissing it all over as if reluctant to part with it. In sheer self-defense, Jake eased his sensitized prick out of her sucking, loving mouth and drew away.

Cliff rolled Cindy's body onto the blanket and the three men stood up and watched her. Cindy lay on the blanket moaning, cupping and squeezing her haul ripe tits, teasing her spiking pink nipples. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling like a child enjoying a sweet dream. Her knees were up and spread wide. Soft white come mingled with her cunt-juices and came oozing from between her pretty pussy lips to dribble down her crotch and meet the gobs of come emerging from her asshole, all of which then dripped onto the blanket beneath her.

Cindy coiled on the blanket, feeling filled, complete, content. "Ohhh," she said, more to herself than to her lovers, "I never dreamed it could be so nice. I feel so, so... fucked! Ummm. Mmmm. Soooo gooooood!"

Her hands slipped down between her lovely thighs and her fingers smoothed over her wet curt lips. A fingertip touched her swollen pink clit and a charge of electricity shot through her body. She gasped, and her eyes fluttered open.

Her glazed blue eyes moved from Cliff to Fred to Jake and back again. A slow smile lifted the corners of her mouth. Her fingers spread her pussy lips apart and she exposed her moist red cunt-hole to their gaze.

"Thank you for fucking me like that," she said softly. Seeing their surprised looks, she added, "I mean it. Oh, if you only knew how I've been feeling lately. If you only knew what you've done to me. I can't thank you enough."

Cindy looked from limp prick to limp prick. A shudder ran through her body. Quivering with pleasure, the girl-woman lifted her ass up off the blanket, displaying her open cunt for the men and, working two naughty fingers into her gushy hole, she said, "You make me glad I have a cunt, that I'm a girl, that men want to fuck me. I'll never be afraid again." Her eyes softened. She licked her lips and added throatily, "Let's do it again."

"What?" Jake exclaimed. "You mean what we just did? You want the three of us to fuck you again?"

"Yes, yes!" Cindy squealed with abandoned delight.

Fred looked quizzical. "But I thought you said you had to be home soon."

Cindy giggled. "That was when I was a little girl. I'm not a little girl anymore. If my mother doesn't like the way I live, she can go fuck herself." She laughed again, tickled by her new-found freedom.

Then she crawled on all fours over to Cliff's cock and, sticking out her tongue, gave it delicious little licks.

"I'll suck each of you hard," she said. "Please. Let's do it again. I may never get it like this again. Please?"

The men began to smile and Cindy sighed with relief, licking at Cliff's stiffening cock. Cliff shoved it into her mouth. "Start sucking, baby," he said thickly.

Chapter TWO

Cindy awoke the next morning feeling like a new girl. She kicked the covers from her nude body, still glowing from the aftermath of yesterday's soul-searing triple-fuck, and her hands flew to her erogenous zones, one to her lifting young tits, the other to her moist twat. Her lovely legs spread in a magnificent V and her pussy eagerly opened to her invading fingers. Her ass began to squirm as she finger-fucked herself and daydreamed about Cliff, Fred and Jake, as well as the giant cocks that had filled her dreams of last night.

Her reverie was interrupted by the noise of a lawn mower. Cindy gazed toward the open window. It must be Friday, she thought. Mr. Barrett always mows his lawn on Friday.

Cindy's mind shifted to thoughts of her next-door neighbor. Poor Mr. Barrett, she thought. How she had cock teased this man over the years.

Ralph Barrett had watched Cindy blossom into a nubile young woman. He had seen her panties when she climbed the backyard trees as a child. He had seen her pretty young tits growing pointed in her dresses when she turned twelve. And he'd seen her fill out and develop a teasing wiggle to her cute ass, and an exciting thrust to her hard pointed tits in her tight T-shirts.

Cindy often thought about Mr. Barrett the way he always kidded her about coming into his cellar. She had come on her fingers many times just thinking about the things he would do to her if she ever did go into that cellar with him. But then there was that strange fear -- not of Mr. Barrett -- but of some unknown, dark presence in her mind that scared the wits out of her.

That fear was now gone, thoroughly fucked out of her. Cindy giggled, recalling yesterday's session, and leapt out of bed. She peeked through the window curtain at the tall white-haired man next door pushing his lawn mower. Her blue eyes fell to his crotch. Her pink tongue slipped across her ripe lips, leaving them as moist as her cunt-lips. Smiling to herself, she put on a brief minidress and zipped it up the back. Then she slipped her bare feet into sandals and hurried out of her room.

On the kitchen table, Cindy found a note saying her mother had left early "to look for work".

"I'll bet," Cindy laughed, dropping the note back onto the table. "She's looking for the same kind of work I am." She giggled and pranced out of the house.

Ralph Barrett saw Cindy come around the house and he turned off the mower. His eyes took in her youthful beauty as she came his way -- her soft blonde hair, bright blue eyes, full, ripe lips, lovely tits straining against her tight dress, her lovely legs exposed almost to her crotch by the brevity of the dress. They met at the fence.

"Good morning, Cindy," the man greeted, eyeing her tits up close. "You look bright and chipper today."

"Oh, I am!" Cindy enthused, feeling warm and cozy in his presence. She took a deep breath so her tits would rise up beneath his gaze.

"And, how's your mother?" Barrett asked.

Cindy heaved a sigh. "Mr. Barrett," she said, "We don't have to make this small talk anymore. I have a confession to make. I know why you like me to stand here and talk to you. I've always known. And I'm sorry I've teased you so much."

Barrett's face paled. His eyes shifted nervously. "I... I don't think I understand what you..."

"Oh, yes, you do," Cindy said, leaning closer to him. The fence came up to her navel. She pressed against it and her tits threatened to burst through her dress. "I know you like to look at my titties. Now I want you to." She peered down at her twin lovelies and cooed, "They've grown into really nice ones, huh?"

"Jesus," Barrett groaned.

Sudden activity in his pants attracted Cindy's eyes. Then she saw his hands trembling, his flushed face. "Oh Mr. Barrett. You poor man. I don't know how I could have been so cruel to you. Are you all right? You look ill. Oh, here, help me over."

In a state of shock, Barrett took her hand and stared wide-eyed as Cindy scrambled over the fence, thighs parting, exposing her young pink, blonde-curled cunt.

Cindy peered up into his drawn face and asked, "Aren't you going to invite me into your cellar? You always do."

Barrett's mouth opened but no sound came out. Cindy giggled and pulled his hand. "Come on," she said. "Before Mrs. Barrett looks out." She led him down the stone steps into the musky coolness of the cellar.

A mind-blowing rapture raced through Barrett's frame when Cindy eased her hand into his pants and grasped his throbbing wet cock.

Instinctively, he reached down and stayed her hand. Cindy's eyelids fluttered at him. "Don't stop me," she whispered. "I want to." And she drew out his engorged prick.

"Oh," Cindy breathed, taking his cock into both hands and exploring its width and length. "It must be terrible for you -- your wife so sick and a sexy girl next door teasing you all the time. You poor man."

Cindy's fingers traveled over the length of his pulsing prick, tracing exciting lines from its base to its raging red head. She curled a saucy thumb over the wetness, teasing his cock into renewed anxiety. It was alive in her cool hands, and Barrett began breathing hard. His body began to tremble, his knees to shake.

"Mr. Barrett," Cindy whispered. "You'd better sit down."

There was an old straight-backed chair and.

Brett sank into it heavily, his massive cock sticking stiffly in the air, leaking clear fluid. Pretty Cindy dropped to her knees before it like a priestess before her God, and looked at it with unabashed pleasure.

"Goodness, Mr. Barrett," she said hotly, grasping his meaty prick again. "What a monstrous cock. No wonder you wanted to get me in here. But it's so wild. You must be awfully close to coming."

Brett, dazed and slumped in the chair, his jaw slack, said something that sounded like, "Grnnphhh."

Cindy giggled and said, "Well, don't you worry. I owe you a lot after all the teasing I did. I'll suck it for you if you want me to."

Barrett choked, gasped, swallowed audibly.

Eager now to have a man-cock in her mouth, Cindy was shivering with anticipation as she dipped her pretty head down and gave the wet head of his cock a dainty lick. The mere taste of his fluid aroused her cunt and it grew restless between her legs. She reached under her dress and rubbed it vigorously as she held his raging prick in her other hand and licked it. His jerky movements and animal sounds told her Barrett was enjoying this, so she gave it all she had, licking up his shaft to the head, lapping there, then round and round, thrilling him almost to death.

"Sweet Mother of God, Cindy," Barrett choked out, quivering with excitement, "you sure know how to suck a cock! You'll like it!"

Cindy giggled, licking hotly, and murmured, "Now I do. I was afraid to suck a man's cock last week. I didn't know what I was missing. Mmm, you taste so good. How hot it is. How big. Mmmmm." Her mouth slipped over the big burning head and she took his cock into her throat.

"Oh, you lovely cockteaser," Barrett groaned, fucking his cock at her as her tongue rolled round and round. "Cindy, Cindy... You're a wonder!"

Cindy moaned a thank-you, bobbing her pretty head rapidly now, thrilling to the sensations of his huge hot dick fucking her soft, sensuous mouth. Against her wild fingers between her sweaty thighs, her cunt flooded with juices, slurping around her fingers as the massive prick in her mouth aroused her more and more.

Barrett stiffened in the chair, his body jerking, and he let out a howl as Cindy's greedy, sucking mouth drove him to orgasm. He gazed hotly down at her pretty head and was amazed at her sucking ability, her desire for a man's prick, and her eager willingness to give him pleasure. Her expert sucking transformed his passion into raw lust.

"You lovely cocksucker," he growled. "Suck it, suck it!" He grabbed her face between his big hands and pulled it to him, at the same time thrusting his hips forward, burying his cock in her hot mouth and fucking her throat, panting and gasping. "Keep sucking, you sweet bitch. Get it! Eat my come, you cock-teasing slut. Here. Take it!"

His head jerked back and he bared his teeth as an animal yell escaped his throat. His rigid, aching cock pumped wads and wads of hot come into Cindy's sucking mouth. The burning jism ripped out of his loins, crazing him with lust for Cindy's young mouth.

Cindy was delighted by his passion, his great need for her sucking, and by the fantastic amount of come that gushed into her mouth. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful, filled with wonder at his supply, and she moaned hotly as she came on her fingers, thinking how his rigid cock would feel in her cunt, gushing like this. She sucked and licked until Barrett's cock was tamed, unable to spurt another drop of come, and then she licked it clean, emitting little moans of pleasure as she did so.

When she peered up at the gasping man, she smiled and cooed, "Did you like that?"

"You're amazing," Barrett replied breathlessly.

Cindy rose to her feet, pleased with herself. "I owed you that," she said softly. She reached behind her neck and unzipped her dress. "And now I'm going to give you the rest that I owe you."

"Cindy..." Barrett gasped, watching her pull her dress off.

Cindy dropped her dress to the floor and stood in all her naked beauty before him, pretty legs parted so he could view her moist, pink cunt. She smiled at him. "This is what you've been trying to see, isn't it? Well, it's all yours. My mouth, my tits, my cunt, even my ass. Do you like my ass?" She whirled around and displayed her naked rump to his gaze. She smoothed a hand over the cheeks teasingly and cooed, "Would you like to fuck my ass? I'll let you if you want to. I'll let you do anything now."

"Jesus Christ," Barrett groaned.

Cindy faced him, cupping her tits invitingly.

"You're really a very nice man," she said as she advanced to him. Her arms circled his neck and she straddled his thighs. "I owe you so much," she whispered, gently rubbing her wet pussy over his cock. "We'll have lots of fun, you and me. And I'll never tease you again."

Cindy reached down and grasped his hardening prick, milking it. Giggling at its fresh stiffness, she held it tightly and lowered her cunt-hole down onto it. "Mmmmm," she moaned, settling on it, "how nice. Eww, how deep you get. Ohhh, fuck me, Mr. Barrett, fuck me! Ew, ew, ewwww, let's fuck and fuck and fuck. Oh, golly, it's so big again. Ewww, give it to me. Please, please. Kiss me, lick my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me! Ohhh, drive me crazy for it, Mr. Barrett! Make me like it. Ohh I want it, I want it!"

Cindy grew so exuberant about the fucking that she had the poor guy pinned down on the chair, a slave to her lust instead of the other way around. She used him. Shoving a tit into his mouth, she forced him to suck her nipple. Her arms strangled his neck, and her hot gushy cunt slipped and slopped up and down on his rigid, fucking cock until she was gasping loudly, fucking wildly, jouncing and bouncing on his lap, squirming and twisting and tuning and moaning hotly.

"FUCK MEEEEEEEE..." Cindy cried as, ramming herself down on his lap, Barrett's monstrous cock ripped into her womb and shot a fiery load of come into her, sending Cindy into frantic quivering and jerking. "I'M COMMMMMMING!" she squealed with delight, and her juicy cunt flooded his spurting prick.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh," Cindy moaned, shaking all over, giggling and laughing and still fucking. "You wonderful man! Ohhhh, how could I ever have run away from this? Ew, ewww, how niiiiiiice, mmmm, more, more..."

Cindy really did want more. She was now ripe for fucking, but just at that moment a new sound came to their ears. "Ralph? Ralph?" It was Mrs. Barrett. "Ralph? What's all that noise?"

"Oh, damn, damn, damn," Cindy whimpered. "She heard me. You got me so hot and I was coming so good that I lost control of myself." She suddenly kissed his mouth, giving his tongue a few little licks with hers. Then she drew away from him, leaving his cock spent, pink and dripping with their combined juices. As she hurriedly slipped into her dress, pussy-juice mingling with Barrett's hot come oozed down her inner thighs.

At the door, breathless, Cindy whispered, "Maybe we can meet somewhere. There's a lot of other things we can do now that we're friends." She started off, but paused to look back. "I love your cock," she cooed. "It's kind of nice having a prick like that right next door."

"Anytime you want it, Cindy," Barrett said with a grin. His lewd eyes burned into Cindy's swinging little ass as she pranced away from the house. He grasped his half-hard cock and thought about what he was going to do to her the minute he had the chance.

Chapter THREE

Ned Laketon was in his recliner reading a fuck book. Wearing only Bermuda shorts, his hand under the book was nursing his hard-on, teasing the wet head of it in his pants leg. He paused to turn a page and to adjust his glasses on the slippery bridge of his nose. His hand had returned to his cock when the doorbell sounded.

He had no intention of answering the door with a tell-tale hard-on poking in his shorts, so he concealed it with the open book and called, "Come in."

The door opened and Cindy Simpson entered, a bundle of curves in old denim cutoffs and a blue halter -- two small triangles cupping her firm young tits.

"Why, Cindy," Ned exclaimed, genuinely surprised to see her. "What brings you to a teacher during vacation? I should think you'd be out of town somewhere, soaking up the sun."

"Hello, Mr. Laketon," Cindy smiled as she shut the door. "Is Mrs. Laketon at home?"

"Uhh, no, why?" Ned asked.

Cindy stepped a little closer to his chair. "Because I didn't come to see a teacher," she said, gazing at the sparse black hairs on his chest and legs. "I came to see a man. And I am going on vacation. Tomorrow, in fact. But I wanted to see you before I left. And not about school."

"About what, then?" Ned queried as coolly as he could, tearing his eyes away from her ripe tits. "Are you having some trouble?"

"Only with you," Cindy said.


Cindy glanced at a chair. "Can I sit down?"

"Uhh, yes, yes, of course. But what do you mean?"

Cindy perched her ass on the edge of the seat and looked at him. "Mr. Laketon, I know you stand over my desk in class so you can look into my dress at my titties. And I know you gave me the stockroom job all year so you could hold the ladder for me and look up my dress. And I know why you keep one hand hidden under your desk all the time."

Ned's brow creased in a deep frown of puzzlement. As a high school teacher, he was used to teenaged girls saying unpredictable things, but this was too close for comfort. What was going on here? Was Cindy's mother outside, ready to charge him with molestation or something? He decided to play it cagey.

He flashed what he hoped was a nonchalant smile and said, "AS to the first charge, it so happens that you're the only girl in class who comes to school braless and wearing dresses a guy can look into. As to the second charge, you're the only girl cock teasing enough to climb a ladder when she isn't wearing panties. And as to the third charge, you've been driving me crazy all year and no wonder my hand's under the desk." Losing his cool entirely, he blurted, "You're still driving me crazy, so get the hell out of my sight!"

"But Mr. Laketon," Cindy gasped, leaping to her feet. "You don't understand. I'm not charging you with anything. I know I've been cock teasing you. I came here to make it up to you."


"Yes," Cindy laughed, moving toward him. She leaned on her hands on his thighs. Her right hand slipped up his leg into the leg of his pants. "I want to make it up to you."

"I can't believe this," Ned muttered.

Cindy's fingers found his hot, wet dick and caressed it. "Eww, you have a nice one," she whispered.

"Cindy," he groaned.

"Ohhh, take these off," Cindy rasped, tearing at his shorts. Ned helped her strip them oft then he lay breathing rapidly, his throbbing cock prodding the air.

"Oh, wow," Cindy breathed, her blue eyes glued to his stiff wet prick. She dropped to her knees and gripped the thick stem of his cock in one hand and felt it throbbing in her fist. Brushing her golden curls back with her free hand, she sucked away the small drops of liquid with her saucy mouth.

"Jesus H. Christ!" Ned groaned as Cindy took half his prick into her mouth.

She gave a soft moan and continued milking his cock-skin up and down in rhythm with her bobbing head as her hot little tongue swirled round and round its knob.

Ned's book slipped from his lap and fell open beside him, forgotten. Cindy's eyes danced over the page, and as she sucked his cock she read a paragraph about a young white Peace Corps girl getting gang-banged by a tribe of black savages in Africa. When she'd read the last paragraph where a huge black cock was tearing the girl's rectum apart, she lifted her face from Ned's cock and gasped, "Goodness! No wonder you're such a horny teacher!"

Ned blinked dumbly for a moment, then saw what she was referring to. "Oh, that," he chuckled. "Well, a guy's gotta read something besides history books."

"But look what it does to your cock," Cindy giggled, eyes twinkling. "How naughty men are."

"The book didn't do this," Ned said as she nuzzled his prick. "You did."

Cindy smiled prettily. "I don't believe that. But it's nice of you to say so. Now I'll be nice to you."

Cindy nestled between Ned's open thighs and caressed his thick cock-shaft. She tilted her pretty head to one side and, sticking her little pink tongue out, licked his huge sac of nuts. Then she drew it over his flesh, round and round each ball, then back and forth on the base of his incredibly swollen cock. The look on Ned's face was enough to tell her the pleasure he was getting. Eager to please -- anxious to right her wrongs -- she laved her hot tongue upward along the great length of his prick.

Ned gasped her name so lustily that it thrilled Cindy and she smiled at him as she lapped his cock-head. Then she took its thickness into her soft wet mouth, knowing now that this was heaven for a man.

The intense pleasure of her hot girl-mouth made Ned's thigh and stomach muscles tighten with excitement. His hands moved to the back of Cindy's head and forced the girl to swallow as much of his prick as she could take. Cindy choked on it. After all, it was so very long. But it was a brief spasm and Cindy adjusted her tongue and mouth to his needs. Incredibly, his cock was growing fatter and longer as she sucked on it.

Ned's cock swelled to monstrous proportions in Cindy's sweet mouth, and from her stretched lips dripped not only her saliva but the slick liquid from his milked dick. Ned stroked her soft blonde hair and wondered how Cindy liked the flavor of male come. He was equally amazed by the fact that the longer she sucked his prick, the sexier she got, very much aroused and desirous of sucking cock -- not at all like his wife Sheila.

Thoroughly enraptured by this remarkable blow-job from one of his prettier students, Ned untied the halter behind her neck. The loose fabric fell away, freeing her luscious young tits.

Cindy moaned and sucked harder on his massive cock with renewed vigor as his big hands cupped and squeezed her aching tits. Ned soon discovered the key to excruciating pleasure-squeeze Cindy's tits and pinch her ripe little nipples and she would moan and try to take more of his cock into her mouth. Three such squeezes had driven her rabid so that she was now panting, sucking faster, jacking him off with her tight little fist as her wild tongue butterflied his prick-head.

Ned's shaking hands closed on her tits and held on. His hips thrust upward. Cindy moaned, sucking ever harder, jerking his prick ever faster, her pretty head plunging, plunging, plunging.

"CINDY!" Ned bellowed, ramming his cock up into her mouth. "AH! AH! AH!" he choked as gob after gob of thick rich cream blasted down Cindy's throat. His whole body strained and jerked as his prick spit savagely into her mouth. And Cindy moaned passionately, drinking his come as if it were the magic potion to make her a woman.

"Ohhhh," Cindy moaned, sucking away the last of his come. "You really needed that." Her sparkling blue eyes danced over the piece of red meat in her hand. "I didn't know you had such a big cock," she cooed. "Your wife must love it."

"Not as much as you do," Ned said breathlessly.

Cindy rose to her feet and peered at him. "That's too bad," she said. "Is that why you peek at girls in school and read fuck books at home?"

Ned chuckled and said, "Never mind me. I'm more interested in you."

He reached out and unzipped her cut-offs. The V opened and exposed blonde pussy hair, soft and furry. Excitedly, he tugged at her shorts, drawing them down from her hips to her knees. His eyes riveted on her sweet pink cunt, and a hand flew to it, feeling it.

"I knew you'd have a lovely little pussy," Ned said, fingering it.

Cindy giggled and pushed her cut-offs all the way down to her feet. She stepped out of them and stood with her pretty legs spread wide. She thrust her pelvis forward, displaying her cunt. "Like it?" she cooed.

"It's the prettiest pussy I've ever seen."

She climbed onto his lap, slipping her right arm around his neck. Leaning the small of her back against the arm of the recliner, she spread her little body out for him.

"There," she said, spreading her legs as wide as they'd go. "Now you can see everything at once. And feel it, too."

Ned chuckled, fondling her ripe tits. "You're a regular nymph, aren't you?" he asked as she slid his hand down to her cunt. It was hot and wet to his touch.

"Ohhh," Cindy moaned, squirming her cunt against his fingers.

Ned watched her pretty face contort with pleasure as he massaged her clit between his thumb and forefinger. "Does that feel good?" he asked.

"Yessss," Cindy hissed, churning her hips. "It's so hot. I didn't know I could get so horny. Sucking your cock made my pussy frantic."

"Keep talking like that," Ned chuckled, "and I'll calm it down fast enough."

"Why?" Cindy laughed. "Does my talking like that make your cock hard?"

Ned removed his hand from her cunt and said, "Feel for yourself."

Cindy reached down between her legs, and grasped his half-hard prick. "Ohh," she giggled, milking it. "In that case, let's get it real stiff." Girlishly, impishly, she lifted the wet head of his cock to her cunt and rubbed up and down on it, saying, "Come on, Mr. Cock. You like Miss Pussy, don't you? Give her nice kisses and she'll be very nice to you. That's a good cock."

Ned laughed at Cindy's little game and enjoyed the feeling of her wet cunt slipping up and down against the thickening head of his cock.

Cindy might have gone on playing, but the lengthening of Ned's prick made the hot head of it rub against her clit. An electric shock of pleasure shot through her pussy.

"Oh, wow," she breathed. She adjusted her ass, gripped his prick, and focused on squashing her tingling clit against his knob, moving it there. "Ew, eww, ewwww," she cooed, heaving her belly so cock and cunt were creating friction. "Ohh, Mr. Laketon. I hope you didn't mind."

"Be my guest," Ned chuckled.

Cindy grasped his cock in both hands, hunched her hips, and worked the length of her cunt-crack up and down the shaft, making sure that his hot dick scraped over her clit.

"Ewww, what fun!" Cindy squealed with delight. In just a matter of seconds she was panting, humping hotly.

This is what she was doing when the front door opened and closed.

"Oh, my God!" Cindy cried, paling visibly. "Mrs. Laketon!"

Sheila Laketon raised one eyebrow and appraised the young blonde girl an her husband's lap, clinging to his enormous cock like it was a stick shift in a sports car. "Going into fourth?" she asked, and Ned burst into laughter. Cindy looked sick.

"Sheila," Ned said. "This is Cindy."

"Oh?" Sheila queried, advancing toward the wide-eyed, open-mouthed girl, "The same Cindy you've been telling me about?"

"The very same," Ned chuckled.

Sheila's dark eyes ran over. Cindy's naked body, her hands gripping Ned's cock, her quivering pink pussy. "She doesn't look reluctant to me," she said.

"She isn't," Ned laughed. "But she was when I told you about her. My little cockteaser has turned into a lively cock-pleaser."

Sheila smiled at Cindy and said, "I'm glad you like it."

"But... but... but..." Cindy stammered.

"It's okay," Ned said. "Stop trembling."

Cindy looked from Ned to Sheila, a voluptuous brunette with dark flashing eyes that seemed awfully interested in her pussy.

"Aren't you mad?" Cindy asked.

Sheila simply smiled, running her eyes along the length of the young girl's slim, curvy body.

Suddenly, she turned and left the room. Cindy looked dumbfounded.

"Uhh, I think there's something you should know about my wife," Ned said. "She's AC/DC."

"Honey?" Sheila called out. "Why don't you bring your little friend in here?"

"Come on," Ned said. "I think she likes you."

He took Cindy by the hand and led her into the bedroom. He left her standing naked and lovely in the center of the room, where she gazed curiously at Sheila who was gazing hotly at her. The brunette had removed her dress and stood now in blood-red bikini panties, her full ripe tits naked and tipped with rich brown nipples.

Sheila moved up to Cindy, hips swinging, eyes smoldering. "You seem frightened," she smiled. Her soft hands slipped onto Cindy's hips. "You aren't afraid of me, are you?"

"I... I... well, no."

"That's good," Sheila said, smiling. She turned Cindy's body and, locking eyes with her soulfully, walked her backwards to the bed and eased her down onto it. She opened Cindy's legs and said evenly, "No bitch fucks my husband without being nice to me, too, even if she is a sweet little bitch like you."

"It's okay, Cindy," Ned said from across the room. "She always talks like that when she's horny."

The hardness, left Sheila's face. She smiled slowly and peered at Cindy's moist cunt, wet with her juices and Ned's slick fluid. "Have you ever had your pussy licked by a woman?" she asked.

"No," Cindy said breathlessly.

"Well, you're going to now," Sheila said. She dropped to her knees and pressed her warm lips to Cindy's nervous pussy, kissing it affectionately.

"Oh!" Cindy gasped, trembling.

"Mmmm, sweet cunt," Sheila moaned, and gave Cindy's pussy a long lick from asshole to clit.

Cindy caught her breath, shuddered, and gasped, "Oh, shit!"

Sheila laughed sensuously, tickled by this fresh, inexperienced girl, and her lust for Cindy's cunt overpowered her. "You beautiful cunt," she growled, and attacked Cindy's pussy with teeth, tongue and lips. She licked up and down both lips, then along the hot crack, then she shoved her tongue into Cindy's wet hole and wiggled it there, moaning.

"Oh, ohhh," Cindy whimpered, squirming hotly.

Ned sat on a pillow at the head of the bed, cock in hand, watching as his lovely wife feasted on Cindy's furry little cunt.

Cindy's eyes rolled in her head as the soft feminine lips and tongue ravished her pussy. She started humping when Sheila's burning mouth closed on her clit. Sheila sucked on it, nibbled it between her teeth, and tongued it, all at the same time, so that Cindy was overwhelmed with pleasure and passion. The young girl was soon intoxicated with erotic desire, writhing hotly on the bed, squeezing her tits, lurching her hips for more of that hot sucking mouth.

She gasped when the wonderful mouth left her hot crotch. Through misty eyes she saw Sheila rising to her feet, stripping away her panties.

"Ohhh, don't stop," Cindy cried, pussy twisting hungrily. "Why did you stop? Ohh, please, eat me some more. Ned, Ned... please. Fuck me now! Ohhhh, eat me, fuck me. Please! Somebody do something to me!"

Naked and laughing, Sheila climbed onto the bed and straddled Cindy's head, facing her feet, so the young girl was staring straight up into her black-haired cunt.

Sheila reached down and spread her own cunt lips. "See this?"

Cindy looked up wide-eyed, eyes dancing over the lips and meat of Sheila's sopping cunt. "I've never seen such a big clit," she panted.

"That's my little prick, darling. Now you suck that nice for Sheila and I'll get you off so good you'll never go back to men."

"Hey!" Ned laughed. "Don't make it that good for her!"

Sheila lowered her cunt to Cindy's mouth and tickled the girl's lips with her musky pussy hair. "Take it into your mouth, baby," she coaxed.

When Cindy didn't respond appropriately, Sheila leaned over the girl's lean young body and licked her tongue over Cindy's cunt and clit. Cindy moaned, shuddered, and quickly parted her lips for Sheila's stiff prick-clit.

"That's it, honey," Sheila rasped, crushing her wet cunt to Cindy's soft mouth. "Suck it nice for me. That's it. Mmm, you're sweet." Then she ravished Cindy's wiggly cunt in gratitude.

Ned fisted his monstrous hard-on as Sheila did her thing, driving young Cindy out of her mind with new and exciting pleasures.

"Mmmmmmmm," Cindy moaned, sucking Sheila's clit fiercely. Sheila pushed the girl's legs wider apart. She sucked Cindy's little clit into her mouth and stroked her cunt with tantalizing fingers, enticing hot juices from the girl. Her fingertips transferred the slick wetness from cunt to asshole until Cindy's entire crotch area was glistening with wetness. Then she inserted a slender forefinger into the girl's asshole and her thumb into her pussy-hole. Working both thumb and forefinger expertly, and sucking hotly at the same time, she soon turned young Cindy into a writhing, jerking, humping, trembling female animal.

Half-crazed with delirium, Cindy chewed and sucked on Sheila's thick clit, and soon both females were moaning like bitches in heat, coming crazily, wetly, violently. And Ned sat gasping, hotter than ever as his eyes drank in the twisting female flesh.

Unable to control himself any longer, Ned crawled across the bed and lifted his wife's face away from Cindy's churning cunt. Panting hotly, he plunged his face between the slim, quivering thighs and shoved his big tongue up into Cindy's sopping cunt-hole as far as it would go, and started fucking her with it.

Sheila twisted around on Cindy's arching body and peered into her pretty face, contorted now with sheer pleasure. The gentle, innocent look of girlhood was gone, replaced now by a craven look of animal wildness. She was as lust-crazed as the man who was tongue-fucking her squishy cunt.

"Feel good, baby?" Sheila purred, relishing the look of the young girl's erotic anguish.

Cindy's heavy-lidded eyes tried to focus on the face close to hers. "I feel dizzy," she whispered, unable to talk. "I feel so dreamy."

Sheila smiled and ran her wet tongue over Cindy's trembling lips. "Give me your tongue," she whispered hotly.

Sexually hypnotized, her cunt being eaten voraciously, Cindy eased her tongue from between her lips. Sheila parted her own lips and captured it, sucked at it. She licked and chewed and kissed and sucked it in ways that thrilled young Cindy. Never had she known that her tongue could be treated in so many various and obscenely delicious ways. It was all so exciting that she began stroking Sheila's tits.

Sheila lowered her head to Cindy's ripe young tits. She used her hot tongue on Cindy's pink nipples in much the same manner that Ned was using his tongue on her squirming, dripping pussy. Then, when both nipples were so erect, so aching with pleasure that they seemed likely to blossom into pink rosebuds, Sheila raised up and lowered a fleshy tit to Cindy's mouth.

Coming wetly on Ned's tongue, Cindy sucked Sheila's nipple with gusto and, driven to excess, she shoved a hand between Sheila's strong thighs and clasped her erect clit and squeezed it. Sheila's snatch went wild. Cindy excitedly worked her curious fingers into Sheila's violent pussy, for the first time discovering what a hot and squishy woman-cunt feels like. The young girl wondered if her mother's cunt was this vibrant, this hot, this horny.

Once again, it was Sheila who took control of the situation. "Ned," she said, "I think your little playmate is ready for a good fucking."

The two exchanged a knowing glance. Ned well knew that his too-sexed wife loved to watch him fuck girls. They arranged Cindy's quivering young body so it was stretched across the bed, her pretty legs dangling over the edge of the mattress. When it was in position, with Cindy's knees widely apart, Ned got between them and, grinning down at the panting girl, he gripped his massive cock and urged it into her feverish dripping cunt-hole.

"Ohhh," Cindy moaned as his cock plowed into the hat depths of her cunt. Her slim arms circled his neck and she whispered, "Kiss me like Sheila did."

Ned accommodated her, licking and sucking her protruding pink tongue as his thick, rigid prick speared into her welcoming young box.

This was Sheila's moment, too. Alive with excitement, she slipped from the bed onto the carpet and slithered between Ned's and Cindy's legs. Propping herself on one elbow, she gazed upward and her hot flashing eyes feasted on the squishing cunt-cock coupling. Ned's enormous prick pistoned in and out with vigor, with fervor.

"Give it to her, darling!" Sheila rasped hotly. "Fuck it into her. Harder! Harder! Ram it up her darling little cunt!" She, shuddered, panting, and cried, "Ohhh, I wish I had a cock like this. I'd fuck her to death!" Her trembling hand flew between her legs and rubbed vigorously at her sopping cunt. "Ram it into her!" she gasped. "Deeper! Fuck it all the way into her! Make her love it. Make her come. Make her squeal for it! Ohhhh, fuck the shit out of the little bitch!"

Burning with twisted passions, Sheila lifted her face closer yet to the wrestling male and female and stared hotly at the pink wet flesh of Cindy's cunt tightening and gripping Ned's slimy thick cock as it fucked into her. When Sheila's head touched Ned's slapping nuts, she was close enough to see Cindy's wet cunt-lips actually milking Ned's cock, clamping it, releasing it, clamping again, releasing again.

Delirious now with lust, Sheila extended her tongue and, snorting like an animal, shoved it upwards and licked Cindy's quivering asshole, then over Ned's hot nuts, and finally, passionately, all over the twisting cunt and cock as she sucked up the burning fuck juices. Rooting like a pig, she tried to get her tongue into Cindy's cunt along with her husband's slipping, sliding prick, but she settled for licking at Cindy's distended cunt lips as Ned's bulging cock rode back and forth over her tongue as he fucked the girl's tight little cunt.

Cindy's head spun with new sensations as Sheila's hot mouth, lips and tongue made their contribution to this marvelous fucking. She let out a gasp and a long moan, and her fingernails dug into Ned's back. "Ohhhhh," she whimpered, "what's she doing?"

Ned lifted his head and smiled into her glazed eyes. "Having her fun," he said, driving his cock into her. "I hope you don't mind."

"Mind!" Cindy squealed, thrusting her pretty cunt at both his cock and Sheila's licking tongue. "My God, it's... fantastic! I'm... mmmmm... Ohhh, please, ewww, ohhhh, ahhh, oh, Mama!"

The bedroom reverberated with the shrill scream that came out of the young girl as her body thrust up at the deeply fucking cock. "OOOEEEOOOWWWOOOEEEMMMMM!"

After Ned's plowing cock had rammed its load of hot come deep into Cindy's womb, the two -- Ned and Sheila -- continued to do their thing. Cindy had simply become the next high school girl in their long line of teenaged playmates. They played with the senseless girl's hard, thrusting tits, sucked and licked her lips and tongue, kissed and sucked her cunt and clit -- so that the sex-drugged young girl was immersed in an erotic dream world where she believed she was being drowned in one thrillingly prolonged and continuous orgasm. In fact, she had come six times.

"She's precious," Sheila breathed hotly, eyeing Cindy's luxuriating body. "This is going to be one lovely summer."

"Down, girl, down," Ned laughed. "She's going away on vacation."

"Oh, nooo," Sheila lamented. Her dark eyes glued to Cindy's pink, twisting cunt. "She's so ripe!"

Cindy was indeed maturing. The comparatively inexperienced girl had learned how quickly she could be made to lust after sexual pleasure. She had also learned just what kind of man-cock gratification she could expect now that she was no longer inhibited by girlish fears.

Yes, Cindy Simpson was growing up!

Chapter FOUR

Ned and Sheila were not the only ones saddened by Cindy's abrupt departure from town. Cindy regretted it, too. Her promise to visit her aunt and uncle's farm in the country had been made months ago, long before she'd learned that the sting of a man-cock up her tight little cunt wasn't unpleasant at all. Now, as she sat gazing out the window of the train that would whisk her away from a joyous new life, she watched with a sinking heart as her mothers station wagon pulled away from the depot.

She heaved a sigh and her ripe, pointed tits rose up like live things in her pretty blue dress that set off her even bluer eyes. She could feel her naked nipples press tightly against the fabric, and it was a pleasant sensation.

Staring unseeingly now, she thought about Cliff and Fred and Jake. It seemed like years ago, instead of only a few weeks ago, that her three abductors had so passionately introduced her to man-cock fucking. She knew it was a memory that would remain in her mind for all time -- an ever-present example of the erotic joy she truly wanted.

Her youthful thoughts shifted to Mr. Barrett, and her tits rose again as she sighed. She had managed to meet him on several occasions in her cellar where there happened to be a nice comfy mattress upon which she spent many wonderful hours on her back, her sucking young cunt wrapped tightly around her neighbor's burrowing cock.

Then she daydreamed about Ned and Sheila, who had driven her crazy with new and exciting delights. That was just yesterday, and Cindy could still feel Sheila's sucking, licking mouth at her pussy where Ned's immense cock had so violently plummeted.

Cindy's thighs automatically pressed together and, as her young mind enlarged upon her recent sexploits, her thigh, pelvis and cunt muscles worked their secret magic on her buzzing, tingling pussy. Outwardly, she looked young, sweet and innocent petting there waiting for the train to pull out. Inwardly, she was seething with rampant lascivious thoughts and dreams that fired up her loins.

A bald man in his fifties with a big pot belly bulging his vest boarded the train. Cindy wondered how he could fuck a girl. Does his belly prevent it? Then she thought of how sensual it would be to run her hands over a smooth belly like his, and as for sex -- well, they could suck each other, couldn't they?

The man passed up the aisle and Cindy's eyes, looking straight ahead as befitting a young, demure girl, widened as the last passenger came through the door and the train started to move. Cindy caught her breath. Her thighs squeezed together. Her pussy vibrated. And she came -- secretly but hotly.

The cause of her sudden gush of plea sure was a tall man with a baldhead and a goatee. His shoulders looked like they were hewn from granite, but his waist was surprisingly narrow. The front of his garish pink and blue silk shirt was open to his navel, exposing a massive chest and a golden medallion hanging from his thick neck. His arms were as muscular as his chest and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to display his muscles.

Cindy's eyes wouldn't obey her command to look away. They riveted to the entrancing bulge of his cock stuffed inside his skin-tight denims. She swallowed hard as her eyes burned into the boldly outlined bulk and protrusion of that giant of a cock. She licked her lips nervously and breathed erratically through her mouth as the bulge came closer and closer to her. Never had she seen a man deliberately show so much cock.

Without so much as a "May I?" the big man sat down right next to Cindy. His dark eyes quickly and smoothly took in the thrust of her tits and the expanse of her lovely thighs, so exposed by her short dress.

Cindy was mesmerized by his ominous presence. Up close he appeared positively dangerous. His great eyes seemed to see right through her, making Cindy feel naked beside him.

Cindy's young mind burst with a vision that made her heart skip and hands tremble. Suddenly, unbidden and forceful, she remembered something she had read in Ned Laketon's fuck book when she was blowing his cock -- the story of a young white girl getting raped by a huge black savage in Africa. With this devastating scene burning into her brain, Cindy couldn't help but tremble and stare wide-eyed at the big man beside her.

The man followed the agitated lift of her tits, saw the strange look of fear mixed with excitement in her youthful eyes, felt her sudden discomfort, and smelled her erotic arousal. Keeping his bass voice low, almost entrancing, he flashed his big white teeth and said, "What are you shaking for, chick?"

"I... I'm sorry," Cindy gasped, finally tearing her eyes away. "I didn't mean to stare." She jerked her head around and stared out the window till her eyes hurt.

The man's eyes traveled over her soft blonde hair, then ran down the lines of her curvy young body. He was accustomed to balling big bitches with pendulous tits and large sopping cunts, but there was something challenging about this pretty girl.

"Name's Leroy," he said throatily. It demanded a response.

Cindy winked to him, inwardly struggling to maintain a natural calm, but the moment her eyes saw his chunky crotch again, open and prominent, she melted. "Cindy," she said weakly.

Cindy's pretty face flushed red as she realized her entrapment. Flustered, her eyelashes fluttered nervously, her tits trembled and her breath quickened.

Leroy touched her hand and the contact made her catch her breath. "There's compartments in the next car," he said. "I'll go find us one." He stood up abruptly and said, "Five minutes." Then he sauntered down the aisle with animal grace.

Cindy stared out the window, breathing through her mouth. How embarrassing, she thought. How could I be so obvious? But that cock!

The heat of her sensitive curt washed through her whole body, leaving her burning with new desires. A strange magnetic pull drew her to her feet. As if in a trance, she moved along the aisle and through the door into the next car. And there was Leroy, leaning against a door -- waiting, grinning, his eyes devouring her as she approached.

Without a word, he pushed the door open and stepped aside. Cindy looked into the cozy little compartment and gulped hard. Licking her lips nervously, she went inside. Leroy followed her and closed the door.

Cindy stood wide-eyed and breathless. Leroy grinned and unzipped her dress down her back. Then, standing in front of her, he eased the dress off her smooth white shoulders and watched it slide, loosely down the length of her curvy body, exposing her taut, pink-tipped tits, slim waist, flared hips, and long pretty legs.

"You're the prettiest chick I ever did see," he said, feasting his eyes far a moment.

Then he pulled her to him, covered her mouth with his, filled his large hands with her ass-cheeks, and crushed her pussy against his monstrous, throbbing hard-on.

Cindy went weak as a kitten in the clutches of a gorilla. Her as trembled, her pussy flooded and her tongue gave his some excited little licks.

Leroy released her and she went limp against the wall, breath short and eyes glowing. He opened his pants and Cindy looked down and gasped as he produced the largest, mightiest cock she'd ever seen. It looked as long and thick as her forearm, bulging up to its turtleneck of skin, and crowned by a huge, thick, wet, pink head with a slit in it that oozed clear liquid.

Leroy set his powerful hands on her quivering shoulders and urged in down onto her knees in front of his tensely throbbing dick. "Suck it, chick," he growled.

"Ohhh," Cindy moaned, and curled her fingers around the thick shaft. She opened her mouth wide for that gigantic red cock-head. The knob alone filled her mouth and she moaned again, sucking it hotly, dazed and amazed that, though she gripped his powerful tool in both fists, there was yet plenty of cock between her hands and his gigantic balls.

Cindy plunged her head and gagged, and Leroy chuckled and said, "Easy, chick. That ain't no boy's cock. You don't have to take it all into your mouth. Shit, even big bitches can't take all my cock. So don't you go tryin'. You just use that little tongue of yours and you'll get what you're suckin' for."

Reassured, Cindy hotly concentrated on what filled her small mouth -- one-fourth of his rigid prick. Her pussy grew wet and vibrant, tingling and teasing, and as her passion escalated, she sucked more and more fervently, rolling her head to and fro, licking his cock rapidly and sucking wildly, at the same time jacking him off with both of her grasping hands. Her head was plunging in rhythm with her milking fists as she grew ever more desirous of feeling this giant cock shoot its load down her throat.

"That's it, baby," Leroy groaned appreciatively. His massive shoulders leaned back against the wall and he held his hips thrust forward, his immense cock like a pipeline between his loins and Cindy's mouth.

Discovering that she couldn't possibly hurt this amazing cock, Cindy began pistoning her fists faster and faster, sucking harder and harder, moaning hotly as her tits swelled and her pussy squished with wetness. "Mmmmmm," she moaned.

The cock jerked on her tongue, then exploded with fury, pumping great gobs of cream into her mouth. Leroy's thick come ejaculated so furiously and powerfully that Cindy couldn't swallow it fast enough and, as she sucked greedily at his spitting cock, streams of hot white come squirted from the corners of her mouth to cascade down over his prick and her tense, pumping hands. His come was warm arid sensual on her skin, in her mouth and down her throat, and Cindy moaned kittenishly. Overwhelmed by pleasure, she dropped one of her hands between her trembling thighs and rubbed her cunt vigorously. She came fitfully on her fingers.

Cindy was so inflamed by Leroy's cock that when she had drunk all his come, she crumpled to the floor groaning with intense lust, twisting and rubbing her cunt and tits fiercely.

Leroy grinned obscenely and stripped naked, making the wide-eyed girl watch his grand physique emerge, torturing her. Then he stood over her, an erotic God, his wet prick hard again and throbbing with pulsations that made Cindy beg for it.

"Please, please," she panted, eyes devouring his prick. "Give it to me. Please! Ohhh, fuck me with that." And when Leroy was hovering over her straining young body, she gasped and cried, "It's so big!" But when he rolled onto one hip and, gripping his cock, pressed the thick knob of it to her cunt opening, her desire was peppered with dread. "Oh!" she gasped as it stretched her cunt lips wide. "It's too big! Uh! You can't! It won't! Owww, ohhh, noooo, it's too big!"

Chuckling evilly, Leroy's dark eyes burned into this twisting, choking, screaming girl as he lustfully forced her pussy to take his oversized cock. The huge head of it wedged into her tight canal, almost ripping the inner folds of her tender cunt flesh.

He tore her tight fists away from his chest where they were pushing at him, and he pinned them to the floor above her thrashing head. Cindy's eyes rolled in her head. Her tits strained to the breaking point. And her cunt ached as Leroy slowly but determinedly urged inch upon inch of his massive cock into her belly.

As the huge cock penetrated ever deeper into her cunt, Cindy's pretty head twisted back and forth dreamily, her lovely features twisted up with pleasure-pain. When half his cock was in her, her pussy was filled, but Leroy pressed on, determined to totally fuck this hot young bitch. Grunting against her pubic tightness, he urged another full inch of his cock into her.

"Uh!" Cindy choked, and her body tensed up in pain.

Leroy paused, waited, enjoyed the feel of her cunt writhing on his prick.

Cindy's eyes were closed now, and her mouth was wide open, gulping air. Her pretty tits were heaving against Leroy's chest. Then her cunt muscles relaxed a little -- the moment Leroy was waiting for. Gritting his teeth, digging his toes into the carpet, he shoved the full length of his cock into her hole.

Cindy's scream was louder and more piercing than the train's whistle. Her whole body jerked and whipped and then shuddered violently with quivers very much like death throes. She passed out from sheer ecstasy.

That didn't slow Leroy down any. He hadn't fucked many young women, and never a chick as young as Cindy, and he intended to enjoy it thoroughly before he was finished with her. Half-crazed with lust, he embraced Cindy's limp body and fucked the hell out of her sweet cunt.

Cindy came to -- slowly, moaning hotly -- and with consciousness, body control resumed. Her lashes fluttered, her pink tongue licked at her lips, and when her eyelids at last lifted, her blue eyes were as hazy as an opium eater's. All she could think about was Leroy's cock.

"Ewww, it's in me," she laughed deliriously. "You did it. It's all in me. All of it. Ohhh, what a cock! Ohh, it's marvelous! Ewww, fuck me, fuck me!"

Leroy chuckled lustily and grabbed her hands in his. "Wrap your legs around me," he said. Cindy obeyed and he carefully -- like a practiced acrobat -- got to his knees, then up onto his feet.

Cindy's lithe young body was arched backwards her soft hair brushing the floor, her ripe tits taut, her pussy impaled on his stiff, thick pole. Holding her hands tightly, Leroy began dancing around the small room, the joggling of which made Cindy's cunt bounce on and suck his imbedded cock. Thrills shot though her as Leroy whirled her round and round, jouncing her on his cock, ramming her womb.

"Ohhh, Mama! Ohhhh, Mama!" Her mother had told her that sex could make a girl lose control of herself but she never told her that sex could be so devastatingly thrilling and delicious. "Ohhhh," she moaned, coming on the giant cock. She was laughing, fucking, writhing, digging her heels into Leroy's buttocks to keep his cock deep in her pussy. His splashes of hot come only increased her pleasure and made her cunt come and come and come.

When his prick finished shooting its load, Leroy lowered Cindy onto the long seat near the window and withdrew his spent prick. He sat near her feet to catch his breath.

Cindy leapt from the seat and threw herself between his thighs. She fondled his big nuts and, lifting his hunk of meat, she started lapping the thick base of his cock, licking away their combined fuck-juices. She smiled and cooed, "If I do this, you'll get hard again and you can fuck me some more."

She had fervently resumed her licking when she heard a voice calling, "Placeton, Placeton, all out for Placeton."

"Oh!" Cindy cried, jumping to her feet. "That's where I get off! You made me forget I was even on a train! Oh! Goodbye. I mean, thank you. I mean... ohhh, I don't know what I mean!"

Leroy reared back with deep-throated laughter as the girl quickly got into her dress and pranced out of the compartment.

Five minutes later, looking fresh and rosy, Cindy climbed down from the train and made her way to the depot. Her pretty legs seemed somewhat bowed, and she walked rather stiffly.

Chapter FIVE

Sex is fun, Cindy decided as she sat between her aunt and uncle on the road to their farm. Here she was, seventeen and sexy -- still buzzing from the big man's fucking -- with hard, jutting tits she now knew were luscious magnets for attracting men, and a juicy little cunt capable of fucking even the biggest cock. Her half-naked tits, she noticed, were attracting her uncle, and her active imagination was already wondering what it would be like to fuck him. He was a nice old guy whom Cindy had seen looking at her lewdly in the past. He'd always looked away when he saw her noticing. But he wasn't looking away now, and his interest made Cindy's young cunt moisten with excitement.

"Look there," her aunt pointed. "Remember the Barnett place? They fixed it up nicely, don't you think?"

Cindy had absolutely no interest in the Barnett place -- or any other place for that matter -- except the place between her uncle's legs. But the subject was opportunity knocking.

"Ohh, how nice," Cindy cooed as they passed by and, feigning great interest, she twisted on the seat to see better, thereby giving her enamored uncle an unobstructed and prolonged view of her ripe young tits and a lot of her legs as she curled and stretched them. When she faced front again, she noticed the big bulge in his pants leg, and she smiled to herself, cock teasing, for Cindy, was fast becoming a fine art, and a means to cunt-splitting fun and pleasure.

When the car pulled in between the old farmhouse and the barn, Cindy's uncle took her bags up to her room, while her aunt chattered about Cindy's previous visits. The family dog came bounding up to Cindy. She happily scratched his ears, only half listening to her aunt's talk about chickens and pigs and horses.

"Aunt Clara," Cindy finally broke in. "I think I'll go up and change."

"Oh. Yes, of course. You go ahead and I'll fix some fresh coffee."

Cindy pranced up the stairs and found her uncle unpacking for her.

"Oh, Uncle Ken," she laughed lightly, closing the door. "You don't have to do that."

"My pleasure," he chuckled. He held up a pair of tiny black panties. "Are these really your panties? They look like they'd fit a doll."

"Well, you used to call me your doll," she reminded him.

Her remark connecting her doll-likeness with her cute little panties aroused him. His eyes burned into her thrusting young tits.

Cindy couldn't bear it another minute. She turned her back to him and said, "I think I'll get out of this city dress. Will you unzip me?"

He dropped her panties into a drawer and moved up behind her. He looked at her reflection in the long mirror she was facing. He pulled the zipper down her back and said, "You've sure grown up in a year."

"Do you really think so?" she asked coyly.

Her neckline slipped on her tits but caught on her spiking pink nipples.

"You know you have," he said huskily, and his hands slipped around her slim waist and gave her dress a tug. It unsheathed her tit, and he ogled them in the mirror as his hands lifted to cup and feel them.

"Ohh, Uncle Ken," Cindy sighed. "I'm glad you did that."

She pushed her dress down over her hips and it slithered to her feet. Her hand reached behind her and she grasped his erect, throbbing hard-on. "Me you going to fuck me?" she whispered, licking her lips sensuously.

His hands squeezed her tits, and he smiled at her mirrored reflection of nubile loveliness. "Is that what you want? To be fucked?"

"Ohhh, yesss," Cindy breathed. She twisted in his arms and slipped hers around his neck. She stood on tiptoes and licked at his mouth as she writhed her hot little cunt on his lustily throbbing cock. "I'm a big girl now," she assured him.

"How big?" he teased. He drew back and said, "Let me see your pussy, Cindy."

Cindy was more than glad to oblige. She spread her lovely legs. When he knelt on the floor to admire her beaver, she thrust her pelvis forward, and with her fingertips, opened the lips of her cunt so he could get an eyeful of the inner folds of her slippery wet flesh.

"I've wanted to see your pussy for years," he confessed, and kissed her cunt warmly, giving her sopping crack a lick that sent thrills shooting thrnugh her. Cindy shuddered and that inflamed him. He thrust his hands between her tensed thighs and gripped her lovely ass-cheeks and sucked her cunt-hole. Then he captured her tingling clit between his teeth and nibbled it as he sucked her to a quick and fierce climax that left her trembling and panting holly.

"Oh... oh... oh," Cindy moaned, humping her wet cunt on his hot, licking mouth. "Eww, you're so nice!"

Ken chuckled at her youthful eagerness and hugged her, kissing her soft hair and fondling one of her ripe tits. "Clam will have coffee and cake for us. Let's act normally and join her. Afterwards, I'll say I have work to do in the barn. You can come out later." He fingered her tight little cunt-hole and added hotly, "Then I'll fuck you all you want."

"Ohhh, Uncle Ken," Cindy shuddered. "I can't wait!"

They met in the barn a half hour later, Cindy looking fresh and fuckable in a tight little T-shirt and a brief denim skirt.

Giggling excitedly, she scrambled up a wooden ladder to the loft while he stared up wide-eyed at her wiggling little ass under her short skirt. At the top of the ladder she laughed sensuously and swung one pretty leg out, exposing her cunt to his hot eyes. When he started after her, she squealed and crawled into the loft.

When Ken reached the loft, he found Cindy sprawled out on a pile of hay, her blue eyes sparkling, her tits heaving with the excitement she was feeling, and her knees drawn up and spread wide. Her lovely blonde cunt was beckoning wetly to him.

"Cindy," he groaned with deep-felt lust. He crawled between her legs and pushed her T-shirt high above her luscious tits and sucked them as he brought out his thick, aching cock. Then, kissing her hot mouth, he lay on her straining young body. He shoved his prick into the slick wetness of her horny cunt.

Cindy moaned and dug her heels into the hay. She lifted her twisting little ass up in the air and fucked frantically on his plunging, driving cock.

The burning wet feeling of his niece's sucking young cunt riding up and down so eagerly on his rigid prick, and her thrusting hard tits pressing against his chest, was driving Ken mad with lust.

"Ohhh, Uncle Ken, your cock's soooo hard," Cindy rasped as she feverishly fucked her slippery little cunt-hole on his prick. Each time he rammed his cock into her lusciously stretched pussy, Cindy could feel his hot nuts slap her writhing ass and his swollen cock-knob stab her womb.

"Ohhh, fuck," she gasped, writhing her squishy young twat around the base of his burrowing dick. "Fuck me, fuck me. Ohhh, fuck the hell out of me!"

With her heels pulling against his ass, Cindy humped her cunt harder and harder on his fucking shaft while she pushed her taut tingling tits against him.

"Mmmm, good," she panted, rapidly pistoning her fiery wet cunt up and down on his driving cock. "Ohhh, fucking is so nice. Ewww, I love you. Fuck it into me! Ohhh, Uncle Ken, how I love cock!"

The sexy feeling of her cunt juices squishing out from between her pussy lips and his pummeling prick seemed to further excite Cindy. She tossed her head, sleepy-eyed, and smiled hotly, sensuously.

"Ohhh, you naughty uncle," she cooed, giving her hot soaking cunt little twists and turns. "Your naughty cock is making my pussy naughty, too!"

Gripping his niece's luscious ass in his hot hands, Ken yanked on her hips and shafted the full length of his long thick cock into her excited hole. He grunted with animal pleasure, feeling her fuck-hole mouthing his cock hungrily, sucking on it. Then he groaned and suddenly shoved a big finger up into her writhing asshole.

"Oh! Yes! Yessss," Cindy squealed with delight. "Fuck me good! Finger-fuck my ass! Ewwwwmmmmm."

Their lust-driven bodies were grinding and bucking hotly in the hay, oblivious to all but this excruciating fuck-pleasure.

"Aaaahhh," little Cindy squealed in ecstasy as his long finger speared into her rectum and titillated her bowels like his plunging cock was titillating her womb.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Uncle Ken," Cindy was crying as she humped both ass and cunt on probing prongs. "Take my ass! Take my pussy! Anything! But fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhh, Uncle Ken. MORRRRRE!"

With his finger imbedded in her twisting ass, Ken was frantically fucking his whole cock into her sopping cunt. Feeling his impending orgasm mounting rapidly, he grinned lewdly at his pretty, horny niece as her pussy began to jerk.

"Oh! Fuck it harder, Uncle Ken, fuck it into me!" she panted, licking his lips with her hot little tongue.

His fucking, ramming cock and squirming, digging finger were driving Cindy's body to the peak of orgasmic expectation as her pleasure mounted to animal intensity almost too much for her youth.

Her uncle chuckled hotly, lustfully, and shoved his cock deep into her cunt and groaned loudly as he shot off his immense load of burning come. Feeling his hot wads splashing into her gasping cunt, Cindy's body jerked violently in quick response.

"Uncle Ken!" she squealed, shuddering and quaking, clawing his back. "I'm COMMMIHNNNG!"

The entire loft shook with their combined throes of passion as cunt and cock drowned one another in tidal waves of lust-juice.

And so began Cindy's seven-day vacation in the country. Later, when her fucked out uncle, who apparently was not accustomed to energetic fucking, left, she remained alone in the loft, playing with her tit, and pussy with new-found abandon. Keeping both her T-shirt and her skirt high and out of the way, she smiled with pleasure, rocking and writhing as her tits tingled and her juicy young cunt grew excited again beneath her fingers.

Hearing a noise below, Cindy froze, gasping, thinking it was her aunt. When she stole a peek over the edge of the loft and saw Baron, the hound, foraging for food, she laughed and blurted, "Baron! You wait right there!"

Cindy scrambled down the ladder with her cunt leaking her uncle's jism -- and probably some of Leroy's -- and her young mind was alive with visions of the lewd idea which had gripped her.

When her feet touched the barn floor, the dog scampered up to her to be panted. Cindy laughed and leaned over to tousle his floppy ears, making him growl with pleasure.

"You like that, huh?" she giggled. "Well, I know something you'll like even more." She stood up and pranced toward the door, slapping her thigh with her hand. "Come on, Baron. Come on, boy."

The dog happily bounced after her. Cindy led him a merry chase out of the barn, away from the buildings, across the field, down into the woods to her favorite spot, a cozy little grotto of fresh greenery near a babbling brook. It was the place she had come every year as a little girl to lie naked and rub her pussy till she was heady with delicious feelings.

Sam Dunne saw the lovely girl and came to get a closer look.

"Hi, who are you?" Cindy said.

"I'm Sam Dunne," he said.

Cindy could tell by the bulge in his pants that he liked what he saw.

"Looks like I've made you horny. You want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Well, yes, but..."

Cindy grasped his stiff hard-on. "Don't think about it," she said temptingly. "Just fuck me." She slowly milked his cock teasingly in his pants.

Sam leaned down and kissed her mouth.

Her lovely thighs clamped on his thrusting hips and her knees pumped up and down excitedly. She was moaning passionately in time with Sam's mighty cock thrusts. Soon she was writhing far more hotly and Sam knew the culmination of her horny and urgent motion would be the lovely girl's youthful climax. Cindy was almost there, on the brink of the erotic pleasure she craved, reaching for it with every fiber of her being.

Now Sam fucked her as if she were his daughter, fantasizing his pretty daughter as he fucked Cindy viciously. For her part, Cindy relished his brutal cock driving so stiffly up her cunt. She wrapped her arms and her legs around her new lover, and fucked happily on this fresh man-cock. Young girl and older man panted with mutual pleasure, their lust building up to the inevitable heights from which both would plummet in ecstasy. With animal passion, he reared and plunged, his massive cock driving into her hot, slick fuck-hole with a fury that lifted them both towards the heady peaks of erode mania.

Aching for their mutual pleasure, Cindy groaned and slithered her hot hand down to tease his heavy nuts with her fingers. It was an instinctive thing to do, meant to delight any male fortunate enough to be fucking her, his swollen prick so firmly up into her little cunt and her pussy walls sucking on his cock.

The blasting of Sam's cock could not have been resisted, any more than detonated dynamite can be resisted. Once the charging come started out of his balls and up his cock, it had to ejaculate. Cindy moaned and quivered with each expulsion of hot come in her frantic belly.

Sam felt the girl stiffen, jerk, shudder, and then go limp from their shared moment of ecstasy. Cindy lay gasping and writhing, a soft, furry piece of young cunt, a thoroughly fucked teen.

Reluctantly, Sam withdrew his spent, dripping cock from her steaming young pussy.

He was utterly captivated by the young girl. When the rampage subsided he lay beside her and held her in his arms, exploring every inch of her supple body with his hand. Cindy preened under his petting fingers, feeling pretty and lovable, comfy and cozy.

Then they talked -- about Cindy and man cocks, about Cindy and her furry little cunt, and she learned that Sam's farm was only a mile away.

"Oh!" Cindy laughed. "You're that Mr. Dunne! The one with the new tractor. My uncle talks about you all the time. And, your wife is my aunt's friend!"

"And who are your aunt and uncle?" Sam queried, molding his hand to one of her firm young tits.

She told him and he laughed. "Then I guess we're neighbors!" He squeezed her delightful tit.

"For a week anyway," Cindy said, pressing her tit hard against his hand. "That's wonderful! We can have lots of fun while I'm here."

"Can we?"

"Of course!" Cindy giggled.

She stretched out to display her beautiful young body and cooed, "Do you like everything I have?"

In silent reply, Sam's eyes feasted on her as his big hand smoothed across both ripe tits, over her rib cage and belly, down to her thighs and pussy. His eyes returned to hers and he murmured, "will you do something for me?"

"Anything!" Cindy laughed.

Sam looked away from her wide, innocent blue eyes and muttered, "Well, it might seem a strange request from a man my age. Maybe a little kookie. But I've never been alone like this with such a pretty girl -- I mean, a girl like you, so soft and warm and willing, and, well..." He broke off, reluctant to express a desire that a young girl might reject or ridicule or laugh at.

"Oh, please tell me," Cindy breathed, touching his cock tenderly. "What would you like? Do you want to see how I play with myself? Is that it? Or do you want me to get absolutely naked? What? Is it my ass you want? Is that it? You want to fuck a young girl's ass?"

"No, none of those things," Sam said as his prick stiffened in her hand.

"What, then?" Cindy urged. "Do you want me to suck, your cock?"

His throbbing prick made him less self-conscious, bolder, and he blurted, "I want you to walk with me through the woods."

Cindy's pretty mouth fell open. "Is that all?"

Sam chuckled. "Well, at first, yes. I can't explain it, but I've always wanted to walk through the woods with a lovely girl. I never got to as a boy. I wasn't very popular."

Cindy's heart went out to him. "Oh, you poor man! Of course I'll do it. I'll do anything for you. Would you like me to he naked?"

Sam avoided her eyes again and said, "Well, that's the kookie part. I'd like you to be fully covered, you're... pretty, with your sexy body covered by your clothes... as if I saw you on the street."

Cindy's eyes brightened. "Oh, I understand!" she emoted.

And she did. She got to her feet and smoothed her brief skirt down, then lowered her T-shirt and tugged at it till her ripe young tits pointed deliciously from it. Sam's eyes devoured her every curve.

"Come on," Cindy laughed, offering her hand. As they started out along the stream, she cooed, "And you look all you want."

Sam Dunne's repressed desire was released. He eyed Cindy's golden hair in the sunlight, watched her tits bounce when she ran, ogled the swing as she preceded him through the woods. Later, helping her over a fallen tree, he peeked between her lovely legs at her naked, furry cunt.

Alter a particularly steep climb, Cindy rested against a tree, panting, her thrusting young tits straining against her T-shirt, and Sam watched them hotly, freely and with obvious pleasure. "Linda often stops here and leans against this tree," he murmured.

Instantly, Cindy understood. "And what would you like to do to your daughter when she stands like this?" she cooed. Sam's cock threatened to bunt through his pants. Cindy whispered, "Make believe I'm your daughter."

That unleashed the man's lust and he suddenly pressed up against Cindy, kissed her soft welcoming mouth feverishly, and thrust his aching hard-on between her firm thighs and rubbed it against her crotch. His hands trembled over her lithe young body, one filling with her nimble as, the other attacking her tits.

Cindy moaned as the impassioned man pulled her to the pound. Her lovely legs went wide and she tore at his pants to grab his raging cock and force it into her hot wet pussy. Then, sighing happily, she fucked him to a fantastic, gut-searing orgasm and came wetly on his spearing, spitting cock.

Afterwards, as they lay stroking each other's sex organs, Cindy kissed him and asked, "When you take walks with your daughter, do you look at her like you looked at me and peek under her dress and steal feels of her ass?"

"Yes," Sam replied thickly.

"And does she wear sexy things and go without panties when she's with you?" Cindy pressed.

"Why all the questions?" Sam wanted to know.

"Just answer me. Does she?"

"Well, yes. Why?"

Cindy gave his prick a gentle, squeeze and said, "Listen to me. Your daughter wants you to fuck her."

"What? Linda? Never! You're mistaken! Why, Linda's only eighteen -- a sweet, young..."

"Listen to me!" Cindy yelled, giving his cock a tighter squeeze to get his attention. "She wants to fuck as much as you do, only she's afraid. Not of you. She's afraid she'll like it. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. When I was fourteen, all I could think about was getting fucked -- how nice it would be, how much I'd come and come and come. But I was afraid of strange men. If my dad had been home, I'm sure I'd have let him fuck me. Your daughter really wants you to fuck her. If you can see her pussy when you help her over racks and trees and if she stands at that tree with her tits heaving at you like mine were, take my word for it, she's horny for your fatherly cock and she's secretly hoping you'll rape her and help her get rid of her fears."

"Jesus!" Sam exclaimed, but his eyes revealed that he was now a believer.

"Adults don't know everything," Cindy said.

Sam studied her pretty face for a moment. "Are you sure about this?" he asked.

Cindy giggled and cooed, "I'm a girl, ain't I?"

"You sure are!" he said, and he rolled on top of her and fucked her again, viciously and anxiously.

In the days that passed, Cindy saw very little of Sam Dunne as a sex partner, but on several occasions she saw him from a distance, walking through the woods with his daughter. Once, out of curiosity, Cindy trailed them and came upon them in some underbrush. She could see only the lower portion of their bodies, but that was enough. Slim young female legs were up in the air in a wide V and big hairy male legs were thrashing on the ground. From Cindy's vantage point she could see the female cunt strangling the huge male cock, and the teen was jouncing up and down happily and gasping, "Ohh, Dad, fuck me, fuck me! DAD! I'm coming again! Ohhhhhmmmmm, Dad!"

Chapter SIX

Cindy was a luscious beauty -- that face was sufficiently clear to her.

When she stood before her bedroom mirror she saw the makings of a super sexual girl.

Cindy surveyed her naked body in the long mirror on her bedroom wall. She cupped her luscious young tits in her gentle hands and admired her pink nipples. The tips of her forefingers teased them into hardness. It made her feel good.

A flash of light and a clap of thunder made her look toward the window. A dull, dreary day, pouring rain, and keeping her housebound.

She sat on the edge of her bed and stared musingly at the sheets of rain outside the window. Her mind wandered. She'd arrived home yesterday and it had been raining then, but even so, her mother went out, leaving Cindy alone. Diana Simpson was not at home today either. She had gone out to "an important job interview".

Cindy wondered what her mother was up to. From the moment Cindy had arrived home from vacation, Diana seemed different -- guarded, a little shifty-eyed, secretive, almost guilty about something. Cindy wondered about that, but only until her eyes traveled back to the mirror and the lovely image of her pretty face, taut young tits, flat belly, shapely legs and furry little twat.

"Ummm," Cindy moaned, stroking her fingers over her cunt. She wondered what would help her to maximize her autoerotic pleasure. Maybe one of her mother's books.

She got up and pranced naked out of her room, down the hall and into her mother's bedroom. She remembered reading a pretty horny passage in a novel and she squatted in front of the bookcase, searching with her eyes as her dainty fingers continued to tantalize her pussy.

She couldn't find the book she wanted. Maybe her mother was reading it. She moved to the bedstand, but it wasn't there either. Turning away, a partly open dresser drawer caught her eye. Her eyes rested on a book and an oblong box. Curious as a kitten, she lifted both out of the drawer and sat on the bed with them.

Opening the book, she found pages upon pages of glossy photos of naked men and women in all sorts of fuck positions. Opening the oblong box, she found a nine-inch blue plastic vibrator.

"Oh!" she gasped.

Hugging both items to her tremulous tits, she ran back to her room and, panting with anticipation, threw herself laughing onto her bed on her back. Holding the book aloft, her blue eyes darted and danced over a picture of an evil looking old man fucking the hell out of a pretty young girl, who was chained to a stone wall -- apparently a slave in a dungeon.

"Ewww," Cindy cooed, captivated by the lascivious scene. With wide eyes glued to the erotic picture, she eased the bullet-shaped vibrator into her cunt.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. She started twisting her cunt as she pulled six inches of the slick plastic cock into her little fuck-hole. Then, holding her breath, she flipped the switch.

"Ohhh!" she cried as the thick artificial cock buzzed and vibrated deep in her pussy. She stared hotly at the photo and humped her ass wildly.

There was a little problem of turning pages and holding the vibrator in her cunt at the same time. With a saucy little laugh, she drew one foot up and pressed her heel against the fuck-tool. Then she turned pages to her heart's content, fucking on the big electric dildo passionately, coming constantly on it as the full nine inches worked its way up into her twat.

"Mm, mmm, MMMM!" she was moaning, writhing her juicy little cunt-hole on the electrifying cock-toy. She was so engrossed in the book, so horny with lust, so dizzy with repetitive coming, that she never heard the front door open and close or the footsteps approach her room.

"Cindy!" Diana Simpson shrieked in horror.

"Mother!" the panting girl gasped as her pussy completed another come with violent jerks.

Diana's eyes darted over her daughter's contorted features, her sharply thrusting tits, her soaked, leaking cunt. With maternity overcoming horror, she ran to the bed, to her feverish, panting teen.

"Ohh, Cindy, Cindy," she lamented, removing the slickened dildo from the girl's wet cunt and smoothing her damp hair back out of her eyes. She sat on the bed, stroking Cindy's brow. "Are you all right?"

"All right?" Cindy queried. "I'm marvelous!"

Diana jumped away from her in another kind of horror. She stood up and stared at her sparkling, smiling daughter in disbelief. But there was no escaping the truth. She gazed upward in a gesture of hopelessness. Then, maternal concern turning into maternal indignation, she glared at Cindy and said, "Here I am worrying about your God-damned morals, running all over this shitty town just to get laid once in a while, and all the time you're about as virginal as my ass! Cindy, how could you!"

"But, mother," Cindy objected. "How could I tell you? You're not the easiest person to talk to. I mean, you still treat me like a child and I just never got the chance to talk to you."

Diana started to defend her position, but she bit her tongue, looking at her lovely daughter's womanish body. Suddenly she burst into laughter and ran to Cindy and hugged her and cued, "Oh... I'm sorry, Cindy, I'm sorry! Can you forgive an old mother hen?"

"Sure," Cindy laughed with her, hugging her in return. "Only let's be friends instead of mother and daughter."

Diana drew back and teased one of Cindy's pink nipples playfully. "Just what are you suggesting, young lady?"

Cindy giggled and, with youthful candor, said, "Oh, Mother, let's fuck our asses off! Together! Bring your men home to your bed. And I'll bring my friends home, too. We'll share."


"Yes! Yes!" Cindy cried excitedly. "You can fuck my men and I'll fuck your men. No jealousy, no possessiveness, just fuck, fuck, fuck! Ohh, Mother, we can go through life having loads and loads of fun!"

Diana was stunned by the idea, but she said affectionately, "How you've grown."

"Then we'll do it?" Cindy laughed. "Please say yes! I don't want to sneak around."

"Neither do I," Diana admitted.

"Well, then?" Cindy pressed.

Diana paced the floor, head lowered in deep thought. When she finally looked up again, she was smiling. Her ample tits were high, her eyes were twinkling, and she laughed, "Why not!"

"Ohhh, MOTHERRRRRR!" Cindy squealed with delight. She leapt from the bed and threw herself into her mother's welcoming arms and shed tears of happiness.

"Let's start tight now!" Cindy blurted.

"And how would we do that?" Diana asked.

"Mr. Barrett," Cindy laughed. "We'll get him over here on some pretext."

"Barrett!" Diana yelped. "Has that old geezer been fucking you?"

"Yes, yesss," Cindy panted. "And Uncle Ken and Baron and there was this big man on the train and then there were the three men at the beach and..."

"Whoa! Whoa!" Diana laughed. "This sounds interesting."

She sat her breathless daughter on the bed and said, "Since we're going to be friends."

She stripped naked and lay across the bed. She took her vibrator into her chunky wet gash. Switching on the juice, she said, "Now tell me every single delicious detail of how men have been fucking your cute body. And don't leave out a thing!"

"Oh, Mother!" Cindy giggled. "You're beautiful like this! Here. Let me work the vibrator for you and I'll tell you things that'll get you so horny you'll come in buckets!"

Chapter SEVEN

It was a week later.

Cindy didn't arrive home till well after dark, and then it was to find the house unlighted except for her mother's bedroom. There was a young man with her and she cautioned him to be quiet. They stood in the living room, he in swim trunks, she in her little bikini, suppressing their chuckles and giggles as they listened to some very familiar music. From the bedroom came the sweet sounds of a woman moaning passionately and a man grunting with animal pleasure. The chorus was the loud, incessant, rhythmic squeaking of rapidly jouncing bedsprings.

Unable to resist any longer, Cindy took her companion by the hand and pulled him into her mother's room.

"Mr. Barrett!" Cindy squealed, seeing the old satyr ramming his bony cock into her mother's asshole.

"Well," Diana laughed, obviously drunk with sex. "If it isn't my long-lost daughter. Is this any time for a nice girl to be coming home?" Her glazed eyes traveled over the young man's swim trunks, stuffed now with a beefy cock aroused by the sight of Diana getting fucked so hotly. "And who is this?"

Barrett withdrew his slimy wet cock from Diana's twitching asshole, and Cindy was mesmerized by it. She managed to say, "Oh, this is Mark. He's a lifeguard."

"Is that so?" Diana cooed, rolling onto her back and displaying her voluptuous body. "Well, he can save my life right now by filling my horny tnt with that anchor between his legs."

"That's what he's here for," Cindy giggled. "Right, Mark?"

"Right," he said hotly. He moved up to Diana and stood grinning handsomely as the hot woman frantically peeled his trunks down.

Cindy smiled at Barrett and said, "Where is Mrs. Barrett?"

"I gave her her sleeping pill early," he chortled. That tickled Cindy and she giggled, climbing onto the bed. She stepped to the head of the bed and leaned against the wall. "Eat my cunt," she said hotly to Barrett.

Barrett crawled to her on all fours, eyes devouring her slim young legs and sexy hips. He reached up and pulled the little bows of her bikini bottom and watched it slip from her body to expose her delicious young snatch -- all pink and moist, topped with silky blonde curls. He went after her young cunt with his mouth. Cindy removed her bikini top and, squeezing her tits, she watched Mark's strapping young body on her mother's as Barrett sucked her cunt.

Barrett used his thumbs to spread open Cindy's lovely hot cunt. It drooled before him, her pink clit quivering like a tiny prick. He sucked it into his mouth and gave it thrilling licks with his tongue. Cindy gasped and humped her pelvis at him, reaching for more sensation and pleasure. He gave her burning young twat long licks, drawing his tantalizing tongue from the bottom of her wet crack up to her thrusting clit.

With the taste of her sweet pussy in his mouth, he lapped up her oozing young juices, the erotic odor of her hungry cunt assailing his nostrils till he thirsted for more. Sucking hotly on her clit now, he stuck his big finger well up into her churning fuck-hole and worked it in and out like a stiff cock until Cindy was groaning in heat and humping furiously in her desire to get more of his finger up into her belly. Barrett complied until she was on the heady verge of coming violently, then he withdrew his sticky wet finger and licked his hot tongue all around her cunt lips, moist slit and tingling clit. Cindy was shaking.

"Ohhh, don't tease me," she whimpered weakly, thrashing her pussy wildly. "Please, please. Your tongue! Give me your tongue! Ohh, let me fuck on it! Shove it up my hole. Ohhh, you've got me so hot! Please, pleasssse!"

Chuckling evilly, Barrett teased her churning cunt with his lips, tongue and teeth till Cindy was red hot and ripe for anything. Then he got his arms around her swiveling hips and grasped her nice soft asscheeks and pulled her loins to his face. Gasping passionately, Cindy lifted one knee onto his shoulder. This made her pretty twat open wide like a hungry mouth. Barrett riveted his mouth to her wet gash and let his thick tongue burrow between her pussy lips, into her tight and tense narrow channel.

"Oh! Ohh! Ohhhh!" Cindy cried hotly. She writhed her soaked pussy on his foraging tongue.

Barrett peered up and watched her trembling hands maul her taut young tits as he fucked his tongue in and out of her writhing pussy. Cindy whimpered and moaned and grunted and sighed, her whole body twisting, jerking, vibrating.

"I'm COMMMMIIINNNGGGG!" she squealed, panting. Barrett drank deeply at the trough of her flooding cunt.

"Ohhhhmmmmm," she moaned as he went on sucking, licking and drinking.

Her hot eyes darted to her mother who had been watching her with interest. They exchanged smiles.

"Ewww, you horny fucker," Diana said to Mark. "Fuck me!" She opened her mouth for his tongue.

Mark shoved his tongue down her throat and drove the magnificent length of his stalwart cock up into her churning hot belly, fucking her guts till she came like crazy.

"Ohhh," Diana moaned with satisfaction. She peered up at her daughter, who was smoothly riding her loving cunt on Barrett's mouth and tongue. "It's awfully sweet of you to let me fuck him," she purred.

"The minute he fucked me I just knew you'd like to meet him," Cindy said. "Besides, I like variety. It's terrific to be fucked by a horny stud like Mark, but it's also nice to be licked by a man like Mr. Barrett."

Suddenly, Diana grabbed Cindy's arms and pulled her down flat on the bed. Mark helped her.

Brett chortled, got into fucking position, and eased his long potent prick back. He took a deep breath, and drove his cock into her to the hilt. Before Cindy could recover from the shock of it, he reared again and plunged again -- then again and again, faster, harder, until he was grunting, sweating, ramming his wet stony cock viciously into her palpitating, writhing pussy-hole.

"Ohhh, Mama!" Cindy gasped. "Ow! Ew! Noooo. Ow! Please. Not so hard! Owwwww! Ohh, I can't stand it!" Her eyes rolled, her mouth went slack under Mark's, her tits shivered beneath Barrett's sucking mouth, and her hot cunt went crazy on his ramming cock.

Diana was hot-eyed, watching her daughter getting royally fucked, and she held on to Cindy's twisting arms with sadistic pleasure. "Give it to her!" she yelled at Barrett. "Fuck the hell out of her! Ram it to her! Harder, God damnit! Rip her womb apart with your cock!"

Driven to extreme heights of lust by Diana's outbursts and Cindy's wonderfully tight cunt, Barrett turned bestial and bit into the swooning girl's thrusting hard tits and burrowed his cock into her sore, wet pussy. Chuckling lewdly, he chewed one of her pink nipples and, gripping her asscheeks tensely, he crashed the length of his throbbing cock into her fuck-hole. Burying it, hot nuts to squirming ass, he held it in her cunt and began fucking from there, never rearing more than an inch, crushing her pussy lips beneath his grinding pelvis, driving the big head of his prick incessantly into her fragile, quivering womb fucking it deep, fast and hard. His toes dug into the carpet for increased leverage and power, his hands squeezed Cindy's asscheeks till she howled, and his vicious cock pounded away with ferocity at her deepest, hottest cunt flesh.

Cindy screamed. Her body went rigid, lifted, thrust, arched. Then it quivered violently, shaking wildly as she squealed, "I'm COMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Barrett's crazed cock erupted like a volcano and blasted great gushes of lava-like come into Cindy's twisting, flooding young cunt. It pumped and pumped, still fucking hard into her searing twat, forcing Cindy to squirm and coil and twist and come and come and come, tilt at last, she was reduced to a groaning, writhing mass of hot young flesh. Only then did Barrett release her, satisfied.

"Ohhhhhh," Cindy moaned when Mark and Diana let her go. She crossed her arms over her belly and curled up, groaning, as if she'd been pummeled in the guts, which she had been -- from the inside.

Diana laughed and said, "I told you to respect your elders."

Mark slapped Barrett on the back and complimented him on a fuck well done.

Cindy, listening to all this gaiety at her expense, waited till she could move again. Then, with impish delight, she suddenly threw herself onto her back, head to pillow, blue eyes flashing, and pretty legs spread wide. "That was a nice appetizer," she giggled, "but a girl needs some real cock, too." Her hot young eyes fastened on Mark's erect dripping cock and she cooed, "Mark? Why don't you put out the fire this boy scout started?"

All four burst into laughter at her little game and they good-naturedly switched partners, Mark fucking Cindy's pretty cunt and Barrett shoving his cock into Diana's soft sucking mouth. They sucked and fucked till the wee hours of the morning.

Chapter EIGHT

Cindy promised her mother she'd be very careful, so that the neighborhood would keep its collective noses out of their private sexual lives, and she was true to her word. When she ran errands for her mother, Cindy behaved admirably, always sweet, kind and polite, looking as guileless as a virgin. She didn't like it, but she went along, giving Diana the benefit of the doubt. Actually, Cindy felt like stripping naked, getting on a rooftop and shouting to the world that she was free, fucked and fantastically happy. She suppressed this urge.

Looking like a demure child with a prematurely developed body, but feeling like a developed young woman behaving like a child, Cindy dutifully hopped on her bicycle to run an errand for her mother. She pedaled across the street and onto the sidewalk, looking fresh and alluring in tight white shads and pink sweater, her hour-glass figure pleasant to the eye. Coasting down the street, she waved cheerily, to an older couple who were sitting on their front porch.

"Hello, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Brown," she called on her way by.

They looked after her and the woman said, "Such a sweet girl."

"Yes," agreed Frank Brown. When his wife resumed her knitting, he followed Cindy's body with his hungry eyes. Cindy was pedaling her bike while standing up on the pedals, and Frank's eyes riveted to her cute ass as it swayed to and fro, and he was fast to notice that her tight young crotch was twisting on the horn of the seat.

Cindy had no doubt that Mr. Brown's eyes were on her ass or that beneath his newspaper ached a huge hard-on. Most of the neighborhood men ate her up with their eyes. She was used to it. She smiled to herself and concentrated on the good feelings she was getting by letting her pussy rub on the bike seat.

On her return trip Cindy was thinking about her mother's vibrator and picture book. All this bike riding and pussy teasing had gotten her horny.

"Cindy!" Frank Brown called before she could ride by. "Wait a minute, will you?"

Cindy braked at the fence as he came up to her. "Yes, Mr. Brown?"

"Martha made up some jam and was going to bring a jar over to your mother, but she's gone to visit her sister. Why don't you come inside and get it?"

Cindy was mildly surprised. She knew Mr. Brown lusted after her like other men. But right now there was a sense of urgency to his request, and as she got off her bike she noticed a rather overlarge bulge in his pants.

The man put an arm around her slim waist as he guided her up the walk and, inside the house, he passed his hand between her shoulder blades. Just as he had thought -- the saucy bitch was braless! Standing close to her, his hand stroking her soft pink sweater, he eyed the delightful thrust of her taut young tits with renewed interest. How perfect! How pointed! How mouth-watering!

"How you've grown," he said thickly.

"Mr. Brown," Cindy cooed, giving her ripe tits a little lift, "you shouldn't be looking at me like that."

A tremor ran through the man and his kindly eyes took on a glitter of surging lust. "I can't help it," he said, trembling. "Cindy. I... I've got to kiss you!"

"Why, Mr. Brown!" Cindy gasped, letting him pull her body to his.

"Please. Just one," he begged, beside himself now with passionate desire. "You're so pretty."

"Oh, I couldn't," Cindy panted, parting her lips.

Brown's mouth covered hers and he pressed her slim supple body against him. Cindy made a little show of struggling against this outage, pressing her fists against his chest, moaning in protest, as she squeezed her hard-tipped tits against him and writhed her cunt on his suddenly enormous prick. Her tongue gave his a lick that drove him over the line, as she knew it would.

"No, noooo," she panted as he lowered her presumably struggling body to the sofa, and she whimpered and twisted as he hotly bared her heaving tits and mouthed them wetly. Groveling at her luscious nipples, he attacked her shorts with one hand, feeling them, rubbing the crotch, then feverishly unzipping them. Sucking a vibrant pink nipple hungrily, he shoved his big hand into her shorts, over her silky blonde hair, to her squirming wet cunt. Gasping on her thrusting tits, he felt her slit forcefully and his middle finger found her sweet fuck-hole tight but unobstructed.

"Jesus," he groaned, driving the finger up into her, "you aren't a virgin!"

"Ohhh, Mr. Brown," Cindy moaned, churning her bike-heated cunt on his probing finger, "you shouldn't make me feel this way."

Brown groaned with surging lust to hear that Cindy was being made horny by his attack. It encouraged him and, with uncontrollable passion, he pulled her shorts down over her knees, along her legs and off her feet. He stared hot-eyed at the youngest, prettiest, pinkest cunt he ever saw -- a juicy sandwich grown agitated between her smooth, nervous thighs.

Out of his mind with lust, Brown tore at his pants and brought out his long, bony, wet cock. Gripping it tensely in a fist, he fell in a fever on the moaning, defenseless girl. He filled her mouth with his tongue and her cunt with his cock.

Cindy moaned hotly and, giving up all pretense, wrapped her trembling legs around his thrusting hips. She sucked his tongue, clawed his back, and humped her hungry, slip-sliding young cunt hard on his driving, stabbing cock. His lengthy prick was made for long, delicious strokes and Cindy went mad for this style of fucking. His cock slipped back, wrapped in the hot meat of her clinging cunthole, then lunged back into her quivering belly. His nuts crashed into her writhing ass and cunt lips each time his cock thrust into her slit.

The shaft pistoned rapidly, growing wetter and wetter with each clip into her squishy little pussy. When he sucked her tits to increase her pleasure, Cindy cried out with delight and, thrilling to this glorious fucking, she dropped her heels to the sofa and thrust her ass up jerkily, holding her twisting, humping cunt in mid-air to facilitate the long deep ramming of his thick cock.

"Ohhhh," Cindy bellowed. "I'm... I'm... COMMMIIINNNGGGG! Ewwwwww, fuck it to me! Mmmmmm!"

Her pretty head jerked spastically and her whole body quivered with rapture as her soaking cunt flooded his deep-fucking, come-spitting ramrod. "Oh, ohh, ohhhh," she moaned hotly as her cunt sucked up his big load of hot come, tingling to the splashes of thick juice spilling into her hot belly. Brown grunted animalistically, fucking against her writhing young womb viciously as he pumped his very guts into the squirming cunt.

When he released her, Cindy collapsed panting on the sofa, cupping her hard, tingling tits and curling kittenishly in obvious pleasure.

Brown was thoroughly smitten. "If you only knew what you do to a man," he said lustily, his hot eyes devouring her lovely naked body. "I have to see all of you."

Drunk with flaming desires, he rolled her over onto her thrusting young tits and, to Cindy's surprise, fell on her ass, kissing it rapturously.

"Why, Mr. Brown!" Cindy gasped, thrilling to his hands and lips and tongue. He grew so feverishly excited that her whole ass was left glistening with his hot saliva. Not yet satisfied, he parted her asscheeks with his anxious thumbs and flicked his tongue over her asshole. "What a sweet asshole you have," he groaned. He thrust his tongue into it.

"Oh!" Cindy gasped as the hot thing invaded her tight but wet asshole. "You make me feel so naughty!"

To prove it, she got up on her knees and, with her face and tits pressed to the sofa, she held her ass aloft for him. Grunting like a pig at a trough of slop, he burrowed his tongue into her wriggly asshole and sucked her out, while his fingers dug into her cunt through her hot come-juice mingled with his slimy jism. Cindy came almost instantly, rocking and moaning and gyrating her ass to excite him to further experiments.

Intoxicated by the combined odors of Cindy's asshole and cunt, he wrapped his arms around her swiveling hips and feasted royally on her, licking and sucking her asshole, cunt and clit, drawing his hot tongue all over her burning crotch area from pussy to ass. This drove Cindy mad with female lust.

"Ohhh, fuck me again!" she cried. "Give me your cock! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me!"

Brown climbed gasping onto the sofa behind her and fulfilled both her wishes. He thrust his prick into her gushy twat. When his ramming cock was drenched with her pussy juice, he urged it up into her ass, fucking just as hard there. Then he let his prick plop out of her tight asshole and back into her delicious young cunt. Rhythmically, he transferred his cock from cunt to asshole, from asshole to cunt-fucking, driving, ramming, now in this gash, now in that slit, now here, now there -- until Cindy was a breathless, quivering hunk of hot female flesh, coming repeatedly.

The result was one truly fucked Cindy and one happy neighbor, both of whom were exhausted as Cindy lay moaning and writhing beneath his hot gaze of satisfaction.

"I came six times!" she gasped, squeezing her delighted tits.

"You're a beautiful child," Brown said. "And I thought you were a nice man," Cindy cooed, smiling impishly.

"That was nice, wasn't it?"

Cindy got up and pulled on her shorts to stem the flow of his oozing come from her twat. "I just didn't know you were that kind of man," she said, putting her sweater on. She went to the door, puzzled about something.

"Drop by tomorrow evening," Brown said. "Mrs. Brown won't be home."

Cindy didn't reply. She pranced down the steps to her bike, straddled the seat, and pedaled away, still short of breath.

She arrived home to find her mother ensconced in the recliner, her lewd eyes fixed on her erotic picture book, her twat choking her vibrator, the buzzing sound muffled by her bushy snatch. Cindy sank heavily onto the sofa and heaved a sigh.

"What is it?" Diana asked, setting the book down and turning off the pseudo-cock. "You look absolutely glowing!"

"I've just been fucked!" Cindy emoted.

"Oh? Who was the lucky man?"

"Mr. Brown."

"Mr. Brown!" Diana exclaimed, extracting the soaked dildo from her swollen cunt. "Well, well. I guess we never know where our next cock will come from."

"Just look at me!" Cindy cried, spreading her legs and looking down at her wet shorts.

"Darling, you shouldn't tease your mother when she's horny," Diana said. She went over to Cindy and dropped to her knees, unzipping her daughter's damp shorts. "Mmmmm, I can smell his come. Let me see what the nasty man did to you."

She drew Cindy's shorts down and gazed at her come-smeared white thighs. Cindy's sweet cunt was oozing more come. "Mmmmm," Diana moaned again and started licking up the male jism. "This is how cats clean their kittens. Sensual."

Cindy caught her breath as her mother's soft lips touched her cunt, and she gasped when Diana dipped out hot come with her tongue. When her thighs and pussy were spotless and Diana was still licking, Cindy squealed, "Mother! You're EATING me!"

"Don't be silly, darling," Diana laughed sensuously, and resumed eating her pretty daughter's darling young cunt. But when Cindy splayed her legs and panted, "Ewww, suck me," Diana stood up.

"What a hot piece you are," she laughed. "It's all Mr. Brown's fault! And he said he wanted to give me a jar of jam!"

"Where is it?" Diana asked.

Cindy giggled. "I guess I forgot it."

Chapter NINE

Cindy felt dwarfed as she stood on the plush carpet before the large oaken desk of the most powerful man in town.

"Now let me get this straight," Ernie 'King' Stern said around the big cigar in his mouth. "Some guys in a bar steered you to me and you want me to do this job for you, but you don't have any money."

Cindy fought down her nervousness as the big man's cold eyes stared right through her. "I was told you can do anything," she said weakly.

"That's true. But it costs, sweetheart, it costs. You need about two bills."

"Well, yes, I know, but, well, I thought maybe... I mean, I don't have any money, but, well, don't you think I'm pretty?"

King Stern's steely eyes moved over her curve-filled minidress, but they didn't light up like Cindy expected, they would. "Pussy?" he laughed. "You want to trade your ass? What makes you think it's worth two hundred bucks?"

Afraid that he was turning her down, Cindy blurted, "But I need your help. Please help me. I'll do anything, anything! You can eat me and fuck my pussy and my ass, too. I'll suck your cock -- as many times as you want me to. But please, help me."

King leaned back in his chair and laughed till Cindy reddened with embarrassment. "Sweetheart," he said, "your cunt may be at a premium back home, but pussies like yours are a dime a dozen to me. I have movie actresses that pay off their debts to me with their asses. I fuck the mayor's wife every Wednesday night."

"Oh!" Cindy gasped, impressed.

King went on. "Just last night a broad who couldn't pay up brought me her two daughters as gifts. Her daughter sucked my cock and I fucked her other daughter till she passed out."

"Goodness!" Cindy gasped, feeling heat in her aroused cunt.

"And you offer me your body?" King chuckled.

"But what can I do?" Cindy cried helplessly.

"Earn the bread," King said. "You look like a nice kid to me. I'll tell you what I'll do. You go downstairs to the restaurant. Sit in the corner booth near the window. I'll send some guys who'll pay to fuck you. In a few days you'll have two bills -- then come and see me."

"A few days!" Cindy exclaimed. "But I wanted you to help me now, this afternoon!"

The phone rang and King took a few minutes to dispatch some business concerning race horses. Then he said, "I ain't Santa Claus. My time's valuable and I don't do nothing for nothing."

Another phone rang, and as King muttered about shipments from Turkey, Cindy admired his gold watch, big diamond ring and ruby stickpin. Hanging up, King said, "Run along, sweetheart. I'm busy."

The phone rang again. King listened as Cindy went to the door. "Hold it, kid," he said, then into the phone, "No sweat, Pete. I've got just what we need." He hung up and said, "This is your lucky day. I can help you."

"Oh, you can?" Cindy cried.

King looked at his watch. "Yeah. For two hours of your time. A little job for you. It pays a C-note an hour. I'll keep the bread and do that little job for you."

"What do I have to do?" Cindy asked cautiously.

"Does it matter?" King asked.

A chauffeured limousine transported them to a huge mansion on the outskirts of town, the big rumpus room of which, Cindy saw with dazzled eyes, was transformed into a large movie set.

King took Cindy to a big fat man and said, "This is Pete. Now you just do what he says and while you're working, I'll go and do that job for you."

"But, what..." Cindy stammered.

King looked pained. He took Cindy by the shoulders. "Time is money, sweetheart, so don't waste it. Just do as you're told. It's very simple. You're gonna fuck while these cameramen take movies."

Cindy gasped and stood open-mouthed as King hurried away.

"Okay. On the set, everybody!" Pete called. To Cindy he said, "Just get naked and go over to that bench over there."

Cindy haltingly stripped and moved into the glare of blinding lights.

"Alice! Betty!" Pete yelled. "Come out here. This chick looks cold. Get her in the mood."

Cindy stood gasping as two young and nude girls surrounded her and giggled and kissed her and felt her up and licked their red tongues all over her flesh. It felt like a thousand tongues were licking into her asshole and pussy and over her tense young tits.

"Ohhh," Cindy moaned shortly. "I'm in the mood! I'm in the mood!"

The sucking mouths immediately released her body and the girls vacated the set. Pete barked, "Lie down on the bench."

Cindy lay down, her pretty legs straddling the bench, and a naked guy came over.

Keeping her mind on her part of the bargain, responding dutifully to Pete's orders, Cindy fondled the thick hairy cock-sheath which was hanging heavily under his belly.

Still aflame from the girls' tongues on her body, Cindy moaned and grasped the cock and jerked it into tremendous girth and length. Cindy moaned again, louder.

"That's okay," Pete called out to her. "This isn't a sound flick. Moan all you want." He whispered to a cameraman, "Where in hell did King find this sweet kid? Those cold hippie chicks bore the shit out of me. Look at her! She's enjoying this!"

Being an unjaded girl, Cindy had no reason not to enjoy it. She was gazing at the largest, thickest cock she'd ever seen and, from all the excitement -- the tongue-lashing and this enormous cock -- her writhing cunt was horny for a good fucking.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, and hugged the man's large frame in her arms.

"Shit," Pete murmured, "this hot piece doesn't need any cues. Look at her go! Keep those cameras rolling!"

Gasping excitedly, Cindy maneuvered her hot ass into a more receptive position, as anxious to get her cunt on the cock as the man was about to fuck her cunt. "Oh, God!" she wailed as the immensely thick dong stretched the lips, walls and hot flesh of her cunt. Her fingers dug into his back and her pretty legs automatically curled around his thrusting haunches.

"Get that camera in there!" Pete bellowed and a camera dollied in low, pausing within inches of Cindy's leaking cunt-hole as it choked the gigantic cock. The camera remained fixed there and captured on film the fantastic fucking.

Cindy panted as the come-slickened cock fucked the very breath out of her. She squealed, coming again and again, as the young male stars jacked off and shot their fiery young loads of come all over her twisting, writhing young body. They repeated this scene as often as they could as the girl grew hornier and hornier on the fucking, sliding, driving cock.

"Ohhhh, Mammmmaaaaa!" Cindy moaned, coming for the tenth time in as many minutes.

Her come-soaked cunt facilitated the further entry of the cock, and inches more of it, the widest part of it, slipped juicily up into her churning, clamping young twat. The huge circumference of the thick cock had her sweet cunt stretched into a big O, and that O was chock full of hot, wet, gargantuan cock.

Cindy was up and down the thick fuck-pole filling her wet cunt. She had picked up a wonderfully pleasing rhythm, fucking with her whole body so that her tits were scraping hard over the man's chest as her drenched, dripping pussy slid suckingly up and down on its prodding hunk of rigid meat.

All the cameramen, even Pete, were jerking off now. "What do you think?" one man rasped hotly. "Ya think she'll last?"

"Fuck, yes!" Pete gasped, shooting his load. "She loves it!"

If Cindy had been familiar with this business, she would have known that the average female star fucked the cock only fifteen minutes at a time, with fifteen-minute breaks in between. Cindy fucked the cock a full forty-five minutes straight!

When King returned he found the set spattered all over with gobs of come, and off-camera male and female stars, stagehands and stand-ins were fucking like crazy. And, center-stage, Cindy was laughing lewdly, obscenely, fucking her clogged cunt wildly on the pistoning cock. Under their locked genitals was a spreading puddle of shiny liquid.

"Jesus Christ!" King exploded. "Get her the hell off that thing before she needs a rubber room!"

Stagehands quickly freed Cindy from the rampaging dong and, surprisingly, she leapt to her feet, giggling, and ran up to Pete and King.

"You were worrying about something?" Pete chuckled derisively.

"Mr. Stern," Cindy panted, putting her dress on. "Did you do it?"

"Done," he said. "When you get home, there'll be a surprise for you."

Chapter TEN

The first sign was the car parked in front of her house. Seeing it, recognizing it, Cindy broke into a run, dashing down the street with blonde hair flying, young heart racing, cute ass twitching and lovely tits jiggling lightly.

She burst into the house to find her mother and three men naked. "Ohh, you're here!" she cried, and tore her dress off.

The three men stood up as Cindy came lunging happily into their open arms, and tears stung her eyes as she laughed and cried at the same time, bubbling with joy.

Diana, not a little puzzled, was sitting on the floor, frowning at this obviously happy reunion. "Would you mind telling me what's going on?" she asked, raising her voice to be heard over the excited exchange of greetings between the men and the girl. "These men came looking for you, saying you'd been looking for them. All very mysterious. They wouldn't tell me theft names."

Cindy looked at her mother's dripping cunt and laughed, "I see that didn't stop you from fucking them!" With another tremor of excitement rippling through her glowing young body, Cindy whirled to the men, and cupping each of their nuts in turn, announced, "This is Cliff! And this is Jake! And this is Fred!" Cindy was breathless with joy. "These are the men I told you about! At the beach! They're the ones who made me a woman!" And her blue eyes took each of them in almost worshipfully.

"I see," Diana said, reaching up to caress the nearest cock, which happened to be Cliff's.

"I thought I'd never find you again!" Cindy exclaimed, squeezing Jake's hard-on.

Fred rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah. I like who she goes to for help. King Stern!"

"Who's King Stern?" Diana queried, giving Cliff's wet cock a little lick with her tongue.

"Oh, never mind!" Cindy erupted. "The important thing is that you're here! Everything will be all right now!"

"What's she talking about?" Cliff asked Diana, who was starting to suck his prick.

"Beats the slit out of me," Diana replied, and took the beefy head of his cock into her warm mouth.

"Cindy?" Fred urged.

Cindy laughed excitedly, secretly. "I'll explain in a minute. First I want you to get to know my mother better."

Jake chuckled. "I think we've been doing pretty good on that score."

"I mean even better than that!" Cindy cried and she heaved such a big sigh that her pink-tipped young tits looked near to bursting with excitement. "I want you to give her what you gave me as a going-away present!"

Jake's eyes grew hot on Diana's lush body and Fred blurted, "Great idea!" But Cliff said, "I kind of like what she's doing right now."

Cindy eyed her mother's cock-filled mouth. "Mother, you can stop for a minute, can't you?" Laughing, Cindy eagerly directed the action. "Jake," she cued, "you lie down on your back. Mother, you get on his cock. Please, Mother, just do it. You'll love it! I just know you will! I've thought of you getting it like this for weeks!"

Cliff gave Diana a wink and, humoring her excited daughter, Diana straddled Jake's fuck-pole and eased her juicy twat down onto it till her hot cunt-lips were kissing his balls.

Cindy dropped to the floor, blue eyes flashing. "Suck her tits, Jake," she directed, and Diana gladly lowered her swinging tits to the man's eager mouth. He gobbled up her thick nipple and Diana started fucking his thick hard cock.

"Now you Fred!" Cindy panted, aroused.

Knowing his part well, Fred knelt between Diana's and Jake's legs and used his fingers to transfer slick cunt-juices from Diana's slurping twat up to her twitching asshole, where he worked the slime into her.

"Now!" Cindy rasped hotly. "Ohh, now, now!"

Fred hovered over Diana's back and, grasping his erect thick cock-shaft in a strong fist, urged it up into the woman's contracting asshole.

"Ohhhh," Diana moaned as two stiff male cocks met head-on inside her hot belly. Cindy laughed with satisfaction, so glad that her mother liked her friends.

"Okay, Cliff," she cooed, licking her lips at the sight of his enormous hot dick.

Cliff knelt down and teased her. "Me you sure you don't want to suck it?"

"Ohh, I do, I do!" Cindy gasped. But she tore her eyes away. "But I want my mother to like you. She's never had this. Give it to her. She deserves it. And we need your help so desperately."

Cliff was puzzled, but obediently pushed his wet cock into Diana's hot mouth.

"Mmmmphh!" Diana gasped with muffled pleasure. Her hand flitted wildly over his slipping, sliding cock and hot nuts as her quaking body rocked and humped on two spearing, ramming cocks.

Cindy sat back on her haunches, watching lewdly for a few moments, her young eyes glazed with lust. Then she pressed her aching young tits against Fred's humping ass and, fingering his great slapping balls, panted, "Ohh, Mother, isn't it divine?"

"Mmm-MMMM!" Diana moaned in response, working her sucking mouth and licking tongue faster and faster as Fred and Jake started fucking her hot holes more urgently.

Cindy shoved a hand to her burning young cunt and massaged it vigorously as the three men fucked Diana's every hole. She gaspingly explained her predicament, why she had searched for them and why she was so happy they were here.

Cliff smiled at Cindy and asked, "So what's your desperate situation? Where do we fit in?"

"Why, you're the answer!" Cindy enthused, giggling. "Three men who'd grab a girl off a bench and drag her into a car and fuck her silly are just what we need! You're all so fucking horny, you're just what the doctor ordered for a lonely woman and her daughter, who happen to have very hot and hungry snatches."

"What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?"

"Sucking and fucking!" Cindy giggled. "You like banging me and my mother, don't you?"

The three men loudly agreed to that statement.

"Well," Cindy went on. "We can help each other. My mother and I want a steady supply of good stiff cocks and you want lots of pussy. If we work together, we can both get what we want, and plenty of it!"

Fred chuckled and said, "Smart bitch, ain't she?"

"Smarter than I thought," Diana admitted, milking his cock tenderly. "I used to think she was a stupid teen, but when it comes to figuring out ways to get cock, she's a genius!"

"It's really very simple," Cindy smiled. "My mother needs a husband. I need a dad. So one of you pretend to be that and live with us. Then we can all fuck nice without worrying about the neighbors. Don't you see it? We'll be playing the game -- and winning!"

Everyone looked at each other. "You know," Jake said slowly, "I think she's got something there."

Cliff said, "There's one problem. Who plays the man of the house?"

Cindy giggled excitedly, pretty tits lifting cutely. "Flip a coin!" she exclaimed.

"No way!" Jake said. "I'm married!"

"So am I!" Fred declared.

Cindy's blue eyes raised to Cliff. "Are you?" she asked.

"No," he said, and chuckled as her eyes lit up.

"Then you're it!" she squealed.

Cliff grinned. "Yeah. I guess I am."

Cindy shrieked with joy and clapped her hands together, bouncing excitedly up and down on her cute ass.

Diana extricated herself from the hot embraces of Fred and Jake and crawled on all fours to Cliff's big hot cock. Fred and Jake hotly pulled Cindy down on the floor. Jake took her tits, Fred her cunt.

Diana caressed Cliff's enormous cock and looked up at him seriously. "Are you really willing to do this?"

Cliff smiled and took her hand and said, "Come here." He drew her onto his lap, facing him, and got his thick wet boner up into her juicy twat, making her sit on it. Embracing her, he kissed her feverish mouth hungrily, holding the kiss and fucking the full length of his prick in her fuck-hole. When Diana started to pant with lust, he said hotly, "I want to do it."

Cindy heard that and squealed with happiness. Diana moaned and gasped as her burning pussy inundated Cliff's nice cock with scalding cuntjuice.

Later, after Cliff had pumped his load of thick sperm up into Diana's sucking cunt, and after Jake and Fred had taken turns fucking Cindy's rampaging hot body, Cliff said, "Okay, here's what we'll do. I have a vacation due. We'll take a week and go to Las Vegas for some fun. When we come back, Diana, you can broadcast the news that we've been married, in the meantime, Cindy, you let it out in the neighborhood that your mom is getting married."

"Yes, yes!" Cindy squealed, and turning to her two ardent lovers, she cried, "And Jake, you can pretend to be my mother's brother, and Fred, you can be Cliff's brother! That way my two uncles can come visit anytime and fuck their pretty niece!"


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