Daddy's slut girl

The runaway girl -- a label for thousands of girls in a hundred cities who have left home for one reason -- unhappiness. They may be motherless, friendless, or lonely; they may be the daughters of the rich, the poor, the middle class; yet, their common bond is a search for tomorrow's joy and the end to today's misery.

The question herein is not the reasons why they left, but where they go. What destiny is in store for the Levi's-clad hippie girl? What's the next stop for the amateur ingenue with stardust in her eyes?

The answer for many of these wayward girls is what Cindy Cameron finally finds in DADDY'S SLUT GIRL -- happiness, the kind of happiness usually called shameful by scores of whistle-stop towns. But what she eventually finds is a heaven compared to the hell she leaves behind.

DADDY'S SLUT GIRL -- a timely novel of today's girl on the run.

Chapter ONE

The teen watched Cindy Cameron leave the car and walk towards her apartment building. He noticed wistfully how her round, compact little butt moved back and forth as she walked in an unconsciously sexy way. Cindy's long, golden blonde hair shimmered, clean and healthy, under the street light. She was a little girl, not much over five feet tall, but she was beautiful, and she had a fantastic body. The teen wished now that he'd had the nerve to try putting the make on her, but it was too late now. Perhaps on their next date.

Cindy entered the apartment building and walked slowly up the three flights of stairs to the small apartment she shared with her father. She was smiling, day-dreaming, and in no hurry. She was eighteen, and she'd just had her first real date. Pop didn't know about it, of course. He didn't allow her to go out with boys. But Cindy felt the time had come, and she was glad she'd snuck out for movies and hot dogs. It had been great fun, and something about being alone with a guy at last had strangely excited her.

She remembered the mild and rather pleasant odor of young male sweat, the way his body had brushed hers a few times, and she sighed. There was a warmth, a moistness, in her cunt which Cindy had never experienced before. She wished her date had tried to kiss her, to feel her up. She was dying to know about those things.

"Pop?" Cindy called as she entered the apartment. "I'm home."

She glanced in the little yellowed mirror beside the coat rack. She was pleased at how pretty she looked, with her big blue eyes, upturned nose, and white even teeth. She hoped the guy had found her pretty, too, and that he'd ask her out again.

Cindy started as she heard a loud crash, like glass breaking, in the kitchen. Then her father staggered into the living room and stared at her. Oh, God, she thought, he's drunk again.

George Cameron, at forty, was no prize. A big beefy red-faced man with thinning, oily brown hair, he neglected his personal appearance and made his low intelligence even dimmer by drinking too much. He had been a factory worker. Now he was out of work.

"Where the hell you been?" he growled.

"I told you, Pop," Cindy said calmly. "Jenny and I went to the movies."

He grinned wolfishly at her, his little bloodshot eyes gleaming. "Oh, no, you didn't," he said, slurring his words a little. "You can't fool me this time. I was lookin' out the window when you come home. I seen that guy."

Cindy watched him without a change of expression, wondering how to deal with this problem. She felt she was plenty old enough to date, that it was her right to do so -- but on the other hand, Pop had forbidden it, and he had a terrible temper.

"You must have been seeing things again, Pop," she said at last. "I was with Jenny."

George Cameron lurched towards his petite pretty daughter. His red-veined face contorted with rage. "I know what I saw," he growled. "I seen you with a guy. You better own up to it, young lady, or you'll be in real trouble."

Cindy knew that look. It usually preceded one of his drunken rages. Perhaps it would be better to humor him. "All right, Pop," she said, "you're right. I had a date."

He lurched towards her again, breathing booze in her face, his breath hot and moist. Her confession hadn't helped. He was angrier than ever.

"I said you was to keep away from guys!" he thundered. "I don't give a shit what you think! My word is law!"

Cindy sighed deeply. If only her father were like other fathers, sober and friendly and modern. For the thousandth time, she wished she could leave him and go live with her mother. She didn't know what her mother was like, she'd disappeared so long ago, but anything had to be better than this.

"Please, Pop," she said wearily, "I'm tired. I'm going to bed."

She started to turn away, but he gripped her arm in one big sweaty paw. It hurt, and Cindy squeaked with pain.

"You just hold on!" he shouted. "I want you to tell me what happened with that guy. What'd he do to you?"

"Do to me?" Cindy gasped. "What do you mean?"

Pop's face took on a look of mean, drunken cunning. "You know damn well what I mean, you little whore," he said. "How far did you go with him? Did he ball you?"

Cindy shook off his sweaty grip and looked at him in disgust. "We didn't even kiss," she said. "Nothing happened, Pop. Now, I'm going to bed."

"Oh, no you ain't!" he shouted. "Not till I got the truth!"

Cindy screamed as her father pushed her roughly towards the couch. He was much bigger than her, much stronger, and she was propelled helplessly across the room, then shoved down on the couch. Pop's big hot paw was suddenly under her skirt, digging roughly between her soft thighs.

"Pop!" she cried. "What are you doing?"

He didn't reply. Breathing heavily, he clapped his hand onto the crotch of her panties and felt the pussy-juice there, the burning heat. Then he whipped his hand out from under her skirt, as if he'd been bitten.

"You got fucked, you slut!" he screamed. "You let that guy into your pants!"

Cindy blushed scarlet. Even at the best of times her father's coarse language embarrassed her, but now his crude words were poisoning the sweet and innocent memories of her first date. She hated him.

"I did not!" she shouted angrily. "I told you, he didn't even kiss me! Now leave me alone, Pop!"

George Cameron swayed drunkenly over his flushed eighteen-year-old daughter. He was still feeling the silky flesh of her thigh in his vivid memory, the incredible heat of her pussy as it radiated through the thin crotch of her panties. He gazed hungrily at the girl. She was beautiful, damned beautiful, just like her mother. She wasn't as tall as Linda, and her hair was golden rather than ash blonde, but otherwise she was the image of her sexy, flirtatious mother. She had the same good tan legs, the tiny waist that swelled out into round feminine hips and ass, the same big round wobbling tits...

Oh, Jesus, it'd been so long since he'd fucked a woman!

"Get away from me, Pop," Cindy was saying. "I want to go to bed. I'm tired."

George didn't move. He was drunk, so drunk that his sense of time and place were way off, and he was confusing Cindy with her mother, who'd walked out on him years ago when Cindy was just a baby. He arid Linda hadn't been mated very long, less than a year when she left, but he'd loved her blindly, slavishly. She was so beautiful, he'd wanted her constantly. He'd wanted to touch her, smell her, fuck her all the time. And then she'd betrayed him, run off, and he began to hate her memory.

"Slut!" he hissed. "Dirty, rotten whore!"

Cindy was really afraid now. When Pop got like this, drunk and mean, he'd beat her almost senseless with his fists, his belt, whatever he could lay hands on. She'd gotten used to it, of course, and when she saw his rage coming on, she locked herself in her room. But tonight he hadn't given her a chance.

"You dirty bitch!" he slobbered. "You'd fuck anything in pants. Why don't you just set up as a whore? You fuck the whole world anyhow. Everybody but me..."

"Pop!" Cindy cried. "Pop, wake up! It's me, Cindy. It's not Linda. I'm your daughter. I'm Cindy!" She was used to this, too, those rambling spells when he mistook her for her long-departed mother. He always said such terrible things, but she'd never learned just what it was that her mother had done.

George heard her words, and he recognized her as his daughter, but the rage was still there. "I don't care," he said. "You're a slut, too, just like her. You're just like your mother -- don't tell me no different. You sneaked out with that guy, against my wishes, and you let him screw you. You did every dirty thing in the book..."

Cindy clapped her hands over her ears, not wanting to hear any more of his insane accusations. Oh, God, why did she have to live with this man?

George suddenly reached out and ripped her shirt right down the front, exposing her lacy pink bra. Cindy screamed and gawked at him in disbelief. His eyes were hot, hungry.

"He touched you there," George muttered, staring fixedly at his teenage daughter's round swelling tits. "He played with your boobs, didn't he, you whore?" He threw himself half over her, panting. "Let me see them titties," he gasped. "I wanta see 'em."

"Pop, for God's sake, stop!" Cindy cried.

She clapped her hands over her tits, but George simply seized her flimsy bra and tore it off, then shoved her hands out of the way. Cindy's sweet bare boobs almost made him dizzy with lust. She had bigger than average tits, like her mother, but not so large as to be saggy or outlandish. The ripe, creamy globes were the size of grapefruits, perfectly round and unblemished, topped with rosy pink little nipples. They stood tip firm and swelling even when she reclined.

George had never seen his daughter's tits before. He'd stopped helping her with her bath long ago, when she was a little girl, because he thought it wasn't right. Now in his drunkenness he was confused. Sometimes he remembered she was Cindy, his daughter, and that he was scolding her for going out with a guy, but other times he thought of her just as an anonymous slut who had to be punished. Now he gazed ravenously at her perfect young tits, and he felt an aroused tingling sensation in his balls, the twitching and swelling of his cock...

"Look at them boobies," he panted. "Shit, they're beautiful. Big an' white an' nice... I gotta touch 'em..."

"Ohhhhh, God, Pop, NO!" Cindy whined.

His hot sweaty hands began fumbling on the sensitive flesh of her jugs, and she shuddered. She didn't know what to do. It was wrong, sick, for him to be touching her like this, to see her naked breasts, but on the other hand, if she fought, if she angered him, he'd beat her black and blue. He'd never done anything like this before. What was the matter with him?

"Oh, Lordy, they're soft," George moaned as he cupped and squeezed his daughter's sweet satiny boobs. "Let me kiss 'em, honey. Let me taste these cute little titties!"

Pop's greasy head dipped down over her chest, and Cindy felt his wet lips pressing against her tender wobbling tits. It was repulsive to her, and she moaned and shuddered. His hair was dirty, and he reeked of booze. Yet she was afraid to push him away. Even his slimy kisses on her bare boobs were better than being beaten.

George kissed the sweet firm melons hungrily, drooling in his excitement. He hadn't fucked a woman in weeks, not since the black whore who had charged him ten dollars for about thirty seconds of her time. He needed to get laid badly. Cindy wept and protested, but he didn't recognize her voice. He saw only her body, her delicious young sweet body... He planted his spitty mouth on one of her cute pink nipples and began to suck it loudly, with a wet obscene slurping noise.

Cindy let her head flop back limply on the couch. She was feeling dizzy and confused. She hated her father, hated the dirty things he was doing to her, yet somehow, in some weird way, she felt herself getting hot and excited. His wet sucking of her tender nipple was sending little jolts of pleasure through her body, right down to her crotch. Her cunt felt very warm and curiously wet.

"Ummm," gurgled George. "Ummmm!"

He sucked ravenously on her pink nipple, bathing it in his scalding saliva. Eagerly he eased a hand under her taut little ass, feeling the small firm globes of her butt-cheeks. He began to caress her there. Even through her skirt and panties he could feel the heat of her healthy young body.

Cindy gazed dizzily at the ceiling. Pop's hot hand teased her little ass, and it felt kind of good, in the same crazy way she liked his slurpy sucking of her tit. She wondered if this was what the older girls called "horny". At school she listened to their gossip, to their excited chatter about their dates, and they were always talking about getting "horny" for some guy. As far as Cindy understood the word, it meant that they wanted the guy to touch them, to ball them.

Cindy knew very little about sex, mostly the basic dry mechanics she'd learned in a sex education class in junior high and the dirty words Pop was always using. But the way people talked about it all the time with eager, sniggering excitement made it sound like a lot of fun. Cindy was eager to learn about it, to date guys, but Pop made everything so difficult. And now he was having this crazy fit. Cindy was very confused.

George grunted and panted over her swollen tit, his face hot and sweaty against her tender cringing flesh. She felt his hand fumbling around, creeping under her skirt, snaking up the silk of her inner thighs.

"Pop, cut it out!" she cried, pushing at his broad hard shoulders.

George didn't budge. He didn't even hear her. He was lost in his overpowering lust, his irresistible need for a fuck. He kept mouthing her sweet wobbling jugs, and he slipped his hand under her short skirt for a feel of pussy. Her thighs were so soft.

He touched the moist hot crotch of her panties, and his horny excitement mounted. He felt his cock going rock-hard in the confinement of his pants, his balls filling up tightly with their load of jism.

He wiggled a finger inside the wet crotch of her panties and felt the fine down of her pussy-fur. Jesus, her cunt was hot, like an oven!

George wriggled his thick callused finger between her furry twat-lips and into the slick burning flesh of her slit. He found the tiny hot nub of her clitoris and began to rub it, hoping to arouse her. He had to fuck this woman...

"Ohhhh!" Cindy gasped.

No one had ever touched her there before. She'd discovered the funny little point of red flesh when she bathed, but she didn't know what it was for. Now as Pop's big rough finger rubbed back and forth over the tiny shaft, Cindy felt searing waves of pleasure melting her whole cunt. Never had she felt anything so delicious. She moaned, and her large blue eyes rolled dizzily. She felt a tidal wave of juice squirting from her cunt...

George felt it, too. His palm was suddenly soaked with her hot sticky cunt-cream, and she moaned and writhed lustily beneath him. He grinned. This little broad was getting hot for him. "Yeah, baby, yeah," he crooned huskily. "Felt real nice, didn't it? I'll give ya more."

He began sawing his rough finger back and forth over the ultrasensitive bump of her virgin clit. Hot streaks of pleasure flashed through her body, and Cindy moaned loudly. She knew that Pop was doing something wrong, something wicked, but it felt sooo good... More hot juice streamed from her aroused twat, and she helplessly opened her legs wide to let him work.

But George was getting impatient. In his macho lower-class world there was no room for foreplay. If you wanted a woman, you just took her.

Growling with hot lust, he began to tear off Cindy's skirt. The girl shrieked and clawed at his hands, but he paid no attention. He ripped the flimsy garment off and tossed it away. Then he seized her skimpy pink panties and tugged them violently down.

"Pop, No!" Cindy shouted.

She hadn't expected his sudden attack, and she found herself quickly naked under his leering red eyes. They both gawked at her lush little adolescent body, at the tiny golden fluff of cunt-fur at the base of her belly. Cindy stared in disbelief, George in delight and hunger.

"Lookit that sweet little pussy," he muttered. Spit flecked the corners of his mouth, and he leered down at the adorable little golden beaver. "Gotta get me some of that," he panted, "some of that good hot pussy..."

He shoved her roughly over against the back of the couch and lay down beside her. Cindy was terrified now. Though she was a virgin and completely inexperienced, she knew that George wanted to fuck her, that he was very confused. He seemed to have forgotten that she was his daughter.

"Pop, please!" Cindy sobbed. "I'm your daughter! You shouldn't be doing this!"

George squinted at her, then shook his befogged head. Yes, it was Cindy, his pretty little daughter. She'd done something naughty tonight, he was punishing her... It all came back to him, and he glared at the sobbing girl.

"You dirty little cunt!" he shouted. "You went out and fucked a guy, that's what you did! And I'm gonna punish you for that!"

"No, Pop, no!" Cindy wept. "I didn't do anything wrong!"

"You're a Goddamned whore, just like your mother!" George raved. "So I'm gonna treat you like a whore!"

He tore at the fly of his pants, eager to liberate his swollen dick. He was fully aware now that Cindy was his daughter, but it made no difference to him. He was going to fuck her anyhow. It was no more than she deserved... If she wanted to act like a whore, he'd damned well use her like one.

His fly open, George seized Cindy's little hand and thrust it down onto his crotch. "Take it out!" he commanded. "Lift out my prick!"

Cindy shuddered. This was wrong, horrible. Yet she knew that blind raging look in his eyes, knew that if she disobeyed, he was crazy enough to kill her. Sobbing, she moved her hands inside his open fly. She touched thick bristly hair, then something very hard and hot.

George gasped with hot excitement. "Take it," he panted. "Lift out that cock, little girl. Hurry!"

Cindy suppressed a wave of nausea. She curled her fingers around the erect rod and lifted it out of his fly. She'd never seen a cock before, and she couldn't help gawking. Pop's long swollen prick seemed enormous to her. It more than filled her hand, and the ugly bulbous purple head protruded from between her fingers. The thick blue-veined cock-shaft sprang from a thick black jungle of crotch hairs, and below that she saw the great wrinkled bags of his nuts. It was all ugly and repulsive to Cindy's young eyes.

George, impatient with her silent staring, finished the job himself. He tugged down his pants and kicked them away, then gazed eagerly down at his prick. The girl's tiny hand was curled around his rod, and it was good and hard, straining and throbbing in her reluctant grasp. As he thought of fucking her, a big droplet of cock-cream bubbled from the dark pinpoint of his pisshole. The thick stuff dribbled onto her fingers, and Cindy gasped and jerked her hand away from her father's tool.

George slapped her face. "Pick it up!" he snarled. "Don't let go of that cock till I tell you!"

Sobbing frantically, Cindy again curled her fingers around her father's big hard ugly cock. It felt rigid and burning to her, and now it was slimy with his juice. She saw the thick blue veins standing out on the wormy-white shaft, the ugly dark and swollen knob and its drooling cum-slit. She wanted to scream and run, but she knew Pop would never let her get away.

"Stick it between your legs," he panted. "Get it up your cunt."

Cindy went pale and cold with fear. It was going to be the worst thing imaginable -- he really did intend to fuck her, to take her virginity! Her own father!

"Oh, Pop, nooo!" she sobbed. "It's not right! I'm your daughter!"

"No, you ain't," he spat, "not no more. I don't want no slut for a daughter. If you'd been a good girl... But you turned out to be a whore, just like your mother. That's how I'm gonna treat you, too. From now on, you're my whore."

He glared at her for a moment in utter contempt and hatred. Then he shouted, "Hurry up, cunt! Do what I said. Take that meat an' stick it up your hole!"

He rolled the sobbing girl onto her back and brutally forced her slim legs wide apart. He saw her gleaming plump virgin slit, the moist pink pussy-flesh and the delicate golden muff. He licked his lips. It was fresh clean pussy, and it was all his.

Weeping, Cindy guided the monstrous ugly prick between her legs, into the steamy tissues of her puffy gash. She could do no more. She would not participate in her own incestuous rape and deflowering. George felt the sensitive head of his cock nosing against hot lips of her twat, and he groaned with desire. He didn't need her hand any more. He pushed it away, drew back his hips, and then thrust forward powerfully.

"OH, GOD, NOOO!" Cindy wailed.

She felt Pop's enormously thick hard cock splitting the tight mouth of her virgin cunt. The ugly rigid tool entered her narrow snatch mercilessly and rammed swiftly up her virgin hole. There was an audible snapping sound as Pop broke through her cherry, and Cindy screeched with pain. The huge prick was stuffing her, ramming right to the end of her cunt.

"Awwww, Jesus!" George whined. "So fuckin' tight an' hot... Oh, baby, what a sweet little cunt!"

While Cindy sobbed and shook, helplessly impaled on his deeply buried meat, George looked down to admire his work. He was in her twat almost to his balls, and just a half-inch of thick white prick-shaft was showing. It was stretching her pink pussy-lips grotesquely and was stained with her virgin blood. He'd never popped a cherry before. That bitch Linda hadn't been a virgin when he mated her. But he'd gotten his revenge flow with that whore's daughter.

He leered cruelly at the sobbing girl. "It hurts, don't it, baby?" he said, laughing harshly. "Well, you're gonna get more of it, a lot more. I'm gonna fuck you crazy, you dirty little bitch. I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk."

His red leering face was insane with hate and lust. Cindy lowered her eyes, not wanting to look at him. He began to fuck her. He sawed his stiff meat slowly, deeply, in and out of her hole, moaning and panting as he experienced the delicious virginal tightness of her cunt. Slick velvety flesh encased his lusty prick, and every slow long thrust made his balls tingle with pleasure.

"Tightest cunt I ever fucked," he panted. "Real tight. Guess I was wrong. Guess you didn't fuck that guy after all. But you woulda done it sooner or later. Just like your mother..."

Cindy stared blankly at his wormy-white chest and its straggly black hairs. His fucking didn't hurt her, she was so numb with shock. It just felt strange, foreign, to have that thick hard organ moving back and forth inside her body. So this was fucking, this was what everybody talked about so eagerly.

Pop's wiry crotch bush ground harshly against the soft fur of her beaver, and the rigid hot shaft of his erect cock rode her little clit. He sawed back and forth on the tiny nub, and Cindy felt sudden fierce pleasure boiling in her belly. It happened so fast, she didn't have time to think.

The pleasure mounted swiftly, blinding her, rocking her young body, making her moan and squeal helplessly. Something fantastic was happening to her, an explosion of joy that radiated from her clit and cunt to engulf all of her. She began to scream in the unsuspected joy of her first orgasm, and her scalding cunt-cream boiled around Pop's sawing prick.

"Yeah, come, little girl!" he bellowed. "You love it, don't ya? You love that good hard meat in your cunt, don't ya, ya filthy dirty WHORE!"

He would have taunted her more, screamed his hatred, but his jism was steaming out into her virgin cunt, and he collapsed on her with a hoarse moan of joy...

Chapter TWO

Cindy heard her father snoring. She must have fainted, for she was only now aware of his heavy sweat-soaked body pinning her clown on the couch. He was deeply asleep, his breath foul with stale alcohol. She felt his withered cock, still deeply lodged in her aching cunt.

She wriggled out from under him, not trying to be careful. When Pop drank himself to sleep, nothing could wake him. Cindy looked down at his fat wormy-white body, his slobbering mouth, and the ugly pale worm of his limp prick. She shuddered, and a look of utter loathing twisted her pretty little face.

She couldn't stand it any more. She had to get away from him. She made an instant fierce decision to run away and never come back.

Cindy hurried to her room and dressed in jeans, a shirt, and sneakers. She took her heavy jacket, the ten dollars she'd saved from babysitting, and one trinket -- a cheap rhinestone-studded heart on a chain which fit snugly around her neck. It had once belonged to her mother.

She was going to find her mother. She knew that Linda occasionally sent money for her and that Pop spent it all on booze. She figured he must have Linda's address. She picked up his pants from where he'd tossed them and found his wallet. Rifling through it, she found a worn slip of paper on which her father had scrawled "Mrs. Linda Cameron" and an address in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles -- that was a long long way from New York, but that's where Cindy was going.

She put the sup of paper back in the wallet, not wanting to leave him any clues about where she was going. But she took a five-dollar bill from him. It was only fair, since he'd spent all the money Linda had sent her.

Cindy walked out the door of the apartment, leaving her father snoring drunkenly on the couch. She didn't look back.

New York City was scary at night. Cindy walked in terror of being mugged -- or worse. Even the tenor of the dark streets was not enough to make her go back to Pop, though. After the sickening thing he'd done to her, raping and deflowering his own daughter, she never wanted to see him again. She would find Linda and live happily, normally, at last.

As Cindy walked nervously down the filthy deserted street, she heard a car coming up behind her in the distance. It was coming slow, and it got slower as it approached her. She looked around for an escape route in case there was trouble. Cindy was a true New Yorker, expecting violence from everyone she met.

"Hey, you want a ride?"

Cindy frowned and turned to look at the car. It was a nothing car, but the guy driving it was very good-looking. He resembled a young Robert Redford, she thought, with long, blond hair, regular features, and an engaging grin.

"I'm no mugger," he said, guessing her thoughts. "You can write down my license number if you want. But it's dangerous for a chick to walk alone here at night. I'd be glad to give you a lift."

"Okay," Cindy said shyly, deciding to trust him.

She got in beside him, and he cruised off down the deserted street. "Where to?" he said.

"I want to get out of town," said Cindy. "I'm hitchhiking to California."

The young man glanced at her. He saw that she was young and frightened, but grimly determined. "You running away?" he asked casually.

"That's none of your business!" Cindy snapped. "Just give me a ride -- or I can get out right now."

He smiled, then returned his eyes to the road. "Okay, take it easy," he said soothingly. "I won't ask questions. My name's Ted. You're safe with me. I'll take you to the freeway."

"Thanks," she said. "My name's Cindy. But that's all I'm going to tell you."

"Right on," said Ted. "That's cool with me, Cindy. Sometimes I feel like running away myself. Anyhow, relax. Turn on the radio if you want. There's beer under the seat."

Cindy had never tasted alcohol before, but she decided to try it. She felt she had to grow up instantly, take care of herself, and handle all the things adults did. She opened a beer for herself and one for Ted. They chatted lightly during the long ride to the outskirts of New York.

Cindy could see the lights of the freeway, the steady stream of cars, when Ted suddenly pulled off into a side street. The houses there were all dark, the street empty. She felt a little drunk and silly, not very alarmed.

"How come we're stopping here?" she asked. The beer made her burp, and she giggled.

Ted looked at her with concern. "You sure you wanta do this?" he asked. "Hitch all the way to L.A.? It's really dangerous, Cindy. I could still take you home."

"No!" Cindy said fervently. "I'll never go back there."

"It's that bad, huh?" Ted said sympathetically. "Well, okay, it's your decision. But kiss me good-bye, will you?" He leaned close to her and said gently, "Just kiss me."

Cindy saw no danger in it. He was a nice guy, and she liked him. He was so attractive, too. She smiled and tilted her pert face up, and Ted kissed her. It was her very first kiss, and she found it not only pleasant but vaguely exciting. His mouth was smooth and dry, not wet and slobbery like Pop's, and he smelled good.

Ted slipped his arm around her and drew her snug against him as he kissed her. He'd been attracted by this cute little blonde since the moment he saw her on the street, but he'd played it cool. He didn't want to get slapped with a rape charge. If he could get her hot, fine. If not, he had his own girl back in Queens, who was willing to put out. He'd like a little variety, though.

He moved his arm around her till he rested his fingers on the swelling of her tit, just under her arm. He used his tongue to tease her lips open, very gently and sensuously. Cindy sighed and opened up, and Ted slipped his tongue into her mouth, tickling her little tongue teasingly. She was still for a moment, and then her tongue began to play shyly, clumsily, on his.

He was so handsome, Cindy thought dizzily, so cool. She'd become pretty infatuated with Ted during the long ride. She also felt very excited. Her cunt was hot and yearning, and she felt she wanted this good-looking guy to kiss her more, to touch her. Completely innocent, she didn't understand that the burning impatience in her pussy meant that she wanted to be fucked. She did not understand her ripening body's signals.

His tonguing in her hot little mouth made her even more excited, and she imitated the technique, wriggling her tongue mischievously into his mouth. Ted sighed and gripped her more tightly. He slid his hand onto her boob and began squeezing it. Cindy didn't protest. She was eager to learn about real lovemaking -- not the sick, ugly things Pop had done to her, but the normal pleasant things between boy and girl.

Ted's other hand snuck tinder her shirt and worked hotly upward to her bra. Cindy squirmed with horny excitement. Her crotch was very wet by now with her horny pussy juices. Ted, a veteran of automobile lovemaking, found the catch of her bra and deftly popped it open. Cindy felt the constricting band falling away, and she sighed.

Ted pushed his warm eager hands under the loosened bra and cupped her large round tits. Cindy cooed with pleasure. He didn't handle her tits roughly like Pop. He was very gentle, yet sensuous, softly molding and petting the warm creamy flesh. He pushed her shirt far up to uncover her boobs for a better view.

"You've got really pretty tits, Cindy," he said admiringly.

Cindy didn't know what to say to that, so she kissed him again. He returned the kiss eagerly, digging his hot tongue in her mouth, and at the same time he played feverishly with her naked tits, cupping the big soft grapefruits which nearly overflowed his hands. Cindy thought of how angry Pop would be if he caught her with this guy, her boobs exposed, her panties wet with cunt juice. Then she remembered -- she'd never have to worry about Pop again. She was free, free to do any crazy thing she wanted.

"Ohhhh, Ted," she moaned, "you're getting me so excited."

Ted responded by leaning heavily on her and easing her down onto her back. They lay together on the car seat, panting and fondling each other. Ted couldn't seem to get over his wonder at the size and sweetness of her pale tits, and Cindy's hands wandered all over his hard young body, feeling the tight muscles through his clothes. Pop, sweaty and fat and evil-smelling, had revolted her, but this handsome clean young man thrilled her.

Suddenly Ted was doing just what Pop had done, sucking her cute little pink nipples. Only it wasn't disgusting this time. He didn't slobber on her jugs or embarrass her with his slurpy noises. Ted's lips were smooth and dry, and when he sucked one soft little nipple into his mouth, he sucked it voraciously but quietly, tickling the sensitive tip with his tongue. Cindy felt fierce jolts of pleasure streaking down her body, right from her aroused nipple to the damp shadows of her pussy.

"Oooohh, that feels nice!" she cooed.

Ted was getting so excited he could hardly control himself. It looked as if this sexy little chick might put out for him, yet he didn't want to spoil it, to scare her off, by moving too fast. He forced himself to stick with his hot nipple-sucking -- it was kinda fun anyhow. The girl sighed and wriggled hornily beside him. He hoped his patience would pay off.

Her tender nipple responded quickly to his delicious sucking, growing stiff and erect and bumpy. He jammed his mouth onto the other nipple and repeated the performance, sucking it into taut arousal. Cindy was panting with sensual excitement, running her hands all over him. Once she brushed the hardness of his cock and paused for a moment, as if in surprise. He wondered if she were a virgin, if she'd ever touched a cock before.

In fact Cindy was both frightened and curious. She remembered how Pop's huge hard dong had hurt her, yet she was dying to know what Ted's prick looked like, if it was as big and ugly as Pop's. Maybe Ted would show his cock to her pretty soon. In her innocence she never thought of slipping his dick out of his pants and taking a look for herself. Meanwhile Ted's hot wet nipple sucking was making her squirm in horny excitement.

Ted had her naked to the waist now, her superb round boobs showing milky-pale in the streetlight, and she seemed to love what he was doing. He decided to try for more. Still kissing her big swelling tits to distract her, he inched his hand down to the fly of her jeans and quickly popped open the button. He tugged at the zipper, drew it down, and thrust his hand into her steamy crotch.

"Ooohh!" Cindy cried.

She wasn't sure she should let him go so far, hut damnit, it felt nice. He cupped her whole pussy, squeezing and rubbing it, and she could feel the hardness of his hand right through her soaked panties. Her pussy was swollen with readiness, and the least touch of his palm or fingers sent fiery waves of pleasure through her cunt. Pop had once told her very gruffly never to touch her twat. She could see why now -- it felt incredibly good to have her cunt touched, and Pop was always against her having any fun.

Ted knew what those wet panties signified. The girl was wildly horny. The moment he touched her soaked crotch, he knew it, and as he squeezed and massaged her plump, fleshy pussy, more cunt cream soaked through to warm his hand. She was a horny little bitch, all right, with an extremely sensitive cunt. He could put that sensitivity to good use.

Cindy gasped in alarm and excitement when she felt Ted slipping a finger inside her panties. It was wrong, naughty, yet she waited breathlessly to see what he'd do and how it would feel. She had so much to learn, thanks to Pop who'd prevented her from dating for so long. She felt Ted's finger gliding onto that funny little bump of flesh at the top of her slit, the same place Pop had rubbed her. She remembered how crazily good it had felt -- but not as good as now. Again Ted proved himself a more skillful lover than Pop. He barely touched her tiny red clit, just gently flicked and teased it with the tip of his finger, but Cindy shook violently with the fierce pleasure-spasms that jolted her body.

"Oohhh, yes!" she cried. "Yes, Ted, touch me there! That feels fantastic..."

Ted swallowed hard. It was difficult to go slowly now, to keep from jumping on her and raping her. She was hot for him all right, but she still might not be willing to screw. He'd had dates like that many times before -- girls who wanted to do damn near everything but fuck; girls who'd let him stick his linger right up their creamy little cunts, but wouldn't let him put his cock there -- he hated them. He wasn't taking any chances with this one. He was going to get her so hot that she couldn't say no when fuck-time came.

He seized her hot tiny pleasure-button between his forefinger and thumb, then began to tug and tweak it very gently but steadily. The girl groaned loudly, and a flood of steamy cunt-juice spat out into his palm.

"You like that?" he panted.

"Love it," Cindy gasped. "Far-out... Ohhhh, yessss!"

Her whole body was aflame with hot arousal, yet the innocent girl still didn't realize what it signified, that it was Nature's way of telling her to mate with this guy. She didn't know she had a natural instinct to fuck. She just knew that Ted was driving her crazy with pleasure, the way he was playing with her funny little bump. Her cunt creamed furiously into his hand, and she helplessly humped her slim hips and ground her fat greedy clit against his fingers, seeking more of that delicious friction. She tried spreading her legs to give him more room to work, but that drew her panty crotch taut and actually hindered his clit-fingering movements.

"Let me slip your panties off," he whispered hoarsely. "Then I can touch you better."

Cindy thought it was a good idea. Certainly she wanted to be touched. "Okay," she said brightly. "Here, I'll do it."

Ted watched in amazement as the petite blonde tugged off her jeans and panties and tossed them to the floor of the car. She was practically naked now except for her shirt and bra, which he'd pushed up around her neck. She had a fantastic body, richly curved and ripe for so young a girl. She was a real blonde, too. In the harsh streetlight he could see the small golden fluff of fur on her cunt-mound.

He was sure now that he could fuck her. She seemed to have no inhibition, no fears. Well, he was almost sure. He'd had girls strip for him before, beg him to lap their pussies, but get uptight when he tried to fuck them. He'd better wait a little while longer. Ted tried to conceal his hot excitement when nearly naked Cindy snuggled down beside him again. He slid his hand between her silky thighs and once more rubbed the throbbing, soaking wet shaft of her little joy-button.

Cindy purred happily and ground her shameless little snatch back and forth on his hand. Fucking hadn't entered her mind, for she didn't know that it was the answer to her hot, horny yearning. She just knew that Ted was doing great things to her, playing with her pussy, and she wanted it to go on and on...

Ted tickled and rubbed her tiny clit-shaft till the small organ was as rigid and hot as a cock in erection. Then he slid his hand farther back into the steamy dark region between her thighs, till he encountered the warm, drooling mouth of her little cunt. It was pouring cream, the plump pussy-lips gaping wide in horny welcome, and he had no trouble locating it. He eased a stiff finger into the juicy little hole, and Cindy gasped.

"Ooohhh!" she squealed. "Fuck me!"

He was sliding his rigid finger very slowly up her cunt-hole, like a miniature cock. It sent searing pleasure through her loins, and she instinctively tightened her strong young cunt-muscles around the invading digit. Her snatch creamed like a faucet, soaking his finger as it slid gradually into her hole. Ted felt the incredible heat and tightness of her young velvety cunt, and he thought about how great it would be to jam his achingly stiff meat in there.

"That feel good, Cindy?" he said breathlessly.

"Ummm, yeahhh," sighed the innocent girl.

"You ever balled before?" Ted asked. He wasn't sure he wanted to screw a virgin. It was supposed to hurt them pretty bad, and he didn't want a screaming, hysterical chick in his car.

"Uh, sure," said Cindy haltingly. "A couple of times." She didn't want him to think she was an inexperienced dummy, and she certainly wasn't going to tell him that her own father had popped her cherry only a few hours ago.

"You wanta do it with me?" Ted asked nervously.

Cindy thought about it for a moment. She didn't want to be what the girls called "cheap" or "easy", and she was also a little afraid of getting pregnant. On the other hand, what difference would it make if she fucked? Thanks to Pop, she had no virginity to guard any more. Besides, Ted didn't even know her last name, and out in California no one would know Ted. She could screw and get away with it -- and she was dying for the experience. She really wanted to know how it felt to fuck. Not a vicious painful rape, like with Pop, but the way it felt with a good-looking guy she was fond of. Cindy was very tempted.

It was Ted's busy finger which really decided her. While he waited for her to answer him, he kept sawing his stiff middle finger in and out of her soaking little twat, making her writhe in horny need. It felt so damned good -- perhaps a thick cock would feel even better.

"Okay, Ted," she said breathlessly, "I'll try it. But don't be too rough, okay?"

"Sure, baby," Ted said delightedly. "We'll do it any way you want."

He couldn't help grinning as he quickly shucked his clothes. The suspense and worry were over. He was assured of getting laid. As he pulled off his shorts, his rampant young cock snapped up to point at the roof of the car, stiff and pale and swollen. The knob was dark-red with suffused blood, and the pinprick cum-slit was drooling thick cream. He felt he'd never had such an achingly erect hard-on in his life.

Cindy gawked shamelessly at his hard prick. It was only the second cock she'd ever seen, and she was rapidly memorizing its appearance, comparing it to Pop's. Again Ted was the winner. Pop's cock had been so red and wrinkled and ugly, but Ted's cock seemed beautiful to her. His dick shot up stiff and milky-white from clean crisp golden-brown crotch curls, and his balls were fat and smooth and rosy -- unlike Pop's vile-smelling, wrinkled bags. His young prick seemed smooth and pure and handsome to her, the knob a delicious red.

Cindy shyly reached out to pet the rigid white rod. It felt like hot silk to her, wonderfully smooth and clean. She petted the tool briefly, making Ted shiver with excitement. His cream bubbled out furiously from the dark hole of his knob, running down his rigid prick-shaft. It wet Cindy's fingers, and she giggled and jerked her hand away. She still didn't like getting that weird sticky stuff on her.

Ted was just as glad she didn't go on petting his dick. It was fun, but he was in acute danger of coming, of shooting his jism all over the car. He didn't want to come yet. He eyed the delicious smiling girl as she sank down submissively on the seat of the car. He gently drew her legs apart, and she didn't protest. Panting with horny anticipation, Ted threw himself between her silky legs and began blindly probing with his cock, seeking the entrance to her cunt.

Cindy eased her legs a little wider apart, assisting him, but she was too inexperienced to take his cock and guide it to her cunt-mouth. She waited, a little fearful, but still boiling with curiosity. She didn't consider that she'd had a real fuck with Pop. She'd been too stunned and repulsed to notice how getting screwed felt. With Ted she was going to concentrate, learn. She'd know what the other girls knew...

Ted moaned hoarsely when his drooling, swollen cock-head at last popped into the wet, recessed mouth of her young cunt. He pushed into her hole very slowly, so as not to slip out again. Her cunt was scalding hot, soaking wet, and fantastically tight. He'd never fucked a cunt so tight before. He whined shrilly. Usually he didn't make noises like that. He kept his cool, acted like a man. But he'd gotten so excited with their foreplay, and she had such a fuckin' terrific cunt, that he couldn't suppress his natural responses.

"Awwww, Christ," he whined, "it feels so damn good..."

Cindy slipped her arms around him, liking the soft, warm contact of naked flesh, and concentrated on how it felt to have a rigid thick cock entering her pussy. Her almost-virgin cunt felt very full, and at first his prick seemed too hard and sharp. The farther into her snatch his cock went, however, the nicer it felt. Pleasant burning sensations radiated from her stuffed twat as his stiff rod passed over her sensitive little clit, making it tingle and moisten.

Ted began to move his cock in her hole, humping her in light, short strokes. He was panting with excitement, his taut young balls flapping against her butt. Cindy found that each quick, hard stroke of his cock sent melting pleasure through her cunt, and soon she was getting into the act, pumping her pussy up and down to meet his jabbing cock. That made it feel even better.

Ted's crisp crotch bush ground into the fine soft curls of her beaver, and their bellies smacked loudly together. She'd asked him to be gentle, but in his excitement he got carried away and began fucking her fast and hard and deep. Cindy didn't mind. Her own instincts told her to fuck faster, too, to take his rigid prick as deep into her boiling cunt as she could. The faster and harder they fucked, the hotter the friction, the more dizzying the pleasure.

"Ooohhh!" Cindy squealed. "It's great, Ted! I love it! Keep doing it hard like that! Yeah, yeah!"

If this was fucking, she definitely liked it. Or at least she liked it with Ted. Pop had made it seem so brutal and disgusting, but Ted only excited her more and more. His stiff adolescent prick dug into her hole deep and hard and fast, making her horny little cunt burn and flood. She felt mounting pleasure, the urge to arch her body sharply under his so that her greedy clit was rubbed hard each time he lunged into her gushing twat.

"Ahhhh!" she wailed. "So fuckin' good! AAAGGGHHHH!"

Ted felt her coming. There was no mistaking it. Some girls hardly moved or even quickened their breathing, but Cindy pulled out all the stops. Her tight little cunt grew even tighter around his plunging rod, squeezing and gripping his cock like a velvet vise. Her cunt-cream showered out, hot and steamy, all around his buried prick. She screeched and wailed her pleasure, and her delicious little body went into violent spasms.

Ted valiantly fucked away, letting her spin out her orgasm before he took his.

He moaned hoarsely, and then she felt a flood of hot, wet jism deep in her cock-stuffed cunt...

Chapter THREE

Ted had wanted to fuck her again, but Cindy felt she ought to be on her way. The sun was coming up, and it was just remotely possible that Pop might wake up early, notice her absence, and send the pigs after her. He didn't love her, of course. He'd complained for years that she was a nuisance, a drag on his freedom. But after last night he had a powerful motive for keeping her. "From now on," he'd said, "you're my whore."

Cindy imagined how it would be not only to take his beatings and endure his drunken raving, but also to have to fuck him anytime he wanted it -- or be beaten even worse. No way. Nothing could persuade her to return to that life. She was going to find her mother and live decently for a change. California seemed a million miles away, and she was scared and almost broke, but she felt she had no other choice.

Ted let her off on the freeway, and Cindy almost panicked when he drove away. She hadn't known him long, but he seemed like the only friend she had. Then she got her courage up again by thinking of Pop and how he'd brutally raped her.

Cindy put out her thumb and waited. The early April dawn was foggy and cold, and she hoped she wouldn't have to wait very long. In the distance she saw an enormous truck approaching, one with two huge trailers. Its roaring almost deafened her, and it seemed to strain with its load. She smiled and waved as it approached, and the driver grinned and waved back.

The huge truck groaned past her and slowly drew to a stop. Cindy gawked at it for a moment, then ran to catch up. She'd been lucky. She had a ride already.

The driver had the passenger door open and was leaning out to grin at her when she got there. He helped her climb up -- it was a very long way. Cindy shivered deliciously in the warmth of the cab. She felt excited about riding in one of these giants of the road -- it would be much more interesting than a car.

"I'm not supposed to give rides," the driver said in a raspy voice. "So if any other trucks come by, you duck, okay?"

"Sure, mister," said Cindy. "Thanks a lot for picking me up. It was so cold out there."

He laughed, a pleasant throaty sound. "Where you bound?"

"California," Cindy said dreamily. "Los Angeles. I'm going to see my mother."

The driver glanced at her intently, then got the rig back on the freeway. Mike Polanski had been around, seen it all, and he knew a runaway teenager when he saw one. In a way he was a fool to pick her up. It could spell lots of trouble. But when he saw that cute little blonde chick standing all alone on the road, he just couldn't resist. He'd heard other guys talk about picking up these hippie chicks, about how easy they were... Maybe it was bullshit, but he had to find out.

"California, huh?" he said. "That's a long way. I'm going to Indiana, though, and that'll be some help. I can take you as far as Indianapolis."

"Indiana," said Cindy. "Where's that?"

Oh, Jesus, thought Mike.

"Quite a ways, honey," he said pleasantly. "We won't get there till it's dark. So relax, take a nap if you want. We'll stop for breakfast pretty soon."

"You're a nice man," Cindy said gratefully.

Mike turned his face away to hide a wicked grin. This girl was really in for a surprise from the "nice man".

Cindy thought Mike Polanski was handsome in a rugged, weather beaten way, sort of like Charles Bronson. His hair was thinning on top, and his nose had, been badly broken, but he had a powerful burly body, and she was turned on by the way his biceps bulged from the rolled-up sleeves of his blue cotton shirt. He had a sexy raspy voice, and his open collar revealed a thick mat of dark chest hairs. He seemed so virile, so much in charge, that Cindy felt quite safe with him.

They chatted easily about life in New York, and they stopped often for meals and snacks. By evening they'd crossed the border into Indiana, and soon after that Mike pulled the huge truck off the road and down a little dirt side road. He parked behind some trees where they couldn't be seen from the highway.

"Thought you might have to pee," he said pleasantly. "I sure as hell do."

"Me, too," Cindy giggled.

They got out, Mike going to one side of the truck and Cindy to the other. She squatted down and pissed in the dirt, and when she was finished, she had a naughty urge to spy on Mike. She was still very curious about men and their bodies, especially about cocks. She knew now that all cocks weren't the same. Pop's had been ugly and red and gross, Ted's sweet and pale and clean. What would Mike's prick look like?

She crept under the truck and saw Mike's legs, the muscles bulging in his tight jeans. She crawled farther towards him, till she could just see his powerful hairy-backed hand holding his dick as he pissed a great yellow stream into the dust. She was a little disappointed. His cock wasn't as long as Pop's or Ted's. But it was enormously thick, a short stubby weapon with a dark-red knob at the end.

Cindy scooted back to her side of the truck and clambered up into the cab. Mike was back soon, but instead of starting the truck he just lounged against the seat and grinned at her.

"We're almost there," he said. There was a strange excitement in his raspy voice, and his dark eyes traveled quickly over her ripe little body. "Before I let you off, maybe you'd like to be nice to me."

"Nice to you?" Cindy said innocently. "What do you mean, Mike?"

"I mean I gave you a pretty long ride," he said, "and I coulda got in trouble for it. Ain't you grateful?"

"Of course!" Cindy said fervently. "You really helped me out."

"Then help me out," he said. "Do me a favor."

"Sure, Mike," said Cindy. "Anything. What do you want?"

He was looking intently at her round, swelling tits poking out saucily under her tight shirt, and he licked his lips. Then he quickly unzipped his fly and drew out his thick, stiff cock.

"Guess," he said.

Cindy gawked at his lewdly displayed dick. She understood, all right, but she was appalled. She'd looked upon Mike as a sort of uncle, a platonic protector. And besides, he was so old. Wow, he must be in his thirties... It just didn't seem right to Cindy.

"Oh, gee, Mike," she said nervously, "I don't know if I want to."

"Try it, you'll like it," he chuckled.

He moved over to her across the wide seat and slipped his arm around her shoulders. He smelled like sweat and tobacco and hamburgers, and he seemed terrifyingly strong to Cindy. She began to panic. "Please, Mike," she said, "I'm not that kind of girl."

"You could be, if you tried," he said. "Come on, Cindy. Don't give me any trouble. I'm horny from all that driving, from being next to you. I need it. Just a quick lay -- what's it to you?"

Cindy swallowed hard. She could see his point. He'd done her a big favor, taken risks for her, and she really should repay him somehow. She'd already fucked two men in twenty-four hours, so, indeed, what difference would it make if she fucked another one? It was just that Mike seemed so coarse and brutal to her...

"I-I'm a virgin," she lied quickly. Perhaps that would arouse his sympathy.

"All the better," said Mike.

He suddenly seized her hand and placed it firmly on the rigid white shaft of his prick. Cindy gasped -- his enormously thick cock was so hot and hard. "You'd dig it, baby," he said hoarsely, starting to move her little hand gently up and down his silky rod. "That good hard meat would feel real good..."

"Noooo," Cindy said, shuddering. "Please, Mike. When I get to California and find my mother, I'll send you money to pay for the gas and the food. I'd be glad to do that."

His powerful hand gripped her shoulder hard, hurting her. "Don't give me no more shit, Cindy," he said roughly. "I gotta get laid, and if you don't cooperate, I could get real mad. Know what I mean?"

Cindy's eyes moistened with tears. Mike had been so nice to her, but now he was like a sadistic stranger, and she was afraid. His hand was almost crushing her shoulder, and she could well imagine how badly he could hurt her. There was no point trying to fight him off. A quick fuck would be far better, even if she didn't want to screw this man.

"All right, Mike," she said quickly. "I'll do it. Just let go of my shoulder, okay? You're hurting me."

He gave her shoulder one quick pinch, to show her what he could do, then let go. He leered at her, and she felt his stubby hot cock twitch excitedly under her hand.

"Well, all right," he said, grinning. "That's more like it. You'll enjoy it, doll, I guarantee it. I got a pretty good reputation in the sack. Now, let's get them clothes off. I wanta see that cute little body of yours. I been thinkin' about it for hours."

Cindy struggled to hold back her tears as she undressed. Mike sat right next to her, watching intently as she took off her clothes. She drew the tight shirt off over her head, tousling her long blonde hair. She blushed when she emerged from the garment, for Mike was staring lewdly at her boobs. The tight cotton bra seemed to be overflowing with plump ripe tit, and her cleavage was deep and swelling.

"Hurry," he said hoarsely. "Get that damned thing off. I wanta see your jugs."

He sounded like Pop, coarse and dirty. Cindy writhed with repulsion. Oh, God, if only he were Ted, young and clean and attractive, she'd be creaming her panties and more than ready to fuck. But her little cunt was absolutely dry, and she glanced down at the burly truck driver's short stubby prick with distaste.

Cindy unhooked her dainty pink bra and threw it off. Her big, round tits bounced into freedom, the pretty little pink nipples wiggling before Mike's delighted eyes.

"Nice," he breathed, "real nice knockers. You shouldn't wear a bra, Cindy. You oughta let 'em bounce, bring a little happiness into the world."

He reached out with both hands and seized her bouncing tits, tugging them mischievously, almost as if trying to milk her. His big hands had dark hair all over the backs, and the palms were dirty and sweaty. Cindy's flesh crawled under his wet touch, but he didn't seem to notice her revulsion.

"Real nice tits," he sighed. "Biggest I seen in a long time. I screwed this chick last week in Jersey -- man, that poor broad had nothing. I mean nothing. Flat as a board. But she could fuck." He sighed at the memory. "Christ, could she fuck. I hope you're half as good, doll."

"I told you," Cindy said stiffly. "I'm a virgin."

His leathery face lit up. "Oh, yeah, I forgot. Well, that's far-out. I ain't popped a cherry in a long long time. There was this chick in New York a couple years ago."

Cindy closed her ears to his male bragging. Her whole image of Mike was shattered. He'd seemed such a good guy, but he turned out to be just a user of women, ignoring them as human beings, wanting only their cunts. Cindy tried not to shiver with loathing as his big rough hands tugged lewdly at her tits.

"Well, okay, get on with it," he was saying. He'd finished his anecdote and was looking impatiently at her. "Take off the rest of your clothes."

Cindy blushed and began pulling off her jeans. Mike watched attentively and muttered, "Nice legs." Cindy felt like livestock on display. She blushed even deeper as she removed her panties. Mike began breathing hard and fast when she uncovered her cute little golden muff, and he reached down to touch it.

"You're a real cute girl," he said. "Real nice body."

Thanks a lot, you creep. Cindy thought indignantly. She ached for Ted, for his tenderness and warmth. To this brutish truck driver she was just a pair of tits and a fuckable cunt. He cared nothing for her.

He petted her soft little snatch for a moment, then thrust his hand roughly between her legs, feeling the plump folds of her slit. "Your cunt's dry, baby," he said. "What's the matter? You ain't hot for me?"

"No, I'm not," Cindy said angrily. "Just go ahead and get it over with, will you?"

"That's exactly what I intend to do," said Mike.

He opened his jeans and slid them down to his knees, not bothering to undress all the way. He wore no shorts. Cindy looked aghast at his thickly furred belly. The man seemed covered with hair, like an animal. The belly fur merged with the dark, wiry crotch bush, leaving no gaps, and his cock seemed startlingly white in comparison with the black mat of hairs. His balls were thick with hair, too, gross and fat and menacing. Cindy found him thoroughly repulsive.

"Okay, let's get that little pussy of yours ready," he said eagerly.

He pushed her back against the passenger door, and Cindy flinched at the cold touch of metal on her bare back and butt. Roughly, as if manipulating a puppet, Mike seized her left leg and drew it up high, hooking her heel over the back of the seat. He pushed her right leg down off the seat till her foot touched the floor. He had opened her legs almost painfully wide, so that her whole cunt was lewdly displayed to his bright, leering eyes.

He just sat there and looked at her splayed-open cunt, and Cindy blushed beet-red. She felt so exposed, so humiliated. Her little golden muff was split to reveal the bright-red shaft of her clit, and the delicate hairline of her snatch was drawn wide apart to show the moist pink lips of her cunt. He could even see her asshole. Nothing was hidden from his leering hungry eyes.

"Real nice little pussy," he said appreciatively. "Smaller than most, but I guess that's 'cause you're still growing. How old are you, anyhow?"

"Eighteen," Cindy said.

He reached out and touched the tender pink folds of her pussy. Cindy gasped and flinched, but she couldn't move away because she was already right up against the door. Mike didn't do nice things to her like Ted had done, didn't toy with her clit or try to arouse her. Instead he roughly forced a thick finger right up her dry cunt-hole.

"Owwww!" wailed Cindy. "That hurts!"

He ignored her, wriggling his stiff finger in her box clear to the last knuckle. He probed around inside her hole, then jerked his head up and looked her in the eye.

"You ain't no virgin," he said. "You got a tight cunt, but not that tight. And you been fucking somebody, too. Not too long ago." He whipped his finger out of her hot little box and displayed the white sticky stuff he'd found. His finger glistened with Ted's jism -- and maybe Pop's, too. Cindy blushed hotly.

He stuck the wet finger in front of her nose, and she cringed as she smelled the strong spermy odor. "Yeah, you know what that is, don't you, you lying little bitch," he said contemptuously. "Well, I ain't gonna be gentle with you any more. Some other dick has been in there ahead of mine, that's for sure. You may be young, but you been around."

Cindy hated him. What damned business was it of his if she'd fucked other men? What right did he have to look down on her and call her names? He was just like Pop, calling a woman a whore if she just did what came naturally. She didn't want to fuck this man, she wanted to knee him right in his ugly hairy balls.

She knew better than to try it, though. The powerful truck driver could break her jaw in one blow, mar her pretty face forever. So she just sat there trembling with suppressed anger while Mike knelt between her obscenely spread legs and directed the knobby red head of his prick into her cunt-mouth.

He grunted and pushed. Her tiny pussy-mouth was like dry rubber, resisting him, irritating the sensitive head of his cock. "Hell," he said, "your cunt's too dry. That ain't no fun."

He pulled back and reached behind the seat into some compartment and got a jar of Vaseline. He scooped out a big fingerful of the stuff and rubbed it all over his thick short prick. Then he approached her again, jabbing his stubby stiff dick up into the recessed valley of her cunt-mouth. This time his cock slid into her twat easily.

"EEEeee!" Mike squealed like a stuck pig as he felt his achingly bloated prick sliding into the delicious snug heat of her young cunt. "Baby, are you tight! Ahhh, Jesus, that's good cunt."

Cindy felt nothing, at least nothing pleasant. He knelt there, not touching her except with his prick, and there was enough distance between them so she could watch his cock going into her pussy. From her vantage point the pale stub seemed to be swallowed up into a little hairy hole. Her cunt felt very full. His dick was thicker than Pop's or Ted's, stretching her little pussy-lips very wide. His cock wasn't long enough to penetrate all the way to the end of her cunt, but it filled her hole stiffly, thoroughly. He sank his rod in all the way to his bloated nuts, and Cindy felt their coarse hair tickling and irritating her tender ass.

Mike raised his head and looked her in the eye. He was grinning lewdly, triumphantly. "My cock's all the way in you now, baby," he rasped. "How does it feel? You like it?"

Cindy's pert childish face wrinkled with disgust. "Oh, just do it," she snapped. "Do it and get it over with. I want to get away from you."

Mike laughed. "Well, maybe you'll change your mind when we get to really fucking. If you screwed before, you musta liked it. Come on, baby, you can tell me. Who'd you fuck with -- your boyfriend? Did he get your little pussy all wet an' hot? Did it feel good when he stuck that stiff meat in there?"

"Oh, God," Cindy moaned, breaking into tears, "will you shut up? Will you just fuck me and let me go?"

"You said a naughty word," Mike chuckled. "But, okay, little girl, I'll just fuck you. I won't say no more. You ain't worth talkin' to anyhow."

He started to screw her, jerking his thick rigid meat swiftly in and out of her tight little cunt. The Vaseline made it lewdly noisy, an embarrassing squishy, slurpy sound that made Cindy blush and Mike grin. His coarse-haired balls slapped roughly against her little butt. He watched his own performance with unconcealed glee, noticed how his abnormally thick cock stretched her adolescent pussy-lips almost to bursting.

Cindy was beginning to get some pretty good friction now as his grossly thick meat rubbed hard in her tight cunt, and she had to admit it was halfway fun. She hated the man, but, as she'd learned with Ted, fucking was pretty good stuff. Mike raised himself a little, leaned farther towards her, so that his hard cock-shaft sawed back and forth over her tender clit. Cindy began getting sharp jolts of pleasure.

"Ohhhh!" she gasped. "Oohhh!"

Her cunt stopped resisting his prick and went wide and hot and receptive. Her twat creamed helplessly, a slight eager moistening at first, then a scalding flood of cunt-juice. Mike felt it boiling around his jabbing prick, and again he scrutinized her, leering right into her eyes.

"Yeah, get wet for me, doll," he rasped. "I felt that, I felt that good juice. Now you're digging it. You know I fuck good. Tell me about it. Tell me how you love the way my cock's screwing you."

"Noooo!" squealed Cindy.

The word was negative, but the sound was joyful. She couldn't hold back those incoherent noises of pleasure, her sighs and squeals and moans, as Mike's thick rock-hard meat sawed deliciously over her horny little clit and deep into her boiling tight cunt. She just couldn't help it, it felt so nice. Dizzily she looked down at her pronged cunt and watched his thick dong pumping busily and in and out of her hair-fringed twat. His pale cock-shaft got wetter and wetter as her cunt kept creaming on it, and the noise of his fucking was lewdly loud, an obscene squishy-farty noise. Somehow even the noise turned her on.

Mike gazed gloatingly, hotly, at the panting teenager as she took the powerful deep thrusts of his iron-hard meat. He saw that he was turning her on. Her superb round tits had swelled up tight with arousal, the pink nipples standing out pointed and hard. Her pretty face was flushed a mottled pink, and her big blue eyes were wide and hot and glazed. Her little pink tongue nipped out to lick her lips, dry from panting. She was moaning hoarsely, continuously, as he fucked her.

"Come on, baby, come on," he chanted, "tell me, tell me how good my cock feels. I wanta hear it. You love it, don't you?"

Cindy sobbed and shook her head, but he knew she was sobbing from excitement, not fright. Her cunt was creaming like crazy, so that it was like fucking a tight sponge. He'd never known a woman to cream like that, overflowing her own cunt so that the stuff squirted out to wet his belly. He raised himself higher, so that he sawed powerfully on her tiny hot clit, and the girl screamed.

Then suddenly he stopped. He held his prick absolutely still inside her flooded cunt, and Cindy gawked at him in keen disappointment. Just when it was getting so good... God, she needed him now. She needed that thick hard cock working in her horny snatch.

He grinned cruelly. "Now you gonna tell me how much you like it? Tell me, or you won't get any more."

Cindy sobbed helplessly. She had to have his cock, had to come. "I want it," she wept, "I like it."

"Like what?" he persisted.

"Your cock," gasped Cindy. "I like your cock. I like you to fuck me. Please, Mike, please, start fucking me again. I want it so bad..."

He grinned triumphantly. His cock was aching to move in her tight pussy again, he wanted it as badly as she did, but he had to have this final submission, too. He had to hear her begging to get fucked before his victory was complete. It was going to make a great anecdote for his buddies -- this knockout little chick begging for his meat. He could hardly wait to tell about it.

"Okay, doll," he said, "that's what I wanted to hear. Just a little appreciation, you know? Now I'll give it to you. Hard, just like you want it. I'll bring you off..."

Cindy writhed impatiently around the fat impalement of his rigid dick, wishing he'd just shut up and get on with the fucking. She was really beginning to understand what "horny" meant. It was that aching hot need in her pussy that would drive her to fuck anything available, even a man she hated, that desperate need for something stiff and fat inside her juicy little twat.

"Awwww, yeah! YEAH!" she screamed.

His prick was moving in her cunt again, brutally hard and fast, and she loved it. Cream splattered from her flooded box, soaking his hairy belly, and she clawed the seat of the truck. "Ball me, ball me!" she raved. "Screw me, fuck me! Hard, oh, Goddammit, FUCK ME HARD!"

Mike really put the prick to her, giving it everything he had, and then she was coming right before his eyes, screaming and shaking, her cute round tits bouncing like crazy. Her red-hot little cunt tightened around his prick and milked the jism right out of his balls. He'd meant to watch her, to gloat at her as she climaxed, but he was coming, too. He yelped blissfully and shot his jism deep into her convulsing cunt.

Cindy slumped against the door, feeling his meat shrinking inside her hole. She smiled ecstatically. Her pussy felt so numb and well-fucked. She wanted to just rest there awhile, enjoying that hot, tingling sensation in her wet little twat, but suddenly Mike was throwing her clothes at her, pushing her out the door.

"Get out, cunt," he said, grinning cruelly. "I got what I wanted. I don't need you any more."

Chapter FOUR

Cindy sat in the dirt, fighting back tears of anger and humiliation. Mike had used her and discarded her as if she were a thing, not a person. She was almost beginning to hate men. Worse than that, he'd left her on a lonely country road in a strange place, with night coming on. Cindy was frightened.

Well, she was damned if she was going to cry over a creep like him. She got up and dressed in her wrinkled dusty clothes and used her pocket comb to fix her hair as best she could without a mirror. There was only one thing to do -- catch another ride as soon as she could, and hope to hell it wasn't with another bastard like Mike.

Cindy walked the short distance to the highway and looked around. The sun was getting ready to set, and there wasn't a car in sight. She didn't know how far it was to the big city, Indianapolis, but she started walking. She figured the closer she got to the city, the better chance she had of finding a ride.

She'd been walking maybe half an hour, sticking out her thumb at carloads of middle-class families who gawked at her like she was a freak and passed her up. She heard another car coming up in the distance, and she turned and saw a red VW bug. Without much hope, she stuck out her thumb.

The little beetle wobbled to a stop right behind her, and a good-looking young man stuck his head out. There was another guy beside him, and they both looked clean-cut and pleasant. "Where you headed?" the driver called.

"California," Cindy said, approaching him timidly, "but I'd be glad to get a ride even to the next town."

He conferred briefly with his buddy in a low tone that Cindy couldn't hear, then leaned out the window again. "We can do better than that," he said. "We're going all the way to St. Louis."

Cindy remembered that Mike had started out friendly and innocent, too, and she knew the same thing could happen again. What choice did she have, though? She couldn't, wouldn't, go back to Pop, and the only other family she had was her mother.

"Great," she said, forcing a smile to her face.

"Good thing you don't have any gear," said the driver. "We're packed to the rafters already."

He let Cindy squeeze behind him into the back seat, where she had to shove aside a few pieces of luggage, a laundry bag, and a pile of books. She was glad she didn't have a fat butt. The two guys looked around to see if she'd found room, and Cindy studied them carefully. They both seemed to be in their early twenties, healthy and handsome, modishly dressed.

"My name's Tom," said the driver. He had hair more blond than Cindy's, a nice tan and dazzlingly white teeth. "This is my friend Peter."

"Call me Pete if you want," said the other passenger. He had very dark hair which, like Tom's, just reached his shoulders and was carefully styled. He also had a thick mustache which Cindy rather liked. Both the guys were good-looking and' personable, and the adolescent female in Cindy responded with butterflies in the stomach. Part of her felt old and battered and cynical, but another part was still able to swoon over guys.

"Hi," she said, grinning. "I'm Cindy. Thanks for picking me up."

"Our pleasure," said Tom. "We better get going now if we want to reach St. Louis tonight."

It was a fast trip. Tom took the careening bug as fast as he could down the freeway, slowing only for speed traps and police cruisers. Cindy learned from their conversation that they were college students returning to school in St. Louis after their spring vacation. While Tom drove hell-for-leather to Missouri, Pete was kind enough to answer Cindy's bashful questions about geography and the distance she had yet to travel. He showed her a road map and explained that from St. Louis it was a straight shot west to California, which she could probably make in two or three days. Cindy began to feel a lot less frightened about her journey.

It was very late at night when they finally reached St. Louis, and it was cold and raining like no rain Cindy had ever seen.

"Good ole St. Louie," said Tom. "What a shitty night."

"I sure don't feel like fighting the traffic all the way to the college," said Pete. "Why don't we get a motel and go on out there in the morning?"

"Right on," said Tom. He looked at Cindy in the rear-view mirror. "What about you, Cindy?" he said. "I doubt you could find a place this late at night. We could put you up."

Cindy realized only at that moment that her fifteen dollars would scarcely buy her a room for the night and breakfast, if St. Louis prices were like New York's. Not thinking of the implications of Tom's offer, she said gratefully, "Oh, yes, thank you, that would be great. I hardly have any money."

"It's on us," said Pete, exchanging a sideways look with Tom which Cindy didn't see.

They had some hamburgers at a drive-in, then checked in at a cheap motel on the outskirts of the city. Cindy sat in the car while the guys made the arrangements, so she wasn't prepared for what happened. It seemed they were all to stay in one room which contained two double beds. Cindy was a little uncomfortable about that, but she figured the guys didn't have enough money for two rooms. She decided she had no right to complain, since she wasn't paying a cent of the bill.

"I sure would like a shower," she said nervously.

"Us, too," laughed Tom. "We're not too sweet-smelling after that drive. But ladies first."

Cindy felt like a new person when she stepped from the shower. The dust and sweat were washed away, along with the traces of Mike's jism. She didn't want to put on her dirty clothes again, so she hung them to air in the bathroom and emerged wearing a big towel wrapped around her.

Tom took her place in the shower, and she sat down on the bed not occupied by Pete. He grinned at her. "We were having a little shot of booze," he said. "Care for a nip? Takes the weariness right out of your bones."

"Okay," said Cindy. She'd never tasted hard liquor before, but she knew the effects of beer and wanted the pleasant numbness.

Pete mixed her a pretty strong bourbon and Coke, and it hit her almost immediately. She felt lazy and a little giggly. She stretched out on the bed, and Pete came to sit beside her. They chatted, and everything he said seemed hilariously funny. The next thing she knew, they were kissing.

His mustache tickled her, which was funny, but she also felt a hot fluttering in her cunt. It would be exciting to fuck Pete -- if only Tom weren't there. Or it would be exciting to make it with Tom, if Pete weren't there. Cindy sighed and cursed her luck.

She and Pete went on necking till Tom came out of the bathroom, and then Pete went to take his shower. Tom sat beside her on the bed, and soon she was kissing him. It was crazy and funny. Cindy was not at all alarmed, just a little drunk and having a good time.

Presently Tom -- who was also wearing only a towel -- stretched out beside her and embraced her. "Hey, I like you," he whispered, "I really do."

"I like you, too," Cindy purred, running her fingers through his long, silky blond hair. "Both of you."

Tom chuckled. "You do? That's far-out."

He kissed her, and Cindy responded hotly. She felt an eager burning in her pussy, a signal she now recognized. She wanted to fuck this guy in the worst way. She felt no guilt about it. She was a woman now, on her own, and she could do whatever she liked with her body. The only hindrance was that there were two guys, not one. If only one of them would go out for a walk...

Tom was pressing hard against her, and he slid his tongue into her mouth, slowly and sensually. Cindy moaned and clung to him. She felt his hand fumbling over her tit, tugging at her towel, but she didn't stop him. The booze had made her reckless and carefree. Tom slipped the damp towel down over her left tit and laid his hand on the bare creamy flesh. He sighed softly.

Cindy wriggled lustily as he squeezed her plump full boob. The sweet sensation radiated all through her body, and she felt her pussy getting achingly swollen and moist. Tom broke the kiss then and looked down at her exposed jug, so full and ripe that it almost overflowed his caressing hand. He lifted his hand and admired the creamy globe and its sweet strawberry-pink nipple.

"Damn, you've got pretty tits," he said. His voice was husky.

Cindy giggled. "How do you know I've got two of them?" she said. "You only looked at one."

Tom chuckled and slipped the towel down over her other tit, as round and swelling and creamy as the other. "Boy, that's a relief," he said.

Cindy giggled again. The guys seemed so witty to her. The booze had made her so relaxed, till she felt like there was no tomorrow. Shyly she began to caress Tom's smooth, hard shoulders. His body was nice -- young and sleek and tan, not grossly hairy like Mike's. Tom's breathing quickened as she touched him, and suddenly he jammed his mouth on hers and kissed her again, much more hotly and passionately this time.

He dug his tongue feverishly into her mouth, and Cindy met it with hers, their tongues swishing around each other in a lusty wet dance. Tom cupped both her bare boobs and molded them excitedly. His body began to move rhythmically against hers.

Just then Pete stepped out of the bathroom.

Cindy gave a little gasp, jerked her mouth away from Tom's, and tugged the towel up over her bare tits. Tom laughed and eased her down on the bed again.

"Hey Cindy," he said, "it's okay. Pete and me are buddies. He doesn't mind if you and I make out a little. Do you, Pete?"

Pete was lounging in the doorway, clad in a towel, grinning at them. "Hell, no," he said coolly. "I'll just have myself another drink. Don't mind me. Just pretend I'm not here."

That was very difficult for Cindy to do. As Pete strolled past the bed and started to mix himself another drink, studiously keeping his back to them, she was acutely aware of his presence. It just didn't seem right to be making out while another person was in the room.

Still Tom's kisses and caresses were very exciting to her. They gradually mellowed her out, and soon she was kissing him back hungrily, less and less aware of Pete, who was lounging on the other bed sipping his drink. Pete turned on his transistor radio to a rock station, and that helped, too. When Tom began to ease the towel down over her tits again, Cindy purred and didn't even protest.

"God, they're nice," Tom whispered as he once again cupped the soft warm mounds of her boobs. "So soft..."

Cindy basked like a contented cat in his arms, allowing him to play with her big satiny jugs. He rubbed his palms over the bright-pink nipples, and they quickly responded to his touch, going erect and bumpy and very sensitive. Little jolts of pleasure streaked right down to her pussy every time he stroked her nipples.

Cindy kissed and licked and nibbled his ears, nose, and cheeks, following her natural instinct to play with his attractive young body. She was getting very very horny, and she knew it. She wished someone would turn out the light, and then maybe, if they were very quiet, she and Tom could fuck. Just a quick one would be better than this protracted longing, this aching need.

"Oh, baby," Tom moaned, "I want you."

He held her harder than before and pressed his flushed face against her tits, rubbing his cheeks over the soft resilient mounds of flesh. He slid his mouth onto one of her nipples and used the tip of his tongue to tickle wetly on the tender nub of flesh.

"Oohhh," Cindy moaned.

It felt delicious. Cream boiled hotly in her aroused pussy, and she felt it wetting her inner thighs. She wanted to fuck him so badly... If only Pete would disappear. Why couldn't he take a hint? Cindy glanced over at the other bed and saw that Pete was lying there watching them. How gross. Surely he could see that they wanted to fuck, that he should go away for a while.

She felt Tom's hand sliding up her bare silky legs. He reached the towel and started to slide his hand under it, but Cindy panicked and went stiff beneath him.

"Tom, no," she whispered, "we can't, not while Pete is watching."

"Oh, forget about him," Tom said. "He'll just shine it on. It's okay. Come on, baby, I need you real bad."

"Well, at least turn off the light," said Cindy nervously.

But he didn't get up and turn off the light. He lay down on her again, pinning her with his weight, and clamped his mouth hotly onto her nipple. He began to suck it wetly and noisily, and Cindy moaned softly as hot blasts of pleasure shot right from her aroused pink nipple to her seething wet pussy. Helplessly she writhed against him, squeezing his shoulders, moving her belly rhythmically against his. She wanted to fuck him so much...

Tom's hand slid under the towel and clamped possessively on her moist curly pussy-mound. Cindy knew she should protest. It was a wicked thing for him to feel up her cunt while Pete was watching. But it electrified her, made her pussy boil with excitement, and she couldn't bring herself to move. He molded and squeezed her furry little snatch, and fierce pleasure shot through her. She felt her cunt burning with need, her hot juice seeping out to wet the meeting place of her thighs.

"Let me touch you," Tom whispered hoarsely.

She knew what he meant, and again she couldn't bring herself to protest. She wanted that wicked exploration, the eager fingers tickling inside her cunt. She moaned and let her legs fall apart a little, and Tom quickly slid his hand between her thighs. He felt the searing heat and the wet, plump tissues of her pussy. He ran his hand eagerly back and forth over her silky slit, and Cindy whimpered and bucked against him. A scalding burst of cunt-juice soaked his hand.

His playing fingers lulled her into a sensual dizziness, and Cindy slumped back limply on the bed, opening her legs even wider and letting him touch her at will. She loved the swift but gentle rubbing of her clit and the plump sensitive lips of her pussy. She closed her eyes and made a lusty gurgling noise in her throat.

Tom gawked at her exposed pink slit. He wasn't a virgin, but most of his sexual encounters had been quickies in parked cars, and he'd never had a chance to really explore a cunt. Cindy's young pussy looked sweet and plump and pink to him, almost delicate inside its light fringe of gleaming blonde hairs. He stroked her snatch wonderingly, touching her tiny red clit, her swollen moist cunt-lips, and the light-brown pucker of her asshole.

"Ooohhh," Cindy whimpered. Her little white teeth flashed, and her eyes were shut tight in sensual concentration.

Tom glanced over at Pete, who grinned lewdly and winked at him. Tom grinned back and nodded slightly. They were agreed on what they wanted, and it was his job to get the chick fully aroused.

Tom abruptly shoved Cindy's legs wide apart and dived for her gleaming pink gash. Cindy gasped, opened her eyes, and tried to sit up. She couldn't quite make it, for Tom was lying heavily on her legs, but she did see his blond head between her thighs. She wondered what insane thing he was doing. She had a brief image of Pete watching and grinning -- and then dizzying pleasure washed over her, and she fell back again, limp and panting.

Tom was licking her clitoris, she could feel it now. She'd never heard of such a thing, and it seemed rather nasty to her, but it felt terrific. His wet mobile tongue flicked swiftly back and forth over her super-sensitive little bud, and she felt her whole cunt melting with dizzying pleasure.

"Ahhhh," she moaned. "Ohhh, that's so good..."

Tom fastened his lips around her twitching little red clit and began to suck it. This, too, was brand-new to Cindy, and she could hardly believe the searing pleasure that rocked her body. Maybe college guys were smarter after all. The rough tickling of fingers in her pussy was nothing compared to the delicate but thrilling play of his wet, slick tongue on her tiny joy-button. She knew Pete was watching, seeing everything, but she couldn't suppress her response. She threw her legs wide open and let Tom lap her cunt.

Tom didn't know a lot about muff-diving, but when he saw how well it was working with Cindy, he gave it everything he had. He sucked her wet salty clit till the petite girl was squealing with pleasure and his chin was soaked with her gushing cunt-cream. He pried apart the plump pink lips of her cunt and licked all up and down the slick red crease inside, and Cindy moaned hoarsely and greeted him with another flood of fragrant pussy-juice.

"Ooohhh!" she shrieked. "Yes, YES!"

She felt his rough wet tongue swirling rapidly around the creaming mouth of her cunt, and she rammed her horny little hips forward, trying to take his tongue inside her hole. She needed something stiff in her hotly aroused twat, that was all she knew. Tom tickled around the wet mouth of her cunt a moment longer, then read the message of her bucking hips. He'd never stuck his tongue in a girl's cunt before, but what the hell? If that got her loose enough, he'd do it.

"Eeeee!" wailed Cindy.

She felt Tom's thick slippery tongue snaking up her hungry little hole, and she went wild with pleasure. Moaning crazily, she managed to half sit up, and she pushed her hands down on his head, forcing his tongue deeper into her drooling twat. She worked his head up and down, bucked her hips furiously, working his tongue in her cunt like a cock. Her cream boiled out, soaking his face.

"Hey, Cindy, don't smother my buddy."

Cindy started and saw Pete climbing onto the bed beside her and Tom. He'd let his towel drop and was stark naked. In her astonishment she let go of Tom's head, and he surfaced from her pussy flushed and panting, his face smeared with her thick pussy-cream. Cindy gawked, back and forth, between the two naked young men -- for Tom had cast aside his towel, too. Tom was nearly hairless, tan and smooth, except for the golden bush of pubes from which his erect cock sprang, stiff and pale and capped with a reddish knob. Pete had a thick mat of black hair on his chest and a wiry black crotch bush, and his cock was much like Tom's, a good average-size tool fiercely erect, the knob almost purple in its bulbous swelling.

Dizzily Cindy admired their attractive hard young bodies, and her pussy still ached with burning need. But the reality of it all was dawning on her: they both wanted to fuck her!

"W-What..." she stammered.

Pete pulled her gently to him. "Don't sweat it, baby," he said softly, hotly. "It's okay. Nobody'll ever know. Let's just have some fun, okay? You take it easy..."

Cindy's head swam, half with lust and half with fright. It seemed terribly wrong to get it on with two men at once, yet she wanted both of them, was hotly turned on by both of them, dark Pete and blond Tom. She was paralyzed by indecision, and she allowed Pete to pull her up against him, her bare back against his tickling hair-matted chest. She sat with her butt between his legs, and she could feel his iron-hard prick rubbing in the crease of her ass. He slipped his hands around her and cupped her hot swollen boobs, gently squeezing them.

Tom knelt between her legs and quickly slipped off the crumpled towel which now covered only her midsection. She sat there naked for both young men to ogle. She blushed and squirmed, but Pete held her tight, his sweaty hands clamped onto her quivering tits.

"It's okay," he said again in that hot hungry voice which was yet so soft and compelling. "Relax, Cindy, relax... We're all friends... It'll be good, baby, real good."

Cindy whimpered, panicked but still too stunned to move. Tom's face was hot with excitement as he lifted her legs, bending them at the knee and sliding them wide apart. He stared briefly at her exposed, juice-shiny slit, then shivered and moved towards her. Cindy watched, as if in a dream, as he seized his erect prick and guided it into her creamy little cunt-mouth.

"AHHHH!" she cried.

His cock was inside her, and it felt wonderful. She gave up all thought of resistance and just let him fuck her. She had to admit it was quite a turn-on getting fucked by one handsome guy while another held her and played with her tits. She began to grin lustily, shamelessly.

"Oh, Jesus," Tom gasped, "ohhhh..."

He'd slid his hands under her butt, bringing their crotches right together, and he was humping her in short greedy strokes, his face red with horny pleasure. It was a squishy loud fuck, and Cindy responded with little squeals and gasps of delight. She let her head fall back on Pete's shoulder, and the dark-haired young man stretched his head around to kiss her, wriggling his tongue naughtily in her mouth. Cindy was so hot, she felt herself drooling on him. He broke the kiss and laughed softly.

"Is it good, sweetheart?" he whispered. "Is my buddy a good cocksman?"

"Ummm!" gurgled Cindy, almost too carried away to speak. "It feels wonderful!"

Pete squeezed her tits again, and they both stared down at Tom's flying cock, a stiff reddish rod that poked again and again into her hair-fringed creamy twat, emerging wet and gleaming with cunt-juice. He fucked her hard and fast, pounding her higher and higher toward orgasm, and suddenly it exploded inside her, a stinging climax that made her shriek. She arched her head sharply back on Pete's shoulder, and he bent to whisper to her.

"Yeah, come, baby, come!" he said hotly. "Come for my buddy! Take that good hard meat, sweetheart, take it!"

Cindy's high-pitched little squeals filled the room, and her slim hips bucked wildly as Tom jabbed his rigid prick in her climaxing cunt. She heard him gasp loudly, and then she felt his jism flooding into her hole, soaking and overflowing her convulsing twat. In a second Pete backed off from behind her, laying her gently down on the bed, and she felt Tom's limp wet meat slipping out of her flooded box. There was panting, the creak of bedsprings, and then she felt a brand-new cock, hard and stiff, snaking deliciously into her cum-soaked cunt. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Pete sinking down on her, his face as red and excited as Tom's had been.

Pete began to hump her hard and quick, and instantly she wanted it again. Her first climax had hardly faded away, yet she was hot and horny for her second cock of the evening. She squealed and threw her legs up around Pete's pounding sweaty body, wrapping her calves around his waist and digging his cock deep into her clinging hole. His prick felt red-hot and steely hard in her blazing tight cunt.

"Yes, yes," she panted, "give it to me! Fuck me!"

"Baby, you better believe I'll fuck you," Pete laughed breathlessly.

Tom lay close beside them, watching, and he reached out to play with Cindy's big wobbling tits. He caught her eye and grinned. "Hey, Cindy," he said, "having fun? My buddy's some stud, huh?"

Cindy only gurgled wetly in reply. She couldn't chat now. She was busy grinding her hot little pussy furiously around the thick hard pole of Pete's fast-driving prick, shamelessly rubbing her greedy clit against his stiff cock-shaft. Ravenous for another climax, she fucked the sweating gasping young man as hard as he was fucking her.

"DEEPER!" she wailed. "Fuck me deeper! I want to get fucked hard! Ohhhh, God, harder! FUCK ME HARDER!"

Pete gasped and chuckled, "Baby, this is the best I got to offer! Oh, man, you're burning my prick off... So fuckin' hot!"

When they climaxed, they were drenched with sweat, and Pete rolled off her, panting and laughing wonderingly at the hot little chick they'd acquired. Cindy no sooner caught her breath than she reached out shyly but determinedly and began to pet Tom's half-limp, juice-smeared cock. A crazy lust possessed her, as if she could never get enough fucking.

"More," she said huskily, "I want more..."

Chapter FIVE

Cindy stood on the freeway outside St. Louis, her thumb cocked at the on-coming cars. Her cunt felt numb and wet, as well it should have -- she and Tom and Pete had fucked all night. Recalling the wild session with the two young men, Cindy blushed but smiled. It was naughty, but it sure as hell had been fun. Once they'd both tried to jam their cocks into her cunt at once, all of them giggling like crazy, but her hole was too small and it didn't work. They'd parted the best of friends that morning, and the guys had driven her to the edge of town and even given her five dollars.

Cindy shivered a little in the early-morning breeze. The fun was over, and she figured she wouldn't be lucky enough to find people like Tom and Pete again, friendly gentle people who didn't want to exploit her. No, her next ride was more likely to be a sadistic brute like Mike. She steeled herself, for it. She had to take whatever she got, if she was to reach California.

A car slowed for her, and Cindy was enormously relieved to see that the driver was a woman. She could relax now and not worry about being raped. She grinned and ran to catch up with the car.

"Hello," the woman said, smiling pleasantly. "Want a ride?"

"I sure do," said Cindy. "I'm trying to get to California."

The woman looked amused. "Well, I'm not going quite that far, only to Kansas City, but you're welcome to ride along."

Cindy remembered the map Pete had shown her. Kansas City wasn't very far away, but it was on the main route to California. "That'd be great," she said.

She got in on the passenger side, and the big comfortable American car purred back onto the freeway. It was like riding on a cloud compared to Tom's bone-rattling VW bug. Cindy sighed and relaxed. The woman began chatting about some meeting she'd been to in St. Louis, and Cindy thought her husky voice was pleasant. She didn't care for her style of dressing very much, though. The woman wore a mannish tailored pantsuit and flat shoes, and her auburn hair was cut very short, almost like one of the old ducktail haircuts of the 50's. She had a handsome face but wore no make-up, which made her look rather severe. Cindy guessed the woman was in her early forties.

Her name was Emily Trout, Cindy learned in the course of their conversation, and she was unmarried, in the retail clothing business, and lived with her older brother in Kansas City. She seemed brisk, competent, and content with her lot, although Cindy pitied her. It must be awful to go all your life without a man.

"And you, Cindy?" said Emily. "How old are you? Why are you going to California -- a vacation?"

Cindy said. "I'm eighteen," she said, "and I'm going there to look for work. New York is so crowded, and it's not safe on the streets."

Miss Trout glanced at her with that cool look of amusement which seemed a habit with her. "Cindy," she said, "If you had a brain in your head -- or any experience of life -- you wouldn't be hitchhiking alone across the country. I don't mean to pry, and don't worry I won't try to get you sent home. But if you're in any kind of trouble and need help, you can trust me. Hitchhiking is terribly dangerous. You could get killed, raped... So if you think I can help you, just tell me."

Cindy blushed. "My pop was real mean to me, and-and I can't stay with him any more. I'm going to go live with my mother in Los Angeles." She trusted Miss Trout and felt no qualms about telling her this much.

They reached Kansas City in the late afternoon, and Emily Trout invited Cindy to stop at her house for dinner. "You could wash your clothes, too, and stay the night if you want," she said pleasantly.

"You probably need a rest stop after all that traveling."

"That would be great," said Cindy. "Thank you so much."

She wasn't so grateful when she met Emily's brother Calvin Trout. Cindy thought he was the meanest, most sour-looking old fart she'd ever met. Pale, watery-eyed, with thinning brown hair and hunched shoulders, Calvin peered hostility at the world through wire-rimmed spectacles and spoke in a nasal whine. He gave Cindy the creeps.

Nevertheless she decided to stay, for she was starved and she badly needed to wash her clothes. Emily gave her a pretty pink robe to wear while her clothes were in the washer, and they had a great supper of lamb chops and mashed potatoes and salad, marred only by Calvin's nasal complaints. He hardly spoke to Cindy, only glared at her.

Emily urged Cindy to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, even brought her a cup of cocoa to drink in bed and a stack of magazines to read. "You just have a good rest, dear," she said, squeezing Cindy's shoulder. "Don't worry about a thing."

Cindy smiled gratefully. She soon got very sleepy and found herself nodding off before she'd gotten through the first magazine. It was almost as if the cocoa had been drugged...

Cindy blinked as harsh light flooded the room. She gazed dizzily around and recognized the pretty little guestroom Miss Trout had assigned her. The bedside clock said it was a little after midnight. She'd been asleep since eight, but she was sure she'd turned the light off... Then her blue eyes popped wide open when she saw Calvin and Emily standing by her bed.

"Don't scream, dear," said Emily. "It won't do you a bit of good."

Cindy gawked. Something very strange was happening.

Emily wore a leather jumpsuit, black and gleaming like a snakeskin, and she had a little whip in her hand which she was twitching impatiently. Before, she'd worn that bulky tweed suit, and Cindy hadn't noticed how big and pointed her tits were. They stuck out sharply in the leather suit, like iron mountains. Emily's face was different. No longer pleasant, it was more hawk-like, alert and strangely excited. She had painted her lips bright-red.

Emily's appearance was startling enough, but Cindy could hardly believe Calvin. He was grinning like an idiot, his sour face revolutionized by hot excitement, and behind his thick glasses his watery blue eyes looked glazed and crazy. He was wearing nothing but a diaper. Yes, a diaper, folded just like for a baby and pinned with big gold safety pins.

Cindy didn't know what to say. She looked questioningly at Emily, who smiled -- an icy smile that made Cindy's blood run cold. Emily's strong mannish hand, with short unpainted nails, twitched convulsively around the handle of the whip.

"Now, Cindy," she said briskly, "my brother and I have a little game we like to play, just some harmless fun. We want to play it with your. Just be a good sport for a few minutes, you won't be hurt. It's the least you can do in exchange for my hospitality." She studied Cindy a moment and detected a spark of rebellion in the girl's eyes. Her voice became menacing. "One more thing," she said. "What happens tonight must be kept a secret. I'm a businesswoman, and my brother is a professional librarian, so we have reputations to keep. Not everyone would understand... So if you're tempted to tell anyone, I can always have you sent back to your father."

Cindy swallowed hard. Whatever screwy thing they wanted to do, it had to be better than living with Pop again. She shivered as she recalled his sweaty body, his reeking breath, his repulsive sexual advances.

"All right, Miss Trout," she said meekly. "I promise."

"Good," said Emily. She glanced at her brother, who was ogling her and leering like an idiot. For a brief moment Emily's cold face flashed with a chilling kind of excitement, and she twitched the little whip in her hand. "Very well," she went on, "we can start the game now."

Emily stepped back a few paces and said harshly. "Calvin, you naughty boy! What are you doing here?"

Calvin trembled. His expression was confusing to Cindy. It seemed to be compounded half of fear and half of glee. "I just wanted to see the pretty lady," he said in a sing-song voice.

Emily struck him sharply on the back with her whip. The crack of the whip made Cindy jump, but Calvin only flinched a little -- and then a look of positive ecstasy came into his watery eyes. His voice was as whiny as ever. "Please don't hurt me," he whimpered.

"That's for going away without telling me," snapped Emily. "Now, what is it you want, Calvin?"

Calvin's eyes focused hotly on Cindy's heaving bosom. Her round ripe young tits swelled up under the pink robe. "Titties," he said, drooling a little in his excitement. "I want to see her titties."

Again Emily struck with the whip. This time it lashed over his left shoulder, and Cindy could see the angry red welt. Emily struck hard enough to hurt but not to draw blood. "You naughty boy!" she said. "You know that's not nice."

"I want to see her titties," Calvin whined, shivering with his strange ecstasy.

Emily said in a normal voice to Cindy, "Lower your robe."

Cindy began to grasp the rules of this sick game, even though she didn't understand the purpose. Calvin was to have his wishes -- and to be punished for them, too. Shuddering, Cindy untied the belt of the robe and began slipping the garment off her shoulders. She wasn't wild about cooperating with these crazies, but it was better than having the police take her back to Pop.

Calvin breathed very loudly as he watched Cindy bare her boobs. His sick blue eyes focused, wet and gleaming, on her superb adolescent tits and their sweet pink nipples. Cindy slipped the robe down to her waist, completely exposing the ripe jugs, and waited. She happened to glance up at Emily and saw that her eyes, too, were warm as she gazed at Cindy's tits. But when Emily saw the girl looking at her, she went cold again.

"All right, Calvin," she said, "you've had your sinful wish. You go back to bed."

"Noooo," Calvin whined, squirming a little in his diaper, "I want more. I want to touch."

The whip came down with a sharp crack on his bare back, and Calvin shrieked. Obviously it hurt, but no sooner had the shriek left his lips than he smiled. What a sickie, thought Cindy. The whole scene was revolting her. She wished she could escape, but Emily had too much on her.

"Just a little touch, Calvin," Emily said icily. "Indulge your evil desires if you must, but then you're going straight to bed."

"Yes, Mommy," Calvin whined.

Mommy? Emily was his sister. Cindy slowly began to understand just how sick Calvin was. Emily must be a little nuts, too, to indulge him in this bizarre game. Cindy got the impression that the mannish redhead liked wielding that whip.

Calvin approached the bed panting and leering. Little drops of spit appeared at the corners of his mouth. When his knees touched the edge of the bed, he leaned forward and laid his hands on Cindy's creamy bare tits. The girl recoiled in horror. His hands were cold but very wet. It was like the touch of death.

"Hold still," Emily told her. "Let him touch you. It can't hurt you, stupid. Remember, I can punish you."

Cindy held still. She gawked in disgust at Calvin's wormy white thin chest, utterly hairless and bony, and she couldn't even bring herself to look at his leering drooling face. He pawed her big ripe tits feverishly, squeezing the tender flesh, pinching her nipples. It hurt, but Cindy didn't dare object. She had a feeling Emily meant what she said about sending her back to Pop.

"That's enough!" Emily snapped. "You wicked boy, get away from her!"

"No, no, no!" howled Calvin. He acted like he was going to burst into tears like a baby. "No, I don't want to go to bed."

"Then what do you want?" said Emily. Her hand was tightening on the whip, her knuckles white.

"I want to see her pussy," Calvin said, chuckling like a naughty little boy.

As Cindy expected, the whip descended with unusual ferocity. The more "naughty" Calvin was, the harder he got whipped. Emily hit him several times, lashing his bare back, and Calvin howled in pain. It was really hurting him -- but he didn't move away, just stood there and took it. Cindy had never heard of this particular perversion, but she understood that Calvin liked to be hurt.

"You filthy-minded little beast!" cried Emily. "You'll go to hell for thoughts like that!"

"I want it, I want it," Calvin chanted, jumping up and down in his baggy diaper. "I want to see her pussy."

"Oh, if it'll shut you up," Emily said like a harried mother. "Just a little look, then you're going to bed." She dropped the maternal tone and said briskly to Cindy, "Take off the robe. Get out from under the covers. Just lie there so he can see you."

Fuck you, you sick old bitch, Cindy thought.

Nevertheless she obeyed. It couldn't hurt her to have poor old Calvin just look, and it was a damned sight better than returning to New York. Why, she was halfway to California now, and if she just kept up her courage and determination, she'd make it...

Thinking of Los Angeles and her new life, Cindy briskly removed her robe, climbed out from under the covers, and stretched out on her back for Calvin to see. She lay there utterly naked, her sweet ripe body looking incredibly smooth and young in the mellow bedroom light.

Calvin made a wet gurgling noise and leaned closer to look at her.

His weird eyes focused hungrily on her little golden beaver and the shadowy place between her thighs. Cindy looked back coldly at him and his sister, studying their reactions. There was plenty of reaction. Calvin's diaper suddenly tented sharply in front. Cindy could see the pointed outline of his erect cock. When she glanced at Emily, she saw something even stranger. The woman's eyes were hot and gleaming as she stared at Cindy's luscious little naked body, and a wet patch appeared at her crotch. Emily Trout was creaming right through her leather suit at the sight of the girl's body.

Cindy turned away in disgust. She'd heard that some people did weird things for kicks, but she'd never imagined anything as sick as this. She heard Calvin's loud excited breathing, and she wished he'd have a heart attack.

"Spread your legs," said Emily. "Give him a better look."

Cindy wanted to scream obscenities at her, but she obeyed. Looking couldn't hurt, she told herself. She opened her slim legs wide, and Calvin practically fell on her as he scrambled onto the bed for a better look at her exposed pussy. He knelt at her feet and gawked at the moist, plump pink tissues of her hair-fringed snatch, and she could see him drooling again. His erect prick twitched against his tented diaper front, and a wet spot appeared there as his cock began to drool, too.

"I want to touch it," he said.

Emily seemed to go berserk. "NO!" she shouted, racing over and dragging him back. "No, that's for Mommy! You know that's for Mommy! You can't have it!"

She pulled her brother to the far side of the bed and began beating him cruelly around the shoulders with the whip. Calvin howled piercingly, and Cindy saw welt after welt appeared on his wormy white flesh. Emily's eyes flashed in hot anger as she whipped him, and Cindy sensed that this beating was for real, that Emily was really furious. At last the leather-clad redhead stepped back, her big pointed tits heaving, and let the whip drop. Calvin gave a hoarse little sob -- and then that sick blissful smile wreathed his ugly face. The front of his diapers was quite wet now with his dribbling cock-juice.

"Don't ever try that again," Emily hissed. "Never never take what belongs to Mommy. Now you just sit there and behave, and I'll let you watch."

Calvin made no more demands at the moment. He seemed thoroughly satisfied with the beating he'd taken. "Yes, Mommy," he said meekly. He watched with glimmering excited eyes as Emily crawled onto the bed.

Cindy watched the powerful leather-clad woman crawling towards her, and she felt cold tenor gripping her. Was Emily going to hurt her? What did she want? The cold-faced redhead crawled right up till she was kneeling between Cindy's outstretched legs, and then she suddenly unzipped the front of her jumpsuit.

She wasn't wearing a bra, and her massive tits came tumbling out. They were much bigger than Cindy's, great long flapping melons with big brown nipples. Emily thrust them forward practically into the girl's face.

"Touch them," she said hoarsely. "Play with them."

Cindy felt a wave of nausea. This was one perversion she had heard about, girls making it with other girls, and she hated the very thought. Her common sense prevailed, however, and she told herself that touching Emily's tits was far far better than going back to live with Pop. She choked back a sob and reached out to touch the older woman's enormous pale knockers.

"Yes, touch them," Emily sighed. Her eyes fluttered as she felt Cindy's warm little hands caressing her huge long jugs.

Cindy found them not unpleasant to touch. The skin was silky soft and warm, the texture doughy and resilient. Mechanically she rubbed and pressed and, gently squeezed the cushiony flesh. It was like kneading bread. As long as she concentrated just on tits, not on Emily, it wasn't too bad. She despised Emily Trout, but she could see how a girl might enjoy playing with another girl's tits if she liked her.

Emily crouched there for a while, her eyes closed, her stem face flushing with excitement as Cindy played with her long dangling boobs. Cindy noticed that Calvin was crawling closer to watch. He was careful not to touch Emily or let her know of his presence. When he'd gotten as close as he safely could, he sat down, focused on the action, and reached inside his diaper to fiddle with his cock. Cindy was completely disgusted.

"That's enough," Emily said, jerking her heavy tits out of Cindy's hands. "Lie back. Spread your legs as wide as you can."

Cindy obeyed, relieved not to have to touch her any more. She stared at the ceiling, and then she felt Emily's crisp hair tickling her tender inner thighs. She looked down and saw that the older woman was dipping her head between her legs, just as Tom had done to her last night in the motel room. When Tom ate her pussy, it had been a far-out experience, but with Emily...? Cindy shuddered.

Emily deftly separated the golden-furred lips of Cindy's cunt and exposed her little red pointed clit. She jammed her mouth down on the tiny slick bud and began to suck it ravenously.

"Eeee!" shrieked Cindy.

She practically shot off the bed, the pleasure was so sudden and so stunning. Miss Emily Trout might be a weirdo, but she sure as hell knew how to eat pussy. Her dry lips sucked swiftly, steadily on the slick little clit-stalk, and her pointed wet tongue tickled the very tip of Cindy's tiny joy-button. It was an expert performance, and Cindy felt burning pleasure streaking through her whole body. She was a little ashamed of getting turned on like that, from another woman eating her cunt, but she couldn't help it. She whimpered and let her legs fall wider apart.

"Mmmmmm," mumbled Emily.

She seemed to love eating pussy. When she'd sucked Cindy's clit into taut erection, she suddenly left it and jammed her thick, rough tongue right up the girl's slick, narrow cunt-hole. Again Cindy shrieked with fierce sudden pleasure, and this time her twat creamed uncontrollably, her musky cunt-juice swirling around Emily's thick probing tongue. Emily gurgled hungrily and lapped up every bit of the sticky pussy-cream.

"Ooooohh!" wailed Cindy.

She was shameless now, didn't care if Miss Trout was a bull-dyke -- she just wanted to come around that expert, thick cunt-stuffing tongue. But there was a bit of the sadist in Emily, more than a bit. She cunt-lapped the squealing girl right to the verge of orgasm -- then abruptly withdrew, popping her tongue out of Cindy's creamy little twat with a loud plop.

As if nothing unusual had happened, Emily turned to her brother and said coolly, "Calvin, you've been a good boy. You've sat still and been very quiet. You may have one more wish."

Calvin blushed a little but said eagerly, "I want that girl to suck my pee-pee." He tittered like a naughty pre-schooler.

Cindy waited for the whip to descend, but instead Emily vacated her place between Cindy's legs and gave way to Calvin, who eagerly crawled into position. He leered at Cindy and winked.

Emily unpinned his diaper and drew it off. Cindy stared in disgust at his erect prick. Even stiff, it was tiny, the smallest cock she'd ever seen. No more than three inches long, it was wormy-white, skinny, and had an ugly little red knob which drooled sticky slime. His crotch bush was composed of straggling wet dark hairs; his balls were shriveled and red.

"Blow him," said Emily.

"What?" asked Cindy. She didn't know what the term meant.

"Oh, you fool," Emily said impatiently. "Take his cock in your mouth and suck on it."

Cindy almost turned green. She didn't want to do it, she just couldn't! "N-N-Noooo," she whimpered.

The whip cracked on her bare shoulder, and Cindy howled with pain. Calvin laughed. "Naughty girl," he said, grinning at her. "You better do what Mommy says."

Cindy agreed. She was proud of her perfect young body, and she didn't want it scarred. Anything was better than that, choking back her sobs, she got on her knees, bent over Calvin, and slowly sucked his ugly, reeking prick into her mouth.

"Eeeeee!" Calvin squealed like a stuck pig as he felt his stiff meat slipping into the silky wet nest of her mouth. When Cindy began sucking on his cock, he continued to squeal, but there was a mixture of pain and delight in his cries. Cindy knew why when she heard the crack of the whip.

Emily was standing behind him, whipping his bare ass again and again.

Cindy couldn't imagine what he got out of that, but he obviously loved it. She concentrated on her task, sucking his stiff wet meat as fast as she could, trying to ignore the revolting sticky slime that dribbled from his hard cock-head onto her tongue. Although she'd never sucked cock before, never even heard of the practice, she could figure out that the sooner he came, the sooner her torture would be over. She wanted to get that slimy, revolting dick out of her mouth as fast as possible. She sucked hard, ravenously.

She heard Emily whimpering, and she looked up to see what was happening. Emily, her red hair flying, continued to lash her brother's pale skinny ass with the whip, but with her other hand she'd unzipped her jumpsuit right down to her crotch. Cindy could see her vast crisp copper-colored beaver, which covered nearly the whole lower half of her belly. Emily had her hand down there, her middle finger extended over her fat red clit. She was frigging herself furiously all the time she whipped her brother.

Cindy heard Calvin give a particularly piercing howl, and then suddenly she was choked by a massive flood of jism. He jerked his squirting cock furiously, again and again, in her mouth, coming right into her throat. She couldn't spit it out, so she was forced to swallow it.

To distract herself from this nauseating experience, she looked up to see what Emily was doing. Just then Emily dropped the whip and feverishly tore at her leather jumpsuit, tugging it down over her chunky middle-aged body. She let it fall to her ankles and stood there naked, her enormous long tits waving heavily. She snatched up the whip again and, thrusting her crotch forward, jammed the thick black handle right up the furiously creaming mouth of her cunt.

"AAAAGGGHHH!" she howled.

Chapter SIX

Calvin sank back with a blissful little gurgle, his limp wet prick slipping from Cindy's lips. The girl wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, but she didn't move, didn't take her wide blue eyes off Emily Trout.

Emily stood at the foot of the bed, her vast red beaver thrust forward, her mannish face distorted with sensual pleasure. She was ramming the thick black wooden whip handle up and down in her streaming twat, fucking herself almost brutally with the stiff weapon. As Cindy watched in horrified fascination. Emily shrieked like a wounded animal and began to come, her greedy twat plunging convulsively up and down the gleaming juice-soaked handle of the whip. She waved and writhed around the rigid stick, and at last she let it drop to the floor as she fell forward onto the bed.

Cindy waited. There was nothing else to do. Calvin seemed to have dozed off, but presently Emily raised her head and studied Cindy coolly. "You're good," she said, "the best one we've had so far. I think we'll keep you awhile."

Emily went and opened a dresser drawer and took out a small phial of pills. She handed one of the capsules to Cindy, along with a glass of water. "Take that," she said. "You'll sleep all day tomorrow and get a good rest. Then we can play again."

Cindy dutifully popped the pill into her mouth and took a drink of water. Emily waited till the girl's head began to nod, and then she lifted her drowsy brother in her arms, apparently without effort, and carried him from the room.

Cindy popped the pill out from under her tongue and threw it away. She gathered up her laundered clothes, dressed as fast as she could, and climbed out the window. She'd thought anything was better than going back to Pop, but staying with this weird brother and sister had to be just as bad. She'd take her chances on Miss Trout catching up with her. Luckily she hadn't given the woman her last name.

For a while Cindy was lost in the suburban neighborhood, but by following signs she finally made her way to the freeway. The sun was just coming up, and she was cold and frightened. She had to get a ride, and fast, before Miss Trout came looking for her. Determinedly she took her place at the edge of the four-lane highway and stuck out her thumb.

She was in luck. She hadn't waited more than fifteen minutes when a shiny new Buick purred to a stop beside her. There was a middle-aged man driving, and he was alone. "Ride, sis?" he said, smiling blandly.

"Please," said Cindy. "I'm trying to get to California."

"I'm going as far as Denver, if that'll be any help," he said.

"Great," said Cindy. She didn't care if he was a kook or a rapist. A man she could handle, but Miss Trout was something else.

The car was warm and rode like a dream. The man wasn't at all pushy. He gave Cindy coffee from a thermos, and while she drank it, he chatted on and on about himself. His name was Ralph Simmons, he was fifty, and he was a traveling representative of some big sales outfit, which required him to drive all over the country. He got lonely, he said, and he always welcomed riders.

As far as Cindy was concerned, Ralph Simmons had zilch sex appeal. He dressed nicely, in an expensive clean blue suit, and his thinning grey hair was expertly styled. He wore a faint cologne, and his nails were neatly manicured. He was also plump, red-faced, and homely. To a girl Cindy's age, he was impossibly old and out of it.

At least he was diplomatic. He didn't question her, didn't even ask her name. It seemed too good to be true -- and that turned out to be exactly the case when he pulled off the road just outside of Denver. He drove behind some bushes, stopped the car, and turned to smile blandly at Cindy.

"Well?" he said.

Cindy understood at once. He'd given her a ride, bought her a big breakfast, kept from prying into her affairs. All he wanted in exchange was to get laid. She should have known.

She had a choice of quietly cooperating, getting it over with, or creating a big scene and possibly getting hurt. All she wanted was to get back on the road, on to Los Angeles, as quickly as possible, so she decided to get it over with.

"You want me to undress?" she said tonelessly.

Simmons smiled. "You catch on quick," he said. "That's good. I hate arguments. No, you don't have to undress, not all the way. Just lower your jeans and panties. I got to get on to Denver and keep an appointment."

Cindy was glad he was in a hurry, too. She wasn't at all excited about fucking him, but she quickly pushed down her jeans and panties and lay down on the seat of the car. Simmons flushed a little and an excited gleam came into his eyes when he saw her taut creamy belly and the sweet golden puff of her beaver. "You're real pretty," he said. "I wish we had longer together."

Cindy didn't answer. She just lay there, waiting to get the screw over with. Simmons lowered his pants to his knees and crawled over her. She had a brief glimpse of his stiff pink peter -- a little less than average size -- and then he was sighing and lowering himself onto her. He poked his prick into her cunt and began to fuck her. He screwed in short little humps, panting lightly. It felt kind of good, and Cindy gave a little sigh and opened her legs wider.

Suddenly the car door was wrenched open with a loud metallic groan.

"What the fuck?" exclaimed Simmons, half rising off Cindy to stare at the intruder.

Cindy stared, too. The car seemed to be surrounded by grinning teenage boys. They were looking in all the windows, pointing and sniggering, and one of them had opened the driver's door. He had long greasy black hair and needed a shave. Like the others, he was dressed in blue denim pants and jacket and was wearing cowboy boots. He grinned evilly.

"Just take it easy, Pops," he drawled. "We only want your wallet."

Simmons, an experienced traveler, studied the guy a moment, then sighed and reached for his pants. He took out the wallet and handed it to the guy. The stringy-haired guy rifled through it, pocketed the money, and dropped the wallet in the dirt. Then he swiftly produced a blackjack and hit Simmons over the head. Simmons dropped heavily, like a stunned whale, knocking the breath out of Cindy.

"Get him off her," somebody said. "Tie him up, put him in the back seat."

Cindy felt Simmons' limp body being pulled off her, his half-limp cock slipping out of her cunt. She was going to pull up her jeans, but someone seized her from behind and dragged her out of the car. She almost tripped, for her jeans and panties had fallen down around her ankles, but rough hands held her on her feet.

The stringy-haired guy, apparently the gang leader, stood before her, grinning and ogling her snatch. "Sorry to interrupt your fuck," he said. "That's just the way things fall out sometime. But don't worry -- me an' my friends'll make it up to you."

There was a chorus of sniggers and raucous laughter. "Okay, Donny, you hold her," the leader said. "We'll get this ole boy squared away."

The one named Donny -- she couldn't see him, for he stood behind her -- held her tightly while the others tied up Simmons and stuffed him in the back of the car. Cindy was terrified. She'd heard horrible stories about motorcycle gangs and what they did to girls alone -- and this seemed to be one of those gangs.

Their cycles were parked a little distance away, near an open case of beer. They must have been drinking there when Simmons drove up, and in his excitement he didn't notice them. The guys were in their late teens, affecting the manner of rough young punks. They were unkempt, with filthy long hair and several days growth of whiskers. There were five of them.

Cindy spoke tensely. "They didn't kill him, did they?"

Donny laughed behind her. "Shit, no, honey. We ain't bad guys. We just want a little fun. That ole boy'll come to in a couple hours. He'll just have a bump on his head, that's all. You relax now."

Relax? Cindy thought she'd die of fright. She didn't know whether to believe Donny or not, and she prayed that Simmons wasn't badly hurt. He wasn't a bad old guy, really. Like all men, he only wanted a piece of her ass, but at least he hadn't wanted to hurt her. And if they'd killed him, they'd certainly have no qualms about killing Cindy.

The others finished putting Simmons in the back seat, pushing him down so he couldn't be seen, and then they swaggered back to where Donny held Cindy. The guys ogled her exposed pussy, and she fought back tears of fright and humiliation.

"Things sure turned out just right," said the leader, grinning at her. "We been out all night, ain't found no tail yet. You came along just in time, little girl." He snapped an order. "Get her over there by the cycles. Spread out one of the bed rolls."

Donny picked her up and carried her, setting her down on a greasy blanket inside the circle of motorcycles. Cindy stared up in horror at the group of grinning guys standing over her. "Get her clothes off," said the leader. "I wanta see more."

Again the harsh raucous laughter. Cindy began to sob as the guys tugged her jeans and panties off her ankles, then tore at her shirt and bra and jacket. When she lay naked on the blanket, they stood over her, gawking and grinning, exchanging comments.

"That looks like some real nice pussy."

"She's a real pretty one, all right."

"Man, I can hardly wait to get me some of that."

Cindy wept helplessly. "Oh, please," she cried, "don't rape me!"

That really amused them. They howled with laughter, slapping their knees. The leader spat in contempt. "Aw, come on, now, baby," he said. "You were fuckin' that old guy. Don't make no difference if you fuck us."

Cindy blushed miserably. In her panic she'd forgotten that they'd caught her in the act Simmons lying on her, obviously humping her. They thought she was easy, of course, that they could do anything they wanted with her. She couldn't fight all of them off, either. All she could do was endure. She prayed they wouldn't hurt her. Panic gripped her, sheer animal fright, and her bladder threatened to empty.

"I-I have to go to the bathroom," she whimpered.

The guys snickered. "Well, there ain't no bathroom out here," said the leader, "so you'll just have to squat. Hurry it up, though. Me an' my buddies are mighty horny."

Cindy got up and started for the nearest bushes, but the leader clapped a hand on her shoulder and stopped her. "Right here," he said. "We ain't givin' you a chance to run away."

Her blush covered her whole body. She was ashamed to pee in front of all those guys, but she couldn't hold it back. Her bladder ached. Miserably, she squatted and pissed into the dirt. The gang watched her, grinning and poking each other in the ribs. She'd never felt so humiliated in her life.

When she was finished, she came back and lay down on the blanket without being asked. She knew she had no choice in the matter. Again she prayed that they'd be content to rape her, that they wouldn't want to beat her up or kill her. The leader was already unbuckling his belt, dropping his jeans.

He wore no shorts, and Cindy saw his erect cock, standing straight up and hugging his belly. As far as her experience went, it was a good-size cock, nothing unusual about it. The gang all kept their eyes on Cindy, and they weren't laughing now. A strange expectant hush came over them, and they watched intently as their leader knelt down and separated Cindy's legs. His face was impassive, as if he felt he should show no excitement or emotion. Cindy stared down at his erect reddish dick. That thing was going to be in her cunt in just a moment, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"I sure hope that old guy didn't come in your cunt," he drawled. "I hate wet decks." When Cindy said nothing, he slapped her sharply across the face. "Well, did he?" he snarled. "He shoot his load in your twat?"

"No!" Cindy sobbed. "You stopped him too soon. Please, I'll do whatever you want, but don't hit me."

He snorted with contempt. "We ain't gonna hit you, little girl, we ain't gonna hurt you at all, if you just put out. That's all you gotta do, fuck me an my buddies. You got that?"

"Yes," she wept. "I'll do it."

"Okay," he snapped. "An' keep that mouth shut, too, unless we ask you to talk. Now spread them legs wider, baby, as wide as you can."

Cindy spread her legs as wide as she could, and the circle of guys strained closer to look at her naked exposed pussy. Still no one laughed. They watched in silence as their leader knelt between her legs and inserted the knobby red head of his stiff prick into her small shadowy cunt-mouth. He didn't lie down on her. He knelt there and watched his own flashing cock as he began to fuck her.

Cindy felt the hot hard cock jabbing balls deep in her tight cunt. Her pussy had creamed a little for Simmons, so it wasn't a dry painful fuck. The leader balled her brutally hard, as fast as he could, as if he just wanted to get the screw over with, as if she were only a machine for bringing him off. His face remained expressionless, although he panted and snorted a little. Cindy felt nothing at first, but she gradually experienced a glowing hot sensation in her raped cunt. She'd been horny this morning, thinking of Tom and Pete and their delicious orgy at the motel. It was the last good fuck she'd had, and she'd been wanting more. If only it didn't have to be this ruthless gang.

"Get your butt up some more," the leader snapped. "Put it up there for me. I don't wanta strain myself."

Cindy dutifully arched her pussy for him, and now his hard hot prick sawed back and forth over her sensitive clit. It felt good. She felt inhibited about showing her pleasure in front of all these guys, though. She whimpered and let her head fall back limply on the dirty blanket. All around her was that sea of gawking young faces, some of them beginning to leer now. Apparently they didn't dare speak during their leader's performance, but a couple of them grinned at her, and one of them winked.

"Uhhhh." It was a soft sound, audible only to Cindy, and the only noise he made as he came. She wouldn't have known he'd come at all if she hadn't felt the hot squirt of his jism deep in her cunt.

He stood up at once, stuffed his limp cock back in his jeans, and zipped up. He acted no more moved than if he'd just taken a piss. "She's tight," he said tonelessly. "It's pretty good cunt. Go ahead and fuck her."

The leader took his place in the circle of observers, and another guy stepped forward. Apparently there was some kind of pecking order in the gang, no argument about who screwed her next. Cindy waited with mingled fear and anticipation. She didn't want to be hurt, but she could sure use a little more balling. The leader's hard fucking had aroused her, and her cunt was creamy, hot, and hungry.

The second guy had frizzy thick blond hair that stuck out from his head at all angles like a fright wig. He had innocent green eyes and a turned-up nose but was doing his best to look tough. He unzipped his jeans and whipped out a fairly long thick erect cock.

"Get up, baby," he said. "I'm gonna let you do the work. I had a real hard night."

The tension broke, and the gang laughed when the leader smirked a little. Cindy stood up, and the blond guy lay down on the blanket, his long erect prick standing straight up and waving lewdly.

"Now you squat down on me," he said. "Just work that cock right up your hole, you dig?"

Cindy got the idea. She straddled the guy and lowered her crotch slowly down over his wagging pale prick. She was clumsy at it and had to grab the hot silky meat and stuff the thick, drooling knob into her cunt-mouth. His dick was fatter than she'd expected, and it was a very tight fit as she slid down it, taking the whole thick rod into her belly. She felt his jeans rubbing harshly against her butt, the hard head of his prick butting the end of her cunt.

"Now ball me, honey," he said, leering up at her. "Make it good."

Cindy blushed hotly. She hadn't expected to take an active part in the rape. She began to jerk her crotch up and down, working her slick little twat around the rigid pole of his dick. It made a loud wet slurpy noise, which made the gang howl with laugher and made Cindy blush. Her big ripe tits jiggled and wobbled heavily, adding to the guys' amusement.

"Go, baby, go!" someone shouted. "Make that pussy fly!"

Cindy was horribly embarrassed, but at the same time she felt a growing warmth in her thoroughly stuffed cunt. This guy was really well-hung. The faster she fucked him, the better it felt, the more hot juicy friction between cock and cunt. Cindy was definitely aroused.

The guy gazed up at her as she fucked him, his green eyes swimming a little, his mouth twisted in a horny leer. "Hey, baby," he said, "that's all right. You diggin' it, too?"

More sniggers and giggles from their audience. Cindy blushed and lowered her eyes -- but the guy was right. She was digging it. Her tight little cunt began to cream hotly around his thick meat, and she wondered if he could feel it. She couldn't stop her own horny juicing. She hunched her slim hips faster and faster, trying to achieve the hard, swift fucking she craved.

"Hey, hurry it up," somebody said. "We want our turn, too."

Cindy felt like telling them to jack off. She was having a lot of fun with this frizzy-haired guy, and she wanted to take her time. Apparently he was having fun, too. Every time she caught his eye, he grinned at her, and his young face was flushed with hot pleasure.

"You got one tight little pussy," he told her in a low voice that the others couldn't hear. "I like the way you're doing it, babe. I really like it!"

Cindy wasn't going to reply, but a shrill squeal of pleasure was forced from her lips when the guy suddenly began to move. Up to now he'd been completely passive, just providing her with a stiff prick to hump around. Now he began to feed his stiff prick to her in quick short jabs that made her cunt sizzle with pleasure. Cindy kept working on him, too, grinding her horny little pussy around his digging meat.

"Awwww, Jesus!" the guy whined.

She felt his steamy jism squirting up into her cunt, and she barely suppressed a sob of frustration. He was coming too soon for her, far too soon. Inhibited by the leering, sniggering presence of the gang, she'd just now started to get really hot. Desperately she kept working her flooded nipping cunt around his rod, trying to come, but his limp dick slipped out of her hole.

"Move, man, move. I want my turn."

Another guy was approaching. The frizzy-haired guy sighed and wriggled out from between Cindy's legs. Kneeling there, his spunk dripping from her swollen slit, she looked up to inspect her next partner. He was the tallest of the bunch, over six feet but very skinny. She was willing to bet that the others called him "Slim", and she was right.

"Hey, Slim, show us how they do it in Texas," somebody teased. The others laughed and applauded.

"Well, y'all know everything's bigger in Texas," Slim drawled. "Like this here, for instance."

He unzipped his jeans and drew out the longest cock Cindy had ever seen in her life. It wasn't particularly thick, but it was a good nine inches in its taut erect length. She couldn't help herself -- she practically drooled at the sight of that long tool, and her aroused cunt began to juice hotly. She needed to come badly, and she figured that big old elephant prick could do the job. But she didn't want the gang to know how excited she was. She sensed there was danger in that. She kept her face expressionless.

"Over you go, little lady," said Slim.

He easily flipped Cindy over onto her hands and knees and pulled her delectable little butt up in the air. She heard harsh breathing as the gang stepped in closer for a better view of her blatantly exposed snatch.

Slim was a humorist. "See, out in Texas there's a lot of empty space an' we don't see no girls for weeks on end. So we fuck cows. That's why I gotta screw this way -- it's the only way I know how."

This was greeted with raucous laughter. Cindy wished he'd just get on with it. Her soaked cunt was aflame with need. She felt him kneeling behind her, felt his enormously long, stiff prick gliding slowly into her hole, and she had to grit her teeth to suppress a howl of delight. He skewered her completely, stuffed her cunt deliciously.

"Hang on, little lady," be said, "'cause I'm gonna ride you hard."

He did. He gave her the hardest fucking she'd ever had. He slammed his big cock into her cunt with the force of a pile driver, shaking her whole body, making her big creamy tits wobble wildly, to the delight of his audience. "Ride 'em, cowboy!" somebody shouted.

Cindy ignored the crude taunts and concentrated on the delicious fuck he was giving her. Sometimes he slammed into the end of her cunt so hard it hurt, but she even got off on that. She was fully aroused by his brutal rape of her tight juicy little twat. She clawed the dirty blanket as she struggled not to scream her wild pleasure.

"Nice an' tight," Slim panted. "Almost as good as a heifer."

He had to clown even when he fucked. Cindy was writhing around the deep impalement of his cock, just on the verge of coming, when Slim suddenly cut loose with a shrill rebel yell that surprised and frightened her. She could have killed him -- for in the time that it took her to recover, he was shooting his load into her horny cunt, his prick shrinking...

"Oh, Lordy!" exclaimed Slim, withdrawing from her. "That's nice tight pussy." He zipped up and sauntered back to the circle of grinning guys, while another guy came eagerly forward to take his place. "Hey, Donny," he called, "give that little filly a good ride!"

Donny, the one who had held her. In spite of her frustration, Cindy was curious to see what he looked like, and she twisted around to stare at him.

He was a stocky muscular guy with dirty unkempt brown hair. Nothing special -- and his cock was less than special. Cindy was keenly disappointed when Donny unleashed a skinny little four-incher and rolled her over on her back for a standard fuck.

"Oh, baby, baby," he whined as he began to screw her. "You're so fuckin' tight."

Donny was intensely excited, but Cindy felt almost nothing. His little jerking cock was insufficient after Slim's brutal fucking. She just lay there looking at the sky, and in a moment the screw was over. She felt the brief splat of his cum, his shrinking cock...

"Hey, Little Willie! Go, man!" someone was shouting. The cheers and applause were louder than ever for the last of Cindy's attackers. She looked up to see an ugly fat guy waddling towards her. His greasy black hair came to his shoulders, and he had tattoos on his thick arms. He was doing his best to look like Hell's Angels, right down to the beer belly that nearly obscured his belt. Ugh, thought Cindy.

Little Willie wasn't one for conversation. He flipped her over onto her hands and knees, grunted as he knelt behind her, and only then unzipped his jeans. Cindy waited, glad she didn't have to look at him, hoping he was well-hung. She felt thick stiff meat rubbing her pussy, and she wriggled excitedly. He might be gross and ugly, but if he could fuck, she'd welcome him.

Little Willie fumbled around, trying to get his swollen cock-head in place. Cindy heard a burst of harsh laughter from the gang, then felt a searing pain, pain so awful that she almost fainted.

"AHHHH, NOOOO!" she screeched.

Little Willie had forced his thick, iron-hard meat up the tiny, virgin passage of her asshole.

"Hey, Willie, you got the wrong hole!" somebody taunted.

"No, I ain't," Willie grunted, breaking his silence at last. "They's always tighter here. Beats cunts any day."

Cindy didn't hear the rest of the talk. She didn't hear the laughter and shouts, for her pain blotted out everything. Willie's thick cock tore and stretched the tiny mouth of her bung, ripped and raked the delicate narrow lining of her asshole. She screamed and sobbed as he fucked her ass in deep, plunging fast strokes.

"OH, PLEASE, NO!" she wailed. "STOP IT, PLEASE! OH, PLEASE!"

No one paid any attention to her agony, and after a while she felt herself losing consciousness. It was ironic, she thought, that Willie lasted longer than any of them. He was still grunting, puffing, and fucking her ass as she fainted.

Chapter SEVEN

Cindy came to, moaning. Her asshole burned with pain, and she was lying naked in the gravel, bruised and aching and cold. She saw that the sun was going down, the gang and their cycles no longer there. Dizzily she sat up and inspected herself.

Well, she was going to live, but that was about all. A gingerly inspection of her buggered asshole revealed no blood. Her shoes and jeans were dirty but undamaged. Everything else was a mess. Her panties, bra, shirt, and jacket were ripped beyond repair. Her hair was full of dirt, her body reeking of male sweat and jizz. They'd taken her money. Things could hardly have been worse.

She wanted to break down and sob like a baby, but she resisted it. What good would it do? She was more determined than ever now to get to Los Angeles and her mother, to escape the horrible reality of life on the road. She put on her jeans and shoes, wrapped her torn jacket around her as best she could, and staggered painfully out to the highway.

There were plenty of cars heading into Denver, but all the neat, clean, middle-class passengers looked at her in horror and passed quickly by. "Bastards!" Cindy shouted. Couldn't they see she was hurt? But, she decided, she shouldn't be surprised. It was always that way in New York. Nobody wanted to get "involved".

She'd just about given up hope when a rattling van rolled up beside her. It was painted in wild psychedelic colors and had California plates. A young man looked out the open window and gawked at Cindy.

"Jesus," he said, "what happened to you?"

Cindy studied him warily. He was a hippie -- long hair, full beard, beads, a gold earring in his left ear. Pop had always told her that hippies were drug fiends and crazies, to stay away from them. But then Pop was always full of shit. This guy had gentle brown eyes, a sensitive face. Cindy liked him instinctively.

She started to stagger towards the van, and he jumped out and ran to her, held her. "Christ," he said in horror, "you're hurt. Want me to take you to a hospital?"

"No," Cindy sobbed, "it's not that bad. I was raped, but-but all I want is to get away from this place. I want to get to Los Angeles, to my mother."

He lifted her into his arms. "That's where I'm going," he said, "L.A. You can sleep in the van. Just relax, don't worry. You're okay now. You're okay..."

Cindy vaguely remembered him laying her down on a mattress in the back of the van, covering her with blankets. She slept soundly all night, and it wasn't till the next day that she got to know Pancho.

He called himself Pancho, though he was obviously not a Chicano. He was just a pleasant average American young man who'd decided to drop out. He lived in a commune in Los Angeles where all the members worked at some craft and pooled their money for food and rent. Pancho made jewelry to sell to tourists and was just returning to L.A. with some turquoise and other semiprecious stones. He talked easily and openly about himself, and Cindy's first impressions were confirmed. She liked him very much. He seemed to her like a friendly older brother.

Pancho had only enough money for food, so they couldn't stop at a motel to shower. He found a stream and politely kept his back turned while Cindy took a bath in the icy water. He gave her some of his clothes, an Army surplus shirt and a hand-woven poncho.

By the next evening Pancho, who'd been driving steadily, was exhausted, and they turned off the highway south of San Francisco to sleep. "We'll be in L.A. tomorrow," he told her. "Your troubles are almost over."

They had to share the mattress in the back of the van, and Cindy hoped Pancho would make love to her, but he only rolled over and started snoring softly. Disappointed, she fell asleep, too. It wasn't till the next morning, in the chill air of dawn, that he touched her.

Cindy woke slowly, pleasantly, to feel Pancho's warm hands slipping around her naked body, his hard chest and taut belly pressing against her back. She smiled as she woke. She remembered clearly where she was and who she was with. She wasn't at all afraid of making it with a friendly pleasant guy like Pancho. She was eager. It had been a long time since she'd had a good relaxed fuck. Not since that night in the motel with Tom and Pete...

Pancho nuzzled her hair and neck, kissing her lightly, and his hands moved around easily and cupped her full warm tits. Cindy sighed and wriggled her butt in his fuzzy crotch, signaling her willingness. Neither of them said a word. It wasn't necessary. They were like two friendly animals, free and natural in their mating. He played lazily with her tits for a while, then moved his hands slowly down towards her cunt-mound.

"Ummm," Cindy sighed.

She could feel his cock getting hard. Against her warm soft ass she felt his dick rising, stiffening, twitching. She pressed her butt against the rod and wiggled. She felt a little drop of juice forming on the bulbous knob, smearing and sticking on her ass-cheek. They both giggled.

Pancho gently slipped a finger between the soft furry lips of her cunt and began to stroke her tiny moist clit. Cindy purred like a contented cat, opening her thighs a little to let him stroke her sensitive clit. Her cunt began to cream, slowly but steadily.

"Those guys that raped you," he said, "did they hurt you much? I mean, in there." He gently probed the wet mouth of her cunt. "I won't ball you if it's gonna hurt."

Cindy's body quivered with anxiety. Not ball her? My God, she'd die if she didn't get laid soon. She'd lost her virginity less than a week ago, but already it seemed as if she couldn't get enough fucking. She reached around and curled her fingers around Pancho's now-stiff and drooling prick, delighted to find it good-sized and silky.

"They didn't hurt me in there," she said. "I want you to ball me."

Pancho laughed softly. "Then let go of my cock," he said.

Cindy giggled and let go. She relaxed with her bare back rubbing his hard chest, and in a moment she felt his prick entering her cunt from behind. It felt fantastically good. First the hard knobby hot head of his cock poked into her eager wet cunt-mouth, then the stiff thick shaft followed with tantalizing slowness, gradually stuffing her hole. She gave one low continuous sigh as she felt his wonderfully hard thick meat moving up to the end of her cunt, his wiry-haired balls coming to rest in the moistness of her slit.

"Ooohhh," she moaned, "that feels great... I want it. Hurry, Pancho, fuck me."

"Uh-uh," he said, panting a little, "let's not hurry. It's better if you take it slow. Relax, baby, open your legs more. Just relax and let me ball you nice an' slow."

Cindy wasn't too happy about that. She'd already decided she liked fast, hard fucking the best. But the way Pancho screwed her, with very slow deep strokes that made her moan and cream furiously, turned out to be pretty exciting after all. It made her tremendously horny, made her hungry little cunt flood and burn with need, but every time she urged him to fuck faster, harder, he only laughed and continued his delicious deep slow thrusts.

After half an hour of this sweet torture, Cindy was writhing on the impalement of his cock and moaning hoarsely. She needed to come so badly, she could have screamed, but Pancho's slow, dreamy fuck-strokes brought her only to the edge of climax, no further. It felt fantastic to go on so long, but now her need was urgent.

"Ohhhh, please, please," she whimpered, "bring me off, Pancho. Screw me just a little harder, a little faster, p-p-please... I just have to come."

"You rush things too much, baby," he sighed. "You gotta learn to slow down. Too many people are hurryin' around in this world, bustin' a gut for nothing. You gotta learn the new way of life."

But Cindy was in no mood for a lecture on the virtues of hippie life. She just wanted to get fucked, and fucked hard. Moaning with horny impatience, she began to work her pussy furiously around the hard stalk of his prick, signaling her desperate need.

Pancho chuckled. "Okay, baby, you got it," he said. "Some other time we'll make it last."

He began to fuck her in quick hard short strokes, and Cindy shrieked with pleasure. This was what she'd been craving, the rough hot friction that quickly buzzed her hungry little cunt into a body-shaking orgasm.

"Eeeee!" she shrieked. "Yes! YESSS! I'M COMING! AAAHHHH!"

Pancho gasped when he felt her tight cunt gripping his meat, convulsing around his dick like a velvet vise. It was really too much to resist. He gasped blissfully and let himself go, filling her horny nipping little twat with steamy floods of his jism.

"Satisfied?" he laughed.

"Mmmmm!" replied Cindy.

They got on the road again, and by early evening they were coming into Los Angeles. Cindy's heart leaped. She was proud of herself -- she'd made the long dangerous journey alone, and Pop hadn't caught her. She was very near the fulfillment of her dream, reunion with her beautiful vanished mother.

She told Pancho her mother's address and asked if he could drop her off there, but he shook his head. "Cindy," he said, "you don't dig how big L.A. is. It's a lot bigger than New York. Your mother lives a good fifty miles from where we are now. I'll be glad to run you over there tomorrow, but right now I'm bushed. Why don't you crash at our place tonight, get plenty of rest and some clean clothes?"

Cindy was deeply disappointed, but she didn't protest. Pancho had been very kind to her, picking her up when no one else would, driving her all the way from Denver, and she could hardly ask him to go another fifty miles when he was ready to drop. "All right," she said.

Pancho lived in a ramshackle warehouse converted into a maze of lofts and workrooms, inhabited by six other hippies, men and women. Everyone was kind to Cindy but not effusive. They didn't pry into her life, nor did they volunteer any information about themselves. They all had nicknames, like Pancho. The men called themselves Pigpen, Speed, and Che. The women called themselves Evita, Rosa, and Star. They were all young, in their early twenties.

That evening they all sat on mats around a roaring wood-burning stove and smoked marijuana. Cindy got very high, very fast. She lost her sense of time, felt no urgency about finding her mother. Evita had given her a lovely caftan to wear, and she felt young and free and pretty. Nevertheless she was surprised and a little annoyed at something Pancho said.

"You know what?" he told the group. "Cindy's a fantastic lay."

Cindy blushed furiously, but the others only smiled and nodded approvingly. "I sure feel like it," said Rosa, a tall rangy redhead. "Anybody else up for a group grope?"

There were murmurs of assent, and then to Cindy's surprise they all started taking off their clothes. She knew what a "group grope" was, from gossip at school -- she just wasn't sure that she wanted to take part in one. Somehow it didn't seem right to screw around in front of a whole group of people, to switch from one partner to another.

"Hey, come on, Cindy," said Speed. "Get with it."

Cindy just gawked at him. Star giggled and said, "She's stoned. We better help her."

Star and Rosa came over to Cindy and began to undress her. She was stoned. She found she had no energy to resist or protest. Dope made her languid, uncaring. It didn't dull her senses, though. She found herself gawking at the naked group of young people, at the jumble of cocks and balls and tits and pussies all fitfully illuminated by the flickering candles that lit the room.

Star, a dark-haired girl with beautiful heavily lashed slanted eyes, eased Cindy down on the mat and began to caress her tits.

"Hey," said Cindy nervously. Her tongue didn't seem to be working very well. She couldn't say what she wanted to say -- that it was wrong for one girl to play with another girl's tits.

Star laughed and pressed her mouth down on Cindy's, kissing her close and lingeringly, just like a guy. Cindy's head swam. This, too, was wrong, but Star tasted nice, and her little slick tongue tickled deliciously in Cindy's mouth. Her smooth warm hands felt nice as they rubbed and tweaked Cindy's pretty pink nipples. Cindy had never realized before how soft and pleasant the female body was compared to the male.

She felt she ought to pull away, but then she felt someone gently separating her legs, hot moist breath on her naked slit. One of the guys was going to eat her pussy, and she couldn't resist that. It was her very favorite kind of foreplay.

Cindy relaxed, let her legs fall open, and softened her mouth submissively under Star's increasingly hungry kissing. She made a wet horny gurgling noise as she felt the slick hot tongue beginning to tease the tiny sensitive bud of her clit. The stiff tongue tip tickled and swished over her ever-eager joy-button, arousing hot pleasure in her cunt. She spread her legs very wide, inviting the wet pussy-licking, and the tongue tickled faster on her little red clitoris.

"Ummmm!" Cindy sighed.

Star broke the kiss at last and turned her attention to Cindy's lovely round full boobs. "You've got beautiful tits, Cindy," she said.

Cindy didn't know what to say. Star's dark curly head dipped down, and she sucked one of Cindy's cute little pink nipples into her mouth. Her mouth was wet and searingly hot, and her tongue tickled the tender tip of Cindy's nipple. She began to suck loudly, greedily, on the captive tit, and Cindy experienced fierce lusty pleasure. She gurgled again.

Star's body was in the way, and Cindy couldn't see who was licking her pussy -- only a pale ass stuck up in the air as whoever-it-was crouched between her legs. The pussy-tonguing got more and more exciting. Someone was eating her cunt with genuine excitement and hunger, tonguing her clit furiously, then zipping down to circle the creamy mouth of her aroused cunt, then back to her clit again.

"Ooohhh!" Cindy moaned. "Yessss..."

Through fluttering eyes she saw the others lounging around watching her. She felt a little embarrassed, but she was having too much fun to quit. Star sucked loudly, wetly, on her nipple, arousing her whole boob into swollen heat, and the other person tongued faster and faster on her soaked stiffening clit. Cindy, mellowed out by two joints of marijuana, gave up all pretense of modesty. She grinned lustily and thoroughly enjoyed what was being done to her.

"More, more," she whispered hoarsely.

Star sucked faster on her swollen tit, and down there in the wet heat of her aroused pussy that expert tongue flicked and lashed faster and faster. Suddenly it shot into her furiously creaming cunt, deliciously stuffing her hole, and Cindy gave a shrill squeal of excitement.

"YES!" she wailed. "Lick my cunt! Make me come!"

The tongue obliged, flicking swiftly in her soaked burning twat, making her writhe with dizzying pleasure. She could hear the hungry sucking now, the loud obscene slurping, as her little hot cunt was thoroughly reamed and probed. She went wild with horny enjoyment, reaching out to play with Star's long dangling jugs. They were exquisitely soft and satiny, pleasant to squeeze. She dropped them, though, and gasped as she felt orgasm stinging through her body.

"Ohhhh, God, yessss!" she whined. "YESSS!"

The roughly stuffing tongue was bringing her off, reaming deep into her spasming cunt, and Cindy rode with it blissfully till her convulsions faded. Star had moved away to watch her come, and when Cindy's eyes fluttered open again, she saw who'd been eating her pussy so fast and well.

It was Rosa.

Cindy clapped a hand to her mouth and blushed hotly. Oh, my God, if she'd known it was another girl...! Rosa's pretty face was soaked with Cindy's steamy cunt-cream. The redhead grinned at Cindy, then wiped her face with the back of her hand.

"Your pussy tastes good," she said.

Cindy looked horrified. A few people chuckled, and Evita, an experienced-looking blonde, said, "You never made it with a chick before, did you, Cindy?"

Cindy blushed again and shook her head. She couldn't speak.

"Don't get hung up about it," said Evita, smiling soothingly at the blushing girl. "It's okay. We're sisters, friends. It's right and good to enjoy each other. You've been taught a lot of male chauvinist bullshit about how chicks should only make it with dudes. Don't you dig that they only say that to keep us from getting together?"

"Speaking of male chauvinists," said Che, grinning, "how about giving us a turn with Cindy?"

Cindy swept her eyes over the hippie men. They all looked pretty much alike to her, with their full beards and long hair and hard young bodies -- and every one of them seemed attractive and desirable to her. She decided just to shine it on about what Star and Rosa had done to her. It was a small price to pay if she could now get fucked by those sexy hippie men. She felt her pussy creaming in anticipation, getting hotly horny again.

No one protested Che's request, and he moved over to lie next to Cindy, eagerly stroking her full swollen tits. Cindy smiled at him, perfectly willing to fuck him, but then Speed and Pigpen came to lie next to her, too. She remembered the leering circle of the motorcycle gang, watching, taunting, as they fucked her one after another. Panic clutched her loins.

"Noooo," she whimpered.

"Hey, remember, she got gang-raped," said Pancho. "She's not really hot for taking on a bunch of guys."

"Hey, sorry," said Che, withdrawing his hand from her tits. "I forgot. We'll leave you alone if you want."

Dizzily Cindy looked around at the handsome bearded young men who lounged beside her. She saw three stiff pale cocks, clean and silky and taut. Again the pot mellowed her anxiety, and she knew these were friends around her, not brutal rapists.

"It's all right," she said.

"You sure, honey?" said Evita, the mother figure of the group. "Are you sore inside?"

Cindy giggled. "Only in my butt," she said, blushing. "They screwed me there, too."

"Pigs!" said Evita, almost spitting in disgust. "Fucking male supremacists!"

"Hey, knock off the bullshit, Evita," said Speed. "You dig it when I fuck you in the ass."

"That's different," said Evita.

"No, but we can get in somewhere else," said Pancho, easing himself on top of Evita. He and the other men were impatient with her women's-lib lecture, and Pancho decided to cut it short with a little fucking.

Evita protested a little, but soon her long shapely legs parted for him and the others saw his swollen cock easing into the hair-fringed hole of her cunt. Cindy watched, too, appalled and turned on at the same time. She'd never seen other people fucking before.

"Ohhh, shit, yeah!" moaned Evita, her voice low and husky. "Put the prick to me, lover. Deep... deep... Yeah, that's right on..."

Cindy watched, entranced, as Pancho and Evita began to fuck. Her shock vanished quickly, and her excitement mounted, for she could very well identify with Evita, imagining how great it felt to have that hard thick cock working vigorously in her cunt. Evita hunched her slim hips busily, lustily, in time to Pancho's deep strokes, and Cindy could see his reddish prick-shaft getting wetter and wetter with her cunt-juice. Before long Evita was moaning loudly and clinging to him fiercely, wrapping her long legs around his waist.

Cindy wanted to screw, too. She looked around and saw Rosa and Star sitting naked, side by side, watching the show. She imagined they wanted to fuck, too, and she said timidly, "Aren't you two going to..."

Rosa laughed. "No, we don't get it on with men, honey. They're all yours."

She reached around Star and began playing with her long lean tits, and Star slipped her hand into Rosa's pussy.

Cindy didn't understand for a moment, and then she blushed hotly. They were lesbians, those notorious creatures she'd only heard about before, women who made love to each other. No wonder they'd been so eager to get at Cindy. As she gawked at them, Star and Rosa slumped slowly down onto the mat and began kissing each other passionately, rubbing their bare tits and fluffy beavers together.

Cindy might have watched more, for in spite of her disapproval, she was fascinated. But Che's head got in the way as he bent to kiss her. She murmured a little, then returned his kiss, wriggling her tongue naughtily into his mouth. What the hell, different strokes for different folks. If Rosa and Star wanted to get it on with women, that was fine. It didn't hurt her. But personally she felt that Che's stiff cock was going to be a lot better than a lesbian's tongue.

Cindy rolled over to rub her bare taut nipples against Che's hard hairy chest. Wickedly she pumped her furry cunt-mound against his hard prick, a long stiff shaft hugging his belly. She wanted to fuck him, and she wanted to fuck him now. She wriggled her tongue impatiently in his mouth.

Che seemed in no great hurry to get to the screwing, though. Like Pancho, he wanted to spin it out, take his time. Cindy's horny little pussy burned with need.

"Hey, man, give us some room," said Pigpen.

Che obligingly rolled off Cindy and lay at her side. Pigpen moved in and began sucking one of her pert pink nipples, and Speed crawled between her legs, gently easing her thighs apart, and began to finger her swollen pink slit. Even as she went on kissing Che, Cindy blushed deeply. Three guys at once! It hardly seemed right, yet it was terribly exciting. Wet mouths aroused her tongue and tit, deft fingers tweaked and massaged her ever-horny little clitoris. After all, she had gotten it on with two guys, Tom and Pete, so what difference did one more make?

"Get your foot out of my face, man," Speed laughed.

"Oh, sorry," said Che, breaking the kiss and laughing, too. "But she's not a very big chick. There's hardly room."

"We can make room," said Speed.

He knelt up tighter between Cindy's legs and opened the furry plump folds of her gash to expose the bright-red shaft of her tiny clit. Cindy trembled with anticipation, and when he dipped his head, she gave a loud squeal of delight even before he touched her snatch. She saw his pink tongue flick out, and then she felt it on her clit, tickling deliciously. She moaned and let her legs fall wide open.

"Rosa was right," Speed chuckled. "Her pussy tastes good."

He applied his tongue vigorously to Cindy's creamy little clit, and the aroused girl moaned huskily. She didn't care if the whole world was watching. She loved having her clit licked, and she was damned well going to enjoy it. Her amused cunt creamed a blast of sticky juice onto Speed's chin, but he just went on licking.

Pigpen seemed fully engrossed with her ripe round tits, sucking one taut nipple, then the other. Che was getting tired of just kissing, however. He moved, kneeling right beside Cindy's head, and seized his bloated erect cock, trailing the dribbling wet knob along her cheek. She glanced up at him, dizzy with pleasure from Speed's hot cunt-licking.

"Hey, baby," said Che huskily, "blow me a little, okay?"

Cindy stiffened and paled. She'd blown only one man, Calvin Trout, and the experience had sickened her. She remembered Miss Trout with the whip in her hand, commanding Cindy to suck her brother's cock. She remembered the evil-smelling ugly prick jamming into her mouth, the choking blast of his jism and how she'd had to swallow it. It was the most sickening sexual experience she'd ever had, and she wanted no more of it.

"I-I don't do that," she said weakly.

"Try it, you'll like it," said Che, grinning at her. "Come on, baby, everything's good between friends. Just suck it a little, for me. I could really get off on it."

Cindy sighed. She liked Che and his friends, and she didn't want to be a spoilsport. She opened her mouth, prepared to dislike the taste of his cock, but as Che eased his stiff meat onto her tongue, she found that his prick smelled nice and clean, that his juice tasted pleasant and salty. Calvin Trout had just been dirty, that was all. She didn't mind Che's cock in the least. She allowed him to push his rod in as far as it would go, about half his stiff length, and she willingly began to suck on the rubbery meat.

She looked around to see, what the others were doing. Pancho and Evita were really getting into their fuck now, panting and humping like crazy, their sweaty bellies meeting in loud wet slaps. Evita's pretty face was twisted into a leer of sensual pleasure, and she was moaning hoarsely. Her long lovely legs were wrapped tight around Pancho's waist, but they weren't still. Evita used them to dig his cock even deeper into her seething cunt, forcing him to fuck her harder. Cindy could see the heavy cream flowing steadily from Evita's skewered cunt, soaking Pancho's cock and belly.

"Awwwww, Christ, yeah!" Evita yelped. "Fuck me, baby! Yeah, it feels so good, so fuckin' gooood!"

Cindy was intrigued with the sight of another couple screwing. She felt it was naughty to watch, but apparently the commune thought nothing of fucking in front of each other. Cindy, in spite of her guilt, was powerfully aroused by watching the other couple ball. She saw the rippling muscles in Pancho's back and butt, the violent thrusts of his body, and glistening drops of sweat, but most of all she was riveted to the flying action of his rigid dick as it zipped in and out of Evita's wide-open drooling cunt.

She could well imagine how great it felt to get fucked hard like that. Evita's every reaction proved her keen enjoyment. Her twisted leering face, her flashing white teeth, her wildly rolling eyes, all signaled her extreme pleasure. Her tits were swollen up taut with arousal, her whole body flushed pink. Her cunt oozed a steady flood of horny cream. Her hips pounded vigorously in perfect time to her partner's fuck-strokes. All these things showed Evita's sensual ecstasy, but nothing was more telling than her constant hoarse cries of encouragement.

"Yeah, put the prick to me, lover," she moaned. "Fuck me, Pancho! FUCK MEEE!"

Cindy watched, wide-eyed-and envious. She needed a good vigorous fucking like Pancho was giving Evita. But with any luck she'd get it soon. After all, she had three men, eager hard-cocked young men, playing with her body. Speed licked juicily and noisily around her burning little clit. Pigpen sucked loudly and wetly on her pink nipples. Che pumped his erect good-tasting cock swiftly in and out of her mouth, sighing and getting flush-faced with pleasure. Surely it wouldn't be long before one of them got carried away and fucked her.

Meanwhile, pleasure rippling through her body from every source, Cindy turned her attention to the two lesbians, Star and Rosa. She blushed at what she saw...

Star and Rosa had changed their position since she last looked at them. They lay reversed from each other, Star's dark head bobbing up and down at Rosa's pussy, and Rosa's flaming hair flying as she nuzzled into Star's snatch. It took Cindy a moment to understand what they were doing, and then she blushed hotly.

Rosa's pink tongue flicked hungrily around the tiny red shaft of Star's clit, circling and lashing the little joy-bud. Star was worming her slick tongue right up into Rosa's cunt. There was no doubt that the two girls were turned on by their mutual cunt-lapping. Their faces were wet and sticky with each other's twat-honey. They moaned and writhed with pleasure as they tongued each other's cunts.

Cindy tried to imagine how it would feel to do what they were doing, and she could readily imagine how nice it would be to have her clit licked again by the expert Rosa. She imagined Star was just as good a pussy-eater. But wasn't it terribly wrong for two girls to have sex together?

Cindy didn't get to debate the question in her mind. She was soon distracted by Che, who was crawling over her to straddle her chest. He placed a knee on either side, of her shoulders and rested his butt lightly on her big cushiony tits. All the while he was careful not to let his cock slip from her mouth. He grinned down at her lustily, his face red with pleasure.

"Now really suck that meat, honey," he gasped, "as fast as you can. Make me come."

Cindy had no objection. She enjoyed sucking on Che's clean, salty cock. She gurgled with excitement and gave his erect drooling prick an extra hard tug with her lips, and Che moaned shrilly. She drew the hard throbbing cock all the way back to her throat, where the drooling tip fed her the delicious cream she sought. She sucked his cock swiftly, greedily.

"Aw, sheee-it, that's great," Che whimpered. "I love it... Just go on suckin' my dick, bring me off..."

When Che mounted her chest, he left no more room for Pigpen to play with her tits. Pigpen sat beside them, looking a little disappointed, but still eagerly scrutinizing the rest of Cindy's delicious young body, looking for a new place to play.

"Hey, man," he said mildly to Speed, "let me have a turn with her pussy."

"Uh-uh," said Speed, raising his cream-soaked face from Cindy's hot little snatch. "I got here first. I'm gonna ball her, then you can have a turn."

He'd hardly said it before Cindy felt his hard hot meat sliding into her juicy cunt. She moaned loudly and almost bit Che's cock in her sharp excitement. This was what she'd craved, what she'd been waiting for, the long hard presence of a cock in her ever-hungry little twat. She opened her legs as wide as she could for Speed's deep stiff thrusts, and her snatch creamed violently all around his jabbing meat.

"Whooeeee!" yelped Speed. "This little chick is ready!"

He humped happily in Cindy's wet little box, the tightest and hottest cunt he'd ever fucked. His deep-buried dick seemed seared by her heat, and as he probed in her gushing cunt, the noise was obscenely loud and slurpy. Speed sighed and closed his eyes, intending to make this delicious fuck last and last.

Pigpen was still the odd man out. Cindy felt sorry for him, but there was little she could do. Both her mouth and her cunt were occupied by good hard jerking cocks. Later she'd do something nice for Pigpen, she decided.

But Pigpen seemed to be taking care of himself. He crawled over to a cupboard, took out a tube of something. Cindy saw it was a clear jelly which he began to rub on his prick, making it shiny and slick. Then he wormed his way under Cindy's body, supporting both her weight and Che's.

"UUUMMPPPFFF!" Cindy exclaimed in a muffled gasp of terror.

She felt Pigpen's hard sharp cock butting against the tiny pucker of her asshole!

Chapter EIGHT

Cindy arched her body sharply upward, trying to avoid Pigpen's rigid probing dick. She couldn't cry out or explain her fright, for her mouth was stuffed full of Che's thick meat. She remembered all too well the incredible pain she'd felt when Little Willie of the motorcycle gang screwed her in the ass. She couldn't stand that kind of pain again.

"Hey, baby, hold still," Che gasped. "It's just startin' to feel really good."

In her contortions Cindy had almost let his cock slip from her mouth. Her wide blue eyes should have signaled her terror, but Che wasn't paying any attention to her expression. He leaned forward and thrust his cock right down her throat. Cindy struggled not to gag.

Meanwhile Speed, also nearly dislodged by her frantic movements, hunched forward and drove his rigid hot cock right to the end of her hole, lest his rod get bucked out of her deliciously tight creamy cunt. Cindy was pinned at both ends, and Pigpen finally managed to wedge the bloated burning head of his erect prick into the tight pucker of her brownie.

"UUMMMMM!" Cindy exclaimed, trying to signal her fright.

Che didn't understand. He grinned and said, "Yeah, babe, I know my prick tastes good. Just keep on suckin' it hard..."

"It's my cock she's diggin'," laughed Speed. "She never got screwed so good, did you, baby?"

No, neither of them could understand that she was terrified. They had to be aware of Pigpen humping away beneath her. What did they think he was doing? Cindy moaned and writhed, but nothing stopped Pigpen from completing his stubborn penetration of her tight asshole. She felt the fat hard cock moving into her butt like a great hard turd, and she waited for the searing pain.

It didn't come. His cock was slick, unlike Willie's, and he was slow and gentle. He pushed his prick into her asshole very gradually, and Cindy felt no pain at all, only a delicious slow stuffing. She was amazed at how good it felt, just as good as Speed's thick penetration of her horny little cunt. She gurgled in her intense pleasure. Three cocks occupied her body now -- one in her mouth, one in her cunt, and one in her ass -- and she loved them all.

"Ahhhh, Christ," moaned Pigpen. It was the only sound he made. He fucked in the delicious tightness of her tiny asshole, too stunned with pleasure to make any noises.

Cindy began to come. She came again and again as the three stiff cocks kept fucking her. Vaguely she heard the noises of other orgasms -- the shrill cries of Rosa and Star as they tongue-fucked each other into mutual bliss, Evita's guttural yelps as Pancho's stiff jabbing cock brought her off, and Pancho's low drawn-out moan of orgasm. Cindy paid no attention. Her body was bursting with a beautiful string of climaxes that radiated from her ass and cunt.

After a while she felt her partners coming. There was the steamy blast of Speed's jism in her cunt, then the blazing stream of Pigpen's sperm shooting right up her ass. Finally Che was shooting his load into her throat, and she greedily swallowed every drop of his cum.

Cindy didn't remember much after that. Exhausted from her travels and her vigorous triple-fuck, stoned on pot, she was in no condition to continue the orgy, and Evita put her to bed on one of the mats, tenderly covering her with plenty of blankets. Cindy had a vague notion that the party continued, but she was in a deep sleep.

When she woke late the next morning, she was alone in the room. She felt refreshed and very eager to see her mother. She decided not to wait for Pancho to drive her there. No doubt he and the others would be sleeping in very late, and Cindy wanted to leave now. It would be the very last leg of her journey.

The girls had donated jeans and shirt and poncho for her, and Cindy dressed quickly, too excited to hunt up anything for breakfast. She set out in the huge strange city, without a dime in her pocket and without any idea of what direction to take, but she was happy and confident. She was going to find her mother at last.

Cindy questioned passersby and cab drivers, hitched rides with carloads of teenagers, and shamelessly panhandled enough money for a few bus rides. By this combination of methods, she'd reached her mother's section of Los Angeles about the time the sun was going down. She still hadn't eaten, and her feet were killing her, but her spirits were still high.

She wasn't even very discouraged by the run-down dangerous-looking neighborhood where her mother lived, although she was surprised that Linda hadn't done better for herself. Half the shops were boarded up, and the houses were old wooden tenements with garbage decorating the streets and sidewalks in front. Mangy starving cats and dogs rooted in the trash, and drunk old men snoozed in the gutters. Why had Linda chosen this horrible place to live?

Pop, when he spoke of his former wife, admitted she was beautiful and charming. But it occurred to Cindy that he remembered her from long ago. Linda would be in her late thirties now, perhaps no longer capable of getting by on her looks. Cindy felt suddenly alarmed and protective. If her mother was poor and in trouble, she'd help her, get a job. She'd show Linda what a good daughter she could be...

"Well, hello, Little Red Riding Hood. I'm the big bad wolf."

Cindy jumped and gasped. The man had appeared suddenly from a dark alley, scaring the slit out of her. She stumbled backward a few paces and gawked at him.

He was black and enormous.

He stood about six feet five and had shoulders like an ox. His skin was black as coal, shiny in the late-evening light, and his nose was broad and flat with flaring nostrils. He had giant hands and feet, massively muscled legs and arms that threatened to burst from his tight-fitting mod black suit. His hair was thinning a little, and he wore a beret, cocked at a precarious angle, to cover his bald spot. Cindy realized he wasn't bad-looking, but to her he was terrifying.

"What you doin' down here, little girl?" he said in a resonant powerful voice. "This ain't no place for a honky."

Cindy stared up at him, her face strained with fright. She licked her lips. "Maybe I've got the wrong place," she said. "I'm looking for my mother."

He chuckled softly. "Ain't likely no white girl's mother lives around here, honey. And you sure ain't got no nigger blood. What's the address you lookin' for? Maybe I kin help you find it. I know this town real well."

He didn't seem so menacing now, just contemptuous and amused. Cindy decided to trust him, at least to get his advice. She told him her mother's name and address. The black giant slowly cocked his right eyebrow but otherwise showed no reaction. He studied the small blonde teenager a moment before speaking.

"Well, that ain't so far from here after all," he said. "I'll hep you find it. Better I walk with you -- you could get in bad trouble in this neighborhood."

As if to illustrate his remark, a gang of young black hoodlums suddenly came careening down the street, whooping and leaping and grabbing for the low-hung streetlights. They didn't see the big black man, who was still standing in the shadows of the alley, but they saw Cindy.

"Whooo boy!" one of them shouted. "I want that white meat!"

"Hey, baby. Hey, baby," another chanted, moving towards the terrified girl.

"How 'bout some honky pussy, baby?" said another, approaching her with a leer.

Cindy thought she was going to wet her pants, she was so terrified. Just as the gang got up to her, though, the enormous black man stepped out of the alley and faced them. He made no menacing gestures, just stood there with his hands on his hips and looked calmly at the youths.

"This here's mine," he said simply.

"Yassuh," said one of the guys. "Pardon."

The whole gang took off like a shot. Cindy looked up gratefully at her protector, but he only turned and spat into the gutter. "You got no business down here," he said angrily. "If I hadna been here, you woulda got raped -- an' worse."

"I'm sorry," Cindy said meekly. "I've never been to Los Angeles before..."

"Los Angeles, shit!" said the man. "This is niggertown, baby, and no honky with any sense comes down here. You better git back where you come from."

"Oh, no?" Cindy cried. "I came all the way from New York, hitchhiking, just to find my mother. I have to find her. Please, please help me."

He gave a deep sigh of irritation. "Oh, all right. Come on."

He started down the darkening street with giant strides, and Cindy had to trot briskly to keep up with him. She understood now the awful danger of being a lone white girl in the ghetto, and this dampened her excitement considerably. Hang on, she told herself nervously, you'll see Linda very soon...

They walked a long way till finally the man turned in at one of the ramshackle tenements and Cindy followed him up three flights of creaking stairs. They went into a dark apartment, and when he flicked on the dim yellow overhead light, Cindy saw a garishly furnished room with overstuffed furniture and big floor cushions and highly polished tables and thick carpet. Someone had spent a lot of money furnishing this firetrap. Why?

"Does my mother live here?" she said.

"Naw, we ain't there yet," the man said, taking off his jacket. He was wearing a salmon-pink shirt, and his powerful shoulders and arms bulged beneath it. "This is my place. I'll get you to your mother pretty soon, but I gotta rest and have a drink first."

Cindy was bitterly disappointed, but she was afraid to protest. He was the only protector she had in this dangerous place, and she had to keep on his good side, no matter what. She waited, standing by the door, while the man poured himself a stiff drink of Scotch and sat down on one of the plushly upholstered sofas. He took a long swallow of his drink, smacked his ups, then looked intently at Cindy.

"You a virgin?" he asked in a businesslike tone.

Cindy blushed all the way down to her toes. "I-I don't think that's any of your business," she said primly.

He scowled. "You wanta get to see your mother?" he said menacingly. Cindy paled and nodded. "Well, all right," he went on. "If that's what you want, you gonna answer my questions -- an' no lies. Now you tell me if you're a virgin."

Blushing miserably, Cindy shook her head. "N-No, I'm not."

"How old you?"

"How many men you had?"

Cindy had to stop and count. She decided she couldn't include Calvin Trout, since he hadn't actually fucked her. "Thirteen," she said.

The big black gave a low whistle. "Little girl, you been busy," he said. "You got any diseases?"

Cindy blushed hotly. She knew what he meant. "Certainly not!" she said indignantly.

He laughed harshly. "Sure, you white chicks never do. You think just black girls get 'em." He took another pull on his drink, and then said in his flat business like tone, "Start taking off your clothes. Do it slow."

Cindy just stood there and gawked at him, not believing what she'd heard. It seemed too cruel.

After all her struggles, after getting practically to Linda's doorstep, was she to be raped again?

"Hurry it up," he snarled. "If you wanta get out of this neighborhood alive, you need me -- so you better do what I say."

Cindy began to sob, hut she kept it quiet. She knew she must not anger him. She bent and untied her shoes and kicked them off. Then she slowly drew her shirt off over her head, tousling her long shining blonde hair. She no longer had a bra, and her full, round creamy tits quivered before the man's staring liquid brown eyes. He focused on the lovely strawberry-pink nipples and nodded slowly.

"Good," he said. "Real good."

Cindy blushed hotly but didn't dare pause in her disrobing. With trembling hands she unsnapped the front of her jeans and slowly drew down the zipper. She had no panties any more, either, and the black man was treated to the slow revelation of her fluffy golden beaver. He licked his lips, his tongue huge and pink against the black of his face.

Cindy let her jeans slither slowly down to her ankles, revealing her perfectly shaped silky-skinned legs, and then she stepped out of the garment, blushing and trembling. Her mind was working fast. If she let him fuck her, would he still take her to Linda -- or would he kill her to hide the evidence of his rape?

"Come here," he said, lounging on the sofa. "Walk over to me."

Cindy walked, thinking her rubbery knees would give way under her. She made it within a few feet of him, however, and then he signaled her to stop. He focused blatantly on her blonde triangular muff.

"That for real?" he said. "The color, I mean."

"Y-Yes," stammered Cindy.

"Step closer."

She complied, and his huge black paw shot out to pet and feel the fine crisp hairs of her beaver. His fingers were very long, she noticed, and he wore many gold rings, some set with semiprecious stones. He chuckled.

"I guess it is real," he said. "I ain't never seen a real blonde one before. You'd be surprised how many fakes there are." He reached out and cupped her firm round butt and drew her closer, till she was standing between his legs. Gently he began to play with her little soft muff, as if petting a kitten. He sipped his drink and began to ramble on in a low, thoughtful voice. "Sure seems funny to be doin' this for a living," he mused. "You know, I coulda been a pro football player?"

Cindy believed it. He was a massive man, probably weighing close to three hundred pounds, yet none of it was fat. It was all heavy hard muscle and bone.

"Yeah, I coulda been big time," he said, "but I got in a fight an' wrecked my leg. No good for runnin no more. I couldn't afford no college without a football scholarship, so I got into this racket. It's a living, I guess. But it ain't often I find somethin' as nice as you."

Cindy didn't have the slightest idea what he was talking about. She thought he might even be crazy. She didn't care. She just wanted him to do whatever he was going to do to her, then take her to Linda. She'd do anything now, if she could only get to her mother.

"Open my pants, honey," he said. "Take out that ole meat an' play with it."

Cindy obeyed quickly. He spread his legs a little, giving her access to his crotch, and she unzipped his pants with trembling hands and reached under side for his black cock. Her eyes widened as she drew it out. Even in its flaccid state, it was the biggest prick she'd ever seen. Too big to be real.

"Frig it, little girl," he said lazily. "Get my dick hard. Ain't often I wanta sample the merchandise, but you really appeal to me."

Cindy curled her fingers around the limp warm black prick and began to pump it. Her tiny white hand was dwarfed by his enormously long, thick dong. It didn't take him long to get a hard-on, either. Her timid pumping somehow got him hotly excited, and his enormous black dick twitched violently between her fingers and sprang into full erect life. She could hardly get her fingers around it then, and it looked to be almost a foot long.

The man noticed her surprise and chuckled. "Yeah, I lucked out in one department at least," he said. "Chicks all tell me they never seen a cock that big before. How 'bout you, little girl? You ever seen a dick that big?"

Cindy shook her head. She shivered at the thought of getting fucked by a prick that huge. She felt sure it would split her cunt in half, gone all the way to her stomach. Oh, God, she hoped he didn't want to fuck.

"Get down on your knees, white girl," he hissed. "You gonna taste some black cock."

Cindy obeyed almost eagerly. If she could blow him, she wouldn't have to take that cruelly long prick into her cunt. She knelt obediently between his legs, still clutching his mammoth erect prick. The head was black-purple and seemed as big as her fist. A white droplet of cock-juice stood out starkly against the dark flesh of his knob.

"Lick it!" he said. "Lick up that juice."

Cindy's little pink tongue flashed out and lapped up the salty bubble of cream from the cum-slit of his cock-head. The man quivered a little and sighed. She swished her small slick tongue around and around the hard meaty head of his cock, making the dark knob glisten with her saliva. Thank God the man was clean and smelled good.

"What's your name, honey?" he sighed.

"Cindy," she said, pausing only briefly. She went on licking the enormous swollen head of his prick.

"They call me Cadillac," he said. "Maybe someday you'll know why. But, Cindy, you really turn me on, baby. Mostly I don't like honky chicks, but there's somethin' about you... Now I want you to take that big nigger cock in your mouth, baby, and suck it real good..."

Cindy was glad to obey. If she could bring him off fast, maybe he'd be satisfied, and they could get on to Linda's house. She jammed the huge creamy cock-head between her small pink lips, fed in more of his giant hard dick, till it touched the back of her throat. Then she discovered she'd made a mistake. That elephant prick was too big even for her mouth. It stretched her lips painfully, almost cut off her breathing. She tried to suck on it, but she only choked and gagged.

Cadillac looked down at her and sighed. "Too big for you, huh?" he said. "Story of my life. Okay, baby, spit it out. We'll fuck instead."

Cindy spat his cock out fast, pivoted, and streaked for the door. No way in the world was she going to take that gigantic cock in her cunt. She didn't think of the consequences, a white girl running naked in the ghetto. She only cringed with fear at the thought of her tiny cunt splitting, tearing...

"Get your white ass back here!" Cadillac thundered.

Then he was after her, his huge erect prick wagging heavily before him. His long legs took him to her in a few strides, just as she seized the doorknob. He grabbed her in a suffocating hug and dragged her to the middle of the room, throwing her down on the deep pile carpet. Cindy sobbed in tenor as he towered over her. His stiff wagging black prick looked a mite long.

"You too proud to fuck a black man?" he shouted.

"Noooo!" Cindy wailed. "It's not that. It's-it's your cock. It's too big for me! It'll kill me!"

He almost spat in his rage. "You lyin'," he said. "You just don't want no black meat in that white pussy. You think you're too good. Well, baby, I'm gonna fuck you whether you like it or not, so quit your snivelin'."

He undressed quickly. Cindy, sobbing hysterically, started dragging her bruised body towards the door, blindly intent on escaping him, but it was no use. Cadillac tossed aside the last of his clothes and dropped down beside her, roughly rolling her over onto her back. He eyed the pretty blonde fluff of her beaver, then jerked her legs apart and gawked at the luscious pinkness of her slit.

"My, oh, my," he said, "ain't that pretty? You just keep your legs open, little girl. I'm gonna give you some good black dick..."

Cindy screamed and tried to close her legs, but he held them apart easily. She saw the huge black prick jabbing right at the center of her slit, and she almost fainted with fright. It seemed to explode into her tiny cunt-mouth, stretching, tearing her apart.

"EEEE!" she shrieked. "NOOOO! YOU'LL KILL MEEE!"

He penetrated her cunt in one violent cruel thrust, ripping all the way to her womb, and his massive sweating body came down on her, crushing her jiggling tits, blotting out the light. She felt his huge crinkly-haired balls crowding her crotch, his mammoth thick cock filling every bit of her small adolescent cunt and pushing hard against her womb. She felt frighteningly full of cock, horribly impaled.

"Ohhhh, please," she sobbed, "please take it out! You'll tear me! It's too big!"

Cadillac raised his sweating face and studied the sobbing white girl. He liked to rape white women. It was a kind of racial vengeance. He knew his king-size prick was too big for most women, and he liked to hear their screams of pain and terror, to see their contorted faces and watch the blood well up around his dick as he ripped into their cunts. But there was something about this girl... She was obviously innocent and naive, no phony, no honky bitch cock-teaser. He couldn't bring himself to punish her.

"It ain't too big," he said softly. "You just relax, an' it ain't gonna hurt. Let that little cunt relax. You got room. I can fuck you real good, honey, like you never been fucked before. Don't fight me, baby. Relax..."

Cindy knew he was right. She let her gripping cunt go slack and open, did her best to quell her tense panic. He began to move his cock in her tight hole, and there was enough room -- but barely. It still hurt. Her cunt felt rubbed raw, her womb cruelly butted, her legs forced painfully apart. His mammoth thick cock slashed brutally back and forth, splitting her tight young twat.

"Ooohhh, it hurts, it hurts," she moaned, tossing her blonde head back and forth.

"No, you like it," he chanted huskily. "You like that long black dick, honey. Biggest you ever took, an' the best. It's good, baby, so gooood..."

He knew he was hurting her, that she was recently virgin, but he couldn't stop. Rarely did he find a cunt that tight and sweet. Cadillac had pimped for nearly two decades, always on the look-out for young inexperienced girls, but he was seldom lucky enough to find one as little-used and young as Cindy. He had to try out the goods before others got there.

"Awwww," Cindy moaned.

His rigid pole sawed steadily over her clit, and in spite of the pain she began to feel herself getting horny. Her tiny stuffed cunt began to cream, a timid moistening at first, then a gushing hot burst around his mammoth sawing cock. She must be crazy, for she even liked the pain.

"I feel it, honey," he whispered. "I feel that good juice. I know you like it."

She didn't deny it. She fell back limply, letting him take her young sweet body, and Cadillac put the prick to her with the force of a pile driver, snorting in his excitement. Her cunt felt red-hot and raked raw, her womb was cruelly butted, yet her excitement mounted. His very brutality turned her on.

"Yessss!" she whined.

She began to spasm around his thick black cock, and Cadillac watched intently as she climaxed. Oh, yes, she was good merchandise. Her passion wasn't feigned. She was coming like a bomb, squealing and writhing. When she was finished, he jerked his pulsing hot dick out of her cunt and jammed it into her gasping mouth.

Cindy's eyes widened, but she opened her throat and took the gigantic flood of jism that filled her mouth and throat. She moaned and swallowed. There seemed to be gallons of his cum, but she eagerly drank it all.

Cadillac sighed and let his limp dick slip from her pink lips. "Okay, little girl," he said. "We'll go find your mother now."

Cindy was so excited she could hardly breathe. Linda's house was only a few blocks away from Cadillac's apartment, and he now admitted that he knew Linda well and could help Cindy identify her. She lived in another wooden tenement, but on the ground floor. Cadillac tried the knob and walked right in without knocking.

Cindy followed him eagerly into the room, then stopped and stared. This wasn't at all what she'd expected. The room was garish and cheap. The rug and furniture were red and worn, the wallpaper cracking, and the room smelled of cheap incense. Cindy hardly noticed these things, however, for her attention was drawn to a big brass bed on the other side of the room where a man and woman were lying stock still, joined cock to cunt. The couple stared at her and Cadillac.

The man was black. He scowled and turned his face to the wall, as if he expected to have his picture taken and wished to avoid it. The woman was white. She was in her late thirties and still very good-looking, with long blonde hair, big full tits, and a hard, attractive face. She wasn't attractive, though, when she glared at Cadillac.

"Just what the fuck do you mean, busting in here like that?" she screeched. "Didn't you think I might have a customer? And why'd you bring that girl in here? Are you crazy?"

Cadillac chuckled softly, maliciously. He grabbed Cindy's arm and led her over to the bed, where the black man still hid his face and the white woman glared furiously. Their bodies were still locked together, black prick deep in white cunt.

"Why, Linda, honey," Cadillac drawled, "I thought you'd be pleased. I brought you your daughter. She come all the way from New York to find you."

"What kind of lousy rotten joke is that?" Linda yelled. "You get your black butt out of here, Cadillac, and take little Miss Muffet with you."

Choking back her tears, Cindy reached into her shirt and drew out the necklace she'd been wearing, the cheap rhinestone heart on a chain which had once belonged to Linda.

"Mother..." she said timidly.

Linda stared at the necklace and went ghostly pale. "Oh, my God..." she said.

Chapter NINE

It was a week later. Cindy sat on the edge of the big brass bed while Linda brushed out her hair for her and began to braid it. "Honey," Linda said nervously, "you sure you wanta go through with this? If you wanta back out, it's okay with me. We can get by on just my earnings."

"No, we can't, Mother," said Cindy calmly. "We need a better place to live. We'd be more comfortable and attract better customers. Stop worrying about it. I'm going to be just fine."

"Oh, I know that," Linda said, smiling faintly. "My little girl's gonna be a big hit."

Linda and Cindy smiled fondly at each other. Their reunion had been everything Cindy had hoped for. After her initial shock, Linda had gladly taken the girl in, for she was lonely and had always resented losing her child to her ex-husband.

Cindy had offered to go to work and help her mother. Linda was still a very attractive woman, but she couldn't complete with the younger prostitutes and was taking in lower and lower fees.

As she explained to Cindy on their first night together, "When I left your dad, all I could think of was being free. For years he accused me of running around with other men, and finally I decided that if I was gonna be punished for it, I might as well do it. So I did. I had an affair with -- of all people -- the milkman. Your dad caught us and kicked me out. But I was glad to be free of him. I didn't have any idea how I was going to support myself, so I didn't take you with me. That was a mistake, I guess, cause he didn't treat you any better than he did me."

"Anyhow, I came to L.A. for the climate, and pretty soon I found out there was only one way for an unskilled girl like me to make a decent living. It hasn't been a bad life till recently. It's just that all the other girls are so young, and the johns will pay them more. That's why I had to move to this crummy place."

At this point Cindy offered to go to work and help out. Her mother protested that she should finish school, but Cindy was bored with it and with teens her own age. After her experiences on the road, she felt a million years old. She felt as if she could handle any situation that came along.

Still Linda didn't catch on at first. "Well, baby, if you really want a job, I can get you something around here," she said. "They need a waitress at the cafe, and there's a few clerking jobs."

Cindy wrinkled her nose. "Mother, those jobs don't pay anything," she said. "You work your butt off all day for nothing. I want to do what you're doing."

Linda looked at her for a long time without answering. She hated to see her beautiful little girl go into "the life", but on the other hand, there was no denying that Cindy could bring excellent prices from the many customers who wanted firm young bodies and a pretty, youthful appearance. And she and Cindy could certainly use the money. She had no idea how she could support both herself and her daughter.

"Well, honey," she said, "it's not an easy life, but it's your decision. I suppose you could give it a try?" Linda wouldn't even have considered it if Cindy hadn't told her about her adventures on the road. She wouldn't have led a virgin daughter into prostitution, but Cindy had no innocence left.

A week after Cindy found her mother, she was ready for her first performance as a whore.

Linda had located a good mark, a middle-aged guy with lots of money who liked to fuck little girls. He'd promised a five-hundred-dollar fee for the real article. With that money Cindy and Linda could move immediately to a better apartment. They were both very excited about it, hoping Cindy would make good.

The john arrived at ten in the evening. He reminded Cindy a little of Simmons, the salesman -- plump and pink and balding, homely and totally without sex appeal. Linda acted as chaperone and introduced Cindy as her daughter, which, of course, the man didn't believe.

"This is my daughter Cindy, Mr. Jones," she said. "I hope you'll be gentle with her. She's never had a man before."

Maybe it was that part he didn't believe. Nevertheless when he saw Cindy, he seemed delighted.

"Hello, Mr. Jones," Cindy said in a mincing, childish voice.

Linda had prepared her well. Cindy's long blonde hair was done in pigtails, and she looked about ten years old. To add to the effect, Linda had dressed her in a pinafore, white knee socks, and patent-leather slippers. Cindy tried not to squirm. Linda had shaved off all her pussy hair to make her more like a child -- and it itched.

"Why, hello, Cindy," the man said, grinning hungrily. "What a pretty little girl you are. How old are you?"

"Ten," Cindy said sweetly, batting her big blue eyes.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone now," Linda said nervously. "I have some errands to run." That wasn't true. She intended to stay right outside the apartment, ready to rescue Cindy if the john got too rough. She cast Cindy a nervous glance as she left, but Cindy looked full of confidence.

And why shouldn't she be? In Cindy's mind she'd already done everything there was to do in the realm of sex. She'd fucked fourteen different men, sometimes two or three at once, and she'd taken it in the mouth and the ass. She'd even made love with girls. And after being skewered on Cadillac's gigantic black prick, she felt she could handle any kind of cock she might encounter.

The one thing she hadn't known -- and which Linda had taught her -- was that some men liked a girl to play games, to pretend to be something other than what she was. Mr. Jones, for instance (and of course that wasn't his real name), wanted her to act like a little girl. That was fine with Cindy. She liked to act.

"Do you like candy, little girl?" said Jones, almost drooling with eagerness.

"Oh, yes," Cindy cooed.

"Then come sit on my lap, and I'll give you some," he said, taking the only chair in the place. It was rickety, and Cindy hoped it wouldn't collapse under his weight.

"Oh, goody!" she squealed, running to plump her butt down on Jones' knee. "What kinda candy you got, mister? I like the kind with nuts best."

He giggled. Oh, wow, Cindy thought, what a weirdo.

Mr. Jones slipped a plump arm around her and squeezed her tight. Cindy straightened up a little so he wouldn't touch her boobs and spoil the illusion -- no "little girl" had tits that big. She wiggled her firm little ass around in his lap, but she felt no hard-on yet. Linda had told her that he might take a long time -- but for five hundred bucks, it was worth it.

"Where's the candy, mister?" Cindy said plaintively. "You said you had some candy."

Jones giggled again, and Cindy noticed little specks of spittle at the corners of his fat mouth. She was thoroughly repulsed, but she didn't show it. That was rule number one, Linda had taught her -- the customer was always Paul Newman.

"Why. I've got it right in my pocket, Cindy," he said. "You can take it out if you want." He was breathing very heavily now.

"Okay," Cindy said eagerly. "Which pocket, mister?"

"This one right here," said Jones. "It zips open." With a pudgy finger he indicated his fly. His breathing got heavier, and he couldn't seem to suppress his shrill giggles.

Cindy feigned wide-eyed innocence. "Gee," she said wonderingly, "I never saw a pocket like that before. Can I have as much candy as I want, Mr. Jones?"

"Sure, honey," he giggled. "It's all yours. Go ahead -- unzip the pocket and find the candy."

Well, here we go, thought Cindy.

She unzipped his fly and contemplated the soft white worm of his prick. A little under average size, and clean. No problems. She turned her big blue eyes on the grinning, red-faced Jones.

"Mister," she said accusingly, "that ain't candy. I never saw candy like that before."

"Oh, yes, it is, dear," said Jones, hardly able to contain his excitement. "It's the best candy you ever tasted. Go ahead, take it out."

Cindy reached into the dark warmth of his fly and picked up the limp warm prick. She slowly drew it out into the light of the room and looked at it. It might be four inches long in its erect state, but right now his cock was tiny and shriveled, wormy white with a delicate network of blue veins, and the circumcised head was rosy and dry.

"It doesn't look like candy," she said innocently.

"It is," said Jones, snickering. "And it tastes really good. I'll show you how to eat it. It's a very special kind of candy. First you have to get down on your knees."

Cindy obeyed, glad for the knee socks which protected her from the rough uncarpeted floor. If she did her job well, she and Linda would have a place like Cadillac's, thickly carpeted and richly furnished. Her repulsion for Jones diminished as she thought of what his five hundred dollars would mean to her and her mother.

"Now pick up the candy and put it in your mouth, dear," said Jones, who was actually drooling by now.

Innocently Cindy obeyed, taking the limp, droopy prick in her little hand and popping it into her mouth. She had no trouble getting all of his rod inside. Thank God he was clean. Linda had told her that she might not always be so fortunate. But she was prepared for that, too. After all, she'd blown old dirty-pricked Calvin Trout and survived.

Jones quivered deliciously as he felt his limp cock stuffed into the juicy wetness of her silky mouth. He looked down at her and was perfectly pleased with the illusion created by her pigtails, pinafore, and small stature. She looked just like a grade-school child sucking a grown man's cock. Jones, of course, knew she was older -- he'd seen the full swelling outline of her tits under the prim pinafore -- but she was a good little actress, and he was content. He patronized a lot of whores, but few of them were as pretty and talented as this girl.

"Now suck on it, dear," he said breathlessly. "You'll find out how good it tastes."

Cindy began to suck his prick. She performed well, sucking gently and timidly at first, then with increasing speed and excitement. She could easily draw the short cock all the way back to her throat, till Jones' limp baggy nuts rubbed her chin. She made her saliva come in searing floods to bathe his flaccid meat.

"Ummmm!" she murmured.

Jones giggled shrilly. "Yes, it tastes really good, doesn't it? All the little girls I know love the taste of that special candy."

That's what you'd like to believe, you ugly old fart, thought Cindy irreverently. She felt she knew this man -- and all men -- inside out. They only wanted one thing -- and she could supply it with skill and enthusiasm. She was going to make a lot of money out of their weakness, enough to keep her and Linda for life.

His short cock began to come to life in her busily sucking mouth. She sandwiched the twitching meat between her silky palate and her squirming tongue, and she felt it throbbing, growing. It slowly expanded to its full length and girth, but even then his cock was so small that she easily kept all of it in her mouth. She felt the hard knob beginning to dribble cock-juice down the back of her throat.

"Ummmm!" she exclaimed. "UUUUMMMM!"

Jones chuckled, then gasped as Cindy began to suck his erect sensitive prick with hungry speed and force. "EEEeeee!" he shrilled. "AWWWW!"

Cindy thought he sounded like a wounded pig. In his excitement he began to participate in the blow-job, jerking his fat butt around on the rickety chair. He jabbed his hard little cock back and forth in her juicy sucking mouth, and his flabby balls slapped furiously against her chin.

"Yes, suck on it, little girl!" he squealed. "Suck the good candy! Eat all you want!" He giggled like a maniac. "There's a big surprise inside. You'll get it in a minute."

Oh, shit, thought Cindy. She wasn't in the least aroused. She could begin to see some of the problems of Linda's work-session after session with men who didn't turn her on, the sheer tedium of taking on many men a day. But Cindy was very young and optimistic. Out of all those men, there had to be some sexy ones, and then she'd get her kicks, too.

"AWWWW!" Jones bawled.

He was almost purple in the face now, panting heavily, and he'd curled his fingers in Cindy's hair, his hands working convulsively. She worried for a moment that he might have a heart attack. But she remembered what Linda had told her, that Jones was a veteran of these games. He must know his limits.

"Surprise!" he bleated. "Here comes the surprise!"

Cindy braced herself, opening her throat wide. Just in time -- a thick splat of jism shot from the twitching head of his cock. She managed to swallow all of it, plus the little after-bursts of salty cum. She gurgled loudly, greedily, as she ate it all. Jones was squealing and moaning as he came.

At last his prick went limp and useless on her tongue, and Cindy let it slip from her mouth. She looked at him in wide-eyed disappointment. "Gee, mister," she said, "that was such good candy. Can't I have some more?"

Jones beamed, obviously pleased with her performance. "Of course, Cindy," he said, patting her on the head. "You've been a very good little girl, so I'll let you suck some more on the candy."

Shit, thought Cindy.

She'd figured he'd excuse himself, be satisfied after one come. But for five hundred bucks, she supposed he'd want his money's worth. Hiding her boredom, she grinned and picked up his limp wet prick and stuffed it back in her mouth. As she began sucking on the tool, Jones gave a long low sigh of pleasure.

"I like nice little girls like you, Cindy," he said, "so I'm going to give you a very special treat, something you'll really like. You just enjoy the candy awhile, while I get it ready."

Cindy hardly paid any attention. Her only aim was to bring him off again and get rid of him. She sucked his cock swiftly, juicily, with a vacuum pressure that soon had him panting and squealing. Of course it took longer this time to get his prick hard, and her mind wandered. She thought of the fine apartment she and Linda were going to have -- in a white neighborhood this time, so they could stroll around the streets without danger. She thought of how pretty Linda would look in the new clothes she intended to buy her. Together, as a mother-daughter team, they were really going to go places. It would be a wonderful life.

Suddenly Jones was pushing her away, his now-erect prick popping wetly from her mouth and standing straight up in his lap. He had a sick eager grin on his fat flushed face.

"I want more candy!" Cindy pouted.

"No, it's not good for you to have too much candy," Jones said, wagging a finger at her. "We're going to play a game instead. I'll be the doctor and you be the patient."

"Oh, goody!" Cindy squealed, wondering what in hell he had in mind.

"Now you go over and lie on the bed," said Jones, "and then I'll come and be the nice doctor."

"Okay, mister," said Cindy, remembering to lisp a little.

She skipped over to the bed and lay down on her back. She looked innocently at Jones as he approached her, a ludicrous sight with his stiff wet reddish prick sticking out of his fly. He leered down at her. She noted that his stubby cock was drooling eagerly.

"Now, what's the matter, little girl?" he said soothingly. "Where does it hurt?"

Cindy was beginning to get the idea. "Right down here," she said, wrinkling her face in a pout. She pointed to her crotch.

Jones was delighted. This girl played the game better than any he'd ever encountered. "Down there?" he said. "I'd better have a look."

He raised her short frilly skirt and tucked it around her waist. He tugged down her childish white cotton panties, and Cindy obligingly raised her plump little butt to assist him. He tossed the panties aside and gazed with blatant delight at her shaved pussy. The cunt-lips were plump and pink and perfectly hairless, like those of a child. Jones could not have been more pleased.

"Spread your legs a little, dear," he said breathlessly. When Cindy complied, he had an enticing view of her girlish slit, of delicate folds of plump pink pussy flesh. He slid a stubby finger between the ripe blushing lips of her twat and rubbed teasingly around the tiny mouth of her cunt.

"Is that where it hurts?" he asked.

"Ooohhh, yes!" squealed Cindy. "But that feels nice, Doctor. When you do that, it doesn't hurt any more."

Jones chuckled and went on massaging the moist mouth of her little cunt, circling the slick flesh with the stubby tip of his finger, poking delicately in and out of the steamy little hole. The girl sighed deeply and let her legs fall wider apart. A cute little grin spread across her childish face, and he felt her warm pussy-cream starting to flow around his finger. My God, she was a superb actress. He'd be coming back to this one again and again.

Cindy wasn't acting this time, however. Jones' thick finger felt really good as it rimmed and probed the ever-greedy mouth of her little moist cunt. She was pretty horny. It had been a week since she'd been balled, since Cadillac's brutal rape had turned into the most exciting fuck of her life. She needed a screw so badly that she'd take anything -- even Jones.

"Is it feeling better, dear?" he asked, breathing loudly.

"Ooohhh, yes," Cindy cooed, with perfect sincerity. "Do that some more, Doctor. It feels soooo nice!"

Jones grinned wickedly and eased his stubby finger a little farther into her wonderfully tight teenage cunt. He began working his finger in and out, stiff and fast, like a miniature cock. The girl flushed and gasped with pleasure and her cunt-cream boiled around his digging finger. He felt her powerful young cunt muscles gripping his finger, trying to pull it deeper inside. He could well imagine how delicious it would feel to stick his erect aching cock into that velvety tight little twat.

"Now, dear, you must be a brave little girl," he said. "I'm going to have to give you an injection. Then you'll feel just fine."

Cindy's blue eyes widened. "Oh, is it going to hurt?" she squeaked.

"Just a little," he said. "Just as I put the needle in. Then it will start to feel good." He knew damn well she wasn't a virgin -- he'd already detected it with his finger -- but they both had to keep up the illusion.

"All right, Doctor," she said bravely. "I won't cry."

"That's a good girl," Jones said breathlessly.

He crawled between her legs and aimed his stiff, drooling cock at the tiny shadowed mouth of her cunt.

Cindy wanted to scream with joy as she felt his rigid prick moving into her starved pussy. It felt so good! She needed a stiff fucking badly. But she was a professional now, and she had to keep up her act.

"EEEEE!" she shrieked. "That hurts! Ohhhh, take it out, Doctor!"

Jones slumped heavily down on her sweet young body and completed his penetration, his spongy cock-head coming to rest against the end of her cunt. As he'd expected, her snatch was exquisitely tight, but it was also as wet and hot as a mature woman's. Blissfully he began to fuck her with quick short jabs.

"Ooohhh!" wailed Cindy. "You were right, Doctor! Now it feels great! Keep doing it to me! Ooohhh, yessss!"

Five minutes later Jones had come and was finished for the day. He knew his limits. Cindy was pleased, though, for she'd come three times. She almost wanted to kiss the fat homely old guy, but right to the end she kept up the act. She pouted and looked tearful as he pulled out of her cunt.

"You did a naughty thing to me, mister," she said. "My mommy will be real mad."

Jones grinned at her. "Don't tell your mother, little girl," he said, "and I'll come back soon and give you more candy."

Cindy brightened. "Okay, mister," she said eagerly. "That'd be great. And could we play doctor again?"

Jones beamed. "Of course, if you're a good girl."

Cindy was very pleased with herself. Linda was pleased, too. Jones had met her outside the apartment and handed over six hundred dollars -- the extra hundred as a tip -- and asked to have Cindy again next week. Clearly Cindy was a rousing success at her new job.

"You did just fine, honey," said Linda. "Better than we could have hoped. That extra hundred will pay Cadillac, and we'll be five hundred in the clear."

"When's he coming?" said Cindy.

"Very soon," said Linda. "You better douche and change."

Cadillac was their pimp. He'd been Linda's pimp for a long time, but Cindy hadn't known that till later. In exchange for a cut of their earnings, Cadillac brought them good customers like Jones. He also exchanged other services with Linda and her daughter.

Cadillac arrived around midnight and accepted his hundred dollars with some surprise. "So she made out all right?" he said. "He paid the whole fee?"

Linda and Cindy looked innocent. They'd agreed not to tell him about the tip. "Yeah, it went just fine," said Linda casually. "After all, she's my daughter."

"I believe it," Cadillac chuckled. "You both pretty talented ladies. Speakin' of which..."

He didn't have to say more. Linda and Cindy hurried to him and undressed him. Then, while he lounged on the bed, they took off their clothes slowly in front of him, just the way he liked, gradually unveiling their superb tits and pretty pussies. Cadillac ginned at the contrast between Linda's thick fluffy blonde beaver and Cindy's shaved and naked pussy. It made them seem even more like mother and daughter, and that was a blast. He'd never fucked a mother-daughter team before.

They cuddled up to him on the bed, one on each side. Their pleasure wasn't faked. Cadillac was their man, the one they got their kicks with after hours of fucking and sucking uninteresting customers. Linda flicked her expert wet tongue back and forth over his nipples, giving him sharp little buzzes of pleasure, while Cindy worked her little wet tongue swiftly up and down the long long rigid pole of his black cock. Cadillac felt as if he'd died and gone to heaven. These chicks really knew their work.

"Awwwww, man," he moaned, "let's make it. I don't wanta wait..."

Linda and Cindy worked as a perfectly coordinated team. They had their routine all worked out and didn't have to discuss their next move. While Cadillac lay on his back, his huge dark cock standing straight up from his taut belly, Linda squatted over him and deftly impaled her wet cunt on the enormous knob of his cock-head. Grinning lustily, she slid down it till his prick was fully inside her cunt.

"Ooohhh, lover, that feels good!" she moaned.

Cadillac grinned and began to fuck her, watching her big full tits quiver and bounce. Then Cindy leaped astride him, too, poising her pretty pink pussy right over his face. She had the cutest little twat he'd ever seen, and it was a blast to see it shaved like a little kid's. He stuck out his big pink tongue and began to tickle her tiny red moist clit.

"Eeeeeee!" squealed Cindy. "Oh, yeah, baby, eat my pussy! Ummm, that's fantastic!"

Cadillac felt fantastic. Bringing off two beautiful blondes at once was quite a feat. But it wasn't just his performance that achieved it. It was also the exceptional skill of mother and daughter.

Cindy glanced back once at Linda and was met with a warm gaze of affection. Cindy returned the look. Her life with Linda was very different from what she'd imagined, and it was the end of all her childhood dreams. But she loved her mother -- even if she was a whore.


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