The horny wives

Even with the rising rate of divorce, the liberalized attitude toward sex and the common occurrence of "living together arrangements", most surveys have shown that Americans still overwhelmingly believe in the institution of marriage. But despite that belief, the basic structure and workings of contemporary matrimony are a far cry from those of its predecessors.

Today there are more and more families in which both the husband and the wife work. There also seems to be a more equal sharing of the responsibilities of home and children. And there appears to be a radical change occurring in marital sex mores.

THE HORNY WIVES is a story about three couples the Myerses, the Dillons and the Wilsons but most particularly about the wives Lydia, Betsy and Marylou and how the three of them change their lives and revolutionize their marriages. For them, mate-swapping proves a viable alternative to both divorce and empty matrimony. Indeed, in their cases, swapping provides a new lease on life and a happier existence.

THE HORNY WIVES -- the story of three couples attempting to find their unique life styles. A mirror of our changing times. An entertaining novel with a serious message.

Chapter ONE

"Come on, George. Wake up and FUCK ME!" Lydia Myers demanded. She pouted her luscious red lips and sighed in exasperation. Then she rolled over on her firm, large titties and stared at her sleeping husband. George Myers was too drunk to even respond. He just continued snoring deeply. He was completely unaware of his horny wife's request.

Lydia reached over and jerked the covers off George's sleeping body. Her eyes blazed lustily. She was determined to feel his nice, hard prick in her burning cunt. She had been thinking about George's thick, long cock all day. She wasn't about to be cheated out of her nightly fun!

Lydia had worked herself up into a fine, horny frenzy by the time George had come home from work. She had been slipping her fingers in her throbbing, creamy snatch all afternoon, pinching and tweaking her sensitive little clit and rubbing her palm against her moist cunt. She had almost come to a climax when she heard the car in the driveway, she had been so horny.

Lydia was to be disappointed, though. The minute George came home he had headed straight for the shower. Then he had gobbled dinner without even noticing the gleam in his wife's eyes. Before Lydia could even suggest going to bed for a nice evening of fucking, he had disappeared over to Sam's house, leaving Lydia waiting impatiently for him to come home. Finally, at midnight, George had stumbled through the door. He barely made it to the bedroom before he passed out cold. He hadn't even noticed the sexy new negligee Lydia was wearing!

Lydia was really mad! She had a good notion to get dressed and go out for a drink. She wasn't the kind of woman to give up so easily, though. When Lydia wanted to be fucked, she would go to any lengths to get the satisfaction she craved! She was going to force George to cooperate if it took her all night! She was going to get George's limp cock hard if it was the last thing she ever did!

Lydia ran her hand down George's chest in a light sweeping motion. Her slim hand stopped at the base of his sleeping cock.

"Wake up, sweetie," she purred, her fingers expertly manipulating the length of George's limp dick. "I'll bet you can't sleep through this!" she muttered.

She firmly massaged George's soft prick, stroking up and down with rapid little jerks of her fingers. She knew George loved to have his cock played with. Usually by this time, he was already groaning and pushing her over so he could sink his rigid cock in her steaming pussy. Nothing happened though!

Lydia continued to stroke and pull her husband's cock in the way she knew George loved best. She was sure that he would be awake and horny in just a minute. Long moments passed and Lydia sighed in frustration. George was sleeping peacefully on. His cock was still in the shape of a wet noodle.

"All right, bastard!" Lydia growled, frustrated. She lowered her wet, red lips to her husband's soft prick. "Let's see you snore through this!" she challenged.

Her face took on an expression of fierce determinations. She closed her lips around the tip of George's soft cock-head. Then she sucked and licked with her smooth, hot tongue. She started at the base of his still-soft cock, traveling slowly up to the velvety head. She covered every inch of his shaft, licking around in tiny circles. It was just the way George loved. Then she took his whole shaft into her hot, wet throat. She gulped and sucked like a starving baby with a bottle of milk. She was going to give George the most superb blow-job of his whole life!

Lydia sucked in with force, feeling George's soft cock-head rub and nestle against the smooth, satiny surface of her mouth. She probed with her hot tongue, guiding and pressing his limp cock against the slick, hot roof of her mouth. She gobbled his shaft noisily, with great force, sucking and gulping. George groaned.

"Oooooh, baby," he moaned, "what are you doing?"

Lydia giggled. Her voice was low and lusty. George was finally coming alive.

"God!" George gasped as she licked and sucked his cock fast and furiously. "You're so good, baby. You're the best cock-sucker in the whole world."

Lydia felt George's small, soft prick begins to change in her hot, wet mouth. It grew with leaps and bounds. It swelled on her tongue and became hotter and much heavier. It started to push farther and farther into her hot, slick throat, nudging up against the back of her mouth. It filled her wet, smooth throat with its pulsing length. Her lips stretched widely, frying to swallow the whole swelling shaft. Lydia loved to feel George's cock grow in her throat. There was nothing more exciting to her than to feel his prick grow long and hard in her wet, hot mouth. She felt her pussy begin to twitch and a flood of creamy cunt-juice filled her aching snatch.

"Take it all, baby," George muttered, shoving forward. He tried to force every inch of his big, long cock into her steaming throat. "Suck me off, baby. Make me come!"

George's face was contorted with blissful lust. Lydia had found the perfect way to wake him up. There was nothing he loved more than a nice, sexy blow-job!

"Oh, baby," he moaned in ecstasy. "OOOOOOH!"

Lydia felt his cock-cream dribbling down her hot throat. He began moving his hips back and forth. His cock swelled to mammoth proportions. She could feel his rod grow hotter and hotter and bigger and bigger. It wouldn't be long before he shot his load of jizz right down her throat.

Lydia jerked her head back. "FUCK ME!" she demanded. "PUT YOUR HOT, HARD COCK IN MY PUSSY and FUCK ME!"

George groaned. He was fully awake now and as horny as hell. He didn't really want to fuck, though. The blow-job had been so nice. He tried to force Lydia's head down again, attempting to impale her wet, hot throat on his rigid, pulsing shaft.

"Come on, baby," he begged. "Blow me. I'm too tired to fuck."

Lydia rebelled.

"Oh, no you don't!" she yelled, twisting away. "You've really got some nerve, George Myers! I've been horny all day and I've been lying here wanting it all night and then you want me to blow you! No way, George! You're going to fuck my wet, hungry pussy! Either that or you won't get any at all!"

George sighed. He knew that there was no arguing with Lydia once she made up her mind about something. He was too horny to argue anyway. His hard cock jerked up and pointed straight at the ceiling.

"Come and get it if you want it," he muttered, not moving a muscle. "You're gonna have to get on top."

Then he closed his eyes and waited, a smile on his face. He knew that Lydia was too horny to refuse to get on top.

Lydia sighed. She might have known that she'd have to do all the work. George was too lazy and too drunk to do more than just lie there with his long prick standing straight up. It certainly was a beautiful hard-on, though. She loved George's long, hard cock. It was just the right size for her wet, hot cunt. She moved forward eagerly and straddled his body. Then she positioned her wet, hungry cunt-hole right over the tip of his hard cock.

"Aaaaagh!" she moaned as she moved down slowly.

She could feel his long, hard shaft enter her twitching pussy and the sensations running through her were almost too wonderful to be real. Her steaming cunt clamped gratefully around his hard cock. She grasped him tightly, pulling his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, wet depths.

"Aaaaagh!" Lydia moaned again, moving around in circles.

It was a beautiful snug fit. George's cock filled her tight pussy completely. His soft cock-head nudged right up against the spongy hotness of her womb. She felt her pussy-juice flow, flooding her juicy cunt and dripping down onto his hard, throbbing nut-sac. She let out a little gasp of pure lust and began to pump her wet pussy up and down. Faster and faster. She rode him like a stallion, feeling the bed creak and groan with her pumping motions. This was good!

"AAAAAGH!" she squealed in pleasure, her pussy muscles throbbing and twitching in delight.

George grunted in enjoyment. He gripped the quivering globes of her ass-cheeks and squeezed. He could feel his balls twitch in excitement. He was almost at the busting point. He was almost ready to fill Lydia's hot cunt with his burning blasts of cock-cream.

Lydia shuddered. She was reaching the very edge of orgasm. Just a few moments more and she would come. She pumped up and down with furious motions. Her pussy flooded with the juices of her passion.

"Grab my ass harder, George!" she squealed. "Make me come with that long, hard cock of yours!"

George grunted. He never could hold off coming when Lydia talked like that. It excited him beyond belief. His huge prick quivered and pulsed and suddenly he was coming. Blast after blast of hot, burning cock-cream jetted from his hard shaft, soaking Lydia's soft, twitching cunt.

"Ahhhh, Christ!" he whined. "UHHHHHHHH! Awwww, Jesus!"

Lydia felt George collapse beneath her. His cock went soft and shrank quickly. She humped in frenzied abandon, but George was through with a soft plop his cock slid out of her burning cunt. Lydia groaned. She was frustrated like she had never been before. All that work, and then George hadn't even waited for her to come!

"God damn you, George!" she muttered softly, climbing off her husband. George had dropped back into sleep the moment after he had come. He didn't even hear her muttered curses as she rolled over and got out of bed.

"You're great, George!" she muttered angrily. "What a fucking stud I married!"

Lydia knelt by the side of the bed and opened her bottom dresser drawer. She groped around in the dimly lit room until her hand felt a familiar object.

"Well, at least I've still got this!" she muttered drawing out a small, hard plastic vibrator.

She considered switching off the dim light by the bed and then gave a slight giggle. She'd be damned if she'd turn off the light! It would serve George right if he happened to wake up and see her playing with her own pussy. Maybe he'd get the idea that she needed more than a few quick thrusts of his cock to satisfy her lusty urges.

Lydia thought of the way she and George used to get it on in bed. George used to take the time to fuck her properly, licking her pretty pink nipples and playing with her large, firm titties until she was really ready to be fucked. He used to get her so horny that she would be screaming for cock by the time he got ready to stick his stiff pecker in her wet pussy. Lately, though, George had been much more interested in getting on, getting off and getting to sleep than he had been in seeing that she got her satisfaction, too. Lydia liked a little more action than that. She couldn't even remember the last time that George had licked and sucked her perky little nipples!

Outside Lydia's bedroom window, Betsy Dillon gasped softly. She recognized the object in Lydia's hand. She had one just like it at home. Then Betsy clamped one hand tightly to her mouth. She had to be careful not to make any noise. Lydia's bedroom window was open and she certainly didn't want to get caught prowling around in front of the window and crouching in the bushes!

Betsy had been peeking at Lydia for several weeks now. She was fascinated by her lovely, sexy neighbor. At first Betsy had been horrified by her lewd thoughts regarding Lydia's lush body and her sweet pussy. Those feelings had become so strong that she couldn't ignore them any longer, though. Alter Sam went to bed, Betsy had taken to walking softly across the lawn separating the two houses and taking up a position under George and Lydia's bedroom window. At first her peeping activities had been entirely an accident.

Betsy had been up late, sewing, and had run out of cigarettes. She had walked over to Lydia's to see if she could borrow a pack. When she noticed that the house was dark, she had gone around the back, hoping that Lydia would still be up, perhaps reading in bed. Instead of reading, Betsy had seen her lovely neighbor spread-eagled on the bed, buried beneath George's lanky body. Betsy couldn't help herself. She had known that she should turn around and go straight home, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the object of all her daydreams. She had sunk to her knees in the soft grass beneath the window and watched George fuck Lydia. As Betsy had watched, her hand had slipped down to her own neglected pussy and grasped the hard little bud of her throbbing clitty. With every bounce of Lydia's creamy white ass-cheeks, Betsy had given her own throbbing clitty a little tweak. She watched the quivering mounds of Lydia's proud, firm titties jiggle and wiggle as George had fucked away at her sweet pink pussy. As George's rhythm increased, so did Betsy's until all three of them had come in separate but satisfying climaxes.

The mat morning Betsy had been ashamed, hardly daring to speak to Lydia. Gradually, though, she had come to grips with her strange desires. Now Betsy sneaked out of the house almost every evening to peer in excitement and fascination at Lydia and George in the bedroom. Over the past few days, Betsy had known that Lydia wasn't getting the kind of satisfaction she needed from George. Perhaps after George's little flub tonight, Betsy could actually put some of her daydreams into practice. She knew that Lydia was about ripe for a little woman-love!

Betsy watched with fascination as Lydia opened a bottle of hand lotion. Betsy could see the creamy pink lotion seeping down into Lydia's cunt-hole and running down to her tiny, puckered asshole.

Betsy gasped in excitement. Her hand dropped to her own flooding cunt and spread the slick, hot pussy-lips. She let out another anguished moan as Lydia guided the head of the vibrator into the small, damp mouth of her pussy. Lydia gave a thrust that wedged the plastic cock right up inside her cunt, almost burying it in her steaming box. Betsy trembled, just watching the scene in front of her.

Betsy worked her fingers frantically in her own hot pussy. She frigged herself furiously and imagined that she was right there beside Lydia, jamming the vibrator in her pretty, pink pussy. Betsy knew that she could afford Lydia more pleasure than that little plastic vibrator. She knew just what to do to make Lydia come. She had practiced it enough times in the girls' boarding school her parents had shipped her off to. Betsy knew just how to please a woman and she could hardly wait to please Lydia!

Lydia threw her head back and rammed her pussy again and again. Betsy could see the cunt-cream boil up and froth around the edges of the slim vibrator as Lydia jammed it again and again into her glistening hot cunt. Betsy's hand moved faster in her own pussy as she sensed Lydia's excitement intensify.

Lydia's head was hanging to one side and her eyes were glazed with passion. Her little pink tongue licked her lips eagerly and Betsy almost came right then, as she thought of that very same tongue licking her own sweet, pink cunt. Lydia was using one hand to tweak and pinch her long, pink nipples. The other hand was ramming the plastic vibrator into her flooding pussy. Betsy could see the long plastic prick hover for a moment on the very brink of Lydia's cunt-hole and then surge forward as she slammed it home, again and again.

Betsy was panting just as hard as Lydia was.

Their titties heaved in perfect rhythm as they both thrilled to their separate delights. Betsy shuddered and her fingers moved even faster. She sank three fingers into her wet, hot slit and rubbed the hard little nub of her clit with her flat thumb. She could feel her pussy twitch and throb. She was aching to come, but she forced herself to wait, pacing her excitement to Lydia's. It was agonizing, but she wanted to climax at the exact instant Lydia did. She could hear Lydia groan and squeal softly. Her creamy pussy-juice gushed forth from her honeyed snatch. She rolled her head wildly from side to side as she gripped the whirring vibrator tightly in her snug, hot twat.

Betsy cast a quick glance at George. He was sleeping soundly. Even the bouncing of Lydia's smooth white ass-cheeks on the bed hadn't bothered him. Betsy could understand Lydia's frustration. George was a complete and total dud!

Lydia battered and assaulted her steaming pussy. Her wet, burning snatch was stretched open by the whirring plastic dick. Betsy knew that she could have shouted and thrown rocks against the window and Lydia wouldn't have even blinked. Lydia was completely intent on getting herself off!

Lydia's legs tensed suddenly, and then trembled like leaves in a storm. She plunged the vibrator fiercely in the fiery depths of her throbbing pussy. She rammed it home so hard that it sank completely out of sight in her throbbing, grasping cunt. Spasm after spasm of pleasure shot through her body as the hard plastic vibrator sank out of sight in her hot, wet cunt.

Lydia squealed shrilly and her face contorted with pleasure. The vibrator whirred away softly as she began to come, twisting and writhing in ecstasy.

Betsy sank her whole hand into her pussy and felt her own climax rip through her tortured body. Her gasps of joy filled the warm fall air. Next time, she was going to be right there beside Lydia's lovely, lush body, giving her much more pleasure than that silly plastic vibrator ever could. She would show Lydia how her hot, smooth tongue could lick and slurp her little hard cunt and dip into her steamy hot cunt-hole. Lydia was ready for Betsy's kind of woman-love. Betsy was willing to stake her life on that!

Chapter TWO

Lydia awoke to see George's smug face grinning down at her. She glanced at the bedside clock and groaned.

"Whaddaya want?" she murmured sleepily.

George pinched her cheerfully on the ass and climbed out of bed. He stroked his cock happily.

"You're married to quite a stud, baby," he remarked proudly. "No matter how drunk I get, I can still give you a nice fuck."

Lydia rolled over and buried her head under the pillows. She didn't have the heart to tell George that the fuck he had given her hadn't done her any good. She didn't even bother getting up to fix him breakfast. Let good old super-stud fix his own eggs and bacon. Lydia was going to go back to sleep and get a little rest.

Lydia got up as soon as she heard George pull out of the driveway. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table, deep in thought. She could still feel the familiar tingle in her hot, steaming pussy. Getting off with the vibrator just wasn't enough for her any more. Her demanding pussy twitched and tingled. She was going to have to get some better kind of satisfaction from somewhere!

Lydia lit a cigarette and tried to think of something besides fucking. Nothing worked, though. Her pussy twitched and throbbed insistently. All she could think of was COCK, COCK and more COCK!

When Lydia and George were first married, George had been proud of his sexy wife. He had even used to brag to his friends about how he had married a little, sexy nympho. He used to claim that Lydia never could get enough of his long, pulsing cock. Lately, though, his attitudes seemed to have changed. George just wasn't that interested in sex any more. He was more turned on with the idea of having a beer with friends than he was in going to bed with Lydia. Then, when he did get around to fucking her, it was quick and businesslike. Lydia knew that George just wasn't as interested in her lush body and her sexy charms as he used to be. The novelty seemed to have worn off for George. Lydia knew exactly how George felt, but that didn't stop her aching pussy from making demands for more and more fucking.

Lydia knew that George was in a rough position. He didn't want her to find herself another lover, but he couldn't keep up with the demands she placed on his stiff prick, either. Lydia's demands for cock were making George a physical wreck. Two or three times a week were enough for George, but that didn't even begin to satisfy Lydia.

Lydia knew all this, hut she couldn't stop the constant hunger in her hot, little pussy. If George couldn't satisfy her, she would just have to find someone who would!

Lydia sipped her coffee and thought of ways to get cock. A fleeting smile passed over her face as she thought of seducing the TV repairman, or maybe even the grocery boy. Then the back doorbell rang.

"Hi there, sexy," Betsy Dillon's cheerful voice greeted her. "My! You certainly look fierce this morning! What happened? Get up on the wrong side of the bed or something?"

"Not exactly," Lydia replied. A blush spread over her pretty face. She decided she might just as well level with Betsy on what was bothering her. Maybe Betsy had some ideas. "I was just trying to figure out a way to jazz up old George so he'd fuck me properly," she answered, frying her best not to blush.

Betsy giggled. Then she reached over and pinched Lydia's rounded ass-cheeks. "I'll bet you didn't get any cock last night," she teased. "George got so plastered at our house that he couldn't possibly have gotten it up, right?"

Lydia blushed even deeper. "You're kind of right," she answered, pouring a cup of coffee for her friend. "George got it up, but he sure didn't keep it for long. Just enough to get me all hot and bothered and then he fizzled out on me. I sure wish George would fuck me like he used to!" Lydia gazed piercingly at Betsy. "You don't seem very contented this morning either. How about you? Did Sam give you any fucking last night?"

"Shit, NO!" Betsy replied, irritation showing in her voice. "Sam got drunk, too. All he managed to do was to pat me on the ass and start snoring. I don't know what we're going to do with those husbands of ours. Sam hasn't been interested in any fun and games for so long that I think he's forgotten what a cock is for!"

Lydia giggled. "Well, George certainly can't remember what a pussy tastes like, it's been so long since he got his tongue in one," she retorted. Then she clamped her hand over her mouth in embarrassment. "Oh, God! I didn't mean to say that!"

Betsy merely laughed. Lydia was indeed ready for her brand of loving!

"I think we'd better plan on another way to get our satisfaction," she said, squeezing Lydia's hand. "It's a pity, for two hot-blooded women like us to go neglected."

Just then Marylou Wilson bounced into the kitchen. Marylou always bounced when she walked. She was a heavyset Southern belle and her lush body quivered and jiggled as she moved.

"Sorry I'm late, girls," she said. She settled her quivering bulk into a chair. "What's that y'all say about bein' neglected?" she asked. "Sounds like Sam and George haven't been doin' enough fuckin' and suckin' to suit y'all."

Lydia and Betsy looked at each other and then burst into laughter. Marylou never ceased to shock them with her off-color remarks, even though they should have gotten used to her by now. It was just that Marylou looked like a prim and proper Southern lady and it was hard to believe that she would say something like "fuckin'" or "suckin'" even to her most intimate friends.

Marylou laughed at their shocked expressions. "Y'all just goin' to have to get used to me," she said, grinning wickedly. "Y'all know I say whatever's on my little ole mind!"

Betsy recovered first. "You're right, Marylou," she admitted. "Sam and George just aren't interested in us any more and we're trying to figure out some way of getting what we need."

Marylou laughed raucously. "I know just what y'all mean," she replied. "We've got a cock shortage. Henry hasn't given me a good fuckin' for weeks! And Henry's so fuckin' straight that I can't even whip out my little ole plastic vibrator to satisfy my hungry pussy. If Henry'd loosen up a little bit, we could work out somethin' but y'all know Henry! Mr. Straight Guy, himself!"

"We could always go out to the singles bar and pick up a couple of studs," Lydia suggested, a wicked gleam in her eyes. "If our husbands won't fuck us, I'll bet there are plenty of guys that will!"

"No way!" Betsy argued vehemently. "We might get caught and I'm not about to give up my nice comfortable house and marriage for one night in the sack!"

Betsy was just thinking about bringing up the possibility of other kinds of satisfaction, including, naturally, her own brand of woman-love, when Marylou jumped up so suddenly that she almost upset the chair.

"I've got it!" Marylou screamed happily. "I've got the answer to all our problems! We can have a ball and still hang on to our precious little ole marriages. No one will ever know how y'all get your jollies if y'all do exactly as I say!"

Betsy and Lydia leaned forward eagerly. Marylou certainly had their full attention. If there was some way of having their cake and eating it, too, Betsy and Lydia were all for it!

"Y'all know those weird kind of underground newspapers?" Marylou asked. "Well, we could answer one of those ads for guys to come out and fuck us. It'll be strictly business. What do y'all think of that?"

Not more than an hour passed before the three horny women were again seated at Lydia's kitchen table, a copy of Shaft spread open before them. All three women scanned the classified ads eagerly and Betsy gasped. "Listen to this!" she remarked and began to read aloud: "LONELY? CALL KURT AT 828-7756. EXPERT AT FRENCH LOVE. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! ALL REPLIES CONFIDENTIAL!"

"Sounds good," Lydia commented, giggling in excitement. "What's French love, though?"

Marylou almost fell of the chair with laughter. "French love? Why that's lickin' pussy, honey," she explained. "Don't tell me y'all didn't know that?"

Lydia blushed, beet-red. It was easy to tell that she hadn't known what French love meant. Betsy gasped in excitement.

"That really does sound perfect!" she remarked, feeling a warm flush spread over her face as well.

Marylou managed to stop laughing long enough to sputter, "How about calling this Kurt right now? I'm sure hankerin' for some of that good ole French love!"

"You try it first and let us know how everything turns out," Betsy suggested, a little quaver appearing in her voice. She was already getting nervous about calling a strange man and inviting him to come over and lick her pretty pink pussy.

"Y'all got cold feet already?" Marylou questioned, eyeing her two friends. Betsy and Lydia blushed.

"I'm a little nervous, too," Lydia answered her. "How do we know we won't get some kind of pervert or sex maniac or something?"

"Shit! I never even thought of that!" Betsy added, her face falling into a disappointed expression. "What if this Kurt tries to get rough or something?"

Marylou giggled again. "So I'm the only one with the guts to do it, huh?" she challenged. "Me y'all tellin' me that it's all up to little ole me?"

Betsy and Lydia exchanged glances, looking a little embarrassed about their lack of courage. They nodded in agreement. Then Lydia's face lit up again.

"I know what we can do!" she exclaimed in glee. "You call up Kurt, Marylou, and Betsy and I will hide in the closet and watch. Then, if the guy tries anything funny, we'll come out and help you get rid of him."

"That's a good idea!" Betsy agreed. "Then, if everything is all right, we can get in on the act, too. How about it, Marylou? Will you try him out if you know that Lydia and I will be right there to back you up?"

"Sure!" Marylou answered, grinning. "Maybe y'all will get so hot and bothered watching, that you'll get it on in the closet. We could save a lot of money that way!"

Betsy blushed again. "I won't be silly, Marylou!" she answered a little too quickly, aware that another blush was spreading over her face. Sometimes it seemed as if Marylou could read her mind.

Lydia and Betsy sat quietly while Marylou went to use the phone. They carefully avoided each other's eyes. Both women were nervous but they were tremendously excited as well. Betsy could scarcely keep her hands from dropping under the table to feel her moist, throbbing pussy. She knew that Lydia was probably having the same kinds of feelings but she didn't dare say anything yet. She was going to wait until Lydia was all turned on by watching Marylou and this guy with the French love and then she'd make her move!

When Marylou came back to the kitchen, she was whooping in excitement. "He'll do it!" she hollered. "It's time for cock, girls! He sounds really neat over the phone and he says he's got a tongue that never gets tired. I'd better hurry and get my work done. He's goin' to meet me here at two!"

Betsy and Lydia just sat there and stared at each other after Marylou left. "Do you really think she'll go through with it?" Betsy finally asked, not believing that such a kinky adventure was actually happening to them.

"She sure sounds like it!" Lydia replied, shaking her head in wonder. "I wouldn't have the nerve to do it first. She's had to put up with Henry for all these years, though. He's a real stick in the mud! No wonder Marylou's ready for kicks!"

Betsy got up to go. "I'd better check in at home," she said, starting out the door. "It sounds like we're going to have one hell of an afternoon!"

"I just don't believe it," Lydia mumbled.

She stacked the dirty coffee cups in the dishpan. Then her slim hand wandered down to her still-hungry pussy and rubbed gently at the hard, little nub of her throbbing clitty.

"I don't know if I'll make it until this afternoon," she murmured, tweaking her little protruding love button with her thumb and finger. "I'm so horny right now, just thinking about it, that I'm almost ready to jump out of my skin!"

Chapter THREE

"Just act natural!" Betsy instructed as Lydia's doorbell rang. It was precisely two o'clock and Kurt was prompt. "Remember, we'll be right in the closet if you need us."

Marylou held up her hand in a sign. "Just don't pant so loud that he hears you," she whispered, giving the girls a chance to rush to the bedroom and get settled in the partially open closet before she answered the door.

When Marylou caught a glimpse of Kurt through the window, she gasped in pleasure. He was the most gorgeous hunk of man she had ever seen! He looked like a movie star, tall and rugged-looking. "I'm glad y'all declined bein' first!" she murmured under her breath and opened the door.

"Marylou?" the tall, good-looking man asked as she opened the door. "I'm Kurt." He took in the lush curves of Marylou's body in one bold glance. "I certainly hope you're Marylou!" he said, grinning.

"You bet your sweet ass I'm Marylou!" Marylou answered. "Come right on in! I'm certainly glad to see you."

Kurt chuckled. "I don't usually get such beautiful clients," he commented, winking at Marylou who was giggling like a schoolgirl. "My rate is twenty a session," he said, dispensing with business immediately. "Of course, I don't charge anything at all if you aren't satisfied with me."

Marylou threw back her head and laughed wildly. "I can't imagine anyone not being satisfied with you!" she replied, a lewd grin spreading over her face. "I'll bet y'all never had to give anyone's money back."

Kurt laughed good-naturedly. "No," he answered, "not yet. But I guess there's always a first time. I don't think we'll have the problem, though, do you?"

Marylou shook her head. She could already feel her pussy-juice flowing freely, soaking her hot, aching cunt.

"We shouldn't have any problem at all if what you said over the phone is true," she retorted. "You said you had a highly educated tongue. Does that mean you like to eat hot pussy?"

"You bet I do!" Kurt replied, licking his lips suggestively. "Any particular place you prefer, or would you like it right here on the couch?"

"Let's go in the bedroom where we can stretch out," Marylou suggested, knowing that Betsy and Lydia would die of frustration if she didn't get Kurt into the bedroom.

She had to suppress a giggle at the very thought of double-crossing Betsy and Lydia. It would serve them right for being such chickens! They would murder her, though, if she let Kurt eat her out on the couch instead of the bedroom, where they were waiting breathlessly.

Kurt followed her into the bedroom and watched while she shucked off her clothes.

"You've got a nice bod," he commented, watching her bobbing titties with an expression of lust on his face. "Do you want me to get undressed or would you prefer that I just eat you this way?"

"Oh, please take off your clothes!" Marylou breathed, well-aware of the stares from the closet. "It turns me on to see a naked man lick and suck on my little ole pussy."

Marylou held her breath as Kurt removed his body shirt, revealing a well-muscled, golden tanned chest, richly sprinkled with black, curly hairs.

"Ooooh! Y'all have a body like a surfer!" she squealed, barely able to conceal her urge to reach out and touch his golden skin. "Let's see the rest of you!"

Kurt quickly removed his pants and Marylou gasped audibly. She had never seen anyone as well-equipped as the stud standing in front of her! He was shaped like an athlete in prime condition, with wide, sturdy shoulders, the narrow hips of a boy, and well-muscled arms and legs. His skin had a golden glow and looked soft to the touch, but not babyishly soft. He looked like a young Adonis, lean and strong. Marylou licked, her lips and growled deep in her throat. Then her eyes dropped to his cock and her smile grew wider. It was readily apparent that his huge prick was eager to begin its delightful work. It was already standing at attention, swelling purple head lifted high from its curly nest of black hair.

"God! You're beautiful!" she gasped, her mouth open in delight.

He was the biggest, most perfectly built man she had ever seen in her entire life. She felt her hot, moist pussy gush forth flood after flood of cunt-cream just looking at him and imagining him kneeling in front of her little ole pussy, his tongue extended.

At first, Marylou thought that he was fully aroused, but as she watched, his cock grew even harder, the purplish head rubbing up snugly against his belly, stretching his total length to unbelievable proportions. His prick was at least eight inches long and still growing! Marylou swallowed nervously. She wondered if he was only interested in cunt-lapping or whether he would consider plunging that beautiful, mammoth cock in her steaming pussy. She would certainly be willing to pay more if she could feel his giant tool in her hot little cunt!

"Come here," Marylou whispered hoarsely, feeling her pussy twitch and cream as she thought of touching his beautiful body. She didn't know how much longer she could stand to just lie there and watch him without reaching out to touch his beautiful, massive prick.

Betsy and Lydia were in absolute agony. They had a grandstand seat of the whole affair and both of them were so horny they didn't know what to do. They watched Kurt's hands guide Marylou into position and held their breaths as his handsome face slowly lowered to her quivering and throbbing pussy. The expression on Marylou's face made them even more excited. She spread her legs wide, giving Kurt complete access to her creamy, pink twat. Her eyes closed in delicious anticipation, but not before she gave a lewd wink at the partially open closet door.

Lower and lower came Kurt's head. Marylou felt Kurt's hot breath on her pulsing, hot pussy and shuddered in delight. Lydia and Betsy shuddered, too, knowing full well what exquisite sensations Marylou must be feeling. Betsy slipped one eager hand to her twitching cunt, barely able to quiet her ragged, tortured breathing. She had never been so turned on in her whole life! She wished that she were the one on Lydia's big queen-sized bed. She wanted to feel Kurt's hot breath and educated tongue come closer and closer to her excited, moist pussy.

Lydia was feeling exactly the same way. She wanted to be the one lying on her bed, waiting for the delights she knew Marylou was about to experience. Both Betsy and Lydia held their breaths, waiting for the slow descent of Kurt's rapacious mouth.

Kurt seemed to be taking his time about actually touching Marylou's hot pussy with his long, flicking tongue. Obviously knew the value of getting her all worked up before his probing tongue worked its wonders on her throbbing, burning cunt-lips. Marylou quivered and moaned in anticipation, her wide, shimmering hips thrashing wildly on the bed. She raised her whole body up, balancing on her heels, trying in vain to hurry the slow descent of his face to her creamy, hot cunt.

"Hurry!" she squealed. "Please, hurry! I'm so hot I can hardly stand it! Eat my pussy! LICK MY WET, HOT CUNT!"

Betsy and Lydia held their breaths in suspense.

Their fingers worked frantically in their hot, burning pussies, pulling and tweaking their own hard, pulsing titties. Just watching Marylou's tortured expression and hearing her cries and moans of passion, were taking both of them to new heights of passion.

Marylou was in delicious agony. She was so horny she thought she would surely die! "PLEEEEEASE!" she screamed hoarsely. "PLEEEEEASE EAT MEEE!"

She could feel Kurt's eyes examining her throbbing hot pussy and her whole body trembled like a tree in a hurricane. Then slowly, Kurt dipped one finger into Marylou's delightfully warm cunt, running it lightly around the smooth outer walls, touching every place with swift, light touches, softer than velvet.

"AAAGH!" Marylou groaned, instinctively pushing her hips upward towards Kurt's probing finger. "Do it harder, Kurt! HARDER!"

Kurt touched her twat with more force, paying particular attention to Marylou's throbbing and pulsing clitty, which was poking out from the pearly pink folds of her inner labes. He could hardly wait to suck and lick that delicious little love bud with his hot, wet mouth and send Marylou up to the height of passion. Usually the women he serviced were old and ugly, but Marylou was definitely an exception to the rule. She was pretty and had a lush, ripe body. He didn't have to pretend to be turned on for her! Just the sight of those gently rounded legs and the smooth creamy whiteness of her inner thighs made his cock jump and pulse in lust.

"Oooooh, you smell good!" Kurt exclaimed, catching the heady, musk-sweet smell of Marylou's dripping pussy and sniffing hard in appreciation.

He lowered his mouth to Marylou's and kissed her long and hard on the lips. His tongue searched hungrily in her mouth and their naked bodies pressed tightly against each other. Then Marylou spread her legs widely and pushed Kurt's face down towards her flaming pussy.

"EAT ME!" she screamed, not able to wait another second for the caresses his long, rough tongue would give her aching, wet cunt.

Betsy and Lydia could see Marylou's cunt exposed lewdly. She raised one leg and spread out her bright-pink pussy with both hands, inviting Kurt eagerly. Betsy reached out and grabbed Lydia's quivering titties as she caught sight of Marylou's swollen red pussy-lips, the pulsing hole of her creaming pussy and the tight little puckered ring of her asshole.

Lydia thrust forward eagerly, pressing her quivering jugs into Betsy's hot hands, too excited and horny to object to the bold caress. She didn't even seem to be aware that Betsy was rubbing and pulling on her nipples, covered only by the thin material of her blouse. She was too horny to care who touched her! A soft gasp of pleasure escaped her lips as Betsy pressed and rubbed her stiff nipples. Her eyes were glued to the scene before her and her pussy ached with a fierce desire.

"Ooooooh, yessss," Marylou sighed. "Eat me all up, lover! Push your hot tongue in my cunt! HURRY!"

Kurt began with her throbbing clit, knowing tat that sensitive little shaft of flesh was the most responsive spot on her body. He fingered the moist, hot lips of her cunt and pulled them quickly apart, making the tiny cherry-colored love button stick straight up and beg for his attentions. He placed his long flat tongue on it and began to lick it, firmly tickling until Marylou groaned and tossed in excitement. He could tell that Marylou liked that better than anything. When he touched her tiny hot clit with the tip of his hot tongue, flicking wildly and circling it rapidly, fierce pleasure shot through Marylou's responsive body. Her cunt flamed into life, creaming and flooding helplessly. Marylou was a complete slave to his desire, her body writhing and begging for more and more of his delicious licking and sucking. Marylou had forgotten all about her two horny friends in the closet. She could think of nothing except the powerful waves radiating from her throbbing hot clitty.

"Lick my clitty!" she whined. "Yessss do it to meeee! Lick me, taste my pussy."

Kurt licked away in total abandon. He loved the smell of Marylou's musky, sweet pussy and the taste of her gushing twat-cream that flowed from her pulsing cunt-hole. He stuck his whole face in her pussy and rubbed it in her moist snatch, smearing his face in her juice. He fastened his lips around Marylou's stiff twitching love button and sucked the little bud until she squealed and bucked with pleasure.

"I'm goin' to COME!" she screamed as she felt the familiar waves of pleasure sweep through her body.

She was almost there, almost at the point of no return, the pinnacle of passion, when Kurt abruptly removed his sucking lips from her hot, pulsing clit with an audible smack. Marylou groaned in frustration and screamed incoherently for Kurt to keep on, but Kurt had other ideas. He knew that she would appreciate her orgasm all the more if he delayed for a few moments.

Kurt released Marylou's clitty and flicked his wet tongue lower to explore the rest of her moist pussy. He knew what he was doing! He ran his tongue naughtily around the flooding ring of her pussy-hole, teasing her, just circling and rimming the delicate ring of pink, throbbing flesh. Marylou screamed hoarsely, helpless under his strong hands. He was firmly in control and she knew it!

She whined lustily and curled her fingers in his hair, forcing his face clown into her wet, steamy pussy. Kurt jammed his tongue up her creaming cunt forcefully, as far as he possibly could. He swirled it around and around, touching a part of her that no tongue had ever reached before.

"Oooooooh!" Marylou groaned as she felt his rough, long tongue enter her hot, pulsing cunt-hole.

His thick stiff tongue dug deep into her burning depths, sawing deliciously in and out, around and around. She pressed his head harder and harder into her hot, flooding pussy, wanting every inch of his long hot tongue buried inside her creaming snatch. But just as she was about to some again, Kurt withdrew!

Lydia gasped, feeling all the frustration that Marylou must be feeling. Her hand frigged frantically in her moist, hot twat and she thrust her splendid titties forward, jamming them up against Betsy's hands. Shudders and thrills ran though her body with agonizing intensity. Lydia had never been so horny!

Betsy grinned, ignoring the demands of her own pussy. She could wait. Lydia was so horny now that she didn't even think about the fact that Betsy's hands were on her trembling boobs. Soon, she wouldn't be thinking about anything, and then Betsy could do whatever she wanted. She trembled as she thought of sinking her hot tongue in Lydia's sweet pink snatch. Lydia was almost at the point of no return, Betsy could tell. Just a few moments more of watching Kurt and Marylou and Lydia would let her do anything she wanted!

Kurt took a long shuddering breath. He usually didn't get so turned on by his clients, but Marylou was something else! He loved to lick her sweet, hot pussy and feel her whole lush body tremble beneath his probing caresses. He moved lower still. He decided to drive Marylou wild with passion and see what would happen!

Kurt's long, hot tongue traveled lower and dove between the soft, white globes of Marylou's quivering ass-cheeks. He spread her legs widely and forced her legs upward so the little rim of her puckered bung was clearly visible. Then he placed the wet hot tip of his tongue on the little tight ring of her asshole.

"OOOOOOHH! What are you DOING?" Marylou gasped, squealing like a rutting animal in excitement. "EEEEEEE!"

Kurt began to wiggle his slick tongue-tip right into her puckered little shitter, forcing his way into her virgin depths. He delved deeper into her tight, narrow passage, probing and twisting like a corkscrew, forcing Marylou to relax that tight ring of muscle to let him enter.

Lydia gasped as she watched Kurt's long rough tongue probing in Marylou's asshole. She was so fascinated and so excited that she didn't even notice when Betsy slipped her hands under her thin blouse and grabbed two handfuls of her quivering titties to play with.

"Ooooooh!" Lydia breathed softly, no longer aware of what was happening. Her lusty body had taken over her mind and anything was fine with her as long as it felt good!

Marylou relaxed her tight ass muscles and let Kurt's probing tongue slip in, deeper and deeper until he had slid all the way into her tight little bung. His tongue felt like a hot, probing snake, buried all the way in her narrow asshole. Her body twisted and turned with the most wicked and exciting sensations she had ever felt!

"Lick me!" she squealed. "Eat my ass! Oh, God, YESSSSSS! Feels so GOOOOOOD! OOOOOOH!"

Kurt probed her hot twitching butt-hole with his long slick tongue, diving deeper and deeper in her steamy passage. Marylou howled and writhed below him, and hot cream gushed from her horny pussy, soaking his face with the sweet musky taste he loved. Kurt waited until she was just on the verge of coming, and then withdrew. Marylou groaned and thrashed wildly on the big bed.

"DON'T STOP! OH, PLEEEEEASE! DON'T STOP!" she screamed, feeling tremors sweep through her tortured body.

She lay there flushed and panting, her pretty face contorted with lust. She had to have cock! She needed Kurt's long, hard shaft in her wetly creaming pussy or she would surely die!

"FUCK ME!" she screamed, not caring about anything except Kurt's long, hard prick, jutting out towards her. "FUCK THE HELL OUT OF MEEEE! GIVE ME COCK! PLEEEEEEASE!"

Kurt was more than ready for some heavy fucking. The sight of Marylou's flushed face and trembling body made his long cock ache with desire and his swelling balls burn for release. Her hot excitement had fanned his horny eagerness into an uncontrollable fire of lust. He knelt between her legs and seized his erect, long cock, aiming the knobby, swollen tip right at the mouth of her pussy. With a whine of lust, he sank his throbbing shaft all the way into the incredibly hot, silky wet folds of her cunt.

"AAAAGH!" Marylou screamed as she felt his mammoth cock enter her steamy, hot cunt.

She arched her body to meet his deep thrust. She flung her legs up around his heaving, sweaty back and moved her hips in perfect time to his strokes. His thick hard cock probed deep into her trembling cunt, barging up against the spongy softness of her burning womb.

"Ooooh! Ohhhhh! OOOOOHHH!" Marylou screamed as Kurt thrust wildly, poking and plunging into her hot pulsing cunt, driving her wild with lust. "Harder! HARDER!" she screamed as Kurt lunged into her steamy depths forcefully, almost driving her through the mattress with the fierceness of his plunges.

Kurt bucked and plunged, oblivious of everything except Marylou's horny, hot pussy as he worked his shaft blissfully in her tight, nipping cunt. Marylou, in the midst of her pleasure heard a noise and opened her eyes to see a fearsome sight! There was George, Lydia's husband, glaring down at her from his position beside the bed!

"GEORGE! My God! What are you doing here?" Marylou screamed, her eyes opening wide with fright.

George glared for a long moment and then he laughed. "Well, it is my house!" he replied. "What are you doing here?"

Kurt took advantage of the situation as George and Marylou stared at each other. With lightning motions he dressed and was out the door before either one of them even noticed.

"Oh, George!" Marylou cried, embarrassed and frightened. "I didn't expect you to come home so early. I mean... Lydia let me use the house so I could... I mean I answered this ad and... Oh, shit!"

Marylou gave up trying to explain and began crying softly. "You don't know what it's like, George. Henry never gives me any fuckin' any more. Most of the time I'm so horny I could die! And Henry's so strict that I couldn't go out and play around like the other wives. Answering that newspaper ad was my last hope. Please don't tell Henry, George. Y'all aren't goin' to tell him, are you? I promise I'll never do anything like this again!"

Marylou sat up and covered her quivering tits with her hands as well as she could. Her hands were just too small to cover up all of her charms, though. Poor flustered Marylou didn't know whether to cover up her swelling pink titties or her fluffy beaver.

George swallowed noisily as his eyes traveled up and down Marylou's creamy lush body. He had been wishing he could get into Marylou's hot, sweet cunt for months now, and this seemed like the perfect chance.

"Where's Lydia?" George muttered, glancing quickly around the house.

"Oh, she went over to Betsy's so I could use the bedroom," Marylou answered quickly, hoping that George wouldn't open the closet door for any reason. "I'm supposed to give her a call when I want her to come back."

"Well..." George said slowly, his mind working quickly, trying to turn this interesting and horny situation to his advantage. "I'll tell you what I'll do. Now you know that Henry's my friend and I certainly wouldn't want to see him upset by any of this as long as I can be sure that you won't do it again."

"Oh! I promise I won't ever do it again!" Marylou cried, frying to look as innocent as possible. "Believe me, George. I'll be faithful to Henry for the rest of my life!"

"That's easy to say, though, isn't it, Marylou," George replied, smiling wickedly at her. "After all, I won't be here to watch you all the time. What's to prevent you from sneaking off and finding a nice stud to fuck while I'm at work? I'll have to have more of a promise than that!"

"Anything, George!" Marylou promised eagerly. "Anything to convince you that I'm goin' to be a good girl from now on!"

George laughed softly. "I'll tell you what, Marylou," he said, reaching out to grab hold of both of her hands. "I'll just give you a little spanking to remind you that you shouldn't be a bad girl any more. Then I'll be convinced that you won't do it again!"

Marylou glanced towards the closet door, but there was nothing she could do now. Lydia certainly couldn't come out and help her, or George would know that his wife had been a part of the whole crazy scheme. She was trapped and George had her as his mercy. She lay on the bed trembling, waiting for George's first move, her eyes as frightened as a rabbit caught in a trap!

Betsy and Lydia stood motionless in the closet. They were helpless, too, but Lydia was seething with a righteous anger. She didn't know for sure what George was up to, but she was willing to bet that he'd figure out some way to sink his long, hard prick in Marylou's wet pussy before the spanking was over! And there wasn't a thing she could do about it, except to watch, horrified as her husband flopped Marylou's unresisting body over on the bed!

Betsy pressed her hands to her mouth, silently sympathizing with her friend. She reached out and grabbed Lydia's hand tightly and motioned with her finger towards her lips.

"Quiet!" she whispered. "Don't say a word, no matter what happens! We'll figure out some way to get even with George when all this is over!"

Lydia gazed open-mouthed at her husband's face. She had never seen George act this way before. George had certainly never spanked her! He had always acted perfectly normal with her. She had never seen the expression of fanatical lust she saw on his face now.

Marylou glanced up at George and a frightened expression crossed her face. George had never been any more than the gentle neighbor and friend of her husband's before. Now he looked like some soft of evil monster, snorting over her. Marylou wondered, fleetingly, whether George acted like this when he was fucking Lydia, but she didn't have much time for thought. Her body was still turned on by Kurt's probing tongue and plunging cock. It was true that she was frightened of this new side of George that she was seeing, but she could feel her pussy getting slick with excitement nonetheless!

Marylou's cunt was hot and pulsing, and she secretly hoped that George would bury his thick prick in her steamy warmth. There was a little seed of worry, deep down inside her head, but she pushed it out of her consciousness. She figured that, somehow, she could always manage to get the upper hand with a man!

George relished the little flicker of fear he had seen on Marylou's face. He was going to spank her until she cried out for mercy and then he was going to stick his long, thick prick in her hot, little cunt.

This was just like the daydreams he had of fucking Marylou. By the time he was through with her, she'd never dream of telling Lydia what had happened! Even if she should tell Lydia, he knew that his wife would never believe he had spanked Marylou. In all the years Lydia and he had been married, he had never so much as laid a hand on her. Spanking was totally out of character for him, as far as Lydia was concerned. George knew better, though. Spanking a lovely, curvaceous woman like Marylou had been his secret dream since he had first started dreaming of women's hot, pink pussies!

"You're nothing but a slut, Marylou!" George spat out, getting into the swing of his role. "I'll bet you'd fuck anything in pants, if you thought you could get away with it. You're always walking around, twitching your ass and jiggling those big titties of yours, driving the guys wild with your body. This time you're gonna know what happens when you mess around on good old Henry! I'm gonna spank you just as hard as Henry would if he knew about it!"

George loved the frightened expression that appeared on Marylou's face. His eyes were glazed in anger and in passion. Marylou had been swinging her ass around the neighborhood for too long now. It was about time that someone taught her some respect, and he was just the man to do it! He'd show her! He was acting for Henry and he was calling all the shots! He grabbed Marylou by the quivering mounds of her luscious titties and squeezed until she cried out in pain.

"Don't, George! You're hurting me! Stop! Please... STOP!"

"So you wanted to be fucked, huh?" George bellowed out cruelly, twisting Marylou's trembling boobs until tears came to her large blue eyes and her red lips trembled with pain. "All right, hot pants! I'm gonna fuck your brains out! Next time you'll know better than to cheat on my friend Henry!"

Lydia hung on to Betsy's hand with quiet shock. She couldn't believe the words she heard coming from George's lips. He had never talked like that before. It was like he was a different man!

Marylou cried out in fear as George released her quivering boobs and grabbed for her hands.

"Take it easy, George! Please!" she begged.

Then she whimpered again in fear as George twisted her hands behind her back and pinned her to the mattress, jerking her over on her belly at the same time. Her sensitive nipples rubbed against the sheet, causing them to burn with the friction she made frying to twist and turn to get free. For a second she wondered what Lydia and Betsy were thinking watching her whole ordeal right there within feet of the bed, but she was really too frightened to consider them for long. Her titties throbbed from rubbing against the bed and George had both of her hands firmly grasped in one of his powerful fists.

"It's time someone taught you a lesson, you little Southern slut!" George yelled.

He brought one hand down heavily on her ass, holding her immobile with the other. The sharp crack of his slap rang out through the room, followed by the sound of Marylou's responding whimper.

"George! I'm sorry I cheated on Henry! I'm sorry, George! Please don't! GEORGE!"

She screamed as George's heavy hand came down on the quivering globes of her ass again and again. Her butt was bouncing up and down with each plunge of his hand and her creamy white ass-cheeks were already turning deep red with the torture of his punishing slaps.

"Take this, you slut!" George shouted. "And this! And this! AND THIS!"

His words were punctuated with stinging, painful slaps, which became harder and harder as George's anger and excitement grew more and more out of control.

Betsy and Lydia couldn't keep their eyes off Marylou's gleaming white buttocks. They were bouncing and joggling from the blows George was administering. After the first few slaps they turned a purplish-red and both girls could tell that Marylou must be in absolute agony from the punishment George was meting out. Then they saw the long red welts that were beginning to form on Marylou's trembling ass-cheeks. Lydia squeezed Betsy's hand tightly, wishing that there were something they could do to stop George from his dreadful abuse of Marylou. She didn't dare reveal herself, though. All three girls were caught in the web of their own lies. They had to suffer in silence, watching Marylou take the punishment for all three of them!

George noticed the welts that were forming on Marylou's perfect round globes. He knew that he must be hurting her dreadfully, but he didn't care! He had always wanted to possess a woman in this particular way and he wasn't about to let his conscience ruin his fun! He could feel the heat of her ass under his hand. Waves of heat radiated from her red, burning ass-cheeks and she quivered and twitched each time his hand landed on her sore, aching flesh.

"Please, George! Stop! Stop! PLEEEEASE!"

Marylou cried out, pleading for mercy, but George just kept spanking her harder and harder.

He saw the imprint of his fingers cross and criss-cross in a pattern of pain. He watched her hips moving convulsively against the bed and a malicious grin spread over his intense face. He had waited a long time to get a woman in this position, and he intended to take advantage of it to the fullest extent!

George stopped for a moment to rest, panting heavily. His ragged spasms reverberated through the room. Marylou was still writhing and thrashing against the mattress and George assumed that it was the pain in her cherry red ass-cheeks that kept her moving. Her hips moved wildly, rubbing and grinding against the sheets. Then George gasped in shock as he realized the real reason why she continued to move, even though his painful blows had ceased.

"God DAMN!" he blurted out. His head reeled in shock! Marylou was actually turned on by his cruel treatment of her! She was moving her hard little clit against the bed in abandon and her face had an expression of depraved delight. George couldn't suppress the shudder of surprise that ran through him. Marylou wanted more of his punishing hand!

Marylou was so turned on she could scarcely stand it. She didn't care what George thought. The spanking had turned her on like nothing had ever turned her on before! Her ass-cheeks felt like they were on fire. At first she had felt nothing but pain from George's spanking slaps, but soon the fire in her ass-cheeks had grown and changed, moving lower and creating a warm, pleasant sensation in her tingling pussy. With every slap of George's punishing hand, her hot little clitty had moved against the mattress and now it was throbbing and burning with pent-up desires. Her whole body was blazing with lust and her cunt was creaming and pulsing in delight!

George jerked her over on her back with a muttered cry. "So you like to be spanked, you slutty whore!" he yelled. "Well, let's see if you like this!" He slapped her tits, hard.

"AAAAAAAGH!" Marylou screamed as he slapped first one tit and then the other.

She felt the alternating bursts of fire tear through her body, leaving her titties warm and tingling. Her nipples were hard pebbles, jutting out from their quivering white mounds. They heaved and ached for more of George's stinging slaps.

"MORE! GIVE ME MORE!" she screamed as George slapped faster and faster.

Then his hand moved down, through a blaze of pain and perverse pleasure, to land directly on her creaming, flooding pussy! At his first contact with her throbbing clitty, she felt a flood of frothy cunt-cream soak her tortured, fiery cunt. Again and again his hand slammed down on her pulsing clit, until she felt herself about to come with the burning pleasure he was giving her.

Abruptly George stopped. He stood up quickly and shrugged out of his shirt. Now was the time for him to bury his long, hard cock in Marylou's formerly forbidden pussy. Somehow, just knowing that Marylou had been fucking another man when he walked in the door had made George desire her creamy cunt all the more. George wasn't thinking of his friend Henry flow. He was no longer interested in punishing Marylou for being unfaithful to Henry. His thoughts centered right in the middle of his groin where his long, thick cock pulsed and throbbed uncontrollably!

Betsy gasped as she saw George reveal his long, thick rod. She wanted to think of something to do to comfort Lydia, but she was helpless. She couldn't even tell Lydia how she felt without risking their discovery. Both she and Lydia were stuck in the confining closet until George had his way with Marylou and left the room so they could escape.

When Marylou saw the huge dimensions of George's cock, she felt a scalding rush of cream from her moist, throbbing cunt. She thought of how good it would feel to have his long, hard cock pushing into her swollen, flooding pussy. Then she thought of Lydia and Betsy in the closet and an expression of distress crossed her face. Lord knows she wanted George's long, stiff cock buried in her hot twat, but still there was the fact that George was Lydia's husband and. Lydia was right there in the closet, watching every move she made. Then Marylou thought of George's angry face when he had been spanking her and she made up her mind. There was nothing to do but to let George have his way with her! Trying to resist any further would be idiotic to say the least.

"Okay, slut! I'm gonna fuck you till your eyes bug out!" George yelled.

He positioned himself between her quivering thighs, his hard hips forcing her creamy thighs even wider apart. Marylou felt the hot, swollen head of George's stiff rod poking around in the steamy folds of her dripping cunt and she wiggled her own hips automatically. If George was going to fuck her, she might as well relax and enjoy it!

"Hold still, bitch!" George commanded.

Marylou panted in horny eagerness. She moaned as his knobby wet glans slid into the slick ring of her throbbing pussy-hole, and the lust feelings his long, hard dick created in her hungry, wet pussy drove all thoughts of Lydia and Betsy out of her mind.

"OOOOOOOOH!" Marylou shrieked. "Yes! Yes!"

She threw her arms around George's back and dug her nails into the firm skin of his sweaty back. She arched her hips to receive his mammoth prick, taking it in as deeply as she could. She felt gush after gush of her hot cunt-cream boil out, flooding around his rigid cock.

"AAAAAAGH!" George groaned loudly as he felt his swollen stiff cock encased in her silky wet pussy. "You've got a hot cunt, baby," he groaned. "Hotter than Lydia's. So much hotter."

Lydia had all she could do to restrain herself in the closet. George had no right to say anything like that! Her first impulse was to barrel out of the closet and scratch George's eyes out. Luckily Betsy kept a firm but comforting arm around Lydia's shoulder. Lydia wasn't about to forget an insult like that, though! Her eyes glittered and flashed in anger. She would figure out some way to get even with George if it was the last thing she did!

It was lucky that George was unaware of Lydia's presence. If he had known the evil thoughts that Lydia was sending his way and the elaborate plans for getting even with him, he wouldn't have been able to enjoy his fuck with Marylou at all! But George was unaware. And enjoy was certainly what he was doing. He was busy relishing the feeling of Marylou's hot pussy. Slick, hot, tight, pulsing and clutching it was everything a pussy should be.

"Hang on, you hot-cunted bitch!" George yelled. "I'm gonna fuck your ears off!"

Marylou hung on for dear life as George jabbed his cock deep in her creaming cunt. He drove into her with short, hard jabs, almost brutal in nature, that made sweet fiery friction all the way through her whole pussy. He fucked like a trip-hammer, going deep and hard and bouncing her creamy white ass on the mattress in time to his brutal strokes. His hard, full nut-sac slapped sharply against her ass, bringing back exciting memories of her punishment. The slurping and smacking sounds of their fucking filled the air and the sound excited Marylou beyond belief.

George fucked her hard, practically knocking the breath out of her lungs, making the bed shake and the springs groan and creak loudly.

"Do it hard, George!" Marylou squealed in total abandon. "Bang me! Slam your big cock in my pussy! HARD!"

Marylou acted as if she couldn't get enough of that long, hard, slamming cock.

George slammed into her pussy with even more force and she raised up to meet his thrusts. Her ass-cheeks were raised right up off the bed and her thighs were open so wide it looked like she was in danger of splitting wide open.

"AAAAAGH!" Marylou squealed as George's thick, big cock-head butted right up against her soft womb. She felt herself spinning higher and higher toward a massive climax, her burning pussy boiling out gush after gush of steamy cream.

George was almost at the point of no return. He slipped his strong sweaty hands under her hot, quivering ass-cheeks and pulled her towards him. Then he was in the perfect position to sink his hot, hard meat deep down in her burning wet cunt. His balls slapped like firecrackers against her trembling ass, and he panted so loudly that Marylou was almost afraid he'd have a stroke or something from exertion. George was still going strong, though. He was driving like a piledriver, hard and deep. He seemed inexhaustible.

"UHH! UHH! UHH!" Marylou gasped.

George was fucking with such force that he knocked the breath right out of her with every lunge. But she wanted him to fuck hard. The harder he fucked her, the hotter and better the friction was between his thick, stiff cock and her horny, poking little clitty. She felt the first tremors of orgasm rip through her body.

"AAAAAAAEI!" Marylou shrieked. "YESSSSSSS! Make me come! Deep! Hard! Yes, oh God, yessss! OOOOOOOH! YESSSSSSSSSS!"

George held still, letting Marylou grind her burning pussy against his thick, hard cock. Marylou grimaced lustily as she came. Her blue eyes rolled wildly and her pink tongue darted out, licking and touching everything it could reach. Her whole body trembled in violent spasms and her pussy contracted, gripping George's hard cock like a vise, squeezing and tugging at his rod until he was forced to let go with blast after blast of hot, creamy jism, soaking her hot pussy again and again.

Both Marylou and George collapsed for a moment when everything was over, and finally George got up almost apologetically and dressed.

"I'm going over to the bar to get a drink," he said, not meeting her eyes.

The minute the door closed behind him, Lydia and Betsy rushed from the closet.

"Are you all right?" Betsy asked anxiously. "Are you hurt?" Lydia questioned.

Marylou answered slowly. "Look... Lydia... I'm sorry about all of this. I didn't really meant to..." She stopped, not knowing what to say.

Lydia put her arm around Marylou's shoulder, patting her gently. "Don't worry about it," she comforted. "It wasn't your fault at all. George is a real bastard to take advantage of you like that. We should figure out some way of making him pay for what he did!"

"Good idea!" Betsy agreed. "Let's all go over to my house and we'll think of something! Good old George is going to have a surprise coming the next lime he tries something like this!"

Chapter FOUR

Betsy and Lydia were in a quandary. Marylou had gone home to try to calm herself down before Henry came home and Betsy and Lydia were left facing the problem alone. Marylou hadn't been much help anyway. All she could do was to cry and say that she was sorry. Betsy was glad that she had gone home. Now she had Lydia all alone and her devious mind was working a million miles a minute, planning out her conquest of her sexy neighbor.

"I think you'd better have a nice, tall drink," Betsy suggested and handed Lydia a tall Scotch and water, double-strong. "You've really had a rotten afternoon and you deserve to get a little drunk. Why, if I were you, I wouldn't go home at all! I'd just stay right over here and let that bastard George come looking for me. Then I don't know if I'd go home with him or not!"

Lydia giggled at Betsy's fierce expression. "It sure would serve him right!" she replied, taking a long pull at her drink and grimacing. "God, Betsy. What did you put in this drink? It tastes like straight Scotch!"

"I figured you needled it," Betsy answered soothingly. "Just go ahead and get nice and relaxed. You need to forget all about everything that happened today. Here, let me freshen up that drink."

By the time Lydia had downed three of Betsy's special drinks, she was feeling no pain at all. She was pretty happy as a matter of fact. Now the whole events of the terrible afternoon seemed like a joke and she was even able to giggle about George's escapades.

"That son of a bitch is really weird, isn't he?" she asked, referring to her unfaithful husband.

"Yes, I guess he is," Betsy replied, seeing her chance. "You know, if I were you, I'd give him a taste of his own medicine!"

"You mean I should fuck someone, right in front of him?" Lydia asked faintly. "I couldn't do that! George would kill me! You saw how he treated Marylou, didn't you?"

Betsy laughed. "No, silly, I don it mean fuck someone and make sure he sees," she replied. "I mean, you should go ahead and get some satisfaction for yourself and keep it a secret! At least you'd be happy then."

"Yes, but I don't dare fuck anyone!" Lydia wailed. "I'd be too scared that George would find out. I don't dare even let him see me with another man!"

"Fine!" Betsy replied. "Don't let him see you with another man. He's not jealous of me, is he?"

"You?" Lydia questioned, gazing at Betsy in shock. "Why, no, of course not. But what do you have to do with my getting satisfaction?"

Betsy took a deep breath. Now was the time to take the plunge. "I could satisfy you as well as any man!" she declared, slipping an arm around Lydia's shoulders. "Why don't you let me try and you can make up your own mind?"

"Oh, Betsy, I couldn't! I've never done anything like that before! I mean... I wouldn't know what to do or anything!" the flustered Lydia replied.

A crimson blush spread over her pretty face at the thought of going to bed with another woman. Then she blushed even deeper when she realized that, while her mind was turned off by the prospect of making love with Betsy, her pussy certainly wasn't turned off! A gush of creamy pussy-juice flooded her cunt and Lydia felt a warm tingle radiate out from her pulsing clitty with the very thought of making it with Betsy.

Betsy could sense Lydia's indecision. She decided to press her advantage. "Well, you don't have to make up your mind now," she said soothingly. "Why don't you just forget I said anything and try to relax? I'll even give you a little backrub to relax you if you want to take off your blouse and stretch out on my bed. There's nothing more relaxing than a nice long backrub to take all the tension out of those tight muscles of yours."

"Oooooooh!" Lydia exclaimed happily. "There's nothing I'd like more than a good backrub." She let Betsy lead her into the master bedroom.

"Just strip off those clothes and slip into this housecoat," Betsy instructed. "You don't want any tight clothing on to distract from the rubdown. I'll get the lotions and give you a rubdown just like they do in the massage parlors." Betsy left the room and Lydia quickly got into the silk dressing gown she had provided. It felt good on her skin, so light and thin that it felt like she was wearing nothing at all.

Betsy came into the room carrying a vial of perfumed lotion. She couldn't suppress her smile of satisfaction when she saw that Lydia had put on the dressing gown. That was going to make her seduction so much easier! Betsy sat beside Lydia on the bed and poured out a small amount of the oil in her hands.

"This is special strawberry body oil," she told Lydia. "Now just relax, Lydia. I'm sure you'll enjoy this," she said soothingly. "I promise not to do anything you won't like. Trust me!"

Lydia relaxed as Betsy's expert fingers traveled lightly over her skin, creating waves of delicious sensation in her young, smooth body. Soon Lydia was floating on a cloud, deliciously relaxed, aware of nothing but Betsy's expertly stroking hands and fingers and the delicious sensations she was feeling.

"OOOoooh, I love it! Your fingers know exactly what they're doing. Oooooooh, Betsy!" Lydia exclaimed in a low, sexy voice, almost driving Betsy out of her skin with pleasure at being so appreciated. Betsy smiled and continued to rub and stroke Lydia's smooth, supple body. She knew that Lydia was hers for the taking!

Sam Dillon drove towards the small suburban development of Oakwood with sadness. A couple of years ago he would have loved to have gotten home early. Betsy would have been waiting for him with a martini and they would have probably ended up screwing right there on the living-room rug. Lately though, Sam wasn't getting much out of sex with Betsy. Oh, it was good, of course.

Betsy was a great lay. Sam guessed he needed variety, though, or at least something different! Nothing was exciting any more. He knew exactly what Betsy liked and could judge her response in advance to anything that he might do in bed. He loved Betsy, but fucking her had just gotten to be old hat.

Sam pulled up in front of the house, wishing that something exciting would happen, just once. Then he let himself into the house quietly, just in case Betsy should be sleeping. He didn't see her in the kitchen so he headed for the bedroom, tiptoeing quietly so as not to wake her if she was napping.

Sam quietly opened the bedroom door a crack and gasped in shock as he caught sight of his wife Betsy, massaging Lydia's body. At first Sam was too shocked to do anything except stare at the scene before his eyes in astonished fascination. The more he watched, the more he decided that he should definitely not make his presence known. This little scene was just the excitement he had been craving! He could feel his limp cock stir in his pants and grow to outrageous proportions. He didn't know exactly what Betsy and Lydia were doing, but it was certainly turning him on! He rubbed his hard, long cock quietly and stared at the scene right in front of his eyes, sweat dripping from his forehead.

Betsy rolled Lydia over on her back gently, noticing that Lydia didn't protest one bit. Lydia seemed perfectly content to let Betsy do anything she wanted to her. Betsy coated her hands with the sweet-smelling lotion and placed them on Lydia's beautiful, lush titties. Then she massaged and kneaded the delicate flesh with her palms and her fingertips. Lydia moaned in delight. Betsy's fingers felt like feathers, brushing over her hot, quivering titties with light, wonderful touches.

"Oooooooh," she moaned again softly, moving her hips instinctively.

She was lost in a dream of sensuous feeling. She wanted Betsy to go on and on, rubbing her whole body with the delicately scented cream, making her float in a delightful dream of titillating delights.

Sam could scarcely contain himself. He had never seen anything that made him so horny! The afternoon sun shimmered and glinted on Lydia's beautiful body, bathing her in a warm golden glow. She looked almost like a Goddess, she was so beautiful. Her expression was one of complete rapture. Sam longed to touch her golden body and have that delicate, peaceful expression on her pretty face turn to one of lust for him! He slipped his hand to his huge, protruding cock and silently unzipped his pants. He let his massive shaft burst free to throb and pulse in the warm, still afternoon air. He made up his mind to stay right there and not move a muscle, waiting for the girls to really get it on. If he knew Betsy, she had more in mind than just a backrub. He had heard some of those tales of that boarding school she had gone to and he knew that the girls learned a hell of a lot more than books there! He could hardly wait to see his beautiful wife in action.

Betsy ran her smoothly stroking hands down Lydia's glistening body, rubbing and stroking gently. She massaged Lydia's waist and hips with flowing skill until Lydia was quivering and shaking with delight.

"You're so beautiful!" Betsy whispered, letting her hands travel even lower. They were headed straight towards Lydia's fluffy golden beaver and Lydia caught her breath in suspense and anticipation.

Oh, no! The hands had passed by her aching pussy! Lydia trembled with suppressed frustration. She wanted Betsy's hands on her pussy, twining in and out of her golden muff, touching her most private parts with those same light, fleeting touches that she loved so well.

Betsy knew just what she was doing. She passed Lydia's waiting cunt purposefully, without touching, concentrating on every part of Lydia's body except her quivering cunt-mound. She heard Lydia gasp as her hands slid to her thighs, missing completely that one part of her body that ached for her light, provocative touch. Lydia's pussy felt like it was burning up! She could scarcely stand it. She knew now that she wanted Betsy's gentle, skillful fingers on her pretty, moist cunt, too!

Sam watched with undivided attention. He knew exactly what Betsy was doing now. He had done it many times himself, seducing women he had slept with. Betsy was purposely avoiding any real sexual caress, heightening the sensations in Lydia's throbbing cunt, making her body beg for touches on her beautiful pussy, driving Lydia out of her mind with lustful desires! He gripped his long, aching cock tightly and watched with horny eagerness.

Lydia swallowed with difficulty. She was so horny she could hardly stand it. She wanted Betsy's hands on her pussy so badly, she didn't know if she could stand it another moment without screaming in agony. Surely Betsy could read her mind and she wouldn't have to say the words that would cause her so much embarrassment!

Betsy knew what sort of quandary Lydia was going through. She wasn't about to make it easier for her horny neighbor, though. If Lydia wanted her to touch her golden beaver, she was going to have to ask for it! Betsy gave a small, secret smile of satisfaction as she continued to stroke and pet Lydia's body. She knew full well what was going on in her friend's mind and in her body. She let Lydia build up to the point of no return, waiting patiently for the words that would let her do what she wanted to do to Lydia's lovely body!

Finally Lydia reached the pinnacle of passion. She had to be touched! If Betsy didn't touch her hot, throbbing pussy, she would surely die of frustration! Her pussy demanded the same kind of attention that Betsy was giving to the rest of her quivering body. She felt her sweet cunt swell and throb, begging for release.

"Please!" she cried softly. "I've never felt like this in my whole life! Please! Touch me there, Betsy. I just can't stand it if you don't. Touch my pussy! PLEASE!"

Lydia was completely out of her mind with the lustful feelings that Betsy had created with her well-trained hands and gentle sweeping touches.

"PLEASE!" she shouted again, and gasped with delight as she felt Betsy's hands move up, closer and closer to her throbbing, pulsing pussy.

Moving with a sureness born of many such encounters, Betsy reached her goal and parted Lydia's moist pink cunt-lips, not hiding her gasp of delight as she saw Lydia's cunt spread out before her eager eyes! Lydia's pussy was covered with frothy white pussy-juice and the smooth, satiny pussy muscles were moving rhythmically, begging for her expert touches.

Betsy stared with fascination at Lydia's pretty pink pussy. She examined her lusty friend's cunt with her eyes only, not yet touching her horny flesh.

Lydia could feel gush after gush of creamy pussy-juice flood her tight, crimson cunt, and her whole body trembled in anticipation. Then, slowly, Betsy dipped one slim finger into Lydia's delightfully hot pussy, running it lightly around the smooth outer walls. She touched every place with swift, light touches, softer than rose petals on Lydia's hot, lusty flesh.

"AAAAAGH!" Lydia groaned. She pushed her hips upward towards Betsy's stroking fingers. "Touch me harder, Betsy! Please! HARDER!" she squealed.

She certainly wasn't shy about asking for what she wanted now! She had discovered the horny wonders of hot woman-love and she was going to enjoy them to the fullest degree!

Betsy eagerly complied with Lydia's request. She touched the quivering girl harder and harder, paying particular attention to Lydia's throbbing and pulsing clitty, poking out randily before her excited eyes. She could hardly wait to lick and suck that delicious little love button into her hot, wet mouth. She knew that she could send Lydia up to the heights of passion.

Sam couldn't believe his eyes! There was his wife, touching Lydia's pretty pussy and he was afforded the chance to see every bit of it, right in a ringside seat! He felt his hard cock jerk and throb uncontrollably, begging and pleading for some kind of release. He grabbed his jerking tool and held it tightly, hoping that Betsy's head would lower and he would be allowed to see her wet, hot tongue tasting and licking Lydia's beautiful tight pussy. He held his breath as Betsy moved her head towards Lydia's throbbing and pulsing cunt.

Sam was not to be disappointed! Betsy's head came lower and lower towards Lydia's burning slit, until her warm lips and tongue were only inches away from Lydia's hot, pink gash.

"OOOOOOH!" Lydia squealed, knowing exactly what Betsy was intending to do, and wanting to hasten the arrival of her hot tongue on that sensitive little bump of love flesh so eager for her attention.

"Ooooh!" Lydia moaned again, her voice low and husky. She pushed her hips upward towards Betsy's descending face. Then Betsy's eager tongue was in her wet, hot pussy! It licked the smooth walls of her hot cunt until they were clean and squeaky. Betsy licked and traveled all around Lydia's burning, not twat, slurping and savoring the taste of her excitement.

"Ooooooh! You taste so good!" Betsy murmured, rubbing her whole face in Lydia's creaming snatch.

Lydia could feel her excitement mounting higher and higher with each lick of Betsy's devouring tongue. Her whole body was sent quivering and she raised her hips up off the bed, rising towards Betsy's delightful probing tongue.

Finally, when the length of Lydia's pussy was licked dry with her hot tongue, Betsy moved her attention higher. She headed straight towards the protruding pink bud of Lydia's throbbing clit, running her tongue around in ever-widening circles, almost touching her pulsing clitty, but not quite!

Lydia moved her hips frantically, trying to capture Betsy's delightful tongue with her motions. She thrust her clitty towards Betsy's tongue, trying in vain to force Betsy to touch her in that one, heavenly, sensitive spot aching for her lovely caresses.

"AAAAAAAAGH!" Lydia squealed, her hips thrashing against the mattress. Her eyes were wide with lusty passion. "SUCK ME!" Lydia screamed loudly. "PLEEEEEEEASE! SUCK MEEEEEEE!"

Betsy leaned back, staring hard at Lydia's expression of lusty passion. Lydia was definitely ready! She was totally out of her mind with lust! She trembled like a dandelion in a summer wind, hips thrashing and ass-cheeks scraping against the bed with wild abandon. She could hardly wait for the delightful descent of Betsy's hot, probing tongue. Betsy smiled lewdly at her beautiful neighbor, spread out before her. Lydia was totally willing to obey her every command if only she would lick and suck her throbbing little clitty. If only George could see Lydia now! Betsy bet that George had never gotten Lydia this horny!

Suddenly, Betsy's mouth came down, plunging forward. She buried her lips around Lydia's prominent clitty which was standing straight up, begging for her attention.

"OH, GOD!" Lydia screamed as Betsy's tongue darted across her inflamed clitty. "OH, GOD! DON'T STOP! PLEEEEEEASE!"

Lydia pushed her pretty cunt upward again into Betsy's willing face. Her legs were trembling so hard it seemed as if an earthquake were shaking her whole body. She muttered little inaudible sounds as Betsy licked and sucked at her pulsing love bud. She could feel her cunt-cream flowing freely, filling her hot, burning pussy with the creamy white fluids of her passion. She strained upward even farther, grinding her whole pussy against Betsy's face, seeking Betsy's delightful mouth and probing tongue with her burning, hard clit.

Betsy brushed Lydia's near-exploding clitty with her teeth, nipping at the sensitive bud sharply. Just a touch of her teeth brought forth another squeal of passion from Lydia and another flood of pussy-cream. Then Betsy sucked Lydia's little love bud into the furnace of her mouth, rubbing and licking it with her tongue and teeth. She squeezed down gently with her wet, hot lips and rolled it around like a pretty, little marble.


Betsy felt Lydia begin to shudder with rhythmic contractions. Lydia's hands were in her hair, winding in and out of the long strands, pulling at it like it was a rope, forcing Betsy downward, downward into her steaming depths. Downward to almost down in the delightful-tasting cream of her steaming, burning pussy!

Suddenly Sam couldn't stand to just watch any more. His cock lunged upward with a fierce jerk and he rose desperately to his feet, groaning with passion. He didn't care about remaining hidden any longer! He didn't care about watching to see what would happen between his wife and his beautiful neighbor, Lydia! All he cared about was his hard, aching cock and being able to bury it in one or both of the beautiful pussies he saw before him! He pushed open the bedroom door and let out a bellow like a bull moose.

Lydia and Betsy stopped dead. Their heads turned. Theft mouths dropped open and expressions of surprised fear crossed their pretty faces. Then Betsy started laughing.

"Sam!" she chuckled, trying to catch her breath. "You really scared the shit out of me! I thought maybe it was George! What are you doing home so early?"

Lydia gazed at her friend in surprise. "Betsy!" she whispered. "What shall we do? Isn't he mad?"

Betsy laughed all the harder. "Come on, Lydia! He doesn't look mad, does he? The only thing Sam looks is turned on, and I can't say I blame him! How long have you been standing out there watching, Sam?"

Sam grinned. "Long enough to know I want to get in on the action!" he retorted, reaching out to pinch Betsy's nipple. "How about it, honey? Couldn't you two ladies use a little cock to spice things up? I'm sure I could contribute something to this little scene!"

Betsy took one look at the huge bulge poking out of the front of her husband's pants and gasped in delight. "OOOOOOOOOW! Look at that COCK!" she gasped, turning to Lydia with a pleased expression on her face. "Would you like it, or shall I?"

Lydia laughed merrily. "Be my guest," she replied, beginning to relax about the whole thing. "I'm still nervous about this afternoon. I don't want to take the chance of fucking anyone after what happened to Marylou!"

Sam looked at Lydia and then at Betsy. "What happened anyway?" he asked curiously.

"We'll tell you later," Betsy replied finally. "Right now I think all of us have other things on our minds!"

Sam smiled lewdly. "Well, it's all up to you two girls," he remarked. "I'll do whatever you want me to as long as I get some good, hot pussy!"

Betsy grinned at him happily. "Lydia doesn't want to make it with you right now, Sam, but I don't think she'd object if you licked her pretty pink pussy a little."

Sam grinned happily. Whatever turned the girls on was fine with him! He noticed that Betsy didn't put any sort of restrictions on her own sexual preferences for the afternoon. His hard cock jerked and throbbed as he thought of sticking his mammoth shaft in his wife's tight hot pussy and licking Lydia's cunt as well. How lucky could one man get?

Betsy got up from her position on the bed and pulled Sam down to join her. She rubbed her fingers over his completely hard cock and licked her lips eagerly.

"Come on and fuck me, honey," she invited, and unzipped his pants, setting his huge hard cock free.

Sam moaned in pleasure. He didn't need any words to understand what his hot, horny wife wanted. Before, when he had just watched Betsy and Lydia get it on, his swelling cock had almost burst with stored-up cock-cream! Now the pressure in his balls was almost unbearable. Sam grabbed Betsy's head and forced her to kneel in front of his huge erection.

"SUCK MY COCK!" he demanded, pushing her head down lower and lower, until her head and lips were almost touching his purplish cock-head.

Betsy giggled hornily. She didn't need a second invitation to suck something as tasty as her husband's giant, rock-hard cock! She rammed her head down on his long, pulsing prick and took the whole shaft into her mouth with one hungry gulp!

Sam's eyes rolled back into his head at the first touch of her hot, wet lips on his rigid, aching barrel. Her hot, smooth tongue flicked out of her lips and licked the length of his hard shaft. It snaked around in circles, revolving around the very tip of his dick. Then her naughty little pink tongue reamed in his juicy piss-hole, lapping out the drop of cock-cream that hung suspended at the end of his shiny cock-head.

He reached out and grasped her shimmering ass in his hands and brought his hips forward even farther, ramming his hard, long cock up to the balls in her wet, burning mouth, almost gagging her with the ferocity of his thrust. He wanted to be buried up to the hilt in her smooth, sucking, hot mouth!

Betsy opened her mouth even wider and sucked harder and harder, trying to get every inch of Sam's delicious tasting, giant cock. She just couldn't get enough of the heady, salty taste of his cream. She wanted him to ram his beautiful cock all the way down her throat and then some, filling her up completely with his delicious cock!

Sam looked quickly at Lydia, who was sitting on the bed, right next to him, eagerly watching Betsy suck his long, hard prick. One frantic hand had slipped to her wet, hot pussy and she was finger-fucking herself rapidly, obviously turned on by the scene before her big, blue eyes. Sam caught his breath and tried to tell Lydia not to worry. He would take care of her, too -- but Betsy recaptured his attention!

She had begun to literally devour his dick as if she were a starving baby, sucking and mouthing his hard cock with smooth pulling motions, making his throbbing nuts pulse and ache with desire. He reached down and found her pulsing cunt. He wanted to feel the warm wetness of her excitement on his fingers.

She was flooding! Pools of hot, creamy pussy-juice flowed over his roughly grasping fingers and ran down his arm in rivulets! Betsy was really ready to be fucked and Sam could hardly wait to sink his pulsing cock into her burning, flooding pussy!

"ENOUGH!" Sam shouted as he shoved Betsy's sucking mouth away from his hard, almost exploding cock with a violent motion.

He wasn't ready to come yet. There was a lot more fucking he wanted to do! He pushed her backward to the bed, quickly positioning himself on top of her lush, quivering body. Then he plunged his hard, massive shaft into her steamy hot pussy. He felt the flood of creamy pussy-juice welcome him into her starving cunt.

He lunged away in complete bliss. He pumped and plunged into her quivering, grasping cunt. He felt her warm, trembling body shiver and shake with passion beneath him. Her beautiful smooth ass-cheeks glimmered arid quivered in the light.

Sam rolled her quickly over on top of him so that she was planted firmly right on top of his throbbing, bucking cock. He wanted her to ride him like a bucking bronco and he was ready to give her the roughest and most enjoyable ride she had ever had!

Lydia watched Betsy and Sam with horny interest. Her slim hand was buried inside her own steaming pussy, and she grasped the hard nub of her throbbing clitty, rubbing the tip lightly between her fingers. She pinched lightly and pulled gently on the sensitive love bud until she felt her cunt-juice flowing like a river. It gushed from her steaming cunt and dripped to the bed below. She was so horny she could scarcely control herself. The sight of Betsy riding ecstatically and noisily on Sam's stiff, huge cock did nothing to lessen her excitement. She wished that she were the one on top of Sam! Then she remembered Betsy telling Sam that he could lick her pussy. She felt like jumping right into the scene herself, but she was a little nervous. She decided to get Betsy's attention and let Betsy initiate the action!

Lydia watched Betsy's beautiful, bobbing titties shimmer in the light, and she had an idea. She knew the perfect way to get Betsy's attention without taking her away from the pleasures of her fuck. Her bobbing titties were just begging to be sucked and licked! Lydia would do just that!

She crawled closer to the couple entwined on the bed. Sam and Betsy were squealing and panting with passion. She reached out boldly and placed both of her hands squarely on Betsy's bouncing titties, squeezing firmly and tugging gently.

Betsy opened her eyes and saw the unmistakable look on Lydia's face.

"Come on, Lydia," she giggled. "There's always room for more! Why don't you sit on Sam's face and let him lick your pretty pussy? You can play with my boobs at the same time!"

Lydia shuddered with excitement. She had never been in a three-way thing before, but now was no time to be doubtful. She was too horny to be too concerned about proprieties. She had to find someone to bring her off and she didn't care who it was!

"You'd like to suck Lydia's pussy, wouldn't you, Sam?" Betsy asked, knowing what her horny husband's answer would be.

Sam just opened his mouth and smiled up at Lydia, sticking his tongue out teasingly and wiggling it around to show her that he was in definite favor of Betsy's suggestion. He reached out with strong arms and guided Lydia's trembling ass to his face.

Lydia trembled and quivered in passion as she squatted squarely over Sam's face. She slowly lowered her creamy pink pussy to his hot mouth and protruding tongue. Just as his long, rough tongue dove into her open, creamy cunt, she grabbed Betsy's bouncing titties again and squeezed. Betsy's hard, long nipples stood straight out and winked at her.

Betsy let out a gasp of appreciation and delight. She leaned forward slightly and gave Lydia full access to her large, firm jugs. Every time that Betsy raised and lowered herself on Sam's huge cock, Lydia's fingers twisted and pulled at her throbbing nipples, sending Betsy higher and higher in a cloud of lust and delight! Then Sam started working in earnest on Lydia's hot, pulsing cunt.

"OOOOOOOH!" Lydia screamed as Sam's hot, rough tongue shot out, licking all over the smooth, hot surface of her slick pussy-lips.

Sam's eager tongue traveled around and around, exploring and probing in Lydia's throbbing pussy, licking her smooth cunt-walls clean and finally discovering the ring of her tiny pussy-hole and running around the rim in lightning quick motions and flicks.

"AAAAAAGH!" Lydia squealed, hardly able to bear the delicious sensations that swept through her body.

She clamped down hard on Betsy's nipples with her fingers, pinching and tweaking them with abandon. Sam's tongue probed deeper and deeper, shoving in her tight pussy-hole as far as he could go, twisting and turning inside her tasty twat. Lydia shuddered and quivered, almost losing her balance on Sam's mouth, but his strong arms held her in place firmly, and his tongue never missed a stroke in her hot, burning slit.

Sam moved higher and higher until he came to the protruding bud of her hard, little clitty, flicking lightly across the tip and covering the whole love bud with the flat of his hot tongue. Then he applied a gentle but persistent pressure.

"AAAAAAGH!" Lydia screamed again and again as his tongue lapped and smoothed over her pulsing slit, driving her absolutely wild with stored-up desires!

Then Sam sucked Lydia's throbbing clitty all the way into his mouth, biting down sharply with his teeth in little nipping bites which drove her even further into the pool of lust.

"AAAAAAGH!" Lydia squealed incoherently, not believing that she could be experiencing such joy. "EAT MEEEE!" she screamed again and again. "DON'T STOP! BITE MY CLITTY! EAT ME ALL UP!"

Sam rolled Lydia's stiff, little clitty around with his tongue, sucking and biting in glee. He played with her love bud the way that a cat plays with a mouse, sneaking up on it and biting when she least expected it, driving her out of her head with passion. He could feel her mounting excitement flood after flood of her creamy cunt-juice filled his mouth and rolled down his chin. The exciting sweet taste of her pussy-juice was driving him wild, and Betsy's pumping motion on his throbbing cock was giving him double pleasure! He could feel Betsy's sucking pussy grab his dick with millions of grasping little fingers, squeezing his hard, pulsing shaft, pleading with him to fill her eager cunt with his hot, juicy cock-cream.

Sam licked Lydia's hot, pulsing pussy desperately, feeling her shudder and shake with passion. She was making little grabbing noises of pleasure that excited him even further. He didn't know how much longer he could hold out. This was the most exciting fuck he had ever had!

Lydia gasped as she felt Betsy's hands reach out and grasp her firm titties, twisting and turning them, almost as if she were trying to pull them right off her chest. Betsy plucked and pinched as if she were picking cherries off a tree, sending delicious shivers of pleasure through Lydia's body.

Betsy plunged away even faster on Sam's hard cock, thrusting her hot, steaming pussy down on his hard prick with incredible force and bouncing up with the same momentum, creating sucking noises that came directly from her frothy, sucking pussy.

Lydia twisted and turned on Sam's face, feeling the forceful sucking action of his mouth and lips. The harder Betsy bounced the harder Sam sucked and Lydia was almost out of her mind with lust. It felt like Sam was frying to pull her clitty right out of her hot, steaming pussy with the suction of his mouth.

"OOOOOOOOOW!" she screamed as Sam clamped down tightly on her hard clitty with his lips, imprisoning her little bud with his hot, firm lips. She was stuck fast to his face, firmly anchored his tightly clamped lips, at the mercy of his probing, prodding tongue.

Sam flicked Lydia's little hard love bud with his tongue, licking back and forth like a snake, feeling her clitty throb and swell in his burning mouth. Her pulsing clitty grew even longer at the intrusions of his hot, rough tongue, extending out to its full excited length, quivering and pulsing in passion.

Then Lydia felt another sensation run rampant through her shaking and shivering body. Betsy leaned forward and ran her tongue around her nipple, nipping sharply at the tip, teasing and probing with her tongue in the way Lydia loved best.

"OOOOHHHH!" Lydia gasped, not believing the delicious sensations that went rippling through her excited body.


Betsy bit down with relish, chewing and pinching with her lips and teeth. She worried Lydia's little knob like a dog worries a bone. This sent Lydia into the very center of a blaze of passion, twirling her away with delight. Then, suddenly, Sam released his hold on her throbbing clitty!

"NOOOOOO!" Lydia screamed, grinding her flooding pussy into his face. "DON'T STOP!" she screamed in frustrated agony. "I'M ALMOST THERE! DON'T STOP! PLEEEEEASE!"

Sam had no intention of stopping! He just wanted to give the rest of Lydia's gushing pussy the same attention he had been giving her rock-hard little clit! Slowly, he ran his hard, rough tongue over the walls of Lydia's creaming pussy, feeling the excited woman tremble above him. He could hear Betsy groaning and he tried not to get carried away by the clenching and slamming of her hot little pussy on his hard, throbbing cock. He had to hold out until Lydia had a chance to come. It was a matter of honor!

Lydia felt as if her whole pussy were on fire. Sam's tongue sent little darting tongues of flame through her body, making her shudder and cry out in pleasure and torment. His long tongue was at the entrance to her pussy-hole now and she let out a scream of pure delight as he pushed inside. Then he started to turn and twist like a corkscrew, inching his way completely inside of her hole. He wiggled back and forth as much as her tight, little pussy would allow, pumping his tongue inside her twat like a miniature cock.

Lydia clamped her pussy muscles tightly around Sam's tongue, trying to keep him deep inside of ha. She loved the feeling of being possessed by such a delightfully naughty tongue! She could feel her pussy clutching and gripping him with rippling motions, imprisoning his raspy tongue in her steaming snatch.

Suddenly she felt Betsy bite down again on her nipple. Sharp little nips of pleasure jerked and rippled through her, sending her to the very peak of desire. Then she began to come, riding wave after wave of intense pleasure, taking her higher and higher and higher until she reached the pinnacle of delight. With a cry of ecstasy she was flying off the edge of pleasure and floating gently down, sending burst after burst of frothy white cunt-cream down Sam's delighted throat!

She felt Sam tense and she heard Betsy gasp in pleasure. Sam started to explode inside of Betsy's pulsing pussy, his whole body shaking beneath Lydia in the convulsions of pleasure as he groaned and screamed against her still-throbbing pussy.

Lydia watched Betsy closely. Betsy's face was a mask of complete lust! Her head was thrown back in excitement and her eyes were blind with passion. Then her whole body started to shake with the tremors of a massive orgasm. Lydia felt like she was sitting on top of an earthquake. Both Sam and Betsy were shuddering with passion as burst after burst of pleasure shook their bodies!

A few minutes later Betsy, Sam and Lydia were lying relaxed on the big king-sized bed.

"Now what was all this about a rough afternoon?" Sam asked Lydia.

"Oh... it's a really long story. I guess you'd better ask Betsy..." Lydia faltered, not knowing just how much of the story Betsy wanted her husband to know.

She listened while Betsy game Sam a quick run-down of the afternoon, leaving out nothing.

"So you see," Betsy concluded, "poor Marylou was just trying to get some satisfaction and then George had to go and ruin it all!"

"You say that Marylou is afraid to ask Henry for a piece of ass because he's such an old stick in the mud?" Sam asked, an amused expression crossing his handsome face.

"Well, you know that!" Lydia answered quickly. "Look at how old Henry never even takes a drink when we have our backyard barbecues. He's just a fuddy-duddy!"

"I'm not so sure about that," Sam answered her, grinning widely. "I'll tell you what, girls. I'll have a little talk with Henry tomorrow and see exactly how fuddy-duddy he really is. Then we can figure out something so Marylou doesn't get in this kind of a bind again. Now, what do you want to do about George?" he asked, turning to Lydia.

"Oh, I don't know!" she wailed. "I'm not really that mad, but I sure would like to teach him a lesson! I don't want him running around spanking and fucking all the wives in the neighborhood!"

"Well, let me sound out Henry tomorrow and then we'll see what we can do to teach George a lesson," Sam concluded. "Right now, I'm going down to the refrigerator to get myself a nice, cold beer. How about you girls? Want one?"

"Oh, no thanks, Sam. I really should get on home before George gets there," Lydia replied, dressing quickly.

"All right," Betsy called out as Lydia got ready to leave. "I'll be over in the morning. If you need anything tonight, just give me a call and Sam and I will come right over."

"Thanks," Lydia replied, "but I think everything'll be just fine. George got enough ass and pussy this afternoon to calm him down for a week! He'll probably come right home and sack out."

Chapter FIVE

At nine o'clock the next morning Marylou stood at Betsy's door. She knocked loudly in desperation.

"Damn it! Hurry up, Betsy! I've got to talk to you. Hurry!"

"All right, all right! Keep your pants on! I'm coming!" Came a muffled voice from the inside of the house and finally Betsy opened the door. "For pete's sake, Marylou! It's only nine o'clock in the morning. What's the matter anyway?"

"I'm just so nervous I can't stand it!" Marylou answered, pushing her way into the living room and flopping on the sofa. "I keep thinking about what will happen if Henry finds out about my little ole mistake yesterday and it's making me so nervous, I can't even sit still! Wall got to think of something to calm me down, Betsy! I'm just never goin' to make it if I can't relax and calm down!"

Betsy gave Marylou a close look. She certainly did look bad! Her eyes were puffy from lack of sleep and her hands were shaking so badly she could hardly hold the cigarette she was smoking. She sat on the edge of the couch like she was ready to jump up and run at any second, and her whole body was quivering in exhaustion and fear. Marylou was really a nervous wreck!

"My God!" Betsy choked out, gazing in shock at her friend. "You look just awful! We've got to figure out some way of relaxing you. You look like you're ready to jump fight out of your skin."

"I called my doctor but he won't give me any more tranquilizers," Marylou replied. "And I don't dare drink too much booze or I'll start blabbing everything to Henry. I've got a mouth that won't stop running when I start drinking. My little ole body is a wreck! And on top of that y'all won't believe this I'm still horny!"

Marylou burst into sobs. She was so nervous and frustrated that she could hardly stand it. She had lain in bed alongside Henry last night and thought about Kurt and his beautiful tanned body. Then she had thought about George and his delightfully hurting spanking. Then, to her complete surprise, she had thought about Betsy and Lydia and wished that she could have gotten in on the fun of their first woman fuck. Marylou had seen the looks that Betsy gave Lydia and had correctly assessed the longing in Betsy's deep blue eyes. She knew that it was only a matter of time until Betsy seduced pretty Lydia. After the events of yesterday afternoon, the time would certainly have been ripe! Poor Marylou had worked herself up into a veritable frenzy of frustration and there was no way that she could get relief from Henry. Marylou was sure that Henry would be shocked and disgusted if she asked him to fuck her. After all, Henry was a prude. And so Marylou suffered in silence and spent a very sleepless night.

"Oh, you poor thing!" Betsy said, throwing her arms around Marylou. "What can I do for you? I'll do anything I can to help. I sure don't like the way you look this morning, all run down and tired!"

"I just have to get fucked!" Marylou cried out. "Please, Betsy! I've been thinking about you and Lydia all night. I need some of that woman-love, too! Please, Betsy do me the way you did Lydia! Please?"

Betsy laughed. A warm throaty laugh. Then she hugged Marylou tighter. "Is that all?" she asked. "Of course I can do that! I thought this was really a problem. Why, that's no problem at all!"

"You mean you'll do it?" Marylou gasped, not quite believing that her dream was coming true. "You mean you'll really do all that for me?"

"Why not?" Betsy giggled. "It's not like I'm not getting anything out of it, you know. You're really pretty, Marylou, and you have such nice, enormous boobs. I'd really like to suck and lick on your boobs!"

"Okay... if you let me suck and lick on yours," Marylou replied, giggling, too. "We might as well make sure both of us get something out of this!"

Betsy felt a gush of creamy pussy-juice flood her hot cunt. This was going to be fun! Usually Betsy had to be the one doing the seducing and teaching. With Marylou it was going to be different. Marylou sounded like she was ready for anything Betsy was!

Marylou reached out and slipped her hands under Betsy's sweater, lifting it over her head. A convulsive shudder rippled through Marylou's body at the sight of Betsy's titties. They were pretty, and a real contrast to her own large jugs. Betsy's nipples were brown and hard like little marbles while her own were soft and rosy, like ripe cherries. Her mind reeled in amazement as she realized that she was aching to touch Betsy's hard little nipples. An excited cry escaped her trembling lips and she reached quickly out and cupped Betsy's titties with both hands. Then she pulled and tugged at them, extending them out to their fullest length and then releasing them and watching them snap back in place.

"Oh, God! This is going to be so good!" Betsy cried as Marylou pinched her hard, pointed nipples between her fingers.

Marylou groaned in agreement. Then she rolled Betsy's nipples back and forth, pinching and twisting in abandon.

"Marylou! Suck them for me! You suck mine and I'll suck yours!" Betsy cried, her head thrown back in delight. And as Marylou's mouth came into contact with one of her long brown nipples, she reached out to firmly grasp Marylou's quivering jugs.

Marylou ran her tongue around Betsy's little nipple, tasting the sweetness of her skin. She ran her wet, probing tongue around and around, feeling the rubbery nipple brush against her teeth, scraping and bouncing. Betsy's hands were all over Marylou's boobs, caressing, teasing, pinching and pulling in awe. In vain, Betsy tried to surround Marylou's knocker with one hand and found she had to settle, quite happily, for rubbing only the large, rosy nipple of Marylou's giant jug, against her palm.

Marylou groaned deep in her throat as Betsy's touch became more and more demanding. Her hands were like feathers, brushing across the expanse of her massive titties and darting to pinch her nipple sharply. Then Marylou lowered her mouth to Betsy's hard little brown nipple again and sucked her whole tit into her hot, wet mouth.

"OOOOOOOOOW!" Betsy screamed as Marylou bit down sharply on her nipple.

She renewed her assault on Marylou's bobbing jugs. She stretched her fingers out fully and brought them together on both trembling tits, catching the rosy buds of Marylou's nipples in her palm and twisting her hands in opposite directions. This stretched the soft, warm flesh in ways Marylou had never felt before.

"Oh, Jesus, Betsy! I wish Henry would do that to me sometimes! Oh, God! That feels good! FANTASTIC! OOOOOOOH!"

Marylou felt a familiar heat rise in her pussy. She wanted her cunt filled with something long and hard. She wanted to be filled up with COCK! She took a deep breath and decided to wait just a bit longer. She knew that the longer she waited the better her come would be. She would let Betsy come first and then she could take her time about her own pleasure.

"Wish I'd brought my little ole vibrator!" Marylou gasped, pressing one hand to her pussy. "If I had a vibrator, I could show you some real tricks with it. Do you want me to go get it?"

"Never mind," Betsy replied, blushing a bit in spite of herself. "I've got one you can use. Let's go into the bedroom and be comfortable!"

As soon as Marylou was stretched out on the bed, Betsy reached into her dresser drawer and pulled out her vibrator. It was huge! It was a creamy white color and had two enormous rubber balls dangling on one end. You could tell that this vibrator was meant to be used for one thing only! Betsy turned it on. It made a low hum and danced and jiggled in her hands.

"See? It's a really good one runs on batteries so you can use it anywhere. The first week I had it, I wore out the batteries! Sam ordered it for me from one of those men's magazines. He says I should call it Sam and use it when I get horny and he isn't around."

Marylou gazed at the vibrator with interest. "I've never seen one quite like that before," she said. "Why don't y'all use it and I'll watch? Then maybe we can do something together."

Betsy smiled. "All right, if that's what turns you on," she replied.

She stretched out on the bed and turned on the vibrator, feeling Marylou's eyes staring at her. She ran the vibrator over the nipple of one tit, just barely touching it. She heard Marylou gasp and knew that she was watching every movement she made. She decided to really put on a show for Marylou. The poor girl obviously needed something to take her mind off her bad afternoon with George and her fears about Henry finding out.

Betsy ran the vibrator up and down her body, touching her titties and the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Finally the vibrator ended its journey right at the entrance to her silky, moist pussy. She reached down with one hand to hold her pink cunt-lips open and moved lower and lower with the whirring vibrator. She could hear Marylou's excited breathing and it served to make her all the more excited. She could feel her hard little cut straining upward towards the dildo, aching to be touched by its hard surface.

Marylou was breathing heavily by now, and she leaned forward to see more clearly. Betsy's pussy was beautiful! It was small and dark-red, with drops of pearly cunt-cream emerging from its depths. Marylou brought her face even closer and delighted in the smell of Betsy's musky excitement. She could see the little shaft of Betsy's hard clitty, poking up towards the huge plastic dildo, and her own body rippled with excitement. Without realizing she was doing so, she was pulling and squeezing at her own large boobs, massaging them in excitement as she watched the big vibrator make its slow journey into Betsy's steaming cunt.

Suddenly Betsy's body convulsed uncontrollably and Marylou could see her pussy muscles throbbing as the huge plastic cock met its mark.

"AAAAGH!" Betsy screamed, and began rubbing the vibrator over her clitty with purpose, straining her hips upward and tossing her head back and forth in a frenzy. Then she ran the huge plastic cock down the length of her pulsing cunt, pausing at the entrance to her inner pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOOH!" she gasped as she shoved the huge vibrator into her tight, throbbing pussy just as far as it would go. It was buried right up to the huge, dangling balls at the very end of the shaft. Marylou could see the balls bang and jiggle against Betsy's ass as the vibrator whirred and jumped inside her pulsing cunt.

Suddenly Marylou could stand it no longer. She had watched enough. Now was the time to get into a little of the action herself! She wanted to help Betsy come. She wanted to suck and lick her throbbing little clitty and make her come!

Marylou leaned forward and pressed her own large titties to Betsy's smaller ones, rubbing and touching, soft flesh against soft flesh. They rolled back and forth on the bed and Marylou's lips found Betsy's. Her tongue brushed against Betsy's tongue, probing its hot, wet way into Betsy's willing mouth. Betsy's eyes opened wide and reflected the passion that was inflaming her body. Their kisses were long and deep and Betsy cried out as she felt Marylou's hands on her nipples. The vibrator was still whirring away in her hot, throbbing pussy. The she cried out again as Marylou lowered her mouth to nuzzle Betsy's titties.

Then it was Betsy's turn and she nuzzled and rubbed her face and lips against Marylou's soft titties. She rubbed her face in the valley between Marylou's enormous jugs and licked the smooth flesh eagerly. Finally Marylou's protruding nipple was directly in front of Betsy's mouth and she sucked it in without hesitation. She sucked and licked like a baby in the act of taking milk from its mother. She pressed her hips tightly against Marylou's and felt the vibrator still whirling and jiggling, almost like a third pair of hands between them. She felt the answering thrust of Marylou's hips and knew that the bouncing balls on the end of the vibrator were serving as an exciting dildo for Marylou as well.

"Oooooooh!" Marylou sighed as Betsy tweaked and pulled her nipple with her sharp little teeth, tugging and rolling it like a child fondling a marble.

Marylou could scarcely stand the feeling of Betsy's mouth and teeth on her rock-hard nipple, it was so delightful! She rolled Betsy quickly over on her back and moved her mouth down to Betsy's thighs, licking the smooth skin and smelling the warm, rich scent of her arousal. Then she reached out with both hands and spread Betsy's creamy pussy-lips, exposing the dark-red, slick surface of her inner cunt.

Betsy's pussy was small, matching the rest of her body. The contrast turned Marylou on. She wove her fingers in Betsy's silky, soft cunt hairs and tugged gently, moving Betsy closer and closer to her hot, hungry mouth. Then she darted forward and buried her head in Betsy's steaming, slick pussy, licking the smooth walls and savoring the rich taste of her excitement. Finally, when the length of Betsy's small pussy had been thoroughly licked, she moved her attentions higher, until her tongue came to the hard mound of Betsy's throbbing clitty, sticking straight up and begging for some licking. Marylou swiped her hot tongue against the bud of Betsy's clitty and then giggled as the plastic vibrator shot upward like a rocket. Betsy's pussy muscles had contracted so much at the touch of Marylou's tongue on her clitty, that the huge plastic dildo had almost been expelled by their contraction.

Marylou grabbed the slippery vibrator and pushed it back into place again. She could feel Betsy's cunt muscles grab and squeeze the plastic dick as she pushed it into her steaming cunt. Then Marylou placed her palm over the end of the plastic vibrator to prevent the same thing from happening again. She certainly wasn't about to give up licking Betsy's delicious, hot, little cunt just because the vibrator might come out! Now she didn't even have to worry about that any more. She would just keep one hand over the vibrator and the other tuned in Betsy's hot, throbbing pussy.

"GOD!" Betsy screamed as Marylou's tongue darted across her inflamed clitty. "OH, GOD! EAT ME! DON'T STOP, PLEEEEEEEEASE!"

Betsy moved her hips automatically, pressing her cunt up, up into Marylou's face. Her legs trembled and she muttered little unintelligible sounds.

Marylou licked and sucked the sweet nectar from her pulsing, throbbing pussy and Betsy threw back her head in delight and rapture. Betsy could feel her pussy-juice flowing, sopping her entire little twat with cunt-cream. She strained upward, pushing hard with her heels on the mattress, lifting her hips up towards Marylou's delightful tongue.

Then Marylou dove down again, nuzzling and drinking Betsy's sweet pussy. At the same time she let up the pressure on the whirling dildo and watched it gradually emerge from Betsy's dripping pussy. When it was almost all the way out, Marylou would plunge it back in again, much to Betsy's horny delight.

"AAAAAGH! Feels so good when you do that! Oooooooh! Marylou! OOOOOOOOH! DO IT AGAIN! HARDER! SHOVE IT IN HARDER!" Betsy shouted, almost at the peak of her excitement.

Marylou let the plastic cock come almost out and then shoved it home with a mighty lunge, banging the rubber balls against Betsy's puckered little shitter.

"AAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAGH!" Betsy screamed, feeling her whole body shudder and shake with exquisite pleasure as she experienced the most delightful orgasm of her life.

Marylou kept her tongue and mouth at work through Betsy's climax, milking every drop of pussy-juice from her neighbor's twitching cunt until Betsy lay satisfied. Her eyelids twitched slightly and a wide satisfied smile broke across her face.

"Oooooh, Marylou, that was pure heaven! Now let me do you. Roll over, you gorgeous creature, you! Betsy's going to eat you all up!"

Betsy removed the vibrator from her satisfied pussy and licked it dry with her tongue. "I like the way I taste," she commented. "I can hardly wait to taste your pussy-juice, Marylou. I bet it's just as tasty as mine!"

Betsy trailed the vibrator lightly down Marylou's body, ending at the entrance to her shining, silky beaver. "Would you like to get in there, huh, Sam?" she teased, noticing that Marylou was tensing her body slightly as the vibrator neared her gaping pink pussy.

She spread Marylou's willing cunt with her fingers. Then she dove forward with Sam, running him down the length of Marylou's wet pussy until his big, bulbous head was at the inner mouth of her steaming cunt. Then Betsy pushed the whirling dildo down, down into Marylou's eager pussy. Soon it was out of sight in the slick hot depths, all except the bouncing nut-sac, its sound muffled by the creamy, hot pussy-flesh surrounding it.

Marylou squealed in excitement as the cold, jiggling plastic prick entered her steaming cunt. She had never experienced anything like this before! This big plastic dildo was a lot better than her little one at home! This plastic cock seemed to have a life of its own. It lunged and whirled inside her quivering pussy. It sought out little sensitive crevices and creased and rubbed against each one. It felt like every tiny part of her pussy was being touched at the same time and the sensation was breathtaking!

Betsy could see the ecstasy Marylou was feeling. It was written plainly on her pretty face. Marylou's creamy pussy-juice seeped from her juicy cunt-hole and soaked Betsy's exploring fingers. Betsy lifted one finger to her lips and tasted.

"God! You taste good!" Betsy exclaimed as Marylou writhed and tossed in pleasure.

Just that one taste of Marylou's sweet pussy-juice left Betsy hungering for more. She lowered her head to Marylou's beautifully wet pussy and found the clitoral bud with her fingertips. It would have been hard to miss! Marylou's clitty was extended a full inch from her smoldering pussy and, as she watched, Betsy could see it buck and throb in her fingers. It looked like a miniature cock and Betsy quickly lowered her lips and flicked her hot tongue up from the base to the head of the huge love button.

"UUUUUUUUUH!" Marylou sputtered, jamming her cunt even more strongly against the vibrator still held in place by Betsy's hand. "EAT ME!" she commanded.


Betsy gladly jammed the vibrator in Marylou's cunt to the hilt and sucked her hard, long clitty all the way into her hot little mouth. She sucked and bit like a baby with a pacifier, chewing the sensitive clit until Marylou almost fainted with ecstasy.

"YES!" Marylou cried. "OH, YESSSSSS!" and she felt the twin sensations taking her higher and higher until she fell into a blaze of pleasure, weeping and crying with relief at finding pleasure at last!

Betsy licked and sucked until she was sure that there wasn't any more good pussy-cream left in Marylou's twitching pussy. Then she stopped and sat up with a grin.

"Well," she said, pulling the vibrator out of Marylou's damp pussy. "How did you like that!"

"Oh, Betsy!" Marylou replied. "That was great! I wish I could get Henry to do something like that to me. It's all I can do to get him to fuck mein a plain old missionary position. If I stuck my pussy in his face, he'd probably have a heart attack!"

"You mean Henry's never even eaten you out?" Betsy asked, beginning to feel more and more sorry for her pretty friend. "I knew he was an old stick in the mud, but I didn't know that it was that bad! Doesn't he like to do anything in bed?"

"Hell, no!" Marylou replied, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "Henry even insists that we make it in the dark! Y'all just don't know how hard I work to even get him to let me get on top once in a while!"

"I've got it!" Betsy shouted, laughing at Marylou. "I know just what we can do to pump some life into old Henry! Sam is going to take him out and get him loaded tonight and talk to him about trying out some new things. After Henry gets a little loaded, I'll seduce him. We'll all come back here and you and Sam can disappear for ice or something and I'll make such a play for Henry that he won't be able to resist!"

"Sounds good," Marylou giggled, "But I don't think it'll work with Henry. You'd have to do something pretty strong to turn him on!"

"Don't worry," Betsy laughed devilishly. "I've got a couple of things in mind already. I don't think that I'll have that much trouble, especially if he figures that you and Sam won't be around for a while. We'll figure something out tonight. You and I are going to turn Henry into a regular sex maniac, just wait and see!"

Chapter SIX

Sam and Betsy were just getting ready to sit down to eat dinner when the phone rang. Marylou's voice rang out so loudly that even Sam could here what she was saying. "Henry's taking a shower," she told Betsy. "He just told me that we're all going out dancing tonight. What are y'all planning over there anyway? If I know you, there's something up your sleeve!"

Betsy winked at Sam a lewd, lascivious wink and giggled. "Don't worry about a thing, Marylou," she told her friend. "Just don't be shocked when I disappear with Henry. Sam and I have a plan to wake Henry up tonight!"

"Anything you do is fine with me!" Marylou assured Betsy cheerfully. "Nothing could make matters any worse around here. I asked Henry if he wanted me to soap his back and he looked so shocked I'm beginning to wonder if he's forgotten we're married!"

Sam reached out and took the phone from Betsy. "If I were you, sexy, I wouldn't worry," he said firmly. "You'd better brush up on some of your erotic techniques because by the time my hot-blooded little wife gets through with your husband, he'll be chasing you all over the house waving his cock in front of him like a flag!"

Marylou giggled again. "Okay, Sam," she replied. "I'd better go get ready. Super Stud is out of the shower!"

Sam hung the phone up and gazed reflectively at his wife. "I certainly hope that you can get old Henry's juices flowing, honey," he said. "Have you got any ideas to turn him on?"

"Just the usual," Betsy replied. "I thought I'd give him a super blow-job and then just climb on top until I get him loosened up."

"Hey!" Sam shouted. "I've got a super colossal sexy idea! How about shaving that pretty pussy of yours! A shaved pussy really turns a guy on, you know!" Sam was starting to get a glazed look in his eyes just talking about bare pussies. Betsy laughed.

"Listen, honey," she chided him. "I don't think you're thinking about poor old Henry at all. I think you're thinking about Sam Dillon and how you'd like a bare pussy to play with!"

Sam let out a roaring laugh. "I guess you're right," he admitted. "I've always wanted to fuck a bare pussy. I'll even shave it for you!"

A half-hour later Betsy gazed at her reflection in the minor and giggled hornily. "I look funny!" she remarked, thrusting her pelvis toward the mirror in an obscene gesture. "Look at all that bare skin. I look like a little girl again, before I grew my bushy beaver!"

Sam made a grab for her from behind. "Come to Daddy!" he yelled hoarsely. "I'm going to lick all the juice off that pretty bare pussy!"

"OOOoooh, Sam!" Betsy squealed, pulling away from him playfully. "What are you doing?"

"You know what I'm doing, honey," Sam replied huskily. "I'm going to try out some of that bare pussy for myself before you give it away."

Betsy knew that it excited Sam if she protested a bit. He didn't like her to give in too easy. "But, Sam," she protested weakly, "Henry and Marylou are supposed to be here in an hour and I have to dress and everything. We just don't have time, do we?"

She turned and looked at him, trying to suppress the grin she knew was spreading over her face. She loved it when Sam took her by surprise like this. Catching her with Lydia the other afternoon must have really turned him on even more than she thought. Sam certainly was horny! She saw the rod-shaped length of his heavy cock thickening inside his pants.

Betsy's cunt contracted in a burst of pleasure. Her husband had a hard-on, all for her!

"I guess it's okay if we hurry, Sam," she continued playing their little game. "I mean if you want to."

Sam came up to her and wrapped his thick, strong arms around her slender waist and pulled her body against his huge chest as if she were a tiny doll.

Her firm little brown nipples mashed against his chest. His wiry chest hairs scratched the tender nipples with a kind of itch that really felt good. The housecoat she was wearing offered no protection against the scratchy mat of chest hair.

Sam lifted one of his big hands and cupped the end of her tittie, squeezing and caressing it through the silk dressing gown she wore. He wept the other tit into the span of his grasp and then rolled both of them with the palm of one huge hand.

"You've got great titties, honey," he praised her, "and an even greater pussy. A bare pussy -- just what I've always wanted to fuck!"

"Honey, are you sure we've got time?" Betsy asked, knowing that her resistance excited her horny husband all the more. "I mean, we wouldn't want to keep Marylou and Henry waiting, would we?"

"Fuck Marylou and Henry," Sam breathed heavily, pulling her body against him again. "I've got to bury this big cock somewhere and a nice bare pussy is a perfect place!" Sam retorted, placing her hand on his huge hard-on. Betsy didn't have to look to know that his cock was hard and throbbing. She could feel the gant hard-on Sam had for her and her bare pussy.

Sam's cock swelled to huge proportions as he squeezed her tits and tried to convince her that they had time to fuck before Marylou and Henry arrived. He had his hands on the quivering globes of her bouncy ass-cheeks now and he kneaded them firmly.

He pulled her tightly against him, belly to belly, his huge hands completely covering her ass-cheeks. His cock throbbed and pulsed against her bare pussy and she could feel the throbs vibrate down to the full, creamy lips of her nude cunt.

"Come to Papa, little girl," he called to her, laughing as he wrestled her gently to the bed. Betsy was panting hard and she knew that it was no use to fight any longer. He was aroused and ready. She didn't need to fight any more to get him excited!

"All right, I give up," she conceded happily. Her robe had come open during their tussle and her quivering hard little nipples were poking straight out at Sam.

"You're beautiful, Betsy," he told her with tenderness in his voice. "I don't see how old Henry is going to be able to resist you. You'll probably have him all charged up in ten seconds flat!"

"I hope so," Betsy replied, smiling up at her horny husband. "Do you like my pussy bare, Sam?"

"I sure do!" Sam replied, reaching out to stroke her bare cunt-mound. "Now I won't have to worry about all that pussy hair when I eat you out."

Betsy giggled. "Did you like watching me with Lydia, Sam?" she asked, knowing that Sam had loved every minute of it.

"God, yes!" Sam replied, licking his lips just thinking about it. "I wish you'd let me watch you again, Betsy."

"All right," Betsy promised. "I'll put on a little show for you sometime."

Sam's cock grew larger as she watched. It throbbed and pulsed in his shorts. Sam reached down and took off his shorts and climbed on the bed, reaching for her. He slipped her robe all the way open and looked at her, from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. His cock stood straight up, as stiff and hard as she had ever seen it.

"It's all for you, honey," he said, reaching out to squeeze her bouncing titties.

She reached for his straining prick and parted her thighs. She rubbed his rigid cock against the silky smoothness of her bare cunt-mound, making him shudder and shake with passion.

He put out his hand and touched her body. His palm smoothed up the side of her thigh. His fingertips lightly stroked her pussy-lips, slipped over her hard, little clitty, and slid up her flat belly to her hard, perky little nipples.

Betsy felt her moist pussy begin to throb and twitch. A flood of pussy-cream soaked her swollen cunt. She felt her thighs automatically part for his probing finger.

He brushed her pussy-lips, sweeping along the tender, rosy inner tissues, rimming her tight fuck-hole. He slid his finger up her satiny pussy to her clitty and pressed inward gently, rolling the little love bud until it was hard and throbbing.

"Aaaaagh!" Betsy squealed, and Sam grinned in satisfaction.

"Feel good, honey?" he asked, knowing that his wife loved to have her hard little clitty touched.

Betsy panted and Sam's prick throbbed. It always made him excited to know that he could give Betsy's pussy such a mighty thrill. His cock pulsed and throbbed when he saw the slick flood of creamy warm pussy-juice that slid from the mouth of her cunt and rolled down her gleaming ass-cheeks to her tiny, puckered bung.

"Fuck me, Sam!" Betsy squealed, unable to control herself a moment longer. She had to have Sam's long, hard prick in her hungry cunt! She needed cock, and she wanted it now!

Sam laughed and then climbed over her, panting with passion. He worked his heavy body between her slender parted thighs. He dipped his hips down towards her and made his stiff, hard cock point towards the very center of her bare pussy.

Betsy's wet, hungry pussy could hardly wait for Sam's hard cock. Her fuck-hole snapped hungrily. Her puffy cunt-lips spread apart to welcome Sam's pulsing, swollen cock-head.

Sam lowered his body to hers and made the soft mushroom of his huge cock-head nose into the soft folds of her wet pussy-hole. As soon as he felt the warm, steamy delights of her pussy, he couldn't hold back any longer. He had been planning on teasing Betsy a little longer, nosing in slowly until she begged him to sink his shaft in her hot little cunt. He couldn't hold back any more though. Betsy's hot little pussy was too inviting. He had to sink his hard, long cock in her creamy, slick cunt right now!

With a mighty lunge, Sam plowed into Betsy's hot, creamy cunt. His thick prick slid up her pussy and shoved all the way to the back of her passage, slipping through the hot pussy-cream and soft flesh.

"AAAAAAAGH, Christ!" he gasped, panting excitement. "You're so hot, honey! You've got the hottest pussy in the whole world!"

Sam came to rest against her fully, his chest pressing tightly against Betsy's hard little nipples. The huge head of his soft cock-head was nudged right up against the soft, sponginess of Betsy's burning womb. Sam filled her pussy up completely!

"Uuuuuuummmm!" Betsy moaned in delight. "Fuck me, Sam! FUCK ME HARD, LOVER! I LOVE YOUR COCK!"

As soon as Sam began fucking her, Betsy began moaning one word over and over. Sam loved to hear Betsy moan when he drove his huge prick in her hot, steaming pussy. The one word that Betsy moaned drove him wild with passion and lust. The harder he fucked the louder she moaned, "Cock... cock... cock... COCK! COCK! COCK!" Over and over Betsy moaned until her sexy chant became just one scream of passion and delight.

Sam fucked Betsy with relish, in and out, up and down, his hard cock impatient and unbelievably stiff. Betsy gasped and moaned and squealed in delight. She threw her arms around his broad back and her cunt snapped and twitched around his huge shaft with each lunge.

"COCK! COCK! COCK!" Betsy squealed, moving her hips in time to Sam's plunging cock. "COCK! COCK! COCK!"

"God!" Sam panted. "I love your pussy, honey! You've got the hottest, juiciest pussy in the world! I love it, honey! I love to fuck you!"

Betsy rocked with Sam's lunging thrusts. She felt his hard cock stretch and pound inside her cunt and slide back and forth, nudging her soft womb, and then pulling back almost to the mouth of her burning twat, and then plowing in again. Over and over. Lunge after lunge. Thrust after thrust.

Sam's body slammed against hers, forcing her ass-cheeks to quiver at his every lunge. His hands grasped her perky little nipples, rolling and pinching them, making her hard, little clitty throb and twinge in response. Sam slid his hands under her back and down to her round, quivering ass-cheeks, lifting her bare pussy up to his plunging, fiery cock.

Betsy threw her legs up and wrapped them around Sam's back. "COCK! COCK! COCK!" she screamed, louder and louder as she felt the thrills ripple through her body. She opened her thighs widely, spreading her legs as wide as she could. She felt his hard cock banging into her steaming pussy. Her hands slid to his ass and she slipped one little finger into the tight ring of his asshole.

"UUUUHHHHH!" Sam shouted. "UUUHHH!"

Betsy felt Sam fuck hard and harder. She twisted her finger around in his tight asshole, knowing that it drove him wild with passion. She knew Sam was going to come soon. She braced herself for the explosion of his jism into her burning pussy. She made her pussy-lips cling to his driving cock, squeezing and clutching at his rod like millions of tiny fingers. Her pussy muscles massaged his hard prick, drawing out the stored-up cum, trying to force Sam to let go and blast her pussy with his load of hot fuck-juice.

Sam could feel Betsy's cunt pull him deeper and deeper, sucking all the juices from his hard, long cock. Sam grunted and gasped in delight. No one had a snapping pussy like Betsy! Her pussy clutched and gobbled his prick right into its red, hot depths and milked it dry.

"OH, JESUS! GOD! I'M COMING! BETSY! I'M COMING!" Sam hollered as blast after blast of hot, thick cock-cream rushed out of his throbbing prick in spurts, blasting into her burning depths and gushing up against her womb.

"OOOOOOHH! OOOOOOHH! OOOOOOHH!" Betsy squealed, feeling her hot pussy tremble and shake with passion. Then she was coming, too, her whole cunt grasping and contracting against Sam's jerking shaft, taking them both to heights of sexy pleasure!

Her hips swiveled and bucked. Her ass rolled in Sam's big hands. Her pussy sucked and snapped around his jerking cock like a trained whore. Her whole body was burning!

Sam's prick bucked and throbbed inside her blazing pussy. He had never felt Betsy this turned on. He was glad that he had talked her into shaving her pussy. It was like fucking a little girl!

Betsy clamped her arms tightly around Sam, driving her finger even farther in his tight, puckered asshole. Her body shuddered and pulsed with violent waves of throbbing orgasm.

Her throbbing pussy sucked and milked his cock, swallowing eagerly all his hot cock-cream. Sam planted his huge tool deeply inside her sucking pussy and exploded with a mighty blast of hot, white cum.

"YAAAAAAAAGH!" he hollered, feeling her pussy clutch and squeeze the last drop of cum from his shaft.

Betsy's hot clutching cunt was filled to the brim with burning, creamy jism. Sam's cock had spurted and hosed so much hot cam into her little pussy that it just couldn't hold it all. Cock-cream and pussy-juice mingled in one hot, wet pool of fuck-juice that ran down her warm thighs. Betsy could feel the wetness spread to the bed below.

"Honey, let me get up," Betsy panted, laughing. "Look at this bed. It's a mess!" She sat up and glared at Sam, pretending to be angry with him but unable to hide the gleam of satisfaction in her sparkling eyes.

"That's really too bad, honey," Sam replied, doing his best to look contrite. "Next time I'll stick my hard, long prick down your sweet little throat and you can swallow all that. Then we won't get anything on the bedspread!"

Betsy giggled, reaching out to pat Sam's soft cock. "That's fine with me, as long as you're mopping up all my pussy-juice with your long, hot tongue!" she retorted.

"Later, you sexy little slut, you!" Sam said, giving Betsy a light slap across the gleaming expanse of her creamy white ass-cheeks. "Right now you'd better get dressed in something very sexy because Marylou and Henry are due here in just twenty minutes."

Chapter SEVEN

Betsy had been concentrating on Henry all evening. She had been glancing at him, trying to convey sexy little messages with her eyes. She had managed to rub up against him when she got out of the car and she was sure that she had turned him on a little by the brief brush of her titties against his arm. Henry had been looking at her titties all evening, and every time she had caught him staring at her, he had looked away quickly and acted embarrassed. Now the dancing was starting and Betsy could really go into action!

"How about it, Marylou?" Sam asked after Betsy had nudged him under the table. Marylou grinned and shot a quick glance at Betsy.

"Sure," she replied, "if Betsy will take care of Henry while we're dancing. How about dancing with Betsy, Henry?"

"Oh, yes," Henry replied, an expression of pleasure quickly crossing his face. "Would you care to dance, Betsy?"

Betsy smiled sweetly. "Yes, thank you," she replied and led the way to the dance floor.

The floor was crowded and the music was slow and mellow. Betsy snuggled up in Henry's arms and rubbed her hard little nipples against his chest.

"I love to dance. Don't you, Henry?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes! Yes, I do," Henry replied, unconsciously slipping one hand to her quivering, satin-clad ass-cheeks. He drew his hand away as if he were burned and held Betsy more conventionally.

Betsy snuggled even closer into Henry's arms and wiggled her hips against his. "Ooooh, this kind of music makes me feel all sexy," she murmured in a low, husky voice. She put her arms all the way around Henry so that her hard, swelling nipples were crushed against his chest. Then she ground her pelvis against his, feeling his cock surge into life. Henry had a colossal hard-on! She could feel it. She was making him horny. Now she had to strike while the iron was hot!

"Oh, goodness!" she said, swaying a little on her feet. "I guess I had a little too much to drink. I do believe that I'm a little drunky-pooh." Then she giggled wildly and pressed her body even closer to Henry's. "Could we sit down, Henry love? I'm ready to fall right on my behind!"

"Here, Betsy," Henry said, taking her firmly by both arms. "I'll get you back to the table. Just relax, now." Henry led her carefully past the dancers and back to the table. "Are you feeling all right now?" he asked in a concerned tone of voice.

"Ooooooh, my head hurts!" Betsy complained. "I think I'd better go home, Henry. I hate to be a party-pooper. Sam and Marylou are having such a good time. Would you mind taking me home and ten coming back?"

"Of course not," Henry assured her. "I'll go tell Sam right away."

Betsy giggled at Henry's retreating back. "You're going to get one hell of a surprise when you get me to my house, Henry!" she murmured. She could hardly wait to get her twitching pussy into action. By the time she was through with Henry, he'd know how to use a cock!

Fifteen minutes later Henry was gently laying her body on the bed. Betsy had pretended to pass out in the car so that Henry was forced to carry her in the house. But Betsy had noticed that Henry held her a little too tightly for pure neighborliness. She wondered if Henry was going to try to undress her and put her to bed. He was a little too shy for that sort of thing, though. She would probably, have to help him along a bit.

"Where am I?" she said, in a soft little voice. Henry leaned over her. "You're home, Betsy. You had a little too much to drink and I brought you home. I'll stay with you for a while if you like. Do you need anything?"

"Yes, Henry," Betsy replied. "I need to get out of this tight dress. It's making me sick to my stomach. Can you unzip me?"

She managed to get to her feet and stand in front of the closet door with her back to the full-length mirror on the opposite wall.

Henry walked slowly over to her and then he swallowed noisily. He quickly pulled down the zipper and stared at her smooth, white back. He swallowed again, uncomfortably.

Betsy turned around and pulled the top off her shoulders and uncovered her firm, perky nipples for just an instant before covering them up with her hands once again.

"Oh, goodness!" she said. "I shouldn't be undressing like this in front of you. Turn your head, Henry, and don't peek!"

Henry choked out some sort of response and obediently turned his head. Henry could no longer see Betsy but he could see her reflection in the large, full-length mirror.

Betsy watched Henry's expression change when he saw her reflection in the mirror. His eyes flashed and then they went wide with pleasure. He gasped slightly and his breathing quickened. She could even see the way his cock began to grow and fill up the front of his pants. Henry was getting a real charge out of watching her undress.

Henry pushed at his hard cock and tried to hide the bulge it made in his pants. It was useless, though. It was just too big and hard to hide!

Betsy's titties popped up as she lowered the front of her dress again. Her little brown nipples pouted at the end of her full, little titties and winked at Henry, who was staring at her reflection as hard as he could.

Betsy pushed the tight red dress down until it cleared her hips and slithered into a pile of red satin at her feet. Now she was dressed only in her golden pantyhose. The pantyhose fit her like a second skin. It cupped and caressed the quivering mounds of her creamy ass-cheeks and it swelled gently over her smooth pussy. Betsy saw Henry gasp in shock as he realized that her pussy was bare.

Betsy's naked, bald pussy showed clearly through her thin pantyhose. Henry could feast his eyes on her moist pink pussy-lips all sweet and soft.

Henry's cock swelled to mammoth proportions. It throbbed. It stuck out so far that Henry was afraid he was going to split open his pants. He had never seen a nude pussy before, and the sight excited him greatly. Betsy looked just like a little teen-age virgin and Henry wanted to sink his hard, aching cock in her sweet little pussy. He took a deep breath. It just wouldn't do to have such lewd thoughts. After all, Betsy was Marylou's friend! And he'd never been unfaithful to Marylou before!

"You can turn around now, Henry, and help me into bed," Betsy called out.

Henry tuned around and let out a little gasp of shock. Betsy was standing right in front of him, completely naked. She had slipped off her pantyhose while he was turning around. She held out her arms to him.

"You're going to have to help me get to bed, Henry," she said smiling at him innocently. "I just can't walk that far without tripping."

Henry walked over to her and took her by the arm, intending to lead her to the bed. Betsy purposefully tripped so that Henry had to catch her to keep her from falling.

"OOOOOH! You'd better carry me, Henry!" she said, shaking her head. "I just don't seem to be able to keep my balance!"

Henry lifted her into his arms and laid her on the bed. His hands lingered around her and his face turned red. He straightened up suddenly.

"I guess I'd better go now, Betsy," he stammered. He made a move towards the door.

"Stop right there, Henry!" Betsy shouted in a clear voice. Her eyes held a sultry, sexy look and she reduced him to a stammering, red-faced boy. "You can't just walk out on me, Henry. If you walk out right now, you're going to make me feel bad. You're going to give me a complex. You wouldn't want to do that, would you?"

"What? I don't know wh-what you're talking about, Betsy," he stammered, a slow, burning blush covering his face. He swallowed hard.

"You're going to make me think that you don't like me!" Betsy replied. "You've been looking at my hard, little nipples all evening and you just got a big hard-on looking at me in the mirror, watching me undress. You made me think that you liked me. And now you want to leave! Aren't I good enough for you, Henry?"

Henry turned beet-red. "Of course you're good enough for me, Betsy," he retorted, half choking on the words. "I want you all right, but I've never been unfaithful to Marylou before."

He broke off, confused. Betsy was so beautiful and he bet that she'd be a really good fuck. He really wanted to fuck someone besides Marylou. He was tired of being good old careful, respectable Henry. He wanted to cut loose and do all those wild things that he'd only read about but had always wanted to try. He didn't think that he could ever do that with Marylou. She would be shocked, he was sure! Marylou expected him to be a gentleman and gentlemen didn't do naughty thing like lick ladies' pussies!

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about Marylou, Henry," Betsy said, coaxing him closer to the bed with her words. "Marylou already told me that it was all right! She doesn't mind, as long as you let her fuck with Sam! How about it, Henry? Are you game for a little naughty fun?"

Henry thought quickly. Somehow the idea of Marylou fucking someone else didn't really matter all that much to him any more. He guessed that she might need some variety, too. Besides, maybe Sam would teach her some new tricks that he could appreciate later.

"You bet I'm game!" Henry hollered and fell on Betsy's body with a whoop.

"Hold it, Henry!" Betsy commanded. "Now, if you want to fuck me, you have to do it my way! Now stand up and let me look at you."

Henry obeyed. Whatever kind of fucking Betsy wanted, he would be happy to oblige. He had a feeling that Betsy would be a very good teacher!

Betsy stood beside Henry and moved forward until her hairless cunt-mound was cupping Henry's hard, throbbing prick. She swayed her ass back and forth, making her cunt-mound rub against his hard cock.

"Mmmmmm, that's good," Betsy sighed, leaning against his body, rubbing her tits and cunt all over his front. "You can hold my ass in your hands, Henry. Feel how nice and bouncy it is!"

Henry's hands slid around her back slowly and hesitantly. It was almost as if Henry had trouble believing his good fortune. His hands moved towards her round ass-cheeks. He palmed them in his hands. He slid his hands up and down her creamy globes and then he squeezed very gently.

"Oooooh! That's really nice, Henry!" Betsy encouraged him. "You should do that to Marylou sometimes. I have a feeling she'd really like that. Play with my ass some more, Henry. I really like that!"

Henry didn't hesitate this time. He thrust his hands around her ass-cheeks and cupped her bouncy spheres tightly, kneading them, playing with them, running his hands all over Betsy's ass.

Betsy moaned and pressed her hips tightly against his. She could feel the hard, long prick and the way it throbbed when she rubbed her pussy against it.

Betsy's pussy tingled with delight. Seducing Henry was going to be a snap! Deep throbs shuddered through her hot, raging cunt.

"Ooooh, that feels so good," she sighed, "Your hands are rubbing and playing with my smooth ass-cheeks and your big hard cock is right up against my hot little pussy! Oooooh! My pussy is so hot, Henry! Why don't you play with my hot, throbbing pussy?"

Henry reached eagerly for Betsy's bare pussy. He gently slid his finger between her moist cunt-lips and felt her hot, burning snatch.

"Oh, Betsy!" he gasped, sinking his finger even deeper into her wet hole. "Your pussy is so slippery and soft and hot! So hot!"

Betsy ground her hips against him, making his cock slide in the groove of her thighs and cunt. She wished that he would get out of his clothes, but she supposed that it would take a little time to get him used to the idea of even looking at a nude woman. If what Marylou said was true, Henry had never even seen a pussy up close before. Well, she would certainly change all that!

Henry pulled his ass towards him. His finger shot all the way into her small, tight pussy-hole. His huge cock throbbed in his pants. It pounded and jerked until Henry was afraid that he was going to come in his pants like a teenage boy. Indeed, that's how Betsy was making him feel. As horny and as potent as a teenage boy!

Betsy reached out to touch Henry's huge cock.

She couldn't suppress the gasp of shock she made as she realized that it was at least eight inches long! And thick, too! His cock was the size of a battering raw and Betsy could hardly wait to have it plunging and pounding inside her hungry cunt. She reached over and quickly unzipped his pants, pulling his shorts down at the same time. Henry's cock stood out rigidly, throbbing with eagerness.

"Ooooooh! You're huge!" Betsy sighed, running her fingers up and down his giant shaft. "You've got a lovely, long, fat cock, Henry. God, I love it!"

Henry couldn't conceal the expression of delight that crossed his face. "Do you really like it?" he asked, not believing that any woman could get so excited over a prick.

Betsy grasped his firm shaft with delight. "I'll show you how much I like it, Henry," she retorted in a very low, sexy voice.

Then she jerked her hand up and down, jacking him with her warm, firm fingers. She rubbed her hand across his swelling cock-head, wiping off the drops of juice that had collected there. She wiped the hot pre-cum on her face and lips, then opened her mouth and sucked it down over the tip of his wide, fat cock, gulping and moaning in ecstasy.

"Aaaaagh!" Henry grunted, throwing his head back with bliss and shock combined.

He had never felt anything like Betsy's sucking mouth and hot, probing tongue before! She sucked his dick like she was stoning for a taste of his hot creamy cum. She ran her tongue around and around the surface of his swelling cock-head and reamed the very tip in his ass-hole to lick up the drops that appeared there. She licked her lips and swallowed again and again. She ran her fingers all over his cock at the same time, petting it and exciting it. Between her hands and her mouth and tongue, Henry was going right out of his mind with passion!

Then she pulled back suddenly and looked into his eyes. "Do you ever suck Marylou's titties, Henry?" she asked candidly.

"Uh... no," Henry answered, stammering. "I don't think that Marylou'd like it."

"Oh, yes she would, Henry!" Betsy said vehemently. "She told me she would. She's been just dying for you to suck her pretty, big titties and bite and chew on her big, rosy nipples. You'd like to do that, wouldn't you, Henry?"

"Uh... sure, Betsy," Henry replied, "I just didn't think she'd like it, that's all!"

"I'll let you practice on mine, Henry," Betsy offered. "I'll teach you what feels good to me and I'll bet you that Marylou would like the same things I do. Go ahead, Henry. Suck my titties!"

Betsy pushed her nipples towards him. She smiled. She felt his ups and tongue on her naked flesh. His mouth was hot and wet. She cupped the back of his head and held him to her aching tit as if she were a mother nursing a baby.

"Mmmmmm, I love it!" she sighed. "Suck my titties, Henry. Oooooh, don't bite so hard, Henry! Gently now. Just chew a little. Don't bite hard! I don't like to be hurt and neither will Marylou. She'll tell you if she wants it harder. Now roll my nipple around with your tongue. That's it! Oooohhh! Feels so good!"

Henry sucked and sucked. He made wet, naughty sounds with his mouth. He acted like he couldn't get enough of Betsy's titties! He put his face to her jugs and rubbed his cheeks against the soft, silky skin. He could hardly wait to bury his face in Marylou's big boobies. He could nuzzle right up between them and almost smother to death in the fascinating, lovely feeling. "Oooooh, I like to suck your titties!" he groaned, licking his way all around one of Betsy's perky little boobs. "They're beautiful tithes! So nice and firm!"

"Now play with my pussy a little more," Betsy instructed. "Play nice and easy, Henry. Women like to be stroked gently at first. Tease my little pussy with your strong fingers!"

Betsy kept playing with Henry's cock, keeping him hot and ready. Then she lay back and let him part her puffy pussy-lips.

"Oooooh, your pussy is so pretty!" Henry exclaimed, staring hard at Betsy's delicate pink cunt.

Henry had never seen a pussy before and he tried to memorize every line and curve of Betsy's pussy so he could compare it with Marylou's later. He stroked Betsy's cunt-lips with gentle, light touches. He slipped one finger up and down her pussy, fondling her hairless cunt, gazing into it as he opened her labes wide and exposed the glossy, slippery pinkness of her depths.

He leaned down to look a little more closely. Betsy shuddered and couldn't resist cupping the back of his head with her hands, forcing his face to touch her wet steaming pussy.

"Ooooh! Henry! Lick my pussy! EAT ME!" she commanded.

Henry wasn't sure if he wanted to suck and lick on Betsy's cunt. He had never licked a cunt before and it was totally unfamiliar to him. A lot of people had said that sucking cunts was nasty but Henry was intrigued by the sight and smell of Betsy's fascinating pussy. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try. He opened his mouth and thrust out his tongue, boldly, licking one stroke in Betsy's pussy and then tasting it. It was good! Her pussy tasted exciting and hot. It was musky and sweet and he wanted more!

"Your snatch tastes so good!" he sighed and lowered his head to her steaming, burning cunt again.

He fastened his mouth over her whole pussy and trembled from head to toe. Betsy cried out with passion and arched her back up, bringing her throbbing pussy up even farther into his rapidly sucking mouth.

"Ooooh!" Betsy squealed as Henry lapped and sucked her shaved pussy. "Don't stop! Fuck your tongue inside of me! Ahhhhhgh! You're a good cunt-sucker! Mmmmmmm!"

Henry's lips flared out over Betsy's creaming pussy-hole. His tongue worked its way back and forth, fucking its probing way into her tight, hot cunt. He shook all over. He fucked her with his tongue and rubbed and gummed her with his lips.

Betsy tossed and thrashed beneath him. She was so horny now that she was no longer concerned with teaching Henry anything. Henry was doing just fine all by himself. All he needed was a little encouragement and he really cut loose! Betsy couldn't keep her mind on teaching Henry anything. The only thing she could think about was the fierce, urgent feeling in her steaming, hot pussy and how Henry's tongue and lips sent little tongues of fire through her whole body. Her pussy flooded with gush after gush of creamy juice and Henry's raspy tongue was right there to lick it up. Henry acted like he couldn't get enough of her gushing, flooding cunt.

"YES! Ohhhhhh! YESSSSSS!" Betsy squealed, wrapping her legs around his head. "I'M COMING! OOOOOOH! HERE IT COMES! OOOOOOOH, HENRY!!"

Henry glued his mouth and lips to Betsy's wildly bucking pussy. He rode her twat like a jockey rides a stallion. He could feel her whole cunt contract and pulse with delight. He kept right on lapping her blasting box. He sucked the little hard button of her clitty. He shoved his tongue all the way up her tight fuck-hole, twisting and turning. And he didn't miss a drop of that wonderful cunt-cream from Betsy's exploding pussy!

"Oooh, you're a great cunt-licker, Henry!" Betsy complimented him. "I'll bet Marylou will love it when you bury your steaming mouth in her wet pussy. Would you like to fuck me now, Henry? I can tell you're just dying to shoot in my hot cunt!"

Henry trembled in passion. He could hardly wait to sink his hard cock in Betsy's twitching hot twat. Betsy reached forward, wrapping her fingers around his pulsing, rock-hard shaft. Henry pulled away reluctantly.

"I've got to fuck you!" he groaned, hating to give up the warm caresses of Betsy's swift fingers. "I'm going to put my big, stiff cock in your hot pussy and pump it in and out until both of us blast off!" Henry shouted, all of his restraint gone. "Get ready, Betsy! Spread out! I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop!"

Henry threw himself on Betsy's body. She went down under him, flinging her legs wide open, cupping his body with her steaming, pulsing crotch. His cock jerked wildly as the huge knob hovered over her spread pussy-hole. Then he drove downward with brutal force, lunging into her burning, wet cunt. Her pussy-mouth sucked his cock wildly. Millions of tiny mouths sucked his prick in deeper and deeper, nipping and rolling his rigid barrel with delightful urgency. Her pussy muscles yanked his hard cock into her depths, gluing his cock-head to her hot, spongy womb.

He plowed against her, their bodies sliding and rubbing against one another. He plunged all the way into her pussy and made her hips tip up and toss. He was all the way into her now!

"OH, GOD!" she screamed as his huge prick filled her tiny pussy completely, stretching it out of shape but feeling wonderful all the same. His hard cock stretched larger and larger with every lunge he made into her hot, wet cunt. His dick grew so large and fat that Betsy was almost afraid that she couldn't accommodate another tiny bit. Then she felt the tremors of orgasm tearing through her body again.

"Aaaaaagh!" she squealed loudly. "I'm coming again! You beautiful stud! FUCK ME AND COME!"

"Ooooh!" he groaned, "I'm going to come, too! Here it is! HERE! UUUUH! UUHH! UUUHH!"

He muttered and groaned. He ground his hips against her wide-open pussy. He plunged and rammed his big, thick cock all the way up her tiny cunt and let the spasms sweep through him.

His prick jerked and blasted. He filled her cunt full. It ran and spurted from between her naked cunt-lips and his plunging shaft. It coated and dripped over their bodies. Both of them gave long shuddering sighs and were still.

"YEAAAAAA!" two voices came from the doorway. Betsy and Henry glanced up, startled to see Sam and Marylou standing there, clapping. Marylou had a gazed look on her face and she gazed at Henry with new respect.

"Wow, Henry!" she gasped. "You certainly can fuck! Why didn't you ever fuck me that way?"

"I thought you'd be shocked," Henry said, starting to laugh. "I have a feeling that I have a lot to learn and I'm going to learn most of it tonight!"

Betsy jumped up, giggling. "Let's all go in the living room and fuck on the floor," she suggested, winking at Sam. "I'll bet between the three of us, we can teach Henry plenty of new tricks!"

Chapter EIGHT

As soon as Betsy was sure than Henry was ready to hear about Marylou's horrible adventure with George, she told him. Sam and Marylou listened quietly as Betsy gave Henry full details. At first, Henry's face turned white with shock and then as soon as Betsy's words registered fully in his mind, he turned livid with anger.

"Oh, Marylou!" he exclaimed. "You poor darling! I've been such a fool! If I'd only known what I know now about sex, you never would have been forced to sneak someone into Lydia's house. And you never would have been caught by that pervert, George!"

Marylou smiled up at Henry happily. Everything was turning out just the way Betsy had promised. Henry was mad at George, not at her! And Henry was learning that kinky sex could be fun!

"I think George ought to be taught a lesson," Betsy suggested, nudging Henry quietly. "Why don't you and I batch up a plan to fix old George's little red wagon while Sam and Marylou retire to the bedroom?" Then Betsy leaned close to Henry's ear and whispered, "I'm not through with you yet, Henry. Your cock was so good the first time I'm going to die if I don't get seconds! How about it? Can Sam and Marylou fuck while we lay around in here?"

Henry squeezed Betsy's hand. Anything she wanted was fine with him. Marylou deserved a little fun and he was sure that Sam would give her a good time. Meanwhile he and Betsy could play games in the living room.

"Go ahead, honey," he told Marylou. "Don't be shy now. Sam's been waiting all night for you and I sure don't mind. Go have yourself a little fun." He patted her quivering ass fondly. "You never know," he continued, winking at her. "You might learn something new to show me!"

Marylou giggled. "You sure are turning into a little ole swinger, honey!" she breathed, a happy grin spreading across her face. "I just can't believe that y'all are real! Everything is so perfect, I just don't know what to do!"

Sam got up off the couch. "I'll show you what to do, Marylou," he offered, leading the way to the bedroom. Betsy and Henry could hear Marylou's giggle as they walked down the hall.

"I just can't believe that Henry's turned into such a swinger," Marylou said again, holding tightly to Sam's hand. "This is really great!"

Sam closed the bedroom door behind them and folded Marylou into his arms. "I've been wanting to do this all night," he murmured, grasping one of her mammoth titties in his hands and rubbing and squeezing. "You have such beautiful, big boobs. Nothing turns me on any faster than a big-titted woman!"

Marylou met Sam's eyes. She could feel the warmth grow in her tingly pussy when Sam admired her large titties. "Glad you like them Sam," she replied, licking her lips naughtily. "How would y'all like to suck them?" Then she reached inside her low-cut dress and lifted both huge titties out. "My nipples are hard, Sam," Marylou continued. "Y'all want to play with them or shall I play with them myself?"

Sam groaned. Marylou was certainly sexy! He reached out and grabbed her swelling titties with both hands. His eager mouth approached one of Marylou's ripe, rosy nipples and it winked and grew right before his eyes, hardening and throbbing at the descent of his hungry mouth. Then Sam popped the cherry nipple into his mouth and sucked greedily.

"OOOooh!" Marylou gasped, the delighted thrills in her nipple radiating right down to her creamy, slick, pulsing cunt. "Oooooh!" she gasped again as Sam moved his mouth to the other nipple, gliding it the same treatment. "You're a great little ole boob-sucker, Sam!" Marylou cried in bliss. "Bite them! Chew on my big red nipples! Make me come, Sam!"

Sam obliged. He chewed and sucked, sucked and chewed, until Marylou was out of her mind with lust. Suddenly she couldn't control her passions any longer. She threw herself into Sam's arms and pressed her red lips tightly to his, her probing tongue seeking his in a searing hiss.

"FUCK ME, SAM!" she cried lustily, not caring who heard. "I NEED COCK!"

Sam's arms tightened around Marylou's trembling body. He had been right. Marylou was really a hot one. She was hungry for cock and he was just the right man to give it to her. He picked her up in his arms effortlessly and threw her gently on the big, king-sized bed. Then Sam undressed quickly, his eyes on Marylou. She stayed there on the bed that Betsy and Henry had just vacated and stared at his body as he undressed, gasping in happiness as she saw the dimensions of his huge, thick cock. It was shiny, rock-hard and long, thicker than she had ever dreamed possible! It was a cock fit for a stallion and she shuddered in fear and delight as she thought of his gigantic tool in her creamy, slick pussy!

Sam stood there looking at her, grinning widely at her reaction to his gigantic cock. Women were always amazed at the size of his huge prick. This was nothing new to him. Sometimes he had encountered a little difficulty in convincing his would-be conquests that his huge cock would fit in their tight cunts. He had to really talk fast but once they had experienced the delights of his cock, most of them came back again and again, for more of that fabulously large tool. Sam had no doubts about his ability to please women. All the girls had assured him that he was the best fuck they had ever had!

Marylou didn't look in the least frightened as she gazed at his huge prick. She looked as eager as hell to try it out. Sam could tell that she was creaming in her wispy little panties, just looking at him!

"Come on, Marylou," Sam said, grinning at her.

"Let's go in the shower and play a few games before we really get down to business. Have you ever fucked in a shower?"

Marylou shook her head. She'd fucked plenty of men before she and Henry were married, but none of them had ever fucked her in a shower. It sounded like fun! Her pussy tingled and creamed just thinking about it! She threw off her clothes quickly and followed Sam to the shower, where he was adjusting the water temperature.

As soon as the water was adjusted to suit Sam's taste, he motioned for Marylou to step into the shower. "Come on, baby," he urged. "This is going to be a blast!"

Marylou stepped in, gasping a little at the sudden surge of water that struck her body. She wondered exactly what Sam had in mind and she wanted cock and she didn't care how she got it, as long as she did! She would go along with whatever he wanted as long as he fucked her eventually. She trembled a bit as the hot water splashed against her skin. This might just be very exciting!

Sam climbed in the shower with her and turned on the water full-force. The hot jets beat down on their satiny skins, splashing over them and running down in streams like a hot summer rain. Sam picked up the soap and lathered his hands until they were covered with suds. Then he reached out for Marylou's back, massaging and soaping her wet, glistening body thoroughly. He started at her ankles, working his way up her shapely legs and thighs, paying particular attention to her shimmering, slippery ass-cheeks, firmly kneading the soft, satiny flesh of her quivering buns, not missing an inch of her beautiful ass! Then he worked his way up her back, rubbing out a little tension of the day, ending at her neck and shoulders.

"OOOOOoooooh!" Marylou moaned.

Sam rubbed her neck until she was fully relaxed and then he turned her around and took her into his strong arms. She gasped as their bodies touched. She took his giant cock pressing up against her belly, rubbing and poking at her smooth, warm skin. His hard cock was jutting up between them like a pole.

Sam's lips came down on hers, gently at first and then harder and harder as he felt her pussy grind against his stiffly poking cock. Her pussy moved in circles as his tongue probed and explored the hot depths of her open mouth. Her tongue met his in an attempt to match his thrusts and probes and her clit moved frantically against his hard cock.

"AAAAaaagh!" Marylou moaned. She felt like she would go crazy with wanting his dick. All she could think about was his hard cock inside her steaming pussy.

Sam pulled away from her, holding her at arm's length and staring at her quivering, wet body. "God! You've got fantastic boobs!" he exclaimed, reaching out to tweak her large, rosy nipples. "They stick right out like apples on a free!"

Marylou stood out in front of him proudly. She knew she had a sexy body. She was proud of her trembling, hard nipples and swelling, glistening titties.

Sam picked up the soap again. He lathered both hands and reached out to grab her round, firm boobs, squeezing and rubbing with delight as he attempted to hold onto the slippery mounds of delicious flesh. No matter bow hard he tried to hold them, they kept slipping away. Marylou twisted slightly, making it impossible for Sam to get a firm hold on her soapy, slippery titties.

"Can't catch them, Sam!" she called out above the roar of the rushing shower water. "I'm too fast for you!"

Sam stepped quickly aside and let the rushing water rinse Marylou off thoroughly. It beat against her sensitive jugs, caressing them with streams of hot water. It cascaded down to her fluffy beaver and ran down her legs to the tile floor.

"Now you're not slippery any more!" Sam shouted and leaned quickly forward. He sucked the tip of one throbbing knocker into his hot mouth, biting and chewing until Marylou thought she would die of lust! Her pussy pulsed and throbbed, and her hard little clitty poked out and trembled with delight!


Sam moved to the other firm nipple eagerly, giving it the same measure of attention, making Marylou shriek and moan in delicious agony.

"God!" she moaned. "OH, GOD!"

She had never been so turned on! She could hardly wait until Sam touched her throbbing little clitty. It was standing right up with its rosy little head extended, begging for attention.

Sam picked up the soap again and started to caress and wash her belly, rubbing smoothly over the gentle curves of satiny skin until he came to the wet, fluffy mound of her throbbing beaver. He soaped her pussy hair, combing his fingers through every strand, coming nearer and nearer to her pink, throbbing clitty with each stroke.

"OOOOOOH!" Marylou shrieked. "Touch my pussy! Make me come! Touch my hard, little clitty! PLEASE!"

Sam parted the silky cunt hairs of her bushy mound and ran his fingers over the delicate folds of tender flesh on her pussy-lips.

"AAAAAGH!" Marylou screamed, unable to stand any more of his teasing, gentle fingers.

She reached down and took his hand in hers, guiding it forcefully to her protruding clitty and jamming his fingers against her little love bud. She felt the delicious sensations pour through her body as his finger stroked and probed in her hungry pussy. She started to tremble and shake so violently that she almost fell and he held her with one strong arm while his fingers continued to explore and pet her throbbing tit, driving her out of her mind with desire for his hard cock! He jammed three fingers in her tight little fuck-hole and she groaned and moaned with pleasure as he wiggled them in and out other hot, steaming cunt.

"Want a real thrill, Marylou?" Sam asked and grinned as she nodded in answer. Then he positioned her directly in front of the showerhead, aiming the stream of hot water so that it directly splattered against her pulsing and throbbing clitty.

"AAAAAGH!" Marylou shrieked as the water beat down on her sensitive flesh.

Sam adjusted the water again, varying the strength and width of the stream splashing against her long, protruding clitty. This sent her into such tremors of ecstasy that she could barely stand it!

Marylou moaned again as the hot water splashed right down on her throbbing little love bud, battering and pushing her little button this way and that, sending waves of incredible pleasure through her whole body. She moved forward, until the water was hitting her little bud full-force. She tried to drink up all the rushing water with her hungry, demanding pussy!

Sam raised the showerhead, directing the stream of water directly onto her bobbing jugs, sending her rock-hard nipples quivering in delight. Her large, firm titties pulsed and throbbed, feeling the needle-sharp stream of water pound on them like millions of sharp, delicious fingers. The water droplets bounced off her hard, pouting nipples and ran down her belly to her aching and throbbing pussy below. She groaned again in absolute agonized pleasure.

Sam aimed the water directly on her hard little clitty again, smiling with approval when she positioned herself so that the water would beat full-force against the most sensitive spot. This time Sam was going to let her come, but not until he had sunk his pulsing, bursting shaft in that sweet little second pussy of hers!

One of the greatest pleasures in Sam's life was ass-fucking and he was sure that Marylou would love it, too, as soon as he finished showing her how it was done. She was so horny right now that he could bury his massive cock in her right ear and she would probably love it!

Marylou's eyes were closed and she was concentrating on the delicious sensations the rushing water was creating in her trembling body. She didn't see Sam move in back of her until it was too late. Sam had already soaped his mammoth cock completely. He had lubricated it thoroughly for an easier penetration. He knew that Marylou would probably resist at first, and getting a lot of soap on his prick would help overcome her resistance in a hurry.

Sam soaped his finger and poised for an instant, right outside the entrance to Marylou's little asshole. Then he shoved forward with his finger, right up the narrow pulsing channel of her tight, virgin bung!

"YAAAAGH!" Marylou yelled as Sam's probing finger pushed its way up her tight asshole. "OOOOOH! What are you doing? OOOH, SAM!"

"Just relax, Marylou. You'll love it!" Sam answered, leaving his finger firmly in place and wiggling it back and forth a little. He was sure that Marylou would love ass-fucking as soon as she relaxed a little.

Marylou wasn't sure that she liked the new sensation she was feeling, but there was nothing she could do about it. Sam was standing behind her firmly and she couldn't move backward against him without shoving his finger in even farther. If she moved forward, she would lose the stream of water, sending delightful sensations through her tender clitty. She didn't want to do that, either! She was stuck, whether she liked it or not, and she hoped that she could learn to like it. It really was beginning to feel rather pleasant in an exciting sort of way. Her little shitter was getting used to the sensation.

Marylou tried relaxing her ass muscles even more. She found that the more she relaxed, the better Sam's finger felt. She could feel Sam's arms tighten around her and she gave a gasp as she realized exactly what he intended to do!


"Just relax, Marylou, and I'll guarantee you it won't hurt," Sam soothed the frightened girl. "If it hurts after a few minutes, take it back out again, okay?"

Marylou shuddered in anticipation. "I... I guess so..." she finally replied.

Sam seemed to be so sure that she would like it and she had reed that ass-fucking was a real trip!

Still, she was pretty nervous...

"OOOOH!" she screamed as his long, thick, slippery cock rammed in her narrow shitter, sending sharp stabs of pain through her. The pain felt like knives from her head all the way down to her toes!

"AIEEEEEEE!" she hollered, and Sam pulled all the way out.

Marylou relaxed, thinking that her ordeal was over and Sam had decided that ass-fucking was simply too painful for her. She was planning to thank him and ask him to fuck her the regular way as soon as she could catch her breath.

Marylou had guessed wrong, though. Sam was only preparing himself for a massive thrust that would bury his hard cock right up her narrow shit-chute, all the way to his balls.

Sam tensed his body and rammed his hard, slippery cock all the way in again, finally holding Marylou in place with his hands. She was caught firmly between the delicious stream of water battering against her hard, little clitty, and his hard, pulsing cock, buried snugly in her ass!

"AAAAAH! GOD!" Marylou shrieked. She had never felt such a group of conflicting sensations. She didn't know whether it felt good or whether it hurt!

Sam humped faster and faster, driving forcefully into her tight little hung. After the first waves of pain had diminished, Marylou realized that his hard, thick prick in her narrow, second pussy actually felt good! She felt the beginnings of a massive orgasm racking her body as Sam battered and plunged in her hot, narrow channel. Marylou's body began to tremble so intensely that she would surely have sunk to the floor if Sam hadn't been holding her so tightly with his hands and his impaling shaft.

Marylou relaxed her body totally and let the dual pleasures carry her away. Tremor after tremor of delight quivered through her lush body.

"I LOVE IT!" she screamed as her pussy began to explode into thousands of spasms of joy.


Then she collapsed against Sam, moaning and screaming in blissful horny pleasure.

Sam felt the tremors of his own climax beginning. He rode it out with barely controlled delight. The contractions her pussy muscles made were so strong that he began to shoot his load of jism despite his intentions. Spurt after spurt of creamy white cock-cream went rushing forcefully up her narrow, hot ass-passage. Her whole shitter was bathed in his hot, creamy prick-juice. Her tremors of delight milked every drop of hot cream from his shaft until he shuddered and collapsed, too, leaning over her and breathing hard in ragged hoarse gasps.

It took both of them a long time to gain their composure. Marylou just couldn't believe what had happened to her. She had actually been ass-fucked! The delightfully naughty experience she had only read about before had actually happened to her. And she had loved it! Her demanding pussy was totally satisfied. She could hardly wait to tell Henry about it. He would love it, too, she was sure!

Chapter NINE

Betsy and Henry had thoroughly figured out what to do about George. All they had to do was to wait for Sam and Marylou to come out of the bedroom so they could tell them their plan. Sam and Marylou had been in the bedroom for a half-hour already, though, and it seemed as if they'd never come out. Both Betsy and Henry were getting very impatient!

"Do you want to go and peek?" Henry asked, a gleam appearing in his eyes. "It's really a lot of fun to peek at someone." Then he looked quite embarrassed at having admitted liking to peek.

Betsy didn't seem in the least bit shocked by Henry's admission. "Yeah, peeking is a real trip," she agreed. "Did you ever peek at ladies undressing when you were a boy, Henry?"

"Oh, yes!" Henry replied, getting a little red in the face. "I used to peek at Miss Mortensen, the librarian. She lived just up the street from us and I used to climb her elm tree so I could peek in her window when she got ready for bed."

"Did you used to beat off watching her?" Betsy asked, feeling her pussy begin to twitch faintly. "I'll bet you did, didn't you, Henry?"

She reached over and patted Henry's stiffening cock.

"Look at that! You're getting all excited just remembering! Wouldn't you have just died if Miss Mortensen had seen you and asked you to come in?"

"Oh!" Henry exclaimed, the very thought of Miss Mortensen inviting him in made his cock jerk and harden still more. "I guess if she had, I probably would have been scared to death!" Henry admitted, grinning at Betsy. "I wish it had happened, though. I'd like to know what I would have done. I sure wish I could go back twenty years and do it all over!"

Betsy sat thoughtful for a moment. The she laughed and clapped her hands together. "Why not?" she questioned. "We can do it! We'll just pretend! If we both really get into it, it might be a kinky way to pass the time till Sam and Marylou get through. Besides, it might even turn us on. Are you game, Henry?"

"You mean just pretend that I'm a boy of fourteen again?" Henry asked.

Betsy nodded.

"Well, it can't do any harm," Henry replied, "and who knows, it might be fun."

"All right," Betsy started off. "You pretend that you're up in the tree, peeking at me. I'm Miss Mortensen. I've just gotten ready for bed and I've got a really thin nightgown on. Ready?"

"Why, HENRY WILSON!" Betsy sputtered, pretending to be the fabled Miss Mortensen. "I see you in that tree peeking at me! Come in here this instant and apologize to me!"

"But... Miss Mortensen. I w-was only... climbing the tree! I w-wasn't peeking at you honest, I wasn't," Henry stuttered, acting as if he were fourteen years old again. "I... I... I won't do it again, honest!"

Henry knew that there was no use in arguing. He approached Betsy, who was sitting on the couch in her housecoat. "I'm sorry, Miss Mortensen," he said quickly and turned to go. "I've got to get home now. My mother's expecting me!"

"Henry Wilson, you stay right here!" Betsy said angrily. "I want to know just why you were staring at me! Now tell me!"

Henry gulped in surprise. He really felt like a fourteen-year-old boy caught in the act of peeking at the town librarian! He looked at Betsy furtively. She stood in front of him and Henry could see her firm titties swelling beneath the transparent dressing gown she wore. He had never seen anything like this before!

Henry swallowed again nervously. What could he say? He couldn't really tell Miss Mortensen why he had been peeking at her! He couldn't tell her about how his young dick got hard just watching her and how he jerked off outside her window! He just didn't know what to say!

"I... I... I don't know, Miss Mortensen," Henry finally said in desperation. He knew Miss Mortensen would be mad at him for not telling, but he figured tat she would be even madder if she knew why he stared at her every evening.

Betsy walked seductively past Henry to shut the door behind him. "Now we're alone, Henry," she said in a sexy voice. Betsy was playing her part to the hilt. She wanted to really excite Henry and get him to believe his fantasy.

"Now you don't have to be afraid that someone will see you here with me," she continued in a very seductive tone of voice. "I want you to be honest with me and tell me why you've been peeking at me every night."

Henry swallowed with difficulty. He blushed a bright beet-red. "I... I... I don't know, Miss Mortensen," he stammered again miserably.

"Then perhaps you can tell me why you're staring at my ass now," Betsy calmly asked, in a perfectly normal tone of voice.

What could poor Henry say? He just swallowed again and turned a little redder in the face.

"Do you like my ass?" Betsy asked calmly, turning around quickly and catching Henry by surprise. She was getting a little more daring now, but she knew she couldn't be too bold. She didn't want to scare Henry back to the present!

"Do I what?" Henry asked in a choked voice, not daring to meet her eyes. He blushed uncontrollably.

"I said, do you like my ass?" Betsy repeated clearly. "I notice that you've been looking at it for quite a few minutes now. What do you find so interesting, Henry?"

"Oh... I'm sorry, Miss Mortensen..." Henry stammered, completely flustered. "It's just that... I've never seen anyone wear such a... I... your dress is so..." He stopped, looking like he was ready to burst into tears at any moment.

"Don't be silly, dear boy," Betsy replied. "Of course you're not sorry! You meant to look, now didn't you? We don't have to play silly little babyish games, do we, Henry? I know that you wanted to look at my ass, and I don't mind a bit! Come now dear. Admit it! You wanted to look at my ass, didn't you?"

"I... I... I... Of course I did, Miss Mortensen... I mean you're so beautiful! I've never seen anyone look so beautiful! Your dress... It's so... so... so..." Henry trailed off, unable to find the right word.

"Seductive?" Betsy suggested. "You mean my gown is seductive, Henry? Sexy? Is that what you mean, dear?"

"Uh... Uh... YES!" Henry replied, not sure what he should say. No matter how he answered Miss Mortensen's questions, he had the feeling that he was getting himself deeper and deeper in trouble.

"You sound like you're not really sure, dear," Betsy replied. "Don't you like my sexy gown?"

"Uh... yes... of course I do..." Henry said in a weak voice.

Miss Mortensen was making him very flustered and he hoped that she wouldn't notice the hard, aching bulge in the front of his pants. Every time he looked at her lush body his prick grew a little more, until now it was almost bursting out of his pants.

Betsy smiled. She licked her lips sexily. "I'm gad you like my ass, Henry. My goodness! You can't even see it very well through this gown I'm wearing. Wouldn't you rather see it better, dear?"

"Uh... uh... uh... yeah! I mean, sure!"

Henry replied, not knowing exactly what Miss Mortensen had in mind but wanting to agree with everything she said.

Betsy turned around and lifted her gown slowly, exposing more and more of her shapely legs until the gown came right to the crack of her beautiful, shimmering ass-cheeks.

"Do you want to see the rest, Henry?" she asked, turning her head to look over her shoulder at him.

"Yes!" Henry gasped in a strangled voice. "Oh, God!"

Henry almost came in his pants as Betsy revealed the full globes of her quivering ass-cheeks for his inspection.

"Oh, God! God!" Henry moaned, putting his hands over his eyes and peeking through his fingers at her beautiful ass-cheeks.

"Do you like tern?" Betsy asked, playing her part perfectly.

"Oh, yes!" Henry answered loudly. "I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!"

"Oh, it's really happening all right," Betsy replied. "Everything is very real. Here... touch my ass-cheeks and you can tell that it's not a dream!"

"Touch you?" Henry gasped, not sure he had heard correctly. "You mean, me touch you?"

"Yes," Betsy replied. "I mean reach out and touch my ass-cheeks. I want you to feel my ass, Henry. You should be thrilled. After all, it's not every boy that gets a chance to feel his librarian's ass-cheeks! Come on now, dear. Quickly, before I change my mind and offer this opportunity to another boy a little older!"

Betsy was so excited by this strange game she and Henry were playing that she almost quit pretending to be Miss Mortensen and grabbed Henry right then and there! Her pussy tingled and throbbed between her legs. She could feel the sticky cunt-cream start to flow, filling her pussy and dripping down her legs. She was HOT!

Then she looked at Henry. Henry had almost changed in appearance! His face looked twenty years younger and he had an innocent expression that Betsy had never seen before. Henry really believed that he was a young teenage boy again, being seduced by the town librarian!

Betsy could hardly wait for Henry to actually touch her. She could sense his muscles tensing, preparing for the reach to touch her ass-cheeks. She longed to feel his quivering, uncertain hands on her.

Henry stood there, scared to death. He couldn't believe that Miss Mortensen actually wanted him to touch her ass! He swallowed hard and tried to control the aching and pounding in his hard prick.

"Me... are you sure?" he stammered almost inaudibly, blushing deeply and not daring to look Miss Mortensen in the eye.

"Yes!" Betsy replied. "Of course I'm sure, dear. Feel my ass, dear. You'll love it. Don't be nervous. Just reach out and feel my smooth, silky ass, Henry. Hurry! HURRY! If you wait too long, I might change my mind!" Then she moved backward, right up against Henry's hand.

"Ooooooh!" Henry groaned as he felt her ass-cheeks right up against his shaking hand. He rubbed the smooth flesh tentatively, lightly running his fingers over her silky globes. "Oooooh! Your ass is so smooth, Miss Mortensen!" he gasped, unable to bide his pleasure.

"Do you like my ass this way, dear?" Betsy asked. Her voice was low and husky, full of hot lust.

"Oh, God, yes!" Henry replied, both hands moving over the silken halves of her beautiful, quivering ass.

"Run your hands up and down my legs, too," Betsy suggested. "They feel good, too, dear."

Betsy could hardly stand still. Her legs were trembling with excitement. This was just like actually seducing a young boy. She felt like she was living one of her fantasies! Henry's touch was so childish, so tentative. Betsy loved his shyness and nervousness. She could hardly wait for him to actually fuck her!

Henry grunted in enjoyment. His cock was growing so hard that he didn't know what to do! He dropped to his knees to try to hide the large bulge in his trousers. He wondered if she would be mad if she saw the bulge in his pants. Would she chase him out of her house and tell his mother that he had been hiding in the tree, watching her? He didn't know. He knelt on the floor, hoping that his raging cock would grow soft again, even though he was still playing with Miss Mortensen's exciting ass.

"Go right in between my ass-cheeks, dear," Betsy instructed. "That's right, darling! Push your fingers right in there. Do you feel how warm and soft it is in there, dear? Can you feel my pussy yet? Move your fingers down farther, dear. That's right. Yes! Now you've got it! Right through there, dear! Ohhhhh! That's right! Just a little farther now. There! Now if you go just a little farther, you can feel the soft skin on my pussy. You want to do that, don't you, darling? Don't you want to feel my hot pussy?"

"Jesus Christ! Feel your pussy? God! You don't mean it, Miss Mortensen! You wouldn't really let me feel you pussy, would you?" Henry gasped.

He felt as if someone had hit him in the stomach with a hard ball. He could hardly talk he was so excited just thinking about touching Miss Mortensen's pussy. And the sexy way she was talking! He just didn't know what to make of that! It was almost like she was giving him the come-on, but she certainly couldn't be doing that. Could she?

Henry felt his fingers touch the soft, silky skin of Miss Mortensen's moist pussy and his fingers stroked gently. He just couldn't believe that this was actually happening to him! He was actually touching the outside of Miss Mortensen's cunt! God!

Betsy felt wonderful. She was getting so excited that it was hard to maintain her calm. She wanted Henry to sink his beautiful, hard cock right in her burning snatch, but she had to stay cool and play her role. She knew that it would be that much better if she would act exactly like Miss Mortensen. Betsy felt like she was going crazy. She began to move her hips just a bit. His touch was so tantalizing. She had to have more. She had to entice him into her pussy! She had to inflame him with the blaze of lust that enveloped her own lush body!

"Go ahead, dear," she cajoled. "You can touch it inside, too. I want to show you what a hot cunt feels like. Touch a little harder, dear. That's right! Oooooh! Do it, dear! Do it!"

Betsy squeezed her legs together and trapped Henry's hand between her thighs. Henry trembled from head to toe. He was actually touching Miss Mortensen's pussy! And it sounded as if she liked it! Henry had always thought that girls let boys touch their pussies because the boys wanted to. It had never occurred to him that the girls might actually invite such caresses.

"Ooooh! That feels so good, dear!" Betsy sighed, squeezing Henry's hand even harder between her silky, long legs.

"My pussy is getting all hot and steamy! Can you feel it, dear? Does it feel good to you?"

Henry was at a loss for words. He simply didn't know what to say. He gulped and stammered, "yes... it feels good!"

Henry was beside himself. When he had first touched Miss Mortensen's hot, moist pussy, he had jerked his hand back like he had touched a bed of hot coals. Now he plunged his hand forward eagerly, petting and touching the hot, slick surface of her burning cunt. He wanted to tell her how much he liked it but couldn't. All he could do was to make meaningless grunting sounds. He whimpered in exasperation. His balls felt like they would burst! His rock-hard cock ached and throbbed in delicious agony!

"You must like my pussy, Henry," Betsy said boldly. "I can hear you panting and groaning. Would you like to look at it up close?"

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Henry sputtered, barely able to control himself at the thought of actually being able to see Miss Mortensen's pussy up close.

Betsy saw that Henry was whimpering with delight. She smiled with a lusty twinkle in her eyes. Then she unzipped her dressing gown and shook it off her shoulders, letting it fall in a satiny pool on the rug.

Henry raised his eyes slowly to her titties. He gasped in shock. He had never seen such beautiful titties, not even in pictures! Her boobs were like two mounds of creamy ice cream, perfectly formed and peaked with stiff little brown marbles which winked and nodded at him.

"OOOoooh." Henry moaned, unable to think of anything to say to tell her how beautiful she was. "Do you like my titties?" Betsy asked, holding them up with her hands and running her fingers lightly over the perky brown nipples. "I know you liked my pussy, but you haven't said anything about my titties yet. Do you think they're pretty, dear?"

Henry looked up from his kneeling position. "Oh, yes, Miss Mortensen!" he gasped out. "They're beautiful!"

Betsy smiled down at Henry. This was working even better than she had imagined. She was completely in control. Henry would do whatever she wanted, without the slightest hesitation.

"Why don't you come a little closer, dear," she invited softly. "Don't be afraid, dear. I know just what you're feeling, right now. I felt the same way the first time I saw a man's cock. It's kind of scary, isn't it, Henry? Scary and exciting at the same time! Now, don't worry, dear. There's nothing to be afraid of. You won't do anything wrong. Just come a little closer and look at my nice, hot pussy. Come here, Henry. That's right. Just a little closer, dear, darling boy."

Betsy wanted to throw herself in Henry's arms and shout for him to fuck her, but she knew she had to play out this strange and exciting game to the very end. Henry moved forward slightly and Betsy smiled warmly in encouragement.

"Just a little closer, darling," she murmured. Her slick cunt was creaming hotly in response to his forward movement.

Betsy reached down and spread the wet, pink lips of her moist pussy. She framed her silky beaver with the fingers of both hands, smiling all the while.

"Come on, dear," she whispered eagerly.

"Touch me right here, lover. I want you to. Touch me, dear boy!"

Henry reached forward eagerly, and touched the silky inside of Betsy's hot, forbidden pussy. He shivered uncontrollably and felt a warm flush of desire originate in his balls and spread upward to the very tip of his throbbing and pulsing cock.

"Oooooh! So warm!" he gasped as his fingers made contact with her hot pussy-flesh.

Betsy covered his trembling fingers with hers and pressed his hand flat against her throbbing cunt. "Do you feel how hot my pussy is, darling Henry?" she asked softly. "It's all hot and wet for you, lover! I'll bet that you never thought you could make my pussy all hot and wet, did you, Henry?"

Henry stopped trying to speak. It was no use. He was too horny to even talk! All he could think about was Miss Mortensen's hot, moist pussy and his hot, raging cock.

"But you're just barely touching me, dear!" Betsy said, frowning slightly. "It must be hard for you to see in that position. I know what I'll do for you, you dear boy," she continued in a low, lusty voice. "I'll just sit clown here on the couch and you can really see my hot, pink pussy! Would you like that, Henry?"

Henry could no longer speak. All he could manage was a slight nod and a panting gasp as Betsy sat down on the couch and spread her hot pussy open, just for him!

"There!" Betsy breathed softly. "Isn't that much nicer, dear? Why don't you touch it? Go ahead, darling. Sink your fingers right in my hot, creaming pussy. Do it!"

Betsy reached out and grabbed Henry's arm, pulling him forward. He fell forward slightly and lost his balance, toppling forward against her nude body.

"OOOOoh!" he groaned as his face pressed right up against her smooth thighs. "Oooooh! Miss Mortensen! We shouldn't! OOOooh!"

Betsy felt Henry's mouth press up against her inner thighs and she thought she would go crazy with lust. Her pussy was creaming and throbbing wildly. She felt the stirrings of orgasm deep in her slick pussy, and she fought the urge to press his mouth right down in her burning snatch. She began to moan and writhe as she forced herself to regain her calm. She mustn't blow it now. She had to carry on the game. This was the most exciting fantasy she had ever played!

Betsy ran her fingers through Henry's hair, moaning softly despite her efforts to stop. She pushed him gently, slowly, closer and closer to her creaming pussy. She could feel his hot, panting breath against her smooth thighs and his face felt incredibly hot against her skin. Finally she had him in the right position. He was very still against her hot, pulsing cunt, not moving a muscle, waiting for her instructions. She could guess the wild, sexy thoughts that must be racing through his mind when he felt her silky beaver rubbing right up against his cheeks. She knew he must be almost out of his head with desire! She sat quietly for a moment, feeling his ragged breath on her pussy, letting him imagine all sorts of sexy and forbidden delights. Then she pushed his face away gently.

"See, dear?" she said softly, her voice quivering in spite of her effort to control herself. "A pussy is fun to look at, isn't it? Most girls your age won't let boys look at their pussies, but I want you to, dear! Just look all you want, Henry. This is your chance to see a woman's hot pussy up close! It's pretty, isn't it, dear? And see how hot it makes me to know you're looking at it? See all the creamy pussy-juice soaking my hot cunt? You're making me hot, Henry. Very hot! See how my pussy-juice flows, Henry? You're making my pussy wet, darling!"

Henry could only gulp in fascination and excitement. He couldn't stop staring at the beautiful wet, pink pussy spread out right before his virgin eyes! He began to pant in agony as he stared openly at her pink, slick cunt. He wanted to reach out and part her hot, wet pussy-lips but he was frozen in place, staring.

Then Betsy did something that almost made him come right there in his jeans! She reached down and parted her crimson cunt-lips, exposing her hot, slick pussy completely!

"Oh, God!" Henry gulped as he saw her wet, slick inner pussy and the hard, throbbing knob of her love button above the pulsing pink channel.

He couldn't believe what Miss Mortensen was doing! She really seemed to enjoy having him stare at her open pushy! His rock-hard prick gave a jerk of excitement and Henry gasped in agony. He was almost coming! Miss Mortensen was making him so hot he could scarcely control himself! All the sexy stories about fucking he had ever read couldn't equal what was happening to him right now!

Henry gasped again as Betsy's fingers grasped her little shiny clit and rolled it between her fingers. She pinched her love button with obvious lust and sighed passionately. Henry gulped and stared, wanting to do something, but not sure what was expected of him. He groaned again as his balls throbbed and ached in the tight confines of his pants.

"Ohh!" Betsy sighed. "Look, Henry! See how my little, horny clitty loves to be touched? It's poking right up, waiting for me to play with it. See how it throbs when I touch it? You don't know how good that feels. There's only one thing that would feel better right now! Would you help me feel good, Henry? Would you give me a real thrill if I showed you how?"

"Uh... uh... sure! Sure I would, Miss Mortensen!" Henry gasped. "Anything! I'll do anything you want!"

"I'd love it if you'd pinch my little clitty, Henry," Betsy said, looking directly at the flustered boy in front of her. "Do you think you could do just what I'm doing? It's so good, Henry! See how wet my pussy is getting when I play with my clitty? It would get even hotter and wetter if you'd do it! Touch me, darling! Touch me right there!"

Betsy squealed when she felt Henry reach out and touch her hot little clitty with trembling fingers. She didn't know how much longer she could hold out before she came!

"YES!" she urged. "That feels so wonderful, darling! Touch my little clit, dear. A little harder now! Roll it around in your fingers just the way I showed you! You want to make Miss Mortensen feel good, don't you, dear? Make me hot, darling! Make me wild! Feel it for me, darling boy! OOOOooh! That's wonderful! You touch me so good! Oooooh!"

Henry did exactly what she said, pinching her little hard love button just the way she told him. His touch was firmer now. He was learning fast. Miss Mortensen was teaching him just the way she liked it. She sounded like he did when he played with himself. He knew she was having a good time! His hand was dripping with her creamy pussy-juice. She was so wet he was sure that she would soak the couch, but she didn't seem to care. All she cared about was his fingers on her throbbing and pulsing cunt!

Then, suddenly, Betsy pushed his hand away. "Will you do something else for me, darling?" she asked in a breathless voice. "Will you do something that will make me feel even better? Would you like to do that, darling? Would you like to hear me squeal and cry with pleasure?"

Henry nodded. "YES!" he cried, caught up in her excitement. "Anything you want, Miss Mortensen! I want to make you feel wonderful! Anything!"

"I want you to taste my hot pussy, Henry!" Betsy whispered hoarsely. "Would you do that for me? Would you lick and suck my hot pussy?"

"Lick it? You mean really?" Henry replied, shocked by her words. He had read stories about licking girls' pussies but he had never even come close to the real thing. "Oh, yes!" he shouted. "Can I? Can I really lick it, Miss Mortensen?"

"Oh, yes, Henry!" Betsy replied, panting with emotion. "You really can! Just lick and suck it all over, darling. Here! Here's my wet, hot pussy for you to lick! Come on, Henry! Put your long tongue in my twat! Here!" She held her steaming pussy open and pulled his face towards her snatch.


Betsy went wild as she felt Henry's hot face touch her open pussy. She pressed his face down until it was nestled right up against her creamy, musky cunt. She forced his face right down in her gaping cunt and gasped as she felt him rub his nose against her jerking clitty.

Henry went wild as she pressed his face down. He buried his nose in Miss Mortensen's incredibly hot twat and smelled the heady, wild musky scent of her burning pussy. He almost creamed his pants as he thought of what she was letting him do! There he was, innocent Henry Wilson, kneeling right in front of Miss Mortensen's hot pussy, pressing his face against her hot, wet flesh! He had never, in his wildest dreams, imagined such a thing could ever happen to him!

"Do it, darling!" Betsy squealed. "Lick my pussy! Hurry! Make me feel good, darling! SUCK ME! EAT ME! HURRY!"

Henry went wild! He did what he was told and then some! He flicked out his long tongue and ran it up and down the length of her burning, wet gash. The taste of her musky sweetness drove him even wilder and he began lapping and sucking with a frenzy. Her hot pussy tasted sweeter and sweeter by the moment! He sucked greedily, trying to drink up every bit of her pussy-cream. He just couldn't get enough!

"Oooooh!" Betsy squealed. "Lick my clitty, too, darling! Taste my hot, little clit!"

Henry moved quickly to her hard throbbing love button and touched it with the tip of his hot, thrusting tongue. Betsy almost fell off the couch with the electric shock his hot tongue gave her! Thrills raced through her quivering body and she shook uncontrollably. She felt tongues of flame rushing around and around inside her body, building and building in a crescendo of passion. Her whole body felt like it would be consumed with the fires of her lust!

"Yesssss! Oh, yesss!" she shouted. "Suck it! Suck it hard, darling! Suck my little love bud! Bite it a little, dear! Nibble my hard, hot clitty! Oh, God! You're so good! You do that just right! You're the best pussy-eater I've ever had! Oh, Henry! Keep licking! Don't stop! Lick and nibble! Lick and suck! OOOooh! That's right, darling! You're doing it just right! More! Do it more, darling! Suck it harder! OOOooh! You're driving me crazy, dear! CRAZY!"

Henry couldn't believe that he was making her so horny. Her squeals and screams of passion made him lick and suck even harder and faster. He was going to suck her so good that she would never need anyone else! He was going to be her prize number-one cunt-licker!

He pressed his lips against her hot pussy and moved his face back and forth, hearing her squeals of passion. He sucked and tugged at her hot, little clit, feeling her jerk and writhe beneath his lips and face. He sucked in sharply, sucking her hard, throbbing clitty right into his mouth and then released it with a sudden snap. He felt her hands tug wildly at his hair as she jerked uncontrollably, lust consuming her whole body. He scraped his teeth against her little button, hearing her screams and sighs. He knew he was pleasing her!

"OOOOOH! Stick your tongue all the way up my hot pussy-hole!" Betsy screamed, no longer able to control herself. "Fuck me with your tongue! Use your tongue like a stiff little cock and fuck me with it! Fuck me with your hot tongue! Yessss! Stick it right up there! OOOooh! That's right, darling! That's right! WONDERFUL! OOOOOOH!"

Betsy threw her legs up around Henry's shoulders, holding him desperately in place. She wanted to keep his hard, horny tongue in ha hot cunt forever!

Henry struggled a bit against her hot, quaking pussy. She was holding him so tightly, he felt like he was drowning in her flooding cunt. It was getting harder and harder to catch his breath, her legs were wrapped so tightly around him. Then, abruptly, she let him go.

"Oooooh!" she cooed. "Oh, darling, I didn't realize! You must be all out of breath. It was just so marvelous I didn't ever want you to stop. But I should let you catch your breath, shouldn't I? You poor darling! You've been licking and sucking for all you're worth on my hot pussy and I haven't given you any thrills yet, have I? You poor dear! I think it should be your turn, don't you?"

"Well... I don't know, Miss Mortensen," Henry replied, trying to catch his breath, not really sure what she was talking about. "My turn?" he asked, in a puzzled tone of voice.

"Why certainly, dear!" Betsy replied. "After all, I've been having all the fun, haven't I? I'll bet your poor cock is just bursting out of your jeans, isn't it?"

Henry blushed and dropped his eyes. He didn't know what to say. She was right. His cock was practically breaking out of his pants with lust.

"I... I... I don't know what you mean, Miss Mortensen," he answered, blushing as all sorts of exciting possibilities leaped to mind.

"Well, darling," Betsy continued, her voice becoming calm again. "I think I should do something nice for that hard cock of yours now. You made my hot pussy feel so good. I'd like to make your hard cock feel just that good! Can you guess how I'd like to do that, dear? Can you guess what I'm going to do?"

Betsy reached down and stroked his thigh feeling the bulge of his cock jerk upward towards her stroking fingers. "You've made me feel so very wonderful, Henry. The least I can do in to return the favor. Don't you think that would be fair, darling? Wouldn't you like to have Miss Mortensen work on your hard cock the seine way you worked on my hot pussy?"

Henry gulped, his face turning bright red. "Oh, yes!" he breathed. "But... but... you don't have to, you know! I mean... you can't want to!" He struggled for words, failing miserably. He was almost in tears, trying to assure her that anything she wanted was fine with him. He couldn't imagine any female actually wanting to suck his cock!

"I'm not just doing it because of you, darling," Betsy replied boldly. "Women like to suck cocks, Henry! Didn't you know that? I'd love to suck your hard cock for you, dear. Wouldn't you like me to, dear? Especially if you knew that I really wanted to?"

"Uh... yes! I sure would! Yeah! Of course I'd like it, Miss Mortensen! Nobody ever... I mean I never thought that... Oh, shit, Miss Mortensen! Pd love it!" Henry finally managed to blurt out. He dropped his eyes quickly to the floor and tilted uncomfortably, not daring to meet her eyes.

Betsy sank to her knees in front of Henry, keeping her arms tightly around his body. "Now just stand there like a good boy," she said, "and let me take care of you, Henry!"

Betsy could see Henry starting to calm down. He drew a deep shuddering breath and pressed his hips tightly against her. His big, hard cock pressed right up against her face and he groaned as he realized that his throbbing, rigid dick was only a thin thickness of cloth away from her hot lips and luscious mouth.

Betsy could scarcely control herself. She wanted Henry's hard cock in her mouth right now! She wanted to tear his clothes off and stuff his big, swelling cock all the way down her hot, sucking throat.

"Oh! Your cock is so hard, Henry!" she gasped in delight. "I can feel how big you are right through your pants. You've really got a big one, dear! Just look at how hard it is!"

She saw that Henry's eyes were closed tightly and his face wore an expression of absolute agony.

"Here, darling," Betsy said, reaching for his zipper. "Just relax now, and let me take care of everything."

Her hands were at the top of his zipper and she lingered there for a moment, letting his excitement build even higher.

Poor Henry was beside himself with lust! He could feel her fingers at the top of his zipper and he could scarcely wait until she pulled it down, freeing his hard, pulsing cock. His balls churned and stretched between his legs, driving him wild with passion. He was afraid that he would shoot off any second, just thinking about her hands at the top of his zipper. He certainly didn't want to cream in his jeans! Miss Mortensen would think he was terribly childish if he did that!

"Oooooh!" Henry moaned and then opened his eyes wide to stare at Miss Mortensen's beautiful face. "OOOoh, God!" he cried out, barely managing to get control over his pulsing shaft. "Oh, please don't touch me like that, Miss Mortensen! I'm just about ready to shoot off! Oh, please! Don't!"

"Oh, my!" Betsy exclaimed, dropping her hands down. "Well, don't worry about it. If you come now, I'll just get you hard again and you can come again later!"

Betsy laughed softly and tightened her arms around his legs.

"My goodness, darling, is that all you've been worried about? Why, I'd consider it a real compliment if you shot off before I even touched you. That would mean that I'd made you very horny, wouldn't it?"

"Oh, yes!" Henry answered, relaxing. "I almost shot off a couple of times before when I was licking... your pussy!" He finally managed to say the forbidden word and a pleased expression crossed his handsome face.

Betsy laughed. "You can say all the naughty words you want to, dear," she told him. "Naughty words make me horny! Don't they make you horny, darling?"

"Oh, yes!" Henry answered, glad that he had said something to please her. A smile flashed across his face. "You mean you're not mad at me, Miss Mortensen? It doesn't make you mad that I peeked at you and I almost shot off in my pants and I said a nasty word?"

"My goodness, no!" Betsy replied. "The only effect those things had was to make me horny!" She smiled at him widely. "Now unbuckle your belt, dear, and I'll unzip your pants. Let's see that beautiful cock of yours. I can tell that it's a beauty!"

Henry managed to undo his belt buckle and he stood proudly, waiting for her to unzip his pants. He wasn't as nervous now. It seemed that Miss Mortensen understood his fears perfectly. He watched her hands fumble at the top of his zipper, starting to slide it slowly down.

"Oh, Henry!" she cried. "I can hardly wait! I can tell that nice cock of yours is huge!"

She tugged his zipper all the way down and gazed in fascination at the curly, black nest of his cock hair. She pressed her face right up to his crotch and sniffed the heady male scent of his arousal. Then she licked lightly at his wiry hair, teasing his nest with her pretty, pink tongue.

"Oooooh! You've got a nice batch of cock hair, darling!" she exclaimed, running her fingers through the wiry black hair. "Will you let me take out your beautiful cock now, dear? Will you let me lick and suck it the way I want to? The way that you licked and sucked my pussy? Will you, Henry darling?"

Henry groaned in delight. "YES!" he shouted, barely able to control his voice. He just couldn't believe that she was begging to suck his cock! He felt his hard shaft throb and jerk in his pants, demanding to be released. He could hardly wait!

Betsy reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling it swiftly from his pants. She heard his groan of delight as his hard, jutting cock burst free from its confinement.

Betsy stared at his cock like a drowning man stares at a lifeboat. There was complete rapture on her face. She stared at his jerking shaft for a long moment and then touched him gently with her fingers. She traced up the length of his huge dick and softly rubbed the huge, swelling head. She slipped her finger up to his piss-hole and swept up the drop of pearly juice that dripped from the end of his jerking prick. She held her finger up to her mouth and slowly opened her pink lips.

"Oooooh! I've got to taste you!" she exclaimed and stuck her whole finger in her hot mouth, sucking noisily. Her eyes closed in ecstasy. "UMMMMmmm!" she moaned. "You taste so good, darling! Can I have more, darling? Can I suck your cock now?"

Henry shuddered violently. She liked it! She liked the taste of his juice? He gasped out a tortured answer, hardly able to speak, he was so delighted!

"Now, hold on, darling," Betsy said soothingly. "I know it's going to be terribly exciting when I stick your nice, hard cock in my mouth. I don't want you to come, though. I want to suck and lick your prick for a long time before you come. Will you promise to stop me if you feel like you have to come? Will you promise me that, darling? Do you think you could do that for horny Miss Mortensen, darling?"

"YES!" Henry gasped, not knowing how long he could stand to hear her sexy talk before he came right there in front of her face. "Yes, I promise, Miss Mortensen!"

Betsy opened her mouth wide and plunged it down over the head of his hot, pulsing cock. She pushed her head down until his soft throbbing cock-head touched the back of her throat. His cock tasted salty and the few drops of pre-cum that oozed from his tortured knob made her hot throat slippery and slick. She heard his low scream of delight as she started to suck and swallow, moving her mouth up and down on his jerking shaft.

"AAAagh!" Henry groaned, doing his best to think about something else besides the delicious sensations her sucking mouth and nipping lips were creating in his near-bursting cock. He had never felt anything like it. Then, suddenly he just couldn't stand it any longer. He had to come! He had to! He just couldn't take one second more of the sexy, delicious agony.

"OH! STOP!" he screamed as he felt his balls throb in agony. "STOP, MISS MORTENSEN! IF YOU DON'T STOP, I'LL COME IN YOUR MOUTH!"

Betsy pulled her mouth away from his cock with a sudden smacking sound.

"Oh, poor darling!" she exclaimed, seeing the tortured expression on his face. "That must have been terribly uncomfortable for you, but you were a good boy to tell me to stop. Now we're going to do something that's even more fun. We're going to fuck, Henry! Would you like to fuck me, dear?"

"Oh, GOD! YESSSS!" Henry shouted, almost shooting off at the very thought of burying his hard prick in her hot pussy. He had liked licking pussy and having his cock sucked so well, he knew that he was going to love fucking!

Betsy was wild with lust. She had loved sucking Henry's cock! It had been just like she had hoped. Henry was as turned on as a young boy, and now she was going to get his cherry! Of course she knew that this was all a fantasy, but while it was happening, it was very real to her, and it turned her on wildly.

"Quickly, dear! Quickly! Come and fuck me! I want your big, hard prick in my pussy. Dive it to me, dear! Don't be afraid! You'll love it! I'll help you! Hurry, darling! Hurry! Fuck me! I need your big cock right now!"

Betsy's eyes were blazing with lust. Her cunt was blazing, too. She was trembling and shaking with the excitement her little game had given her. Now it was time! Henry was going to fill her hot pussy with his huge, virgin cock!

Henry threw himself on top of her lush body, not really knowing what to do. He rooted and grabbed but he wasn't exactly sure how to go about this whole thing. His hard cock jerked and throbbed wildly and he tried to guide it into her pussy but he was just too excited to aim it properly. He felt his cock jerking up against his belly, oozing juice, and his balls were almost bursting with passion.

"That's right," Betsy hissed eagerly. "Yes! Just lie here and I'll help you!"

She wrapped her arms around his shaking body, holding him close. Then he reached down between Henry's legs and grabbed his jerking hard cock. It was pounding against her pussy-mound, trying in vain to enter her hot cunt-hole.

"I'm going to put your hard cock in my hot pussy now, darling," she said, her voice trembling. "When I tell you, I want you to start pushing it inside me. Do you understand, darling? It'll feel just like jacking off, only better! Can you do that, darling? Can you fuck me, Henry?"

"YES!" Henry gasped, ready for anything she asked of him. He would try anything she wanted!

Betsy grabbed tightly onto Henry's jerking cock and guided it right to the entrance to her tight pussy-hole. She felt her cunt-lips shivering as his huge cock-head pressed against them. She felt the burning heat of his hard cock spreading over the trembling surface of her horny pussy. She could hardly wait to give him his first taste of fucking.

"Now, darling! Push it inside my pussy now! Shove it hard! Fuck me, darling! Fuck me hard!"

Henry lunged forward again and again. Miss Mortensen's pussy felt so good, he could hardly believe it! It was so hot and so juicy! His cock felt ready to explode. His mind was reeling. He felt his hard cock being sucked right down to the very bottom of Miss Mortensen's burning pussy. It felt like she was squeezing the cum right out of his balls! He could feel the heat build in his balls and he knew that he was about to come! He fucked faster and faster, grinding his hard prick into her slick, hot cunt with a violence he had never felt before! It was wonderful!

"Oh, God, Henry! Your cock is getting bigger right inside of me!" Betsy squealed. "I can feel your cock growing bigger and bigger! It's filling me up, darling! It's choking my pussy! Drown me with your cum, darling! Flood my pussy with your hot cock-juice! Come hard, darling! HARD! Yes! Oh, yessss! Do it to me! SHOOT ME FULL!" Betsy screeched, digging her fingernails into Henry's back in ecstasy as she felt the thrills run through her body.

"Oh... I'm going to come! I'm almost ready! Oh!" Henry cried, feeling the cum build up to the bursting point in his long, hard shaft.

"YES!" Betsy screamed. "I'm coming, too! Fuck me hard! FUCK ME! COME, HENRY! COME HARD!"

Henry plunged his cock into her hot pussy again and again, harder and harder, growing wilder and wilder with his every lunge. The sensations of tight cunt gave him were incredible! Her pussy worked against the shaft of his hard cock, sucking and gripping it ecstatically. His balls slammed up against her creamy ass-cheeks with every lunge and he felt the cum boil up in his hard cock. He felt her sharp fingernails scraping the skin of his back and suddenly all the sensations were just too delicious to take any more. He had to come! It was just too good to be true! He felt himself start to explode inside her hot, sucking pussy. His balls blasted between his legs and he felt suddenly weak. Then his cock jerked and shot like a burst of firecrackers. His hot, shooting cum blasted and blasted out of his dick, thrilling him beyond belief! He thought he would never stop coming. He had never come so hard or so long!

Betsy screamed as she felt his cock explode into her hungry cunt. Orgasm tore through her body like a tornado, swirling her around and around in ecstasy. She seemed to come millions of times at once, her pussy muscles squeezing and contracting around Henry's blasting cock. She could feel his hot cum jet into her, filling her aching pussy with hot fuck-juice. She heard herself crying and moaning but she couldn't stop. She didn't want to stop. She wanted to come and come, forever and forever. Then she felt her body relax and a warm, satisfied glow spread over her hot, still-twitching pussy.

She heard Henry panting softly on tap of her and she knew that it had been just as good for him as it had been for her. She reached up and stroked his hair gently.

"How about that," she muttered softly. "Tell me that wasn't the best fuck you ever had!"

Henry laughed softly. "Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed, gazing at her face strangely. "You know I really believed that you were Miss Mortensen? God damn! What a blast! This fantasy stuff is dynamite!"

Chapter TEN

"That's absolutely perfect!" Lydia squealed as Betsy and Marylou told her the scheme that had been cooked up. "George will be absolutely beside himself! Oh, I can hardly wait!"

"Just come over at about eight and we'll take care of everything," Betsy giggled. "We're going to have a great evening!"

"I can hardly wait to see George's face when we do it," Marylou added. "I'll bet we blow George's little ole mind!"

"It's a cinch he'll never try anything behind my back again," Lydia retorted, a huge smile breaking out on her face. "You mean Henry really thought up the whale thing?"

"You bet!" Marylou replied proudly. "Henry's turned out to be quite a swinger!"

"Don't be late," Betsy cautioned. "We'll all be waiting for you to arrive."

At precisely eight o'clock Betsy's front doorbell rang. Marylou and Henry stifled their amusement as Sam went to answer the door.

"Now remember," Betsy cautioned them, "just let Sam do all the talking."

Lydia and George entered the room. Lydia immediately went to the couch to enter into a conversation with Marylou and Henry, while George talked with Sam.

"How about a drink, George?" Sam asked courteously.

"Sure!" George replied, smiling. He had no idea that he was being set up for a totally unusual experience by his wife and his neighbors.

A half-hour later George was a bit blurry-eyed. He hadn't realized that Sam was mixing his drinks double strong. He blinked rapidly, trying to keep the room in focus, but be couldn't seem to do it. Sam had done his work well as bartender.

"Well, let's play a game," Sam said cheerfully. "I've got a new game I learned the other day at work. Who wants to be it?"

"Let George be it!" Lydia offered, right on cue. "George is really good at games, aren't you, honey?"

George shook his head, trying to clear it. "Well," he answered slowly, "I guess so..." He blinked his eyes rapidly. "Sure! I'll be it! What do I have to do?"

"Just let me put this blindfold on you, George," Sam answered. "Then see if you can guess what's going on. It's a sort of guessing game. We're going to try to stump you. You have to guess what we're doing without actually seeing us or touching anything. Do you think that'd be too hard for you?"

"Hell, no!" George replied. He knew that he was good at games. No one could put anything over on him! He wasn't born yesterday!

"Better fix his hands so he doesn't try to touch anything!" Betsy suggested, trying not to giggle.

"Good idea," Sam answered. "Here, George. Slip your hands into these handcuffs."

George laughed. "Go ahead and make it as hard as you can," he taunted. "I'm really good at games. I bet I can win, no matter what!"

Lydia quickly cuffed George's legs to the rungs of the chair while Sam took care of his hands. "Now see if you can guess what we're doing!" Lydia shouted gleefully, beginning to throw off all her clothes.

George listened carefully. All he heard were the rustling of clothes and the unzipping of zippers. His face took on a puzzled expression.

"Just listen a while longer, George," Sam instructed. "We haven't really started yet!"

Henry reached for Lydia and sucked one large, rosy-tipped tit into his mouth with a slurping noise. Lydia moaned in pleasure.

"Ooooh, Henry!" she gasped, aware of her husband's presence not more than two feet from where she was standing, locked in Henry's embrace. "OOOoh!" Lydia moaned again, louder this time. Both she and Henry turned to watch George.

George had a very puzzled expression on his face. He couldn't really tell what was going on. That was Lydia's voice, he was sure. But what was she doing? He could hear slurping noises.

Henry laughed softly and bent Lydia's body back towards the soft rug. Lydia giggled. Henry whispered something in her ear and she giggled even louder. Then she spread her pretty long legs wide and winked at Henry. Henry dove forward, burying his face in Lydia's pretty pink pussy. He slurped and licked in a frenzy. He knew that George could hear him licking and sucking and he wondered what could be going through George's mind!

Lydia giggled and moaned. "Oh, Henry!" she squealed, throwing her legs up higher in the air and folding them around Henry's eager body. "Do you think George can guess what we're doing?"

"Oh, I think so," Henry replied. "All he has to do is to think of how Marylou sounded the other afternoon and he should have a pretty good hint!"

Sam couldn't stand it any more. He laughed loudly. "Is that pretty good, Henry?" he asked, casting a quick glance at George, who was squirming uncomfortably in the chair.

"Yeah," he replied. "Tastes as sweet and good as Marylou!"

"Hush, honey!" Marylou chided playfully. "You don't have to say that. Besides, I don't believe it! Let me have a little lick to see for myself!"

She dropped to the floor and pushed Henry's head out of the way, replacing it with her own. Her little pink tongue shot out and dove for Lydia's throbbing pink clitty.

"Oooooh, God! That feels good!" Lydia squealed, pushing Marylou's head down into her steaming gash. "Oooooh! Marylou! You do it just right! Mmmmmm! I love it!"

"Get this damn stuff off me!" George bellowed. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" He struggled ineffectually against the bonds that held him.

Sam walked over behind George and untied the blindfold. "Here, George," he said calmly, "you might as well watch. That's more than Henry got to do when you fucked Marylou!"

George blinked as Sam whisked the blindfold from his eyes. "JESUS CHRIST!" he hollered as he saw Marylou and Henry ravishing his wife's body on the floor.

He sputtered and gasped in shock. Lydia seemed to be enjoying it!

"LYDIA!" he hollered loudly. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

"Just having a little fun, dear," Lydia replied, twisting and moaning under Marylou's probing tongue and Henry's grasping hands. "Just doing what you were doing the other day! You get to watch me, this time! And you're going to see plenty."

George gasped and turned a bright red color. He knew what Lydia was talking about and he didn't like it one bit! His whole little affair had backfired and there wasn't one damn thing he could do about it. He was held securely by the cuffs around his arms and legs. All he could do was watch helplessly while his wife writhed and moaned on the floor.

"Oh, my God!" George cried. "LYDIA! STOP IT!"

Lydia laughed mercilessly. "All right," she said, pushing Marylou and Henry away from her lush charms. "Now it's time for another lesson. Good old George hasn't been too nice lately about satisfying my hot, hungry pussy. I'm going to show him just how I feel when he gets me all excited and then doesn't let me come! You all can watch George sweat for a while!"

Lydia got to her feet and walked over to George. She smiled at him sweetly.

"Now we'll see how you like it, dear!" she said, laughing bitterly. She pulled down the zipper on his pants and pulled out his hard cock. "See how nice and hard George's cock is?" she said, holding it in her hand. "But George doesn't really know how it should be used to satisfy my hungry pussy. He doesn't really care if I come or not. Now you'll see how he likes a taste of his own medicine!"

Lydia swooped down and buried George's swelling cock in her hot mouth. She licked and sucked in a mad frenzy.

"Come on and play with his balls, Betsy," Lydia invited. "The rest of you tell me if he looks like he's ready to shoot his load!"

Betsy grabbed George's swelling balls and began to tickle them seductively. Then she rubbed and kneaded the large nut-sac until poor George's face turned an even brighter red. Lydia continued to work her hungry mouth and lips on George's stiff cock.

"Feel good, George?" Lydia teased, running her tongue lightly up George's throbbing shaft. "Feel really good?"

George groaned in agony. He could feel the hot cum boiling up in his balls. Betsy's titties were rubbing against his legs as she stroked and rubbed his balls and Lydia's mouth was sucking and nipping at his hard, aching cock.

"Oooooh!" he groaned, almost at the bursting point. He tried to keep quiet. He knew that Lydia would stop the moment she thought he was ready to come!

"Oh-oh!" Sam called out. "He looks pretty close to blasting!"

Lydia pulled her mouth away from George's cock abruptly. Betsy immediately stopped playing with his balls. George let out a bellow of pure frustration. He had been so close!

Lydia laughed at the expression of frustration on George's face. "What's the matter, baby?" she taunted him. "Almost get there?"

"Poor George!" Marylou exclaimed in a teasing voice. "Want me to play with his cute, little ole asshole, Lydia?"

"Sure!" Lydia replied, making room for Marylou. "Just reach up and tickle it a little. George loves to have his asshole reamed, don't you, George?"

George groaned. He knew there was no use in pleading. Lydia would do whatever she wanted to, no matter how he begged. Then he gasped as he felt Marylou's small finger tracing the ring of his puckered little bung. Marylou wet her lips and smiled up at George.

"Bet you're really going to like this, George," she teased, slipping the very tip of her finger into his tight asshole at the very instant Lydia devoured his cock with her mouth again.

"OH, GOD!" George screamed, scarcely able to stand the delightful sensations coursing through his body. "Oh, please, Lydia! Let me come! Please! I'll do anything, Lydia! Just let me come! PLEEEEEEASE!"

Lydia stopped for an instant. "Anything?" she asked. "Anything, George?"

"YES!" George replied. "Anything! Absolutely anything you want, Lydia!"

"Well..." Lydia seemed to debate for an instant. "I might let you come if you promise to let me fuck Sam and Henry anytime I want! How about it, George? Will you let me do that?"

"Oh... yes! Yes, Lydia! I'll let you fuck with Sam and Henry whenever you want if you'll only let me come. I promise! Please, Lydia!"

Lydia stood up. She smiled at Sam and Henry. "You heard him," she remarked in a pleased voice. "He promised!"

"You bet he did," Sam agreed.

"I heard him!" Henry added.

"We all heard him!" Marylou squealed. "Betsy and I will testify to that, won't we, Betsy?"

"Oh, yes!" Betsy exclaimed. "We all heard that promise. George said that you could fuck Sam and Henry anytime you wanted. And I don't suppose you'd have any objections to Lydia playing around with Marylou and me either, would you, George?"

"Oh, no!" George groaned. "Lydia can play around with you girls, too! Just let me come! Please! I'll die if I don't come!"

"All right, girls," Lydia commanded, grinning widely. "Let's give him a good one!"

She sucked George's throbbing cock back into her hot, slick throat, feeling him shudder against her. She had won!

Betsy and Marylou followed her lead, driving poor George out of his mind with lust. George's whole body trembled like a leaf in the wind. He had never been so desperate or so horny! He looked down at the three beautiful women, treating his body to such delightful thrills, and he shuddered and shook with passion.

"Oooooh!" he moaned. "Ooooh, God! It's so good! I'll do anything, Lydia! It's so good!"

Lydia looked up at George and smiled. "It's going to be even better now," she commented softly. "Now we have four new friends to play with. You're going to love swinging, George!"

The she swallowed his cock eagerly, feeling his hot cum shoot down her throat in joyful bursts. She winked at Betsy and Marylou, knowing that everything was just perfect!

Get ready, George! she thought silently. Get ready for the time of your life! You're going to find out what swinging is all about and I'm going to be the one to teach you!

Then she smiled happily as she swallowed George's hot cum. Their sex life was going to be a lot more enjoyable now. Good, free-thinking, sexy neighbors sure made the difference!


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