Mom's family orgy

The overwhelming problems some people face in the course of their lives can frequently prompt them to commit acts they might never consider under usual circumstances.

There is the employee who, laid off from his job, stoops to theft in order to feed his family; the witness who perjures himself in order to save a friend; the football player who, under immense pressure to perform extremely difficult plays, takes drugs to improve his performance.

Cissy Baxter is one of these people, for her problem -- a husband who has ignored her sexual needs in favor of another woman -- leads her to pursue satisfaction through a neighbor boy and, ultimately, her own teenage sons.

Her story is that of a woman shattered by life's realities, namely, a near-failed marriage.

MOM'S FAMILY ORGY -- a novel about a society which too often ignores a person's cry for help.

Chapter ONE

Cissy Baxter waited patiently in Julia and Ralph Martin's living room for Billy Martin to return home from his baseball game in the park. Cissy had somewhat reluctantly agreed to watch after Billy for the Martins while they took care of some business in a near-by city. It wasn't that Cissy was unwilling to do a favor for her favorite neighbors or that she disliked Billy. The fact was that she more than liked her eighteen year-old neighbor. Her cunt was on fire for the boy.

Cissy was a well-respected member of the quiet little community of Shelby Corners. To all appearances she was happily married and content with her life. She had two well-behaved and promising boys of her own. Her eighteen year-old son Paul was doing well on the Shelby Corners track team and Danny was showing a remarkable scholastic achievement. She had good reason to be proud of her handsome sons. Her position on the school board brought her the respect of her fellow townspeople and her husband's grocery was the most prosperous in town. She had no reason to be less than satisfied with her life with Mike, no reason that was discernible by her family and friends, at least.

Cissy would have keen quite content with her life with Mike, but for one weakness, a weakness for hot fucking. Cissy's sex life had taken a bad turn lately, and the resulting frustration was driving her to distraction. Mike just hadn't been giving her the wild fucking that a thirty-five-year old sex pot like Cissy craved. It wasn't that Mike hadn't made her happy in the past. The first few years of their marriage had been one honey fuck after another. But lately her once horny husband had slowed down to a crawl. Cissy really didn't know what was causing her husband's sudden loss of interest in fucking. She was beginning to wonder if he was seeing another woman, a thought that would never have crossed her mind in the earlier years of their marriage.

Cissy had come to suspect Mary Reynolds, her husband's assistant store manager, of trying to steal her man away. She knew that Mary was ten years er than her, but she didn't think the girl had anything on her as far as physical appeal was concerned. Cissy knew that she still had what it took to excite and hold a man. She suspected that the lure of youth had simply been too strong for Mike to resist. She knew, too, that if Mike actually was having an affair with the girl, it would only last until his lust for youth had been satisfied. Cissy was open-minded and understanding enough to forgive Mike for his sexual indiscretions, especially since she was burning up inside with the same fire.

She didn't know whether her lust for Billy was a result of her lack of sexual satisfaction in her husband's bed or whether she had always had a secret longing to seduce a boy. She knew only that her waking hours lately had been filled with thoughts of the handsome lad and her sleeping hours had been filled with dreams of him.

Cissy was ashamed of her desire for Billy, but she could not deny her ever building lust for him. Whenever she saw him, she trembled inside, trembled with a kind of excitement and fear that she had never felt before. There was something enticingly wicked about her attraction for her neighbors' son, something that filled her with dizzying excitement. It was as if the taboo inherent in her desires acted more as a stimulus to her lust than as a deterrent.

Billy was so willing to learn, so naturally bold that she could hardly resist the temptation to tear the kid's clothes off and pull him into bed with her. When she thought of all the nasty things she could teach the boy to do with her and to her, she heated up with lust.

Cissy had had the common sense to keep away from the boy, at least to avoid situations in which she would be sorely tempted to plunge into the whirlpool of her depraved desires. On the occasions when she had been unable to avoid getting close to the boy and being alone with him, she had been in constant fear of herself. This weekend was just such a time. She would be with the boy most of the time, and she was feeling particularly hot between the legs anyway. Mike hadn't fucked her for three weeks and she was going wild with naked lust.

Bill was out playing baseball at the moment. The plan was to have the boy spend the night at Cissy's house. Paul and Danny would keep him busy during the days. She only wondered what would happen when they had to be alone together. Her cunt was already melting between her legs. She knew that the sight of Billy bouncing in through the back door would be enough to make her twat twitch uncontrollably.

Alone with her thoughts of the boy, the hot-assed woman abandoned herself to her lusty imagination. She closed her lovely blue eyes and let her mind fill with images of Billy and the wild things she could do to him.

She imagined herself calling her lover to her, imagined him standing before her, his blue eyes twinkling with lust. She imagined staring at the bulge of the boy's well-filled crotch. She imagined watching his cock swell in his tight jeans as she unbuttoned her blouse and exposed the beautiful globes of her luscious breasts for him. She imagined herself lifting her exposed boobs, imagined herself offering her naked treasures for the boy's inspection.

In her horny mind, Cissy could see the boy staring at her offered knockers. She could hear the boy's heavy breathing as she moved closer to him. She could almost feel her luscious tits jiggling slightly as she walked toward the helpless boy. She could see the little beads of sweat on the lad's tanned forehead as he grew more and more nervous by the minute. She could feel his bare arm when she reached out in her imagination and touched him. She could feel the film of sweat on the boy's naked arm, could feel his muscles tense after the exercise of his ball game. She could feel his hard chest against the silken globes of her naked breasts as she moved up against him.

Cissy could feel her nipples tingling with lust as she rubbed up against Billy's bare chest. She had longed to touch his warm body, had longed to feel the silken warmth of his flesh against her. She could feel her nipples hardening with excitement, could feel the hard little tit-peaks brushing up against the boy's trembling body. She could almost hear the incoherent sounds that she knew would escape the kid's lips as his excitement grew unbearable for him.

Cissy imagined herself whispering little calming remarks in the boy's ear as she seduced him. She could almost see herself falling to her knees before the trembling kid, could almost feel her hand as she reached out and touched the long hard bulge of the boy's big dick. The horny woman could almost feel the boy's body jerking back uncontrollably as she laid her warm eager hand on the sensitive bulge of his swollen rod.

Cissy could almost feel the incredibly exciting heat of the boy's stimulated organ radiating through the material of his tight pants. She longed to tug down the kid's tightly stretched zipper and haul out his big fat cock. The horny woman's fingers caught the tab of the boy's zipper and tugged it down ever so slowly, opening his pants and exposing the bulge of his cock and balls in his underwear. She could almost feel his cock against her hand as she grabbed his cock and balls with her warm and eager hand.

Cissy's pussy was blazing with passion as she sat there on the sofa letting her horny imagination run away with her. She couldn't help reaching down between her long, luscious legs and letting her hand sneak under the silky material of her short skirt.

She let her hand run up her leg, let her eager fingers reach between her legs and find the damp nest of her warm cunt.

As Cissy's mind swam with images of Billy's stiff dick, her pussy heated up to the flash point. She couldn't resist letting her fingers rub gently against the flesh of her steaming twat, couldn't resist letting her fingers tickle the steaming flesh of her blazing cunt through the flimsy material of her red lace panties.

The cock-hungry thirty-five-year-old beauty imagined taking Billy's big hard cock into her mouth. She could almost taste the droplet of pre-seminal fluid that oozed from the swollen head of his dick and ran down her tongue. She could almost feel the heat of Billy's hard throbbing rod as she swallowed it deeper and deeper into her face. The hot-assed woman could almost feel the boy's surprisingly big dick filling her sweet face, filling her mouth with the power she longed for. She pursed her pretty lips and imagined that she was really sucking the hard head of Billy's jerking rod.

Cissy's fingers were working eagerly against the barely concealed flesh of her seething twat. The rubbing of her fingertips against the damp flesh of her excited cunt was driving her wilder and wilder by the second. Her cunt ran with musky dew, ran with the hot fluids of her depraved passion for the boy. She had to take off her panties and diddle herself while she imagined seducing the handsome boy. She had to feel her fingers stroking the seething flesh of her cunt, had to pretend that Billy was with her, had to pretend that he was about to learn everything she wanted to teach him about fucking and sucking.

Cissy let her fingers sneak beneath the waistband of her flimsy panties. She pulled the garment down over her silken thighs and rolled it down her legs until it was around her ankles. She sat there on the sofa with her legs curled beneath her pretty ass, her skirt raised until she could see the nest of her furry blonde twat. She only wished that Billy could be there to see the treasure she had for him. As her warm hand went between her legs again, she closed her eyes once more and abandoned herself to her maddening passions.

The horny woman's twat twitched and tingled as she drew her fingers back and forth over the silken flesh between her legs. She felt shocks of sexual electricity shooting through her belly and up her spine as she stimulated herself wildly. Her clit itched and burned with lust. She scratched at her hot little clit, making her cunt run with musky juices. She only wished that she could feel Billy's warm hand between her legs, only wished that his fingers were dancing over the hot bud of flesh between the lips of her pussy.

She imagined falling back on the sofa and spreading her legs while the excited boy stared wide-eyed with amazement. She imagined herself reaching between her long, luscious legs and manipulating the rosy lips of her naked cunt, opening herself lewdly for the lad's inspection. She could almost feel herself preparing for the entry of the boy's stiff dick into her seething cunt.

Cissy could almost see herself beckoning her fucker toward her, could almost see herself spreading her legs wider and wider, opening her seething pussy until the boy could look all the way up her rosy cunt. She could almost hear herself telling the stud to fall to his knees and feel the hot gash between her open legs. She could almost feel the boy's trembling, but eager hand falling over her wet snatch, could almost feel his fingers stroking the dewy flesh of her sex.

Cissy's belly quivered when she imagined taking the kid's hard rod into her cunt. She felt her pussy tighten at the mere thought of having his dick in her twat. She was alive with desire for the boy. Every fiber of her being cried out for him. She had to feel his stiff prick jerking and throbbing inside her. If only he was with her now. If only she could accept his excited cock into her juicy snatch and work on it until she had taught him what a wild ejaculation into a woman's seething cunt was all about.

Having only her own hand to make her happy at the moment, Cissy made do. She buried first one finger and then another in her sucking sex. Before long her whole hand had found its way into her cunt. She felt the stretching of her super-sensitive cunt-flesh as she filled herself with her own hand. She dreamed of having a big hard cock inside her, dreamed of feeling the warmth of it, the hardness of it, the jerking and throbbing of it inside her. Seething with naked lust, the hot-assed woman twisted her hand inside the tight clutching hole between her legs, making her knuckles rub against the lips of her pussy.

"Oh, God! God! Billy! Billy, darling! Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me! Oh, Billy! I love your cock! I love your hard dick in my fucking twat! Move it inside me, lover! I don't care how you are! I need you! Oh, God! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!" she cried, her eyes tightly closed with passion as she writhed in the heat of her self-inspired lust for the boy.

The horny woman began moving her hand in and out of her tight wet twat harder and faster by the second. The juices of her pussy flowed freely between her legs. She writhed wildly as the heat in her cunt continued to build to the flash point. She could hear the wet sucking sounds her hand made as it moved in and out of her clutching cunt. She was on the edge of the sofa now, her legs spread wide, her hand up her cunt-hole all the way past her wrist. Her legs moved to and fro. Her nipples tingled inside her blouse, rubbing against the silky material and driving her wild. The wild-assed woman was totally oblivious of her surroundings, so wrapped up was she in her wild imaginings.

She could feel Billy's big fat cock throbbing hot and hard deep inside her belly. She could imagine the nervous trembling of his angular body as he fucked her hot and hard. She could imagine his heavy breathing as he jabbed his impaled dick in and out of her incredibly tight twat. She tried to imagine how the boy would feel inside fucking a woman for the first time, tried to imagine the confusing sensations and ideas that would run through him as he worked his organ in and out of her grasping cunt.

"Fuck me, Billy! Screw the shit out of me, darling! Fill me with hot dick! Oh, God! I need you, Billy! I need that stiff dick inside me! Move it in me, lover! I want to teach you! I want to teach you how to fuck a woman and make her happy! I want you!" the horny woman hissed, her hand moving fast between her legs.

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! Do you really mean it?" Cissy suddenly heard a boy's voice rasp.

Cissy screamed when she realized that the boy's voice she heard was not a voice from her horny imagination. It was as real as life, and the voice was Billy's. Even worse, he had heard her calling his name and begging him to fuck her hot and hard. Her reaction was automatic. She pulled her hand out of her sucking cunt-hole and tried to cover her pussy with her skirt. She somehow managed to pull up her panties and stand up. She reached out and grabbed Billy's shoulders, shaking him violently and staring into his big blue eyes.

"What on earth are you doing here, Billy!" Cissy shouted, her voice ringing with tension.

"But... uh... I... I live here, Mrs. Baxter!" the boy struggled.

"Why are you back so early?" Cissy asked, her voice weaker now.

"It's six o'clock, Mrs. Baxter. You remember? You told me to be back by six. The game was just over a few minutes ago. Uh... do you... uh do you want me to go back outside or somethin'?" the boy asked nervously.

"Yes! No! I... I don't know what I want you to do! This is terrible! Oh, God! I... I..." the woman stumbled, unable to put her embarrassment into words.

Cissy lost her voice for a moment and fell onto the sofa. She felt like hiding her face and letting her tears of embarrassment flow freely, but she knew that she didn't dare collapse now. She had to be strong and try somehow to save the situation. If only she could be alone to collect her thoughts.

"Billy... why don't you go upstairs and take a shower?" she suggested weakly.

"Uh... okay, Mrs. Baxter..." Billy said, looking away from the lovely woman, obviously as embarrassed about the situation as she was.

Cissy watched the boy walk up the stairs, his head bowed, barely picking up his feet. She realized that it had been a terrible shock to the boy catching his neighbor and his mother's best friend doing such a dirty thing to herself. She hoped she could make him understand, or at least forget what he had seen. When she realized that no boy could ever forget seeing a woman fucking herself with her hand on his living room sofa, Cissy shivered with fear. Would he tell his parents? Would he tell his buddies at school? Her mind swam with the dizzying possibilities.

As far as she could see, there was no satisfactory way out of her embarrassing and dangerous predicament. She could only hope that the boy had enough sense not to blab the story all over town. But Cissy's problem was more than merely having been caught masturbating by an impressionable boy. The most upsetting part of her problem was between her legs. She was still incredibly hot for fucking, so hot that her cunt still ran with musky sex-juices even as she sat there burning with embarrassment.

Cissy still wanted Billy. She still wanted to seduce the boy and teach him what screwing was all about. She knew that she should have learned her lesson. She knew that the embarrassment she had felt should have taught her to leave boys alone. She knew that she was teetering on the brink of depraved lust, knew that she could push herself off at any minute and fall into the abyss of her lust for youth. Her cunt was steaming between her legs. She had to be near the object of her lusts. She had to be near the boy she so desperately wanted.

Cissy felt as if some strange force were controlling her actions, felt as if the force of her depraved passion for Billy were causing her to do things she would never have dreamed of doing before. She felt herself rising from the sofa, felt herself gliding up the stairs as if in a trance. When she realized that she was standing outside the door of the bathroom, she shivered with a strange mixture of fear and excitement. She felt her hand reach out and grasp the knob. She hesitated a moment before opening the door. She could hear the water running in the shower. She knew that Billy was standing behind the translucent glass doors, standing there as naked as the day he was born, just waiting for her to initiate him into the rites of sex.

When she felt the door open slowly she knew that she was lost.

Chapter TWO

Billy's mind was in a state of turmoil just as Cissy's was. He had never seen a woman's cunt before, had never even seen a woman naked, except his mother once in awhile. He had no idea that women did things like that to themselves. He had jacked off and he knew that all the guys did it, but the discovery that women played with themselves, too, was a mind-boggling experience. Mrs. Baxter's hand had been buried all the way up her cunt, and it had been moving in there, too. As he stood in the shower soaping up his athletic body, he closed his eyes and tried to recall the scene downstairs. It wasn't at all difficult to call back the images, so indelibly were they, etched into his memory.

He remembered watching Mrs. Baxter's long, pink-glowing legs moving back and forth slowly as she hand-fucked herself. He remembered wanting to run his hands over her silky-looking skin, remembered wanting to see for himself if her naked legs were as warm and soft as they looked. He remembered seeing the swelling of her huge tits beneath the silk material of her pink blouse, remembered seeing the hard little points of her tit-peaks showing enticingly through the material. He had seen pictures of boobs before, but never had he been that turned on by a picture. Mrs. Baxter's tits looked a lot prettier through her blouse than any of those he had seen.

Billy remembered wanting to reach out and lay his hands on his neighbor's luscious breasts, remembered wanting to feel their silken warmth through her blouse. He remembered wanting to bury his face between her softly swelling breasts and inhale her intoxicating perfume. He remembered, too, detecting the even more intoxicating scent of the musky feminine fragrance that wafted up from the hot spot between her spread legs as he stood there trembling before her. He remembered wanting to fall to his knees and push his face up against the seething hole between Mrs. Baxter's pretty legs. Even as he stood there in the shower he wanted to stare between the luscious older woman's legs and examine her secret treasure.

Billy imagined kneeling before the lovely older woman and watching her open her legs even wider for him. He watched her move her hand inside her seething cunt, showing him how she could drive herself wild with her own hand. He envisioned her masturbating not oblivious to his presence as she had been downstairs, but fully aware that he was watching her. Mrs. Baxter was lascivious in his active imagination, lascivious and willing to do anything for him.

The horny boy watched Mrs. Baxter pull her hand out of her cunt-and open her naked twat. He had only seen pictures of pussies before, but as he imagined Mrs. Baxter's lewd behavior and remembered glimpsing her naked flesh, he could see the woman's cunt as clearly as if he had seen a thousand cunts in the flesh. He could see the wet, ragged lips of her seething twat shivering slightly as she gyrated her pretty hips and moved her cunt enticingly.

Billy felt his cock throbbing, throbbing with the heat of abandoned lust. He had always thought that Mrs. Baxter was a beautiful woman, but never had he suspected that she could ever have such a maddening effect on him. He looked down at his stiff dick and saw the big hard thing sticking up straight against his stomach. He was damn proud of his big fat cock and liked nothing better than to grab the pole of flesh and jerk off whenever he got the urge. The urge was mighty powerful at the moment. With visions of Mrs. Baxter dancing through his mind, the hard-cocked lad grasped the shaft of his wet cock and began jacking off to beat hell.

His groin was covered with soap suds, suds that made a wet sucking sound when his hand banged up and down his stiff dick. He rubbed suds all over his naked body with his free hand, enjoying the silken feel of his own naked body, but wishing that he could feel a girl's body instead. If only he could run his hands over Mrs. Baxter's body. If only she weren't so much older. If only she would let him do the things that he imagined doing to her as he beat off. If only there wasn't a taboo against sex between a boy and an older woman.

Billy's hand flew up and down the swollen shaft of his rod, making his cock tingle and twitch with excitement. His cock-head swelled hard as he stimulated himself. Droplets of crystal-clear pre-seminal fluid oozed from the lips of his dick-head, running down the shaft of his stiff prick, mingling with the soap around his cock. His balls ached with excitement as he jacked himself off with a frenzy. His nearly hairless nuts were gathered tightly between his legs.

"Oh, shit! This is too much! She's so beautiful, so fuckin' beautiful! I saw her cunt! Jesus Christ! I saw Mrs. Baxter's cunt!" Billy rasped, getting hotter and hotter by the second.

When Cissy heard the boy's heavy breathing and the words that were escaping his lips in spite of himself, she knew that she had had a powerful effect on the lad. It was just the effect she longed to have on him. She could see his slender form through the translucent glass of the shower doors. She could make out his hand moving up and down in front of his handsome body, could see the pink freshness of his skin behind the door. She couldn't help wanting to throw open the doors and join her object of affection.

Cissy's cunt trembled between her legs as she watched the boy jacking off. She had never seen a boy do that before, although she had enough sense to know that her sons did it all the time. She wanted to do the job for him, wanted to step into the shower and wrap her silken fingers around the hard shaft of his slippery dick, wanted to beat him off until he shot his heavy wad into the air.

The horny woman couldn't help wondering if his cock was as beautiful as she had imagined it. She couldn't help wondering if it would fill her hand as she had imagined, couldn't help wondering if his cock was as hot and hard as she thought it would be. She wished she could summon the courage to find out for herself if her would-be lover was everything she thought he was. She felt herself teetering on the brink of depravity. She knew that she could easily fall into the whirlpool of her lust for the boy. She was simply too horny to resist the temptation to seduce the boy. She needed him desperately, and she knew that he would appreciate the things she could teach him about fucking and sucking. She would do it, and she would do it now.

Cissy took a deep breath and approached the shower door. She shivered inside when she slid open the door of the shower, exposing Billy in the act of masturbating.

"Oh, shit! Jesus Christ, Mrs. Baxter! What're you doin' here?" the kid gasped when he saw her standing there as if she had materialized from his wild imagination.

Billy couldn't believe his eyes. It was really her! Only seconds before he had been jerking off with images of her naked body dancing through his horny mind. And now she was standing there in the flesh. He was paralyzed for a minute or two, unable to move a muscle, unable to hide his hard cock, unable to say more than a few nearly incoherent words.

Cissy was frozen for a moment or two herself. She still couldn't believe what she had done, much less what she knew she was about to do. She had taken the first step toward a sexual encounter with a boy enough to be her own son. She had to go farther in her explorations of sex with a and willing stud, had to indulge herself completely. She could tell from Billy's reaction to the things he had seen downstairs that he was ready and willing to be seduced.

"Billy, I... I want to talk with you," Cissy managed to say in a slightly artificial voice.

Cissy watched Billy suddenly come to life again, his hands flying down to his stiff, jerking dick. He tried desperately to cover his cock and balls, but they were much too prominent to hide. The naked boy crouched slightly, both hands between his legs, staring wildly like a frightened animal. Cissy suddenly felt sorry for her prey. She wanted to take him into her warm arms and comfort him. She realized that her bold behavior was a terrible shock to the boy. She only hoped that she could help him overcome his natural fear of what she assumed was his first sexual encounter.

"You seem terribly afraid, Billy. You really have nothing to fear, darling. Cissy won't hurt you," she smiled, looking the boy in the eye, fighting off temporarily her urge to stare at the kid's jerking prick and swollen nuts.

"But... uh... Mrs. Baxter!" the boy rasped. "What're you gonna do?"

"I'm going to teach you a few things about women and men and the wonderful fun they can have together!" Cissy said excitedly. "That is, I'll teach you if you really want to learn," she cooed, letting her eyes rove over the boy's naked soapy body.

"But... uh... I'm scared, Mrs. Baxter! Uh... I don't get it!" Billy said nervously.

"I understand how you feel, darling!" Cissy said with genuine feeling.

"That big hard thing between your legs proves that you're old enough! Didn't your cock get big and hard downstairs a little while ago when you caught me playing with my cunt?" she asked in a sultry voice.

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! Don't! Please! It's awful embarrassing!" the stiff-dicked boy pleaded, his nuts aching with excitement as he stood naked before the most beautiful woman he had ever set eyes on.

"You shouldn't be too embarrassed, darling! You should be proud of yourself! If your darling cock can rise and get so hard and stiff you must be a man!" she smiled, staring at the purplish head of the kid's dick that struck out over his hand in spite of his efforts to hide himself.

"You... you really mean it?" the boy asked, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Of course I mean it, darling! I'll show you how much I really mean it!"

"What do you mean, Mrs. Baxter? Gosh... I... I don't understand!" Billy said in a somewhat squeaky voice.

"Would you like to learn what sex is all about, darling? I'm sure that you're ready!"

"But... uh... I'm... I'm scared!" Billy said, staring wildly into Mrs. Baxter's beautiful blue eyes.

"Come to me, lover," she called. "You won't be afraid for long."

"Oh, shit!" the boy gasped, moving toward the beautiful woman in spite of his fear and embarrassment.

Billy felt his body being drawn to her as if by a magnet. He knew that it was even worse to consider having sex with a woman old enough to be his mother. But she was much too seductive to resist. He knew that she wanted him, knew not only from the way she talked about teaching him, but from the way she seemed to radiate some mysterious force that drew him to her.

"Wash the soap off your body first, silly!" Cissy laughed when he started to step out of the shower with soap suds still covering his body.

Billy stood beneath the cascading shower, letting the hard spray wash the soap from his glistening body. Cissy stood there letting her eager eyes rove over the boy's muscular naked body. She was amazed at how physically well developed Billy was for his age. She knew that his father Ralph was a physical fitness fanatic. Apparently, she thought, Ralph's preoccupation with sports and fitness and rubbed off on his son. She longed to let her warm exploring hands rove over the boy's lightly tanned shoulders, longed to feel his developing muscles moving beneath his clear skin. She shivered deep in her seething cunt when she thought of rubbing up against the boy's body.

While Billy rinsed his body he kept his hands between his legs, still trying to hide his genitals from Cissy's view. Billy wanted to let her see him but he was awfully embarrassed. He had never exposed himself to a woman before. He even kept himself covered up in front of his mother most of the time. He turned in shame away from her. Somehow it didn't feel as bad to let her see his back and ass.

Cissy enjoyed seeing the boy from behind almost as much as she enjoyed staring at his cock and balls. She wanted to let her fingers knead the firm-looking flesh of his angular buttocks, wanted to fall to her knees and plant wet little kisses all over the boy's lean ass. She wanted to reach up beneath his ass and take his balls into her warm hand, wanted to knead his swollen testicles until he shivered with passion deep down inside.

"Come with me now, darling. That's right, lover. Turn around and come with Cissy. I'll teach you to enjoy that handsome body of yours. If you're not a man now, you will be when I'm through with you!" the hot-assed woman smiled, making the boy blush uncontrollably.

Cissy held out her hand and waited for Billy to take it. When he did, she glanced down at his uncovered dick. The big swollen thing jerked up against his lean stomach. The head of it was tightly swollen, purplish with throbbing blood. A droplet of crystal clear pre-cum oozed out, making the horny woman hungry for the taste of male meat. She held out her other hand and waited until the boy took it, too. She stared eagerly at the kid's big balls hanging low between his lean legs. His balls looked so smooth and soft, so much different from her husband's hairy nuts. She longed to cradle them in her hands and fondle the boy until he went wild with naked lust.

On the way out of the bathroom Billy looked over at the towel he had planned to cover himself with. Cissy shook her head and told him that there was no need to cover himself any more. She told him that she liked seeing him just the way he was. The boy blushed again and followed her dutifully when she turned and led him down the halt. He didn't try to hide his jerking cock and sperm-filled balls any longer. As he walked behind the luscious older woman, his stiff dick jerked and bobbed up and down in front of him. Cissy turned around from time to time and cast a nasty glance at his bouncing dick, thrilling to the sight of it.

"Would you like to step into your bedroom, Billy?" she smiled. "You might feel more comfortable there, darling. If we were at my house I'd take you into my bedroom and give myself to you on my bed. Of course, we'd have to get rid of my husband and the two boys first. Isn't it convenient that your parents are out of town, Billy? There's no one in the house except you and me! We can just do anything we feel like doing, no matter how nasty it is! It just makes my pussy itch, Billy! Doesn't it make that lovely dick of yours all hot and tingly?"

Cissy stood aside at the door to Billy's room and let him lead the way. She was itching to get out of her clothes and let the boy see her luscious feminine charms. Billy's room had all the trappings of a boy's room, all the baseball pennants, goofy posters, footballs, and sports paraphernalia. Cissy detected in the boy a kind of embarrassment about all of this, as if he were suddenly out of place in a boy's room now that he was about to become a man.

"So this is your little world!" Cissy smiled. "Do you think there might be room in it for me, lover?"

"Gosh, yeah!" Billy exclaimed, his dripping cock throbbing with tension.

"And this is where you sleep!" she said in a voice dripping with lust. "It makes me all sad inside to think that you've been sleeping here all alone. I'll just bet that delicious-looking cock of yours gets hard every night! Am I right?"

"Sure, Mrs. Baxter. It gets hard all the time!" Billy admitted.

"And there isn't anyone to make it soft for you again! Terrible! Just terrible! I know how a boy's cock aches when it's all hard and tense! Surely you must have found some way of relieving yourself, darling boy!"

"Uh, relieving myself? How do you mean, Mrs. Baxter?" Billy struggled.

"Yes, Billy. You must have found some way of making your cock soft again. I believe you boys call it jerking off or something to that effect. Am I right, lover?" she asked.

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! Uh... I..." the boy stammered, flushing with embarrassment.

"You shouldn't be ashamed, darling. All boys do things like that! Would you like to do that for me?" she asked, her lips wet and glistening.

"Do it for you?" the boy rasped, his dick jerking in front of his body. "What do you mean, Mrs. Baxter?"

"I mean I'd like to watch you jerk off!" she smiled. "I've never watched a boy do that before. Just thinking about it makes my pussy all hot and wet! If I'm going to teach you how to enjoy that fine body of yours you might as well teach me a few things, too. Show me how a boy relieves himself when he doesn't have a woman like me around to help him. Will you do that for me, darling?"

"Uh... oh, shit... I guess I will. I mean..." the boy struggled, knowing that he would have to do anything in the world she asked of him.

Billy reached down and took his firm rod in his hand. He hesitated at first, ashamed of what he was about to do in front of Mrs. Baxter. When he felt his fingers closing around the shaft of his slippery cock, however, he forgot the embarrassment he felt and abandoned himself to the burning wild sensations he was causing to race up and down his cock by his own manipulations. His balls aching with youthful passion, Billy closed his eyes and started beating off for dear life while Mrs. Baxter sat on his bed and watched.

Cissy stared with glittering eyes at the boy's hand as it raced up and down the long thick shaft. It was almost too much for the wild-assed woman to believe. Her neighbor was actually standing there naked before her, jerking off his stiff tomcat. She had dreamed of watching a boy masturbate, and now the experience was hers to enjoy to the full. She knew now that the step she had taken toward Billy would bring her to the wild depravity she craved. Her cunt steamed with lust.

"Billy, darling, would you like to see something to stimulate your horny mind?" Cissy breathed, feeling wanton beyond belief, willing to do anything in her power to stimulate her stud and make him desperate for her willing body.

"Huh?" the boy started, opening his eyes and staring at the beautiful woman on the edge of his bed.

"Would you like to see my body, darling?" she smiled.

"God! You really mean it?" Billy wheezed, his legs trembling with excitement.

"Of course I mean it, Billy! You have to see a woman's body sooner or later! We can't fuck with our clothes on! Would you like to see me naked?" she asked softly.

"Oh, shit, Mrs. Baxter! You mean it?" the kid growled, his balls tensing between his shivering legs.

"Would you like to see my breasts?" she sang, running her hands over her luscious tits, smoothing her hands over the silk material of her light blouse.

"Oh, God, yes!" the boy begged. "Can I? Can I really see your breasts?" Billy rasped, staring wild-eyed at the luscious woman.

"I'd just love to show you my tits, Billy! You deserve to see them! You're so and willing!" she smiled, unbuttoning her blouse ever so slowly, teasing the boy with every move she made. "Have you ever seen a woman's tits before, Billy?" she smiled, having unbuttoned her blouse completely, holding her garment closed over her swelling bosoms.

"Gosh, no, Mrs. Baxter! Never! Wow!" the boy rasped.

"Not even your mother's?" she asked softly.

"Huh? Mom's? Uh, well, once in awhile, I guess," the boy said nervously.

"Julia has lovely breasts, Billy. Your mother is a very pretty lady. Do you think I'm as pretty as your mother? Are my titties as pretty as hers?" she asked in a sultry voice.

With that, the hot-assed older woman tore open her pink silk blouse and let her naked boobs burst into full view. The big beautiful globes swelled with sultry seductiveness as she sat there on the edge of Billy's bed with her legs crossed. She smoothed her hands over the pink-glowing flesh of her exposed boobs, making the boy long to feel her tits for himself.

Billy's eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw the magnificent tits Cissy had to offer him. He had never laid eyes on anything as exciting in his life. Her tits were bigger and softer-looking then anything he had seen in glossy girlie magazines. Her breasts were suffused with a pink glow that made her skin look almost translucent. Her tit-peaks were stiff, standing out as little points of goose-pimpled flesh.

Cissy knew that she was having a powerful effect on Billy. She lifted her glorious breasts in her hands and offered them to him, feeling more lascivious by the minute. Billy stared at her offered knockers with an eagerness and awe that made her melt inside. Her cunt ran with musky moisture at the mere thought of the wild things she and her boy were about to do with each other. The crotch of her panties was damp with her feminine dew.

"Billy, darling, do you like my tits? Are they pretty enough for you?"

"Golly, yeah! They're beautiful, Mrs. Baxter!" the hard-cocked boy rasped.

"You're not just saying that are you, darling? After all, lover, you said you hadn't seen a woman's tits before. You really don't have much to compare mine to," she smiled.

"I-I've seen some pictures..." the boy said, his voice trailing off weakly, as if he were embarrassed by his lack of experience.

"Did you jack off, darling?" the hot-assed woman asked, her cunt twitching.

"Uh... well... yeah."

"If you were that excited over a picture, you must be terribly horny right now, darling. After all, lover, these are more than a picture. These are flesh and blood breasts, darling boy. Would you like to feel for yourself?"

"Oh, shit! Can I? You mean it? Can I touch 'em?" the horny boy rasped, his cock jerking uncontrollably.

"Come to me, lover! Come to me and feel my tits! Oh darling! I can promise you that this will be the wildest time of your life!" Cissy sang, opening her arms wide for the horny boy.

Chapter THREE

Billy almost ran toward Mrs. Baxter. He fell into her arms like a baby and buried his face between her delicious tits. The boy breathed heavily, inhaling her perfume and going wild inside. He felt the firm but incredibly soft flesh of her naked boobs against his cheeks, felt the hard little points of her nipples brushing lightly against his shoulders. The boy fell to his knees and rested his face between her breasts, feeling her soft breathing, feeling her tits rising and falling almost imperceptibly.

Cissy thought she would faint with the excitement of the moment. Her body ran with sensations. She wrapped her long lovely arms around the boy's naked back and held him to her. His cheeks felt incredibly warm and smooth against her tits, not at all like her husband's face against her silken boobs. The horny woman felt the boy's heart beating hard and fast in his chest as she wrapped her eager arms around him. She was suddenly filled with an almost motherly warmth for the boy, a warmth at once soothing and exciting.

"Oh, God! This is beautiful, so beautiful!" she cried, holding the boy tighter in her arms. "You're so and handsome! I want you very much, Billy! I need you! Do you want me too, lover?" she sighed, her body trembling with emotion.

"Shit, yeah, Mrs. Baxter! God your tits are beautiful!" the hard-cocked kid gasped, reaching out and grabbing huge handfuls of tit-flesh.

"Feel my nipples, Billy! Feel how hard they are?" she breathed, her pussy twitching, her hard little nipples tingling with excitement.

Cissy shivered when the boy rubbed his fingertips over her stiff little peaks of erectile flesh. Her tits tingled deep inside as the boy stimulated her breasts. She felt slightly dizzy with emotion. She had never felt so beautiful, had never felt so warm and alive, had never felt so hot between her legs, not even in her husband's bed.

"Would you like to suck them, Billy? Would you like to lick and nibble my little titties?" she asked almost breathlessly.

"Oh, shit, Mrs. Baxter! Do you really mean it? No shit?" Billy gasped, his tense nuts aching with excitement, his heart racing wildly in his chest.

"Suck them for me, darling boy! Suck me like a baby! Suck me just like you sucked your mother's titties! Oh, God! God! This is so exciting! I've never felt so hot in my life!" the wild-assed beauty breathed, her hard tits dying to be sucked into the kid's eager mouth.

Cissy trembled when she felt the boy press his trembling lips against the stiff little peaks of her nipples. He barely touched her flesh at first, as if he were afraid to assert himself in any way. She encouraged him gently, telling him that she loved the way his lips felt against her tit-peaks, telling him that she would just love anything and everything he could do to her.

Before long, the boy was sucking Mrs. Baxter's breasts with a passion. She heard the wet sucking sounds the boy's lips made as he slurped noisily at her nipples. She told him to run his tongue around the goose-pimpled flesh of her light brownish nipples. He obeyed eagerly, making her hornier and hornier by the second. She felt as if her own son were licking and sucking her tingling boobs.

The sensations the boy felt as he sucked at Cissy's breasts were wild beyond belief. She was incredibly seductive. The boy's head swam with dirty ideas, swam with depraved desires. He even thought about sucking his own mother's breasts just as he was sucking Mrs. Baxter's. Never in his life had he been so attuned to the power of femininity. It was as if Cissy had sucked the will out of him. He felt unable to resist her naked charm, felt as if he would do anything and everything the hot-assed older woman asked him to do. He knew that the things they were doing were wrong, knew it as well as Mrs. Baxter did.

"Would you like to see something else, darling?" Cissy asked.

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! What do you mean?" the wild-eyed boy asked hoarsely, having a pretty good idea what she was getting at.

"Isn't there another part of my body that you'd like to see?" she smiled, running her hand over the boy's strong shoulder.

"Oh, slit, Mrs. Baxter! You gonna let me see... uh... your..." the kid stumbled.

"My cunt?" she asked teasingly. "Why don't you say the word, lover? Ask me to let you see it."

"Ask you? Oh, shit! Can I see your cunt?"

Cissy felt wicked inside when she heard the boy say the word for the first time. She felt as if she were corrupting the boy's morals, and the feeling was deliciously intoxicating. She had no intention of letting her corruption of his morals stop with mere words.

"Of course you may see my cunt, darling boy!" Cissy said. "There's nothing in the world I'd rather do than show you my cunt, lover boy." Cissy ran her hand down over her legs, smoothing her hand over the silky material of her skirt, making the material cling to her legs and thighs.

Billy stared wide-eyed between the woman's long, lithe legs. He watched her put her hand between her legs and gather the material of her skirt between them. As she pushed her hands between her legs her skirt rose, exposing more and more of her lightly honey-tanned legs. Billy was suddenly more conscious of his nakedness, more conscious of the jerking of his sensitive prick. He had been hard and horny for a long time now and his state of excitement was beginning to get to him. He felt like reaching down between his tense legs and whacking it off without waiting for Cissy to show him what to do with his stiff dick.

When the wildly exciting older woman started raising her silky skirt the boy almost passed out with excitement. He wanted to reach out and touch her naked legs, wanted to smooth his warm hand over her silken flesh. He would have pushed his hand all the way up her leg to the secret nest of her hot sex had he not been so very much afraid to make any false moves in such a delicate situation. As he stared with wide-open eyes more and more of her sexy body came into view.

Cissy felt wicked beyond belief as she sat on the boy's bed and exposed her cunt. Her pussy was wet and hot between her legs like a steaming jungle. She had to take off her skirt and panties and let the boy stare at the nakedness of her pussy.

She stood up and tossed her flowing blonde hair behind her. Smiling wickedly, the horny woman unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

"Would you like to pull my panties down, Billy?" she asked sweetly, looking down on the kneeling boy with lust blazing in her eyes.

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! I want to... but... I'm kinda scared," the nervous boy stumbled.

"You mustn't be afraid or embarrassed, darling. Be a brave man now and take my panties off. My pussy is so hot!"

With a seductive smile, the hot-assed blonde beauty reached down and took her boy's hands in hers. She placed his trembling hands on her waist and waited for him to get used to the feel of her warm feminine flesh against his fingers. She told the boy to roll her panties down. He obeyed somewhat reluctantly, still half afraid to assert himself for fear of breaking the mind-bending spell that the horny woman had cast over him.

Billy's fingers began sneaking beneath the waistband of Mrs. Baxter's panties as if they were being moved by some mysterious force. He looked up at her beautiful face and saw nothing in her eyes that told him not to go on with his denuding of her luscious body. He opened his mouth and gaped as he saw for the first time the hairy nest of a woman's cunt.

"Do you like it, Billy? Does it excite you?" Cissy smiled, pushing her panties down the rest of the way when the boy's fingers stopped moving.

Cissy knew that the handsome boy was spellbound by the sight of her naked snatch, unable temporarily to move a muscle. She made the most of his condition, feeling wanton, seething with lusty ideas for wild sexual activity.

Cissy shrugged her lovely shoulders and let her blouse slip from her silken body. She stepped out of her clothes and took off her shoes, placing them neatly on the boy's nightstand. Her naked asscheeks jiggled slightly as she moved. Her tits rose and fell as she walked back toward him after laying out her clothes. Her luscious full hips swayed seductively as she came toward him. She stood still for a few seconds with her hands on her curvy hips while the boy stared at her naked cunt.

"Would you like to have a better look, lover?" she asked, sitting once again on the edge of the boy's bed.

The horny neighbor lady spread her legs and let the kid have a view of her cunt that he had never even dreamed of actually getting. She opened her legs as wide as she could and ran her hands up her thighs. She had dreamed of showing her cunt to a boy with such lascivious abandon, and her dreams had now become cunt-moistening reality.

"Would you like me to spread my cunt open for you, darling?" she asked, her eyes twinkling with lust.

Billy was only able to utter some incoherent rasping sounds in reply to her enticing question. She let her fingers sneak between her spread legs and touch the seething flesh of her exposed twat. She heard Billy gasp when he saw what she was doing to herself. Earlier downstairs she had been caught in the act of diddling her cunt, and the effect on her sex pupil had been powerful enough. Now she was lewdly displaying her cunt purposefully for the boy.

Cissy took the lips of her exposed twat between her fingers and tugged gently at the raggedy flesh of her sex. She opened her cunt obscenely, letting Billy look into the rosy gash. Her open cunt ran with musky fluids, ran with the fluids of her ever growing passion.

"Look into my cunt, darling boy!" Cissy said breathlessly. "I just love letting you see me there! Oh, God, Billy! This is so dirty! It's so much fun! My cunt is on fire!"

Billy still couldn't believe that Mrs. Baxter was showing him her cunt, not even after all the dirty things she had already done that afternoon. She didn't care at all whether or not he stared wide-eyed between her legs. In fact, she seemed to want him to do exactly that. Cissy had to be the horniest woman in the world.

The wild-eyed boy gazed at the rosy inner flesh of Cissy's cunt. Her cunt-flesh looked red-hot and glistening with musky fluid. He wanted desperately to let his hand fall between the lovely older woman's lithe legs. He wanted desperately to feel the part of a woman that he had only dreamed of in his masturbation fantasies. Cissy sensed the boy's burning desire and decided to satisfy it.

"Would you like to touch me, lover?" she cooed.

"T... touch you? There? Really?" the stiff dicked kid gasped, pointing incredulously at the spread gash between Cissy's legs.

"Yes, darling boy, there between my legs! I'd just love to feel your hand on it! You can't imagine how hot this makes me!" the luscious lady breathed in the heat of her lust.

Billy's cock almost shot off when he reached out his hand and let it fall between Mrs. Baxter's spread legs. The kid had never felt anything as hot and silky as the flesh between the neighbor lady's legs. He felt his balls tighten beneath the jerking staff of his hard dick as his fingers began to explore the gash between her legs. He felt her pussy shiver slightly, felt her responding to his every movement.

Cissy was horny beyond belief now, dying to have the boy do all sorts of wildly exciting things to her. Her cunt ran with the hot fluids of her feminine passion, seethed with lust for the naked boy. The heat of his trembling hand seared through her juicy twat, going straight to her head. She felt the boy's finger rubbing against the silky damp lips of her spread sex. He didn't know exactly what he was doing, but as far as the hot-assed woman was concerned, he was doing exactly what she wanted him to do.

Cissy began gyrating her hips, forcing her naked snatch against the boy's hand, making her cunt twitch and tingle with hot lust. She wanted to take the kid's hand all the way inside her tight cunt, wanted to feel his arm stretching the walls of her yielding sex.

"Put your finger in it, darling! Don't be afraid! Stick it in! I need it so badly, lover! Finger-fuck me! Just follow you natural instincts, darling!" she hissed, her heart racing with excitement as the boy instantly did what she told him to do.

"Like... uh... like this?" he asked, nervously jabbing his finger between the rubbery lips of the woman's cunt.

"Yes, Billy! Oh, God yes! I love it! It's so beautiful! Jab your finger in and out! Harder, Billy! Finger-fuck me, lover! Oh, Jesus! This is just delicious!" the wild-assed older woman hissed as the kid made hot tingling sensations race through her body.

"Am I... uh... am I hurting you, Mrs. Baxter?" Billy asked hoarsely, half-afraid to jab his stiff finger in and out of her sucking sex.

"Don't worry about that, lover! Just fuck me!" she cried, her body alive with cunt-melting sensation.

Billy shoved his finger deep inside the hot-assed woman's tight wet pussy. He heard her gasp when his finger pushed all the way inside her cunt. Her body stiffened slightly. Her eyes closed as if in pain.

"Did I... uh... did I hurt you?" Billy asked nervously.

"No, Billy! I love it! Do it harder! Move your finger inside me now! Crook your finger and twist it inside me! I need it! It's making me so hot!" she cried.

The horny boy did as he was told, crooking his finger deep inside Cissy's tight cunt and twisting it like a corkscrew. He felt her body shiver when he moved his finger inside her, felt her responding wildly to the maddening stimulation of her sensitive cunt-flesh. The hot juices of her excited cunt flowed freely around his finger, trickling down his finger and making his hand wet with cunt-honey. As he jabbed his finger in and out of the woman's tight sex, he worked her twat-juices into a froth.

"Lover, you're driving me crazy! Keep fingerfucking me! Oh, God! You're as good as my husband! Fuck me with two fingers now, lover! It's all right, darling! You won't hurt me! Oh, yes! Yesss!" the hot-assed older woman screamed when her boy shoved two fingers into her seething twat. "Three fingers now, Billy! Oh, please! Yes! Oh, God! It's so wild! Put your whole hand inside me!" she cried.

"But... uh... I don't know if I can..." the hard-cocked kid rasped, trying to work his hand into the older woman's cunt. "Won't that... uh... won't that hurt a lot, Mrs. Baxter?"

"I want you to do it to me, lover! I want to feel your hand stretching my cunt like a huge hard cock! Oh, God! Just the thought of it makes my pussy quiver!" she cried, alive with sex-heat. "Stuff that hand into me! Hurry! Fuck me with it! Stick your whole arm up my cunt! Oh, shit! It's beautiful! Fuck meeeee!" the wild-assed woman hissed as the boy filled her cunt with his fist.

Cissy told the boy to move his hand around inside her clutching cunt. He obeyed eagerly, twisting his fist inside her tight sex while at the same time moving his hand in and out. The hot, free-flowing juices of her cunt ran down his wrist and arm, covering his skin with a light dew. He felt her inner flesh holding him in a tight grip inside her, felt her cunt working on his hand and wrist as if to keep him inside her forever. Her body writhed wildly in the frenzy of the fist-fuck.

Cissy felt as if her cunt were being stretched to its limit. She felt the boy's warm fist filling her inner channel, stretching her sensitive cunt-flesh. It was a wild feeling, but still she wanted more. She had to feel Billy's lips and tongue working away between her spread legs. She had to have the boy eat her out.

"Do you like the way my cunt feels, darling?" she said, trying to control herself.

"Shit, yeah! It feels great! Wow! I still can't believe this is happenin' to me!" the boy gasped.

"Many more things are going to happen to you, lover!" Cissy breathed, "Do you like the way my cunt looks, too?" she smiled.

"Fuck, yeah! It's beautiful!" the boy said excitedly.

"Would you like to taste it, too?" she asked, her voice as sweet as honey.

"T... taste it? Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! Taste it?" the kid asked in a nervously excited voice.

"Would you like to, lover? Just answer me. Don't worry, dear. Just be honest," the horny woman smiled.

"Well... uh... sure I'd like to taste it... but... isn't that kinda... kinda..." the boy struggled.

"Dirty?" she asked softly, her seething cunt still filled with the kid's trembling hand.

"Well... uh yeah... I mean it's kinda bad isn't it?" the boy asked, not believing that she would let him do such a thing to her.

"Do you want to taste my pussy?" she asked, her lips glistening.

"Well sure... but... it's nasty!" the kid said. "Of course it is, lover! That's what makes it so much fun! It's positively depraved!! I'm old enough to be your mother and you're about to lick and suck at my hot little pussy! But just because it's depraved doesn't mean we shouldn't try it! Do you understand, darling? We can do anything we want to do now. We've gone so far already!" she smiled wickedly, glancing down between her legs where the boy's hand was still stuffed up her cunt.

Cissy told the boy to take his hand out of her twat and put his face between her legs. He pulled his hand out of her roughly, making her scream in pleasure. She felt his hand pulling out of her and stretching her sensitive cunt as his tightly clenched fist pulled free.

"I... I didn't mean it, Mrs. Baxter! Honest!" the boy said when he heard her cry of pain and delight.

"I loved it, darling! Oh, shit! Put your face between my legs and lick my cunt! I'm on fire for it!" she gasped, falling back into the sofa and spreading her long lithe legs.

Billy moved his face closer and closer to the hot wet gash between the older woman's lovely legs. He wanted nothing more than to lick the rosy flesh of her seething cunt. He felt like sucking and slurping at her wet cunt-flesh. The incredibly exciting scent of her musky cunt was driving the boy wild. If her cunt tasted anything like it smelled to the boy she had to be the tastiest thing in the world.

"Just... uh... just lick it?" the boy asked, not really knowing what to do now that he was close enough to her twat to fuck out his tongue and touch her wet flesh.

"Oh, God yes! Lick my cunt! Don't be afraid for Christ's sake! I need your tongue on my clit! There! Lick that! Lick me there! I can't wait any longer! Suck my clit!" The horny older woman hissed, pushing her cunt against the boy's eager face.

Billy wrapped his hips around the little bud of flesh between the woman's raggedy cunt-lips and began sucking with a passion. She made all sorts of soft little cries of delight as he sucked the glowing little finger of flesh between her legs. His tongue raced wildly over the hot wet lips of her pussy, lapping up the freely flowing juices of her passion. The more he tasted of her cunt the more he wanted.

Cissy was seething with mind-bending passion. She felt the boy's eager tongue flying over the super-sensitive flesh of her cunt, flying over her pussy and making little shivers of delight run through her entire body. Nothing mattered to her now except the wild pleasures she could derive from the boy's innocence and the maddening delights she could give her sex pupil in return.

"Am I doing it right, Mrs. Baxter?" the boy asked at length, looking up from his place between her legs.

"Cissy loves it, darling! You're doing just beautifully! I could let you eat my cunt all day!" she smiled, looking down at the boy's handsome face.

Billy resumed his task and licked her naked snatch until she could stand it no longer. She felt his face pressing against the seething wet flesh of her musky cunt, felt his nose tickling the rosy inner lips. The luscious naked woman ground her wet pussy against the boy's face. She raised her long lithe legs and wrapped them around the boy's shoulders, holding him to her tightly. He stuck his tongue deep inside her grasping pussy, flicking it around inside her.

The boy began nibbling at the woman's little clit, following the instructions she somehow managed to whisper to him in the heat of her frenzy. She felt his teeth scraping gently against the hot-glowing bud of her clitoris. The boy tugged gently at her super-sensitive clit, letting the resilient flesh pull free, making shivers shoot through her twat.

"Mrs. Baxter... I... I..." Cissy heard the boy say in a muffled voice, his face pressed tightly against her cunt. "I can't breathe!"

Cissy giggled uncontrollably and reluctantly relaxed her hold on the boy's broad shoulders. The boy's eager pussy-licking had driven her wild. She needed more now to satisfy her hunger for sex. She needed to have his cock. It was time to give him the same maddening pleasure that he had given her.

Chapter FOUR

"You've done such wonderful things for me, lover! I think it's time I did something for you! Would you like me to suck your dick, lover?" the hot-assed woman asked in a sultry voice.

"You really mean it, Mrs. Baxter? You really gonna do that for me?" the stiff-dicked boy asked in amazement.

"Stand up, darling, and let me have that delicious cock of yours!" the horny woman said. "I can hardly wait!"

Billy stood up somewhat nervously before his luscious sex teacher, his cock jerking uncontrollably in front of his naked body. His dick had been stiff all afternoon and his balls had been aching for release. His nuts were tightly gathered between his nervous legs, feeling like two hand grenades about to explode.

The boy almost passed out when the lovely woman reached out and wrapped her silken fingers around the stiff shaft of his rod. She held his aching prick in her hand and bent toward his throbbing organ. She breathed gently over the head of his naked dick, flicking out her practiced tongue and gently touching the lips of his dick.

"Did you like that?" she asked, feeling his cock throb when her tongue touched the tip of it.

"Jesus, yes!" Billy gasped.

"If you liked that you'll just love this!" she said, opening her mouth as wide as she could and plunging down on his big hard prick.

Billy opened his mouth and moaned when he felt the older woman's lovely lips pressing the turgid head of his cock. Her tongue raced wildly over the super-sensitive skin of his cock-head, making shivers and shocks race up and down the pole of his cock from the tip to his balls. The suction on his cock was enough to make the boy crazy with excitement.

Cissy loved the taste of her sex pupil's turgid cock, loved the way it filled her face with tasty male meat. She felt the big hard cock throbbing inside her face, felt it jerking hot and hard against the roof of her mouth. His dick felt even bigger in her mouth than it looked. The swollen head of the thing bulged her silken cheeks as she sucked eagerly on it.

The hot-assed thirty-five-year-old woman reached up between Billy's trembling legs and took his swollen balls in her warm silken hands. She lifted the heavy organs in her hands and weighed them, knowing that every movement of her hands was making the boy more and more excited. While sucking the kid's erect prick, the wildly exciting woman kneaded the sperm-filled balls between his legs. The heavy softness of his balls thrilled her deep down inside. She loved the feeling of warmth that soaked into her hand as she held the kid's testicles in a loving embrace.

Cissy began bobbing her lovely head up and down on the kid's erect prick, making his nuts ache more and more by the second. She took his blood-filled dick all the way to the back of her silky throat. As she moved her head up and down, she felt the swollen head of his cock banging against her tonsils, making her nearly choke each time she plunged down on it.

The luscious sex teacher suddenly felt the boy's swollen organ growing bigger and harder in her mouth. The thing snapped up against the roof of her mouth. She could tell by the sudden stiffening of the boy's body that he was very close to a ball-busting ejaculation.

"Jeeze, Mrs. Baxter! If you keep doin' that I'm gonna -- I'm gonna shoot it into your mouth! You wouldn't want me to do that, would you?" the boy rasped, his tense balls threatening to shoot off in another second or two.

Cissy wanted nothing more at the moment than to suck the boy off and make his sperm shoot down her sucking throat. She longed to taste the fresh cream that the boy would soon pump into her mouth. She longed to feel the jerking of his super sensitive dick as his cock shot wad after wad of sperm down her eager throat. She thought the boy deserved the chance to find some relief from the tensions that she knew had to be torturing his balls. She pulled her head off his dick for a moment or two and smiled up at him, holding his jerking rod in her warm hand.

"Do you really think you're ready to come in my mouth, lover?" she asked teasingly.

"Oh, shit, yeah!" the boy gasped, his nuts charged with sexual electricity and ready to flash off at any moment. "I can't hold back much longer, Mrs. Baxter! My... my nuts hurt like hell!" the boy rasped in the frenzy of youthful lust.

"Would you like to shoot sperm down my throat? Would you like to feel your wad shooting through your stiff dick?" she asked lasciviously, her cunt quivering with pleasure.

"Oh, shit! Mrs. Baxter! Please let me! It's killin' me!" the stiff-dicked kid rasped.

"Will you be able to get hard again if I let you shoot your cum now, lover?" she asked.

"Huh? Get hard again? I... I don't get it, Mrs. Baxter!" he said.

"I want you to fuck me in the cunt with that big beautiful cock, Billy! Don't you understand? It has to be hard just like it is now! I just love big hard cocks like yours stuck in my little cunnie!" the hot-assed woman hissed. "Do you think you can get hard again if I let you come in me?" she asked.

"Sure, Mrs. Baxter! It'll stay hard after I shoot!" the boy said. "It always stays hard!"

"Really, Billy?" Cissy asked, her eyes lighting up with delight. "How do you know it won't get soft?"

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! I can beat off three or four times before it gets soft!" the kid said proudly.

"Oh, Billy! Billy, darling! I think you might be the answer to all my prayers! A perpetually stiff dick!" the wildly excited woman breathed, plunging down on Billy's prong.

Cissy grabbed the boy's sperm-filled balls and squeezed just hard enough to cause him the slightest bit of pain. She sucked his dick with a passion, flicking her practiced tongue around the swollen head of it, tickling the lips of his cock. The boy was standing on his tiptoes now, his body tense and shivering with excitement.

"Oh, shit, Mrs. Baxter! I... I'm gonna shoot it!" Billy gasped.

Billy felt the charge in his tense balls explode violently. Her lips and tongue were simply too much to resist. He knew that his wad would shoot down her throat and fill her lovely mouth with hot thick sperm. He hoped she wouldn't mind.

Cissy gasped when she felt the hot, wet wad of cum shooting into her mouth. She heard the boy moaning and groaning deep in his throat as his rocks shot off. She knew how maddeningly beautiful was the sensation in his cock and balls and she thrilled to his reaction to it.

Shot after shot of hot sperm squirted into her, blasting against the back of her sucking throat. She thought the boy would never stop pumping his jism into her. The hot-assed woman tried desperately to swallow all the cum the kid poured into her face. She had had no idea that a boy's nuts could hold such a huge volume of sperm. The stuff filled her mouth and dribbled out around his stiffly swollen dick, running over her lips and down her silken chin.

"Oh, God, Mrs. Baxter! That's great! Oh, shit! Fuck! Suck it for me! Oh, fuck! Fuck!" the boy rasped as his balls flashed with sexual lightning.

Cissy gurgled deep in her throat as she moaned with delight. She loved the taste and texture of the boy's fresh sperm as it ran in little rivulets down her tongue and throat. Her cunt was alive with sensation, dying to be filled with hot cock.

"Oh, God, Billy!" Cissy cried, letting the kid's stiff dribbling prick pull from her face with a loud slurp. "I need you inside me! Will you fuck me now, lover! I'm so hot, so fucking hot!"

"Gosh, yeah!" the boy rasped, his dick still shivering from his recent ejaculation. "I wanna do it to you, Mrs. Baxter! But I don't think I know how!"

"I'll teach you, darling! I'll teach you everything you need to know about fucking! I'll teach you to make us both happy! Are you ready to learn Billy!" she breathed.

When the boy nodded excitedly the hot-assed woman popped the boy's prick into her loving mouth again and sucked the last bit of sperm out of his balls. She sucked his balls into her pretty mouth one at a time and rolled them around with her tongue. She heard the slurping sound the kid's nuts made as they popped in and out of her mouth and was filled with the desire to hear another wet slurping sound, the sound of his dick moving in and out of her tight pussy.

The luscious naked woman fell on the boy's bed and spread her long lithe legs, opening herself lasciviously for him. She reached between her spread legs and opened her cuntlips with her fingers, exposing the inner flesh of her sex. Her clit was bright red and glowing with sexual fire. Her long neglected cunt was dying to be filled with hot cock, dying for the friction of the boy's stiff prick against the super-sensitive finger of flesh between the lips of her cunt. She had to have him inside her, and she had to have him now.

"Come to me, Billy! Come to me and stick that darling dick in my cunt! Oh God! You're so and handsome! I can't wait another minute! I need you inside me! Hurry. Billy! Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me, lover!" she cried.

"Uh... will you tell me if I do something wrong, Mrs. Baxter?" Billy asked hoarsely, his dick jerking up in front of his naked body, his balls tense with excitement.

"I'm sure you won't do anything wrong, lover! You've done beautifully so far!" Cissy said seductively.

Nervously, but with youthful eagerness, Billy crawled into bed with his sex instructor and positioned himself between her spread legs. Cissy encouraged the boy to forget his fears and give himself freely to her. She heard the boy breathing heavily as he mounted her. As he fell on her naked body, she sighed with delight. She felt his heart beating heavily against her breasts as he lay on her, not knowing exactly what to do now that he actually had what he had always dreamed about.

"Hold yourself over me with those strong arms of yours," she smiled, looking straight into the boy's glittering eyes. "That's right, darling boy. Now put that dick between my legs. Oh, God! It's so hard and hot!" she gasped when she felt the swollen head of his rod bumping aimlessly against the silken flesh of her inner legs.

Billy began moving his hips nervously, making his big prick jab against the woman's silken cunt-flesh. Each time his rod made contact with her fiery flesh, shocks of sexual electricity raced up the shaft of his dick and made him ache with desire. His nuts were already beginning to feel the ache of lust. She was driving him wild with lust for her mature and luscious body.

"Let me help you, Billy!" Cissy said, reaching between the boy's tense legs and grasping the stiff shaft of his dripping prick. "Let me guide that lovely thing between the lips of my cunt. You have to find the hole before you can fuck it, lover!" Cissy smiled.

The horny older woman guided the boy's dripping cock into her wet gash and let it rest there. She resisted the urge to gyrate her curvy hips and engulf the boy's hardened whang, not wanting him to be frightened by her feminine power over him.

"Now, lover, I want you to put it into me all the way! I can't wait much longer, Billy! I'm just dripping for it! Fuck me! Fuck me, beautiful boy!" she breathed, preparing for the thrust of the kid's rock-hard erection.

Billy couldn't stand the tension another second.

He didn't know exactly what he was doing, but he knew that he wanted desperately to fill Mrs. Baxter's dripping cunt with his hard male flesh. With one nervous thrust the kid rammed his big pecker all the way up the older woman's twat. His rod snapped up against the silken flesh of her inner channel. He had never felt anything like it in his life. The heat of her cunt seemed to soak into his responsive dick and go straight to his tense balls.

The boy felt her tight pussy grasping his impaled organ, holding it tightly inside her. The feeling of sucking pressure was incredible. Her cunt was even more exciting than her mouth on his cock. He buried his erect whang in her all the way to his balls. He felt her pussy hair rubbing up against his groin as he held his dick in place, afraid to move it even a little.

"Oh, Billy! Billy! That feels delicious! Your cock is so huge! My God! How could a boy your age have such a big cock?"

"Gosh, Mrs. Baxter! Is it... uh... is it really that good?" he asked excitedly.

"It's perfect, Billy! You're a stud, darling! You could make any woman happy with that lovely dick! Let me show you how to use it the right way, lover! You'll catch on quickly enough! Just relax and let me tell you what to do!" Cissy breathed, her cunt tightening more and more around the turgid shaft.

Cissy told her lover to start moving his dick in and out of her sucking sex. He obeyed eagerly, jabbing his rod in and out of her hot, wet hole with ever increasing passion. Cissy felt the boy's heavy balls slapping up against her seething gash with each wild thrust into her sex. The wild-assed older woman began gyrating her pelvis, grinding her cunt-flesh hot and hard against the swollen flesh of his organ. She felt his bulbous cock-head rubbing against the sensitive inner flesh of her pussy, making more and more musky cunt-juice flow from the quivering lips of her twat.

"Move it around inside me, darling!" she breathed, luxuriating in the feel of his hard flesh against her silken sex.

Billy did as he was told, raising his body off her and moving his lean ass in a tight circle, making his dick twist and turn inside her belly. He gasped when the horny woman reached between his legs and grasped his hot nuts. He began moving harder and faster in and out of her as she squeezed his sperm-filled balls.

"Jesus! That's wonderful! You're learning fast, Billy! You're making my cunt so hot! I haven't been this horny in years! You're better than my husband, Billy!" Cissy moaned, unable to control her lust.

"B... better than Mr. Baxter? You really mean it, Mrs. Baxter?" the horny kid rasped, driving his organ in and out of the lovely woman's hot cunt.

"I can feel your cock all the way inside me, lover! You're so and strong! You'll do anything for me, won't you, Billy lover?" Cissy breathed lustily.

Cissy wrapped her legs around the boy's ass and held him close to her. The heat of his striving body seemed to surge through her as the horny kid banged his cock in and out of her tight twat. She felt the shaft of his rod rubbing hot and hard against her turgid little clitoris. Shocks and tingles shot through her body as the boy stimulated her cunt more than it had ever been stimulated before.

"Fuck me, Billy! Screw the piss out of me! You're so willing! Every woman should have a boy like you!" Cissy moaned in the heat of her naked lust for the boy.

"Mrs. Baxter... I... I think I'm gonna squirt it! I can't hold it back much longer!" the kid rasped as he banged his hard pecker in and out of the lovely vixen's naked snatch.

"I want you to come in me! Don't bother to hold it back, lover! I want you to shoot that delicious sperm all the way inside my fucking cunt! I want to feel it spraying against the inside of my cunt! Fill me with it, lover!" she cried, holding her sex pupil in a tight grip with her long silken legs.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit, Mrs. Baxter! It's coming! Fuck! Here it comes! I'm gonna squirt in your cunt! I don't believe this! Oh fuck!" the wildly excited boy gasped as his nuts swelled between his striving legs.

Billy felt as if a fist were squeezing his balls. It seemed that every sensation in his body was concentrated between his tense legs. His balls exploded with sensation as his sperm squirted through his prick, filling the woman's cunt.

Cissy felt the boy's body go suddenly stiff from head to toe as his ball-wracking ejaculation climaxed his passionate screwing. She felt the boy's hot cock snap up inside her and swell to even greater proportions as his cum shot through his pipe. At just the second when his rocks shot, off Cissy Baxter had the orgasm of her life. It was as if bolts of lightning were flashing in her cunt. She felt a storm raging inside her writhing body as her climax rushed through her. Her cunt flowed with passion as her juices surged inside her.

"Oh, Billy, lover! I love it! I've never come like this in my life! I want it again and again! I'll never get enough of you, darling boy!" the horny woman moaned.

Billy collapsed on the lovely woman's naked body and rested after the ball busting surge of his orgasm. His dick stayed hard inside her hot clutching cunt even after his balls had been emptied of their heavy load of cum. His rod jerked and throbbed inside her tight twat while he and his sex-teacher held each other in a loving embrace.

"Did you ever think that you might be in this position with me some day, Billy?" Cissy asked playfully later as they rested.

"Golly, no!" Billy replied. "I never knew you did stuff like this!"

"Only with very special boys like you, darling!" she laughed. "You realize, don't you, that we mustn't tell anyone what we've been doing together."

"Gosh, yeah! I won't tell anybody! Wow! If anyone told my mom and dad, they'd probably kill me!" Billy said.

"I doubt that they'd be quite that severe, darling!" she laughed, her hand falling between the boy's legs and grasping the firm root of his dick. "But we really must keep this our little secret! Isn't it just wonderful, Billy? We have the whole weekend to explore each other! I have so many wonderful things to teach you about fucking and sucking! This could be the most exciting weekend of your life, darling!" she smiled, her hand moving up and down the boy's responsive cock.

"I sure did like what we just did, Mrs. Baxter! Can we do that again? Please, Mrs. Baxter?"

"Of, course, lover! We can fuck in all sorts of wonderful positions! You can fuck me in the butt, too, if you wish! I want you to use an electric dildo on me, too! I might even stick it up your ass for you! There are all sorts of possibilities!" she said, her eyes glittering with lust. "But first we should go to my house! My goodness, Billy! It's getting dark already! The boys must be wondering where we are! Put your clothes on, lover and I'll fix you and the boys a nice supper! You must be starving after all your physical exertion!"

Chapter FIVE

The morning after Cissy's first encounter with Billy, she was as hot as a raging fire. She had somehow managed to leave Billy alone the night before. It had been difficult to restrain herself from leading him up to her bedroom and having him screw the living daylights out of her. She had fed her houseguest and her own two sons and retired early so as to avoid temptation. Billy had kept his dick hard all that evening, thinking of the wild time she had showed him and the delights to come. Whenever she had glanced down at his swelling crotch, she had caught sight of a big hard bulge growing boldly there.

Cissy had slept peacefully enough that night, loving the dreams she had of hot fucking with her newfound lover. She had slept in her own bedroom, having taken up separate sleeping quarters some time ago, but this particular night she didn't feel lonely. In fact, it was the farthest thing from her mind.

Cissy stretched her naked body and luxuriated in the freshness of the morning. She felt her luscious naked asscheeks sliding effortlessly over the silken sheets beneath her. If only her lover could be in bed with her, she thought. She closed her eyes and thought of him sleeping in the bunk bed in her sons' room. Paul and Danny were sleeping tonight in the lower bunk and Billy had taken the upper. She wondered if Billy was suffering with a hard cock.

Cissy could almost see the hard shaft of the boy's cock tenting the material of his crisp white sheet as he lay sleeping in his bunk. She wished she could reach out and rub the hard bulge of his cock until the boy awakened. She could almost see herself pulling the sheet off the boy's naked body, exposing more and more of his lightly tanned flesh. She could almost feel the softness of his skin, could almost feel his muscles swelling with youthful power as he stretched in his bed.

Cissy's pussy responded powerfully to her imaginings. Her eager twat felt alive with sensation as she imagined sitting on the boy's rod and taking the stiff thing into her pussy. She could almost feel the hot throbbing organ slipping into her cunt as she crouched over his midsection. She could almost feel his bulging cock-head spreading open the lips of her cunt as she sat on him. She could almost feel the friction of his shaft of flesh against the lips of her willing twat as she began bouncing up and down on him.

The wildly excited woman couldn't help reaching down between her silken legs and touching herself. She rubbed the hot little bud of her clit with the tip of her finger, making shivers race through her twat. The more she thought about the boy and what she could do for him, the hotter she became. It wasn't long before she was seething with naked lust for the boy again. She had to have him that very morning, had to have him in spite of the dangers involved.

Something else was bothering Cissy that morning, something even stranger than her desire for Billy. She was beginning to realize that she had feelings for her own two sons that were more than motherly affection. They were innocent lads like Billy. If anything, Paul and Danny were even better-looking than Billy, better looking and more sexually stimulating.

Cissy was slightly troubled by her feelings for Paul and Danny, but her realization of the taboos involved didn't dampen her kindling fire for her sons. She knew how wrong it was for a mother to even think of her sons as sexual partners. And now her cunt was twitching and tingling at the mere thought of holding them again, at the mere thought of holding their cocks, that is.

The taboo of her lust seemed to fan the fires that were burning in her loins. She trembled inside when she considered approaching her two sons sexually. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that she had taken a step with Billy that could only end at her sons' bed. She had tasted the taboo delights of fucking boys and nothing could stop her from satisfying her cravings, not even the social strictures against mothers balling their sons.

It was very early in the morning. She knew that her husband was fast asleep upstairs down the hall from the boys' room. If only she could summon the courage to tiptoe upstairs to their room and suck them with her into the whirlpool of her incestuous desires. What a wild time she could have with her two horny boys and Billy. Her heart raced with the thought. She could suck them all until they filled her face with gallons of hot cum. She could take one of them in her cunt, one of them in her asshole, and one of them in her mouth. The possibilities were endless. Perhaps she could do it all only a few yards away from her dead-assed husband's room. She giggled uncontrollably and glided out of her bed. The hot-assed woman slipped into a sheer grown and slipped silently upstairs, her cunt itching for cock.

Before she knew it, Cissy was standing outside Paul and Danny's room, her hand on the doorknob, her cunt virtually dictating her actions.

The nearly naked woman had a moment or two of apprehension but abandoned herself to her lusts. She felt her hand turning the doorknob and knew that she was lost.

Trying not to make a sound, trying to control the beating of her heart, Cissy closed the door behind her and walked stealthily to the side of the bunk the three boys shared. She was glad that the men had come to paint the guest room the afternoon before, forcing Billy to share Paul and Danny's room. Now she could have all three of them at once, if only she could find the courage.

In the glancing early morning light Cissy could see her two sons asleep side by side in the lower bunk. Danny was closest to her, while Paul was on his side and facing the wall. Danny's sheet was pushed down to his waist. One of his long slender legs was slung over the edge of the bed, his foot resting on the floor. Cissy realized that it was difficult for two tall boys to fit into one small bunk bed. Her own queen-sized bed would accommodate them so much more easily.

In the process of throwing his leg over the edge of the bed, Danny had exposed himself from his foot all the way to his crotch. The horny mother stared wide-eyed at the boy's exposed flesh, stared at the shadow of his balls beneath the edge of the tucked-up sheet. Could she do it? Could she step beyond the boundaries of taboo lust? Could she reach out and lay her hand on her boy?

Her pussy quivering with excitement, the thirty-six-year-old mother fell to her knees beside the bunk bed and reached out to feel her er son's naked legs. She resisted the temptation for a moment or two, but no longer. Danny's nearly hairless balls seemed to draw her hand to them like a magnet. She had to feel his nuts, had to hold them in her warm hand, had to fondle them gently while her son slept.

It had been quite some time since she had seen the healthy cock and big balls that rested between Danny's legs. It had been even longer since she had seen Paul's sexual equipment. She knew that they were both embarrassed whenever she happened to see them in the nude. Now that she thought of it, she had found it difficult on such occasions to avoid looking between their legs to see how they were developing sexually. She shuddered to think what the boys would do if they woke up and found their mother fondling their cocks. She hoped she could handle that situation when it arose.

Cissy could barely stifle a gasp when her hand finally found the boy's warm balls. They were even bigger than she thought. Their warmth saturated her hand as she gently fondled them. When she thought of how much thick, rich cum his organs were holding, she almost passed out with excitement. She moved his nuts around in their silken sac. Her hand was up under the sheet that had gotten gathered between his legs. She had to see his balls, and she had to see the cock that she longed for.

Her hand slightly trembling, the hot-assed mother lifted the sheet off her son's midsection and stared at his exposed dick and nuts. She felt her belly tighten slightly when she saw the object of her naked lust. Danny's dick was far bigger than she had imagined. The long thick thing rested limply on the boy's leg. She wrapped her warm fingers ever so gently around the shaft of her son's cock and held him lightly in a loving embrace.

She let her finger move over the delicious looking root of the boy's cock all the way to the head of it, feeling the veins in his dick, feeling the contours of his helmet-shaped dick-head. She loved feeling her son's cock. She was filled with a sense of danger and taboo that made her slightly dizzy. She let go of his dick for a moment and drew the sheet all the way off Danny's sleeping body. She let her eyes rove over him from head to toe and back again.

The hot-assed woman let her hand rest on his cheek for a moment. She let her exploring fingers move down over his throat and down to his chest. She laid her palm flat on his well-developed chest and felt the soft beating of his heart. She moved her hand down over his tight stomach all the way to his slightly outgrown navel where she paused a moment. She had tickled him there before in playful moments, but now she was feeling him as no mother dared feel her child.

Her busy fingers found their way into the sparse nest of pubic hair that had just begun to sprout between his legs. She tingled her fingertips in the little black curls around the kid's groin, eventually fingering the base of his cock. She loved the feel of his silken skin, loved the heat that radiated from his dick and nuts, but feeling him was no longer enough. She shivered with excitement when she realized that she had to taste him, too.

Her heart racing, the hot-assed older woman bent closer toward son's groin, staring with glittering eyes at his naked cock and balls. She pursed her pretty lips and blew a stream of warm breath over his balls. She moved even closer to his sperm-filled organs and dared to flick out her tongue at her son's testicles. She let her practiced tongue rove over her boy's big nuts. She moved them slightly inside their smooth sac, dividing them with the tip of her tongue. She suddenly realized that the boy couldn't take much more of this without waking up.

She knew that she should stop her oral explorations before it was too late, if it wasn't too late already. Her hunger for her son's cock was too great to resist, however. She puckered her ruby lips and dared to kiss the helmet-shaped head of her er son's cock. She let her tongue travel from the head of the boy's organ all the way to the tip and back again several times. She flicked her tongue over the little lips of the kid's cock-head while she held his dick off his leg with two loving fingers.

It wasn't long before Danny's cock began to stir, responding to his mother's kisses and licks. With wide glittering eyes blazing with lust, Cissy Baxter watched the boy's cock swell and harden before her very eyes. The head of the boy's cock filled with blood and grew to enormous proportions. She was amazed that a boy's cock could get so big. It was far bigger than Billy's, and Billy's was big enough. She knew that her husband had given his sons his huge cock, and she thanked him for that, if for nothing else. If she couldn't have her husband any more, at least she could have his flesh and blood.

Cissy let her gown fall open and reached between her legs. She rubbed her fingers over the lips of her cunt, making her pussy blaze with passion. The fluids of her sex ran out over her trembling pussy lips and covered her diddling fingers with musky dew. With her free hand, she held her son's growing dick. She wrapped her long loving fingers around the shaft of Danny's hard cock and began beating him off slowly, making him harder and bigger by the second.

When Danny's cock had grown to its full size, she wrapped her loving lips around the swollen head of the thing and began sucking him slowly and gently. She flicked her tongue around the underside of his glans, making shivers shoot up and down his sex. She began sucking his dick-head with greater and greater speed and urgency as her hunger for hot cock and her thirst for sperm grew.

She plunged down on her son's stiff sex all the way to his balls, taking his rod all the way down her lovely throat. She felt the curly hair on his groin against her lips as she went down on him. She felt the tightly swollen head of his cock against the back of her throat, felt the incredible heat against her throat.

Cissy felt her son stirring more and more by the minute. She knew that he would realize soon enough that he wasn't dreaming, knew that he would realize that what was happening to him was far better than some blow-job in a wet dream. She only hoped that she could handle the situation when it arose. She felt his muscles moving beneath his pink-glowing skin as her sucking brought his resting body to life. His heart beat harder and harder. His breathing grew heavier and faster. His muscles twitched and flexed. His cock throbbed and jerked in her mouth. She could see his balls moving, squirming inside their sac, squirming with youthful excitement.

The hot-assed woman took her hand away from her seething cunt and put her fingers to her son's trembling lips to stifle any words he might say when he awakened. She knew that the boy would taste the dew from her cunt on his lips, knew that he would detect the fragrance of her musky cunt as it wafted from her wet fingers to his nostrils.

Danny was having the most maddening dream he had ever had. He had been dreaming about the most beautiful woman in the world, a woman who had somehow drifted into his room like an angel in a long flowing gown. She had beckoned him to her and had fallen to her knees in front of him reaching up between his legs and grabbing his balls with the most gentle hands he had ever felt anywhere on his body. The angel had whispered soft words to him and had told him that everything would be all right and that he should just enjoy himself.

The incredibly beautiful woman had wrapped her fingers around the shaft of Danny's cock and had started jerking him off with a passion. Whenever Danny dreamed about sex, the women in his dreams always sucked his prick for him, and he wasn't particularly surprised when the angel in his dream took his dripping pecker into her pretty mouth and started sucking him off. What did surprise him was the fact that it all felt so real, so much more real than usual, so real, in fact, that he thought he would wake up in spite of his efforts to prolong the dream.

When Danny opened his eyes and looked down toward his hard cock, he gasped in amazement. It was real, after all! Somebody really was sucking his rock-hard erection. He didn't realize at first who was doing it for him, but as his dream drifted away and his eyes cleared he understood that his own mother was sucking his dick.

Cissy put her hand over her son's mouth and smothered the gasp that almost escaped his lips. She pulled her head off the kid's dripping dick and held his rod in her warm hand.

"Shhhhh, darling!" she whispered in Danny's ear. "It's all right, dear. I'll explain everything later. Just relax and enjoy it!" she whispered, still moving her hand up and down the shaft of his cock.

"But... but, Mom! What're you doin'?"

"I'm sucking your cock, lover! I'm going to make you come in my mouth! Just be quiet, darling! You'll wake your brother!" the boy's lovely mother whispered in a barely audible voice.

"Jeez, Mom! I... you... you can't! Jeez!" Danny gasped, struggling to sit up in bed.

"Shhhhh!" she said again, grabbing the boy's balls and squeezing them.

When Cissy was sure the boy wouldn't say another word, she plunged down over his erection and began sucking him with renewed vigor. She sucked the purplish head of her son's swollen prick all the way down her throat. His freely flowing pre-cum ran in little rivulets down the woman's sucking throat, making her thirsty for more.

The horny woman sucked at his cock with a maddening passion. She nibbled her son's swollen rod, sucking and licking his sensitive flesh at the same time, making his meat harder and harder by the second. She grabbed his dick around the base of it and began jerking him off and sucking at the same time. Her fist raced up and down his slippery pre-cum slickened dick. The big, fat organ was so huge that even with her hand wrapped around it, there was still plenty sticking up for her lovely lips to wrap around.

Danny couldn't believe what was happening to him, and yet he knew that he was no longer dreaming. It was real, too real. His mother was really kneeling there anti sucking his swollen prick. She was really feeling his sperm-filled nuts and jerking him off, and she was nearly naked too.

Danny had always realized that his mother was incredibly beautiful. She had big, beautiful tits, although she wasn't in the habit of parading around the house in the nude, at least not since he and Paul had grown up. Her ass was full, her legs tapered perfectly, her skin clear and glowing with pink freshness. Her hair was long and golden, her eyes bright blue. As he looked at her now he realized that those beautiful blue eyes had a look about them that had never seen before.

The boy had to admit that his mother's considerable feminine charms had gotten to him before, although that hadn't been anyone's fault really. His cock had stiffened up lots of times when he had glimpsed his mother in the nude or when he had closed his eyes and imagined her naked. He had told his brother about his reaction to her and Paul had admitted that he, too, had the hots for her occasionally. But both Danny and Paul knew that their mother was out of reach. Having the hots for her was dirty. Even thinking about her body was something to be ashamed of. But now she was kneeling beside his bed, her lips wrapped around his dripping penis, her gown open, her big boobs swelling. The boy was trying desperately to keep quiet so as not to awaken his brother, but he just couldn't stifle the moans and groans that escaped his lips in the heat of his mother's eager sucking.

Cissy was glad to hear that her son was enjoying the wild things she was doing to his dick, glad to hear his moans and groans of delight. She knew, however, that he was sure to awaken Paul if he kept making such sounds. She kept glancing over at her son to see if he showed any signs of stirring. One horny son at a time was all she thought she could handle. If Paul made any sound at all, Billy would surely wake up, too. She was beginning to wonder if she had bitten off more than she could chew, and yet the idea of having three boys to seduce and teach was an exciting one, indeed. Her cunt melted at the prospect.

Cissy tried to keep Danny quiet, but the experience was simply too much for him. As he came closer and closer to a gut-busting ejaculation into his mother's sucking mouth, he began to writhe in his bed. He moved his long slender legs back and forth as his excitement steadily increased. Every muscle in his athletic body was tense.

His arms were stiff at his sides. His fingers grasped at his bed sheet as if to hold onto something before the storm of his orgasm blew him away.

"Gosh, Mom! I... I can't stand it... I can't!" the boy moaned, unable to keep quiet a moment longer.

"Quiet, darling!" she whispered, puffing her face off his throbbing dick for a moment. "You'll wake Paul and Billy!"

"But, Mom... if... if you don't stop something's gonna happen!" the boy gasped, his mother's hand running up and down the slippery shaft of his cock.

"What could that be, Danny?" she asked.

"My... my thing's gonna... gonna do somethin'!" he rasped.

"I know, lover! I went it to do something!"

"But it... it's gonna shoot that... that stuff!" he moaned.

"I know, Danny! I know! I want you to do that! I want you to shoot hot sperm into my throat! Will you do that for me, darling? Will you do that for your mother?" she breathed.

"But it... it's not right... is it?" the boy asked nervously, knowing that he was going to shoot his cum down his mother's throat pretty soon if she kept doing such maddening things to his dick.

"We'll worry about that later, Danny! Just relax and enjoy it!" Cissy said seductively, resuming her position over her son's dripping sex-stalk.

The wild-assed woman began bobbing up and down on her boy's rod with renewed passion, hungering for her son's thick, rich sperm. She had to bring him off and treat him to the greatest moment of pleasure he had ever experienced. She had to make her son's balls explode with passion.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Mom, I'm gonna shoot! Oh, fuck! Suck me, Mom! That feels so great!" Danny rasped as his ball juice shot through the hard staff of his dick.

"Oh, Danny! Give it to me! Squirt it into me!" Cissy groaned, her mouth full of hot cock.

Cissy's moans of delight became incoherent gurgles as her son's cream shot into her sucking face and down her throat. She thought the boy would never stop pumping his sperm into her eager throat. She felt the hot blasts of the thick stuff shooting hard and fast against her tonsils, making her nearly choke with the sheer volume. The boy's rod only stopped shooting after ten or twelve spurts of the stuff had shot into her throat.

"Oh, Danny! It's so delicious! You're so beautiful! I want more! Keep shooting it into me, darling! Fill me with it!" she gurgled, trying to swallow all the sperm the lad blasted into her.

When Cissy finally pulled her face off her son's still stiff dick and smiled at the boy with his sperm clinging to her lips, she realized that Danny had enjoyed it as much as she had. The kid's handsome face was blissful, his eyes closed lightly, his slender body relaxing after the mind-bending and body-wracking experience. She also realized that she had another boy to deal with. Her son Paul had rolled over and was facing her, his eyes wide in amazement.

"My, God, Mom! What are you doin'?" he gasped, his voice hoarse.

"What does it look like, lover?" she asked teasingly.

"My gosh, Mom! It looks like you're... like you're sucking Danny's dick!" Paul rasped, unable to believe his eyes.

"Very observant, Paul! You always were a smart boy!" Cissy laughed, reaching out and running her fingers through her son's hair.

"But... uh... golly! Mom... you... I... I don't get it! A mother can't do stuff like that... uh... to her son!" Paul struggled, his heart racing with a strange mixture of fear and excitement.

"Darling boy, a mother can do anything she wants, at least if her boys don't mind! Did you mind what I did to you, Danny?" she asked, reaching out and holding Danny's hard dick. "Did you like the way I made your cock and balls feel?"

"Shit, yeah! Wow! It was great! It was somethin' else, Paul! No shit!" Danny said excitedly.

Cissy was gad to know that her son enjoyed her expert stimulation as much as she had. She was somewhat surprised that the boy had taken to the experience as easily as he had. She gathered from his favorable response that he was willing and eager to try more of the same. She hoped her older son would be equally interested in incestuous sex. She knew that she was too seductive to resist if she poured on her charm. She knew that she could draw Paul and Danny with her into the whirlpool of her incestuous lusts.

The luscious woman laid her warm, silken hand on Paul's cheek and caressed him gently. When she kissed him lightly on the lips, she knew that he was hers for the taking.

"Paul, darling, I'd just love to teach you and your brother all about the joys of fucking and sucking! Will you let me? Will you be my lovers and my sons?"

"If... uh... if you really wanna..." Paul said weakly, his cock hard beneath his sheet.

"We should have a wonderful time then, boys! My three horny boys! And all mine!" she smiled.

"Three... uh... three boys?" Paul asked. "Sure, you guys! I'm here, too!" Billy said, looking down into the lower bunk from his position above.

"I'm sure you three studs will keep me very happy!" Cissy said, her cunt twitching with lust.

Chapter SIX

"We must be very quiet, darlings!" Cissy whispered. "We dare not wake your father! I don't think he would understand all of this! In fact, I'm not sure I do. One thing's certain, though. I'm enjoying every minute of it!"

"Wow, Mom! I don't get it! Why are you doing this stuff?" Paul asked in a tense voice, putting his hands over the tent his cock was making in his sheet, trying in vain to hide his long erection.

"Don't try to understand right now, Paul lover! Just enjoy it all! Follow me, boys!" she smiled, pulling off Paul's sheet and standing before the three boys, looking her seductive best.

Billy climbed down out of his upper bunk and stood beside his sex teacher, his hard cock jerking up in front of him. He put his hands on his hips and grinned at Paul and Danny, acting as if he had been fucking their mother for years.

"C'mon, you guys! Your mom's the greatest! She'll make you feel great!" the boy said eagerly.

"Thank you, Billy darling! I'm glad you appreciate me!" Cissy laughed.

"I don't get it, Mom! You mean you and Billy have... uh... done stuff?" Paul asked in amazement.

"Of course, Paul! Billy's really quite a stud! Just look at that big hard cock! But your cock is hard, too, and it certainly is huge! I'm sure that you and Danny can learn as fast as Billy did! Follow me to my bedroom, lovers! My bed is so much bigger than yours! I think we can make room for all four of us! Jesus! My cunt is all wet and hot already! I just can't wait to have all your darling clicks stuck in my cunt! Be quiet now, boys! We have to go by your father's room!" she cautioned, leading the three horny kids out of the room and down the hall.

The three hard-cocked boys followed the luscious woman eagerly, walking on tiptoes, their stiff pricks bouncing up and down in front of them as they walked. Her fingers to her lips, Cissy looked behind her and down at their hard rods. She felt a shiver in her moist cunt when she saw the crystal clear pre-seminal fluid that dripped from the tip of each of her three boys' cocks.

The hot-assed mother wiggled her pretty ass all the way downstairs to her room, slightly worried all the while that her husband might wake up and catch her in the act of satisfying her depraved, incestuous urges. The danger in the air thrilled her almost as much as the taboo inherent in the wild thing she was doing. She knew that Mike had been out until the wee hours of the morning, probably with Mary Reynolds. He had come home drunk and she assumed that he was sleeping soundly. Everything would be all right as long as they all kept quiet and went about the pleasurable business of fucking without creating any undue disturbance. She knew that she would forget all about her husband as soon as she got heavily involved in the fuck.

All the boys wore expectant expressions when they followed Cissy into her bedroom. She smiled sweetly and closed the door carefully behind them.

She let her open gown slip softly off her silken shoulders and fall to the floor around her feet. Billy bent over quickly and picked up the garment, holding it to his chest as if it were something precious. Cissy felt warm inside knowing that her boys appreciated her more than her husband. Her three boys were not about to hurt her by betraying her trust, not about to draw away from her for the sake of another woman like Mary Reynolds.

"Stand there quietly, darlings," Cissy breathed seductively. "I want to taste all your delicious cocks!"

"Golly, Mom! You really wanna do that? You really mean it?" Paul asked in a voice full of tension.

"She means it all right, Paul! Gosh, man! She sucked me off already! It was somethin' else!" Billy said eagerly, his hard cock jerking wildly in front of his body.

"You don't mind if I give myself to your friend Billy, do you, boys?" she asked her stiff-cocked sans. "Billy's really a very nice boy! He takes to fucking like a duck to water!" she smiled.

"Uh... well... I... I guess it's all right," Paul stumbled.

"Is something troubling you, Paul, darling?" Cissy asked, knowing perfectly well that her sons were still confused about the maddening things she was suddenly doing for them.

"Uh... I still don't get it, Mom!" Paul said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Why are you doin' this? Moms don't do shit like this! Not with their own kids!"

"I'm doing it because my cunt is hot for you, darlings! Your father and I haven't been getting along well lately. Haven't you noticed?" she asked, glancing down at the floor, feeling just a twinge of sadness.

"I guess we have a little," Paul said. "But I still don't get why you wanna do this!"

"I'm not sure that I know... not really," Cissy said. "I think I might be trying to hold on to Mike through you boys somehow, but we needn't worry about that now! All we need to know is that we're enjoying ourselves! I love to fuck and Mike just hasn't been satisfying me any more! I know that you studs could fuck and suck all night and all day! Are you willing to learn a few things from your mother, darlings?" she asked, reaching down between her legs and rubbing the damp nest of her cunt.

"Gosh yeah, Mom! If you wanna teach us!"

Danny said.

"Agreed, Paul?" she asked, her eyes twinkling with lust.

Paul nodded and stared at his mother's cunt.

"Do you like it, darling?" she asked. "Would you like to see more of it?"

The boys all nodded in unison, eager to discover what wild plans she had for them.

"Why don't I just let you see what a woman's twat looks like! Have any of you boys ever seen a girl's cunt before? Come now, lovers, don't be shy! Answer your mother honestly!" she cooed, still moving her silken fingers between her legs.

"Uh... we've just seen pictures," Paul said, looking down at his feet, embarrassed by his lack of experience and by his state of rampant erection.

"Don't be ashamed, darling! You know Billy hadn't seen a girl's cunt either before I showed him mine! Did you like my cunt, Billy?" Cissy asked with a sly smile.

"Hell, yeah! It's beautiful!" the boy replied.

"And did you like the way it tasted?" she asked with a wicked smile, glancing at her two horny sons.

"You... uh... you let him taste it?" Danny gasped.

"Of course, darling! Most women just love to have their pussies licked and sucked. I just love feeling a man's tongue moving inside my gash! Just thinking about it makes my cunt steam! God, I'm hot!" she hissed. "I'll show you boys how hot I really am!"

With that the hot-assed older woman fell to the floor and spread her long lithe legs, opening her naked cunt to their full view. The three kids stared wildly between her spread legs and gazed into the seething gash of her wet sex.

"Would one of you boys give me a pillow?" she asked.

Cissy took the pillow and put it beneath her ass, thrusting out her pelvis and the luscious treasure that nestled between her long legs. She felt wicked beyond belief as she exposed herself lewdly for her two sons and her horny neighbor boy. Her cunt ran with musky moisture as she opened herself boldly.

She reached between her legs and gasped the raggedy lips of her hot cunt, moving them wantonly with her fingers. Her clit blazed between the dark lips of her cunt, blazed with the heat of incestuous passion. She stuck her finger in her cunt and began finger-fucking herself while the kids stared in amazement, unable to believe that she would do such a thing, especially while they watched.

"My God! That feels so good, boys! But your darling dicks would feel so much better! Would you boys like to dip those things into my juicy little cunnie?"

"Will you really let us?" Danny asked, remembering how wonderful his cock and balls felt when he exploded his wad into his mother's pretty face.

"I want you all in my cunt! I want you to fuck the living piss out of me! I want those big hard cocks jabbing in and out of me! I want your bodies straining up against me! I want your balls slapping against my cunt!" she hissed.

"Oh, wow, Mom! I don't believe this!" Paul rasped, his dick dripping pre-cum in long strands all the way to the rug.

"You'll have to believe it when you stick your long hard cock right up my cunt, lover boy!" Cissy hissed. "Wouldn't you just love to fuck your mother?"

"Oh, yeah, Mom! Yeah! Jesus! Let me do it!" Paul rasped, his balls aching with uncontrollable lust for his horny mother.

"I must suck your dicks first, darlings! Just for a moment or two! Give them to me! I'm so hungry for cock!" she cried, scrambling to her feet and kneeling before Paul.

Cissy took hold of her son's rampant erection and began kissing the swollen rod from the root to the tip and back again. Her tongue flicked around the long shaft, and she was careful not to miss any sensitive place. She tasted Paul's salty love juice on the tip of her tongue as she sucked and lapped at his aching rod.

Paul was going wild inside. His nuts ached with the tension she was inspiring in him. Having any woman sucking his cock, or even touching it would have been enough to make his nuts ache and squirm between his tense legs, but having his very own mother doing it for him was too maddening to believe. He felt as if his balls would explode at any minute and shoot his sperm right into his mother's beautiful face.

"Jeez, Mom! You'd better stop doin' that! Please, Mom! Please stop!" the hard-cocked kid pleaded.

"Am I hurting you, son?" she asked, taking her lovely lips off his rigid dick for a minute. "Aren't you enjoying it?"

"Oh, gosh, yeah, Mom! Wow! I... I'm enjoying it all right... but... uh... if you keep doin' that to me, I'm gonna squirt my sperm into your mouth! You don't want me to do that do you?" the boy asked, unable to believe that she would want his cum in her mouth.

"I'd just love to suck your sperm down my throat, lover! I just love dunking jism!" she breathed. "I sucked Billy's cock and made him ejaculate into my face! Isn't that right, Billy?"

"She sure did! I can still feel the stuff come out if I close my eyes and think about it!" Billy said, remembering how wild it felt to shoot his rocks off in her sucking mouth.

"I'd love to suck you boys off and make you come, but right now I need your dicks nice and hard!" she said, giving Paul's cock a last kiss before she let go of it and moved on down to Danny.

Cissy let Paul's dick snap up against his belly. A drop of crystal clear love juice flew from the tip of his cock when it bounced up free of his mother's fingers. She took Danny's dick in her hand and began beating her son off ever-so-slowly, making his already hard cock grow bigger and bigger by the second.

When the hot assed woman had masturbated her er son until he was ready to shoot his wad, she let go of his dick and began licking at the little lips of his cock-head. The boy was standing on his tiptoes in no time, as if trying not to topple over the brink.

"Oh, shit, Mom! Make me come! Make me shoot it! My dick hurts like hell!" Danny rasped, his nuts gathered tightly between his straining legs.

"Not now, Danny love! I need you in my little cunnie! I want that darling dick to be big and hard when it goes in! I just want you to shoot your sperm into my pussy!" she smiled sweetly.

"Gosh, Mom! Please let me shoot!" Danny begged.

"You must be patient!" she giggled, thrilled by her power over the three inexperienced boys. "You really have to wait your turn! Billy here needs some attention, too, you know! Just look at how hard and swollen his cock is! Just look at the way it's jerking up and down! I'll just bet he wants my lips on is dick, too!"

"Golly, Miss Baxter! I like bein' sucked! It's the greatest thing ever!" Billy rasped, almost jumping backwards when Miss Baxter sucked the head of his dripping whang into her lovely mouth.

Shocks and shivers raced up and down Billy's hard-on as his sex teacher and seductress blew him. He felt her silken fingers playing with his nuts, moving them around in their tight sac, making him hotter and hotter by the second. He felt her tongue playing with the lips of his cock, pressing against the tip of his erection, flicking over his super-sensitive cock-head.

When Cissy had succeeded in driving all three of her boys up the wall with her mind-bending sucking, the hot-assed woman sauntered over to her big soft bed and sat down on the edge, spreading her legs and inviting her boys to a feast of cunt-flesh.

"Would you like to taste my pussy, boys?" she asked lasciviously, reaching down and framing the nest of her furry cunt with her thumbs and forefingers.

"You really mean it, Mom?" Paul asked in amazement, practically drooling at the prospect of sucking his mother's cunt.

"Come to me, Paul! Come and get on your knees between my legs! Come and eat your mother's cunt!" the horny woman hissed.

The nervously excited boy did as he was told, almost jumping at her, falling to his knees before her and staring wide-eyed at her open gash. The scent of her cunt was as intoxicating as the sight. Her musky fragrance wafted to his nostrils, driving him wild with lust for his beautiful mother. She was mysterious beyond belief. He didn't understand her motives, but he did understand that he would do anything in the world his mother asked of him.

"Oh, God! Paul darling, I just love this! It makes me feel so hot and horny! My own son staring at my cunt! Lick me, lover! Come closer to my cunt and lick it for me! Lick your mother's twat! Lick it! Suck it! I need it so badly! I want it so badly! Hurry! I can't wait any longer for you!" she cried, unable to control herself any longer.

Breathing heavily in the heat of her lust, the hot-assed mother reached down and guided her son's head between her spread legs. She almost died when she felt the heat of his face against the nest of her cunt. She felt his moist breath in the down between her legs, felt his heavy breathing against the nest of her cunt.

"Touch it with your tongue, Paul!" she cooed. "Down farther, love! That's right! Oh God!!"

"Did it hurt or somethin'?" Paul asked, staring up from her cunt.

"No, darling! It felt so delicious! Do that again! You won't hurt me, darling boy! Put your tongue in my cunt!" she cried, guiding her son's face back between her legs.

Paul loved the taste of his mother's juicy twat on his tongue. He was amazed at how wet and hot her cunt was. She seemed to get wetter and wetter all the time. The juice from her pussy flowed from her cunt-lips as he licked them. He had no idea that a woman's cunt got that wet.

"Lick harder, darling!" Cissy cried, her body tense with passion as her son lapped at her dripping gash. "Lick my clitoris! Right there! Lick me there!" she said, reaching between her legs and touching the hot little bud of feminine flesh.

Paul did as he was told and was amazed at how wild his mother quickly became. She breathed harder and faster. Her body moved sensuously as he lapped at her hot clit. Her hands held his head in a tight love-grip against the seething flesh of her cunt. Her juices flowed freely. He sucked her cunt-honey into his eager mouth. His lips pressed her sensitive flesh, too, as he kissed her ragged lips.

"Oh, Paul! It's so wonderful to have your face between my legs! I want your brother, too! Do you mind sharing me with Danny?" she cooed.

"Anything you want, Mom!" Paul said breathlessly.

"Then let me suck your cock for you while Danny eats me out! Give me that big hard prick to suck, Paul! It's so huge and hot! I just love it! It's going to be bigger than your father's some day! Let me have it in my mouth!" she gasped.

Paul scrambled into bed with his mother and got on his knees, pointing his big hard dick down toward her lovely face. The hot assed woman sucked the dripping head of his hard-on into her face and sucked on his whang with a mad passion. Paul almost went out of his head with lusty sensation as his mother ate his meat.

"Get between my legs and eat my cunt, Danny! Oh, yes! That's right! Oh, God, yes!" she cried, her words garbled by the huge plug of male flesh in her mouth. "Do what your brother did, darling! That's just right! Beautiful!"

Cissy was in heaven, her cunt tingling, her belly quivering, her mouth sucking wildly at his hard dick. She writhed in beautiful agony as her two sons gave her their undivided attention. She knew that Paul couldn't stand her hot sucking much longer without giving up his load so she released his rod and let it snap up against his lean stomach.

"I want all three of you to suck and lick me! Take turns and drive me wild! Billy, darling, you're next!" she smiled.

Paul and Danny stood in line while their buddy got between their mother's legs and ate her snatch. Cissy told them to jerk off while they watched their friend lick her pussy. They obeyed eagerly, grabbing their cocks in a tight grip and beating themselves off in a frenzy.

"Remember, dears, you mustn't let yourselves come yet! It's very important! Hold back for me and you won't be sorry!"

When Billy finished, the place between Cissy's lovely legs was taken by Paul. Billy lapped and lapped at Mrs. Baxter's dripping cunt until he was told to make way for Paul again. The boys traded off again and again, beating themselves off slowly between turns at her twat while Cissy went wild with depraved lust.

Cissy felt as if she were being licked by a thousand tongues at once. Her cunt itched with the most maddening sensations she had ever felt. Her own two sons were taking turns licking her twat, sharing her naked snatch with their best friend. Cissy loved all three boys passionately, wanted to take all three of them into her seething cunt.

"Oh, boys! I... I need your cocks now! I love being licked and sucked like this by you three horny lovers, but I want hard dicks in my pussy! I can't imagine dicks any bigger and harder than yours! Will you fuck me, boys? Will you stick those hard peckers up my cunt?" Cissy hissed.

"Golly, yeah, Mom!" Danny said, his stiff dick ready to jab away at his mother's cunt. "But how do we do it?"

"Yeah, Mom! We've never done that before!"

Paul said.

"Billy has! Billy has fucked the piss out of me!" Cissy smiled.

"You shittin'?" Paul asked the boy.

"No way! I screwed her all right! I fucked your mother right in the cunt! She loved it, too!" Billy bragged.

"I certainly did love it! I think you should watch Billy fuck me, boys! Watch carefully so that you'll know what to do when it's your turn! Now stick that cock in my twat, Billy boy! Come here and fill me up with that hard whang of yours! Stick it to me! Fuck me until I scream!" the horny older woman asked the neighbor boy, her cunt dripping with excitement.

Danny and Paul stood back and watched while Billy fell on their hot-assed mother and began bumping his hard dick against the woman's streaming crotch. It wasn't until she reached out and laid her hand on his back to steady and calm him that he realized that his jerking cock hadn't found its target yet.

"Guide it in, Billy! That's right! Steady, darling! Oh, yes! Did you see how he did that, boys? His delicious dick is sticking right up my twat now! Push it in farther, lover! Push it in as far as you can! I want it deep inside me! I want it throbbing inside my hot fucking cunt! Screw me hard now, Billy! Move that cock inside me, lover! Fuck me with your meat!" the wild-assed woman hissed in the blazing heat of her depraved lust.

Billy began bucking his lean ass and ramming his hard cock in and out of Cissy's sucking cunt. Her warm, juicy twat felt like a thousand hands racing up and down his dick, squeezing and massaging his naked cock deep inside her belly. She worked on his cock with an expertise that drove the boy wilder and wilder. His fucking pace increased steadily as did his desire to come in her cunt.

"Are you ready to come now, Billy?" she asked breathlessly after the horny stud had been screwing her only a few moments.

"God, yeah! I'm gonna shoot it right now!" the hot-cocked boy gasped, bucking his ass with a frenzy.

"Not yet!" she cried, putting her hand on his shoulder and holding him still.

"I... I can't shoot it?" he said in a weak voice.

"It will be so much better later if you control yourself now, dear! You'll have gallons of cum to pour all over me!" she said as the boy reluctantly pulled out of her.

Billy's dick snapped up hard against his stomach, aching and jerking wildly. His nuts felt like two bombs just waiting to explode. He wanted to reach down between his legs and jerk off until his rocks shot off, but he knew that Mrs. Baxter wouldn't like that, so he held his breath and tried to control himself.

"Let me show you another way to fuck a woman, lovers!" she breathed, slipping out of bed and bending over by the side of it. "Paul, darling, put that big dripping prick in me from behind!"

"In... in your... in your ass?" Paul asked.

"No, silly, in my cunt! Come to think of it, darling, I might just let you fuck me in the ass later! I love a big hard dick up my little butt once in awhile! But for now, I think we'd better stick to cocks in my cunt! Just slip it in here, Paul!" she said, reaching behind her and rubbing her finger over the open gash of her wet seething cunt, making her juices flow freely down over her cunt-lips.

His staff jerking and dripping with pre-cum, Cissy's son walked stiffly toward her and positioned his swollen dick-head between the hot lips of his mother's cunt. She wriggled her full flowing ass and took his rod all the way inside her. He responded with similar movements until his rod was buried deep inside her sucking snatch.

"Oh Jesus! Paul! Paul, baby! I can feel you so deep inside me! God, it's wonderful! You're so big and hard! You must be eight and a half inches long already and you're just a boy! I can't wait until you grow a few more inches! Jesus, what a cock you'll have then! You'll make all the girls scream when you fuck them! Just imagine that, Paul!" she said wickedly.

"Yeah, Mom! Yeah! Oh, shit! I'm gonna fuck 'em, all right! Oh, yeah! This is great! Fuck! Fuck!" the kid rasped, grinding his rod inside his mother's tight twat.

"You'll fuck them beautifully, darling! You'll know how to fuck them because I'm going to teach you!" she cried. "Fuck me now, dear boy! Fuck your mother! Fill me with dick! Screw me hard! Hard! Harder!"

Paul bucked his lean ass in and out of his mother's hot cunt until he was only a second or two away from ejaculating gallons of hot cum into her pussy. She seemed to sense just when he was ready to come. He felt her twat tighten around his rod.

"Stop now, Paul! Take it out now, lover! I want your brother to fuck me, too!" she said lasciviously, reaching down and playing with her son's heavy balls.

Paul pulled out of her with a loud sucking sound as his swollen plug of flesh left her juicy cunt. He stood aside and let his kid brother stick his eager prick into her pussy, watching with wild eyes as he began rocking back and forth against his mother's luscious ass. Billy stood beside Paul and stared at Danny's hard cock and Mrs. Baxter's juicy cunt, wishing that his own hard-on was buried between her legs.

"Are you ready to shoot your sperm into me yet, Danny darling?" she asked, feeling his long penis jerking inside her.

"Yeah, Mom! I'm gonna do it in a minute!" the kid rasped.

"I don't want you to yet, lover! I want you to take turns fucking me from behind the way you come and let Billy stick his in for awhile!" the horny and lascivious woman breathed, her cunt seething with naked lust for the three studs.

Danny did as he was told. Billy stuck his long hard-on between the hanging lips of Cissy's cunt and fucked her hard and fast. When he was just ready to squirt into her, he pulled out and let Paul take his place. The three boys took turns fucking the horny older woman in her steaming cunt until they had all had a half-dozen turns at her juicy snatch. Soon it was more than any of them could stand, including Cissy.

"I want you to squirt it now!" she said to Paul. "I want you to come in my cunt!" she hissed.

"Oh, shit, Mom! You really mean it? You really gonna let me do it in there?" he rasped, his dick banging in and out of his mother's tight cunt-hole, his nearly hairless balls slapping up against the woman's steamy crotch.

"Shoot your cum into my cunt! Shoot it so far in that I can taste it in my mouth!" she cried, her belly fluttering with excitement. "I want it inside me! I want my own son's sperm blasting into me! I'm so hot for you!" she screamed.

Paul fucked his mother with a sudden frenzy that almost knocked her off her feet. Her big beautiful breasts shook and trembled as her body rocked to and fro. Her boobs swayed in rhythm to her son's hot fucking movements against her cunt.

"Come here, Danny! Hurry! Put your cock in your mother's mouth! I want a cock to suck! I need you so much! I want you to come in my mouth, lover boy! I want your sperm shooting down my throat! I want you to drown me with it!" she hissed, pursing her lips and beckoning her son to come to her.

"How 'bout me, Mrs. Baxter?" Billy asked, afraid that he would be left standing there with an aching dick and swollen balls full of cum.

"I'll suck you, too, Billy! I'll try to get both of your big stiff rods in my mouth at the same time! Come here and stand beside my son! I'll blow you until you both squirt your sperm down my throat!" she hissed, alive with naked sexual desire.

Billy and Danny presented their hard dicks to Mrs. Baxter and let her hold them together with her warm silken fingers. Cissy opened her pretty mouth as wide as she could and accepted both big dicks inside her face. She sucked and licked wildly at the two tightly swollen cock-heads, bringing both boys closer and closer to mind-bending and nut-busting orgasms.

"Oh, shit, Mom! I'm comin'! I'm gonna shoot it! I'm shootin' in your cunt!" Paul gasped as his balls blew up between his legs and sent a stream of hot sperm shooting into his mother's juicy pussy.

Cissy gurgled deep in her well-filled throat as her son pumped her pussy full of cream. She was on the brink of an orgasm herself and she knew that her son's final thrusts would push her over. She cried out in pleasure when her cunt flashed with sexual lightning.

Cissy's pussy felt like a thunderstorm. She felt shocks and tingles deep in her belly as her accumulated tensions flashed and discharged. Her red-hot clitoris blazed with passion as her son's stiff dick rubbed away inside her. She felt his hot thick sperm shooting against the silken inner flesh of her seething cunt, felt it filling her body with sticky moisture.

It wasn't long before her face was flied with cum, too. Her licking and sucking brought bath boys off in a flash. Their cocks spurted hot shots of boiling sperm deep down her sucking throat. She felt their rods snapping up against the roof of her mouth as they stiffened at the moment of their ejaculations.

Both boys gasped in pleasure when their swollen peckers discharged their hot wad into her face. Their balls tensed between their legs. They felt their super-sensitive dicks rubbing together inside her mouth. They felt her teeth and the silken inner flesh of her face against the swollen heads of the rods.

Cissy tried in vain to swallow all the jism the two boys pumped into her face. The stuff trickled from her lips as she tried to keep it all in her mouth. The sperm trickled in little rivulets down over their balls.

The three boys and the luscious mother collapsed together on the rug, their hearts beating softly together. Cissy knew that the morning would be only the first of a series of wild, incestuous encounters with her sons and Billy, each one more thrilling than the last.

Chapter SEVEN

Mike Baxter hadn't been seeing much of his wife or his two sons lately, and he was beginning to wonder why. He knew that he shouldn't have started seeing Mary Reynolds and he knew that Cissy was well aware of their relationship. Lately, however, his relationship with Mary was faltering. He had been attracted by her youthful charms.

Indeed, she had done more to trap him than he had to attract her. He had come to realize soon enough that Mary didn't have the charms his lovely wife had. He only hoped that it wasn't too late to save his relationship with Cissy.

He was beginning to wonder if the boys knew about Mary and his cheating. They seemed remarkably changed in their attitude toward him, much cooler than ever before. Both Cissy and the boys seemed terribly secretive, running off together and not telling him where they were going at all hours of the day and night and not mentioning where they had been when they returned. He often heard the boys talking together or with their mother in hushed tones, tones that changed quickly to silence when he happened within earshot. All of this was beginning to bother him to no end.

Mike had noticed, too, that Billy Martin had been spending a great deal of time with Cissy and the boys. He knew that the neighbor boy was a good friend of Paul and Danny, but he seemed to live at the house now. Billy was often involved in the hushed conversations that he overheard, conversations that somehow seemed to be like planning sessions. He couldn't help wondering what was being planned. He intended to find out.

Mike wanted to confront Cissy with his view of the situation and simply ask her what was happening behind his back. Unfortunately, he knew that any confrontation with his lovely wife would lead to a hot and heavy argument about Mary Reynolds and his little affair. Mike was already terribly ashamed of his infidelity and he hated the thought of being put on the rack by the woman he had wronged. He would simply have to find out what was happening in another way. It would be sneaky, but it had to be done.

It was the weekend and for once Mike had decided to spend it with Cissy and the boys. Mary Reynolds was seeing another man, anyway, and as far as Mike was concerned, he could have her. It had been a long time since Mike had spent a weekend with his family and he was looking forward to it, until Cissy and the boys had changed his plans. Without a word they had all piled into the station wagon with picnic gear and driven off without telling him their destination. Now he sat looking out at the empty driveway and pondering his unfortunate situation.

Mike wished that he could get out of his head the idea that there was something strange going on between Billy, Danny, Paul, and Cissy. There was something about the way they looked at each other lately that bothered him.

It occurred to him that Billy might have told his parents where he was going for the afternoon. Mike got on the phone and talked to Julia for a few minutes. He hated to admit that he didn't know where his wife and the boys were so he managed to bring the conversation around to their whereabouts without making himself seem in the dark about their recent activities. It happened that Billy had indeed told her where he was going. He and the boys were spending the afternoon at his grandfather's farm. Mike and Cissy and the boys had an open invitation to make use of Hank Martin's farm and the surrounding grounds for picnics and the like. Mike remembered spending many pleasant afternoons swimming in the pond in the woods and basking in the sun. But that was before he had drifted away from Cissy and the boys, and now they were having their fun by themselves.

Mike realized during his conversation with Julia that he wasn't the only one who wondered what was going on between the three boys and Cissy. Julia made mention of the fact that she hardly ever saw Billy any more and asked if he was a nuisance around the house. Mike assured her that the boy was perfectly welcome any time, although he was at a loss to explain what he was doing with Cissy and the boys so late at night and so often. His talk with Julia left him even more determined to get to the bottom of things.

Determined to put his mind to rest, Mike hopped into his car and drove out to the country to do some investigating. It wasn't long before he started thinking about exactly what he had been missing in his lovely wife. She was much more beautiful than Mary Reynolds, he knew, and he knew that he should have been ashamed of himself for taking the chance of losing her forever.

As he drove through the countryside he thought of Cissy's full silken breasts, breasts that were like soft pillows of flesh, breasts he had always loved to kiss and fondle. He thought about her curvaceous ass and the way she responded with little coos of delight when he stroked her butt. He thought about her luscious thighs, the way they flowed with softness and warmth. He thought about the way her long lithe legs moved when she was alive with sensuality. He thought about the way she would spread those long silky legs and open herself for him. He thought about the way she would wriggle her pretty hips and take his big fat pecker inside her seething cunt.

By the time Mike had reached the farm his cock was as hard as a rock and as long as a baseball bat.

The big hard thing stuck several inches down the leg of his pants. His balls were on fire with lust for his beautiful wife. He wondered how he could ever have left her for Mary Reynolds. Mary might have been, but she was not nearly as seductive as Cissy.

Mike got hornier and hornier as he thought about the wild fucks he had been missing with Cissy lately. He was lucky, he decided, that she hadn't been snatched up by another man yet. She could have attracted a man to take his place without even trying. As he turned down the dusty lane into the sprawling farm he was almost in a frenzy of fuck-lust. He decided to skip the formalities of going to the house and talking to old Hank and his wife for an hour or two. He had a pretty good idea where Cissy and the boys were, that is if they were having their picnic at the usual place.

Mike hurried down the dusty path that led along the edge of one of Hank's huge corn fields and into the woods. He was beginning to hope that his raging hard-on would soften up by the time he found his wife and the kids. He wasn't likely to get into Cissy's pants right there in the middle of the woods, at least not with the kids around. In fact, he wondered if she would let him have any at all.

Considering the way he had treated her, he supposed she would have good reason to be cold, at least until he had managed to warm her up a bit.

The pond that the boys liked so well for picnics and swimming was in the middle of the dense woods, far from prying eyes and intruders. It was a fine spot for relaxation but harder than hell to get to. He parked the car under a shady tree and climbed over the fence surrounding the woods. It was quite a time before he caught sight through the bushes of the clearing surrounding the woods. It was quite a time before he caught sight through the bushes of the clearing surrounding the crystal clear pond. He was about to call out to Cissy and the boys when something stopped him. Not far from where he stood, standing out clearly from the green of the bushes, spread over the top of a thick bush, was Cissy's bright red dress.

Mike couldn't believe it. He crouched down and peered through the dense undergrowth, his heart racing. He searched along the grass by the pond and saw her panties and shoes, scattered as if she had simply dropped them as she walked. Mike couldn't see her or the boys, but he could hear giggles coming from behind some bushes on the other side of the pond. When Cissy and the boys came out from the bushes, Mike could hardly believe his eyes, or his ears. Cissy was naked, and the boys' zippers were open, their stiff dicks sticking out.

"I'll bet you had never watched a woman take a pee before!" Mike heard Cissy chuckle.

"Gosh, no, Mrs. Baxter!" Billy laughed. "That was the first time!"

"I rather enjoyed letting you three darlings crouch down and watch the piss flow out of my pussy! It was a bit nasty, but I loved it! It's too bad you boys couldn't join me!" Cissy laughed.

"Gosh, Mom, we would have but our cocks are stiff! Guys can't piss too easy when they've got hard-ons!" Danny said, reaching down and rubbing his swollen cock.

"We'll just have to soften them up a bit!" Cissy smiled, walking with her three boys over to the grassy edge of the pond, walking closer to the bushes behind which her husband was hiding. "Have you any suggestions as to how I could make your cocks softer?" the horny woman asked her three studs.

"Why don't you suck 'em for us, Mom?" Paul suggested. "We all like that a whole lot!"

"Yeah, Mrs. Baxter! You sure suck cocks real good! Why don't you let us take turns coming in your mouth?" Billy asked, his staff jerking in front of him.

"How can I resist?" she laughed, falling to her knees in front of Billy and attacking his belt.

Cissy unbuckled the kid's leather belt and unfastened his Levi's, tugging them down and releasing his swollen nuts and jerking cock. The boy stood there with his pants down around his ankles, wearing only his shoes. She gave his jerking dick a kiss and moved on to her son Danny, pushing his pants down the same way. She did the same for Paul, baring the front of his athletic body and letting his hard whang snap up against his belly.

Mike couldn't believe his eyes. A thousand thoughts raced through his head. He had never been so confused in his life. His wife, his very own wife, the woman he thought he knew perfectly, was actually about to suck her sons' cocks. His wife was about to participate in a wild, incestuous act, the ultimate in depravity. Now he knew why the boys and their mother had been so secretive lately. He realized now that they had been up to such tricks for a long time. The boys seemed quite used to having their dicks kissed and sucked by their lovely mother, and they seemed to enjoy every second of it.

Mike was furious at his wife for doing such things to their sons, at least for a while. Then he was furious at himself for driving her to such nasty activities by withholding his attentions and giving his time and his cock to Mary Reynolds. He knew that Cissy would never have gone to boys for her pleasure if he hadn't ignored her.

Strangely enough, however, his anger soon subsided and was replaced with other feelings that were confusing but undeniable. As he watched his beautiful wife lick and suck the boys' cocks he felt himself aching with lust. His big cock had been hard for a long time, stirred into a frenzy by his thoughts of Cissy and the wild things she could do to him. The added stimulation of watching his sons and Billy getting what he had missed for so long was driving him wild.

Mike reached between his legs and grabbed his cock through his tight Levi's, squeezing his hard rod in a tight grip. He felt like unzipping his pants and hauling out his hard pecker, but he was hesitant at first. It would be a dirty thing to do, but he had to jack off while he watched the depraved activities in the clearing. What the hell!

Nothing he could do could be more dirty and depraved than what Cissy and the boys were doing.

With that thought in mind, the horny man ripped his pants open and pulled out his swollen dick. Staring off into the clearing at Cissy's luscious naked body, he wrapped his strong fingers around his whang and began jerking off wildly, making his balls ache more and more with every rough stroke. He watched his wife suck each boy's cock deep into her face. He watched her silken cheeks bulge as each boy's cock-head pushed against the inner flesh of her cheek.

Cissy was sitting in profile to him. He could see her silken thighs glistening in the summer sun. Her lovely legs were curled beneath her full, perfect ass. He could see the tempting nest of her cunt-hair catching the rays of the sun. He knew that her cunt was damp with sex-dew. He longed to get between her legs and lick her fragrant cunt as he had so many times. It had been a long time since he had had sex with her in the open air. Just the thought of it made his nuts ache with passion.

The only thing that stopped Mike from pushing through the bushes and approaching his lovely wife with his dripping hard-on was the presence of his two sons and Billy. He couldn't possibly fuck his wife with them standing by, or could he?

The more he thought about it, the more exciting the idea seemed to him. He had to admit that the depravity he was observing was driving him nuts with excitement. He had to admit that he got a strange and powerful thrill out of watching his sons and Billy get blown so expertly by his wife. If he got such a thrill out of watching, he thought, how much greater would the thrill be if he participated fully in their wild sexual activities? Perhaps he should teach them all a thing or two about fucking and sucking.

Mike had to do it, no matter what the consequences. He had to make his presence known. He had to join his wife and his three boys in their wild incestuous romp. He took a deep breath and stood up from his crouching position. Letting his enormous hard-on bounce angrily in front of him, the horny man burst through the undergrowth and stood in the clearing facing the three boys and Cissy.

Chapter EIGHT

The three boys were the first to see Mike burst through the bushes. Billy's dick was firmly imbedded in Cissy's face at the time. Billy made a strange guttural sound and tried desperately to pull his naked cock out of Cissy's face. Cissy sucked even harder to keep his tool inside her mouth. Paul and Danny gasped and then were speechless for a moment or two. Cissy detected something in the air but had no idea what was happening.

"Oh, shit! M-Mom! It... it's Dad!" Paul finally managed.

Cissy removed her mouth from Billy's dripping penis and turned toward the object of the boys' terrified stares. She could only open her mouth and utter a short, shrill cry when she saw her husband standing only a few yards away. She had been discovered and she thought she would die of shame and fear.

"Mike! It can't be! It can't be you! This is terrible! It just can't be! It's too awful!" she cried.

"Jeeze, Dad! Uh... we... we weren't doing anything. Not anything much, anyway," Paul said weakly, looking down at his feet.

The boys were suddenly painfully aware of their nakedness. All three boys reached down desperately, trying to pull their pants on without stumbling all over themselves. Cissy saw her panties a few feet away, not far from Mike's feet. She stood up and rushed over to pick up the flimsy black lace garment. As she walked toward the panties Mike moved forward. When she bent over to pick up her panties, he stuck his dick out so far that her head hit it when she straightened up.

Cissy found herself on her knees before her husband. She stared straight between his strong legs at the huge shaft of his hard-on. She had been so shocked by her sudden discovery in the act that she hadn't even noticed that her husband's pants were down around his knees. She had stared right into his eyes, trying to read in them what her fate would be. Now she stared right at his cock and was beginning to understand what her fate would be. Perhaps it wouldn't be so terrible after all.

"Mike... I... I don't understand! What does this mean?" she asked, staring at his swollen prick.

"It means I'm gonna join you, baby!" Mike rasped, reaching down and pushing his cock up against the side of his wife's lovely head. "I want some, too! It's been a long time, baby!"

"You could have had it any time, Mike! But you wanted Mary Reynolds! I can't share my man with any other woman!" she said, a trace of anger in her still frightened voice.

"I'm sorry about all that, baby! Really! I treated you like a dog! But I'm going to make it up to you! I'm going to give you all my attention from now on, and all the cock you can stand!" Mike said, rubbing the slippery head of his dripping cock against his wife's silken cheek.

"Then you forgive us?" she asked softly.

"There's nothing to forgive, baby! You haven't hurt anybody! Think so, boys?"

"Gosh, no, Dad!" Paul said. "We didn't hurt anything! We just had a lot of fun is all!"

"You like it, huh?" Mike asked. "You like having your cocks sucked by your mother?"

"Hell, yeah, Dad! It was real great!" Danny said, afraid to be too eager under the circumstances.

"How about it, Billy? Does my wife suck a good dick?" he laughed.

"Uh... sure, Mr. Baxter!" Billy said.

"Better than most women you've had anyway!" Mike laughed good-naturedly, winking at his wife, who smiled back coyly.

"Gosh, Mr. Baxter! Mrs. Baxter's the only woman who ever..." the kid said, realizing eventually that Mr. Baxter was just teasing him.

The boys all laughed good-naturedly, gad that the tension had been broken. They had all been afraid of getting their necks broken. They didn't understand why their father wasn't about to beat the shit out of them, but they certainly were relieved.

"Then you're not mad at us, Dad?" Paul asked cautiously.

"Shit, no, boys! In fact, what you've been doing looks like a hell of a lot of fun! A real trip! Mind if I join you?" Mike asked, still rubbing his dripping prick against Cissy's cheek.

"I think we'd just love it, Mike!" the hot-assed woman said, reaching out and pushing her husband's pants all the way down to his ankles. "The more the meter!"

"How about sucking my dick for me, wife?" Mike said, pushing the shiny head of his swollen dick against his wife's perfect lips. "It's been a long time, baby! Nobody sucks cock like your mother, boys!" he rasped.

"Not even Mary Reynolds?" Cissy said.

"Not even Mary Reynolds! In fact why don't we just forget all about that little piece? I've got everything I need right here!" he said, his nuts aching with tension. "Gather round boys! We're about to have one wild picnic!"

"Drop your pants, boys and give me your cocks!" Cissy said. "I want all of them at once! I want to see and feel stiff dicks all around me!" she hissed, her cunt blazing with excitement, her heart racing, her mind swimming with visions of the possibilities for their wild afternoon of incestuous screwing.

Billy, Paul, and Danny did as they were told, shucking their pants eagerly and half-running over to the luscious woman. They stood beside her, looking up at Mike as if unable to believe that it was really all right with him if they fucked his wife.

"It's okay, men! Give her those dicks! She deserves to get everything she wants, and she wants those hard rods!" Mike rasped, pushing the huge head of his swollen pecker between her lovely lips.

The horny man pushed his cock into his wife's beautiful face all the way to his balls. She swallowed his hard meat all the way to her tonsils, licking and sucking all the while. Her face was full of hot cock, her cheeks bulging. Mike could feel her teeth scraping against the bulging shaft of his rigid dick, could feel the silken head of his swollen member rubbing against the back of her warm throat.

"Yeah, baby! That's great! Wild! Yeah! You suck that cock! You take that fucker all the way down your throat! You do that better than any woman in the world! Suck it! Eat that fucker!" Mike growled as he began moving in her mouth, face-fucking his lady with a passion while her sons and the neighbor boy watched wild-eyed.

"Rub your dicks against her face! That's right, men!" he said as the boys pushed their slippery dick-heads against her cheeks.

"Like this, Dad?" Paul asked, pushing his cock against his dad's rigid rod and making his prick-head press against his mother's lovely lips.

"That's the way, man!" Mike rasped, rocking back and forth on his heels, jabbing his tool in and out of his wife's face.

Cissy was in heaven. She had three cocks and Mike's enormous fucker as well. She fondled her husband's swelling nuts as he fucked her in the mouth. She fondled the balls gently, lifting and squeezing first one and then the other. She could feel her husband's mighty balls seething with passion and she knew that she still had the touch that had always driven him wild. She knew now that he was hers forever.

"Will you play with my balls, too, Mom?" Danny asked, his dick throbbing hot and hard against his mother's cheek.

Cissy eagerly complied, playing with Danny's nuts with one hand while she played with Mike's big balls with the other. The cock in her face was moving wildly now, jerking and throbbing with power. She almost gagged every time his cock-head banged against the back of her sucking throat. It was hard for her to accommodate such a huge plug of male flesh, but she enjoyed every moment of it.

"I'm about to shoot my fuckin' rocks off, baby!" Mike gasped as his balls tensed wildly between his muscular hairy legs.

"Yeah, Dad! Do it to her, man! Fill her mouth with it!" Danny rasped as his father shot sperm into Cissy's sucking throat.

Mike closed his eyes tightly and abandoned himself to the flashes of pleasure that shot through his tense body. He had almost forgotten how well his lovely wife sucked cock, and the wild situation with his two horny sons and Billy made the experiences even more intoxicating. There was something taboo and dangerous in shooting his rocks off into his wife's mouth while three horny boys watched wide-eyed, and the depravity of the experience added to his pleasure.

Cissy tried in vain to swallow all the hot thick cum her horny husband pumped into her. The streaming semen flowed out of her mouth and trickled over her lovely lips, running in little rivulets over her chin.

"Okay, Paul, you're next, that is, if it's all right with your mother," Mike said, pulling his still-swollen prick out of his wife's sperm-filled mouth and letting it arch out from his hairy body.

"I'd love it, Paul! Come and put your cock in my face while your father's sperm is still in my mouth! Oh, God! This is too much! I love it! It makes me so hot and horny!" she cried, reaching out and grabbing Paul's fat cock and popping it into her mouth.

"Jesus Christ! Suck me, Mom! Suck my dick! Blow me! Do it real good! Make me shoot my wad! Suck the cum out of my cock!" Paul growled as his beautiful mother began bobbing up and down on his swollen pecker.

Paul could feel his dad's sperm in his mother's mouth as she sucked him off. His cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been, swollen with maddening passion. His swollen testicles ached with tension as they banged against his mother's chin. He rocked back and forth on his heels just as his father had, driving his hard-on in and out of his lovely mother's sweet face. His cock-head bumped against the back of her throat. His dick-shaft rubbed against her pearly teeth. His sperm welled up inside him and threatened to pour from his cock at any minute.

"That feel good, son?" Mike asked hoarsely, putting his hand on hit wife's bobbing head. "You like fuckin' your mother's mouth?"

"Shit, yeah, Dad! Oh, slit! It's great! I can't take much more of this! I'm gonna come in a minute!" the boy rasped, his nuts tensed powerfully between his legs.

"Fuck her, Paul! Fuck her, brother! Harder! Yeah! Get it!" Danny encouraged, rubbing his rock-hard erection against his mother's silken shoulder.

"Give it to her, man!" Billy rasped, pressing his dripping whang up against the lovely older woman's face as she sucked his buddy off.

"I'm gonna shoot it now, you guys! Get ready, Mom! Here it comes! Oh, shit! Fuck! I'm comin'!" the kid gasped when his rocks shot off.

An incredible volume of sperm was suddenly shot through the hard shaft of Paul's hot dick. The boiling stuff filled her face and made her nearly choke as she tried desperately to swallow it all. She loved the taste of her son's spurting sperm. The thick stuff trickled down her throat in a steady stream. She reached out and grabbed his balls, fondling them expertly as if to coax every last drop of the precious stuff from his nuts.

Cissy wanted to keep Paul's cock in her mouth forever, wanted to suck it until it was rock-hard and ready to shoot again. She knew, however, that she had Danny and Billy to take care of.

"I want to suck both of you at once, boys!" Cissy said, her lips wet with the semen from her son's balls. "I want you to come together in my fucking mouth!" she hissed. "Give me your pricks! Let me eat you both!"

The boys were eager to comply. They stood close together, holding their dripping cocks together and pushing them against Cissy's moist lips. The hot-assed woman flicked out her warm wet tongue and licked the pre-cum slickened heads of their dripping dicks, making their sex-stalks jerk uncontrollably.

The luscious woman opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could and, with the greatest of difficulty, managed to accept both turgid organs. The taste of the male meat that filled her face made her hungry for more hot sex. She nibbled and sucked the boys' fat swollen dicks with a maddening passion. Her pussy quivered and seethed as she grew hotter and hotter between the legs. She knew that she would have to have a cock in her cunt soon.

Cissy reached down between her legs and rubbed the hot lips of her pussy, making herself flow with cunt-honey. Her clit was on fire with passion. She shivered at the prospect of all the hot fucking that would soon be hers.

Mike had been standing by, stroking his masculine member, working it into full erection after his nut-busting ejaculation of only a few minutes earlier. The sexy situation in which he found himself was so stimulating that his rod rose to full erection in no time. The big hard thing stood out from the hairy body like a flagpole. He had to stick it where it belonged. He had to stick it between his wife's silken legs. He had to fuck the piss out of her.

"You need a cock in your cunt, don't you, baby?" Mike rasped, moving his fist up and down in rhythm over his dripping prick. "You want this fucker buried between those pretty legs of yours, lady?" he asked playfully in a low controlled voice that he knew she couldn't resist.

Cissy's eyes glittered when she saw the shiny purplish head of her man's rampant erection. She longed to have the big fat thing stuck in her seething cunt, longed to feel it filling her with its heat and hardness. She wanted to suck the boys' hard dicks and get fucked by her horny husband at the same time right there in the grass.

Cissy pulled her face away from the boys' tools and smiled up at the men who stood around her. Paul and Mike were playing with their turgid dicks. Billy and Danny stood there wondering why she had pulled off, their arching pricks jerking with excitement, their balls ready to blow at any minute.

Without saying a word, the horny woman fell on her back in the coal green grass and spread her legs, licking her lips and waiting for the men to get the message. It didn't take long.

Mike took his position between her long, lithe legs, guiding his huge cock to its target and pushing it between the lips of her sex. He knew that he should be more gentle with her, but he was so horny and eager to fuck that he could only think of one thing. He had to get his dick into her quickly. He grunted and bucked his hard ass, driving his dick all the way into her cunt, shoving it into her sucking snatch all the way to his balls.

"Oh, God! Mike! You're hurting me! No! Don't stop! I want it! Drive it in! Drive it in even deeper if you can! Fill me with it! Make me feel it inside me! Fuck me! Hard! Hard! Oh, Mike! I love it! I've needed you for so long!" she cried, wrapping her lightly tanned legs around her husband's wide shoulders and holding him to her.

"Take that fucker, baby! Oh, fuck! You've got a tight Goddamn cunt! You're beautiful, baby! Work that twat! Work it! Suck that dick with your cunt! You feel it in there, lover? You feel that fucking thing up in there?" he rasped, punching his swollen cock in and out of his wife's tight hole.

"Oh, God yes! Yesssss! I feel it! It's so huge! It's so big and hot inside me! It's stretching me! It feels so good!" she cried.

"Okay, Danny and Billy, put your cocks in her mouth now! Give her what she wants! Make my baby happy! Give her those dicks! Let her eat your cocks!" Mike rasped as he reamed his wife's responsive cunt with his massive pecker.

Billy and Danny got on their knees over her face and presented their dripping dicks to her. She eagerly accepted the gifts and held them together in her silken fist, guiding them toward her mouth. She opened wide and sucked both whangs into her face, licking and sucking with passion.

"Paul, you wanna do something really wild?" Mike asked, putting his big hand on the boy's tousled head.

"Sure, Dad!" he agreed eagerly. "Anything!"

"It'd be a kick if you got down there and licked your mom's cunt while I fucked her!" Mike said, still bucking his ass in and out of his wife's pussy.

"You really mean it, Dad?" Paul asked, his dick aching with tension.

"Why don't you get down there and see if you want to!" Mike suggested, his nuts aching.

Paul followed his dad's suggestion and snuggled his head between his dad's groin and his mother's hot wet cunt. He stared at his dad's big fat poker and his mom's luscious fragrant sex. It wasn't long before he flicked out his tongue and ran it over the tips of her hot little cunt.

Paul was soon licking and sucking between his mother's legs as his father banged his prick in and out of her tight snatch. His tongue ran around the shaft of his dad's hot cock and sneaked inside his mom's hot cunt. He lapped up the juices from his mother's wet cunt and sucked them into his mouth.

Cissy was wild with lust. She sucked at the boys' rods and felt the heat of her husband's cock deep in her hot cunt. She felt the tingles and twitches in her cunt-lips as her son licked at her juicy sex. It was all much too much to stand for very long. Cissy knew that she would soon flash between her legs as she had never flashed before. She knew, too, that her men would soon be drowning her once again in gallons of hot semen.

Paul reached down and grabbed his dick, jerking himself off with a passion as he licked his mother's hot cunt.

Billy and Danny were on the brink of shooting their wads into Cissy's lovely face. Mike was fucking her hot and hard, his balls about to explode. The air was filled with the sounds of hot and heavy fucking.

Cissy suddenly felt hot sperm shooting inside her, suddenly felt her man's enormous erection snap up against the hot channel inside her. She felt his load spurting against her inner flesh, filling her with boiling cum. The man's sperm mingled with the woman's pussy juice and trickled out of her spread cunt.

"Oh, baby! Baby! You're beautiful, baby!" Mike said through gritted teeth as his rocks shot off inside his lovely wife's sucking pussy.

Just after his dad shot his wad into his mother, Paul's dick exploded with spurting sperm. He stood up and pointed his rod down at his mother's pussy and his father's cock, letting it spurt into her love hair and all over his dad's cock. The pleasure he felt when his sperm shot through his stiff pipe almost made him keel over.

Danny and Billy came at the same time, filling Cissy's face with what seemed like gallons of semen. Their bodies rocked against her and in one final lunge they buried their dicks deep in her throat. She almost strangled on the massive wad they pumped into her.

Mike kept working his dick inside her for a moment or two until she flashed off in pure ecstasy. She cried out in pleasure when her cunt flashed in the wildest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her belly fluttered and her cunt tingled as her orgasm tore through her. Her body shook uncontrollably for a moment and then stiffened as she came. When she relaxed, she felt a flood of pure bliss that she had never experienced before.

All five horny fuckers collapsed on the grass and rested peacefully under the summer sun, their naked bodies glistening with perspiration. They breathed heavily and held each other warmly.

"Oh, darlings, we simply must do this more often!" Cissy breathed.

"Damn right we will, that is if the boys are game!" Mike said.

"We sure are!" Paul exclaimed.

"We'll be one happy family from now on!" Cissy smiled, reaching out and stroking her husband's slightly softened cock.

The five basked in the sun for awhile and then moved to the shade of a spreading willow by the edge of the pond. Cissy broke out the picnic lunch she had prepared and the five enjoyed themselves as a family for the first time in many months. Billy felt right at home with the naked and ever-horny Baxters.

"Anyone for a swim?" Cissy said, standing up and stretching, letting her tits catch the rays of the sun as they filtered through the leaves of the willow.

"Great, Mom!" Paul said, standing and shaking his cock.

"Are you still horny, Paul?" Cissy asked in mock amazement.

"Gosh yeah, Mom! We've only done it for about four hours!" Paul snickered.

"Would you boys like to have your cocks sucked under water?" she smiled, her eyes twinkling.

"Wow, Mom! You really gonna do that?" Danny asked in amazement.

"I'd just love to try!" she said, looking out at the pond.

"Is this for kids only, or can an old man like me join in?" Mike grinned, reaching down and cupping his stirring balls.

"It's for all of my horny men, darling!" Cissy laughed. "But you'll have to catch me first!" she said, running and splashing into the water.

Mike and the boys followed her eagerly, swimming after her vigorously. She had gotten a head start and by the time they caught up with her, she had made her way to the other side of the large pond.

Cissy loved the feel of cool water rushing over her breasts and warm little pussy. The water rushed over the lips of her cunt and made her tinge inside. By the time she let the boys catch her, she was ready for more hot fucking and sucking in the sun. "Isn't skinny-dipping wonderful?" Cissy laughed when she felt the boys' hands all over her wet luscious body. "Are you men enjoying it, too?" she smiled, feeling their hands on her tits, roving over her thighs, sliding over her full, firm buttocks.

"Look under there and see how much we're enjoying it, baby!" Mike suggested with a handsome grin.

Cissy dived beneath the shimmering surface and opened her eyes to find four incredibly huge hard-ons sticking out. She surfaced again for a moment, her eyes blazing with naked lust.

"You really are enjoying it, aren't you! I think I can help you enjoy your little swim even more, darlings! You caught me, after all! You all deserve the prize, and here it is!" she said, taking a deep breath and diving for their hard dicks.

Cissy darted about from one stiff cock to another, plunging down on the arching pricks and sucking them hard, holding her breath all the while. On her first plunge she managed to suck all four erections for a moment or two. When she surfaced for breath, Mike dived beneath her and ducked between her legs, burying his handsome face in the nest of her wet cunt.

"Oh, God! That's delicious!" she cried, holding herself out of the water while her husband blew bubbles over her pussy-lips and licked at her tingling little clitoris.

Dying to suck her husband's big fat cock again the horny woman dived again and got into an underwater sixty-nine position with her man. They licked wildly at each other, delighting in the sensations they inspired. The three horny boys joined in, too, diving and licking at their mother and sex teacher's naked breasts. They nibbled like little fishes at her hard tit-peaks. They stroked her silken thighs. They squeezed and caressed her butt. They ran their fingers through the hair of her wet cunt.

The five horny fuckers surfaced and submerged again and again until they had worked each other into a frenzy. Cissy's responsive twat was ready to flash off again in a storm of ecstasy. She felt the charge of her orgasm building inside her, felt the tingles and shocks that signaled the onset of ultimate pleasure. She reached out and grabbed her sons' cocks, beating them off under water while her husband sucked her cunt. When she saw the three hard cocks spurting again, she thought she would die with excitement.

Strands of cum shot out and covered her naked flesh. Her excited cunt suddenly gushed musky moisture as her husband's tongue pushed her gently over the brink. The five incestuous fuckers were all smiles when they surfaced and kissed each other after their mutual climaxes. They swam to the bank and ran dripping into the shade. They dried each other briskly and discussed new ways of fucking in the fresh country breeze.

By the time the sun was about to set, they had taken a relaxing stroll through the woods, as naked as jays. When they got back to the little clearing, they were ready to go at it again, ready to indulge their insatiable appetites for fucking and sucking.

"Do you boys think you could manage another this afternoon?" the hot-assed woman asked, reaching down and gently stroking her moistening pussy.

"I guess we could, Mom!" Paul said rubbing his overworked but still responsive cock into a big fat erection.

"Good grief, Cissy!" Mike said. "You're gonna wear us guys out in no time! I've shot my rocks off half-dozen times already!"

"I'm terribly sorry, darling, but I just can't seem to get enough of you men today! Do you think you can all get it up one more time?" she asked with a coy smile, raising her leg playfully and exposing the coral flesh of her damp sex.

"No doubt about it, baby!" Mike said, watching his cock rise to full erection again. "One more time and I think I've had it for the day, though!"

"Would you like to try something different this time?" she asked, her mind swimming with nasty possibilities.

"Can we... uh... can we fuck you in the ass?" Danny asked.

"Aw c'mon, Danny!" Billy said, pushing his friend. "She's not gonna let us do that to her!"

"Don't be so sure, darling!" Cissy said seductively. "Come to think of it I'd just love to have a big dick stuck up my little asshole!"

"But... uh... who's gonna do it?" Danny asked.

"I really don't know, boys... let me," she said, her finger to her lips. "I wouldn't want a big huge cock stretching my tight little asshole and hurting me... or would I?"

"I volunteer, little wife!" Mike said in a husky voice.

"No, no, no, darling!" Cissy laughed. "You're much too big! I think I should take a slightly smaller dick up my ass! I wonder which of the boys would be best at that little job?"

Billy, Danny, and Paul all wanted to bury their prongs in Cissy's tight asshole. Their cocks jerked at the prospect. They all wondered how it would feel to have their hard rods stuck up a woman's ass. The three boys looked at her expectantly, each hoping to be chosen.

"You've all had a very busy day, boys," she said, looking down at their stiff dicks. "I hate to bring this to your attention but your dicks aren't quite as hard as they were earlier this afternoon. It takes a very hard dick to push its way into my tight little butt! I think I'll just feel them all and see which is the hardest!" she said, walking over to the three lined up boys and reaching down to feel each erection.

All the boys tried desperately to tense their buttocks and make their cocks stand up straight. Her eager fingers teased and tickled their rods into full erection. When she had felt them all she put her hand on Danny's shoulder and kissed him behind the ear.

"You're the lucky one this time, lover!" she said sweetly, her warm fingers on the nape of his neck. "Tell you what, baby! How 'bout if I screw you in the cunt while Danny fucks you in the asshole?" Mike put in.

"That sounds dirty and wonderful!" Cissy said eagerly. "I can have a cock up my ass and a cock up my cunt at the same time!"

"You can suck me and Paul, too!" Billy suggested. "Then you'll have one in every hole!"

"Delicious!" Cissy said, her twat twitching. "I can't wait another minute! Come and fuck me, darlings!"

The four horny males didn't need a second invitation. When Cissy beckoned, they all converged on her.

"Sit down there in the grass, Danny, and let her sit on your dick," Mike said, eager to get his swollen pecker between his wife's silken legs.

Danny did as he was told and held his hard dick straight up. Cissy poised her asshole over his erect whang and sat on it, anticipating the heat of his swollen dick-head against her sensitive little asshole. She shivered when she felt his slippery cock-head against the ring of her anus.

"Better put a little spit on it, Danny," Mike suggested as he watched his wife sit on his son's cock.

Danny spit on his fingers and slickened his cock a bit. His balls ached when he felt her weight on his erect prong. Slowly his cock-head pushed into the tight hole. Cissy gasped when it pushed in and his rigid dick began slipping more easily into her anal channel.

"That feels sooooo good, Danny! Move it inside me now, lover! Be gentle with me, dear boy! Please be gentle!" she said in a quavering voice.

Danny began moving his rod inside her, slowly at first, but with ever increasing speed and urgency. Cissy responded powerfully to the anal stimulation as her son butt-fucked her for the first time. She felt a searing pain in her ass at first as his big pecker stretched her anal ring. Gradually the pain subsided and she began to thoroughly enjoy the sensation, as she had known she would.

With encouragement from his mother and the other boys, Danny began moving his rod harder and harder, flexing his loins and bucking his ass against her. Cissy responded by gyrating her hips, grinding her inner flesh against his hard dick.

"Oh, God! Yes! Yessssss! Screw me in the ass, lover boy! Fuck the shit out of your mother! I want it so badly!" she cried, her mind and body seething with passion.

"Ready for this one too, little lady?" Mike rasped, stroking his dick.

"Jesus, yes! Stick it in my cunt, Mike! Hurry! I need it there! Fill me with your big fucking cock!" she cried, her cunt melting with desire.

"You're gonna get it all right, baby! Get ready for this! Two dicks at once!" her hard-cocked husband said, sitting on Danny's legs and guiding his poker into her hot wet slot.

Mike bucked his ass and drove his rod all the way up his wife's juicy cunt. She cried out in pleasure-pain when he entered her. Mike moved his rod hot and hard inside her sucking sheath. He could feel his son's hard dick rubbing against his cock through her thin membrane. His balls rubbed against his son's cock as he beat his dick in and out of her.

Billy and Paul quickly stuck their cocks into Cissy's mouth and let her suck them off with a passion. Her tongue worked wildly over their rods, making sperm seethe deep in their hot nuts. It wasn't long before they were ready to shoot into her face.

"Oh, Jesus! I'm coming! I'm commmingggggg!" she cried in a voice muffled by two swollen rods.

Mike's balls exploded just as Danny's did. Cissy felt a cock shooting in her sucking cunt and one blasting her ass full of hot semen. The two dicks she was sucking also erupted in her mouth. Her pussy flashed in ecstatic release at the same time.

She was in heaven again, a cock in every tight wet hole. As she flashed off, she closed her eyes and abandoned herself to pure bliss. There would be many more days of hot fucking and incestuous love for this insatiable woman.


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