Here comes mom

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill -- going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their desperation is reflected in the rising rate of divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, and at times is frighteningly released through the violent and seemingly unmotivated crime.

The fiction characters in HERE COMES MOM are desperate people, like their real-life counter-parts. Bored, frustrated, unhappy, they seize at the first opportunity far release. In their need, they cast aside morals and scruples, determined to live only for the moment, to grab at pleasure before it is taken away.

HERE COMES MOM is a novel about the "quiet desperation" in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Chapter ONE

Donna stood waiting near the chain-linked fence as the commuter plane screamed in for a landing. She felt the anxiety building within her slim body.

It had been nine months since she had seen her son, Paul, and she knew he had grown in that time. She waited with anticipation as the plane taxied to a stop about a hundred feet away. After him being with his father all this time, she would now have him for the summer.

Dressed in a white pleated skirt, a cream colored blouse, with nylons -- not panty hose and high heeled shoes, she knew how tantalizing and delectable she looked. Donna was a very attractive woman. Her almost-black hair was loose and was allowed to blow in the slight breeze, and her dark-brown eyes sparkled with excitement.

Men standing nearby looked at her from the corners of their eyes, some openly. They speculated on her beauty and desirability. Her tits thrust out sharply into points beneath her blouse, obviously indicating her pleasure at not wearing a bra. Her nipples could be seen boldly outlined, slightly dark beneath the light-colored blouse. Her skirt, although flaring with the sharp pleats, was still tight enough about her hips to reveal the teasing swells of her shapely ass the high heels on her feet emphasized the curves of her legs.

She was aware of the way men looked at her and she enjoyed it. Being a sensual woman with an erotic mind, she loved to exhibit herself. She wondered what they would think if they knew she was completely naked under her clothing. All she wore was the outer garments, her nylons, and a black garter belt.

Her heart began to beat faster with excitement as the doorway swung down. A few men climbed off, a woman, and then she saw her son.

"Paul!" she called, waving and dancing about. "Here I am, darling!"

When her son saw her, his face split in a huge grin of pleasure as he lifted his hand to wave to Donna could not wait for him; she darted through the fence and began to run toward him.

A sudden, unexpected gust of wind tugged at her skirt, then a devil wind lifted it. Donna's white skirt went high, billowing above her slender, creamy, smooth thighs. The skirt seemed to pause halfway up, then the power of the wind sent it flying past her head.

Donna felt no embarrassment. She paused as she fought the skirt down. But that brief time her skirt had been over her head, the men at the fence had seen the sweetness of her shapely, swelling ass, totally naked. The loud whistles of appreciation caused her to smile. As she smoothed her skirt down, she saw that her son had stopped walking toward her. She knew Paul had seen her hairy cunt, the dark curls of her pussy hair and the garter belt. He seemed dazed.

"Oh, baby," she cooed happily as she wrapped her arms about him. "My, you're taller!"

He stood almost as tall as she was, with the same coloring, but with the facial features of his father. She pulled him tight against her tits, feeling her nipples tingle. Pulling her head back, but keeping her lower body pressed forward against his, she laughed happily, then pressed her lips down onto his for a moist kiss.

Then she took his hand and led him past the admiring men and to her car. He tossed his suitcase into the back seat and scooted in. Donna climbed under the wheel, her skirt hiking to mid-thigh.

Paul stared at his mother's thighs openly.

She giggled softly and pulled her skin down before starting the car. Driving from the small parking area, she said in a soft, throaty voice, "Darling, this summer is going to be so much fun. I've been thinking about it and planning it so long. Oh, baby, I can hardly wait!"

Paul sat beside her, twisted to gaze at his mother's exquisite beauty. His gaze rested most of the time on her shapely tits, remembering last summer. He was just as anxious as his mother if not more so. He recalled I it with clarity, and found his prick becoming hard.

Donna, too, noticed the swelling bulge of his pants, and a lewd smile formed on her full, moist lips. With a significant look at the bulge, she stuck her tongue out playfully at him and pressed a little harder on the accelerator.

"You kept your promise, didn't you, darling?" she asked softly. "You didn't say anything to your father?"

"Golly, no, Mom." Paul looked at her eyes. "He wouldn't let me come here if I told him."

"Good," Donna replied. "I'm afraid your father is a bit Victorian some times. He would never understand."

As she wheeled the car through the light traffic, Donna was bubbling with eagerness. Her nipples against her blouse were very sensitive, and her cunt was steaming so hotly that she felt close to orgasm already.

"Did you like what happened at the airport?" she asked softly.

"What happened?" he asked.

"My dress, silly." Donna glanced at her son. "When my dress blew up."

"That was something, Mom," he laughed. "Sure I liked it, and so did all those guys standing there."

"Was I pretty?"

"Very much. I almost got hard then."

Donna laughed in a husky tone. "I wish you had. It would have been beautiful, darling. But I see you're getting a nice hard-on now."

Paul ran his hand over the lump in his pants, spreading his knees. "Are we going to have fun like last slimmer, Mom?"

"More than ever, baby," she promised. "You're older now and we can... do it."

"Oh," he groaned and pressed his hand hard against his hard cock. "Are we, Mom? Are we really gonna do it now?"

"I promised, didn't I?"

"Go faster!" he said quickly.

Donna went a bit faster, laughing in her sultry, arousing way. She dropped her right hand from the wheel and slipped her skirt up her thighs. Paul gazed at her nyloned legs, seeing the creamy whiteness above them. His cock throbbed with hot eagerness and he pressed his hand harder.

"Oh, baby," she gurgled. "Be careful with that thing. I don't want you to come off in your pants. Wait until we get home, please!"

"Then we better hurry," he grunted. "I know," she murmured. "Oh, God I know!" The drive was short, taking about twenty minutes, but to Donna it seemed years. Her cunt was boiling hotly and she writhed her ass against the seat. But soon she pulled into the drive and set the brake. Before she could get out, Paul grabbed his mother's hand and placed it on top of his bulging hard-on. Donna felt the throbbing of his prick against her palm, and she moaned with hungry eagerness. Pressing her hand against his cock, she leaned over and kissed him again, this time stabbing her tongue into his mouth. Paul began to suck it as he reached for his mother's tits, squeezing them and making his mother whimper with a hot desire.

She wrapped her fingers about his cock as best she could and squeezed hard, and then pulled away. "We better go in the house, darling," she said. "We could be seen."

It was only a bit after noon, and the sun was hot. As she climbed from the car, she looked around to see if any of the neighbors were about. But apparently they, were all inside their air-conditioned homes. As she unlocked the front door, Paul retrieved his suitcase and, looking at his beautiful mother, entered the house behind her. As soon as he had his suitcase on the floor and she had the door closed, they went into each other's arms, hugging tightly. Her hands moved down his back, past his waist, and clutched the tightness of her son's ass cheeks, grinding her lower body against him. His hard cock did not quite reach her cunt, but the feel of his prick against her upper thighs sent her into shivering pleasure. Grinding against him, she sucked at his tongue as he thrust it in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

"Has it been a long time, baby?" she asked in a husky voice as her tongue slipped free. She ground against his cock as she held his ass cheeks tightly. "Did you jack off and think about me?"

"You know I did, Mom," he replied, moving his hands down her back to fondle her shapely ass. "And I kept my promise; the other promise."

"You didn't fuck some little girl?" she asked, pleased.

"No," he said. "You asked me not to, remember?"

"You saved it for me?"

Yes! She squealed with happiness and hugged him very tightly. "Oh, darling, I was so pleased when you called a few months ago and told me you came. I've been waiting for that to happen. Hearing you talk about it made me so hot, so very hot!"

"And we're gonna fuck now, Mom?"

"Didn't I tell you that when you were able to come that we would? I won't break my promise to my baby."

Donna slipped her hands from his ass and shoved them between their tightly pressed bodies. She cupped his throbbing hard-on and squeezed. She then began tugging at his pants, gasping with a burning, desperate desire. "I want to see it, baby!" she moaned. "Is it bigger? Oh, I hope you come a lot now that you've started."

She opened her son's pants and stood gazing at his cock. His prick was long, not quite thick, but with the promise of becoming longer and thicker as he grew older. The head of his cock was smoothly swollen, beads of moisture forming on the piss hole. She ran her thumb over his prick, smearing the slippery fuck juice about the head of her son's cock. She closed her fingers and jacked on his prick slowly, mewling with the feel of his cock. Her eyes glittered as her cunt throbbed and twitched between her thighs. She lifted his balls free and cupped them. There was very little hair on his balls, and she found that delightful. The last time she had seen his cock and balls had been nine months ago, and then he had just a slight tuft of curly hair at the base of his cock. Eager to see if he had more hair on his head than in his pants until they fell to his feet.

There was more hair now, but still not much. Paul stood proudly, his cock arching out and up as his mother fondled his prick and balls.

"Oh, so beautiful, baby!" she cooed in a throaty voice, her eyes glassy with increased passion. She stroked his cock with a light fist, watching the smooth head of his prick appear and disappear between her fingers. "Just seeing it makes mother's cunt so wet! Mmmm, are you going to enjoy this summer!"

Paul laughed, almost a childish giggle, fucking his cock into his mother's pumping fist.

"I need to do something first, baby," she said, dropping to her knees before him. "Remember how you liked this last summer?"

He nodded as he looked down at her. His cock was hard, dripping just beneath her chin.

"I want to taste you, baby," she gurgled. "Oh, I want to taste your cock so much! I loved it in my mouth last summer, Paul, and I'm going to love it more this time."

She moved her head down and toward him. Her moist lips kissed the tip of his dripping cock, then her tongue slipped out and ran along the underside of his prick. She clutched his ass with one hand, his balls in the other. Donna ran her tongue all about her son's hard thick, giant prick, gazed with pleasure at his prick, then, with a soft moan, opened her lips and sucked from smooth head of his cock between them. She held his cock between her hot lips for a long moment, feeling his prick so smooth and delicious against her tongue and between her tight lips.

Soft mews bubbled from her as she sucked more of his cock into her mouth, then the wiry hair at the base was tickling her nose, her lips pressed into it. She had the full length of her son's cock inside her mouth now, and she lifted his balls and pressed them to her chin. She writhed her hot, wet lips about his cock, her tongue pressing it against the roof of her mouth as she sucked. His cock was as she had remembered, hard and sweet and delicious inside her mouth. The only difference now than last summer was his cock was thicker, longer, filling her mouth much more pleasantly.

Her pussy bubbled and twitched between her thighs as she knelt before her son, sucking now back and forth, her tongue licking hungrily. She felt her son put his hands on the top of her head as he always did when she had his cock inside her mouth. When he arched forward, as he did last summer, trying to fuck his cock deeper, she gurgled with delight.

Pulling her hot, wet mouth off his cock, she wrapped her fist about his prick and jacked his cock, looking up into his young face, her eyes shining with desire. "Oooh, baby, your cock is just as sweet as always!"

Paul tried to fuck his cock back into his mother's mouth but she gave a throaty laugh, getting to her feet. "You're so eager, darling. We have all summer, remember?"

"But I was about to come, Mom!" he wailed.

"I know you were, Paul," she said, tugging his hard cock between her thighs as she pulled him tight. Her skirt was around her waist, and she loved the heat of his hard prick between her thighs, almost touching the burning lips of her cunt.

Then as she pressed her thighs together, Paul grunted.

Donna felt the lurching of his cock and then he came, coating her inner thighs with the slippery thickness of his come juice.

"Oh, baby," she said. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were that close to coming off."

She pulled from him, holding her skirt above her waist and feeling the come juice on her thighs. Then she used her skirt to wipe at them, and finally cleaned his cock with it, too.

Chapter TWO

The summer before, while Paul was with her, Donna had initiated the sex thing with him. Paul had been eager and willing, something that delighted her to no end. He had a mind similar to hers, erotic. So unlike her husband. Donna's husband, Gene, had enjoyed fucking her and licking between her thighs, and in general they had enjoyed a fairly good marriage and sexual life. Yet there was something neither she nor Gene could pinpoint, something lacking in their relationship. They got alone well, enjoyed each other's body to the fullest, but both seemed unfulfilled, dissatisfied with their lot.

Neither wanted a divorce so a separation had been settled upon and they now lived apart, sharing their son. Since Donna insisted on working, she allowed her son to remain with his father during the school months and kept him with her during the summer, the time she took a leave of absence from her work to be with him.

Donna still loved her husband and knew he loved her. If only they could understand what they wanted, needed, then the separation would end. They would be together again as a family. She knew Paul wanted them back with each other. Still, if it had not been for the separation, she might not have gotten involved with her son sexually. And Donna wanted this a great deal. She loved fondling and stroking her son's cock, playing with and kissing his prick. She loved having his hands on her body, sucking her nipples and feeling her hairy cunt and swelling ass. It had been so easy to involve Paul last summer. He had been ready for it, as ready as she had been.

She had found her son jacking his cock off in the bathroom. His cock had not been very big a year ago and still had a lot to grow. But it had thrilled her tremendously when she walked in and saw his cock in his hand, so sweetly hard. Paul had not been embarrassed; he had been quite proud of his prick.

Paul sat on the toilet with his knees wide, and when she gently removed his hand from his cock so she could see his prick fully, he sat relaxed, his cock standing up from his crotch, that small tuft of hair at the base, his lovely balls dangling underneath. Donna gazed upon her son's cock with burning, eager eyes, seeing its swollen head and the tiny piss hole.

She knelt before her son and fondled his cock, mewling softly. She stroked and squeezed his prick, jacked up and down on his cock. She caressed his hairless balls, tugging them tenderly. When she lowered her head and kissed his cock, the tip of her tongue barely brushing about the piss hole, Paul laughed and told her how good that felt.

His cock remained hard a long time, and Donna realized her son was not yet able to come off, that fact played a major part in her decision not to fuck him then. However, she loved feeling his cock and balls, his tight ass. And he loved it when she took his prick into her hot, wet mouth and sucked. Being curious, Paul wanted to see his mother's body, too.

Donna, flushed with increasing desire, complied quite willingly.

She stood up before him in the bathroom and lifted her skirt to her waist. She was wearing panties then. They were tight, the bikini variety. The shadow of her cunt hair was seen by Paul. The crotch of her panties molded and outlined her puffy cunt lips. She stood and held her skirt high and glowed with delicious pleasure as he looked at her as he sat on the toilet with his cock standing up beautifully hard. She stood with her feet spread apart slightly, her hips arched forward.

"Touch me if you want, darling," she told her son.

His eager hand brushed up between her thigh, she began to shiver with delight. He probed and felt at her panty crotch with his palm, laughing because she was hot and wet there. Paul used both hands to feel his mother up, stroking at her covered pussy with both hands, moving them about as she told him where it felt best to be touched. As he felt her cunt, Donna watched her son's throbbing cock jerk about.

She asked him, "Want to see my ass, honey?"

Paul had nodded enthusiastically, and she turned to present her swelling, curvy, flawlessly shaped ass to her son. Her panties had pulled into the inviting crack of her ass cheeks, and the cheeks themselves swelled out sugary sweet before his face. Donna hooked a finger into her panties and pulled them wide to expose her ass to her son, arching back toward his face.

"Feel it, baby," she urged in a hot voice, twisting her ass about. "Feel your mother's ass!"

She loved the way his young, eager hands moved about the cheeks of her ass. As he felt her, she writhed her ass and flexed her creamy cheeks excitedly. She became so excited and aroused that she asked her son to kiss the cheeks. Paul, knowing how good he had felt when his mother sucked his cock into her mouth, kissed the dimple of his mother's ass. He slipped his tongue out and licked when she asked him to.

Finally, turning to face her son once again in the bathroom, she pulled her panties to one side and revealed her hairy cunt to his wide excited eyes. Donna's cunt was quite hairy, with thick curls almost concealing the puffy lips of her pussy. Her hair was tucked neatly between her legs, stopping just before her asshole. Gene, her husband, had loved the hairiness of her cunt. And now Paul was fascinated with it. At her urging, Paul felt his mother's cunt with both hands, feeling her slippery pussy lips and, again at her request, worked one of his fingers into her cunt and fucked up and down. Donna twisted and rolled her hips in pleasure, pumping them in a rhythm with his finger. She loved the excited, intense expression on his young face as he watched his finger fucking into her cunt.

Playfully, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into her crotch. She felt her son tease it for a moment, but she held his mouth tightly against the burning lips of her wet cunt grinding tenderly and mewling with pleasure.

She released him soon, however, and told her son that she loved having a face between her thighs. Paul, had his lips smeared with the flame and, without being asked, shoved his face between her legs once again and kissed his mother, bubbling cunt.

Both of them were intensely excited by this time. She took her son's hand and pulled him to her bedroom where she had him undress completely. She stood and gazed with desire at his young body as he lay upon her bed, his cock standing straight up. As her son watched her, she slowly undressed, delighted by the way he watched her.

When she was standing there at the edge of the bed, tall and beautiful, naked and breathing with desire, he looked at her with hot eyes. Her tits swelled out firmly, her brown nipples rigid with urgent desire. She cupped her tits in her hands and massaged them, tweaking her nipples and loving the rippling sensation that flowed through her. Finally she climbed onto the bed with her son, and, as she sprawled back with her legs wide, Paul sat up and examined every inch of his mother's body.

He fondled his mother's tits, and leaned down to suck on her nipples. As he sucked her tits, he once more finger fucked her hot, tight cunt. Donna, twisting her naked ass about on the bed with increasing heat, stroked her son's throbbing cock, squeezing and playing with his balls. Paul was thrilled by her tits, enjoying her hard hot nipples in his mouth. He sucked them fat a long time, his tongue licking, and his finger kept fucking and probing at her slippery, velvet-like cunt until Donna was writhing about and whimpering with intense ecstasy.

Her son's finger made her come time and again, her orgasms flowing like rippling cascades of lava through her body. She lifted her ass, arching her cunt into his hand, grinding with delight as he sucked her nipples. She clamped her hand about his cock tightly, jerking up and down swiftly, wishing he could come.

Without being told, Paul started licking down her shivering, steaming body. His tongue left hot trails of moisture where it touched. When he began to kiss and suck at her stomach, his finger still fucking into her cunt, Donna again came.

She was amazed and delighted at his erotic eagerness, doing this without instructions. She loved it when his tongue moved lower, brushing at the long curls of her cunt hair. She cried out with eagerness as he kissed and licked her thighs, making her body jerk with ecstasy.

Paul eventually removed his wet finger from his mother's tight, boiling cunt and, with both hands, pulled at her sensitive pussy lips, gazing at her distended, glistening clit. She explained to him about her clit, and he rubbed a fingertip about her clit, making her hips jerk about with delight. Again, without instructions, Paul lowered his face and began to kiss his mother's cunt. He kissed every inch of her pussy, kissed at the creamy, sensitive inner surfaces of her thighs near her pussy. He licked at her sugary flesh with his tongue, the hot air of his breathing fanning the bonfire like flames that were consuming her. When he flicked the tip of his tongue about her explosive clit, Donna erupted into a long drawn out orgasm that had her shaking violently. And Paul kept licking, making her come time and again.

When he finally sucked her clit between his teeth and pulled at it, his tongue licking the tip, she thought she would faint from the constant orgasms and the intensity of her ecstasy.

They slept together that night and every night thereafter.

Their days for the rest of the summer were filled with play of that sort. She dressed provocatively for her son, building and increasing on his already-erotic mind. She exposed her body to him in various ways to keep his sexual interest high. Often she went about the house in bikini panties only, buying the most sheer, the most tantalizing types she could find. And she urged her son to go about with his cock and balls hanging from his pants. She loved seeing him this way, his cock standing out of his pants so deliciously sweet, most of the time hard.

She would suck his cock and balls, spending long minutes with them in her mouth. Paul loved it. And he was learning how to lick her cunt the way she liked best. She was delighted to learn that her son loved the taste of her cunt, and she enjoyed it when he would thrust his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could, fucking it in and out.

Donna didn't really have to increase her son's sexual interest; he was already intensely interested. They did not hold back anything from on another, and when her son began using words like cunt and cock and fuck, it pleased her to no end. She enjoyed hearing him use the words. He was so young and innocent looking that it increased her passion. She used the words freely with him, too.

Often he would wake, her son up in the morning by sucking on his cock, and, a few times when he woke up before her, he would suck her tits and finger fuck her until she was wide eyed and having one orgasm after another.

Doors were never closed around her house, and it became common for them to use the bathroom to shower or piss or whatever with the door open. They would watch each other, soaping each other and toweling each other's body to glowing excitement. Usually a shower or bath would end with her sucking on his cock or Paul licking her cunt.

It was then, that summer, when Donna started going out into public without anything on under her clothing. It had started with a joke by Paul, and she found she enjoyed it.

They had taken drives out into the countryside, where they would find some isolated area. Then Donna would sit and lean against a tree, her knees up so he could lie in front of her and gaze at her hairy cunt. After he began to squirm and press his cock into the grass, he would roll over and expose his cock to his mother, who would then lean over him and suck his cock for a long time.

They enjoyed sucking and licking one another outdoors, in places where the possibility of being seen could happen at any time. This possibility of being caught served only to increase their already soaring passions and increasing sexual appetites.

But Donna would not let her son fuck her.

"Maybe next summer, darling," she told him. "If you start to come between now and next summer, then I'll let you fuck me."

He didn't understand why she wanted to wait to do it; neither did Donna. The only thing she knew was that she wanted her son to come before he put his prick in her cunt. There was no real reason to wait, not after everything they had done with each other by this time, yet she wanted to wait.

However, Paul was eager to see what it would feel like to have his cock inside his mother's cunt. He pleaded and begged to stick his cock into her pussy, but she held him off. She went only as far as allowing him to rub his cock head about the hot, wet lips of her cunt and about her inflamed clit, making her come this way.

"Next summer, darling," she said. "I promise you can fuck me next summer if you can come then. I want your first fuck to be something you'll remember all your life, baby. It will be more enjoyable for you if you can come in me. Besides, I love the sensation when a cock spurts in my cunt."

Although it was true that Donna loved it when a cock spewed come juice up her pussy that was not the real reason she was holding off. Somewhere in her mind she was not quite ready for her son to fuck her.

She needed more time to get used to what she was, doing with her son, to accept it in a rational way. She was experiencing a few pangs of guilt as the summer drew to a close, and she didn't like the feeling. She wanted to fuck her son as much as he wanted to fuck her, but it was something she had to spend time thinking about.

Donna had never been unfaithful to her husband, and she still loved him deeply. Perhaps that was the reason she held her son off, but she wasn't certain. Despite being separated and living away from Gene, she had not dated other men, knowing that if she did so she would be unable to keep from fucking them. She wanted to remain faithful to him until and if they finally reached a decision about a divorce. But although she felt that by fucking her son she would be unfaithful to her husband, she never considered sucking Paul's cock or having him tongue fuck her as being unfaithful.

And, as the summer ended, Donna felt her self in an emotional turmoil. She wanted to fuck her son badly, but she wanted to remain faithful to Gene at the same time. She could not explain all this to her son because she didn't understand her mixed feelings herself.

Still, she had promised her son he could fuck her on his next visit. But she wasn't sure she would be able to keep that promise, either.

Although she hated sending her son back to his father when the time came, she knew she had to have time to consider allowing Paul to fuck her. She knew her husband was not dating other women. He told her he wasn't and Paul said he had never seen his father with a woman. Donna had no reason to disbelieve her husband and son. But she knew Gene, with his erotic mind, was suffering as much as she was. There had been times when she wanted to call him, ask him to visit her for the night at least, but felt it would be a mistake.

During the times when Paul was with his father in the next months, Donna spent a great deal of time in thought. Her nights were the worst after being with Paul next to her. She would become so inflamed, she would finger fuck herself until her cunt felt raw. After Paul had been gone two months, she called him and they had a long talk, a talk that only sent her into almost screaming desperation of need.

"I need you, baby," she had told him on the telephone. "I need that sweet tongue of yours up my cunt. Honey, I miss the way you tongue fuck mother's cunt, making me come and come so good! I can't wait for summer."

Paul reminded his mother of her promise to let him fuck her the following summer, and she reminded him that he could fuck her only if he was able to squirt come juice. Paul informed his mother that he was jacking off every day, trying to come.

Donna undressed and finger fucked herself for over an hour, coming until she was exhausted. The rest of the year was hell for Donna. Every time she called Gene, she told him of her love for him, and they had to come to some decision regarding their lives soon. She informed him she would not date, and in a small feeling of jealousy, asked him if he had been dating. When he replied negatively, she was elated. Donna came very close to asking him to visit her then.

When she hung up, she was frustrated and wandered about the house, searching for something to shove up her burning cunt, anything she could use to fuck herself with. She wished she had a rubber cock, but was embarrassed to buy one. Finding nothing in the house to use, she undressed and sat on the couch with her legs wide open, panties off, and finger fucked herself furiously, thinking of her son and Gene.

A month before her son was to arrive for his summer visit with her, her erotic mind was going at high speed. She began to understand more about herself, her desires, and perhaps, Gene's. She began to recall some of the conversations they had had about sex, and she found things falling into place, becoming clear.

Two weeks before Paul was to arrive, Donna round, quite by accident, someone nearby who had a mind as erotic as her own, and she was not bothered by feelings of unfaithfulness.

Chapter THREE

Donna had seen the girl a number of times. She had felt a strange attraction toward the girl. She found her eyes drawn time and again to the exquisitely pretty blonde. There was something about the girl that appealed to her, made her tingle. Within two days, she was certain the girl was attempting to get her attention.

In the span of two days, the girl had walked past Donna's house eight or nine times. She had walked slowly and aimlessly, and Donna noticed the girl would look at her from the corners of her eyes, almost shyly, yet with a quality of boldness. And on the second day, the girl began to openly smile at Donna.

Donna had been outside, watering the plants, wearing her shorts and a blouse. The blonde girl strolled by, her eyes flashing. Donna was struck by the beauty of the young girl immediately. The girl had on a pair of extremely tight shorts, shorts that molded her sweet little ass and emphasized the swells. They were so tight in the crotch, Donna thought they should be uncomfortable. Although the girl wore a halter, Donna could hardly tell if there were any tits on the girl. Her long blonde hair was loose and flowing, and her face was so sweet it was almost painful to look at her.

As the girl went by, Donna gazed at the girl. There was an immediate appeal to that slightly swaying ass and those long, smooth thighs. Donna felt a twitch between her thighs as she looked. Surprised to feel this reaction toward a girl, Donna nevertheless found it almost impossible to stop looking.

Half an hour later, the girl came by again. This time the girl looked directly at Donna and smiled shyly. Hardly ten minutes later, the girl came by once more. Donna smiled, the girl smiled, and a soft greeting came from the blonde girl. The girl walked slower than ever, and Donna thought she was being teased. On the next walk by, the girl paused and looked at Donna, greeting her again. Donna turned off the water and the blonde girl walked over the lawn to stand before her.

"I'm Cindy," the girl said.

"I'm Donna," she replied, and felt the strange sensation of being undressed by those sparkling blue eyes. "Would you like some lemonade?"

The girl nodded, and Donna took her into the house with her. The girl's eyes moved with Donna as she got the lemonade, and Donna knew the girl was looking at her body. She felt shivery and excited, her cunt burning and becoming very wet.

They chatted as the girl drank the lemonade, then sat in the cool living room. Without hesitation or shyness, Cindy, with her eyes gazing at Donna's tits, said, "You have, beautiful breasts, Donna."

For a moment Donna could not reply, then she smiled. "So do you, Cindy."

"Mine are still too little," Cindy said. "But they'll be big when I grow up."

They were quiet for a moment. Then, again oddly, Cindy said, "I like girls. I mean, older. No men."

The meaning was clear to Donna, clear in those hot blue eyes that gazed unwaveringly. Donna sensed tension building between them, but it was an exciting tension filled with promises of an erotic heat. Donna's nipples became rigid underneath her blouse, tingling deliciously. Her cunt was very wet. She felt an almost overpowering urge to hold the sweet little girl, to run her hands over that delectable, body, feel those small tits and run her hands over the swell of that tantalizing ass. The arms of her hands itched to stroke between hose golden thighs, feel the young cunt there. Donna clasped her hands together tightly, but her eyes remained on the girl. Cindy, her eyes smoldering with meaning, began to stroke her hand up and down her own thigh. She had a small smile on her mouth, and her eyes were flashing steamy messages to Donna, messages that could not be misinterpreted.

Donna gasped when Cindy moved her hand up her thigh and openly and boldly rubbed her cunt. Cindy giggled and rubbed her crotch again.

"Like doing this!" she said softly. "I like feeling good between my legs. I like it when I can feel between the legs of an older woman, too."

"Cindy, I..." But Donna couldn't finish. She watched with increasing passion as the girl continued fondling her cunt. She balled her hands into fists and pressed them into the cushions of the couch at her hips. She was trembling with excitement.

"I see you all the time," Cindy said, her voice sounding. Grown up, loaded with passion. "I've been looking at you and thinking how nice it would be if you liked me."

Donna's eyes followed Cindy's hand as it moved up and down her crotch. Ideas flooded her mind, filling her with erotic images. She had been without anyone since her son had gone back to his father almost nine months ago. She was tired and bored with using her own fingers at her pussy. Then the thought flared in her mind that this would not be unfaithful act against Gene. It was different. Doing things with her son was not being unfaithful, either, she felt. That was part of the family. And being with a girl was not the same as letting a boy or man fuck her.

It would be pleasant, she thought, to fondle this exquisite blonde girl, delicious to have those small hands running over her own body.

Cindy, apparently seeing the thoughts in Donna's eyes, stood up. For a moment Donna felt panic rising, thinking Cindy was leaving, going because she, Donna, was not receptive to her display of wanton desire. But Cindy was not leaving. She pulled her halter off, exposing her small tits. Donna stared at them. Small but so perfectly formed. They were tight and shapely with luscious pink nipples standing up in hardness.

"Now you," Cindy said in a soft voice.

Before she realized it, Donna opened her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Cindy squealed with pleasure as she looked at Donna's tits. "Oh, they're beautiful!"

Donna instinctively arched her shapely tits out, her shoulders drawn back. Her light brown nipples, twice the size of Cindy's, tingled with burning desire. Donna stood up, her tits jiggling tightly. Cindy came to her, and, as Donna stood on shaking legs, began to caress them. Donna felt the heat of the girl's hands on her tits, and she whimpered with pleasure. The girl's blonde head was just beneath her chin, and Donna gasped when Cindy darted her mouth down and sucked a nipple into her hot, wet mouth. Donna brought her hands up and held the girls head, pressing her sucking mouth into her tit.

As Cindy sucked her nipples, Donna clung to the blonde head and mewled with pleasure. She twisted her ass when she felt Cindy's I hands sliding around her hips. When Cindy clutched Donna's ass cheeks, Donna began to grind her hips against Cindy's stomach. She felt Cindy trying to tug the zipper of her shorts down but seemed to be having difficulty.

Wait, Donna whispered. Pulling away, Donna unzipped her shorts, and Cindy immediately began to shove them down her rounded hips. Donna stood on trembling legs as the shorts fell to her feet. Since she was not wearing panties, she stood naked before the hot eyes of the sweet blonde girl.

Cindy gazed with excitement at Donna's naked body. She was breathing heavily as her eyes swept over Donna's naked thrusting tits, down the flat stomach, and paused at the thick curls of Donna's cunt hair. She shivered when Cindy ran her hand through the dark hair, barely brushing the lips of her cunt.

"I like all this hair, Donna." Cindy said in low voice. "I just love a hairy cunt!"

Then Cindy wrapped her arms about Donna's waist and began to kiss hotly at those shapely tits again. Donna became intensely aroused as Cindy kissed and licked at her tits, her small eager hands fondling and feeling her arching ass cheeks.

Donna, gasping, was not surprised as the girl began to lick her way down, flicking the tip of her tongue against her shivery stomach as she kissed. She was amazed at the boldness, the sheer aggressiveness of the girl, though. Cindy was about the same age as her son, Paul, but so bold and eager that it was almost taking her breath away. Finally Cindy was off her knees before Donna.

Donna looked down into Cindy's face as the girl looked up at her, her arms wrapped about her naked hips and clutching her ass. Those blue eyes were smoldering with runaway desire as Cindy breathed with soft panting sounds. Cindy pressed her chin into the thick mat of cunt hair as her fingers squeezed Donna's naked ass.

"I want to kiss your pussy," the girl whispered in a thick voice. "I want to kiss your hairy cunt, Donna!"

"Oh, yes!" Donna gurgled as she spread her feet on the floor.

Cindy sat down on the floor, her legs spreading as she shoved them between Donna's feet. Her sweet face was turned upwards, and she began to draw Donna's cunt toward her face by pressing against Donna's naked ass. Donna gazed down at those sparkling hot eyes as Cindy buried her face in her cunt.

Donna's thick, dark hair almost concealed Cindy's face as she pressed her lips against Donna's pussy, kissing her cunt eagerly. When Donna felt Cindy's small tongue licking about her throbbing distended clit, she shook and began to grind her cunt into that young, sweet, lovely face.

She felt Cindy's tongue slip between the slippery lips of hot cunt, then her tongue was fucking in and out, fucking her pussy. Donna grabbed the blonde head with both hands and arched her pussy forward, twisting into Cindy's face. Cindy clutched at Donna's naked ass, her fingers digging into the fine flesh, her tongue fucking in and out of Donna's velvety cunt.

Donna felt an orgasm swelling hotly inside her cunt, and she twisted and rubbed her cunt against the young girl's face with abandon. She didn't know just how this happened, what had drawn this sweet lovely girl to her, but she knew it was like a dream come true. She was not going to question it; she was going to enjoy it.

Cindy licked and tongue fucked Donna's cunt eagerly, her eyes shining hotly up between Donna's tits. Donna held the girl's blonde head and banged her cunt against that sucking mouth of this delicious girl, grinding and whimpering as her orgasm grew and swelled. Cindy clung to Donna's naked, shaking ass with tight fingers, her tongue fucking swiftly and deeply, her mouth wide open to surround the hairy lips of Donna's cunt.

With a loud groan, Donna came. The lips of her cunt flexed around Cindy's fucking tongue, squeezing like a hot, wet vise. Cindy kept up a relentless tongue fucking as Donna shook violently, her legs becoming very weak as she stood there, grinding her cunt into Cindy's face. Donna was almost squatting on Cindy's face as she came, her hips revolving and churning as if she were being fucked. Indeed, Donna was being fucked, being fucked delightfully with the tongue of this exquisitely lovely little girl.

Cindy was mewling happily as her tongue moved and licked now about the slippery, hair-lined lips of Donna's cunt, tickling over Donna's knotted clit to make Donna shake even more.

When Cindy pulled her face from between Donna's creamy thighs, it was smeared and glistening wetly. The girl was grinning with pleasure up at Donna, leaning back on her hands. Donna stood in her squatting position for a long moment, afraid she was going to fall. Somehow she got herself under control and sat back on the couch, breathing heavily, her naked tits rising and falling.

"Cindy, that was... was wonderful!"

Cindy giggled as she wiped her face. "I like licking a cunt," she said. "I love the sweet taste of a pussy, Donna. And you sure have a sweet cunt!"

Donna looked down at the unusually pretty girl, seeing in Cindy's eyes a girl as erotic as she was. She smiled at Cindy, cupping her own tits. "So young," she murmured, "and knowing so much. You're beautiful, honey."

Cindy, still sitting on the floor, removed her tight shorts. Donna stared between those golden thighs, seeing the pink freshness of the girl's pussy. Tufts of blonde hair sprouted at the top, and there wasn't a single strand along her slightly puffy pussy lips. The tip of Cindy's clit peeked provocatively from the moist folds. As Donna looked at her, Cindy began to rub and feel her own little cunt.

"Want to kiss my cunt Donna?" she asked in a soft voice. "I like having my pussy kissed as much as I love kissing one. Kiss it for me, Donna."

Donna stared at the girl's pussy, her mind whirling with erotic images. She was not surprised to kind that she would, indeed, enjoy putting her mouth on that sugary cunt, kiss and lick Cindy's pussy and fuck her tongue as deeply as she could.

Without answering, she dropped to the floor next to Cindy, her hand moving about the girl's small but flawless tits. Cindy lay back on the floor, spreading her legs and shoving her hands above her head. Blonde curls fanned about her face, making her look beautiful to Donna.

Donna fondled the small girl's tits, moving her hands up and down her smooth, young flesh. She caressed the flat stomach of Cindy, moved her hands about her tantalizing thighs. Cindy trembled and arched her hips up, trying to shove her cunt into Donna's hands. Donna leaned over and peered at the teen's succulent young cunt, sliding her fingers along her sensitive inner thighs until she felt Cindy's cunt. She stroked Cindy's pussy lips, brushing a fingertip over her throbbing clit, making Cindy mew and gurgle with delight. She pulled the girl's pink cunt lips apart and gazed at the sweetness, seeing the moisture glisten and beckon.

She lowered her face and kissed lightly at Cindy's shivering stomach. As she slipped her tongue out to taste her flesh, her mind seemed to explode with erotic, perverse desire. Without saying anything, she pulled Cindy upright and placed her on the couch, spreading the girl's knees wide. Sitting between Cindy's knees, Donna slipped her, hands underneath the teen's small, tight and shapely young ass, drawing her ass cheeks to the edge of the cushions. She looked for a long time at the succulent cunt of this blonde girl, moving her fingers about her thighs and ass cheeks and circling her sugary cunt. Then Donna began to kiss and lick at the smooth, golden inner thighs of Cindy. The powerful draw of this exquisite, passionate girl was too strong to resist, and Donna wanted to kiss and suck her cunt with a passion she had not felt in a long time.

Her tongue licked along the satiny flesh, working toward that twitching little cunt. She kept up a constant fondling motion with her hands as she licked and kissed the creamy thighs. Her dark eyes blazed up into those blue eyes of Cindy as her tongue tasted and lapped and her lips sucked the girl's sweet flesh. She crossed her legs in front of her and moved her mouth an inch or so away from that almost hairless cunt.

Taking a deep breath, Donna quickly pressed her moist lips against Cindy's cunt. Cindy whimpered and shot her crotch up into Donna's face and began to grind her cunt up and down against her lips. Without a conscious thought in her mind, Donna's tongue came from her mouth and licked up and down Cindy's cunt. The taste inflamed her erotic passions and she licked about the girl's succulent cunt swiftly, her tongue flying up and down, licking Cindy's cunt lips and the throbbing little clit. She clutched Cindy's tight little ass with both hands as she pressed her mouth hard into that hairless cunt. Her tongue slipped between Cindy's bubbling hot pussy lips and Donna fucked her tongue as deep as she could. She found the taste of Cindy's cunt intensely delicious, and she began to fuck it with her tongue. As Cindy had done with her, Donna opened her lips wide so she could place them all about that sugary pussy. Donna was mewing with steaming heat as she tongue fucked Cindy. Once again her own pussy was steaming with a boiling sensation as she licked and sucked at Cindy's sweet pussy.

Cindy was whimpering and grinding her cunt into Donna's face, whipping her pussy up and down and pressing hard. Looking up at her, Donna saw Cindy squeezing her small, beautiful tits with tight fingers. Cindy's blue eyes were so hot they looked like liquid. Donna fucked her tongue in and out, feeling the girl's cunt squeezing. The spasms that rippled through Cindy were so strong that her cunt gripped Donna's tongue so tightly she could hardly fuck her tongue back and forth. Donna dug her fingers into the girl's tightening young ass cheeks and pressed her mouth as hard as she could into her convulsing cunt.

Finally Cindy relaxed, her ass lowering slowly from Donna's mouth. But Donna was still excited. As Cindy slumped, her legs spread wide apart, Donna began to lick again at those creamy, goldenly tanned thighs. She licked up and down the creamy inner surfaces, and then darted her face lower to swipe her tongue about Cindy's sweet ass cheeks.

As her tongue swirled about the cheeks of Cindy's young ass, Donna felt an orgasm again bubbling inside her hairy cunt. With a squeal a her orgasm exploded, she slipped her tongue down and about those ass cheeks, and then, as her eyes closed in ecstasy, her tongue moved between the girl's smooth ass cheeks and probed against the tiny, tightly puckered asshole of Cindy.

"Oooooh," Cindy mewled. "That's making me come again, Donna!"

Through her own ecstasy, Donna tasted and felt Cindy's asshole flex in orgasm. She lapped her tongue up and down the girl's asshole, and once more fucked her tongue into her spasming young cunt. She tongue fucked Cindy furiously as the girl came, her own pussy melting with convulsions.

When it as over, Donna pulled her face away reluctantly. She was amazed at the pleasure she had received from licking this sweet cunt. It was a first for Donna, and one that she promised herself to do again... and again.

She sat with Cindy on the couch, holding each other and kissing and murmuring into each other's ears. They fondled and felt each other's body, exploring and getting to know each other.

For the next week, Cindy was with Donna every day, and the more Donna sucked that succulent cunt, the more she loved it. Cindy was a constant surprise to her, coming up with things they could do with each other that Donna had never once thought about. But Donna was very pleased with this young, erotic girl. Very pleased Donna found out that although Cindy loved to lick a cunt, she wanted to experience boys. Donna was surprised to find out Cindy had never felt the thrill of a cock fucking into her sweet cunt. Cindy was constantly asking Donna what fucking was like, what fucking felt like, and talked constantly about finding herself a boyfriend that would fuck her. Donna learned that Cindy had used many different, objects inside her cunt, and that she was no virgin as far as having something fucking into her pussy. She was a virgin only by not having a cock inside her cunt.

When Donna told Cindy that she was certainly beautiful enough to get a boyfriend, Cindy explained that her parents refused to let her have one, that she was still too young for boys. But she could have all the girl friends she wanted. Cindy giggled as she told Donna how she would have a girl friend spend the night with her, how, they licked each other and tongue fucked, her parents never suspecting a thing. They watched hers closely, but found nothing wrong with her friendship with Donna.

A day or so before her son, Paul, was to arrive for his summer visit, Donna was thinking about him fucking this sweet, eager, hot assed little girl.

Chapter FOUR

"You have to keep your promise, Mom," Paul told his mother after she had cleaned his cock with the hem of her white dress. "You said I could fuck you when I started coming off."

Donna grinned lewdly at her son. "I intend to keep that promise, honey," she said. "But you better have some lunch right now. You're going to need your strength if you're going to fuck me."

While her son had a sandwich in the kitchen, she unpacked his suitcase and placed his clothing in the chest of drawers in her bedroom. Paul was going to be sleeping with her and not in the extra bedroom this summer. She placed all his shorts in one drawer, his socks in another, and then made a sudden decision. Removing his shorts, she took them to the extra bedroom and stored them there. Paul wouldn't be needing shorts at all this summer. If he wanted her to go naked under her dresses, then he could go without his shorts. Besides, she loved the way his cock looked inside his pants without shorts on.

She was in her bedroom again, still putting his things away, when he entered. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. Paul moved up behind his mother and wrapped his arms about her, his hands cupping her firm tits as she pressed his cock against her ass cheeks. Donna murmured with pleasure and wiggled her shapely ass against his cock. She could feel his prick there, almost hard again.

"Mmmm, want something, darling?" she whispered, twisting her ass against him, feeling his cock swell into full hardness.

"I want to fuck you, Mom," he grunted in a thick voice. His hands squeezed her tits as he pumped his hard cock against her ass. "I don't want to wait, Mom."

She turned in his arms and lowered her face to kiss him. His hands were gripping her ass as he pressed his throbbing cock against her thighs. "I know you don't, Paul," she said with a flick of her tongue about his lips. "And I don't want to wait, either. Baby, mother's cunt is burning up."

Paul lifted her skirt and felt her snaked ass. Donna writhed her ass into his hands, and then reached down to squeeze his cock. Paul started pulling at the zipper of her skirt and she turned his prick loose to slip out of her blouse. When she stood naked before him, she looked down at his cock, still out of his pants. It was very hard, longer and, thicker than the summer before. The head was deliciously swollen and smooth, with a bead of moisture clinging to the piss hole.

"Take your clothes off, darling," she said in a husky whisper, moving toward the bed.

As Paul slipped out of his clothing, he watched his mother sprawl on the bed. Donna spread her legs wide and caressed her hairy cunt as she waited, her eyes smoldering with hot eagerness. Her son's cock throbbed up and down as he moved to the bed, his balls so beautiful as they dangled beneath his prick. She felt a burning urgency in her pussy and thrust her finger into her cunt, finger fucking in and out as he climbed onto the bed with her. She reached for his cock immediately and jacked up and down, mewling with bubbling desire.

Paul moved between his mother's thighs, his eyes glazed as he looked at her hairy, wet cunt. His cock throbbed with anxiety to enter that wet opening. Donna spread her legs even farther apart, lifting her crotch up.

"Put that cock in, darling!" she begged in a throaty voice. "Ohhhh, I've been waiting for that cock to go in my cunt for so fucking long! Fuck me, Paul! Fuck mother's cunt!"

Paul leaned forward, braced by his hands on her sides. Donna took his cock in one hand at the base. Her other hand pulled a pillow under her head so she could look between her widely spaced tits, trying to watch she took his cock into her cunt.

She felt the smoothly swollen head of his prick touch her hard clit and she gurgled with eagerness. She moved his cock to the lips of her cunt, and mewled as his prick slipped between them. Very slowly, wanting to savor this first penetration of her, son's, cock into her cunt, she took his prick into her burning pussy slowly. She was surprised that his cock was thick enough to stretch her cunt so deliciously. She lifted her hips and took more prick into her, then, unable to draw out, she slammed her cunt upwards, and her son's cock sank all the way into her pussy, his balls banging at the cheeks of her upturned ass.

Lifting her legs, she wrapped them about her son's naked hips, locking her ankles about his thighs. She arched her pussy up, and then she was writhing from side to side.

"Oooo, that's so fucking good, Paul!" she cooed. "Oh, your cock feels so good in my cunt! Fuck me, baby! Please, fuck mother's hot cunt! I want you to fuck me and come in my cunt!"

Paul swung his ass in rhythm with his mother's churning hips. Donna held him tightly with her creamy, satiny thighs, arching her crotch high to meet his cock as his prick fucked deeply and swiftly into her pussy. The way his balls slapped rhythmically against the swells of her ass cheeks sent shudders of delight through her. She whimpered and gurgled hotly as she slammed her cunt up and down, thrilled to have her son's cock fucking into her cunt at last.

She could feel the hot throbbing of his prick with the tight, sensitive lips of her pussy, feel the hardness of his cock scraping her distended, burning cunt. She pulled him down until his face was between her tits, holding him very tightly as her ass churned up and down, making the bed sway. She had been wanting her son's cock inside her cunt for so long, anticipating it all winter, she could not hold back the sudden explosion of her orgasm. She began to come with powerful waves of flexing muscles. Her cunt gripped her son's fucking cock in contractions that sent them both soaring into ecstatic delights of perverse pleasure.

Even through the spasms of her orgasm, Donna could feel the throbbing of her son's cock. She could feel that sweet, swollen cock head as he fucked in and out. Her pussy was stretched tightly about his cock like a rubber ring, gripping him with muscles that worked without signals from her reeling brain.

She loved the hot gasps and pants that gurgled from her excited son, loved the way he wrapped his arms about her and held his face tight against her tingling tits, his breath searing her flesh there. His cock felt huge inside her cunt, felt so good she was almost out of her mind with erotic ecstasy. She swung her naked ass up and down, meeting his lunges with her contracting cunt and bubbling softly with the ecstasy that flooded her being. She ran a hand down and gripped his tight ass as it rose and fell between her clamping thighs. She dug her fingers into his ass, her cunt chewing and sucking at her son's fucking cock.

"Come, darling!" she urged. "Ohhhh, baby, mother's cunt is coming and I want you to come in me! I want your cock to squirt come in me! I want your cock to squirt come juice in my hot cunt! Come, Paul... come!"

His ass banged faster, his cock fucking in and out of his mother's boiling, gripping pussy. Donna loved the energetic way he fucked her, the power of his cock throbbing deep inside her greedy cunt... She was anticipating the sensation of his cock spewing that delicious come juice into her pussy, shivering with anticipation.

She felt his ass tighten in her hand, and then he fucked his cock as deep as he could into her cunt, his balls tight against the upturned cheeks of her ass. Paul grunted and she felt him shaking. The swift squirting of his cock was a sensation that made her swoon with ecstasy. She thought she could feel every liquid squirt of his cock as he filled her cunt. She could feel the spasms of his cock with her tight cunt lips. And she was sure she felt the come juice spurting into her, too. Paul held himself against his mother's clinging cunt, coming and moaning against her tits.

She felt him relax on top of her. Donna caressed up and down his back, over his ass, waiting for him to recover, understanding his pleasure at fucking her at last.

Finally he pulled his prick from her clinging cunt, rolling to the side. She raised up and watched her son sprawl there, his chest still heaving up and down from the wild fury of fucking her. She smiled affectionately at him and cupped his tender balls gently. Massaging his balls, she leaned over and kissed his mouth.

"Was it good, darling?" she murmured. "Was your first fuck as good as I told you it would be?"

"Oh, Mom!" he grunted. "That was really good! Your cunt sure is tight and hot and... wet!"

"Did you feel me come?" she laughed softly as she cupped his cock and his balls, feeling the slippery wetness of them. "Did you feel my cunt squeezing your cock when I came?"

"I sure did," he replied. "I thought it was going to squeeze my cock off, Mom. I really liked it!"

"I knew you would." Then she said, "Your father always liked it, too."

Idly fondling his mother's naked tits, Paul said, "Dad misses you, Mom. Why do you live away from him?"

"I don't know, really," she said. "Does he really miss me?"

"He's lonely, Mom, and he never goes out with women or anything. He talks about you all the time."

"You didn't say anything about us, did you?"

He shook his head, but she thought there was something in his eyes, something that he didn't want to say. She held his cock and balls gently playing with them. As she fondled his cock, she felt his prick swelling to hardness again. When her son leaned forward and began to suck at her tits, she stroked her tits up and down his hardening prick, pleased that he could get a hard-on so quickly after coming off. Her cunt was dripping with his come juice, making her inner thighs slippery, but it was not uncomfortable to her she loved the feeling.

She squeezed his cock, and then pulled her tits from his mouth. "Want me to suck your cock, darling?" she asked in a husky voice. "You always like that."

"Will you make me come, Mom?" he asked eagerly. "I mean, can I come in your mouth?"

Donna laughed, a low sensual sound. "Darling, your mother loves to suck a cock off! One of the best things about sucking a hard cock is having it come in my mouth. Your father thinks I'm the best cocksucker that ever sucked a cock!"

"You like it when a cock comes in your mouth, Mom?"

"Honey, I love it!"

He arched his hips up. "Suck my cock off, Mom," he urged in a hot voice. "Make me come in your mouth."

"Mmmm, eager, aren't you?" she teased, giving his cock and balls a gentle squeeze.

"C'mon, Mom!"

Donna gurgled and lowered her mouth to his cock. She ran her tongue up over the head of his prick and down again. The slippery taste of her cunt was there, along with the lingering of his comes juice. She was amused and pleased at the way her son wiggled and arched, trying to fuck his cock into her mouth. But she held off, teasing him with her tongue and lips.

Moving on her knees, she first knelt between his legs with her face hovering above his prick. She held his cock at the base, running the flat surface of her tongue up and down as if his prick were a delicious sweet sucker. She curled her tongue about his swollen cock head, and then lightly closed her lips about his prick. Holding her lips just past the dripping of his piss hole, Donna sucked at his cock, her tongue swirling to lick up the beads of liquid bubbling from his prick.

As she sucked at his cock head as she would a tit, her dark eyes blazed happily up at her son. She cupped his balls in her hand and held his cock at the base with the fingers of her other hand, milking upwards on his prick. She loved the slippery feel of cunt juices on his prick, the mingling of the two distinctly separate tastes. Slowly she lowered her lips, thrilled to feel them stretching around his cock. Her lips tingled and burned in the way she liked best. There was no doubt about it, she thought as she gobbled more and more of his cock into her mouth. If she didn't love to feel a hard cock fucking into her eager cunt so much, he would be a confirmed cocksucker. As it was, Donna sometimes experienced a problem in deciding where to take her son's cock now. She wanted his prick up her cunt, fucking her vigorously, and she also wanted his cock inside her hungry mouth so she could taste hi prick.

The comment she had made about Paul's father thinking she was the best cocksucker in the world was the first she had said about their sex life to her son. Paul had not shown an adverse reaction to it, and, as she pulled his cock completely inside her mouth, she considered telling Paul more about her and Gene fucking. It would be exciting, at least to her, to talk about fucking someone other than her son. She sensed her son would enjoy hearing such talk, and perhaps it would feed his already-intense interest in cunt.

Paul's cock throbbed sweetly inside her mouth, his smooth prick head brushing at her throat. She held his prick deep, her hot lips writhing at the base, the scant hair there thrilling her as it tickled her nose. She lifted his balls and pressed them against her chin, rubbing them as her tongue swirled and her lips twisted. She made a tight sheath with her mouth, pressing at the bottom of his cock so his prick would press against her mouth roof, her lips ova led in happy sucking.

Paul writhed and squirmed his naked ass on the bed as he gazed hotly down at his mother's flushed, ecstatic face. Her eyes blazed up at him as she sucked up and down on his cock, fucking his prick with her mouth. When she had turned loose of his cock to take his entire prick into her mouth, Donna slipped that hand past his hip and underneath to hold his tight, flexing ass cheeks. She loved the way his ass tightened and relaxed as he moved with her bobbing mouth. As she went down his cock came up, and, as her head lifted, he lowered his ass until only the head of his cock was between her lips. They were, in effect, fucking in this matter.

Donna was anticipating the hot gush of his come juice into her mouth. She loved sucking a cock off, tasting that thick, slippery sweetness as it coated and flooded her tongue and mouth, but the opportunity to suck her son's come juice from his balls this first time was a special thing for her. She wished she had been sucking him when he first came off. At least she was getting his cock to come in her mouth before some hot little girl did, she thought. As she sucked, she began to imagine her son fucking Cindy, or Cindy sucking on his cock, with her taking his balls into her mouth. The image excited Donna intensely, and her sucking motions increased as her cunt flared into heat again. She writhed her pussy against the bed as she sprawled out between his thighs. She knew her son could see her squirming naked ass past her bobbing head, and that delighted her, too.

Paul was grunting as he began to churn his hips up and down. Donna knew he was about to come. She increased her sucking until she was moving in a hungry frenzy, mewling around his prick as her tongue swirled with greedy pleasure. She had to swallow frequently because he was dripping so much from his piss hole, but she didn't mind that. The taste of that bubbling fuck juice sent shivers of ecstasy through her, making her cunt burn and throb. She squeezed the succulent roundness of her ass cheeks tightly together and began to grind her cunt into the bed, feeling that she would come as he gushed into her mouth. It was no surprise to Donna to feel this sensation. She always felt it when she sucked her husband off. During the previous summer, sucking on her son's cock, she had not received this feeling. What made her come when she sucked a cock was the delicious taste of the come juice squirting into her mouth.

With a loud grunt, Paul arched his hips up, trying to fuck his throbbing cock into his mother's throat. Donna knew this urge to push when a person came was strong, sometimes so strong it couldn't be resisted. But she wanted his first come to splash about the tip of her tongue, to squirt over it so she could get the full benefit of the taste. Later she would let her son fuck her mouth as furiously as he wanted, fuck his cock deep and come that way. But not this first time.

Lifting her head until she held the swollen cock barely between her lips, she slammed her tongue time and again against his bubbling piss hole. She kept up the hot writhing of her lips, her eyes blazing with desperate hunger into his young face.

Paul yelped.

Donna tasted the hot gush of his come juice spurt from his piss hole. It coated her tongue the way she wanted it to, then her mouth was filling rapidly. She held it as long as she could her tongue swirling about his spewing piss hole. Then she had to swallow. Gulping noisily, she continued to suck his cock, drawing more of that young come juice into her mouth. As her mouth filled again with his delicious come juice, her cunt exploded. Donna whined softly and rammed her hairy pussy hard against the bed, twisting her ass while her mouth sucked at his cock.

Slowly, Paul relaxed and his ass fell to the bed. Donna held his cock between her lips, her fingers squeezing the cheeks of his ass, her eyes flashing happily up at him. She ran her tongue over the piss hole of his cock once more, then pulled away. She cupped her chin in her hand and smiled happily at her son, her lips glistening. Paul's chest heaved as he struggled for breath, finally slowing until he lay there with only a gentle gasping now.

Pushing her face between her son's thighs, she nuzzled his balls, kissing them and running her tongue over them in a tender, loving manner.

As Paul relaxed from the furious blowjob, Donna caressed the insides of his thighs and balls with her tongue, tasting his flesh and feeling so wonderful. Opening her mouth, she pulled both his hairless balls into it. She sucked them gently and caressed his thighs and hips, twisting her face about, but always looking up into his eyes.

"Dad was right, Mom," Paul said in a lazy voice.

"Right? About what, darling?" she asked, pulling her mouth from his balls, and then sucking them back in.

"You just have to be the best cocksucker in the world!"

She giggled with a mouthful of his balls, and then tugged at them, slapping his hip playfully. Sitting up on the bed, her swelling tits jiggling with still-tight nipples, she crossed her legs and faced him. She was pleased as he gazed between her thighs, seeing her bushy cunt. "And how would you know if I was the best cocksucker in the world? Have you been holding out on me, Paul? You haven't been letting some little hot ass girl suck this cock, have you?"

"No, Mom," he said. "But you're my mother, and if you're the best mother in the world, then naturally you've just gotta be the best cock sucker, too."

"Well, that makes sense," she laughed. They bathed in her bathroom. As she had done with him during last summer, they soaped each other and then dried themselves. Naked, Donna prepared her son a nice dinner, feeling his eyes on her naked ass and thighs. "You know, darling," she said with a smile as she placed his plate before him, "you've only been with me a few hours and look at what we've done."

"Yeah," he laughed. "I've fucked you, got sucked off, and I still want more!"

"It's going to be a glorious summer, don't you think?"

Paul looked at his mother, his gaze resting on her shapely, flawless tits, then down at the thick triangle of hair that concealed her slippery hot cunt. His cock began to swell.

"How hungry are you, darling? Do you suppose you could wait a minute?"

"I can't wait," he said, getting up.

Chapter FIVE

Donna pulled her son into her anus as they stood in the kitchen, his dinner forgotten for the moment. She kissed him, thrilled to find his hands going around her waist and down to cup her ass cheeks. The hard throbbing of his cock against her upper thighs sent shivers of anticipation through her again.

She spread her thighs and bent her knees slightly, attempting to get his cock into her bubbling cunt standing up. She managed to feel his swollen prick head slide along the slippery hot lips of her pussy, but somehow his cock would not enter her in this position.

"Wait," she said in a husky voice.

Donna turned around and dropped to the floor on her hands and knees, her naked ass waving with teasing invitation. She looked over her shoulder at him, saw his cock jerking up and down very hard. She lowered her head to the floor and arched her ass into the air. Paul saw the hairy cunt of his mother pooch from her thighs, the cheeks of her ass parting to show her asshole.

"Fuck me this way, baby!" she urged. "Fuck mother from behind... hurry! Give it to me, Paul! Give mother that beautiful, hard cock! My cunt is burning up, Paul! Fuck me, fuck me."

Holding his cock in his hand, Paul dropped to his knees behind his mother's creamy, lovely ass. He moved his hands over her exciting ass cheeks, feeling them for the hundredth time, and never tiring of the feel. Donna shivered and waggled her naked ass for him, sighing in pleasure as his cook probed against the puffy, steaming lips of her cunt. She bowed her back even more, causing her cunt to pooch farther between her thighs. Reaching between her legs, she took hold of her son's cock and moved his prick to her cunt. When she had the head of his cock positioned, she shoved his ass backwards. She sobbed with pleasure as his cock stretched her hot pussy, fucking deep into her. With his balls banging upon her clit, she began to wiggle and shake her naked ass with delight. Paul held the cheeks of her ass for a while, and then gripped her hips tightly.

"Oooo, give it to me, darling!" she whimpered as he began to fuck powerfully and swiftly into her gripping cunt. "Ahh, so beautiful! Oh, baby... that's what I love! A beautiful, hard, young cock fucking the piss out of my hot cunt! Fuck it, Paul! Fuck mother's hot, hairy cunt with that hard, beautiful cock!"

Donna shook her naked ass about wildly, gurgling with her head resting on the kitchen floor. The sensation of her son's cock filling her boiling cunt was sending her into shuddering ecstasy. Her pussy clung to his prick with unweaving tightness, holding him as his balls banged against her tingling, swollen clit. Already she felt an orgasm boiling away inside her lower stomach. She yelped and cried out with intense pleasure as his stomach slapped her naked, writhing ass cheeks.

Her tits, scraping on the floor, swelled and tingled, and her nipples never felt so good. Her body seemed to be overheated, like a teakettle on an old cast-iron stove. She was certain the steam could be seen rising from her heated cunt. She was so wet, the juices of her cunt were dripping dawn her inner thighs, making them slippery.

When the spasms of her orgasm hit, her cunt closed about her son's cock. The waves created a sensation that created a sucking motion on Paul's driving, fucking prick. She listened to him grunting with pleasure and slammed her naked ass back vigorously. Goose bumps were floating over her creamy flesh, her pleasure was so intense. She was begging him to come inside her cunt, pleading mindlessly. She was coming time and again, her cunt gripping her son's cock with the multiple orgasms that she loved so very much, but seldom enjoyed. When she had multiple orgasms, it was usually when she was aroused almost out of her mind. And right now she was almost insane with desperate desire. Her cunt, always hot, seemed to be a roaring flame now as it clamped on her son's hard throbbing cock. She was squealing and gurgling, gasping and sobbing.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" she wailed with mindless ecstasy, her naked ass shaking furiously. "Oh, God... ohhhh, God!"

Her stomach rippled with the strength of her orgasms, her eyes closing to savor the intense pleasure her son's cock was giving her.

On, and on his cock fucked, throbbing and hard and stretching her pussy sweetly. She could still feel his balls slapping upon her convulsing clit, sending her into stronger orgasms. She knew that he was fucking her so powerfully that her face was scraping the kitchen floor, but she didn't mind at all. She didn't mind if her face was scratched raw as long as that sweet cock of his continued fucking her spasming cunt.

Reaching between her thighs, she grabbed for her son's swinging balls, pulling and twisting and squeezing them. His cock fucked in and out of her tightly gripping cunt, and she could hear him, as if he were at a great discharge.

It seemed to Donna that his cock swelled inside her cunt, growing bigger and longer and thicker. She clung to his balls tightly, yelping with ecstasy. Then she felt her son ram hard against her ass, his cock going deep into her cunt. His cock lurched, and she screamed with pleasure. Paul grunted loudly as he pulled at his mother's hips, his cock deep in her hot, greedy cunt. Then Donna felt his coming. His cock throbbed in that sweet, powerful way, and the gushing of his come juice filled her pussy.

She shook her ass as he came, the hairy lips of her cunt gripping his cock like a velvety, searing vise.

Paul held his cock deep inside his mother's, rippling cunt as he came. His balls drew up in Donna's hand as she tugged and squeezed them. She sobbed with pleasure as her pussy became flooded with the thick, creamy juice from his lovely, hairless balls.

When her son finished coming, she reined, but held her ass high in the air. Paul slumped against her naked ass, breathing hard, his hands sliding dawn her creamy thighs loosely.

She moaned a protest as he pulled his cock from her cunt, wiggling her ass. She remained on her knees when she felt her son caressing the cheeks of her ass. His hands were gentle, and she trembled with delight. He was showing her love now, she knew. She felt his finger move between the crack of her ass, and he brushed at her crinkled asshole. Donna mewled softly as he rubbed her sensitive asshole with a fingertip.

"Oooh, what are you doing to me, darling?" she murmured with a shiver. "That feels good, very good."

"I'm just playing with your asshole, Mom," he laughed as he probed her asshole. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Oh, darling," she gurgled, shaking her uplifted ass, "you know you can do anything with me, touch me anyplace you want."

The way his finger moved about her asshole felt very good to Donna. Somehow, her asshole had been missed all during her active sex life. She didn't know how that could be, since she was always eager and more than willing to try anything at all. She, of course, had touched her asshole before, and it had felt good, but this was different. Another hand on her asshole was very good. She felt her son's finger rub up and down her asshole, and it made her pussy twitch, as if her cunt were jealous.

She shoved her ass back against her son's finger, but as she moved, he took his hand away. She started to protest, to tell her son to finger her asshole some more, but then his lips were kissing the cheeks of her ass. She shivered as his wet tongue licked the creamy satin-like flesh of her ass cheeks. Then she yelped.

Paul had quickly and playfully lapped the flat surface of his tongue directly against her asshole.

Then he was standing up, laughing. "How did you like that kiss, Mom?"

"Oh, you shit!" she laughed as she got to her feet. "That was a lick, not a kiss. And why the fuck did you stop? I could learn to like that, darling."

"I'm hungry," he said, sitting down at the table and starting on his food she had prepared for him. She sat across from her son, eating with him.

She felt a tingle in and around her asshole as she gazed happily across the table at her son. She was getting ideas again, and this time it had been him that gave it to her. She wanted to talk to him about Cindy, but changed her mind. She knew, despite her son's eagerness to fuck, she should make certain he would be willing. Not just willing to fuck the sweet, beautiful little girl, but to enjoy both Cindy and her at the same time.

Still without clothing, they sat in the living room and Paul brought his mother up to date on his winter school activities, something she was always interested in. She was proud that his grades were good and that he had improved in math. Then he began to tell her how much his father missed her.

"Dad gets horny, Mom," he said. "I've seen his cock hard, but he doesn't know that I guess he jacks off a lot because he never goes out with women."

"Poor fellow," she murmured. "I wish he would visit with me. I'd take good care of his cock for him."

"Why don't you call him, Mom?"

"No," she said, softly. "It wouldn't work, honey. We've tried it and something is missing. We love each other a great deal, as you know, but something is missing."

"What's missing, Mom?"

"I don't know, darling, and I don't think your father knows, either. We were, well, just restless with each other. I can't say what it is any better than that."

Paul cuddled against his mother and she held him, his face resting upon one of her flawless, firm tits. She stroked her son with an arm about his shoulders, her other hand toying with his cock and balls. As he leaned against her tit, he began to fondle his mother's hairy cunt. They were not feeling each other up with a desperate passion at the moment. It was a feeling of each other with love, and, Donna's part, a longing for Gene.

"I wish..." she started, and then paused.

"You wish what, Mom?"

"I wish I knew what was missing with your father and I, Paul. I wish we could find out... I want..."

She didn't finish what she was going to say. They sat on the couch in silence, each in their own thoughts. Paul's cock was becoming deliciously hard as she manipulated his prick, stroking and squeezing. She alternated her hand from his cock to his sweet balls. Paul, with his hands now between his mother's thighs, rubbed and pinched lightly at her clit, now and then plunging his finger into her cunt. Donna jacked on his cock and he finger fucked her, but it was done slowly and not frantically.

"You'll be sleeping with me all summer, Paul," she whispered against the top of his head. "Not like last summer when you used the other room. Is that all right with you?"

The arm about her waist hugged her and he said, "You know it's okay with me, Mom. That way, if I wake up with a hard-on, I can fuck you."

She laughed, a low, sensuous sound and squeezed his cock. "I think this sweet cock stays hard, don't it?"

"Most of the time," he replied. "Why don't we go to bed now?" she murmured. "It's been a busy day for both of us."

"I'll go to bed, but I don't think I'll go to sleep," he replied, standing up. "Not until I get fucked, Mom!"

She looked at his prick as she continued to sit on the couch. A smile spread over her beautiful face. "I think we can certainly arrange that, don't you?" She reached out and squeezed his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Leaning forward, she kissed the head of his dripping cock, and then stood up. "Come on and let's take care of that thing."

They entered her bedroom and Paul climbed onto the bed, sprawling on his back. His cock stood straight up, sweet and hard and inviting Donna climbed onto the bed beside her son, but she didn't lie down.

Spreading her knees over his thighs, she moved up until her hairy cunt hovered above his cock Paul reached down and held his prick at the base as his mother used, both her hands to spread the curling hair of her pussy. Then she rubbed her wet cunt about the head of her son's cock, sighing with pleasure. Slowly, she lowered her pussy and took his prick deep into her cunt. She sat there on his cock for a moment, looking down at his face. Paul was excited again, his eyes glassy as he gazed at her swelling tits. Reaching up, he cupped his mother's shapely tits in each hand, squeezing the firm flesh and twisting her sensitive nipples.

Finally Donna began lifting and lowering her body atop her son, her cunt riding his cock slowly. The sensation of being on top of him, sitting there, his cock fucking in and out of her cunt, thrilled her as much as the other times they had fucked this day. Her cunt began to nibble and suck at his prick as she lifted and lowered her lovely, naked ass. The muscles of her flat stomach began to ripple as she started fucking faster. She leaned her head back, her dark hair fanning about as she bounced up and down, mewling softly. Paul looked down his body, watching his mother's bushy cunt move up and down his cock, feeling the heat, the way her pussy gripped and chewed and sucked.

Sitting down tightly on his cock, Donna churned her hips, scraping her swollen clit over the throbbing hardness of her son's cock. She loved the way his balls felt as they rubbed and brushed the cheeks of her ass.

Then she pulled her cunt free of his cock.

"Don't stop now, Mom!" he protested. "That was feeling good."

"I'm going to make it feel better," she said with an erotic laugh, scooting down between his thighs as she had done earlier. His cock was glistening with the juices from her aunt, his balls writhing. Donna slipped her tongue from it her mouth and licked at his cock, tasting the juices of her own pussy once again. She ran her tongue all over his cock, then down about his balls. She sucked his balls into her mouth, her tongue licking. Going up his cock with her tongue, she opened her lips and closed them around his throbbing hard-on, sucking his prick fully into her wet mouth. Donna sucked up and down her son's prick swiftly, and then slowed her movements, sucking gently.

Pulling her face away, she lifted his legs and pressed his knees back, causing his ass to lift from the bed. Donna gazed at her son, her eyes staring hotly at his cock and balls and the pucker of his asshole. She placed her hands on the backs of his thighs, holding them against his chest. There was excitement fluttering in her heart as she stared at his cock, balls and asshole. She knew what she wanted to do, but wasn't sure how Paul would take it.

The urge was so strong she couldn't resist. She moved her face down until she kissed his balls wetly and hotly. Then her tongue came out and she began to lick at his thighs, tracing a moist pattern on his flesh. Paul stared down between his legs at his mother, not saying anything. She felt him shiver beneath her hands and lips. She moistened her lips and again started licking about his thighs, moving downward until finally she was licking at his ass cheeks. She heard a soft moan come from Paul, and her dark eyes twinkled up into his.

Paul wrapped his hands about his knees, holding them against his chest, freeing his mother's hands. Donna closed her fist about his cock and began to jack on it as her tongue swirled about his ass cheeks, her hot breath searing him. She pulled her face back a few inches and gazed at her son's puckered asshole.

With a soft squeal, she suddenly shoved her mouth against his asshole. She began to kiss wildly, her tongue moving out and licking. She licked all about his asshole, then pressed her lips around it, sucking as her tongue flicked up and down. Donna pressed her tongue against her son's tight asshole, applying pressure as she kept her lips against his ass. As she began to slip her tongue up his ass, she began to pump her fist on his cock, jacking him at the same time. Her nose was against his balls, and the sensation sent a wild thrill roaring through her naked body.

She listened to a soft groan as her tongue penetrated the ring of his asshole. A shiver shot through her as she shoved more of her tongue up her son's ass, her fist pumping faster on his cock now. Her eyes rolled about as she plunged her tongue in his asshole. She felt Paul's asshole clinging to her now thrusting tongue, and she gurgled with this new delight. Tongue fucking her son up his ass, she kept up a jerking motion on his throbbing cock, her eyes sparkling with lewd pleasure past his cock and at his face. While she fucked her son's asshole with her tongue, she remembered how delicious it had been to have her tongue inside Cindy's tight, young cunt. This was different, but just as good, she thought as her tongue whipped in and out of her son's asshole. She could feel Paul's cock throbbing in her jacking fist, and his asshole seemed to be gripping her tongue very tightly. The sounds of his whimpering told her he enjoyed this very much. And when he tried to shove his ass harder into her face, she knew he loved it without a doubt. She thrust her tongue as deep as she could up her son's asshole, fucking in and out with alternating slow and fast motions. Paul jerked his ass up and down, rubbing his balls about her nose as she pumped his cock.

Her cunt was burning again, as usual, and she was pressing her pussy hard into the bed, grinding with slow movements, letting her passion swell swiftly. Her tongue raced in and out of his gripping asshole and she jerked on his throbbing cock with a tight fist.

"Mom," Paul grunted in a tight voice, "you're gonna make me come!"

"Mmmmm!" she replied. She rammed her tongue faster and faster into his tight asshole, her fist pumping almost frantically now. Her eyes glowed as she fixed them on his cock, watching for him to gush thick creamy come juice. She wiggled and twisted her tongue as deep as she could up his asshole. Paul was shaking now, his ass writhing into her face.

The throbbing of his cock in her tight fist grew more pronounced. Her tongue fluttered... and Paul suddenly came.

"Ohhhh!" Donna yelped, yanking her tongue out of his asshole quickly and racing her open mouth toward the head of his spurting cock.

A glob of come juice struck her nose before she could get her lips wrapped about his prick but she didn't care. She began to suck on his piss hole with a frantic hunger, still jacking her fist up and down. As her son flooded her mouth with his creamy, sweet tasting come juice, Donna rammed a finger up his ass, making Paul groan loudly. She plunged her finger in and out of his asshole as he came off with spastic spurts into her mouth.

Mmmmn, she gurgled moistly about his cock. "Mmmmm..." When he was almost finished coming, she sucked the full length of his prick deep into her mouth and accepted the last squirt of come juice down her throat.

She held his cock inside her mouth for a long time, her finger still up his asshole, but no longer thrusting. When she saw her son turn loose of his thighs, she lifted her mouth and finger away. Sprawling out beside him, she nuzzled at his neck, hugging him tightly against her tits.

"Did you like that, darling?" she murmured, throwing a creamy thigh over his cock.

"You sure come up with some wild ideas, Mom," he laughed, hugging her.

"It was your idea, silly," she said. "You licked my asshole in the kitchen, remember?"

"Yeah, but I was just playing."

"So was I," she replied.

"I like the way you play," he mumbled sleepily. Donna mewled and snuggled tightly against him, closing her eyes. Although she was quite sleepy, she found herself with images of Cindy in her mind, of her son's cock fucking into that sugary sweet, hairless cunt.

That was the picture in her mind as she finally went to sleep, curled tightly next to Paul.

Chapter SIX

Almost a week had gone by since Paul had arrived, and Donna had not heard from or seen Cindy.

She was not concerned, but she was surprised since the little girl had been almost a daily visitor before Paul had come for his summer visit.

She had mentioned Cindy to her son a few times, pretending she knew the girl slightly, and once saying he should meet the girl. Paul wasn't really that interested.

"But you should have friends here, honey," she said. "All you do is stay in the house with me. Don't you miss boys and girls your age?"

"No, Mom," he said. "Why should I miss any? I'd rather stay here with you."

She grinned at him. "That's because you're getting fucked silly, right?"

He laughed as he reached out and tweaked her nipple through the cotton blouse she had on. "Of course, and don't forget the blow jobs, Mom."

"Is fucking and cock sucking all you think about?"

"Anything wrong with that, Mom?" he said, cupping her tits and squeezing them. "That's all you think about, too, right?"

"Right," she agreed, sliding her hand down and grabbing his cock. "But I'm older than you. You're just a boy. You should be out running around playing baseball or something."

"I'd rather fuck you," he said, lifting her skirt and thrusting his finger up her cunt. "Baseball was never this much fun."

Paul dropped to his knees before his mother and lifted her skirt over his head. Donna spread her legs and pulled at his head.

"Eat me, you little fuck!" she said playfully as she pulled his face between her thighs. "Ear my hairy cunt. I'll show you fun... tongue fuck my pussy, darling!"

She felt her son kissing her inner thighs, and then his tongue was brushing about her hair lined cunt lips. She pulled her skirt from his head and held it about her waist, looking down at him. "Lick my cunt, Paul!" she urged in a thick voice. "Ooooh, I love the way you lick my pussy! Suck mother's hot, wet, hairy cunt, baby! Ooh, yes, yes!"

Paul slipped his tongue into his mother's soaking cunt. His upper lip pressed her distended clit as his tongue fucked deep. She held the back of his head as she writhed her hips. When Paul clutched at her tight ass cheeks, she began to grind in a more furious manner. Her legs, bent at the knees, were shaking as the pleasure flowed through her.

"Wait a minute," she hissed at him, pulling her hairy cunt out of his face. "I'll fall on my ass if you make me come this way, Paul."

He looked at his mother as she dropped to the floor with him. At her directions, he lay back. Donna opened his jeans with quick fingers, taking his cock out. She threw one leg over his face and lowered her mouth to his cock. Paul looked up into his mother's hairy crotch, sliding his hand up her thighs and gripping the smooth flesh of her ass cheeks. As Donna lowered her cunt to his mouth, he began licking swiftly, his fingers digging into her ass and pulling her cunt into his mouth. His nose was buried against her puckered asshole, and Donna mewled as she squirmed her cunt into his face, sucking up and down on his cock frantically. The moist sounds they made filled the room, making Donna sob with intense ecstasy.

She gobbled at her son's cock as if his prick would disappear from her hungry mouth, and twisted her bushy cunt violently into his lips, his tongue flying in and out of her juicy cunt. She slipped her hands underneath and clutched at his ass, wishing she had shoved his jeans down so she could feel his ass without anything between them. But at the moment she was too excited to take the time to shove his pants down.

Her lips raced up and down his cock, her tongue flying with greedy pleasure. She banged and squirmed her cunt furiously into her son's mouth, mewling with the sensations his tongue made.

Before Paul came, Donna's cunt was convulsing with tight spasms about his tongue. She was having more and more multiple orgasms during this one week than she had had in a lifetime. She was making wild, animal-like sounds around his hard, throbbing prick as she sucked in greedy hunger. She managed to lift his balls free of his pants, and she hungrily sucked them into her mouth, trying to get his cock inside, too. Finding this impossible, she quickly engulfed his cock again just in time to catch the creamy spurts of his come juice. She swallowed hungrily as her tongue raced about his piss bole, ecstasy flooding her body with the sweetness that filled her mouth.

Breathing hard, they rolled away from each other, arms and legs spread wide.

Paul's face was smeared with the juices from his mother's hairy cunt. He turned his face and grinned at her. Donna, with a low gurgle of happiness, began to kiss him, ending with her tongue deep inside his mouth. By the time they parted again, her face was as moist sitting up, her skirt bunched about her waist, she replaced his cock and balls, then tugged his zipper up. "That's enough of this for a while," she said. "Your mother has some work to do, you know. I can't lie around all day fucking and sucking your cock."

"I could," he laughed.

"That's because you're a horny little fuck face," she teased. "Now, get your sweet ass in the shower or something. I've got to clean up this house."

While his mother cleaned up the already clean house, Paul stayed near, watching her, reaching out to grab her tits or her ass when she was close. Donna would slap his hands away from her body, but playfully.

Paul was a delight to her. Last summer he had been eager and willing, but this time he was as insatiable as she was. That pleased her. In the days he had been with her this time around, she was being fucked on the average of four times a day, more than she had gotten fucked in her life. Her son seemed to keep a hard-on, something that amazed and delighted her no end. Gene, her husband, couldn't keep a hard-on this well, but then Paul was a young boy. He was still discovering the ecstasy of fucking her cunt and mouth.

When his cock was hard, which seemed to be constantly, Paul would haul his prick out and flash his cock at his mother proudly. She was amused by this, but it excited her, too. He seemed so proud of that hard prick, and rightly so.

Donna's cunt, like her sons cock, seemed to be in a constant yearning, a pulsating, steaming, desire. She stayed wet and ready between her creamy thighs, the cheeks of her ass flexing frequently. Her nipples were becoming more sensitive than ever, and she found it quite uncomfortable now to even wear a light blouse about the house. She began going without a blouse, her shapely tits free. She knew her son loved seeing her this way, so she devised a sarong affair that rode low on her rounded hips, with just the top curls of hr cunt hair exposed. It was tied at her hip, with the satiny thigh revealed. When she walked, there was a flash of her dark cunt hair.

Donna knew the value of the tease, and she went out of her way to keep her son excited. There were times when she wore her garter belt and nylons, with high heels, and nothing else. The high heels emphasized the shapeliness of her legs and thighs, the swell of her beautiful ass. The garment was an erotic frame for her naked beauty, making the curls of her cunt stand out erotically. She posed and positioned herself in such ways that her son could not keep his eyes off her. Even as she prepared meals, she would stand with her naked ass checks writhing and flexing, knowing he was watching.

They talked a great deal about becoming a family again, but Donna always remained adamant about staying separated from Gene, at least until they could find out what it was that had been missing in their life together. Although she was miserable for nine months out of the year, she was extremely happy in the summer when Paul was with her. She knew that if she returned to her husband, she would have to give up her son as a fuck partner. As much as she still loved Gene and loved fucking him, she knew it would be the same old thing if she moved back with him.

Despite the talks they had, it was impossible for them to keep their hands off each other. Donna was forever feeling her son's cock and balls, running her hands over his tight young ass. Paul, on his part, could not get enough sucking of his mother's tits, running his hand between her creamy thighs and feeling her hairy cunt or the round compact flesh of her ass. They would fondle and feel each other as they talked, then become excited and have to start fucking, or Donna would suck his cock off, or Paul would tongue fuck his mother. Their desires seemed to be on the same level, and they used their mouths and hands and cunt and cock in the same way with a silent agreement.

There was hardly anything they would not do with each other. Both were excited and anything concerning their bodies.

Donna and her son were both orally inclined, and spent long hours kissing and sucking and licking at each other. Donna's delightful ability to have multiple orgasms increased until she was coming five and six times to his one.

They were in the living room, with the television flickering with summer reruns, neither of them interested in it. Donna was slowly stroking her son's cock as he fondled her tit in one hand and toyed with the curls of her cunt. They had been sitting on the couch naked, relaxed.

Turning to her son, she kissed him and said, "You know, darling, I think I may have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

"Maybe," she said. "I'm not sure yet, but I believe I do."

"What kind of surprise, Mom," he asked, working his finger into her tight and well heated cunt. "I like surprises."

"If I'm right," she mewled, "you'll love this one."

"Tell me," he urged.

"Not yet I need a day or so first." Paul slipped his lips down his mother's stomach, kissing and nibbling. She sighed and leaned back on the couch, spreading her long, tantalizing thighs as he ran the tip of his tongue about the hair of her cunt. When Paul dropped to the floor between her thighs, she lifted them dropped her legs over his shoulders. Paul ran his tongue about her puffy, hair lined cunt lips. Donna writhed her crotch as she squealed in soft pleasure. "Oooo, you're so sweet to me, baby. I love the way you lick my cunt."

"Tastes good, Mom," he said in a thick voice as his tongue flipped up and down the wet lips of her pussy, teasing about her swollen clit. "You've got the sweetest cunt in the world."

"You're biased, that's all," she laughed in a throaty way as his tongue fucked into her cunt.

Cooing and whimpering, she held her son's face tightly between her hot thighs, grinding her cunt into his sucking mouth. The lips of her hot cunt sucked and squeezed at her son's tongue as he fucked his tongue in and out. His lips writhed about her sensitive clitoris, and his chin was pressing against the pucker of her asshole. She loved the way Paul clutched the round cheeks of her ass while tongue fucking her. She trembled with pleasure when he dug his finger into the firm flesh, one of them rubbing lightly at her tight asshole.

With a low laugh, Paul suddenly shoved his mother's knees up, smashing them against her arching tits, holding her legs as she had his. Donna looked between her thighs at her son, her dark eyes smoldering and flashing with lewd pleasure. Paul gazed at his mother's hair rimmed into and the tight ring of her asshole, his eyes almost glassy with desire.

"Kiss it, darling!" Donna urged, arching her ass up by pulling on her legs. "Kiss it!"

Paul quickly pressed his face forward, and Donna felt her son's hot lips kissing at her tight asshole. She shivered and gurgled with delight, watching his eyes just above the dark hair of her cunt. She wiggled her ass about as he kissed, and then started licking at her asshole. She loved the sensation of his wet, hot tongue laping up and down. But Paul didn't stay there.

He began to lap the flat surface of his tongue from just past her asshole, over it, then up to fuck his tongue into her wet, boiling cunt. He tongue fucked her a few times, and then returned to his mother's tight asshole again. Holding his mother's ass cheeks, he lifted her higher, and his tongue suddenly darted into her asshole. Donna squealed and grabbed for her son's head, pulling his mouth tight into the crack of her ass. She moved her hips up and down, smearing his face with her ass and pussy. Paul fucked his tongue in and out of his mother's tight asshole, then back to her cunt again.

His alternating strokes caused Donna to scream with intense ecstasy, her mind reeling as she tried to focus her glazed eyes on his eyes through the thickness of her cunt hair. She was coming with rippling waves of convulsions, sobbing with the ecstasy. She urged him on with lewd words, knowing he loved hearing her use them. His tongue flew into her asshole easily, and she continued to come. Her body was trembling violently as she yelped and gurgled, sliding her cunt and ass about his face with a frenzy of bubbling passion.

Donna could stand no more. She lowered her thighs and dropped her feet to the floor, and Paul tried to keep his mouth and tongue going about her asshole and cunt. But she pressed him away, breathing with wheezing gasps. "Please, darling, no more! I can't stand it if you lick me any more."

Reluctantly, Paul pulled his face away from his mother's ass and cunt, sitting on his heels. His cock throbbed upright with a hardness that seemed impossible. His prick head was extremely swollen and dripping more than she had ever seen before.

Donna spread the thick hair of her cunt with both hands, saying, "Oh, baby, you better fuck me before you come off on the floor!"

Paul quickly rose to his knees and shoved his cock toward his mother's cunt. As his swollen prick head parted the sensitive lips of her pussy, Donna wailed with pleasure. The sensation of his cock filling and stretching her cunt made Donna eager to fuck once again. She began lifting and grinding her cunt against him as he gripped her hips, fucking furiously. Donna was digging her fingers into one of her tits, her eyes glazed with passion as she watched his young face, pleased by his expression of intense excitement.

His cock throbbed deep inside her cunt, and his balls banging upon her ass caused her to shake with delight.

"Oooo, fuck that hot cunt, darling!" she urged in a thick voice. "Oh, I love your hard cock up my cunt, Paul! Fuck me! Oh, fuck mothers hot cunt hard and fast!"

She lifted her knees and drew them against her tits again, holding her ass high in the air. Paul was fucking his hard cock in and out of her cunt swiftly and with youthful vigor, plunging deep and withdrawing until his cock head was almost out of her gripping, searing pussy lips. Donna's cunt was squeezing her son's cock tightly, but her pussy was so slippery with her passion that her fucked her easily.

Then his cock came out.

"Oooo, not yet, Paul!" she screamed. "I want you to come in my cunt! I want to feel you squirt come juice up mother's pussy!"

His cock had come free due to his vigorous fucking, and he rammed his prick back quickly.

He missed her cunt because Donna was lifting as he thrust forward.

His prick plunged up his mother's asshole. "Oh!" Donna yelped, her eyes going huge and round. "Ohhhh!"

For a moment, both of them were surprised. Paul froze, not knowing what to do. Donna, with her son's cock halfway up her asshole, seemed afraid to move.

Then, in a quivery voice, she said, "Do it there, Paul. Fuck me in my ass!"

The surprised expression on his young face vanished. "Are you sure, Mom? It doesn't hurt?"

"Oh, baby, no!" she gurgled. "It feels well, good. Different, but good. Bigger than your tongue, though. Fuck me in my ass! I might enjoy it this way. Come on, honey, fuck mother's asshole it's the one place you haven't put that sweet cock."

Paul began fucking his mother in her asshole gently at first, but Donna didn't want to be fucked gently. She urged him to fuck her faster. "Do it as hard and fast as you were in my cunt, Paul! Fuck mother's tight asshole fast and hard! Ooo, I think I love taking your cock up my ass!"

With her head resting on the back of the couch, she held her knees tightly against her tits, arching her ass up and down to meet her son's wild thrusts. His cock felt so much larger up her ass than in her cunt, but she knew that was simply due to being fucked this way for the first time. She loved the way his cock stretched her ass, the sensation different than her cunt, but just as delicious.

As Paul fucked her in the ass, he began to rub and pinch at her exposed clit, sending his mother into gurgling, shivering orgasms. The orgasms caused her asshole to squeeze his cock in waves, of rippling tightness. She felt his cock throbbing as he fucked his prick as deep as he could into her asshole, and began to urge him to come.

Paul plunged furiously into his mother's ass, his balls banging and swinging. He was gazing down at her cunt with glassy eyes, and then he ran a finger up her pussy, finger fucking her as he fucked his cock into her gripping asshole.

With a loud grunt, he rammed tight against her creamy, hot, grinding ass checks, and then his cock released a gushing flow of creamy come juice.

Donna felt her son's cock coming up her ass, and she screamed with the ecstatic sensation. Her orgasm boiled over into a stomach gripping tightness that seemed to continue forever, the orgasms intensely powerful. When Paul finished coming, he slumped onto his mother's shaking body, his face buried between her tingling tits. Slowly his cock slipped from her asshole and Donna lowered her legs to the floor. She held her son tightly, caressing his naked back and ass as he recovered.

"We're going to have to fuck that way more often," she whispered against the top of his head. "I had no idea being fucked up the ass could be so good. You must have come a fucking gallon in, my asshole, darling. Did you like that?"

"I loved it, Mom!" he grunted. "Your asshole is as hot as your fucking cunt!"

She laughed and hugged him. "I'm just hot every place," she said. "Hot cunt, hot mouth, and now a hot asshole."

"Yeah," he laughed, getting to his feet. "And that made me sleepy."

"Well," Donna teasingly pouted, "I guess you have to have some rest, don't you? I could fuck all day and night, but all good things need time out, right?"

"You just wait until in the morning," he laughed as she held his hand, going down the hall to the bedroom. "Then you're going to get it."

Get what? "A hard cock right up the cunt!"

"Oooo, I hope so!"

Chapter SEVEN

Donna was showered and out of the house by the time her son woke up.

She was going to see Cindy. She had become friendly enough with Cindy's parents and they liked Donna, but they knew nothing of what was going on between their daughter and this lovely older woman. They were delighted that Donna enjoyed the company of Cindy and considered her to be good for their daughter.

Donna had coffee with Cindy's mother, and then asked Cindy to return home with her for a while. Donna had no reason to explain, and the girl's mother wasn't concerned.

By the time Paul was up and ready for breakfast, he found his mother gone, but she returned shortly. He was puzzled to see the lovely blonde girl with her, and greeted the girl with shy, quizzical looks. Donna was amused by her son's shyness, and she realized he was attracted to Cindy from the start. That made it easier for her, she felt.

While Donna prepared her son his late breakfast, she listened to them talking in the living room. She was hoping to hear some exciting sex talk, but they only spoke of their schools and a few things boys and girls of that age discussed, feeling each other out.

By the time breakfast was over, it was almost noon. By this time Cindy and Paul were as well acquainted as they could be in the short time. Donna was pleased by the mutual attraction between them. She knew, of course, about Cindy's intense desire to be fucked, and she well knew her son's desire to fuck almost anything with a cunt and tits. She watched their interplay and anticipated seeing them fucking.

Once, while Cindy was in the bathroom, Donna grabbed herself a quick feel of her son's cock. "Do you like Cindy, darling?" she whispered.

"She's pretty," he replied, trying to shove his hand up her dress for a feel of her cunt.

Donna kept her legs closed, teasing him. "I think you could fuck her, baby."

"How do you know?"

"Trust me," she whispered just before Cindy returned. "I know you can fuck her."

Paul looked at the blonde girl with a new excitement when she returned. He gazed at her lovely face, her sparkling eyes and pouting mouth. He tried to peek under her dress, but Cindy sat with her knees together, as if she knew what he was trying to do.

Sitting on the couch with his mother, Paul felt excitement growing inside his body. His cock was getting hard as he tried to look under Cindy's dress. He crossed his legs in an effort to conceal his burgeoning cock, but, with a deliberate hand, his mother pulled his legs down. His cock was bulging now inside his pants, and Cindy was looking at it with shy eyes.

"Beautiful, isn't it, Cindy," Donna said and boldly placed her hand on top of her son's swollen cock.

Paul shot his mother a worried look, but Donna laughed in her throaty, exciting way. She moved her hand about his cock and watched Cindy. "Paul has a beautiful, hard cock," she said bluntly. "Why don't you feel it, Cindy?"

"Are you... I mean, golly, Donna," Cindy stammered, but her eyes revealed her excitement.

"Come here, Cindy," Donna whispered huskily. "Come over here and feel my son's cock."

Cindy stood up, and, as she moved toward hem, Donna opened her son's pants and, pulled his prick out. Paul sat there, no longer there, watching the pretty blonde girl approach. Donna wrapped her fingers about her son's cock and jacked up and down. Cindy stopped a few feet away.

"Show Paul your cute pussy, baby," Donna urged. "Show my son what a cute little cunt you have."

"Is this your surprise, Mom?" Paul asked in a hoarse whisper as he gazed with excitement at the blonde.

"This is it, darling," Donna replied, wiping away a bead of moisture seeping from his piss hole, with her thumb.

Cindy, intensely excited by seeing Paul's cock, lost all her shyness. She lifted her dress and exposed a pair of tight bikini panties. She hooked her finger into the crotch and pulled it apart, arching her pussy forward. Paul stared at her blonde-fuzzed cunt, his cock lurching in his mother's hand.

Cindy dropped to her knees and reached out, and Donna pulled her hand away. Cindy closed has fingers about Paul's prick and stroked his cock up and down the way Donna had been doing. She was making soft, gurgling sounds of delight as her blue eyes flashed with excitement.

Donna, watching this, felt her own cunt begin to steam and twitch between her thighs. This was how she wanted it seeing her son I and this sweet, innocent looking little girl I playing with each other. Seeing it actually happen was more exciting than she had imagined.

"You've got to take your panties off at least," Donna murmured in a thick voice. "If you want that cock inside your little cunt, Cindy, you've got to take your panties off."

"I can fuck your son?" Cindy looked up from Paul's cock to see the hot glow in Donna's eyes. "You don't care if I fuck him?"

"That's what you're here for, honey," Donna smiled. "You said you wanted to get fucked, right? Well, there's a hard cock in your hand... don't you want it in your cunt?"

"Oooo, yes!" Cindy burbled with ecstasy. She released Paul's cock and got to her feet. She lifted her dress and stripped her panties off quickly, throwing them to the floor. Holding her dress at her waist, she staffed climbing onto Paul's lap.

"You gotta help me, Donna," she said. "I don't know what to do."

Donna laughed. "You bet that sweet ass I'll help," she gurgled and dropped to her knees at her son's foot. She ran her hand up and took hold of Paul's cock. Her other hand parted the sugary lips of Cindy's cunt. Both Paul and Cindy waited, breathing with eager anticipation, looking at each other as Donna began to fit his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

Cindy yelped as the head of Paul's cock spread the tightness of her cunt lips. Her eyes were huge, burning with desire. Her mouth was open with eagerness. Donna, on her knees at her son's feet, leaned close with blazing eyes, watching the smooth swollen head of her son's cock enter the delicious tasty cunt she had sucked and licked on so many times.

Her cunt was bubbling as she stared at her son's cock fucking into this tender, wet pussy. When she had half her son's prick inside Cindy's cunt, Cindy suddenly mewled and slammed her curvy little ass downward with a force that surprised Donna.

"Oooooh, good, so good!" Cindy squealed and began to bounce up and down on Paul's cock. Donna watched that sugary cunt fucking Paul's throbbing hard-on with fiery eyes, reaching under her skirt to plunge a finger into her own pussy. She could see the way those pink, slippery wet lips of Cindy's cunt stretched and rode on Paul's cock. She could see his balls drawing up at the base and the winking of Cindy's tight young asshole, flexing as she banged up and down. Finger fucking her own cunt furiously, Donna ran her other hand but and began to squeeze and pull at her son's balls, feeling the heat of Cindy's cunt as her pussy brushed her hand. She had never before seen two people fucking, and it was sending her into an erotic ecstasy that made her mind soar with delight.

The moist sounds the tender young cunt made as Cindy fucked up and down her son's cock increased Donna's sense of erotic pleasures. She could hear the soft whimpers of Cindy and the tight grunts of her son. When Paul ran his hands around to hold the bouncing naked ass of Cindy, Donna urged, "Hold that little ass, darling! Hold her hot little ass! Oh, Cindy, fuck that cock, baby! Fuck that hard cock with your sweet little cunt!"

Donna could not just watch this fucking. Her finger continued to fuck in and out of her hairy cunt as she leaned forward and began to lick at her son's balls. She ran her tongue up and down them, tasting and smelling the sweetness of them both. Her nose was being brushed by the creamy smoothness of Cindy's naked ass as she licked her son's balls. She ran her tongue up them, and, when Cindy lifted her ass, she tasted the juices of her pussy on the base of Paul's cock. When Cindy thrust down, Donna scraped her tongue up between those sweet cheeks and licked Cindy's tight asshole.

Cindy squealed and churned her cunt up and down, now leaning against Paul as he spread the cheeks of her little ass with his fingers. She was hugging him about his neck tightly as she bounced in increasing ecstasy.

"Oh! Ooohh!" Cindy was yelping.

"Oh... Ohhhh!"

Donna, with her eyes only inches away and her mouth filled with her son's writhing balls, saw the hairless lips of Cindy's cunt squeeze into of orgasm. Cindy rammed her cunt down tightly onto Paul's cock, her ass shaking with the force of coming. Her tight little pussy flexed tighter yet as she mewled mindlessly, grinding on his throbbing prick.

"Come in her, Paul!" Donna urged as she released her son's balls with her mouth and grabbed them in her hand. "Squirt that sweet come juice in her little cunt! Fill her hot little pussy with come juice, Paul!"

Her son grunted and arched up, and she felt his balls become tight in her hand. Then she saw the pulsations of his cock as he came. Once more Cindy yelped with ecstasy and her naked little ass shook with tremors of pleasure.

Donna, with her finger still inside her cunt, settled back on her heels, watching the two calm down. The sight of her son's cock stuffed up Cindy's sweet cunt continued to thrill her. She was disappointed when Cindy finally climbed from him, sitting on the couch with an expression of pure pleasure. She sat with her legs wide, her cunt glistening from the seeping come juice Paul had squirted into her pussy. Paul's cock, wet and shiny, beckoned to Donna.

Leaning forward, she hungrily sucked her son's cock into her mouth, mewling softly. The taste of Cindy's cunt on his cock was like nectar to her as she sucked up and dawn. Then she pulled her tongue away and, before either Paul or Cindy knew what she was doing, shoved her mouth onto Cindy's hairless cunt and thrust her tongue in, plunging back and forth, tasting the come juice of her son.

She fucked her finger into her own cunt almost brutally, and screamed into Cindy's cunt as she came.

Donna, shaking with the violence of her orgasm, sat back and breathed raggedly. Her tits shook and her eyes appeared glazed. Her dress was about her waist, her hairy cunt revealed to Paul and Cindy.

Her son and Cindy waited until Donna had fully recovered from the explosive orgasm, then they dropped to the floor beside her. Paul had never seen his mother come so strongly before, and he looked at her closely. Putting his arms about her waist, he hugged her and kissed her moist cheek. Cindy, understanding Donna's ecstasy more than Paul, began to gently squeeze one of Donna's tits.

"Oh, that was great!" Donna gurgled. "I never came off so good before. Watching you two fucking made me so damned hot, and -- oooo, wonderful!"

She hugged Cindy and her son against her as she fell back on the floor. Paul quickly opened her blouse and exposed, her tits, watching Cindy as she moved her, small hand about his mother's cunt. Donna spread her thighs and Cindy rubbed tenderly about her puffy cunt lips, stroking her still sensitive clit.

With both her tits exposed, Paul leaned down and began licking and sucking at one. Cindy lowered her face and pulled the other nipple between her wet lips. Paul and Cindy's eyes twinkled at each other as they sucked Donna's tits Cindy kept feeling Donna's cunt, and Paul slipped his hand down and both fondled her pussy. Donna whimpered with the growing desire their greedy, wet mouths and moving hands produced within her slender, curvy body. She began to twist and writhe about, gasping and mewling.

"Oooo, YOU are going to drive me out of my fucking mind!" she wailed. "But don't stop! I love it! Oh, how I love it!"

Donna didn't know how, but her skirt was removed and she was naked on the floor. Her mind was reeling with the things Cindy and her son were doing to her. She arched her crotch up and down, twisting her naked ass with increasing passion. Paul left her tit and licked his way down her trembling stomach, then his tongue tickled her once again inflamed clit.

"Oh, baby, baby," Donna whimpered. "Eat me, Paul! Suck my pussy, darling! Please, darling... eat mother's hot cunt!"

But it wasn't her son to suck her pussy.

Cindy, with a squeal, slipped between Donna's thighs and shoved Paul out of the way. Paul stared as the little girl shot her tongue out, licking up and down the hairy, slippery wetness of his mother's cunt. That eager little tongue flicked round in hungry circles on Donna's clit, making her jerk about with pants of excitement. Paul gripped his mother's tit in one hand, and as Cindy scooted her face lower and began to thrust her tongue in and out of his mother's wet cunt, he leaned close and managed to capture her swollen clit with his lips. He nibbled and sucked and felt his mother's hand feeling his ass.

His face brushed against that of Cindy as they both sucked and licked at Donna's cunt. Now and then their tongues would meet, and they kissed each other quickly, hurrying back to the hairy, steaming pussy of his mother.

Donna gripped her son's cock between his thighs and pumped it furiously, her hips revolving with the ecstasy those two sweet tongues and mouths sent sparking through her. Donna lifted her naked ass high in the air, legs as wide as she could spread them. Cindy was cupping the cheeks of her firm ass, her tongue darting in and out of her tight cunt. Donna pumped and jerked on her son's cock in a frenzy, feeling her tit tingle in his squeezing hand. It was a strange, but extremely pleasant sensation to have a tongue fucking into her cunt and a different mouth sucking her clit. "Oh, eat me!" she whimpered in an excited voice. "Eat my fucking cunt! Oooo, you two are going to... to... suck my pussy! Cindy, oh, baby, fuck my cunt with that sweet little cunt-licking tongue! Paul, chew mother's clit! Chew it off!"

Paul and Cindy were as excited as Donna. Their mouths and tongues moved in wicked, hungry pleasure about her hair-lined cunt, sucking and licking and fucking. Donna jacked her son's cock with a fury as she began to twist and pull at the nipple of her other tit. Her hips were moving about jerkily, the sounds of their sucking, wet and greedy, increased the roaring delight in her head. Her toes curled as she felt another orgasm swiftly swelling in her lower stomach.

"I'm going to come!" she screamed, grinding her cunt about so hard Cindy and Paul almost lost it. "Ohhh, you two little fuck faces are going to make me come again!"

Donna felt the thrusts of Cindy's tongue increase, and her son seemed to be taking her at her word. Paul was chewing on his mother's clit with his hot lips, his tongue fluttering against the tip with quick, short motions.

When she came, her body went stiff. She screamed loudly with the almost painful ecstasy. Her crotch was high off the floor, and Cindy's tongue was buried deep into the flexing cunt. Both Paul and Cindy continued licking and sucking at Donna's cunt as she came, making Donna's screams so loud they almost rattled the windows.

Slowly, Donna's naked ass settled to the floor. She lay with her eyes closed, her naked body trembling. Paul and Cindy sat on their heels and waited for her to calm down. Paul's cock stood up hard, dripping from his piss hole. Donna still had her hand wrapped around his cock, but she was no longer jacking. Cindy sat with her knees wide, her pink, hairless cunt revealed. Paul gazed at her pussy, licking his lips. But as he started to move around his mother to kiss that cute pussy, he saw his mother's hand come out and move up one of Cindy's sugary thighs. He watched his mother probe a finger at the tight, sweet cunt he had fucked. Donna's eyes opened and she grinned wickedly at them.

She began to jack on her son's cock again, and now she was fucking her finger in and out of Cindy's tight pussy. Cindy cooed and leaned back, spreading her thighs wide. Paul stared at his mother's finger as it fucked in and out of Cindy's pussy. His mother was holding his cocks with a tight fist, running it up and down faster and faster. His balls shook with the fast motions of her hand.

Donna, flat on her back, her tits arching up, creamy thighs wide, twisted her naked ass as she finger fucked Cindy and jacked on her son's cock. She was making soft, burbling sounds of pleasure.

"I'm going to finger fuck you, Cindy," she murmured, "and jack off my son. I want both of you to come. Oh, I want to make you two come at the same time!"

Paul arched his cock toward his mother's pumping fist, grunting with the pleasure. Cindy, her little hips twisting about as Donna fucked her sweet tight cunt, mewled softly. Paul was intensely excited to see his mother finger fucking this pretty girl. It increased his desire until his cock was very hard, his balls drawing up tight.

Donna turned her face from side to side, watching what her hands were doing to this sugary cunt and deliciously hard cock. Her lips were parted and her tongue licked at them as her eyes blazed with erotic pleasure. Paul's cock was almost over his mother's face as she pumped his prick. Pulling on his prick, she kept her hand jerking as her tongue flicked out to lick his smoothly swollen cock head. She didn't take her son's cock into her mouth, but ran her tongue about the dripping piss hole, swallowing when his dripping filled it.

Cindy tossed her almost-hairless cunt up, and, with a loud gurgle, shouted she was coming. Donna watched from the corners of her eyes, keeping her tongue licking about her son's dripping cock. She and her son both saw the spasming of Cindy's cunt. And Paul grunted. Donna gave a low wail.

Her son's cock jerked and began to gush thick, creamy come juice onto his mother's face. The slippery come juice splashed about her cheeks and nose, on her chin and forehead. Donna held her mouth as wide open as she could. Aiming his spurting cock toward her mouth, she captured the rest of his come juice in this way. Her mouth filled with the creamy sweetness of his cock and balls, her eyes rolling about in their sockets.

Cindy, her orgasm finished, watched with soft, wicked giggles.

When her son stopped coming, Donna swallowed the come juice he had squirted into her mouth, wiping at her face with her fingers. "I got most of it in my mouth," she said, sitting up. "If I had known you were about to come, darling, I would have gotten the head of your cock in my mouth, at least."

Getting to her feet, she stood with legs wide, running her own hand up and down her cunt. "I've got to clean myself up. Come is all over my face."

Paul and Cindy watched her leave, their sparkling eyes burning on Donna's shapely ass.

Chapter EIGHT

"I called home," Cindy, said when Donna returned from the bathroom. "I can stay this afternoon."

Donna grinned at the beautiful blonde girl. "You like my son's cock, huh?" she teased. "I knew you would."

Paul and Cindy were still naked, but Donna had tied her sarong about her hips, her tits free. She sat in the chair she usually sat in. Tossing one of her slim thighs over the arm, the sarong parted to expose part of her hairy cunt. She idly toyed with her nipples as she watched her son and Cindy doing what she used to call necking. It excited her to watch them, young and fresh as they were, hug and kiss. The lack of inhibition they showed thrilled her and kept her excitement high. It was what she wanted Cindy and her son to take to each other this way. Watching two young children, a beautiful blonde girl with her exquisitely sweet cunt, and her son, this way, Donna began to understand herself better.

While living with her husband, Gene, both had felt the sensation of something lacking in their lives but neither knew exactly what it was. Donna was beginning to understand what it was now. At least on her part.

She had always been an erotically inclined girl, and it seemed that Gene had been the same. But her fantasies were more exciting to her than the actual fucking and sucking she did with him. While her husband would fuck her or lick her cunt, Donna would fantasize about fucking with other people. She had never explained any of this to her husband, afraid he would condemn her, accuse her of being warped sexually. But she knew she could not help the way she felt.

Unconsciously, she had decided to live apart from her husband, not realizing the true cause. But now, watching her son as he fingered Cindy's tight little cunt and her hand stroking his cock and balls, she understood more than ever.

Perhaps that was the reason she had started this with her son last summer. She wondered if not for Paul, she would have eventually sought a man, a grown man, or perhaps some young body in the neighborhood. Donna didn't know. What she did know was that by sheer accident, she was finally realizing what had been missing in her life. She wanted to be seen fucking and sucking, and she wanted to watch, too. She wanted two or more boys and girls, wanted to suck on a cock and have one fucking her at the same time. She had longed to taste a cunt, and finally had one to suck and lick.

She was simply too erotic to remain with her husband. Yet the love between them was deeper than ever. If only Gene had talked to her, she thought, perhaps she could have told him of her desires. But then, Gene probably would not have had anything to do with it. Certainly not with their son, she told herself. Gene was intensely erotic, she knew, but never had he talked to her about others. She had been afraid to bring it up, letting him know what she wanted. Now, it would be impossible to tell him about Paul. She felt they would never be reunited now.

Paul, she knew, would not only think nothing of her sexual desires, but would participate and enjoy them as much as she did. Watching him with Cindy was enough proof of that. No, Gene was lost to her forever now, but she had her son. Paul would not consider her weird or perverse no matter how wild her desires were. She lacked at Cindy and Paul. Her son had been sucking on one of Cindy's small, tight tits as he finger fucked her cunt, and now he was licking down Cindy's shaking stomach. Donna shoved the flap of her sarong away and caressed the palm of her hand up and down her hairy pussy as she watched, her eyes gleaming with desire again. The stamina and endurance of her son amazed and pleased her. But then so had the endurance of her husband.

"Lick her sweet little cunt," Donna urged in a thick, low voice. Suck Cindy's hot pussy, Paul! She watched her son move his face down, kissing and licking the slender thighs of Cindy. His cock was growing again, she saw. She watched his tongue with glowing delight as it went up the inside of Cindy's thighs, then he twirled it about her pink, protruding clit. Cindy mewled and arched her crotch up, spreading her thighs very wide.

"Tongue fuck her, darling!" Donna whimpered as she thrust a finger into her own cunt. "Tongue fuck her hot cunt, baby! Give her a tongue job like you gave my pussy!"

She had to move to watch her son's tongue pressing about those puffy cunt lips. She sat next to Cindy on the couch, leaning over and sucking a small tit. She ran her hand down and, with two fingers, pulled Cindy's cunt lips apart, giving her son's tongue total access to her pussy.

With his mouth pressing hungrily into Cindy's seeping cunt, Paul ran his hand up the inside of his mother's thigh, through the thick bush of her cunt hair, then caressed her sensitive pussy lips. Donna widened her own thighs and his finger fucked into her burning pussy.

But as exciting as this was, Donna wanted more participation.

She pulled her knees up to her tits, arching her ass high. "Eat me, too!" she yelped.

Paul twisted his face to his mother's uplifted ass. He scraped his tongue along her whole and up along the boiling heat of her pussy. He then dipped his tongue into her cunt and fluttered it about.

"Eat Cindy's cunt, too!"

Paul found himself going from cunt to cunt, tongue fucking his mother awhile, then Cindy and Donna were feeling and twisting each other's nipples, kissing and sucking tongues as Paul shaved his face from one cunt to the other.

When he had his tongue up his mother's pussy, his finger was either inside Cindy's or rubbing at her distended clit. When he fucked his tongue into Cindy's cunt, he fucked his finger into his mother's asshole, making her squirm and whimper into Cindy's mouth with flaring ecstasy.

The excitement became too much for Donna. When her son fucked his tongue into her hot pussy, she grabbed the back of his head and held him there. She rubbed her pussy up and down into his face, groaning as the orgasm rippled through her body. She held her son's face in her hairy, wet crotch until she finished corning, then she slowly relaxed.

"Now make Cindy come, darling," she panted. "Tongue fuck Cindy's pussy and make her come, too."

Paul, his face smeared with the juices of his mother's cunt, shoved his face into Cindy's pussy. He fucked his tongue deep, fucking it in and out quickly. He gripped her small ass cheeks and moaned with pleasure. Donna reached down and curled her hand about one of Cindy's firm ass cheeks, her head now resting on the shaking stomach of the writhing girl. Her eyes were huge and hot, watching her son as he sucked and licked the sweet cunt.

"Oooo, I'm gonna come!" Cindy squealed, throwing her cunt against Paul's face in a frenzy, grinding powerfully. She closed her hot thighs tightly around his face. Donna felt the girl's stomach shudder as she came, and turned her mouth about to kiss and lick the sweetness of her flesh.

Paul, with his face smeared with the slippery juices from Cindy's and his mother's cunt sat on his heels and grinned proudly. "You look like someone came off in your face now," Donna laughed. "You've got cunt juice all over it."

"I like it, Mom," he said, licking his lips. "I like the taste of pussy."

She looked down at his throbbing cock. "Do you have any plans for that?" she asked, grinning lewdly. "If you don't, I have a suggestion or two."

"I want it in my cunt!" Cindy said, sitting on the very edge of the cushions, her legs wide and her cute pussy exposed as much as she could. "I wanna get that cock in my pussy again!"

"Why don't you fuck both of us, darling?" Donna said.

"How can I do that, Mom?"

Easy, I'll show you. Donna had Cindy turn about on the couch, facing the back of it. She then had her shove her tight little ass back, and she took the same position. Paul looked from Cindy's tight, sweet ass to his mother's cunt pouching from her creamy thighs, surrounded with curling hair. Cindy's pussy, tight and sugary, didn't have a single strand of hair on the lips, just that blonde tuft near her clit.

Both Cindy and Donna waggled their naked asses at him, and Donna looked over her shoulder at her son. "Fuck us, Paul," she said. "You fuck us one after the other just the way you tongue fucked us. See how easy it is?"

Paul had to stand to his feet to make his cock level with the two cunts. He stood behind his mother and, taking hold of her hips, fucked his cock into her pussy.

"Oooo, wonderful!" Donna mewled. "Fuck that hot cunt, baby! Ram that cock into mother's hairy pussy! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

She shook her ass about as he fucked his prick in and out of her slippery searing pussy. As he fucked his mother in her cunt, he caressed the sweetness of Cindy's ass, rubbing along her steaming cunt.

Donna urged, "Stick your cock up Cindy's cunt now and fuck her!"

Paul pulled his prick free and stepped behind Cindy's shivering naked ass. He fucked his cock in, making Cindy gurgle with delight. As he fucked Cindy's pussy, he finger fucked his mother, and then shoved his finger up her asshole. When his mother yelled at him to fuck her, he stepped up to her waving ass and fucked his cock into her heated pussy.

Paul went from one pussy to the other.

Donna, while he fucked Cindy, wiggled and twisted her ass about with a lewd pleasure, calling out to her son. "Up my asshole now! Finger fuck mother up the asshole when you're fucking Cindy's cunt!"

With his cock fucking powerfully into Cindy's cunt, Paul felt her coming. Her already tight pussy gripped his cock and squeezed as she yelped loudly, her naked ass trembling against his stomach. As soon as Cindy finished coming, Paul quickly rammed his cock into his mother's cunt, slamming into her hard and fast.

Donna felt her son's cock throb, and she screamed again as she went into convulsions between her thighs. Through the tightly flexing muscles of her cunt, she felt her son coming, his come juice flooding her pussy as his balls slapped at her cunt below.

Paul dropped to his knees, breathing hard. His eyes, although glazed, watched his mother's ass and the pretty ass of Cindy shiver. Then they turned about at the same time, sitting on the couch with tits heaving.

"That was good, wasn't it, Paul?" Donna asked. "Fucking two cunts that way. Did you like it?"

"Oh, Mom, that was something!" he grunted.

It was getting late in the afternoon. Cindy didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay and enjoy this some more. She chattered constantly about Paul's cock, how good it felt inside her cunt.

At Donna's urging, Cindy called her parents, but they wouldn't let her remain longer than another half hour. Disappointed, Cindy pouted. "I wanted to get fucked again, damn it all. Hell, shit, fuck..."

Donna laughed at the little girl. The words spouting from her sounded so delicious. With her angel like face, Cindy didn't look like they befitted her.

"Well, you have half an hour, anyway," Donna said. "Want to see what it's like to suck a cock off, honey?"

"Ooo, yes!"

"Paul has a hard-on, it seems, like always," Donna said. With an excited giggle, Cindy dropped to her knees where Paul was sitting. Paul scooted his ass closer, and his mother sat next to him, reaching down to hold his cock as Cindy began rubbing the dripping head about her lips Donna was pleased to see Cindy. Using the techniques learned from watching her lick at her son's cock. The little girl ran her tongue up and down Paul's prick, lapping his smooth cock head and tasting the juices that bubbled from his piss hole. She mewled with flashing eyes. "Oooh, it tastes so good!"

"Take his cock in your mouth, honey," Donna waged in a thick voice. "Take my son's cock in your mouth and suck up and down on it. When he comes, don't be surprised and jerk away. You don't have to swallow if you don't want to."

"But I wanna swallow his come juice," Cindy whimpered. "Why suck cock if you don't swallow the come juice?"

"You're right, Cindy," Donna laughed lewdly. "Go ahead and suck it off, baby."

Donna's eyes were hot with excitement as she watched this exquisitely pretty girl open her lips and close them about her son's cock. Cindy's eyes were huge, looking up at Donna's. Donna could see the pleasure in those blue eyes as the girl began to suck more of Paul's cock into her mouth. With slight gagging sounds. Cindy sucked the full length of Paul's prick into her mouth. She ran her hand up Donna's thigh and began to finger fuck her hairy cunt as she moved her hot, wet lips up and down Paul's cock. Her lips were very stretched, and they tingled in a wonderful manner.

Sucking up, she said, "Ohhh, Donna, this is really good. I think I'm gonna love sucking cock!"

"I can see that," Donna laughed wickedly. "Eat that prick up, Cindy!"

"I will!"

Cindy wrapped her hot lips around Paul's cock again and began to suck up and down with vigorous motions of her head. Her blonde hair fanned about with the speed of her bobbing face. She wrapped a hand about one of Paul's ass cheeks and squeezed as she sucked on his throbbing cock, the finger of her other hand fucking in and out of Donna's hairy cunt.

Paul gasped with pleasure as her hot mouth moved up and down his cock. Donna had two fingers closed about the base, feeling those young, stretched lips brush them as Cindy swallowed her son's cock.

It was a beautiful, intensely exciting view, Donna thought. Seeing this young girl, so lovely and erotic, sucking on her son's cock thrilled her until she was going through soft waves of tingling orgasms, each one growing and building as if fuel was being tossed upon an already roaring fire. It was thrilling to see Cindy's sweet mouth being filled by her son's cock; it was exciting how her lips stretched. She held Cindy's wrist between her thighs, helping to fuck her finger in and out of her bushy pussy. Soft gurgling sounds came from Cindy as her eyes grew larger and larger with her delight. Now and then she lifted her lips to lick them, but would fuck her mouth back onto his cock swiftly. It was obvious to Donna that Cindy loved having a hard, throbbing cock stuffed into her hungry young mouth. Cindy would suck any cock, she knew, any cock from now on.

Watching the beautiful young girl sucking her son's cock, Donna thought of Gene, her husband. The image of her son's cock became the larger, thicker, longer prick of Gene, and it was his cock Cindy was sucking so lovingly on. The image startled Donna for a moment, and there was a powerful churning sensation in her pussy, and she was suddenly gripped in the clutches of a strong orgasm. Her hairy cunt flexed about the finger of the girl, sucking at it. Cindy's eyes flashed her understanding to Donna, letting her know she knew the woman was coming. Cindy sucked harder yet on Paul's prick, her little tongues flying.

Paul, his cock throbbing between the fingers of his mother's hand and the heat of Cindy's mouth, arched up, trying to fuck his prick as deep as he could into the girl's tight mouth. He grunted as his cock spewed.

Cindy's eyes went wider yet as his come juice gushed into her mouth, filling it and making her cheeks balloon out. She stopped sucking, her eyes glowing. She held only the swollen head of his cock between her lips, moist sounds gurgling from her.

"Don't stop, Cindy!" Donna shouted, knowing her son was coming off in the girl's mouth. "Take it all! Let him squirt that sweet come juice in your cock sucking little mouth!"

"Mmmm!" Cindy gurgled, her eyes flashing the sensations of delight flowing through her. "Mmmmm."

Cindy kept her lips closed as tightly as she could about Paul's cock, her tongue coated with his come juice, her mouth filling. Some of the creamy come juice escaped her squeezing lips and tan down the side of his prick, smearing Donna's fingers which still held her son's cock by the base.

When she felt the throbbing of Paul's cock stop, Cindy sucked up and off the head, holding her lips tight. She glowed with pleasure as she swallowed, and then licked about her lips. "Oooo, I missed some," she squealed when she saw the shining come juice on Donna's fingers. She shoved her face down and ran her tongue about Donna's fingers, licking up the come juice. She sucked Donna's fingers into her mouth, getting every drop.

"Oh, that was really good, Donna, Paul," she said, her voice low. "I think I love sucking cock."

"I do, too," Donna said. "Fuck or suck is fine with me."

"Me, too," Cindy laughed cutely.

"Me, three!" Paul grunted, his chest heaving. "But I think my cock is ruined for the day."

"Bull shit!" his mother said. "You just rest a few minutes and I can have that sweet cock hard again, you know that."

"I don't wanna go home," Cindy pouted as she searched about for her scattered clothing. "I wanna stay here and fuck and suck and eat cunt!"

"You'll be back tomorrow, honey," Donna said.

"But I wanna suck cock and eat your hairy cunt all night long," Cindy replied, looking as if she were going to cry. "You're the best friend I ever had, Donna, and I think I'm in love with Paul."

Donna laughed. "You're in love with his cock, that's for sure. But don't worry about it, honey. Patti will be here all summer. I don't think he's going to object if you suck him off every day."

When Cindy was dressed, Donna and her son walked to the door with her, both still naked. There Paul kissed Cindy, running his hand over the swell of her tantalizing little ass while his mother cupped her cunt.

"We'll see you tomorrow," Donna said.

Cindy looked at Paul's cock and Donna's hairy cunt. Her expression was sad. "I wish I could spend the night with you two."

"Perhaps we can arrange that later," Donna said. "But don't mention that Paul is staying with me."

"I wouldn't," Cindy promised, and, concealed by the door, they watched the girl walk down the walk to the sidewalk. Cindy's cute little ass writhed underneath her skirt.

"I'm gonna fuck her up that tight ass." Paul said as his mother closed the door, locking it.

"You probably will," she replied, caressing her son's prick and balls. "Cindy is ready for anything. Isn't she sweet?"

Paul wrapped his hands about his mother's body, burying his face into her shapely tits. He cupped her ass with both hands. "I wish Dad was..." he stopped.

"I know, darling," Donna said, caressing her son's hair as he fondled her naked ass. "I know what you mean, but I'm afraid that's finished."

"But you don't know, Mom," he said. "Dad told me..." And again he stopped.

"Your father told you what?" she asked.

"Nothing, Mom." Paul pulled away, "Let's go to bed. I'm kinda tired."

"You should be," she laughed, taking his cock in her hand. "You were just about fucked out, weren't you?"

"Wanna bet?" he grinned. "Let's get in bed and I'll show you who's fucked out!"

Chapter NINE

The next few days were intensely exciting for Donna.

Cindy was visiting each day, arriving in the morning and staying until almost dark. She was amazed that her son managed to stay so hard, fucking her and the little girl frequently. There were days when Paul fucked her two or three times, then fucked Cindy at least twice. One day, she and Cindy spent the day doing nothing but sucking his cock off and tongue fucking each other. Paul seemed to enjoy watching them lick and eat each other's cunt. She was delighted with that because she wanted to be seen with her tongue moving about that sugary pussy, and her own being tongued by the girl.

When Cindy found out Donna was always naked under her clothing, she would strip her panties off and they would venture into the sunlight that way. Cindy giggled naughtily as the air moved about her naked pussy under her skirt. She enjoyed being without panties this way so much; she seldom wore shorts any more.

"What if someone saw me?" she would giggle.

"Would it embarrass you, Cindy?" Donna asked.

"It would probably make me come!"

"I know what you mean," Donna laughed, hugging the girl as she walked between her son and Cindy to eat lunch. "I've been seen, and I came, too."

"Oooo!" Cindy squealed. Paul was quiet as they had hamburgers and French fries with soft drinks. Donna was puzzled by his silence. Usually he chattered as excitedly as Cindy. She kept looking at him, but he wouldn't join in with the conversation. She was puzzled by his mysterious expressions, the way he looked at her with his eyes shining happily. "You've got something going on in that dirty little brain of yours, don't you, Paul?" she asked, sitting next to him in the narrow booth with Cindy across the table.

She pressed her thigh against his, looked about and saw they could not be seen. She dropped her hand to his lap and squeezed his cock.

"Come on, you horny little fuck face," she whispered. "We don't have any secrets between us, remember?"

"This secret I keep," he said teasingly.

"You don't have yourself another horny little hot ass hidden away, do you? Bring her home and we'll all have a ball with her."

"You know I stay home, Mom," he said. They finished eating. Outside, the sun was bright and hot as they started back home. Donna walked between them again, holding their hands. Paul seemed to be more excited as they walked the few blocks. Donna knew her son well enough to know he was up to something, but, although she didn't know what it was, she knew he would not do anything that would displease her.

As they walked up the stone path to the front door, Paul held back. Donna thought nothing of it as she opened the door and stepped into the living room. Close behind her was Cindy.

Donna stopped abruptly, her eyes huge. Behind her she heard Paul laugh.

Sitting on the couch, wearing only a pair of shorts, and they were pulled to one side, his cock almost hard and his hairy balls exposed, sat Gene.

"It's about time," her husband said, grinning. "I thought I was going to have to jack this cock off before you got home."

"Gene!" Donna said, surprise in her voice. "What are you doing here? Oh, my God. Don't look, Cindy! Gene, put your pants on."

"Take yours off," he grinned, stroking his thick, long cock. "And bring your lovely little friend in."

Cindy was staring around Donna's back, her eyes huge and hot as she gazed at Gene's cock and balls.

"Gene, you can't..."

Her husband stood up. His cock was throbbing with hardness. "I can't what, Donna," he said, smiling at his wife. "Fuck that tight little girl behind you? I don't see why I can't. You've been fucking her with your tongue, haven't you?"

Donna whirled, glaring at her son. "You promised, Paul! Oh, you promised!"

Her husband pulled her around and closed his arms about her, holding her tightly. Donna buried her face into his chest, sobbing. She felt his strong hands caressing her back, and she felt, too, the hardness of his cock probing at her stomach. Involuntarily, she squirmed her body against him.

"No reason to cry," she heard him whisper against her dark hair. "I think things will work out for us now." Donna pulled her face away, her eyes sparkling with wet tears in them. She arched her pelvis against him as she held his shoulders, looking into his eyes.

"I think Cindy better go home," she said.

"Let her stay," Gene replied, looking at the beautiful little girl. "She's sure a pretty girl. You say she's a good fuck, son?"

Before Paul could answer his father, Donna twisted about and faced her son. "You told him everything, didn't you?"

Paul was grinning from ear to ear. "Sure, Mom. I tried to tell you, but. You wouldn't listen to me."

"Tell me what?"

For an answer, Paul moved up close to his mother. With deliberate hands, he suddenly lifted her dress to expose her naked ass. Donna gasped, but she felt her husband's hands on her ass cheeks. "I've missed this hot ass, Donna," he said, squeezing.

Again she turned and faced her husband, her eyes searching his face. She did not try to shave her skirt down because her son was holding it up and her husband had both his hands on her naked ass. She felt Gene's hard cock leaving a wet trail on her shaking stomach.

Suddenly she flung her arms about his neck and began to kiss him wildly, holding her husband tightly. Her tongue flashed into his mouth and she sighed as he sucked it.

Cindy stood with huge eyes, dancing about on her feet with excitement, trying to see Gene's huge cock. "Come on," Paul said to her, taking her hand. "Let them kiss."

He took Cindy to the couch, and sitting beside her, shoved his hand under skirt and began to feel her pussy, Cindy, being such an erotic and uninhibited girl, spread her thighs wide, but was still trying to see Gene's cock. When Paul opened his pants, she eagerly reached into them and pulled his prick out. She jacked on his cock as he began to finger fuck her cunt, her eyes like liquid heat as she watched Donna squirming against her husband's beautiful cock.

Finally Donna and Gene pulled their mouths away, glancing at their son and Cindy. Donna looked up at her husband and saw the wicked smile on his handsome face, his eyes gleaming with passion.

"I think we should talk," Donna said, but her hand had moved down and was gripping his cock tightly.

"I think so too," he said, "but not right this minute. I'd like to see how tight that little cunt is."

"You'd like to..." Donna stared up at her husband, but he was looking at Cindy. Her son had Cindy's dress about her small, narrow waist. The beautiful little girl had her knees spread very wide. Her sugary cunt could be seen, and her blue eyes were still huge as she tried to look at Gene's cock.

Donna saw the expression in her husband's eyes as he looked at Cindy's pussy, Paul's finger fucking in and out. The sparkle of excitement she saw in Gene's eyes was the same as that in her son's eyes. She was still gripping Gene's cock hard, stroking his prick despite her confusion about why he was here. She felt the powerful throb of his cock in her hand, so familiar to her. She slowly jacked on his prick as she turned her gaze toward Cindy.

Cindy was intensely excited, she saw. Her eyes were huge and her lips parted as she gazed at Gene's cock. Donna breathed deeply. "Okay, Gene," she said in a thick whisper. "Do as you like."

Her husband kissed Donna, and then moved toward Paul and Cindy, his cock arching up toward the ceiling. Standing before the excited girl, Gene dropped his shorts. Cindy gasped with pleasure as she gazed hotly at his long thick cock and hairy balls.

Donna, coming up close, whispered, "Go on, Cindy. Touch my husband's cock. He wants you to go ahead and play with his big prick and hairy balls."

Cindy, squealing softly, reached her free hand out to caress her fingertips along Gene's prick.

"Oooooh!" she gurgled, releasing Paul's cock and taking Gene's into both her small, hot, eager fists. She pumped on the thick prick eagerly, her fingers barely stretching around his cock. "It's so big!"

Donna found herself getting excited, watching this sweet girl fondle her husband's cock, and she sat on the couch next to her son. Her cunt was pulsating wildly as she leaned forward to get a better view of Cindy jacking on her husband's cock with both hands. There was a lot of dripping from his piss hole, and Gene arched his hips forward. Donna's hand slipped down and gripped her son's cock, holding his prick hard as she stared excitedly at her husband's cock in the girl's small fists.

"I wanna taste it!" Cindy mewled, and, as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she was kissing the dripping head of Gene's cock hungrily, gurgling softly. "Mmmm, so sweet!"

"Come on, sweetheart," Gene said, reaching down and lifting the girl to her feet. "Let's see if my son told me the truth. I want to see if your little cunt is as tight and hot as he told me. You can suck my cock later."

Donna, no longer surprised, but very aroused, watched with her son as Gene lifted the eager little girl. Cindy wrapped her satiny thighs about his waist as Gene cupped her little ass cheeks. Both Donna and Paul leaned forward to get a closer look as Gene's cock found the tight lips of Cindy's cunt.

Cindy was so light and Gene was so strong that he held her up easily as the swollen head of his cock began to penetrate her young pussy. Donna's eyes glowed as she saw the head of her husband's prick fuck into the young girl's cunt.

"Oooo, you're so big!" she heard Cindy murmur thickly. "Will it go in me? Will your big cock go in my cunt?"

"Of course it will," Donna heard her husband reply. And it did.

Gene's prick fucked deeper into the clutching, deliciously stretched cunt of the blonde girl. For a moment Donna thought Gene's cock was too big, but Cindy settled upon his prick without difficulty. It looked to Donna as if Cindy's cunt was being stretched twice its normal size, but Cindy apparently loved it. She was using her tight thighs around his waist to bounce up and down on his cock now, fucking him with peals of gurgling ecstasy.

Gene's muscular thighs were braced as he leaned back slightly, his big hands almost covering the creamy cheeks of Cindy's ass. As the little girl bounced happily on his cock, Gene gazed over her shoulder at his wife and son, a huge smile on his handsome face.

"Tight and hot!" he grunted. "This little cunt is so fucking tight and hot! You were right, Paul. Cindy is a fantastic fuck!"

His hairy balls swung about, and Donna, still gripping her son's cock, darted her other hand out and cupped her husband's hairy balls. They were huge, and, as she twisted and tugged at them tenderly, they almost overflowed her palm. She began to jack on her son's cock as she played with her husband's balls, her eyes straining hotly to watch Cindy's cunt slide up and down his throbbing hard-on.

Paul shoved at his mother's dress, getting it to her hips. Donna, almost transfixed, watching the sweet little girl bounce her cute ass up and down, her pussy riding her husband's thick cock, lifted her ass without a conscious thought. When her son ran his hand between her thighs, she spread her knees wide for him.

"Oooo, that's beautiful," she gasped in a thick voice, her eyes shining brightly as she twisted at Gene's balls and jacked her son's cock. "That's so fucking beautiful! Fuck him, Cindy! Fuck my husband's big cock!"

Excited beyond her greatest expectations, Donna lowered her face down to her son's cock, trying to keep her head turned to watch the lovely ass of Cindy bouncing, Paul stretched out, knowing his mother wanted to watch Cindy fuck his father. Donna managed to keep her burning eyes on Gene's cock as his prick was engulfed by Cindy's greedy cunt while she hungrily wrapped her lips about her son's cock. She began to bob her mouth up and down Paul's prick with swift, hungry sucking motions, her eyes never leaving the erotic view a few feet away.

Her cunt was boiling hotter than ever before. She was realizing one of her long time fantasies seeing her husband's cock inside another cunt. She sprawled out on the couch with her face in her son's crotch, licking up and down his cock and about his balls with gasping ecstasy, her eyes burning as she watched her husband and Cindy. She pulled her skin to her waist, exposing her rounded, creamy ass as she writhed and twisted her cunt against the cushions.

While sucking on Paul's cock, Donna managed to retain her grip on her husband's full, hairy balls. Cindy was so overheated that her young cunt was seeping, the slippery fuck juices running down over Gene's balls and making Donna's hand slippery.

The squeals of Cindy and the delighted grunts of her husband sent thrills bubbling through her, and she tightened her lips more about her son's cock. The fact that her husband was watching her devour their son's prick increased the ecstasy rumbling through Donna a thousand fold. Her cunt was going through tight waves of delicious orgasms, her pussy lips flexing as her clit tingled with convulsive explosions. Her smooth flesh had goose bumps racing up and down it, and she was making soft wet animal-like sounds.

"Suck it, Donna!" Gene yelped at his wife. "Suck that cock, baby! Suck your son... suck his cock off!"

"Mmmmmm!" Donna growled, mouthing Paul's prick faster and with more hunger.

Donna, absorbed in sucking her son's cock and watching Cindy's lovely ass wiggle and bounce on her husband's cock, did not see Paul and Cindy wink at one another.

Donna felt more ecstasy than before, even when she had been fucking and sucking with her son and Cindy. The ecstasy of seeing her husband fucking the little girl, having him watch her suck their son's cock off, sent her emotions into a soaring peak that caused her cunt to ripple with powerful waves of strong orgasms.

Only in her wildest fantasies had she imagined how much erotic fun this would be. It was even better than her fantasies. The moist sounds of Cindy's tightly gripping cunt on her husband's cock, the wet sucking of her lips, roared through her ears as she struggled to bring the creamy, sweet come juice of her son into her mouth.

She had never wanted a cock to gush into her mouth so badly before. With her husband watching, Donna's excitement created an ecstatic turmoil in her brain.

She heard Cindy yelping, her voice sounding as if it came from the bottom of a barrel. Cindy was screaming with ecstasy, shouting that she was coming through the fog of her erotic vision, Donna watched that tight young girl's cunt gripping and flexing around her husband's thick, throbbing cock.

Unable to keep quiet, she lifted her mouth from her son's cock and screamed at her husband, "Come in her fucking hot cunt, Gene! Squirt come juice up Cindy's young, hot, tight cunt!"

And when she felt Paul's balls drawing up tight, she began to gobble in frenzy at her son's cock. Her tongue swirled like a dervish, licking as her ups sucked and writhed. She shot her free hand beneath Paul's ass and rammed a finger into his asshole, making him yelp.

"Blow it in your mother's mouth!" Gene urged in a tight voice, his hands digging into the small, tight, churning cheeks of Cindy's ass. "Fill your cock sucking mother's mouth with come juice, Paul! Give her what she wants!"

Gene's cock unleashed a heavy hot gush of creamy come juice into the tight fit of Cindy's cunt. He squirted so much into her, the creamy sweetness dripped from the clinging pussy lips and down over his wife's hand which held his balls.

Donna was about to pull her mouth off Paul's cock and turn her tongue to Gene's hairy balls, wanting to lick that come juice from them, but her son suddenly came off.

Her mouth began to fill with his come juice, and the sweet taste of it sent her mouth down onto his prick hungrily, a squeal coming from her. She sucked in a fury on Paul's prick, gulping wetly and swallowing, her tongue flying. Her dark eyes, smoldering with more ecstasy and erotic pleasure than ever, gazed liquidly at her husband's cock as he came into Cindy's hairless cunt.

With her pussy contracting strongly with ripples of orgasm, Donna kept her lips tight about her son's spewing prick until he finished. Then, with her son gasping from the fury of his mother's blowjob, she moved swiftly and shoved her face against her husband's balls, her tongue licking hotly. Her nose pressed into Cindy's twinkling asshole as she sucked Gene's hairy balls into her mouth.

She felt her husband shaking and knew his legs were growing weak from the discharge. When his balls slipped from her mouth, she watched him slowly sink to the floor, Cindy's cunt still clinging to his cock.

Gene lay back on the floor, with Cindy still astride him, gasping with the intensity of her orgasm. She rested on his broad chest, her knees up along his sides, and her lovely naked ass in the air. Donna, still having orgasms one after the other, began to whimper and fail back against the couch. She cupped her hairy cunt with both hands.

"Oh! Oh! I can't stop... stop coming!" she gasped.

However, she did stop. She slowly sat up, a glow of pleasure warming her beautiful face. Her son was still sprawled on the couch, and she ran her hand over his cock affectionately. Gene gently lifted Cindy from his cock and, kissing the girl on her panting mouth, sat on the floor.

"Now we can have that talk," he said, his voice coming out with hoarseness. He looked at his wife, but he fondled the hairless cunt of Cindy with his big hand.

Donna, slowly recovering, stood up on shakey legs. "I think a cold beer would do wonders for me. How about you, Gene?" He nodded.

Donna started for the kitchen, but as she reached the doorway, Gene called out, "Show us that hot ass, Donna."

For a moment she stood there, then, looking over her shoulder with a hot twinkle in her dark eyes, she flipped her skirt to her waist and waggled her shapely ass at them.

Chapter TEN

She was sitting very close to her husband, with her son on the other side of her. She and Gene had sipped a couple of beers, and a very reluctant Cindy had gone home. Donna, with her husband's arm about her shoulders, felt very good. His big hand slowly and fondly caressed her tit, inside her blouse. Gene had pulled on his pants long enough to let Cindy out the door, but they were open. With a happy sigh, Donna ran her hand down into Gene's lap and twisted his curly hair about her finger. She had been surprised as she listened to her husband and son talk, telling her how Paul had called his father a few days before. She learned that her husband had urged their son to get involved sexually with her. She also learned that her husband knew everything she had done with their son since it started.

At first she was angry with Paul for breaking his promise to her, but she wasn't very angry flow could she be when it was exactly what she wanted?

"Don't you see, Donna," Gene said, "weave been warning the same things, but somehow lost the ability to communicate this way. I think we've been acting like silly teenagers."

"You're right, darling," she said, snuggling into his arm as he twisted gently at her swollen nipple. "I thought you'd think I was weird, or crazy. I couldn't tell you what excited me."

"Neither could I." She lifted his cock and balls from his pants and toyed with them. "I've missed your cock so much, darling," she murmured. "So very much."

"I thought Paul was doing a good job keeping your hot cunt satisfied?" he teased. "Oh, he was," she said, looking up at him. "Our son is a very good fuck, Gene. I love fucking him, but I've wanted this big cock, too."

"You want every cock," he teased, grinning at her. "You might as well admit it, Donna."

"I can't admit that, Gene," she said, slapping playfully at his cock. His prick had begun to swell as she played with his cock. "I'll admit I want to fuck all the time, but not that I want every fucking cock around!"

"You want to suck, too, Mom," Paul laughed, shoving her skirt up and rubbing at her cunt. "Don't forget that."

"Listen to me, both of you," she said. "I'll admit I love fucking and sucking, okay? I'll admit I love both of you very much and don't like living away from you. I'll admit I want us to live together as a family again. I'll admit that my cunt is hot... That I love to suck cock. But I won't admit to wanting every cock there is."

"Why not?" Gene kept teasing.

"Because that's untrue," she said. "I want to fuck and suck cock, and damn it, I love licking Cindy's cute little pussy!"

"You eat cunt?" Gene laughed.

"You damn right, you bastard!" she said, her voice snapping. "And if you make a wise crack, you can pick up your luggage and go home, Gene."

"I'm not going to make any cracks, Donna," he said, no longer teasing her now. "I'd love to watch you tongue fuck Cindy. Don't you understand yet, silly? We think the same way."

"We do?"

"I've known that for a while," Gene said. "I've thought about discussing this with you, but I wasn't sure what you'd think of me."

Donna began to laugh. "We've been silly as hell. Look at all the time we've lost."

"I wouldn't say it was lost," Gene said, opening her blouse and exposing her tits. "We found out what has been missing with us, haven't we?"

"Ooooohh, yes," she cooed, stroking his cock with her fist as she reached for her son's prick.

"This has been it all the time, hasn't it? And it was right before our eyes and we didn't recognize it. I want to fuck, Gene, and suck cock. But the only way I really wanted to do it was with you. I mean, you and me with someone else. Not cheating, if you know what I mean. I want you with me when I'm fucking and sucking, want you to watch me and I want to watch you. Does that make sense?"

"I don't know if it does or not, Donna," he said, "but I do know that's what I want, too."

"And what about our son? Are you mad about that?"

"No way!" Gene laughed. "That makes it much more exciting and fun, don't you think? I just wish we had a pretty little girl like Cindy, too. You know, keep it in the family sort of thing."

"But we can find others," Donna said, pumping the cocks of her husband and son, feeling extremely happy. They were both very hard now. "We have our son, and there are other men and women out there someplace, having the same ideas we have. We'll find them, don't worry."

"I'm not worried," he said, leaning down and sucking on a nipple.

Paul lowered his mouth and began to suck on the other nipple. Donna leaned back on the couch with a feeling of relief and love for her two men. She gripped their throbbing hard cocks tightly, pumping up and down as her ass writhed on the couch.

"There's something I've always wanted to try," she whispered in a passion-laden voice.

"All you have to do is ask," her husband mouthed against her firm tit.

"I want two cocks at the same time," he murmured. "I want to feel two beautiful, hard pricks in me at the same time."

"Just tell us how you want it, and that's the way you get it, baby," Gene said.

"Oooo, wonderful!" Donna sat up, causing their mouths to leave her tingling nipples. "Gene, I want a cock up my cunt and in my mouth at the same time! Let's do that!"

"And you can fuck Mom in her ass, too, Dad!" Paul yelped excitedly.

Gene grinned at his smoldering wife. "So you've been taking it up the asshole, too, huh?"

"Anyplace!" Donna gurgled, her body shivering as she released their cocks and began undressing. "I'll take a hard cock any fucking place!"

Naked, she dropped to her knees before her husband, sliding her beautiful face toward his throbbing cock. As she licked her tongue about his hairy balls and prick, she pulled at his pants until she had them off. Her creamy, round, naked ass waved about as she lowered her face to his prick. She felt her husband holding her head as she began to suck up and down on his cock, the feeling of his hands so very familiar and pleasant to her, a comfortable sensation.

She had not sucked this lovely cock for some time, yet his prick seemed to fit and taste as sweet as she had remembered. Despite the long thickness of Gene's prick, Donna had always been able to swallow every inch, her lips stretched to their utmost limits and pressing into the wiry hair at the base. She swallowed every inch of his prick now, lifting his hairy balls to rub them deliciously against her chin. Her lips writhed as she pressed her tongue against his cock, sucking upwards.

"Oh, Donna," he groaned. "You can still suck my cock as good as always. Suck me, baby! I want to fill your hot, cock sucking mouth with come juice... the way we always did!"

Paul watched his mother devouring his father's cock with excited eyes. Reaching under her, he cupped her tits and dug his fingers into her firm flesh.

Donna's body shook with ecstasy, and she sucked up off Gene's cock, urging her son with an excited, hot voice, "Fuck me, darling! Ohhh, please, fuck mother's hot cunt while I suck this delicious cock off! I want you to fuck my pussy, Paul, while I suck your father off!"

"Fuck her, son!" Gene urged in a thick voice. "Fuck your mother's cunt, then we'll trade places and I'll fuck her while she sucks your cock!"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Donna screamed with ecstasy, lifting her ass up as Paul dropped to his knees behind her. She dived down on her husband's cock again, sucking furiously as she felt her son's prick fucking deeply into her steaming cunt. She waggled and twisted her naked ass about as Paul gripped her hips tightly, fucking his prick in and out of her gripping pussy.

Leaning over his mother's wiggling ass, his cock fucking in and out of her clinging cunt, Paul reached under and cupped her tits, squeezing them as she sucked on Gene's cock.

Donna's body shook with the ecstasy of having a prick in her mouth and one up her cunt. The sensations of hot fire licked at her nerves, sending her mind into reeling ecstasy. She could hear her husband and son calling out to each other with lewd words, urging each other to greater efforts, fucking those two cocks into her cunt and mouth, buffeting her naked body between them. Donna loved it and didn't care if her lips and cunt were bruised painfully.

Her cunt was in powerful contractions already, her orgasms sweeping through her body with fiery heat. She gobbled at her husband's cock with a frenzy of hunger, shaking her naked ass as her son fucked in and out of her pussy. Her tits seemed to swell twice their normal size, and she was sure her nipples would be pulled off by her son's fingers. Even the way he pinched them sent shudders of ecstasy rumbling through her.

The way her son's lower stomach slapped against the round curves of her naked ass sent thrill after thrill racing up and down her spine. She clawed at her husband's hairy balls, rubbing them excitedly against her chin as she sucked up and down furiously on his prick, anticipating the wonderful gushing of his come juice.

The banging of her mouth as Gene began to fuck vigorously up and down into it thrilled her. With her son fucking strongly into her cunt behind, Donna was being buffeted almost painfully, but she felt no pain. All she felt was that intense ecstasy she had desired for so long.

Sucking on her husband's cock and feeling the hard throbbing of her son's cock fucking deeply into her hot, hairy cunt, Donna was mindless to everything except the intense ecstasy. This was how she had wanted sex for so long two beautiful delicious hard cocks fucking into her mouth and cunt at the same time. This was what she had been, unable to tell her husband, what had been missing with them and their marriage.

It had taken her a long time to realize it. Paul was pulling and squeezing at her tits, and, through the ecstatic sensations of her shaking body, she heard him grunting, felt his cock lurching about with more powerful throbs. Although she was coming with more power than ever in her life, she could still feel her son's cock ready to come. The lips of her hairy cunt closed tighter yet about his prick, sucking at his cock as she twisted her ass wildly.

Almost as soon as she felt her son's cock on the brink of spurting, she sensed her husband's cock swell between her lips. She drew her hot, wet lips up on his thick cock, clamping them about his smoothly swollen prick head her tongue flying about his piss hole.

Almost at the same time, her son and bus band spurted thick, creamy come juice into her cunt and mouth. They were so close together; they may as well have come simultaneously. Donna wailed loudly about her husband's cock as the strongest orgasm yet exploded inside her cunt.

She gulped liquidly at the squirting come juice that flooded her mouth, her cunt rapidly flexing on Paul's gushing cock. Her mind reeled with the ecstasy of feeling two cocks coming in her mouth and cunt at the same time. Her body was shaking in a violent way, and she slammed a finger underneath her husband's arching ass, and heard him grunt as she thrust the finger deep into his asshole.

When Gene and Paul finished coming, Donna was too weak to move. Gene caressed her dark hair as she lay her face against his crotch. Her son, with his cock now out of her, fondled her still-shivering naked ass.

Later, after dinner, she found herself once again on her hands and knees, with her husband brushing the swollen head of his cock about her tight asshole.

"I've wanted to fuck this asshole for a long time," he said, looking over her shoulder as Donna sucked on their son's balls. "Then fuck it!" Donna yelled against her son's crotch. "Fuck my ass, Gene! Ohhh, fuck me in my hot asshole!"

But he pulled away. She felt his tongue scrape over her creamy ass cheeks, and when it slipped up and down her tight asshole, she gurgled against her son's cock.

"We've got to go to that hot little girl over here," she heard her husband say as he buried his face into her ass. "We will," she replied between sucks of her son's cock and balls. "Cindy will be here tomorrow. But don't worry about that now! Damn it, I want that monster cock up my fucking hot asshole!"

"My pleasure," he laughed, pulling his face away from her creamy ass and once more bringing the head of his cock to her tight asshole. "But you have to promise... we stay together from now."

"Yes, yes! Now fuck my asshole!" she screamed over her shoulder screamed. Passionately Donna screamed again.

Her husband fucked his thick cock directly up her asshole without pause. But it was not a scream of pain; it was the sound of intense delight.

Lowering her mouth to her son's cock, Donna arched her ass into the air, feeling the delicious stretching of her asshole as her husband began fucking her there.

As she sucked Paul's cock and took her husband's cock up her ass, the fleeting thought went through her erotic brain: I wonder if we'll live here or move back with Gene. But it was fleeting, and she didn't care. Donna was having orgasms already...


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