The slut next door

Most of us lead two lives, real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of someday having wealth and power. And then there are sexual fantasies, wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to repress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out into the open and act upon them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their desires and fantasies. For some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

This story deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us, in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on an individual's solution. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

Chapter ONE

Ron Cameron positioned himself at the window to make sure he would see Kathy Phillips when she got home. Goddamn, but he had the fucking burns for that bitch. Greedily, he thought of her big tits and the nice muff she had waiting for his cock to shove in. Her boy friend, Tony Duncan, probably got his share of snatch when he felt the urge, that lucky son of a bitch. He could tell when they were fucking. He heard that foxy chick groan from his apartment, which was just down the hall. Yeah, she probably liked to suck his prick, too. He was a lucky stiff, all right.

And the worst part about it all was that he, Ron Cameron, was only nineteen years old, and that nice piece of ass, Kathy, was twenty-five. Fuck, she thought of him as the "nice guy down the hall". She wasn't thinking of his seven-inch long cock, or his hairy chest or his big muscles or his dark black hair. Hell, no. Practically a fucking dumb cunt, even if she was a physical therapist at a hospital and he was just a measly college guy, working some cheap shit job at the local supermarket bagging groceries.

And that Tony Duncan, the tough dude, was a tool-and-dye maker at Randall's Machinery Parts, which wasn't exactly the best job in the world, but a hell of a lot better than what he was doing putting Goddamn cans in fucking bags.

Ron opened an envelope and pulled out a few four-by-five photos of Kathy, the ones he took when he followed them to a secluded beach. Ron had hid in the bushes with two rolls of film and a drooling mouth seeing the nugget-sized nipples on her tits when Tony pulled her bikini-top off. He got a few feet of film on that, then aimed lower and got a bird's eye view of her pussy, that set his mouth watering for more. He remembered the problem he had shifting himself in the bushes, trying to get the camera in the right position so he could zoom in between her legs, which were spread and had Tony's head bobbing around there, lapping up those tasty juices.

Ron rubbed his hand over his stiffened cock as he panted over each picture. Yeah, he got a dozen beaver shots of her, plus a few of her giving Tony a blow-job. Christ, but she got it all in there, sucking up that prick, like it was a Tootsie Roll. Yep, she liked doing it, and just the thought made his cock harder and stiffer until he knew he'd have to get his gun off pretty soon.

Several of the pictures were stained with cum, he had accidentally shot his wad over them while whacking off. He hated beating it off but some chicks were hard to find when he needed them. He'd get hard and there wouldn't be any cunt around, so he'd have to pull on his prick and settle for that. And the cum came shooting out of him like a volcanic eruption, and messed up the pictures of Kathy.

He wiped part of it off, as much as he hated touching the stuff, but some of it dried and formed a crusty stain. Fuck it! He still had some first-class cunt to gawk at.

He held the image of her pussy tightly in his hands and trembled as he felt his rigid cock bend in his pants. Yeah, he had to let it up for air, he decided, and went through the motions of unzipping his fly and watching his prick spring out, surrounded by black hairs that ran around it and down his huge balls. Shit, she'd go out of her mind sucking that guy, he grinned to himself, and he's all hers, down to the last inch.

He grabbed his cock and started to stroke himself while he brought the delicious photo up to his mouth and started to lick it with his tongue. Um, he could practically taste that twat-juice. He knew about those medical broads, they used strawberry or lemon or cherry douche foam on their cunts, which gave the guys a succulent treat.

Kathy looked like she used cherry, but shit, he didn't care. As long as he got a mouthful of her cum, it didn't matter. He was squeezing his prick tighter and pumping it harder, while his tongue lapped faster.

Fuck, he could feel his balls filling up with cum, and it was a shame it would go to waste and not be squirting into her cunt. It was going to be a big load, all right. And as he came closer to popping his cork, he brought the picture down to his cock and smiled as the cum splattered all over her pussy. Shit! You get it all, you horny cunt! You get his load all over you, bitch! Uh... SLUT!

Fuck, he messed up another one. Shit on it, then. He didn't care, that chick wanted it so bad, he couldn't help it. He stared at his cock. Pooped.

He stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped it up, then looked outside his window again. Well, if he wasn't a son of a bitch! Kathy and Tony were driving up, and low and behold, she had her hand on top of his cock. Well, just about. It was still in his pants, but Ron could tell. Yep, she wanted that meat any minute, and couldn't wait until she got him into her apartment to give it a thorough sucking and fucking.

Christ, what a fox! Big fucking tits, great ass, long legs and a cute face. He could just see old Tony Duncan fucking her, pumping that huge cock of his into the sweet hunk of ass and getting his rocks off royal, stroking all that smooth flesh and watching her go crazy underneath, throwing her blonde-haired head from side to side.

Tony Duncan really wasn't all that great. Sure, he had good looks, with that red hair and massive chest, muscular and hairy arms and a good height. Average. And that son of a bitch liked to wear his pants tight, because his prick and balls were bulging out like a pile of boulders. Well, ain't he proud of himself, hung like a garden hose.

Ron knew that even if he didn't have as big a cock as Tony did, he still could fuck circles around him. Ron had muscle control and could keep himself from shooting his wad a lot longer than Tony probably could.

Kathy was laughing and pulling Tony toward the front door of the apartment house. He was letting her drag him, grinning at the same time because he knew once they closed the door, he'd get to fuck her.

That dude had it made, but Ron knew something he was going to pull off with such ease that Tony Duncan wouldn't know what happened.

Yep, everything was planned down to the last detail. He had worked on it for two weeks, thinking out all the flaws and finding an answer for them all. In about three hours, Tony would have to leave to go to work since he worked nights on Thursdays. This, he had discovered after watching them for so long.

After he left, Ron would pay Kathy a little visit and sit for a while. She was through for the day after two in the afternoon and usually sat home watching TV, then he'd start pouring it on and tell her how great he could fuck and give head and that his girl friends loved every minute of it. He'd keep at it and emphasize he had the best cock, and while he was saying all this, Kathy had started getting hot in her pants and her lips would get all juiced up and she'd be practically begging for it. She would want to fuck so bad that she'd jump on him and stuff it in her mouth and down her throat and milk him dry.

Sure, he could get her to do it. He saw the way she ate up Tony's prick like it was T-bone steak, and any broad that loved it that much would get it any way she could. And Ron would only be too happy to whip his cock out and let her suck on it.

Of course, there was only one thing left that he had to consider, although he doubted it would happen: that she wouldn't go through with it. But he had a way to fix that cunt's wagon if she pulled that shit on him.

He had had his eye on that snatch for a few months now, and only until now did he have the guts to go and do it. But his cock kept bending in his pants and he knew if he didn't give it a little stretch, he'd crack up.

So, raping her wouldn't be that bad. And after he was done squirting his last drop into her twat, she'd be so happy that she'd get down on her knees and give his cock the best treatment he'd had in years.

Kathy and Tony disappeared into the building. It was a quarter to three. He pushed his pictures back into his envelope and waited.

Ron had been right about how badly Kathy wanted that large piece of meat hanging between Tony's legs, and it took all she had to keep her eyes off of it. That prick gave her more pleasure than the whole slew of cocks she had fucked before.

She remembered meeting him at the hospital. He had broken his leg and had it in a cast, but his prick couldn't have been in better condition. The minute she stepped into the room, he winked at her and his cock got stiff and poked through the sheets.

"Mr. Duncan, I do think there are problems on the rise," she diagnosed.

"So why don't you patch things up, doctor?" he told her, throwing the sheet off and revealing his enormous joint, packed with pure-beef.

She smiled and licked her lips. "Well, like they say, it takes two hands to handle a whopper..."

She closed the door and made sure it was locked. Then she got on top of the bed and crawled between his legs, which he happily spread open wide for her. The thick cock pointed upward and bobbed slightly. She licked the hole on the tip of the head, then slid her whole mouth down onto it, taking every one of the nine inches.

"Oh Christ, baby! Uh..." he jerked his body up so that he could force more cock down her throat, all of which she gulped down easily and hungrily.

"Slurp!" She went at it, sucking harder and harder and licking anxiously down the shaft while she played with his balls in her hands. They were big, too, and one of them took up most of the space in her hand. She stroked his pubic hair softly, and ran her hands down his furry legs, groaning in satisfaction as she did so. She squeezed one lightly, and he showed her how much he loved it... loved it.

"Damn... shoot it in my mouth, baby!" she begged him. "Make it come now. I want that load in me."

"You can have it, doll!" He kept thrusting his meat further into her throat. "Eat it all up! I want you to take it all!"

She nodded and continued to give him the blow-job.

Kathy took her index finger and inserted it into his ass quickly. Tony jumped, at first from surprise, then jerked his cock even faster in and out of her. He worked hurriedly, enjoying what she was doing, and she was taking in all she could. She took it out for a minute and started to lick his nuts. He went wild.

"Kiss 'em baby, or you don't get any cum!"

"Yes!" She tongued his balls feverishly. She loved it all. She kissed them, sucked on them, held them, even bit them gently, just enough for him to like it.

And he loved it, Christ did he love it.

"Now put it back in your mouth and suck it!" He ordered.

Eagerly, she stuffed his cock back in and blew hard. His cock was so big, but felt good in her mouth. It was plump and curved a little bit and was real long. She liked the smell and taste of his prick as it slid in and out of her throat. Then she felt him shaking and some hot fluid was pumping fast, squirting between her teeth and shooting into her throat.

"Here comes the parting of the red-sea!" he said.

His body trembled and jolted with each shot of cum that erupted from the head of his rod. His prick thumped as it squirmed out, spitting violently into her. He held her head still to make sure she swallowed every drop of his cum, but he didn't have to worry because she wanted it to the last ounce.

Then he let her go and she watched his cock shrivel up into a limp mound of lifeless meat.

Kathy always remembered that day. And she never set her lips on anybody else's cock, either, because Tony had all she wanted, and they didn't cum any better than that.

She closed the door to her apartment and switched on the fan. "Shit, it's so fucking hot in this dump."

"You're always hot, kid," he laughed.

She put her hand on his crotch. "How can I help it when I get prime rib for such a reasonable price."

She stroked the bone between his legs that was poking his pants out.

"Steady, baby," he grinned, wrapping his muscular, hairy arms around her. "There's plenty of time."

"I can't wait," she whispered and climbed onto his lap, sitting on the rigid cock and rubbing it with her twat. "Love that meat. Best thing that ever happened to me."

Swiftly, she unbuckled his pants. He was getting excited and held her close, pushing her large tits into his face. He unbuttoned her blouse, but practically tore her zipper down.

She felt the stiff cock in her hands and touched it lovingly, moving her hand on his red hairs at the base and holding his rocks. He got her jeans open, finally, and permitted her to guide the prick into her juicy pussy. She was still sitting on his lap, but pushing herself up and down on it, thrusting her tits and hard nipples into his mouth. He licked and sucked on them and squeezed her ass hard.

"Oh baby... keep it hard... I want it all... ALL!" she begged him. "I'm gonna fuck you dry, you bastard! I'll milk every drop from your meat."

"And you're gonna get everything," he pulled her roughly down onto the thick shaft of beef. "You won't be able to cross your legs for a week without smiling and it hurting at the same time."

"What a stud... fuck me good, Goddamn it! Oh... it feels so good in me... Jesus Christ..."

He held her ass tight and bucked wildly, shoving his stiff joint into her watering cunt. He loved the way she was getting off on his hard, hairy body, digging the nine inches of cock he plowed up into her cunt and wanting more. She was jumping on it now, panting.

"Jesus... baby, oh baby... fuck me good... I love your meat... it takes up my whole cunt... no room left to breathe... yes..." She fucked faster.

He groaned as he felt her pussy-juices dripping lightly onto his balls. Yeah, she was a horny bitch, all right. Fucking like an animal. And all he was doing was sitting down and she was doing all the humping. Christ...

"Come on, babe!" He gripped her ass. "Make me cum... shove your pussy down harder! Suck it all up and into that hole of yours..."

"Give it to me, you son of a bitch... give me all of that cock and cum... pump it all into me..."

She pushed a nipple into his mouth and made him suck on it. He bit it lightly, then licked around it until it got stiff.

"Bite it!" she screamed. "Bite it hard!"

He did. She cried out, but she wanted him to keep doing it. She thrust it into his mouth even deeper, all the while fucking him as fast as she could. The rigid prick was stuffed so far into her twat she thought it was going to break through her wall and bust an organ.

She didn't care, because it was fantastic, the way his cock moved in her, like a piston, in and out. It was as if they were Siamese Twins, joined by the prick and pussy, and that she would always have to stay sitting on top of him, fucking him for the rest of her life. If only she could.

"Cum in me!" she screamed. "Cum in me, baby, now! I want you to shoot it all into me... cum!"

"Here it comes, baby!" He held onto her ass tight and aimed. "You have to take every drop!"

He felt his load come pumping out of his cock like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed, the whole load squirting thickly into her hot cunt. She shivered and shook and smiled, holding him tight by the ass, making sure she could get all of it into her pussy. The load kept coming out of him and going into her.

"Yes, Christ, yes..." she yelled. "I want all of it..."

"You've got no choice, baby," he screamed as his cum drained out of him and still shot into her.

At last, all of it was pumped into her and he let her go. She fell next to him, breathing hard and closing her eyes, smiling with satisfaction. He had made her cum five times. His mighty cock had made her get off five times in a row, a nonstop trip.

When she opened her eyes, she saw him lying there, also with his eyes shut. Then she looked down and saw some cum at the tip of his prick that hadn't completely shot into her. What a waste, she thought, bending over it and lapping the last few drops. She hated to waste anything that she could use, and Christ, she could use it.

"Yummy..." She tasted his cum, then swallowed.

He looked at her and pulled her up into his arms. She brought her lips to his mouth and pushed his tongue into it. He could taste his own cum still in her mouth. What the fuck, it was his own. He sucked on her tongue for a while, then let her go.

She watched him disappointedly as he dressed.

"You're not going to go now?" she asked.

"Have to, baby. Got to work, make bread for me and you."

She reached out and grabbed his cock, even though it was zipped in his pants. "Well, you can go, but leave this here. I want to keep it all the time. I love your prick."

He grinned. "You can have it tonight after work. I'll be back at twelve-thirty and we can fuck our brains out."


She made him keep his word.

He showed her how stiff he got. "I promise. And so does he."

When he finished dressing, she went up to kiss him on the lips, then bent down to kiss the bulge in his pants. "I'll miss you... both of you."

"Well miss you, too," he laughed.

As Tony walked out of her apartment and down the hall, he saw Ron Cameron just entering his apartment. He stopped and wondered if that crazy kid was listening to them a while ago? Who the fuck cared anyway, he just wanted to see what all the shouting was about.

Crazy kid, Tony thought, then left.

Chapter TWO

Loretta Christine sat in the living room of her spacious home, reading a copy of Playgirl and Viva and getting herself extremely horny. It had been a pain in the ass to buy them at the store, because after all, she was the wife of Richard Christine, celebrated socialite and heir to a vast fortune left by his father, the famous William Christine.

But who was to say rich broads don't get hot when they see pictures of cocks and balls? She certainly did, and her mouth watered at the sight of a particular one that was almost twelve inches long and his rocks were the size of tennis balls. The thought of licking that cock made her pussy water.

When she heard her husband, Richard, coming down the stairs, she quickly slid the magazines under the couch and straightened her slouched figure. Richard would have made such a scene if he'd seen her drooling over those pictures, saying she acted like a child and had to be treated as one.

Fuck him, she thought. He never got a hard-on, and they hardly every fucked and if she ever suggested that he eat her out or give him a blow-job, she'd get laughed at.

But then she thought of what would happen tonight and she smiled with pleasure. Two things would occur that would ultimately change her boring marriage and her life.

First of all, she would be with Eric, and that alone made the difference. Eric was everything Richard was not: he had a big, stiff prick and was proud to use it. He had a tongue that drove her cunt crazy, and hands that knew how to finger her pussy. She loved to touch him, to put her hands on his cock, to feel the hair on his arms, chest and back of his neck.

Eric was three years older than she was, which made him thirty-two. He was divorced when he was thirty, but the reasons couldn't have been a deficient sex life, for he had a constant hard-on. His cock was always poking through his pants every time he saw her, and she couldn't wait until she slipped out of the house and away from Richard so they could get the hell out of their clothes and fuck until the cows came home.

Richard never suspected she was seeing Eric, but it didn't matter, because the second thing that would happen tonight would take care of all the future worrying. For good.

Whether Richard had noticed it or not, yet, Loretta had hired a new maid, Elsa, and with intentions other than cleaning services.

Elsa was a whore and Loretta bought her from some private hustling agency that dealt exclusively with business relationships. Loretta gave her a maid's uniform and told her exactly what she wanted her to do: seduce her husband. And since Elsa had such big tits, long red hair and was extremely sexy, Loretta knew her plan would not fail.

Elsa would be fucking Richard for a period of two weeks, all the while keeping up her pretense that she was an innocent maid, until she persuaded Richard to divorce Loretta and marry her. And when the divorce papers were final, Elsa would split and that would be that. Of course, if Richard refused to divorce Loretta, Loretta could always "manage" to catch Elsa and him fucking their guts out and dump him on an adultery charge.

Richard came up behind her and kissed her properly on the cheek. Asshole can't even give her one on the lips, she thought. Maybe he was afraid he'd pop his cork all over the new plush carpeting they had had installed.

"I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris, darling," he told her.

"I'm sure I will," she smiled, thinking how dumb he was to fall for the "Paris trip" again. All she was going to do was to be driven to the airport, wave him off then take a taxi to Eric's apartment. Richard made things so easy for her, not having time to take transatlantic calls from Paris, even though he could afford them.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to go to the airport with you," he announced. "I have an urgent business meeting to attend this evening. I'm leaving now. Have a good time, dear."

She gave him the traditional peck on the cheek and kept the smile on her face until he disappeared out the door. Stupid asshole, she sneered. So Goddamn stupid it was pathetic. He was blind not to see what she was doing, and he deserved everything she'd do to him.

She lay back on the couch, grabbed the Playgirl and Viva from under it. She turned to the page she liked so much. She stared at the picture of the man with the long, limp cock, standing next to a tree. She laughed to herself. His cock sure wasn't a stump, that's for sure. Pure one-hundred percent, home-grown beef. And the hair that was around his cock... all brown and fuzzy.

Um... she loved the times when she gave head to Eric and got some hair in her mouth. It tasted pretty good and, along with the flavor of his seasoned meat, it was like bread and butter, or peaches and cream. Well, for her, it was cock and hair. Or cock and balls. Yes, she liked them, too. Christ, she loved everything about men.

She loved to fuck and suck, and Eric could agree to that. All her life, she was told how wrong it was, that sex was bad, fucking was terrible and a blow-job was out of the question. Now, she could care less, because she couldn't seem to get enough cock.

Now the picture of the guy with the big cock and nuts was making her horny and she knew if she didn't cum in a minute, she'd go crazy. She went up to her room and unlocked her secret drawer. Inside, she had a vibrator, the one she bought through the mail and had delivered to some phony address, usually a home that was unoccupied because the people had gone on vacation. It was light and very satisfactory, and got a lot of use for the few dollars she paid for it.

She laid the magazines on the bed, hiked up the negligee she had been wearing around the house and spread her legs. The vibrator was plugged in the socket next to the bed and before she knew it, she was guiding it toward her hungering pussy.

"Yeah... that's it..." she cried out as it touched her clit and buzzed it to life. "Oh Jesus Christ! Yes... yes... don't stop!"

She thought of the picture of the man, the one with the huge prick and balls and imagined that he was between her legs and eating her cunt out. Yes... that felt good. She could call him Eric, since all her imaginary lovers were all Eric. She never told him that, for she'd been embarrassed.

The twitching of the vibrator was like Eric's tongue, licking up all the cunt-juices that came spilling out. Eat it all up, Eric, eat me! Suck on the clit. Lap up that juice. Yes, yes, you beautiful stud.

She could feel the hair of Eric's arms rub against her legs and inner thighs and that made her even more horny. It made her want to fuck. Shit, she was hotter than a son of a bitch, and she wanted his cock shoved up her muff. Please, Eric, put that sausage into my hole.

The vibrator hummed softly. She guided it up and down her cunt. Shit, he had the best tongue. He would make her cum, he always did. Sometimes, he didn't even have to try, because the minute that prick struck home, she climaxed.

"Baby... Jesus Christ... baby! Do it... fuck me, honey, shove it in hard... do it again..."

She brought the vibrator around her clit and down into the hole and pushed it in. The juices came pouring out and dripped all over the bedspread, staining it. She didn't give a fuck. Her cunt was real wet, not just moist or damp, but fucking flooded. And that vibrator was doing its work all right. It was making her excited and it would have her dripping before long.

"Eric... I want to suck that meat! I'm gonna suck it to the bristles and bite it a little bit. It's harder than a bone... I need it in me... got to fuck me... baby... want you to kill me with that thing!"

She could almost feel his hard cock in her wet cunt, pounding it roughly into her and making her happy. She wanted to hump that prick so bad, but the vibrator was doing it for her. At first, it tickled a little bit, then that tickling made her wetter until she could practically taste the load in her mouth, the hammering of his cock, the licking of her cunt. Yeah.

She felt it on the way, and she was helpless. "OH MY GOD... I WANNA FUCK AND SUCK SOME MORE... NOT YET... SHIT!"

She dropped the vibrator on the floor, panting heavily. Her orgasm was great, and maybe, even too great at that. It was six o'clock and she would have to be at Eric's apartment at seven-thirty.

Carefully, she picked up the vibrator, put it back in the drawer and locked it. Then she remembered the magazines and put them in the drawer, too. For five days, she wouldn't need either of them; Eric's cock, she would.

Richard Christine did not really have a business meeting to go to, but had put on dark glasses, and attended an X-rated movie. It might have seemed a little silly of him, at least to Loretta, for having to do so, but then again, Loretta hadn't taken any particular interest in their sex life. Shit, he would have loved to fuck her all the time, but she seemed so reserved, so conservative that she might think he was a raving animal if he even suggested it.

She didn't even respond to him during the seldom times they had fucked, and that made it even more boring for him. He could tell Loretta didn't like fucking and sucking at all. She hadn't even shown an interest in it on their wedding night. Well, he didn't know he was marrying a prude, or a frigid broad. Shit... it made him mad that she was so cold, but that was why he liked to watch X-rated movies. He got his rocks off that way.

He sat in the darkness, watching a twenty-foot long prick unzip from, some blue jeans and shove its way into a ten-foot long cunt. He felt his cock get hard in his pants. Then there was groaning.

"Baby... fuck me, baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" the girl screamed at the top of her lungs.

"You're gonna get this cock up your ass, doll," he told her and thrust it in her asshole.

"No, it hurts, babe, don't fuck me that way, it hurts!" She was twisting, trying to get free.

"No chance, doll," he told her, as he kept fucking her ass. "I'm gonna shoot my load in your ass whether you like it or not. And you'll like it, 'cause I'll make you."

"Uh, Christ, no stop, it hurts, baby! You're hurting me that way..." she begged, squirming, but he held her by the waist and hammered his cock into her rear as hard as he could, taking long, deep strokes, pumping it as far in as he could.

She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. "I can't stand it another minute."

"Don't you love it, baby?" he asked her as he fucked his into her. "Don't you want more? Tell me."

"You bastard, son of a bitch asshole!" she screamed. "Stop it, it's going right through me!"

"Come on, honey, come on..." he groaned, pounding it harder and harder.

Richard was surprised he found himself holding his cock, which he quickly unzipped from his pants, and began jerking off. It made him hot to watch this stuff. But he liked it, loved it all. He rubbed faster and faster.

"Oh, baby, hurry up and cum," she begged him. "Hurry up, it hurts..." She was wiggling her ass as he fucked her.

"Damn... I'm gonna cum, doll, and you're gonna take it up your ass. All that cum."

"Hurry," she screamed. "Hurry!"

"Cunt, there's no way you can get out of this!" His balls shook and he thrust his cock into her a final time so it could empty itself out. There was so much cum in her that it came dripping out of her ass and down her legs, although he wasn't through pumping all he had into her. "You fucking bitch, you wanted to fuck so bad..." He fell over and let her go.

Richard jumped when he felt his own gooey cum running down his fingers and onto his trousers. Shit, brand new double-knit suit that cost him a hundred bucks. Fuck it. This was great stuff he was watching, and worth the money. He zipped it back in and started to munch on the popcorn he bought until he found that some of the cum had shot into the box and mixed with the stuff. He tossed the box to the side.

As he walked home later, when the movie was over, for he dared not hail a taxi and reveal where he had been, he thought about his wife, Loretta, that fucking cunt. She had the balls (and he hoped, then again, she hadn't) to deprive him of fucking except for once in a great while, and then, not even that.

She was a cold bitch, uptight, just like her mother, who was an even bigger cunt. If only he had married some broad who was after his money, he would have gotten a pretty good piece of ass out of the deal. Loretta was already rich when he had met her. He was an asshole to think he was in love with her to get married.

When he got back to the palatial estate, a looming fortress surrounded by an electric fence, he went to that one room in his house, his own private one, which had held his entire and extensive pornography collection.

He had everything in it: 8mm stag flicks, peep shows, snapshots, colored plates, vibrators, whips, black panties and bra, Japanese balls that women can insert in their cunts and have multi-orgasms called Ben-Wa Balls, French ticklers, plastic and rubber ladies, plastic and rubber cunts and tits that you can suck on. All this, a treasury of gimmicks and perversions that were hidden from everyone, to be used for his own private enjoyment.

He flipped through the pages of Screw and Penthouse. He was aware that his prick was peeking through his pants and that he would have to jack off so he could get rid of it. That was how he was able to endure his marriage to Loretta. But pulling his prick wasn't that bad. And anyway, with his name, it would be hard to get a mistress and not complicate things.

As Richard unzipped his pants, someone said, "Here, let me help you." He turned to see it was Elsa, the new maid Loretta had hired last week or so.

He pulled his zipper back up and blushed. SHIT! He thought everybody was gone and here this little cunt was here.

"I... I was just fixing my zipper... it was caught on something."

"Of course," she reached out and held it in her hands, his cock getting bigger and heavier. "THIS was caught in it."

Elsa had the biggest tits he had ever seen. And the long red hair... and the small waist... and the nice, long legs and the snatch in the center of it all. His prick became very stiff. Yeah, he was ready to give her some fucking action...

He lifted Elsa onto the table in his room and spread her legs. Ah, beaver. Beautiful. He pulled his fly down again and yanked out his fat dick.

When he pushed her dress up, he found she had no panties on.

"What a... muff. Oh baby, are you going to get it tonight," he told her and shoved his cock into her box and hammered it in hard. Shit, was he going to make her cum, the bitch, and she'd love it, every minute, because he had so much fucking cum in his balls that he'd plug her cunt up for weeks.

"Uh! Give it to me baby, that's it... don't stop, please!" she screamed, pushing her pussy against his prick. Yeah, she dug it all right.

"You're gonna cum good, doll," he promised, jerking his cock into her more and more, then reaching for the long dildo on the shelf. He brought it up to her ass. "Here's where you get the shaft."

He shoved the dildo up into her ass and pumped it in and out, in and out.

"Oh... Christ... baby, baby!" she groaned, smiling, her eyes closed. "You're gonna make me cum like a hot bitch. Yes, yes... yes -- please keep doing it!"

He could feel the dildo rubbing against his cock. Shit, it was the thickest erection he had, almost two inches in diameter, and she wanted more. Well, whatever the chick wanted, she'd get.

"Baby, you're gonna make me cum until I can't stand it!" she cried and shook until he felt like he was going to cum with her. But no, he'd hold on and let her cum again and again before he'd shoot his load.


"I'm not letting you off that easy, baby," he moaned. "You're gonna keep cumin' until I say 'when'."

"Oh, you bastard," she laughed, digging her pussy into his cock even more. "You beautiful, hard stud. Fuck me good!"

He was getting tired of standing up while she was sitting during their fucking. He decided that he was going to change a few things around so that they'd both be comfortable. He pulled his cock out of her.

"Oh no, baby, don't take it out," she moaned. "Leave it in. I can't stand it out of me! It has to stay in!"

"Relax," he told her and sat down on the furry rug near the large window.

"I love this dildo," she told him, pointing to the one he had been shoving up her ass, and began licking it, from side to side. "Um, you sure know how to pick them."

"I got a better idea," he told her, pulling her down with him. He took the dildo and pounded it into her watering pussy, in and out. Then he pushed her head down to his cock. "Suck on it, baby. You're getting it two ways now."

"Yes," she whimpered and stuffed his prick into her mouth. "Oh yes, I want to suck on it. And kiss your balls. You got the best I've ever had, Goddamn it!" She started blowing it. "Slurp. Um! Slurp-slurp! Yummy!"

"That's it, baby," he told her. "Suck it all up. Eat that joint. Give it all you got, 'cause you're gonna get all the cum I got in me. And you'll be begging for more."

"Yes, I want this whole fucking thing!" She couldn't get enough of it, sliding her mouth down on it and sucking it all up. She'd make him cum good, and he was making her feel fantastic. That dildo. Oh...

"Shove that thing in me harder!" she told him. "All the way!"

But it's fifteen inches long.

"I don't care! I want that all up my ass! Feels great!"

"You asked for it, baby," he told her and pushed it in deep.

She jerked her body. "Hot damn! More, you bastard! More!"

He shoved it in deeper. "Keep blowing, babe. You'll get it all!"

She sucked his prick harder. "Um... slurp sip... sip... slurp!"

He finally got all the dildo in her ass, every one of the fifteen inches. She was working faster, swallowing his cock as far as she could, then licking up and down the shaft.

Richard couldn't even guess how she was breathing, but he didn't care because she was giving him the best blow-job he ever had.

"GODDAMN... baby, baby!" he told her. "Christ, you've got a great tongue!"

The dildo slipped a little out of her ass. He was fingering her clit while he was pumping that long, thick dildo into her ass. Yeah, she loved that thing, could take all she wanted. And she kept cumming like a son of a bitch, shaking and thumping and screaming, and still slurping up his meat.

"Christ, I'm gonna cum," he told her. "Keep sucking it, baby, 'cause I'm gonna shoot every drop into that fucking mouth of yours, and you're gonna drink it up, too."

"Yeah, babe!" She nodded. She lip-sucked hungrily on the thick cock. Even if she didn't want to swallow it, she had no choice. Since he was bent over her the way he was, Elsa was in no position to slide away from him and leave him hanging. His prick was rammed too far into her throat and his arms were around her. She knew she was helpless to do anything but what he commanded.

"Oh Jesus," he yelled. "Uh... I'M CUMING HERE IT CUMS... JESUS CHRIST!"

His load pumped heavily into her mouth, all that jism that built up in his balls. The wad was emptying in her mouth and she gulped it down as fast as she swallowed his cock.

She wanted that cum, and in fact, she loved drinking it. Well, it was hers, that milky jism was hers to taste.

He didn't know where she was going to store it all, but it kept squirting out of his prick and blowing into her mouth and down her throat. Shit, he didn't know he had that much in there. But he was relieving himself of it the best way he could.

That fucking little cunt, the one that barged in on him while he was looking at his porno collection, deserved getting fucked in the mouth and having to drink all that cum. He didn't care if Loretta found out because he could always say the maid was lying and they could always fire her. Hell, she gave one hell of a blow-job. He might keep her on the side to give him some head when he needed it, like today. She was the best thing he did today.

"Uh..." The last few shots of cum came out of him and into her. "Oh baby, that was great. You were great."

She sat back and smiled. "I'm glad you liked it. And if you're ready for seconds..."

"Fuck, no," he laughed. "You milked me dry. For the time being, that is. Maybe later." He stopped, then asked, "What were you doing up here? This is my own private room and nobody is allowed in."

Elsa squirmed. "When I saw you come home, I wanted to talk to you," she explained. "You see, from the time I started working for you, I've been hot for that piece of meat hanging between your legs. You may not have noticed, but that's how I get my kicks. And I wanted to try it out for size."

"Well, as they say, one size fits all."

She nodded. "I hope you won't say anything to Mrs. Christine about the awful way I've been acting. I just had to do it, though. I've wanted your cock in my mouth so bad that one night, I went into the bathroom, locked myself in and jacked off with the shower hose."

"The shower hose?"

She nodded again. "I was afraid to use my vibrator because it hums too loud, and I didn't want anyone to find my dildo, so I figured that I could get away using the shower hose. It's so easy. I just turn it on lukewarm, spread my legs, and let the water pour against my clit. It gets hard pretty quick and I'm cuming in no time flat. It's very convenient, but it uses up a hell of a lot of warm water."

"You won't need that fucking hose any more," he reassured her. "As long as I'm around."

"Good. It's okay, the shower hose, but nothing beats hard flesh and blood."

"Any time you feel like you have to suck some cock, my meat is available to you, baby. And the same goes for me. When I want a piece of ass, and especially a nice warm cunt to lap up, I'll know where to find it. Right, doll?"

"Yes," she nodded. "I liked your sausage better than some of those young studs. You can keep it up just great. Some of those guys shoot their pudding two seconds after they're in. There's nothing a girl loves more than an experienced dick. It's no fun when the guy cums right away and leaves us horny cunts hanging by our pussy hairs." She reached down and fondled his cock. "But this fine specimen of meat deserves a congressional medal. It has a lot of kick-back power."

"That twat of yours wasn't bad, either," he said. "Watered off enough juice for an army. Your pussy sure stores up a lot of cum."

She got up and slipped back into her maid uniform. "Time to get dinner ready. It's almost seven-thirty. You're probably hungry."

"Ha," he laughed. "Seems like I've been eating all day."

Chapter THREE

When Loretta Christine arrived at Eric Taylor's apartment, she found him asleep with the television on and dressed only in his jockey shorts. She smiled wickedly to herself, staring straight at the delicious mound of meat that lay between his legs beneath those shorts. His head of brown hair was resting on the back of the chair and his eyes were shut serenely.

Quietly, she placed his apartment key into her purse and laid it on a lamp table, then she got on her knees between his hairy legs. Yes, she thought, he was asleep. But not for long.

Softly, she pulled down his shorts and managed to get his cock out without waking him. Then, without losing a moment, she slid down on it and sucked it to her heart's content.

"Mmm..." She licked it tenderly.

Eric stirred. "W-what..." He was starting to open his eyes. "Christ, Loretta... Jesus..." He put his head back and smiled in bliss.

She took his prick out of her mouth and said, "Who the hell were you expecting, you bastard?"

He grinned. "You, of course. I knew it was you, anyway. I know what your tongue feels like."

She got up and stared down at him. Jesus, she wanted to screw him so bad, he made her so hot. But not yet. She didn't want to rush things, especially since she would have him all to herself for five days, five days of fucking and sucking. And Christ, she wanted all he had.

Eric sat up a bit, his prick falling back into his jockey shorts, then grinned. "Can't seem to get enough, can you, Loretta?"

"You think you're the only stud I want to make it with?" she sneered. "What makes you think you've got the best?"

He laughed. "Shit, baby, I can fuck you any time."

"Oh yeah?" She got mad. "You're full of shit, you mother-fucker!"

Actually, she was getting so wet that her panties were slipping beneath the skirt she was wearing, but if he knew that, he'd only tease her more. That fucking bastard! He was always right! He knew she loved his cock and couldn't keep her hands off it.

He got up and tried to put his arms around her. "Come here, baby." He pressed his muscular chest up to her tits. The nipples were hard.

"Now, now," she warned him. "Don't get excited, don't get excited."

"How can I help it when I'm looking at you?" His crotch rubbed against hers. She could feel a large bulge jabbing into her.

"Ohh," she purred.

"I can't wait any more," he breathed loudly. "I've got to have it now."

"Don't you want to talk first?"

He pulled his shorts down.

"Pump you first, conversation later," he groaned.

She couldn't wait herself. His cock was growing and growing and it was making her hornier than hell. She unzipped her skirt and slipped out of her panties as quickly as she could. Her silk blouse came off with ease and, in seconds, she was naked. She gasped at the sensation of her soft, smooth body and furry crotch against his hairy, strong and hard body. She spread her legs and felt the juices drip like Niagara Falls.

"Gotta have 'em... gotta have 'em..." His breath became raspy.

"No!" She dragged his body on top of her, clamping her arms and legs around him like a vise. "You mustn't do anything. You can't fuck me..."

Her hand probed for his gigantic cock. Jesus, he had a big cock, she thought. A massive one.


He found her wet cunt dripping with pleasure, and he shoved his stiffened cock into her.

"OH!" She gritted her teeth and held the muscular body closer to her. "Baby, baby... fuck me... fuck me good..."

Eric took deep, slow strokes into her pulsating cunt. Jesus, she was moist. With each effort, she struggled like a blazing fire beneath him. His hands massaged the rock-hard nipples as she moaned.

Her legs wound about his thighs tightly, squeezing him and sucking his cock into her.

"Yes, shove that cock in!" She was on the edge of a blissful heaven. "Shoot your load in my twat. Dig into that pussy! Yes, yes, it's yours! Take it! Shoot your wad into it! Put that jism in!"

"Slut!" He jerked her body with each pumping. "I'm gonna fuck your ass off! I'm gonna shoot so much fucking jism in you that it's gonna come out of your ears!"

"Don't stop, you thick stud, don't stop!" She writhed in pain. Christ sake, his prick was so big. She judged him to be about ten inches long. God, what a prick! He could use that meat!

His hands dug into her furry patch of pubic hair. It was soft and wispy and ran through his fingers like gentle feathers.

He pulled his dick out of her cunt and brought his face to her watering pussy. "I'm gonna eat some cunt!" he insisted. "I'm gonna eat it dry!"

"Yes! Yes!" she urged him. "Gobble those juices. Eat it! Eat me! Eat me! Eat me! Lick it good! Lick the cobwebs out of it! Eat me!"

She couldn't stand it any more. His tongue was like a vibrating prick. It teased at her clit. She was going nuts with what he was doing. Her legs wrapped around his head, but then another idea came into her head.

Loretta roped for the meat that hung between his legs. "I wan to suck that cock! I want those balls in my mouth! Whip it out, baby!"

She shoved his prick down her throat.

"That's it, suck on that rod! Play with those nuts! Eat that cock up, Loretta eat it up! Suck the shit out of it! Swallow that jism! I'm gonna shoot my wad in your mouth!"

"MMM," she gurgled, struggling to keep his thick hose in her mouth, but it was too damn big and kept sliding out. "Your cock is so hard and long. What a cock! Let me eat it, please, let me eat it!"

"Lick those nuts! Kiss them! Kiss my rocks, baby! Put them in your mouth and suck them! Jesus, what a blow-job!"

"I love it, I love it!" She licked the hardened shaft. "Any chick that tries to gulp that down would get lock-jaw!"

Eric threw Loretta on her back and plunged his cock into her cunt, pumping it into her.

She cried out. Her hands pressed down on his ass, hoping to shove the cock into her even more. He helped her lift her legs and supported them on his shoulders as the blood-gorged cock banged into her.









Eric pulled out and fell next to her, breathing harshly. Loretta still vibrated from her fantastic orgasm, rolling on her ass. Her eyes were closed and she moved her head from side to side, catching her breath.

"Oh, you fantastic hunk of cock!" she sighed.

"You still have the fastest pussy in the West!" he complimented her.

"Thank God you're not the fastest shot in the West. It would be too damn depressing."

"I dig your cunt, baby. You make me feel good."

She sat up and smiled at him. "Did you get your rocks off good?"

"Did I? Shit, baby, you're the best."

She lit a cigarette and watched the smoke as she blew it out. "I have a surprise, baby."

"Yeah?" He sat up and stroked her hairy box.

"I think I'll be getting divorced from Richard after all," she said. "And I have the perfect way of doing it, and still get a sizable amount of money out of the deal so we can live great for the rest of our fucking lives."

"How?" He darted his fingers into her pussy, which made her shiver with delight. "How are you going to pull it off?"

"Easy, baby. I went over to Madame Ling's a few weeks ago and picked up a whore. Expensive little piece, but she'll be very helpful."

"A whore?"

"For Richard. Only he doesn't know she's a whore. I told her exactly what I want her to do: fuck the shit out of him. She'll give him the best piece of ass he'll ever know, and he'll think that she's hung up on him and, knowing Richard, that asshole, he'll feel guilty and want the divorce. That way, I get every penny. And that stupid fucking piece of shit gets nothing but the shaft from that slut. Easy, huh?"

"And what if he doesn't want to divorce you and keep her on the side?"

"Then I'll arrange to find those lovebirds fucking their brains out at the right time and sue him for adultery. Nice, eh?"

"Loretta, you're a bitch." She smiled sweetly. "I know."

Chapter FOUR

Jay Lawrence carried Anne Harlow Lawrence through the threshold and deposited her sexy and horny body on the couch.

She couldn't believe they were finally married; she, the very black model of Miss Hall's Agency, and he, the very black insurance investigator. Who would have thought they'd finally tie the knot after all the, hounding and trouble Jay's ex-girl friend, the very black Dawn Sands, had stirred up. Anne hated that fucking bitch with a passion, and now, with Jay her husband, she wouldn't have to worry any more.

"Damn, but I got a hard-on already!" he chuckled. "No wonder it's so easy on your wedding night: you don't have to worry about getting it up and making sure it stays up."

"That's my job," Anne winked, kissing his chocolate face. "To make sure it stays up, I better get down on it."

Jay hurried out of his clothes. He wanted to shove his black cock into her cunt so bad that he could feel the beads of cum at the tip of it. And Anne knew that with his huge dick she may end up doing a little pole-vaulting tonight.

"I can tell the atmosphere is all set for sex," she whispered. "All I've heard on the way up here has been moaning and groaning in this apartment building. What did you say it was called?"

"Mad-hatter Place. And well-named. Talk about weirdo's. There's Ron Cameron on the second floor, a horny little bastard. He's got a different girl in his room every night. And down the hall, there's Kathy Phillips, a physical therapist at the hospital; she's got her boy friend, Tony, over three times a day. And one thing's for damn sure, they ain't playing checkers. And on the fourth floor, there's Eric Taylor, who's a writer, who keeps some rich broad on the side. I don't know who she is, but I can tell she's loaded because of the furs she's got on her back. Pretty young, though. When she comes over, his door doesn't open for days."

Anne giggled. "How do you know all this?"

"I'm an investigator," he laughed back. "It's my business to be observant. There are a few other sickies, but why bother going into it? This is our wedding night."

"I don't see what makes them weirdo's or sickies. They sound like average, normal, sex-crazy people to me," she said, then disappeared into the bathroom and took her pill before they got the show on the road.

When she stepped out, she saw Jay lying flat on the bed, naked, with his cock sticking up in the air, hard as a rock. She licked her lips and bent over him to do her own investigating. Getting up on the bed, she stood over him and smiled down.

"Can I do anything for you, sir?" she asked.

"Get your ass down here and sit on this so I can fuck you."

She lowered herself onto him, holding his prick and guiding him so she could push it into her cunt straight.

"Oh Jay..." She trembled as it slid into her wet cunt, watching his black meat disappear into her hole. Then she started to move her hips, back and forth, so his cock slipped in and out of her pussy.

Suddenly, Jay drew back and rammed his prick into her roughly. She whimpered as he thrust it in, violently.

"Ride it, baby, ride that cock," he told her.

"Oh shit! You mother fucker!" she yelled as he fucked her. It was only the third time Jay fucked her, but she knew that black men, and especially well-hung black men, could drive their women nuts in bed.

"Come on, baby. Swear at me!"

"No... no, I can't..."

"Cuss, you bitch, use all those fucking four-lettered words..."

"Fuck me..."


"Suck my clit. Eat me."

"That's good. Keep going..."

"Screw me in the ass. Let me blow your joint. Piss in my muff. Jack off in me. Cum on my tits."

"Great, honey..."

He suddenly shot his cum into her hole, and he swore at himself for shooting his pudding before she did.

She felt the creamy jism plug up her box after a few squirts and used a few pieces of Kleenex to wipe most of it out. After she got all of it out, she stared at the cum, all juicy and drippy, floating in the tissues. Then, as hungry as she was for him, she lapped it up, licking the white jism from the Kleenex.

"Mmm..." She drooled over his load. "Could use some pepper, but it's out of this world."

When she was finished swallowing it, and thinking how much better it tasted with the pussy-juice mixed in, she tossed it away and lay next to him.

His cock was shriveled up and limp. "I'm sorry, baby. I thought I could keep it up longer... kind of jumped the gun."

"That's all right," she said, stroking his balls. "We'll wait a while and do it again."

It made him mad, but what could he do? He remembered that he could keep from cuming when he fucked Dawn, his old chick. He really grooved on how far he could go before she popped her cork. But he couldn't tell Anne that.

He liked the way she was touching his nuts. His limp dick moved a little bit, pulsating with each moment. Then it started to grow, and it got bigger and moved a little more, yawning to life, getting thicker and fatter and longer.

"Baby..." he whispered.

His joint kept growing, and growing and... finally, it pointed upward again, bending as she continued to feel his balls. She leaned over and licked them, which looked like little black golf balls, and his prick was a club. And everyone knows that the balls always end up in a hole...

"Lay back," he told her, and she spread her legs.

She thought he was going to shove it inside her cunt again, but instead, he put his face to her twat. "I'm gonna munch on some clit for a while." He had to make her cum now, and not take a chance at her getting off by his cock. His tongue would do the work.

He slurped up the juices that streamed out of her furry little pussy. Pulling back her cunt-lips and the black hairs that surrounded it, he found her clit and licked it. It was all red and juicy and watery down there. The meat in her cunt looked appetizing, but he had to get to work and not just stare at what he saw.

He sucked on her clit for a while, marveling at the tasty treat. Eating cunts was a specialty he loved to participate in. He'd lap up all that wetness for a few minutes, then he'd dunk his tongue into that hole where he stuffed his cock and drained her flooded little muff. Back to the clit, more licking action, and to cap the fine performance, make her cum like a horny slut.




Anne had such a nice hairy cunt. He was glad she didn't shave off her pussy hair because that was the best part about fucking, feeling your dick hair brush against her mound of cunt hair. It made him want to cum right now. And why not? He grabbed his cock and started to jack off while he grooved on her clit. He pumped himself hard.


"Don't whack off, baby," she told him, putting her hands out to stop him. "Let me suck it while you eat..."

"Yeah, baby!" He shoved his meat into her mouth and not losing a beat of his licking. "Suck me. Blow it good!"

Anne loved the 69 position. It gave her a good helping of cock and a good eating at that. The more excited she got, the hungrier she got, and the better she blew him.

"Don't stop, for Christ sakes, gulp that cock down," he ordered, shoving his face in her cunt and swallowing all the juice he could.

"Make me cum, honey, do it..."

"Jesus Christ, what a tongue."

"More, eat it more."

"Ahh... suck it harder, baby, harder..."

"Only if you'll lap it faster..."

"Yes, I love your cunt. It's great..."

"Eat all you want. Shut up and eat!"

She could tell he would shoot his pudding any moment, and that she'd cum at just about the same time. "I'm cuming, baby... hurry!"

"Hold on..."

"OH GOD... NO... NO... I CAN'T STOP!"


As he humped his load into her, he let go and let her fall and it sprayed all over her face. She liked the jism to shoot on her that way, and she smiled as he heaved each drop, lapping up what she could. And what did not drip down her face and into her mouth, she wiped it up with her fingers and licked it off them.

"Mmm... baby, I love the taste of your cum," she hummed. "It's got a nice salty, creamy taste to it. And your prick... so chunky, you'd be tempted to eat it with a fork!"

He laughed. "Eat hearty. And remember, there's always more where that came from."

She giggled. "Sure is finger-licking good."

Dawn Sands was sizzling mad in her apartment, brooding over the marriage of Jay and Anne. Fucking cheap slut stealing her man. Little bitch. She was gonna rip her tits out and use 'em as toilet paper to wipe her black ass with. Pull that shit on her, mother fucker. Bitch!

Jay was just as bad. He was a mean mother fucker for what he did. She knew that he liked black ass, and it was always Dawn's. He never went hunting for no other black bitch's. She had all he needed. And getting that little black whore to be his bride was his shitty little way of getting even with her for something. She didn't know what the hell she did, but he was paying her back all right.

Dawn thrust her plump chocolate tits up and swiveled her thick black thighs, altering the sexy position she was in.

Mother fucker, that dude was. A lousy, stinking half-ass mother fucker. And her ass was nice and lean and something he loved holding when he was pounding that cock of his in.

Jay was just pissed at her because every time he asked Dawn for a blow-job, she would gladly give it to him. IF he let her spit out his cum after he shot it in her mouth. SHEE-YIT!

She HATED the taste of cum. Christ, was it awful.

And he hated her when she did it, opening the car door and spitting it onto the street curb or running into the john and gargling with Listerine to get rid of the taste.

She even started to carry some candy with her, and that's when Jay finally drew the line. She either gulped it down, or that was it. She told him to kiss her ass and go fuck himself. He did the first, but not the second.

Of course, there were times when he held her head down and made her swallow it, and she hated him when he did that. He'd be ready to pump his jism out. She'd be ready to get her mouth off of his cock and back off, and suddenly, his hands would come out of nowhere and grab her head and keep it down and then, he'd shoot his wad and it'd squirt into her mouth and down her throat. She'd be screaming and throwing her hands around to scratch him, but he'd resist and wait until he emptied himself out, then he'd let her go.

One time, she kept it all in her mouth when he did that, and spit it in his face. All that cum was dripping down his nose and eyes. He had slapped her, and she had laughed because it reminded her of the movies where a clown would get a cream pie thrown in his face and it'd be sliding off and his eyes would be peeking out.

And now she was married to that black bitch, Anne. She knew who she was, just as well as Anne, knew Dawn. He'd met her during business hours at that Goddamn modeling place of hers.

Probably a whorehouse, she didn't doubt it, and Anne looked like she brought some of them customers into the closet and jacked 'em off for a fine. Slut. All them models were. They all balled for money. Every last one of them. And they loved cock. Couldn't get enough of that licorice stick. They'd suck 'em off real good and get their bellies full of jism and take all their money. Hell, she'd have to, being married to him and all.

But Dawn knew his secret, and it was her last gamble to win her man back. Even if Jay did not admit it, he loved her and was gonna marry her before that black slut Anne came along.

Jay never fucked around before Dawn. She gave him confidence. In fact, she was the only chick he could please in the sack. But that mother fucker wouldn't listen. He said he could make any other black chick happy. That's when Dawn laughed at him and said he was full of shit.

Jay liked black chicks, all right, but he couldn't control his gun with them. He fucked 'em like rabbits, he would. Sure he could cum. After all, he was a real man, and you don't get too many of them any more. But when it came to other black pussy, he'd shoot his load in ten seconds flat and would be the lousiest lay ever. Mother fucker. Thought he had the greatest cock ever. Thought he could pump it into as many of those shines that he wanted. No dice, baby. You ain't worth shit.

Now, with her black ass, he could use them balls of his and drive her out of this world, better than any man. But any other man and she'd get the fucking lousiest lay she ever had, and that prick of his would mean about as much to her as if she'd poked herself with a toothpick.

She'd wait a few days. That bastard would get tired of that cunt soon enough, and he'd be begging to have his innings with her again. Maybe she'd let him beg, and maybe she'd make him eat her ass out first. Whatever would happen, she'd have the upper hand.

He should have known better than to leave his mama.

Chapter FIVE

Kathy Phillips sat in the bathtub, playing with the bubbles and watching a few of them pop when they got sucked into her pussy. She was staring at that shower hose wickedly, thinking about how she could turn the water on lukewarm and aim it at her clit.

Ohh... she was getting so damn horny, and it would have to happen when Tony left for work. Shit, she had to face it. She loved his cock. No doubt about it. Her cunt watered when she imagined his red-hairy body, his tan flesh that had so much hair on it, on his legs, on his inner thighs, around his prick, on his arms, on his chest.

She could cum, picturing herself lying on top of it with his cock pumping into her and she, massaging his hairy legs and arms and chest... And he was so big. Christ, it was fantastic when he shoved that monstrous prick into her box and humped her like a madman. It got her hot when she saw how worked up he was getting, the sweat pouring from his face he rammed his cock in hard.

And the cum, she could feel it squirting into her cunt as he gasped and heaved and collapsed on top of her. One thing about Tony, when he came, he CAME! She usually had to stuff a pad in her twat after he shot his wad so it would soak up whatever cum she couldn't wipe out.

She stroked her crotch and stared at the shower hose. God, she was so tempted. It would hurt, jacking off. She'd still be just as horny for Tony when he got back at twelve-thirty. But Christ, it was only seven-thirty, and she was as horny as hell for him.

No, she shook her head. She felt guilty, getting her rocks off that way. She wanted Tony to do it, and not the hose. Sure, the water could make her clit get off, but there was nothing like meat and bone to do the work. Especially his meat, which was as close to a bone as you could get. Tony never had trouble getting it up, and especially since she was so helpful.

Yet, that hose was really getting to look nice... real nice. In fact, she saw it, not as a shower hose, but as an enormous cock, just waiting to be used. It had to be Tony's, of course, but it still made her see it as a prick. A nice, long, thick, stiff, hard and meaty...


Who the fuck could be at the door now? Just as she was about to reach for that damn thing!

"Who is it?" she called out.

"It's me, Ron. Ron Cameron from down the hall."

Ron? What the hell did he want to stop by for? Oh, for shit sakes, people were just so damn inconsiderate, can't let decent people get their gun off when they want, always bugging them.

"Just a minute, Ronnie, I'm in the tub. Why don't you come in and wait in the living room. I'll be right out. I think the door's open."

She heard the front door open and close, then stepped out of the tub and dried off. She could really dry her pussy, because it was still wet from being horny. Shit, of all the damn things...

"Hope I'm not barging in," he said, sitting down on the couch.

"No, not at all," she replied. "I was getting kind of lonely. Nothing on TV tonight except football."

She finished wiping herself oft then slid into her adjoining bedroom and slipped into her previously worn pair of jeans and halter top. Her tits bobbed in it, but she didn't feel like putting on a bra and another blouse. The hell with it.

She went into the front room and saw Ron. He was sitting with his legs crossed and his arms stretched strangely across his crotch. Silly. Boys acted so silly in front of girls, afraid to have a hard-on when the way they were sitting always gave away how big they were.

"You look real nice tonight, Kathy," he told her, his eyes going over her tits.

She noticed, but pretended not to. A normal boyish thing to do. What the hell, the guy was nineteen, and she knew about the parade of chicks in his room. Just couldn't get enough snatch.

"Thank you." She smiled and sat back in her lounging chair, thrusting her tits up at him. "I'm surprised you're not with your girl friend tonight."

"Oh..." He stared down at her pussy for a moment, then at her tits again, and said, "She has to work tonight. Always works on Fridays. Busy in her department. The store's open until midnight."

Kathy lit up a cigarette and blew the smoke out sensually. She smiled again. "Are you getting along with her okay?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, I guess." He was drooling over her snatch and shapely legs.

"What do you mean, 'You guess'? Did you have a fight or something?"

"Yeah..." He wasn't interested in what she was saying, but he tried to keep up the conversation. Slowly, he moved his hand away from his fly and practically revealed the huge hard-on he had. It bulged out of his pants like a T-bone without the steak.

She couldn't help looking at it. Of course, it wasn't as big as Tony's, but then again, not too many guys she knew were. She didn't like the way Ron was acting, though. Too strange, different.

"Aren't you getting along?" she forced herself to say, trying not to look at his prick.

"Christ, you're beautiful..." He was unabashedly gawking at her.

"Ronnie, are you okay?" she asked.

"You've got the greatest tits... ass... cunt..."

"RONNIE..." She started to get up. He was crazy. Actually out of his mind.

He went after her and stood in front. "What's the matter, baby? Don't be afraid. Come on, it's me, Ronnie."

"Ronnie, please, don't do anything. You..."

"I know you want it, baby," he said, unzipping his fly and pulling out his stiff cock. "Just dying for it."

"You better leave," she stammered.

He grabbed her hand and pulled it close to his cock. She tried to squirm away, but he wouldn't let her. "Touch it," he told her.

"No. Ronnie, stop it!"

"I said touch it, you bitch!" He drew back and slapped her across the face. "Touch it or I'll make you touch it!"

Weakly, she reached out.

He was breathing heavily, waiting. Just as her fingers were getting near it, she pulled her hand away and ran from him. The door was locked -- the son of a bitch made sure of that when he came in.

She screamed and headed for the windows, hoping that someone would see her. Nobody was outside.

"You fucking cunt!" he swore and grabbed her, pushing her against the wall. He pinned her in the corner, then, with one motion, ripped her pants open, pulled down her panties and stared at her hairy cunt.

"Shit! What a cunt!"

With another tear, he got her halter top open and was pushing his chest against her tits while fumbling with his stiff cock.

"No, no..." she begged him. "Please, Ron, don't fuck me! Don't stick it in me!"

"Not a chance, baby," he groaned, and he shoved his cock into her pussy roughly. As he hammered it in, she was pinned, standing up, against the wall.

"You sweet cunt... you're gonna get fucked good. I ain't gonna pull it out until you cum, honey, and I know you'll love it."

"Goddamn you... uh... stop, it isn't wet... it hurts, damn it... Jesus... don't do it..."

"I'm gonna fuck you royal, baby... you'll be kissing my cock by the time I finish with you... you'll want more, and you can have as much as you want."

"You bastard! I wouldn't... take shit from you... stop it, you mother fucker, you're killing me with that thing... OWW!"

He held her ass as he pumped, getting a good hold on her. The farther he fucked into her snatch, the better he liked it. He had her all juiced up, but he would have to really try to get her off. She wasn't enjoying it. But she would... soon.

"Take it all, you cunt! I'm giving you all my cock. It's gonna make you cum like you never came before. It'll be in your blood, and after you've had it, you'll never want another cock again."

"Fuck you!"

She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. He kept shoving it into her and wouldn't stop. It was like a hammer, ramming into her as hard as it could. And funny... as much as she struggled, her cunt was beginning to enjoy it. Maybe not a hell of a lot, but it wasn't that awful. And she was surprised to find herself shoving her pussy toward his cock, more and more, as if she liked being fucked by him.

Soon, she was holding him tighter, and groaning in his ear.

"Oh, you bastard! Ohh... harder, harder..."

"I told you you'd like it," he grinned, and shoved it in with all his might. "You're gonna suck it when you're done!"

"You fucker," she moaned, "oh... you're gonna make me cum... oh baby... no, you can't do it!"

"Both of us, doll," he humped faster. "Now... NOW!"



He let her go and they both fell to the floor. A lot of his jism shot at her jeans and got on the carpet since he didn't hold her good enough when he came. Hell with it. She'd have to clean it up, not him. And she got her nuts off, too. He was gad about that.

"All right, baby," He pushed her head down to his crotch. "Suck it. Make me cum again."

Robot like, she put his prick in her mouth and started to blow it. He felt like she had always done it, his daydreams always mixing with the real world. He looked down at her while she ate his meat.

Ahh, damn, she was great! He could feel his prick growing in her mouth. The cunt really knew her cocks, didn't she? Yeah, baby, keep doing it. Don't stop... sucking... she was kissing his balls. Yeah, yeah, he liked that. It felt good. Now she was licking down the shaft. That was good, too.

He closed his eyes and groaned. Fuck, what a tongue! Just like he knew, had always known, how good she was. She was sucking on it again. Fantastic... he was going to cum... keep doing it, baby... oh... come on... shit... Jesus Christ, you beautiful cunt... mmm... yeah, yeah, ahh... uh... uh... he could feel the jism in his balls boiling, wanting to fire out of him... he was ready... AAHH! HOLY FUCK! SHIT! HOT DAMN!

His prick shrank and turned limp. Kathy got up and went into the bathroom and ran some water. She was in there for a while.

He zipped up his pants. What the fuck was taking her so long? He went in the john to find her.

"What's the matter, babe?" he asked her.

"You lousy bastard..." She went to slap him, but he grabbed her hand and held it.

"Hey, hey, calm down. I know you loved it. Maybe not as long as your boy friend's, but prime cut, eh?"

She turned away from him. "Get out of here! I never want to see you again!"

"I doubt that, doll. You'll be calling on me soon when you get nice and horny."

"Get out!" she screamed.

He grinned and headed for the door. Before he opened it, he said, "Just remember, kid, when you want the REAL thing, I'm down the hall."

"BASTARD!" she yelled, but he was gone.

Chapter SIX

Eric Taylor waited until Loretta was asleep when he hopped out of bed and went into the john.

Jesus Christ, but that cunt took a long time to peter out. She could cum a hundred times and still be jumping on him, begging him to let her suck on his cock or to shove it in her. He knew all about those dumb cunts who couldn't get enough prick. Most of them were rich, like Loretta was, and could afford to pay stud service when they were hungry for meat and couldn't get it from their powder-puff hubbies, who knew how to rake in the dough, but not the snatch.

Hell, he was lucky. If it weren't for Loretta, he wouldn't be able to stay home and write all day, and probably suffer all day long at some two-bit job that paid shit, but kept the bread in his mouth.

Instead, Loretta handed over the money for food and rent, and all she was asking for was some cock. Christ, could he GIVE her that! Ten inches goes a long, long way.

He held his prick for a minute. Yep, what a beauty. It did its work faithfully and satisfyingly and let him cash in on his success.

Staying power was the thing. That's why those rich bastards can't keep their broads smiling. Their cocks went around for a few shots, then took forty winks. So it was from heaven to limp. Fucking A. He was thirty-two years old, and he looked twenty-two. He was in great condition. The meat kept pumping and the cash kept rolling. And of course, his typewriter sang all day long.

Being a writer had its advantages, and one that he surely would be able to live and see. Dumb-shit Loretta was so happy about getting her old man hooked up with a whore and getting her divorce that she didn't even notice the pages that kept accumulating from the book he was writing. A special book. One he was sure could make it. And in fact, he was dead sure.

He sent in his manuscript to Threshing House Publishing Company about a month ago, and they wrote back saying that they were impressed and couldn't decide whether or not they wanted to buy it. He held onto his hopes, waiting... hoping.

If the book sold, he'd dump Loretta. They'd be through, and he'd be glad, too. He wouldn't have to keep fucking for a living, because he knew he would be able to write for one.

Wasn't that what inspired all writers? Sure, it was great while it lasted, but he didn't need her any more... at least, he'd officially announce it once the check was mailed to him. He knew it was the best thing he ever wrote, and getting his first book published was what counted.

He stepped out of the bathroom and looked at her naked body. Yep, she was one hell of a lay, and a cute one at that. But he had to think about his own life for once. And hell, she'd have to learn, after going back to that Richard asshole, good things MIGHT come in small packages. He'd have to back that one up.

Loretta rolled over a bit and spread her legs, revealing her cunt and pussy hairs. Christ, he was getting a hard-on just watching her, sighing as she slept, her hands creeping up to her furry patch and sticking her fingers into it subconsciously.

His cock was growing. He was really surprised, after she had fucked his brains out, that there was cum left in his balls to go around yet.

He slipped between her legs and licked her cunt. Mmm... he never got tired of doing that. Cunt-juice always tasted good, whether you had it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So he started to eat out her pussy. Hell, she had a great snatch, and since Loretta loved to jack-off so much, fingering it and shit (he called her Ready Whip), both wanted it equally the same. As he licked up the wetness pouring out from her pussy, she bucked and groaned.

"Ohh... baby, baby... mmm... don't stop, please baby, make me cum... I want to cum."

While he kept his tongue busy, he reached for the nine-inch-long dildo and brought it up to her ass. It was a big mother fucker, two inches thick. Quickly, he rammed it up her ass, driving the whole damn thing in and out, and sucking on her cunt at the same time.

"Uh... God... you're doing it too hard. Honey, slow... yeah... wait... yeah, that's it, yeah, shove it in... oh Christ! Shit... but you're driving me out of my mind... keep that tongue moving... I'm gonna rinse your face with my cum, you fucking hard stud!"

"Now you can cum both ways, you bitch," he told her.

"Deeper..." she begged, while jerking her body frantically. "Stick it in deeper... yes, baby... oh fuck... keep lapping at my clit... sniff my cunt... snort it all up, stud. You can do it... snort up some juice!"

He flicked his tongue inside her snatch with the ability of a hummingbird, licking up all the cunt-juice that came spilling out and keeping her cunt happy and ass happy at the same time.

Meanwhile, his cock was hard as a bat, and since he was busy working over her crotch and ass, he didn't have the right angle to shove it in her mouth and cum when she did.

Loretta reached for his prick and began jacking him off. She pulled on his meat nervously, still on the verge of orgasming her mind out. Yeah, he was nice and stiff... she liked that.

"You've got to have the biggest cock in the world..." she groaned, twisting it. "I wish I could have it all the time."

"You have GOT it, baby," he moaned. "You get it whenever you want." He thrust his hips back and forth so she could rub his cock faster.

"And I want it, I want it... yeah, yeah, baby... oh... oh my God... Jesus, I'm gonna cum again!" The dildo rammed into her ass swiftly, in and out, while his tongue kept up with the heat. "Not yet... I can't do it yet... GODDAMN IT, YOU PRICK!"

The minute she came, he got so fucking hot and horny that he felt his jism shooting out into her hand. And he loved it, the hot, gooey cream pumping out of his cock and all over her arm and dripping off it and onto the carpet. He was surprised to find he still had lots of that stuff in his balls.

Also, at the same time, the dildo, now released, rocketed out of her ass and flew off into the other room. Loretta got up and ran after it, disappearing down the way.

Eric was still rolling around on the floor, breathing heavy, and trying to get a hold of himself. When he felt he was okay, he went after Loretta to see what she was up to. Or down to.

And she was, all right. She held the dildo, the base of it touching the floor, but the head of it pointing upward. She was kneeling over it and pushing her cunt on top of it, bobbing up and down, whacking off. It appeared she still hadn't cum as much as she had wanted to.

"Baby... you're gonna wear your cunt out!" Eric told her.

"I don't care, you bastard! This is a great fucking dildo and I HAVE to cum... it really plugs it up! It's giving my cunt the best jump of its life... so wet and squishy... just slides in so easy... like a giant cork..."

She humped the rubber pole faster and faster, jumping up and down on it as if she were playing "Simon Says" by herself. Simon Says, fuck that shaft. Come on, screw it good. And Simon Says, don't stop, keep doing it until you cum, and cum, and cum...


A puddle of juice seeped down from the dildo and floated over to the side of the carpet.


She shook and squirmed and fell to the floor, exhausted. Round one of their screwing was done for tonight. They were entirely, completely, and finally FUCKED-OUT.

"You are one horny cunt," he told her.

She smiled. "Thank you. You weren't so bad yourself. And I most definitely think you should enter that ton of meat of yours in the county fair. It would win a blue ribbon."

He kept looking at her. Yeah, she was a horny cunt, and a dumb cunt, too. And all he had to do was wait for that publishing house to give him the check, which would also be the day he'd kick her out on her ass and make her hunt for a different cock.

Chapter SEVEN

Jay Lawrence sat in his Mustang and drove through aggravating traffic during the heavy rush-hour downtown with a tremendous hard-on in his pants.

Shit, that Anne got him so hot and bothered twenty-four hours a day, wiggling that black little ass in front of his black dick until he just HAD to shove it up her cunt and fuck her.

And blow-jobs -- Christ, that woman was born with a cock in her mouth, and could she suck 'em! To the bone, it just melted in her mouth. It was her food, the cum: her menu consisted of T-bone cock, cream of jism soup, and prick chops. MMM good, MMM good, that's how Jay's cum tastes, MMM GOOD!

His hard-on kept growing in his pants as he thought of all the far-out things they had done last night. After all that fucking and sucking, they went to sleep and rested for a few hours.

Then Anne shifted the position she was in and moved her head by his cock. She started to breathe an it and he could feel the light breeze blowing softly on his shaft. He started to get it up, all the while sleeping, until it got stiff as a bat.

Anne rolled around on her back, moving this way and that, and ending up, somehow putting her mouth on it, and yet, not aware of what she was doing. She was licking it and sucking and blowing the shit out of it, and he loved it, even though he wasn't full awake.

He could feel her mouth on it and it hadn't dawned on him that she was REALLY eating it.

Sometimes, he would slip his cock out of her mouth and she'd be licking his nuts, but that was great, too, because he liked when she took it out for a while and gave them a work-out, too. Had to keep 'em in shape, you know. By this time, his balls had filled up with lots of cum, just begging to spit in hot mouth, and from the wild sensations he was getting, there wasn't a thing in the world that she wanted more.

Blowing him was becoming an obsession, something that she felt she HAD to do, that her body DEMANDED it, that her tongue NEEDED it, that her mouth HUNGERED for it.

Of course, he was beginning to rouse and was partially awake, but Anne hadn't stirred. Jay was getting so excited that he started pumping it down her throat, making her almost gag from taking too much cock in at once. But no, she could manage, and gobbled it down to his prick hairs.

"You're mouth is so nice and warm... feels good..." he couldn't keep from saying. "That's it, baby, keep going..."

Then Anne woke up, and the whole situation was an instant turn-on. She began to suck harder and harder, massaging his rocks and stroking his inner thighs, all the same time. She'd make him give it all to her, every drop, and suck him completely dry, as if she hadn't already.

But she didn't get too much farther when she felt some hot, creamy liquid with a flat taste shoot into her mouth, emptying into it faster and faster... until her throat was full of it, and she was afraid she couldn't swallow any more, but did, anyway.

His mind went back to the traffic, but his cock did not go back into his pants.

Then he thought of Dawn, for some strange fucking reason. Why should he care about that dumb cunt? She had her cunt on backwards, the bitch. But hell, she was a good lay, made him pop his cork after a few pumps. That's all she deserved, too, the prick-teaser. Quickies. Wasn't worthy of anything but shit.

And blow-jobs -- what a joke! She hated to do it, would get out of doing it if she could. Not like Anne, who had her mouth wide-open and ready! Man, she could suck 'em like they were going out of style.

But he still remembered what happened when they fucked. Goddamn, but he did it again. Couldn't hold it at all. Same thing with all his chicks, and that fucking cunt Dawn knew it.

He had a threesome once at a party he went to, and he just HAD to go with Dawn. She was sitting and watching him the whole time. The two black chicks got him over in the corner and worked him over. One had her tits in his face and put his cock up her ass. After a while the other sucked him off. He pumped her a few times and came right away. Couldn't keep his balls on.

The girls laughed and told him they didn't like playing "Peter Rabbit", and he watched Dawn bend over, laughing her guts out. Stupid bitch.

And worst of all, he told Dawn, after that, about his not being able to make it with other chicks, and she told him he was an asshole for trying to change things. He should be sticking with her, and that was all he needed. He couldn't please anybody else. She kept laughing at him.

Well, he was married to Anne now. That would fix her.

Slut, that Dawn was. She'd be sorry for laughing at him, because he was a REAL man, and the best lay she ever had. Tough shit, if she didn't like it. It proved he had enough confidence in himself to be making it with some other chick other than Dawn. And he'd work it out with Anne. It would take him time, but they'd be fucking their brains out and he'd have staying power, just as if she were Dawn.

Richard Christine sat in his study, thinking about how great it was to have that new maid around -- now what was that cunt's name again -- oh yeah, Elsa. She really turned on to him.

Yep, she was a nice piece of ass to get a little action from. His cock was so worn out from her fucking last night that he didn't think he'd be able to get it up for a week. But he thought about tonight and it got that much harder.

It was crazy, absolutely weird and totally unreal that Elsa would go up to his private room, the one where all his porno collection was stored -- and fuck him as if it were part of her job.

And talk about fucking, she was out of this world. She had a pussy on her that just wouldn't quit. In fact, she must really have a long list of bedmates to achieve that kind of balling talent. She was no amateur, by no means. She knew exactly what she was doing, and the timing was exactly the way it should have been.

Now he would have a little hobby to work at, and with Loretta gone for the week, how could things have been better? He'd have the fucking best time of his life, one that was long overdue.

He hadn't gotten laid in two years or so... he had forgot the last time he and Loretta made it. Shit, she hated to fuck, anyway. He could never get her to cum, no matter how hard he tried. It was so obvious that she was faking it. All the groaning and moaning, she wasn't getting off from the thick cock he stuffed into her. She was just doing her part for being the wife of Richard Christine.

Blow-jobs were forbidden. Loretta stayed away from that thing between his legs once he took his pants off and it got hard. It had to be her freaky mother that put all these things in her head to make her daughter so fucked-up! A man's cock wasn't all that bad, and if he'd had his way about it, he'd love to show Loretta exactly how much fun it really was. Let's face it. Loretta would never change. She'd still be the fucking boring asshole slut she was.

"How are you this afternoon?" asked Elsa, suddenly appearing in the room.

He turned to see her. "Great, babe. How's your little twat feeling? All tired out?"

"Never," she grinned.

He sat with his legs spread and felt his cock hardening. For thirty-four, he had a pretty stiff prick.

"Elsa, there's just something I don't understand about this whole thing. Why?"

"Why what, lover?" She was looking at him innocently.

"This whole set-up. What do you want from me, money?"

She was hurt. "I thought you liked it... that I pleased you."

"Christ, more than satisfactory! But the way you're going about this, practically seducing me into fucking you. What's going on?"

She went over to him and sat on his lap. "Listen, baby, I get so Goddamn horny just looking at your body and that delicious bulge between your legs. So why ask questions? Enjoy, enjoy!" she stroked his cock and it moved, grew even more.

"You're going to spoil me, Elsa. Loretta never..."

She frowned. "Please don't talk to me about that cunt. The way she takes your prick for granted, she's ridiculous. I know if I had tabs on that bone of yours, I would never be going on trips to Paris unless I could bring you with me."

"That just may happen."

"Well, if it does, it does. Right now, I want to get my hands on your prick and give it some tender loving care."

He groaned as she unzipped his fly. "Don't let me stop you, honey. Do your thing."

Her hands reached inside and found his cock. "Ahh... a wish bone. I wonder if I'll get my wish."

"There's only one way to find out!"

She squeezed it and caressed his balls. "Yes, yes, I do think it will come true."

Holding his meat in her hands got her real hot and bothered and she knew if she didn't do something with it, she'd go crazy. But she didn't want it in her cunt, not yet. It had to be in her ass. Yeah, the idea was very appealing...

She pulled up her skirt and sat on his lap with her back facing him. He was holding onto her tight, massaging her tits. Yeah, that was good. Real good... now she was reaching for his cock and guiding it into her ass.

Where the hell was the hole... ah... she found it. He was pumping his cock into her... she should have gotten some Vaseline, it hurt a little bit... Goddamn, but his prick was big.

He was kissing the back of her neck and squeezing her tits, and with his other hand, he was grabbing her snatch. Yeah, it was really wet... he was rubbing her cut and pumping his prick into her at the same time.

Christ, what a rod, and he was sticking those fingers into her cunt... ahhh... he was groaning in her ear, saying lots of things to her: "WHAT A CUNT... WET PUSSY... BITCH, YOU BETTER CUM GOOD... GONNA FUCK YOUR ASS TILL IT HURTS AND YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SIT FOR WEEKS!"

It got her hot when he said those thing... oh baby, your cock is fantastic... what a prick, and those nuts of his, she could feel them wiggling under her ass... they made her feel even more hot.

She wanted to play with them while he rammed it in... Jesus, he was so stiff and hard... it felt so damn good going in and out... it even made a little funny sound as he hammered it in...


His hands were working faster in her cunt... oh you sweet baby... his arm was holding her pretty tight.

Getting fucked in the ass wasn't bad... didn't hurt, and felt GREAT... her cunt was really pouring the juice... his cock hair was rubbing against her ass, and that made her horny, too... in and out... what a fucking big thing it was... she started to cry out: "THICK STUD... FILL IT UP! GAS UP MY TANK! PUT A TIGER IN MY TANK, YOU PUSSY-LOVER... KEEP GOING, I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GOING TO CUM! LEAVE THE DRIVING TO ME... NOW... I... OOOHH... I'M GOING TO DO IT... GOTTA GET MY ROCKS OFF... SWEET LORD, I'M CUMING!"

Her body jerked on top of him, thumping, pushing her ass down on his prick to get all that cum pumped inside her. And she felt it all, that hot, sticky, thick, syrupy stuff shooting in there, making the inside of her ass real wet. Ohh, Christ, he could CUM, that son of a bitch... he must have a gallon in him.

She was still gasping for air when he zipped up, pushing her off gently.

"Got to go to the office now, baby," he told her. "I have my corporations to think of and how much money they're going to make for me today."

She smiled. "Of course. And I must get to work, too. There's the whole day's cleaning ahead of me, and it'd never get done unless I get started."

"Of course, that doesn't mean we can't start something tonight," He grinned. "And it'll be on my mind all day what a fantastic piece of snatch I have waiting for me..."

"That reminds me, I won't have to go shopping at all today," she told him, indicating his crotch. "We have plenty of meat for the whole week."

He laughed and went into the bathroom and shower, and it took all the courage she had to stay out of there.

Christ, when Loretta hired her, she didn't think her husband would be that GREAT in the sack. In fact, that rich bitch said he was impotent. Yet, he could swing a mean piece of beef that stud could. So who was to say she couldn't enjoy the side benefits.

Her other johns only wanted to get their nuts off and half the time, she didn't even cum. But Richard Christine was a pro.

Okay, so he wasn't hung like those johns that came in once, twice a week for a little action. SO WHAT? His cock had one hell of a drive to it, and that made up for lost inches.

The way she saw it, if she could get his prick every time she was horny, then she wouldn't want another one again. Of course, with the way things were being set up with Loretta Christine, and the money she was getting for pulling it off, she wouldn't be able to hang around for too long.

What the hell, she was a whore, and she was getting paid for this.

But Loretta Christine was one hell of mixed-up cunt to want to dump that. If she had her way about it, she'd keep him on the side for herself!

Chapter EIGHT

Tony Duncan pulled up in front of Kathy Phillip's apartment, the one called Mad-hatter Place, and parked his new car.

He tried to hide the worried look on his face, but he couldn't, Goddamn it. Kathy was acting real strange the past few days. Ever since the other day, Friday, when he left, she got really freaky.

Like she didn't want to get fucked when he got back at twelve-thirty, and felt the same way the next night. For Christ's sake, it was Monday night, at quarter to one in the morning, and from the sound of her voice on the phone, things wouldn't be so great either.

Damn it, but his hard-on was getting to be a pain. All weekend, he was walking around with a stiff dick in his pants, and no way to relieve it.

Which was very strange... Kathy loved his cock more than anything, grooved on every one of his nine inches... and yet, she just ignored his cock, like she had lock-jaw or something.

But he was just aching for her pussy, and all she kept saying was how tired she was, and that she didn't feel like it.

Well, tonight he was going to make her do some explaining, but good. That little cunt wasn't going to fuck around with him. Shit, if he wanted to, he could have gotten his rocks off with some other willing chick, one who would have appreciated his enormous sausage.

But no, Goddamn it, no, he wouldn't, couldn't do that kind of shit. He loved that chick, and wanted to understand her sudden change and personality.

Maybe she was working too hard, yeah, that could be it. After all, she was a physical therapist, and her job was pretty demanding. Sometimes, she even worked overtime if she thought she was onto something and couldn't seem to get enough hours in.

Well, he hoped that was it, and that she was still as horny for him as he was for her.

He went up to her apartment and knocked on the door. He waited for her to answer it. She didn't.

"Come on, Kathy, I know you're home!" he yelled.

No answer.

"Open this fucking door, or I swear to Christ, I'll break it down!"

"Tony, it's one in the morning for Christ sake! Everyone is sleeping!"

So the bitch WAS home!

"I gotta talk to you," he said.

"It's late, Tony. Wait until tomorrow..."

"If you don't open this fucking door..."

"All right, all right..."

A pause. Then the lock was pulled back and the door opened. Kathy was standing in the doorway, still dressed in her sexy blue jeans and tank top, with her tits filling it up nicely. She stared at him, exhaustedly.

"Did I wake you up?"

"What the hell do you think, you bastard?"

He looked at her. She has changed. And whatever the hell for, he was spooked. "Come on, we're going for a ride."

"A ride! You crazy son of a bitch, I'm not..."

"Get your ass going!" he yelled, and yanked her by the arm into the hallway, and closed her door. "I ain't asking for anything else, for Christ sake. And don't give me any of your shit!"

Silently, she followed him to his car. He was really pissed now. She never avoided him like this, never ran away from him. Before, she was always glad to see him, to treat him nice. Now, she was bitchy and her cunt was like canned tuna fish.

"Where are we going?" she asked him, her arms folded across her tits.

"For a ride," he told her. He started the engine and drove off.

She stayed quiet for most of the ride, stopping once or twice to ask him for a cigarette because hers were at home and he didn't give her any time to get them. She blew smoke at the windshield angrily, hoping he would turn the car around and head back.

Instead, he pulled into an abandoned park. Nobody was around. Hell, it was one-thirty. Who in their right mind would be wandering around in a park that time of night?

Normal people were in their homes, like they should be, fucking their brains out and falling asleep afterwards. But not them, they had to fight, and whatever the fuck for?

He pulled the keys out of the ignition. "Okay, baby, spill it. What the hell's bugging you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Listen, doll, I used to make your ass sizzle in the feathers. I was the only stud that got your whistle blowing."

"Oh, really!"

He stared at her. "So it's another guy I'm competing with!"

"I didn't say that."

"Don't give me that shit. It's got to be that. One guy isn't enough, so you have another cock on the side, right? Isn't that it, baby?"

"I think you're fucking out of your mind!"

He grabbed hold of her shoulders and pressed her tits against his chest. "I've had a hard-on for three days, and you haven't once been willing to fix it. I'm asking you now, babe, to do it."

"You really think I love to suck cock, don't you?" she sneered. "Well, you know what you can go do. And I promise not to look!"

He got really pissed. He put his hands in back of her head and pushed her down between his legs.

"You cunt! You're gonna suck it now, baby! You'll fix me up good!"

She felt her face pressing against the stiff joint that bulged out of his pants. It was a long, thick bulge. "Stop it, you asshole. I'm not going to blow you!"

"No dice, baby," he breathed heavily. "You've got no choice."

He kept holding her down, shoving her mouth onto his rigid crotch. And he wouldn't let her go until she licked it for him. The son of a bitch. All men were sons of bitches who wanted, wanted, wanted...

"Come on, baby," he told her. "I'll keep you down there until you do it. And I want your best, doll. You know what that means -- if I don't get it, you'll have to keep doing it over and over until it's right."

She wasn't going to get home until she did it, so she might as well get to work.

Slowly, she unzipped his fly. She hated to do it, but it was the only way to shake him. Then she pulled out his prick and looked at it; the bastard was still huge. And that was all she was going to take out was his dick. No balls, or anything. She'd suck it through his zipper, but if he thought for one minute she was going to unbutton him and pull his pants down, he was nuts!

"Hurry, baby, hurry..." he panted.

His prick hairs were sticking out of his fly. Usually, she'd play with the rest of his crotch while she gave him a blow-job, but not tonight.

She slid her mouth on it and started to blow him.

"Uh, baby, you're still the greatest cock-suck." And so she went about doing it, licking his rod, kissing his balls and playing with them at the same time, sucking on the head, and caressing the stem of it. She'd put a little in her mouth, sucking it, then slip it out of her mouth, licking down the shaft. Then she'd put a little more in her mouth, and lick it down to the head. She'd keep putting more and more cock into her mouth until she thought she'd gag, but was careful to push it out just as quickly.

Tony was getting mad. "You're not doing it right, baby," he said. "What the fuck is wrong with you!" He reached for her head and held it down as she put some of his prick into her mouth. "You can suck it all the way..."

She clawed for his hands, trying to stop him. Shit, his cock was too damn big... she was choking, with all that meat in her mouth. But he kept pushing her head down on it. Farther and farther, she slid onto it.

"More, baby... you want more..." he groaned.

He was so Goddamn strong that she was no match. He kept pushing her head down on it and she was gagging and panting for breath... and now she couldn't breathe!

He was going to kill her, choke her to death with his nine-inch cock.

No, no, stop! Stop! He pressed down until his dick was shoved way deep into her throat. She wasn't Linda Lovelace, for God's sake, and she never attempted to put that much cock into her mouth.

"That's it, baby... that's the way I like it!" he moaned.

Tony, stop, I'm gagging... I can't breathe... I need air... damn it, but she couldn't speak, and all that prick was in her mouth and going in deeper and deeper and she couldn't take it any more.

Everything was getting black and dark, and the last thing she thought of before she lost consciousness was the movie, SHAFT.

It was an hour later when she woke up and Tony was leaning over her. She then realized her head was resting on his lap and that she had been out for a while.

"Really sorry that happened, baby," he said. "Just went out of my mind and freaked out. Didn't think I knocked you out with my prick!"

She sat up. "Take me home."

"Okay, okay," he said, turning on the engine and pulling out of the lot they were in. After a few minutes of being on the road, he said, "I really am sorry, honey, I..."

"You almost killed me!" she screamed.

He said nothing.

"Is that why you brought me there?" she asked, sarcastically.

He shook his head. "I've been worried about you, babe. You scare me sometimes, the way you act. I thought you got tired of me or something."

"I'm getting tired of doing things like that!"

"Like I said..."

"Oh, I don't want to hear it any more!" she snapped. Lighting a cigarette. Damn it, but her throat still hurt. She felt strangled for a few minutes. And to think if he had't stopped and noticed that she had passed out, she would have been a goner.

Tony tried smoking, too, but his eyes kept shifting from the road to her. "Honey... is there another guy?"

"Why do you ask?" she snapped.

"Well, I don't want to butt in on a good thing. If you and him are happy together in the sack, then I don't want to be in the way..."

"But you don't know if there is someone else, do you?" she said.

"I only asked so I could be sure," he said.

"Well, then, don't ask!"

He watched the street and turned to the left. Her apartment was on the next block. He didn't want to get her home in a hurry, because if he did, and she got out of the car, he was sure he'd never see her again.

Shit, of all the stupid things to do, but to choke her with his dick. He didn't mean it. He just got crazy and mad at her for all the shitty things she was pulling on him. He wanted to know if there was someone else... and it would hurt him a hell of a lot, but he would be hurt even more if he didn't know why she was acting this way.

Ever since the first time he met her, when she gave him a blow-job in the hospital, he was hung up. He couldn't get her out of his mind -- and after he fucked her for the first time, he knew all those other broads out there in the world were just play toys, but that this was the real thing. And somehow, and because of something he did, he lost her.

"Baby," he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Could you just tell me where I stand?" She glanced at him. "Why?"

"I suppose you don't want to see me any more. Right?"

"Why don't you answer that one yourself?" she said.

He looked down. "I thought so."

She got out of the car. "And don't bother calling any more, baby, because tomorrow, the telephone man's coming to change my number."

"And I guess it'll be unlisted."

"You guess correctly!"

"You're not going to tell me what I did wrong?"

"If you don't know, then go to hell!" She walked up to the steps of the apartment, shaking her little ass at him. He figured it was the last time he'd have the privilege of watching it. He waited a little while after she went in, then drove off.

Kathy thought about how glad she was to be rid of him. The mother fucking cock-sucker! Thought he could get away with that kind of shit with her.

He was a pile of scum as far as she was concerned, and could do without him. Most men were, at that. Ever since the night of the rape, she saw things differently. Like she was being used all this time for HIS pleasure, that she did things so HE could get HIS rocks off.

That's why he came here tonight, to bug her about it. It wasn't her fault his balls were loaded with cum and that he was walking around with a stiff dick. Why couldn't he whack off? Why did he have to come over and hope she could shove it down her throat, which he did.

Fuck, putting her to sleep with his meat. And now, she thought, he would have to go to some whorehouse to get his gun off, because she wouldn't have anything to do with him.

As she entered her apartment, she could see someone sitting in her big upholstered chair. And from the looks of it, it was Ron Cameron.

"I've been waiting a pretty long time," he said.

She smiled and threw her tank top over on the sofa, standing before him with naked tits. "I'm sorry, baby, but that jack-off has been bothering me again. Seems he just won't learn."

Ron smiled smugly. "Bend over, baby. You get it through the ass tonight."

Lovingly, she did as she was told.

Chapter NINE

Anne was taking a shower when Jay got home. She could tell by the funny sounds he was making that he was hornier than he was yesterday.

Oh no, she'd have to settle for getting eating out again, damn it. That dude didn't want to fuck so much anymore. It was just plain sucking, and it was getting boring. Maybe he had a hang-up on blow-jobs. She didn't mind teething on his prick, but she was getting tired of the same old thing. He'd fuck her for five minutes, pull out his black dick and shove it down her throat, saying, "Okay, baby, take care of it." Well, she was, but she was getting fucking sick and tired of it all.

"Where are you woman?" he called out.

"Over here, stud," she informed him.

"Ahh, there you are!" he laughed.

He bent down and kissed her. His tongue explored her mouth, wiping it along her teeth and gums and kissing her as he withdrew.

"You look nice and yummy in there," he said. "Mighty tasty. And I do think I could use a chocolate shake."

"Well, why don't you slip out of your clothes and hop in. I think I could use someone to help wipe off my black pussy."

He didn't need any more of an invitation because he was out of his clothes and into the shower stall faster than you can say the word, "mother fucker".

She grinned at the sight of his stiff cock.

"Mm," she laughed, putting his cock in her hands. "Rubber DICKY, you're the one... fucking with you is SO MUCH fun... Rubber DICKY, I'm awfully fond of you!"

"Rubber Dicky?" he chuckled. "That's real meat and bone, mostly bone."

"I know, I know. My, my, Jay, how you've grown..."

"The better to fuck you with, my dear," he groaned, spreading her legs and shoving his cock into her dark box.

"Ohh... Christ... you're so big and stiff... pump harder, baby... where DO you get all that dick from?"

"Knew you'd love it, doll..."

"I love that cock... and those balls... uh..."

"I knew you were a meat and potatoes woman when I first met you!"

"Damn, feels so good... fuck me harder, harder..."

Jay was going along just fine, but he felt, like cumming any minute. The more he tried to slow down and groove on the great vibes he was getting from this fuck, the worse it got.

No matter what he thought of -- cat food, Hamburger Helper, Sesame Street -- it only made him want to shoot his load in a second.

Suddenly, he pulled out, grabbed the bar of soap and shoved it up her pussy.

"Ohh... Jay, Jay..." She was startled.

"Relax, baby, this is gonna feel just fine..."

He fucked the soap in and out, foaming bubbles and suds all around her cunt and pubic hair. She closed her eyes and was going wild. The sensations of the soap washing out her insides got her hotter than a hot box, and all she could think of was doing it more, more.

"Yes, yes, baby... jack me off with that soap... it's so wide, like the Grand Canyon... I feel like blowing bubbles..."

She was taking a handful of suds and bubbles and rubbing his cock while he rammed the cake of soap up her cunt. She was pulling on it just great... that soap was slippery and made her whacking him off better than ever. What a great idea this soap thing was.

Again and again, her hand jerked at his cock, getting it stiffer and plumper. He really had a big boner now. And her fingers felt so GOOD, squishy and GREAT! He was gonna cum any minute for sure.

"Ready, baby..." he groaned.

"Yeah... now."



Together, they sank to the bottom of the shower stall, orgasming over and over, aiming like there was no tomorrow. They heaved, breathing loudly, and catching their breath.

Slowly, Anne opened her eyes and looked at the cake of soap and smiled.

"What's the matter, honey?" he asked.

She pointed to the soap. "I used DIAL... don't you wish EVERYBODY DID!"

He reached for her hand and put it between his legs, on top of his limp cock. She let it stay there for a few minutes, then got up.

"Now it's my turn," she said, and went into the medicine cabinet. When she closed it again, he saw that she was holding a can of menthol shaving cream.

"What the fuck are you going to use that for?" he asked.

"You'll see." She bent down and sprayed his balls and cock.

It felt funny, all creamy and slimy running down his rod, but she was up to something, and that meant he would be UP to it, too.

After she was done, she put the shaving cream away and started to kiss him down his neck, to his chest and further down to his stomach. The hairs on his chest tingled and he felt his meat get hard.

She stroked his inner thighs and legs and pushed her tits in his face so he could suck on the nipples. He darted his tongue over them, those rigid little mothers, wanting him to work them over. And he was doing this and his dick was growing stiff again, she was positioning herself over it and slowly, very slowly, she sat on it.

"Ohh..." she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut and smiling at the wonderful pain of his cock pushing into her cunt.

"Yeah, I like that, honey!" He eased his prick into her, and the menthol shaving cream on his beef prick and balls burned a little once it touched her soupy pussy-juice, all watering and everything. The bitch just couldn't wait to stick it in, all right. That beautiful cunt.

"More... I need all of that prick of yours!"

"You can have it, doll. All that you can take."

"And I want to suck it afterwards!"

"Yeah, baby. Today's Wednesday. Family night... all you can eat!"

"You great bastard... you're driving me nuts with that wonderful cock of yours... can't get enough... just keep diving it into my black nest and you can lay an egg..."

"There's always room for more!"

"Will you eat me out, baby?" she asked.

"Of course. You know I love cherry cream pie!"

"And I love custard! Oh! For Christ sakes... damn it, you're huge... and just watching it go in and out, pushing its way into me... what a trip... taking up so much space inside..."

"The bigger we are, the harder we fall..."

"Mmm... oh fuck me, baby, fuck me good..."

"Knew I was too much for you. I knew you'd love me for my tool... a nice, thick screwdriver..."

"I wish I could put all that prick in my mouth... it's too big, though. And I hate to waste good food."

He moaned. "Baby, don't bite off more than you can chew."

She jiggled herself on his cock, feeling his balls dangle underneath her ass and his furry crotch hair rubbing against her inner thighs.

Ohh, now that's what she called FUCKING. And he was going to do it... he was going to do it... and she would cum, too... she couldn't wait... yeah... and then she felt the hot jism shooting into her cunt, fast, like a guided missile.

No, no, not yet! She had to cum with him... he had to wait for her... NOT YET!

"What a great fuck," he groaned, dumping his load into her.

"No, baby, wait... wait for me!"

His dick was shrinking and she still didn't make it.

Goddamn that mother fucker! Did he have a lot of balls to pull that shit on her! She was almost there, too, and he pulled out quick. Fucking bastard!

She took his hand and jabbed it in her cunt. "Make me cum, damn it... don't leave me hanging!"

"Okay, baby, okay, don't worry!" He aimed his mouth at her snatch and munched on it. He could taste the fresh cum he had just pumped out of his body, but he couldn't help it. He had to make the bitch pull out her cork.

Cum, you bitch, CUM!

"Lick it faster!" she screamed. "Faster! Suck on that cunt! Cum ON! Make me do it... snort it... sniff up that cunt and make it wet... that's it... suck up what you fucked in me... oh no... God Almighty... AHH!"

He felt her cunt growing in his mouth and twitched and vibrated as she was cuming.

She jerked herself back and forth, shrieking louder and louder until he thought something was wrong and would have stopped to see if she was okay, but didn't. She heaved, this way and that, flailing her arms into her hair, gasping for air, clawing at nothing. Her eyes were shut tight, holding onto the last image of him with his prick inside her.

Then she fell limp, her arms were limp at her sides and the shaking stopped. She came like a son of a bitch that time. And not too soon. While he was eating her out, he swallowed all of the jism he shot into her twat, and left her dry. As much as he disliked doing it, he felt it was worth the trouble.

After she got over her orgasm, he slapped her lightly on her cunt. "You got a nice ass, tits, and a good cunt, too."

She looked up at him and attempted to smile. She knew he was only trying to cover up for what happened.

What got into him, or she should say, what got into HER sooner than expected? Couldn't he hold it just a little while longer and shoot his wad after she was ready, willing and able?

It was strange of him. Like their wedding night, only a few days ago. Was he always like that?

He got a towel and wiped whatever was left of the shaving cream off his prick and rocks. He could tell what she was thinking... what she probably already figured out about him. Instead of saying anything, he waited.


"Yeah, babe."

"Am I... am I doing something that turns you off?"

He shook his head. "No. You're doing okay. Just great."

"Then why do you..."

"I don't want to talk about it!" he snapped. "But, Jay..."

"I said I don't want to talk about it!" he repeated and stormed out of the room.

Chapter TEN

Loretta Christine filled her glass with brandy and sat by the warm fire while Richard, her husband, was concentrating on some business papers at his huge furnished desk.

Loretta wanted to laugh to herself, watching him trying to cover up for the fun he was having with Elsa, and from the reports the "maid" had given her, everything was going just fine.

Look at him! He probably has a hard-on, thinking about that dumb cunt upstairs, and who was making beds and cleaning the house. How she ever got a whore to do the housecleaning, she'd never know. Could the three grand a week she was getting be the reason...?

"Richard, how can you possibly be interested in those dull sheets of paper when I have been away for five days and have just returned?"

"I'm sorry, darling," he apologized, and pushed them all aside. "How stupid of me."

Loretta picked up her drink and sat on his desk top while he remained seated in front of it.

The BASTARD! He stunk of CUNT! So he forgot to wash the pussy juice off from the quickie he had with Elsa about five minutes ago, did he?

"How was your trip, dear?" he asked. "Paris must be wonderful this time of year."

"Oh." She turned from him slightly, her voice lowering, "Paris is... well, Paris. You don't expect it to be any different, do you?"

"I guess not."

She waited for him to speak first. She certainly didn't have anything else to say. What did he expect her to ask: OH BY THE WAY, I HEAR THE NEW MAID FUCKS AND SUCKS. TELL ME, IS SHE ANY GOOD? HOW WELL CAN SHE GIVE BLOW-JOBS? IN THAT CASE, ARE HER TONSILS REMOVED?

Richard was so Goddamn dull. He just sat there and fiddled with those fucking papers. Why should he care? He was getting the best piece of ass in the house, there she went again, putting herself down!

"Well, then, what did you do while I was gone?" she asked suddenly.

His facial expression did not change. "Not too much. Lots of paperwork, you know."

PAPERWORK! What the hell was that whore made out of? Toilet paper? MR. WHIPPLE, PLEASE DON'T SQUEEZE THE CHARMIN!

Richard got up. "If anybody wants me, I'll be in the study upstairs. Lots of important work to get out of the way, and I can't be bothered."

In a second, he was gone, ignoring the fumes that were igniting in her head. He wasn't dumb. He could tell she was pissed off about something. But it couldn't be about he and Elsa. That was still a big secret, and something she would never find out about.

As he walked into his room, he bolted the door and flicked the switch of the tape recorder that rested next to the phone. A jack was hooked up on the phone so that if any important phone calls came in, Richard could turn the tape recorder on and get it all down in case he forgot something. Most of the time, he left it plugged in, and once he picked up the phone, the tape recorder would begin taping the conversation, because he usually forgot to turn the damn thing off. Besides, he was expecting a call from one of the buyers at a rival business firm that was ready to sell out on a property deal.

He had to get all the info down pat.

Whatever the hell was giving Loretta a bug up her ass, he could give a shit.

Loretta lit up five cigarettes and ground them out just as fast as she took a drag from each.


She could tell the way he was acting, he was satisfied keeping Elsa on the side and would never give her a divorce. Oh, she knew the shrewd businessman in him. He couldn't be swayed. He'd be positive on the idea of having a little extra pussy on the side.

Sure, his cock got too big for everyone, so why bend it in half when he can have it all.

Her whole plan was down the drain! If he didn't crack after five days of fucking and sucking, nothing would do it. And that meant that she would have to do the other thing she had in mind: find him while he was fucking Elsa. And she had to have a witness to testify he was fucking chicks behind her back. Who the hell would that person be?

What a pissy-assed piece of shit she got herself into!

Elsa told her that Richard rejected all the suggestions of divorce, saying it was better to wait and see what happens. That he would think about it. THINK ABOUT IT! SHEE-YIT! He would think about it, all right. You know what that jack-off was? A cunt! A lousy, smelly cunt!

The phone rang. At first she didn't want to answer it. Who the hell could that be, anyway?


She let it ring for a while. Why should SHE answer it? There was a MAID in the house -- let that PRICKTEASER get it. Oh fuck it!

She reached for the receiver and said, "Hello?"

"Baby, it's me!"

"Eric! Why are you calling me at home... I told you not while Richard was around."

"Screw it, doll. I got big news! I got that letter from that book publisher, the one I've been waiting for four weeks. They said..."

"Not right now, Eric. Not while he's home..."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"I can't really talk now, Eric. I... oh the hell with it! I don't care any more! I just don't give a shit. He isn't falling for it. That thing with Elsa..."

"Elsa?" He couldn't remember.

"The whore I hired from Madame Ling's. The one that is supposed to be the new maid I hired. Richard didn't change his mind about anything. I thought if I left them home alone for a few days, she might talk him into getting a divorce, and I'd get sixty percent of his stocks and real estate. Baby, we could have lived on it for..."

"But that's why I'm calling you, baby. The book! They bought my book! I'm getting a lot of bread for it. We won't have to worry about your milking that dork for all his dough. I'm calling the shots now..."

"Bullshit! Those crumbs you'd make from that book wouldn't keep you dressed in those clothes I bought for you, the little presents I've been giving you... you won't be able to afford all the luxury I've shown you."

"Are you saying... I've been wasting my time writing?"

"Oh, come off it! So you've sold a book! Big deal! You'll never be able to do it again, not with the tight financial situation those assholes..."

"You fucking CUNT! You're saying I can't write. That's like cutting my balls off!"

"Up your ass! You always wrote like shit! I never once liked anything I read of yours. I only felt sorry for you. That's why I kept you on the side."

"All you wanted was some cock, baby. You were always a meat-eater, and you came to me every time. For two years."

"Who says I need you, you fucker! I can get a bigger prick than yours, easy. Money talks. I'll buy myself a foot-long hot dog faster than you can see that Goddamn book!"

"You're gonna be that way, you bitch. Okay. Don't come crawling to me in a few hours when your jaws start bothering you. Talk about nicotine fit, you'll be getting a jism fit!" He slammed the phone down.

She threw it down, too.

Fuck that! She didn't have to take that shit. Not from anyone. And definitely not from some two-bit writer who can't write worth shit. And she didn't have to stay here, either.

So why was she standing there, getting mad? There were millions of pricks out in that world, just waiting to get fucked and sucked, and she had her choice of any. So why settle for pork chops when you can get sirloin?

Angrily, she thundered out the door.

Richard put the phone down slowly. He had thought that call was the one he had been waiting for. Who was that -- Eric? Who the fuck was Eric?

It didn't matter. Loretta had been screwing around behind his back after all. So she wasn't all that bad, after all. There was hope for her. She wouldn't turn out to be such a bad lay, then.

But she set him up for something. With Elsa. Only Elsa wasn't just a friendly little maid; she was a fucking whore and Loretta wanted him to divorce her. Get most of his money and live with that stud in some cozy hideaway. But not any more. Eric had given her the brush off, said he had a book coming out, that he didn't need her any more.

It wouldn't stop Loretta; she'd pick up where she left off with some other nice lean cock. And for TWO YEARS!

He went to sit back at his desk when he noticed the reels of his tape recorder turning around and around. His mind stopped. Did he... was it possible that he...

He walked over to his tape recorder, flicked the stop button, put it in reverse, then let it play.

There was some static.

"He isn't falling for it. That thing with Elsa."


"The whore I hired from Madame Ling's. The one that is suppose to be the new maid I hired..."

Richard stopped it, put it in fast forward, then let it play.

"All you wanted was some cock, baby. You were always a meat-eater, and you came to me every time. For two years."

"Who says I need you; anyway, you fucker! I can get a bigger prick than yours, easy!"

He shut it off.

He had it. All down. Word for word.

So Loretta wanted a divorce, did she? He'd give it to her all right. After all, didn't she want one so badly? Of course, the tape he made would help with the property settlement, alimony.

"So there you are!" Elsa called out. "My great big hunk of beef!"

He pushed the tape recorder away and slid it into his desk drawer, locking it and getting rid of the key before Elsa caught him.

"Yeah, baby, where have you been? I have a friend that wants to meet you."

"Anyone I know?" she giggled.

"Naturally. He's big, dark, tall and handsome."

She pressed her hands on his crotch. "I thought I knew him! And here he is!"

He unzipped his fly. "Peek-a-boo!"

"He's winking at me!" she laughed, and fell to her knees.

"Blow-job, baby?" he asked.

She nodded. "Only I have a little extra something to put on it." With that, she pulled out a can of whipped cream. "That has got to top the COCK! Yummy, yummy."

"Ahh, you're giving me my just desserts!"

She sprayed a lot of it on his stiff dick. At first, she did it hurriedly, then slowed down and took her time, making it look as presentable as possible.

He was getting harder and harder, watching her bend on her knees, putting the stuff on him, and thinking of her slurping it all up.

"Hurry, baby..." he told her.

"I've just STARTED!" she said. She pushed the can of whipped cream aside. "Now for the next part."

She pulled a can of crushed nuts out of her apron. "Got to make this all delicious." She twisted off the top and sprinkled them all over his prick.

"I already got NUTS, baby."

She laughed. "Not CRUSHED ones, thank GOD! Anyway, I've had such a taste for a banana split today."

"So where's the banana?" She smiled. "Guess."


She finished with the crushed nuts and poured hot chocolate syrup on everything. "Yes, this will be just FINE."

"If you say so."

"And a cherry for the tip." She put one on the top of his cock, already transformed to the banana split she had been DYING to eat.

"I'm ready for you."

She took off her clothes so fast, she almost strangled in them. "Christ, I've got to suck that!"

"Eat hearty! Bon appetite!"

"I hope to hell I don't hear from Baskins & Robbins about THIS!" she said before she shoved her dessert into her mouth, lapping up the melted chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and crushed nuts. "Mmm... not bad, if I do say so myself!"

"That's right, baby, take it all. It's all yours."

He spread his legs wider and let her get more eating area. She went at that decorated cock with such starvation that he hoped she wouldn't cause him to add another topping in just a few more minutes.

Man, for a whore, she was the best. Real good. So what if Loretta hired her, and so what if she wasn't a maid? She'd stay as long as he could keep the truth hidden, that he knew about Loretta's plans, and that he... Goddamn, baby, keep going... that he had a few tricks up his sleeve, too.

That cunt wouldn't get away with it. Maybe she could keep... Sweet Lord, what a tongue, what a... ahh, a tongue... she could keep a piece of meat on the side. There were always a few slabs around somewhere.

Sure, let her have her barbecue or weenie roast, or whatever the hell she wanted. But when she was ready for the Goddamn divorce, she'd get it. And everything she was asking for, including a kick in the ass, and a hammer in the cunt.

"Mmm... this is so good, I just might start writing a cook book... Elsa's bone-nana split. TREAT! TREAT!"

He jerked his body so that more cock would go into her mouth. "Take it, baby... come on, suck it good... yeah, that's it, doll... there's no way you're ever going to get out of doing this, with you knowing your way around the dick... my sweet little cock-sucker... sink those jaws in... yeah, you know how to do it..."

"Just don't kick, honey," she told him. "I don't need the battering-ram bit!"

"You're gonna get it ALL!" He forced more cock into her mouth. "Suck it down to the balls!"

His hands reached down and grabbed her tits, which were brushing against the insides of his legs near his crotch. Lord, they felt good, that nasty meat hanging from her chest. And he was sticking his toes into her cunt. Great, it was nice and sopping wet. What a sponge! That's what he liked, MIGHTY MUFF!

Now his toes were dripping with pussy juice. Nice, fresh, thirst-quenching.

"Here I CUM, ready or not!" he yelled.

"Ready willing and able!"

"Okay, CATCH!" he said, then dumped his jism into her mouth in heaping tablespoon amounts, clogging up her throat and possibly blocking her nasal passage. Too bad, you cunt! You wanted every drop, you get it. And don't say you didn't ask for it.

"Don't move, stay right where you are and take it like a woman!"

He emptied himself of his cum.

She swallowed it all, and sat back, licking her lips.

"How did you like it?" he asked.

"Well... it sure as hell wasn't Campbell's Chicken Soup, but it WAS mmm-mmm GOOD!"

He zipped up his pants and stood up. "Baby, I got LOTS of work to do, and if you keep bugging me, I'll never get it done."

"If you're rich, why don't you hire a secretary?"

"That isn't it. I have contracts and documents to sign and approve. My lawyers have advised me what and what not to sign, but that doesn't mean I SHOULDN'T go over everything to make sure."

"Sorry I asked," She grinned and got her maid's uniform on. "See you later."

As she shut the door, she thought about him. Damn it, but she got horny by just looking at him. Why Loretta Christine wanted to divorce that delicious hunk of meat was outrageous! She'd love to take him off her hands if she could. And would, if possible.

Of course, there was the nasty little thing she pulled on that rich bitch, and that was telling her that Richard refused to think of divorce. Elsa was having such a fucking good time that she "forgot" to bring it up. In fact, she did it on purpose. That dude could give her a nice trip, sex-wise. He was like Thor's mighty hammer, and when it struck, there was lots of thunder.

So, if she could keep lying to that loaded bitch, then she could still have lots of fun with her husband, and still make the same bread she was making.

Three grand goes a long, long way...

Chapter ELEVEN

Ron Cameron lay in bed holding the twelve inch-long dildo in his hand, while Kathy Phillips knelt at the side of it, staring at his body.

Christ, she wanted to jump on it so BAD, but he made her stay still and just look at it. And the thing of it was, he knew how badly she wanted it, could practically taste it in her mouth, but he made her kneel where she was. God, if she could just touch him, hold IT, fuck him...

"You want my cock, don't you?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes, yes! Please, just let me have it for a while. A few minutes, and I could make you SO HAPPY!"

"No, baby." He shook his head. "I would be making YOU happy. But you can't have it now -- you've got to wait."

Damn it, he was nineteen years old. Shit, she was twenty-five! And she wanted his cock! Hell, yes. But she hated to beg for it, and he loved when she did.

He made her watch while he jacked off, and she got pissed when he came and saw all the juicy jism drip out of his prick and trickle down to his balls, where he would wipe it up and throw it away.


That was like wasting a good meal. Fuck, but she wanted to get on top of him, push his prick into her and hump him silly until her cunt came and came and came, and she could feel his spunk spit, all gooey and hot and CREAMY, into her cunt. BUT WHY COULDN'T SHE HAVE IT WHEN SHE NEEDED IT SO FUCKING BAD?

"Is it better than your old stud's, that asshole Tony Duncan?" he asked her.

"Yes," she said quickly. Actually, Tony's prick was longer and wider, but she wasn't thinking of him any more. He was a nobody to her.

All she had in mind was Ron's prick pumping into her snatch, him pressing her against him to make sure she was getting it all, and wouldn't pull out.

He didn't have to worry about her not wanting it, or having to rape her. And the thing was, after the time he did rape her, what he had told her came true: after she was fucked by his cock, she wouldn't want another ever again. It had to be his beef, or nothing! And she got it, oh Christ, did she get it.

"Tell me, baby," he asked, stroking the long dildo. "If I let you on the bed with me, what would you do? What would you like to do? Anything you want."

Her eyes dropped to his crotch. "First..." Her hand reached out to hold his cock, but she quickly pulled it back. She didn't want to get him mad or anything.

"First, I'd start to lick your chest. Very, very lightly. Then I'd work myself down to your navel and lap all around it."

She watched as his prick started to get hard.

"Go on," he told her.

"Then, I would stroke your dick hair... wouldn't touch your cock yet, completely away from it... but I would feel all that bristly hair in my hands. And I would run them through the hair on your legs, on the inside, near your cock, but still, I wouldn't get at it."

He was really getting it up, slowly, but surely.

"And I would kiss all the way down your legs, maybe lick some of the hairs. Ohh, that would really turn me on. I love your legs. They're so hairy and hard and muscular and sexy... and I would work my way down to your toes. Oh, I love toes, too. Especially when I can suck on them. It's a great high when I do that."

Yep, he was really grooving on what she was saying. That cock was jacking up faster... up, up and away.

"And I would bite a little bit on the nail, but would leave the toe alone. In fact, it would feel so good that you'd want to cum like that. And from what I can see, you've got really BIG toes. And I would lick in between, where it's soft and sensitive. And WHILE we're doing all this, I would take your other foot..."

"Which one?" he asked.

"Why, the one I'm NOT sucking, baby. And I would take your big toe, the really BIG one, and I would put it by my cunt. And I would lean on it until it would go in, and I'd jump on it, and suck on your toe harder and HARDER until your prick would be begging for some pussy. But it wouldn't get it yet. No, because after fucking your toes..."

"What a wonderful way to get athlete's feet!"

"Ohh, you've got it, baby. And after I did that, I would take it out and I would make you lay down on your back and I would lay on top of you, but we wouldn't do anything with your meat. No, that CUMS for last. Instead, I would be laying over you and sucking on your NECK and rubbing my furry crotch over your legs and chest and stomach, but wouldn't have you touch ME! You would be mine to please, and I could continue, only thinking about how fantastic I would make you cum later on. So I would keep sucking on your neck -- not real hard so you'd have hickies, but enough to get you all warmed up for the main event. And my snatch would be dripping pussy juice all over your chest, stomach, face, arms, hands."

He was as stiff as a baseball bat. Mmm... she was thinking about having a taste for Ball Park Franks, anyway...

"Keep talking!" he told her.

"Oh yes, baby, yes..." She smiled, leaning over him. "And then I would take your right hand and one by one, I would be sucking on your thumb, pinkie, forefinger... in between, just like your toes. Only I wouldn't fuck your hand. At least, not like usual. Instead, I would take your thick, long middle finger and I would kneel over it and sit on it. And I would groan as it'd go up my ass, and your finger would feel the moistness and juices, all that succulent juice, dripping down your hand. Ohh... I would hump that finger so hard, and jerk it up and down and..."

It was all he could take. He grabbed her roughly and turned her around.

"Not, not yet, Ron," she told him.

"Shut up, bitch!" He squeezed her cunt and pushed his stiff crotch by her ass. At first, she thought he was going to fuck her in the ass, but his prick slid quickly into her cunt. Ahh, doggie-style.

He pumped his cock into her, in and out, faster and faster.

"NO... no... oh God... oh Christ, it feels so good, baby... shit... no way could I shake you off... you've got a tight hold on me and it would take an expert to pry you... off... oh, baby!"

He held her snatch tightly in his hand and pushed it toward him, and in doing so, made his cock shove into her cunt farther and farther.

"Good... nice and wet..."

"And you're so big and hard..." She wanted to say long, but he wasn't as long as Tony. Why should she think of him now when she was having so much fucking fun?

His cock rammed in and out, feeling all those great juices soaking up on his cock, and hammering it in some more. Holy Lord, she was a great fuck... his hand pushed her harder and her ass came clamming into his prick and scooping up some more of the fuck he was giving her. She loved that cock between his legs and now it was between HER legs and balling her like there was no end.

"More! Push it in more!" she told him.

"I'll ram it up to your throat!" he threatened.

"Yes! Yes! I would love that!"

"You like the way I fuck you, baby?"

She cried, "Oh, I love your fucking. It's the FUCKING BEST I ever had... OH JESUS... yeah, yeah, it's the best... I love when you fuck me... fuck me... a real ball-buster!"

Her cunt was all squishy and wet and soppy. The more he jerked it in, the more juice came spilling out and squirting all over the bed.

"That's what I call getting a bonus reward!" she squealed.

His balls were filling up with jism. In a few minutes, they would be empty, but it was worth getting rid of every drop, because her snatch would siphon it all up. It was as if her cunt were a suction cup, and it sucked out all his jism and plugged it up, like a cork.

"OH BABY, I'M GONNA PUMP IT UP YOUR ASS!" he yelled. "HERE... IT IS..." The first shot of cum slid up into her moist box. "FIRE ONE!"


"YEAH, KID... FIRE TWO..." More followed the initial load.



She shivered, kicking her ass against his crotch, then screaming out again and falling down on her stomach to the bed. He finished emptying himself into her and rolled off, letting her slide off the side. Cum was pouring out of her cunt near her ass like a gushing oil well, but she couldn't be bothered. She was all fucked out.

Ron got up and put his pants on. Kathy was still lying on the bed, probably asleep, for all he cared.

Shit, the dumb cunt got his rocks off, so what the hell did he need her for afterward? Certainly not another round, because she milked him dry.

He finished dressing and he left her. When she woke up, he would be gone. But that didn't mean he would CUM back later for seconds. And she'd give it to him, whenever he wanted, because he was the fucking best stud she ever had.

He winked at her as he closed the door.

Tony Duncan sat in his apartment with the sixth can of beer he had had in his hand. Fucking bitch did this to him, the slut. Had to get Goddamn drunk so he wouldn't get so horny.

But it wasn't working, and the huge hard-on that was pressing in his pants began to bother him. Shit, but he had a large prick. All his other girl friends complained about how much it hurt when he stuck it in their pussies.

"Not all the way!" Sue screamed at him.

"OWW!" yelled Linda. "It's like getting fucked by the Empire State Building!"

"Christ, baby," gasped Cindy. "You're hurting me, you're hurting me!"

Fuck them! What the hell else was a cunt good for but to shove your meat into it and fuck it. That's why God made 'em. A man had to get his pleasure from somewhere, and Goddamn it, if he felt like putting the whole cock in, HE WOULD.

Kathy never complained. NEVER. She always wanted more and more. But why should he be thinking about that slut now? She dumped him, and for what, he didn't know.

Could be because of the night he shoved his prick down her throat and she got knocked out. Wasn't his fault. He hadn't meant to put her to sleep like that. How did he know, he was stopping her from breathing? She always managed to get the whole damn thing in her mouth before. Why should things change all of a sudden?

His stiff cock kept bending in his pants. Hell, he had to let it out for a while so it could breathe. It was the least he could do for himself.

But just as he took it out, unzipped his fly and pulled out the eighth wonder of the world, he thought: HEY, WHY SHOULD I JACK OFF? WHY CAN'T I GO OUT AND GET ME SOME ASS AND HUMP IT? WHY SHOULD I MOPE AROUND AND FEEL GODDAMN SORRY FOR MYSELF FOR HAVING TO PULL MY PUD?

He put it back in his pants and got over to the phone. He dialed a few numbers, got some busy signals, and finally hit the right one.

Yep, an old girl friend. Maybe not as foxy looking as Kathy. But she could do the job just as well, if not better.

"Chrissie, what's happening?" he asked.

"Oh, not too much. And you?"

"Well, I actually called to ask you a favor."

She laughed. "A problem, eh? And I'll bet I know exactly which one is acting UP, ha, ha. Give me about fifteen minutes and I'll be over."

"Chrissie, you're a lifesaver."

He hung up and looked at his watch. Hell, in fifteen minutes, he'd be able to get all that cum out of his system. Good old Chrissie. She was always hot for him, always hot for SOMEBODY. That's why he broke it off with her. And she understood.

He thought about all the things they had done together, all the ground they covered. He fucked her standing up in a telephone booth, in five feet of ocean water at the beach, and in the Pussycat Theater where they show stag flicks.

He remembered that one: watching Linda Lovelace gulp down Harry Reems' cock, and he got stiff from the sight, and Chrissie hopped on his lap and fucked him dry. He had to admit they added a nice sound track to DEEP THROAT, which already had a pretty good one.

And the hand-jobs she gave him, especially at the movie theaters. He would punch a hole on the bottom of his popcorn box and he would stick his stiff prick through it and Chrissie would pretend to reach for some popcorn, but would be jacking him off instead.

Chrissie wasn't so bad looking, either. Most of the chicks he fucked, he didn't care, because as long as they had a cunt and some tits, and he got to ram it up in there, he was happy.

But she was cute, with that small mouth (how she fit all that cock of his in it, he'll never know), blue eyes and long black hair, parted down the side.

Of course, her tits weren't so big, but she had long legs, and she got them wrapped over his shoulders and around his head and shoving that big hairy cunt of hers up so that he could get to her and fuck her good with his cock. Damn, he almost split her in half the first time he hammered it in, since she was so skinny. But it sunk in and he kept pushing it into her until he came, and CHRIST did she cum.

In a few minutes, he heard his buzzer ring and he let her in. She walked in and looked at his fat cock sticking out of his pants, the shape of it pressing through and leaving a tasty outline.

"This is really far-out," she grinned. "Here, I was ready to settle for hamburgers, and I get MEAT LOAF!"

She grabbed the zipper to his crotch.

"Oh baby, it's been a while. Long time, NO SEE!"

"Come on, baby, fuck me... FUCK ME!" he yelled.

She took off her skirt immediately, and pushed him back softly onto a chair. As he sat, she got on his lap, put her legs up and around his neck, then let herself go and hung backwards with her hair touching the floor.

Quickly, Tony took his cock in his hand and slid it into her cunt.

She gritted her teeth as the thick hunk of meat pushed its way into her drippy hole. "JESUS CHRIST, YOU HAVEN'T CHANGED AT ALL!" she screamed.

"And you..." He was pumping it into her, watching her dangle in front of him. "You're not getting older, you're getting... BETTER!"

"Oh honey, shove that prick of yours into me HARDER!"

"All the way, baby, all the... way..."


She squeezed her inner thighs tightly against his waist, grinding her crotch against his, feeling his pubic hair rubbing fiercely at her warm stomach.

She pushed her ass down harder. Yeah, it felt good. What a nice, shapely ass. And he could see her whole hairy cunt from the bird's eye view he was getting. Thank God she didn't shave like those other chicks did. What good was a muff without FUR? His cock could get a good feel of her pussy hairs as he stuck it in. And his prick looked so pale and white, yet purplish-red and blood-gorged, pounding its way into that big heap of blackness.

Her tiny tits wiggled with each pumping. He spread his legs more and more so he could make her cunt slide down. Uh, he was driving her crazy with his enormous cock. Nine inches of fucking pleasure. And almost two inches thick. What a cock!

"I want every drop of your mouth-watering cum in my snatch!" she ordered him. "I want that dam flooded, and ain't no little Dutch boy gonna stick his finger up the dyke!"

"Then you'll get it... NOW!" He squirted it into her.

She jerked back and felt the impact of his jism firing into her cunt. It left her speechless, the stuff pouring, dripping from her twat in big loads. Her hands reached out and clawed at him, but still, she fell back, powerless. She knew she had to let him inject his cum into her, to take what he would have to give her.

She released her legs and slid down to the floor, still groaning, but with a smile on her face. He put his pants back on.

"Okay, Chrissie, get the fuck out of here!" he ordered her. "I'm done using you. I got my rocks off!"

She glared at him. "You MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD! I'm not through with you yet."

"Too bad, baby. I'm through with you."

She spit at him, then reached into her cunt, grabbed a handful of cum and threw it in his face. "Asshole! Why did I even bother coming?"

"So you could CUM!"

She got her clothes back on. "Don't bother me again, shit head."

"Only if I think my nuts are nice and full."

"Fuck YOU!"

"You will, baby. Don't worry."

She finally got everything together. "You Goddamn sprinkler hose! Go fuck a gas tank next time!" She slammed the door after her.

He laughed. Cunt. He didn't want to get involved with her any more. And screwing her made him realize how much he missed, doing it with Kathy. Hell, Kathy was his ONLY lay. Nobody could replace her. Her snatch was just too good to put down.

The hell with it! He was going to find out why Kathy dumped him like that. Shit, it had to be another guy. It added up to it. But all these months, she only dug his cock, nobody else's. Why would she go meat shopping in another butcher shop?

Then his mind was settled. Tomorrow, he was going to go over to Mad-hatter Place and find that fucking cunt and talk some reason into her. And even if it meant that he'd have to shove his cock up her twat just to remind her of what a good thing she walked out on, he'd do it.

She had to CUM back to him. Man, he really was hung up on that chick, and he'd do his damnedest to get her back.

Fuck, his cock was throbbing again.

Chapter TWELVE

Jay Lawrence sat glumly at the Snatch of Sunshine Bar, moping over his sixth beer. Damn, but he got smashed. And he couldn't go home to his son of a bitch wife because she'd start looking at him and wonder why the hell he couldn't keep his balls in working order the way a NORMAL man did. Why couldn't he hold from shooting his load so soon when he fucked other chicks? What the hell kind of black was he, anyway?

He kept dreaming of Anne's chocolate pussy and his black dick balling it. Yeah, he liked that. She'd make him feel real good. And that nice dark mouth, stuffing all the black cock she could into it. And sucking it, real nice and good... his balls tingling. And all that sweet cum, dripping from her mouth because he REALLY emptied himself out.

It was all Dawn's fault, that BITCH! He did everything because of that black cunt and her smart-ass remarks. She said he would never be able to handle other pussy because he would never hold it with them, that he was just too damn anxious to show her off.

Well, fuck her! He married Anne, and he'd stay married to her, and that little bitch with her bright ideas would go squat somewhere and...

"Jay... hello..."

He turned around. It was the cunt, Dawn.

"What do you want, woman?" he asked.

"Talk... up in my room."

"Oh no, no, no... I'm a married man. I don't do that kind of stuff anymore. I'm respectful."

"Bullshit. You're one horny asshole."

He couldn't argue with her about that. He really looked at her. Shit, but those plump tits, skinny waist and fat ass looked mighty tasty. In fact, if he didn't know better, he'd be pushing her into a closet and take a few skin-diving lessons.

"Aren't you going to get me a drink?" she asked him.

He ordered her a screwdriver. "You look really great, babe."

"Sure. You haven't gotten fucked in a few days. A bent over donkey would look mighty tempting to you."

That made her mad. "Gonna rub it in, you..."

"Now, now... I understand. It's your own fault, honey. You wanted some other black slut's pussy and now you've got it."

"Haven't you been getting any action?" he asked.

"Shore 'nuff. But that's me, baby." She dropped her hand to his crotch and pressed. "You been had. Fucking shiney bitch is no good."

"How'd you know?"

She frowned. "Ain't you missin' me yet, baby? 'Cause I just can't wait to get that thing in me. My pussy's been wet all day."

"Really..." Damn it, but he couldn't think right, with all that beer in him. He wasn't speakin' and thinkin' right. He could fuck Dawn and not tell Anne. He couldn't do it to her. Yet...

"Real bad," she smiled, stroking his crotch.

"Then let's go up to your apartment."

He followed her down the street and up the stairs to her place. Yeah, she was hot for him, all right. There were wet spots on her pantyhose. Shee-yit, but he had a big hard-on, and it was fucking ready for action to ram into her black belly. Jesus Christ, he was glad she lived close to that bar.

"I can't wait, baby..." she panted, stripping. "Just can't wait."

"Sure missed your sweet ass," he grinned, unzipping his fly.

She threw herself on the bed and looked up at him. "Oh God! I think the flag has risen."

He got on top of her and slid it in. She winced and jerked.

"You thick black stud... you're gonna kill me with that thing someday," she warned him: "Fuck you to death!"

"Baby, I want it... more."

The plump dark prick hammered in and out, gliding with ease into the juicy chamber of her cunt.

He pumped it in good. "And after this, you're gonna suck me off!"

"No!" she screamed, helplessly pinned down by the cock pushing into her cunt and the wonderful feeling it gave her. "OH, YOU BASTARD, I WON'T DO IT... YOU CAN'T MAKE ME..."

"You'll do it, baby... you've got no choice. I'll force you to suck it. And swallow all that jism."

"You mother fucker! No! No! I won't let you!" She tried to wiggle away from him, but he held her down tight.

"Too late, baby. No dice. Not a chance. You've had it. You were dumb enough to bring me here, now you're going to take the full trip -- all the way!"

She fought beneath him, again and again, but her attempts only got him more excited and he forced his cock in harder. He was right, it was too late. After he shot his load into her, he'd shove his cock down her throat and make her give him a blow-job. Hell, she wouldn't mind, but she HATED the taste of cum.

"Oh Jay, please don't make me do it!" she begged him. "I can't do it again!"

"You will, baby. You'll love every nourishing drop. And I'm gonna hold you down while you do it so you don't get any ideas."

She was trapped, and she knew it. But the bastard was making her feel so good, and she began to scream with pleasure underneath him as he kept fucking her, sliding his cock in and out of her cunt, making funny licking sounds because she was so soppy wet.

"Yeah... nice and wet pussy for your cock..." she moaned. "Great to have it back in again. No man ever made IT smile like that, except you."

"Cunt... bitch... slut... whore," he groaned in her ear. "You've been asking for it all along."

Ahh, the wonderful feeling of fucking again. And sucking, soon. Very soon. Because he'd cum again any minute. Yeah, his cock was really throbbing in her pussy. And into that nice warm twat, he wanted to cum.

"Ready, doll?" he asked.

"Yes... oh, yes!" she screamed.

He shoved it into her real hard. "Here goes... AND CUMS! LITTLE COCKSUCKER... YOU FUCKING CUNT... TAKE IT ALL!"

"Jesus Christ..." She clutched him as it shot into her and left her stunned. "Bastard! Prick! You wonderful fucking prick... all this jism, in me!"

He rolled off her and breathed heavy. She was breathing heavy, too. And she felt so damn dizzy from cuming like that. Hot damn, did she miss him. She had forgotten how great he was in the feathers. And here he had to marry some other black broad when he could have had her like this whenever he wanted.

She didn't lose him yet, though. She had only begun to fight, and "What -- NO, WAIT!" she shrieked, as he climbed over her, his knees on either side of her shoulders and his big black dick hanging down to her lips. "No, don't make me do it, baby. I don't want to!"

"You're gonna, doll. Whether you want to or not!"

"No! I'm not ready."

He grinned. "Open wide, baby. Here it cums, and you'll get the WHOLE thing!"

She tried jerking her head away, but he held it tight between his knees and had her hands held by his own, pinned down and helpless. She twisted underneath him, then watched as he lowered his prick into her mouth. At first, she wouldn't open her mouth, but he forced it open and stuck it in.

"Stop... please... I'll do anything else..." she cried, taking it in.

"Nice, nice and easy, honey. Don't fight it or you'll choke."

He was right. But she just couldn't suck it.

Damn it, and damn him. But she started sucking right away. She just wouldn't swallow his cum, that's all. She'd spit it out when he was through.

"Ahh, you're doing okay." He threw his head back and smiled. "Yeah, eat it all up. Go at it. Blow it the way you do so well. I know what you're thinking... just love it, love it, love it!"

His balls brushed against her mouth as he pumped it in and out of her, leaning forward, then going back a little. The long shaft went way deep into her throat, then came out and went back down again. Her hands struggled to be free, but she was helpless. He was too damn strong, and she DID deserve it, Goddamn it, for bring him up there.

The prick continued its strokes into her mouth. She wanted to spit his meat out of her, but she couldn't. Man, he was one hung dude.

"Suck it... keep sucking, baby," he moaned.


He laughed. "Don't try to talk. What do you want, lock-jaw?"

She felt hairs get in her mouth. SHIT! She hated that. And what could she do, tell him to take them out? He couldn't hear her, for she was just able to let out a soft whimper as the cock pushed into her mouth, and all he wanted was what she was giving him. She could breathe at least -- barely, but she was. Problem was, she took too much in, all at once, then he pulled it out a bit. Damn him...

"You beautiful cunt!" he said.

She rocked her head slightly, unable to move it away.

Then she felt it, all hot and sticky, pumping into her mouth. Shee-yit, it was JISM! The bastard came in her mouth! And there was so much of it -- and she tried not to swallow it, but he kept squirting cum out of his dick and there wasn't a whole hell of a lot she could do about it.

"Swallow it, cunt!" he said.

No! No, she wouldn't... but it was going down her throat, and she tasted it and... Christ, she was swallowing it, even though she didn't want to because he still held his stiff joint in her mouth. And he continued to hold it until all of it went down. Then he let her go.

"You bastard! You son of a bitch! Mother fucker!" she yelled.

He laughed and got his pants back on. "Thanks for the hitch."

She threw her pillow at him, then some books and a radio. "Asshole! Doing that to me! Fucker! Shit head! Jack-off!"

He was dressed and gone in a minute. She watched him from the window, getting out through the front door. She threw open the window.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" she screamed out.

"Thank you!" He walked off.

She slammed it shut. He wasn't going to get away with that. She'd go to his black broad and tell her that he SEDUCED her, then raped her in her apartment. She'd fix his ass, but good. And she'd put in all the details, too. Tomorrow. She'd do it all tomorrow.



Richard Christine listened to the tape he had made of his wife's conversation with Eric Taylor -- the one he had gotten while listening over the phone.

"... Elsa?"

"The whore I hired from Madame Ling's. The one that is supposed to be the new maid I hired. Richard didn't change his mind about anything..."

He shut it off. That cunt, thinking she had him. Fucking slut, trying to double-cross him like that. He put it in fast forward and then on play.

"... all you wanted was some cock, baby. You were always a meat-eater, and you came to me every time. For two years."

"Who says I need you, you fucker! I can get a bigger prick than yours, easy. Money talks. I'll buy..."

"So," interrupted a voice. "You know."

He turned to see who it was. Elsa stood in the doorway.

"Yes, I do." He was cool about it.

She saw the tape recorder on his desk with the jack plugged into the phone. "You heard them talking, didn't you?"

He nodded. "And I have it down, all pat."

"I guess I don't need this any more," she said, taking off her maid's cap and throwing it on the nearest chair, then unfastening the apron and doing likewise. "They weren't my style, anyway. Not whorish enough."

"I should have guessed you were a slut. How could some maid be such a fantastic lay."

She grinned. "Thank you. I take that as a compliment. And may I say the feeling is mutual. You were the greatest piece of cock I've had."

He ignored what she said, but instead, turned the recorder on.

"There's just something I don't understand. Listen... he isn't falling for it. That thing with Elsa..."

He turned it off. "What THING? I don't understand."

"I was suppose to persuade you to divorce her."

"But you never said anything about divorce."

She smiled again. "Figure it out, baby."

He shook his head. "You figure it out for me, baby."

"I liked that thing between your legs too much. Didn't want to say good-bye to your cock too soon. Thought I could stick around for some more action."

He grinned. "You really liked my cock a lot?"

"LOVE IT, man." She fell to her knees and put her head against his crotch. "Just think, honey you don't need that cunt. You've got me. We love to fuck each other, so why not hang loose and shack up with me."

He laughed. "I'm too old for you. Thirty-four, and you're twenty-three."

"Your thirty-four-year old cock fits into my twenty-three-year old snatch PERFECTLY. What more could you ask?"

"For you to get the hell out of here."

She looked up. "You have fucking got to be kidding."

"Not at all. And if you don't get your ass out by the time I count to TEN, your twat will be in FOUR pieces."

She got up on her feet. "Hey, baby, this is ME you're talking to. You forget, you love to fuck me. You're nuts about my snatch. You don't want me to go."

"One, two..."

"Okay!" She got to the door. "I'm leaving, you mother-fucker. Just remember, that rich wife of yours doesn't want you any more. She's through with you. She's got a man of her own. And you haven't got anybody!"

...three, four, five...

She hissed, then disappeared.

Richard removed the tape from the recorder and locked it up in the drawer again. He'd play it for Loretta tomorrow night and announce that he was permanently unloading her and her Eric Taylor OUT THE DOOR.

He was tired of playing these little games with her, and that guy and that whore. Well, the whore was gone, and there was only a few more games to play until he gathered up his chips and cashed them in. That tape would be his ace up his sleeve.

Funny, he never expected to get rid of Loretta so soon. After only three years of marriage.

Well, what the fuck, right?

Loretta Christine fumbled with her purse as she paid the taxi driver for bringing her to Mad-hatter Place, Eric's apartment building. She gave him a ten-dollar bill and told him to keep the change. He smiled and drove off.

Boy was she pissed. That jack-off didn't call her in three days. What had gotten into him? It couldn't possibly be the little fight they had the other day over the phone. Why, she got those patched up in a matter of hours.

So why hadn't he called? Damned writers. Good for shit. She hated the way they acted, always so moody, got mad so easily. Well, she didn't care, she still thought he wrote like shit. She read some of his incomplete manuscripts, and she hated what she read. All that stuff about politics. What did he know about POLITICS? Asshole.

Her mind was on his body right now. Hell, she was sweating over her coffee this morning because she had pulled out those magazines, Viva and Playgirl and got that urge again.

If Richard only knew how she felt about those magazines. How horny they got her. They made her cunt stink of pussy juices, and they dripped down her legs. Some of those guys, the ones with the really long cocks, how she would have loved to suck them off. Hell, she just loved to suck and fuck. It was her favorite hobby.

And Eric. His body really got her hot. She wanted to get between his brown hairy legs and take that massive cock and lick it to the bone -- which was always as rigid as could be. It excited her to get on her knees and do it. Made her feel cheap and low and sexy. Like he was the master, telling her she had to do it whether she liked it or not, only for the sake of pleasing HIM.

And that was her job. To make him happy and get his rocks off the best way she could. And so, she would suck and blow his cock until he came and pumped his jism into her and then she would sit on his prick and get fucked in the ass.

It wasn't so bad. Sure, it hurt at first, when it went in and she felt like taking a shit, but it got better and soon she liked him shoving it up her ass. Hell, it was fucking great! Of course, at first, she had to go to the john right after and take a dump. It didn't kill her, though. But she liked the way he squeezed her cunt and made it nice and wet while he rammed it up her behind and fingered her clit until she came.

She got to the stairs and walked up slowly. Goddamn it, but she was tired. And what did she do today besides jack off with the magazines and her old beat-up vibrator. The batteries were getting old. She could tell. It hummed too loudly. Maybe she should just buy a new one. But all the trouble with the old one -- HELL! Thank God she had Eric to fall back on when she got that hunger for meat. Like now, for instance.

Loretta pushed the button and waited. She heard giggling inside the apartment. Did Eric have a girl in there with him? A girl? With the money she had given him so he could pay the rent! The son of a bitch!

The door opened. It was a girl. And very naked. And her crotch was all wet and some cum was dripping out of her pussy.

"Oh... hello?"

"Is Eric home?" Loretta snapped.

She smiled a bit, but stopped. "Yeah. Wait a minute. Hey, Eric, there's some broad -- I mean, some woman to see you."

"Just a minute, baby." He was at the door in a few seconds. "Loretta, what are you doing here?" He acted real cool about it.

She just stared at him. "You -- PRICK! What the hell do you think you're doing? Who the hell is that WHORE!"

"Hey, babe, don't call her that," he said.

"I don't give a Goddamn shit what I call her." Loretta looked at him. He was just as naked as the chick was. "You got a lot of fucking nerve having her around when you know Goddamn well you've got me!"

"You!" He laughed. "Baby, I'm through with you."

"Through with me?" she repeated. "What the hell's that suppose to mean?"

"I'm sick of putting up with your shit! You don't own me any more!"

"Oh yeah? Well, how the hell are you going to live, then? Oh shit?"

"I'm making my own bread. I sold my book. I'm supporting myself from now on."

"You're a Goddamn fool. It'll never last!"

"We'll see, baby!" He slammed the door in her face.

That son of a bitch! He thinks he got it made, does he? He thinks he can live on the crumbs he gets from that publishing house?

Okay, she would give him his big opportunity, to see if he can do it. But when the time comes that he wants to come back, he can go fuck himself. Hell, she wouldn't take him back, at all! Let him beg for it, he and his big fat dick. They would both want her, and she'd give him nothing.

And just to show him that he missed out, she'd go through with her divorce with Richard. She'd have a talk with Elsa when she got back and they would plan it out so that she could catch them later on that night, with some of her bridge partners.

Let's see, she thought. There was Joyce, and Stella, and...


Ron Cameron lay propped up on the bed on Kathy's pillow, smoking a Kent and watching a football game. He sipped the beer, reaching for it only during tense moments of action play.

"Are you going to watch that damn thing all day?" she asked him.

He didn't answer her.

She was looking at him, for he was naked and his cock was limp and she wanted to make it hard so he could put it in her. Yeah, that's what she had been waiting all morning for, to get that huge prick up her pussy.

And now it was afternoon, about one-thirty, and he was still watching that fucking football game. Angrily, she walked to the television set and turned it off.

"Hey, you lousy cunt, turn it back on!" he bellowed.

"Make me!" she screamed. "Did you come over here to fuck me or listen to that?"

He shrugged and wound out his cigarette. "At least THAT'S more excitement. You're so fucking boring I can't even stand it any more."

"So, you're getting tired of me. The dream girl, the one you were just dying to fuck, and now you're telling me to go take a walk. I don't need this, man."

He held his cock in his hand. "And I'm tired of wasting THIS on some shitty chick when it can cover better ground."

"Are we through? You don't want to see me again?"

"Fuck, baby, you wouldn't believe how happy that would make me. You're one Goddamn drag. Nothing new, nothing for a change. The same Goddamn thing, over and over. I can't hack it."

She thought about what he was saying for a minute. She had given up Tony for this son of a bitch, and what the hell did it leave her with?

At least Tony never complained, got all he wanted and needed from her, her tits, ass, cunt... but this jerk-off thinks he's some God and that when he's finished using her, that's it. Well, Goddamn it, it wasn't. Who did she have?

"You're not going to leave me, baby!" she said. "You made me split with Tony. And... I don't even know why. At least he had a nice big prick. There, I was getting the Lincoln Monument, and here I settled for Little Rock!"

"Little Rock! You got off pretty good from my meat!"

"Ha! You really thought you had me, ever since that night you came in my apartment and raped me. And while you were doing it, I thought, hell, this is one thing that Tony never did, forced me to do it. And it was the one thing I was missing while we fucked. You heard all about those rumors that girls liked to get raped because it's exciting. Well, it was for me, but not any more."

"Hmmmmm, that's interesting," someone else said.

Both of them turned to see who it was.

"Tony!" gasped Kathy.

Tony held a key in his hand. "I forgot to return the spare I had to your apartment. And it seems I just returned it in time."

"Man, I don't need any of this shit!" Ron yelled. "You can have your chick back. I don't need any of this shit! And one thing's for damn sure, she was the fucking lousiest lay I ever had."

Before he could reach the bathroom to gather up his clothes, Tony sent him a punch that had him reeling back and crashing into the bedpost.

"Hey!" yelled Ron. "What the fuck!"

"That was for raping Kathy," Tony told him.

Ron got up and swung at him. He missed, and Tony launched his second blow, squarely on the jaw.

"And that," Tony explained, "was for stealing her the way you did."

"OOWWW!" Ron screamed.

Tony hit him again. "And that's for being the SCUM you are!"

Ron's face was puffed with black and blue marks, his eye red, and blood trickling down from his mouth. "You bastard! You broke my new gold filling!"

Tony was getting ready to punch him again. "Ready for number four!"

"Hell no!" With that, he scrambled out of the apartment as fast as he could.

Tony turned to Kathy. "Here's your key. I won't be needing it any more, baby. You can always give it to your next boy friend."

She reached for his arm. "Don't go, Tony..."


"I... I need you, baby. Please, if you leave me, I'll be totally fucked up for the rest of my life. I need you a hell of a lot. I love you, your sex, and everything." Her eyes bored into his.

He grinned. "You'll have to prove that."

She yanked open his shirt. "Christ, I've missed you. I need that meat in my muff so bad it's hurting. Oh baby, take it off. Hurry, I'm so Goddamn horny!"

"You take it off!" he ordered her.

"Yes!" she said obediently. "Yes, I will. I need it. So bad."

Her hands ripped at his clothing, taking off his shirt, pants, and stroking the stiff, hard cock that popped out of his underwear. She licked it a little bit, getting hotter as she did.

"I want that dick. I gotta have it. In my snatch and my mouth."

Getting the final piece of clothing off his hairy body, she brought him to the bed and got him comfortable on his back. Then she climbed over him and pushed his cock into her cunt and began fucking him. The feeling of the super large cock grinding its way into her cunt felt good, and at last, she got it.

"Oh baby, I missed this..." she groaned, moving her hips and leaning on his crotch so his prick would slide in and out. The huge, plump, purplish-pink prick shoving into her juicy wet box gave her great vibrations.

"Yeah, and it missed you, too. All of it did."

She stroked his hairy chest and kissed him on the mouth, still fucking him. She licked all the way inside his mouth, then kissed him on his face. "I want it, I want it!"

He pushed his cock into her fiercely. "Gonna fuck you good, baby! Gonna make you love it!"

"And I won't have to try, 'cause I love it already!"

"Gonna give you all the fucking you want. Want to make you happy. Want to make ME happy. Love this."

She smiled. "Yes... Christ, it feels so good you still have the greatest, biggest, stiffest and best cock!"

Her pussy was all wet and squishy. Each time he rammed it in, it slid all the way and she groaned. Then he stopped fucking and turned her on her back.

"Time for me to make you happy," he said, his mouth coming down to her pussy.

"Goddamn it, but you really know how to spoil a girl!"

He lapped up those cunt-juices in no time flat. She was going nuts over the cool way he was doing it, tonguing her cunt, licking around it and sticking it in the hole to soak up the excess water. Mmm, it was his favorite drink. But he'd keep doing it, he'd make her cum, and she would love it.

"It's been so long since I've had it eaten out... my twat's been waiting for his kind of tender loving care... you know just the right corners to suck on, stud. Keep up the good work... and I'll get down to the job!"

She couldn't stand it any more. While he was licking her pussy, she just had to suck on his joint. It would make her even happier. She twisted her body until she got it in the right position, then reached for his stiff cock and ate it up.

"Good work, doll," he sighed, closing his eyes a bit and wincing at the pleasure he got from it. "Keep sucking... bite it a little... that's it... sink some teeth into it... those balls need a good washing-down... Jesus..."

"Mmm, I love this thing. I want it to always be in my mouth. And when we get married, I want a JOINT account."

"Sure thing. Yeah, come on, baby, come on!"

"I will come on, as long as you CUM!"

"I will! Hell, you'll taste it when I do!" he promised.

"And I do, I do!"

She sucked harder, hoping she could make it cum so she could gulp every drop down. Oh, it tasted so good, and the hardness and thickness of his cock got her excited as she rubbed her mouth on it. He did have a big one, but that was probably why she loved it so much.

He was eating her cunt. She was pouring out those juices fast, and it seemed impossible to get all that wetness licked up. He worked faster, trying to clean it dry, but she was so full of juice that it would take a while before he got it all swallowed.

She thought of the time he knocked her out with his cock, shoving it too far down her throat until she couldn't breathe.

He was right, though; she could fit it in all the way. Maybe it was the position that they were in, in the car, but now she could slide her mouth down to his crotch hair and balls and back up again and still groove on it. It was just a matter of taking a little at a time, since he was so huge, but it was very exciting for her to do it. Hell, she couldn't get her mouth off it.

"Kiss my nuts! Lick my balls! Suck my rocks!" he said.

"Yes, yes!" she agreed and did it. His nuts were so hairy, like his head, but she loved hair and didn't care if she got it in her mouth. Baby, baby... she just wanted to please him in any way she could, to make up for all the trouble she caused.

He could tell she was starting to cum. Her body was jerking back and forth, quickly. "Cum with me, baby, get ready..."

"Jesus... I can't hold it, I'm gonna cum now... it's gonna happen... oh..."

"With me... NOW!"

"God... Oh my God..." She held him tight while her shaking body pressed against him, feeling that warm flow of white jism ejaculating into her.

Her smooth stomach felt good while she rubbed it against his hairy chest as he came. She was helplessly cuming beneath him, as he, too, towered over her, climaxing again and again.

She sucked it all out of him, every drop of his jism that started to enter her mouth. It tasted so much better than Ron's cum... and she was even happier to drink it. Because it was Tony's, and it came out of his enormous cock.

And he got all her juices licked up and swallowed. She sure was full of sweet, delicious things. Her nectar was still as good tasting as ever.

She looked at him and smiled. "Friends?" she asked.

"No," he said.

She was alarmed.

"Lovers," he announced.


Anne sat glumly in her kitchen, sipping coffee, and wondering where Jay was. He left her hours ago to "see some friends" but he hadn't said where. She wanted to explain to him that things were going to be all right, and that he didn't have to keep worrying about it.

So there was something wrong with their sex life? So he was cuming before she did when they fucked. They could fix it. They would adjust. Maybe she'd work it so that she could cum fast, too.

Damn, but he looked worried about everything. He was so down and out. She knew he was as horny and as virile as everyone else. He didn't have any trouble getting it up and keeping it up. And she didn't have problems getting it wet and keeping it wet.


She drank more coffee and thought of what they did last night. He came home, very drunk. Christ, she could smell it all the way down the hall. Then he stripped and hopped into bed.

She pretended to be asleep, so they wouldn't have to yell at each other. Pretty soon, he was starting to reach for her, to turn her over so he could put it in her ass. She sighed and pushed him away.

He grumbled and pulled her closer and that's when he did it. He pulled her legs open and got on top. She was still lying on her stomach, sighing, but he was saying something like "Stupid cunt... bitch..." and she could feel his hands guiding his prick into her ass. She knew it was going to hurt because she was not wet and there was no Vaseline. Still, that did not stop him.

"No, Jay," she cried out.

"Shut up!" he said, and started to push it in.

She tried everything she could, made her muscles all tense and stiff so it wouldn't go in. It didn't help. Soon, he got the head of his cock in, and worked in some more, slowly.

She cried out. "It hurts! You're hurting me! Take it out!"

"No chance, baby!" he told her and shoved it in all the way.


He began pumping it, harder and harder, taking nice long strokes so she could REALLY feel it working in and out of her ass. She clawed to get him off her, but she knew it was too late. He had pinned her down good and she was being helplessly fucked. The pain. How it hurt. She... BBRRIINNNGG!

Damn, it was the doorbell. Who the hell could it be NOW? She put her cup of coffee down and went to answer it. As she opened it, she saw Dawn Sands standing before her.

"What do you want?" she snapped at the black beauty.

Dawn popped the gum in her mouth. "You'd be surprised what I have to tell you."

As she walked in, Anne stared at her tits. Christ, they were nice-looking... almost as good as her own. But better. And her figure -- it was... sexy.

"Well, what is it?"

Dawn smiled, but she wasn't smiling because of the revenge she was about to have. It was Anne that did. Somehow, even though Anne was black like herself, she looked pretty interesting. She could see why Jay married her. Those nice, lean thighs, the skinny waist: of course, she WAS a model.

"Your old man came to visit me yesterday," Dawn began, but her voice was so unsure. She was really hot for her, which was unusual because she never dug lesbian scenes. In fact, she never had one before. "He was really down about something, and I..."

Anne felt tingly. Dawn was one foxy lady. She walked closer to her and tried to make her more comfortable. "Would you like a drink?"

"No." Dawn had to make some sense out of herself. "He -- your man, that is -- he was one horny dude and he started to touch me..."

"How?" Anne asked.

Dawn put her hands on Anne's tits. "Like this, kind of. And he did it real soft and all. Nice and all. And slow..."

She stroked until she felt Anne's nipples get hard.

Anne started to breathe loudly.

"And then he ran his fingers down my legs." She did that, too, and Anne closed her eyes and wet her lips.

"Yeah... what else did he do?" she asked Dawn softly.

Dawn was hot. "Oh... he stuck his fingers into my cunt and rubbed it gently and..."

"Ohh..." Anne groaned as Dawn did it. Quickly, she sank to her knees and Dawn followed. They slipped out of their clothes swiftly and they began lapping at each other's cunts.

Dawn dug into some black pussy while Anne grooved on her black twat. The juices flowed and flowed, as their tongues rolled and rolled.

"This is great!" Anne screamed, sipping tenderly.

"Yeah, I dig this, honey," Dawn yelled.

"Mmm... more snatch, please!" Anne cried.

Dawn was only too happy to provide it. "Suck on my cunt, baby. That's... that's it... harder... SUCK HARDER!"

Anne fingered her for a while, sticking in her thumbs while she licked her cunt. Her nose was dripping with fuck juice, but that was okay because for the first time in her life, she really dug it. Her hands explored Dawn's body, up her flat chocolate stomach and squeezed the plump tits that bobbed up and down. The nipples were as stiff as can be. Dawn sighed and shoved her clit more into her mouth.

"Sweep it out, doll," Dawn told her, all the while munching on some tasty cunt. "We'll both get drunk of this stuff."

"Keep going... don't stop, Goddamn it, don't stop!"

While they were enjoying eating each other out, they didn't hear the door behind them open and the sound of something being thrown on the chair.

Jay looked at the two of them caught up in the best fucking orgy he ever saw. And his hard-on popped up faster than he thought it would. Just the sight of two squirming female bodies, both piled on each other, was an instant turn-on.

"Jay... hurry up damn it and join us!" Dawn said.

Anne, surprisingly, wasn't shocked to see him. "Come on down and grab a seat."

"I'll do just that," he said, aiming his cock for Dawn's ass and shoving it in all the way, while she was busy eating Anne's pussy. Anne was also busy sucking on her clit.

"Love this cunt, baby," Dawn said, stopping for a breath.

"You've got a nice snatch, too," Anne said.

"Keep eating, you horny cunts," Jay told them, pumping his cock into Dawn. "You're getting me all souped up for the main event!"

For the first time in weeks, Jay was really enjoying balling. His problems with Anne seemed so far away, and at the moment, it was the last thing on his mind. Right now, he was having a fucking good time.

After a few minutes, lay pulled out of Dawn's ass and said, "Okay, baby, SUCK IT!"

At first, she was going to say, "No!" but Anne was really making her hot and it was the least she could do. Anne kept sucking on her clit, and Dawn began licking Jay's cock and the juices were smeared on it from her ass.

"Ahh, that's it. Blow harder, honey! Harder! Suck it to the root!"

Dawn really went at it, kissing it and sucking on the cock. She was getting pretty excited doing it, too. Strange, she thought, but all the other times she did it, she HATED it. Now she really wanted him to cum in her mouth, to taste the jism.

"Dawn, you marvelous twat!" Anne said. "Love that tongue, kid. You're fucking great! Keep going! Show me how good you're gonna make me cum!"

Anne was really jerking away, shoving her pussy into Dawn's face so that she could chew on it even more. She lapped up more of Dawn's snatch, too, sipping up the juices as if it were sweet nectar.


"Jay, shove your dick into her harder!" Anne told him.

"Yeah, ram it down my jaws!" Dawn cried. "I greased my jaws good for your prick, now show me what a fantastic job you can do pounding it in!"

"Here it comes. Drink my cum, baby!" Jay said, and let it explode into her mouth. "You've got to swallow every fucking drop of it before you get any more fucking!"

At first, Dawn thought she could handle it, but the taste of cum immediately turned her off. She wanted to spit it out and leave, but Anne came to the rescue.

"Here, let me," Anne said, and she put her tongue into Dawn's mouth, lapping up all of Jay's jism.

Dawn got hot again by the feel of Anne's tongue in her mouth, licking up his cum so she couldn't have to swallow it. Dawn spread her lips more so Anne could get her tongue in there.

"And now for the main event!" Jay announced, and pulled Anne beneath him. "I'm gonna fuck YOU!"

Before she could protest, he stuck it up her cunt and pumped it roughly. In and out... his black dick fucked the hell out of her, and he was keeping it going.

Dawn moved over to where his head was and shoved her pussy in his face.

"Okay, baby, eat some cunt!" she told him.

"With pleasure," he said, sipping up the juices as they dripped into his mouth and onto Anne's dark face, who was trying to catch as many drops as she could with her very active tongue.

"Oh, you sweet snatch!" he yelled out. "Baby... you're the fucking champion!" Anne told him. "Goddamn you, but you got one hell of a piece of meat! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"I'll make you cum. I'll make you cum HARD!"

"Yes, yes, I know you will!" Anne cried.

Dawn was really getting off on his cunt eating. "Mmm... wait for me, I want to cum, too!"

"Well, let's go!" Jay said.

"I'm ready!" Anne screamed.

"Here we go, baby. Fuck me!" His load shot into her muff.




They all lay there, convulsing in orgasm after orgasm, screaming at each other and lying in a heap. They all were still for a few minutes. Then Jay sat up, propped up on his elbow.

"Anybody ready for round number two?" They all laughed.


Loretta was really pissed. She wanted to get it over with Richard, and she couldn't find Elsa. She looked all over the fucking mansion and that whore wasn't anywhere to be found.

And on top of it, when she got home from Eric's last night, that bastard was asleep, ALONE. How the hell was she suppose to go through with the divorce if he wasn't with Elsa? Richard probably knew she was there and got rid of that slut in a hurry. Well, he should know where Elsa was, and one thing for sure: she wasn't hiding under his bed.

In a few moments later, Richard came strolling in. She sat with a dirty look on her face. Damn it, but she couldn't hide it. How she hated him, wanted to be free of him.

Suddenly, she asked, "Where's Elsa?" He smiled. "Elsa?"

Loretta was getting angrier. "Yes, the maid. Where is she?"

"I fired her."


He nodded. "She got canned. Personally -- by me."

"What right did you have to do THAT?"

"Plenty. Just as much as you're going to find out now."

He was talking in riddles. "Okay, Richard, we can move around the bullshit. What's going on?"

"Ohh, I think it's about time for explaining. Of course, we'll have to go up to my study. That's where I have everything waiting for you."

Puzzled, she followed him. Damn it, but she was cornering herself for the kill. She shouldn't make it look so obvious that she did something wrong.

As they entered his den, she went to kiss him, but he deliberately pushed her away. She stared at him.

"Richard, what's the matter? What's gotten into you?"

"YOU! You make me sick!"

She couldn't understand what was wrong. He was enraged by her for something she did. "Richard, have I done anything wrong?"

"Everything. I found you out long ago, Loretta, and I'm glad I did. You really think you had me fooled. You were wrong."

"What in the hell are you talking about?"

"This." He opened his desk drawer and pulled out the tape, then placed it on the table.

She tried to laugh. "Oh, come now, Richard. That's a little hard to swallow. What could possibly be on a tape that could finish me?"

He smiled back. "Then we best hear what it has to offer, shouldn't we?" He turned the tape recorder on.

LORETTA: Hello...

ERIC: Baby, it's me!

LORETTA: Eric! Why are you calling me at home... I told you not while Richard was around.

ERIC: Screw it, doll. I got big news! I got that letter from that book publisher, the one I've been waiting for weeks. They said...

LORETTA: Not right now, Eric. Not while he's home...

ERIC: Why, what's wrong?

LORETTA: I can't really talk now, Eric, I... oh the hell with it! I don't care anymore! I just don't give a shit. He isn't falling for it. That thing with Elsa...

ERIC: Elsa?

LORETTA: The whore I hired from Madame Ling's. The one that is supposed to be the new maid I hired. Richard didn't change his mind about anything. I thought if I left them home alone for a few days, she might talk him into getting a divorce, and I'd get sixty percent of his stocks and real estate. Baby, we could have lived on it for...

Richard shut the tape recorder off and left Loretta speechless. "So you still think I can't ruin you?"

Loretta smiled. "You forget, you were fucking around with that whore. I can screw you good for fucking her."

"What about your affair, your 'hunger for meat'. That will get you off the hook?"

Loretta went to grab the tape from the tape recorder, but Richard got there first. He put it safely in his desk and locked it up.

"Looks like there isn't a hell of a lot you can do about that."

"Oh no, you don't, Richard. You think you can get rid of me, just like Eric said. Eric and I are washed up because of that Goddamn book you just heard about. I've got nobody. I've been wedded, bedded, but I'll be damned if I'm shed!"

"You haven't got much choice."

"Yes, I do. I do have a choice. And I won't do anything I don't want to do."

"No, honey. You see, I'm going to my lawyer and I'm going to play him the tape. Then we'll see how easily I can dump you without having to foot so many fucking alimony bills. You've had it, Loretta. You and that son of a bitch. You really think you're going to get away with it. We'll see."

He left her in the study, alone. He was right. She had had it and with that tape a threat, there was very little she could do to stop him. Damn that tape. She should have known that bastard device would screw her up.

So what was left? She could take her life, but then again, she was too much a coward to do that. She could run out on him and never see him again, but that wouldn't solve problems by running away from them. They would still be there. Another whore wouldn't be the thing Richard would fall for again. There had to be a better way out. But what?

Richard was upstairs in the bedroom lying down. He must have had a hard night, because he kept tossing and turning last night.

THAT WAS IT! Offer him a sleeping pill and bust that desk drawer open and destroy the tape. It was her only way of stopping him from filing for divorce. If he had no proof or evidence that she was cheating on him, then he couldn't go through with it unless she wanted to file.

She entered his room in the sweet and charming manner she did when she wanted something. He was lying on the bed, his shoes still on and his clothes getting wrinkled.

Richard saw her as she entered. "What do you want now, Loretta?"

She slid next to him and started to take her blouse off. "Just because we're getting a divorce doesn't mean you can't fuck me. I'm eager to see how much you've learned from Elsa."

He grinned. "That's not going to help you get that tape, if that's what you think."

"No, I guess I am gonna get screwed. Anyway, I guess we could fuck for old times' sake."

She threw her blouse aside and slipped out of her skirt. After she was naked, he started to unbutton his shirt, but she stopped him.

"I want to undress you."

He grinned again. "Guess you learned a lot from Eric."

She took off his shirt and unzipped his fly. She smiled at him and pulled his pants off, then after he was completely naked, she threw herself over him and they kissed.

Her mouth moved across his, breathing into it, letting her tongue enter his mouth and meeting with his. She heard him moan with satisfaction. That pleased her and she moved her tongue, explored, then withdrew. Her tongue moved across his shoulder, chest, face, and prick, everywhere she could find a place to lick. She knew she was driving him crazy, letting him enjoy what she was giving him.

Next, she rolled under him and let him shove his fat cock into her cunt. She actually groaned and moaned at his efforts to please her, and he was. He showed her how it was to FUCK someone. Christ, he wasn't bad in bed at all. She even found herself shoving her pussy upward so he could put his prick in farther.

"Your prick is so warm and stiff... where did you learn that!" she cried.

"Keep holding on, baby. There's a lot more I've been waiting to show you."

"God... what a prick! You can USE that thing!"

"Push your pussy up harder... yeah, that's it. Come on, more..." He hammered into her roughly, holding onto her ass.

"I'm pushing it as hard as I can. Oh GOD! You're the best I've ever had. Even better than Eric. And he's ten inches long. Christ, fuck me again, honey..."

He held her tighter, squeezing her tits to his chest as he pumped his blood-gorged cock into her. She tossed her head, back and forth, screaming as loud as she could.


He held onto her ass as he rammed it in. He was fucking her like he never fucked anyone before in his life. She was getting off on his big cock. She was breathing real heavy, kicking, bucking, and cussing.

"You great fucker... stick that prick in... batter that cunt of mine and rip into it!" she yelled.

"You're gonna get it, baby. You've been asking for it. And I've waited all these years for your ass, to show you the true meaning of FUCKING!"

"Yeah, I'm asking for it. All of it. The whole Goddamn thing. Ohh, it feels great. GREAT!"

He pumped it harder and harder, his prick enjoying every fucking minute. Her cunt was moist and juicy. He dug as hard as he could into it, tearing her pussy apart.



He came squirting out in huge amounts, all his white gooey jism, and it got sucked up into her cunt. She smiled as she felt it shoot into her, cried out, wanting it. The sticky, hot stuff kept going in and in...

After it was all over, she asked him, "Richard, you were fantastic. If I had known you were THAT good, I'd never had gotten Elsa. In fact, I'm kind of jealous you were fucking her."

"You have a nice ass in bed, babe," he said. "A nice, mean one. I'd like a little more of the same."

"ME TOO!" she told him. "So..."


"Listen, I know I've really been a cunt in the past, but do we really have to go through with the divorce? I think I'd really enjoy being Mrs. Richard Christine again."

He looked at her to see if she was telling the truth. "Well, I guess we could hold off, for a while at least, and see if it works."

"And I swear to God, if I act up, you can use that tape."

"Okay. Now how about a blow-job? I'd like to see how good you do those..."


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