Boy-craving wife

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporation's finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Insignificant-looking cysts reveal malignant tumors.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket-and wrought-iron-fenced boarding schools of middle and upper-middle-class America?

What really goes on behind those freshly painted doors? Is depravity an exclusive right of the ghetto dweller, as many of the more fortunate would like to think?

BOY-CRAVING WIFE -- the serious and shocking story of one school and of some of the students and a teacher who helped crack the facade -- and watched it crumble about their heads.

Chapter ONE

Edith Burns, a shapely big-breasted woman of forty, stood in front of her bedroom mirror stroking her pussy. Her finger played up and down over the slick hot lump of her clit, over the steamy wet flesh of her gash. Her husband Harold had indicated that he might want to fuck tonight, and Edith was almost too excited to wait.

"Are you coining to bed now, Harold?" she called.

From the living room came Harold's high tenor voice: "Just a few minutes, dear. I want to catch the rest of this program."

Edith sighed loudly. It must have been over a month since she and Harold had fucked, yet he seemed to be in no hurry. She felt desperate. Her starved pussy was swollen, aching, and soaked with oozing cunt-cream. Damnit all, she was a normal healthy woman who needed steady fucking, and her husband just wasn't giving it to her! Moaning with need, Edith rubbed her clit faster, harder. Melting waves of pleasure rippled through her belly. She was halfway tempted to bring herself off with her finger. But, no, she'd wait and hope that Harold would fuck her. A cock beat a finger any day of the year. She masturbated a lot, just to keep her sanity, but she much preferred the real thing, a good stiff prick in her juicy little cunt.

As she fingered her swollen moist clit, Edith studied herself in the mirror. She was tall, a stunning red-haired beauty with tits the size of small watermelons. Her rosy-red nipples were large and cone-shaped. Her fiery-red bush was thick and expansive, covering half her lower belly. Her curvy body was still firm and sleek, even at forty.

Not bad for a woman who'd been married twenty years. Edith was still damned attractive, and she knew it. Too bad she had to waste it on Harold. She spun her fingertip around the soaked hot shaft of her clit, moaning softly as the heady pleasure washed through her belly. Just once in her life she'd like to fuck somebody besides her mousy, scholarly husband. There had to be men in the world who were more interested in fucking than Harold was.

"Ohhhhh, God, I need it so badly," Edith moaned.

Her finger raced faster around the sensitive shaft of her soaked joy bud on. Not once in all the years of their marriage had she cheated on Harold. She'd never fucked another man in her life. But tonight she was terribly tempted. She was so horny she could have screamed, and there was her husband glued to the TV, watching some damned program about endangered bird species.

"Shit," Edith whispered, "doesn't he ever get horny?"

In the early years of their marriage, they'd had a normal sex life, but lately Harold hardly seemed interested at all. Edith and her husband ran their own private school, the Burns School for Boys, and when Harold wasn't teaching, he was off in the woods looking for butterflies or watching birds. Or reading or watching TV. He was only fifty, but he might as well have burn eighty.

Edith flung her head back, swinging her long, shiny carrot-red hair. Once again she studied her body. She felt sure that any normal man would have been eager to I fuck her. Why not find out? The only problem was, the school was located in a remote rural area, and the only other males around were their two dozen teenage students.

Edith wondered if she could possibly bring herself to fuck a boy young enough to be her own son.

At this point, the answer was yes. Definitely yes. She was so horny, she'd fuck anything with a good hard cock. She seized her soaked steamy clit between her thumb and forefinger and began to knead the slick button. Hot cream gushed from her horny cunt-mouth and trickled down her thighs. Damn Harold anyhow, wouldn't he ever finish with his stupid program? Edith frigged her clit faster.

Probably no point in waiting for him. He'd probably plead weariness and just go to sleep. If she wanted any relief from the nagging lust in her pussy, she'd have to do it herself. Still kneading her soaked love-bud, she used her free hand to rub the drooling mouth of her cunt. She stiffened her middle finger and slowly eased it into the molten hot juicing tunnel of her twat.

"Ahhhhh, God," Edith gasped. That stiff finger in her cunt felt so good.

She kneaded her slick throbbing clit faster and faster. She began to pump her finger in her cunt, working it stiffly up and down. Her whole pussy seemed near to exploding with pleasure. She needed to come urgently. Yes, to hell with Harold, she'd get her satisfaction alone. She frigged her cunt and elk harder and harder.

Just then Harold walked into the room.

Edith blushed furiously and whipped her cream, soaked hands out of her flaming-hot pussy. To her relief, Harold actually hadn't noticed that she'd been standing naked in front of the mirror, frigging herself. She could tell by the glazed expression on his face that he was still thinking about rare and endangered birds. He stumbled over to the bed and began to undress.

Edith quickly moved to the bed and stretched out. "Good program, dear?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," Harold said.

He hadn't even heard her. He was daydreaming as he removed his clothes and draped them over a chair. Naked, he approached the bed. His pale prick was absolutely limp, flopping and waving as he moved. Edith could have cried with frustration. Earlier, after dinner, he'd patted her on the ass and kissed her, which, was hot passion for Harold. She'd been sure he'd want to fuck tonight.

Well, she wasn't going to be left high and dry, not this time. As Harold started to lift the covers, she said, "Wait, dear. Wouldn't you like to make love? I would."

Harold blinked. "What?" he muttered.

Edith sighed. She wondered if she really wanted him. At fifty Harold was a scrawny little guy in glasses, his sandy hair thinning, his body wormy-pale. Not exactly Paul Newman. But as Edith's eyes drifted over his skinny body, they came to rest on his cock. So what if he wasn't the most attractive man in the world? He had a cock, and his cock could get hard.

"I said, wouldn't you like to make love?" Edith patiently repeated. "I'll be frank, darling -- I really need to fuck."

Harold reddened. He'd never heard his wife use that dirty word before. But her language had an effect on him. At least he heard and understood what she was saying. He managed a weak smile and lay down beside her, on top of the covers. Edith thought she saw his limp pale cock give a little twitch. Could it be that filthy language turned Harold on?

Edith snuggled against him and said huskily, "I'm so horny, Harold. I'd just love to feel your nice hard cock in my cunt."

Harold's blush deepened -- but his cock twitched again. Edith knew she was on the right track. She reached out and curled her fingers around his semi-soft prick. She squeezed and pumped the rubbery warm meat, and Harold gawked at her. She'd never played with his cook before, never used dirty words before.

"I love your cock, Harold," she breathed. "I love to fuck your cock."

That did it. Harold's prick went hard as a rock in her fist. Edith felt his dick stiffening, swelling and throbbing against her palm. She saw the dark-red head of his cock poking out of her fist, round and taut and gleaming. Below his thinning brown bush, his balls had swollen up firm and round. She released his prick and stared hungrily at it.

"Why, look at that, you naughty boy," she cooed, "you have a big hard-on!"

Harold was too embarrassed to speak, but she knew he was aroused because he was breathing fast and loudly. She studied his six-inch, stiff-standing cock and licked her lips. They hadn't done much experimenting in bed during their marriage. Tonight seemed a good time to start. Edith got to her knees and bent low over her husband's rigid blue-veined dick.

"Ummmmm," she sighed, "your cock looks good enough to eat, darling."

Edith snaked out, her wet pink tongue and lapped the swollen rosy head of his cock. "JESUS!" Harold gasped. It was the first enthusiastic response she'd gotten out of him all evening.

She'd never gone clown on him before, but right away she knew she was going to love eating cock. His swollen hot prick-head had a nice salty taste. As she lapped the gleaming knob, the slit-mouth of his cock began to leak bright bubbles of juice, and that tasted even better. Edith lapped up the sticky stuff and swallowed it. Harold stared at her, wide-eyed, shocked and thrilled at the same time.

"Ummmmm, UMMMMM," Edith murmured as she lapped up his hot salty cream. "Your cock tastes so good!"

Harold's face flushed, and he began to quiver as Edith lapped and lashed his sensitive cockhead with her hot slick tongue. Growing bolder, she licked her way down the rigid throbbing pole of his cock, lapping right through his wiry brown bush and onto his bloated hair-thatched balls. Harold groaned as she tongue-lashed his swollen, pulsing nuts.

"My God," he gasped, "CHRIST!"

It must have been a mind-boggling experience for him, Edith realized. She'd always been a meek little wife, never an adventurous in bed. Well, she hoped he was enjoying it, because tonight she felt so damned horny, so wild to fuck, that she was ready to do any kinky thing that came into her head. Like licking his balls. She tongue-lashed the rosy sacs, soaking them with her spit.

Harold was moaning and, panting, and thick hot juice steamed from his swollen cock-head and ran down the rigid shaft of his prick. Edith realized that he was about to come. Not without her, he wasn't! Reluctantly she left off her cock-eating and moved to straddle her husband's body, her knees hugging his hips. She brought the soaked eager mouth of her cunt down to touch the hard hot head of his cock.

"Stick your cock in me, Harold," she said hoarsely. "Fuck me. HURRY!"

Harold cast her a glazed, horny look and then obeyed, ramming his steel-hard six-inch cock up her juicy, starved pussy.

"AHHHHHHH," Edith cried. "Oh, shit, yes, honey, stick that nice hard cock in me. FUCK ME!"

She groaned hoarsely with pleasure as Harold started to fuck her hard and fast. That rock-hard meat felt so damned good in her sex-starved little cunt. Her pussy creamed around his slamming dick, her hot juice overflowing her twat and running down her thighs. This was the sensation she'd been craving for weeks -- Harold's stiff swollen dick cramming into her horny little cunt.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she babbled. "Oh, shit, Harold, I love you to fuck me. I love your big hard cock in my cunt."

She knew she was desperate to fuck, because she'd never used that kind of language before in her life. Harold gawked at her wonderingly as he worked his swollen meat in her pulpy hot pussy. But she knew her filthy talk was turning him on. He didn't usually fuck her so hard and fast. She loved being fucked this way, his rigid meat ramming clear up to her womb with each furious thrust.

"Fuck my cunt, FUCK!" Edith howled.

She couldn't hold still. She began to slam her drenched hot pussy up and down the stiff pole of his cock, seeking all the delicious searing friction she could get. She could have fucked that meaty column all night, it felt so great. She felt the pleasurable tension building, in her pussy, and she knew she'd be coming very soon.

Harold's mild blue eyes were glassy and rolling, and his teeth flashed as he panted and groaned. His face was red with lust. He rammed his dick into her like a jackhammer, reaming the thick hot cream from her cunt, his cock making a loud squishing noise. It was a savage, lewd fuck, and Edith loved it.

"Fuck my cunt," she whined. "Fuck the shit out of me. Yes, YES!"

She was very close to coming, very close to the explosion of pleasure she so desperately craved. Bringing herself off with her own hand couldn't compare to the ecstasy of taking a rock-hard ramming cock. She threw back her head and howled with horny pleasure.

Just then Harold yelped and came. "AWWW," he bawled.

Edith stared down at him as she felt her cunt flooded with sizzling-hot jism. God damn him, he was coming too soon! He hadn't even tried to get her off! Bastard, shit, cocksucker -- in her rage and frustration, she couldn't think of words bad enough. She felt his cock go limp inside her, and she wrenched her body off his, seething with anger.

Harold didn't notice her distress. Smiling blissfully he crawled under the covers and murmured, "My goodness, Edith, that was, uh, very enjoyable."

Enjoyable? Edith could have told him how she felt about that. But what good would it have done? It wouldn't make his cock hard again, and it wouldn't make him into a decent lay. He was already drifting off to sleep. Edith leaped out of bed, too angry and horny to lie still.

"I'm going for a little walk," she said. "I don't feel sleepy yet."

"Uh," Harold said, practically asleep.

Edie -- his pet name for her, the schmuck -- didn't bother to get dressed. She just grabbed a robe from the closet and stalked out of the bedroom. Her poor starved pussy was still red hot with need, and thick steamy cunt-cream coursed down her thighs. She prayed that a brisk walk would dull her lusty need, otherwise she wouldn't be able to sleep.

Edie and Harold had their apartment on the top floor of the old Victorian mansion that housed the Burns School for Boys. The second floor contained the boys' dorms, the first floor the classrooms and dining hall. As Edie stalked down the stairs, she heard noises from the boys' floor. The little rascals should have been in bed an hour ago. She decided to investigate.

Moving quietly clown the hall, Edie discovered that the noise was coming from the shower room. The door was open, and she peeked around the corner and looked in. Half a dozen naked boys were romping in the steamy showers, hooting and pushing each other. Edie's eyes widened. Other than her husband, she'd never seen a naked male.

She knew she should announce her presence and order the boys to bed, but somehow she couldn't move or speak. All she could do was stare at those luscious bouncing young cocks and balls. These teenage boys had fine sleek bodies, tan and firm, and their pricks and balls were pure and hairless. Edie felt a hot spurt of cream from her famished twat.

Why hadn't it dawned on her before? There were two dozen nice hard cocks just waiting for her, right here in the school. She knew the boys were neatly always horny. She'd heard them whispering and snickering about it, and every day in her classroom there was at least one embarrassed guy with a hard-on. For a horny sex-starved woman, Burns School could be a regular gold mine.

Edie feasted her lusty eyes on flopping, wagging young cocks. For one impulsive moment she thought of throwing off her robe and racing into the showers naked, inviting the boys to fuck her. But no, she'd have to be more careful than that. She must pick her young lover very carefully. But meanwhile she could at least look.

One of the boys grinned and called out, "How about a shooting contest?" His suggestion was greeted with whoops and cheers.

Edie recognized the kid, Jack, a husky blond boy. She watched him back up against the wall and fist his droopy pale cock. He began to pump his prick, and the five other boys joined him, leaning against the wall and pumping their milky-white, blue-veined cocks. Edie reddened as she realized what was going on.

Her pussy felt molten-hot as she watched the handsome young teenagers jacking off. It wasn't long before six droopy limp cocks had stiffened into healthy hard-ons, and the youngsters were flushed with horny arousal, panting and pumping their rigid dicks. Edie almost moaned with need. What she wouldn't give to have one of those steel hard cocks jerking in her famished cunt!

"Bet I can squirt farther than anybody," Jack bragged.

"You're fulla shit," another boy snickered. "Betcha a quarter I beat you."

"You're on," Jack said with a grin.

Other bets were passed, but Edie didn't hear them. Her whole attention was on those fine young cocks which kept poking out of pumping fists, the heads hard and rosy and leaking bright bubbles of juice. Her cunt ached and creamed, her pussy swelled, as she thought of taking every damned cock in that room, fucking those handsome boys one after the other.

"Hey, you know what?" Jack panted. "I wish I was fucking Mrs. Burns."

Edie reddened at the mention of her name. "Jesus, you an me both," another boy sighed. "Christ, she's got the biggest tits I ever saw."

"Like watermelons," another boy moaned. "Wonder what her pussy looks like?"

"Only ol' Burns knows that," Jack said. "I wonder if he still fucks her?"

"Are you kidding?" Someone laughed. "Can you imagine ol' Burns fucking anybody?" That got a big round of snickers and guffaws. Edie grinned wryly. The kids' estimation of her sex life wasn't so far off the mark. But now she knew what to do about it. If all the boys in the school were this horny, she wouldn't have much trouble getting fucked. Jack's remark indicated that quite a few of the boys were turned on to her, too.

"Hey, let's all pretend we're fucking Mrs. Burns," Jack said eagerly. "That way we'll really shoot far. Just think about that nice hot cunt."

His idea caught on, and all the boys fisted their stiff drooling cocks faster and harder, their young faces red with lust. Edie knew she must wait till tomorrow and catch one of them alone, but her lust was so urgent, that she had to have some kind of relief. Still watching the boys intently, she reached inside her robe and began to rub the slick hot lump of her clit.

Instant and intense pleasure ripped through her belly as she rubbed the throbbing tot lump of her joy button. She imagined that Jack was fucking her, and she slipped one stiff finger up her molten hot cunt and began to finger-fuck herself. She had to stifle moans of horny excitement as her pleasure mounted. She worked her stiff finger hard and fast in her fiery gripping twat.

"Ahhhhh, shit," one of the boys yelped. "I'm gonna shoot."

Edie's hot eyes focused on the boy's rosy hard cock-head, and she saw a streak of thick white jism shooting out from the slit-mouth of his prick and splattering on the shower room floor. He was soon joined by other yelping and howling boys spurting their hot loads. Edith pumped her rigid finger faster and faster in her milking, squeezing cunt, and she frigged her hot little clit furiously.

Now she concentrated on Jack, the husky blond boy who'd said he wanted to fuck her. He was still holding out, building up his pleasure, and his eyes were glazed and hot. Was he thinking about fucking her? In his fantasy, was he working that gorgeous pale hard-on in her juicy little cunt? Edith imagined the kid's rock-hard cock hammering in her famished twat, and she began to come.

"UHHHHH," she gasped helplessly.

"AWWWWW," Jack bawled.

His sizzling jism shot across the room, farther than any of the other boys had shot. Jack pumped his squirting prick limp, then grinned with pride.

Edie sank against the wall, quivering with pleasure as her explosive climax spun out.

"You won, Jack," someone said wistfully. "Yeah," Jack sighed, "but I still wish I was fucking Mrs. Burns."

Well, honey, Edie thought, tomorrow you just might get your wish.

Chapter TWO

The next day Edie waited with seething impatience until late afternoon, when Harold went off in the woods to look for butterflies. She'd made up her mind to seduce one of their young students, but she couldn't very well do it with her husband around.

From the window of their apartment living room Edie could see the playfield three stories below. A number of the boys were romping down there, among them handsome blond Jack. Good -- Jack was her first choice as a lover. Edie opened the window wide and leaned out.

"Oh, Jack," she called, "could you come up here for awhile? I need some help moving furniture."

Jack looked up at her with a broad grin. "Sure, Mrs. Burns," he said eagerly. "I'll be right there."

Edie waited for him, practically quivering with horniness. She was wearing just a semi-sheer negligee and lacy black bra and panties. She was sure the boy would be delighted with her idea. Still she felt a little nervous. After all, never in her life had she fucked anybody but Harold, and she'd never dreamed of cheating on him before.

Jack made it up the stairs in record time and knocked at the door of Edie's apartment. When she opened the door and stood there in her transparent negligee, the boy's eyes grew huge. He could see right through the gown, and he ogled Edie's mature curvy body in bra and panties. This woman sure as hell didn't look like she'd been moving furniture.

"Come in, Jack," Edie said in a husky voice. "I hope you don't mind leaving your friends for awhile."

"Not for you, Mrs. Burns," the boy said, his voice breaking in a horny croak. "You just tell me what you want, and I'll do it."

Edie smiled wickedly. "Call me Edie, dear," she purred. "I have a feeling we're going to become great friends."

She led the way into the living room. Now she had the kid alone in her apartment, and it was obvious that he wanted her, but what was her next step? She hadn't thought that far. She grasped at the first idea that came to her.

"My, it's hot," she sighed. "I've just got to take off this robe."

She untied the filmy negligee and let it swirl down from her shoulders. It puddled on the rug, and she stood there in just her black lace bra and panties. Jack was so overcome by the sight of her statuesque creamy-skinned body that he just stood there speechless and gawking. Edie saw the crotch of his jeans starting to swell and bulge.

"It's very hot," she went on. "Maybe I should take off more clothes. You could help me take off my bra if you want to, Jack."

"Ur," he said, or something like that. The gawking kid was still too overcome to speak, but he stumbled toward Edie, his eyes glued to her huge thrusting tits. The big pale melons looked ready to burst from her flimsy little bra. Hardly believing his luck, Jack got behind her and fumbled with the catch of her bra. He finally got the damned thing unhooked, and it snapped away and slid off down her arms.

"Ummmmmm, that feels so much better," Edie sighed, turning to face Jack.

Jack's blue eyes nearly popped from his head.

Every boy in school talked about the headmistress' big tits, but they seemed even bigger without the confinement of a bra. The enormous pale melons poked straight at him, capped with large conical rosy nipples. Jack had never seen tits like those, not even in the girlie magazines some of the boys had smuggled into the dorm.

At last he found his voice. "Oh, wow, Mrs. Burns -- I mean, Edie," he croaked. "Your tits are so beautiful! Could I touch them?"

"That would be very nice, Jack," Edie said with an enticing smile.

He had to be dreaming. This was just too good to be true. His hands sweating and shaking, Jack reached out and cupped Edie's huge thrusting tits. The enormous melons overflowed his hands and felt hot and heavy. The boy moaned softly and began to caress his teacher's silky throbbing tits. He'd never played with tits before, and at first his touch was timid and clumsy.

Edie quivered with lust. Jack's hot hands felt wonderful on her big sensitive tits. Her pussy was growing moist, swollen, and steamy -- hot as she thought of fucking this handsome teenager. She knew he'd be ready for her -- the fly of his jeans was rigidly tented, and he was panting and moaning as he felt her tits.

"You can squeeze harder if you want to, Jack," Edie said hoarsely. "That feels very nice to me." Jack glanced at her wonderingly and then began to grab big fistfuls of silky-soft tit, molding and squeezing the throbbing flesh. As he molded and milked her mammoth tits, her big cone-shaped nipples responded, going stiff and pointed and deep red. Jack couldn't believe his good fortune -- actually being allowed to touch and play with the headmistress' enormous tits!

"Ummmmm, that feels nice, Jack," Edie murmured. "You could lick my nipples if you want."

Jack leaped at the chance. He bent down, stuck out his gleaming red tongue, and began to lash the stiff pointed cones of her big rosy nipples. Edie flinched and sighed with pleasure. Harold rarely fondled her tits, and he'd never tongued them. It felt delicious. Hot cream gushed from her cunt and moistened her panty crotch.

"Ooooo, I like that, Jack," Edie moaned. "Yes, lick my tits, suck them."

It was beginning to dawn on the mind-boggled boy that his pretty headmistress was actually horny. Otherwise she wouldn't be behaving like this. He wanted to make her even more horny, so he quickly did as she asked, popping her left nipple into his mouth and sucking on it greedily. He sucked hard and fast, making a lewd slurping noise.

"Ahhhhhhh," Edie sighed, "yes, yes, darling, suck my tit. That feels so good."

Sharp ripples of pleasure ran from her sensitive nipple right down to her glowing-hot pussy. Though her need to fuck was urgent, she liked spinning out the fun with naughty foreplay. Harold had never had time for that sort of thing. Her nipple felt hot and tingly in Jack's wet sucking mouth.

"Now the other one," Edie panted. "Suck both my tits."

Jack was quick to cooperate. He had an aching hard-on that seemed ready to burst tight put of his pants, and there was just the remoter chance that Edie might get horny enough to fuck him. He sucked her right nipple loudly and hungrily, doing all he could to get her aroused. Jack, like every other boy at the school, was a virgin and tired of it.

He'd love to lose his cherry with the beautiful headmistress. Would she fuck him, or was she just teasing him? She certainly seemed excited enough, sighing and moaning as he sucked her big stiff nipple, pushing her tit into his mouth. Her tall curvy body was quivering, her breathing was hard and fast.

"Ohhhhh, that's so nice," Edie moaned. "But I still feel so hot, Jack. You'd better take off my panties."

Jack spat out her spit-soaked nipple and seized the waistband of her black lace bikini panties. He'd never seen a real live pussy before, just pictures, and he could hardly wait. Dropping to his knees he whisked her panties down to her feet and helped her step out of them. Then he raised his eyes and gawked.

The first thing he noticed was her big, furry carrot-red bush. The shining copper curls were thick, covering the lower half of her belly. He reached up and petted the warm fur, and Edie sighed and spread her legs a little. Jack saw the moist and gleaming red flesh of her gash, fringed with more thick copper curls.

"You can touch my pussy if you want, Jack," the headmistress said in a horny hoarse voice.

"Oh, wow," the boy sighed.

Now he knew he had to be dreaming, but that didn't stop him from reaching out and sliding his hand between her widely parted thighs. He touched her pussy and found it wet, swollen, and scorching hot. He ran his fingers back and forth over the slick pulsing flesh of her slit, and Edie quivered and moaned.

"Ooooooo, that's nice," she sighed. "Yes, Jack, rub my pussy, play with it."

His pals were never going to believe this, that was for sure. How could they believe that beautiful red-haired Mrs. Burns had stripped naked for him and let him play with her tits and pussy? He'd be laughed right out of the dorm. He could hardly believe it himself as he trailed his fingers over the hot steamy pulp of her gash.

"Here, darling, let me show you where I like to be touched the most," Edie panted. She parted the furry lips of her bush and exposed the fat little red lump of her clit, a pulsing button the size of a large pea. "That's toy clit," she said, "and women just love to be touched there. Rub it with your finger."

Jack obeyed instantly, wanting to keep her hot and horny. He pressed a fingertip to the hot slick bud of her clit and began to rub. Edie gasped, moaned hoarsely, and he felt a sudden rush of scalding juice soaking his finger. Whatever that clit thing was, it really worked. It seemed to trigger instant and powerful pleasure in her pussy.

"Ahhhhh," Edie cried, "wonderful. Yes, that's it, Jack, frig my clit. AHHHHH."

He'd never known Mrs. Burns to talk dirty before. She must be horny as hell. Of course why shouldn't she, being married to that boring little shrimp? Jack felt mote confident that she wanted to fuck, and he rubbed faster and harder on the red-hot slippery lump of her joy button. Her molten-hot pussy-juice poured out steadily now, drenching his hand.

"Ahhhh, God, that feels so good," Edie whimpered. "You're getting me so horny, Jack."

Jack grinned and rubbed her throbbing hot clit even faster. Encouraged by her lusty words, he used his free hand to explore the rest of her flaming-hot pussy. He touched the tiny wrinkled mouth of her asshole, the plump steamy lips of her twat, and the drooling little mouth of her cunt. With any luck at all, he'd soon be sticking his stiff prick into that juicy little hole.

He wondered what it felt like in there. Still rubbing her swollen hot clit, he eased a stiff finger up her gushing cunt-mouth. Edie squealed with excitement. Jack pushed his finger as far as he could in her gripping fuck-hole, and he found it deliciously hot and slick and juicy, the perfect sheath for his swollen cock.

"Ummmmm, that's nice," Edie panted. "Your finger feels great in my cunt, Jack. Move it, fuck me with it!"

Jack grinned and obeyed. He jerked his finger stiffly up and down in her red-hot juicy twat, and he went on frigging her soaked pulsing joy button. Edie grew dizzy with pleasure and had to rest her hands on the boy's shoulders. Heady sensations sizzled from her clit and cunt, and her scalding-hot twat juice gushed out in a flood, soaking his hands and her thighs.

"Frig me, frig me," she panted, "make me come!"

Jack pumped his stiff finger hard and fast in her greedy drooling cunt, and he massaged her drenched clit roughly. The beautiful red-haired teacher leaned over him, her enormous swollen tits hanging practically in his face. She was panting and whining as he furiously stroked her clit and cunt. Then she moaned loudly, and he felt an enormous gush of cream from her twat.

"Ahhhhh, I'm coming," Edie groaned, "AHHHHH."

Jack hadn't even known that girls could come like guys did, and he was amazed at the violence of her orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and rocked, her mammoth tits shaking and swinging. Her molten-hot cunt squeezed his finger and gushed a flood of sizzling juice. Her pretty face was contorted in a lusty grimace, her blue eyes rolling crazily.

"AAAGGHHH!" Edie bawled.

The climax left her limp and dizzy. She staggered back, Jack's fingers slipping from her clit and cunt. "I have to lie down," she gasped. "Why don't you take off your clothes, Jack, and lie down with me?"

"I sure will," Jack cried.

Edie stretched out on the rug. Even on her back, those gorgeous melon-tits were firm and thrusting. She shamelessly parted her thighs to give Jack a look at her gleaming scarlet gash and its thick fringe of flame-red curls. The boy began fumbling out of his clothes, unable to take his eyes off her naked wet pussy.

It hardly seemed possible, but it sure as hell looked as if Mrs. Burns was going to let him fuck her. He shivered with horny excitement as he thought of cramming his stiff cock into a hot juicy cunt for the very first time. He was sure he was going to lose his cherry, and with his gorgeous headmistress, of all people!

Edie watched with hot horny eyes as the boy took off his clothes. His chest was sleek, tan and hairless, his arms nicely muscled. As he lowered his jeans and shorts, she gawked hungrily at his crotch. It was just as she'd hoped, a magnificent stiff hard-on. The kid was as urgently horny as she was.

Jack's fine young cock was a good six inches long and quite thick. It sprang stiffly from a neat blond bush, the shaft pale and blue-veined, the head dark red and knobby. His balls were swollen, rosy, and hairless. As he slipped down beside her on the rug, her starved pussy felt ready to explode with hot need.

"Ummmm, you have a gorgeous cock, Jack," she said hoarsely.

"Why, thanks, Edie," the boy said, reddening a little.

"May I touch it?" she asked.

"Oh, Jesus, sure," Jack sighed.

Again it was like a dream -- the beautiful headmistress, of his school reaching out and curling her fingers around his naked rock-hard prick. She was smiling lustily as she playfully pumped his throbbing meat, running her hand up and down the granite column of his dick. Jack had fist-fucked himself a lot since he became a horny teenager, but it had never felt as exciting as this. Hot cream bubbled from the slit-mouth of his cock.

Edie leaned down and lapped up his prick-juice as fast as it came. "Ummmmmm," she murmured, "your cock-juice tastes so good, Jack."

"Oh, Jesus," the boy moaned.

Her slick hot tongue felt fantastic on the sensitive head of his cock. She dug the pointed tip of her tongue into his oozing cock-mouth and reamed out, all the tasty cream she could get. Jack shivered, whined, and damned near popped his rocks. The beautiful older woman was driving him crazy with lust.

"Oh, shit, Edie, I just gotta fuck you," Jack whined. "I'll die if I don't fuck you."

She grinned at him and licked his cream from her lips. "Have you ever fucked before, Jack?" she asked.

"Naw," he sheepishly admitted, "but you could show me. I could learn."

"I'm sure you could, dear," Edie purred.

She was hotly excited to learn that the boy was a virgin. It added to her wicked pleasure in seducing a kid young enough to be her own son. She gave his rosy cock-head one more thorough lashing, gobbling up all his dribbling cream, and then she lay down on her back again and opened her legs wide, bending them back at the knees. Her soaked red gash was completely exposed, her small cuntmouth leaking a little stream of sticky juice.

"All right, Jack," she breathed. "I'll let you fuck me."

"Oh, Christ," Jack moaned.

It couldn't be true, but it was happening. He was crawling between Mrs. Burns' legs, kneeling there, pressing the swollen hard head of his cock against the fiery-hot oozing mouth of her cunt. She gave him an encouraging smile, and Jack took a deep breath, then rammed his steel-hard young cock deep, deep into her.

"UHHHHH," Edie gasped.

"Aw, Christ, terrific," Jack moaned. "Jesus, your cunt's so fuckin' HOT!"

It wasn't just hot -- her molten box was deliciously tight around his deep-thrust prick, squeezing his meat in a sheath of juicy wet flesh. It was even better than Jack had dreamed. Though he'd never fucked before, his natural instincts drove him to raw his rigid cock into her hard and fast and deep. He shoved his knobby cock-head against her womb, and his bloated balls spanked her ass.

"Uh, uhhhh, UHHH," the boy grunted, fucking into her with all his strength.

"Oh, my GOD," Edie whimpered.

It was even better than she'd hoped for. Already the inexperienced kid was fucking her better than Harold ever had. This was the kind of fucking she'd been craving for so long. She needed it fast and hard, she needed it brutal and pounding -- and Jack was giving it to her, cramming his thick swollen dick like a pile driver in her searing-hot famished pussy.

"Oh, God, yes, fuck me," Edie moaned, crazy with pleasure. "Fuck your big cock into me, Jack, fuck me HARD!"

Jack, panting and humping and sweating, took a moment to look down at his beautiful headmistress. Her face was flushed and twisted, her eyes rolling, her huge tits wobbling like jello. She gave him a lewd grin and jerked her boiling wet pussy in time to his furious strokes. Jesus, he thought, I'm fucking Mrs. Burns, and she loves it!

It was a mind-blower.

It was hard as hell not to come, he was so excited, and her pulpy cuntal walls were gripping and tugging his meat so hard. Her sizzling twatjuice boiled around his lunging dick and overflowed her cunt, soaking his balls and her thighs. Her box was scorching hot. She whined and jerked her hips, slamming her pussy up to him each time he drove his rigid hard cock to her womb.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me!" she babbled.

"Awwwww, Christ, it's so fuckin' good," Jack whined.

He ached to shoot his load, but he wanted to make Mrs. Burns come first. He wanted her to be well-fucked so she'd ask him back again. He gritted his teeth and slammed his swollen prick into her pulpy little fuck-hole again and again reaming the hot cream out of her, his belly smacking loudly against hers. Edie screeched with pleasure and dug her fingers into his shoulders.

"I love it, I LOVE IT," she wailed. "Shit, yes, fuck, FUCK!"

Sweating and panting, Jack pistoned his prick deep into her gripping flooded cunt. He felt her juicy cuntal walls squeezing even tighter around his hammering cock. Suddenly she stiffened, then quivered and screamed. Her lush body began to rock violently, and Jack had to grab and hold her grinding little ass to stay in the saddle.

"I'm coming," she moaned, "yes, right now. OHHHHH, AAAGGHHHH!"

Jack clung to her desperately, frying to keep his dick deep in her spasming cunt as her body shook and writhed in an explosive climax. His cock, balls and belly were drenched with her spurting twatjuice, his prick squeezed almost flat by her convulsing box. She wailed hoarsely for long delicious moments before finally going limp beneath him.

"Don't take your cock out of me," she panted. "Keep fucking me."

"Sure, Edie," Jack gasped. "Sure, I'll fuck you as much as you want."

He wished he really could do that. But he was so close to popping his rocks, he could hardly stand it. He began ramming his aching prick into her again, and she was just as hot and eager as ever. One orgasm clearly wasn't enough for the sex-starved teacher.

"Fuck, fuck," Edie babbled, "fuck me with that great big cock. Oh, shit, Jack, I love it. Fuck me silly!"

Jack was giving her the long savage fuck she so desperately craved. Harold had fucked her too little, too fast, and she had a torrent of stored-up lust to unleash. She felt she could never get enough of Jack's ramming, rock-hard young cock. But at last the inevitable happened -- the blissed-out kid yelped and shot his sizzling load of come.

"AWWWWW," Jack bawled, "AWWWWW."

As he came down from his climax, Edie wrapped her legs around his taut ass, holding his limp cock deep inside her hungry little cunt. "Keep your cock in me," she panted. "We'll get it hard again in no time."

"Yes, ma'am," Jack said helplessly.

Chapter THREE

Edie coaxed Jack into fucking her until the boy simply couldn't get another hard-on, but it still wasn't enough for her. She woke the next morning as horny as ever. Her years of frustration weren't going to be wiped out with just one fuck. She plotted to see Jack again that afternoon.

It seemed as if Harold would never leave. Finally, around three o'clock, he put down the book he was reading and said, "Well, I think I'll go try to catch a few butterflies."

"Wonderful!" Edie exclaimed.

Harold stared at her. "You were never so enthusiastic about my hobbies before," he said.

Edie reddened and said quickly, "Oh, I just thought the open air would do you good, darling. You've been looking rather pale lately."

She reminded herself that she'd have, to be a lot more careful with her words... She didn't want Harold to find out about her and Jack. He could spoil the whole set-up. As soon as Harold had left, she leaned out the living room window and saw Jack playing touch football. She didn't even have to call to him this time. The boy caught sight of her and quickly excused himself from the same. Minutes later he was in the apartment.

"Oh, wow, Edie," the blond kid sighed, "I've been thinking about you all day. I woke up so horny."

"What a coincidence," Edie purred, "so did I." Without another word they began to take off their clothes. Jack hungrily studied Edie's ripe mature body, and she waited breathlessly for the sight of his handsome young cock. She felt, her pussy burning with need, but she knew Jack could satisfy that need. The kid was a regular stallion when it came to fucking.

Jack's cock was hard as a rock, standing up stiffly from its blond bush, and his hairless rosy-red balls were taut and swollen. As he joined Edie on the rug, the slit in his prick began to leak big globs of sticky cream. Edie eyed the bubbling stuff and felt saliva rushing to her mouth.

"Let me suck your cock awhile, darling," she said hoarsely.

"Gee, sure," Jack said wonderingly.

He was still amazed that the horny headmistress had chosen him, out of all the boys in school, to be her lover. He obediently lay down on his back, his milk-white prick standing straight up. The stalk of his cock was bloated and blue-veined, the head engorged and drooling. Eagerly Edie knelt beside him and dipped down her head.

Out shot her gleaming pink tongue. She circled the shiny red head of his cock with her moist tongue-tip, and Jack shivered and sighed with pleasure. It felt so damned good to have his teacher's hot slippery tongue caressing the sensitive head of his dick. She lapped up all the juice that dribbled out, then swallowed it with a greedy gurgling noise.

"Ummmm, Jack, your cock tastes so good," she sighed.

Jack didn't feel sophisticated enough to reply to that, so he just lay there quivering and sighing as his pretty red-haired teacher licked his cock and ate his juice. She really seemed to love the taste of his dribbling cream. She stuck the pointed tip of her tongue into the slit-mouth of his prick and reamed out all the hot salty juice she could get.

"Oh, jeeze, that feels great," Jack gasped.

Wanting still more of his tasty cock-cream, Edie seized the juicy hard head of his prick between her lips and gave a powerful suck. Jack yelped as he watched her draw the whole length of his stiff cock into her mouth. It felt great to have his prick in there, hot and wet and slick. The hard knob of his cock-head butted the back of her throat.

"Oh, shit, yeah, Edie, suck my cock," the boy whined.

Edie didn't have to be urged. Her flame-colored hair started flying about as she sucked him, her head bobbing up and down furiously. Again and again she took all six inches of his hard-on, the swollen cock-head ramming into her throat, his bloated, pulsing nut sac slapping her chin. Sucking him ravenously, she got what she wanted -- more hot, delicious cock-juice, which she swallowed greedily.

Jack grinned as he thought of trying to tell his buddies what had happened today. Shit, they wouldn't believe in a million years that beautiful Mrs. Burns had stripped naked and sucked his cock. Too bad, it would have made a great story. But Jack was perfectly content just to lie there and feel his stiff prick in the heat and juice of her sucking mouth.

"Awwwww, man, yeah," he groaned, "feels so fuckin' good. Suck my dick. SUCK!"

Edie had never really given a blow job before, but she was learning fast. She learned how to take his steely shaft right into her throat and press it with her silky throat muscles, making the boy squeal with bliss. She drew her cheeks in sharply and pressed upward with her tongue, making a tight juicy nest for his cock. She sucked him furiously, hungrily, wanting to keep his delicious cock-cream dribbling out.

What she didn't realize was that Jack was getting unbearably excited. He'd gone around all day with a hard-on, thinking about the moment he'd fuck Edie again, and he was just too damned horny to last very long. He watched her bobbing over his meat, her huge melon-tits swinging and wobbling, and he heard the obscene wet slurping noise she made as she ate his meat. It was too much.

"Aw, shit, Edie, I'm gonna shoot," he gasped. She heard him, and yet she didn't want to release his delicious-tasting hot cock. A regular river of thick cream was dribbling onto her tongue, and she wanted even more. She kept up her powerful noisy sucking, feeling the boy quiver beneath her, hearing his shrill cries of pleasure. She reached down to caress his smooth rosy balls and as she touched the throbbing sac, Jack groaned.

"Awwwww, Christ -- can't hold out!" he cried. "I'm coming -- AWWWWW!"

She felt his balls tense, then slacken in her palm as he shot his load. His cock twitched and rippled as the hot jism shot up his prick and out into her mouth. Her mouth and throat were flooded with sizzling thick come, and it tasted delicious. Edie moaned and swallowed the stuff, taking gulp after gulp until his cock went limp and slipped from her lips.

"Ahhhh, Jesus, that was far out," Jack sighed. "But I'm sorry I shot my load so soon."

She licked her lips of the last of his juice and smiled. "That's all right, dear," she said, "I'm sure we can find something amusing to do until your cock is hard again. Have you ever eaten pussy?"

Jack's interest perked up. "No," he said, "but I'd sure like to learn. Some guys were telling me it really turns girls on. Could you teach me how to do it, Edie, please?"

The fact was that. Edie had never had her pussy eaten and had only read about the practice. But she wasn't going to let that keep her from trying it. Her newly unleashed lust was driving her to do every kinky thing she could imagine, and it sounded like it would be heavenly to have her gash licked and sucked.

"All right, Jack," she said. "I'll show you how to eat pussy. Come over here."

Edie seated herself in a big overstuffed chair and brazenly threw her legs up over the arms, completely exposing her wet red slit. Jack gawked at the shining swollen flesh and its fringe of thick copper curls. He could see everything, even the tiny clenched, mouth of her asshole. Edie grinned and beckoned him closer.

"Just kneel down here, darling, between my legs," she instructed.

Jack obeyed. That close to her, he could feel the radiating heat of her pussy, and he had an even better view of her fat red clit and the small moist mouth of her cunt. It was his first chance to really examine a pussy up close, and he explored her swollen gash with wide wondering eyes.

Edie reached down and parted the red-furred lips of her bush, isolating the pea-size bud of her clit. "Lick me here, Jack," she said eagerly. "Lick my cit."

Jack bent down, stuck out his wet red tongue, and pressed the pointed tip to the plump throbbing button of her clit. He began to lash and tickle her supersensitive joy button with the slick hot tip of his tongue. The results were instant and powerful. Edie gave a laud shriek of bliss and her cunt-mouth gushed a hot load of juice.

"Eeeeeee," she squealed. "EEEEEEE! Oh, my God, Jack, that feels GREAT!"

Jack grinned, proud that his very first try at pussy-eating had gotten her so excited. Encouraged, he pressed his wet tongue-tip harder against her pulsing hot love-bud and lashed the little lump roughly. That worked even better. Edie moaned hoarsely, and his chin was suddenly drenched with her gushing cunt-juice.

"Ooooooo," Edie wailed. "Oh, Jack, I love it. Yes, yes, lick my clit. Lick it hard, FAST!"

Jack did just as she wanted, lashing her clit fast and roughly with the stiffened tip of his tongue. Edie had never felt such incredible pleasure in her life. Her whole belly seemed to melt with, hot ecstasy as the boy tongued her famished little joy button. Why had she waited so long to get her pussy eaten? She should have demanded that Harold do it years ago.

"Ahhhhh, God, I love it, I LOVE IT!" she gasped.

Jack was, astonished at how wildly excited she was getting. Her cunt-juice flowed out in a molten stream, soaked his chin and cheeks. Her whole pussy was swelling up with arousal, growing plump and pulsing. Her clit, too, grew engorged under his tongue. It was like a tiny hard-on, stiff and throbbing.

"Now suck my clit," Edie panted. "Really give it to me -- SUCK!"

Wanting to please his beautiful headmistress, Jack jammed his mouth onto her swollen, taut joy button and sucked the little hard-on between his lips. He started to suck furiously on it, making a lewd, wet slurping sound, and Edie almost rose tight out of the chair. Intense pleasure burned through her pussy, and in seconds her belly exploded in climax.

"Ahhhhh -- I'm corning -- AHHHHH!" she screeched.

She slammed her scalding pussy against his face and writhed in her chair her little round ass bouncing. Jack felt his whole face drenched with gushing come, but he kept on sucking hard and fast on her clit, making her orgasm doubly intense. He didn't come up for air till Edie went limp and gasping.

"Did I do it right, Edie?" he asked anxiously.

She grinned. "You sure as hell did, darling," she said. "I never came like that in my life. Do you want to try some more pussy-eating?"

"Sure," Jack said. "I wanta learn everything about it."

He wasn't kidding. This pussy-eating was a powerful weapon for seducing girls. Just lick their clits, and they'd go wild. If there were other tricks like that, Jack wanted to know them. Some day he'd graduate from this all-boy school and be with girls again, and he wouldn't want to waste any time with them.

"All right, Jack," Edie said. "Here's something else we can try. Lick my cunt."

Jack nuzzled into her steamy-hot crotch again, this time licking down from her clit to the streaming little mouth of her cunt. He used the stiff tip of his tongue to circle and tease the wet hole, and Edie squealed with delight. He rimmed her fuck-hole faster and faster with the wet tip of his tongue.

"Ooooo, yes, that's nice," Edie gasped. "Now stick your tongue up my cunt."

Jack made his whole tongue stiff and then thrust it roughly up her steamy wet twat. Again Edie nearly flew out of the chair, the pleasure was so powerful. It felt terrific to have that wet, thick tongue-meat spearing her cunt, stuffing her greedy little box. She ground her pussy around the slick impalement, whining and creaming.

"Oh, yes, fantastic, darling," she panted. "Your tongue feels great in my cunt. Now fuck me with it, get it in deep. HURRY!"

Jack's head began to bob furiously, his blond hair meeting her red bush. He worked his tongue stiffly up tad down in her gripping juicy fuck-hole, moving just like a hard eager cock. Edie screamed with pleasure. As he sank his tongue deep into her molten-hot twat, his nose rubbed her clit, and his bobbing chin stimulated her sensitive asshole. Her whole pussy was on fire with great sensations.

"Ohhhh, Jack, yes! Eat me... eat meee!" she whined.

Jack decided to do a little experimenting of his own. He slipped his hands under her churning little ass and pulled her flaming-hot pussy snugly against his face. Then he pressed his lips to the gushing cunthole and began to suck noisily, roughly, sucking the hot fragrant juice right out of her.

"EEEE!" Edie wailed. "Love it! Oh, shit, I'm coming -- AAAGGGH!"

Jack's sucking mouth was flooded with her thick tasty juice as her convulsing cunt began to squirt.

Her taut little ass ground against his palms. She wailed so loud, he was sure the whole school would hear her. Her crazy excitement got to him, and he felt his cock growing rigid again.

"Ummmmm! My God, that was good!" Edie sighed. "You're a marvelous pussy-eater, Jack."

"I'm a pretty good fucker, too," he said with a leer. "You wanta fuck now, Edie?"

"Your cock's hard again?" she said wonderingly. "That's great, darling. Yes, hurry, stick it in me. I want to feel that nice hard cock."

Jack rose higher on his knees and aimed the bulb-like rosy head of his cock at the weeping little mouth of her cunt. Knowing she liked to be fucked hard, he slammed his steely meat into her cunt roughly, digging to her womb in one hard thrust. Steamy-hot slick flesh sheathed his swollen dick, and he quivered with lusty pleasure as he began slamming his cock in her.

"Ooooo, yes, fuck me, FUCK ME!" Edie cried. "Shit, I love your fucking, Jack. I love your nice hard cock."

Jack was in heaven, furiously fucking the beautiful headmistress of the school while she moaned about how much she loved it. He had to be the luckiest kid in the world, he decided. He crammed his swollen dick into her hot pulpy pussy as hard and fast as he could, and she creamed all over his prick and wailed her pleasure.

"Oh, God, how I love it!" Edie screeched.

"How I love to fuck!"

She leaned back in the chair, body arched toward Jack, moaning in ecstasy as she took the fast savage thrusts of his hard young cock. Each time he slammed into her, stuffing and reaming her tight little fuck-hole, her belly melted with pleasure. She felt herself building quickly toward an explosive orgasm.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she babbled. "Ohhhhh, slit, yes. YES... NOW! AAAGGGH!"

Jack felt her cunt gripping his meat like a vise. She wailed and shook, her huge tits wobbling like crazy. Hotly excited by watching her come, knowing it was his cock that was bringing her off, Jack couldn't hold out. He felt his balls tense, then the delicious ripple of jism up his deep-thrust prick. He yelped and shot her cunt full of boiling come.

"AWWW," Jack groaned.

They fucked furiously for a few seconds, draining his cock, then lay limp and panting. Through the open window they suddenly heard Harold's voice: "Hello, boys. Which team is winning?"

"Oh, my God, Harold's back!" Edie gasped. "I didn't expect him so soon. Hell be up here any moment. You'll have to go out the bedroom window, Jack, down the drain pipe."

"Right," Jack croaked.

He seized his clothes and ran to the bedroom. Edie fumbled into her dress as fast as she could but didn't have time to put on her bra and panties. She stuffed them under the chair cushion and stood there red-faced and panting as Harold walked into the room.

"Oh, hello, dear," she said dazedly. "Did you catch any butterflies."

Harold had a weird look on his face, an almost satanic grin. He was flushed, his thinning hair rumpled. "No," he said, "no butterflies. Let's fuck."

"WHAT?" Edie gasped. She'd never heard him use that word before, and she'd never seen him this eager to fuck.

"Let's fuck," Harold repeated. "Come on, Edie, I'm horny as hell. Let's go in the bedroom."

"Of course, darling," Edie said, not knowing how else to reply.

The bedroom? Would Jack have had time to dress and get out the window? Edie hurried to lead the way, just in case. She opened the bedroom door just in time to see Jack swinging onto the drain pipe and disappearing. Heaving a sigh of relief, she stepped into the room. Harold came up behind her and slipped his hands up the back of her dress, cupping and squeezing her naked ass.

"Why, Edie." He giggled. "You're not wearing any panties."

"I, uh, was just going to take a bath," she stammered. "I was half undressed."

"That suits me fine," Harold chuckled. "Just lean against the bed there, honey. I'm in a hurry." Edie obeyed, resting her hands on the edge of the bed, her pert round ass stuck up in the air. She was totally bewildered by Harold's behavior. The dirty words, the unashamed demand to fuck -- it just wasn't like her shy mousy husband at all. Harold came up behind her and flipped her dress up, uncovering the firm globes of her small ass. She heard him unzipping his pants.

"Did I ever tell you you, have a great-looking pussy?" He chuckled.

"No, dear, you never did," Edie said in amazement.

In fact she'd never heard him use the word pussy before. Her wonder grew as Harold slipped his hand into her crotch and tickled the steamy slick flesh of her gash. She gasped with pleasure. Harold gave that wicked chuckle again.

"I hope you're ready for some good stiff cock," he said.

Edie was too mind-boggled to answer. Suddenly she felt Harold's cock slamming into her, spearing her cunt and ramming her womb. "UHHHH!" she gasped.

He seized her hips and began fucking her like crazy, panting and yelping as he crammed his rockhard dick again and again into her snug, come-slick cunt. Edie stopped wondering what in hell had gotten into him. It didn't matter. All that mattered was the terrific fucking he was giving her.

"Ohhhhh, Harold, it's GOOD!" she cried. "Yes, yes, darling, fuck me hard. Ahhh, yes!"

"You like it this way, don't you?" Harold panted. "You like getting fucked really hard?"

"Shit, yes!" Edie moaned, clawing the bed in her excitement. "Fuck it to me hard, Harold, fuck me silly. Ooooooo, yes, I LOVE IT!"

Harold grinned maniacally and rammed his swollen hard cock against her womb. His small ass jerked tautly as he fucked the shit out of his howling wife. His belly smacked her ass, and his bloated, hairy balls spanked her thighs. His thick hard meat reamed the cream right out of her cunt, making an obscene sucking noise.

"Take my dick," Harold panted. "Take it, bitch. Tell me you love it."

"I love it!" Edie screeched. "Oh, shit, hove you to fuck me, Harold. Fuck, it's GOOD!"

Whatever had happened to Harold -- even if he'd flipped out completely -- she welcomed it. Now she'd have two nice hard cocks at her service. Because, of course, she didn't intend to give up Jack.

Behind her Harold was grinning like an idiot. As he rammed his steely prick into his wife's gushing hot cunt, he was thinking of another woman. He knew something Edie didn't know.

Chapter FOUR

An hour earlier Harold had been strolling through the woods with his butterfly net when he came upon a small pond. He stopped and stared, wide-eyed. It wasn't the pond that held his attention. It was the stark naked girl cavorting around in the middle of it.

The girl was petite, with long dark hair, and she was just a teenager. She had a pretty, tan face, firm orange-size tits, and a small pouting bush of brown curls. Her body was sleek, slim but curvy. Harold watched her splashing and swimming, and he thought about fucking a girl that young. He dropped his butterfly net and moved closer.

She hadn't seen him yet. He moved right down to the water's edge and stared at her hungrily through his rimless glasses. After twenty years of fucking the same woman, Harold was ripe for some novelty. He wondered if he stood even the slightest chance with this pretty little teenager. Just then she caught sight of him. To his astonishment, she grinned.

"Oh, hi there," she said. "Where did you come from?" She had a country twang to her voice.

"I was hunting for butterflies," Harold said. "Where did you come from?"

"I live on a farm not far from here," she replied. "My name's Ruthie." She just stood there naked, without shame, grinning at him.

"I'm Harold," he said.

"Well, Harold, why don't you all take off your clothes and join me?" Ruthie said. "It's a mighty hot day."

As a matter of fact, it was hot, but Harold would have accepted her invitation even if it was snowing. He nodded and quickly started to undress. Ruthie gave him another big grin and plunged into the water again. Harold decided that she was either trying to seduce him or she was a little cock-teaser. He was willing to take a chance. Naked, he hurried into the water.

"What do you do for a living, Harold?" the girl asked, swimming up close to him.

"I'm a teacher," he said.

Ruthie wrinkled her face. "Ugh, I hate school," she said. "In fact I dropped out. There's only one thing that really interests me." She had moved so close, she could see his pale limp cock floating in the water.

"What's that, Ruthie?" Harold said. "What's the only thing that interests you?"

"Boys and fucking," she said matter-of-factly. "Ooooo, it's so much fun. In fact that's why I came here today. I needed to cool myself off. There weren't any bays around, and I was feeling soooo horny."

Harold could hardly believe his ears -- or his eyes, for that matter. Ruthie had moved so close to him that her large pointed red nipples were almost touching his chest. The water current moved his limp floating cock so that it tickled the wet curls of her bush. She felt it, looked down, and grinned.

"Maybe you could help me out, Harold," she said.

"Why, uh, certainly, I'd be glad to," Harold stammered. Could this really be happening? He'd fantasized for years about fucking a tight-cunted teenager, but he'd never dreamed it would really happen.

"Good," Ruthie said, "let's go up on the bank."

She led the way out of the water, and Harold's hungry eyes followed her adorable little wobbling ass. She had a blanket spread out on the grassy bank, and she lay down on it, on her back, and spread her legs wide, bending them at the knees. Harold gawked. Her teenage slit was moist, rosy and fringed with delicate brown curls. He dropped down beside her.

"You ever eat a girl's pussy, Harold?" Ruthie said with a wicked grin.

"Oh, yes, I know all about it," Harold lied. In fact he'd never given head before, but he didn't want to spoil his chances.

"Ummmmm, great," Ruthie sighed. "I just love having my pussy licked. Here, help yourself."

She drew apart the dark-furred lips of her muff and showed him the red bud of her clit. Harold went belly-down between her legs and brought his face up to the moist fragrant heat of her pussy. Praying he wouldn't bungle the job, he stuck out his wet red tongue and used the pointed tip to tickle and lash the juicy scarlet lump of her clit.

"Oooooo," Ruthie squealed. "Yeah, yeah, that feels great, Harold. Keep licking meeee."

Encouraged, Harold slipped his hands under her wriggling little ass and drew her closer to him. Ruthie, obviously experienced in these things, flung her legs up around his shoulders, opening her pussy to him completely. Harold tongued her clit, lashing and lapping the throbbing pea-size lump of flesh, and the girl squealed and moaned. He felt scalding-hot cream trickling from her little cuntmouth and wetting his chin.

Well, this pussy-eating wasn't bad at all, he decided. He liked the taste of her hot gushing juice, liked the sensation of tonguing her slick little joy button. Most of all, he liked getting her so hotly excited. If she got really horny, she might let him stick his cock in that tiny wet fuck-hole. Harold shivered with horny anticipation as he lapped and tongue-lashed her clit.

"Oooooo, shit, that feels terrific," Ruthie whined. "Keep doing it, Harold, keep eating me."

Her fiery-hot twat-juice was gushing out now, soaking his chin and cheeks. Her pussy felt swollen and steamy against his face. Harold licked harder and faster on her swelling red clit, wanting to drive her into a frenzy of need. As he thought of fucking that tight teenage cunt, his balls filled with hot jism and his cock twitched into engorged hardness.

The girl began moving her hips, slamming her tiny hot clit against his mouth. "Now suck me off!" she cried hoarsely. "Suck my clit and make me come."

Harold jammed his lips against the throbbing slick bud and managed to suck the tiny thing between them. He started sucking her flaming-hot joy button fast and hard. Ruthie screeched and drenched his face with a blast of sizzling pussyjuice. A few more moments of hard noisy sucking, and the girl wailed and went into the powerful convulsions of orgasm.

"Ahhhhh, shit, YEAH!" she cried. "Yeah, I'm coming! Ahhh!"

Her little body rocked so hard, she would have rolled right off the blanket if Harold hadn't gripped her grinding little ass. He kept sucking hard and fast on her clit, driving her to more howls of ecstasy. At last she was limp and panting. She was an incredibly horny girl, and Harold suspected that this howling climax was just for openers as far as Ruthie was concerned.

"Ummmm, terrific," she sighed. "You eat pussy real well, Harold. How about eating my cunthole, too?"

Harold was flying blind but eager to please. Not quite sure what she wanted, he dipped his creamsoaked face deeper into her steamy wet pussy and found the tiny mouth of her cunt, buried in the pulpy pink folds of her pussy-lips. He made his tongue long and stiff, and he used the pointed tip to rim and tickle her drooling little cunthole.

"Eeee," Ruthie squealed. "Jesus, yes, lick my cunt. Stick your tongue up my cunt and fuck me with it."

Harold was glad for specific instructions. He jammed his long stiff tongue up her eager little hole, and Ruthie gave a howl of delight as the thick wet meat stuffed her horny hot twat. Harold pushed in close to the root of his tongue, his nose jamming into the wet brown fur of her bush.

"Oooo, yeah, move it now, fuck me with it," Ruthie whimpered. "FUCK HARD!"

Harold obeyed, ramming his stiff tongue hard and fast and deep in her cunt, and Ruthie screamed with ecstasy. As he tongue-fucked her, he noted now exquisitely tight her teenage cunt was. Obviously Ruthie was no virgin, but she was very young, and her satiny cuntal walls had a strong and greedy grip. He ached to ram his cock into that molten slick sheath.

"Uhhhh, fuck, FUCK!" the girl screeched, out of her mind with pleasure. "Fuck that big tongue in meee."

Harold wasn't used to such filthy language, but oddly enough it just got him more excited. He remembered the other night when Edie behaved so strangely, using dirty words and licking his cock. He could use a lot more of that! Their fucking had become so dull, and routine, he'd hardly been interested any more, not until that night.

Butte didn't want to think about Edie just now. He concentrated on reaming and stuffing Ruthie's juicy little fuck-hole with his ramming thick tongue. The girl arched her slim body, spearing herself even farther on his jerking tongue, and then suddenly she began to buck and howl. Her slick cuntal walls seized and held his deep-thrust tongue as she came.

"Eeee," Ruthie screamed. "EEEEEE!"

Her sizzling cunt-cream boiled around his tongue, and her steamy-hot gash slammed against his face as she had another powerful orgasm. Harold had never encountered a girl so lusty. His swollen cock rubbed against the blanket, bloated and aching and stiff. He just had to persuade this horny little chick to fuck him. He had to get her as hot and needy as possible.

A wicked idea came to him. As Ruthie's spasms began to weaken, he jerked his tongue out of her soaked little cunt and licked even lower in her seething swollen gash, till his pointed tongue-tip was rimming the tiny clenched mouth of her asshole. Ruthie gave a squeal of surprise. Harold stiffened his pointed tongue-tip and popped it inside her hole.

"JESUS!" Ruthie gasped. "Harold, what the fuck are you doing?"

Harold didn't reply. He was intent on stuffing his thick wet tongue up her asshole. He grunted and pushed, and the slick meat glided deep into her pungent, tight bum-hole. He pushed clear to the root of his tongue, deeply spearing her slick, steamy-hot hole. Then he began to ass-fuck her with his tongue, pushing the wet meat deep and fast.

"Awwwww shit, AWWW!" Ruthie bawled. "Harold, you crazy motherfucker, that feels GREAT! Jesus, yes, stick your tongue up my ass -- fuck me with it!"

His wicked idea had worked out better than he'd thought. The girl was in a crazy frenzy of pleasure, howling, clawing the blanket, working her slim hips in time to the deep thrusts of his tongue in her boiling little bumhole. Clearly her ass was just as sensitive as her cunt, just as receptive to horny pleasure. His head bobbed furiously as he tongued deep in her ass.

"Eeee," Ruthie shrieked. "AWWWW!" She was beyond making intelligible sounds, wild with ecstasy.

Harold crammed his thick drooling tongue roughly up and down her gripping, searing-hot shit-hole and very quickly got results. After just a few moments of his hard fast tongue-fucking, Ruthie stiffened, moaned, and went into another screeching orgasm. Harold jerked his tongue in her asshole till she collapsed, panting and whining. Then at last he came up for air, Ruthie lay there flush-faced, glassy-eyed, and grinning. "Holy shit," she sighed, "that was fantastic. No guy ever put his tongue up my ass before."

"I'm glad you liked, it," Harold leered. "Now why don't we fuck?"

For the first time Ruthie looked shy. "I never fucked an older guy before," she said.

Harold rose to his knees and displayed his bloated, stiff six-inch cock. "We've all got the same equipment," he said.

Ruthie's brown eyes widened when she saw his hard-on. She sat up for a better look, licking her lips. She reached out and touched the hot, hard purple head of his dick, running her fingers around in the slick cream that bubbled from his cock-head. Harold shivered with pleasure. Just her feathery teasing touch made him want to shoot his load all over the place.

"Okay, Harold," the girl said huskily, "I'll fuck you, but first I want just a little taste of your cock. I just love sucking cock. It's my very favorite thing to do. Okay?"

"Uh, of course, go right ahead," Harold said. Again he wondered if this could really be happening. A delicious-looking young girl begging to suck his cock? No, that only happened in his horny fantasies. But it was real enough when Ruthie dipped her head and caught his oozing purple cockhead between her lips. She sucked his rigid dick deep into her mouth, and it was slick and juicy and scalding-hot in there. Yes, this was real.

"Christ, yes!" Harold gasped. "Yes, suck my cock, Ruthie."

The girl was no amateur in this department, either. She managed to take every inch of his thick, rock-hard prick, letting the fat head glide right into her throat. Harold struggled not to pop his rocks. She began sucking hard and fast on his bloated dick, forcing out his dribbling cock-cream and greedily swallowing it.

"Oh, Jesus," Harold yelped, "SHIT -- YES!"

Ruthie's head bobbed vigorously up and down, tousling her damp, dark hair. As she hungrily gobbled his prick-juice, she made an obscene slurping noise, loud and wet. That only fueled Harold's horny excitement. He was tempted to let go completely and shoot his aching load of jism into her throat. But, no, he wanted to save his hard-on for her exquisitely tight teenage cunt.

It looked as if Ruthie could have gone on for hours blissfully sucking out his cock-cream and eating it, but Harold knew he couldn't hold out that long. His balls felt full to bursting, his cock painfully bloated. With the greatest reluctance he finally lifted the girl's head, and his stiff spit soaked prick snapped from her lips.

"I almost came in your mouth," he explained. "I didn't want to do that. I want to come in your cunt."

As he'd expected, Ruthie wasn't shocked by his language. She just grinned and said, "Okay, we can fuck now, but let me be on top. I like it best that way."

"Anything you want, Ruthie," Harold sighed.

He flopped down on his back, his painfully swollen cock sticking straight up. The pale shaft bulged with blue veins, and the knobby purple head of his prick was leaking big gleaming globs of juice. His balls were achingly bloated, taut and throbbing. He hadn't had a hard-on like that since he was a teenager.

Ruthie eyed his hugely swollen cock with unashamed hunger. She came to straddle him, squatting over the pale column of his prick, and brought the dripping hot mouth of her cunt down to graze his bulbous purple cock-head. She gave a little grunt and a push, wedging the knob of his dick into her snug, slick cunt hole.

"Oooooo," she sighed, "your cock feels so big. Go ahead, Harold, stick it in me all the way. You can do it hard. I like it hard."

Too excited to wait another second, Harold shoved his iron-hard cock upward with all his strength. The stiff tool slammed into her juicy-slick cunt, stuffing her full, driving all the way to her womb. Harold groaned in ecstasy as he felt his achingly stiff prick encased in wet, pulpy flesh. Ruthie gasped as he slammed into her, and then her pretty face twisted in a horny grimace.

"Shit, yes," she panted, "give me that big ol' cock. FUCK ME!"

Harold seized the petite teenager by the waist and started fucking into her hard and fast, his grey-brown bush meeting her curly brown muff. With Ruthie riding him, he could watch his pale blueveined rod slicing in and out between the pouting pink lips of her cunt. He could watch her lusty grimacing face, and he could see her plump firm tits wobbling as he fucked her. This was better than any fantasy, by a long shot.

"You like the way I'm fucking you, Ruthie?" he panted. "This the way YOU want it?"

She looked down at him with hot glassy eyes. "Ohhhhh, yeah," she wailed. "Just keep fucking me real hard with that great big cock. Fuck it to me hard!"

Harold was delighted to obey. He hadn't been this horny in years, and it was a terrific rush to keep jamming his swollen cock into that wonderfully tight, fiery hot cunt of hers. It dawned on him that he was being unfaithful to Edie for the first time in their marriage. Well, too fucking bad. A man was entitled to some fun, after all, and he hadn't had this much fun in years. Besides, what his wife didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," Ruthie babbled. "Jesus, your big ol cock feels so frigging good!"

Harold wasn't surprised when the lusty little teenager started coming and kept coming in a whole long firecracker, string of orgasms. She was young, healthy, and incredibly horny. Each time she came, her molten-hot, thick cunt-juice sizzled around his dick and overflowed, soaking her thighs and his balls.

"Oh, shit, fuck me more, more!" Ruthie howled. "Fuck the shit out of me, Harold!"

"Gladly," the mousy little man sighed.

He kept cramming his prick into her till he was drenched in sweat and panting loudly. He didn't want this mind-blowing fuck to ever end. He wanted to keep driving his swollen dick forever into that juicy, clinging twat of hers. But he was reaching his limits. He decided to try bringing her off just one more time. He fucked into her hard, and at the same time he reached up and tweaked her swollen red clit. It brought her off like a bomb.

"EEEE!" Ruthie wailed.

Her powerful young cuntal walls squeezed his prick hard, gripping and milking it. This time Harold couldn't hold out. He felt hot jism sizzling out of his balls and up the rigid deep-thrust shaft of his cock. He yelped and jetted his come into Ruthie's nipping little fuck-hole. The girl took the fiery rush of jism with a gasp of delight, humping her flaming-hot pussy up and down his jerking cock.

"Awwwww, shit!" Harold bawled.

When it was over Ruthie agreed to meet him again the next day. "I didn't know an older guy could be such a terrific fuck," she said.

Harold wandered home in a daze of bliss. He figured his cock wouldn't rise again for days, but oddly enough his experience with Ruthie had the opposite effect. By the time he got back to the school, he was horny as hell. He quickly greeted the boys on the playing field and rushed up to his apartment. He couldn't explain it, but he actually wanted to fuck his wife.

Chapter FIVE

Edie was glad that Harold was showing some interest in sex again, but she knew their marriage could never be the same as before. She'd developed a taste for young boys, thanks to her experience with Jack. Fucking Harold was fun, but she didn't intend to stay faithful to him.

When she'd taught her classes for the day, Edie decided to take a walk in the woods, hoping she'd run into Jack. She'd learned how risky it was to meet him in her apartment. Harold had almost caught them yesterday. She strolled along the path, looking for a better place to meet with her young lover.

She found a little stream, and she left the path and followed it. Coming around a bend in the stream, she saw something that made her stand still and gawk. There was a handsome red-haired boy, splashing around in the water, stark-naked. He didn't see Edie, who was still in the shadows of the woods. She inched closer for a better view.

Now she recognized him as Ken, one of her students. He was violating school rules by being off the grounds without permission, but Edie wasn't about to turn him in. She grinned as she moved closer to him. Why limit herself to just one young lover? Here was a chance to have another one. Edie reached the water's edge and cleared her throat.

Ken whirled around and gawked at her. "Oh, my gosh," he gulped, "Mrs. Burns!"

"Don't worry, Ken," Edie said soothingly. "I won't report you. I can certainly understand someone wanting a cool dip on a day like this. As a matter of fact, I think I'll join you."

Before the astonished boy could reply, she kicked off her shoes and started tugging off her shirt. Ken watched wide-eyed as she drew the garment off, tousling her long flame-colored hair. The headmistress enormous creamy-pale tits looked ready to burst from her skimpy bikini bra. She skinned out of her pants and stood there in just her bra and panties.

Ken swallowed hard. He could hardly believe this was happening. Every kid in school talked about fucking the beautiful headmistress, but that was just talk. And here she was stripping right in front of him. He thought she might leave on her bra and panties out of modesty, but no, she reached around, unhooked her bra, and let it fall off.

Her tits were even bigger than Ken had dreamed, great watermelon-size globes that thrust out firmly, capped with large rosy cone-shaped nipples. Her tits wobbled slightly as she bent to take off her panties. Ken felt petrified with lust as he watched her lower the lacy little garment. He ogled her big, wide, coppery bush.

"Ummmm, I can hardly wait, to get into that nice cool water," Edie chirped.

She was coming down the bank toward him, and still Ken couldn't move or speak. It was just too much -- those enormous wobbling tits, that thick red bush, that fantastic ripe body of hers. He felt a hot tingling in his balls, and then, to his embarrassment, his cock went stiff as a board.

Edie saw it, too. Ken's pale, droopy peter gave a violent lurch and then sprang straight up from his neat, carrot-colored bush. His young prick mushroomed stalk six thick inches of rigid flesh, the head engorged and knobby. His rosy, hairless balls swelled up tight and firm. Edie grinned -- this was exactly what she wanted to happen.

She stepped into the water and waded over to the blushing fifteen-year-aid. She looked pointedly at his rigid pale prick. "Why, Ken," she purred, "you've got a hard -- on."

"Well, uh, yeah," Ken stammered. "I mean, I just couldn't help it, Mrs. Burns. I never saw a naked woman before."

Edie's grin broadened -- another virgin! "That's all right, Ken," she said, "I understand. And please call me Edie."

Her kindness surprised him, but he was even more surprised when she reached out and ran her fingers lightly up and down the hard throbbing pole of his cock. Ken gasped and shivered with pleasure. He didn't know what in hell had come over the headmistress, but he sure liked it. Her warm caressing fingers felt great on his dick.

"Ummmm, you have such a nice cock, Ken," Edie purred. "I just have to play with it."

"Oh, uh, sure, Mrs. L... mean, Edie, go ahead," the boy croaked. "Play with my cock all you want."

He decided he had to be dreaming. The gorgeous red-haired headmistress stood before him stark naked, smiling, and running her fingers up and down his hard-on. He was close enough to touch her enormous red-nippled tits or her thick, curly copper bush. He felt so excited that the small slit mouth of his cock started to ooze gleaming bubbles of juice.

"Ummmmm, look at that!" Edith exclaimed, "just what I wanted."

She dropped to her knees in the shallow water and leaned so close to his stiff-standing cock that he could feel her hot, moist breath. Ken watched in amazement as she stuck out her wet, pink tongue and lapped the bubbling juice from his swollen cock-head. It felt terrific. She licked up all the hot cream and swallowed it.

"Ummmm, your cock tastes so good," she sighed.

She curled her fingers around the throbbing stalk of his cock and began to pump the silky hot meat. More glistening juice bubbled from his cock-head, and Edie got it with her lapping red tongue. She pumped and licked, swallowing the salty cream with a lusty gurgle. Ken stared down at her, astonished but also hotly aroused.

"Ummmm," she murmured.

Maybe the headmistress had flipped out completely. Ken didn't care, not as long as she kept doing what she was doing to him. Her lapping tongue felt slick and juicy and baton his sensitive, swollen prick-head. He began to wonder if she'd possibly let him fuck her. It was the dream of every guy at. Burns School to get into the headmistress' pants.

Edie moaned softly as she ate the boy's delicious, hot prick-juice. When she'd cleaned the rosy hard head of his cock, she licked her way down the throbbing rigid stalk and through his crisp red bush. Her hot tongue lashed his swollen nuts and Ken moaned and quivered. She didn't stop her hungry tongue-lashing till his balls and cock glistened with her spit.

Then she looked up, smiled, and said, "Ken, why don't we go lie on the bank and be more comfortable?"

"Oh, sure, Edie," the bay moaned. "Whatever you want."

He would have jumped through hoops if she'd asked him to. He eagerly followed her out of the water and up onto the grassy bank. She had a terrific ass, small and round and wiggly. As she walked, he could see just a wisp of wet red pussy fur between her legs. His stiffly wagging cock leaked another big glob of juice.

Edie lay down on the grass and drew her legs up and out, displaying the lush scarlet flesh of her pussy and its curly fringe of coppery hair. Ken's eyes were huge. Except for a few girlie magazines, he'd never looked between a woman's legs before. He dropped to his knees and gawked.

Edie grinned and said, "You've never seen a pussy before, have you, Ken?"

"No, ma'am," the boy said. "Hope you don't mind if I look."

"Look as much as you like, dear," Edie cooed. "Came closer."

Ken rubbed faster and harder on her moist little joy button. Edie moaned and arched her body up, pressing her greedy clit against his fingertip. Ken watched the soft nub go stiff and throbbing. It swelled up just like a tiny hard-on. Edie began to pant.

"Frig me, frig meeee," she whined.

Ken brought his thumb into the action, kneading her stiff throbbing clit between thumb and finger. Edie squealed with pleasure, and her small cunthole gushed more steamy juice onto his fingers. He noticed that her face was flushed, her eyes glazed with lust. Her teeth flashed as she panted. Her huge tits were swollen up taut, the big red nipples stiff.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Edie gasped. "Oh, Christ, I'm going to come. Yes, yes, NOW!"

She screeched and began flopping around like a beached fish. Ken was astounded at the violence of her climax. Hot cream gushed from her convulsing cunt, and he felt his hand drenched with the sticky fragrant juice. He went on frigging her clit till she lay limp and panting.

"Ummmmm, that was so nice, Ken," Edie said with a satisfied grin. "Just remember, if you want to get a girl really hot for you, play with her clit."

"I'll remember," Ken said earnestly. "Hey, listen, Edie, I never fucked a chick before, and I really wanta try it. Could we fuck, please?"

Edie's grin broadened. This kid was delightfully easy to seduce. "Why, yes, I guess we could fuck, Ken," she said, "if you promise not to tell."

"I promise, I promise," Ken panted, already scooting up farther between her legs.

Kneeling there, he pressed the hard red head of his virgin cock against her cunt. He shivered with horny anticipation as he prepared to shove his cock into a cunt for the very first time. He grunted and pushed and he felt his painfully swollen prick gliding into a snug sheath of hot juicy flesh.

"Awwwww JESUS!" he groaned.

"That's it, darling, push!" Edie cried. "Get that big cock all the way in me. Ohhh, yes, Ken, your cock feels great in my cunt!"

Fucking was even greater than he'd dreamed. Her gripping, wet fuck-hole was the perfect nest for his swollen, eager dick, a thousand times better than his own fist when he jacked off. He crammed his rock-hard six-incher deep had her scorching cunt till the knobby head touched her womb and his bloated balls rested against her slick pussy.

"I'm in as far as I can go," he whined. "Oh, shit, it feels great. Vow cunt's so fuckin' HOT!"

Edie creamed furiously around his deeply-thrust cock, wickedly excited at having taken another boy's cherry. "Fuck me, Ken," she said hoarsely. "Move your cock in me. You can do it as hard as you want. I like it hard."

Ken was glad she'd told him what to do next. He didn't have the remotest idea of how to fuck. He started moving his cock in her hot pulpy cunt, swinging and jabbing the stiff meat deep and fast. His cock reamed the cream out of her snug box and made a lewd slurping noise. Edie squealed with pleasure.

"That's it, Ken," she gasped, "do it to me hard. Slam that nice big cock in my cunt, hard!"

Ken collapsed onto her, his sleek hairless chest rubbing her big swollen tits. He fucked into her with all his strength. She said she wanted it hard, and he liked it that way, too. It felt fantastically good to cram his swollen prick again and again into the juicy hot flesh of her cunt. He could feel her scorching cunt-cream gushing around his slamming meat.

"Oh, fuck, yes," Edie screeched, "ram it in me, fuck it to me!"

She was so glad she'd decided not to confine herself to just one young lover. She needed all the hard pounding cock she could get. Ken was fucking into her just the way she craved it, with brutal speed and force. Again and again his thick hard cock stuffed and reamed her eager gripping cunt, and she howled with pleasure.

She wondered if her powerful stored-up lust would ever be satisfied. But what if it wasn't? There were a dozen horny young boys at Burns School, and she was willing to bet she could seduce every one of them. It was a nymphomaniac's delight. As long as Harold didn't find out, she could have a ball with those kids.

"Awwwww, shit, so fuckin' good," Ken moaned.

Her cunt seemed to get hotter and wetter by the second, and as he fucked her, her velvety cuntal walls gripped his cock more tightly. He took a glance at her face and saw her lusty grimace. Her eyes were rolling wildly, her big ripe body writhing and pumping. Fucking the beautiful, headmistress was like all his horny fantasies continue. He could hardly believe his luck.

"Do you like it, Edie?" he panted. "You like the way I'm fucking you?"

"Oh, Jesus, yes," she moaned. "Just keep doing it, Ken. Keep fucking me with that great big cock. God, I love it."

Ken felt blissed-out, fucking his swollen meat into his teacher's searing little cunt, hearing her hoarse cries of pleasure, knowing that his prick was driving her wild. He hammered into her even harder, his belly meeting hers, with a loud smack, his swollen balls spanking her wet pussy. It seemed like the harder her fucked her, the more she liked it.

"Ohhhhh, God, yes, slam it to me." Edie moaned. "Fuck that big cock into me. Ohhhhh, I'm going to come. Yes, yes AAAGGGH!"

Her tall ripe body began to buck and convulse. She nearly jerked right off his slamming cock, and Ken grabbed her grinding ass to hold himself in place. Her fiery-hot cunt gushed huge rivers of cream and squeezed his dick like a vise. He wanted badly to shoot his load into her, but he didn't want to stop fucking her, either. He managed to hold out, though he didn't know how.

"Ahhhhhhhh, that was good," Edie sighed. "Would you like to try it another way."

"I didn't know there was another way," he said.

"Oh, there are lots of ways to fuck," Edie laughed. "Here, just let me roll over."

Ken hated to take his cock out of the steamy pulp of her cunt, but he did as she asked. Edie rolled onto her hands and knees and stuck her pert round ass up in the air. Ken got the idea -- she wanted to do it like dogs. Well, what the hell, as long as he got to fuck her, he didn't care if they did it upside-down. He quickly knelt behind her and shoved his swollen prick back into the delicious heat and wetness of her cunt.

"That's right, go into me hard, Ken. Fuck the shit out of me!" Edie cried.

Ken grasped her writhing hips and went at it again, ramming his dick into her with lightning speed and brutal force. Edie howled with ecstasy and clawed the grass. Her steamy-hot cunt-cream boiled around his slamming cock and gushed out to wet his spanking balls. He could see the little wrinkled mouth of her asshole opening and closing as he fucked her, gasping just like the squeezing mouth of her twat.

It was great fucking his swollen hard cock into that super-tight, juicy fuck-hole, but he couldn't hold out much longer. His balls ached with their hot load, and her squeezing cunt was driving him crazy with horny need. He fucked at her like a jack rabbit, humping and whining, and then he heard her gasp and wail as another explosive climax ripped through her belly.

"Fuck, FUCK!" Edie cried. "AAHHH!"

Her pleasure-frenzy drove the red-haired kid right over the edge. He felt his balls spasm, his cock ripple with a big rush of come, and then he was shooting his red-hot jism into her. They moaned and rocked together till they went limp and exhausted.

"Ken, that was marvelous," Edie sighed, "but I'd better get back to school. My husband will be wondering where I am. Would you like to meet here again tomorrow at the same time?"

"Oh, wow, would I ever!" Ken said.

When Edie got back to the apartment she found Harold lying on the couch, his fly open, his cock swollen and pointing stiffly at the ceiling. He was looking gloomily at his own aching hard-on.

"Where the hell have you been?" he snapped.

"I just went for a walk," Edie said, breaking into a fiendish grin. "I didn't know you were going to need me, darling."

"Will you just get over here, please?" he moaned.

Edie quickly slipped off her clothes and hurried over to the couch. She got over Harold, her knees pressing his thighs, and tugged his pants down, exposing his brown and grey bush and his painfully swollen balls. She was about to sit on his hard-on when he gave her a puzzled look.

"How'd you get those grass stains on your knees?" he asked.

Edie thought fast. "I, uh, took off my pants to go wading," she said, "and I slipped when I was getting out of the creek."

"You ought to watch that," Harold said. "Some of the boys might see you undressed and get ideas."

Would they ever! "Darling," Edie purred, "what do you want to do, fuck or lecture?"

Harold grinned, seized her waist, and plunged her down on the fat hard spear of his cock. Edie gasped as she felt the thick throbbing meat ramming right to her womb. Harold groaned and began to fuck her like crazy, jerking his swollen dick furiously in her come-soaked cunt.

"Jesus, you're nice and juicy today," he sighed. Thank God he didn't know that the juice was Ken's jism. She was really going to have to be more careful. She began humping her drenched little cunt up and down the granite column of his cock, matching his fast hard strokes. Two stiff pricks in less than an hour! That really was a nice surprise.

"Ummmm, your cock feels so good in my cunt, Harold," she moaned. "Yes, yes, fuck me hard!"

Harold felt his jerking prick completely drenched with sizzling cream. "Christ," he panted, "you really are horny today, aren't you, honey?"

"I'm always horny," Edie babbled. "Fuck, fuck it to me. Jesus, yes, HARD!"

Harold didn't know what had made his wife so lusty lately, but he liked it. He grinned as he watched his pale, swollen prick pumping furiously between the pouting pink lips of her cunt. His rigid shaft dripped with juice. Edie whined lustily and ground her red-hot twat around his slamming dick. She hadn't been so hot to fuck since their wedding night.

"Take my meat, baby," Harold panted, "take it deep. I'm gonna fuck you silly."

Edie replied by grinding her slick steamy cunt harder around his ramming prick. Harold had turned into a terrific stud all of a sudden, and she loved it. She could always be sure of a good hard cock when she was horny, because if Harold wasn't around, there were always Jack and Ken. If she was lucky, there'd be more boys, too.

Chapter SIX

The next afternoon found Jack sitting moodily on the sidelines while the other boys played touch football. Ordinarily he would be out there playing with enthusiasm, but today he just didn't feel like it. All he could think about was fucking Mrs. Burns -- but she hadn't summoned him to her apartment for two days.

Jack wondered what was the matter. He was sure the pretty headmistress had enjoyed fucking him, so why hadn't she called him back for more? He glanced around idly, just in time to see Edie walking into the woods. He sprang up and hurried after her.

Something warned him not to announce the presence right away. He wondered where she was going, why she hadn't stopped to talk to him. He followed her at a safe, distance and saw her leave the path and walk beside a small creek. Jack crept after her, hidden in the shadows of the trees. He saw her step into a small clearing.

"Hello, Ken," she said. "I'm so glad you could make it."

"I wouldn't have stayed away for anything," Ken sighed.

Jack heard the boy's voice and crept closer. He saw Edie and Ken kissing hungrily. Jack's face grew red with anger, and he clenched his fists. Now he knew why the pretty headmistress hadn't had time for him -- she'd been fucking another of the students. Jack was tempted to barge in on the scene and spoil it.

Still something warned him to stay back in his hiding place and see what happened. There might be a way he could use this discovery to his advantage. He crouched in some bushes about twenty feet away from Ken and Edie. Sulking and jealous, he watched Edie playfully tugging off Ken's shirt and exposing his smooth, tan chest.

"Oh, wow, Edie," Ken sighed, "I been thinking about you all day. I'm so fuckin' horny."

"We'll take care of that very soon, dear," Edie said, reaching for the fly of his jeans.

Dropping to her knees, she opened Ken's pants and drew out his cock. He had a rigid, aching hardon, his young prick swollen almost to bursting. The knobby red head of his prick was weeping big bubbles of juice. Edie eyed that magnificent hard-on and licked her lips. Her wet, pink tongue darted out to lap the drooling head of his dick.

"Ummmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, Ken," she sighed.

"Awwww, shit, that feels great," Ken moaned. "Yeah, yeah, Edie, lick my cock."

In his hiding place, Jack quivered with frustration. He knew how great it felt to have Edie's wet, hot tongue playing over the sensitive head of his cock and lapping up his juices. He envied Ken with all his heart. He watched hungrily as Edie swished her tongue around and around the engorged oozing head of the boy's prick. Ken was flushed with horny pleasure, panting.

"Let me get your pants off, dear," Edie said, "and I can do a better job."

"Sure," Ken sighed, "whatever you want."

She tugged down his jeans and helped him step out of them. The naked boy stood before her, trembling with lusty eagerness. Edie grinned and went down on him again, licking all over his pale stiff-standing cock. She just couldn't get enough of his tasty meat. She lapped the rosy head clean and licked her way downward to his swollen, hairless nut sac.

As her steamy-hot tongue touched his sensitive balls, Ken gasped, "Aw, Jesus, yeah. Terrific! Lick my balls, Edie."

Her swift pink tongue was all over the swollen balls, making them quiver and gleam with her spit. She tongued his balls till he was whimpering with pleasure, then lapped upward again, through his crisp red bush, up the blue-veined throbbing pole of his cock. When she reached the bulbous rosy head of his prick, she caught it between her lips and sucked.

"Awwww," Ken cried. "Shit, yeah, suck my cock."

Jack had to grit his teeth to stifle a yelp of horny frustration. He remembered all too well how terrific it felt to have Edie's hot, wet little mouth sucking on his prick. Damn that Ken anyway, how did he rate? Jack was sure Edie had loved his fucking, so why had she dumped him for Ken? He seethed with anger.

Edie's flame-red hair was tousled as her head bobbed over Ken's swollen dick. She sucked more and more of his throbbing six-inch cock into her mouth, hungry for the taste. She sucked his prick hard and fast, and more delicious, thick cockcream poured onto her tongue. She ate it with a greedy slurping noise.

"Awwwww, Christ," Ken whined. "Edie, you better watch it. I sure as hell feel like coming."

Too bad -- she'd wanted a lot more of his tasty dribbling cock-juice. But she also wanted that nice big hard-on in her hungry little cunt, so she let his engorged prick snap from her lips. It splatted wetly against his belly, the blue veins standing out on the taut pale flesh. Giving his cock one more hungry glance, Edith rose and began to undress.

As he watched from his hiding place in the bushes, Jack's anger was quickly replaced by lust. Edith had a fantastic body, and it turned him on hotly to watch her taking off her clothes. She got rid of her shirt and pants in a hurry, then unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. Her huge melon shaped tits wobbled into their natural thrust. The big creamy globes were capped with large cone shaped red nipples. Jack thought of fondling those giant tits, and his balls tingled and began to fill with hot jism.

As she started lowering her panties, his cock sprang into life, going hard as a rock in his tight jeans. He gawked at the headmistress' thick coppery bush. Ken was gawking, too, and his rigid belly-hugging cock gushed more big gobs of juice. Jack could hardly blame the other boy for being so excited. Edie's ripe, mature body drove him crazy with lust.

Edith grinned at Ken and lay down on the grass, shamelessly parting her legs to show the moist red flesh of her gash. "Ken, dear," she purred, "would you mind eating my pussy?"

"Oh, wow, no," Ken said eagerly. "I'll do anything you want, Edie."

He dropped to his knees and crawled between her widely-opened legs. He parted the thick-furred lips of her coppery bush and exposed the bright red lump of her clit. Going belly down, he pressed his mouth against the slick hot button and began to suck it hungrily. Jack could hear the lewd wet slurping noise he made.

"Oooo," Edie squealed. "Yes, yes, darling, suck my clit. Feels terrific."

Jack shook his head in disgust. He was positive he could eat pussy better than the red-haired kid. Still it was a powerful turn-on to watch Edie lying there naked, big tits quivering, her face flushed with horny pleasure. Ken's head bobbed briskly between her thighs, and the obscene wet sucking noise continued.

Jack was getting unbearably horny from seeing Edie like that -- legs parted, moaning with lust, clawing the grass in her excitement. His young cock felt ready to rip right through his tight jeans. To get some relief, he unzipped his fly and let his aching hard-on out into the open. Damnit, if only he could plunge that swollen hard meat into Edie's juicy hot little cunt!

"Oh, God, OH!" Edie wailed. "Yes, suck my clit, Ken, bring me off. Just a little more. Ohhhh, shit, yes. NOW -- AHHH!"

She threw her legs high in the air as the powerful orgasm exploded in her belly. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she screeched her pleasure. Ken managed to go on sucking furiously, noisily on her clit while she came, and he didn't come up for air till she was limp and panting. He wiped her pussycream from his face and grinned at her.

"I guess I ate your pussy okay that time," he said.

"You sure did, darling," Edie puffed. "And you can eat it some more if you want."

Ken grinned and then dived for her scorching snatch again. Edie threw her legs up over his shoulders, opening her pussy to him completely. Jack could see the kid's tongue flash out, red and gleaming. It lashed up and down the hot swollen line of her gash, from the bright scarlet bud of her clit right down to her little clenched asshole.

"Eeeee," Edie squawked. "Yes, yes... eat my pussy, eat meeeee!"

Jack gave his painfully swollen cock a little pumping. He fought the mounting temptation to race out into the clearing, throw Ken off Edie, and ram his rigid meat up her juicy little fuckhole. He had a feeling it would all work out if he was patient. Ken couldn't fuck her all day, and when he was finished, Jack might get a chance at her.

He saw Ken stiffen his tongue and ram it into Edie's small cunt-mouth. "AHHHH!" she wailed. "My God, yes, Ken, stick your tongue up my cunt! Fuck me with it -- FUCK!"

Ken's head began to bob furiously as he worked his thick rigid tongue in her creamy little twat. Edie's eyes rolled crazily, and she arched her pussy up to meet his mouth. She clawed the grass and whimpered shrilly as she took the delicious rough thrusts of his fucking tongue. Her enormous tits, were swollen with arousal, the big red nipples stiff and pointed.

"Fuck me with it, fuck me with your tongue!" she cried hoarsely. "Oh, shit, it's so GOOD!"

She was shamelessly horny today, wailing her pleasure as Ken tongue-fucked her gushing hot cunt. It began to dawn on Jack that she hadn't actually dumped him -- she'd just happened to run into Ken first. He was willing to bet she'd fuck any boy who asked. He grinned wickedly. Sure, that had to be the answer, the hot-pants headmistress had simply fucked the first hard cock she found.

Well, Ken might be first, but Jack was determined to be second. Still watching Ken tongue-fucking her hot little pussy, he began to remove his clothes. He wanted to be ready to cram his dick into her the moment Ken was finished fucking her. Naked, he waited with his aching hard-on. Edie was gasping and wailing now, about to come again.

"Stuff that big tongue up my cunt!" she screeched. "Give it to me, give it to me... oh, shit... OHHH!"

Her body began to rock violently. Ken seized her churning ass and held himself in place, jabbing his thick tongue furiously in her convulsing pussy. Once more Edie's legs went high in the air as the delicious orgasm overpowered her. When she was still again, Ken came up for a breather, wiping her sticky juice from his chin and cheeks.

"Fantastic, darling," Edie sighed. "You really got me off."

Ken grinned proudly. "Can we fuck now, Edie?" he pleaded.

Edie had just come twice from his pussy-eating but her lusty little pussy was as horny as ever. Her whole swollen gash ached for more delicious release. She rubbed her steamy crotch and found it soaked, pouting, and fiery-hot. Would she ever get enough? Maybe not, but it sure as hell was fun trying. She grinned up at Ken.

"Yes, dear, we can fuck," she said. "Would you like to try another way of doing it?"

"Sure," Ken said. Actually he didn't care what position they fucked in, just as long as he got his rocks off. His taut young cock felt ready to explode.

"Lie down on your back," Edie instructed. "I'll be on top."

Ken obeyed. His pale, bloated dick stuck straight up in the air, weeping big gleaming globs of juice. Edie crouched over him and squatted, bringing the oozing mouth of her cunt down to touch the knobby red head of his cock. She slammed her pussy down hard and impaled her twat on the rock-hard column of his dick, taking the stiff meat clear to her womb.

"Ooooo," Edie wailed. "Your big cock's in me, Ken. Now fuck me with it -- FUCK!"

Ken hardly had to be urged. He went at her, like a jackhammer, furiously ramming his swollen prick up and down in her flaming-hot, gripping box. Edie rode him, her face twisted in a horny grimace, her big tits wobbling crazily, her ripe body lurching with each savage lunge of his prick. He fucked into her hard, with lightning speed and brutal force -- just the way she loved it.

"Oh, Christ, yes, fuck it to meeeee!" she wailed. Jack watched, quivering with horny need. His poor swollen prick had begun to leak, a steady stream of hot, sticky juice. He watched Edie being violently fucked by the red-haired kid, and he would have given his right arm to be in Ken's place. But he told himself to be patient. He was almost certain he could have a turn with the lovely headmistress, once Ken had fucked himself out.

He could see Ken's thick, pale cock slamming up and down between the pouting red lips of Edie's cunt. The kid wasn't holding back. He was grunting and sweating, cramming that steel-hard cock as deep as he could in her juice-streaming twat. But of course that was the way she liked it -- Jack remembered all too well. He gave his aching prick another pumping just for comfort.

"Fuck, fuck," Edith babbled. "Fuck me with that great big cock. Harder. HARDER!"

Ken already felt like his dick must be coming out of her throat, he was fucking into her so deep and hard. But he slammed his rigid cock into her even harder, battering her slick womb with his knobby, bloated cock-head. Edie responded with a howl of bliss, and her squeezing cunt drenched his meat with scorching-hot cream.

"Ohhhh, shit, fuck," she chanted, crazy with horny pleasure. "Fuck my cunt, FUCK!"

Jack's cock gave a horny lurch in his pumping fist and gushed more hot, sticky cream. He was getting so hotly turned on, he could hardly keep from moaning. He saw Edie's long red hair flying, her huge, heavy tits bouncing, as she blissfully took the savage deep lunges of Ken's cock. If only she were fucking him, not Ken!

"Goddamn it, you bastard, hurry up," Jack muttered under his breath.

Ken was a pretty damned good fucker, he had to admit. The red-haired kid was panting and grunting, his forehead shining with sweat, but he managed to hold off his own orgasm as he gave Edie the furious hard fucking she demanded. He jerked his pale prick harder and harder into her dripping tight cunt-mouth.

"Shit, yes," Edie groaned, "fuck me silly. Oh, Christ, I need it. More, just a little more. Ohhhh, fuck, yes -- I'M COMING!"

Her body arched back and began to shudder. Her teeth flashed, and her eyes rolled back, in her head. She gave a piercing wail that Jack was sure could be heard all the way back at the school. He saw her thick white pussy-cream gushing down the stalk of Ken's cock. She came violently, rocking and screeching.

Ken watched her. Wide-eyed with fascination. He was always impressed with the violence of his pretty teacher's orgasms. Her convulsing cunt gripped and squeezed his deeply buried prick, catching him off guard.

"Awww," Ken bawled, "I'm coming!"

That was Jack's cue to enter. Unable to contain himself a second longer, he rushed naked from the bushes, his painfully swollen cock wagging stiffly. Edie and Ken, coming down from their dizzying orgasms, gawked at him speechlessly. He ran right up to them, panting with horniness.

"Please, Edie," Jack gasped, "let me fuck you, too. I just gotta. I'm dying."

Edie broke into a wicked grin. "Why, Jack," she said, "what are you doing here? And why don't you have any clothes on?"

Jack struggled to be patient. "I followed you," he said. "Wanted to see you. Watched while Ken fucked you. Aw, please, Edie, just let me have a turn. My dick's about to explode."

Edie eyed his rigid drooling young cock. It was stiff as a board and painfully swollen. She felt Ken's cock going limp inside her, but she was still ragingly horny. Hell, why not take advantage of the situation? Maybe she should punish Jack for spying, but it would be a lot more fun to fuck him instead.

"You want me to fight him?" Ken said belligerently.

"No, dear," Edie purred, "I'm sure we can all be friends."

She stood, and Ken's exhausted cock slipped out of her, splatting wetly on his thigh. She walked over to Jack and teasingly petted his red-hot throbbing prick. Jack moaned and shivered, and his bloated red cock-head wept a big blob of juice. Just her feathery teasing touch made him want to shoot his in all over the place.

"Please, Edie," he said, gritting his teeth. "If I don't fuck you, I'm gonna croak."

"Well, then I'd better take care of you right away," she said huskily. "Ummmm, what a gorgeous hard-on."

Grinning fiendishly, she dropped to her hands and knees, poking her round little ass up in the air. She'd hardly done so before Jack moaned and fell to his knees behind her, seizing her hips with hot sweaty hands. He rammed his bloated dick into the wet little mouth of her cunt, slamming it clear to her womb in one savage lunge. "Uhhh!" Edie gasped.

"Awwww, Christ, YEAH!" Jack whined.

At last his cock was where it be longed, in the juicy, fiery-hot pulp of her cunt. The blond kid began fucking her like an animal, too aroused to hold himself in check. His belly smacked loudly against her ass, and his balls noisily spanked the tops of her thighs. His swollen meat reamed the cream right out of her, and it splattered on his nuts and bush.

"Hey," Ken said dazedly.

It had all happened so fast, he was just now comprehending. The blond kid, Jack, had come racing out of the woods naked, with a hard-on, and the next thing Ken knew, Edie was fucking Jack instead of him. He knew the headmistress was lusty, but he hadn't dreamed she was this horny.

He watched dizzily as Jack fucked into Edie's splattering cunt-mouth, ramming his thick, pale dick again and again between her pouting red pussy-lips. Edie, kneeling, had her ass stuck up in the air and was clawing the grass in ecstasy as she took the savage fucking. Jack, grinning crazily, panted and grunted as he fucked her into a howling frenzy of pleasure.

"Ohhhh, shit, fuck it to me!" Edie cried. "Fuck that big cock into me! Jesus, Jack, FUCK ME!"

Ken felt a twinge of jealousy. He'd thought he was the only one to fuck the beautiful head mistress. But what good would it do to complain? It was clear now that Edie would fuck every good hard cock offered to her. If be wanted to get his turn, he'd just have to play along. It didn't really matter, be decided, as long as he still got to fuck her.

"Fuck me, fuck me with that great big cock!" Edie howled. "Fuck the shit out of me, Jack."

"You bet I will, teacher," Jack panted.

Her cunt seemed hotter and juicier than ever, and her powerful cuntal walls gripped and tugged at his meat as he fucked deep into her. It was hard to keep from coming, but he wanted more and more that that steaming pulpy sheath around his swollen dick. He gave it to her even harder, and she screamed with pleasure, her scorching cunt-cream drenching his ramming cock.

"Oh, shit, fuck it to me HARD!" she wailed. "More, more... that's it, Jack... I'm going to come. Oh, Jesus, yes, NOW!"

He wished he could have gone on fucking her all day, but he was too horny to hold out. As her convulsing cunt squeezed and milked his prick, he moaned and began to come. His molten-hot jism flooded into her cunt and streamed down her thighs.

"Awwww," Jack bawled.

Edie didn't feel a bit ashamed of having fucked both boys. In fact the experience gave her a wicked and fascinating idea.

Chapter SEVEN

Friday was Harold's day for bird watching, and Edie could hardly wait till he left the apartment. She knew he'd be gone for at least three hours, which would give her plenty of time for the special party she had planned.

At last he was gone. Edie put on the same sexy outfit she'd used to seduce Jack, black lace bra and panties, and the filmy see-through black negligee. Her guests arrived promptly at two o'clock. Ken and Jack had followed her instructions to bring along a trustworthy friend, and they'd chosen Mike, a lean, handsome, brown-haired boy.

"Hello, boys," Edie said, flashing them a big smile. "Come on in."

Mike followed the others into the apartment and then stood there gawking at Edie. He was used to seeing the pretty headmistress in prim dresses, not in a sheer negligee. He could see right through it to her bra and panties and the generous curves of her mature body. The boy shook his head in disbelief. He still couldn't believe what Jack and Ken had told him.

"Come on, you guys," he grinned, "the joke's over."

"What joke?" Edie said.

Jack laughed and said, "Aw, Mike didn't believe us when we told him why you wanted us to come here."

"I still don't believe it," Mike said. "I mean, Jesus, Mrs. Burns, they claimed they were actually fucking -- I mean..." He stopped and blushed.

Edie grinned wickedly. "Everything they told you was the truth, Mike," she said. "I've fucked Jack and Ken, and I thought it would be nice to have another boy join the fun."

Mike's mouth fell open. "Aw, come on," he said.

"Maybe this will convince you."

She untied the belt of her negligee and let the filmy garment fall open. She shrugged it off her shoulders, and it floated to the floor. She stood there in just her bra and panties, brazenly thrusting her big ripe tits toward the astounded Mike. Then she reached around and unhooked her bra and drew it off.

"Holy shit," Mike breathed.

Jack and Ken stood behind him grinning fiendishly. They knew their friend's mind was boggled by the seductive show Edie was putting on. Mike's eyes grew huge as he focused on her huge jutting tits. Edie smiled and walked toward him till her cone-shaped red nipples were almost touching his chest.

"Would you like to touch my tits, Mike?" she said huskily.

"Jesus, yes," Mike croaked.

"Then don't just stand there, man, do it," Ken snickered.

"Yeah, she likes it," Jack put in.

Still hardly believing it was happening, Mike reached out with trembling sweaty hands and touched the headmistress' enormous melon-shaped tits. They over flowed his hands, and they were heavy, hot and throbbing. Mike moaned and began to squeeze the silky flesh. He kept waiting for Edie to get mad, but she just grinned at him.

"Ummmmm, that feels nice, Mike," she said. "Did you ever play with a girl's tits before?"

"Naw," Mike said gloomily, "I never did anything with a chick before."

Edie felt a quiver of wicked lust. Yet another virgin! She inched closer, thrusting her big hot tits into the boy's eager hands. Mike molded and squeezed the ripe, pale melons, he ran his thumbs over her big red nipples, and the soft cones began to throb and stiffen. Soon they were pointed and rigid.

"Jesus," Mike sighed, "I didn't know tits could be this big."

It really was happening -- he was actually playing with the headmistress' big jugs, and she just stood there and smiled. It blew Mike's mind. He felt his balls tingling and filling with hot jizm. His cock began to go hard and throbbing in his jeans. He prayed that the rest of Ken and Jack's story was true. They'd said that Mrs. Burns loved to fuck, and that she'd fuck Mike for sure if he came along with them to her apartment.

"Girls like to have their tits licked and sucked, too, Mike," Edie said.

Mike took the hint. He went down on his knees before her and began licking the firm pointed cones of her nipples. The flesh was satiny, hot and throbbing. He licked till her rosy nipples gleamed with his spit. Then he opened his mouth wide and sucked in one of the rigid red cones.

"Ummmmm," Edie sighed. "That feels very good, Mike. Yes, suck my tit."

Mike enjoyed what he was doing. He liked the sensation of sucking hard and fast on that big red nipple. He tugged at it like a hungry puppy. Ken and Jack stood close by, grinning and poking each other, delighted with Edie's way of introducing Mike to their fun, Mike sucked greedily on her tit, making a wet slurping noise.

"Ummmm, yes, very nice," Edie sighed. "Now the other one, darling."

Mike released one spit-soaked pointed tit and gulped the other one. He sucked noisily, and Edie's pretty face began to flush with arousal. Three hard young cocks just for her! She could hardly wait. She saw that the fly of Mike's jeans was sharply tented. Glancing at Ken and Jack, she saw that their crotches were bulging, too.

"That's enough for now, Mike," she said, impatient to get on with the fucking. "Now you can take off my panties."

Mike wandered if he'd heard right. He let her juicy red nipple slip from his mouth and gingerly seized the waistband of her black lace bikini panties. She didn't say to stop. He began tugging the garment down. He saw some coppery pussy curls popping into view. His stiff young cock gave a horny lurch in his jeans. He was actually going to see a pussy for the very first time.

Mike inched Edie's panties down over her large, thick red bush, over the firm rounds of her ass. The panties slithered down her legs, and she stepped out of them. Mike laid a trembling hand on the thick fur of her bush. The flame-red curls were springy and warm. The lush spread of fur covered the whole lower half of her belly.

"Would you like to see my pussy, Mike?" Edie said. Her voice was throaty and inviting.

"I sure would, Mrs. Burns," Mike sighed.

"Call me Edie," she purred. "Here, it'll be easier if I sit in this chair."

She walked over to an armchair, sat down, and flung her legs up over the padded arms. Her crotch was wantonly exposed. Mike hurried over and dropped to his knees, his eyes huge. He was just a foot from a real-live pussy. Ken and Jack came and sat on the rug close by, grinning as they watched their friend's astonishment.

"Go ahead, dear," Edie cooed, "look and touch."

At first Mike just looked. The small wrinkled mouth of her asshole was just like his, but everything else was so different. He saw the pouting red lips of her twat and, between them, a little shadowed hole. That had to be her cunt, the place where a guy would put his cock. Mike's stiff prick began to leak hot sticky juice.

Edie parted the thick-furred lips of her bush and displayed a pea-size button of red flesh. "What's that thing?" Mike asked.

"That's her clit," Jack said, proud of his superior knowledge. "Girls really like to be touched there."

"Yeah," Ken said, "put your finger on it and rub. It'll really get her off."

Mike figured they were putting him on, but he decided to give it a try. He pressed his fingertip against the scarlet button. It was scalding-hot, moist, and slick. He began to rub, and Edie gave a hoarse little moan. He rubbed her clit some more, and thick white cream steamed out of her little cunt-mouth.

"Ohhhh, that's nice, Mike," Edie cried. "Yes, rub my clit."

Mike broke into a grin. He rubbed faster, harder, on her hot throbbing joy button, and again she moaned and creamed. Ken and Jack hadn't been kidding. She really did love to have her clit frigged. Soon his finger was soaked with her hot, syrupy twat-juice. She moaned and panted, her face flushed with horny arousal.

"Ohhhhh, that's so good," she moaned. "Put a finger up my cunt, too, Mike. Fuck me with it."

Mike was astonished at the headmistress' language, but he didn't hesitate to do as she asked. Like Ken and Jack, he'd have jumped through hoops if it meant a chance to fuck her. Still rubbing her steamy wet clit, he moved his free hand to the scalding flesh of her pussy. He pushed his stiff middle finger up her cunt. The tight hole was red hot, slick, and full of thick cream, he pushed his finger in as far as he could.

"Oooooo," Edie squealed. "Jesus, yes. Now move your finger, Mike, play with my cunt."

Mike began jerking his finger up and down in the gushing hot hole of her cunt. He kept frigging her pulsing hot clit. Edie's head slumped against the back of the chair, and her eyes rolled. A lusty grin stretched her red-glossed mouth. Mike felt her scalding pussy-juice all over his pumping fingers.

"Ooooo, shit, yes," Edie groaned, "finger-fuck me, baby, do it hard, make me come."

Mike pumped and rubbed harder, faster. Her small red clit began to swell like a tiny hard-on. Her cunt gripped and tugged at his finger. Edie moaned steadily, hoarsely. Her twat seemed to get tighter and tighter around his fucking finger. He glanced at his buddies, and they grinned and nodded, letting him know he was on the right track.

"Finger-fuck meeee," Edie whined.

Mike kept his fingers busy in her cunt and on her clit, but again he could hardly believe what he was doing. The beautiful red-haired headmistress sat before him, legs obscenely spread, naked and moaning with pleasure as he frigged her cunt and clit. It was better than any horny teenage fantasy he'd ever had. Suddenly Edie's body arched and stiffened, then shuddered violently.

"Shit, yes, I'M COMING!" she wailed.

Her cunt convulsed powerfully around his deeply thrust finger, locking it there. She wailed and writhed, while the mind-boggled kid frigged her clit and finger-fucked her cunt. By the time her dizzying orgasm was over, both his hands were drenched with her gushing come.

"Ohhhh, that was terrific," Edie sighed.

It had been a body-ripping climax, but she wasn't surprised to find herself still ragingly horny. One climax was never enough to relieve her long pent-up lust. Well, that was no problem. She had three panting, eager boys ready to fuck her as much as she wanted. She grinned at Mike.

"Would you like to fuck me, Mike?" she said.

His mouth dropped open, and it was a moment before he could answer. "Jesus, yes," he said breathlessly. "Could I, Edie? Could I really fuck you?"

"Go right ahead, dear," she purred.

Still dazed and unbelieving, Mike dropped his pants. He wasn't wearing shorts. Edie was delighted to see his handsome young cock standing up stiff and swollen. It was a thick six-incher, pale and laced with blue veins, the head knobby and dark red. Like Ken and Jack, he had no hair on his balls yet. The rosy balls were round and taut, swollen with jism.

When Mike just knelt there gawking at Edie's wet red pussy, Ken said, "Go ahead, man, stick it in her."

"Yeah, fuck her, man," Jack urged.

"Don't be shy, dear," Edie added. "I'm just dying to feel that nice big cock in my pussy."

That did it. Mike gave a horny groan and shoved his achingly stiff prick up her cunt. He was too excited to be gentle, and he rammed his rock-hard meat all the way to her womb. His swollen balls slammed against her soaked hot slit. Edie gasped as she felt her cunt deliciously reamed and stuffed with rigid cock.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned, "yes, yes, Mike, your cock feels so good in me. Fuck me with it, fuck me hard!"

"Holy shit," Mike sighed.

Again it was like a fantasy. His swollen meat was thrust deep in the pulpy hot sheath of her cunt, and it felt terrific. The gorgeous headmistress was actually begging him to fuck her, telling him how great his cock felt in her cunt. Well, even if it was only a dream, he was going to enjoy it. He snorted with lust and began to jab his cock hard and fast in her cunt. Edie wailed her pleasure, and her gripping pussy drenched his dick with hot cream.

"Oooooo, yes, fuck me!" she squealed.

Mike rammed his bloated, hard cock furiously in her scorching-hot, slick twat. Ken and Jack moved in closer to watch. They grinned as they saw Mike's pale wet cock slamming in and out between the pouting red lips of Edie's cunt. Soon his prick was dripping with her hot juice. His taut balls slapped noisily against her swollen gash.

"That's it, man, really give it to her," Ken said approvingly.

"Fuck the shit out of her," Jack panted. "She likes it hard."

Encouraged by his buddies' approval, Mike let out all stops and fucked into her juicy tight cunt as fast and hard as he could. It was only his first fuck, but his horny teenage instincts drove him to ram his rigid cock deep and fast and hard in her sucking, gripping pussy. Edie obviously didn't mind. Her face was twisted in a horny grimace.

"Good, Mike," she gasped, "really good. That's it, fuck me hard, fuck me silly. Oh, Jesus!"

You couldn't get much more encouragement than that. Mike grinned and fucked away like a pile driver. Edie was in total ecstasy, taking the repeated savage thrusts of his horny cock, feeling her famished cant stuffed again and again. She felt herself winding up for a powerful climax. She arched her body up, shoving her pussy hard against his hammering cock.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she whined. "Oh, shit, make me come. Yes, NOW!"

Mike saw her ripe, mature body starting to quake and shudder, just like it did when he frigged her. Her cunt closed hard around his deep-thrust prick and seemed to pump the jizz right out of him. He felt his balls spasm, and then sizzling-hot come was flooding out of his cock and splattering her womb.

"Awwwwww, slit," Mike bawled.

Ken and Jack gave him a round of applause for losing his cherry. When his cock was limp and empty, Mike rose dizzily. "Jesus," he sighed, "fucking is even more fun than I thought."

They all laughed, and then Jack said, "Can I fuck you now, Edie?"

"Hey, wait," Ken said, "who says it's your turn?"

"Better flip for it," Mike suggested. He didn't want this fantastic party spoiled by an argument.

They flipped, and Jack won. The eager blond kid quickly skinned out of his clothes. His six-inch prick, hugged his belly tightly, the swollen rosy head drooling big bubbles of cream. Edie saw it and licked her lips. She rose from the chair, turned around, and rested her arms an the chair seat. Her beautiful round ass was thrust high in the air.

"Teacher wants to do it doggy-style," Jack teased.

"Don't be a smart-ass," Edie chuckled. "Just stick that big cock in me and fuck me silly."

Jack exchanged grins with his buddies, then seized Edie's hips and pointed the dripping hard head of his cock at the wet little mouth of her cunt. He took a deep breath and rammed his meat into her with savage force. There was a loud splat as his thick cock reamed into her juicy cunt and forced out thick hot cream.

"Take my meat, teacher," Jack moaned. "I'm gonna fuck you crazy!"

He meant it, too. He'd let Mike go first because he was a guest, but he'd gotten horny as hell watching him fuck Edie. His young prick was swollen to bursting, his balls about to explode with their hot load. Whining with pleasure, he jerked his dick hard, fast and deep in Edie's snug, sizzling-hot pussy.

Edie grinned blissfully. She couldn't have imagined a more perfect day -- nothing to do but take one steel-hard savagely pounding cock after another. If she ever got fucked out, this would be the day. She clawed the chair seat as Jack gasped, humped, and reamed her gripping wet fuck-hole.

"I love it," she moaned. "Your big cock feels so good in me, Jack. Keep fucking meeeee."

Ken and Mike were standing very close, on either side of the humping couple, watching with lusty excitement as Jack's pale, gleaming cock ripped in and out of Edie's gushing pussy. She didn't mind their leering presence. It made her wickedly excited to have an audience. She stifled a giggle as she imagined what Harold would do if he walked in right now. The poor guy would have a heart attack.

"Fuck it to me, Jack!" she cried hoarsely. "Fuck that big dick in my pussy!"

"I'll fuck you all you want, teacher," the blond kid, panted.

Her cunt seemed to get more hot and tight and wet by the second. It felt terrific to slam his bloated prick into that sizzling pulp. His belly smacked her upturned ass, his balls splatted against her thighs. He wanted to fuck her for hours, but he was getting so damned horny he couldn't stand it.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Edie babbled. "Get me off with that big ol' cock."

Jack sensed he was going to come any second and he didn't want to leave her high and dry. Crouching close against her, working his swollen cock furiously in her scorching fuck-hole, be reached around and felt in the thick fur of her bush till he found the hot hard lump of her clit. He grabbed the little button between his fingers and started frigging her.

"Eeee!" Edie screeched. "Shit, yes, I'm coming! EEEE!"

Her clit was a magic button, triggering her into a body-shaking climax. As Jack frigged and fucked her, her belly exploded with pleasure. She screamed and clawed the chair, and her cunt tightened powerfully around his prick. Jack didn't hold back a second longer. He groaned and flooded her pussy with molten come.

"Awwwww, fuck, shit, YEAH!" he yelped.

Ken and Mike watched the thick cream come boiling out around the thick base of Jack's prick. Hot juice splattered on his belly and balls, ran down Edie's thighs. The groaning couple humped frantically together till his prick slipped from her steamy box, limp and dripping. Jack staggered back from her.

"Ummmm, beautiful, Jack," Edie sighed. "Your turn now, Ken."

She'd had one violent orgasm after another, but still her starved cunt ached for more. She wondered if three hours of steady fucking would be enough. She turned and watched Ken hurrying out of his clothes. His prick was nice and stiff, springing rigidly from his carrot-red bush.

"Let me be on top, okay?" Edie panted. She liked to fuck a different way each time. For so many years with Harold there'd been no novelty in their fucking.

"Sure, Edie," Ken said.

He didn't care how they did it, just as long as he got his painfully bloated cock into her scorching fuck-hole. He lay down on his back on the soft rug, and his cock stood up stiff as a board. Big globs of juice bubbled from his prick-head, and ran down the pale white shaft of his cock. Edie straddled him and squatted, her huge wobbling tits grazing his chest. He felt the soaked red-hot mouth of her cunt closing around his drooling cock-head.

"Stick it in me," she panted. "Stick that big ol' cock up my cunt."

"You got it," Ken leered.

The unbearably horny teenager rammed his prick upward with all his might. Edie felt the thick steel-hard meat stuffing and bruising her tight little box, plunging to her womb. It was the pain-pleasure she craved, the delicious roughness. No gentle fucking could satisfy the raging lust in her long-starved twat.

"Ahhhhhh," she wailed. "Yes, yes, fuck into me HARD!"

Grinning like a maniac, Ken began to slam his stiff cock up and down in her gushing little fuckhole. He knew he didn't have to worry about hurting her. The headmistress liked her fucking hard, the harder the better. She swayed over him, huge tits wobbling and bouncing, her eyes rolling in bliss.

"That's it, Ken," she howled. "Fuck the living shit out of me. Oh, fuck, YES!"

Mike and Jack sat close to the action. Jack was grinning knowingly, but Mike was gawking in wonder. He still found it hard to believe that the dignified headmistress could be doing this, fucking one student after another and wailing her pleasure. She seemed totally shameless and incredibly horny. Boy, the shit would really hit the fan if Mr. Burns walked in right now. But Mike supposed Edie had taken precautions about that.

She knelt over Ken, thighs, head thrown back in ecstasy. Jack and Mike could watch Ken's soaked pale dick pumping furiously between the swollen red lips of her cunt. Hot thick cream streamed out of her twat in a steady river, soaking her thighs and Ken's bush and balls. His thick hard cock made a lewd slurping noise as it reamed her pussy.

"Great, fantastic," Edie moaned. "You're fucking me so good, Ken. Yes, keep fucking me HARD!"

Ken didn't think he could have fucked her much harder. He was panting and sweating like a horse as he ripped his steely prick into her again and again. With each brutal thrust he rammed her womb. He dug being on the bottom, because he could watch her blissed-out face and huge wobbling tits.

"Fuck it to me," Edie groaned, "fuck, FUCK! Oh, shit, I'm coming... yes, NOW!"

Her lush ripe body went into violent spasms, her huge tits wobbling furiously. Ken fucked into her hard and fast to make her climax even better. Her cunt gripped at his slamming dick and drenched it with steaming come. He felt his balls convulse, felt hot jism streaking up his cock and sizzling out into her molten pussy.

"Take my come, teacher!" he gasped.

When his cock finally went limp and slipped out of her soaked cunt, Edie got off him and sighed blissfully. As she stood up torrents of steamy come-juice gushed down her legs. Her pussy was overflowing with the boys' jism and her own molten cream.

"Woops, I better go clean up a little," she said. "Be right back. Don't you bays go away, now."

"We won't," they chorused earnestly.

"You sure as hell better be back," Mike added with a grin. "I got another hard-on!"

He certainly did. Edie cast a hungry glance at his gorgeous swollen prick before heading for the bathroom. As she washed away the dripping come, she realized that these perpetually horny teenage boys would go on getting hard-ons one after another, all afternoon. She wondered how she could bring some novelty into their party -- and a naughty idea came to her. It was pretty kinky, but why not try it?

When she returned to the living room, she said, "Boys, I just thought of a new game we can play. It's a way for everybody to have fun at once."

The boys were eager to hear about it, but Edie decided to spin out the suspense and then surprise them. She told Mike to lie down on his back and he quickly obeyed. Then she sat down on his rigid drooling cock, letting it glide deliciously to her womb. Stuffed with thick, throbbing cock-meat, she sighed blissfully and wriggled her slick pussy around the steely spear of his dick.

"Now start fucking me, Mike," she said.

"AS if you had to ask," Mike sighed ecstatically. He began to jerk his prick in the molten hot pulp of her cunt. Ken and Jack hovered close, not understanding Edie's new game yet. Edie grinned lustily, know that this time she'd be taking not just one cock, but three. She glanced at Ken and Jack and saw that they both had stiff cocks again. Perfect.

"Jack," she panted, "get behind us and stick your cock in my asshole."

"What?" Jack squeaked. Then he broke into a huge grin. "Oh, I get it," he said. "Far out!"

Edie quivered with lusty anticipation. Jack knelt behind her and pressed the oozing head of his prick against the little wrinkled mouth of her ass. He grunted and shoved, and Edie felt her tight, slick asshole being slowly stuffed to bursting with thick throbbing cock. It felt fantastically good.

"Ooooooo, shit, YES!" she squealed. "Put that big cock up my ass. Feels terrific!"

"Christ, it's tight," Jack panted. "Fantastic!"

He managed to cram all of his thick hard-on in the super-tight steamy hole. Edie felt, almost bursting with cock as Jack's thick meat glided into place beside Mike's pumping prick, separated from it by just a thin wall of flesh. Two cocks, were definitely better than one! She gurgled lustily and gushed syrupy cunt-cream over the boy's cocks. Jack adjusted his rhythm to Mike's, both steely pricks ramming into her at once.

"Ohhhh, Jesus, wonderful," Edie groaned. "Fuck me, both of you, fuck me with those big cocks."

"Hey, what about me?" Ken whined. He was the only one left out of the action.

"There's a place for you, too, dear," Edie said. "Come here and I'll suck your cock."

"Fantastic," Ken grinned.

He hurried over and straddled Mike, standing with his rigid pale prick an inch from Edie's mouth. She opened her lips, and Ken slipped his pulsing meat onto her hot wet tongue. She closed her mouth, trapping his dick in steam and wetness. As she started to suck loudly and hungrily on his cock, Ken moaned.

"Awwwww, Jesus, yeah, suck my dick!" he cried. "Suck it real hard, teacher."

That was just what Edie had in mind. She was starved for the taste of boy-come, and she mouthed his prick greedily, making obscene wet slurping noises. She drew the kid's prick right into her throat. His hot swollen balls, rubbed her chin. Delicious prick-cream dribbled into her mouth, and she swallowed it eagerly.

Now her wicked fantasy was complete. She was taking all the cock she could get. Three gorgeous young dicks were jerking in her mouth, cunt and asshole. Blissed-out, she sucked furiously on Ken's creaming cock and jerked her twat and bumhole lustily up and down on Mike and Jack's slamming pricks.

"Ummmm," she moaned, "MMMMMM."

"Aw, Christ, suck meee," Ken whined.

"Jesus, her cunt's so Goddamn fuckin' HOT!" Mike gasped.

"And her asshole's so friggin' tight!" Jack panted. "Jesus, Edie, what a terrific idea!"

It was so terrific, so absorbing, in fact, that none of them noticed they had an audience.

Chapter EIGHT

Harold had gone bird watching, all right, but he hadn't told Edie just what kind of bird he was looking for. He was interested in only one species, American chick, and he found her naked and splashing in the pond, just like the first day he'd met her. Ruthie had hey usual effect on him. As soon as he'd finished fucking her, he was horny again.

So it happened that Harold came rushing up the stairs to his apartment, thinking about his wife's red-hot pussy, and blundered into the living room to find her getting it on with three of their students. They didn't see Harold. Edie had her eyes screwed shut in ecstasy, while the boys fucked her mouth, cunt and asshole.

Harold stood there dumbfounded. He couldn't imagine Edie doing such a thing, but there was the evidence right before his eyes. His first thought was, I'll kill the bitch. How dare she cheat on him? How dare she seduce their young students and endanger the school's reputation? But then Harold recalled that he hadn't exactly been faithful himself.

A smile grew on his lips. He'd just have to forgive Edie, because he, too, had found an exciting young lover to provide the novelty their marriage lacked. And he had to admit that Edie's solution was pretty inventive. Not content with one young stud, she was taking on three at once! Harold began to feel lusty excitement as he watched Edie and the frantically humping boys.

Still unnoticed, he slipped behind the drapes and peeked out through a small crack. He wasn't in any hurry to reveal his presence. It would be fun to watch for a while. His cock was hard as a rock, but he could wait. After all, he'd just had a fantastic fuck with Ruthie. Still watching Edie and the boys, he let his mind drift back to earlier in the afternoon.

Ruthie was at the pond, their usual meeting place, skinny-dipping and singing to herself. She grinned at Harold when he walked into the clearing. As Harold stripped, the dark-haired farm girl watched with unabashed interest. He waded into the water, and Ruthie's eyes were focused on his wrinkled, hairy nut sac and limp, dangling cock.

"How come you ain't got a hard-on for me, Harold?" she asked, pretending to pout.

"I thought I'd wait and let you give me one," he said, reaching out to cup her perfectly round, firm little tits.

"Ummmm, sure," Ruthie sighed, "but let's play a little first. I sure like it when you fool with my tits."

Harold grinned and began to mold and squeeze the orange-sized globes of Ruthie's tits. The creamy rounds were silk-skinned, hot and throbbing. Her dark red nipples were soft, but soon, under his rubbing thumbs, they grew stiff and pointed. Harold knew her nipples were very sensitive when stiff, and he leaned down and lashed them with his moist, hot tongue.

"Oooo, that feels nice," Ruthie squealed. "Yeah, Harold, lick my tits."

Harold dropped to his knees in the warm shallow water and gave her taut, pointed nipples a thorough, rough tongue-lashing. By the time he finished, the girl's eyes were glassy with lust. But he wasn't through with her luscious little tits yet. He caught one hard throbbing nipple between his lips and began to suck noisily on it.

"Eeee!" Ruthie cried. "Fantastic... love it!"

Harold sucked and tugged at the dark red nipple, then the other, till Ruthie's lovely round tits were swollen and almost painfully throbbing. Looking down past her wet little brown bush, he could see the pond water being stained with her gushing pussy-cream. He'd never seen a young girl so easily aroused, so eager to fuck.

"Let's go up on the bank," he said. "We'll see if you can get my cock hard."

"Are you kidding?" Ruthie giggled. "I'll have you hard as a rock in no time!"

Harold didn't doubt it. The young farm girl turned him on like crazy. He wasn't just sure what Ruthie saw in him, but he suspected that he gave her a better and more experienced fuck than her young boyfriends. It sure was hell couldn't have been his looks. But Ruthie didn't mind that he was fifty, skinny and balding. All she cared about was his cock.

They lay down on the blanket Ruthie had brought. Harold stretched out on his back and folded his arms under his head, confident that the pretty teenager would get his cock hard. Licking her lips, Ruthie knelt beside him and dipped her face down, fanning his pale, limp prick with her hot moist breath. Her wet, pink tongue shot out. "Ahhhhh, yes," Harold sighed.

That hot juicy tongue felt so damned good on that sensitive head of his dick. Ruthie just loved eating cock, and she took her time about it, lapping and lashing her way up and down his pale doughy meat. She teased his flaccid prick, making it flop and bounce, attacking it furiously with her slick little tongue.

When his whole cock was gleaming with her spit, Ruthie seized the soft red head of his prick between her lips and slowly sucked his whole cock into her mouth. Harold moaned blissfully. Her little mouth was fiery-hot and boiling with juice. She drew in her cheeks and raised her tongue, sheathing his meat in slick silky flesh. She began to suck loudly, greedily on his prick.

"Jesus, yes," Harold gasped, "suck my cock."

Ruthie drew the elastic meat out to its full length, taking the plum-red head right into her throat. Her sucking was obscenely loud, wet and slurping. While her satiny throat muscles massaged his cockhead, her juicy mouth sucked and bathed the shaft of his prick. With his cock encased in slick flesh and steamy beat, Harold grew rapidly aroused.

"Suck my dick," he panted. "EAT IT!"

Ruthie mouth-fucked his cock, her head bobbing up and down furiously, her dark hair flying. Her round little tits wobbled like crazy as she blew him. Harold's eyes were glazed with horny pleasure behind his rimless glasses. He'd been incredibly lucky to meet this tight-cunted little teenage girl who loved to fuck.

"Christ, Ruthie, that's good," he whined. "Shit, yes, suck my cock -- SUCK!"

Her mouth and throat seemed to grow more tight and hot and wet by the second. Harold felt his balls buzzing with arousal, filling and swelling with hot jizm. His cock gave a lusty twitch and began to grow. It got thick and hard and long, swelling in Ruthie's throat and stretching her small lips almost to bursting.

"There," Harold sighed, "I'm good and hard. We can fuck now."

Ruthie raised her head and let his stiffened cock snap from her mouth. It pointed straight up, wagging lewdly and glistening with her spit. She had an impish grin on her face.

"Don't be in such an all-fired hurry, honey," she said. "I ain't done going down on you yet. You know how I dig eating you."

Her dark head dipped down again, but this dine she ignored his rigid pale prick. He felt her steamy breath fanning his nut sac, and then she was licking the swollen, hairy bag, her tongue playing deliciously on the rosy hot flesh. Harold gasped and moaned. Ruthie's slick, pointed tongue snaked into the steamy space between balls and thigh. She tongue-lashed his nuts till they were soaked.

"Wonderful, baby," Harold sighed, "but if you want to fuck now, we can -- AHHHH!"

The naughty little girl took him totally by surprise when she suddenly sucked his bloated nut sac right into her mouth. She must have been saving up that trick. Harold's eyes went wide as he felt his sensitive balls encased in the steam and juice of her mouth. She started sucking noisily on his swollen, hairy nuts.

"Jesus Christ," Harold moaned. "That feels fantastic, Ruthie. Shit, yes, suck my balls."

He lay back in total bliss as the wicked little teenager mouthed his come-filled nuts. He couldn't imagine how she'd managed to get both hugely bloated balls into her mouth, but when Ruthie wanted something, she usually got it. She seemed starved for the taste of his nuts, making a greedy loud slurping noise as she sucked.

Harold struggled not to shoot his hot load right into the blue summer sky. He wanted to hold out forever, to enjoy every kinky thing this girl wanted to do to him. Ruthie was so naughty and inventive. God knows what she might think of next. And her mouth was scorching-hot and juicy-wet around his balls.

"Suck me," Harold whimpered. "Jesus, yes, SUCK!"

Just as he was sure he was going to come, Ruthie let his spit-soaked balls pop from her mouth. He expected her to jump up and sit on his cock, but no, her dark head stayed between his legs. He heard her catching her breath, fanning his balls hotly. Then her slippery tongue-tip began to tickle in the blank space behind his balls, slowly working lower.

"Ruthie, you little devil," Harold chuckled, "what in hell are you doing?"

She answered with a muffled giggle. Her hot tongue lashed lower, leaving a wet trail of spit. Then Harold felt her pointed slick tongue-tip teasing the wrinkled mouth of his asshole. It felt wickedly exciting. He opened his thighs more, giving her room to work. What in hell was she planning flow?

"OH, JESUS!" Harold gasped.

She'd totally surprised him again -- jamming her juicy pointed tongue-tip right up his asshole.

"Ruthie, for Chrissake," he groaned. "You don't have to -- OH, CHRIST! That feels good!"

The naughty little teenager was working her whole tongue up his asshole. She was stuffing the wet meat up that tight pungent hole, snuffling and panting as she worked. Harold had never felt such dizzying pleasure. He hadn't known his bumhole was so sensitive. Again he struggled not to shoot his load. Ruthie worked her tongue clear to the root in his asshole.

"Oh, shit, incredible," Harold whined. "Feels terrific, baby. Yeah, I love your tongue in my ass."

She responded by jerking her tongue, butt fucking him with it. The slick meat snaked up and down the tight steamy passage of his ass. Harold wailed shrilly and nearly came. His eyes rolled crazily behind his glasses. That red-hot, wet tongue-meat felt so damned good as it reamed his bumhole.

But, damnit, he couldn't hold out much longer, not with that kind of pleasure. He didn't want to shoot his jizz into the sky. He wanted to sizzle it into Ruthie's tight teenage pussy. He let her tongue fuck his asshole a few more seconds, then reluctantly called a halt.

"Baby," he gasped, "you better quit before I shoot."

Ruthie popped her tongue out of his ass and raised her flushed face, grinning wickedly. "You get off on that, Harold?" she asked.

"Are you kidding?" Harold laughed helplessly. "That was the best thing I ever felt in my life."

"I thought it up all by myself," she said proudly. "I'm glad you liked it."

"I liked it, all right," Harold leered. "I liked it so much, I'm going to try it or you."

He seized the grinning little girl and wrestled her down onto her back. Pushing her legs wide apart, he stared hungrily at her gleaming pink pussy. It was swollen, creamy and fringed with little brown curls, Harold jammed his face into her steamy crotch, snaked out his tongue, and began to lash her tasty slit, eating his way from clit to cunt.

"Ooooo!" Ruthie squealed, "Yeah, yeah, Harold, lick me -- EAT ME!"

She bent her knees and drew her legs back, offering him her whole ripe, delicious pussy. Harold snuffled and gobbled his way up and down the creamy line of flesh, lapping and swallowing her fragrant cunt-juice as fast as it oozed from her twat. Ruthie adored having her pussy eaten, and she squealed and moaned and clawed the blanket.

"Ooooooo, so fuckin' GOOD!" she whined.

As he gobbled her snatch, Harold could watch the mounting signs of her arousal. The pink flesh of her gash changed to pulsing red, and the small pouting lips of her cunt swelled up fat and taut. Her little pink clit got a hard-on, going stiff and throbbing. Her cunt-mouth oozed tasty hot cream, changing from a trickle to a flood.

When he knew she was hot and needy enough, he lapped and lashed down below her drooling little cunt-mouth and onto the tiny clenched mouth of her asshole. He rimmed the little wrinkled hole with the pointed wet tip of his tongue, and Ruthie writhed and squealed with delight. Her asshole was just as sensitive and greedy as his.

"Eeee -- you're getting me so hot, Harold," she cried. "Now do it to me -- stick your tongue up my ass."

Harold screwed the stiff tip of his tongue inside the tightly-clenched mouth of her asshole, then pushed hard. His slippery thick tongue glided deep into her pungent shit-hole, sinking clear to the root. Her bumhole was fantastically tight, steamy hot. As he pushed into her, Ruthie arched her body up to take the thrust of his tongue.

"EEEE!" she shrieked.

Harold began to tongue-fuck her gripping, hot asshole, jerking his thick long tongue hard and fast. He felt a sizzling splat of pussy-cream against his face. At first Ruthie was breathless with pleasure, but soon she was howling and bucking. She drenched his face with her hot, sticky twatjuice.

"Shit, yes, fuck my ass!" she howled. "Get that big tongue all the way up my ass. Christ, Harold, it's so GOOD!"

Her petite body was wiggling so lustily that Harold could hardly keep his tongue in her bumhole. He slid his hands under her grinding little ass and cupped the tensing globes tightly. He held her in face while he used his thick, juicy tongue to ream and stuff the super-tight tunnel of her asshole.

"Awwww, shit, gonna come," Ruthie whined. "Fuck your tongue in me Harold, stick it up my ass. Awwww shit. -- AHHH!"

She started to come, her fiery-hot asshole clamping around his deeply-thrust tongue. He'd never seen her have a more violent climax. She wailed and bucked and rocked, her sizzling pussy-juice splattering his face. His tongue captured and held by her convulsing asshole, he had to ride it out, almost drowning in the flood of her creamy come. At last Ruthie flopped back limp and sighing, and her pungent bumhole relaxed. Harold slipped his tongue out of her and came up for breath, wiping her thick white cream from his face. Ruthie gave him a wicked grin and shamelessly rubbed her swollen little clit, getting a few more delicious spasms from her climax.

"Ummmmm," she sighed. "Man, that was out of sight! I sure feel ready to fuck now."

"Good," Harold leered, "because so do I."

He'd been ready for at least half an hour, and now he couldn't wait a second longer. The panting, pink-faced girl lay on her back, legs widely spread, and he could easily see the target of her weeping cunt-mouth. He aimed his aching, bloated dick and plunged, popping the thick meat deep into her steamy tight twat.

"UNHHHH!" Ruthie gasped.

She felt stuffed breathless from the savage first thrust of his cock, but as he began to saw his meat in her, fucking deep and hard and fast, she groaned with pleasure. She threw her legs up around his humping sweaty back and locked them there. With her pussy so open to him, he could fuck clear to her womb with each thrust.

"You like it, baby?" Harold panted.

"Shit, yes," Ruthie squealed, "I love it. I love that big ol' cock of yours. Fuck it to me, Harold, fuck it to me HARD!"

He grabbed her gyrating little ass and fucked into her with all his strength. Her tiny teenage cunt was wonderfully tight, seething-hot and very juicy. It was a fantastic pleasure to cram his bloated dick again and again into the sucking, hot pulp. His hairy, swollen balls slapped and spanked her upturned ass.

"EEEEE!" Ruthie wailed. "Fuck the living shit out of me, baby, fuck -- FUCK!"

As usual, once the girl started coming, she couldn't seem to stop. It was like a series of explosions in her belly, and each time an orgasm ripped through her, her cunt clamped hard around Harold's jerking cock and held it. He gritted his teeth and tried to keep from popping his rocks every time her powerful cuntal walls convulsed around his dick.

"AAAGGGH, fuck, shit, FUCK!" Ruthie howled, delirious with pleasure.

But even the incredibly horny Ruthie had to get sated sometime, and at least she was panting, "Give me your jizz, Harold, squirt in me. I wanta feel it. NOW!"

Her lewd words triggered his climax, and Harold whined and jetted his sizzling load into her. When he had finished coming and pulled out of her, Ruthie greedily licked his limp cock clean.

They agreed to meet again the next day. Harold felt totally fucked out, yet he wasn't surprised when he grew horny again on the walk home. It happened every time. He'd think about how it had been fucking Ruthie, his cock would get stiff as a board, and then he'd start thinking about fucking Edie.

There wasn't much chance of fucking Edie now. She was taking swollen, jerking cocks in every available hole. As Harold watched from behind the drapes, she sucked ravenously on one bloated pale prick, while two others jabbed and lunged in her cunt and asshole.

"Ummmm." Edie moaned. "UUHHH!"

The red-haired kid, Ken, whined and started to come, slamming his belly hard against her face and ramming his squirting cock-head right into her throat. Harold saw her throat bulge and was sure she'd choke, but Edie went right on greedily sucking his dick as he shot his load. She swallowed gulp after gulp of the steamy stuff.

"Awww," Ken bawled.

When his limp cock slipped from her mouth and he staggered back, Edie licked her lips clean of his came.

"Ummmm, Ken, your come tastes so good!" she said in a low, husky voice.

Harold grinned. He hadn't realized his wife could be such a hot fuck. He was aching to run out I there and ram his stiff cock into her, but he knew he'd get a chance later. He wanted to watch the rest of this kinky scene. Edie was still taking pounding young cocks in her cunt and asshole, and she rode them with hot pleasure, moaning and howling.

"Yes, yes, keep fucking me!" she wailed. "Fuck my cunt, fuck my ass -- ohhhh, shit! I'm going to come. More, harder... yes, NOW! EEEE!"

Edie's huge tits shook violently as the orgasm tore through her body. Mike, ramming his swollen prick furiously in her twat, felt her powerful cuntal walls gripping and milking his meat. His eyes rolled crazily, and he yelped and popped his rocks. A second later Jack howled and flooded her asshole with fire-hot come.

"Awww... shit -- YEAH!" Mike bellowed.

"Jesus, AAGGHH!" Jack hollered.

Edie was still wailing away, and there was so much noise in the room that no one heard Harold emerge from the drapes. He stood a few feet away, watching the wildly humping bodies. At last the trio rolled apart, limp and panting, red-faced with effort. Edie stood up, and thick steamy come rolled down her thighs.

Harold cleared his throat.

All of them jumped in surprise, then whirled to stare at him. "Oh, my God, Harold!" Edie gasped.

"Aw, shit, it's ol' Burns!" Jack yelped.

"We're really in for it now," Ken moaned. Mike just gawked, too terrified to speak. Edie managed to get the words out: "Well, Harold, I guess you caught me in the act. I don't know what to say. I just hope you won't be too hard on the boys. I seduced them, not the other way around. Please, let them go and just punish me."

Harold, who'd been looking stern, broke into a sly smile. "I'm not going to punish anyone," he said, "not if you let me join the party."

"HUH?" they all cried.

Harold said evenly, "We'll all meet here tomorrow at the same time, and I'll bring a friend. Now, boys, please leave me alone with my wife." He rubbed the big bulge of his crotch. Edie began to grin.

Chapter NINE

"Ol' Burns is weird, man," Jack said to Ken and Mike. "I don't know what he's got in mind, but I don't trust him." His buddies nodded in gloomy agreement as they made their way up the stairs to the Burns' apartment. It was time for the meeting.

Harold had called, but the three boys felt very uneasy.

"Well, I guess we have to go through with it," Mike said. "We don't wanta be in worse trouble than we already are."

"Right. No sense in pissing him off," Ken agreed.

They rang the doorbell, and Edie answered. She was relaxed and smiling, and she looked gorgeous in tight pants and clinging knit shirt. "Come m, boys," she said. "Harold should be here very soon. He said he had to go bring something from the woods."

"I thought he said he was bringing a friend," Jack replied, looking puzzled.

Edie smiled and shrugged. "Who knows what he has planned?" she said. "I just know it's going to be lots of fun, that's all."

The boys looked doubtful. They sat and waited, and about five minutes later Harold arrived. He wasn't alone. With him was a pretty, dark-haired young girl in jeans and tight shirt. She had a mischievous grin on her face. Harold led the girl into the living room and said, "Everyone, this is Ruthie."

Edie caught on right away. "Harold, you devil," she chuckled, "where did you find her?"

"In the woods," Harold said.

"And I thought you were only looking for birds and butterflies," Edie said dryly. "Well, Ruthie, I'm Edie, and this Jack, Ken and Mike."

"Hi, you all," Ruthie said.

The boys crowded eagerly around Ruthie, delighted to meet a girl their own age. Edie and Harold exchanged grins. Edie didn't feel at all jealous of her husband's young mistress. How could she, when she had three young lovers of her own? Besides, she was sure today's party would be a lot more fun with Ruthie joining in.

"Well, what are we standing around for?" Harold said. "Let's get our clothes off."

His suggestion was met by cheers from the boys. Everybody started stripping. Edie felt as horny as she'd ever been in her life. One way or another, she was going to fuck four cocks today, and the prospect had her hotly excited. It looked as if she might have to wait her turn, though. The three teenage boys had their eyes hungrily focused on Ruthie.

The petite farm girl had skinned out of her jeans and shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her little round tits wobbled enticingly as she bent to tug down her panties. Jack, Ken and Mike, half undressed, stopped to gawk at her. Without a trace of embarrassment, Ruthie stepped out of her panties and displayed her curly brown bush.

"My, you boys are slow," she drawled. "I'm naked already, and you haven't even finished undressing."

They flew to it, clothes sailing in every direction. Edie saw that all three boys had stiff hard-ons. They didn't seem nervous about the party any more, not since Ruthie had showed up. They all hungrily eyed her curvy little body. She was sleek and tan and beautifully shaped. Ruthie gave them a shameless grin.

"Me first," Jack said hoarsely.

"Hu-uh, ME!" Ken said.

"No, me!" Mike said.

"Well, Ruthie," Edie laughed. "Looks like you've got your hands full."

"No problem," the girl replied. "Harold was telling me how you worked it yesterday. I'm just dying to try it."

"You mean three guys at once?" Jack said wonderingly.

"Sure," Ruthie giggled, "why not? Maybe you'd like to start, Jack."

"I sure as shit would," he beamed.

He lay down on the rug, his handsome six-inch prick stood straight up, bloated and pale. The swollen red head of his cock started leaking big globs of juice as Ruthie approached. The petite girl straddled him and sat down, rubbing the moist mouth of her cunt against the knobby hard head of his cock. Jack shivered and moaned.

"Go ahead, Jack," Ruthie said, "stick your cock in me."

"Oh, man, will I ever," Jack sighed.

He grunted and pushed. His steel-hard young prick slammed upward, wedging deep in the exquisitely tight sheath of her twat. Ruthie squealed with delight and thrust her pussy downward, to meet his reaming dick. She impaled herself on the pale rod till his rosy hairless balls rubbed her gash.

"Oooooo, terrific!" Ruthie squealed. "Fuck me, Jack, fuck me with that nice hard cock!"

Jack grinned blissfully and began fucking into her, his cock slamming fast and hard in her juicy little box. "Aw, shit, it's great," he moaned. "Your cunt's so friggin' tight and hot."

"And your cock's so big and hard," Ruthie panted. "Ummmmm, feels great."

Edie and Harold watched from some distance, but Ken and Mike crowded close, looking on with burning envy as they watched Jack happily fucking the new girl. They could see his thick blue-veined dick slicing in and out between the pouting pink lips of her cunt. Before long his cock dripped with her steamy twat-cream.

"Hey, Ruthie, can we join in now?" Ken begged.

"Yeah, let us fuck you, too," Mike panted. "My cock feels ready to explode."

Ruthie eyed their stiff hard-ons with unashamed lust. Ever since Harold had told her about his wife taking on three guys at once, she'd been dying to try it for herself. At the very thought of having three cocks all to herself, she creamed furiously around Jack's slamming dick. This was going to be one hell of a party!

"Okay, Ken, you're next," she said.

Ken dropped to his knees behind her, straddling Jack's legs. He could see the tiny wrinkled mouth of her asshole. Could his thick swollen prick actually fit into that little hole? There was only one way to find out. Ken pressed the slick oozing head of his dick against her tiny asshole, grunted, and pushed. The fat red head of his prick popped inside.

"Oooooo," Ruthie squealed. "I like it, Ken. Get in deeper. Push your cock up my ass."

"I'm trying," Ken panted.

He kept grunting and pushing, slowly easing his bloated hard cock up the incredibly tight tunnel of her asshole. It was steamy and hot in there, a great place to stick his achingly swollen meat. At last he was sunk clear to his balls in gripping slick flesh, his fuck deeply lodged in her tiny bumhole.

"I'm all the way in," he panted. "Jesus, it's tight!"

"Ooooo, feels terrific," Ruthie moaned. "Fuck my ass, Ken. Fuck that big ol' cock in my ass."

Ken began to jerk his cock in her steamy slick asshole. Now he could feel Jack's cock working just a thin membrane away, and he timed his strokes to his buddy's. They both slammed their pricks into her at the same time, stuffing her cunt and asshole, and Ruthie shrieked with pleasure. Her scalding cunt-juice gushed out to wet their balls.

"Oh, wow, Edie," the girl cried, "no wonder you liked it this way. Taking two cocks is really far out. Feels fantastic!"

"It certainly does," Edie grinned.

Harold was standing behind her, his rigid prick thrust between her thighs and rubbing deliciously back and forth over her slick, hot gash. He'd reached around to cup her hot tits, squeezing and massaging the doughy flesh. While he did this, they both watched lustily as Ruthie took roughly jerking cocks in her pussy and asshole.

Only Mike was left out of the fun. He was hopping up and down in horny impatience, his stiff young cock wagging lewdly. "Hey, Ruthie, how about me?" he whined.

"Okay, honey, I'm ready for you now," the girl leered. "You just come on over here and let me suck your cock."

"Oh, boy!" Mike yelped.

He hurried over and straddled Jack's chest, standing with his drooling dick pointed at Ruthie's mouth. She stuck out her little pink tongue and lapped the wet head of his prick, licking up all his hot slick juice and swallowing it.

"Ummmmm, your cock tastes nice, Mike," she cooed.

"Oh, Jesus," the desperately horny kid moaned, "will you please suck it? Take my cock in your mouth, Ruthie, please."

Ruthie grinned wickedly, then opened her mouth and let Mike stuff his swollen, dripping prick inside. She closed her lips around the thick pale stalk, drew in her cheeks, and began to suck. Edie and Harold could hear the lewd slurping noise clear across the room. Mike gasped, then flushed with pleasure.

"Aw, shit, yeah," he moaned. "Suck my dick!"

Now Ruthie had three rock-hard cocks to enjoy. She sucked loudly and hungrily on Mike's oozing prick, swallowing his hot, salty cream. She worked her hips up and down to meet the hard thrusts of Jack and Ken's cocks in her cunt and asshole. The girl's brown eyes were glazed with horny pleasure.

"Ummmmm," she moaned. "UMMMMM!"

Harold gave Edie's big tits and rosy nipple a big squeeze. "Looks like us old folks will have to wait for our fun," he sighed. "I didn't know Ruthie and the boys were going to hit it off so well."

"I'm sure we can amuse ourselves in the meantime, darling," Edie purred. "Do you realize that in our whole married life you've never eaten my pussy?"

"Jesus, you're right," Harold exclaimed. "We sure have missed out on some fun. We were so repressed and uptight all those years."

"I know," Edie sighed, "but now we can make up for lost time."

She wriggled out of his embrace and walked to the big overstuffed chair. She sat down and put her legs up over the arms, totally exposing her wet, red gash with its thick fringe of copper curls. Harold leered and hurried over to kneel in front of her. He studied his wife's gorgeous, gleaming pussy and wondered why he'd waited so long to eat it. He wasn't going to waste another second.

"Oooooo!" Edie gasped.

Harold had plunged his face right into her steamy, swollen slit. She felt his thick tongue lapping greedily up mid down in the slick hot flesh, lashing from her hot little clit right down to her wrinkled asshole. Harold really knew how to eat pussy. Edie suspected he'd been practicing on Ruthie.

"Ummmm, darling, that's wonderful," she sighed. "Yes, eat me, Harold, eat meeee!"

Hearing Edie's squeals of pleasure, Ruthie glanced their way. She enviously eyed Edie's enormous melon-shaped tits and thick red bush. Her own body wasn't mature yet, and she hoped that some day it would be ripe and full like Edie's. The older woman's pretty face was flushed with lust as Harold noisily gobbled her pussy.

Now Harold zeroed in on her plump red clit, lashing it roughly with his thick, wet tongue. Edie quivered and whined. Nothing felt better than having her clit lashed with a slick hot tongue. Her steamy cunt-juice gushed out to drench his bobbing chin. His tongue rimmed and tickled her horny, swollen joy button.

"Oh, my God, Harold, I love it!" Edie gasped. "Lick my clit, baby, SUCK IT!"

Harold wanted his lovely wife to know that even a husband can be a great pussy-eater. He didn't hesitate to seize her slick, throbbing love-bud between his lips and draw it into the steamy heat of his mouth. He started sucking furiously on her stiff, sensitive clit, making an obscenely loud slurping noise.

"Eeeeeee!" Edie screeched. "Fuck, yes, suck meee!"

Harold's head bobbed up and down, meeting the thick red fur of her bush. He gobbled and sucked her erect hot clit till she was gasping and howling. Edie felt pleasure building in her pussy to fever pitch. Then there was the dizzying explosion she craved. She shuddered, gasped, and began to come.

"Ahhhhh, GOD!" she wailed. "AAAGGGHHH!"

Her body rocked violently, and her scalding cunt-cream poured out to soak Harold's face. He made her climax even better by sucking hard and fast on her clit as she came. He'd never known his wife to come this powerfully -- but then he'd never sucked her clit before, either. There were a hundred kinky little things he could do to bring out the slut in her, things he could hardly wait to try them all.

Edie came down from her howling orgasm, and they rested a moment, watching Ruthie and the boys. The petite girl rode two furiously slamming cocks and sucked ravenously on the third. Her face was flushed with lusty pleasure, her eyes hot and rolling. They could see the two thick, pale pricks jerking deep in her cunt and asshole.

"So you got off on that, did you?" Harold leered.

"Christ, yes, it was fantastic," Edie sighed.

"Well, I don't have three cocks," Harold said, "but there's something else I can do for you."

He nuzzled into her scalding, soaked slit, stuck out his tongue, and teasingly rimmed the little mouth of her cunt. Edie gasped and squealed. His pointed tongue tickled around and around the greedy gasping mouth of hot twat. Hot tasty cream trickled from the little hole, and he lapped it up and swallowed it.

"My God, Harold, you're driving me crazy," Edie moaned. "Don't just tease me, baby. Stick that big ol' tongue right up my cunt."

Harold made his tongue long and stiff, and then he jammed the wet meat as deep as he could in his wife's hungry wet twat.

"AHHH!" Edie wailed. "Fuck, yes, get your tongue up my cunt -- FUCK ME WITH IT!"

Harold slid his hands under her churning ass and held her in place as he began to jab his tongue deep and hard in the fiery-hot pulp of her cunt. Edie went wild with pleasure, howling hoarsely and drenching his face with molten pussy-cream. As he tongue-fucked her, his bobbing chin rubbed her asshole and his nose massaged her burning-hot clit. It felt fantastically good.

"Shit, fuck, AHHHHH!" Edie babbled. "I love it, Harold. Eat me, baby, fuck that big tongue into me."

Fiery pleasure melted her belly and sizzled through her body. She was quivering, howling, creaming as Harold's hot thick tongue stuffed and reamed her greedily gripping cunt. She felt the pleasure building to a giant explosion. A powerful climax ripped through her belly.

"AAAGGGHH!" Edie wailed.

Her ass ground hard against his palms, but Harold managed to hold her and keep his tongue fucking deep in her convulsing soaked cunt. He didn't pall out till she was limp and satisfied. He grinned at her, wiping her thick cream from his face. Edie grinned back, delighted with his new talent for pussy-eating.

"Harold, that was fantastic," she sighed. "Let me do something for you now."

"What do you have in mind?"

"You'll find out," Edie laughed. "Sit."

She got up and let Harold sit in the chair. She knelt before him and pushed his legs apart. She greedily eyed his swollen, hairy balls and stiff standing cock. She moved toward his rigid, pale prick, her wet pink tongue snaking out. She lashed and lapped the big knobby head of his cock, and Harold shivered with pleasure. Sager for his juice, Edie wormed her tongue into the slit-mouth of his dick and reamed out the tasty cream.

"Ummmmm," she sighed, "love the taste of your cock, baby."

"Have all you want," Harold said blissfully.

The party was turning out beautifully, he thought. His lovely wife was on her knees before him, hungrily licking his cock, and he had an excellent view of Ruthie taking on the three horny boys. It was dizzily exciting to watch that four-way fuck while getting his prick tongued.

Ruthie had gobbled Mike's hard hot meat right into her throat. Mike was whining and feeding it to her in rough jerks, making her throat bulge with his knobby cock-head. Jack was groaning and cramming his stiff, young cock deep and fast in her red-hot pussy, while Ken yelped with horny excitement as he rammed his swollen dick in her super tight asshole.

"Awwww, shit, gonna come," Mike whined. "Eat my come, Ruthie. AWWWWWW!"

He shot his load into her greedily sucking mouth, and Ruthie was ready for it, gurgling with pleasure as she swallowed the steamy cream. He fucked her mouth till his cock went limp and slipped from her lips. Ruthie licked the last of his come from her lips and then flashed him a wicked grin.

"Ooooo, your come tasted great, Mike," she panted.

"You wanta eat mine, too, Ruthie?" Jack gasped. "I'm about to shoot."

"Sure," Ruthie giggled.

Jack whipped his enormously bloated cock out of her cunt and scrambled into a kneeling position. Ruthie had her mouth wide open for him, and he crammed, his hard meat right into her throat. She took it with a greedy moan and began sucking on it like she was starved. It didn't take her long to get Jack off. As tier strong throat muscles milked his dick, he howled and began to come.

"Aw," Jack bawled, "SHIT, YEAH!"

Ruthie gobbled a second mouthful of delicious steamy boy-come. Jack whined and jerked his squirting prick in her mouth till his cock was limp and exhausted. Then he staggered back, leaving Ruthie alone with Ken, who was still whining and fucking deep and hard in her tiny hot asshole.

"Oooooo," Ruthie squealed, "fuck it to me, Ken. FUCK MY ASS!"

Edie was still hungrily licking the oozing cream from Harold's big purple cock-head, but when they heard Ruthie and Ken start to howl, they turned to watch. Both kids were coming at the same time. Ruthie had her head thrown back, wailing in ecstasy as she took sizzling-hot come deep in her asshole. Ken groaned and jerked his cock with lightning speed.

"EEEE!" Ruthie screeched. "Shoot it up my ass, Ken, COME!"

"Awwww, Christ!" Ken bawled.

As his limp prick slipped out of her come-soaked asshole, Ruthie gave a wistful sigh. She'd exhausted three hard young cocks, but she was still horny as hell. She glanced over at Edie and Harold. Edie's wet pink tongue was swirling around the big purple knob of his cock-head. Harold's prick was rigid, engorged and thick. Her eyes hot with lust, Ruthie wandered over to the older couple and stared at Harold's stiff-standing cock.

"Ummmmm," she said, "what a gorgeous hardon!"

"Don't be greedy, Ruthie," Edie chuckled. "You've got to save at least one cock for me."

"I know," Ruthie sighed. "But, wait, I just thought of a way we can both have him." She leaned down and whispered something to Edie.

Edie grinned wickedly. "What a terrific idea," she said. "Okay, Harold, on your back."

"Just what do you girls have in mind?" he laughed.

"You'll see," Ruthie giggled.

Harold grinned and lay down on the rug, his thick meat sticking straight up and oozing big globs of hot cream. Edie squatted over him, rubbing her fiery-hot slick gash back and forth over the creaming head of his cock. Harold ached to ram his stiff prick into her, but she kept jerking her cunt out of the way, teasing him.

"You know, darling," Edie purred, "there's another thing you've never done to me. You've never fucked my ass."

Harold got the message, loud and clear. When Edie pressed the small wrinkled mouth of her asshole against the big creamy head of his dick, he grunted and pushed as hard as he could. His swollen meat plunged into the incredibly tight hole. It was slick and hot. He groaned with pleasure and pushed as far as he could into her steamy shit-hole.

"EEEE!" Edie squealed. "Shit, yes, baby, get that big cock up my ass!"

As he started fucking hard and deep in his wife's gripping slick asshole, Ruthie squatted over his face. Her tasty pink pussy was within reach of his tongue. Harold chuckled and began to gobble her steamy wet gash.

Ken, Mike and Jack watched enviously. "Man, I'd sure like to be in his place," Mike sighed.

"Don't worry," Jack grinned. "I got a feeling this party's gonna go on for a long, long time."


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