Incest girl

It has been said that every person has same dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such "dark passions" are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface -- and another Charles Manson or Lee Haney Oswald emerges. Sometimes such passions are exposed -- and another Profumo or Watergate scandal hits the headlines.

INCEST GIRL is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore, but most especially it is about the eighteen-year-old Prentiss daughter, Paula, and her taboo desires. Paula and her family are some of the few who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to be completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.

Chapter ONE

"Well, I'd better get going," said Paula's mother with a warm smile. "I have a lot of things to do downtown if we're going on that picnic tomorrow."

Paula looked at her attractive thirty-eight-year old mother from where she lay stretched out on a blanket, on the soft grass by the side of the pool. "Do you want me to come along, Mom?"

Her mother glanced at her husband lounging in a deck chair beside his daughter's blanket, then smiled at Paula. "You both look much too comfortable for me to disturb you. You keep your father company. I have to stop by the hospital too, and visit Mrs. Barker, so I'll be most of the afternoon. When I get back you can help me get supper ready."

"Okay, Mom."

"Goodbye, dear," said Paula's father.

Thank goodness she's gone, thought Paula, fidgeting restlessly on the soft blanket. Now I can get a chance to really talk to. Dad without her making me look like a child. What's the matter with her anyway? You'd think that she could see that I'm grown up. One thing for sure, I'll never treat my daughter like that when I'm thirty-eight. Dad is so different. He treats me like a woman, and gosh -- is he ever good looking! He should have been a movie star. I wonder what it'd be like to be kissed by him -- a real kiss, I mean, not a fatherly peck on the cheek. Heather said you can always tell if a man is a good lover by the way he kisses. I wonder where she heard that.

"Hey, young lady. What are you so deep in thought about?" her father asked, grinning at her. "You look like you have all the problems of the world, resting on those beautiful white shoulders of yours."

Paula blushed, wondering for a moment if he was reading her thoughts. A strange and exciting tingle swirled through her almost naked body as she thought of telling her father what she'd really been thinking. Would he really kiss her -- plunge his tongue deep into her mouth the way a man kisses a woman?

"Wouldn't you like to know!" Paula laughed, her young femininity asserting itself. "Besides, I don't have white shoulders. Look -- I've got a really good tan!"

Her father looked. As the precocious girl pushed down the top of the scanty material that encased her taut young buttocks, she revealed a strip of snow white, girlishly taut belly. But more than that she also displayed her fringe of golden pubic hair for her father's eager eyes to gaze upon. He looked amused, but Paula was quick to notice he was undeniably aroused as well. She could see his excited cock was making a considerable bulge in the front of his trousers. The thought that she had caused that gave Paula a sense of power -- and confidence.

"Sure, honey, you have a beautiful tan," her father replied in a low, intimate voice that made Paula feel weak and wonderfully warm in the pit at her belly. "But you didn't answer my question -- what were you thinking about? Your boyfriend, maybe..."

Paula shook her head, her golden hair flouncing about her shoulders, and smiled up at her handsome father in a provocative way. "You guessed wrong."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"You're a very beautiful girl. There must be all kinds of boys wanting to be your boyfriend."

"Well... sure! I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one." But Paula suddenly didn't want to talk about boys, or even think about them, and she quickly changed the subject. "After all, I am eighteen. But you wouldn't know it around here, where you get treated like a kid all the time."

"I don't treat you like a kid, do I, honey? I don't think of you as one."

Paula was aware of her father's eyes running over her voluptuous, golden tanned figure in an intense, meaningful way. She forced herself to meet her father's direct, oddly exciting gaze. Tremors of arousal teased her already swollen pussy, which she'd been gently caressing just before he came out to the poolside and sat with her. She didn't quite know what was happening but she followed the instinctive wishes of her sensuous flesh. She parted her pretty mouth in a half-smile as her firm-fleshed hips gave a subtle deliberate wriggle on the blanket on which she lay.

"No Daddy. Not you. You treat me the way I want to be treated. I was thinking of Mom and my brother. A whole year older -- big deal! I'm so glad Dennis is over at his friend's house for the afternoon and Mom has gone shopping. I get so little chance to be with you, without someone else butting in."

"I know how you feel, honey. I'd like to spend a lot of time with you -- as two adults," her father continued, encouraged by Paula's obvious response to his lewd stare. "It's a mistake to treat teenagers like children. When a girl has the body of an adult, she's entitled to be treated as an adult."

"Oh Daddy! I'm so glad to hear you say that!" Paula exclaimed.

"Now if you'll excuse me, honey, I'll fix another drink. One for you too. A light one."

Her father strolled toward the poolside bar, his dark eyes never leaving Paula's trim shapely buttock as he dropped ice into two glasses and filed them from a bottle. Unresolved questions churned in Paula's brain. Was the drink suggestion an intentional play to loosen any reservations she might have? At the same time she wondered if her father could possibly be so brash as to be considering the possibility of seducing his daughter. The idea that he might be thinking such a thing made the lips of her cunt moisten until the crotch of her skimpy bikini panties were wet.

Paula watched with a half-smile on her face as her father came toward her. His gaze was fixed on the mounds of her budding tits, jutting from her brief halter like two fully ripened peaches.

"Here you are, angel," he said to Paula as he handed her the tall glass. He stretched out alongside her on the blanket, instead of sitting back down on the deck chair. As if by accident, his hand brushed along the sculptured curve of Paula's bare thigh. As casual as his touch was, Paula felt her flesh break out in excited goose bumps in response to the contact she knew was deliberate.

Paula knew all too well how boys liked to feel her legs. Now and then one of them managed to get his hand up under her dress. And during a slow dance at a party, a boy would hold her close against him and rub his solid erection against her pussy mound. But never had this aroused her to such a peak of desire as now, as her father's hand brushed against her leg. She felt unequipped to deal with such an intense emotion.

"Thanks Daddy," she said, nervously taking a large swig of the potent drink he had handed her.

Her father sipped his own drink slowly, his dark eyes fixed upon Paula's curvaceous figure, and she watched a licentious little smile playing around his mouth. There was no doubt in her mind that his light touch had been deliberate, and she felt certain he wasn't going to stop there.

He rolled onto his side so that he lay only inches from Paula's firm, sun-tanned flesh. His hand reached over and he caressed her knee in a friendly, paternal way. At once Paula's smooth flesh began to quiver beneath his lingering fingers and she knew her horny father was gloating to himself at the progress he was making.

He paused for a second, ever so gradually feeling Paula's silken-skinned knees, then moved further up along her leg. "But sweetheart, you never answered my question..."

"Wh-what?" It wasn't easy for Paula to concentrate on anything but her father's sensuous hand feeling her naked leg. Urgent waves of desire shot from her leg to every nerve-ending in her hotly aroused young body, as she stared at her half empty glass to avoid meeting her father's lust filled eyes.

"What were you thinking about? A few minutes ago, when you got that faraway look in your eyes?"

As he spoke, her father placed his free hand on, Paula's soft cheek and turned her face toward his, staring deeply into her soft brown eyes. The intensity of Paula's expression unnerved him for a moment. Being a child of the sexual revolution, the bikini-clad girl was curious and eager to develop her sexuality, rather than feeling fear and guilt, over her body's healthy change toward womanhood.

"Well, I was... I was thinking about what my girl friend Heather told me."

"And what was that?" her father asked, his tone low and intimate.

Paula could feel the strong drink loosening her up. But she was quite aware of her father's hand moving from her cheek to caress the softness of her upper arm, then feel its way quite freely along her thigh.

"What did your friend Heather tell you?" Her father's voice was a whisper in her ear, his face so close to him that her golden hair brushed against his cheek.

"Tell me..."

"She said... you can tell how good a lover a man is by how good he kisses."

As her father's hand moved more intimately against her naked thigh and leg, Paula began to feel light-headed.

Can it be possible I'm not just being silly and imagining things? Does my handsome father want to kiss me too? The kind of kiss I'm thinking about?

Taking another gulp of her strong drink, Paula added, "I was just wondering if it's true or not. That was what I was thinking."

Her father's face was very close to hers, his voice a soft whisper, "Surely you know -- don't the boys ever kiss you?"

"Oh sure," the aroused Paula paused for a moment, then blurted out, "but I don't mean like that. I mean... there are other kinds of kisses... like the way a guy kisses a girl while she's playing with his... his cock! Heather says that's a great way to kiss and she plays with theft cocks all the time. But I won't go that far with a boy."

There! Now Daddy knows for certain I'm still a virgin!

She felt a thrill of excitement at the way he looked at her -- like he wanted to be the first one to get his prick into her little golden haired pussy.

"I know I'm being a baby about it. Heather says I am," Paula confessed. Her words were noticeably slurred, making her aware she was more than slightly intoxicated. "I just don't like any particular boy that well. But there's plenty of them who want to do all kinds of things to me. Tommy Sanders wants to do it to me so bad he can hardly stand it. He's after me all the time. Heather says I'll lose him if I don't put my hand on his cock and play with it. She says I should."

Realizing what she was saying to her father, Paula blushed and looked down at the blanket beneath her in her embarrassed silence.

"Should what, honey?" her father asked softly, reaching once again to turn her flushed face toward him.

"Should... suck his cock! Lick it with my tongue and take it in my mouth. Heather does that to a lot of the boys and she says there's nothing like it." Paula's words were almost a whisper. "But... I don't really know how to go about it."

Suddenly the conversation and the excitement surging through her aroused body was too much for Paula to cope with. Pulling away from her father's caressing hands, she leapt to her feet and dived into the pool.

"Come on in! The water's great!" she shrieked, splashing it up at her surprised father as any child might have done.

Treading water, Paula watched her father removed his loafers and pull off his socks. Then he got to his feet, smiling at her warmly. He pulled off his sport shirt and removed his wrist watch, all the while never taking his eyes off Paula's cavorting figure. He dropped his trousers, and clad only in his skimpy undershorts, he moved toward the pool.

Just before her father leapt into the water, Paula got a good look at the prominent bulge straining against the thin material of his shorts. A new wave of stimulation flowed through her cunt, and she plowed furiously through the water to release the energy burning deep inside her young body.

She heard the splash behind her, then a moment later, her father's strong hands grabbed hold of her kicking feet, forcing her to surface for air directly beside him.

"You swim like a porpoise," he told her. He stood with his feet on the bottom of the pool, the water up to his shoulders. Running his hands along the sculptured length of Paula's legs, he grasped her firm little asscheeks in both hands, pressing her luscious body to him.

Paula gasped, blinking drops of water from her eyes as a hot wave, of desire erupted within her belly. Her body went limp, pliable, and without making any conscious decision, her arms went around her father's neck and she let herself press against his hard muscled body. His cock was pressing against the thin protective strip of her brief bikini bottom so tightly she could feel it pulsating. Instinctively she wriggled her aching pubic mound against it.

God! This can't be real! It's too wonderful to be true! It's... heaven! Oh please, please Daddy, kiss me now!

Her father's wet lips pressed against hers, his eager tongue shoving against her teeth. Paula gasped out in surprise. His tongue plunged into her half open mouth to tease at hers. So exciting was the contact that she hung limply in his strong embrace, supported by her arms around his neck and his hands on the shapely globes of her ass.

Moving to the shallow end of the pool, her father picked her up in his arms and carried her up the steps and out of the water. A moment later he was setting her down on the blanket they had left only moments before.

"Oh Daddy!" she choked out, her brown eyes shining excitedly. "Oh wow... wow."

He reached for her glass that still had a hearty swig in it and handed it to her. "Here, sweetheart. This will relax you." As Paula drained the glass, her father cuddled up close beside her.

His mouth settled on hers again and his arms went around her. His fingers found the strings which tied behind her slender neck to hold up her bikini bra. Casually he untied them and drew the flimsy garment from her tits. Paula's peach-shaped mounds were exposed for her father's eyes to enjoy and his hands to fondle.

While her father's hands lovingly caressed each luscious globe, his lips mashed against hers in a continuation of their kiss.

Paula was in near ecstasy. Compared to the boys who grabbed her tits and gave her rough and inconsiderate kisses, her father's mouth was absolute magic.

As her father's hard muscled loins crushed against her writhing body, his long hard cock rubbed excitingly against Paula's quivering pubic mound. It made her forget everything but the hot sensuality that flowed through her. Who cared that a man who was going to do it to her was her father? Who would know? Even if Mom came back earlier than expected and caught them like this, what did it matter? All that mattered was this delicious heat inside her and the reckless certainty that she was going to discover still more thrilling secrets from her wonderful father.

As his mouth moved from hers and settled onto one of those warm tender tits, Paula could feel herself building up to a marvelous climax. Even in her virgin state she knew a lot about climaxes.

She'd been getting herself off nearly every night before she dropped off to sleep, and sometimes during the day, if there was nobody around to catch her in the act of fingering her pussy. But this was even better. She could tell that already.

Her father's busy mouth and tongue teased her nipples unmercifully. At times she thought her entire tit would be swallowed whole. She moaned incoherently, and her buttocks threshed about on the blanket.

Her first orgasm in her father's hot embrace had her gasping for breath. She was only vaguely aware, as she writhed and twisted, that his mouth had left her titties and was blazing a hot wet trail down her flat firm belly. He paused to dart his tongue into her tiny navel, while his hand tangled in her sparse golden pubic hair as he slipped her wet bikini bottom down past her shapely thighs.

"Oooh... ooohhh... oh Daddy! Ooohhh!" Paula moaned as her father's insistent middle finger slid teasingly along the lewdly exposed slit of her virginal cunt.

"You like that, honey?" her father gasped, his voice shaky with his own lust.

"Oh Daddy! Yes... yes!"

This is how I wanted it! I wanted Daddy to be the first. Oh it's so good!

Her father's lips moved gently across Paula's satin-soft belly, his tongue blazing a wet trail around her pubic curls toward her already moist pussy flesh.

"Open your legs, honey," he said, slipping his finger into the moist folds of her pussy lips. His other hand caressed the gentle swell of one of her luscious tits. "I'll show you how good it feels to be loved."

A moment later Paula felt her father's hungry tongue on the tiny button of her clitoris. "Ooohhh!" Paula moaned.

Her father's prodding tongue gave her innocent body the most wonderful sensation she had ever experienced. It was better by far than the feeling she got when she fingered her pussy each night in bed. It was better too, than the way she felt when Tommy Sanders got his hand inside her blouse and grasped her tits. Or even that one time he got his hand up under her skirt and grabbed her pussy.

Her father's caresses were skillful -- so subtly seductive that Paula was amazed that anything could possibly feel that good. It was as if her pulsating flesh were melting beneath his magic fingers and tongue. Paula fell into a trance of pure rapture as her clitoris radiated thrills of desire to every nerve-ending in her feverish young body.

Her father had his face buried between her spread-eagled legs in the most obscene way imaginable, and his tongue burrowed into her most private, secret flesh, just as it had into her mouth minutes before. And it felt so very, very good!

He licked with practiced expertise along the tender swollen lips of Paula's virginal cunt. Paula was gasping with intense pleasure. She knew her father was making it so good for her that for the rest of her life she would remember this wonderful afternoon, when she had a man between her legs for the first time.

She would have been content to have her father lick and suck at her pussy for hours, but already she was building up to a second orgasm.

And she sensed that her father could not hold out for much longer either.

"Oh angel," her father groaned, his voice thick and unfamiliar in his lust. "You're driving me out of my mind!"

Paula moaned. Her hands reached down to pull her father's head tighter against her crotch. "Ooohhh, Daddy! Don't stop! Don't stop now!"

She heard her lewd words echoing in her ears, but she was far too worked up to be ashamed of her wanton outburst. Inside her body, a wave of sensation, propelled by her father's slurping tongue, swept over her. It reached a crescendo and rocketed her into a second violent climax. Her body shuddered, then went limp. Paula was held suspended in her crouching father's embrace, his hands holding her by the cheeks of her writhing ass, his face pressed firmly into the opening of her cunt.

Moments later, her father eased his mouth away from the moist warmth of Paula's twat. He gave her taut little clitoris a last teasing lick, then rose to his knees and tugged off his bulging undershorts. He groaned with relief as his tortured thickness sprang into fully erect freedom.

Paula gazed up at her father with an expression of love and contentment. Then as his cock suddenly sprang into view, her eyes opened wide to stare in disbelief at the size of the rigid shaft that waved before her. Her expression changed to one of near panic.

"Oh... Daddy... no!" she gasped. Fear took possession of her mind, blocking out all erotic feelings and stirring doubts in her mind about what she and her father were doing.

"No, Daddy! Please...!" She moaned, her body stiff and tense. "It's... it's too big!"

Her father gave her an understanding smile. Gently he pulled her up to a sitting position and cuddled her in his arms.

"Relax, sweetheart. There's nothing to be afraid of. Your mother felt the same way, the first time she saw my prick. But after she got it into her, she liked it so well she wanted it inter all the time."

Paula considered this. She knew that Mom had sex with Dad quite often, because theft bedroom door was closed four, and often five, evenings a week. Mom never closed the bedroom door at other times, not even when she and Dad were dressing or undressing.

The size of Dad's cock didn't seem to worry Mom, Paula thought. She remembered the many times when the family was gathered in the living room in front of the TV set, and Mom would sit on Dad's lap and fool around. Then Mom would take Dad's hand and lead him off to the bedroom, leaving Paula and her brother watching TV.

"I'm sorry, Daddy, but..."

"It's okay, baby. Just relax," her father said in a soft soothing voice as he eased her back down onto the blanket. "You'll see -- that sweet little pussy of yours is made to stretch to hold a man's prick. It'll hurt a little, the first time, because you're a virgin."

"But Daddy, I can't..."

"Okay. It's okay, baby," her father broke in. "If you still don't feel ready for it, you can suck my cock instead. I know you're interested in learning about that."

Paula turned almost crimson and bid her face in her hands. "Oh Daddy, no..." she mumbled, shaking her head.

Her father was on his knees, straddling her. He moved up, holding his long hard cock in his hand. Gently he rubbed it against his young daughter's firm ripe breasts and along her smooth belly with easy soothing strokes.

"I guess if you really want to learn about sucking cock, you should watch your mother doing it. She loves blowing me and she's great at it. Sure, she's had a lot of practice, but she wasn't any older than you are, the first time she sucked my cock."

"Mom sucked your cock -- before you were married?"

Her father laughed. "She was fourteen that first time. Then she let me fuck her. She went wild over that. I was kept pretty busy looking after her pussy, all through high school. Soon as she got her diploma she bugged her parents until they let us get married. Your mother wanted me in bed with her every night, so my cock would be right there, handy, whenever she wanted it in her mouth or cunt."

Paula was aware that tingling thrills of desire were dancing through her naked loins. She raised her face from her hands to stare at the solid mushroom-headed erect shaft that waved back and forth, almost right under her nose. Somehow, with her father's words so loving and understanding, his prick no longer looked so terrifying. In fact it looked exciting and erotic. How would it feel inside her mouth?

"As you know, darling, my work takes me out of town quite a bit, visiting schools. I meet a lot of young girls -- very young girls." Her father gave her a knowing grin. "You'd be really surprised, sweetheart, if you knew how many young girls, no older than you, love to feel my big hard prick in their pussies, as far as I can put it. And they love to kiss it and suck it, too."

"I... I want to kiss... your cock, Daddy." Paula whispered, raising her eyes to meet her father's as she did so. Even as she muttered the words, a thrilling feeling of obscene excitement rippled through her. I do want to! I really do! She ran her tongue over her lush young lips in an instinctively seductive gesture.

Before Paula knew what was happening, her father stretched out along the blanket beside her, his cock next to her face. His hands gently eased her legs apart to make room for his head between her thighs. A small gasp erupted from Paula's half-open mouth as her father's tongue lapped along her cuntlips, instantly re-stimulating her pussy as he found her clit.

She closed her eyes and let herself slip back into the wonderful erotic trance. For a while the sensations in her cunt were so blissfully arousing she almost forgot she'd said she wanted to kiss her father's bone-hard prick.

"Kiss me, honey. Open up those sweet lips of yours and suck my cock!"

Taking a firm grip on the cheeks of Paula's shapely ass, her father pulled her over on top of him as he stretched out on his back on the blanket. Then with a loud groan, he thrust up, thrusting the head of his cock against his young daughter's mouth. His tongue flicked over her tingling clit, circling it with tantalizing vigor until Paula's slim shapely legs spasmed wide apart and she thrust her pussy down onto her father's face.

"Uuuuunngg," Paula choked out, her whimper muffled by her father's long hard prick moving between her ovaled lips.

It feels so good! So smooth and hot! Ohhh. God! And it tastes so... exciting! And... it quivers so.

Paula clasped her lips over the huge purple head seeking entrance into her mouth, and her tongue licked curiously at the liquid droplet hovering on the glans. The unfamiliar, yet pleasant taste, aroused a rampant desire in her innocent young body. While she savored the pungent pre-cum liquid, she squirmed her hips, mashing her hot wet cunt down onto her father's face.

"Oh baby! That's the way to do it!" her father called out, with his face buried in her crotch. "You're really getting the idea now!" His hands held her steady by the cheeks of her shapely little ass. He moved forward, caressing the small of her back, then around and under, to tease and manipulate her tender swollen tits.

Paula responded by running her tongue down the length of her father's cock, delighting in the way the pulsing vein on the underside quivered as she licked at it.

While her father licked and sucked so obscenely between her widely spread legs, Paula lost all reservations and began to experiment with the enormous thickness thrusting up into her mouth. Although her father's hot hard cock was a strain to her uninitiated mouth, the feel of it moving toward the back of her throat sent wild thrills shivering through her body.

"Ahhh! Uuuggmm!" she squealed. Then as her father's pleasure giving tongue unexpectedly withdrew from her quivering cunt, Paula wailed out her protest. "Nooo... Don't stop, Daddy! Fuck me with your tongue!"

"Have to catch my breath, honey," he gasped. "God! Do you ever catch on fast!"

Paula felt her father's prick swell so big it filled every straining inch of her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it, the shaft moving in and out faster and faster. Her almost incoherent obscenities, coupled with the way she ground her hot wet pussy against his face, drove her father wild.

"That's it, baby!" he gasped, thrusting his erect cock up into Paula's hard working mouth. "Keep sucking me until I cum!"

Releasing Paula's jouncing tits from his kneading hands, her father reached up and took a firm hold on the shapely globes of her writhing ass.

"Grab my balls, too!" he called out, just before he plunged his face back into Paula's hair fringed cunt to first nuzzle her clitoral button, then thrust his tongue deep inside her tight pussy channel.

Paula's glazed eyes focused in disoriented excitement upon the huge hairy balls of her naked father. They jigged softly so close to her face while she sucked his cock. With a shudder of lurid excitement at her own indecent behavior, she gripped on them with her small hands. Paula gave each ball an explorative squeeze, while she suctioned with her pressing lips against her father's throbbing cock.

"Oh baby!" her hotly excited father groaned. "Now! I'm going to cum, honey! Right in your mouth!"

Paula's passion-tortured mind exploded as she saw what a violent response she'd aroused in her father. All sense of reason fled, as she wriggled her perspiration-coated loins and thrust her fire-filled cunt more securely against her father's pleasure giving tongue.

"Ooohhh... oh... Daddy!" Paula's shrill cries mingled with her panting father's uncontrolled grunts and strangled moans to form an obscene chorus of pure lust. Neither of them, in their passion, gave a thought to the possibility that they might be overheard. The sounds of their passionate lovemaking echoed throughout the large tree shaded backyard.

"This is it, baby! I'm going to shoot!" her father bellowed, ramming his solid cock to the very back of Paula's wildly working throat. Then a hot thick stream spurted from his cock.

Even as his cum splashed the walls of her warmly hugging mouth, her father licked ravenously at Paula's eager pussy slit. He needed to hear her wail out her own orgasm to make his own satisfaction complete.

But Paula needed no further stimulation. As the stream of hot cum spurted from her father's cock into her warm mouth, her rampant excitement triggered a violent orgasm.

"Oh! Daddy! Coming!" her high pitched, girlish voice shrilled. Her entire body began to spasm up and down on top of her naked squirming father. Her virginal cunt quivered in wave after wave of mind-shattering ecstasy, until she collapsed in total exhaustion. Her father's deflating prick slowly slipped from her slack mouth.

Chapter TWO

For quite some time there was no sound in the sun-warmed backyard but the soft sounds of a man and a girl panting for breath, and the chirps of birds in the trees around the pool.

Then at last Paula's father recovered enough to ease her off of him onto the blanket. He sat up, and drawing the girl into his arms, he kissed her cum-streaked face.

"Did you like that, honey?" he whispered into, her tangled golden hair. "Did it make you feel good?"

"Oh, Daddy! Ooohhh!" Paula opened her eyes in a new mature way at her handsome naked father who cuddled her in his arms. She ran her still tingling tongue over her lush lips, shivering in obscene excitement as she tasted droplets of her father's cum. "It was heaven! I never dreamed anything could be this wonderful!"

"That's just the beginning, my little angel," her father said softly. "Wait'll you feel what it's like when I fuck you."

Paula reached for his cock and was amazed to feel it already throbbing and stiffening with desire.

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed as her hand lovingly caressed her father's prick. "I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I really do!"

Her father leaned down until he had his mouth on one of her nipples and he sucked on it hungrily. His long hard prick, clutched in her hand, soon rose to a full iron-hard erection.

His loins burning with anticipation, her father sank down over Paula's quivering body as she spread her legs as far as she could to make room for his long hard lust-charged cock.

"You really want me to do this, honey?" he whispered.

Eighteen-year-old Paula's wide brown eyes gazed adoringly up at her father's face. At the same time the tingling anticipation in her healthy adolescent cunt increased, and she felt the first droplets of lubricating fluid seeping from the walls of her eager pussy.

Her father ran the head of his cock along the pearl-pink cuntal flesh peeking so invitingly from beneath it's fringe of sparse golden pussy hair. His motion was gentle, but Paula shivered beneath him, then raised her slender arms to clasp around his neck and draw him closer to her.

"I... I'm a little scared," Paula admitted. "But I want you to do it to me... I want you to fuck me, Daddy!"

Paula's father let out a groan of desire, as he took his cock in one hand and guided it toward the small pink slit of Paula's cunt. The blunt-nosed cock-head looked enormous, and she felt a twinge of trepidation, but it was too late to back out now, even if she'd wanted to.

"I'll be gentle with you, sweetheart," her father whispered softly. "It'll hurt a little at first, but after that you won't want me to quit."

"Okay, Daddy," Paula quavered. The pressure of her father's cock-head against her sensitive cuntlips sent lusting fingers of erotic sensation flickering to every nerve-ending in her excited young body. She forgot her fear, and desire flared up in her belly.

Her father spent a few more moments making sure Paula was really relaxed, that her tight cuntal passage was well lubricated and her natural apprehensions were stilled. Then he couldn't force himself to hold back a minute longer.

"Oh baby! How I've longed for this moment! Ever since you developed into such a ravishing young beauty, I've wanted to fuck you! Each time I looked at your luscious body, it was almost more than I could stand! Now at last... I'm getting my prick into your delightful sweet little cunt!"

As he spoke, his powerful lean hips moved forward. At the same time he reached under and grabbed Paula's hot little ass.

The exciting contact of her father's cock with her moist pussy lips drove Paula half-wild with desire. Then her father shoved his solid prick down into her resisting little channel with more force. As he sank an inch inside her straining cunt, Paula's slender figure shuddered beneath him.

"Ooohhh Daddy!" Paula moaned. "Oh, it hurts!"

Paula's whimper changed to a sharp wail of agony. Her father's cock continued to pressure into her frantically spasming cunt. Her senses reeled, then she was aware of her father's hands playing with her ass, his mouth stimulating her sensitive nipples, as he tried to take her attention from the pain that spread out from her violated cunt to every inch of her body.

"Can't stop now, baby!" her father gasped above her. "But it'll be worth it... in just a minute!"

Paula let out a shrill wail as her father went in deeper. Then she fell silent, scarcely daring to breathe for fear that it would increase the pain. Tears stung her eyes as she gaped down in horrified disbelief at the enormous size of her father's invading cock. It shocked her to see the length that was still to be pushed into her widely stretched little opening. Searing heat seethed through her no-longer innocent cunt as Paula realized that Daddy had taken her cherry. In spite of her agony, she felt a new thrill of excitement.

I'm a woman now! She thought.

By now her father's throbbing solid shaft was a good four inches inside Paula's tight-clutching cunt. Paula sighed with relief when he held it steady in that position, to give her fear-tensed muscles a chance to relax before he went deeper into her.

He was rewarded for his effort when Paula's agonized cries faded to low whimpers, and additional moisture forming inside her pussy bathed the four inches of cock that he had inside her.

"Oh Daddy! I feel all tingly inside now!"

Paula's voice, barely a whisper, so aroused her father that he let out a growl of passion and pressed deeper into her. Paula's shrill squeals of pleasure rang loud and clear in his ears as he worked his throbbing prick deeper and deeper into her luscious tight pussy.

Paula thought she surely must be in heaven for anything to feel this good. Scorching sparks of passion singed a fiery path of pleasure from her invaded pussy to every nerve in her adolescent body. She could hear her father's moans of ecstasy ringing in her ears.

Within seconds, Paula's body responded to this new-found pleasure. Passion surged though her as she experienced waves of scorching lust, created by her father's long hard cock stroking in and out of her cunt.

Her tightly stretched twat was filled with throbbing pleasure, each time her father's shaft sluiced out, then thrust back into her. The pressure was joyfully sensual.

"It's so good! Oh honey, your sweet little pussy feels so good!" her father babbled in a frenzy of passion. "Is it good for you too, sweetheart? Do you like it when Daddy fucks your lovely little pussy?"

The pleasure in Paula's cock-stuffed cunt was increasing with each thrust of her father's prick. In response to his lewd question, her body was filled with a wild lust that surpassed all other sensations. All the love she felt for him welled up inside her, and her slim, girlish hips undulated in wanton movements against his hard driving cock. Suddenly the first tantalizing tremors of approaching orgasm rippled through her sensual writhing hips.

"Uuummm," Paula purred, arching her back upward, heaving her ass right up off the blanket. "Yes! Yes! Oh it's so good, Daddy! It's just the way I wanted fucking to be! I feel like I never want you to stop!"

"All afternoon, baby..." her father panted. "Gonna fuck you like this... all afternoon!"

Hearing Paula's piping soprano voice calling out obscenities spurred her father on to an even greater frenzy of passion.

"I want you to come when I do, honey... want to make your first fuck so beautiful, you'll never ever forget it!"

"Ooohhh Daddy!" Paula mewled from beneath him. I'll never forget this -- ever! It's so good I think I'm going to die!"

"Me too, baby!" her father rasped.

Even in the throes of her passion, Paula was strangely aware of the lewd slapping sound made by her father's huge hairy balls against the tender crease between the cheeks of her wildly writhing ass. Bending down, his cock in her to the hilt, her father sucked on each of her taut little nipples. He sucked ravenously, pulling half of her soft pliable tit into his heated mouth, then nipping gently with his teeth on the stiffened nipple, to send her passion soaring. This last stimulation, along with the see-sawing movements of his prick in her pussy, was almost too wonderful to bear.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Paula gasped. "I love your big hard cock up inside me like this!"

"I'm glad you do, honey," replied her father breathlessly, raising his mouth up from Paula's tender tit, "because it's going to be in you a lot from now on!"

"Oh yes, Daddy!" Paula squealed. "Every chance we get!"

The next instant, her well-stretched cunt muscles spasmed and dilated in uncontrolled passion. A bolt of sensation tightened inside her churning young belly. She fell silent, except for her incoherent little gasps and moans. Her orgasm swept over her swiftly and fiercely. Her entire adolescent body quivered with feeling of intense pleasure.

"Yes... Ooohhh, Daddy! DADDY!" she shrieked. Her cunt muscles clasped convulsively around her father's swiftly pounding cock as another volcanic shudder rocked through her naked loins. Paula's sweet innocent features were contorted into a lewd mask of hot lust, as the most fantastic sensations she'd ever experienced shot though her.

For what seemed an eternity, she writhed and squirmed in ecstasy, then at last collapsed limply beneath her father's body with his enormous cock in her still quivering cunt, right to the hilt.

"Oh baby! Baby!" her rather half sobbed as he watched Paula twisting and moaning in orgasmic bliss beneath him. Seconds later his own climax was upon him and he shot a steady stream of hot liquid into the depths of Paula's cunt.

His hot cum splashed into the sensitive depths of her cuntal passage, anti Paula was suddenly rocketed into another even more exquisite orgasm. Waves of hot lust rolled over her and she felt sure she would bunt from the overload of loving passion inside her no-longer virginal body.

"Cumming!" her father roared, burying his face in the soft flesh of Paula's neck and shoulder. "Cumming in my sweet girl's cunt!"

Paula and her father were both babbling out each other's names, interspersed with moans and grunts of satisfied passion. Their lewd chorus continued to spew from their mouths, even after her father's impressive sized cock began to deflate inside Paula's throbbing pussy.

He climbed off of her and stretched out alongside her on the blanket. Paula cuddled up against his naked chest and they lay there silently, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, which before had been drowned out by their cries of love and passion. Warm sunshine dried their perspiring bodies and soon they fell so satiated and peaceful, they were on the verge of dropping off to sleep.

How long they lay there, they had no way of knowing. Had they been asleep? It could have been a minute or a whole hour later, that they heard the sound of tires crunching over gravel in the driveway on the other side of the lilac bushes and the high board fence. For a second they both lay locked in their lewd, incestuous embrace, too paralyzed to move.

"It's Mom!" Paula hissed, jumping to her feet. Her flushed cheeks blanched almost white as her eyes searched wildly for her discarded bikini halter and bottom.

"Oh Daddy! Get dressed -- hurry!"

"Grab your bikini and run for the house!" he commanded in a hoarse whisper. "Go upstairs and get into the shower!"

That was what Paula needed, someone to take command of the situation, to give her a definite order that she could follow. Quickly she scooped up her bikini halter, then the bottom a few feet away. She wasted no time in her mad dash to the house. Once she was safely inside the door to the family room, she turned to look out and saw the gate in the high board fence opening. She cast a frantic glance at her father and was amazed at his speed and agility. He had his pants on and was lounging in the desk chair, pretending to be asleep. He looked perfectly natural with his shoes, socks and shirt off, getting a little sun while he dozed.

Paula went upstairs, her bikini in her hand, laughing to herself.

Chapter THREE

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, a perfect day in late May, but the Prentiss family didn't get off to an early start on their picnic as they had first planned. For one thing, Paula noticed, neither Mom nor Dad were in any great hurry to get out of bed. Not that they hadn't gone to bed early enough the night before. They were in the bedroom by nine o'clock.

It was one of those evenings when the four of them sat down in the living room to watch TV. Then Mom sat on Dad's lap and wriggled and squirmed around until she had him as worked up as she was. Suddenly they got up and went off to their bedroom, and that was the last Paula and her brother saw of them until the next day at ten o'clock.

Paula knew her parents hadn't gone to sleep right away. When she went to her room later that night, she could hear sounds coming from her parents' room, right next to hers. She couldn't hear what they were saying but she could identify the various sounds. She knew they were having a hell of a great time together.

After her parents had gone to their room, Paula's brother gave her a pretty hot time on the living room couch. Paula's Mom and Dad were no sooner out of the room than her brother pulled her into his arms and the two of them did some hot and heavy necking. His hands were all over her and Paula didn't mind in the least that his kisses were one long open-mouthed tongue-licking experience.

His hands were squeezing and caressing her full firm tits, and when his mouth finally left hers, it was to lick and suck on her stiffening nipples. Her brother kept this up until she had two sensational ass-wriggling orgasms, the second one within minutes of the first.

While Paula cuddled in her brother's arms, she felt so good she didn't object at all when his hand slipped inside her panties and fingered her already wet pussy. She soon realized her brother was no amateur at playing with a girl's cunt. His teasing fingers brought her to a mind-shattering climax four times within the next hour. But if her brother thought that now that she was in the mood, she'd let him get his cock into her, he was mistaken!

Paula was stubborn. She wasn't about to let him fuck her. Why should she? Daddy had given her all the cock she needed, that very afternoon. Maybe she thought of herself now as Daddy's woman. And later, as she lay in bed listening to the sounds of the fun and merriment coming from her parents bedroom next to hers, she experienced a feeling of resentment and wished she'd stayed in the living room and let her brother fuck the hell out of her.

Paula went back out to the living room where her brother was still sitting on the sofa. When he undid his zipper and his long hard shaft sprang out into the room, her fingers closed around it and she began to pump away on it. Moments later he let out an animal-like growl and Paula watched a powerful stream of cum spurt from the head of his cock and fly half-way across the room. After that, Paula went back to bed, leaving her brother to clean up his mess off the living room carpet.

In the kitchen the next morning, Paula was pleased to see that they all had the same idea about what to wear for the picnic. Dennis and Daddy both wore swim trunks, while Mom sported a bikini every bit as brief as the one she was wearing.

Paula noticed each male had a considerable sized bulge in the front of his swim trunks, and she wondered if it was her or Mom who inspired it. It was difficult to tell. Daddy was looking at her as though he'd like to take her out by the side of the pool and fuck her again. Her brother was giving Mom some pretty hot looks, too. Dennis had his gaze fixed on that narrow strip of cloth that barely covered Mom's pussy, and it was quite obvious what he had on his mind. A quick glance at Mom's eyes made Paula realize she was quite aware of her son's heated interest.

"Well, let's get moving if we're gonna go," said Paula's father cheerfully, setting his coffee cup down in its saucer. "Let's get things organized here!"

"I'm all ready," chirped Paula's mother happily, hoisting a straw picnic basket into her slender arms. "Dennis will you pick up the ice chest? It's heavy. It has all the beer and Cokes in it."

Minutes later the family had arranged themselves in the family Ford. Paula sat in the back with her brother, while Mom sat close to Dad, who was driving. Paula's mother looked so lovely and desirable; Paula almost felt a little envious. How could Daddy or Dennis possibly notice her when Mom was there to look at? Mom's bikini revealed a luscious, trim and shapely ass and her gracefully molded legs flattered her slender figure.

An hour later the Ford turned off the highway onto an older, narrower and more deserted country road. It was noon by now, and the direct sun coming down on them bathed the countryside in its warmth and gave the occupants of the car the feeling that all was right with the world.

Paula's envy of her mother soon vanished. Her entire body tinged with delicious excitement as she felt her almost naked loins become the focal point of interest to her brother. Glancing down, she observed with obscene relish that he had a very definite hard-on! Of course her handsome brother wanted to fuck her; he was pretending not to notice her so as not to reveal his interest to Daddy, who was staring at her in the rear-view mirror. But her brother's great cock gave him away! Daddy's eyes were glued to her in the mirror and she wondered if he had a hard-on also.

Wow! So many things were happening this weekend that she didn't know quite what to think of them. But one thing was certain. She wanted to find out more about all this!

The one thing that clouded her sensation of budding sexuality was that she wasn't sure how far she should let her brother go. Finally she decided that although she had played with his cock last night -- jerked him off in fact -- and today she might let him finger her pussy again, she'd never let him fuck her. At least not until she saw how things were between her and Daddy!

The countryside was changing now as they approached the Wahsanee River. It was more hilly and sparsely populated. Both Dad and Mom expressed strong pangs of nostalgia as they drove past an occasional well-kept farmhouse with flourishing fields of young corn and rippling wheat. They were in an animated discussion about how they spent their childhood and teenage summers.

Paula picked up on the bits and pieces of their conversation -- and the way they looked at each other -- and concluded that it was around here, while on a picnic, that Dad gave Mom her first fuck. Judging from the twinkle in Mom's eyes, she must have really liked it! Paula was quick to notice a movement of Mom's arm as she sat close to Dad, and she realized Mom was feeling Dad's erection though his swim trunks.

Paula felt a strong temptation to quickly lean over the front seat and catch Mom in the act of feeling Dad's cock. But she didn't dare. Besides, Mom's hand was keeping Dad's attention off her and he wasn't looking at her in the rear-view mirror. That enabled her brother to move his hand over onto her legs. In a few moments he had the crotch of her bikini pulled to one side and he was fingering her cunt. A few minutes more and the Ford had reached its destination and pulled to a stop -- just as Paula reached her climax!

Paula's mother was the first one out of the car when it came to a halt an a heavily wooded bank above the river, and she stood taking deep breaths of the pine and grass scented air. In an instant Paula's brother was out of the car and standing close to her. His eyes were coursing over his mother's naked legs and her almost naked ass.

"Oh, Dennis, it's so green and fresh smelling!" Mom said as their arms went about each other. She didn't seem to be at all angry about the way her son stared lustfully at her bikini-clad body. She seemed girlishly uninhibited, returning his kisses and caresses its they wandered around the small grassy clearing. "Look! There's violets and wild strawberries growing there!"

Presently mother and son returned to the car and helped Paula and her father take things from the trunk. A moment later her brother spoke to Paula in a near whisper. "Come on! Let's go for a walk along the river bank."

"Hey, Mom," Paula said to her mother in response to her brother's request. "Okay if Dennis and I go for a walk? You don't need us here."

"All right, dear," replied her mother with good humor. "Enjoy yourselves. It'll be at least a couple of hours before everything is ready to sit down to."

Paula and her brother turned and darted down the steep path through the trees and shrubs to the dyer's edge. They walked along in silence until they reached a small grassy area closed in on three sides by birch trees and thick bushes.

"Dennis, I..." Paula began, but before she could complete her sentence, her brother interrupted.

"Hey, honey, let's stop here. Baby, this is it! Look at that soft grass!" His arm slipped around her waist and pulled her close to him.

Paula wasn't enthused about the idea of stopping. The reason she'd started to speak was that she wanted to tell her brother that she really didn't know what she was feeling, and that she didn't want to fuck him.

His hand went onto one of her tits and gently squeezed and fondled it while he kissed her. "You like that, baby?"

"Don't, Dennis."

"Whatsa matter? You scared of having fun all of a sudden?"

"I just don't think I feel like necking," Paula said, and she was little amazed at how calm and confident her voice sounded to her ears.

"You didn't mind me fingering your pussy when we were in the car."

"I don't have to do anything I don't want to do," she told him, a buoyant sense of freedom surging through her at the realization. Paula stared seriously up at her handsome brother's face. "I only stopped here because I think we should have a talk."

"A talk? Again? Didn't you talk enough last night? Shit! Mom and Dad took off for the bedroom at nine o'clock. We could have had a ball, fucking on the couch! But you kept stalling, and talking! Well, I've had it with your stupid little games, Paula. You've been putting me off for too long. I want to fuck you, and that's what I'm going to do -- now!"

"But I don't want..." Paula tried to protest, taking a step away from Dennis. For the first time she noticed the grim determination in his eyes. How could she ever have thought she wanted her brother to fuck her? Fear ran down her spine as she realized how insistent he was.

"I don't care if you want it or not, you little cock-tease!" her brother cried, lunging for her and pulling her slim body tight against his hard loins.

Paula wanted to object. What right did he have to go grabbing her like that? But his mouth pressed so tightly against hers she could hardly breathe, let alone speak. For a moment she clenched her teeth to keep out his hotly prodding tongue, but the instant she gasped for air, it shot inside to tease unmercifully at her sensitive mouth and tongue. Even as she tried to wriggle out of her brother's grasp, Paula felt her determinism fading.

Oh God! It feels so nice! Why not? Why not?

"I'm going to fuck you, Paula," her brother murmured into the warmth of her mouth, his eager hands on the firm round mounds of her bikini-covered ass-cheeks -- feeling them, caressing them.

"Dennis... no!"

"I've been trying to get my cock into you for months now, my hot little sister. Today you're going to get it!" His pent-up frustration sent his virile young prick surging into a powerful erection that throbbed agonizingly inside his swim trunks. He ground his aching thickness against the tender flesh between his sister's legs.

"No! Dennis... don't... stop it!" Paula moaned, but it was obvious to her brother -- who had already stripped off her halter and whose hands were now tugging down her tiny bikini bottoms -- that her protest was merely a token one. Even as Paula's low whimpers broke from her lips, she was trembling in her brother's arms and not making any real effort to pull, herself away.

He had her completely naked, then he released her from his embrace to pull down his swim trunks and step out of thorn. For a moment his physical relief, as his bone-hard prick sprang up free from the painfully restraining material, was so great he didn't realize the strategic error he'd made.

Although Paula was certainly in an obsessive state of erotic desire, she had enough control of herself to be amazed at how easily she could be so hotly amused by her brother. Her anger at her brother blotted out most of her lust the moment he stepped away from her.

"You're wasting your time taking off your swim trunks, Dennis," she said in a cold voice in which only the slightest tremor could be noticed. "I don't want you to touch me!"

Paula reached down to the soft grass to retrieve the two discarded pieces of her bikini. With her back to her brother and bending over, she had then made HER strategic error! Her lust-crazed brother lunged toward her, seized her around the hips and dragged her to the ground. Before Paula even knew what was happening, she was on her back with her naked brother on top of her. The length of his iron-hard prick pressed firmly against her pubic mound. He was much stronger than she, and the impact of his weight stunned her. Still, she had the presence of mind to clamp her legs together and dig her fingernails into his back.

I have to get away! If I don't getaway from him I'll start to like it. I'll want hit to fuck me! And I want it to be Daddy who gives me all the fucking I need!

"Hey! Quit that!" her brother bellowed, as Paula's nails dug into his back. "And what do you mean, you don't want me to touch you? You didn't tell me that last night, when I was giving you all those kisses, and licking and sucking on your tits. You didn't mind me touching you when I fingered your pussy and you had one climax after another. If my cock is so objectionable, how come you held it in your hand last night and played with it so long? You loved jerking me off, didn't you? You might as well admit it, my horny little sister, you want it as much as I do. You want me to fuck you!"

Paula had been letting her brother fool around with her for the past six months, stopping him before he went too far, never allowing him to fuck her. But never in all that time had she ever driven him into such a blind rage as this. It frightened her, but it also excited her in a way she didn't fully understand -- just as the way he pinned her arms to the ground and the feel of his iron-hard prick rubbing on her pubic mound sent thrills churning through her.

"No, Dennis! No!" she wailed. But even as she cried out, she felt her objection weakening.

I can't help it! He's too strong! I can't stop him. I can't possibly make him understand I don't want him to fuck me!

Somehow, this rationalization released something inside Paula's brain, and she began to writhe in increasing abandon beneath the body of her lust-frenzied brother. The warm hard thickness of his virile prick rubbed tightly against her pussy mound. It felt as large and menacing as her father's. But her brother's cock was so smooth, and it pulsated with such obscene power against her trembling flesh, she felt herself grow dizzy as a wave of hot ticklish sensations swept over her.

"You're the prettiest girl I've ever known, Paula. You're not a kid any more and I just gotta feel you. I gotta feel your pussy with my prick! I've wanted to make it with you for a long time, baby, and the way you move around in those skimpy bikinis -- showing off your tits, your cunt and your ass -- I get so hot just looking at you, I can't stand it. I want to jump you even when Mom and Dad are right there with us!"

"Dennis, don't! Let me go!"

"Come on, Paula. Be good to me and open your legs. Look at me! I won't hurt you. It'll feel wonderful to both of us, when I get my prick into you. You'll love it, I promise. Come on, baby. Let me fuck you. 'Cause you want me to do it to you, don't you? Don't you, Paula?"

Her brother's words rang in her ears and her naked body trembled with the same urgent hot desire she'd felt yesterday with her father. Tiny droplets of moisture were forming on the lips of her pussy as she pressed her thighs ever more closely together to pressure her sensitive clit. She knew she wanted this exquisite feeling to build and build, until her entire body exploded in rapturous orgasm, with her brother's prick spurting its hot charge deep in her pussy.

Suddenly the lust-fevered young girl's hand reached down and her fingers closed around the hard shaft of her brother's cock. She smiled into his handsome face as he pressed his naked body up against her as he lay beside her on the soft grass. Paula moaned as she felt the solid head of his cock rub along the moist lips of her pussy.

A cool rush of air wafted in and fanned Paula's feverish body. Her brother's eager hands were feeling her body and his hot panting breath tickled her ear. Fearful that something might break this magic spell, the sexually aroused young girl buried her face in the hollow of her brother's neck and shoulder. At the same time, she inched her lust-inflamed body toward her brother's bare loins. He pressed back eagerly against her nude body.

"Yes... oh yes, Dennis..." the girl whispered. "Do it to me. I want you to..."

For a bewildered instant, her brother thought he was dreaming. He hadn't expected his sister to react so suddenly with such passion to his intimate touches. He bent his head to kiss her cheek and her long golden hair, while his hand caressed the round contours of her luscious ass-cheeks.

Paula's svelte body looked girlish and vulnerable lying next to the masculine form of her brother. His already swollen cock, held lovingly in her gasp, pulsed to an even greater girth, and he moved closer to Paula's naked curves so he could press his aching shaft against her soft thighs and shove the head against her moist pussy.

From where Paula lay on her side, the hard pink tips of her peach-shaped breasts rubbed gently against her brother's chest, causing her to let out another moan of urgent desire.

"Do it to me, Dennis. I want you. I want your cock!"

Impatiently eager, as any adolescent would be with such a luscious bundle in his arms, her brother rolled Paula onto her back, pausing a brief moment to run his hands over her gracefully curving flesh, and then he climbed on top of her. All the while Paula murmured sounds of passionate encouragement.

"Touch me, Dennis... feel me. Oh yes, do it to me!"

Dennis' long hard cock, already swollen and throbbing with desire, inflated to a huge, rampant shaft of iron-hard desire in Paula's firm grasp. With a guttural passionate groan, he grasped Paula's firm ripe tits, pinching the stiffened nipples until her erotic moans mingled with his own. Paula's mouth meshed with his in a shuddering kiss which seemed to go on and on, the kind of tongue-flicking, mouth-sucking kiss parents rarely consider proper conduct between a brother and sister.

As Paula felt her brother's blunt, mushroom headed prick pushing against the moist lips of her cunt, she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth, her tongue flicking at it in a frantic love-duel. Her slender arms wrapped around his neck as she spread her legs wide in wanton invitation. Tremors of excitement shot along her spine at her acceptance of this forbidden act -- being fucked by her own brother! But some how, the knowledge of her unforgivable guilt only served to increase her desire for her brother's cock.

Oh, dear God! I'm writhing around stark naked in the grass with my own brother. And I'm letting him fuck me! And I want him to do it! Oh God, I don't care if it is wrong, whatever comes of this -- I want to be fucked by my brother!

"Fuck me, Dennis! Fuck me! I want you to do it to me! I want you to fuck me!"

A powerful shudder surged through Paula's naked body as the words flowed spontaneously from her mouth. As the shocking obscenity echoed in her ears, she thrashed about on the grass like a lascivious demon. Whatever inhibitions she may have had vanished quickly with the surge of pleasure that swept through her as her brother's cock worked its way deeper into her accepting cunt. Her girlishly rounded buttocks arched up to meet the pressure of his prick pushing into her, and her strangled moans echoed into the warm cave of Dennis' mouth. He thrust again and his cock moved deeper into Paula's cunt.

"Aaahhhhh! Oooowwwhhhh! It's so big! So big! Oh, Dennis!"

Chapter FOUR

Dennis stared into Paula's face, totally confused by her unexpectedly passionate reaction to the fucking he was giving her. Never had he seen her so wild with lust. Paula knew she should be holding herself in check, making some show of innocence, letting her brother think this was all new to her. She should be letting him think she was an inexperienced adolescent -- his little sister -- to whom his hot plunging cock was a magical discovery.

But that wasn't so easy to do. Her brother's fuck-pole, moving ever deeper into her eager pussy, was driving her wild. It felt so fabulously good she wanted to writhe and squirm all over it.

As her brother sank his thick shaft into Paula's velvet soft cunt, her frantic movement created such exquisite sensations for him he was driven to an insane frenzy of passion. Flicking his athletic hips forward with all his might, he rammed in his rock-hard thickness right to the hilt, causing his hairy balls to slap against Paula's upturned ass-cheeks.

"Yeah, Paula, baby, I'm gonna fuck you all right!" he gasped, his voice unfamiliar in his intense lust. "I'm gonna show your little cunt what fucking is all about! And don't worry about me hurting you. It'll feel so damned good it'll drive you out of your mind!"

Paula was convinced this was no idle boast. It was obvious now that this wasn't her brother's first fuck either. There was nothing awkward or clumsy about the way he handled himself, or the way he handled her!

Scorching fire flamed through Paula's throbbing cunt as her brother slowly and tantalizingly drew his long, blood-swollen cock up through the heated moisture of her suctioning cuntal channel. As Paula's taut vaginal muscles clung to Dennis' passion-aching prick, she could feel every vein and ridge of his solid shaft. Instead of lying inert beneath him, Paula was fucking back, wriggling her hips and her ass, sucking at his invading prick with her vaginal muscles. Her brother's rampant, incredibly hard penis was enveloped in Paula's butter-soft passion-heated cunt -- a cunt that was tender and tight, but just as eager for fantastic pleasure as the cock that humped away at it.

"Aaarrggghhh!" her brother growled, grabbing hold of Paula's firmly molded tits as he let his fire-driven prick surge back down into her caressing cuntal depths. "It's so good, Paula! Oh, baby, it's even better than I dreamed it would be!"

For a moment he remained in this totally imbedded position, letting his lust-swollen cock throb several times, to relish the appreciative moans of Paula beneath him. Then with a sense of power over her, he began pumping in and out of her well-lubricated tight-fitting cunt.

Waves of passion flowed through Paula's naked body as her brother's heated prick plunged all the way into her pussy -- withdrew from her passion-tingling twat, then skewered back inside without letup.

"Yes! Oh, Dennis, yes! FUCK ME LIKE THAT! Oh, darling!"

"I did it, Paula!" her brother babbled. "I shattered your sweet little cherry, just like I've always wanted to do -- before any of those stupid-assed punks at school got a chance at it!"

Yes, darling brother, you go right on thinking that. If you'd stayed home with me yesterday afternoon, when I was so hot and horny, you could have had it then. With Mom off shopping and Dad sitting by the pool, you could have had me in my room upstairs. That was my favorite fantasy -- making it with you, there on my own bed. So darling, brother, you go right on thinking you're teaching me how to fuck. There's no need for you to know that Daddy got his prick in there first!

Her brother's iron-hard cock accelerated its obscene rhythm. Paula's entire body melted into a him of willingly subjugated flesh, controlled by her brother's masterful prick, and a rush of irresistible passion became her uppermost emotion.

"Aaaahhh! Oooohhh! Uuuummm!" the madly buffeted young Paula gasped as Dennis rammed his prick in and out of her burning cunt with a fury that bounced her around on the grass. Her brother's huge hairy balls jounced against her upturned and undulating ass-cheeks.

His kneading fingers moved from the resilient peach-shaped mounds of Paula's tits to tangle in her baby-fine golden shoulder-length hair. His hungry lips sank down onto the satin-smooth flesh of her straining tits and sucked at the distended nipples.

The sensuously writhing young Paula felt the first hints of a truly shattering orgasm building in her belly, and a pulsating passion started to vibrate in her cock-stuffed pussy. As Dennis' long hard cock ground into her throbbing cunt with ever-increasing frenzy, her sensitive nerve-filled clitoris swelled into a miniature erection, promising to explode with intensity.

"Ooohhh, baby!" her brother gasped in an unbridled fit of animal passion. "Ooohhh, I'm gonna cum! Gonna shoot off in your sweet little pussy!"

His huge thickness swelled inside her dilating, straining vaginal channel, filling her so completely that her cuntal flesh pulsated in preparation for her own explosion of lust. Paula felt the first hot jets of jism splash against her vaginal walls, as her brother shot his load.

"Do it to me!" she shrieked. "I'm right with you, darling!"

Paula's voice trailed off into a passionate moan as she felt hard male hands grip the globes of her ass with intense strength and heard her brother give an animal-like bellow of satisfaction, as he came.

The lewd sound rang in Paula's ears just as his flood of hot cum drenched the depths of her pussy, setting off the fires of her climax. Hot waves of intense pleasure swept through her until her ecstatic fulfillment was so complete she never noticed how limp and unresponsive her brother had become. Only when the last waves of physical bliss had begun to recede, did she become aware of her brother's heavy weight on top of her.

Paula looked up at her brother and gave a satisfied smile. "Oh, Dennis, you're fantastic! I never dreamed it would be anything like that!" she managed to get the words out of a breathless body. As theft two bodies rolled apart, both Paula and her brother gave a startled "Oh!"

His massive prick was still erect, still throbbing, still as virile and alive as ever. As if to prove to herself she was not seeing things, Paula reached out and grasped the erect wet cock. Her fingers caressed it and began to massage it up and down.

Suddenly her brother took her head gently in his hands and brought her face down close to his cock as he stretched out on his back on the soft grass.

Without any hesitation, Paula flicked out her tongue, letting the tip of it caress the smooth hot wetness of his cock-dome. Her brother's hands on either side of her face tightened. She opened her mouth and engulfed the hot swollen head of his prick between her lips!

"Christ... I can't believe it!" her brother exclaimed happily. "I just can't be this lucky! My own sweet beautiful little sister, the sweetest, most luscious piece of ass a guy could ever wish for -- sucking my cock! And right after I finished fucking her!"

Paula did not reply. She had her mouth full and was much too engrossed in what she was doing. To her brother it was a most lust-provoking sight to see Paula's pretty mouth stretched to accommodate his purple-headed monster. His cock was wet and sticky from their climactic juices, and yet Paula sucked greedily at the fluid and swallowed it in hungry gulps. She seemed possessed with lust. She fondled and caressed her brother's balls while she sucked at his erect cock.

"Give me a blow job, Paula," her brother coaxed softly. "Suck me right off!"

Suddenly Paula was doing just that. A hot liquid stream spurted from her brother's cock into her mouth. Paula gulped frantically. Her cheeks billowed and hollowed as she tried to suck and swallow all at the same time. The hot fluid trickled from the corners of her mouth, despite her efforts get it all.

Dennis watched her suck and suck until she had all there was to get. It was a sight he would not soon forget. He had fucked his beautiful sister, then watched her suck his cock until he shot his load into her mouth.

As she knelt beside him, he gave a gentle pull on bet leg. Paula read his intentions. Raising her knee, she swung one leg over him and assumed a straddling position, lowering herself until her wet pussy was right over his face.

Her brother played with her cunt and Paula loved it. She opened her thighs as wide as she could, and as she played with his balls she held the head of his cock firmly in her tightened lips. Dennis' fingers were inside the narrow slit of Paula's cunt, and her love-juice was oozing out and down over his hands and wrists.

He kissed the enticing cunt before him and slipped his tongue up into the slit. Paula sighed. It felt so different from her brother's long hard prick that had just been up in there -- a tongue, no matter how rigidly it is held, is still soft. Paula opened her eyes and yanked her brother's stiffening cock in a furious pumping movement. His thumbs were spreading open her cunt so that it lay like a delicious piece of flesh ready for inspection, the inner lips soft and wet -- and ready.

When Dennis nibbled at Paula's clit, she nearly bit his prick off! She felt her orgasm sweep over her and she licked and sucked ravenously on her brother's cock. In the throes of her orgasm, she ground her hot wet pussy down onto his hard working mouth. She let put a scream of intense pleasure and Dennis held her firmly by her shapely ass to steady her. The last thing she saw before she closed her eyes, was her brother's cock, standing straight up in front of her face -- thick, pulsating and very solid. Then she lay limply on top of him.

Sometime later, Paula stirred. Her mind was dazed. Had she been sleeping? She was lying face down on the soft grass and was aware of her brother's weight on top of her. She could feel his cock in her pussy, right up to his balls. Her memory cleared. She had been on top of her brother, sucking his cock, bringing it back to fighting condition, while he ate her pussy and sent her into a sensational orgasm.

After that he had climbed on top of her and fucked her wildly until they both came. When they had caught their breaths, he shad rolled her onto her stomach, raised her up on her knees and thrust his cock into her doggy-style. Moments later, after coming together again, they had collapsed in an exhausted heap.

Paula raised her arm and brought it close to her face so she could see her wrist watch. "Dennis! Get off me! We've been gone two whole hours! Mom and Dad will have everything ready and are probably looking for us right now. They could come upon us like this any minute! Get your bathing trunks on!" She leaped to her feet as soon as her brother rolled off of her. "Oh, God! Where did you throw my bikini?"

The young girl felt a sense of relief once she had her bikini on, but her brother's love-juice, drying thickly on her face and thighs, was still a dead giveaway to what they had been doing the past two hours. She wasted no time in wading knee-deep into the river's refreshing water and washing herself down. Her brother did the same.

Making theft way back along the river bank, they kissed and caressed and fondled each other, feeling very proud of themselves. They had fucked each other silly and gotten away with it. When they came to the path that led up the incline, through the trees and bushes to the picnic table, Paula spotted something in the water that interested her and she stopped to look at it more closely. Her brother went on up the pathway. In a moment he came back down, his fingers to his lips indicating to Paula he wanted her to be silent.

"Mom and Dad are fooling around," he said, almost in a whisper. "Dad wants to fuck her and he's got her so hot and worked hp, she'll most likely let him."

"My God!" gasped Paula. "Right there at the picnic table?"

"Why not? There's nobody around but us. If they think we won't be back for a while, they'll do it. I betcha!"

"But we've been gone for over two hours now."

"That's why Dad is so horny -- being with her all that time, and her in that, skimpy little bikini. No guy could be around her when she's in a bikini and not want to fuck her!"

"Even you?" asked Paula.

Her brother looked at her steadily, then grinned. "Especially me!"

"You'd fuck your own mother?"

"The very first chance I got! If Mom gave me the slightest indication she wouldn't tell Dad if I tried it -- wow! I've wanted to make it with her for a long time. Just like I've always wanted to make it with you!"

"Poor Mom," said Paula thoughtfully. "She'd be so shocked if she knew her son just spent the past two hours fucking his sister. But she'd really freak out if she knew her fifteen-year-old son wants to fuck her too!"

"Bull crap!" Paula's brother replied. "She knows already! I've seen the way she looks at the bulge in the front of my trousers when I have a hard-on. I have a cock-stand all the time when I'm around her, and she checks it out pretty often. Sometimes it's like she can't seem to take her eyes off it. Her being my mother doesn't make her any different. She gets a kick out of thinking about cock, the same as you do!"

"Even her own son's cock?"

"Sure. Women pretend they don't think about such things, and want you to believe they wouldn't dream of being unfaithful to theft husbands. But you might be very surprised if you could know how many attractive horny mothers enjoy a romp on the bed with their sons, whenever the old man isn't around."

"And you think that Mom..."

"Hey! Come on. We're wasting time gabbing," Paula's brother cut in. "Let's sneak up to the top of the path. The tress and bushes are thick around the clearing where the picnic table is. We can watch Mom and Dad right up close and they'll never suspect we're anywhere near."

Paula followed her brother up the pathway, neither of them saying a word or making a sound. She could lecture him another time on the deceitfulness of spying on their parents, but right now there was no time to lose. Maybe Mom and Dad already had fucked each other, while she and her brother had wasted time down by the river's edge.

Just as they reached the top of the incline where another step would bring them out into the clearing, Paula was grabbed by her brother and pulled off the pathway, behind a clump of bushes. Paula looked out from behind the foliage and found she had a clear view of Mom and Dad standing by the picnic table. Neither of them had the slightest suspicion their son and daughter were anywhere near, yet Paula could have reached out her hand and tapped her father on the shoulder, had she been inclined to do so.

Paula caught her breath as she stared at her parents. They were in a tight clinch, their mouths pressed together in a long hot kiss. Her father, with a firm grip on his wife's trim little ass, finally moved his hand up to a point behind her back.

"George, what are you doing?" asked Paula's mother, breaking the long kiss.

"I'm taking off your halter, Eve, my darling," he replied, "so I can suck on those luscious tits!"

"You sucked on them last night," Eve reminded him. "In fact, you had one or the other in your mouth nearly all night long. Have you forgotten what you did with them this morning, before we got out of bed? You laid your long hard cock in between them, then rubbed it back and forth and you came so fast I didn't have time to get the head of it into my mouth. You shot your load all over my neck and chin. I should think you'd have had enough tittie for awhile and you could behave yourself -- knowing that our son and daughter may be back here any second."

"Any second, my ass!" George replied with a grin. "When you have everything on the table and we're ready to sit down and eat, then I'll have to go off somewhere and hunt for them."

"Very well," said Eve as her husband pulled off her halter and let it drop onto the grass. "So our kids won't be back to see you having my titties for your picnic lunch. What about others who might come by here and want to use this picnic table?"

"Not a chance, honey. Nobody knows about this place. It's private property and the owners live a long way from here. The family who put this table here moved away two years ago."

George's hand closed on one of Eve's tits as his mouth came down onto hers.

"You're sure...?" asked Eve when they finally came up for air.


"That's easy for you to say. I'm the one who has my bare tits exposed to view if someone comes by. All you have to do is straighten up and you look quite respectable in your swim trunks."

"Okay," said George agreeably. Suddenly he had his trunks down around his ankles. He stepped out of them. His long hard prick, free at last, stood almost straight up, quivering slightly in its eagerness and anticipation.

"My God!" exclaimed Eve. "Look at the size of that thing! You look like you haven't had a woman for six months. And after all I did for it last night!"

"That's why he's so hot and hard, baby," said George, grinning. "The memory of how good you were to him last night -- when he was wedged between your titties, then in your cunt, and buried in your ass -- he just naturally wants more!"

George's mouth clamped onto one of Eve's nipples and he sucked on it ravenously. Eve stood it as long as she could, then moaned, "Ooohhh... damn you, George! You know I can't resist you when you suck and lick my titties like that. Do you have any idea how you make me feel when you do that to them?"

Taking his mouth from her nipple, George looked at her and chuckled softly. "You were fourteen when I squeezed my cock into that tight little pussy of yours and gave you your first fuck. From that day on we fucked like a pair of rabbits all through your teen-age years, up to your wedding night. And I've sucked on these sweet tits of yours pretty steady through eighteen years of marriage. I should have some idea by now of what turns you on!"

Chapter FIVE

Eve wasn't the only one whose tits were being mauled around. From her hiding place in the bushes, where she and her brother stood watching her Mom and Dad, Paula's firm ripe breasts were getting a workout too. Her brother was pressed up close behind her. He had already pulled down his swim trunks and her bikini bottoms, so he could press his bone-hard prick into the crevice between the cheeks of her shapely ass. Dennis' arms were around her. Her halter was pushed up and he had a firm grip on her tits, one in each hand, as he squeezed and caressed them.

Paula could appreciate the hot and horny desires her mother was experiencing -- for Paula was having her share of them too. She stifled her urge to moan and sigh, hoping she could remain silent in spite of her brother's hands and the exciting show her parents were unknowingly putting on for her and her brother. If she gave away her position now, it would be difficult tp say which of the two couples would be more embarrassed.

When George's mouth went back onto Eve's nipple, her hand reached down and latched onto her husband's upright cock. She squeezed it with her fingers, pumping it up and down. Suddenly George's hands were busy tugging her bikini bottoms down over her lush lips.

Paula stared through the protecting foliage at her naked mother and watched her lean back against the picnic table and spread her legs wide as she pressed the head of George's prick against the warm moist lips of her pussy. George bucked his hips forward and his cock smoothly entered her. She gave a little squeal of delight and wriggled her firm shapely ass each time his prick went in deeper.

With his hands under the cheeks of her ass he lifted her buttocks easily up from the edge of the picnic table. Eve lay back on the table top, knowing what he had in mind. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his back. She locked her ankles and let her rear end relax in his firm grasp, so that his prick could move even more deeply into her. She was breathing hard, her sexual fever increasing and her panting took on more of the appearance of sexual satisfaction.

George sweated, as he held her ass and kept up a steady humping rhythm. As he leaned over her, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, her face pressed closely to his ear. She dipped her tongue in his ear and then kissed his neck. Between her gasps for breath she coaxed him on to even greater effort. From behind the bushes, Paula watched her mother having a wonderful time and nearing her climax.

"Come on, you wonderful fucker!" Eve gasped breathlessly. "Fuck me, darling! Drive that beautiful prick up into me!" She clawed at his neck and the part of his back she could reach without losing her grip on him.

Paula stared at her father's swiftly moving ass as he pumped his cock into Mom for all he was worth. He drove forward with his legs and his hips, bitting deep inside her cunt.

"Oh baby, you feel good!" George panted. "You always do! You have such a sweet little pussy. I love it!"

Eve clawed at his back and bit at his shoulder as he stepped up the pace, panting and gasping himself. George clutched her ass and drove it to her. Paula could see her father's fingers digging into the soft flesh of Mom's rear end. It seemed to make Mom all the more excited.

"Ooohhh! Aaahhh! I'm coming darling! Oh God! You're driving me out of my mind!"

"Your pussy feels so good..."

The gasps and moans of Paula's mother changed to screams of passion as she trembled and shook in the frenzy of her orgasm.

"I'm going to shoot!" George bellowed.

"Yes darling! Do it!"

"Aaarrrggghhh... uuuhhhgh!"

"Ooohhh... yes!" Eve shrieked. "Oh darling, that's so good!"

Paula watched them excitedly. She knew they had both come. Dad had sprawled heavily on top of Mom, who hugged and caressed him lovingly with her arms and her legs.

"Thank you, darling," Eve sighed. "You were just wonderful, as usual." She tenderly kissed his ear. "Do you know this is the first time you've fucked me on top a picnic table?"

"It is? And I've been taking you on picnics from the time you were fourteen. I wonder why we never thought of it?"

Eve smiled up at him. "I guess because we enjoyed it in the hayloft so much, we just never thought of doing it anywhere else -- until later."

George grinned. "Yes... until later. Then we did it in all kinds of places. The swimming hole, the woods, in the cornfield, behind your house on the back lawn -- you name it."

"You did it to me in the library one night, and we nearly got caught. Remember?"

"I sure do," said George. "That was close."

"There's one place I'll never forget," said Eve. "Remember when Mom and Dad were planting something in the flower bed under the kitchen window? I was leaning out the window, watching talking to them."

"Sure," said George. "All they could see was the upper part of you as you leaned on your elbows on the window sill. I was in the kitchen, out of sight. You looked so good, bending over like that, I just couldn't stand it any longer."

Eve shrieked with merriment. "I'll never forget how shocked I was! I was talking to Mom and Dad when suddenly my skirt flew up over my back and my panties were whisked down to my ankles. The next thing I knew, your hands grabbed me by my hips and I felt your cock push its way up into me. I never expected anything like that! Fortunately I was so shocked I couldn't scream or even make a sound."

"I'll never forget that day either," George said. "That was a real thrill, fucking you in that position. And your folks right there, so close, and not knowing what was going on."

"You wouldn't believe what a time I had, having a really sensational orgasm and trying to make it sound like I was just coughing. Mom looked up at me, all concerned and asked if I was getting a cold. Can you imagine?"

"It wasn't a cold her virginal daughter was getting," said George. "It was a bone-hard cock thrust into her pussy."

Eve gave George a mischievous smile. "Maybe Dad thought of me as their virginal daughter, but I'm sure by then, Mom knew better."

"You think so?"

"Mom is nobody's fool. How could she believe that at seventeen I was a virgin, when I was going steady with you -- considering what went on between you and Mom?"

"Oh! You mean..."

"I'm talking about that Saturday afternoon when Dad was helping out at my uncle's farm," Eve said. "You and I didn't have a date because of something else you had to do, so I made plans to spend the afternoon and evening with my friend Helen. Only Helen and her family had unexpected weekend guests, so I came on back home -- and what a surprise I got! You were in the living room with my mother and both of you were stark naked. Mom was lying on the couch and you were on top of her. She had her arms and legs wrapped around you and you were humping away like crazy. There was no chance of my being mistaken about what I saw because I just stayed right there in the hallway and watched the whole thing."

"That was quite an exciting afternoon you spent, watching us," said George with a grin.

"It certainty was," Eve agreed. "Quite educational too. Mom and I were always close. I thought I knew her so well, even her innermost secrets. I'd never have believed she'd let anyone but my father put his prick into her... never dreamed she'd let her daughter's boyfriend fuck her -- that she'd suck his cock and then let him put his prick up her ass!"

"That's part of your mother's irresistible charm," said George. "She looks so sweet and innocent -- the result of a lifetime of clean, pure thoughts."

"I learned something else too, that day," said Eve. "The way you two were getting it on, it was obvious this wasn't the first time. You two had a good thing going there and it looked like it had been going on for quite some time. But it wasn't until years later, after you and I were married, that Mom and I had a friendly mother-and-daughter talk and she gave me some facts I hadn't known about."

"Such as?"

"Well for one thing, I was only nine years old when it all began. Mom was only twenty-eight and she found herself getting the hots for this handsome guy named George Prentiss who came out from town every Saturday to mow the lawn and help her with the flower beds -- and whatever else she had for him to do. It was also a time when Dad had a number of business ventures occupying his mind, in addition to running the farm, and he wasn't looking after his bedroom duties like he should have been. The situation was, ideal for what Mom and this boy both had in mind."

"And what was that?" asked George.

"As if you didn't know," replied Eve with a soft chuckle.

"Ah yes. Those were the days..." said George, giving a contented sigh.

"By the time I was seventeen," said Eve, "Mom was pretty certain you were fucking me as well as her. But she liked what she had going for her too well to rock the boat, so she said nothing. A long time after that -- after you and I were married -- she was really shocked when I told her I was only fourteen when you took me up into the hayloft and fucked me."

George laughed. "It was too late for her to object then."

"Why would she?" asked Eve. "Even to this day, as far as she's concerned you can't do anything wrong. Au those mother-in-law jokes certainly didn't apply to you and her. You two have a passionate love for each other that's both physical and emotional."

"She's a sweet lovable creature," said George.

"And you still fuck her."

"Not often. When do we get a chance to be together?"

"You did all right at Christmas," Eve reminded him, "when she and Dad stayed with us."

George grinned. "Yes, that was nice!"

"Paula and Dennis wanted to go ice skating. I went with them and we took Dad along. You didn't go because you had to work on some papers. Mom stayed home to take a nap. Some nap!"

Paula could see her father grinning again, and his cock was still in Mom's pussy, right up to his balls. His hands moved around on her ass and Mom kissed him and caressed him. "After you left," George told Eve, "Mom remarked how peaceful and quiet it was in the house. Then she suggested that it would do me a world of good if I were to lie down with her and take a nap. I heartily agreed and followed her upstairs and into the bedroom."

"You two went upstairs and took a nap?"

"Not exactly. Neither of us wanted to get our clothes wrinkled, so I took mine off and undressed her. When we got onto the bed we were both bare-assed naked. She cuddled up in my arms and told me that suddenly she didn't feel at all like taking a nap. Then she asked me if I still considered her attractive."

"And you assured her you did?"

"I drew her hand down onto my cock to show her how bone-hard and eager it was to get into her. Then I spent the whole afternoon fucking her. What better way to prove to her how attractive I thought she was? I fucked her five times! The last time was up that luscious ass of hers!"

"You must have done a good job on her," said Eve. "She absolutely adores you -- as she has for years."

"Not only is she still a great looking woman," said George, "but even at fifty-two, she still is as hot and wild in bed as she ever was."

"How old were you, the first time you fucked your mother?"

George looked at Eve with a half-smile. "This is a hell of a thing for a guy to be taking about to his own wife!"

"Well... it was later that same summer," said George. "Dad had an accident and was in the hospital with a broken hip. It was the first night Mom and I were alone in the house. I was in my room, lying there thinking how much I needed a piece of ass. I was fucking your mother every Saturday, but that didn't help me through the week. Suddenly I thought about my thirty-three-year-old, attractive, sensuous looking mother, alone in her bed lust across the hall from me. It wasn't the first time I'd thought about how much I wanted to fuck her -- but now this was my chance! All I had to do was walk into her room and try it! Without giving it a second thought, I was there, sitting on the edge of her bed."

"Was she surprised?" asked Eve.

"Surprised and pleased. She wasn't asleep. In nearly nineteen years of marriage, there hadn't been a night when she went to bed by herself -- except when I was born, I guess. She felt insecure and lonely. I leaned over her and cuddled her into my arms, and kissed her. Her luscious, full firm tits, barely covered by her thin nightie, pressed against my chest. I always slept in the raw, but to go to Mom's room I put on a pair of undershorts. I didn't want to scare her by suddenly waving my hard-on in her face, but those undershorts sure felt uncomfortable with my cock trying to get bigger."

"You could stand a little discomfort," said Eve, "the way you had everything going your way."

"It sure was," agreed George. "Between kisses, Mom was murmuring how sweet I was, to be concerned about her like that. Then I asked her if she'd like me to lie down beside her and keep her company. Quickly she drew back the sheet to make way for me. As soon as I was stretched out beside her, she pulled the sheet over us and I moved in close to her. Our arms went around each other and held each other close. We kissed... and after about the third one, we weren't doing mother-and-son kisses anymore. We were both pretty free with our hands. I got mine inside her nightie and was feeling all over her luscious full firm tits. But she didn't seem to notice, didn't try to take my hand away, but she sure did start breathing harder! That's when our legs got all tangled up together."

"You were doing alright for yourself," said Eve.

"I was doing okay, even for an adult," said George. "I couldn't believe it was going to be so easy. I just pushed down my undershorts to my ankles and got my feet out of them. I pulled her nightie up to her waist and got on top of her."

"Oh God! You make me so hot and horny just listening to you!" moaned Eve.

"That's what I like to do!" said George with a grin.

"Go on. Tell me the rest of it!"

"Well, I thought at the time that Mom was so worked up and excited she just didn't realize it was her son putting his prick into her. But one thing really surprised her -- how well hung I was! She pulled her mouth away from mine and gasped that she wasn't used to having one that big! She spread her legs out wide and her hands grabbed me by the ass. It was like she was helping me all she could to get it into her. A moment later I had it in, right up to my balls! And Mom was going wild underneath me, writhing and squirming around."

"What a kid!" said Eve. "You were fucking two married women! My mother and yours!"

"For twelve whole weeks, Dad was laid up in the hospital," George said. "And each night, all during that time, Mom and I fucked like rabbits. We didn't always wait for bedtime either. Quite often, as soon as I was home from school she and I went right upstairs to her room and fucked until it was dine for her to start getting supper ready. And there were times we just skipped supper entirely."

"You and your Mom had a good thing going..."

"Right. She was delighted that I enjoyed eating her pussy so much. And it thrilled her when I told her how much I loved her sucking my cock. Then, after we'd been making it together about six or eight weeks, she finally got the courage to let me try something I'd wanted very much to do. She smeared my cock and her asshole with lubricant, then got down on her knees and let me work my prick up into her ass!"

"Did she go for that?"

"She didn't mind it, that first time. Then, by the third time she really got into it. If I had a dollar for every time I've fucked Mom in the ass, I could retire in comfort when I'm sixty. If I had a dollar for every time I've had my cock in your mother's ass, I could retire at fifty!"

"Is that so!"

"And if I had a dollar for every time I've had my prick in your ass -- from the time you were fourteen to now -- I could quit work tomorrow!"

"I take it then that you like fucking me in the ass?" said Eve, smiling up at her husband.

"You know I do."

"Would you like to do it to me that way again? Right now?"

His mouth pressed down onto hers and their arms tightened about each other.

"Just as soon as I can get my cock out of your pussy and get you turned over," George said when their lips finally parted.

Paula saw her father pull back from her mother's pussy, saw his cock slip out of her -- long, huge and solid. Eve got up from the picnic table, turned around so her back was to her husband, then leaned over with her forearms resting on the picnic table top.

"You don't need any lubricant, darling," Eve said excitedly. "Your cock is wet and slippery and your cum is all over my ass."

For a moment George just stared at the luscious ass in front of him. Then suddenly he grabbed it with both hands.

"Give it to me, darling," said Eve.

"Yes baby," gasped George. His eager hands grasped her tightly by her hips, puffing and tugging on them. As his nails dug into her mounds of ass-flesh, his breathing got heavier and heavier. "Oh honey, I love to fuck you this way!"

"Then do it, darling!" Eve said. Her hand reached around behind her, seized her husband's cock and guided it into her bare ass. As the head of it touched her moist tender asshole, she cried out with pleasure. "There it is, sweetheart! Push on it! Make it go in!"

Eve shoved her ass back and George shoved forward at the same time. His thick pulsing dick burrowed into her asshole. She wriggled and rolled against his solid shaft, working on it as the cock moved back and forth in her tight hole. Soon there were wet squishing sounds, caused by the small flow of cum that leaked out of George's cock.

"Oh Eve, baby," George moaned. "I love fucking your ass!"

"I know you do, honey," said Eve breathlessly. "Put it into me deep! I want it that way!"

His hands cupped both her tits and with his tight grip on her creamy jugs, he moved her about as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Eve pushed back at him with every thrust he made into her. He drove it in deep, slamming his huge hairy balls into the crease between her ass-cheeks. Paula, watching from the bushes, saw her father's long hard meat move faster and faster, back and forth in her mother's ass. She knew Daddy was going to cum and she stared in fascination at every motion of his busy cock.

It was becoming difficult for Paula to concentrate on the sensational ass-fucking Dad was giving Mom, even though they were both so close to her. Paula's brother was holding her ass tight against his iron-hard prick. The shaft stood straight up, and he rubbed the length of it between the luscious globes of her ass. Both his arms were around her as he hugged her tight and kissed her ear, her cheek, and her soft shoulder and slender neck. One hand gripped her breast, teasing the stiffened nipple until Paula wanted to shriek with pleasure. His other hand was on her pussy-mound, one finger in her cunt working back and forth while his thumb teased her stiffened clitoris.

"Dennis..." she whispered as softly as she could. "Mustn't make... any noise. You're making me... cum!"

"Me too, Paula," replied her brother in a hoarse whisper. Paula feared he could be heard on the other side of the bushes by their mother and father. "You feel so good... I'm gonna cum all over your beautiful young ass!"

Paula was quickly losing herself in the pure pleasure of sex, excited by the extra thrill of doing it so close to her parents, where the slightest sound could tip them off as to what was going on in the bushes between her and her brother. In a daze of passion she saw her father grip Mom's tits really tight and slam his cock into her ass. The burning prick in her ass shot in and out, faster and faster, then stopped as George buried it to the hilt. Paula watched her mother's ass wriggling all over it, pushing back at him.

"Oh darling, you're wonderful!" Eve shrieked. "You really know what to do to set me off!"

"I'm going to shoot, baby!" gasped George. "Shoot my load into your hot little ass!"

Paula knew from their movements that her father's hot cum was spurting into Mom's tight asshole, jetting into her one thick burst after another. Her father's spitting cock pushed in and out of Mom's asshole, pushing her about, moving her from left to right. She couldn't hold back. George's fingers reached under her, teasing her clitoris, setting her off. She creamed over his fingers.

At the same time, Paula's brother's fingers were busy on her cunt -- with the same results. Only the screams of her mother in the throes of her climax, and the guttural cries of her father, saved Paula and her brother from being caught. For Paula couldn't go through such a pleasurable orgasm in complete silence. Nor could her brother remain quiet when his throbbing cock shot a load of cum up Paula's bare back and all over the cheeks of her ass. She could feel the hot sticky substance up as far as her shoulder blades. She leaned back against her brother, who hugged her tightly while they struggled to catch their breath.

"Oh darling." Paula heard her mother moan happily. "You're such a beast with that beautiful cock of yours. No wonder my mother and your mother -- and God knows who all else -- are so crazy about you. You really know how to please a woman."

"It's having such a beautiful woman impaled on my cock that inspires me," George replied gallantly. "I could set up housekeeping between your beautiful legs and live there forever -- happy as a king!"

Suddenly Paula felt her brother pulling at her arm, urging her toward the pathway down to the river. They reached the water's edge before her brother spoke. "That was close," he said. "Mom and Dad will be down here any minute to get cleaned up. Up ahead, where the river takes a sharp turn, we'll be out of sight. We'll wait there and give them time to get back in shape."

"Give them time to get back into shape?" asked Paula indignantly. "What about us? I've never felt so out of shape in all my life! You shot your cum all over me. It's probably in my hair too."

"Sorry about that," Dennis said with a broad grin. "I can come just looking at that luscious little ass of yours. But feeling it against, my prick, and you wriggling and squirming around, I didn't have a chance to hold it back."

When they arrived back at the picnic table about twenty minutes later, Paula's father was tending the fire and the meat on the grill. Mom had a table cloth on the picnic table and everything spread out, ready for them to sit down and eat.

"Well, you two timed it just right," said Paula's mother. "Everything is ready and we were just going to call you or start looking for you."

Chapter SIX

Paula came home to an empty house, but she knew it wouldn't be empty for long. Her mother and her brother would, be home in a short while. Mom was attending a club meeting near the high school and she'd already arranged to pick up Dennis on her way home. Neither Mom nor Dennis were expecting her to be home. She had lied to them both, when she told them earlier she was going straight from school with her friend Heather to her house and would have supper there.

The teen-age girl was quite certain what her brother would do, once he realized he and his mother were alone, and that he wouldn't be interrupted by his sister coming home. Paula knew what her brother had in mind, because she knew him so well -- but also because of the little things he'd mentioned to her -- and he didn't realize she'd put two and two together. But letting her brother think she wouldn't be home would cause him to [missing text].

This was Dennis' big chance. If he had as much nerve as Paula gave him credit for, he would try to make his fantasy into reality.

Whatever might take place between her brother and her mother made no difference to Paula. She just wanted to be there to see it! Watching her mother and her father on the picnic table the previous Sunday afternoon made Paula realize how exciting it is to watch a couple fuck. Paula grinned to herself as she considered that she had all the makings of a female peeping-Tom!

Standing by her bed, she stripped herself naked to take a shower, a ritual she performed almost automatically each day she arrived home from school. She was almost to the bathroom when she stopped suddenly...

What are you thinking of, you dumb little ass? You can't take a shower now! For one thing you won't be finished before Mom and Dennis get here and that will blow the whole thing. Even if you finish and hide in time, the wet shower stall is a dead giveaway that you're around someplace. Forget the shower! And pick up your clothes and get them out of sight, in case they look in your room!

A moment later Paula tip-toed naked into her mother's bedroom and slipped into one of the closets. To her delight she found that in her hiding place, with the door slightly ajar, she had a good view of nearly all the room -- especially the bed. If Mom should reach into the closet for something, she was still well hidden from view by the clothes hanging there.

Her decision not to take a shower was a wise one, for no sooner was Paula in the closet than she heard the door open downstairs. A few minutes later she heard her mother and brother talking as they came up the stairs. Then her mother came into the room and just before she closed the door behind her, Paula got a glimpse of Dennis going into his room across the hall.

Paula watched her mother move to the dresser where she took off her ear rings, necklace and wrist watch. Then she sat down on the seat and removed her shoes and her nylons. Paula's mother was anything but old fashioned in her wearing apparel, but she did prefer nylons and a garter belt to panty hose. Paula knew why. She'd heard Dad tell Mom that panties and a garter belt really turned him on. Panty hose did nothing for him at all. Knowing Mom, she'd be only too willing to wear whatever kept Dad in a loving and horny mood.

Mom was standing by the bed now, taking off her dress. She laid it carefully over the back of a chair. Then off came her bra and her panties. As she stepped out of her panties she bent over to pick them up. That was the position she was in when Paula saw the bedroom door behind her open quietly. Standing in the doorway, staring excitedly at his mother's bare ass, was Paula's brother. He was stark naked and his stiff cock stood out in front of him. It was huge -- and solid!

Paula saw her brother hold his breath as long as he could, savoring this last delicious moment of anticipation, then just as his mother straightened up, he sprang!

"Eeeaaahhh!" the attractive golden haired woman shrieked as grasping fingers closed over her naked breasts and a long hard cock pressed against her vulnerably positioned bare ass.

Paula could see for one horror stricken instant her mother was flooded with animal-like terror that a woman instinctively feels when her life is threatened by something she cannot see or understand. It was only a moment though, before she realized who her attacker had to be. Paula could see the fear in her mother's eyes giving way to a look of lurid excitement. It caused her mother's knees to go weak so that she tumbled face down onto the bed.

His penis! My brother's penis is touching Mom's bare ass!

Paula watched a long shudder wrack her mother's nude loins. Even though her brother's cock was not at the moment touching her mother's sprawled out body, Paula could see its enormous smooth-skinned hardness quivering from the brief exciting contact.

My brother is naked! Naked with a gigantic hard-on! And Mom is naked too!

A billowing wave of sexual passion flowed through the teen-age girl hiding in the closet and watching all that was taking place in the bedroom. Mom could get up and escape from him! she told herself. She could prevent this if she really wanted to! Paula could see her mother's muscles trembling with indecision, as though the commands of her conscious brain were being ignored in favor of her rising sexual desires.

Instead of making a dash for the door to the hallway, she lay quivering in immobilized expectation of her naked son's next move.

"Oh God!" the boy's voice cracked with passion as his aching prick seemed to swell to even larger dimensions after it grazed the satin-smooth flesh of his mother's luscious ass. "At last! I've wanted to fuck you for a long time, Mom. And now I'm going to do it!"

"Dennis! No! I'm your mother!"

"I know! I love you, Mom. What's wrong with a guy fucking the woman he loves?"

"Nooo, Dennis..." she moaned, grinding her breasts against the smooth cool sheet on which she was lying.

Paula could see that this movement only intensified her mother's wicked excitement, and her next whimper was more of a plea than a protest.

"Ooohhh nooo. Ooohhh..."

"Oh yes, Mom!" Dennis cried, his voice trembling with lust and triumph. "I'm gonna fuck you, just like I've always wanted to fuck you!"

Then the athletically-built youth's lean naked body was settling down onto his attractive mother's curvaceous figure, pressing her full breasts down into the yielding mattress and causing her to gasp for breath from the impact of his weight upon her back.

"Oh wow, Mom! I've been wanting to hold you like this for so long," Paula's brother groaned. "Oh it feels so good, having my cock laying in the crack of your luscious ass!"

"Ooohhhh... Dennis..."

From her hiding place in the closet, Paula watched Dennis' hands groping under Mom's silken-fleshed hips, taking a firm grip on her and turning her over onto her back. In the next instant he was on top of her again. Grinding his loins down on top of his mother's helplessly trapped body, his impatient cock pressured between the attractive woman's soft smooth thighs. He pressed his mouth onto hers, kissing her in the same way he had kissed his sister that Sunday afternoon by the river bank.

It excited Paula to see the effect her brother's actions were having on her mother. The beautiful woman was becoming just as eager as Paula had been that day, hungrily sucking at her son's tongue and running hers over his lips and teeth like a child savoring some strange and forbidden delicacy.

God, is Mom ever hot! She's doing her feeble best to hold the reins on her passion, but she's losing...

Paula watched her mother's richly sculptured body squirming and writhing -- like a bomb about to explode.

"You're a beautiful sexy woman, Mom," Paula's brother mumbled into the soft warmth of his mother's mouth. "And I'm going to fuck you like I've always wanted to. Spread those lovely legs of yours, Mom! Come on!"

"No! We mustn't, Dennis... I'm your mother."

"That doesn't matter. Come on, Mom. Open your legs for me!"

Paula could see that with every passing second Mom was growing more reckless, and these last words seemed to break down more of her remaining inhibitions. Yet still she could not quite bring herself to the point where she could surrender herself to the desires of her son. It looked as though part of her wanted to give in to her son for whom she obviously felt a hot sexual desire, but another part of her held back.

"It's wrong, darling, what you want to do, what you want me to do," said Paula's mother shakily. "It's evil and adulterous. How can you have any respect for me -- your mother -- if I spread my legs open and let you do it to me?"

"That's what I want to show you, Mom," replied Paula's brother, "how I love and respect you -- how I need you and want you!"

"But we can't do this, darling. It would be incest!"

"If the truth could be known, you'd find at least halt of the attractive mothers in this town have had their teen-age sons in bed with them, fucking like crazy while the old man is away at the office."


"And why shouldn't a mother and her son have a little fun together when he gets home after school? Chances are the old man has his office door locked with his secretary sprawled out on top of his desk, fucking the hell out of her!"

"Dennis... please!"

"The thing to remember, Mom, is how good it feels to be lying here, cuddled up in each other's arms, both of us naked. Then I'm going to put my bone-hard prick up into you and we're going to fuck for the next two hours. And nobody is ever going to know about it. Just you and me."

"Ooohhh. Nooo," she whispered, but it was obvious to her son -- as well as to Paula watching from the closet -- that she really meant yes. She made no effort to resist as his eager hands gently spread her legs wide apart. Then his hands moved up onto her full firm tits, gently caressing and teasing the already distended nipples. His long hard prick moved up into position between her legs until the bulbous head was pressed against the warm slick lips of her cunt.

Paula watched her mother raise her head from the mattress, lewd curiosity compelling her to watch her son's cock entering her.

My brother is going to fuck her. He's going to fuck his own mother! Right here in her bedroom, on her bed. And I'm watching the whole thing!

Paula watched her mother as she instinctively spread her legs farther apart, to make the entry easier for her son's erect cock.

"Oh Dennis... darling! I can't resist you!" she moaned softly. The sound of her mother's words filled Paula with a lewd exhilaration and she noticed the words had the same effect on her brother. "Yes... do it to me, sweetheart! I want you to screw me!"

The naked golden haired woman's obscene words of submission were the last straw for her lusting teen-age son. Unable to hold off a minute longer, he lunged forward, taking a firm grip on his mother's hips as though they were handles. With a guttural sound of pleasure, he eased his huge hard cock into her.

"God, Mom! You feel good!" he gasped.

Paula watched her mother's sensuous movements bring moans of bliss to her son's mouth. She writhed seductively, firing him with passion.

Best of all, Paula noticed, was that her mother was responding to her son's lovemaking with a far wilder wantonness than even she had expected. Her son had finally brought her around, conquered her, made her a slave to his huge hard cock that was now deep inside her!

"Ooohhh!" Paula's mother groaned. "Ooohhh yes! That feels wonderful! Oh Dennis, darling! Fuck me!"

In response to his mother's obscene cries, her son commenced a smooth in-and-out fucking motion, while she undulated her shapely hips in a wanton wriggling movement against his huge hard shaft impaling her throbbing cunt.

"Darling! I'm cumming! Oh!"

"Let yourself go, Mom!" Paula's brother gasped. "You'll come off a dozen times before I'm through with you!"

It was all too much for Paula to bear. The erotic scene before her had her so hot she couldn't resist the urge to play with her nipples until they stood out like tiny spears on the full round contours of her tingling tits. One hand moved down to her pussy, her finger working over her aching clitoris. And moments later, when her mother rolled and pitched in the throes of a fabulous orgasm, Paula was having one of her own.

She could tell by the way her brother lunged fiercely, burying his cock right up to his balls, that he was shooting his load into his mother's cunt. Paula's self-induced climax made her feel like she was a part of it.

If Paula thought that the show was over, she was greatly mistaken. By the time she had caught her breath and her excited nerves had settled down somewhat, her brother and her mother were going at it again. For the next hour it seemed like her mother was writhing and undulating though one orgasm after another. She watched her brother shoot his load three times, before he finally sprawled on top of his mother and stayed there.

When their heavy breathing settled, they lay in each other's arms so still that Paula thought they would surely sleep and she could tiptoe out of the closet and back to her own room. Just as she was about to try it however, she saw a movement on the bed. Her mother's legs slowly withdrew from around his back and settled onto the bed.

"That was wonderful, darling," she said softly, smiling happily up at her son's face. "You're a sensational lover."

"Thanks, Mom. You're really terrific!"

"You want to go again?"

"Sure... but I can't."

She laughed softly. "It does feel a little shrunken inside me. Take it out and bring it up here where I can reach it."

What Paula saw next excited her considerably. She saw her brother raise up on his hands and knees, causing his long but subdued cock to slip wetly from his mother's cunt. He moved up over her until he was straddling her breasts, his dangling organ touching her chin.

"Put a pillow under my head, darling," Paula's mother said.

The youth quickly did as he was asked, and before Paula was aware of what happened next, the bulbous head of her brother's cock was in Mom's mouth.

"Ooohhh Mom..." the youth moaned with delight.

"Do you like that?" his mother asked, taking his cock from her mouth for a moment.

"Oh yes! Yes!"

Then Paula's mother engulfed the head of her son's cock in her mouth once more and worked on him with determination. Dennis moaned and babbled incoherently. She could see it was nearly impossible for him to concentrate on anything except the intense thrills tingling in his cock. His mother worked on it provocatively with her lips and tongue while his balls were being teased by her naked pressing tits.

"Oh Mom! My beautiful wonderful mother!" he panted.

But the golden haired attractive woman acted as though she had not heard her son's endearing words, as her sucking mouth and licking tongue continued to massage his growing erection. She took his incestuously aroused hardness deep into her mouth and teased it erotically with her tongue, while her full firm tits were thrust in a deliberate way up against her son's huge swaying testicles. The flushed face that peered up at her son was bright and confident, as though she fully understood the pleasure he was feeling.

When at last she took the huge glistening wet organ from her mouth, it was anything but flaccid. When she pushed gently on his hips, he understood and moved back to just below her tits. Gently his mother pressed the long wet hard shaft into the valley between her satin-smooth tit-mounds and smiled up at him while he moved his cock back and forth in its tender cradle.

"There," she said proudly. "You're back in fighting shape again. I'll take it back in my mouth again and finish you off -- if you want me to."

"No... I..." Suddenly he leaned forward and his mouth pressed onto hers. The tender incestuous kiss continued for several erotic minutes, before he finally withdrew his lips and tongue from those of his eagerly responding mother. Paula thrilled to the sight of her brother licking with slow, sensuous strokes until he reached the twin globes of Mom's gently swelling tits. He licked all around the tender satin-smooth mounds, then teased the rose-pink nipples that were already hard puckering erections.

Not until his mother was groaning in anguished bliss, did he allow his wetly massaging tongue to slide down over her flat and quivering belly toward the enticing golden-haired vee of her pubic mound. Paula's mother cried out in response to the erotic kisses her son planted in her pubic curls.

"You're so beautiful, Mom!" he murmured. "My beautiful adorable mother!"

Before he could move his eager mouth onto the tender swollen cunt-lips nestled between his mother's trembling legs, she grasped his head gently but firmly with both hands.

"Oh darling!" she gasped breathlessly. "I'd be only too happy to have you eat me -- but let's save that for another time. Right now it would be a shame to let that beautiful big hard-on go to waste!"

"Mom... I want to put it... in your ass!"

"Well, I... don't know. That's quite a large-sized tool you have there!"

"I know... but..."

"If you promise to be gentle with me..."

"I do! I promise, Mom!"

"All right then, darling. Let's try it!"

Paula was shaking with excitement. Her brother was going to work his huge hard prick up into her mother's ass! And she would watch the whole erotic scene taking place before her -- just like she'd watched her father do it to Mom that Sunday afternoon as Paula's mother leaned over the picnic table.

Quickly Paula's brother climbed off his mother so she could turn over onto her stomach. Her heap nestled on the pillow and she hugged it with her arms. Then she brought her knees up under her, raising her shapely ass up in the air. Paula's brother wasted no time in getting into position behind his mother's naked rear-end.

Passion raged like flames of fire through Paula's trembling body. Her hand was on her cunt again and she knew she'd have another frantic orgasm before her brother and her mother were finished with what they were about to do. She heard her brother's groan of desire as he moved in close, guiding the head of his erect prick toward the moistly puckered opening of his mother's luscious ass.

The huge blunt-nosed head of her brother's cock looked so enormous to Paula that she felt a twinge of trepidation, but it was too late for her mother to stop her son now, even if she really wanted to.

"I'll be very gentle, Mom," he said in a hoarse whisper. "But I'll make it really good for you!"

"I know you will, darling," replied Paula's mother.

Paula could see that her mother's asshole was well lubricated with cum that had flowed over it earlier, and her brother's cock was glistening wet from his mother's mouth.

"Now!" Paula heard her brother's voice, low and vibrant with passion. "I'm going to put my cock into your asshole, Mom. I'm going to fuck my beautiful mother's lovely ass!"

Dennis' muscular hips moved forward and his hands grasped the shapely globes of his mother's ass. Paula's hand was massaging her cunt faster and faster, as she watched her brother's cock going deeper and deeper into Mom's widely stretched asshole. Her brother was getting quite a bit of help, as his mother pushed back at him until the round smooth globes of her ass were pressing into his groin. Paula watched her brother's busy hands, one of them on Mom's tits, squeezing and caressing it, the other under her, fingering her clitoris. His mother's response was to wriggle her ass wildly against the hard-muscled body of her son pressing up to her.

"Oh Mom! What I've always dreamed about -- it's happened! I have my cock up your ass!"

"Yes, darling! Give it to me. You're not hurting me. Do it to me!"

Her exciting words so amused Paula's brother that he let out a wild growl and began humping her as fast as he could go. Paula stared in fascination at his long hard prick thrusting in and out of his mother.

"I'm getting into you, Mom! Right up to my balls!" he cried out. "Feel my balls slapping against your cunt!"

"I feel them! Oh! You're making me cum!"

"I'm shooting off, Mom! Shooting into your sweet luscious ass!"

Paula wanted to scream out that she too was coming, but she didn't dare.

For several moments the hotly aroused teen-age girl was sure she was dying -- at the very least she was having a quick round trip to heaven. Hot flames of pleasure raged in her throbbing cunt, and she was dimly aware of a warm moisture flowing down the soft flesh of her thighs. Then gradually the ecstatic moans of her mother and her brother could be heard above the ringing in her ears.

Her vision cleared as the waves of scorching bliss slowly subsided. She could see her mother stretched out face down on the bed, her son on top of her, hugging her tight. Obviously his cock was still deeply imbedded in Mom's ass.

For a second time Paula thought about trying to tiptoe past them while they lay cuddled together kissing each other, and once again she decided not to. In her dazed condition she would surely trip and make her presence known.

"Am I too heavy for you, Mom?" Paula heard her brother ask softly.

"No, my darling. I could lay here like this forever, with you on top of me and your beautiful cock deep inside me. But that isn't very realistic. In a very short while your sister and your father will be arriving home. According to that clock on the dresser, we have just enough time to shower and get dressed, and change these sheets -- if we hurry!"

"You're right, Mom."

"And I have to get supper started. I would have a great time trying to explain to your father what I'd been doing all this time, if supper wasn't on the table when he got home."

Paula saw her brother get up off his mother, and in so doing, drag his long shaft out of her tight asshole. "Can we shower together, Mom?" he asked.

"Yes darling," she said, leaping up from the bed. "But no funny stuff. We don't have time." She smiled at him and added, "But the next time..."

"The next time?"

Her arms entwined about his neck as she pressed her body up against his, "Would you like to fuck me, standing up in the shower... the next time?"

"Yes! In the shower or anyplace else!"

A moment later they were out of the room and Paula heard them in the bathroom, laughing happily. Then came the sound of water running in the shower. Quickly Paula made her way out to the hall and back to her room. She dressed in record time and hurried down the stairs and out of the house. Strolling leisurely around the block to kill time, she let twenty minutes go by before she arrived back at her house. Her father's car was in the driveway. Inside, her mother was busy in the kitchen and Dennis was helping her by setting the table.

"Hi everybody," she said cheerily as she stuck her head in the kitchen door. "Set a place for me. Heather's boy friend came over and I decided not to stay there for supper. Do I have time to shower before supper's ready, Mom?"

"Yes dear, if you hurry," her mother replied, a note of gaiety in her voice.

Paula trotted up the stairs, smiling to herself at how happy her mother sounded. Maybe she had a real good day, she thought.

Chapter SEVEN

Paula had good reason to be hurrying on her way home from school. It was Friday, which meant that Dennis wouldn't be home until supper time -- because of his club activities at school. Her mother wouldn't be home, either, until it was time to get supper ready. But Daddy would be there. He mentioned at breakfast that he'd be home by mid-afternoon. He had an out-of-town meeting to attend and instead of returning to the office, he'd come straight home. At last! She and Daddy would be alone in the house -- for nearly two hours!

Ever since last Saturday afternoon in the backyard when Daddy fucked her, she'd been waiting for the chance to be alone with him again. She was beginning to wonder if she'd ever get him alone. But now this was her chance at last.

She ran the last hundred yards to the house and paused for a moment at the front door to catch her breath. Once inside the house she looked around for her father. When she looked out the kitchen window she saw him standing near the pool with his back to her. She decided to surprise him and hurried up the stairs to get undressed. He wasn't expecting her home from school at this time because she usually had club duties at school -- like her brother -- and didn't get home until supper time.

Quickly she got her clothes oft then viewed herself in the full-length mirror on the wall by her bed. She knew Daddy was eager to repeat what he did to her last Saturday by the pool. She could tell by the way he looked at her. And she was just as anxious as he was.

Suddenly she heard the, chimes of the front doorbell. "Oh no! Not now!" she moaned. "Please don't stay long, whoever you are. Please God, let it be just the paperboy!"

The chimes could be heard in the backyard and presently she heard her father downstairs, coming through the house to answer the door.

"Melinda!" he exclaimed. "This is a surprise."

Melinda! Daddy's good looking dark-haired young secretary! Well, she isn't really so young. She's twenty-nine. Her oldest child, Ronnie, is eleven. But she sure is attractive.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Prentiss," his secretary said cheerfully. "How was your trip?"

"Everything went just fine," he told her.

"Good. I hope I'm not disturbing you. I finished this report this afternoon and I was sure you would want to go over it before the board meeting Monday morning, so I brought it over for you to see."

"Oh good. That was very thoughtful of you, Melinda. Come in," said Paula's father. "And you can drop that Mr. Prentiss bit. My family is out and I'm alone here."

"Yes... come on upstairs."

Paula gasped. Her father was bringing his secretary upstairs. A flutter of excitement ran though the teen-age girl. Here was a chance to be a peeping-Tom once more.

Quickly she dashed into her parents' bedroom and hid herself in the closet, as she had the other day when she watched her brother and her mother fucking on the bed. A moment later she saw her father and his attractive secretary come into the room. Paula's father had his arm tightly around the dark-haired woman's waist. When his hand gave his secretary's shapely ass a good feel, the teen-age girl watching from the closet had a fair idea of what was soon to take place.

"Oh my! What a beautiful room!" said Melinda.

"AM the better for doing beautiful things in," replied George as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Melinda's arms came up and entwined about his neck, and from her hiding place in the closet, Paula could see the sexy looking woman press herself up against her boss and rub herself seductively against him.

"I really shouldn't be here..." Melinda said when their lips parted. "Here in your wife's bedroom, of all places!"

"But I have to show you my appreciation for bringing me those papers."

"They could have waited."

"Yes, I know," said Paula's father with a grin. "But you had something else on your mind beside those papers, didn't you?"

"Well... you were so busy at the office this morning -- people coming in to see you -- and you left at eleven. We didn't get a chance to..."

"We'll take care of that right now, won't we?"

To the excited girl in the closet, it was a thrilling sight, watching her father undress the lovely young woman -- stripping her naked, then himself. Their arms went about each other as they pressed their naked bodies together, kissing hotly, while George unknowingly gave his teen-age daughter a good view of his hands moving over the contours of his secretary's bare backside.

"Oh George, I..."

"What's the matter?"

"I... I feel so vulnerable -- being naked like this -- in your wife's bedroom. God, I'd just die if she caught us together like this!"

"Relax sweetheart. She's gone for the day. So are my kids, Paula and Dennis. We haven't been caught in the past three years, have we?"

"We came close -- twice."

"Yes, when Mrs. Finney came back into the office at night to finish up some work. But she quit when her husband took a job out of town and they moved away. Now only you and I have keys to the office."

"Has it really been three years, darling?" Melinda murmured between kisses.

"Yes. Three wonderful years. And look what we have to show for it. A beautiful loving relationship!"

Unaware that they were being watched from the clothes closet, Melinda climbed onto the bed and stretched out seductively as George settled down beside her and gathered her into his arms.

"This is the first time we've been in bed together," Melinda observed.

"It's a welcome change from the top of my desk and the couch in the office."

"And the floor. Don't forget that."

"Oh baby, you feel so good cuddled in my arms."

"God, darling! Doing it with you is so exciting -- and hard on the nerves, never knowing when we'll be caught, when someone will find out we're making it together. Yet, I can't bear not having you, even for a day. Even my husband's cock inside me doesn't take away my need for you. Weekends without you are torture."

"But it makes you so hot and horny for Monday morning in the office."

"Ooohhh... yes! When you fuck me four times, before we can get settled down to do some work."

The sight of her father sucking hungrily on the dark-haired woman's well tanned breasts while she writhed and moved lustfully, made Paula nearly cry out with passion as she watched them. Then her father moved lower along the woman's quivering body, his wet tongue licking over the soft smooth flesh of her belly, until he was into the short curly black hair of her pubic mound. He almost had his face between her legs, his tongue on the lips of her cunt, when she grabbed his head firmly in her hands.

"There's no time for that!" she shrieked. "I want your cock! Oh honey, fuck me!"

The writhing woman's request was quickly taken care of. Paula saw the huge bulbous head of her father's cock press up against the glistening moist lips of Melinda's cunt. Paula watched the woman buck and heave, raising her straining buttocks off the bed as she thrust her pussy onto his advancing cock.

It was the most fantastic fuck Paula had ever watched. The woman went wild beneath George's body as he drove his cock into her right up to his balls.

"At last!" she shrieked. "You're in me! Aaahhh..."

"Oh honey! I love fucking you! I could fuck you forever!"

"Yes! Oh yes! I want you to! Forever!"

In a matter of seconds the woman was into the most fabulous orgasm Paula thought a woman could have, and it was obvious from the ecstatic look on her father's face that he was shooting his cum into her. Then to Paula's amazement, it didn't slow ether of them down the least bit. She watched their bodies writhing and squirming on the bed, locked in a passionate kiss, and listened to the moans of pleasure coming from Melinda's lips.

"Ooohhh..." the woman groaned. "You're really good!"

"You're sweet and adorable," Paula's father murmured into the woman's mouth while his huge hard cock drew back from the woman's clinging cunt-lips, then disappeared back inside.

"Oh!" gasped Melinda, moving her legs higher and getting a firmer grip around his back.

"You like that, sweetheart?"

"Ooohhh... you devil! You know I do!"

The breath caught in Paula's throat as she watched her father humping Melinda with ever increasing speed, until his lean muscled ass was a blur of movement and the woman looked like she was going out of her mind with the sheer pleasure of it all.

A pang of jealousy crept through Paula's mind, knowing it would have been her on the bed getting her father's cock, if the woman hadn't come calling. But she mustn't think like that. She watched the movements of their lovemaking and she could feel a hot tenseness building up in her pussy.

"Daddy... Daddy," she whispered softly, as she heard the shrieks of ecstasy uttered by the woman, her gasps of pleasure as Paula's father gave her another sensational fucking.

The young girl pressed her thighs and knees together in a vain attempt to quench the passionate feeling that was taking over her entire being -- her very soul. The woman's words were so broken with passion and lust that Paula wished it was her on the bed being so thoroughly fucked by her father. She needed his strong hard cock to satisfy the burning hunger inside her. She needed her father to satisfy her now!

It seemed like ages since that Saturday afternoon by the pool, when her father took her cherry and showed her how great it felt to have his beautiful hard cock buried to the hilt inside her. Her first fuck, and she would remember it always.

She moved restlessly inside the closet, hoping they wouldn't hear her and feeling fairly certain they wouldn't. They were too enthralled in the passionate fucking each was giving the other. Their lustful sounds filled her ears and she heard the creaking and straining of the bed under their furious movements.

"Oh yes... yes," the woman cried out. "I'm cumming again!"

Paula could hardly stand it. She wanted to run over to the bed and pull her father off of the woman and get his cock into her, she was so jealous!

"Lift up," she heard her father tell the woman. "Lift your legs higher!"

"Ooohhh, yes... harder, fuck me harder," she begged him, and Paula could see her father raise up farther on his knees and pull the woman closer to him, thrusting deep into her until her words became incoherent, mixed with loud groans and gasps of wild uninhibited lust.

How Paula wished she were the woman on the bed, instead of Melinda Grover. The juices of her pain were staffing to chum inside her and her hand reached down to finger her pussy nervously. She wasn't sure she could endure what her body was going through. She didn't want just anybody fucking her, not even her brother, at this moment. She wanted her father to fuck her senseless -- right now!

She knew her father was on the verge of shooting his load again, because she could hear his rasping breath as he thrust more violently into the thrashing, gyrating woman beneath him.

"Yes... yes," Melinda cried. "Give it to me! Do it! Oh do it to me!"

The smacking of their bodies locked together in furious passion, the loud panting and gasping was more than Paula could stand as she fingered her pussy to a climax, standing alone in the closet.

"Aaaggghhh," her father groaned, and Paula knew he was shooting his hot cum into Melinda's cunt. Then he fell limply on top of her and they lay quietly in a tangled heap, with their labored breathing the only sound in the room. Paula waited patiently, afraid to move for fear they would discover that they had not been alone. Then after a while, Melinda began to move beneath Paula's father.

"Oh darling," the woman sighed. "What more could a woman ask?"

"Possibly a repeat performance," Paula's father suggested.

Melinda laughed softly. "I have to get back, darling. My husband will be wondering what's keeping me here so long. I have too good a thing going here with you to have him getting suspicious as to what our relationship really is."

"Our relationship is very simply explained," Paula's father said with a grin. "I love his beautiful adorable wife and can't look at her without wanting to fuck her, which I do every chance I get."

"That sounds simple enough," Melinda agreed. "But I don't think he'd like it if he saw your cock right now, buried to the hilt in my pussy -- which he considers his personal property."

Paula's father chuckled. His long shaft eased its way out of Melinda's warm wet cunt, was though reluctant to leave it. He climbed off of her and lay quietly beside her. A few minutes later, she kissed him tenderly, before swinging her legs over the side of the bed. She got to her feet and went into the bathroom to wash up. Returning a short time later, she reached for her clothes.

"Here, let me do that for you," Paula's father said as he leaped up from the bed. "You know how much I enjoy dressing you."

Melinda giggled as she stepped into her panties while he held them for her. He pulled them up into place over her shapely buttocks and gave her rear-end a loving pat.

"Don't you ever get tired of dressing me?" she asked. "You do it nearly every day at the office."

"I also enjoy undressing you and I do that too, every day at the office."

"It's a wonder we get any work done," said Melinda.

"Fortunately I have a business that practically runs itself."

When he had her completely dressed, Melinda threw her arms around his neck and kissed him warmly. "Am I your favorite mistress?" she asked.

George grinned at her. "Aren't you supposed to ask if you're my only mistress?"

"That's too much to hope for," she replied with a laugh. "I'll settle for knowing I'm your favorite."

"Wait until you get into the office Monday morning. I'll remove any doubts about you being my favorite."

"I'll get there early and be waiting for you," she said.


"And deprive you of the pleasure of undressing me?" Her mouth closed on his again as she kissed him gratefully. "Now why don't you lay down and rest for a while? That was an exhausting performance you gave, not to mention a very thrilling one. I'll let myself out."

"Okay, honey," said George. "I'll lay here for a while and think about how good it was."

"Oh! I almost forgot. I had another excuse for coming over here," said Melinda.


"Bob and I have been invited to this party. It was on rather short notice and our regular baby sitter isn't available. I don't want to go if we can't get a baby sitter. Our oldest, David, is eleven, but that's too much responsibility to put on him, watching out for the other two in case of an emergency."

"I understand."

"Do you think your daughter Paula would baby sit for us tonight?"

"I'll ask her when she gets home," George replied. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind if she has no other plans for tonight."

"Oh good!" Melinda kissed him again, then opened the door to the hallway. "I'll get in touch with her later."

"I'll tell her."

"Goodbye darling. It was nice -- so very nice!"

When Melinda left, Paula's father stood there waiting, until he heard the front door downstairs open and close. A moment later, Paula heard Melinda's car pull out of the driveway. Then Paula froze, afraid to even breathe, as her father turned and came toward the clothes closet.

"You can come out now, Paula," he said.

Chapter EIGHT

Paula didn't move. She was too stunned to know what to do. Then her father's hand grasped her gently by her bare shoulder. "I thought I heard someone in this closet. Did you enjoy the show?"

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Paula said contritely. "I shouldn't have been spying on you."

"Why be sorry?" he replied amiably. "I enjoyed knowing I had such an attentive audience. Now let's get onto the bed and I'll show you how much I love and appreciate my sweet, beautiful young daughter."

He climbed onto the bed and moved in close to her, putting his arms around her naked body while he kissed her warmly and deeply.

The space between her legs felt hot, wet and vulnerable, and she wanted his huge hard cock inside her more than anything else. It didn't matter anymore that he had been fucking his secretary on this very same bed only a short time before. What mattered now was that he was on the bed with her, and she loved him and wanted him.

"Oh my angel," he whispered against her golden hair. "Oh my sweet!"

Her fingers and hands, and even her legs, clung to him desperately as though he were a shadow that might disappear. His hands were caressing her voluptuous young, full breasts, pinching the nipples into erectness. His mouth closed over them and he sucked noisily. She could feel his long thick cock come to life again as it jerked against her thighs, and she inched her hips forward so that his massive prick was throbbing between her legs.

She ran her hands searchingly all over his body, pressing every hollow -- exploring, learning everything she could. They were both breathing excitedly and rocking together as if in tune to music. Neither one wanted to rush, they wanted to take their time, explore every crevice, muscle and curve of each other's bodies. It was the most exquisite feeling she had, ever known -- the gentlest -- but by far the most passionate and consuming.

Her father's erect and pulsing prick quivered between her thighs, but he had not yet explored the sensitive area between her legs and he wasn't ready to take her yet. His hands grasped her shapely buttocks and pulled her close to him, letting his fingers find the hot wet crease between her cunt-lips, and began to gently rub her cunt until she was writhing and squirming from his touch.

"Oh sweetheart," he moaned against her mouth. "You're so hot!"

She thought that the heat between her legs would consume her, send her up in a cloud of smoke.

"Hold my cock," he whispered, and she slowly grasped his fiery, hard prick and massaged it softly, feeling the lubricant of his passion on the huge bulbous head. She caressed it lovingly, easing the foreskin back and forth over the pulsating shaft, and she could feel his hips jerk with each movement of her fingers.

His fingers toyed with the fleshy, pink lips of her hot, wet cunt, separating them, squeezing them and running his fingers between them.

"Yesss..." she groaned, her voice too choked with passion to be heard.

He slipped one finger inside her, tickling the rubbery walls of her warm, wet pussy. He made her tremble a couple of times, and the passion building up in her body made it all so very delicious. She wanted him to do everything to her, anything he wanted, it didn't matter as long as he never stopped.

His hands came back to the flushed nipples of her tits, stroking them tenderly while she played with his cock. She pushed her body up against his hands, urging him to crush her with his fingers. His already huge prick was growing even thicker in her hand, and she didn't want to let it go. She wanted to hold it forever, feel its length and thickness in her hand for the rest of her life. She didn't care now if her mother were to come into the room and find her in her father's arms, her hand caressing his cock. She just wanted him and now he was going to fuck her!

"Oh Daddy! I can't wait!"

"Oh baby!" he murmured.

Tears of happiness flowed down her face as she felt him move between her thighs, separating her legs with his knees and adjusting his hips so that the solid tip of his cock was throbbing against the wet lips of her hot cunt.

"Oh yes," she, moaned as she felt the first stab of his big prick -- felt it ease it's way into her -- sending tremors of passion all through her. Her cunt felt stretched and incredibly naked, the ticklish sensations of pleasure becoming greater until it was all she could bear.

"Aaahhh," she groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into her, splitting her channel with each thrust, driving her with each forward movement into an ecstatic state of delirium. She was quivering, clinging, gasping in an effort to stay her orgasm, so she could feel the entire length of her father's heavenly cock as it surged into her with ever increasing speed.

She convulsed under him, hanging onto him, pushing and pulling against him and away from him with each of his powerful thrusts. Her gasps became hoarser and hoarser as his thrusts became more forceful, until she uttered one long low wall and she could wait no longer.

"Daddy! I'm cumming! Cumming," she choked out. "Harder, Daddy! I'm cumming..."

He buffeted her into the mattress, throwing his entire weight on top of her, and she pulled her knees up almost to her tits so he could bury his cock into her upturned cunt, right to his balls.

"Oh baby!" he gasped. "Oh sweet baby!"

She could feel her contractions around her father's deeply submerged prick as he held her fast, his cock buried inside her to the very tip of her cervix. Suddenly, while she was still in the throes of her orgasm, he shot his hot liquid charge up into her.

When they were both spent, they lay side by side on the bed, touching, fondling tenderly. She couldn't move. She couldn't think. She just wanted to be cuddled in her father's arms, enjoying the warmth of her feeling.

After a while, her hand crept down to his cock. "Why is he so soft?" she asked, her words muffled against his shoulder.

"Because you ruined him," replied her father with a contented sigh.

Paula gave a little giggle. "Serves him right. He ruined my pussy."

"That was last Saturday, by the pool."

"Doesn't matter. He ruined my pussy just the same. Now my pussy can't do without him. It wants him all the time."

She had a firm grip on his drooping cock and it thrilled her how quickly it sprang back to life in response to her caresses. It felt wet and slippery in her hand, because of his cum and her pussy secretions. She massaged it softly, easing the foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head, and she could feel her father's hips jerk with each movement her hand made on it. Soon it was vowing even larger in the grip of her gentle fingers.

The feel of his cock aroused her, and her soul cried out for further pleasure and satisfaction. She suffered in semi-sweet agony, feeling that what she and her father were doing was not right. But she also knew that she would never love anyone as much -- except her brother. She would never ever want to give herself so freely, so completely, so unselfishly -- except to her darling brother. She bit the skin at the base of her father's neck, then kissed it gently, watching his muscles jerk in spasms as her tongue ran along his skin. She wanted to excite him again, make him happy, happier than he had ever been with any woman -- even her mother -- and she was going to do it!

She eased slowly away from his neck and shoulder and moved her, head and mouth down his body, kissing every inch of flesh she could manage to cover along the way.

Her father's arms tightened around her, and she could feel his body trembling against her as she was filled with an overpowering tenderness toward him. A special warmth flowed through her being, a kind of glow, a happiness and contentedness.

She kissed the breadth of his chest, the narrowness of his waist and hips, and then her lips closed around his throbbing cock. He gasped as her moist, warm mouth engulfed the bulbous head of his excitedly pulsating prick and her tongue caressed its length with a gentleness that thrilled him.

"Oh Paula, sweetheart," he groaned. "Yes that's the way to do it!"

Paula smiled to herself, happy in the thought she was making her father happy, making him feel the tenderness she felt toward him.

"Oh my darling," he moaned, his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down farther onto his cock. She could feel the smooth rubbery head press at the back of her throat and she wanted to devour him, consume him totally, make him completely hers.

She continued her voracious mouthing of her father's hardened prick for several minutes, until she could taste the first drop of liquid that flowed from the head of his cock.

"Blow me, Paula darling! Swallow my cum!"

The teen-age girl didn't need to be told. She had no intention of letting even one little drop get away from her. Her lip's tightened around the head of her father's cock just as it spurted a hot liquid stream that hit the back of her throat. Paula swallowed frantically again and again, until she had it under control and the throbbing shaft was sucked dry.

Her father lay back on the bed, unable to move, like every nerve in his body -- for the time being -- had been short-circuited. If he thought that his teen-age daughter was finished with his cock, he was due for a surprise.

Paula refused to let the limp organ slip from her mouth, determined to restore it to its usual bone-hard condition. It took her several minutes, but by then the huge erect cock she was kissing and licking was evidence of her success.

Her father pulled her roughly up on him and kissed her fiercely, passion mingling with tenderness as their bodies locked together, their lips moving of their own will over eyes, cheeks, necks -- their breathing so enflamed that it choked into half-uttered words.

"Turn over Paula, angel," her father panted, "and raise up on your knees. I'm going to fuck your sweet little ass!"

"Oh Daddy!"

Paula wasn't about to argue with him. She was hot to get fucked, in whatever way her father wanted to give it to her. Quickly she got into position, and it thrilled her father to see such an erotic sight -- his darling teen-age daughter down on all fours, her cunt and asshole peeking out from between the satin-smooth curves of her shapely buttocks. He swiftly crouched behind his young daughter, the head of his enormous cock pressing against her wet puckered little asshole. Holding the cheeks of her ass with both hands, he spread them apart to make his entry easier. With his cock glistening wet and slick from his daughter's sucking and his cum that had flowed into the crack of her ass from theft previous fucking, Paula's father had sufficient lubrication to get his cock into her.

Paula felt the sold mushroom-shaped head of her father's prick push its way into her asshole. The invaded opening of her ass was tight and narrow at first, but the girl was soon relieved to find that he wasn't going to hurt her. She felt now her father could fuck her as deep as he wanted to go, as hard and fast as he wanted to do it. The girl moaned excitedly as his prick slid deeper into her. It was a tight fit, tighter than her cunt. Within a few minutes he had his cock right up to the hilt in her trembling little ass. Paula could feel his huge hairy balls, hanging from the base of his prick, tickling the sensitive moist lips of her cunt.

Her father kept his cock buried in her ass, content for the moment to keep it still and let her anal passage adjust to the enormous size of it. His one hand caressed one of her tits, squeezing it gently, while his other hand fingered her pussy. As far as Paula was concerned, this was really living!

Then the telephone on the nightstand by the bed started ringing.

"We'd better answer it, sweetheart," said Paula's father. "It might be your mother. Can you reach it?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Paula suppressed the urge to giggle as she put the receiver to her ear. She thought of all the cartoons she'd seen of teen-agers talking on the telephone while sprawled out in ridiculous positions. She wondered if many teen-age girls had talked on the phone while in the position she was in -- on her hands and knees with her father on his knees behind her and his big prick in her ass.

"Hello? Oh... yes, Mrs. Grover. Yes, I just got home. Uh-huh. Daddy was just explaining to me that you wanted me to baby sit for you tonight. Sure I will. No, I don't mind. Mom and Dad are going out tonight and my brother won't be here either. So I'd be all alone here anyway. Okay. I'll be there before eight. Goodbye."

"Excuse the interruption, Daddy," said Paula, putting the receiver back on the phone. "Business before pleasure, I guess. I'm baby sitting tonight."

"Just be glad we had a phone by the bed," her father said pleasantly. "Think of the trouble we'd have had going downstairs to answer it."

Neither Paula nor her father had any intention of letting a little thing like a telephone call distract them from what they were doing. His hands on her tits and pussy, and his cock in her ass, had her so hot that her climax was nearly upon her. She felt her father's groin pressing against the cheeks of her ass. It was very pleasant to have him fucking her in this manner. He had her moaning with passion, tile way she moaned when he fucked her cunt, earlier. That gave her father all the encouragement he needed.

Her father leaned back, letting his cock disengage almost completely from her asshole. When he leaned forward, his cock slid back in much easier than before. It was as if she, had molded herself from within to suit the size of her father's huge prick.

Suddenly Paula reached her climax and she showed her father she liked it that way every bit as much as he did. Her whole body shook and she could feel her tight asshole clamping down on his prick. Her father let out a loud groan and his cum spurted up into her.

His last thrust into her sent her sprawling onto her belly. Her father came down with her, keeping his cock buried in her ass. For a long time Paula lay there, almost motionless, perfectly content. She had her father on top of her, his hands caressing her body while he kissed her lovingly. His cock was still in her ass, though it was steadily losing its strength. It was all just wonderful.

"Do you like getting a prick up your ass, honey?" he asked.

"I like it any way you want to do it, Daddy," she replied.

"You're sweet."

"So are you."

"I think that this had better be our last romp for the day," he said. "I'd better save a little for your mother, who I'm sure will be feeling horny tonight. One reason your mother and I have such a successful marriage is because I've always given her plenty of cock. I keep her well satisfied. That way I don't have to worry about her getting a little on the side. She just isn't interested."

Paula didn't think it would be wise to point out to Daddy that his teen-age son was being a big help to him in keeping Mom satisfied. It seemed to Paula that from now on, Daddy could neglect Mom quite a lot and she wouldn't even notice it, now that her son, Dennis would be fucking her every chance he got.

Paula smiled to herself. It was better, for the time being at least, that Daddy didn't know his wife and son were fucking each other. After all, it wasn't that he was being cheated. He was enjoying his daughter, wasn't he?

"Does Mr. Grover keep his wife satisfied, Daddy?"

Paula's father chuckled. "He thinks he does. But he sure wasn't at the time Melinda started working for me. I was pleased that she was so efficient and such a good worker, but I was even more pleased that she was also hot -- and ready! I didn't have any trouble getting her down on the couch. When I finally finished with her she was so happy about it, there was no way she'd give up what we had going between us, no matter how much she got at home."

"I don't blame her," said Paula. "I wouldn't want to give you up now, either."

"You'll never have to, sweetheart."

"Not even when I get married... someday?"

Her father laughed softly. "Not even then. Just you wait and see."

Chapter NINE

Paula was awakened out of a sound sleep to find Bob Grover leaning over her, and suddenly she doubted her good sense in choosing to go braless that evening, for her blouse was open down the front and Mr. Grover's hand was busy squeezing and caressing her bare tits.

"What's going on?" she asked in a drowsy voice.

"A fine baby sitter you turned out to be," he said. "We come home and find you sound asleep here on the couch. Burglars could have walked off with the kids, the silverware, the TV, and you wouldn't have known anything about it."

"I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Grover," said Paula, "but it just got so late I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer."

What Paula didn't tell him was that when she lay down on the couch she was completely pooped. She hadn't expected their eleven-year-old son David could wear her out like he did. But it was her fault, she shouldn't have gone into his bedroom in the first place. The Grover's had been gone for well over an hour when she decided to check on the kids. She found the two young ones were sleeping soundly, then she went down the hall and stopped outside David's door.

She opened the door a crack and peeked in. He had dropped off to sleep with the bedside light on. Paula could see him clearly. He had kicked the top sheet off and he was stark naked. She slipped inside his room and quietly closed the door behind her. Looking down on him she felt an urgent need to rub her pussy, an urge that she made no effort to hold back from doing. She remembered Mrs. Grover -- Melinda -- saying that once the boy was asleep, nothing would wake him. Paula hoped his mother was right.

Now, after what she sensed was about three hours, she was awake again, with David's father leaning over her, giving her a reprimand for falling asleep on the job, ignoring the fact that he had her blouse open and his hand was fondling her bare tits.

"Where... where's Mrs. Grover?" asked Paula.

"She's upstairs," said Bob Grover, "in our bedroom. She had too much to drink at the party. I helped her upstairs and got her undressed, before she passed out on the bed."

"Mr. Grover, it's late. I have to get home."

"Sure, baby. I'll take you home. But we'll have a little fun first."

Before Paula could even protest, he had his mouth firmly settled onto hers, his tongue moving into her mouth. Paula couldn't help responding, and her immediate thought was that this man sure knew how to kiss. His hand on her titties was not idle either, and he soon had her aroused to the point where she felt there wasn't any need for her to hurry home after all.

Three hours later, Paula was so thoroughly worked over and exhausted she couldn't be sure when she was asleep and when she was awake. After Bob Grover had fucked her that first time, she went right off to sleep. But she didn't sleep long. She woke up to find him fucking her again, this time in a different position. And so it went, each time being awakened to be fucked in a different way. How many times had it been? Three? Or was it four? Paula couldn't be sure. But that last time -- that really woke her up, when she found herself on her knees and he put his cock right up her ass!

Now she was lying face down on the couch and he was on top of her, his cock still deeply imbedded in her ass.

"You asleep, baby?"

"You're sure a hot little piece of ass. You know that?"


"I've sure enjoyed fucking you."

"I thought you did."

"You enjoyed it too, didn't you?"

"Sure. Couldn't you tell?"

He laughed. "Well, it sure, seemed like it, when you sucked me off. Oh, that felt nice, having my cock in your mouth."

"That seems like hours ago," sighed Paula.

"It was, when we were just getting started."

"Yes... I remember now."

"We're going to do a lot of this from now on, baby," he told her. "You're going to baby-sit for us a lot -- and I'll take you home after. You'll find out how many ways there are to fuck in a parked car."

"Do you know why I enjoy fucking you so much?"

"I guess you like to make it with young girls," said Paula.

He laughed softly. "Do you know why I put my cock up your ass?"

"You have a thing for young girls' asses?"

"Sure. Especially your luscious little ass. But it's more than that. I figure your old man owes me."

"Daddy? How?"

"My wife Melinda, has been his secretary for the past three years. She stays late at the office -- two, three nights a week -- until nine o'clock. I figured she and your father had work that had tote done. What a dumb ass I was!"

"You mean they didn't?" asked Paula. She had no intention of letting Bob Grover know that she knew his wife and her father were making out together. That was the last thing she wanted.

"Hell, no! Each night she works late, I call for her at nine and bring her home. The other night I was early -- got there at eight -- so I figured I'd go on up to the office and keep her company, read a magazine or something, while I waited for her. What a surprise I got!"

"What happened?"

"I went up to your father's office and went in. There was nobody around. The door to your father's private office was partly open and I heard strange sounds coming from there. So I went over to the door and looked in."

"What did you see?" asked Paula, no longer sleepy.

"I saw your father and my wife Melinda -- both of them stark naked!"

"Ooohhh..." said Paula.

"Your father was standing up and Melinda was on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock. Damn, did she ever give, him a blow job! When she finished, she got up, went over to the couch and sat down. Your father got down between her legs and started eating her pussy. He brought her off twice, then he got her down on the couch, got on top of her and fucked her."

"Oh!" Paula gasped. "What did you do?"

"I kept very quiet and watched," he replied. "They were on that couch for a full half-hour. Your old man humped her twice. I figured that was the end of the show, but I was wrong. After a while, they got up from the couch and moved over to the desk. Your old man had her lean over the desk, then he grabbed her by the hips and put his cock up her ass!"

"And they never found out you were there, watching?" asked Paula.

"No. I went down to the car and waited for Melinda. At nine o'clock she came down and got into the car. She talked about her work and you'd never guess she'd just got laid."

"I guess you were pretty mad," said Paula.

"I was," he said, "but now that I'm fucking you, I don't feel so cheated. Your old man fucks my wife and I fuck his daughter."

"Then you're even?"

"Well... maybe not quite. That bastard of a father of yours has a three-year head start on me. I have to make up for that. You have a very beautiful mother and after I've fucked her and put my cock up her lovely ass, maybe I'll feel I'm even."

"You're going to fuck my mother?"

"First chance I get."

"Good luck," said Paula.

Chapter TEN

It was Friday, after school, and Paula was back in her favorite hiding place, the closet in her mother's bedroom. Paula was being a peeping-Tom again.

She'd caught the signals at the breakfast table, after her father had left for the office. It was the way her brother Dennis looked at his mother, with that hot hungry look of longing in his eyes. Paula knew that look. Her brother was horny for his mother. And Paula caught the way she looked at him. She visualized the two of them in bed together, and it made her hot. She wanted to watch like she had watched before. Maybe she could watch again.

So she threw out the bait.

"Mom is it all right if I go with Heather to her house after school? I promise to be home at supper time."

"Why, yes dear. That will be all right," her mother replied cheerfully. "Supper is shortly after six, so don't be late."

Paula didn't miss the pleased look on her mother's face, the same look that was on the face of her brother. She skipped her last class that afternoon to be home before Dennis got there, and she had to get into the house without her mother knowing she was home.

She managed it easily enough, and in her room she quickly undressed. That was part of it, being naked while watching, Dennis and Mom fuck. It added to the thrill somehow, made her feel like she was part of the action.

Quietly she slipped into her mother's bedroom and took up her position in the closet, the door partially open. She didn't have long to wait before she heard the voices of Dennis and Mom downstairs. It gave her the shivers to realize how little time she had allowed herself. Perhaps her brother, in his horny lust for his mother, had skipped his last class too. She hadn't counted on that. Now she was safely hidden in the closet waiting for the show to begin -- but she had been lucky.

It seemed like she'd no sooner got into the closet than she heard Dennis and Mom coming up the stairs, then they were in the bedroom. Their arms were about each other and Paula felt a tingle of excitement when she saw that her brother had his cock out. It was long and hard, angling upward from his open trouser front, pointing at the ceiling.

They embraced just inside the doorway and Paula saw her mother's hand move down and her fingers close around her son's stiff prick, while they exchanged a long hot kiss. Without interrupting their kiss, Dennis eased his mother away from the doorway until he had her pressed up against the wall. He pushed his hard cock into the front of her thin cotton housedress, wedging it between her thighs. She squirmed playfully and tried to get away from him, but he pressed her to the wall and pinned her there with his body. His warm hard meat pressed into her dress. Paula could see it moving back and forth between her mother's legs.

"Dennis, stop. Please stop," she said, laughing merrily. "Let's get onto the bed."

He ignored her protests as he pulled up the front of her dress and wedged his cock between the soft warm flesh of her satin-smooth inner thighs.

"Your juices are flowing, Mom," he said, grinning at her. "I can feel your panties getting sticky."

His mother couldn't help responding to her son's thick hard prick. She rocked her hips back and forth, working on the huge shaft she held between her legs.

"Oh, Mom, you feel so good," her son moaned happily. "You're so much better than the girls from the high school."

"I'll bet you've had quite a few of them too, you devil," his mother murmured, her lips pressing against her son's neck.

"That was before I found out how great it feels to make it with my beautiful mother," he told her.

"You're sweet," she said. "A real man. And you really know how to use that cock."

"You know how to take it."

"Aaahhh... that feels good. It's so hard."

His hands slipped around to her back. He lifted his mother's dress up over her ass and gave her firm rounded ass-cheeks a good feel through the thin material of her panties. Then he grasped the globes firmly in both hands and pulled her tight against his groin.

Paula could tell from the expression on her mother's face that she'd forgotten about everything else but the pleasure she was having with her teen-age son. She humped him as hard as she could, pressing her wet cunt onto his cock and digging her fingers into his back.

"Oh, Dennis, sweetheart," she said. "Do it to me. Give me a good fucking. I want to feel your big hard prick inside me!"

"Sure, Mom," he said with a grin. "I'll give you a real good serving of my prick."

He pulled his mother's panties down past her thighs and let them drop to her ankles. She pressed her mouth hotly onto his while she stepped lightly out of the fallen garment and flicked it to one side with her toe. She unzipped his pants and pushed them down, along with his undershorts, past his knees. While she stood with her legs apart, her son bent his knees to get his cock angled so the head of it poked at her moist cunt-lips. When he straightened his legs, his long hard prick slipped right up into her wet pussy. Paula heard her mother gasp as Dennis drove, it all the way up inside her cunt and pressed her against the wall. She stood on her tiptoes, moving up and down, her hips undulating, making obscene humping movements on her son's cock. Her arms tightened around his neck as she kissed him hotly on the mouth.

Their lips finally parted and he planted kisses all over his mother's lovely face, her cheeks, her eyelids, the lobes of her ears. "Oh, Mom," he groaned happily, "I love getting my prick up into you. All day at school, all I could think of was coming home and getting a piece of your ass!"

Paula saw her mother wild with lust, while her son kept shoving his prick into her cunt, his hands caressing the cheeks of her bare ass. "Sweetheart," she gasped, "I love getting this from you!"

"You're going to get a lot more of this from me, Mom," her son panted. "College is three years away. Maybe I won't leave you even then. Maybe I wouldn't want to be away from you and not be able to fuck you like this!"

Paula was amazed at the look she saw in her brother's eyes -- an intense look of lust and adoration for his lovely mother. His forceful thrusts had her pinned to the wall and Paula wondered how he kept from hurting her, the rough way he fucked her wet pussy with his long hard prick.

His cock thrust in and out of her cunt so hard and fast, his mother's body shook with every stroke. Again and again he pressed her to the wall da he fucked her. She gasped with each thrust of her son's hard cock.

"Sweetheart! It's so hard, so big... and so good," she moaned breathlessly. It was pure raw sex and she loved every inch her son was giving her. She had to do whatever her son wanted, there was no way she could get away from him, even if she had wanted to. His hard prick controlled her, driving in and out of her pussy-slit, humping her like a piece of warm meat impaled on his long hard shaft.

"Ooohhh... Mom!"

"Sweetheart! I'm enjoying this too much," she panted. "I'm going to cum!"

"Go ahead, Mom," her son gasped. "I'm right with you. Gonna shoot my load up into your hot cunt! Then when we're finished, we'll do something else we both like!"

In her hiding place, Paula was panting and gasping, her hands very busy. The middle finger of one hand was buried deep in her hot wet little cunt, while the fingers of her other hand teased her clitoris without mercy. She stifled the urge to cry out and climaxed just as her brother shot his load up into his mother's cunt. From the loud piercing shriek her mother let out, Paula knew she had not been left behind.

The intense sensation blurred Paula's vision and made her head spin. She was vaguely aware of her brother and Mom making their way to the bed and flopping onto it together. Minutes passed and when her head and her vision cleared, Paula saw Dennis and his mother rolling around on the bed as they undressed each other.

When he had his mother naked except for her bra, he quickly unfastened it and clamped his eager mouth onto his back and climbed on top of his naked body. Her writhing ass wriggled and squirmed until she had her son's stiffening cock where she felt it belonged -- in her hot eager pussy.

"Now you're my prisoner," she said, grinning down into his face. "I have you pinned down to the mattress, just like you had me pinned to the wall. You can't get away."

"What if I don't want to get away?"

"Of course you want to get away," she said laughing. "What normal, red-blooded American boy wants to lie here and fuck his mother?"

"I do!"

"I don't believe it," she teased. "You'll have to prove it."

In her hiding place in the closet, Paula could hardly contain herself as the naked couple on the bed increased their obscene activity until the lewd scene before her eyes had her so excited she could hardly stand still. She caught her breath when she heard her mother speak.

"Oh God, I want you, darling!" Eve moaned as her son's massively adolescent prick burrowed deeper and deeper into her hot wet cunt. "I love it! I love the feel of my darling son's hard cock fucking me like nothing before in my life! Oh sweetheart, just the thought of my own son fucking me..."

It was such a thrilling sight that Paula didn't think she could stand it much longer. It was all so very exciting. Suddenly it became even more exciting when she saw her father come into the bedroom!

Paula's eyes almost popped out of her head as she saw her father move over to the naked couple on the bed. What would happen now? she wondered. This was all too much! She wasn't sure now she wanted to watch, yet she couldn't pull her eyes away from the scene before her.

"Just as I thought!" said Paula's father.

The girl was surprised that there was no anger in his voice. To her relief, his face showed no sense of outrage, of betrayal. In fact he looked aroused at the show his wife and his son were putting on before him. "I knew there was something going on between you two, the way you couldn't seem to keep your hands off each other lately."

Lying face down on top of her son, Paula's mother didn't see him or hear him come into the room. Suddenly he was there, beside her, and Paula saw her mother's body stiffen with surprise and fright.

"George! Oh darling, I..."

"Teaching our son to look after your pussy the way you like to have it taken care of, are you?" said Paula's father. "Looks like he's doing an excellent job of it, the way you're wriggling around on him, with his cock up in you, right to his balls!"

"Oh darling," Eve gasped as she strained her neck to look up at him, a look of fear and anxiety on her face, not knowing what her husband might do next. "Oh sweetheart, what must you think of me?"

"I don't really know," said George. "What would any man think when he comes home to find his wife has their teen-age son in bed with her, and she's having the time of her life, taking all the cock he can give her?"

"George, please..."

"I suppose it would be quite natural for a man to think his wife wasn't getting enough cock! I didn't realize my sweet adorable little wife wasn't getting all the prick she needed, but that's something we can take care of right now, can't we?"

Watching the scene unfold before her, Paula wasn't sure just what her father meant by that, and from the worried look on her mother's face, Paula could tell she wasn't sure what he meant either.

Suddenly Paula's father stripped himself naked in a matter of seconds. The sight of his huge cock, rigidly solid, standing fiercely erect, would convince anybody he could back up what he said.

"Please, George..." Paula's mother said meekly.

"How long did you think you could keep this from me, sweetheart, when everytime we sat down for a meal, your hand under the table was feeling your son's hard-on through his trousers, and he had his hand up between your legs? You think I didn't notice when you give him a hug, how you wriggle around and rub up against him? And the times he gives your ass a feel and even grabs your cunt, when you both think I'm not watching? Even a blind man would know what's going on."

"George, I..."

"So this afternoon, Paula won't be home until supper time, right? And you two will be alone. I thought this was a good time to come home early and have a look."

"Oh, sweetheart..."

Paula saw her father open the drawer in the nightstand by the bed, from which he took put a tube, smearing the contents over his huge throbbing cock.

"Oh my God, George! What are you going to do?"

George laughed. "Sweetheart, we've been going to bed together for a good long time now, and anytime I reach into that drawer for this tube and smear it all over my cock, you know exactly what I'm going to do!"

Even Paula, watching them from the closet, knew what her father was going to do.

"Spread your legs wider, Dennis," Paula's father said, "so I can get on my knees behind your mother's lovely rear-end. I'll fuck her whole while you fuck her cunt."

"Mom!" Dennis looked up into his mother's face with alarm. "I won't let him..."

"Shhhhhh, darling," the boy's mother said softly. "It's all right sweetheart, your father won't hurt me. It's a shock to all of us, to be caught this way, but your father loves me and he would never hurt me. In all the years we've been together, he's never caused me any pain or discomfort. We've done it this way a good many times."

"That's right, sweetheart," said George. "My cock's been in your asshole so many times we've long since lost count. And since our son is enjoying the feel of his cock up in your cunt, he can just leave it where it is. He won't be in my way at all."

Crouching behind his wife, George put his face close to her upraised buttocks, to see his son's thick hard cock shoved deep in his mother's wet grasping cunt. Her position was such that the cheeks of her ass were spread wide apart, exposing her puckered asshole in the crevice just above the thick desire-hardened prick of her son, buried so deep in her pussy.

"Ooohhh..." she moaned nervously as she felt the huge solid head of her husband's cock nudge up against her quivering asshole. Her son was holding her tightly in his arms from below, and her husband began to steadily increase his pressure against her puckered opening, his rock-hard prick throbbing with lust.

"Ooohhh!" she moaned again, wondering if she could take her husband's cock in her ass while her son's prick was still in her cunt. She'd heard of such things, of a woman being double-fucked, but she wasn't at all convinced that there was any truth to the stories. It sounded pretty far out.

Nervously she tried to lurch away from the pressure, but she was helplessly and completely open to her husband's assault on her asshole. George shoved his hips forward with all his strength, and suddenly his well-greased cock moved into the elastic-like opening. Feeling the resistance gave way, he drove his hard cock deep into his wife's asshole. The strong outer muscle of her anus clamped tightly around his throbbing prick, exciting him even more. Shoving forward again, he drove smoothly into her until his groin pressed up tight against her shapely upturned buttocks.

"There it is, sweetheart!" George panted. "All the way in. How is it?"

"Ooohh... I feel like you're trying to split me in half! Oh God, how your two hard cocks are stretching me!"

"Oh damn it, Dennis, what a sweet little asshole your mother has," George groaned to his son beneath his mother. "You should try it, if you haven't already!" He drew his hips back, awkwardly trying to pick up the rhythm of his son's hard prick, fucking his mother's wide stretched cunt.

Paula stood frozen in the closet. She was so stunned by everything that she had seen, that she hadn't moved a muscle in the last five minutes. She strained her eyes toward the bed but she couldn't quite see her mother's face. She had to see her mother's face clearly, had to know how she felt, having two hard cocks inside her body.

As though in a trance, she moved from the closet across to the bed, where she could see her mother's face. It startled her to look into her eyes. They were glazed with lust and unseeing, so involved was she in the plunging cocks in her cunt and her asshole. Her tongue circled hungrily around her parted lips as she savored the pleasure she was feeling. She was completely transformed, not at all the mother she was accustomed to, and suddenly Paula wanted to share in their pleasure too!

Paula's mother was joyously receiving her son and her husband, willing and ready for the attention they were showering upon her. She loved it, Paula could tell. The two throbbing cocks were thrusting relentlessly between her unbelievably stretched thighs, one slamming thrillingly into her asshole, while at the same time, the other drove heavily into her clasping cunt. She was being humped and bumped helplessly, like a rag doll, between the sweating bodies pf her husband and her son as they worked together for their climaxes. Paula's mother loved it more than anything she had known!

"Ooohhh, God! Fuck me my darlings. My two beautiful men! Yes... fuck me!" she wailed as the two men -- her men -- answered her request with thundering willingness.

Their rhythm was as one, each driving deeply into her at the same time, then again withdrawing their long throbbing pricks to plunge back into her greedily receiving cunt and asshole more quickly and lustfully, again and again.

It was wonderful, and she sighed and moaned her pleasurable feelings. Her head was turned to one side, her vision a blur of passion, but though it she saw her naked daughter standing by her, and she wanted her darling girl to share in her pleasures, too.

"Paula darling... come here, ooohhh... quick, baby!" she groaned at the naked girl.

The teen-age girl didn't need a second invitation. Quickly she was upon the bed, on her knees and facing her mother, her legs spread wide. She moved in close until her brother's head was up between her thighs.

"Raise up, Mom, as far as you can, so I can squat on my brother's face, get my cunt onto his mouth!"

Dennis, pinned beneath his mother and now with Paula straddling his head, was like a wild animal -- anxious to lap the sexual juices that flowed hotly from his little sister's flowering cunt, and his tongue snaked out along her wet cunt-lips like a hot electric probe, sliding smoothly along the pink quivering valley to the opening of her throbbing cunt.

Paula's mother rested her head on the girl's thigh, her nose almost touching her golden pubic hair, only inches from where her son lapped noisily on his sister's wet cunt, which she rubbed back and forth over his face.

The boy licked around her tight little cunt-hole, drawing all the excitedly seeping pussy fluids hungrily into his mouth. And then, groaning insanely and stretching his tongue out as far as he could, he thrust it into the smoothly steaming walls between his eighteen-year-old sister's wide spread legs.

"Ooohhh, yes... do it like that, Dennis! Suck it!"

"Do you like what Dennis is doing, dear?" asked Paula's mother breathlessly.

"Oh wow! Do I ever! Oh God, Mom. Does my brother ever know how to eat a girl's pussy!"

"Yes, dear. I know!"

It was all there, and Paula couldn't have been happier. Her urgent needs were being taken care of by her brother's hot eager tongue eating her pussy. She felt closer now than she ever had to her darling brother, her wonderful father and her sweet adorable mother. They were truly a family now.

Paula's mother, trapped among all three of the naked passionate bodies, churned and rolled her hips as best she could, in eager response to the two hard pricks thrusting into her. Her movements were a trigger that released all the grinding passion the four of them had built up.

Dennis moaned loudly as he slammed his cock up into his mother's cunt, and the moment it began spurting it's hot liquid charge, his father fucked hard into his wife's throbbing asshole, his huge cock sending a jet-like stream into her. They were buried deep in her pussy and her asshole, and their hot cum splashed into her at the same time.

"Aaahhh!" Paula's mother shrieked with her orgasm and trembled with the flowing pleasures of the two hot charges spurting into her asshole and her greedily contracting cunt. Paula let out a wail at the same time as her brother's busy tongue drove her over the brink. Suddenly his mouth was busy lapping up the climactic juices flowing from his young sister's cunt. All four bodies jerked and writhed together on the bed as they plunged into the final throes of their fantastic orgasm.

"We made it -- together!" gasped George Prentiss triumphantly, reaching over his wife, hugging her, kissing her lovingly. His enthusiastic show of affection sent Eve into a second intense orgasm, one that left her nearly breathless. "Oh Eve darling, that was absolutely the best ass-fuck we've ever had!"

"Thank you, darling," said Eve weakly, trying to catch her breath.

"We've done some wild things in bed, sweetheart," said George, "but I never dreamed I'd one day fuck you in the ass while our son had his cock in your cunt."

"I didn't either," panted Eve. "You kinda took me by surprise."

"Well it was sure a surprise to find out my son was fucking his mother."

"George, I..."

"Now hold on," said George with a laugh. "Before you start feeling guilty again, I have a confession to make." His hand reached out for Paula and pulled her into his arms. "This sweet adorable daughter of ours knows what it's like to have a stiff prick up in her, because I've been fucking her!"

"Oh! Paula? You have?" gasped Eve.

"Yes, Mom," said Paula. "And while we're being honest about it, Daddy's not the only one. Dennis bus fucked me too!"

Suddenly they saw Dennis wave his arms and claw frantically at his sister's rear-end. "Ummph! Get up, Paula," he gasped. "Whew! I love your cunt, honey, but I've got to breathe too!"

"Oh! Sorry, Dennis." They laughed, except Dennis, who was gasping for air.

"Now let's forget about who's been fucking who," said Paula's mother as the deflating cocks of her son and her husband slipped out of her totally satisfied body. "From now on let's make love everywhere in the house, in all the beds, the living room, kitchen."

"The shower!" put in Dennis.

"And don't forget the backyard," said Paula. "On the lawn, by the pool. In the pool!"

"Now that's what I call living," Paula's father said with a laugh.


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