The suck wives

In many cases today's marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family, and the use of others for thrill-seeking -- and often deviant -- purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

THE SUCK WIVES is the story of two young wives, outwardly normal, inwardly eager to satisfy their lustful cravings in the arms of other men. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.

Chapter ONE

Diane opened the bathroom door and, naked, went into the bedroom, where Karen was lying naked on the bed. Both girls were beautiful. Diane was a tall blonde with long legs, huge tits, and a model's face. Karen, a brunette, was much smaller. Her tits, although not large, were the perfect size for her. They were round and did not sag. The cherry-colored nipples in their centers were quite long and thick.

Yawning, Diane stretched and lay down beside Karen. After carefully eyeing the other woman's slim, naked body, she sighed and looked at the ceiling. "Guess what," she said softly.

"What, darling?" asked Karen, turning.

"I need to be fucked," she replied, sighing. "After all, it's been nearly a week since the guys have been home. I need a fuck so bad; I can taste it."

Karen, nodding, sighed deeply. "I know, baby," she replied. "Christ, my insides are steamin', just thinkin' about it." She sat up and reached for her cigarettes. "But what the fuck can we do about it?" she asked, lighting cigarettes for both of them. "Rick and George are at that Goddam convention. They're a million miles away. Helluva lotta good that's doin' us, you know!"

Diane nodded but said nothing.

"Let's face it, honey," Karen continued, squirming into a comfortable position. "We won't have a decent piece of hot cock until Saturday afternoon, when they get back. That's four whole days!"

"Jesus Christ!" snapped Diane. "I can't possibly hold off until then! My cunt's already dryin' up!"

"What the fuck can we do about it?"

"Hell, I dunno. We shoulda never got married, if you want to know the truth. We were happy before we met the guys. Christ... We used to do a lotta things before we got hitched. We went places. We had fun. We always got picked up, no matter where we were, no matter how broke we were. Some of the pickups were good, some bad." Diane looked sadly at Karen. "Christ, baby," she said angrily. "We used to get fucked eight, nine, even ten times a week!" She paused, grimacing. "Now all we're doin' is fuckin' ourselves while the guys spend three weeks a month somewhere else." Then she got angry. "For Christ's sake, Karen! We've been married three months and I doubt if those assholes fed us the old cock ten times!"


The girls looked at each other.

Suddenly Karen had an idea. "We could..."

Diane eyed her suspiciously.

"Why not?" asked Karen, sitting up and putting out her cigarette. "We have to look out for ourselves, ya know. It's not as though we'll be doin' it to spite them. It's survival, if you want to know the truth." She shrugged and added, "And they'll never know about it in the first place."

"I don't know if we..."

"Christ, honey!" Karen snapped. "Would you rather rot away to nothin'?"

"It doesn't seem right..."

"All right, then," interrupted Karen, glaring at her. "You can dry up all you want. As for me... I'm gonna go to town tonight and get fucked!" She got up out of bed and went to get dressed. "Change your mind?" she asked suddenly.

Diane was occupied with the thoughts of all this. After all, she thought, they were mature women. They had needs, too. They wouldn't be hurting the boys; they'd never find out. A one-nighter would be harmless.

"Well?" asked Karen impatiently.

Diane smiled at her friend. "Yes!" she replied, nodding earnestly. "Let's do it. Tonight."

"Good girl!"

Diane and Karen entered the club that night at ten-thirty. It was the first time that either of them had been in the place, and they surveyed the big room in approval. It looked clean and comfortable.

Both the girls, sensuously dressed, looked fantastic. Diane had put on a bright-red, tight-fitting tank top, hot pants, and white, high-heeled shoes. Diane didn't like bras; they were too restricting, to begin with, and she could never find one large enough to fit her. As a result, her huge tits stuck out and bounced heavily with each step she took.

Karen had decided to wear a revealing halter top and hot pants that were no larger than panties. She, too, wore high heels. Her long, slender legs shifted sensuously as she walked to their table.

Both girls noticed the many looks of approval they had received since they had entered the club. They sat down, crossed their elegant legs, and lit their cigarettes.

"Christ!" whispered Karen, glancing all around her. "Are we ever gonna get it tonight!"

"It's been a long time since we've been stared at so much," replied Diane softly. Chuckling, she added, "Why, right now we're being stripped, eaten, fucked, and God knows what else!"

"I know," laughed Karen. Then she lowered her voice. "My pants are gettin' wet already, honey. Don't talk like that." She looked around to see if anyone was listening. "I knew I should've worn panties..."


The waitress came, took their order, and brought them their drinks five minutes later.

The girls sat in silence, smoking and sipping their drinks.

Diane lit another cigarette and looked at everyone in the club. She sighed in disgust. Most of the customers were couples or groups. Several eligible men sat on bar stools in front of the long, U-shaped bar. Shit, she thought angrily. The bastards were probably talking about baseball. Or football. No matter. When men got together at a bar, it was literally impossible to get them to look at you at all.

Two lavishly dressed hookers sat, their long, naked legs crossed and swaying coquettishly, near the end of the bar. They were talking to two slightly drunk, interested young men in their late twenties. Forget it, honey, Diane told herself, and turned back to Karen. "Oh, fuck," she said softly, disgusted. "Somethin' tells me we're not gonna get picked up tonight."

"Be patient, darling," comforted Karen. "It's not even eleven o'clock. It's early, for Christ's sake. There's bound to be some more guys comin' in later." Sighing, she put out her cigarette. "And anyway," she added, "don't you think good cock is worth waitin' for?"

Diane laughed and nodded.


"Sure it is," she replied. "But don't forget, you can get Goddam horny waitin' for a good cock to come around!"

"Honey," Karen said softly, "girls like us can get Goddam horny just waitin' for the next guy to stick it in while the first guy's already in!"

They laughed shortly.

Fifteen minutes later, the girls finished their drinks and ordered another round. People finally began coming in and in no time the place was half-filled. The waitress went to the juke box and stuffed it with quarters. The harsh, high-pitched sounds of rock music thundered throughout the room. People got up to dance.

"Someone's lookin' at us," whispered Diane in delight.

"Where?" asked Karen, excited.

"To your left. About three tables back."

Karen shifted in her chair. She turned and saw a dark figure sitting alone, sipping his drink casually. She sighed and turned back to Diane. "I can't make out what he looks like," she said in disappointment. "It's too dark."

"He looks fine to me," replied Diane, shrugging.

"Shit," replied Karen. "Anything in pants looks fine to you."

"Uh-oh. He's comin' over."

He turned out to be a tall, well-built man in his early thirties. He had a rough sort of face, with deep-set eyes, a slightly broken nose, and small white scars on his left cheekbone. Picking up the chair and turning it around, he sat backward and rested his muscular, big-veined forearms on the back of the chair. Diane and Karen noticed the tattoo on his right arm. Rather large, it was the tattoo of a naked girl posing with her arms up and cradling her head.

"You girls have any plans?" he asked in a low, growly voice.

"Whaddya have in mind?" asked Karen, smiling coyly.

"Do you have a friend?" asked Diane.

Coughing, he lit a cigarette. "Yep. He's at the place next door. Tryin' to find a pickup."

"What the hell's wrong with us?" asked Karen in a hurt voice.

"Nothin'. How the hell's he s'posed to know there's chicks like you in here? We only got here twenty minutes ago."

Diane shrugged. "Well, go and get him, for Christ's sake!"

He smiled and the girls saw yellow, uneven teeth. Without a word, he got up, turned, and walked out of the place.

"D'ya think he'll be back?" asked Diane.

"Why won't he?"

"I dunno. Maybe he doesn't like to be ordered around. There's guys like that, ya know."

Karen shook her head. "Naw. He'll be back. He seemed to be too horny to pass us up."

"Yeah. I guess so." She sipped her drink and looked at her friend. "I wonder what his friend looks like."

"We'll see, if you can manage to keep that juicy cunt of yours from gushin' all over the rug!"

Diane laughed and finished her drink.

For the next ten minutes, they sat in silence, smoking and waiting for the two men to return. The waitress came over and asked them if they wanted another round. "Oh, hell," sighed Karen, scowling. "Bring us another one."

A few minutes later, she returned with the drinks. The girls lit fresh cigarettes and sat, pouting and thinking furiously. Diane was the first to break the silence.

"I think we scared him away," she said.

"How, for Christ's sakes?"

Diane shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe we were too bold. Men don't like their women to be too bold, ya know."

"What the hell are we s'posed to do?" Karen shot back. "Speak softly, blush, bow politely -- and stay in this fuckin' place all night?"

Diane sighed and sipped her drink.

"We always had good luck before," Karen continued. "It always got us cock, you know. Maybe we were too bold... but it always got us cock!"

Before they could look up and see them coming, the girls heard the rough-looking man's voice as he and his friend took seats and sat down at their table.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed his friend, who was a great deal shorter and heavier than the other man. "Wade, you really hit the fuckin' jackpot!" He stared enthusiastically at both girls, eyeing each square inch of their half-naked bodies as though he were in a trance.

Karen smiled at them and said, "Where the hell were you two? We were just about to leave."

Wade laughed shortly. "I couldn't get him away from the fat hooker at the other place. He wouldn't believe me when I told him about you two."

"Wade's a fuckin' bullshit artist," replied his friend. He looked at Wade. "What the hell did you expect me to do, anyway?"

Karen drained her glass and said, "Do we have to stay here much longer? I'm gettin' awfully horny."

Diane reached into her purse and took a twenty-dollar bill from her wallet. She put it on the table and didn't notice the severe look of interest from the two men. "Let's go," she said, and the four of them got up to leave.

"Christ, Wade," whispered his friend as they headed for the door. "You couldn'ta done better in a million years! My fuckin' jism's boilin'!"

Wade laughed and they followed the girls outside.

Chapter TWO

Karen got into the back seat of the car. The smaller man followed her inside and in no time at all was all over her, his hands and mouth busy. He reached underneath her top and covered her round tits. "Christ," he mumbled hungrily, his prick rising up his trouser leg. "They're bigger'n cantaloupes!"

"Save your wad," she whispered fiercely. "We'll be able to fuck in no time."

His hands played with her boobs. She felt his cock growing harder and harder against her thigh. "Can't wait," he whispered huskily, his mouth groping for her warm tits. "Can't wait..."

Diane got into the front seat with the other man. A few seconds later, he gunned the accelerator and the car jumped from the parking lot.

"Where are we goin'?" Diane asked, moving closer to him.

"Closest place I can find," he remarked, looking in his rearview mirror. "For Christ's sake, Ed!" he exclaimed. "Can't you fuckin' wait until we get there?"

Diane shifted in her seat and laughed with pleasure when she saw Karen and the big man struggling to get their clothes off. Karen's tits were completely naked; Ed was in the process of pulling down her pants while she moaned and groped for his body.

Diane licked her lips. "I'm gettin' wet," she said huskily, reaching over to rest her hand on Wade's right thigh. "I'm gettin' too wet to wait, sweetie."

Before he could react, she had reached down with both hands, unfastened his fly, and reached inside. He grunted sharply and nearly drove the car over the side of a hill. Her hands were warm and smooth. He let her play with his cock awhile as he drove. In no time, his prick was as hard as a rock.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" groaned Diane when she saw his swollen cock jump in her hand. "I'm gonna like this! I'm gonna like every fuckin' inch of this!"

Suddenly he jumped in surprise. In one motion, Diane had swept down and taken his cock completely in her mouth. He shivered and nearly lost control of the car again. He slowed down and spread his legs so that she could play with his balls as she sucked his cock.

Ed was busy with Karen's steaming cunt. His tongue lashed out, heading for her stiff clit. She cried out in pleasure, her body rocking the seat.

Ed was leaning over her, resting on his elbows and knees. His short, thick cock hung only a few inches from her mouth. When she reached up and covered it with her hands, Ed gave a harsh animal groan and began to pant. He lowered himself slowly. Soon he felt her hot breath all over his cock and balls. She took his balls in her hands and squeezed them until they were ready to burst. A few moments later, she licked the round head of his stiff prick and took every inch of it into her mouth. Ed wailed and shuddered uncontrollably.

It was only five minutes later that Wade decided he could no longer drive. Pulling off the road, he brought the car to a stop about fifty feet from the road, near a roadside rest area. After switching off the lights, he reached beneath the front seat and found the bottle. Breathing heavily, he unscrewed the cap and took a deep belt. Diane continued to suck his cock eagerly. He sighed deeply and took another great swallow.

Karen began purring in excitement. Ed's tongue and mouth were busy with her cunt and clit. He thrust two fingers up her soggy snatch, rotated them around, and felt the hot juices bubbling onto his fingers. Using his free hand, he slammed his thumb up her wet asshole and in no time she was kicking and jerking beneath him on the seat.

When the storms subsided, Karen went back to his rock-hard cock. She took it in her mouth and tickled him with her hot tongue. Cupping his balls in her hands, she sucked him eagerly, the muscles of her mouth closing over his hot prick, sliding up and down it, pulling it eagerly into her mouth.

Wade's prick was gradually becoming bigger and bigger. He could feel his jism beginning to erupt inside his balls. Diane's hands played with his balls, the base of his cock, the insides of his thighs, his asshole. "Get up," he said hoarsely.

She looked up at him. "What's up?" she asked, puzzled.

"Just get up," he repeated.

Diane did as she was told and watched him as he pulled down his pants and slid her panties down her legs. "This is more like it!" she laughed, squealing in pleasure. She spread her thighs for him and reached up to grab hold of the door handle for support.

Wade positioned himself between her thighs and began to play with her juicy twat. God, it was hot, he realized. Hottest fuckin' cunt in town, probably. He looked at her and told himself that he was going to fuck this girl until it hurt.

Diane cried out when she felt his rock-like prick separating the hot, juicy walls of her snatch. Christ, that felt good! she told herself.

Wade had a big cock, and it took him quite a while to get it all in. Diane spread her thighs wider and wider, gasping for breath and fearfully wondering what would happen if he couldn't get it all in. After all, there were some guys in the world who were much too big for some women. What happens to the girl if the big cock, when only halfway in, ruptures something inside her?

Just then, she sighed in relief. Wade's cock was all the way inside her cunt, halfway up her belly. God, it felt good! It was long and thick, and it filled her cunt and warmed her insides. She wrapped her legs around his ass and enjoyed the sensations of having a huge cock inside her snatch.

He began moving it inside her slowly, with small strokes. Something broke inside her and her insides gushed hotly. She cried out, moaned, grunted and pressed her thighs tightly against him. Then she relaxed and felt the flood retreating.

Ed was having a ball with Karen's juicy cunt. His mouth completely covered it. Karen could feel him sucking her jism deeply into his mouth. His tongue left his mouth and snaked between the hot walls of her cunt. She squirmed, panting. His tongue went farther up her snatch, filling it and warming her insides. Then he wriggled it inside her cunt and made her shoot a quick load.

She went back to his cock, caressing it and sucking it with even more enthusiasm than before. It got harder, filling her mouth and making her moan deeply. She pulled it deeper into her mouth. Ed shivered. His balls squirmed over her. Giggling, she cupped them in her hands, rubbing them, pressing them against each other, letting her hands bring them to a boil.

Ed got up and made her roll onto her stomach. Then he lifted her up by the hips and made her kneel on the seat. Spreading her legs, he reached beneath her and tickled her soaked gash. Karen giggled and wriggled her hips. He rammed a thumb up her cunt and his other up her juicy asshole. Karen groaned in excitement. He felt the muscles of her cunt and ass pressing roughly against his thumbs. Then he knew she was ready.

Spreading her snatch wide, he rubbed the round head of his thick prick against the hungry lips of her pussy, tensed himself, and thrust his cock all the way inside, driving a great squeal from Karen and causing her to jerk out a thick flood of quim water. Her arms and legs twitched; her hips snaked in sensuous motions. He felt her slamming the cheeks of her ass against his stomach.

Ed fucked her roughly, jerking out his cock and immediately slamming it brutally up her soaked cunt. Before long, Karen was howling and moaning like a wounded animal. She buried her face in the seat and let him fuck her the way he wanted. His thick cock slammed in and out of her quivering flesh; his jism-filled balls whacked her smartly on the cunt.

Diane had squirted her jism all over Wade's cock and balls. Suddenly he stopped fucking her and sat up on the seat. His cock lay immobile within her crack, lodged deeply inside her boiling cunt. Just then, he reached down, lifted her legs, and draped her smooth calves over his shoulders. He spread her thighs wider and pushed.

Diane screamed. The movement had caused his huge dick to slip an additional three inches up her soaked cunt. She felt her heart give way, and a feeling of intense hotness enveloped her entire body. The storms thrashed through her and gushed from her cunt. She squealed, bucking her hips and wriggling her snatch against his thick joint. He gasped and felt her hot cream covering his cock.

A few moments later, Karen felt Ed tensing his entire body. His breathing became labored and hot. She felt his cock getting ready to spurt inside her, and she clung to him, her pussy muscles pulling him deeply inside. His prick emptied itself hotly into her cunt, and she screamed and squeezed out three quick orgasms.

Ed collapsed on her, pushing her into the seat. "Christ, baby!" he groaned. "That was the best come I've had in years!"

Karen felt a pang of disappointment. She had hoped Ed would last longer. As she lay face down in the back seat, his great weight on her, she felt the violent pumping of his heart pounding against her back.

"Let me up," she said, struggling to turn over. When he obliged her, she sat up and leaned forward to see how Diane and Wade were coming along. "Save some of that for me," she said to Wade. "I must have five or six more loads to shoot out before we get to the motel."

He laughed and continued fucking Diane's cunt, which was pouring out orgasm upon orgasm. Diane reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She squealed, shivered intensely, and felt her heart thump madly.

Giggling, Karen climbed over the front seat and positioned herself behind Wade. She reached underneath them, between their genitals, and squealed with pleasure when she felt his dancing balls in her palm. Carefully, Karen closed her fingers around them and squeezed lightly.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!" he grunted, shivering and tensing his body. A moment later, Diane felt his cock growing harder. Tensing her cunt muscles around the base of his prick, she pulled him all the way in just as his cock splashed his hot jism thickly into her cunt. It poured in hotly, jolt upon jolt, filling every square inch of her swollen, trembling pussy. Panting heavily, Diane gasped and got out another quick one. Then she went limp.

Karen, laughing in excitement, continued applying pressure to his balls until she was certain there was nothing left. Then she let go of him and relaxed in the seat.

"Hey!" shouted Ed suddenly. "Why the fuck am I back here all by my lonesome?"

"Your turn," said Karen to Diane. "It's time for me to have a go from this guy."

"Can't you broads wait 'til we get to the motel?" asked Wade, who was still breathing heavily. "My balls are achin' like a motherfucker!"

"Softie," laughed Karen, feeling his limp prick with her fingers. "All you softies talk big, don't ya?" she teased.

"You keep talkin' that way," he replied, "you'll get your twat split apart!"

"Talk talk talk!" she replied, laughing. She looked down at his limp prick and added, "This little thing couldn't split apart a lemon seed!"

Diane got up and lifted herself into the back. "I'd better get outa here before somebody gets mad."

"Wait 'til I get hard again," Wade said, nodding. "Wait 'til I'm hard again before you start talkin' like that."

"That's easy enough," Karen said, licking her lips and bending over to take his limp prick into her mouth.

He started and felt his heart beginning to pump through his chest. The hot sensation of her smooth, lovely lips, and mouth on his cock was too much for him. Less than a minute had passed before his prick once again stirred to life. Karen felt it growing in her mouth. She moaned and, breathing heavily, began to pump his cock eagerly.

"You ready for another squirt?" asked Diane, who was gently stroking Ed's limp prick. "I'm awfully horny."

"Goddam!" he whispered fiercely. "I ain't never seen cunts as horny as you two!"

"We aim to please," she said, chuckling, and lowered her face to his limp cock. She brought out her tongue and swirled it around the head of his prick. A moment later, it began stirring. "Ya think ya wanna try it again?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Baby," he replied, "you and your girlfriend are the best-lookin', hottest chicks around. There's none better, not in a million years. If you can get me another hard-on, I'll fuck the hell outa ya."

She returned to his cock, licking the head, gliding her tongue up and down the length of him, taking the half-limp prick into her mouth. Pretty soon, it grew hard. She pulled it deeper inside her mouth until it got harder. Then she squeezed his balls and breathed her hot breath all over his cock, balls and inner thighs. When she was certain he was hard enough, she took his cock into her mouth again and began to pump him, her head bobbing up and down eagerly.

Karen finished sucking Wade's cock. Shifting in the seat, she straddled his thighs and soon felt the hot sensation of his throbbing prick pressing against the hot lips of her dripping pussy. He placed his hands on her shoulders and in one swift motion shoved her down on his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she gasped, sighing and feeling the hot juices beginning to drip from her cunt. She arched her back, shoved her bouncing titties in his face, and slammed her pussy down on his cock. Her heart burst within her chest. The cunt juice washed his cock and soon she began writhing and jumping on his thick, hot prick.

Diane's head was still bobbing up and down over Ed's thick cock. Her hot breath was all over him. It sizzled his flesh and brought his jism to a boil. She began licking his balls while she pumped his cock with her hand.

Karen began jumping wildly and writhing in total submission. The juice squirted out of her cunt in thick gushes. Wade kept his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down on his cock. Their thighs were completely drenched with sweat and cunt juice. She pumped him brutally and then went berserk a few moments later, jerking and squealing while her pussy muscles sucked his cock all the way inside her swollen twat. Her juice shot out of her hole in two short jets, leaving her exhausted. She collapsed in his arms and lay still, his thick cock still deeply embedded within her quivering cunt.

Dane kept sucking Ed's cock. Soon he was moaning hoarsely. She felt him tense and jerk, quivering and tightening his big thigh muscles. Her hands still on his balls, she kept his cock deeply inside her mouth until he groaned and emptied his thick cum down her throat.

The four of them lay still for the next five minutes.

Then Wade sat up and began to put on his trousers. "Let's go to the motel," he said. "You broads are too fuckin' good to be wasted in a fuckin' car!"

The others then groped for their crumpled clothing, which lay in scattered heaps in the back seat and on the floor. Wade switched on the ignition and pulled back onto the main road. Karen moved closer to him and leaned against his shoulder. She closed her eyes and, smiling, thought about the rest of the wonderful night.

Chapter THREE

Twenty minutes later they drove into the parking lot of a small roadside motel. Wade got out of the car and headed quickly for the lobby. He was gone no more than a few seconds before Diane hopped into the back seat with Ed and Karen. "It's been too long," she said, unbuttoning his fly and groping for his cock. "I'm horny again!"

"You broads are fuckin' crazy!" groaned Ed, gasping and stirring in the seat. "You bitches are gonna pull the fuckin' thing out by the roots!"

The girls didn't reply. They were too busy kneeling in the seat and moving their faces toward Ed's swollen cock. Suddenly he cried out, shivering. Diane and Karen greedily went for his bulging dong, their tongues lashing out. While two pairs of eager hands were groping for his balls, their mouths enveloped him, their wet lips saturating his prick with kisses. His jism fought to erupt.

Wade returned to the car. "What the fuck are ya doin', for Chrissakes?" he snarled, gaping at them.

Ed was beaming from ear to ear. "What the fuck d'ya think, old buddy?"

"C'mon! Get outa there! We gotta room."

Ed tried to get up, but the girls kept him pinned down. Finally, he shrugged in defeat and shook his head sadly at Wade. "Sorry," he said, laughing shortly. "I guess I got too much for these twats to pass up!"

Wade wrenched open the door and pulled Karen away from Ed's cock. "There's just as much right here, baby," he said harshly, pointing to his throbbing prick. "Let's go inside, for Chrissakes!"

Ed pulled up his pants and the three of them got out of the car.

Inside was a big room with two king-size beds. The girls could hardly wait to remove their clothing. As soon as Ed had closed the door, they pulled off their tops and shrugged out of their tight pants. Their gleaming naked bodies lit up the room.

"Jesus H. Christ!" exclaimed Ed in awe. "They're fuckin' beautiful!"

"C'mon, big boy!" urged Diane, approaching Ed and pinning him against the door. "Show me what I'm gettin'!" Then she went into action, unbuttoning his fly, pulling down his trousers, and taking his entire cock into her mouth. She got on her knees, took his balls in her hands, and began to suck his prick hungrily.

"I want it in the ass!" squealed Karen while Wade was undressing. "I want the fuckin' thing in my ass!" Without another word she jumped on the bed, got on her hands and knees, spread her thighs, and waited for him to stick his cock in. Already she was panting. The hot cunt juice was dripping down her thighs.

Wade knelt behind her, reached between them, and thrust his thumb up her dripping cunt. She quivered, rocked her hips, and squealed. He felt the strong muscles of her pussy sucking him in. He swirled his thumb around inside her and pumped her for a while. With his free hand, he fingered her asshole, which was juicy and hot. By now his cock was trembling, and he felt his heart thumping.

Karen spread her legs wider and waited for him to part her ass. Wade stuck his thumbs against her pink asshole and, grasping the cheeks of her ass, pulled them apart and rammed his cock all the way in.

The result was overwhelming.

Karen immediately experienced one big orgasm followed by a series of five or six shorter ones. Her heart went insane. She trembled. Her ass slammed brutally against his huge cock. She gasped, shuddered, and shook the bed. Her hips quivered madly, and she shrieked so loudly that Wade had to push her head down, shoving her face against the pillows to muffle the harsh cry.

She lay still for nearly a minute before she got up. The storms had passed, and she was ready to be fucked deliciously in the ass. Wade waited an additional minute before he began sliding his cock in and out of her ass slowly, unhurriedly.

Ed could no longer take Diane's tongue and lips. In one smooth motion, he bent down, lifted her up by the armpits, and waited for her to wrap her legs around his big waist. Then he positioned his cock against her pink pussylips, sighed deeply, and pushed.

Diane gasped and, throwing her arms high in the air, fell backward in his arms. She was giggling as his cock slid up her slit, and she closed her eyes and enjoyed each inch of it as though it would be her last.

Ed began fucking her slowly at first, but Diane went crazy, twitching and pounding herself brutally onto his rock-hard cock. He felt her cunt juice gushing down her canal. It warmed his balls and hardened his prick even more.

Wade, fucking Karen's juicy pink asshole, reached down and rammed his thumb up her swollen cunt. Immediately she exploded with a huge orgasm and, screaming, shoved her asshole roughly against his driving cock.

Finally, he pulled out of her and got up from the bed. He turned her over and pulled her by the ankles so that she was lying on her back with her legs draped over the edge of the bed. Without warning, he lifted her legs, rested them on his shoulders, positioned himself against her soggy slit, and rammed his rock-like cock brutally up her cunt.

Karen screamed so hard that he had to clamp his hand over her mouth. Her heart thundered within her chest. A thick wad of cum flooded her pussy. The bed shook. More explosions shook her entire body. Wade continued to pound his cock inside her twitching cunt. Gasping thickly, she pounded out so many squirts of hot jism that she suddenly went limp, fainting and lying still.

Ed, a few minutes later, rammed his cock up Diane's hot cunt and made her go crazy with convulsions. She went limp in his arms. A thin trickle of cunt juice flowed from her crack. She moaned thickly, the breath coming from her flared nostrils. Sighing deeply, he carried her over to the bed and let her fall. She groaned, shifted a bit on the bed, and was still. Ed fell beside her and lay on his back, his chest heaving.

Exhausted, Ed and Wade drifted toward sleep.

It was nearly four o'clock that morning when Ed woke and nudged Wade, who was still sleeping. "What the hell ya want?" he asked groggily.

"C'mon, buddy," Ed replied, pulling up his pants. "We gotta split town, remember?" He fought to keep his voice low. "We gotta hot car. And that liquor store we rolled ain't more than fifty miles down the road!"

Wade, sitting up, suddenly realized what had happened. Yawning, he rubbed his scalp and went to put on his clothes. "Yeah. Almost forgot." He looked at the two sleeping, naked girls on the beds. "Amazing how much a really good cunt makes you forget. Right?"

"Right. C'mon. Let's get outa here. By the way, how much bread we got?"

Wade shrugged. "The broad had two tens and two fives. The room was nineteen. That leaves us eleven and some change," he chuckled softly. "Eleven bucks won't even fill the gas tank."

"How 'bout the other broad?"

"I dunno. Didn't even check her out."

"Go ahead."

Wade went over to Diane's purse, which lay on the floor near the nightstand. He picked it up and opened it. A moment later, he smiled and removed the bills from her red wallet. "The fuckin' bitch is loaded!" he exclaimed. "Must be nearly two hundred smackers in here!"

"Jesus Christ!" chuckled Ed, licking his lips. "Jesus Christ!"

Wade pocketed the money and tossed the purse on the floor. "Let's go," he whispered.

"Naw, we better tie 'em up or somethin'. They might wake up two minutes after we're gone ya know."

Wade thought it over carefully and then nodded. "Yeah," he replied. "Then every fuckin' pig in this town will be on the lookout."

"We can get nailed for rape, too, ya know."

"Prob'ly." Wade headed for the door. "We got some clothesline in the trunk. I'll bring it in."

Ed nodded. "I'll make sure they don't make no noise."

Wade no sooner had closed the door behind him when Diane woke up, yawning and stretching her arms in the air. "You up already?" she asked. Rubbing her eyes, she glanced at Ed, then at her opened purse. Sitting up sharply, she shouted, "Why, you fuckin' assholes, what the fuck..."

By that time, she was silenced.

Ed had moved quickly, sitting down beside her and slapping his hand tightly across her mouth.

The force of his strength stung her, nearly knocking her out. She was recovering her strength quickly, but by this time Ed had flipped her over on her stomach, buried her face in the pillow, and sat on her ass.

Less than a minute later, Wade appeared, beaming from ear to ear. "Look what I found in the glove compartment," he said, holding out a thick roll of adhesive tape. Then he noticed that Diane was already awake, and was struggling violently beneath Ed.

"Welt whaddya know!" exclaimed Ed, chuckling as Wade came over to the bed. "The guy we stole the car from was good enough to leave a first-aid kit. God damn!"

Ed was a strong man; it was very easy for him to pin Diane's arms back and hold them tightly while Wade wound several feet of the clothesline tightly around her wrists. Her hands secured, they pulled her legs back and bound the ankles tightly together, only a few inches from her wrists. She struggled desperately, her ass wriggling. She was straining so violently that the whole bed shook. Ed was forced to keep her face buried in the pillow. Her squeals were loud and strong, even though they were muffled.

"The tape," grunted Ed. "Before the other broad gets up! Quick! I dunno if we can handle two of these jumpin' cunts!"

Wade pulled off several long strips of adhesive. Clamping his hand over Diane's mouth, Ed turned her over and lifted her head. Wade stretched the tape firmly over her mouth and cheeks and smiled at the fierce expression on her face. "God damn!" he chuckled. "It's a damn good thing we fled ya up. You'd prob'ly wanna tear us apart!"

"Come off it," grumbled Ed impatiently. He got up and picked up the clothesline. "Let's get the other one and get the fuck outa here!"

Karen was still sleeping soundly. Since she had been lying on her back, it was very easy for the men to gag her, rope her ankles together, flip her over, and tie her just as they had Diane. They had no sooner tied her wrists together and brought back her ankles when she awoke, gasping fiercely and jerking on the bed.

Ed wiped his forehead and sighed in relief. "Christ!" he muttered, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a cigarette. "I'm glad that's over. You girls are fuckin' hellcats!"

Both Diane and Karen squealed angrily from beneath the tape over their mouths.

Wade eyed the naked, helpless girls who lay heaving and squealing on the beds. "Sorry, dolls," he whispered, feeling bad about the whole thing. "You were great chicks. Nobody's better'n you two, honest.., but ya'd turn us in. We got nothin' against you, but we can't have ya cryin' to the cops. Ya see? We need a coupla hours' head start."

Karen tried screaming, but it was hopeless. The tape held, keeping her mouth shut. She tried one last time to jerk herself free, but she soon sighed in utter defeat. The two men had done an expert job on them. All the girls could do was bounce, squeal, and writhe on the beds. They were completely helpless.

"Let's go," Ed said at last.

"Maybe we shouldn'ta tied 'em up so good," reflected Wade. "They won't be able to get loose. And they might be hurtin', ya know. We tied 'em pretty Goddam tight. They're nice kids. We don't wanna hurt em."

Ed shrugged. "The cleanin' lady'll untie 'em when she finds 'em this afternoon."

"Let's leave 'em a knife," suggested Wade. "It'll be fuckin' embarrassin' for the broads to be found that way. You know. Naked. All tied up like this. They're prob'ly married, anyway. Ya know what all that publicity would..."

"Maybe you're right," reflected Ed, sighing. "But leave the knife in the john. They can get it themselves. That way, it'll take 'em at least an hour to get loose."

"Okay." Wade took the knife from his pocket and went into the bathroom. He set the knife in the bathtub and went back to the bedroom. "All right," he said at last. "Everything's set. Let's go."

"Not yet."

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" Ed began to chuckle.

"What the hell's so fuckin' funny, clown?"

Ed's eyes were glued to the two naked, tied girls who lay heaving on the beds. His thoughts were obvious. "I'm gettin' hard again," he said, laughing.

"Jesus Christ!" snapped Wade. "Haven't you had enough?"

"Fuck, no!" Ed grinned. "These broads are beautiful! Best fuck I ever had! Seems a fuckin' shame to..."

"All right," replied Wade, pulling down his pants. "But let's make it quick, for Chrissakes!"

The girls both made another feeble attempt at a struggle, but the manner in which they were bound prevented their lashing out or hitting the men anywhere. The men merely pulled the girls toward the edges of the beds, spread their legs, and rammed their cocks deeply up their cunts. The girls squealed and gasped beneath the tape. The men chuckled when they felt the girls' cunts already dripping hotly.

"How 'bout that?" reflected Ed, laughing. "They come just as hard when they're raped!"

Karen was the first to explode. Her cunt juice poured from her hot tube and soaked Wade's cock and balls. He kept fucking her until his cock spurted holly with jism. She came three more times before he pulled out of her and went into the bathroom to wipe his cock off.

Ed rammed his cock brutally in and out of Diane's creamy slit. Soon she was pounding out enough juice to sink a battleship. Her squeals were laud even though she was gagged. Ed, laughing, slammed his cock inside her cunt even harder, and gasped and shuddered when he felt himself coming. He lay on top of her trembling body for one more minute before he pulled himself out of her and went to clean himself up.

Two minutes later, they were flipping the girls over on their stomachs and covering them with blankets. After the girls were tucked in tightly, the men sighed in relief, bent down to kiss the girls' taped mouths, and left the motel room.

Twenty seconds later, their car started and they were gone.

Chapter FOUR

As soon as Wade and Ed had driven away, the two girls began struggling violently. Their grunts and groans were quite loud, even though they were gagged. Karen was flipping from side to side desperately. Soon, the blankets gave way, and her trussed body emerged into view. Straining to rise to her knees, she lost her balance and, with a squeal of panic, fell from the bed and onto the carpeted floor with a loud thud.

Diane still had not freed herself from beneath the blankets. She was jerking, trying to lash out with her legs, but her mighty efforts had merely put pressure on her wrists and ankles. With a great sigh, she fell to her side in defeat. Tears welled in her eyes and she sniffed them back.

Recovering, Karen groaned weakly and began rolling on the carpeted floor. The method in which she was tied had rendered her completely helpless, and she could not roll across the room without scraping her knees or knocking the floor with her shoulders or hips. Soon she was so exhausted and sore that, halfway across the room, she fell to the floor and lay still.

Just then Diane went crazy on the bed. Her harsh groans and muffled screams had caused the adrenaline to flow, and in no time at all she had knocked the restraining blankets onto the floor. The effort had exhausted her, and she lay still, breathing heavily, her heart racing.

Karen once again began rolling across the room. Thank God, the bathroom was only a few feet away! She gathered the remains of her strength and rolled over until she was leaning against the doorway. Thank God, the bastards hadn't pulled the door shut! she thought, knocking it open with her shoulder and rolling into the bathroom.

Once inside, she began looking for the knife, and soon whimpered in defeat. It was nowhere to be found! Had the fuckers thrown it down the fuckin' crapper? she thought. Sighing, she lay down on the tiled floor and relaxed for a few minutes. God, she was a wreck! Her hair was all over the place. Her knees, hips and shoulders had been scraped raw from the carpet. She had a splitting headache and an overwhelming urge to throw up. Stupid bitch! she thought, angry at herself. She couldn't throw up with her fuckin' mouth taped! She settled down and tried to relax. Her wrists and ankles were nearly numb from the ropes and from the pressure she had put on them in making it to the bathroom. She tried moving her fingers. They were sluggish, but moved. The important thing was finding the knife before they went completely numb!

With all her strength, she got up on her knees and looked all over the room. She was just about ready to scream her lungs out in despair when she saw the knife in the bottom of the tub.

With two painful hops, she made it to the edge of the tub and hoisted herself onto the rim. However, the method in which her legs were doubled up behind her threw her off balance once again, and she cringed in fear when she felt herself falling backward into the bathtub. Everything went black just then. There was a harsh thump of more pain somewhere in her head, and then bright yellow stars flew past her eyes.

Karen lay motionless.

Diane had forced herself into a sitting position on the bed. On her knees, she discovered the position had given her a few inches of slack in her bonds. Her fingers were furiously working with the knots at her ankles. God, they were tight! she thought. The men, obviously, had had experience with knots. She wondered how many other girls had been put through this, how many others those dirty bastards had humiliated and raped.

To her surprise, Diane felt one of the knots giving way. Her fingers went berserk then, and in her victory she had begun breathing fiercely, jerking and straining at the loosened knot. Her movements, though, were too severe for her position, and she, too, shrieked in terror when she felt herself falling roughly to the floor.

A few minutes later, Karen began grumbling angrily in the bathroom. Recovering from her fall in the tub, she had grabbed hold of Wade's knife and had furiously worked her wrists free. Sighing deeply, she stretched her arms and then relaxed in the tub.

Then she removed the tape from her mouth. Working her numb lips and tongue, she began to feel better. "Those cocksuckin' son of a bitches!" she muttered harshly, growing angry. "Those prick-eatin', pussy-suckin' sons of dead pigs!"

Karen cut the ropes binding her ankles and got up slowly. Every muscle in her body ached. She looked in the mirror. Her shoulders and hips were extremely red. Her wrists and ankles had deep-red welts all over them.

Applying cold water to them and drying them off gingerly, Karen gave herself a final glance in the mirror before she went into the bedroom to untie Diane, who was lying limply on the floor.

She immediately cut the rope that had forced Diane's legs back. This done, she pushed the moaning girl onto her side and cut the ropes binding her wrists and ankles. Finally, Karen turned Diane over onto her back and removed the tape from her mouth.

Straddling Diane, Karen took the other girl's wrists and began rubbing them vigorously. The blonde cried out, shuddered, and began to shake her head violently. Karen slapped her cheeks. Diane began breathing more easily. Then she opened her eyes and smiled at the brunette.

"Ya know what we oughta do?" laughed Karen, getting up and falling heavily to the bed. "We oughta find those fuckers and tear 'em apart!"

Diane, groaned and sat up slowly. Then she looked at Karen and glared at her. "You bitch!" she snapped. "This was your idea in the first place!"

"Oh, bullshit," retorted Karen. "Your insides needed a good flushin' out, just like mine. How the fuck was I to know those bastards were perverts?"

"They were good, weren't they?" reflected Diane, suddenly smiling.

"Yep," giggled Karen. "A fuckin' shame they cut out."

The girls looked oddly at each other. Moments later, they broke into laughter.

"All we needed," exclaimed Karen, bubbling with laughter, "was a camera!"

Diane, still laughing, was shaking her head and looking up at the ceiling. "I'll never forget this as long as I live! Imagine -- picked up, taken to a motel, fucked by two men, robbed, tied up, gagged, raped, and left for dead... all in the same night!"

They laughed some more.

"Ya know something, angel?" asked Karen, smiling at her friend.

Diane looked at her.

"I loved every moment of it!"

"So did I!" replied Diane, squealing in excitement.

"Did they take everything?" asked Karen as she sat in front of the mirror, combing her hair.

Diane had been checking their purses. "Everything," she replied, laughing. "Those angels didn't even leave us cab fare."

Karen turned. "How the fuck are we gonna get home?"

Diane held up her thumb.

Karen grimaced. "Oh, shit! I was afraid of that."

"There's no other way."

"I guess not. I just don't like asking people for rides. You have to put up with too much bullshit. And then there's always the chance that you'll get into a car with a fuckin' pervert who's ready to..."

Both girls looked at each other. Then they began laughing.

They lay down in bed, side by side.

"Did ya bring your dildo with you?" asked Karen.

"Nope. Did you?"

"I didn't think we'd need it."

"We didn't before. Now do we?"

Karen laughed. "Fuck, no!" she growled.

The girls faced each other. Their hands busily massaging one another's titties, they kissed passionately. Karen gasped and swallowed Diane's fat, left nipple. The blonde cried out and suddenly relaxed. Her arms fell limply to the bed. She was already hot and sticky; a trickle of cunt juice dripped from her red slit.

Shifting her position, Karen spread the blonde's thighs and buried her face in the juicy blonde snatch. Diane moaned huskily and gyrated her hips deliciously. The brunette's tongue snaked into the juicy, pink crack and tasted the sweet honey welling hotly inside. Taking Diane's long, swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger, the hungry brunette squeezed it and pulled it and sent the squirming blonde to oblivion.

Diane's cunt exploded. Breathing heavily, she pulled Karen's thighs over her and immediately began to nibble the brunette's inflamed clit. Her gash grew hot and sticky. Diane stuck her thumb up the creamy hole and pumped it in and out until the smaller girl began writhing and jerking over her.

Karen continued sucking Diane's swollen cunt. Her juice flooded her pussy. She lapped it up with her tongue, licked the hot pussylips, nibbled the twitching clit, and stuck two fingers up Diane's creamy asshole.

The blonde jerked frantically, rolling all over the bed. Hungry, she covered Karen's dark gash and sucked it eagerly, until her mouth and tongue were sticky with cunt juice. She then stuck two fingers into the tiny, juicy hole and pumped them eagerly.

The girls sucked each other for the next ten minutes. Diane sprinkled cunt juice all over Karen's face, while Karen's cunt exploded thickly several times. Afterward, they rolled off one another and lay on their backs, panting.

"Ya know what?" asked Karen.

"What, darling?"

"We shouldn'ta done that, baby. I'm so fuckin' horny right now, I could fuck a Goddam broomstick!"

"Let's get outa here," replied Diane, getting up. "We can go home, clean up, have some supper, and then go lookin' for another pickup tonight."

"That sounds okay with me."

Traffic was very light. It was five in the morning. Most of the traffic consisted of large trucks which were headed in the wrong direction. One trucker stopped in the middle of the highway and told the girls that he was headed east, but would pick them up anyway. When Karen told him to get fucked, he angrily got his truck back into gear and tore out of sight.

They continued walking. Twenty minutes later, it began to look like morning, and the girls could then see where they were going.

"My fuckin' feet are killin' me," complained Karen, who had taken off her high heels, having decided to walk in her bare feet.

"How much farther is it?" asked Diane in despair.

"I dunno. It took those bastards half an hour to drive to the motel. We could be twenty miles from home."

"A perfect ending to a perfect day," commented Diane angrily.

A few minutes later, a car slowed down about twenty yards behind them and crawled to a stop. The driver stuck his head out of the window and said, "You girls look like you need a lift."

"You're gorgeous," replied Karen, laughing and heading for his car.

Diane eagerly followed her friend to the car.

The driver reached over and opened the door for them and they slid into the front seat beside him. He smiled at them and got the car moving again.

Diane and Karen noticed that the driver was a young, good-looking guy no more than thirty. Thin and deeply tanned, he was wearing a business suit. He had unfastened his tie and had pulled the knot halfway down his chest. He looked like a salesman, or an insurance agent. The girls liked him immediately.

"Where ya headed?" he asked, glancing at them. When Karen told him, he laughed and said, "I'm headed there myself. Live there. You live in town?"

"A few miles outside," replied Diane. "But our car is still parked on Main Street, near the Leaning Tower."

"Oh? How did you get way out here?"

The girls laughed. "It's a long story," replied Karen, lighting a cigarette.

He nodded knowingly. "I see," he replied. "By the way," he added, "I haven't seen you girls before. Just moved in?"

"About six weeks ago," replied Diane. "Our husbands got transferred over here."

A pang of disappointment showed in his face when he heard the word "husbands".

"They're at a convention right now," Karen shot back quickly. "They won't be back until Saturday."

He smiled. "By the way, my name's Paul Matthews."

The girls told him their names.

"Want some excitement?" he asked eagerly.

"Whaddya have in mind?" asked Karen.

"A party. My place. Tonight."

"What kind of party?" asked Diane.

He snickered. "Wildest party you'll ever see in your entire life."

"We'll go!" they said together.

He laughed. "Beautiful," he replied, excited. "I live just down the street from the courthouse. Third house on your left, if you're heading west. The three-story, red brick house. Come at eight."

"How many guys will be there?" asked Karen.

"Oh about six or seven couples. A few stags. But everybody's a swinger, so there'll be plenty for everybody. Anyway, my parties always have had sort of a reputation, so you can count on a helluva lot more guys being there than what's expected."

"Fantastic!" exclaimed Karen, giggling. "We'll be there!"

"Great," he replied. "But don't dress too well. At these parties, you always end up taking your clothes off anyway!"

Chapter FIVE

The girls returned to the apartment at six o'clock that morning. Paul had taken them straight to the club, where their car was parked. After thanking him, and promising him that they would be at his place that night, they drove home, threw off their clothing, and headed straight for the bathroom. They stood in the shower for a solid fifteen minutes before they stepped out, dried themselves off, and collapsed in bed.

"I can't wait 'til tonight," sighed Karen, smiling at the thought. "Well prob'ly really get a lotta cock at the party!"

"I just hope he's not bullshittin' us, baby," remarked Diane. "We might get there and discover that there's fifty girls for every guy!"

"Naw... somethin' tells me Paul was tellin' the truth. He seems like an outa-sight guy."

"I hope so," replied Diane. "I really and truly hope so. What my cunt needs is a good goin' over!"

Karen sat up and smiled at her friend. "We can do somethin' about that right now, darling," she said, getting up and heading for the dresser. Opening the bottom drawer, she fumbled for something inside. "We can't have you all stiff and dry," she said as though she were talking to herself. "We gotta get you hot and juicy for the party!" Closing the drawer, she turned and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Excited, Diane eyed the two-foot-long, double ended dildo as though she were in a trance. Shivering, she spread her legs wide and sighed deeply. "Stick it in, baby!" she whispered huskily, licking her lips. "Stick it all the way inside my cunt until I burst!"

Her pussylips were already soggy with juice. Karen rubbed the thick head of the rubber cock against her tight crack until the blonde wailed and jerked beneath her. Karen bent down and kissed the pink hole. Diane wriggled her hips and waited.

Karen then forced the head of the prick tightly into the waiting cunt. Carefully, the brunette pushed the rubber prick slowly, an inch at a time, until the head had completely disappeared. Diane, moaning softly, gyrated her hips and lifted her pink ass a few inches from the mattress. Karen pushed the thick rubber cock another inch up the creamy crack. The blonde picked up the pillow from the bed and covered her face so that the neighbors would not hear her screams.

When she was certain Diane was wet enough, Karen began to move the huge cock in and out of Diane's cunt slowly and carefully, until she felt the blonde's pussy muscles pulling it farther in. Without warning she let another two inches penetrate Diane's sizzling cunt. The blonde went berserk, kicking and bouncing on the bed. Her screams were loud, even though she still had her face buried in the pillow.

Karen pumped her cunt with long, delicious strokes. Nearly half of the thick rubber cock was enveloped in Diane's hungry gash. Smiling, she shoved an additional two inches into the blonde's offered slit, and Diane howled like an injured dog and jerked out a few quick orgasms.

Karen increased her pace.

Before long, nearly a foot of thick, rubber cock was embedded inside Diane's exploding cunt. By this time, Diane was squirting her juice often -- every ten seconds or so. Her entire body was sticky with sweat and cunt cream.

Karen now changed the frequency of her strokes. She was pumping the blonde's snatch slowly now, shoving nearly fourteen inches of the cock roughly into the wet crack, pulling it out quickly, and slamming it back in again. The entire dildo was wet with cunt juice; there was so much juice that Karen could scarcely grasp hold of the thick-headed end of the dildo.

She kept up her pace. Diane had come so much that she looked as though she would faint. Sighing, Karen stopped pumping the girl's cunt. She removed the cock partway from Diane's soggy hole and lay on her back. Her quim was facing Diane's slit. Karen pressed the rubber cock firmly against her own crack. She giggled and rubbed the round head against her pussylips. Separating the pink lips of her gash, Karen groaned and shoved the big rubber prong all the way in.

The brunette moaned huskily. She lay on her back and began to slam her cunt against the rubber cock until it went in deeper. Recovering, Diane wriggled her hips. Moments later, the horny girls were fucking the thick, double-ended dildo with slow, lingering strokes.

Karen came almost immediately, shuddering and bouncing on the bed. Tightening the lips of her cunt, Diane prevented the thick cock from sliding further into her crack. In one smooth sweep, the blonde hammered her slit against Karen, causing the artificial cock to completely penetrate the brunette's trembling slash. Karen screamed in surprise, jerked, and squeezed out two gigantic orgasms. Then she fell back, whimpering.

Diane kept up the pressure. Pretty soon, the two-foot-long dildo had disappeared, completely enveloped within the two squirming cunts. Diane could feel Karen's throbbing clit. Reaching down, she put it between her fingers and squeezed. Karen felt her heart pumping like a jackhammer. Soon afterward, she was blinded by a million flickering lights. Her entire body felt like it was being jabbed by a thousand tiny needles. Groaning horribly, she jerked and slammed her cunt brutally against Diane's blonde quim. Diane giggled when she felt the brunette's hot jism dribbling all over her cunt and clit.

A few moments later, Karen tensed her entire body, squealed pitifully, and fell heavily to the bed.

"Feel better?" asked Diane, sitting up and pulling the hot, drenched dildo from their twitching cunts.

"Never felt better in my life!" moaned Karen, still panting and staring at the ceiling.

It was eight o'clock that night.

Karen parked the car along the curb and both girls got out. They looked beautiful. Diane had decided to wear a skimpy bikini beneath her open jacket. The jacket was fastened in one place: just above her navel. Since the jacket only reached the level of her cunt, she looked delicious.

Karen had decided to wear a tight, sleeveless sweater. It was loosely woven, and her thick, cherry-colored nipples stuck out deliciously. Her miniskirt was only a few inches below the line of her juicy gash. Wearing no panties, Karen looked just as naked as Diane.

They walked up to the front door and knocked. No one answered. They waited a few moments, then Diane opened the door and they stepped inside.

There were people all over the place. At least thirty people were in sight, all of them completely naked. Those who were not yet with a partner were in frantic pursuit of an eligible mate. Fascinated, the girls watched the couples fucking on the living room floor, on the couches and chairs, and in the hallway. Most of the people looked young -- anywhere between twenty and thirty. Wherever they looked, Diane and Karen could see naked, writhing bodies jerking and slamming against one another.

Karen shook her head and laughed. "Well," she said, "we came to the right place, all right!"

Diane instantly flung off her clothes and threw them over the back of a chair. "Ya might as well take 'em all off," she said, giggling, "before somebody comes over and tears 'em off!"

Karen stepped out of her skirt and pulled off her sweater just as Paul, completely naked, came over, beaming from ear to ear.

"Glad you could make it," he said, putting his arms on their shoulders and leading them into the living room. "We were just about ready to send out for fresh girls!"

Karen, giggling, reached down and covered his limp prick with her hand. "Nice," she reflected. "You didn't tell us you were so big!"

"I get bigger than that, sweetheart," he replied, taking them down the hall and into the john. "I want you to meet my friends, Joanie and Sam," he said, pulling aside the shower curtain.

Karen and Diane laughed in delight. A young man and woman were busy in the bathtub, fucking. The man was sitting down, his legs extending down the length of the tub. The blonde, a big-boned girl with huge jugs, sat on his cock, leaning backward, her hands resting on his ankles. She jumped frantically onto the man's stiff prick, grunting and groaning, her big titties bouncing wildly.

"They don't give a shit about us," laughed Diane.

"I guess not," he replied, and took them from the bathroom. He led them into a big bedroom and dimmed the lights. "Ya know," he said, lying on his back with his head toward the foot of the bed, "you girls haven't really thanked me properly."

Giggling in delight, the girls jumped onto the bed.

"One big thank-you comin' right up!" squealed Karen, positioning herself between Paul's spread thighs. She bent down quickly and gave his half-hard prick a gigantic lick of her tongue. Paul gasped in surprise. His prick instantly grew hard.

"Make room for me!" shouted Diane, straddling Paul's head and lowering her snatch onto his mouth. He licked his lips and covered the lips of her cunt with his mouth. Diane squealed and pounded her juicy twat against his mouth.

As Karen was busy licking and sucking Paul's balls, Diane lowered her upper body toward Paul's crotch. Resting on her elbows, she blew her hot breath on his swaying prick, licked her lips, and swallowed the entire joint. Paul gasped and felt his heart racing. The sensation of having two hot, wet mouths and tongues working on his cock and balls was terrific. He nearly lost his wad right then. Sensing this, the girls stopped working on him and waited for him to relax.

Paul went to town on Diane, sucking her clit, nibbling her juicy pussylips, lapping up the cunt cream, pumping her soggy quim with two fingers, blowing on her mound, licking her inner thighs, fingering her creamy asshole. He could feel her responding. She panted huskily and began writhing against him. Her big, fat nipples rubbed deliciously against his hips. A minute later, her hungry mouth slid all the way down his greased shaft until his cock was buried in her throat.

Karen carefully fitted his left ball into her hungry mouth. When he moaned, she rubbed her tongue hotly against it and tickled the other ball. Paul stirred and spread his thighs.

Suddenly a naked man walked into the room. It took him less than five seconds to take in the sight: the two squirming, naked girls on the bed, Paul's naked body, and Diane's exposed, wriggling ass. Laughing softly, he went right over to the bed, lifted himself up, positioned himself behind Diane with his thighs just beyond Paul's head, spread the cheeks of Diane's ass as quickly as he could, and rammed his ten-inch cock deeply and violently into her juicy asshole.

Diane screamed horribly.

Her body jerked uncontrollably as the violent storms took her by surprise and set her on fire. Her heart nearly exploded; the temperature of the room thundered upward; the room began spinning before her eyes.

Paul laughed and spent the next five minutes lapping up the thick jets of cunt juice that had gushed hotly from her swollen quim. Looking up, he saw the man's balls dancing as he fucked Diane's asshole. They were only a few inches from his face.

While Diane continued to sprinkle her juices, Karen took over. She swallowed Paul's cock and, her head moving quickly up and down, mouth fucked him desperately.

Just then Diane screamed and, arching her back, gritted her teeth. Her pussy vibrating in quick jolts. The man fucking her in the ass felt his cock growing harder. He groaned and his prick began to shoot inside her asshole. Exploding again and again, Diane tensed her entire body and yielded to each convulsion. Then she sobbed and collapsed on top of Paul just as the man pulled his cock from her asshole and left the room.

Karen straddled Paul's thighs and fitted his prick against her juicy pussylips. Sucking in her breath, she slammed her hot snatch onto his unsuspecting rod and began fucking him with short, hard strokes. In no time at all, she felt him getting harder inside her. Then she slowed down her pace and fucked him deliciously, pulling him all the way inside her dripping cunt and spending long moments raising herself on him.

Two young people, a man and a woman, came into the room and took in the sight. They quickly got on the bed with Paul, Diane and Karen, the girl taking her position over Paul's head, her partner standing up over Diane's limp body. Facing Karen, who was still riding Paul's prick, he waited for the jumping brunette to take his cock into her mouth. Karen scarcely missed a stroke on Paul. It was quite easy for her to swallow the man's entire cock and pound her juicy cunt onto Paul's thick prick.

Less than twenty strokes later, Paul's cock began spurting thickly into Karen's gushing cunt. She squealed, increased her pace, and hammered her snatch up and down until Paul's prick was completely limp. She remained sitting on Paul as she sucked the other man's cock eagerly.

Paul continued to nibble the other girl's hot twat. Wriggling her hips, she rubbed her juicy quim against his lips and grunted when her cunt flooded with juice. Paul sucked her swollen clit, rammed his thumb up her gash, and wiggled it around inside. The girl shrieked and came once more.

Diane, who had slowly been recovering, got up and waited for Karen to get up from Paul's limp prick. Her head shot downward, her mouth and tongue hungry and eager. Paul cried out. She took his limp cock into her mouth and sucked it hungrily. It remained limp. Then she tickled his balls and cupped them in her hands. Suddenly his cock began to grow warm and stir in her mouth. She sucked it harder. Soon it filled her mouth. Then she began to pump it quickly, her lips sliding up and down his greased shaft.

Karen soon felt the man's stiff prick growing in her mouth. Moaning thickly, she tightened her grip around the base of his huge prong, sucking deeply on it even as it went out of her mouth. He squirmed and began breathing heavily. Taking hold of his big, dancing balls, she sucked his cock until it began to spurt hot jism into her waiting mouth and down her throat. She continued sucking it and swallowing the hot cum until there was nothing left. Then she watched him withdraw from her mouth, get down, kiss her passionately on the lips, and leave the room quietly.

Diane's mouth left Paul's throbbing prick. Straddling him, she lowered her hot snatch. The big, beautiful thing instantly began snaking up her pink crack. Her body jerked, and she came. Then she whimpered and began sliding slowly and carefully on his prong. Paul groaned. Then he began to suck the other woman's quivering slit.

Two slightly drunk young men came into the room, went over to the bed, and picked up the girl Paul had been chewing.

"Marcia!" shouted one of them, laughing. "We been lookin' all over fuckin' hell for ya!"

The two men positioned Marcia between them. She began to protest but the men moved faster than she could. In no time at all, they had pulled her legs up and wrapped them around the first man's waist. The other man spread the cheeks of her ass apart and was rubbing his swollen cock against her creamy pink asshole.

Simultaneously, they rammed their pricks brutally up her cunt and asshole. She was screaming so loudly that the man in her asshole had to cover her mouth with his hands. She began to whimper like a wounded animal. Ignoring her protests, they began shoving their pricks in and out of her without mercy.

Diane was aware only of Paul's thick, greased shaft. She jumped up and down on him eagerly, her big boobies bouncing brightly. Paul reached up and began to squeeze them. Diane cried out and came again.

Just then Karen got behind her and, reaching around her, began squeezing Diane's fat, juicy nipples. The blonde winced, wailing and jerking uncontrollably. More pussy juice gushed from her jumping crack. Karen kept up the pressure until Diane screamed and tensed her body. The cunt cream gushed from her pink hole for the next twenty seconds.

Poor Marcia was being fucked so brutally that she resembled a puppet dancing on a string. The thick cocks rammed in and out of her simultaneously, spreading apart the folds of her tender insides. She had orgasmed so much that it hurt her. Weak, she yielded to them and let them do anything they wanted. Her hair was all over her face. Her arms were so limp that they flew in all directions.

The men continued to fuck her until they felt their pricks pounding hotly in her snatch. She cried out, arched her back, and reached for the ceiling. Her arms strained in the sockets. She fought for breath and then went limp in their arms.

"Thanks, Marcia," said the man fucking her asshole.

The men kissed her and pulled their spent pricks out of her ass and cunt. Then they carried her over to the bed and let her fall helplessly on her face.

Then they were gone.

Exhausted, Karen quit fucking Paul. She got up heavily and fell to her side, beside Marcia. For the next five minutes, she lay motionless on her back, looking at the ceiling, her legs parted, her arms flung back.

Diane shot straight for Paul's throbbing cock and sucked it back to life. He squirmed, sat up, and smiled down at her. He watched her suck his dick and the sight made him get harder.

"You girls are beautiful," he said, smiling at her.

Diane quit sucking him and looked up. "We get better as we go along," she replied. Sitting up and getting on her knees, she positioned herself above his cock and then lowered her snatch until he felt the hot lips of her greasy cunt rubbing against him.

Without warning, she slammed her juicy snatch brutally down, onto his thick prick.

"Aaaaaaaaah!" he gasped, feeling the juices erupting within his balls. He lay back and relaxed, but before long, his prick exploded thickly into her waiting cunt.

Groaning and swaying above him, Diane slowed down. With her pussy muscles, she pulled him inside her snatch, feeling the hot jism jolting into her pussy and setting her on fire. She got off two quick squirts of juice before she sucked his prick dry, got up, and lay down beside him on the bed.

For the next five minutes, everyone lay still.

Karen was the first to sit up and stretch. "God!" she said groggily, rubbing her thighs vigorously. "I'm gonna need a fuckin' drink if you cunt-hounds expect me to last through the night!"

"That sounds like a good idea," agreed Diane, who got up from the bed.

"The trouble with you two," laughed Paul, who squirmed uneasily on the bed, "is that you haven't had enough fucking."

Giggling, the girls left the room.

They were only halfway down the hall when three naked men suddenly appeared from the living room, took one long look at them, and stopped in their tracks.

"Jesus Christ!" one of them gasped. "Fresh cunt!"

"Look at the fuckin' tits on the blonde!" shouted the small man in the middle.

"You assholes can stand here gawkin'," replied the last man, who went quickly to the girls and picked Karen up as easily as if she were a child. "I'm gonna shoot my fuckin' wad in both these broads!"

Squealing, Karen let him carry her into a spare bedroom. The man wasted no time. Very quickly, he tossed her on the bed, rolled her over on her stomach, and lifted her up so that her ass was sticking up. Then he climbed onto the bed, rubbed her creamy asshole, and rammed his thick cock so brutally inside her that she screamed horribly.

By this time, Karen saw the protesting Diane being carried into the room. The men were just as horny, just as intent on their purpose, as the man who was fucking Karen.

They tossed Diane in the other bed and positioned her on her right side. Then they worked quickly, lying down on each side of her and lifting her left leg until it was nearly perpendicular with her body.

Two pairs of hungry hands fondled her all over. The man facing her took her left nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it until she squealed and sprinkled cunt juice onto their hands. Laughing, they continued fingering her cunt and asshole. Seconds later, they fitted the head of their pricks into the appropriate cracks and, simultaneously, shoved their inflamed cocks deeply into her hot, wet holes.

Diane gasped, groaned deeply, and twitched as each storm rocked her body. Orgasm overtook her, setting her on fire and discharging a gallon of thick juice down her cunt.

"Christ!" shouted the man fucking her asshole. "This one really gushes!"

The man fucking her cunt giggled and sighed deeply as the blonde's hot quim cream warmed his thick cock. "Yeah!" he replied, laughing. "We're gonna have to fuck these broads more often!"

Before her body could relax, Diane shuddered and gritted her teeth. The men had already begun slamming their pricks into her quivering flesh mercilessly. She tried to relax, but she was in no position to do so. The men kept her left leg high in the air. It began to throb, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Soon her leg was the least of her problems. By now, her cunt and ass were completely numb. The pricks continued ramming her savagely. Feeling faint, Diane closed her eyes. The orgasm that suddenly exploded between her legs strangely felt as though it were a million miles away. A blackness veiled her eyes, and she was out cold.

Soon Karen's cunt was flooded with juice. The man who had been fucking her in the ass suddenly reached down and stuck two fingers into her soggy snatch. She immediately arched her back, groaned deeply, and squirted more juice.

Just then, the man removed his cock from her asshole, flipped her over on her back, and shoved his red-hot joint into her unsuspecting snatch. Groaning, she squirmed beneath him, reached up, and grasped hold of the headboard of the bed.

The men fucking Diane soon gasped violently and felt their cocks exploding. The violent jolts of hot jism seemed to revive Diane, who suddenly opened her eyes, gasped, and came over the spending pricks. They grinned in delight and continued fucking her until their cocks were completely limp.

Then they pulled out of her and let her fall on her back.

"Thanks, babe," said the man who had fucked her asshole.

"Yeah!" exclaimed the other. "You're the best fuckin' gash in this house!"

Without another word, they were gone.

Diane lay panting on the bed, her cunt on fire. Her asshole was completely numb, but she ignored this by closing her eyes and relaxing.

In less than a minute, she was fast asleep.

She didn't even hear the harsh groans and grunts emerging from her friend's throat. She heard nothing.

Karen was also getting drowsy, even though her twat was still being battered and bruised. The man hammered his raw cock in and out of her with pistonlike fury, pulling it out slowly and immediately shoving it all the way inside.

He fucked her and fucked her, until his cock shot hot cum deeply inside her raw cunt. Without a word, he left her and went back to the party.

Karen did not move.

Chapter SIX

Diane and Karen woke up at eleven o'clock the next morning.

"I got a fuckin' headache," said Diane, sitting up slowly and wincing in pain. "And my ass feels like somebody rammed it with a fuckin' sledgehammer."

"Quit your fuckin' bitchin'," replied Karen, laughing. "You're the one who was bitchin' that you weren't gettin' enough cock. Now you're bitching 'cause you got too much!"

"Oh, fuck you," she replied groggily. "You didn't get it from both ends, like I did."

"I got just as much as you did," Karen shot back.

"But not at the same time, dammit!"

"Fuck you," she replied shortly.

Without another word, the girls got up and headed for the living room.

Everyone else was either asleep or gone. Four naked bodies lay on the couch, arms and legs entwined. A naked girl lay spread eagled on the dining room table, her wrists and ankles tied to each corner, her mouth stuffed with pink panties.

"Who the hell is that?" asked Karen.

"I dunno," replied Diane. "Whoever she is, she's gonna feel it when she wakes up!"

Paul was in the kitchen, fixing breakfast. He was wearing his pants. He looked at them and smiled. "Hungry, girls?" he asked.

"Famished," replied Karen.

"Too sick to eat," complained Diane.

"I don't blame you," laughed Paul. "You look like you were hit by John and Bill last night."

"I don't know who hit me," she groaned, sitting down. "Whoever it was, I feel like I've been run over by a fuckin' truck!"

"Yeah!" he laughed, nodding knowingly. "You got hit by John and Bill."

"By the way," said Karen, fiddling with the cigarettes and lighter on the kitchen table, "who the hell's lyin' on the dining room table out there? She looks like Diane feels!"

"That's Joanie," he replied, setting down the spatula. "Christ. Is she still tied up?"

Karen nodded, smoking her cigarette.

"I better go untie her," he said, heading for the dining room. "She'll tear out our fucking insides if she's mad enough!"

"Don't worry," Karen replied. "She's still asleep."

But Paul was already gone.

When he returned a few minutes later, she asked, "Why'd she get tied up like that?"

He laughed and went back to the eggs in the pan. "You have to know Joanie to understand why Bill and John do that to her. You see, she has this habit of coming here, staying for about an hour, and getting up to leave just when things start getting hot. Something about her husband coming home unexpectedly."

"What if he does?"

He chuckled and piled the eggs into a big dish. "She and her husband have been separated for almost a year."

Karen shrugged and put out her cigarette. "Well, why does she say things like that, then?"

Paul put the dish on the table and sat down. "She doesn't seem to care for Bill and John."

"I see." Karen poured some coffee and sipped it.

A few minutes later, the tall brunette who had been strapped to the dining room table walked into the kitchen. Her hands over her big boobs, she was rubbing them lightly and sighing deeply. "Just what I need," she said, yawning. "Some breakfast to give me the strength I'll need to get those two bastards!"

"Aw, shut up, Joanie," laughed Paul. "Shut up and eat something."

She sat down and poured herself some coffee. "My cunt feels like an old piece of rubber," she complained, rubbing her snatch. "By the way, has anyone seen those two bastards? I'm gonna cut off their fuckin' pricks and shove 'em down their fuckin' throats!"

"Why don't you like them?" asked Karen.

"Would you like two hogs that tie you to a fuckin' table whenever you wanna leave a party?" she asked, scowling at Karen.

"I guess not."

"You're Goddam right, you wouldn't. Those bastards..." She drank some coffee and dished herself some eggs.

"How long were you tied up like that?" asked Diane, eating her bacon slowly.

"I dunno," she replied, shrugging. "All I know is that I wanted to leave at midnight. First thing I knew, there they were pickin' me up, pinnin' me down, tyin' me to that fuckin' table. I remember those two hogs fuckin' me three times apiece, and every Goddam guy that had to pass me to get some booze from the kitchen, at least once. Why?"

Diane shrugged and continued to eat her eggs and bacon. "Just curious."

"Where you two from?" asked Joanie. "Haven't seen you two before."

"Cedar Ridge," replied Karen.

"Oh?" Joanie laughed shortly. "With all those fuckin' snobs?" she asked.

"We don't know any snobs," replied Diane.

"Good," replied Joanie. "And keep it that way. You two are nice people."

"Thank you," replied Karen, smiling and drinking more coffee.

For the next five minutes, they ate in silence.

Suddenly two men, completely naked, came into the kitchen. Diane immediately recognized them. They were the same two men that had fucked her from both sides the night before.

Joanie, seeing them, jumped up from her seat and, armed with her fork and knife, went after them, shouting angrily.

The men merely laughed and, pinning her arms behind her back, threw the weapons to the kitchen floor and picked her up easily.

"You fuckin' cocksuckers!" she screamed, struggling within their grasp. "I'm gonna scratch your fuckin' eyes out!"

The man with black hair and a beard laughed and replied, "Not with your fuckin' hands tied down, you won't!"

The two men carried her out of the room.

"You stupid assholes!" she yelled, writhing and jerking. "I'll be damned if you bastards are gonna do that again!"

Diane, Karen and Paul got up and went into the dining room to watch them.

"At least lemme have my fuckin' breakfast first!" Joanie shouted at them as the two men laid her on the dining room table.

"Ya don't need nothin' to eat," remarked one of the men. "We're gonna give you enough pork to last you 'til tomorrow's supper!"

"You fuckin' pricks! I hate you!" She continued to kick and struggle, but they held her down.

"Give us a hand," said the man with dark hair, who was holding down her legs.

"Not me," declined Paul. "I value my life too much!"

"I'll do it," laughed Karen. "I'll be glad to do it!" She hoisted herself onto the table and sat on Joanie's knees.

Joanie fought to sit up, but John held down her arms. "You fuckin' slut!" she hissed, glaring at Karen. "You gonna let these fuckin' hogs do this to me?"

"Not only that," replied Karen. "I'm helpin' 'em do it!"

"You dirty whore!"

Bill proceeded to tie the struggling girl's left ankle to the corner of the table. He worked fast, accomplishing his task within seconds. The girl continued to struggle. Karen kept Joanie from lashing out with her right leg. Securing Joanie's right ankle, Bill picked up the pink panties that lay crumpled on the carpeted floor and stuffed them into her gaping mouth. Joanie tried forcing the panties out of her mouth, but Karen covered the wriggling girl's mouth with her hand. She giggled when the gagged girl glared angrily at her.

The two men, working together, took the girl's wrists and secured them to the corners of the table. This done, they stood up and looked down at the naked, helpless girl who lay heaving and jerking on the table.

John walked over to the couch, where his trousers lay in a heap. Just then, others began to stir. They sat up groggily, yawning. When they saw Joanie tied to the table, they laughed and went back to sleep.

Removing a handkerchief from his pocket, John went over to the table and wrapped it tightly around the girl's head, over her mouth. Joanie glared at him, muttered something, and began twisting and jerking once again.

Bill said, "Let me be first," to his friend. "I brought my fuckin' tickler!" He pulled something from his pants pocket and then fitted it over the round, thick head of his stiff prick. Diane and Karen looked at it wide-eyed. The tickler was at least four inches long, with hundreds of tiny rubber teeth sticking out of its length in many different shapes and sizes.

"I'll bet that feels good!" gasped Karen, laughing.

Bill looked up and smiled at her. "You wanna be next?" he asked.

She nodded.

He laughed. "I'll make this quick, then." Then he mounted the table and stood up on his knees. Joanie took one look at the big tickler and shook her head violently, groaning and muttering something under the gag. "You just love this," he said angrily. "Quit your fuckin' acting!"

Reaching down, he took her juicy cunt in his hand and rubbed it vigorously. Joanie let out a muffled howl. Her arms and legs strained at the ropes. She tried to pull her cunt away from his hand, but failed. He just smiled and thrust three fingers deeply inside her.

He rammed the wet slit until it was soggy with cream. Her struggles had subsided, and she began to respond. Her hips rotated sensuously. She rocked her ass and pushed her twat against him.

He pressed the red tickler against her red cunt and gave it a rough jerk. Joanie screamed horribly, her naked body puffing against the ropes. She shuddered and quivered in violent spasms until the wet tickler was deeply inside her swollen hole.

He pumped her slowly at first, using long thrusts. Peeling her pussy growing hotter, Joanie responded to his jabs. She climaxed jerkily, grunting thickly on the table. Bill smiled at her. He started ramming it in faster. "I told ya she loves this," he said to Diane and Karen.

John walked over to Karen and began to kiss her tight, round boobs. "Mmmmmmmmm," he moaned, breathing hotly. "Delicious! Better'n Joanie's!"

Karen moaned and pulled his head tightly against her. Scooping her up, he carried her over to the couch. He made her sit on the arm of the couch. Before she could guess what he was about to do, he pushed her backward, spread her legs, and rammed his stiff cock so violently into her unsuspecting cunt that she jerked and screamed.

But John didn't hear her. He had already begun to move his cock inside her. He fucked her quickly, with short, fast jabs. Before long, his meat was completely saturated with juice. Karen wriggled deliciously against him. She shivered and began to squirm in ecstasy.

Joanie was squirting hot cream each time Bill's tickler-covered cock drove into her. She had been straining so brutally at her bonds that her wrists and ankles were completely numb. Angry red welts stood out all over her flesh. Her body was hot and creamy with sweat. She felt faint. The hot cock milk gushing into her cunt soothed her insides.

Paul was next.

Bill had barely gotten down from the table before Paul pulled down his pants, jumped between her spread thighs, and stuffed his trembling cock inside her cunt.

It had taken Joanie by surprise. Gasping, she felt her body going tense. She climaxed three thick times in succession. Her head lolling from side to side, she closed her eyes and submitted to Paul's wild fucking.

Karen still lay on her back on the couch. She gasped in pleasure as the wild meat stuffed her wet slit. Suddenly a strange man came into view. He had apparently just woken up and decided to get in on the action. Straddling Karen, he grabbed hold of her hands and threw himself forward until their clasped hands were resting on the other arm of the couch. He noticed that his stiff cock was a few inches too low. Adjusting himself, he shoved the round, swollen head between Karen's lips and slid it deeply into her mouth. She groaned in pleasure and began sucking the hot pork. Her lips made his flesh quiver. Grinning in delight, he began fucking her mouth and throat. His ass wiggled. His balls caught her on the chin.

Joanie was not even aware that Paul had completely soaked her swollen cunt with cum. She was completely numb. Her body lay still, no longer fighting the bonds. Relaxing, she went limp on the table.

John's body began shuddering. His cock was creaming Karen's soggy slit. It was a thick wad. Her pussy muscles tightened fiercely around the base of his dong. He felt her hot tube pulling in his cum and craving more. She squeezed out several quick orgasms, but did not cease sucking the huge slab of flesh that was fucking her mouth.

The man pumping his cock in and out of her mouth began to feel the eruptions within his balls. Still holding Karen's arms above her head, he banged his rod into her mouth like a jackhammer, taking it to the back of her throat and removing all but the head of his cock before he shoved it in again. Groaning, he felt his wad bubbling up inside him, and then his prick got so sensitive that he could barely stand the sensation of Karen's hot, wet lips sliding up and down his greased shaft.

A minute later, he cried out, groaned, and twitched and jerked as his prick spat thickly into Karen's throat. Moaning hungrily, she sucked him eagerly until each drop of his exploding cum oozed down her trembling throat.

"Christ!" exclaimed Karen as they entered their apartment at four o'clock that afternoon. "Was that a party!"

Diane threw herself down in the chair, sighed deeply, and lit a cigarette. "I got fucked more last night and this afternoon than ever before," she said, smiling.

Karen went to the dining room and made drinks for each of them. A few minutes later, she brought the drinks and relaxed on the sofa. "That tickler!" she exclaimed, giggling. "I've never known anything that could feel so fuckin' good!"

"It was a rush and a half," agreed Diane, sipping her drink. "By the way, honey," she added. "We're both hungry. The last thing I wanna do is cook, and I know damn well you feel the same. Whaddya wanna do?"

"Let's go out," replied the brunette. "There's plenty of places in town. And we have enough bread."

"Good. Let's relax for a few hours, then take a shower, and get dressed. Okay?"

"Okay with me," replied Karen, sighing deeply and relaxing on the soft couch.

Chapter SEVEN

They had decided to eat at Evan's, an expensive place with candlelight and a wine list a mile long. The place also had a cocktail lounge, where an organist sat playing quiet dinner music.

When they had finished eating, Diane and Karen paid their bill and went into the lounge, where the good-looking young organist was entertaining four older couples, the middle-aged waitress, an old man and a young man, and the bartender with his music.

As soon as the girls had entered the room, he looked up, smiled at them, and watched them walk until they sat down a few tables down from him, facing him.

"He's cute," reflected Karen, relaxing in her seat and fumbling in her purse for a cigarette. "I wonder if we'll score with him tonight."

"I dunno," replied Diane, crossing her legs sensuously and noticing that the organist was watching the two of them closely. "Give him a beaver shot and see if he fucks up his song."

The girls laughed.

"He's prob'ly married," shrugged Diane. "Mated, with five little brats runnin' around."

Karen shook her head. "He looks too young to have kids and too smart to be married."

Diane raised her eyebrows and glared at the brunette. "And what the hell are we, smart ass? Two morons?"

"I didn't mean it that way."

"We're twenty-three years old, honey," added Diane. "Don't talk that way. You make me feel old."

The waitress, a good-looking, well-built woman in her late forties, came to take their order.

"Who's the musician?" asked Karen, smiling.

The waitress returned her smile and replied, "That's Ralph Kier. He's our new attraction."

"We'd like to meet him," replied Diane. "D'ya know if he's mated?"

"Sorry, ladies," the waitress replied shortly. "I'm here to take your orders, not to fix you up with the organist."

Diane fought to remain calm. "Bring us the Goddam drinks, then," she said firmly. "Two Scotches. With ice."

Without a word, the woman turned and walked quickly to the bar.

"Some bitch," reflected Karen.

"This place must be hard up for waitresses," remarked Diane.

Karen didn't reply.

The waitress returned with their drinks in a flash.

"You didn't have to hurry," whispered Diane very sweetly. "You already blew your tip at this table, you and your big mouth."

The woman grumbled something incomprehensible, turned red in the face, and returned quickly to the bar.

Diane and Karen laughed and went back to watching the organist, who was just finishing his song.

A few minutes later, Ralph got up from his bench, switched off the organ, and went to where the two girls were sitting. "May I join you?" he asked politely, smiling.

Both girls nodded quickly.

Before he could begin the conversation, Karen interrupted him by saying, "How long are your breaks tonight?"

"Twenty minutes," he replied. "Why?"

This time Diane broke in. "Whereas your dressing room?" she asked, putting out her cigarette.

"Listen," he said, slightly embarrassed by their straightforwardness, "I don't think..."

"Twenty minutes," Diane interrupted, looking at her watch. "We've been bullshittin' for over one minute." She looked seriously at him and added, "Listen, sweetie. You got nineteen minutes left, a dressing room of your own, and the two of us all to yourself. Quit your bullshittin', now."

"Yeah," agreed Karen. "We're hornier than shit."

Sighing deeply, Ralph got up and led them to the rear of the place and down the hall. "You girls," he said, shaking his head, "are about the most outspoken..."

"Ya don't get nowhere," interrupted Karen, "if ya don't tell people what ya think."

"I guess not," he replied, and opened the door.

It was a small room with a lot of mirrors, a closet full of clothing, and a big couch. Diane locked the door behind her and the two girls stepped into the middle of the room. Without a word, they removed their clothing and stood looking at him curiously, wondering what he would do next.

It was obvious that Ralph had not seen many girls as beautiful as Karen and Diane. For long moments he just stood there, gaping at the two naked women, his mouth open, his jaw lowering itself toward the floor.

"C'mon," said Diane impatiently, taking him by the arm and puffing him toward them. "We know we're good-lookin'. C'mon. Don't just stand there. Let's fuck!"

Karen unbuttoned his jacket, took it off him, and hung it on a hanger. Diane loosened his pants and let them fall to the floor. She immediately got on her hands and knees and took his half-limp prick between her lips. He gasped and watched the two girls dumbly, as though he were in a trance, or watching a movie. Soon he found himself lying on his back on the floor, the two beautiful naked creatures fussing over him like two starved cats.

"Lemme have some of that," snapped Karen between clenched teeth. "We only got fifteen minutes, ya know."

Diane gaped at the thick, ten-inch cock in awe. "Christ, Ralphie," she gasped, licking her lips. "Ya really got a fuckin' monster!"

Karen squealed with pleasure and began licking the entire length of it. "Plenty of cock here," she whispered hungrily. "Enough for both of us!"

Ralph stirred, trying to relax. The sensation was too much for him. The girls' mouths and tongues heated his flesh, making him tremble. Already he could feel his juices bubbling up inside his balls. A drop of hot fluid emerged from the head of his cock and dribbled down his long, red pole.

"Mmmmmm!" breathed Diane as she watched the juice flow down to the base of his prick. "He's squirtin' already."

Eagerly the girls shot for the warm jism, lapping it up hungrily and pushing one another away in their greed. Ralph fearfully watched the girls as though they were two starving wildcats viciously fighting for the same meal. He wondered if he would be hurt or crippled in the process.

Diane had successfully pushed Karen away from the throbbing red prick. It soon disappeared completely in her mouth. She began pumping it eagerly, her lips sliding up and down the slippery pole. Moaning, she grabbed his balls and squeezed them. Some juice came from his prick and washed the inside of her mouth. Gasping, she sucked the prick hungrily, using the inside of her mouth as a vacuum, so that every drop would flow thickly down her throat.

Karen, losing interest in Ralph's prick, climbed onto him and thrust her wet snatch eagerly into his face. He tasted the hot sweetness of her quim, and then began to suck it. She writhed sensuously, rubbing her hungry twat roughly against his lips and pressing her throbbing clit against his nose.

Diane, still pumping Ralph's swollen cock, began mouth-fucking him furiously, with short, frenzied strokes. Her head moved up and down like a jackhammer, her mouth sucking him dry, her lips sliding up and down his prick in a desperate attempt to cause his prick to splash in her mouth. Tickling his balls, she made him moan and squirm beneath her. The jism in his balls began to thunder. Diane, finally, pumped his prick so furiously that she felt his balls explode. Moaning, she sucked his cock eagerly and swallowed every drop of his red-hot jism, closing her mouth tightly around the length of his cock and squeezing the base of his joint for more.

Ralph continued to suck Karen's wriggling cunt until she squealed, slammed her snatch roughly against his mouth, and squeezed out gallon upon gallon of fresh cunt juice. Sighing deeply, she jumped up and pulled on her pants.

"Thanks, Ralphie!" sang Diane, checking herself in the full-length mirror. Then she looked at her watch. "Wow! We did all that in less than fifteen minutes!"

"A record!" commented Karen as she helped him get into his suit. "A blow job, a big fat wad for Diane, and a good hard suck for me!" She kissed him tenderly on the lips and checked herself out before the mirror.

"You girls are something," he said, breathing deeply and making sure he looked all right.

"How long do you play before you get another break?" asked Karen.

"Forty minutes," he replied. Then he smiled. "Don't you girls have somewhere else to go tonight?"

"Nope. Why?" asked Diane. "Tryin' to get rid of us?"

"Hell, no!" he replied. "I just thought... well, you girls just seem too good-lookin' to be runnin'."

"Our husbands are out of town," replied Karen. "C'mon," she said, heading for the door. "It's time for you to go on again."

The three of them went back into the lounge. Ralph quickly returned to his organ, switched it on, made some adjustments, and began to play. The girls went back to their table and quickly ordered another round.

"I really enjoyed that," said Diane, lighting a cigarette and inhaling deeply.

Karen glared at her. "Next time," she said softly, "don't be such a pig. There was plenty for both of us, you know."

Diane smiled at her. "First come, first served!" she replied, laughing.

Karen still glared at her. "The next time you do that," she said severely, "I'm gonna find something heavy enough to hit you over the head with!"

Diane shook her head and sighed. "Sweetie," she replied gently, "you wouldn't be so mad if you had been the one that got the cock!"

Karen thought about it for a few minutes. Then she said, "But it was still a piggy thing to do."

The waitress brought them their drinks.

For the next forty minutes, the girls sat quietly, drinking and smoking and listening to the music. They finished their drinks and quickly ordered another round. By the time Ralph had finished his forty-minute set, they were mildly drunk, and much hornier than they had been before they had entered the lounge.

Ralph had barely closed the door to the dressing room when they went after him, their hands frantically working at his clothing. Before he knew what had happened, he was lying on his back again.

This time, Karen was the one who was working on his cock. She had had no trouble at all in getting him hard, using her tongue and lips to bring him to a super hard-on. Her tongue swirled around the head of his trembling joint, and soon he felt weak, as though a thousand tiny needles were assaulting his entire body at once.

Diane had pulled down her skirt and sat down on his face. Her pussy was hot and wet. He nibbled her swollen clit first, sucking it into his mouth and tickling the juicy, pink lips of her pussy at the same time. In one split second she had squealed in delight, pounded her snatch against his lips, and sprinkled juice all over his face.

Karen got up and positioned her snatch directly over his pulsating dong. Grasping the prick, she giggled and rubbed the thick, round head of his reamer deliciously against the moist lips of her pussy. Ralph groaned and felt his heart pumping madly.

Karen fitted the head of his prick between the hungry lips of her cunt. She climaxed, squealed, and wriggled her hips frantically. Then she lowered herself onto his rod slowly, until his entire prick had disappeared into her snatch. Ralph felt her pussy enveloping his joint. God, she was hot inside! His prick was on fire!

She began to pump him slowly, raising her snatch and immediately lowering it onto his prick. A moment later, her body got tingly all over, and she felt the juices rushing madly down her tube.

Ralph had stuck three fingers into Diane's juicy twat and was pumping her frantically as he sucked her swollen clit. Her cunt constantly dripped juice. He pulled his fingers from her soggy slit, licked off the cream, returned them to her gash, and continued pumping her. Diane's body jerked and writhed. Her big jugs bounced wildly.

Karen rode the big cock until Ralph gasped and felt his prick beginning to spurt. Her cunt gobbled up the hot jism and sucked him dry. She continued to sit on his joint until she was certain there was nothing left.

Diane got off three more quick spurts of cream before she sighed deeply and slumped to the floor beside him.

The threesome lay still for perhaps two minutes. Then they got up, dressed, checked themselves in front of the mirror, and went back to the lounge.

"I'm tired," whispered Diane a few minutes later, after the waitress had brought them fresh drinks. "Let's go home."

"Not now," replied Karen, sipping her drink and watching Ralph at the organ. "I have other plans."

"What the hell's goin' on?" asked her friend impatiently.

Karen smiled and shrugged.

"C'mon," ordered Diane. "Give!"

"I was just thinkin' of followin' him home," whispered Karen, excited. "There's only one more set. Then he'll be goin' home."

"You're crazy," replied the bosomy blonde. "He's married, we already know that. His old lady might be waitin' for him."

Karen shook her head. "I doubt it," she replied. "If his wife was in town, she'd been right here, with him. I don't think he brought her, to tell you the truth."

"You're still crazy."

"You don't have to come, you know."

"What? And let you hog all that good, hot cock?" Diane shook her head. "Not on your life, girl!"

Chapter EIGHT

The ride to Ralph's hotel was very short.

The hotel was only three blocks from Evan's. It was an expensive-looking place, well lit in front, with a blaze of multicolored neon lights. It also had a private parking lot and a young man stationed outside who did nothing but park cars.

As soon as they saw Ralph get out of his car and walk into the place, the girls got out of their car. They had left the car parked about twenty yards up the street, along the curb. Neither of them had wanted to bother tipping the young man for parking their car.

The lobby of the hotel was furnished lavishly. It was a huge room, with a coffee shop, a lounge and a small bookstore.

"We don't even know what floor he's on," whispered Diane in disappointment.

Karen shrugged and walked over to the desk. The night clerk was sitting at his desk in the corner, writing something. Glancing at them, he smiled, got up, and went over. "What is it, ladies?" he asked politely.

"What room is Mr. Kier staying in?" asked Karen.

The clerk opened his book and checked the names on the list. A moment later, he said, "Room eight-ten." He smiled at them, and closed the book.

"Thank you very much," Karen replied.

The two girls went over to the elevator.

They got off on the eighth floor and went down the hall.

"I just hope his old lady isn't there," said Diane nervously.

"What if she is?" remarked Karen. "I'm sure she'll enjoy herself, too."

They came to the door marked 810 and knocked.

The door opened. Ralph stood looking at them. He was dressed in a bright-red bathrobe.

"Well?" snapped Karen, before Ralph could speak. "Are you gonna leave us standin' here all night? Or are you gonna invite us in?"

Smiling, Ralph opened the door and led them inside.

The girls wasted no time. They led him into the bedroom, pulled off his bathrobe, and pushed him down on the bed.

"We got all night," Diane said, pumping his limp prick to life. "Not just twenty minutes."

Karen got out of her clothes, jumped on the bed, and straddled his face. She wriggled her snatch in front of him and squealed in delight when he stuck out his tongue and caught her on her pink clit.

Ralph reached up and took her round titties in his hands. Karen gasped, writhing and rubbing her cunt against his mouth. He rubbed her titties vigorously and squeezed the cherry nipples until they got thick and hard. He soon felt the result between her legs; her pussy dribbled warm cream onto his tongue and chin.

Diane frantically pumped and sucked Ralph's cock with her mouth. Her tongue jumped up and down the length of him, encircling the sensitive head, lashing his cock on the sides. She swallowed the head completely, letting it fill her mouth. Her tongue bumped the very tip. She pumped it savagely, listening to him whine and whimper. His balls were drowning in saliva. Diane blew on them, rubbed them, prodded them, tickled them. Pulling a ball into her mouth, she heated it and milked the other. Her free hand was still glued to his thick cock.

The three of them heaved in ecstasy.

Ralph was playing with Karen's bouncing jugs while he sucked her delicious cunt and clit. Good jugs, he thought as he went at it. Good and tight, firm and smooth. He milked them hungrily. Karen jerked out cunt juice. He licked it up and rammed her ass. The brunette splashed again and again, hotly. Ralph drank every drop.

Diane's hot, wet lips eagerly shot up and down the big, greasy prong. She felt her cunt craving fresh pork. Ralph shuddered and grinned as the lovely lips saturated his cock with her hot saliva. That very moment, Diane pulled his joint out of her mouth and began a trail of kisses that began at the head of the cock and ended somewhere near his balls. She giggled in delight. A thick blue vein running along the length of his prick suddenly became thicker and more congested with blood. She nibbled on the vein, sucking it, rubbing her tongue against it, blowing on it, making her lips vibrate against it. Ralph squirmed beneath her, shivering and moaning in delight. The breath gushing from his mouth and flared nostrils heated Karen's cunt and clit. She gasped and felt herself quivering beneath the explosion.

Just then, Diane got up, parted her thighs, straddled Ralph and, spreading the lips of her pussy, let the big dick slide easily into her cunt. It filled her pussy, throbbing heavily and heating her insides. Arching her back, she sucked in her breath and began moving her gash sensuously on his rod.

Her titties bouncing, Diane pumped his prick eagerly, her juicy pussylips vigorously sliding up and down the hot, greased shaft. Cunt juice washed his cock, making it come to a boil. Diane reached down, between them, and took Ralph's balls in her hand. His heart thumped brutally against his chest, and the hot jism in his balls erupted and gushed thickly into her cunt, making her jerk and shudder wildly. Diane rode his splashing rod frantically. Her gash was soaked with juice. She grabbed hold of her big, bouncing titties and, squeezing them, jerked out enough cream to soak their thighs and stain the bed sheets.

Karen's body was writhing sensuously above Ralph's face. Still playing with her titties, he sucked her clit eagerly, pulling it into his mouth, nibbling on it, ramming his tongue up her soaked snatch, blowing hotly on it, swallowing her pussylips.

Diane reached outward and took Karen's bouncing titties in her hands, covering them. Ralph took this opportunity to play with her cunt and clit, squeezing her clit with his fingers, shoving his wet thumb up her pink asshole, swirling it around inside, pumping it madly, and licking the hot jism as it gushed from her, pink crack. Karen, weak from too many orgasms, continued to jerk and twitch. The smell of hot jism was thick in the room.

Both Diane and Ralph continued to assault the girl eagerly, Diane at her titties, Ralph at her cunt and clit and ass. Slumping backward, Karen fell into Diane's arms. The blonde let her fall to the bed on her back before the two of them, getting up and changing positions, assaulted the throbbing brunette savagely, Diane sucking Karen's nipples, Ralph ramming the shapely brunette's soaked gash with three fingers. Suddenly he felt his prick once again climbing up his thigh. Even though it wasn't completely hard, he shoved it inside Karen's swollen cunt and fucked her savagely until Karen screamed and twitched uncontrollably for the next minute and a half. Panting and groaning feebly, the brunette went limp, and was still.

Ralph and Diane, both exhausted, fell heavily to the bed, and soon were fast asleep.

About an hour later, Ralph woke up and watched the two naked girls sleeping in the bed. Karen lay on her back, her arms flung back, her legs slightly parted. He smiled. The brunette hadn't moved in an hour.

Suddenly he felt his cock stirring again. Christ, he thought. He smiled at the girls and realized that girls such as Diane and Karen could turn any man into a super-stud.

Ralph got to his knees and spread Karen's thighs until he could fit between them. She still hadn't moved. He wondered if she was unconscious. He began playing with her cunt. Slowly, no rush, all the time in the world. Soon her cunt began to grow hot and wet. She stirred, but only slightly. He slid in his thumb rather slowly, so that she would not be hurt. She sighed deeply, shifting her arms. He slid his thumb in and out of her snatch until it was well greased with cunt juice.

Next, the boobs. Lying on top of her, he took the left nipple in his mouth and sucked it eagerly, all the while rubbing her left tit and making his fingers glide lightly along the satiny surface. Her heart suddenly increased its pace, and she began breathing deeper and moaning.

Sitting up, he rubbed the pink lips of her cunt until his fingers were soaking wet. Karen opened her eyes, groaned hoarsely, and closed her eyes again. Ralph smiled. He continued rubbing her pussylips. Then he took her clit between thumb and forefinger and squeezed firmly. The shapely brunette stirred, opening her eyes and grabbing hold of the headboard of the bed. She parted her legs and began to breathe deeply.

Ralph shoved two fingers into her creamy slit and moved them in and out in short, fast strokes. Karen began panting and writhing beneath him. He stuck his thumb into her juicy asshole and pumped it in the same fashion. The girl began to moan rhythmically, responding to his efforts. Her hips moved back and forth.

Lowering himself, he rubbed his lips against the hot, wet flesh of her cunt. Karen gasped and gyrated her hips. Her pink quim writhed sensuously in front of his eyes, back and forth. He took the girl's throbbing clit between his lips, nibbling on the hard fold of pink skin, pumping it in his mouth in an attempt to swallow it.

Her juicy slit beckoned to him, using his thumbs and forefingers, he gently separated the juicy lips of her cunt until her crack lay open and exposed. He shoved his tongue deeply inside, as far as it would go. Karen suddenly jerked and howled deeply. Sitting up sharply, she looked at him and suddenly realized what he was doing. Moaning deeply, she smiled at him and fell back into her former position.

Karen's body began to throb. Ralph had a ball licking and chewing her red-hot gash. He kissed a juicy cuntlip and sucked it inside his mouth, pumping it and rubbing it deliciously with his tongue. Karen wiggled sensuously, arching her back. Squealing, she slammed her snatch against his mouth.

Sitting up, Ralph grabbed hold of Karen's ankles and lifted her legs. She giggled and spread them wider so that he could see her hot slit. He covered the soggy pink hole with his mouth and chewed on it as he pumped her asshole and rubbed his nose against her quivering clit.

Their bodies were wet with desire. She took the fat prick eagerly, every inch of it, pulling it up her cunt and slamming herself against it. Her body trembled in excitement. She squealed and splashed his prick with juice.

Ralph continued stuffing her hot cunt with thick, hot cock. Karen shivered and pounded out more milk. She rocked her hips and pumped him for more. He began ramming her cunt quickly. Karen cooed in pleasure. Reaching up, she pulled him down on her soaked, red flesh. Her thighs pressed against her tits.

Ralph jerked his cock in and out of her faster. Soon she was pouring cunt juice thickly, in violent spurts. She reached down and, with one hand, found his balls. When she squeezed them, Ralph yelped and drove his rod into her more savagely.

She began kicking and bucking like a bronco.

The entire bed shook violently. Waking up, Diane sat up and watched them. Smiling, she took Ralph's dancing balls in her hands and squeezed them until his prick got harder and thicker inside Karen's swollen cunt.

Soon the brunette could feel the blood pounding inside his driving cock. It drove her to ecstasy. She squirmed, pulled him tightly against her, pressed her thighs more tightly against his neck, and came.

He kept at her. His thick tool split the insides of her cunt roughly apart, sending her soaring. She came again and again and again. The inside of her slippery cunt was steaming. Ralph felt the strong muscles of her quim sucking him in with a mighty effort. He felt his cock enlarging within her cunt. His heart was thundering within his chest. The frenzied heartbeat within his cock drove Karen to oblivion.

She came five more times before his jism flooded her cunt. Her arms and legs flailing, Karen wriggled and threw both of them nearly a foot in the air. They fell to the bed heavily, gasping and straining for breath, their hearts pounding madly against their chests.

Ralph got out of bed a few hours later and stepped into the shower. He had barely turned on the water before he felt hands fondling him all over.

Turning, he could make out long, blonde hair through the mist of water. Diane was standing there, smiling at him. They kissed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her cunt against his cock. To his surprise, he found that his prick was already getting hard. Diane reached down and took the half-limp cock in her hand. It stirred and sprang to life at her touch. As she kissed him, she pumped it eagerly, rubbing the smooth, round head against her right hip.

Ralph pushed her until she was standing with her back against the shower wall. Still kissing her, he reached down and rubbed the blonde snatch until she giggled and stepped away. Spreading her thighs, Ralph lowered himself beneath her. His cock was pressing against the lips of her soaked cunt. Moaning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and waited until he had raised his cock halfway into her greasy quim. In one motion, she jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles at his back. Gasping, she closed her eyes and fell backward when his cock slid the rest of the way inside. Ralph held her tightly and waited until his cock was completely buried in her juicy slit.

Before long, Diane had recovered. She began jumping on his cock eagerly. The cool water splashed down on them, tickling their flesh. It wasn't long before she banged out a thick load of cunt juice. It drove her crazy. With renewed vigor, she slammed her snatch onto his quivering joint until she burst into orgasm.

A few minutes later, she had settled down. Ralph jerked his swollen cock in and out of her. Her big tits were dancing in his face. He took her left nipple into his mouth, bit it, and sent her quivering and gasping in his arms. He continued to nibble the fat, cherry nipple. All the while, her cunt was growing hotter and hotter.

His cock jumped inside her snatch. She responded by slamming her cunt against the base of his rod as it went in, and by pulling it away as it went out. He could feel her struggling in his arms. Her body got hotter, her boobs tight and flushed. The breath jolted from her flared nostrils angrily. Opening her mouth, she gasped and screamed. Ralph felt the hot cream gathering thickly around his jerking prick.

He kept sliding it in and out, in and out. Soon Diane pressed her body against him so tightly that he could scarcely breathe. Jolt after jolt of thick, hot cream cascaded down upon his prick.

Grunting, he felt his prick shooting into her twitching slit. Diane became a hellcat, jumping in his arms, lashing out, and pulling his hair so roughly it hurt.

Sighing, he waited for the last of his cum to shoot up her cunt. Then he lowered her to the floor and they took their shower together.

Chapter NINE

The girls returned to their apartment at nine-thirty in the morning. The first thing they did was head for the shower. They spent nearly half an hour standing beneath the cool beads of spray that tinged their naked, gleaming bodies.

Afterward, they dried themselves off and put on bathrobes, and went into the kitchen to make themselves something to eat.

"Christ," groaned Karen in exhaustion. "I feel like I've been hammered to death!"

"Yeah," replied Diane, smiling and sipping her coffee. "Don't it feel wonderful?"

The brunette giggled and began eating. "We're gonna have to do this more often!"

Diane laughed. "Every time the guys are away!" she replied quickly.


"We know," said Karen reflectively, "we oughta be feelin' guilty about the whole fuckin' thing."

"What the fuck for?" asked Diane, scowling. "D'ya think the guys are bein' faithful, right this minute?"

Karen shrugged.

Diane set down her coffee cup and looked at the shapely brunette. "Bullshit!" she snapped. "That's what I have to say about the whole damn thing!" She chewed on some toast and added, "If our guys haven't gotten fucked within the past week, I'm a fuckin' three-hundred-pound gorilla!"

"D'ya really think so?" asked Karen.

"I'm positive," she replied. "Our guys were no angels before we married 'em. What the hell makes you think they're any different now?"

Karen looked at the blonde. "I guess you're right," she said.

"I know I'm right! What's more, I think we're Goddam stupid if we wait around until they get their fuckin' asses back here."

Karen laughed and nodded.

They finished their breakfast.

Later, the girls lay on the bed, naked. Diane lay on her back, her legs spread and drawn back. Karen lay over her, her cunt swaying above Diane's face. Both girls had long vibrators in their hands, and were busy working on one another's dripping cunts.

Karen shoved the vibrator deeply into the blonde's cunt. She pumped it in and out of the gaping hole until Diane shuddered and groaned deeply. When Karen removed the vibrator, she noticed that it was completely saturated with cunt juice. Giggling, she put the vibrator into her mouth and sucked the blonde's cream from the instrument.

Diane rubbed the brunette's snatch until it was well lubricated with her juices. She then stuck the vibrator into the creamy snatch and pumped it wildly, making the brunette writhe and whine above her.

Setting down the vibrator, Diane worked the girl's cunt with her mouth and tongue, squeezing the throbbing pink clit and nibbling the pussylips greedily. Warm jets of cream dripped onto her mouth and chin. Lapping it up with her tongue, the blonde shoved three fingers into the hot slit and worked them furiously.

Karen had put down the vibrator and had picked up the rubber dildo that had been lying on the bed. She wasted no time shoving it into the blonde's creamy snatch, wriggling it around inside, and pumping it. Diane grunted, wriggled her hips, and spat quim water at the brunette, who immediately removed the dildo, covered the blonde slit with her mouth, and swallowed every drop.

The girls writhed deliciously as their hungry bodies responded to each other's caresses. Karen shot enough cream to fill Diane's mouth. Diane, in turn, saturated the shapely brunette's lips, chin and cheeks with hot jism. The bedroom smelled thickly of cunt juice and the sweet perfume of their perspiring bodies.

Karen got up from Diane and lay on her back, beside the blonde, panting deeply. "Thirsty?" she asked.

"Yep," replied Diane, licking her lips.

Karen got out of bed and left the room. She was making drinks when the doorbell buzzed. Naked, she went to the door and asked who it was. When she heard Paul's voice, she opened the door and let him in.

Paul took one look at Karen's beautiful raked body, laughed shortly, and kissed her lightly on the lips. The two of them went into the bedroom, where Diane was lying on the bed, relaxing.

"I can see you two haven't stopped since the party," he said, sitting down in a nearby chair.

"When you're horny, you screw," explained Diane matter-of-factly.

"What're you two doin' this afternoon?" he asked, reaching into his shirt pocket for his cigarettes and lighter.

"Nothin'," Diane answered quickly. "We were just about ready to get picked up again."

"Whaddya have in mind?" asked Karen, interested.

"Another party," he replied.

"Where?" asked the blonde.

"A few miles up the road," he replied. "I have a friend there who's pretty Goddam wealthy. He's filthy rich, as a matter of fact."

"When does it start?" asked Karen.

"It already started."

"Oh," replied Diane. "What kind of people will be there?"

Paul laughed shortly and smoked his cigarette. "You have to know this guy," he replied. "He's pretty close to fifty, but he's just about the most dirty-minded guy in existence! I think you'll like him."

"My pussy's on fire, just talkin' about it!" exclaimed Diane, getting out of bed. "Let's get the fuck over there!"

"Does it matter what we wear?" asked Karen, going to her wardrobe.

Paul laughed. "You know better than that!" he replied.

Karen blushed. "Sorry. I guess I forgot."

The estate was a sprawling, hundred-acre affair complete with tennis court, swimming pool and riding stables. An eight-foot-high brick wall surrounded the entire grounds. There were exotic-looking gardens and woods everywhere one looked. The house itself looked more like a castle, or chateau.

Paul parked the car and the three of them got out and walked up the wide, paved drive. There were people everywhere, all of them naked. Diane and Karen could see couples fucking in the parked cars, in the hedges near the house, and on the lawn. As they went past the tennis court, they saw people playing tennis in the nude. Farther on, they could see the swimming pool, which was jam-packed with squealing, laughing people.

"Doesn't anyone wear clothes here?" asked Diane.

Paul laughed. "Not at Chester's parties!" he replied.

"It's gonna be a doozy," reflected Karen, looking at everyone.

"I'm ready!" squealed Diane. "I'm ready for anything!"

"When this guy throws a party," Paul explained, "he really goes overboard. He's even got hookers out here, just in case you get the urge to get bored," he laughed. "You can't run out of juice at these shindigs -- Chester won't let you!"

They went inside.

The parlor was a huge room filled with antiques. The floor looked like marble; there were statues and paintings everywhere.

But Diane and Karen did not notice the works of art. There was too much commotion going on. Two men were carrying a struggling naked girl upstairs. Two men and two women were on the marble floor, writhing and gasping. The smell of marijuana was quite thick in the air. A moaning, writhing girl hung upside down from the railing upstairs. Her legs were widely spread apart, her knees and ankles roped securely to the wooden banister. Her hands tied behind her back, she gasped and strained to get free.

Paul was just about to take the girls down the huge hall when a group of six or seven men suddenly appeared. Without a word, they picked up Diane and Karen and carried them quickly down the hall.

Karen was taken into a rather dark, big room. Once inside, the men closed the door and began undressing her very quickly.

"What's the fuckin' hurry?" she asked nervously. "I'm just as horny as you are. If ya gimme a chance, I'll take ya all on!"

Then she noticed a girl hanging naked from the huge crossbeam near the ceiling at the other end of the room. Supported entirely by her wrists, the girl hung helplessly. She did not struggle or move even when one of the men accidentally bumped into her. Her head was slumped on her chest. There was a gag in her mouth. Her thighs and ankles were crisscrossed heavily with rope.

Before she could begin struggling, the men stretched Karen out on a wide table on her back. The men were busy strapping her wrists and ankles in a spread eagled position. She squirmed and strained to sit up, but in no time she was completely helpless. When she cried out, one of the men stuffed something into her mouth. It filled her mouth and tasted like rubber. She tried forcing it out, but there were straps extending from each side of the gag, which the man was now securing behind her neck.

Her heart racing, she merely lay there, wondering what was next. These men were very weird, she thought in fear. They hardly even spoke to each other, performing their tasks in smooth, quick motions.

One man then jumped up on the table and sat between Karen's widely spread thighs. He was doing something with his hands. When he turned to face her, she caught a glimpse of a foot-tong, artificial cock, which he had fastened to his own prick. Another man came over and gave him something, which the first man fitted over the head of the rubber prick. Karen soon saw that it was the weirdest tickler she had ever seen. The tip of the thing was shaped like a glove, the fingers forming claws. From the sides of the tickler grew hundreds of long rubber teeth in the shapes of knives, forks, pins and other things.

Karen's heart practically leaped in her chest. The damned thing was going to hurt, and she knew it. She began to struggle on the table, but to no avail. One of the men suddenly pushed down her jerking head and passed a thick strap across her throat. He fastened it somewhere underneath the table. Karen, sighing deeply in despair, realized that she could no longer raise her head.

The man between her legs suddenly fingered her cunt, shifted his position, and fitted the head of his exotic cock between the tender lips of her pussy. Her heart raced as the little teeth caressed and prodded each fold of flesh inside her. She grunted out a small orgasm. The man smiled and felt the hot juice in his fingers.

Without warning, he shoved his immense rubber cock deeply into her unsuspecting cunt. For the next thirty seconds, Karen went berserk. Her arms and legs strained violently, shaking the solid oak table. The breath shot out of her flared nostrils in spurts. Her pussy was soaking wet.

She had nearly drowned his prick with hot cunt juice. Smiling, he waited for her to relax before he began sliding the huge dong in and out of her. As he did so, the other men assaulted her, going for her tits. Their busy mouths swallowed her nipples, sucking them into their mouths and nibbling on them. At the same time, they squeezed her boobs, rubbing them deliciously and making the brunette twist violently on the table. She hammered out more cunt juice and lay still.

The man began fucking her with long, brutal strokes. The teeth bit into her swollen flesh, prodding her, smacking against her, squeezing her insides until she came and came again. The rubber dick was so long that it completely filled her gash, so thick that it prevented her from tightening or loosening her pussy muscles even slightly.

He kept slamming his rod into her, rubbing her tender flesh raw, making her throb and swell. She came again and again, until the foot-long prick was all wet and sticky.

Then she felt his jism filling up her cunt. It soothed her bruises and sores, making her come again and again.

Karen lay strapped to the table, moaning through the rubber gag and squirming in exhaustion. She had no sooner begun to relax when she was mounted by a second man.

His methods were quite different.

He played with her soaked snatch first, rubbing it tenderly, pulling apart her pink pussylips, assaulting her cunt with his thumb. She responded by sliding her snatch against him, wriggling it as he caressed her.

Soon she felt his fingers, one by one, entering her snatch. When she relaxed completely, he easily inserted three fingers and pumped her slowly, with long strokes. She thanked him by washing his hand with pussy water, and by moaning in pleasure.

His dick was long and thick. He kept the head of his prick pressing against the pink lips of her snatch. She could feel it throbbing against her, and she jerked her snatch against him in an effort to make it slide into her cunt.

Laughing, he shoved it against her and slid it in slowly, inch by inch, until it was all the way inside. Jerking, she squirted cunt juice and felt herself relaxing.

Before long, his prick was moving inside her. He pumped her slowly, pulling it out slowly, all but the head, and returning it until the base of his cock was pressing roughly against her pussylips. Christ! she thought, moaning deeply. He must be over a foot long! She began breathing deeply, yielding to his thrusts. Her round titties rose and fell on her chest.

Karen lay strapped to the table as though she were a sacrifice. As the man fucked her cunt, the others went to her tits and arms. They sucked her nipples, and their hands roamed up and down her arms. Her skin stood out in gooseflesh. She felt tingly all over; the temperature in the room suddenly jumped.

Soon the men went wild, all at once. The man fucking her increased his pace. The men sucking and fondling her began eating her tits eagerly. She could no longer stand it. Her naked body jerked and shuddered wildly on the table, her arms and legs straining at the straps, the muscles standing out in ugly red welts. Her pussy was on fire, and she shivered as though freezing.

He continued fucking her savagely. His prick grew and grew inside her, and soon it was hard for him to move it. She relaxed again, and he began hammering it into her at a feverish pace. She squirmed on the table, her cunt constantly dripping hot juice.

Suddenly, he withdrew from her snatch, jumped from the table, and went right for her cunt, his lips and tongue wild. He lapped up every bit of juice he could find, sticking his tongue inside her snatch, moving it around, sucking her pussylips raw. More cunt cream jolted down her tube. He licked every drop eagerly and thrust her throbbing clit into his mouth.

Then the men were fighting among each other for her cunt. The man who had been fucking and eating her was shoved roughly to the floor. He could not get up in time. There was already a man positioning himself between her thighs and shoving his swollen cock into her snatch so brutally that she screamed horribly, whimpered, and climaxed three times in succession.

He pumped her cunt savagely for the next few minutes. But he was so excited by this time that he groaned in despair. His balls were in an uproar. He slackened his pace, but no matter how slightly he moved his cock inside her, he felt the need to come. His jism poured thickly inside her snatch in violent jolts, making her jerk and whimper, and causing her hot cunt to thunder.

The man was then pulled from her snatch and thrown to the floor by the last man, who got up, knelt between her spread thighs, and stuffed his thick prick into her swollen, trembling cunt.

His trusts were brutal and deliberate. He fucked her like a dog, in fast, jerky jabs. She bit down on the rubber gag that filled her mouth, tensed her arms and legs, and felt the mad gush of jism shooting down her crack. It sizzled the man's cock, dripping onto his balls. Wailing, he went crazy, pumping his prick even faster and shooting his thick wad into her swollen, cream-soaked snatch.

She sighed deeply and tried to relax on the table, but the straps were tied in such a way as to keep her body as tensed as possible. She thought that, since the men had finished with her, she would soon be released. Groaning, she tried to sit up, but failed. Her wrists and ankles were completely numb. She mumbled something incomprehensible behind the gag, shaking her head and looking at the straps that kept her tied down.

Sighing, one of the men got up and headed for the door. "Let's go get a drink," he said.

The others got up and followed him.

Karen grunted and squealed, jerking on the table.

Turning, the men looked at the angry, struggling brunette strapped to the table. The man opening the door said, "Uh-uh, babe. We're not lettin' you loose yet. You'll get stolen by some of the others, and we won't see you again!"

The other man grinned and added, "Yeah. We ain't finished with you yet, sister. We'll be back."

Without another word, the men left the room, closing the door behind them.

Karen relaxed on the table and lay sobbing.

Chapter TEN

Diane had been dealt with in a similar fashion.

After the four men had picked up Karen and had taken her down the hall, the others picked up Diane and quickly carried her in the other direction. The room in which she was taken was a huge one with an indoor swimming pool. Several men and women were relaxing in the pool when they came in. Turning, they merely smiled and watched as Diane was taken to the other side of the room.

There was a curious-looking table contraption sitting on the floor. The legs were very long, the surface was covered with a thick mat of rubber, and there were funny looking straps fastened to the four legs.

Diane soon found herself in a completely helpless position. The men had removed her clothing, picked her up, and placed her on her back on the table. In a twinkling she was strapped to the table, her wrists handcuffed underneath the table, a few inches from the floor, her ankles strapped to the legs of the table. Her knees, pressed to the outside edges of the table, had forced her legs wide apart.

Similar straps were fastened around her waist, and over her neck. They were secured toward the bottom of the table. Trussed in this fashion, she could not move an inch. The good-looking guy standing over her was busy applying a ball gag to her mouth, which he locked behind her ears. The ball filled her mouth. To her despair, she found that she could not spit it out, or make even the slightest sound.

A man appeared with something in his hands. She gasped and eyed it in terror. It was by far the largest vibrator she had ever seen. At least two feet long, it was two or three inches thick. Smiling, the man turned it on. It practically leaped in his hand.

Diane struggled to free herself, but she was completely helpless. In no time, he had knelt on the floor before her exposed cunt and, laughing, shoved the apparatus deeply into her helpless gash.

The result was horrible.

Diane's body thrashed violently on the table. It took two men to hold her down so that she would not upset everything. Her screams were loud, even through the gag. Her heart quivered in her chest. The muscles of her arms and legs stood out in angry red knots.

The man pulled out the vibrator, which was covered with cunt juice. Turning it on, he rammed her snatch, shoving it all the way inside and leaving it deeply embedded within the quivering walls of pink, wet flesh.

When it was completely buried inside, the man sat down on the floor and they all watched her as she groaned and jerked horribly on the table. The constant vibrations were making her cunt explode again and again. It felt like a giant cock that lay throbbing wildly inside her, too big and too thick to move within her cunt.

A minute or so later, the men took turns moving it inside her, each pumping it his own different way. The first man assaulted her again, with long, savage strokes. Gasping and fighting for breath, Diane felt its constant humming finding its way into every crack and crevice.

One man grabbed the vibrator and rammed her cunt so viciously that Diane shook wildly, screamed, and went limp.

For the next five minutes they revived her, one of the men removing the gag from her mouth, two of the men massaging her naked body in order to restore circulation, and still others saturated her body with cold water from the pool. Sighing deeply, Diane began to feel more herself. Her breathing had returned to normal, and she smiled at them and was just about ready to ask them to untie her when the gag was fastened once again into her mouth, and the vibrator was once again battering the inside of her swollen cunt.

This time, she hammered out enough cunt juice to saturate the rubber cushion. Once again, she felt faint. With a loud groan and more jerking, she fainted again.

When she awoke, she realized that she was no longer strapped to the rubber table. Sitting up, she found herself lying on the floor in a completely different room.

This room was even bigger than the other one. It consisted of the largest bed she had ever seen in her life. It covered nearly half the length of the room, which was at least fifty feet long. There were dozens of naked people lying on it, laughing and squirming against each other. One of the men noticed Diane and, laughing, jumped up and ran over to her.

"It's about time you woke up!" he said, taking her arm and pulling her to the bed.

She let herself be pulled over to the bed, forced down on her back, and caressed by hundreds of eager hands and lips. One man knelt over her, his hard prick throbbing a few inches from her face. He lowered himself, and she opened her mouth and swallowed the entire joint. In no time, it was good and stiff. The prick began to jump in and out of her mouth, and she sighed and sucked it eagerly.

Three men and two women were working between Diane's spread thighs. Groaning deeply as she sucked the stiff prick, she felt five hot tongues licking the insides of her thighs, nibbling her clit, sucking her juicy pussylips. Some eager fingers rammed up her snatch and came out sticky with cream. She heard the moans of the people who were lapping up the cunt juice and licking it from their fingers.

The man fucking her in the mouth was grinding his teeth and going crazy. His balls slapped Diane on the right cheek. She could feel the hot jism bubbling within them. She kept up with him, sucking him inside her mouth and tickling his cock with her tongue as he went back out. A few minutes later, he gasped and shot his wad hotly into her mouth. She swallowed each jolt and sucked his spending cock for more. When he was completely dry, he got up and was instantly replaced by another man.

This man's prick was enormous, being nearly a foot long and three inches thick. It would barely fit into her mouth. She felt the thick head pressing against the back of her throat. Gagging, she moved her head until the cock fit in her mouth more comfortably.

Diane began sucking him eagerly. She played with his big, swollen balls and tickled the sensitive underside of his thick cock. He began to pump it inside her mouth. Moaning, Diane tightened her grip around him and grasped the thick base of his joint with her hand.

Two men grabbed Diane and forced her on her side. The man fucking her in the mouth gasped, but she tilted her head and kept his thick rod in her mouth. Suddenly she grunted and moaned thickly. The two men had stuffed their swollen pricks into her unsuspecting cunt and ass. They let their rods fill her pink cracks, gathering juices. When she was well lubricated, they began pumping it into her with short, swift strokes.

Just then, the cock inside her mouth exploded and slammed jism thickly down her throat. The man shot so much hot juice into her that it made her gag. Swallowing, she pumped the prick eagerly, sucking the thick cum and lapping up the juice that had gathered on the head of his prick with her tongue.

The man then withdrew and fell gasping to his side.

Squealing with delight, a curvaceous redhead straddled Diane's head. Laughing and looking down at the helpless blonde, she cupped her big boobies in her hands and rubbed her snatch hotly against Diane's mouth and chin. Diane immediately tasted the sweet slit cream, and proceeded to suck the red twat deeply. Her tongue darted out of her mouth, catching the giggling girl on the fat juicy clit. Sucking in her breath, she arched her back so that she could fit her snatch more tightly against Diane's eager lips. Diane took the clit between her lips and, sucking it deeply, tasted the fresh pussy juice that suddenly dashed down the pink tube.

The men continued ramming their wet pricks into the blonde's creamy holes. The man in her asshole came quickly: four thick, fast jolts of hot jism. Withdrawing from the soaked hole, he held Diane's right leg high in the air as his friend fucked her squirming cunt for another minute or two before he came, squirming and jerking roughly against the whimpering blonde.

The two men got onto their knees, behind the redhead who was writhing and jerking against Diane's busy lips. Their hands roamed the redhead's body, their mouths nibbling the bouncing titties and squeezing the juicy boobs until the girl came all over Diane's mouth and face. The redhead hammered out slit juice time and time again. Gasping and shivering in exhaustion, she fell heavily to her side, and lay still.

Diane, very weak and groggy, could hardly sit up. Those who had not left the room lay sleeping in the bed. Struggling to sit up, Diane decided that she would very much like to have a drink or two. It would give her the strength she needed.

She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling over the side. Gathering all her strength, she forced herself to stand up. Seconds later, she felt her strength giving way, and she groaned in despair as she toppled backward.

Diane blacked out even before her head hit the mattress.

Chapter ELEVEN

Karen continued to lie spread eagled on the table, strapped securely and gagged.

It had seemed as though hours had passed since the men had left her, but she forced herself to believe that it was only minutes, and that they would soon return. Fucking bastards! she thought angrily, her heart racing.

Again she tried to force herself free, and again her bonds painfully choked off the circulation in her wrists and ankles. And the gag was hurting. She tried to spit it out, but it held. She forced herself to admit she could not get loose, no matter how hard she tried.

What if the bastards had forgotten about her? The fear suddenly rose within her. What if they either forgot all about her, or had gotten so drunk that they could not care less about her predicament? Or, worse... what if she was forced to stay tied up like this until somebody finally found her, days from now?

Karen forced the thoughts away. The damned bastards were too horny to pass up good twat, like Karen. They'd be back.

Ten minutes later, the door opened. The men came in, laughing among themselves. Karen strained to see them. Suddenly her heart leaped when she saw Paul among them.

She waited impatiently for him to come over and untie her. However, it was not long before she realized that this was not his intention. The fucking bastard! she thought, muttering harshly behind the gag and glaring at him. The bastard was fitting a two-foot-long artificial cock over his throbbing prick!

He sat down between her spread legs and played with her twat for the next five minutes. It was dry, so he lowered his face and pushed his tongue into the dry, pink crack. Karen sighed and relaxed. Suddenly she was no longer angry or tense. Her body began to respond.

He licked her cunt furiously. By the time he wriggled his tongue against her throbbing clit, she was soaking wet again. He licked her all over again and shoved two fingers into her pink, wet gash.

Two hungry tongues were slapping and licking her tight titties. Then they sucked her fat, juicy nipples. Karen sighed and squirmed on the table. She panted hungrily. Her skin was flushed.

Paul mounted her and eased his immense fake cock into her pussy. He pushed it in an inch at a time. He felt her go soggy and hot at the same time. When he was halfway in, her heart jumped. Her cunt exploded.

She began panting and squirming as the cock pounded into her slit. She shivered and rocked her ass. When he was almost all the way inside, she went crazy, splattering his cock with hot juice. The men were still sucking and licking her tits, making them swell and get tight. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the cock that filled her cunt.

One of the men got up and went to the other corner of the room, where the other naked woman hung limply by her arms. He began reviving her. Moments later, she squirmed and tried raising her head. Removing her gag, he slapped her cheeks roughly until she gasped and pulled her face away. Satisfied, he put the gag back in her mouth, untied her thighs and ankles, spread her legs, and shoved his thick cock up her helpless cunt.

The other man stopped sucking Karen's nipples. He pulled the gag from her mouth, climbed onto the table, and shoved his swollen dick deeply into her throat. She moaned and tried pulling away, but couldn't. Her arms strained at the bonds. Then she felt the huge dong growing warmer in her mouth, and relaxed. She moaned in pleasure and responded warmly as he shoved it in and out of her mouth.

Paul's cock slammed into her oven-hot cunt. She was so hot and wet that the big reamer easily moved inside her greasy cunt. Her pussy was saturated. She pumped against him and got wetter. Her body thrashed on the table. More cream washed his cock. Increasing his thrusts, Paul rammed her viciously, his balls catching her in the ass. Her flushed titties quivered on her chest. Reaching outward, he grasped them, squeezing them to a pulp. She moaned in pleasure and climaxed thickly.

The man fucking the other woman held her legs up so she could not lash out or kick him. She wriggled in his arms, trying to jerk herself free, but the ropes around her wrists kept her suspended in the air. She grunted each time his prick shot into her swollen cunt.

Laughing, he pumped her savagely and giggled when the hot cunt juice ran down his legs. He was fucking her so wildly that her big tits jumped sensuously, up and down, before his eyes. He came quickly, in eight or nine thick spurts. Then he withdrew from her, tied her ankles and knees once more, and went back to Paul, who was shoving his gigantic dick into Karen's hot, quivering gash.

It was not long before Paul's prick poured the juice into her wriggling snatch. Karen exploded and, screaming, nearly ground her teeth on the driving dick in her mouth. Her body writhed heavily. Soon both dicks were exploding into her, one in her cunt, the other in her mouth. Hot jism splashed into her shuddering body from both ends, making her go insane. She spat quim juice for the next thirty seconds.

The men kept their spending pricks lodged deeply inside her, until there was nothing left.

Afterward, they got up and removed the bonds that pinned the gasping brunette to the table.

Karen continued to lie there even after she was untied. When Paul unfastened the strap that kept her neck against the table, she sighed deeply and began rubbing her numb wrists vigorously. Then she sat up slowly and stared at them.

"You fuckers!" she snapped, glaring at them. "I oughta scratch your eyes out!" Then she laughed. "The next guy that ties me up is gonna be sorry!"

Twenty minutes later, Paul took Karen outside, where everyone was having an outdoor party.

Spotting Diane, the shapely brunette called to her and they met halfway.

"I've been lookin' for ya the past half-hour," said the blonde, finishing her cigarette. "Where the hell ya been?"

Karen laughed and puffed on her cigarette. "Strapped to a fuckin' table and raped a hundred times!"

The blonde looked at her friend. "You too?" she asked. "The same fuckin' thing happened to me. I thought I was the only one entertainin' the perverts."

"You and me both," replied the brunette. "You think we had a fuckin' time in that motel room a few days ago, with those maniacs? No siree!" she whispered and finished her drink. "I've had more hot cock ram me the past hour than I ever had in my entire life!"

Diane shook her head and looked at Paul, who was talking to someone else. "He said this was gonna be a fuckin' party," she said softly, "not a fuckin' freak show."

"Quit your bitchin'," replied Karen, frowning. "I don't care what a guy does to me, as long as he sticks it inside in the end."

Diane smiled and sipped her drink. "I guess you're right. I guess I'm mad 'cause it was so fuckin' embarrassing. After all, we don't know anybody here. Except Paul."

"Quit tryin' to be so formal, Diane," warned her friend. "Everyone here is our friend. Anything goes. Relax."

Nodding, Diane followed her friend to the side of the swimming pool where the drinks were being served.

Paul joined them a few minutes later. "How's everything going?" he asked politely.

Teasing him, Karen looked at Diane and then looked back at Paul. "Diane's been complaining about us not knowin' anybody here, except you," she said. She laughed and added, "Tell her what you did to me, friend. Tell her who the asshole was that put on a fuckin' yard-long prick and rammed it into me while I was tied up!"

Paul just laughed.

"Remember what I told you about what happens the next time somebody does that to me," she said, smiling at him and walking away.

Diane caught up to her and the girls went to get more drinks.

That night, the girls lay naked on their backs by the edge of the pool. The orgy had quieted down for the past hour, and everyone was relaxing in order to recover his strength for the night. A few people were swimming in the well-lighted pool.

Diane sipped her drink and lit another cigarette. "I can sure use the rest," she said, sighing deeply. "My cunt's still throbbin' as though it was rammed by a fuckin' jackhammer!"

"I know one thing for sure," replied the brunette. "I'm gonna think twice before I start complainin' about bein' so horny!"

Diane practically choked on her drink. "Don't tell me you've had enough!" she gasped.

Karen giggled and replied, "I didn't say anything of the sort. I just said..."

"I know what you said."

"After all," explained Karen, "we've taken more cock in the past few days than most girls get in a lifetime!"

"Quit your bitchin'."

"I'm not bitchin', damn you!"

The girls looked at each other and laughed.

For the next twenty minutes, they sat sipping their drinks and relaxing. Before long, they were fast asleep.

Chapter TWELVE

Diane's next sensations were not until the following morning.

She was vaguely aware of someone doing something to her body. Opening her eyes, she regained her senses and then realized that she was being carried somewhere, by four men. Each man was holding an arm or a leg, and they said nothing. She tried to sit up, but her arms and legs were held up, almost in a vertical position with the rest of her body, and she failed miserably.

Moaning, she let them carry her to their destination.

Going upstairs, they went down a dimly lit corridor.

A few moments later, they entered a room.

It was a big room, just like all the others. Diane heard moaning and grunting. The men carried her over to a king-size bed and laid her down. Sitting up, she noticed that she was in the middle of a group of twenty couples who were fucking or eating each other on several big beds. Searching for a free prick, Diane soon found one.

A man lay on his back, his legs spread wide. A wriggling, panting girl was sitting on his face. Her dark-brown hair flew everywhere. The man was busy sucking her snatch and ramming her asshole with a tickler that was stuck to his thumb. Diane wondered why no one was sucking his throbbing prick. Shrugging, she went over, knelt between his thighs, and began pumping his prick.

Jerking in surprise, the man grunted harshly. Diane licked her lips, lowered her face, and shoved the giant red cock into her mouth. He yelped in pleasure and yielded to her caresses. Diane gently tongued and chewed the thick hunk of flesh. Warm juice spilled down his dong. Lapping it up with her tongue, she swallowed most of the cock and tickled the sensitive head with her writhing tongue.

It didn't take her long to make him come. Before long, his throbbing joint was swelling and quivering in her mouth. Diane kept up the pressure by sucking him with her mouth and pumping the base of his cock with her hand.

She swallowed every violent spurt of his hot cum. It warmed her insides and made her squeeze out a quick orgasm. The man had relaxed somewhat from his orgasm, returning to the girl's soaked snatch with renewed vigor.

Diane kept the spending prick in her mouth until it was completely limp. Sighing, she sat up and searched the room for, another eligible mate.

Then she found him.

He lay on his back, his big chest heaving. Apparently he had just come. Wet, his cock hung meekly between his hairy thighs.

Diane jumped over and shot right for the limp prick. She swallowed it and pumped it eagerly, tasting the hot jism that had gathered thickly near the huge, round head. She also tasted the sweet juice of the girl's cunt he had recently fucked. She moaned and sucked the cock until it began growing within her mouth. As it got bigger and bigger, Diane squealed in pleasure, covered the balls with her hands, and kept the cock tightly embedded inside her mouth.

The man sat up and rested on his elbows. He watched her working on him, and smiled. Then he lay back down and let the beautiful blonde suck his cock hungrily.

When she was satisfied that it was hard and throbbing sufficiently, Diane began to pump him with her mouth. Her hot, juicy lips sliding up and down his trembling joint, her head bobbed up and down with a pistonlike action. Soon he was writhing all over the mattress.

Diane quit pumping him. She straddled his thighs, pumped his cock a few delicious times, and stuffed the thick joint deeply up her moist cunt. Groaning, he looked up and saw the curvaceous blonde writhing over him. She looked sensational. Her cunt felt fantastic. The man closed his eyes and, sighing, enjoyed each jab of her pussy as though it were even better than the first.

Diane fucked his cock eagerly. It filled each inch of her soaked cunt and saturated her insides with juicy, throbbing flesh. Groaning, she jerked on him and washed his joint with pussy juice. He smiled and felt the sweet juices warming his prick and enveloping him with the hotness.

The blonde hammered her juicy snatch on his cock mercilessly. He felt her pussy muscles closing around his prick, trying to suck it all the way in. She got wetter and wetter. Her clit danced along the length of his cock. He could feel his balls getting ready to spurt.

His cock grew larger in her snatch, soaking her. Screaming, she pumped his prick until it thundered hot jism into her cunt. She squeezed out several more fast orgasms and then fell backward to the bed.

Karen, that morning, woke up and found Diane gone. Shrugging, she got up and went into the mansion. A few people were in the big kitchen, eating. Karen helped herself to whatever looked good and looked for a place to sit down.

She wasn't given the opportunity.

Strong hands took her by the elbows, and the plate of food fell from her hands. Next, she was flipped around and stood staring into the eyes of the man who had first fucked her with the king-size vibrator last night.

"Lemme get somethin' to eat," she said sharply. Grinning, the man merely picked her up and carried her out of the room. She struggled in his arms, but soon realized that she could not fight any man here. Sighing in defeat, she let the man take her into the living room, where several couples were already going at it feverishly.

She let him rub her dry snatch vigorously with his fingers. In no time at all, she was wet. She squealed when he rammed three fingers up her soggy cunt, moving them around and pumping them in jerky motions.

Before she could do anything else, he had lowered himself between her thighs and shoved his thick prick up her soggy snatch.

Karen cried out and immediately shot hot jism. He grinned in delight and waited until she had wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Then he began running around the room, all the while fucking her with each step.

The ride was fantastic. Karen had never known anything like it, not in all her life. The action of running caused his prick to jump into her cunt each time a foot hit the floor. As a result, every leap he took caused his prick to ram her gash wildly, making her quim juice sprinkle down their thighs and onto the floor. She cried out with each step, struggling in his arms, tightening her legs around him, slamming her snatch down hard on his prick, thrusting her bouncing titties into his face.

They ran around the room several times. Karen squealed and her snatch spat and spat. Soon, he slowed down his pace, came to a stop, and fell to the couch.

Karen fell on her back, he on top of her, but his prick never left her soaked slit. After resting awhile, he began banging away at her greasy cunt until she wriggled in his arms and came three more times. His balls erupted, and his prick grew harder and spat thickly. Karen's quim tightened around his joint, sucking him in and swallowing each jolt of jism that splashed into her quivering cunt.

They kissed and the man rolled onto his side.

Karen lay panting and heaving on the couch. A few minutes later, she got up and went to the kitchen in another attempt to get breakfast.

An hour later, Diane walked outside and found Karen swimming in the pool. "Ya know what day it is?" asked the blonde, just remembering herself.

Karen shrugged and, flipping over, floated slowly on her back.

"It's Saturday, darling!" she informed her friend.

Karen still didn't get the message. "So what?" she shouted angrily.

Diane sighed and puffed thoughtfully on her cigarette. "Didja forget? Our guys are due back this afternoon."

"Jesus Christ!" Karen, suddenly remembering, jumped out of the pool and came running toward her friend. "I forgot all about 'em!" she gasped, shaking her hair dry. "What the fuck we gonna do?" she asked, flustered. "I even forgot what time they're due back!"

"Calm down, girl!" Diane finished her cigarette and tossed it in the grass. "We still have a few hours to get dressed, go home, and freshen up. They're not due back 'til three, ya know."

"Three o'clock!" Karen sighed deeply and gave a low whistle. "What time is it, hon?" she asked.

"It's not even eleven o'clock yet." Diane grasped the wrist of a young man who lay on a chaise lounge near the pool and checked his watch. "It's ten forty-five," she corrected. "We have plenty of time."

The girls walked toward the rear of the mansion.

"Ya know," giggled Karen, "I forgot all about everything!"

"I know," replied the blonde. "So did I."

"We've had a lotta fun, haven't we, honey?"

Diane smiled at her friend. "We had more fun the past few days than we ever had," she replied.

They went inside and looked for Paul.

"Let's do it again," suggested Karen.

Diane stopped in her tracks. She stared at her friend and looked at her in puzzlement. "D'ya think we have enough juice left to do this all over again?" she asked curiously.

"I do," laughed the brunette. "So do you."

"Yep," replied Diane. "So do I."

They started walking again.

"Just imagine," reflected Karen dreamily. "In less than four days we were picked up, fucked, tied up, robbed, raped, picked up again, taken to a party, fucked a hundred times, fucked at some lounge, eaten, sucked, picked up again, taken to an orgy, tied up again, raped more times than I can remember, fucked, sucked eaten, and God knows what else!" she laughed with pleasure.

Diane laughed heartily.

A few minutes later, they found Paul. He was lying on a couch in one of the big rooms, eating some redhead's cunt while another girl was busy sucking on his prick.

Karen squealed and said, "I'm gettin' wet all over again!"

"Cool it," replied the blonde. "We don't have the time."

They went over to Paul and asked if he would mind taking them home.

"Christ!" he snapped incredulously. "Can't ya wait 'til I'm done here?"

"You promised," warned Karen.

"All right," he said, sighing. "Gimme a few minutes. I'll be ready in no time." He went back to the redhead's cunt. She immediately squealed and rubbed her juicy snatch against his face.

The girls went to find their clothing, which was right where they had left it. They went into the big bathroom downstairs and proceeded to clean up.

Ten minutes later, they went outside to wait for Paul.

He came outside a few minutes later and drove them straight home.


The girls, by two o'clock in the afternoon, were in the apartment, waiting for their husbands.

Paul had brought them home at eleven, turned the car around, and headed back to the estate. Going upstairs, the girls threw their clothing in the laundry and went to the shower. They spent nearly half an hour washing themselves, going over every square inch of their bodies, before stepping out and drying themselves off.

It took them nearly an hour to dry their hair and get it to look as it had looked four days previously, before their husbands had left. The hard part was getting out all the dirt, sweat, and jism that had completely saturated their hair from the orgy at the estate.

However, they had plenty of time and, before they knew it, they were relaxing in their skimpy swimsuits on the terrace.

At precisely three o'clock, the door opened and their husbands rushed in, setting down their suitcases and searching for their wives.

The girls jumped up from their seats and ran into their arms. Karen clung tightly to George, who picked his wife up and covered her face and neck with kisses. Rick kissed Diane passionately and, picking her up, carried her over to the couch.

"Miss me?" he asked, kissing her again.

"Mmmmmm!" Diane wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed deeply. "Why the fuck d'ya have to leave us this long?" she asked angrily.

"My job," he explained, kissing her again.

George took Karen over to the chair and made her sit on his lap. "I hate to ruin things now," he said, "but..."

"Cool it!" warned Rick angrily. "We've got plenty of time for that!"

"For what?" asked Diane.

"Yeah," replied Karen, growing suspicious. "Tell us, for Christ's sakes."

George shrugged. "Well, it's like this..." He looked at the girls and then at Rick. Sighing, he said, "We gotta go out again."

"When?" asked Karen.

"Wednesday," replied Rick. "To Detroit." He looked at Diane, who was growing angry. "But it's only for three days," he added quickly. "We'll be back Saturday."

The girls looked miserably at each other. Karen looked at her husband, scowled, and looked back at Diane. That's right, honey, she thought, hoping her friend would sense her thoughts. That's right, baby. The estate again. This week. For another orgy!

Karen turned and went to fix drinks.

"Let's not let this bit of news ruin anything," suggested George. "After all, we are makin' a helluva lotta money!"

The girls both muttered something the men could not hear.

"Dummy!" whispered Rick fiercely at his friend. "Why did ya have to go and tell 'em so soon?"

George shrugged and looked innocent.

Karen brought the drinks.

For the next few minutes, they sat quietly, smoking and sipping their drinks. On several occasions the men tried to make polite conversation, but the girls did not seem to be in the mood.

Smiling at Karen, George went over to her seat, picked her up, and carried her into the bedroom. "I'll get you out of this bad mood," he said, laughing and kissing her.

Will you? thought Karen, looking at him.

Rick sat looking at his wife as he finished his drink. "Ya know," he said, looking at the woman's gorgeous, half-naked body. "That doesn't sound like a bad idea to me." He took his wife's eager hand and led her into the other bedroom.

Karen lay on her back, watching George as he undressed. She was still wearing her skimpy bikini.

Naked, he approached the bed and sat down. He looked his wife up and down and smiled at her proudly. "You're beautiful," he said, his hand resting on her thigh. "Absolutely beautiful."

"Cut the bullshit," she shot back at him. "Cut the fuckin' bullshit and stick your fuckin' cock inside me!"

She flipped over on her stomach and waited for him to untie the straps of her bikini top. He did it quickly and waited for her to flip over again. Once freed, her perfect round boobs sprang outward and upward, even though she lay on her back. She looked at his wide-open eyes and giggled softly. "Didja miss 'em?" she asked.

George could not help himself. His hands shot right for his wife's tits, covering them and feeling them grow warmer in his palms. The nipples stuck out. He took them between his fingers and squeezed them. His wife moaned and squirmed uneasily.

"Nobody," he said, "has knockers like these..." His voice was a harsh growl. Suddenly he leaped forward and took her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it and Karen could feel the hot wetness gathering thickly between her legs.

"Please," she whispered thickly, squirming beneath him. "Take off my pants, darling!"

Sitting up, George pulled off her panties and shoved them roughly down her thighs. She kicked them off and parted her thighs.

George eyed the chestnut-colored cunt eagerly. She was already wet and hot. He covered it with his hand, rubbing it. The hot stickiness of her snatch had caused his hard prick to throb heavily between his legs.

Getting up, he positioned himself between her spread legs, bent down, and began kissing her everywhere. Karen moaned and gyrated her hips rhythmically. She felt the storms thrashing about within her. Dizziness erupted inside her head, and the room began spinning.

George's lips kissed her everywhere: her thighs, calves, hips, stomach, cunt. Lifting up her legs, he licked and rubbed his warm lips against her cunt and clit until the brunette panted with pleasure, groping for him. He went back to his wife's cunt and began sucking it again. Grunting, she slammed out a thick jolt of slit cream and moaned deeply when she felt his lips licking up the juice.

Then she felt his tongue rubbing against her throbbing clit. More storms thudded inside her. She squirmed viciously, pounding her ankles roughly upon his back. George kept licking her. Pulling her swollen clit into his mouth, he squeezed her pussylips with his fingers and brought her to a hot, pounding climax.

Shifting on the bed, he straddled her head and eased himself forward, until he was lying on her soaked body. He smiled when he felt her eager hands rubbing his cock and pulling it toward her gaping lips. Suddenly the hot feeling of her mouth enveloped his swollen dick, and he gasped thickly.

He then found her cunt and worked it frantically in an effort to make her climax again and again. Her pussylips were hot and sticky. He licked the sweet, hot juice as he pumped her cunt and asshole. The pink, swollen clit was throbbing against his chin. He took it in his mouth and sucked it, pulling it deeper and deeper into his mouth. Karen squirmed beneath him. He could feel her heart racing frantically.

She had been sucking her husband's stiff, swollen cock. It tasted delicious! she thought. She pulled it deeply into her mouth until the huge, round head was lodged against her throat. She wanted to swallow it completely, gag on it, choke on it, force it down her throat. She wanted it to grow and grow, until it rammed its way down her throat and into her stomach. She wanted to feel its throbbing inside her.

George began raising and lowering himself on her. The action caused his prick to pump her mouth. She tightened her mouth muscles around the thick pole as it went in, and tried sucking it back in as it went out. George increased his pace, grunting and swelling in her mouth. His balls whacked her in the nose with every thrust. She reached up, caught them, and squeezed. George wailed and twisted his body. His hot breath saturated her cunt.

Then she felt his lips on her cunt again.

His tongue roamed along the curves of her pussylips, across the smooth skin of her inner thighs, over the swell of her pubic bone. He sucked her clit, rammed her cunt with three fingers, shoved his thumb into her creamy asshole, blew on her, kissed her, rubbed the damp forest of chestnut-colored pubic hair with his nose, vibrated his lips on her sticky pussylips. Shuddering, the brunette quivered beneath him.

Then he was off her and guiding his trembling cock deeply inside her soaked snatch. Groping for him, Karen wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him tightly against her. Her ankles pressed against the cheeks of his ass and slammed him toward her viciously, so that his cock would jump an extra inch or two.

He fucked her quickly, his cock jumping in and out of her. She poured pussy cream all over his prick and balls, wriggling her hips and tightening her snatch around his cock.

The shapely brunette was soon squirming and groaning heavily on the bed. His prick and balls were soaked with cunt juice. He could feel it sloshing around inside her as he fucked her. He rammed his cock all the way inside her, squeezed her titties, rubbed them, and felt the storms rock them both.

Soon he was shooting his thick wad into her. It gushed from his cock like lava from a volcano, in six angry bursts. The jolts slammed into her, making her quiver and writhe beneath him. Her cunt jerked out two short loads before they both went limp and lay in each other's arms.

The next morning, Rick and George got up early, dressed, and went to play golf at the country club.

Karen was the first to awaken, at ten-thirty. Turning on her side, she stared at the empty half of the bed for nearly a minute before it dawned on her that George was gone. Sitting up, she put on her bathrobe and went down the hall. Knocking lightly on Diane's bedroom door, she waited for twenty seconds. When there was no answer, she went into the kitchen, found that George was not there, shrugged, and began to make coffee.

Dressed in a transparent negligee, Diane walked into the room. Her head lowered, she was yawning and trying to read the note she held in both hands.

"What's that?" asked Karen, sensing bad news.

It took the sleepy blonde nearly thirty seconds to read the note, interpret it, scowl, and look up angrily. "It's from Rick," she said sharply, gritting her teeth. "D'ya know where those cocksuckers are, right now? At the fuckin' club, playin' eighteen fuckin' holes of golf!"

"Those fuckin' assholes!" whispered Karen angrily. "They no more than get home, dump their wads once, and then they're off and runnin' again, like fuckin' race horses!"

"Calm down, honey," said Diane, sitting down and lighting a cigarette. "They might've left real early. We don't know. They might even be back before lunch."

"Bullshit!" snapped the angry brunette. "D'ya know how fuckin' long it takes to play eighteen holes?" she groaned. "Practically the whole fuckin' day!"

"I know, I know," conceded Diane. "I was just tryin' to make things look better."

"Those cocksuckers," Karen muttered angrily.

A few minutes later, the coffee was ready.

Rick and George returned late that afternoon. Laughing, they shoved their golf bags into the cupboard in the foyer.

Karen and Diane were sitting in the living room, watching television. Entering the room, the boys went over, bent down, and kissed their wives.

Rick sat down on the arm of the sofa and said, "You'll never guess what happened on the golf course!"

The girls looked bored.

Rick continued. "We saw this guy we used to room with in college!"

The girls said nothing.

George broke in by saying, "Yeah. This guy used to be the world's worst student!" Both men laughed in delight. "He used to be in trouble week after week!" continued George.

Rick added, "Well, naturally we got to talkin', and when we mentioned we were married, this guy just went hysterical. You see, five years ago, when we graduated, we made a bet with this guy that he would marry before we would, and..."

"Well?" snapped Karen angrily. "Why didn't you invite him here for a drink or two?"

"We did," replied Rick. "He's out puttin' his clubs in his car."

"Does he know which apartment we're in?" asked Diane.

"Dammit!" shouted George, slapping himself. "We were so occupied with old times that we forgot all about it!" He jumped up and ran out the door.

Rick smiled and added, "Before he comes up here, I should warn you about this guy. You see, he's a bullshit artist. Used to have the best line with girls," he chuckled. "Only a few minutes ago he was tellin' us all about the two gorgeous chicks he picked up drivin' home. Not only did he fuck 'em to death, but he took 'em to an orgy."

The girls were no longer listening. They were now gazing at the door, where George was standing, beaming from ear to ear.

Beside him was standing their college friend.

It was... Paul!


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