Juicy hot daughter

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child's inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized standards and parentally prescribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected.

For Julie Carson, the dawning awareness of her own sexuality and the budding of her young body have brought many problems and confusions. But once Julie gets over her initial fears and inhibitions, she finds herself enjoying, indeed reveling, in her natural sexuality. And there can be no doubt that her understanding father plays a big role in Julie's eventual transition into womanhood.

JUICY HOT DAUGHTER -- the story of an average teen-aged girl's struggle to make her own personal journey into adulthood, a struggle evolving behind the facade of her day-to-day existence, yet inexorably leading her onward into maturity. A work of fiction that could be about the girl next door. Or one's own daughter.

Chapter ONE

Julie Carson slowly ran the wash cloth over her back and between the tight cheeks of her small ass. The brown-haired eighteen year old wiggled slightly at the touch of the rough cloth on her an. She pressed a little bit harder and giggled at the sensation that rippled through her.

The slim teenager rotated slowly, enjoying the needle-sharp spray of the shower on her body. Putting the wash cloth aside, Julie cupped the small cones of her breasts, turning from side to side to expose first one and then the other to the biting touch of the spray.

As her perky nipples hardened, Julie's breathing speeded up. She was getting excited, and in just a second, she'd wash her cunt, and feel really good.

"Ummmm." She slid her hands down her body and between her thighs, feeling her tiny crop of pussy hair.

Spreading her legs apart, Julie slowly rubbed her hair-fringed pussy with the bar of soap, getting everything nice and slick. This was the part she liked best, rubbing herself slowly until her breasts ached and her stomach fluttered. Only when she couldn't stand it any longer, only then would she touch her little clit and almost explode with pleasure.

Sliding a soap-slick finger between the cheeks of her ass, Julie giggled as she touched the ring of her asshole. That felt nice, too!

She'd dropped the soap and was only using the heel of her hand on the narrow slit at the base of her belly, but Julie could feel herself getting closer and closer. In just a second she would be there.

"Ohhh!" Julie touched het come button, and her hips jerked back and forth between the finger pressing on her clit and the finger pushing against her asshole.

"AHHHH!!!" As she came, Julie wished she had a third hand to play with her nipples. Her body swiveled faster and faster and then her soap-slicked finger poked into the very entrance of her ass.

"Oooooh fuck, fuckfuckfuck!!!" Julie bounced up and down against the wonderful feeling in her ass. She didn't know what 'fuck' meant, but it was a dirty word, and she wanted to talk dirty!

Squatting down, Julie pushed her finger in a tiny bit hither, moaning with pleasure as her body jerked and twisted in reaction. She slipped her hand up to touch her breasts, but the instant she did so, her pussy began throbbing, wanting more attention.

"Oaoohhh! Sooooo nice!!" Julie squealed the pleasure. Her deep pink nipples were hard as rocks, and her cunt was so hot it felt like it was going to burn up any second!

The teenager was so engrossed in her body she didn't hear the bathroom door open.

"Julie? Julie Carson! What are you -- OHHHH!!" Her mother had pulled back the shower curtain and was staring in horror at her daughter.

"Mom!" Julie gasped and tried to cover her nakedness.

"Get out of there this instant!" Marjorie Carson turned off the shower and dragged her daughter onto the bath mat.

"Filth! I go out for an hour and what do you do -- you spend the entire time playing filthy games with your body!"

Mrs. Carson threw a bath towel over her daughter's naked body and shook her, roughly.

"You know you're not supposed to do that! If you do that, that thing, you'll become a shameless whore -- a woman of the streets!"

Julie, sobbing, paid no attention to her mother's rantings. She had heard it all before. Whenever she wore something that even hinted she was no longer a little girl, that she had breasts and hips, her mother went into an absolute frenzy.

"Marjorie, what the hell are you raving about?" Al Carson, Julie's father, was discreet enough not to look into the bathroom.

"Your daughter, your filthy, filthy daughter. I caught her! She was playing with herself!"

"Jesus fucking Christ on a busted crutch -- so what?"

Marjorie swung around and stormed out of the bathroom, the light of battle in her eye.

"What did you say?"

"You heard me, damn it!" Al's voice rose to a roar.

"Now you shut up and stop bugging the kid, or I'll give you a belt in the teeth -- and I mean it, by God!"

Julie peeked around the corner. Her mother, her face pale with anger, was confronting her father in the living room. The teen-ager wrapped the towel around herself and scurried into her room shutting the door behind her.

Safe inside, Julie dried herself, wondering for the thousandth time what was wrong with her mother. Up until six months ago, they had been so close it had been wonderful. Julie had felt she could tell her mother anything, ask her anything, and her mother would tell her and everything would be all right.

Julie stared at herself in the mirror. It was them -- those breasts, they had been the problem. She'd been taking a bath and her mother had come in, as she had countless times before, to talk. But instead of sitting down and chatting, she'd stared at Julie's chest until the teen-ager blushed and covered her body.

Without saying a word, her mother had gotten up and gone out, and ever since that night, Julie relized, there had been an enormous undercurrent of tension in the house, getting worse and worse all the time.

Her parents were still arguing, but Julie didn't listen. She didn't want to hear them. She put on her nightgown and got into bed with her history book. She'd meant to study earlier, but history bored her, and she left the reading and homework till last.

The argument died down and then Julie heard her parent's bedroom door slain shut. She sighed and shook her head. Arguments upset her and she tried to keep out of them as best she could.

"Julie?" Her father was rapping on her door lightly.

"Come in, Dad."

He opened the door and came inside, shutting it behind him. In the soft light from her bedside lamp Julie looked at her father. He was nearly six feet tall, with broad, slightly stooped shoulders. Julie thought he was the handsomest man she had ever seen, and there were many women who agreed with her.

What made him attractive, though the teen-ager didn't know it, was Al's sense of caring. He radiated compassion and understanding, and his daughter enjoyed his company more and, more each day.

"You okay, sport?" Al sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at her.

Julie nodded, a shy smile on her face. There was so much she wanted to say, but somehow she couldn't let it out.

"Honey, your mother's scared." Al looked at the wall behind Julie's head. "She's scared because you're growing up -- and that means she's growing older."

"But she's thirty-nine. That's not old," Julie protested.

"I know," her father sighed. "But logic and emotions get all mixed up. She resents the fact that you look better in a bathing suit than she does now, or so she thinks. And then, there's..." His voice trailed off and he smiled at the girl.

Julie blushed and looked down at the bed cover, tracing the pattern sewn on it.

"It's all right, honey. It's normal, natural and a lot of fuss. If your mother were up to it, she'd tell you the same thing, and probably give you some hints on how to make it feel even better."

"Mom?" Julie gasped. "Never! She never did it, did she?"

Her father chuckled. He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

"You'd be amazed what your mother's done." He got up and took the history book out of her hands.

"Get some sleep, honey. It's later than you think, and you've got school tomorrow."

Julie slid down in the bed and held up her arms. Al smiled at her and bent down, giving her a gentle hug and a kiss. He patted her shoulder reassuringly.

"Hang on, kid. Things'll get better, I promise."

"If you say so, Dad." Julie yawned and was almost asleep by the time he'd turned the light out.

Back in their bedroom, Al looked at Marjorie with a worried frown. He wasn't nearly as certain that things would be all right as he'd let on to his daughter. His wife was behaving more and more oddly all the time.

"Well, did you talk to her?" Marjorie looked at him in the mirror.

Al nodded. Even when she was angry his wife was a beautiful woman. She had deep red-gold hair and pale blue eyes that made a stunning combination. Even more stunning was her figure. When they'd first been married, Marjorie's body had been almost too slim. Now her breasts were big, and hard. They stood away from her ribcage proudly, her big, thick nipples always hard. Her waist was still slim and flared out into a lovely pair of hips and the nicest ass Al had ever seen on any woman.

But it was between her legs that Marjorie's true glory lay. Her pussy hair, a lighter red-gold than the hair on her head, are covered the fine, soft lips of her cunt and the big clit that was always twitching, always inviting a touch of the hand or mouth.

And she could fuck! Al sighed, no matter what faults his wife possessed, she was a bitch in heat in bed, always wanting more cock -- cock in her mouth, in her cunt and, on rare occasions, jammed into her tight, pulsing asshole.

As he undressed, watching her, Al felt his cock stir. She was sitting with her back to him, naked to the waist. Her big tits moved easily as she brushed her hair, and the nipples seemed to be inviting his touch.

Dressed in only his underpants, knowing that his hard-on showed, Al came up behind her. Looking at her reflection in the mirror. He watched her eyes shift from her face to his image, and she licked her lips as she saw the hard-on bulging in his pants.

"Julie has simply got to learn that it's not right to do those things," she said in a faltering voice.

"Do what things?" Al gently stroked her bare shoulders, and Marjorie trembled, goosebumps popping out on her tanned flesh.

"You, you know what I mean." Marjorie stopped brushing her hair and the brush dropped with a clatter onto the vanity.

"No, I don't. Tell me." Al kissed her hair, still stroking her arms.

"Ma-masturbating. I..." She shivered and reached for his hands, but Al pulled back.

"What's wrong with it?" he persisted.

"She, she'll get herself worked up and, all sorts of things, sex, boys, fucking -- oh, Al!" Marjorie swung around, but Al backed out of her reach. "Do you want it?" he teased.

Her eyes fixed on the bulge in his pants, Marjorie nodded.

"Yes," she whispered. "Very much."

"Earn it. Show me how well you can play with yourself. Come on. Take all your clothes off and show me what you can do to yourself."

"It's not fair," Marjorie protested.

"Do you want to suck it?" Al pulled his pants off and stood naked in the middle of the room, the thick length of his cock jabbing straight at her.

Marjorie's hands slid across her breasts, cupping and squeezing them gently, her fingers tugging lightly at the already rigid tips.

"You know I do," she whispered. "I love to suck you. When you come in my mouth it's almost like you were inside me. Sometimes it's even better."

"Do it, Marjorie. Touch yourself for me." Al smiled at her gently, and his wife shuddered with lust.

"Yes, I'll do it. I'll show you everything." She stripped her slip and panties off, sitting down again with the light catching glints off her tightly curled pubic hair.

"If you do it, really do it, I'll eat you up. Would you like that?" Al gently stroked his cock.

Never taking her eyes off the thick shaft of his prick, Marjorie slid her hands down into her crotch. She pulled her lips open and exposed the moist, pink flesh of her cunt to him. Her clit was a light pink button at the top of her pussy slit, already covered with her come ooze.

"Al, you're so big and thick." Marjorie licked her lips and ran one finger around the outside of her pussy. She trembled as she touched herself and her thighs spread wider apart.

"I want you inside me," she moaned softly. "I want to feel you shove it all the way into me and make me come again and again. I like it when -- ohhh, Al! Please, Al, don't tease me any more fuck me!"

Al shook his head and she whined with frustration. Her finger dipped into her cunt and emerged, slick with her juices. She dipped it again and again, then two fingers, then three, furiously pumping in and out while her other hand massaged her clit faster and faster.

Marjorie's body began to tremble, and Al saw her stomach muscles flex and relax. She continued pumping for a moment longer and then brutally rammed four fingers into herself, dragging at her clit with her nails. Her head rolled back and forth and she began gasping rhythmically.

"Uhhh, uhhh, ohhh. I -- oh, Al, fuck meeeeeee."

She uttered a soft, keening cry, and shuddered again and again, her fingers dripping.

Al smiled at her, watching the trembling of her breasts as her heart pounded with excitement. The sight of her, twisting and moaning as she worked herself to a fever pitch, made his balls ache.

"Al, please fuck me. I want you soooo much!!" Marjorie got to her feet and turned to face the mirror, kneeling on the bench of the vanity. Resting her arms on the vanity, the wet gash of her cunt thrust out toward him.

"Please. Oh, Al, I love you so much! Fuck me good!"

The sight was too tempting to be ignored. Al, his cock trobbing, gripped her hips lightly and let the thick head of his prick slip up against her hot pussy.

"Oooooooh!" Marjorie's slick fingers gripped his cock eagerly. She rubbed it against herself for a moment and then lodged the head in the furnace-hot mouth of her cunt.

"Fuck me," she whispered, looking at him in the mirror.

All moved his hips gently and the thick length of his prick slid easily into the depths of his wife's pussy flesh.

She gasped and thrust her hips back to meet him, the cheeks of her tight ass slapping against his belly. She had completely engulfed his cock inside her, and her ass began twisting in a frantic circle as she got hotter and hotter.

"Uhhh! Oh, Al, you're so big!" she squealed with delight at the pressure of his cock inside her.

Al said nothing. When she got excited, Marjorie's cunt tried to close over his cock, and the feeling of it, sucking at his prick, trying to grab it, was indescribable.

Pumping faster and faster, Al could tell his wife was coming again and again. She made no noise, but her body flexed and jerked, driving back to meet his cock on the way in.

"Ohhh, Al! Fuck meeeeeeee!" Marjorie's soft cry of pleasure matched a sudden, frantic side to side motion of her ass. The movement made the head of his cock scrape the sensitive walls of her cunt, driving her out of her mind.

"Yessssssss, fuck MEEEEEEEE!" Maijorie raised her head and nearly screamed as she came, her cunt flexing around the intruding cock like a wet, velvet-gloved fist.

"Ummm! You sure are tight!" Al gasped.

"Ohhh, yes, I can feel you getting bigger. Shoot, honey! I want to feel your cum. Fuck me all the way!" Marjorie reached back between her legs and her fingers gently stroked his heavy balls.

"Oh yeah!" Al brutally rammed his prick as deep as he could, hearing his wife's near-scream as he opened her a little more than she expected. His cock throbbed and a load of cum blasted into her, flooding her cunt and working its way back around his cock to drip out of the hair-fringed hole.

"Ohhh, you're so HOT!" Marjorie gasped. "Why is your cum always so hot?"

Al grinned at her, as she twisted and writhed against his cock. She was hot and one fuck wouldn't be enough, he could tell.

"Let's, let's lie down." Marjorie looked over her shoulder at him, a relaxed smile on her face.

Al backed away and his cock slid out, still hard and quivering, a few drops of cum on the tip.

Marjorie slipped to her knees and her fingers lightly stroked the slick, wet pole. She licked her lips and then gently took the head in her mouth, her tongue licking it softly. Cupping his balls with one hand, she used the other between her thighs, rubbing the mixture of his cum and her pussy juice all over her thighs.

"I, I thought you wanted to lie down," Al said in a tight voice. Her mouth was driving him wild.

"Ummm." Marjorie took more of his cock in her mouth, her fingers gently stroking the heavy weight of his balls.

Al gently caressed her head and shoulders, and she responded with renewed sucking, her mouth making greedy, wet sounds around his prick.

Al could feel another load of cum in his balls. If Marjorie kept up the sucking for another minute, she'd have a mouthful!

She stopped playing with herself and used both hands on her husband. While one hand cupped his balls, the other busily stroked the length of his cock and her mouth worked on the tip.

"Look out, honey, I'm gonna..." Sweat pouring off his body, Al gripped her head and began a savage series of thrusts, fucking her mouth as though it were her cunt.

Marjorie moaned and grabbed his legs for support, her mouth moving around the thrusting shaft. She felt the first drops of his cum on her tongue and then her mouth was filled with burst after burst of hot fluid.

"Ummm!" Marjorie sucked and swallowed eagerly, manipulating his cock and balls to extract the last drop of cum.

"Goddamn, you have the most fantastic mouth!" Al sighed.

She looked up at him, her beauty accentuated by the drops of cum on her face.

"Did you like it?" she asked eagerly.

"Come on, let's get on the bed, and I'll show you how much I liked it!"

Al pulled her to her feet and they bounced on the big bed, arms around each other.

Marjorie cupped her breasts and Al took the hint, sucking and squeezing the heavy globes until she was twisting back and forth, gasping with pleasure.

Her hand fumbled between them and closed over the limp wetness of his cock. She stroked it gently, feeling it move under her fingers.

Al's fingers trailed down her belly and into the wet mat of hair surrounding her pussy. Marjorie gasped and spread her legs apart, moving her hips against his hand.

"Eat me," she whispered. "You said you'd eat me. Do it, honey. I'm all hot and wet and I want you to." She gasped as his fingers slipped into the hot groove of her cunt.

"Ohhh, Al! That's it. OHHHH!" Her hips jerked frantically and her fingers gripped his cock harder and harder as his fingers toyed with her slick cunt and the big button of her clit.

"Ohh. Don't, don't eat me, honey. Just do it again. Please, Al, fuck me real good, lover!" Marjorie rolled on her back, her legs spread open and her knees flexed slightly.

Al knelt between her legs, his cock touching her thigh. She shivered and reached for him, guiding him into her cunt.

"Do it," she whispered as he slid into her. "Fuck me until I scream for mercy!"

Al put his legs outside hers, guaranteeing maximum contact between his crotch and the fold of skin above her clit. With each thrust Marjorie gave a long, shuddering whine of pleasure. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and then raked his back before gripping his ass tightly and pinning him against her writhing body.

"Ohhh, you fuck gooooood!!" she hissed, her body trembling more and more.

Al felt her cunt tightening around his cock, and he pumped faster, his prick slipping deeper and deeper into her greasy pussy sheath.

"AHHH!!" Marjorie's scream was loud in his ears, and even as his balls emptied themselves for a third time, Al hoped the cry hadn't awakened Julie.

"Ohhh, fuck meeeeee!" Marjorie wailed, her body shuddering as spasm after spasm of lust ripped through her.

Al winced as the full force of her orgasms struck. Her cunt had turned into a vise, squeezing down on his cock with enormous pressure and milking it dry. As the last few drops of his cum splashed into her, Marjorie jerked and relaxed, her hands slipping off his body and her head rolling to one side. She was out cold.

Al moved slightly, and the change of position of his cock made her whimper instinctively. As he pulled out, she tried to stop him, her hands fluttering uselessly by her sides.

Sitting on the bed beside her, Al shook his head. What was wrong with her? She was tender and loving to him, but to Julie, she gave nothing but abuse, scorn and anger.

He lit a cigarette and watched the smoke curl up toward the ceiling, trying to think things out.

"Ummm, that was a wonderful fuck." Marjorie's voice was low and thick. Her heavy-lidded eyes blinked frequently. She was obviously having trouble focussing them.

"Feel better now?" Al kissed her.

"Ummm, I'm sleepy!" Marjorie yawned and stretched.

"Honey, can we talk a minute?" Al stubbed out the cigarette and looked at her.

"Uh-huh." Marjorie smiled at him.

"You're going to have to ease up on Julie, honey. If you don't, there's liable to be real trouble. She's like you, so sexy she doesn't know it, and you're trying to repress her. Either she'll cave in and be a useless cog in some office for the rest of her life, or she'll break out and do whatever comes into her head, and that will be nothing but grief."

Marjorie's expression hardened and she shook her head.

"You don't understand," she countered. "Julie is doing all sorts of things she shouldn't, and unless we put a stop to it, right now, there's no telling where she'll stop, if she does!"

Al sighed and shook his head. He obviously wasn't going to get anywhere with this approach!

"All right, Marjorie, you tell me. What do we have to do?"

She crossed her arms under her breasts. She looked at the ceiling for a second and then began. "First, we, or I, rather, will let her know that these urges to touch herself are evil. Then, I'll make sure that she wears clothes that won't reveal her figure. And when she..."

Al held up a weary hand and Marjorie shut up.

"It won't work, Marjorie. Suppressing Julie will not make you younger!"

"That's not the point!" she flared.

"Isn't it?" he challenged. "For the past six months or so you've taken to wearing sexy clothes that a girl in her late teens or early twenties might choose. They aren't your style. Sure, you look good in them, but you look good in anything -- and nothing at all. But you can't get away from the fact that you're her mother, not Julie's slightly older sister!"

"Al, you simply don't understand! I don't want her life ruined. I want her to be able to enjoy it!" Marjorie sat up, her breasts swaying gently with her movements.

"Marjorie, how old were you when you started masturbating?"

"You know, I told you." Marjorie began blushing.

"Tell me again," Al persisted.

"I was nine!" She snapped.

"And you enjoyed it, didn't you? I remember your telling me once how you spent an entire day in the movies, rubbing yourself off because it was an Erroll Flynn picture."

"That, that's different," Marjorie said faintly.

"Bull! Julie's eighteen, and she knows she has a body and she's finding out all she can about it."

Marjorie's eyes slowly filled with tears. "You simply do not understand! Julie -- I want my little girl to be pure!"

"Pure? Supressed, you mean! How old were you when you started playing with cocks? And your first fuck?"

Marjorie, tight-lipped, refused to answer.

"Marjorie, don't you see what I'm driving at? You started early, you did everything you wanted, and look where you wound up -- married to me! Is that so bad?"

Marjorie smiled in spite of herself. "No, it isn't," she admitted.

"Well, then? Give the kid a chance. She's going to be confused and excited and not know which way to jump. Unless she has absolute confidence that she can confide in you, you'll be the last person to know, whether it's good or bad, or in between."

Marjorie nodded. "It's true," she sighed. "Julie used to tell me everything. Now she won't tell me the time of day."

Al relaxed. Marjorie was beginning to come around, and she'd work it out herself without any further prompting or badgering from him.

"Al, there's one thing." Marjorie blushed. "Am I, am I still as pretty as I was? I know I'm not as young as I was, but am I still pretty?"

Al patted her thigh. "Who's got the gooiest cunt in town?"

Marjorie giggled and hugged him. "Me!" she declared with pride.

Chapter TWO

Marjorie turned the alarm clock off and stretched, feeling her body tingle. It had been a good session the night before, and she enjoyed the sensations inside her body. Her nipples stirred and thrust out against the thin material of her nightgown, making her feel just the slightest bit horny.

"Al, wake up, honey."

"Yeah. Ohhhh." Al stretched and sat up, reaching for a cigarette. He scratched his head and sidled at her, and Marjorie smiled back.

"That was fun last night." She rubbed the mat of hair on his chest and leaned against his arm.

"Not now, baby. If we screw around, I'll be next to useless at work." He kissed her and slid out of bed, heading toward the bathroom.

Marjorie got up and put on her robe. She went to the door of Julie's room and started to knock, but hesitated. She opened the door and peeked in.

Julie was still sound asleep, buried completely under the covers.

Marjorie tiptoed in and closed the door behind her. She crept to the bed and gently touched the blanket-covered form of her daughter.

"Julie? Time to wake up, honey."

"Huuummffff." Julie wriggled, but made no attempt to come out from under the blankets.

"Julie, wake up." Marjorie gave her a firm shake and the teen-ager's head popped out from under the blankets. She stared at her mother for a second and then slowly raised herself on her elbows, her hair falling forward over her forehead.

"What's wrong?" she asked in a small voice.

"There's quite a bit wrong."

Marjorie rubbed her hands together and sighed. "I don't really know why, but for the past few months I've been a real bitch toward you. Last night your father climbed all over me about it and made me see what I was doing. Honey, I can't take away the nasty things I've said, but I mean it when I say I'm very, very sorry."

Julie smiled and Marjorie's heart ached. Her daughter was so beautiful!

"It, it's okay, Mom. I guess I was a little bit gross last night." Julie blushed slightly.

Marjorie smiled lightly. "Did it feel good?"

Julie's blush became deeper and then at last she nodded.

"Well, then, everything's all right there!"

Julie threw herself out of bed and into her mother's arms, crying with happiness. She hadn't like the icy coldness and now, maybe, it was gone.

"It's all right, honey," Marjorie felt tears sting her eyes as she comforted her daughter.

"Okay, you two. I'm hungry. I don't care who gets breakfast, but I'm not going to." Al, already dressed except for his coat and tie, was standing in the door.

Julie looked at him and giggled. "You forgot to shave," she said.

Al felt his chin and swore. "No wonder I got done so fast this morning! Damn!"

As he banged back into the bathroom, Marjorie and Julie laughed.

"Did you see the look on his face when he touched his chin?" Julie whooped with laughter.

Marjorie nodded, her face split with a big grin. Easing Julie off her lap, she stood up, but Julie wrapped her arms around her mother and hugged her tightly, her face pressed between Marjorie's breasts.

"Ummm, you're the nicest mom in the whole world!"

Marjorie hugged her back and then gently loosened her daughter's arms.

After breakfast, Julie kissed her parents goodbye and banged out the front door, heading for the bus stop. She felt wonderful!

"Hi, Julie!" Shirley Parker, a girl her own age from around the coner, was already waiting at the bus stop.

Julie had never really felt close to Shirley, but today she was spilling over with good feelings.

"HI, Shirley! Beautiful, isn't it?" Julie waved her arm at the soft spring weather, and Shirley had to agree.

"I hate snow. It's so, yucky and cold, and you have to wear a hundred pounds of clothes, and you're still cold."

Shirley made a face and Julie laughed in agreement.

Shirley was slightly taller then Julie, and her body was rounder. Julie didn't really have to wear a bra, but she did because her mother insisted. Shirley, on the other hand, needed a bra, not for support, but to hide the thick nipples at the ends of the twin cones jutting away from her chest. Her waist was slim and her hips were beginning to flare out, emphasizing the tight curves of her generous ass. Dressed in a light blouse and tight-fitting slacks, Shirley looked considerably older than her eighteen years.

Once on the bus, Julie and Shirley sat talking, discovering they had a great deal in common. They both liked the same subjects and Shirley confessed an interest in a boy Julie thought was neat.

"Oh, wow! You like Keith, too?" Julie gasped and then laughed. "I think he's just about the best-looking guy around!"

Julie realized she felt uncomfortable, and she wiggled impatiently. Her stomach was all fluttery and her small tits ached slightly. With a shock she realized she felt the same way when she was playing with her pussy.

"You wanna hear somethin' wild?" Julie whispered in Shirley's ear.


"I feel real funny, talking about Keith, I mean. I feel just the way I feel when I play with myself," Julie blushed as she made the admission.

Shirley didn't laugh, but nodded. "So do I," she confessed. "Sometimes I'll go to the toilet during lunch hour and play with myself until I come four or five times!"

Julie didn't say anything, she was too surprised. She would never have the courage to do that!

Shirley looked around to be sure she wouldn't be overheard. "I'll tell you something else," she whispered. "Miss White, you know, the English teacher, well, one day I saw her in the classroom. She was all a lone and all the blinds were drawn, but there was a little crack I peeked through. She had her underpants off and she was rubbing herself so hard I thought she'd rub it off!"

"Wow! Miss White? Gee, she's so pretty. She's got a boyfriend, too, I remember seeing him once after school." Shirley shook her head in bewilderment. Adults were screwy!

The girls got off the bus and walked into the school yard. Laughing and chattering, the girls stood around the yard, waiting for the bell to ring. Julie noticed Miss White, dressed in a light dress that showed off her legs, hurrying though the yard, a large number of books and files clutched to her ample chest.

Shirley watched the English teacher until she was out of sight. It puzzled her that Miss White would play with herself. Turning, the teen-ager watched the car Miss White had arrived in moving away and she caught a brief glimpse of the driver, a man with a beard, dressed in work clothes.

Julie had Miss. White during the period immediately before lunch. When the bell rang the rest of the students hurried out to eat, but Julie hung back, looking at the teacher.

Diane White was in her late twenties. She had soft dark hair that threw off crisp highlights. Her face was rather plain, but her body more than made up for any lack of physical beauty above the neck. She had big breasts that strained hard against her bra and the thin material of her dress.

Moving around the desk at the front of the room, the hem of the dress kept flying up, and Julie could see a lot of her thighs, and the sight bothered the girl. It made her feel funny inside, and she didn't like it at all.

"Julie? It's lunch period, dear. Aren't you hungry?"

Julie shuffled her feet and shook her head. Actually she was, but she wanted to talk to the teacher without a lot of kids around to butt in.

"Is there something you want to talk about? You're doing all right in your school work, you know."

"I, I want to ask you something, but, well, it's sort of personal, Miss White."

Miss White leaned against the desk, a familiar pose to Julie, but suddenly the teen-ager realized how much it made the teacher's breasts thrust out. Julie could see the nipples were extended so that they showed even through her heavy bra and the thin material of her dress. The teen-ager squirmed, the fluttery feeling in her stomach getting stronger with every second.

"How personal is it, Julie?"

Julie blushed and looked at the floor. "Very, very personal, Miss White," she whispered.

"Well, in that case, stop calling me 'Miss White', and call me by my first name. It's Diane."

Julie looked up at her teacher, and Diane smiled gently.

"It's all right, honey. I was your age myself, not too long ago, and I know how rough things can seem at times."

Julie looked at her. "I, I feel so funny inside. Not sick, just, I dunno how to describe it. It feels good and bad and all mixed up all at the same time."

Diane smiled broadly. "What's the boy's name?"

Julie shook her head. "It isn't a boy. It's, it's you."

Diane's eyebrows went up in surprise. This was completely unexpected! She looked at the slim girl sitting in front of her with a critical eye. Julie was developing, and fast. In the past two months her breasts had nearly doubled in size, and she was going to be needing a bra soon.

"Julie," Diane crouched down by the girl's desk, ignoring the way her skirt rode up to show the teen-ager her crotch. "Honey, I'm very flattered, but I'm worried, too. Have you told anyone else about how you feel?"

Julie, her eyes fixed on Diane's face, shook her head.

"That's good, because people -- other people, I mean -- probably wouldn't understand. Now, would you mind if I ask you some very personal questions?"

Julie shrugged. "No," she said in a small voice. Diane patted her hand and Julie gave a jerk of surprise.

"Honey, do your breasts ache?"

Julie nodded. "They hurt more and more all the time. The nipples are so sore I'm afraid they're going to split open."

Diane nodded sympathetically. "I know just what you mean. There are days when I feel like that all over. I can't think of anything except sex."

"Really?" Julie looked at her in surprise.

Diane laughed. As if by accident, her hand slipped off the desk and landed on Julie's bare knee.

"Now, Julie, one more question. What do you feel like way down deep inside you, all tight and wound up and fluttery? Is there a hollow feeling, too?"

Julie nodded again. "Uh-huh, and I think my pussy is wet, too."

"Let's see, shall we? Lift your skirt up, honey." Diane slid her hand along Julie's leg and then between her thighs, feeling the warm skin tremble under her fingers. She gently touched Julie's panties and the girl moaned.

Licking her dry lips, Diane gently hooked her index finger inside the leg band of the teen-ager's panties and touched the hot flesh of the girl's pussy lips.

"Uhhhh." Julie writhed against Diane's skilled finger, her hips jerking back and forth and her tight ass wiggling frantically on the chair.

"Julie, if you lift your hips up a little bit, I can slide your panties off and tell for sure. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes." Julie did as she was told, and felt Diane pulling her panties off.

Diane was breathing hard, and Julie could see the heavy swells of her breasts rising and falling faster and faster.

"Open your legs a little bit, honey." Diane put her hands on the insides of Julie's thighs and pushed gently.

Julie did as she was told, holding her skirt up out of the way with one hand while she frantically cupped and squeezed her breasts with the other. She had never felt so excited in her entire life!

Diane licked her lips nervously and looked at the girl in front of her. She was taking a horrible chance, she knew, but she wanted to do it, and Julie wanted it, too.

"Would, would you like me to make you feel better, honey?"

Julie nodded. "Yes, please!" she gasped.

Diane gently spread open the wet lips of Julie's pussy. She was tempted to bury her face in the wet crotch, but she knew Julie would freak out if she did.

"Oooooo! Hurry, please!" Julie's agonized whimper sent a shaft of lust through Diane's belly, and she nearly began to play with herself.

"Ready, Julie??"

"Ohhhhh, yesssss."

Diane gently stoked the wet nub of Julie's clit, pushing it from side to side and then up and under the protective sheath of skin.

"AHHHH!!" Julie's thighs clamped shut around her hand, and the teen-ager bucked and jerked frantically, her fingers digging at her tits.

"Ohhh, Diane, don't stop, I'm gonna -- AHHHHHH!!!" Julie writhed with pleasure. She slipped off the seat and fell against Diane, knocking them both to the floor.

"Are you all right, honey?"

Julie nodded, too happy to speak. Diane smiled at her. Julie's knee was between Diane's thighs and the teen-ager instinctively moved it until it touched the teacher's hot crotch.

"Umm, wait a second. Let me get myself out of this," Diane panted. She lifted her hips and pulled off her pantyhose and panties.

"Now, put your knee against me, very gently, and straddle my leg," Diane maneuvered the teen-ager into the proper position.

"Now what do we do?" Julie was bewildered. Diane moved her leg slightly and her thigh rubbed against Julie's wet crotch, making the girl squirm with delight.

"Do the same to me, Julie. Rub me real nice and I'll be nice to you, too."

Diane wiggled her ass eagerly.

Julie was only too happy to oblige. She moved her leg against the dark mat of her teacher's pubic hair and rocked back and forth against the pressure of Diane's leg in between hers.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh." Diane's hips twisted faster and faster, grinding her ass against the classroom floor. Julie could feel her leg getting wet from Diane's pussy juice, and she knew she was sopping wet herself.

"Ohhh, Julie, you're great. Don't stop now, honey! Just a little bit more and -- AHHHHHH!!" Diane's broad hips thrust up hard against the pressure of Julie's leg, and she hugged the girl tightly, whining and gasping as her orgasm rocked her insides.

"Ohhhh, Diane, I -- OHHHH!!" Julie twisted her hips against Diane's thigh and her hand groped for the heavy mound of her teacher's breast.

"Yessss, touch me, Julie." Diane kissed her full on the mouth and the surprised teen-ager responded, sliding her tongue into the warmth of Diane's mouth.

They both shuddered and then relaxed, Julie's hand squeezing the heavy mound of Diane's tit through her clothing.

"Ummm, that was nice, but we better stop now, honey." Diane gently pushed Julie up and the teen-ager nodded.

"Here, put your panties on, Julie, and straighten your hair. You look like you've been rolling around on the floor."

They both laughed, and Julie kissed Diane, touching her between the legs. Diane shivered and held Julie's hand in place for an instant.

"I, I..."

Julie didn't know how to say the words, but Diane smiled and supplied them for her. "You want to do it again?"

Julie nodded. She felt wonderful and warm and loving, and it was all directed toward the woman next to her.

"Well, why don't we, then? You could come over to my place on Saturday, and we could spend the entire day enjoying ourselves, and each other. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes!" Julie hugged her enthusiastically, and Diane returned the embrace, her hand sliding down to grip Julie's small ass.

"Now, hurry down to the lunch room. The line will close in a couple of minutes."

Julie got to the school cafeteria just in time. She grabbed a tray and hurried through the line, looking for Shirley, but her friend was not in sight.

Bolting her food, Julie dashed out to the playground and found Shirley with a group of girls. She dragged her away to a quiet spot.

"What's the big rush? I looked for you in the car but you weren't around," Shirley protested.

"I know I wasn't," Julie giggled. "I was playing with Miss White, and she was playing with me."

"Playing what?" Shirley looked puzzled for an instant and then she realized what Julie had said. A look of surprise and awe spread over her face, and a hint of envy as well.

"It was a ball!" Julie bounced up and down with excitement. "We were rollin' around on the floor and you should have heard the noises she made when she came!"

Shirley's mouth drooped. She thought she was superior to Julie, and now Julie was charging off and doing things with a teacher! The tall girl listened without interest while Julie chattered on and on. She turned and started to walk away, and Julie had to run after her.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Shirley looked at Julie for a moment and then snapped, "She's just an ol' cow!"

Julie's mouth drooped, but she brightened almost at once.

"Hey," she suggested, "We could do it. I mean, you and me. Wouldja like to?"

"Uh-huh! My mom won't be home. We can do it there, okay?"

"Great!" Julie hugged Shirley and then ran for the door as the bell sounded.

Julie was sitting on Shirley's bed, her shoes off and her skirt around her waist, exposing the white slash of her panties between her legs.

"Now what?" Shirley turned to face her friend.

Julie licked her lips. She was scared and horny all at the same time, and she really didn't know how to handle it.

"Do, do we undress?" Shirley sat down on the bed beside Julie and locked at her.

"I guess we do," Julie said dubiously.

Shirley began to unbutton her blouse, and Julie did the same. Facing each other, they looked at each other's bodies, bare to the waist except for their bras.

"Th-this, too?" Shirley was rapidly losing her confidence.

"Yeah. Turn around and I'll undo it."

Shirley turned, and Julie undid the bra hooks. Shirley cupped her hands over her breasts, holding the bra in place, and turned to face Julie again.

"I'm sorta chicken, Julie," she admitted.

"It's okay, really." Julie tried to convey a confidence she didn't feel.

"Now you take mine off." Julie turned her back to Shirley and arched her shoulders slightly.

Shirley hesitated for a moment and then let her bra drop to the floor. She reached out and unhooked Julie's and then modestly covered her breast again as Julie turned, naked to the waist.

Shirley tried not to stare at Julie's breasts, but curiosity overcame modesty, and she looked at the small cones, capped with soft, pale red nipples.

"Can, can I see you?" Julie looked at the girl beside her.

Shirley, blushing furiously, uncovered her breasts, fully aware of how stiff her nipples were.

"Gee, you're really nice there, Shirley. You've got such pretty breasts and your nipples are..." Julie smiled at her friend. "They look good enough to eat."

Shirley giggled at Julie's compliment. She arched her back slightly, thrusting the twin canes toward the other girl. Julie bent her head and her tongue gently touched one nipple.

"Oh!" Shirley gasped and jerked away, her heart pounding frantically. She felt weak in the knees and her body trembled.

"Didn't you like it?" Julie was concerned.

"I, I dunno." Shirley covered herself again, but this time her hands moved slowly as she pressed her breasts, feeling the hard stubs of her nipples against her hands. The more she did it, the better it felt, and she speeded up the pace.

Shirley closed her eyes and her fingers began tugging at her nipples gently, keeping them hard and erect.

Julie knelt on the bed and moved closer to Shirley. When the girl lifted one of her breasts, the nipple exposed and hard, Julie leaned forward and licked it.

"Ohhh!" Shirley continued holding the breast against Julie's mouth, and her other hand slowly stroked Julie's hair and face.

Julie's tongue lifted and stroked the nipple, making it harder and hotter. She could feel Shirley's heart pounding and her breathing was becoming quick and short.

"Ooooohhh, Julie." Shirley's fingers groped under Julie's arm and gently stroked the small curve of Julie's tit.

Julie burrowed her face against the warm mound of Shirley's breast, forcing her on her back. She began kissing the other nipple while her fingers played with the first, wet one.

"Uhhh, Julie, let's get undressed all the way." Shirley raised her hips and they touched Julie's legs.

Julie's stomach was fluttering madly and her pussy felt warm and gooey inside.

The two girls pulled off the rest of their clothing and lay down, side by side, on the narrow bed.

Shirley unashamedly reached between her legs and began to play with herself. The knuckles of her hand brushed against Julie's pubic mound and Julie gasped, moving her hips forward until she had pinned Shirley's hand between their bodies.

"Oooohh," Julie sighed with pleasure as Shirley's hand rubbed against her pussy. She wrapped her arms around Shirley and held her close, their breasts squeezed together.

Shirley moved her fingers faster, spreading her pussy open and touching her clit gently. With each move, her hand brushed against Julie's crotch, and Shirley could feel how hot and wet it was.

"Ohhh, Shirley, press harder!" Julie whined.

Shirley ground her knuckles against Julie's twat and was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. Julie's arm slipped down and her hand gripped Shirley's ass, pulling them even closer together.

Shirley turned, her head, her mouth open. Julie kissed her and their tongues played back and forth as Shirley's hand rubbed faster and faster.

"AHHHH!!" Julie writhed with pleasure and rolled on top of Shirley, her hips pumping madly. She gripped Shirley's ass with both hands, squeezing the ass cheeks as she came.

Shirley drove her hips up against Julie's and her fingers were wet with her pussy ooze. She touched her clit and gasped as a wave of heat roared out of her belly, engulfing her entire body in flame.

"AHHHHH!!" Shirley arched her back and jerked again and again, shuddering with release.

"Oooohh, that was nice," Julie sighed. She bent her head and gently sucked on Shirley's nipples, making them hard again.

Shirley held Julie's head against her breast, wiggling with pleasure as the fire in her belly built up again. She played with her pussy for a moment and then squealed with enjoyment as another orgasm hit.

Chapter THREE

By the time Shirley's mother came home, the two girls were dressed and busy playing records as loud as they dared.

"Shirley, turn that DOWN!" Mrs. Parker had to shout to make herself heard over the noise.

Reluctantly, Shirley rolled over and sat up. She got to her feet and padded over to the stereo and a moment later the music subsided.

"That's better," Mrs. Parker declared. "There's another bag of groceries in the car. Bring it in, would you please?"

Barefoot, Shirley walked out to the car and returned a moment later with the bag. She put it down on the kitchen table and dashed into the living room.

"Hey, come here, quick. Paul, next door, has a new camera!"

Curious at the excitement, Mrs. Parker looked after the two girls as they scampered out the door. She saw their next door neighbor, Paul Bennett, a camera around his neck, busy photographing the reflections in a pool of water in the street.

"Hi, Paul!" Shirley suddenly became shy as she approached the man. "This is my friend, Julie."

Paul looked up and his ice-blue eyes seemed to punch two holes in Julie's tummy -- or at least it felt like that to the teen-ager.

"Hello, Shirley's friend, Julie." He smiled and Julie tried to smile back.

"What're doing, Paul?" Shirley squatted down beside him, forgetting that she didn't have any panties on. Her skirt slid up and Julie could see her crotch, and she knew Paul could, if he looked.

"Right now, I'm waiting for you to move, Shirley. You're blocking my light." Paul seemed to ignore her lack of panties.

Shirley apologized and moved around to the other side, still watching him.

Paul smiled at her and then stood up. He backed up a couple of steps, focussed on Shirley, and took a picture.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Shirley giggled.

Paul ignored her and continued taking pictures. Julie wanted to remind Shirley she didn't have any panties on, but couldn't think how.

Shirley, still giggling, turned and twisted, first one way and then the other. Finally she sat down on the concrete and rested her chin on her knees, her hands at her sides. Julie stared in horrified fascination at the gaping pink slash of her friend's cunt, completely naked and exposed, and there was nothing she could do!

"Okay, that's it. I'm out of film. I'll give you a couple of prints sometime next week." Paul smiled at Shirley, nodded at Julie and then went into his house.

"Hey, free photos!" Shirley exulted.

"You didn't have any panties on!" Julie hissed.

Shirley's smile vanished and she started to look, but thought better of it. Without saying another word, she hurried into the house, Julie right behind her.

In the privacy of her bedroom, Shirley pulled up her skirt and looked at her naked pussy. She was near tears with embarrassment.

"What am I gonna do?" she appealed to Julie.

"Look, Shirley, I gotta get going, but maybe I can figure something out. Okay?" Julie gave her one last friendly hug and got up.

"Yeah. See you tomorrow," Shirley sniffed.

Outside Shirley's house, Julie stood for a moment, looking at the street. Finally she made up her mind and instead of heading home, walked next door and rang the bell.

A tall, blonde woman, dressed in a halter and shorts answered the door.


"Could, could I talk to Paul for a second, please?" Julie knew her face was pink with embarrassment.

Paul came to the door, a drink in his hand.

"Well! Shirley's friend, Julie. What brings you here?"

"Those pictures you took of Shirley? Don't print them, please."

Paul took a sip of his drink and his blue eyes seemed to look right through Julie.

"Why not?"

"She didn't have any panties on, and..." Julie trailed off and bent her head in shame.

Paul chuckled. "Julie, come in for a moment."

Reluctantly, Julie stepped inside and Paul closed the door behind her.

The blonde woman looked up from an overstuffed chair in one corner of the room. She smiled at Julie and then raised her eyebrows at Paul in a question.

"Problems with the photos I took of Shirley. Absence of underclothing which, Julie feels, might be noticeable in the negatives."

The blonde woman nodded. "You've got some of the party on that roll. You can't just toss it out."

Julie looked nervously from one to the other as they spoke. She felt as though she ought to run away like mad, but she wanted to be sure Shirley was protected.

"Tell you what, Julie. I'll develop the film and cut off all the stuff of Shirley. In fact, I'll give you the negatives and you can give them to her. How would that be?"

Julie smiled and nodded her thanks, still too embarrassed to speak.

"Being photographed naked isn't a deadly sin, Julie." The blonde woman smiled. "If I had a dollar for every photo Paul has taken of me naked, I'd be very, very rich indeed."

Julie didn't know what to say to that, and just smiled politely.

"Well, I'll process the film and be back in due course." Paul went into the back of the house.

Julie watched him until he was out of sight and then looked at the blonde woman. She waved a hand toward another chair, and Julie sat down, keeping her eyes on the rug.

"Julie, would you like to look at some photos Paul took of me?"

"I guess so," Julie said uncertainly.

The blonde woman got down a big photo album from one of the book cases. She sat on the floor and Julie knelt down beside her.

"My name is Fran, Julie."

Julie gave her a quick, uncertain smile in return. "Now, let's see. This was taken at the Grand Canyon just after sunset, I think," Fran mused. She opened the book and Julie looked at the large color photograph.

There was a naked figure in the foreground. It was undoubtedly Fran, but she didn't have any clothing on, and, to Julie's surprise, her pussy was as naked as a baby's, there was no hair at all.

Julie looked at Fran, but she was concentrating on the photograph and didn't see the girl's glance.

"It's very nice," Julie said faintly.

Fran turned the page and Julie gasped. It was another color photograph, but this time it was, an extreme close-up of a woman's crotch. It was hairless, and Julie could see how wet the pussy lips were.

"He took that shot just after he fucked me, so I was nice and wet for the photo. It was a lot of fun," Fran mused.

Julie wriggled. The idea of seeing someone's body like that made her uncomfortable.

"What did you say?" Julie asked abruptly.

"Huh? Oh, I said Paul took that right after we'd fucked." Fran smiled at Julie. "Does the word bother you?"

Julie shrugged. "I don't know," she confessed, "I don't know what it means."

Fran smiled. "Have your parents talked to you about sex, Julie?"

Julie, blushing, nodded. "Yeah, sorta."

Fran put a friendly arm around Julie's shoulders and gave her a little hug. "What happenes when a man and a woman have sex?"

"You know what happens," Julie wiggled uncomfortably.

"Yes, but I want you to tell me what you think happens."

Julie stammered and stuttered for a moment and then said, "The man's thing gets all hard and stuff and he sticks it in the woman's nookie and after a while he squirts some stuff into her and then she's pregnant."

Fran controlled her impulse to laugh.

"There's a lot more then that, Julie. There's hugging and kissing and touching and being together, and sometimes that's more important than the actual fucking itself. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Fran turned the page again. Julie blinked and felt her stomach turn over with lust. There was Fran, naked as in all the other photos, but she wasn't alone. Paul was there, too, and his thing was sticking out right toward Fran's gaping pussy hole.

"That's out of sequence. He took that one before he fucked me for the other one." Fran's voice was light and her tone casual.

Julie didn't reply. All she could do was stare in fascination at the huge thing jutting out from Paul and about to split Fran apart.

"How can you do it?" she finally asked. "It must feel horrible!"

Fran shook her head. "Not after the first one or two times. You get used to being stretched, and start looking forward to it. Sometimes I wish Paul's cock were bigger than it is."

Julie didn't know what to do or say. She felt so horny that she wanted to play with herself right there in front of Fran, but she had the sense to realize she had to hide her feelings.

"Are you excited, Julie?"

Julie shook her head, but she couldn't stop looking at the photograph.

Fran chuckled and Julie gasped as the blonde woman suddenly put her hand under Julie's skirt and touched her panties.

"Your pussy says you are, Julie," Fran's voice was hoarse, and Julie looked at her.

Fran smiled and licked her lips. "Kiss me, honey. Give me a kiss, and Fran will make you feel very, very good."

Julie wanted to say no, but the gentle stroking fingers on her crotch were driving her wild. She leaned forward and gave Fran a chaste peck on the cheek.

Fran gently touched Julie's face with her hand and their mouths met, Fran's tongue slipping inside Julie's and playing with her tongue.

"Ummm." Julie leaned against Fran and her hand groped at the breasts behind the cloth.

Arms wrapped around each other, the two lay down full-length on the rug, their legs pressing against each other's crotches.

"Umm, Fran, touch me," Julie panted.

Fran ran her hands over the teen-ager's slim body and between her thighs, spreading them apart. Her fingers tugged at Julie's underpants and the girl lifted her hips, feeling the material being pulled off her.

Lying on her back, her legs spread open, Julie lifted her head and looked at Fran kneeling by her feet.

"Julie, I'm going to do something you'll like very much, but don't yell, all right?"

Julie nodded and then blinked with surprise. She expected Fran to lie on top of her, pressing her knee against her crotch, but instead Fran bent down and began kissing Julie's leg, her hands stroking the sensitive inner flesh of the teen-ager's thighs.

"Fran? Wha... ohhhh, oh, that's..." Julie gasped as Fran continued kissing her legs, higher and higher until her cheek brushed against the girl's crotch.

"Wha-what are you gonna do?" Julie asked in a small voice.

Fran didn't say a word, but lowered her head between Julie's legs. Julie whined as she felt the older woman's fingers on her pussy lips.

"OHHHH!!" Julie gasped and arched her back, grabbing at Fran's head.

Fran dipped her tongue into Julie's cunt again, and the teen-ager writhed against her, panting and whining faster and faster as her lust built up inside her. Julie's body was trembling and shaking, her hands moving from Fran's head to the aching cones of her small breasts.

"OHHHHH!" Julie shuddered. Fran tasted a fresh burst of pussy juice from the girl's throbbing cunt.

"Did you like that, Julie?"

Julie gulped and nodded, too exhausted to move. She could feel the air on her pussy, and she knew she should cover herself, but just lying quietly, feeling her body quivering, was all the girl could do.

Fran slipped out of her shorts and panties and knelt beside Julie's head. She lifted the teen-ager's head toward her crotch and Julie got the message.

Supporting herself on one elbow, Julie watched Fran pull the shaved lips of her cunt open to expose her clit.

"Lick me, too, Julie. Be nice to me, and I'll do all sorts of nice things to you, honey," Fran panted.

Julie saw how wet Fran's pussy was, and she realized Fran was excited, too. She leaned forward, Fran's hand on the back of her head, and ran her tongue up and down the hot, pink flesh of Fran's cunt.

"AHHHH!!" Fran's body twisted frantically and her fingers dug into Julie's scalp.

Julie felt Fran's body shuddering but she kept on licking, entranced by the wonderful musky taste of the blonde woman's pussy.

"Ohhh, JULIE!!" Fran sank to the floor, her thighs spread apart. She pulled one breast out of her halter, twisting the hot, rubbery nipple between her fingers.

Julie knelt between Fran's thighs and continued her licking and sucking, each movement of her mouth making the woman whine and scream softly with pleasure.

They were both too busy enjoying themselves to notice Paul, his camera busy, standing in the doorway.

"Ohhh, that was great, honey! You've got a wonderful mouth! Have you done it before?" Fran smiled at Julie.

"No, never."

"Well, Paul! What the hell are you, ohh, you dumb shit! What the hell did you come back for?"

Fran looked at Paul with disgust, but Julie's face was a mask of terror. She had been photographed doing something she shouldn't have, and the idea of her parents' reaction terrified her.

"Now look what you've done!" Fran spat at Paul. She wrapped her arms around the sobbing teen-ager and held her close.

"It's all right, Julie, really it is. I'll make sure he destroys the film. I promise I will."

Julie didn't hear Fran's words of encouragement, she was sobbing bitterly, her face between Fran's breasts.

"Hey, I'm sorry," Paul apologized. He set the camera down and crouched by Fran, she gestured and he retired to the chair.

"What if my folks find out?" Julie shook her head and a fresh outburst of tears dampened Fran's halter.

"They won't!" Fran soothed her. "You're not going to tell them, we're not going to tell them, and I'll make sure Paul destroys the film. Or better yet, I'll do it right now. Give me the camera, Paul."

With a sigh, Paul handed her the camera and watched as Fran opened it. There was a momentary pause and then Fran began laughing.

"It's all right, Julie. Idiot here forgot to put any film in the camera!"

Julie crawled over to Fran and looked at the open camera. She could see herself that there was no film in it, and an enormous weight suddenly fell off her shoulders.

"Wow, that's great!" Julie hugged Fran. Paul took the camera back from Fran and closed it up. Fran, a smile on her face, crawled over and leaned on his knees.

"You really are a perverse son of a bitch, you know that?" she said affectionately.

"NO more than you," Paul replied. "Seducing young maidens."

Fran turned and looked at Julie, who smiled at both of them.

"I didn't mind all that much," she said shyly, and then joined in their laughter.

"I noticed," Fran said dryly. She undid her halter and tossed it onto the chair, letting her breasts swing naked, the nipples thick and rubbery.

Julie looked at the naked woman, and her stomach began fluttering again. She desperately wanted to be naked, with Fran's head between her legs, eating and sucking her hot little pussy, but there wasn't any time.

"I've got to go home now," Julie pulled on her panties and stood up, brushing her skirt down.

"Well," Fran stood up and hugged her. "Now that you know where we live, don't be a stranger. Okay?"

"Uh-huh." Julie hugged Fran and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She picked up her school books and smiled uncertainly at Paul. Looking at him, all she could remember was the photograph, with his big, thick cock pointed at Fran's gaping cunt.

That night, Julie settled down with her homework, but couldn't concentrate. She was acutely aware of her body in ways she had never even realized. She knew she had breasts, but now she could feel them all the time, her nipples soft and flat against the tips, or slightly firm and touching the material of her soft bra.

And her crotch! Julie crossed her legs and jumped at the sensation. It was almost as though Diane, or Shirley, or Fran had her hand there.

She wiggled her ass slightly and sighed. Feeling sexy and having homework to do just didn't match up, and the homework was losing out fast.

"How's it coming, honey?" Her mother, a cup of coffee in her hand, came in and looked over her daughter's shoulder.

"Not too good," Julie sighed. "I just can't concentrate."

"Oh? What's the problem?" Marjorie sat down on the bed and took a sip of coffee.

"It's stupid, really stupid, Mom. I mean, no matter what I do, I keep thinking about one thing!"

"Sex." Marjorie didn't ask a question, she made a statement, and Julie nodded agreement.

"Honey, you're starting to grow up, and you're bumping into a problem you'll have for the rest of your life. You'll be doing something perfectly ordinary and all of a sudden -- bingo! You're thinking about sex. Sex with a boy, playing with yourself, kissing a girlfriend and getting all hot and bothered by it. Anything and everything."

Julie nodded agreement. She shut her school book and asked, "What do I do?"

Marjorie smiled and looked at her daughter, "Well, when I was your age, I masturbated about four or five times a week. When I was in high school, sometimes I'd do it two or three times a day. It didn't take care of everything, but it helped an awful lot. I know I yelled at you last night, honey, but if you feel itchy-scratch that itch!"

Marjorie got up and gave her daughter a hug.

"Scratch that itch, honey," she whispered.

Julie clung to her mother. "Thanks, Mom."

Marjorie smiled. "Any time, honey." She went out, firmly and pointedly shutting the door behind her.

Julie looked at the closed door for a moment and then slowly got up. She walked over to her bureau and took off her blouse. Dropping it to the floor, she unhooked her bra, staring at the small cones of her breasts, her nipples soft and pink against her pale, white skin.

She wished someone were there to kiss her breasts and make the nipples nice and hard, but the warmth of her hands on her slim body was doing it already. The nipples were thickening and beginning to stand away from the small cones of her tits.

Julie took all of her clothes off and stood in the middle of the room, looking at herself. She studied her body. It wasn't as mature as Shirley's, her breasts were smaller and her hips narrower, but somehow Julie felt she knew much more than her friend.

Suddenly Julie shivered and her nipples sprang up, rigid and hot. In her mind she was seeing the photograph Fran had shown her, but now, instead of Fran lying with her legs spread, waiting for Paul's cock, it was her!

"Ohhh." Julie rubbed her belly and spread her legs apart, feeling the heat of her cunt on her fingers.

She shut her eyes and tried to imagine how it would feel -- Paul's cock splitting her little pussy lips apart and then the big head wedging itself inside her, deeper and deeper.

"AHHH!!" Julie's cry was one of pleasure and surprise, she hadn't even touched herself and she'd come!

The teen-ager gently felt her pussy, carefully avoiding her clit. The lips were wet with her juice, and she could feel her insides quivering, demanding to be reamed out by a man's cock.

She grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her. Opening the bedroom door, she looked toward the living room. Both her parents were sitting on the couch, watching TV. She hurried into the bathroom and took down her mother's hand mirror.

Spreading her legs apart, Julie held the mirror so she could see her pussy. Holding on to the edge of the wash basin, Julie squatted down, watching her pussy spread open.

There! She could see her cunt. She could see the tiny hole that lead inside her.

"Fuck," Julie whispered, "Fuck me."

As she realized what she had said, a huge shudder of lust ran though her body, and Julie gripped her cunt, her fingers sawing at her clit. Her eyes half-shut, Julie gasped and moved against her hand, feeling her body trembling more and more.

"UHHHH!!" She jerked violently and sighed with release as the sex tension inside her was relieved.

Smiling at herself in the mirror, Julie gently dipped her finger into her pussy and rubbed the slick ooze over her rigid nipples. She repeated the action several times and then licked her finger clean, a wonderful feeling of relaxation and peace filling her.

She was satisfied, at least for the time being.

Chapter FOUR

As the bell rang for the lunch break, Diane White motioned Julie to stay behind for a moment. Julie waited, and as soon as the room was empty, she went up to the front and hugged Diane, rubbing her crotch against the teacher's thigh.

"Ummm, hi Diane." Julie kissed her and Diane returned the kiss.

"Looking forward to Saturday?" Diane slid her hand down and cupped Julie's ass gently.

Julie nodded. She reached out and cupped one of Diane's tits, feeling the weight of it.

"Ummm, Julie, stop it or we'll wind up on the floor again," Diane giggled.

Julie slid her hand down between Diane's thighs and the teacher moaned. She pulled up her skirt and Julie rubbed her panties briskly for a moment.

Diane shivered and squeezed Julie's ass harder.

"Julie, take your panties off, honey." Diane was panting with eagerness, and Julie, who knew what was coming, did as she was told.

"Lean against the desk, dear."

Diane knelt at Julie's feet and lifted the girl's skirt. Julie felt Diane's lips on her thigh and then her teacher was eating her pussy, her tongue sliding up and down inside the wet lips.

"OHHHHH," Julie shuddered with pleasure. "Do it," she begged, "Eat my pussy, Diane!"

Diane did, and Julie nearly screamed it felt so good. She lifted her feet off the floor, balancing on the edge of the desk.

Diane, her face buried in the teen-ager's hot cunt, eagerly kept her mouth glued to Julie's pussy. She heard the girl's squeals of delight and then her stifled scream as she climaxed.

Lifting her head, Diane smiled at Julie. "You've got my pussy goop all over your mouth," Julie giggled.

"Lick it off," Diane whispered.

Julie stood up and pulled Diane up to her. She licked her pussy cream off the teacher's face, her hands squeezing Diane's tits harder and harder while Diane ground her pussy against Julie's thigh.

"OHHHHHH!" Diane grabbed Julie and hugged her as her body shook with her orgasms.

"That was fun," Julie said breathlessly.

"Ummm, yes it was!" Diane watched as she put her panties back on.

"I'll see you tomorrow at your house, Diane." Julie smiled shyly.

Diane watched the teen-ager go out the door and she smiled to herself. She'd eaten Julie's pussy and the girl hadn't minded in the least. In fact, Diane realized, she'd asked for it! Hummmm, I wonder what else she's up to? Diane asked herself.

"Hey, girls!" Fran smiled. "What's up?"

Julie thought fast. "I promised Shirley I'd show her the film that Paul took."

"Oh!" Fran laughed. "It's all right, honey. Paul threw it out last night."

"Oh, wow!" Shirley grinned from ear to ear.

"Come on in," Fran stood aside and the two girls stepped into the living room.

"Paul and I were taking some photos. If you're very quiet, I think he'll let you watch."

"I'd like that," Julie said frankly.

Fran excused herself and went to the back of the house. The girls could hear Paul's voice and then Fran's and a moment later Paul, a camera in his hand, came into the living room.

"Okay, you want to see how it's done?"

"Uh-huh," Julie nodded vigorously.

"It's all right with me and it's all right with Fran, but I want you two to keep quiet, understood?"

The two girls, somewhat abashed by Paul's firm tone, followed him into the back of the house. In what would have been the second bedroom, Paul had set up a studio. The window was covered over and the only light came from a number of bright photo floods set on stands and pointed toward one end of the room where Fran, naked, was leaning against the wall by an armchair.

"Sit down over there, kids." Paul gestured toward the far end of the room and then ignored them.

"Now," he said to Fran, "let's start over again. I didn't like that first series of shots."

"She hasn't got any hair on her pussy," Shirley whispered to Julie in an amazed tone. "I've never seen anything like that before."

Julie nodded, concentrating on the action under the bright lights.

Fran had put the robe back on and was sitting in the chair. She raised her arms and the robe fell open to expose the cones of her breasts, the nipples soft.

"Damn it, Fran, keep your nipples hard," Paul said in a disgusted tone of voice.

"Picky, picky, picky," Fran groused mildly. She licked her fingers and gently pulled and twisted her nipples, getting them hard.

"Okay, here we go," Paul began taking photos, and the two teen-agers watched as Fran slowly exposed more and more of her body to the camera and to their view.

Shirley squirmed restlessly. She felt funny watching Fran expose herself, and she thought she should leave, but at the same time, she wanted to see more. Her stomach was beginning to flutter, and she wished her breasts would stop aching so much. She wanted to take her sweater and bra off and rub them, but she wouldn't dare do anything like that here.

"Okay, take a break, honey." Paul put the camera down and turned off some of the lights. He went out of the room and Fran got up and walked over to where the girls were sitting.

"Well, what do you think?" She crouched down in front of them, and Shirley, couldn't take her eyes off her lush, naked body.

"I dunno, Fran." Julie shrugged. She was feeling excited, but she didn't want to show it.

Fran smiled and patted Julie on the leg. Julie drew her legs up, forgetting that Fran could see her panties.

"Someone I know is all wet!" Fran smiled and reached between Julie's legs.

"OHHHH!!" Julie writhed as Fran's fingers touched her super-hot cunt.

"Want to take those off so I can really do it right?" Fran continued stroking Julie's pussy through her panties.

Julie cast a quick look at Shirley and then nodded agreement.

"Why don't you take all of it off, honey?" Fran moved closer and Shirley stared in fascination at her thick nipples.

Julie unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the floor beside her. Her bra allowed and then her skirt and panties. She stood up, naked except for her socks, and allowed Fran to lead her to the chair.

"Sit down, honey, and lift your legs on to the arms of the chair," Fran positioned Julie just right and then knelt in front of her.

Shirley wished she could see what was happening, but Fran's head was in the way. She could see Julie writhing back and forth, moaning as though something wonderful were going on, and Shirley wished she knew what it was.

"Ohhh, Fran! Yeah, OHHHHH!! Eat meeeeeee!" Julie's wails of passion kindled a response to Shirley's belly. She no longer cared whether someone would see her.

Pulling her sweater off, Shirley undid her bra and cupped her breasts, watching the nipples grow thicker as she touched them.

Julie's screams had subsided, but the teen-ager was still in the chair, and now Shirley could see Fran, her tongue busily licking Julie's thighs, playing with her naked crotch.

The sight of the older woman masturbating was the last straw. Shirley pulled off her skirt and panties and began to play with herself, her head rolling from side to side. Her eyes were closed as she got closer and closer to her climax, and the gentle touch of Fran's hand on her leg made the teen-ager jump with surprise.

"Lie down, Shirley, and I'll eat your pussy." Fran stroked Shirley's thighs, and the teen-ager lay down, spreading her legs open.

Fran buried her face against the light pussy hair, her tongue gently parting Shirley's cunt lips. She licked for an instant and then Shirley's scream of release echoed in the room.

"What the hell?" Paul looked at the scene as he came back into the room. Fran and Shirley were on the floor by the door, Fran's face buried in Shirley's pussy. Julie was in the chair under the lights, her hands busy between her legs.

Paul turned on the lights and began photographing Julie, moving closer and closer with every shot. He changed cameras and used a close-up lens to get every detail of the girl's wet pussy.

Julie knew she shouldn't be doing it, but she dreamed that the long lens on the camera was Paul's cock, and he was getting it nice and hard to stuff inside her tiny cunt.

She lifted her legs in the air and reached around them, spreading her cunt lips apart with her fingers. Bringing her knees back even farther she deliberately exposed the tiny brown ring of her asshole to the camera, hearing the shutter click again and again as Paul took more photos.

Wetting her lips, Julie slowly lowered her legs. She sucked on her fingers and then sat up, playing with her small nipples, getting them harder and harder.

"That's it, Julie, keep doin' just that," Paul muttered.

Julie arched her back and offered her breasts to Paul and the camera, squeezing the small gloves to make the nipples just out a little farther.

"Put one hand between your legs, honey," he directed.

Julie did, fumbling for her clit. She found it, and her body twisted with pleasure as she played with herself.

"Fantastic!" Paul said to himself. "These are gonna be absolutely fantastic!"

"Uhhh, ohhh, fuck meeee!" Julie wailed softly. She forgot the camera and concentrated on her cunt, sliding her finger up and down the wet gash of hot flesh, shuddering as she got nearer and nearer her orgasm.

"AHHHH!!" Julie screamed as her orgasm hit, tearing through her with savage intensity. Her entire body seemed to be on fire, and nothing she did could stop it.

"FUCK MEEEEE!" Her scream trailed off as she pressed down harder on her pussy, feeling the flesh yield to the pressure of her hand. She jerked and slid off the chair on to the floor, her eyes half-closed with her lust.

Paul put the camera down and stripped his clothes off. His cock, long and hard, leaped up from the base of his belly.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Julie nodded. "I want that? I want it inside me, now. Please, fuck meeee!" She rolled on her back, spreading her legs apart.

"Paul, don't!" Fran tried to stop him, but Paul was between the teen-ager's legs before she could move.

There was a momentary pause as he fumbled between their bodies, and then Julie moaned as his cockhead wedged into her tight cherry cunt.

Julie blinked in surprise at the sensations. She could feel Paul's cock inside her, but it didn't hurt! He was stretching her wider and wider, but it felt good!

"Uhhh, you are tight," Paul grunted.

"Y-you-you're so, AHHH!!" Julie screamed as he began pushing into her. She felt something inside her rip, and suddenly he was deeper inside her than she thought possible.

"HURTS! It hurts, Paul! OWWWW!! Take it OUT!" she screamed, her hips twisting wildly.

"Shut up and stop bucking! It's gonna feel real good any second now," he grunted.

"Noooooo, it -- AHHHH!! OHHH, Paul, FUCK MEEEEE!" Julie wrapped her legs around his ass and dragged his body down on top of hers, quivering at the sensation of his body pressing down on her, squeezing her tiny breasts flat.

"You like it, Julie?"

"Uhhh, fuck meeee. Just fuck meeeee!" Julie wailed. Her hips were pistoning up and down faster and faster, keeping pace with Paul's deep thrusts into her abused pussy. Her body tensed and then, from deep inside her, somewhere near the head of Paul's cock, Julie felt a huge, hot wave of pleasure rolling through her. She gripped him again, her fingernails digging into his shoulders, and her mouth opened in a soundless scream of pleasure.

Paul felt her shudderings, and he smiled to himself.

"Ohhhh," Julie moaned, tears in her eyes. Her legs slipped down, to the floor and her hands slid up and down Paul's back, caressing him gently.

"Like it now?" Paul grinned at her.

"Uh-huh." Julie kissed him wiggling her hips slightly.

"Julie, are you all right, honey?" Fran knelt beside them, her breasts swaying with her movements.

"It's okay, Fran, it really is. At first he hurt me, but then it didn't hurt any more, it just felt better and better," Julie sighed.

"Want to do it some more?" Paul moved his hips slightly and Julie drew in her breath sharply.

"It hurts, Paul," she said apologetically.

With a sigh, Paul lifted his body off hers, his cock still stiff. He sat back on his heels and looked at Fran.

"Feel like sucking your husband's cock?" he asked.

"Ummm, the idea sounds wonderful." Fran gently stroked the long shaft. "But I've got a better one than that."

Fran turned and gestured to Shirley. "Come here, honey, and have a real good time."

Shirley knelt down beside Paul, staring at his cock. She'd never seen a man's sex organ before, and the sight was fascinating. She wanted to touch it and kiss it and shove it inside her, but at the same time she was scared.

"Can, can I touch it, Paul?" she asked hesitantly.

Paul nodded and Shirley gingerly reached out as though she was about to touch a stick of dynamite.

"Ohh, it's hot!" she gasped.

"It tastes good, too," Fran said.

Encouraged, Shirley lowered her head and gently licked the tip of Paul's cock. She opened her mouth slightly and took the head inside, sucking it lightly.

"Ummm, you've got a wonderful mouth, Shirley," Paul gasped.

Fran lay down beside Julie and cupped one of her breasts, kissing the nipple wetly.

"How do you feel, honey?" she asked.

"Horny," Julie admitted frankly. "I wish Paul were still inside me."

"Maybe I can help." Fran kissed Julie's belly and gently spread her thighs open. She kissed the insides of Julie's thighs and then gently licked the gaping lips of her pussy, making Julie whine with pleasure.

"Oooooh, Fran! That, ohhh, that's nice!" Julie wiggled her hips with enjoyment.

Shirley's mouth was busy on Paul's cock, and her hand was busy between her legs. The more she sucked and the more she played with her cunt, the more Shirley wanted to have Paul's cock inside her.

"Umm, take it easy, Shirley, or I'll blow my load right now!" Paul warned her.

"Oh no," she gasped, "Not yet! Wait, Paul, please!"

She straddled his hips and lowered herself until the head of his prick opened her wet cunt lips.

"I-I'm scared," she gulped.

Paul smiled at her and gently raised his hips slightly. The touch of his cock meat in her pussy made Shirley gasp, and she instinctively lowered herself onto it, feeling the thick head push her cunt open.

"OHHHHH! MORE!" The feeling drove Shirley wild and she brutally fucked herself on him, jamming her pussy full of his cock.

"WOW!" Paul gripped her tits, squeezing tightly as his cum blasted out of his cock and into her.

"Ohhh, you're HOT!" Shirley screamed, her body jerking back and forth on top of his. Her entire body was breaking into tiny pieces of flame and burning up, and the more she humped herself on Paul's rod, the hotter the flames burned.

"FUCK MEEEEE!" Her scream was loud, but Shirley didn't care, all that mattered was the cock jammed deep inside her.

Shirley relaxed and her body sagged down on Paul's, his softening cock slipping out of her abused cunt.

"Ohhhh, you came out," she complained.

"It's all right, honey, you know where it is when you want it again." Paul hugged her.

"Ummm, yeah. Nice, big cock. I love it!"

Julie propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Shirley, a grin on her face. "Hey, Shirley, you did it!"

Shirley nodded. "I wanta do it again, too."

Paul laughed. "Not with me, you little mink! I'm not as young as I once was, and I'm damned if I'm going to have my cock fucked raw just to satisfy a couple of horny teenagers pussies!"

Fran got up and put on her robe. She picked up Paul's camera and took a photo of Paul and Shirley. Shirley heard the camera shutter and rolled over, spreading her legs apart.

"Here," she grinned at Fran, "let's really get it all."

Fran knelt down, and Shirley spread her pussy lips open, exposing her gaping cunt and the wet ooze of her juice and Paul's cum.

Fran put the camera aside and knelt between Shirley's legs, delicately lapping at the girl's pussy.

Shirley gasped and grabbed Fran's head, pulling it against her twat.

"Ohhh, eat meeeee!" she wailed with pleasure.

Julie rolled on her side and watched the action, idly playing with her tits. She didn't know what she and Diane would do the next day, but the teen-ager realized it wouldn't be as exciting as getting fucked with a real cock!

"AHHHH!" Shirley screamed and clamped her thighs around Fran's head, bucking frantically as she came again.

It was with great reluctance that the two girls were persuaded to get themselves cleaned up and dressed.

Chapter FIVE

"Hi Julie, how's my girl?" Diane opened her apartment door and Julie kissed her.

Diane was wearing a ragged pair of cut-offs and an old man's shirt tied up under her breasts. The buttons were nearly all undone, and Julie could see she didn't have a bra on.

Julie, in shorts and a halter, was nearly as exposed. The halter was a little large for her, and every time she moved the cups gaped open, exposing her small breasts to view.

"Have you had lunch?" Diane put her arm around Julie's shoulders and the two walked into the small kitchen.

Julie sat down and watched Diane move around the kitchen, admiring her slim legs and the tight curves of her ass in the cut-offs.

"Here you are," Diane put the sandwich down in front of Julie and kissed her.

"Thanks," Julie picked up the sandwich and began eating. She looked over her shoulder at the back door and frowned slightly.

"Are we going to sun bathe?"

"Yes, there's a little balcony off the bedroom. It's nice and secluded and we can lie around and enjoy ourselves." Diane smiled at her and Julie smiled back.

Her sandwich finished, Julie stood up and looked around, noticing a tube of sun tan lotion on the sink. She picked it up and waved it.

"Shall we?"

Diane nodded. "Sure."

Julie followed Diane through her small bedroom and out through a sliding glass door on to a narrow balcony. Just as Diane had said, they could lie there and no one could see them. The idea made Julie's insides squirm with eager lust.

"Let's do it out here," she whispered.

"All right." Diane sat down on the thin exercise pad that was spread out on the balcony.

Julie knelt in front of her, staring at Diane's chest. She reached out and untied the knot in Diane's shirt, letting it fall open to expose the inner swells of her teacher's heavy breasts.

Diane let the shirt slip off her shoulders, arching her back to force the big swells of her tits at Julie. Her nipples were as big around as Julie's thumb and they jutted out from the dark circle at the tip of her breasts, getting harder and deeper in color as Julie watched.

"Gee, you're beautiful, Diane," Julie said hoarsely.

Diane smiled and blushed slightly. She was eager to pull off all her clothes and then Julie's.

"Take off your clothes, too, Julie." Diane reached out to help, and Julie allowed her to untie the neck string of her halter and pull the material down, exposing her small breasts, the hippies hot and rigid.

"Ummm, you're the pretty one. They're absolutely perfect!" Diane gently stroked Julie's breasts and the girl shivered with pleasure.

Kneeling, Diane pulled her cut-offs over her knees and then completely off, leaving her naked. Julie followed her example and the two lay down side by side, their bodies pressing gently against each other.

"Ummm, you feel nice," Julie kissed Diane and ran her hand down her back, cupping one of her hard ass cheeks.

Diane kissed Julie and gently slid her hand between the teen-ager's willing thighs. Julie spread her thighs open and her fingers dug into Diane's ass.

"Like this, honey?" Diane gently manipulated the teen-ager's pussy lips and Julie moaned again, her hips jerking back and forth.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Nice, big cock, fuck meeee!"

Diane was shocked. Julie obviously was far more experienced sexually than she had supposed. The teacher slowly slipped her index finger into the teen-ager's cunt and Julie moaned with pleasure.

"Deeper," the girl begged, "deeper!"

Diane kissed her and then asked, "You're not a virgin, are you, Julie?"

"No," Julie shook her head. "Not any more. Ohhh, don't stop, Diane. I-I'm gonna, OHHHHH!!" Julie clamped her legs around Diane's hand and humped furiously, her body shaking with pleasure.

Diane, her own stomach fluttering with her lust, slowly pulled her wet hand out from between Julie's thighs. She watched the girl for a moment and then asked, "Would you like something inside you, Julie?"

"Ohhh, you know I would!" Julie rolled on her back, her legs open and her fingers busy between her thighs.

Diane got up and went inside for a moment. Julie could hear her rummaging around and then she came back out with a long, slim box.

Julie was interested enough to stop masturbating and prop herself up on her elbows, a puzzled expression her young face.

Diane knelt down beside her and gave her a kiss. She opened the box and took out a long, slim tube of plastic, rounded at one end.

"This is a vibrator, honey. You turn this switch here on the base." Diane turned the switch and Julie heard the soft hum of the vibrator begin. "Then you just lie back and slide it in and out of you and it feels better and better every time."

Julie touched the plastic, feeling the vibrations in her fingers. The sensations traveled down her arm and into her belly, making her wiggle.

Diane smiled. "You are horny, aren't you?"

Julie grinned and nodded. "Yeah. What's it feel like, Diane?"

Diane kissed her again and touched the tip of the vibrator to one of Julie's soft nipples, making her gasp. The nipple thickened and stiffened in an instant, and Julie pushed against the gently throbbing tool, her lips parted and her breathing suddenly hoarse.

"Want me to do more, honey?"

Julie nodded and lay down, her hands gently touching Diane's body. Diane slid the vibrator down Julie's belly and between the girl's eager thighs, carefully avoiding the lightly fringed pussy lips.

"Oooohh, Diane." Julie wiggled in frustration, but Diane ignored her pleadings and gently stroked the humming tip up and down Julie's thighs, teasing her.

"Diane, please! Stop teasing me!"

Diane bent her head and sucked on Julie's tits, licking the nipples until they throbbed under her tongue and Julie whined with pleasure, her body twisting back and forth.

Moving her hand in a slow circle, Diane brought the tip of the vibrator around to Julie's pubic mound and gently pressed the tip against the flesh covering over the bone, pulling the pussy lips open and exposing the wet clit.

Julie writhed and lifted her hips, her fingers stroking Diane's heavy tits until the teacher wanted to scream with pleasure.

"Okay, Julie, I'm going to do it to you right -- NOW!"

Diane moved her hand and the tip of the vibrator slid down the wet channel of Julie's pussy and into the throbbing cunt hole. Julie grabbed Diane's wrist and forced the throbbing cylinder deeper into her heated cunt, lifting her hips to meet it.

Whining and then screaming, Julie felt the soft hum of the vibrator all though her body. The noise slowly built to an ear-shattering roar, and Julie screamed louder, trying to make herself heard over the noise. Her breasts were on fire, and each time Diane kissed them, it made the fire hotter.

Her head whipping from side to side, she went wild, her body twisting and jerking in response to the penetration of the vibrator deeper and deeper inside her.

Diane moaned and began to play with herself. Her own pussy was like a wet blast furnace, and the touch of her fingers made her shiver. She pumped the vibrator in and out of Julie's tight cunt, watching and hearing her lust, and the noise and sight only made her own desire that much stronger.

"AHHHHH!!!" Julie screamed as her orgasm struck, and Diane moaned in passionate agreement.

"Ohhhh, Diane, I, OHHHHH!" Julie tried to say something, but her quaking body wouldn't let her do anything but react.

Diane slowly pulled the ooze-slick vibrator out of Julie's pussy, ignoring the teen-ager's moan of protest. She knelt, her legs spread apart, and slowly inserted the humming shaft into her own screaming cunt.

"OHHHH!!" Diane shuddered and her fingers began playing with her clit. She pushed the vibrator deeper and deeper until she felt it jam against her cervix, and the touch drove her wild.

Humping back and forth, Diane stroked her body, moving the vibrator around inside her, the hum turning her on more and more until she was ready to scream.

"Uhhh, Julie, honey!" Diane gasped, "Kiss my pussy, baby, suck my clit and make me come!"

Julie was only too happy to oblige. She put one hand on Diane's quaking ass and fastened her mouth to the wet flesh of Diane's pussy, her tongue feeling for the hot clit button.

"AHHHHH!" Diane shuddered as Julie's tongue made contact. She felt herself becoming a tiny pin-point of sensation where the teen-ager's mouth was touching her, and it drove her crazy with desire.

Julie's fingers gripped Diane's ass a little more tightly, and she deliberately patted the hard cheeks, feeling for her teacher's asshole.

"Ohhh, Julie, wha-what are you -- OHHHHH!!" Diane shrieked as Julie's fingers made contact with her super-sensitive ass.

Her mouth busy, Julie ignored Diane's scream and speeded up the pace. She was rolling Diane's clit back and forth with her tongue.

Diane felt Julie's fingertip slip inside the tight ring of her asshole muscles and she nearly screamed her lungs out. Suddenly she wanted more than just a fingertip in her ass. She lay down on her side and pulled the vibrator out of her cunt, handing it to Julie.

"Do it," she begged Julie. "You know what I want, Julie." Diane rolled on her belly, spreading her legs apart.

Julie tugged gently on Diane's ass cheek and put the throbbing tip of the vibrator against the tight ass muscles.

"Yes," Diane moaned. She lifted her hips and slid her hand under her, curling her fingers to cup her pussy and touch her clit.

"Do it," she begged. "Don't tease me, Julie."

Julie licked her lips nervously and then slowly pushed the throbbing tip into the sobbing woman's ass.

Diane gasped as she felt the first penetration. She frantically rolled her clit back and forth between her fingers, feeling the sensation building higher and higher.

"Deeper," she moaned. "Put it in -- MORE!"

Julie continued pushing until nearly half the long vibrator was stuffed deep in Diane's quaking ass. She watched her teacher writhing and listened to her sobs of pleasure.

"Ohhh, it's soooo BIG! NICE, big, fuck, MORE!!"

Julie pushed again, and Diane shrieked. The vibrator was almost completely engulfed by her asshole and her entire body was shaking in time to it.

"I -- AGHHHHHH!" Diane's eyes closed and she shuddered violently and then went limp, her fingers clawing at her pussy in a reflex action.

Julie sat down in front of Diane, her legs spread open.

"Eat me." She clutched at Diane's arms. "Diane! You've got to! Eat me, please!"

Diane opened her eyes and blinked. She couldn't think! Every particle of her being was concentrated between her legs. She saw the wet, pink slash of Julie's pussy only inches away from her face, but she couldn't think what she should do.

"Please, Diane. Eat me!" Julie moved closer and tried to pull Diane's head against her crotch.

Diane smelled Julie's cunt and she wiggled forward just enough to be able to lick the pulsing lips.

"OHHHH!!" Julie's body throbbed in time to Diane's tongue lashing. She felt as though she wanted to pull Diane's mouth inside her, and let her lick every part of her hot, drooling cunt.

"AHHHH!" Julie clutched at her breasts, squeezing the small globes frantically. Diane's tongue was all over her pussy, and the teen-ager felt herself floating on a wonderful sea of lust.

Diane moaned. The wonderful thickness of the vibrator in her ass, still humming and throbbing, made it almost impossible to do anything. She half-felt she should take it out, but the idea of doing it was just too much to contemplate.

Julie sat up, smiling down at Diane. She crawled past her and gently tugged on the vibrator base, making Diane whisper.

"Ooooooh, Julie, take it out, would you please, honey?"

Julie tugged and the vibrator slid up and out of Diane's ass.

"Ahhhhh! That's better!" Diane wiggled her ass and wighed.

Julie turned the vibrator off and laid it down on the floor of the balcony. She stretched out beside Diane and put her arm around the woman's shoulders.

Diane turned her head and they kissed for a long time, Julie feeling her stomach starting to heat up all over again.

"Ummm, that's fun!" Diane rolled on her side and wrapped her arms around Julie, holding her close.

"Diane, what'd it feel like?"

Diane smiled. "Want to find out?"

Julie hesitated for a moment and then shook her head. "I don't think so. I mean, it well, it isn't the real thing, is it?"

Diane smiled. "Would you like the real thing?"

"Huh?" Julie looked at her, puzzled. "My boy friend, Chip, lives around the corner. If I called him, he'd come over."

Julie felt her stomach turn over. Diane was actually going to get her a man! A live man with a cock!

"I'd -- yeah, Diane. I'd really like that a lot!!" Julie hugged her and squeezed one tit vigorously.

"Ouch!" Diane laughed, "Not so hard, Julie, you're not squeezing an orange!"

"I'm sorry," Julie kissed the woman's breasts gently to make up for her eagerness.

Diane patted Julie's ass affectionately and got up, picking up the vibrator at the same time.

"Let's move into the bedroom. Chip doesn't like to fuck out there, but he's really good in bed."

Julie shivered. She wondered what he'd look like, and how his prick would feel inside her. She could hardly wait!

Diane washed off the vibrator and then telephoned. She had to wait a long time before there was an answer.

"Chip, honey, yeah, it's me. I love you too, baby. Chip, I need a real big favor. I've got a friend of mine over here, and she's got a problem. Chip, she's young, and very horny and I thought -- okay, see you."

Diane hung up and smiled at Julie. "He's on his way."

Julie nodded. She was beginning to get cold feet, but the idea that she could get another cock beside Paul's was exciting. It would be fun to be fucked by both of them and then compare.

A few minutes later the doorbell buzzed and Diane, who had been sucking Julie's breasts, got up and put on a robe.

"If you get too excited, go ahead and use the vibrator," she smiled and shut the bedroom door.

Diane buzzed to open the downstairs door and then opened the front door of her apartment. She could hear Chip coming up the steps two at a time, and his speed made her smile.

"Hi." Chip closed the door behind him and embraced her, his hand slipping between her thighs.

Diane gasped and backed away. Chip could turn her on just by looking at her, and when he played with her pussy, Diane melted with passion.

"Wait, Chip, wait and listen, please!" she whispered.

Chip stopped trying to masturbate her and simply held her instead.

"Her name's Julie, she's one of my students. She's a teenager, but over-sexed. She's not a virgin, and she wants a cock. We sort of played around the other day in school and I invited her over for more fun and games today. She wants it, Chip. She wants a cock inside her, and you're the best cock I know."

"The only place flattery like that will get you is flat on your back with your legs spread." Chip hugged her.

"Do you mind?" Diane looked up at him.

Chip shrugged. He was in his late twenties and the idea of fucking a girl eighteen wasn't particularly exciting. Diane was plenty hot enough for him most of the time.

"Chip, please!"

Chip nodded. He stripped his clothes off and Diane's mouth watered at the sight of his cock. She loved to suck cock, and Chip's tasted good!

"Okay, lead me to her and remember, it was your idea." Chip squeezed her tits gently and Diane moaned.

Julie jumped as the bedroom door opened. She stared with fascination at the tall, bearded man with Diane. Her eyes skipped from his face to his crotch, and Julie sucked in her breath. He had a beautiful, pink-headed cock, and it was getting stiff!

"Julie, this is my friend, Chip. Chip, that squirming piece of female on the bed is Julie."

Chip sat down beside Julie and held out his hand.

"H-hello, Chip." Julie blushed and shook hands.

"Between real friends, there's a far nicer way of saying hello." Diane lay down beside Julie, her gown on the floor. "Would you like me to demonstrate?"

"Sure," Julie said, puzzled.

Diane raised herself over Julie and fastened her mouth to Chip's prick, making eager, sucking noises as she pumped her fingers up and down the shaft.

"Wow!" Julie whispered the idea of just doing it, just going ahead and sucking his cock made her crazy to do it.

"Honey, I think Julie want to say hello, too." Chip gently stroked Diane's back.

Diane lifted her head and smiled at Julie. "Go ahead, honey, it's a real nice way of saying you like someone."

Julie nodded. She licked her lips and knelt over Chip's waist, her ass next to Diane. She bent her head and gently touched the head of Chip's cock with her tongue.

"That's it, Julie, that's a good start," Chip encouraged her.

Julie took the hint, and began sucking. She liked the taste of Chip's cock, and the way it was swelling up inside her mouth. She hesitantly touched the big shaft with her fingers, and the noise Chip made told her she was doing the right thing.

Watching Julie sucking Chip made Diane horny as hell. She started to play with herself and then got an idea. She got, up and went out on to the balcony. Picking up the tube of sun tan oil, she came back in and lay down beside Julie again, watching the slim teen-ager's ass wiggling in slow, erotic circles.

"Julie," Diane stroked the girl's leg. "Honey, I'm going to put some lotion on your ass and finger fuck you. Would you like that?"

Julie lifted her head and turned to look at Diane.

"In the ass?" she asked hesitantly.

"If you'd like me to." Diane slid her fingers up between the cheeks of her ass and gently played with the tight ring of muscle.

Julie's body quivered and she nodded. "I'd like that," she said, her voice trembling.

Julie, almost painfully aware of Diane behind her, turned back to sucking Chip's prick. She squeezed his cock slightly with each suck, and Chip grunted with enjoyment.

Diane spread the lotion over the small asshole in front of her and then over her index finger. She stroked her finger up and down a couple of times and then gently inserted the tip into Julie's ass.

Julie moaned and sucked harder on Chip's cock, feeling it getting hotter all the time.

"Honey, I'm gonna come if you don't stop sucking. Do you want me to come in your mouth?" Chip squeezed one of her small tits, and Julie gasped.

"Yeah, come in my mouth, Chip." She immediately plunged back to her sucking, this time working feverishly.

Diane chose this moment to begin inserting her finger deeper into Julie's ass, and she moaned with pleasure. She'd never done anything like this before, and it was driving her up the wall!

Suddenly Chip grunted and his hand clamped down on Julie's head, and he lifted his hips, jamming his cock deep into her small mouth.

Julie gagged and then nearly choked as a blast of hot cum filled her mouth and splashed on to Chip's legs. She pumped his cock frantically and her mouth filled again. She loved the taste of the hot fluid, and swallowed as fast as she could, her tongue licking his cockhead with pleasure.

"Ummm, Julie, you sure can suck cock!" Chip grunted.

Julie, her mouth full of cum and her ass full of Diane's finger, didn't answer. She felt a crazy floating sensation all through her body and she pushed her ass back, trying to get more of Diane's finger inside her.

Diane knew exactly what Julie wanted, and she shoved a second finger into her ass, ramming them all the way in to the knuckle.

Julie, her mouth dripping cum, lifted her head from Chip's lap. She began squealing and gasping with every movement of Diane's fingers. Her body shuddered again and again and her breasts ached as though they would break off.

Chip, seeing Julie's rigid nipples, lifted her slightly and began sucking on first one and then the other, making her cries of lust more distinct.

"More, want more! Ohhhh, Chip, fuck meeeee!" Julie begged him.

"Diane, get out of the way," Chip ordered.

Diane jerked her fingers out of Julie's pulsing asshole and rolled to one side. Chip lifted Julie and laid her down on her back, her legs lying over his. With one smooth movement he lifted her legs, spread them apart, and knelt against her, his cock sliding up and down the wet slot of her pussy.

"Where, Julie? Where do you want it?" Diane whispered in her ear.

"Fuck meeee! Fuck meee in the ass!" Julie wailed.

Chip slid the head of his cock down to the slightly open asshole and gave a gentle shove, lodging just the tip of it inside.

"YES! FUCK MEEEE!" Julie grabbed at him, trying to pull him down on top of her. Her expression was wild, and her eyes were glazed over.

Chip shoved gently, and the head of his cock wedged itself in her tiny ass. Julie stiffened and a low moan emerged from her open mouth.

"Mooooorrrrre!" she begged. "Give me more cock!"

Chip thrust again, and half his cock was inside the fantastically tight hole. Julie writhed back and forth and her fingers stroked her pussy and clit, puffing at the flesh almost in a frenzy.

"Chip, are you all the way in?" she gasped. Chip shook his head. "Half way, Julie."

"Don't tease me, you fucker," she moaned. "I want all of it, Chip. Fuck meeeee! Stuff me with your cock, NOW!"

Chip gave Diane a waffled glance, but she was no help. She was staring at Julie, her tongue on her lips and her hand busy between her thighs.

"Please, Chip," Julie was begging him frantically.

Chip gave one last shove, and his legs slapped against the back of Julie's thighs as he buried his cock in her ass.

"AHHHH!! BIG, YOU'RE BIG!" Julie screamed with pleasure.

Chip began pumping in and out, feeling his cock squeeze down with each thrust. Julie's ass was so tight it was like being caught by a dozen hands, all hot, all squeezing him delightfully.

Julie rocked back and forth, her hands clutching at his arms. She no longer said words, but a stream of gibberish poured out, getting louder and louder with each thrust.

Diane moaned. The sight of Chip's cock stuffed into Julie's ass was more than she could stand. She grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. With one thrust it was inside her cunt, and she gasped with relief. Pumping it in and out, she leaned down and began sucking on Julie's rigid nipples, her teeth scraping them lightly with each movement.

Julie, unable to say anything, gripped Diane's head and held it against her body. She knew Chip was doing something to her with his cock, but there was no pain, only a wonderful sense of floating higher and higher.

The teen-ager gently stroked her own belly and then slid her fingers down between her thighs, feeling the wet warmth of her gaping cunt, and under it, the wonderful pressure of Chip's cock, sawing in and out of her tiny ass.

Diane slid her hand down Julie's slim body and covered the girl's hand with her own. She reached between Julie's fingers and touched the girl's clit.

Julie exploded. She screamed and thrashed about, her body whipping from side to side in a frenzy of release. Diane lifted her head and watched her come again and again.

"Uhhh!" Chip suddenly pinned Julie flat with his weight and gave four hard, brutal thrusts. With each thrust Julie screamed as a fire hose blast of boiling hot cum squirted into her ass.

"There!" Chip gasped, sweat pouring off his body. He started to pullout, but a wail of protest from Julie stopped him.

"Don't stop now," she begged. "It's so wonderful, I want to do it forever!"

Despite her protests, Chip pulled his rapidly softening cock out of her and let her legs down.

"You came out!" Julie was near tears.

"Julie, I'm sorry, honey, but I can only fuck for so long and then I've got to take a rest."

"Diane, make him get back inside me, please!" Julie begged, but Diane was too busy with herself.

Rolling on her back, Diane pumped the vibrator in and out of her screaming pussy, her fingers playing all around her clit. She lifted her hips slightly and pushed the humming tube all the way inside. With a gasp, she shuddered and shut her eyes as she came.

"Diane!" Julie grabbed her leg. "Diane, please!"

"Uhhh, Julie, wait, wait a minute, honey." Diane's voice was thick with her lust, and it was hard to talk.

Julie moaned. She'd come over and over again, but it wasn't enough!


Diane sighed with relief. She pulled the vibrator out and turned-it off, letting her legs sag down.

Julie rolled on to her stomach and straddled Diane's leg, her wet crotch rubbing on her teacher's thigh. She humped frantically for a moment and then, with a strangled scream, her eyes rolled up and she sagged forward, completely fucked out.

Chapter SIX

Julie stretched and yawned. She rolled over and her hand touched someone. She turned her head and saw it was Diane, with Chip beyond her.

The teen-ager sat up and gasped at the pain inside her. She felt as though Chip's cock was still stuffed up her ass. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, Julie tried to stand up straight, but it was too painful. Bent nearly double, she hobbled to the bathroom.

When she came back into the bedroom, Julie was able to straighten up almost completely, but it still was painful to move around. Her getting up had awakened Diane, and the big breasted woman sat up on the bed and smiled at her.

"How do you feel?" she whispered.

Julie winced. "Sore. My ass feels like it's on fire!"

Diane grinned sympathetically. "Chip's awfully big, but you got what you wanted, didn't you?"

Julie sat down on the bed and stretched again. "Uh-huh, I sure did-and a lot more!"

"If you two are going to chatter, I might as well join in." Chip yawned and reached out, cupping one of Diane's heavy tits.

"How long was I asleep?" Julie blinked. "Umm, about two hours, more or less. It's not quite three. You were really out of it. Chip fucked me three times and I yelled my head off. You didn't even move!" Diane stoked Julie's belly and Julie wiggled with enjoyment.

"Didja have a good come?"

Diane laughed. "I had about a hundred good comes, and fifty very good comes, and ten or twelve whoppers."

"Bullshit," Chip grunted. He lit a cigarette and leaned back, looking at Julie.

"Want to do it again, Julie?" he asked.


"If you get me stiff, I'll stuff your pussy nice and full, and you can go home bent over like a pretzel." Chip grinned at her.

Julie slid across and laid her head on Chip's leg, looking at the thick length of his cock.

"Chip? Would you mind if I..."

Chip grinned at her and scratched his chin. "Honey, it's all yours to work on. But if you bite, I'll really kick ass. Okay?"

"Ohh, I won't bite, honest!" Julie rolled on her stomach and gently lifted Chip's cock with one hand.

"Gee, it's heavy!" she exclaimed.

"Uh-huh." Chip took a long drag on his cigarette and stubbed it out. "Now go to work, or no fuck."

Julie stroked the thick cock in her hand, her stomach starting to feel funny in that particularly wonderful way. She could tell her nipples were getting hard, and she wiggled her body with satisfaction.

"Well?" Chip patted her on the ass and Julie winced.

"Ow! You really reamed me, you know. I, ummmm, you and Diane smell so nice!" Julie opened her mouth and began licking the head of his prick.

Chip grinned down at her, feeling his cock stir and begin to harden under her tongue. He slid his hand under her body and cupped one small breast, feeling the nipple pushing against his fingers.

"Ummm," Julie gripped his prick and began sucking harder, her tongue busy.

Feeling Chip's cock swelling in her mouth set Julie's pussy on fire. She couldn't wait until it was nice and hard and inside her. Chip was really squeezing her tits, and Julie wanted to complain that he was hurting, except that it felt so good.

"There." Julie lifted her head in triumph. "Now you can fuck me."

Gripping Chip's cock, she straddled him and lowered herself toward him. It took a moment before she was able to slip the head of his prick into her wet pussy slot, but Julie managed it, and began fucking herself on his hot shaft.

"Ohhhhh, Chip, you're so big," the girl squealed with pleasure.

Chip continued to rub and squeeze her small tits, and Julie bounced up and down, driving his cock deeper into her with every movement. With one last thrust she took all of him inside her, and she trembled with lust. His cockhead was jammed so deep inside her, Julie was certain it would poke through into her belly. She wiggled her hips, scraping her clit against him.

"You are one hot piece of ass," Chip grunted.

"Ohhh, you're so, ohhh, Chip, I-I think, AHHHHHH!!" Julie shuddered and fell forward against him, her body jerking back and forth as she felt herself burning up.

Chip cradled her as she writhed and moaned, her tight pussy sucking at his cock like hot velvet. He could feel his load of cum ready to blast into her, but he held back, letting Julie get every last bit of pleasure from his fucking.

"Uhhh, Chip," Julie shuddered and lay still in his arms.

Chip shifted his hips slightly and then began pumping his cock in and out of Julie's slick cunt. His battering made her moan, but Chip ignored her, concentrating on his own pleasure. He pumped faster and faster until he felt his cock throb and the last of his cum squirt into Julie's box.

Julie wiggled and sighed with enjoyment as she felt the heat of his cum, inside her. Nearly asleep again, she didn't object when Chip hoisted her off his cock and laid her down on her stomach. She stretched and then fell asleep almost instantly.

"Hi honey, you're home early." Marjorie looked out from the kitchen as Julie came in the front door.

"Uh-huh," Julie yawned. She was sleepy and horny at the same time.

Marjorie came out of the kitchen and into the living room. One look at Julie wiped the smile from her face, and Marjorie grabbed Julie's arms and shook her.

"What have you been up to?" she demanded. "Huh?" Puzzled and frightened, Julie tried to break away, but her mother was too strong for her.

"I want to know just what the hell you've been doing, and who it was you did it with, young lady!"

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Julie cried. Marjorie dragged Julie into the big bedroom and stood the girl in front of the full length mirror.

"Look at yourself," she said. "Look there, between your legs. That wet patch isn't from having to pee!"

Julie bit her lip and slowly shook her head. "Take them off." Marjorie tugged at Julie's shorts. "I want to see this."

"NO!" The girl slapped Marjorie's hands away and backed up, her face pale with anger.

"You're so right, Mama -- I've been fucking! I've been sucked and fucked and I love it! I love it in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass! I love it!"

Marjorie shuddered. "Oh my God," she gasped. "You let someone sodomize you?"

"Let him?" Julie laughed, "I begged him, and he did!"

"Who, who was it?"

Julie shook her head. "I'm not telling you any more. I'm not saying one more word!"

Their shouting and screaming had brought Al in from the back yard. He watched them for a moment and then intervened.

"Julie, go take a bath and relax. Marjorie -- shut up!"

"What?" Marjorie gasped.

"You heard me, shut up, and shut up right now!" Al shut the bedroom door and leaned against it, watching his wife.

Marjorie, pale with anger, paced back and forth between the dresser and the door. Her arms were folded under her breasts, pushing them up, and the sight of the heavy mounds made Al's cock stir.

"She's a little tramp!" Marjorie burst out, finally.

"Uh-huh. She's having a ball, and because she's doing just what you did, she's a tramp." Al watched her closely.

Marjorie spun around and stalked up to him.

"You listen to me, you Goddamned asshole! She's eifgteen! She's liable to get into all kinds of trouble she can't possibly handle! God knows who it was that fucked her in the ass. It could have been some dirty old man!"

"Like you," Al interrupted. "Like when you let the gardener at the zoo take you in back of the lion cages and you sucked his cock and then he shaved it up your ass -- and you loved every second of it, remember?"

"NO!" Marjorie shrieked. "It's filthy! I didn't ever do anything like that!"

"That's what you told me," Al snapped back. "And every time I've stuffed my cock in your shit chute you've screamed your fucking head off because you liked it so much!"

"That's a lie," Marjorie yelled.

Al didn't reply, he moved away from the door and with one grab tore his wife's blouse open.

Marjorie covered her breasts with one arm and tried to slap Al with the other, but he blocked her swing and dragged her down on the floor.

"Leave me alone!" Marjorie tried to kick him but Al avoided her lashing feet and tore her slacks off.

"What are you doing?" Marjorie tried again to kick him and got thrown on her face, Al's knee in the small of her back pinning her to the floor.

"You are so fucking self-righteous it makes me sick to my stomach," he panted. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

"Al!" Marjorie kicked and struggled, but to no avail. Al methodically stripped her naked.

"Now you lie there. If you move one inch, I'll kick your ass from here to next week!" Al stood up and pulled his clothes off.

Marjorie looked at him, staring at his thick cock, stiff and hot.

"Oh, no, please Al, don't do that!" she gasped.

"Shut up!" Al was completely naked now, and he turned away from her for an instant to get ajar of cold cream off the bureau.

Marjorie scrambled to her feet and dashed for the door. She got it open, but Al grabbed her.

"Come back here!" With one heave he threw her back into the room.

Marjorie backed up against the wall, her face pale with terror. In all her nightmares she'd never dreamed of Al raping her ass!

"Please, Al, I'll do whatever you want me to. Oh, God, Al! NO!!" Marjorie watched with horrified fascination as Al put cold cream all over the head of his cock, making it nice and slick so he could stuff her asshole full with it.

"Lie down on the bed," Al ordered. Marjorie obeyed, trembling with fear.

She felt his hands on her hips, pulling her into position. He moved closer to her, and Marjorie moaned with terror as she felt his cockhead touch the back of her leg.

"Please!" she begged him again. "Al, I'll do anything you say. Please don't rape my ass, Al. Please!!"

Al ignored her frantic voice and concentrated on what he was about to do. Spreading her tight ass cheeks apart, he put the tip of his prick against the tightly puckered ring of her asshole.

"AL!!!" Marjorie screamed as she felt his prick against her.

Gripping her hips, Al plunged his cock all the way inside his wife's tight asshole.

Marjorie screamed again and again, her body twisting and jerking, desperately trying to pull loose from the thick shaft impaling her.


Ignoring her frantic screams for mercy, Al pistoned his big cock in and out of her tight ass, watching her flesh distort with each thrust. The pressure against his cock was almost too much to stand. Every thrust felt like his cock was being skinned by her tight ring of muscle, but he kept it up, faster and faster.

Marjorie felt as though her guts were being ripped out. The horrible battering was tearing her open, she knew. She could feel her blood pouring down the insides of her thighs, and she tried desperately to get free, but Al was too strong for her.


Al wrapped one arm around her waist and then ran his free hand along Marjorie's thighs. He grinned and forced her down, lying on top of her.

"Here's your 'blood', you stupid bitch!" Al shoved his wet hand in Marjorie's face. "It's pussy juice, you stupid cunt! You're so fucking horny you're damned near pissing the stuff!"


"And you love it, don't you!" Al pounded his cock into her harder and harder.


Having admitted she was enjoying it, Marjorie began to. Her body, torn apart by his cock, began to respond to Al's brutal thrusts. Despite his weight on top of her, Marjorie shoved her ass up at him to meet his plunging cock. She gripped the bedding and began moaning deep in her throat.

Al grinned. He carefully eased himself up until once again he was standing at the edge of the bed, and Marjorie followed him up, her eager ass jabbing back at him.

"Al, play with my pussy. Please play with my pussy, Al," Marjorie gasped and writhed as his cock went a little deeper than before.

Al reached around and his fingers gently stroked the heated flesh of her pussy. Marjorie nearly screamed again as his fingers brushed her clit.

Shuddering, Marjorie pulled forward until she was nearly off his cock. Holding herself rigid, she looked over her shoulder at him.

"Pinch my clit and jam it all the way into me -- as hard as you possibly can."

Al shook his head. "No, Marjorie. You're enjoying it too much. That's wrong, isn't it?"

"Al, please! I was wrong. Please, honey. I'm so very close to coming!"

"Will you leave Julie alone?"

Marjorie nodded. "Anything you want, just as long as you fuck me," she whispered.

Al's fingers brutally jerked at Marjorie clit and he slammed his cock all the way in.

"GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" With a wild scream of release, Marjorie shuddered and collapsed on the bed, her body jerking from side to side with the violence of her reaction.

Al waited patiently until she had recovered. His cock was half out of her, but the incredible pressure on it made him want to blast his load and get it over with.

"Ohhh, Al, I've never come like that before. You're going to have to rape my ass more often," Marjorie sighed.

"I'm not done yet."

Marjorie gasped as Al shoved his cock back inside her. He put all his weight on his hips, driving as deep as he possibly could, and Marjorie screamed again.


Feeling her shudder, Al let himself come, his cum blasting deep inside her and making Marjorie scream again.

"OHHHH!! HOT!! You're so hot! Fuck meeeee!!!"

For several minutes they lay quiet, Al holding himself off her and supporting his torso's weight on his arms. Finally Marjorie moved slightly.

"Al? Was I wrong?"

"You know you were. Julie is enjoying being a woman. Don't ruin it for her. Stop being jealous of something that came out of your belly. She's grown up in a time when people make bigger decisions earlier. It's her life, not yours. The only thing that matters is making sure she knows we love her and care about her."

Marjorie nodded. "Okay, you win. I was wrong, and I'll do my best to make up for it. Now will you please let me up so I can go pee?"

"Nope. I feel like fucking your ass all night long. Tomorrow's Sunday and I'm going to enjoy it."

Julie, busy lathering her body, gasped as Marjorie stumbled in.

"It's all right, honey," Marjorie reassured her. "I've just got to pee!"

Sitting down, Marjorie gasped with relief as she emptied her bladder. She didn't apologize to Julie for her behavior, she was too wrapped up in her own body to think of it.

Flushing the toilet, Marjorie turned to face Julie. "Does it hurt very much, honey?"

Julie, her lips set, shook her head.

"I wish I could say the same," Marjorie sighed. "Your father just got through raping me in the ass -- and I hurt!"

Julie giggled in spite of herself. She looked up at her mother and had to giggle again. She could see how wet her mother's pussy was.

"Getting your ass reamed really makes you cream, doesn't it, Mom!!"

Marjorie sighed and nodded. She sat down on the edge of the tub and rumpled Julie's hair.

"How long have you been screwing around, young lady?"

Julie washed her breasts off and shrugged. "A little while. Not too long, really."

"Did it hurt the first couple of times?" Julie nodded. "I hollered almost as loud as you did just now, but it felt real good, too."

Marjorie reached down and cupped one of Julie's breasts, feeling how firm it was.

"You know, I think you're getting bigger again. We'll have to get you some new bras." She ran her thumb over Julie's small nipple, feeling it leap up at her touch.

Julie put her hand on her mother's thigh and slid her fingers along until they touched the heavy mat of hair between Marjorie's legs.

"Julie, what are you, ohhhhh, Julie, stop it, that tickles!" Marjorie giggled, but she didn't pull away from her daughter's fingers.

Julie toyed with her mother's pussy hair for a moment and then moved her hand slightly so that her fingers rested against the pouting lips of Marjorie's pussy.

"Ununm, honey. That's not, you shouldn't, OHHHH!"

Marjorie whined with pleasure as Julie gently touched her clit.

Marjorie knew she should move away and stop letting Julie touch her, but it felt so nice, and Julie's small breast was so hot in her hand.

"Ummm, Julie." Marjorie's legs opened and her fingers pressed the flesh of her daughter's tit gently.

Julie slid her fingers up and down the hot feish of her mother's pussy, making Marjorie whine with pleasure. As Julie continued her sex play, Marjorie began trembling, her heavy breasts shaking as her breathing grew ragged.

"Swing your legs mound here and I'll eat you, Mom." Julie tugged at Marjorie's knees and Marjorie pivoted slowly until her feet were in the bathwater and Julie's face was between her thighs.

"Ummm, you smell wonderful!" Julie looked up at her.

"Eat me," Marjorie whispered. "Eat my hot pussy and make me come, Julie."

Julie leaned forward and her tongue licked gently at Marjorie's thighs, making her sigh and then moan.

"Oooooh, Julie! Eat it! Lick me up good, baby! Ohhh, that's the way!"

Julie's mouth closed around her mother's cunt lips and her tongue lashed out at the thick nubbin of Marjorie's clit.

Marjorie dragged Julie's head harder against her pussy, her body wiggling back and, forth with pleasure.

Julie sucked on her mother's hot flesh, and Marjorie nearly screamed with pleasure. Wave after wave of lust ripped though her body, making her pussy juices flow faster and faster. She began squeezing her tits, lifting the heavy cones toward her mouth, but she couldn't suck on the tips and they ached so much that Marjorie thought she was going to pass out.

"Stand up, Mom." Julie gripped Marjorie's ass and tugged at her.

Blindly obeying her daughter, Marjorie stood up in the tub. She moved around until she was leaning against the wall her legs spread apart and Julie still busy between them.

Julie was still angry with her mother, and she felt in a vengeful mood. The girl slowly ran her fingers along Marjorie's thighs until the big woman was sobbing openly.

"Ohhh, Julie, don't stop, baby. You're so sweet, honey, don't stop!"

Grinning to herself, Julie balled her small hand into a fist and wedged it into her mother's red-hot cunt.

"OHHHH!!" Marjorie gasped. "What are -- OHHHH!! Do it! Fuck meeeeee!"

Julie jammed her fist in and out of Marjorie's pussy as hard as she could, feeling her mother's body shudder with each punch.

"Like it, Mom? Do you like it?" Julie gasped.

"Ohhh, baby! I'm gonna come any second!! Don't stop, Julie. Fuck MEEEEE!"

Julie stopped, pulling her fist all the way out.

"Julie! Oh, baby, don't stop now!!" Marjorie spread her legs farther apart and pulled her pussy lips open with trembling fingers.

"Promise to leave me alone?" Julie lightly stroked her mother's legs.

"YES! Anything you want, honey." Her body was writhing with her screaming need.

"Promise I can fuck and suck and do whatever I want with anybody at all?"

Marjorie nodded, trying to grip Julie's elusive fist and jam it back inside her cunt.

"Say it, Mom!"

"I, I promise!" Marjorie wailed.

Julie grinned and shoved her fist back into Marjorie's pussy. She spread her hand open, forcing the slick walls of her mother's cunt to stretch enormously.

"AHHHHH!!!" Marjorie's scream brought Al running from the bedroom.

"What the hell?" He stared at his wife and daughter.

Julie turned and looked at her father. She'd never seen him naked, and the sight of his thick cock made her mouth water. She'd love to suck him, but she was afraid to even try.

"Ohhh, honey." Marjorie held out her arms to Al.

"What the hell is going on here?" Al asked in a tone of amazed disbelief.

"Ju-Julie fucked me with her fist and, oh, Al, I want you, lover. I need your cock inside me right now!"

Al reached down and pulled the plug out of the bath tub drain. He looked at his wife and then at Julie, and Julie felt her insides curdle up with terror.

"Julie, get out of here and into your room, right now!"

"Yes, Daddy!" Julie scrambled out of the tub, grabbed a towel and scurried into her room, shutting the door behind her.

"Al, don't just stand there, fuck me!" Marjorie begged.

In spite of his anger and bewilderment, Al could feel his cock rising. The sight of Marjorie, her legs open and her juice oozing all over her thighs, was irresistible. He climbed into the tub and turned on the shower, hurriedly washing his cock.

Marjorie slowly slid down in the tub until she was squatting in front of her husband, her mouth level with his crotch.

"Let me suck it," she begged. "I want it in my mouth and my cunt and my ass and everywhere!"

Al grinned at her as he turned off the shower.

"What ever you see, you can have," he said.

Marjorie took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, sucking as though her life depended on it. In all the years they had been fucking, Al had never seen her so worked up.

"Easy, honey," he cautioned. "You'll bite it off."

"Never," Marjorie lifted her head. "I want your cock where it is, ready for me, all the time."

She lay down on her back and Al knelt between her legs.

With her legs resting on his shoulders and her upper body and head jammed against the tub end, Marjorie fumbled for his cock.

"Put it in," she begged. "Stuff me nice and full and fuck me until I scream for mercy, lover. Fuck me good!"

Chapter SEVEN

In her room, Julie dried herself and got dressed. She was hungry, and it was way past dinner time, but from the screams her mother was making, the teen-ager knew it would be a long time before she had anything else but sex on her mind.

Julie had deliberately put on an old shirt of her father's and hadn't bothered with a bra. Leaving it mostly unbuttoned, she knew her small titties would be exposed whenever she leaned forward. Her tight little ass was encased in a pair of shorts she'd outgrown but still kept around. They were so tight that they wouldn't button all the way, and Julie left the two top buttons undone, giving anyone who looked a peek at the top of her pussy hair.

Going out to the kitchen to get herself a sandwich, Julie ignored the fucking noises from the bathroom. The door wasn't completely shut, and she could hear her mother's voice distinctly, begging for more and more cock. It made her smile. She'd said the same thing, and like her mother, she'd meant it.

"Like mother, like daughter -- they both like cock!" Julie giggled to herself.

Julie fixed herself a big sandwich and got a Coke out of the refrigerator. Opening the bottle, she carried her dinner into the living room and turned on the television set.

Julie changed channels and then turned the set off, bored with the idiots trying to sell her things she'd never buy.

She heard the door to her parents' bedroom close and then a moment later her mother's cries of pleasure started again.

Julie grinned to herself and picked up a book, but the book was boring, too.

"Oh, come on and finish, dammit!" She looked over her shoulder at the closed door of her parents bedroom. The noises her mother was making were getting to her, and Julie could feel her pussy getting wet again.

She thought about fucking herself with the Coke bottle, but that wouldn't squirt any cum inside her twitching cunt. Could she go over and see Fran and Paul again?

"Oh, fuck!" Julie tore off the shirt and shorts and picked up the Coke bottle in disgust.

She didn't want to use it, but it was handy, and the noises were making her squirm. Her pussy was wet and hot and Julie could feel her insides quivering, demanding attention.

She tossed the Coke bottle aside, it wouldn't do the job. Pulling on her clothes again, she opened the front door and went out and sat on the lawn, staring up at the evening sky.

"Hi Julie, your folks hame?"

Julie blinked. Right out of the blue and just what she needed! It was Del, the paper-boy. He had his collection book in his hand and was looking toward the open door of the house.

"Hi Del. They're home, but they're too busy fucking to pay the paper bill."

Del gaped at Julie. He'd never heard her talk like that before.

"Come on, sit down and wait. They'll be done soon." Julie patted the lawn beside her and Del, after a moment's hesitation, sat down, a puzzled expression on his face.

Julie looked him over and decided to risk it. He'd probably played with his sister enough to know what a girl's pussy was like.

"Hey Del, while we're waiting, you wanta have some fun?"

"Sure!" Del grinned at her uneasily. The sight of her titties in the half-light was getting him excited.

Julie gulped with excitement. "If you can get your cock nice and hard, I'll let you do it to me right now."

"Huh?" Del couldn't believe his ears. Julie wanted him to fuck her?

"You know what I mean," Julie smiled. She put her hand on Del's crotch and felt his hard on. Giving it a little squeeze, she said, "You can fuck me, Del. You can shove it into my cunt if you want."

"Sure!" Del boldly reached out and squeezed one of her breasts, feeling its heat despite the shirt she was wearing.

"Ummm, don't mess around." Julie slipped out of her shorts, not caring that they were in plain view of the entire street.

"Julie, you crazy or something?" Del looked around. "Someone might see us!"

"Yeah," Julie admitted. "You're right." She jumped up and pulled him up beside her.

"Come on, we'll do it in the house."

Virtually dragging him, Julie and Del went into the house and Julie shut the front door.

Del looked at her naked body below her shirt, his eyes fixed on the soft triangle of hair at the base of her belly. In spite of being nervous, his cock was stiff as a board, and the idea of stuffing Julie's pussy made his balls ache.

Julie pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside. She looked at Del impatiently, but he was looking nervously past her down the hall.

"What about your folks?" he asked nervously. Julie giggled. Motioning him to inflow her, she tiptoed down the hall until she reached the door to her parents' bedroom. She pressed her ear against it, and Del did the same.

"Ohhh! Fuck me, Al. Just keep shoving it into meeee!" Her mother was wailing softly and the two teen-agers could hear the squeak of the bedsprings.

Del almost giggled at the sound. It was wild to hear people doing that!

"Come on," Julie grabbed his arm. "Let's do it in my room. We can shut the door and you can fuck me as long as you want."

Del needed no urging. He was so hot he was ready to come in his pants.

In the bedroom, with the door shut, Julie wrapped her arms round him and pressed her body against his, grinding her hips back and forth frantically.

"Hurry up and get undressed," she whispered.

Del stripped out of his clothes, blushing, but horny. His thin cock stood away from his belly and Julie gripped it eagerly.

Del moaned and clamped his hands over her small breasts, feeling the wonderful silky flesh beneath his fingers. Bending his head, he sucked on each nipple, making Julie wiggle with pleasure.

"Umm, Del, that's nice!" Julie pumped his cock and reached for his balls, cupping them gently in her warm hand.

"Ohhh, shit! I'm gonna come!" Del gasped.

Julie dropped to her knees and her mouth engulfed his cock just in time. Spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her mouth and the eager girl swallowed it and sucked again, milking Del's cock dry.

"Ohhh, man oh man!" Del knew he had a silly grin on his face, but he couldn't help it. He'd never dreamed any girl would ever suck his cock, and here Julie was doing it, and not stopping!

"Don't get soft, Del," Julie panted. She lead him to the bed and lay down, spreading her legs open to show him the wet pink gash of her pussy.

"Shove it into me, Del. Fuck me right now!" She was begging for it, and they both knew it.

"I don't know how," Del admitted, blushing.

"It's okay," Julie said. "You lie down on your back and I'll get on top this first time. After that we can do it the regular way."

She was so frantic for cock her entire body trembled, but Julie straddled Del's hips and fumbled with his cock, feeling the head scrape her pussy lips.

"AHHHH!!!" Julie came the instant she felt Del's cock inside her. Sagging down, she drove his slim shaft all the way into her twitching cunt. Rocking back and forth, the length of him scraping her insides, Julie began to shudder and moan louder and louder as her next orgasm rumbled up out of her belly.

Del, feeling his cock caught in a warm vise, squeezed Julie's tits, rolling the nipples back and forth, making her moan even louder.

"Push," she gasped. "Shove your cock all the way inside MEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!" Julie screamed as Del did just what she wanted.

Rocking her hips back and forth, Julie slowly sagged forward until her body was resting on Del's, their arms wrapped around each other.

"Ohhh, that was super good, Del!" Julie kissed him gratefully, and Del clumsily kissed her back.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

Julie giggled. "I'll lie on my back and you can get on top and do it until you come again. I want your cum in my pussy. It's nice and hot and it'll make me came all over again."

Julie lifted herself off him and rolled on her back, opening her legs for him. Del knelt in front of her and clumsily felt for the gaping opening of her pussy. It took several tries, but finally he inserted the head of his cock and slid into her, making her gasp.

"Oooooooohhhhh," She grabbed him tightly. "I don't know what's better, fucking, or just getting stuffed!"

Del humped and pumped, Julie wiggling eagerly under him. He was super hot and in a few minutes he gripped her shoulders and jammed his cock all the way inside her greedy cunt.

"Here!" he gasped. "Take this!!"

"AHHH! YES!!!" Julie cried as she felt his cum fill her up.

Del shuddered and sighed with release. His tense body sagged and Julie wrapped her legs around his hips, holding him inside her.

"Don't come out. I know you're gonna get soft, but don't come out, okay."

Del nodded, too tired to speak. His balls ached as though they had been turned inside out, but the hot, pulsing tube of Julie's cunt felt so great he didn't want to get out.

"Ummm, Del, you're really nice. I don't know what I'd have done if you hadn't come along."

Del smiled and cupped her breast possessively. As far as he was concerned Julie was his girl.

Julie, drowzy and feeling very pleased with herself, let her legs slide down to the bed. She knew Del would come out, but his cum was inside her, and that was what counted as far as she was concerned.

"Ummm, Del." Julie hugged him and he gave her tit a little squeeze.

"I better get going, Julie." Del felt his cum-slick prick slide out of her hot pussy.

"Oh no, stay here a while," Julie protested. She didn't want to fuck again, but just having Del around to touch made her feel better.

"Uh, look, I'll come by tomorrow and we can go for a hike or somethin'. Okay?" Del kissed her clumsily, but with feeling.

"Yeah, we'll go off somewhere and take all our clothes off and fuck and fuck and fuck!" Julie giggled.

"Okay!" Del agreed enthusiastically.

Julie watched him get dressed, her hands idly stroking her body, feeling the weight of her breasts and the slick dampness of her pussy ooze and Del's cum on her pussy lips.

Al wandered into the living room and turned on the television set, idly flipping from one channel to another. Finding nothing of interest, he turned it off and settled back on the couch with a book, content to relax.

"Hi." Julie, dressed in an old shirt and a skirt, sat down on the couch beside him.

"Hi, honey. Feeling okay?" Al frowned at the way Julie left her shirt unbuttoned.

"Er, yeah." Julie flushed and buttoned the shirt, concealing the swells of her breasts.

"Your mother thinks she heard somebody in your room earlier. Did she?"

Julie looked at the floor and didn't answer.

"Okay," Al sighed. "Julie, I've been letting you do what you want, but I think it's about time you stopped and thought."

"What do you mean, Dad?"

Al's frown deepened and his voice became soft so Marjorie couldn't overhear him.

"You've been playing musical beds, or something like it, haven't you?"

"Well, sorta," Julie admitted.

"Okay. You're eighteen, and I'm damned if I'm going to try to interfere with your glands. But remember one thing -- some day you might bump into a situation you can't possibly handle. You might find yourself getting a lot more than you bargained for. There are people around with really kinky ideas about sex. Keep your sex confined to people who are not nervous. Don't ever just go off with someone because you like the way they look or the promises they make, and so on and so forth. Get the idea?"

Julie, sobered, nodded. That idea hadn't crossed her mind at all. She'd been told never to speak to strange men, but now she began to realize why she shouldn't, and it scared her.

"I'm sorry to be so heavy, Julie, but I think you're big enough and mature enough to realize that sex isn't just 'fucking around' with whoever turns you on. And now I'll shut up."

Julie leaned over and hugged her father.

"Thanks, Daddy," she said in a small voice.

Al patted her on the back. "Any time, kiddo. Just come to me for more hard words and can'ts and don'ts -- okay?"

Julie hugged him harder, her breasts pushing against his arm.

"Dad..." she began hesitantly.

"No," he interrupted her. "Julie, I know what you want, and you can't have it. My cock belongs to your mother, not to you. You can go looking for your own cock and when you find it, it'll be yours, not your daughter's. That make sense?"

"I guess it does," Julie sighed regretfully.

"Dinner's ready!" Marjorie called from the kitchen.

Al disentangled himself from Julie and got up. He bent over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry, kiddo, the ultimate cock is around, you just have to look for it." He kidded her, and Julie giggled.

After dinner was over, Marjorie and Al joined Julie in the living room. Julie couldn't help noticing that her mother had nothing on under her robe, it was gaping open to expose the curves of her breasts and almost all of her legs, and when she crossed her legs, Julie could see her wet thatch of pubic hair.

The teen-ager felt uncomfortable. She was alone, and her parents were together. It was a feeling she couldn't put into words, but somehow it was unfair. They could do it whenever they wanted, and she had to sneak around, not daring to tell them the truth except when they pearly dragged it out of her.

Of course, Julie realized, it could be a lot worse. They could be screaming and raising all kinds of hell about her fucking, and that would really be a bummer, she thought.

"Julie," Marjorie smiled at her daughter. "What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Well, Del and I were sorta planning to go somewhere."

"Del? Oh, the paper-boy. Well, if you want to, but your father and I were thinking about going swimming."

Damn! Julie loved to swim, but then she and Del couldn't do anything. She couldn't make up her mind, and that was the most annoying thing of all.

Marjorie smiled. "Del could come too, would that be all right?"

"Oh yeah!" Julie grinned with enthusiasm.

Al stretched and yawned.

"Tired?" Marjorie got up and went over, sitting on the arm of his chair.

"Not really. Would you like to go out? We could drive around a bit. Maybe down to the lake." Al stroked her arm, ignoring Julie completely.

Julie watched his hand slide inside her mother's robe, and Marjorie wiggled as he touched her.

"If you keep that up the only place we'll go is back to bed." Marjorie leaned against him, kissing him wetly.

Julie watched her mother pull her robe open, exposing the cones of her breasts to her father's touch. The teen-ager felt lust and anger at the same time. She wanted a fuck, and her parents were acting as though she didn't exist!

"Umm, Al, suck my tits, lover. Suck 'em up nice and hard," Marjorie encouraged him.

Julie got up and went to her room, shutting the door firmly. She wasn't going to let her parents tease her like that! She could dimly hear noises from the front room and she wished Del were here. They could suck and fuck all over again. Or better yet Paul and Fran or Diane and Chip.

"Shit!" Julie tore her clothes off and lay down on the bed, her legs spread open. She didn't waste time teasing herself, but jammed three fingers into her gooey cunt, trying to come as fast as she could.

"Uhhh!!" Her slim body twisted against her hands and Julie felt the wonderful sensation of release wash through her. She trembled and then relaxed, leaving her fingers rammed inside her cunt.

Chapter EIGHT

The next morning found both Marjorie and Julie in better moods. Al listened to their laughter and smiled to himself. Things were getting back on the right track!

Julie wanted to wear her bathing suit under her clothes, but when it came time to put it on, the teen-ager found that she had out-grown the suit since the fall.

"Mom!" Julie called for assistance and Marjorie, naked to the waist, came in to see what the trouble was.

"It's too small, Mom," Julie demonstrated by trying to fasten the halter. Her breasts bulged over the top of it and then popped out, the nipples an angry red color and hard.

Marjorie frowned. The only store that sold bathing suits was a long way away, and they wanted to get an early start for the lake.

"What am I gonna do?" Julie tossed the useless halter on to the bed.

"Put on one of your sun suit halters, the ones you made last year. They were pretty loose then and they might still fit," Marjorie suggested.

Julie took her mother's advice, but the biggest one hardly covered her tits.

"Just don't breathe too deeply and you'll be all right," Marjorie advised.

Giggling, Julie nodded her agreement.

The suit bottom still fit, but just barely. Julie felt it riding up into her crotch and she winced as it split her pussy open, rubbing against the sensitive inner flesh.

"That won't work," Marjorie shook her head. "You'll rub yourself raw just sitting still. Better wear a pair of shorts and take another pair to change into afterwards."

Julie gave Marjorie a grateful hug and mischievously tweaked one of her nipples, making Marjorie gasp with surprise.

"Julie!" Marjorie giggled, that's not fair, you little scamp. For two cents, I'd teach you a lesson.

Julie wrapped her legs around her mother's thigh and rubbed up and down, scraping her suddenly hot pussy flesh.

"Teach me, Mom," Julie whined. "I want you to teach me everything!"

Marjorie, her body shuddering with her sudden lust, gripped Julie's ass and pulled the cheeks apart. Before the girl could object, Marjorie's finger was gently stroking the puckered ring of her ass.

"Oooooohhh," Julie whined with pleasure and eagerly sucked on her mother's hot tits.

Marjorie arched her back, thrusting the heavy cones against Julie's head. She opened her legs and the two stood for a moment, crotches rubbing frantically.

"OHHHHHH!" Julie shuddered and Marjorie felt the hot wetness of her cunt ooze.

"That's my girl. OHHHHH!" Marjorie nearly fell down as her orgasm ripped through her. She grabbed Julie's ass again and dragged the limp girl against her.

"Do what you did last night," Marjorie begged. "Fist fuck me, honey."

Julie dropped to her knees and dragged her mother's shorts off. She buried her face in Marjorie's crotch, her tongue exploring the hot crevices of her mother's pussy. Marjorie moaned and began twisting her hips back and forth, her fingers tangled in Julie's hair.

"Nice," she whispered hoarsely. "You've got a nice tongue, Julie. Do, ohhh, yeah! Do that, honey!"

The taste of her mother's hot pussy juice made Julie want a cock inside her, but she knew she'd have to wait. Making a fist, she pushed it against her mother's wet crotch, and Marjorie groaned encouragement.

"Do it, baby, stuff it up my cunt!" Marjorie spread her legs farther apart and waited, her body trembling.

Julie inserted her fist and Marjorie bit her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure.

Julie shoved her fist into the hot sheath, spreading it wide open. As she pumped, her free hand gently separated the lips of her mother's pussy to expose the wet button of her clit.

Marjorie slowly sank down until she was sitting on Julie's narrow bed, her legs spread wide apart. Her tits shook with her heavy breathing, and she could tell she was going to come any second.

Julie fastened her mouth on her mother's clit and sucked hard, jamming her fist deep inside Marjorie's pulsing cunt sheath. Marjorie's body jerked and a low, animal howl of lust emerged from her lips. She fell backwards on the bed, her hands pulling and squeezing the hot cones of her tits.

"UHHHHH!" Marjorie shuddered as wave after wave of release thundered through her body. She was afraid she'd scream the house down, but everything was happening so fast she could only make small animal sounds of pleasure.

Julie, her face smeared with her mother's juices, lifted her head and smiled. Marjorie was writhing from side to side, her entire body a mass of reaction to the fist jammed inside her twat.

"Ohhh, Julie, that was wonderful!" Marjorie sighed and let her legs sprawl open, her feet on the floor.

Julie slowly pulled her wet fist out of her mother's crotch and stood between Marjorie's legs, her own slim body trembling.

"Now do me," she hissed. "Eat me, Mom. I want you to eat my cunt right now!"

Marjorie sat up and smiled at her daughter. She knew exactly how horny Julie felt and she sympathized with her.

"Open your legs, honey," Marjorie gently stroked Julie's rigid nipples and the teen-ager whined with eagerness.

Marjorie ran her hands down Julie's slim body and between her hot thighs. She opened the small lips of her daughter's pussy and bent her head, her tongue lashing out at the trembling bud of the girl's clit.

"MAMA!!" Julie had no inhibitions about screaming. Her body jerked back and forth against Marjorie's tongue lashing, and she felt herself melt and run out of her cunt as a massive gush of pussy juice oozed out.

"Ummm, you're my juicy little girl," Marjorie licked the hot juicy flesh, making Julie nearly scream again.

"Ohh, oh, oh, Mom! AHHHHH!!!" Julie shrieked as Marjorie's index finger slid inside her tight cunt.

Marjorie inserted two more fingers and then began masturbating her daughter, listening to Julie's cries of pleasure and lust as she came again and again.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Julie staggered back and nearly fell on the floor. Her thighs were soaked with her come ooze and Marjorie could see the gaping pink hole of her cunt.

"Better now, honey?"

Julie nodded, gasping for breath. "I musta come a dozen times!"

Julie rested for a moment and then slowly and reluctantly pulled her clothes on.

"I could do it all day long," she sighed.

Marjorie laughed and nodded agreement. She felt super-sexy herself. In spite of being fucked to exhaustion the night before, she was ready for Al's cock all over again.

Al shut the front door and got into the car. Marjorie looked at her watch and sighed, they were already late.

Al looked in the rear view mirror at Julie and Del. They were sitting close together, and Julie had already unbuttoned her blouse because of the heat. Del had his arm over her shoulders and, as Al watched, his hand disappeared inside her halter, cupping one of her small tits.

"Ummm, I'm gonna relax and enjoy it today," Marjorie slid down in the seat and propped her knees against the dash board. Her position made her tits bulge over the top of her halter, and Al couldn't resist the opportunity to tease her a bit.

He reached over and gently undid the necktie of her halter, letting the material fall away from her heavy breasts to expose her thick nipples.

"Now what?" Marjorie made no attempt to cover her nakedness, but merely stared at her husband.

Al shrugged. "They're too nice to keep covered up like that."

"What's he doing, Mom?" Julie asked.

"Your father thinks I look better topless so he undid my halter." Marjorie cupped her heavy breasts and gently teased the nipples.

"Wow," Del whispered to Julie. "Does she mean it?"

Julie leaned forward slightly and then sat back, nodding.

"She's naked, just like she said. Her nipples are real hard. Make mine hard, too, Del." Julie whispered and pulled his hand back on to her hot little tit.

"Julie, cut it out!" Al spoke sharply. "There'll be lots of time for that once we get to the lake."

Blushing, Julie untangled herself from Del and moved away from him.

Marjorie sighed and tied her halter back up, carefully centering the heavy cones of her breasts in the skimpy cups.

"I didn't say you had to stop," Al complained.

"I know, but without you to play with too, it's no fun." Marjorie sat back up and turned to look at the teen-agers. She reached over the seat and gently squeezed Del's hard on through his pants.

"It's all right, kids. Things will loosen up once we get to the lake."

Del, purple with embarrassment, tried to make Marjorie stop playing with him, but her fingers were stroking him just right and he was going to blow his load in a second.

Julie brushed her mother's hand out of the way and opened Del's pants. His cock leaped up at her and the girl sucked it eagerly, feeling it throbbing inside her mouth.

"Ohhh, shiiiiit!" Del moaned as he blasted his load into Julie's mouth.

"What the hell is going on back there?" Al tried to look, but the traffic was too heavy.

"Don't worry, honey. It's just a practical demonstration of hydraulics and the employment of a selective vacuum." Marjorie smiled at him.

"Huh? Oh for God's sake, Marjorie!" Al laughed. "I told you to stop bugging Julie, not to encourage her!"

Julie lifted her head from Del's lap and wiped the cum off her chin. She smiled at her mother and Marjorie winked.

Del and Julie relaxed in the back seat, content to listen to Marjorie and Al chatter. Del started to put his limp cock back inside his pants, but Julie stopped him. She gently cupped it with her warm hand and squeezed softly. Del nodded and watched.

Julie undid her shorts and slide her fingers inside.

"I'm gonna play with myself until I'm nice and wet and juicy. And all the time I'm doing it, I'll be thinking about your cock," Julie whispered.

Del felt his cock stiffen at the idea. He could see the top of Julie's pussy hair, and it was already wet.

Julie slid her fingers into her hot pussy slit and trembled. It felt so fucking good! She wished Del was stuffing her cunt with his cock, but that would come later. Right now, the teen-ager reached for her clit and battered the sensitive button without mercy -- she was so hot!!

"Uhh," Julie sighed and relaxed, pulling her wet fingers out of her pussy. She licked them off and then fastened her shorts while Del put his cock back in his pants.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and by the time they reached the lake, everyone was looking forward to a cooling swim.

The air was warm but the lake water was cold, and Julie shrieked as she walked in. Finding a deep spot, she paddled around for a moment, rolling on her back.

Marjorie looked at her daughter and laughed. Julie's halter was gaping open and both of her firm little tits were completely exposed.

"Take it off, honey. We won't mind," Marjorie called.

Julie untied her halter and tossed it up on the bank. She glanced at her father and blushed slightly, feeling his eyes on her.

Del was alongside her, and the two teen-agers swam out away from the shore, feeling for the bottom every so often.

"Here," Del called. "I'm standing on a rock or something. Come here, Julie."

Julie swam over to him and put her feet down. Del had found a large rock and there was enough room for both of them to stand comfortably.

Marjorie swam back and forth lazily, enjoying the feeling of the water on her skin. She thought for a moment about taking her suit off and swimming naked, but she wasn't sure whether Al would go along with the idea.

"Honey, if you don't mind, I'm going to skinny dip," Marjorie said.

Al, a few yards away, shrugged. "It's your body, kid. I don't mind in the least."

Marjorie gladly shucked off her suit and tossed it beside Julie's abandoned halter. Now things felt better indeed! Suddenly Al was alongside her, and Marjorie felt his big hands on her body.

"You want to get yourself stuffed?" he asked playfully.

"Now that's an offer I can't possibly refuse," Marjorie reached down and gripped his cock though his trunks.

"Right here and now?"

Al had a huge hard on, and Marjorie could feel its heat flowing up her arm and all though her eager body.

"Right here and now," she confirmed, her voice hoarse with lust.

Marjorie played with her cunt as Al stripped his suit off. He tossed it up on the bank and then wrapped his arms around her, his stiff cock slapping against her thigh.

"Oooooh, you're so big!" Marjorie grabbed him eagerly.

Al lifted her up and Marjorie wrapped her legs around his waist. There was an agonizing delay until his cock was in position and then Marjorie shrieked as he plugged her hot sheath.

"OHHHHH, fuck meeeee!" Marjorie's body twisted in delicious agony as Al plunged into her. She was wet and more than ready for him, but that first plunge was always something special.

"I'm gonna fuck you until your eyeballs pop!" Al grunted.

"Yes, do it!" Marjorie gasped eagerly. "Make me scream, honey. I love it when you fuck me hard!!" Julie and Del turned and watched the couple.

They couldn't see much, but every time Al moved, Julie could sense her mother's mounting lust.

The horny girl reached dawn and grabbed Del's cock through his swim suit.

"Take it off and I'll play with you real nice," Julie promised breathlessly.

Del took off his trunks and then pulled at Julie's.

"Take yours off and we'll really have a ball," he said boldly.

Julie nodded agreement. "Not here, though," she cautioned. "Let's get up in the bushed over there."

Splashing, swimming and wading, the two teen-agers made their way to shore. Just as Julie climbed out of the water she heard her mother scream with pleasure, and the sound twisted a knife of lust deep inside her own guts.

"Hurry," Julie dragged Del into the bushes and out of sight of her parents. She pulled off her sopping wet shorts and lay down on the hard ground, her slim legs spread open.

"Hurry and fuck me, Del. I want a cock inside me right now!"

Del didn't need any encouragement. His cock was throbbing hot. He dropped to his knees, fumbled with her hot cunt for an instant, and then his slim prick slipped into her.

"Ahhh, deeper! I want cock!" Julie lifted her legs in the air, feeling Del go deeper inside her as she did so.

"Uhhh, you're tight!" Del exclaimed.

"Fuck me, just fuck meeeeeeee!" Julie wailed.

Del gripped her hard breasts and squeezed them, driving his cock all the way in. Julie bucked against him, howling with pleasure. The pressure on his cock was too much, and Del felt his cum squirt into her hot cunt.

"Ohhhh, you're cum's so hot!!" Julie panted.

"Yeah, like it?"

"Ummm, Del, hard! Fuck me hard, now!!" Julie gripped his arms with desperate urgency.

Del pumped hard and Julie's body shuddered. She opened her mouth to scream, but she could only whine. She felt as though Del were tearing her open and throwing the pieces away.

"YES!" she screamed.

Del kept pumping as Julie's orgasms subsided. She let her legs fall to the ground and then her hands slipped away from Del's arms.

"Ohhh, I came so hard! I thought the top of my head was going to blow off," she sighed with pleasure.

"You okay?" Del was still squeezing her tits.

"Ohh, yeah. Just don't stop touching me, Del I like your hands on me." Julie smiled happily.

"Kids, want some lunch?" Marjorie called.

Both Julie and Del realized they were hungry. Del reluctantly pulled his prick out of her and got to his feet, holding out a hand. Julie got up and they waked naked to the picnic table.

"Well, you two look like you've been enjoying yourselves," Marjorie gave Julie a kiss and then gently stoked Del's half-erect cock affectionately.

Del blushed, but was bold enough to cup one off Marjorie's heavy breasts.

Al looked at his daughter with a faint flush of embarrassment. She was really a small edition of her mother. Given time her hips would fill out and her breasts increase in size, and then, Al thought, the fun and games would really begin.

For her part Julie couldn't stop looking at her father's cock. It was bigger than any of the others that had been inside her, and the teen-ager couldn't help wondering what it would feel like, all hot and stiff, stuffed in her tight little pussy.

Lunch was eaten in relative silence, with Al or Marjorie commenting on something every now and then. As she finished her beer, Marjorie sighed with pleasure and patted her flat stomach.

"Now I feel better," she announced.

"I've always thought you felt with your hands," Julie giggled.

"I'll teach you!" Marjorie grabbed her and pulled her across her lap.

"Mom!" Julie protested as Marjorie gave her a light slap on the ass.

"That'll teach you to make better jokes than your mother," Al smiled.

Julie got up and sat down by her father. Smiling at him, she put her hand on his thigh.

Al looked at her, his eyebrows raised. He draped his arm over her shoulder and hugged her gently.

"Having fun, honey?"

Julie nodded. "You bet," she sighed. "Good, honey. Now you just climb up here, and I'll stuff you nice and full!"

Julie straddled the thick pole of her father's cock and felt the juicy lips of her pussy open for the first thrust.


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