I saw mommy kissing...

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it did then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's word.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

I SAW MOMMY KISSING... is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Chapter ONE

Catherine Weatherby wondered if her daughter was getting fucked. The girl was out on a date and it was after midnight. It was the sort of thing that a mother wondered about.

Catherine wasn't worried, however. She loved fucking, herself. She assumed that her daughter would inherit her sexual inclinations, but she wasn't sure if the girl had started fucking yet, or was still a virgin. Catherine didn't care. In fact, it made her horny to imagine the girl getting fucked with a big, hard prick. She liked to think about it. She liked to play with her pussy while she thought about her daughter getting fucked, in all the graphic detail her imagination could supply.

She thought about it now.

Catherine was in bed with her husband, Robert.

Robert was asleep.

Didn't he wonder why their daughter, Joanne, was not tome yet?

She wondered if her husband, too, liked to think about the girl getting fucked. She hoped so. She liked to imagine Robert beating his meat while he considered his daughter's sexual behavior. It excited her to think of her husband masturbating -- although he certainly didn't have to jack off, because Catherine's cunt was always available, and never once had she refused him a fuck. But still -- it was a pleasant speculation. And, too, Catherine got all the prick she wanted from Robert and still enjoyed giving herself the odd hand-job, so what the hell.

Catherine was thirty-six.

She was a beautiful woman with a mane of tawny hair, slanted eyes the color of jade and a wide, sensuous mouth. Her tits were large and firm, capped by big, usually stiff nipples. Her legs were long, smooth and shapely. They seemed to have been designed expressly for the purpose of wrapping themselves around a man's flanks as he fucked in between. Her pussy was a caldron most of the time.

Before she married Robert, Catherine had been quite promiscuous, to the delight of the many men who dated her.

She had not cheated on Robert since they were wed, however.

She had thought about committing adultery and the idea was exciting, but she hadn't actually done it. She wasn't sure why, but she knew a large part of it was the fact that her husband was possessed of the biggest prick she had ever seen. That huge hunk of cockmeat was his main asset -- and the main reason why she had married Robert instead of one of the other men who had proposed.

She didn't regret it.

But she did like to think about fucking other men.

Lying awake, on her back, Catherine cupped her hand over her crotch and squeezed gently. She wasn't really finger-fucking herself. She was just petting her pussy. Her cunt responded to her caress. The lips of her cunt unfurled like the petals of a pink blossom and the cunt slit opened into an oval slot that filled up with creamy cunt juice. Her clit began to tingle.

She thought about waking Robert for a fuck.

Or should she just finger-fuck herself, instead?

Robert, too, was lying on his back. Catherine reached across his hips and sought his prick. It was not hard, but even soft it was an impressive hunk of cockmeat. She stroked his prick with her fingertips and smiled as she felt it tense and tremble, awakening even though its master was still sound asleep.

A car pulled up in front of the house.

The engine was running. Catherine listened. After a few minutes, the car door closed and she heard Joanne walk up the front steps onto the porch. The car left. The front door opened. Joanne came in and came directly up to bed. Catherine heard her go down the hallway.

It was after one now. Catherine grinned wickedly. She figured that Joanne must have been doing something. If she wasn't fucking, she had at least been doing some heavy petting. The girl was certainly old enough to know what cocks were for. She had been out with a boy who had his own car and looked like a horny rascal.

Catherine had lost her own cherry when she was quite young.

She hadn't regretted it in the slightest. Far from it. She was glad to get rid of the damned thing. It had happened in the back seat of a convertible with a boy who could hardly believe it when she let him go all the way. He had been a virgin, too. Catherine hadn't liked him very much, really -- he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

She had decided that morning that it was time to get fucked.

The boy had called and asked for a date a few minutes after she had made that decision.

So he got to fuck her.

After that, Catherine fucked every boy and man that took her out, usually on the first date. If she liked him or found him particularly attractive or exciting, she sucked his cock, as well. Then she met Robert, and her promiscuous period ended.

But she looked back fondly on those days. She identified with her daughter, who was now in those formative years. Lucky Joanne! Catherine imagined her in the car with her date.

What was his name? Johnny something. Johnny Watson, that was it. Not that his name mattered at all. Catherine wondered if he was a virgin. He was a good-looking teenager.

Catherine found herself fantasizing more and more about young boys lately. When she was a teenager, she had preferred older men. Now that she was in her thirties, the thought of fucking a teenage boy drove her wild. She would have loved to seduce a sexy teenaged boy. Preferably a virgin.

Catherine tingled at the thought.

He would be horny, desperate for pussy, yet innocent. She could leach him all about fucking, running the gamut of sexual couplings, introducing him to lust and love.

She figured she would take his cock in her mouth, first. She would suck him off.

What a thrill it would be to have a mouthful of big, hot, hard, virgin prick! What a delicious treat. And when he shot his virgin jism into her mouth, she knew she would melt with joy.

Then they would fuck for a long time.

The boy would probably come quickly once he had his cock in her cunt, but he would have the endurance and the stamina of his youth, and he would keep right on fucking, without pause, even after he came. He would fuck her from the top, then from the back. She could get on top after a while and fuck another orgasm out of him. He would fill her hot cunt to the brim with load after load of his cum.

Of course, it was all just fantasy.

She wouldn't really do a thing like that.

Would she?

She was getting awfully horny now, as she rubbed her pussy and thought about that imaginary young boy.

Then she thought about her daughter again, wondering once more if Joanne had started fucking yet or if she was still at the stage of giving hand-jobs and getting finger-fucked.

That was an exciting thought, in itself. She imagined Joanne pumping merrily away on a stout young prick, passionately panting as she pulled, the boy starting to moan and whimper -- and then all of a sudden a great stream of jism erupting from the head of his cock and flying up to splash on the headliner of the car. Or maybe she liked to jack boys off on her tits. That was a happy thought, all that hot, thick spunk spurting onto the girl's tits and nipples. And afterwards -- did she wipe their pricks with a Kleenex or lick them clean with her tongue?

The thought was so thrilling that Catherine found herself actually hoping that her daughter was a cock-sucker.

Catherine certainly was.

Chapter TWO

Ever since she had her first taste of cockmeat, Catherine had been a devoted cocksucker. Even before she'd had that first taste, she had been pretty sure that it was a thing she was going to enjoy, but she hadn't realized how succulent a cock was until she'd gobbled the first one. She had already fucked four or five boys by then and was very curious about cock-sucking and eager to try it.

But she had been shy at first. She had an idea that sucking cock was the sort of thing that proper young ladies did not do, until they were married, or at least engaged to be married. It seemed naughtier than straightforward fucking. So, although her mouth watered for prick, she resisted the urge to gulp one -- until on one fortunate evening a randy young man had slipped his cockmeat into her mouth without any warning. It surprised her so much that she gasped and inhaled. Inhaling was much the same thing as sucking. The delighted girl kept right on at it after that first sharp intake of breath, sucking away until she had milked him dry.

She swallowed every drop of his cum.

Cum made a delicious conclusion to the meaty meal and Catherine became a confirmed cock-sucker on the spot. The hell with her reputation, she figured -- cock was too tasty to turn down. After that she did plenty of cocksucking, sometimes just as a preliminary to fucking, but often as an end in itself, drinking the man's spunk hungrily. One wonderful night she even let half a dozen horny youths gang-bang her in the mouth, one right after the other, drinking her fill.

Later, calling her a cock-sucker, they kicked her out of the car on a lonely road.

Walking home, she was offered a lift by a traveling salesman.

She sucked his cock, too.

Thinking about the joy of cock-sucking and cum-drinking now, Catherine really began to steam. She remembered all the time she had done it, and she imagined her daughter sucking cock with the same style, skill and gusto.

Her cunt was like a burning ember between her smooth thighs.

She stroked her clit and pushed her middle finger in and out of her slippery fuck-hole.

She played with her husband's prick with her other hand, stroking gently. His big cock began to expand and grow hard, although he was still asleep. It excited her to give him a hard-on while he was sleeping, helpless, not even realizing it -- maybe beginning a wet dream. She folded her fist around his thick cock and began to slowly pump up and down, until his massive prickshaft was standing in a rampant tower of throbbing cockmeat. She pulled the covers down so that she could see his cock while she stroked it. She decided to jerk him off while she finger-fucked herself, wondering if she could make him come without waking him up.

Then she had a better idea, horny woman that she was.

Catherine decided to suck his cock while he slumbered.

Lying on her side, supported by an elbow, Catherine gazed adoringly at Robert's huge cocklance as it stood above his loins in a throbbing tower of iron-hard cockmeat.

Catherine licked her lips.

She was wondering how to do it.

To a lesser woman, that might have seemed a strange consideration. To a woman who sucked cock strictly to please a man, or because she enjoyed it mildly and in moderation, cock-sucking was cock-sucking, plain and simple. They popped a prick in their mouth and sucked and, after a while, were rewarded with a mouthful of hot jism which they swallowed or, if they were not so inclined, spat delicately out.

These women did not realize the endless variety of approaches to cock-sucking, the countless styles and skills involved. They were limited to a single method and stuck to it, sucking each cock in the same way, each time.

But cock-hungry Catherine liked to vary her technique, and she knew all the varieties from delicious experience.

Sometimes she took Robert's cockhead into her mouth and sucked softly on it, her tongue fluttering back and forth against the underside of the fat slab of prickmeat, causing it to flare and swell and fill her mouth to the brim. It lasted a long time that way. She liked to make it last, for she truly enjoyed the cockmeat course that preceded the creamy dessert. Not touching him at all, except for the head of his prick, she gave a prolonged, leisurely blowjob.

At other times, she speeded the process up by stroking his cockshaft while sucking on the cock-knob -- jerking him off into her mouth, in effect. It was not as gentle and tender that way, with her fist doing most of the work, but it got the job done in a hurry and was useful when they did not have a great deal of time, or when Catherine happened to be really starving for a load of jism.

Again, she might use only her mouth, but bob her head up and down so that, instead of sucking only on the fat cockhead, she took the whole long prick into her mouth -- and even down into her gullet -- deep-throating him with a steady rhythm.

Often she did not use her mouth at all, but only her hot and nimble tongue, lapping and laying the cock-knob or tonguing up the prickstalk until his creamy cum spurted out in a torrent, skimming past her cheek. Then she would gather the delicious stuff up with her questing tongue, licking his cockrod and prickknob glistening clean.

Sometimes she liked to have him jerk himself off in her mouth, or on her fat tits, which was not really a blow-job at all but had the same end result when she subsequently sucked his prick-knob and slurped the spunk from the big slab of purple cockmeat.

And the positions changed, as well.

She loved to kneel down in front of him as he stood, giving a classic kneeling blow-job just like a whore in an alley. Sometimes she did this outdoors, in the back yard, thrilled by the idea that one of the neighbors might see them. Once or twice, she had done it when they were at someone else's house, at a party, taking Robert into the bathroom and kneeling before him with the door unlocked, driven to wild joy by the thought that anyone might walk in and find her with a mouthful of prick.

She also liked to have Robert get on top of her, straddling her torso, his balls sliding over her tits as he fucked her in the mouth.

She didn't do anything when they did it that way. She just opened her mouth and let him pour the prick to her at his own pace; the fat shaft of cock fucking in and causing her to gasp and then blowing his wad in with such force that it nearly blew tier head right off his cock as it hit her throat.

How should she do it now, while he slept? She decided that a soft, gentle blow-job was in order. She wanted to make him come without waking him up.

Catherine was fantasizing wildly now.

She pretended that he was Joanne's boyfriend and that she was about to seduce the teenager. And then she pretended that she a Joanne, about to blow her own father.

These dark fantasies were causing her to pant with passion. Her pussy was overflowing. She cupped her cunt in her hand and her palm filled up with cunt juice. The hot pussy juice overflowed and ran down her thighs.

But she was determined not to reach the crest yet, to save her own orgasm to coincide with her husband's, and she did not rub her cunt. She just held her flowing cunt in her hand, as if to contain the lust within her loins.

She leaned over Robert's belly.

Not touching him yet, she blew her heated breath down onto the head of his prick. The big cockrod swapped like a palm tree in a tropical gale and the cockhead flared out in a wide wedge. Dark veins pulsed up his prickshaft and his balls expanded like balloons.

Catherine was drooling for a mouthful of cum, but she delayed, teasing herself, prolonging the feast.

She began to flick the tip of her tongue lightly over the very end of his cockhead, licking and laying. Moving lower, she licked his swollen balls lovingly, feeling the hard balls shift inside the hairy sac as her talented tongue caressed them. His balls were enormous now, filled with a lovely load of cum, and she knew that it would not take very long to milk that succulent sac of its nectar.

She tongued up his prickstall tracing along the pulsing vein, licking, from balls to cockknob. Then she did it again, switching her tongue back and forth this time, zig-zagging up his prickrod. She flutter-kissed his cock at the electric point of sensation where his thick cockshaft spread out into the fat, flaring wedge of his cockhead.

A trickle of preliminary spunk oozed from the cleft of his cockhead.

"Oooooh!" Catherine whimpered.

She drew back slightly, watching that solitary nugget of quick silvery cum run sluggishly down the slope of his prick-knob and onto his cockshaft. Then she gathered it up with her tongue. She let the tasty drop of precum slip around on her tongue for a moment, savoring the flavor and the texture, then she swallowed it down happily.

It made her ravenous for more cum.

She kissed the tip of his prick and then slowly spread her lips apart, feeding cock into her mouth.

She began to suck steadily on the burning prick-knob.

His cock expanded, filling her mouth said that the hot cockmeat pressed into both of her cheeks at the same time. As she sucked, her cheeks hollowed in. Her tongue slipped round his prick-knob, lovingly lapping as she slurped. Her lips peeled outwards, dragging and pulling.

Now she began to rub her cunt to a froth.

She was using both hands on her frenzied crotch, rubbing her rigid cm with one hand and finger-fucking up her hot fuck-hole with the other. She pushed three fingers up, turning them around inside her pussy. Her clit was like a stick of dynamite ready to explode.

Robert began to moan and whimper in his sleep.

Catherine would have loved to know what dark dreams were drifting through his mind, induced by her hot mouth.

She was ready to come.

She held back, wanting him to come with her. She knew it would not be long now. His prick was swelling alarmingly, filling her mouth with steaming cockmeat. A steady trickle of spunk poured onto her tongue, heralding the load that was on the way. She let the cum run down her throat, whetting her appetite. She began to move her head up and down a little, feeding cock into her gullet and sucking on every precious inch as the cockmeat went in and out.

"Come," she whispered, the word muffled on his prickmeat. She was speaking not to his ears but to his prick. "Come for me, darling -- come in my mouth -- give me all that hot, thick jism..."

Robert groaned.

His balls suddenly contracted.

The heavy flood of cum rushed up his prickrod and spurted from his cockhead, filling her mouth with delicious, slippery fuck cream. Catherine gasped with joy. She gulped his cum down to make room for more. He blew a second mighty geyser into her gullet. The hot jism overflowed her lips and poured down her chin. She sucked away merrily, drinking mouthful after mouthful of cum with voracious greed.

Her pussy melted.

Hot cunt juice flooded from her pussy and saturated her crotch. Cunt juice seeped down into the crack of her taut ass and poured down the mammoth slopes of her thighs. Her hands worked furiously, rubbing and finger-fucking as she worked off her wonderful climax, gulping down jism atone end and creaming out cunt juice at the other.

Catherine milked his balls dry.

She drained her cunt.

Then she used her tongue to gather up the stray drops of spunk that had escaped her lips and run down onto his cock and balls. She didn't waste a single drop of the yummy stuff.

Sleepy now in the glowing aftermath of her climax, Catherine curled up beside Robert, snuggling close. He was still asleep. He was smiling contentedly.

It must have been a very nice dream, she thought.

Chapter THREE

"Did you have a nice time last night?" Catherine asked her daughter, at the breakfast table.

Robert was still upstairs, sleeping late.

Joanne shrugged.

Joanne was a very pretty girl. She looked a great deal like her mother, with the same tawny hair and green eyes and sensual mouth. Her body was slim, pert and nubile -- with firm little tits that pressed out saucily against her blouse and a trim ass shaped like an inverted valentine molded by her tight jeans.

"You don't seem very enthusiastic," Catherine said. She was curious about the details.

Joanne shrugged again.

"You were out quite late," said Catherine.

Joanne blushed slightly. "Johnny wouldn't bring me home."

"Oh?" Catherine said, raising an eyebrow, interested.

"We went to a movie and then he wanted to go park. You know?" Joanne said, looking a trifle embarrassed.

Catherine knew now. She smiled. "And did you?" she asked. "Yess-yes. I didn't want to, really. But he just drove out to this place in the country, and I didn't have much choice in the matter. Nothing happened, of course. But, he's all hands."

Catherine felt oddly disappointed. "Anyhow, I spent most of the evening pushing his hands away," Joanne went on. "First in the movie and then in the car. He was going to make me get out and walk home unless I let him feel me up. So I had to let him play with my tits for a while, to keep him happy."

Catherine smiled.

"Oh? Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, gee -- I mean, it feels kind of nice when a boy rubs your tits, I guess. But I'm not that sort of girl."

Catherine wondered if the girl was telling her the truth.

She thought about Johnny Watson playing with Joanne's tits.

"Didn't he expect you to do anything? You know -- to play with his cock, maybe?"

"Oh, Mom!"

"Well, it's natural," Catherine said.

Now Joanne was really blushing deeply. "He made me jerk him off," she said. "Did he? Tell me about it."

"Well, he said I would have to get out of the car if I didn't. And we were way out in the country. And he wouldn't take no for an answer. So, finally, I took his cock out and pumped it up and down and he shot all over my legs."

"Didn't he try to -- fuck you?" Catherine asked, intrigued.

Joanne naturally assumed that her mother's interest was in her welfare and chastity, not realizing it was a lustful interest.

"No," she said. "I think he's a virgin, really. Anyhow, he was satisfied with a hand-job, thank heavens."

"Are you seeing him again?"

"I don't think so -- although I had to tell him I would. He's just too interested in sex."

This conversation was making Catherine horny again.

With vicarious fascination, she wished that her daughter had more to confess -- or to admit. She would have loved to hear that Joanne had been fucked or had given the boy a blow-job.

She would have loved to give the boy a blowjob, herself, as a matter of fact.

Robert was still in bed.

Catherine decided to go back upstairs and get fucked.

Robert was just about to get out of bed. He had pulled the covers off and was just going to sit up when Catherine came into the bedroom. He noticed the gleam in her jade-green eyes, and he knew from long experience what that signified. He grinned at her and stayed where he was, naked and uncovered.

Catherine closed the door.

She was wearing a dressing gown -- nothing else. She slipped it off as she advanced onto the bed. Robert watched her. His prick was not erect. It hung down in a fat loop along his thigh. But now his cock began to twitch a bit, rising as if it were a periscope elevating to observe the approach of the naked woman.

It was a sight worth seeing. Her pelvis swayed and her big, firm tits rolled together, forming a deep cleavage at the inner circumference of the tit globes. Her tits were almost too large for her slender torso. Her pussy mound was bushy, a tangled, curly thicket of light brown hair gently rounded at the apex of her sleek thighs. The flesh of her inner thighs glistened.

She sat on the edge of the bed.

"What are you after?" Robert asked, grinning.

"Cock," she said.

He raised up and slurped one of her stiff nipples into his mouth. He sucked and the taut bud stiffened more.

"Ummm," she sighed, cradling his head to her tit.

His prick was at half-mast now, not fully erect. She decided that he was in need of some stimulation.

"Joanne was just telling me about her date last night, darling. That naughty Watson boy made her jack him off before he'd drive her home. It made me horny."

Robert drew back, surprised. Her nipple popped from his lips like a cork from a bottle.

"Does Joanne do things like that?" he asked.

"Well, she had no choice."

"Maybe I'd better have a word with that young man."

"Oh, I don't think she minded very much. After all, she is eighteen -- old enough for that, if nothing more."

The knowledge that his sexy young daughter had jerked a boy off had a desirable effect on Robert. His prick snapped upright and tightened it was so taut that it began to tingle. For a long moment, they looked at each other, both of them thinking about Joanne with a handful of cum-spurting prick. Then Robert grinned and lowered his head to Catherine's plump tit once more.

Is he pretending it's Joanne's tit? she wondered. But, she didn't mind.

It only served to make her hotter, hinting as it did of naughty, incestuous inclinations. She rubbed her tits against him and fondled her fist around the root of his cock, holding him but not moving, not wanting to risk having him came in her hand -- when her pussy was burning for that huge hunk of cockmeat.

She smiled impishly. "Did you have a nice dream last night, darling? A nice, wet dream?"

He looked up, his mouth still working on her tit.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"I sucked you off while you were asleep," she said. "I finger-fucked myself and sucked your big prick until you came."

"How very thoughtful of you," Robert said.

Catherine was really and truly getting in the mood now. Her imagination had worked her up to the heights.

"While I was blowing you, I was pretending that you were Joanne's boyfriend, darling -- I was making believe that I was sucking off a teenaged boy..."

"Slut!" he said, but he didn't mind at all. "And then I made believe that it was you -- and I was Joanne!" she went on. "I pretended I was sucking my father off."

Robert made a strangled, gasping sound as that erotic confession registered. His cock began to throb. He had often, had such incestuous thoughts, himself -- not seriously considering it, but enjoying the erotic fantasy -- and realizing that his wife shared those ideas filled him with wild lust. It was evident from the way his prick was pounding away like a jackhammer in her hand.

"You'd like Joanne to suck your cock, wouldn't you?" Catherine said, her voice husky with desire.

"I-I don't know..."

"I wouldn't mind, darling. I'd-I'd like to watch!"

Of course, this is merely pillow talk, Catherine thought. They weren't at all serious about such a wicked, depraved thing. Or were they?

Catherine could wait no longer.

Her steaming cunt was desperate to get fucked, her sexual nature abhorring the vacuum of an empty pussy. She drew away. Robert's lips continued to suck for a moment, even after her nipple had been withdrawn.

She pushed him down onto his back and rose onto her knees, throwing one thigh across his belly and straddling him. Robert settled back, quite happy to let her take the initiative and the dominant position, to enjoy having her ride his cock to a conclusion.

She began to rub the head of his cock against her flooded pussy gash, using his prickhead like a spoon to stir the creamy bowl of her cunt. She was trembling and panting.

He moaned softly, his eyes closing. Cunt juice was flowing from her pussy and running down his prick. He pushed up from the bed, wanting to bury his cock in that sweet, hot fuck-hole. The cocktip slipped in.

Catherine whimpered, her slim body vibrating.

Then she slowly lowered her pussy down onto his prick, feeding the big cockrod into her cunt inch by inch.

She sank down all the way.

His massive cock filled her loins and belly and his balls were jammed against her crotch. Her cunt lips plastered themselves against his belly like a suction cup. The two fuckers seemed to be glued together by sticky cunt juice, her pussy melting on his prick like a wax candle around a hot poker.

She held that full penetration, for a long moment, thrilling to the joy of having her cunt stuffed full of hard prick, and letting him savor the pleasure of having every inch of his gigantic cock buried in her pussy.

Then she began to ride his cock.

Her sleek thighs tensed as she rose up. She corkscrewed her hips. Her cunt pulled and dragged on his prick, sucking and slurping like a mouth. Her talented curd muscles began to frolic on his prick, closing in a series of concentric rings that tightened her fuck-hole around his cock and molded her inner pussy to his big plunger through every precious inch of his cocklance.

Her fat tits swayed as she gyrated and her trim, teardrop-shaped ass undulated as she ground her cunt down onto his prick. Her face was contorted by passion, eyes narrowed, lips slack, pink tongue running back and forth across her mouth. Catherine gave herself totally to lust and it registered on her face as a mask of lewd desire.

She moaned softly and punctuated the steady sound with little short, sharp gasps. She worked steadily, rising and falling. As his fat cock emerged from her fuck-hole, thick streamers of cunt juice poured down his cockshaft and pooled on his bloated balls. Then she went down again and his thick cock vanished to the hilt in her creamy cunt slot.

Robert arched under her.

He wasn't fucking up to meet her. He held his body stiff, a bridge on which she could set the tempo to suit herself. He reached up to massage her tits as they swayed above him. He stroked her flanks. He gripped her by her hipbones, then cupped her writhing ass. He finger-fucked her asshole and then dipped his hand in between their churning bellies and began to rub her clit.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Oooooh!"

She was soaring towards the peak.

Waves of sensation coursed laterally across her belly and loins and electric currents of lust ran up her thighs, crashing together in her pussy. Her cunt had started to cream. Her pussy was melting in the heat of orgasm.

"I'm coming!" she wailed.

Robert knew that.

He could feel her pussy melting. He fucked up from the bed. Then, driving his giant prick in as far as it would go, he came.

His rising geyser of cum blasted into her cunt with such force that it tilted her ass and almost blew her right off the end of his cock. It felt as if she had been standing astride Old Faithful when his prick erupted.

She wailed with joy as she felt all that hot, thick jism streaming into her pussy and she kept grinding away, working off her own orgasm to the dregs and milking his prick dry.

It had been a wonderful fuck.

Catherine thought so.

Robert thought so.

And Joanne, looking through the keyhole, thought so, too.

Chapter FOUR

As soon as she had told her mother about the sexual demands that Johnny Watson had made, Joanne regretted it. She had told the truth, but that was not the point.

The point was, she had enjoyed jacking the boy off.

Oh, she had been reluctant, at first. She was not a sexually experienced girl and she had resisted when he first tried to feel her pussy and, again, when he had asked her to handle his prick.

But she had been able to justify it, to rationalize it.

He had told her that if she wouldn't jerk him off, at least, he would make her walk home. Joanne had reasoned that it would be a long, cold, lonely walk home. It might well be risky, too -- a girl all alone on a dark country road. Why, there was no telling what might happen to her, what dangers might be lurking in the fields and forests, that bordered the road, or in the cars that traveled along it in the dark of night. There might be rapists galore, sex maniacs in abundance, perverted friends in droves. She could see that Johnny was serious, that he meant what he said.

And after all, it was only a hand-job. It wasn't as if she had to fuck him or suck him off, or do anything really naughty. So she had agreed.

And the idea was not disagreeable.

In fact, Joanne had very much wanted to handle his cock, although she would not admit it, even to herself.

Now, sitting at the kitchen table, after her mother had gone back upstairs, she remembered the scene.

Johnny had gotten her blouse open and her bra off. He had been feeling her tits for a long time and they were tingling. Her big nipples had been hard as bullets and she had been breathing so hard that she was fairly stuffing her tits into his hands with every inhalation. She had wished that he would move down. Her pussy was on fire. She would have loved to have him finger-fuck her.

Instead, he opened his jeans and hauled his cock out.

The radio was playing softly and Joanne had seen his prick in the pale illumination from the dial. It was a big prick, fat and long and hard and shapely. The cockhead was a big, flaring, purple mushroom and the dark vein bulged on the underside of the cockshaft.

As she gazed at his prick, Joanne felt her hands begin to itch for a touch. In fact, she felt her tongue begin to tingle, as well, but that was one of those things she tried to deny to herself. She had never sucked a cock, and she would not admit that she wanted to.

Then he had demanded a hand-job.

She hadn't resisted very hard or very long.

She had felt it was necessary and justifiable. "Oh, all right -- if I must," she said, sounding indifferent about it even as she thrilled to the prospect.

Johnny leaned back against the door, his legs thrust out, one for braced against the firewall. His eyes glinted. His white teeth gleamed in a wolfish grin. His prick pounded, swelling and throbbing. Joanne touched his cock tentatively at first, drawing her hand back as if she had touched a hot poker. Then she folded her fist around his cockstalk and began to stroke up and down.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah!" he groaned with pleasure.

Joanne leaned right over him. She was fascinated as she watched her hand on his prick. She felt his cock get bigger and bigger and harder and harder as she pumped him towards the peak.

She leaned closer and closer, until her face was right over his prick. She wished that he had demanded a blow-job, instead of a handjob. She was too shy to do it on her own initiative, but if he had made her do it -- well, that would have been a different matter. She leaned right down over his cock, hoping that he would take the hint -- that he would place his hand behind her head and push her face down onto his prick.

But Johnny didn't realize that Joanne was hungry for his cock. Johnny was, as she had thought, a virgin. He had never fucked and he had never had his cock sucked. The most he had ever had was a hand-job, and that was all he aspired to, all he figured he could get.

It never dawned on the boy that a nice girl like Joanne Weatherby would consent to take his cock in her mouth. He figured he was lucky just to get jacked off and did not press his luck.

He began to whimper.

Her mouth was watering. Oh, how she wished that he would force her to suck his big prick!

His hips jerked up and down spasmodically and his thighs trembled.

"Here it comes!" he cried.

She felt his cock balloon and then a gush of thick jism spurted from the cocktip in a great creamy mass. His cum splashed on her bare tits and fell in loops onto her thighs. She whimpered and kept on pumping, emptying his cock and balls to the dregs.

After he was drained, she continued to hold his prick, feeling it diminish slowly, softening in her grip. She glanced up. He was smiling contentedly. His eyes were closed. Joanne, watching his face to make sure he did not see what she was doing, raised her hand to her lips and lapped his spunk from her fingers and palm. It was her fist taste of jism.

It was delicious.

If cum tasted that wonderful, second-hand, she realized how delicious it would be if she were to drink is cum straight out of his prick!

If only he had known.

Remembering that scene, now, Joanne was sorry that she had told her mother about it. Because she wanted to date Johnny Watson again. She had high hopes for future dates with the horny lad. Surely he would get the idea, eventually. She wanted him to fingerfuck her and she wanted to suck his cock and swallow his cum. How foolish she had been to tell her mother that he was a horny boy!

Now she would not be able to date him again -- not openly. Having revealed his inclinations, how could she ever let her mother know that she was going out with Johnny?

She looked at her hand -- the hand that had jacked him off and from which she had licked up his cum.

Lust welled in her pussy.

Joanne decided to go up to her room and give herself a long, leisurely hand-job while she thought about Johnny's cock.

Joanne had been masturbating for just over a year.

She was quite an innocent, inexperienced girl. She had never even done any heavy petting before she met Johnny Watson. His was the first erect cock that she had ever seen, let alone milked. But she had thought about such things as a great deal as she experimented with her hands and fingers and rubbed her sweet pussy to a froth.

She gave herself two or three hand-jobs a week, usually in bed, either before going to sleep or when she first woke up in the morning. Normally she didn't deliberately set out to finger-fuck herself. But this morning, inspired by her recollections, the girl really needed to come.

Smiling in expectation, she got up from the table and went upstairs. She had to go past her parents' room to get to hers and she was moving quietly, slightly embarrassed at her intentions. As she passed the closed door of her parents' room, she heard the bed groan, and she heard her mother and father panting.

She stopped dead.

Were they fucking?

The thought thrilled her.

She listened at the door. Then, flushed by lust, ashamed of herself but unable to resist the urge, the girl knelt down and placed her eye to the keyhole.

It was quite a sight.

Clawing frantically at her cunt, Joanne watched Robert and Catherine fuck up a storm.

Chapter FIVE

The view from the keyhole was perfect, giving Joanne just the right perspective to observe her parents' fucking.

She was looking up from the foot of the bed. She saw her mother's taut, firm, heart shaped ass swivel as it rose and fell. And, below that plunging ass, the girl could see her father's huge, cum-filled balls. She could see the contact. Her mother's cunt lips were sucking on that big prick, as it fucked in and out.

The thick cockshaft appeared, slathered with cunt juice, then vanished back up the steaming pussy slot. As Catherine rose up, her cunt was dragged almost inside-out as her cunt lips pulled on his cockmeat.

Joanne was fascinated. She opened her dressing gown and cupped her streaming, sodden pussy, squeezing and rubbing. She began to play with her stiff nipples with the other hand. Her hot breath billowed against the door as she leaned in, eye tight to the keyhole.

Her father's cock was enormous!

And she had thought that Johnny Watson had a big cock!

She gazed in awe at the fat prick as it emerged it looked as big as her forearm. The thick, dark vein that ran up the underside was pulsing and throbbing. His cock came out until she could see the wide, flaring ledge just behind the cock-knob, then it plunged in again. As the massive fuck-pole filled Catherine's cunt to the brim, creamy cunt juice sprayed out. The thick stuff ran in streamers down Robert's prick and soaked his balls and coated his belly and thighs.

Joanne lusted for that huge prick.

It might belong to her father, but she didn't even think of that. She thought only of how delicious that cock looked. Lucky Mom! Oh, how the girl wished it were her cunt getting fucked by that monster of a prick! She wished she could rush into the room and join them, lapping at his bloated balls, licking his cock as it pulled out, soaking, from Catherine's steaming pussy!

Joanne came almost immediately.

Her nipples throbbed in her hand and, a moment later, her cunt melted in her other hand.

The horny girl was so intrigued by what she was watching that she scarcely realized she had come.

She kept right on playing with her juicy cunt.

Then Catherine was creaming and Robert was shooting his heavy dose up into her cunt like a fiery, liquid skyrocket. His cum was pouring into her pussy and pouring out again, overflowing her fuck-hole, flying from her cunt in thick gobs, spraying from her writhing crotch.

Joanne felt great lashings of lust flood through her belly. She had just had an orgasm and yet, instead of relieving the pressure of her passion, it seemed to have made her hotter than before. Cunt juice pooled in her palm and dripped over the edges of her hand.

She watched as her parents disengaged from their fucking. Catherine slowly pulled her pussy off Robert's stiff prick. The cunt lips sucked and slurped as if loath to be vacated. His huge cock pulled out, quivering, swaying, still hard. Catherine's cunt was wide open and full of jism and pussy cream. Fuck juices poured down her thighs.

Joanne rose on trembling legs.

She staggered down the hall to her bedroom. She felt dazed, weakened by lust, pierced by passion.

She had never thought about her parents' sex life before. Oh, she had known they fucked -- she was living proof of that -- but she had supposed, if she considered it at all, that they did it as steady, married people were supposed to, under the blankets with the man on top in the missionary position.

Seeing her mother ride that mighty hunk of cock with such wild abandon was inspirational.

Joanne determined that she was going to start doing some fucking, herself, as soon as the chance arose.

But there was no cock available at the moment.

She needed another hand-job.

Joanne went into her bedroom and closed the door. She locked it. She took her robe off and stood before the full-length mirror for a few moments, not touching herself, just admiring her pert, nubile body and wishing there were some boy or man there to do that admiring for her.

Joanne was not vain, but she was not blind, either. It was obvious that her body was sexy and desirable. Some young man was going to strike it very lucky, very soon. Who? She wondered. Johnny Watson, maybe. It really didn't matter who the boy was, as long as his prick was big and hot and hard.

The randy little teenager wished she knew a boy with a cock as huge as her father's. She thought about that parental prick and her mouth watered and her cunt dripped. She swayed before the mirror, moving her pelvis in a fucking motion.

Incest was wicked and sinful, she knew. She would never commit incest. But she didn't suppose that there was any harm in just thinking about it.

And her father did have such a wonderful cock!

Thinking alternately about Johnny Watson and her father, Joanne began to play with her cunt again.

She rubbed her tits.

She cupped the plump tit mounds in her hands, lifting them and pressing them together, while her thumbs switched back and forth across her hard nipples.

She stroked her flanks and thighs. Joanne turned and, looking over her shoulder, thrust her ass out towards the mirror, legs apart, looking at her creamy crotch from that viewpoint. She slowly rotated her ass. She slipped a hand into her crotch and began to slowly push three fingers up her cunt. They went in and out and her cunt sucked on them. She wished with all her heart that her fingers were a cock. Fingers were nice, but they were a poor substitute for a prick. They couldn't come, that was the thing -- they couldn't squirt a load of hot jism into her pussy.

The girl was really frantic now.

She drew her fingers out from her cunt and raised them to her face. They were streaked with cunt juice. She held them bunched together and, pretending they were a prick, fed them to her mouth. She licked them and sucked them.

The flavor of her own cunt juice tingled on her tongue. It tasted lovely, she thought. She could understand how some girls -- strange girls -- might enjoy eating pussy Joanne had no homosexual inclinations, and yet the idea was exciting.

Everything was exciting to her today, horny as she was.

She returned her hand to her pussy.

She began masturbating with both hands, finger-fucking herself and rubbing her clit at the same time, still looking over her shoulder so that she could watch in the mirror. Cunt juice streamed from her pussy. She rolled her hips and pumped her ass. The glowing sensation built up in her belly and thighs. She felt so hot that she thought her cunt might suddenly ignite, bursting into flames -- flames that could only be extinguished by being doused with cunt juice.

She came again, her whole lithe, nubile body vibrating.

She staggered to the bed and stretched out, face down. After a few moments she rolled over and, on her back, knees lifted, she began to rub her pussy again. She looked down the smooth slope of her slender body, watching her hands caress her crotch. She was seething again. Her manually induced orgasms were not giving her any release. They were pleasant, they felt good, but they only made her yearn for more.

She wondered if she could bend down far enough to get her head between her legs. Oh! That idea drove a spike of desire into the horny girl. She threw her legs up and bent her neck down and wailed with disappointment when she found that she could not quite reach her cunt with her tongue.

That was another thing she wanted -- to get sucked off. She wondered if Johnny Watson was a cunt-sucker. She giggled. If he wasn't now, he was going to be. She would demand that he eat her pussy. She would turn the tables on him, denying him anything until he had given her a gobble. Then she would return the favor.

She didn't know what she wanted most, fucking or sucking -- she wanted to do everything, and have everything done to her.

She was masturbating slowly and steadily now, in no hurry to come again, enjoying the build-up.

She heard her mother and father go downstairs.

It gave her a wildly thrilling idea. There had not been time for Catherine to change the sheets on the bed! Joanne waited for a moment, then got up and went to the door. She looked out. She could hear her parents talking downstairs.

Grinning, she slipped down the hallway and went into their bedroom.

The sheet was slippery with cum and cunt juice.

The naughty teenager knelt on the bed and, lowering her head, began to lap up the congealing fuck juices. It occurred to her that she was licking up her mother's cunt juice along with her father's spunk, but it didn't seem important. Even cold, the stuff was yummy. She lapped it all up greedily.

She went back to her own bedroom.

Joanne wished that she had an electric vibrator or a rubber dildo -- something shaped like a prick with which she could fuck her cunt to a frazzle. But the poor girl had only her fingers. Well, they were better than nothing. They did the job.

She thought she might stay in her room all morning, coming and coming. Later, she hoped to see Johnny Watson.

She regretted, again, that she had told her mother what sort of a boy Johnny was. That was going to complicate things. It would be embarrassing to go out with him, after admitting that he was that kind of guy. Still, she would figure something out. The girl was absolutely determined to do some sucking and fucking as soon as possible.

She kept on playing with her pussy.

She thought about all sorts of things...

Chapter SIX

It was a Saturday.

Robert generally played golf on Saturdays. Catherine knew that, of course. But when he fetched his golf clubs, she felt annoyed and frustrated.

She was in a particularly horny mood and had wanted to spend the whole day fucking and sucking. She grinned ruefully, thinking that it was her own fault -- if she hadn't emptied his cock and balls so thoroughly, Robert might have felt the same way. She struck a provocative pose, hoping he might get the idea and change his mind, but he didn't notice.

He kissed her good-bye and went out to the car.

Damn, she thought.

Catherine hated to spend the day alone. She didn't know that Joanne was still in the house, merrily stuffing her fingers up her cunt. She wondered if she should go into town and do some shopping.

She toyed with the idea, of going to a cocktail lounge and letting some man pick her up and take her to a motel.

It seemed a sordid idea.

But exciting, too.

Then the doorbell rang.

Catherine went to answer it, wondering if it might be someone fuckable -- a door-to-door salesman, perhaps.

Upstairs, hearing the bell, Joanne stopped playing with her pussy and went to the window, wondering if it might be Johnny Watson.

Catherine and Joanne were both disappointed.

But not, as it turned out, for long...

Marion Honeycut was at the door.

Marion was a thirty-year-old divorcee who lived in the house next door. She and Catherine were friendly, although they had never become good friends.

Marion was a small, pretty woman with short, dark, curly hair and big, brown eyes. She had a neat, trim body with round tits and a pert, thrusting ass. She was wearing shorts and a halter today. She had a nice suntan. Living on the alimony her ex-husband was forced to pay her, she had plenty of time to sunbathe.

"Hi," she said, when Catherine opened the door.

"Oh, hello!"

"I saw your husband go out with his golf clubs," Marion said. "I thought that maybe, if you weren't busy, we might have a chat. I get bored, living all alone."

"Why, sure. Come on in, Marion. I was feeling rather bored, myself," said Catherine. "I'm glad you dropped by."

They went into the front room. Catherine brought the coffee pot in from the kitchen. Marion was sitting with her legs crossed and Catherine noticed that her shorts were very short, indeed. She poured the coffee and sat opposite the divorcee.

"What a lovely tan you have," Catherine said.

Marion smiled wistfully...

"I have nothing to do but lie in the sun," she said. "Oh, I'm not complaining. It's better than having to go to work. But still, it does get tiresome." She sipped her coffee, gazing impishly at Catherine over the rim of the cup.

"I'd much rather be lying under a man than under the fucking sun."

Catherine blinked in surprise.

Then she laughed.

She had never realized that Marion was such a direct and uninhibited sort of girl. But it suited Catherine, who, was direct and uninhibited, herself. Catherine hated stilted conversation, and she always enjoyed a bit of naughty talk or gossip.

"Ummm -- that must be why I'm so pale," Catherine said.

"Well, you're lucky -- you have a husband."

"You must have plenty of male friends, don't you?"

"Oh, sure," Marion said. "I get asked out a lot and all -- but it isn't the same as living with a guy. Most of the men I go out with are married, actually. So even if they take me to bed, they have to get up and go home afterwards. It's so much nicer to wake up with a man in bed with you, isn't it? Just in case you feel a little randy..."

Catherine laughed again.

"I couldn't agree more," she said. "I'm always horny in the mornings. But then, I'm always horny at night, too."

Catherine thought for a moment.

"In fact, I'm horny right now," she said.

Both women giggled girlishly at that admission.

And upstairs, looking down from the landing, Joanne held her breath.

Joanne had been disappointed when she realized it was only the next door neighbor, come to call, but now she realized that she was going to listen in on some naughty, grown-up conversation. True, they were both women, so it would be merely talk -- Joanne thought -- but it might be exciting talk. She wanted to hear it.

"I was really annoyed when Robert went out, today," Catherine said. "We'd had a lovely fuck earlier, and I wanted to spend the day in bed. But that's just like a man -- once their balls are emptied, they want to run off and play fucking golf."

"Well, at least you got fucked once. I had to give myself a hand-job this morning," Marion said.

She squirmed around a little, as if her pussy was recalling that pleasant occurrence.

"I have a vibrator shaped like a prick," Marion went on. "But it seemed so much bother to get out of bed and fetch it that I just used my hand. I'm almost as lazy as I am randy."

"I gave myself a hand-job in the middle of the night, actually," Catherine said. She had decided that she was going to hold her own in this sharing of confidences. It was strangely intriguing. She wondered why it should be exciting to talk dirty, with another woman.

Marion raised her eyebrows.

"Oh? Why on earth would you do that? I mean, why didn't you wake your husband up?"

Catherine grinned wickedly.

"I was sucking his cock," she said.

"Oh! How deliciously naughty!"

"He was asleep and I wanted to see if I could suck him off without waking him up."

"Did you succeed?"

"Oh, yes. He had a wet dream."

"It's fun, sucking cock, isn't it?" Marion said.

"Ummm. Tasty, too."

"Do you swallow the cum?"

"Oh sure, that's the best plan!"

"I think so, too. A girl has such a feeling of... power? Accomplishment? Whatever such a wonderful feeling when she feels a guy's prick swell up and knows she's brought him to the peak, and then all of a sudden her mouth is full of jism -- ummmm!"

Upstairs, Joanne was thrilled at this talk. Her mother was a cock-sucker! She had milked that big, beautiful prick of Daddy's! It was stimulating. Joanne began to play with her pussy again, sitting cross-legged on the landing and listening attentively, hoping to hear more.

"I suppose men feel the same way when they suck a cunt," Catherine was saying. "They seem to enjoy it, anyhow."

"Thank heavens for that!" Marion exclaimed.

Catherine smiled at Marion's enthusiasm. "Does your husband suck you off lots?"

"Um-hum. Not enough, but a lot." Marion gave Catherine a speculative look.

"Not enough?" she asked.

"A girl can never get enough cunt-sucking, can she?" Catherine said.

"That's true," said Marion.

She lowered her eyes. She looked up, her expression quizzical, then looked down again. She seemed to be blushing, although it was hard to tell, with her deep suntan.

"My husband used to eat my pussy every day. It was lovely. That's the only thing I miss about the bastard -- his tongue. He really knew how to eat cunt. Most of the guys I date either don't suck pussy, or they don't know how to do it very well. I haven't had any head for weeks now -- and I sure wish someone would suck me off."

The two women looked at each other. There was a certain tension in the air.

Catherine said, "I could use some tongue, myself."

Marion started to say something, then hesitated.

"What were you going to say?" Catherine prompted her.

Catherine's gaze was challenging.

"I thought -- well -- I don't know if you..."

"Yes?" Catherine urged.

"We could suck each other off," Marion blurted out.

Catherine said nothing. She gazed at Marion and her lips turned up in a hint of a smile.

Marion was truly blushing now. She was also flushed with excitement. She fluttered her eyes and looked at Catherine through the long, dark lashes. Catherine returned her gaze boldly.

"I'm not a lesbian or anything," Marion said.

"I know that."

"I just thought -- well, we both want our cunt sucked and -- and I wouldn't mind doing it, if you will, too."

"Have you ever?"

Marion shook her head. "No," she said. "But I've thought lots about it -- wondered what pussy would be like."

"Me, too," said Catherine. "Ooooh! Shall we?" Marion gasped. Catherine hesitated for a moment, letting Marion stew.

Then she smiled.

"Yes," she said. "Let's!"

They sat where they were for a moment, neither quite sure how to begin, both wanting to do it very much but not knowing how to start, neither wanting to make the first move.

But Joanne moved.

Hardly able to believe what she had been hearing -- but thrilled to the very core by it -- Joanne was trembling and vibrating all over. She rolled over onto her belly and inched forward so that, peering clown through the railings, she could look into the living room. The naughty little nymph wanted to see, as well as hear. She squirmed on the carpeted floor and her pussy flooded, leaving a damp patch under her loins.

Do it, Mom! she thought, desperate with voyeuristic lust.

Oh! Suck Marion's cunt, Mom!

Downstairs, the women moved.

Catherine got up and crossed over and sat down next to Marion. They kissed. Both of them were trembling. It was a new experience for them and they felt shy and nervous.

But they were both eager to try cuntsucking.

And Joanne was eager to watch.

Panting and playing with her pussy, the teenager waited for them to begin and, presently they did.

Chapter SEVEN

Catherine and Marion kissed lightly at first, their lips just brushing together. They were both nervous and uncertain and shy, knowing that they wanted to go ahead and suck cunt, and that they would -- and yet hesitant and timid in the initial stages.

They sat side by side on the couch, flanks pressed together, turning from the waist into an embrace. Although it had been Marion's idea to begin with, Catherine was the bolder of the two -- perhaps because she had not suggested it. Her lips softly parted. The kiss became more passionate. The two horny girls ground their mouths together, panting and moaning. Catherine began to lick Marion's lips. Marion's mouth opened. Catherine's hot tongue slipped in, curling, probing, thrusting, churning. Marion met it with her own slippery tongue. Their tongues entwined. They began to swap them back and forth, from mouth to mouth. They were panting into each other's mouths as the desire built with the embrace.

Neither had ever kissed another woman before, except for the light, careless kisses of schoolgirl affection. They were both surprised and delighted to find how stimulating it was, how erotic were the soft lips and hot tongues of another female.

For a long while they did nothing more, content with the thrill of French kissing.

Then Catherine dropped her hand onto Marion's tit.

Marion shivered.

Catherine cupped the fat, round tit mound, squeezing gently. She could feel the big nipple stiffen through the halter.

Marion squirmed, moving her tits against.

Catherine. She began to stroke Catherine's flank. Catherine's robe fell open, as if of its own accord. Her belly and tits were exposed. Marion began to feel her tits with both hands.

Catherine reached behind the dark woman and unfastened her halter. It fell away, exposing tit flesh to Catherine's caress.

They felt each other up while they continued to kiss. They arched their backs and pressed their tits together, stiff nipples rubbing over each other.

Marion was amazed to find out how much she was enjoying this preliminary loveplay.

Her original idea had been simply to get right down to it, to suck each other off, returning the favor, keeping it strictly physical and devoid of emotion. The idea of kissing and fondling seemed -- well, it seemed like what lesbians would do. But now that they had started, Marion and Catherine came to understand the charms of lesbian relationships. This as going to be more than simply returning a favor, giving an orgasm in order to get one. They realized now that cunt-sucking would be wonderful at both ends, that they would love sucking pussy as much as being sucked.

They were eager to get on with the cuntsucking, too.

But not impatient.

The longer they waited, the more they built the thrill up by gradual degrees, the better it would be.

Marion's hand moved down first.

She rubbed Catherine's slender belly, then dipped her hand into the woman's crotch. Catherine's sleek thighs parted. Marion began to rub and finger her cunt.

"Ooooh!" Catherine whimpered.

Marion's fingers traced along her parted cunt lips and stroked her turbulent clit. Catherine's pussy opened wide, her cunt lips unfurling like the petals of a flower, moist with dew. Marion gently pushed her middle finger up that slippery pussy gash. She pulled out and pushed in again. She began using two fingers, then three, finger-fucking Catherine's cunt slowly and steadily.

Marion's erotic caress caused Catherine to vibrate and quiver -- and it made her want to return that caress in the same fashion. She slipped her hand in between Marion's hot thighs and began to finger-fuck the woman at the same pace.

They were still kissing, still rubbing their tits together as they rubbed each other's cunt. They could easily have gone all the way in that fashion, giving each other hand-jobs. But cunt-sucking had been suggested, and that was the goal. This was preliminary play, preparing the way for their tongues.

Catherine, whispering right into Marion's parted lips, said, "I want to suck your cunt -- Oh! -- I want to tongue your sweet pussy, I want you to cream in my mouth."

"Yes! Oh God, yes!" Marion wailed.

Marion wanted it, too -- she wanted to eat pussy as much as to have it done. Her mouth felt as hot as her cunt, and her tongue was tingling as much as her cunt. She leaned back, arching like a cat. Catherine lowered her face and began to suck Marion's nipples. Her tongue slurped over the firm, smooth tit globes and lapped at the tips. She moved lower, licking the suntanned girl's belly, tonguing her belly button. Marion's slim thighs parted wide, opening to reveal hr frothy fuck-hole. Her pussy juice flowed over her hairy cunt mound like a sluggish river through a dark forest.

The sight made Catherine's mouth water, her tongue stiffen. Saliva flowed like cunt juice. She might have been having an orgasm in her mouth. She slid from the couch onto the floor, kneeling gracefully between Marion's thighs. Licking her lips, she gazed for a moment at Marion's delicious-looking pussy, savoring the anticipation of that feast.

Marion's cunt was wide open, and the oval pussy slot was flooded with a deluge of hot cunt juice. Her cunt lips pulsed and her clit trembled. Catherine leaned in and pushed her tongue out.

She touched the very tip of her tongue to Marion's stiff clit.

Marion gasped, then began to purr contentedly.

Catherine licked that hot nugget of lust, her nimble tongue winding round the flaming clit. Her taste buds tingled. She was overjoyed by her first taste of cunt, delighted to realize that sucking cunt was every bit as good as she had hoped it would be -- as good as sucking cock, even she began to stuff her tongue up Marion's juicy cunt gash, slurping up the pussy slot. Cunt juice poured onto her tongue and coated her lips. She used her fingertips to spread the girl's pussy open and tongued merrily away.

"Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"Oh, God, yes!" Marion wailed.

Using her tongue and lips at the same time, Catherine worked devotedly on that succulent fuck-hole. She wanted to make Marion come, of course, but she was in no hurry. She was enjoying this too much to want to hasten the conclusion, even though her own pussy was burning and badly in need of some tonguefucking.

The original idea of sucking each other off as a mutual favor had vanished now. Catherine would have been perfectly willing to eat that juicy pussy, whether she got eaten in return or not. And, even as she lapped away at her first cunt, the horny woman was already wondering what other women she knew who might like to have their cunts sucked. It added a whole new dimension to her love life. Cuntsucking was naughty and perverted -- but that only made it more exciting.

She cupped Marion's ass cheeks in her hands and buried her face between her trembling thighs, tilting her head and fitting her lips to the girl's cunt lips as she slurped and licked. She was drinking from that flooded pussy gash as if it were a furry goblet.

Marion began to moan as the thrill rose in her loins. Catherine sucked the girl's stiff clit into her mouth and worked adoringly on it. She began to finger-fuck up Marion's fuckhole with three fingers while she mouthed her clit.

"I'm coming!" Marion cried.

"Oh! Oh, yes! Come for me, baby -- come in my mouth!" Catherine urged, the words muffled cm Marion's wet cunt flesh.

Marion arched her back, tilting her pelvis. Her smooth thighs clamped around Catherine's head in a velvet grip, then parted widely again. She threw her head back, her features contorted by lust and glowing with the joy of the sensations in her pussy.

Waves of ecstasy surged through her cunt.

She whimpered and wailed as peak after peak coursed through her pussy, lifting her to the very crest of feeling time and again as she spilled her multiple orgasms into Catherine's eager mouth. Her pussy was a frothy bowl. Cunt juice seeped down into the crack of her ass and poured down the inner slopes of her thighs. Catherine mouthed merrily away, drinking the precious cum, still pushing her three stiff fingers up Marion's fuck-hole as her tongue and lips wrought their magic.

At last, Marion stopped squirming.

She smiled with contentment.

Catherine used her nimble tongue to lap up the cunt juice remaining in the dark girl's pussy slot, then licked it up from her thighs and even dipped her tongue into the crack of her ass to gather, up the slippery drops of cum that had seeped in there.

Catherine looked up, smiling.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Beautiful!" Marion sighed.

"It was lovely to do it, too," said Catherine. "I never realized how wonderful it is to eat a pussy, before. Im so glad that you suggested it, Marion. Maybe we can suck each other lots of times, from now on -- now that we've started."

"I'd like that," Marion said.

It was going to be very handy to be able to get her cunt sucked whenever she felt like it, simply by going to the house next door, Marion thought.

But she'd had her pussy lapped now, and her pussy was content.

Now it was her turn to eat out Catherine's pussy.

Marion was stretched out on the couch, on her back, one knee lifted and the other leg trailing to the floor. She licked her lips. Catherine was still on the floor.

"It must have made you very hot, sucking me off," Marion said suggestively, glancing at the other woman.

"Ummm," Catherine agreed.

"Why don't you sit on my face, honey?" Marion said.

"What a splendid idea," Catherine said happily.

She got up and knelt on the couch. Marion shifted slightly to make room on both sides of her head and Catherine straddled her face, kneeling over her. She didn't lower her crotch immediately. She let Marion get a good look at the cunt she was going to be eating.

Catherine used her fingers to spread her cunt lips open, exposing the darker inner pussy flesh, streaked with banners and ribbons of cunt juice.

Marion licked her lips, salivating with anticipation as she gazed up at that tasty pussy. She cupped Catherine's ass in her hands and pulled, urging the woman to lower her cunt. Catherine's thighs relaxed and she slowly descended.

Marion was licking away even before Catherine's cunt touched her lips, her tongue building up momentum. Then Catherine went down the final inches and Marion was lapping away at her creamy pussy gash with ravenous reed.

Although this was the first time that Marion had sucked a cunt, she discovered -- just as Catherine had, moments before -- that no experience or practice was necessary. Cuntsucking came naturally to her and, too, she had often thought about doing it and planned just how she would go about eating pussy. Now she sucked and licked away with total concentration and attention to details. She loved it.

The woman had become a confirmed cuntlapper with the very first lick, just as Catherine had and -- as Catherine had -- knew that in the future she was going to be sucking all the pussy she could manage to get. She was filled with hunger and reed. Even while she was sucking Catherine off, she was already thinking about the next time she would eat her cunt.

Catherine swayed above her.

She arched her back, thrusting her tits out and pushing her ass down onto Marion's tits. She turned her hips from side to side, grinding her pussy into Marion's eager face. She pumped up and down and her ass churned wildly from side to side. She gave sharp, gasping cries, interspersed with longer, softer moans. Her tawny hair cascaded about her face as she switched her head from side to side. Her lips worked, sucking, as if she still had a mouthful of cunt. The succulent flavor of Marion's pussy still tingled on her taste buds as she fed her cunt to the cunt-hungry girl.

Marion stabbed her tongue as far up Catherine's slippery fuck-hole as it would go, tongue-fucking her with abandon. Her lips sucked on Catherine's clit and cunt lips. Cunt juice was pouring from Catherine's cunt, flowing into Marion's mouth. She drank the pussy juice down and sucked for more. Her hands cupped Catherine's ass, lifting as if the woman's pelvis were a chalice, which she was draining. She dipped a finger into Catherine's asshole, probing, thinking, that someday she would like to give that tight little asshole a good tonguing, too. She felt Catherine tense and knew that the end was near.

"Come -- come -- come!" she panted.

Catherine's cunt melted.

Shuddering and sobbing and wailing, she vibrated to the waves of lust and spilled her warm cum into Marion's voracious mouth.

The two women sat side by side on the couch, kissing affectionately and playing casually with each other's tits.

"When shall we do it again?" Marion asked.

"Soon," said Catherine.

She thought for a moment. "Monday," she said. "As soon as Joanne leaves for school and Robert goes to the office. I'll come to your house, if you like."

"Ummm. Maybe we can fuck each other with my dildo, too," Marion said. "After we suck each other off, of course."

"We can do anything you want, honey," Catherine said.

"We can sixty-nine," Marion said. They were starting to get worked up again, those naughty women.

Catherine, fantasizing -- but not unrealistically -- said, "Maybe someday we can let a man watch us eat pussy, huh? One of your boyfriends, maybe. Think how hot it would make a guy, watching us eat each other out!"

"Oh! Yes! Do you think -- maybe your husband would like to watch us suck each other's cunt?"

"Oh, I don't want Robert to know," said Catherine. "I'm not sure how he would react if he found out his wife was a cunt-sucker. We'll have to be careful that Robert -- or Joanne -- never catch us." Marion grinned.

"Yes," she said. "Teenage daughters hate to find out that their mothers suck cunt."

They laughed.

Joanne, of course, had found out -- in no uncertain terms.

But she didn't hate it at all.

Chapter EIGHT

Joanne had never given much thought to lesbianism before and, in fact, had had only the vaguest idea of what two women did to each other when they made love. It had never dawned on her that she might someday give it a try, or even that she would want to. But seeing how much her mother and Marion enjoyed cunt-lapping gave Joanne a new outlook.

They weren't lesbians. They were normal women. And yet they obviously loved sucking each other off. Why should Joanne not feel the same? Pussy-eating couldn't be too awfully wicked if her own mother did it, could it?

Joanne was both curious and horny, and she wondered which of her girlfriends might like to do a bit of cunt-sucking -- and get sucked, in return, of course. Maybe it was not as uncommon as she had always supposed. She had noticed other girls looking at her naked body in the showers after gym class. She had always supposed that they were judging her figure, compared to their own, perhaps with a bit of jealousy.

Now other possibilities arose. Joanne didn't much care who her partners were. She did not, after all, envision a love affair. She was thinking of a purely physical pleasure, without emotional attachments. She remembered what her own cunt juice had tasted like when she licked it from her fingers -- and how her mother's fuck juice, blended with her father's jism, had thrilled her when she lapped it from a bedsheet.

As cunt-sucking had added a new dimension to Catherine's love life, so it added a new dimension to Joanne's fantasies and to her plans for the near future. Now, not only was she eager to do some cock-sucking and get fucked, but she was equally eager to suck some pussy and get some cunt-sucking in return.

She wished that she could somehow switch places with her mother and make love with Marion.

Or with Marion. Switch with Marion?

Would that be incest? she wondered as she thought, excitedly, of how naughty it would be to suck her mother's pussy!

Downstairs, the two randy women were getting worked up again. All that kissing and tit-fondling had done the job. They began sucking each other's nipples and fingerfucking each other, and very soon it reached the stage when a little more cunt-sucking seemed in order.

They decided to sixty-nine.

Catherine stretched out on her back and Marion mounted her in the position of inverted fucking. Catherine's head came up and Marion's head went down. They began tonguing and sucking each other. They humped together, grinding. Marion's trim ass pumped as she worked her cunt around on Catherine's face. Her tits brushed Catherine's churning belly. Catherine writhed under her, thighs moving in slow, soft pistons. Catherine's mouth was glued to Marion's cunt, and Marion's mouth clung to Catherine's pussy.

After a while, they turned over, without breaking contact, and Catherine took the upper position. They were trying to time it so that they could come together, sharing a simultaneous orgasm, gulping down cunt juice at one end while they spilled an equal amount out at the other.

It was a thrilling sight.

Joanne watched, fascinated.

She saw her mother's hot, pink tongue flashing up Marion's creamy cunt slot, and her own tongue tingled at the sight. She saw Marion, on the bottom now, tilt her head back as she worked her lips voraciously on Catherine's cunt, her whole pretty face glistening with cunt juice, soaked from chin to forehead with the stuff.

Joanne dipped her fingers, in her cunt and brought them to her lips, sucking the cunt cream off. It was delicious. If only she could manage to suck herself -- or had some other girl she could tongue-fuck, sucking that savory fuck juice hungrily from a hot pussy.

Downstairs, the peak was approaching.

Catherine arched her back, rubbing her pussy in Marion's eager face. Marion clamped her thighs around Catherine's head. The thrill coursed through them like an electric current, flowing in one end and out the other as if it were the very same thrill shared between them, an entity in itself. They squirmed and writhed, they panted and moaned and whimpered. Their cunts began to melt in the heat of lust.

The thrill changed from electric to fluid.

Locked together, coupled fast, the two writhing women felt as if they were strung like pearls on a strand of cunt juice. Hungrily, they gulped mouthfuls of pussy juice down, and it seemed to pass instantly through each and flow back into the other. Thrashing wildly about, they milked each other dry and filled each other to satiation at the same time.

The peak came, and passed. They slowed, still tonguing gently as they lapped up the last sweet drops of cunt juice.

Finally, they uncoupled.

They kissed lovingly and gratefully, both of their faces smeared with cunt juice.

"How lovely that was," Catherine said.

She stretched, cat-like, purring.

"Ummm," agreed Marion.

She gazed at Catherine's splendid body, not with desire now, but with appreciation. It was very nice to have such a delectable neighbor, and she was already looking forward to what they would do on Monday, at her place. But she had had enough of it for the moment.

"I sure could use some cock right now," she said.

Catherine looked at her, surprised.

But then she realized why Marion had said that -- to prove that she was not a lesbian.

"Me, too," Catherine said.

It was true.

For women like Catherine and Marion, who were basically heterosexual and accustomed to prick, cunt-sucking was merely a form of loveplay, and it had whetted their appetites for cock.

Marion sat up. "I'd better get home now, just in case one of my boyfriends telephones. I sure hope so. I really am in the mood for cock now. I really feel like having some guy empty his prick into my cunt."

"It's funny," Catherine said. "I came so wonderfully with you, you'd think I wouldn't be horny at all. Yet, as soon as Robert gets home, I'm going to lure him to bed for some hot fucking."

"I guess it's because we're not really gay, huh?" Marion suggested. "Now that we've done it, we feel like compensating, getting fucked by a man to prove that what we did was just fooling around."

"That's probably it," Catherine said.

"But I sure don't regret it -- what we did."

"Oh, no. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed at all. I'm looking forward to doing it again, too."

"Ummm. Me, too."

But that had to wait until Monday.

Marion got dressed and prepared to return to her own home, hoping that the phone would ring and that the caller would be a handsome, horny guy with a gigantic hunk of cockmeat that needed to be emptied.

Catherine, still naked, saw her to the door. Then she returned to the living room and put her dressing gown back on. She saw no point in getting dressed, because as soon as Robert got home she intended to fuck the ass off him.

She sat down and thought about what she had done with Marion. It had been so deliciously naughty. Naughty things were always more exciting than proper things -- and she glowed with pleasure as she remembered what it had been like to have that sexy girl's hot pussy creaming in her eager, hungry mouth. She could still taste that delicious cunt juice tingling on her tongue. She knew it would be exciting to French kiss her husband while Marion's cum still lingered on her tongue. She could hardly wait. Her pussy had been drained, but now it needed fucking.

Catherine hoped that Robert would play only nine holes and come home early from the golf course, bringing his massive prick to her.

But when a prick arrived, it was not her husband's...

Chapter NINE

Joanne heard the car pull up in front.

The motor revved a couple times before it was turned off. Joanne rushed to the window and looked out and, sure enough, it was Johnny Watson's car.

After a moment -- he had been waiting, hoping that she would come out -- the boy got out of the car and walked up to the front door, looking nervously around. He was not comfortable calling at a girl's house, but he was desperate to see Joanne again. He wanted another hand-job.

Still, he felt timid and shy, not certain how Joanne would receive him after the night before. Johnny was a tall, slender young man, quite good looking, with sandy hair. He was wearing tight jeans and, even from the upstairs window, Joanne could see the delightful cockbulge at his crotch.

Joanne was filled with frustration.

He was calling for her and she could not reveal her presence in the house. It would be too, too embarrassing to let her mother know that she had been there while all that cuntsucking was going on! She began to get dressed hurriedly, hoping that, she would be able to sneak out, unnoticed, and make contact with Johnny farther down the street, after he had driven away. She stuffed her plump tits into a bra and squirmed into her tight shorts.

Johnny rang the bell.

Catherine, in her dressing gown, went to the door.

"Hi, Mrs. Weatherby," Johnny said, smiling shyly.

"Why, hello, Johnny."

"Is Joanne home?"

"No, I'm afraid not."

"Oh," he said, disappointed. Suddenly he realized that Catherine was gazing at the cock-bulge at his crotch. The boy blushed furiously. He was a very horny lad, and he was so accustomed to having a hard-on that it seemed a natural state of affairs. He often forgot that his prick was erect.

Flustered and embarrassed, he stammered, "Well, tell her I stopped by, okay?"

He started to turn away from the door.

"Wait a moment, Johnny," Catherine said.

He turned back, nervously.

But then he saw that Joanne's mother was smiling. That was strange. Surely she had been looking at his crotch, had seen his throbbing hard-on. Why was she smiling?

"Please come in for a moment, Johnny," she said. "I want to have a little talk with you."

Oh, Jeez! he thought. I'll bet Joanne told her what I made her do!

He couldn't refuse to go in, and he couldn't run away.

He went into the house.

Upstairs, overhearing this conversation, Joanne was horrified. She thought: Oh, dear -- I'll bet that Mom is going to give him a lecture about last night!

The girl blushed with embarrassment, wishing she had not been so silly as to tell.

Catherine led the way into the living room.

She was still smiling.

The horny woman had decided, on the spot, that young Johnny Watson needed to have his balls emptied. She had taken note of the cockbulge in his pants and the decision had been instantaneous.

Horny to begin with, she could not pass up this opportunity to fuck a teenaged boy; it would fit in well with her fantasies. She had not planned it, but the boy had arrived at just the right time. His cock needed a good sucking, she thought. And more. She hoped that he was a virgin, that he had never fucked a girl and never had a blow-job.

She motioned toward the couch.

"Sit down, Johnny," she said.

He sat, tense and nervous.

Catherine sat beside him.

Joanne sneaked back to the landing, looking down, wanting to hear what her mother said to Johnny.

Joanne was in for yet another surprise.

Catherine leaned toward the boy, as if to speak confidentially. Her robe gaped open -- as if by accident -- and Johnny saw her smooth, rounded tits. He tried to look away, but those big tit globes held his attention.

The boy began to sweat. She was still smiling. Couldn't she tell that her tits were exposed? What in hell was going on?

"Johnny," Catherine said, "Joanne told me what you made her do -- last night -- before you'd bring her home."

He turned pale.

"Oh, boy," he mumbled.

"You made her jack you off."

What could the boy say? He gulped.

"Well, I just wanted to praise you for your self-control," Catherine told him.

Johnny frowned, not understanding.

"It was very chivalrous of you, Johnny. It showed great willpower and respect for my daughter."

"What? I don't get it," he said, totally confused by the way this talk was going. He had anticipated a roasting; instead, this strange woman was complimenting him. He couldn't figure it out at all. He stared at her, pale and beaded with sweat. Then he blushed.

He looked at Catherine's tits again. She had shifted, and he found that he could see one of her big, stiff nipples.

"Aren't you mad?" he asked.

"Mad? Why should I be mad?" Catherine said, looking puzzled and amused at the same time.

"Why, because I made Joanne jack me off!" he blurted out.

"Oh, you silly boy! Of course, I'm not mad. I'm praising you for having enough willpower to settle for a hand-job, instead of trying to seduce her, don't you see? A hand-job does no harm. It never hurt any girl to jack someone off. If you were a lout, you might have tried to get in her pants, to take her virginity. Or..." she paused, and her green eyes sparkled, "...or you might have made her suck you off, say."

Johnny's mind spun wildly. He felt as if he were drunk. This conversation couldn't be happening.

"Oh, I'd never do a thing like that!"

"Oh? Why ever not?"

"It's not the sort of thing that a nice girl like Joanne would ever do," he said. "Is it?"

"Why, Johnny!" she said, sweetly. "Haven't you ever had a blow-job? Hasn't any girl ever sucked your cock for you?"

"Gee -- no!" he gasped.

"Why, you poor boy -- you poor, sweet, innocent boy. I'll bet you've never had a fuck, either."

He shook his head from side to side.

"Why, you must be terribly frustrated, Johnny."

He didn't know what to say.

But he was starting to realize that there was a design to Catherine's conversation and, considering the fact that her tits were bared, he began to get some idea of just what that design might be and where it was leading.

Catherine leaned closer and placed her hand on the boy's tense thigh. Her tits flopped right out of the parted robe and dangled over him like ripe fruit ready to be plucked.

"I know you felt Joanne up, Johnny," she said. "Wouldn't you like to feel me up, too?"

Without waiting for his response, Catherine took the boy's hand and raised it to her tits.

He began squeezing her smooth, firm tit globe. He fingered the stiff tip. Her hand went behind his head and she drew him down. Dazed and confused, but more than willing, the horny teenager began to suck on her nipples, his head switching back and forth as he alternated between the swollen nubs.

Catherine smiled happily. For a long time, she had thought about seducing a virgin youth and now, at last, the moment was at hand.

His sucking lips sent tremors through her tits and the thrill passed down into her pussy. Yet, she was in no hurry to get fucked. She knew that a teenaged virgin would undoubtedly be potent and have plenty of endurance and stamina. She figured that he would be able to come more than once, and abundantly, and that she needn't worry about draining his balls and not getting a second load.

The horny woman wanted to suck his cock first, to fill her mouth with that sweet, virginal cockmeat and give it a thorough sucking and tonguing, and swallow his hot load at the end. It seemed such a deliciously naughty thing to do to a young man who had never had his cock sucked before, even naughtier than fucking him -- although she was certainly going to fuck him, as well.

She began moving her hand up and down on his thigh, going a bit farther up each time.

Johnny began to pant on her tits, his breath billowing hotly over her tit flesh, his mouth slurping greedily.

Catherine reached his bulging crotch and cupped his cock-bulge in her hand, squeezing and rubbing. His prick was hard as a rock and his balls were swollen. Although the bay's cock was not as large as her husband's massive fuck-tool, it was plenty large enough. It felt like a lovely mouthful and Catherine began to moan with anticipation.

She arched her back, rubbing her plump tits around against the boy's mouth and tongue.

She began to unzip his jeans.

She tugged the clasp down a few inches, paused, then drew it back up. She repeated it, going a bit lower, teasing him. Each time she pulled the zipper down, she took it down a little farther and drew it up less, until finally his fly was wide open. Then she unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans, and the front of his pants fell open in a wide vee.

He was wearing white underwear.

His prick tented the cotton briefs, dragging the elastic out from his belly. The outline of his cock was clear beneath the white cotton, and his balls filled the crotch to overflowing. There was a damp patch where his cockhead was leaking. Catherine licked her lips. He was still lapping at her tits.

Bending down, she blew her hot breath onto his prick, through his cotton briefs, causing the white-clad lump to throb and pulsate. She ran her fingers up his prickstalk and stroked the cock-knob. She cupped his balls, lifting slightly, as if trying to judge how heavy they were and how much jism they contained.

She drew away from him and slid to the floor, kneeling. She drew his jeans down and pulled them from his feet. The boy gave a moan of unbridled lust. He was really going to get his cock sucked! Unless she was a cockteaser. That possibility caused him to tremble. But Catherine certainly didn't act like a cockteaser. She seemed to be as excited as he was, as eager to get on with the cock-sucking.

Johnny stretched out, legs spread, feet on the floor with Catherine kneeling between his thighs.

She was rubbing his prick again, through his shorts.

Then she tugged the elastic band out wide and drew his shorts down, baring his cock.

She pulled the cotton briefs off.

She gazed adoringly at his naked cock and balls.

As if her gaze was physically stroking his cock, his big cockrod began to jerk and throb.

Catherine looked up at his face.

He looked back at her. He was looking at her over the head of his prick.

"Would you like me to suck your cock, Johnny?" she asked, her voice husky with desire.

He started to speak. No words came out. He gulped, then nodded his head.

A blow-job! Why, that was maybe even better than getting fucked, he thought. It was dirtier.

He was amazed that Joanne's mother was a cock-sucker. He had never imagined that normal, proper women sucked pricks, especially the pricks of strangers -- yet, she was licking her lips and it was evident that, not only would she do it, but that she actually wanted to suck his cock. The gorgeous woman looked hungry for his prick!

"Shall I take your big cock in my mouth, you sweet boy?" she whispered.

"Yes," he rasped.

"Would you like to shoot in my mouth, Johnny? Shall I milk your cock and drink your hot cum?"

"Oh, God -- yes!"

"Ummm -- your prick looks yummy." She leaned down.

She started licking his balls.

"Ooooh!" she sighed. "Your balls are full of cum, aren't they, Johnny? Your cock wants to come in my mouth."

She began tonguing up his cocklance, tracing along the fat, dark ventral vein. She licked up to the prick-knob, then began to run her hot tongue all around his cockhead. She purred with pleasure, loving the taste, the texture, the hardness and the heat as his cockhead flared under her skilled tongue. She licked back down his prickrod, then up again. She dipped the tip of her tongue into the moist, parted cleft of his cock-knob. A drop of spunk oozed out. Catherine gave a little whimper and tongued it up.

Johnny watched, amazed, as she let the globule slip around on her tongue, then drank it down.

"Oh, your cum is delicious!" she whispered. "I can't wait to drink your hot load -- I'm starving for your jism, Johnny."

She placed her lips against the head of his prick and lowered her face slowly, feeding his cockmeat into her mouth inch by inch. Her lips collared his prick and her tongue glided around under his cock as it went in. She took his whole throbbing prickrod into her face, going down until her chin brushed against his balls and her mouth nestled in his wiry pubic hair and his cock vanished into her mouth, the thick root clamped in her compressed lips and the fat cock-knob lodging in her throat.

She pulled up, sucking through every inch of his prick.

Johnny gurgled.

She went down again.

Johnny had often thought about how wonderful it must feel to fuck into a girl's mouth, but the reality was far better than he had ever imagined.

Catherine was an artist of a cock-sucker. She worked slowly and steadily, her head rising and falling on his cock, sucking and slurping and using her nimble tongue. His sweet, virginal cockmeat was succulent. She hungered for his cum, but she was in no hurry to get it. She was enjoying the prickmeat course before she drank the sweet dessert.

She was crazed with lust, now. The knowledge that the cock fucking her mouth had never been sucked before added a new thrill to the act. The anticipation of drinking the first load that the boy ever poured into a mouth turned her on. She drooled down his prick. Saliva poured down the cockshaft as her compressed lips sucked up to the pricktip. Her cheeks hollowed in and her lips turned outwards as she sucked with loving concentration.

She kept thinking: Oh! This sweet young prick needs a good, long sucking! And she was making herself even hotter by that thought.

Johnny began to hump up from the couch, fucking into her face as she bobbed down.

His prick was swollen hugely, ready to blow. Gasping, he groaned, "I'm gonna -- gonna..."

"Feed the cock to me, Johnny," she urged. "Shoot your sweet, thick jism into my hot mouth..."

The boy's balls convulsed.

Catherine's head was going down.

She felt his cockshaft swell, and then her mouth was suddenly filled with cum. She gasped and gulped his cum down, taking his cockhead back into her throat as he spilled a second hot spurt of jism, then a third. Her head kept going up and down, never missing a stroke, as she gulped his spunk down voraciously and kept sucking for more.

In the potency of his youth, he was pouring a flood of jism into her mouth. It seemed as if she were swallowing gallons of his tasty own. It hit the back of her throat as if squirted from a high-pressure hose. Slippery streams of cum poured into her cheeks. He whitewashed her tonsils and the roof of her mouth. Cum overflowed her sucking lips and bubbled out as her head rose up his prickrod. Going down again, she slurped it back in, not wasting a drop, swallowing every precious bit of the savory sauce of the boy's cock.

At last, he stopped fucking her mouth. Catherine continued to bob her head up and down until she was certain that he as not going to shoot any more cum, and then she used her tongue to lap his prick sparkling clean.

She smiled up at him.

"Well? Did you like it?" she asked. "It was great," he said. "It was wonderful!"

"I'll suck you lots of times, Johnny," Catherine said. "Whenever you feel horny, you can come to see me. You can date Joanne and you can fuck me in the mouth. Or in the cunt."

Johnny's prick was still hard, despite his ejaculation.

When he heard those words, his cock began to throb again.

"Do you want to fuck my cunt, Johnny?"

"Jeez -- yeah!"


"Yeah! Yeah!"

"Why don't we go up to the bedroom, you dear boy," she said. "I want to fuck you in my husband's bed."

Johnny nodded. They prepared to go up to bed.

And upstairs, staring down at them, Joanne felt as if she might faint.

Chapter TEN

Watching her mother suck her boyfriend, Joanne was overcome by manifold sensations and emotions. She was intrigued and fascinated, jealous and envious, angry and frustrated.

She wanted to suck that sweet cock, herself. She was hungry for a mouthful of cock and yet, despite that, she was still able to enjoy the voyeuristic thrill and the vicarious pleasure as she watched her mother suck Johnny's prick.

She saw the woman's lips pull and drag on his cockmeat and she saw the great creamy fountain of his jism as it spurted into the woman's mouth -- and the sight drove her wild.

But they were not yet finished. Her greedy mother had milked his prick once, and now she intended to fuckhim... and by the time that she got through there would not be a single drop of cum left for poor Joanne.

They were headed for the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Joanne moved back, stood and turned and fled into her own bedroom. She closed the door softly. She heard them come up the stairs. She heard her mother.

"Oh, Johnny -- my cunt is creaming for your sweet prick. I need to have my pussy stuffed full of hot cockmeat."

Johnny was panting as he heard those words.

And what about me? thought the frustrated girl in the bedroom. What about my mouth and my cunt?

She was so desperate that she was tempted to rush out and confront them, furious and betrayed, demanding at least a share of the boy's potent prick -- even threatening to tell her father about the adultery, if they denied her some cock.

But she did not quite have the courage to do that.

She waited, thinking that she would let them get at it, and then sneak down and watch through the keyhole while they fucked.

But that would only make it worse.

She wasn't sure that she could bear watching them fuck, when her own cunt was empty, her mouth devoid of prick.

Where could she get some cock?

Suddenly, she remembered Marion Honeycut.

Did she dare? Maybe.

She felt certain that Marion would be more than willing to suck her cunt. She wasn't sure if she wanted to suck Marion's cunt, as well, but the idea was not without attraction. Then, too, Marion had said that she had a cockshaped vibrator. It wouldn't be as good as a real prick -- but it would be better than nothing, better than her own hands. If Marion would let her borrow it -- or, better yet, if Marion would use it on her, maybe alternating between the vibrator and some tonguefucking.

Joanne was feeling bold and determined.

All of her shyness had faded away now, melted in the heat of her need, driven out by the sight of her mother and Marion sucking cunt, and her mother sucking Johnny.

Joanne felt that Marion, who had her own faults -- or blessings -- could hardly act shocked or surprised or unwilling; once she told her that she had been watching. Why, she could even blackmail the woman, if she had to, threatening to tell everyone that she was a cunt-sucker. That thought caused Joanne to grin impishly.

She could just imagine it: If you don't suck my cunt, Marion, I'm going to tell my father about you and Mom!

But she didn't really think that such blackmail would be necessary, not with cunt hungry Marion.

Joanne dressed quickly.

She put on a T-shirt without bothering with a bra, and she put on a short skirt without wearing any panties.

She left her room and tiptoed down the hall.

She paused to look through the keyhole.

Mother and Johnny Watson were already fucking.

Joanne was tempted to watch for a while, to linger until he had shot his wad at least once, but her cunt was so hot that she simply had to get on with her plan. She watched a few juicy fuck-strokes. Then she moved on and went downstairs and out the back door, heading across the lawn to Marion's house.

Marion was surprised to see Joanne at the door.

She figured that Catherine must have sent the girl over with some sort of message, but then she saw that Joanne was distressed. Joanne looked very strange, excited and disappointed at the same time.

"Yes?" Marion asked.

"Could I talk to you, Marion?"

"Why, of course," Marion said, wondering what on earth the teenaged neighbor girl could have to discuss with her. She asked Joanne in.

As Joanne moved past her, Marion could not help but notice her lovely curves and her cute ass. Marion had not realized how grown up Joanne had become in the last year. Maybe that was what she wanted to talk about. Maybe she had problems with a boy, problems she was too embarrassed to talk about with her mother.

"Can I get you something? Lemonade or Coke?" Marion asked, when Joanne was seated.

"No, thank you," Joanne said.

She felt indignant at being offered such childish drinks. Did Marion think she was still just a kid? Well, Marion was going to find out differently, very soon. Lemonade, indeed!

"What did you want to talk about, honey?" Marion asked, sitting down opposite Joanne.

"I need your advice."

"Something you can't ask your mother, is it?"

"Boy, I sure can't ask my mother!"

Joanne laughed after she had said that.

"It's a problem that my mother has caused. In fact, she's in the process of causing it this very moment."

Marion was confused by this.

She said, "Well, if I can advise you, honey..." but she sounded doubtful.

She guessed it was just some minor irritation. Maybe Catherine refused to let Joanne stay out after midnight or something like that.

"Mom is fucking my boyfriend," Joanne stated bluntly.

Marion's jaw dropped.


Joanne nodded, smiling ruefully. "She didn't know I was home... err, that I had come home. And when my boyfriend stopped by, she took him in the living room and talked to him for a while and then -- she sucked his prick! She sucked him and let him shoot in her mouth!" Joanne considered it for a few moments. "And she swallowed it, too!"

Marion didn't know what to say.

"How old is he?" she asked, for want of a better question.

"About my age."

Oh! Lucky Catherine! Marion thought. It's too bad she didn't invite me over to join them!

"I think he was a virgin, too," Joanne added.

Lucky, lucky Catherine!

Marion loved to drink virgin boy-cum herself. She was feeling envious and jealous -- doubly so, since she also liked to gobble Catherine's cunt. She felt left out.

"Are you a virgin, Joanne?"

"Yes -- but I don't want to be," Joanne said.

Marion looked at her. The girl was really sexy, she thought. Catherine had been sucking on a virgin prick and, naturally, Marion began to wonder what it would be like to suck a virgin pussy. But she didn't for a moment suppose that the girl would be interested in that.

"So, after she sucked him off, she took him up to the bedroom. She's fucking him now, in Daddy's bed."

"How naughty of her!" Marion said.

"She's going to empty his balls and there won't be a single drop left for me -- and I did so much want some cum today."

"I-I..." Marion stammered. Although bold enough, herself, she was flustered by the directness of this teenager. "I don't know what to tell you. If you wanted advice -- or did you just want someone to talk to?"

"I want..." Joanne began, and paused.

She leaned back farther. The hem lifted higher and Marion couldn't help herself. She had to look.

Marion blinked when she saw that the girl was not wearing any underwear. Her juicy cunt was bare, in the shadow of her lifted skin. Marion stared at her cunt for a moment. When she looked up, Joanne was smiling. But Marion still didn't get the idea. She guessed that Joanne was without panties because she had intended to go out with her boyfriend and get fucked, that she didn't realize she was putting her pussy on display.

"I didn't come home -- I was home," Joanne said.

"What? I don't understand?"

"I've been home all morning."

"You-you mean -- when I...?" Joanne nodded.

Marion blushed deeply.

"I saw you and Mom sucking each other off," the teenager said.

"Oh! Oh no! You must have been terribly shocked!"

"Oh, no -- but it did make me horny," said Joanne.

Marion, flustered and embarrassed, still failed to realize what the girl was hinting at.

"I hope you don't get the wrong idea, don't think that your mother and I are lesbians or anything. It was just a little fun, just fooling around..."

"A little fun? It looked like a lot of fun to me!" Joanne told her, smiling again, leaning back, skirt raised on her crossed thigh. "A whole lot of fun, Marion."

Marion could hardly fail to get the idea, then.

She stared at Joanne's face Joanne stared back.

She lowered her gaze to Joanne's crotch. Joanne made no attempt to cover herself.

Marion looked at those smooth thighs and at the sweet, creamy pussy gash between them, and her mouth began to water. She had thought she'd had enough cunt-sucking for one day and had been hoping for prick, but how could she fail to be inspired by this virgin teenager's lewdly exposed pussy?

Should I offer to suck her off? she wondered. Or should I wait for her to suggest it?

Marion felt strangely shy, as if Joanne, despite her tender years and lack of experience, was dominant. She squirmed in her seat, her eyes going up and down, looking at the girl's face and then at her cunt. She didn't even realize that she was licking her lips.

"Anyhow," Joanne said, "you told Mom that you had a vibrator shaped just like a cock, right? So I wondered if I could borrow it. Since my mother is using my boyfriend's prick, I guess a dildo will be better than nothing."

Oh, thought Marion, bitterly disappointed. She only wants to borrow my dildo.

Marion figured she had been totally wrong, that the girl did not want to get her cunt sucked off at all. She was glad that she hadn't suggested it. Joanne might have been disgusted.

Marion said, "Of course you can borrow it, honey."

Joanne could sense that Marion was disappointed. She guessed why. "And maybe I could use it here, huh? Instead of taking it home?"

"Sure," Marion said.

Joanne smiled suggestively.

"And maybe you ought to show me how, huh?"

Marion stopped feeling disappointed...

Chapter ELEVEN

As soon as she had closed the bedroom door behind them, Catherine slipped her dressing gown off. Johnny stared at her naked body and his eyes bulged. He had never seen a naked woman before, not in the flesh. He gazed at her big, firm tits and her gently rounded belly and her furry cunt mound.

Catherine posed for his admiration. His eyes made her feel hot all over, as if his gaze were caressing her. She parted her thighs slightly so that he could see her creamy pussy slit. Then she moved to the bed.

Johnny turned as if on a pivot, watching her. He gazed at her heart-shaped ass. His prick was hard as a crowbar, standing out like a pulsating lever from his loins.

Catherine lay down on the bed.

She had been wondering what position they should fuck in, and she had decided that he should fuck her missionary style -- the first time. It seemed proper that a boy's first piece of ass should be had in the classic fashion.

Afterwards, they might, shift around, she figured. She felt certain that Johnny would be able to fuck her more than the one time, that his potent teenaged prick would stay hard for several fucks.

She raised her knees and parted her thighs.

He stood where he was, rooted in place.

"Come an, Johnny," she coaxed, smiling encouragingly. "My pussy is hot for your sweet prick."

Johnny moved to the bed.

It's really going to happen! I'm going to get some pussy! he thought.

He sat beside her. He began to massage her tits with one hand and he dipped his other hand into her crotch, stroking her slippery pussy gash and rubbing her clit.

Catherine needed no preliminary loveplay. She was as hot as she was going to get. But she figured it was a good idea to let the boy take his time about it, to let him develop a technique for the future. She folded her hand around the root of his throbbing prick and began to skim up and down the prickshaft, causing the cock-knob to flare out like the head of a hooded cobra ready to strike. His cock looked so tasty that she was almost tempted to suck him off again.

She thought: I had that sweet cock in my mouth! I drank his jism! I seduced him with my mouth!

But her cunt needed fucking now -- she resisted the urge to suck his prick.

"Fuck me now, Johnny," she whispered.

The boy knelt between her thighs. He grasped his cock by the hilt and lowered the cock-knob into her crotch. He moved his prick around, rubbing the cocktip into her foaming pussy slot.

"Ummmm -- put it in," she purred.

Johnny hesitated, lingering over the last moments of his virginity, savoring the thrill that, whenever he chose, he could shove his cock up that slippery fuck-slot. He stared down, watching her cunt lips part as his prickknob churned between them.

Then he rammed his prick into her cunt.

He slid in all the way, burying his cock to the root. He began to tremble all over the moment he felt the wonderful sensation of having his cockmeat buried in her hot pussy. Her cunt felt even better than her mouth had, he thought -- if that was possible.

He held the full penetration. His cock throbbed and pulsed in her fuck-hole.

Her cunt started working on his cock, the muscles closing in a series of soft, clamping undulations. She was jacking him off with her cunt. She gazed up at his face, loving the way the excitement showed in his eyes -- excited herself by the knowledge that the sturdy prick that was stuffed up her cunt had never before been in a pussy.

He began to move, drawing his prick out until only the cocktip remained in her cunt, then slipping his whole cock back into her cunt. He moved slowly and steadily, despite the temptation to fuck wildly away and bring himself to the glorious peak with dispatch. Her cunt felt so marvelous to him that he wanted to make the fucking endure as long as he possibly could, savoring that slippery friction for a while before he shot his hot wad.

He pushed in all the way. His swollen prickhead probed deeply up her fuck-hole and his bloated balls jammed against her cunt mound. When he withdrew, his prick was dripping with cunt juice.

The boy wanted to tell her how wonderful her cunt was, but he could not think of words or phrases. He merely moaned.

His weight was on his hands and knees. His ass corkscrewed as he fucked her. He humped and bucked and she met him with equal vigor, shoving her cunt onto his cock as he thrust, and then twisting her hips from side to side as he pulled out, so that her fuck-hole rotated on his cockrod. He could hear her cunt slurp as it sucked on his prickmeat.

He experimented, altering the angle of approach and the fuck-strokes. He came in low, feeding her a slow, rippling, underslung load. He hiked his ass up and drove down at a downward angle so that the full length of his cockrod slid across her stiff clit, causing her to shudder. He drove in from one side, then the other. Her churning pelvis danced under him. Her pussy held him in a velvet vise, tightening over his prick, dragging and pulling and sucking at his cock.

"Fuck -- fuck -- fuck..." she said, repeating the word each time he poured the prick to her, knowing that a young virgin lad would be thrilled at such crude talk.

She clamped her smooth thighs around his haunches and hooked her heels behind his thighs. She arched her back and tossed her head from side to side, tawny hair flowing over the pillow. Reaching down between them, she spread her fingers over her cunt, feeling his cock fuck in and out. Then she reached behind him and fingered his asshole for a moment, dropping down from there and holding his balls. She squeezed lovingly, as if to pump the cum from his bloated balls.

The thrill was building rapidly now.

Johnny began fucking her faster and harder, fairly heaving his cockmeat up her sodden cunt slot. Like a stoker shoveling fuel into a blazing furnace, he fed his burning prickmeat to her. He was plowing in with such energetic force that her pelvis was tilted up and down, thrown wildly about on his surging cock.

"Fuck -- fuck -- fuck..." she said again and then, as the thrill began to ripple through her loins, "Come -- come -- come!"

She began to wail with the joy of her impending climax.

"Come in me, Johnny -- Sweet Johnny -- shoot your hot jism up my cunt, you dear, sweet boy!"

She felt his balls swell in her hand.

His prick ballooned as he fucked in to the hilt.

Catherine cried out in ecstasy as she felt his hot cum hose her cunt in a steaming jet. Her cunt flooded out to fill her fuck-hole and the horny boy kept pouring load after load of cum into her pussy. The mingled juices overflowed, pouring from her cunt and streaming down her crotch and thighs. Their loins were soaked with sticky cum, and still he kept spurting more cum into her pussy. She felt as she had when he had come in her mouth in such abundance -- that his cum was endless. And each time she felt another wad splash into her pussy, she flooded his cock with another deluge of cunt juice.

He was churning her cunt to a creamy froth, and she was milking his prick dry as they came -- together -- for what seemed hours. At last, his balls were drained. He slowed and stopped fucking. Catherine worked her hips a bit longer, drawing it out, working off the last spams of her own climax. Then they lay together, still linked cock to pussy, smiling happily.

Despite his enormous orgasm, the boy's cock remained hard as a rock in her melted pussy.

After a few moments, he began to fuck again.

He was still panting from the first strenuous fuck, but he started to fuck his prick in and out again.

"Wait," she whispered.

He looked worried, afraid that she had had enough fucking.

"Let's do it a different way," she said. Johnny grinned. He hadn't realized there were other ways to fuck, but he loved the idea. "Let's fuck lots of ways," she added. And so they did.

Catherine turned over onto her hands and knees.

Johnny fucked her doggy style for a while. He loved that position. Looking down, he could watch his fat prick vanish up her pussy and see her cunt lips pull and suck on his cock. He would have shot another wad into her with little delay, but she stopped him before he had reached the peak.

Catherine wasn't sure how many loads the boy could blow into her cunt, and she wanted to run the gamut of variations on fucking.

They knelt face to face and fucked that way for a while, her tits against his chest, her stiff nipples branding him, their mouths grinding together in a passionate French kiss.

She had him stretch out on the bed and she sat on his towering prick, riding him from root to cock-knob as her pussy pulled up and down and he clawed at her bobbing tits.

Again, she terminated the fucking before the creamy conclusion.

She got up and leaned against her vanity table, bracing herself on her hands, while Johnny poured the cock to her from behind, standing on trembling legs, fucking vigorously into her pussy.

Then she turned to face him and they had a classic knee-trembler against the wall, his mighty fuck-lunges lifting her onto her tiptoes as he filled her cunt with those vertical fuck strokes.

Catherine was trying to think of another way to fuck.

She was running out of ideas.

While she pondered, she knelt down in front of Johnny and sucked on his slippery prick, to keep it hot and hard. His cock tasted delicious, soaked in her cunt juice. She loved kneeling before him, as if she were a slave paying homage to his prick.

She almost decided to let him shoot in her mouth again. She was hungry for another load of cum.

Then she had another idea.

She had taken his cock in the mouth and in the cunt -- but there was still one more available fuck-hole.

If she was going to show the lad all there was to know about fucking, it seemed only right that he should fuck her asshole, too.

And this was a very attractive idea, because Catherine loved to have her asshole stuffed full of prick. But her husband's cock was too big to fit up her ass without hurting her, and so she had had to do without ass-fucking for years.

Johnny's cock, although large, was not as large as Robert's cock. It was just the right size for ass-fucking.

She slipped her lips off his cockhead and, crawling around behind him, began to tongue his asshole. She spread the cheeks of his ass apart with her hands and her tongue dipped into his taut brown asshole. The boy offered no objections, and Catherine was pleased to see that he had no qualms about bringing assholes into the game. She could never tell when a man's sense of delicacy might be offended, especially a young and inexperienced boy. She had often been amazed to find at what point men whom she had considered totally uninhibited would draw the line.

But Johnny stood there, perfectly content to let her rim his asshole with her tongue. He seemed to be enjoying it, for he was moaning and swaying and thrusting his ass back towards her.

Catherine was enjoying it, too. A little asslicking made a pleasant change from the usual mouthful of cock -- not that it was as good, certainly -- it was just a variation. She ran her skillful tongue up the crack of his ass, spreading his ass cheeks apart with her hands and slurping up the crevice and, coming to the asshole, dipping her tongue right in. She lowered her face and her tongue darted out, lapping at his dangling balls from behind, then slurping up his ass crack again.

Johnny couldn't imagine what pleasure she got out of tonguing his asshole -- but it felt good to him.

"Do you want my ass now, Johnny?" she whispered.

He hesitated.

He thought that she wanted him to lick her asshole out, and he didn't fancy the idea. But he didn't want to offend this lovely lady. He was willing, but not eager.

But then she said, "I want your cock up my asshole now, you sweet boy -- I want you to fuck my ass... That was a different matter."

Tongues and pricks were not to be confused and the horny lad was more than happy to place his prick where he was reluctant to soil his tongue. He grinned.

Catherine had crawled around and was looking up at him, her eyebrows lifted questioningly. She was on her hands and knees, looking up like a dog -- some gorgeous golden retriever bitch -- waiting to be fed. And in a fashion, she was waiting for him to feed his cock up her asshole. When she saw that the lad was grinning, she smiled.

She turned away, her lovely, valentine shaped ass thrust up for him to fuck.

Johnny was as eager to learn all about these fucking variations as she was to instruct him in them.

He knelt behind her.

He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing the tight little bud of her asshole. It looked far too small to allow passage of his fat prick. He was doubtful. Still, she seemed to know what she was doing, and he didn't for a moment suppose that his would be the first cock to go up her asshole. Holding the ass cheeks apart, he thrust his cock out so that the tip of his prick settled into her ass crack.

She pushed her ass back.

Johnny thrust forward with his cock.

His cock started to bend, not going in at first, and then her asshole fluttered and relaxed and the tip of his cockhead forged in. He cranked away, levering at her asshole. He corkscrewed, shoving his prick into that tight fuck-hole. He pried at her ass flesh as if his cock were a crowbar. Slowly, the head of his prick vanished into her asshole.

She sighed with pleasure when she felt the bulk of that fat cock-knob inside her ass. Her anus fluttered, clamping around on his cockstalk, sucking on his prick as if to drag his cock deeper.

The head of his prick was the widest part. It forged the passage and blazed the trail.

The cockshaft followed easily, gliding fluidly into the slippery fuck-tunnel; Johnny looked down in amazement as he saw the whole length of his cock gradually disappear up her ass. He buried his prick to the hilt. His balls jammed into her crotch, rubbing against her creamy cunt, and his flat belly was pressed tightly to her ass cheeks.

He held the full penetration.

Her ass-guts worked on his cockhead and her asshole clamped snugly around his fat cockshaft.

Catherine had lowered her head and thrust her ass up and out, so that her ass was at the highest point of her arched body. Johnny was bowed backwards, his loins pushing forward. The two fuckers were jammed together at the intersection of those carnal curves.

She squirmed.

He slowly pulled out until only the head of his cock was in her ass, paused, then fed the whole cockrod in again. He repeated the fuckstroke.

She began to whimper and whine, overjoyed at having an assful of prick again, after so long a time without. She ground her pelvis around, twisting, winding her asshole onto his cock like a nut onto a bolt.

The friction was smooth and slippery and fluid. The fit was tight, but his cock glided into her ass easily. He began to fuck harder, tilting her ass upwards as he poured the prick in with underslung fuck-strokes.

Catherine reached back between her legs and got a handful of balls. She began rubbing his hairy balls against her cunt.

Johnny fucked in, slammed in with frenzied abandon, and the thrill began to build in his loins. Ass-fucking was a wonderful thing, the boy decided.

He had never thought about ass-fucking before. All his dreams had been concerned with fucking and sucking -- with cunts and mouths. The idea of fucking an asshole had never enchanted him and, in fact, he had supposed it would be painful to wedge his fat prick up such such a tight fuck-hole. But now he saw that ass-fucking was not at all like that. Her asshole was warm and snug and welcoming.

He gripped her by the hipbones and hauled her back, pulling her asshole onto his prick like a boot onto a foot.

Catherine felt his cock swell.

"Oooooh -- yes! Shoot your cum up me, Johnny -- fill my asshole with all that hot, thick jism!"

She was starting to cream on his balls.

Johnny wailed and his prick spurted. The lather of lust, poured into her bowels. Catherine felt his hot cum splash into her assguts and, crying out in ecstasy, let her own orgasm flow.

They fucked merrily away until his cock and balls had been drained. Then he drew out slowly. His big prick swayed up and down.

Catherine turned around, still on hands and knees. She took his prick into her mouth and sucked it clean. Johnny would have been surprised to have her suck his soiled cock, had she not already tongued his asshole. But at this point, nothing was going to surprise the lucky teenager.

Or so she thought.

But Catherine had another surprise in store.

While Johnny had been fucking her ass, Catherine had been wondering what she should do next with this horny, potent lad. She was running out of ideas. She had already sucked him off and fucked him in just about every conceivable position, and now that he was fucking her asshole, she seemed to have run the gamut.

She was still pondering the problem as she slurped happily away on his ass-stained prick.

Then she had an idea.


She would take the boy over to the neighbor's house! Marion needed some cock, and they could share the boy between them, letting him experience his first threesome.

But first, before they allowed him to join in, they would suck each other's cunt, while he watched!

What a thrill that would be -- for all of them!

She pulled her lips from his prick, smiling with anticipation. His cock was still semi-hard and showed every sign of being able to get hard as a rock again.

"Get dressed, Johnny," she said abruptly.

He looked disappointed.

"Gee -- couldn't we fuck one more time?" he asked.

She paused, teasing him by the delay.

"Of course, dear Johnny. But I want to take you to my friend's house, first. I want her to see what a lovely young lover I've found. You'll like her. She's a wonderful girl, Johnny. You can fuck her, too -- you can fuck both of us."

Johnny gurgled with joy.

He began to put his clothing on hurriedly, eager to get on with this fascinating project, to find himself in bed with two women. Catherine smiled at his eagerness.

"And something else," she said, preparing him.


"We're going to do something else, Johnny. Something you've probably never even imagined that girls do -- but you're going to watch us do it, and it's going to make you very, very horny."

Johnny wondered what on earth it could be.

And Catherine -- who supposed that she knew -- had no idea what a shock was in store for both of them...

Chapter TWELVE

Marion came back into the room.

She had her phallic vibrator, with her and Joanne's eyes lighted up when she saw how big it was. It was long and thick with a big, wedge-shaped knob. It even had veins on the cockshaft.

The two women smiled at each other.

"Oooooh, that looks lovely," Joanne said. She was sitting back on the couch, her skirt raised above her waist, her thighs parted and her creamy cunt on display. Marion knelt between her legs. She fitted the tip of the dildo into Joanne's pussy and began to work it in.

Joanne shuddered and whimpered. The cockknob was a bit big for her virgin cunt.

"I'd better make it slippery," Marion said. She drew the dildo out of the girl's cunt and brought it to her lips. She licked it, then sucked on the tip. It was slimy with Joanne's cunt juice, and Marion slurped that hot pussy juice up hungrily.

She pressed the dildo to Joanne's lips. Joanne, who had never had a cock in her mouth but wanted desperately to suck one, eagerly began to mouth that big prickrod. It felt lovely.

If only it could come, she thought. If it could shoot a load, I'd suck it off!

Still, it was good practice. By experimenting with a mouthful of dildo, she would be more prepared to suck on the first real cock she could manage to get.

Marion was getting tremendously worked up as she watched the pretty little teenager suck on her dildo.

"Maybe I ought to lubricate your pussy, too," she said.

Joanne smiled around that fat mouthful. "That's a good idea," she mumbled. Marion gave a little squeal of joy and buried her face against Joanne's frothy pussy. She lapped away and her lips began to pull on the girl's trembling cunt.

Everything was a first for Joanne, who had never done anything more than jerk Johnny Watson off and let him play with her tits. She adored having a hot tongue up her cunt. She cherished those lips that were pulling on her clit. She began to thrash about, grinding her pussy into Marion's eager face. Marion was long-tonguing her, slurping from the crack of her ass to her pussy, her hot tongue running up the girl's wide open cunt slit as it passed.

Marion reached up and took the dildo.

Joanne's cunt was as ready as it would ever be, creamy and open. Marion switched the device on and the big prick began to buzz and hum as it merrily vibrated away. She held the humming prick-knob against Joanne's nipples for a moment. Then she drew it down and pushed it up the girl's cunt.

Joanne wailed with ecstasy. Marion slowly and steadily pushed the dildo in, then pulled it out, fucking Joanne rhythmically. After a few minutes, she drew the dildo out and sucked on it for a moment, then slipped it back up Joanne's foaming fuck-hole. She lowered her head again and now, as she fed the dildo to the girl's cunt, she began to suck on her clit at the same time.

The double thrill caused Joanne to come.

Spasms of bliss wracked her pussy.

But one orgasm served only to whet her appetite.

Joanne, smiling dreamily, said, "Why don't we both take all our clothes off, Marion? I want to do things to you, too."

Marion thought that was a splendid idea.

"I sure can see why you and Mom love to suck cunt," said Joanne, after she had her first lick. She raised her head, smiling up at Marion. "Your cunt is really yummy!"

She lowered her head again and began to work with concentration, eager to have the sexy woman come in her mouth.

Joanne was delighted to discover how wonderful it was to eat a pussy. She knew it was going to be of value in the future, because any girl who was willing -- and eager -- to suck a cunt was able to get her own cunt sucked whenever she liked. She was still impatient to get some cock but, in the meanwhile, this sweet cunt was a lovely substitute.

Marion, whimpering with joy, creamed in Joanne's mouth.

Joanne lapped up her cum.

Now, with her hunger satisfied, Joanne found that her pussy was hot again.

The two girls sat side by side on the couch, alternating the vibrator between them, taking turns fucking each other with the big, humming fuck-tool while they kissed and sucked tit. Cunt juice soaked the cushions beneath both of them. They were in no hurry to come again, enjoying the loveplay far too much to want it to end.

Joanne pushed the dildo up Marion's cunt, then brought it to her lips and sucked on it. Then she handed it to Marion, who did the same to her. But after a while, they tired of the vibrator. It was a useful tool to have, if a girl was alone and lonely -- but when two girls were together, with hot tongues and delicious cunts, such an artificial device was hardly necessary. It got in the way, in fact, stuffing a cunt that would more happily be stuffed by a hot tongue.

Joanne said, "I want to do it like you and Mom did. Both at the same time."

Marion was sucking her tit. She pulled her lips away with a popping sound, smiling as she glanced up.

"Sixty-nine, you mean?"

"Umnimmm -- yes," Joanne said.

Marion switched the vibrator off. Her tongue had begun to vibrate every bit as much as that electric substitute. They got down on the floor, cm their sides, and reversed. Marion dipped her head into Joanne's crotch, tongue first. She began to mouth the girl's virgin pussy.

After a moment, Joanne pressed her face into Marion's cunt and began to tongue-fuck and suck pussy voraciously.

They were still at it when Catherine and Johnny walked in...

"My God!" Catherine cried.

Marion and Joanne looked up lifting their faces from each other's cunt and looking very sheepish. Their faces were coated with cunt juice.

"Marion, you pig! You seduced my daughter!" Catherine blurted.

"Well, you seduced her boyfriend," said Marion defensively.

Johnny was staring in shocked awe.

Everyone looked at everyone else.

Then Catherine began to smile. She saw that they were all equally guilty of these transgressions and that it would be pointless to find fault. Nor did she care that her daughter had learned to suck pussy. Now that she had gotten over the initial shock, she was pleased by the idea of her daughter sucking cunt. It excited her. She took Johnny by the hand and led him across the room.

And Joanne got her first prick -- right in the face.

While Marion and Catherine looked on approvingly, Joanne took Johnny's cock in her mouth and sucked it hungrily for a while.

Then she spread her legs and he fucked her, and she whimpered with delight as she got her first cuntful of hard cock.

Marion and Catherine waited patiently, until Joanne's cunt had creamed and Johnny had shot his cum into her pussy. Then they joined in. The cluster of arms and legs was so intricate that it was hard to tell who was who.

At one point, Joanne had a sneaking suspicion that she was sucking her mother's cunt -- but she didn't bother to check it out, nor did she stop eating pussy.

And Catherine found herself unable to resist the urge to give Joanne's tasty pussy a good tonguing, as well.

But Johnny was tiring.

Potent as he was, the lad had already come a bucketful and his prick was diminishing. Suck it as they would, they could not get his cock to rise to rock-hard perfection for more fucking.

They needed another prick in that clusterfuck.

When Robert got home from the golf course and found the house deserted, he figured that Catherine might be at Marion's house.

Over he went.

Robert, totally innocent, was stunned by the sight that greeted him. He stood in the doorway, staring. His mouth opened and he was about to cry out in protest. But before the cry could come from his mouth, his prick lurched up into a gigantic hard-on.

And what could he do but join in the fucking?

It was a lot better than playing golf.


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